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3 1833 00825 9795 

\ WOBURN RECORDS, i^l^ll^"^'^^^'^"''^ 

EitTHS, Deaths, and Makriages, 

FKOM 1641)4^1873. 





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& Co., Btkam Book 

Job I'uisteh 





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Tlie original records ol' Jjirtlis, deiiths, aud uiarria;;es in Wobnrn, 
prior to the year 1813, are contained in two voUimes. Tlie tlrst volnnie 
embraces tlie period from IC-ll to 17U8, and is, in fact, a copy of the original 
book of entry. Accordiu;^ to the Uev. Sanniel SevvuU, the records of births, 
deaths, and marriages were first entered in an old blank volume, the leaves 
of wliich gradually became loose and badly worn. When Major James 
Converse was chosen towu clerk, in 1«88, he copied these records into a 
book of hi; own, and used it in place of the original volume The use of 
this latter book, however, was resumed by Mr. Samuel Carter, who suc- 
ceeded Major Converse in the clerk's otlice in Ifi'JO. In December, 1G91, 
M.njor Converse was agaiu elected clerk, and held the oMice continuonsly 
until 1701, He transferred J[r. Carter's entries to his own book and again 
made use of It in place of the ohl volume, allhoiigh the former liook still 
remained his own private propeily. 

At a towu meeting, held March 5, 170.'>, the fact that the town records 
projier were In a loose and i)erishable condition was brought to the atten- 
tion of the citizens by James Fowle, town clerk, and the town thereupon 
oH'crcd to purchase JIajor Converse's transcript for twelve shillin-s. This 
offer was accepted, and Ids book was thereafter used as the clerk's reg- 
ister; in it were recorded the births, deallis, and marriage-i down to and 
through a portion of the year 1708. 

The second volume of births, dcatlis. and marriages extends from 1708 
down to 1844, and is an original. When Mr. Nathan Wynnin was chosen 
town clerk, in March, 1844, he procured separate record books for the 
births, deaths, and marriages, respectively, and began to keep a more 
systematic aud detailed record than had been done i)reviously. lie re- 
copied the entries made by his ijredecessor from and after Jan. 1, 184:f, 
and commenced an index. 

At a town meeting, held Aug. 31, 184G, it was voted : — 

" thu town ck-rk be luatriioted to cause curlaiii old tmvn records to be rebound, and 
the two rtr^l voluuica of the records of birthu, denlhs, und nuirrlttges to be copied ut the ei^ 

At a subseqaent meeting, held in November of that year, it was further 
voted : — 

,MTf;) iir/H M Trt-i 


Ill accordance witli tliose votes, Mi-. Sewall befciiii liis work in Jau- 
uary, 1847, aud, in July of llial year, he inserted au advertisement in The 
Giiulr-Post, as the only newspaper then published in Wobnru was called, 
in which he asked the citizens to furnish such additional data as they 
could, from family records and other authentic sources, to the information 
contaim-d in the town records. In this advertisement Mr. Sewall goes 
on to >ay : — 

" From 1793 10 1796, Incluaivcly, there were ouly 1U8 births of record, which 18 49 less than 
wert' recorded jis occurring in the corresi)onding years of the prececUug century, viz. : from 

!i " ;- I' ' , \ h. II (lie town hud been i»cltlcd hut little mure th-in fifty years. From the rcc- 

.1 ' ! - I. 11 of onl.\ oT from 17S5 to ISOO, inclusively, uud of 15 only from ISUl to 

lv_M,,i ,:,.,.. _:,',■ uf 4:1 deiUliN in 3U ycurs." 

i'roni the answers to his advertised inquiry and also from various other 
sources, Mr. Sewall made large additions to the original number of re- 
corded entries, as will appear more exactly in the extract, which is quoted 
below, from the preface of his book. All these additions are incorporated 
into the present puI)licatiou, and are not in any way distinguishable from 
those belougiug to the original record. Any person desirous of know- 
ing whether a particular entry is n part of the original record, or has been 
added to it by Mr. Sewall, can readily do so by consulting; Mr. Sewall's 
transcript. In which he will find that the venerable historian has taken 
pains to give his authority for every name aud date which he has inter- 
polated into the original. 

Mr. Sewall spent nearly four years in making his transcript, completing 
it in Novcinljor, 1850. .V careful comparison of liis copy with the origi- 
nal shows that the work was done with great lldelity. It is, in fact, 
practically free from error, and the chirograpliy is precise and legible. 
rie composed a very elaborate preface for it, carefully reviewing the 
early records, pointing out many interesting facts in connection therewith, 
and fully e.vplaiiiiiig the nature and scope of his own work. Did space 
permit, I should like very much to reproduce these " Prefatory Remarks." 
as he styles them, in full; but under the circumstances, I can give only tlie 
two following interestiug extracts from them ; — 

" And hero it seems proiier to remark that a ijrcat variety is observable in Woburn Uocords 
ill the spelling of aeveral surnames that have always or for many years been raiumon in the 
l) What were once uniformly written TiimpDou or Tomnnn and Read are uow as uni. 
fiiii;!, villi /,,/,., .,iid Heed. Bucknum has slipped accidentally (to appearance) 
1. . , , ai ,' aud by different hands, and in some instaucoa even by the 

H.,i,. i> , I ,11 . I i, ,, /.Hss,// is presented as A',i.«f/,A™i/l/< as A-f«(;«;,undr«me« 
11- . I . Nui .,ic Lh'M_ lie most surprising transformations ill this kind In tho progress 
of time, niu.jijai has liardcucd.into JHudyeit, and Ilrush has softened into Jlntce; Jliiller bus 
melted into j;,U!e,:i, and TolfinijlMm has dwindled Into Totman : fmil has pat off Us \vn. 
crablo but antii|UaleJ dress for the more modern one o! Foiile ; and Fliigg, fav mere fasli- 
ion's sake, called itself FUg(j for years, but has at last wisely come buck to Ftagrj again." 

It would be (liiricult to improve upon the happy language of the above 
<luotatiou. It is, in fact, the most felicitous passage from Mr. Sewalls 

pen whicli I have ever I'earl. In the fdllowii:;; extract no play on words i 
attLMupled ; l)ut, Iroin an historical point of view, tlie C.icl.s wliirli it di 
tails are of tlie ureater vuUie : — 

llon« li.. 


;.. :.,ile 


ion throu-h 

theldii.l r. -. • , i ,, 

.!■ .,1.; 

^ . 1 , 1 i . II,. ; 

I', ii 

nil nil.;.' 1 


■ly iudel 

led fori hem 

totheKc.ordsc.f tlicFi 

at Cluir 

h ..if \V;\.n 

n; to a 

copy .if In 


8 on the Grave Stones 

iu the two .-incicMit Uinia 


U of AVobi 

rn, take 

1, by Xath 

an Wy 

uin, jun 

., Kiu , the 



ms in the B 

nial Or 

ouiid of the 

once Sc 

cond I'recinet of Wo 

burn, till TT'jy, now IJud 


o ii List of Deaths 

n the said 



kept by lis 

then minister, tl.e lute K 

uv. Join 


om his 




cords of the 

Cliureh :intl Town of I!n 


und to Ihi. 

cop ion 


ilaof Ih 

It noted 

ellliien au.l 

cnreful obBerver oi the e 

■enla of 

lis time, ^i; 

nuel T 

ompsoli, 1 

sq. : Fo 

r all which and other 

numerous conlrlbutionB 

U llld CO 


of tills 

Worl; bej 

oml wh 

It the It. 

cor.U alone 

would have renilercil It, 

I hiive severally i!l\ 

en ere.l 

t iu the pi 

oper pi; 

The Birllls here coiiicd from the 

originul rec 

onlsnreiu niiral.c 



Do., here :.cldc(l from th 
'J-onil . 

■ ubove 


ither of Ihcm . 


Tlie above statements show wijiit an invaUiable service the Itev. Saninel 
Sewall did for the reconls of Wolnirn, — a service greater, in my opinion, 
than his work on the History oC Wolnirii, and one entitling him to tlie 
gratittide of present and I'ulnre generations. The town took the following 
recoguuiou of his worlc, at a meeting held Jan. 20, l.Sul ; — 

" Voted, That the Selectmen be itistructcd to pay the Ilev. Samuel Sewall one hundred 
and lifty dollars in full for his services in recopj iiii; the lleeords of Dirths, ilarrlnijes, au.l 
llealhs for llie towu lillO lo iSW." 

liogiiining with Vol. I., No. I, of the Wohiirn .Itniruul, Oct. 18, 1851, 
Mr. Nathan Wyiiian published in fnll Mr. Sewall's tnmscvipt of birth-, 
deaths, ami luarriagos, ami in addition to them he also printed Ihg ftirtluM- 
rtcurtl ofbirtlis and marriages from 184^ throngh Ihc year 1^.14, !i|id iliu 
ilealhs from Islll through the year Isjj, completing the publicatioii.Inly 5, 
l.s,)(i. No attempt was made, however, to improve on tlie arraiigfiiieiit of 
till' recorils; ami, to judge from the printed r.'siiit, little pains soem to have 
been taken to .-^eiure au accurate inililieation of names anti dates. It has 


since become quite common for towns to print their records, or jiortions 
of tliem, in tlie local newspapers; but Mr. W. R. Cutter informs me that 
the custom of priutin',' the record of IMrths, marriages, and deaths in such 
newspapers originated with Mr. Wymau, who may therefore be styleil 
the pioneer in this kind of work. 

The annual publication, witli wliich we are now so familiar, of the 
births, deaths, and marriages in the tou-u reports commenced with the 
towu re()ort for the year ending Feb. 28, ISO."). For the single year 
1850, however, these records, togetlier with the proceedings of the town 
meetings lieUl in that year, were pulilished by the to\vn in a little pam- 
phlet which bears date June 1, ISol. 

About four years ago I had occasion to consult our records of births, 
deaths, and marriagi'>, iu connection with some professional work. I 
desired to obtain the full genealogy of a certain Woburn family, so far, at 
lea'^t, as it was to be found in the local records. Owing to the complete 
absence of any index prior to the year i84:i, it was found necessary to 
look through the whole recorded list of births, deaths, and marriages 
down to that date. To do this task systemaf ,Uy and accurately in- 
volved a great many hours of hard work, as otliers can testify who have 
had similar work to perform. I found, furthermore, that the index from 
18-13 was imperfect, and nut to be relied upon where accurate iuformation 
was sought; and I had to continue my paiustalcing search throughout the 
entire body of the records. My experience in this matter set me to think- 
ing, and the result of my mental operations was that I began the digest 
of tlie births in the foruj in which they appear iu the pages of this book. 

The method which I have adopted dilfors somewhat from that of any 
similar publication which has come to my attention. In works of this 
kind it is usual to reproduce the original record iu its entirety, repeating 
its full phraseology, and perpetuating all the errors and idiosyncrasies of 
spelling with which all old records abound. An index is then added as 
separate and distinct matter. 

In the system which is here employed no index as such is used or 
needed. The surnames are all grouped and arranged in alphabetical order, 
and under eacli surname the Christian names follow chronologically. 
There i-. no repetition of the surname with each entry; the word " born " 
is omitted, and the words " sou " and " daughter" are represented by tlie 
abbreviations " s." and " d." Jlodern orthography is substituted for the 
ancient spelling, and the whole record is designed to give, in a compact, 
convenient, and readable form, freed from all unnecessary verbiage, and 
unobseiued by any conlorliou.s of the " King's lOiigllsli," a full i-eoord of 
the date and parentage of each child whose liirtli i.s rrcordcil in our pres- 
ent town records, down to the year lS7:i. 

Unless one has undertaken a task of this kind, lie caiinol fully realize 
the amount of labor which it involves. With Mr. Sewall's additions, 
there arenipwards of 13,300 entries of births from ICfl down to Jan. 1, 


I - 


1873. To take cacli entry from llic; orijtina! and insert it Id its proper 
alphabelical place, and afterwards to clieck off and verify each transcript, 
was a task of no little magnitude, and required many months of continu- 
ous, arduous work. Nor does this statement tell the whole story. Ex- 
tended research was sometimes demanded before a deci.siou could be 
reached as to what family, or under what surname, a given entry belonged. 
The misspellings of the original records rendered this portion of the work 
extremely difficult and tedious. Ames was confounded with Eames; 
Cutler with Cutter; Duren with Dorau, etc. The spelling of the early 
Irish names, ..i particular, was almost grotesque; aud, in order even to 
approximate correctness in the arrangement of many of these surname.s, 
a consultation of assessors' books and (Iks of newspapers, and personal 
inquiry of individuals were indispensable. As an extreme illustration, it 
maybe stated that one well kuown Irish surname was spelled differently 
in each entry. There were nine births recorded and the surname was 
spelled nine different ways. That I have succeeded, in every instance, in 
plucing the entry under the proper surname, is not to be expected. I 
hope, however, that, in the main, accuracy in this particular has been 

It will be noticed that the ancient mode of dating, known as Old Style, 
which was in vogue prior to 1752, has not been followed implicitly. 
Whenever a date occurred in January, or February, or before March 2rj, I 
have given the year which, according to New Style, properly represents 
the fact. There would seem to be no valid reason why the birth of John 
Kichardson, of Woburn, for instance, should be given as Feb. 5, 17:il-2, 
any more than we should, at the present day, refer to George Washington 
as having been born Feb. 11, 1731-2. If our historians deem it correct to 
speak of the English Kevolutiou as occurring in Feb., 1G89, why should 
we refer to local events as happening in Feb., l()88-9? While I have not 
changed the day of the month from the Julian to the Gregorian calendar, 
as is now universally done in referring to the natal day of the Father of 
his country, I have, as stated aliove, uniformly adopted the year which, 
according to the present method of reckoning time, would be regarded as 
correct chronology. 

The query will undoubtedly arise: " Why did you stop at Jan. 1, 1873?' 
My answer is, that when I had reached that point with the copy of the 
births, and thus had brought it to the end of Mr. Nathan Wyman's clerk- 
ship of twenty-eight years, the work had begun to assume such propor- 
tions that It was deemed advisable, before carrying the woj'k further, to 
bring the record of deaths aud marriages down to the same date. It was 
not until 18.S8, however, that this latter task \.'as accomplished; and the 
whole undertaking had then involved so much more time and labor than 
1 had ai.llriiMleil, that it wu^ concluded to leave Ihe work there, trusting 
that 111. |.io|,cr public aiilhorllies would some time .see llie advisability of 
cqjupl..iiug the task, the iiicuiiUoii of which I had voluntarily assumed. 

^ ritKFACK. 

U'liut luis bocu iloiie is a iniiltcr of privuto ciilcrpriso, and for it I have 
iievci- expt'cLi'd iiiiy pocnui:ii-.v rowanl. I liail a strong wish to sou our 
records placed in an accessible shape for consultation hy our citizens, and 
by any others who might desire to actpiaint themselves with the informa- 
tion which ihoy contain. 

If the present publication of the births is followed next year by a like 
publication of the deaths, and, in IB'.i'i, hy the marriages, the manuscript 
for both of which is fully ready, the printing of the great bull; of the 
records of l)irllis, deatlis, and maj-riaijes in Woburu will llius liave been 

The records of the city of Boston, and of the towns ol' Braintree, Brook- 
line, Dedham, and Lancaster, all in this State, have severally been puljlished 
in book form, at the expense of the municipalities. In no one of tliese 
places, moreover, does the published records of births, deallis, and mar- 
riages come down to so recent a date as 1873; so that if the present 
publication of births is followed in succeeding years by that of the deaths 
and marriages, the city of Woburii will have a more complete publication of 
this portion of its records than that of any city or town in JIassachusetts. 
The town of Dedham, however, voleil last year to extend its published 
records down to the date of its two hundred and liflieth anniversary. 

After the publicaticin of our records, down to the year 187;J, has been 
completed, I hope the work of extending the publication down to the 
incorporation of the city will then be untlertaken and accomplished. 

In closing, I desire to acknowleilge my indebtedness to Jlr. William R. 
Cutter, our lil)rarian, without whose kindly encouragement at the outset 
this work might not have lieen uuderlaken. ] am also under obligation 
to him lor many valuable suggestions, ami for assistance cheerfully ren- 
dered at all limes. 

To Miss Lottie W. Wyman, who was engaged as a copyist, and who 
also assisted me in the subseiiuent verilication of each entry, I am 
indebted for careful and conscientious work, some important portions of 
which were rendered gratuitously. 

In every step of this compilation great precautions have been taken to 
guard against error by careful comparison and checking of each tran- 
script with the original. 1 would not assert, however, that it is entirely 
lice from mistakes, for I fully realize ■' fjiiaui di,(lkUc caceaiiLiir crrores." 


.f,„,( ,^ .,..,1>^ 


( » 







lUUTliS IN WOia'PvN, MASS., 

i<ui):m kmo to is7;5. 



M:irv, il. of John, Prpt, L'l, llisl 
JliTcj, il. or J.ilui :iihI Mi-icv. .\|iiil -'s, li;S7. 
Willi:iiM, s. or William ;nul kli/.Mliulli, Oct. L'lt, 17(i2. 
Kliziibclli, (1. of William ami Eli/.aliL-tli, Dec. ;iu, 1770. 
Saiiiiicl Warrcii, n, ul' Samuel ami lliilli, Juuv VI, 1S37. 
James !■;., s. ol' James E. .aiul Uaiuiali U., .Sei.t iiU, I.SI.'i. 
Ilcii.-y .\iisliu, s. cil- James K. ami llann.ih 11., JiiiU'LV,, 181-^. 
Ceoi';;e James, s uf James ami Jessi.', nil-. L'l, Islil. 
Willie J., s. of Jauu'S K. ami Jessie, .^l.iy I'.i, isi;;;. 

s. or Samuel VV. aiKl .Martha, .Sept. L'l, lsi;4. 

Mai-^'aret Klleii, il. of James unci Kli/.abelh, Dec. 13, 1S0,^. 
James Kihvard, s. of James K. and Jessie, Sept. IL', ISIiC. 
lUiLli, (1. or Samiiel \V. ami JIartlui W., Dec. ;il, ISfiC. 


Abigail, d. or Samson and .Mary, Jan. 7, 1758. 
Tliomas, s. or Sam.M,n .and .Mary, iNov. HI, 17.V.). 
Mai'v, d. or Sainton ami .Mary, Se].!. :;, 17iil. 
Kidnaim, s. or Sam.Mni and Hary, July :;i, 17i;:i. 
Marv Frank, d. or James and ileluu iM., July L'8, 1847. 
Geoi-e Clarence, s. or .Tames and Helen M., An-. 17, 184i). 
riKUie.< liradley, s. or Amo, and ('aniline, April 4, IS.-jO. 
Mary, d. .ir TimoUiy and .Marv 10. , May L!.:, l,s.-,8. 
Isabella Woudlord, d. or 'rimoUiy W. and Emma, Jan. 8, 18C0. 
George Henry, s. or Timothy W. and Mary, July 17, ISIU. 
ArthHr Wilson, .^. of Joseph and Kli/.abeth, July L'l;, 18(;i;. 
Eclwm W., s. or Tinujthy and Ennna, A|.ril 11, IsC,:). 


Ella Eliza, d. or Charles S. and Harriet I'., Sept. L'4, ISHG. 


James William, s. of William S. and Jfary A., Au,-. 14, ISU. 

Joseph, s. of William S. and Mary A., Xov. lU, 18.-,1. 

JIary Elizabeth, d. or William and Mary Ann, Oct. 18, 18.".i. 


Sarah Ann, d. or Edward and Sarah, I'eb. IS, IS.'.^i. 
Mary, d. of Kdwar.l and, Jan. II. 18.-,7. 
John, s. or Michael and 1,'atharine, iMav 2, isill. 
Dennis s. or John and Joanna, Sept. 2, ISlU. 
, iM.ii,' Ann, d. .d- .Michael and Catharine, Feb. ;i, 18liG. 


.i>i"y,;n.', ■;,'■• '^.ii',:. >:')i'i'' u//. ^.irn'i:.!' ^-i^ 


^"S'd. of John and Catharine Sept 17 1867 

Sim Henry, s. of l^nyid and nannab Apr 1 '.', 18.0. 
David, s. of David and ILmnali, Sept. 18, 1S71. 

LLBXANDEK. ,^ ,„ ,„, 


Giles, s. of Philip ^'"d Joanna, Nov. ^'^^ '-I-.,. 

ss;;;;,;'..';r'iii;li!;, ;u.~."",^,N-»;^,'."°■ 
Samnel. s. of Philip ^'"'' ^^"'^";,^*-Yf^V 1740 
Mary, d. of David and Elr/.ahetli, 0.:t f>\'\^- 
David, s. of David and Flizabeth Oct. 1 +1. 
Dknieis.ofindlipaudSarah, .cc.ol.mi. 
Sarah, d. of I'ln ,p and Sarah .1. . 1; , l:_^^- 

Simon, s. of Das d •'"''''"'.',, ,, ly-.o 
Jan,es. s. of I'"; "MT ,m'f ;-:he Dec "; 17ol. 
Timothy, s. of David an. i' '■'•;' ^{'■..'' ,. ^j-., 
Susanna, d. of I'hdip ■"■'I ^^"•"■/'.": ' ,'.; ' -,,4. 


riiS:'d:^lTl.onK.andAbi.ail()et 1.,^ 

OUve^ d. of ^-'•-;^ ' -' r iemsha, F;.b' 1 1706. 
Abraham, s. ol Abraham an i ai iu-,i.a, 

.Ternsha, d. ol Abia ham an, ''V '''"•'' 

«, s. of .lolm and ^':^;")^^^^^:' I';:, 0,, 1771. 


J^hu Hoed, s. of Gilc^ -'''^^[tl 'fh' I'i 1 
Vaml's rid^^^^^^^^^^ 


i^l^lll^j.!'';. "rDanlelG. and Almeda, May 2, 16G:.. 

•ji'i.:i;j '10 asooM 




If. .: .iilil.'! 



Gooi-L' W:isliiii!,'l(>ii, s. of Chuiicy ami Lois, Jan. 28, I8U. 
Mary I'lvmpt"". ''• •'•' GiiorKo C. and Lois, Jan. 20, 1817. 
Markory" Thompson, .1. of Geo:-o C. ami Lois, May I, 1810. 
LoisAnn, d. of Gi;ori,'c C. and Lois, M;iy :i, 1821. 
Sai-ali Mvn-ill, d. of Geoi'fie C. and Lois, .June 27, 1824. 
Leonard Ilonjiidon, s. of (ieoi-o C. and Lois. Nov. :>. 1823. 
Lonisa Lncina, d. of Geoi-o 0. and Lois. April 4, 1831. 
Jnlia Maria, d. of Geor-f C. and Lois, Foi,. 27, 1.h;U. 
Frances llowleU, d. of Geor:,'c C. and Lois, .Jiiii. 2'J, 1837. 
rSusan Juno, d. of George C. and Lois, Jan. 28, 1810.] 
Montressor T., s. of Geoi'Ke W. and Mary L., May 20, 1843. 
[Mary Klizabeth, d. of Georire W. and Mary L , Jan. 7, 1845.] 
rGeor^'C A., s. of George W. and Mary L., Au<;. 7, 1847.] 
Marcelius Ilout'hton, s. of George W. and Mary L., Jan. G, 1849 
Jane Tvlcr, d. of Georire W. and Mny L., June 7. \r'r>2. 
Emma Mabel, d. of George \V. and .Mary L., Dee. 22, 1854. 
Lamsou Julius, s. of L. llon-hton mid Sarah K., Jnne 2, 185o. 
Etta Jo.seplniie, d. of Geor-e W. and Mary L., Jidy 5, 18i7. 
Timothy, s. of William and t'atharine, (»et. 20, 18i;0. 
John, s. of Peter and Mari.'aret, Dec. 22, lxii2. 
Catharine, d. of Wdllam and Catharine, Dec. — , 1SG2. 
William, .s. of William and Catharine, May 12, 18G4. 
Marv Ann, d. of William and Catharine, Dec. 11, 1806. 
Kalpli Uryant, a. of Charles M. and Margaret J., Aug. 23, 1870. 


William, s. of Isaac S. ami Catharine, Oct. 20, 1843. 
I'ri-rilla.Iane, d. of Isaac S. and Catharine, .Ian. 28, 1845. 
Charle-, s. of Isaac S. and Mary, May 1:!, 1S5!. 

IKS (se. 

, also. 



Ksther, d. of Ji 

cob, , 

r., and 


I, Oct. 14 


Jacob, s 

of Jac 

ob, Jl 

. and 1 


July 2, 1«23. 

Robert 1 


.s. of 


and Sar 

ih, July K 

, 182 



s. of 


and Ma 


nne 2, ISL 



s. of . 


iml lie, 

rietla II 

ggiiis, Ju 




s. of Ivobert 

and Sa 

all, July 

15, 1828. 

Henry L 

yman, . 

. of 1 

obert a 

id Sarai 

, Aug. 20 



W., s. 

of CI 

.irles () 

and M.i 

•y li., April 28, 



e E., s. 

of 01 

arles (J 

ami .Ml 

ry li., Sei 

t. 21 


Mary ,1 

)f Ch 

tries (). 

and Ma 

y 1!., A Hi, 

. _, 

1855. I 

ilarv Ai 

n, d. o 


is A. ai 

1 Ruby 

\'l., MavO 


Clara Mi 

.of I 


iml .Sara 

1 M., Feb 





s. 01 


L- and Sa 

•ah M., Ji 

ly 18 



Francis, s. of John and Abigail K., Aug. 20, 1822. 
Mary Jane, d. of John ami Abigail K., i\Lircli 20. 1824. 
Henry J., s. of John aud Abigail K., Feb. 2.s, I,s25. 


Abraliam, .s. of Abraham and Esther, Aug." 10, 1774. 
Betsey, .1. of Abraham and Esther, Sept. 12, 1777. 
Dtlmoni Malcom, s. of Hiram and Almira, May 10, 1831. 

•■I.'V no (MiQr^iSb YAVtl^ll 

.«;«! .>:'.: .ujh ,.l. 


AN'OIUCWS, continued. 

llciiry i;. (ianUier, s. of Ilinim and Aliiiira, Sept. IG 1833. 

MiiLi-t, ^. oC Tiiiiolliy :i^il I-y'i^i J-. ^I^V '0, l«:<-'>- 
William Iliruin,.-,. of Ilirain and Alinira, .ItilyMl, 1830. 

\,nelia Jaiif, d. of Timolhy and Tydia J , Due. ;!!, 1S:!G. 
Ccii-c \lvdi s (,l (•..■oi and .\nu W., .\in-il 3, 1838. 

\--i L 's of ilinini and .Alniira, ])cf. 17, 1813. 

: s.'of llii-am and .\hniia, April 18, l.sl7. 

il of (Juoriie W. and , Jm. 31, l.-i48. 

John AlLoTt, -s. of .Toln, and Ann W., Jan 2:i, ISll) 
Henry Levi, s. of Tiinothy and l.vdia J., Jnno 11. ISuO 
KUuu Almira, ,1. of Uufus and Aliuira, Jan. 22, is.-i-t. 
Junnio Hill, d. .if Tiniuthy and Lydia J , Feb. 2, IW.,7. 


Ocorge S., s. of J.din and A/.elia, July 11, iscn. 
Mary''A.,d. of Joluiand Azi-lia, An-, '.i, fsTO. 


Kruusi Albert, .s. of John I!, and .Mar Mvet, Dec. 4, 18/1 


d. of George and Ann, April 2, 18GC.. 

Mary Eli/.abeth, d. of (^'or^e and Ann, June 1, 1808. 


John, s. of John and Mary Mnrray, March 1, 1855. 


Mice Jane, d. of Joseph and Mary, Oct. 20, 1S,5.'. 
J„Mph, .. of Joseph a,Hl Mary IvDee. 2,s, 1857 
Dora M.. d. of .loseph and Mary E., Nov. 2-1, 18i.,5. 


Mary KHa, d. of John and Elizabeth, April 12, 1853. 


Cora Adelaide Achasa, d. of John and .Martha E., Sept. 20, 


AValter Isaac, s. of Isaac and Mary, Nov. 2.), I85u. 
Ahni/.o Hart, s. of Isaac and Mary, Nov. 1, 1858. 


AViUiam Arthnr, a. of aud Emnvi, Feb. 7, 18.2. 

A'l runx;!. 

rldKcl,, Nc 

James Arlhnr,s. ol .lanus ,1 

CM.arles William, s. nf .lames ami lino^'el,, .v 

J,rtm,s. „|- Jame.s and llrid^et, .March 24, IH 

■M ,vii-nii:<' (u.i^ 

efi*>( M «r»8 



Marv. il. of .Toliii ami Lvilia, April 8. IT.iH. 
■To^iiili, s. of John .-uul I,.vilia, Apiil -1, 171(1. 
John, s. of John and Kliiiibeth, Dec. .!, 17,-/.'. 
rhilii), s. of John and Kli/.ahrth, Jan. 4, 175G. 


Wi:ii:iin, .s. of JoliM ami Jane, Jan. 17, l.'^OO. 
(;l-oi-c, s. of Michai-l and Mary, April L"J, IfSdl. 


Kli/.abeth, d. of Michael, Jan. -t, li;42. 
Sarah, d. of .Michael, Ani;. L'4. inu. 
Thomas, s. of Daniel, .Vpril I:!, li;4,5. 
John, .s. of Daniel and Mary, Sept. 8, 1C47. 
Isaac, s. of Daniel, A|iril 4, li;,-.0. 
Marv, d. of Michael, March 1. ICIU. 
Sarah, d. of Micliael, An-. 24, ICGIi. 
Abi^Mil, d. of Michael, Marcli 5, ICUK. 
Jacol), .s. of Jacob and (\ithariue, Jan. 1, 1772. 
Henry 11., s. of Levi ami Sarah N., Oct. 2a, 1S4I. 
Sarah Iv, d. of Levi ami Sarah. Nov. 2!), \Hi:',. 
Marv Klla, .1. of Levi and Sarah Ann, Sept. 21, IS4,5. 
Kdward' John.son, s. of John ami Mary, Au-. H, 1,S47. 
Alice Ann, d. of Levi .and Sarah, Sept. 21, 184S. 
Alfred .\lonzo, s. of Levi and Sarah W., Sept. II. IH," 
Marv Lonisa, d. of John and Mary, Oct. 21, l.-*,-,!. 
Mary K., d. of .lame.s ami Ann, Jnne l-'i, 1852. 
Jonas Edward, s. of John and Mary, Oct. 25, l.S.'J.'J. 
Otis Walter, s. of Otis ami Kll/.alietli, An-. 24, 18.37. 
Oliver, s. of Otis ami Kli/.aljeth, An-. 1, lsi;iJ. 

Sematilli:i, d. of Obadiali and .Mari.i. June 1, 18:!(;. 
Orlando In-alls, s. of Orl.-indo and Marv, Jnlv 4, 18:S7. 
Joseph, s. of Ohadiah and Maria. Feb 23, ls:!8. 
Mary .M., d. of Lorenzo and Sarah, S.'pl. li;. ls:t'.). 
AbbaC;.,<l. of Orlando W. and .Marv, March l.".. 184;i. 
Charles II. V., s. of Lorenzo and Sarah, An-. 1'.), 18 Ki. 
Mary Frances, d. of Orlando W. an.l Mary. April 2, 1844 
Helen Maria, d. of Orlando \V. and Mary, Jan. 2(;, 1840. 

d. of Lorenzo and Sarah, Jan. 28, i84i;. 

]0|ihraini James, s. of Lorenz.i and Sarah, Sept. 1, 1847. 
Alverado, s. of L.)renzo and Sarali, An-. Kl, 1818. 

s. of Lorenzo an.l Sarah, Dee. 2(1, 18.52. 

Sarah Isaliella, d. of Lorenzo and Sarah. Ang. 21, 1S54. 


Snsanna, d. of Lawrence and Joanna Snow, Juno 23, 17 
Olive, d. of Daniel and Jemima. Dec. 29, 1805. 
Arctlmsa, d. of Diiiiel and .Temirna, May HI, 1807. 
Lncinda, d. of Daniel and Jeniin.a, Nov. IC, 180'J. 
Miirv, d. of Daniel ami Jemima, An-. 12, 1813. 
Jemim.i, d. of Daniel ami Jemima, Sept. fi, 1815. 
•Georye Kdward, s. of liben and Abba L., Nov. 11, 1857. 



'iniviuiau, s. of.Tohu, ApvU 2, H.-l. 

F-''"'f""";i 'Stirpes 

llioin.i-, >• ''' , , ihuniiib, Oct. 3. liOO. 

KstlKM, .\. ''V^.' , A 1 1 nnal . .\pril 27, 1704.. 
Abi^-aU, a. '''.^- '^' ;' , M'a 'v, Sept. 21, 1717. 
Thomus, ^""'^ ' 7,. ,„ -Veb. 27, 1720. 

.1,.!,., d. oflUMiry, Sept. ,, (j-l- 
.,oU„,s.oni.->ny,Ocl.2S 1.M,. 
D'lniul ,s. ol' llein-y, March 1.^. ;.'J- 



Ralph, s. of Timothy ami 1-| .^•'''^'"' 

Mary, d. of lU.lh, ^';IV ' a ni./.lK-th, <;, ir.U2. 

Hannah, d. of Tnnothy '"'';'■•';;,";.., i'i;;i3. 


Susanna, d. of Dancl ami u an . .j^._ 


Daniel, s. of Paniel and 

imvid, s. oflleni-yand A 

Joints, of Ue.Man,,,. and ^^^.^^^^^^^^^^ 

Donas, '''•■'.,;,, „,„„„„, March 17, ICLO. 

K V;,f len . .d Abi.^-all, Koh. 20, 1700. 

.p-Htiiin ''U-\ •moyjii ■/>rj.' 

wonuiiN itEcoun of iuktjis 

BALDWIN, conUiin,,!. 

Duroas, ,1. ,,l' Daniel ami Ilnniiah, Aiis;. 11, KOI. 

Hcujainiii, s. of lirnjannn and Hannah, Oct. ■>:.. 1701 

.\lii-ail, d. (d'Hcniv and .\l)i-ail. Kcl). 1!!, 1702. 

.Iciliii, .s. of Daniul ami llannali. Anj;. ■2-', 170'.. 

Jainus, s. of Ihrury and .\Oi-ail, ,Iulv 11, 170.'). 

IMx-rc-ji, d. of D.ankd and ll.nnali. Dec. 11), 1705. 

Bcnjamiii, .s. of Dani(d and Hannah, M.aiTh :lo, 1707. 

Ahifjail, (1. «( Ik-ni-y and .\hi;;.ail, Nov. H), 1707. 

I'hchc, (1. of Daniel anil H.inn.ali, Dec. -M, \7ili. 

.lame.s, .s. of lleniv an.l .\lj|-ail, Oct.. 1!), 1710. 

l!al|ih, .s. of 'I'linolliv and Hannah, M.areh li, 1714. 

Hannah, d. of Tinnn'hy anil Hannah, Sepf. I, 171,-.. 

Saninel, .s. of Hi'Miv and .\bi::,ail, .\ni;'. ;!1, 1717. 

Klizabetli, d. of Tiniolhv ainrilannal7, Nov. 23, 1717. 

Ileiii-v. .s. of Ileniv and Marv, Kcl). 27, 1718. 

Nathan, s. of Ileni'v and Mary, May 18, 1720. 

Maiv, d. of Heni-v ."md Mary. .lan. 4, 1722. 

Kli/.abetl], d. ofTi.noLliv and Hannah, April!), 1723. 

LnUe, s. of l.saac and .Mary. Dee. 2:), 1728. 

Jedntlum, s. of Ixiac an.l Marv. Jan. 1;-!, 1731. 

Naluun, s. of Ir.aac ami .Mary, .May :!, 17.<4. 

Lsaac, ,s. of Isaac and Maiy, Dec. 12. I7:)8. 

Cyrii.s, ,s. of James and Hnth, Nov. 5, 1710. 

Keuel. s. of James and liidli, May 0, 1742. 

Loammi, s. of J.imcs and Knth, 10, 1744. 

Itenel, s. of James and linth, June HO, 1747. 

Kcuel, s. of Keuel and Kezia, Dec. 21, 1770. 

Kuth, (1. of Keuel and Ke/.ia, June r,, 1772. 

James, s. of Keuel and Ke/.ia, (Jet. 7, 177.1. 

Cyrus, s. of I.oammi ami Mary, .Inne 22, 1773. 

Josiah, s. of lleuel and Ke/.ia, .Mav 14, 177.-.. 

Mary, d. of Loa li and Marv, April 24, 177.-). 

rriinklin, s. of Loamnn and M.rv, Dec. 1."., 1777. 

Loammi.s. of Col l.oammi an.l Slarv, May li;, 1780. 

James Fovvlo, s. of Col. Loainmi and Mary, April 29 


Claris.sii, d. of Col. Doammi and .Mar-ery, Dec. 31, 1 


Isaac, s. of Isaac ami Hannah, N..v. 2(i, '1794. 

Charles, s. of Isaac and Hannah, July 27, 1797. 

George Rumford, s. of Col Loamini and .Mar^'cry, Jan. 2G, 1798. 

Mary Brewster, d. of Maj. IJenjamiu F. and Mary Carter, March 26, 

1800, *^ 

[Clarissa Coolklge„ d. of JIoj. Benjamin F. and Mary Carter, Dec. 

1, 1819.] 
Samuel F., s. of Micah and Joanna, Oct. 31, ISIiO. 
Susan C., d. of Micah IS. and Joanna, Mar. 7, 18C3. 



1, s. of 

LnUe an.l Mary, 

July 12, 18.-;.-.. 


John, s 

..r DuUe and Ai 

n, May 24, 18-.7. 


ret, d. o 

f Luke and Ann 

An-. 18, ISf.O. 


lihoda H., d. of Cyrus and, Oct. 12, 1829. 
Cyrus, s. of Cyrus and, N.iv. 29, J.831. 
Ajubrose, s. of Cyrus and, Aw^. 22, 1832. 

)o 'ijiooa;' /:i. 

k; \voiu!i;n 1!KCOi:d of lui.iiis. 

UAXCKOFT, <:outiiuicd. 

I.iueiis II;isk(jll. s. .1 ll^isUcll ami O.ilharino, 1835. 

IJiilia A., il. (.1- llaruvcll iciiil Maw, Miiy I'.l, l«3r,.] 
Lorinilii I'hidiiii, d. or Ilaskcll aiul'inc, Sc^pt. in, 183(1. 
William llartwcU, s. of llai-twull aial Mary, Nov. 4, 183(;. 
Sai-ali, (1. of H,u't\\v-ll and Marv, l)«c. S, l«3r. 
Marv S., d. of Ilavtwell and M.irv, Nov. S.',, 18J0. 

^'s. of Cvnis and Savali .\iiii, Kl-1i. L'8, 18n. 

<'hailes, s. of Uartwcll and Marv. .lime 30. IslL'. 

.Maria .\nianda, d. of Cvrii.s and Sarali Ann (born in Camcror 

Kol). 2, 1813. 
Alhcrl, s. of llartwoll and Mary, May 10, 1S4 1. 
C.rnvi-. s. of llarlwcll and Mary. Marcli 31, ISlC. 
Silvan Klizal.clli, d^ of Cvrns and Sarah A., .Jan. lU, 1847. 
(Hi- s ,,f llai-uv<lland Marv. Dec. 11, IstT. 
Al.i;;ail, d. of fvrns and .Sarali Ann, April L'",, 1.S19. 
Alfercta. d. of narUvrU and Marv, .Inly -'3, 18,50. 
Kliza Alice, d. of llartAvcll and ^iary, An-. HI, 1852. 
[Klla Frances, d. of Uartvvell and Mary, Feb. 3, 1857.] 
Charles Henry, s. of Harlwdl and Mary, April 18, 1808. 
Fannie Louise, d. of Ilartwell and Mary. Au-. :i, 18(10. 
tleorse L., s. of George and Kmily A., Feb. 23, 18(;'.). 
Frank, s. of Oeor^e 1). ami Amelia A., Jnly 7, 1871. 
Irving lieed, s, of And>iose and Clarissa A.. Ang. 23, 1872. 


I nlalir, d. of I'hineas and Kli/.a, .Innc' 11, 1H51. 

ICdwin .Sharp, .s. of Thomas S. and Hannah E., Jan. 10, 18fi'J 



Thomas Wriichl, s. of .Joseph and Isaladla .M. 


I.i/zie Collins, d. of 
lionsselaer, s. of W: 


laicy, d. of Simon and Lncy, .Tidy 25, isllh 
\\'iliiuin, «. of Simon and laicy, .Inly I, 1S21. 
Nathan Simonds, s. of Simon anil I.iicv, June 2, 1823. 
Silas, >. of Simon and I.ncv, April 10, 1.S27. 
Susan Simonds, d. of Simon and laicy, .Inlv 30, 182',!. 
Jidia Ann, il. of Simon and I.ncy, May .s, 1831. 
Marv Kliza, d. of Simon and Lncy, Nov. 2(1. 1834. 
Stephen, .s. of Bryan and Mary, Dec. 17, 1S71. 


Liicilla, d 

of Rich 

ird T. a 

id Marv 

LTst,. i;aj 

niond, s 

. of Ch: 

1 les C. : 

.>ftv,.Hl to ililtXlAU VSiM 

y '1 .iii.ciji ji.j 


.Ml. ■! !■• 

'";^ 1:1 


■ <r..\'^. :;,vf,.;l 

(■,it,;.,J !i 



!l l.'<ftl'i 

,'!,. H Mil- 

' UV/''' 



Jolm Kowlu, s. ofl'rescott ami Aii-ii-ita, Oct. 4, 1832. 
Marv ,I:iiio, d. of I'ruscoU :iii.l Au-u>li, D.'C. ;iO, ISIi-t. 
Clmi-les U., s. of I'l-e-soU iiml Aii.-iist:i, Vt-b. 1, 1S4U. 
JosL-pliinii, d. ol'l'ivscoll ;u)il AiiLCnsta, Oct. U, 16 12. 
Alboi-t 1'., .-<. of James F. ami .Mary G., .Iiilj' 14, 1«44. 

a. of Pi-oscotl and Aii^'Usta \., Jan. (i, 1840. 

Cynthia E., d. of James F. anil .Mary G., Marcli 15, 1847. 
James Fowlc, s. of .Tame.s F. .•uul .Mary C, .March 8, ISjl. 
Jonas Francis, .s. ofjonas 1'. ami .Sarali S , June L'U, KsjS. 
J<'lorcnce Kvelyn, d. of .VIe.xamler B. and Sarali, AprU 10, 1839. 

s. of Alexander IS. and Sarah, Nov. :iO, ISUO. 

Mar-jarct, d. of Joseph and ICIicn, Nov. ;!i), lsi;2. 
Frederick, s. of Beverly and .Mary, Feb. 20, 18(13. 
James Lewis, s. of Albert and Mary F., Nov. 4, 1860. 
Kalph Lewis, .s. of Jonas P. and Sarali L , Oct. 20, 1870. 
Lucy Irving, d. of Albert P. and Mary F., Aug. 20, 1871. 


Abbv .M., d. of Levi and Sarah W., Oct. 3, 183!). 

Sarah Kli/.abelh Welliu-loii, d. of William M. and Sarah A., April 29, 



Patrick, s. of Michael and Mary, May 27, 1858. 

John David, s. of David C. ami Flleii F., July 9, 1870. 

Mary Kleanor, d. of James and Alice, Sept. 13, 1871. 


Wdl 1 li., s. of William W. and Sarah A., Nov. 15, 1859. 

Francis A., s. of William W. and Sarah A., June 5, 1802. 

Mary, d. of John and Julia, — Sept., 1SC2. 

Joliii, s. of John and Julia, Dec. 2(1, 1803. 

Ernest Clark, s. of William W. and Sarah Ann, April 18, 1305. 


Cliarles Albert, s. of George and Mary, Oct. 20, 1850. 
George Herbert, s. of George .and Mary E., July 18, 1862. 


Abigail, d. of John, Oct. 18, 1082. 

Abigail, d. of John, Jan. 1, 1085. 

John, s. of John and Abigail, Aug. 13, 1087. 

Elizabeth, d. of Klie/.er and Elizabeth, July 11, 1088. 

William, s. of John, Sept. 29, 1090. 

Eliezer, s. of Eliezerand Elizaljclh, Oct. 12, 1092. 

William, s. of John and Abigail, May 3, 1003. .. 

I'eter, s. of John and Abigail, Nov. 3, 1095. 

Mary, d. of Eli.zer and Kllzabdli, June 10, 1090. 

.Joseph, s. of Eliezerand I'.lizabeih, Sept. 7, 1099. 

Martha, d. of Eliezer ami Elizah.-lli, Feb. 10, 1702. 

Thomas, s. of Eliezer an. I Kllzabelh, Uay 20, 1704. 

Ittth, il. nf Eliezer and Elizabeth, .luly 25, 1707. 

A ,0- =;"'■> ••' '^'>'^' '"■' '"^ 

,t.i .vo'-: -A •'■■ 
i ,1: '(jit •:. J- 'I' 

- ( '; 'I.-. -Mi. 





Jhiiy Ursula, d. of Harrison and Mary, Afay ;!, 184C. 
Miu-y Einuui, d. of Jolju F. and Jiiliolti' IC, Sept. 6, 1S:»2. 
Amy Francis, d. of Henry h. and Jennie H., Ijorn at liurlingt 
Aug. 7, 1870. 


Ilaiinaj], il. of Samuel and Hannuli, April 2, I7-I0. 


Emma C, d. of Moses C. and Hannah, Oct. 1(1, ISJ 1. 
Cliarles Horace, .s. of Kicliard H. and Tluu.klul, Feb. 29. 1852. 


Tliomas, s. of Thomas and Hannah, Au^'. 22, 1708. 

Hannah, d. of Thomas and Hannah, .March 13, 1714. 

Sarah, d. of Simon and Sarali, M;iv 14, 172G 

William, s. of Simon and Sarah, Marcli Ki, 1728. 

Francis Colburn, s. of Benjamin F. and lietsev, April 5, 1835. 

Sylvester Colliurn, s. of lienjnmin F. and Betsey, Oct. 5,18.17. 

Mary Frances, d. of Uriah and Marj;aret, Jan. 20, 1871. 


Thonnis, s. of Patrick and Marj. Sept. 4, 1SG5. 
Mary, d. of Patricia aud'JIary, March 1, 1871. 


Joseph Warren, s. of Silas N. and Sarali J., Jan. 3, 1S.J7. 


John 15o\veu, s. of John B. and Hannah, i\Iarch 7, 1807. 
Hannah Kiehardson, d. of Jolui U an. I Hannah, Nov, li, 1809. 
Tarnel How, d. of Joseph W. and Jernsha, Dec. 31, 1S12. 
Betsey, d. of John B. and Hannah, Sept. 23, 1815. 
Joseph Wheeler, s. of Joscpli \V. and .lenisha, June U, 1815. 
Esther Maria, d. of Josepli \V. and Jerusha, Feb. 11, 1818. 
Sylvester Thompson, s. of Joscpli ^V. and Jerusha, Dec. 23, 1820. 
Elizalieth Julia Ann, d. of WUliiini and lai/abeth, Dec. 22, 1822. 
Sarah Isalj.lla, d. of William and lllizaheth, Nov. 15, 1824. 
Joanna Uirliard.Min, d, of Joseph W. and Jerusha, Feb. 3, 1824. 
Libcilv Kaveltc, s. of John K. and Hamndi, Sei)t. 5, 1824. 
UydiaK., .i, of Iri and Mary, April -2, 1S25. 

Kuth Jane Frances, d. of William and, March 24, 182C. 
Klhn Elizabeth, d, of Joseph W. and Jeiiisha, Jlay 1, 1827. 
l;,-iibcn lioval, s. of IJenlien K. and lOdiUi, Ant;. 20, 1827. 
Marv K., d. of Uri and Marv, Oct. 12, 1827. 
Sarah Kiehardson, d. of Ifenbcn li. and Edith, April IN, 1829. 
Maria C'lilford, d. of Joseph W. and Jernsha, J.'in. IT,, ls:iO. 
Joliii Henry, s. of John B., Jr., and Kli/.abclli. April 13, is.'il. 
Julia Arm, d. of Joseph W. ami Jernsha, .May H;, 18:!3. 
Huey Ann. d. of John B., Jr., and Eli/.abetli, Jan. bs, 1834. 
Orrin I'arker, s. of Ueubeii K. and Edith, Oct. 2'J, 1838. 
J' Adelia, d. of lieuben E. and lietsey S., Oct. 20, 1855. 
Edward Winslow, s. of I'arkman and Harriet, Auj,'. 25, 1801. 


.1! I .'/. i;i 





i\[:uy, d. of Tim 

Mliy ami Mar-aret, 

June 1 

5, 18G9. 

Timotliy, s 


III Mar-ar 

t, Ap 

11 1,0, 1871 


EUen Maria 

, (1. 

f J.,sci,l 

and K liza, 


-, 1SJ3. 

Tiioiiias, s. 


1 Marv, .Si 

)1. 14, 


Tliomas, s. 

of. I: 

Mil's .Mmi 


14, Ks 


James, s. (1 


c-s and J 

aiy, l'\-li. 10, ISi; 

John Mitcli 

>H, s 

of Jam. 

s and Mary 

A., A 

ug. 18, 18G 

Klleii, d. of 


■s and M 

iry. May 1 

, i6t;:> 

Catharine, ( 

. (if 

lanu'S ai 

d Mary, A 

1^'. 2.-, 



J.uie, il. of Tlionias and .laiir, Nov. 4. IC.'.ll). 
r.eiij unin, >. of ■riioiiias nil I .lauc, M,-iv .'t, 17U2. 
Ilannali, d. of Tlionias :ind .lane, .May IH, 17i)l. 
.Samuel, .s. ol Tlionias and Jane, May 24, 1707. 

<1. of Tlionias and Jane, , 170'J. 

Tlioina-s, s. id' and Sarali, April 18, 1729. 
William, s. of Samuel and Lydia, May 27, 17:M. 
Sarah, d. of Thomas and Sarah. Juno" 2."., 1730. 
liuth, d. of Samuel and Lydia, Nov, 11, 1731. 
Joseph, .s. of TlDinas and' Sarah, Nov. 20, 1732. 
Isaac, .s. of Samuel ami Lydia. Doc. 14, 1733. 
Samuel, s. of Samuel and Lydia, Oct. IS, 173.';. 
Lydia. d. of Samuel and Lydia, Feb. 2S, 1737. 
Abel, .s. of Samuel and Lydia, Jan. 13, 173U. 
Mary, d. of Sainuid and Lydia, Jan. 9, 1740. 
AVilliam, .s. of William and Uaunah, Feb. 21, 17.51. 
Hannah, d. of William and Hannah, Jan. 12, 1753. 
Abel, .s. of Willi.ani and llaiiuali, May 24, 1754. 
Samuel, s. (d' Wdli.uii and Hannah, An;,'. 18, 1755. 
Josiah, s. of William and Hannah, Au-. L'9, 1750. 
Josiah, s. of William and Hannah, Sept. 9, 1757. 
Lydia. d. of William and llaiiinih, Dec 9, 175K. 
Abi-ail, d. of Samuel and Ahi-ail, July li;. 175S. 

Timolliy Liooks, s. ol Nainuel and Aliii;ail, Oct. 24, 
liuth, d. of Sanimd and Abi-ail, Oct. ."i,' 17(U. 
Gorshoni, s. of William and Haunali, April 20, 17G2. 

d. of William and Haunali, April 2(1, 17(;2. 

Cyru.s, s. of William and Marv, Sept. 5, 1704. 
Kaphacl, s. ol' Samuel and Aid-ail, An-. 25, 17(14. 
S.iniuel, s. of Samuel and Abiu'ail, Dec. 10, 1705. 
Jlary, d. of Wdliaiu and Mary, Sept. 25, Hiii;. 
Olive, d. of Samuel ami Alii-ail, May 17, 17i;7. 
Uctty, d. of Samuel and AUi-ail, .\pril 19, 17i;9. 
Lvdia. d. ofS:imiiel and Alii-ad, May 2, 1771. 
.Seth, s. of Samuel and .Abigail, March 23, 1773. 

if Daniel and I'lielie, Jlay 3, 1815. 
, il. of Daniel and riieiie. May 20, 1817 
of Daniel and I'helie, Sept. 12, 1818. 

.Kvn'iun *■' ■in.Kj-'H t',5:.JMo 


BELL, continued. 

John Uicliavclsoii, s. of Dsiuiel unci Phebe, May 12, 1821. 
r.iicc'lUi Iiciit;, d. ofJiuiiL-s 1). anil Susan, Sept. L'2. 1846. 
fJeoiLTi,' (;i-e^'oii, s. olMuiurs 1). ;ind Sii.sim, Fel). '22, 18-18. 
Floii'll.-i, il. olMaiiifs \). :aul Su-iin, .Tiiue 22. l.S.'.l. 
Sarah Oi-liivia, d. of James IX and Susan, Jiilv 14, 1855. 
Ilaltic Maria, d. .jf JajMu.s 1). ai,d Sn.san, An-. :5, 1S.;7. 
John W'iUuy, s. of James and Susan, Sept. 21, lS(iO. 
Mai'-aret, (L of Kichard and Krauees, born al SI. Jolmd, N. B., July 
11, ISlio. 


Mary Frances, d. of ISenjaniin K. and Kli/.a M., Jid; 22, 1872. 


s. of Thomas E. and Amelia II., Xov. 12, lSo2. 


Joseph r.ani.son, -s. of Ucv. Joseph and Mary L., Nov. 8, 182;!. 
Mary I.amson, d. of Kev. Joseph and Mary L., Sept. 14, 182'J. 
Jonas, s. of William S. and Snsan K., Sept. 'J, 1844. 

William S. and Susan, July 10, I.Shi. 

l.uey Isabella, d. of William and Susan, Sept. 7, 1849. 
CliarloUe Juliette, d. of William S. and Charlotte J., Sept. 19, 1851. 
Walter Warren, s. of William S. and Snsan E., Feb. 21, 1854. 
Harriet Nevers, d. of William S. and Jane, Sept. 12, 1854. 
Euinia Josephine, d. of Charles W. and Josephine, born in Charles- 
town, July 17, 1870. 


Marv Eli/.a, d. of "William 
Willnim Henry, s. of Willi 


Sarah Ann, d. of Michael M. and , Jan. 0, 1845. 

Susan A., d. of Henry and Mary, Oct. 8. ISOiJ. 

Henry Willis, s. of Smwn and Sarah A., Jan. 15, ISCl. 

Lyman 0.,s. of H 
Fanny Elmer, d. o 

enry : 
f Hen 


and .M 



nil 2i» 
E., N 

3V. I 


(i, 18G4. 


d. of 


and - 

-, Feb. 




Charles, s 

of Cha 

■les H 

nd Ma 


:., Oe 

. IJ 



Jcilm William, s. of Alexander and Catlicii»ic, Atlsf. 24, 1804. 
Charles James, s. of llu-h and Mar-ar<a, AUy. .'tl, INIi.l. 
Ceor-e Alexander, .s. of Alexander and Kale, Feb. 9, IBOO. 
JOdward, s. of llu-h and Mary A., Marcli 2:1, 18(19. 

, .s. of Ihif^li and ,\larf;arct, (Jet. 9, 1870. 

'Aunie Ellen, d. of Hu-h and Margaret, Aug. 25, 1872. 

;tol .LI .3.1 . .. ■„, 


,1 ....v'.'U 

^/o.i t:ia 

«:aB! ,i ,d' 1 . — I 


Ali.r Mau.l, il. of Al Iit.I II. and Maiy !■'., Si_'|U. 21, 


A (1. of Honry and .Marv, M;iv 2, ]S.')3. 

Cli.-irlo.s s. nfll.Mirv and Marv, Mairli L'. IS.'.r,. 
John, s. oC Ilcnrv and Marv, Jnlv .i, l.s:.7. 
Thomas, .s. of Ilemv and Marv, .March 1."., ISCO. 
liosa, d. ori'atricic "and Itosa.'jan. -.'Il, l,S(i2. 
Nriil, s. of Ilcnrv anil Marv, Oi't. C. ISCIl. 
Uo^c Ann, d. olTatrick and .Marv, Marcli :!!, 18G4. 
PatricI;. s. of I'iilrick and Marv. S, pi. III. lsi:i;., d. ofl-atrick .and M.arv, Jan. 4, ISC'J. 

l)cnni>, .-. of ralrick and .M.iiy, (let. L'.s, ISTl. 


Alli.rl Francis, s. of Albert and Hannah, Oct. 25, 


J.oiiis.a Ciirrlcr, d. of diaries II. .and Il.arrict A., N 

)V. IG, 1853 

Waller, s. ofGeor-e L. and Lavinia J., .\larcli 27, 



Enuna L., d. of Khenezer X. and Harriet, June 13, 


AVari-cn N., .s. ol .\. and Harriet,, Jan. 4, 


Albert I'o.x, s. of.l-M ,,1, :nid .Susan K., Jan. 22, 1H52. 

Geor-e Freeman, s ,,r i:. ,■„,/, a' N. and Harriet, J 

ilV 11, 1853 

. Isabel F., d. of Kbcn./.cr .\, and Harriet, Feb. 4, It 


Harriet C, d. of Kbcnezer .V. and Harriet, May 18 


Charles F,., s. of libenezer N. and Harriet, D.'C. 17 

, 18G0. 

llarri.son P,., s. of Kbcne/er N. and Harriet, Jan. l 

G, 18G4. 

Simon, H. of .Simon an.l Klleii M.. March ,s, ISIm. 

Jesse, s. of .Simon and Klhii .M., Mav 21, 1SG7. 

Elsie May, d. of .Simon and KUa M.,'Xov. 13, I8C8. 

Joseph .\lbert, s. of .Albert F. and Marv J., An;;. C 


Ilenrv, s. of Michael and Alice, April Ki, KS71." 


Tubilha, il. of Thomas and Tabitha, Feb. 27, ICSi). 

Hannah, d. of Thomas and Tabitlia, Nov. 21), IIIDO. 

Marv, d. of Tlnnnas and T.abitha, Sept. fi, IOT2. 

David, s. of David ,and Abi-ail, March 31, 17.-,2. 

Abi^'ail, d. of Pavid and .Vbi-ail, Dec. 27, 1753. 

Jesse, s. of David and Abi-ail, June ID, 1755. 

Benjamin, s. ..f David and Abifrail, March 17, 1757. 

Josiah, s. of Davi.l and Abiu;.'!!!, Feb. 11, 1750. 

Hannah, d. of David and Abi-ail, March 18, 17G1. 

Je.sse, s, of David and .Vbi^ail, April 10, 1701). 

David, s. of David, Jr., ami Sarali, April 4, 1771). 

William Grimes, s. •>( David, Jr., and .Sarah, Marcl 

1 24, 1781. 

Benjamin, s. of Uenjamin and I nev, .\n-. 31, 1782. 

Sally, d. of Josiah and liulh, March 311, 1783. 

Kenben Kimball, s. of ISenjamiii and l.ncv. Mav 15 


William, .h. of Josiah and iintb, .Mareli 8. 17S5. 

Lucy, d. of Benjamin and Lncy, April 15, ITsil. 

Elliot, d. of Davi.l and Elliot, Dee. II, 178i;. 

.Josiah, s. of .Josiah and Until, Mandi in, 1787. 

■•I'> a!l<^0:!H MUiDl' 



BLANCHARD, continned. 

Eunice, d. of Benjamin iind Lucv, Jlav 1, 178S. 
Joseph nri<i-e, s. of Daviil and Kliint.'lMov. 9, 1788. 
Isaac, s. ()(■ David and Kliiot, Keli. 22. 17 '1. 
Klias, s. of David and Kllioi, March 2:!, 17;ia. 
Sarah, d. of David and Elliot, Eel). 1, ITOii. 
Klias. s. of David and Elliot, Mav 7, 17!)s. 
Arahella, d. of David U. and Orhanna, May 18, 18.J7. 
d. of David U. and Urleanna, Nov. 3o, 1858. 


Charles Edward, s. of James and llaiinali. Auk. 12, 1854, 
AVilliam Ilenrv, s. of James and Ilannali, Eeb. (i, 1858. 

s. of Andrew and Sophia, Nov. 1, 185!). 

Geor-e Earnest, s. of James and Hannah, Eeb. 17, 18G8. 
James liobert, s of James ami Hannah, July 20, 1870. 
Amelia, d. of James and Hannah, Dec. 23, 1872. 


Hewell Alonzo, s. of lienjamin and Jane, Oct. 3, 1847. 


Mary Ann, d. of I'etcr and Ann, Aug. 27, 1801. 

BLOntilCTT (sec Hi.occi-n). 


Huth, d. of Samuel, Dec. 28, lG5fi. 
Samuel, s. of Samuel, Dec. lu, ICoB. 
Thomas, s. of Samuel, Eeb. 2ij, IGill. 
Sarah, d. of Samuel, Eeb. 17, IfiGs. 
Martha, d. of Samuel, Sept. 15, 1G73. 
Mary, d. of Samuel, Sept. 15, 1073. 
Samuel, s. of Samuel, Jr., Dec. 21, 1G83. 
•Daniel, s. of Samuel, Jr., March 21, 1(185. 
Thomas, s. of Tlionuis and liebeeca, An-. 5, lli8G. 
William, s. of Samuel and llnldah, Jan. 11, 1G,8G. 
Iluldah, d. of Samuel and llulduli, Feb. !), IGS'J. 
Kebccca, d. of Thomas and IJeh.cca, June 5, 1G89. 
Caleb, s. of Samuel and Iluldah, Xov. 11, IG'Jl. 
Joshua, s. of Samuel and Iluldah, Eeb. 2G, l(;t)4. 
]{uth, d. of Thomas and I!el).-eca, Oct. 14, lG;i4. 
Josiah, s. of Samuel and llnldah, Marcli 27, HV.tC. 
Jo.seph, s. of Thomas and Kehecea. Sept. 17, IGflG. 
Abi-ail, d. of Thomas and lirb,-cca. Nov. 7, KIDS. 
John, s. of Samuel ;nid lluld.ih, April l!l, li;;l'.). 
licuiamin, s, of Snnmel and lliddah, Maich 4, 1701. 

Sanlnel, s. ofThonn 

s .and Ueljccca, June 17, 170!. 

Nathan, s. ofSamue 

and Iluldah, March 15, 1704. 

Sanmel, s. ofSanme 

and Lydia, Dec. 27, 1704. 

Henry, s. of Samuel 

and Lydia, June 27, 17U8. 

Daniel, s. of Daniel 

md Mary, Jan. I'J, 1710. 

Murv, ,1, of Daniel : 

nd Mary, .July 23, 1711. 

-Warah, d. of Samuel 

and Eyilia.tluly '.», 1713. 

Kath.irine, <l. of Jos 

ma and Dinah, July 31, 1717. 

jjinoiiH 'A.rwyr 


i«r ■■ lyO . ,ru:' 

•0! .H-: .U'»'f ,1^.. 


BLOGGET, contiuued. 

IhiUlah, d. of Suimn;! niul Lydia, Jan. 28, 1717. 

Solli, s. ol'Caleb mid S;.nili, Kol). 20, 171H. 
, '' Elizubutli, d. ofJcKsiah and KlizaljoUi, Jan. 12, 1719. 

Calob, s. ofCald) and .Sarali, Dec. 1, 1721. 

.Samuel, s. of Caleb and Sand,, April 1, 1724. 

Susanna, d. of Calcl) and Saiali, June 1'.), 1727. 

Abi^'ull, d. of Nathan and AhiLjaJl, Nov. 2;l, 1732. 

Nallian h. of Nallian and Abi;;ail, .S.'|,t. 10, 17:!7. , ■ ■ -■ •- 

Jonallmn, H. olS.LIiund Dli/ulM'tli, A|H-il L"J, 1713. 

lOli/.abulU, d. of Capl. Talch and lOlizahclU, Oct. 27, 1744. 

SclU, a. of Sclb and lOlUabclli, Dec. ;), 1717. 


Saiali, d. of Jeremiah and Sarah, April 22, 1786. 

Mary Caroline, d. of Cyrus and Caroline F., boru in Stow, May 7, 1844. 

■ d. of Cvnis and Caroline, June 22, 1845. 

Alonzo Untchinaon, .s. of Cyrus W. and Lydla L., Aug. IG, 1849. . 
Kllcn, d. of CyruK and Caroline T., Aug. 4, 1853. '^ 


Josephine L., d. of Joseph and Nancy D., April 2, 1843. 


(icorge, s. of Josepli nnd I'atty, Dec. 12, 1793. 

Murali, d. of Charles and Lydia W., May 18, 1832. 

Helen, d. of Charles and I.ydla W,, Nov. 2, 1833. 

Henrietta, d ..f Charles and Lydia W., April 9, 183G. 

Charles Williams, s. of CInul.'.s and Lvdla W., Nov. 0, 1837 [81. 

[l.ewi-M, ^. ,)f Charles and I-ydbi W., March 13, 1811.] 

Siclla, (1. of Charles and Lydni W., Au-. 22, 1843. 

Alfa M.. d. of Charles and Lydia W., April 11, 184i;. 

Lewis Franklin, s. of Charles and Lydia W., Aprd 30, 1850. 

Daniel Wilbur, s. of Charles and Lydia W., June 18 [171, 1852. 

Klla riiilemia, d. of Austin W. and Jidlette, Oct. IG, I8.-.2. 

Frainji's Abba, d. of Tnnothy and Frances, born in WlhuluKton, Feb. 

II, IHiiO. 
Edward lOllsworth, s. of Timothy D. and Frances A., May 31, 18G1. 

s. of Tiinnthy D. and Frances A., Nov. G, 18G2. 

Timutliy D. and Nancy, March 3, 18C5. 


Kob. rt, s. of Kobert and Catharine, March 21, 18C0. 
James Kdward, s. of liobert and Catharine, Aui;. 1, 1801. 
Mary Ellen, d. of Uobert and Kate, June 21, 18G3. 
Eli/.abeth, d. of Jtubertand Caiharlne, March 22, 18Cj, 


John,s. of .Vlexanderand Mary, burn at lirooklyn, N.Y., MurchS, 1808. 


I.ury Ann_, d.. 

ll.l'llir, ,!.'(, f 1.' 

. Wlllmiii Krede 

if lleiija 

nln and 

lletHcy C, Oct. 22, 1 


no, d. o 


iln and Itetscy C, h\: 

1. in, IHIC, 


ami M 

ry A,, Auk. 11, lHr,:j. 

rIeU, N. ( 

f Fred 

rick and Mary A., N 

IV. 21, iMliO 

!!•;(;/. '1 tiai-'/< 6j1* li.ji ■■.«■" io 

Iv-rti ,;« i;iM 

,f. ((-/ilK. Yii"-''-' '"i'' '• t' 

' ,8tb->-.r; •■ >' .u^N^n/ifi if , 

'-.lint ,1 

24 -WOliUUN liKCOIiD OF lilinilS. 


Eaw;ud .Alonzo, .s^of Jolin A. anil Susiui, May o, 1848. 
Susan Adolakle, U. of John A. anil Susan, Aug. 27, 1851. 
Tlieotloi'e Gunnisou, s. of John A. and Susan, Oct. 31, 1854. 


Thomas, s. of Thomas and Ruth, Sept. 1, 1T25. 

liebocca, d. of ,Iohn and liubecca, Fl-I) 21, 172:). 

Sarah, d. of Jolm and Ki-bccca, July 18, 1731. 

John, s. of John and Uubi-cca, Feb. 20, 1734. 

James, s. of John and Rebecca, June 2li, 173f.. 

Hannah, d. of John and IJebccca, Aug. C, 173.S. 

I'hebe, d. of John and lieliccca, May 10. 1741. 

Martlia, d. of ,lohn an<l licbecca, Sept. 0, 174(5. 

Maiy Klizab('tli, d. ol' James and Mai-y, born at Billenca, Jan. 23, 1831. 

James William, s. of James and Mary, born at liillerica, April 10, 1832. 

Charles, s. of James and Marv, born In Billerica, Nov. 2C, 1833. 

RIarv lluw, >1. of I.oammi and Mary, Dec. 2U, 1835. 

Asa,"s. ,.f James and Mary, July 12, 1H3G. 

Sylvester, s. of James and Marv, Jan. 21, 1841. 

Abi^jail, d. of James »nd Mary R., June 13, 1844. 

Hannah, d. of James and Mary If., !~ept. 3, 1848. 

Caroline Sophia, d. of James an.l Mary, April 2(1, 1852. 

Charles Kdward, s. of Charles and Mary Ann. Oct. 7, 1854. 

Mary Adeline, d. of James \V . and Ann K., I'eb. 11, 185G. 

s. of Charles and Mary .A., Uec. 17, 1857. 

Granville, s. of Charles and Mary A., July 20, 18511. 
Fra]]U FredericU, h. of Asa and l.oriTnla A., July 15, 18(10. 
Oscar Adelbei-t, s. of Charles and Mary A., Feb. 17, 18(11. 
Mabel A., d. of Asa and I,orinda A., Dec. II, 18(11. 
James Edgar, s. of Charles and Mary A., Oct. 15, 18G2. 
A^a W., s. of Asa and r.oriiula A., Dec. 4, 18(;3. 
Mary Ann J., d. of Clnirles and Mary Ann, May 25, 1804. 
Hannah Elizabeth, d. of Asa and Lorinda A., June 2'J, 1807. 


William, s. of William and Sn.sanna, March 1, 1870. 
JIarv Flleu, d. of Juuies and Ellen, March (I. 1871. 
Thoinas, s. of William and Susan, July 21, 1871. 


Maggie, d. of .Micliael and Catharine, Jan. 7, 1871. 
Julia Mary, d. of Michael and Katie, May 28, 1872. 

BOWKX, Bohan. 

Ellen Maria, d. of William S. and Mary A., Aug. 12, 1844. 

George Svlvanus, s. of William S. and Marv A., Jan. 10, 1840. 

Ann Maria, d. of William S. and Mary A., Juno 17, 1848. 

John, s. of John and Mars;arel, Aug. 30, 1853. 

Timothy, s. of John and Margaret, Oct. 3, 18.50. 

Daniel, s. of John ami Margaret, Nov. 24, 18.58. 

William Wyinan, s. of William S. and Frances, Nov. 13, 1800. 

James, s. of John and Mar-aret, March 27, 1801. 

Margaret, d. of John and Margaret, Jan. 27, IKilO. 

Charles Tyler, M. of William S. and U. J. V., Aug. 30, 1H07. 

It^ltio Kllen, d. of John and Margaret, April 12, IBOS. 

nyK!j;n) ^,y-\-<.^u 



M;irv Jaiiu, tl. of Jesso aiul .S:ii:ih A., Oct. 28, 1823. 
Caroline .\:.i-ail, ,1. of ,Ic..sf anil Sarali A., An^'. 3, 1827. 
.Sarali O.sboni, il. ol' .Jc.-m' and Sarali A., June 24, 1830. 
.Tesvr Marshall, .•^. olMi-se ai.d Sarali A., Ot-t. 24, 1832. 
Itubucoa Knbiii>uii, il. of .lussL- ami Sirali A., .Tan. Ill, 1837. 


George Tliomas, 

s, of Tliomas niul Xaiicy, April 15 


Marlh.a, il. ofTli 
Kll/ahrtll, (i. of 
Joliii. s. of Tlioi 
.lon.alliaii.s. ofl' 
.lusupli, s. of ■I'll. 

oiiiasaml Martha. ,luno M. liii;?. 
'honias.iml Mariha, May 21, liol) 
.■IS an.l Manila, Nov. 211, li;72. 
mmasaiHl .Martha, Sept. 27, 1(;7.^. 
mas ami .Marilia, April 21, l(;78. 


Mary Ann, d. of James and Marj^arct, Sept. 2(;, 185G. 

Nicholas, .s. of James .-ii.! Mar-.aret, Sept 2."), IS.'iS. 

Jume.s, s. of .Tallies and , Nov, 2t), l,S5;i. 

Julia Ann, d. of John and Marv, March 18, ISCS. 

Mary Ann, d. of Michael and Mary, horn in Camula, Maroli 29, 18 

Mary Kliziilioth, d. of.lohn.aml ,Marv, Nov. l:!, IBlU). 

James, s. of Micharl and .Mary, July 31, 1871. 

John Fuller, s. of John ami Mary, Sept. 24, 1871. 

Thoma.s, s. of I'alrieU and Ka.liel, Oct. 5, 1871. 


Mary S., d. of John C. and :\Iary, Sept. 
Kraiik Dana, s. of Ivluard A. an.l Amai 
s. of Walter .M. .in.l , Oct. l.j, 


James, .s. of Furrell an.l Kllen, Oct. 1), II 


Ann Maria, d. of Barney and Alice, April ,5, 184G. 
William, s. of William ami Catharine, April 20, !84G. 
James, s. of William and Catharine, Dec. 2(;, 1817. 
Ann, (I. of John ami lirhliret, Fell. 2-1, 18J8. 
liosanna, d. of John and Mary A., Dec. 27, 1H48. 
AViliiam, s. of I'atriek and Nancy, Get. il, 1849. 
Krederi.-k-, s. of John ami lirid-et, Jan. 28, 18ri2. 
Kli/.a, d. of John and Mary Ann, May 14, I.-.-.2. 
Alice Maria, d. of John an.l liriil;;el, Nov. l.l, l.S.';3. 
Stephen, .s. of William ami Calhaiiee, N.iv. IC IM,",. 
llimnah, U. of John and Ann, Jan. 1.",, is.-,i;. 

•TlicHU live clill.lron were ann-i-ecl h.^o by tli.^lr .ra,llier'» nunc 
rt'iiiovilig to iili.l fro in Iho Ilullun W'nr. H.mi.; (it tlifin Witrt; ijuv.!l ri'.f, 
und llif ri'Bl uf ll.c; n-corila wiTit \uM.-l\„biin, /^,.-^./-.. 

i"!!'.';'!;! H'j a<iO'»ait v;i )<[.■■'/' 

J ( v>f »Ajta 

2b ■wonuiiN' RECOui) of biktiis. 

BKADI.ICY, ,;.i,tiH„..L 

nraci-, (I. ciC Koi,'>T :uh1 Mai-aret, .Inly 1, ISr.i;. 

Uoiiura Jane, d. of I'lili-ick iiml II (in, April LTi, 1SJ7. 

John, s. of John and Ann, Mav 27, 1M.-.7. 
Bri<li;et., d. of John and Mary A.. Jan. 18, 185'.). 
JaiUL's, s. of John and Maria, April •_'(;, 185'J. 
Rosanna, d. of U'illiani and Cathirine, Mi'i. 7, 1859. 
Catharine Ann, d. of John and Mary, May 28, l.SCl. 
^[argar^:t, d. of Patrick and Ilonora, (let. 0, ISiU. 
Cornelius, .s. of John and Mary, Jan. 17, ISCa. 
William, s. of John and Maria, Di;.'. 2'J, ISUG. 
Dulia, d. of .John and Maria, Jnly 25, 1808. 
Georgu Ileury, .s. of John and Maria, Dl-c. 1, 1870. 


Abraham, s. of AlM-ahara and Abigail, Feb. 8, 1748. 


Rachel, d. of Philip and Mary, Nov. 21, 1852. 
Mary Ann, d. of John and Mary .\nn, Feb. 15, 1854. 
John, s. of Philip and Mary, May 12, 1855. 
Rosanna, d. of Philip and Mary, May 5, 1858. 


William Justns, s. of John and Kli/.abeth, Sept. 19, 1850. 

John, s. of John and Kli/.abclh, Oct. 14, 1857. 

Lois Dafe, s. of John and Elizabeih, horn at Baltimore, March 18, 1 

EmmaT., d. of John and Eli/,al)eth, April 21, 1803. 

George Henry, s. of John and Lizzie, Oct. 20, 1806. 


Maro Kendall, s. of 
Joseph, s. of Sanui 
Emma Louisa, d. o 

Samuel nn.l Kmily L. J.'in. 23, 1800 
1 and Kmily S., Dec. 20, 1808. 
Samuel and Kmily I.., June 17, 187 


Elizabeth Wyman, 
, d. of Ko-er J 

1. of Joseph N. and Nuncv H.. Mar 
and .Malilda J., An-. 18," 1840. 


Charles, s. of ('hurl 
Thomas Franei<. s. 
Isabella, d. of I'atri 
Leu-is Cass, s. of C 
Catherine, d. of P,i 
William, s. of Chai 

^s and Ann, April 3, 1848. 
of Charles and Ann, March fi, 1851 
ek and Marv, March 24, 18.51. 
larles and Ann, Dec. 12, 1852. 
rick and Mary, Aug. 21, 1853. 
es and Ann, Aug. 18, 1854. 

Ellen, d. of John and Bridget, Jan. 8, 1850. 
George, s. of Charles and Ann, Nov. 25, lH;i 
Anna, d. of Patrick and Mary, Dec. 12, 185i 
.lohu, s. of John and Bridget, Jnly 10, 1858. 
.lohn, .s. of Charles and .\un. Dee. 9. 18,-,8. 
Miiry Ann, d. of Charles and Ann, .Ian. 1, \> 
James, s. of Charles and Ann. May 0, 1803. 
Catherine, d. of Charles and Ann, April :!0, 

,l'8i M fan;.,, i 



BRESTjTN, rmitihUfl. 

JaiiK's Henry, s. of Charles ami Ann, Aiit,'. 9, l.-^CT. 

Mary, d. Clnirlos and Mnrv, April 2.'>, 1K71. 

Thomas IR-nry, s. of Charlos, Jr. and Mary, Oct. 25, 1872. 


Thomas Carter, s. of Mr. Sctliand llannali, born in Wrentham, Sept. 

28, 175U. 
Mary Carter, d. of Mr. Seth and Hannah, liorn in Wrentham, March 

25, 17G1. 


William P., s. of William P ami Ann Maria, An-. 20, 1840. 
Kosanna M., d. of William P. and Ann .M., .Tan. 31, 1813. 
Gcor"-e Francis, s. of. William 1". and Ann Maria, Feb. 28, 1345. 

,'s. of William P. and Ann M., Nov, 24, 1847. 

Ann rathoriiie, d. of William P. and Ann M., Nov. 21, 1848. 
Charles, s. of William P. and Kli/.a, ,Jnly In, 1858. 
Kdward, s. of William P. and Eliza, ,Jnly 15, 1858. 


Kdward fiUey, s. of Salem T. and Maria A., Oct. 21, 18G8. 


Vienna, d. of Christopher and Vienna, Jnne 2G, 1849. 


James, s. of Morris and Kosanna, March 3, 1850. 
Morris, s. of Morris and Kosa, Dec. 1, 18.^7. 
William, s. of Morris and Kosa, Dec. 1, 1857. 


Helen Charlotte, d. of Benjamin F. and Ann H., born in Haverhill, 

May 11, 1858. 
Frank Melvin, s. of Uenjamiu F. and .Vnn, June 2'J, 1800. 



s. of ,lohn. 

Nov. 2:1, 1 



d. of J, dm 
e, d. of.Ioh 

Nov. 21. 
, Del. 10, 



I, d. of Join 

. .Mareli S. 

, 10 


bv, s. ofTi 
by, s ofTi 

nolhv, No\ 
nolhy, (I'd 



s. of Tlmoi 

V, o'ct. 10 



s. of John, 

March 1 , 1 



/.er, s. of Ji 

hn, Dc-c. 1 

, 10( 


, d. of Sara 

1, Mav 14, 



n, d. of Isa 

le. May 21), 



s. of Isaac 

An^'. 13, 



■ah, d. of Jo 

lin, March 



■, s. ofl.saac, Oct. 1, 1 



n,d. of Isaac, Dec. U 

, 107 


, s. of Jolni 

Jnly 17, 1 


• Marj 

d. of John 

Dec. 4, 1(85. 


•UTMUl 'lO 

lioiK.f ... ;<ini--,( ,.! (.-.,(1 ,(i 

, 'i tin.;[. ,. ' 
:'u<il ,K .1'.,*: 

.I'iir.r-;Hf 111 nv'Ci ,.;r ':;!' 1)', 

."■.V ,•»,.'/ .»;' .f 


BROOKS, rontmw'd. 

JdIui, s. of John and Marv, Dec. 30, IfiSG. 
KlHMiozer, s. ol'.Tolni ami Mary, Doc. DO, IfiSfi. 
ICiiuico, .1. orKlnMif/.oraiKl Mavtlia, March 18, 1CS8. 
Mary, il. of .Tolni and JIary, April 1, IfiSS. 
Anna, d. of Isaac and Anna, An^'. 10, KIK'J. 
.lolin, s. of i;biMn-/,fr and Martha, March •J2, 1090. 
Kbcnczer, s. of Ebuncz.-r, Ah-. S, IC'll. 
Sarah, d. of John .■nul ilary, An;;. 1 t. 1C02. 
Jahcz, s. ofKlKni-zi^r and Martha, Jan. 7, 1093. 
Mary, d. of Ilcnrv and Mary, Sf|)f. i:., lOO:'.. 
Sarah, d. of Isaac and Hannah, N.-v. L>», 1093. 
Klie/.er, s. of I'.hrnrzcr and Martha, July 13, 1C9+. 
John, s. of John and Mary, Ni)V. L'8, 1094. 
liachel, d. of Jain/, and Kaclicl, Nov. 29, 1C95. 
William, s. of Isaac and llannali, March 1 , 1090. 
Abi-ail, d. of Jolm and Mary, An-. 19, 1097. 
Martha, d. of FJ.cnczcr and Martli.a, March 24, 1097. 
Ennice, d. oflClicnezcr and Martha, Feb. 14, 1700. 
Timothy, s. of ,lohn and Mary, Feb. 14, 1700. 
Jabcz, s. of Jabc/. and lle|ili/.il)ah, May 13, 1700. 
Ilcphzibah, d. ol Jabcz ami llcph/.ibah, Nov. 18, 1701 

I'riscilla, d. of ICbcnczrr and Martlia, 17, 1701. 

Isaac, .s. of Jolm and .Mary, , 170:!. 

Nathanitd, .s. of Jabcz. and llcphzibah, An- 17, 1703. 


Mary, N(, 

1, April IS, 1707. 
Jan. 14, 1709. 
ah, An-. 27, 1710. 
all, Jniic 1, 1712. 
I1ec. 25, 1714. 
I)ah, April 14, 1717. 
lil, Nov. 3, 172C. 

Samuel, s. of .labcz and Ilcpb 
John, .s. of Jabcz and Ilcpbzil 
•Toinithau, s. of.Iabc/. and llc| 
Ebenczer, .s. of Jaljczand lie] 
Sarah, d. of Jab,v. and Ib-phzi 
Hcnjaniin, s. id' Jabcz ami 11>' 
Timothy, s. of 'I'innithv and j 
Natlian, s. of Nathan and Sarah, N.jv. 0, 1727. 
Isaac, .s. of Nathan and Sarah, Jnlv 31, 1729. 
Abi-ail, d. of Tiniolhv and Abigail. 0<-t. a, 1729. 
Snbmit, d. of Natlianicl and Snlnnit, Jan. :l, 1731. 
Jonathan, .s. of Nathan and Sarah, An-. 20, 1731. 
John, s. of Nathan and Sarah, .May 0, 1733. 
Nathaniel, s. of Nathaniel and Siibndt, Jnly 18, 1734. 
John,s. of J(dinand Hannah, Dec. a, 17:'.4. 
Jonathan, s. of Nalhan and Sarah, Feb. 21, 1737,. 
Jabuz, .s. of J.dni and llannali, Scpi. 30, 1730. 
Jemima, d. of Kbenczer and Jcndnia, .\ii-. 29, 1737. 
Jonatlian, s. of Natlianicl and Submit, .Inly 10, 1737. 
William, s. (d' Nathan and Sarah, March 3, 1737. 
llcphzibah, d, of Kbenczer and Jemima. Jan. 15, 1739. 
.losiah, s. of Nathaniel and Submit, Dec. 14, 1739. 
Phcbcd. of Jonathan and I'liebe, Feb. 22. 1739. 
Hannah, d. of .bdm and Hannah, June 4, 1739. 
Sarah, d. of Nathan and, Maicb 1, 1739. 
Sclh, s. of Nathan and Sarah, April 1, 1711). 

SallyVii. of !• 


and Jemima, Dec. 9, 1740. 

Tl.onin.s, s. o 

,lolm a 

id llannali, March 22, 1742 

Zaehuriah, s. 

of Natl 

an ami Surah, April 20, 17 


ICIi/nhitli, d. lit' Xalliaiiiel iuut Siihiiiit, A|)ril i'2, 1 
KliriH/cr, s. .if Kbenozci- aiKlJciiiiiim, Scpi. 15, 17 
Kciilicii, .s. of Natli:iiiiL-l ami Submit, ,Jan. 8, 1744. 
Maiy, (1. of Nalliaii ami Sai'ali, Marcli 1, 1744. 
Molly, il. of Kl.i'iio/.fr aiul .Icmima, Au-. l".(, 1744. 
AVilli.1111. s. of IOhrmv..-r ami .Kiiiima, A|)iil a, 174.1 

Elizabulh, d. of N'ailiaii and S.u-ali. , 174(;. 

SiLsaiuia, a. of U. i jiinin 
Samuel, .■s. of X:dli:ui ami 
Sarah, d. of Kli.'iiczi r am 
David, s. of Natliaiml an 
Hi'iijamin, h. of liciijamii] 

iieiijiim'iii, s. of'll.iijaihli 
Jomi.s, s. of IClu'Mc/.cr am 
Ahi.nail, il. of N:ill.aii .iml 
Timothy, s. of Timutliv a 
AbiMil, d. of Khuiirzrr ai 
Ruth, d. of Tiinolliv and 
Nathan, s. of Nathan and 
UlizalH'th, d. of Naihan a 
Joanna, d. <.f Naar and .1 
Jahfz, .s. of Klirm/zrr an.l 
Ahi-ail, d. of Timothy ai 
KslhtT, d. of jNathaiiicI ai 
Jeru.sha, d. of liunjaiaiii i 
Elizal)etb. d. of Nathan a 
Isaac, s. of Isaac and Joa 
Samuel, s. of 'I'imothy am 
M.ii-y, d. of KI.en.zci-and 
Hannah, ih of Nalhanicd : 
Jose|,li, s. of lieniaann ai 
Seth, s. of 'I'lmoliiy and 1 
Lucy, d. of Nathaniel ani 
Kuh.ani.ih, d. of Khemzer 
ll('|dizd>ar. d. of Ihmiainln and ,Sn^ 
Nathaniel, s. of Naliianir! ami ICsl 
Maiy, d. of .Jonathan ami Knth, Sl 
Zachariah, s. of Zaehaiiah and Il.i 
Mary, d. of Isaac and .luaiirui, Sep 
Hcnjamiu, s. of Nathaniel ami k.stl 
Hetty, d. of Ehenezer and Jemima, 
Elizabeth, d. of Zaehaiiah and llai 
Thoma.s, 8. of Tlniolhv an.l Knlh, March ;!l, 17i;7., .s. of Tiimithy and liiith. An-. Lit, 17G.S. 
Abel, s. of Nathaniel and K-ther, May li, 171.8. 
Zachariah, s. of Zachariah and Hannah, April 10, 1770. 
Ruth, tl. of Jonathan and Ruth, July 21, 1770. 
John, .M. of Jonathan and Unth, An;,'. 10, 1772. 
Patty, d. of Zaehariali and Hannah, Dec. L'S, 1772. 
Submit, d. of J.nndhan and Knlh, ,lan. 2,S, 177.".. 
Reuben, s. of Mr. Nathaniel ami i'^tln.r, April 27, 1778. 
William, .s. of Joiialhan ami Ruth, Nov. 10, 17ao. 
SHiniiel Watts, s. ol Zachariah and Su.sauna, Sept. 22, 17B1. 
Jlannah, d. of Nalhanicl and K.sther, June 30, 1781. 

ml Su.> 

anna, June 4, 1747. 


July 10, 1747. 


a, April 0, 174S. 


it, March 20, 1740. 

and Sl 

sauna, July 2, 1711). 

mil, J 

uly 10. 1740 

and S 

is.inna, June 2(1, 175C 


a. May i;, 17.-.0. 


'th, .Sept. 8, 1751. 

d liul 

1, Oct. 24, 1751. 

1 .leiii 

iim, June 2, 1752. 

nth. .1 

111. Ki, I75;i. 


■th, July 20, 1754. 

ib.'lh, April 8, 1755. 


fell 10, 1755. 

J. 'mill 

a, May 8, I7.-.5. • 

1 Unil 

.June 18, 175fi. 

1 Ksth 

.'r, Oct. 14, 1751). 

111 SUh 

anna, July Ri, 1757. 

d Kliz 

d.cth, June 11, 1757. 

iia, A 

li. Hi, 1757. 


Dec. 21, 175S. 


a, Nov. 11, 1758. 

id 10m 

i.'r, Oct. 11, 17.58. 

1 Siisa 

ma, Dec. 28, 1750. 

11 h, .M 

iri'h 2, 1700. 


■, Oct. 24, I7C0. 

in.l .le 

niina, March 4, 1701 

er, Mil 

' hS, 



8, 1" 


nail, Jl 

lie « 


.'I'/iSa AMI 

r.Xl .H ■>.'; 


woiiUiiN i;i:couD or liiirnis. 

BKOOKS, i-niiliaiKil. 

Sii^iinim il. "C .loscnh ami Sarah, Jan. 8, 1782. 

Flizibetl'i, (1. of .loiKiUiaii ami lUitli, Oct. i;i, 1782. 

Susanna, (I. oC Zacluuiali aii.l Susanna, .\pril 8, 1784. 

ll'iiiivili (1 of 1,1 ZaclKirlah and Su.sanna, Mavcli l.i, 1/8J. 

Uaun.ili, .1, ""^^''j^,^.^^. _^_^_, ^^,,.„.^^j, ^1,^,,,^ ,,j A,„,,,.,st, N. S.), Sept. 2C, 


K., ! 

. <,f Za.lia 


licnjaniin, s. of .1 
NaUuin, s. of Jo- 
Ui'bi'cca, il. of J< 
Jo-L'ph, s. of Jos. 
Marv, d. of Calvi 
.VdaAvdelle, d. ol 
Klliot Liufoln, s. 
.\idcll('. d. of Kdv^ard ai 
Jauu's I.orin.y, s. of Kdu 
Kdward .\arou, s. of .\\n 
Lillian Carter, .1. of (). ^ 
Charles Edward, s. of K, 
William Knsijm-, s. of A 

and Susanna, June 20, 1792. 
(•(■a, Jan. 10, 1792. 
i)cica, Aii^. 19, 1793. 

Il ami Kobecca, Feb. 2 

,1, 1800. 

and l!cbo(H-a, Sept. 2 

, 1804. 

)d Marv, July 7, 180.'). 

dresv I'i. ami Reliecea 

Jan. 12, ISfiO. 

Au-ustus \V. and Sar 

ih J., May 21, 18C1 

A. Maria, Au^. IS, 18uo. 
■d W. and Anna M., July 12, 18G7. 
■ w li. and Hebeeca J., Oct. l(i, 1807. 
and l.iz/.ie C, April 1, IS.IS. 
■ud W ami Anna .M., Dec. 28, 1868. 
.ii-tus W. and Sarab, Sept. 15, 1809. 


»John, s. of Joh 

(of Billeriea) and K 

March 27, 1G83, 

John s. ,)f John and Kli/.abetli, Jan. 22, 
Kli/a'bctli, d. of John and Eli/.abelli, July ''. 108 

„f the same July." 
Kli/abetli, d. of JuhnaudKlizabelh, Feb. 10, 10; 
Hannah, d. of John and Kli/.abelh, April 27, 10,s: 
Kebecca, d. of Daniel Green and Kebeeea I;cb. 
.Josiah, s. of Josiah and Judith, July "d, !(,:,. 
Judith, d. of Josiah and Judith, .lune l.". 177:,, 
Jeplilha, s. of Josiah and Judith, April .., I, . ..^ 

.lephlha, s. of .losiah ami .ludi 

h, \pril:l,_I77s 

Hetty, d. of Josiah and Judith 

April •;, 1 7si). 

Patience, d. of Josiah and Jud 

th, March 10, 1 

Jesse, s. of Josiaii and Judith, 

Keb, 19, 178;'.. 

Jcdda, s. of .losiali and Judith 

Jan. 4, 17S.-.. 

Vphraiiu, m. of .losiah and Jud 

ih, .March 0, 17 

lieniamiu liradley, s. of Jedde 

and Sophia, i\I: 

Josiah, s. of Josiah and Anna. 

.Sept. 2.;, i«i:i. 

Marv Baldwin, d. of Ephiaim 

ami Sarah, (Jet 

WatVrinan, s. of Josiah and A 

lua, Feb. 21, 18 

Malvina Eranees, d. (d' James 

iml Nancy J., I 

llertha Jane, d. of Jacob and . 

ane, Nov. M, 1 

James Kaliih Alphou/.o, s. of . 

MUies and Naue 

Evdia Ann, d. of Nel>on S. an 

1 Adelia, Sepl. 


BKOAVN, contlnio-d. 

Klleta, il. of Ebenozer and Jane, Veb. 27, 18.")3. 

Thonius, s. of Thomas ami Kllen, Oct. L'.S, 1853. 

Maria Scales, d. of .\lcxauder and .Vnn, Sept. 28, 1S54. 

.Alarv Lonisa, d. of Cliarles and Catharine, July 17, 1855. 

FrederkU, s. <.f Jucol) and Kli/.aheth M., Sept. 1, 185.^. 

Aram, s. of Kljcne/.er and Jane 1'.., Jan. 31, 1850. 

Klizabetli Hrid-et, d. of Patrick F. and Margaret, Sept. lU, 185i;. 

Arthur, s. of Jolm and Jane, An^;. 13, I.S57. 

Fnuilc. s. of Charles and Calharine, An-. IC, 1857. 

s.. of Thoiniis and Kll.n, An:.'. 10, 1,S57. 

Knth Lillian, d. of Cluoies II. and Umli 1)., Jau. 15, 18.58. 
Kllen Lorena, d. of .\lexauder and Ann, Marcli 4, 1858. 
John Johnson, s. of Jacob and Eiizaljoth M., .March 17, 1858. 

s. of Levi A. and , .May 2, IS5'J. 

.s. of Charles II. and Catharine, Dec. 30, 18.50. 

Eliziibeth Mile.s. d. i,f Jacob and Kli/.abelh, March 8, 1800. 
Charles 11., .s. of Alexander and .\nn, Ajiril 18, 1800. 
Clara I.i//.ie, d. of Charles and Catharine, July 17. 1805. 
Auu.a Theodora, d. of Jacob and Almira K., Oct. 27, 18CC. 
Harry, s. of Charles and C.ilharinc. Oct. 17, 18G8. 
Nettie F., d. of Henry 1,. and Martha. Aug. 10, 18C9. 
Glcuu C, d. of William and Anibroette, Sept. 18, 18C9. 
Elizalieth Ilnnnin;;, d. of Jolin S. and Julia A., Nov. 2t, 1SC9. 

s. of Jacob and Abnira K., Oct. 20, IS71. 

Freddie, s. of Charles and Kllen, June — , 1871. 
Helen Konise, d. of John T. and Julia A., Jan. 8, 1872. 

BKUt i:. 

Willi ini, .s. of (icor-e, Nov. 21, 1000. 
William, .s. (d' (ienr-e, Oct. 20, 1001. 
Elizabeth, d. of Gcoi-e, Jan. 20, 1003. 
Mary, d. of Geor'ie, June 15, 1005. 
William, .s. of Georjje, April 28. 1007. 
John, s. of Oeor-e. June is, 1070. 
r.lizal)clh, d. of Ceor-e, An-. 21, li;72. 
C,eoi--e. s. of Ceor-c, Jan. l.s, 1071. 
Joscidi, .s. of C.eorm-, .Ian. II, 1075. 

Joseph, s. (d- Oeorue, Dec. 2il, 1070. 

Samuel, s. of (iec,r;;e, March 28, lOhO. 

Jlargerv, d. of Geoi'ije. April 24, 1084. 

Lvdia, d. of George and Kliz.ibelh, April 10, 1 


.Marv, d. of William and Klizabetli, Dee. 0, 10 


Wiliiam, s. of William and i;ii/,abelh, March 1 

1, IC'JO 

John, .s. of William ami Klizabelli, Nov. '.1. 10 


Sanmel, s. of Wdliain and fdizalnlh, .March 1 

1, 1701 

Geor-e, .s. of Josc|>h and Hannah, Sept. 20, 17 


Abigail, d. of William and lOlizabetli, JIareb 2 

1, 1703 

Thcinuis, s. of William and Kli/ubeth, .May 20 


James, ^. of William anil Klizabetli. June 10, 


Rebecca, d. of William and Elizabeth, -Sept. 2 

;, i7o;). 

Lydia, d. of "u illiain and Kli/.abelh, An-. 24, 


Jlartha, d. of ,Tulm and M.irMia, Dec. 8. 1721. 

William, .s. of .lohn and Marllm, June K, 1721. 

John. .s. of Jolin and Isabel, .\n-. s, 1725 

Klizabelh, d. of John and Martha, An-. 13, T 


Thomas, .s. of John and Isalicl, 20, 172M. 

.b^al .', i n>i 



wonintN i!i;coi;u 

BKUCIi:, roiUinncl 
.loliti, s. of Joliii ;i 
.Siiimiul, s. ol' S:iiil 


IR'S s. 

or smi 

iiifl ami ;.. .. 

(.■c-.-a, Marc 

1 I 



1, .1. 01 

John :..!.: M 

■hrlahfl, N 



(■ John 

and :\l.'lK.ia 

lul, Aim. '-". 



IS, S. I 

r .loiii 

and .Medina 



M'jfi;, > 

. or (ii 

oi-x- and -Ma 

■V, Xov. 1, 




1, ll. ol 

John and M 

ohutabul, J 




jr .lohii and .Mi-lR-t: 

l)k-, Sept. : 

, 1 


, or (u 

i-r and JIa 

0, Nov. 1, 


f|Tii,' .^ 

or Jo 

m and M.diu 

abcl. Jnne 



•oi-L' and il 

ii-y, .Maivh 



c|,ll, .s 

or .).,.M_pii ui.a Ai.i 

.zail, Ani;. . 



1:1, a. 

jL Gfo 

-e and Mai> 

, Jan. 27, 1 



jcla, d. 

of .lol 

11 and Mullet 

ibc-1, Jan. 1 



of Geo 

i-Sf and Mar 

■, Ucl. 27, 



IfS, s. 

of Jan 

L-s and Mao 

, Oct. IS, 1 



ry, cJ. 

jf Geo 

-1! and Marv 

, Dec. U, ] 


Siiimiol, > 

. of Ja 

nes and Ma'i 

y, Sept. 2, 



David, s. of John and .Maiv, Nov. 1, 176.-.. 
Sally, cl. of Gc..i;,'e and Mary, Oct. ;;0, 17i!ij. 
Del)onili, d. of George and Mary, Feb. 22, 17C.;J (.Matthew Johns 

Account Buok)- 
James, s. of James and Mary, April 1, 17119. 
Sarah, d. of John and .Sarah, Feb. 12, 177a. 
Jonas, s. of John and Sarah, March 2"), 1775. 
Abi;,'ail, d. of John and Sarah, March 10, 1777. 
George, s. of Georj^e and Kslher, Oct. 20, 177H. 
Elizabeth, d. of John and Surah, Feb. 4, 177'J. 
Tolly, d. of Joseph and Mary, Sept. 12, 17S0. 
John, s. of John und Sarah, .\pril 20, 1781. 
Cyrii.s, s. of John and Sarah, Feb. U, 1783. 
Timothy, s. of John, Jr., and Sarah, Au-. 1, 1785. 
I'olly, d. of John, Jr., and Sarah, Feb. Ill, 1788. 
Fauny, d. of John, Jr., and Sarali, June 14, 17;)1. 
♦Thomas, s. of Thomas and Susanna, March 18, 1783. 
*Siikey, d. of Thomas and Susunna, .May II, 1780. 
♦Nancy, d. or Thomas und Susanna, April 2."., 1788. 
♦Charles, .s. of Thomas ami Susanna, March 20, 1701. 
♦Franklin Wyman, s. of Thomas and Susanna, Oct. 22, 170:i. 
♦Sally, a. of Thomas and Susanna, Sept. 20, 1700. 
♦Trypliena, d. of Thomas and Susanna, b. in Uampstead, N. 

Am,'. 22, 1801. 

<- KUUSII (see liniMji.;). 

I hy Ahii H. Wood. 

■.;i;i -;i» <,i;i003« v-rmuv.' tP, 


,M:f. I. 

AVORiJKN incroirr) oi' jiiitiiis. 33 

Anion, s. of Aiinni iiiid Kli/iihctli, T)rc. .'ii), JhOt. 

fliuili/s Au^l^l, s. nl SmiiumI iui.l I-Mlirr, An-. 17, 1800. 

Wanvii, .s. uT Sainiiul and K.sllier, .\l:ncli 24, l.Sll. 

rnmci.s Marion, .s. of Knmcis L. and Lvdia, .Ian. 17, 1844. 

Mary U'vman, d. of Fnincis L. and Lydia, Oct. 18, 1815. 

Francis .Marion, s. of Francis [,. and i.ydia, .May 8, 1847. 

Thomas C'oolid-c, .s. of Kraiicis I,, and I.ydia, May 5, ISol. 

Mary, d. oC Kdwin A. and Isalicl, Kcl). 8, IHlo. 

Kduin Drew, a. of Edwin A. and Isabel, born in Dover, N. II., 

M:iy L'H, ISCS. 
Ariliur Hiirgess, s. of Oliyer F. and Minerya, Nov. 25, 18(]'.). 
Ariliur Herbert, son of (Jeorije .V. ami Eliza J., born in liostou, Oct. 

2U, 1870. 


George Willium, s. of George M. and Mary E., April 2, 1872. 


Sarah, d. of Ephraim, ,liin. 11, 1(174. 

Kphraini, s. of Epliraini, .luiy 13, 1(;70. 

John, .s. of Ephraim, .Ian. 1, 1(178. 

.lolm, s. of Eiihraim, Feb. 7, 1(180. 

Samnel, s. of Epliruim, Nov. 13, 1082. 

Ennico, d. of Epliraini, Jnly 7, KlSo. 

Ebenezer, s. of E()liraiin ami Sarah, May 20, IGCO. 

Mary, d. of Ephiaun and Sarah, Oct. 28, l(l;Pl. 

Sarah, d. of Ephraim and Hesllu-r, Sc|it. 8, 1(1'J7. 

llestlnn-, d. of Ephniim ami llolhc-r, April l.",, 1700. 

Ephraim, .s. of EpLraim and llcstlu-r, Oct. 11, 17(12. 

Susanna, d. of Ephraim and ilcsilier, -Inly 8, 1705. 

llannali, d. of Samuel and Mannali, Feb. 1, 171U. 

Samuel, .s. of Samuel and Uannali, May 7, 1711. 

Mary, d. of .John and Priscilla, Oct. 2, 1712. 

Lydia, d. of Ebene/.er and Lv.lia, May 28, 1713. 

Samuel, s. of Samuel and Abi-ail. Juno 7, 1713. 

I'ri--cilla. d. of Jolm and l'ii...cilla, .\ov. IS. 1714. 

Jaiiit-^, s. of S;imacl and Abigail. Feb. 2(1, 1715. 

.John, s. of John ami Fri-^cilla. Nov. 2S, irid. 
Sarah, d. of S,inii.<l and Hannah. .Vpril Id. iriii. 
.Abi:;ail. d. of San.uel and Abi-ad, Jan. 0, 1717. 
Ebenezer, s. of Ebenezeraud f.ydia, Feb. 22, 1717. 

Kezia, d. of John and Priscilla, .March 1, 1710. 
.Tonatlian, s. of Eb.'ne/.er luu] I.ydia, I'cb. 20, 1710. 
Zebadiah, s. of Samuel and Ihuinab, Anj;. 20. 1710. 
Jlanuah, d. of Siuniiel and Abi-ail, Dec. 0, 1710. 
Sarah, d. of Jolm and Pri<cilla, An-. 20, 1721. 
Sarah, d. of Sainnel and Saiali, Jnn.^ 27, 1722. 
Mary, d. of Ebene/.er and Judiih, Feb. 20, 1724. 
E.stlier, d. of Jolm and Friscilhi, Jan. 10, 1724. 
Hachel, d. of Samnel and Sarah, ,lan. 2, 1724. 
William, .s. of John and I'ri.scilla, July 31, 1720. 
OudiUi, d. of Samuel and Sarah, 3, 1727. 
Klizabelh, d. of Saniu.l and Sarah, ,Ian. 3, 1727. 
.lames, s. of Samuel and Sarah, May 0, 1728. 

■.vn -yn Oi»<>;wii M'.njnow 

./_.f V t.nyjn 


BUCK, conliniieiL 

Mary, tl. of Stuiiiiel ami Siirali, Aug. 3, 1730. 
Elizabctli. d. of Samuul and Sarah, Au^. 3, 1730. 
Molly, d. of WlUiaiii and Marv, July 21», 17o;!. 
William, s. of William and :Mary, April 2, nr,5. 
Francis, s. of William and .Marv, May Ki. 1758. 
rriKleuce, d. of William and .Mary, Nov, 0, 1700. 

s. of Kmmons and .Inlia, Nov. — , l.S.-,il. 

Charles Sewoll, s. urCliiirlus S, and .Marlha ,7ane, July 19, 18C2. 


Kllcn Maria, d. of Timothy and Elk'ii, Feb. 2, 185G. 
.loanna, d. of Timothy and KUen, July 14, IS.'iS. 
Timothy, s. of Timothy, '2d, and Marv, Mar. 25, 18G0. 
Julia, d. of Timolhy and Kllen, June 25, ISHl. 
Ualph F., s. of Herbert and liessie, Jan. 14, 18C5. 


Samuel Carter, s. of Samuel and Sarah, Nov. 10, 


I.vdia, d. of Samuel and Sarah, Oct. 1, 17U1. 

liosanna, d. of Samuel and Sarali, Au^'. 1, 17'.M. 

Hannah, d. of Sanmel and Sarah. Julv 20, 17'J7. 

Ira, s. of Jacob and Kli/.abeth, Nov. i'J, ls02. 

William Morton, s. of Jacob an.l IClizabeth, July 

13, 1806. 

liowen, s. of Willis and Delia, May 11, 1,S20. 

ICIi/.abcth, d. of Dennis and liulli. Miiy 11, 1822. 

Alvah, s. of Willis and Delia l'..Se|il. 12, 1822. 

Joseph, s. of Dennis .■uid K'utli, Oct. 17, 1824. 

Harrison, s. .>f Ira and .Mehetabel, Oct. 2, l.S2(i. 

Austin, s, of Willis and Delia, Se|)t. 28, 182';. 

Kli/.a Maria, d. of Bouen and Kh/a C, Mar. 18, 1823. 

J.ora. d. of Dennis and Uutli, April 4, 1828. 

I.vdia .Vun, d. of Samuel ('. and IClecta, June 4, 1828. 

Harriet, d. of Ira and Mehetabel, An-. 28, 1829. 

Jidia Ann, d. of IJowen and Kli/.ii ('., Feb. 5, 1830. 

Olis.s. ofDeunis and liulli, Nov. 29, 1830. 

Zachariah Symim s, s. of Ha and Mehetabel, July 26, 1832. 

Frances .Sylvana, d. of Asahel 1'. anil llannali, Nov. 4, 1834. 

MiiK.t Johnson, s. of Willis and Delia, April 21, 1830. 

I.aviina, d. of Dennis and Kuth, Jan. 26, 1836. 

Ann Julia, d. of Asaliel 1". and llanindi, Sept. 18, 1837. 

Kuth, il. of Dennis ami Knlli, .Ian. 7, 1839. 

.Mirand . Josephine, d. of .\saliel 1". and Hannah, May 27, 1840. 

Catharine K.llen, d of Asahel 1'. and Hannah, May 27, 1840. 

William M., s, of Ira and M.helabel, July 12, 1841. 

Frances, d. of Peter I!, and Kuth J. F., May 10, 1N42. 

Amanda, d. of Howen, 2d. and ,\mand;i. An-. 14. 1814. 

d. ofForter 15 and linlh J. F., March 23, 184.",. 

(lalhariue, d. of William and .Marv, June 9, 1S4(;. 

Willis Howard, s. of Alvah and Susan, Dct. 22, 1846. 

.\lberl, s. of Otis and Susan, Feb. 17, 1S17. 

Irene Amanda, <1. of liowen, 2il, and .\nniuda, Oct. 25, 1848. 

Francis Alvah, s, of Alvah and Susan, Dec. 17, IH49. 

F.ll.n \U"Usl:., d. of Otis and, Mav Is, I.S.Ml. 

■\VOnUl!N KECORP OF lilUTMS. 35 

UUCKHFAN, contiHveil. 1^00241 

Willis .lolinsoii, s. of Bowen, 2(.l, ami Ainanilii, Oct. 22, 1851. 
Caihaiiiie B. M., (1. of William ami Mary, April 13, 1H52. 
Kniiiia Elizabeth, (1. of Otis and I.vilia A., Anu'- 21, 18J4. 
Emma Frnuces, d. of Zachariuh anil .Susan, Nov. '.I, 1855. 
Corn J., d. of William Snialli-y an.l Erauces IJiickinan, .July 3, 18.5.5. 
■Susan Emilia, d. of Alvali and .Susan, Dec. 28, 18.")fi. 
Ida Willimino, d. of Tliomas Smalk-y and Fiances Buckmaii, June 5, 

Nettie Jlay, d. of Harrison and Abby '1'., June 11, 1858. 
John Pearsons, s. of Bowen, 2d, and Amanda. Sept. 23, 1861. 
Eanny Mabel, d. ofGiistavus E. and Caroline E., Dec. C, 1872. 


Arlliiir Eu-ene, s. of Isaac and Sarah A., April 2, ISIC. 


s. of Jame 


Ann, d. of Ainos and Hannah, May 2, ls:!;i. 

AVan-en. s. of Amos and Hannah, An- 17, lsa7. 

Charles, s. of Ainos^and Ilannali, Aprils, 1841. 

Edward, s. of Amos and Hannah C, Nov. 22, 1842. 

Henry Franklin, s. of Henry and Eliza A., July 30, 1848. 

Stephen Amos, s. of Henry and Eliza A., born in Winchester, Nov. 

11, 18.50. 
Grace Maria, d. of Henry and Eliza, Nov. 25, 18(50. 
Grace Louisa, d. of Henry and Eliza Ann, Oct. IG, 18C7. 
Bertha Grant, d. of Henry F. and Eilla M., April 20, 18C8. 
Nellie H., d. of Henry F. and Lilla M., July 1, 18C!i. 
. Herbert Nelson, s. of Henry and Eliza A., April 7, 1870. 
Albert Samuel, s. of Henry F. and Lilla yi., Aug. 22, 1872. 


s. of Albert and Mary E., Juno 20, 1853. 


Hattie 1!., d. of John H. and Elizabeth, May 11, ISOO. 


William Spencer, s. of naiiiel, Jr., and Frances B., June 19, 1859. 
I' ranees Elizabeth, fl. of Daniel and Frances, Sept. 10, I8G0. 
Ann Willett, d.of Daniel, Jr., and Frances V., June 7, 1.SC4. 


Miiry.d. of John, July 2, ICCI. 
John, s. of John, Auf;. 9, lfii;3. 
James, s. of John, May 15, IDiiS. 
Mary, d. of James and .Mary, .M:irc-h R, Ii';94. 
Sarah, d. of James and Mary, March i;, |i;:M. 
James, s. of James and Mary, An-. 21, Ii;'.)(;. 
.Tohn, s. of James and Mary, .March 12, Mi'y.i. 
, Sarah, il. of James and Mary, June 17, 1701. 

'J If.i.'. ,./. ill. !..?-{.. 'W :»JI.».<r 


M ,fr v«U .(Jj^HiKxiiM I'lit .n !.'!.■!, ^' 

woiiURN i:i:c()ui) of iuutiis 

UUUniCKN, coullaurd. 

IJilth, .1. olMaiiieM luiil I\I:ny, Miircli L'S, ITlJS. 
Josupli, s. (ilMjiiiies mill iMai-y, Mnii'li :J, 1712. 
Jmiii.'s, s. ofJaim^s ami Mary, .Inly II, ITL'L'. 
Paul, >. nfjaiiirs ami .Mmv, Ai.iil C, I7lM. 
.lolin, s. of .lames and .MaTv, ImIi, ;i. ITlm;. 

M.irv, il. (if .1 s ami Marv, .Inlv il, IVJ'.i., il. ,if ,I;.inijs ami Marv, .\Ian,'h 7, 17:'.;!. 
Ksth.T, (1. ..lM.)sf|'li iiii'l Iv-tlicr, M.iv L'ii. 17;ls. 
Briiliiet, (1. of Josopli ami K-illicr, .Inlv 17. 17 II'. 
SiisiUiiiii, d. of Joseph aud EsIIrt, .\pili II, 17111. 


Micluic'l Hcutoii, s. of JoKuph and Sally, Nov. 8, 1837. 
Dolly jM., d. of .Jo.seijh and Sally L., Doc. 1-', 1S40. 


Carrie ■\Villiaiii.s, d. .d' Albert L. and Abhic L., Sept. 23, 1869. 
d. of and Frances A., CJet. 1",), lf<71. 


Fnini.i Xol.-in, d. of .Toliii and lOli/.abiMi, Oct. .'i, 1848. 

d. of Daniel and Kllen, Dee. 2.-., )«.--:i. 

Marj;aret, d. (if William and Hannah, An-. 22. I8C0. 
James, s. of Willnim and Hannah, Apr. \:<, \M2. 

Mary, d. of William and , Oitl. lmj, 18(13. 

Patrick, s. of William and Hannah, March 15, 18G5. 
C'.irnelins, s. of William and Hannali, Jnne C, ISOG. 
Itiehard, s. of Patrick and Kllen, Nov. 18, 1.S7H. 
lOllen, d. of Francis and Fllen, Jnly PI, 1872. 


i;el)eeca Reeves, d. of Kichard and Kli/.a Ami, Dec. 8, I84G. 
Mary Esteiia, d. of Pichard and Kli/.a, Jidy 14, 1849. 


s. of Michael and Snsan, Dec. .'il, 1847. 

s. of Edward and , Jan. 5, 18.55. 

Mary Jane, d. of James and Kllen, May 5, 1859. 
Frederick William, s. of James and Kllen, April 20, 18G0. 
Kosanna, d. of Thomas and Mav-aret, Jnly 25, 18G1. 
Thomas II., s. of Thomas and Marfiaret, March 25, 18G3. 
John, s. of James and lOlhn, J'eb. 10, 18(;i. 
Catharine, d. of Francis and Sarah, April 27, I8(i4. 
j\Iiehael, s. of Thomas and Mar:;aret, Oct. U, 18G4. 
John, s. of Francis and Sarah, Dec. 12, 18G5. 
James, s. of Juiiies and Kllen, Jan. 5, 1800. 
Kosanna, d. of Francis and Sarah, Sept. 28, 13G7. 
Houora Maria, d. of James and KHen, Jan. 31, 18G9. 
Sarah Theresa, d. of Francis and Saiah, Jan. (i, Is70. 
Snsaii Allies, d. of James and Kllen, Dec. 14, 1871., s. of Francis and Sar.ah, Jan. 1:1, 1872. 
Mary, d. ofiMichael and Annie, Feb. 12, 1872. 

d. of P.ilrick O. and IJrid'jel, June 12, 1872. 

.Tames Patrick, s. of Patrick and ISridget, An-. 14, 1872. 


Jiodncv VVc 


VA-u- Miiv, 

1. or 

W;ilUu-f Lh 


lliuv.y ]..^ 

•is, <1. 


lifbLO-l, (1. 

or Is 

ClKirliUto, c 

. of I 

!ECOKD OF lill.'TlIS. 37 

s. of Rodney and Kdra K., X[ ly 2( 
Itodiiey :ind VaU-.i, March 25, 18C4. 
s. of li.idhcy and Kdra, ,Tulv 10, 1.' 

of l{oduoy and Kdra K , July 10, 1 

ic and Hcbecoa, Sept. (i, ITil.J. 
lac and liebecca, N'ov. 3, 1772. 


Beuton J., s. of Francis and Ann, Sept. 30, 18G3. 
Cora Ashton, d. of Frank and Ann, April 1, 18G5. 
Katie, d. of Frank and Ann, Oct. 16, 1867. 


Adam, s. of James and Klizabelli, Oct. 25, 1SC7. 
Mary J., d. of James and Klizabcth, Jan. 1, ISO'J. 
Elizabeth Ann, d. of James anti Klizabeth, Nov. .SO, 1870, 

, d. of Jame.s and Klizabeth, Nov. 30, 1870. 

Maud, d. of James and Elizabeth, Oct. 'J, 1872. 


John, .M. of James, July 22, 1077. 

Klizabeth, d. of John and Klizabeth, Sept. 4, 1704. 

John, s. of John and, Jnne .'2, 1700. 

Samuel, .s. of John and Klizalieth May :i, 1708. 

Sarah, d. of .lobn and Klizabeth, Jan. 11), 1710. 

Josepli, s. of Jolm and Elizabeth, Dec. 1, 1713. 

I'hehe, d. of John and Kliz il).-th, Jan. 25, 1715. 

Blarv, ri. of John aiul Klizabeth, Dec. 27, 171G 

Jacob, .s. of John and Klizabeth, Nov. 10, 1718. 

Jnlictte, d. of Aaron and Mary Ann, July 25, 1844. 

Ann Eliza, d. of Aaron and Mary Ann, Nov. 23, 184G. 

Levi .\m,n\Mtine, .s. of Levi and Lucy, Jnly 25, 1849. 

Warren Ta\', H. of Aaron and Mary A., Nov. IG, 1849. 

Oharles, .s. of Levi and Lucy A., Jan. 25, 1851. 

Florence, d. of Henjacnin K. and .Vnn, b. in St. .\rniand, .Mi 

Frank Thompson, -s. of Geor'^'e ami Hannah P., Dec. 2, 1854. 
Oora Frances, d. of Moses K. and Maria 15., March 7, 1858. 
Edward, s. of Edward and .Marv. Sc'pt. 24, 1858. 
Kichard Warren, s. of Geor-e and Hannah, April 3, 1859. 
Martha Eavinia, d. of Moses and .Maria, Oct. 25, 1859. 
Jnlia Ann, d. of John J. and Catharine, Feb. 5, 18G0. 
Marv Aim, d. of William and Margaret, An;;. 15, 1800. 
Joanna, d. of Kichard and Calliarine, .March 10, 18G4. 
Patrick, s. of I'alrick and lirid.Ljet, Sept. 22, 1872. 


Nalhaiiiel, s. of lieniamin, Feb. II, lOI.'l. 
Saiiiii.-l, s. of Ileiijaniln, May 17, 1047. 
Jns,|,l,, s. of llenjaniin, An-. 15, 1049. 
- Aaron, s. of John and Martha, Nov. 24, 1771. 

■Tiriiwi s<i tifiO'nn Xii'!" 

i^ii ,.- ; ..-tO y.ioO i:\iVi i.KU K;<ijml, 



Kli/.a Kdu-urds, d. .,1 Homy N. and Mary, Dec. ■-'5, 1S50. 


William, s. of Willium and Itcbecca, Sept. 18, IGS'J. 

William, s. of William, May 21, IC'.H. 

licbucca, d. oC William and Rebecca, Oct. 10, 1C'J3. 

Lyilia, d. of William and I;cbc<;ca, June 11, iC95. 

Rebecca, d. of William and liebecea, Auu. liO, 101)8. 

.Samnel, .s. of William and Rebecca, .Inne 21, 1703. 

Muv, d. of William and Rebecca, July 28, 1705. 

John, s. of William and Rebecca, Oct. 22, 1708. 

William, s. of Wdlia.n ami Rebecca, Apj-il 8, 17i:J. 

Sarah, d. of.Sanniel and Sarah, Nov. 4, 1720. 

Sanmel, s. of Samuel and Sarah, >;ov. 3, 1728. 

I'attv, d. of Jonathan and .Martha, May 7, 1791. 

Will.ard, .s. of Willard and Sarah, June 22, 1797. 

George Wa.shingtou, .s. of Wdlard and Sarah, June 28, 1799. 

Elhridiie Gerry, .s. of Willard and Sally, June 30, 1811. 

llannah;Maria, d. of Gcor-e W. and Fanny, June 20, 182G. 

Martha, d. of George W. and Fanny, May 11, 1828. 

Geor^'c Albert, s. of George W. and Kanny, July 7, 1830, 

William Henry, ». of George W. and Fanny, Feb. 10, 1834. 

Cliarles, s. of Georiio W. and Fanny, May 3, 183G. 

Lucy Parker, d. of George W. and Fanny, June 23, 1838. 

Ariana, d. of Sanmel and Hannah T.. (^ct. 9, 1.857. 

t'harles Sumner, .s. of Geori^e S. and Aim J., June 22, 1859. 


John William, .s. of James H. and Catharine, July 2G, 1857. 
,lames, s. of James and Catharine, Aug. 14, 1859. 


Sarah Jane, d. of John F. and Klizabeth, Sept. 2, 1855. 


(;eoi-;;e Parker, s. of Joshua ai 
Jo-hna Tliomas, .s, of Jo.s1uki;i 
Ann Klizd'cth, d. of.l..>hna ai 
Abba IC, d. of.Tohn Mid I.viidi 
,lohn Henry, .s. of.loliu and I,i 
Mar\ Ann, d. of Joliii, 2d, and 
William .Melvin, .s. of Fred<'ric 
llcrlierl Sidney, s. of Frederic 


Alice, d. of Swift and Martha, June 12, 18G1. 


Jfaria, d. of Philip and Ann, May 3, 18(;o. 
Anna, d. of I'hilip and Ann, Oct. IS, l.-ii;i. 
Jnlia, d. of Philip and Ann, Ajiril 7, lHi;l. 
.lames, .s. of Philip and Ann, Dec. 17, ISWi. 
Jlargarel.d. of Philip and Ann, Jan. 11, 18C'J. 
Peter, .s. ol'Pliilip and Ann, March 23, 1871. 



15, 1832. 


, Oct. 

25, 1834 



18, 1837 


, 1843 


14, 1S45. 

. .1 

ulv 27 



a, Jun 

Inly 8, 1 
u 17, 18."j 

.<ur:iia -io mionA /la. 

,:■• • I'f .iii-M [nu K \\u.-n 



CAI^AHAN (see Cai.l.uiax). 


Lucy, cl. of J:iC(il) UDil Anim, Oct. T>, ITr,?. 
Kli/.;ibatli, d. ofjacol) mul Annii, AIiucli L'«, ITCO. 
Sally, d. of Jacob and Snnili, Oct. '.'G, 17(;i. 
Rhoda, d. of Jacob and Sarah, Juno (i, I'lJ:?. 
Lydia, d. of Jacob and Sarah, Dec. •'.7, 17114. 
Josupli, .s. of Jacob and Sarah, Jan. L'4, 1707. 
Bcnjnmin, s. of Jacob and Sarali, An^- '^0, 17fi8. 
Thonni.s Jone-s. .s. of Jacob and Sarah. July C, 1770. 
Anna, d. of John and Sarali, Marrli 10, 1770. 
John, s. of John and Sarah, Oct. 14, 1771. 
Joshua Jones, s. of Jacob and Sarali, Feb. 21, 1772. 
• Samuel, s. of John and Sarah, Aug. 21, 1773. 
Jacob, s. of John and Sarah, June 1, 177.T. 
Kutli, d. of John and Rutli, Sept. 30, 1793. 
I'atty, d. of Benjamin and I'atty, Dec. 15, 1794. 
Jolm, s. of John and Ruth. July 27, 1795. 
Usaac, s. of John and Ruth, April 11, 1797. 
Adriana, d. of Samuel ami Eliza Ann, An-. 22, 1827. 
Samuel Gleason, s. of Snunid and Kli/.a, May 9, 1829. 
Julia Ann Frances, d. of Sanuul and Eliza, April 8, 1833. 
Royal Augustus, s. of Sainii<d and Kliza, Sept. 20, 1830. 
Ij-rancis J., s. of Jeplithah and Maria, Dec. 20, 1837. 
Mary Frances d. of Jeplithali and Maria, Dec. 4, 1841. 
Jephthah, s. of Jepblliah and Maria, July 17, lJ'44. 
Caroline Matilda, d. of Samuel and Eliza Ann, Sept. 19, 184G. 
Charles II., s. of Jephthah and Maria, May 10, 1S48. 
Mmiv EUum, d. of Jephlliah ami Maria, Feb. 4, 18.30. 
Su.-an Frances, d. of Samuel S. and Sarali S., July 8, 1855. 
Angle Nabd, d. of Saiiuiel i\ and Frances, Jan. 10, 1857. 
Charles S.aniuel, s. of Samuel S. and .Sarah F., May 27, 1858. 
Frederick Herbert, s. of Samn.d C. and Sarah T., Sept. 8, 18G0. 
Edward Herbert, s. of Samuel S. and Sarali F., (Jet. 4, 1807. 

CALLAGIIAN (see C.u.i..mian'). 


Ambrose, s. of John V. and Margaret, Nov. 22, 1845. 
Eeauder, s. of John and M.argaret, June 19. 1847. 
Elizabeth, d. of John and Margaret, May 10, 1849. 
Sebastian, s. of John 1*. and Margaret, Dec. 27, 1851. 
Mary, d. of Edward and llaniiali, June 27, 1852. 
Joanna, d. of John 1'. and .Margaret, Oct. 4, 18.-)3. 
Jlargar.a, d. of Edward and llaiinali, Jan. 14, IS-Sl. 
Mary, d. of I'atriek and Ellen, Dee. 2, 1851;. 
Maiv, d. of Jiarnard and Aim, ,)uiie 7, 1858. 
Mho'iiiasO., s. of J'liili|) and Uridget, Oct. 21, 1858. 






(I s of 


; an 

1 Kll 



18, 1858. 



aol ai 

d F 





d. ofMi 






(1. ol- 1!l 







etli, d. c 

(■ Kdu 


ind I 


l-\-l,. 1, 1 



of Join 

and - 






ai-1 ai 


-, X 





•lien, d 

of W 


n iind 


irv A 

., Dec. 7, 



s. oIK 





, ApT 

il 8, 18(10 


of I'litr 

L-U aiu 

- , Ai 


11, 1 


Kdwnrd, s. of William and Marv A., April 10, 18111. 
TatricU, s. of Miclia.l uuA Fanny, Nov. I'J, 1801. 
Bridiict Ann, d. of I'liilip and Brid-ct, iMartli '.'7, 18G2.. 
Hannah, d, of Kduard and llannali, Nov. — , l.sCi. 
OaUiai-inc, d. ofratrick ami Kli/.a, Nov. — , 18i;2. 
Kosanna, d. of William and M.irv A., Aog. V>, 1802. 
Oracu, d. of Owen ami (inice, ,)nnc 11, 18(1.".. 
Cliai-lcs, H. of William uml Mary A., An;;. HO, 1805. 
Mary Ellen, d. of Micluu-1 and Fanny, Oct. HI, 1800. 
Fanny, U. of Palrick and KIIlmi, lliiy 1, 1807. 
Grnue, d. of Oweu and Grace, J(dy 1, 1807. 
John Francis, a. of Thoma.s and Bridget, Aug. 8, 18G7. 
lUjsanna, d. of William and Mary A. .'Feb. 0, 1808. 
Bernard H.,s. of Daniel and Ann, March 25, 18(;9. 
Daniel, s. of Conielins an.l Calharine, May 10, 1809. 
Patrick, .s. of Patrick and Kllen, Dec. 17, 18011. 
Patrick, s. of Biirncv and Mary, May 10, 1871. 
IhiKh, s. oflld-h and Hannah, A(i<;. 22, 1871. 
Kd\vard,s. of Kdwaid and Grace, Uet. 9, 1871. 
Marv F. ,1., d. of Thomas ,1. and Celia. .Ian. 22, 1872. 
Frances, d. of Matthew iiml Frances. .Marcli 25, 1872.. 
Fanny, d. ol I'alricU and Kllen, Oct. 25, 1872. 
Ma-^'ie, d. of Patrick and Kllen, (Jet. 25, 1872. 
Snsanna, d. of Kdward and Grace, Dec. 17, 1872. 
Ilriil^-et, d. of IhiKhand Hannah, Dec. 31, 1872. 

CALLAHI'Mt (see Kkli.kiikk). 


Catharine, d. of Patrick and Nancy, Nov. 22, 1851 
Patrick, s. of Patrick and Nancy, ,iidy 15, 1855. 
Kllen, d. of Patrick and Nancy, Jnly '•'. 1857. 
Timothy John, s. of Timothy and Ann, May :iO, 16 

Francis K., s. of Owen and , Jnnc l(i, 1858. 

Mary, d. of Palriek uml Nancy, An-, l, 1859. 
Ann, d. of Patrick and Nancy, Fch. 20. 18(12. 
Kli/.abelh, d, of Patrick and Nancy, Feb. 20, 1802. 
Ann, d. of Patrick and Nancy, .March 17, 1804. 
Klizidjcth, d. or Patrick and Nancy, .Iiinc 14, 18C7. 
John, s. ..f Timothy and Ahljic, May 5, islo. 


Mabel, d. ofCeorge B. and Sarah, Nt 



Ada Mcilova, il. (.rDaiilrl ami Adflia, An-. L'O, 18.". 


Alu.\:iiidL-f lulitli, il. of Allrn 11. and (Cecilia, April I'J, l«fi7. 
Klizaliutli, d. of William ('. and Ca.s.sie 1!., July I'J, 18G'J. 
llLTiaaii Euster, s. of William C. and Cassie K., Nov. 18, 1870. 
Cecilia Gertrude, d. of Alien II. and Ceeilia, Feb. 20, 1872. 
Kriiesl Wilber, s. of Alexander and Lizzie, .lime L'8, 1872. 

Warren Irving;, s. of Robert and Mary, Feb tl, lS-,7. 
Abba Ann, d. of Alexander and Franee.s E., Anc:. 18, 1857. 
.lames, s. of .lames anil Marv, Oct. L",l, 18.')7. 
Marv .Tane, d. (d .Tanie.s and .Marv, .Inne L'S, 18:)9. 
Kihvard .Slierman, s. uf l)eur-e and Kmma, .Inly 2, I8GC. 
Ilerburt rarkl.iu.l, o. of.), (i. .ind i;:;;;ua .!., Nov. 2, IsfiS. 
Fanny, d. i.f .lolm and Hannah, June ;!0, 1871. 


.James, s. of .James and F.lizn, Jnly 7, 1854. 
Daniel, s. of Janie.s and Kliza, Nov. 11, 1855. 
.John, .s. of .Tame.s and Kliza, Jan. C, 18.-)S. 
.Joseph, s. of Janu'S and Eliza, :\Iarch 2, 18110. 

C Alt ICY. 

John, s. of Joliii and Hannah. March — , 1802. 
James Henry, s. of Daniel and Ellen, :^I.ay 2:t, ISfiO. 
Martin, s. of Michael and Sarah, Nov. 12, LSdC. 
Martin, s. of Mleh.Mel and Surah, Feb. 11, 18117. 
Jeremiah, ,s. of D.iniel ami lOUeii, (Jet. l;l, 18117. 
Thomas, s. of Michael and Sarah, April 22, 18(;'J. 
Daiuel, .s. of Daniel and Ellen, Jnue 3, 1870. 
Mary Agnes, J. of Daniel and Ellen, Dec. 28, 1871. 


John Eniiene, .s. of John D. and Delphia, Feb. 24, 1848. 
John, s. of .lanie.s and llonora, Dee. 28, lsi;,s, 


Mar-arel Elizabeth, d. .. 
Nirholas J(din, s. of .Mar 
d. of .Martin .ami lirid-et, Sept. — , l8t;4. 


John Francis, s. of Charles P. and Mary J., July 11, 18G3. 


Nettie Neal, d. of Henry and An-nsta, .Inne I, isi,.",, 


.bdni William, -. of Edward and Kale, A]iril V, 18i;i. 
. .Mar;4ar.-| Ann, d. ol William and I'.ildK' I.Man b ;.'/, I'li'.f,, 

■..)i5[ ,1! Y!»r ,.1. y,i)-.M t)i!H 'J ^oiij„! 

42 womuiN i:i:co];i) of juirrii.s. 

CAKNKY, cnntiniu'd. 

Joliii .loscpli, s. of Micliaol ami Elizabclli, Due. 21, ISCG. 

I.iioii-., >. .,r 'I'liniiia.s ami Abliy, Sept. 17, 18C0. 

IMln. I,, ,. ,,!■ Midiarl ami l-'Ji/ahL'tli, Ijorn in Lawrence, May 28, 187 

I.i//ie, d. olM,il,n ami Susan, Sept. 12, 1S71. 

I'atrick David, ,s. of Edward and Cutliarine, June -J, 1872. 


William Frederick, s. of Alouzo D. and Nellie, July 18, I8G0. 
Cora Ellen, d. of Alonzo D. and Marv R., April 14, 18ii2. 
Maria Annie, d. of Alonzo T). and Xellii>, March* 29, 18(i6. 
Jennie l.sadore, d. of Alonzo 1). and Xcllie F.. Vch. 11, 1808. 
Jes--eL., s. of Alonzo D. and Xellie F Mnlv 18, ISOO. 
Kditli May, d. of Alonzo 1). and .Nellie F., Jan. 2. 1872. 


Ann.'i, d. of James and Lois, April 14, 17.")7. 

William John, .s. of Thoma.s and Ann, May 28, 18G0. 

Thonii.s Junies, s. of TImniiis and Ann, July 2(1, 18C1. 

Fr.ancis, s. of Thomas and Ann, Sept. 11, 1802. 

Felix, .s. of Felix and Jane, April 0, 180,"). 

Catharine Ella, d. of I'atrick and Mary, Nov. 29, 1800. 

I'.dvvard, s. of Felix and Jano, Sept. 10, 1807. 

Edward, s. of Felix and Jano. Sept. 15, 1H08. 

William I'atrick, s. of Bartholomew rjid Ann, Doc. 1, 1809. 

Thomas Samuel, .s. of Felix and Jane, Jan. 1,5, ]ri70. 

Mary, d. of Bartholomew and Anna, May a, 1872. 

CARRTGAN (.see and Kicruigan). 


Oliver Chirk, s. of .lohu and Susan, Nov. 8, 1,S:10. 

Susan Maria, il. of John and Su.san, June 10, 18:ia. 

Charles Everett, a. of John and Susan, May 12, 18.^5. 

Mary Eugenia, d. of John and Susan, S^'pt. 1, 18;^7. 

Anra An.^eline, d. of Edward and Hannah, Feb. 5, 1844. 

Catharine, d. of John 2d and Mary, Aufr. 1, 1845, 

Allien, .s. of John and Susan, .May -l- 1«^G- 

Edward Henry, s. of EdwanI ami Hannah, March 14, 1817. 

Ann Maria, <1. of ICdward and Hannah, March U;, 1849. 

William, s. of I'atrick and Mai-nret, March 3, 1855. 

Frank Eu^'ene, s. of Oliver C. ,and Aii-elina, July 4, 1855. 

Marv, d. of John and Mary, Feb. 21, 1850. 

Tholnas John, s. of John and .Marv, May 21, 1857. 

Charles Everett, s. of Charles E. and Nancy li., April 11, 1858. 

liosa, <1. of John and Mary, Dec. 9, 1858. 

Louis Edward, s. of Edward and llann.ah. July ;i, 1859. 

Mar-arct, d. of John and Mary, July ;i, 1800, 

Ann, d. of John and Joanna, July 21, 1801. 

liiirnev, s. of liarm-v and Marv, May iil, IsOll. 

liriduet, (1. of .loliii C. .and Joan, .May 19, ISO:). 

James, s. of, lohu and Susan, July 19, I80:!. 

Arthur Jerome, s. of Charles E. and Nancy li.. AUR. l.J, 1801. 

^ "Hi/peMLd us Muyie, 1306. 

'i:: l:U>i'^!i! 

WOIiUliN RECOltl) or lilliTIIS. 43 

CAIJKOLL, cniiiin,,,',}. 

lliMiii, .1. olMotin ('. iiml ,Io;unm, Fi-b. 28, 18fio. 

Mii-lKU'l, s. ulTlic IS mill Kllcii, Dec. 3, I8(i'J. 

CiilliMrinc. il. (if 'I'riTiicr :iri<l Ratio, ])eo. l(i. 1870. 


Miiiv, (I. nf I .iwrcnci' and CallKiriiir-, Aii^'. ID, IS52. 

A-iK'S Au-iista, (I. ol" La\vreuc;c and Calliarinu, .hiiie IC, 1854. 


Jcuiiy I'ii'ice, d. of Charles W . and Lucy Y., Dec. 27, 18.57. 
William Thomas, s. of Cliailes W . and Lucy .)., Sept. 17, 1859. 

0. of C. W. and , .Iiine 21, 18(j(). 

Fanny Louisa, d. of Charlfs and Lniy .1., Ang. 7, 1801. 
Coi-i Isaliul, d. of Charles \V. and l.ney .)., Nov, 12, 18G2. 


Kli/.al.eth, d. of John, Ans. 8, ICIS. 
Theophihis, s. of 'I'liomas, June 12, 1045. 
Mary, d. of .Tolm, March 8, l(i4(i. 
:Mary, d. of Thomas, July 24, liilS. 
Abi;.'all, d. of .John, April 21, 1048. 
Abigail, d. of Thonia.s, Jan. 10, IfiuO. 
Hannah, d. of John, Jan. 19, ICM. 
Deborah, d. of Thomas, Sept. 17, 1U51. 
John, s. of John, Feb. 0, IC.5:!. 
Timothy, .s. of Thomas, June 12. Ifi53. 
Thomas, s. of Thomas, June S, ICnS. 
Bethiah, d. of Joseph, June 8. 1!!71. 
Susanna, d. of Joseph, Feb. 24, 1G73. 
Mary, d. of Samuel, July 24. Ifi73. 
Josi'ph, s. of Joseph, Nov. 2S, 11)74. 
Samuel, s. of Samuel, AUK- 27, lli7ri. 
John. s. of Joseph, Feb. 20, 1(177. 
Samuel, s. of Samuel, Jan. 7, 1078. 
Abii;all, d. of Joseph, Feb. 1, HhH. 
J(.l,n, s. of Sunuiel. .March 14, lOnO. 
Kli/alieth, d. of John, Srpt 18. l(;s(), 
David, s. of 'I'iuiothv, On, 17, ICsl. 
Kulli, d, of John, Oct. 18, ICSl. 
Thomas, s, of Samuel, April ;i, li:82, 
Timolliy.s, ofTiuiothy, July 12, HW;!. 
Mary, d. of Thomas, Oct. 5. Ii;,s3. 
Mary, d. of John, July 17, l(!s;i. 
Henry, s. of Joseph and Bethiah, Oct. 4, 1C83. 
Aun.i, d. of Timolliy, July 17, H;h4 
Nathaniel, .s. of Samuel, April 4, li;s,'>. 
John, s. of John, Aug, 8, ins.'"), 
Thomas, s. of Thomas. June 13, U18(i. 
Timothy, s. of Timothy, Oct. 17, KWO. 
Funiie, d. of Samuel and Knnire, .M.'irch 29, 1(',87. 
Tli..riia-, s. of John and Hnih, .Inly :i, 1i:h7. 
-Kat.', d of Bess, nei;ro scrvaul to ('apt. John Carter, Nov. 24, 1087. 

!i i."i; -to 'iHi^Mj! -li-r 

.tzt^ ,0; 3fip'. ,t 

.TKI! ,!<> •/,.'.: 



Kaiili, il. 

.1 lir 

I'd, IC 

li, April : 
Anil, Oc 

Ahi-:iil, (I. olMoliii ami IJuili, !Mnn:li :iU, ICsi). 
Klie/cr, .s. ol' 'riioiiias :iihl .Marijui-v, April ■JO. IfiS'.l. 
Al)ii;ail, il. ol' Samuel and Kunice, May — , HWO. 
Abi-iiil, d. of Sarniic-l, Mav 30, IfiUO. 
Tlionuis, s. ofTiniotliv, Ani:. H, IGUO. 
Daniel, s. of Thomas and Mar^'cry, Anu'. 10, KWl. 
I'lieljC, il. of Jolui and lintli, ,Imie 11, KWl. 
Abigail, d. of Tiniotl.v and Anna, Maidi 18, 1C92. 
Joseph, s. of ,I()lin and Kntli, Keb. 10, IC'.IH. 
Samuel, s. of John and Kutli, Oct. Ill, \C,i)i. 
Sarah, d. of Timothy and Anna, Nov. 24, 1(194. 
Ebene/.er, s. of Thomas and Margery, Sept. 24, 1(195. 
Klizabeth, d. of Timothy and Anna, An-:. 27, 1C9G. 
K.sthcr, d. of Joliii and Unth, An-. 21, 1C.9G. 
.losiah.s. of Jolm and llulh, An-. :!, IcHS. 
lienjaniin, s. of TinnUhv and Anna, M.arch 22, 1C99. 
Mary, d. of Timolhy .an, I Anna, June 2:i, 1700. 

be/., s. ol 

id Ki 

Ezra, s. of Thomas and Mar^'ery, June 22, 1701. 
Nathaniel, .s. olMohn and Kuth, Hareli 4, 1702. 
Henjamin, s. of John and Kuth, March 4, 1702. 
Manha, d. of Timothy and Anna, July 22, 1702. 
IJenjamin, s. of Timothy and Anna, Nov. 8, 1704. 
Until, d. of Thoma.s ami Hnth, April, 2(1, I7(i,s. 
Klie/.cr, s. of Kliezer and Ulcanor, An;;. 29, 1713. 
.Tohn.s. of Thomas and Susanna, Jan. 20, 1714. 
.Tonathau, s. of Eliezer and Eleanor, Feb. 17, 1715. 
Susanna, d. of Thomas and Susaima. Oct. 20, 1715. 
Joshua, s. of Elie/.tT and ICli'anor, June 25, 171G. 
Sarah, d. of Daniel and Sarah. Jidy 2J, 1717. 
Thomas, s. of Thomas ami Su-anmi, March 30, 1718. 
Josliua, s. of Elie/.er and Klcanor, July 10. 1719. 
Daniel, s. of Daniel and S.irah, Feb. 2i, 1719. 
Edward, s. of Thomas and SM-amia, Dec. 14, 1719. 
Joseph, .1. of J.isc|.li and Anna, March Is, 1720. 
Ebenezer, s. of Kbeiiezer and Lvdla, May 2-., 1720. 
Unth, d. of Samuel and Maruery, April n', 17-0. 
Evdia, d. ofEbenezerand l.vdia, Jan. 4, 1722. 
Abigail, d. ofEbenezer and Lydia, Jan. 4, 1722. 

I'Jizabelh d. of Joseph 

ml Anna, May 2(1, 1722. 

Samuel, .s. of Sannu 1 ai 

d .Mar-ery, Dec. 24, 1722. 

Kzra, .s. of Ebenezer ai 

d I,vdia, May 2, 1723. 

James, s. of Kliezcr am 

Eleanor, March 12, 1724. 

.Miagail, il. of Jabcz am 

AblL'ail, .\pril 7, 1721. 

Mar-ery, d. of Samuel 

ml Mar-ery, Jan. 19, 1724 

.".uin-.s io CTSKK>5r« y.iVJiiO'f 

WOlililiN IIKfOltlJ OF 11 

•CAKTIOi:, r„„th,u,,i. 

Dcl.oiali, d. ..1 .lalu/. ai» 


11. July 17, 1 

NatlKiii, s. of Kliciu'/.ii- . 

111! 1.') 

li.i, Jan. -', 17 

lOhiMic/.er, .s. ol'Tlioiiias 

mil Si 

llaiiriali, (1. ..rrii.iiuas a 

ul llai 

nail, A|.iil 15 

KlizaljuUi, (1. .ilMoM'pli i 

ml Kii 

h. May in, 1 

I'lu'l.u, (1. i>lJali. /. a„il A 


.\|>ril t, ITJ'J 

JIai ;;crv, i1. <>( S.iniliil a 

1.1 .Ma 

-u-ry. An-. ;! 

Man", a. olMal../. aiul a: 


Ian. 17,17.W. 

Joanna, .1. crTlK.iuas ai 

d Sii.s; 

una. June U 

Niahaniul, .s. ul' Jo>i-|.li .ami Kiitli,-Jiinc II, 17:il. 

Sal-all, d. orriicmia.s and S.isaiiua, .March S, 17;!2. 

Lydlu, il. oC Samuel and .Mai-uiv, Jan. 11, 17J3. 

Lois, d. of Jalirz and .\l.ii;ail, Jan. LS, 17Xi. 

Jost-i'li- s. ()|-Josi-|ili iind Kiilli, .March L'(i, 17;i3. 

Mary, d. of Thi.'nia.s and Hannah, I'd), r,, V.V.I. 

Kllczur, .>!. ofKliczcr and l.ydia, July 17, 17H.-,. 

JalKV., .-;. of Jabcz and Alunail, May'l'i;, 17;;.1. 

Sarah, d. of Jo.scph and Saiah, April 17, 17.-.i;. 

Khcno/cr, s. of Tiioinas uiid ,Su.<aniKi, J.aii. 1(, I7;1G. 

Mary, d. of Jo.sciJi and Sarah, May 10, 17;i7. 

Until, d. of'iili ami Sarah, May lil, 17JS, 

Judith, d. of Jo-eph:uid Sarah, July 27, 1739. 

Jonathan, s. of Jahez and Abigail, Dec. KJ, 1739. 

Jo.seph, s. of Joseph and Sarah, Auir. 7, 17-JO. 

James, s. of Jose|di and Sarah, Sept. -J'', 1741. 

Simon, s. of Jabe/, and .Vbi-ail, March L'8 1741. 

Edward, s. of Kduard and .Mary, April 1'3, 1743. 

Llicrctia, d. of l-d\yard ami. Mary, Noy. 14, 174(1. 

William, s. of William and Abi-ail, Sept. 11. 17,54. 

Bcniamin, s. of William and Abigail, Muy liO, 175U. 

Sarah, d. of Adiim and Abigail, .lui.e L'U, 17,-)G. 

Benjamin, s. of Jabe/. and l.ydia, Auii. 12, 17.J7. 

Jonas, s. of William ami Abigail, April 17, 175ti. 

Jabe/., s. of Jabe/. and l.ydia, April 10, 17.".:). 

Thomius, s. ol A. lino and Abigail, March L'.S, 17S9. 

Knoeli, son of Jabez, Jr., ami Lydiii, May )*, 1701. 

Dayid, s. of William and Abi-ail, May 20, 17(il. 

Ephriiiin, s. of Adino und Abigail, March 1, 1702. 

l.ydia, d. of Jabe/. and Lyilia, April 23, 1703. 

Jonathan, s. of William and Abi-ail, Noy. 2, 1703. 

Mary, d. of Jabe/. and Lydia, April 20, 170.-,. 

Joshua, s. of William and Abi^-ail, Sept. 22, 1705. 

Jasper, s. of Simon and Susanna, A|iril H, Ki;,-,. 

I.saac, s. of Adino and Abi-ail, .\ii-. 2,",, 170.-.. 

Simon, s, of Simon and Susanna, Jim. 21), 1707. 

Martha, d. of .labez and l.y.lia, July .-,, 1707. 

Klijah, s. of Adino anil .\bii;.'iil, M.ircli 2H, 170.S. 

Jonalhim, s. of .Innalhan ami Sybil, Dec. 2(1, 170'.t. 

Abiijail, d. of William and Abi-all, July 2, I70'.i. 

.\masa, s. of Jabez ami Lydia, .lune a, KOM. 

Kezia, d. of Jabez and Lvdia, .March 27, 1771. 

Abi^rail, d. of Adino and Abi-ail, Oct. 1, 1771. 

Sybil, d. of Jomillnm ami Sybil, Feb. M, 1773. 

.M'anniii-, s. of Simon ami Susanna, July 21, 1773. 

lieliv, d. of Jabez and l.jdi.i, born at Keadin-, Sept. 27, 1774. 

.^fiTiiKi -fo eiiiiri*!! V5JI J«Oi 




•losepli • 

olinsnn.s. o 

' J( 


n ai 

1 Syb 

1, F.'l 



Asa, s. 1 

r lioMJamn, 




Tidv L 

J, 177. 

JOSL-pll . 

OI.MS,,,,, s. . 

f J 


in ai 

.i Svl 

1, Si'l 

t. 21 



s, S. Ol ,hdH 

/. a 

d 1.) 


. at"l 


, Xo 

•. 21, 1770 


d. o|- Boiijai 


iiitl Sii>ai 

na, ]■• 

1). :i. 


s. of .labez 


I, b. 

in I!f 



25, I77S. 

.Tabcz, s 

of .luii.itliai 


1 Syl 

il, A 

n-. 11 

, 1778 

Lviliu, (1 

of William 



I. 1) 

•c. 1 , 

Hill, b. of SiiiK.ii and 




■ch 27 


Micy, d. 

of James ai 




1"J, 1 


Koser, s 

of Joiiatlia 

1 a 

d Sy 

lil, J 

niv 1.- 

, 1780 

.lollMS, S 

of Jonas ai 

d 1 



L- l".-,, 1 


Klizabelli, d. of Will 




, Apr 

1 H, 17 



d. of Simuii 




Ij. 17 


Sybil, d. 

of JouaMiai 

1 Syl 

il, S 

■pt 17 

Mollv, d 

of William 


, am 


a, J 11 

'•■ 17,' 


James, s 

. of Jainus 1 




. IS, 1 


Phebe, U 

of JoMMs a 

id 1 



• L'd. 


.rusx;, s. 

of Mr. Jon: 


1 and 


1, Oft 

I'J, 1 



.s. of Willia 

r., ai 

d I.\ 

dill, J 

My 10 


,l('.siaii, s. nf j.iinus and'l,ncv,'xov."l(i, I7SII. 
licbccca, il. of Jonas and I'liobc, July 2i), 1789. 
Susanna, il. of James and Lucy, Aprd 2;->, 17'.)2. 
lictsev, A. of Jami's and Lncy,' Fub. 17, K'JO. 
Hnnice, d. of Cliark-s and Knnicc AV., IVb. 1'.), 1824. 
iniarifs Henry, s. of Cliarle.s and Kiinice, Jan. 7, 18:11. 
Albert, H. of Charles and ICnnicc, Feb. 21, 1m:!3. 
James Oils, s. of Charles and Knnice, Feb. 21, 1835. 
James ()., .s. of Charles and Kuniie, Oct. 21), 1837. 
l,avinia M., d. of Charles and Kuniee, Oct. •>'.). 1837. 
Mary Jano, d. of Clmrles 11 and Marv J., Jnne 24, 1845. 
Maria Emmons, il. of Alfred (i. ami Caroline, Jnly 31, 1845 
Charles Waldo, s of Albert and I'I.ebe, Jnlv 5, 1840. 
Chira Sheldon, d. of Alfred and Caroline, Feb. 0, 1850. 
.Marv Aliila, d. of Albert and I'hebe, .Inne 15, 1851. 
Marih.a Ann, il. of Knel and Marth.a, April H, 1853. 
Mary I'earsons, d. of Uouers and Maria, Dec. 27, 1853. 
Albert Dexter, s. of Dexter and llairiel, Oct. lU, 1855. 
Harriot Klla, d. of Dexter and Harriet. Oct. 12, 1857. 
Mary, d. of Rnel ami Mary, Jnly 25, 1,S58. 
Clara Ina, d. of Dexter and Harriet, April 13, 1859. 
Frederick, .s. of Daniel C. and Xancy A., Sept. 11, 18(50. 
Franklin, s. of Daniel C. and Xancy A., .Sept. 11, ISGO. 
Clara Inn, d. of Dexter and Harriet, June C, 1801. 
Willie Stanton, s. of Rliel and Martha. Jnne 1, 1802. 
Fn-eiie Johnson, s. of Daniel C. and Nancy, Dec. 10, 1S02 
AICmmI 'riann.'is, s. of Allred (1. ami Candiue, Mi 

F '''l II' v's 


uf linel and M, 




•J'imothy i:.l 

\ in 

s. of Drxter a 

id Ha 


Ang. 1 

JohiJ Frunri 

, ^ 

ol KichunI an 

1 Snv: 

n F. 

, March 

-!Hi;ii.i -lo «}to;^si y.mi«yir 


OAIJTEK, ,n::U,.a,,K 

Mary Jaiu-, >!. ufi'i'ter luid Maiv, .March 4, 1871. 
Afia D,ki; il. of G^'orRe ami Jlary A., July 8, 1871. 
Iluiry Oilman, s. of Dexttr ami Harriet S., Sept. 2, 1871. 

CAKTIJN., d. of Jolni ami Ilanuali, May 1, 187L'. 


Kllcii, (1. of John ami Ellen. .March l,"., 1840. 

s. of John ami Kllcn, .May 'A'.- 1847. 

Kllen, (1. of .John aiifl Ellen, Nov. 17, 1851. 

Lawrence II., .s. uf.Iaines ami .Mar-aret, June 21, W,0. 


Mm-v Ami, d. of Matthew and .Marv Ann, Dec. 13, 1852. 
F.dw.-ird, s. ol-Matih.'w and Marv .V., Jan. 24, 18.-.7. 
.Matthew, s. of .Malihew and .Mary A., An-. !», 1838. 


.Alary J., d. of llenrv and Mary F., April 25, 18G9. 
Alie.-, d. of Henry C. and .Mary F., Dec. 10, 1870. 


Elizabelh, d. of Tliomas and Nora.pMarch U, 18(i8. 
Annie, il. of Thomas and .Nora K.. Jan. 12, 1S7U. 


Josephine Sophia, d. of Jlitchell and Sophia, Oct. 5, 1850. 
Joselili llenrv, s. of Mitcliell and Sophia, Oct. 2i;, 1851. 
Josepli Hem J , s. of Mo^e,-^ ,iml Celi.a, .Inly 2, 1850. 
il. ol .Mo>e.s and (.■elia. Jan. llj, 181)0. 


James, ;-. of Jeremiah ami Mary, June 22, 1718. 

Mar\, d. of Jeremiali anil Mary, April 24, 1722. 

John, s. of Jeremiah and .Marv, July 8, 1728. 

liill, s. of Jeremiah and Mary, May II, 17;l2, 

Cotton, s. of Jeremiah and Mary, .\pril 25, 1730. 

Cotton, s. ,,f t:otton and Alic , March 5, 170:i. 

Uill, s. ..f Uill and Hannah, Jan. 2;!, I7C5. 

.le.vmiah, s. of Bill and Hannah, April 23, 17C7. 

.samnel, .s. of Cotton and Alice, Jan. 3, 1708. 

Enoch, .s. of liill and Hannah, July 31, 1701). 

Jonas, s. of Bill und llamiali. May II, 1771. 

Bernard, s. of liill ami Hannah, .March 9, 1773. 

Koland, x. of Coltmi and Alice, Jan. 27, 1774. 

Jeremiah, .s. of liill and Hannah, Oct. 4, 1770. 

Mary, d. <if Bill and Hannah, April lu, 177U. 

Hannah, d. of Bill and Hannah, Jan. 21, 1782. 

Stephen I'arker, >. of Stephen D. and Dorcas, Sept. 21, 1827. 


Majy Angela, d. of Hniiiplirey and Abiiiail Angela, Au'r. 25, 1852. 
l.c'u'i-, Hnmiihrey, s. of Hnuiphrcy and An-ela, Anj.'. 8, 1854. 
Marriet \V.. d. of Humphrey and An-ela, Sept. 14, 1803. 


.MiilMlii *.0 

-.; .oi .■,j.i 

■IS woiii'i.'N i:i:(Oi;i) of 

ClfADWK Iv. 

M;inli:i, il. iirsajiiucl ;ui,l Mary. .Iiiiie J, ir,-;i. 


•liilia, il. ol' and Aii-ii.-la I'.. ,lan. lu, 1S;]1. 
Caroline Klizahrth, ,1, ,,f Knocli ai„l Ni.ncv, Sept. ,s, 1.^3/. 
Julia Ail-usla, il. olUieluoii au.l Aii:;n>la,'.Ian. 1:5, l-:i:l. 
ati.r--c- 11., s. orKnoch ami Niiiicy H., .Marcli 2:,, isl.",. 
Kilwanl Uiiloon, s. i.rGiilooii aiul Aii-nsia, D.c. I, \Si'J. 
William, s. ofCideoii ami Au^iUsta, Vv\). 7, u:,\. 
Ad.laiili' Wynian. d. of Knocl. and Kanry K., Dec. 14, 1SJ2. 


,SaiiMR-l. .s. ofTlionias. Oct. 7, IC ... 
.Marv, d. (.I'Thonnas, .Ian. 30, Im.i. 
TimoUiy, s. .,l William, Am;. U!. liilli. 
Sai-ali, d. orKdmiuul, Dec. IS, UH'.i. 
Isaac, s. or William, Oct. 1, UI.'jO, 

d. ofKdintmd, .Marcli 11, li;.52. 

Lydia, d. ol' Samuel and Lydia, May :>, 174.). 
Samuel, .s. ol'Sanniel anil Lvdia, .Sept. 14, 17lil. 
Artlini-, s. of lienjamiii F. aiul Sarah F., Oct. 31, \iM. 
Edith .\nnnida, d. ui Daniel and Maiy S., Sept. 23, isr,.-,. 
Sarah Wait, d. of Harri.son IC. ami Nancy, .Ian. 30, ls71. 
Ilamiah I.rMii-c, d. of Daniel, ,lr., and .Mary S., .Inne lu, \>i:->. 


d. of Benjamin and Mary C, Dec. 20, l.-^SO. 

Waller Frost, .s. of Edward W. and A-nes, Jan. 211, ISfi!). 
Geor-e Knhn, .-. uf Edward \V. and A-nes, Oct. 17, 1M72. 


Lillian, d. of Leonard and Lncv S., t)ct 20, ISCS. 
Clara Elhinielta, d. of Leonard and Lucy S., Del. 20, 1858. 


Florence, d. of William and Martha, Jan. 7, 1852. 
Clara E., d. of Albert and ICttu M.. (let. 12, 1S72. 


Geor'.-e Wa.shington, .s. of Georije W. aiKl Phebc, April 21, 1851. 
l.oui.-a, d. of Geor^'u W. and Phehe, April 18, 1653. 
.Mary Elizaheih .Vllen, d. of Gcor;;(; W. and I'hohu, Jnly ■'', 18.-.4. 
Ge.n-e Wa>liinm.m, .s. of (ieor:;e W. and I'h.^be, Feb. 5, 1857. 
Sar.di A. II., d. of Geor;,'e W. and I'hebe, Jan. 28, 18i;o. 
Wilbam Henry, ^. of George W. .'iml I'liebe, Jan. 10, lsi;2. 
Frank Allien, .s. of George W. and I'hebe K., Jnni' 13, 1m;5. 
Ihnnja .Smiih, d. of Geor-e W. and I'hebe K., Dec. 2(i, l.--r.7. 


Ilaltie Verlena, d. of Ira and Ilatlie M., Mav 5, 180C. 
-=r- d. of \aron li. and Uosanmi, Dc. 2. ish. 

'ii'i diiO'CJ!! y.'.i.'inoi! 

I -llltl. ..'1 r.l^.l.MlS, f:(l' 


:.<»l ,7 .fliiT, .■irf!j( V. \u, 

;■.■,• lO ,b ,■•■^tV^■H>l^i 
ill/. if> Jl ..H iMl'J 

i/ Ml .-ill ba- .yi f'^U'.O ) 


CHKKNKY (see (■nANi:v). 


AiiiKi, d. of William uiid Maria, Feb. VJ, isoi. 


,Iol,]i Wliile, s. olltev. .]„sv]>U ami ISetsev, Marcli 10, 180S. 
Josrpli, .s. ol'llev. .l.,-.L|.li aihl Itrl-.y, Jan. !), l.slu. 


William II., s. of Darius iinfl I.ydia, March 4, 18;i;i. 

AiiMin I'renti.s, s. of I'reiilis aiul Ksllier, Oct. -Ji, 1847. 

Cyiitlii.i Alice, il. of Warivii 1-'. ami CviiUiia C, :May .i3, 1848. 

•lam.'s lUickmaii, .s. olMame-s .M. and Mary, l.'el). :.'4, 1S4U. 

I.ydia .Mai-ia, d. of rreiili.s uiid Hslher, .Jan. 8, 18uU. 

Paikei- lOdward, s. of I'.dward K. and Maria IS., Aug. lU, 1851. 

Mary Matilda, d. of I'rentis .•iiul I':>ther F., March 24, 1854. 

Betsey Evelyn, d. .jf I'rentis and Esther F., Jan. l(i, 18.VJ. 

Fraidcwill, s. of William II. and A-nes, Jan. 4, I8(JU. 

Marv L., d. of William II. and .Ai;nes 1!., Sept. II, 1801. 

Ann' Est. 11a, d. of lliranj and Hannah M., July 7, 18i;'J. 

William II., s. of Wm. II. Cliikis and Emcliiie Hopkins, March 5, 1870. 



William lirainard, s. of David U. and Lncy 1'., March 17, 1870. 
Fred. Ku.-.seU, s. of David 1!. and Lucy, July 5, 1672. 


llonora, d. of Alexander and Marv A., Au;;. •.). 185,s. 
Mary Isabella, d. of Alexander ami .Mary, .Vn-. 4, 1800. 


.Marlha Parker, d. of rii.arles and Martha, May 12, 183;i. 

William Mansll.'kl, adopted s. of Waldo and Isabella, born In Lynn, 

July 10, 1844. 


Austin, s. of John li 

and Lot 


cm i;iJ. 

WdlLim, s. ,,f Willi: 

m ami S: 

Jcliii, .. ..f Wilbam 

iiid Saral 

.Maiy, d. id' William 

and .'^ar.a 


.?.t:v:uii 'to »,\ mu /ji'.i'i' 

■■hy-i .■:! ;vH ..itMi.l/' f-wi: <-.hMr" 



Jaiiii's Knmkliii, s. ..I' Tali'lck II. iiDil Maria, April 27, 1853. 
Kiiiieno, s. oll'atriok II. anil Maria, Supt. 4, 1.S5.0. 
FAlward, s. of Williaiii ami Craci-, h\-h. 17, 185(1. 
Evan-fliiie, il. (.f Tartick aiul .■\l,aria, May 21, 1.S57. 
James franklin, s. of Patrick II. ami .Maria, .\pril 17, 18C0. 


Jlarv Kllen, il. of .Tolin ami Mary, .\ni;. ai, lsi;i. 
.lolin llciirv, .s. of .lolm ami .Mary, .Nov. 4, l.SilL'. 
.MatilK'W, .s. of .lolin ami .Mary, .\pril 17, l.sGl. 
David, .s. of ,Iolin ami M.irv, .\ii-. 20, lsi;i;. 
Tlioinas ,Tosi.pli, .s. of John ami .Mary, .\pril 4, ISCS. 
.Inlia, .1. of. lolm and .Mary, I'.h. lo.'lsTi). 
Mary, d. of David and .Mary, .Vnii. 4, 1S71. 


.Mailiia, d. of Snpply and Martha, .Vn-. (I, 1708. 

Sniirdv, s. of .Snpplv and .Martlia, ,Iaii. :!, 1742. 

.SaMjml, s. of Supply and Marl.lia, ,Inly 5. 1745., d. of ,Io>i-ph a. id Abiuail, Nov. lu, 174(i. 

Wdiiainan Hoiniau, d. of Amos and r'harlotlL-, Jnlv 17. 1855. 

William fram-i-. s. of Wdliam F. and Ann, An- 6, USG5. 

Cor.i N.ahel, d. of Wiillan] V. and Ann, An-. :;i, ISW. 

Ann Adi 1 ddr Kdmond>, d. of William V. and .\nn, .May 2S, 1870. 


.T..lin, s. of N.atlianiid and Marv, An-. 1, 17;;4,, >. of Naihaniidand Marv, Oi'l. 2, i::;i;. 
I'drr. ^. ul N.iilianirl and Marv, March 2i;, 17;!'.i. 
.Inlia M.. d. ..f Oliver K. and .liilia .\nn. May 21, ISI:!. 

.\Miv Cnllrr, d.""of Oliver and ,lTdia A.. .Svpl. 17, 1.S45. 

Oliv.'r Kicdiard-on, .s of Oliver II. and .li.lia Ann, Sept. 23, 1847. 

Midvin.s. of David W. ami Mary, IS, islli. 

Henry Francis, s. of Oliver 1!. aiid .Inlia A., Oci. 27, 181'.). 

Ahliv, d. of llcnrv \V. and .M. (.'.. Sc].l. 2:1, l.s:.2. 

Knnna Francos, d. of (icorun F. and Hannah, Feb. 4, 185:3. 

CalhariMc, Fell. — , 1K5:;. 

s. of Henry W. and .Marv F., Sept. 2, 1854. 

<;. ,,r-e, .s. of Ocor-e F. and Hannah, .Inly 2, 1855. 
Wilhcr, s. .il .lames .M. ami .Urn .M., May 8, 185!). 

s. of I'elcr and , Dec. II, IS.",;). 

Israel .lames, s. of Albert W. and Fdinda, May 22, ISfiO. 

Jolm, s of I'cler and Margaret Nov. 14, lSi;2. 

William Evcreil, s cd' \\'illiam H. and Kliza, Dec. 17, 1802. 

Karnost II., s. of William 11. and Kli/.a, born at Boston, Oct. 9, 18G5. 

Mary Ann, d. of I'cler and .Mar-aict, .\pril 2, 1807. 

I'cler, s. of Owen ami .Mary, .Iidy ;!, I.'<ii7. 

Herbert Lincoln, s. of William li. and Fli/.iiT., Sept. 12, 1SG7. 

Mary, d. of Owen and Mary, Sept. (1, Im'.S. 

Katie, d. id' I'elcr and .Mar-.iret, Nov. 7, l,sr,8. 


Henrietta l.oiusa, d. of Stephen II. and Anu M., June 15, 1«54. 

siiT.iui -Ju ano':):-f>i Y.a.nx' 

ir;i»; 0.1 jiu-l , K uiiA hiiA ,H jtnriquJ^ 

woiiURN inccouD OF luimis. 51 


J;mK's MiclijU'l, s. or Micliacl ami Mary, An-. 18, 185G. 
SuiiuK-l I.awieiice, s. of Jlichael and Mary, June 2, 1859. 

Louisa Klla, d. of Williajii Iv and Sarali, An-. 19, 1847. 


frank ().s:;oovl, s. of Jonatlniii D. nnd Vienna, May 5, 1854. 
Dana Dickey, .s. of Jonathan 1). and Vienna. Jan. 17, 18.'')8. 
Mary l.onisi, d. of J. Dow and \ienna D., Jlarcli 30, 1859. 


S.uali, .1. of Henry \V. and C:di-,ta, 

Ani;. L'O, 1849 

Henry Ilii^'i.'ne, s. of Henry \V. and 

Calista, Nov. 

•29, 1850. 


Franei-, William.^, s. of William an 

1 Analia, Apr 

1 20, 1851 

George Nallniu. ,s, of ANMiliiun and . 

\nielia, Jnne 1 

, 1854. 

Maria Ann'lia, d. of William and A 

uelia, Jnh- 11 


liicliani Waller, s. of William and 

Unelia, ^iay 

C, 1858. 

Waller Nail s. of Nalhan and !• 

izabelli, Dec 

21, 1859. 


Mns,~, .s. ,,f Moses, Sept. 1, IC.-.l. 

Haiinali, d. (d' .Moses, An:,'. 4, K;.".;'.. 

Aaron, s. of Moses, Jan.' 10, l(i.-.5. 

Sonnel, .s. of .Moses, ,lnne9, IC". 

Minani. d. of Moses, .Inlv 10, H;-".9 

Jo, una, d, (11 M.,srs, .S,.,;!. I'.l, ICiil 

Kduaiil. s of Mos,.,, M ,y L>o, ii;,;.( 

.lo-rdi, ~ of .\|,i..,s 1-ei,: -jr.. ICiir. 

K:i:ir, s of Mo.,-s. M:,v 1 1, li;i;;i. 

.loaiint, d. of Mo-.s, \"|.lH ."., |r,70. 

lai.nh, s. ,,f Moses, Anii.'l, Kol. 

Doieas, d. ol Aaron, (li 1, L'9, Knij. 

Anna, d. of .Mos(.>s, Nov. 7, 11177. 

Hannah, d of Aaron, Nov. 18, 11178. 
Aaron, s. of .Varon. Julv 9. ICSO. 
Jo-epli, s. of Moses and Unlli. .Mareli IM, IGSG. 
Hann.ili, d. of Aaion and Doreas, Jnne 2, l(;.s7. 
Moses, .s. of Aaron and Doieas, K.d). 21, lUDO. 
Sarah, (I. of Aaron and Doieas, March 5, li;92. 
Kli/..d)eUi, t\. of Sannnd ami I'eirses, .Inne 21), 1(!9M. 
Miriam, (I. of Aaron and Doreas, ,lnly 9, 1(194. 

Benjamin, s. of Aaron and Dorcas, May" Hi, 1701. 
Aaron, s. of Aaron and Alii-ail. Oct. 20, 17o2. 
Samuel, s. of Aaron and Al.i^ail. May 17, 1701. 


Cath.irine, d. of James and liridKet., April 10, 1870. 

,i;l .Sii/, .liHtisH l-!;A M m.iiHiV/ 

<|VA ifvr.r 



NatlKUi, s. of NiitlKiii iinil S;a-iili, May 10, 1778. 
.Tolni, s. of NnllKiM and .S;,nili, Ann. 17, 17«i). 
Sanih, (.1. of Nailiaii aiul Saiali, .laii. I'S, 17s:!. 
Sarali .M., d. of .l,,liii ami Klluii. A|.iil 11. 1S42. 
Uooi'se 1'., s. of .loan, lM. ami .Mary, 8.-pt. il, 184.",. 


Thoiiias, s. of Pati-kk aiul .Mar-aret, Nov. 21, 1K70. 
,Ioliii,.s. of I'atiick ami Mary, Ijorii at Boston, April C, 1872. 


CatliariiH', il. of David ami .Joanna, May 2.S, lsi!l. 
ICIlon, (1. of.Iolm and F.llcn. An^. 21. I.s(;7. 

s. of .John and KlliMi, Keli. 20, 1871. 

.Inlia, d. of D.micd .and .Mary, Nov. I.l. 1S71. 
d, of .lolui and Klloii, .jnnf 1, 1872. 


(jL-orifi- K., s. of ,Tohn II. and JIary J., Oct. 4, 183C. 
,)olin II. , .s. of .Jolm II. iinfl .Mary ,1., An;;. 17, 18:!8. 
licnjandn K., s. of.Iosiali and JJary, An-. 27, 1840. 
Kninia .1., d. of .lolin II. and Mary ,1., Fcl). 17, 1S41. 
Mary, d. of .I.ilm II. ami M.ary J., .Inly :il. 1812. 
Cliark'.s, .s. of .John II. and .Mary .1., Slarcli 21, 1815. 


fioor-e Byron, s. of Ch.'irlos C. and Mar-arct E., Au;,'. 27, 1858. 
Frcdi'ricli Henry, n. of Cliarlfs C. ami .Mar-aret, Oct. 2(;, 18G0. 


.lohn, .s. of I'alrick and Calliarino, .Ian. 22, 18fi2. 
.l:iinrs, .s. of Fatrick .Hid Calli.-irirU', Feb. 15, IMil!). 


Clarence llerLert, .s. of Ivory 11. and Mary K., Sept S, 1S52. 

Ilenrv, .s. of Ivory II. and .\iary K., .Inly i, 1854. 

.Tolm Henry, s. ..fTristram T. and F>llier Iv, Sept. 21, 1857. 

lienjaniin j'ranklin, >. of 'I'lioma.s 'I', and lOsther, Jan. 2i;, ISUl. 

Fanny, d. of T. T. and Esllier, .Marcli 7, isi;:!. 

Ilatlie Ka-er, d. of Kljen M. am! Harriet, .lidy 8, 18(14. 

Frederiek Tristram, s. of 'I'. T. and lOsther K., ,Ian. 21, 18i;5. 

Floreiiee Tieat, d. of Tri.strani T. and Fsllier K., ,Jan. lU, 1807. 

.Matiie, d- of I';i)en M. and Manila, .Ian. 2(1, 18i;7. 

I.i/./.ie. d. of Tristram T ami I'Mlier, .March 25, 18i;i). 

Wdlic VAirii. s. of IJ)cn .M. and Maltu' K., April H;, 18110. 

(ieoruc Irving, s. .if y.Urn .M . and .Maltie K., .lune 18, l.s71. 

.lovcpli, s. „r{\ T. and IMIirr V.., Oct. 18, |S72. 

olin an, I Alice, May ■-, 1S5I. 
I'alrick and Alice, .\prd 1, 1858. 
if I'alri.k and Alice, May :!, 18i;i). 
I'alrick and Alice, Nov. — , 181)2. 

iiTHi.-i to uiio )aji Ai\uno/r 

I A .:•{ J-j-y.'.ii.iK 

Mil'. 1 
If i:.> 

li <i 


i'.i i^- ..'. . 

WOliUIiX I!ECOnD OF lilKTHS. 53 

COGAN, c„i,linn,,l. 

Alice, d. of. l':ilrick ami Mai-y, Feb. 28, 1SC4. 
Jo.-seph, s. olMoliii tiiul Alice, .Tulv S, 18i!J. 
Ciitlmriiie, d. ol'l'atrick :iiid MaiT, April 8, 1800. 
.loliil, s. of James and i:ii/;i, April 18, isdi;. 
.Taine.s, son olMaiMis :iihl j:ii/') .l,ni ;n I8i;8 
Alice, d. of I'al.irk aihl Man, .liilv o. KSIW. 
.laiiie.s. s. olMaiii.'.s and KU/.a, Marel. 1, l.MI'J. 
Kli/a .Mai-aiel, d. m|- ,l,,iii,- and Kliza, An.-. 12, 180'J 
.liiscph UenjT, .s. oi I'.iiiiikand Mary, Nov. 2, 187U. 
Janie>, s. of .lames and lOhza, Mafcli 31, 1872. 


.Tnlm, s. olMolni and Elizahetli, March 9, 1093. 
Ih'nrv, s. or.Iclin and Kli/.alietli, Mnreli 17, 1094. 
Kli/.ahetlj, d. nlJolin and Kli/.al:etli, .Ian. J, 10115. 
Henry, s. olMnlni and Klizal.etli, An-. 21, 1097. 
Joseph, .s. olMcdm and lOllzalnUi, Sept. 22, 1098. 
John, s. of Jolni aid Elizabetli, An-. ;!, 1099. 
Henry, s. of Jnluj and HlizaljeUi, March 27, 170;5. 
Jlenry, s. olMolm and Klizidalh, .Inly 1, 1704. 
Jo.siah, ,s. of Jcjlin and lOlizalicl li, .Vn-. 20, 1700. 
Ahi-.-iil, (1. olMolin and JOIizalntli, Sepl. 0, 1708. 
Mary. d. of John and Klizalielli, Nov. 1, 1710. 
Jo.seph, .s. orjolin and Kliz:d)elh, Sept. J, 1713. 
Hannah, d. ol'.iohn and Klizalieth, I''el). 22, 1714. 
Jolin, s of John and Sarah, Jnne 2. 1728. 
Sarah, d. ol' John an, I Sarah, Dee. 2, 1729. 
lleniy. s. ..IJ.din and Sarah, |-el.. 1.^, I7:il. 
I'riseijja, d, olMo.siah and iMiiry, Feb. ;J, 173".. 
AIn-aU, .1. of Mr. Jacob and Mr.s. Abigail, July 3, 1778. 
Jacob, s. of Mr. Jacob and Mrs. Abigail, Sept. n, 1781. 
I'olly, d. ol'Mr. Jacob and Abigail, Dec. 24, 1788. 

CO Lit V. 

Alonzo ISnzzell, s. of II. IS. and Caroline, Feb. 7, 181.'). 

Kmerelte Jo-ephine, d. of IK-zekiah li. an<l Caroline, Jnly 17, 1848. 

Henry Sylvanus, .s. of Ilezekiah 15. and Caroline, Aug. 19, 1850. 


George Francis, .s. of John N. and Clara, March 9, 1840. 

Kebecca, U. of Toliiah, Nov. 21, 1001. 
*.lami's(;ilman, s. of John (1. and Lavina, March 9, 1842. 
*.Iohn Willia.n, ,s. of John (i. and Lavina, Ang. 19, 1845. 
•Mary I... <l. ol John (1. ai]d L:ivina, Jan. i;!, 1849. 
Anna Brooks, il. of .Iidm G. and Laviini. Jan. 8, 1853. 


lienjamin Franklin, s. of A. and Louisa Jan 2 ISVl 
Donald Kennedy, s. of William A. an. I Louisa, July 10, 1800. ' 

UT.TI.I 'TO jnoy:l;I X:(ll»t«t 



Ciithai-ine, d. of James ami Mary W., May 10, 1815. 
Hannah, d. of .laiiuvs and Mary, July K;, 1818. 
James, s. of James and Mary, Nov. 15, 1840. 


William ^., s. 
KdwanI C. .s. 
Tlicodore Wi:l 
l.aiira Isrdiidla 
Cora, d. of 'I'll 
Hoi-ncn Winslc 

of Iloracu an 
St.M-, s. ofTI 

.1. of Tlieod 
•odoio and >■ 
w, .s. of llor 

1 M 


ice , 


, A 




ly I 



V 211, 


J., S 



7, 1 



.Toliii, s. of J>il 

n and J, 







Geor-,., s. off 
r.-L-d. AValUT, 

fOl-C P 
■<. ofGci 





a (',., 1 


, 18 



Ocor-e Franklin, .s. of Tlioina.s and Mary Ann, Oct. 24, 1S:U. 
Mai-aiL-t Ann, d. of Tlionias and Maiy Ann, Nov. 21, 18H5. 
Bartlioloniew, s. of John and Catharine, born in Cork, Ireland, Dec. 

11, is:!i;. 

Paricer Thompson, s. of Thomas and Mary A., April HO, 1838. 
Patrick, s. of John and Catharine, in Cork, Ireland, Sept. 10, 

Jerome Krastns, s. of Thomas and Mary A., Dec. 10, 183'.). 
John S., s. of.rohn and Catharine. Ij,.rn in Lowell, An;;. 11, 1810. 
William, s. of Jidiii and Catharine, born in Lowell, Sept. 18, 1842. 
Charles Eainnnd, s. of Thonias and Marv A., Oct. 1, 1843. 
Cath.-irine, d. of.lolin .-inil Citliarinc, horn in lioslon, Oct. 20, 1814. 
Klhn,il. of .loliu ami Calh.irine, Oct. 21. I81(;. 
Martha Ann, d. of Thomas and .Mary A., Kel). 20, 1S4S. 
Daniel, t.. of John and Catharine, J.m. 4, 1810. 
John, s. of I'M' rick and Hose, Jan. 17, 1852. 
llaimah, d. of John and (.'atliarine, >lav 10, 18.-.2. 
Calharinc, d. of Owen and Hridu'cl, .Iiiiie 15, 1853. 

.Mary A d. of Patrick and Hose, May — , 1851. 

Fanuv Maria, d. of Owen and ISriiket, July 18, 1854. 
Michael lleiirv, s. of Owen ;iiul llri.l-el, ,\|,ril 3, 1850. 
.lanus Henry, s. of Owen and lirid-et, March 20, 1858. 
Knueiu iMaiieis, s. of Owen and Piiil^et, July 1, l80.i. 

Catharine, d. of .Micdiacl and Joai , born in'i'.ostoii, Sept. 23, 1800. 

Carrie II., d. of George A. and .Mary 11., An-. 3, 1803. 
lleiirv. s. of Owen and HridL'ei. .luiie 3ii, 1805. 
Mary Ann, d. of Thomas and Mai-aret, Jnly 7, 1800. 
Francis, s. of Francis and Lri.luet, .Vii-. 22. 1807 
Frances, d. of Patrick and Mai-aret .Inly 11, 18i;'.l. 
Sarah (I., d. of lidw.ird and Hrid-ct, Oct" 22. ISC'.l. 
Macule, d. of Frank .imi lirid-et, Dec. 5, IsOll, 
Patrick I'lionias, s. of Patrick and .Mam.irel, .March 15, 1871. 
,^Ury .\nn. ,1. <,r Michaid and .Mai-arcl, Dee. 15, |s7l. 

.wjv) iri 'JO iiHo >;<a ■.'jjjuov 


i:(|..r. 1 ,,, iiii.)l. Vi .,; ii,M, 

■\vonui;\ r.Ef'oun of Bnn'iis. 55 


Marv, d. of Diiviil, Jan. 30, l('.(;:l. 

A;;iios A., il. of Heiiiv N. :uul An<rusta, Sept. 19, ISC'J. 

Miii-y AUiriisla, d. of Ili-nrv N'. and Auijiista W., Doc. 27, 1870. 

Kos' Ita, d. ofTliuiiias ami Malina, Jriii. 21, 1S72. 


,Iaiiu'^, -;. of .lolm and M irirarut, Mav t, \S:,7. 
Cornelius Michael, .s, of .lolm .aiul .Mari;arct, .Tune 23, 1859. 
Mary KIliMi. d. of .lolm and Mar-arcl, A|)ril It, l.sill. 
Ccorno .lohii, s. of ,1. dill anil, ,1mih- :1, laci. 
Julia .v., d. of , lolm and .Arar^.oct. .Iiiiic ;;, ISIU. 
jMar-arol, d. of .lolm .and Mir-aivl, Xov. 2,s, l.sDi;. 
William, s. (if .lolm and Mar-arrl, Feb, 7, ISi;:!. 
r.rid-cl Aim. d. ..f ,Iolm and .Mar-arct, .Ian. 10, 1872. 


.Tolm Franci.s. .s. of ,Tamcs an.l Kate, Oct. 22, 18(18. 
.Umie, il. of .James and Catharine, Feb. 12, 1870. 


Geor-e Henry, .s. of Horace and Martha. Feb. 18, 183!!. 
Albert Winslu.v, s. of llnrae.- and Martlia, April 23, 1847. 
Marv Wiii.slow, d. of Hi. race and .^(arllia, Au-. 2(5, 18.-,l. 
llarvev U'ilber, s. of Gcor-ell. an.l Marv K., Oct. 10, lsG2. 
Horace Nichols, is. of (h'or-e II. and Mary F,., March 19. 18fi4. 
Manila .Vtherton, d. of Cliarh's K. and Faniiv, .Ian. II, 1807. 
C,eor-c Cliester, .s. of ficornc H. ami Mary K., .Inly 1, 1SG7. 
Charles Hridford, s. of Charles K. and Fannv .S., A|)rU 9, 18(18. 
Maviiar.l Ca-e. s. of Charles K. and Sarah F., Fdi. a, 1870. 
Clianncv lilanchard, s. of lieor-e II. and .Marv Iv, Oct. 4, 1870. 
Wiiislow Ilelphme, s. of ( harles K. and Sarah F., ,Tau. 12, 1872 


Klizalieth, d. of .lolin and Kllen, March 10, 1852. 
Ann, d. of Peter and Brid^'ct, June 17, 1852. 
Marv, d. of IVter ami Brid-et. :\Iarcli 25, 18(10. 
Kdwurd 'I'lioma.-, s. of ■l-jiomas and Marv, Xov. 8, 18(14 
John William, s. of Thoiiias and .Marv, Feb. 18, 18C7. 
Ellen JI., a. of Thomas ai„l .M.iry, Sept. I, 18II9. 


John, s. of John and itebecea, Oel. 21, 17:!8. 
TIebecea. d. of. I. dm and Kebecea, .Ian. 211, 1712. 
'I'hnmas, s. of.b.lmand Kebe.ea. .lnm>4, 1715. 
Anna, d. of.Iohn ami Kebecea, Amr. 22, 1747. 
William, s. ol .lolm and lielie<'ca, .liilv 10, 17.50. 
Samuel, s. of .lolm and llebecca. .\pril 21. 1753. 
Sarah, d. of .lolm and b', July I, 17511. 

•irrnTM •=10 <Ji!'VW.i <n-n\c'f 


Kdwanl, s. (ifOwcii ;ujd I!riil-i-l, Sopt. 12, isii; 
, .-. ofl'iMi-ifU :uiil .M.-iiT Itair.Tlv. Manh -J. 


. >. 


11 aiK 



, >■• 

.1' .Ian 

.■s an 

1 r.iiz 



r riioi 

111 Cal 



(1. of 


anil I 



(1. ol- 


> and 


S. 1 


1 Iilld 




N The 


ml ( '; 



h, s. ( 

r Jol 

n aial 



ii. or, I 

uiid 1 

t, All-, (i, l.S.-,.^,. 
ll.aniu-. An-, l,',, It 

Jciliii. s. olJuliii aiu, d. ()f,I..l , 

Mii-liael, .s. or.Miilia 

.V, l,s 

■<. or .John 11. and Ann, l\-\). I'lJ, 1SIJ2. 

f Tliomas and M.-iiy, JIarcli (I, KS(;2. 

■Jolinand lirid-ct, .I.iii IC, l,Si;4. 

■.lolinand.Ioaiina, Jan. IC, IMl. 

fTlioinii.s an. I Maw, April 3, 1SG4. 

ithcjw. .s. olJohii il. and Ann, ,Inne 15, 18G5. 



s. of. 

I lind-ijt, Sept. U, 1S0.5. 
.M;iilin, s. nIMulin ami Itrid-ct, Nov. 12, IHCG 
.Maiv I'-ii/ulirili, d. ol liarlliolonic-w and Mai'-aret, Juno 12, 18C7. 
llo-cr, .s. ol J.ihii and Brid-ct, An-. 1:1, IHIW. 
I'aiiick, s. orjiaithuloniow and Mary, March 3, 1869. 
Ma:-y Ann. d. orjohii and Brid-iot, ,tan. 21, 1870. 
Mar-arft, U. olTlioinas and Kati-, Oct. 2(1. 187u. 
Pulcr, s. of lianholoniL'W and MarRarot, May 20, 1S71. 
Micliai'l. s. id-.Marlin and liri.l-ca. .Inly 2ii i«71. 
Jiihn lldward, .s. of John and I5rid-i;l,'Sipl HI, 1871. 
,l.inu.> llcur\, V. (dMaino.s and Kalic, March 10, 1872. 



•, d. 

ml l!ri 



Walter, s. of Michael and Brid-.-t, Nov. — , l,S5iJ. 

James, .-. olJaim^s and Mary, An-. — , 1857. 

Ann d. of Michael and lirid-el, Feb. — , 18.-|8. 

Mai-lha Jane, d. of William and Catharine, March 31, ISOIJ. 

Freildy, s. of .(ann-s and Annie, April 28, 18(1."). 

.folin, .s. of I'alrick and Ann, June 0. 18i;5. 

■}<> u:ur)'Hi /'.iri'..)ir 

wor.rux ];i:roi;i) of lUiiTiis. 

CONNOIt, n,i, 


M;uv .lane, c) 

of.l.ihii and 

liridL-et, Get. .'' 

, ISil.-.. 

n Ivluunl 

S. <,f.|..|lL. il 

id liriduel, Fel 

. 24, 18(17 

■I'll.lllKls, M. ol 

'I'lioiiias and 

Kllen, Api-il 17 


S:ual], cl. of.] 

oliu and Uo>, 

, .May i, l«f;7. 

Maiy EUii, .1. 


d Kllen, .rniic2 

5, 1,S(18. 

KIllMl, il. of.l 

)liM and liiid 

j:er, ,Iiui. 11, isi 


JoSL'pll P., S. 

of .lohn and 

iose, Manli IH 


Mary A., d. o 

f .lolm and S 

n~an. Ang. L'C, 



Zaoliariah, s. 

of Allun. Ocl 

11, ii;i-.'. 

Ilainiali, d. ol 

.lani.'s, .Inly 

I.V ii;ii. 

Klizuliulli, (1. 

)f Alk'n, Mai 

■li 7. 1111.-.. 

•hiincs, s. of.l 

an..-s, Nov. 1 

J, 1(14.-1. 

Sarah, d. of A 

IkMi, .Inly 11, 


l)cl)orali, a. n 

f.Ianic-, ,Inl) 

L'.-i, 1(117. 

Saiah, d. of.l 

lines, A|>iil L 

1, 1(11'.). 

Jost'i'li. ». ol' 

Vllcn, .M.'.y .-Il 

. Kllll. 

jrai-y, d. of A 

[(■n, Sc|)l,. I'l; 


]i(.-l)ccca, (1. o 

■ .lainrs, Mav 

l.'i, 1(1.-. 1. 

TlK'Opllilll.S, .s 

of Allen, .Sc 

.1. Ul, 1(152. 

Hamiud, s. of 

Ulcn, Sept. •- 

0, i.i-,;i. 

Lydia, d. of ,1 

lines, Miivrli 

s, Id-,:!. 

KdwunI, s. ol 

.lames, Kcli. 

.'7, 111.-..-.. 

Marv, (1. of A 

Irli, i\(jv. L'l; 


Mary, (1. of.l: 

riH's, ])rr. ■.':! 


Abl-ail, d. of 

:), Ki.-.H. 

Ilaiiiiah, d. ol 

Allen, Mare 

1 13, 1(1(10. 

.losirdi, s. of. 

osiidi. Marcl 

l.--., iCdO. 

Kulli, d. of .Il 

nies. Fell. ]-J 


Sainurl, s. of 

Siiinnel, Apri 

4, KlIlL'. 

,laiiii-s, s. ,.f.l 

ime.s, Sepl. .- 

, 1G7(). 

Ziichariali, s. 

if Z:ieli;iriiili 

Nov. 4, 1(170. 

I':ii/.aliclli, d. 

jf Zaehiiriali, 

(let. -."J, 1(172. 

.)..!lM, S. of .1,1 

lies. An-. L'2 


Iv'nlli, d. of Zai'liaiiiili, Oet. :l, 1(174. 
Klizabetli, il. of , lames, April 2:1, 1(17.-.. 
liohert, s. or.liinies, D.e. 20, 11177. 
Ilannali, d. of .Lme-s, .Jiiik- 12, IHSO., s. of ,l,iine>, Miiv 21, lilsii. 

.losiali, s. of.l; -.s, ,lr., .Sepl. 12, lilsl. 

.Sarah, d. of Saniinl, ,lun. 10, 

Siunnel, .s. of ICdward, Oct. 0, Ills.-.. 

lintli.d. of.Tosiali, M.iy 2,S, liWil. 

ralieiice, d. of James and Ilannali, Nov. fi, KISG. 

Anne, d. of I'.dward and Surah, Oct. 3, 1G87. 
Mary, d. of Sauiiiel and .Surah, .Sept. 20, 1(188., d. of losiali and Kulh, Oel. Ji. Ifi.i^S. 
lOhenezer, s. of .l.inies and 1Imiiii:iIi, Dee. HI, 16RS. 
Siinili, d. ofKihv.ird ami Surah, Sepl. 14, HLSO. 
.losiah, M. of .losiiih :in.l liiilli, Keli. ,s, Kl'Jl. 
lMlw:ird, .s. of K.lwanl iiml Sarah, Oef. 211, IIIOI. 
.loseph, s.of S.iinnel, Sr., .\l;iv I, KHil. 
■rimolhy, ,s. of.loslnh ami Kiilh, .Inly -, KIOH. TfMiiH. 



llaniiiih, .1. of Saimu'l and S;irnli, Dec. L'8, ICHS. 
Siiniiiol, s. of Sanuirl an, I Durcas. May M, 10'.t4. 
Ki'becca, d. olMnsiah and IJnih, Nov. 2, lil'.ll. 
Edward, s. of Kaniurl and |i,nca>. Srpt. 1!.5, IGOfi. 
,)()siali, s. ofjosiah and Until, A|u-il 1 I, li;'.i7. 
Kozia, d. of .l()>iali ami IJnll.. .March L'7, ii;:r.(. 
dii.siali, H. of Saniiud and Sarali, Mav m, ]i;'i',). 
Kllzab(.-tli, (i of Uulicrl, and Marv, Dec. 1. Ii;;i!). 
Tlionias, s. of Saninil and Dorcas, Oct. lis, lU'J'J. 
James, s. of .loliii and .\l)i-.dl, Feb. L'll, I7UU. 
.loliii, s. of John and .Vbi-ail, K.-b. :l, 1701. 
Marv, d. of liobi-rL and M.iry, Feb 17, 17ii-.'. 
Mary, d. of Josiah ami Ruth, Jan. TJ, 1702. 
Dorcas, d. of Sauuiel and Dorcas, Feb. 1, 1703. 
Josiah, s. of Joshdi aiul liuih. .Vpril 2.-), 17u4. 
Joshua, s. of John an<l Alil-all, Jniic 3, 1704. 
Ksthcr, d. of liobcit and .Mary, Oct. 1, 1701. 

Abi-ail, il of John and .Vbi-ail, 170i. 

Hannah, d. of Knbcit and Maiy, May 1", 170(i. 
I'ain, s. of .Sainncl and Dorcas, Nov. L'.'., 170i;. 
ralicMn-c, d. of Jnhn and Abinail, iNlav I. 1707. 
ll.innah, d. of Jnsiah .and II innah, u.i. 2.',, 1707. 
Until, d. of Sanin.l and .Maiy, Jnnc 21, 170S. 
Kbcnczcr, s. of Hobcrt an.l .Mary, Nov. 1, 1708. 
Josiah, s. of Josiah and Hannah, .March 2, 1710. 
Janif-s, s. of liMb.-rt and Mary. Di-c. vi, 1710. 
I';,lir-nr-i-, d. <.f Jo-iah ui.d llanrsdi, Jaly 21. 1712. 

har .li d. ><{ l;.il)i 

rt and Mary. April 2.'', 171... 

iM-ii. d. of ,|.,>i.i 

1 and llaunaa. .b.U 2v KU 

A.,ir, d. .,f liol,,- 

n an.; Mary, .I,i;y -.; Kl.V 

.o'b'.'rl'and .M'''ry.''sV'i''t.' 22. I7li 

Abi:;.,d. d'. nl .1., 

. idiand I>abel.',laii. 17. i7i;i. 

.b~-.-, X. ,,f ,ln~,. 

K./ia, d, of l;.,b 

Hand M.aiv, An- 2, 1721." 

.bale, ,. nf .b„ia 

1 ai.d 11 ..all, March M, 172;i. 

.Sn>ann.i, d. id 1; 

.brri, and Mary, June 1«, 1724. 

.hnni^, s. <il .bisi 

di and lianndi, Sept.. 2, 172,-.. 

r.enjandLi, s. nf 1 

oliert and Mary. May 22, 1727. 

John. .>. iif Jnlin 

ihd Abiijail. ,)nly :il, 172.-i. 

Ibnjainin. s. ,)| 

;b,Miez<.raiul linlh, Oct. 14, 173 

J.isiah, s. uf .lus 

ah ami Sarah, ,lan. 27. 17;U. 

James s. of Janu 

V .mcl Alii-ail, Sept. Ill, 17;U. 

Sanui.d. s. of ,lo~ 

iah and Sarah, N,.y. 23, 173,",. 

I.ydia, d. of Jam 

■s and Ke/.ia, April 2li. 173(1. 

Sarah, d. of Josi 

di and Sarah, An^. 211, 17.;7. 

Zadiariah, s. „f 

losiahand Sarah. l),e. 2S, 1741 

John, s. of Josia 

1 .and Sarah. Ijcl. 2;;, 174,s. 

Josiah, s. of .Tos 

di and lleph/.ibah, .M:,r(li 14, 1" 

JIary, d. of Sam 

eland Mary, April 2. KCl. 

John, s. of Josial 

ami lleph/.d.ali. .March :;, 17(11 

SauMiel, s. of Sai 

.del and .Mary, Sept. 2, 1 7(;3 

J.'sse, s. of Josia 

( and lleph/.ibah. Feb. 170.",. 


CONVKRSK, com i nurd. 

Al)it;iiil, d. of Samik'l and Mary, AiiR. 23, 1767. 
Joseph, s. of SaiiHiel and Mary, An-j. 1, 17«'.). 
Jonatluin, s. of Josiali and Hi'phzibali, March 5, 1772. 
Lydia, d. of Raiiiii<l and Marv. March 8, 1773. 
Jacnb, s. of Sanuicl and Mary, .Vu;,'. 30, 1775. 
Liithi-r, s. of .losiah and Il.'ph/iliah. ,Tan. 2G, 1777. 
Williani, s. of Josiali and lli-plizibah, .Sept. 11, 1780. 
Marllia, d. of Jo.siali and .Martha, Oct. 20, 17S0. 
Ucph/.iliah, d. of J(i>iah and Marllia, .\pril 2, 1785. 
Jcisiah, s. of Josiali and Marllia, So|it. 17, ITSi;. 
Jlary, d. of J.'icniiali ami .lirnsha, Fib. 7, K'.ll. 
.Ti'sso, s. of Jess,. Mild Siisann:!. Dec. U, I7!l:l. 
.SaniiK'l, .s. of Jciciniali and .l.'riislia, Man-li 21), 1793. 

Jrrcniiah, s. of Jcivniiali and Jenislia, ,Ii 2,S, 171)5. 

Martin l.nthcr, s. of Josiali and Marllia, An- 7, 17U5. 
Jcrnsha, il. of Jcrmiiali and .lorn.slia, Nov. 27, 17'.)7. 
Williani, s. cd- Ji.liii and Susanna, Sept. 3, 17;i',). 
C/.arina, d. of Josiali ai d :\lartlia. April 20, 1709. 
Lvdia, d. of Jeremiah and Jernslia, March 30, 1800. 
SnUev, d. of Jesse .and Susanna, June ir<, 1801. 
Lydia, d. of Jeremiah and Jirnsha, An-. 18. 1802. 
BronUs, .s. of Jo-iah and .Martha, Jan. 21, 1803. 
llann.ih, d. nf Jacob and Hannah, Si-pl- l(i, 1803. 
Kranklin, s. of Jeremiah and .lernsha, July 4, 180-4. 
Jaecili, s, of Jacob and Hannah, An-. 25, i.SOfl. 
Lnev, d. of Jeienii.ih and JcTilslia, Feb. 2li, 1800. 
Abigail, d. (if Jae.ili ami llaiiiKih. Ocl. 1, 1807. 
riielu-, il. (,|- Jc.sliua ami I'li.ia-, Jan. IC, 1808. 
Samuel, s. .il .lae.ih ami llannali, Dee. 2(1, l.SOO. 
Sh.'rinan, s. of J.isliiia and I'hebe, March 5, 1810. 
Marv, d. of Jarol) .-ukI Ilanmih, Dec. 21, 1811. 
I.oidsM, d. of Jeremiah and J.-rnslia, .May 4, 1811. 
Anirnsta Fi.wle, .1. id' JniiatlKui and Mary, .March 17. 1811. 
Aaron liryanl, s. of J.icob and llannali, .\ui,'. 3, 1813. 
Jo>liua rerkiiis. s. of Joshua ami I'helie, Dec. 10, 1814. 
Sally llai iiaid, d. of .leniniah, Jr., and Sally, Jnuo 211, 1817. 
l>a\id G.nild, s. of J,-si-, .ir., and Ueliecca., Nov. 13, 1S20. 
rimil.-s S.. s. of Samuel ami Uetsi-y S.. Oct. L'2, 1821. 
Varker l.indall, s. of LiHlierand Folly K., Feb 11, 1S22. 
Frania, .1. of John, .■id, .and |Ti:,„ia, I'eb. L', ]s:;i. 


, s. of Martin I., and Mary 1. , Apiil 5, 18;i4. 


d, a. of John. 3d. and Urania, Jan. 8, 1830. 

d. of 

Iolin,3d, and Frania, Nov. 22, 18.37. 

(1 Mar 

in, s. of iMartin L. and Mary L., Nov. 10, 1843 

s Day, 

s. of and lielsey, Nov. 1, 1845. 

lie Kli 

abeth, d. of Slierinan and lOli/.abeth 0., Jan. 

s Willi 

MM, s. of (^harles S. and Jomimi, .Inly 21). 1849. 

11 llni 

V, s. of William and lietsev. Sept. 8, LSU). 

Henry, s. of Sherman and Kll/.ahelh, Oct. 2N, F>*4'J. 
Charb's llcnrv, s. of fliarles H. and Hannah, May 27, 1851. 
.\bby Maria, d. of Charles S. and .loaiina, Nov. 15, 1,851. 
Mary J., d. of William ami M.ary L . Sept. 12, 1854. 

il. of Sherman and Klizabeih, Oct. •i8. 1854 

Harrii't Flli'n. d. of Charles 11. and F., June 11, 1857. 
-Marlh.i Derby, d. of .loslina F. and .Martha K. 1)., Sept. 7, 1857 

Cli .IJHTIUI! 'S<\ «ilOO:llI VIXlUliVYf 


'.-.i-.l ,!■ 

b" wonuiix RRCOKD OF lifirnis. 

CONVKKSK, CHlinnnl.. 

Jraitl.i laylor il ol .I„sl,n:i P. an,l Su^aii, .lune 15, IBfJl. 
Mary Di.aiip, tl. ot I'arkoi- I., anil Brlvrv, .Juim' 5, ISfil. 
laiiiiy .Maria, d, ,)r Cliarlcs II. aiul Ilaii'iial. F., .June 14 18C1 
Charlie, s. of William ami Marv 1, \,,ril ■> isV" ' '**"■ 

Frclcrick, s. of C ■Maries II. a,,.! Ilaunal,, .(u'lv 3, 7sfi3. 

.'.n'; v'r '7 ■'/'• ;■' :,'"i"'",r- ^""' ■'"'^^"' ■•'•■ ^''^^'- ^^ '8«^- 

A\ lllio, .s. ,,f Cliarl.;> II. an, I llainiali T. \ii" ■"! IsCT 
s. ,.(■ Williaiu.aii.l Marv I. F,.|, i. ',-;,., " ' 


Klleii,,!. of James ami M 

ir^iiret, Nov. I'S, 1,S57. 

KIlaFlizalielli, il. oCIamc 
.lolui William, s. ol'.li.lm 

sand Jlar.-aivt. Nov. — , l.SdO. 

and Mari;aret, June !l, ISC.i. 

Calliariiie, d. otMolmamI 

Margaret, Dee. :>, 1870. 


.lo.scph, s. or IlaiMcs ami 

•lizaheth, Nov. u;, 170''. 

John, ,s. oCIlaines and Kl 

/.abcth, Jan. lU, 170(1. 

N.amnel, .s. ol' Samuel ami 

Fliza, Nov. 22, 1S31. 

Manila Maria, d. orSamn 

el and I.ydia A., April 20, ls(i2. 

.\nn Kli/a, d. oCSanim-l a 
Gioi-e Herbert, s. or (Je, 

Hi I.ydia A., April 20, 18fi2. 

rye mill Dorcii^, Sept. 17, 1807. 

Kdniund Walter, s. of Wi 

ter ami liridi;et, Oct. 27, I8G7. 

Kred Cutler, s. ofOlLs II. 

nid Jndith v., Feb. 25, 1808. 

Jlaiy Ann, d.ol'\Valter ai 

>1 IJriiL'' I, J;ni. 15, 18C9. 

.s. of Walter and Bri, 

Welliiiston, .s. ofGeor^-e 

lid DiMT.iv, .'iiiiy 1,5^ 1572. 

John, s. of Walter and I!r 

Frank Ernest, s. of U'illia 

n I", ami Arvilla, Oct. 4, 1S72. 


Beiijamin Franklin BaUhvin, s. of Oliver B. and Almira W., Oct. 

Oliver Brewster, s. of Oliver B. and Almira W., July ;il, 1827 
Daniel Wymnn, s. of Oliver B. and Almira W., Nov. 21, ls33 

Baldwin, s 

. of hi 

niamin and 




v "'is'r ' " 



s. ofli 

en.iamii, am 



Nov. 10, 1848. 


Clliulrs Va 



1 i;. .■ 

ml 1 


1 I'-., All-. 7, 


d. ol 

ohii 1 

■ •""' "i-l'ce 

,■1 li., 



-, 1857. 


iMiimu 'jeorgianna, d. of Tho 

mas I 

. am 


achcl, July 3, 


Silas F., s 
Flizabeth ( 

ol 1 h 

>mas li. uiK 


L-l, b( 


in Bath. Mo. 

Oct. 4, 



d. of Geoi;: 

: W. and ( 

aioline K. J.-.n 

25, 1857 
arch 2;(, 

Thomas He 

nry I'l 

rker, s. of '1 



K'aeliel II., M 




d. of Willi 

ill .M. 



rthaM., Juii 

I! 25, 185 


s. of Willlan 

and Martlr 

, Nov 


Caroline Is 


d. ofOeor- 

1 W. 


oline, Jan. 1, 


Georjre Kr: 
Mabel Ade 

nk, s. 
lide, I 

jfGeor-e W 
of Oeoi-e 

W. ai 

d Ca 


e. An-. 24, 18f;5. 

ine F., .\u-. 22, 1870. 

■xo «i:ioo:t'i in 

:'.<i .i .3j<j ,i..i;/ia om/; .^i miiicir/'/ 

.JaO .// .r.i(>J.' I,.!'.- /I 

1/. ..H J, .I'nl •.< I 

-WOinitN liKCOlU) OF lUUTIIS. Gl 


llfury Kilinmul, s. nlMoliii ami Marietlii, Ana;. 21, 18G7. 
Ul;i Priscillii, il. of John and Muriel ta, Nov. il, isfit*. 
Caroline .Vi^nes, d. ol' John and .Mary, May 'J, 1871. 


Mary Elizabeth, d. of .Sanuiel II. and .Mary K., May l:), 1»70. 
.John, .-;. or Timothy and Mary, Sov. 7, ls71. 
s. olSan.nel I'l. aiui Mary E., Dec. .-., l.SiL'. 


.s. „f Bernard and .Mary, May 31, 1803. 

Margaret d. of Bernard and .Miuy, Jan. 2!), 1865. 

iMarv, d. ofliernard and .Mary, Supt. 1, 18(10. 

:\lichael, (1. of Bernard and Mary, May \'.>, KSC.S. 

Jlar-eret, d. of Bernard and Mary, Jan. 30, 1870. 

Annie, d. of Bernard and Mary, jilareh 13, 1872. 

.MaryKllen.d. of .iiidrew ami Mary, Ijorii in Brooklyn. N. Y., April 11, 

COUUIG.\N (sec, also, Kv.maa.KS). 

I'airiek, .s. of I'atrick and Brid'iet, May 19, 1807. 
Mary, d. of I'utriek and Mary, March 20, 1800 
Jame.s,s. of Tatriek and Brid-et, April 11, 1870. 
Geor-e, s. of I'atrick and Bridget, Nov. 23, 1S72. 


llngli, s. of Hugh and Bridget Doherly, July 27, 1845, 

, 185+. 

Illy 17," 1858. 
P,li/.i, Dee. 2;\ LS".'.). 
n W. and Julia, Sept. .30, 18G1. 
1 Catharine, June 2, 18G1. 
d Kli/.a, Jan. 1, 1802. 
a. .March 17, 1805. 
■;!iza, June 21, l.sOti. 
i;il/aljeth, Aug. 22, ISTO. 


Charles I'eli'r, s. of Patrick ami Mary, July 11, IK'i 
Thomas, s. of I'atrick and Mary, Jan. 13, l.s.-.O. 

and Uannali, .March 22, 180; 
lu.l Annie, June 10, KSi.O. 
I'eler, s. of John and Brid-et, July I, Is'OO. 
Mary Ann, d. of Martin and llami.ah, Auu. 1, 1808 
Marnarel, d. of Malllic\y and Biidgct, Sept. !.■., If n, s. of .M.arlin and Hannah, Dec. 2.-., I.S7U. 
,MaHhcw, s. of Matlheu' .and Bridget, Jidy 3, 1H71. 



of Ifolie 

•t and Cat 

Kirine, Dec 

I.ucy, ( 

. of K(.li 

■rt and V: 

iharine, Ap 


le, .1. nf 

i;<)l,ert ai 

d Catliarim 

:iii; i'* '(•f'>(j:i AiiUio 

-hi M liM ..•! o 

hviL '■' .'•'■ .a'(\ji 

,Tv ■. ;1 .■(fi;,.rj 


,!■ '.■ .- ■■irli 




Murgiu-ct Thei-usa, il. of Tetur aiul Atury, S^pt. 17, 1872. 


Alice Howe, U. of Edimiiul C. ami Kiniiia A., April 23, 1872. 


Arlliur K.liii-ly, s- of Alviii ami Maria, .luly 20, 18C1. 
JIarciis Howard, s. of Alvali ami .Maiia ('., Fcl). 4, 1SG7. 
AlviiU C, s. of Alvali and Jlaria C, Jan. I'll, l.-C'J. 


Mary Aim, d. of Daniel and Mary, March 19, 1857. 
falliariue, d. of Daniel and -Mary, Dec. 7, 1858. 
I'alrick, s. of Daniel and Mary, An-. 7, 1801. 
llonora, d. of Daniel and Mary, July 14, 18i;3. 
Kllen, d. of Daniel and Mary, March M, 18(;r,. 
Michael, s. of John and Hannah, June 'J, 187U. 


(^)^■a \ilrliiie, d. of John and Mary, June 20, lfG2. 
Clirsier iMceiiKni, s. of John and Mary, June 5, 18(i7. 
llaltie l.oiiisa, (I. of .lolin and .Mary, SepL. 2"., 1870. 


d. of William and , March 9, 18(10. 

Catharine, d. of William and Mary, May lo, 18G3. 
l.ncv, d. of William and Mary, May 28, ISi;.",. 
i;ii/alieih. d. of Willi.iin and Mary, Jan. 14, 18117. 
William Tlioma.s, s. of William and Mary, Jan. 7, 1872. 


Almira Cora, d. of Jeremiah and Mar-areL, Jnae — , 1857. 


Kli/.ahi-lli. d. .)f .Inseph, Nov. 25, UWG. 
.Ml.-.., d. ,,f .Insrpl, and .Mice, ApriKJ, ICS'.I. 
rilllip, s. of .In^rph .111.1 Ali(-e, Keh. 12, |i;'.)2. 
.luM-ph, >. of .In.ei.hand Alice, Dec. 9, HIKI. 
.S.nali, d. of .loM-i>h and Alice, Aug. — , IG'.W. 


Harriet K. F., d. of Thonia.s and Maria, Anj;. 12, 1838. 
Henry, s. of Vaniuin and .Mary, x\'ov. 1, 1817. 


Mary Frances, d. of Miles and F.Ucii, li. in lioston, March 2, 18G0. 

.s. of H.and , April:!", ISGO. (Crowley?) 


Willie, .s. of Leonard and l,ydia, Feb. 3, 1854. 
Kli/.al.elli, d. of Edward and Mary, Sept. 5, 18C8. 

.fUTJIDT '10. a!IOD3-T V^'.f'JMi 

,!f '.lU'raJft'l to . 

':\ii ,'■': iCKiV. , ■. "(iioK-i '"ii '1 l)iiiinil)H ^^ 

. f.J:l.7O0 




.Marv, a. of 1) 

and Amiii, Apr 


Ai)i-ail, il. of .Toliii, Au-. 4, 1(;«2. 

S:inili,>l. of Joliii, An^'. Id, lilUI. 

Klizabetli, (1. or .Tolin, An-. :'., IfillG. 

Jlcrcy, (I. of .loliii, Miu-cli 25, u;i;:). 

Ami;i, d. of Joliii, Aui;. C, l(;7:i. 

Joliu, s. of ,7oliii, Sept. 19, 1077. 

Kacliol. d. of, John, March 14, ICSO. 

Leali, d. of .loliu, Marcli 14, Ui.sO. 

Joliii, s. of .lohii and Deborah, March 25, 1701. 

Anna, d. of Jolin and Dohorah, March 25, 1701. 

Benjamin, s. of John and Deborah, Nov. 27, 1702. 



; II 



Id M, 
of .1. 

rv, Feb 

hn and 

. 10, 

1, Fe 

). 17, 184 



lOl'u'n To 

.lol.ll I'r 

\V;Ulrr 1 
l-anny 1' 

1 .M 


, d. 


of .To 



1'. and 
1'. .■uid 
1 . and 
'. :uid 
1'. an.l 
r. an. 



June 17, 

luiio 1(), 
M:iv Kl, 

\(l^' IS, 

i; . D.T. 

l:., .Mar 



h 3, 


( KAM.V. 

,Iaui.-s, . 






■ -2, 



Thnma>, s. < 

' Sarah, d. of 

Kobert, s. ol 

f T 



as an 

id Saia 
1 Sarah 

1, July M 
Nov. 27, 
fub. 23, 



.loliii llil 


1, .- 

of [■ 

of r. 

UkU a 

nd I 
d A 

, Dc 

■t, Jnly2 
:. lU, 1S( 
line 17, 

8, 1800.* 



Jan. 13, 1871. 

CUKSON (see Citic. 


Aliihens, .s. of Arlln 

utry bulonga uuUcr McRu 


:r ! .N.:; viiji. .i'j»(lihit i)ii« ?i...w,-i'. i,j ■', ,1... 



TutL-r Aii-ustns, s. olMui-eniKiU iuul CaUianiK'. .lime 1, ISofi. 
John, s. olMolm aiKl Margai-ut, iMarcli lli, 18i;3. 


Edwanl William, s. of K.hvarJ aiul Jane, ,]uly 7, lS,-.4. 

Kivdora Frances, il. of William II. ami Maiy A , Jliir- 13, 1S.J5. 

Frauds, s. of F.hvanl and Jane, Sept. 2.'., Is:,.".. 

.lames, s. of K.hvard and .lane, Oct. 1."., IHM. 

Olive Fi-anees, d. of William II. and Maria A., ,7id.v 23, 1857. 

•l.ilni Cliarles, s. of Kilward and .lane, June .'., IsnO. 

Ann Maria, d- of Edward and Jane. . icL L'l. l«i;:!. 

Charles lliMiry, .-. of ICdward .md .lanr, Oet. 21, 18i;,->. 

Mary ICli/.a. d. of Kdw.ud and .lane, .luiie C, ksiis. 


Kli/.aheUi, d. of John and Anna, (Jet. 2.';, 17(;i. 
Ann Jane, d. of John J. and llannali, Dee. 2, 18.-il. 
Frances Ann, d. of Jo!in J. and Ann, .Sept. H, Is.'iS. 
rhilip, s. of I'liilip and Jane, .March 7, lf.72. 


Julia Ann, d. of Harlholomew and Catharine, Dec. 1, 1858. 
Jc'rendah, s. of Jeremiah and Kllen, Sept. +. 18li'.>. 
J,,hn, s. of I-.driek a, id Li/./,ie, Nov. 2i;,.lS7(). 
Calharine, d. of Corn.'lius and Joanna, Nov. I, 1871. 
Mary, d. of Patrick and lOliza, March 21(, 1872. 


Uiley Fit/.roy, s. of .Tohn K. and Nancy, born in Greenllekl, N. II., 

Sept 18, 1.818. 
Clara .Minerva, d. of John U. and Nancy 15., Sept. 21, 1852. 
I.y-ander De Forest, s. of John 1!. and Nancy, Jan. 4, 1855. 
Jean l.efavre, s. of .lohn li. and Nancy H., Oct. G, 185U. 


John Kdvvard, s. of Martin and ICUen, March lU, lsr.7. 
lii'rnanl s. ..f I'honns and Mar-an-l, April 24, Is.",;), 
.lames i;.'rii,ird, s. of Martin and I lien, June 1 I, IS.VJ. 
Marv \nn d. of M uliii and KUeil, Sejit. 0. LSilU. 
I'aiii.k s ol 1 iiomas and Mar-aret, Feb. 2, 1.m;2. 
l-iur-ncr s ..I llioiuas and Mar-arei. An-. 17, 18(11. 

lind-vl, .lune II), 18(18. 


■{ -iv. ii:u..*;iiji lino 


Joliii, s. ol'.loliii lUHl Mary, Sept. 10, lUii2. 
Sarali, (I. of Abraham and Saiali, Feb. lU, 1G94. 
Mury, il. of Joliii ami Mary, July :il, 10114. 
Ebeiieiier, s. of Julni and Klizabi-tli, Sept. 17, IGUo. 
Jacob, s. of Abiahaiii and Saiali, Jan. a, lUlK). 
.Tohii, s. of Joliii and .Maiv, July •-'. HIDli. 
Katharine, d. of Jidm and .Mary, Aug. 31, 10118. 
Jacob, s. of John and Mary, .Inly 14, 170U. 
Josiuh, b. of John and .Mary, Jnly 14, 1700. 
Steplieu, s. of .lohn and .Mary, Jan. 12, 1703. 
Eliezer, s. of Aljiahiini and Sarah, April i), 1704. 
Jiiines, s. of John and Mary, May 7, 170.-.. 
I'hebe, d. of David and Joanna, May L'6, 175G. 
Abi-ail, d. ol D.ivid and Juanna, April 20, 17G3. 
Mary, d. of iJiivid ami Joanna, April 28, 1708. 
Samuel, s. of David and Joanna, Ang. 12, 1773. 
Jibene/.er, s. of Kbeni /.er and Jemima, Nov. 18, 1775. 
tleiniina, d. of libenezer and Jemima, June 28, 1777. 
Joscpli, s. of Kbenezer and Jemima, Dec. 0, 1770. 
I'hebe, il. of Kbenezer and Jemima, Sept. 8, 1781. 
Lydia, d. of Kbenezer and Jemiina, April ,!, 1783. 
John, s. of Kbenezer and Jemiina, Feb. 20, 1785. 
David, s. of l.beni'zcr and .leminia, Dec. 3, 1780. 
Hannah, d. of Kbenezer and Jemima, Dec. 24, 1788. 
Joshua, ti. of and .leiuiiiKi, Dee. 7, 17'J0. 
Kuth, d. of Kbenezer and Jemima, Nov. 12. 1792. 
Samuel, s. of Khenezer and Jemima, Dec. 8, 1794. 
Joanna, d. of Stephrn and .Mary, Aug. 1, 17!)r.. 
Stephen, s. of .SUphe'ii ;iiul Mary, Aug. 27, 17'J6. 
Daniel, .s. of Kliem-zerand Jemima, Jan. 7, 1797. 
Isaac r.rooUs, .s. of Stephen and Mary, Jan. 7, 1798. 
Moses, s. of Kbenezer and Jemima, Uct. 15, 1800. 
Mary, d. of Stephen and Mary, Aug. 20, 1801. 
Susanna, d. of Kbenezer and l.ydia, (Jet. 3, 1811. 
.lohn, s. of John ami .Marcia, Oct. 19, 1812. 
Steplien, s. of Kbenezer and l.ydia, .March 7, 1814. 
Nancy, d. of Joiiii and .Marcia, Dee. 10, 1814. 
Oyrns, n. of John ami .Marcia, Sept. 21, 1817. 
Harriet, d. ni .Moses and Harriet, Aoril 22, 1825. 
Moses Warren, s. of Moses and Harriet, Jan. 29, 1827. 
.lames Otis, a. of Moses and Harriet, May 20, 1829. 
Mary, d. of .Mosr> and llaiiin, .Nov. 4, 1830. 
Maiiha, d. of M..-.-.- an.i lluriet, A|u1l 22, 1832. 
Eustace, s. of .M..-, . ana Ihiiiiel, A|.ril 22, 1834. 
John llartwell, .-,. •.( .Mi.--^ and Harriet, Dec. 21, 1837. 
William Franklin, s. nf Daniel and Julia A., Oct. 1, 1847. 
John, s. of Cyrns and Saiali S., .Inne 0, 1849. 

d. of Daniel and Juda A., (Jcl. 0, 1850. 

John, s. of Cjrus and Sarah, Oct. 24, 1850. 
Samuel, s. of ICheiitzer and Saiali, i''eb. 1, IS.'il. 
Sn.saii, d. of Kbenezer and Sarah, May 19, 1852. 
Cyrus, s. of Cyrus and Sarah S., Oct. 17, 1852. 

Daniel S lei, s. of Daniel and .Iidia A.,' Oct. 29, 1864. 

C(n-a Tvlci-, d. ol't:yrii.s and Sar.ili, Dee. 17, 1854. 
- Harriet (a'lina, d. of Otis and (Viin.-i, Dee. 25, 1854. 


CUMMINGS, coniiHiu'J. 

Wilbur Eiistiicc, s. of Kiistiice mid Anj;elia, Jan. IC. 1855. 
Clmilis Sumner, s. of Cyrus and Sarah, June -27, 1850. 
An"lu Amelia, d. oCKu.stace and Angelino, Dec. 18, 185C. 
Ansel, s. of Kbenezer and Sarah W., -March L'8, 1857. 
Mary Tyler, d. c)!' Cyrus and Sarali, I'el). 2Li, 18,-.8. 
Alice, d. of Kbenezer anil Sarah. April 21.'. 185,-<. 
Joanim, d. of Kbene/.er and Sarah, An-. -.'1, I8.VJ. 


l'. of l-.ustuce 



ine, S 

pt 1 

', 18.",'.!. 

Martha Liz/.ic, d. ul 

( It 

s and 



t. 2U, IS.W. 





, Dee. 

25, 1 



Albert, s. of 


taee a 

ul .\ni. 


, Nov. 17, 18C1. 

Ann I, 

una, d. of lit 

s a 

ud Su. 

an, Fc 

b. 4, 


s Edward, s. 

of C 


and I 

ucinda .1., April U, 1801 


•, s. ofEbenc 

and S 

I rah. .\ 


27, 18i;2. 


s. of Ebenez 

er 1 

ml Sa 

ah. ,li 

ly 1, 




c. ;!, 



•Ulen', d.'of W 


in 11. 

and A 

, Sept. l!l, 18r!i. 


n Warren, 8. 

of Otis ai 

d Zerl 


Sei.t. i;i, 1804. 

Hay I. 

ncoln. s. of i 


cis an 

1 Evel 

■n E 

, May 0, 1K(;5. 


I'Alward, .s. o 

r W 


11. am 


E., Dec. 23, 18i;5 

Ida Fi 


11 an 

1 Marl 

ha H 

. Aug. 5, 1801!. 

of Fianeis a 

id ] 



21, 1 



d. of Ebcne/ 

er , 

11(1 Sa 

ah W 

. A, 

ril 19. 18i;7. 


n Foster, -s. ( 

f W 


11. an 

J Eli 

/.abeth A., Aug. 2, 


of .lames ant 


Nov. - 

-, la 


Marcia F., d. of Kvi 


mid Delia 1{., .Ji 

Iv 25, 18C9. 


s. of .lames a 



, Oct. 




Maylaiul, d. of F 


W. ai 

d N<. 

llie F,, March 10, 



d. of Ebenez 

■r ; 

ml Sa 

ah N. 

A pi 

1 :!. I.s7(i. 

Frank llerbcit, s. o 



11. am 


ie E., April 10, 18 



Uertha, d. of 


■etl ai 

d Del 

a 1! 

Au;:. (i, 1S70. 

''rauocs, d. ol 


UlCis i 

m\ Ml 


A., Dec. 2t;, 1870. 

Daniel, s. of .lames and Anna, Feb. 20, 1872. 

d. of William II. and Anna E., May 2.'), 1872. 

Delia Edna, d. of Everett and Dilia K., Ani,'. 2'.), 1872. 


Clorimla Florentine, d. of Lewis II. and Clorinda D., Aug. 'J, 1849. 

Barney, s. of Bernard ami fatharine, JIaich 28, 1854. 

.lohn, s. of Hernard and Mary, .luiiu 2:i, 1855. 

,Iohii Michael, s. of .lohn ami l!rid-et, born in Boston, Feb. 23, 1S.>8. 

s. of ■I'homas and Maria, .liily — , bsno. 

William ,1 s. of Thomas and Mary, Ocl. 7, 18i;3. 


John Henry, s. of. 
Mary Jane, d. of .1 
Stephen, s. of Join 
Jeremiah, s. of Fa 

d. of John am 

John, s. of, lohn ai 

ohn and Mary, .lunc 4, 1SC5. 
.In. ami Mary J., Aug. 3, ISCli 

ami Mary Jane, Dec. 25, ISo" 
rick ami Eli/.a, May 9, I8li9. 

.Mary, Auu'. 19, 1870. 
d Miiry .lane, Ocl. 1, 1871. 


Fiani,-. l'.,.s. of I' 
Mary Ml. n, d. of 1 

Hick and i;ilen, Au-. 31, I8i; 
■itrick anil lOllei,, Sept. 1, 180 

ii.'i -jn (i)uy>3:i /ii'jfK 

i')(l .Vl.l/ Ijll 


CURRAN, continiicil. 

I'ntrick Hcninnl, il. of Murl ainle Miuyarct, Feb. 5, 18G8. 
s. of Terence ami OiUhnriiuj, .Iiiiic i'l, ISGI). 

CURRY (see Couiiv)- 


William Tliomns, s. of Michael ami llaiUKili, Feb. L'4, 1853. 


Henry Eaton, s. ofKnoch II. and Mary Klla, May II, 1872. 


Michael Lewis, .s. of John and Bridget, .Vu'?. 2i;, 1805. 
Kate Ann, d. of Jolin and Biid-et, .Vpril 1'-', 18(17. 
Delia, d. of .John and lirid.-el, Dec. 13, 1S(J8. 


Mary, d. of John, Ani;. 7, lilSl. 
Susanna, d. of John, March L'2, 1653. 
Mary, d. of John, May 5, 11103. 
Snsauini, d. of , John, Jnly 4, 1081. 
John, s. of John, Jan. l."., 1C83. 
John, s. of John, DfC. 7, 1084. 
John, s. of John, Jan. 4, 1080. 
Susanna, d. of John and Susanna, N'ov. 8, 1C87. 
Hannah, d. of John and Klizal)elh, July 5, lili)4. 
Kebeeea, d. of John and Klizabelh, Au- 8, 1097. 
Nathaniel, s. of John and Kli/.abelli, May •.';!. 1700. 
Sarah, d. of John and Kli/.abetli, .Vpril L'L', 1702. 
Nathaniel, s. <if Mathaniel and Abi-ail, Mav -'0, 1724. 
John, s. of Naliianiel and Al.i:;ail, ,liilv 21. 1720. 
Sarah, d. of Nalhanie! and .\hi-ail, M:iv 20, 1729. 
Abi-ail, d. of Naihaniel aiul Alii-ail, Se|il. 0, 1731. 
Elizabeth, d. of Nathaniel and .Vbi-ail, Nov. 30, 1735. 
William, s. of Natlnudel and Abigail, Feb. 7, 1737. 
Mary, d. of Nathaniel and Abi-ail, Feb. 20, 1740. 
Silas, s. of Nathaniel and Abiu.ll. .Mav .'.O. 1743. 
Uuth, d. ofNalhaiii.l and, :i, I7i:.. 
Naihaniel, s. of Nathaniel and, .Mai( h 2, 1777. 
James, s. of Nathaniel and Kli/ali.lh, .Maul. L',",, 177'.). 
James AuKUstin, s. of Jiunes. Jr., and Kel.s.y S., Feb. 21, 1831. 
James An-nslus, s. of Jam- s, Jr , and Itetsev, Dec. 21, 1832. 
Helen Willemine, d. of William and Helen, Dec. 4, 1844. 
William, s. of Sylvester 1'. and Aileline, Sept. 24, 1845. 
Averillia, d. of W iUiani and Helen, Nov. 22, 1840. 
Marlha Ann, d. ot David A, and Martha W., Dec. 3, 1840. 
Elvira Elizabeth, d. of Amos C. and .\lclinda, Jan. 3, 1848. 
Ann Josephine, d. of Jesse and l.ydia T., April 1, 1S4S. 
Adeline Kowemi, d. of Sylvester and Adeline, .Inlv 4, 184.'<. 
Darius Johimnel, .s. of Amos and Mdinda, April .'., 18,50. 
Warren, s. of Jesse and l.ydia, Dee. 14, lS5u. 
John Walter, s. of Sylvester and Adeline, July 24, 1851. 
Mar-arel Ann, d. of Anuis E. and Mar-aret li., Sept. 12, 1852. 
, Sar.vh liabbi-e, d. of .lesse ami Lydia I'., Nov. 20, 1852. 

anuui 'lo iifioosH Mtiuaov." 

.BUM ,■..■ .;.,,/ ,.V 


CUTLEIJ, co„tiunr,l. 

Jessu, s. of Jl'Sso in 
Thomas Hill. s. of, 
Lewis Fi-aiiklin, s. 
Blanche Meiloni, il 

i\ LyiliaT., July 12, 185r.. 
essean.l Lydiii, Jnne 1, ISo.S. 
.f James A. aud Lo.iisa S., Nov. 
ofKdwai-d \V. and .Vlniini A., 1) 

12, 1870. 
ec. 15, 1S7 


Rachel, (.1. of John: 
John, s. of John an 
Jonatlian, s. of Joh 
David, s. of John a 
Nathan, s. of.Iohn 
Soth, s. of John an. 
Nathaniel, s. of Nai 
Joseph, H. of John 

nd Kaehel, .May 11, ITL-f. 

1 and Ua'cii.'iel', March '2, 1728. 

d Itiu-hel. Dec. 4, 1730. 
uid liachel, March i:i, 1733. 

.Manila, Aii^'. 2,^., 17(10. 
haniel ami Sarah, April 27, 17G0. 

nd .Martha, Oct. 25, 17(12. 

Benianiin, s. of Nathaniel and Sarah, April 20, 17(!2. 

William Henry, s. of and .Sarah, Dec. 21, 1S03. 

Sarah, d. of John and .Mary, June 20, I.Sll. 
Sullivan, s. of John antl Marv, Nov. 1, 1S12. 
Catharine, d. of John aud .Mary, Sept. C, ISIO. 
Stephen Hall, s. of .Stephen and Adeliuc, April 5, 1821. 
Julia Ann. d. of Stephen and Adeline, Dec. 3, 1824. 
Hannah, d. of Andrew aud Kliz.ibeth, April 1, 1825. 
John Andrew, .s. ofAndrcw ami Klizabelh, Dec. 20, 1827. 
Adeline An-nsta, d. of Stephen ami .\deline, .March 27, 1827. 
Belli imin Line. In, s. of lieniamin and Mary \V., Sept. 2li; 1328. 
Niiiiev Wyiiuni, d. oflleiirv and Naiicv, Feb. 1, lS2i). 
Miiry .\nn ICli/.a, d. of lieiijamm and Mary W., Sept. 10, 1830. 
Kphraiin. s. of Benjamin and Marv W., Sept. 1, 1832. 
William Henry, s. of Andrew and Klizabeth. .Iniie 13, 1832. 
KslherWvmau, d. of Stephen and Adeline, June 30, 1833. 
.Marv Whiltemore, d. of Heiijaniiii ami .Mary W., Nov. 18, 1834. 
Sarah Hall, d. of Andrew aud Klizabeth, Aug. 23, 1834. 
Marv Sophronia, d. of Samuel 1!. and Marv, .Vin;. 7, 1837. 
Geor-e Sullivan, s. of Sullivan and .M.i-ail, Nov. 30, 1S37. 
lieniamin, s. of Samuel II. aud .Marv, .Ui-. 17, IHIIS. 


d. of Henry ami .Nancy, .May 11, ls:'.s. 


'ranees, d. of Sullivan and .Vbi^'iiil, June 10, lst4. 


of Siiuuel B. ami , .Vpril 1, 1S45. 


lilh l.lleu, d. of Stephen, 2d, and .Maria P., M.irch 17, 1846 


n Kichaid, s. of lieniamin and .Mary, Aug. 17, 1847. 


Kdwaril, s. of James ami Abi-ail, Aui;. 20, 1847. 


1 Stilinan, s. of Samuel H. and Marv, Dec. 23 1847. 


Krankliu, s. of .Andrew and ICIizalietli, March 12, 1848. 


\iin Jane, .1. of James ami Abinail, Nov. 20, KSf.S. 


Henry, s. of Sleidien 11. and .\lmira, Dec. .'iO, ISI'J. 


h .Vuireline. d. olSamiie! li ami Marv, .June 20, 1850. 


n lleiirv, s. of Siuiimd H. and Mary, ."lan. 7, 1H53. 


s. of Samuel 1!. ami .Marv, .March 27, 1851. 


iiin, s. of Kohraim and Uebeec. S., Seiit. 0, 1857. 

Willi. 1 

11 Alouzo, .s. of Alonzo N. and Julia A., Auii. 2, 1858. 


Ill, s. of Kphraiin ami i:eb. e a E., .Ian. 1, 1.S5'.). 


Louisa, d. of li.uiiamin S. ami Klleii L., Oct. 7, 18.5'.). 

n.uM 'to !i:io'jasi /tiuJK/W 


CUTTER, cuiitinuf'd. 

Fanny Lock, U. ol' Alonzo N. iiiul Julia A., Feb. If), 1807. 
KoljOLca liiis.sell, d. of Eiiliiaiin ami Kfli.xca S., Oct. 1, 18C7. 
I-fWis ^\'., s. of Kplil-aiiii and l!i-l)rcca, Dim;. 17, l.Sf.O. 
.le.sso Franklin, .s. of Slcplicn II. an.l Kvie C, March W, 1870. 
Grace Dnnnin-, d. of Kplnaim and Krhccca S., May 20, 187^. 


James Henry, -s. of Janiu.s A. and Klizaliutli, May 2, 1852. 

DAINK (see Dean). 

DALANI) (.see 1)f.i..\m.). 


Martha, d. of Hol)ert, Feb. ;i, KWl. 
AbiKail, d. of Robert and Joanna, Jnly 2'J, ICS". 
Joanna, d. of Kobort and Joanna, July 20, 1000. 
Elizabeth, d. of Kobert aiul Joanna, Dec. 10, 1G9:1. 
Hebecca, d. of Robert and Joanna, Jan. 24, IC'JS. 


Maria, il. of I'atrick and Mary, March IG, 1850. 

Charles, ,-i. of Patrick and Mary, Oct. 14, 1857. 

Edward, s. of James and Ann, Oct. 20, 185ii. 

Jolm Charles, s. of Patrick and Mary, Dec. 25, 1859. 

William Henry, s. of I'atrick A. and Mary, June 14, 18.01. 

Bernard, s. of James and Ann, June 20, 1801. 

Mary Ann, d. of James and Ann, Oct. 1, 180.S. 

Annie, d. of I'atrick and Mary, May 12, 18fi«. 

Bridget, d. of James and Ann, Oct. 18, 1800. 

Susan, d. of James and Ann, Nov. 18, 1808. 

Catharine, d. of John and Mary, Feb. '.i. 1872. 


lieor-c Osfjood, s. of Tristram and llannali K., Jan. 10, 1832. 
Geori;e Willie, s. of George and Louisa M., July 9, 1807. 


James Nelson, s. of James and Lois, Jnlv 23, 1835. 
Harriet, d. of James and Lois, Oct. 8, lM:i7. 
Walter, s. of Clirlslooher and HIi/.a, Oct. 8, 1k51. 
John ISoardman, s. of John and Ih-len .\I., May 21, 1852. 
Helen, d. or,lo!in K. and Helen, Jan. II, IsOO. 


•Toshua, s. of Joshua and Ke/.ia, Dec. 14, 1754. 
Daniel Warner, s. of Daniel \V. and I'hebe, Oct. 20, 1S47. 
William Simeon, s. ofDaniel W. ami I'iiebe, Feb 2, 1852. 
Luey tJre^'f,', d. .>f Daniel W. and I'hebe, Jan. 18, 1850. 


aiiTHiit Tf (fsjoorr:! vr<ti'H07/ 

VflMl .nl iw.l / . 

-• 'jj.h'. .ili'.iflj. »ii;i mic /. ^'titiyy, 'Hi 

•MBi -.r ■,>.iiiT. , — 

^i .;iJil.'. '"Ill ii<lo». 

ikf. ..Kii»!!.ii„ll hid! (mJ,ii-iT ;.-■ 


Chinlus lialfc.iii-, M. ofOri-en B. and SMrali, \ov. 9, ISCO. 


.laiiiu.s Edwuril, s. of liicliunl iiml Doli'i, Nov. 10, ISiiO. 
Mai-v Elkni, a. of James and KlUii, Jan. 15, 18i;5. 
Hicliai'd .lames, s. of Janu's and Kllon, An;;. — , ISCO. 
Ricliai'd Thoma.s, :*. of Kichard and Dilia S , .Vu:,'. 1'.), 1807. 


Dennis, .s. of James and .Mary, Nov. 12, ISCn. 


s. of Lewis and Kli/.ahelh .S. I) ailM,rn, .\inil 12, 1819. 


Martini, d. of Joshua and Maruarel, May 7, 182u. 



s, s. o 

Joshua an 

1 Marf;a 

el, June 7, 1822. 


Bond, d 

of Jo 

hua and M 


Inly 4, 1824. 


• Jane, d 

of Jos 

ma and .Mi 

r-arel, I 

)ee". 18, 1820. 


Alhert, > 

. of (^h 

irles (i. aiK 


I.. Jan. 21, 1645. 

s. of Sum 

lel 11. . 

ltd llannal 

, July 1(1 



1 Clani, . 

. of M 

wellyii an. 

Ann, J 

ilv 111, 1818. 



, s. of 

lohn 1! an 

1 Mary 1 

., Sept. 9, 1849. 


am I'l-edc 

riek, s 


, G. and 

Aim, l)e.'. 12, 1849. 


ail Annus 

tiis, s. 

of Cliiii-les 

;. ami J 

im: I'., March 27, 185 

1. of IJe\ 


'. and Ann 

May ■(, 



)h 'I'linye 

■, s.' of 

•Tohii li. an 

1 Mary 1 

., April. l(i, 1852. 


1 Adeline 

d. of 

.eiiuiel M. 

iiid Sara 

1, July 13, 1852. 


ir (ieor;; 

, s. of 

rhomas (i. 

and .Sar 

ill, Oct. 2:l, 1852. 


Maria, d. 

of TIk 

mas (i. am 

Ann, Ai 

-. 28, 1854. 


e\v Jackson, s. r 

f John li. 1 

nd Mary 

E., March 15, 1858. 


III Warre 

1, s. of 

Ddwiird an 

1 May E 

, July 19, 1859. 

I/dliau Marift, 

d. of !■ 

pliraiin am 

Lyd'ia .\ 

., An;;. 20, 1859. 

Charles, s. of 


s fi. ami A 

u, Nov. 

7, 1859. 

Mary, d. of If 

i-hard ; 

ml Mary A 

, Dec. 1 



le, s. of I' 


and Mary, 

Mav — , 



aid, s. ol 


d and Mai-j 

Ann, Ji 

ly 21, 18r.3. 

s. of ICdv 

card ai 

d Mary, M 

ly-, lt*( 



lert Tlioii 

as, s. 

if Tho'mas 

i. and A 

iin, Sept. 29, ISCB. 

Kdiii, d. of Horace W. and lluiinah, Oct. 14, 1806. 
LconnnI, s. of Charles and Ann, April 12, 1871. 
hewls, s. of Armstead and Mary, Dec. 19, 1,871. 
s. of .\rinslead anil .Mary, Dec. 19, 1871. 


Mary Caroline, d. of Tliomas aii.l Kosanna, Sept. 14, 1h4(1. 
Sarah Elizabeth, d. of ■ri.oiniis and Kosanna. April :i, 1,H48. 
Thomas, s. of 'riiomas and Kosanna, March Hi), 1851. 
Itynm .Mcddiistry, s. of Tliomas and Clara M., July 7, 1854. 
Alhert. s. of Thomas and Clam M., Oct. 22, 1855. 
Alfred, s. of Thoimis and Clara M , Oct. 22, 1855. 
Einmii Kli/aheth, d. of Charles II. and Sarah, Nov. 27, 185C. 
(jHara .Meli>sa, d. of Thomas iinfl .Clara, March 2, 1857. 
Gcor-e Leonard, s. of Charles II. and Sarah, Kch. 8, 18C1. 

.'(I -III:! lo liaaO.'IU XH'J'iOM' 

.f lov. ,^ttuh: i'<M ?1 ..•..:-( 

i.ia^r ':\ 10/. v'l.ti' 


7>il/. ,i;n/i.j.(.K. 

-,! ,': ■.■ii>'. .lUiiii:^,.;! Mill >K!iKiiri' 

\\ohui;n' iti'.roiii) of isiutii 

am, s. olMoliii W. anil .lulia, Jiiiie 13, 18G1. 
ih, H. or Thomas ami Clam M., Dec. 1, 18(;i. 
of Tiiomas iiml Chira, S^'pl. 27, 181)3. 
mu, (I .oC'I'lioimis iiml Clara M., .Iiuie 21), 18G.5. 

I A., hoiii in Addi.son, Vt., Aug. 28, 18G6. 

iii;is aii.l Clara M., Marcli It], 18G7. 

s ami Clara M., Nov. 5, 18GS. 

aml.Inlia A., Junu 2.i, 1870. 

ami .-^alji-a A., ,lnlv 20, 1870. 

as ami Clara M., March 1, 1871. 

uanl I'!. C. and Delia, boru in St. Johns, 

.s. olMolui W.aml 


Albert Cornclins, s. o 


Kre.l. Clark, s. of .loh 

1 W 

Mary, d. of.Toh 

1 H 

Adria Aimusia, d. of '1 


liuitlKi Margaret, d. < 

1' 1 

.\'. H., Aug. 2i;, 1872 

DKALC (.'^.■u Dam ). 


Manila, d. of William 


William, s. of William, .Iidv 5. li;7:i. 

Samuel, s. of Willia luly 2«, 1G7.-,. 

.lolin. s. of William, .lune 25, 1G77. 

Sarah, d. of William and Manha, , 1687. 

John, s. of John and Marv, Jan. 10, 170.). 
William, s, of .lohn and Mary, May 7, 1700. 
Kdward, s. of John and .Mary, Sept 14, 1707. 
Khenuzer, s. of John and Mary, Jan. 28, 170'J. 
Thoma.s, s. of John ami Mary, Nov. 23, 1712. 
Molley, d. of John and .Marv, April IG, 1715. 
Samuel, >. of John ami Mary, Keb. 21, 1717. 
Sarah, d. of John and Sarah, Sept. Ill, 1730. 
John, s. of John and Sarah, Dec. 22, 1733. 
Molly, d. of William and Sarah, Oct .20, 173G. 
Dorcas, d. of John and Sarah, Sept. 15, 1737. 
Lvdia, d. of Thomas and Lydia, May 22, 17,38. 
lAlcy, d. of William and Sarah, Nov. 22, 1738. 
Seth, s. of John and Sarah. July 18, 1740. 
Samuel, s. of Samuel and Martha. Sept. 15, 1740. 
Sarah, d. of William and Sarah, Nov. 17, 1740. 
Kezia, d. of Thomas and Lydia, Jim. 1, 174 1. 
Patience, d. of Kdward and Patience, June 9, 1741. 
William, .s. of William and Sarah, Nov. 13, 1742. 
Mollv, d. of Thomas and Lydia, Aug. il, 1744. 
Uutir, d. of William and Sarah, June 25, 1745. 
Thaildeus, s. of Thomas antl Lydia, June 29, 1748. 
Supply, s. of Thomas and Lydia, Nov. 1, 17.-)0. 
Thomas, s. of Thomas and Lydia, July 8, 1753. 
Jesse, s. of Edward and Sarah, Fob. 17, 1754. 
Sarah, d. of Kdward and Sarah, June 3, 175G. 
Sarah, d. of Thomas and L\dia, Jan. 23, 1757. 
Abigail, d. of Lenniel and Abigail, March II, 1781. 
Lucy, d. of Samuel and Abigail, Oct. 22, 1783. 
Loaiiimi, !<. of Lemuel and Abigail, July 9, 1784. 
Huth, d. of Lemuel and Abigail, Jan. 20, 178G. 
Martha, d. of Lemuel and Abigail, Jan. 30, 1787. 
John, s. of Lemuel and Abigail, .May 8, I79(i. 

.-liTMl.'l '<'l UJK>MH v;:i'.iH<i7/ 

.l.liiol. .Hi lit 

.y.t Ail 

L'S, 1817. 

!;iv 27, IHl'J. 

11^ L'S, ISL'O. 


lu 3, IH2:!. 

1, iH2;t. 

is:. ■■'•(), 1825. 

woiuJHN itKCOKD or lilimiS. 

Mary .\mi, il. (if John aiul Mi-lu'talii:l, 

.Vliiuail Ui^isa, (I. (ilJoliii ami IMi-hctalx 

,lo>r|ih liral'u)]!, .s of .;„.sv|ih an. I Hull 

,Iulin, N. uCIoliu untl M.-lictaln'!, .Ilimc 

.lauiu.s Winclicl, .s. (if .lo.sepli anil Until, Jui 

MilKtal)L-l, (I. of .loliii untl Mcluaui. 

WilliaiM I.oi-iiiu', s. of Josi'pli anil 1 

Cliailcs, .s. of Joliii and Mcliit.ihol. .Inly !). l.s.'iii. 

Willi.iin Wado, s. of .lolm .\. aji.l Sii-aiina, March ll!, 1832. 

Marv .AnKLiKla, il. of, lolm A. ,-in.l Snsanna, .Inlv 27, IfiM. 

Until Maria, d. of and Sarah, Due. 25, l,s:!7. 

Calvin l.oaniini, s. of .lohii A. .niid .Susanna. !•'. I). -4, 183S. 
Sarah Kli/ahoth, d. of .li.hii riid .Sarali, Dec. 27, 1S)5. 
Gcorue liaxlcr, .s. of Joseph (!. and llarriut. Nov. 5, 1847. 

li. of .\iKlrew ,1. inul .Mary, .Ian. 2;i, IMl.s. 

Susan .AIniira, d. of Michael M. ■■iiid Mary M., Oct. in, 1848. 
Harriet .\ni;iista, d. of .Joseph G. and Harriet, ,lnne li, 1849. 
Lora .lane, d. of .John ami .Sarah, Sept. :i, lH4y. 
Uosanna Estella, d. of Michael and Nancy, .Ian. 4. 1850. 
Sarah ,Iane, d. of Josepli (i. and Man let, Feb. 17. 1851. 
Mary Pamela, d. of .James \V. and ICsther, Jnly 4, 1851. 
li'ranklin Seweli, s. of .lolm iiiid Sar:ih, Marili 2."., KS52. 
Caroline I>onisa, d. of Joseph (i, ami Harriet, Nov. 7, 18.52. 
Josepli (Irafton, s. of .Joseph G. and Harriet, An;;. 2il, 1.S54. 
Harriet .Josephiue, d. of Henry U. and JIannah M., Oct. 22, 1855. 
diaries J., .s. of John and Sarah, Feb. 2'J, 18511. 
Annie Lsabella, d. of William L. and Jnlia A., Jnly 21, 185i;. 
Maria Low, d. of James \V. and Esther, Sept. 20, 1850. 
Cynthia Lorinj;, d. of William 1.. and Jnlia .\., Jan. 22, 1859. 
Harriet Ktta, d. of John and Sarali, Nov. 5, 1859. 
Unth Maria, d. of Henry U. and Hannah M., March 25, 18C0. 

Nellie .Martha, d. of William D. and . Jnly 28, ISfil. 

Willie Winchell, s. of William h. and , Jnly 28, 1801. 

Benjamin lUUler, s. of Joseph G. and Harriet. Jnly 21, 18G2. 
Geor;,'e Otis, s. of Henry W. and llannali M. May 2(1, 1804. 
Nellie Frances, d. of Geor-e W. and Maria F., Nov. 15, ISCB. 


Mary Hannah, d. of Daniel and Harriet, May 15, 1853. 

Amos Francis, s. of Andrew and , July 30, 1854. 

Aionzo Hubert, s. of Henry C. and Esther, Nov. 17, 1854. 
Orion Frank, s. of Henry C. and Esther, Dec. 21, 185C. 
Alberto., s. of Henry C. and Kslher, .May 31, 18G0. 
(Charles Andrew, s. of Andrew and Ann J., Nov. 8, 18C0. 

s. of Andrew and Ann J., Nov. 8, USOfi. 

Arthur Grant, s. ofAniireu and Anna J., Jan. 2, 1870. 


Charles Wuyland .Mhert, s. of Charles S. and Mary, March 24, 18 


Mary, d. of , lolm and Knnlee, May 17, 1731. 
John, s of .lolm and Knnice, May 1',), 1713. 

.anT:..ii -.n iTn<x>;'ni nimnov 

51 ./...■• ..'! iliicin ),ili: 7' 

,». /foic.;' finM iMi, ^«.(imlO io .... .rm^ 



.lo.s.pli Fostci', 
SilSiiii Wrifilit, 
Suiniiel !''o.slL-r 
Sarali WyiiKin 
Tlioiiias White 
Ami Kli/ab.-tli 





• 111 



.l„sopli Fo.tri- 
Harry ]irouii. 







Cliarlfs llc-nrv 

Albert 'I'homa^ 

Harriet Virgin 

28, 18f;0. 



• 11( 


• ai 


Joscpliino, tl. 




il Sally, March 22, 1810. 
,1 Sally, .luilcL'O, 181"J. 
1,1 SMIy, Alii;. 2,1, 1825. 
(I Sally, .June 27, 1827. 
1.1 Sally, Aui,'. 13, 1829. 
a .Mary A., April 10, 184G. 
d Mary A., Oct. 12, 1818. 
,1 Marilia, .Jan. 10, 18.".2. 

inphia E., April 2, 1851. 
1,1 Lvilia K , An-. 18, 1852. 
iiul'r.yilia, bora in Vir^'itrui, March 

aret, born in CanibrUlge, Jan. 

,7ori-miali, .s. of Dennis ami Mary A., .Ian. 27, 1857. 
.Iiinics Kilwaril, .s. of Dcnni.s an, I Mary A., Dec. 211, 18.58. 


William Alfred, s. of Cliarles and Hli/.a, May 10, 1853. 
Ellen Adeline, d. of Charles and Eliza, Nov. 4, 1855. 
Charles Alfred, .s. of Cluules and Elizabeth, April i), 1858. 


Snsan Harriet, d. of .lames W. and Harriet, Aug. 22, 1853. 
Mary Frances, d. of .Tames and Elizabeth, March 5, 1855. 
Lizzie Maria, d. of James W. and Eli/.alielii, Dec. 23, 185(1. 
Joseph Francis, s. of ,himes and Elizabeth, Feb. 25, 185'.). 
James William, s. of Natlianiel and Fmma, Dec. 10, I8G7. 
Emma J., d. of .Joseph 1!. and Harriet K., Oct. 2G, 1872. 


Alice Tabor, d. of Koberl and Susan, May 2, 1858. 
Lewis William, s. of William :in,l Joanna, June 16, 1861. 
-James, s. of William and Joan, July 13, 1«03. 


Walter Knight, s. of Stephen R. and Clara W., born in Providence, 

K. L, April 22, 1868. 
d. of Stephen R. and Clara W., Sept. 28, 1870. 


George Henry, s. of John and Mary, Dec. 23, 1845. 


s. of Ward L. and Caroline W., Sept. 7, 1871. 


, Helen linker, d. of Crbane and Helen, Nov. 3, 18G0. 

.i<H'l'liUil TO Om/iSlff WJlTfc: 

ri^7«K ,;;ii'!"-i 

ItlOri ,iVU!>-'" '• 

.8^Hl ,1!!; .a-jil , 


wonri;\ iiECOiiD OF niirriis. 


OWUll, .s. ol 


a. id M: 

ry, Ma 

ch IS, 1 



Jolm, s. (if 

of ,1 

iai. and 

and li 

i'd'-et. 1 

■2. IKI 
eb, I 



Villi Hell-s.. 


. of V; 

11 Hcn.s 

ulacr a 

d Cat 

lariiic, . 


Thomas I'r 


s. 01 1' 

Urick a 

ud Hosauua, . 

nly 7, 18 


Williani, s. 
William, s. 
J..I111, >. o|-, d. of 
Mary I,oiii> 
William He 
.lame.s, s. 

of ,)(> 
of W 
a, d. 
■ Kdw 

111 and Iind},'ct, March 2, ISr 
lliani and Mary, .Iiiiic H, ISaJ 
md liridfrul, Oct. L'O, IH-.r,. 

and lii-id-ft, Kcb. U, ISofi. 
if I'alrick and Mary A., .Tunc 

s. of .Toliii and Sn.sau, .fan. 
ardand Sarali, Oct. 18, 1S57 

1>, 185G. 
I, 1857. 

.lames, s. or Hiiu- 
Charlotte, d. of 1 
Mary, d. of Hii- 

I and 1! 
atrick ; 
and 1! 

lid Ma 

)rc. 1;. 
V A., .1 

ne ir. 



William, s. of Tliimiiisaiul CatliariiiL', Nov. 20, 1850. 

.losiph Kdward, s. of Patrick and Mary A., March 2G, 18G0. 

Charles, s. of Thomas and Catharine, Feb. 7, 18G1. 

.lohn, s. of IIiiKli ami Uridgct, Auu'. lU. 18G1. 

15ridj;et, d. of John and lirkigct, Oct. II, 1801. 

William Emmet, s. of Patrick and Mary Ann, March 13, 18G2. 

Crace, d. of Hugh and Rridget, Jnly 25, ISO:!. 

Harriet, d. of Patrick ,J. and Mary Ann, Anj,'. 8, 18G1. 

lOlizabelh, d. of llnijli and l!rid-el, March 2G, 1805. 

WiUiain, s of llimh and lirid-et, Marrli 111, 1800. 

.loseph Franklin, s. of Patrick .1. and Mary Ann, Sept. 21), 18G6. 

i:ii/alH'tli. d. of lln-h and P.rid-et, April 21, 1808. 

.lose|.hiiir, d. of llu-h and Hrid-et, ,lan. U, 1870. 

M.iiliii, s.of I'alrick ,1. and Mary A., .Tune 18, 1871. 

Itrid-el. d. of llii-li and liridi;et, April 12, 1872. 


Charles Henry, s. of (Jharles and Margaret, Aug. 1, 1851. 

May 28, 1871. 


llaUi.' Adrlla, d. of l'"rederick P. and l.iicy II., May :!0, 

.HiiTHJn HO tTHODsni y.uriin-i 

X'.iil, .GDfir.Miii Ij-iii -Jjn.Ui'' :o 

not if.'iV 

01)81 ,01 ihu-.lf 

.'jriSl ,S1 /It.. 

;S .Iiisir 

.ISSI ,11 ,;lil< 

iii-i w; -tiM ,11 ■(•.ii.i 1)1.11 ."i >i-jhuJ.-.n''i '\v 

>voiu'i;\ i;eooi:i) or Biiniis. 


TlioiiKis C 


s. of ,r., 

Id Call 




Geor-r ]::: 

y.i. i. 

of Dar; 


i >ii>an 

na, \ 


Allies A.. .J 
Aciilio. d. of 

Sanuio! G. .in. 



M. P 

', !>.:■ 


II;irri>..n rope, - 

of I.'JlX-l 

/.o : 

11. 1 Lur 

, I'ol 

. 1. I 


lluiuiali Ma 
>. ol'l'; 

in, (1. 

of Patri 
and .\Iai' 

k a 
, 11 

Id .Man 

■c. IS, 

, Oct 

31, 1 


Nalliau, s. of Mutliiui and Eliziibclh, Feb. a, 1774. 
Jamis, s. of .Tallies aud Mnry, Aim. 21, 1774. 
William, .s. of .Tames and Mary, .Tiily 20, 17SI. 


llaniel l'iance>, d. of Gt-orge and l.oruUa, May Itl, 1854. 


Kli/.abeth W., d. of William and Eli/.alKdb. Dec. 2!), 1841. 
Maiiii L., d. of William A. uml Kli/.aliiUli .M., .Tan 8, 184:!. 
Frank FadL'U,.s. of Fiank IS. and llarriulK., ,Inne 21), 1859. 
l.izziu Uatchcklcr, d. of Frank U. and Iliittie E., Dee. 7, 18C5. 
lliiyinoiid, s. of George S. and Anna, Feb. 29, 1871. 


llaimah, d. of George and Ilridnet, Jlay 22, 1842. 

s. of Coriielins and , Anj^. .iO, 18U. 

Harney, s. of George and liridget, March ll, 184,5. 

.lolm, s. of George and liridget, Apiil 17, 18411. 

Cornelius, s. of Cornelins and Rridget, Feb. 21, 1847. 

Francis, s. of llngli and Cicely, Sept. 2«, ISIS. 

James, s. of Cornelins and liridget, Nov. 10, 1848. 

Kose, d. of Gi-or-e and Bridirei, .Tan. 7, 1840. 

James, s. of Jnlm and Kllcn, A|>ril 22, 1H41). 

Bridget, d. of .lolm and llaiinali, .May 12, 1810. 

Margaret Kllcn, .1. of Cornrlius and liridget, Nov. 15, 18f,0. 

Michael, s. of Michael and Man, Dec. 1:1, ls.-,0. 

Caroline, d. of John and Hannah, Dec. 20, l.S.W. 

IJridget, d. of John and Margaret, April 1. IS.'-.l. 

Mary Ann, d. of John and Kllcn, April 0, l.s.-,l. 

Mary, .h of John and Hannah, Dec l-.', is",!. 

Francis .Meagher, h. of .lolin and Kllcn, Jnni' ii, |.H,-,2. 

Ann.d. or.lohn and Mar-arel, Aug. 2(1, IH.^-, 

Ilaiihali, d. (dMohn an. I IIh ili. An-. -, l.s.".:!. 

" William, .s. of .lohii and Mary. Aug. I, ls,-,l. 

C8I :)1 rl' .i^Dir-- I r-nr— »■>'■■•> 

'" woiiUi;.\ i;i:(oi;i 

MOIIKKTV, ,..„i, ,„.,!. 



•l"liM. .s. ori'liilip „ii,l Aim. .Inlv l\ 

'•■'tlian.u., ,1. ,,1-Ou't.. .1 M:„..:, V 

.M:n-.v,,l,„n.Mu.r,l,-n„l.M,o. A,,., 
licse. .1. or,l„l„i II. :m„I .Maiv. Alan 

(";":itli:u'iia',",l.' d'r K 
.\ntliony. .s. of Ow.'ii arul Mmi-mivV 
•loin,, ,. „r.Iolui;UHlllai,Mal,..Mav8 
Catliai-iiie. >l. oC A.itlionv aii.l Nancv 
Aim,. ,1. olMamu.s ami Sarah, (hi, U. 
m„irl, .. ,,r.I„l,„ a,„l Mai-aivt, (.cl. .-ll, ls,-,K 
Miir.:,'aret, .1. ..f EiUvaiM ami Hiidi;ot. I'c-h. 17 
■lolm.s. of A,ul,n„va„.INa,Rv,.\ov. « l,.,V) 
Kilcii, il. ol' Ihi-li .-iiul Kllon, Jan. 10 l.siii) 
Ann, il. of Kdward ami .irid-ct, Fcl)! 4. l«c;0 
Kliza Bcl.-,ev.(l. ol-C..„.la„tin,. ami 
Saiali. ,1 of Nc-alaml Marv, April-' 
Dennis, .-.. of ,l,.lm and Mary, .hmc L'(i, l,si;o. 
lames, >. ol .lolni ami ilannali, Xov. L'5 lsr,0 
Ann, (1. of Daniel an.l Ilannali, .March L', IrtCl 
lames, -,. of Neal and Mary, Oct. -7, 18(i|. 
•\nn, a. of Edu-.anI and Marv. Nov. ■>-. ISCl. 
lolin, s. of Hue,'!! and Kllen, Jan. 31, K-<i;o. 

1 Ilannali, .Se|)t. '}'.), 1802 
:ind Sarah. Sept. 28, 180; 
cl Xancv, Xov. 8, 1802. 

It. !), 1,' 

March 31, 1800. 

innotny, !<.of Da 
Mai-y Kllen, d. of 
Daniel, s. ol Anil 
fornclins, -. of J( 



Mau'aiet. d. ol I atnel; and Kll.n, Oct. 2-1, ISC3. 
Mary l-.llcn. d. of James and Sarah. Sept. 2,S, 180.1 

:ind Kale, Oct. L'.s, |so;i. 

;h ami ICIlen, Dec. I,s, lso:i. 

Iranc.s, d. of llii; 
I'atriek, s. of Xeal 
John, s. of James and Gr 



>f All 

March 2, ISO-I. 
Iiony and .Viiii, JIarch U 


Michael, s of Ilu-h and Catharine, .Mav 11,' 1804. 
Daniel, s. of Daniel am! Hannah, Sept. "20, 1804 
John K.lward, s. of James and Sarah, Jan. |J, |80,-. 
Ko.sanna. d. ol Cornelius and Mary. Feh. 14, 180,-,. 
1 ■■nins, s. ol John ami .Mary, Mav 20, I,s0,-,. 
Mary Ann, d. of .lames and f!race An- 'i Isir, 
lliiKh,N. of llii-h and Catharine, Sei.rVV ihi;'-; 
Charles, .s. ol John and lirld;;ct, Sept. 20, 'iHO.^' ' 
Mary Jane. d. of Ncal and .Marv. Oct. lu I80.T 
Mari^aret, d. <,f laims and t:atharinc, Oct. 21), 180.0. 
Tatrick, s. ol John and Mary, l-'ch. :i. Isoo. 

Mary, d. ol' -'".■md Kate,''.\ia'v'r.'i. Islio' ''''' 

Mary, d. oiNral ami Marv, ,\.i;.', 10 ikoo 

J'.Un Ihi.ry, .. of i:du;ini;in.| lirid-.-l (i,.| ,: ,<.nr. 


-to I !;!<.' >'f. 

■WOHlIliN I 






niul and Mil 

^'arct, O 


i;, Ksr.i;. 

^a, (1. (.IMai 

US anil ( 


ii-iiic, N 

jv. 12, 


. or Daniel a 

ml }[ann. 


\'(>v. 27, 


s,s. of Jaini 

s and Sa 


MaiTli 1 

it, isr, 



Siu-ali, d. ol' Danii 

iMari;ai-i.'t Thcres 

Sarah A.-ii 

Tlioniu.s Kraucis, 

Und-ot, d. of John and Mary, March :;0, lSi;7. 

.hunt's, s. of John O. and Hridyct, Apiil IL', ISO". 

Mai-y, d. of Corn(diiis and Mary, May 18, 18ii7. 

John, s. of lUisli and Catliarine, Jimr- 1, 18(;7. 

Robert, s. of Antliony and Kubccci, Jnly L'.;, 18G7. 

Uosella, d. of Hn2;h and Klk-n, Mav 5, ISGS. 

Charlos Henry, s. of Patrick I), and Marv, May If,, 18G8. 

Philip, s. of John and Hannah, Mav KJ, KSGS. 

Patrick, s. of Daniel and Hannah, Jnne l'i;, 18(;s. 

Palrick, s. of John ami Mary, July 20 18i;S. 

William Albert, s. ..f Dennis and Jane, Nov. 7, 18G8. 

Kllen, d. of Hnyh and Cailiarine, .Nov. I.';',, 18(18. 

Hose Ann, d. of I'liiiip and Miiil-et, Dec. 20. 18G8. 

d. of Edward and Brid-ei, Dee. JT 1SG8. 

Catharine, d. of llu-li ami (Iiaee, Keh. I'O, 18(i:). 
Philip, s. of James and KIlun, iMarch 21. ISGli. 
Cornelius, s. of Cornelius and Maiy, April 2.". ISG'.l. 
M»<,'-iu Ann, d. of James ami lirid-et, .May I, 18(1'J. 
John ()., s. of John and Brid-et, June 10. KSCO. 
Francis, .m. of Daniel and Mar-aret. An^. It, IHC'.l. 
Sanih 10. , d. of .lames and .Sarah, Oct. IG, 18G'.l. 
Jiernard, s. of J. dm N. and Mary, Oct. :io, l.sG'.l. 
Bridijet. d. of Neal and .Marv, June H, 1870. 
Mary, d. of llu-h II. and Grac.', June la, 1870. 
Daniel Ilenrs', s. of John and Mary, June 14, 1870. 
Henry Yonui;, .s. of Patrick D. and Mary, Nov. 21, 1,870. 
Marv, d. of Janu'sand Kllen, Dec. i:i. ISro. 
Eunlee, d. of James and Kalie, Dec. 17, 1871). 
Michael, s. of Hu^h and Catharine, Dec. 111. 1870. 
Catharine, a. of Jame.s and Catharine Dec. 20. 1370. 
John Bernard, .s. of John .M. and Marv, Feb. 7, 1871. 
Calharine, d. of John and .Matilda, Feb. 10, 1871. 
Dana, s. of Cornelius and M.iry, April 2, 1871. 
Sarah .lane, d. of Pi. dip and Bridget, .Inly 12, 1871. 
Marv Klla, d. of Charles ami Kllen. Jnly 2:1, 1871. 
Cornelius, .s. of John, ;i,l, and l!rid-et, Ali^'. :J, 1871. 
Michael, .-. of John and Susan, Auj.'. 20, 1871. 
Owen, s. (jf Daniel and Mar-aret, Oct. 5, 1871. 
Mar-ery, d of .lames and Katie, Nov. 12, 1871. 
Ellen, d. oMIu-li II. and Grnie, Dee. II, 1871. 
Lizzie, d. of llu-h and Kllen, Dec. 2G, 1871. 
Michael, s. of Jame.s and Kllen, Dec. :H, 1871. 
Daniel Frederick, s. of James and Sarah, .March 21, 1872. 
John Francis, >. of John A. and Matilda, Jnlv IG, 1872. 
John Philip, s. of John and Eliza, Aug. 10, 1872. 
Mary Ann. d. of John and .Marv, Sept. 10, 1872. 

.\la^';,'ie Ann, d, of llii-l d Calharine, De<-,. IG, 1872. 

s. ol Cornelius and .M.arv. Hec. 2G, 1872. 

Kosann.a. d. of Palrick ami (iraee, Dec. IG, 1872. 

1 .ii .<ij. 
.'.41 ,01 




'riiouuis and Mnry, B'el). 10, 1804. 

Thomas Krancis, s. of Thoinus mid Mary, Aul'. 7 1805 
Margaret Elizabetli, d. of Tliniiias ami Miiiy Dec ''0 1807 
Margaret, d. of James aiul Ann, July I'J, 1808. ' ' 

s. Tlioinas and Mary, .May 13, 1870. 

Thomas, s. of Patrick and Jlary, Au" 4 1871 

Ellen AuKnsta, d. of Thomas and Mary,'Dec. i;!, 1871. 


Sarah Jane, d. <,f Tlioinas and Ann, Nov. L'8, 1841. 

Kllcn liiriianlsoM, d. of Thuinas and Ann, March 27, 1810. 



Kalir d. of ■I'lionnis and \hl,ic, An- 7, 1872. 
I>t)N AHOi:. 

Patrick, s. of Patrick and Sarah, Oct. ;), IsOl. 
Anily, s. of Patrick and Sarali, A|)ril !i, 1801). 

- .-. of Jeremiah ami Catharine, June 4, IsO!). 
-Ma-i;ie, d. of Patrick and .Sarah, Oct. 1, 1871. 


llcniy Wancn, s. of ,r,,hn C. and l,ydia, An-. 31, 1848. 
William l.ri„y, s. of .1, dm C. and i.ydia Oct 1:) I.SV' 
•lohn Mitciicll, ... „f John and Mary. Jan. l,,' IsJl. "' 
Kdward. s. o John and Mary A., Sept. 1, 18.^.-,. 

s. ol John and .Maiy A., April K;, 1801. 


Eliza Jane d rf Martin and l!ridi;ct, M.iicl, 21, 1851. 
John. s. (d .Martu, and lirid^', t. June 20, l.S.V 
• nven, .-.of Dwen ai.d Mary, March 2.",. 1853." 
Stephen Henry, s. ,„ J.mcs and Mary, Aprd -, 1853. 
Kanny, d. ol Martin and Uiidi^et, April 2, 18.54. 
Edward, s. of James and Mary, .Ian. 18, 1855 
Mar^-aret, d. of .Martin and I!rid-et, July 20, 185C. 
Uiarlcs. s. (p| James and Mary. An-. 1, 18.50. 
■ ■ I M.-iry. .Nov. 12. I,s5,s. 


ml :\i.- 


1)<)1:AX l>er. also, DllMN) 

Oct 5, 


.Mar-aivtJanr, d. ol W, II, am and Jane, Oct. U, 18(;( 
U illiain llcin V. s. ol Willi.-iui II, and .Imiic Nov V> 
M;,r^ ,\j;nrs ,| oT William and .lanr, .\ov.' 25 187(V 

I'.rnoni, >, o|- Sarah, . 

.^lary, ,1. ol .),din ami .Mary, Oec. 25, 175U. 

i:\ni 'io .ijioo.nti .;)|.j,!uv/ 

./-.(.HAY Oil 

,- - .linirr, ^.. - ,.,,.. ■.-... 



.1. or Hugh and , Nov. H, KsCC. 


Miiry Jaiiu, cl. of William and Jane, Nov. IH, 1858. 


.Tamu.s Henry, s. of S'cplicn and Cellnda, Fob. 4, 18-)3. 
ICvelyn, <1. of Kbcn and Nancy E., Due 24, 184(J. 
Julia Tlioinpson, d. of Stephen and Cilijida, May 2, 1847. 
Stephen Henry, s. of Stephen and Celiiida', Sept. 12, 1848. 
Sarah K., d. of Eben W. and Nancy, Nov. 17, 1848. 
Warren Ilazen, s of Eben and Nancy E., Dec. 22, 18.i0. 
James Neal, s. of James N. and Ellen S., Nov. y, 1854. 
Edward ,\n,;;u.stus, .s. of Slephen and Cellnda, Sept. 29, 1857. 
Ilerlu-rt lleenian, s. of James N. and Ellen S., March 7, 1858. 

d. of Clement and Vienna, Oct. 15, ISCl. 

d. of Alfred A. and Carrie, Aug. 25, 18(14. 

s. of E. A. and Carrie S.. April 18, 18(!0. 

Edith Celinda, d. of A. A. and Carrie S., March 10, 18G8. 
Ileniy Abijali T., s. of S. Henry ami Einma T., July 7, 1871.* 


Lizzie, d. of John and Mary, Sept. 3, ISil'.i. 

Alice Imo-ene, d. of Jona P. and Laura F., Jan. 18, 185U. 


Frederick William Dyre, s. of Mark and Mary E., April 17, 185U. 

DO Y Lie. 

Julia .v., d. of .John ai d Julia, Sept 10, 1855. ' 
Ann Elizabeth, d of Martin and Marv, May 31, 1857. 
William Baxter, s. of .lolin B. and Julia, M.-iy 2, 1858. 
Mary Elbert, d. of Man in and Mary, Jnne 30, 1859. 

d. of William and , March 14, 18(10. 

d. of Michael a. il , March 31, 1800. 

William, .s. of William and Ann, Jidy 27, 1802. 
Elizabeth Jane, d. of Stephen and Ann, April 30, 18(J4. 

William and Aun, Sept. — , 1HI14. 

Margaret Ellen, d. of Martin and Mary, Juno 21, 18(15. 
Steiihen, s. of Slephen ami Ann, Dec. 8, ISCil. 
Susan, d. (d' Stephen and .Mary, Julv 24, LSCll. 
Mar-arel Frances, d. of Marli'u ami Mary, Oct. 9, 1370. 
s. of Stephen and .\mi, Sept. 2S, ISM. 


Eeihi Maud, d. of Ni-el and I'hebe A., March 24, 1870. 


,\lMiy Eliza, d. of Daniel iiml I'anielia S., Aug. 28, 1KI3. 
Eraiieisco Walsoii, s. of Sleplien W. and Mary V., Feb. 17, 1840. 

.BKi.iiJ! Ill ano't.'jM WiiHiov/ 

H; ,T yI(I(, , i' lnliill.'i IllIU ■(■'lirtil .IT 

';D<ii ,!; .j(irj> .yijiW I '!■> u/Io:. 

,'■1 jnu),>i liuu ,H imol lu ,lj 

'. ' !n(;/. ,.'■! -('iJil.'. l)(IJ:>ri.;!(n'- .■• ,'jlV,i niJ- 

.•Vff .M tiy>«fr 

.H-l .Tl .<;..-l 


woBuitN i;kc()i:i) of biktiis. 

DKKW, vunlinnfd. 

.Mary ,Ioso|)liiiiu, d. of S. Wiitboii iuid Miiry, Oct. 21, 1847. 

il. of Slcplifii \y. anil Mary Y., Nov. 26, 1853. 

CaiTio Uiooks, d. ofS. W. ami Mary Y., Nov. 25, 18Ce. 


IJrid^et, d. of liarllioloinevv and CaliiuriiiL-, ,Iau. 1, 18:iU. 
James, s. of liarlliojomi'W and Cathciinc, Xu-j.. 27, 1841. 
Nam:v, d. of li.ii iholom.'U and .Mary, April 27, 184J. 
l'ati-ii:k, .s. of I'airifk and Mar-aret, Jan. 27, 18G0. 
.Marv, d. of Patrick and Mary .\., \u<^. (J, ISOl. 
Daniel, .■>. of Patrick and .Marj;arot, Nov. 15, 18G4. 
Willie, s. of Daniel and .Vnii, May 5, ISUo. 
Dennis, s. of Timothy and Catharine, Sept. 24, 1SC8. 
Mary .Ann, d. of Timothy and Catharine, Oct. 2S, 1870. 


s. of William ami , Feb. 2,-,, 18i;0. 

Alhert h. , ^,. of William ami .lane, Xov. l;!, 1870. 

Alice .lane, d. of William and .lane. 2U, 1872. 


Fli/.a Orilla. d. of l.ewi> and Sarah, March !), 1800. 
Sandi Mliv. d. ol'f.eui.s and Sarah, March li, ISCI. 


C'alharine, d of Patrick and Iirid?j;et, April 14, 1852. 

JaTne.s, .s. of 1 

atrick a 

d Brill 

.,'ct, Dec. 25, 1853. 

Jolm. .s. ofl'; 

trick am 


■t, Dec. 2.1, 1855. 

lirid-et, d. ol 


iml Hr 

duet, !)(•(;. 30, 185!) 

Marv Allen, d. of P.itrick ami Alice, .Sept. IC, 18(10. 
M.ary Kllen, d. of Patrick ami P.rid-et, Nov. 17, !8(;i 
.Ann, d. of Patrick and Hri.Uet, .May 17, 18(13. 
Thuma.s, .s. of Patrick and .Mary, Oct. 22, 18(13, 
.Mice 1.,, d. of P.itrick ami Alice, Dec. II, 18(13. 


Kn^'ene, s. of Patrick and Alice, .\pril ID, ISd'i. 
Sylvester, n. of Patrick and liridscl, Jnly 28, lsti5. 
Patrick Henry, s. of Patrick and Urid-et, March 24, 18(i7 
Kdwaril, .s. of Patrick and Alice, April 17, 18(18. 
lOineliiie, d. of Patrick and Hrid-et, Dee. 4, 18(10. 
Katie A^'iie:,, d. of Patrick and Alice, .Inly 20, 1870. 
Annie Kli/.a, d. of P.itrick ami Alice, Sei.t I'll, 1872. 


le. d. of Thomas and Marv A., .Inly 8, 1857, 
h, d. of Thomas and Mary Aim, May 5, l,S5t 
s. of William and Alice, .May 31, lh(13. 
T.. d, of William and Jane, Dec. 1, lsr,3, 
eiirv, .s. of William and Jane, May .-,, psdd. 
i/.abcth, d. of Willi;im and .fine, Dec. .-,, IS7 


.r;r=, .:r &y; 


1 llOllKiS, 
Ilurirv, s. 
I'riLT. s. , 
AiiiKi E., 
Hciiiy, s. 

if IVtur ami Ann. Sfpt. S, 1SIJ4. 
f I'ltfi- Mild Ann, Dei-. L'O, ISOii. 
. iif IVtri'aiul , Feb, 11, 1.- 


Davkl Ariliiir, s. of .loliu ami Jane, Dec. '-'5, 1853. 

(1. of ,)oliu ami , Dfc. (i, ISfju. 

Agnes Kli/.aljcth, d. ol' John and Jam:, Dec. 2(i, 1850. 
James lliiine, s. of John and Jam.-, Oi'.l. G, 1857. 
Jane Ivliza, d. of John and Jam:, Oct. ai, 185^. 
Thomas Ai'lluir, s. of Robert ami Jeanette, Doc. 21, 1859. 




ratk-ncc, d. of John, March 8, 1045. 


Nalhaniul, s. of Xathanicl and Knth, Nov. 27, 1759. 


John, ,-. of J.ilui and KIk'ii, .Ian. 5, 1858. 
Elkn, d. u{ J.ihn and Klhii. .March 20, 18(10. 
TimoUiy, s. of .lohii and Ivleii, Jan L'2, 1,SI12. 
I'alnik, s. of Patrick and .lane, 1).'<'. 2.!, l.S(;:i. 
Marv Ann, d. ol .Mk-li;ud and Klk'ii, An-. 8, 1800. 



if Nathaniel and .Mary, .July 11, 1095. 


Samuel, t<. of Sanuiel and Deborah, June 27, 172;3. 
Deborah, d. of Samuel and Deborah, Jan. I, 1725. 
Hcbecea, d. of Samuel and D.di.nali, Dec. 20, 1720. 
Klizabeth A., d. of Warivn and, An-. 9, 1809. 
Kmiiia .Mabel, d. of Warren and Abbie M , Aiiril 28, 1872. 

DUKAN (see, also, Dou.v.v). 

Ellen, a. of Daiiiid and N'abby, Aui;. 1, 180:!. 
Mary Ann, d. of Daniel a-^d .Nabby, April 21. 1S( 
Martin, .s. of Daniel and Nabliy .liine 10, IMilll, 

Addie, d. of Daniel and Nabliy, Ji Ill, I8'.9. 

I'alriek, ,s. of Daniel and Abby, .March 15, IS72. 


Samuel ItnsMcll, s. of Abraham ami Mary, May 29, 180;i. 
__ l.ydia, d. of Abraham ami .Mary, Dec. 16, IW,. 
" Warruii, .s. of Abruliain and M.iry, April 11, l,sii9. 

.,..,.i..iK -..■■! >'.^.) Yit. 


DUIMON, cijHiiHiud. 

WilliMin, s. or Aln:i 

\:\m aiul M 

AbralKiiii, s. o|- Abr 

iliaiii aiul i\ 

S:uiiii.>l i;., s. of. Sii 

miel i;. am 

William llciirv, s. ( 

r .Samuel U 

V, .linior.. Itil:;. 

ry, Nov. 21, 1S15. 

-lybil, Sc'ijl. 1), ISJS. 

ml .Sybil, June I'.i, 1831. 

iiul Mai-y A., Oct. 25, 1833. 

riKleiic.:, ,Jaii. 11, ISI2 [1843]. 


.Vuuu.ta, d. ol-AbiMham ami I'l 

i.l.iire, Nov. -, [Dec. 12.]' 



•ranees d. of .Snnmul K., Jr., an 

1 Coi-nelii M., Oet. 2,"), 1858 


il. or Sanmel 1!., .Jr., ami Conn 

lia M., March 14, 18i;i. 

Alice .Ma 

■ia, d. of Samuel li. and Corueli 

i JI , April 12, 1SG4. 

Ma Maia 

,d. ol'Geoi-e \V. and Saiali F., 

Feb. lU, 1871. 


Daniel Orrin, s. of Nel.son and Sophia, April 29, 183G. 


Kli/.abi'lli. d. of Thomas, Jan. 28, lGu9. 

.lo.seph, s. of Thomas, Jan. 25, IGGl. 

(Sarah, d. of Thomas, March 5, 1GG2. 

Jiimcs, s. of Thomas, Aug. 22, 1I1C5. J 

Bcnjaniii), s. of Thomas, Feb. 19, 16G9. 


F:ileu, d. of , John and Mary, July — , 18G2. 
JIar-aret Ann, d. of John and Mary, Au;;. 18, 1870. 
John, s. of Jeremiah and Mary, Oct. 30, 1871. 
Thomas, s. of John and Mary"Aun, May 9, 1872. 


Sarah, Rebecca, d. of Dwigbt F. and Kebocca, Aug. 1, 1835 
Dwight IJoyd, s. of Dwigbt F. and ]}(-bccca. Feb. 22, 1836. 
Kliza Amelia, d. of Dwigbt F. and Kebecca, April 30, 1838. 

EAiME.S (see, also, A.mics). 

Mar\, d. of John, Feb. 3, 1G50. 

.Samuel, s. of Koberl, April 7, lG5;i. 

Kli/.abeth, d. of Uobert, June 4, 1G59. 

Jlary, il. of Hubert, June 11, IGCl. 

Priscilla, d. of Jiobert, iMay 2, li;i;3. 

.Samuel, s. of IJobert, Sept. 2, IGGl. 

Abiuail, (1. of Koben, Sept. 22, IGGG. 

John, s. of Kobert, May 9, \WM. 

Samuel, s. (jf Sanmel and Mary, Se|)t. 3, 1G92. 

l.ydia, d. of Samuel and Alary, Oct. 28, lf;94. 

Daniel, .s. of Samuel and Mary, Jan. 10, li;97. 

Johu, .s. of .lo.seph and Marv, I'Vb. 1.',, l(;9,s. 

J.ieob, s. of Samuel and Maiy, .luly 11, 1G9:I. 

Ilephzibah, d. of Sumucd aud .Mary, March 7, 1702, 

Ul Hi <i;iiKt/M /.il l.''i. '/ 

;■: J /J',)/; ..inA vml/. hiid ',/tloi, 'ti ,^ ,u.iuoti'i' 

W(1ium;\ hkcoim) of isiirnis. 


ea;\!i-:s, f'.„^-„,„.,/. 

.losliua, s. of .Samuel :iii.l Jlary, M.iv S, 17(i,-,. 
Ciilfl), s. ofSamii.l ami JFarv. Marcli 17, 171)8 
Klizaltfth, d. (ilSaimicI au.j Marv, .Mairl'i L'd, 1711. 
Aljiu'.iil, il. nfSaiiun:! aiul .M:n > ,'.\iii il 11, 1711 

.Iiulilli, il.' or SaiMik'l an',1 .Imlii'ir, 'Mairii 2V, 1718 


Cak'l), s. orci: 

or fa 

.1 Sarali 

John, .s, or Caleb and Sarah, (), 1, l'.". Kid 
David, s. or Joshua aiul llanuah, ,Imu,. 27,' 17 18. 
.Touathai., s. or.loshua auii llaiu.ah, .luiu- L'7, 174i 
IJaehel, d. or Jacob and K',-i>-lii-l, Nov. .",, 17!;). 
Joanna, d. or .lonathaii and .loanna, May 2:i 17.51 
Jacob, .s. or Jacob .an.l Uaclud, June C, 17,-,l.i 
Nallian, s. of Jacob and Kaclicl, .April 1 1, 17o,?. 
Jonathan, s. of Jonathan ami Doiutliy, .March Ki, 
ridiica.s, .s. of Jonallian and Doroihy, !lan. 17, 17; 
Knih, d. or Jacob and Haclul, Mav 28, 17:18 
Jacob, s. or.lacol) and Ksllu-r, |.',.'b. i:,, 177(1. ♦ 
Jacoi), .s. or Jiicob and Ksi|„t, Jlarcii 27, 1778.* 
Samuel, .s. ofjacob and Ksllicr, :\larcli 1, 1780.* 
John, .s. or .lohn and .\bii;ail, Feb. l:i, 1780. 
Nabby, d. or.lohn and .Abigail, .\u-, lu, 1781 
Cyniliia, d. of John and .Abi-ail, Oct. 7, 1782. 
Kobert, .s. or JIi-. Jacob aild Kstber, A|jril i, 1782. 
Leonard, s. or ,Iohu and Aliiirail, S.-pt. 18, 1781 
Nathan, s. or Jacob and K.slhcr, Feb. ■' 178.") * 
Daniel, s, or J, dm ami .Abi-ad, Sc pf. 2,'l7S(; ' 
I', ,1. or Jacob an.l K-ihrr, .May I, 1787.* 
Lois, d. or John ami .Vbi-ail, .Xu-. ■'■'. 1788. 



;•( Y\\ uuyti 

8-1 woBUKN i:i:coi(D OF unrrns. 

EAMKS, ,-oiUtnnn!. 

Nancy, cl. of .loliii nuil I'ollv, May L'S, lsl8. 
Harriet, d. of .Joliii ami I'dUv, March ll, IMl'.i. 
Susan Tiilil, d. of Sloplicii an. I Susan, April IC, 18l! 

Mai-y, (1. of Samuel ai 

.1 Kill!:, April 1, ITJ'J. 

.lonas, s. or('alcl)am 

Sarah, Kch. :.', ITlu'. 

!'liol)c, ,1. of Noah am 

I)'l)..rah, Jiinf^2, 17.-.0. 

Noali, s. ofNnaii ami 

D.borali, Dec L'li, 17r>l. 

iiuUi, (i. of Noali an,! 

llcljorah. An- IL', ITCL'. 

.lonallian, s. of.loiiatl 

an ami Ijicv. Juno IS, 17G3, 

Jos(.|)li, s. of.Ionatiiai 

and laicv, Mav :ii), iu;r,. 

Lilly, -s. of Noali ami 

)L-l).nMh, .March S, 17(17. 

J.ot, s. of Noah ami 1) 

cborah, Ocl. 1, 17(18. 

,Tohn, s. of.Ionalhan; 

nd Lm-v, .March I'll, 1771. 

Thomas, s. of .lonath 

n and Lncv, Feb. 12. 177-1. 

Mary. d. of Jonathan 

.ml laicy, Scjit. 8, 1777. 

John, -s. of Jonalhaii : 

nd laicv, Jan. 2.7, I7,S0, 

Tollv, (1. of J.malhan 

iml I'oliy, Jr., April 17, 1788 

Noaii, s. of Loi and M 

Jonalhan, s. of Jonail 

ailiu.d M.iry, May 1, 171)0. 

Alii-ail, (1. ol riiomas and .Mii^ail, .Inly I, 17:ii;. 
I.iicy, d. of .l.malhaii ami .Man, .Ir., Nov. 28, 171111. 
Lot, s. of Lot ami Mary, Jan. :1P, 171Mi. 
Jo.seph, s. of Lot and .Mary. Dec. l;i, 17!t7. 
11 njaniin, s. of Lot and Marv, Dec. Hi, 171)7. 
■I'lionias, s. of Ihonias and .Vhi-.ail, Del. 22, I7!)« 
Lilly, s. (d'Lol and Mary. .Ian. I, l.siiO. 
(;eorf;e,.s. of Jonathan and .Marv, Nov. Ill, 18U2. 
,Iohn, s. v)f Thoin.,s and Anl-ail, (Jet. 17, 18(12. 
Tiuiolhy, .s. of I.. a and Mary, March 28, 18U2. 
Daniel, s. of Lot and .Mary, Nov. li), 1804. 
Lydia, d. of 'I'nomas and Abigail, Ocl. 13, 180-t. 
Fanny, d. of 'I'homas and Abigail, Nov. 7, 18UU. 
Kcuhen, .s. of Lot and .Mary, jnne 2-t, 1S07. 
Charles, s. of Lot and Marv, March 15, I80U. 
Sanuiel, s. of Thomas and Abigad, March 20, 1810. 
Henbeii, s. of Ueuben ami Amy, Au;;. 1), 1811. 
Elizabeth, d. of Thomas and Abigail, Jan. !>, 1812. 
K.sUier I., (1 of Noah and Iv-th. r, Anu'. 17, 1812. 
Noah, s. of Noah and l-.slher, Jan. A, 18ir.. 
Tryphena, d. of .lonathaii and Nancy. Dec. 17, 1821. 
Maishall, s. of Hcnjami.i and ilcphzibah, March a, 1822. 

Nancv, d. of ,1, than, Jr., and Nancy, An^'. 21, 182J. 

Murcns, .s. of .Joseph and Mary T , Sept. lo, lS2l. 
Knidv ()., ll. of IJenjamin and Ilcph/.ibali, Nov. 21i, 1824. 
Joseph .\l., s. of.los,-|,h ami Mary I., June 1), 18211. 
I'arker, s. of lienjamin and lleph/.ibah, Api-il 28, 182(1. 

!juj ■?o 'Ji»»)';ay \<u\}ih 

"OTA 3 

WOBl-i:\ liKroKli OK I-.IIMIIS. 

Ji:ATON, c.ntinm.L 

Mflz.-ir, s. i.r Josi'ph and Mnry T., .Miiy C, 18L'ii. 

li.Mijiuniii Kdwanl. s. of B.Mii'uni.i and Il.'i'lizibali, Sept. 28, 1831. 

Amelia Carolim:, d. oC Ri'iiiainiii and llopli/.iliali, Aii.u'. i), 18:i3. 

Edi-a IC, s. olJoscph and Mary T., ().:t. 2"., 1,S;13. 

.Idliii, s. olMoliii and llannali, 'Dec. 2(;, l,s3t. 

Susan, d. ot'Daniid ami Mary, \\:h. 28, IhIK;. 

William L..i-..n/o. .s .d' n.'njarnin and ll.-plizil)ali, March 28, 1837. 

Su.san J-., d. <dl):nMil and Maiv U'., Oct.. 2, 1841. 

Josephine, d. of l) and Maiv W., 21, ISIG. 

Frank AliicI, .s. of Al)icl an.l f'.ai Ijaiinc, Fch, 2, 1847. 

(ic(n--(' lilcli.irdson, s. ul Dani.d an<l Marv, Sept. 2, 1818. 

Man' .loscpliinc. d. <ir('vrns and M.irv .\nn, .lidy HI, 18r.O. 

Kdvyard Morlinnr, -. ..f ,Iom'|.Ii M. and Marllia, Scpl. 23, IHJO. 

Cora Ncvara, d. ol .lo.-cpi, .M. and .Martha, I'.-b. 21, ls.-,3. 

Cli.irlcs Smnn.T, > ofCvnis .and .Maiy A., .Inly 8, IS.",!. 

Martha, d. olMo.-oph .\1 and Marlha. Ocl.. li;, 18.-.5. 

Nalhan \\'yuiaM, s. oC I'arkcr and .Marlha, Noy. IC. 1855., .s. oIMoncjiIi i\I. ami Marllia, .Ia)i. 2(1, 1858. 

Frank, .s. ol .Marcus ami I'Inlic, March 21, ls.>8. 

Emily Wynwiii, d. of Marshall and Nancy, \ov. 1, 1858. 

■(!. of and Josephine, March c' I8(;5. 

William I'arkcr, s. of Park, rand Aleihia, Oct. 17, 1870. 
Oi'or-c Henry, s. of George V. and t'alista A., Nov. 12, 1871. 
Mary, d. (d'.Marcns and I'iiehc li., Sept. I'J, 1872. 


d. of Ocor-e F. and Snsan J., .Inly 2i;, 18U7. 


John IlarUny, s. of Jolm and I-ydia, Jan. 30, ISin. 

■ s. of Noah anti Kll/.al>clh, Oct. 2(;, 1857. 

Nellie, d. of Charles W . and Nellie, June 3, 1872. 

Charles Frederick, s. of Oeor-e II. and Mary K , Jnnc 5, 1872. 


lirnjamin, s. .d' lie 


and Susanna, Scpl. 13, 1773. 

Susanna, d of lici 


and Susanna, .Inly 18, 1775. 

Ahiiiail, d. of lieni 

ml Sus;innii. May 2, 1777. 

John Wy.nan, s. o 

■ licnj' 

indn and Sirsanna, Dec. 27, 1778 

I'eler Wynian, s . 

f lienj 

mdn .and Sn-anna, .In no 'J, 1781. 

Snsan, ,1. ofCapl. 


nd Snsan, I'cii. 2i;, 1812. 


Mary, d. of Joseph ,1. and Lucy, March 2(3, 1870. 


Isabel Snsan, d. of Henry H. and Snsan. An:;. ,", 1850. 
Henry Winthrop, s. of Henry li. and Susan K., April 4, 1852. 
Frani; Willi.nns, s. (d' Adoniram .1. and l.i/./.ie, Sept. Ill, 18i;(;. 
laiiin- li., s. of Adoniram .1. ami .Mary F., Au-. 21, 18(iU. 

» • .Moo rL-conlod lS(i7. 

>.i4iaiii '«■ 'uwrKr.i K.rjiii' 

."..;r ,Ti 

.■'.■"■.: .-is y(-.,i. , f. ■■i.'.ni'. a^u- :■• i.„v,..-,.n<-, ,:> 

if. '...I-. U :,:,, 

-r '•S ilJii;!/. ,'.:ii:^f lilin .1. |l(i'j-.vl. In 



[AiMK. ,l.],|. or William ,n 
.1. WilliiiMi. s. o|-\Villiaii, , 
I.i/./.i.-|M.),'l. ..r\Villi;nn 
fl.-.r-i. (l.|, ,l.„l'AVilli:n„a 
rMiarlis ll.iny. .-. ofWiili: 
|S:inili K.j, il. „rWil,i:uii 
.1. Warn-,,. . I. „f.lnl,„ai„l 
I. la l.illiaM, ,1. orWilliMiii .■ 

Saiah l;,,al, ,1. ul' I.iiUicr au.l K>tlui-, Jiiii,' I,",. 1,-'.!.-,. 


■l:'Ni. . K . s, or, lain,. S. aii.l Sii>aM. S,-,, 
I'l-anl. Ilill, s. nIMaiiM. S. ai.,1 Su> ni .li 
11' l-ii .Io-,r|iliiiic, ,1. (,|;)aiiif> S. aiKl Sii, 
William, s. i)|- Williani aiul Marlha. ii, i. 


HI K.. ,I,dy :10, Ih,-, 

Aiiiiir i;aniai-,l, ,|. of .laiuos and . Susan K 
Li.ltic- \,ll)nry. ,1. ..f Alcxamln- an,l S, 
Giacu I.onisa. d. orHnssi-11 and Kianr, ■. 
Harry CmUlt, s. <.r Ak'xai.d.r and Saiali 
MalH-l,d. ,./■ Ocn-,.. F. ami KlkM, V.. A|u 
Flora Klla, d. oC Martin and Lnciiula Ii. 

n,vs iT, on. L'7, 1 

rail, .Inly IL', ISUl. 
t>,i, 1, 1m;:;. 
N'ov. 1, ls,;4. 
1 1.-., isi;?. 
Iiorn in StoiR-liaii 


II all, d. of Wdliain, May 11, Iilllii. 


Clara .Ian,. .,d. or ,Ian„..s and Jan.-, Srpt. 
Grao. Ilrlrna, d. ol' .Jana-s and .Ian,., .Inh 

4, lS.">i;. 

1, im;.",. 

>. or.lani,s;in,l .Ian,., .Inlv ir, Is,;; ' 


Isaac, s. ofWilliain an,l Mary. .Vn-. ID, 17,S7. 

(U-nv^ir, s. or William ami l.ydia, 'March I'N, VhVi. 
Waircn, >. i.r William ami I.vdia. April li, ISlli, 
.Maisliall, s. of William and L\dia, An-. L'o, IMS 
'IVypluma Kns.scll, d. or Loriilu' and Tryplnna 1'., July 22, 1S22 
William r.or.njr, s of I.orum and Tiyplicm. I'.. An-. 23, 1,S24. 
Lnuaih, s. o l.orin-aiul 1'., May 11, l.SliO. 
Maim, (1. ot l.oini'.' and Trvplicna 1'. i\lav •'-" 
Thomas, s. of I.„riim and tryphcnii I'., Manh 22,'i8a4. 
h.isanna -laiiccs, d. or Warren aixl Fanny, March ^1, 1834. 
*^ unci] .\ii-u>tus, .s. o( Warren ami Fanny, Fch. 11, 1830. 

.// nT.r:-} 

i'oiuniN nKCOiii) of tsikths. 


i::\[Kns(:)N, <•.,„«,■»»,■,/. 

KloiTiicr A., d. oll!ol)oil iuul Elvini, April 1, 1844. 

n,.,irv n.rll.S, -. ..I Ahll. 1- 1'. ■MU\ lUlKTCM, Nov. L'-l, 1811). 

[Mvn M.. .s. (il I'l .- .-ni.; Miirv H., .Iiinu :i, IKC'l. 

• ,1. Ml. lain. vs :uhI A.lrlilir, Mi'lV Kt, l.Si;,'.. 

Kvulyii Os.-aiiyan, il. of ■riioiii:i> anil .\lai-.v K-, I'ec. 17, ISGC. 


^ii-aii Aii^u-la, (I. .11 William an.l Susan, VrU. A. IS,",;!. 
•SiL-aii Ai.n. .1. .,IMaiii..>a„.l .laiir, ,ln iir 17. l.-.V!. 
K. ll.,v,,.,s, s. ..iMaiii.-, and .Ian,', ( i.-l,. -j; , I.S.M. 
William'll, >. ..n;. i;u.--.ll nn.l Ahim I'., N.)V. !l, ]K.->.^. 
Williiim Ki-..cmaii. .s. ol' William an.l iM-aiuc.s, Fci). 2:!, IS.'ili. 
Cliaili-s I':ii~li>, .s. i<( I-;. Kn-SL-I! anil .\liliv 1'., ^upt. 15, 1857. 
Gcoi-.' Ku-.n.', s. i.r Gr-.n-uc W. ami .M:n-y K., ,Taii. 10, 1S5!). 
S(i|ih!a Ul.laid.-, .1. oT Kplnaim 1!. ami Aliliy 1'., Aug. IS, 18.J9. 


A. hi, (I. .il' William and IC 

Kli/.a, Mari-li L'a, ISOO. 


.-. ..r Willi; 

h. of Guur-e W. 

Ldiii.', Juno 14, 1859. 

Marv, d. ol' .\n.lru\v unil Mai'v, .Inni- L'.'., I7:il. 

Klizalu'lh, d. ol'Au.lrcw and Mary, , Tan. 0, 17112. 

An.h-.^u-, s. of Andrew and M.arv, Nov. 20, 17;i4. 

Nathaniel, s. of .\\v and .Mary, I'Vh. Ill, K.'iC. 

Sainn.l, s. of Andr.'W and .M.irv, (Xci,. ;!0, 1742. 

llannali. d, ol Ai,.lrc'U ami Marv, An-. 1. 1711. 

Andrew, >. .if Andrew and -S.irali, Nov. JO, 1701. 

Saral,, d. of Andrew and Sarah, Dee. H, 17(;;'.. 

John, .s. of Andrew ami .Sarah, .Ian. 10, 17(i(;. 

AhiL'ail, d. of Amlr.-w and Sarah, An-. 1:'., 17118. 

John. .V. .if.Vmlrew and Sar.ih, March 15, 1770. 

Marv. .1. '<[■ Andr.w ami Sar.ah, Kcli. 10, 1772. 

Asaph, s ..f'W and Sarah, An'^'. 17, 1773. 

Kailul, .L of .I.,na-, an.l Kaili.d. Feb. 17, 17711. 

Jonas, s. .,1 .1, ,,,,■,, an.l Ka.h... .\.,v. 17. 177U. 

Saimi.l, s. .if Amir. \\ ,in,l Sarah, An-. 'J, 177'J. 

Kli/.ahelh, .1. of An.lrew an.l Sarah. Jnne :'.0 1781. 

Jaeoh Kaan'S, s, of J. mas ami liach.-l. Dee. lil, 1782. 

llcs.-a, s of .Mr. Aiidrcv/ and Sarah, April 14, 17.Si. 

Hannah, d. of .Mr. Andrew and Hannah. Jnlv 21, 1785. 

Sttph-ii, s. of Amirew an.l Hannah. .Mareh 14, 17,s7. 

Delia I!., d. of Thonms and Marv J., June 21, 1841. 

'I'l las liallelh', .s of Thomas .j. and .Marv 1)., Mareh C, 1815 



WIIAV (s. 

-.ti'Mi.'i 'lo ii;(<n-'j.'i /ii:rti< 

'1 M o'j>i .-•! .i^tir 

/f7?}i:i 1 

«^ WOIiUHN I!i:Cf)l!I) OF lURTlIS. 


Kiiieliiie KogL-rs, il. of Mai-y Fiilc-s ami Shopliurd Ors., Dec. 25, 1831. 


Miir.v Ann, rl. of Teter and Catliarinc, Dec. 4, 1852. 
Mai'fiarct, d. of I'ctcr and ralliiiririe, ,7an. 27, 18r.G. 
Ovvun Thomas, s. of IVtop' and Catliarinu, May 1, 18r>8. 




s, .s. of (Jen 


, Nov. 2; 




, .s. or (Ico 


April 1, 




, d. of (Jco 


Frl). 27 


•zcr, s. of 


1), .\\<r\\ 

'; 1 




,'f, s. of C: 


,lidv ;!0 



s. ofThoi 


and KIk' 

1, ,1 


• 20 




t,I., d. of, 


tUiin an. 






liarliaia, d. of Kdward, Jan 2(;, 

Maiv, d. of.Iolm, April 10, l(;5il. 
.lacol), .s. ..IMolin, O.-l. 22, li;57. 
I.saai:, ,s. of .lohn, Hoc. 1(1, l(;51i. 
Joanna, d of John, April i), llli:i. 
Mciry. d. of J..lni, April 1. liKi:'.. 
Hannah, d. ofjuhn, J,'in. 22, liJCS. 

Isaac, s. of Jol Jnlv I, 1(171. 

]\Iai-v, d of Isa.ic and Mary, Dec. «, IC'.i'.). 
Isaac, s. of Isaac and Mai'v, .\pril 2, 1702. 
John, s. of lsa,(C and .Marv, Jan. 7, 1701. 
Jiicoli. s. of Is:,,,,- ;,ii,l Maiy. Jnnc 11. 1705. 
,\nii, ,1, <,ns:,,ir ami .Mary, AiiiT. i:i, 1707. 
J,.natlKiii, s. ,,f l-:,,u- ,ind Marv, April -',s, 1709. 
Joann,!, d. ol ls,i.ic and .Mary, .March 17, 1711. 

I ,lwar,l, ,.. of and F.lh'ii, Jnly 29, l,i57. 
.Marv ,l,ni,', d. of Tlunnas and Kllcn, July 9, 18(10. 
James, s. of Ihomas and Kllen, .Sept. 22, 1801. 

,lidv 17, l,s(l( 


Mary, ( 

. ,0' Mi,l 

ael a 

■1 iioirn.'- 

%'.'<,'l- I'l 



Kllcn, d 


civ ar 

d 1 





h, s. 



'i aiici'S, 

1. ,if 


. 1111,1 Kndly L., May 29, 18(;i. 
Ill I'.niily, Sept. 2.S, 1M(;2. 

-fcirrc;/! '1'.;. micoaru KSiiTiu 

.0 U-l (..^ '■ :!0 -'X^lni V.t»J-C IP -ll W:' 


.trill ,;j'i ufit. Ijxi. ''ii'i ' 

.tC>', "J /Ml ,v -ii.I - . 

WOIUJliN lilXOIiO OF lilliTHS. 89 

1 AY. 

IliMirv, s. ofDuiiiol aiiil Citlim-inu, ,Iaii. 2.!, ISoT. 
Ann iM:iiiii, d. .if l)aiii(rl an. I f'atliarincs jrav L'3, 1859. 
J.ilm, s. oCDani.-l and Ca', Au-. l.". 'l-G^. 

(Ann, (1. (ifl-atrick an, I l!iiil-vt, Jan. 15, ISila. 
Jlartha Klla, il. ol' Daniel ami Calliaiini', Au-. L'2, LSfio. 
James, s. oniailhohiinru' and Sarali, Marcli :31, 1857. 
Jnsc|,l, Anlln.ny. s. ..riiar: Ih.I..uh'w and Sarali, June Ifi, 1859. 
.■\li!rv Ann. d. nriiarlholoinew and Sarali, March Hll, 18GL'. 
I Sarah, d, uT liarlhdlcKieu- and Sarah, Sipl. — , I.SIU. 

s. of Michael and II. ,ah, .Inlv -J, 1S(m. 

Maria, d. or Michael an.l U.innah. Jnlv is, ISIIO. 
Mary Ann, il. ol liaiaholonieu- ami Sarah, Xov. 4, 18(10. 
Thoina- Jo-eph. s. oC f',ileni:ui ,-ind D.-Ua, Sept. I'd, 1870. 
Jliehael II. •mv, ,s. (,l' Mi.'li.ael an. I Hannah, Jan. 10, 1872. 

or llii-l, ;iii.l Kai.', , 1s;l'. 

J<.hn IMtii.k, >. <.rc,, an,| Delia, N„v. 21, 1872. 


c.'harl..- V ,,r Wdliani an.l Mnry A., Jnlv IS, 1851. 
Chail.v. Kr.aK rick, >, .,1 William an.l ,\I.irv A., Jidy 18, 1852. 
Charl.s {■linl.iu. s. ..r D.wiU C. an.l Klvira \V., An-. Sd, 1852. 
Charh's, s. „r William and .Mary A., April :i, 185;;. 


Eli/.ah.ah \ d. ..r and Klizabelh, July 24, 1870. 


liDherl, s. ofKdl.ia-t an.l ll.ii'.ilhy. Oct. C, 1(188. 
J.'ranci.s, 8. or Ui.liert, ,lnly 22, Hi'iO. 


Amv Kslella, d. ..rTIi :i> anil Clara, S'e|)t. II, 18(10. 

An.amla Malvinia .\n-usla, .1. c.r Charl.'s '1'. and .Nancy J., March 20, 

John 'I'hcjodore, s. or Charles T. an.l Fanny J., Jan. 27, 18(13. 
John II., s. or Alexaiiil.'r anil .\niaml.a, .\ii:,'. 15, 18(19. 
Goor-i; liupcrt, s. or John ami Annette K., Jnne 21, 1872. 

Geor-c lOdwar.l, s. ol' Oliver ami Snsaii J., Jnm; 28, 1801 


.Slcplu!ii, s. or .\ll.hael :ui,l l!iul;;.'t, .liine 15, 1811. 
John, s. orMiehael ami lirhlsiul, .May 20, 1818. 
(ieor^'c, M. or Micha.-l and ICIi/.ab.ah, Jnnr .•!(!, I.s,50. 
Mary Ann, d. or .Michael and l!rid-ct, .May 10, l,s,5:i. 
(.■h.irles lleiirv, s. or Micha.d an.l lirhl-.'l. >;ov. 19, 1851 
Charles lleniv, s. or Mieha, 1 and llri.l-j.'l, Nov. 17, 1850 
M.-irlh.a ,liin.-, d. ol Mi.'ha.l and lirid-.-t, .\ii-. 7, 1858 
.Man I'll. '11. d. ol .Michael, .!r,. and Ann. S.:pl. 18, 185H. 
, Ann, .1, ..r .Michael anil Ann, .May II, 1800. 

UTitin -ix (iHO"*;!^ ^niH<> 

lj31 /. .I'.',. ,.I. ,ti,..,:V ,„„, T^viK > •:,. .^ .Irtr.v, 




IN, (■ 



imii, s 


acl iiM.I I!;ut. Srpt. 

.'0, iscn. 


n. s. o 


. Jr., aiiil 

Ann, MaiTh 

i;, ISlii'. 


mr III 

lll'W S- ( 


aiM Ann. \<) 

-. •-'?. 1.S 



lani ■!' 


. nl Mid; 

il. ,lr..aial .\ 

in, ,7aii. 

•ll, 1SC8. 



. aiul liii 

'■1-1, .\|,rii -i; 




I'll A. an. 

Kal.' -M.. 1)1.1 

1 ill l',o> 

loll, .1,111 


V, (1. (1 

Alhri't A. 
, .Ir.. ajiil 

iiMl I>al.rlla, 
.\nn, ,\ii-. i: 

1.(1 Ih- .M., I>r 

limn ;:o, 

■. 1, IM 



W.arri-n. s. ijf Jiiliii K. anil Abl-ai 
.M.iisliall, s. olMi.hii K. .mil .\l.iua 


Winlii'lil Scotl, s. of 'I'lioiiias M. ami .\lai--aiul, Srpt. 11, 16 



.loliii lliilibanl, s. ofD.iiii, 
Marv .Mil.r.inl, ,1. ol' Wall 


Mary, il. ol' Patrick ami .Joanna, Oct.—, 18.'):i. 

.Tolin, s. or I'ahicK ami .loaniia, .T.iii- — , I.S.-jil. 

Kllcii, ,1. ol'l-alricli ami .Joanna, April i), 1,S5,S. 

Ann, il. of IVlcr ami Ann, Ki-b. 'J, l.-.VJ. 

Ocorgi- Wiliiain, s. oC Laurence ami .\nna, Fcl,. IG, 1SG5. 

Cliui-lcs Jlii harl, f.. i,r I.awreucu ami Aim, l-'cli. 12, lSli«. 

.Joseph Francis, s. ol L.nvrcncc ami Anna, .Ian. l.j, 1S71. 


Catliiiriin;, il. of Tlioinas and j:ilcn,Jnly L".i,ls5i;. 

pinn1':g.\n (sec I'iNNiijAN). 


.Miii-y, (1. of .Michael ami Mar-aret, Dec. 17, Lsi;.'. 
Mai'Jiiiret, il. of Michael ami^aict. An-. •.). \M\7. 
Michael, s. of Michael itiul .Mar-aiel, April :iii, |si,!i. 


I'ctei', s. ol'l'honia.s iiiul Mary, Feb. 11, LSbS. 
.lames, s. of , James ami HriilC'ct, March 3, l.s.-,0. 
Carinirine, il. of I'clcr anil Klleii, Nov. A, is.'il. 

^irTiUit '!!"• o-j<,,:<n v. 

:i'</i' v-ri 


or lUKTiis. 

riNNIUAN, r,„ui,uu,f. 

Alice, il. of;\licli;irl „n.l liricl-cl. K. 
.loliii, s. or.l.iliii ;.ii,l M:nv, .lull.' 7, 
Anil, (1. or.MicliacI :nul lirirl-n, Dc 

lii-id-cl.OcL. Pi, IS.".-.. 
HI. I l!ri,l-ul, A|iril L'.".. IN.^ii. 

Kihvanl K. and .liili.i, An-. 11, isy, 
. 1 and ISrid-i'l, .Inm- I'li, IS.'.S. 
■k :ind .Marv, ,luh' I'.l, Is.-.H. 

o|- l'lH,nia> l;,-.. and Ann, 

.f iluuii and , .Mav :ll, 

ic, d. ol Mndiaul and liiid-. 
.. or I'aiiirk and M.rv. ]),r 
;, >. ,>; Kd>vard and .Inlia. < 

..|- Mirliail and;.-! , 1', 

.i|- I'alink anil .Maiv, D c. 
, (1. ..! Mn lia-l 1 

uf Mi( haid and iiiiducl, I) 

l;al|.li \V: 

•Inly •_'(;, 1.S70. 
. l.S, 1.S7L'. 

■. .Inly 17, I74:J 

nc, .Ian. :;, 17.'- 
di A., .\<)V. C, 


.I.ihn (Jlivir, s of ()ll\.i- and rally, Nov. oO, I.S2.5. 
Manila lirll, d n|- Oliver and I'attv, A|ii-il 11, INL'fi. 
S.nali i;ii/.ahelli, d. (if Oliver and Patty, .Se|it. L'7, 182« 
.Inlia .\nn, d ..C Olivci- and fatty, .\n-. L':'., l,S;!i'. 


.\l)i-ail, il. of .lolin and Lvdia, .hiii. 4, ISIO. 
r.iiiali I'ieire, .s. n|- .h.lni anil l.ydla, Anir. L'.% 1811. 
l,\dia .\nn, il, ..I .loliii and l-ydia, Man li S. 1.817. 
Clara, d. (d' .Idin iind l.vdia, ,lan, 10, IH2>. 
Marv, d. ul .lolni and l.vdia, Keh. IC, l.sL'tl. 
.Iiiliii W., s. of .luliii and Lvdia, Oui. 2'J, 1827. 
David liraineril, .s. ol' .Iiiliii and I.ydia, Fcl). li), 1830. 

Abliy Ann, d. of and Lydia .Ann, April 2,S, IHJKS. 

Ciroliin', d. o( IIIum ami licniisa, May li, 1810. 
Maiv .lane, d. uC niniin and Louisa, .Se|,i. il, 1811. 
Adeline, d, of llirain and .Sn.saii, An-, l.S.!. 
Geor-iann.i, d, of llirain and LonUa, .Inly 20, 184fi. 
Sarah Klleii, d. cd' llirain and LoniM \V.,"An-. !l, 18.-.L' 
lienjainin, .s. of lienjamin 11. and .Mary A., Nov. Ill, 1,- 


!lfl -'l'^ <!;ii'>:i 

nt :i villi, .oiihiuUh') ijti,. lo-j.i'i. ;•! i > .». ,>:i!i.nn!i' 

.tiTI .1 ,<:->''l ,-.i(nJiiil/0 ,j:iti •;.i -lo .)i /./iM 
.TI . -I,,!. .vrniiiK.') l.|.t:-i',vuiM.ljl :i> .1 .■.iiniilln'> 
'' .V. ■ , /. /i.l !■.'■' l-lil: ./. iiui^.il. ■!,, .,, ,..|,b:7/ .llllll'l 

,t:; ,;!■)/. .'tlJl:'! '>«•. ij.jivl 

;.,. ! 



K1I..M1, cl. or lieMlinoiiil ;iiid IIiiiiii;ili, .Ian. 1, 18:4. 
Amirew, s. of MirliaJl -.uu] Marv, Al.ii-cli .'n, l.s.Vt. 
lioclinoml, ,s. (if ItcliiK.nil and lldnoni, Maivli— , 185.-,. 
Dennis, s. oC .U>\<\i ami .Mai'Mrcl, \u" "■' ]tir,r, 
Catharine, il. of .lol.n and M~aiu.ii'et, Jvi,. S, l,S.-„s. 
.TciliM, s. of .lanu'S and Calliarinc, .\|iril .'!, ]iir,[) 
MiclKiel, s. I'f I'Muard .md .Mar-arct, .Ian' G it*r,0 
.lolin, s. of .Tol.n and Mai-ai,l. .Inn.- -'S, l,s(iO. 

Callnirine, d. ol' .lanies ami Cailiai iiie', .lail. L'':.', Ysiil. 
Ilannali, d. of .lolin .an, I Ma.-aivl, I-'el.. IC, I.Slil 
iM-ani;, s. of .lames and CailKnimv .hdv a, l.'<i;i. 
.I.anies. .«. of .l,,i,n .and .Ma.-airt. April .;. l-i;:, 
.Ma,-:nvl, d. ,.| I'aii-irk .and Callia.anr, Drr. L'O, l.xilo. 

-— s of Mallhrw and Maiv (i,l. O, l,s,;;. 

l:ndi;vl,d. ..r.lanirs and Call, .n.n,-, April l.",, 1,S70. 

-Mary Kilen, d. cd' liartliol.nm w and Mary, .Sc-pl. L'O, la70. 


Itolieil TldMle. s. of I'ati-ii-k and Kli/.a .1., May L', 1853. 
Miehael, .s. of l>a!riel< and Kli/,a. ( )rl. Is, isn,-;'. 
Hannah, d. of Kdwanl .ami Mari;ar.-l, .M.ii-ch -'7, 18.58. 

Edu-ai'd Thi.-tle, .s. of I'an-itd; Kliza, Nov. 11', KSo8 

Thomas Evei-elt, s. of Edward an, I .Mar:.'aret, '-, 1801. 

Michael, .s. of I'at.rieli and Elizalielh, .Sept. 20, lUC'l. 
Li/zic, d. of Edward and Alar-aret, Dee. — , 18i;l'. 
Patrick, .s. of Patrick iiml C.dhaiine. Pel). -1, isil.j. 
Cutliarinc, .1. of E,hvard and Marfjaret, .Inne -, 18G4. 



Al.i.n.'dl', ,i.""ol''(:,.'r' 'l,\'n','.".la'n. ,s, 7,';.sl.'' 
Mary, , I. .d' (i.r-lnnn. l\\,. l', liio.;. 

I'honnis, s. cii' (i, rshiin]. 

\pril l-i, li;,s5. 

KsllnT.'d.'of I'li, ■/..■r and 

1 11 i.ih. An;;-. 11), l(;s7. 

lOsiln-r, 0,-t. 17, Ii;:i5. 

Kli/.al.elh, cl. ,,( (iershoni 
Gershom, .s. of (i,'i-.|ioni 

.an,l llann.-di, .May T2. ICIK, 
Mi,l Hannah, Nov •-"> ir.'.ib 

Zaclnuiah, s. of G,.rshom 

ami Hannah, .lime 20, 171 

Elizabeth, il. of Klu-nezei 

am! Klizabeth, .hdv -'.-,. 1' 

Gershom, s. of (iersli,)m 

n,l llann.ih .Ian ''h 17i'-' 

.Mary, d. of Eliem-zi-r ami 
Eb,-nezer, .s. of i:i„-nezer 

Klizabell'i, i)'e'e. 5,""l'7(iL'. " 
in,l Klizab,-lh, (1,-1. IS, 17 

.lohn, N. or Kli,nn'Z,-ruml 

I-;ii/.ab,-ih. S,-pl. 7. 17ii(;. 

Thiinia.V. of |.;h,.nezei'a 

1 -:iiz.-,b,-th, .l.dy 2:1, 171 

Id KlizalM-th, Nov. Ill, 171 

.lo.sial,, s. of Kbenezei-ajn 

lOliz.-d.elli, Nov. 12, 1712 

liiui u) ua>o.;i -/i:!'-)*!" 


FLA(!G, coulhiant. 

Kuth. (1. of KhciK'/.ri- and i;iizahc-ili, Oct. 14, 17U. 
Ilaniiali, il. ol l'.l..iirzc|- and Kli/.alii^lli, Del. 1, 1710. 
Ahi-ail, cl. c.r Kl.ciir/.ci- anil llli/ahcth, .liily M, 171S. 
Abigail, (1. ..r Klicnc/.,!- aial i:ii/,ah.ali, .Iiriic 7, 17i2. 
Sarah, d. of l'.liizi-|- and llannali, Oct. L'3, 17L'i;. 
Kliczcr, .s. of Kli./ci-arnl Hannah, Aw^. -JC, 1728. 
JIaitlia, il. (i|-(K-r>lK)m and .Marllia, .March 11, J72S. 
Benjamin, s. nC (;cr>hoin and .Marllia, March 3, 1730. 
lieiibcn, son of Klhzcr and Hannah, .(an. 25, 1731. 
UaniKih, d ofGershoni iuul .Martha, .kilv 8, 1731. 
.lonas, .s. of ICIir/.cr and Hannah, May 10, 1731. 
.lohn, .s. ufCicrvhoni and Lydia, Sept. 13, 1731. 
Hannah, d. of Kliczcr ami Hannah, Nov. 10, 1732. 
JIarv.d. of Gcr^hoiu and Lydia, .April 12. 1733. 
Ahi'lail, d. of (;cr,^ ami .Martha, Dec. 13, 1733. 
.lohcph, s. ut Zachary and .M:irv, Feb. !), 1735. 
Ger>hoin, s. of (icrshom and Martha, April 28, 1735. , 
Epliraiin, s. of (Icislnnn and Lydia, Nov. U, 1735. 
Zacharv, >. of Zachary and Marv, .lunc 17. 1737. 
.losiali, s. (jf (;cr>hon[ and .Marllia, .May 28, 1737. 
]\Iarv, il. olZachariah and M.iry, .Sept. 2, 17311. 
Sl.phcn Willi-, s. of .losiali and Mary, Feb. 21, 1740. 
Marv, d. of .In. lab and Marv, Feb. 21. 1 MO. 

I, April 28, 17:.'J. 
, Nov. 1(1, 1701.* 
all. March 27, 17Ci. 
April Hi, nOO. 

h. Sow n;, i7a'j. 

!i 7, 17(i',l. 
Hannah, April 23, 1772. 



• d 




rib >, 


f B 


rv Ha 




-by, .1 





ia'h, s 



if . 




1 . 

f . 
f . 

a Abiuuil, .)nlv 25, ,7.^1, 
d Abij;ail, .May 7, 178(J. 

I Hiram and , .\iiril 2"7, ISUO. 

.lolin and Marv, Nov. 22, ItOl. 

cr, .s. of .lohn and Marv, .Inne U, 1805. 

I, oClohiiand Mary. April 2.i, 18U7. 

of .loliii and .Mary, .Inly 30. 1801). 

impMHi.d. of, lohn ami Mary, April 7, U 

of .lohn and .Mary, Dec. 7. 1H12. 

of .lohn and Mary 



LAO(i, o.,ii!„,(,,i. 

AVillhllll Kii-nur. : 


M;irv l!rbrcc:i. cl, of CIkuIi- :niil .\liii;:lil, .\\i\\\ ;!0, 18.-.;). 
CliiliUs lCii>lis, s (.1 Cliiirk'> iilul Aliiniill, Dec. l:i, IH.'.S. 
.\iiMir Criillr.v, il. 1)1- .loliii (i. .iiiil .Marin .M., .Inly l'1. lb(M. 

.s. or lii'iijanrm V. iiml Urbiu'ci, An-. ". \M\:,. 

ICdiUi l.oriim'.d nlMiiliu G., Jr., ami Maria M., March 18, 18CC. 
Edward Kvori-tl, s. of liudiuiy N. and .lane li., Aii^'. :i, 1800. 
(,'or;i L(.in<a, d. of KodiifV N.'aiid .Jam.' H., .him; 17riS08. 
WalU'rC'iillurd, s. of William K. ami Nancy K., .\i)ril 2, 1870. 
Ida, d. <in!ndiiL'y X. anil .)anr H., Due. :!I, l.^TU. 


.lanus Kdward, s. of William and liridu'ft, Sept. 21, 1802. 

Mar-aruC, d. of Kdninnd and Marv, (X-l. — , 1804. 

Miciiael. .-*. of Edward and .Mary. .Ian. 1, 1800. 

lirid-L't, d. of Coltniaii and KaU:, .Ian. L'5, 1807. 

Mary, d. of TatricU and Mary, March 2:i, 1807. 

•lolm, .s. of I'aUick and Mary. .Vpril l.'i, 1808. 

John, .><. (d' Cohinan am! Caih.irinu, .Innc 0, 1800. 

l!o-rr, s. of I'alrick ami .Maiy, .Inly 11, 180'J. 

Sar.ili, d. ori'.dmnud an,l Man. Sept. l.'., 1801). 

Mi.liai'l, -. of Ko^i.'rand l!rid-rl, Hoc. 1',), 18011. 

Slcohcn, r,. of I'alrick and .Marji'arcl, Dec. 22, 1801). 

rat'nck. s. of IJalliohimcu II. ar.d Hannah (i.. March lU, 1870. 

S.irah.d. of K.luard ami ,Marv, March — , 1870. 

I'alrick Henry, s. of Mark .-uid Snsan, ,lan. 1, 1871. 

Mary, d. of Coleman and Kalic, Apiil 7, l.'<71. 

lirid-cl., d. , If I'alrick and Mar,:;;ncl, Dec. 12, 1871. 

of I'alrick and M.ary. Ocl. :lo, i,s71. 

.Marv, d. cd- I'alrick and .M:ni::iici, .Ian. 2, l.s72. 
I'alrick, s. id' l!"-er and lind-.l, .Ian. 2, l.sT'j. 
.M:mv a d, i<\ Mark and .Sii-,iii, .M.irch 20, 1S72. 


)l;lJ OF lUKTIlS. 


rr.ANDKKS, runii„n,d 

■ JolmFnuikliM, s. olJo 

,u and Kii/.alH-Ui \V., Oct. 8, 1«41. 

Sai-Mh Ann, il. uf.Iolin 
(■li:irk--,1,.s.'iih, s ol.) 

1 ana Sal all P., NnV- :), 1«11- 

,!,„ and Kli/.al.i-'ih W'., May 1!», 18-17. 

Wi'llium, s. olM.ilin ;ui. 

lli/.alKlli W., S.-|.t. 2.', ISl:). 
knrv II. ana Saraii .1., An-. 14, 18.51 
anaKli/.al.nli W., Oct. 24, 1851. 
inn II. ana Sarah J., April 4, 1853. 

J'o^.■|7l.ll.^■, .1. "l' WlUia 
SanUi.Ianc, a. orikin 
KlK-n Suiilila, .1. of IK- 
Warnui- Wfllinstini, >. 

,1 111(1 l.yaia .M., Maruli 17, 18.54. 

11. ana'sarali .1., An-. 28, 18.54. 
ly 11. and Sarali J., Ant;. -'8, 1854. 
„r, I, am and Kli/abctl. W., Sept. 20, 


Emma, a. of William a 

id I.vdia M., Sept. 22, 18r)U. 

s. (,r Williaii. aiul 

1 yilia .\I., S,'|.l. 21, 1K.58. 

William and Lydia -M., An-. 20, 18C2. 


Robert s. dl' John and Mar-arut, .Inne :!, 1S70. 
Ann, d. of Jolin and Mai^aicl, Mardi 25, 1872. 


I^alii 1 Crrtrndc, d. of IJuimiu-d and Lydia S., Dec. 2, 1857. 
Willi im I'liliiaiii s. ui lierniud and Lvdia, Jan. 2D, 18G1. 
s. of Berniua and l.ydia, Jan. 2'J, IhCl. 


Siisuii d of Freaeriek and Snsan K., Oct. 5, 1834. 

KnTku'ick Ui-nstns «. of Freaeriek and Susan, May 25, 1837. 

John Kieliardson, s.'of Frederick and Suhaii U., Oct. 24, 1830. 

Charles, .s. of Henry and Mary, Dec. 14, 1842. 

Thomis Watson, .s. of lleiirv ami Mary, Nov. 28, 1844. 

Franklin, s. of Freaeriek aiul Sn>an U., .Inly 22, 1847. 

John s. of Jidm ami ICli/.a, -Vn-. 27, 1858. 

laicv' Isabel, a. of 'I'homas and Knima Jane, Oct. 28, 18C7. 

Cvnlhi I M., a. of Kenaall L. ami I'hebe '!'., An-. 25, 1800. 

Janet 'rnrner .1 of Frank aiul Li/./.ie, March 28, 1871. 

-1-a. of Kenaall L. ana rheli. T.,Xov. 17, 1871 

Mary A.lelaiae, d. of John K. ami Helen A., July 7, 18,2. 


Naiiev 1. 
John W 

, d. (d' William a 
lers, s. of Willia 
r William and .\a 

id Nancy K., 1 
11 and N.uiey, 
1, y K , .March 

"eb. 11 
Inly 0, 
U,' l,s4 



Mary A 1 

II, a. of .John am 

h;H/.a, An-. 1 

», l,s.5:). 

of . 


s. of Michael an 

)ct. M, isill. 
1 Mary, Oct. C 


..-.u .-.liji i>> .iiiiv)'i;t /;t,;nt>iv/ 

;.>U ..< Jill .M 

>t luM' M„,l;l,v, 10 

.l.ltil ,7 .J'.(( -ul 

90 woRuitN i:Kcoi;n of mirnis. 

FOr.KY, a.iUinu.d. 

Rl:ii-:int, .1. of HiuUk.Ioiucw iiiul Uiiil;;(,'t, .I.ilj lM, 18.VJ. 

Miirv, il. of MMik iiiul Jlm-iuvl, M.iicli — , KSDI. 

]\l:ir;:iirci Jliulii, il. of r^ilm U and M .riiana, A|iril30, 18(J4. 

Mary Ami, il i.f I'atiick ami l!ii.l:;ol, Sl'|iI. 20, KSG,"). 

J.'hi), s. oll-aliicU and Sii-an, July -Jl, \m;. 

,Iolin, .s. of.Michaul and Alil.y, An-. 2ii. l.^Uil. 

.](.lui, s. or Ihi^l, and Kalu. Jan. 27, IsCT. 

'lliMinas J.iM-|.|i, s. olMic 

Miclu.l, >. n|- Michael an. 

Ann, d. ul Hai liiolmuw 

Mai-y Ann, .1. (.1 iMR-lia.l 

Marlin, >. ol liarlliuloniu 

.Micliarl, ,s. ol Michai-I an 


Caroline Kruil, d. of Jcflc 

Caroliuu. (I. of Jullur.son i 

Jo-c|ili Gardner, s. of Jell(M-.-un and l.ydia. May l,j, 1840. 

Sarah, d. >>! J.IIVrson and l.ydia, Jidy 23, Isl,!. 

K'l and 


\hhic. 1 

1 l.xdia, 


in, J. 

iIj. i; 


Oct. 8, 18G7. 
jt. (i, l8(iS. 
.21, I8(i.i. 

31, Ksi;o. 
11. Ill, 1.S71. 


Drc. Hi, 183 
li;, 1838. 

1 ()> 


A .III. d. of ll,j|MMdl' .M;ii(li 12, Hi73. 

.loin;, >. ol llo|„-tdl, ViU. II, 11.77. 

.Mercy, d. of lln,,>Mill, iM-b. 2i;. KoS. s . I ( h lies C. ;.nd (-..--lliL-r, Sept. 3, 1841. 

^Villi.s Uaniiiioii -. ol lui.olliv ml Sn.-iin, Jiiiui 18, 1842 

aid Ksllier, March U, 

-llier, March 111, 1810. 

•iil^an, .lime 2, l.'^.'ill. 

iclia, Maich 24, I8(i3. 
IC, Kel). 1, ls7u. 
10. March 22, 1871. 

Nathan Wmicii..-. ol 

111 r 

Marv Ann, d. ol Uln.i 

Snsaii Kninia, d. ofTi 

no h 

Alvah J., .s. of Jaiins 

1. an 

.s. of \V. llamillo 

1 ami 

IJlilicll, .s. of Willis .\ 



Willnrd Mim-r, s. of V. 


22, l.Ml.s. 

ChMilcs 11., s. of .\1Im 

I am 

Aiiini M,ay, d. ol ImIui 


Willi. , .s. ..f rin.rlrs a 

Id M 

i.slable, N. Y.,Stpt. 

A.< V.,1JIH> 

>;(/. ,i 'ri..!* 

• 11 -. ^ .,';,.j,rH' 

. II .. .r. 


!■ I ,':. 1...,. .v.,,1/; lull, .1, ..'W. I.. M ,,li -.i.,;i!-| 

, ! \ .il'.'l ...Ml. I ).|:.. I',<i(,!,;l ;.' i. .H'M nwM. 

■r'i ,,.! iv.r. . A VI, K li,.,. - .n.i.,l'>'|., . , .ia;V/ 



Willi!M,rih',ry!'>. olViikl'aml M.ruair't, An-. M, I«72. 

Jiuiii's, s. or .Tamos,* Miircli I, W,7. 
Abi-ail.d. of James, Ocl. l."., \<X\i. 
.loliii, -. ..r.l;uiu-s, ,Mai-ch l'.', IDTl. 
Saiiuu'l, s. <.r.Ia,nr.s, Sr|>n. 17, 1(;74. 
Jacob, s. ur James, A).i-il .1, lii77. 
Kli/.abutli, a. of James, Sept. 'JS, IC.-il. 
llainiuh, (1. of James, Jan. L';!^ Ifisl. 
Mai-v. a. or James ami Ai)mail, July l.s, liW7. 
Mary, il. of James ami Mary, 'lin'e 1«, Hi«''. 

ADi^iai'l, d. or James ami ,\Iary, .\'ws. L'-', Ifi'.iS. 

John, s. of James aiul .Mary, Nov. U, WX,. 

llaiiM.ili, <l. of James ami Mary, Sept. \:i, W.'.IT. 

Klizabeth, d. oCJoliii ami Klizabetli, Hepl, 19, 1698. 

KU/abetli, il. of James aiul Mary, Aii^. 9. Ui99. 

John, s. of Jolm an.l I'.li/abetli, Jan. 7, 1700. ._■ 

Until, d. of James ami .Mary, April 0, 1701. • ,.»,• 

Elizabeth, d. of Jolm and Kli/.aliel!i. Deo. Ki, 1701. W 

Jacob, s. of Jacob and Mary, Jane \2, 1703. '• 

Sarah, d. of Jame.s and M.ary, July 29, 1703. 

Dorothy, d of .lolui and Kli/.idieth. Au{;. 9, 1703. 

Marv, d. ofJa.obaud M:,rv, Nov. 1!,S, 1701. 

Dorothy, d. of John and Klizabelh, March II, 170,-. 

Sannnd, s, of Janu's and Marv, June 1(1. ITo.".. 

Kebecea. d. of J<,l,n an.l i:ii/..ibei h, Nov. L' 1 , 170i;. 

.laeob, s. of Jacob ami .Mary, Keb. L'l, 1707. 

Kslher, d. of James and .Mary, May 29, 1707. 

\l)i"ail, d. of John and Kli/.abelh, Dec. 1.'., 1707. 
Martha, d. of James and Mary, March 12, 1709. 
Abigail, d. of Jacob and Mary, .March (J, 1709. 
Hannah, d. of John and Kli/.abelh. Au.-. 30, 1710. 
James, s. of Johu and Kli/abeth, July Hi, 1710. 

Dor.. thy, d of Jacob and Marv, Feb. 5, 1711. 

Kiuh..viue, d. of James .n.l -Miry, Sept. 20, 1711. 

Joinuhan, s. ofJ.dman.l Kli/.abelh, AU-. 29, 1712. 

Tiu,..thv,.s. of .Mary, An- 2«, 1713. 

Mary, .1. of Jolm and Kli/. ib.ah, Dec. U, 1713, 

llaniiah, d. ..f John an.l IJi/.abelli, Mi'^. 10, 1715. 

Kli/.ibelh, d. ..f Jac.b ami .Mary, I'eh. 3, 171G. 

Knlh, .1. of,I.)lin an.l Klizabi^lh, Feb. 9, 1717. 

Kez.a, .1. ..f an.l, Sept. 22, 1718. 

,1,1, mil, .1. or.lae.ibami Mary, Jan. M, 17I.S. 

I ,1, \, .1. .,r.l..l,ii an.l f.lizab.'lh, .Inly 2.H, 1720. 

,1,,,,,. - s. .il .l..l,M an, I .Mary, Jnn.' 13, i7L'0. 

|;,,ili .1 .,f .l.i.-.ib an.l .Maiy. .lulv 2, 1721. 







s^ o|- 

. ..r.i 

,11.1 M:.n. K.-Ij. I, 


ri, s.' 

.1 Sai 

iiul and Siivaiiii.i, 


Il, s. 



.■uul Mary, .luly 1 

',1m, 1, 

,)■ Sai 

IK'I and Sii^aiMia. 



and Mary, Mav II' 

.lam.-, ^. of an. I Abl-ad, S.-|il. I'.i, I7:;i. 

Williaui. ^. .j|-,Sanniol ajj. I . Susanna. Scpl. 1:!, 17;!: 
U'unai-.l, .s. or ('apt. .lolin an. I Mary, .Ian. .s, 1737 
Kntli, d. of .lohn and Kulh. S^iit. l:!, 17-11. 
.lamrs, s. olMain.;.s and Sn.-^anna, May L'O, 174:!. 
Ilojijanun, .s. of .lanios and .Susanna, (icL. 1, 174(1. 
.lonatlian, .s. of .Samuel ami Sii.sanna, .June IG, 17-1 

I 'I, s. 

.l.,Mali and lAI;. 

.Mars-, ,1. ol-.l..viali «nd .M;i 


anidi, d. of 


, an.l M.hi 


L'.lV, d. ol . 

.i.Mah ai 

,1 .Mam.-.N. 


mna.d. of.l 

inirs an 

1 Kulianiali, 


cs, > of.lai 

ic- and 

;uliaiJi.di. 1 



an.l .M.'h.'l 


ili.'d.'.il'.lol ui 

d .S.aiali, i\ 


.■li, h. of.l.n 


I.I Sai. all. .1: 

Nov. 12, 174,- 

.\'lalH,-l, .Inn.-:!, I7.-,8. 

i\, ,\|.ril .s, IV: 

liuniainili, s. .dMann-s and KnlKiiiiali. Man li :;i, 17 
Mary, d. of U.-nianiii,* •in. I .Maiv, In .■. 1 v, 1771. 
liuiraniali,.l, olM.niu •, an,! Kiiliainal,. .luii.' 'Ml, 177i, 
l'ully,t d. of ,Io.s. an.l Car.ilin. , U.l. I'J, I77'.l. 
.loM-pli, .s. of .loscph ami l.;ai-..lin.'. .Inm; Is, 17,sl. 
Lydia, d. of i\Ir. John iiiul l-ol-, K.di. I, 17sl. 
Sally, d. or.Ianifs an.l .lane, .Jinio l!i, 17.^2. 
.MarV, d. of .l.>hu am! I,., is. born in Cliail.'slown, ( 
Cai.'.liiM-, .1. .,r.l.,s,'pli an.l Can.linu, .liinc 1, 17,s;i. 
Su-aiiiia, d. ..1 .l.,s. idi and Camllm-, .lunc 1, 17»:!. 
Willi. nil, s. .if William and S.arali, .Mai'di :!, 1 7,S3. 
.M.iisliall, s. or.laiii,-s. ,lr., ami .Ian.:, ,lan L'll, 1784. 

,.r Will 



|M..da-r of.h.lMi U., wl.u n.jn llml l,i« Il,.i' 1„„1 u I„ui1,.t .l..«i:l,l., wImj died 

when .il,.,ut; u bnali.r Hiiii.ii.l, wl... ..111..! in i;.i, .«.•.. C'.Hnity, Nc-w York ; u sis. 
tur, who .....i.i.-l u<lr.-.'i.;u^iHl.i, « hu niui ri.'.l a l.yn.l.'. n...U..i- ol' Aloi.^.) V. Lyi.df, .,f 

•sii'iiKi 'io .mo*):!;! Yinynon 

I :: 


FOWLK, amliuH.d. 

.Icssc liicluu-clson, s. of.lolni :uhI Lois, honi ill I.yim, June 24, 1786. 

Miu-.'ei-V, il. of.Ioliii and l.nis, .liiiic 7, 17SS. 

l!HsT.v,\l. uf,lo.scpl, ;iiul Curolinr, .hiiie !|, KSS. 

1„1,„ s r,r.laM.cs,.l,„;u..l.hii.L',.lm.. 1, 17110. 

'Loo„;.nl,,niUKlI,..i.s, Nov. LM.171H). _ 

I.ol.s, il. or Mr. .loliM ;nul .Mis. I.ois, .lull. I., Ij.l.'. 

.S^uniu-I. s. ..iMosupl. ami Cai-oline, .liilv '-'«, l.'JIi. 

Mvra, il. of .lol.M iukI I.ois Marcli -'!> 17'J.>. 

I'riKlciice, a. of.Iusepli anil (.'aroluif, l)i;c. 10, l.Uo. 

James: s! of Wilihun^UHl'lO, 1799. 
Vu.scbi'i 11 il of licacc.n John an. I Lois, Dec. 21, 1800. 
Snsan.'cl. ui' Sannu'l an.l .Mary, Mar.-li -.'7, 1801. 
LuUn r, s. of Willian, au,l Sarah, Mar.'l. 17, ISOI. 
Luke s. ol William and Warali, Dec. i:., 1S02. 
Klhrid-e s ol- Deiu-ou Jolin and Lois, Miireli 'J.",, 180:1. 
iVdnlliTni s of William and Sarali, Dee.. -JK, IHOl. 
'Kdwaid, s. of William and Sarali, Mareli iJH, l«n7. 
Vhi-ail d. of William and Sarah, March 28, 180:(. 
•)olmJol,n~on, s. of JohnandKleanor, Jnlv 18,1813. 
Ir^se,-,., s. of U. ami .Mary, Mareh 8. ISHl. 
Kleanor. d. of .loliu and Kleanor .1., Oel. (1, 1817. 
mm and M 


m, s. o 


e, s. <d 


L,, s. 


\ . s. o 


in-il ;!, 

■1\\, 1818. 



t. 2, 1820. 


Old Ma 

V. .Ian. 13, IS 


; IS -.'3. 
12, I82:l 


v'l., 1'' 

cl'i. 2i;,'l82.5. 

. ani 


Dee. 25, 182.5 


•. Feb. 

ir,, 1827, 

1 Kh 

Mia, -M' 

•il 8, 1827. 

ah a 

id Kn\ 

I, F.d). :8, 182 

of - . . 

Maiv LileUrd^'ofLdwanl ami Mary, Dee. 2a, 1829. 

Fmeline d of John and Eleanor J., Nov. 21, ISIO.* 

Tini..lhv s. of Je.-se K. and .Marv, .March 17, 182;). 

Klmd.i fl.uK, d. of Luke and lilioda, Feb l.-i, 1829. 

Clillord i;.. s. of .lo.iah and K. /ia, .May 4, 18:10. 

hduimm s ,,f .Irdnlhnn and Lonisu, Dec. (!, 1830. 

Sirili laJl' ird-im d. of Luke and Khoda, Mareh :50, 1831. 

M'arv i;oi;.rs, d. of Luke and Klmda, Nov. 8. 1832. 

Chaihs J., s. of .b.siah and Ke/.ia, .Vpril 3, 1833. 

Josiah L<-ek, s. of .lednthnn and Lunisa, Feb. .-., 1833. 

Abi-ail I'arker, d. of Luke and Khoda, Dee. 5, 18:13. 

Kli/abelli .M., d. of .losiali and Kezia, July 19, 183,'). 

Jlarlha Matilda, d. of Luke and Hhoda, Nov. 5, 183(;. 

William Henry, s. of Jednthnn ami, Feb. 10, 18!?8. 

Luke Warren, -s. of Luke and Khoda, Jan. 2.-., 1838. 

Sophronia, d. of Josiah ami Kezia, May 29, I8;l,s. 

CicorKc F., s. of Josiah and Ke/.ia, May :il, 18.H. 

L(mis.i, d. of Jedidhnn and Louisa, Feb. (1, 1843. 

11 irriet .Viin Lorin-, d. of John J. and Hannah B., Jan. 19, 1814 

;:r:i;.i ••i'-> iijiO'>:ii( nnj-wv 

u>i ,c: uui. ,1 

FOWMC, r.,i,tiniir,l. 

Sninirl l.iitliei- s. of .TeiUitliuii iiml I,oui<;i, Au-. 8, 1S44, 
Isiliulla I-., a. of Jaiiios 1,. iiiKl I.ullier.-i, Dec. 30, 18-lu. 
Kli... MMrhi, d. of l..iko and ICli/.a 1! July li, 1S4(;. 
AiHiur, s. of James I., aial l.udioni, Dec. .^, IMi- 

|.,,,,fs I u hn- s, of I-uk.' ami Kli/.a, Dec L".i, 1.S17. 

Kh/;, l.ronon.' d. of Jolni J. a.d llaimal. II., Dec. -I, 18fS. 

— 's/.n'\'ja'im',s^,!'t.ii(l LiUll.-ia.'oct. ■;■.', IM'.i'. 

Sarah .\mia, d. of Joliii J. ami llaiinali, D.-c ;l, 1.h..(). 

Kmma Kraiiccs, d. of I.idcc ami Kli/a, May -JO, Isul. 

Kllci. Amamla, d. of Cliarlcs .\. ami Kli^al.olh .\_.,^ Au-. U, Is. 

lol!;!' UlcM 'lil'of'joiin'A. ■uul'AdclUic'F.! Apnl'^, 1S52. 

'on Krud.liii, .s of John J. ami lla.niah U.. 0,:t. 17, IS.,2. 

l.ooManl, s. of ChaHcs A. and Ain.imla. Sc|.t. ii'.', 1874. 

Lillic, d. of Timothy ami ICliza, Apnl 11', 1.^^.... 

Nellv l..hnsoii d. of J.)liii J. and llamiah M., May :iO, 18.j... 

!^.':.''r;V..!'T;i,H'llv, s. of Oliver 1{ and Sarah K., Sept. 10, m: 
a'ahelh, li. of George ami Elleii E., Dec. 3, 18o 
■ ,1. Mf Waller ami Julia M., June ,0, 183i;. 

s of Timothy aud Kli/.a, Oct. (!, lsr.ii. 
u'th'er s of Josiah I,, aud Kebccca, Oct. 8, 18.jr.. 

Cieor-e llerhert', s' of (ieor-e ami Elleu E., March 28, 1857. 

rieii-h-s s of .laiius E. aud Eulhera, Jan. 2::, 1.S5H. 

8an!l> AlmiuL, d. of Oliver K. aud Sarah l^.^arch 0._1858. 

Timothy Clayti) 



Mary, d. of 
I,iz/.ie, d. o 

f Tiuiolliy aud I'.li/.a, Aul;. 'J, 18u8 
of .lo-iah 1,. aud Uebecca U., Sei)l. 
L. aud lieheeea li.. Nov. 2.-., l.S.VJ. 
:u aud Kli/.abeth, Nov. If, lS.i'.l._ 
'. of Tiuujlliv aud Eliza, .luue 17, l*^ 
Waller Frauklin', s. of Walter ami .lulia, .lul_y ^9 1«UU, 
John Eeouard, .s. of Waller and .l|di^'. • ""^ '• l^f'-', ^, 
Vbhe Friueis d. cd' George aud Ellen E., Aug. •<, 1802. 
_ s of .lames E. aud Eulhera, (Jet. ID, ISlW. 
\„.MeWarreu, d. of EuUe W. aud E. E., Feb. 'J, ISIiO. 
Canie Au-u.<la, d. of Geor-e F 
.hdia Sawyer, d. of Geor-e E. ji 
Willard Kin-ley, s. of Gei)r-e V 
Frank Wmdscn-, .s. of Euke W. 
Edwird I'erley, s. of William li 


v.. May 31, 18(10 
,li7.a F., Se|>l. y, 1S(;8. 
1 Eli/.a F., .May 1, 1870. 
Emma E., Oct. 3, 1870. 


, Nov. i;i, KWl. 

)ec. 2, ll'.sl. 

•ludill'i, d. id'Jabe/. 

uid .ludii ll, .llll 

John, s. of J. dm an 

1 Mary, Feb, i: 

.Jabe/., s. of.lohn ai 

d .Mary, .May 2 

Mary, d. of Jid.nai 

a .Mary, del. -' 

Edward, .s. of J hn 

and .Mary, Oct. 

ami M.iry, Apr 

.luclilli, d. of .lohu ; 

ud Mary, An-. 

^.UKUhau,-. of.lul 

11 and .\i.ny. Mi 

,1 and Kulh, .Ml 


FOX, n.>,lii,ii,d. 

Tlioiii:is s. or.Tonathan uikI liiilli, Dec. Ifi, U^'J- 
Willimn', s. olMoiialhnn nnd liiitli, V>b. -'i^' '''-• 
Kiith, cl. olMoi.nihMii ami IMth, [.-cb. L".), 1741. 
EliznlR'th, (1. of .loiuitliiui iiiul Kuril, .I;ni. \i,\,U 
I.l.lltlKUl s. ,,lMoiKilli:ui -MU] liutli. ^^!l^■U -, I. 
.lu.lilli.a. or,In,K,lhMn:unll!utl,,Nov.5, 17V.I 
M:,n.-,TV.,I. <,r.l.m;,ll,anMmlKMll,, Mi.yL'U. 1,;>'-' 

1, K 

|-,l,r/. s or.l..iKilli:ui Miul Uulli, Mav 11, I7.".«- 
SiisMiiiii *1 of .l.iiialluiii mill Kiilh, Au-. a. 17i;i). 
Sii-auna,'.!. (.r .lon.-il hail an.! liuUi. .Inly :!1, ll<:2. 
( 'ai haiiiir. .1. of .luiiat hail aial -m viali, -May 27. 17(19. 
■William <. .il William ami A id liu~;i, .Ian. '."2. 17!)l. 
CrlriMla,,! of William aiHl Aivlhu>a. Nov. 11, 17'J,5. 
Samii,l,s.,,r William aiHlA,vlhn.a,.lini.r 11. 171HI. 
Fli/.ihcih il (.r Williamaiul Aivlliii>:i, .luiH' U, 1801. 
Wanri, s. .'.r Williaili ami Aivtliii>a, .Tan. IC, 1S04. ■ 
I),,,-, a- ^ ..r Willi.iiii .UHl Aivlliu^a, May 11, 1801! 
Thomas ^. „r William aiul AivUiiisa, May II, 181,'S. 
Miilhi .1 rilCai.l William ami Aivlliusa, A|iiil --'2, 1810. 
,l,;h„ V. ,,( Cai, I. William an>l AivUiusa, 211, 1812. 
Al.i-ail, (I. nl- William, .Tr., ami Abi-ail. .Ian. 1, 1817. 

Will s. of William, ,li-., an,l AbiL'ail, .Imu' 111, ISJS. 

Mai-aiv, ,Tam-, ,1 of William. .Ir., ami Abi-ail, ,Iau. 7, 1828. 
Wan-rii I'-irluT s of Wanvii ami Kli/.a \i.. Miiv Hi. 1829. 
Sii -111 fli/alirth .'l of William ,Ti'., ami Abigail, Aui;. 31, 1830. 
'llMni,! .I.u'u-, .l.'ofSaiimrlamI Hanml, Kc'b. 21, 18:;o, 
Mn-. 11, /a ,1 of WaiMvii, .11-., ami Kli/a 1!., Srpl. 10, 1832. 
, f William,. Ir. ami Air,i;ail, .Imm 30, 1S3I. 

l,oni-a M; 

.f \V; 

,1 Chiia M., SrnI,. 19, 18r.;.. 
ami Maiia, Sc|>t. lU, 18(10. 
1,1 Maiia M., Feb. 14, 18G3. 




•1 1 



1 K 


Mi e, July 11, 1S.-.9. 

Aliio .liilv 111, ISCO. 
lii-c Se|il. 17, 18(;i. 
(J. ami Aliic-. Ocl. 10, 1862. 

ami Alici-, Mai-. 19, 18fi7. 


■d aii.l l.i//.i.-. N. 

I'.Md Ao a.ut AA Wiinori 

o.. 1 

M I'f ,.■,)/' ,.i/ 

]02 wuKiRN nv.cuiii) or minirs. 

('hark>, s, ..r .\!i,-i,arl aii>l 1!, .-..■, A|.iil Is, Isils. 

FI 1 1: IONIAN. 

HiiixTl, ALlin-IOM, s. ofDyiv, ,lr., aiul ,Imiu-, Jiiiiu L'H, 18.".fi. 
Fniiik iMiiv-t, s. nl' Dyiv, Jr., aiul .Ijiic, s, IsiIl'. 


.lo>.-|,li, ,. ,,l'.\-a an, I ll.iniial, .lulvJI. i:.;7. 
Ik-lij.-uiiiii, s. ,,|A-,a aii.l Hamuli. .Inn.- II, 17i;j. 


L.'imu'l I'.iM.llrv. > ..iWair.ii ■.uu\ .Maiv \., i irl. •_>:, ] 
.loliii, .s. ,,1'Cal, I, ,aii,l Cii-nlMir C, .Iaii.\'L'. Islx. 

.1. (.rWan: II aiul .Maiv \ nil, .Ian. '_', is|:i. 

-Marv Fraiicrs .1. <>r f'ah-li ami Taruliiir, ,Iaii, i), IS-.O. 
iMarv Wanrii, d. ciT Wai-n-n aiul .Marv .\., Oil. 'J, 185( 

. — Cal.-l, and Oaroliiir, O.t. L'n, IBJl. 

01aii.->a Kni.'l il. df ICbchr/.rr and .Mai-an t, Ort. : 

Jd^rol., >. (,r Cal.-l, .-ind Candliic, Jiilv IJ, is,-,.",. 
Kinnia l.i.iiNa. <l. ..f Saniiirl K. and i:il, n I,., .luiu: 27, 

!■: a d. ulCliarlr- K. and Anna, D.r. 1(1 

I.rwis, <. or.S.aniiiel and Kllni. ,s,.,,L (1. 1,>7l'. 
W.allrrXrn-uiii, s. .d' .Misliii 0. and Al.hic \., N, 


ck, s. iirKnMli'nrk and Ami 

Fin SI} IK. 

Ilalli.- .M., Srpt. IL', 1,SC7 

Kliliiaiin. s. (irWalU'i'aiid 1'MIrt K , l)<l. -li, 18i:i. 
Kiniiia Mai-irn. d. uf|uis and .M.arv C, Frh. ,s, l: 
Millir Fiaii. — . d of Aniidin- I,', and .Marv K., Orl. :;ii 
.M.arv ]vaii-a. d. .d' Aiiriliu> and Marv J!., ^rpt. 7, JSC 
llcrln-rt llasuard. -. of A. C. and .Mary E., .rnlv 30, 1 

ilicc [.uiiisa, d. (d .XaUi.iu W. and llarl.ara .\., .Imie II, 1K.51. 
'rank Mrhin, s. .,f ■|-iiii..lhy and Snidironia 1!., April 4, l»r,i; 

■I'linin.a-, .M:i 

'.'ill/ ,U 

.r .v( ,,.-, .>^ ..I/: ,;U"ii J.-n •: •.! •( 

Tin', .v.i(i<;i f i..i TjiiiV/ -lu , 



wonri'.N i:i:c()i 

John. s. of'rii.MUii-, Marrli 1. \''r')l 
.T.'irol). s. ofThoini-. Mav 1 I. H;".".. 

liLMijaiiiiii, >. ..rihonia., \i.r,l la. I 
Smii'hU'I, .-,. ..I'l'lioiiia^, Mavii, li;i;2 
.luuiMia, ,1. nr.1,,1,,1 an>I.Iiilia. .hni- 
Kli/.:ib.lli, .1. olMoliii a, 1.1 .liilia, S,- 
(liai.-c, s. nlMolui aihl .liilia, .laii. : 
.T:mr', cl. oClolin Mini .liiiia, .hui. 1, 
Snnili. <1. ofj.ihii aiwI.TuliM, Jan. l; 
Uolici-l, s. of.lolni au.l .Inlia Kuli. ■ 
Joliii, s. or.Iolin ■.uh\ .liilia .s,|ii. :'. 
•\Vllliilin, s. (.IMoliu an. I ,Inli i. ,1 in. 
1)or.l, U. Ofjoliii .aii.l .Iiiha, Mav -J.", 


nul Fill. nil, Ma 


Frank D.aytoii, s. .ilM .Im I!, ami ICMliri- W., ,liily II, IST'i. 


(J.a.i-r ('larriico, s of Kichanl M. ami Lydiii, June 7, 1850. 
Jaiiir^ l.;.lwanl, s. .ildawiii U. an. I Can. line, .Vnu;. 19, 1851. 
Caiii.', il. Ill' Caw ill l; an. I ( ,ii-.iliin' .\., Srpt. Ti, IS.'i'J. 

(i Al^slll:Ar.. 
.Allll, .1. .,r .Mi.-ha.'l an. I .\l iiy \., ..\n-. .S, 1852. 


Jlaiv Jane, il. .ilMani"- .ami C itliarin,', Du.-. L'S, 18.51. 
J.ilin, s „r Janus an. I lili/.alnlli, .liilK' •-'.-., I.S.-.7. 
(ulli.inne. d. ol' J.iim.> ami .\nii, Jiinc 1."., I.S.-,«. 
Jliiriiiirot, (I. ulMiiim-s .ami Klizah.tli. jray I'.i, 1.S59. 
Kilwanl, .s. (,f Jaim.'s ami .\nn, Jnlv G. LsilO. 
M.ii'i i;iizal)etli. .1. ..iManiL-, ami Kli/.al)elli. Dec. 19, 18G2. 



1. <il 





d. . 
ic J 

f I'a 
, d. . 



. (if 

- Alai 

V .\i 

n, .1. 

ics a 

id lOli 



■2, ISIVl. 


and K 


. Sep 

. 29, ISOG 



:;o, 18i; 

^ h , M 

1/ Ml' li/ ) 

II »/ 1 I< 
I I I 




•M.iiV. .1. „f IChvanI ami Jhirv. Jiii.u -s isr, 
■Ilili;, A.,d. „ll.:,hvanla,„lM:u-v, .S,.pt.rl, I^:^: 




.(rn.uiiali ail, I Mm,] J.h l•^, |s7 

llriirv, ,s ,,r 


.I.ilii,, ~. orjlciirv and lOlizal'nil,', .'lulv -> ICT, 
ll<-Mr.v, s. ol HcMiyaiul Kli/alicili, Au- 2, l(;;i8. 
.SaMuii..| s. orn.^iiiy ami lOII/.alU'tli, Sept. ID. 1700. 
■.l./.abcth ,1 „ru,.nr.v an.l Kli/.al.Kh, Dec. l',",, 17u2 
■Mary, 0. ol Henry and Kli/.abelh, M.ay L'S, 17(C, 
Saiali. d. of Urnry .and Sarali, I'l^l,. -Jr, i 7:i- ' 
ll'i"".,l,,.l..,rik.n,vaml Sarah, lu-U. -o ifll 
San,n,.l, s. of Ih^nrv and l.n.,.v. V.-U .-. i-„, 

■Orcn W. and ( 


M:. .\nunsta, ,1. of .1., nail, 'an' an d An in >. a'. Jn'nV'i;' 's.-.S. 

iH,, -, ,,rr.,i,„ I. an, 
"k. .. „rl'.al,i,.|. an, 
• Ann, ,1. M|-r,,n,l. 

.\l:,,y. S,,a. --. I,S.-,1. 

M.^^, M.iiv'l, :;V,'7-,;o. 

•I"liii, -',•!■ .Mai;'h|',i'an','l"Mai-v','Vla'v'-'-. ''I's,;','!" 

'I'In'rcs.a, d. ,,r I'aui, u an, I Miry. (i,i. 17, i,si;7. 


Tln!i'i'i'',l''l'l',.nV'''s''''''-''.'' ".•'"' '^"•"'''"■'"''' •'^,'1''-'-'l. lJ<-v'^ 
'ui'n','l'o'i''l''' '..''''■■"'■''■'V'""' '.'-'ll''"-!!"''. Nov'. L-',;', IH.-1'7. 
i;iK'n, d ,,l l'atri,-k aini ral'h'a'i'i'n',.! !lll'i„^'''i, ''Ts,:- 


WOnUUN 1!K(01!D OF JilRTlIS. 


■l.niiiiis ;mu1 I'.rUl-.'l, Orl. lu, 187-'. 

*"'^U^lli-nn iM-aiHis, s. „|- ,I.mull,m, ]!. aiul Mnrv, N(.v. 2, 1840. 
Vl'vi ,'r Kmurll. - of .I..H;itliini B. ami Mary, Jan. G, 183 
I .nVv llirlK.nNou. ;. i,r,l„lham a.ul .lulia F., A.>-. M, 1852, 




I'.ik'.i, ii. 

oMias and Aiiu, I) 




>. .,r 

Suiii.h.iiia l.uiii 


i;„su .\ii-rlimj, cl. of.Tolui r. W. and .Vnii C, .Iidy 4, 181.... 


Fiaiiei-. s. ulMaiiH^^ and Klizal.ftli, .Tan. 20, 18:2. 
Maw Ann, d. of,TanK'> and Kli/.al.dh, Oct, 8, lS..t. 
.lunn'S. ,s. olMan.cs and Kli/.al.. ll,, .lunc 7. l.^iC 
l>:U.-K-U_llc:rnard, ... n( J.unr, and Kl,/.:d..dh, born n> Bo 

Man- J^i'iH- d. n( I'AU-U-k and Marv. Mard.2s, 1S70. 
r ,1, iril V ,'r lU-inaid and Caliiarinc I, , .Innr UJ, 1871. 
. Wdlia.n Hrn, V, .. nl' I'alruk and Mary, KH,. 2i;, 1872. 

,1- i;,ad,cn and Aiii-ail, An- 23, 182.'.. 
ciniah and Marv. Nov. li;, 18;!.-,. 
,1 ,,r,lanH-.and Marv Ann, .Ian. 22, 1, 
.lainr, and .Marv ,\., Kcb. 7, 18ir,. 
,, of.lanir- and Mary A., .Inno 21, 1813. 


Ilarvrv War 
Marv Ann. d 
Ilannali .lo^i 


(l(',M-r II. n, 
Charlies Kdu 

u'd, . 


.S|.ra|iliinr, d 



.KTiiiiii 10 ajK>v'.«;f wjkiiiciy; 

.1 .1)0 ,J,i4tii|.'l fi.r, ^fu- <•!' Vv I, 

■ .n;,,,. .■: 7;'io;rni> 

0;t' !V .):<,!, . .:,.« l.i.;, .1, . in. 11:.. .1. :i iImcK 

Jtni .i;; .•jjit ,■(..).!/ i.dc .V. i,„(l„li lo ? — 


WOliUUN RECOUl) OF luiniis. 


Fi-ailU Wi-bscer, s. of Joliii luul Marv J., April 2, KS58. 
Klla Kniiiceiiia, d. of Joliii iiiul Mary. M:\y 19, Ihno. 
Millie Kva, (I. of Jcliii aiul Mary ,1.. May ?■ l-^l^"'- 
Jolm KUswoi-th. s. of .loliii and .Mary ,1., .riiiU' L'l;, l.STl. 


lih(l-rl, d. of llii-li and Mary .Ann, !)i-c. 7, LS7I. 


Klli-n, d. of I'liilipand Mar-ar.-t, Jnne .">. 18.;i;. 

Kalr .\ni;ii-.ta. d. of l'|]di|. and Alii-.;. Fcli. 4, ISCi. 

Fran.i., ,s. of Micliaid and Ann, U.-t 12, IKii.".. 

l'alriil<. s. of .Miiliaid and Ann. Sept. 12, l.Siiii. 

Jolm Francis, s. of .Mii-liafl ami .\nn. Deo. 7, 18 -8. 

JIarv Frances, d. of Mielniel and Ann, liorn in Cliarlestown, .June 10, Henry, s. of ^ 


ami A 

nil, .\ 

larch ;'.n, l,s72. 


Kli/.al..-tl. llann.di. d. . 

f Will 

am an 

1 ^ra 

I ha, .Time 21!, ISoi 

.'^u^an, .1. of William a. 

d .M;l 

lli.i. .\ 

IV. 1 

-., i.s.-,i;. 

Manila. ,1. of Martina 

d \u 

e, .Ma 

rll L'l 

, 1S70. 

Mary F.onisa, d. of \Vi 

lian) ( 

i. ami 


■, March 22, 1870. 


Alniira .M., d. of Willi: 

Ml ant 


■, M. 

Vl. 181-.. l.aiiison, s. of 1): 

id .Ma 

■V, .1, 

[y 2, I8.")2. 

Oils Kdivard, s. of Wil 

iani 1 



lii K., ,1.111. 2.S, 18. 

Herliert Kn-cne, s. of 


K. an 

1 Km 

iiaO., Feb. 2.S, IS 


.lohn, s. of .Tolin and .Mary, Feb. 4, 177.",. 
Mary, d. of .lohn and Mary, .May 27, 177'.l. 


Alice F.dna, d. of .losepli and .Mary. Sepl. 2o, 1870. 


.losepli Henry, s. of .losepli and .Mary, M.ireh l.". 1-1,- 
Marv Frances, d. of K/ra and Caiharine, .luiie 1, 18l'J 
iMarV Frances, d. of .losepli and Mary, .Inne 2;i. I.S.-.2. 
.raine.s II., s. of Klea/er and Citliarine, .March 2ii, l.s.". 
John Franklin, s. of Jose|ih and Mary. April 2:;, I.8.-1.-,. 
ralharine, d. of Kzra and ('.-ilharine, .\n-. 17, ls.-,.-|. 
Marv Frances, d. ol' Kzra and Catharine, .Inly r,, l8.-,7. 
Lewis Fredericl<, M. of .hiHi'pli and .Mary, March 27, I 
Kli/.a, d. of K/.ra and (Catharine, Sept. 2!i, I8.V.1. 
Ch.arles .\lberl, s. of .l.isepn and M.U'V, .Inne '.1, Ksi'.d. 
M.ny Lillian, d. .,f .losepli II, and i;ilen M., Auu'. 22. 


„Mai> Ann, d. of I'alricli and .Mary, Dcf. 18, ls:iS. 

n-,'i/. -.o <i>n.<'>?'Hi v;i:iau« 

no I 

M ,,■■/.. Ml.f/I ! !. •I'.-l.ll 


.■•|.'.' ,1 Vi \l. .■•■'■■ 
^•- .11,1. ..;l l!, -i^'lll r 

Wor.l'l.'N KKCOIM) OF lilKTIIS. 


John, s. ..!■ .loliu, , h:i;:i. 

/,a.-li;iri;ili, s. of .).,liu, April '-'O, li;r,i;. 

Kii/.;ii.ciii,.i. ..r.iniiu, All-. I, ii;i;.s. 
.iciMi, s. 1)1- .loiiii, D.'c. I.-., n;.;:'. 

Until, il. (if .lolin, Mav -D, liwl. 
Samuel, s. of .loliii, .Inly :.. Hm-'. 
Gfui-u, s. or .loin, anil, .hnio :1,,. 


ThoiiKis V or .loliii aiul lloiothv. N-v. L".l, 17.-.1. 
Eli/abnli, ,1. of .lolmaiKl Doi-olliv, Nov. -,;, l7.-,:i. 
AII,.Tl,s. of AllicTl.aiul .\l,i-ail, .liii..' I, Is I.'.. 

0,.,,l O.rai- s or Allien aiul \l.i-,iil M., OrL. ;i, ISW. 

I,m'y~Me,lo.-,i, (I. (if AlluTl ami Alii:;ail M., March 1:;, l.S5:5. 

Lcw\s'.\1!.IiIAv',V or Alli/li an,! AhimiiU^Sei'il. '^i, TsGa. 
■ Fml Lorin-. >,. ofLorin- \V. anil I i,,n-iainia 0., boni in NewtonvUle, 
I May I-" l-i;."i 

(•h'l'rh-, \ll'i'<_''rion"- ol"l'"^ \V ainl li oi "lann.i 1 1." .Man-li 18, 18(17. 
Il,.',M,anVa.o., s. of Uenn A. an,l .Sarah A., .Ian. 'J, 1M71. 


laike, s. or I'alrick ami Klkii. Se|il- -, I'^'i- 


Alir,-, .1. or ,I.inK> ,111.1 C'llhaiine, .Inly -s. ls.-,S. 
.Mary Ann, il. ..r .lames a;.il Ann, Dec. :i, IS,):). 


Mary Kli/.al.elh, d. or Thomas aiul i;, rllia, liorii in Bosto:!, April 22, 

GOFI i:. 

.Toseph, s. of .\iil 
•lames, s. or .\nll 

lonv anil 
ony ami Saral 


GOG(;i:x. .Morr 
Mary, il. of .lol.n 
^■(1. of MoriK 

s anil Mary. .1 
and Mar-aret, 
ami Mary, Ma 

.11. +, \xr,■^. 

Feb. Ki, ISfin. 

■ill ::i, i.-^TO. 


.John l.iike, s. <if 


ml Hannah, O 

.Klleii, il. of liarl 

olomew ami A 

nil, .lime 2:;, 1 

.-'V.ivi-i ro 'i;{0'.>:-ii 



1(18 wonuiiN RECOUi) or iui:ttis. 

GOIiOEN, cDdiiiiuil. 

.laiiius Riirtlett, s. of .loliii :iiiil f:alhannf S., Oct. 1, 1870. 
il. of llartlioloiiiow and llaiuiali, May :), 1S72. 


Caroline Urlircn 


Mary I'rancos, d. of llL-iiry and l.aura, F.'l). 10, 1S40. 
Liu-v Addaido. d. or llrinv and Lama. March 1:2, lS-1'.). 
Charlus lIcMirv, s. c,r lien,-;, LM, and Muhudc, .lunc To, 18.^5. 
Cli;ii-!cs Franklin, .s. ol' Cuoi;:.' William and I'.unicc A., April!), It 


d. of Asalicl W. and Ad.linc, Kdi. 11, 1S17. 

Nellie, d. or .\s;d.el W. and Adeline, April 17, l.sjO. 


Mary [, d. ol' Alexander ami Kllen, Sept. .8, IS.jO. 
Eli/.id)ctli Kllen, d. of Alexander and I'.llen, .Inly lil, ISGO. 


Uriah, s. or -n 1 

Klla, (1. or Franrj.,, d. orSa 
I.iz/.ie I.-.ahel, d. or 

and Caroline, .s.pi, '.), l.slc. 
nnel anil .Mary '1' , Sept. '.', IS.'.C. 
lanie^ \V. and .Mary Fan^lina, ,(ai 

29, 18i;2 


.l.ihn 1!., s. or .Mid 
d. or Michael 

ael and Catharine, Nov. I, l.SG'J. 
Old Catlnii-ine, .Inly 7, 1.-^70. 

GOi i.n.! s. or.lolii 
Nathan, .s. of Nalh 

n and Hannah, , ICJO. 

.and Kli/abelh, Dee. .i, 17I.S. 
in and .\biuail, March !), 17'.I0. 

■rinnnas, s. ofrhon\as ai.d Hannah, .March 21, 17'J1. 

I'ollv, d. or Nathan and .\ln-ail, Feb. 20, 17!)2. 

.lanie.s Hill, ^. or ThonKi^ and Hannah. Feb. 18, 1793. 

Sii.sanna, d. orThomas and Hannah, .Inly Hi, 17irl. 

Faltv, d. of Nathan and Abi-ail, .Ian. 2:;, 1791. 

.laeo'l), -. of.bicob and Hannah, ,!an. 17, 179.".. 

Hannah, d. ol Thonia.s .an. I Hannah, .Mar(di 21!, 1798. 

(ieor-e Lanilaa-t, .'^. of ,)ohn A and Fli/.abeth V., Feb. (i, 18.12. 

Alnieila. d. of ThonnLS and S.irali, .Inne 7, 18.V1. 

Hallie M,,renee, d. of .lolin .\ .-nid Kli/.abeth C, Marcli 5, 1S.J 

d. or.bihn A. and I'.li/idieih C, Oct. 2, I.S.VJ. 

.MarN A\eiill, d. or .lohu A and, .Inly 17, ISOl. 
r.eni.-uuin I.., s. ol l.nlher A. and I'.llen. March 9, bSilt. 
Mary F.niily, d. <'r.lonatlian and .M . !■ ranees, M;iv21. l.>*i;s. 


,'lidia II aV. 

d. .>rira 1,. 
ndi. d. or II 

and llannal 
1 1,. and Ha 

, ,lan. :i, 1.812. 
mall, .Ian. :'., 1812 

C.fnthia, , 

. ofira L. : 

ml Haiin.ah, 

Dec. :i(), IKI.-,. 


d. oflia 1, 

and Haiiiia 

1, .Ian. 2.-., 1819. 

t(," ():JO_>!-!ll '/■! ':.irytr 


<H .,1'/.: ,i;-ii„K.! 
■ ;! 'fry cj.M J ) 

..I a.'Ki'Xi; 


■|m .'/ ii-jiiii ,l)j-Mi^:i3 

•I 10 .1. .. 'W 

,'li;T. ■fnHn>\Ui,} i,.u: In, ,i-..ii ' \o \, 

i:.f:; ," »'-:(llf« ,M '(,1 Ir/,; i: : .u 
". li-.if .^-run;. 1 .1,'. ii,.i. ilJiiil;: 



Karl llaii.- 





]',. \sm. 


iz- ~> 



S, kSCl 


, M: 

rch ii;. 



7. IN 


1 , 1> 



WiH-KUH Tlio 

las, s. 'il' Willia 

SamiKl Aspi 
I',ct,-v Haul 

iwall, >. c,r Willi 
n,il. of Williai 

Mai-v I'li/alK 
li,'l>rv liaill 
Mary I'.ir/.alH 

II,, ,1. ol- Willia. 
II, ,1. (ifSaiiuiel 
Ih, ,1. ni Wniiai 
V, a. nl- William 

w'illUuu U^^ 
Alicr Maria, 

•, s. of Samuul . 
,1. of Williaui T 

im and Nancy li., boni in Itosloii, .lau. 12, 

iaiu and Nani^y 15-, .Uuie 'J, 182t. 
,1 ■!■. and Marv K., Ang. 24, 1813. 
,„ ■['. and MarV H., Juno 4, 184(1. 
1 A. anil (Mi-olinc, N.)V. 24, 1848. 
,„ ■!■ and Mary K., -I^m. ;i, 184'J. 
, T. and Mai-v K., An-. 15, 1851. 
\ and Camlinc G., April IC, 1852. 
' and Kli/.abetli, Oct. 10, 1859. 
\. and Caroline, Jan. 31, 18G3. 

GKANKY (see Gitr.KNv). 


Morris s of 'I'liumas and l!ridi;el, I'eb. 22, 18o>. 
\l-,rv'\ 'd olTlioinasand lilid^'el, A|.ril22, 1.H..4. 
( all..; n'l d of'i'lioina.and Uri.l^'el, Jan. (1, 1857. 
TImiins s of4'h.,iiiasaud liridgel,, .Ian. 8, 18(iO. 
Andii'w! s'. of Andrew and KUeii, May 2, 1802. 

l\l,,>'"s"'o''r Viidn'w'amlKllen, .SriiL 'J, 1804. 
Ne 1 e Mari;i,d. of Andrew and KUen, Dec. 25, 1800. 
lo'enh s ot-Thoma^ and l!rid-et, Nov. 3U, 1801). 
Kate d'. of Andrew and Kllen, -May 18, 187U. 


i;il.-n, d. of 1 

irney and Mai 

4aivl, .March 4, 1848. 

.Mary, d. of 1 
Lydia Aligns 
Ann lUanehe 
Homer liiaki 

aniey and .Ma 
a, d. of Danir 
a. of Alexaiid 
., .s. of Alexan. 

Tin/l M-.M.Oet. 13, 1850. 

, ,,id M I'l" net, Uet. 7, lSr.9. 

rv and MaT-aret, May 4, 1871 

Misella llelle 

d. ol Johnd. 

and Maggie, AinilO, 1872. 


I'elsis, d. of 

JonaCliaii and 

•rrsis, .M;«xli 21), 1740. 

J ithan, s. 

Marv 10., d. 

Marv Anil, . 

Hub. It talw 

.Marion Idni 

ofJomUliaii a. 
if.lrldilhali an 

ird, s. of Kdw^ 
,•, d. ol fahv.u 

d ^^l.-^i■■i, l''el). 17, 1742. 

1 l,li/.a. Jan. 7, ISll. 

,1 Margaret, Ang. 25, 180:1. 

rdand iMiinia .N., Marel, i:'., 1 

a W. and Kmiii a .N., Orl. 20, 

iiiiiii '.|o i\n(,>ry.:i vinuiOf' 

I'M/. ; .i...,vt 

..>.<....,...o...a,., ,00,, „.,.„„..,„, ,,,,,:,, S!2';5'''' 

110 ^\•f)l!UI;^• 




d. of Willia 

11 :uii 


ah, Feb. 

, i(;i7. 

.loll 11 


or William, 


1, nil 




.s. of Willi; 

Ill, ( Il 

t,. L'L', 


Sanili, ( 

. olMoliii. .h 

llL' Ii. 




s. olMolui. . 

). 1(J7J 



s. or Willia 

11, Ai 




or.Ioliii. .lai 

. Ii. I 



.s. or WiUiai 

1, Nov. ;;o. 




ii. or.ioiiii, 


4, n; 



1-. .-*. or Willi 

nil, ,1 

ily IS 




el, (1, olWil 
.1. of Willi: 


Tinii. : 

1, lll.SL'. 




d. or Willi;l 

11, Ui- 

. H,'ll 




or Willi:nil. 


1, ii;s 


s. orWilliai 

1 aiul 


ll. .Inly 1 

s, 168'J. 


. or \\'illi;llll 

uul i 


. Oct. M, 




s. or"\\'illi:lll 



h, April 1 

4, lfil)4. 

(1. orTiioiii 

■s :iii. 


ill, M:11X'I 

c, ii;o9. 



,1. oC Willi:. 

11 anil 


ill, , 



.■1, ll. ori'l-a 

icis :i 

Ill Kll 

abutli, N 

)v. 11, 170: 



r, .s. or Willi 

an :il 

1 Mai 

3 , l)i-c. :! 

, 1701. 




r. .>;. or Willi 
,, ,1. <.(■ 1m:ii 
... or Willi:! 


ll iM:il 

1 i-:ii/ 


111. ,\i 

.M:iirli .s 

4. II. 170,') 



ll ijr\\'ini:ii 

1 :in.l 


.\|ilil L'. 


1)1 l„. 


I 1 

. .1. Ill Willi: 
or r:/r:i ;iimI 

1 .Miir 
,S., N, 

Si'l.l. ii; 

, .Si |ji. :i 



Michai'l. s. of Williaiii 

anil Calliarim-, .lime 8, IwiL'. 

I'al.rick. s. ol' W illiain 

mil CatliariiiL-, Feb. 2,'), 1S05. 

William K.hvaiil, ,s. ol 

William i.iid Calliariiiu, July 23, ISCG 

I'all-irl^. >. or,l:illli:s a, 

cl liridurl, April — . ImD.s. 

Mai-ai-et, il. or.I:iim:s 

and liriil-il, .\im. :i, I.SH'J. 

.Man:i,il. or.Iam.'saiu 

lindni'l, ,M:irili 1, l,->7l. 

1 lirid-rt, Nov. 1."., bSTi;. 


,1. orS:imm:l H. a 

Ill , Nov. 11, rSiVJ. 


I.illir, ll. oll'iiilis anil 

I, my Ann, .\ni;. I."., I-H.-.L'. 

Conloii •r:ivloi-, s. or( 

inii- and l.iiiv A.. .Inn.' n:, is."..-,. 

Rl:ii-y lilaku, il. olCiirl 

is an 1 .Sarah iv, (><•!. -'N. isijo. 

Iji-nrv Ihiiiiplirifs, .s. . 

rCiiili.-. and S:ii-ali K,, Drc. L'l, 18112. 

Aliri-r;ii/.aln-lli, il. or ( 

Jnrli.'s and Sar;di K., .Iliiir 21, 18111. 

WaiiiT riiiiis, .s. orci 

I'lis :iiiil Sar:ili Iv, .Inly :i. 18i;(;. 

Cliui'iir.' Kwri'll, .s, orCiii-li.. and Sarah K., May 17, 1808. 

^nrnui 'U'< 'l:in')H!; •/',i:.>!H. 

.»■;■.« i ,ji .7.r/i ,- 


n( ,;i viiM ,.:i liiii.i 



J„M.pli AUU-M, s^ „l .I:nnr. V. iind I.oMisa, Feb. ■^, 18o3. 

V un>:.nirk:nHl , M.iy 5. 18.VS. 

i>ri,l..,-t ,1 ,,f I'.iri'l; aiiil Miirv, Ui'u. i:, IS'd- 

w r , ; s , Iwlin .uM l',.i.l-rt„ b„ni in Somei-ville, June IS, 1670. 

Gv',',-;;.' Fnu.Hs. s. ,,1 Knuik ^n.l HriUL-et, Oet.L':,, 1.S71. 

IMlricU Mii.l .Miuy, An-. 'J, 


John,-. ol-Jul.nun.ll'oUy, April 7, 1791. 


Han V I'rince, il. cf [!. F. nnd Mary F., .liiu. 20. 18GS. 


Jan,..., s. uf.hune>ll. am^ 
s.orJ.ilnill. and An-elma, i) 


Snsiui C Pec. 2, ISCa. 

I niTlrirl.'sand Cliri.sUno, Se|.l. 21, ISCI. 
i,r Cliarlr. anil Clirislnie, An-. 'J, IS(17. 

Nani'^iJ^vr u!H'ohl,Tl,nv;ilL!'ana'AlIil:ail^ Jr., Au-. 13, 1817. 

(lliMT -^ ill Willi-^ ;inil Abisiiil. l''eb. L'O, 181!). 

ii-ni-' s of lianiel an. I Sally, Jr., An-. 1.'!, ISI'3. 

.Sallv FnKlin.. .1. ..f Dani.a and Sally, Jr., Nov. 27, 1827. 

'\'l,,,na .1 ..r Daniel an. I Sally, Jr., UlI. ;J1, I8'J'J. 

1 . .'i: . ..rKenl.enand Sa'llv, An-. L'n. is::|. 

.\1;!„/', Shi'lu'" .s. „rsie|,lnn-and Anna, S,,,!. 12,^^1K;!7. 

M.'n'n.'la l"' .l"."'l'.l.'.^'i",h :n','.'rKii/.a', N.n'.'2,' IHIO. 

\nilia \1 'd .ilMenlu-n and .\nna. Jan. 20, l.s-13. 

; [ .: iV , ;. ,„■ Kphram. an.l Harri.M. W., Dee. 31, 1848. 

|,-,',„L \l„n.„, s. ..l-KMlnain, W. and llarriel, N., Feb. .1, IS.W- 

111., i.,i„. ,1 ,,r Darins and Mary A., May 23, lt^.".7. 

M .Vir'll a \,M d. «( Darin.s and l\Iary A., .Inly 21, 18r,8; 

.■n,.i, Maria d .d' Dani.l an.l Ann, .\n-. 4, 18.-.;i. 

1 ..'I'silu'r d ..!■ Fnlirain. W., an.l D.n-linla, July 15, 1802. 
l',.,,', |.,;„isa. d. nl l-,|,l,raini Dorbnla, Jnly IH, 1H72. 


Ma,"anl .1 or U.nnard and J.ianiui, An^. 3, 1800. 
Marv'l' ll.'n .1 .il Uarji.'y ami Hannah, Jnly 13, 1H03. 
'l 'r.'nii all . ..I' I'aliiek ai'il Kn-e, .Ian. 28, 180.".. 
V'.Uvaiil .. oll!,.rnard and Joanna, .Inly 10, 1805. 
■ ,1„l,ii, -. .dM.din an.l Mary A., April 20, l.sGO. 

I'lJllM ■(•"" "l.tOWJi 'A't'.mi 

■',H. ,-i.u<n 

.11 ri 1 .r- ..-> 


l/Jl JO 


, >.. ■;!iV/ 

woiiUitN ];e(Oi:i) of iu 






(1. 1)1' 1 


, -,. of 


rii, s. 1 




■- Urn 


iiul K(i-c, Sr|)t. -JS, 18(;7. 
AiiU, AiiiilS, 1.S7(|. 

ilwiii K. aihl Annie li. 

lU'iij.iinin llcni-y, s. orK.luaid If. and Kaiuiy .1., March 3, KsG8. 


Jonas S., s. or.Iona< ami Sarali, L'l, 1.S(I7. 
Sanili Kowlc, (I. of Jonas ami Surah, Nov. 15, ISii',1. 
Mai-y Ann, il. of Jonas and Saiali, Marcli TJ, |slL'. 
JosJ|ili L.ivcll, s. of Jonas and Sarah. .May L'C, l.sH. 

.VX^s. of j'omis'TsV^uid ilannal'i.'uut. 'i;;, 'l.s'i;i. 
.Ius,.|.h, s. of JoiKiM anil Hannah, Sept. 4, 1815. 
(•harks, s. of Jonas and Ihinnali, Supt. ■!, KS4,-.. 
liohrrt .Matthew, s. of Jonas and Hannah, An^'. ;i, 1847. 
William \V., s of Jonas and Hannah, Dec. li'.l, IS.IO. 
Henry i:., s. of Kdnumd .\. and .Mary A., Nov. a, 1801. 


Dominic, s. of John ami Susan, May 1, l.S.'il. 
.I.ihn, s. of Ji)hN and Susan, Dec. 1, 187.2. 
Kdu-ard Dan, s. of John and Snsan, April 4, 1834. 
.\nn, d. of Jolm and Snsan, .Vpril 10, Is7i7. 


i;ii/.abcth, d. of Thomas, Dec. 14, ir,7l. 

.MiiU'aiKd. of Thomas, An-. L'li. li'.sl. 

Kli/al.eth, d. of Marlin and Kli/.ahelh, Nov, :',0, 1815. 

Harriet Kliz.i. d. of Joseph P. and (Varina, Fell. Jt, 1847. 

.lohn, s of .Martin and Klizahelh. Jnne 5. Isl7. 

llannali ("olcord, d. of .\hialliar and Sophia .1., June 12, 1847. 

Maria l.imise, d. of Ahialhar .M.aml Sophia .1., Sept. 2i;. 1S18. 

Hannah Arhidhi, d of Abial har and Sophia .1 , Feb. l."., 1850. 

.lav C.-idv, s. of Nelson and llosanna, ,\pril 12, 1850. 

Iianei ■.■.Villi, d. of .\l,i,.;hai ,\l, ami Sophia J., May 12, l,s51. 

Adelia. d of NeW .ml Knsinna,, 1.S52. 

.M.irlin, s. of .Martin and i;ii/ li.elh, Nov. 5, 1,S52. 
Carribella, d. of .\ l.ialliar and Sophia ,1., Nov. 1:1. 1854. 

s. of .Marlin and .Marv, March 2!l, ls.-,:i. 

t'hailes Claieaee Hamlin, s. of Ahi:illiar .M. and Mary, July l-'-i. 18tJ0. 

John Thomas, s. <d' .\ le.xander and .Mary, Dec. 17, IsCO, 

Kllen, d. of .Martin and Kllon, .liim- 2o. ls(;2. 

.^Hnnic I'reslon, .1. of Cuor-u A. and .Marv H., Dec. 14, 18i;i-.. 

Haiti. ■. ,1. of 1--. (). and l.ncinda I'., .March 11,;7. 

N. Hi. Mm, .1. of F. t) and I,. F., Maiadi I, ISDN. 

iriJiia '-iij iliiooa.: v:rt04v 

.1 J:.,,.^ . :. v,MM^! ,..>. .)t n- 

r.( .1 v,.(/; ,—,i.: (,. 

YctJ/ n 

.k!.l AH 



James, s. of John and Jhiry, Nov. 25, 1803. 

BartliolonifW, s. of Bartlioloniew and Ann, March 17, 1872. 


James lluni-y, s. of Thomas and Margaret, Oct. 11, 1871. 


Catharine, d. of James and Martha, May 8, IS^O. 
Eliza Ann, d. of Jamos II. and Martha Aug. 4. 8.-1. 
George I'rescott, s. of Marl< W. and :\rarlha, July 2o, 1861. 

'^. of Marlv W. and .Maria, Aug. 17, KSi;3. 

John, s. of James and Mary, Sept. 1',, ISD'J. 


FredericU Thornton, s. of Josepli and Mary, Sept. 1, 1848. 


Jacolj, s. of Jacob, Aug. 1, 1080. 
Joseph, s. of Jacob, Aug. 31, 1081. 
William, s. of Jacob, Sept. 8, 1083. 
Jacob, s. of Jacob, Jan. 4, 1080. 
Ilenrv, s. of Jacob and -Mary, Feb. G, 1088. 
Abigail, d. of Jacob and Mary, March 2u, 1G89. 
Jo^epli's. of Joseph and Susanna, July 5, 1708. 
.Tolm, s. of Josepl, an.l Susanna, March 17, inO- 
Susanna, d. of .lo^epli and Susanna. Aprd 20, 171i. 
Marv, d. of Joseph and Susanna, ,Inne (., 1,4. 
Anaii, d. of Josepli and Susanna, Nov. 11.7 0. 
William, s. of , Joseph and Susanna, Aug. 30 1718. 
Hezeliiah, s. of Joseph and Susanna, Aug. 31, 1720. 


Harriet Josephine, d. of Joseph W. and Eli/.abeth, Oct. 10 1852. 
Williiin Ilenrv s of Joseph \V. and Kli/abelh, Sept. 28, 18o5. 
\n ■ li' 1 Vli 'l. of Jos'-pl, W. and Elizabeth P., Nov. 4, 1857. 
\V Vim n s of' Joseph W. and Elizabelli V., Nov. 23, 1803. 





Mar-are-t, d. of Daniel and Ann, Oct. 2,'), 1S.J7. 

Thnolhv 'k': s! oi*'nluliel'and Aun'tVb. 'l7, 1803^ 

)f IXmiel and Ann, Mar.-h 2'J, 18U,j 

Mary .\g 

Elori Louisa, d. of I'hineas an,l Helen N., Aug. 22, 1800. _ 
Ellen An.elia, d, of Mar.uis an.l CatlnuineE Feb. 27, 180.. 
Il,.|,.n Miria d of I'hineas (i. and Helen K., Jan. 0, 1870. 
'w ,", K ■ k u s of (ieor.'e W. and Frances S., Feb. 0, 1870. 
s'-irlu 1 e'vis 11 ;,f'Mar,piis A. and Julia A. C, Feb. 2, 1872. 
ivli'lh .\bbie,'d. of James I. and Helen C, May 22, 1872. 

einniM '10 oM'-ntis KHVH\ow 


SVP! M llf.nK ,»iiA 

i^l ,U .toO,i •■mgiiiK (m« Rfiitioil'r to 

D*'I ,1- viiU ,j;ii!iJil/'. Imw K'littiiL'lo .li 

,&I-8I ,J .lqo8 .yuiW 111* ifija^oU'la .8 ,nolrnr 

• SStU ,r(l ."lU .ilJ'Jitjwil.'i I. ml .Vr ,kc.i,uL lu .ti .'yi!.' 



'"!.T,'ro'';.n^..r,>,, .N- ..,.iu,>- =»,.«■-■- 

HARDY. ,, , ..A i-i" 

Lr^ivitt, s. of Tl.oiims aiul Mary, bom iii 1, ailfoul, Dec. 

•!"'";!'■ '\:i^'.;^;!o;;;::r.u;;;'M!in^;.;!:nM:.i:a:;;.rd, ,..,>. i 

■C:^;;;; ^. o.'Tl!J;r an" Ma,-y.^ on> in H;-aOronU May 2, 
:iol,u Diulley, s. of Gco.-o ami Mary, Sept. 21, IH'". 

^,.rvAnn,d...f IV.,.ra,u|Muy,Mar.-h2 M,l. 

Mary IC, il. ofMi.Ma.laii.l M,... Aul'. ... IMm. 
M..V ,l..,f Martin ami li 


17, 17«. 

idneli- ^.o. .ua,u„. hll^t, An;:"u, ISra 

II V <,f wniiim and \Iar;;ery, Dee. .>, ISl.!!. 
^, n"' , ihWl"'l '.f Wniian' a",l^l:u-.ery, .Inly Ki, 1871. 




,.„,uu ^. nf i;,Uvar.l and Ann, Dec. 1, 1«7!. 
_1- ,. ,TT Mieln.rlaml Nanry. Nov. «■ 1«' ■ 
.[■l.nnass. of 1 ,:nml an.l Uri.l^el, X..V. 1' I, 1^ 
,1.„|- i'auirkau,! Mary, Nov. -'.s. l^,.'. 

1IA10K>N. . 

Ma-ie, ami Mary Ann, .Innen, 1.., 

IIAKM.V. , . 

Alil.v,.!. orMielni.-lamlCallianne 

Vl.l.a Maria, .1. oC Mielia.'l ami Catl 
Kawarcl, s. „r Mir!,:u 1 ami Cal l.arn 
Gvni-r s. urMi.l.a.l au,l Calharin 
.)o>eiTl,im-. ,1 ..I Mi.haelamlCall.a 

('im?p'e'"''>Vf'>h','l'ia.l',n'.'l liale, Ai 
Tlunnas, s. ofMirliaelandKale, S 


Carrie May, .1. of linlli^ 


lielr^eV, il. of Nalinui ami lOli/.anel 
Doreas, il. of Naihan and I'l.-iwi 
Nalhan,s. ofNallianand 

l)'n,u'L"s''of NuUmn and' 

ay li:, 185(1 
>:.i, l.s.-.s. 

[i';reh!^ii! 17I1-: 

hell,, AnL'. L'.-:, 17:14. 

m'^uv "I'.il/alielli, d. of .lolin U. and I'hel.e, An^'. '^-'f '•_ 

'HI Uli v).j;i y.srillOVf 


•>n( ,r. nyir .,;ji:A l 

womnix KKCOiii") of Biirnis. 115 

UAIUJIS, ajiitiniu:,l. 

Jlaunah Mulvina, d. of John H. anil IMiebe, Feb. 27, 1S34. 
JaiiKs William, s. of WilU.un R. ami Kli/.a, Man:h 28, 1834. 
(iuor-o Henry, s. of William 15. and Eliza, May 17, 183G. 
William llciii-y, s. of Joliii J!, and I'lichc, Jan. 1, 183G. 
Tliomas W., .s. of John 1!. and l'lu-l)c', Nov. 7, 1837. 
I ntlui- Malcom. .s of William li. and Kli/.a, ,Inly 5, 1838. 
Lonisa Fouie, d. of Jolm li. and IMhIh;, Nov. 4, 1840. 
Iln.'hMnnay, .s. of Wiliiiim li. and Kli/.a, Dpo 9. 1840. 
Jolm, s. of Jolm li. and I'Ik-Ik. .A|.iil L'fi, 1842. ,.,„,, 

Andrew Jacl<M)n, s. of William li. .ind Kliza, March lo, 1843. 
Irene I'arkcr, d. of William li. and Kli/a, Jnne 3, 1S.-.4. 

d. of Leonard W. ami Jlary K., Nov. lu. 18;VJ. 

Lizzie Klla, d. of Ceor-e 11. and Harriet K., Feb. 13, IgiiO. 

Fh)ra J., d. of John and Mary, April 13, 18(!0. 

Lilly Adelaide, d. (d' William and l.nev A., May 2.^, ISOO. 

John Andrew Jaehs.m lirooks, ^. of Leonard W. and Mary, Nov. 23, 

Andrew Jaek.son, .s. of. George and Harriet., ,Iuly 4, 18b2. 
Kmma L , d. of Leonard W. and Mary IC. July 2, 18i;3. 
Hallie Kli/u, d. (d(ieur-c H. and Harriet, K., An^^ ',), 1804. 

(1. of Leonard W. and Mary K., Feb. Hi, 18(;5. 

Nancy Jane, d. of Leonard W. and Mary K , Jan. 24, 1867. 

Freddv Jackson, s. of Geori,'c ami Harriet K., Sept. 8, 1HG7. 

riM-ed" W 1 s. of Leonard W. and Mary K., Oft. 17, 18(i8. 

.lo'ei'ii, s. or Henry and Catherine, born in Lewiston, Mo., Jan. 18, 

loscpli Oarlield H. of Leonard W. and Mary E., Jnly 19, 1870. 
ilenrv KINworth, s. .dOlLs S. and Lnev J., Nov. 13, 1870. 
Mary Kli/.abelli, d. of William 11. and S-isan A., April 11, 1870. 
Knniia l.niii^a. il. of Otis .S. and Lncy ,1., Oct,. 21, 1872. 


Henry Thomas, s. of Charles J. and Alce.sta, Aug. 17, 1849. 

Meheluliel, d. of 'I'lioni; 
Charles Clioate, s. of 1> 
Gi!orf;e Gonhl, s. of Da 
Ward Wynian, .s. of Da 
David Dixler, s. of Da 
Lavina Louisa, d. of D 

s , Ma 

ivid D. an 
-id D. and 
vid 1). and 
■id 1). and 
vid 1). an. 

■eh 2i;, 1729. 

1 Knth 1!., Sept. 5, 1845. 

Kulh li., March 1, 1848. 

Knth, .Ian. 31, I8.-a). 
Kulli, Dec. 27, 1851. 
i;nlh K., July 11, 1854. 

Nelly, d. of llenjamin a 
Kdwin Jndscm, s, ofOi 
David |)ext..M', s. of Cii 
Mary (.'(dbnrn, .1. of (,'1 

id Kmelim 
ando.l. ai 
uies i;. an 
arlcs C. ai 

, June 27, lHi;2. 

1 .\bha. May (i, 18(14. 

1 Kle; ■ (i , Sept. 15, 18(',U 

d I'hilenatl., .lune li, 1871. 


Abby Au-nsia, d. of (;< 

or-e A. ai 

d Hannah, March 7, 1838. 

Ivn, March 28, 1H47. 
riet, .luiie 20, 1817. 
laniuih. May 18, 1862. 




Rulmiiiali, d. of Joseph unci liiiliniiiali, April 12, 1708. 
Fiiiiny Taylor, d. of Fred. .V. ami Lavlnia \., .Vug. 13, 1«G8. 
Harry Garduer, s of Fred. A. and Laviiii.i A., .Vug. 24, 1871. 


Mary, d. of , Tames and Sarah, Oct. ;i, 1740. 

Juel .Teiikins, s. of James and Sarah, Aug. «, 1745. 


Sar.-ih Jane, d. of William A. and Martha A., Ocl. 11, 1854. 
William Alexander, s. of William A. and .Martha A., Sept. 10, 185 


llarriel, il. of .Maj. .lohn and l.ydia, Sept. 20, 1784. 

Amelia, d. of . Maj. .lolm and l.ydia, March 13, 178(;. 

Kli/.ahetli rolton, d. of Maj. .lohn and I.ydia, Oct. 8, 1787. 

Edmund Trou-lirid-e, s. of .Maj. John and I-vdia. Mav 15, 1780. 

Frances Maria, d. of Maj. .lohn and I.ydia, Uet. 2, 17'.i2. 

Alinira, d. of Maj. .hdm and Lydia, June 3, 1794. 

Mary Augusta, il. of Maj. John and Lydia, Oct. 21, 1708. 

Ilenrv Nelson, s. of Horace N. and .Vngnsta A., June 15, 185G. 

Charfes Houghton, s. of Horace X. and Augusta, July 20, 1858. 

Wilmot Heed, s. of Horace N. ami Augusl.a, June 2,i, 1800. 

Ktla Augusta, d. of Horace .N. and .Viigusl.a A, II., Sept. 8, 18112. 


lieiiiamin Franklin, s. of Daniel 1'. and Sally, Sept. HI, \HAS. 

Maria J., d. of Horace and Esther, Dec. 2(;,"l84:!. 

Horace 'Thompson, s. of Horace and Esther, June 17, 1848. 


Edward Kimball, s. of Aaron K. mid Mary A., Aug. 21, 1838. 
.Mary Ainutte, d. cjf Aaron K. and .Mary A., .luly 10, 1840. 


s. ,if William atid Sarah, July 21, 1817. 


Lewis fJreenleaf, s. of Greeuleaf and Sarah, Aug. 24, 1859. 
Lucetia Maria, d. of Greenleaf and Sarah, Jan. 23, 1801. 
Albert Edwin, s. of Greenleaf C, and Louisa T., Feb. 7, 18C1. 

s. of Win. i;. and Ann M..Xov. 22, 18t;5. 


Sarah, il. of John and Sarah, March 20, 17(13. 
Jonallmii I'lerpont, s. of John and Sarah, March 22, 17C5. 
Charlotte, d. of John and Sarah, Oct. 31, 1700. 
Charles, s. of Dr. John and Sarah, Jnno 18, 170S. 
Abi^'ail, d. of Dr. .lohn and, Oi-t. 4, 1771. 
Kli/abelli, d. of Dr. John and Sarah, .Ian. I'.i, 1773. 
Tanu-la, d. of .lolm and Sarah, .Ian. II, 1774. 
Anna, d. of ,lolju and Sarah, April 5, 1770. 
John, s. of .lohn an<l Sarah, Aug. 12, 1777. 
- (iiorye, s. of Dr. John and Sar.di, Sept. 30, 1771). 

i-tnutii T.i' nf«x>'i)J! ■/■.iOHi/ii 

.i:m ,6:. ,, .... 

.*ii4i ...;; ■ ..'. -1.^, ... 

liif : ,8 .Jii'ji'. ,.(( .1 lumijiii/. 

;-;rtt ,;ir .j<: 
.61 hi -t ;) 

.Ti8I .r: Ml . 'o- ? ^ 

• T <'■.•■! ,,Tf.-.i(r,,J,_.., 


* Oeor""e Henry, s. of John aiul Maiia, June 24, 1848. 
»!s of K iwava unci Elr/.u, July 10 1855 
M?ry Ann, U. of Uawarcl .ml """-^\' f/^Y.^VsSO 
John T., .s. of E.hvara an.l Hanna 1, Dec 18, 18.9. 

;^V% of (Charles ami Mn-y Ann Dec 22 ISCT^ 
Timotl.y John, s. of Charles and Mary, Mv^. .1, 1871. 





l{ulii;,l.ofJonalhanaiK .,th, bel,...„n.w. 
Mary, el. of Jonathan anU Knth. l-'''. -. l'^' ,, 
Jonathan, s. of Jonathan and ''^'th leb.^i, l..iJ. 
Susanna, tl. of James and Snsanna()ct._ , IM- 
J.uiK- s. of James and Susanna, Nov. /, \iU. 
^■niuirl s ,,f' .Tames and Susanna, May L', 1 /-I I- 
SalX d: Of Xa.haniel ami Sarah, June 24 1717. 
Mary, d. of Nathaniel and Sarah Au^. ■■• l;i»; 


AlSNl-ofNa.hanielandSarah Sept 10 1753. 
.lohn, s. of Na.l.aniel and Saran, Mareh 28, 1,;.^ 
B.niamin, >. of James and SnMum. , • ulv l,o... 

ud' (1. ol Nathaniel 

iiid Sarah, Sept 1, 175'.). 

and Sarali, Au';. 2. 1701. 

i:i'm, s. of Nalhanie 

and Sarah, July 5, 170H. 

,.;. s. .if Nathaniel 

ml r.ouisa, Feb. 5, 18:i'-i. 

V li., d. of Nathanit 
I'iam 11. s. of Nath: 

land Louisa, Oct. 2;!, 18t0. 
iiielaml Louisa, ,lune 22, 1843. 

i-^'<' William, s. of . 

ustin and Hannah. .March 4, 1854 

a' Herbert, s. of .\r/ 

, II. and Ann J., July 1, 18.^5. 

nli Sidm-v,M. of Ar 

„ ,,. H,„i Ann J., Nov. 21, IH."./. 

'Alice Sophia, d. of George and Sophia Jan. 8 18*;- 
.Arthur Amory, s. of Geoi-e and Sophia K.. Oct. "J, 180G. 

'",'llie, Dec. 2, 1808. 

,,se|.h AIIktL. s. Ill l.eor-e n aim r 
<,.,l,l,M',s. of Ororueaml Nellie,! 

.»!iT;i;.'i HO <iHi>).i.j wriao'W 

.rv.i , 




Willi:uii Henry, s. of .liniies and .Mary, July U, lS,-,0. 
Mary Kraiicrs, il. of .laiii.s and Marv, March L'.s. 1S03. 
Calliarinr, ,1. oC .l:un.s and Mary, .Ian. L'L', IsO.O. 
s. or .lanu's ,ui.l Mary, Ai-ril L',",, IMi?. 


Simon, s. or Willianj and Ilarriol, .Innc C, 181'J. 


.\rlhnr, s. or .l.jlm and Kranrcs, (),t. IC, IS'iS. 

Kdwin Karni'.st, s. or John and KraniTS, Oct. li;, 1870. 


Wilson, ■rhonias, s. of Tliomas and Elizabeth, Sept. 25, 1349. 


Janu'.s llcnrv, s. of Tlionnrs an.l lirid-ct,, Jan. 'Jn, 1800. 
M.iria, d. ol' I'atrick and Calharinc, ,lan. L'O, ISCO. 
Thomas Fr.incis, .s. of Thomas and lirid-ct, March 1, 18G2. 
Charles AVilliani, s. of and Uriilijet, Aw^. 7, 18i;i;. 


Marv l'.li/.al„-lli, (I. or|,h a 
',1. or David and Kli/.a, .\p; 


Joseph, s. of Joseph and Sarah. May I'll, 1721. 
Israel, .s. of Joseph ami Sarah, Jan. 18, 1721. 
David, s. of Joseph and Sarali, .Inne 2r,. 1727. 
David, H. of Joseph and Sarah, Jnne 20, 172'J. 
John, s. of Joseph and Sarah, .\|iril ir,, 17;'.:!. 
Sarah, d. of Joseph and Sarah, .May 10, 17:58. 

HENI.Y (see TiA.Ni.i.Y). 


Nora Anastasia, d. of John anil Anastasia, March 20, 1852. 
James Simon, s. of John and Anaslasia, Jnne 20, 1853. 
Hannah, d. of Michaid and Alar^rarel, Oct. — . 18.-,l. 
Sle|ilien I'atiiek, s. of John and .\naslasi;i, March 21, 18.-|5. 
Cliarles riionris, s. of .lolin and .\nastasia, A|ird 2:), ls,-,7. 
Kiehard Williim, s. of .lohn aii.l Ana>tasia, March 01, IsilO. 

;di, .\ov. 18, 18r,'J. 


I'atrick, ,s. of I'a 

rii'k ami II 

Jeremiah, s. .if 

■aliaid; and 


lOli/.abilh, d. of 
'I'll. Unas, s. .if T 

I'hinnas, .li 
i.nnas, No\ 

Hannah, .1. ..f '1 

i.mias, Ma\ 

- Wdliam, s. or T 

i.mias, No\ 

.piniuu %n uHOo:^}( vji mow 

.1 \\:jr.:\M 

.(•..- .•.;U...v, -.'.r/rfiri 

■„i>'l .-- \r-i\l. .illiMiJi!! U 


HI':NS1IA.W, cnnihnir.l. 

Samuel, s. of Th..MU,s .uul Hannah, M.uvh U, l(.s8. 
YAww/.er, s. of TlioiiKis. Ma 

•losiali s. of '1 

houias anil Ham 

ah, M: 

ich 1, 

rh..mas an,l Ma 

y, Sc|. 

I. 1, 17 

William', s of 

■y, !).■. 

. L'l, 1 

Naac, >.. of Tl 

•Idshua, s. of ' 

•homas and Mar 

. Oil. 

1, 172 

(ili\Vi- s of ■. 

l,o.iia>aiul Maij 

iM-b. 7 

, Man 

, KL'I 
1 11. 1 

K./ia,'.l. of T 

lonias ami h'.'/.h 

, May 

11, 174 

llnirv, -i- of '1 

liouias A. anti S 



nf 'I'liouias A. a 

I.I Su> 

n, No 

Lala .laiu'. d. 

1 Sum 

1, Ucl 


MirlKU'l, s. of 

I'alii.k ami ISi-i 

l;;rl,, 1' 

■ii. n; 

:il 1 

, l^ 

l^"s'\>l ■i'homasand Sarah, .Ian. I, lHi;:i- 
■; ,( '. i-hl uM l',i-i,l">'t l'\'l). :il, 18G4. 

M'arMVrt .1 of IMtriVk ami \\vu\^rt. D.c. 17, 1865. 
'vnn'Mari'a d. of Micha.l and Mary. April a, 'f*^''- ^^_ 
T ! nia' F,',mi. s of Midnnd ami Marv, July G, 18G7. 

Marv 'd of I'atrick and liridtrcf. An-. ;il, lS(i7. 

P,n.,',.f , r 1' urick and liridf^L^, May ;!U, 1S(19. 

M k^r, him- .1 of Mi.d.a.l ami Mary, .Inly 10, 1SC9. 

M- V h r;.n ' of Midnml and Mary, UvX. VA, 1871. 

k/iwu, i'on"st. s. „r MiclKud ami Mary, U.c. 20, 1872. 


Kli/.a, d. of William and .lanr, .lum; 20 1S..1. 



,lon;ithan. s. of Kalph, April 2(1. V:U\. 
Sarah, d. of Amos ami Saiah, .Inno In, KM),. 
\nn)S s of Anni^and Sarah, .\n;;. 22, 1S0.><. 
\bi"ii'il K.. d. of Ann.N and Ahi-ail, , 1811. 

'''''"^'", i.;n;;'"a,;dN^;c"'Xu!'K^ 

M^In'.'a"!.!- jIImm'!''"'"'! M^^y."''"iy -''• ;f'^-.„„ 


r,a' in'ia, d. of iianu-.s and Na.n:y, Nov. 21, ISl-S. 
,I„.s,.pli lirnnrii, s. of Zach 

' ,,|- I, ,11,., in and lau-y, Od, 18, 1811. 

lolhm, I'ramis, s of .lolham an.l l.n.y F., May 1(!, 1847. 

■,„l,„'l' ■. of Mcvindc-r and Mary, Ore. 10, 18111. 

W I, Vmlri'u' s. „l ,)ohH r. ami Ad. lia 1,., Any. 22, 1870. 

d I'lannali, .\\n\\ 13, 1832. 

'lll-IIU ■H\> aJifiatt ';! iJiovf 

.1 V'ljl 


•■'■'■■■ ■ I 


mi^L, rontinued. 

AVilli.'im Courey, s. of Thomas H. ami Alice, born in Boston, Sept. 29, 

1870. m.B 

Mabel Alice, il. of Thomas H. and .Mice A., Nov. 5, 1871. 
John Eilwai-d, s. of Tliomas II. and Alice, Nov. 25, 1872. 


Dora, d. of Dennis and Ann, An-. 'Jii, 1871. 


William, s. of Matthew and Mary, Feb. 14, 1840. 

Charles Unssell, s. of E. liussell and Fanny E., Nov. 29, 184tl. 


Cliarlos Steplien, s. of Stephm and Fllen K., ,Ian. .""j, 1853. 
Ellen H, d. of Stephen and Ellen V. . ,)iine '."J, 1801!. 


Leanoro li(dl, d. of Geor-e .T. and Jnlia E., March 13, 18G4. 
Leonora Bell, d. of Geor-e J. and .lidia K., March 14, 18(15. 


Fi-ancis, s. of Francis and Susan, April 1(1, 1848. 
Emina, d. of Francis ami Susan, April I'.i, 185:1. 


Patrick, s. of Tliomas and Mary, Feb. 1, 1851. 
Thomas William, s. of Thomas and Mary, Kws.. 20, 1852. 
l\Iarv .\nn, d. of Tlionms and !\Iarv, Sept. (1, 1851. 
Mar-aret, d. of Thomas and Mary, Oct. 15, 185li. 


Josiah, s. of .losiah. An-. (1, 1(185. 

Marv, d. of .losiah and Marv, .March 1(1, 1(187. 

Susanna, d. of Josiah ami Mary, Nov. 21, less. 


Anna, d. of William and Ann, An-. 0, 18G0. 


Elizabeth Viola, d. of .Tames M. and Mary, born in Chelsea, May 19, 


Alice Varnift, d. of John C. and Mary E., June 4, 1807. 
John, s. of John C. and Mary E., May 28, 18(19. 
Mary Eliza, d. of John and Mary E., Mav lb, 1871. 
Emma A-ncs, d. of John and Mary K., Nov. 25, 1872. 


'I'imolhv, K. of Jcrcmiiihand Maria, , 1855. 


i';>^i ,;ia l:l)^ .n.-iA. iiw '^i i'^ ' 

r;.,i:,..iy ii. >, ,ti-.-'fr...i?. i 

„;,-ii.-' lii.p w.. ■^■:-f lo .y, ,^rjll/,.H 

..r'il ,■■) ,211/', .iir.i?i,>(, lo .e ,iljr> 'f. 


/■ r!;•l^Il•..■^l;:! 

t 'MUi. ..'i ricli 



M; ry Jane. >1. of Thomas and Cathanne J ly 0, b08^ 
ThofnusJoscph s. of ~-,-'',^ ' -'.f ^^^^^^^ ]f,;,l,,,on, July 
James Kilward, s. ot Danici ami .vmh, 
24, 1871. 

s. of Stilman W. and Jane. Oct. .'(,, ISU. 


i^;!r;c:.^'2'of'j-l"- -I'Ma?"; May U, IGOO. 
S-u-ili il of John Fi-l). "25, 11)01. 


Maty,d.of,M:nund :UT^.T;n,.3 b^^^ ^^^^, 


.lohn/.s.'.ir Jc.l.n and Ma.v, U... •;^-;. ''^I . ., j^,,, 


.,..„.a.d.orJ..mUhanan ..^ 

]San% of!/o."un>n and J.n.nna, May 20, 173.- 


Abiiiail, d. J.: 

, Mni 
. Mav 10, 17;!7. 

kalhanie..s.orJona,l,anandJo.nna May 1^1730. 

sX^';ro"'j!dln\i'nl's^^'i''.'jnn.'ll, 17,h'... 

.MiM.rl, s. of ■^i''''''V"'!;' f'.;';7',;''7„,a rallVlvlnc 'f.. May 'J, 1830. 


Sarah l--'-;":;'- <"„^';^;;;;,i!;:; \; • id Oathadne, Feb. 21, 1838. 

■ ' V ' d o ■ ie "V 1 KlUn B., April 4, 18+5. 

1 ' 1 e e t s , ror^e and KUen B., March 5, 1850. 

.rrriin ''jo c.inyj-fin >!nunow 

luX, ilL'-^llUft. ,. 

till ,U i/oA 

■; ,c .iiiiU/: ..'1 , 

122 wom;i;x i;i:coi;i) of uiktii 

n. iuid Kinclinc L., AiiL'. 17, 18 
aii.l l.v.lia, April 4, Ixr.'J. 
iiihI I.yilia, Apiil I, 1S,-,1I. 
and Km. lino I.., April IS, 1871. 

il. ..r I'MiirU and Callniiin.-, Manli L'H, ISIJ. 

ralliarin.-, il. oC I'airi. k and Cailiarini-, Due. -.'7, l.SH!. 
Mai-an-t. d. (.1 I'aliick and Catlianiiu, Nov. 10, 181S. 
IWidm'l, d. nl .1, ivmiali and Marv. Sept. L-C, l-^.H;. 
(i.Mir:;.-, s. Ill ( A. and llnldali II., Vvb. 11, 18,->,S. 
.Inlia, d. of Tiinolliv ami .Inlia. Fi'li. s. i,m;j. 
Gcorjro, s. of .IdIhi and Mary, .Manli l... 1-71. 
Timothy, .s. of I'-dor and Kl'lcn, .Jihiu i'7. 1s71. 

HO I. LIS., s. of KdliiM-l and Ann, An-. Id.;i. 
I.amlu-rt, .k. uf lloliurl, and .Vun. .luur 17, isi;:;. 
(Ifi.r^c Uobort, s. ol' liui.cri and Ann, ImIk 1.;, isi;j. 
Cliarloltc, d. of liolinrt anil .\\\u, .Manl, 1, isi;:. 

.Marv .lanu, d. »C Kol.crl ami A Inlv I, ls7o. 

Calharin.'. d. ol' liulnTt and Aim, ,lnnu 1, 1.S7-. 

IK)l.l,()l;.\X (src llAMdKvX). 


Silas l.rand.'i , ^. ..I' .loslimi 1!. and Marv 1.., March 23, 1S:>3. 


.Inhn, -. of John and Sarah, ,Tnly 2i;, 17 11 
.hnm-s (li-illin, .s ol' Avi and Mary, Sept. 


.lohll, s.'of Hi 



Charlrs i\, >. or Ahraliam and M.. .\. 
.\lmira, d. oC Aliialiain and l.ovrv M 
yary Amus, d. ol' .lanic- and Mary \ 



.^^irrniir 10 <iiior^4;i v.ji..a 






Olivi'i- J.Hiiii 

li, s. of ■! 

lioini.s !uh1 M.irv, , iso:). 

Oeoi-c lulu 

lai-ii/.cr \V. anil Olive, Ann ^0, 184G. 

EU';,zi'i-, s. 

r Kloa/.fV 

K. iin.I Olivr, July 1, :«-l8. 

Cinuliiif I'l: 

IICCS, il. . 

• Thoiuiis .M. 1 SiiniU v.. Sept. 4, 1853. 

Thomi.s W,. 

id. s. nl' ■ 

hoiims M. Miul Sarah F., XIaLXli 31, 1855. 

WillKiin Mil 

JlMC, S. Ol 

■I'hoiiKi-, M. and .Sarali F., March 25, 185G 

IK-i.ry AU'.M 

MU^, s. I< 

■riioiiia.s M. ami Sarah F.. Dec. 1, 1857. 

Ilonry, s, ,,l 

S:illlllrl 1 

. anil 15ri(l-ct, May :;0, 

iiiiii.-is M. 

aii.l Sarah F., Oct. 4, 1850, 

0;itliiniiii', 1 

. Ill' Sniiu 

■1 ami Uri(li,'rt., An,';. -.'Ci, ISIJl. 

,1. ,,|' '1 

lOMiiis ni 

saiah, .iiiiic 1, isi;;;. 

I'Ica/.-V \Vy 

1-, s. ol' '1 

Iiiiiiias M ami Sar.ali F., An;;. 5, ls(;5. 

SmimiU'I, s. 1 

r Siunncl 

>ml liriilurl, March •_':., ISCC. 

(icoi-^'f, S. .) 

■ Sainiicl 

iiul liriil-c't, ,l:iii. 1, l.sdS. 

Ucoi-r K.hvanI 


Fraiu-is AValkiM 

IIOIITON (scf, nl>o, Ih.iHiurc.N). 

Carolino Louisa, d. ol Sparrow and Mary .1., May 2. 1805. 
Horace ISrookv, s. of Sparrow and .Tovopliine, Jan. 'J, ISC!) 
Tessa Doane, d. of Sparrow and Jlary J. G., Oct. 30, 1871 


ml Lanra, Oct. 8, 1851. 


ill II ami Maria L., .April 24, 1852 

1 \V. ami I.aiiri A., ImI,. 3, 1854. 


ami .Maria 1,-, May r_', ls.-,4. 

1>. ami Alii.nail, .\pril 11, 18li4. 


Marv \V., .Inly 7, 18U5. 


Da\ id Clary, .s. 

,|- : 

ml M; 

ry, .Inly 

il, 1854 

Fhili]. Slaii'liop. 

, s. c]f Willi: 

III am 

Mary, J 

me ID. 


Albert Kreilrric 

s. s. of Willi 

111! ai 

1 .Mary. 

Illy 18. 


Frederick Willi 

III), s. of Kd 

ml Mary 

Dec. 1 

J, 1872 

Cliri.stophev P., s. of C'hri.sPipher V. and Nancy, Feb. 23, 1813. 
Chai-le.s, s. of Christopher 1'. and Xancy, Feb. H, 1815. 
Koswell, s. of Christoidier F. ami Nancy, Feb. 8, 1815. 

Charles lioswell, s. of Christ ler I' and Nancy, Oct. 1, 1810. 

NancyThoinpson.d. of Christopher 1'. and Nancy, Feb. 18, 1818. 
Sally'liond, d. of and Nancy, Mar<-h 27, 1H20. 
Abigail 'I'hompson, d. of Chrisloplier V. and Nam-y, July 10, 1H22. 
Abijiih, s. of Clirislopher. 1'. and Nancy, July m, Is-JL'. 
Marv Jane, d. of clirlstopher 1'. and Namy, Dec. L",i. l.M-.'3. 
Alvaii, s. of Clirislopher I', and Nancy. T.K IS-'7. 
Orriii Skinner, s. of Cllri^l(lpher 1'. and Nancy, Oct, 10, IH2'J. 
Frank Alvan, s, of Alvaii .and Oclavi.i, Nov. II, IH.".:). 
- Marion Thniii|ison, d. of .\lvaii and Oc'lavia F.., May 0, 1857. 

: : : I/. 


'li. 1,'rii.U Iio.r, lii,. ', I - ,• ,■ ,,', if i .,ir. 1 

H> .-i:,..,! 1.:..; :_,iiM(.M.l 1.. .i> , o, L-.l p.nii; ! 
I.- !.ii.- 1 ;.!.,, ;f •,. i. ,H ,r., ;, ..aioi'- ■■..) 

,f o-n.V •.,.., .'in .,,.-..( ■... ' "[.',i.r-' ■>:]'[ 

■■'\ -I! vi-;!/- I.ii.«' M ;nl..r, u.'j. .'..luU -('im' 

.'^■■■: .111 ,"i'-. ,.•■>!(■ (. ', 




Kllen. il. of Dimiel and Ihuuuili, March L'li, 1801. 

HOUGHTON (see, also, II.ikton). 
llonry, s. or.Tahii, Fcl). 23, llS7r,. 
Joseph, s. of John. Feb. 2(i, li;?8. 
Benjuniin, s. of John, Feb. ''G, 1678. 
Wiirv, il. of John, Feb. 7, 1G80. 
iMeixy, (I. of John, March 15, 1082. 
Isabel, cl. of Robert, Aug. C, 18(12. 
Eclwaiil, s. of Kichanl and Catharine, Dee. IL', I.sfi?. 


Divid, s. of John and Bridget, .Vpril 8, ICSl. 
Margaret, d. of James and .luanna, Dec. 23, 1S(;4. 


James 0., s. of Tlmmas and Sn^aii F., Jnne7, 1841. 
Abel Winn, s. of'l'homas and Siis:in F., June 2l', 1843. 
Isabel lCli/.al)eth,d. ofThouias and Susan, April 11, 184fl. 
William Fi-ederiek. s. of Frederick and Kachel M., July 8, 1852. 
I.ecmora, d. of Nathan and Kvelyn, l>i>rn in llast Boston, June IG, 
Josiah Woodman, s. of Jusiah a"nd Harriet 1,., Sept. 23, I8G8. 


Jnlui, S. 

.r Th 

)mas and 

Mary, Fe 

1. IS, 18G0. 




anu's an( 


July 25, 1828. 


1. of, 


Feb. r.. 1830. 

Fli/.a, 0. 

of Ja 

ies and 1 

•e. 21, 1831. 



s. of Jam 

■s and'lla 

■riet, Dec. .'H, 


Otis. s. ( 

f Jos 

pi. 1'. anc 


May 'J. 1834. 


d. of 

1 Harriet, 

Nov. 13, lS3r 


s. of 

'ames an 

I llarii.'t. 

.lulv 11, ls4u. 

Mary Kli 


1, d. of J: 

mes and 

lari-iet, Jan. 1 

3, 1845. 

Mi /.a Jai 

e, d. 

of Henry 

and Kliza 

J., Feb. 11, L 


John Wl 

e, s, of H 

■nry and 

•:i[/.a J., Au-. 

25, 18C1 

.Mari.-i I.. 


d of He, 

/.a J., Oct. 21, 




s. ol 

Knos am 

Mary, 1\I 

irch 28, 174.S. 

.loseph 1 


n, s. of 1 

cnry M. ; 

nd llenrieltM, 

.March 1 

Flura, d. 

ul' Ik 


id lleiirie 

la, Oct. 5, IS 



Marv Kll 

I, d. ( 

f Michae 

and fall 

ariiie, .\ti-. 30, lS.-,7. 

James .1. 


s. .iI'Mie 

i.ul ami ( 

alharine, f, h 

7, ls5!l 


Weston, Jnly 28, 

■Hiir.ii -Ki aiicoau yiiijrt': 

,.»:• .;( .■) '.." ,«!' 

>i U.q.'. .1- '^"ilff l>n" 
-1.C .i.KrtAoV. uar. too- 

.v.; roil 

|,-1 /vli-oliJli^J 



John, s. of Lazarus aud Abigail, Sept. 22, 1767. 


KsthcT Louisa, d. of Charles W. H. aud Naucy, Dec. 9, 1852. 


Johu, s. of -Vudreu- and .Mii^'ail, \u-2. 30, 1781. 
Andrew, s. of Andrew aud .\bii;ail, Feb 19. 178-1. 
.Toseph, s. of Andrew and Al.i:;ail, Dec. ;!. 178,-.. 
Abi'Mil, d. of Andreu- and .Vbi-aU, Nov. 2U, 1787. 
I'atly, d. of Andrew aud Alii-ail, Aug. 7, 1788. 
,Tohn, .s. of Andrew and Abiu'ail, An;:. ;!0, 1791. 
Isaac, s. of Anib-ew and Alji-ad, .July 11, 1792. 
Thomas, s. of Andrew and Abii;ail, Sept. 1, 179j. 


Kdward Knj^eue, s. of.To.sepli au.l Mary T., Sept. 13, 1845. 

Mary Kastuian, d. of .lo.sepli and Mary, Mareli 7, 1848. 

I'rances Alvira, d. of Joliu and Ann, Aug. 14, 1851. 

•lohn, s. of .John aud Ann, .July 17, 1853. 

Mary Floiiuda, d. of .Tohn anil Ann, An?. 27, 1857. 

,losJ|)liine, d. of John and Ann, Sept 30. ISCO. 

Jolin, s. of Johu aud Ann, Feb. — , 18112. 

.larurs, H. of John and Ann, Nov. 7, 18(;;i. 

Mark, ,s. <,f Johu aud Ann, March 19, ls(;7. 

'riioiuas, .s. of John and Ann, March 19, 1S(;7. 


Charles Osborn, s. of Johu 0. and Lydla, Jan. 1(1, 1845. 
Ilinry A<lauis, s. of John O. aud Lvdia A., May 9, 184(i. 
Williaui Francis, s. of Johu O. and Lvdia A., Feb. 28, 1851. 
Mary Jane, d. of John O. aud Lvdia A., Sept. IC, 1852. 
Annie, d. of John O. aud Lydia li.. An-. 5, 1857. 


AU10.S, s. of .loseph and Mary, June 19, 1827. 
Josepli, s. of Joseph aud Mary, .Nov. 14, 1828. 
MaryFlr/.abeth,d. of Joseph and Mary, April 10, 1832. 
William Henry, s. of Joseph and Mary, May 17. 1835. 
Georu'e (i., s. of Joseph aud Mary, An-. 27, 1811. 
Charles D., s. of Jo.seph and Mary, Ajiril 17, 1843. 


d. of (5eor;;e L. and Me 

ictabcl, Sept. 1 

!, 1847. 

Kuuna Louisa, d. of Alien 1). 

and Kmeliue L 

, June 29, 1848 

•loseph L., s. of (icorue L. ai 

d Meludabel, ( 

ct. 24, 1848. 

s. (d- David and Susan, 

)cc. 31, 18(10. 

Frank Adell)ert, s. of Willia 

nil. and Kli/.a 

Dec. 2G, 1801. 

s. of Williaui aud 

Oct. 4, \HiV.\. 

d. of William 11. aud LI 

/.a A., June 21 



' Llla May, d. of William IL aiul Mary Caroline, May 24, 1871. 

iSI .BttTJija 10 I,: 

.f-?,H ,e .i-'ifi ,'<5nflVi (job .;.; 

iSI ,*S \iiU .snUoiflU fiJ 



.luMics Albert, s. olMajiius \V. 

and 11. .lane, April IL', 1«C7. 


KUfii, a. of MicliiiulniKl 11:1111 

ill K., .\prll 21, 185:i. 

lMaK-ic,(l. i.rMicli;u-l uih\ Ha 

imili, Dec. To, 1SJ4. 

])avul, s. oCDavul niul .[..aiiri 


.lames, s. of Dennis and Cat.h 

riiie, OcL 21. 

Hoiiora, d. i.r David and .loan 

la, Nov. T>, ls,-.i;. 

Julni, .s. ofMielniel and liana 

d.,.ian. -M, 1S57. 

Dennis, s. of Dennis anil C:atl 

arine, .Inly L'll, 1S.J7. 

Catliariiie M.iinarel, .1. of Da 

id aud.Ioauna, Oct, L'7, 1858 

.Tolm, s. of IJen'nis and t'athai 

ine, .Mareli •>». 16.V.I. 

William Ilan-v, s. of Mieliael 

md Hannah, .\piil 10, 1859. 

Daniel, s. of Dennis and Calli 

irine, Dee. 'la. ISCO. 

.MaiT Kliza. d. of .Mieliael and 

ILinnali, .May 11, Lsil'.'. 

Mai-iraret, d. of Dennis and (' 

lliaiine. No\-. :i, I,si;3. 

HUSE (.seellL'GI.Ks). 


Mary .lane. d. of Sanni.d and, Dee. 17 
Samuel, s. of 8'iinncd ami Dee. •-':,, l.s 

.lames Kieliard-on, s. of Cynlliia. Dee. •-'. 

Harriet Newell, .1. of Natleiniel and Harriet, ; 
.Mmira, il of Saninel and Llieelle, Nov. 1. I si.' 

d\ and Harriet, .A|.ril :!, IH 
l.iieelte. May -JC, l.s:i(;. 

„l Kl,/,a,l., 

;s, s. of Xathaii II. and Louisa .\., Sept. 20, 1854. 
. of Nathan II. and l.oremi A., Sept. 22, 1S53. 
, of Natlian 11. and Lorena A., Oet. 10, ItiM. 
;>, d. nf Nathan H. ami l.oreiia, Nov. 20, 18112. 
I. of Natlian 11 and I.orena A., .\piil 20, !8G5. 


Anna H., d. of E/.ia and liiitli, Dec. .lO, 1841. 
Louisa lirown, d. of K/.ra and Kutli, Dec. :i, 1 
Kli/.abeth I'a-e, il. of K/.ra C. and Kntli, Au-. 


fieor-e Lewis, .s. or<!eorf;c L. luid Sophroni. 

d. of (iiMU-f^e and .Soplnonia, Oil. 22, Is.". 

NuUianiel Kitlrii^'e, s. of Niitiiaiilel and AMiv 
Kriink Nathaniel, .s. of Nallmniel iiiiil Alihy, V 
lilmi.he, d. of Nathaniel and .Mary A., Mayl, 

ir(l!,l !0 CDK.Ki.'ll /(Ut»lO'/ '-^'-■I 

. CI in If 

,/(V/IHH JU 


woBuiix RECOi:n of birtiis. 


Cl:u;. Jo.sq.hiMC, .1. olM.ilui und Miiry, July (1, lt<59. 


Sai-ali Anil, (1. (.IMnliii and Mm 
Ocoi-o llu.iry, s. ..r.I.din and 


S:.iiii;rl, s. (jf Saiimcd and Si.ndi, Oct. 13, 1720. 
Hannah, d. uf Sanniol ami Saiali, Feb. i:i, 172-i. 
Fniina .Tane d. of William and l.iicy, May '•, 18GS. 
T.i/.ziu, d. of William and Lm-v, Doc. S, Ks70. 
William .lames, s. of William and l.ney, Oet. If., l.s-2. 


Henry KianUlin, s. of Henry 1'. and Emma H., Feb. 4, 183 


CaiTie Kmma, d. of Geor-e K. and Pliebe, Feb. 12, 1860. 


Caioline M., d. ..f Andieu and l.neinda, April 30, 1840. 

Nathan Andrew, s. of Amli " ' 

Helen Mai-i.lla, .1. ol .lolin 
Lillian lni;,-dls. d. cd' Kuh, i 


Alnaham, s. of Alnalm 
Klizahrlli, d of Alnah; 

Abiiiail, d. o 

■ Abnd 

Kl.ene/.ei-, ,s. 

)f Aln- 

of Abr 

'Wdiiani, .s. < 

f Abra 

indLn.inda, April 4, I.s', 


.Mari.M:i 'r.,.Ian. 3, l«,i7 

and Anna 1!., burn m K 

nK^tou,'N. C 

17, li;73. 
r.i, 107.'i. 

, 1077. 

arali, Dec. 30, 1701. 

b, Mar.d, s, 17ii:i. 

, del. 7, 1701. 

1. Sepl. 1, 17011. 

Saruli, .Jnne.^i, 1708. 

all, April 1.-., 1710. 

rail, .June 10, 1712. 

arali, Jnnea, 1714. 

vnali, .Inno 27, 171(i. 

rail. May 1, 1718. 

b, Mav i, 1718. 

rah, .lldv 1'.), 1710. 

1, April 10, 1722. 

irah, Jnne 23, 1723. 




, s. o 





a, d. 





la '!' 






, d 



lie, .s 



111 and Sarah, .lime a. 1724. 

iraham ami llann.ab, .Ian. 3, 1727. 

and Ursnla, .bin. 10, 1774. 

aac and rniileiice, Mandi 31, 1770. 

■ and I'rmleiiee, Aprd l."., 1777. 

(d- Na'hiin, .Ir., and Kslber M., .lilly 1), 1847. 

I d. id' Nalhaii, .Ir., and Idlzabelli, .Iiiim 10, 

^alhaii, .jr., and Dllzabelh (1., Oel. 2(;, 1840. 

roll and Minerva, Dee. H, l8i;o. 

.ovi'KUi to i.(iio>:q>{ •/um;io.'/ 

'I ,' ,!-iI. -Mfll'. Unit a(l'>l.'lo -fi 

,':tsi .1)1 i-n .• 
.08%! ,S1 ■i'.i .oJ'iii'I 111.; .■>! ■.•P(,..n- 


il ,^in<i|A ,iil>r 


6;;,i -I An'* p,..<lt, 



Nellie Florence, il. of J. Forresl mid Meliiia, March 3, 1801. 


Mnry Klla, d. orAufinslus \V. and Klleii, Oct. I'J, 1H57. 
Freddie Moiitgimiery, s. of A. W. and Klleii, Sept. 30, 18C8. 


.lolai, s. of Henry, .M;iy 11, ICSl. 


Henry Frankhn, .s. of Henry P. and Kmma II., Feb. -1, 1855. 


Mary Eli/al)elli, d. or Jolin and .Mary, born in S. liobton, May : 
.Sarah Maud, d. olMolin and Mary, Dec. L'S, \M:\. 
Ann LonLsa, d. oCJolin and Mary, April 1(1, ISIUi. 


Edward, s. of Edward and Catharine, Nov. 5, li;."iO. 

William, .s. of William, Feb. 2i;, ICJC. 

Edward, s. of William, MareFi I'J, ICoS. 

.Iohn,s. of John, .Ian. i!l, IC.V). 

lielhiali, d. of.Iohn, ,laii. 20, ICdO. 

Ebene/.er, s. of William. March L'l), lUGO. 

William, s. of .lohn, Sept. 211, KiliL'. 

Esther, d. of William, April 13, l(i02. 

.To.seph. s. of William, Jnne 11, 1GC4. 

Obadiah, s. of , lohn, .lime IS, KiCl. 

Kebecca, d. of .Matthew, March 1, 1005. 

lienjamin, .s. of William, Oct. 15, llKii;. 

IMatlhew, s. of Matthew, March 18, 101)7. 

Jo.siah, .s. of William, .Ian. l.'i, ICO;). 

Hannah, d. of .Mallhcw, A|>ril 23, lOO'J. 

Sumiiel, s. of .liihii, Oct. 2,1, 1070 

Snsanna, d. of William, .June L"J, 1071. 

Sanuiel, s. of .Matlr.ew. April 28, 1072. 

Nathaniel, s. of.Iohn, May 1.",, 1073. 

Abi-ail, d. of William, Oct. l, 1071. 

Kuth, d. ofM.itthew, .Jan. 1, 107r,. 

Sarah, d. of .Matthew, April 11, 1077. 

.April 7, 1083. 

iiiul Esther, .March 28, 1G8G. 

uul .Sarah, Oct. 12, 1087. 

iiid Sanih, .Mav 4, 10S9. 

■r and Sarah, A|iril 11, 101)2. 

lul Sarah, Si'pl. 28, 10'.)3. 

arah, Sept. 7, 
■ah, Sept. 7, 10 
ry, Nov. 28, 10 


, s. of M.itth 


111, s. of Will 


•d, s. of Edw 


•il, s. of Edw 


/er, .s. of EIh 


d. of Ebillr 


•, d. of Edwa 


1, .s. of i;ilw: 


d. of ,Mallh< 


1, d. of 1:1m'i 


/.er, .M. of Eb 

'iiiina 'JO onOl>'.^il '/IHOKOV/ 

■ ■\. >; :l-j.,!.'. ..iiirtl'.l,' ^! i. Jy.M'i/-! .l.'l<i 

;a insii ,v/ ./\'io .h ,',MJ 

.,i/.i II i-ia<i'H iM-i: .H 'niiMl 


.(•-U ,.:, .vo;^. .-.•nhiuii 


JOUNSON, condniud. 

lioiijaniiii, s. of Honjainiii and Sanili, Oct. 8, 1700. 
Su.siiiiiia, (1. ol'Kdutinl ami Sajali, Jan. U, 1701. 
.I(>sei)li, .s. of Kl)i'iif/.ri- ami Saiali, F.l). U, 17li2. 
.losiah, s. of lii'iijamiii aiul Sarah, .Inly 2a, 1702. 
Matthew, s. <if .Malllicw aiul .Mary, Sept. :i, 1702. 
IcliBboil, s. ol'lCdwanl ami Saiah, Apnl 22, 1703. 
Sarah, il. ol'Maltln'W and Mary, Sept. i:., 170:!. 
Samuel, .s. of Samuel and Mai'v, .lidy 7, 17m.'). 
Timolliv, ^. of Khcnezer and Sarah, July If., 1705. 
Kli/.abelli, d. of Edward and .Vbl-ail, Nov. U. 1705. 
iManha, d. of Jo.siah and Manila, Nov. 3, 170(;. 
Mftry, d. of Samuel and Mary, Jan. H, 1707. 
Seth, s. of lienjanun and Saruli, April 23. 1707. 
Joseph, s. of Kdwanl and Ai)ij;ail, June 22, 1708. 
Baniel, .s. of Sannud ami Marv, An-. 20, 1708. 
Abigail, d. of Jo^iall an,l .Martha, April i, 1708. 
Sarah, d. of William and Sarah. .May 3, 170'J. 
Sanih. d. of lienjauiin and Sarah. Mareh !!>, 1709. 
Jo,siah, s. of Jo>iah and Marlha, Feb. 24, 1710. 
Dole, s. of \Villiam and Sarah, Sept. :'.0, 171(1. 
Hannah, d. of lienjamin and Sarah, Sept. 7, 1710. 
Francis, .s. of Jo-iali and .Martha, Feb. 13, 1712. 
Kebccea, d. of Kdwar,! and Keberea, April 22, 1712. 
Jo>hua, s. of Samm-l and Marv. .April 17, 1712. 
Mary, d. of! and Kebecea, Oil. 2(;, 1713. 
Kdward, s. of lOduard and Keb. •,■,;,, .Sept. 2S, 1715. 
Kslh.r, (I. of lienjamin ami Sarah, Feb. 2, 171.'-.. 


, d. o! .lusia 

1 and Martha, 


'.), 1710. 


s. of Kduai 

d ami ltebec<-a, 


ll'i 1717. 


II, d. of Sal 

uel and Mary, 




. s. of Willi 

nil and llaiinali 

JIarch 27. 1718 

Giles, s 

of Jo-iah a 

id Deborah, A 

,ri\ 1 

, 1718. 


s. of Edwai 

d and li.'becca. 


27, 1710. 


d. of Wlib 
, d. of llruj 

in and Hannah 

ea, ^ 

cli 31, 1719 
av 4, 1719. 


s. of Willi.i 

n and Hannah, 


2S, 1720. 


n, s. of Fdu 

ard and Uebeec 

a, Ji 

nc 13, 1720 


d. of linijai 

lin and Uebccc 

I, May 8, 1721. 


s. of Williai 

1 and Hannah, 


10, 1721. 


s. of Edua 

d and Rebecca 


11, 1721. 


, d. of Will 

Mil and Huiinal 

, A pi 

11 8, 1723. 


tl. of Edua 

■d and Kebecea 


15, 1723. 


h, s. of Wil 

iaiii and Haniia 

1, M. 

y 12, 1724. 


, s. of Edw: 

rd and Kebecc; 

, Dec 



s. of Saimit 

1 ami Mary, M; 

y 18, 


Lucy, d 

of Ell ward 

and Hebecca, J 

111. 3 



s. of Willi; 

111 and Hannah 


18, 1 72(1. 


r, s. of l':be 

lezer ami Saral 


t. .3, 1720. 


s. of Sanni 

•1 and Mary, M 

IV 12 



d. of Willi,, 

1 and Hannah, 


30, 1727. 

Jonas, K. of Edward and llebccca, Jan. 17, 
Matthew, s. of .Malthew and Anna. .Sept. 27, 1728 
Sarah, d. of Ebene/.er and Sarah, Sept. 20, 1728. 
Asa, .s. of ICihvard and Hebecca, Feb. 10, 1729. 
.loci, s. of lienjamin and Mary, Jan. 31, 1729. 

OS! .eitxjiia 'lo aaoona wmaom 



wonuiJN i;i;c 

oi:i) OF 





i, COHtinUi-d 

Expeiiciice, s. of Wi 

liam aiul 


1, . 

nly 11) 



s. of luhva 

•d and i;.- 

. L'3, r 




of William 

iiul Ilaiiii 

ih, 1)0 

■. '1 

1, I7:!0 



of licajaMii 

aiHl Mar 

■, Nov 




of KiM.iuz, 

III, Ma 

■ «'. 




of William 

nil Ifiiiii. 

li. Ma 





if noninrinii 

and .\lai\ 

, .Inly' 

1, i 




of S:llllllrl 

nd .InditI 




S. of i:ilCM.- 

/.rand S 

Vul'i, 1. 


:.-:,, 173:!. 



Of S.ull. an.l 

Mary, Kc 

li. L'4, 




d. of St-lh in 

d Mary, 

\d.. -n 




1, I 

. of licnjain 

n and Ml 

ry, I'd 

'., i7;u 

Sarali, d. of|di and Kli/.alirlli, .March 17, 1734. 
Mary, d. of 'rimotliv and Mars', ,Inlv :!0, 17:!j. 
Klizabeth, d. of William and Klizalicth, Due. 10, 17aG. 
Setli, s. of Seth and Marv, Nov. L':i, 173(1. 
Benjamin, s. of Hi'iijamin and Marv, April 12, 1736. 
Josiali, s. of .Josiali and Hannah, Full. 20, 173G. 
Slmliael, s. of liuiijamiii iin.l .Mary, MaM'li 12, 1738. 
Jo.suph, s. of .lo.seph and Klizaiu'th, Nov. 7, 1738. 
Knlh, d. of Kbi'iii'Zvr and Sarah. D.-c. 3, 1738. 
KatlKU-ine, d. of William and Klizalietli. Sept. 15, 1738. 
Silas, J*, of Sutli and Mary, .Ian. LM, 173;i. 
Olive, d. of William and Klizalieth, April ID, 1740. 
Hannali, d. of ,Iosiali and Hannah, May 14, 1740. 
Giles, s. of Giles and .Ahi-ail, Oct. 12, 1741. 
Kczia, el. of lienjaiiiiu and Mary, April 9, 1741. 
Abi-ail, d. of .hiscph and Sarah, Dec. 30, 1741. 
Elizabeth, d. of .Joseph and Elizabeth, Jlay 22, 1741. 
David, s. of .Joseph and Ilanniih, Jan. 7, 1742. 
liobccca, d. of Ebenezor and Sarah, Marcli 31, 1742. 
William, s. of William and Elizabeth, Oct. 2, 1742. 
Anio.s, s. of Seth ami Mary, Feb. IC, 1743. 
Abigail, d. of Giles and AbiKail, Oct. 9. 1743. 
Edward, .s. of Samuel and I'riseilla, Oct. 23, 1743. 
Abiatliar, s. of .Joseph and Sarah, Nov. 2, 1713. 
Hulh, d. of lienjamin and Marv. .Jiine 1, 1743. 
Martha, d- of .lo>iali ami Hannah, Dee. 30, 1743. 
Sarali, d. of Francis ami Sarah, Dec. 4, 171.1. 
Until, d. of William 'iiid ]':iizaiielli, Aui;. I'.i, 1744. 
Elizabeth, d. of Giles and Abi-ail, >Iav 11, \-\-,. 
Silas, s. (if Setli and Marv, .Inly 18, 171.-.. 
Sarah, d. of .los.'pli an.l Sarah, Oct. 2.",, 174.".. 
Abiiali, s. ..f lienjamin and .Mary, .Iiiiie 13. 174,-j. 

1, .Inly IS, 
irii 2, 171(1. 


Ii, April 12 

.'.'. l.'i, 171 



1-. .-, 171H. 

.Ian. 20, 17 




JOHNSON, continu,:,!. 

Isauc, s. of Josiiih and Ilamiiili. Oct. fi, 1749. 
.lonas, s. of Sttli iiml Mary. •lunc lij, 17.50. 
Srili, .s. of Fninrisand Sural,, 'k-c. y, 1750. 
Jonatlum, -. ..f .)..„.-,th;.n nn.l S,n;.li. Fel). 1, 1751. 
Uiiiithni ^ of William ami Kll/.ubrth, vSopt. 19, 1751. 
San'ih "(1. 'of SaiiiiKl ami i;H/.al„ 111, .Ir., .Ian. 2G, 1752. 
l.iicv,'d. of Gilrs an. I .\l,ii;ail, Ail^'. 1'8, 1752. 
Sai-ali, a. of Samml and Eli/abcth, \pv\\ 20, 1762. 
Jotham, s. of and Sarah. Nov. 2«, 175X 
KMhor, d. ofF,anr,sandS,n-ali, Mayli, 17a3. 
Micah, .s. (,f Wdliani and I'dizala'tli. Juno IS, 1754. 
Koxaua, d. of (Jik'.s and Abin.dl, Ocl. 14, H.-'iS. 
Mary, d. of Kunbun and Sarah, April 10,_ 1750.* 

Vohn's'ofFran'ds'and Saiah, Feb.' l-i, 1757. ' 
'\bi.'ail d. of Sainui.d and Fli/.abrth, April 2G, 1757. 
i;cbci-ca, d. of A/..d and liub.'cia, .lune 1, 1758. 
Sarah d. of .lunathan and Sarah, May 24, 17.VJ. 
Frodorick s. of Francis and Sarah, March 29, 1759. 
l;lioda d of SaniUL-land Fli/.abuth, Aug. 20, 1759. 
liunjan'dn, s. of Azel and Uubecca, Feb. 29, 17G0. 
Ilan'nah, d. of Joseph and Hannah, May 25, 1701. 
Williuin, -s, of William and Sarali, Fob. 20, 1701. 
Josiah, s. of Francis and Sarah, April 25, 1701. 
I.ucy, d. of Jonathan and Sarah, Nov. 4, 1701. 
Nathaniel, s. of William and Sarah, Aug. 8, 1762. 
Azol, s. of Azcl and Kebecca, Nov. 27, 1702. 
Shubael, s. of Shubacl and Mary, March 31, 1762. 
Sarah, d. of Josiah and Sarah, March II, 1702. 
\niy, d. of Azul and Rebecca, Nov. 10, 1702. 
Olive, d. of Sanmul and Klizabolh, An-. IS, 1702. 
Elizabeth, d. of Jose|ih and Hannah, Jan. 5, 1703. 
Noah, s. of Francis and Sarah, Jnne 3, 1703. 
Martl'ia, d. of Josiah and Sarah, Dec. 20, 1703. 
Mary, d. of Shuba<d and Mary, Se|)t. 1, 1704. 
Sarah d. of Joseph and Hannah, Oct. 15, 1704. 
Sarah d. of Willi.ani and Sarah, Feb. 8, 1704. 
John, s. ofSamnel and Elizabelh, .May 20, 1704. 
Unfns, s. of Ebenezer and Deborah, May 17, 1704. 

Icabod s. of Jonathan anil Sarah, Sept. 0, 1704. 
Martha, d. of William and Sarah, Sept. 23, 1705. 
Josiah, s. of Jo-iah .iiul Sarah, Jan. 19, 1700. 
Anna, d. of William and Sarah, Ang. 19, 1707. 
Miles, s. of Edvvard and Mary, April 18, 1707. 

\bi"ail d. of William anil Abigail, Oct. 2S. 1707. 

Fn.H'h 's. of Shidiail and M.irv, .\pril 19, 1707. 
Joseph s of .loseph and Hannah, Feb. 20, 1707. 
.lesse, s. of Sanmel and Klizabolh, Aug. 27, 1707. 

MarUni, d. of Abijah anil Mary. Fob. 28, 1707. 
MiUy, il. of .Ibijah and Maiy, March 1, 17(i7. 
Abiathar, s. of Abiathar and Sarah, Jan. 19, 1708. 


ui'orilH of li.irllnKl. 
iiiirrlcil Jchhc JJi'jiii 

.i-Hr.liu 'iO UaOOMfl Viiuno<r 


JOHNSON, continued. 

Abigail, tt. of Giles and Elizaljetli, July 11, 17G8. 
.lesdo, s. of .loslnh and Surah, .lime L'2, 17(18. 
Isaac, s. of Isaac and JudiUi, Nov. in, ITils. 
Liicretia, d. of William and .Sarali, .lidv 11, ni)'J. 
,Toel, s. of .\zcl and Ucljecea, .Iniie It, i7(;;i. 
Abijati, -s. of Alii jail and Mary, .Inlv L'O, 17i;9. 
Cathai-in<-, il. nf William ami Al.i-ail. .Ian. 31, 1770. 
Fanny, d. of Sluil>aL-l and Maiv, A|.iil L', 1770. 
Hannah, d. uf .loMali and Sarah, Mav L'U, 1770. 
Mui-Llia, d. of Isuac and .ludilh, July 17, 1771. 
.loanua, d. of Daniel and .loanna, Sept. '.l. 1771. 
William, s. of Ahiarhar and .Sarah, April L'-J, 1772. 
Jonas, s. of Azel and Uebeeca, t'eb. 13. 1772. 
Mary, d. of Abijah and .Mary, ,Iuly 8, 1772. 
Uannah, d. of l.-aac and Judith, Au-. 2.'), 1773. 

Sarah, d. of Azel and liebi-.'ea, 17, 1774. 

Asa, a. of Abijah and Mary, Nov. 25. 1774. 
KUnice, d. of .lotham and Eunice. Sept. 2<J, 1775. 
Nathan, s. of Azel and Kebeeea, Oet. 12, 177C. 
Phobe, d. of Abijidi and .Marv. \l>nl 4, 177G. 
Susanna, d. of Daniel and Aniui, June 14, 1777. 
Jotham, s. of Jolliani and Kuniee, May G, 1778. 
[Levi, s. of Ahiatbar, baptized July 2fi, 1778.] 
Luther, a. of Abijah and M.iry, Sept. 12, 17711. 
Abiuail, d. of Keuben au,i Kezia. Oet. 10, 177'J. 
Surviah, d. of .lothani and Eunice, July 2, 1780. 
Ezckiel, s. of .losiah and Sai'ah, Au;;. 18, 1781. 
Daniel, s. of Daniel and Anna, Feb. 27, 1781. 
Cyrus, s. of ."Vbijali and Mary, Sept. 8, 1781. 
Kezia, d. of Keuben and Kezia. March 22, 1781. 
Jfeuben, s. of Kcuben and Kezia, Oct. I'J, 1782. 
Alphcus, s. of .lotham and Eunice, Jan. 1, 1783. 
Levi, s. of Josiah and Sarah, Dec. 22, 1783. 
Isaac, s. of Daniel and Amni, Dec. 13, 17,s|. 
Marshall, s. of lieuhen and Kezia, .Inly 25, 1784. 
.Sarah, d. of John and Achsah, Sept. 25, 1784. 
Lucy, d. of .lotluun aud Eunice, March 8, 1785. 
[Sarah, d. of lehabod, baptized May 15, 1785.] 
Lucv, d. of Abijah and ,Mary, Au';. 4, 1785. 
Luke, s. of Iteubeu and Kezia, Sept. fi, 178C. 
Susanna, d. of .lohn and Aehsah, Feb. 11, 178G. 
Susanna, d. of Jotham and Euinee, Aug. 9, 1787. 
,Tohn, s. of Keuben and Kezia, April 28, 1788. 
John, s. of John and Achsah, Dec. IG, 1789. 
Lucy, d. of Jothaui and Eunice, March C, 1790. 
Charles, s. of John and Achsah, May 29, 1792. 
SuUey, d. of Jesse and Sukey, Sept. 13, 1793. 
Edward, s. of Jotham and Eunice, July 12, 1704. 
Mary, d. of Jesse and Sukey, Oct. 9, 1799. 
Betsey, d. of Jesse and Sukey, Oct. 9, 1801. 
Francis, s. of Francis and Mehetabel, April 18, 1813. 
John, s. of John and Sally, Feb. 12, 1814. 
Betsey, d. of Maj, Francis and Mehetabel, Au;;. 15, 1815 
JIannah, d. of Ezckiel and Hannah, Nov. 1, 1815. 
Adeline, d. of Ezckiel and Hannah, Sept. 10, 181T. 

.giiaiu '»<"? aiio-iS;! K;nac>vr 



JOHNSON, continued. 

Kliza (1. of licuel and Betsey, March 13, 1818. 

Koiilieii, s. olMoliii uiul Sally, Nov. 12, 1818. , 

Mary, (1. of K/..kk.l ami IMuMuk May M, 1819 

.loscH,l,,s. of Iv/ckKl ami Uainiuh, May •-■:!, 1819, 

JlaOMl- oi-\U-ur\ and lifl-uy. May,".. ISL'O. 

licubcn, s. ol'.lolm ami Sally, .Inly lil, 1820. 

Almira, d. of Nathan B. and .Vlunia, .Inly 26. 1821. 

Saiah GanliuT, d. of Levi and Kuth, ,)nly 19, 1822. 

lleniv .-. of HzeUirl and llaiui.di, Feb. 7, 1S2;1. 

Mary",'d. of Nathan li. and Alniira, .Ian. 2(1, 1823. 

/uUmle D.Miboin, d. of Levi and Kulli, .)an. 11, 1824. 

l')a\id Wanen, .s. of K/.ekiel and Hannah, Hee. It, 1824. 

Mehelabel, d. of Francis and Mehetabel, Oct. 23, 1824. 

Sarah Kendall, d. of John and Sally, Sept. 19, 1824. 

rinllii), s. of Kenel ami Betsey, born in Atkinson, N. II., June 20, 

Obadiah Kendall, s. of Ueuel and Bet.icy, born in Atkinson, N. H., Oct. 

ElizabJlU Ann, d. of Levi and liut.ii, April U, 1827. 
Warren s of Franci.s and Mehetabel, Anu'. 8, 1827. 
Chark.tte .lane, d. of Nalhnn M. and Charlotte, Nov. 21, 1828. 
Caroline, d. of Levi and Unth, Dee, 31, 1828. 
So|d,n.nia,d. of Iv/ekial and llarnna,,N(,v. 10, 1828. 
Harriet Newall.d. ofNalliaa li. and .Vbnira, Oct. 4, 1829. 
Kli/.abelli Miles, d. of.lolia and .Sally, .Sejit. II, 1829. 
Fll/abetb d. of K/ekiel ami Hannah, Nov. 8, 1830. 

Kear Flnalhan, s. of Nathan and Charlotte, June 7, 1831. 
Albert linlman s of lienel und .lane, born in Lowell, Nov. 20, 1832. 
Franklin Mnnson, s. of .MnnMHi, Jr., and Sarah, Dee. 5, 1834. 

Vnilida Juliette, d. of Nathan .M. and Charlotte, July 2."., 1834. 

Arethn.a Mnnroe, .1. of Mnnson, Jr., and Sarah, Oct, 20, 1830. 

Fdwird I'ayson, s. of Nathan B. and Alinlra, Dec. 4, 1837. - 

C'aroline Maria, d. of Jose|)hns uinl Maria, June C, 1837. 

Aloha 'rhompsoii s of Mnnson, Jr., and Sarah, March 31, 1838. 

Bracket t, s, ..f li'enel ami Jane, March 9, 1 8:18. 

Martha, d, of Nathan B. an.l Abnira. Nov. M, 1841. 

I'hyk-iri \Vrl:;ht d of Nathan M. and Charlotte, Dec. 31, 1842. 

W., Seiit. 19, 1843. 

l.eander Thompson, s. of .Mnnson, ,ir. and Sarah, Nov. 9, 1843. 
Abbv I'lclrher, d. of Setli and Snsan, Dec. 14, 1844. 
lio-ella \nnette d. of John. .Ir., and Uosella M.. May 11, 1845. 
Sarah Ella, d. ofMnnson, Jr.. and Sarah S., .March (i, 184G 
Sn-in Josephine, d. of Joseph and Snsan W., Sept. 18, 1847. 
Fdwurd s of Mnnson, Jr., ami Sarah, Jan. 28, 1848. 
I'.unelia Sawyer, d. of Setli ami Susan, March 12, 1848. 
Kosella Maria, d. of .lolm, Jr., mid Julia A., Jan. 9, 1849. 
Amanda Au-nsta, d. of John and Kli/.a, April 8, 1849. 
Henry Kramls, s. of Francis II. and Marin. Jan. 11, 1850. 
Mary Caroline, d. of Mnnson, Jr., and Sarali, March 22, IS.")!. 
Flla' Louisa d. of Joseph \V. ami Susan, June 8, 1S21. 
John \Varrcn, s. of .lohn and Julia A., Oct. 1, 18.V2. 
Hu"h iM-anklln, s. of Hu;;h ami Brid-et, July 0, 18r.5. 
Fva Maria, d. of Albert B. ami Abba M., July 19, 1855. 
J'dward Francis, s, of J(dni, Jr., and Julia A., Oct. 22. 186G. 
'Thomas lAlward', s. of .losepli and Susan, July 31, 18.'.7. 


,0" V1.ILI. ,,il ./. ,,('. 



JOHNSON, conCiiined. 

Cliiulus lirackett, s. of Albert B. and Abba A., Oct. 13, 1857. 
Cora Jane, d. of Albert B. aud Abba A., Nov. 18, 1S58. 

s. of George W. and Sarali E., Oct. 10, 1SJ9. 

(;eoi;,'e Ileiirv, s. of Albert B. and Al)ha A., Dec. 7, 1S59. 
Kiiiily Etta, d. of John II. and Ayues A , ,Iune 15, 18G4. 
Marv M., d. of John II. and A-nes A., Oct. IG, 1S6U. 
Frank Poole, s. of Charles 11. and Caroline .A., Nov. 30, 1870. 
Mary Lundey, d. of Charles AV. and AiKi>ta=ia, July 25, 187i. 


Benjamin, s. of Honshton S. and Susan, Sept. Ill, 1847. 
Jo^•epll, s. of llon.-liton S. and Susan, Sept. IC, 1847. 


Samnel, s. of Samuel and Abii^ail, Nov. 19, 1690. 

Ebenezer, s. of Sanuiel nnd Alji-ail, June 18, 1(!99. 

Jonathan, s. of Samuel and AbiL'ail. Julv L'C, 17UL>. 

Abi-iiil, d. of Samuel and Abi-ail, June C, 1708. 

Abigail, d. of lln-li and Hannah, Dee. 17. 1711. 

Joshua, s. (if Samuel and Abi-ail, Jan. ;;i, 17IL'. 

Hannah, d. of llu-li and llannali. .\|>ril Ii;, 1714. 

David, s. of llu-h and llannali, ,lnlv 27, ITli;. 

Jonatlian, s. of Iliif,'li and Hannah, ,'lan. 20, 171!i. 

Klizab.'tb, d. of Eliene/.cr anil Kli/.abetli, Aui;. ;il, 1720. 

Nallnin, s. of Hu-li and llaiinaii, April 1:3, 1721. 

Elizabeth, d. of Junalhaii and I'.li/.abetli, Dec. 9, 1721. 

rhebe, d. of Ebenrz.-r and IMi/alnlh, March 18, 1722. 

Jonathan, s. of Juieitlian and, Jan. 20, 1723. 

Susanna, d. of Samuel and SiiMinua, Jan. 30, 172:;. 

Natlianici, s. of Hu-h and llannali, .luiie ',. 172:j. 

I'hebe, d. of Elienezerand Elizabeth, March 19, 1723. 

William, s. of Jonathan and Elizaljetli, Au-. 23, 1724. 

Ebenezer, s. of Ela-nezer and Elizabeth, Dee. 8, 1724. 

Mary, d. of llui;h and Hannah, .Mav 11, 1725. 

Samuel, s. of Samnel and Susan, Aug. 24, 1725. 

Caleb, s. of Jonathan and Elizabeth, April 8, 1720. 

Martha, d. of Jonatlian and Elizabeth, An;;. 13, 1727. 

Esther, d. of Sanuu-l and Susanna, Dec, 14, 1727. 

Ilu'ih, s. of lln-h and Hannah, July 7, 1727. 

Marv, d. of Jcinathan and Elizabeth, May 15, 1729. 

Ichaliod, s. of Saiiimd and Susanna, June 2ll, 1730. 

Luey, d. of Mr. Thomas and .Mrs. Abiirail, Julv 3, 1753. 

Martha, d. of Kev. Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Abigail, May 17, 1758. 

Mary, d. of Hev. Mr. Thomas and Mrs. Abi£;ail, May 17, 1758. 

Abi-ail Waters, d. of Mr. Jonathan and Abi-ail, March 20, 1782 

Lydia, d. of Air. Jonathan and Abi-ail, Feb. 13, 1784. 

AVillard, s. of FranUlin and Folly, Dec. (i, 1.S25. 

Susan Augusta, d. of Franklin and Folly, July 2, 1827. 

Marv Ann, d. of Franklin and Fcjlly, Feb. ll, i8:;0. 

Lois Elvina, d. of Franklin and PoUv, Oct. 7, 18:14. 

Lulher Franklin, s. of Franklin and Folly, April 5, 1H:18. 

Louise C. tl. of Hiram T. and Mary A., Jan. (1, 1840. 

Adeline T., d. of Franklin and Lucy A., May 5, 1842. 

Jillen Mary, d. of Hiram T. and Mary Ann, Nov. 4, 1843. 



"^^cSes'smreiVs. of Charles and Clarissa, J^^c G 1845. 
Moses Frauklin, s. of Charles and Chir.ssa f'^y*'}^'''- 
William, s. of William and Catharine June 20, 18d3. 

Si^:^^trii:'^wivrn;.i'^;^?; NOV. 0,18.0. 

Frederick Uees, s. of .lohn A. and Saru i, An... ^' 'f''°- 
. Edward, s. ot Wnii:un and ^-^]^<^^^ /"":;,;> •2:t:toO. 

WUUam He,;;; s'!,f!;ni::/o.':;;;ll Sarah .1., Mar.h .0, 1802. 

^!ss:u;%^^/^i:x^K;a cTf ^r .:^^^ .so. 

Clara Mabel, d. of Charles and Noll.e V May 10, IsoG. 
Edward, s. of Lewis and Bridiret, Aug. 0, 131.0^ 
M\ Saru'ont. s. of Gil.nan F. and Sarah S .Tau. 3 , ISO" 
Ellen Frances Sargent, d. of Gilnian F. and Sarah, ieb. 1 


.Tohn, s. of John and Sally, Ang. 15, 1790. 
Sally, d. of John and Sally, t)ct. 1'. l'-'«; 
Eliza, d. of John and Sarah, March 2- 1^01. 



John, s. of Matthew and Mary, June — , 1808. 

M-u'-irut d. of Martin and Abby, Dec. 7, 1803. 
liarbara, d. of Martin and Aljbv, Oct. -'.- ';'^''''- 
M'U-aret d. of Thomas and Julia, AprU 13, 18G(. 
John, s. of John an.l Kose, .May 11.180,. 

John, s. of Jolin and Rose, , 1»<0- 

liryau, s. of ISryan and Julia, Sept. lo, Ib,^. 

William, s. of Kudoli.h F. A. and Catlianne, June 2'J, 18^7. 


John, s. of John and Hridset, July 2, 1808. 


Eli/.abeth, d. of James and Mary Aug. 2, 1809^^ 
,Iohn Francis, s. of .Martin and Ellen, March 15, 1872. 

' KEAKNY (see C.vrnky). 


.f'Knua lo iiMOo.iij Kauaoi 

1/ r n: if.-nM/l K 



.Tohu, s. of Patrick and Sarali, March !, 18,55. 
BiiU£;ct, d. of Michael and Hrid-ct, March 17, 1855. 
Mary, d. of Patrick and Sarali, Aii^'. l;i, IH.'-d. 
Alexander, s. of Patrick ami Sarali, Pcb. 10, 18.58. 
John, s. of Tinicjlhy and Ann, .Iiine IC, 18.-.9. 
Alice, d. of Patrick and Sarah, .Iiiiie 2, ISf.n. 
James, s. of James iiiid Bridu'ct, .Inly 4, 18(12. 
JIary Ann, d. of Tiinulhv and Ann, March 18, 18fi3. 

d. of James and lirid-et, Nov, 15, ISC,:!. 

William H., s. of lirvan and Urid-el, Nov. lVj, 18G3. 
Surah, d. of Patrick and Sarali, A|Hil HI. I8(U. 
William, >. of .lames ami fatli.irliie, Ani;. 17, 18C5. 
Kli/.alirtii, d. of .loliii and Mar-aret. Aii2. 27, 18Go. 
Francis, s. of Tunothv and Ann, March 111, ISiiC. 
Micliael Edward, s. of , lames and Catharine, May 2, 18G7. 
]\l:iruaret Ann, d. of lln-li and Maria, Oct. 0, 18(17. 
.lohn Patrick, s. of John and Mar-aret, Feb. 5, 18G8. 
Edward, s. of James and ISridi;et, Jan. ;!1, 18C!I. 
Alice, d. of Timothy and Ann, Au^'. 2G, ISG'J. 
Bridget Theresa, d. of Ilu^h and A[aria, aept. 12, 1870. 
John Charles, s. of James anti 15ridj;et, Dec. 12, 1870. 
Margaret, d. of John and Margaret, March 27, 1871. 
Timothy, s. of Timothy and Ann, Feb. G, 1872. 
liridget, d. of John and Slargaret, May 1, 1872. 
Bernard Francis, s. of Hugh and Jlaria, July 18, 1872. 


Rnth Ann, d. of Charles and Betsey, Juno 20, 1837. 


Mary, d. of Jlichael .and Bridget, Aug. 2G, 1871. 


James, s. of Matthew and Ellen. July 23, 1853. 
Mary Ann, d. of Matthew and Kllen", March 28, 1865. 
Mary Kllen, d. of aMatthew and Ellen, Nov. — , 185G. 


John, s. of John and Mary A., Jan. 17, 18G1. 
Jlary Ellen, d. of Joliu and Margaret, July 10, 18G2. 
Hannah, d. of John and .Mary, Jan. 15, l.s(;4. 
Joseph, s. of .Tames and Ellen, .March 6, 18GG. 
Cornelius, s. of John and .Margaret, Aug. 20, ISGG. 
Ellen, d. of James and I'.llen, tlct. 2il, 18G7. 
William II,, s. of John ami Margaret, Dec. 4, IBGl). 
Hii-li, s. of .lames and Ellen, Dec. 11, 18G1I. 

Conielnis, s. of James and , .March 1, 1871. 

Timothy Joseph, s. of .lames and Kllen, April 20, 1872. 


George Adelbert, s. of Joseph and .Mary A., March 3, 1843. 
Joseph Stermy, s. of Joseph, Jr., and lieatriee, Dec. 22, 184C. 
Charles Edgar, s. of Joseph and Mary Ann, April 17, 1848. 
9oliii, s. of .lainos and Julia, Sept. 8, 1851. 

iiHTJUii -^o <i)!t»;>.'iti '/iiiyaow 

WOHUIiN KErOlfl) OF inUTIIS. iol 

KELLEY, continual. 

Sarah Jane, fl. of Joseph and Sarah P., Oct. 30, 18c2. 
Mary Ann, (1. of I'atrick niid Mary, May 20, 18o3. 
William, .s. of James and Mary. May 28, KH.'j:!. 
lolm s of rati-irU nnil M:u-y, .Ian. f), 1855. 
'|„1,„' s' of Kdward and Ilaiinali, Jnly G, 185(!. 
Iiiiir's s of iN.'al and Mary. Oct. 27, IS.'.!;. 
'I'lioniis .Matin s. of Daniid imil Sarah, Jnne r>, 1857. 
■riiomas *s of l);inicl and ralharim.', .Nn-. 31, 18.-.7. 
ulhi>. M'aVston, d. of ,)o> and Sarah P., Jan. 27, 1858. 
Vunes s of Patrick and Mariiarct, Sept. 20, 1858. 
lienni.s, .s. of Patrick and Mary, Nov. 7, 1858. 
Ann, d. of John and Catharim^, Jan. IS, 1859. 
William, .s. <if Neal and .Mary, April 18 18,5;i 
Jane, d. of Daniel and Cntharine, April 27 1859 
Ann Maria, d. of Daniel .lud Sar^h, April 8, lSo9. 
John K.,.s. of Jo..e,,h and Sar:,h, Anjr.l, 1859. 
Mar.a.rv, d. of Patrick and Mary, March 3, 18fi0. 
Catlianne d of Patrick and .Mar-aret, April 19, ISCO. 
T'unes Wa'lter, s. of Joseph and Sarah P., May 27, 18G0. 
li'ichard Francis s. of Joliii and Catharine, Sept. 24, 18G0. 
IPinnah d. of .lames and Elizabeth, Oct. 21, 1800. 
Marv FlV/.aheth, d. of Adam and Mary, Dec. 13, 18C0. 
Sarah KUen, d. of Daniel and Sarah, May 2G, 18G1. 
Marv Ann, d. of Alexander and Bridget, Auj;. 28, 18G1. 
William s. of Patrick and Mar'ravet, Feb. 2(1. 1862. 
Clara F ', d of Joseph and S.arah ]'., May 3, 18G2. 
Jlap'aret, d. of James and Elizabeth, May 18, 1862. 

.VdeHne d of John and Adeline, Jan. 3, 18G3. ' , 

Marietta, d. of Thomas B. and Briduel, Jan. 31, 1863. | 

s. of Neal ami Mary, Jan. 19, 1SG3 , 

John S., s. of KdNvard and Ellen, Feb. 10, 18G3. . ) 

Daniel P s ofDaniel and Sarah, Feb. 12, 18G3. j 

Nelly, d.'of Daniel and Emma, April 12, 18f,3. 
Thomas, s. of James and Eli/.abeth, May 15, 18G3. 1 

.lo'ienh and Sarah, Dec. .■■, ISb,!. ) 

Rose Isabella, d. of Alexander and Bridget, May 29, 18G-t. | 

Michael s of Patrick and Mar^'arci. Sept. 17, 18G-1. \ 

Julia' d.' (if Patrick and Mar-aret, Sept. 17, ISG4. 

Fllen d. of Tlnnuas and'Brid-et, Nov. 11, i8G4. \ 

Bernard, s. of Neal and Mary, Dec. 7, 18G4. 

James s. ofDaniel and .Mary, Jan- 14, KSG.', 

Tobn s of James and Elizabeth, June G, ISGu. 

loseph Warren s ofC.'or-.^ A. and Mary 15., March 3, 18G0. 

"bdm s of Michael and Mary Ann, March 3(1, 18GG. 

Thon'ius, H. of Th.mias and lirid-et, Sept. 7, 18GG. 

Mary, d. of Daniel and Emma, Dec. 8, 18GG. 

Neal, s. of Neal and Mary, March 7, 18(17. 

John James, s. of John and Catharine, March 6, 1867. 

JIary.d. of Patrick and Mary, May 10, 18G7 ^ ,. , „, ,„„ I 

Marl'.aret Elizabclh, d. of Alexander and Uridget, Oct. 27, 1807. 

^^K. of .loseph and Sarah 15., D>a;. II, 18C.7. 

Daniel, s. of Danhd and Emma, All^'. 23, 18G8. 
John s. of Daniel and Sarah, Dec. 11, 18GH. 
Mar-aret, d. of James and Elizabeth, April 24, 18C9. 
'Patrick, s. of James and Eliza, May 14, 18G9. 

.iiu-ua -to iiifo .^'.i -/H'lri.ivr 


KELLEY, continued. 

Kate-, a. of Noal and Uiwy A., June 15, 18i!9. 
Aildie, d. of John and Adeline, An;;. 27, ISCO. 
Jolin, s. ofTlionias and liiiduct, Out. 24, 18(19. 
'I'honias, s. on'atiick au.l (^alliaiinu, Jan. 21, 1870. 
Mary France-, d. of John and Oatliariiic, Ffb. 24, 187( 
Artlmr James, s. of Alexand.r and IJrid'ret, Keb. 27, 1 
Thonia.s, .x. ofDaniel and lOnuna, Xuv. lU, 1,S7U. 

d. of Patrick and .Mary, Jan. 20, 1S70. 

■\Villiani, s. of Januvs and Elizabeth, May 23, 1871. 
Ilonora, d. of Thnnms and M.u;;arel, Jnne 7, 1S71. 
liernard, s. of Thonuis and Hrid-et, Oct. 2(), 1871. 
Kdward, s. of I'alrick and f'atliarine. Nov. l."., 1371. 
Tiniothv, s. of Uolcnnin and Katie, Dec. 2t, l.-)71. 
Mar-uret, d. of Xeal and .Mary, Jan. 22, 1S72. 
James, .s. of John and Catharine, I'eb. 11, 1.S72. 
Alexander, s. of Alexander and liridicet, April 27, 187 
Catharine, d. of Janu-s and Kli/.aljelli, .liilv V.i, 1872. 
.John, ?. of Daniel and Mary K., Nov. 'J, 1872. 


.lolm, s. of Francis, Jnlv 2, lOKi. 

■riiomas, s. of Franci.s, Jan. 10, lll-l!). 

Mary, d. of Francis, Jan. 20, lf.,-.l. 

Flizabeth, d. of Francis. Jan. 15, 1(153. 

Hannah, d. of Franci.s, Jan. 20, \(,:,:,. 

Kebecca, d. ot Francis, March 2, 1057. 

Samnel, .s. of Francis, March 8, Idj'.). 

Jacob, s. of Franci.s, Jan. 25, IGGl. 

Abi;;ail, d. of Francis, April 0, IGUG. 

Mary, d. of John, Sept. 1, 1G71. 

Lvdia, d. of John, April 23, 1G74. 

i;iiih, d. of Thomas, Feb. 17, 1G74. 

Thomas, s. of Thomas, May 111, 1C77. 

Francis, s. of John, Dec. 4, 1078. 

Mary, d. of Thomas, Feb. 27, 1681. 

Francis, s. of John, April 11, 1(182. 

Samnel, s. of Thomas, Oct. 2'J, 1G82. 

.lohn, s. of ,lohn, Oct. 7, 1G84. 

Samnel, s. of .Samn, 1, An^. 13, 1084. 

K.ili.h, s. of Thomas, May 4, 1085. 

I'ersis, d, ,,f .Jacob, Aiii;. 24, l(is5. 

K.iac, s. of .Saniind, Sept. 13, 1G8G. 

David, s. of .lohn, Nov. 14, IGSG. 

Jacob, s. of .lacob and IVrsis, ,lan. 12, IG8G. 

Eliczer, s. of Thomas and Knlh, Nov. IG, 1G87. 

Joseph, s. of Jacob and I'ersis, Dec. 17, 1G88. 

Klinabeth, d. of John and lOlizalieth. Feb. 23, IGSO. 

Joshna, s. of Samnel and liebecea, .March 14, ICSIP. 

Jimatlian.s. of Jacol), Nov. 2, IG'.m. 

JcnuUhan, s. of .lohn, Nov. 2s, li;'.)i). 

Uebccca, d. of Sanmcl and Ueljecea, Jidy G, IG'.H. 

Daniel, s. of Jacob and I'ersis, Oct. 23, l('.'.ll. 

Jabez, s. of Thomas and Ruth, Sept. 10, 1G'J2. 

June, d. of Thomas and Ruth, Sept. 10, 1692. 

.aniUMi id 'V.ioo^ii vtH-inov/ 

.J Uvt«v:a>i 



KENDAIjL., continuid. 

Mary, d. of Siiniucl and Mary, Fub. 3, 1G93. 
Keljccca, <1. of .lohii ami Elizabeth, March 22, 1G93. 
liebocca, d. of Suiiiiiol and Mary, .Tan. 2(j, 1(!95. 
Nathaniel, s. of John and Kli/.alieili, Fob. 27, 1G95. 
F.ljenuzcr, s. of .lacol) and Alice, Xov. 9, Ki'.).'). 
■lohn. s. of Jacob ami Alice, Jan. 19, li;97. 
Alii-ail, d. of Saiiniel and Mary, March 31, 1(;97. 
Sarali, d. of Ja<-ol) and Alic, Jnly IS, \r,'.m. 
Hannah, d. of John and lOlix.alielli. .Inly 8, 1(199. 






Knth, d. of Sanniel ami Marv, April 23, 170:!. 
'riioma.s, s. of Thomas and Sarah, Jnly 30, 1701. 
.Susanna, d. of Jacolj and Alice, Oct. 27, 1704. 
I'hebe, d. of .laeob and Alice, Doc. 19, HOC. 
Ahi-ail, d. of Thoma.s ami .Sarah, An;;. 10. 170G. 
Taliitha, d. of .Saninel and Mary, Jan. 22, 1707. 
Hannah, >1. of I.sanc and Hannah, Jnly 2+, 1707. 
Knlh, d. of lialph and Abigail, Jan. G, 1707. 
.Sanuiel s. of Sumnel and Elizabeth. Jnne 30, 1708. 
David, s. of Jacob ami Alice, Sept. 28, 1708. 
Kalph, s. of lialph and Abii;ail, Dec. 1.'5, 1 70S. 
Benjamin, s. of Thomas and Sarah, Feb. 25, 1709. 
Isaac, s. of I.saac and Hannah, Jnly 4, 1709. 
Ebenezcr, s. of Jacob and Alice, April 5, 1710. 
James, s. of Sanmel ami Elizancth, April 28, 1710. 
I'eter, s. of lialph and Alii-ail, Oct. 14, 1710. 
Samuel, s. ol Sanmel and I'rmlence. Sept. 4, 1711. 
Alice, d.ofJae,,!) and Alice, Jan. 31, 1712. 
Abraham, s. of .lacol, nnd Alice, Sr., April 2G, 1712. 
.losiah, s. of Samuel an<l Klizabelh, Sept. 1, 1712. 
Abi-aii, d. of lialph and Alii-ail, An-. 14, 1712. 
Kliczer, s. of Eliezer and Hannah, Jan. G, 1714. 

Jacol), .s. of .lac aid Alice, April 22, 1711. 

liebecca, d. of Samuel and I'rudeuce, Au^'. 27, 17M. 
K.slher, d. of lialph au,l .\l.i-ail, Feb. 14, 1714. 
Kzelciel, -s. of Samuel .ind Klizabetn. March 14, 1715 

1.1 Al 

I 15. 


■ Kli 


liezcdl, s. ofKalph and Abi 
Tlioma..*. ^. of I-.'.i.zerand 
Edward. ^. oi Ephraim 


1, Marc 

I 27 


Feb. 1 
•Ian. G, 
Ih, Mai 



t, 1717 


■e. Mar 

■h 1( 


a, N 

,v. 2G, 


1, A 

nil 7, 1 



. >.':\'^- 



na, Oct 



Jonathan, s. of Joseph and .Susanna, Oct. -'J, 1 
Amos, s. of Francis ,ind Abiu'ail, -Ian. l."._, 1719. 

• Kezla, d. of Ita 

, uiid Abigail, .111 


.l?Hr>l!H '!0 


KKNOALL, coi,li„„nl. 

Eliz;il)elh, (1. orSaniiicl iind Eliznln'tli, Sept. 3, 1719. 

]!ebccca, (1. of.hilMZ anil lielinca, April L'.",, 1719. 

•lo.-limi, .s. of.loscpli and .SusmiiKi, March 7, 1720. 

llaniuili, d. or KVu-y.w an.l Ilaiinali, Nov. 0, 17:iO. 

Nnthaniel, s. of Nathaiiii'l aiul .Vhi-ail. Dec. 10, 1720. 

Miiry, d. olMolm arui Pfborali, Mai'cli 10, 1721. 

I'liincas, s. olMal../ ami Jlrhicca, .M:irili il, 17-Jl. 

Jona.s, .s. of .Saii.iichuid Klizaljrlli, Murcli 10, 1721. 

•lolin, .s. of I''raii(i.s and Abi-ail, Nov. I, 1721. 

Kzni, .s. of Kpliraiiii and .Iiidilli, .Ian. 1, 1721. 

.Tames, s. of .lai.e/ and Hebecca, April l.'., 1722. 

Al)i;,'ail, d. of Xallianiel and Al)i'rail, Hec. 2'J, 1722. 

Sarah, d. of Saniu.d and Kli/abetli, April IC, 172:5. 

Eliezer, s. of Kliczer and ll.innali, .March ,■>, 1723. 

.Tolm, .s. of .lolm and Deluuab. April 2."., 172:!. 

Mnrv, d. of.Inscpli and .Susanna, .Ian. IJ, 172:!. 

Kallian, .s. of .labo/, and HclnMca, ,lidv 21. 172:t. 

Keiibcn, s. of K|ihraini and .Indilli, May 20, 1724. 

Susanini, d. of .Sanuud .and Iliz.ibeUi, .'inlv •"', 1724. 

Rlltli, d. of .labcz and If.'b.a-ca, Dec. '.I, 1724. 

Elizabeth, d. of N'.aUianicI and Abi-ail, lud). (I, 172.5. 

Zebcdoe, s. of .lolm an.l Dcborali, .March :iO, 172j. 

Amos, .s. of Francis and .\bi-.dl, .Inne 22, 172,"). 

Obadiuh, s. of .Sanmel and i;ii/.al)ctli, .Sept. 3, 1725. 

Peter, s. of Natlianiel and .\lii-ail, Keb. 22. 1727., s. of Sanmel ami Klizabcth. May 15, 1727. 

Snsauuii, d^ of .losc|di and Snsanna, .Inly 24, 1727. 

David, .s. of Francis ami Abi-ail, Mav ;i, 1728. 

Jonathan, s. of Kbcnezer and ll.annah, Oct. I!l, 1728. 

.Indilh, d. of Kphraini and .Indith, Dec. 11, 1728. 

Sel,h, s. of Sanmel and Klizabelh, .Ian. 4, 172;i. 

.losepli, s. of .los.pli and Mercy, .Inlv H, 17:10. 

.lolm, s. of Abi-ail Kendall, d. of .lolin J.ock, Dec. 30, 1730. 

Abi-.iil, d. of Sanmel and Klizabelh, Keb. 27, 1731. 

Kbenezer, s. of lObi 

]';phraiui, s. of Sam 

John, s. of Nathani 

William, s. of Kbcii 

Sarah, d. of Nalhai 

Jernsha, d. (jf Sam 

Oliver, s. of Jo-cpl 

Anna, d. of Nathan 

Simon, s. of Khcnc 

,lacob, s. of Josuph 

lieuben, s. of Kben 

E.sther, d. of Josep 

James, s. of James and Lvilia. Mandi — , 1742. 

Sarah, d. of Joseph and Mercy, March 5, 1743. 

Joshna, .s. of Joslma and Esther, Feb. 9, 1747. ■ 

Jonathan, s. of Jcislma and Esther, June 4, 1749. 

Abi.-ail, d. of Francis and Mary, Jr., Jnne 7, 17.50. 

Jonatlian, .s. of Joshna and Ksihcr, Sept. 1, 1751. 

John, s. of John and Mary Eock, alias Kendall, Sept. 

Snsanna, d. of .loslina and Snsaniui, Jan. 2.'., 17.-.4. 

lilizabeih, d. of Francis and Mary, June 22, 175.5. 


zer and 

liannah. Anfj. 19, 1731. 

and F.l 

zabeth, Nov. 9 1732. 

iml .Sar. 

h, April 22, 1732. 

•r and 11 

annah, April 22, 1734. 

and Sa 

ah, Feb. 28, 1734. 

.and ion 

.abeth, Feb. i:!, 1734. 

Id .Merc 

■, An-. 10, 1731. 

and Sai 

di, Nov. 25. 173fi. 

and lla 

imdi, July 29, 1737. 

d M.'rev 

, Oct. ',», 1738. 

rand 11 

mnah, Nov. 25, 1739. 

nd Mer< 

y, Nov. 25, 1740. 

WOnURN llECORD OF nillTIIS. 141 

KENDALL,, cniitiuurd. 

Sarali, d. of .John and Sanili, April -'0, 1T55. 
Beiijii'iiiii. s of .lo-^luia and Susanna, Marcli IG, IToO. 
Natliauiel', s. of ,Tolin and Saiali, Nov. 14, 17.')(i. 
Olj'Uliah s of (ihadiah and Elizal)('tli, June 15, 1757. 
Sarali, d'. of JoM-pli and Sarah, Nov. 21, 1757. 
.lohn, s. of .lolni and Sarah, \)vc. 5, 1758. 
Oliver, s. of.Ioshuaan.l Susanna, Nov. U, 175U. 
Mary, d. of .lolni an<l Sarah, -Vuv. U, 17(:0. 
Khoda, d. of Joseph and Saral,, Jan. IG 17G2. 
I'eUT, s. of.T.d.n and Sarah, Mayl, 17G2. 
.Tacul. s of Jacob and Ku/ia, June ;!0, 17G2. 
i;,.lH..;-a, d. ..r .loin, and Susanna, Koh. 5, 17(i;i. 
l,,M.nh s ,,lM„.ri,h an,l Sarah, .Inne 2."., 17G1. 
SaiiUHl', s'. nlOha.liah and l-:ii/,al,.dl:, Doc.JS, 17G4. 

Kl'i'/.ahelh. d.'Vf'oi.adiali and i:'li/ahctli,'A|Mil 25, 17C9. 

Daniel ^ of Joshua and Snsanini. An,i;. H, 1 m 1. 

Wiinai'n, s. of Joshua and Susanna, July M, 1774. 

Isaac s of Jonathan and Joanna, Fcl). I'J, 177,. 

.loanna, d. ol Jonathan and Joanna, May 9, 1779. 

Loanuni ,s. of .Mr. Jonathan an,l Mrs. Joanna, June 12, 1781. 

Elizabeth, d. of, lohn and Kllzabuth, Nov. 10, 17S3 

Sally, d. of Mr. Jonathan and Mr.s. Joanna, April 12 178B. 

Obadiah, s. of Ohadiah, Jr., and Sarah Dec. ^«. l'^*- 

Sarah d ofoliadiah, Jr., and Sar^th, Feb. 7, 1/87. 

■losiall s of Obadiah and Sarah, March 30, 17S9. 

Samuel, s. of Oba.liah and Sarah, Sept. 21, 1791 

Betsey, d. of Obadiah. Jr., and Sarah -Vus. 10, ,94. 

Hannah d. of oba,liah, Jr., and Sarah, Sept. ,, 1,JG. 

Sill 1,'r .s of Oba.liah Jr., and Sarah, A|,ril 3(1, 1800. 

Joseph.' s.'..f Obadiah, Jr.. ami Sarah, Jime 3U, 1803. 

Hend^i^on, s'o''Noairaml Lydia; An-.'2^); 18i;3. 
Franci.s, s. of Noah and Lydia, .Ian. '.'C. 1821,. 
.Tohn, s. of Noah and I.ydia, March 28, 1827. 
Joseph I!., s. of Joseph and I-ydia, M'^Y *■ 1«28- 
William Jack.soii, .s. of Noah and Eydia, March 10, ISdJ. 
Geoi-L'e \Vashin;,'ton, s. of Noah ami Lydia, JulyC, 183o 

l;;^t ^:;r.ii;::;\ "ron":;djr F.^:;:;^ e:!;;ic^^^.,'m^ n, i838. 

ilen'ry. s. of Noah and I.ydia, Oct. 19, 1838^ 

Mary Elizabeth, d. of Artemas and Sarah, ^Iay ^^J"^^, 

James lOdwards, s. of James and Sarah T Sept. 2', 1840 

Nehen.iah Smith, s. of James and Sarah T., June 12, 1843. 

Geor-e Edward, S. of James and Sarah T., Jnly 10, 1840. 

Mary'; .1. of Henderson and Lucy, Feb. 9, 1851 

Eli/iv Ann Thompson, d. of Jamen and Sarah, J"'y 1' i^^l" 

Al,ba Josephine. ,1. of Joseph K. and Sarah A., Feb. G, 1853. 

Geor"e s of Henderson and Lucy, March 1, ISo-i. 

Eva Au'susta, d. of Benjamin and Abba, Oct. 27 I8a3. 

Walter Gardner Henderson, s. of U.nder.son and Lucy, Julj 1, 1854. 

d. of Jo.seph K. and Sarah A., Nov. 30, 1854. 

Frank Irviii-, s. of Joseph K. and S. Abby, leb^ 11, 18-7 
Frederick Prescott, s. of Josepb R. and Sarah A., June 13, 18oJ. 

.guTj'ia "iio 



KKNDAI.L, a,„tin,i.d. 

Ann Louisa, d. of Williiun T. and Ann M., born in Bnrlington, March 

14, 16(10. 
Chailes Pluniiner Hindinan, s. of William T. and Ann M., Julv29, 1864. 
d. of Williiiin T and Anna, .Ian. 24, ISi;7. 


Ann II., d. of J. Spi'iiCLT ami Nancy, Nov. L'U, I8C3. 


Tlicinias Kiiirene. s. of I'atnfU ami Ellen, An-. 1:', 18^5. 
.lanu'snnistoplicr, s. <,fl'alrick an.l Kll.-n, Di-c. 2i, 1850. 
Maliln'W, .s. of I'ati-ick and Kllcn, .Ian. !l, 1S.V.I. 
.Marv Ellrn, d. of I'atrick and Klli;n, Oct. 20, lS(il. 
Catliarin.-, d. of I'alrick and Eilcn, .huic I'.l, 18i;4. 
Patrick Francis, s. of Patrick and Ellen, Eeb. 3, 1807. 


Fannv, d. of Ilii-h and Hrld-ct, Nov. 10, 18,52. 

Fanny, <1. of llu:;li and Hrid-i't, .Iinie 7, 18r,l. 

Asnes, d. of Michael .ind Isabella, .Ian. 2',l, lS5.->. 

Eleazer, s. of E.luaid W. and liridget, Aujr. G, 1855. 

AVillinm, s. of Iln-li and Brid-ct, .Ian. 22, 18.57. 

Catharine Maria, d. of Peter and Catharine, June 10, 1858. 

Elizabeth, d. of Patrick and Catharine, .Ian. 14, 1859. 

Edward Henry, s. of Edward and liridjiei, March 12, 1859. 

Sarah Jane, d. of Peter and Catharine, Sept. 28, 1859. 

Sarah, d. oflUiirh and Marv, Feb. 2:., 1800. 

Martha, d. of Edward and Kacliel, Sept. 22, 1800. 

Dennis, .s. of Hugh and Mary, June 15, ISOl. 

AVilliam Francis, s. of Peter and Catharine, June 7, 1801. 

,Tohn Kernon, s. of Edward and liridnet, July 15, 1802. 

Susan, d. of Hugh an<l Mary, Nov. :)0, 1802. 

'l'honia.s W., s. of Peter and Catliarin,% June 17, 1803. 

Thomas Frai cis, s of Edward and liiidt,'et, Oct. 27, 1803. 

Philip, s. of IIu-li and Mary, Aug. ID, 1804. 

Marv Ann, d. of Tiniothv and Mary Ann, Jan. 1, 18C5. 

Julia, d. of Edward and Ellen, Jan. 25, 1805. 

Andrew Waller, s. of Edward and l!rid-et, July 1, 1805. 

Peter Joseph, s. of Peter and Kate, An-. 4, 1805. 

I.nlher I'.verilt, s. of Thoin is J. and Encetla, .April 10, 1800. 

I.i/./.ie .\i\\\, <l. of Tiniolhy and .\nn, Feb. 10, 1807. 

Nellie, il. of Peter and Kate, June II. 1807. 

Thomas Fianklin, s. of Tlionni> J and Lncettu, Oct. 1, 1808. 

Ennna, d. of Edward and Ellen, Mav 17, 1809. 

Ceorge, s. of Edward and l!riil-el, i)ec. 11, 1809. 

John .\l., s. of Tinnilhy ami Ann, Dee. 23. 1809. 

Katie Maria 

d. of P 

•ter and Catharine, Mav 4, 1809. 

Mary Emm: 

, d. of I 

n-li and Mary C., JnnJ 11, 1870. 

Thomas lie 

ry, s. o 

■ Edward and lOllen, Ana; 10, 1870. 

An-usta Ma 

V, d. of 

I'iiomas J. and l.ucella, Nov. 28, 1870 

Patrick, s. ( 


V W. and Nora.V., April 9, 1871. 

Jcdin Edwai- 
l.iz/.ie, d. ol 

1, s. of 
K.J. ar 

'.•ter and C.ilharine, Oct. 17, 1871. 
d Mary E., Nov. 8, 1871. 

Mary, d. of 

Peter ai 

1 Catharine, Nov. 13, 1872. 

Mary Ellen, 

d. of Pa 

trick and Nora, June 15, 1872. 

•; -'tr, u5iot>;m vt.iifr.ov 

,r fit. l)Ji*; -') '.: 

■v' .1, ■).. .1. , i). n-r 



Floveua Diantha, d. of KlbndKe and Diantlia, Feb. 8, ISfiO. 
Charles Tlioiiipsoii, s. of Klhriduie 1.. and Diantha. March 14, 18G2. 
Frank Lucius, .s. of Abul and Kli/.abetli, Jan. 3, 18(ks. 
Sarali Eliza, d. of Abul and Elizabeth, Nov. LM, 18G8. 


Mary, d. of .lames and Marv, March 2, 1871. 

Thomas Francis, s. of .Michael and Kate, Feb. 13, 1872. 

KICUHIGAN (see, also, Cauiiioan). 

Miirv Ann, d. of .Tohu and liridKCi, March C, 1852. 
Margaret Frances, d. of .lolin and lirid^ct, ,July — , 1858. 
William Henry, s. of Thomas and Mary, Dec. 3, 1860. 
John E., s. of John and Hrid-et, May 24, 18i;3, 
Catharine, d. of Jlartin and Catharine, An-. 8, 18i;4. 
Catharine Elizabeth, d. of John and Urid!.iet, Dec. 4, 18GC. 
Dennis, s. of Cornelius and Catharine, Nov. 11, 1808. 
Mlcliael, s. of Daniel and Mary, Feb. 11, 1871. 
d. of Cornelius and Catharine, April 20, 1872. 


Scth, s. of Seth and Amelia, July 18, 1849. 

Ellen Eliza, d. of Franklin and Eliza \V., April 5, 1852. 


Charlie Jndson, s. of Walter A. and Euciuda J., March 28, 1855. 
Willie Henry, s. of Waiter and Lucinda, Oct. 4, 18.'^^7. 
Hattie Elizabeth, d. of Walter A. and Luciuda, Aug. 5, 1801. 


Lucretia, c\. of Thomas and Lucretia, Nov. 25, 1847. 
Mary Elizabeth, d. of Thomas and Lucretia, Nov. 21, 1850. 


Tosciih s 

of Joseph 

and Martha, July 17 


ul Mary, July 3, 172" 


Mary, d. of Timothy and Ellen, May 17, 18C8. 
Fanny, d. of Michael and Fanny, Sept. 15, l8Gi). 
Delia, d. of Timotliy ai d Ellen, Jan. 28, 1870. 
Ellen, d. of Timothy and Ellen, (let. IG, 1871. 


William, s. of Patrick and Julia, May 2'J, 18G5. 


Daniel, s. of liichanl anil Susanna, July 7, 17,59. 
Jere Holmes, s. of Ezra and Lydia, June IG, 1802. 
Fr.ancis Fowle, s. of Ezra ami l.ydi.a, Mav I, 1807. 
Mary (Ivpson, d. of Ezra and l.y'di.'i It., Frli, 9, 1809. 
Ezra Curl is, .s. of Ezra and l.y.iia K., Dec. 21, 1811. 
. Charles, s. of Jeremiah H. and Jerusha, June 22, 1.S3 

S'.r:l ,(. ;h(iA ..VY 1,5.1^ .ntu >\„Ant-i''i V 

I'/Mil I 

i ,SS ■-'■■•/aK 


KIMBALT., r,j},tinued. 

Johu, s. of Jeremiali H. and Jcrusha, Feb. 10, 1835. 
George, s. of Jeremiah H. aud Jeriusha, Aug. Ifi, 1836. 
Miroii, s. of Jeremiah H. aud Jenisha, June 8. 1841. 
Klla Pninccnia, d. of Thoraa.s W. and Chira W., April 25, 184 
Kilen Maria, d. of Jere H. and Jenislia, .Anir. L'l, l»H. 
Curtis, s. of Thomas W. and Clara U'., Nov. L',S, KSIC. 
Kranl< Kandall, s. of Alfred 0. arjil Mary T., May U, 1848. 
Annette, il. of Samuel \V. and Kllza M., Dec. .".U, 18)8. 
Miinroe, ». of Thomas W. uud Clara AV., .March 17, 1849. 
Helen, d. of Charles and Caroline A., April 2'.K 1S4'J 
Mary Klla, d. u( lienjanun and Sarah, .March '-'H, 18,^0. 
Clara .Maria, d. of C,cori;u W. and Maria, (.)<-l. 30, LS.'iO. 
Helen Marllia, d. of Samuel W. and Kli/.a .\L, Sc|.t. 24, 1852. 
George Kdward, s. of (Jeor-e \V. and .Maria, June 22, 1853. 
An-ustine, s. of John V. aud I.vdia A , Dee. 11, ls.i3. 
Ann Kli/a, d. of Ceor-e W. and Maria, Sent. L'.i, I8,-.4. 

.I.ocphine, d. of Jolm U. and I.ydia A., Nov 
James .Melvin, s. o( Geor-e \V. and .Maria, . 
Kniilv, d. of ,lohn I!, and Lydia A., June L'.",, 
Aniue May, d. of William and .Mary, May 1" 
May, d. of William and Mary, .March 7, iSHo 

•Jii, 1850. 
uly ,30, 1857. 

, I8i;i. 


Mary Ann, d. of Patrick and Jane, Dec. 14, 
John, s. of Patrick and Jane, Ami;- - + , 18i;i. 


Fanny W., d. of Robert W. and Adeline, Aug. U, 18C3. 
Kate, d. of Patrick and Jane, Dec 5, I8(i3. 

.s. of Patrick and Jane, Jan. 19, ISilG. 

Stephen, s. of John and Bridget, born on the Ijoat between Philadel- 

pliia and New York, Feb. 7, 18(;i;. 
Margaret, d. of Patrick and Jane. Oct. 7, 18(i7. 
Mabel l''lorilia, d. of Kred G. and 11. Alice, July 23, 181)8. 
Arthur, s. of John and Lizzie, born in Montreal, Can., Jan. 10, 1870. 
Michael, s. of John aud Bridget, Feb. — , 1870. 
Bartholomew, s. of Micliad and Marv, Oct. 31, 1871. 
Bridget, d. of John and Brulget, Nov. 29, 1871. 


Charles Nelson, s. of Charles II. and Charlotte, Nov. 28, 1854. 
Charlotte Amelia, d. of Cliarles II. and Charlotte A., Oct. 11, 1857. 
Julia .Morrill, d. of Charles II. and Charlotte A., March 20, 1802. 


Frederick Allen, s. o 

J. G. and Mary A., July 20, 1800. 

KINNEY (.see Ki;.s.Nin 



Lamartin Kuttella, s. 
Edward Dana, s. of J 
Henry Matlhcw, s. o 

of John and Maria U., April 9, 1848. 
Jim and .Maria li., Nov. 20, l.s50. 
Matthew and l.uiiisa Maiia, Ainil 10, 1872 


Francis Darwin, s. ot 
John Warrcu, s. of 1 

Dr. Francis and Sybil, Dec. \'.t, IM12. 
r. Francis and Sybil, Aug. 9, 1814. 


»V.T!!<H ro OHOOJIS 'ilJi'faoY? 

.V'.'r. ,:i! (11 

^vo^uI;^' isf-cord of biutiis. 145 


Ella Mabel, d. of ^Villiam H. ami Josephine, Sept. U, 1860. 
fii'oi-e F., s. of Koboi-t J. P., nurl Aiimi, Oct. 2-1, 18C3. 
KilwiU-il Everett, s. of Kobert J. 1'. and Ann, Nov. 22, 18C5. 
Mary I.onise, il. of Jacol) tt, ami Abby M., Nov. 11, 18G3. 


Sarah, il. of Joseph,* March 8, 

Samuel, s. of Joseph, Sept. 8, ICui. 

Hannah, il. of Joseph, March L'.j, 1C54. 

John, s. of Joseph, Jan. 1(1, :(iri(l. 

Mary, d. of Michael, Oct. 14, ICM. 

Elizabeth, d. of .Toseph, April 7, 1058. 

Mary, d. of Joseph, June C, ICfiu. 

Dinah, d. of Joseph, July 4, lli(;i. 

Jonathan, s. of .Michael, March 23, 1GG2. 

Samuel, s. of Joseph, March IS, W.S. 

Joseph, s. of JIichai-1, Jan. 10, lliGo. 

Maiv, d. of Joseph, Dec. 12, 1072. 

,TosJ|ih, s. of Joseph, Dec. 12, li;73. 

],vdia, d. of .Michael, Sept. 2!), 1(;74. 

Edward, s. of Joseph, Au^. 31, 1077. 

Isiiac, s. of Joseiili, Feb. 24, 1080. 

James, s. of, April 22, 1C81. 

AbiL;ail, d. of John, Dec. 27, 1G81. ' 

lUuh, d. of Joseph, May 7, 1082. 

John, s. of John, Jan. 31, 1084. 

Ebeuezer, s. of Joseph, An^. 24, 1G84. 

.Tuhn, s. of .John, March 3, lOHi;. 

Amos, s. of Joseph and lintli, .May IP, 1087. 

Uenjamin, s. ol John and .Uji-ail, Marcli 20, 1088. 

San'uiel, s. of Jolni, Sept. 27, lO'JO. 

Mercy, d. of John and Abigail, Feb. 3, 1G93. 

Ebenezer, s. of Jcdin and Al)i;;ail, Aug. 20, 1G95. 

liebecca, d. of John and Abigail, May 14, 10'J8. 

Joanna, d. of Edward and Joanna, Dec. 20, 1099. 

Martha, d. of Joseph and Martha, Feb. 9, 1700. 

iieniamin, s. of John ami Abi-ail, Oct. 20, 170U. 

Joaiina, d. of Edward and .I.ianna, March 31, 1701. 

Huth, d. of Joseph and Mailha, Sept. 5, 1701. 

,7oseph, s. of John and Ahi-ail, Nov. 9, 1702. 

Joanna, d. of Kdward and Juanna, , 1703. 


d of Jn 

.eph anil Mar 

ha, Nov. 10 



, s. Of J. 

hn and Abi-a 

1, Dec. 14, 



d. Of Jos 

cph and Mart 

la, April 12 



s. of Ed 

vard and Joa 

na, April 7 



s. of Ell 

vard and Joai 

na. July 0, 


Mary, d 


h and Martha 

Auk. 21, 1 


Josiah, s. of ICdw 

ard and Joanr 

a, March 2 

, 1710. 


, a. of Jo 

seph and Mai 

tha, Juno 24 

, 1710. 


I. of Jos 

ph and Marti 

a, Oct. 30, 


Eucy, d. 

of Edwa 

■d and Joaiun 

, Nov. 30, 1 


♦".lOBClltl <l 


and John of Ch 

irli;stown wcr 

e probab 

Woburn. Wm« 

Mlolmol al.o? Hue Wobu 

rn Kccorda, Vol. I., j 

probably eona of John, Sr., of 

' ' " Ri;i>on of Record 

Vol. 111., 1>. VJi; ibid., p. Ul. liuod'B Wntcrtown, p. 374." — Mias- 

:r,llrt '.O r.i,. 

V ,vr ,,ijA lui* .'j .1, .-ii,iloH 'If '-< ,.' : .V..'.. bl." •■•t(:.i 


KNIGHT, continued. 

Joseph, s. of Joseph and Martha, Dec. 28, 1713. 
Ruth, d. of Amos and Sarah, Jan. 14, 171.5. 
Daniel, s. of Kdward and Joanna, Dec. 20, 1715. 
David, s. of .Vnios anil Sarali, Out. 21, 1717. 
Tiniolliy, s. oflOdwanl and .loaniia. Dee. 2, 1717. 
Alice, d. of Ebenezer and Marv, Jan. 12, 17iy. 
David, s. of Anins and Sarali, Nov. ;!0, 1719. 
.laiiKs, s. of Kdu-ard and J,. 'una, M:iivl, 2:,. 1720. 
.\nia/iali, s. of Ivl.enezer and Mirv. Sr|,t. 27, 1720. 
Jonalliiin, s. of Aino.s and l';ii/:ilirt I, , l!l, 1722. 
Kll/.abelli, d. of Kduard and lai/.al.ctli, ,lulv 7, 1723. 
MiLiy, d. of Klienezer and .Mary, Oct. 12, 172H. 
Joanna, il. of Kdward and Elizaljetli, April 10. 1725. 
Kl)uiiczer, s. ofEbenezer and ^rary, M.areh 28, 1720. 
.Sarah, d. of Edward and Elizabetli, March 25, 1727. 
Jolin, s. of Jolin and Al)i-sil, Sept. 8, 1728. 
linlii. d. of Eljenezei- and Marv, Mareli U, 1728. 
Mattliew, s. of Kbenezer and ^Iary, Jnly 21, 1730. 
Samuel, s. of Jolm and Abiirail, Feb. 10, 1731. 
Jonathan, .s. of Kdward and Klizidxdh, Nov. 22, 1731. 
S.irali, d. of Kbenezer and Mary, Jnly li", 1732. 
Tiniothv, s. of .lohn anil Aliiiruil, An^'. 18, 1734. 
Taylor.'s. of Kbenezer and Klizabetli, April I, 1743. 
Harriet Ililliard, d. of John and Martlia, March 30, 1811. 
Dorcas, d. of ,lobn and Martha, An-. 21, 1H12. 
■lolin, .><. of ,Iohn and Marllia, Anf;. 20, 1814. 
David IloUis, s. of Moses L. and I'nidence, Sept. — , 1821. 
James Tierce, s. of Moses E. and I'rndenee, Sept. 17, 1823. 
Joseph, s. of Moses L. and I'rndenee, Jnly 25, 1825. 
Levi Sawyer, s. of John, 2a, and Lncy, Nov. 1. 1831. 
Maria li., d. of Moses L. and Prudence, Oct. 2C, 1834. 
Allien, s. of Guy 11. .and Sally, Nov. 22, 1835. 
John Wilklns, s. of John, 2d, and Lucy, Dec. 1, 183G. 
Charles K., s. of James 1". and f-arah, Nov. 1, 1843. 
Lucy liaUer, d. of John, 2d. and liutli, March 2, 1845. 

^'d. of David 11. and Maria, March 27, 1845. 

Sarah Caroline, d. of James 1'. and Sarah, April 7, 1S4C. 
Henry Stevens, s. of John, 3d, and Sevinia, April W, IS47. 

s. of James P. and Saiah, July 22, 1817. 

s. of James V. and Sarah, Oct. 21, 1852. 

s. of ,laines 1'. and Sarah, May 2U, 18.-.5. 

s. of James P. and Sarah, May 20. 1855. 

Albert Bennett, s. of Edward and Kmeline E., July G, 1858. 
Ida Uibecca, d. of John W. and Caiolin.; P., .Tan. 31, 1859. 
Marv Louisa, d. of John G. and Sivina, July 0, 18.J9. 
Frank .lohn, s. of John W. and Caroline, Jnly 1, ISIIO. 
John Henry, s. of John W. and Car-line, July 12, l.sOI. 
Alfred Porter KiUbourn, s. of John W. and Caroline P., Nov 


and Ann M., Keb. 13, IHi;o. 
of Frank S and Victoria M., July 
;., Nov. — , 1802. 

■XO U>l'^;>3fl »lH:.n>V7 

.1 , ■.! .n!!..J'. 


KNOWLTON, ronUtnud. 

Mary I.iicimla, d. of Amos and Ann SI., Nov. 18, 1863. 
Clmrles Francis, s. of F. S. and Victoria, Feb. 17, 18fi5. 
JIary Luciiida, d. of Amos and Ann Maria, Dec. 7, 1865. 


Lottie Lillian, d. of Josci>li J. and Charlotte, Nov. 8, 1864. 

d. of .loscph J. and Charlotte A., Nov. 29, 18(16. 

Waltorliolibins, s. of .losejih ,1. and Charlotte Ann, May 2.3, 1872. 


d. of John .7. and . .May 17, 185,->. 

Jennie Steven.-, d. of .lolin .1. and Sophia \V., Feb. 9, 1857. 


John, s. of Neal and Mary, Feb. 25, 1860. 
Peter, s. of Neal and Mary, March 28, 1863. 
Michael, s. of Neal and xMary, Oct. 25, 1866. 
Neal, s. of Neal and Mary, ^L^y 15, 1868. 
Kdward Artlinr, s. of Neal and" Mary, Jan. 16, 1870. 
Barney, s. of Neal and Mary, Dec. 26, 1871. 


Mary, d. of John and Hannah, Dec. 25, 1862. \ 

John, .-s. of John and Hannah, May 21, 1864. 

Hannali Louisa, d. of John and Hannah, Sept. 27, 1865. 

John, s. of John and Ellen, Oct. 17, 1865. 

Michael Lewis, s. of John and Hannah, Dec. 6, 1867. !' 

Ellen, d. of John and Ann, March 12, 1868. ] 

Michael, s. of Jolm and Hannah, .Mav 2, 1868. I 

Kllen, d. of John and Hannah A., July 26, 1869. 

Klizabeth, d. of John and Ellen, Nov. 30, 1870. | 

David, .s. of .Tohn and Hannah, born in Winchester, April 18, 1871. 1 

William Henry, .s. of John and ll.-uinah, Nov. 25, 1872. 


Ann .Maria, d. of Knfus and .\nn M., born in Somerville, July 12, 1865. 
William Addison, s. of Ktifn,-, and Ann Maria, Sept. 5, 1867. 


Georue W., s. of John S. and Frances S., Sept. 20, 1843. 
Frank Healey, s. of John S. and Frances S., Dec. 20, 1845. 
Kraul:, .-. of John S. and Frances, Oct. 2, 18.-,2. 


(Jeor-e Henry, s. of William W. and Frances L., July ID, l.'^54. 

drew and Elizabeth li., Jan 27, 1846. 
me, d. id(;yrus 'i'. ami Alice M., Oct. 22, 1859. 
le, d. of (Jyrns l'. and Alice, Aug. 25, 1861. 
of (Jyriis T. and Alice M., Oct. 18, 1867. 

t!it:-!:^j io H:.'r-:>3>i v^ji'Tim 

MM ,W vi;!' -- iKiJi .1. ir.;of, 1. 

.i;T!-.I ,££ .vu/i ,11 

.01 ,'><■'■ , ' - • i-'-'H f'ii". 

iWA.t ' 



Jliiry Kli/.ii, il. of Jiinios 1'. luid Kliza Ann, March IG, 1849. 


Jhu-iutta, d. of Jolui T. iin.l Annii T., Oct. 31, 1805. 
Jo^i'pli, s. (if Joliii F. iind Ann A , Anj,'. 10, 1867. 
Eninui Klizabctlj, d. of ,Iolin ]•'. ai.d Annie A., Dec. 23, 1870. 
■Winfivd l;and;dl, s. of John F. and Anna, Sept. 24, 1872. 

LAlMtABKK (see Lhatihckiivj. 


John, .s. of John and llephzihah, Aug. 7, 1731. 
Mary, d. of John and lleph/.ibah, April 23, 1733. 
IlL'phzibali, d. of Joliu and llcphziljali, Marcli 10, 1735. 


Anliur, s. of Tlieophilns and .Mary, March 31, 1S72. 


Olive, d. of Niitlianicl and liatlishel)a, March 24, 1749. 
Jonatlian, s. of Jonathau and Hachcl, May 24, 1752. 
Jo.seph, s. of Jonatlian and Rachel, Nov. 12, 1754. 
Kbenezer, s. ot Joiuilhaii and liaehel, Oct. Ill, 1757. 
JonallKin, .s. of .loiialhan and Klizal)eth, Dec. 11, 1758. 
Kachel, d. of Jonathan and Rachel. Oct. — , 1700. 
Elizabeth, d. of Jonathan ami I'lizabelli, Apiil 2(i, 17C1. 
llenjaniin, .s, of Jtinalhan and i:li/:ilH i h, .May 28, 17(i4. 
Nathaniel, s. of Jonallian aihl K i. h. 1, .liilv -j, I7i;i. 
Di.i-eas, d. of Jonathan and i;iizalnlh, 7, ITGlj. 
Knth, il. of Jonathan and Uaclnl, Fc'b. 12, 17ii7. 
Micah, y. of Jonathan and Elizabeth, Au-. 22, 1700. 
William John.xon, s. of Jonathan and Elizabeth, Jan. 1, 1773. 

Jleliceut, d. of Eljem-zer and Hannah, May 17, 17S)(j 
Hannah, d. of Ebenezer and Hannah. Sept. 27, 1799, 


George Ohio, s. of John M. and Eunice T., Nov. 4, 
Charles Iowa, s. of Johu M. and Eunice 1'., Nov. 4, 

LEAHY (see L.uiey). 


Mary, d. of Isaac, Aug. 7, 1G47. 

Hannah, d. of Isaac, Aug. 24, 1U49. 

Thomas, s. of Uichard and Eliza, Dec. 10, 18G3. 

LEAKY (see, also, O'Leauy). 

Alice, d. of John and Catharine, Nov. 19, 18fiG. 

s. of Coruelius and Mary, March 20, 1871. 

■ninothy, s. of Cornelius and Mary, Marcli 24, 1872. 

.Kur;ii(( fo u-.uyySft Kirtt'uf: 

.V.i'> » .vnu./iouluua 



! Robert, s. of Francis and Sarah July ^'■>'^'\\ 
Ebenezer, s. of Francis and S^ra'. .n.n. 3 n U. 
Mirv d of Francis and Sarah, Sept. 24, li-+- 
ki.nice, d. of Robert laui E""'''?;. •*')'J',™'T.^'f -,4 ,-40 
Elizabeth, d. of I.-.henezer nnd Khzabe h D .. 1 ,, ■«■ 
Mary. d. of Eijenez.r - ; ^j "^ ;;,.tr May /^ 719. 


Bonjaudn, s. of ami I'-f '«;. ^" ^Af' "■"'• 

s:::nmn'i or M ^:n:iM.n":i-vn.'l4,n57. 
FstK ■ d of Fr.n.Ms and 1:.iIrt, .Inly IG, 17.08. 


Join., s. of Sanuiel and Sarah, .Inne („ <HC. 
S;:'^.^Mc{^ai:;..V and l.ephzn,:d,Oot^21, 1704. 

i!;!ri,^.'^f^!i;au\;ndS'b'p;:::f;;; :M;,r.n.^ 

.lohn, .s. ol l''l'J'di anil iiipi /.I 1,111, -. 


.Jephl.ah, s. of Klijal, and Mar-aret .Ir. Nov 17 1811. 
Harriet, d. of Klijal, and Mar^^aret, Jr., April 2d, IMo. 
Tn>:;..l, « of I'liiah and Mar^'arct, Jr., June 2'2, 1817. 
^nnan, -s of E-li al, and Mar.a,.et, Jr., JUrch^l., 1820. 
Mary Jane, d. of Sa.nnel and Rutli, Jan. 18 1821. 
Maria Parker, d. of Jacob and A'"S=\''' •J".^J;/ fgos 
Mary Ann, d. of Elijah and Mar-avct, Jfa rch J. 18-,5. 
AVilHan,, s^of WilU-.' -;| '^^tsey, Apr;, S^ ■ , ^^^.^ 

Benjamin Brooks, s. ol Elijah and Mar .iicc, . 1., h 


Rnth Maria, d. of Sanuicl and Unth, June 22, 1827. 

John MarshalE s. "^ ■|,'^:;--l,^'.-;';;; ;;'?, '.'^.^^I't 1840. 

Chiivlotlc KlizabLth, d. of WiUian, and Charlotte G., Sept. 11. 1847. 


=i«ua:a io iiaooSM vauirow 

~H-'> U I'f'''' -Or 

1 I 


I J 


I.EATHK, co>Uiii,ii-d. 

Huiiry iriii-rison, s. of Josiiili iiiul Mury, Sept. 27, 1843. 

Charles Beldier, s. olMosiali uiul M:uv, Feb. 4, 1850. 

Clnreuce Howuril, s. of William and Cliarlotte G., April 22, 1850. 

Frnuk llorljert, .s. of William ami Chai-lotte (J., Sept. 25, 1852. 

Wilbei-, s. of Jo.siali ami Mary H., .Inly 5, 185:!. 

Ada Elizabeth, tl. of William and Cliaiiotte, Nov. 3, 1854. 

Murv Kva, d. of William and Charlotte, Oct. 10, ISfil. 

Edward Currier, .s. of Josiah a-id Mary, Jan. 1, 18C5. 

Marv Alice Virijiiiia, d. of William and Charlotte G., Feb. 10, 18C5. 

Ethel May, d. of Henry H. and Amanda A., May 12, 1872. 


Nathauiul, .s. of Thomas ami liiall, March 22, 1719. 


Timolhy Farn.swortli, is. of Caleb and Lucy B., An?:. 17, 1851. 
llenrv I'lovcy, s. of Caleb and Lucy B., June ao, 1853. 
Isado"ra Ardce, d. of Caleb and Lucy B., Sept. 21, 1855. 


Lilliutte, d. of .Joseph T. S. and Lucv A.. M.'ij 11, 1858. 
Albert Lorin-, s. of ,Iohn H. and Eliza M., .Inly 0, ISGi;. 
Albicju Duanc, s. <.f ,b)hn S. ami Eliza M.. Nov. ;i0, 1SC8. 
llrrburL II., .s. of William and Klla, May 2'J, I.SIJO. 
Kcubcn Willey, s. of .loseph F. S. ami Mary M., Aug. 20, 1870. 

LEHAY (.see Laiihy;. 


.lohn llenrv, .s. of James and Catharine, March 13, 1858. 
James, s. of James and Catharine, Feb. G, ISfiO. 
Thomas Francis, s. of James and Culherine, June 30, 1802. 
Charles, s. of James and Catharine, Oct. 21), l.S(J4. 
James, s. of James and Catharine, Aug. 29, 18GG. 

LENNEHAN (see Linni;iia.v). 


Mary, il. of 'J'imolhy and Mary, Dec. 17, 1872. 



Mary, a. of. 
,l„sr|,h,s. ol 
M.iiy .\nii, (1 

ratiiclc, s. ol 

c-or-eaud Mai'y, 
.lamrs ami I'.lli'i 
of James and !• 
.imes and I'.llen 
• lohn and Mai-; 


Hannah, d. o 
ILmnah, d. o 

■Michael, Seiil. 
f Michael, Jan. 

.-ir./iifi TO <<M .riri /.V'!i 

rriv/.a 1 

,.1 l-i\ .'n-iU IKK Tt'iJ>"''''l~ 


LEPINGWKI.L, continunl. 

Siinih, d. of Micliiiel, March 10, 1(547.* 

Tlioinas, s. of Mieluicl, .Tan. U, 1C4'J. 

liuth, .1. ofMicl.iiul, jMii. 2, vm. 

MicluR'l, .s. of MiclK.L-1, .liiiieH. IC.M. 

Kiicliol, a. of .MiclKVul. Mai-ch 4, IC.W. 

.\hii;:iil, d. of .MiclKicl, .May 2K ICV.. 

IIo-UuT, il. of MiclKicl, Mav 1(3, 1057. 

■I'uhithii, d. of Michaul, Mav S, KiiU. 

Tlioiua.s, .s. of Thomas and Haiinuh, Sept. 13, 1G92. 

Ilaimah, d. of Thomas and Ilannaii, .\n-. 24, 1(194. 

Isal)ol, d. ofThonias and Ihinnah, .Tan. G, 1(198. 

Hannah d. of Thomas and Ilannali, April 10, 1720. 

Kli/abulh. d. of I'lH.ina^ and Il.innah, Nov. 10, 1727. 

Ronbcn, s. of Thomas and Hannah, April 2, 1730. 

Sandi, d. of Thomas ami Hannah, May 14, 1732. 

Mary, d. of Tlumias ami llaunali, ,Tuly 211, 1735. 

Nathaniel, s. of Thomas and Hannah, .Tnly 12, 1738. 


(lertrude Lizzie, d. of Albert S. and Sanih E., .Tune 25, 18.59. 
Albert luhvard, s. of Albert S. and Sarah E., Feb. 23, 1801. 
T.-reddie Lincoln, s. of Geor-e ami Harriet E., July 2, 1801. 
Helen Francis d of Freeman and Sarah .1., Dec. 25, ISCl. 
Fhjr-i \nnie d' of Freeman and Sarah ,T., March 1, 1805. 
1,1a Merriim' d .)f Ceor^e and Harriet C, ,Iune 12, 1805. 
Martha K.ii/a'l.rth, d. of T)avid W. and Ellen, Nov. 27, 1805. 
F-innie Fdnah Susan <l. of Albert S. and Liz/.ie, ,Tnly 8, 1806. 
Fllen \nn (I. of David W. and ICIlen, Sept 8, 1807. 
Clara Applelon, d. of Davl.l and Ellen, An-. 28, 180'J. 
Marion 1!., d. of Albert S. and Ei/./ie S., April 2, 1872. 

nnah, Oct. 13, 1700. 

ah, Feb. 22, 1702. 

lannah, .June 5, 1705. 

nndi, Jan. 1, 1707. 

mah, April 11, 1710. 

di, June 9, 1713. 

1 Elizabeth, Sept. 28, 1729. 

Doreas, Nov. 9, 1833. 

;ind Mary, March 18, 1830. 

id and M'ary, Oct. 10, 1838. 
I'.mnia Frances, d. of Francis and Julia, Sept. 14, 1840. 
(leur-e V., s. of Marshall V. and Caroline, May 21, 1848. 
Ihirrret Olivia, d. of Marshall 1'. and Caroline, April 11, 1850. 
Klla (Jlorena, d. of (iilnn.n and Clementin.' A., Nov. 1.^ 1850. 
■ William Henry, .s. of Hanson H. ami Olive W., March 20, 1852. 
William I'rall, .s. of Marshall 1'. anil Caroline, March 14, 1859. 
Fraid< Thomas, s. of Marshall 1'. and Caroline, Oct. 23, 1807. 


,Iulin, .s. of John, June 3, lO'.H. 

HaniKih, d. of John and Hamnih, Sept. 13, 1094. 

• Anrll 2>, 1044. Hfi; N. K. Gen. and Ant. Kig., Vol. VII., pago 284. 



d. of Jose 

ph and I 

Mary, d 

of Josepl 

and Han 

1, s. of J. 

s.-pl, an.l 


s. of Jose 

>h and H: 


d. of Jose 

)li and 11 

John, s. 

of Joseph 

and Han 


n, s. of Bi 

njandn a 

Sarah A 

m, d. of 1 

Javid an. 

Mary E 

i/.alHah, d. 

of Davii 

J<j/ .■.'..11 -ir.i "TO ano'.r^^H (Cjivjaov/ 








Siinili, d. 

,( ,Io|,n in 

(1 llM 

mall, N 


11, lO'JIi. 

li'cMllllMI, s 

of UcnUe 

1 and Marlh; 

, l' 

ul). 21, I(!!)7 

KrlloCL-ll, ( 

. of .lllllll 




ircll i), i(i"J9 

Susanna, i 

. of .lollll 

aii.l I 



t. 13, 1702. 

riK'l)..', (1. 

if Jolm ai 

(1 lla 

mail, ]• 

L'l, 1705. 

litniljen, s 

of Keube 

1 and 



>. 28, 1723. 


Williara, s. of Martin and Ellen, Sept. 20, 1SG3. 


-s. of Frank N. and Ilnniiali ,1., .Viiril 18, 1872. 


s. of W. W. B. and Lucy, April 0, 1847. 


ElizahL'Ui, d. of Jeremiah and Mary, born in Danvers, July 13, 18G5. 
Ellen, d. of Jeremiah and Mary, Dec. 1, 18G7. 


Jo.seph Henry, .s. of Jo.'ieph Henry and Snsan 1"., April IG, 1871. 


Jolm Henry, s. of Jo.siali and Mary, May 8, 1840. 
Charles Freeman, s. of Jo.siali and' Mary, Jan. 17, 1842. 
(iior-e Wa.sliin^'ton, s. of jD.slah and Mary, May 0, 1843. 
Josiah I'ay.son, s. of Jo,siah and Mary, April 22, 1845. 
Mary Elizabeth, d. of Josiah and Mary, Jan. H), 1847. 
Albert. I.eroy, s. of Josiah and Mary, Jan 2G, 1851. 
Frank Willie, s. of Josiah and Mary, Jan. 13, 1S53. 
Frederick Warren, .s. of Josiah and Mary, Oct. 24, 1855. 
Alberii Winifred, s. of Josiah and Mary, June 1, 1858. 
Ceiir-e Henry, s. of John H. and Abby M., April 7, 1860. 
Mary Elizabeth, d. of John H. and Abby M., Sept. 7, 18C7. 
AVilliam Percy, s. of Andrew U. and Mary, Julv 22, 18G8. 
Charles Winford, s. of John 11. and Abbie. May 'J, 18G0. 
Sarah Colburn, d. of George W. and Susan, May 22, 18G9. 
Mali. 1, d. of Geor-e and Susan, Jan. 14, 1871. 
Arlliiir Hall, s. of I!o.scoe and Mary 11., Feb. IG, 1871. 


Michael, s. of Patrick and Briil-et, March 11, 1853. 


Estella Augusta, d. of James and Ann, Oct. 12, 18.53. 
William Ileiirv, s. of .lames and .\iin, Dec. 3(1, 18,55. 
Maiy Ella, d. of James and Ann, Au-. 23, 1857. 
Anna, .1. of .lames and Ann, Jan. IG, 18G0. 
Ifebecca Jane, d. of James and .\aiiey, April 3. 18CG. 
Ann, d. of James and Nancy, I)e<:. 5, 18G8. 

.bUTiiia 'It) 

!\i; !.'.! .*{ ;^.1I;•|'■ 

, 't 

.1 ,'J"i.:'<.mk''I 
•■', -U. ,!, .JVJIIJI 



■;i 1 



Miu-y, il. of Fniiicis, Dec. 14, li',4C. 
Cliirence, s. of Jr.>lHia K. iiiul Czarina, Nov. 7, 1844. 
Martolliis, s. of Joshua E. atiil O/arina Wood, March 13, 1847. 
, Marion Ilortcnsc, il. of .losliiia K. ami Czarina, March 23, 1S49. 

Claroucc E., s. of Clarence T. iinU Frances, Nov. 17, 18C9. 


.s. of John and , Nov. :;0, 1R47. 


.'^lisan Elizabctli, d. of Larlcin ami Susan, May 30, 1827. 

Abi-aii, U. of Larkin and Snsau, March 29, 1830. 
t Lytiia Estella, d. of Jiickson and Uannali, Ani,'. 3, 1855. 
' d. of Samuel and Hobecca, Jan. 10, 185G. 


William, s. of William, Dec. 27, 1G57. 

William, s. of William, Jan. 18, 1G59. 

J()hn,.s. of William, AU-. 1, Kilil. 
i Joseph, s. of William, March 8, 10(14. 

I JIarv, d. of William, Oct. IG, IGGG. 

f Ranmel, s. of William. Oct. 14, 1GG9. 

: Ebenezcr, s. of William, Jan. 8, 1C74. 

James, s. of William, Nov. 14, 1G77. 
! Elizabeth, d. of William, ,Tan. 4, 1081. 

; Thomus, s. of Jolin, March 20, ICSl. i 

William, .s. of William, June 28, 1G84. I 

. Mary, d. of John, April 1, U.H-,. • 

I John. s. of John, Miiv 14, IGSG, 

Thomas, s. of .lohn and Elizabeth, April 5, 1688. 
I Francis, .s. of William, Jr., July 25, IfiUO. 

I d. of John and Elizabeth, .luue 11, 1693. 

i Daniel, s. of Wiilium and Sarah, July 9, 1093. | 

f Abii;ail, d. of John and Elizabeth, April 2, 1G94. , 

I I'eler, s. of John and Elizabeth, vSepl. 10, IG'.IS. | 

Ebene/.er, s. of Ebeuezer and Susanna, April 28, 1C99. 
* Hannah, d. of James and Sarah, Jidy 11, 1701. 

Samuel, s. of Ebeuezer aiul Hannah, Aul'. 24, 1702. 

.Tame.s, s. of James and Sarah. Juue 17, 17o3. ' 

Huluimah, d. of James and Sarah, April IS, 1705. 

.losiah, s. of Ebeuezer ami Hannah, March 15, 1705. 

Sarah, d. of James ami Sarah, July 5, 1707. 

Joshua, s. of El>eiiezer and Hanmdi, Auf,'. 21, 1709. 

Phobe, d. of .lames and Sarali, Aug. 15, 1709. 
I Ahijiall, d. of and Abi.uail, June 22, 1710. 

Itcbecca, d. of James anti Sarali, Nov. 11, 1711. i 

Natlian, s. of Ebenezer and Hauuali, March 20, 1713. 

Mary, d. of .James and Sarah, Oct. 12, 1713, 

Mary, d. of William ami Jemima, Sept. 7, 171G. 
\ Hannah, d. of Ebenezer ami Hannah, April 11, 171G. 

Jonathan, s. of James ami Sarah, Jan. 17, 171G. 
I Jemima, d. of William and Jemima, .liily t, 1~18- 

WilliMin, s. of William .ind .leiuima, Feb. 2, 1721. 

Daiiirl, s. of Daniel and .\bi-ail, Dec. 1, 1721. 

^crniii ••o i3i/(>r)au 'Aiv.rtnyif 

.\V;Si ,',-, 


LOCKE, rontinurd. 

Thomas, s. ol' William and Jemima, Oct. 27, 1722. 

Jonas, s. of William ami Ji'mima, Jan. 13, 1727. 

Joseph, s. of William and Jemima, .Xpril 23, 1729. 

Samnel, s. of Sanjuel and liebecca, Nov. 23, 1731. 

Joshna, s. of Joshua and llannidi, July 22, 1732. 

KlifUfzei-, s. of Williajn and Jemima, Nov. 3, 1732. 

T.ucnjiia, d. of Samui'l ajul liel»Tca, Nov. ."., 1733. 

Joanna, d. of Wdliam and Ji'mima, Feb. 27, 173.'). 

Josiah, s. of Samuel and Kebecca, Sept. 28, 1736. 

Abigail, d. of William and Jemima, Feb. .•;, 1738. 

James, s. of Samuel and liebecea, Sept. 13. 1739. 

John, s. of Samuel and Kebeeea, April 17, 1712. 

Jonathan, s. of Jimalhan and I'hebe, Sept. 12. 174G. 

I'hebe, d. of Jonathan and Phebe, March 1. 1748. 

Abi-ail, (i. of Daniel, Jr., and iMary, Aug. 22, 17(8. 

Jonathan, s, of Jonatlim ard Pliebi-, No\ . 29, 1749. 

Abigail, d. of John and Mary, March 24. 1750. 

.Tames, s. of .Tonathan and I'hebe, .April 7, 1752. 

Jolm, s. of John and Mary Lock, ((//((s Kendall, Sept. 2, 1752. 

Josiah, s. of Jonathan and I'lielje, Feb. 3, 1753. 

Thomas, s. of Thomas and liebecea, Au^-. 29, 173C: 

Lydia, d. of Thomas, Jr., and I.ydia, .Atarch 8, 1779. 

Josiah, s. of Josiah and Klizabeih, Dec. 23, 1779. 

I.ucv, d. of Thomas and Lydia, Jr., May 4, 1781. 

liebecea, d. of Thonnis, Jr., and Lydia, March 25. 1784. 

Thomas, s. of Thomas, Jr., and Lydia, Nov. 25, 17Sfi. 

iramnn>n<l, s. of Thomas, Jr. and Lydia, .lidy 13, 1790. 

Sallv, d. of Thomas, Jr., and Lvdia, Mav M, 1792. 

NuMi'y, d. <.f Thomas and T>vdia", An-. 20, ITIM. 

Lelsev, d. of.lomithan and Sarali, Dec. 2, lsil3. 

Siisan'na Brown, d. of Jiisiah and Susanna, Nov. 15, 1803. 

Klizab.'lh, d. of Josiah, Jr., and Susanna, March H, 1805. 

Cherrv Adams, d. of .losiah, .Ir., .uul Susanna, .Ian. 13, 1807. 

Elbricige Gardner, s. of Asa and Lney, March 2J, LSOS. 

Marv, d. of .hisiali, Jr., and Susanna, May 13, ISO.S. 

AIndra Wynnm, d. of Asa and Lucy, July IS, 1SU9. 

Lydia, d. of Asa and Lucy, June 27. l.Sll. 

Louisa, d. of .losiah, ,lr., and Susanna, Sept. 18, 1811. 

Lctsev Richardson, d. of Asa and Lucy, Aug. 28, 1813. 

liebecea Ann, d. of Josiah, Jr., and Susanna, July 13, 1813. 

Josiah, s. of Asa and Lucy, Nov, 22, 181.o. 

Frances Frost, .1, of Josiali ami Sii.samni, Oct. 27, 1815. 

Lydia Ann, d. of.lomithan and lietsey, June 10, 181G. 

Kiizabeth Kichardson. d. of Jonalhan and iielsey, June 10, 18 

Adeline Matilda, d. of .Jonathan and lietsey, Sept. 24, 1817. 

Asa, s. of Asa and Lucy, Jan. 23, 1818. 

Jonathan Oliver, s. of .tonatlian and Ilel.sey, March 30, 1819. 

Daniel Wynniu. s. of Asa and Lncy, Dec. 21, 1819. 

Lucy Frost, d. of .Tosiah, Jr., and Susanna, Feb. 9, 1819. 

Harriet Ann, d. of Jonathan and lietsey, Nov. 10, 1820. 

Varnum Sli.attuck, s. of Jonathan and lietsey, Aug. 30, 1822. 

Lncy Gardner, d, of Asa ami Lm-y, Au;;. 23, 1823. 

Varnum ShaMnck, s, of Jonalhan and Betsey, June 17, 1824, 

Varnuii] I'ri'scotl, s. of Jomithan and lietsey, July 17, l«2G. 

Mary Uamline, d. of Jonathan and lietsey. Sept 24, 1828. 

.1 -to (liiO.'Sif /3'.l■^^v< Uii 


LOCKE, conlinved. _ 

Sir-ili MMi-ia, d. of .lonalliiui mul Betsey, Nov. t>, IHJU. 
s'lnih Eli/a, a. of Klbri(l-f G. •.ui.l Eliza, Feb. 20, 18;i3. 
Fraiitfs Louisa, .1. of .Tonatlian aiul B.4scy, Jan. 1, 1834 
Until \ii"iist'i il of Ell)ri>l"i-' (;. ami Eli/.M, Nov. 1, 1S!G. 
pni',; liiT Fi-ii'iklui s of Daiiiul W. ami AOuliiie, June 13, 1845. 
mi, SvnmR.s, d.'of Josiah ITi.scilla. Jan. 13, 184<i. 



■'.tta Al 

Harriet 1'., Nov. fi, 1847. 
ofWilliaiii J. aiulJulia A., May I'T, 1806. 


Mary, d. of Mi 


of liichard and llaiinali 


M'irv Ellen d. of liicliard and Hannah, Sept. 2, 1857. 
>l';r.'ar.a, d. of liarlholoniew and Mary, Mny 17, 1859. 
KiclKud s. of Uiehard and Hannah, July 31, 185'.). 
ThouiaV s. of Barthoh.n.ew an<l Mary, Jan. 31, 18G1. 
Aiui d of IJicliard and Hannali, Dec. 7, 1801. 
i).uiiel ,s of Harlhol.Hnru- anil Marv, March 30, 18G3. 
.l.'.hn, ;.'of liarlhoU-nicw and Mary, Nov. 21, 1801. 
■riionias s. of I'atrick and Margaret, March 30, 1M,0. 
Caroline, d. of Richard and Hannah, June 20, 1800. 
Mary Ellen, d. of ISarlholoniew and Mary, June 3, 18G7. 
Mar"aret, d. of Patrick and Margaret, Aug. 23, ISGi. 
I'atHck, s. of Michael and Margaret, June IG, 18G9. 
lulii \' tl. of Hartholoniew and Mary, Dec. 27, 18G'J. 
janie.s, s. of liartl[olouiew and Mary, March 12, 1872. 

Fanny Frances, d. of George and Catharine, Feb. 3, 18CG. 
]:dward, s. of Edward and Catharine, Jnne 12, 1870. 


,I,,lin, s. of Daniel and Ellen, Oct. 20, 18G4. 
Annie, d. of William and Mary, June 2;i, 180G. 




rth, d. Of M chael and I 

annah, Sept. 17, 1851 


m Cornelius 

s. of Mi 



uid Ha 

nail, Aug. 

2, 185 


a .Maria, d. ( 

r Micliac 




Oct. 30, 1 


1, .s. of Sinio 

and Cat 



, Sc|)t. 

10, 1850. 


Ann, d. of ^ 

icliacl ai 



nah, U 

1. 27, 1857 

Elizabeth, d 

of SiUL.I 

1 a 



ne, July7, 


ca, d. of Mic 

had and 



Ul, Feb 

3, 1800. 


, ,s. of Mich 

cl and 11 



July 1 

8, 1M03. 


d. of Micha 

land Ha 



Inly 1, 



lel Henry, s. 

of JHcha 


md Uaiina 

1, April 14 


Charlotte Elizabeth, d. of John aud Elizabeth J., Dec. 19, 18o2. 
Edward s. of Noah E. and Harriet S., Feb. 23, 185j. 
Frank Willis, .s. of John and Jane A., May 22, 1855. 
^ ,1. of Henry T. and Sarah, Nov. 9, 1859. 

-.Ul;;c ■lu rl;i<.v\Hri «j(,j;lOV/ 

A? in .^i .jM , t.(. 


LORD, rnntinned. 

(iiMir-c Henry, s. of Henry T. and Sarah, Jan. 17, 1802. 
Fred Harney, s. ol Uenrv T. and .Sarah, ,Jnne L'5, 1S(U. 
Kalpli Millnmton.^s. of jlenry T. and Sarali, May 28, 1806. 
IlerlK-rt K., s. of Henry T. and Sarali, Oct. 12, 1807. 
Bertha A., d. of Henry T. and Sarah. Sept. 10, ISO'J. 
Eva Maria, d. of Henry T. and Sarah, Aug. 21, 1872. 


Frederick Reeves, s. of William U. and Sarah E.. Dec. 19, 1857 
John Henry, s. of Patrick H. and Katie, Oct. S, 1872. 


I'.zekiel, .s. of Phineas and Snsanna, Aujr. 18, 1700. 
I'hineas, .s. of I'hincas an.l Sn.sanna, Sept. 15, 1702. 

s. of Albert 15. and Martha M., Oct. IS, 1853. 

Xollie {;., d. of Albert H. and Martha, AiiR. 21, 1800. 
Nellie Chloe, d. of Albert li. and Martha M., Oct. 20, 1861. 
Irving Kandolpli, s. of A. B. and Martha M., April 0, 1806. 


Maria, d. of David and Abigail, Nov. 20, 17'J7. 

Joseph Flags, s. of David and Abigad, March 1, 1799. 

Henry, .s. of Kiifiis and Emma, Jnly 2i;, ls:l(l. 

Emma, d. of Uufns and Emma, Jnnc 13, 1832. 

Knfns Augnsliis. s. of Kufus and Kiiuna, Jnly 24, 18;U. 

Lizzie Randall, il. of Ivnfus A. and Maria, Sept. 20, 1872. 


Ccorgc IL, s. of ilichacl and Eliza, Jan. 21, 1S09. 
Mary Ann, d. of Michael and Eliza, .Ian. 3, 1871. 
Francis Dnane, s. of George F. and Lizzie 11., June 28, 1871. 


s. of George W. and Elizabeth, Jan. 12, 1857. 

George, s. of Lewis Gardine and Ellen Lowell, Nov. 7, 18C5. 


Catharine, d. of Michael and .Mary, Nov. 29, 1870. 


Henry Lowks, s. of Lewis L. and Jeanette, Sept. 28, 1856. 
George Kdward, s. of Lewl.s and Jeanette, Aug. 8, 1858. 
Jennie May, U. of Lewis L. and Jeanette A., May 14, 1805. 


.s. of Charles G. and Henrietta, Dec. 5, ISG3. 

John Carleton, s. of Charles G. and Henrietta, March 15, 1807. 
Etta Maria, d. of Charles G. and Henrietta, July 1, 180s. 
Charles (i., s. of Charles G. and Henrietta, April 30, lh70. 


s. of , Jan. 5, 18-17. 

Fretlerick Otis, s. of Lewis J. and .Martha, Oct. 30, 1852. 

.-iTVifia 'io anomi Yiivjuo'tr 


■ ^-i ■!!£ .-c. 

r-j{» ,,■•'. itittf. ; 

wonunN i;i;coi;u of ijiktiis. 

IjYJIAN, conlinucd. 

Mui-tliu Ida, d. of Lewis, Jr., mid Martini, April 12, 1855. 
Chark'S Robert, s. of Charles L. and Eiiima I., April 18, 18Gf 


Kmnia, d. of Dcuiiis aud Klleii, March 0, 1855. 
Kdward, s of Ricliard and Catharine, June 28, 1855. 
James, s. of Dennis and ICllen, hept. 12, l«5(i. 
Joanna, d. of Kiehard and Catharine, April U, 1858. 
lliiniplirey, s. of llnni|ilu<y and Julia, Get. 1, 1858. 
Dennis, s. of IJlcliaid and (Catharine, Ail- 18, 1859. 
Charles, s. of llnniiihrey and Jnlia, April 14, ISilO. 
Michael, s. of llnniphrey and Julia, Dec. 10, 1801. 
Mary Jaup, d. of Junies aud Naucy, Nov. 25, 18(J5. 
Ella, d. of Jaiues and Nancy, April 22, 18C7. 
Frances, d. of Daniel and Frances, July 13, 18C8. 
James Henry, s. of James and Nancy, Mav 21, 18(i9. 
Mary Ellen, d. of ratriek ami Kllen, May 8, 1871. 
Annie Maria, d. of James and Xancy, Nov. IS. 1871. 
Michael, s. of Kdward and Kllen, Sept. 25, 1872. 


d. of William and Caroline T., May 14, 1849. 

Geor-e llolden, s. of Stephen and Mary Ann, Oct. 7, 1864. 

s. of Stephen and Marv A., July 18, 18(!G. 

Charles, s. uf John and Klizabetli, Nov. 20, 1809. 


Klizabeth, d. of John and Elizabeth, April 17, 18C7. 
Thomas, s. of Thomas F. aud Ellen M., Auj;-. 20, 1870. 
Joseph, s. of Joseph and Ellen M., iNov. 10, 1872. 


Ch.'irlcs, s. of James and Jeanetle, Oct. 12, 18G9. 

McAULTY (see McNui.rv). 


Mury Ann, d. of James and Ann, April 19, 18C4. 
James Artliur, s. of James aud Ann, Oct. G, 18GG. 
James, s. of James and Ann, Sept. 24, I8G7. 
s. of James aud Ann, April 19, 1870. 


Ellen Maria, d. of and Mary Ann, March 1, 1800. 

M:ny Elizabeth, d. (if John ami .Mar-an-l, May 20, 1801. 


James Thomas, s. of Lakin and Thebe, Sept. 11, 185.T. 
Geor-e Washington, s. of Eliakim and Thebe, July 28, 1855. 


ijjitt ■«> (i;ion:*u ynrjftfjw 

;VIW-: .H'.) 7'raJA->M 1 

158 ■\voiiUHN i;kcoi!I) of inirriis. 

McCAFFKKTV, anilinH.d. 

s. of JaiiK'S and , An;;. I'l, 18G0. 

Michael, s. of James and Mary, Doc. 17, ISCL'. 
John, s. of Williaiii and Janu, Oit. 5, 18i;;-.. 
Catharine, d. of William and .laiio, Oct. 1, 1H07. 
William, s. of William and Jane, Feb. 4, 1K7(). 
John, s. of William and Jane, Feb. IG, 1872. 


John, s. of John and Mary, Jnly 2, 1843. 

James, s. of I'etcr and Hrid^et, Sept. 2, 185(1. 

I'eler, s. of Talrick and Elizabeth, April 7, 1859. 

Kate, d. of Owen and Mary, March — , Isni. 

Patrick Henry, s. of Patrick and Klizabeth, Oct. 21, IBGl. 

Mary, d. of Patrick and Ellen, Oct. 14, 18(;3. 

Peter, s. of Owen and Mary, J"lv 2;!, ISfiO. 

Klla liadelia, d. of Patrick and Klizabeth, Feb. 18, 18G8. 

Mary Ann, d. of Owen and Maiy, Oct. 1, IMi'.S. 

Katie, d. of Patrick and Lizzie, Sept. 8, 187U. 

Elizabeth, d. of Owen and Mary, Jan. 31, 1871. 


Joseph, s. of Henry and Ellen, March 21, 18G9. 


s. of Miclmcl and , April G, 1848. 


John ll.irt, s. of John and Mary A., born in Boston, July 4, 1844. 

Ellini Margaret, d. of John and Mary A., Juno 11, 184G. 

Mary Elizabeth, d. of Joseph and Mary, May 11, 1848. 

.lane Harriet, d. of Joseph and Mary, Au^'. — , 1850. 

Au"iistns s. uf .loscph and Mary, July 10, l,So2. 

John, s. of Micluu'l and Mar:,'arct, May 1, 18.-.I. 

.lohn, s. of I'auirk and liaibara, May ;», ly.Vl. 

liethenv, d. of Joseph and .Mary, Juiv 30, 18.-.4. 

Helen, d. of .Mirharl and .Mai-aret, Feb. 4, l.SoG. 

Kn-ene Patrick, s, of Patrick and (\itharine, March 10, 185C. 

Timothy, s. of Patrick and Barliara, July 8, 18.->G. 

.Mary Jane, d. of Patrick and Barbara, Sept. 10, 1857. 

Timolhv, s. of Michael and .Mar-aret, Dec. 211, 1S,")7. 

Julia Maria, d. of JUcliael and Mar^Mret, July 2, 1859. 

Catharine, .1. of J(din and Catharine, Sept. 14, 1859. 

William Thomas, s. of 'i'homas and Mary, Fed). 14, 1800. 

Margaret, d. of I'atrick and Barbara, July G, 18(;0. 

Thnnias, s. of John and Catharine, born in W. Newbury, July 20, ISGO. 

.\larv, d. of I'atrick and Barbara, Jan. 14, I8G1. 

.Mary, d. of Thomas and .Mary, Nov. 2:i, I.SIU. 

Will'iam. s. of Jolin and Catharine, Feb. 25. 18G2. 

V, Nov, 
■a. Dee 
ne, Ma 


'ii-;-}'!)! 'lo ci-.ion'j ■,r,nmov,' 

,t2 lisit'.'. ..fji.J biit ' 



McCarthy, nnuhumi 

Fniiicis, s. of Thomiis and Mury, April 18, 18(;6. 
Joseph, s. of 'riioiiias aiul Mai-y, May 2G, 18«7. 
Aiislin, s. of Thoiiias ami .Marv, Nov. 7, 18ii8. 
Mary A., d. of PatrUU aiul Haimali, Aii';. 15, 1869. 
Thomiis F., s. of Thomas aii<l Mary, Nov. 13, 1800. 
.lamus, .s. of .lohii and Catharine, March 25, 1870. 
Horace, s. of James W. and Maiy K., June 28, 1872. 


Tliomas, s. of Tatrick and Susan, Dec. 12, 1870. 
l'atriel<, s. of I'atricl; and Susau, l\larch 17, 1872. 

MACCINTIUK (see McIntiuic). 


Edward, s. (if Daniel and lirid-et, Sept. 15, 18C5. 


Marv Ann, d. of Daniel and Ann, An-.* 18, 18C3. 
Catharine, d. of Daniel and Ann, Aug. 3, I8fi5. 
Neal, .s. of Mieliael and Sarah, Jan. — , 18r.7. 
Mai-arel, d. of Daniel and Ann, Au;;. 3. 18C7. 
Ann, d. of Michael and Sarali, Dec. 25, 18li8. 
Cliarles, s. of llni;h and Hannah, April 20, 1870. 
John, s. of Mieliael and Sarah, Dec. 11, 1870. 
Anna, d. of Daniel and Ann, May 23, 1871. 


,, s. of James and Grace, July 13, 1851. 
iMar-aret, d. of , lames and Grace, .May 8, 185,1. 
Fanny, d. of Neal and Hannah, March 27, 1854. 
Maru'aret, d. of Jumes and Grace, ,Iuly 17, 1854. 
Thumas Henry, s. of Neal and Hannah, Jnue 7, 185C. 
Sarah, d. of James and Grace, Dec. 2, 185C. 
Fanny, d. of Harney and .Mary A., May 'J, 1858. 
Marv, d. of James and Grace, May 20, 1859. 
Wilfiam John, s. of John and Lnciuda, Dec. 2G, 1800. 
lUmh, s. of James and Grace, July 5, 18G1. 
Martiaret, d. of Barney and Mar;;aret, Feb. 17, 1803. 
Ann, d. of lleniard and .Mar;;ar.-t, .March 111, 1805. 
Hannah, d. ..f iNeal and Hannah, July !:i. 18(15. 
DuMHl I'r.iiici^, s. of Neal and ll.-innah, Oct. 211, 1800. 
Maiv, d. (.1 I'.niKird and .Margaret, Feh. 1'5, 1K07 
liaiii. V, s. oi lianiry and Mar;.'aiet, Feb. IS, 1871. 
Faliuk, V oriieniaia and Mary, April S, 187L'. 
.l.ihn I'.cniard, s. of lieniard and Margaret, Dec. 17, : 


.Marv, d. of lio-cr and Catharine, Dec. 23, IS.',;). 
Jann's s. of lio-er and Catharine, .Ian. :;0, ISO:;. 
.Nellie .\., (I. of Charles and Margaret, Oct. 27, 1809. 
Crai (• .\nn, d. of {.'harles ami Alaria, Aug. 10, 1871. 

"^ * Albo I'LCordcd Suptcrnber. 

■i:':"i"''i'i /;/ "iov,- 

yj rjAr>»K ■< 

" 1 


r;>; ,71 

160 AvonuRN i;ecoi:d of nnrnis. 

McCUK (see McIIugk). 

McCUNR (see McKkon ami McllUGii). 


George Friinklia, s. of Peter and Sarah, July 2^, 1848. 
Calista Aim, d. of Peter and Sarali, Jan. IL', IS.'l. 
Cliiirles, s. of Peter and Sarali, Jan. 4, 185',). 



e, s. of 


k and Mai 

„'aret, Ja 

. 11, 1S.")G. 


us, s. o( 


n and Hri 

l-i'l, Apr 

1 L'f, 18.-.8. 


1, .s. of 


; and ,Mar 

-ery, .\laj 

i:i, lK.-,8. 


.s. of I.: 

rUui ; 

ml liiiiluf 

, .1:111. 'I'l 



of I':i 

nek and . 


,lnlv 7, 1800. 


Allen, .' 

. of i; 

■,>rj.r ami 

June;iil, 1801. 


s. of [, 


lud Hrid;: 

t, Dec. 5 



y, b. of 


1 and 15ii. 

-et, All- 

28, ISO:!. 


11., s. ( 


r-eand Kl 

za, Oct. 

;i, i8oa. 


a. of 'J' 

and Mir> 

, Feb. 11, 



S. ofGL 


md Kli/.alj 

eth, July 

>^, 180,->. 


d. of T 


and .Marj 

, .Maruli y 



•t, (1. ol 


n and liri, 

^'et, AUL' 

ist 7, 1S07. 


ret, d. 

,f Ge, 

n;c and K 

i/.llbrtll, . 

an. :l, lNi;8. 


, s. of Georn 

/and Kll/.; 

Iiclli, Jai 

:;i, 180'J. 


na, d. o 

• Mar 

Lin and M; 

rv, (Jcl. 1' 

J, i80;i. 



s. ol 

Larkin an 

1 Uridget 

Jnly 5, 1870. 


s. of M 


and Mary 

March 1 

■). 1871. 


L-th Am 


d. of(Jeo 

r-e and Elizabeth, Jan. 18, 18 

s, >. of 


n and Bri 

1-vt, ,lan 

27, 1872. 


a, d. of 


as iind Hr 

,1.,'el, .Ini 

e M, 1872. 


el, .s. ol 


lel and M, 

ry, Nov. 

J, 1,S72. 




ret. d. < 

fK.hvard and Kllrn, N^ov 

28, 18.^5. 


C, s. ol 


ek and Ma 

-aret, Fi 

1). 2J, 1803. 


s. of William 

and Mary 

An-. lU, 



, d. of J 

.liu a 

ul Uos,j, 1 

ec. I'll, la 



d. of W 


and Mari 

, Feb. 8, 



William B., s. of William 13. and Sarah Tlikstle, Dec. 18, li 
Mary, d. of Arthur and Ann, May 2.j, 18.".3. 
Koderick, s. of James W. and Rebecca, June 2'J, 1855. 

d. of Peter and Sarah, Jnly 8, 1855. 

Alexander, .s. of James and Ann, Jan. 0, 18.":7. 

Charhs Edward, .s. of Charles K. and Sarah, Oct. 2G, 1858. 

James, s. of James anil Ann, Jan. 20, 185'J. 

KosL- Marv, d. id' Patrick and Mary, Dec. 1, 1800. 

Mary Kllrn, d. of James ami Ann, del. 15, l.soi. 

Elmer i:ilsuorlli, .s. uf I'eti-r and Small, Dec, 17, 1801. 

Caroline (ia-e, d. of Jai 

Patrii k Columbus, s. ol 

Mar-aret, d. of James ;i 

Jtilia, d. ol Erancis and 

iiml K.-'brcea A., 

Eeb. 7, 1801 

i and Mary, June 

15, 1802. 

V, March 1, 1803. 

bet. 24, 1803. 

.,ii,.(iii:..iA ;.i'. ,-,«.■< .-i'^)^ ■>■.',) :x'/^sOtV. 

■r'I':>If .IU'KIjK: 

\V01UHN REf'ORr* OF luiniis. 

]>lcUONAI.D, roulinnol. 

K-AW d. of Francis aiul I.i/.zi.'. Oct. Ii4, 180;!. 

Wimlnd r.ruWrl, il. td' Patrick and Mary, Aug. 5, 1M.4. 

•l'l!!!!Iia.^s"urVatri.'k aiul .Mary, Ocl. L'H, ISlI.i. 

1 r" rH.Iano, .1. of Ju.mos and .\n.>, Jan. 4, 186.,. 
Fllon d of .lanu-i and Marv, Dec. L'-l, ISOi!. 
I'lla \nn d. of I'ctcr and Sarah .\., April d, IsG,. 
i-'ed^-man, s. of .Toseph «. and Martini .Ann, .May 25, l.s..,- 
■lame-;, s. of .Tames and Mary Ann, Nov. ,, L'^l.S. 
.Iiinc-, .s. of James and .Mary, Jnne i. ISIIM. 
s. of James and Jane, Sept. IC 18i;'.i 

Kosv.d. ofJamcs and Mary, April 20, 1870. 

.Saninel Allison, s. of CLarles .\. and Sandj K., Jun,. 4, IMO. 

\nnie, d. of Jamc-s and Mary, Sept. 4, lS-0. 

4nn . of Kraneis and Catharine, l-eb. 10, 18,1. 

!■ trick Ilcnrv .s of Janu^s and Miiry, May 0, 1871. 

1,' 1, Ilcnrv ■-' of Patrick and IJrid^et, Dec. 27, KSTI. 

' tMada^i: of Jan,es and Mary. Kel>.., 1872. 

\le.\and,'r s. of James and Mary, Jnly 1., 18,.. 

Martin s. of ;md Ma.'y Sept 18 l«-2^ ^ ^^^^ 

Sarah 1' ranee.-, d. ol (jeoi.^t f. .imi i.n/..uiei , , _ 

Kalie.d. ,.f Marliii an,l Mary, March 2:!,^ IMlO. 
'•Muilr','', >; ','.f .M'a'rlinaie'l \luv, .Nov"2.-., 1.-^71. 

„d MarL;ar,l, Dec. .■;, \>^i>7. 

Mar^ar.t, .Inly lM, 1850. 
lud Mar-aret, Jnne 11, 1861. 
nd Mar-aret, May 10, 186:1. 
1 Mar-aVel, July 2, 18i;r.. 

■,,„l I'.ruP'el. ,lan. i:), hS72. 


Fllen M.irv, d. of John ami Mary, Oct. 21, 18c.j. 
s'u-ah Ann, .1. of .lolni and Mary, Oct. 21, 18.^7. 
.\.'nes Mary, d. of John and Mary, Oct. 4, IXU'J. 
I.Tlui llenrv s. of John ami Mary, Feb. 6, 1«61. 
Vmus Kdward s. of John and .Mary, Jnne 10, 18i,l!. 
M-irv d. of John and Mary, Ang 1-', IStiC. 
Adeiine, d. of John and Mary, ." h 21, 18l,0. 

IM.-ICVOV f-e,. Mc.W.iv). 

'irijijfi 1(0 i-.H' 

uiK ,.,i.ii';l ;....- 



.loliii, s. ofDuiican luul Elizaljutli, Sept. — , l.i.vj. 

Willhirn Wulliice, s. of Duncan and Elizabetli. Oct. Hi. Itjf, 

McFRE (seu McPiiKK). 


TMomas .luHer.xiii, >. ofJaiiR-.-, ami ICliza, \ov. L'.!, 
Marv Kli/.a, d. of .lames an, I l-,li/.a, .Sunt. I.S, l,^:,l. 
Sarah .Ann, cl. olMaiuivs ami Kli/a, .Ian. iT, l,s.-,il. 

McGEE (.sL'f M.v 



j;,,^,. ,1 ,iC ]).[ 

iirl.» Ko\-. 1'.), Ii;77. 

i;.lnii'iml. ~. <iC 

D.anirl, Marcli L';;. ICs.",. 

c.r .UitliDi 

y and Mary, Oct. -, l.SilJ. 



.1. or James and l!ridL:el, Dec. 1 

.Maii'a.-ot Hau. 

ah, d. or. lames and lirid-et, I), 


.\li(:o, d. ul'.la 

)es and Mar-arel, Se|,l. II. l.s|;i 

i:il.'n, il. .>r.)ai 

les and .Mai yarel, .Se|Jl. 1."., l.s.'il 

Jani,-s, s. c.l .1; 

nies .and .Mai-aret, A|iril U. \sr, 

I'liDmas. s. ol 

lames and ,Mar;;aret, May lo., l.s 

,M,ir-aiut, <1. <i 

'James and .M.arKaiel. .Vpril '.1. 1 

.lohn, s. (ilNic 

lOlasand Mar-aret. A|.iil L'l, l,s. 

MiL-liola.s s. „l 

.lames and Mari;aiv|. ,l,,m' lu. 1 

James llcibuil 

-. . if John and ,\|.,iv, Dec. |o I 

.Man- Franrcs, 

d. olM.din and .Marv, .Ian. 11. |s 

.MaiV. .1. (iINi 

■Indas and Mar-iret, Keh. 1,; 

.Vnnie, .1. (ilM, 

hn and Mary, May LS. l,s.;(;. 

Kli/.alK-lh ■rin-l 

esa. d. of John and .Mary, Jlarcli 

Edward Willia 

n, s. of John and ,M;ny,'Sept. L'l 

Henry, .s. ol CI 

John I.awis, s. 

otJohn'F. ainfMliry^Drc! l'")! I 


.lohu, .s. ol' John and Ann, .Viif;- '. 18<i>i. 
-Mary, d. ol' I'alrick and Ann, March yi, IHdi. 
Terifncc, s. of 'J'orunce ami Mary, .Ian. ti, lSi;s. 
William .hunes, s. of I'alrick and Kllen, Feb. :i, 18(lS. 
.\nna, il. of .hunes and , .May L', IsCl). 

Kosa, (I. of Terence and iMary, Afiril 10, I.S7I. 

rjiifi '40 (lanoHH ina'uv 



,'■.■■',.1 iihU 

, ..!■:/ •>. •■ :- 

^■r.../, ;!:.{,) 




■■\t: ..'! .:'.<( vii •' 




(1. ofThouKis and Fanny, Ang. — , 1858. 

Thomas, s. of I!o-ei- and llannati, Nov. U, 1858. 
RoKor, s. of Kn-er and I'atl.aruie, Fub. 1, 1800. 
Hannah, d. of Ro-er and ll.innali, .luly L'4, 18fi2. 
Katio, d. of Thomas and Ellen C, April 20, 18(;7. 

s. of Thomas and Ellen C, Dec. 'J, 18R8. 

I'atiick, s. of Lnko and Hannah, April 21, ISfiO. 

s. of Thom.i^ and Kllen ('.. Dec. 1(5, ISiW. 

Nellie, d. of I.nke and Ilininah, .Inno 12, l.sTo. 

s. of Thomas and Kllen, Nov. 30, 1870. 

d. of I.nke and llannali. Dee. :!IJ, 1871. 

Aniiii', d, ..fTlioiiM^ and |-.llen C, .Sept. H, l.-<72. 

McGUINNIS (>ee M, (iiNMs'. 

MeCJlIlltlC (.see .MA,,nni;j. 

>lcHUGir (^ee, also, M,Kk.,.n). 

■k .lames, s. ,,r li. imird and Kuse, I'el.. 
id .Miehael, >. ..r l'„Tnaid and Knsan.ia 
as s. ..lAndl-ewand Marv, Dc'C. 10, IH 
i, ,li,>(|ili, s. „n!iTi,ard and Kose, .Inm 
-r A. s. of ISernanl and, ,lnly t. 18 

,1. „| r.nii.ard and Kose, May ll!, 1871. 

>, >. olMolm and Ann, Nov 20, 1S71. 

.MclNNIS (see .M.( 



Daniel, s. ol'.Iose 
Ce.M-e, .s. or.l...s. 
.lo-ei.ll, s. of.losi 

<li and Sarah, Ann. C, 
ph and Sarah, .Maieli : 
,U and Sarah, Sept.. M 

1, I7'.i2 

Flial), s. olMosep 
.lo.seph Wynian, s 
Han-iet, d. of ('In 

1 and Sarah, .\n-. :!1, 1 
cjf .Toseph and lO.stlier 
lies and Marv S,, Aim 


:;u 1.1, 

JO, 18;;g. 

ly], 1818. 

.John, s. u{ I'ali le 
Susan, d. of I'alri 
Charles Curtis, s. 

, and Kllen, .May :;i. 1, 
•k ami I'.lleii, Sept. 14, 
of Charles 0. and Am 

H., Ik 

ell, ,Tiiue 

Mar;;arct, d. of I'atrick and Kllen, Sept. 11, ISC'J. 

Marv, (1. of I'atriek and Ellen, Sept. 22, 1871. 

I'.urick, s. (if ,)ohn and I,iz7.iu, born in Cliarlestown, Mai- 


D.miel Fr: 

•/ier s 

of 1 

niican iiiu 


A., Jan. 1, 


William K 

■ s. of' 


an and M 

iry A., 

March 20, 


John.s. o 


1 Maiy, A 



Charles, s 

of Dm 


ind Maiy 


11, 18G1. 

Howard, .s 

. of Dn 


and Mary 


June 4, 18GL 

^ Annie, d. 

.f Dune 

1(1 Mary A 

., .Inly 

22, 18(;;;. 

ii!i;i:;' ■!(> a;nj'.a;r AUiiOi^ 

-M bui! 11/ juini ■)•> .t> .'IrT,!/. 

1(;4 WOliUI.'N lUXOlJI) OK lUIiTHS. 


Alice (_'., (1. of Allun anil Kale, May 21', ISO'I. 


Susan, (I. of MiclincO and I\IarKiu-(.'t. Oct. IC, WA. 
Margaret Maria, (1. cifMicluiel and Mar;;aret, Nov. 
.Josepli l'atricl<, s. of Michael and Margaret. Nov. : 



l-niilv .laiie.d. of liobcrt and Clara, .luiir :,, l.s,-.ii. 
Willie Henry, s. of Koberl and ( 'atli.iriiu', An-. lU. ISill 
larrie E.sllier, tl. of Hobert F. and C^ailiarine. Ang. L'. 1 


Hiram FranKlin, s. of Hob^rl F. and (-allnuine, .May '.'1 


liol.ert Arthur, s. of liobert F. and Catharine, Man h :!i 

, 1H7 



Catharine, d. of I'alrick ajid Mary, ImI). '.'l.', I^Is 

Tlionia.s, .s. of I'atnik aii<l Marv, .lane I'T, IHIIL 

.lames, ,s. of Patrick and Marv,' Mardi -Jl, \.<,\. 

.lohn, s. of I'alrick and Marv,"()ci. -J, l.s.vj. 

.lohn, s. of I'eter and Calharine, del. — , !.-<■".:;. 

.Mary Ann, d. of Eiiward ami liridi^el. Fih. s. l,s.-,J. 

l'liili|). .s. of I'atrick and Marv, U.t. -js, Is.-.l, 

Mich.ael, s. of IV-lerand latliarii.e, .\n-. :il. Is.".:,. 

M.irv Ann, d. of I'atrick and .Mary, .lulv .'■. Ii.'i;. 

Mar-arrl, d, of l'hili|) ami .Mar:;rin'l, .\ov. — , l,s,".7. 

I'hilin. s. of I'alrick and Marv, April L'S, l^.'.S. 

Kichard, .^. of William and .\iarv A., Nov. 11. 18,-.S. 

liernard, s. of i'alrick .ami .Marv. .Innc •Jl, l.-<iii). 

I'cter, .s. ofl'hnmas and Mary. Sept. I, IHdii. 

K.jsanna, d. of and Marv. .Se|,t. I'll, IKld. 

I'ltcr, ,-. of .lamc.s and .\nn, Nov. 11, 1H7'.'. 


•Ki:<)N (see,, .McHuGll). 
Sarah ,1., d. of .lohn and .\nn, .Inlv -'5, lsr.7. 
i;ni;ene, .s. of John and Ann, .hllv"".), 18.VJ. 
.Marv Aim, d. of John ami Ann, Aug. 22, ISiH. 
,lohn, s. ,if .lolm ami .\nn, Aug. 22, IKII:!. 


Klizahelh Cameron, d. of Klioderick and Sophia J., No\ 

. 25, 

Hector Silas, s. of Duncan and Laura, Dec. :10, l.'Si;:!. 

Charles Henrv, s. of Alexander and l.iz/.ie, Sept. J, 180 

Mabel Mcmtaiia, il. of (ieorge ami Amanda M.. Dec. 2.-., 


.AIACKtaMCS (.see 


.lames I'.dward, .s. of I'atrick and lio^e, Sept. 
Catharine, d. of James and, March 2, l.s 
Hugh. s. of ,lames and, Sept. I,H. IK.V.l. 
.lohn, n. of I'alrick ami lio.-u, Oct.. — , l.s.-,;i. 
tii-oige, s, of I'atrick and Hosi-, Fi-b. 2H, l,si;i). 

<i; a;IWV,/{ Villi. !'>/.' 

1 1\>' I >! .r' 

i-.M /!;»>» J/- K 

lo .'. ■«■.<)•.• 

.■»!.-lvrrTKICK, mnlinnr,!. 

.\Iarv, (1. of IMti-ick iind Rose, Dfc. L'L>, \M->. 
Kihvard, s. of .Iiuiies unci Koso, Miircli 2!l, 1671 
Francis Patrick, s. of Patrick and liose, .Inly 27, 1871. 

JIcKUNI': (.•=ec McCuxK). 


Isabel Gertnitlc, d. of Aniasa A. and Evelina ,T., born 
March 31, 1.S71. 


WHliani, s. of .Tolin and Mary, April 21, 18+1. 
Catharine, d. of Patrick and Unity, Dec. 20, 1.S47. 
Ellen, d. of .lohn and Cecilia, May 1,^., 18J0. 
.loliu, s. of John and Cecilia, Sept. 22. 1851. 
.lohn, s. of John .'ind Eunice, Dec. 1, 1852. 
Mary Ann, d. of .lohn and Marsarct, AuR. 2G, \S'>:'<. 
Eli/.abctli, d. of John and Cecifia, Dec. 27, 18.54. 
Theresa, d. of Ncal and liridfjet, Jan. 15, 1855. 
James, s. of James and Barbara, July 21, 1855. 

lohn and , Oct. (i, 1855. 

.Maruaret, d. of John and Margaret, Dec. U, 1855. 
Catharine, d. of Michael, Jr., and Ellen, March 15, 185 
James Edward, s. of Neal and Urid-et, Sept, 20, 185fi. 
i!rid-et, d. of John an<l Cecilia, Oct. S, 18511. 
Hannah, ,1. of John and Mar-aret, Jan. — , 185,'S. 
M.uv i;ii/;(li.lh, il. of John and Catharine, Dec. 24, is 

,1. „r James and , April 7, 1H5S. 

.lamrs lOdward, s. of Neal and lirid^'cl, Eeb. ;!, |.s5'.i. 
C.Hharim-. d. of Micliarl and Ellen, March 15. 185:1. 
<'ulli.irinr. d. of Owen and M.arv, June — . 185:i. 
Ilaiinali, ,1. of Daniel and Kllen, .\u-. 2, KSiiO. 



mall, il 


1, d. ol 

nd Mar-ar 
Owi'ii and 


>1. — , isi;ii 
.March 2:1, 



VV, il. . 
IIKlll. . 

• X 

'al and 
John ; 

liridiict, .\ 
ml Marfan 

1-. 15 
t, An 


4-. 2s, isi;:;. 


II v., .- 

. ol 

Neal : 

lid liriduet 


1, 18i;:j, 



d. < 

f Dani 

el and Kllel 

, l'\;l) 

'.), i8i;i. 


■iTarl. .^ 


Neal a 

Id llridKCi. 


'•1, 18(15. 


IliaiM, . 

. ol 


Ill and Mar\ 

, M.ii 

ch 2d, i8(;i; 


les lie 


.s. of J 

ohn and M;' 


, May 15, 



•ney, .s. 


lohn a 

Id Cecilia, 

)ct. 1 

1, 1.SU7. 


ry, d. ( 


wen an 

d :\Iarv, Jul 

V 2, IMdS. 


S. 1 

,f Nca 

and lirid-. 

t. No 

. 12, ISC.s. 


lip', s.' 

.f J 

ihii an 

1 Cecilia, S 

pt. 4 



■ah Jan 

e, d 

of Mi 

_diael and ^ 

arv, Sept. 15, 18 



rick, s 


John a 

nd Celia, .Si 

pt. 4, 


-^ s, of 


1 and Hrid-ct, Oct 

S, l,s 




ry .laiR 

, d. 

of llll 

,'li and Mar 

, Jan 

IS, 1S5I. 

..';^t .!.'. .'/mi.i,' 

l()(i WOliUlIN liKCMKD OI" BriJTIIS. 


s. of I'alrick and t;alliaiiiie, , iHof). 

.Margaret Jane, d. of ]'hilip and Ami, .Ian. 11, IH.'iii. 
Frank, s. of I'atrick and CatlKU•in^^ .Inly 4, 1857. 
Mary Ann, d. of I'liillp and Alice, April 17, l.s.'-.S. 
])aniel, s. of Haniel and Ellen, Au2. Ifi, 18.-.8. 
Martin, s. of I'liili]) and Alice, .June :iu. KsGO. 
.lames, s. of Patrick and Catliariiie, .Tiily HI, ISCO. 
Kllen Miiria. d of .James and Kllcn, .Ian. L'li. IsCl. 

.s. of Patrick and Calhariiii-, Feb, 14, l.silu'. 

Catharine, d. of I'alrick ami (■.■itliariiie, April :>. IKilL'. 
l-ewi.s F., s. of Frank ,ind Catharine, Nov. L'7, l.'<i;:'.. 
Kate, d. of Daniel and Kllen, IVh 1. isill. 
Mary Ann, d. of J'atriek and Calliarine, .lune — , 1m; 
■I'lioinas, .s. of ■i'lioinas and Mary, .Ian. 1, l«i;4. 
John 11., .s. of Frank and Catharine. Fd). l:i, Ihii:,. 
.Sarah Kli/.alielh. d. of .James and Kllen. (let. D. ISil.-,, 
.lohii, s. of Daniel and ICIhn, An?;. I 1, IsiU;. 
Frank, s. of Frank ami Catharine, .^ept. L'l'.;7. 
.lames lleniv, .x. of .lames and Helen, .May I."., \Hr,S. 
Williain, s. of Frank and Catharine, .liilv I'.), IHilH. 

.la s, s. of Williain and Brid-ei, Nov.'i;, l«(;il. 

'I'lioimis, s. of .lames and Fllen, L'."., 
Franeiv s. .,|- i'lancis and Calhariiic, March L'l. i.-7L' 

.McBIANN (see Me.M.Mio.N). 


Francis, s. of Thomas and .Mary, .\iuil ;i, I8li:i. 
Michael Fiaiicis, -,. ol Michael :ind Ann, \ui;. L'l, Is 

.IIC^IIOIIAX (see McMmiwN). 


.lanes, s. nlllii-h and lirid-cl, .\ii-. L':l, |s:ii. 
Jlar-:iret, .1. of llnuh :nel llriiiud, Apiil l."., |s7l'. 


s. of .lames and , .July l'.'. Is.V.I. 

Catherine, d. of James and Catharine, July L".i, IsiJl'. 
Mary J., d. of James and K.ite, .Nov. 1.^, Isr,.;. 
Alary Ann, d. of .lames and Catharine, Dee. :il, l.Sill. 


s. of Lawrence and llriduet, I'cl). '.t. Isi;:,. 

.lames Andrew, s. of Dani.l and Ann, Nov. 10, ISHi;. 

s. of Lawrence and l!iid-et. Feb. H;, ISiiS. 

J'eter, s. of Daniel and Ann, .Inly HI, ISCS. 
Terence, s. of Patrick and Susan, .Inly 12, IHCli. 

.s. of Lawrence and lirid-i't. .lan.'l I, 1S7L'. 

Mary Ann, d. of Patrick and Susan, Feb lii. Is7:.'. 
.Margaret, d. of James and Katie, ,\,,v. I'.i. Is7-j. 


-Cracie llell, d. of Al.-.\ander and Li/./.ic' A., Feb. I!), I 

.)ir iiH 'iM aHKO.-tit w.ii'uov 

w-i ryu^iv. 

...'. ,n- :.. .^...w.i'I 





(I. ofWi 


Milus Willis, s. (pf IVur and Mary, March L>9, ]»T2 



Mary - 

\iiM. d. <.r Mi 


>. ..niu-li ai 
il. (if Michael 

.lames I.anifiicc, .s. „r llu-h and Mar-arot, March ll: 

MarvAi. !.,(!. urilu-haiHl Mai-arct, .hiiie 10, 18.-,r. 

James l.auiriicr. s. ol lliii;li and Mar-arct, Dec. 18, 

Mora A d. „f Da 


Oct. 21), 1871 

]!rid''et. d. or Francis and 



ralricl< and Ua 

jroweii and Catharine, .Ian. L'8, l.s71 

.■>IcSW1':I':NKV (.see, also, SwKKN-Kv). 

K.luanl S., s, ol' Uryan uind llannali, Dec. L'7. l8Ga.* 
.loanna .1.. d. of Uryan and llannali. An-. 17, lf<(;.-.. 
Abi,v .\.. d. of lirvan and llannal), ,lnne 2, I8C.7. 
M.arv i:ilen, d. of lirvan and Hannah, March 1. ISH'.i. 
.lohii liancis, s. of lirvan and Hannah, Keh. IL', 1,':>7I. 



Kllen. d. ofDoniinicii ami .\larv. .May 17, IMiiii. 
Michael, .s. „l Dominick ami Marv, Sept. 21, 18i;8. 
Mary Ann, d. of Dominick and .Marv, .Inly 4, 1.S7U. 
Patrick, s. of Dominick and Marv, March 1.".. 1S72. 


.Inlin, s. ,,f .lames and lCII.-n. Dec. 1-1, !.■< 
Kll.ii, d. of .lames and Kllni. N',n . 17, 1 

•.V l.j .,, 

.'^■•M.,.M ,,.„...„„ ,;,„,, :''*':'=:* ^*' 

,t- .vji.; .jj 

'f ,v- 

:< Ji.Ai-.ifl 

-f'i.'i.n.c; ;,. .- '„,,|.',r> 
'"''"•" V>,f .„.. ..,.)/ 

]()8 worn i;\ UKfoisi) oi- iiiKTii>. 

.loUii, •>. of TlionM> :uul Kllcii, Nov. 10, LSlill. 
Kilwaril, s. of ■riionuis ami Kllcii, Feb. 2s, lSi;'.i. 
Nellie Miivia, il. of ImUvmhI ami Kllen April 25 lS7i) 
Mary .\iin. d. of ■I'l.onias ami Hlleu, I'.'l). 7, 1S71. 
Marsaret, ,1. of Charlo. ami Mary. .Se|it. Hi, 1S7L'. 


.lame.- William, .s. of .lames and Catliariiie, ,luly II, I 


Mary .laue, il. ol' Geor;; 

a r. 

.Mav •-':), l.S;W. 


William, .f. of Micliaol and Kliza, del. Ill, IsjT. 

U. of Michael ami Kliza, Dec. 27. IHoB. 

.Iiiliii, d. of John and I!ri,li:el. born In Boston, .Ian. 'J 
liridjiet, d. of .lolm and Bridget, .March rt, 1,S7L'. 


Charles, s. of Thomas an.l ElizaheUi, March 1, Ur.r,. 
Henry Thomas, s. of Thomas and Eliz.ilieth, Dec. •_".), 

— — s. of .lames and , Nov. ]'.i, IS:>'.). 

William Edward, s. of Tliomas and lOlizabeth, Nos. 
.lames Henry, s. of Michael and .\nn. \,.v. -."2, ]^o'J. 
.Marv ,Iane, d. of Michael and .-Vnn, .Tan. '.). 1,SG2. 
Thomas Krancis, s. of Michael and .\in\, Oct. I, ISU:: 
ICIi/.u A., (1. of Thomas and Kliza, Nov. 22, ISi;.!. 
I'ranci.s, s. of Krancis and lliden, ,Mav 2.!, Itsi!.'. 
.lohn luhvard, s. of .Michael and Ann", .Tnly 2',i, l,si;.->. 
William, s. of Michael and .\nn. Dee. 7, ISin. 
.Mar-aret Ann, d. of Mich.ael and Ann, .\|H-il 10. Is70 
CathariiH' Frances, d. of .lanns and Klizalielh. .Ian. ; 
\l:ir-:nvl, d. of Mich.iel :in.| Anna, , 10. 1H7 
r^iln(l;,s. ol I'alricK an<l .\lar\, .Sr|,l. II. |s72. 

.^I.\ll \I!.\N. 

Daniel, >, of Ceor-e and Mary, \nL'. ]:i. Is.iO. 

3IAH.VN (se.., also. .Mkk,ii,\n ). 

.Mar-arel r,l!,.n, d. of .lohn and Ann. del, ;;, lS.-,o. 

!2, IS.VJ. 


nd K 


Elizai.eth Kllei), d. of .lohn (1. aiiilKllen, n, i ;i^ |s.-,i; 
William, s. of .lohn and Alice, .Ian. 27. Isr,7. 
iMar^-aret, d. of C.'ornelnjs and Mary. ,)an. I."., IK.V.i. 
Mar'iaret Maria, il. of ,Iohn J. and Kllen, .Inly 8. Is.V.l 
.lame.s Artlnir, s. of .hdin .1. and Kllen. Keb. 18. l.Si;2. 
.lohn Kdward, s, of Cormdins and Mar;;aret, Dee. :il 
Fdlen Frances, d. of .lulm .1. and KII.mi. Oct. :;i. IHCl. 
Klla Franir-, d. ,,r .)„|in .1. and Kllen .1.. Del. :il. Isi;,'; 


./; ay lu »'. 

,. ,. .'.i.,..v! 

„..,:,( „„:■, <!•.(!' i-r 

1. 1. . -.ri 

■oi;i) or I'.iKTiis. 

M.\HOM-:V, .-."//«». W. 

.lerfiiihili, s, or jMines ami llainial., (let. h,;:i. 
KIIl'I), il <>r .hiiiu's and Uaiiiiah, Oct. M, isnil. 
Mary V... .1. of .loliii .1. and lOllcii, liorn In llo.slon, 

Nellie, d. of .lames and Hannah, April IH, 1871. 
Ilonora, d. ol Tiinntliv ami Kllen, U.a. '.i. 1871. 
William, .-. of llaitlioloniew and Mary. April 7, IK 
Krances, d. of .lolin ami Nflli.'. Nov. L'M, IK72. 


Mary !■:., <1. of .lolin and Catlnirine, .Inly -'. 1S71. 


.Marfjarel, d. of ralriek and Mary, Dec. II. iwi;.'.. 
Mai-y, d. of Patrick and Mary, l>i'C :l. 18(;7. 
Kate, d. of Palriclx and .Mary, ,lan. 1."). 1870. 

.s. of I'ati-ick and Kli/.ahetli, .Inne H, 1872. 

ra'rick. s. of I'atriek and Mary, .Inlv 14, 1872. 
.Mary Klizabetli. il. of Michael and Mary, An';. 1.8. 


Edward He 

iry, s. of .lames 

iml lirid;; 

et, Nov. ( 

, 1811 


d, of . 

ames M. and llai 

nail, Oct. 

14, 18,i.i. 

lanv r.tla. 

1. of .lames A. ai 

d irnnnal 

, Oct. 14, 


Al.liir L.Mli 

,a. d. of .lames a 

ul llanna 

1, ,Ian. U; 


d. 01' I 

.lisha .1. ami .Mar 

C, Dec. 

2.-., 1.S7I. 

d. of . 

,, .Scpl. i; 



-I nail. -, o 

I'ri.ah .and Sally 

No\ . I'll, 


.lolm Willi: 

in. S, of .lo-rph .• 

i.d .Mari.a 

.Illh L'!l, 


f.uuanl W 

11. CI', s. of 1 rial! 

.II.. and 

1, .M'.aiia, 

( let. 

,lo-...|.h Tlh, -. of .li.>.-|.l 

and Mar 

a, May 7 

IS.-, 4 

.lann-. s ,, 

■ .lauu's and Mar, 

. March 1 

1, |s.-,.-, 

liai'dnri' III 

\'.-y. s. ..f liii.ih.' 

.II.. .mil 1 

. \l.aria. 


.loscph mid liosanna, .l.iii. L'l, ISill. 
of Tlnmia^ and (iiace, .Inne 13. 18(i4 
Iriah and Ilamiali .M.. Sept. L'7, 18I1G. 
of .lames and A-nes. .Tiilv IW, 18(;'.l. 

William. -. of .lames and . 

-lies. Sep 

I. 1. 18 


Henry railinuton, s. of ,1, 
il. of .lohn S. and lid 

hn and .Sa 
■11. Aim. -J 

•all. Si 
, 1871 


Saloani, Feb. 8, Ig",!. 

unii.'i -in ii;(oi:*M r.nnion 


I/. .,.' n I ?, iiifoi. I.. ,■■ — 

woitiKN HK(oin> or mini 


Isaac, s. of Isaac ami .hulllli. May 12, 174.-.. 
.Iiiditli. tl. of Isaac ami Jiulith, ,lan. C, I7t7. 
Cvl)illar, d. of Isaac ami .luditli, July 14, 1749. 
•Mai-y, (!. of I^jnalius and Mai-y, Ki-b. 9, 17i;i. 
Susanna, il. of iLiiiatliis and Mary, .Jan. i:i, I'.i 
Sallv, d. of Isaac and .ludltli, ,lnlv '^i;, 17.VJ, 
.Sarah, d. of I-iniliiis and i\Iar\, .Iiimc 111, 17.-i4. 
Kl)cn.v,cr, s. of Isaac and .ludilli, Dec. 7, 17-.4. 

llc|.ll/il)all, d. nl 

I-naliusaml Mary. 

\n-. L'. 

Kchcrca, d. of [s 

lac and .ludilh, ,Mai 

eh 14, 

.XhifXail.d. ofli;! 

alius and .Mary, Ma 

•eh L'O, 

.losipli. s. of lui 

iiins and .Marv, Kd 

:), 17i; 

William, s. of i- 

latius and Marv, Se 

It. :l. r 

.lohn Cntlcr, s. >, 

■ Is.iac an.l .Mary, .\ 

nil n;. 

.Mary, d. of Isaa 

and Mary, ,Inly L'd. 

. .Nancy, d. of Isa 

c and Marv, Sept. 1 

1. 17110. 

Kmnui Josephine 

d. of Charles \V. a\ 

,1 .Nine 

Henry ICliiicr. s. 

)f Charles and Kale 



.I.i-.('|d]. s. of \Vi 

liain and Mary, .Ian. 

-1, 1.S7I 

Daniel, .. ofDai 

i,l anil Bridget, \pi 

il .s, IS 





aret, d. 


omas and M 


, d. off 


s and .Mary, 



mas and .M.a 




l.-l, il, of 


.lohn and .M 


s. of .Jail 

I's a 

ul M.irv S., 


iriiie, d. 

of .1: 

\in-< ■mil Ml 


s. s. ulM 


and .\LTrv. i 


d of. la 

les , 

nd -Marv.'Se 


, d. of J, 


and .Marv, .\ 


1, ll. of .1 


and .Marv. 1 


.7/0 lU/ !'• 

r.l //.nr J MillllV/T. - ,ili|"<'l 


'J 1,1,; '■.(I'.M'l 

|. .■-.iji tr 

.'/.AV»'/fW/ J' 

,j I /.I! '51;. 




I.c-imul I'ortor, s. of William ami Alice, July 20, 1824. 
r.iKv Cliallls, il. oCAVilliam and Alice, Au<;. 30, 182G. 
Almira Keli.Tca. d. ofjolin C. ami Hacliel B., Oct. II, 1839. 


Clorimla Miilvinu. <\. of Kichard 'P. p.iid Kll/,a T., Oct. 20, 1841. 

Mary .lane. d. of Daniel and .Marv, March 7, 1855. 

.Michael, s. of IJaiiiel and Mary, .Ian. 15, 1857. 

Lawrence, s. of ratri(/l; and, .Tan. :), 1S58. 

Ann. d. of Daniel and M:nv. .Jan, IC, 18511. 

riionia.s lln^ih, s. of Thonias and Catharine, April s, IS5!>. 

.lolm 'Ih. IS, .s. of Daniil and Marv, Dec. 2i), ISGO. 

i:ii/;duili, d. of Ouen and Kli/.al.elli, horn in South Danvers, Oct. 10, 

Kduard, s. of Tlioinas and (Catharine, Nov. G, 1801. 
.lames II., s. of Daid. lan<l .Marv, Nov. 10, 1803. 
Ceorse Henry, .s. of Daniel and .Mary, M«v 18, 1860. 
.lames Thomas, s. of .lohn and Mary A., April 27, 1870. 
.larnes .loseph, s. of .lolm and Marv Ann, Kel). 1, 1872. 
Klla, d. of Joseph an<l Martha .\., Sept. aO, 1872. 


■loanna 'I'ewksbnrv, d. of Slephm K. and Saiali, Sept. 11, 1850. 
Ivinily, d. of Steplien K. and Saiah, .Inly 'J, ls.'.2. 


.Mary, d. of .\aron and Abigail, Sept. :'.0, 1701. 


.MA'rA<;UIO (s.e M, 


.\nn, .1. of Timolhv and Ann, Dec. 31, 1775. 
Mar;;aret M., d. of.lamis and liri(l-et, :\rarch 3, 1850. 
.lanjcs, s. of Tatrick and Catharine, Nov. 20, 18,52. 
Calhaiine, d. of Uernanl ami Marv, .March 2, 1854. 
.lohii Henry, s. of .lames and lirid'-ct, ,lnne 10, 18.-,5. 
M.irv .Ian.', d. of l'al]-ick and Catharine, .Inly 4, 1855. 
lUrnard Sarsllehl, s. of Bernard and .Mary, Jan. 2, 185i 

William, s. of I'atrick and Catharine, May — , 1857. 
lalward, s. of .lames and Brid-el, July 22, 1857. 
■riiomas Matthew, s. of James and Brid.uet, Oct. 22, If 

'.HI uf '■{0 au'viMr vii'ii.'iov' »i 

>« J'.',' , :■ ..>:!•! I.I..-; .r !.v,M.,li 

>'!'/»IAI>. I 

10 .1, , ,'..1^ 

.AAA ;■>/ ic 

lo.i 1,. .1. ~— 

<r%l .SS .J)<) 


MATTIIKWS, rnntinn,.!. 

a. of ,Iaiiic-N and liiid^'ct, Nov. Ii;, J«i;i). 

lionmi-(l, s. olMiiinus aiul l!|-iil-,-l, Muv il, 181!-.'. 
Micluu'l, s. or James aiul lirl.lKcl, Maivli l-'l, IHIi.',. 
rati'ick, s. of I'ati-ick and Calliarim-, Nov. — , IHii'i. 
I'alriid; lleiiry, s. of .Iumr's and Hrlil:;et. .Ian. l:!. \M\1 . 
iMichaid, .M. of .hunc.', and Hridf;.'!, ,Ian. 1), ISD'J. 
Mar-iiret Kllzahetli, d. of IVter and Mary, Sept. L'u, iwn 
.faniL-s, s. of Janirs and I!rid;:i.'t, .Vn^- '.'■>, I."<T1. 


Mary Maria, d. of .\lfrud and Mary, Due. ;;i, Isr.D. 
Dnstan, .t. of Alfred untl Mary. Nov. L':l, 1852. 


.\l)i;;ail Tbompson, A. of Levi and Marin, Jan. 2'J, 1830. 
Joliii Marshall, s. of Levi and Maria, Feb. 15, 1832. 
Samuel Krnstus, s. of Levi and Maria, Sept. 2, 18lil!. 
.Mary .^nn ISlancliard, d. of Levi and Maria, July 18, 133,-; 
Ida Maria, d. of John M. and Harriet, Oet. 27, 1857. 
d. of John M. and Harriet, Nov. 1.-., 1859. 


Knnna .losephine, d. of Kdward .\. and Klla, Dec. 4, 187: 


William Kdward, s. of Kdwin and .Martha .\., .March '.'!), 
Samiirl, s. of John and .lane, Si'|)t. ."), 18r,7. 
Oi'or-e Henry, s. of John and Jane, Sept. IC, IsOn. 
Marv, d. of Jolm and Marv J., Jnlv 21, 18(;3. 
Virturia. d. of.Iohn and .Shuv .1., Se[it. l.',, 18i;.'.. 

s ..f Juhii and Maiy ,1.. Sept. 'ji;, 18(17. 

Marv !■;.. d. of .l..lm and Marv J., Oct. i:i, 18i;:i. 


Mary W illi;ini>, d. of II. aihl I'.nima S.. .Vug. 1>, ISGs. 
>U'. [l'..r nauK's wilh this luTlix, .Mr pai^c- l".:. .Mc is treated; 

Hannah, Jan. ID, WJi. 
ind Snsanini, Jan. 2'J, 172:' 
I Susanna, Dec. 24, 1724. 

f I) 


ivid, A 
)avid ; 

U-. 1 

nd 11 



f Davi 
of Dax 
of Ben 







f llenjannn 


.^.iirji'.i f'l tiiro'vu! Y-V't'^"" 

ir^ai ,11; .'j'J«l' .iinUhonlj'inVJ ''■<■ 

-f, '.r -i V^Alff 


v., .1.1! /)i» ^i.;.-n^: ■■ !j .■>!'- 
■„!/. l.all,M'. 

womntN itFn^Ki) of iiiirriis. 17;i 

MKA1>, <-iMiiiuid. 

\-;l Wurren, s. of Artcnias ami Abigail, Fet). 0, 1846. 
lleiirv \rtemas, .s. of Artenias ami Abigail, Sluy H, 1850. 
Stcnh, II Artliur, s. of Tiinolliy W. ami Fanny, Aug. 7, 1850. 
.lol'n Fiam'is, s, of Ja>ncs at,.| Catbanne, Aiij,'. 11!, I.S54. 


Mary Ann, d. of .Mlcbacl ami Delia, Mai'ch 10, Iti.l. 
Delia, d. ofMicliael and Hi-idyel, Nov. liO, 1.S7L'. 


|,,lni s. of Alfivd U. and Cai-oline, Feb. l.i, 18J8. 

s. of An^Mii-tus and Serena C, Dec. L'8, \^M. 

s. of Aufiustu.s A. an. I Serena C, Feb. 2L', ISoi). 

C-Ubirine d. of Alfred li. and Caroline, .Inne 21. KSOH. 
,,f Alfred A. and Caroline. ,Ian. 4, ISCl'. 


Mary Ann, d. of .lulin and Kom-, D<a. -, ISuT. 

.-MI'MCIIAN (-ee, also, M.urAN). 

lunev s of I'alriek and Catharine, Dec. 14,>8. 
Wdliam, .s. of I'auiek and Calliarine, Fel) ll, bsiiO. 

l\i'l'riel<' .s."i)f 'i'alriek and 'c.illia'rin.', Dee. 17, IHd'i;. 
Iniie.s s oflSern.'ird and .Mai'V, <-)tL. 1. 1H70. 
'\i:n> kden, d. of llernard and Mary. Del. 1, 1870. 

.MI-X;AN ;mv .Mi:k.;.o). 

.MKIIAN (see .Mki; 


NMlian Kllis, sid' Samuel and I.ueimla, .Inly il, l,S4il. 
■Vbomis rielnrd s of Samnol an<l I.ueimla, 17, IS!',). 
Anninila Franee.s', d. of Samuel and l.neinda, Se|.t. 11, 18.-.4. 
Susan .lane, il. of Samuel fl. and Lnelnda, Sept. 1, 18111. 
lirintiiia 1)., d. of Sanniel and Lueiuda. Nov. 24, 18ti3 
Lneimla Flvira, d. of Nathan K. and Mary F., .Inly :.ll, 1870. 
Alarv Caroline, d. of Nathan K. and .Mary F., .Fuly 25, 1872. 
: ^■d. of.Io.sei.h D. ami Mary.!., Dee. l:i, 1872. 


(;,„r-iaiina, d. of Geor-e and Mary A., Sept. 14, 1847. 


\ral.ella, d. of William and lirid-et, .Inly 14, 18,V.l. 
Frankhn, .s. of William ami lirid^et, Dec. HI. W,\. 
.lo.selleGerlrmle, d. of William and Urid-et, Sept. IS, I.S6(.. 


.lohn - of Uoherl and Kebeeea, May 12, 1m;;1. 
.■h:,ri,.s H. of l!ol)ert and Kebeeea, Oct. 17, 1833. 

Dicviuii /Mumyr 

3.1.1 r/vKtK 

.T'Kl i-: .f.|--,'- /. ttar ;.«rt -/:;i(.' 'I' 





MKNCHIN, owliinml. 

William O., .«. ol' Kt>l)i.'i-t ami Kobcccii, Kel). r,, IHU). 

Gcor;;o Hubert, s. ol' Charles S. and Mary W.. tiv\ . !.':!, i>i'''-- - ■ 

Frank, d. of Charles and Mary U'., I'el). 23, 18i;h. ' 

d. of Charlies and Mary W., Jniy •", ISIW. 

Charles Shaw, s. of Charles and Maiy W., Oct. '.', 1871. 


.Joseph, s. of Aliihens and Uel.eeca, May 11, mc. 
Alpheiis, -s. of .\lplieus and HelnTca, April 21, 1H38. 
Charles, s. of A1|jIu-us and Kei.eeea, Mareh 8, 1»40. 
Francis, s. of Alphuns and liebecca, .Inly 15, 1842. 
rhonias Coweu, s. of .Mplieiis and Kebecca, Oct, I, isfl. 
Mary O., d. of Alphens and Kebreea, 0(;t. 18, 1.S47. 
■flKnnas Oowen, s. nt Aipliens and lirbrccj, .Ian. 2,-,, 1S.-,U. 


l.urv Ann, .1. of ■ and 1-ncy. Dec. 2, 18:!s. 
Amanda A.,d. of fhumas and l.ncy, On. -I, ISIl. 

IMICKItli r. 

Mai-V Kilrn, d. of .l.d.n and Kali,', Nov. 21, IHC,:.. 
Clar'ibrl, d. of .lohn ;nnl K.-iU'. I'Vli. 1, l,si;s. 

MICK'KOW (see, also, Mounou I. 

,,f llcnrv, Sept.. II, li;';2. 

KlizabeUi, d. of Ibnry and .Miriam, Jan. 21, IC'J,".. 


Cror;;.' ,\lberl, s. ,,l I'.brii and M:n-ll.a ,1,, Srpl, 27, Im 


Martha, d. of ,Iolin and Mary A., .Inly 15, Ksf-j. 
MESSY (see Massie). 
MKTAGUE (see McTav.vk). 


Clan-nee .Morton, s. of Beniali S. and Rutli 1)., Dee. 1 


Sally, d. of .lol) and Sarah, Feb. It, 1778. 

Nabby, d. of .lol) and Sarah, Feb. ID, 1780. 

i'oUy, d. of Job and .Sarah, Mav ;i, 17H2. 

John I.oriny, s. of John and Sally, March 27, 1837. 

Sarah K., d. of John ami Sally li.. An;;. 20, IMHI. 

Kn^em', s. of John and Sally, Oct. I, I.SI2. 

— _ d. of David and Martha, Oct. I, 1811. 

Charles ,\rlhnr, s. of John and Sally 1!., April 5, 18.-.0. 

Jaunes Kruui, s. of John and Sally li., Feb. 13, 1852. 

'H' :li.'. JO Hi'.OO.IH /.-AUl 



;ll,i-. In.(l ililol ><. .'. 'MIliA fMi<*l 

MONAGHAN (seo Monauan). 

i?,:^^,''F;;u:ii"^ of':;:.;:;;' a^ Anna, mu.-cu.>i, ^.r.. 

n:;-;U,-.>^ .,.A.a,Ml.n....,Au..i,IS..K 

KUzal...U,. d. of .John ;'">',^':^^;' ,^' ^ 'JiJt.'oQ, 183^. 


,1. of 


Willi. Ml, >. ol WiHiaui "■ ■'"'' ^' „. ^.,„., ..„ iMO. 
'•'?mriHrril'^s"i'nl'nr I a,;;i^h;n- An;>, Sept. 1, 1815. 



jh,n,a. ofTlio'nasaiulSar.h.lH'.. l.l, 18.1. 
MOKKAU (soc MoKUow). 

of Dcortic K. 1'. uiiU 


o u.:o.>'iX v.^unOH 

... \ 


01',, ,'; I 

Ml .r.t .-t! . uM i.iiu ii'ttiM 



Klk'n, (I. of Thomas ami Ellen, Nov. 20, l.SDH. 


Mury Laiiisuii, (I. ofTliomas and Mary 1.., Jan. m, 1852. 


KlUabetli A., il. of Hiram and .Vnn (i.. l<Y'l). Mi. 1840. 
GL'()r';c Iliiain, s. ol' llirani ami Ann G., Anu. l'>, 1844. 
Frank Ia-.-1Iu, s. ol'Abniham 'l'. and L.niisa .1.. .May 111, \^ 
.Mi.M's. s. of .\I().>.us and Sarali, April 7. l,s.-,4. 
.loMn An^nstinc, s. of Aiiuustinr and Kate Due 1. ls7i'. 


d. orclnnlL.> \V. and -, Marcli 1, Is,;:;. 

I'lK.mas, N- .if .l..lin ;ind Mary, M:i.v 1-, I8i;7 


f.lhi, d. (.f .lohn :ind .Mary, Nov. 12, lsi;8. 

>H)I{1{()W (Mv, al>o, M\r.v.»w). 

Marv, d. of ('hark'- ,ind X'iutoiinu, Due. 2s, 1,S72. 

a l,m-\, .March 


Aii.hv^v Walhuu, V nf A, W. ;nid f.Kiia. A|.rd 2i;, Is.;: 


William 11,-nrv, .•*. idMamos A. and Maria, An-, i;, is,;- 
.Vda Ui-i-lrndL', d. of .lames ami Marl I. a, .lau. l."., ISiii;. 
Maria, d. of .lanu-.s and Maria, Dec. 27, 1m;i;. 
.\rthiir .lames, >. of .lames .\. and .Maria, .lime 10, ISiis 


d. of.kilm 1!. and l.oi-, H., .\\,hl 2u, Us47. 

Kaiuiy. d. of .loseiih 1'. and Mary IJ., Ajird is, 1840. 
Roger lliilchiiisou, s. of Jojeph 1'. and .Mary 1!., 

d. of Jolin K. and Lois, ])cc. i:'.. IS.'il. 

Samuel IJowei-.s, .s. of .lo.seph I', and Mary li., Nov. ;1, 1 
Joseph lkTi)ert, .s. of Joseph V. and Mary I! , Feh. U. 
Ilattic A., d. oC.Iumes M. and Amelia, .luric 4, ksilj. 


ArUuir.lere, s. of.lere 11. and Snsaii T., .Ian. 2."), Isjs. 
(ieor;,'e llovey, >. of Jere \V. ;(nd .Su^an, .\pril 21, 18i;i 

./. >^.r5i'\of/^ 




JIaruai-ut Ann, tl. of Edn-iird aoil M:u-£;:iret, Mavcli 13, 1853. 
Kilwanl, M. ofKchvnnl ami .Mai-aiTt, March 31, lS5r). 
.lames, s. of .Tames ai)il Mary. April 4, ISCl. 
Tlionias Henry, s. of Micljael ami Mary, Sept. 14, 18i;8. 
Michael ,Jo,-e|ili, s. of .Michael ami Mary, Ai)ril 1, 1871. 


Edward, s. of .Joseph and Jane, May 15, 1852., d. of .lu.seph and .lane. Any. 12, 1854. 

Faimv. d. of.loseph ami , Dec. l(i, 1855. 

,Marv .lane, d, of .loscpli a.i.l .laiie, .liine 23, 1857. 
Kli/.abeUi, d. of .loseph and .lane, Marcli 4, KSilLl. 
.lo.seph, s. of .loseph ami .lane, March 2'i, 18(i3. 

Nicholas, s. of .loseph and Jane, , 1805. 

Margaret, il. of Joseph and Jane, Feb. 2(j, 18G7. 


Esther Maria, d. of William II. ami Esther, Jnne 7, 184i;. 
.Sarah Elizabeth, d. of William II. arid Esther. .Sept. 28, 1848. 
Lvdia Watson, d. of William II. and Estlier, Sept. IG, 1855. 
John. s. of Jerendah and Mary, Nov. 1, 1805. 
.leremiah, s. of Jerendah and Jlary, Feb. 9, 18C8. 

25, 1870. 


r J a 





er a 


ry J. 

Nov. 2 








John Allurt, 
E.liza, d. of 1! 
Ann Eli/.ahel 

., d. 




u-d and 
1 Ann, A 

rnard ai 

d A 

Sept. 23, 

24, i8i;;i. 
nil, March 

1, 1805. 


riai-a Ai 


d. ( 



n an<l M 



8, IS 




■ Ch 



(1 Eli/.a A., 
nf Charles 

An-, y, 1 
and Eliza 



Nov. 3, 

Herbert William, s of Charles and Eli/.a, Sept. 10, 1804. 


John, s. of .Tolm and Ann, Aug. 14, 17G1. 
Sarah, d. of John and Ann, Feb. 8, 17G5. 
Jonas, s. of Jonas and Abigail. May 24, 1795. 
Abi-ail, d. of Jona.s ami Abigail, Sept. 3, 179U. 
Jshmael, s. of Ishmaei and lielsey, Jnne 19, 179G. 
Jonathan, s. of Jonas and Abigail, Ucc. 29. 1799. 
Arciielan.s, s. of Jonas and Abigail, Oct. 15, 1SU2. 
Harriet, d. of Jon-s and Abigail, Jnne 21, 1805. 
Mary. il. of , Jonas and Abigail, Aug. 2, 18U8. 
Aretluisa, d. of Dennis and Elizabeth. Marcli 24, 181G. 
VVillmm, s. of Jephtha and Fanny, May 24, 181IJ. 
Harris, s. of Dennis and Elizabeih, March 27, 1818. 
.tcphtha, s. of .lc|ihlhaand Fanny, Oct. 17. 1818. 

.fiuniiii ^o UMc'iMji .-irin^i/.- 

.o-it: .?.v -■/...« 

"Al.: ) /fMlM lid. 





MUNKOE, n,n/in,ud. 

Doniiis, s. of Doiiiiis and Elizabetli, Maiili l'G, 1821 
Josepli, s. ofJi'iiMlliali and Kaiiiiy, Sept. 4, 18L'.S. 
Cyrus, s. of Duimis ami Elizabt-lli, Nov. 2(i, 182(!. 
Ann Louisa, il of Archibald T. and Louisa 11., Ang 
l.aviiiia, d. of .k-plitbab and Fannv. May 2'.l, 18J1. 
Amanda I'., d. of Archolaiis T. an'd hoidsa H , ,Iidy 30, 1832. 
Anlii'laus ()., s. of Aiihcbuis T .aiid l.onisa II . Oct. 10, 18;;3. 
Abi-ail II., d. ..iWivh, 1,1.1. T- and Louisa II. , .Inlv 12, IS:;,",. 
Ucnrv T , -. ..f Ai . h, hm. T. and Louisa IL, .Nov. 10, lH:!(i. 

. il. of lirnids and Kus, bia, A|)nl 2r), 1S41. 

InsrpU L. and Auni, .May 31, 181a. 

Aratlaisa .Mana. 
Adflaid,', d. ..r.l 
Charles, s. .dCharU's and 
Hlli-n, d. of , N. and 
Alliurt liar, is, s, of Harris 
Cliarles Murrill, s. of Ilarr 
lleoruc Lane, s. of Cvrus : 
Lillian Klioda, d. of Calrli 
Chira Eninni, d. of Willian 
John Trull, s. of John I. ai 
Kli/.ab.lh Trull, d. of Join: 
Fdith Marlon, d. of Guor;; 
Florence Lydiii, d. of Geoi 



,\nna W., M 
and .Mary K, 


pril 23, 1851. 

.■\larv !■; , Sept. 1."., 18.J3. 
i<iit, Sept. 14. 18,-.S 

Diantlia C. June 8, ISfi,-,. 
ml Clarlnda, Jiuie'J, 18(iC. 

, M'lv 13, 18(18. 
I Ada'f., Jan. 19, 1870. 
d S.rali M., Nov. 9, 1870. 
ind Sarah M., Aug. 29, 1872. 


Sarah, d. of Ale.xander and Mar-aret, , 1853. 

8. of Kobeit W. and Ann, .May 23, 18ii3. 

Alice, d. of Alexander anil Julia, March 24, ISO.i. 
Harry Ale.Kander, s. of Alexander and Marj,'aret, June 3, 18i 
Henry (illard, s. of Henry and Freelove, May 12, 18G7. 
William Lorraine, s. of John K. anil Christina M., June 11, 


Charles W.. s. of W 

eynionth and J., July 11, IS4G 

Mary Ann, d. of Be 

■nard and Marv, Mav 22, 1855. 

Klizi, d of JohTi ai 

d Kli/.a, Nov. 20. |S5i;. 

lieruard. s. of lien 

ird and .Mary, Jan. 24, 1857. 

y.\\/.:i, d. of ,Iohn ai 

d Jane, Nov. 15, 1858. 

William Ilfibert, s. 

of Michael and lOllen, Anj;. 23, 1859 

Dan. el, s. of John , 

nd .Mary, M.irch 5, 181111. 

Jnli.a, d, (d- .Mi.ha.d 

and Mary, July •/',, 18(10. 

JIarv, d. of John ai 

d Mary, July 2, 18i;i. 

.lohn, s. of John ai 

1 Mary, JIay31, 18il3. 

.Vnn, (1. of ,lolin am 

Ann, July 10, 18(:i. 

John Fiancis, s. of 

ralrick and .Vnn, Nov. 30, 18(14. 

Dennis, s. of J(din 

.ml Marv, Jan. 8, 18(15. 

-Michael, s. of Mich 

lel and l'iruli.'<^t, Ai)ril 27, IsOC. 

Marv Ann, il. of I'a 

trick and Ann, Au^. 21, ISCC, 

Jeremiah, s. of Joh 

1 and Marv, Oct. 15, IsOfi. 

Kduanl, s. of .Mich 

.el and liridiret, Oct. 3. I8('.7. 

Katn-, (1. of I'atrlck 

an.l Ann. Dec. 18, lsi;7. 

Thoimis William, s. 

of Tin. mas and M.iry. .Vpril 30, 18(^8 

I'.' «lJI'X>;iS /;!TIMOV/ 

.BJ . .-isieuii:!/ I. 


rt!^u^s!s. or NiHu.l;.s :uul Am», S-'lvt. 15,^1870. 
MKln''ll''o/VK■In)is\md'^laW:uv^ Au^/^1. l^Jl- 



; „|- .lolui II. :uiil M:iry, 1 
. ,,f Cnnuliiis iind llaiili: 
,if Aiuh-L-w iiiKl M;ir.V, Nc 
,. of Nich.ihi.4 ;iiul Aim, 

^^^r^oP^'^s of Wnii:n„ W. .uul M.ry, Set 12, ISM. 
MilvTua'.l. of William W. an.l .Maiy, l)>c. -+, 1S42. 
^4u.e[ :[m:';.:ia;l.u:r'a;,^' WaU^^fV ana Ma.y M..y ., 1845. 
■ c~\, .s. of Wiirmm W a.ul Mary Mar.l, 27, 1847. 
1- ,-.r,. -; of Ocoi-'e -iiicl rutliiu-inu, Oct. 18, lb4i. 

'i' n V V ^ of r,)lm ami Sii-amia, Oct. 2:i, 1H47. 

Vi m l' m-one : ' .loim and Susan. Sopl. 25. 1849. 
■n ; s i 'nr s' of .loin, and Snsan, Sept. 2H, 1851. 
iVeo' i'r Ihrnry 's.of .lanms and Alice ^^'Pf. 30 1851. 

l.Vn.ris s of James and Eli/.ahctli, Nov. 1-, 

F i ! Ivc^^lia d. of V.U'V and Ann, Jnn. 8. 1802. 

V.,nK-s M of Jamus and Alice, Nov. I'J, 18u2. 

• : .'■ s' ■ ameM and Kli/ dx-lli. May :i, 1851!. 

m":;:;;;-:,. :l. of Uenm. a,.., CaM,ai.ine. Sc^^^O, 18o3. 

i;o>anna, d. of .lann-. and Ma.-y, Aiml 4, l''^;'"*' 

(••illuu-inu Ann, d. of IM.r and Ann, Auv'. 28,_ 8o+. 

l-'liv., |.„„. d ,,f .lannsaild All c, Oct 13, l.'<u4. 

i:' n n .'of Patrick and C;atl,avinc^ Nov 5 1854. 

Mary, d. of Tatrick -ul '-atharinc Nov, ,>, 18o4. 

d;;i:;;-llcnry, s'of Jan,c; and — ^ Nov.'so 18.5. 
Mii-'avct d. of I'cUT and Ann, Jlay I), '8.Jl>. 

lo n s of Dennis and rutliarine, July 13, ISuG. 
'llu-li.s. of James and Alice, Oct. 17, 1850. 

lolTn .s. of Ja.nes and Man, Nov. 24 185r,._ 

lolm s of Thomas nuil Kllen, April 12. 18.w. 
■siinoii' 's of Jame- and Kli/.alietli, April 2S, 18o7. 

Mary Kale. d. of James and Mary, Apnl f- l«"f^- 

and Marv, Oel. 2i, IM-:'. 
„nil Kli/.al(eili, Nov. 18, |8G'.). 


,',iM,l ralliarine, An^'. 1|. IB""- 

i'- I 


:i>il ,1'. .BH/ |.ii;. rupjtl In .» .7/ oniiiU 



Irvii];,', s. of .lunios iiiul Kli/.iil)oUi, Sept. L'l, ISCl. 
Tlioiiias, s^ of TlioiiMs and Kllcii, April 2i, 1«(!2. 
Kllrii, il. of Doiiiiis and (^ailiarnif. .Uiiil' 7, isoj. 
liL-iijainiii, s. of .lames and .Vnii, Oct.. 4, 1si;l'. 
Mary, d. of James ami Maiy, Oct. 4. KSC-J. 
Cathai-iiie, il. of .lames and Ann, ,Ian. L', 1S04. 
Ellen, il. of Jeremiah ami Mary, Jan L'4. ImU. 
Marv Jane, d. of James .iikI Ivlzab.-th. l'"eb, II, 1804. 
Mary Ellen, d. of James and Mary, Jnlv 4, 1S(U. 
Tiimilliy, s. of James and Marv, Nov. in, isi;i. 
Katie, fi. of James and Mary, March 2.'., lt*i;i;. 
Marv Jane, d. of James and' .Ann, March 20, ISiii;. 
William Henry, s. of James and i;ii/.al)ei i,. l),c. 2;i, ISIw. 
Kosalie, d. of James and .\im. .\piil ,s, l,li;s. 
Mi.rv, d. of I'elerand Ann, A|inl 27, Isiis. 
Marv, d. of Thomas and Itridm-i, Nov. 1, IKCS. 
Ma--ie, d. of .lauic> luid .Marv, .Vpril II, l.SiiU. 
OIlie, d. of Jaims and .Mar\ , \pril II, lsi;;i. 

E rancis Xellie, s. of P, 

trr an. 

Am,, Oct. .-., 1870. 

s. cjf John and Eli 

/.abcl h 

Jnne I."., 1S70 

Thomas Ilenrv, s. of '1 


and lirid-et, ,lan. 2S, 1871 

Elizalielh, d. of J.imes 

iml Ai 

n, Jidv 8, 1871. 

Catharine, d. of I'eter 

nd .\i 

n. May 13, 1872. 


,lohn, s. of I'.crnard am 

J.-iu. l:l, fslK. 

Ercderick Jesse, s. of . 

esse a 

id JMary, .March (i, 1858. 

Oeorue 1!.. s. of llona 

Eliza, March 2, 18(1:;. 

Mary Jane, d. of lierm 

rd and 

•Inlia, March 2'J, lsU7. 

James, s. of liernard a 

d Jnii 

1, Dec. 11, 1871. 


Alibv Vashli, d. of Dm 

ley .■in 

1 Eydia Ann, .Sept. 4, 1848 

l.orini; 0., s. of Dialled 

and 1 

Vdia .\., Eel). :!, 18jO. 

Abba Ann, d. of Undle' 

ar,d I 

yUia Ann, Jan. Ill, 1851. 

John, s. of Dudley and i.vdia A., March 31, 1858. 

s. of Dudley C. and Eydia A., Jan. 15, 18iii). 

Henrietta, d. of Dndley G. and Lydia A., May Ki, 18C2. 
Geoi-e Herbert, s. of Dndley G. and Lydia Ann, .Sept. 8, 18C5. 


Mary Elizabeth, d. of Allen and Serena, April 20, 1835. 


Urid:iet, d. of Iticliard and .Mary, (Jet. 1, ISlU. 
Mary, d. of liicliaid and Mary, Jan. 25, 18(;7. 


demon Jack.son, s. of demon Jackson luul Uutli, June 17, 1785. 
Harrv, s. of Cleinou .Jackson and Entli, Feb. 2, 1788. 
Mary Hall, d. of Ghurles W. and Lydiu, April 24, 18i;:i. 


> William Martin, s. of William Henry and Mai-uret, Dec. 4, 1807. 


.it.". . / I.' riftf I....-1 ' M !jr>i n. .1. ..•■vuiii'iii 

■:ic.J ,i-" ,„([ ,:jn:3\M U,„i ; .i-jU .iiuilir'; V' 

WOliriiN IMX'ORD OF lilllTIlS. 181 


Catliarhie, cl. of C:iliio iind M;ii-y Ann, Oct. 27, IK35 
Harrk't, d. of Calno :iii.l Jlary Ann, Miiv IC. 1837. 

Jnlin, s. of Albert II. unci , Jnlv 12, 1841. 

Jliuy, (1. of .Tiinius and Mary. An-. 20, 1841. 
Catlnirine, d. of James and .Marv, Jnly 22, 1843. 

Elizalieth, d. of Albert 11. and Kli/ 

ibelh, Jane IG, 1845. 

Ann, d. of .lanios 

and Marv, Ijoi n i 

M Ireland, March 29, 184C. 

Harriet Kmnia, d 

ol .John S .■iiid 1 

larrlet, Jnne 29, 1848. 

Joliu K.hvard, .s. 

If Cliai-les K. ani 

.Maria, An^. 17, 1848. 

Elinabetli, d. of J 

amcs and Mary. , 

line 30, 1850. 

Mary, il. of .Jolm 

2d, and Harriet, 

Dec. 17, 18r.O. 

Michael Stevens, 

s. of (icor-e ;ind Nancy, Jan. 1, IS'.i;. 

Rriduet, d, of (Je 

ir^c and .\ancy. 

V|iril 11, 1S.';7. 

fieor-e Ilciiry, s. 

of Geor-c and C 

Iharine, March 28, 18fiO. 

Michael Stephen, 

s. of George D. 

ml Mar-aret, March 2.S, 1SG2. 

Cluirle.s lienninK 

s. of Jolm and 

Harriet, liorn in Keadiu-, Mi 

2, lhG3. 


Smnnel, s. of Ric 

uird and Martha, 

Dec. 10, 1G89. 

Marv, d. of I{lcln 

rd and Martha, J 

uly 9, 1(194. 

Martha, d of Kic 

hard and .Martha 

Jnly 20, li:98. 

Sainnel, s. of Sai 

nel and Deborah 

June 20, 171.5. 

Wdliani, s. of Sa 

nnel and Debora 

, An..'. IC, 171C. 

llannali, d. of Sa 

nnel and Deboral 

, Feb, 4, 1718. 

Richard, s. of .Sa 

nnel and Debora 

1, Dec. 29, 1719. 

.To-slmu, s. of Sanuul and Deborah 

Jnne 13, 1721. 

Deborah, d. of Si 

nm.l and Debora 

h, April 27, 1723. 

Mary, d. of Sanii 

el and Deborah, 

)ct. 24, 1728. 

Saiiuicl Williams 

s. of Sunuiel anc, N.iv, 2, 1741. 

Martha, d of \Vi 

Ham and Uebccc: 

, A|iril I'J, 1718. » 


.M.iriella, d. of S: 

nuiel G. and Mai 

V, Jnly 4, ISSfi. 

Lewi.s Willjnr, s. 

>f Samuel C. an, 

"Marv, Anir. 7, 1838. 

.Marietta, d. of S; 

nniel (5. anil .Mar 

y, .March 11, 1841. 


rhc-fonoWilll,'ll»tnl l; 

, I, :;:,,■:, .' ^, ,•:,: 

-• >ri-, the oclopled BOD of Samuel Ne 


»lory of Wobiini, i ,. 

: iMunnoitioii of Mr. \V. R. Cutter in 


K. lliBi. iind Gun. 1;, 
'\v'i'ii''iiM.'''-"'"r ^'i^ . 



.'■,''' ■ ■ .'l/l77J 

1, ,uiJ died, beiliK live days old. 

ii.-m.iN, > 

■•! ' :•.'"-.. 177 

, uiul died, tjeini; tluee luonlliB old. 

.S..-.1 ,1 -»>f 

18-2 wonui;\ kkcoim) of luirnrs. 

NKVILLK, r„nliin<i:>l. 

Oliiii-lus lleiu-y, s. of Siii.nicl G. luM Mhi-.v, .Inly L'O, 1347. 
Elizabeth, d. of Saiiniel fi. aiul Maiv. M:iv i:l, ls,-.l. 
Annie Maria, <i. of Samuel (1. au.l Mary. Dec. U. 18,57. 
.Albert FrunUlin, n. of Ciiarles 11. ami l!e>sie, .Liii, 31, LS 


James, s. ..f .James aii.l .M. Maiia, .\.i-. 2, is 17. 
Warren, s. of .lames T. and Marv. S. pt: -j:,. Islii. 
.(ame.s. s. of .lames an.l Mary .M.. 1). e :. Is.M. 
Geor-e llenrv, s. of .lames '1\ ami M:iry M . ,lan. IG, ISo 
Charles, s. of .Tames and Marv. .liiii. 17. 1.-:.:. 
Krankliii, s. of .I.ames T. and .M nv, Vmil I, IS.VI. 
Williaui, s. of .lames and Marv \|.nl IJ. l-Cl, 
I'lirbc. l.oeU, d. of .lames K. and .Mny .M . . M nel, S. ISiH;. 

Maria Mar- 

■ly, . 

.\. a 




1-.. Ml 

(;e,,ri:e lieu 

V, s. 

of (li 


.\. a 


■', li /. I 



K.hvard Am 


• lie, 

,._,,. _ 

V. : 

lid i;i 


.M . .Ii 



.lolni 1''., ,s. 

.f l\l 

■1 1 




pi. -Js 




.\v roN. 

Kdwin (iilm 
.s. of h 


of L 
C. an 

1 Al 

.y, ( 






I'ollV, d. ni' 



n an 

1 .Ma 




17.s;;., s. 

ol' W 




" M 

■ly L'l' 



■ U'i 

lid 1 

1 1 1 n \' 




.M,.ry, d. ol 


am a 

d 1": 

n n \ . 

.' Is. 



Khoda Tin. 


. d ■ 

■ SI. 



1 Nail 


William, s. 

of W 



fa 111 

\ . 




Abiuail, d. 

,f Si 

f SI 



1 .\l.i 


. Mav 

Slei.heii lie 


on s. 

of S 


u a 

Hl .\1 


il. No 

Franklin Ti 


,d- Si 





in |: H 

Surviah Ha 

»er. I 

. of S 


n am 




( 'liarh-s, s. 

if SIi 





an. L' 

SI 7. 

lio'sanm'i Ui 


if SI 


1 a 

d Na 


, Nov. 

Alfred G(m 

d. s. 

o( Ai 

OS a 

id M 


, Api 


U, l.SL>, 

I'aiker, .. of A s and Merev, Keli. 'JT . 18L'7. 

llairiel .\deline, d. of .\niosaml Merey, .luly L',S. IHL'll. 
SiiUiiKui . ofl'rar' C. an.l I.ouisa, .Tnne'.i, l.s;:o, 
Fanny Munroe. d. of Svlvesler and l.avii.iu, .Inly 1, 1830. 
Marv, d of Tiaey C. and l.onisa, April 1, lh-\:,. 
Henry A., s. of Sylvester lUid I.avina, April IN, I83i;. 
Sleiihen, s. of Stephen, Jr., and .Marv Ann, .\liireh .-., 1837. 
Kverelt Henry, s. of Sylvester and l.avinia, Jan. 31, 1838. 
William, s of Os-ood and Xaney, Mav 22. 1838. 
Marlha Ann, d. of Traey (.'. and I ydia K., May '.i, 183'.l. 

rr:ft;i ■<'> dKav.'jti /Trjdo// 

. Ki/ K //;i/r 

.y f.u:u:r/i 

./<>'! 7/ :•«>? 


1,',",', "I'l iLua'.iiiM.'', si-pi. 1:1. !«"<• 

Marilr. •\"''"- '", ;'!.,, ,, .,,,,, i.,„.R.|ia, June li, IW-t'J. 
Fnuik r 

:<>"^'">''"'^"'>--"'"''-^' ■""'■■■•■■ :i)ci; 11: iH4f 

' C. Mml Ly.Via, Sopl M, US4U. 


^ "i'\ :hv"ni;:. orrlKuU-^ .M., Sana,, May.., l^.:>. 


W ; U : r r Nu Ul 11. and Harriot N., A,,^. 0, ISOO. 
. 1 Ch Vs; , ; '.,f Kl.uu W. a,ul Jenny, April i ', 18U. 
Charl.sVs.'ol-Xatnan II. and Harric't Dec. 4, l^'H- 
, i-,..r,.tt ,1 (iCSlcDiien, Jr., and Al)bv, Dec lo, 1801. 

('r ■■' ,; PI sVwvitt s or •: H. W. and Iv Jennie, May 7, 18C 
M ;','■ ' n^u a d : Nail n I. and Harriet, March 21;, 1803. 
F ' u w'du s of Ebcn W. and Fliza J., May 27, 18U4. 

r ,,,..:;. and Snsan, Jnne 13, 1805. 
^vTm , c - orXalluu. U. and Harriet K., May 17, 1B67. 
r ,i< M d' oi-fharles A. and Kvie O., July 25, l.S(;7 
sa 1 d.'oi-N' II. and Harriet N., An. 23,_1,S.;0. 
'....... ^,. ...;.. ,1 ,,,■ niiarlosand lUaen, Jnne 22, iMl. 

of Charles A. 

. U, 1.S7 



1 .,,!,.. \n..usius s 01 .„'<Mi;.- W. an.i'Ma.y, Jniy 4, IHl'l. 
iKoU- Au-uslus, s. 01 ,_^ ^ ,,„1 llannali. ilarelLiil, 18.'-.3. 

ddin \V( 

■C. li. FouU-and 1 

l(leur-e W. and Mary K., May 13, 1853 

NOr.AN. ., ,, ,^^. 

Marv F.Ua, d. olManies and liri.l-et, April 1., isr.i. 
1 ; id'a. ol- James and lirlduvl. Jan. 2(1, IHCO. 

)• iT.lwilian, s of Jan,e« and Ilri.l.u'cl, April 21, 1802. 
M- V Filen, d. ;,(■ I'atiiek and Mary, Sept. U, 1.8G5. 
l.Vuees losephine d olMarnes and Brldsct, Nov. 7, 18G5. 
M-',rcella d o( IMlrick and Mary, May 2. 1S07. 
.I,il,n s. .d'I'atrirl; an,l Mary, Dec. :», IsOrt. 
C-li I \nri d (>r I'.itricli ami Mary, Fel). 17, 1870. 
lun.s Kduard s of James and Uridgot, April 18, ISd. 
- 'r, :',,<■ I'aiVieU and MarV, Jan. 0, 1872. 






Cluu-lcs, s. olMn.u.'S iUKl Ann, S.'pt. 2i, IS'.C. 

ratri.k ll.iin, >, or .lames unil Ann, Kel). 13, 1858. 

Jainrs, >, ..r.iaiiir, ;ui(l .Mm. May l.'>. ISCO. 

Ncal, s. ..iMaiiirs and Ann, .Iiilv :il, ISD'i. 

liosaua, (1. of .lami's ami Ann, ,Inlv 10, hSOt. 

Maiv ICUon, il. ol' .huiios anil Ann, .7an. 'J, \»C,7. 

Mary Kllzabctli, il. oI'Micliao! and Klizabc-tli, May 1, 1871. 


.Inlia, il. of DonnLsand Hannah, Oct. — , 1854. 
Dcnni.s, .s. of Michael and Alice A., May 7, ks7I. 
Mary Liz/.ic, d of Michael and .\licc .\., .Mav 7, 1871. 
Kninia ,J., d. of .Micliaul and Alic- .\,, Dec. ID, l.s7L'. 


.lanius Thompson, s. of rA'wi.s and Mary, May 11, 1838. 

(1. of Joseph H. and Mar-aret, Any;. 18, is,";!). 

Charles M , s. of Arthur and Olive, .Sept. 22, 18G3. 


James, s. of Michael and Mary, Oct. 1, 1853. . ■ 
s. of Thomas and .\nn F., Jnlv 19, LSCG. 

ha Aluilihi, a. of Cliarles W. and Eli/.abeth H., burn in W:i 
11., .\[ni\ 1, 1S7U. 


s. of. 

Caroline 1. 


Caroline, Oct. 0, 1S31. 

Jnlia Maria Wetherbee, d. of Benjanun 11. and Mary II., June 


Micliael, s. of Peter and Rose, April .SO, l.S.-)3. 
Kosanna, d. of I'eter and Rose, Au-. 21, IS54. 
William II.. ,s. (,f Wdliain and Ellen, Nov. (!, 1854. 
John, s. of Thomas and lOUen, Jnlv 31. 1855. 
Francis, s. of I'.Mcraml Rose, Dec. 27, 1855. 
William Henry, s. of William and Kllen, .Ian. 10. 1857. 
Marv Ann, d. of David and .Mar-aret, Nov. 2S, 1857. 

s. of I'eter and , Dec 2, is,",-. 

.Maria, d. of William and Mary, March 23, 1858. 

.Mice, d. of William and Kllcn. Feb. I, 1H5'J. 

John, s. of John and Marv, June 13, 185'.i. 

William, s of I'eter and Komi, Jnne 2!), 18.59. 

John, s. of David an<l Oct. 22. 18.">0. 

John,s, of William and Marv, Nov. U, l,s.5'j. 

'I'homas, s. of and Kllen, An-. H, IKfil. 

Uo.sanna, d. of i'eter and Hose, Jan. 13, 1H(;2. 

Alii-c, d. of William and .Marv, born in Nortli Uecl^et, Jan. 8, 

Wiliiam, s. of William and .Mary, ,lnly 2(;, 181)3. 

.,-,,ri:ii,. /o .:;■)'. '•.>:)!i y.iJUi 

iM 1'> ■■. .I'ldllS'i 

v/ . i n;,H' ,-t:, 


'«:',,< Umt iniviu.. 

.0)81 .1.2 ■-•• -H V'"i< 

111 iflS'll. !■ .'JBvl-J-xl' 


()'inni':N, runtinuM. 

William A., s. of \Villi:nii ami Briil-ot, Doc. 2a, IHliJ. 
I'liilin, s. of I'ctur ai)il Rnsc, ])i:c. 27, ISlM. 
Ann, cl. of William ami Marv, NuV. :!. ISC.i. 
Ellen, (I. of William ami lirid^ut, May I'J, 18(;7. 
.(aims, s.of William and .Marv. Sept. 14, 18(17. 
Daniel, s. of I'etci-aml Rose, Feb. li), 18(18. 
.losepliine, il. nf William ami lii-iduet, .June 13, 18(J9. 
Kliza, (I. of William mid .Marv, Nov. 1, ISU'J. 
Alice, d. of William an,l Urid-et, March 10, 1M71. 
'I'liomas I'atricU, .s. of W'illiani and Mary, Dec. 10, 1871. 
Annie, d. of.loliii and Ann, D.te. 20, 1871. 



fliarlrs, s. , 

f .Mai 

rice I 

ml .\ 

nn. May 17, isiir,. 

Marv .Vjrne.s 

, d. ol 


s an 

1 .Mary,' May 2r,, 1807. 

Tl.omas, s. 

y{ Ma 


nd . 

un, Dec. 11!, 1871. 

O'OONNOU (see. also, Co.nnou). 

Hridf," t, (I. of I'eler and Ann, .Tune 12, 18i3. 

.(nlm, s. of ,lolin and Kllen, ,lnne 7, IH.I.-,. 

,lol,n, s. of I'eler and Ann, Dec. 21, 1W.-..X 

,7olni. s. of Daidel and Kli/abetli, .Ian. (I, 18.-.C. 

Mar-arel, d. of IVter a(Hl Ann, .\n-. 1."), 18.-.7. 

Mar-iirel, cl. of .lolin ami Kllen, Nov. M,. 18.-,7. 

llannali, il. of .lohn and Kllen, Jidv I, 1800. 

Susan .lane, d. of I'eler and Ann, i)ee. l:i, 18(10. 

Marv .lane, d. .d' Tli.jmas and Marv, Sept. :tU, 18(11. 

■riiomas Knmeis, s. of Thomas and Mary, Feb. 3, 18G3. 

Catherine, d. of I'eU'ramI Ann, March ifi. lK(;;i. 

David, s. of Tliomas and Mary, Nov. 1, 18(;4. 

-Mary Ann, d. of Maurice and Ann, Feb. 4, ISCG. 

Jame.s, s. of I'eter and Ann, May ."., 18li.^. 

Aleen, d. of Michael and Margaret, born in Winchester, Aiiir. 2, ISfla 

Annie, d. of Thomas and Mary, Sept. 17, 18(15. 

I'alriid; Kraneis, s. of I'atri.k and Mary, Nov. 14, ISCIi. 

William, s. of .liunes and .loa i, Keb.' 12, 18(57. 

Ann, d. of I'eler and Ann, April .5, 1M17. 
Mary, d. of Michael and .Mar-aret, Aim. 12, 18C7. 
David, s. of Thuinas and Marv. Oct. l.i, 18fi7. 
Delia Maria, d. of Patrick ami Mary, Am.'. 7, 18(18. 
Kalie, d. uy M<nris and Anna C. M'arch 2;!, 18(1!1. 
Kniina, d. of Michael and Mar-arel, An;:. 17, 18(i;i. 
.John jleiirv, s. of I'alriek and Mary, ,lnly 27, 1870. 
I'eter, s. of I'eler and Ann, .Inne (1, 1871. 
Ma^'uhN d. of Micdiael and .Mar-arct. Aiiir. 11, 1S71. 
d' Patrick and .M.-i 


.Tohn, N. of i'Mward and Nanc\ 

, .Inly 11, 1H.V2. 

A d. of l',.hvard and Nancy 

Dec. 28, isr.:!. 

.Mary, d. of Ncal and Ann, Oe 

. 27, IK.I,-,. 

» Fanny, d. of Fdward ami Nan 

cv, May 11, 18.'5(I. 

.lohn, s. of Neal and Nancy, .Ii 

ly 11, 1H.-.7. 

■ Kos.-i, d. (d' Fdvvar.: (). and Na 

icy, Mav 1(1, 1858 

:!ia ■••iT' ofloxfA mriMLvvr 

jj.ii'.y.iv.yo I 

180 woiu'KN ni:roiii) ok iuktiis. 

O'DONNKM., c(jntu,ma. 

.loliii, s. of JoliM Miul Ami, .Tan. :il, 18.VJ, 
ril'ii (I. of .Micliacl mill .M;tri,Mivt, \ii.'. 15. 1859. 
.Tohn. s. ..f I'atrirk .ii,l Kll.u, Nov. 17, IS.VJ. 
lOlizaDcth, d oC X.Ml :uul Naiiry, I'd). -'6, l.SfiO. 
M-u'v (I ol Mioluu'l ami Mai-iirut, AiiL'. 15, ISfiO. 
Ko^amia, d. of I'atrick ami Klli'ii. April 7, iSiil. 
l{rulu-ot,'d. of Kdwai-.l an.l Xaiicy, .Inn.: liO, IsGl. 
Kdwanl, s. of Mlcliai^l and Mar-arot, Nov. HI, 18(51. 
Muv, d. of .rolin and Ann, Nov L'o, 18113. 
St,-r>ht'n -^ of Micharl and .Mar-irut, Dec. 21, ISfi:!. 
!-l,'il,-s's. of lirin.rd and Ann, May L'S, IsC-t. 
M:,n,d. nl- ralrukand '■■"•■"' •,""^' -;;.■ ,' ;'.','^-i^^,,7 
n'ai'l'-N 's.^..l'.I.dui' and'.'\"nn.' s'e|,'t.' Ill, l.snV. 
.(„l,,i, .s. of liaiau^y and Mai-aivl, Oct. 'J'.), IbDH. 

.lolni, s. of lI.Tniird and . Oct. '-".l, LSCi). 

d. of I'alricl^ and I'dlcn, Xov. 21, Isi/J. 

I'ati-ick, s. of lUTnanl and .Mar-aret, .)an. i.5 1870. 
I'auiclv, -s. of IkT.uu-d and M:u-ai-ct, Doc. 2;i, 187U. 
M.M-nKi-d, .s. of Mark and l!rid-ol, Sept. Hi, 1872. 
Maria, d. of liL-rnard and .Mar-aret, .Sept. IS, 1872. 
I'alrick, s. of I'atruk and lOlltn, Drc. 22. 1872. 


s. of .lolin and , .IiUy 2s, l,s,-,'J. 

0'LE.\RY (see, also, Li:u:y). 

Marv K., d. of Drnnis and l!rid-et. May 22, ISii;',. 
Daniel lo-enli s (if Dennis and lirid-cl, Oct. 1, 18(jii. 
WUIian, I'la.ic'is, s. .d' Dennis and Und^'et, May 2S. ls,;8. 
.loanna Maria, d. of Dennis and ilrid-et. May 11, 18,1. 


Helen Maria,,!, of Kuu-ne and Knu-line. (let. 20. 1841). 

Henry Kn^-eiK', s. nl lame ind I'el,. 15, l.S.^,2. 

Marv Ann, d. of Aril, nr and \nn A'.ineu'. .lone 21, 1852. 

MarV Kllcn. d- of James an,l Ellen, March 11, ISni. 

Henrietta, d, of .Tames and Ellen, .Marcii 2.j, 181.,.. 

Mariraret, .1. of .lames and lUlen, April 15, ISr,:,. 

Mar-erv, d of .lames and Ellen, .Inly .11, 18(17. 

|.-r,/,l„.ili d of .kunes and Ellen, Sepi. 1, 1K71. 

Annie, ,|.'nf .lol.n and Mar-areU liorn in Charleslown, An-. 7, 1872, 


,1 Nancy 11., De.'. 21, 18.1:1.^ _ 

iek E. and Susan. I.. May 27, 18.50. 
,d Susan.).. Sep.. 20. 1S55. 
.. .,f'riek .an. I S.isjn .1., N..v. 22, IMCd. 

0'KII..1CV (see, also, Hii.r.Y). 

William, s. of William and Catharine, .lune 11), 1S71. 





1. of 

— " d. ..f I'r 

i;ii/ ,117 ,.)-,.lir'.r. 

AVOHl'K'N' Rl'.rOlU) OF lURTIIS. 187 


llorsplu'l Almersoii, s. of William II. :iml Mary A., Aiij,'. 20, 1871. 


.Mary, U. nf Tlioinas ami Mary, Feb. 18, 1H71. , 


l.-rcdiTi, k I'ortor, .s. (.r .\i.ios .T. and Aim ,1., AufS. 14, l.sCC. 
l..uii.-.a, il. ..|- liciiiaiiiiii I), and Kli/.abiali F., Sept. 1:;, 18i;7. 
Anius FInyd, .s. of Amlivw H. and lliiiTiot K., Oft. IS, 18(17. 
Maud d. oC I.fWi.s \V. and Addir M., .Inly 211, 18i;:i. 
Anna .Imctt, d. ol' Amos ,1. and Anna J., June; ;id, 1872. 


liaxl.T 15., s. of Ha.Klerand Abi-ail F., An^. 0, 1830. 
'riniolliv F., .s. of ISaxlerand Abi.uail F., March 28, I8;!2. 
l-'raiiL-cs Amelia, (I. of George II, and Kii/.iibelli. ,hine 24, ISSO. 

William FiacolM, .s. of Geor-e II. and Eli/.abrlli A., April C, ISrr,). 


'riieophiln.s F., .s. of John 0. and Kb/.abcth, Dec. .T, 1842. 
Herman L., .s. of .lolin 0. and Kli/.abetli. Dec. 29, 184 J. 
.\larv Shattnek, d. of .lolm O. and I'.lizabelli, .liine 1, 1845. 
Charl.s Tiltoii, .s. of Mo.-ex W. and Mary, Ann- ."., 184(1. 
(Jeor-e .v., s. of Jacob and Sn-an limit, April 15, 1817. 

• .-;. of ami , .lime 27, 1847. 

Kmma l.anra. d. of Mo-es W. and Mary II., Nov. fi, 1847. 
Kiinicu Waite, d. of .loliii 0. and Elizabeth, Dec. 2(1, 1847. 

.s. of .Tohn O. and Kli/.abetli, Sept. 14, 1850. 

Oharles Freeman, .s. of.Ioh W. and Calliarine, July 29, 1852. 
Warn-ii 'riioma.s, s. of Thomas W. ami Mary, .Tiily 12, 1852. 
Kllielle, d. of Alvan and Deborah, Feb. — , 1854. 

Cariii' i:ii/,abi'lli, d. of .lob W. I (.'al liariiie, Ann. 12, 18511. 

I.aphron/.o, s. of Alvan and Deborah M.. .Ian. 14, 185'J. 
Warren, .s. of .lolin and Caroline, Feb. 2:!, 18(10. 
Ilorlon, .s ,.f Mvaii and Deborah, .Tune 2:1. I8(i0. 
Mary Caroline, d. of .lohii, .Ir., ami Caroline I-., Dec. 25, ISCl. 

.-, of Alvan and Deborah M., .July 1, 18C3. 

Herman Krv, s. of ■Iheoi.hilu.s F. and Ktia U., Oct. 18, 1807. 
Ilarriel Fli/abelh, d. of 'riieophiliis F. and Etta K., Nov. 18, 1808. 

Eve 1 Mabel, d. of ■riieophiliiN and Ella K.. Sept. 20, 1870. 


Daniel, s. of Daniel and Bolhiah, April 8, 1097. 
Manila, d. of Daniel and llelliiali, .Ian. 8, Ki'.l'.i. 

i l*y\MMI',K. 

KiiliiN Wlllard, .s. of.leremhili If. ami .laiie, .Inly Ml, 1850. 
Caroline, d. of.lerembih K. iiiiil Caroline, May 10, 1H58. 

iiTjiiif "So iiwcn.'sri x i :h<:«7' 

;: I:... .1! ;iu:.l;r/? v. 

r^i (iHi* b<- -...ivirr 1. .;. ,ci«i/i 



0. of .\klvillo C. ami Elizabeth, Supt. 27, ]Sr.i]. 


Elizalnnli, (1. of.l.uiu's, iMai'cli 12, HUS. 

Iliiiitmh, (I. or Abniliani. Oct. •>'.>, M'.ir,. 

Ami, (1. ofjiinies, .Ian. 5, 1(W7. 

Joliii, s. of Ahriiliaiii. Oct. ;!(!, li;47. 

Jolin. s. of James, Jan. 18, IIU'J. 

Ahrahani, s. of Ahialiam, Marcli 8, KJ.^O. 

Sarah, tl. of Jairii'.s, An^. 2'J, \r,',0 

William, .>.. of ,losi:ih and Eliz.iliL'th. Nov. il, IC'J:;. 

Anil, (1. or.lo<iali :iii.l Klizaln'ili, Nov. L>" ](;'.i:, 

Epliraiin, .s. of Sanuiel aiul llaiuiah, Out. 1, 17l'i!. 

Nicholas, s. of Saniiiul and llamiah, June !), 1728. 

Mary. d. of Josiuh and Mary, Dec. 2.-,, 17411. 

.Josiah, s. of Josiah and .Mary, Nov. 25, 1751. 

Eydia, il. of Josiah and Mary, Dc-c. 10, 1753. 

Boiijaniin, s. ol josiah and Mary, Jan. 30, 175G. 

Nathan, s. of Josiah and Mary, April 1, 17.-,8. 

Anna, d. of Josiah and .Mary, Feb. 12, 17fiO. 

Edmund, s. of Josiah and .Mary, .M.irch 17, 17G2. 

Jlartha, d. of Jo.siah and Mary. ,Iuly 211, 1701. 

Hnth, d. of Josiah and Marv, Oct. 1, KCC. 

Nathan, s. of Josiah and Mary. Kcb. 21, I7G1). 

lictty, d. ofJosi.Mh and .M,ny,",rulv 23, 1771. 

Josiali, s. of .Tosiali and l[aiin;ih, N^iv. 1774. 

Henry, s. of Jnsi.di and Ibuiuah, July 2, 1777. 

Hannah, d. of .I<]si:di and Il.innah, March 11), 1771). 

Henjainiii, s. of li- ii);iniin and .Mchclabul, Aul'.2(;, 1730. 

Jo.scph, .s. of lirnjainin and .M.liclabcl, June 8, 1782. 

Saiuutd, s. ofHcnjandn aiul .Mdn'tahel, Dec. 23, 1784. 

Su.sanna, d. of Jonas ami .Susanna, March 17, 1785. 

Ebcnezer S., s. oI Simeon and Ucbecca, April 17, 1785. 

Polly Eaton, d. of En.sii,'n Icahod and Aljiirail, An;;. 15, I'gi 

-Mehetabel, d. of Benjamin and .Mehel:ibel,"oct. 2;;?178i';. 

Jouas, .s. of Jonas and Susanna, Mav 1. 178S. 

Patty, d. of lienjamiii and .Mc het.ibel. June 11, 1781). 

Tlionias, s. of Icabod and Abi-ail, .\ov. 17, 171)0. 

Anna, d. of iiriij.imin and .Mehetabel, Sept. 1), 17U1. 

r.ncy. ,l.'orHeiijamin and .MelieialiLd, Kcb. i,s,'l7l)4. 

I'olly. d, <,f Nalli.MU and I'.dly, Mar.di 23, 171)4. 

Electa, d. of Josiah and Hannah, .M.iy 1. I7III. 

Thomas lleiijaniln. .s. oflc-ibod anil Abi-ail, Xov. 20, 171)5. 

Betsey, il.of J.isiah and llanmih, March 1, KUC. 

Abl-ail Turner, d. of Icabod and Abi-ail, AuL^ 4, 17'J8. 
Abigail, d. of Josiali ami Abigail, ,fr., ,)an. 5,' 1808. 
Eliza Hichardsou, d. (.f.Toseph and lielsey, An-. 27, ISOS. 
Oliver Hutchinson, s. of llenrv and .Vbi-ail, .Innc 20, isus. 
Nalhan, s. of .loseph and Melsev, Oct. 7, l,s(i:i. 

Manila, .1. of Henry and Abi-ail, An-.' 17, isll 
I'ally, .1. ..r.l„sepli and lielsey. Oct. 12, 1.S12. 
Abi-ail, d. of Henry ami Abl-ail, .March 2U, 1814. 

.*(('!•:;« to a;io;i'i)t 

51 -:: .t.,'.'- ..Mj.Di'!!:! Mo; .;• 


I'ARKKlt, rniitinnnl 

.losi'ph Addisdu, s. of Joseph luul, .]iily 7, KS15. 
Loiiisii, il. ol'IU-iuT and Al)i:iuil. Duf. 14, Isic. 
Ann. il. of .los.'pli unii Hetsev, Oct. S.i, 1«1U. 
I.vdia, d. of Duvid J. and l{fbcci:a, March 11, 1H18. 
Maria, d. of Henry and Abi-ail. July J, Idl'J. 
.James s. of Davi.l ,7. and Hebccea, Sept. 17, I.Slt). 
lienianiin, s. of .losepli and lietsey, Jan. 25, 1820. 
Marv, d. of David J. and liuhecta, Sept. 7, 1S23. 
Eii/.alx'tli, d. of David J. and Keljeoca, ,Tan. 12, 1825. 
Lvdi.-i 'I'lioniuson, d. of Krudeiiul< and Nal)l)V, J"nnc 11, 1827. 
David liradley, s. <if David J. and H.hecea, Jnne 13, lS-8. 
Fredericic Cliandler, s. of Kred.Ticl; and Naliliy, Jan. IG, 1829. 
Jo.siah, .s. of Fredericlv .and ^'aljby, (_)ct. 5, 18^2. 
Ilaniiali Marcia, d. of Frodericlc and Nabljy, Oct. 5, 1832. 
Jo.scph Henry, ,s. of Oliver H and Pally, .Sept. 10, 18:;i;. 
Betsey Fidelia, d. of Frederiel; and Nabby, June 7, Ks;)i;. 
Oliver Gardner, s. of Oliver 11. and I'atty, Feb. 23, 1837. 
Klla Gray, d. of Siunuel 1'. and Kliza H , Dec. lU, 1.S3S. 
Josepli .Uldi.son, s. of Joseph A. anil Kebecca J., Oct. lU, 1840. 
Josi'pliine, d. of Samuel I', and Kliza 1!., Sept (!, 1840. 
'l'lien,l„re Morton, s. of Samuel 1'. and Eliza 1!., Nov. U, 1841. 
Martha, d. of Oliver H. and I'auy, Oct. 20, 1841. 
Susan Flint, d. of Kbenezer and KIsa L., July L', 1843. 
Conaut Aloiizo, .s. of Hinjamin and Mary Ann, Au-. 10, 1844. 
Kllen Aniell, d. of Join) and Kuiiice ),., Feb. 28, 1815. 
M.iria Jane, d. of .Iiiseph A. and Uebecca J., All-. 8, 1845. 

s. of Oliver 11. and I'atly, Nov. 10, 184.J. 

Wilber Hale-. -. iif Henjainiii and Mary A., March 10, 1S40. 

s. <,f James ('. and Klizabelh A. II., Feb. 0, 1847. 

I'lUa I'ih'ira, d. ol .loliii I*, and Mai'lha J., April LM, ISl". 
JoMah Wyman, s. of Ju>iali and Nancv .\f, Mav 2s, Isl7. 

Arlhur Francis, s. of lieiijamin and .Man A Sept. lu, 1847. 

Klizibeth France-, il. of Henjamin and i\laiv V... Sept 11, 1847. 

Everelt l.elaiid, .s. of.Ioliu F. and .Maitlia .1., Jan. L'2, I84i). 

Geoi-e Franklin, s. of lienjamin and Maiy A., May 4, 1849. 

Mary Fiances, d. of .b,>ial, and Nancy Jl., June 2:1, 1849. 

Beiiiainin Franklin, s. n[ lienjamin and Marv, Sejit. 8, 1850. 

Charles, s. i.f Andrew J. and All)a A., born in Worcester, Aug 



Sii>.an Ijnma, d. of Benjamin and Mary K., April 21, 1854. 
Carrie, d. of Robert \Y . lind Ilidduii, May 20, 1855. 

d. of John F. and JIartha J., Dec. 20, 1850. 

Ilatiie, d. of Kobert W. and Iluldah T., Sept. 19, 1857. 
Lucy A., d. of Benjamin and Jlary, Jan. 24, 1868. 
l.vdia, d. of Frederick C. and M..rihu A., April 4, 1858. 
Gordon Rowell, .-.. of Kbenezer ami KLsa L., July U, 1858. 
Kllle Isadore. d. of Theodore M. and Susan 11., July 17, 1800. 
Frederick Alvah, s. of Tlieodoic .M. and Susan 11. D., Au;i. 27, 18G1. 
Susan, d. of liioimis H. and Susan, born In Harwich, April 22, 1802. 
Au.^lin Wiloer, >. of Josiah uiid Nancv, April 14, 1803. 
Willie C, s. of F. Ch.indler and M. A., An-. 11, 1803. 
Kd^'ar Dudley, .s. of Chailes S. ami Cornelia F., Jan. 10, 1804. 
Helen l.iMiisa, d. ol Geor-e and Mary I,., April 12, 1805. 
Jnhn Lord, s. of.ldhu I,, anil Amelia J., April 3, 1800. 
"I.illie W'iiiiliKip, d. (if Josiah and N.ancy .M., April 28, 18GG. no uHooaa v.:tua<yi 


PAKKICK, n„Uiininl. 

Klsiu M:iv. il. or Cluirlcs S. aiul Coniolia F., July 7, 18(JU. 
Maiv Wi'Min-ton. <1. ofF. CliamlU'V iiiul M. Aljbv, Jan. 21, Ksus 
IIui-lK-rl W'., s. of litiijaiiiiii and iMarv IC. Nov. 1, lyc;) 

(1. olOeoruo ami Marv, Ih-c II, 1870. 

lloi-ac' IJiiwplI, s. ofJolui'L. and Amelia J.. Jan. H, 1,S71. 
Frank Klandui-s, s. orjo.-iiali and Sanilj ]i., .March 4, 1n71. 
John C'nrlis Xk-hoN, s. of f liMir-c .and .Alary L. , Jnnu 10, ls72. 


Floreiico Klla, d. of Edward H. and Kittle, jNlarch 10, 1S72. 


(Iraiivillr, s. orLromu-d \V. and Uosaimn B., Sept. L':!, IMIO. 
I'.lla .lane. d. of Leonard \V. ami Ko.-anna B., June l.S, 1814. 
Leonard Wellnian. s. ol C'lnirles "!'. and Snsan .M., Jan. IL', I8:.0. 
.Mariella S., d. or Charles T. and SiiMin M., Sept. 1, Ls.'il. 
.Marietta Snphiu, d. of Charles T. anil Sn.san, 1)<'C. -J. ISoi). 
Carrie, d. of Cliarle.s T. and Snsan M., Jnne 21), 1850. 
William Karl. s. o( Peter and Sar.-.h K., .Mareli 27. 1801. 
Chailes Weller, s. uf Granville and Kli/.a, Mareh 22, 18(13. 
Granville llainhlett, s. of Granville and Kh/.alieth, Jnlv 20, \SC.i 
Albert F., s. of Granville and Kli/.ab. in .\., .March I'J, ISGK. 

PATKKSON (see I'.ittkhson). 


John, s. of Tlionnis and Maria, Nov. 20, l.SGl. 


F.lizabetli, d. of Nathaniel and lieriah, Feb. 20, 1758. 


Snsan L., d. of Leonard and Soplironia, Oct. 20, 1845. 
Gcorjjc A., s. of lAMjnard and Soplironia, Jan. 10, 1850. 


Jnlia Kva, d. of William K. and Julia A., July 2, 18G8. 


.Marv Helen, d. of William II. and Hannah, Jnne K!, 1854. 
John llenrv, .s. of Willinni 11. ami Aiii:< line, Jnne 24, I85fi. 
Abba Cornelia, d. <if William II. and Anurllmi, Nov. 5, 1.S58. 


.Maria Kla--. d. or(ieor-e (). and Harriei 1'., .Ian. 17, 1817. 


Sarah, d. of Bartholomew, May 7, l':5;?. 

John, s. of Ki nd.all and Lvdia, Jan. 24, 172:). 

.\allnin, .s. (dKemhill aiidl.vdi.i. An-. 14, 172.'.. 

.Marv, d. of Kendall ami I, villa, Jan. 2. 1728 

Barlholonuw liicharilson.'s. of lle/.ekiah and Sally, April 21, 18 

John 'lay, .s. of David J. and J'uniela, Jan. 18, 1820. 

:i;f /.:i};iOV/ 

' ".<■■■'. ■ 'i-^M 


r.i.-| .U'- .(l-y;. .il)N-i-j;( l.iM, ( •..iKi',;.,'/ 1>. .1) ,iti-)'i/j.\in 

<)'fi ,0' :•!>'. ,,'.■, to-; .<n<i.-. Ih-Ii I>1< ;ii!iil to .k . / ■yj'iO'^y^ 
>.»t,l .S v[iil. ,.A vil ((. |. -.1 ■( niurltiV.' 1o .b ,i)v:-| »i|i)l 

.f;«j ,ii; !i'f:.' ,'c'; 



OKI) or 



, , 





I,d. of Ik 


1 ,F. and Sally, March 10, Ihl'1 


n, s. 


)avi.l .J. a 

III I'a 

iiila, Oct 

;.'l, 1821. 




ill an 

1 Sally, ,Ii 

11. i(t. is2;i. 




s. of llrz 


and Sally 

Dec. H, 1824. 



mixlsoii, s. (il 


kiah and S 

ullv, March U, 1S28 

Est lie 



(1, oI'Da* 

(1 .1. ; 

lid I'aincl 

I. April 2, 1830. 





. and 


.lunc 2?. 18;!2. 


), s. 

.1 J 

■sso W. ai 

d Ui! 

iiula K , ,r 

an. HI, 1834. 

Jiili.'i . 


1. (1 

■Willanl : 

lid A 

111 1- , Doc 

. 4, l«:!;j. 



s. n|- Wil 

ird a 

d Ann I'. 

July K;, 1K37. 


I \V\ 


1, il. Ill Ml 

MS ,1 

and l.ydi 

iT., July 23, 1H38. 



F., . 


~sc W. am 

and I 


iTiie, Mas 

8, 1838. 
■11. 12, 18311. 
27, 1841. 


S { 


>su W. an 


uda. AiiL'. 

14, 1S41. 




.1 of.Ic<> 

(■ \V. 

Hid Mtlill 

la. July l.i. 1^43. 


a Cz. 

1, a. nf.Io 

Ill T 

and Maril 

a M., Julv IG. 1S45. 


rt .111 

1, s. of, It 

si; W 

iiiul M(,l 

nda, JuiK 20. 184G. 




1. of .loliii 

T. ai 

d Martha 

Jan. -K 1S47. 


<l (1 

f J. 

III! T. and 


laM., Nov 

. 25, 184,s. 

Bi'ls.'y JaiK^ il. of Joscjih and I.ucy Ann, Sopt. 21, 18.'i0. 

James IJrucc, s. of Willard J. and .Mary li., Jan. 0, \h:\. 

Bertha Esther, d. of Jolin T. and Martlia M. C, April 12, 1852. 

Horace Wekster, s. ..f Willar.i J. and Jkiry. Sept. 21, 1852. 

Edjiar Encian, s. of Jesse W. and Melinda, .Vpril I, I8.')3. 

Josei.hlne Ella, d. of Joseph and Eney A., March 17, 1854. 

John livron, s. of John T. and Martlia iM., July 23, 1854. 

Moses i., s. of Joseph and Hetsey A., June 24, 1850. 

Augusta Undolph, d. of Joseph and Eney A., Sept 17, 1858. 

Helen Maria, d. of Wiliard J. .-iiid Helen, March 15, 1851). 

Ueor-e Henry James, s. of Horace and Adeline A. M., Aug. 14, 1872. 

PEIRCE (.see Piicucn). 



Aljiu'ail, tl. of John and Abi-ail, Sept. 23, 1091). 


Hannah, d. ol liicin 

llerheil Ephiaim, s. of Kpliraim li and Miriam (J., Jnmi Kl, 1K5(!. 
(Carrie An/.elelia, .1. ol I In.iii.i, K. .a ,1 l.aiira A , July 12, 185C. 
Moranda Alih.a .Miriam, il oi Ephiaim li. and Aliriain, born In Cla 

iiiont, N. IE, June 2S. Ks,-,h. 
Emma Jane, U. of Epliraiiii B, and .Miriam C,.. Jan. 8, I860. 

io (iHCxtaii Kiivaoj/ 


u ,a .■/<./. — - ■ 



Lvdia Almira, d. of Loren W. and Lydia K., Sipt. IG, 1S49. 

tl. (>r Li.reii W. :iii(t Lyiliii K., Oct. 1, 18.-)1. 

WillimiU'ttu, (I. of r.oix-M W. niid Dorotliv II., All-. Ifi. 1854. 
Aloiizo Lau-n-i!ce, s. of Lmvii \V. and Dorothy A., An-. 10, 1859. 


Haiiiiltou II., .s. of Warreu H. and Marllia, .Sept. C, 1850. 
All)i;i-t, s. of JaiMfs A. and ZiUah, April L'l, 1S55. 
Kayotlc Appktoii, .>(. of .I.'Iuk's A. and Zillali IC, .Inly 12, 185G. 
Cora Kvflvn, il. of .lanirs A. and ZiUali K., An-. 10, 1850. 
Carrie Knitiia, d. id'Nailian (i. and .Melissa, Oct. 14, ISCO. 
(ie,H-c ll.ilMii s, Mfi;,.,,,...,. „,id Alndi-a, Marcdi 10, I8i;-.'. 
iM-anis Iri.di, -, ofCilali and M.-id.aliiU' I,., Nov. 1!), 1.8i;:i. 
.lonalliau li\m-,s. (dlieor-e and Ahnira, Out. L', KSli:.. 
Ilan-y Corneilc, .s. of (ieoi--e and Alnnra, Jan. 24, ISUT. 
Mary ICndly, d. of Cieoi'^e and .Vlniiva, .Tnlv 8, 18(;,s. 
Nathan Wvirnin, s. of tieorge and AlinifU, Ocl. 5, 18i;9. 
.Mary Ann, d. of Mieliael and Mary, Nov. 22, 1870. 


Mai-v ])oi-sev, d. of .lolni and .Inlia, An-. 2, 1870. 
Edward, s. of .lohn and Judy, Mai-rh 1 1, 1S72. 


.James, s. of James .and Anna. .March 10. 1743. 

Elizaheth, d. of Jani.-s and Anna, Dec. 10, 1745. 

Mary, d. of Jo.seph and .Marv, Dec. 17, 1745. 

Millv, d. of Joseph at'd JIary, March 0, 1748. 

.lo>eph, s. of Joseph and .Mary, July ;i, 17.50. 

Anna, d. of Joseph and Marv, An-. 14, 1752. 

William Cutter, s. of William T. and .Sarah, June 14, 18.38. 

Villetia Fisher, d. of Geor-o and Martha li., June 20, 1855, 

].('\vis. s. of Kdward K. and Ellen ,M., An-. — , 1858. 

Cora Ell/.a, d. of Geor-e and Jlarlha I!., IVI.. 20, 18(!2. 

Frank Eeland, s. of Georjie and Martha 1!., .Inne 1, 181)5. 

IM'MfSON.Si ^^ 

d" .sanaicl S. mid Mary A., May 18, 1857. 
iiuel S. and Mary A., July i:!, I8(;4. 
s. of Amos and Addie, Jlav 10, IH71. 
.. of Allies and Addie 1. , del. 21, 18:2. 


.lames Franklin, 


Frank Wilson 


(ieiii--o Alfoid, s. of William II. and Mary J., April :!, 1870. 

^'iir -vi irtov 

.'''H ,E .•n<. > ,<illiil. bni; mil. I I- .I; ,>(9»iau(.l'x":l* 
.'.T-il ,il ; ilyiiilt ,-(l.r:l. In/; in!.. Ml .^ .t..:n-ir\>':J 

.j:.^ .1 1..': < ..a i.dJir.l.' l<;, 

''I A': .)>< ... Ml i!i!t^ K.-^itfio 

■.\f. 1.,,,, It iu.;ttiiy/ V 



Eliyabutli, d. of Joseph L. luiil I.eviii, May 31, 183S. 

James Kdwanl, s. oC James uiul Nancy E., Oct. 2U, 18 17. 

Marv KIlis, d. of William M. auiL JIai-y, born iu Keadiii-, Jau. 6, 1853. 

Klla iM-anees, d. ,,|- James and Hllei], July U, 1S53. 

d. of William M. and , Mareli 11, 1855. 

Beniamin .loslyn, s. of Asa and Sarali, Jan. 6, 185C. 

Kraid; (i., s. c/r Oliver ('. and Saiah, Jan. 24, 18.^(1. 

Ida, d. (d'Asa and .Sarali, Ian, 111, 1H58. 

Charles Oliver, s. of Oliver C. and Surah I)., March 2G, 1858. 

Hertl.a May, d. of Mason J. and Klla E , Feb. 25, 1370. 

James, s. of William and Nellie, Mareli 20, 1871. 

William Edwards, s. of William and Nellie, Nov. 4, 1872. 


Caroline Edith, d. of Harry G. and Mary J., .Tan. 22, 1846. 


Elizabeth, d. of Jolin and Mary, Dec. 10, 1701. 
Sarah, d. of John and Mary, March 4, 1704. 


Frederick, s. of Rufns and Julia. Au-. 19, 1863. 
Frank Arthur, s. of Rufus and Jnlia Ann, Feb. 10, 1867. 
Julia Etta, d. of Kiifns and Jnlia A., Oct. 1, 1869. 
Mund Madeline, d. of Knfns and Julia A., Sept. 20, 1871. 


Alice Maud, d. of John and lirid-et, born iu Boston, July 17, 1872. 


,Tohn, s. of Thomas, March 7, 1(!43. 
John, s. of John, Nov. 23, 1(;44. 
Thomas, s. of Thomas, Jan. 21, 1C45. 
Joseph, s. of John, Sept. 12, KUO. 
Elizabeth, d. of Thomas, Dec. 25, 1046. 
Joseph, s. of Thomas, Sept. 22, 1U48. 
Thomas, s. of John, May 3, 1049. 
.Toseph, s. of Thomas, Au-r. 13, 1049. 
Stephen, s. of Thomas, July 10, 1C51. 
Judith, d. of Hobcrt, Sept. 30, 1051. 
Samuel, s. of Thomas, Feb. 20, 10,".l. 
Marv, d. of Hoberl, Jan. 21, II154. 
Nalhaiiiel, s. of Kolurt, Dei-. I, I0.-.5.* 

Samuel, s. of Tin is, April 7, ll^.C. 

William, s. cd' Thomas, March 7, 1057. 
i:ii/:d.eih. d. uf Robert, March 0, li;5S. 
.laini^s, s. id' Tliomas, M.iy 7, IO.->:). 
Abiij.iil, d. of Thomas, Nov. 20, IWO. 
Jonathan, s. of Robert, Feb. a, 1003. 

• h, llH- M;,KM..liii".'llH Col ■.•\ l!e.i,nl», \'i,l. VI., liMKe .')I3, " .Vtllh. Vvln^ uf Woob," 1 

"lM'Mll'.'|'lr';'.|' A ',V/,'.' "WL N ulllll 1 ,1.' i ' Will." M .„' , i |' It'olHTl'. Till" H-" h llblliurunt C'VlllelICo' lllll 

-iliTTUU '■;■> u»<r).T:< v.yi\.\v\)ii 

1 ,i .'•.■> It-. ,>jt:ll ;.CTI1 U/iul 

■/..• ■. >Tl.,-i i\',.,v. • 

i^-'l AVOIUIKN KECOKI) Or lilinil.S 

riEKCE, a,nli,u,nl. 

Dfborali, d. of John, Oct. 30, IfiGG. 

lieiijiinijn, s. ofKobrrt, , l(i07.* 

John, s. of .Tolin, Jan. 21), 1R71. 
Tlioinn.s, s. of 'I'Iidinms, Feb. 27, 1071. 
Tlioiims, s. of Joliii, Drc. 2;i, 1(!72. 
Joseph, s. of Uolji.Tt, .May 1, li;72.t 
Timothy, s. of Thoiiias, jau. 25, 1C74. 
James, s. of Joliu, Aui;. li, lfi74. 
Daniel, s. of John, Oct. 7, lf>76. 
Klizabeth, d. of Tliomns, Jan. 5, 1C77. 
Nallnmiel, s. of Nathaniel, Feb 2, 1(;71). 
Samuel, s. of Samuel, Nov. 2.1, lf.81. 
linchel, cl. of Thomas, July 24. IDSI. 
Mavy, cl. of Natlumiel, July ,'U, 1G82. 
Lydia, d. of Samuel, May 2.5, li;s:!. 
Hannah, d. of NaihanicI, .\|.rll 21, ICsl. 
Jo.seph, s. of Samuel, Mareli 2s, ics.',. 

d. of Thomas, .\pill 14, Kl.s.i. 

Icli.-djod, s. of Xaihauiel, June 2:i, ICSI). 
James, s. of John, Oct. 8, ICSd. 
Isaac, s. ofThomas and Haehael, Dec. 23, 108(1. 
Tsaac, s. of Sanjuel and I.ydia, I\Iareli 22, 1087 
Kbeiu.-/.ci', s. or Thomas aiid Uaeliel, l)e<-. 10. 1087. 
Joseph, s. of John and l),b(nah, .\„-. l'I, 10s8. 
Kll/.al.clh, d. ..fJami'.s.ind Kli/.alHlh. Oel. II, 1088 
Abl-all, d. of Samuel and I.ydia, Feb. 27, 108:). 
■ K.iehel, Feb. i;i, 108D. 
liih. May 17, 1081). 
and Mai'v, Anu;. 28, lOS'J. 
lizahelh, Feb. 2S, lODO. 

•s aiul l.,!i/..ilielh, Sept. 10, 1092. 

ami I.ydia. Feb. 17. 10'.I3. 

atliaii and Hannah, Mav 11, 101)3. 

MMinand Hannah. l)ec."28, 10;i:i. 

.iauiin and Hannah, March 2(1, lO'Jo. 

las and Marv, Oel. 10, 101)0. 

ninan.l .M.ary, Oct. 2r., 101)0. 

'"^ '■'■'^. ^- of William and Abi-ail, Feb. 10, 10U7. 

Kli/.abeth, d. of Ueiijamin and Hannah, JIarch 8, 1097. 
Tabitha, d. of Samuel and Lydia, Auit. 28, 1097. 
'J'homas, s. of .lohn and Jlaiy, Aufj. II, loys. 
liebecca, d. of lierijamiu and Mary, Oct. — , 1098. 
lienjamln, s. of ISeujannn and Hannah, Jan. 8, 1700. 
Tabitha, d. of Samuel and Lvdia, Maidi 19, 1700. 
Deborah, d. of benjamin and Mary, Dec. 5, 1700. 
Abigail, d. of .Toseph and Uutli, (Jet. 3, 1702. 


1. of Thou 


d. of 


n, .s. of Be 


. of J.ime 

Sarah, < 

. (if Samu 


s. ,.f .lohn 


d. of .l(Mi; 
of Iteniai 


d. of .Ian 

Iv'Ulh, d. 

of Sanme 


1, s. of J,. 


d. of ]!,n 


1, s. of lie 


S. ofThn 


1. of lii'nji 

• IIu w.w known u» Bcnianiin 
Iiunjiiiiiln,"wun piolmlily b'uni h 
KoMwiluKi.uliviunluflli,. I'U-iT. 

brolliur JoMailiiiii, i.nd ln"iliu "u' 

I'IcTcc, Jr. IJonjaniln I'icrc 

,'Un/i.l','u'u'r''l'o'7'(l', 'who la 



•n.TJiia -^lo u;icc»Ji v.iv)a<iii 

AVOIiURX RECV)l;r) OF lilHTHS. 195 

PIERCE, continued. 

TlioiuHS, s. of Benjamin and Maiy, Nov. 23, 1702. 
Mary, d. of Jolin iiiul Miiry, .Jiin. 13, 170;i. 
liiitli, (1. of .rn>cph aii.l Kulh, .luiiu U, 170-t. 

Zinishmklai, s. of liuiijaniiii and Marv, June 22, 1705. 

Saiiuu'l, s. (if SaiiiiU'l and Aliiyail, June 3, 170(5. 

Abiuail, d. of Daniel and Dinali, May 18, KOC. 

Tliomas, s. of Daniel and Diindi, Oct. 30, 1707. 

Jlaiy, d. of KliuiiuziT and Marv, Feb. 21, 1708. 

Jo.siali, .X. of Sanuiel and Abiijail, July 13, 17u8. 

i'lic'lx.-, d. of Jo.suijli and Until, May 2+, 17011. 

.Sarah, d. of Danitd and DiiudL, May 30, 170i). 

Deborah, d. of Kbenuzer and Marv, Nov. -l. 170U. 

Abi-ail, d. of Samuel and \bi-ail, Feb. 28, 1711. 

Jo-<eidi, s. of Daniel and Dirndl, May 5, 1711. 

Keliecea, d. of Janie.s and Hannah, Oet. 8, 1711. 

Kbenezer, s. of Fbenezer and Mary, Sept. 11, 1711. 

lienjaniin, s. of Benjamin and Martha, April 21), 1712. 

.lunatlian, s. of Ebenezer and Mai-y, July 2.S. 1713. 

I'hebe, d. of James anil Hannah, Sept. 28, 1713. 

Ksther, d. of Samuel and Abi-ail, Feb. 7, 1714. 

Joseph, s. of Joseph and Marv, Ai)ril 24, 1714. 

Daniel, s. of Daniel and Dinali, June 23, 1714. 

Manila, d. of lieMJamin and .Martha, A|>rll ,"., 1714. 

Uiiih, d. of Kbenezer and Maiv, Sept. S, 171f.. 

Klizabeth, (I. of Kbenezer ami Mary, Sept. 8, 1715. 

Jonathan, s. of Joseph and .Maiy, Au^. 4, 171C. 
John, s. of Daniel and Dinah, May 23. 171G 

Selh, s. of S.imnid and Abigail, .\.,v. 30, HIU. 

Abijah, s. of John and Mary, Au<i. 0, 1711). 
J.)-liua, s. of Kbenezer ami .Man, May 2, 1718. 
Knoeh, s. of Samuel and Abl-ail, Jlarch 22, 1710. 
Dinah, d. of Daniel and Dinah, Nov. 2, 1719. 
Josiah, s. of Josiah and Hannah, March 30, 1720. 
Hebi'cea, d. of Kbenezer and .Mary, April 7, 1720. 
Mary, d. of Joseph and Jlary, .March 4, 1721. 
Kezia, d. of Daniel and Dinah, May 9, 1723. 
Klizabelh, d. of Jose])h and Mary, July 5. 1723. 
Nathan, s. of Kbenezer ami Mary, Sept. 12, 1723. 
John, .s. of Josiah and Hannah, An-. 13, 1724. 
Jacob, s. of James and Fliebe, Sept. 15, 1724. 
Kezia, d. of .lames and Fhebe, (let. ID, 172(;. 
Hannah, d. of .losiah and Hannah, Dim;. (I, 1728. 
Abi-.iil d. of Zuilshaddai and Abi-ail, Juno 22, 172'J. 
Mary, d. of Jaim-s and I'hebe, June 24, 1730. 
Martha, d. .if Zurishaddal ami Abigail, ,Taii. 13, 1731. 
Ksther, d.-of James and I'liebe, March M, 1733, 
AbiKail, d, of Samuel and Abi-ail, Sejil, 21, 1733. 

Abiel, s. of Martha, Jan. 1, 17.3.3. 

Mary, d. of Zdrishaddui and AbiKaii, Jan. 10, 1734. 
Eunice, d. of James and I'hebe, Feb, 1!», 173-., 
Jernsh.i, d. of Samuel and Abi-ail, Sept, !), 173;",, 
Jonathan, s. of Znrishaddai and Abi^;ad, May 22, 1737. 
Martha, d. of Zuri-liaddai an.l Abi-ail, Sept. 1, 1712. 
„ Ji.nallian, s. id' Ji»epli and Abi-all, Nov. 17, 1743. 
Deburah, d. of Jo.seph and Abi-ail, Nov. 17, 1743. 

^|i'.;?:i '■■.V'-i' 

19G woiiUKN i;i:coKD of iuktiis. 

lEHC:!':, CiOUhuu;!. 
liuiijiuuiu, s. of Zuiishiuklai iiml Abi;;:iil, April 27, 174G. 
.To.suph, s. of Josopli and Abigail, April 20. 174C. 
Ikir/.illai, s. of Joseph and Abi-all, N'ov. 17, 17o0. 
Isaac, s. of .rusopli and Susanna, .July 'J, 1752. 
Mary, d. of JosinU and Marv, Oct. 20. 1753. 
AbiKail, d. of .Jacob and Abi-ail, April IG, 1753. 
Esther, d. of .Josluia .mJ INih.-r, April Ki, 1754. 
Jacob, s. of Jacol. and Abiu:iil, Dec. 2.S, 1755. 
.losiah, .s. of Josiali and Hulli, An-. 27, 175C. 
Joshua, s. of Joshua and IMIiur, Sept. 10, 1750. 
Hannah, d. of Josiali ami Knlh, Sept. 12, 1758. 
Kphralm, .«. of Jacoli and Abi-ail, March S, 1758. 
Susanna, d. of Jo-lma and fMher, July 4, 1758. 
Knlh, d. of Josiah ami Knth, Dec. 31, 1701. 
IMiebe, d. of Joshua and I';sther, May 3, 1701. 
Eli/.abeth, d. of Jacob and Abiuuil, Jan. !), 1702. 
John, s. of Josiah and Kuth, May 20, 1704. 
Samuel, s. of Jacob and Abigail, Au^. 7, 1704. 
lleuian, s. of Jacob and Abi-ad, I-Vb. 10, 1708. 
Hannah, d. of Josiah and Knlh, Jan. 15, 17G8. 
Susa, d. of Jacob and Aiji-ail, Sept. l,s, 170!). 
Klias, d. of licnjanun and Knlh. March 2il, 177G. 
ICphraini, s. of Kplnalm and Aljiyail, Oct. 2, 1782. 
Sarah, d. of Nathan ami Sarah, Jan. 2il. 1783. 
Martha, d. of Jacob and Martha, Hec. 3U, 1784. 
Susanna, d. of Nathan and Sarah, Feb. 20, 1785. 
Mary, il. of Jacob and Martha, Nov. 7, 178G. 
Nathaniel, s. of Nathan and Sarah, March 22, 1787. 
John, s. of John and Kebecca, Feb. 2, 1781). 
Nathan, s. of Nathan ami Sarah, July H, 1780. 
Jacob, s. of Jacol) and Martha, June 20, 1789. 
Kufus, s. of Jacob and Martha, Oct. 9, 1791. 
Harriet, d. of Abel and Ituth, March 23, 1793. ■ 
Abel, s. of Abel and Knth, Jan. 25, 1797. 
Charles, s. of Abel and Knlh, Feb. 21, ISOO. 
Franklin, s. of Abel and Knth, Mareli 21, 1802. 
Mary Ann, d. of Abel and Kutli, Dec. 22, 1801. 
William, s. of Abel and Kuth, April 30, 1807. 
Kosanna, d. of Jacol) and Melicent, An,:^. 2, 1817. 
Ebene/.er Lawrence, s. of Jacob and Melicent, June 10, 1819. 
Jane Caroline, d. of Jacob and Melicent, Sept. I, 1830. 
Jacob Franci.s, s. of Jacob and Melicent, .lulv 15, 1833. 
Kli/.a Ann, d of William and l.ydia, JlarcU 4, 1835. 
Fidelia, d. of William an.l Lvoia, May 1, 1830. 
Mary Abi-ail, d. of Stilhnan and Sarah, .Tan. 13, 1837. 
William II., s. of (ieor-e W. and Kliza, ,Inly IS, IH41. 
Charles Alon/.o, s. of Charles and .Mar-ery T., Jlarch 10, 1843. 
Lois II. , d. of George W. ami Kli/.a, Aug. 29, 1843. 
Klbrid-e Weld, s. of Charles ami .Mar-erv '1'., .May 19, 1845. 
Georgianna ICIiza, d. of Ce.,i-,; W. and Fli/.a B., Nov. 7, 1815. 

s. of .lobn and Jeru.-lia, May S, Is 10. 

Kdward Abel, s. olSeuall W. and Mar-aiet, Jlay IG, 1840. 

Kli/.a .lane, d. of lOdwin ami Kli/.a S, Jnn.. 29, 1810. 

Warien 1 hompson, s of Charles and .Margery T., May 15, 184: 

11.5, 1817. — Kiiiaily Rufibli 

ill; ''lo !;.! <:>■>; J )i v.;i ;;iov/ 

WOmiliN IJICCOUD OF lillMIIS. 197 

I'lERCK, a.Htinn.J. 

.1. of John ami Arctlnisii, Nov. 24, 1847. 

Williuin, s. of Williiim iiiifl Lydiii. Dec. 1.5, 1H47. 

Winslow, s. of Sowall ami Mar^rarcl, Mav 12, IS48. 

Sarah Frances, d. of Cliailos and Mai-ory T., .luly 12, 1849. 

Tlieron Gardner, s. ofKljenezer L. and Mary G., Aug. H, 1849. 

Theodore Lawrence, .s. of Khene/.er L. and Mary G., Aiig. 13, 1849. 

9. (if Andrew and lictsi'y, Sc|)t. L'3, 1849. 

Edwin Warreu, s. of Ivluin ami ICli/.a F., Dec. U;, 1849. 
Emma Aiisu-sta, d. of Seuall W. and Mar-aret, April 20, 1850. 
Franl< lii-elow, .s. of Charlrs and .Margery T., Jan. 8, IH.Il. 
Ocor-e Spwail, s. of .Tolm and I'rndmcc, .lune 22, 1851. 

. s. of KlienczcT 1,. and iMarv (i.. .An-. U;, 18.-,2.\ll,.n,.s.or<'liai1rsand Mar-cry 'I'., 1>. in Hcadin- Fel). 21, 1853. 
.Arlliur Willi.nn.s, s. of Cliarlr.s .■mil .Mar-iTV '1'., .Ian. 30, 185(;. 
U.i.scnr I'cih.y, s. of Kbcnr/.i'r I,, and Marv C, May 4, IH.h;. 
Clan-m-e An-u-lns, s. of ( 'liarlcs and .Mar-ory T., I'Vli. 14, 1859. 

s. of Kbrnezer I. and .Mary, .Inno 2, 1851). 

Snmncr Voun-, s. of Cliarlu.s and Mar-ery T., May 11, 18riO. 
Mary Caroline, d. of Kbenezer L. and Mary G., ,lnly 22, 1S(U. 
Leonard lUl.sworth. .s. of Charles and Margery T., July 8. 18C2. 
Mary Li/.zie, d. of John and Prudem-e, May 25, 18G4. 
Jenny Frances, d. of Jo.seph and Mary, Dec. 13, ISCr,. 
Edith Daisy, d. of .Samnel and Martha S., .Tan. 23, 18118. 
Fred. Alonzo, s. of C. Alonzo and Ahba A., March 8, 18G8. 
Lillian, d. of Edward A. and Julia, Oct. 21, 18(i9. 
Ida Mahcl, d. of Joseph S. and JLiry, June 18, 1870. 
George Edward, .'(. of Edward A. and Jnlia E., Feb. 22, 1871. 
Mary Ann, d. of B. Horace and Abbie L., May 5, 1871. 
Blanche Lsnl)eK d. of Joseph and Mary, June 10, 1872. 

PIKIJSON.S (see Pkakso.ns). 


Ebenczcr, s. of Ebenezer and liebecca, March 21, 1754. 
Kebecca, d. of Ebenezer and Kebecca, Feb. 22, 175G. 
John, s. of Ebenezer and l{ebecca, March 20, 1858. 


Harry Cooper, s. of George 1. and Susan A., March 22, 18G6. 
Lillian Fay, d. of George .J. and Susan, May 30, 18(19. 


Ida Gerlnidc, d. of Henry C. and Ilattle M., Oct. 23, 18G5. 

'INNl'^Y (see Piiinnicv), 


Everett Grlllln, s. of Grillln and Adeline, Oct. 19, 1863. 


CharliH Arthur, ». of Cliarles H. and Maria F., May 18, 1872. 


Gcrlrudc Elector, d. of .Tohn C. and Emma F., May 2G, 1870. 


.■t<ir>;ill ''Ik •■^JliXK-IU >!>fl«»IVf 

.£a«J .*!l i-'(.; .»ultot.A. btju fifllliO • • 

.ore? ,w ■(I'M ,.'•! flMiiia iimi ,:■> • 



8, 178G 

I Mai 

.V. •' 

ly L'4, 1 



10, 17L 


s aiu 


y, \-\-b. 

I'J, 1794. 

s and 


V, May 

I'J, 17'J'J. 

d llai 


.Ian. 8 


1(1 11: 


, .Uilv31, 1832. 




, Dec. 19 



Mary, d. of Dr. Sylvamis and Maiy 
Czarina, d. of Dr. Svlvaniis ai ' "" 
Jlary, d. of Dr. Svlvanns and 
Sylvimus II., s. of Dr. Sylvan 
Mary Fowle, d. of Dr. Sylvan 
Eliza Brcck. d. of .Viiu'ustiis a 
Elleuhonlsa, d. of Au-nstns , 
Georgiannu Gorliain, d. of .Vn 


Edward I'reston, s. of P. and Martha, Jan. 2, 1858. 
Willie Otis, s. of A. rrtslon and Martlia V., .fan. 7, 18G3. 
Josephino, d. of Samuel O. and Sarah, .Tuly L'G, 18G3. 
Grace, d. of A. 1'. and Martha M., Auir. 31, 18fi4. 


d. of John and .\nn, Dec. 27, 1803. 


John, s. of Geortce, Dec. If., 1650. 

Josepli, s. of George, Dec. 25, 1052. 

Geor-e, s. of Gcorjie, Jan. 4, lC5(i. 

Elizabeth, d. of Georsje, April 14, 1057. 

Samuel, s. of George, Jan. 24, lOCl. 

Hannah, d. of (Jeorge, April G, 1002. 

Hannah, d. of George, June 28, 1G03. 

George, s. of George, Jr., Oct. 11, 1G78. 

Joseph, s. of George, Aug. 24, IGSO. 

Marv, d. of George and Mary, Nov. 25, 1G82. 

Kli/abeth, d. of George, Aug. 5, 1084. 

John, s. of John, May 21, 108G. 

Sarah, d. of George, Oct. 30, 

Matthew, .s. of .Tohn and Mary, .Marcli — , 1089. 

Abigail, d. of George aud Mary, .March 17, 1069. 

Samuel, s. of Samuel and I'rNciUa. Oct. 3, 1089. 

Jonathan, .s. of Sanuiel and I'riscilla, July IG, 1091. 

Hannah, d. of George, -March 21, 1091. 

Abigail, d. of John and Mary, April 29, 1692. 

Ebenezer, s. of George and Mary, Oct. 20, 1G93. 

Jacob, s. of Samuel and Pri^scllla, Feb. 23, 1C94. 

Thonnis, s. of John and Mary, Oct. 13, 1094. 

Slirium, d. of George and Mary, Oct. 31, 1095. 

Thoma-s, s. of John and JIary, Oct. 10. 1090. 

Priscilla. d. of Samuel ami PriPciUa, Dec. 11, 1G9C. 

Mer.y, d. of George and Mary, Feb. 21, 1098. 

Sar.ih, d. of John and .Mary, Oct. 12, 1702. 


John Edgar, s. of Simeon and Mary, born in Etna, Me., March 17, 


Kli/.abeth, d. of Samuel and Elizabeth, May 9, 1720. 
Samuel, .s. of Samuel and Elizabeth, Sept. 19, 1721. 
Jolin, s. of Samuel and Elizabeth, Jan. 23, 1723. 
Mary, d. of Samuel and Elizabeth, Feb. 1, 1725. 

•i>:. ujiooJM wri!;'?of 

'.l i-j^eli ..AA ,MUH Hi itwi ,vtnU 



JoiKitlian, s. of Jonatlum iiiid Esther, Aiix. 8, 1728. 
Kleazui- l''l!i<'L',* s. of .Toiiiithiiu ami Kstliur, May 2+, 1734. 
Mai-v, d. of Eloazei- Flaj,- and Mary, Dec 28, 175i;. 
.loiiathan, 3. of Kloa/.er Fla-;; and Mary, Supt. 5, 17^8. 
Kleazcr Flag-, s. of Ek'az.r Kla- and Mary, Jan. 'J, 1,01. 
Knllis, s. ofKU'az.T Flauu' and Mary, Marcl. 30, 1,(,'J. 
Esther, d. of Tn ,, . , Fl il-.; and Mary, .Inly 7. 17,2 
Theodore Car - : ■'■'•>■ t'hv^-J: and Mary, .July 7, 1,72. 
Elenzer FlaL-^ ~ -■ I r KUil-^' and Mary, Feb. 25, 1778. 

Polly, d. of i:;. i;. 1 l ii-.: md Mary, .Tan. 23, 1781. 
Patty', d. of Tliunias and Knlli, .Ian. 15, 17'.)7. 
George, s. of Thomas and Unth, Dec 10, 1,08. 
Huth, d. ofTlH.nK.s and Knlh, March 28, 1801. 
JeUerson, s. of Th.nnas and Hnth, .March 0, 1803. 
Thomas, s. of Tlionias and linth, March ;i, 1803. 
Harriet, d. of Thomas and linih, March 2:!, 18u(:. 
Clarissa, d. of Tlinnias and UuUi, Mar-li 23, 180(1. 
Warren, s. of Tlunnas and liutli, (let. lo, 1,S0'.). 
Eorin-, s. of Thomas ami Knth, .Tnne 2'.>, ISll. 
William, s. of Thomas ami liiith, .Ian 2, 1813. 
llenrv s. of Thomas and Until, .Ian. 2, 1813. 
FIrizc'r Kla"" s of Eleazer K. and Abiuittl, Nov. 24, 1814. 
Hannah Hart^liorn, d. of (ieor-e and Clarissa A., Nov. G, 1826. 
Ain Krancis, d. of Thomas and Hhoda, Oct. 17, 182U. 
(Jcor-e Otis s. of GeorL'e and Clarissa .V., Dec. 1, 1830. 
Charhs llnh'bard, s. of CeurKe and Clarissa A., Dec. 12, 1834. 
\hl,y Kram'cs. d. of Thonnis and Khoda, April 0, 1837. 
j.'lc i/cr IT I"" s of Eleazer K. and Almira, May 20, 1838. 
Parker Thonnlson, s. of C.eor-e and Clarissa A., Dec. 5, 1838. 
Vi'in s of Tluinuis and Hhoda, An-, lo, 1842. 
Caroline Vn-nsi,, ,1. at Elca/.er K. and Almira, Jr., Dec. 5, 1843. 
Franklin C "s. of (ieor-e and Clarissa, March 30, 1844. 
Edwin, s. of Knfns and Snsan, Oct. 4, 184.5. 
Ella Frances, d. of lUifns and Susan, Oct. 7, 18.51. 
In.-/ Clarissa, d. ,)f Charles II. and Adnah D., Jnly 29, 18.59. 
Muv Frances, d. of Charles II. and Adnah D., May 29, 18C2. 
En-enc Warren, s. of lUifus F. and Jlary, March 10, 18GG 
Charles Hubbard, s. of Charles II. and Adnah D., March 31, 18G7. 
GeorKC Edwin, s. of Kufus and Marion, March 12, 18G9. 
Charles William, s. of William and JIarcia E., Jnly 12, 1871. 


•Samnel, s. of Lemnel and Hetsey, Sept. 1"., 1797. 
Daniel, s. of Lemnel and lielsey, July 9, 1807. 
Clarence Arthur, s. of John E. and Marv. Jan. 25, 1848. 
Alfred Eugene, s. of .lohn E. and :\Iai'y, Nov. -I, 1819. 
Snsan Cnmniings, d. of John E. and Mary, Dec. fi, 18.51. 


Thonuis .Icderson, s. of Henjamin T. II. and Mary, June 17 184G. 
(;eiH-e .Maverick, s. of Stilman A. and Mary 11., Sept. 29, 1847. 
Mary^E., d. of lienjaniiu T. II. and Mary, May 19, 1849. 

• This IB the flret doublo name In the Woliurn KccordB 

t.H."(lJi •<<* ViatKtMH VilUJUOV/ 

.■;J Vl'lt. . ■( ilb-l.ll,', 

.vi;v; ,■ ' »,;■■ 
■v.i ,Ci(; .111,1. ,.,.,„>, 
J.X .■•'.■,'..(1 .niii/' : 


I'OKTKK, ronlinucl. 

Julia, d. of Stiliimn ami Klviia, Oct. T.i, 184:). 

Tlioiiias ,Jc.|rei-.soii, s. of liuiijaniiu T. II. iiml Man', Dec. 15, 1851. 

Klvira Lawrence, d. of Heniainlii T. II. and Marv, Jan. 31, 1854. 

Nellie, d. of Daniel C. and Mrliitahrl, Oct. 11. ISOO. 

Anna, d. of Charles and Marv, .March '.'7, Ism. 

Oeor-e Henry, .s. of Charles an.l Mary, Fel). 10, 18C3. 

Mary l';iizalieth, d. of H. iij:iinni T. II. and Mary S., ,Ian. 20, 18fi4. 

Harriet, d. of Cli:iilrs ;umI Miu\', Sept. L'U, l.SCt. 

John, s. of Charl.^ and .Mar^, .Sept. (i, ISIJli. 

Marv, d. of (Charles and .Marv, S.-))I. 2, 18(;0. 

John Kdwanls, s. of John D.and f.eonora Iv, Oct. 23, 1871. 

Klizabeth, d. of James K. and Kosa 1"., May 21, 1872. 

Edwin Kunball, s. of IIiiMtinsloii and Klla V., Sept. 13, 1872. 


-Vliee .MaiKl, d. of Williain and Mar\ , May 20, ISllO. 


Mary, il. of Iticlmrd, Sept. 29, IGC*. 
Joanna, d. of Kichard, Sept. 13, l.iOC. 
John, s. of liiehard, April 14, ICilii. 


William Herbert, s. of Williain 11. .and Carrie M., Feb. 2, 1872. 


Ilannaa l!i>hop, d. of Henry and Calla, .April 20, l,M.-,0. 
I.ouisa.lane, d. of Cliristopher and Kli/.a, Sept. I'J, I,S.-,0. 
Frances (.lies, s. of Chrislo|iher and Fllr.abetli, Fel). 2, 1858. 
John, s. of Auilrew and liridset, Jan. I',), 1871. 
I'ctcr, s. of Andrew and Urids;et, Feb. 24, 1872. 


Kdward Franklin, s. of John and Kate, Dec. 23, 18G5. 
Alary Fllen, d. of John J. and Katie, Oct. 3, 18r,8. 
Williain .Michael, s. of Thomas F. and Mary A., April 8, 1870. 
Josephine Adelaide, d. of John J. and Katie F., July 21, 1870. 
Alice Helena, d. of John and Katie, May 7, 1872. 


i:iizalnah, d. of John, Sept. 12, 1C79. 
John, s. of John, Nov. 1, 1081. 
Daniel, s. of John, July 10, 1080. 


Anson, s. of Henry Derbon and I'ersls, May 13, 1811. 


Lena ],., d. of Kphrulni and Marie, Dec. 28, 1871. 


Lydia M., d. of Charles and Mary J., Julv 22, 1855. 
Ann Jane, d. of John and Ellen, Dec. 3, 1808. 

.Mi-i':u(i ••!'■> <i.'!0)a'T Kflxjaov/ 

.0,1^1 OC fiiM , nP-lf Mil roi.iUI tV lo 

.tvs; ■ ..i>5j ,.K -frjaa (i.j: u Mw,;iiw i<- .^ .sr 

■\voi5Ui;x liKCOiJi) OF niirni.'^ 

PKIOE, covlinue,!. 

U'illiani. s. of John iiiid Ellen, Doc. S, ItiCi. 

of. John and Kllcn, VvU. ",, lt^7l. 

s. of Jcihn auil ICIlun, Feb. 1.M, 187'-'. 


AlicL- Wyman, il. c.f Gtur-r and Mary, Oct. 


rrcddic Weston, s. of Ellphii 

Esther J., All-. 9, 1872. 

Ilaiuiali, (1. of. 

a s and Hannah, Jnly 21, 170i;. 

E-ther, d. of,) 

lines ami Hannali, May i;i. 1701). 

Klizaberh, d. o 

■James and .hidith. April 2o, 171S 

Judith, d. of J 

mesand Jndith, Ecb. 2!l. 1720. 

James, .s. of Ja 

nes and Jnditli, Jniie liS, 1722. 

Jonathan, .s. o( 

James and Jndith, .\pril 22, 1724. 

William, .s. of 

'honias and Mercy, Sept. 2, 172(;. 

Hannah, d. of, 

ames ami .Imlilli, May 2, 1727. 

Abicl, .s. ofTh 

mas and Merev, March lil, 1728. 

Marv, d. of Jai 

les and Jmllth, March 21, 172'.). 

Sar;ih, d. of Tl 

omas and .Mercy, April 20, 17:!0. 

I'hebe, d. ofTl 

oinas and Mercy. Feb. 2, 1732. 

AViiliain, s. of 

lionias and Mercy, April 10, 1733. 

I'hebe, d. of Thomas and Mercy, Feb. 13, 173i;. 
James, s. of James and Abigail, Jan. I'J, 17-1:!. 
John, s. of James niul Abi;:ail, Jnne 1, 174(i. 
Thomas, s. of James and Abij,'uil, Jnly 28, 1748. 




— d. <,f,r,,s,.pii 

of Willian 
an.l Kosaii) 

lid Ambri/.inc, Dec. 31, 18Gr,. 
Maich 24, 18G7. 


Marv Elizabeth, d. of John ami Mary, March 20, 18G5. 
Mar-aret, d. of John and Mary, Feb. !), 1807. 
.lulia, d. of .robn and Mary, Dec. 21, 18ii8. 
s. of John A. and .Mary, .Ian. r,, 1872. 


William S 

)f William I!, and Martha J., Sept. 2, 1858. 


Frank A., s. of Geor^'c Frank A. and Harriet A., Sept. 17, ISGT. 


of I'alrick and Jane, June 22, 1871. 
•Michael and MnrKarct, May 23, 1872. 

';iiii!ii' 'ti' 'Vi'x':n /.r'acyr 

il .0 l^iih .t, '.3,tj-Jl I .1,. .vi;(l,;l);l -In ■; ,noJ- 



Elizabeth, d. of John and Cal,liariiK', Nov. — , 1858. 
lJrid:,'et,, d. of Jolin and Catlmiiiie, Nov. 30, 18o'J. 


IVter, .-<. of Peter and Alice, .^[ay 11, 1858. 
.Tames, s. of Peter and Alice, Sept. 20, \SC,3. 


Alliiia Oclavia, d. of Samuel I), and AlliciaO., .Inly 2 
Heil.ert La.^elle, s. of Oliver S. and Kli/.abetli R., Feb 

2, 1849 
29. 18 


Mar-aret, d. ofTlionia.s and Ann, Keb. 3, 1859. 
diaries, s. of Tlioinas and Ann, Dec. 'J, ISIiO. 
Mary Kllen, d. of Thomas and Ann, .Inne 11, 18C2. 
Thomas, s. of Thomas and Ann, Anij. 24. 18lU. 
Mary ,Iane, d. of Uutxh and .Mary, -March 15, 1800. 

Mary Kllen, d. of Patrick and .lane, Feb. 13, 1S(;7. 
>rar!;aret, d. of Ilii-h and Mary, Oct. s, 1807. 
John .Tames, h. of Patrick and ,Tane, Oct. 10, 18G8. 
Charles Kdward, .s. of lln-h and Mary. Dec. 1, 1870. 
Mary Ellen, d. of Thomas and Mary, April C. 1872. 
Hu^h, s. of Tliomas and Ann, .Tuly 5, 1872. 
James, s. of James and Ellen, Dec. 2, 1872. 


Sally, d. of John and Sarah, Jan. ;!0, 1785. 


Mary Elizabeth, d. of James and Hannah, Dec. 21, 1853. 

Mary, d. of James and Bridget, Aug. 9, 1855. 

James, .«. of Patrick and Margaret,"julv 15, 1800. 

Mary Ann, d. of Owen and Kose, June's, KSfil. 

Mary Ann, d. of Patrick J. and Murgaret, July 2,!, 18i;2. 

Margaret, d. of Patrick and Margaret, Nov. (;, l.siU. 

Charles, s. of Patrick and Margaret, Oct. 27, IHtiT. 


Henry Francis, s. of Henry and Catharine, March 4, 1851. 
George -Vrlhur, s. of Henry and Catharine, April 10, 1853. 
Siirah Adelaide, d. of Henry and Catlnirine, Jan. 1, 1858. 
Edith Almlra, d. of Julius F. and Almira S., Dee. 1, 1809. 


llananiah, s. ot Tliomas and Elizabeth, July 28, 1739. 
William iMiuK-is, H. of William M. and Eydia M., .Inne 27, I81C. 
Charles Sprague, s. of William M. and Eydia M., Jan. 19, 1819. 
Franklin Pierce, s. of Jo.shua and Mary A., Oct. 30, 1S5I. 
d. of Joshua and Mary A., June 19, 1854. 


Arietta Kliza, d. of James M. and Ann It., June 29, 1H47. 
Josephiiii' Amelia, d. .if James M. and Ann K., Oct. 9, 1853. 

-i'li:!-.;: to .riioOM;! '^HJtiOir 

.1! I; I'lKJuW 

'^,.,,■•1 ,■ I' 

•oi'jiii.- .:, , . d.i'. 

■10 il! l.i;j. j.iii!»...,l. 


tANDALr^, contiiiiu'd. 

James Muiiroo, s. of James M. and Ann 15. . Oot. 9, 1857. 

Ami, d. of Jnmes M. and Ann, May 19. 1801. 

Ilclun Gray, d. of Otis G. and Holuii A., April 13, 1872. 


]{osumi:i, d. of Webster 15. and Eliza, March 28, 181G. 


Samuel, s. of Neheniiah and Lydia, Oct. 21, 1773. 

RAY (sec, also, Wkay). 

James, s. of Andrew and Margaret, March 18, 18C4. 
Jlargaret Ellon, d. of Andrew and Margaret, June 10, 18C2. 

READE (sec Ui:i:d). 

READY (sec Kici.i.Y). 


Catliarine, d. ofDanicl and Mary, July 27, 1850. 
John, s. ofDanicl and Mary. Dec. IS, 1851. 
Mary Ann, d. of Daniel and Mary, Dec. 21, 1853. 
Margaret, d. ofJolm and Margaret, Fel). 17, ISSl. 
Margaret, d. ol' Daniel and Mary, June 10. 1851!. 
Rarali Josopliino, d. of Daniel and Maiy, Dec. 30, 1858, 
Delia, d. of Timothy and Margaret, Oct. 20, 18G7. 


Jolin, s. of Walter and Mary, June 22, 185G. 


Mary, d. of William and Mary, June 7, 1854. 

Cornelius, s. of William and Mary, June 7, 1854. 

Jlichael Andrew, s. of Michael aiid Ellen, Nov. 22, 1854. 

Mary Ellen, d. of Bernard and Hannah, April 1. 1859. 

.Margaret, d. of Bernard and Hannah, June 20, 18G0. 

Cornidius Henry, .s. of ISernard and Hannah, Nov. 20, 18G2. 

John Francis, s. of John and Ellen L., Dec. 4, 18113. 

Daniel, s. of Daniel and .Mary, Nov. 13, 1HG4. 

Eugene, s. of Euijene ami Mary, Feb. 27, 18C5. 

Eugene, s. of Daniel ami Mary, May 1, 18GG. 

Kitty, d. of Eugene and Mary, April 14, lSfi7. 

James C, s. ol .lohn J. ami Mary, April 2, 18i;7. 

John, s. of John J. and Marv, March 14, I8G8. 

Mary, d. of Michael and Jlary A. E., July 22, 18G8. 

William Henry, s. of Eugene and Mary, Aug. 12, 1870. 

Philip, s. OfDanicl and Mary, Nov. 20, 1870. 

James Cornelius, s. of John ami Mnry, Feb. 25, 1871. 

Fanny, d. of Daniel and Mary, May 7, 1871. 

Eugene, s. of lOngiMie and Mary, Dec. 3, 1871. 

William, s. of Michael and Mary, Jan. 11, 1872. 

Eugene, .s. of Daniel and Mary, March 23, 1872. 

'inmfl iny ujnyjaii 

■,il ,VJ ■.-.'iii. .r^ffl. hB'i I'. Ill 




Ann:i Mary, il. oC William and Kiiiily A., Juiif 27, 1871. 


Klizaboth, il. of ficoi^c, Jiilv 2li, 1(>.">:',. 

.s. of Gooim>, Nov. 14, iii.-.l. 

.s. o|- dooi-i;.', Nov. 11, !(;.-,!. 

.Suiiiiifl, s. or (icor-c, April L':i, IC.-.C. 

AI)iHiiil, (I. oC (luur-c, .liiiic ■-'7. ir..-.S. 

Gcoi-fic, .s. of (ifoi-u, Sept. II. l(;i;u. 

AVillliim, .s. of (icor-c, Sept. l'l'. 1i;i;i'. 

Sarali, d. of (iooi-i;c, VvU IL'. li;(;.-,. 

Tiniotliy, .s. of Halph aiul Mary, I'Vb. 14, li;04-5. 

Hannah, il. of Goor-o, Feb. 18. 1G70. 

Jlury, d. of Israel, Oct. 15, 1C70. 

Jolin, 8. of George, March 18, 1(172. 

Sanih, d. o( I.srucl, .Vuk. 2'J, l(17li. 

Mary, d. of George, Jiiiio 1.1, 1U74. 

Timothy, s. of Georf;e, Oct. 20, 1078. 

(1. of Israel, Jan. 2, U171). 

Elizabeth, d. of I.sracl, Dec. 22, 1081. 
Thomas, s. of Geori;e. Jidv 15, 1082. 
William, s. of William and Elizabeth, Ang. 2:J, 1C82. 
linth, d. of I.sracI, .Ian. 0, li;«4. 
John, s. of John and Kli/.:ilirth, March 22, 1084. 
l\larv, d. of William. M.'irch 12, KIS.".. 
Abi-ail, d. of Geor-u, Kub. 0, lOS,".. 
Kalph, s. of John. Sept. .'., 1080. 

Elizabeth, d. of William and Elizabeth, Feb. 23, 108G. 
Israel, s. of Israel and Mary, March 17, 1087. 
Jemima, d. of Israel and Mary, Jnlv 2:;, 108U. 
Martha, d. of Timothy and Martha,' March 1, 10,89. 
Elizabeth, d. of .lolin, Feb. 2."., lO'.K). 
Ebene-zer, s. of Georjio and Abi-ail, March 0, lOliO. 
Timothy, s. of Timothy and Martha, Jnne U, liiy2. 
William, s. of Timotliy and Martha, Oct. J, 101)4. 
riiebe, d. of Joseph and I'liebe, March 22, 1095. 
Susanna, d. of Joseph and Phebe, Aug. 25, 1096. 
George, s. of George and Abigail. Ang. 2, 1097. 
Patience, d. of Israel and Mary, Dec's, 1097. 
Joseph, s. of Joseph and Phebe, June 22, 1093. 
Benjamin, s. of Timothy and Martha, Jan. 31, 1099. 
Elizabeth, d. of George and Abigail, June 14, 1700. 
Joshua, s. of Joseph and Phebe, Oct. 1, 1700. 
Daniel, s. of Daniel and .Sarah, Oct. 1. 1700. 
Jonathan, s. of Timothy and Martha, Dec. lf>, 1701. 
Josiah, s. of J.)hn and iiulh. Mar<'h 20, 1702. 
Nathaniel, s. of Joseph and I'hebe, March 28, 1704. 
Selh, s. of Daniel and .Susanna, March 2;i, 1705. 
Sarah, d. of Thomas and Sarali. Feb. 21. 1700. 
Sn.sanna, d. of John and Abigail, Si^pt. Hi, 1700. 
Kli/.abeth, il. (if Thmithy and Martha, Dec. 1, 17O0. 
SuMauna, d. of .losepli and I'hebi:, Aug. l,s, 1707. 

l>yMl«»M, W. (.'ivrlolon, Wobu 

\i -Mtul , I ,' '•(■•I ;,.ll. ll!'-i! .V/ 'hi 


KBED, cuHtiiiiied. 

Tlioiiias, .s. of Thoiiuis mul Surah, Nov. 18, 1707. 
Ucijvy, s. of .lohii and Al.i«ail, Juno l;i, 1708. 
KiiUi, a. of .loliM anil Kiilli, Aiij;. -, 170S. 
Mary, il. of TiMiolhy aiul Marllia, Koli. 25, 1709. 
Abigail, s. of .losrph ami lMiol)u, .July 2'J, 170',). 
David, s. of Kalpli and Mary, May :i, 1710. 
Joualliau, s. oL' l!al|ili and Mary, .May 3, 1710. 
Amos, s. of John and .\bi-ail, .May 2.",, 1710 
Samuel, s. of Thomas and Sarah, .Inno r,, 1710. 
Tursis, d. of Tiinolhy and Persis, ,Iuly L'l, 1711. 
John, s. of Ralph and Mary. April 11, 1712. 
William, s. of William and Abi-ail, Due. 7. 1712. 
Hannah, d. of Tin. mas and S:irali, Jan. 2. 17 1;;. 
Timothy, s. of Timuthv and I'l'r-is. Sept. 27, 17l:(. 
Marv, d. of Ualph and Mary, Nov. ;iu, 1714. 
I'riscilla, d. of ■rinmnis and Sar.di, .\u-. 8, 1715. 
Kbeiiezer, s. of and lluldah, Sept. 2(5, 1715. 
Jacob, .s. of Timothy and I'crsis, Jan. ;!1, 171i;. 
Hnldah, d. of Kl)cnu/.er and llnldiih, Jan. 11, 1717. 
Abigail, d. of Halph and Mary, May 25, 1717. 
Marv, d. of and Sarah, Jan. G, 1718. 
Jonallian, s. of TinnUliy and IVr.sis, May 19, 1718. 
Israel, s. of Israul and Uannali, Nov. 25, 1718. 
Nathan, s. of K1)liiu/.ct ami llnldali, Jan. ;!. 1719. 
llaniiali, rl. of Israid and Hannah. Aug. 27, 1720. 
Alice, d. of Timclhy and I'crsis, Marcli 24, 1720. 
Abigail, d. of Ebonc/.cr and llnldali. April a, 1721. 
Abigail, d. of Tliomas and Sarah, May 24, 1721. 
Jonathan, s. of Halph and Mary, March 9, 1722. 
Amos, s. of Timolliv and lVr>is, July 1, 1722. 
Isratd, s. of Israrl and Hannah, Nov. 10, 1722. 
S.arah, d. of Dannl and Mary, So|.t. 8, 1723. 
George, s. of Kbcnc/.cr and lluldah, Dec. 29, 1723. 
James, s. of Thomas and Sarah, Jan. 8, 1723. 
Joshua, s. of Kalph an,l Mary, June IS, 1724. 
Abi:;ail, d. of Israel and Hannah, Nov. 15, 1721. 
Marv, d. of Daniel and .Mary, May 24. 1725. 
Elip'ha/., s. of and lluldah. Feb. 11, 172C. 
Mary, d. of Israel ami llanuah, ,Inne 24, 172i;. 
Ke/.ia, (1. of 'Ihonnis ami Sar:d., Oel, 28, 172ii. 
Susanna, d. of Daniel and Marv, Sept. 9, 1720. 
Amos, s. of lialph and Mary, March 13, 1728. 
Lncy, d. of Israel and Hannah, Oct. 4, 1728. 
Ezckiel, s. of Timolhy and Tersis, Aug. 1, 1728. 
Hannah, d. of Danh-l and Mary, Jan. 28, 1728. 
Joseiih, s. of Joseph and Sarah, Jan. 1, 1729. 
Charles, s. of Thcnnas and Sarah, May 11, 1730. 
Ruth, d. of Daniel and .Mary, ,Iuly 9, 1730. 
Keliecca, il. of Henry and Kebecca, Juno 1, 1732. 
Henry, s. of Henry and Kebecca, May 27, 1734. 
Mary, d. of Nathaniel and llannali. April 15, 1734. 
Ke/.ia, d. of .Tiihn and Kezia, Jan. 8, 1737. 
Abi"ail, d. of Henry and Kebecca, July 0, 1737. 
Elizanoth, d. of Israel and Hannah, Dec. 17, 1737. 
• Lydia, d. of Thomas and Lvdia, Oct. 17, 1738. 



REED, continued. 

Sarah, d. of Henry and Rebecca, April G, 17;19. 
Joshua, s. of Nathaniel and Haiinali, Nov. 17, 1739. 
Jonathan, .s. of Joiialiian and K<'/,ia, June l.'j, 1740. 
Thomas, s. of Tlmiiia-i ;iiul I.ydia, Dec. -12, 1740. 
Sarah, d. of Henry and liehecea, .luiie i;i. 1741. 
John, s. of Jnliii and Judilli, .\ui;. T>, 1741. 
Janies, s. of Daniel and Marv, \\)\\\ 4, 1741. 
Jo.^^lina, s. of .lo>luKi and llaiinuli. Due. 14, 1742. 
Sarah, d. of Tiionias and I.ydia, .lime LT,, 174L'. 
Jnditli, d. of John and Judiiii, An-. 14, 174:!. 
AhiL'ail, d. of Tlionias .and I.ydia, An-. L'l, 174:1. 
Nathan, s. of Nathan and Snsainia, July 14, 1744. 
Samuel, s. of Samuel and Kiiniee, Au-. (J, 1744. 
.lo.seph, s. of Tlionias and Lydia, Feb. I'J, 174.-.. 
Jacob, s. of Jaeol) and Kli/.abeth, April 30, 174,j. 
Su.sanna, d. of and Susauna, Dec. 4, 174.5. 
Ilannali, d. of Joshua and Ilannali, April 2, 1745. 
lluldah. d. of Tiun.tliy and lluldah, Feb. 24, 1745. 
Judith, d. of John and Juditli, Noy. 10, 1745. 
Mary, d. of Geor-e and .Mary, June lU, 17411. 
I\1icah, .s. of Samuel and F.unice, Sept. 28, 174(;. 
Ke/.ia, d. of Thomas ami I.ydia, Anj;. 24, 1740. 
Kuih. .1. of Danirl and Mary, Nov. Hi, 17411. 
Ke/.ia, d. of (',(•(>!;;,■ .-111(1 .M.iry, Si-pl. li;, 1747. 
Keuh.ii, s, of .laeob and i:ii/.,,lMi )i, .March 2, 1747. 

Israel, s. of Isratdand ^\■■.l^ h;, 1747. 

Martha, d. of John ami i : : I' . ::i, 1747. 
Elizabeth, d. of lOliphi 1 i li, .luiie i;, 1748. 

Jo.sei)h, .s. of Jacob and L: ,,,Imi:,, Mm. 2, 1748. 
fieor-e, .s. of Geoi-e ami Mary, .laii. 7, 174:). 
Micah, .s. of Samuel ami Kunice, May 31, 1740. 
John, s. of Joliu ami Judllli, Jan. Ill, 17.50. 
Kli/.abeth, d. of Jacob and Kliz.abeth, April 18, 1750. 
Jnaniia, d. of Flipliaz and Elizabeth, Sept. 211, 1750. 

I.iicy, .1. of ami lluldah, Sept. L'l, 175(1. 

Kiamis. .s. ul Samuel and Kunice, May 3, 1751. 
Kbenezer, .s of (k-or-c and .Mary, Nov. 29, 1751. 
Eliphaz, s. of Kliphaz and Klizabeth, An-. 2.s, 1752. 
Sarah, d. of J.acob and Klizabeth, July 5, 1752. 
Simeon, s. of Genr-e and Mary, Feb. 10, 1754. 
Newall, .s. of Kliphaz and Sarah, Feb. 10, 1754. 
Eunice, d. of Sauiml and Kunice, Feb. 19, 1754. 
Amos, s. of Jacob and Klizaljeth, May 14, 1754. 
Supply, s. of John and .Inditli, Sept. 9, 1754. ■ 
Lucy, d. of Joshua and Hannah, Nov. 25, 1754. 
Sarah, d. of Kliphaz and Sarah, D.-c. 12, 1755. 
Abigail, d. of Geoim.' and Mary, .March 2, 17511. 
Isaac, s. of Jaob and Klizabeili, An-. 9, 17.5ii. 
Joel, s. of Eliphaz and Sarali, Jan. IS, 1757. 
John, s. of Joshua and Ilannali. .March 29, 1757. 
Abi;<ail, d. of Samuel and Funlce, An-. 13, 1757. 
Jcnn.N, .s. of Geor-e and .Mary, April 5, 1758. 
James, s. of Joshua and Hannah, April II. 1759. 
Lucy, d. of Samuel and Kunice, Oct. 12, 17.VJ. 
Reuben, s. of Eliphaz and Sarah, March 8, 17(10. 

-:imim '10 asun.TH whuwow 


REED, tiontimiid. 

E/.i-kicl, s. or Ezfkiul and Maiv, Au^. 20, 1700. 
Riiih, il. of Guoru'L- and Mary, July 31, 17(50. 
Molly, d. of .losliiia and Hacliael, June 3, 1700. 
Jonathan, s. of Jcsliua and Hannah, Fel). i:i, 1701. 
Sarali, d. of Sannnl and Knni(H', Dec. 31, 1702. 
.lolluun, 8. of Ci-iH-e and M.iry, Nov. h, 1702. 
Ward, s of Klipha/ and .Sarah, Sept. 17, 1702. 
Nallnmiel, .s. of Kzrkitd an<l Miirv, Dec. it, 1702. 
Jo.'iluia, s. of Joshna and Kachael, Sept. 0, 1702. 
Mary, d. of Joslma and Hannah. May 21, 170:!. 
Jlartha. d. of Joshua and Kachael, March L'5, 1704. 
Kc/.ia, d. of Genrjie and .Mary, .Vpril 22, 1705. 
Hannah, d. of Thomas and Hannah, Dec. 20, 170j. 
Abi'jail, d. id' Joseph and lielief. Jan. 20, 1707. 
Marv. d. of Siinnul and Knnice, An-. 11, 1707. 
Sara'h, d. of ■riuninis and Hannah, July 10, 1707. 
Jndilh, (1. of .loshna and lliinnah, Marcli 0, 170S, 

Al)itiail,'d. of Thonnis and Hannah, Sept. 2:i, 1771. 

Leonard, s. of Jo.-hna and liachel, Nov. 13, 1771. 

Sanmel. s. of Sanuicl an. I Joanna, Jan. 0. 1772. 

Micali, s. of Jluali and F,li/:d».|h, Oct. 17, 1773. 

Franci.s, s. of S.iiiiii. ; -i i .i-mna, Feb. .-., 177+. 

Geiiriic Washin-- II ■ J.diua and Kachel, Nov. 18, 1775. 

Kli/.al.eth, d. of ■' . 1 i.aheth, Jan. 2. 1777. 

Knth, d. of KIh,,. ,. , II, ! \iMi:,, March 2(1, 177S. 

Joanna, d. (d' Sauni.l and .luanna. May H, 177s. 

:OH/abeth. d. of Mic.ah and Klizalieth, Keb. 2.5, 1770. 

Khoda, d. of Jonas and lihoda, Apvd is, 177'.l. 

Geor-c, s. i>f Simeon and Esther, Oct. II. 17S0. 

Olive, d. of James ami Olive, Feb. l'O, 1780. 

Amni, d. of Ebeiie/.er and Anmi, Feb. 28, 1781. 

Jonas, s. of Jonas and Khuda, Jniie 27, 1781. 

Ebenezer, s. of ICbenczer and Anna, March 1, 1782. 

Eunice, d. of Samuel and Joanmi, Apiil 3, 1762. 

Lydia, d. of Amos and Lydia, April 18, 1782. 

Kli/.abetli, d. of Jann's ami Olive, Feb. 20, 17h2. 

Jlenjamin, s. of Jonas and lihoda, Keb. 24, 1784. 

Eney, d. of Smn'on am! Esther, .\um.. 27, 1784. 

Jacob, s. of Ann.s and Lvdia, .Inly 31, 1784. 

Mary, d. of James anil Olive, April 18, 1784. 

William, s. of Isaac ami Susanna, March M, 1785. 

Eli/.abeth, d. of Amos ami l.ydia, June 18, 1780. 

Oliver, s. of Isaac ami Susunmi, An«. 4, 1787. 

John, s. of James and Olive, Nov. 20, 17s7. 

Kebeecii, d. of Sannnd, .Ir., ami Joanna, Nov. 23, 1788. 

Hill, s. of Sinn'oli and Esther, Keb. 20, 178S. 

Nancy, d. of Amos and Eydia, April 2'J, 178'.). 

.Toshna, .s. of Joshna and Ann, Jr., July 24, 1700. 

I'atty, d. of Jonas ami Rhoda, July 28, 17U0. 

Thomas, s. of Isaac and Snsanmi. Jan. 18, 1790. 

Abigail, d. of .lames and Olive, May III, 1700. 

I. ,nl. s. of I.e.maid and AbiL'all. J;in. 12. 1701. 

'lo ')!;..• j;<:i /.-JUHOV/ 

t MIK I.I'// Oil/ .1; .„,,,,,„ „ .„|„| ,„,;_, 


208 wonunx i:Ecoi;n of 


KEKD, rontlna.,/. 

Keiiben, s. of Isiino :iinl Susanna, ifaich 'Jn, 171)2. 

I-iicy, a. of .Tiinifs and Olivo, Nov. 19, 17112. 

Nancy, il. of .loslnia anil Anna, Sept. ;!0, 1793. 

Ihmli Maxwell, s. of Isaac .•uM Siisnniia, Due. 2:), 17113, 

Nancy, <1. of .Jonas ami Klioila, .luiic 7, ITHl. 

.Tohn, s. of .loslnia ami .\nn.i, ,Ir., Marcli 19, UH:,. 

William, s. of .lames and Olive, Fell. 1,S, 1711.',. 

Knos, s. of Isaac an.l Susanna, Au-. 21, Kllli 

Hill, s. of .loshua and Anna. l.'d, Apiil 24, 17911. 

•riKHiias .leUeison, s. of .Joslma and Anna, 2d, May l(i, 1801. 

•Mary liritlire, d. of Lnke and JIary, .Jnne 22, 1«U2. 

Patty, d. of .Toshna and Anna, ,Ji-., Oct. 7, 1802. 

Gcoi-iie Wasldn^ton, s. of Georire W. and Elizabeth, ,Tau. 14, 1803. 

Zacliai-iali, s. of .loslina and Anna. ,lr., Oct. 21, 1804. 

I.uUe, s. of Lnke anil Maiy, .Tidy 22, 1804. 

Abigail, d. of Luke and Jlary, Aui;. 12, ISOG. 

Mary, d. of George \V. and Eli/.al)"etli, SeiJt. 13, 1806. 

Eliza, d. of Geor-c \V. and Klizaiietli, ,)nne 21), 1,S(I8. 

Caroline, d. of Luke and Maiv, March 31, 1SI)9. 

Until lirown, d. of Joshua and Anna. Fell. C. 1810. 

Caroline, d. of George W. and Klizabcih. March II, 1810. 

Delphina, d. of Luke and Mary, Nov, 23, isil. 

Wnrren, s. of George W. and Elizabeth, April 10, 1811. 

.lacksnn, .s. of Geoige W. and Klizubeth, ,lan. 25, 1813. 

Mary 1'.. d. of .loslma .Jr., and Marv. A|H-il 21, 1813. 

Maria, d. of .losliua, .Ir.. and Mary, Feb. 9, 1314. 

Delphia, d. of Luke and Mary, ,Ian. la, Islf.. 

Sophia, d. of George W. and" Elizabeth, May 19. 181G. 

Joseph, s. of Joshua, Jr., and Mary, April 19, 1817. 

Maria d. of Joshua, Jr., and .Mary, April 1, 1819. 

Jacob George, s. of Jacob and Desire, April 2, 1820. 

Ebeiiezer, s. of Ebenezer and Eleanor, Nov. 2."), 1820. 

Saruh Ann, d. of Joshua, Jr., ami Mary, June 10, 1821. 

Rebecca, d of Jacob and Desire, Jnne Ifi, 1822. 

Jacob, s. of Jacob ami Desire, Apiil 8, 1S24. 

Eleanor, d. of Ebenezer and Eleanor, Sept. 8, 1824. 

Harriet, d. of Joshua and .Mary, Aug. 7, 1824. 

Nancy Davis, d. of William and Nancy, April 3, 1825. 

James, s. of Ebenezer and Eleanor, April s, 1820. 

Luke Winn, s. of Lnke and Marth.'i, Oct. 2, 1828. 

Elizabeth, d. of George W. and lictsev, July 1. 1828. 

Charles Fay, s. of Luke and Martha, Sept. 9, 1S30 

Abiijail Angelina, d. of Lewis and Mary A., Dec. 27, 1831. • 

Martha Caroline, d. of Luke am', Martha, Oct. 0, 1832. 

IJrigham, s. of Lidce and Martha, Aiiril il, 1k3. . 

.Mary, d. of Luke and Martha, April IC, 1.837. 

Elizabeth Synimes, il. of Geoige W. and Betsey, Aug. 3, 1838. 

Sarah K., d. of George AV, ami Hetsey, May 3, 1840. 

Koinnlns, s. of Luke and Martha, July 8, 1840. 

George W., s. of Isaiah, Jr., and Mary B.. Julv 28, 1840. 

Josephine, d. of (;. orge W. and lielsev, Dec. 12, 1842. 

Dana, s. of Luke and .Martha, Feb. 20,' 1812. 

.loseph .M.irlaiii, s. of Joscpli and Mi'lietabel, Feb. 27, 184.';. 

.\bi-.iil, (I. (if l.iike and .Martlia, ixini in l.niox. reiiii., Aug. 9, 1S4G. 

s. of .\rteiii,is mid Lli/alietli, N.,v. 2:., l.sli;. 

iji'i •/,ii:no'ti 

M ,0! . 

i.I81 .. 

d 1)1. « <iiiii:.J-W. h 


IlEED, continued. 

FnincL'S Ailciaick', d. of .lames mid Miirictta Tciinoy, Sept. 14, 1847. 
Artemas Wiini, .s. of .\iti mas and lOli/alnMli M., Mavcli 14, 1818. 
Kli/.a S., d. of Gecir-e W. and IK-lsey, ,lidy 8, 1S4.S. 
Mariidta, d. ol' James and Mariella, .\Iaicli 7, 184a. 
Geui-e Kicderieli, s. of David and .Saiali, Oet. 18, 18.-)0. 
Ueoiire llenrv, s. of Artenias and Kli/.aljelli A.. April 23, 1851. 
Georgianna, d. of Artenias and Eli/.alielli A., April 2:i, 1851. 
Artlinr Jolmsou, s. of Arienias and Klizabetli, Sept. 22, 1851. 
Klla Fiances, d. of Cliarlea C. and Mary A., Nov. 20, 1855. 
Eiiiimi Ail^nsta, d. of CMiailes C. and Mary A., ,lnne 25, 1858. 
Ida Mav, d. of CInirles C. and Mary A., Sept. IC, 185'J. 
Harry [Harvey], s. of Charles W. and H. Au-usta, .Ian. 2«, 1807. 
Emma Lawreiiee, d. of Lorenzo I), and I,ouisa, April 'J, 1807. 
Freddie llanwell, s. of Geoij;e D. and Susan K., Sept. 24, 1808. 
Herbert, s. of Lorenzo 1). ami Louisa, Nov. 14, IS(;8. 
Mary Emma, d. of (5uorae I), anil Susan K., Oct. 1, 1870. 

KEGAN (see Khaqan). 


Adelaiile Medora, d. of George A. and Asenctli, Au^'. 17, 1850. 
Laura Amanda, d. of George A. and Asenetli, N'ov. 28, 1853. 


Abba Ella, d. of Edward and Sarah .!., Feb. 13, 1802. 


Fanny Eliza, d. of Edward E. and Sarah M., Feb. — , 1S59. 

John, s. of Georire and Marv Ann, Ani;. 15, 1800. 

Geor^'e Cornelius, s. of George and Mary Ann, Oct. 2, 1867.* 

Mary Jane, d. of James and Ann, Oct. 28, 180'J. 

Cliarles, s. of George and Mary A., March 18, 1870. 

Annie, d. of Richard and Margaret, born in Winchester, March 23, 

John, s. of James and Ann, July 27, 1871. 
Mary Frances, d. of George and Mary Ann, March 22, 1872. 


Ellen S., d. of Samuel M. and Betsey J., Dec. 3, 183;). 
Cliaiie.s C , s. of Samuel M. and lietsey J., Oct. 3, 1842. 
Edward Walter, s. of Abiier and N. Georgianna, Sept. 5, 1840. 
Charlotte Georgianmi, d. of Abner and Nancy G., Oct. 10, 1847. 
Mary Ella. d. of Curtis and Alinira, Sept. 18, 184'J. 
Elizabelh Heeves, d. of Alinerand Nancy G., March 25, 1850. 
Helen Curtis, d. of Abner and Nancy G., Sept. 21, 1,S5'. 
Winifred liachel, d. of James and Emma, Feb. 25, 1871. 


Mary Adelaide, d. of Isaac N. and Mary, Sept. 22, 18:.3. 
Ella F., d. of Isaac N. ami Mary, Nov. 'J, lb.i4. 

KHV.Uli lO (I SK'O:! it /JlUUO'-V 

;,i.i ,.i{ >0u- ,K <l 

I'll) AVOnUr.N RECORD OF hfrths. 


K<lw:ir.l Ilorton, s. of Danlc'l 11. and Cjiithia 11., A 


Ilamiali, il. of Saiiuiel, March 8, ICIL'. 
I.saac, s. ot'Tlioiiias, May 24, IGI:f. 
.losepli, s. of Sainurl, ,Iu"ly 27, 1043. 
Hulli, d. ofKzukid, Au-f. 2;l 1(;43. 
Tlioiiias, s. of Tlioiiins, Oct. 4, 1GI5. 
Samuel, s. of Samuel, May 22, 1040. 
KuUi, d. of Thomas, April 14, IG47. 
I'hfbc, (1. of 'Ihomas, .Jan. 24, KUi). 
Stoplicn, s. of Samuel, Au^'. l,"., 1040. 
Nulhaniel, s. of 'I'liomas, Jan. 2, 1(!51. 
Tlioiiia.-s, H. of Samuel, Dee. 31, 1051. 

Kzekiel, s. of Tlie< 

)hilus, Oct. 28, 10.55 

Mary, .1. of Tlieo|. 

illus, Jan. 15, 10,58. 

Siirali, tl, of I'lieoii 

lilus, April 23, 1000. 

.lollll, .s. of JolMi, .1 

an. 24, liidl. 

Abigail, (1. ofThuo 

ihlhis, Oet. 21, 10(i2. 

llanuali, d. of The 

jphiln.s, April (i, KiO." 

.lo.seph, s. of .(ohii 

,lan. 3, 1007. 

llaiiiiali, .1. of Jos.- 

)li, Oet. 22, 1007. 

John, s. ofTheoph 

lu.s, Jan. 10, 1008. 

Mary, a. of.Toseiih 

Mareli 22, IGfl'J. 

Jonallian, .s. of I^aac, Dec. 12, 1009. 
lOlizabeth, d. of Jo.-,eph, June 28, 1070. 
Ile.stlier, d. of Theopliiln.^-, June 25. 1C70. 
Samuel, s. of Samuel, Nov. fl, 1070. 
Thomas, .s. of Samuel, Nov. fl, 1070. 
Deborah, d. of Isaac, Jan. 22, 1072. 
Joseph, s. of Joseph, May 19, 1072. 
Nathaniel, s. of Nathaniel, Aug. 27. 1073. 
Martha, d. of Samuel, Dec. 20, 1073. 
I'eirson, s. of John, Sept. 22, 1073. 
Kulh, d. of Thi'ophilus, Au- 31, 1073. 
Steiihen, s. of Joseph. Feb. 7, 1074. 
Josei.h, s. ofl.saae, .lune 25, 1074. 
Benjamiu, s. of Isaac, June 25, 1074. 
James, s. of Nathaniel, Feb. 20, 1075. 
Stephen, s. of Stephen, Feb. 20, 1G7G. 
Jacob, s. of John, Feb. 15, 1G7G. 
Merey, d. of Isaac, Oct. 27, 1070. 
Zachariah, s. of Samuel, Nov. 21, IG77. 
Francis, s. of Stephen, Jan. 19, 1C78. 
William, s. of Jolm, June 29, 1078. 
William, s. of Sleiihen, Dec. 14, 1078. 
David, s. of Isaac, Feb. 4, 1079. 
Mary, cl. of Nathaniel, March 10, 1079. 
Francis, s. of Stephen, Jan. 15, 1081. 
Phebe, d. of Isaac, Feb. 14, 1081. 
Joshua, s. of Nathaniel, June 3, 1081. 
John, H. <.f John, Jr., Auj;. 13, lO.Sl. 
Thomas, s. of Samuel, Aui,'. 18, 1081. 
Sarah, d. of Samuel, An;;. 20, 1082. 
Timolhy, s. of Stephen, Dec. 0, 1082. 

.PHTMiu "io aac 

jiiiA , M .Mill.; 

WOnUUN RKCOIII) Ol- Iill!T)lS. 211 

laClIAUnSON, r„nlinu,d. 

M:irlii:i, d. of NiUhiiiiiul, , 1083. 

Marv, il. of Isiino, July 14, lfis;i. 
Al)i^'ail, (1. of .Steplnjii, Nov. U, IfiHS. 
SiisHiina, a. of JdIiu, Jr., Aup;. 5, ICS-t. 
Thomas, s. of .Samuel, Sept. 2.5, 1U84. 
.Toliii, s. of Nalhaniel, Jiiu. (Dec.) 25, 1G84. 
MizalH'tli, (I. of Isaac, Nov. 8, IC.'-o. 
IViidiiice, (1. of Stephen, Jan. 17, WiHtl 
r.beiiezer, s. of .Samuel and Sarah, March 1,5, 1C87. 
Thomas, s. of .\alhauiel and .Mary. Apnl 15, 1G87. 
Timothv, s. of John and Sn.siinna, July '-'4, 1(187. 
Timolirv, s. ofSleplien and Abi-ail. Jan. 24, 11)87. 
Kduiird, .s. ori>aae and Deborah, Feb. 2, 1(188. 
Theophihis, s. of h/.eki.d and Klizabeth, July 4, 1C88. 
Ilarmah. d. of NaUianiid and Mary, May — , IGS'J. 
— .s. of Samuel and Sarah, Auj;. — , 1089. 
Seth, s. of stephun anil Abigail, Jan. IG, IC89. 
Elizabeth, d. of Ezekiel, Oct. 20, lOS'J. 
Mary. d. of John and Deborah, Aug. 10, 1G89. 
Hannah, d. of Samuel and Sarah, Aug. II, 1G90. 
Danhl, s. of Stephen and Al)if,'ail, Oct. 10, 1091. 
Samuel, s. of Nathaniel and Mary, Sept. 24, 1091. 
Theopldlus, 8 of Kzekiel, Jan. 7, 109L'. 
\Villiii-, s. of John and .Mar-aret, Oct. 5, ic.92. 
Jolm, s. of John and Deborah, Dec. 29, 1092. 
F.lic/,er, .s. ol Samuel and Sarah, Feb. 10, 1093. 
Kli/alietb, d. of ,)uhii and Susanna, May 27, 1093. 
I'hiiiias, s. olWatlianirl and .Mary, Feb. — , 1C94. 
F.z.Ki.l, s. ol' i:/.rkiel and Elizabeth, April 22, 1094. 
Mau,*d ofju-rpliand Mary, Jan. 10, 1095. 
Deliorah. d. of John and D.boruh, March 8, 1G95. 
Abi-ail, d. of Nathaniel and Abigail, Dec. 25, 1095. 
I'hebe, d. of Nathaniel and Mary, March 4, 1G9G. 
Job. s. of John and .Marg ire', April 30, 1G9C. 
Stephen, s. of Stephen and Bridget, Juue 12, 1G9G. 
Jonathan, s. of Samuel ami Sarah, July 10, 1G9G. 
I'eir.son, s. of I'eir.son and Mary, Aug. G, 109G. 
Mary, d. of Stiphen and Abigail, May 3, 1C9C. 
Abigail, d. of Ezekiel and Elizabeth, Jan. 15, 1G97. 
Hannah, d. of Joseph and .Mary, Aug. 17, 1G97. 

ElizaDeth. d. of Nathaniel ami Abigail, , 1697. 

Heb^rra, d. of Sleplieii and Abigail, June 10, 1098. 
Jo.-ipli, s. ol Stephen and Bridget, July 20, 1098. 
Amos, s. of Nathaniel and Mary, Aug. 10, 1098. 
Sarah, d. <ilM<ilia and Di'ijorah, March 12, 1098. 
Mary, d. of lVirM)n and Mary, Nov. 17, 1098. 
Kebrrca, d. ..f Xalliani. 1 and Abigail, Aug. 14, 1099. 
Jacob, .s. of .lncob and llannali, Sei)t. 3, li;'.)9. 
Jo.sejdi, s. of Joseph and Mary, Nov. 9, 1099. 
Thomas, s. of Stephen and Bridget, Feb. 5, 1700. 
David, 8. of Samuel and Sarah, April 14, 1700. 

ry llulilwlii, M;iy 7, 1717, who died 

M;iy 7, 1717 
lid cllcd In 


ItlClIAKDSON, conlinunl 

Benjamin, s. of Natlianicl and >rary, Anir- 27, 1700. 
James, s. of James ami Klizabeili, Nov. 28, 1700. 
Uartholomew. R. of IVii-.soii ami Mary, V\U. i, 1701. 
Josiah, s. of John and Diborali, Feb. 14. 1701. 
Hanuah, d. of Jacob and Iliinnali, April 7, 1701. 
Bridget, d. of Stephen and Hrid-et, (let. ir.. 1701. 
Aaron, s. of K/.eki,-l and Klizabetli, Dee. Ill, 1701. 
Nathan, s. of John and Debni-ali, Jan. 24, 1702. 
Jo.siali, s. of Jiisrpli and Mary, Jan. IL', 1702. 
Nathaniel, s. of N.illianiel and Abisail, Mareli 20, I7i 
Kaeliel, d. of Nathaniid and Abi-ail, .March 20, 17(12. 
Solomon, s. of .Sti'phen and Abi^aU, March 27, I70L'. 
Elizabetli, d. of Jacob ami Hannah, Keb. LS, 17h:',. 
Noah, s. of I'eli-.son ami Mai-y, .March .J, 17(i:! 
lienjamin, s. ofNallnMnel and Abi-ail, Fel). L"J, 1704, 
lOnnue, d. of John and Deborah, Jan. IJ, 1701. 
James, s. of Janus and Klizabelh, March 14, 1701. 
I'hebn, d. of Stephen and Uri-det, May Ifi, 1704. 
Samuel, s. of Sanniel and Snsanna, Sei)t. I."i, 1704. 
Heiibeu, -s. of Joseph and Mary, June 12, 1701. 
Kebecca. d. of Williani and Kebecea, An;;. 4, 1704. 
Edward, s. of Jacob and Hannah. March 12, 1705. 
Sarah, d. of l'eir,-,on and Marv, Nov. ■.'(;, 1705. 
Lvdia, d. of John and L\dia, Dec. 2(1, 170,5. 
Ichabod, s. of Stephen ami Urid-et, Jan. 11, 170G. 
Josiah, s. of James and Kli/abeth, Mav 15, 1700 
Hannah, d. of William and Kebecea, Oct-. 2,S, 1700. 
Oliver, s. of Jose|ili and Mary, An-. 15, 170(!. 
Tlionnis, s. of Samiud and Snsanna, Nov. 10, 170(1. 
Hannah, d. of Joshna and Hannah, Jan. H, 1707. 
Esther, d. of Jacob ami Hannah, Jniie 25, 1707. 
Joanna, d. of John and Eunice, Nov. 22, 1707. 
Jabe/,, s. of I'eirson and Mary, April 2«, 1708. 
IJjvid, s. of Joseph and Mary, Oct. 12, 1708. 
Samuel, s. of Joseph and Mary, Oct. 12, 1708. 
Ebenezer, s. of Samuel and Susanna, Jan. 18, 1709. 
Sarali, d. of Inaneis and Sarah, Jan. 25, 170'J. 
Abiirail, d of William and Kebecea, April 18, 1709. 
Enoch, s. of Jacob and Hannah, May L'lj, 1700. 
llezekiah, s. of John and Eunice, Oct. 10, 1700. 
Adam, s. ofSte|)lren and HndL'et, April 10, ]70n. 
Mary, d. of Joshua ami llanmih, March V^. 1710. 
Israel, s. of Nathaniel and Abigail, Aug. 10, 1710. 
Francis, s. of Er.mcis and >arali. July 17, 1710. 
Uriah, s. of Samuel and Su>anna, June 30. 17lO. 
Charles, s. of Joseph and .Mary, July 27, 1710. 
Eydia, d. of lienjamin, and Lvdia, Nov. 28, 1710. 
Itebecea, d. of .lames and Elizab.-th. Jnlv 14, 1710. 
Seth, s. of Setli and .Mary, ftlarch l:!, 1711. 
Lydia, d. of I'eirson ,aml Mary, April 19, 1711. 
Patience, d. of Jacob an.l Hanmih, July 15, 1711. 
Eunice, d. of John and Eunice, Dec. 28, 1711. 
Martha, d. of Theophilus an I Uuth, Feb. 4, 1711. 
William, H. of William and Ilebecca, April 17, 1712. 
.llary., d. of Francis and Sarab, July 2, 1712. 


KICHARDSON, continned. 

Caleb, s. of John and AbiKail, Feb. 2:!, 1713. 
Kutli, (1. or.Tosi'pli ami Miuv, .Iiino 17. 1711?. 
Sii-anmi, d. n{ Sarmiol uikI Susanna, Nov. :t, 171.^. 
Asa, ,><. ofStriilicn and llri.l-ct, Di'C. 12. 171:!. 
Maillni, il. olJo.sJHia :ind llaniiali, May 18, 1711. 
Mai-arrt, d. of Sainiu-1 and Sarah, May 2.';, 1711. 
Sarah, d. of .Jacob and Hannah, Manh 9, 1714. 
Hnth. d. of Thi'opliilus and linlh. Sopt. I, 1714. 
Stc|iben, s. of William and lii'lx'cca, Sept. 27, 1714. 
David, .s. of IVirson ami Mary, Ocl. :'., 1714. 
: Katharine, d. <d' .lames ami Kli/.abeth. Fob. (1, 1714. 

Thomas, s. of 'I' and licljen-a. Feb. 15, 1715. 
Ger.-ihoni, s. of .John and .Vbitrail, Mav 4, 1715. 
Fliezer, .M. of 'Ih'inias and Kebeeea, May 22, 1715. 
Klizabeth, d. of Samncd and Susanna, Dec. 4, 1715. 
Kdward,s. of Theophihi.s and liulli. March 17, 1710. 
Samuel, m. of Samuel and Sarah, .Inly 115, 171C. 
.Toshua, s. of Joshua ami Hannah, Oct. 18, 171(i. 
James, s. of Jacob and Hannah, April 23. 171C. 
Natlianiel, s. of Jame.s and Klizabelh, Feb. G, 171fi. 
Kcbecca, il. of Thoma.s and Rebecca, Dec. 21, 171(1. 
Maiy, d. of William and Rebecca, April 18, 1717. 
Marv, d. of I'Idnoas and Mary, March 7, 1718. 
Abi;;aj|. d. of John ami Alji-ail, May 27, 1718. 
Ibene/.er, .«. of Timolliy and Abigail, March 31, 1718. 
I.vaiah, B. of'l'hoinas ami Rebecca, Oct. 13, 1718. 
'I'heophihLS, s. of Ezekiel and I.ydia, Jan. 2(1, 1718. 
MarKaret, d. of .Tob and Sarah, Jan. 22, 171'.). 
Sarah, d. of Samu.l and Sarah,, lune 1, 171'.t. 
Riehard, s. nf ■I'li.oi.liilii'. and Hulli, Nov. U, 1711). 
Mary, d. of .laims an, I i:ii/.al.eth, Jan. 20, 171'J. 
Ralph, s. of Tliouias and i;el)ecca, Jan. 3. 1720. 
Z icliary, s. uf Samuel and Susanna, M.ay 21, 1720. 
Willing', .s. of Job and Sarah, Jan. 31, 1720. 
Abiirail, d. of Timothv and Abigail, April 7, 1720. 
K/.ra, .s. of John and Abiuail. June 13. 1721. 
Malthew, s. of Thomas and Rebecca, April 'J. 17:'l. 
Abi-ail, d. of Jonatlnin and Aiii^iail, Oct. 2'.), 1721. 
Amos. s. of Amos and Alu-ail, Dec. 3, 1721. 
Thouuis, s. of I'hiiieas ami Marv, Oct. 30, 1721. 
Mcses, s. (.fThenphilns and Kulh, April 8, 1722. 

Kbcne/.er, s. of Tl a- and lleliecca, An;;. 20, 1722. 

Abialhar, s. of Timothv and Abi-ail, Au^' 15, 1722. 
Martha, d. of Samuel ami Susanna, March 22, 1723. 
Anne, d. of Job and Sarah, Jan. 31, 1723. 
W illiani, s. of William and Mary, Feb. 21, 1723. 
Sarah, d. of Jonathan and Abi-ail. Keb. 28, 1723. 
.lames, s. of I'biu.'as and Marv. April 111. 1724. 
.lo.-niua, (1. of Daniel ami .bianna. Sept. 21, 1724. 
lirheeea. d. of Th. nnis .and H.'beecii, Nov. 12, 1724. 

Nathan, s. of Natlnui and Ksther, April 21, 1725 
.Imlith, d. of I'idrson and Kli/.abetli, Mav 14, 17: 
Mary, d. of Jacob and Kli/.abeth, July 18, 1725. 

.fcHliUII HO <U10L>riJi /.ilUJXOV/^ 


IvMClIAKDSON, comiuu.d. 

Setli, s. of Josfpli unci Siisaniin, March C. UiC. 
Siisiiuna, 0. of .losopli and Su-aiiun. .March C. 172G. 
David, s. of Tlionias and Kebucca. Sept. 15, J72(;. 
Jacol), s of Jacolj and Klizabeih. Oct. 20, I72(!. 
.Tabcz, .s. of l\'irson and Elizabeth, Kcl). ]2 1727 
Mary, d of William and Mary. An-. H, \-'>1 
Josepli, s. of Ucnbi'n imd Ksthcr, Fi'b. !). |7l'7. 
E.-tlier, d. of XaLlian and K.stbcr. An;,', fl, 17"7 
IX'borali, d. of J.dni And Abijiad, March 2(;. 1728. 
Zebiidiali, .s. ofl'huinas and Heliccca, .Tnly 2 M-'ti 
Klizal)ctli, d. of Jacob anil Kli/.a'.ctli, May li) 172S 
Bctliiali, d. of Aaron and Bcthinh, Nov. I, 1728. 
Noah, s. of Noah and I'hebc, Dec l.', I72.S. 
Klizabetb, d. of Isaac and Eli/.abclh. Jan. •".) 17'>'» 
Dorcas, il. of Joi) ;uid Saiali. March I I, 172i>.' 
Esllicr, d. of licnlicn and Esther. April Ili" 17'>') 
JIary, d. of Peir.son and Eli/.abeth. Jnne 7.'l7j;>.' 
Kebccca, d. of Daniel and J.iannu, Sept. 29, 172i) 
James, S. of James and Sarah, Dec. l',"., 1729. 
Jesse, s. of Oliver an<l l.vdia, Feb. I, 1729. 
James, s. of I'hineas and Kebccca April .-JO, 1729. 
Jonathan, s. of Jonathan and Abi-ail, Jan. 29, 17^0. 
Phebc, (1. of Noah and Thcbe, An;.'. (J, 17.iO. 
Benjamin, s. of IJenJamin and Jndiih, Mav in, I7:i0. 
Israel, s. of Thomas and liebecca, .Ui- 2," 1730. 
Bartlioloiiicw, .s. of Jacob and ICli/.ab. tli. March ":< 1730 
Tubitha.d. of Nailian and Tabitba, April 14, 1730 ' 
Abigail, d. of John and Abi^'ail, Jan. 22, 1730 
Aaion, s. of Aarou and Bethiah. Dec. 24, 1730. 
Abijah, s. of John and Abi.L'ail, Jan. 22, 1731 
I'eirson, s. of IVh-son and Elizabolli, .lune 22 1731 
"William, s of James and Sarah, Mav <!, 1731.' 
William, s. of Piiincas and Kebccca," Eeb. ■J7, 1731. 
Hannah, d of Isaac and Elizabeth. Oct. 21, 1731. 
Jeremiah, 8. of ICdwar.l ami Jernsha, An-.'l8, 1731. 

Jonas, s. of .I<>se|ih and .Martha, .Ian. 1, "1732. 
J<dui, s. of Nathan and 'I'libilha, Eeb. 5 173" 
Kdmnnd, s. of Noali and I'hebe, Jidy 9,'l732. 
Converse, s. of Jacob and Elizabeth, March 9, 1732. 
Sarah, tl. of James and Sarah, Dec. 12, 17;{2. 
Hannah, d. of Isjiac uud Eiizabeih, Dec.—. 1732. 
Dorothy, d. of I'hineas and Rebecca, March 31, 1733. 
Daniel, s. of Daniel and Jminn.i, Jn.y 13, 1733. 
Amos, s. of Nathan and Tabltha. Nov. (1, 1733. 
Isaac, s. of l!,.njamin and Jndiih, April 18, 1733. 
I'hcbe, d. of Aaron and Itelbiab, April 28, 1733. 
llannali,d. of Jonathan and Abigail. Oct. 29, 1733. 
Silas, s. of Jacob and Elizabeth, March 9, 1733. 
Kenben, s. of Uenben and Esther, ,Mav 23 1733 
Kntli, d. of Kenben and Kslher, .May 23 17;i3 
Devi, s. of .loseph ami Marth.a. Keb'. 8. 1731. 
Barnabas, s. of Eduard and Jernsha. Marcdi \l), 1731 
Eeiimel, s. of Thomas and Kebccca, Jnly 31, 1731. 
I'aul, s. of Oliver and l.ydia, Dec. 23, 1734. 

.ijitTjita "sto <i;n>oaH K}i>i!H"»7^ 




KICHAl{l)SON, r„nt!n,„'d. 

I-ytlia, (I. of Isaac ami Elizalwtli, Jan. 2, 1";!.",. 
liartliolomew, s. iif Noali and riu'l)c, ,Iune l!», 17;i5. 
Klizabelli, cl. of IVicson ami Klizaliutli, .March 24, 17 
.Totliain, s. of Natluiii niul 'I'abilha, Oct. 21!, IT:!."). 
Martha, il. of Joseph ami Martha, Fel). 7. 1735. 
Mary, (I. of Enoch ami Mary, Dec. 30, 173.-). 
I'hincas, s. of I'liiiicas ami li.l.ccca. ,lai.,;i, 173:,. 
.lohii, ,s, of Tiiiiothv ami Al.i-ail, .laii. 1, 173.^.. 
Kli/.abulh, il. of .V.iroii ami Hcthiali, Sept. 13, 173fi. 
.Icphthah, s. of .Jacob and Klizabcth, Dec. 211, 17:1G. 
Isaac, s. of Isaac and Kli/.abelh, Sept. 20, 173(1. 
.\bel, s. of Keuben and Kslhor, Oct. 23. 173i;. 
Sarah, d of Enoch and Mary, March 2U, 1737. 
Lucy, d. of Noah and I'hebc, July 22, 1737. 
Oliver, s. of Oliver and I.ydia, April 28, 1737. 
Judith, d. of lienjaiuiii and Judith, Aui;. 4, 1737. 
Brid-et, d. of Siepheiiand Mary, Sept. 30, 1737. 
Marv, d. of Nathan and Tabillia, Sept. 7, 1737. 
Sarah, d. of Thomas and Kebecea, Sept. 11, 1737. 
Jeduthun, s. of Thomas and Mary, April HI, i;38. 
ratiencu, d. of Jacob and Elizabeth, Dec. 22, 1738. 
Caleb, M. of Keuben and Esther. Oct. 24, 1738. 
Enoch, s. of Enoch and Mary, April 4, 1738. 
Bethiah, d. of Aaron and liethiah, Jan. ,-., 17311. 
Molly, d. of Stephen and Mary, April 23, 17.3'J. 
Esther, d. of Noah and I'hebc, Se|it. 2'.), 173'.). 
Hannah, d. of Joseph and Martha, Sept. 23, 1731). 
Addison, s. of Lsaac and Elizabeth. July 3, 173'.l. 
Simeon, .s. of I'eirsou and Elizabeth, Nov. 14, 1730. 
Lydia, (I. of Oliver and I-ydia, Dec. 21, 1740. 
Lucy, d. of Joshua and Eunice, July 21, 1740. 

if H( 

L-ol) I 

Marv Ai 
ind Elizal 

Nathaniel, s. of and Elizabeth, May 21, 1741. 
liobecca, d. of Ebenezcr and Rebecca, .Vuf,'. 1, 1741. 
Hannah, d. of A-a and Hannah, An-. 22, 1711. 
rhehe, d. of Aaron and Uethiah, June 18, 1741. 
Elijah, s. of Reuben and Esther, May 4, 1741. 
Abi-ail, d. of Noah and I'hebe, July 11), 1742. 
Nathaniel, s. (d' J.K-hua and lOuuice, March 20, 1742. 
Leonard, s. of Asa and llaiinah, Dec, 2, 1742. 
I'etcr, s. of David and Mary Ann, Oct 2.", 1742. 
Sarah, d. of Stephen ami Mary, .March 10, 1743. 
J.isiah, .s. of Isaac and Elizabeth, Nov. 17, 1743. 
Lncretia, d. of.laioband Elizabeth. May 24, 1743. 



ininih. Mav HI, 1744. 
,rElienezer«nd Rebecca. Jan. IH. 1744. 
d. of Oliver and Lydia, March 23. 1744. 
of Enoch and .Mary, April 20, 1741. 
<. <d' Stephen ami Mary, Sept. 4, 1714. 
if Reuben and Esteer, An- 2. 174 1. 
of .N'ciali and I'hebc, May 30, 171.'.- 
,, s. of Zachariah and I'hebe, April 1, 1745. 

.8jnrai« to 


RICHARDSON, contiiuied. 

lidii'f, a. of Asn and Ilaniiiih, Ans;. 3, \7ir,. 
Zehulmi, s. <if Jiicoli and Kli/.abftti. Juno 0, 1745. 
William, s. of Diivid and Mary Ann. S.-pl. 7, 1745. 
.loin.-ha, d. of Kcnl)i:n and K.stliiT, .Tunc 2. 17^5. f. 

.h>Muv.\. .-. (.f.In.Klu. a 1,11(1 Kuiiice, Keli. 11 17Ki. 
- F,l)ciiczor, .s. of IClK'iio/.c'i- and liclifcca, JnnL- K!, 174G., s. of Eii</,.T and Sn.sanna. June 29, ]7-(0. 
.I.>.si:ili, ,. of David and Mary Ann, Fifb. 22. 1747. ' 
.Iioiiih, >. of Huiiljcn and Ksllicr, Nov. 8, 1747. 
.Siuviali. d. of Jacol. and Kli/.al»-tli, June fi. 1747. 
Kdward. -.. of Kduaid and Ahi-ail, I'V-b. S, 1747. 
Mosr.s, s. ..f I'.du.inland Abi-ail. Feb, 8, 1747. 
Irliabod, -. of .\sa .and llann.ali, .March 3, 1717. 
riicbe, d. of Zaciiaiiali anil I'liube. Feb. 24, 1747. 
Jnde. s. of Noali and IMiebc, Jan. 1.-;, 1748. 
JIary, d. of ElH'nczi'i- iind Mary, Oct. 30, 1748. 
Lucy, d. of Asa and H.innali, Noy. l,';, 1748. 
Kebccca, d. of Klic/.crand Susanna Nov. 19, 1748. 
Sanincl, s, of Oliver and Lydia, Dec. a, 1748. 
Israel, .s. of Joslina and Kunice, March 29, 1748. 
Thornton, s. of David and Mary Ann, Jan 8, 1749. 
Kimicc, d. uf ll.'/.L-kiah and Kcbecca, Sept. 1. 1749. 
Susanna, d. of Zaclianali and I'liebe, An-. 18. 1749. 
Josiali, s. of,I..>iali and .UiiL'ail, .Aprils, 1749. 
l.oaniini, s. of IJiailicn and Kstlicr, Jan. 12. 17.-in. 
Ilannali, d. of .(.lines and llannali, Mairii 3, 177.0. 
Jiiliii, s. of David and Mary Ann, Nov. 18, 17:.0. 
.Mud, .s. (d' Nathan and lAIary, Jan. 12, 1751. 
Edinnnd, s. of Asa and Hannah, Aiii,'. i, 1751. 
Ebeuezer, s. of Ebene/.or and Mary, Jniie 4. 1751. 
Sarah, d. of Ilezekiali and Kcbecca, Dec. 15, 1751. 
Abigail, d. of Joslina and Abi-ail, April 19, 1751. 
James, s. of James and Hannah, Nov. 23, 1751. 
Tl)addeu.s, s. of Uenben and Esther, 7, 1752. 
F.liiah, s. of Enoch and Mary, April 19, 1752. 
Jiulah, d. of Jacob and Jndah, Oct. C, 1752. 
I.ol, s. of David and .Mary Ann. July 21, 1752. 
Mary, d. ofNalhan and Mary, Jan. 24. 1753. 
Joliii, s. ofZachaiiah and l'ii<d)e, M.ay 15, ;75,'?. 
Jiitlilh, (1. of Ebenczer and Marv, April 17, 1754. 
.Toseph, s. of Levi and Abigail, Jan. 5, 1754. 
Israid, s. of Jo-hna and Abi-ail, Marcli 11, 1751. 
lydia, (1. of Mr. J.abi /. and .Mrs. Mehetabcl, ,Iuly 25, K5t. 
liellv, d. of .lames and Sarah, April 23, 1751. 

Mary, d.o 

' David and Marv Ann, Ki'b 

4, 1754. 

liebecea. . 

. of Jessr and liJdiecca, Jan 

10, 17,-,j 

Mary, d. o 

• Nalhaii and .Mary, Jan. 21, 


Lnke, s o 

Ebeiie/.erand .Mary, Dec. 3 

, 1755. 

Belly, d ( 

f .lacob and .Indilli, Dec 30 


Edwin, s. 

>( David and Mary .Ann, No 

■. 17, 17 

Until, d. ol 

Zachariah and I'lic-be, July 

5, 17,55. 

(.'haries, s 

of Keiiben and E-lher, Feb 

17, 175U 

.lanii s. s 

if .laiii.s and Sarah. April 1 


Hannah, d 

of .lohii and Hannah, .Inly 

0, 1757. 

Herbert, s 

• d- Ihomas and Marv, Oct. 

15, 1757. 

insNi io <:fu:>..iiv v.-a\'.c-o''! 


HICHARDSON, cotitinucJ. 

M:H-Ilia, il. of Jonns iinil Rrnrtha, July 2G, 1757. 

A-:i s. of.TnshuaaiKl Abigail, July 19, 1757. 

•Ii'sse, s. of Zaclinri.'ili nml I'dcbc, Sept. 2(>, 1757. 

.Tose|)li. s. of JniiHx .iiid .S.irali, .Tan. 19, 1738. 

.Jeruslia, d. of /,r ;n..l Mmiv, Feb. 28, 17.58. 

B.aniaba*, s. of li.iiiiMl.;.^ aijil K.'iiocca, .Tan. 20, 1750. 

.Toliii,s. of John and llai.nah, An;:. 23, 1759. 

I'aticnce. d. of Jacob and Judith. Oct. 27, 1759. 

I.ois, d. of Jesse and Jenilnm. June 10, 1759. 

Edmund, .s. of Thomas and Jfarv, Oct. 23, 1759. 

Anne, d. of Zadniriali and V]whe, Sept. IG, 1759. 

HaiMKili.d. of I'InncMs ami Ilanmdi, Feb. 8, 17i;o. 

I'ai-tridire, s. of l!ailb(il..mcw and Ilanmdi, April 23, 1700. 

Oideon, s. of Kbem'zer and Mary, Feb. ;!, 17G0. 

Marv, d. of Silas and :\rary, Oct. 31, 17i;0. 

Jo liis, s. of Jonas and Jlartlia, May -I, 17(iO. 

Alfoi-d, s. of .Toshna and AbiKail, lice. 14, 17G0. 

Uenjamin, s. of Benjamin ami Keliecca, Marcli 4, 17C0. 

I'lstlK'!-, d. of Zeb.'idiali and Estbcr, Sept. 5, ITCl. 

.M.allliew, s. of.lolin and llannali, Sept. 2K, I7fil. 

Jcdntlinn, .s. of Jclnllinn and Mary, Oct. 13, 17(;i. 

Al.iiali, s. of lianialias and Rebecca, March 20, 17«I. 

Rnliamali, d. of Janus and Hannah, Dec. 15, 17G1. 

Jes-^e, s. of Zachariali and lMn-l)C, Au-. 20, 17G1. 

Ksther, d. of BarUiuloinew and Hannah, Feb. Ifi, 17G2. 

I'liineas.s. of I'liineas and Ilannali, April 23, 17C2. 

Aljel, s. of Abel and Mary, An-. 25, 17G2. 

E>tlier, d. of Silas and Mary, Oct. 30, 17G2. 

Sarali, d. of Bartholomew and Sarah Converse, Aug. 27, 17G2 

Jacob, s. of Jacob and Judilh. Jnly 23, I7G3. 

Zcbadiah, s. of Zcbadiah and Kslher, An- 21, 17G3. 

Bethiah, d. of Amos ami Bethiali, Sept. 5, 17G3. 

Lncv, d. of Jonas and Martha, June 1, 17G3. 

John, s. of Barnabas and Kebec<-a, March 10, 17G4. 

Amos, K. of Amos ami Belbiah, An-. 18, 17G4, 

Nidhan, s. of.I.ihn ami 11,- ah, .)ui\v 12. 17r,l. 

Marv.d. of Jednlimn and Mary, An-. 17, 17GI. 

Enoch, s.,of Silas and Murv, An-. 14, 17G4. 

Jotham, .s. of .Tothani and Phebe, Oct. 13. 17C4. 

Bartholomew, s. of Bartholomew and Sarah, Aug. 24, 17G4. 

Mary, d. of Ahel and Mary, An-. 18, !7i;l. 

Judilh, d. of li.njamin ami Kcbcca, Feb. 17, I7G1. 





■.,iU<k an 


dly, S.'pl 

. 7. 



1 Sarah, 



1 a 

d rhebe 


, Se 


27, 17i;5. 




. of ^V,.bn 


1. 27. 17.15, (lluil Munday, 
July 27, ITUO, by Knquiro 

■.Tii\fi to cmo' 

1..M >jUj .jMTt ,T« .J<r.<e ..TVll ..HH,, 


UICHAltDSOX, conlinwd. 

A:uon, s. of Amids ami lietliiali, March 8, 17(10. 

Noah, s. of IJartlioloiUfW and Abi-all. Julv 7, 1701 

lihoila, a. ofZibadiali ami Esther, July 17, 17C0. 

Josiah, s. olMolni aiid llaiiiiali, Dec. l4, 1700. 

Daniel .s. of Jothaiii aiul riielic, Sept. 27, 1700. 

Asa, s. of Zadok and Sallv, Dec. :»), 1700. 

."•ilas. s. of Silas and Mai-y, .InneL'l, 1700. 

Ilonian, s. of Kduard and' Saiah, Jan. 21, 17GG. 

Ann.', d. of Zachariah ,ind Pliebe, May 19, 1700. 

Sarah, d. of .Tednthnn and Mary, ,)an. 29, 1707. 

I.oauinii, s. of Ja oli and .ludith, March 30, 1707. 

Abel, .s. of Abel ami Marv. .Jan. L'O. 1707. 

IJethiah, d. of Anms and lielhiah, .Nov. 9, 1707. 

l.ncnnla. d. of Harlholdniew .and Abi-ail, May 8, 1 

Hilly, (I. ofSil.asand .Marv. .Sipl. 17, 17i;8. 

Hannah, d. of Sinj.'on and' .Mercy, March 7, 1708. 

.Tnnins, s. of Barnabas and Rebecca, Oct. ■>3. 1708. | 

.lernsha, il. of Kduard and S.irah, Feb. 11, 1708. 

Richard, s. of. Tothani ami I'het.e, Feb. 27, 1709. 

JIary, d. of Amos and lielhiah, Nov. G, 1709. " J 

I.vdia, d. of Amos and liethiali, Nov. u, 1709. 

Snsanna, d. of ISarlliolonieu ami Sanih. .Inn. I, 1709. 

Leonard, s. of Leonard and Knih, Dec. 21, 17(;9. 

Hnby, d. of Abel and Mary, .Inne 11, 1709. 

Stephen Newhall, s. of Klie/.er ami Catharine, .Inly 2^ I7i 

Thomas, h. of .ledntlinn and Mary, March 29, 1770. 

Abigail, d of Bartholmncvv and Abif,'ail, March 2.-,, 1771). 

Abijjail, s. of Zcbulun ami Abi^Mil, Oct. 10, 1770 

IJetty, d. of .lonas and Martha, Marcli 2t, 1770. 

.Icsso. s. of .lohn and llamiah, .Innu 29. i;70. 

.Josiali, s. of .losiah and M iry, Dec 19, 1770. 

Fliezer Carter, s. of Kliezer and Catharine Oct. 13, 1770. 

Sarah, d. of Edward ami Sarah, April 11, 1770. 

.Joseph, s. of ISarniibas and Hebecca, March 19, 177L 

Stephen, .s. of Stephen and Marilm, A|)rll 29. 1771. 

Icabod. s. of leaboil an.l Sarah, .Jan. 17, 1771. 

I.ydia, d. of Abel and Mary, Anril 3, 1771. 

F.than, s. of Silas and Marv, Dec. 4, 1771. 

Molly, d. of Kdniund and .Slary, .Inne 9, 1771. 

Until, d. of liartleiloniew and Sarah, Nov. 3, 1771. 

I'hebe, d. of Mr. .lothain ami I'liebe, .Inly 7, 1771. 

Lsaat:, .s. of .Joel and Susanna, .March 19, 1772. 

Asa, s. of Leonard and Kiilh, .Inly 31, 1772. 

Ellz:i Ann, born April 2, 1808, died Dec. 1, 1857. 

M;iry .Minerva .Jnoe, born Jiin. 25, 181U, died March 23, 1815. 

Wilbur Clogfou, born Nov. 7, 1812, died Feb. l!i, 1845. 

JuliiM .\ni;Mr.m», burn .Inn. aO, 1818, died J 

.«UT''tH -Su 


UICIfAlIDSOX, continued. 

Naliliy, (1. of John and Ilaiinali, July IS, 1772. 

JiTii>lia Fitcli. il. of Bai-tlioI(imew and Al)igail, Oct. II, 1772. 

Jcsso, s. <,( Zadok ami Sally, April 7, 1772. 

Joliii, s. of Kliczci- and Catliarine, March 18, 1772. 

Sanuiel, .s. of Juduilnni and Mary, June 2C, 1772. 

Levi, s. of Edmund and Marv, April 25, 1773. 

Keubcn, .s. of Keubc-n anil Marv, March 10, 1773. 

Jesse, ». of Stephen and .Martha, Feb. 24, 1773. 

John, s. of Eliezcr and Catharine, Dec. 22, 1773. 

Lucretia, d. of Zeliuliin and Aliigail, Fel). lU, 177-). 

I.nlher, s. of Jcdnthun ami Marv, Aug. 25, 1774. 

]>el)ecca, d. of Karnaba.s ami Rebecca, Sept. IS, 1774. 

Nathan, s. of Nathan and I.ydia, May 5, 1774. 

i\lary, d. of Simeon and Mercy, Feb. 17, 1774. 

I'olly, d. of Keubcn and Jerusiia, Oct. 1, 1775. 

Molly, d. of Stephen and Martha, Oct. 28, 1775. 

Susanna, d. of piliizer and Catliarine, Aug. 8, 1775. 

Ilephzibali, d. of Kdvvard and Sarah, Mav 4, 1775. 

Hetty, d. of Zehulun and Abi^'ail, July 18 177t;. 

Aaron, s. of .John ami Hannah, An?;. 21, 1770. 

I'bebe, d. of Bartholomew and Abi;;ail, June 27, 177C. 

Isaac, s. of Abel and Mary, Feb. 25, 177fi. 

I'eter, s. of Abel and Anna. June 15, 1770 
Uelicf, d. of Edmund and Mary, July — , 1777. 
Jerusha, d. of .losiah and Jerusha, May 4, 1777. 
Jemima, d. of Zadok and Sally, March 2C, 1777. 
Calvin, s. of Jedutliun and Mary, Feb. 5, 1777. 
Marlh.i, d. of Stephen and Martha, March 23, 1777. 

Catharine, d. of Eliezer and Catharine, June 1, 1777. 
Edward, s. of Edward and Sarah, Sept. 1, 1777. 
Abel, s. of Abel and Anna, Aug. 1, 1777. 
Edmund, s. of Bartholomew and Abigail, July 30, 1778. 
Zebuluu, s. of Zebulun and Abigail, July 11, 1778. 
Hanmdi, d. of Nathan and I.ydia, Aug. 23, 177'J. 
Fannv, d. of Lt. Jedutliun and Mary, May 20, 1779. 
Enoch, s. of Abel and Marv. N.>v. 17, 177:). 
Wyman, s. of Stephen and Marllia, Feb. I'.l, 17711. 
Benjamin, s. of Elh'zcr ar>,l I'alharine, Jan. )U, 17711. 
James, s. of Abel and Aiin.a. July 7, 17711. 

' Jam.'s 


)f Joel ai 

d Siisa 


Illy 2(i, 17H0. 



if Josiah 

aiKl .Ic 


May 8, 17KI). 



d. of Klie/.er am 


aiin'c, Dec. 20, 1780. 


II, 1 

. of Zcbi 

iin an. 


ml, Aug. 30, 1780 



Id, s. of 



Sarah, May 5, 



• I.nke an 

1 Mary 


IK, 17KI. 


, d 

.f JameM 
of Mr. J 

lll.l l.u. 

y, M 

ir.di I'.l, 1782. 
Mary, July 13 

, 1782. 


S. ( 

f Jess., a, 

.1 Sidin 

it, J 

dy 28, 1782. 

Job, s. 


lO.lward : 

ml San 

h, A 

g. 17, 1782. 


, s. 

of .\bel 1 

nil Ann 

I, M; 

y 22, 1782. 



of Mr. I 


II. 'W 

Jr., ami Mrs 



1. 1 

f .Mr. Bai 


Ir., 11 

id Mary, Jiim 

1, 17H:i. 



Brooks, .H 

.if Mr 


ih and .Jeriisl 

I, Aug. 

.. Williai 

1, .s 

of (;ide( 

n anil .'- 


la, F.b. M, 1 



■^ I 

. of ICIiez 

■r an.l ( 


■inc, June 211, 


•.imv.a •so «< 






d. of Z.'luilu 

1 nil 

1 Ahi- 

lil, Mav I, 1 



. s. nf M)-. S: 


1 and , 

una, Jan. 4 



s. of .loiah 



May 27, 178-1 



,1. of liani;ih 

i'^ a 

Ml Mary, Nov. 18. I 



ilh, S. Ol J,'S> 

1' a I 

d Snlii 

lit, nee. fi, 



1, s. rl- Aliol 


Viiiia, . 

nlv LM, 178+ 

Al)i, (1. 

of Mr .T.'.lut 

11 n 

iiid Ma 

n-: Marcli 7, 



(1. of OillcOM 



a, Feb. U, 



, S. of f'ill.t. . 


li and 

[LTU.slia, Se| 

t. 2, r 

Kiitli, ( 

. of KiMir/.ei- 



ne, Jan. 'J, 17S5. 


.1 of l.(hvai( 


1 Rarnl 

, Alls;. 27, r 



in (^Mtt.T, S. ( 

f 1? 


1, Jr., and M 

irv, F 

Siliis, s 

of Zobiilun 



June 17, 1 


Jacob, s. of Jicob and Kuth, Nov. 10, 178G. 
Peter, s of AlH'l and Anni. Jan. 28, HHO. 
Klca/.i-r 'I'yiiK Fox, s of Giileon and Susanna, Mart-h 7, 
I'liobc, d. of J.-sM' and Submit, Murcli 14, 1787. 
naniabas, .s. of lianinbas and Mary. .Ian. \r>. 1787. 
John, s. of ami Submit, An-. 2:t, 1787. 
Sallv, d of Samuel ami Anna, Nov. KO, 1788. 
IJebfccil, d. of lionjaiiiin iukI Mary, March 12, 1788. 
.Ta.son, s. of Fdward and Sarali, Auic- 7. 1788. 
Tufts, s. of Abel and Anna .Tan. 7, 1788. 
Abijah, s. of Abijali and Klizabetli, Au-. 1, 1789. 
Geor-o, s. of Jacob and liutli, March :i. 17.S9. 
.Tcriisha, d. of Gideon and Susanna, March 14, 1780. 
Jcduthim, s. of Jednlhnn, Jr., and Sally, Feb. 28, 17!in. 
Amnsa, s. of Deacon .Josiah and Jeriisha, May 30, 17'.)0. 
Nancy, d. of Abel and Anna, March 17 1790., s. of Asa and Jcrnsha, June 21, 1700. 
Sully, d. of Jediitluin, Jr., and Sally, Oct. 4, 1791. 
Tolly, d. of Barnahas, Jr., and ^l.irv, Oct. Ill, 1791. 
Rnbniit, d. of Jesse ami Siilnnit, Nov. '.'."., 1791. 
Philemon, s. of Zebiiliin and Abi-ail, Aul'. I-'t, 1791. 
Sarah, d. of Stephen and Hrid;;et, Sept. 2:1, 1791. 
liehoboani, s. of James and I.uey, A|iril 29. 1791. 
Silas, s. ofKetliiin ami .Marv, Aul'. I!, 1792. 
Asa, s. of Abel and Anna, April 'JS, 1792. 
Mareia, d. of J.-ieob ami Until, June 2i;, 179:!. 
liichard, s. of Abel and Anna, Sept. I, I79:i. 
Sti-phen, s. of Slepheii and [irid-et, Mareli 17, 179:1. 



d. of .lesse and Submit, I'd, Nov. 4, 



, d. n'rv 

of B.-irthoIoim-w and Sarah, M. Mar 
lomas ami Hebeeca, .liilv 1, 179,-|. 


s. of Hi. 

hard and Sallv. Oel. :). 179,-.. 


, s. of Kl 

lan and Mary', May 11. \7:K.. 

Pally, t 

. of .Abel 

and .\nnn. .\u-. L':i, 179.'-.. 


d. of SI 

■pheii and liridiiet, .bin. 8, 1795. 

Abel, s. 

of Abi-1, 

Jr., and l.ney, An-. :U, 179.-,. 

Anna, i 

. of Sam 

lel and Anna, An;,'. 28, 17911. 

Sallv, d 

id' Iviisi, 

;m liaitholomeu and Sally, .luiie 29, 

Untiiy 1 

rowii, d 

of Ji-Hsc and Submit, 2d, Dec. 9, 17 

Mary, , 

of l-:tlia 

1 and Mary, i:i, 1797. 

.JitiTKia K) ctHonast wiu^oi 


UICHAUDSOX, conlinuHl. 

Ilurt, s. Df Jesse, ad, uiid Susaniui, Nov. 27 1707 
Hfphzilmli. ,1. of StL'plioii anl Brid-ct, April 10, 1797 
LuM.c.^ Vrkh.s, d. of ,rc..l,ro uml Sallv Klhot, .Ir., S.,,, 
Geo,-c Mauley, «. of Jo.-,epl. and Anna, Uec. ;i 17'JS 

JilMUis, s. <,f .Innuis an,! I'hebc, An-. 21, 17:JH. 
Noali, s. olKtliaii and .Mary \u" •' i 17i)'j 
Natlnui, s. of Al.,1 and Anna, Nov ."28, 17'J'J. 
Samnel, s of ,rc..sso and .Subnut, 2d, Feh. 2^ 1800. 
Harriet, d. ol Tl,.,n,:,s and Kebecca, Sent. 10, IsUO. 

Calvin, s. ol t.Vdvm and Sarah, April 1, ISOI. 
i honias, s.ol.Iosepl, and Anna, Oct. «, ISOl. 
Lliza, (I. ol Jc-s.sf and .Snsanna, 3.1, June 5, 1801. 
Lynda, d. of Slopla-n an,l liridget, Keb. 24, 1 —, d. of Lilian and Mary, May 4, 1802. 

Jeremiah, s. of Ju 

li., 2tl, March fi, 1802. 

Thomas s. of Thonnis and l;ebecca,'july a, ISO: 


and Esther, May 'J, 1802. 

Kde, d. of Jiarlholoinew and Sarah, ^d, Sept.' 24.'lS02 
Aonti, i. 01 Je.vse and Susanna, ad, Au- 30, 1803. 
Aaron lay s. of Junins and Phebe, Auk- 18, 1803. 
i-liza, d. of Isaac and Jictsev, Feb. 20 1803 
Phebe, d. of Job and Nancy^ April 13, 1804. 

w'.f, '■ t- Vn'}'''' ""\' ^'^-^'^ '•'- 2J. -March 13, 1804. 

Sarah, d. o( Calvui and Sarah, Sept. G, 1804. 

Lewis Capet, s. of Jephlhah and L'ebecca, June 4 1804 

Preston, s. of Samuel T. and Esther, Oct, 18, 1804 

Ihomas, s. of Thomas and Uebecca, May 31 1804 

Koxana d. of Isaac and Betsey, Dec 10, 1804. 

Josiah Mertlebert, s. of Capt. Josiah and Hannah, July IG, 1805 

ftusanna, d. of Jesse and Susanna, 3d, May 14, 1805 

Snn.m'l's; °i' •^'-■"""^ "'"' «ally Elliot, Jr., March 21," 180G. 

Samuel Steele, s. o Calvin and Sarah, July 10, 180G. 

lu, \ '■ "?'",!'','.;■' ' • ^"^ '■■"""-■'■' "^y ^'. i«oo. 

B l"'r''- 'V .^''"""^-^ ^""1 ""-■'"^^^'^ Aus. 17, 180G. 

Cl' k"s of'ln';,i ,'"' **•,",';,•'?"%'""' «"«"""". 'M, April IG, 1807. 

uaik, s. ol Junuis and Phebe, June 20, 1807. 

Lorenzo, .s^ ol Isaac and Betsey, .Vpril 5, 1807. 

Eliza, d. ol ( alviu and Sarah, July 17, 1808. 

Jos lun. Gardner, ^. of Cileb ami Polly, Feb. 25, 1808. 

John Coo ,d-es. ol Job and Nancy, March 2'J, 1808. 

vTi-'iimn s' "' "^'"J''""" ^\^,^>^^ ""^1 «"lly ]3ond. May 9, 1808. 

vainn n, s. of .Steiiheii and l!nd-et, May 29, 1808. 

K"tl. r,'n 'r7' % <;'■'""'"- -'" "^'--a. b-. 15, ,808. 
P , I ,. ' ', 1 "','■''•'"-■ "'"' ''"'■''"""1, ad, Maieh 17, 1809. 

Oct. 20, 1809 

Call a, ne,d,,f Isaac and Ilelsey. March 27, 1809. 
t>all.\, d. ol lienjani.n B. and Sally Koud, July 1-3. 1810. 
Jienjuinln, a ol lienjainiu B. and Sally Bond,' July 2 1, 1810 
John .s. „| JoMah nn.l Su.sanna, Ocl. 23, IMO 
Sn!l',", ■•"■'?'"•,'■ '^'' «"'""-' '"Hi Sarah, July IG, 1810. 

V".=^',' ■ V' *-'''^'" and Sarah, July 31, I8I0. 

W illiam bhepard, s. of Job uud Nuncy, June 2G, 1810. 

.ajMMifi 10 .nirj-iMs nn'M'o^r 



KICHAUDSON, continued. 

Betsey Eii«t;ici;, cl. of Silas and Bctsev Eiistiice, Nuv. Ifi, 1811. 

ICliiii, (1. of J.-sse and Siisannu. 4lli, May i), 1811. 

Almira, il. of-Iosse and Loia, :!d, Fch. 2rt, IHU. 

.Sumner, s. of Thomas and Ueljecca, Mareli 7, 1811. 

Mary I'arker, d. ofCuleb and Mary, .May L'O, 1811. 

Walter A., s. of Za.-liariali and Esilior, Autr. 12, 1811. 

Freeman, s. of l^ i;'c and liilscy, Oet. 4, 1811. 

Kslher, d. of .Saiimcl Tidd and Kslher, Jan. 8, 1812. 

Abner, s. of Saniiul and Sanili, Jan. 25, 1812. 

Charlotte, d. of Calvin and Sarah, Oct. 7, 1812. 

Marshall Look, s. of .Innins and Thebe, Nov. 11, 1812. 

Almira, d. of ,lesse and -Sarah, Feb. 12, 181-'. 

Mary Winn, d. of Geor-e and Nanev, June 27, 1812. 

.\ancy Knieline, d. of Lemnel and Nancy, March 2f, 1813. 

Lnth.-r, s. of I'liomas and KebL-cca, May 28, 1813. 

Submit lirown, d. of Zuchariah and E^tller, July 17, 1814. 

Mary Howard, d. of Josiah and Susanna, An.;;. 13, 1814. 

Abuer, s. of Jesse and Susanna, 2d, Oet. 3U, 1814. 

Mary, d. of Calvin and Sarah. .May 14, 1814. 

Calel), s. of Caleb and .Mary, July 27, 1814. 

Lemuel Geirisn, s. of Lemuel and Nancy, .March 10, 1815. 

John llailiawav, s. of ,lesse and Lora, Jan 2, 1815. 

Alvan Koswcli, s. of Jason and Mary, Auj;. :il, 1815. 

Pierson liarlliolomew, s. of Samuel T. and Esther, Oct. 30, 1815. 

Fanny, d. of Isaac and Betsey, Jan. 13, 1815. 

William, s of Zachariah andEsther, Sept. 10, 181G. 

Fannv, d. of Calviu and Sarah, Jan. 8, 181(j. 

Joduthnn, s. (d'Thonnis and Rebecca, June 10, 181G. 

Geor-e, s. of .Abel and Mary, 5lh, t)ct. 11, l.slG. 

Geor'.te, s. of Barnabas and Kachel, May 2, 1811;. 

Cornelius Uoswell, s. of Cornelius and Susan, June 26, 1317. 

Lvdia Foster, d. of I.oainmi and Aliigail, July 31, 1817. 

Abigail, d. of Caleb and Mary, May 28, 1817. 

Jurdus, s. of Junius, Jr , and .Mary, April 3, 1817. 

Abby, d. of J.-isou and Mary, An-. 22, 1817. 

Ethmore Bradley, s. of Cornelius and Susan, July 27, 1817. 

Susan Winn, d. of Geor^'e and Nancy, Feb. 17, 1817. 

Mary, A. of Samuel and Nancy. June 14, 1818. 

.John, s. of Calvin and Sarali, Feb. 11, 1818. 

Ahl, d. of 'i'homas and Kclxeca. May 17, 1818. 

Snlliv.m, s. nf .\l,(l ,uid Mary. 5tli, l)ec. 2.-., 1818. 

Ste|)hen Kendall, s. (j| Stephen, Jr., and .Vlinira, April 23, IH18. 

John 1., s. of Isaac and llelsry, July 12, 1818. 

Susanna, d. of Zjcliariah and Kstli.-r, Feb. 23, ISl'J. 

Abi;,'all, d. of Calvin and Sarali, Jidv 11, 1H20. 

Linda, d. of Thonias and Kebecca, Feb, 2'J, 1820. 

Mary, d. of Abel and Mary, 5th, Oct. 12, 1820. 

Nathaniel .V., s. of Je.sse and Lora, 3d, Aug. 2J, 1820. 

Cyrus, s. of Sieplien, Jr., and Alndra, Jan. 11, 1820. 

Lucy, d. of Stephen, Jr., and Almira, Jan. 11, 1820. 

Ell/.alielli, il. ol Jnidiis, Jr., ami Mary, Dee 23, I82l). 

.las .s. of .lason and Mary, May 15, 1H21I. 

(J.or-.., ». of (ieorKe and Nancy, Oct. 8, 1820. 
.Sarali Clark, d. of Samuel T. and Esther, May 7, 1820. 
William Harris, s. of Lemuel and .S'ancy, May 5, 1821. 

.*!;,'"jnn io aaofWH v.n ai'- 

I '•.! ,i.t •/. VI .rK-»'u?f 




KIC;iIAl{nSON, ronliiiurd. 

Kliza Ami, (I. dP Loaiiinil niul Abiiruil, Jr., April G, 1821. 

.lohii>(iM. s. of !iiirii:il)ii.s luid Uiiclicl, Nov. V.), 18L'l. 

Anna I'lills, d. of Kicliurd and Klizidictli. .Jan. L'L', 1821. 

Ilank't, a. of Zacluuinh and Ksllior, Jiilj- I'.i, 1821. 

Aliiuail 'I'ay, d (ifnlivci- and Ahinad, Aii^'. 21), 1821. 

Kimlino, d". of Abul and Mary, March 11, 1S22. 

Mary Wynian, U. of Junius, Jr., and Mary, Jan. 17, 1822. 

liarnabas, .s. of liarnabas and Kacliul, An;;. 22, 1823. 

Diirins T , h. of and l.ora, Hd, Sept. (J, 1823. 

Kldclla Mi-ad, d. of Ulclnird anil IClizaln-lli, April 21, 1823. 

Mar.sluUl, s. of Steplicii, Jr., and Aindra. April G, 1823. 

.MIYfd Maxwell, .s. of Jason and Marv, Nov. IS, 1823. 

Sarah Hacon, d. of Oliver and Abiirail, Sept. 10, 1823. 

Ji-rii~lia, d. of Samuel and Sarah, Sept. 30, 1823. 

Sallv. .1, nlSaimielT., Jr., and Meliolabel, May 13, 1824. 

Jainr, (■,i>hi],-. .s. of Henjanun 15. and Al)i-ail, April 3, 1824. 

.Idliii, s. (.!■ and Mary, .'J li, An^'. lU, 1824. 

W'vnian lialdwin, s. of Wyniaii and Mary C, Dec. 8, 1824. 

Adi-line Annette, d. of Zacliariah and Ksther, Au^'. 23, 1824. 

Nelson Warren, .s. of Warren and lieulah. Sept. 22, 1824. 

Susanna ElizalieUi, d. of Joseph and Sulcey, May G, 1824. 

Hannah Ksti/rbrooks, d. of Gilliert, and llainndi, April 7, 1825. 

Klvira, d. of Kieliard and Mizabetli, .Mareli 4, 1825. 

Horace, s. ol IJartlioloniew, Jr., and Sarah K. C, June 23, 1825. 

Soplna, d. of Abel and Mary. 4th, March 14, 182G. 

(isb(n-n liennett, s. of Conielius and Susan, April 2:), 1826. 

William lloyt, s. of Oliver and Abigail, Nov. IG, 182G. 

Lvdia Aim, d. of and Lydia, March 24, 182G. 

Liiev Ann, d. of Aliel and Mary, 4th, Dec. 5, 1827. 

Catliarine CooUdj^'u, d of Wyman and Mary C, July fi, 1827. 

Gilbert Urainerd, s. of Gillien and Uannali, July 21, 1827. 

Tlieodore, s. of Warren and 15eulah, Mareli 1, 1827. 

Mary Joanna, d. of and Lydia, June 28, 1827. 

Sidney Smith, s. of Bartholomew, Jr., and Sarah U. C, June 24, 1828. 

Naney Cutter, d. of Jason and Mary, April 15, 1828. 

Nancy Winn, d. of George and Naucy, Nov. 4, 1828. 

Henry, .s. of Samuel and Susanna, Feb. 27, 182U. 

Charles Sewall, s. of Sewall and .Mary, Aug. fi, 182'J. 

Clarl; Tay, s. of Aarou I. and Lavinia, Aug. 31, 1330. 

IJarlholoinew, s. of liartholoinevv and Sarah R. C, June IG, 1830. 

.Martin Lutlier, s. of Gilbert and llannali, April 18, 1830. 

Aui;ustus, s. of Kiehard and Elizabetli, April 22, 1830. 

Harriet, d. of Samuel and Susanna, Oct. 7, 1830. 

Francis .Stillman, s. of Jachariah and Esthi r, Feb. 23, 1830. 

.Mary E'izalietli, d. of Jason and Mary, June 30, 1830. 

.Maiy Cldloril, d. of Ooriielius and Susan, July 14, 1830. 

Jonas Munroc, 8. of Oliver li. and Abigail, Feb. 17, 1830. 

Cliarles Augustus, s. of Amasaaiid Lydia, April I, 18;iO. 

James Newman, 8. of Sewall and Mary, Sept. 22, 1831. 

llcnrv, .s. of Aiiiasa and Lydia, April IG, 1832. 

John Calvin, s. of Calvin, Jr., and Mary, Feb 21, 1832. 

Alfred liennett, s. of Aaron T. and Lavlnla. Aug 12, 1832. 

Lutlier Wade, s. of Calvin, Jr., and Mary, Sept 2, 1833. 

Darius Stevens, s. of Jesse and Sarah, Sept. (1, 1833. 

AlVah .Mills, s. of Gilbert and Hannah, Ajiril 30, 1833. 

224 wonuRX kecoiid of biktiis. 

RICHARDSON, continual. 

Samuel, s. of Sarauol and Susanna, >ray 23, 1833. 

Cynis Joroino, s. of Oliver 15 and AbiL'ail, An-. 'M, 18;i3. 

lleniielta, d. of Joseph and lioxana, Miueli 1, 1831. 

Ellen, d.ofSanmelS. and Lydia .\., Get. 15, 1834. 

Jaine.s Ansliii, s. of Calvin, Jr., and Mary, Oct. (i, 1835 

Swarlz, Si. of Gilbc^'t and Ilannali, Aii^. 12, 1835. 

Mose.s IVar.sons, .s. of Samuel and Su>:inna. Sipt. 17, 1833. 

Alalvina, il. of Jason ami Marv, .\ni,'. H, 1>35. 

JIalvina, d. of Daniel and liarljani, June 11, 1S35. 

Amos ClieMs, s. of Aniasii and Lydia, Ocl. 10, IS35. 

Kraneis, s. of liaitliolouimv, Jr., and Smuli K. (.'.. Jan. 7, l.s3li. 

Kli/alielli Wviiiau, d. of liirliaid iind IClizaljelli, .May 18, 1830. 

K-lliLi- Wynian, d. of Zaeliariali and IMIkt, Jan. 15, 18315. 

SaraliAnu, d. of Hariliolonicw, Jr., and Sarah U. C, Oct. 8, 18!7. 

licoi-e Ferguson, H. of Aniasaand Lydia, April 21. 1837. 

Daniel KunOall, s. of Oliver 1!. and Aiduail, July :i7, 1837. 

William Harris, s. of Gill.crt, and Ilannali, Apnl 15, 1838. 

Susanna Albiua, d. of Samuel and Susanna, Jan. L'4, 1838. 

Sauiuel Mead, s. of Samuel S. and Lydia. April 21, 1838. 

Joan Maria, d. of Warren and Beulali, Jan. 7, 1838 

Julia Ann Cra^'in, d. of .Alljcrt L. and Lavinia C, April 7, 1810. 

Kaney Clark, il. of Bartliolomew, Jr., ant! Sarali K. C, Nov. 3, 1840. 

Florence W., d. of George and Harriet, Oct. 7, 1840. 

Kdward E., s. of Pearsons I!, and Nancy M., May 10, 1840. 

Jesse, s. of Samuel and Snsaima, March 31, 184u. 

Susan S., d. of John IL and Susanna, April 2'J, 1841. 

I-avinia, d. of John and Lydia, June (J, 1841. 

George Warren, s. of Elijah V. and Elizabeth E., July 5, 18U. 

Hamlet J., s. of Pearsous li. and Nancy M., Oct. 17, 1842. 

Lncy U., d. of Elijah and Lucy L., June 30, 1842. 

lOliza, il. of Gilbert and Hannali, May 7, 1842. 

Albert Henry, s. of Albert L. and Lavinia C, Aug. 17, 1843. 

John IL, s. of John IL and Susanna, Jan. 2'J, 1843. 

Rebecca Wood, d. of Jedulhuu and Kebecca W., Feb. 13, 1843. 

Helen A., d. of William ami Jane, Jan. C, IslL 

Mary Abby, d. of Albert and Abigail, March 31, ISU. 

Lora Stevens, d. of John IL and Susauiui, June 2G, 1844. 

Lydia Ella, d. of John S. and Ljdia W., Aug. 2, IS44. 

Alvail Thonnis, s. of Jeduihun and Rebecca, Sept. 22, 1844. 

Clarhida, d. of Joseph P. and Elizabeth, Oct. 10, 1814. 

George, a. of George and Harriet, Nov. I'J, 184 L 

.s. ..f Elijah 1). and Ellzabetli, JIareh 4, 1841. 

Abijah Fiancls, s. of Abijali and Frances, Nov. 12, 1845 
Anna LavK.ia, d. of Aaron T. and Lavinia, Nov. 10, 1845. 
Granville Eustace, s. of Caleb, Jr., and i;nim i P., .Nov. 21, 1815. 
Jereiniali DanieK, s. of Francis U. ajid lietsev T., Dec. 4, 1815. 
Eugene, s. of Jason, Jr., and Margaret, Feb. 3, 1840. 
Elmus Parker, s. of John and Lydia, Feb. 11, 1840. 
Zanon a, s. of Nathaniel A. and Hannah, Maiili 10, 1840. 
,lohn Winslow, s. of .lohu S. and l.vdia, .Inne 15, 18 10. 
William llrriry, s. of Calvin M. and Liny i:., July 8, 1810. 
Amanda Fdz-eralil, d. of .loseph P and Eli«ibeth, Aug. 25, 1810. 
lioselta, il. of Jedtithun ami Rebecca, Aug. 31, 1810. 
Alonzo, Lesln.-, h. of Uarnabas, Jr., and Arnamln, .\ug. 31, l8l0. 
Lucdia, d. of Warren and lieulah, Oct. 15, 18 10. 

I/Hll •^V <J5l(X>Jia UH'JflOW 

WOl'.UIfX KKCOKl) dl' lilKTIIS. 225 

KICUAKDSOX, coulinufd. 

s. ol-.)a-..ii, Jr., Hiid Cai-oliiio, IMay (5. 1817. 

Viola Alicf, d. ofXatUaiii. I.\. aiul irannah, Oct. 27, 1847. 

Jonas, s. orCaluh, Jr., and ICiMiua, Jan III, 18IS. 

Alhcrt, s. of.VlbiTt and .Vbi-aM, Juno L>(;, I8IS. 

Kninia .Maria, il. of Sloplifu K. and , July 0. 18-18. 

M.arv !•;., d of Joscpli !'• -xn'\ l-:il/.ah,.th, .An-. 11, l«-)8. 

I.(;vl IieMn(.-U, .s of Jacol) I', anil .\Ij1)V 1'., Sept. 7, 1818. 

Tranklin Kn-cn.;, .s. of Jason, Jr., ami Caroline, Mov. 4, 1848. 

.Anna K., tl. of Tlioodore and .\nn 11., Fob. 22, I81i). 

.\daliza, d. (d.Tolm .S. ami Lvdia \V., .\pril 20, 18l!l. 
; Mary .Ann Moli.ssa, d. of lianuil)a> and Amanda, May 10, 1849. 

.VllKTt Snijjnor, s. ol'Jedntlinn and Sarah Iv. Sept. 0, 184'J. 

Amos, s. of Joseph 1'. and Kli/.alH>tli, April fl, 1850. 
I Martha Ann, d. of I.enuud C. and .Martha, May Ifi, ISr.O. 

.Marv Aii'Tusta, d. of Marsliall and Almira, Any-. 12, IS.IO. 
[ Abliy .Maii.a, d. of Jacob and Al)bv T., An-. 28, 1850. 

I Flora Hall, d. of Nalhaniol A. and Uannali II., Sept. 21, 1850. 

I Krank .Alornll, s. of ISarnabas, Jr., and Amanda, I'-ob. — , 1851. 

I Cllarinda, d. of Joseph 1'. and Klizaboth II.. July U, 1^-^51. 

; H jijamin Coolid-e, s. of Abijah and Frances M., .March l:!, 1852. 

I llci-liurt l.inwood, s. of Barnabas, Jr., and Amanda. May 5, 1852. 

;■ l.vdia Ann, d. of .lolin and Lydia, Jnne •M\ lS.-<2. 

: .Marv Louisa, d. of Daniel ai<d l.onisa, Oct. 3 Ks52. 

I Josiah Francis, s. of John G. and Almira K., Oct. 17, 1852. 

' Klho Melissa, d. of Jacob I' ami AbliaT., May 11. 18.-.;i. 

I Kliza .Maria, d. (d' Jcdnlhnn and Sarah IC, June 20, I8.".3. 

ph 1'. and Klizabeth, July 28, 1853. 
li. and Abba F , Sept. 2, 1853. 
and Ahba, Feb. 20, 1854. 

Mar-aret Francos, d. of Barnabas and Amanda, Feb. — , 1854. 

John llerborl, s. of J,d,n t and Nancy E., .March 14, 1854. 

Kduard C'lark, s. of Clark T. and Hannah A., June 23, 1854. 

Thomas Fr.mklin, s. of .lednthnn anil Sarah K., Feb 10, 1855. 

Lora Estella, il. of Jo.soph 1". and Kli/.abclh, Aprd 1, 1855. 

Marv A., <.[. of James C. and Lydia 15., April HI, 1855 

Hetsey J., d. of Nailian II. and .\nnM., An-. 10, 1855. 

Klizabeth Almira, d. of Marshall and Almira, Sept. 21, 1853. 

.Alarshall Weston, s. of Stephen K. and Delia, March 2U. I85G. 

Charles Henry, s. of John 1. and Nancy F., May 22, 1S5G. 

Aliby Jane, d. of Clark ami Hannah, July 4, 1850. 

LizziL Jlaria, d of Elijah and Elizabeth, Sept 4, 185G. 

Charles Austin s. id' JeUutlum and Sarah E., Jail U, 1857. 

Csrus Neutiiii, s. of Stephen K. and Adolia M., Feb. 15, 1857. 

.Jennie, d. of Henj mun U. ami Marv A., Auk- 2, 1857. 

Nellie Hill, d. of Jacob and Abba T., May 3, 1857. 

I'arker Learned, s. of John I. and Nancy, Mav 18, 1858. 

Elwvii. s. of liarnai)as, Jr.. and Amanda, June 13, I8.-.8. 

Mary Jane, d. of Charles S. and .Mary J., An-. 20, 1858. 

C.ertrnde, d.of Henjandn li. and Mary A., Feb. IC. 1859. 

Fiank lirouks, s of Ueubeu H and Abba F., March i!, 18.59. 

t'alharine, d. of Geor-o A., and Lavlna G., Juno 14, 1859. 

Almond L.sler, s. id' Joduthun and Sarah E.. June 2, 1859. 

Earnest Cilsbin-, s. of J.inies C and Lydhl, Feb, 9, I8(;i). 

Lilly .Mav, d. of liarnabas, .Ir., and Anninda, Fdj. 25, IHCi). 

Ivhviii, s. ol .l.din I. and Nancy, July 2i), IHOO. 


la, d. 


d. of 

Ada, 1 

. of H 

lo .IHiTKt I .',l\lnoir 

-'-'I' WOliUlJN liECOIil) OF lilRTIIS. 

1{I( IIAKDSOX, cunihincd. 



■>l, >. . 


Ill I. ai 

d Nunc 

V, ,Illl 





■iiio Fi 


■s. ll. o 


liii an 

1 Ma 

•y A., Sept. 8 








S of J 

of .lol 


d Doi 


,. April 15. 181 
Vu;;. L'L', IKin. 




Hill Ik 


t, .s. ol 


1 Jla 

y A., Oct. 10, 




u 1 

S FR'd 

1, il 

^, s. of 
of Mar- 
of Jai 

hall am 
f> C. a 

s, Ji-, 
Id \.\ 

i-n, !• 
lia 1 

Amanda, Nov 
■h. 4, WVl. 
., May 3, 1m;i' 



s Anui 

. s. 

of Ami 

s v.. an 

1 ,Tiili 

, Jul 

V 1, Hr,2. 


— s 

or ,Ir(l 


III and 

Sarah I' 

., Oct 




r Davit- 

. ■■'• 

of.Iolin 1, and 



. L'l. i,si;3. 



•11 Hvfi 


S. nfS 

uiiiii H 

oidieii ] 
and M; 

:. and 
i-y A. 


sa Ajiiii 2;;, 1 




■ Allici 


I, s. 

of Bar 

jf .Il.S> 

lalias, .1 
and JI 


1 All 
, Fol 

ii'ida, i)cc. L'.S 
. L'O. ISIi.-,. 





1 Willa 


s. id' .li; 

^.M-' and 


.M., J 

Illy ;:u, i8i;(;. 



iriric, 1 



a A., 


L'o I sen. 




11, I 

. of (if 

u-.-u W 



, .IllllC L'7, l.SIl 






. of lit 


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ai-y . 

., July 11), 18 

Alico J 




.1 IS. 

.Inly I'li, iHlu 


sE. C 


.f II. A 


It an 

iiiia liichurd.soii. 


Willie Pai-kiv, s. of .Slephcii K. ami rian,s>a P., Fob. fi, ISllS. 

S. of Stephen K. and C, Feb. fi, KSfi.S 

Artlinr Jesse, >. of Je.-,.se ami .Alary .M., born in Winchester, Aji 

Alfreil Foster, s. of Charles E. and .Nellie E., Oct. :W, ISllM 
Florence lirook.s, d. of Ucniainin and Mary Ann, Fell. V. Isfi'j 
Geoi-e li., s. of Geoi-e anil Harriet A., Miiy 27, ISli!). 

d. of .John G. and olive, Nov. Ill, Lsill). 

Charles Forrest, s. of Charles F ami Nellie E., Jnue 17, 1870. 
AValter Adkins, s. of Geoi-ije \V. and Harriet Dee 7 1871 
ISerlha Koyers, d. of Heiijaniin and Mary, Oct. 12, ls72. 
Charles Flinus, s. of Elimis and Henrietta A., Oct. i:i, 1872. 


Janus, .s. of Thomas ami CHlli«riiie,'jiiiie ] , 18.V.). 
Hi rliril .Snilili, ,s. ,,: Fc.jix and l.iicy A., Dee. 20, ]«.-,; 
Martha, d. of John and Mai-aret, March 12, |Ki;o 
Catharine, d. of Hii-h and Klleii, Jan. I,',, Isiil 
lio.-a,,l. of I'ldllpaml Ann, Dec. 27, 18fil. 
Ellen, ll. oflhmhamlEden, March 27, |.s,;3. 
Mary Klizabelli, d. of I'hilip ami lind-i-t, Feb. l,",, |m 
I'tttrieK, s. of ralrick and Cutl.arliic, March 17, 1SI.,V 


John C 


if I' 







ami f: 

UIT..13Y (.SCO, 













Fa trie 

k an 

1 Ali 

e, J 

me 23. 


I.arkin, , 

. of 



Eiicy A 

Mary E 


f .I'ohl 



1 Al 

n, ,Inn 
, Jan. 


ma ':"> '•An\)aitir 

i .S>-; ir'<|A 



KILICY, cniiluui,,!. 

TUom:ls l-'iiiiiri>, s. (irilll-b ;liul Ulloil, All-. ;1, 1SC5. 
Catliariiie, il. ol' riiilip :iiul Hrid-L't, Uot. L",), ISlIil. 
Micliacl.s. oll'alricU ami Catliariue, Aui;. 3U, 1.SG7. 
John Joseph, s. olllii-li and Klleii, Oct. 19. I8i;r. 
Jdliii, s. of rati-ick ami Mar-ai-cT., Supt. :i, ISGI). 
Marsaivt, d. ori'.itrick and .Mai-j,'arot, Sept. 3, 1809. 
William, .s. of William and Sally, Nov. V>, 181)9. 
.Tcnmiu, .s. of llii-li ami Klli'ii, iub. 19, 1870 
.Amiif, d. of I'hilii) and lirid-ft. Oct. IS, 1870. 
C'haik-s lliigli, s. i)f lliiuli ami Ellon, March U, 1871. 
Thomas, s. of Thomas and .Mice, All-. 1'9, 1871. 
Kllmi, d. of Patric-k and Cathanm;, An-. L'8, 1872. 


Faimy, d. of Thomas and CathariiK', May IS, 1,S.",1. 
Timothy, s. of Doiiids and .loaiiiia, Jnm: 18, ISUl. 
Anu, a. of Dennis and .loanna, Fel). 14, isi;7. 
Joanna, d. of John and Joanna, Dec. 14, 1807. 
Mary, d. of John and Joanna, Oct. 20, 1809. 
Culharine, d. of Jolin and Joanna, Dec. 19, 1871. 


Kllen, d. of .lohn and Mary, May, 2, ]Hr,9,. 
])avld, s. of Juhn and .Mary April LO, lsi;l. 
Mary Ann, of Juhn and Mary, An-. 24, 180:;. 
Marj;aret, d. of .lobii and Mary, Nov. 12, 18(55. 
James, s. of Kedmond and Delia, Dec. 17, 18fi(i. 
William, .s. of John and Mary, Marcli 28, 1SG9. 

of Kedmond and lirhket, Jan. 29, 1870. 

roriKlins, s of , I. dm and .Mary, .Ian. 11, 1S72. 
Kllen, d. of i'atiick and Kh/.abeth, Fell. 18, 1872. 


Kdward Jewett, s. of Jonatlian and Sarah, March G, 1779. ' 
Frank Harvey, s. of John and Susan A., Jan. 10, 1849. 
Frederick Swan, s. of John and Susan A., Feb. ii, 18. 8. 
Mary Alice, d. of John W. and Mary S., Jnly 10, ISO.".. 
Cora May,d. of Frank II. andl.anra P., Dec. 19, 1871. 


William II., s. of I'eter and Zoo, Oct. IG, 1SC9. 


Kiiniee, d. ofDavid, Oct. 28, 1G79. 

D.avid, s. nf David, Oct. 21, IGSI. 

(Jiles, s. of David and Joanna, Jan. IG, 11187. 

Tryall,.s. of ArehdiaUl and Sarah, Dec 2.->, lC.9n. 

Joanna, d. ofDavid and Joanna, Feb. l:t, lO'.il. 

Sarah, il. of David and .biann i, Jan. i:., ir,;i7. 

riii'be, d. i)f David I l.'arhel, Feb. 17, 1711. 

Rachel, d. of David and Kaeliel, July 2il, in:;. 
llainiah, d, of (Jdes and Deborah, ,^iarch 0, 171.5. 
Davi 1, s. of David and Hacliel, Jan. 1, 1710. 

'liUdu •lo »!;;<' ;•«!! vtirj.-r.v/ 

■I lo .■>,.ll l!!;,ill!W 


l'28 woBunx record of iuuths. ! 

ItOBEItTS, conthuKd. 

Abigail, (1. of Gilus iiiul Deliorah, May 8, 1717. 
liachfl, June 2, 171H. 
Duboiuli. iMay 1!8, 171'.). 
il ami h'a.'JK'l, .Ian. 18, 1720. 

1.1 Del.oial]. Get. :!, 1722. I 

and Kael.ol, June ;(, 1722. ' | 

, Kaehcl. Feb. 11), 172.-.. 

Jul.U, s. o 

■ Dav 

.Sarah, d. 



d. (1 

.roanna, .1 



s. of 

Giles, .s. o 

f Dav 

Klla Allen 

d. o 

Kduin Ku 



Charles U 


I, s. of Audi-ew and Ann, March 2, 1804. ' 

ItOBrE. } 

Henrv 13otterell, s. of Toppau, Jr., and Abbie M., Jlay 17, 18C0. ' 

Inez. Gardner, d. of Topinui, Jr., and Abbie J., .Ian. 25. 18(i8. j 

Franei.s ])., ,-,. of Tnppan and Inez, .Mareh 11, 18i;0. < 
Frederick 1'., s. of Toppau and Inez, March 11, ISfiO. 

Fletcher, s. of Toppau and Inez A., March 28, 1872. J 


8arah, d. of .John and Abigail, Nov. 18, 1815. 

.s. of John and Abl-ail, Dec. lil, 1810. 

Abliy .M., (1. of Joliu and Abby, An-. 10. 1818. 

Frances .\ui,'u>la, d. of William and Mary, Nov. 2G, 18I'J. 

Svlvania, d.of .lohn ami Abby, Se|)l. 0, 1850. 

M'ary Clinton, d. of John and Abi^'uil, Sepl. 0, 1854. 

Carrie Ilaywanl, d. of John and Abi-ail, Feb. 12, 185'J. 


(!eor-e, .s. of Zailock and Catharine, Jan. IG, 1851 


Oliver W., s. of Oliver C. and Susan, Auf,'. 30, 1841. 
Sarah, d. of James and Kllen, Oct. 20, 1803. 
Ann Maria, d. of , lames aiul Helen, Nov. 20, 1805. 
John, s. of James and Kllen, Feb. 20, 1808. ' 


Ann, d. of David and An-ie, June 27, 1809. 
Mabel, d. of David iiud Angle, July 2, 1871. 


Ihmli, s. of Thonnis and Eunice, Jan. 11, 1853. 
Caiharine, il. of I'eter and Hrid^'et, \uii. 14, 1853. 
lillen, d. of Tliiuuas and Eunice, March 31, 1854. 
Mar<;arct, d. of Thomas and Eunice, Sept. 0, 185G. 
Edwartl, s. of Thoums and Eunite, Jan. 10, 1858. 
Aun Eliza, d. of IVler and Mary, Feb. 2, 185,s. 
Ann Jane, d. of Fairlck and iiridiict. Fell. — , 1858. 
Ann, d. of Eiluard and Alice, March — , 18,-,8. 
lir/.y, d. of lahv.anl ami Alice, May 0, 1851). 
Mary, d. of I'ali ick and Bri.l-el, An-. — , 1S5'J. 

,^i'i)ii'! •■!■■ 'i^joMa-i ■•r:>io^r 


■I'^ifl >S -)tiiil. .i-r. '!■' I'Oi! li'H'i'io Ij .iwiA 


HOONKY, conthnied. 

M:iiV Ann, (1. ol" 'I'lionms iiiul Kiinicc, Aug. 20, 1853. 
Ar.iiT .liUR', (1. of I'ctor nnd Mary, Oct. -22, lH:,'.t. 
A lid: .Tnne, (I. oC Kihviinl and Alk-o, Nov. in, 1800. 
Kalir Fi-aiiccs, .1. orTlujiiiiis and Kiinire, Dec. L"J, 18(iO. 
.I.iliii irciirv, s. uf.L.hM ami Mary, Jiiiiu :!, 18G1. 
.K.liii Kraiiiis, s. (if IVlur and Marv, Nov. !), IKCl. 
Klizaliftli .Maria, d. ol' K.hvard .and Alice. IJec. L'5, 1801. 
Kli/a .Tane, <1 ori'atii.k ,iiid Hii.l^el, Mav 10, 1803. 
Francis, s. (il'.lului and M.ii\, Sr|it. 17, 1803. 
Marv A., d. .,niiii:ii .md \larv, i i,l . 1'.', 1S03. 
• IVt.-r Charles, s. ,.|- I'. t,i' :ind Maw. An-. •jO, 180-t. 
Calliariiie, d. orilniili and .M:irv, Nov. IS, lsi;t. 
Annie Eli/a, cl. of .John and .Marv, -May -IS, Irtild. 
Mar-aret, d of lUmh ami Marv. Dee. 10, I.SOO. 
.\Mii, d. olTeter ami Marv, Dec 22. 1800. 
James, s. ol'lluLdi anil .Marv, Aufr. 3, 1S08. 
.Tames II., s. (d' I'eU-r and .Mary A., Fel). 10, 18G9. 
.Alary, d. of.lolin and .Mary, March Cy, IHO'J. 
Mary. d. oflliiyh and .Mary, An-. 23, ISTO. 
.Ichii Francis, s. <.r lln-h and Anrni, April 30, 1872. 
Anna, d. of Hn-h an.l .Mary, Au-. .J, ls72. 


Sarah Mar-aret, d. of .Joseph and Jane, Ang. 27, 18Jl. 


Kllen Frances, d. of -Mieljael and Ann, Dec. 21, 1S03. 


Jesse, s. of 'I'iniolhv and Kli/.abeth, ,Ian. ;!0, 1730. 
.lolm, s of John an.l Grace, Jnly 30, ls05. 


William Henry, s. of William and Mary, Jan. 22, 1818. 
Charles Kdwin, s. .d' William and .Mary K., ticL. IS, ISJi: 


John, s. of John, An-. 1, 1002. 

Joseph, s. of John, Jan. 15, lOCl. 

Sainnel, s. of ,Iohn. Fel). 3, lOOM. 

Sarah, d. of John, Feb. 10, 1071. 

Kli/ahetli, d. of John, Feb. 19, 1073. 

Jcmathan, s. of John, Aiiff. 0, 1075. 

Thoimis, s. (dJohn, Jan. 5, 1078. 

John, .-. of John ami Klizahctli, Sept. 20, 1083. 

Josc'ph, s. of JolMi, Oct. 3, 1085. 

Stephen, s. of .lohn and Elizabetli, Auk 25, 10S7. 

Elizabeth, (b of John I Elizabeth. Jiinc 21, lOIlO. 

Sanmel, s. of J. dm and Elizab,-th, Jnlv H',, I.;;).'. 
Sarah, (I. of , lohn and lOlizaijelh, Oct. 15, li;:M. 
.lohn, s. of Jcdin ami Klizal)elh, An-. i:>, 10'.I7. 
Knth, d. of John .and Eiizidietli, Jan. 10, 10'.i:». 
Jon.alhaii, s. nf.bihii ami Elizabeth, Nov. 7, 1700. 
"'.Mary, d. of .lohn and ElizaliLlh, March 2, 17U3. 

.fciiTriff 10 c3o:3a v.a I f07 



--. T'.r-.i.' rll-' ,7 



[1-., s 


an.l F.l 


lotli, .Tniio 2C, 17(15 


h. ~. 

M.iliM ,11 

(1 .loam 
1 anil ,li 


<)<'t, 3, I7I'.'. 
.Sept. Ti. 1713, 


il. 1. 


(1. Ill', I,, 
.loliii ai 

ami Ki 



Oct. C, 1714. 
una. ]>.c. l.S, I7U. 
Fi'h. 10, 171i;. 


el]. > 


icii an.l Ki 

tli. ;\Iav !•-', 1717. 


il, (1. 

.,!• .h.S.M 

li aiul ,1 


■• .Inlv'l, 1717. 


s. ofjolni iui 


1, . 

niv I'C, 1717. 


il, d. 


iml .loa 


, .Sspt. 1>L>, 1710. 


Il anil .1 


f, Nov. i;!, 17l:i. 


(1. (1 


ami Hi 


Nov. I.-', 17111. 

nl. s 

cil' .lulill 

ami ,Io 


a, April 7. 17L"_'. 


. <l. . 

r ,i..s,.|,i 


,)iinc L':i, 171.".'. 


1' .loliii : 

Mil ,loai 


K.'l). L'L', 17i;l. 


l' s. 

,( .Inllll 

ml .lo;l 


, .\pnl -,, I7L!(;, 

■CU, I 

, of .S.'lli 

ii.'l ami 


l)iTca, Fuh. 10, I7L 


L-1, S. 

of Saiuii 

■1 ami 1 


i-cca, .1,111. -,. I7L",). 


s. ol 


ami Kr 


ca, .Inly ,-., 17:11. 




iml Ki'l 


■,a, .Iiiiio :i, 17;l,S. 


ul, s. 


iihi r.ii 


rill, Oit, 11), I7.-4. 


,N. O 

,Kv-sr ,-1 

i\ l.ll/l 


li, April 15, 17,-.7. 


s. o( 

.ll•^^L■ al 

1 |,a 


1 .Iiim,',S, 17i;u. 


111, s 


ami F.l 

Iictli, May 4, 171^'!. 


a, s. 

of .Tc-st' 

uiil KM 


i-lii, .liiiiJ'J, KDi;. 


1. of ,J,> 

SI- ami 


alirlli. Fel). l.S, 17( 


s. ol 

.Jesse ai 

il lluhh 


Feb. 4, 17H,-j. 

Martha Ann. d. of .Sainm-l \V. ami Susan, Oct. 30, 1839. 
Sii.san. d. of Saiiinol W. ami Susan, .Tan. d, 184,'<. 
.John Kdwiii, .s. of Andrew and, Oct. L'u, 1,851. 

d. of Samuel W. and Susan, Dec, 1), IK,",]. 

s. of Saiiuiel and Snsaii, April '.':!, IH,"!. 

Ann Maria, d, of .James and Klleii. Feb. 14, LS.-.G, 

David Hilsoii s. of David, ,lr., and Charlotte T., Feb. 20, FS.Ifi, 

Kii-eiie llavnes, s. of David, ,Ir., and riiarlotle T., Xw^. 2i;, 1857. 

s. of .J.aims ami l-llni, Feb. 5, l,s5.S. 

Marv ICmnia, d. of Amireu- ,1. and Clarissa, .June II. 1,858. 
Caroline An-nsta, d. of David, .Ir., and Charlotte A., .July 19, 185'J 
Kdnard .Johnson, .s. of David, .Tr , and Charlotte, March 25, ISGl. 

• d. of (;eorf;c ;.ml lietsey, Oct. 10, 1801, • 

d. of Ami. en- .1. and Cl,ira 10., Nov. 30, 18i;2. 

lilanchc Stanley, d. of David, .Jr., and Charlotte, Dec. 27, 18C2. 
riiebc Dow, a. of David and Charlotte K., Dec, 11, 1804. 
,Tolm ,fose|)li, s. of.Ioliii .1. and Kate, .Jiilv 12, Iwli;. 

s. of Andrew J. and Claiissa, April lU, 18117. 

.James, s. of .John and Kale, Sept. IC, 18117. 

Aiiilivw lleiirv, s. of.lohn and Catharine, Nov, 11, 18i;8. 

s. ol' Andrew .1. and Clara V. , Nov. (I, 1,S70. 

Katie, d. i.r.Iohn and Catharine, Feb. 4, 1871. 


Daniel, s. ol ThoHias ;iml Fainiv, Fil. 21, ls5:l. 
Iiern,ar.l, s. „| -|' ,^,..,,,,1 |,'ainiy, .Marrli 5, I85i;. 

Ctttliarine, d. of Tlioums and Fanny, Dec. G, 1857. 

i-i u-j MO ■i!ioo;({T WM-mrw 



KYAN, eniiUniictl. 

•I'huiiius, s. of ■riioiniis aii.l Iviimv. Miiy 12. 1'*"'9- 

Hm^^K ra.iKuin,., .1. '■'■•II-;;;- '';"'. li^^!;"^;;,;!^'^ '^' '^''°' 

L\'nlii,'d.'urTI,I!!M"is'.''i!!l Kiii'i'iiy,' All-. 17, 'l,Si;ii. 

s. of l-.lwuRl iiiKl Siisiui, Sl.|.1. 10, ISlii;. 

Kiite. (1. ol' 'rhuiiiiis ami Kaimy. May 7, l.sil'j 

Marv, .1. »r Thomas and .Mar.^'.r.tMay -.'CM,!. 

MIeii llaiiMoM (1. (il'Tlioiiias and Maruaivi L , All";. 3, 1870. 

Murv Ann. d. i.l-Tlioiuas m.kI, N.)V. 2 1870. 

MarV Kll.-M, d. ..f Danicd and K llun, Dec. 2<), 1870. 

.Idhn s. ol'Thnrnas and l''inny, -TniK; 18. 1871- 

I,i//U',d. ofMiclKKd and Hannah. ,Tnly 11, 1871. 

d. (.f -IMnnna-. and Mai-an't, .Vn-. 28, 1871. 

,1. ol-.Mlili;n-d and Mary, An-. 30. 1871. 

IN-tcr, .s. (.!■ .MiHKud and Mary, Anu. C 1872. 
\dclaido Kliza. d. of .Icn'miali and lUlcn, Oft. 10. Ih/.'. 
Thonia.-i, .s. (i|-Th<inias and Mar.uarut K., Oct. 3il, 1872. 


.hdia, d. ol'Tlionias and Klizabetli, Sept. I, 185o. 


.Inlia Ann, d. of Thomas and Ann, Au-. 'JC, 18i;0- 
.lames Kdward, s. of Thomas and Ann, Nov. L, I8(... 
Tin. mas WilUain, .s. of Thomas ami Ann, ,)nly 2-1, 18(.7. 


llrlin Josephine, d. of Sewall D. aud Hannah S., .June 11, ISoS. 


{)nn lirecher s ofOren and Hannah, .Tnnc l,",, 18G0. 
Ch-n-les I, s '(d-( Iron and llannali, May 10, 18(13. 
Nrlli.. 1.., d. of .Inhn W. and .lane, Nov. 2, LSOO 
Crunde, d. of .1. l.n W. and Mary J., Jan. 2K, 1872. 


Sarah An-usLa, d, of Kdnmnd and l.ydni K., April 30, 18ta. 
iMuma Maria, d. of Oeor^e and Aljliy, Fell 11. 1817. 
Ahh, KulrirdMm d. of (leor^'e and Abba li., .Inly 0, 18-18. 
1 i „'l I In iirdM,,; d of (ieo,%> and Abba li., .Inly (i, 1818. 
byiMa.lanr, ,1, of Kdnnin,! and l.y.lia A , Nov._2.-,, 18^8. 

('(in ICvcdvii if of (iiori;!' ( I. and (leoi-ianna G., An-. 28, 18.' U. 



.hdl.V.'.S o 


AV \<;i:. .s. of 

|.Vb. 211, 17'.I2. 
,il. An-. ;), 17'.13. 

-i ;. luiir ,.> .if.firj.,n i.,ui ,,f 

i;. t.mi >i.)i)(ii'l ':■ 

'Jo2 -wonuuN I!i:coi;d of isiutiis. I 


Harri.'t Alice, d. of Jo.-^eph E. aii.l Ihirrict, Doc. -JO. IsC!. '^ 

Harriet Alice, d. of ,T<)su|i!i 15. anil Harriet, .Ian. 31, LsiC. 

Kniiiia, d. of .lo.-oph I;, aihl llanict. May L', I.kI.s.|)li Kilnard, s. ol'.lo-rph ]i. and Hani, t, Keb. i':;. ].iul. 

Nellie Kli/.a, d. of .JosL' !!. and Harriet, Jan. IS, IfS.'-t. 

Nellie .Maria, d. of .rnsepli 15. and Harriet, I'Vl). 21, 1S57. 

William l(., s. of AVilliain and .Maria. Sept. 4, ).•<(;;!. 

Frank .\rtliiir, .s. of .Joseiih 1!. and Harriet, March S, 1S04. 


Abigail, d. of .Tosliua, May 17, li;7',». 
,To liLia. s. of Josluia, June '.'o, 1 (;■;(. 
Sarah, d. of Joshua and Sarah, July -I, lf:»7. 
Hannah, d. of Jo.shiia and Sarah, Koy. i."., IG^i). 
MarUia, d. of Joshua and Sarah, April 'JC, \r,'.l->. 
Klizaheth, d. of .Jo.-^hna and Sarali, .\ny. 7, HI'.l.S. 
Mary, d. of Jo.shnaand Mary, .Sc|.l 14, 17ui;. 
]{uth, d. of Jo^^hua and Mary, .March C, 17IJ'J. 
Sarah, d. of Joshua ami .Miry, Sept. ;!, 1711. 
Jo.-^luia, s. of Joshua and Mary, May !>, 171:!. 
Abii^ail, d. of Joslma ami .Mary, Xoy, ]-,. 1714. 
John, s. of Joshua and .M.iry. "Vn^'. lil, 171il. 
James, s. of Joshii.a and .Mary, June 22, 1718. 
I'hcbe, d. of Joshua and Mary, .lair :;. I7l'ii. 
Heidandn.s. of.loshuuand .\Iaiy, Nov i' 1 , 1721. 

Olive., H. of Joshua and .M.ary, .Inly 111. i;2i;. 

JonalhaM,.s. .dMoslniaand .Mary, July i;i, 172.S. 

James, .s. of Joshua and Kathaiine l)"ee. ;i, 17;;7. 

Abi-ail, d. of John and Abi;:.ail, l-eb. 2(1, 17:1!). 

Kaliiarinc, d. of.loshnaand Kalhariue, .liiiie 22, 1740. 

Sarah, d. of James and Kli/abelh, June 21, 1742. 

James, s. of James and Kli/.abelli, April 14, 171.".. 

Hoiijaniin, s. ollSenjamin and I'liebe, M.av 14. 174.".. 

Kllzabeth, d. of James and Kli/abetli. F.b. 2.">, 1747. 

Abigail, d. of , lames and Eli/.abelh, March In, 1741). 

s. of S.amuel and Malilda. June 17, KSK; 

K.alc' Isab.d, il. of Kdu'.ard .\ . T. and Sarah A., .\pril 2.S, I.S.-|i 

Kdwin Kussell, s. of .S.iniuel K. and ^arah K., .Nov. 12. 18.-.7. 

Edward Thorndike, .s. of K. .\ii-uslns T. and .Sarah A., >I.i\ 

20, IBfil 

Frederiek Lorin-, s. of Samuel K. and S.irah K., Oct. .5, KSli 


Auuuslns T., s. of K. Anuustus T. and S.irah .\., Nov. 21. I,'- 


.f.ames Wdlard, s. of Samuel K. and S.arah T., .Inly 17, Isi;.",. 

Jennie l,.mise, il. of J. dm W, and Louise, .Mai.di in, l.s72. 


.Mai\ Oiay, d. of 'I' S .ami Miri i C, April 2(1, Is.',,".. 

.\unie, d.'..fnioiuas S. and Sarah .l...liily 1.!, ',s.;i. 

iMV.I, s. of ■I'hom.s S. ami S.arali J., .\(.v. 2:), bSlH. 

SCANDKN {<ee. also, SrvNri.Iv). 

John, s of .Mieli.Lel ami .Maiv, |A b 1:!, IS.",: 
Mar.y, .1. of .Michael ami .Mary .\nn, ,\ii-. i: 


t'aUiarine, d. of John ami Mary, .\pril 2, it 
John, .s. of .luhu and Mary, Au-. ."., KS72. 

.diiHiia 'io ..t;i4-o:»n v;i;;;uo.f 



.laiiios, s. ol'MichiK'l and Mary A., Supt. 4, 1857. 


Emma Jaiif, d. of Jaiiies and Lydia A., Jidy 23, JSf.U. 
Daniel Arlhur, s. ofDiiniel and riiebo, Sopt. l(i, isr+. 
James Allrcd, s. of Daniel and I'helju 1'., Aug. L'S, IMS". 


Lydia, d. of John mid Susanna, June 11, 1775. 
Mary, d. of Jolm and Susanna, .Sept. T2, 17S1. 


John W., N. of Cliarles and Mari;aret, Aui:. 2A, IHCll. 
Kliza, d. of ('liarle.s K. and Mar-aret, March L'2, l.s7i;. 


d. of , May 11, 1C17. 


Cliarli's, .s. of Lorin- and Klla 11., An-. 20, lM.-)7. 

si:a\ i;k. 

Willie, s. of Jolm C. and Ann, Miirdi G, 18B1. 

Ann iM., d. of Jolm C. and Ann, JIarch 22, i6C,:). 

L'liarli'.s Coolidj^e, s. of Jolm C. and Ann M., An^'. 211. ISCC. 

Charles Coolid"e, s. of Jolm C. and Ann M., July lU, 1S71 


S.ii.lironia Brat 

ketr,, d. of 

Annie Booth, d 

of M. S. 1 

Imoii and Lydia, Oct. 11), 1^32. 
Mary A., Sept. 10, 18(iS. 


William W., s. of William and Almira, Sept. 22. 18n2. 
Fraiili Everett, H. of William and Aimini, May 21, ISO.'.. 
Samuel Henry, s. of William and Almira, ])ee. 20, KS7U. 


Mary Kobertson, d. of John and Mary, Ang. (J, 1870. 

SIONTIOU (sre('i;NTi;ic). 


Mary Jane, d. of I'riel and Mary Jane, Vcc. VJ, 1812. 
Hannah, d. of Uriel and Marv, Sept. 8, 1811. 
Mehelal.el, d. of Uriel ami Mary, Sept. 8, 18-11. 
Marlanim, d. of Uriel and Marv Jane, April 21, 1818. 
Marietta d. of Uriel and i\Iarv Jane, April 21, 18IH. 
iMartlia Jane, d. of Uriel and M.ary J., Oct. 2, Ix.Vj. 
Amanda, d. of Uricd and Mary Jane, Nov. 25, I.S.-.4. 
Amelia, d. of Uriel imd iM.ary Jane, Nov. 25. 18r)l. 
Nallian, s. <,{ Uriel and Mary J., Eel.. 12, 18,'-.8. 

s. (,r I'riel I Mary .1., (le-t. It, 18i;o. 

s. of Uriel ami M.ary, Dec. C, 18i;;J. 

init'H 70 ■:tr.o:^:(',i a-.vhh 


.15001 itl .JOyg ,.A rmK out: .rt .U 1o . 


si; WALL. 

s. ,.r IIiiHis K. unci , Nov. Ifi, iHll. 

Cliailcs Wvnry, s orSniiiucl O. mid S.inili K., Miircli L'9, IS 
William 1-M(I(I, s. ol'SniiiiK'l C. ami Sarali K., Nov. Jl, IS-t'.l 
llanly Koprs, s. of Saimiel C. and Sai'ali C, Maivh 18, ISJ 


Kiiza Maria. .1. .if Willi.uii :.iid Kli/.n, Nov. I',), IS.VJ, 

SUA It 1'. 

Au-u^la, d. ol' WiuKuoith and Ann, A|iril JS, IS.V.i. 


.AIniv Ann, d. of .roNrpli D. and Mai'lha A., Kcl). 15, IslC. 
Manila I'oucrs, d ofjo^r|.li 1). and M.irllia, .Sept. 1, 1S47. 
Calhariiio ])i-i;u-, d. ol' Joseph 1). and .Marllia, Maicli II, I.S49. 

siiAinrv (.SCO siiEUKv). 


.\iii,.s l,ains(ni, s. of Aino.^ and .Susan, Dec. ."., I,s:!l. 
Natliaii .laipiitli, .s. of Amos and .Snsaii, Krl, 1.-,, |,s:!i;. 
l,..uiN Klin.r, s. oriiuoi-u K. and Klla I'., .Jan. I'.i, 1.S7I. 


Kduaid Lewis, s of Lewis and Jlarv, .Inne 1, IS.'.:!. 

Kdwai-d Alexander, s. of Edward and ,Iaiie, Au^. Ill, lSr,\i. 

Oeor-e Krencli, s. of Ceorue V. and Aim lO.. All?;. 14, IHo.i. 

Cliarles Clillord, .s. of Lewi.s and Marj, April 7, IH;VJ. 

Anna C\, d. ofOenr^e F. and Ann, April i:!, l.silO. 

.Tidiii Warn r, s. of Lewis and Jlary, .Jan. L'l! [Dec. •i3, ISG'.J],* 1870. 


SUplieii llenrv. s. of Palriek luid I'.li/.ahelli, .Inlv 8, IsH). 

•I.aiie Caroliii,., d. of I'alriek and Lii/,alielli, llel.'ll, l.s.'.l. 

Lllen, d. of .Mieliael and ^Liiy, .)nly 2, 18,'-,.-, 

Marv, d. of .Mieliael and .Mary, Nov. 4, l.s.a;. 

.loaiina, d. of Mieliael and .Mary, ,Sepi. -jr,. is-„-i. 

.lereniiali, .s. of .loliii and Mary, .Ian. IL'. I,s-.:i., d. of .loliii and .Marv, Keh. 1 I, iscp. 

AliU.a, d. of .Miidniel and .Marv, .\nu. '.), I.sili). 

.loanna, d. .dMoliii .and .Marv," .\pril H. Isiil. 

.lohii, ti. of .Mieliael and Mary, Dee. Ki. ISCI. 

Klleii, d. of.Iolin and Mary, iMay M. IHt;L'. 

Ann, (I. of .Mi.'h.ael and .M.ary, Hee. ijli, I.mIl'. 

Ann, .1. of Mieliael and Mary, M.areli L".i \M:\. 

lOlleii, d. of.Iolin ami Mary, .Se|,l. I, |mi;;;. 

Joliii, s. of.Iolin and .Mary, OeU 17, 18i;|. 

Sleplieii Henry, h. of .Mieliael and .M.iry, .Jan. 'Jl, )s>\r,. 

Kale. d. of.Iolin and Mary, .Inne in, l8i.i;. 

(!eoi-e llenrv. .s. of William and .\nii. April 18, IHC?. 

Kr.aneis, s. of.Iolin and .Mary, Aiijr. •.'(!, 1mi;7. 

-i!i:iiir 'io Oiiooaw 7 

.tv.sf '■■■^ ii-'/. ill/. 


;HEA, contintud. 

Stephen, s. oI'MicIkioI and Mary, Aiiij. 5, 1808. 
Alu'liiKi J^oiiisa, d. (irjcliii and Miirv, Oct. oO. 18C8. 
Klizabflh, (I. ofWilliaiii .•nid Ann, .April 11, ISfilt. 
Miclniel Josei)h, .■^. <if Juliii and Mary, AluMl 13, 1870. 
Dora Veniniea, d. of John and Mary, Sept, 21, 1871. 


l.ydia .lane, d. of .Ineoh II. and Lydia C, April I, 1850. 
Ni llv, d. of James li. and Lydia, M.'iy 2, 18t)0. 
llariy Lyons, s. of J. II. and Lydia C, June 12, 18G3. 


Ilonora, d. of John and Catharine, July 4, 1857. 


.Mieliael, s. of Thomas and Judith, May It, 1851. 
William, s. of Timothy and Joanna, May 17, 1852. 
Mary Ann, d. of Owen and Catharine, An,-. — , 1853. 
I'ati ick James, s. of Thomas and Julia, Oct. 14, 18,')3. 
Martin Kdward, s. of Thomas and Julia, June 11, 1856. 
Hannah, d. of James and Bridget, July — , 1855. 

>. of Owen and , Aur. 20, 1855. 

Ella .\nii, d. of Timothy and Joanna, July 1, 185G. 
Catharine, d. of Owen and Ellen, Feb. 27, 1857. 
Timolhy, s. of Thomas and Joanna, Jnlv 8, 1H57. 
Catharine, d. of James and iirid-et. An-. 8, 1857. 
Maria, d. of Timothy and Joanna, March lU, 1858. 
Mar-aret, d. of Owen and Ellen, Nov. 24, 1858. 
Marraret, d. of Thomas and Joanna, Sept. 10, 1859. 

d. of John and , March 27, ISGO. 

Kllen, d. of Owen and Ellen, Oct. 10, ISfiO. 
Julia, d. of Thomas and Joann.a, Oct. 1(1, ISGl. 
James, s. of Owen and Kllen, April — , 18G2. 
Ilon.jia, d. of Jeremiah and Mary A., May 4, 18G5. 
Marv Josephine, d. of James and Ilonora, Oct. 9, 18G5. 
Joanna, d. of James and Ilonora, Nov. I, 18(;i;. 
Marv Ann, d. of Owen and Hllen, July 17, I8C.H. 
Cathariue Elizabeth, d. of .lajiies and Ilonora, Dec. 23, 18 
John, s. of , lames and Ilonora, Dec. 27, 18G!>. 
Jeremiah, s. of John and Mary, Dec. 1), 1S70. 
Margaret, d. of .liimes and Ilonora, July 27, 1871. 
I'atrii'k, s. of Timothy and f:atharine, Aug. 20, 1871. 
Dainel, s. of John and Marv, July 28, 1872. 

Marv, d. of Thomas and Caltharinc, Aug. G, 
11.) -a, d. of James and Ilonora, Oct. 14, 1 


S 111:1: KAN, 

Klh n, d. of Mighell and Ann, born in Scoth 

nd, Sept. 



Henry Marlain, s. of J. dm W. .■in<l Sylvaina 
i;.i,Mi.-i S., d. of .loliM W. and Sylvania, Jun 

Dec. 15, 
7, I8t'j. 


,Slli:ir.\N (see SMi:i:nAN). 

.-,ur>jwi j.i (7 10)4}! yMUiuya ., ::„ .' . Ofi|b'..1 f.,iB M i(oo«r. 1o .(, .inr.l itiUi I 

O.ici . rjiU. ,^il.^J (iiiit .'.I ■jiwiT. lo .1) .vjlv.5 

.:.•'.' ,m aiiuU , (i:,j-,.l hull .1( .r. '1.1 .« .••. 10 j.f vidiU 

.7.'.;;; .1 ;i(il. rjrii' l,f(n (1 lot lo .1, .(iliiioll 

' ■ ■;;J 


-Ti-I ,':'' 




■ .--.'I ,l:l,,r 

•r it a'H 
■1,,-. |,ii 

.1 fn. 

- .\/( 11 
,■ 1,./.. 

t...,n 11 

■111^'. 'J 



■_'.)() Avonunx kecokd of bii;tiis. 


Miiiol, s. of Uev. Mr. Josiali ami Mrs. Marllm, Dec. 9, 1757. 
M.u-Mia. cl. of Kev. Mr. .TosImU and Mrs. Miirtlm, ])i'f. 8, I75S 
Kli/.al)ctli, (1. of Itev. Mr. Jo.siah and Mrs. Martlui. March L'd, 
Marv. d. of Rev. Mr. .lo-iiah and .Mrs. Marllia, rdi. ;l, 17i;:i. 
Siisaniui. (1. of Kev. Mr. .Tosiah and >[r'-. Murtlia, .\pril 7, 17(: 
.Imisha ,I..M'|.lnne, d. of Silas and .\ln>ira, An-. V>, IH.-,0. 
.Martlia Dnnnin-, d. cd' Chester li. and Julia, Sept. ;!0, 1«57. 


.Mary .Vim, d. of Thomas and Brid-ct, .Tune 1';!, 1810. 
.T.anies, s. of 'I'lionias and lindi;el. .Tun. HI, IslL'. 
Tlioinas, s. or 'l'lL,>nKis an<l lirid-et, Nov. lil, isl.',. 


Mnry Ann, d ol' tieorL'e and Mary, May C, 18.J8. 
George, s. of Ge.)r:,'e an.l Marv, .Ian. 0, I8i;(). 
liobert, s. of Michael and Mar-aret, Sept. i, 18110. 
Mary Ann, d. of Michael and Mani<'rv, Au-. 1."., 1870. 
C:atharine, d. of Michael and .Mar-cry, June 1', 1872. 


Catharine K., d. of John and Alary, Nov. 20, isno. 
Mary, d. of John and Mary, Keb. 2, 1871. 


Eliza Jane, d. of Isaac and Sarah, Au-. 1, 1870. 

s. of Tobias and I'anlino, May 15, 1857. 


l.i'Wi- Antuine, s. of James O. and Harriet, Sept. 12, 185.">. 
Cliarlcs, s. of Geor-e and Harriet E., July 20, I8i',2. 

of Ch 

cy K. and Abba, Oct. 4, 1850. 


Sarah, d. of William,* July 28, ir,44. 
Judith, d. of William, .Mari-li :i, IlMCJ. 
Mary, d. of William, Dec. 0. 1(;(7. 
Caleb, s. of William, An-. ID, UUO. 
Willhun, s. of AVilliam, April 15, in51. 
.Toscpti, s. of William, Oct. 18, 1(152. 
Henj.imin, s, of William, March 18, 1(154. 
Tabitlui, d. of William, An-. 20, 1(155. 
James, .s. of William, Nov. 1, 1(158. 
l!ethlnh, d. of Willhini, May 0, 1(1.50. 
Ilnhlah.d. of William, Nov. 20, IllllO. 
Samncd, .s. of Caleb, ,hine :10, 11178. 


of Wlllluiii Bill 

,^.\ rrj\v.\m 

•;'.■ . !■ 

• ■', , ' ij.1'' 

:"iir ■i.</. M ... ■' -in: imIii ) 



.:' V' . 

,riT iif* 



Mi.i. .'■■ 

.i-AJ .ml 


SIMONDS, ciuinned. 

Williidii, s. of r.cnjumin, Feb. U. 1079. 
]ifiii:niiin, s. of lii'iii;ui]in, ,Jan. 14, ]i;8I. 
.Josi'pli. .s. of Hcniaiiiiii, Marcli 1, 1(163. 
.lames, s. o( V:i\u\>, .)aii. l,"., lC,8-t. 
.Fulin, s. of liunjiiiniii, Mai'cli 22, 108.".. 
.lames, .-.of .James, Kov. 1, l(;8(l. 
H< br.xa, d. of liuiijamin ami licljocca, ,7iiiic (I, KWT. 
iSarali, d. of Calel) ami 8arali, Nov. 11, lliS7. 
.Susanna, il. of .Tames and Susanna, May 2, l(!8!t. 
IJanhl, s. of ISciijamiu and Uebccca, Feb. 21, 1(1!)0. 
Abi-ail, a. of .lames and Susanna, Jan. 17, Ki'Jl. 
.lacob, s. of Benjamin ami Hebecca, May 20, l(;92. 
Sarah, d. of James and Susanna, Dec. Vi, 1004. 
JuclUli, d. of Benjamin and Hebecca, Oct. 5, 1095. 
Natlian, s. of James and Susanna, June 12, 1097. 
Mulli, (I. of .Tames and Susanna, Dec. 12, 1099. 
IIiiMiIk ■]. nfi;. njamin and Kebeeca, Oct. 25, 1700. 
Wil.: Ill,, ^. ni Siniiicl anil Jlauiiali, Nov. 2:!, 1700. 
.lo-i:il,, -. I.I > iiiiiiil and llannali, March 21, 1703. il ol S.iiniiel and Hannab, All;:. 23, 1704. 
Sarah, d. of J.ilin ai,d Sarah, Dec. 25, 1710. 
Kstlicr, a. of John and Sarah, Dec. 2, 1712. 
James, s. of Jaiues and Lydia, April 22, 1714. 
riiebe, d. of John and Sarah, Sept. 20, 1714. 
Mary, d. of .lames and Mary, Dec. 27, 1715. 
John, s. of John and Sa:ah, July 22, 1715. 
Caleb, s. of .lames and Lvdia, May 27, 1710. 
James, s. of James and Mary, March 10, 1717. 
Sarah, d. of James and Lydia, March 2, 1718. 
Joshua, s. of James and Mary, Oct. 17, 1718. 
Joshua, s. of John and Sarah, Nov. 8, 1718. 
Kebicca, d. of Daniel and Susanna, .Inly 24, 1719. 
Lydia, d. of James and Lydia, .Tunc 25, 1720. 
C'aleii, s. of James and Mary, Aujr- 27, 1720. 
Kebecea, d. of John and Sarah, Sept. 11, 1720. 
Daiiirl, s. of Danirl and Susanna, Jan. 23, 1722. 
.\l,ii:,ail, d. ..f .lames and Lydia, July 30, 1722. 
Z. Ik.Iic, >. of .lames and Mary, Sept. 4, 1723. 
lieniamiu, s. onienjamin and Abi-ail, June 1, 1724. 
.loseph, s. of llann-1 and Susanna, Aug. 8, 1724. 
Sus.anna, d. of James and Lydia, Sept. II, 1724. 
Aiii;;ail, d. of lienjaniiu and Ahi^'ail, Nov. C, 1725. 
Su>anna, d. of James and Mary. June 20, 1725. 
Ruth, d. ot lienjaniiu and Abmail, May 14, 1727. 
E-lher, d. of Nathan and Esther, Feb. 1, 1728. 
Nathan, s. of James and Mary, June 20, 1728. 
liuth, d. of .hunes and Mary, Oct. 10, 1730. 
Susanna, d. of Nathan and Ksther, Oct. 17, 1730. 
Susanna, il. of Josiah and Klizabelh, July 8, 1731. 
TJizaheth, d. of Josiah and Elizabeth, July 8, 1731. 
Al)i-ail, il. of James and Mary, June 9, 17.33. 
Hannah, d. of Josiuli and Kllzabelli, June 18, 1730. 
Nathan, s. ol .losiali and Klizabetli, July 7, 1739. 
James, s. of .lames and Abi^'ail, Dec. 21, 1740. 
.. Silas, s. of Josiali and Klizabelh, Sept. 10, 1711. 

.•-'iiTi7i(f "9(0 aiioosa vuiuiv,-. 

238 wonuKN kecoud of minu 

SIMONDS, continued. 

JcTiisha, d. i.f.losluia 

ihd J.rusha, May G, 1713. 

John, s. ..f.Io.hii:, an. 

.1. ruslia, Jan. IL', 1715. 

Anne, d. of .lam. s and 

.\nnc, Jnly ;tO, 1T4I1. 

JosliUil, s. (ilM.i-liiia a 

id .biiisha, Jan. 20, 1747. 

Jesse, s. of Cal.-h and 

-ai-anna, Oet. l:i, 1747. 

Jude, s. of Janu'.s an,l 

\iiui', Jan. 9, 1748. 

l.lUlier, s. of Calrh an. 

.Sn.anna, Oct. 2, 174!). 

Susanna, d. of liunjan 

in and ynsanna, Feb. U, 1749 

.Tosiiih, s. of Josluiu ui 

1 Jeiaisha, April L'S. 174!). 

Zehedee, s. of Zebedei. 

and Until, Kept. 20 17,:0. 

KsUier, d. of .Iannis jm 

I Aune, .Mai-cb L', 17.50 

llannidi, d. of Nathan 

uicl llannidi, JnlyL'3, 17.iO. 

.lonaihan, s. of ,[oshu; 

and J.n-nsha, Nov. 8, 17.')iJ. 

lichjaniin, s. of IJonjai 

lin aLnl Snsanna, Dec. ;il). 17j 

Natluin, s. of Xallian a 

id Hanmdi, Api'd L'l, i:.-,L'. 

,lonal,liaii, >. of l.'alcb : 

ml l.ydia, Jan. I, W.-.L'. 

Ilazacl, s. of, Iannis an 

1 Anne, Dec. L'.s, I7,")2. 

Ksiher, d. of Josliua a 

d .lei-iisha, Nov. 8, 17.i2. 

Calvin, s. of Caleliand 

Snsanna, Oet. IC, 17,V.'. 

licnjaniin, s. of lienjai 

un and Snsanna, Mav -'0, 1754 

I.ncrelia. d. of Nathan 

and Uaimah, Feb. 5, 17.-.4. 

Kijeuczer, s. of James 

uid Anne, .Mai-eh 4, 17,-,:.. 

Muiy.d. of Joslumanc 

Jenisha, Mafeli 14, l",j. 

Aclisah, d. of Calel) ai 

d SnsaiMia, March 1-.', 175j. 

Caleb, s. of Caleb and 

-ydia, Fc.'b. 17, 17,55. 

Jonas, s. of Nathan an 

1 Hannah, Sei)L. 1, 1755. 

Zebedee, s. of Heujani 

nand Susanna, Feb. 23, I75G. 

Natlniii, s. ol I'.enjamii 

and Snsanna, Oct. 23, 1757. 

(iiileon, s. of (.;aleb am 

Snsanna, Jnne24, 1757. 

l,ney, d. of Nathan am 

Hannah, March :'., 1757. 

Kezia, s. of James ami 

.\nn, Jan. 2S, 175s. 

James, s. ofCalel)and 

Lydi'a, Dec. .5, 175S. 

Abii^ail, d. of lienjami 

1 and Snsanna, ,\lay 31, 175!). 

Sarah, d. of Caleb and Snsanna, .Mav 22, 17.5'J. 
William, s. of ISenjainin and Snsaiuia, March l), 1701. 
Lvdia, d. of Caleb and Lydia, Jan. 2S, ITill. 
iM'ary, d. of H.njamin and Susanna, S.'pt. 5, 17(12. 
liuth, il. of Caleb and Susanna, Aiu'il l.t, 17113. 
Martha, d. of lienjamin and Susanna, Au-. 5, 17iU., d. of an.l Anna, April 1!), 17(15. 

Abi-ail, d. of Nallnin and Abi-ail, July 15, 17CC. 
l.iiey, d. of lieniamin and Susanna, Ainil (J, 17(1(J. 
Katlnirine, d. oi lienjamin ami Susanna, An-. Id, 17C0. 
Klizabeth, d. of Jesse and Klizaucth, April 17, 1771. 
Converse, s. of Je-se and Fli/.abeth, Nov. 7, 1772. 
Azel, s. of A/.el ami .Mary, An-. 31, 1773., s. of Jesse and Klizabeth, June II, 1774. 
Hannah, d, of Ila/.ael and .Mary, Dee. 7, 1775. 
Mary, d. of A/.el and .Mary, Oct. 2(1, 1777. 

Calvni,'s.' of Calvin ami Abi-ail, .lune 12, 1771). 
Ksther, d. of Ila/.ael and Mary, April 11, lisd. 



IS, s. of 



, .s. ol ( 
n, s. ol 

;alviii ai 

d Abi-ail 
uid .Mary 

WORin.'N KIXOUIJ OF lillf 




■ aiul Biitlislicb:i, Nov. L".l, 1782. 
Iiiiii iiiul I'huljc, Nov. -t, 17K2. 
, ami .•\l)i';:iil. (_)ct. LS, 17m:!. 
uiPl I'liiibo, Nov. 12, 17»:l. 
mill ami Kiitli, Feb. 1(1, 1784. 
r , and Abi-ail, Nov. 10, 17.'l4. 
., and Abi-!iil, iMui-ch H, H.-U. 
lid Mai'v, Kept. -1. 17«(i. 
lid ,\bi-«il, Dc'f. m, 1781;. 
1 and Koli.cca. Jnne 1, \7M\. 
nil and Hiilli, Maivh 12, 178(1. 
and riiflic, Nov. 1(1, 1787. 
1 .\biuail, .Ian. 8, 1788. 
iiid Abi-ail, All;;. 8, 1789. 
I and riirbo, Oct. 23. 1789. 
iiiii and Kiilli, Sept. 1;1, 1780. 
nd Abi-ail, Nov. 10, 178!). 
jfJoniUliaii and I'licbc, Oct. G, KUl. 
of Caleb and Abi-ail, July 23, 1791. 
licnjamiii and Hnlli, ,lunu 11, 1792. 
if Calvin and Abi-ail, March 2. 17U2. 

. of Cali-1) and Abi-ail, June 3, 1793. 
in and I'licbe, Man li 7, 1791. 
of Bciijainiii and Ruth, Sept. 21, 1794. 
of Caieli and Abi-ail, May 17, 1703. 
Nathan and Bath-heba, Sept. 27, 179C. 
lieiijainin and liiilli, .July C, 1797. 
lllnlin-^, .s. of Calei) mid Abi-ail, April 27, 1707. 
■Caleb and Abi-ail, Feb. C, 1799. 
of Zebedee and Aniittai, born in Bedford. Jan. 2t 
la, d. of Arlenia.s and Mary A. C, Aii^'. 9, 1817. 
^ Caleb, s. of Caleb and Susan, April 15, 1848. 
fane, d. of Henry and Jane, Nov. 2, 1849. 
d, s. of Caleb and Su.san, April 4, 1855. 
Jizabeth, d. of Kdward aud Mary T., Feb. 24, 1857. 
d Brown, s. of Caleb and Su.san, March 30, 1857. 
Mary Kditli, d. of Nathan J. aud .Mary A., Oct. 18, ISO.',. 
Frederick Nathan, s. of Nathan J. aud Vlary A., Oct. 3, 18C;7. 
Kvelyn Drncilla, d. of Nathan J. and JIary A., March 7, 1871. 
Sn>ie Maria, d. of Geor-e C. and Ellen M., Oct. 15, 1872. 


Joliu I 

d. of.lonalhai 
Benianiiu, s. of Heir 
Abi'.'ail, d. ofCaleb. 
I.vdia, d. of Caleb, J 
Josl.'di, s. of llaz.ael 
Mi.Mer, .s. of Cahiii 
];eberra, d, of Cid.i 
Zeb.'dr.-. > of liellli 


William, s. ofC 
.Manila, d. of Jc 
Stenheu. s. of C 

Nathan, s. e_ ..._ 
Samuel Cuinmin 
Joanna, d. of Jo 

John, >. 


lliHV, d 








, of John and Mary, Oct. 19, 1849. 


[)f Th 

and Mercy. Nov. 20, 1702 

, s. of 'riioma, iiml Mercy, Aii^'. 17, UO",. 
d. ofriioina.-i and Mercy, Jan. II, 171(1. 
d. of Thonias aud Wntli, Au^'. 3, 1730. 
, d. of Thomas aud Uutli, Feb. 9, 1731. 
, d. ofriionias ami Knlh, April 2.i, 1734. 
d. ofTlioinas and Kulli, Jan. 3, ]7.!i;. 
iia, (I. of 'nioiiias unci Until, July 21, 1737. 
as, ». of ■riionms and liuth, Nov. 28, 1710. 

ai-'r T.v <iiio,.),'i« /i'Mia'Sii 

J:;i> ,.U mil-! i;..-, :j :.v;iM>i) 1 

•; ci! ,e; .i:>0 ,\t"J' f^">* <n('.'l': 


SKICLTON, c..„tinu,;l. 

l)a:i/.i-, s. Dfl'lioiiKi^ aihl Until, Dec. 21, 1742. 
.Inhn, N. ol'TliniiuiN :iiia liiilli, K.C. .11. 17U. 
Matihcw, ~- ..f rii.iiiia- aiul Kulli, .liiin/ i:». 1741;. 
William, s. .iC Th. MILLS an.l Kiilh, May :M. 174K. 

.'\i.ii:., il. Ml- Tl an.l Kiilh, .Jiiiil- I'.i, 17.-.0. 

Hctsrv, (I. of ■riioiiias and Kli/aliuUi, A|)i-il 2."., 17(iD. 
llaa/.', -. ,,r |)a:i/.r .iDil Kiilii, ,Jiiik' 1, 1771. 
William, .s. iW Da.iZL- aud Kiith, April 21, 1773. 
Samuel. >. of Daa/.u ami Kiitli, .liiim 25, 1775. 
Uiiili, il. of Daa/.e and KiiUi, t)ul. 1(1, 1777. 
IJutli, il. ofriiomas, Jr., luid Kllzabclli, Nov. 1, 1778. 
Samiicd, .s. of Daa/.,' and Kulli, Srpt. l!, 17SI. 

'I'homas, .s. of -I'l las and Kli/.ab.'lli, Fcl.. ,s, 1782. 

Sleiihi'ii, s. of Daa/.e and Knlli, .May 28, 1784. 
ICIijali, s. of ■riioiiia.s and Eli/.abutli," .)aii. 2.i, 1784. 
Rebecca, d. of .Mr. Daa/.e and jiiiil, Julv :), 17811. 
liebecca, d. of ])ua/c and Kutli, Sept. IH, 1788. 
Desire, d. of Daa/.e and Kiitli, Keb. 2, 17'J1. 
Iloi-aee, s. of D.ia/.e, .Ir., iiml Ke/.ia, Nov. 21, Mm. 
A-a. s. of Daa/.e and Kiith, .Vn-. 2, 17:i.-.. 
Tlioinas It., s. of Samuel C. :i]id Alinira, Dec. 18, 1S4;J. 
Mah'ina, d. of Samuel C. and ll.innali, ,Ia.i. 21, 184i;. 

of S.inmel C. and Aliiiii'a, Miircli 2(1, 1848. 

Samuel, s, of Samuel C. and Alniiia, .Maicli 10, 1S.-|0. 
C^arrie Isalndla, d. of Daniel and .Maiy, Sept. 2, 18114. 


.losepli, s. ol' .loseph uud Sarah, .Vpril C, 17118. 

Susanna, il. .d' .losepli aud Sarali, Dec. 1(1, 1770. 

Sarah, d. ol .loseiiU and S;irali, Julv 10, 177;i. 

.Manila, d. of John ami Susanna, Dec. 30, 1774. 

Sarah, d. of Joseph aud Sarah, Oct. 28, 177(;. 

•lolin, s. ol Johuaud Susanna, Oct. 18, 177(1. 

William, s. of Joseph and Sarah, July 5, 1778. 

Joanna, d. of John ami Susajina, Dec. U, 1778. 

Susanna, <l. of.lolinand Su.saiiiia, del,. 8, 1780. 

Samuel, s. of Joseph and Surah, Au-. it, 1781. 

Josiah, s. of John and Su.sanna, Oct. 2J, 17.82. 

Sarah, d. of .Tohnaml Susanna, April ,«, 1785. 

Hannah, d. of John and Susanna, del. 3, 178'.J. 

Anraham, ,s. .if Abraham and Sally. .Nov. 4, IBOfi. 

Ileph/.ibah, d. of Abraham and Sally, Jan. 20, 1.8U7. 

Isaac, .s. of .Miraham and Sally, .Vn;;. 15, 18011. 

Sarah Ann, d. of Abraham and Sally, An^,', 17, I8U. 

Jacob, s. of Abraham and Sally, July li, ISU. 

F.dimind Kalon, s. of Joseph J. and .Mary J., Nov. JO, I8:!2. 

Sarah Louisa, d. of Slcpheiiand Sai-ah, Nov II, 18.i;i. 

iiljver I'arker, s id' Jacob and Sarali A., Dc<:. 10, ISW. 

Julia .\nn, d. of Jacob and Sarah Ann, Dec 7, 1844. 

Susan, d. of Stephen, 2d, aud l.ucy It.. March f., 18li;. 

Cliarles [■'ishcr, s. of Stephen T. and llanuali, Jldy 28, 184(1. 

Sarah ,\iiL;cliue, d. of Jacob ami S.irah .\ini, Jan. U, 1817. 

Geoi^'e A. II., s. of Stephen T. aud Hannah M., Kcb. 27, 1818. 

John .Johnson, s. of Stephen, 2d, and Lucy K., March 2, 1818. 

I,ucy Jane, d. of Stephen uud Lucy K., Uct. il, I8l:i. 

.•i'.irnni -30 a-toonn 


SKINNEK, cniitinmd. 

Aiirelia, il. of Jaail) aiul Sarah A., April 2il, 1850 

Eslella Viola, d. of Stephen T. and Hannah U., An?;. 2i!, 1852. 

Charles Loi-ing, s. of Charles L. and Klizabelii R., Aug. 27, 1853. 

Susan Alice, d. of Jacob and Sarah A., Feb. 18, 1854. 

Kverctt Russell, s. of Jacob and S;irah A., Nov. 12, 18j(!. 

George Dexter, s. of Charles L. and Elizabeth, Oct. 10, 18.J8. 

s. of Jacob and Sarah A., Sept. H, 18.".!). 

JIabel Lorraine, d. of James and Melina, Aug. \r,. 1870. 


Minnie A., d. of Henjaniin F. and Mary E-, Sept. 


Hosa Ellen, d. uf Patrick and Mary, Aug. 7, 1871. ' 


! Kate F., d. of Thomas and Eliza, Dec. 25, 18G3. 

t JIary Elleu, d. of Thomas G. and Lizzie, Jan. 22, 18C7. 

5 Lizzie Nelson, d. of Thomas G. W. and Lizzie A., June 13, 187 

Ilcrljert AVoodrough, s. of Thomas G. W. and Elizabeth A 
28, 1872. 


Klizabeth, d. of Matthew, Sept. 15, Ifi.'.S. 
, Matthew, s. of Matthew, Se|)t. 2, ICO'.). 

! John, s. of Matthew, .Jan. li), 1(:(;2. 

\ Samuel, s. of Matthew, April 2!), lCr,2. 

. Samuel, s. of Matthew, July 2G, 1G63. 

Hannah, d of Maithew, Oct. 21, 1604. 

John, s. of Matthew, March 28, l(!fi7. 

Jonaihan, s. of Jonathan and Miirv, Jan. 0, 1715. 

JIary, d. of Jonaihan and Mary, Feb. 21, 1717. 

Abijah, s. of Abljah and Marv, Aug. 28, 1751. 

!Marv, d. of Abijah and Maiv, June 8, 1751. 
llaniudi, d. of .Mnjah and Mary, May 22, 1757. 
Mary, d. of .Vbijaii and Mary, Jan. 5. 17G1. 
Mary, d. of John and Mary, July 1, 1704. 
Isaac, s. of Abijah and .Mary, Aug. 25, 1704. 
.l(,nathan, s. of Abigail and Mary, March 8, 1707 
Ahijah. s. of Abijah and Mary, June 12, 1773. 
Mary, d. of Abijah and Mary. June K!, 1775. 
Kllzabelh Mai.slon, d. of Edward and Sarah [M:' 
Km, Aug. 13, 1808. • 

• Ukhriril .Smith uf lioolon, b. M;irch V2, nr,8, il. ,Iuly 20, ISOO 

uiTsitti to liAOXxM yjioHO'ir 

,(■'■;'' bi'tt ioiLtftJ 'Ij .Ij ,n ,Ma Jig,;)! 



SMITH, continued. 

Caicliiio J:ii/.;ibt;tli, il. of Suimiel mid Elizal)etli, Feb. 20, 1825. 

,I<isi;,li t,(.cU. .s. ()(■ Saiiuirl aiul lOhzab.'tli, Nov. 2(i, 182(;. 

SiisMii Lock, il. of Saiiuic'l iiiiil Kliznbclli, Miiy 23, 1821). 

.lolm \V., s. of Aaron and Uaniit S., Vvh. 12, 1833. 

Mai-v .Alpbi, (1. of lU'/.ckial, .,i:,i Maiv L , .\iii;. 7, 1834. 

SaiiURd. s. of .Saimiid and l,i;/ ,!m ih, ,l,,n. 4, 1834. 

Marv Frances, d. of .Sainurl ,ii,d, .Anft. 14, 183C,. 

.To.-c|diiiic Davis, d. ol Krankliii and llarnct, Miircli 21, 183fi. 

llan-irt, d. of Daniel and .Maiv. Dec. 2l', lb3(;. 

.Tolin Wn-bt, .s. of .\avon and Ilarriel, Sept. 8, 1837. 

Claris-a, d. of Saninel .and Kli/.abetb, An-. Ij, 1842. 

Geoi-e F., s. of Franklin aiul llan'ict, T..' May 2, 1842. 

Caroline Octavia, d. of (ieoi'ijo P. and Octavia, Jnlv 23, 1843. 

Han-iel Frances, d. of Aaron"and Harriet, Jlay 31,"l844. 

Uenrv ICnslace, s. of Elijab and Anna E., Oct. 28, 184(!. 

Horace Tidd, .s. of Flij.di II. and Ann K., ,Tuiic 17, 1848. 

Fanny Anna, d. of Klijali II. and Ann Iv, Anir. 20, 1840. 

Tlionnis, s. of Jolin and .Mury, Sept. 3, 1853. 

diaries, s. of .Tolin and Julia, Feb. J4, 1854. 

.folin, s. of .lolin and Jlary, June 1. 18.^5. 

Alpbonso, s. of William B. and .\bby S., Aug. 5, 1856. 

William, .s. of .Tolin C. and Jnlia, Sept. 22, 185G. 

Ann, d. of Tliomas and Hrid-et, Jan. 1, 1857. 

James William, s. of Jobn aiid Maiv, Feb. 4, 1857. 

(icor-e llciii-y, s. of I'ati-ick and Kosanna, Sepi. :i, 1857. 

Amelia Wool'wortli, il. of Daniel T. and Zidia K., .[an. 10, I8,->8. 

Kli/.abetb, d. Of Join C. and Julia, .Ian. 21, 1«5S. 

I'aliick James, s. of 'Flioinas and jSridL'et, March 5, I85S. 

('Iirisln|)licr, s. of Jobn and iMarv. April 30, 18.-<!). 

Slell.i, il. of William B. and Abba L., An- 10, 1850. 

Mary Frances, d. of Patrick and Ko~aiina, Oct. 10, 1859. 

s. of Levi K. aid Helen A., Nov. 24, 1859. 

William, s. of Thomas and Brid-et, Fell. 27, 1800. 

I'liilip, H. of Joliii and Mary, June 27, IsOO. 

Grace KlizabeUi, d. of Charles A. and Elizabeth, Nov. 9, 18fiO. 

ArllHir Ellsworlh, s. of William B. and Abbv L., July 10, 18C1. 

.biliii Allred, s. of Patrick and Hosaiina, May 1, 1SC,2. 

Lizzie Catharine, d. of Charles A. and Calhariiu^ July 28, 1802. 

(ieor-e Henry, s. of John and Mary, Nov. 0, 1802. 

Mary Frances, d. of Patrick ami', Aug. 25, 1SC3. 

'I'homas .losepli, s. of Patrick and Uosaiina, Oct. 22, 1805. 

d. of liiifns and Snsaii A., Nov. 10, 180.i. 

Helen Louisa, d. of William B. ami Abby, Dec. 14, 1805. 
Charles liciiiv, .s. of .Michael W. and Kate, June 23, 1806. 
Ceoi-e Kol.bins, s of George F. and Ann, July 7, 1807. 
Hosaiiiia, d. of Patrick and Kosanna, May 1, 1808. 

tc anil uniiiiirrka, Mny fl, ISTJ. 
k-slowli, Muy 31, IbOl). (Hi-i^ I'rotjulo 

J f!;i';o'ia v^iiiii 

■woiiUHN Ri;roi!D OF niRTiis. 243 

S.'MITII, continued. 

ClicMiT Vcaziu, s. of riKU-lL-s A. and Elizabeth A., .Inly 2(1, 18G8. 
Maiv Kllni, (K (.r MiclKul W. and Kate, An^'. -JO, 1808. 
Ma F., (I. or Willi .11] ai d Alibie I-., April C, LMC'J. 
Ilciirj' 'I'idd, s. (i( i:. l''i-ankliii and Annie, Jan. 13, 1870. 
C'atliarine, tl. of I'aliiek and Kosann.-i, Jan. 15, 1871. 
C.itl.aiine Lonisa, d. of Jlielniel \V. and CaUianne, Jan. 2C, 1871. Tavlni-, .s. of Geor-c V. and Anna, Apnl 10, 1872. 
FriMleii.k, N. of Alexander J. and Ann.'i, May 10, 1872. 
.s. Wdliani li. and Abbie L., Dec. 12, 1872. 


Donna Zelta Isabella, d. of (.'liades 1). and ICli/.a, March 2i;, 1852. 


Daniel, s. of liiehard, Feb. 4, 11145. 
S.inmel, .s. of Uiehaid, May 2S, li;i7. 
/.aeliaii.'di, .s of Kicbai-d, Mandi 21), 1I14'.). 
.lohn, .s. (d' .I.ilin, May Ki, llill.S. 
.Sanmel, >. of Sanmel, Feb. 8, 1(!70. 
.l.inies. .s. of James, Oct. 10, 1071. 
/endjbabel, s. of John, May 14, U!72. 
Sarah, d. of hainuel, May 28, 1072. 
Abi;,'ail, d. of James, Jliy 2, 1C74. 
■)anicl, s. of Samuel, July 'J, 1074. 
Timothy, s. of John, Feb. 16, 1G75. 
Lvdia, d. of James, Nov. 7, 1076. 
Hannah, d. of John, Juno 0, 1077. 
.Vbi-ail, d. of .Samuel, Apnl, 4, 1677. 
.Sarah, d. of James, April IS, 1079. 
Marv, d. id' John, An-. 4. 1080. 
Kbenez-er, s. of John, Oct. 0, 1G82. 
Hieh.ird, s. of Samuel, Dec. 10, 1083. 
Xalh.aniel, s. of John, Nov. 17, 1C.S4. 
Uannali, d of Samuel, June 8, lOSO. 
Deborah, d. of Samuel and Sarah, Oct. — , 1687. 
Joanna, d. of Sanmel and Sarah, Feb. 10, 1088. 
Fbonezer, s. of Samuel and Sarah, Oct. 7, 1091. 
Sanmel, s. of Samuel and Abigail, Aug. 24, 1092. 
Al)ii;ail, d. of Samuel anil Abij-ail, Nov. 18, 1094. 
Kli/.abelh, d. of John and Sarah, .March 18, 1095. 
■loseph, s. of J(din anil Sarah, May 0, 1097. 
Kachrl, il. .d- Daniel and Haehel, Nov. 2.",, 1097. 
S.irali, d. of Samuel and Ai)ii,'ail, Sept. 14, 1097. 
/■ rnljbabel, s. of Zeiubbabel and Jemima, July 19, 1098. 
iMai'y, d. of Jidin and Sarah, An:;. 13, 1099. 
.losiah, .s. of Zerubbabid anil .lemiiua, Jan. 24, 1700. 
Kuth, d. of S.-imuel and Abi-ail, .May 8, I7O0. 
Jabez, s. of Zernbliabel and Jendma, March 12, 1701. 
Jemima, d. of Zernbbabel and Jendma, Ang. 19, 1702. 
Helieeca, d. of Samuel and .\bi-ail, Feb. li, 1703. 
i;benezer, s. of Zerulihaijc 1 and .li'Udimi, April 20, 1701. 
Klizaln-tli, d. ofSannnd and Al/i-aii, Dec. 29, 170,-.. 
.bdin, s. of Zernbbabel and Jeinima, March 30, 1700. 
■•■rimolhy, s.of ■I'imolliy and Lydia, Feb. 19, 1707. 

.fiiinnr! «»;)'< iv.Hj-yj^t /.^^vaou 

244 'wonuiiN inocoui) or uiuTris. 

SNOAV, colitinvr,!. 

.To.slui:i, s. of liicliiinl ami Kli/.ahctli, Out lii, 17U7. 
William, s. o( ZcnihiKiliul aii.l ,I.-.aniia. Jan. L'.".. 170'<. 
Bt-iijaiiiiii, 8. orSaiiiiK'i and Abi-ail. Au-. I'll, 170S. 
Richard, s. of Uicliaiil and Eli/.abL', Jan. r., I7U'.i. 
Isaac, s of Tiinolliy and Lvbia, Feb. L'U, 17i'a. 
Sarah, d. of Daniel and Uiiclid, Nov. 2. KOli. 
Joshua, s. orKicliard and, Jan. Hi, 1711. 
Lydia, d. of TiinoUiy and Lyilia, F.-b. L'O, 1711. 
Abiuall, d. of Z.-nibbabel and Juniinia, March L'li, 1711. 
Hichard, s. of Daniel and Kachel, March il, 1712.|)li, s. of Hamnel and Abi-.iil, May I.'*, 171 i. 
David, s. of Daniel and lia.hel, Alarcli ;:0, 1714. 
Jacob, s. of Tiinolhy and l.vdia, .Sept. ."., 1714. 
Jabcz, s. of Zerubl>abel and Jemima, March Hi, 1711;. 
Jndith, d. of Kbene/.(!r and .Mary. An-. 2d, 17111. 
Marv, d of Tinn.thy and Lv.lla, .\|iril 13, li 17 
Snsanaa, d. of Daniel and Sn-anna, .M iv .s, 1 17. 
Zachariah, s. of 'riinoiliv and I.vdia, Anu'. l-"- 17111. 
Sanmel, s. of .Sanniel and Sarah. D..c. 7, 17lii. 
Saiah, d. of Ebene/.er and Mary, Dec. :H, 1720. 
Abraham, s. of Timolhv ami Lydia, Dec 28, 1721. 
Oliver, s. of Samnel and .Sarah, An-. 2ti, 1721. 
I-Uizabcth, d. of Zerubbabel and Elizabeth, March 27, 17 
JIury, U of Daniel and Mary. May '.), 1722. 
Hannah, d. of Zerubbabcl and Klizabeih, Jan. 7, 1721. 
Sarah, d. of Samnel ami Sarah, Jan. 24. 1724. 
Ebcnezer, s. of Kbene/.er and .Maiy, Sept. 14, 1724. 
Reuben, s. of Zernhbabel and Klizabeth, .Tan. 21, 172U. 
Fbenezur, 3 of Kbenezer and .Mary, April 24, 17?0. 
Abi-'ail, d. of Zerubbabel and Flizalielh, March ,'., 1728. 
Rachel, d. of Kb. uv,..;- :,„.! Marv, Jnly 7, 17211, 
Uriah, s. of Zembbalnl and IMizaljcth, Oct. 3U, 17;10. 
Phebe, d. of William an. I I'li/abeth. All-. 20, 1731. 
James, s. of Zernbhaliel uml inizabcth, .March 7, 1732. 
Esther, d. of Isaac and Esther, .May lH, 1733. 
Jesse, s. of Zerubbabcl >mu\ Elizabeth. Oct. 20, 1734. 
Esther, d. of Isaac and Esther, June 30. 1734. 
Rath, d. of Isaac auu Esther, Oct 21, I73J. 
Lucy, d. of Zornbbabel and Elizabeth, Jnlv 18, 173C. 
Anne, d of Isaac and Esther, Mai'ch 17, 1737. 
I'hcbe, d. of Isaac and Rhebe, Jan. 5, 173'J. 
Amos, s. of Richard and Abi-ail, March 2H, 1740. 
Lncy, d. of Jacob and Abi;;ail, Seiit. 23, 1741 
Ruth, d. of Richard and Al)it;ail, .May 31, 1741. 
Brid-et, d. of Isaac and I'hebe, Jidy 17, 1742. 
liciH)ni, s. of Rirhard and .\bi-ail, March 17, 1713. 
Jernsha, d. of Jacob and Abigail, An-. 14, 1743. 
'Vnne, d. of Isaac and I'hebe, .Maich I'J, 1741. 
Seth, s. of Richard and Abi-ail, Jnly l."), 1744. 
Mary, d. of liirhaiil and Aln-ail, Jan. (I, 174i:. 
Maiy. d. of Isaac and I'lii'be, .Vpril 2i;, 17 17. 

.s'lnnuii, .s. of lil<'haril and Al)i""-all', Ma'v i;, I7.v.'. 
Zachariah, s. <>t Jabcz and l.ydia, Feb. 2S, 17,"..-.. 
■■ .Solomon, s. of aud Rachel, Sept. 3, 17,".."). 

-tyVAl-!. j" <i;H.:.''lv! V-U'l! 


SNOW, continiKtl 

James, s. of .lain.s iiii.l 1 ri^is, Fub. 21, 17.')7. 

.lessc, s. of .1: ~ aihl I'. 1 .i>, A|.ril 3. 1700. 

Jonathan, s. n( J,,;.,. . ;,ii,l I', isis. An-. 3, 1762. 
I'ersis, d. of .):imms ;,n.l T. r-is Manli 2.S, 17(1.-.. 
Hannah, (1. of James ;im.I I'ursis. Jlav 27. 1707. 
.\Na, s. (if Janii.'s and I'.Tsis, .liine 21, 1709. 
J,.>iali,s. of James and r.Tsi.s. .\nL'. 1, 1772. 
Jmm.|,1i, .s. of James aji.l IVr.-is, July 12, 1774. 


Fanny Dcxlcr, d. of Edward (I. and Ahliy, Dei;. II, 1850. 

Edward Stcwait, s. of Kdvard (). and Abba, March 15, 1853. 

Fnink, s. of Edward (). and .M)l)a I'., Jnly 2, IKat. 

Edra, d. of Edward (). and Abba T., Jnly 2. 1854. 

(J.'or^'u Warren, s. of E.lw.ird () and Abby T., May 13, 1S57. 

Frcdrrick l'',lmcr, s. of Idward O. and Aiil}y, ,hino 12, 1801. 

Knud. Edw.inl, 8. of Kilward ('. and Aljby, Due. 1, 1803. 


Sarali Jane, d. of John and Mar-aret. Jnly 3, 1870. 
William Alexander, s. of John and .Margaret, Jan. 17, 1872. 


Henrietta, d. of Silas P. and .Susan, Jan. 12, 1840. 


r.oins Auassiz, s. of Antoiue and Lonisa, An;;. 30, 1856. 
.Ma-dalene, d. of Antoine and, Dec. 3, 18.09. 


Ki. Iiard Edwin, s. of Richard and Hannah, Feb. 0, 1837. 


Anna, d. of James and I.aetilla, Dec. 22, 1850. 
Caroline Eli/„i, d. of .lames and Laelilia, Sept. 4, 1859. 


Geor-e lirainard, s. of Ebcne/.er and Maria, Oct. 29, 1853. 

Wdhani, s. of Ebene/.er K. and , Nov. 20, 1859. 

Mai V, il. „l- James and Ellen, June — , 1805. 
Eh/alieth, d. of I'lKMnas and Tatharine, April 12, 1808. 
.lames, s. of Robert and Mary, An;;. 12, 1808. 
.Maiy, <l. of Robert and Mary, Nov. 24, 1872. 


Niilhaniel, s. of Nathaniel ;.nd Mary, Oct. 27, 1711. 


(ie.n--e Edward 

s. of Willia 

ri '1'. am 

Eli/.abeth M , Feb. 1, 

Marv rsab.-1'a, i 

. of Wiliiaui 

,'Uid Eli? 

abiLh. Nov. 2."., 18.".0. 

s. (if Willi: 

m ']'. and E,l 


)ec. 4, 18,-,!). 

Ei/./.ie Ann, d, . 

f William !'. 

and Eli 

abeth. An-, 30, 1801. 

rinviut '10 ano'V/iji -utuikw 

.:'ie- ,r.t ii«l ,U.i..-' 1,1' ■■'i/„ •.; :<, .,-.■■ .l> .■:• ,„„;l! •? 

•il'^'t ,ti 11 i( n,,., ^ ..,,1: .'i -i.'i,' 1.. :. ,fi','-h..„il 


ll'i M .;vO .'■ivi/' !,(,.. l-iu.-iiJ/i/ 



Lvdia Aujiistii, il. o( rvmaii V. mid I,i/,zif !■'., Anril 10, 1870. 
Cliiiilus I'ranci.s, s. of Lyinaii and Klizal.utli, July C, 1S72. 


Edward, s. of I'ati-ick and lirid-ut, St-pt. 'iii, ISCt. 


Occr-e Aiij,'nstus, s. of .ruliii H. and Marv E.,-Dcc-. r,, 18-lii. 
,IoliirFi-ankliii,s. of.Joliii 15. and Mary, ,)an. 5L', 18.^0. 


Ilcnrv, .s. of Henry and Kezia, Apiil 4, ITi'O. 

James, s. of Kicliardaud Alice, liorn in New llani|isliire, Jan. G, It 


Alfred I/.iniartinf, s. of Oleirles K. and Eliza A., Feb. 23, 1870. 


Joseph Walter, s. of Joscpli and Mary, April 29, 18C5. 


Mary Arabella, d. of Georixe and Hridiiet, April 7, ISM. 
(ieor-e.d. of Geori^u and liridjid, Marili l,',, l^Cfi. 
Calhariue, d. of George and Ilridgel, Jan. 2i), 16i;8. 


John, s. of Kicliard and Ann, Oet. 8, 18:.I. 


Lonis E.,s. of Fort and Elizabeth A., Jnly J, 187U. 


Alary Clementine, d. of Charles and Mary, Dee. :), 183'J. 

MarV Killiourn, d. of I.saae 1). and Catharine L., Jnne 12, 18.V.». 

Fanny Davis, d. of Isaac I), and Catharine L., May 5, 18117. 


Deborah M., d. of Joscidi and .Sallv, Oct. 17, l'^2.-.. 

Joseph, s. of J. ..SCI. h »i"l i^allv, March 12, Is2r. 

Svlvanu.s Wood, s. of .loscph and Sally, May 27, IBIil. 

Sally Ann, d. of Joseph and Sally, O.a. 1::, isiH. 

.Vani'y Evelina, d. of Joseph and Sally, (Jet. 4, 1837. 

lienjannn F., s. of Joseph and Sidly, Oct. II, 1841. 

Martlui June, d. of Joseph and Saliy. Oet. 1,1, 1844. 

Harriet Eock, d. of Joseph 15. ami Charlotte M., .March 8, 1855. 

M. of Joseph 11. and Charlotte, Oct. 27, ls5:i. 



Joseph, H. of 
.lohn,s. ol ,1. 


srpi, „ud 1 



V i.'Ji 'lo u;i«>3as Y.y. jiio^ii 

.jsyiii iH i .>:> •/:.!■! 

.o"; ; a .ill -I , • f.sV:', ."t »'j'.uiimo.a! ."inivm.m:.! DuIia 

:>ff ■■2 i;i'|/. ,l-\i:'.-'. 

.II.M. .t./S!'iill !M'i- ■•^•W'O 1'. 

,'(.r J .mill hlMlfVl.i'3'H' 



STEPMKNS, continued. 

rh:u-U> Iluiirv, s. nrClKirU's W. mihI M;liv, .llllU' 10, 18:^7. 
lliiiiirt F., s. of ('liMik's \V, ;ui(l :\I;iry U , A|inl :',ll, 1840. 
,1os,.|,li llciu-v. s. ..r.In^ui.h ami ICuMir,. Jaii Fi, ISI.s. 
.Lisophiiio llciirictla. d. of .losipli ami Fiiiiico, Jan. 13, 184S. 
I'.adilv Maria, il. nfOrcn \V. ami Siisaii 1!., Auir. l.'i, IS.'.T. 
Alice" Katoii,il. (if Cliarlo.s W. aiul Louisa 1'., Aim'. 27, IS.VJ. 
f'haiiu.s Ilan-iMKUi, s. ..f On'ii W. ami Susan, .lune 3, 1800. 
Jnlia, tl. (ilMi.sfiili 11, and Jnlia. Sopt 3ii, 1801. 

s of.Iolin F. luul Emma, May 2:i, 18i;2. 

Oi-cn William, s. olDieii \V. and Susan U., Oct. 1, l.soi. 
Mattliow. s. or Mailli.-w and Klizabctli. ,Inm; — , IHUl. 
Ku-fcMf Tllestoii, s. of John F. an<l Knjma, Fi-1). 23, lSr,r>. 
Bciiiiunin Franklin, s. of Oi-en W. and Hiisan K.. .Inne HI, 18C3. 
Flora Adeline, d. ofOrcn W. and Susan K., June 21, 1807. 
Flora Amelia, d. of Cliarles E. and Nellie A., Ifareli 15, 1808. 
Frederick Koscoe, s. of Eduin \Y. ami Ada O., Xov. 0, 1S71. 
Carrie Amanda, d. of Oreu W. and Susan K., An-. 15, 1872. 


d. of Matlliew and EIi/.al)etli, Jidy 27, IsGO. 

Jlatthew, s. of Malthcw and Kli/..du-lli, An-. 27, 18i;8. 

d. of MiitUiew and Eli/.alieth, Ann' il, 1S7U. 

Mary Elizabeth, d. of .Malthew and Elizabeth, Jan. 9, 1871. 

STKVENS (see STKriiKNs). 

STEVKNSON (see SncpiiENsoN). 


Joseph ]5arnard, s. of John and .Mary, boru at Edixeworth, Me., July 

11, 1854. 
Thomas Alexander, s. of Joseph E. and IsftbcUa, Jan. 24, 1804. 
Fmily Jane, d. of Joseph E. and Elizabeth, June U, ISC,'.). 
JiiMies Sidney, s. of Alexander and Mary Ann, born in P. Edward 

I'le, Jan. 22, 1872. 


Euirene Clement, s. of Daniel G. a 

Id Pri.<cilla, 


m, 1840 

Adelaide Os-ood, d. of Stephen 0. 

and Jemima 


y 0, 1850 


Ever.'lt, s. of Israel and Calliarlne 

Feb. 23, 18 


Caroline, d. of Israel and Cathari-Ji 

, July 1, ls5 


f STlMl».SOX. 

I Willie, s. of Nalliai 


Aima Wales, d. of, 


Calli.i'rin'e ('lar.lia'r, 

Ill v auaov/ 

,^' ;=!/ :jnii'i:i'i'. 

(1*1 lil.i; I lh\: 

I,':, iilnii-./.il ,.. f. 


'- ^/.l 


' '■■'.,':: 

i r-iiv. 





''!«'■ ^ 






.il.'.'.. ,TI .-Mil/ , '. i(i.1i-6 l-JiiKMl,; 


H'rODDAIlD, ronliuuol. 

Julia Au^'usta, il. olJti>liiia ami Alinira, Afay IG, 1820. 
Mai-v Ami, (I. of .losliua hihI Alinira, Feb. 3, 18:!2. 
r;,-nr;,'iaiia, .1. of .loslma and Alinira, Oft. 21, 1835. 
Muk-ii Vicloria, il. of .loslma ami .Mmira, Doc. 9, 1837. 
Aclolim- robnni, il. of.luslina and Alinira, St'pt. 17, 1839. 
Aim I,., d. of Nutlianitd and Emily, Jnly 12, 

s. of Samncl ami , Feb. 27. 1840. 

Maiia Kh/.abrlli, d. of Abraliam am) Maria A., Marcli II, 1848. 

Kiuina 1.., d. of Siiimu-I and Anna E , Aliir. 9, 1H4S. 

C'harli- Herbert, s. of Abratiain and Maria U , Au^'. 21, 1849. 

Vir^'inia, d. of .Vbraliain and Maria, \n-. ,8, 1851. 

Xorman Webber, s. of Kieliard F. ami Frances E., Jan. G, 1857. 

Fninia Klorilla, il. of William A. and Emily .M., March 1, 1857. 

William Arilinr, .-,. of William A. ami Emily M., Oct. 28, l.s.'iS. 

s. of William A. and Emily, Nov. 11, 18i;i. 

Mary, d. of William A. ami Emily M., ,luly 27, 18Im. 
Mary, d. of William A. and Emily M., April 22, 18G7. 


Clar.i, d. of Gilbert and X;incy, Jan. 18, 18113. 
Carrie, d. of tiilbe.t and Nancy, Jan. 18, 18(13. 


Edwin Unrntiam, s. of 15. F. and Jane K., April 1, 1808. 
Harriet Meriiida, d. of IJenjamin F. and Jane E., Aui;.* 0, 1870. 
William Andrew, s. of lienjamia F. and Jane E., Oct. 8, 1872. 

:ind Sarah J., Oct. 30, 1853. 

1 Nancy, Marcli 2il, IS 13. 

lid Nancy, May 13, 1850. 

id Ilaiimdi, Nov. 20, 18.-,0. 

'. and .Manila E., Oct. 4, 1853. 

er 1'. and M.artlia A., Sept. 5, 1855. 

ilier C. and Marllia A., June 15, 1857. 

aiicv, :!, I8-.!I. 

. r. and Mai-aivt M.. An-. 18, IS.ig. 

.her F. and .Martha A., An-. II, IS.'/J. 

lopherl'. .and .Martha A., All-. 11,1K59. 
Chaile-,, s. of 'I'liomas ami Maria, An-. I, lMi;i. 
James Waldo .s. of ( 'i.ri.topher and .Martha, FeL. 7, l.S(;3. 
Frank, .•^. of .Joseph IS. and Nancy S., Au-. 2."., I.s(;3. 
Willie Elmer, .s, of Christopher C. and Martha, An-. 18, 1804. 
l.aurielta Ardell, d. of chrisiopher C. ami Martha A., Feb. 2S, 1807. 
Freddie Eii-ine, s of ( liiistopher ('. and Martha .\., Oct. 3. 1870. 
Emma of TlKHnas I' and .Maria iM., Nov. 22, 1871. 


Cora Wliiti 








William T. 

. d. 



1 li. : 
,h 15. 


re , 




II U. 

.Martha E., 

d. ( 





Mary Fraiu 






Edward Ev 
Arlella. d. 




■ f 


■nionias W 




lleiirv All- 


1. . 


i;j;:ia TO auooau /.'.D.'Vvv/ 






. il 


jsiali il 

.1 S: 

\-l). 10, 1810. 


(isiMh, s. or 


.-.h Ml 

il S;u;i 

1, A 

)hl 8, 


'.1 a J., <]. 


villc K 



J., March 27, 


;.■,„-.■ Ciir.i 


s. ol 



ami . 

Vbiguil, .Tim. 11 



S:nmw\, s ol 



uul Ab 



5, 1777. 




', .1. (.r.I 


tt ]!. 

iinil Kl 


til W 

, Oct. 18, 181S. 


■1, Miles 


s. ol 


1(. 1 

11(1 Kl 

zabclli W., .In 


-iMiiL-is R.llli 

. of. I 

L-wolt li. nil 

1 I'Ui/. 

ibclli W., Feb. 

Ubi/rt, s. ol' 

ftl I! 

aiul K 

i/.abclli, A 

U-. ;il, 1854. 

, (1. olMcwctt li. and Elizabeth W., Jan. 2«, 1858. 
las Jeweit, s. of Jewett W. and Mary E., born 
in., Jniie 2(5, 1805. 
Eiimia, ci. of J. Wyinan and Mary, March Ki, 1S(!7. 


Mary, d. ol' 


md Julia All 

1, May 4, 1845. 


S. nfj 

jIiu and - 

— , April 15, 



Jeremiah, .s 

ol En^'enc and Mary, 

Dec. 11, 1854. 

i:ilell, .1. ..I' 


ami Marv, N 

i.v. 15, 1855. 

1), ill,:. I .r.^ 

1 ^'in-r. s. 

.r V.n-rur ai 

d Mary, Antr. 14, 1851'.. 


. :r^ li'-r 

11,^1 Mai'-aiv 

, A 11^'. 28, 185G. 

■^ 1 ' ! ■ '■ 1 

' . " , - , I) 

■ .1 ill Ml- N. 1) 

and Mary N., May 20, 1857. 

S:ll':iii 1 ii.M 

1 ' ■ 1 i I . c 1 . () 

■ Till. mas V. 

Jr., and Arethusa, June 2U, 185 

M:.i-aivi .1, 


d. of iMi-eue 

and Marv, May 2, 1858. 

Ann Maria, 

1. of Till 

mas and Ma 

y. An-, ol, 1858. 

Julia, d, of 

Patrick a 

id Kli/.a, Nov 

. — , 1858. 

Josejih, s. ( 

f Michae 

and .Sarah, 

Jam 5, 1859. 

Tlioiiia.', Va 

cntine, .s 

of Thomas 

V. and Arethusa, .Jan. 9, 185i). 

Joanna, d. of Kdwar 

1 and Joanna 

April :!(), 1S5U. 

of Klore 

ice and Maii. 

arel, April 12, 185'J. 

Kalie, d.'of 


md Marv, A| 

ril 11,;(). 

.lillia, il. of 

lOii^iene a 

id Mary", Jai 

. IG, 18iU. 

( 'alh.-iriiir, c 

. of ICilu 

ird and Joan 

la, Feb. 28, 18G1. 

Hani.l lOiii 

na, d. of 

Thomas V. , 

ml Arethusa, Oct. 10, 18IJ1. 

1 llnlll.MS, .s. 

of 'Kiii,'ci 

e ami Mary, 

lune 11, 1S(1;!. 

(,'liarle.s, .■-. 

.f Tl.oim 

s and Marv, 

June 2'J, 18i;:i. 

Thoiiuis 11. 

s. of Til 

lothy and An 

1, Sept. 27, I8(!.3. 

Miiiiiiu A., 

1. of Tho 

nas'v. and . 

rethnsa, March 3, 18(15. 

Maiy Jane, 

d. of Mil 

liael and .Siis 

in, Au-. 2.5, ISCC. 

.liiliii Kdwa 

■d, s. <d- 

;ii-eiie ami .\ 

ary, March 1), 18(17. 

•Mary Tlioi, 

j.son, il. 

,f Thomas V 

and Arethusa M , April 3, 18(17 

Joseph Cha 

Idler, s. of .loliii and 1 

mil, Oct. K), 18117. 

.jMariha An. 

, d. of M 

chael and ,Si 

san A., May 25, 18C8. 

.y:iiTh:a ■no tiHooajr k;t-iuov 


.:■! ///,jf'i> 

.TVT I ,j .:i.iL tin-yWA hiist i-j.tini(i«1.t > .; .miitirl 

lli/.i-l-"/ ui HI 

TU6J ,.u ,;'.-uK 

• S'^.I ,»• vrtK ,ifaA /)ili)l, l)i!« iii.i.^tji.i i > LI , ti»J< 

• V.AVJJ.I'tr* 

■.obi ,0S ^. 

i'.'in wouui:n kkcoud of births. 

SULLIVAN, cnntinnol. 

Mas-ic, il. of Micliiirl luul Susan A., Nov. 7 18GI). 
Julius II., .•<. of Tliniiias V. an. I .\rotliiisa. Dec. I'J, 18i;9. 

s. of and Marv, .lulv I'.i, 1870. 

d. of Thoma.s ami .Marv, .Tiilv 111, 1S70 

Ku^iciio, (1. of Kuafiic and Mary II., .'\ul:. 2G, 1870. 
Mar-v KUa. d. of Josupli and Ella, Nov. 21, 1870. 
lirid'yot, d. of 'J'lionias and Marv, June 20. 1872. 
Micliael, s. of Thomas and Marv, .Juno 20, 1k72. 
Micliao), ,s. of MiclniL'l and Susan A., .June 24, 1872. 


Ik'iiry Almon, .s. of ,1. Ilunry and Mary D., Oct. 3, 1S(;2. 


LliHirL'i; Herbert, s. of Daniel and Clara, Ijorn in Caniliriilge, Feb.' 

CImrle.s Kdward, s. of Daniel and Clara, An-. 20, 1S5,5. 
Admiral Franklin, s. of Collin and .Marv .lane. .Mav l;J, 1871. 
William, s. of Collin and Mary Jane, July 10, 1S7J. 


.lolm .M., s. of Cliarles A. and Jennie, March 19, ISD'J. 
Harriet Neuiiall, d. of Charles A. anil Je.ssie G., Dec. 7, 1870. 


Sarah Joseiihine, d of Oliver C. and Sophia, Sept. 18, H45. 

irali, .Mareli 12, 1701. 

rah, Fel). 20, 1708. 

;e F. and .Maria, Nov. 20, 1831'.. 
Daniel Webster, .s. of Oeorue F. .and Maria, Feb. 7, 1831). 
GeoriAc, s. of Georue F. and Maria, April 2(i, IKU. 
Henrietta, d. of Georf^e F. and Maria, Dec. 15, 184:1. 

— s. of Cliarles ami .Mary, Oct. 5, 1840. 

Charles Kranci.s, s. of Geori^e F. and Maria, Mav 27,' 1818. 
s. of George F. and Maria !)., March 27, I8,-|3. 

SWEENJCY (see McSwkicnev). 


Edmund Henry, s. of Ednuind H. and Abba N. J., Sept. 11 


Lilly, .M. of Sanuiel C. and Mary K., Dec. 9, l,s.-,L'. 

(I. of Sannn-I C. ami Mary, 1)> e. 21, IK.-.I. 

Charley Kisk, s. of S.imuei C. and .M.ary K., .Inne 4, I8.-.7. 

.1. of SaNHH'l C. :in<l Mary V.., Dec 31, l.s.^ll. 

Sannn-I I'arKer, s. of S, v\ C. and .Mary, FM.. Ih, IsOI. 

Cliarles Winllelcl, s. ol Charles .\. and .\iibe W., .\n-. JO, 1 

;i;;i lo i.'.i'KiV vi'.i mow 

■;;..,.' . ,11,0 !mi. (■•'., li'l ;. » ,!.ai-.v).M^-ji :(.,'} 
•: '■■ ,;,.i, ■:,!,' lujr :■- ■•.iiu/.) lo ,■< ,wiUili:'i 

,■'■1 r,rv 1/ .Mic:. )' b.:i' ' ..,.■!■:) ":.. .' U. iil.'!. 

•S^tli 30^1 <HV:-T0tW8 

,11 1h,,i,|.|a! !■) 


HWEETSlClt, fontiniu'd. 

Al.liio ir, d. of Clinrlcs A. ami Abny W., Dec. 7, I8C3. 
Kii'd. Aii^'iistus, s. oC Cliailes A. aiid Abbv, July 17, 1«C5. 
Jolin IlailoA', s. of Cliiirles A. and Abby, April 15, l.Si;i». 
Ilattie Gai'trudf, d. of Cliarlus A. anil Abbiu, Dec. :i, 187L'. 


Jiidilli, d. of Zachar 

ah and .Tnditb, An-. 14, 1742. 

Zai-liariali, .•^. of Zac 

lariah and.Tiulith, Oct. 1, 1711. 

Saniiiul, s i)f Zacha 

iali and.Iuditli, Oct. L'O, 174il. 

.iMdilli, d. of Zacliai 

all an.l .Tudilh. Feb. 13, 174'J. 

lliilli, il. ol' Zacliariii 

1 and .liKlith, l\lav 4, 17."il. 

Kiidi, (1. (d Ziicliaria 

1 and .Iiiddli, April H, 17r.a, 

Willi.aiii, H, cd' Zacli: 

ri.di :nid .Inditli, Sept. 1, l7.'-.7. 

Susanna, d. u( .Sinni 

cl and Susanna, April 1. 177L'. 

Saninol, s. of Saniin 

1 and Susanna, Oct.. 28, 17711. 

Marv. d. of S.iNURd 

lid Susanna, March 30, 1771). 

Zachaiiah, .-. ol' San 

m-1 and Susanna, .Tan. 1, 1780. 

Zachaiiah Kicliard.s. 

11, s. (d' Samuel and Su.sauna, Jan. 2, 1781 

:\larv, d. ol William 

and roily, Oct. 12, 1785. 

,Iolin,s. of Saininl a 

id Siisan'iia, .May 19, 17SG. 

Nanc.'Y, d. ol' Samnrl 

ami Siisauna, Apfil 11), 1788. 

SIcphcn, s. of S inni 

1 and Susanna, .May 111, 171)U. 

Horatio. ,s. of Sanin 

i and Susanna, Nov. 8, 1711.-.. 

I\tary, d. of Sanuud, 

Ir., and Mary, Oct. 28, 1808. 

.J,'rai>li:i, d. of Zacln 

li ih and Nancy, April 2!», 1810. 

IJi/pah, d. .d- lU'nja] 

lin and Ki/.pah, .Tan. 20, 1810. 

Kaiuiv, .1. of li.-i.jaii 

in and Ki/p.di, Dec. 11, IHIO. 

Maiv SlickuL'V, d. ol 

lieiijainiii .and Ki/.pah, Any. 17, 1812. 

I.Vdia Wvnian, d. (d' 

.loscpli H. and I.ydia, VvM. K, IK12. 

Marl 1. a Sa Icrs, d. 

(d- B.'njainin and Kizpah, Sept. 2ll, LSKi. 

.IcM.pli.s^ ..f .l.isrpi, 

and l,\dia, ,lan. ,30, IHl.-,, 

(lanlnrr, s. cd' .lo-.p 

1 11. and Lvdia, Oct. 18, 18U!. 

William, s. <,l' Zarb: 

riah, 2d, and Nancy, Jan. 31, 1811). 

liclM'y Cliick.Tin-, I 

. of .loseoli B. and Lvdia, Aoril 15, 1823. 

Nancy, d. of Zachari 

di, 2.1, andjerusha, Feb. 3, 1824. 

lloralio, s. of Moral 

oand Charloite, Au.-j. 2!), 1824. 

Il.'hiv W.. s. (d' Hoi 

itio and Cliarlollc, Dec. 21), 18211. 

CMiarloUc K., d. of 1 

oralio and Cliai L.tle, Jan 30, 1833. 

Sainncl .lolmson, s. , 

f Ilor.iliw and (MiarlMtie, Sept. 30, 1838. 

(iardncr, s. of Gardi 

er and Adeline M., Sept. 1,S, 1844. 

Adeline Matilda, d. ( 

f fi.irdiiei- ami Matilda, Auf;. 27, 1847. 

n-,ili..and Klioda, .Ian. 28, la.'O. 


(Iciiiudc, d. ofNcw. 

II Z and Kliza S., Oct. 3, 

llavnrs ,lol,nson, .s. < 

f Ncuell Z, and Eliza S., Nov. J2, 18f.2. 

Alpl.onso INTsons, s 

Id- Newell ■/.., and F.liza S., March 211, 18C 

TAl I IC. 

Mary .lane, d. of I'ati 

ick and .loanini, Feb. 28, l.sno. 

I'alrirk .lames, ,s. of 

Inlin and llrid^ret, (I, 1800. 

Willl.ini, M. of.lolm 1 

ml liild::el, .lidy 2, I8i;3, Kianrls, s. . 

IMoliii and Ann, July 27, 1872. 



.^' lirA iijii^n. /... 

UA l-r., X I|-,v:,l1-l, 



WiUhnn, s. ot XaUi; 

nicl and Bathshcba, Oct. '.'.-., 1700 

(iiucf, il. of Nathan 

il and Bathshiha, Mav IS. 1701. 

Nalhanicl, s. oC Wil 

iani anil .\Oii;ail. July l.'i. 17L'l. 

William, s. (.f Willi: 

ni an.l .\bi-ail, .Inlv'n, 17l.'i;.» 

Alii-ail, il. ofWillia 

n anil .\hi-ail. Jan. 10, 17-J,s. 

I>aiali. -s. or Willian 

anil .\l)i-ail .\pril L', 1 7:'.o. 

.lolili. s, or Wllliaiii 

uul .Vliiuail, .March i; i, I7;!2. 

Eli/.alK-tli .1 ..rU'il 

iaui anil .\hii;ail, March :iO, 17.U. 

liiilli. >1. or William 

and .\bi-ail, Anir. L'O, 17.1i;. 

Samnol. >. of Willii 

in and Abi-ail, Dec. 4, 17;!.S. 

Jo-luia, .s or Willia 

n ai.d Abi-ail, April 3, 1741. 

Saiali, (1. or Willian 

and Aliiirail. Jniiu L'T, 171:1. 

I!iltli,.l. orNalliani 

1 andliubcc.a, Jan. H, 1710. 

Su-^inuKi, .1. or I, I. \ 

■iUiain and Snsann.a, .Inly 1.:, 17r 

Williain, ,s. ol Willi. 

ni iinil Snsann:i, .May 11, 1750. 

An liulaii^, -. orWil 

i.'iin and .Siisannii, ()ct. L'll, 17."il. 

l.iicv, .1. ol Nalliiiiii 

1 and Kcbi'cca, ,Jiine, 1.", 17.'i.'i. 

.loiialhaii s. or Wil 

lain and Susanna, Sept. L', 17.");!. 

Susanna, .1. of.lolm 

and Susanna, Aui;. LAS, 1751. 

Mai-v,«l orisaiali a 

d Alii^ail, May 111, 17.i5. 

NiUlianiul, .-s.orXal 

lanicl and Uubrccii. March 15, 17. 

Kstlu'i-, a. of Willia 

n and Susanna, An- -J'J, 17.55. 

BcUv, il. ofLsaiali ; 

nd Abi-ail, Feb. 17, I75S. 

Mart.lni, il. of Willi 

ni and Susanna, VvU. 4, I75S. 

Manila, (1. of Willi! 

in and Susanna, I'd.. •_>, 175'J. 

Lois, il. of Isaiah ai 

1 Abi-ail, Au- L'll, 17i;0. 

E.h'L', il. of Isaiah a 

ul Abi-ail, Sept (J, 170L'. 

Hannah, (1. of.Tohn 

iiul Susanna, Sept. 1:1, 17'.2. 

.T<'ssf, s. of Isaiah a 

1 1 Aliiu'ail, born in Boston, May 2 

John, s. of.Iolin an 

1 Sns.anna, May 11,1705. 

Abi-ail,il. of .lolui! 

ml Susanna, April 15, 17i.8. 

Sarah, d. of Samuel and Sarah, March liL', 1770. 
Mary, d. of John and Susanna, Sept. 11, 1770. 
Abijah, 8. of.lolm and Su.sanna, Sept. 13, 1772. 
Hannah, d. of William, 3d. and Hannah, Feb. 3, 1772. 
.\bi-.ail, d. of William, 3il. and Hannah, M.ireli 12, 1771. 
Sally, d. of Archelaiis and Sarah, Del. 1), 1775 
Amy, d. of William, :U\. and H.innah, July 7. 1770. 
Suliiyan,s. of Jidm and Susanna, Noy. 2, 1770. 
Archelaus, s. of William. 3d, and Hannah, Feb. 27, 1779. 
Abiiiail Jones, d. ofS.iniuel ami Sarah, March Ifi, 17S1. 
Nancy, d. of William, :td. and llannali. Dee. 31, 1784. 
Samuel, s. or Samuel and Sarah, .May 12, 
Lncv, d. or William, 3d, and Ihinuah. Sept. 22, 17«5. 
Frai'icis Joiinson, s. ol Samuel and Sarah, April 21, 1787. 
•Jiimes, s. or John and Sarah, May 3, 1701, 
William, s. or William and Hannah, Dec. :'., 1701. 
Helsev, d. of Jesse and Comrorl, March II, 17:i2. 
• lohn.'s. or.lohn and Sarah, June 14, 1702. 
Fanny, d or .lesse and Comrorl, April 15, 1701. 

I'IhIIilt 'I'liy, bora .\iii;. 22, 1765." 

Hi:i -lu <jnC'>H^r VMMUOVr 


TAY, < 




, ll. 

or John 

and Siiriih, Jan. 20, 



. S 

or Jesse 

and Comfort, Au;;. 

13. 170G. 


, -S. 


mil Sarah, Aiijr. 111. 



h, s 


ll and Hetsuy. An- 

lU, 171)8. 


C, (1 

or J oil 

and Sarah, Oct. l'l' 




s or J. 

hn and Sarah, Apri 

L'8, 1807 



s. or Jo 

iah and Siusan, Oet 

17, 18011 


y, s 

or Ju.s 

ah and Sn.san, June 

2-i. 1812. 



nson, (1 

or Joiah and Siisa 

1, June L 

J, 18U. 

Oil VI 



j. or Oliver and Joai 

iia, Oet. 

1(1, 1815. 



loks, s. and Siisaii 

June ly 

, 18111. 


a 1! 

ixaiia. ( 

or William and HI 

Ida, Jan 

4. lf<18. 



d. or Wdliiunaiid I 

ho la, M 

irch 31, 1810 



111 in-v. s 

. or Willia.n and HI 

nia, Jail 

e 18, 1821. 


ll. nl"\'v 

lliam and Rlioda, K 

b. 'J, 1«2 




s. ..roliv.u-and Jo 

lima, .M.- 

y .-), 1822. 



1. or Jul 

11 and Martha, Man 

h (i, 1H2; 


el Wvinaii, 

d. oroliver and Joa 

nna, Jun 

■ 115, 1824. 


s A 


s. or l.nlie and liac 

lel, Apri 

124, 1821. 



s. ori-iike and liat 

hel, Nov 

. 14, 1820. 




. or John and .Marti 

a. Sept. 

2, 18211. 


s, "s 


Ui and Susan, Mart 

1 14, 182U. 



d. or William and Klioda, N 

ov. 19, 1827. 

Sullv llolden, d. or l.uke and Hacliel, Jan. C, 1828. 

Plu-he Kiehanlson, d. or Oliver and Joanna, Jlay 10, 1820. 

liei.jamin Frahklin, s. of 15ei)jainin and Hannah, April 2.5, 1830 

Marv Kllen, d. or lieiijamin and Hannah, March 11, l.'-SO. 

.lohii H., s. or John B. and .Abigail, Oet. 211 1831) 

.losephini- N., d. cd' Oliver 1'. and Abi-ail, Jan. 14, 1841. 

Mary 1'., d. i.r I.nke and Haeliel, Nov. 13, 1811. 

.Mary, d. or John B. and Abi-ail, Aiifi. 7, 1842. 

Oliver ITescott, s. or Oliver 1'. and Abi^'iil, iMay 3, 1843. 

Bn.iainiii, s. ol Bei janiin and Hannah, Jan. 22, 184ii. 

(;coVL.'r .Mar>liall, s. 'or (.)livct P. and Abigail, May 3, 1847. 

William lleiirv, s. id lieiijamin and Hannah, June 19, 1840. 

Abiuail, d. oroliver r. and Abi-ail, Oet. 8, 1841). 

Klla IMella, il. (it William C. and I.ucrctia M., July 23, 1851. 

Geor-e Clareiiee, .-,. or John B. and Abijiad, Sept. 23, 1851. 

Ann Fr.Miiccs, d. or William C;. and Lneietia IC, April 3, 1853. 

Maria ,lo^e|lllilR■, d. of John S. and Sarah A., Jlay 17, 1853. 

Frank Olis, s. ot John B. and Abi-ail, Feb. fi, 1857. 

Harry rainier, s. or J. B., Jr., and Klizu J., July 30, 181)7. 


Julia Ann, d. orSamncl W. and Cynthia, Feb. IG, 1828. 
Sanuirl, s. or .Samuel W. and Cynthia, June 14, 1831. 
Ann Mari.i, d. >,( Henry and Marv I)., Any. 2.s, 1844. 
Cb.irl. s Henry, .s. or Henry and Maiy I)., June 4, 1S45. 
Alvan tiordoii, .s. of Alvanand .\lelaiicy, Nov. 20, 1.S45. 
Charle.s llenrv, s. or John W. and Nanev, Jan. 10. 184(i. 
Clara 1.., d. c.r Jaiiie.s C. and Julia K., .bin. 20, IhlO. 
William !•;., s. id'Jolin W. and .Nancy, ,laii. .10, bsili. 
Didly .Melancy, d. or Alvan and .Mel.niey, April 7, HIO. 
Kvii, d. Ill Joiin and Nancy, .M ly 9, IH52. 
• 'I'lieoiloru, s. ofSeWell and Saruli K., Aug. 15, 1853. 

.r^ifliMn :-■ UHOO.Tr« 


TAYLOR, continued. 

AllH'i't, s. of S.-wi'U iind Sarah, Doc. 8, 18r.4. 

Ida May, il. ol' .Soucll ami Sarali K., March H,>(!. 

Edward Kvrr.ll, s. i.f.laiiir^ 1) and Famiy, April 1, 1850. 

FranUliii CiiiUr, s. ulSrwll ;iiul S.irah, July L';!, 18-.8. 

Willie Mar-hall. .s. of Utiuv and Marv, An-. T,, 18i;o. 

laicv, d. ol->rwill iiud Sarah K., Xov. •-'!!, iMlO. 

Annie Nichols, d. of .lames 1). and Fanny, An-. 2u, 18i;.j. 

d. Dffhailes II. and Jennie K. Nov. 22, ISlif,. 

Grace Adelia. d. of Charles II. und.Icnny E., .Jnly 25, 180". 
Jenide Vinton, d. of Ocnuis and Maria, Auj;. 12, ISilS. 
Charles linrton, .s. of Charles II. and .Jennie E , born in New: 

April .-i, 1871). 
Dexter Freddie, s. of Warren F. and Nellie F., May 1, 1870. 
(ieor-e Henry, s. of Charles II. and Hortensia, .Inne 8, I87iJ. 


Kichard David, s. of Geor^'e and Jnlia, Dec. 4, 1802. 


Oliver, s. of Oliver and I'rndence, Feb. 10, 172;!. 
.I,.s,|ili I.aii, s. ct.losrph and lleph/.iliali. Juno 21, 1S18. 
l.uc.v AiiM Ad.-.ius. d. of Joseidi and llophzihah, April 11, 1820. 
Kdwiii, s. <d .l,)>oph and lleph/.ihah, April 11, 1822. 
Lafayolle, -s. of Joseph and lloph/.ihah, July 1(1, 1824. 
Eullieria, d. of Jcseph and llei.h/ibah, Oct. 23, 182G. 
Warren, s. of Joseph and llophzihali, Dec. 28, 1828. 
Alon/.o, s. of Joseph and Melinda, Nov. 30, 18;5(;. 
Albert, s. of Joseph and Mary E., April 1!), 1840. 
Mary W., d. id Jo.-.o|di E. and Mary G., March 5, 1842. 
Arni'.a 10., d. of Joseph E. and Mary U., Nov. 20, 181;!. 

Josiah, s. of Richard and Deborah, March Ifi, 1005. 
Thomas, s. of Thomas and Sarah, Jan. 29, 1738. 


John Adulphns, s. of Wurreu E. and Jeanette, April 5, 1804. 


Sally, d. of Joseph and Abisail, born in Waterlown, Nov. 7, 17!IG. 
.I,ise|)h, s. of Joseph and Abi-ail, Oct. A. 17;»il. 
Geor-o Ani;iislns, s. of Joel F. and Gluirlotic, Oct. 10, 1824. 
Charles Edwards, s. of Joel V. and CharloUo, June 14, 1828. 
Jolin lOd-ell, s. of Joseph and Mary, Jan. 11, l8;i:!. 
Charlotto Ann, d. of Joel F. and Charlotte, June 22, 1834. 
Mary Snsan, d. of .John E. and Mary C, Dec. 27, 1854. 
J<)so|>h Slovens, s. of John E. and Mary C, Sept. 20, 185G. 
Abiia I.i/./.ie Davis, d. (jf .lolm E. luul Mary C, Nov. 7, 1850. 
Franklin llaniblet, s. of John E. and Mary C, Jnly 21, 1803. 

■ MAT 

.(■T'?f ,f 9l|(ll ,;••-. WJIlill I. Oil -H fill, 



^..a•. ;.• 

.;-ii". Vi .-. .ii.Ti^i'i. 

'ITlo -. ,cl; i-,l'l 




Frank, s. of George anil Kiitli, May 15, 18G7. 


s. o|- Krankliii ami Amelia, Dec. 23, 18oI. 

Ai'lhur, s. of Waldo and Sarah, Sept. 10, 1852. 


.I.diii, .s. of Simon, April 4, 1045. 
•Saiali, d. of Simon, Feb. 20. I(i47. 
.lanje.s, s. of Simon. Marcli 20, lG-19. 

il. (if Simon, Jan. 25, 1052. 

Itrliecea, tl. of Simon, May — , 1058. 
Siisann.i, d. of Jonathan, Julv 4, ICfil. 
Jonalhan, s. of Jomithan, Sept. 28, 1UG3. 

.lames, s. of Jona han, , 1011(1. 

.lames, ,s. of.lonathan, June 27, 1CG7. 
Sarah, d. of Jonathan, June 1, 1070. 
Simon, s. of Jonathan. June 15, 1G73. 
Ilannali, d. of Jamei, Dec. .SI, lu75. 
Kbenc/.er, s. of Jonathan, Au;r. 18, 1070. 
Joshua, s. of James, Sept. 15, 1C77. 
, lames, .s. of James and naunah, May — , 1680. 
l-;i)cne/.er, s. of .James, July 20, 1083. 
Kichard, s. of James and Abisail, JIarch 21, 1088. 
Alii-.iil, d. of James and Abigail, Dec. 30, 1G89. 
Jonathan, s. of Jonatliaii and Frances, Feb. 9, 1C90. 
Simon, s. of James and Al.i-ail, Det. 19, 1091. 
Ilannali, d. of .Ic/lma'lian and Frances. .Jan. 28, 1092. 
.loseph, s of Jonalhan and Frances, Oct. 20, 1G91. 
Sarali, d. of James and Sarah, Jnly 18, 1G90. 
.lames, s. of Jcmatlian and Frances, Nov. 14, 1090. 
Susanna, d. of Jonathan and Ji'rances, July G, 1099. 
James, .s. of James and Sarah, Feb. 23, 1701. 
Flbene/.er, s. of Jonathan and Frances, Marcli 30, 17i)I 
Anna, J. of James and Sarah, Feb. 20, 1703. 
Hannah, d. of Simon and Hannah, April 8, 1703. 
Mary, d, of Jonathan and Frances, Aug, 18, 1703. 
.loslina, s. of Joshua ami M.irtha, Jan. 14, 1704. 
Hannah, d. of Joshua and Martha, Jan. 21, 1705. 
Samuel, s of .Jonalhan and Frances, Sept. 8, 1705. 

Sim.>n, s. of Si n and Ilanruih, April 4, 1700. 

Martha, d. of .loshua and .M.arllia, Dec. 7, 1701;. 
Saiali, d. of ■' 

ml Sar.ah, l> 

e. 4, 1700 

ud Hannah, 

March 7 


and Martlia, 

Inly 5. 


Inni and Frn 

ices, ()( 

t. 25, 


ua and !\Iarl 

a, Apri 

7, 17 


on and llaiin 

ill, Nov 

and Martha, 


if," 17 


ml Airmail, 1 

K'C. ;iO, 


I ami Martha 

Feb. :.' 


and Abigail 



and Martha, 

Jan. 30 


and Abigail 


27, 1720 

.'■:iiT}irrt ■'.':• <r5](.r3?iu vniwo^r 


THOMPSON, coutinnid. 

Jacob, s. of Joshua and Rfartlia. Fl'Ii. 4, 1721. 
Josiah.s. of Simon iinil Anna, March 8, 17L'2. 
Anna, (1. of Simon and Anna, Dci,-. 2-1, 1723. 
Kuzia, (I. of JosliiKi and Marllia, I-'. I). IS, 172H. 
William, s. of James and Abi-ail, Oct. Ill, 1723. 
Haclicl, d. of Josiinaand liacli.-l, Jnne IH. 1725. 
Nathan, s. of Simon and Anna, Aiif,'. C, 1720. 
Jacuii, ->. of Jo.shua and K.ich.'l, April 20, 1727. 
IScnjaniin, s. of James and Abi-ail, M.irch C, 1727. 
KlizaljLdh, d. of James ami Alji-ail, Mareh 27, 1728. 
Jndith, d. of Sinnjn and Anna, Dec. 14, 1728. 
Jicnjamin, s. of EIjcmu zcr an 1 Hannah, Nov. 27, 1721 
William, s. <d- James and Abi^iad, Oct. 28, 17,)(). 
I'./.ra, s. of Sinnjn and Anna, Jan. 11, 17:il. 
Samnel, s. of Samnul and Kntli, Oct. :!0, 17:il. 
Kbcnezcr, s. of Kbenczer and Hannah, Sept. 1."), 173 
Abigail, d. of James and Abi^'ail, Ann'. 2, 1732. 
Asa, s. of Simon and Anna, Hub. Ifi, 1733. 
Kli/.abeth, d. of Simon and Martha, Dec. Ifi, 1733. 
Daniel, s. of Sainncl and Kuth, ilaieh II, 1734. 
Hannah, d. of Ebenezer and Hannah, Sept. 21, 1734. 
Ksther, d. of James and Abigail, Anj;. 21, 1731. 
Silas, s. of Simon and Anna, Marcli 10, 173.5. 
Jienjandn, s. of Simon and Martha, Sept. 20, 1735. 
Lvd'ni, d. of Jabez and Lydia, July 18, 1731;. 
William, s. of Simon and Martha, May 13, 1730. 
Snsanna, d. of Simon and Anna, Jnne 12, 1737. 
Martha, d. of Ebeuezer anil Martha, Oct. 2, 1737. 
Kuth, d. of Samuel and Kntli, March 9, 1737. 
ScHi, s. of James and Abi;,'ail, Dec. 23, 1737. 
Mary, d. of Jaliez and Lydia, July I'J, 1738. 
Sarah, d. of Simon and Anna, Oct. 7, 1738. 
l-saac, s. of Simou and Martha, July 10, 1739. 
Abijah, s. of Sanmel and Kuth, April 11, 1730. 
Jern-ha, d. (jf James ajid Abigail, Mareh 20, 1739. 
I.ois, d. of Kbenezer and Martha, July 28, 1739. 
Jal)ez, s. of Jabez and Lydia, ()i t. 4, 1740. 
JNIarv, d. of Samuel and Uulh, .May 24, 1741. 
Kunice, d. of Ebenezer and Martha, Nov. 30, 1742. 
Hiram, s. of Ebenezer and llaimah. May 17, 1743. 
Abigail, d. of Simon and Anna, Dec. 11, 1743. 
Esther, d. of Jabez and Lvdia, Nov. 2o, 1743. 
J'hebe, d. of S.mmel and Kuth, Keb. 5, 1743. 
Jabez, s. of Jabez and Lydia, .May 24, 1710.* 
Lois, d. of Samuel and linlh, An-. 12, 1740., s. of Saii 1 and Knih, Sept. 10, 174S. 

Kezi.a, d. of .labez and Lydia, Keli. 1."., 1748. 
Timothv, s. of Jabez and Lyilia. Jan. 14, 1750. 
lienjaiuin, s. of lienjandii and Hutli, M.irch 20, 175.' 
Samuel, s. iif yamuel and Abi-ail, April 7, 1754. 
Abi-ail, d. of Samuel and Abi;;ail, Dec. 29, 1755. 
Mary, d. of Samuel and Alii^ad, .Ian. 13, 1758. 

tir,.::' -ui nr:<<vaa Ksnao';^ 

llriftsll ol ll.'. UlK 03lW.l»l-.«lU 



'IIOSIPSON, fonlinued. 

.loimtlKiii, s. of Samuel i\iul Al)i:;iul, Api'il 2fi, 17G0. 

isiinc Snow, n. of D.'iiiit'l and I'I.ebe, June 28, UCl. 

riiube, (1. un):iiiii-l aiul K^llll;r, ])vc. lil, ITC-'. 

Arpliaxacl, s. of SiuiukM and Abigail, March 7., 17G3. 

Ulioda, d. of Ahijali and Abi-ail, N'ov. "., 17i;3. 

],L'OMttrd, s. of Saiiiml and Abi-ail, 1)l-c. 1, 17Gi. 

Danial, s. of Daniel ami I'lnbu, An- 1:1, 17i:r.. 

Kbrnc/XT, s. of Hiram and liridLjrf Nov. 0, 17i;7. 

Abiiali, s. of Abijali and Abi-uil, Ocl. 21, l7i;.S. 

Suwall, s. of Hiram and lirid-ul, June li, Klill. 

Bridi;ct, d. of llirani ami lirid-ct, April l,s, 1771. 

Lvdia, d. of Sanuiul and l.vdia, Jan. ;U, 1771. 

Hulh, d. of Jabt.-/. and K.-zia, Nov. 2, 177.'.. 

Hunjannn, .s. of Ilirajn and lirhl-L-t, Nov, 15, 1774. 

Marv. cl. of .laljrz aiid Kc/.ia, April S, 177.-.. 

Eli/abolli, d. of.laboz and Kc/.i.i, An^. 22, 177<;. 

CliarU's, s. of .\bijali ami Sarah, Ool. 2."., 17M0. 

HaiMiah, d. of Hiram and I'.rid-ot, .Inly H, 1782. 

Sallv, d. of Abijah and Sarah,, Ian. 2:!, 17«T. 

Leonard, .'i. of Leonard and KsLlier, May 10, 1788. 

Fanny, d. of Dani.-l .oid Rubuecii, Due. '>C,, 1790. 

Nancy, d. of .Vbijah and Sarah, .Tune 3, 17aO. 

Mary, (1. of Jona'llian and Mary, Feb 2r,, 1791. 

Abigail, d. of IM.iior Abijali and Lydia, April C, 1701. 

lihoda, d. of He^all and' Sally, Dec. 2t, 1792. 

Abijah, s. of Major Abijali and Lydia, May 20, 1793. 

Cyrns, s. of Jonathan and .Mary, March 10, 1793. 

SU i)hen, s. of .Major Abijali and Lydia, Jnly Ifi, 1797. 

Benjamin Franklin, s. of Major Abij.ih ami Lydia, ,Tan. IS, 1799. 

Nabby, d. of M.ijor .\bijah and Lydni, Jan. 20, 18o;!. 

(Miai-le.s Ko-eueil. s. of I'harle.s and Mary, April U, ISOo. 

Henry, s. of Charles and Marv, Aug. 7. 1807. 

Lydia Jaqnith, d. of Major Abijali and Lydia, Jan. IG, 1810. 

Snsan, d. of Alplia and Polly, Jnly 2G, 1810. 

(;atliarinc, d. of Chnrlrs and Mary, Jan. 27, 1810. 

Mar-ery Kowle, d. Jniialhan and Mar-erv, April IG, 1810. 

Sarah SlanU-y, il. of Al|iha and I'olly, An-. 12, 1811. 

lA'amler, s. o"f Charles .■iiid .Mary, March 7, 1812. 

WaUlo, s. of Leonard, ,lr., and llannah, Dec. 7, 1813. 

SnbnnL Brown, d. of Knfns and Sniiniil, Nov. 29, 1815. 

Mary Ann, d. of Charle.^i and Mary. Sept. 15, 1815. 

Alpha Klbrid-e, s. of Alpha and Miiry, born at Mt. Vernon, N. H. 

Oct. 27, 1815. 
Celiiicla, d. ofAbjiah and Celincla, Feb. 13, 181G. 
Leonard, s. of Leonard and llannah, Nov. 2, 1817. 
Esther Wvnian, d. of Uufus and Submit, Jan. 30, 1818. 
Abijah Franklin, s. of Abijah ami Celinda, June 13, 1818. 
Cyrn.s Au-ns:n.s, s. of (;\'rus and Abi-.ail, Sept. G, 1818. 
Sarah J., d. of Charles and Mary, Feb. 28, 1818. 
Jo.sephine Maria, d. of Uufus and Submit, Feb. IG, 1819. 
Sarah S., d. of Charlts and Mary, Jan. 5, 18211. 
Maria Josepliine, d. of Uiifns and Submit, Jan. IG. 1-20. 
Alinira, il. of Jonathan and Murgerv, July I, l8i;o. 
J.malhaii, s. of Cyrn.s and Abigail, ,ian. 13, 1822. 
.M.ijidi, s. nf Charles and Mary, May 22, 18::i. 

■mnnut to o; 


TH03H'S0N, foiUiuucd. 

Siis;iii Kicluinlsoii, (1. ofDanifl 1». nnd Susan, ^r,■ll■ch 10, 
Kilw.nd Kverctt, s. i.rOliarlfs ami Miu-y, Dec. l.s, l^L'i;. 

,liili;i Ann, 

1. or Al.ii ill aii.l Cc 

Imla, Sept. 11, l.sL'7. 

Al.iiiih, s. 1 

1 Uriijaiiiiii F. aii.l 

lannali, .Inly li'J, iM^iT. 

M.ify I'.al.l 

viii.d. ol 1 aiiifl F. 

uml Susan, ,laii. 10, 1827. 

, ,1. of liL-iMauiiii !• 

ami llaiinah, Doc Fi, 1823. 

Ah'i'jaii KiM 

kliii, >. of Aljijah a 

1(1 Cclimla, Sept. 17, 18211. 

Kiilli Coiili 

, il. ofDaiiii-l F. an 

1 Susan, May 14, 18:il. 

Ucscwrll, ,s 

of Cliaik-> K. ami 

|.:ii/.at).lli .M.,Jnii« i:i, 183;!. 

■SMiiuirl I'm 

lu-is, s. of Cyrus an 

1 Abigail, Au;;. 21, 1831. 

SU'plK'll, S. 

of Uc'iijaiiiin F. am 

Ilaniiali, 0(;t. 8, 18:!5. 

Mary Kli/n 

luili, (1. of Charles 

K ami Kli/.abi-lli M., Sept. 20, 18:! 

Manila \V\ 

man, (1. of Daim-l 1 

. iiml Susan, March 10, 1837. 

.Iii.-tiii 1-Mu 

inls, s. of l.comira 

and Anna IS. , Feb. 2, 1837. 

.Mari.'Ua, il 

ol Williain F. ami 

Kslher T., Feb. 10, 1838. 

Kllni S., cl. 

of All)rrl ami Siirv 

!ih, net. 0, 18311. 

Anna Mali; 

, ,1. of 1,1-oiianl am 

Anna 1!., .luiie 10, 1810. 

.I,,hn A., s. of llniiv ami Caroline S., Dee. 3, 181L'. 

\1 iiA K d. of Chaiies K. and Kli/.abetli M., Au,;;. 1, 1813. 

Waller C. s. of Daniel 1'. and Fannv, Se|)t. 10, ISU. 

Idiiier, s. of .\lbert and Snrviah li., .lune 13, 1840. 

Marv Fniia, d. ol Alpha K. and Mary, May 30, 1847. 

Fannv, d. of A;iroii and S irali Ann, Get. 1, 1818. 

Kuniia'l'rvplieuia, d. of Aliijali, 2d, and Trypnenia, Aivj;. 17, 1849. 

■bMiiiy l/uid, d. of Feomird F. and Maria L., Dee. 2, 1849. 

(1. of Sleplien and Susan C, IJec. 8, 1849. 

Inio^jene, d. of Cbarles and Maria (.'., Oct. 0, 1850. 

Warren, s. of Albert and Snrviah IJ., Feb. 8, 1851. 

Stephen, s. of Stephen and Susan, Got. 10, 1851. 

Katie, d. of Aaron and Sarah A., Jan. 10, 1852. 

Lewis Waldo, s. uf Leonard, Jr., and Maria L., Sept. 17, 1852. 

Albert, s. of Alplia K. and Mary, .March 7, 1853. 

d. of Stephen and Susan, Dec. 3, 1853. 

Henry Slierlnirn, s. of Charles and Maria, May 1, 1854. 
Ann kliza, d. of Kdward K. and Sarah S., June (!, 1854. 
Nellie Sniiih, d. of Leonard, Jr., and .Maria L., July 8, 1855. 

d. of Charles A. ami >Iaria S., Sept. — , 1850. 

Helena, d. of Samuel I. and Loreiia W., Dec. 3, 1850. 
Sarah Lillian, d. of ICdward K. and Sarali S., April 28, 1858. 
Arihnr Ahiiali, s. uf Kraiiklln A. and l\hiry K., July 10, 1858. 
Fd"ir r.i-adfor.l, s. of Leonard, Jr., and Miiria L., March 18, 18513. 
l.-iuik [ Wkiu s. of Samuel F. and Mary K., July 10, 1805. 

\bhle Ijinna, d. <il Samuel F. and .Mary H., June 20, 1807. 

Pnues lil"ar s of .lames and Delia, Sept. I, 1809. 
c'laieiice .U, s. of Samuel F. and Mary E., Get. 22, 1809. 

Uarrv Edward, s. of Iknry C. and .Mary F., Dec. 29, 1870. 
Flla iSritina, d. of Silas and Julia .M., March 28, 1871. 

Walter Clark, s. of James and Delia, March 25, 1872. 


Mary Ann, tl. of James and Mary Ann, March - 
I'Hlriek, s. of Thunias and Susan, Nov. 1, l«52. 

.-.irnriii --in <-i:i.v>.'<!i xi'nrio'iir 

L'7.H „-' iJniA ,:)/;iBf, 


THORNTON, ontduucd. 

Francis, s. of John mid Ellon,. Tune 17, 1807. 
Ann, d. of Julin and Ellon, March 17, 18Gi). 
Vcl!)'.', d. of .John and Fllon, Ocl. 2:i, 1871. 


Cliaii-'S ■-*■ "f and .Tanc, Oct. 4, 1S(;7. 


Kdwai-d Ilai-ri-un, s. of Cliarkvs II. and Mary, ))oni in Lynn, July 

Wdliani Heiu-y, .s. uf Charles H. and Frances, !\farch 2G, 1845. 
.lulia Knni<-es, d. ol' Charles II. and Frances, Feb. 13, I84(i. 
Anna Kli/.;iheth, il. of Cliarles II. and Frances, Ani;. 19, IStS. 
Charlrs W.aJlaee, s. of Cliarles II. and Frances, Feb. T.i, 18:.l. 


KIl.Tv Foy, s. of Kdmnnd and Soplironia, May 22, 1848. 
i;ilint, s. dl' lliiniplircy C. and Clara, Dec. 22, 18(12. 
Frances IC, d. (if Ihiniphrey C. and Clara, Dec. 22, 1803. 
s. of llnniphrey C. and Clara, March 13, ISUO. 

, TIDl). 

; Hannah, d. of.Tohn, Sept. 21,11152. 

' .l.ihii, s. of .lohn, Feb. 2(;, ICS.^). 

j Mail, d. of .lolin, Nov. 13, ID.-.i;. 

SainiM'l, s. of.l.ihn, .Ian. l(i, lir.:!. 
* .l..-rph, s. of.Iolin, .Ian. IS, li;i;i. 

' .Io^,•ph, s. of.lnhn, .Ian. 2U, lili,2. 

I li/alM'lli,d. of .lolin, Jr., Srpl. I'J, 1G7;). 

•lolin, s. of John, Nov. 2, HiSl. 

Jo^eph, s. of John, .March 8, IfiSI. 

Kebecca, d. of John and Kri/.abeUi, .Vul'. 4, 1087. 

M.irv, (1. of John and ICIizalieUi, An-. 8, IIMIO. 

,\laiv, d. of .liilni .and Kli/..ibrlh. Aijril 2.'), lli'.io. 

iJunezer, s. .if .lohn and Klizabelb, An-. 31, |(1'.»3. 

Samuel, s. of Kbenezer and .Martini, An-. 20, I7U;. 

Klieiie/.er, s. ol Kbenezer and Martha, Sept. 21, 1718. 
j Jonatlian, s. of Flienezer and Martha, Nov. 7, 1724. 

Abi-ail, d. of Jolin and Alii-uil, Sept. 3, 1733. 
■ Josepli, s. of ,)o.scph and Martha, July 11, 1734. 

Kebecca, d. of John and Abi-ail, May II, 1733. 

Fhebe, d. of Sainnel ami I'liebe, .Sept. 3, 173:). 

Marv, d. of John and Abi-ail, Sent. 30, 1740. 

Samuel, s. of .Samuel and I'liebe, .May 17, 1741. 

Sarah, d. of Samuel and I'helie, Nov. 8, 1743. 

Hiith, li. of Samuel and riiebo, Jan. 21), 174.-|. 

Snrviah, d. of JonaliKin and Surviah, Feb. 10, 1748. 

Hannah, d. of Jonathan and Surviali, Feb. 17, 1740. 

Abi-ail, d. of Samuel and Fhebe, June 10, 1751. 

Lucy, d. of Jon.atliau and Snrviali, April 8, 1751. 

Azubali, d. of Jonat.han and Surviah, June 27, 1753. 

Marv, d. of Jonathan and Surviah, An-, or March 3, 173J. 

lienjamiu, s. iif Samuel and I'hebe, March 12, 17.-.7. 

.Iiiniilhjji, s. o)' Jomitliun and Surviah, Am;. 3, 1757. 

•'s'cruifl T.0 ujrooaa m 


TIDE', ' 

Mil 111 

Vi("'.lV'^'ol' .IciKillKiiiiiiiil Siirviali. Jan. l", inw. 
Sii-.inna', .1. ..I' .IimimUkiu and Surnali, Oil. H, KVO. 
i'luiif. il. of liciiiaiuin lunl I.ucv, Oct. lU, ITT'.I. 
,7ointli:iii, fi. of .lonatliiin mul l.'litxhi. Due. 'i. 1781. 
Suiiuiel, s. of S.umu'l luul Susiinnii, Nov. (i, 1 Ts:. 
Ahi-ail, il. of .(oimtlKUi nm\ lilioUa, .Tmio II., 1/^.. 
.Tol.n, s. of SMiuiirl mi.l Su.siunKi, April U, 17.-i:i. 
Snkfy, .s. of Samiul aiul .Sii<:iniiii, .July H, K'.iK 
Williaiii, s. of .loiuiilKiii nnd Hhoilii. A|inl I'.'. I.'.i-'. 
Luke. s. of SaiMurl miuI .Susanna, D'-'i;^/. I' '•'■■ 
Mai-~lnll .s of Samuel and Susanna, March 14. IsOI. 
Mary 'l h.'.nipson, d. of Jonathan and Klioda l-'rh. 17, IHOd. 
Cvnlhia. d. of Jonathan, Jr., a.ui Cynlliia, May 1;, 1^' - 
Jonathan, s. of Jo.ialhan. Jr., and CynlhiM, Oct. Ls, ls'>.^. 
Lydia, a. of Jonathan, Jr., and tlynlhni. May 1, Islo. 
llai-riel, d. ot Sanuiel and Mary, Jan B, isll. 
Henry, .s. of Sanuicl and Mary, ''^"''•■.ll^\^^'\^^^ ,; m,., 

■Willi.'iui, s. of William and Knsanna, Jidy 15, KSH. 
Alfred s of Jonalhan, Jr., and tb'nlhia, Dec. 11, Irtla. 
■Marv, d. of Samuel ■■iiid Mary, June is, IslO. 
J'hai-le.s A., s. <d' Wdliam and U.isanna, May 8, 181(1. 
Dani. 1, s. of Jonalhan, Jr , and Cynthia, Hcc. 2\>, isl.. 
Samuel, s. of Samuel and Mary, May 'M, 181'.). 
lR-nrv,'s. of William and Lutlicra, Marcli :!, IslH. 
Ann Eustace, d. of I.nko and Ann, Dec. 20, 181'.). 
Marshall, .s. of Jonathan, Jr., and Cynthia, Jan. II, 18-'0. 
Sophia, d. of Sauu.el li. and Hannah, ,Tune L-l), IHJl. 
Souare, .s. of William and laithera. Feb 17, 18L'l. 
Jql.n Davis, s. of Capt. John and Susan July 2'), 18'J2. 
Luke l;icUardsoii, s. of Lnke and Au,i, May ::, ISL".'. 
Khoda, d. of Jcmathan, Jr.. and Cyniliia. March 11, 1822. 
Samuel, s. of Samuel 15. and llaiiual,, Sept. :;o, 1824.^^ 
Alfred, s. of Jonalhan, Jr., ami I'vmhia, (let. 21,, Is.j. 
I'liny, s. of Sanmel and Mary, Se|,t. 28. I.s2i;. 
Warner, s. ot John and Julia .\.. .\u-. 2,,, 182i.. 
Marv Wynmn, d. of Kla lu/.er and Ciihanne, March 20, H 
Mar'shall Martain, s. of M.irshall and Sarah Ann, .Uv^. 1, 
Sn.sanna, d. of Kbenc/.or and Callniriue, May 21, 1828. 
Sarah Ann, d. of Marshall and Sarah A., April 2ii, 182'J. 
Ann d of Samuel U. and Hannah, Keb. 27, WM). 
Horace Hall, s. of William and laithera, Jtine :iO, 18:!0. 
]:)ianlha, d. of Kbenr/.er and Catharine, Oct. 2(;, I8:)l. 
Sarah liond d. of William and Lulhera, March 2:! 18:12. 
Charles AniiHslus, s. of John and Julia A., June 24, 18:12. 
Louisa, d. <d' William and laiihera, .Inly :i, 18:tl, ^ 

V"a'i^is''.'b"epii'llaven','s.'of' Marshall and Sii'rah A bii 

Lwiherla, d. of Wdliam and Lulheria, Nov. :l, )8:i(;. 

ic, 'MO'iMi y.\ ;«< 

Tinr>, rontiuHcd. 

Charl.'S Aii-iist 


us, s. (.r.Toi 
, .s. of Luk 


1, ^d, and Sally Julia, Maj 22, 1837. 
Ann, Mar.h :!1, ls;i7. 
ii,|M,d. of ,Iuii:ilhaii, lM. aiul Sillv.l., Oct. 2',), 18:!S. 
11, -. or M;ms|ih1I and Surah Ann Sept. 7, lS;i'J. 

•,,"d"(.l' '('■I'l'iiu's nm\'.\)'M,()vi'\7, 1.S41. 
.Iniialliau and Sallv, Kd). :i, 1841. 
,(ch.o,l<, s. or ,3(,na"lhan and llan-i(n,,Oct. 25, 1S4G. 
I „r lU-nivard .Mary, .Api-il 2.s, 18)8. 
o-., d of Cliaiies and Ablia, .July 2."., l.^l'J. 
■.,.i-. s. „{ ll.'iiry and Mary, .Inne 21, 1852. 
(if ll.'ni-y an<l Mary S., .Inly 2:!, 18.".4. 
iwd (I d. <iC ,Mai>l'iall and .\l)l)ii S.. April 10, 18-,,->. 
n d. u|- Jonallian and Harriet 1). F., Oct. 12, 1855. 
abolli d. of Horace and .Alniira 1'., Sei't. 5, 1850. 
liarlcs, s. id' Cliarlcs and Abija, Feb. 21, 18i;u. 
, d. of Horace and AIndra, .Inly 20, lH{;:i, 
arren, s. of .Sanjuel 11. A. and Lucietia IC, Dec. 9, 1872. 


KU/.a, d. of Lack and Mary, Au-. :U, 1853. 

I- Urn, .1. of Daniel and .Marf;nrel. Au-. 22, 1859. 

Kite, d. of .lolin and Mary, April 3, 1808. 

Ihuinali, d. of .lolm and .Marv, Nov. 20, 180',). 

Margaret, d. of .)>din .-ind Mary, ,lnn.- 13, 1871. 

llannali. d. of Mailin and liarbara, born in Lonisyillc, Ky., May 









■ w 

Ellen ,la«e, d. of Patrick and -Vnn, 

and Sarali F., Dec. 9, 18G8. 

.Mary I!., May 31, 1854. 

Mary li., Sei)t. 0, 1.S50, 
nd M.ary, An-. 7, isiio. 

M,.ry li., Sii)!.. 1, 1801. 

lleor-e II.. .«. of Thomas and Jtary, .Tnly i:», 1841. 

iMnnia l.oui>a, d. of Tlionias and Mary Ann, Dec. 19, 1840. 


John Henry, s. of I'.itrick and, Aug. 23, 1859. 
James, s. of .John and Kllen, Oct. 19, 1859. 
Mary Klizabetli, d of Charle.s and Mary A., Jan. 10, 18G1. 
Ohaile.s, .s. of Charles and .Mary A., Sept. 14, 1802. 
Kdward, .s. of Charles and .Mary, Dec. 11, 1S03. 

.Mary A d. of lln^h and Celia, April 13, 18i;5. 

.)ohn. s. of Charles anil Mary Ann, Jnly 7, 18i;5. 
ClLMrli -. >. of I'alriel; and Kosa, Sept. 29, 18(15. 
lio-.oin 1, d. of .lohn .and Mary Ann, March 12, 18C7. 
■Sh.san, d. of Unirli and Celia, Jnne 24, 1807. 

■siiviui -JC)- .ir(-v)-)3!t yy.s^Q-i 

ji-61 ,CI jjU .iiuy^ ■ti/',;,: i,:u: .:i..,i«.iCV 1.; .1. .■ 


TOLAX, rnnlinnal. 

Thoiuus, .s. of IVilri.k iiml Huso, Sept. 27, ISiiT. 
Susan, il. of Ilii^li ami (Vila, .Imii- L'l, 1808. 
Chiiilus, .s. of CI,ai-li,-N and .Mui'v Ann, ,)uly 11, lS(i8. 

.s. iA- Cliailu-i and Marv, Nov. 1, IHil!). 

(I. of rii.ailus anil IMarv, .Nov. 1, 1801). 

William, s. of Cliarlrs ami .Marv .\., July L>«, 1871. 
.Ann, ,1. of Cliailes and .Miuy l'.., .Inly 2U, 1672. 


John, .s. of riitcu-k lunl fiiklml, .rum' :!, is.",:;. 
iMar-aivt Mai'iii, tl. of PalricW and Urid^.l, Drc 'JM, 
KU.'n l.onisa, d. of I'al.rick and r.iidurl, iManli f,, is; 
Calliaiim', .s. .d' I'aliick and lliidiici, .Inm' 20, isiil. 
,1ohn, .s. of l/nvixMU'c und .Mary, .r,,u. !, lsi;vi. 

TOT3IAN (see, al>o, Tci li.Noii.vM). 

AVilliani.s. of Daniel und I'harlollo, Nov. 17, ISia. 
Paniel, s. of Danirl and Cliarlotto, Sept. 18, 1818. 
Sylvustoi', s. of Dauirl and CliarloUc, Oct. 10, 18-3. 



lah, s. of 



, -V 

!■'. 2 

i, 1040 


s. of Hen 


Kob. 28, 10. 


I. of K li: 



t. 2 

1, 10 


1. of Kli 




■ • .;! 





(1. of 



V i; 



s. of Kli 




ry, A 





s. of El 



rv, J 





eth, d. of 







8, ICOfl 


I. of EP; 

II, d. of 
•a d. of 


di , 



y .11 

, J 


;i). 1707 
i;. 4, 17^l,a 

s. of El 





18, I7i; 


elh, d. ol 





,, May 1, r 


s. of Ik 


\a V 


, \ 

liO. 172 


s. of Eli; 






d, of llei 



1 Kl 



y 1 

, 1727. 


(1. of El 



1 K'l 


, .1 

HO, 172.' 


.s. of Kl 

d .S 



/ .'- 

. 17;i7. 


tl. of ICli 


d S 



V. '. 

I, 17:iH. 


del, s. ..1 



1 al 

1 Sa 



le 10, 1 

Ephraini, s. ol 



S a r. 



d'.l, 174 


.s. of 1 


V 2 

.', 174 


ail, s. ..1 




■ 17, 17 

• VOW Si:. 

Levi,., of Levi and Mary K. 
— d. of Levi and Mary, Aj 

■mmn "tO •!;")• >.^,fi y.ius'so'j/ 

' .TOT 

l.T o.' r w.:) //..If TOT 

woiiUKN KKCO];i) or Itl 



William RiiAis Kin^', s. of Russell L. and JCary 10., Oct. L'(!, Isj2. 
William r.owi-i, .s. uf Husscll L. aud llarv K.. J!ay 11, 1^.35. 
d. of l!ussc-U I., and .^lary E., Nov. 14, 185!l. 


Adi-liu llor 

,f flii-h C. and Mai-aivt A., Jiiiiu U, 18(57. 


.loliii, s 
Ann .Ta 

I .hnu', Ort. .s, IHC,.'). 
I .I.■^n.^ May 2:\. 1807 
lie, Jan. 3, Ibii'J. 

if Nicholas, Mm 


.Marv 1- 


(Ill, d. of .Moses C. and Mary, Auir. 7, 1832 
of MosusC. and Mary, Aii^'. 7, IHU. 
. of .Mc^rs C. and May, An-. 18, I.SM. 
)f .Moses (.'. and .Mary. Jnlv 15, 1838. 

)f I'rancis S. and I'amela .M., An-. 1, IK,-> 


Ida A man 

ofllrnry and Eli/abotli 


William Lane, s. , 

I. and Carrie A., Dec. L'7, 1.' 


Nellie 1 

1 Lydia, Dee. 10, 17:)0. 
I.ydi.a, Sept. 2<.). 17113. 

Mandana Coiieland, d. of Klbrid-e and Svlvia .M.. Nov. s, 1S41 
Ada Wri-ht, d. of Klbrid-e and Sylvia m!. An-. 27, I8l;l. 
Klla Maria, d. of Elbriil-e and Sylvia .M., Sept. 7, ISH. 
Kllen Kli/.a, d. .if AllVccI and Mar-aret, Nov. 2L', 181(1. 
.Mary .\nn, d. i.f .\lficd A. and Mar'zarer. K., April L'8, \>'r,:>. 
.\lUeil Sr) , s. of .Alfred A. and Margaret 10., >)an. 11, IHm 

■■■ ■"' ,!. yitil .,JJ: hrr-'t ;,i 

'•"?", t-i' -.out llJ:^,-!fO fjl.,. 



Cluirli'S, s. oCC Kirlos \Y. aiu) Sarnli, Juiif S, IS51. 

Xc'lsoii Lewis. •. (ilM„hn and Eiiiilv, Aim'. 14, I8.-.1. 

Lvdia Janu, d. . f WaltcT and l.vdia. .Marcli 4, 18;V.'. 

Aitliiir EliiiiT, f. of John and Kmilv, Oct. 3, ]>>:•:,. 

Cvnlliia .luscpliine, d. (d' Charl.'S W. and Sarali. Oct. 28, 1SJ3 

(1. of Walter W. and I.ydia A., Oct. 17, I8.VJ. 

OardniT Waller, s. of Walter M. and l.vdia .\., .May 22, 1802. 
Jolm Willie, N. of Walter and l.ydi.i .\., .May 1,",, 1m;1. 


I'eter, s. ofl'eter ami Anna, May L'O, IT.Il. ' 

I'eter, s. of I'eter and .U)na, ,lan. '.i, IT.'.H. 

TUl'PEIf. ( 

J.illie|ilMiie, d. of Kduard E. and Kli/.a II., Feb. 27, 18C2. 


Harriet Frances, d. of Abel and Charlotte, Jnlv 2, IH 48. i 
Charles Albert, a. of Al)el and Charlotte, Oct. 1, 18,-0. V 
s. ofCeplias and V. Bell, Jlay 14, 18(;7. ) 


Marv ('., d. of Aaron a id Mary Ann, June [>, 18 1:;. 
(ieor-e .\ii-ii>tiis s. of and Mary .\nn, Nov. lO, 1815. 
Ellen Hannah, d. nf .\ar.,ii and Mary A., May i:i, 1S4!). 
Ella Jlehetalad, d. ..I' Aaron and .Mary A., .May I'.i, 184'J. 


Sarah, d. of James, Jr., and Sarah, March 10, 1828. 
.(am, -. s. of James, Jr., and Sarah, May I'J, 18:ii). 
Julia Ann, d. of James, Jr., and Sarah, Dee. 20, 1831. 
Henry, s. of James, Jr., and Sarah, Nov. !1, LSX!. 
Maria, d. of , lames Jr , and Sarah, Feb. 27, 18:;'.>. 
Sarah, d. of James, Jr., and Sarah, .May Hi, lsl2. 
Jlarv Lamson, rt. nf .laiiies and Sarah, Sept. r., 184G. 
Albert Wallace, s. of Joseph and Mary N., March 2:i, 1853. 
Harriet An-nsta, d. of Zebadiah ai (I Olive, May 3, 1854. 
Lydia Elizabeth, d. of Zebadiah and Olive, July 3, 18514. 


Edward, s. «{ Edward and Hann.ah, Jnlv r.. I7:;8. 
Sieidien, s. of Eduaid and llaniudi, Oel. 21, i::i!l. 
Timothy, .s. of Kdwiiid and Hannah, April IC, 1712. 
Hannah, d. of Edward and Hannah, May |i;, Kl I. 
Edward, s. „f Kduard and Hannah, .liilV 21, 1718. 
Molly, d. cd' Edward and Hannah, Nov. i;;, 17.50. 
Ke/ia, d. (d-Kdward and llanindi, ,)aii. I I, 1752. 
I.ydia. d. .dMatnes and I.ydia, April 30, 1755. 
.Sidnimm, s. of Edward and Hannah, March 20, 1755. 
James, s. of. lames and I.ydia, .May 7, 1757. 
A/. I, s. of .lames ami Eviiia, l''el). 2fi, 17(;o. 
Ji-,,., .. „| IMvvard and' Sarah, April 23, 1770. 
Joiiallian, .m. oT lOdward and Sarah, March 21, 1772. 

nrroostfl \'.:v.Ti\oii 

J ;'?■•'.'/ T 

■:, „!i 




. .'. ii- 



TWTST, ru„n„wA. 

Snrali, il. of Kihv;inl iind Sanili, Apiil 4, 1771. ' 
!\lMrv. il III' Kilu-anl ami Sanili, Ailg. ;!1, 177G. '' 
NiitlKiii, .s. uf Levi and Sanih, Aii^'. 22, 1828. 

{ I'VLKi:. 

' MiiM's. ^. ,,1 .Mci-os anil Kleanor, Supt. 12, 17r,7. 

.TunallKiii, -. nr.Miiscs and KIcanor, .Juno M, 17(10. 

Sarah, il. nf JInsu.s and Kli'aniir, An-. 3, 17112. 

Kliannr, d. or Mosi...s ,ind Eleanor, AuK. 7, 17(11. 
i Ilannali, d. of Mom'S and KIcaiior, .Ian. 18, 17(;U. 

P.cnjaniin, .s. of Moses and Anna, May 1, 1771. 
j Jonas, .s. of Moses and Anna, May 31, 177;l. 

.lolin, s. of Mo-es and Anna, Api il 4, 177.'-,. 
\ .Tolin, s. of .Moses and .Vuiia, .\pril 4, 1777. 

i .lon.atlian, s. of .lon.alhan and lilioda, Sept. 17, 1781. 

Tollv, d. of .Tonathan ami lilioda, ,lnlv i:i. 178:i. 
. .Sally, d. of .lonatlian and lilioda, Mareli 25, 1785. 
i Sn.sanna, d. of .lonathan and Klioda, April 21, 1790. 
I Albert A., s. of Mose.s A. and Sarali M.. Aii^c. 5, 1.843. 
• Marielte, d. of .Tames V. and Lonisa. Oct. K), 184G. 
' d. of Mo-es A. and Sarali M., Oet. 7, 1851. 

Cora Meirill, d. of Mose.s A. and Sarali A., May 14, 18.-.0. 

Mary Kli/.abelli, d. of Francis and Hannah, Dec. 3, 18(10. 


Kli/abelli.d. of Thomas and Klizab.-th, Dec. 7, 1741. 
Eli/abeih, d. of Thomas and Klizabetli, , 1744. 


\ Emma, d. of John and Sarah, Au^'. 28, 1849. 


Sarah Mehetabel, d. of Peter and Melictabel, Jnly G, 1845. 


Xamy Wait, d. of ■\Villiain and Nancy, June 15, 184G. 


Ann Lewi.s, d. of AVhitney and Catharine, Jnnc 2, 18:!7. 


Ann i:ii/.a, d. ofjohn Q. and Mary Ann, Nov. 10, 1855. 

s. of , John H. and Martha A., M.ay 23, 1853. 


.\biaih:ir, s. of.Tnhn and Hannah, May 10, 1700. 
.\biuMil, d. of .lohn and Abigail, Dec. 28, 1704. 
•• .lohn, s. of .lolin and Abigail, Juno 2G, 1705. 

'.in';Ii)T 'x-T f;;r(V»S;i 


. '•»( ,lfJiV,.</. tnu< .h\.,i ),, .;, ;;, . ,,, 

!'()() WOltUlfN UECOliD OF BIUTIIS. 

VINTON, coH/i,,,,,,;. 

llamuUi, .1. of .lolMi iiiid Al/i-ail, ^raicli 'J. 170S. 
J[ary, il. ol' John and Alii-ail, Ami;. IT., ITU'.i. 
MulaUali, s. ofjolui ami Al.i-ail, Oct. L-.l, 1711. 
.Ti)Soph, s. of.l.ilin anil Ahi-ail, .luly L'l, 1714. 
lic^lK'Ct^a, (1. olMolm and Alii-ail, March i:,, 171i:. 
licniiiniin, .s. olMclin anil Al.i-ail, .Innc 12, 17:'i). 
Saniucl.s. of Sannii-land Klizalu'Ui, Fob. 5, 1721. 
Jo.shua, .s. of Jolni and .\liii,'ail. Jan. .■), 1722. 
Kli/iilR-tli, d. of Sinnntd and Klizahcth, Di-o. 8, 1723. 
I'hubc, d. of John and Abl-ail, M.iv 24, 1724. 
David, .s. of Sainiiol and Klizahulli. Mairh 17. 17211. 
Marv P.. d. of John and Ku-H.a, Dor. 2:! lH2i;. 
Kusrha v., d. of John and KusrI.a, .Inly M, \SM). 
Charh- Kiluaid, >. of ,Iohn and ICn>i.b.i, SL-pt. 0, 1.SJ4. 

John Albert, s. of John and Hannah 1$., May r>, ISfi;. 
Kninia Elizabeth, d. of John and Hannah, .May 1, l.SfS. 
Ella Latlii-op, d. of John and Hannah, Jnly (i, 1,SJ2. 


Fnaloriek W^illiani, s. of James and Flizabrlh, April 1, 
Catharine Aliiiira, d. of .lanie.s and ICIizabeth, Dec. 27, 


Snsanna, d. of Simon and Elizabeth, May 18, 17411. 
Sarah, d. of Simon and Klizabelh, Au«. 10, 1750. 
Ehonozer, .s. of Kbenezer and I'liebe, Feb. 12, 17(1.-,. 
Nathaniel, s. of Kbenezer and I'hebc, April 8, KdC. 
lienjaniiu, s. of Kbenezer and I'hebe, Oct. 24, 17(;7. 
Saninel, s. of F.benezer and IClizabelh, Sept. 20, 1772. 
John, .s. of Kiienezei- and Elizabeth, Aprils, 1780. 
James, s of Kbenezer and Klizabeth, .May t), 1784. 
Nathaniel, .s. of Nathaniel and Hannah, April 1, 1797. 
Samnel, n. of Sanuiel and 11,-innah, Nov. :il), 17il7. 
Samuel, s. of Samuel and ll.innali, Nov. :)0, 17118. 
I'hebe, d. of Natlianiel and Hannah, .March 211, 17111>. 
15enjaniiu Franklin, s. ol' Natlianiel and Hannah, Anj,'. 
l.nkc, s. of Samuel and Hannali, Fel). 8, 1802. 
John,.s. of NaUianiei .and llanindi, .March ,'., 18(1:1. 
Thonn.s, ••<• (dNailianiel ar.d Hannah, .lulv HO, Iso.",. 
,Mary Klizabelh. d of .l.anies and .Mary, .S'ov. ID, 1,S07. 
Jani'e.s, .s. of .lames and Mary, Ajiril 2, bso.S. 
William, s. of .lames and .Mary, Feb. 21, 1800 
Kbenezer, .s. of Nathaniel and Hannah, April 14,!. 
Oliver, s. of James and Marv, Oct. 28, l.slli. 
Amo.s, .s. of Nathaniel and llannah, April :!o, 1K17. 
[.Mary] Elir.abeth. d. of Xalhaniel and .Marv, April 111, 
Helen, d. of Ik-njanun F. anil Sereiui, Sept. 12, I.s2i;. 
Charles, s. of N.ilhaniel and Marv, Oct. V.\ 18.'7. 
Andrew Jackson, s. «( Nalhanicd and iM.ary, \h-r. 2."., 1.- 

Job, s. of Henj: F. .and Seren.a, April l:i, IS21I. 

Alimzo, s. uf Nalli.anlel .and .M.ary, Di'c. 2S, Is.lo. 
.Martin Van Unrcn, s. of .\alhaniel and .Mary, Feb. 11, 1 

iirujir -i'j ^.urnn <'.s ''la'w 

'i:-,l -. viil/ , a 111" 


;ill 1X11 „,|..' 1o ,<,,lvj<(!A ..i!i (. 

,lM'i!'::(l.'l Inn, 


WADE, cuHiii,i„a. 

Jo.-cph, s. <>r lirMJiniiiii V. and Sererm, Dec. !), 1837. 
Sanili IJU'ii, (L <ir ( ^\\\vv anil Kleanor, Jan. 31, ISaS. 
Wan-cii. s. olWatlianii'l ami iMarv, Dfc. 3. 1841. 
OlivLT .Morton, .s. of (>livi;i- anil KIcanor, April lit, 1S43. 
.\ii-elinc, (1. oriicnjaiiiin V. and Soiviia, Suiit. 3, ia41. 

d. of , .lulv 12, IHU;. 

Natliaiik'l, s. of NallianidaiKl .Mary, May 24, 1847. 

William Ilfnry, .'<. of Oliver and Hloanor, .luly 22, 1847. 

WalUr Koulo, s. of Oliver and Kleanor, Ocl. 18, 1M8. 

Kli/.abetli Amelia, d. of Amlrew ,1. and Callmrine, .Sepl. Ill, 1851 

S.irena .Ai-.ibella, d. of .loh and Aralxdla, Sept. 20, 18."j1. 

CV.Wiu d. of.Toband Arabella, An?,'. 2'.), 1S.53. 

Cliarle.s I)e.\ter, s. of Cliarle.s and Aliniru A., Jidy 3, 18j|. 

.Job and Aribi/lla. April 18, 1855. 

d. of .lol. anil AialMlla, Feb. G, 1858. 

.s or nniiamhi I', and .Sarah, Ucc. C, 18.19. 

Harrv W., ^. ,.iri,:irl. ~ aii.l Almira, June, 19, ISfiS. 
i\larv Alice, il. ..1 Wan-en and Anjia J., Dec. 5, ISliO. 
William Walter, .s. of Oliver .M. and .Ma-gie, .March 1(1, 1870. 


Kliza, d. of Isniah and Eliza, An-. 18, 1844. 

Herbert Franklin, s. of Kben I!, and Eliza A., Oct. If., 1870. 

\VAKi:i OIM). 

KobVrl .lai'nrs, s'. of KobVrt ami Mary, Jan. ;:, 1870.' 
AVALCII (see Wklcii). 


Kdwaril, .s. of Ranuiel, Oct. 12. 1GC3. 
.lolui, ,s. of Samm-I, Jnlv 2, li;(l5. 

ISanUH-1. s. or.Sanmel, Jan. 2."., ICi;?. 
Tiniotliv, s. of. Samuel, June H), 1(172. 
Israel, s. of Lsrael, Sept. 20, 1C72. 
lienjamin, .s. of John, Jan. 25, 1074. 
Snsanna, d. of Israel. JIarch 1, 1C74. 
I Mary, d. of John, Dee. 27, 1G75. 

' Phebe, d. of Israel, March II, 1(170. 

t Isaac, s. of .Samuel, Nov. 1, 1077. 

I John, s. of .John, Dec. 27, 1G77. 

I llenrv, s. of Israel, Feb. 1, 1070. 

J Kz(d;iel, s. of .Samnel, March 5, 1079. 

Hannah, d. of Isr.ael, April 20, 
I Nath.aniel, s. of Israel, Aprd If., 1082. 

Israel, s. of Israel, Jnlv 20, 1084. 
I • Hanmili, d. of Israel, Sept. 24, 1080. 

Abi-ail. (1. of Israel aM<l Snsanna, Sept. 20, IGS8. 
; Sar.ah, d. of Siuinnl, ,lr., (let. 1."., lOsO. 

I •■ Jiniilh, d. of Sanmel', Jr., '.March 10, 101)1. 



• «i<i;u;i 'xo uiiomm v^n laov/ 

'I ...!.i .1' :..,l.i-i 

.licuaju/ 7/ 


.iriii 1/1.7/ 

2(),s woni'KN RECoun OK mirnis. 

WAI.IvElt, coiUinued. 

liiitli, (I. orJolm ami liiitli, Dec. 4, KIDl'. 
.\l)ii,'!iil, it. ol'Saniml iiiul Jii.lith, Oct. 30, I('.02. 
Haiiiiicl. s. of Samuel aiul .Tiiilitli, Si-pt. :). ll.Oi. 
K.h\nnl, ^, ulMnlm and Until. Oct. 7, lllllt. 
li.lliiiih. .1 of .lohii ami llutliiali, Nov. 1, l<):i7. 
Iliuinaii, (I of S.uniK'i and Jnditli, July -'+, lUi'S. 
ileiiiaiiiMi, s. of John and l!(.'tldali, Jiiiv 7, IWiO. 
Tim'otliv, s. of Timolliv ami Hli/.abilli, Jan. J, 1700. 
Jolni, s. of Sammd and' Jnilitli. Jan. 11. 1700. 
Klizali. til. (I of Tinuuhy and Elizabeth, Jniiu 0, 1701. 
Ili'iiry. .s. of lli'iirv and liutli, .-Vn';-. l.T, 1701. 
John, s olSamml and Judith. An;;. 11), 1701. 

Mary, <l ol' S id and Judith, Oit. 12, 17o2. 

Misanmi. d. of llmry and linlli, Supt. IS, 170:i. 
.\i.i;;ail. d. of 'I'lmolliv ami KlizaliL-lli. An- -Jl, 170;!. 
Josiah. s. of IKuiy and Kulh, Mav 11, 1 7(C, 
Ald-ad, d. of Naa'c and .Mai-;,'cTy, July L':!. 170.".. 
Tiinolhy, .s. of Sanund and Judith. July L'7, 17o:,. 
Sai-ali, d. (d'Timothy and Klizahctli, Oct. U, 1705. 
Isaac, s. of Isaac luid Mar-crv, July 12, 1707. 
Nalluiniol, .s. of N.ilhani. I and Krlu'cca, .Sept. 23, 1707. 
riii-bf, d. of Siimm I and Judith, Sc|>t. 7, 17o7. 
Kcujandu, s. of Kallianu'l ami liubcccii, AHg. 4, 17011. 
iM.'irl, s. of llciii-y and liutli, Nov. (i, 170;). 
Kzrkirl, s. of Naac and .Mai-ci-y, Mav 2U, 1701). 
'I'inn.tliy, s. of Isaac and .\lai-cry, March 17, 1711. 
Susann.-i, d. of llcniy and Kuth, April 4, 1712. 
Aniic, d. of Isaac and Mar^'cry, JIarcli Ifi 1713. 
William, s. of Isiiac ami ^ilar-cry, May 31, 171,-,. 
Kli/ahitli, d. id' Isaac ami Mar^'cry, Jan. I, 171H. 
Hannah, d. of Saunirl and Ilanuali, Sept. 22, 171.S. 
lulward, s. of Edvyard ami Kstlicr, March ;l, 171'.). 
S.imucl, s. of Samuel and llaiimih. May ::, 1720. 
M.ary, d. of f.duard and Mary, .\prll 0,' 1720 
M.-nv, il. of Naac and .Mamery, May 21), 1720. 
r.sllier, d of Kdward ;nid Esther, Jan. !l, 1721. 
James, f.. of Samuel and Hannah, .April 17. 1722. 
John. s. of .and Esther, O. t. ,"., 1722. 
Elizabeth, il. .dll.nry and Mary, Dec. 21, 1722. 
Samuel, s. of Naac and Margery, An;;. 10, 1723. 
Abi;;ail,(l. of S.ininel and Hannah, An-. 31, 1724. 
Abi-ail, d. of E.lward .ind Istlier, Aui,', 17, 1721. 
Henry, s. of Henry iinil .Mary, Jan. 17, 172,-). 
Mary", i1. of lieidamiu and Orace, Oct. 4. 172,-... 
Jonathan, s. of Samuel ami Hanmdi, la. 1720. 
Mary, d. of Edward ami Esther, Oct. 21). 172(1 
E.lizah.uh, d. of Henjamin and Grace, March 17, 172rt., s. of Sammd and Hannah, M.irch -, 172.S. 
.loshu.a, s, (d' Edward ami Esther, Oct, a, I72,s. 
Josiah, s, of Edward .and Esther. Nov. 1:;. 1730. 
J..-.e|,h, s. .d- isaa.' ami Sarah, April I, i;,;2 
S,'ir.ih, d. of f'./.eUicI and Sarah, Nov. 20, I7:;2. 
Knlh, d. of i:dwMnl and flslln.r, .bin. 2i; 17:;3. 
I', h-r, s, ,,[■ !■;/,, -ki.'! and Sarali, March 11), 1734. 
bnfli, d. ol iMhvard and fMher, Sept. '.'O, 17:10. 


AVALKF.H, cnuthnn.l. 

CMll.uhio a. ,.!• K-/..'kid and Sar.h, MarcU 18 ITIli,. 
.■'/•\ cil, a or K/.'kirl and S;inil., F-b. 17, l,.3b. 
iviur s of \'.y.< l<i''l anil Sanih, Nov. l.">, l'^j'''-_ 

V>ilicVrd'.''ol'.'lo-llua a', li ilannal,. ln:l'). l-^i, 'Ji"-,„ 
.•I / du'lli d ol- ,l.> and llaunah, April -'j. I'^'J- 
M ,' ■ cl ,',!■. lo^hui and Marv, Doc. 31, 17.10. 
') 'sliii'i ^, i>l' lo^liiia antl Marv, Nov. --'4, 

;,,,;i,i;;s.'ni-,ioMaiwMKOiary,i)cc.^^i:', i^yj.'.^ 

t|'?i'r\r\ll''.lo'sia'li''and '^lal'■v, March iri, 1757. 
m'i,V' d olMoshiia and Ma.v, Di'C. y, l".''!^- , 
1 ■,;, 'i lo'ir, and Marv, March 17, 1750. 
KMh r d ni'.lo-nh and Marv, .l;ui. 17, 1701. 
V„,,„ s ,;i.l,,-l,naauaMarv,l'Vl). 7, Hd-'. 
Thiio'thv " ur.lo.-,hua and Mary, May K, 11(14. 
,,„is, d. ot Jo.siah and Mary, .Tan 2:1, ITllS. 
Samuel s of.ln>liiKi and Mary, Jnly l.i. lifiG. 
d!;: Kl,^: of ^os:al, an,l Mary, A,.ril 13, nn;). 
lii.litli d ulMushna and Mary, .Tail. U), l(l>J. 
• ',|,,t.|,„l,MaandMarv,Marchin, 1771. 

I , ' V ,'l ul- loM di and Mary, May '27, 1773. 
M • • Mn - -^ of Fdward and Abi-ail. Dec. 4, 1780. 
^ ; ".' s of Fdward, .Jr., and ADiK^il, Fob. 13, 1783. 

■ r.'h s ol JoViali and Sarah, Feb. a, 1784. 
,,;;,, Vol' .lolin and l.ncv, April 2, 1781. 
'm ,,-v' d ol Sanin, 1 and Marv, (let. 2(1, 1785. 
\l' ..ail '.1 or I'.dward and Abi;!ail, Sept. 2, 178o. 
lohn' s' of .lohn and I-ucy, March 2G, 1787. 
' ;.,^ , IS n uel an.l M..ry, Oct. Ill, 178S 
s'lrih d ol .Io>ial,,'.lr., and Sarah, Feb. 13, 17U1. 
i.'.a'y.'d.'of John and Lucy Sept. fl. l'•'i■ 
l,.nllv d ofSanincl and Mary, Apnl3, li'Jl. 
sa mu'l s of Sannud and Maty, Feb. 13, 1793. 
;,.;,„,s,V.of,IohnandI.ncy, AU-. n;, ll'M 

...ordi d ol Sainnel and .Mary, Feb. 12, l,!)o. 
yr niHlu, .. ol S.unu. 1 and Mary, April '^O. ^97 
1 .,,„... 11 s of, I lines U. and Miiry Ann, Dec. 2.i, Ib4i. 
M ■ V, ,ni ; James 11. and Mary A., July 21, 1849. 

Vr 1 1- M V ll o Cliarles A. and Mary A., Nov. 29, 1849. 

; l . N i, .. or i:ob,.rt and Clara, Doc. 27, 1850 
■a n i. e LitU elleld, d. of Kobert W. and Cnthanne A., Jan. 11, 18o3. 
ran Kruices d. of James and Mary A., Aus. 1 , 18o4. 
oi , ,1, vd-,i,ison s of liobert W. and Calharine, Aug. 5, ISA. 
r '',,^1 ' ' ward 's of .I'an'ies and Mary A., Feb. 5, 1S57. 
1 II (Vitinde' d ol ,lam.b II. and Mary A., May 2.., 18ijJ. 
Nellie Alice, d.'of James and Mary A., Dec. 13, 18i;5. 

—L's. of Frederick and Josephine, Sept. 11, 18Gn. 
Josephine, d. of Frederick and Josepluue, Dec. 20, 18G.). 

Hfi'iM io osio-jxa -';: inov 

2(0 WOUUUN lilXOlM) OV lilKTIlS. 


.loliii, s. of William W. aud Cnthiiriue, April 1, 1852. 
iMaiv !•;., .1. oCTIioinas and Maiy II., Nov. 21, 185.;. 
.loliu H hvar.l, s.'of .lolui ami .Sarah F., May -Jo, 18(17. 
.1. of.loliii and iSai-ah F., Due. ,S, IbTU. 

WALSH (.SOL' Wki.cii). 


.--alniiio, d. or William and .lomiina, Aii-. L>L', is In. 
Kmiiv S., d. (il lldiiu'c and Maiv II., Si'|it. — . ISll. 
William I)., s. id' Wdllani and .Inuiiua, .liinc L's, l,s|:l. 
Kllrn i;ii/.alK'lli, d. oC .Salem T. ami Mary A., .lulv T2, LSI'.) 
William Il.iia™, s. u( Horace and .MarvA., Aprii H, I.s55. 

d. ol William li. aud Julia. Die. 18, 1857. 

.lanu- lloiuv, s. ol' Bernard and K I i /.a belli, .Jan. 17, 185il. 
Anna Au.-n.-la, d. of William and hilia A., .Ian. 2(1, 1N(!0. 
Kobi'il, .\ndersun, s. ol' (itiincy )!. and I.s.aljulla, Jlay 3, ISlJl. 
Winliuld .Seott. .s. oflinincy |{. and ls:d)(-dla, IMav ^, 18(11. Francis, s. of lieniard ami Flizaliotli, .lul.v I, Isiil. 


Alibiu Grace, d. ofElialia S. and Aniauda M., Nov. 8, 1872. 


d. ornilman and , Sept. 8, 1850. 

.lohn Alfred, s. of John and t'ailiariiie, Jidy 18, 18(13. 


Ida May, d. of Owen and Jane, March 20, 1858. 

L'aUiarine T., d. of I'aschal M. and Harriet M., June 30, 1859. 

(jeorge Hill, s. of Paschal M. aud Priscilla, June — , 1870. 


.Tohn, s. of John, May 2(1, li;84. 
Sarah, d. of Jidm, March 18, 1C8C. 


Hannah IJuth, d. of I'eter and Sophia, Oct. C, 1834. 
William I'eter, s. of Peter and Sophia, July 22, 183fi. 
Ann .Maria, d. of I'eter and Sophia, March 1, 1815. 
William Ku-ene, .s. of William 1). and Abby, June I'J, 184(i. 
Mary K , d. of William 1). aud Abi^'ail, Sept. VJ, 1818. 
Charles, s. of William D. and Abhy, Oct. 1, 1851. 
Herbert Allen, William and .\lmira, July 20, 180o. 
Kniily I.., d. of lienjamin K. and Margaret, Feb. 13, 18fil. 


Mary, d. of Samuel and Mary, Oct. 19, IG75. 
Sarah, d. of Samuel and Mary, Juno 15, 1077, 
Daniel, ,s. of Samuel, N'ov. 30, l(i79. 
Samuel, .s. of Samuel, Nov. C, 1081. 
Abij^ail, d. of Samuel, Nov. 29, IC83. 
Johu, H. of Samuel, Sept. 23, 1085. 

ii'!ii/[ 1.. ui.O'Kf:! /" i.iO'w 


) ,OH7.ff 


Ml..'..-lo ./ ,l<rAl/-. 

rr ' • in/.Y/ 


U'ATJ'MJS, cotitiniKil. 

Kplir:iini, s. of Saimicl and Mary, Oct. 12, li 
.lolni, s. oCSiiiiuiel niul .Mai-y, Doc. 11, l(i89. 
\, s. of Samuel ami Mary, Oct. 10, 1 

.l.i>iali! s. I) 
.loaiiiKi, d. < 

r Sam 

1 ai 
ud 1 
jii ,a 

d M.'ir 
11.1 Ma 

■' Si'iit. 1 


), li;'J4. 

iM, ii;'.)i;. 
10, i7i:i. 

Aliii^ail, d. 

.( i:|.i.i 

and J 

a.a,., Apr 

1 11, inc. 

Maiv, d. <.|- 
Klla, d. or 

lanirl ; 



anc, . 

jiiiv ao, 

prifs, 1^ 




Man- IsaliL' 

la, d. 1 


iiiLd ai 

d Jaiic, . 

W1-. 25, 1870. 





(1. ( 


and Hop 

y, May 10, 1842. 
p^y, May 10, 18-12. 

1.: , 1 

■ , .1 

IM.', d 

d J 
1. o 


mi llcpsv 
1 and lie. 

C, Jan. 31, ISl.'"!. 
>^V C, Jau 4, 1848. 
1 Eli/a II., June 28, 1855. 

l~al,('lia. d. 

nl' Sai 


I. aiic 

' Isabell; 

, Ijorn ill Maiicliester, N. I 


Mar-arct, d. of Sarancl and Mary, Dec. 31, 17i3. 
Sainiicd, s. of Samuel and Mary, Sept. 5, 1725. 
Saiiuicd, .s. of Samuel and Mary, Oct. 5, 172G. 
.Mary, d. of Sainnel and Maiy, July 27, 1728. 
Su.sanna, d. of Samuel and Susanna, Oct. 24, 1757. 
.I.ine, d. of Samuel and Susanna, April 29, 1700. 
Kli/.alielli, d. of Samuel and Susanna, Oct. 1), 1702. 
.Mary, d. of Sanuiel and Susanna, Nov. 12, 1705. 
Sar.ili. d. of Samuel and Susanna, April 2'J, 1708. 
Xallianiel, s. of Nathaniel and Patience, Nov. 15, 1772. 


Sarali Klizabetli, d. of Micliael and Elizabeth, July 24, 1851. 


.Mary .lane, d. of Gcorffe and Ellen, Sept. 20, 1802. 
Thomas Josepli, s. of George and Ellen, June 15, 1804. 
Eliza'ieth A:;iies, d. of George and Ellen, April 2 >, 1800. 
I'eler Lewis, s. of George and Ellen, Aug. 18, 1808. 
Margaret, d. of George and Ellen, July 15, 1870. 
(ieoige, t). of George and Ellen, July 1, 1872. 


Jothaiii, s. of Nathaniel and Amy, May I, 1751. 
Eli/.abelh, d. of Nathaniel and Amy, Oct. 22, 1752. 
Sarali, d. of Nathaniel and Amy, Sept. 0, 175 + . 
Miehac 1, s. of Natlianiel and Amy, Jan. 12, 1757. 


Willi.nii Herbert, .s. of Wllllain W. and Julia A., Aug. 10, 1854 
Mary l.ll/.abelli, d. of Miidl.soii and Mary I,., Oct. 3U, IH.",!. 
Li/v.le Ann Stevens, d. of Madison S. and Mary L., Seiit. 10, 

• ITHlfT UC < iiiXrxa /.1U;I0V/ 


. ' HHj , I ( .J'I'jK 

.a// .iVAv/^ 


WK15STKK, ,:u,diaued. 

Kva Jiui.-, .1. (.r Madison S. aiul Mni-y I,., Sept. 3, 1S58. 
lMX->lerick .Swan, s. of Darnel and llai.nali, Oct. 8, 1S.5S. 

s. oC Cliai-les IC. and , .May 27, ISUO. 

Frederick Kn-eiie, s. of Oliver F. and Ilannali, Xov. L".), ISCr 
Kddie Madi.son, s. of Madison S. and Maiy S., A|)ril H, laOl. 

s. of ])aniel and Hannah, Oct. lU, liSiJT. 

JIabel Alice, d. of Clianncy and Nellie S., An-. 1, 1872. 


Flora Ann, d. of Andrew ,J. and Clie-tinia K K.. (let. fi Ik.",: 

-Mercy, d. of lOlka.iali and Mercy, An-. 27, 17.-,l 
.lona-, s. of Klkanali an,l M.'rcy, .Innc I, 1 ;.-,(; 

S.unurl, s. of iUkanali and Mercy, A'pril 111,' i'^MI. 

Kzra, s. of Klkanali and .Mercy, May 10, 17i;2. 

Kiudce, d. of Klkanali and Jlcrcv, An-. 4, 1707. 

Wiirreri Kinerald, s. of|,l. \V. and Florinda, .Ui-. 21, 1847. 

John K., s. of John A. and Serena K., ]Xc, 11, 1848.'" 

Lncy Florinda, d. of Joseph W . and Florinda, An-. 12, 184'J. 

s. of John A. and Cynthia, .Vu-. Al, 

Waller, s. of James and Aslalioii, liluy IC, 1,S.-,1. 

.Martin J, dm, s. of James and Mar-aret, March 3, ]Sf;0. 

James Charles, s. ,,f James and Jl,,ri;aret, Nov. L',^,, IsOO. 

Patrick, a. of .lame., ami .Mai-aret, April -, 18i;2. 

John, .s. of Michael and Maryaret, Dec. 27, 18U2 

Ann, (1. of John and Joanna, Nov. 1.",, 18(14. 

Timolliy, s. of Miclmel and .Mar-arel, Nov. 10, 1S04. 

Jeivniiah, s. .,f Di-niiis and Catharine, Feb. 2:1, 1805. 

Michael, s. of Dennis and Catharine, Nov. U, 180(1. 

.Iiihii, s. of ,lohn and .loaniia, Feb.'.), 1807. 

John, s. of John and Mary, March 28, 1807. 

^l;i'7 Ann, d. of James and Mary, Alay 23, 1807. 

'■' '■" ' s- <J'' t'l'iincis A. and Kouisa A., Xov. 13, 1808. 

Nancy Maria, d. of Michael and M: 


Catharine, d. of Dennis and Calharin,., 
James li.irtholomew, s. o< John and .Mary, Mar'cli"'''(J l 
Mary Kllcn, d. of David F. and Cathcrin.., July L'O 1871 
Kichard, s. of John and Cathaiine, .\ii,-. is, IS71. ' 

mis, s. of 1 


< and itrid 

of lieilinoii 

1 .'in 

1 Mar-arct 

a, d. of Mic 


and .\lar-, 

' Kllen, d. 

■ Jo 

11 and Joa 


Mary Kva, d of Ch-rles W. and JIary W., April 20 18V' 
John Tho,np,oii, .s. of ,lohii and l.ucv M., An- 2, l.s:.l,' 
■llaisy l.rc, d.of Charles W. 


,11,..' ;■. .' I 

wouuiiN iiECOUD or nrkTiis. 273 


FiMiiUliii Ilcii-y, s. of IIiMiry ami Julia A., Nov. 30, 1847. 
('h.-nlcs Madison, s. of Henry ami .liilia !{.. Feb. 21, 1850. 
.liilia .\ hail a, li. of Henry ami .hilia A., Kel). L'O, 185S. 


Lillian S , ,1. or Henry .1. ami Mary K., Se|.t. 22, 18i;a. 


I.ania, d. of William ami .Tuililli, Xov. 11, 1850. 


.Natlianiel, s. of Nathaniel and Hannah. Feb. 22, \-'.).\. 
Marshall, s. of Kpliraini, .Jr., ami Delia, April 7, 1822. 
Nathaniel lialehehler, .s. of Jacob and Lydia, Feb. 7, 1829. 
Newton, s. of Kphraini, Jr., ami Delia, Nov. 2U, 16M. 
.Instill i;., .s. of Henry and Clara, Sept. 25. 18-10. 
llemv Grant, s. of H -nrv and Chiloe, Au<i. 14, 1841. 
rriseilla, d of MarMiall and Nanev 0., An;;. I'J, 1845. 
Frances, d. of John and Louisa, .May IVI, 184i;. 
Charles Lewis, s. ,,f .lolin an, I Lcis 1'., Nov. 24, 1848. 
Danicd Chamberlain, s. ul Henry and Chihie, April 12, 1350. 
Ceor-e .Marshall, s. of Henry and Chiloe, June 22, 1852. 
Annie reiide.\ter, d. of Williaiu M. ami Abva N., July 17, 1854. 
Frederick T., s. of Daniel C. and Angle, Nov. IG, 18G1). 


John Leathe, s. of Simeon and Adeline, Se]it. 27, 1844. 
.•^iim on, s. of Simeon and Adeline, An-. 2i;, 184(1. 


-Mary .\nii, d. of Coleman and Catharine, May 5, 18G0. 
Michael, s. of Coleman and Catharine, April 2'J, 18(13. 
Ji.liii, s. of Coleman and Catharine, Nov. 7, 18u4 
Kdward, .s. of M'chael and Ann, Oct. 14, 18(17. 
Mar.i;arct, d. of Michael and Ami, Dec. 10, 1S70. 


lieniamin, s. of lienjaniin and I'atly, Nov. 2C., 171)5. 

lUy, Jan. (1, l/'.lU. 

and .Mary, June 27, 1847. 

1 ami Lydia, Nov. 18, 18(;0. 

o L. and Lydia L., Dec. 17, 18G2. 

„ Feb. lii, 18(13. 
Aii-elo Lafayette, s. of An-elo L. and Lydia C, March 2t, 18G5. 
Klla \Vdh,m;hbv, d. of Aimelo L. and Lydia C, Ccl. 28. 1MG7. 
FniiiU L., s. of An-elo and Kli/.abetli, Jnly 30, IMlil. 


Helen Sophrnnia, d. of Jacob and So|jhroiiia, July 22, ISVJ. 
Arthur Warren, .s. of Jacob C. and Celimla T., Uct. 3. 1805. 
.lacob F., .s. of Jacob C. and Celimla T., .M .rch 31, I81II). 
Jennir Kli/.a, d. of Jacob C. and Culiuda T., Dec. 13, 1870. 

1 I'atly, 

d. 1 

f 1 





• Kduin 






1 Lillian 



s', d'. 




• W 


Ill, s 


1 — ' 





d 1 


.'Mi-.Jiu -io uutjanu 'li'Jao'w 

./.AAJ wir 

;ljin >rni// 

274 woiuMix UKConi) of hirtiis. 

WIlITKCsee, nlso. WiGin). 

S;miuiu1 15:utlutt, s. of Samuel B. mid Sarali, .Jan. 14, 1827. 
\Villi;im IkMirv, s. oC Simniel li. mid H.-indi. Oft. L'C, 1.S2:). 
('Mlviii liiclianJMiii, s. i.r viimi.'l li. .iiid .Sanili, July 27, I«:i0, 
S;ir,-di Ulclianl-oii, ,1 of S:nni|.d I!, and .Sundi, S.'pl. H, 18:iS. 
■Maiv l'rii.'l..|,r. ,1 .,r William and Mary, May 2, IHU. 
Klvira (iracr, d. id' .l.»-l, .Ir., ami .Vduliiiu C, .June \'.), 1818. 
Clara Amelia, d oT Wiliiaui and iMary .S., An-. 22, 1818. 
Kdwai-d. s. of Sauiuel ('. ami Ann K., Feb. 'J. 181'J. 
.Vdelia I-ueiiida, il. of II.Miry IC. and Aldica, March 7, 18J1. 

s. uf lioburl and Mariiaret, Oct. 20, 18.-.1. 

Ma, d. of Ilcurv K. anil Aldica I,., An;;. SO, 18.W. 
Kll.a. d. of Cliarlc, F. .and .Ian.'. May 1, 18'.4. 
Viol:,, (1. of I'rialiali and Sarah F., ,rnne i:i, 18(11. 
Frank Kllsu.irlh. .^. of llcnrv K. and Aldh:a L., Jidy 21, 18fil 
Fred. I.cuis, .s. uf 11. niv K. and Aldica L., Feb. — , 1804. 
Alici' ,Iane, d. ot fliarl. - 1'. and lOli/.a .1., April 4, ISHfi. 
I.iwi-, Albert. ,s. of llrnrv K. luid Al.liea L., June 11, 18GG. 
Nellie licbcrca, d. of Cli irle^ F. and .lane, June 20, 18GS. 
Charles Henry, s. of lliiiry K. and Akliea L., April i:i, 1370. 


Gror-e Frauklin. s. of 
Klla Louise, d. of llirau 


s Sui'li 

,.,. ^ II 

f ilirain and 




17, 18.5 


■111 CiM. 

c, d. cji 

Hiram and U 




12, 1800 



.S. of 1 

lirani and Bet 


, .1 



1. of li 

ram and lietl 



.t. 8,' 




1. d. of 

Edwin and M 




18, 1371 



, s. of 


an.l Mary, Fe 

). 1 

7, 1 



, .s. of 


.1,.., and 



J, 1710. 


eth, d. 

)f Jose 

di and Kli/.ab 



rch .■! 



d. of ,J 

)sepli a 

ud Klizabeth, 


t. h 



d. of 


iml ICIi/.abi'tli 


i?- ' 

, 17aL 


s. of . 

Uil Fli/.abeth, 


. \> 

, 17:! 


an, s. 

)f .lose 

,h and F:ii/.ab, 






d. of ,1 

iscph i 

nd Mary, Feb 





h. d. ol 


I and Marv, Oct 




•a, d. o 

1 and Marv, J 






d. of - 

and .Marl 

— , 1 



lOllen Maria, d. of Joel iiud Esther M., An;;. IG, 184.T. 
Wallace M., .s. of Wallace .M. and Mary, Se|)t. 18, 181G. 
Arthur Eastman, s. of Joel and Esther M., July ij, 1347. 
Ellis, M. of Wallace and Mary, June 2, 1818. 
George Evans, s. of .loci and Esther M., Fcl). 9, 1819. 


.Joseph, H. of Thonias and Elizabeth, Ang. 14, 1G07. 
Joseph, .s. of .Joseph and Sarah, Nov. 17, 1705. 
Isaaic, s. of Joseph and Sarah, Feb. 4, 1710. 

:T:(ii-7 lO flilOO^K 




WIlITTI.AIOHi:, runlinunl. 

Sarali. il. (if ,In-c|iIi iiml S:iriili, Nov. 8, 1713. 
Zoljcdeo, .s. of I'oliitlali and Dcboiah, Oct. 30, 17.-)G. 
Caroline II.. il. of John and Louisa, July 31, 1812. 
.lohn AlfVfd, s. of John and Louisa, Aug. 2, IfilU. 


William .Villiiir, s. of Kiifus It. and Pauliuu A., .Sopt. 18, 18G8. 


Cliarlcs KnHl«rii')i, s. of Mos('.s and Sarah, May 15, 1847. 
Gi^iir-u nice, s. of Mo>cs aMd Sarah, .Sc-pt. 7, 1S17. 
(iuorKc Kdward, s. of Uror^u and Elizaliclh, March 2C, 185L. 
GuorijL' Au^i,'nstus, s. of Moses and Sarah, May IS, 18r<l. 


Kliza Ann, d. of AValter and Mary, April 13, 1850. 
(k-or-u Henry, s. of Walter and M.ary, Ang. 2, 1857. 

wroii r. 

r I 


Kllea .M 


-, April 30, 1845. 

, s. of Charles W. and Mary, Feb. 5, 184G. 
of Charles W. uud Mary, June 2, 1848. 


John Calvin, s. of Calvin and Almira 1'., Oct. 22, 1841. 
Franklin Kendall, s. of Calvin, Jr., and Alinira, Dec. 5, 18 
I.iike liouers, s. of Calvin and Alinira 1'., Feb. 'J, 1845. 
Miiia Florence, d. of Varniini and lietsey, Nov. U, 1805. 
Xina Florence, d. of Varnnin and Betsey, Nov. 14, 18GC. 


Alexander, s. of Alc.v;ander and Adeliuc, Jan. 17, 1850. 


Knierelta, d. of Ueubcn and Eliza, Fell. 8, 1855. 
Henry, s. of Kenhcn and Eliza, April 14, 1857. 
Ceorjie .V'bert, s. of Albert and Mary E., March 13, 18G5. 
Fred. I'ercy, .s. of Albert and M. E., Nov. 21, 18G8. 
Kdwina L., (I. of Edwin and Ellen, Aug. 29, ISGU. 


Daniaris, d. of Thomas, June 5, 1C8C. 
Stephen, s. of Stephen and IJelhlali, Sept. 8, IG'JS. 
licthiah, d. of Stephen and Uethiah, Sept. '.), 1701. 
Thonias, s. of Stephen and Uethiah, Nov. 21, 1705. 
Sanuicl, s. of Stephen and IJclluah, Jan. 13, 1708. 
Jonathan, k. ofsteiilien and Uethiah, .\pril 27, 1710. 
Daniaris, ,1. (jf Sleiihen and licthiidi, Sept. 10, 1713. 
Mary, d. of Stephen and HeUilah, March 18, 171(1. 
.lo^hna, .s. ..IMonathan and Martha, Mav 5, 1745. 

^ni;si.i TO tinrt-j „- ,'(!:j/row 

'■', ■'< ,.ii ;-;iiI.'ji;'I |iiT/) ,j( ,.,;, 

!'■ Iimi -.Hn'.'f V. V 

1 1. •,,._■■,• ,,',0 

-UliM// I 

I,'.'-!'. 1' ' : .'/» »...!,, .,ci ,f • , ■ , ,1,1 •// ^ 

'■■• r',I.,I, 

■ .-1 ! 


*■• ilu.t ,j;.\i:;.t ;,„j; -i 

27G woBL'iiN KKroKi) OF linniLs. 

AVILLIAUrs, roHthuinl. 

Kr:niciM;<), s. of I'lwu-U'S I!, aiul EIiz:i, N.iv. LV,, I,S18. 

N. i.l'Cli;irlfs mill Eliz.-i, t)cl. L'l', IfSlll. 

Jtiiry ICiuiiiii, (1. ol'liiibcrt iiiiil Kiuiii.i, April n, ISKI. 
Klizabftli, (1. oflinbort uml ICiiina, Jan. S, IS ;i. 
Jane Yard, il. of Thomas ami Mailha, Jiiiiu :.M, )H7i'. 


Sarali JIai'ia, il. ol' Laurence ami Susan, I-Vlj. Il', ls:,.j. 


.Teiiuic Alice, il. of Kdwanl K. ami Geor-ianiia K.. .Ian, 11, isi; 

Cliarles U illiaiii, s. nf C:iiailes 11. ami .Sarah, .\ 


tiamnel, .s. of .lolin, Dee. L^O, K.r>». 

Alii^ail, .1. of.f..liii, All-. S, M-Mi. 

Klii'.al)elli, (I. uf.ldliii, All-. i\, lCd». 

lieiijamiii, ,s. , f ,I,,|ni, Oct, 15, l(i70. 

llaiiiKili, d. of.Idlm, Mav 31, 1U72. 

.IdIiii, s. ol'.liilin, ,Iaii. ;!, 11173. 

llai.iiah, (1. of ,1. ,1,11, Dee. 2S, IU74. 

llamiali, d. of .loliii, March II, 1077. 

Susanna, d. of.lnhn, Mareli 11, 1U71I. 

IClizaljeth, d. of Saiiuul, Jan. L'8, l(i83. 

Mary, d. of Samuel, Ajiril In, 1G8.5 

Samuel, s. <if S.-nuucI and Kliznbeth, Feb. 2, lOS 

Hannah, d. ..f S.imuel ami lili/.abelli, liec'. L'l, 1 

Kebecca, d. of Saiiiu, 

1 ami Kli/abclli, July 5, 1 

Samuel, .s. ol Samm 

and Sarah, Jnlv L'2, iri'i). 

Sarah, d. of Samuel ; 

ml Sarah, July"l3, 17l'.'. 

Susanna, d. ol'Samu 

1 and Sarah, M,irch L'M, 17 

Kulh, d. of Samuel a 

kI S.irah, March L'l;, 17L"). 

Kebecca, d. ul S.uiim 

1 nud Sarah, .March l."., 17 

Kebecca, d. ,.f Saimu 

1 and Sarah, .July L'7, 17.11 

Samuel, s. of Samuel 

and Abi;;inl, March 2i;, 17 

Arehelails, s. of Sam 

el ami Abi;;ad, Auij. 11 1 

Abigail, d. of Samm 1 

and .\bi' ail .\o\ " l/ls, s. ol Sjlliucl 

md Abi-aii, .l,au. I;i| l7,-,i 

Kebecca, d. ,.l 1 lii],,| 

ly ami Kebecca, .Maich L', 

]';ilell .lanr, d. n|- W i| 

foil ami .Mirv Jaue, May 

iMarlha A., d. .,|\\il| 

•nuandMury J., March!' 

•J^'lia -iO fTi!0>aM 'li-AiOO't 

....-, J, l.ii fT 

^y ■■■■.:. .JllrrKV.'.'! 


I/. ,.ii/ 

.-,, '■;!;. I',, 

\voBUi!N UEConn or iurtiis. zii 

Wri.SOX, n„Uutu,;l. 

William Ileurv, s. of !■ ihvan' A. and Jan.' C .Inly 11, 1845. 

.Tames II., .•<. oni.)nic<: aiul K.kanor, .Inly,]:'., IS17. 

Goor-iaima Klcaiior, d. of lloi-arr ami i;i> an.n-, Oct. 30, It^lS. 

C'liiuics Olyiiii. s. i)f William aiil Al;iii"^, lioin in ]iL■r^vick^hil•e, Oct. 
Ifi, is.^,;i. 

Lncv Ann, cl. of Horace and K l.-.'n.or, Feb. 3, 18.^.3. 

liuniamui. s. of William .S. .irul A-ncs. .Inly 24, IHJO. 
( rsahclla, (1. of William S^ and Ai^n.s, D.'C. 20. ISOO. 

William, -s. IIoiM.r ,,,„| i;iran..i-, Nuv. 21, IsiU. 
' Marv Jane. <l. ..f Willi un ,ui 1 A-urs, Nov. is, LSd;). 

' Frank, ,x. of Kno.-l, and .^ar.ali, Maivli -."., ISHI!. 

' Marv Helen, il. of William A. and Mil. n S., .Inne 19, 18G7. 

Franci.s William, s. of Widiam A. and Helen ^., 1-eU. 2j, 
Cora. d. of Kn..eli ami .Sai-ali, May 2U, 1870. 
Clnuies, .«. of William A. unci EUen S., Nov. 2, 1871. 
of Tlionias antl Su.sau A., Dec. 8, 1872. 


Ileni-y, s. of Isaac T. and Diantlia, ,Jnne 14, IS.IS. 
Herbert Uatclilf, s. of Isaae T. and Dian'ha, Jnly 6, 1859. 


Inereas, s. of Edward, Dec. r,, 1011 

Hannah, d. of liir 

ea-, . 

.Sarah, d. of ,Iosr| 

F.dward, s. of Inei 

I' a-.. .1 

iMarv, d. of In. rr 

-, .Ma 

Abi^'ail, d. of .lo<, 

pi., .li 

.)ose|)h, s. of.Io-,. 

111, M 

Sandi, <1. oflneiv 

s, II.' 

.losiah. s. of ,lo>. 

Abi-ail, d. of 111. 1 

a-, .1 

IJebecca, d. of .!.> 

Hannah, d. of , 

.•|,li, 1 

Rebecca, d. of In. 


.raeob, s of In.n- 

,s, (1,- 

Anna, d. of .I..m.| 

Inereas, s. of Inei 

■:i~. [■' 

Timolliv, s. of .1.. 

.■ph a 

Martha; d. of.lo^. 

pi, an 

a. I.I Kebe 

•ea, K.di. 27, IfiSfi. 

nd Marlh 

I, .Ian 21, UWn. 

id .\Iarlh; 

, S.'pt. ;), 10118. 

n'd .Min'll, 

'. .Ian. IS, 17111. 

1 .Martha, 

,Ian. 211, 1701. 

aiul rrnd 

•nee, .hilv2S. 170.'-.. 

an.l I'rn.l 

•nee. S.^pl 21), 1707 

an.l M.'ij'l 

la, March 1.'., 17U8. 

.1 .M irv, 1 

eb. 2:!, 1711 1. 

1.1 Martha 

Feb. 11, 1710. 

■hwnun '.lo ii){.o:^>( y.3,jr 

•Bi:. ,3 Villi, .,,A'„i;i<l l;,u .•'■■.(.,,, 

:.'■> -wonuHN nECOKi) of iuijt/is. 

\V1>'X, condnucd. 

llai\iiali, il. of Jacob ami J'riKlonce, Marcli 1, ]7l 1. 
Mary, il. of Idcilms and Maiy, July .i, 17i 1. 
Iiicreas, s. of .laeob aiicri'ruiluiKL', Jan. L'l, 1717. 
Eli/.al)etli, ll. of 'I'iiimlliy iiipl l,liz:\li.lli, Srpt. I, 1711 
Jn>liria, .s. of Jacnl, .•iml'l'i u^lnu ,■, .\|„il II, 17111. 

.Vl)i;:ail, d. of Ja,-,.l, and t'r'u',l, n.r.'.laii. 25,' 17^;.'' 
Tieiijaniin, .s. of Jo-., pi. aiul Kli/al.ftli, Mvx. il, Kl'I'.. 
Klizabtth, il. of .fo.seiili ami Klizal.t'tli. Au-. lu, 17l!S 
Mary, <1. of .Saiiiii. 1 and .Sarah, Oct. ;;0, J7L's 
Jiuth, il. of Tiinutliv ami Jane, Aiii;. i;, 17;iL>. 
Jo.-i'iili, s. of 'I'imotlty and .faiu-, .Inly ;.', I7.1I. 

Jcrn.^tia, d. ofTiinotliv aiul Jane. 'Vn-. 4, 17-10. 
Tiiiiotliy, s. ofTinioUiV aii.l .Mary, Due. L'l), 1710. 
Mary, d. of Timothy and JIary, .hini- 21, 171:1. 
.)acol), s. of Jaiol) .■Mid .Sarah. del. 20, 1741. 

.Sarah, d. of Jaculj aud .Sar.ali, 3. 1746'. 
Jo>h(i;i. .s. of .To.-hua and Mary, May 17, 1747. 
Hannah, d. of Increa.s and Oct. 31, 1747. 
Jeremiah', s. of Jo.slma and .Mary, April 2U, I74'J. 
Mully, d. <jf Jo.slma and M.uv, April 5. 1751. 
Jaeob, s. of Increa.s anil Kii/.il..i|,, ,|,ily 10, 1751. 
JI(dIy, d. oflncreas and Kli/ahn h, J,-,„. 31, 1751. 
Ja.nes. s. of Jn.shn.a and Mary, April 7, 1753. 
Jonallian, .s. of Joshua and :\laiv. Oel. IS. 1755.|)h, .-. of Jo e|ili and lirlly, Sepl. 21>, I7r,l. 
Tinmlhy, s of Jo.seph ami lielly, .\n-. 12, 17113. 
John, s. of Jo.seidi and Betty, Dec. 20, I :(i5. 
. , Abel, s. of Joseph ami IJetty, Dec H, 17i;7. 

Anna, d. of Iiicrea.s and Elizaln'th, Feb. n;, 17(;«. 
Belty, d. of and Jkdlv, March 15, 1770. 
Susanna, d. of Jo.scph and I'.eltv, Nov. 2, 1771. 
Mflietabel, il. ofHamnel and .Mi-hotabel, April 0, 177' 
K-zia, d. of David and Hannah, .Iiine 13, 1773. 
Timothy, .i. of Timulhv and .Mary. Sept'. 20, 177:-. 
Mary, d. of Jacob and Maiy, June 17, 1773. 
Samuel, s. of Samuel and Mi-lndabel, Mar<li 2(;, 1774 
Benjamiji, s. of Joseph and Jli'tty, Ajiril y, 1771. 


. iiiul Nuii; 
1 wifu l.-i,iM 

;iiM ■?•> ii:u> VMX /iiu.iow 


VVINX, continm^d. 
11:11. imli, (]. ofD;i 
.Marv, .1. of Tim. 
Sarah, il. of .lac. 
Sarah, .1. of Jnsf 

.I"ii!ilh:m. s. of Sa.i..i.'l aii.l M. 

irtalicl. II, 1770. 

I'li/.ahclh, .1. of Davi.l ami llai 

n;.l., Nov. 1 1 , 1777. 

r.iic-Mc/.cr liri.lir.', s. .,f ■ri,i..,il. 

V .ii.;i M:.rv, Nov. l:i, 1777. 

.lai'ol., s. of.Ia.a.l, aii.l Ma.v, K 

■h. ■Jil, 1777. 

Pniiifla. (1. of J.i.iil .I,.M|.i, ai 

1 H.'tty, .Ian 7, 1778. 

.Marv, (1 of Saimi.jl aijn M.lirl 

hi'l, .Iiim- 1,^,, 177y. 

.loiiathaii l!.)W<-rs s. .,f 'I'ii.iol 

.V and Ma.v, D.'C. C, 1780. 

.runi.-,ha, il. of I.i.Mil .l,.M-|ih a 

,i lii'tty, ,Ian. L'.",, 17«i). 

.I()lin,.s. of Sail. ml ai.ii M.'l.ct: 

,,■1. iM.iich 1.-., 17,SI. 

T..n-\', (1. of l.iciil. ,li.><i'|.h ai.d 

i.lty, .Ian. L'.', 17SL'. 

.I..siah..s. of Sa.i..iil ai.,1 M.'l.c 

li.el. Fell. L'7, 17.s:i. 

Cli.arl.ilt.', (1. of Sai....rl aii.l .M 

■Iicl.ibel, An^. ^7, 1781. 

Ollvr, .1. of.Ios.'i.l. a...l li.'ll,v, 

Dec, i;, 1781. 

William, s. ofTimothv aii.Uh 

rv. Feb. If, 1781. 

Polly, il. of Timothy ami ():ivo 

Nov. 7. 178.5. 

Hi'/.i.'kiah, s. of SamiU'l ami Mc 

.■labi 1 Mav 7, 17S(J. 

liiifiis, s. of Saii..iL-l an.l Mi-h.l, .7.. II.' 7, 17^8. 

Ahi-ail, (1. ofSaimiol ai..l \l.l. 

lal.rl. .May HI, 17'JI. 

liiilh, .1. of Aiu'la..,! Kiilh. Im' 

1. L'-!. I7:.i'.. 

lict-<.'V, (1. .)r Ab.'l ami Ki.tli, f 

■1) I-'-.', 17'.I8. 

lU-tsuv, ,1. of,lo.a-i..iali, .Ir., an 

1 liutsev, .Iiine (), 1708. 

M..S..M Vi-aiiKliii, .s. ,,f M.,sfS a 

.1 Sallv, March 5, 180i;. 

Mai'cia Ami, .1. of .l...ial l.aii li. 

a..d Nanrv C, Am;. L'.T, 18:ii;. 

Ali.'IThc.„l,.iv, s. ..f.||,l. ai 

d Alinira, (.)ct. 7, 18:17. 

CI. alius llowri>,s. of.l,)iiatliai 

li. ami C, Mav l.">, 18 

Ik'iirv A., >, of Alai.-M)i. ami 10 

izabrth, .March 'J'.), IsU. 

Otis Kcmlall, s. of Tiiiiolliv an 

1 .\bi-ail M., .1.111.^ 17, 1811. 

Ahnira Khzahrlh. ,1, of.losrpli 

and .Uinira, N'ov. 11, 18lf. 

Francis, s. of Alanson ami Kli/ 

:ibeth. A|iril 11. 18 HI. 

Frank Ureal, s. of M.i~es'F. .m 

1 Abi-ail. .In.ic 1-A, lst8. 

Dennis Hiicknnui, s. of Alans,,. 

and Kli/.abcth, Feb. L'l, 18f9 

Siisaii Jraria, il. of ■rin.oll.v ai 

1 .\ M., May 1. 1811). 

I.ora lincki.ian. d. of Ala.. -o,. 

i.d lCl./.:.h,..|li, N.)v. 4, 

AI)l)io Louisa, d. of (i,-.,ru. a.. 

1 M.ina 1'., .Tail. lU, 18,5C,. 

Mabel, il. of Otis K. ami A.lilie, Oct. 

s. of .lames II. ami ,Iulia A., Ni 

Jo.sephine Harriet, d. of William A. ; 


>rav 11. 1872. 


i:iizal)etli I'arkor, d. of Jolin and Nancy, Dec. l.'>, 1S:!0. 
.l.iliii, s. of .Jolin and Nancy, April 2;!, 1832. 
William Henry, s. of John and Nancy, Dec. 12, ISliO. 


.loshiia, s. of Kiiliraim ami Mehitaliel, Feb. a, 171.-.. 

.loel, s. of .Joel and l'l. .-be, Maidi 11, 17:i:i. 

Asai.h, H. of .loel ami I'li.l.e, March 2i;, nH:".. 

Thomas, s. of .Joe! ami I'hcI.e, .Ian. 10. i;ii;). 

Kliner Austin, s. of , Jonas A. and Mary E., April G, 18(u 

.air-'irfB %o aaoosn z^j' 

-'^1' Avonunx KKronn or hiktii.s. 

AVIXSIIIP, ronlinm.l. 

K.luar.l I,r>r,-ii/.o, n. of f.uniizo aii.l Susan, A|.ril 5, It^CT. aiul Mai-y, July ;!, \Si;7. 


Aljl.y Kraiirc-.s .\iistiii, .1. oC Saniiii'l C. aii,l Klla K., July 2, 18.-,fi. 

N. nrsainiu'l (1. and Klla K., Dcr. .-, LS'S. 

A!jl)a AiiMiii, ,1, oCSaiiiiirl (i. and i:ila K , Mav, 7, H^iit) 

a. „ISan,nrl (J. an, I i;ila i; , Drr. -7, l.-Ol. 

.1. crsan.url C an. I Klla Iv, Vrb. -, i^-c:,. 

.Mayl,n,|(.il,nan, s. olSinnirl (1. and Klla K 
Wilton, s. olSannndU. and Klla K , Jnly f<, 

14, ISDC. 

John, s. or John and KIlun, May i;, Iscu. 

s. of John aiiil Klhai. Mavi;, lsi;i;. 

Josi'ph, s. of John and Kllcn, ".May KS, 1871 


Josiah, s, 
Ky.lia, il. 

il, An-. :)l. li;87. 

Jo.srpli, s. of.IoMal, and Ahi.a.l, April L'n, Kil.C. 
SolMn,on,s. ,d Jo>,, hand Al.iuail, Jan. S.:. ]r.m. 

j;;hn'V;!r''iHia,r'' '''''''' '^''''ii ^^'''''■ 

Jo.-oidi, s. ofJo.siah and iinl'h, Di^c" ■J'.l, nVa. 
I'.dwai-d, s. ofJo-lah and Knih, K.d,. H, 1718. 
Until, d. of Jo.-iah and Knlli, I'rb. at, 17l'(J. 
Klizabetli, d. of Samnc! ami Klizabitli, June 18 17"0 
San ncl, .s. of Sanuud and Klizahidli, Jan. 1(1 17''-> 
Solomon, ,s. of Jo.siali and linlli. K,l). !.';!, )7s;L'. '"' 
.^Id-ail, d. of Sainn. I ami Kli/.abnh, Dec. 17, 17L':i 
Sn.anna, d. ofJosiahand liulh. .Ma, .-I, (1, 17-1. 
Sarah, d. ofSannnland, ,Maid, •;) 17"(1 
Ma'y, d. (dMo-iah and Knih, .Maul, -!,, it-,;' 
Jo.soph, ,s. of Samuel and V.Ur. II, . o.i. ;;o,I727. 

K-ther, (i. of'sannirl 

James, Si. ofSanH,.dand Kli/alad i,;' A|i 

Kslhei-, d. ofJohn and IvMli,.,-, May 0, 

,, April -j;:, 17 

1.^, 17 


K~lin r. An-. 2.:, 17 
imd K^ll„.r, S,.p,. l: 
IMhrr. May 2:», 17 

•Marlha, March 

I'sr ( ■•;<:• ufloorsn 

'A ,'j '{ii.'i. .M >(\ i> .;• i->ii(f!Bi? ^ 



SdIdiiioii iiiiil Mai'tlia, March 25, 17G1. 

S.)l on :ind Maitlia, Aiiir. -M, 17fi4. 

■C'u|it. Jolin iiiitl Uorcu-!, Dec. 2r<, 17G4. 


a, (1. olMaiiU'S and , Jnly 28, 1707. 


cl. of John and Dorcas, March 11, 17fi7. 


^, d. olMohn and Dorcas, March 5, 17(;9. 

. V. oiMdIoi and Doi'cas, May -J, 1771. 


,.n. .■,.' of Solomon and V.ucy, Nov. 2), 177i;. 


in., V. of.lohn and Dorcas, Sc|it. », 17,S7. 


niin. s. -rS\lvai.ns and Deborah, Oct. Ill, 1788. 


di, d. .ind llanind., .Iiine 10, 178S. 


, s. of Kduard and Sarah, .Vnir. 1'4, 17'J0. 


s. olMnlin an,l Hannah, Aprd 2.', 17'.)0. 


•d, s. of Kdwardand Sarah. Nov. 22, 1792. 


d. of Svlvaiins ami Drlior.di, .Jai\. 19, 1792. 


d. of.l.'.t.n ami Hannah, ,Jnly 13, 1702. 


, d. of.lohn and Hannah, -Sei.t. 30, 1794. 


HIS, s. of Svlvanns and Deborah, Jan. fi, 1795. 


, d. of .lolin .and ll.innali, ,Tnly 12, 179G. 


d. of.lohn and Hannah, AnL'. 10, 1798. 


, s. of Svlvann- and Deborah, Ang. 2, 1803. 


d. of I, lent. Sylvanns and Deborah, Nov. 20, IS 


C'atliarine, d. of Isaac and Cathaiine, Oct. 19, 


nin Kraidilln, s. of Benjamin and Mary, 2d, Sept. 20, 1813. 

I, Maria, d. of William ami Hannah, March 2(1, 1815. 

Jiehirdsi'n, d. of lieniaLnin and KuUi, Jan. 5, 1817. 

m IVar-on, s, of Wiliiam an<l Hannah, May 1, 1817. 

a, cl. of Svlvanns, Jr., ami .lerusha, Nov. 2, 1818. 

inn, s. ol"Henjandn ami Unlh, Jnne 27, 1820. 

■n II. nnv, s. of W' ami Hannah, March 29, 1822. 

(.mild, >. of lienjamin and Until, Jan, 12, 1823. 

Wiiirhel, s. of William and Hannah, April 1, 1824. 

s, s. of I'.eejamin ami Uiiili, An-. 2, 1825, 
Ih, Ocl. 12, 1.S27. 

., Jr., and Jeriishii, May 12, 1828. 
Jonas 11., s. of Jonas and Nancy, Jan. Ill, 1839. 
Mary, d. of Jonas and Nnm-y, Oct. 30, 1812. 

(iranviUe Newman, s. of James W. and Almira H , Dec. 28, 1844. 
Henrietta, d. of J(mas and Nancy, Feb, 21, ISIC. 

Kreinont, s. of James ami , ()<t, 27, 1H17. 

Harriet , lane, il. id' Abner G. and CaidliiK', ,\nK. 5, 1848. 
l''recnn)nt, s. (dMann',s W. and Almira, Nov. 18, 1850. 
Kninia Caroline, d. of Albert and Hannah 1'., Feb. IG, 1851. 
Annie, d. or Alvah S. and 10. An-nsta, Ocl. 13, 1851. 

■ d. Id' Stephen D. and , March 2, 1,S5I. 

CaHiarlne, d. oflhi-h and Kllen, ,luly 21, 1854. 

Henry lieecher, .s. of Charles F. and Sarah J., An^. 28, 1854. 

1!. njaniin Francis, s. of Albert and Harriet, Dec, 13 18.54, 

William Thomas, s. of Ihmli and Kllen, Oct. 15, 1855. 

Sn-an, d. of I In-h ami Ann, May 8, lsr,7, 

FiaiiK Kill-,, s, of Aimer (i. an. I ( •:u-..liii.' D., N.iv. 19, 1857. 

June C, 18(U). 

nrum -lo aiu^jsa -/.m :.!ov< 


WOOD, cnnliiuicd. 

s. of Cli.iilcs T. ami Sarah J., July SI, ISdO. 

Lvclia, d. of Albert ami llaniiali, March 4, 1802. 

-^ .1. of Cli:.rl.'s ami .lanu, Jan. Ki. 1«<;.-.. 

Leonard A., .s. of Alia rl and I'litdir I,., Nov. 0, ISC.:). 

IlaUii' .Maria, d. of William II. and Lydia SI., .I.dy 17, 1S70.* 


William liaymond, s. ofWilliam and Catliarlne, Feb. 17. l,S:i;). 
Cl.u-a liaUlsvln, d. of William and Calliarine S. T., Jan. li;. Kjil 
Willi im K., ■,. of Wdliam and (^ailiarlnc S. T , Oct. :iO, 1S47. 
Ida Klorinda. d. of lliilicrt (;. and .Mary li.. Nov. 1.",. lsl:i. 
Mary (Joulid^r. d. of Willi im and Callmrinr, S.'iii l,",. IS.'.U. 
Emily Orcdlo, d. of Hul.rrl G. and .Mary, 1'. h. L'l, ls,-,I. 


M.ilK'l, d. of .John and Surah, May :il, 1872. 

han K'. and Lncrctia, An^. 12, 1848. 
(. and Ln. ivii.i, Nov. l.S, 18.^1. 

and llanirl .1., Aui;. 2, IM.",:). 
ian K. and lau'rctia. March II, 1S55. 
!l Harriet J., Jan. 17, lK.-,7. 

Harriet J., Juno 5. lS:,:i. 
arriet J., June Ij, 18(12. 
id Hatriel, Jane 12, I8i;3. 


A-nes .losepliino, d. of Joseph and .\^'nes, Sept. 1, !sr,2. 


George liiaekidt, s. of (ieor^'c H. and Sarah .A., An-. 7, IHGS. 
Lney Amanda, d. of Geor-e H. and S.irah A., March 5, IS70. 


Hannah, il. of Daniel, M.iv 7, ID'.H. 

George J.oreii, .s. of William li. and Maridta, March 21), 1847. 

WJtAY (.sec, also, Hay). 

Calharlne, d. of John and Jane, born at ()uincy, Feb. 21), 18.-.S. 
i;h/.abelh, d. <,f Jidm and Jane, bmn al (^idm-v, Feb. 2U. Is.OS. 
Alexander, .s. n[ John ami Mary J., Mar<li2S, 18i;u. 


Knih, d. of John. April 2:!, liiH;. 
Deborah, d. of ,lohn, ,lan. 21, ICIll. 


Herbert Kitt 

idse, s. , 

(leor-e Jenn 

ridlip Lewis 

'.s. ofi'l, 

Lncrelia Wv 

nan.d. o 

Charlotte, (i. 

of Cli.irh 

Webster, s. < 

f Cliai-le> 

Annie, d. of 

•liarles ( 

Charles K., s 

of Charl 

<l!|i>03!l "Mj^IOV/ 

.o;i .0 . 

,(<f.^. I. )i. .; 

.(151/ V/-{<)»>V^ 

i(:;i. .7 vi.K ,!■.!■•!. i; ■..-. (. jiS'ui.W 
i; ,1! iiKiilaVf;. . ..r.'iw.i ,,;■■.■• .1 

: ,■„.■: - ''.III '|'I..;. ... .1. .il>'..!.t.\.-|.i 
{■Jill.'. WriM ijil(.(, 1.1 •'- ,i-l<liiix-jlA 


WOUUKN UECOKD OF liiimts. 281^ 

\Vi:UaiT, o„ntinii.d. 

Sanili, d. (if .lohii, Fob. 10, lC,.-,;5. 
Kli/a))etli, (I. or Joscpli, July 2, \WA. 
Josfpli, s. of .losoplj, M;ircli 14, 1067. 
Sanih, il. or .ro,s(|ili, Frb. 2.5, IDTO. 
Joliil, s. of .lns,.|,|,, Ort.L', 1072. 
.loaiina, <l. d .1o.m|.Ii, .April IH, 107.-). 
J;iiiLcs, M. ol' .I,,.s,.|,li, Marcli 10, 1077. 
■limolhv, .s. or .lo.^upli, A|Jril :i, 1071). 
SlcpliL-ii, .s. or,Ju><'pli, Jan. 22, 1081. 
Jacob, s. of Joseph, June 22, 1083. 
lititli, cl. or Josi-pl], Oct. 10, 108,-j. 
liciijamiii, s. c.r Jo.M'|ili and Klizabetli, March H, lOSS. 
Kli/.iibcth, (1. of Joseph ;niil KlizabcMi, Dec. 21), 1091. 
Sarah, il. ol' Josciih aud Kli/.aliclh, May 7, 1C!)0. 
Mousall, s. of Joscidi and Kli/.abelh, April 11, lO'JO. 
John, .s. of .lolin aud Lydia, July 11, 101):». 
Jo.scph, .s. or .lohn and l.ydia, Aug. 13, 1701. 
Jo.siah, s. of Jo.siah and Hutli, Dec. 2, 1701. 
Abigail, d. or .Tohn and Lyilia. Sept. 17, 1703. 
Tnnotl.v, .s. or Tiniothv and Hannah, Auf;. 22, 1703. 
Samuel, .s. (d' Jo>iah and liutli, Keb. 28, 1701. 
Eli/abeth. d. or James and IJizabeth, Au;;^. 20, 170J. 
linlh. d. <d- Jo.siah and Kulh, April 4, 1700. 
Joseph, s. ol' James and I'Uizalielh, April 10, 1707. 
John, .s. (d' Josiah and Uutli. July I, 1708. 
Haehel, d. of 'I'imothv and Hannah, — , 1708. 
'I'homas, s. of Janus ;ind i;!i/.al.eth, Dec. 12, 170'J. 
J.ceob, s. uf.l:ie..b ,ind Klizabeth, Jan. 1, 1710. 
Mary, d. of .I.isi.ih ami Kulh, ,I,an. 29, 1711. 
Mercv, d. of .bums and KH/.abelh, Oct. 7, 1711. 
Marlha. d. of Jacob and Kliz di, Hi, March 28, 1712. 
.\bij;di, s. of Josiah and Kulli, May 17, 1713. 
Hannah, d. .d' James and EU/aluU}, Dec. 10, 1713. 

or Jacob and Klizabelh, Feb. 4, 1714. 

Jienjandn, s. or Jacob and Klizabelh, Oct. 11, 1715. 
J(jsliui, s. or Josiah and Unlh, .May 9, 1710. 
NaUianhd, s. <.f .lanns .and Klizabelh, Dec. 17, 1710. 
Knlh, d. or .lai'ob and Kliz:d)eHi. Sept. 3, 1717. 
Abi^'ail, d. or Josiah and liuili. Dec. 7, 1718. 
I'hebe, d. of Josiah and HuHi, Jiilv 13, 1721. 
Sarah, d. of Kdwanl anid Sarah, ,jnne 17, 1721. 
Ktndiel, d. of Joseph .and K.icln 1, Feb. 8, 1731. 
l!uHi,d. of Jos.'ph and l.'nih, .hdy 23, 1732. 
I'alience, d. or Joseph and Knlh, Jan. 30, 1735. 
Jonathan, s. of Jacob ,ind Deborah, Anj;. 10, 1735. 
,b>hn, s. of .Tnlin and .M:irv, AlM'il ID, 1739. 
JonaUum, s. ,>f .loseph and liidh. May 17, 1739. 
Joshua, s. of .Joshua and Abi-ail, Jan. 8, 1740. 
Mary, d. of John and Marv, ,Jun. 29, 1741. 
Abi-ail, d. or Joseph and Ruth, Dec. 8, 1741. 
Judah, s. or John and Mary, M:'y 9, 1743. 
M.'uv, d. Id' Joseph .-10.1 Knlh. .Iiine 20, 1711. 

I'llleiiee, d. of Til as ami l'at!enee, .Iidv 30, 1715. 

.laiues, -.Ml.lohn ami .M.ary, Dee. 15, 1715. 
Nalhaiiiel, ,s. of NaHianlel and Marlha, March 1, 1740. 

ua;n'i TO ,j;,oja4 yn-Mi- 

rr .c- 
■ ,11 



WIMOIIT, n,i,l,;n„^,l. 

Ihimvili, il. 

il' ,],,|||| 

iiimI M:i 

V, March 11, 171 

S;i|-;ili, <l. of 


s iiimI 1': 

Uc'iK-c, .Inly l.s. 

Aaron, s. "l 


;in.l Km 

1. Keb' -Ji. 1746. 

lintli. (1. or 

.1 M;in-, 

.Innel'S, 17.-|0. 

Josinli, s. c, 

.Inhii : 

U.I M,ii\ 

, .June L'S. l-.aO. 

.liiini'^. s. f)t 


an.l Kii 

h, .Tilly 12, 17.-;i 

Tiinotliv, .M 

of Urn 

aiiiiii III! 

1 liiilli, Mav :i, 

.Ii'ssf, s. (>r 

I..I111 ;u 

a Mary, 

•Vn;;. 11, 17.-,;!. 

r.liz:il).'il., (1 

(il- !!.• 

jaiiiiii a 

1(1 Hiiili, S.'pi. :i 

Kli/!il.rtli, .1 

..r 'I'll 

r,li/.al"'lli. .Ian. 

TholllMS. s. 

>r 'I'liiH 

■IS aii.l 1 

.li/alicl 1], .Ian. 1 

H.M.jainin. s 

or !!,■ 

jainiil a 

,1 K'nil,. .\n-. 1 

I l.,a.i.>r, ,1 nr-n as .an. I 10 

I'IicIm'. il or.lMlui and rinli.', .Ililv W. 17111. 
11. nlali. il. .ir llnmias and Kllzabutli, Oi-t. 7, 17i;i. 
.liJiKithaii, .s. or ,I.>ijmliaii and liutli, Mar.-li .a, 1701;. 
Until, d. or.Ioiiatliaii .•L.d Until, Mav 17. 17i;7. 
•Mai-v, c1. or.Toliii ami I'li.-In., Keb. in, 17i;7. 
Jacob, .s. or .Tonathan ami lintli .April 7, HOO. 
.loliii, .s. or .bdiii and rii.b.', Marcli 10, 17i;i). 
TabiUia, d. or.I.ihn and I'ladiu, .Tinie 10, 1771. 
Lydia. d. or .Tcssu and I.vdia, Jan. 0, 1774. 
Jo.siali, s. of Josiali and r,vdia, Jan. 7, 1774. 
DL'borah, .1. or .lonallian and Kutb, Kub. IT., I77.'i. 
Kdinnii.l, .s. or Jonalliaii and Uiilli, Maicli -'7, 177.S. 
I.ydia, (1. or Josiali and Lvdia, .Supl. T>, I77,S. 
Jess.., s. or Ji-si- and l,v.)ia. May :'.0, I77',i 
Sainiifl. s. or J,.siali ami Lydia. Oct. 27, 17,><l). 
Kstlicr, d of Mr. Junatbaii .and Knih, .\n-. 12, 1781. 
I'ollv, d. or .Mr. .r.isiah an. I Mary. S.'pt. .'il I7t<2. 
Chai-les, s. or Josiali ami Murv, K.'b. -'-.. 17sl. 
Thomas, s. or Thoimis, Jr., an.l M.irv, ,lnn.' :in, 1781. 
Joliii. s. of Thomas an.l M irv, ]).i-. ]r., i;s.-,. 
I'oIIV, d. of Thomas an.l Maw. .Mav 7, ITs.s. 

licniainill Hoop. a-, s. ,,l I'll .is an.l M.u v, March -JW. 17! 

Kli/abflh, .1. of Thoimi-, Jr., an, I .M.uv, .Inm- :1, 17',i:i. 
r.ucrctia, d. of Jacob ^n.l l.ii, r.lia, .\l iv I'.i, 17'.i4. 
I.ncy, d. or Thomas, .Ir., and .Mar\ , .S. pt. i:, KII.",. 
.Abi-ail, il. of Th as ami M.iiv, 'l )c.-. ,-.. i;:i,-,. 

M.isiah ami .Si 

rclia, Mandi •_', Mar.di 27 

), ISIII. 

''.ib and l.i 


17, isiM. 

.or Jacob and 

l.nciclia. Oct. 

ii;. isiii;. 

Jacob and l.n 
■ycr. d. or J.ic 

lb am'lV.m'i. li 


1, .liily 8, 


1 ..r Ilani.d ai 

.\pril :M. I.sI.- 
.1 l.ncv, Jnlv I 

). i.slH. 

D.iiiicl and 1.1 
.lUy, s. of (.'ha 

cv .\., .\n-. I' 

1 s.-, 1 , 
■ri.-l .\., 


woiiUiiN iti:roi:i) of iinaiis. 


.Maiy 1!. 


I.ydia, .1 



Miiry .\iiiia. d 
I.jdia Aiuu'tl. 


nd Liicv. June :10, 178'J. 
id and Lucv, May 1!), 1700. 
and Liicv, Oct. ;iO, lTU(i. 
oi lienjaiiHi, and l.)dia,Dec. 2 
.■ind Maiv, Nov. 'J, 1H22. 
id .Maiv, .May l.S, IHL'I. 
Cc.uii. and iMai-y, Jan. 28, 1828 
lid Muiy, burn in ('anil 

JIarrv Ga 


. Dl' (In. 1-0 and Mary, July I.'?, 1838. 

•, d. (d- li.njaniin 1'. and Sarah ]5., Jan. n, 184(1. 

1. of ItLiiiainin F. and Surah 1!., July 31, 18-IU. 

n], s. ol tdnuii-. and Francos N., Aujr. I'J, 18.58. 

Michael and Mary, .May 21), 1851). 

dor, .s. of Alixaiidor and !\!ary A., Aii<;- '^i- 18(11. 

ni, s. 1.1 Kduiii F. and Aliby A., April 30, 18(10. 

r, .X. c.l' Kduin F. and Abba A., Jnno 28, 1867. 

. of Kdwin F. and Abbio A., June 27, 1870. 

, s. of Kdwin F. and Abbie A., July 9, 1871. 

Sanuiel, .s. nf John, Sept. 20, 1G4C. 
Jidiii s. of Jolin, .March 28, 1(M8. 
Surah, d. of John, April 15, 1050. 
Solomon, .N. of John, Feb. 2«, 1(.52. 
Jndilh, d. of Krancis, Sept. 29, 1(152. 
Daviil, s. of John, April 7, 1(151. 
Fli/.abeth, d. of John, Jan. 18, 1050. 
]ialh>heba, d. of John, Oct. 0, 1(158. 
.lonathan. s. of John, July i:i, KUil. 

Seth, .s. of John, An-.'"':;,' inilij. ''' 
Jo.seph, s. of Francis, Xov. 9, 10(13. 
Nalhanii 1, s. of Franei.N, Nov. 25, 10 
Saniiu 1. .-,. of Francis, Nov. 29, lOin 

John, .s. of John, . 

r., .Viiril -.3, n.72. 

lienjainin, s. of Ki 

iiici-, An^'. 25, 1071. 

ituvhi, s. of'llavi, 

, .Nlay 2;i, 1(;70. 

Stephen, s. of Fra 

ieis,'jniie 2, 1070. 

l.^uhel, d. of Davi 
Jndilh, d. of I'ran 

1 and Isabel, July 5, 1077. 
is, Jan. 15, 1079. 

Wdliam, s. c.f \Vi 

iaiii, .Ian. 18, lOs:!. 

J'rndeiuc, d. of W 

illiaiii. Dec. 20, 1083. 

Jaine-,, .. of ,/,„,, 

iie-,o servunl of Widow Wyiii 

in. An-. 5, 108.| 

William, .V ol Wi 

iam, ,lan. 15, 10S5. 

llabiiiah [llannali 

, d. of Joanuu, noyro servant 

o Fiiincis Wynian, 

Nov. 1, l(;s5. 


•AlBOrccorduJ Ibua. 

-';<-iM ■;,:, .!;;u!W.; .•: 

"i ■'^^■^^'■ ,i..M;,/i,r;,:: 



r// , 

'^ I Miff 

28G \\omiRN ni:roi:D oi- birti 

AVYMAN. continued. 

Soth, s. 

of Seth, Sept 

13, insf 

.Tol.n. s. 

or .)(.lui, J 
, -s. of Wil 
cl. of Till 



ii;, i(;s( 

y'a'ml 11 


H-.', An- 
il, .Inly 

'. 2?,, ir„S7 
7, KJ.SH. 

jMC.ib, •>, 

. of ,1a.-. lb 



s.'iil. i 1 

, ICS.S. 


(1. of S.'ll 


.1 il.'slbi 


)ri. L'j. 


M;iria, c 

. of .1..:. Ill 

1, 1 

v a 1 

t I.I Kra 

icis Wym 


, ,s. of .)..h 

1 a 



March -J 

.. KI.S'.i. 


h, <1. .,f W 


111 ami 1 


.■II.'.', ,Ii 

iv .'■,, u;h;i 


s. .)f ,Ia,-. 

Il : 

I.I Kli/.a 

1. I 

, fell. 7 


Siinili, 1 

. ol' S. Ih 
b. .1. .if J: 
, s. of Tn 




ami Kli 
y, Ainil 


1. 17, II 
lb.. Ian 

7, l(;:il. 


U. of ,bin: 


1, Jnn.' 1 

, 1 



s. of Wil 


ami rriKlcMici;, JuU 

10, loyi. 


s. Of .Tohii 



. J 

n. (;, u; 



s. of Will 


and I'm 


je, .T.'in. 

i, 11)93. 

|):iviil. s. ol' .Tac-cib 


1 i:ii/.iib. 


, i(;:i:i. 


ul, >. of X 


Mi.'l and 


ry, Mav 


1, s. i.f S. 

lb : 

ml II<>1 

10 r 

Nov. ;-, 



, ,1. Ill Sai 


ami llrl 


a, Nov. 

11, ii;:!.".. 


, s. i.f Til 

V ami II 


all, O.'t 

21, i(;:i:;. 

Mary, .1 

of Xallia 


ami Mai 


lav 2^, 



cl. ol ,Ioii 


n aii.l 11 

ih", Nov 

— , llJDt. 


tl. of Sinn 

iml K.'l. 


, F.b. . 

, ii;9."i. 


, U. of S.t 

1 a 

id fMli.' 

•, •' 

nil' :!0, 



S of '1 imi 


an.l Ilai 

1, Nov. 

, i(;95. 


il. of .1.1.-. 

1.1 Kli/.al 

.•1 1 

, Oct. 1 

i, ii;95. 


(1. i.r Nai 


.'1 ami J 


, Oct. r> 



s. of .l.illl 


1 llanna 


an. 8, 1 



s. of Wil 

an.l Pn 


ce, Jan 

10, 1G9G. 


il. of San 


nml liul 


I, Doc. 

10, ICUG. 

Mary, cl 

of Jonall 


ami llau 


, Jan. 2i;, 1GU7. 

liiiUi, d. of Nallianicl and Mary, April 17, 11)97. 
Thomas, b. of ■rii.nmis ami Mary, May 12, 1C97. 
Kunicc, il. of Tiiniitby anil Hannah, Keb. 21, 1G98. 
Elizabeth, il. of William and I'ni.lence, Feb. IG, 1G9S. 
Maw, d. of Jacob and Elizabeth, Jiilv 8, 1G98. 
Sarah, d. of Sanuiel and Kebccca, Feb. 2, li;99. 
Abigail, d. of Solh and Ile.sther, Feb. r,, KV.M). 
Ilannnh, d. of Nallianicl ami Mary, .\pril '.M, 1G99. 
Hebcceu, d. of .l.iliii ami Kelieca; (l.'t II, li;;i9. 

Samuel, h. o 

S.ii 1 a 

.1 Hi'b.'eea, Mar.'li Is. 

Josiah, s. of 

'fli.iinas a 

.1 Mary, .Mar.'b 18, 170 

Ann, d. of T 

imithy an. 

Hannah, .March 2(;, K 

John, .'s. of J 

icob ami ] 

lizabeth, Dec. 11, 17o0 

Elizabeth, d. 

.If Nalliai 

.1 anl Mary, Nov. 11, 

Elizabeth, d. 

..|- .lonalli 

11 and Hannah, Feb. l." 

Deliverance, .1. of William and I'rml.'iice, Feb. 28, 
Oliver, s. of Samuel ami K.'bccca, .a, 1701. 
I,.)ve, (1. of Si'lh ami lle.-^tber, Feb. II, 1702. 
'I'iniotby, s. <if ■|'llonla.'^ and Mary, March 1, 1702. 
I'hi'be, d. (if N.ilhaniel anil Mary, ,)nne 11, 1702. 
.In.lilli, d. Ill' I'iinothy and Huunali, .Iinie IG, 1702. 
Jolm, s. of Jiihu and Rebecca, Oct. 30, 1702. 

■'itT.ii;i -lu <hioOm:i zn'.lHt 


WYMAX, continvnl. 

A-Mws, s. or \Vi Ilium and Pnulcnce, March Ifi, 1702. 

l.ydia, tl. 



and Ki 

betca, Jan. 1 



of ,Iaci 

b and 1 

lizabelh, Apr 

1 2-1, 1703. 



r .iolm 

and Ih 

iimih, An;;. S 


Kli, s. of 


iiolhv : 

ml Hal 

mill, March 1 

, 17U4. 


iS N'alli 

inicl ai 

d .Mary, Apri 

14, 1704. 



of .bin 

lli:in a 

d Hannah, Si 

pt. 13, 1704. 



of The 

1 .Mary. June 

12, 1704. 

Im-iii-1, s. 


.loliii a 

d lic-'bc 

cca, Jan. 1, r 


AlllH', (1. 


John ai 

(1 lliini 

ih, April 10, 



1. . 

f Malli, 

iiiiT an 

Marv, Jnly l. 

5, 1705. 


, ll 

of lioi 

jainiii : 

ml Kli/alH'iti, 

May 1, 1705. 


b and 1 

li/abcUi, .\pi 

1 13, 1705. 



of Warn 

n-l and 

11, 1705. 


1 N. 

of Tin 

oiliv ai 

d Haiinali,' M 

rch 21, 1706. 

.loliii. s. 



iiiui M 

ry, ,liilv II, 17 



of I!fi 

jamin ; 

lid Klizalicth 

Dec. 13, 1700 

S.inih, tl 



111 and 

laniiali. An-. 

18, 17011. 

)f Natl 

anid a 

d -Marv, Mar 

h 1, 1707. 

.lal)c/,, .-i. 


.Iolm ai 

d lifCU 

:ca, July 21, 1 


Hacliel, ( 

■ ,Iol,n 

ind Hal 

mill, Oct. L'4, 




of .lacob and 

Olizabclh, Ma 

y 5, 1707. 



of San 

ucl and 

Kaebecca, Ai 

-. 3, 1707. 

Lucy, d. 



n and Elizabeth, Api 

1 17, 1703. 

Marv, d. 



and M 

iry, March 10 


Niiiali, s 



iihl HlizabiUh, Feb. 2 

8, 1709. 

.M.MIV, (1. 


lolin ai 

.1 Kcli.' 

•ca. Ante. 1, 1 


Ann. 11, s 



s and Marv, Dec. 1), 1 



, d 

of Til 

oUiy a 

id Hanmili, M 

irch 8, 1700. 


1, h 

. of .lonatlian.' 

ml Hannah, J 

Illy 19, 1709. 



of lioi 

iainin i 

ml Elizabclh, 

June 2U, 1709. 

lisUiur, ( 

'. o 

■ Sanun;! and 1 

cbccca, Feb. 

.'5, 1710. 

Sai-ali, d 



.Mary, Aug. 2 

1, 1710. 

Kiinico, d. ( 

f llL-,lj. 

mill ail 

1 i:ii/,alictli, N 

ov. 10, 1710. 

I'clL-r, s. 


lurot) : 

lljrMl, Supt 2 

', 1711. 


• Thom 

l^ :ill(l 

M:.rv, April 13. 1712. 


f , 

uhI i;.- 

HTi:,, Julys, 




If lienj 

iinin ai 

.1 Kli/.kbclh, . 

nly 23, 1712. 

Ku.sia, d 



iri and 

Marv, April a 



a. ( 

f Willi 

nil and 

AbiC'ail, AiiL'. 

31, 1713. 


1, I 

of .b<l 

n and KuIktc, ,Iidy 

i, 1714. 



)l Hcnj 

mill an 

1 I'JizabcUl, / 

pril7, 1714. 



of Sam 

id ami 

Susanna, Kcl 

. 14, 1715. 


of Will 

am am 

Abi-ail, March 10, 1715. 

Daniel, s 

. of Jacob 

and Kli 

zabeth. May 2 

7, 1715. 

Sclli. .s. of Si-lli am 


Nov. 5, 1715. 

Abiiali, > 

■ li.-nja 

iiiii am 

ICIizabclli, Si 

pt. 20, 1715. 


1, .s 

of Til 

iiiias III 

d Mary, May 

IS, 17 Hi. 



)f Tiim 

Ihy am 

llannah, Api 

il30, 1710. 

Samuel, .s. of Samuel and Susanna, April 4. 1717. 
David, s. of David and I'hebe, Auj;. 17, 1717. 
Uoss, s. of Seih and Sarali, Aug. Hi, 1717. 
Alice, d. of Timothy and Hannah, Nov. 12, 1717. 
Katharine, d. of Henjaniin and Klizabctli, iMay 0, 
Marllia, d. of John and Uebccca, July 20, 1718. 


.i-AXTnia "0 owf.-cnt sujO'rir 

woiiuijx ];ecoi;d of 

AVY:>IAN, co„i;nurd. 

Kli/, (1. ur Tlioi 

Ki^ aii.l .Maiv, Dec. ID, 17IS. 

NatlmnicI, s. of linij 

iiiuii aiul Mi/.al.elli, Jan. L'll 


Marv, a. of Joslnia :i 

ul .Mary, .Marc-li 7, 171'J. 

Ik'plizibali, cl. of Tin 

..thy ,uul Hannah, An- 11, 


IVk-, s. of Sclh aiHl 

Sanih, An-. L'.i, 17111. 

Iloz.'kiah. s. (If Sclli 

in,l Sarali, An-. 5, 17L'0. 

KliZiihelli, il. of Will 

am ai.,! I'rml. nef. Doc. L'7, 


Abi:;Mil, .1. of ISfiijaii 

II. ami i;ii/„ilKUi, Ang. L'l;, 1 


I'llizaljc'tli, .1. of Sam 

■ ■1 an.l Savanna, Jlay 8, 17l' 

Timotliy, s. of TiMiol 

l.y an.l Uainiah, Sept. 1), 17. 


Sarali, l1. of Jo^liiia a 

I.I Mirv, ()(i.. I'-', 17l'1. 

.la>lii-i-, s. of .Ia^ilel■ , 

ml Mary, Nov. ■.•:!, 1721. 

Tliomas, s. .)! TIioiil 

s and Dorcas, .\pril L', 1721. 

Nc'licm.aii, s. of Will 


Alii.itail, (1. of Jdliii a 

id Kebecca, .July IS. 17-.'2.' ' 

J'lii'l)i>, (1. of 'I'lioiaas 

ind Dorca.s, An-. 21, 1722 

Sarah, d. of Sclh uiu 

Sarah, Supt. 2.., 1722. 

M.irlha, d. of Hcniainin and I'li/.alirtli, May 7, 1722. 
.losliua, .s. of .Toshna an.l .Mary. March 2s, i72:;. 
Amos, s. of Tiinoihy ami Ilaimali, .Iniio 20, 172 1. 
Nallian. s of Nalhaii ami llnldali, .Innt! 2,S, 172:1. 

!. lasher, s. ol'.Tasher ami .Mary, Fel). 27, 1721. 
Noah, s. ol lleiijainin and Eli/.alielh, ,Tnlv liO, 1724. 
1-helie, d. .if Thomas ami Dorcas, AprilV.), 1721. 

I'helie, d. of and Phebe, .Inly 2'J, 1721. 

MaiT. cl. of William and I'rndenee, Jnly 13, 1721. 

JIachul, d. of Nathan and Jhildah, Jnly 31, 1721 [172j]. 

Isaac, s. of .loslma and Mary, Jan. 1,S, 172.a. 
: Mary, d. of Sol.imon and Mary, Jan. 'Jo, 1725. 

» ,Ionas, s. of lienjamin and lOlizabetli, ,Inly 2ii, 172j. 

* Kenbeii, s. of li.'iijamin an.l Kli/.aheth, N<,v. U, 172(1. 

Dorcas, d. of Thomas and Doreas, March 20, 172(1. 
I Knsanna, d. of Josiah ami Love, An-. 5, 172il. 

' Francis, s. ol' William and rriulcncc. An- 5, 17211. 

I John, s, or J isher an.l .Mary, Jnly 2:j, 17211. 

I Knlh, d. of Sanuul and Susanna, Auii. :;o, 172C. 

James, s. ol' Joslma and Mary, Se])t. 28, 172i;. 

Nalhaiiiel, s. of Timothy and Hannah, Jan 15, 1727. 

Kliji.h, s. of Nathan and Ilnldah. Feb. 22, 1727. 
, J..I111, s. or Solomon ami Mary, Jnly 2:i, 1727. 

Al.r ,l..u.i, .s. ..rni.imas ami i).iivas, April 2, 1728. 

l:ii, s. ol Timolhy and Hannah, An-. 17, 1728. 

.Mary, d. of and Maiy, An-. 27, 1728. 

Thoma-, s. olMoshna and Mary, An-. 8, 1728. 
j James, s. of Davi.l and Plicbc, Sept. U, 172S. 

, .l.isiali, s. olM.isiah and Love, June 2:1, 172'.). 

.lohn. s oC Solomon and Mary, Jnly 23, 172U. 

L.-\ i, s. of Soloim;ii and Mary, Oct. 3ii, 172'.). 

Deborah, .1. of Increase and Deli.irah, Jan. 11, 17:10. 
'. Selh, s. of riiomas and Dorcas, ,Ian. 12. 17:10. 

rrndencc, .1. of Joshua ami Mary, June 18, 17,(0. 
Samuel, s. of Samuel and Mary, June 13, 17:!1. 
Tha.r.lens, s, of Jabcz and Mary, Sept. 18, 1731. 

■ n':i».'i ro (Djciar. .'.xjavfi d&C 


AVYMAN, continual. 

Jusse, s. of David and Pliobe, April 7, 1731. 
KliZMlH-lli, d. of Solomon and Mary, An-. 18. 1731. 
Solomon, .s. of ■riniotljy mid llannali, .I..n. 20, 17.i2. 
Steiilien, s. of Widiani and I'mdunce, An- 27, 1732, 
.\lartliu, d. 01 .lonntlian and .Martha. March 3. 1732. 
Lni-v, d. of Hunjandn and liria-ut. .M..n!h l.S, 1732, 
InciVas, .s. of !ncre'a> and Uclicrah, ,Iuno -I, 1732. 
I'hche, d. 01 Thomas and Dorca-, An-. 23, 1732. 
lOphruini, .s. of .lacol) an i Ann, April 5, 1733. 
Mary, d, of Saninuland Mary, March 15, 1733. 
Jonas, s. ot .loslma and Marv, March 10, 1733. 
.lohn, ,s. of Aaron and Kii/.ahi:i!i, Jnnc (1, 1733. 
.I(din. s. of .lahazand M,.rv, Au-. 22, 1733. 
.lonisha. d. of Solomon and Al.iry, An-. 7, 1733. 
Solomon, s. of Timolhv an,l Hannah .March I'.l, 1734. 
Kalhaiinc, d. of Incrcasand Drho.ah, April 2.1, 1731. 
Simeon, .s. of H.niandn and liridii.'I, ,lnlv r,, 1734. 
Jonalhan, .s. of .lunallian and Manila, Ucl. 7, 1734. 
Itnth, d. of Thomas and Dorcas, Nov. 'J, 1734. 
,)oscph, .s. of John and K.licccu, Oct. 27, 1734. 
Ilniiic, d. of Aaron and Kli/.ahcUi, Nov. 2,^, 17.34. 
Noah, s. of Zuhadiah .•iiid .\l)i-ail, Jan. 27, 173.';. 
I,ucy,<l.of licnjamin and Ksilnr, Jniic 'J, 173.-.. 
I'ani, .s. of David and I'hclic, Jnnc 21, 17^.5. 
Sarah, d. of Suhnmni .and Mary, Ocl. 10, 1735. 
I.iicy, d. of John and licbccca, .Ian. (I, 173i;, 
Stephen, s. of Timolhv and Hannah, Jan. 11, 1731;. 
Asahcl, s. of Samuel and Mar\, Full. 29, n.lO. 
Until, d. of rncicas ami Dchorah, March IS, 1730. 
Molly, d. of Jalicz ami .Mary, Apill 23, 173il. 

Mary, d. ofJacohand A Ian. (i, 173(1. 

Aaron, s. of Thomas and Donas, Oct. lU, 173(1. 
Kslher, d. of lienjamin and KsMicr, An^. 1!), 1730. 
Kzra, s. of Joiialii:in and Marllia, Kcl.. 2, 1737. 
.Marv, d. of David and I'hel.c, M.-ireh 7, 1737. 
Jesse, s. ofZehadiali and .\lM;;ail, March IS, 1737. 
Kachid, d. of Joshna and Mary, Sr|il. 14, 17.37. 
Jesse, s. of Tiiiioiliy and il.-innah, Jan. 20, 1737. 
Nil IS, s of ami M iiy, Oct. II, 1737. 
Kllpha/.,s. of Samuel and M.iry, April 5. 173s. 
Daniel, .s. (d'Thonia.s and Don-as, Ocl. 24, 173S. 

Ke/ia'd. of Ineieas and Debondi,' An-. 12,' ITItS. 
William, s. of.L.sliiia and Mary, April 2(1, 1730. 
Saiah, d. olMaeob and Anna, ,\lan-|i 24, 1739. 
I'liebe, d. of limoiliy and llann.Mli, Sept. 10, 1730. 
Kslher, il. of S,,|oni,m and Marv, Oct. 12, 173;». 


, s. of lleiija 

Hill and Ksihi'r, .Ian. 1, 1710. 


d, of Davhl 

and riiebe, March «, 1740. 


s. orZebadi 

ih and Abiijail, Sept 2."., 1740. 

Abi-ail, I 

.'of Jonathai 

and Maitiei, Dec. HI, 1740. 

Kslher, ,1 

(d' Samuel a 

id M.nv, I..1. •.'(;, 171(1. 


, s. of Niilha 

li.-l and, March 20, 


M.arv, d. 

.fThoimis ai 

d Dorca-, .M.av C, 1711. 


■WYM.W, continnr,!. 

Syi)il, il. ( aiul M:in, M.iiili :;i, 17IL'. 
.IniiR's, s. 1)1 .l.icoli :uhI Ann, inc. 1, ITIL'. 
Until, ,1. of HciiiMiiiin :iinl IMlnr, l),i;. C, ITIli^ 
Willnmi, s. (ifXilitiniali :in,l i;ii/.:ihct h. Ocl. L'. 171:! 
.lolin, s. olMonillian an. I M.inlia, ,liinr 1-, 171:1. 
N.Uliaii. s. wrsaniin'l ami Man , ,liil v :.. 17 1::. 
Alii-ail, <l. c.fSnnu.l and .Vln^aij .\|iiil ::(i. 17lt. 
Alii-ail. (1. .iT IVI M-aihl .Vnuaij. .liiU i:i, 1711. 
■Mai-llia, il. iilM Ikz :nnl .Marv, I'd), ^, 174 1. 
.iDaiina, cl. d' lin rras ami Uutli. .Mav TJ, 1711. 

I'aljulicc, cl. or li.niamin a ■Mini-, .\|.iil 1:1, I7H. 

.Snloiiioii, s. (ir.Siil.Miinii ami Mary, .M.iv I'.', 1711. 
Siis:iniia, ,1. of W-Wv ami Al.i-ail, .Inly 7, 171.-,. 
.Mii-ail, (1. iil/rliadiali aiul Ahi:;ail, .Inly '.', 171.".. 
I'lifbn. (1. o|- liriiiamin ami IMi.rr. .liiim 11, 171.-.. 
.Saiiiiml, s. o|- .Siniiirl ami Al.i-.til. .M ii\ li L'l, 171(1. 

.Manliii, il. 1.1 lirniainui ami IC-IJni-, Krl.. L' 1 , I71,s. 
Kcziii, il. (.|- ami .M.i-ail, April f*. 17is. 
.loiia.s, .K, i.|- .lo.slnia ami .M.irv, May I,"., 171,s. 

Kl.uMOznl-. s. nl ,S,,l„i 1 ami .M ny. An-. 11', 1748. 

.Susanna, «1. ..r Iiici.;is ami Knili, .Ian. il, 17i;>. 
Sulh, s. or llr/.ckiali ami Sarah, .March 17, 1719. 
Sarali, d i.r.h.naUian ami .Marllia, An- -.'7, 1749. 
Sarah, cl. cl' Knil.eii ami Sarah, Marcli 19, 17^0. 
.Vhira, s. c.r Zebacliah ami Abi-ail, Oct i:!. 177.0. 
Scth, s. of llczc'kiah ami Sarah, Fob. 17, 177jO. 
Sarali, .1. ol' .Inhn ami Sarah, .InUL' L'l, 17.-.1. 
Kli/.alH;lli. .1. cT B.aijaniiii ami Kslh.T, An-. L'L', 17.-.1 
Sarah, cl. of ,Iaim- ami Sarali, Oct. 0, ITJL'. 
Daiiiul, s. i.r 11.-/., kiah and Sarah, .March d, 17.-.L'. 
Nathan, s. ..r Naihan. .Ir., and K.bma i, .May L'l, 17.-.1 
Sarah, d. c.t llrzckiah and Sarah, .M ,y IL', 17,-,1. 
Davhl, s. ol' .I.nnc'^ and Sarah, .hiy L', 17.-.1. 
i;ath, d. ol' Noah :c .d Unlli, ,I,ui. l,"., 17.'.il. 
Isaac, s. ol' nc/..kiah and Sarah, Dec. IL', 17;'.!'.. 
K|)hraim, s. ot Ki.hraiin ami Sarah, .lunc 11, ur.C. 
Noah, .s. of N.iah and Kutli, Sept. Ki, 1757. 
K'.l) cca, d. of Naihan and licb.-cca, An-. 7, 17.-.7.^-., s. of .lames and Sarah, May 13, 17.-.H. 
.bn-ol,, >. of I pliraini and Sarah, .Ian. l.S, 17.VJ. 
.Ian.', .1. or I'anI ami, (Jet. 10, KaK. 
K/.ra, s. ..f Kzraand Knnice, Feb. 7, 17.-.II. 
I.ois, ,1. orN..ali and Kiilh, April IS, 17.0. 
Za.lok, s. ..rNalh.aii and iiel.ecea, An-. 10, KHil. 

.\l.i-ail, d. i.r .and .\bi-all, .\iii;. L'o, 17110. 
Kunic-c-, cl. ,.r Kzra ami Knni.a', Dei'. Ill, 17110. 
Susanna, d. ol Samii. I ami .Vbi-ail, ,Iaii.' T2, 17.11. 
Mary, cl. olTaiil and J^ncy, Sept. 10, 17111. 

Uf 'fii \;:no;lJI X'.IU/HIV/ 


WYMAN, cnnHnned. 

Siisuuiiii, .1. olMiunus iiml Sunili, Aii^'. 20, 17i;2. 
.Maiv, il. olMoiiiiilwin ami Aliiu'ail, Apnlu, 17(.-'. 
Kobuccii, il. ofNutliail iuid Hcbucrn, Auj;, 7, 17(i2. 
■losoph, s. orSimuiul aiul Alii-ail, July 5, ITiili. 
'[,u<v, li. of I'iiiil ami I.iicy, Nov. 2:., ITiiii. 

loiritluui s olM tlKiM ami Ahi-ail, Oct, 5, 17b.!. 

'Kli/:>lH-ll,:;i. oriv/.ra.'UHlKunic., .)m,o2-l 17(;:i. 
Ki.lli.d. orS,la.,uMSns:uum, Ma v22, 1 , ., I . 
Jessc,s.olJ^".'a,aM;~lh,.,.JmK.2.'! ITU 
I.saac, s. of i:iipl,a/. au.l M n.v, lyli. 2, , i-(.l. 
SamiU'lKamrs, ,s. mKliJal, :ukI lluUlal,, Apnl ID, 1 H. 
David, .s. of Kliplia/. and Mary, Auj;. 2.i, hl-.i. 
liMsanna, d. of Zcliadiah and Kli/.al.clli, ()t:l. -!, Wh.--.. 
liiilli, d. of .Tames ami Sarah. Oct. 2o, l/i.o. 
riiolio, d. of I'aid and l.iu-y, Ni'V. 2ii. l,i..). _ 
,Toliii,.s. of N'atliiin ami Uriircr.i, Idi. 'Ji., l.(.:i. 

K.sther, d. of .Ics^o ami K-lli.), .\n-. '.-'1, 1 ■_ _ 

Wdliam, s. of William and Al.i-ad, (If. 12, ,(,u. 

Mar-cry, d. of .lonathan and .^l/iiia 1, Ikl. 24 1<I,(,. 

1-riscill.a, d. of Kzr.a and Ennicc, I'd). 21, HCC. 

Sila.s, s. of .Silas and Susanna, .hnio :i, 17117. 

Uiaiiamiu, s. of licuiamin and Kli/.ai)cUi, Au-. H, lil. 

Abi'-ail, d. of .lames and Sarali, Au-. aU 17(18. 

UlnKla, d. of I'aul and l-u.y. March H, 17|W. 

.loshna, s. .d- .lonathan and Ahi-ad, Dec. .U), l,i,H. 

Martha, d. of I'.zra ami Ennicc, April ."., UM. 

Samuel Eamcs, .s. of Elijah ami lluldah, A|)ril :;, 17(, 

Irsso .s of I'.ml ami l.n<v, Kch. 2H, 1770. 

■j.avin'ia,' d. of .lonalhan and Abi-ad, Oct. 20, 1770. 

Zebadiah, s. of Zcbadiali and Elizabd h, .lidy '.I, 177(! 
I Uiddah,d. of Elijah and lluldah, .Minli ill. 1m 1. 

I'aitv d. of .Tames aiul Sarah, .Inne 12,17.1. 
I Elijah, s. of Elijah and llnldah, .lidy 2:t, 1772. 

I.ucy, d. of E/.raand I'.unicc, April 2'.J, 177;;. 
I Abigail, d. of Samuel and Catharine, Ocl. 2.;, Inli. 

1 Eli/.abeth, d. of Abel and Kulh, .luly 2.",, 177:!. 

Asa, s. of Nathaniel and Sarah, .lune (i 1771. 

.foshua, s. of Samuel and tlatharinc, May 2.!, \7n.. 

Da'nlclVs'.'of Daniei and 1,'n'ey,' Ocl. \:>. I77i;. 
Sarah d. of NalTninid an,l Sarah, March 7, 1777. 
Knfus', .s. of Zebadiah and Eunhe, .lidy HI, 177S. 
Sally, d. of David and laicy, Sept. h,. h7s. 
IMndolph, s. of .lessc and Eslher, Aiiril 2,S, \n'.). 
I Sarah, d. id' Nnlhanicl and Sarah, Sept. bS, 1 7,. I. 

Lucy, d. of Daniel and Eiicy. ,lnnc bS 177;!. 
.Tames, .s. of David and laicy, I'Vb. 11, 17711. 
.Mary, d. of Zeba.liah and Eunice, April L'ti, 1,.S0. 
Divid, s of David and Lucy. April HI. I7,sl. 
lietsey, d. ofZadok and lietly, Nov. :lll, I7HJ. 
Mary, <1. (d'Xalhan and Mary, Si'pt l:l, 17H1. 
ramchi, d. ,.f Ah.-land l;u.h,.b.n. 21, I7SI. 
.losOph s. ol .bis.'i.h and Mary, ,luue Hi, 1782. 



WYMAN, contiuitcd. 

Eunice, il. of Zcbiuiinh and Eunice, Sept. S, 17Si'. 
Luke, s. oC D.iniel and Luey, .May in, 1782. 
Nathan, .s. ol'NatluiM and Mary, Sept. II, 17«n. 
Samuel, s. ol' David and l.ney, July 7, 1783. 
Abel, s. (if Abel and ]{ntli, Awn 81, 17S;i. 
Nancy, d. of Zaduk and lietlv, May 2i;, 1784. 
Susanna, d. of ,|.li and Murv, .Manii Ki, 1784. 
Abigail, d. of Zebadiali and Kiuiiee, An-. :'.(}. 1781. 
Siininel Converse, s. of Nathan and Marv, Nov. 17, 
Wdliam, s. of David and l.uev, Feb. 10,"l781. 
Sarah, d. of Zebadiali and Kuniee, Dee. Ki, 1785. 
Sn-anna, d. of .bvsse and Susanna, Oct. 1), 1785. 

llnfiis, s. of David a 

id Lnev, Sept. U, 1780 

Alii-ail, d. of N'alha 

and .Maiy, Nov. 1, 178r,. 

William, s. <.f Abel ; 

nd Until, iMai-ch IS. 178i;. 

Levi, s. of Abel ami 

iiiUi, March IS, 17s(i. 

William, s. of .Ios,-p 

1 and Mary, .luy n. 1787. 

Za.lok, s. of Zadoka 

Id liilMiy, Dec. 20, 1787. 

E-ther, d. of .fesse a 

id Susanna, .lime 22, 1788 

.lonalhan, s. of.lona 

han and Knby. .March 111, 


liebeeca, d. ofNatha 

n and Mary, May 2'.i, 178'J 

Lyilia, d. .if Daniel a 

11(1 Lucy, Dec. 5, 17.-:i. 

.Maverick, s. of Davi 

1 and Lucy, Nov. ;i, I78'J. 

Heijainin, s. of Benj 

uiiin and ilannali Apiil 1 


Hannah, d. of Danie 

and Hannah March 17, 1 


Washington, s. of D 

ivid and Lncy, Apiil 12, 1 


Charles, s. i.l Samuel Karnes a.,d Anna, Oct. 10, 17111. 
.Tosiph, s. of Diivid and L icy, Nov. 13. 171)1. 
Lucy, d. of Abel and 'inlli, Sept. 21, 171)1. 
]5. tsiy, d. ol Zcliadiahaiid luinicc. Dec. 12, 171)2. 
I'.eiijaniiii, s. of Henjainin ai.d Ihuinah, Dec. 2'J, 1702. 
Eliiah s. of Zadok and li. t-ey, .May 13, 171)2. 
Marsliall, s. uf Daniel and Hannah, .Inly 11, 1792. 
AM)ia, (I. of Samuel E. and Anna .Ian 21, 171)3. 
Aliel, s. of .bniathan and I uliy, Kept. 27, 171)3. 
Sally, d. of Lieiil. M. njamb. and Hannah, Nov. 21. 171 
liclsey, d. ol Samuel Eamcs and Anna, Au-. M, 17114. 
Aliiyail, d. of Daviil and Lucy, Mav 11, 171)4. 
Amasa. s. of Zadok and Iblsey, April IC, I71>.'.. 
fieoi-c, s- of Daniel and Hannah, Mar.-h 1, I7'.ir.. 
Abi-ail, d. of .limailiaii ami Knby. Sept. 3. 171)r,. 
Lncmila, d. of Nathan and Marv', S,-pl. 2, 171)1). 
Hannah, d. of Capl. lienjandn and Ilannali, .Uii.'. 21, 1 
Henry, s. of David an. I Lucy, lb c. 3, 171i(;. 

(b'oi;;e Was 


, N. of .\iillian ami i\ 

Maiy Ann, . 

. of Z. 

ladiah and Mary 11 

.b'riisha, d. 

if Zad. 

k ami 11. I.>ev, April 

ISenJaniin .\ 


s 1,1 .S.iiiiinl !•; am 

Calvin AppI 

Ion, s. 

ol .Maj.n- Ikiijamin 

llaiinah, Dec. 24, 180L 

'fiiTiifi "> iiHO'^-i': f.;i\nO'fr 

.108! .IV .3;>CI 

WOnUUN KKCOlil) Ol'^ BIUTHS. 293 

WYIMAN, continual. 

Nulhaiuol Bacoi), s. of Nathanipl and Eliziiljulli, Murcli 21, I8U1. 

CaM., s. ofNatlian and Marv, J[arcli IT., 1SU2. 

Zrbadiali, s. of Z. badiali and Mary li., April L'5, 1X02. 

Marv, d. olSanHicI K. and Anna. An','. — , 180-'. 

WUfiani, .s. (jf Daiiiil and llannali. May L'«, IMW. 

Clai-issa, d. ofXallian and .Mary, Man'i: S. 1.S04. 

I. Miller, .s. of M.ijor liunjaniiii and Hannah, Kc-b. 12, 1804. 

Abi^ad Eli/.alulli, d. of Zcbadiali and .Mary liowcLS, Ain-jl 22, 1801 

Klijali, .s. of Samn.'l IC. and Anna, .)nly 2'.), bsol. 

Waldioli, .s. of Zcbadiali and Mary 1'.., iJtc. 17, 180i;. 

I'ally, d. of Handolpli and Tally, Nov. l."., 180li. 

Klijali, s. <if Kliiali and K.slhci-, Fub. Ifi, 1S07. 

l.ydKi Slinipson. d. ofl'xnianiin and Hannah, An-;. 15, 18(l.S. 

Mary Ann, d. of Zcbadiah and IMary I!., Fub. «, ISOU. 

ladhui-, .s. of Zadcdi, ,I|-., and lU'l.seV, An^'. 21, 1801). 

l.vdiaTay, d. of liandolph and I'altv, Feb. 27, 180U. 

W'ahlron, s. of Zubadiah and Mary 1!., N..v. 21, 1811. 

Karl, s. of liinii.iniin and Hannah, An-. 1.'., IMl. 

Otis, .s. of Zcli..di.ili an. I Mary 1!., Due. 28, 181:!. 

N.incv Kiid, d. of Oliver and Nancy, Marcli U, 18i:i. 

.lohn. ,s. oliiliv.rahd Naney, An<;. 22, 1811. 

K>Lh(r, d. of Nathan. Jr., and FsUilt, May 21!, 1815. 

linlh liioun Keed, il. of Oliver and Nancy, Oct. 1, bSKi. 

Slillnian. s. of Z.i.hjU, .Jr., and liftscy, Feb. 10, 1817. 

Charles AnsUn, .s. of Ab.l ami Maiia, July 20, 1817. 

Kslher, d. ofKamloliih and Patty. March 1, 1817. 

Nancy Elizabelh. d. of Zadok and liulsev, Jr., Oct. 23, 1818. 

Heibct, s. o( Nathan and K>thcr, Jr., March 7, 1818. 

Oliver, .s. rd' Oliver ;.nd Nancy, Feb. 12, 1818. 

Ainasa I.orin-, s. of A^nasa and I.yilia, Jnne 4, 181:). 

Waid, s. of .\bel and .M.aria, Maicli lo, 181'.). 

Mars^hall,s. .d'Kliidi .and I'liebe, Nov. I'n, 1820. 

Nathan, s. of Natlian and Ksllier, Feb. Hi. 1821. 

Elizabeth liicliard-^.in, d. of Oliver and Nancy, An-. II, 1821. 

Winlhroj), s. of Aliel and .Maria, Dec. 24, 1821. 

Wdliani liecd, s. of Oliver and N ncy, Jnly 27, 1822. 

Ccor-e Mead, .s. (d'Ceor-c and Susan. Sept. 2fi, 1822. 

Henry iMar.-hall, s. (d JIaishall and Susan 1' , Oct. 3, 1823. 

Alvan, s. of Nalhaii and K.-lhcr, Jan. 25, 1823. 

Nancy, d. of Abel and Maria. Jan. 10, 1823. 

rlnirle.s H., .s. .d'Chailes and Mary E., ,Tune 17, 1823. 

Harriet, d. of Klijali and i'liebe, April 4, 1823. 

Lydia, d. of Ainasa ami Kydia, April 4. 1S25. 

Marv, d. of Naihaii and K~lher, May 25, 1825. 

William Aiiun>tns, s. of Marshall and Susan P., Sept. 25, 1825. 

Francis, d. of Chailes and Mary K., Heb. 11), 1825. 

ftlary Ann, d. .d O iv, r and Naney, Dee 21), 1820. 

],ydia Ann, d. ol \iiia-a ai,d l.ydia, Sept. 12, 1827. 

Horace, .. ol Ab. 1 and Maria, Nov. 27, 1827. 

Mary K.. d of I 'hai h-- ami Mary K., May 1, 1827. 

Nalhan railur, s. of .M rsliall and 1'., Feb. 14, 1828. 

Anna. d. ol r|,:i 1 1,, and Ma y K., June 15, I82'J. 

Jane, d. ol .S.inihl K. and Jane, Dee. 27, 182',). 

Haiindi Caroline, d. id' Marshall and Susan 1'., Feb. 15. 1830. 

SainUel Webster, s. of George and Susau, March 23, 1830. 

^■■^'' -"'Tww '«o gjieo.ia v:atjao'/t 

'-«" ,-2 fj-!-; /. 

2(11 wonuRN' KEConn of niurns. 

WYMAN, roiilinnni. 

of ( 

K., AiH-il 11, IS.i 

■s ;uk1 M. V i;., A|iul 11, 
J^HcnU'w:,'^. nfN^alKm UIKl KMlu-r, Api-.l 10, If^iil 

.l;isoi.,s. ofS.aUaiul Cliin-iiy, ^h-r. L'L, 1^.1/. 

ii,.„ry,_s. nrsii.nmii K. ^'''l', ;';!\\';;^|^l!;p;i\Vl' o'^t'''! Ks;is. 

siw-u. \iin (I of M:ii.-li:.ll"iHl «ii>au 1'., Kub. l.".. ls:W. 
rlua M ia. >1. of Marshall and S„sa„ 1'., A,,nl :il, 1«-I0. 
AlMur,,, (1. onicrbcTt ami I.ydia A., l.Vb. 2.1 IMl. 
iVlia \ .1 ..rWalUTaii.l Mary, An;,'. 2S, l.sl2. ^ 

Sophia K.lith, (1. 01 Calviu A. a.ul Sophia li. •'"!>■ •- l"'- 
I.„l.v C, .1. of I.utliei- and Sophia K., >ov 2+. 1S4. • 
Artlnn- Hrnrv s (,f Wal'ti' an.l Maiv H., Nov. 8, 1844. 
i-imlii I onl-a' \\ (d' Calvin A. and Sophia, Fcl). 10, ISIO. 
F.Ua Fi-ai.cs,' d. of Cahin A. and Sopliia Vrh. 10 LslC. 
Marv UianUia, d. of Walter and Mary, 1-i'b. Jd, lh4(. 
(\-nV"o 1 cuis s (d' laitlHU- and Sonliia 1'., Nov. L'.i, K^i.. 
n,.oi-,. liana V of Calvin A. and Sopia 1!., S.'pt. 5, ISI.S. 
liol.m lUulvr, .s. of Calvin A. and Sophia 1?., Uvc. :!, 18.-,:!. 
line Mii-ia d. ol Ward and Sn.san .f., .Iniu; 20, 1S;j4. 
I'ucv Dallon, d. of .T....<upli S. and Sarali T., ,Tan. 10, ISOo. 
K„rn.s Ik-niy, .v of Kufns P. and Abba. March a ISo, 
Klla losi'olnnc, d. of JoM'ph S. and hn.-an I'., All-. 2.1, lh.>7. 
C arlotio' Ward d. of Ward and Sarah ,T., Feb. o ls58 
rani,. .Tosephino, d. of.Ios..pli S. and Sarah T., .Jan. 11, LS-'J. 
K-,.,. d of liiifns V. and Abl.a A., .luno l.",. l«r,y. 
\V il^v Walla, ■,., s. ,d-Sanuul W. an,l Katv, Nov. 2,,. ISCO. 
l-,„dv Kli/ ilM-Ih d of and Nan, v. Si-pt. ;iO, IH'H. 
|.-|'',lviic'k iiiyaii'l, >. ,.f Lutli. r K. an,l .MaYl iv, Dec. 11, ISi;i._ 

S\u-!di!'ll!'of\')'Vsu!ph''s.''aiul Sai-ah, Jl'irch 31, l.MiC 


iiid Na 

i-.cor'-c Ih-rburt s. of Sanincl K. and Alice, May 20. 1870. 
I.:dill7starkw..alhfr, U. of Samuel K. ami Alicia, Ocl. 8, 18M. 
Waller Coyiiton, s. of Arlluir H. and Annie, born lu bd-arlou n, A) 


• SaiuHOiiai 

,1 Ham 

ah, ne,- 


1 Wdli,.Harll, 

11, s. of Wil 

iaiii S. 

and Mai 

Miiiinr Sair.i 

.l,d, ,.f Wi 

iain S. 

nii.l .Ma 

.I,ihii Culls. 

. ,il Willial 

1 S. an, 

Mar, 1 

s. of Wi 

11,111 S. an, 


'., N,iv 


d. of Wlllia 

II S. ai 

d .Marv 

■U'lA i -in 1107,- 



M;ii-v, (I. of William anil Kli/aljoUi, Jtiiv I, 1770. 
Kliziibctli. il. of WilljiUM and Klizabeili, Ocl. :il. 177L'. 
Surah, (1. ot William ami Kli/.al)i-lh. Oct. 8, 1777. 
Olive, .1. or William ami Klizabmli, Kub. i:!, 17711. 

Nc-llv, il. of Williai r1 KlizabuUi, .Maivh Ki, 178.';., s. of William ami hlizabcili, Mav i;i, 1788. 
William Kiluanl. s. of William ami l.vilia, Oct. 2i, 1810. 
.SiHiiii. I-, >. .,!■ W i liam ami Lv.lia. Oct. 1:', 181L'. 
. I, .1,11, -. ni W illi.un aiul l-anicl, x\ov. 8, KS:).".. 
.\1mi,/,,, .k. ..I siiiiinci-aii.l .Maiy, Mav 10, iN.'iii. 
■riioiiia> Cm In-, N. ,,f William and I'ariul, F.'b. L', 183i;. 
j:ii/alicili, (1. of William aiul I'arncl, Marcli 3, I8;i8. 
Ikiiilclia M., d. of Mimi ,T ami Mary A.. .Innc -J.", 1840. 
(-larciicc S., .-;, of ,Sii,iim/r and Mai'v A.. .Ui-. +, 184:5. 
.laiic' Maria, d. of Willi. im K. and 1-arncl. .Vpril jO, 1844. 
.•^iisan Fiam da, d. ol Siimii.r and .Mary .\., •Tnlv 4, 184(i. 
iMaiikliu Oiiavu-*, -. i,f Willium K. and' J'arncl, .Tnly 10, 1848. 
llii-am Franklin, ,s. of .Snniucr and .M.iry, Sept. LM, is.-.O. 
Marv .Miiiin.c, d, of .Monzo T. and ,\bb:i, An-. 27, 1-5!), 
Uarrv Hill, s, of Alonzo r. and .Ablia. Feb. 11, 18117. 
lUniy, >.(.! .lam. s ami lirid-ct, An,-. 31, 1872. 


Willis, ,s. ol David iiii.l .Mary A., .Innc !), 1840. 

liutli .Maria, d. of David and -Mary A.. .Tunc 22, 1849. 

I inn 10 '\>i(>>H:! .ujfKVJ 

A ,-iu;/ I,,,. 


!0.M A mi!Ll(J(;i! APIIY 
II Y Wir.l.IAM H. ClTlKli. 

shril ut tin: 


aarly Chap. 

vc !ip|iL^iired 

(iKNKAi.DGY. — A mini))er of j;i-'»e-'l'isic:il wnrks rrhuiiiu; to Wobuni 
liavo l)cou i)ul)lislRHl, and tliesu arc usi^ful for tliu iiifuniiution tlicy con- 
tain coiu'eniiiiij matters connected witli the place, and for mention made 
of individual citizens. In addition to the i,'oncaloj,'ical notices fnrnished 
in Sewall's IliaUinj, pp. 5',)2-(;57, may Ijc cited a niMid)er of piiljlicatioiis. 

On tlie four most numerous families In Woburn have appeared : — 

1. Kielianlson, a lai-<;e volume, l)y John A. Vinton (I'oi-t., 1«7G;. 

2. Wyman, X A'. 7//.W. Urn. llcij. 111., 8:!, etc., — partly in print and 
mostly in manuscript; and in preparation stid, when its author, Tlionias 
H. Wynian, of Cliaiiestowii, died, in lh7H. 'I'lie manuscri|)t is still in the 
poi-session of thi- New lOn-land Hislorii- ( H'licaloirical Society, 18 Somer- 
set Stl'eel, I'.ovl.ill, lo whniii il was -i\cii, 

:i. .lohnson, a ( Irihiilhiii l)y .loliii A. I'.oiitelle, and ] 

end of the inlrodnction of I'oole's edition of .loimson's 
J'ruBicli'HCC (Andover, 18(;7). 

i. lieed, a volume, by Jacob W. Kced (.Host., lsi;i) ; pa 
IV. of the work. 

Other published genealogies of AVolmrn families wliieli have ap|ieared I 

as volmnes or i)amphU'ts have been the foUouin;;, iUr place ami date of | 

publication belnj; fjlvcn : — | 

Locke, by John G. Locke, Host., 1853; Cardiicr, by William W. Green- 
ongh, Most., l!-5S; Cragin, by Charles II. Cra^in, Wash., bsOO; Cleveland, 
by Horace G. Cleveland, Chic, 1879; Cleveland (anotherj, by James li. j 

Cleveland, Albany, 1881 ; Cleveland (another), by Edmund J. Cleveland, in ' 

preparation, 1S8IJ; I'icrce, by Frederick C. I'ierce, Wore, 1880; Pierce j 

(another), by Frederick B. Fierce and Frederick C. Fierce, Wore, 18S2; ' 

Pierce (another), by Frederick C. Pierce, supposed to be still in prepjra- \ 

Iwii, 18.S0; Learned", by William L. Learned, Albany, 1882; 'I'lumipson, by | 

Leander Thompson, li..>l., |ss7; CoiivcTse, l,y Willi.un (I. Hill, Mahlep, | 

1.S87; Carter, \n .V. /,'. Jli-,t. C n. i:,,/. .Wll., .".1, :/.' ; Carler (.aiiotlier), by i 

Clara .\. Carter am! Sarah A. Caller, CliiiLin. 1ns7; Carter, pr.u-e.'ilin-s j 

at reunion, W..l.uni, by Carter family asso<iaU.)n, I'.osl., issl; K.-ndall, t 

hv Oliver Ken.l.ill. I'mv., Issl ; K.iul.dl i,uiiol lin •), in ,V. A'. His!.. (I,„. I!,,,. { 

.\\.\l\., 17, by II.- pivsrnt writer; fiillrr, in A. /•;. //,.,/. (,Vh. A',;/. .Mil., ' 

:i:,l; llrnoks, il.uL .\.\1.\., ir.:i, and Wri-ht, //.(i/. .W.WII., 7(;, both by ' 

the presm't writ.r, Siinonds, by lOdward V. .lolmson, Wobnrn, ISH'.i. 

iH'rwia HO oanjatt.i /••iiuto.' 

'■,j;i''J ■;.( ,f;(.-. 
"',i . ■i.'.t:) ,!, 

V'.rA ..t'l.VfJ ,., r,,,i 


In addition to tlic above, Mr. II. G. Clevolaiul has pidjlislied an article 
on tlieCli'velands in England, .V. li. JlisC. Urn. Hcij. XXXIX., 212, und two 
paniphluts on tlie Clevolands, 1885. A revision of the lieed and Winn 
gciiealo'T.v in J. W. Keed'.s lieed Family was published by Miss M. W. 
Carleton, Woburn, 1883. 

Genealogies in preparation, in 1889, in addition to those already men- 
tioned, are I5nrbcen and Walker, by Joseph 15. Walker, Concord, N. H. ; 
Fowle by .Tolin ^\'arron Johnson, Woburn; Tidd, by Kdward F. Johnson, 

Notifus iiii-lit be added of sueh proiliietioiis as that of the liriish or 
IJrneo family in the Ir'''" <!' i,r,il„;:ii, by .loliu .\. Vinton, 1k71; and tlie 
Winn family in. I. W. b'e.-.r.s /,',,-/ /•W„(i7y, and in Ihc Clrr.lnit.l di nniliiijirs. 
Attention is ealled to .Sav:i-i'\ a. i,r,il,„iir,il Ii,rii„,Hir:i and Diirrie'.s Index, 
ISSOj also to John .\. N'inton's \'iiUuu Meinurhd, liust., l.s.'.S, and the same 
author's Ni/hunes Memnrial, Host., 1873. 

Three other volumes, at least, of family history, inclusive of genealogy, 
have been written in Woburn, and published by residents, \\i. -. Mltipple 
Fniiiilij, Lowell, 1857, and liurke and Alourd Families, Bost., 18C4, both by 
John A. Hoiitelle; and the CiUter Favtibj, of Nm Em/Uoid, by William IJ. 
Cutter, Host., 1871-75. 

Two of our local genealogists, both of good fame, are deceased. For 
obituary notice of John A. Vinton, a resident of Winchester, see JV. K. 
Hist. Gen. Jter/.. XXXIV. (1880), 127-31 ; and for an obituary notice of John 
A. Honlrlle, a resident of Wolmrn, .see ihid. XXXVI. (1882), 329. 

Tlirre an' \ arions -ejie.alogies in tlie Winchester KeC(n-d, such as Thomp- 
son, Vol. II., :M-I(J; Converse (France ami lOnghuul), Vol. II., 208-22; 
Walker, Vol. II.,22li-31 ; I!elknap,Vol. II., 272-K2; Swan, Vol. II., 438-5il. 

The basis of future research in Woburn, when the subject of geneal- 
ogy is under consideration, will be the digest of Birlhs, Deaths, and 
3/»m«;/c.s-, by Edward F. Johnson. This valuable compilation is noticed 
els<!wliere. Assistance on this subject may lie rendered by the manuscript 
transcripts of inscriptions in the two old buryiiig-gronnds at Woburn 
Centre, collected and arranged in chronological order, with brief illustra- 
tive notes and indexes, l)y the present writer, and noticed under the sub- 
ject of /!i,r:/ii,(/-i/r<iiniils in another part of this contributicm. 

•HliHxMlnMil.uvu w:,M wrln.-,i, iwo.uUlllloniil i;iTUi.loi;lM rc-laUiiL- lu Woliuni Imvu 

iHfitui 1(0 ')«oor'i;i iiiiiinovf 

IT v-,..^;ol .a t,-.r«lvl v.f' ,(.f,, r ;',.„ 

"\ '■■h-.' (, i,;,,; „■,.. 

C'1'U..-.i ',.,1 ,,..,,- ,,.!,„, ,-^ 

" 'II I lli,0 J hi.!) "i(, ' ■,,,, -;.-,*T«r.n(:' 

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.5 A" 

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