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Full text of "Woman's who's who of America : a biographical dictionary of contemporary women of the United States and Canada, 1914-1915"

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in 2010 witii funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 


MRS. MATTHEW T. SCOTT, WaAington. D. C. 

Former PretideDt-General National Society Daughten o( the American Revolution 


President National Society Colonial Dame* of America in the State of CaHfomia 


Preiident New York Slate Federation of Women's Clubt 

Librarian of the Indianapolis Public Library 


Librarian, Author, Lecturer (Head Univ. of Chicago Library, 1890-1911) 

MRS. W. W. KING, Kalorama. Staunton, Va. 

President Virginia State Federation of Women's Clubs 

MRS. NETTIE K. GRAVETT, Columbus, Ohio 

Former Stale Librarian of Colorado; now An't State Librarian of Ohio 

MRS. SAMUEL SEMPLE, Titusville, Pa. 

President State Federation of Pennsylvania Women 

MRS. THEODORE C. BATES, Worcester. Mass. 

Vice-Preddent-General National Society Daughters of the American Revolutioa 

MRS. WILUAM R. CHIWIS, St. Louis. Mo. 

President Missouri Federation of Women's Clubs 





Editor- in - Ch ief 


Republished by Gale Research Company, Book Tower, Detroit, 1976 

Copyright, 1914 



Library of Congress Cataloging in Publication Data 

Main entry under title: 

Woman's who's who of America. 

1. Women in the United States-Biography- 
Dictionaries. 2. Women in Canada-Biography- 
Dictionaries. I. Leonard, John WUham, 1849-1932, 

CT3260.W65 1976 920.72'0973 74-6280 

ISBN 0-8103-4018-6 


While the value of prefaces has often been seriously qneetloned, It would seem 
that the first publication of an original reference book filling a new and heretofor* 
unoccupied field calls for some kind of an introduction to explain Its reason for 
being, its aim and scope. 

The time has long passed since an apology was necessary for the publishing 
of a Who's Who. The idea originated in England about sixty years ago, but 
was kept in aristocratic bounds until about fifteen years ago, when Douglas Sladen, 
an Australian writer, revised the book and extended its scope into the useful 
British volume we know to-day. 

Meanwhile, this present writer had Americanized and democratized the idea 
in making the first Who's Who volume covering United States subjects. It met 
instant acceptance and recognition, and since that the books of that kind, which 
be has created, have become the most consulted books of reference in regard to 
contemporary American people that have ever been issued from the press. 

After coming to New York and engaging as editor for two editions of a 
Who's Who book relating to the notables of the Empire State, this writer became 
convinced that there was a need for a book of that kind which would deal entirely 
with women, and, with the late L. R. Hamersly, began to gather data for such a 
book. That venture was, however, soon after abandoned and never taken up again. 
Two years ago this present enterprise was projected and the writer was asked to 
undertake its editorial direction. 

To gather fresh and original data for approximately ten thousand brief biogra- 
phies involves much hard work and a strenuous campaign of research and inquiry, 
and the volume now presented represents two years of labor. 

The reasons for a Woman's Who's Who are many. The general puiblications of 
the Who's Who class give comparatively little attention to women. The one most 
consulted has data of a few hundred women mixed in with the biographies of about 
seventeen thousand men, but even of these women, outside of those engaged in 
literature and education, the number is almost negligible. 

Women's activities have increased by leaps and bounds. There is scarcely a 
single field of professional or intellectual endeavor which baa not been entered by 
women, and in which they have not made good. There are those living who can 
remember the first opening of the means of collegiate education to women. Now the 
higher education is pursued by as many women as men. Outside of the collegiate in- 
stitutions, there is a vast educative force in the thousands of women's clubs, found in 
all the cities and most of the villages and hamlets of the country, in which women 
are studying literature, civics, sociology, current events, or are otherwise attaining 
greater light and broader culture. With education has come ambition, and thus we 
find womanhood asserting itself not only in those activities somewhat loosely 
grouped under the name of "the feminist movement," but also in competition or 
association with men in those avenues of endeavor formerly regarded as essentially 

These activities and these movements, interesting in the mass, are the composite 
results of individual expression. The personalities behind them become objects of 
increasing interest, and it is the demand for Information as to the careers of those 


who are leading in or contributing to woman's larger participation In the good 
causes and higher endeavors of our time, which this volume is Intended to supply. 
It gives biographic data and personal statistics about women nationally, sectionally 
and locally prominent in all parts of the United States and Canada, and is a new 
publication, freshly made from original data secured for it with much pains and 
great expense. Not a line of the biographical sketches in the book has been inserted 
from any financial consideration or because of any subscription past, present or 
prospective. This statement is made here, because there still seem to be a few 
people who have some mfsapprehension of the facts in this particular. 

Great care has been given to the securing of accuracy. Neither inerrancy nor 
Infallihility is claimed, and doubtless some errors may have crept in, but it is 
believed that very few will be found. As to inclusion and omission of names, there 
will no douht be criticism, the editor being quite aware that some have been 
omitted who should be included, for there are several such from whom or about 
whom no reliable data could be procured, and who have therefore been regretfully 
omitted. These cases are, however, very rare, and the publication is presented as 
one unique in its class, containing valuable reference information of which about 
ninety per cent, is not to be found in any other publication. It is, in fact, the 
only valuable and dependable compendium of information about contemporary 
American and Canadian women of comprehensive scope which has been published. 

The editor acknowledges, with deep gratitude, the letters of approval and 
encouragement which have come from ail parts of the country in regard to this 
book, and is deeply sensible, also, of the helpful suggestions received from the 
distinguished women who have acted as an Editorial Advisory Board, and from 
many others in all sections. The recognition of the need for such a volume has 
been almost unanimous, though a few (perhaps a dozen) women have written in 
dispraise of the plan of making a book entirely about women. 

Coming down to particulars, the volume contains brief personal sketches of 
9644 women, of whom 6303 are or have been married, and 3341 are maidens. Every 
State in the United States and every Province in the Dominion of Canada is repre- 
sented. All the important lines of endeavor in which women engage (and their 
name is legion) have their exponents in these pages: the arts, sciences and pro- 
fessions, religion, missionary effort, education, philanthropy, charity, reform work, 
social service, literature, journalism, business, official life, club life, feminist activi- 
ties, and all the many ways in which women are working In and influencing the 
movements for progress, for higher ideals, for better living, for cleaner politics, 
and for social, educational and religious uplift 

It is hoped to make Woman's Who's Who of Amebica a reference book of 
permanent value and the one indispensable volume of reference for those seeking 
information about the contemporary women of the United States and Canada. 

It is the present intention to give the book such periodical revision as the 
demand may justify, and to this end suggestions of names and Improvements are 
Invited. John W. Leonabd. 

New Yoek, January 31, 1914. 



Preface 21 


Deaths During Printing 31 

Abbbbviations 27 

Index of Mabbied Names 917 


Addenda 29 

Educational Announcements 963 

Business Announcements 965 


Berlin School for Girls, Berlin, Germany 963 

Bucknell University, Lewisburg, Pa 965 

Carthage College, Carthage, 111 963 

College of Saint Teresa, Winona, Minn 964 

Conservatory of Saint Cecilia, Winona, Minn 964 

Grafton Hall, Fond-du-Lac, Wis 964 

Hendrix College, Conway, Ark 965 

Home Coi-respondence School, Springfield, Mass 964 

Lincoln Memorial University, Cumberland Gap, Tenn 965 

Miss Sayward's School, Overbrook, Pa 964 

National Cathedral School for Girls, Washington, D.C 963 

Oriental University, Washington, D.C. 963 

Ovid Musin's Virtuoso School of Violin, N.T. City 964 

Saint Clare Seminary, Winona, Minn 964 

Sargent Normal School for Physical Education, Cambridge, Mass, .... 963 

Southern Female College, Petersburg, Va 965 

Western College for Women, The, Oxford, Ohio 963 

William South College, Geneva, N.Y. 963 

Worcester Domestic Science School, Worcester, Mass 963 

Wyoming Seminary, Kingston, Pa 964 


Booklovers' Library, The, Philadelphia 968 

Lossing's History of the United States 966 

Mathis Yacht Building Co., Camden, N.J 968 

Oliver Typewriter Co., The, New York 967 

Tabard Inn Book Company, The, Philadelphia 965 

Tabard Inn Press, The, New York 966 


In preparing the data-sheet for Woman's Who's Who of America, the editor 
realized that a very large proportion of the women interrogated would he interested, 
one way or tho other, in the suffrage question, which loomed conspicuously above 
the horizon of pu/blic interest. Since then the question has reached deeper interest. 
More States have granted the franchise to women, a new National party has put 
a wotnan-sufErago plank in its platform, and women themselves have become more 
and more active, somo in the proiKiiganda for, and others in opposition to, the 
further extension of the franchise to women. 

So far as it was possible to do so, WoMAjf's Who's Who or America has in 
this volume given expression to the individual views of the women, represented in It, 
on the suffrage question. Most of those interrogated made answer to the inquiry 
in regard to their sinnd on suffrage, but many did not. Somo frankly declared, 
themselves to be undecided, many ignored the question entirely, and several wrote 
letters asking that nothing be said about their suffrage views, for personal or 
business reasons. One said: "I'm in favor of it, but don't put that in, for my 
husband forbids it." This is the only Woman-Afraid-of-Her-Husband disclosed in 
the entire editorial correspondence. 

In a few cases the record on the suffrage question was changed in the proof 
on submission, two or three striking out favorable reference and noting as their 
reason for doing so the actions of the English militants, and as many others 
changing "against" to "for" as a result of change of convictions. 

Space did not permit the printing of elaboration of views in regard to the 
suffrage which many expressed, some quite vehemently, on each side of the propo- 
sition. Some of those opposed evidently expect dire results from woman suffrage, 
and one is recorded' as opposed to woman suffrage "on Scriptural grounds." Many 
cf those who favor woman suffrage have at the same time disclaimed any sympathy 
with militancy, although the attitude of a few is expressed by the Western woman 
who records herself as favoring woman suffrage and being "militant if necessary." 
Another, a Wyoming woman, tells the editor: "I've voted every election for thirty 
years and haven't been corrupted yet" Several of those interrogated express them- 
selves as in favor of limiting the franchise for men and women alike on educational 
or property qualifications. 

It occurred to the editor that an analysis might be made of the data on the 
subject as printed in the book which might be Informing upon the question as to 
whether the women of the country really desire tho franchise, and with that object 
in view he has carefully scanned tho pages to find out how many are for and how 
many are against woman suffrage. 

In tabulating the results, nothing has been taken into consideration except the 
record as printed. Those have been recorded as for suffrage who have either said 
so in those words, or have mentioned their membership in purely suffrage organiza- 
tions. In this classification the calculation has not included women who have 
recorded themselves as members of the Progressive or Prohibition parties without 
further reference to suffrage views, for though those parties have declared for 
suffrage for women, there are a few cases in which memibers of those parties 
have declared themselves as opposed or neutral on tho suffrage question. 


Socialists have been counted on the suffragist side. Those who have declared them- 
selves as against woman suffrage, or as members of anti-suffrage organizations, or 
who propose to confine the franchise to school or municipal questions, or to tax- 
p&ying women, have been counted in the opposition to suffrage. On the other 
hand, those who believe in restricted suffrage for men and women alike have been 
counted in favor. In other words, the record, as made up, is of those for or against 
equal suffrage, eliminating sex as a discriminating qualification. 

The editor has compiled these figures from the printed record, even ignoring 
his i)ersonal knowledge, in those cases where no record has been printed, of the 
views of several of those who have been left out of the calculation. Those counted 
for woman suffrage aggregate 4787; those opposed, 773; those who have neglected 
to record themselves, including a very few who have gone on record as neutral, 
number 4084. The latter number is not made up of women entirely indifferent 
to the question. Some are, but among the others are some who would give little 
Information on any subject not professional, and some others who gave no data 
for this book, whose sketches have been written from personal memoranda which 
the editor has been privately collecting for the past four years for another purpose. 

As to the bearing of the figures disclosed by this analysis, it is not intended 
to comment here, but perhaps it is pertinent to state that not more than a hundred 
names, all told, of those used in the book, have been included solely for their 
prominence as exponents of either side of the suffrage question. 


A.A.A.S. . . . American Association for the 
Advancement of Science. 

A.B., OP B.A. . Baciielor of Arts. 

A.B.C.r.M. . . American Board of Commis- 
sioners for Foreign Mis- 

Acad Academy. 

Agr., agr'l. . agriculture, agricultural. 

Ala Alabama. 

A.L.A American Library Associa- 

Alta Alberta. 

Am American. 

A.M., or M.A. Master of Arts. 

Apr April. 

appt'd appointed. 

Ariz Arizona. 

Ark Arkansas. 

Ass'n Association. 

Asso Associate. 

ass't. ..... assistant 

Aug August. 

Av Avenue. 

b born. 

8. A., pr A.B. Bachelor of Arts. 

B.Agr Bachelor of Agriculture. 

Bapt Baptist. 

B.Arch. . , . Bachelor of Architecture. 

B.C British Columbia. 

B'd Board. 

B.D Bachelor of Divinity. 

LL.B Bachelor of Laws. 

B'd'g Building. 

B.L., B.LItt or 

LItt.B. . . . Bachelor of Letters. 

B.S.L Bachelor of Library Science. 

Bout Boulevard. 

B.Pd. or Pd.B. Bachelor of Pedagogy. 

B. S., Sc.B., or Bachelor of Science. 

B.Sc. . . . 

Bull Bulletin. 

B.Y.P.U. . . . Baptist Young People's 

Cal California. 

Can Canada. 

chm'n chairman. 

C.L.S.C. . . . Chautauqua Literary ajid 
Scientific Circle. 

Co Company, County. 

Coll College. 

Colo Colorado. 

Com Committee. 

Comm'n. . . . Commission. 

comm'r. . . . Commissioner. 

Conf Conference. 

Conn Connecticut. 

corr corresponding. 

C.8.A Confederate States Army. 

C.S.N Confederate States Navy. 

C.S.D Doctor of Christian Science. 

d died. 

dau daughter. 

D.Agr Doctor of Agriculture. 

D.A.R Daughters of the American 

D.Arch. . . . Doctor of Architecture. 

D.C District of Columbia. 

D.C.L Doctor of Civil Law. 

D.D Doctor of Divinity. 

D.D.S Doctor of Dental Surgery. 

D.S., 8.D., or 

Sc.D Doctor of Science. 

Dec December. 

Del Delaware. 

Dem Democratic. 

Dep't Department. 

DIst District. 

Div Division. 

D.Litt.orL.H.D. Doctor of Literature. 
D.O Doctor of Osteopathy. 

E East. 

ed educated. 

Ed'n Education. 

Edn'l Educational. 

Exec Executive. 

Exp'n Exposition. 

Exp't Sta. . . Experiment Station. 

Feb February. 

Fed Federation. 

Fla Florida. 

Ft Fort. 

Ga Georgia. 

G-A.R Grand Army of the Republic. 

g.d granddaughter. 

gen general. 

Geneal Genealogical. 

Geog Geographic. 

G.F.S Girls' Friendly Society (of 

Protestant Episcopal 


Gov Governor. 

Gov't Government. 

grad graduated from. 

H.I., or H.T. . Hawaiian Islands or Hawaii 

Hist Historical. 

Homoe Homoeopathic. 

Hon Honorable. 

hon. mem.. . . hdiior.ary member. 

Hosp Hospital. 

la Iowa. 

Ida Idaho. 

Ill Illinois. 

Ind Indiana. 

Inst Institute. 

Inst'n Institution. 

Internal. . . . International. 

Instr Instructor. 

Jan January. 

J-D Doctor of Jurisprudence. 

Jour Journal. 

Kan Kansas. 

Ky Kentucky. 

La Louisiana, 

L.H.D., D.LItt., Doctor of Letters. 

or LItt.D. . . lieutenant. 
Ileut., or It. . . 

LItt.B., B.L., or Bachelor of Letters. 

B.LItt. . . . 

LL.B Bachelor of Laws. 

LL.D Doctor of Laws. 

LL.M Master of Laws. 

Luth Lutheran. 

m married. 

M.A., or A.M. Master of Arts. 

Mag Magazine. 

M.Agp Master of Agriculture. 

Man Manitoba. 

Mar March. 

Mass Massachusetts. 

Math Mathematical. 

M.B Bachelor of Medicine. 


iMd Maryland. 

IVI.D Doctor of Medicine. 

IVIe Maine. 

M.E Methodist Episcopal. 

Med Medical. 

Mem member. 

Met Metropolitan. 

Mf'g Manufacturing. 

mf'r manufacturer. 

mg'r manager. 

Mich. . . „ . . Michigan. 

Minn Minnesota. 

Miss Mississippi. 

M.L Master of Laws. 

Mll'e Mademoiselle. 

Mme Madame. 

Mo Missouri. 

Mont Montana. 

M.S Master of Science. 

Mt Mount. 

Mus. B Bachelor of Musio. 

Mus.O Doctor of Music 

N North. 

Nat National. 

N.B New Brunswick. 

N.C North Carolina. 

N.Dak North Dakota. 

N.E Northeast. 

N.E.A National Educational Asso- 

Neb. Nebraska. 

Nev Nevada. 

N.H New Hampshire. 

N.J New Jersey. 

N.Mex New Mexico. 

Nov November. 

N.S Nova Scotia, 

N.W Northwest. 

N.Y New York. 

O Ohio. 

Oct October. 

O.E.S Order of the Eastern Star. 

Okia Oklahoma. 

Ont Ontario. 

Ore jOregon. 

Que. or P. Q. . Province of Quebec 

Pa Pennsylvania. 

Pd.B Bachelor of Pedagogy. 

Pd.D Doctor of Pedagogy. 

P.E Protestant Episcopal. 

P.E.I Prince Edward Island. 

Phar.D .. . . Doctor of Pharmacy. 
Phar.M., or 

Ph.M. . . . Master of Pharmacy. 

Ph.B Bachelor of Philosophy. 

Ph.D Doctor of Philosophy. 

P.I Philippine Islands. 

P.O., or Que. . Province of Quebec 

pres president. 

Presby'n. . . . Presbyterian. 

prof professor. 

prop'r. i , . T proprietor. 

Ref Reformed, 

Rep. Republican. 

R-l Rhode Island. 

S .• . South. 

Sask Saskatchewan. 

S.B., or Sc.B., 

or B.S. . . . Bachelor of Science. 

S.C South Carolina. 

ScD Doctor of Science. 

S.Dak South Dakota. 

S.E Southeast. 

sec secretary. 

Sect Section. 

Sem Seminary. 

Sept September. 

Soc Society. 

St Saint, Street. 

S.T.B Bachelor of Sacred Thelogy. 

S.T.D Doctor of Sacred Theology. 

Supt Superintendent. 

S.W Southwest. 

Tenn Tennessee. 

Tex. Texas. 

Theol Theological. 

treas. ..... treasurer. 

U.D.C United Daughters of th« 


Unlv University. 

U.S.A United States Army. 

U.S.N United States Navy. 

U.S.V United States Volunteers. 

Va Virginia. 

Vol Volunteer. 

v.-p vice-president. 

Vt. ...... Vermont. 

W West. 

Wash State of Washington. 

W.C.T.U. . . . Woman's Christian Temper- 
ance Union. 

W.F.M.S. . . . Women's Foreign Mfssfon- 
ary Society. 

W.H.M.S. T . Women's Home Missfonary 

Wis. . 
Wyo. . 





Woman's Relief Corps. 

West Virginia, 


Young Men's Christian As- 

Young People's Society of 
Christian Endeavor. 

Young Women's ChrtBtlan 

Zoel. . ) • « . KOoloilcaL 


The followiag sketches are from data received too late for inclusion in the book 
in proper alphabetical order. Included with them are some corrections of sketches 
in the volume: 

AL,l,EN, Mary Adile, 206 Pine St, Holyoke, 


Teacher; b. Amherst, Mass.; grad. Smith CoU., 
B.A., '86; student Greek archsology, Yale, 1896- 
1908. Teacher, Holyoke High School, 1886-91; 
Minneapolis, Minn., 1891-92; teacher of Green, 
New Haven (Conn.) High School, 1892-1905, 
Holyoke High School, head History Dep't, 1905- 
06; head Classical Dep't since 1909. Mem. Ass u 
of Collegiate Alumnae, New England Ass'n of 
Colleges and Preparatory Schools. (Correcting 
errors of sketch on page 75.) 

ALLEN, Nelly Sherman Byers (Mrs. Lauros H. 

Allen), 101 Norwood Av., Buffalo, N.T. 

Born Selins Grove, Pa., Oct. 29, 1864; dau. Nel- 
son and Katherine (Gutelius) Byers; ed. Wlll- 
iamsport (Pa.) High School, private schools and 
tutors; m. Williamsport, Pa., Dec. 12, 18S9, 
Lauros H. Allen; one son. Nelson, b. Sept. 10, 
1891 (died June 15, 1895). Against woman suf- 
frage. Presbyterian. Recreation: Golf. Mem. 
Country Club, T-wentieth Century Club. 

BARKEK, Frances Crosby Buffingrton (page 75). 
Name is a misprint for Bartter. Correct 
sketch follows: 

BARTTER, Trances Crosby Buffington, (Mrs. 

George Charles Bartter), Manila, P.I. 

Educator; b. Michigan; grad. Smith Coll., B.L. 
'01; m. Manila, P. I., George Charles Bartter. 
Soon after graduation in 1901 went to the Philip- 
pine Islands, engaged as teacher, 1901-04; super- 
visor of primary schools for districts of Ermita 
and Malate, 1904-05; principal of Normal Insti- 
tute for Native Teachers, Manila, 1904-05; tutor 
In Boston, 1907; instructor in Spanish, Smith 
Coll., January-June, 1908; returned to Philip- 
pines and since December, 1908, has been engaged 
American Civic Ass'n. Instructor In the summer 
nature study. 

BECK, Ruth Everett (Mrs. Paul W. Beck). Port 

KcPhorson, Ga. 

Writer; b. Lyons, Neb.; daughter Bonaiah 
Wcathem and Elise (Grout) Everett; ed. Unlv, 
of Neb., Fremont Normal School, grad. '93: m. 
Captain Paul W. Beck, military aviator, U.S. 
Array; one son, P^ul Ward Jr. Greatly Inter- 
ested in the American Indian and literary works 
are chiefly on that line. Favors woman suffrage. 
Author: The Heart of a Filipino; The Trail, 
etc. Democrat. Mem. D.A.R., League of Amer- 
ican Pen Women. 

Bf:ERS, Ketnrah G. (Mrs. John Hobart Bee^^^, 
912 Montrose Boulevard, Chicago, 111. 
Bom Camden, N.J. ; dau. Jacob W. Sliarp 
(officer, 12th N.J, Regiment of the Civil War) 
and Susan (Folwell) Sharp; m. Holy Trinity 
Church, Philadelphia, Pa., Jan. 12, 1871 (Phillips 
Brooks formerly pastor), to John Hobart Beers, 
of Newton, Conn.; two children: Anna Sharp, 
Kclurah Sherman. Interested In philanthropic, 
educational and religious work. Favors woman 
suffrage. Has written occasionally articles fo.- 
the press on club and philanthropic work. Mem. 
Independent Central Church. Republican. Mem. 
Jackson Park Sanitarium, Home for Destitute 
Crippled Children, Dames of the Loyal Tveglon, 
National and State Societies, Chicago Woman's 
Outdoor Art League, Municipal Art League of 
Chicago, Exhibition Committee (Art Institute). 
Mem. Woman's City Club, Chicago Woman's 
Club, Montclare Musical and Literary Club; 
pres. West End Woman's Club, Chicago. 


BILLINGS, Anna Hunt, Redlands, Cal. 

Teacher; b. Hatfield, Mass., Sept. 16, 1861; dau. 
Frederick D. and Frances A. (Hunt) Billings; 
grad. Smith Coll., B.L. '91, Yale Univ., Ph.D. 
(English), "98. Teacher, Univ. of Southern Cal., 
1S92-94; Riverside, Cal., 1894-95; Redlands, Cal., 
1853-99; Long Beach, Cal., 1902-03; State Normal 
School. San Diego, Cal., 1904-09; in Europe, 
1909-12. Author: Guide to Middle English 
Metrical Romances (Yale studies in English), 
1S99. Favors woman suffrage. (Correction of 
sketch on page 99.) 

BOCK. Stella Nathan (Mrs. Charles Bock), «6 

Chapln Parkway, Buffalo, N.Y. 

Born Johnstown, Pa., May 19, 1885; dau. 
Adolf and Fannie S. (Hess) Nathan; ed. Phil- 
adelphia High School for Girls, Philadelpnla 
Normal School for Girls, Bryn Mawr Coll.; m. 
Philadelphia, Dec. 11, 1911, Charles Bock. Super- 
visor of School Gardens of Board of Education 
of Philadelphia, 1906-11; lecturer on School Gar- 
dens, Univ. of Pennsylvania and Temple Univ. 
Mem. Board of Directors, Community House, 
Buffalo, N. Y. ; Board of Governors of Feder- 
ated Chambers of Buffalo, N.Y. ; Board of School 
Garden Ass'n of America. Head of Committee 
on Home Gardens for Poor. Jewish. Recrea- 
tions: Hockey, gardening, tramping. Estab- 
lished the home garden system in connection 
with the school gardens of Philadelphia, whereby 
gardens In yards or boxes were made by children 
under supervision in many thousands of the 
poor homes of Philadelphia. Introduced t, 
graded system of lessons for school gardens. 

BOISSEVAIN, Mrs. Inez Milholland— See Mll- 

holland, Inez. 

BK^VNCU, Mary Lillian (Mrs. James R, 
Branch), Great Northern Hotel, N.T. City, 
and Branchfleld, W.Va. 

Born Baltimore, Md., Sept. 21 1864; dau. Eben- 
Izer and Mary (Talbot) Hubball; grad. Univ. of 
N.Y., B.L. ; m. Richmond, Va.. Oct. 28, 18S5, 
Col. James R. Branch; children: James R., Allan 
Talbot, Mary Cooke. Episcopalian. Mem. 
D.A.R., Daughters of Confederate Veterans. 

BRANT. Minnie Clothier (page 123) — Convict 
addross: The Leamington, Tenth St. juid 
Third Av., S., Minneapolis, Minn. 

BROBST. Sue E., 522 Security Building, Jjot 

Angeles, Cal. 

Secretary; b. Chicago, 111.; dau. Samuel V. 
and Sarah E. (Brown) Brobst; ed. Chicago pub- 
lic schools and West Division High School. 
Through practical experience among women 
wage earners took the leading part In organ- 
izing the Business Woman's Civic Club, wuo 
made first president and afterward made Its 
life president. Favors woman suffrage. Active 
In ci.lifornia suffrage campaign. 1911; aften\',ara 
among tho first to become deputy to reg^ster 
the voters and on the first Election Board open 
to women; active In Good Government Municipal 
Campaign, 1911. Christian Scientist. Progres- 
sive. Mem. Woman's City Club, Evening City 
Club, Drama League of America (on Educational 

BUSH, E>ninia LouUe, Bucknell Univ., Lewls- 

burg. Pa. 

Teacher; b. Waverly, Iowa; dau. Austin Davli 
and Alta (Le-wis) Bush; ed. Vaasar Coll., A.B. 
'81; Bucknell Univ., A.M., 1913. Teacher, Mt. 
Carroll, Ul., 1881-82; Oxford, N.C., 18S2-&4; 



Ishpeming, Mich., 1885-90; Montour Falls, N.Y., 
1839-1901; Stetson Univ., 1902-04; Bucknell Univ. 
since 1900. Mem. Order Eastern Star, D.A.R., 
Bucknell Alumnee Club, Lewisburg; Civic Club, 
Lewisburg, Pa. Baptist. Favors woman suf- 
frage. (Correcting sketch on page 151). 

CLEMENT, Josephine Hill (Mrs. Ed. Henry 
Clement), Bijou Theater, "Washington St., 
Boston, Mass. 

Theatrical manager; b. N.Y. City, Sept. 20, 
1869; dau. Frederick Mortimer and Ida Louisa 
(Peters) Hill; ed. Adelphi Acad, and Miss 
Rounds' Private School, Brooklyn, N.Y. ; m. 
(1st) December, 1894, Charles Gilbert Russell, 
Great Barrington, Mass. (deceased); (2nd) March, 
1898, Ed. Henry Clement, of Boston, Mass.; 
one daughter, Joan Clement. Favors womaii 
suffrage; mem. Brookline Ekjual Suffrage Ass'n, 
Maas. Suffrage Ass'n for Good Government. 
Manager for five years of B. F. Keith's Bijou 
Theater. Much interested in the production of 
one-act plays; develops talent for her own thea- 
ters from the people who come to her for try- 
outs one day each week. 

CONKI.ING, Grace Walcott Hazard (Mrs. 

Roscoe Piatt Conkling), 49 Spring St., Catskill- 

on-Hudson, N.Y. 

Born New York; dau. Christopher Grant ana 
Frances (Post) Hazard; grad. Smith Coll., B.L. 
'99; student of physical geography in Harvard 
Summer School, 1899; music and language i:i 
Univ. of Heidelberg, Germany, 1902-03, and Paris, 
1903-04; tutor South Woodstock, Conn., 1899- 
1901; teacher of English, Latin and Greek, 
Graham School, N.Y. City, 1901-02; mem. Alpha 
Soc. (Smith Coll.) ; m. San Antonio, Texas, Sept. 
18, 1905, Roscoe Piatt Conkling: children: Elsa, 
b. Feb. 2, 1909; Hilda, b. Oct. 8, 1910. Author 
of poems published in the Century Magazine, 
Everybody's Magazine, The Forum, Harper's 
Magazine, the Atlantic Monthly, "Poetry" (a 
Chicago publication). The Poetry Journal (Bos- 
ton), the Craftsman and others; also a long 
poem, "Golden-throated Pastoral Horn," in tU" 
Lyric Year collection, published November, 1912. 
Episcopalian. Mem. The Poetry Soc. of America, 
a branch of the National Arts Club. (Correction 
of sketch on page 199). 

CBAWFORD, Georgina Lily Urqiihart (Mrs. 

Gustavus 'Chambers Crawford), 4 32 Central 

Av., Orange, N.J. 

Physician; b. Dunnegan, Canada, 1882; dau. 
William and Janet (Dickson) Urquhart; ed. 
schools of Vancouver, B.C.; grad. Toronto Univ., 
M.D.C.M., '05; post-graduate work in New York 
Infirmary for Women and Children; m. New 
York, 1909, Gustavus Chambers Crawford; chil- 
dren: Robert Stuart, William Chambers. En- 
gaged in active practice of medicine at Van- 
couver, B.C., 1907-09; acted as Medical Inspector 
of Vancouver public schools, 1907-09. 

DAVIS, Isabella Charles fMrs. Myron J. Davis), 
1144 Aoolian Bldg., 35 W. 42d St., N.Y. City. 
Bom Albany, N.Y., Nov. 25. 1847; dau. George 
Horn and Charlotte Augusta (Featherly) Charles; 
ed. Albany Female Acad., Albany, N.Y.; m. 
Albany, N.Y., December, 1867, Myron J. Davis, 
M.D.; children: Helen Lamb, Belle Van Heuscn. 
Active in Foreign Mission service In Asia Minor, 
1879-81. One of the founders of the International 
Order of the King's Daughters and Sons (an 
Interdenominational religious order); life mem. 
of its Central Council. Rec. sec. for one term of 
National Council of Women of the U.S. Gen. 
nee. of the International Child Welfare League; 
mem. People's Institute of N.Y. City. Favors 
•womAn suffrage; mem. Woman Suffrage Party, 
N.Y. Equal Suffrage League. Mem. St. 
George's Episcopal Church. Mem. Woman's 
Press Club. Public speaker on religious, pliil- 
anthroplc and social service topics. 

DAVIS, Katharine Bement, 148 East Twentieth 

St., N.Y. City. 

Appointed Jan. 1, 1914, by Mayor John Purroy 
Mitchell, Commissioner of Correction for the City 
of New York. (See sketch, page 233.) 

De VORE, Elsa Marion, 4 Maher Av., Greenwich, 


Violinist and teacher; b. Merom, Sullivan Co., 
Ind., Jan. 8, 1893; dau. Rev. Elcharles Artnur 
de Vore, D.D., and Ida (Gray) de Vore; cJ. 
Indianapolis public schools, Shortridge High 
School, Indianapolis; Brooklyn Girls' High 
School, Greenwich (Conn.) High School, and 
scholarship at National Conservatory of Music 
of America, N.Y. City, under Leopold Lichten- 
berg, in violin; also, Jan Munkacsy, famous 
Hungarian violinist. Professional violinist and 
teacher at the age of 16. Mem. of Christ Church 
choir, Greenwich, Conn. Favors woman suf- 
frage. Mem. Greenwich Equal Franchise 
League. Episcopalian. Democrat. Recreations: 
Riding, swimming, skating, driving, tennis, 
dancing, boating, sailing. 

DOUGLAS, Marian — See Robinson, Annie 
Douglas Green. 

DUFFY, Florence Armstrong (Mrs. James O. 

G. Duffy), Philadelphia, Pa. 

Born June 5, 1876; dau. Edwin and Miriam 
(Mayer) Armstrong; ed. Newark Acad., private 
tutors; m. Philadelphia, Pa., June 5, 1894, Jamos 
O. G. Duffy; one daughter, Eleanora Aileen; b. 
June 1, 1896. Distinguished in fencing; junior 
champion of Pa., 1913; silver medalist in senior 
competition. Against woman suffrage. Epis- 
copalian. Mem. Society of Arts and Letters. 
Recreation: Fencing. Mem. Fencers' Club, Mati- 
nee Musical Club. 

ELMER, Rachel Robinson, 189 Lenox Av., N.Y. 


Illustrator, designer; b. Ferrlsburgh, Vt., July 
28, 1878; dau. Rowland Evans and Anna (Stevens) 
Robinson; grad. Goddard Sem., Barre, Vt., '97; 
studied art under Ernest Knaufft, Rosamond 
Kelly and Art Students' League; m.. Oct. 17, 
1911, Robert France Elmer of N. Y. City. 
Taught art in Goddard Sem. two years; since 
then professionally engaged as artists and illus- 
trator Mem. Pen and Brush Club. 

FISCHER, Helen Field (Mrs. Frederick Fischer), 

Shenandoah, Iowa. 

Author; b. Shenandoah, Iowa, March 13, 1876; 
dau. S. E. and Lettie (Eastman) Field; ed. Univ. 
of Nebraska, Art Insl. of Chicago; mem. Kappa 
Kappa Gamma; m. Helena, Mont., 1905, Frederick 
Fischer; children: Gretchen, Helen Marie. Teach- 
er and lecturer before marriage. Interested in 
Children's Garden Clubs and vocational educa- 
tion. Favors woman suffrage. Has taken active 
part in all local agitation by speaking and de- 
bating. Contributed verse to The Outlook; The 
Pacific Monthly; Christian Register; best known 
poems: The Mystic Borderland; Tommy Tinker. 
Unitarian. Recreations: Gardening, motoring. 
Mem. English Club, Univ. of Neb. 

FITCII, Louise Norwood (Mrs. Overton Andrew 

Fitch), Columbia, Mo. 

Born Madison, Md., May 21, 1839; dau. Joseph 
G. and Mary Frances (Pugh) Norwood; privately 
educated because threatened with blindness for 
many years; m. Columbia, Mo., May 21, 1860, 
Overton Andrew Fitch; one son: Norwood. Sun- 
day-school teacher for fifty years. Matron of 
Univ. of Missouri since 189C. Favors woman 
suffrage. Episcopalian. Mem. D.A.R. Mem. 
Bronte Club, Fortnightly Club. 

FOLEY, Ellen S. McCarthy (Mrs. John Warren 
Foley), 586 Boulevard East, "V\''eehawken, N.J. 
Born BreesDort, N.Y., Jan. 23, 1882; dau John 
Henry and Nancy Elzabeith (Taylor) McCarthy; 
grad. Cornell Univ., A.B. '07, Ph.D. '09 (Sigma 
Xi); graduate scholar and fellow in chemistry; 
mem. Delta Zeta; m. June 9, 1913, John Warren 
Foley. Mem. Methodist Episcopal Church. Mem. 
Ajn. Chemistry Soc. Has been ass't chemist at 
the Bureau of Chemistry, Washington, D.C. ; 
later instructor in chemistry In Univ. of Illinois. 

HAMMOND, Esther Dyer (Mrs. William A. 
Hammond), 1714 Connecticut Av., Washing- 
ton, D.C. 
Born Providence, R.I.; dau. John Farnum and 

Frances Jones (Vinton) Chapln; ed. Providence, 



R.I.; m. Providence, R.I., May 1, 1886, Dr. 
William A. Hammond. Against woman suffrage. 
Episcopalian. Mem. Cblldren's Hospital Soc, 
Diet Kitchen Soc. Mem. Chevy Chase Club, 
library schools of Minnesota, lorwa, Wisconsin 
Maryland; Washington Club, Washington, D.C. 

HAY, Mary Ridgely (Mrs. Charles E. Hay), 21 

So. 2d St., Sprlngfleld, 111. 

Born Sprlngfleld, 111., Jan. 6, 1844; dau. Nich- 
olas Henry Rldgely (banker) and Jane Maria 
(Huntington) Rldgely; descendant of Samuel 
Huntington, one of the signers of the Declara- 
tion of Independence; ed. Sprlngfleld (111.) pri- 
vate schools, 1850-61; later studied in Germany; 
m. Sprlngfleld, 111., May 10, 1865, Capt. Charles 
E. Hay, U.S.A., brother of John Hay, sec. to 
Abraham Lincoln, afterward Sec. of State and 
Minister Plenipotentiary to England; children: 
John Leonard, Arthur, Anna Ridgely, William 
Rldgely, Charles Edward. Pres. Every Wednes- 
day Literary Club (twenty-six years); mem. 
Woman's Auxiliary to Episcopal Board of Mis- 
sions. Sunday-school teacher many years. 
Teacher of Infant class St. Paul's Church Sun- 
day-school (twenty years); mem. Associated 
Charities, Y.W.C.A., Sprlngfleld; Amateur Musi- 
cal Club and Woman's Club. Against woman 
suffrage. Author of poems and many papers 
before clubs. Episcopalian. Recreations: Driv- 
ing, concerts and plays, society functions, teas, 
lunches, dinners, receptions and entertaining 
clubs. Was one of the founders of the Handel 
and Haydn Soc, a vocal music organization of 
Boston, Mass. 

HOUGHTON, Louise Phillips (Mrs. E. Russell 
Houghton), The Knox School, Tarrytown-on- 
Hudson, N.T. 

Principal of private school; b. June 11, 1870; 
dau. John Francis and Mary Virtue (Cranford) 
Phillips; ed. Brooklyn Heights Sem., Smith Coll., 
A.B.; Columbia Univ.; mem. Alpha (Smith Coll.); 
m. Brooklyn, N.Y., Dr. E. Russell Houghton; 
children: S. Phillips, A. Sherrlll, Russell Le 
Rbux. Assistant principal and associate with 
Miss Lydia Day, Comstock School, N.Y. City, 
1906-11; principal of the Knox School, Briar- 
cliff Manor, 1911. Interested In the History 
■Club of N.Y., Woman's Auxiliary of the Univer- 
sity Club. Favors woman suffrage. Writer of 
book reviews, art and music criticism for a New 
York weekly paper. Lecturer on literature. 
Episcopalian. Mem. The Thursday Musical Club 
of N.Y., Smith College Club of N.Y., Phllipse 
Manor Country Club. Has lectured on psychol- 
ogy and has given drawing-room talks on Con- 
tinental Writers In N.Y. City and elsewheru. 

KELLOGG, Lacia Hosmer (Mrs. Stephen W. 

Kellogg), 83 Prospect St., Waterbury, Conn. 

Born Buffalo, N.Y., March 11, 1829; dau. 
Major Andre Andrews and Sarah M. (Hosmer) 
Andrews; ed. private schools of MIddletown, 
Conn.; m. New York, Sept. 10, 1851, Stephen W. 
Kellogg; children: Sarah A., Lucy W., Frank 
W., John P., Elizabeth H., Stephen W. Jr., 
Charles P. Congregationallst. Mem. Conn. Soc. 
of the Colonial Dames of America, D.A.R. 
Mem. Waterbury Women's Club. 
KELLY, Adelaide Skeel (Mrs. William Henry 

Kelly), Newburgh, N.Y. 

Born Newburgh, N.Y.; dau. Rufus Reed and 
Sarah Patten (Henry) Skeel; ed. Vassar, B.S., 
B.A. '73; m. Dec. 27, 1911, William Henry Kelly. 
Contributor to periodicals of articles illustrated 
by photographs taken by herself, and lecturer, 
illustrating lectures with slides of her own pro- 
duction. Mem. D.A.R. Books: My Three-Legged 
Story Teller; An After Christmas Thought; King 
Washington (with William H. Brearley). 
KENNAKD, Beulah Elfr th, 6201 Walnut St., 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Music, lecturer and writer; b. Philadelphia, 
Pa.; dau. J. Spencer Kennard, D.D., and Nancy 
Reed (Jeffers) Kennard; grad. Chicago schools, 
1887; Univ. of Pittsburgh, A.M., 1912 (honorary). 
Head of Dep't of Play, Univ. of PIttsburgn, 
School of Education, 1913. Started playgrouna 
work In Pittsburgh, 1896; pres. Pittsburgh Play- 
ground Ass'n, 1913. Pres. Western Pa. Ass'n 
of League of Women Workers (Girls' Clubs) ; 
mem. Board of Public Education, 1912-13. Favors 
woman suffrage; mem. Advisory Board Pa. State 
Suffrage Ass'n. Contributor to various publi- 
cations on subject of play, children's reading, 
etc. Baptist. Mem. D.A.R., Twentieth Ceniury 
Club, Tuesday Musical Club. 
LEAYCRATT, Julia Searing (Mrs. Edgar C. 

Leaycraft), 237 W. Eleventh St., N.Y. City. 

Editor; b. Saugertles, N.Y., Nov. 26, 1885; 
dau. John W. and Annie E. (Pidgeon) Searing; 
grad. Vassar Coll. '06; studied painting at Art 
Students' League of N.Y. City, 1907-08; m. June 3, 
1913, Edgar C. Leaycraft of N.Y. City. Mem. 
editorial staff Craftsman Magazine and Delinea- 
tor, 1908-09; studied painting at Woodstock School 
of Landscape and Art Students' League in N.Y., 
1909-10; on editorial staff New Idea Woman's 
Magazine, 1911; The Delineator, 1911-12. Fa- 
vors woman suffrage. Author of reviews, poems. 
Interviews, etc. 
LUTBELL, Estelle, instead of "Luttrell," on 

page 505; also In fourth line of sketch. 
LUTZ, Hrien Howland, page 506. In second line, 

for "Rickmond" read "Richmond." 


Following is a list of •women known to have died since their sketches were 
printed in this volume: 

BARROWS, Isabel Chapin, at Croton, N.Y., Oct. 

25, 1913 (see page 79). 
BLAKE, Lillie Devereux, at Englewood, N.J., 

Dec. 30, 1 13 (see page 106). 
CROWNINSHIELD, Mary Bradford, at Melrose, 

Mass., Oct. 14, 1913 (see page 219). 
GRIFFIS, Margaret Clark, at Ithaca, N.Y., Dec. 

16, 1913 (see page 345). 

HACKSTAFF, Priscllla Dudley, at N.Y. City, 

Jan. 15, 1914 (see page 350). 
MILLER, Emily Huntington, St. Paul, Minn., 

Nov. 3, 1913 (see page 563). 
PAGE, Ellen Frances, at Hyde Park, Vt., Dec. 

31, 1913 (see page 617). 
SEWARD, Janet Watson, Auburn, N.Y., Nov. 

9, 1913 (see page 732). 



ABBAXT, A^nee Dean, Westchester, N.T. 

Artist, painter; b. N.Y. City, June 23, 1847; dau. 
William D. and Agnes (Dean) Abbatt; ed. city 
schools, art school of Cooper Union (diploma '73), 
and afterward in Art School of Nat. Acad, of 
Design, N.Y. City. Professionally engaged as 
painter in oils and water colors (landscapes, 
coast scenes, flowers); makes models of flowers 
and plants in wax; has won medals in several 
art competitions; mem. Am. Water Color Soc. 
ABBE, Adelaide Eaton (Mrs. Alanson J. Abbe), 
375 Rock St., Fall River, Mass. 
Born Andover, Mass., Feb. 20, 1860; dau. James 
Stewart and Louisa (Howard) Eaton; ed. Punch- 
ard Free School, Andover; Wellesley Coll., B.A. 
'83 (Phi Sigma); m. Andover, June 7, 1888, Alan- 
son J. Abbe, M.D. ; children: Alice Thayer, b. 
May 7, 1890; Frederic Eaton, b. May 2. 1892. 
Mem. School Com., Fall River, 1908-10. Against 
woman suffrage. Congregationallst. Mem. 
Ass'n of Collegiate Alumnge; charter mem. Fort- 
nightly Club, and pres; 1900-02; mem. Woman's 
Club of Fall River, vice-pre^. 1909-10. 
ABBE, Elisabeth Frances, 26 Hillside Av.. 
Melrose, Mass. 

Teacher; b. Abington, Mass., Feb. 22, 1866; 
dau. Frederic and Mary Thaxter (Thayer) Ran- 
dolph; grad. Wellesley Coll., B.A. '88, M.A. '96; 
Yale Univ., Ph.D. '03; mem. A.K.X. Soc. (Wel- 
lesley). Teacher In Mass. high schools and for 
two years prof, of Greek at Mt. Holyoke Coll., 
1896-98; now head of Ancient Language Dep't, 
Melrose High School. Favors woman suffrage. 
Congregatioualist. Mem. Ass'n of Collegiate 
Alumnas, Classical Ass'n of New England, Col- 
lege Settlement Ass'n, Boston Wellesley College 
Club, College Club (Boston), Teachers' Club, Mel- 
rose, Appalachian Mountain Club. 
ABBEY, Mary Gertrude Mead (Mrs. Edwin Aus- 
tin Abbey), Morgan Park, Falrford, Gloucester- 
sliire, England. 

Bom Torquay, Devonshire, Eng. ; dau. Fred- 
erick Mead, of New York; ed. in private schools 
ijxi Vassar Coll. A.B. '70, student Berlin, 1881-82, 
Paris, 1883-84; m. 1890 Edwin Austin Abbey 
(distinguished American painter and Royal 
Academician, died Aug. 1, 1911). Since marriage 
has resided in England. 
ABBOT, Alice Balch, East Orange, N.J. 

Magazine writer; b. Brooklyn, N.Y., Feb. 11, 
1867; dau. Abiel and Alice (Balch) Abbot; prep- 
ar-atory education at Dana Hall School, Welles- 
ley, Mass.; grad. Mt. Holyoke Coll., A.B. '89. 
Since 1893 regular contributor of short stories to 
St. Nicholas. Author: A Frigate's Namesake. 
ABBOT, Etheldred, Public Library, Brookline, 

Librarian; b. Norwich, Conn.; grad. Vassar 
Coll., A.B. '95; N.Y. State Library School, B.L.S. 
'03. Librarian In Lenox Library, N.Y. City, 
1897-98; Wellesley Coll. Art Library. 1898-1905 
and 1906-10; Brooklyn (N.Y.) Public Library, 
1905-06; since ISlO ass't librarian Brookline 
(Mass.) Public Library. 

ABBOT, Helen Munro, 1210 Maple Ave., Zanes- 
vllle. Ohio. 

Born Zanesville, Ohio, Feb. 12, 1877; dau. 
Charles H. and Ella S. (Brown) Abbot; grad 
Brooklyn Heights Seminary, Brooklyn, N.Y., 
'95, Smith CoU. B.L. '99, attended Univ. of 


Berlin, also took special work in literature at 
Univ. of Pa. Taught four years at St. Mary's 
School, Garden City, N.Y. Presbyterian. Mem. 
Zanesville Authors' Club (for general literary 
work and discussion), and Shakespeare Club (for 
study, discussion and occasionally presentation 
of scenes and plays). Favors woman suffrage. 
ABBOT, Helene Black (Mrs. Stephen Abbot), 

care Adjutant General Office, War Dept.. 

Washington, D. C. 

Born Danville, III., July 21, 1883; dau. John 
Charles and Adaline (Griggs) Black; ed. Univer- 
sity School for Girls, Chicago; Thavenet-Taylor 
School, Neuilly-on-Selne, Paris, and Vassar 
Coll., A.B.; m. Washington, D. C, Dec. 27 1906 
Captain Stephen Abbot, Coast Artillery Corps, 
U.S.A.; one daugbter: Helene. Presbyterian. 
Mem. Associate Alumnas of Vassar College. 
Recreations.: Golf, tennis, riding. Against 
woman suffrage. 

ABBOTT, Aimee (Mrs. Charles Edward Ab- 
bott), 275 W. Twenty-second St., N.T. City. 
Singer; b. West Andover, Ohio, Jan. 6, 1876; 
dau. Elmer Harrison and Lucretla Giddings 
(Lindsley) Greene; grad. Jefferson Educational 
Inst., in classical course; N&w England Conser- 
vatory of Music, Boston, with honors, '94; m 
Philadelphia, Pa., Jan. 30, 1901, Charles Edward 
Abbott; one adopted daughter: Ruth Thomp- 
son Abbott. Stage career with Mme. Modjeska. 
Julia Arthur, Princess Chic Opera Co. Gave re- 
citals under patronage of Royal Governor of 
Bermuda, season of 1904. Still singing actively 
in society, club and concert. Writer of maga- 
zine stories. Mem. Daughters of Ohio, Profes- 
sional Woman's League, Dickens Fellowship. 
Actors' Church Alliance (mem. Nat. Church 
Alliance), East Side Clinic for Children, Pleiades 
Club, Little Mothers' Aid Ass'n, New England 
Conservatory Alumni Ass'n, City Fed. of Wo- 
men's Clubs, Knickerbocker Relief Ass'n. Uni- 
tarian. Recreation: Horseback riding. 
ABBOTT, Arietta Maria, 249 Elm St., Oberlln, 

Professor of German; b. Watertown, Conn.; 
grad. Vassar A.B. '81, Univ. of Mich. A.M. '92; 
grad. student at Univs. of Leipzig, Zurich, Mich., 
Berlin, Munich and Freiburg-in-Baden. Teacher 
Vassar, 1881-88; at Oberlin Coll., instructor 
1893-96, associate prof. 1896-99, prof. German. 
ABBOTT, Edith, Hull-House, Chicago, III. 

Associate director, Chicago School of Civics 
and Philanthropy; b. Grand Island, Neb. Sept 
25, 1876; dau. Othman A. and Elizabeth (Griffin) 
Abbott; ed. Brownell Hall, Omaha (preparatory)- 
Univ. of Neb., A.B. '01; Univ of Chicago, Ph.D.' 
'05; graduate student London School of Eco- 
nomics, 1906-07. Author: Women In Industry, a 
Study in American Economic History, 1910: joint 
author, The Delinquent Child and the Home, 
1912; also various articles in Journal of Political 
Economy and Journal of Sociology. Mem. Am. 
Statistical Ass'n, Am. Economic Ass'n. Women's 
Trade Union League, Ass'n for the Advancement 
of the Colored People, Consumers' League, and 
various social and philanthropic organizations. 
Favors woman suffrage; mem. of suffrage organ- 

ABBOTT, Elizabeth M. Griffin (Mrs. Othman A. 
Abbott), 705 West 1st St., Grand Island, Neb. 
Dau. James and Emeline (Gardner) Grifan 
Quaker abolitionists; grad. Rockford Coll., '68; 



m. Othman A. Abbott; children: Othman, Edith, 
Grace and Arthur. After graduation engaged 
In teaching and taught In high school until her 
marriage. Active in charities, in club work, and 
In the cause of woman suffrage. Mem. State 
Board of Charities several years. Unitarian; 
was delegate to Unitarian Nat. Conference, 
Saratoga, 1885. Member Grand Island City 
Library Board from foundation, 1880: served 
six years as mem. VJsifjng and Examining 
Board of the Nebraska 'Soldiers' Home. Has 
been pres. of tfie Woman's Club and the 
Woman's Suffrage Club of Grand Island; pres. 
Public Library B'd for many years and pres. 
Ladies' Park Ass'n. 

ABBOTT, Frances Matilda, Concord, N.H. 

Writer, genealogist; b. Concord, N.H., Aug. 
18, 1857; dau. John and Matilda (Brooks) Abbott; 
grad. High School, Concord, '75, Vassar A.B. '81. 
Wrote chapter on Domestic Customs and Social 
Life m History of Concord, N.H., 1903; author 
Birds and Flowers About Concord, N.H., 1906; 
The Simple Single, 1909; one of writers of N.H. 
Genealogical and Family History, 1908. Con- 
tributor to North American Review, Forum and 
many other periodicals; also, editorially and 
otherwise, to New York, Boston and N.H. news- 
papers; made journey to Egypt, Palestine and 
Greece, 1910. Recreations: Nature study and 
travel, and, in earlier years, rowing and moun- 
tain climbing. Mem. Ass'n Collegiate Alumna, 
Boston Ass'n Vassar Alumnae, N.H. Hist. Soc, 
Woman's Hosp. Ass'n (life). Concord Equal 
Suffrage Ass'n, Concord Female Charitable Soc. 
(life). Woman's Auxiliary to Y.M.C.A. (life), 
Appalachian Mountain Club of Boston (life), 
Stratford (Shakespeare) Club (charter, 1883), Wild 
Flower Club (founder, 1896), College Club. Treas. 
N.H. College Equal Suffrage League. Congre- 

ABBOTT, Grace, Hull House, Chicago, 111. 

Social worker; b. Grand Island, Neb., 1878; 
dau. O. A. and Elizabeth M. (Griffin) Abbott; 
ed. Grand Island Coll., Ph.B., '98; Univ. of Neb., 
1902-03; Univ. of Chicago, Ph.M. '09 (Delta 
Gamma). Director of Immigrants' Protective 
League, Chicago, since 1908. Resident of Hull 
House since 1980. Has written occasional articles 
on the immigration question in The Survey and 
American Journal of Sociology. Mem. Con- 
sumers' League, Woman's Trade Union League, 
111. Branch of Am. Ass'n for Labor Legislation, 
Woman's City Club, Social Service Club, Chicago 
Progressive Club. Favors woman suffrage. 

ABBOTT, Helen Griswoid (Mrs. Amos W. Ab- 
bott), 1710 Third Av., South Minneapolis. 
Born Delhi, N.Y., July 4, 1859: dau. James H. 
and Anna Maria (Griswoid) Wright; ed. Chestnut 
St. Sem., Philadelphia; m. Delhi, N.Y., Aug. 19, 
1880, Amos W. Abbott, M.D.; children: Harold 
Wilson, Griswoid, Helen D., Wilson, Elizabeth. 
Favors woman suffrage. Episcopalian. Mem. 
Woman's Club, Lafayette Club. 
ABBOTT, Inez Louise, Samokov, Bulgaria. 

Missionary (teacher); b. Fairfield, Mich., July 
20, 1869; dau. Oramon B. and Maria (Skinner) 
Abbott: ed. High School, Lansing, Mich., 1887; 
Univ. of Mich., A.B. "95; A.M. '98; student in 
American School for Classical Studies in Rome, 
Italy, 1902-03. As Latin specialist principal of 
high school at Constantine, Mich., 1889-91; 
teacher in high school at Esoanaba, Mich., 1895- 
97; Hinsdale, 111.. 1898-1902; Oak Park, 111., 1903- 
07; went to Samokov. Bulgaria, 1907; appointed 
principal of American Girls' Boarding School in 
Samokov. Was commissioned in June, 1907, by 
Am. Board of Commissioners for Foreign Mis- 
sions, under appointment by the Woman's Board 
of Missions of the Interior (Chicago). Congre- 
gationalist. Favors woman suffrage. 

ABBOTT, Mabel Avery (Mrs. Keene Abbott), 
.531 S. Twenty-fifth Av., Omaha. Neb. 
Author; b. Iowa City, Iowa; dau LeRoy and 

Alice (Avery) Rundell; ed. State Univ. of Iowa; 

Iowa City High School (Pi Beta Phi); m. Aug. 

29, 1905, Keene Abbott. Author: Captain Martha 

Mary; The Purple Mark; The Governor's Lady; 

Jim's Woman. 

ABBOTT, Mabelle Foster, 39 Washington Sq., or 
Woman's University Club, 99 Madison Av., 
N.Y. City. 

Journalist, author; b. Plymouth, O., Mar. 27, 
1888; dau. S. L. and Laure (von Aumend) Ab- 
bott; grad. Radcliffe Coll., A.B. '09, with honors 
in English (pres. English Club, Radcliffe, 1907- 
09). Engaged in journalistic work from gradua- 
tion, writing A Brief History of the Conservation 
Movement in Conservation News, from Nov., 1909, 
to July, 1911; editorial writer Collier's Weekly, 
1910-11, giving special attention to the Conserva- 
tion question and writing the articles: The Maine 
Water Power Situation; The Roosevelt Dam, 
and The Latest in Alaska (May, 1911). Follow- 
ing the latter article wrote one. The Alaskan 
Story, which was published July 7, 1911, by the 
Scripps-McRae papers, the charges in which 
were made the subject of an investigation by the 
Democratic Committee on Expenditures of the 
Interior Department of the House of Representa- 
tives (Washington, D.C.). Later wrote Our 
House in Order (Everybody's). Interested in 
Child Labor movement (series of articles In 
preparation). Big Sister movement. Progressive 
movement (in politics), and the Socialist Party. 
Active in Woman Suffrage Party (captain of 25th 
Election Dist. of 25th Assembly Dlst., N.Y. City). 
Mem. Nat. Board of Censorship of Moving Pic- 
ture Films. Mem. Nat. Conservation Organiza- 
tion, Nat. Geographic Soc., Socialist Party 
(Branch One). Stockholder In Twentieth Cen- 
tury Magazine; original subscriber and founder 
of Boston Common (100). Mem. Women's Uni- 
versity Club and Radcliffe Club (N.Y. City), 
College Club and Appalachian Mountain Club 
(Boston). Episcopalian. Recreations: Horse- 
back riding, mountain climbing. 
ABBOTT, Winifred Buck (Mrs. Lawrence F. 
Abbott), Oakstone, Cornwall, N.Y. 
Born N.Y., Jan. 2, 1872; dau. Albert H. and 
Laura (Abbott^ Buck; ed. with governesses, at 
the Art Students' League, Metropolitan College 
of Music, rhetoric class at Columbia, and private 
classes in Europe; m. Bayport, L.I., bept. 7, 
1905, Lawrence F. Abbott; children: Lyman 2d, 
b. July 6, 1907; Laura Buck, b. Aug. 22, 1909. 
Worked for many years in boys' clubs at Uni- 
versity Settlement in N.Y., and in Public Educa- 
tion Ass'n; pres of Village Improvement Soc. of 
Cornwall-on-Hudson. Author: Boys' Self-Gov- 
erning Clubs; also about a dozen articles on 
social subjects. Mem. Women's Cosmopolitan 
Club. Recreations: Music, art, bridge, walking, 
tennis. Favors woman suffrage. Progressive in 
political sympathies. Mem. Cornwall Equal Suf- 
frage Society. 

ABFLi, Annie Heloise, Goucher College, Balti- 
more, Md. 

Educator, writer; b. Sussex, England; dau. 
George Abel (Scotland) and Amelia Anne (Hog- 
ben) Abel (Kent, Eng.); grad. Kan. State Univ. 
A.B. (Phi Beta Kappa); grad. student Cornell 
Univ., Yale Univ., Ph.D., 1905, holder Bulkley 
Fellowship in History at Yale Univ., 1903-04, 
1904-05; winner of Justin Wlnsor prize of Am. 
Hist. Ass'n, 190f; holder of honorary fellowship 
in Teutonic philology at Johns Hopkins Univ., 
1910-11; Instr. in history. College Courses lor 
Teachers, Johns Hopkins Univ., 1910-11, 1911-12. 
1912-13; Instr. in history. Wells Coll., 1905-06; asso. 
prof, history, Goucher Coll., 1906—. Author: His- 
tory of the New Jersey Electorate (unpublished) ; 
The Indians in the Civil War; Proposals for an 
Indian State in the Union, 1778-1878; Indian Res- 
ervations in Kansas and the Extinguishment of 
Their Title; History of Indian Removals; Pes- 
simism in Modern Thought (Master's thesis). 
Mem. Ass'n Collegiate Alumnse, Southern Ass'n 
of College Women, Am. Hist. Ass'n, Hist. Ass'n 
of Middle States and Maryland, College Equal 
Suffrage League— Baltimore Branch, Baltimore 
College Club. Mem. Church of England. 
ABEL, Mary Hinman (Mrs. John J. Abel). 
Roland Park, Baltimore, Md. 
Writer editor; b. Montour Falls, N.Y., Aug. 
8, 1850; dau. George Theodore and Irene (Benson) 
Hinman; ed. Elmira Coll., A.B. '72 (mem. Calle- 
Bophia); m. July 10, 1882, John J. Abel; children: 
Margaret, George, Robert. Editor of Journal of 



Home Economics, 1909 — . Author of prize essay 
for Public Health Ass'n: Scientlflc and Economic 
Cooking for People of Moderate Means; also 
Rumford Kitchen Leaflets; four Farmers' Bulle- 
tins for U.S. Dep't of Agriculture; many articles 
bearing on home economics for current publica- 
tions. Co-founder, with Ellen H. Richards, of 
the New England Kitchen in Boston. Ten years 
a»em. B'd Charities of the City of Baltimore. 
Mem. B'd Directors, Charity Organization Ass'n 
of Baltimore. Mem. Am. Home Economics Ass'n, 
Arundell Club. 

ABNEY, Mary l,loyd Petidleton (Mrs. John Rut- 
ledge Abney). 19 E. Eighty-sixth St., N.Y. 

Bom Cincinnati, O. ; dau. George Hunt and 
Alice (Key) Pendleton; ed. by governesses and 
tutors In America, France, England, Germany, 
Italy; and Convent of the Sacred Heart, Paris; m. 
Washington, D.C.. Nov. 21, 1896, John Rutledge 
Abney. Mem. Exec. Board of the Diocesan 
Auxiliary of the Cathedral of St. John the Di- 
vine, Colonial Dames, Colonial Governors. 
Episcopalian. Former vlce-pres. for Ohio of the 
Ladles' Mt. Vernon Ass'n. During her father's 
service as U.S. Minister to Germany, 1885-89, was 
with him all the time, and from 1886 to 1889, 
filled all the social duties of the legation. 

AR RAHAT. T., Frances Helen (Mrs. Frank A. 

Abraham, 160 E. Thirty-sixth St., N.Y. City. 

Boru N.Y. City; dau. Joseph A. and Mary 
(Evers) Kinney; ed. Villa Maria Convent, Mon- 
treal, Can.; m. N.Y. City, Sept. 6, 1893, Frank A. 
Abrahall; children: Aubrey K., b. July 1, 1894; 
Frances E., b. May 6, 1904. Interested in wo-, 
men's clubs, particularly when they pertain to 
the uplift of woman and her advancement. Fa- 
vors woman suffrage. Roman Catholic. Mem. 
Rainy Day Club, Professional Woman's League, 
Daughters of the Empire State, Woman's Demo- 
cratic Club, Stage Children's Fund, Mozart 
Club, N.Y. Theatre Club, Round Table, New 
Yorkers, Housewives' League. 

ABRAHAM, Mrs. Frances Smith, 114 S. Grant 

Av., CrawfordsvUle, Ind. 

Artist; b. Greencastle, Ind.; dau. Martin Van 
Buren and Sarah (Gunning) Smith; ed. Craw- 
fordsvUle (Ind.) public school; studied art under 
Franc Aulick, Cincinnati, and Mrs. O. C. Wilcox, 
Indianapolis; m. 1886; widow, one daughter, Mary 
Frances Abraham. Maintains studio in home, 
teaching china, water color and oil painting. 
Among her best paintings are Beeches in the 
Gen. Wallace Yard, and The Tree Under Which 
Ben Hur was Written. Takes especial interest 
in G.A-R., her grandfather serving In the Mex- 
ican and Civil wars and her father and uncles 
In the Civil war. Mem. Ladies of the G.A.R. 
(pres. 1911), Order of Ben Hur, Art League 
(pres. 1900, 1902, 1912). Mem. Christian Church. 
Does not favor woman suffrage. 

ACHELIS, Bertha Franzlska (Mrs. Fritz 
Achells, 9 E. 57th St., N.Y. City, and (coun- 
try home) Ruiuson, N.J. 

Born Brooklyn, N.Y., Aug., 1865; dau. Fritz 
and Alette (Cramer) Koenig; td. Bonn and 
Berlin, Germany; m. Bonn, Germany, July, 1873, 
to Fritz Achelis, of N.Y. City; children: Mar- 
garet J., Elizabeth A., Fritz George. Formerly 
actively engaged on Executive Boards of the 
Brooklyn Hospital and Training School for 
Nurses, and' of the Brooklyn Woman's Work 
Exchange, to which still contributes; now mem- 
ber of and contributor to various German asso- 
ciations: German Ladies' Ass'n (Brooklyn), Ger- 
man Ladies' Ass'n (N.Y. City), German House- 
wives' Soc. (N.Y. City), German Recreation Home 
(Gravesend, L.I.), German Governesses' Home 
(N.Y. City), Woman's Auxiliary, German Hospi- 
tal, Brooklyn Soc. for Prevention of Cruelty to 
Children; mem. Summer Com. of Babies' Hos- 
pital, Rumson, N.J. Vlce-pres. Central Branch 
Y.W.C.A. (N.Y. City); contributor and honorary 
vlce-pres. N.Y. State Consumers' League; 
actively Interested in Working Girls' Summer 
Home of Y.W.C.A. at Rumson, N.J., and the 
activities of St. George's Parish at Rumson. 
Mem. St. Thomas's Episcopal Church, N.Y. City. 
Mem. (Jermanistic Soc., Monmouth County (N.J.) 

Hist. Soc, Monmouth County Branch, N.J., 
Charities Aid and Prison Reform Ass'n., (Tolony 
Club (N.Y. City). A vlce-pres. of N.Y. State 
Ass'n. Opposed to woman suffrage. 

ACKEK, Margaret Kate, 50 Woolsey St., As- 
toria, L.I. 

Teacher; b. Poughkeepsle, N.Y.; grad. Vassar 
Coll., A.B., '95. Teacher in Germantown, Pa., 
1895-96; Middletown, N.Y., 1896-97; Bryant High 
School, Long Island City, N.Y., since 1897. 

ACKFR, Mary Clarke (Mrs. Mllo M. Acker), 

Center St., Hornell, N.Y. 

Born BrattJeboro, Vt ; dau. Ranslure W. and 
Lucy C. (Wilder) Clarke; grad. Vassar, A.B. 
'78; m. Hornell, N.Y., 1890, Milo M. Acker. 
Teacher in Miss Dana's School, Morrlstown, 
N.J.; New Brunswick (N.J.) High School; Dr. 
C. H. Gardner's School, N.Y. City. Interested 
in Sunday-school and missionary work of Pres- 
byterian Church; manager eight years of Wll- 
lard State Hospital for the Insane; mem. Nat. 
Com. of Mental Hygiene of N.Y. State; mem. 
and ofl3cer of State Conference of Charities and 
Correction. Presbyterian. Interested in social, 
civic and philanthropic ass'ns ii» Hornell, N.Y. ; 
vlce-pres. Tuberculosis Com. of Hornell; vlce- 
pres. Humane Soc. of Steuben Co. Recreation: 
Travel in Europe each summer (with occasional 
exceptions). Mem. Monday Reading Club. 
Speaker before clubs of all sorts, conferences of 
Charities and Corrections, religious gatherings 
and all assn's with which connected. 

ACKERLY, Jennie, 416 W. 118th fet., N.Y. City. 
Teacher; b. Poughkeepsle, N.Y. ; grad. Vas- 
.iar, A.B., '89. Teacher, Hawley, Pa., 1889-91; 
Poughkeepsle, N.Y., 1891-93; Derby, Conn., 
1893-97. Teacher of mathematics, Morris High 
School, N.Y. City, since 1897. 

ACKERMAN, Ethel SerTlss (Mrs. David D. 

Ackerman), Closter, N.J. 

Born Closter, N.J., Nov. 21, 1874; dau. John 
Henry and Mary Ellen (Balrd) Serviss; grad. Vas- 
sar, A.B. (Phi Beta Kappa) '98; grad. scholar In 
mathematics and astronomy, '98-'99; m. Closter, 
N.J., June 22, 1899, David D. Ackerman; one 
daughter, Ruth Serviss Ackerman. Active In 
temperance work; pres. W.C.T.U. of Bergen 
County, N.J. ; mem. Ass'n Collegiate Alumns, 
Associate Alumnae of Vassar Coll.; Nantucket 
Maria Miichell Ass'n. Congregationallst Favora 
woman suffrage. 

ACKERMAN, Irene, 101 W. 75th -St. and (stu- 
dio) 1947 Broadway, N.Y. City. 
Actress, playwright, artist; b. N.Y. City, Oct 
28, 1869; dau. Andrew J. Ackerman and Katherlne 
(Carpender) Ackerman (now Mrs. F^y, q.v.) ; 
ed. Rutgers (Female) Coll., N.Y. City; studied 
art at N.Y. School of Art, the Art League, 
Y.W.C.A., private lessons, etc. Began as child 
actress with the Old Bowery Stock Company, 
played later with Mary Anderson at Park Thea- 
ter, and afterward starred In the legitimate 
drama and in her own plays; for some years 
engaged in journalism and dramatic writing; 
author of plays: The Gold Mine; The Choir Girl; 
Inez; A Comer on Hogs; Ricket; manager of 
Orpheum Theatre, Mt. Vernon, in 1903. Studied 
art and engaged professionally in portrait work 
in oil, crayon, water color and all mediums; also 
a specialist in dog portraits. Has often appeared 
as dramatic reader, and has also done much 
work as a teacher of voice culture and dramatic 
art; contributor to magazines of short stories, 
etc. Editor of The Union; author Book of 
Poems. Has been active in suffrage work. 
Mem. Woman's Press and Enerl clubs. Actors' 
Church Alliance, Literary and Dramatic Union 
(treas.), Rutgers Coll. Alumnae, Professional 
Woman's League, and other societies. Mem. St. 
Chrysostom's EJplscopal Church. Democrat. 

ACKERT, Helena Van VUet (Mrs. Winifred R. 

Ackert), 416 W. Fifty-fourth St., N.Y. City. 

Born Tenafly, N.J. ; ed. In schools of Pough- 
keepsle, N.Y., and grad. Vassar Coll., A.B '93 
(Phi Beta Kappa); m. Oct. 12, 1903, Rev. Wln- 
fred R. Ackert. High school teacher, Jamaloa. 
L.I., 1894-95; Newark, N.J., 1912. 


ADAZRE, Nannie, 1227 W. Lehigh Av., Phlla- field) Adams; ed. schools of New Jersey. For 

delphla. Pa. years engaged in library work as librarian of 

Educator; b. Philadelphia, Pa.; grad. Girls' the Plainfield (N.J.) Public Library; now actively 

High School, 1900; Bryn Mawr Coll., A.B., '04; engaged in organized social settlement work in 

A. M., '06. Teacher of EJnglish and history in N.Y. City. 

the Chelten Hills School, Wyncote, Pa., 1905-06; ADAMS, Smma Lily Arabella Parsons (Mrs. 

principal of Medford (N.J.) High School, 1906-07; Charles Siedler Adams), 168 Lincoln PI., 

teacher of English in Morristown (Pa.) High Brooklyn; country. Central Valley, N.Y. 

School since 1907. Born N.Y. City; dau. Hosmer Buckingham and 

ADAMS, Abby Merrill, 25 Newton St., Marl- Clelia Sara (Howson) Parsons; ed. Adelphi 

boro, Mass. Acad., Brooklyn; m. Brooklyn, Apr. 12, 1899, 

Physician; b. Farmington, Me.; dau. Joshua Charles Siedler Adams; children: Franklin Par- 

and Abigail Frost (Mosher) Adams; grad. Syra- sons, Clelia Emma Adams. Presbyterian. Mem. 

cuse Univ. Med Coll. Physician in Willard In- Adelphi Alumns Ass'n. Recreations: Music, 

sane Hospital, Willard, N.Y., for six months; tennis. Mem. Civitas Club. Against woman 

staff physician Insane Hospital, Indianapolis, suffrage. 

Ind., two years; physician in Leavenworth (Kan.) ADAMS, Emma Saul (Mrs. Charles True 

Home and Bethany Home (Minn.) for Unfortu- Adams), 1220 Dearborn Av., Chicago, 111. 

nate Women. Mem. Board of Charity and Hu- Teacher; b. Canajoharie, N.Y., Feb. 18, 1844; 

mane Soo. of LaCrosse, Wis. Favors woman dau. Rev. George and Julie Regula (Steiner) 

suffrage. Universalist; served as treasurer and Saul; ed. private schools, high school, Syracuse, 

clerk of church. Mem. Natural History Soc, N.Y., and private study; m. Syracuse, July 13, 

Marlboro, Mass. 1869, Charles T. Adams (Dartmouth '65) (died 

ADAMS, Alice Dana, 6 Reservoir Court, Brook- E^*'-',^^'^'^U ^^il'^ren: Samuel (Harvard '92), Julie 

line Mass Regula. Taught m West Newton English and 

Writer, private secretary; b. Brunswick, Me., Classical School, Friends Acad New Bedford, 

Aug. 28, 1864; dau. George M. and Louise Lord a°.<^ }^^Sh school, Nashville 'Tenn. Associate 

(Dana) Adams; ed. public schools, Holliston, Principal, later principal, of Kirkland School, 

Mass.; private study; Wellesley Coll., B.A. 'S?- Chicago; now retired. One of founders and 

m:a. '96; Radcliffe Coll. Teacher, 1889-97; study, mem Chicago Woman's Club; director 111. Audu- 

1897-99; private sec. to Rev. F. N. Peloubet °°°^°°°-,' .^s*^- ^°<^ treas of Ass'n of Principals 

D.D., 1899—. Author of Radcliffe Monograph ?^ ^}J^^ Preparatory Schools of Chicago; with 

No. 14— Neglected Period of American Anti- daughter is leading classes of women in topics 

Slavery, 1908; also, in connection with Dr. ?J ^'^^ °,^7- favors woman suffrage. Unitarian. 

Peloubet, International Bible Dictionary, 1912. JlJ^m. 111. Audubon Soc, Chicago Political 

Congregationalist. Mem. Am. Historical Ass'n, Equality League. Recreation: Bird study. Mem. 

Am. Geographical Soc., Ass'n of Collegiate Woman s City Club. 

Alumnae. Recreations: Reading, walking. Mem. ADAMS, Eva Argrene, 26 Cumberland St., Bruns- 

Boston Wellesley College Club. wick, Me. 

ADAMS. Blanche Spalding Griffin (Mrs. William ,, ^^5'^^'=*^^/, ''• f^'^^'^P^'^^f^A °^A^^*i'., ^^* = 

A. AdLns), Brookfield, Cook Co. III. dau. Franklin aLdLucmda G (Dennett) Adams ; 

Bom Thornton Ferry, N.H., Nov. 24, 1874; 1^™ ^"iov^'^''^. P^^^Vl" ^^^nn^^''^M,^^^^7c>n? 

dau Genrs-P Rvrnn anrt «?ar!ih PT-annc-i /Qrialrl Sem. 97, TUftS Coll. Med. School, M.D., 1902. 

ing)" Grtffli ^ Mccfw No^mfl Ins^ ^ Reids Engaged since graduation in general practice 

Ferry NH- Wellesley (5)11 B A '98 m" Thorn °' medicine in native place; real estate owner, 

fon Fenrv" FC H Hpp ^ii' iS^4 wmi^,^ A P^* matron Order Eastern Star; mem. Madisses 

iTam^Tl^v^ai^-''98)'^;"chUdrenftvinUmTyrot; I'^l.^f^J^'^'^ ^^ °-?h ^°n^t V""^"'"^ n 

Mary Griffin (died). Teacher English Dep't at AD.OIS. Evangeline Smith, 1003 Carnegie Hall, 

St. Margaret's School, Buffalo, N.Y., for two ^'r , ^' v t r^-^ -kt r a 

years before marriage. Treas. and on various ^^^L°^°^-^^: ^i, •'fl^7,S'-^^i ^-^7 ."^t^' ^^se 

committees in Ladies' Aid Soc. of Congregational f ""^ „"^"^,*^® \ (SnuUi) Adams (of the Adams 

Church, Brookfield; second vice-pres. Brookfield {''^^^^ °K^o^T England which gave two Presi- 

Woman's Club; chairman Library Com., which ^^'^^ }?, ^-^-^i.^^- '° Andover Mass.. and Chi- 

succeeded in getting 2-mill Public Library tax 1^^°' ^^^-J studied astrology under Dr J. Heber 

in Brookfield. Favors woman suffrage. Con- ^mith, physician and astrologer, and the symbol- 

gregationallst. Recreation: Music. Mem. Wo- If™ and esoteric mysteries of the Vedanta under 

man's Club (Brookfield), Magazine Club. Swami Vivikananda; has also studied occult 

«T^«ii<o T^j-ii. »i /,., T , .J , science m years of Oriental study and travel. 

ADAJMS, Edith Almy( Mrs. Joseph Adams), Author: Man in His Relation to the Solar Sys- 

Lakota Hotel, Thirtieth St. and Michigan Av., tem; Scientific Astrology and General Indications 

Chicago; country. Rose Lawn. Ind. for 1908, 1909, 1910, 1911, 1912, and articles on 

Born Chicago; dau. Miles and Gertrude (Cur- astrology in. various publications. Mem. Medico- 

tis) Almy; ed. in Chicago private schools and L.egal Soc. (Psychological branch). Has in her 

Misses Peebles and Thompson's Schools, N.Y. studio a library of books dealing with occult 

City; m. Chicago, Oct. 17, 1896, Joseph Adams, science, some of which are the only known copies 

Episcopalian. Mem. Saddle ajid Cycle Club. of those particular works. Recreations: Horse- 

ADAMS, Elizabeth Kemper, Washburn H6use, back riding, boating, tramping. Mem. Gamut 

Northampton, Mass. Club. Congregationalist. 

Educator, writer; b. Nashostah, Wis.; grad. ADAMS, Evelyn Parkes (Mrs. Floyd Holden 

Vassar, A.B. (Phi Beta, Kappa), '93; Chicago Adams), 15 Williams St., Hammond, Ind. 

Univ., post-graduate work, 1901-04; Babbott fel- JJorn Birmingham, England, June 10, 1865; dau. 

low, 1902-03; Ph.D., '04. Teacher Kemper Hall, George F. and Lucy (Guest) Parkes; ed. Roch- 

Kenosha, Wis., 1893-98; Vassar Coll., 1898-1901; ester, N.Y.; Cook Acad., Montour Falls, N.Y., 

Western Reserve Univ., 1901-05; Smith Coll. since grad. '88; Wellesley Coll., B.A. '92 (mem. the 

1905; associate prof, philosophy and education Agora at Wellesley); m. May 14, 1897, Rev. Floyd 

since 1909. Author: The Esthetic Experience — Holden Adams; children: Theodore Floyd, Earl 

Its Meaning in a Functional Psychology (Doc- Frederick, Dorothy Evelyn, George Lodovic, 

tor's thesis), 1904; contributor of verse to maga- Platform speaker on social, educational, civic, 

zines and of reviews to technical journals. hygienic and morality questions. Vice-pres. of 

ADAMS, Elizabeth Starbuck, 1720 Pacific Av., Hammond Settlement Ass'n. Favors woman 

San Francisco, Cal. suffrage. Author of poems and stories in various 

Educator; b. Lowell, Mass., Oct. 14, 1873; dau. magazines and articles for religious papers. 

George D. and Deborah (Hussey) Adams; ed. Baptist. Instructor in physiclal culture, Dr. of 

Wellesley Coll., B.A. ; Columbia Univ., M.A. mechano-therapy and chiropractic. Mem. Ham- 

(mem. Shakespeare Soc). Favors woman suf- mond Woman's Club. 

frage. Unitarian. ADAMS, Frances E. Lofthns (Mrs. Dow J. 

ADAMS, Emma L., 208 E. Sixteenth St., N.Y. Adams), Waterbury Center, Vt. 

City. Born Wilmington, N.C., 1861; dau. A. Louis 

Librarian, settlement worker; b. Worcester, and Sylva A. (Ayers) Lofthus; ed. Lawrence 

Mass.; dau. William Fuller and Amelia (Merri- (Mass.) schools and Wellesley Coll., A.B. ; m. 



Stowe, Vt, Dec. 20, 1898, Dow J. Adams: one 

daughter: Mildred S. Universalist. Mem. the 

Grange, Woman's Relief Corps and Cemetery 


ADAMS, Grace Smith (Mrs. Warren Austin 

Adams), Dartmouth Coll., Hanover, N.H. 

Grad. Smith Coll., B.L., '94; m. Sept. 2, 1896, 
Warren Austin Adams, Ph.D. (now prof. Ger- 
man, Dartmouth Coll.); children: Austin Lock- 
wood, b. Aug. 27, 1897; Henry, b. June 15, 1904. 
Engaged in teaching in Philadelphia, 1895-96. 
ADAMS, Harriet Chalmers (Mrs. Franklin P.), 

The Marlborough. Washington, D.C. 

Explorer, lecturer; b. Stockton, Cal., Oct. 22, 
1875; dau. Alexander and Frances (Wilkins) Chal- 
mers; ed. by private tutors; m. Oct. 5, 1899, 
Franklin Pierce Adams. In 1900 traveled through 
Mexico, and became a student of Latin-American 
affairs; in 1900 began three years' journey 
through South America, traveling 40,000 miles, 
reaching every country and many points before 
unknown to a white woman; since 1906 lecturing 
and writing, in United States, on Latin-American 
topics. In 1910 crossed Haiti in the saddle, re- 
turning with eight solenodon, classed among the 
rarest of known animals; in 1912 traveled through 
Spain and Portugal to trace the beginnings of 
Latin-American history. Especially interested 
in the Andean countries and In the (juichua peo- 
ple, descendants of the Incas of Peru, but 
familiar with all twenty of the Latin-American 
republics and student of their history and pres- 
ent conditions. Author (lectures): 'The Andean 
Wonderland; In the Wake of the Galleon; From 
Patagonia to Paraguay; From the Amazon to the 
Orinoco; The Liberation of Bolivia; also numer- 
ous magazine publications. Mem. Nat. Geog. 
Soc, Geog. Soc. of Philadelphia. 
ADAMS, Jennie Belle, 9 31 D St., Lincoln, Neb. 

Educational official; b. Fort Atkinson, Iowa, 
May 25, 1870; dau. Charles Francis and Emily 
Margaret (Snider) Adams; ed. Gates Coll., Ne- 
ligh, Neb., P. S., '95. Sixteen years sec. in 
office of State Sup't of Public Instruction, Lin- 
coln, Neb. Compiler of various educational pub- 
lications issued by the office of the State Sup't 
of Public Instruction. Congregationalist. Mem. 
ADAMS, Juliette Aurelia Graves (Mrs. Crosby 

Adams), Oak Park, 111. 

Teacher of music, composer; b. Niagara Falls, 
N.Y., Mar. 25, 1858; dau. Lyman Coleman and 
Clara (Clark) Graves; ed. public and private 
schools at Niagara Falls, N.Y. ; m. Lewiston, 
N. Y., Sept. 18, 1883, Crosby Adams. Author of 
music: Graded Studies for the Piano; Home 
Study Books; Preliminary Studies for Piano; 
The Very First Lessons at the Piano; Five 
Tone Sketches; Dolls' Miniature Suite; Finger 
Solfeggio; Bourree Antique; Four Love Songs 
for Voice and Piano; Christmas-Time Songs and 
Carols, and many others, also books; The Dolls' 
Musical Festivals; Chapters from a Musical 
Life; The Birth of Christ Told in Song; Six 
Dolls Alive. Mem. Congregational Church. Hon. 
mem. Amateur Musical Club of Chicago. Rec- 
reations: Cooking, gardening. 
ADA3IS, Kathryn Newell, Beloit College, Be- 

lolt. Wis. 

Dean of women; b. Prague, Bohemia, 1876; dau. 
Edwin Augustus and Caroline Amelia (Plimpton) 
Adams; ed. Oberlin Coll., B.A. '98; Radciiffe 
Coll., B.A. '99; graduate work at Columbia 
Univ.; student in Oxford, Eng. Teacher of En- 
glish in Fargo Coll., Fargo, N.D.; dean of women 
and prof, of English, Huron Coll., Huron, S.D.; 
dean of women and instructor in English, Beloit 
Coll. Active in church work; interested in home 
and foreign missionary work and work among 
working girls' clubs. Congregationalist. Rec- 
reation: Tramping. Mem. East End Club of 
Beloit (literary), Historical Club. 
ADAMS, Lida Stokes, 1921 Green St., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Born Washington, D.C, Feb. 14. 1862; dau. 
Hon. Green and Josephine L. (Stokes) Adams; 
ed. Park Sem. Washington, and other private 
schools in Philadelphia and Lexington, Ky.; 

studied modern languages abroad, French, Ger- 
man, Italian. Actively interested In civic and 
educational work. Mem. local School Board of 
Visitors: chief activity, the woman suffrage 
propaganda; chairman Legislative Com. for Pa. 
State Suffrage Ass'n; vice-pres. Eastern dist. 
(same ass'n); mem. State Com. to organize Wo- 
man Suffrage Party, and others. Mem. Soc. for 
Ethical Culture. Recreation: Travel. Mem. 
New Century Club of Philadelphia; vice-pres. 
and chairman Internat. Com. Civic Club of 
Philadelphia; formerly chairman Com. on Ward 
Organization; internat. sec. Fed. of Pa. Women. 
ADAMS, Loula Rhjne (Mrs. • M. R. Adams). 

Statesvllle, N.C. 

Born April 8, 1866; dau. Hugh and Nancy 
iLawing) Rhyne; ed. Mt. Holyoke Coll., A.B. 
(class historian) '88; m. Statesvllle, N.C, Oct. 14, 
1891, Dr. M. R. Adams; children: Sarah Gracey, 
b. Aug. 24, 1892: Minor Revere, b. May 13, 1895. 
From graduation until time of marriage taught 
Latin and mathematics in Statesvllle Coll. 
Pres. Home Mission Soc. (Presbyterian); his- 
torian and sec. of literature, Presbyterian 
Union; sec. of literature. Foreign Mission Soc; 
pres. Eclectic Book Club (federated in 1898); 
pres. local Chapter of United Daughters of the 
Confederacy, 1904-06 (vice-pres. since 1906). Fa- 
vors woman suffrage. Author: History of Wo- 
man's Missionary Union of Presbyterian Church; 
also some short stories. Mem. Benevolent Soc., 
Eclectic Book Club. 
ADAMS, Lucy Frances, 1396 Union St., San 

Francisco, Cal. 

Teacher; b. San Francisco, Cal.; dau. James 
and Matilda (Smith) Adams; ed. in San Fran- 
cisco; grad. Girls' High School and Normal 
School. Active in club work, interested in art. 
Favors woman suffrage. Presbyterian. Twice 
elected pres. of Soc. of Daughters of Cal. Pio- 
neers; mem. Soc. of Native Daughters of the 
Golden West; director San Francisco Girls' High 
School AlumnaB Ass'n; former pres. of Normal 
Alumnae Ass'n of San Francisco; mem. Nat. 
Geographic Soc. Recreation: Travel. Director 
Kate Kennedy School Woman's Club. 
ADAMS, Mabel Ellery, 38 Percival St., Dorches- 
ter, Mass. 

Ass't principal; b. Quincy, Mass., Feb. 2, 1865; 
dau. Joseph and Aoielia A. (Richie) Adams; ed. 
Quincy public schools, Radciiffe Coll., A.B., '08; 
served on Quincy School Com. eight years, 
1896-1904. Teacher Horace Mann School for Deaf, 
1891-1910; ass't principal since 1910. Trustee of 
Boston Teachers' Mutual Benefit Ass'n. Favors 
woman suffrage. Charter mem. Mass. Coll. Equal 
Suffrage League (first college suffrage league in 
United States). Has served as treas. and on 
board of directors. Occasional speaker. Asso- 
ciate editor Volta Review; frequent contributor 
to Volta Review, American Annals of the Deaf, 
and other magazines. Mem. Ass'n of Collegiate 
Alumnae, Radciiffe Alumnag, Nat. Educational 
Ass'n, Ass'n for Promotion of Teaching of 
Speech to the Deaf, Teachers' Mutual Benefit 
Ass'n, Lady Teachers' Ass'n, College Club of 
Boston, Masters' Assistants' Club, Boston 
Teachers' Club In 1907 received the Wilby 
prize at Radciiffe for best piece of work. 
ADAMS, Margaret Catharine Zillafro (Mrs. 

Marvin Osborne Adams), Pepper Drive, Los 

Altos, Cal. 

Born Shamrock, Mo., Nov. 2, 1869; dau. David 
S. and Mary E. (Logue) Zillafro; grad. Edin- 
boro. Pa., State Normal, '89; N.Y. Univ., Pd.M., 
'04; one of the founders and first sec. PI Alpha; 
m. Jan. 4, 1905, Marvin Osborne Adams; children: 
Marvin Osborne Jr., Margaret Grace. Teacher 
and institute instructor, 1SS9-1905; former teacher 
of logic and history of education in Normal Coll., 
N.Y. City. Interested in women's clubs; mem. 
Bradford (Pa.) Woman's Club, Woman's Club 
of Palo Alto, Cal.; Interested in forest preserva- 
tion, preservation of historic trees, etc., and in 
schools and education. Mem. Political Equality 
Club of Bradford, Pa. Has written articles on 
educational topics and on things of current in- 
terest to various magazines. Presbyterian. Re- 
publican. Pres. Los Altos Arbor Soc, Order of 
Eastern Star; active mem. N»t, Siduc&tional 



Soc, Nat. Geog. Soc. Recreations: Gardening, 
sewing, motoring, canoeing. Mem. Thirteen 
Club (Los Altos, Cal.). 
ADAilS, Mary Dean, 160 E. Ninety-first St.. 

N.Y. City. 

Investigator of social conditions; b. Lowell, 
Mass.; dau. Landon and Elizabeth (Dean) Adams; 
ed. public schools of Lowell,- Smith Coll. B.L., 
1899. Has been engaged in many investigations. 
Including those in New York and Philadelphia of 
Immigrant Women; Italian and Jewish Banks; 
Home Conditions of Underfed School Children; 
Recreations; also many others, much being of a 
secret character and not for publication. Against 
woman suffrage; m Feb. 1909, read a paper at the 
suffrage hearing In the Capitol at Albany argruing 
against votes for women, and also wrote another 
anti-suffrage pamphlet entitled Wages and the 
Ballot. Both pamphlets have been published 
by the N.Y. State Ass'n Opposed to Woman 
Suffrage. Unitarian. 
ADAMS, Jlary Kins' Humphrey (Mrs. Burton A. 

Adams), 41 Irvington St., Springfield, Mass. 

Missionary worker; m. Dec. 31, 1901, Burton 
A. Adams; children: Margaret Humphrey, b. 
Oct. 27, 1904; Dorothy Wright, b. Mar. 16, 1906. 
Missionary worker for Am. Bible Soc. in Chi- 
cago, 111., 1895-96; teacher of science in Talladega 
(Ala.) Coll., 1896-1901. 
ADA3IS, Maude (Kiskadden) , 20 E. Forty-first 

St., N.Y. City; summer, Ronkonkoma, L.I., 


Actress; b. Salt Lake City, Nov. 11, 1872; dau. 
James Kiskadden (business man) and Annie 
(Adams) Kiskadden (actress) ; ed. Cal. schools, 
1878-88. As a child of five years old appeared in 
a speaking part. Little Schneider, with J. K. 
Emmet in one of his "Fritz" plays at the old 
Bush St. Theatre in San Francisco, also at the 
Baldwin Theatre as Chrystal in David Belasco's 
"Chums." On leaving school in 1888 appeared at 
the Madison Square Theatre, N.Y. City, as a 
school mistress in Hoyt's "A Midnight Bell"; 
later played in "Men and Women," and created 
the part of the crippled girl in "The Lost Para- 
dise," in which she first attracted attention. 
Went under the Frohman management, 1890, as 
Evangeline Bender in William Gillette's comedy, 
"All the Comforts of Home"; leading woman 
with John Drew, 1892-97. Began her career as a 
star in 1897 as Lady Babbie in Barrie's "The 
Little Minister," which she created in England 
and America; in 1900 starred in Charles Froh- 
man's special production of "Romeo and Juliet"; 
in 1901 In "L'Aiglon"; in 1902 in "Quality 
Street"; In 1903 in "The Pretty Sister of Jose"; 
after a season's rest revived "The Little Minis- 
ter," and appeared also in " 'Op o' My Thumb" 
in 1905, and Nov. 6, 1905, opened at the EJmpire 
Theatre, N.Y. City, in Barrie's "Peter Pan," 
which ran two seasons; following this she ap- 
peared in "^The Jesters," and later in "What 
Every Woman Knows," 1908-09; "Joan of Arc," 
1909-10; as Rosalind in "As You Like It," 1910; 
then In "Chanticler," first produced at the 
Knickerbocker Theatre, N.Y. City, Jan. 23, 1911. 
ADAMS, Ninette Forehand (Mrs. George J. 

Adams), Pender, Neb. 

Born Poweshiek Co., la., July 16, 1871; dau. 
Lloyd D. and Flora E. (Andrews) Forehand; ed. 
UulT. of Nebraska; m. Omaha, Neb., June SO, 
1898, George J. Adams; children: Charles Fore- 
hand, Margaret Elizabeth. Ex-pres. Pender 
Woman's Club; ex-pres. Ladies' Guild of Presby- 
terian Church; chairman Public Library Com. 
Presbyterian. Recreation: Travel. Mem. Wo- 
man's Club. 
ADAMS, SalUe Harp (Mrs. Richard F. Adama), 

134 S. Second St., Palatka, Fla. 

Club woman; b. Crescent City, Fla., Jan. 5, 
1873; dau. John H. and Mary E. (Mott) Harp; 
ed. Fla. High Schools; grad. Wesleyan Female 
College, Macon, Ga., A.B., 1892; m. Crescent City, 
Fla., Oct 11, 1893, Richard F. Adams. Resident 
Palatka, Fla., since 1893; charter mem. Woman's 
Club of Palatka (two years sec., one year vlce- 
pres., three years pres.); recording sec. Fla. 
Federation of Women's Clubs 1900-1902; corr. 
sec 1902-19M: pres. 1304-1906; State sec. to Gen. 

Federation 1908-1910. Presbyterian, active la 
church work, leader of choir 16 years. Mem. 
United Daughters of Confederacy (vice-pres. Pat- 
ton Anderson Chapter, Palatka, since 1904); sec. 
Palatka Library Ass'n since 1902. 
ADAMS, Sarah Jennie Kelley (Mrs. Cliarle» D. 

Adams), 10 Tremont St., Boston, Mass. 

Educator; b. Woburn, Mass.; dau. Josqph and 
Sarah P. (Marston) Kelley; grad. Woburn High 
School '71, Vassar, A.B., '75; m. Woburn, Mass., 
Aug. 3, 1881, Charles Day Adams (A.B. Harvard 
73); children: Raymond Marston Adams (A.B. 
Harvard '05), Helen Day Adams (b. 1884, d. 1888); 
husband and son both lawyers. 'Teacher Woburn 
High School, 1876-81; later taught private pupils; 
was 11 years mem. and one year chairman 
Woburn School Board. Helped found Summer 
Industrial School in Woburn; taught classes 
(free) in parliamentary law; was member of board 
of The Burbeen Fund (corporation) for providing 
free public lectures for people of Woburn; was 
a vice-pres. of Woburn Home for Aged Women; 
prior to 1896 was a lecturer before Women's 
Clubs on Sanitation; after that debarred by 
illness from all public activities, but during past 
two years and now again active as a teacher of 
the principles of Theosophy as set forth by Mrs. 
Annie Besant. Twice pres. Woburn Woman's 
Club; first vice-pres. (during presidency of Mrs. 
Julia Ward Howe) of Mass. State Fed. Woman's 
Clubs, 1893-95; one of incorporators of College 
Club (Boston); mem. Vassar Alumnaa Ass'n; 
former mem. Ass'n Collegiate Alumns. Uni- 
tarian. Republican. 

ADAMS, Susan Louise, 2983 B. Grand Boule- 
vard, Detroit, Mich. 

High school teacher; b. Cleveland, Ohio, Feb. 
3. 1882; dau. William F. and Susan G. (Harp- 
ham) Adams; grad. Wellesley Coll., A.B. '04; 
mem. Alpha Kappa Chi. Cor. sec. of East Side 
Settlement Ass'n since 1910. Favors woman suf- 
frage; mem. Detroit branch of College Equal 
Suffrage League. Universalist. Cor. sec. Ass'n 
Collegiate Alumnae (Detroit branch); mem. De- 
troit Soc. for Social Hygiene, College Club of 
Detroit, Detroit New Century Club, Wellesley 
Club of Detroit, U.S. Daughters of 1812. 
ADAMS, Virginia ("Jennie") Claiborne (Mrs. 

Robert McCormick Adams), Webster Groves, 


Born Rocky Mount, Franklin Co., Va., Sept. 5, 
1853; dau. Nathaniel Charl^ Cole and Mildred 
Kyle (Morris) Claiborne; grad. with honor from 
St. Vincent's Acad., St. Louis, Mo.; m. Oct. 21, 
1874, Robert McCormick Adams, of Chicago; 
children: Hugh Claiborne, Mildred Kyle (de- 
ceased), Amanda McCormick, Nathalie Claiborne, 
Virginia Claiborne, Robert McCormick Jr. and 
Marian Kyle (twins), John BeUingham. Mem. 
Colonial Dames of Mo. (former historian and 
cor. sec); was mem. D.A.R. for several years, 
and formerly mem. Wednesday Club and Mon- 
day Club of St. Louis. Favors woman suffrage 
and first pres. of Equal Suffrage League of Web- 
ster Groves. 
ADAIVIS, Winifred Brady (Mrs. John Ottis 

Adams), "The Hermitage," Brookvllle, Ind- 

Artlst; b. Muncie, Ind., May 8, 1871; dau. 
Thomas Jefferson and Emeline (Wolfe) Brady; 
ed. Miss Burgess' School, Washington, D.C. ; 
Lasell Sem., Boston; Drexel Inst, and Art Stu- 
dent.s' League, N.Y. City; m. Muncie, Ind., Oct. 
1, 1898, John Ottis Adams; children: Alban, 
Edward and Robert. Mem. Soc. of Western 
Artists, Cincinnati Woman's Art <31ub; work 
owned by John Herron Art Inst., Indianapolis; 
Art Ass'n of Muncie, Ind. Universalist. 
ADDAMS, Jane, Hull House, 800 South Halsted 

St., Chicago, 111. 

Social reformer, lecturer, writer, philanthro- 
pist; b. Cedarville, 111., Sept 6, 1860; dau. Hon. 
John H. and Sarah (Weber) Addams; grad. 
Rockford (111.) Coll., A.B. '81, took post-grad- 
uate courses in Europe and U.S.; LL.D. Univ. 
of Wis. '04, Smith Coll. '10; A.M. Yale '10. 
Since leaving college has devoted her life to 
social reforms. In 1889, with Miss Ellen Gates 
Starr, founded Hull House, long recognized as 
the most successful exponent of the Social Set- 
tlement idea, of which she has from the flnt 



been head reflldent. Constant worker in Chicago 
for niunicli>al rrform and Bocial betterment. 
Member of the managing boards of numerous 
natlonai philanthropic organizations as well as 
local societies for municipal and social uplift; has 
been active in securing factory legislation, civil 
service laws, the Investigation and amelioration 
of tuberculosis conditions, and in the campaign 
against the "white slave" traffic; a leader in the 
equal suffrage movement and vlce-pres. Nat. 
Woman Suffrage Ass'n; vice-pres. 111. Equal 
Suffrage Ass'n; trustee Rockford College. Con- 
gregationalist. Vlce-pres. National Executive 
Committee of the Progressive Party. Has trav- 
eled extensively, having spent two years at one 
time, six months at another and made several 
other trips abroad; while in Russia made a visit 
to Count Tolstoy. Clubs: Chicago Woman's, 
Fortnightly, Twentieth Century, Woman's City. 
Lecturer and writer on social reforms, contrib- 
utor to magazines. Author: Democracy and 
Social Ethics, 1902; Newer Ideals of Peace, 1907; 
The Spirit of Youth and the City Streets, 1909; 
Twenty Years at Hull House, 1910; A New Con- 
science and an Ancient Evil, 1912. 
ADDISON, Julia de Wolf (Mrs. Daniel Dulany 

Addison), All Saints' Rectory, Brookline, 


Artlflt, author, composer; b. Boston, Feb. 24, 
1866; dau. Franklin and Ann de Wolf (Lovett) 
Gibbs; ed. In England and Boston, specialized in 
mnsic and art, also studied art in Italy; m. 
Feb. 20, 1889, Rev. Daniel Dulany Addison, D.D., 
rector of All Saints' Church, Brookline Mass. 
Art specialty is in ecclesiastic and heraldic 
design and llliunlnation and embroideries; com- 
poser of music of songs, carols, etc. Active 
mem. of Soc. of Arts and Crafts, of which was 
one of the iiicorporators. Author of works on 
art: Art of the Pitt! Palace, 1903; Classic Myths 
in Art, 19M; Art of the National Gallery, 1905; 
Art of the Dresden Gallery, 1906; Arts and 
Crafts in the Middle Ages, 1906; The Boston 
Museum of Fine Arts, 1910; The Spell of Eng- 
land, 1912; also two novels: Florestane the Trou- 
badour; Mrs. John Vernon; and several plays. 
Protestant Episcopalian. Mem. Copley Soc. of 
ADDISON, Kate B. (Mrs. George W. Addison), 

201 Linwood Boulevard, Kansas City, Mo. 

Public school teacher; b. Chickasaw, la., Apr. 
29, 1863; dau. John E. and Katherine (McNutt) 
Rowen; ed. public schools of Iowa; private tu- 
tors; m. Aug. 20, 1882, George W. Addison; chil- 
dren: Elizabeth, Beula D. Assisted in establish- 
ing a working girls' hotel In Kansas City, Mo., 
and a parental house for Juvenile Court wards 
in Jackson Co., Mo. Mem. Order Eastern Star, 
Industrial Home Ass'n, Community Center, So- 
cial Workers' Conference, W.C.T.U. Clubs: His- 
tory and Literature of Kansas City, Mo.; pres. 
of the Council of Clubs, Kansas City, Mo. Rec- 
reations: Reading, nature. Unitarian. Favors 
woman suffrage: was pres. of the Kansas Equal 
Suffrage Aas'n four years. 
ADDISON, Marsraret Eleanor Theodora, Annes- 

ley Hall, Queen's Park, Toronto, Can. 

Educationalist; b. Homing's Mills, Can., Oct. 
21, 1868; dau. Peter and Mary A. (Campbell) 
Addison; ed. pmbllc and high schools; grad. 
Univ. of Toronto (Victoria Coll.), first class 
honors, sliver medal In modern languages. 
Teacher in private school, Collegiate Inst ; lec- 
turer In German, Univ. of Toronto (Victoria 
Coll.); Dean of Woman's Residence, Victoria 
Coll. Mem. Of Woman's Missionary Soc., Social 
Union, executive of Alumni Ass'n of Univ. of 
Toronto, executive of Victoria Woman's Ass'n; 
ex-pre»i University Women's Club. Delegate of 
Alumnsa of the Univ. of Toronto to Imi>erlal 
Congress of Universities of the Empire, 1912, at 
London. Mem. National Y.W.C.A. Board of 
Canada; mem. BViual Franchise League; mem. 
Methodist Church of Canada. 
ADENAW, Charlotte Mllnor GlUet (Mrs. Arthur 

P. Adenaw), 178 Barclay St., Flushing, N.T. 

Born N.Y. City, Jan. 10, 1880; dau. G.M. and 
Susan V. (Milnor) GlUet; ed. by governess and 
Miss Walker's School, N.Y. City; m. Oct. 14, 
IMS, Artliar P. Adenaw; cMldren: Charlotte 

L'Estrange, Arthur Paul Jr., Natalie GlUot 
Recreations: Golf, tennis, dancing, swlmmlns. 
Protestant Episcopal. Against woman suffrage. 
ADKINS, Mary Ewart, 6011 Klmbork Av., 

Chicago, 111. 

Missionary secretary; b. Iowa City, Iowa; 
grad. Vassar Coll., A.B. '96; grad. student, 18£^ 
97; ass't in gymnasium, 1897-99, Vassar Coll.; 
director Women's Gymnasium, Denison Ufliy. 
1899-1900; Y.W.C.A., Elgin, 111., 1903-08; slnca 
1909 foreign sec. Woman's Baptist Missionary 
Soc. of the West, Chicago. 
ADLEK, Helen O. (Mrs. Felix Adler), 162 W. 

Seventy-seventh St., N.Y. City. 

Born Staten Island, N.Y., Sept 4, 1859; dau. 
Joseph Goldmark and Regina (Wehle) Goldmark; 
ed. Brooklyn Heights Sem., Brooklyn, N.Y. ; m. 
May 24, 1880, Felix Adler (lecturer Ethical Cul- 
ture Soc); children: Waldo, Eleanor H., Law- 
rence, Margaret, Ruth F. Chairman of Com. on 
District Nursing of Ethical Soc.; founder of first 
Laboratory Dep't for Modified Milk for Tene- 
ment Babies. 1891; mem. Board Manhattan Trade 
School; mem. Com. of Relief Works, Ethical 
Society; Woman's Auxiliary to Civil Service 
Reform Club. Author: Hints for Scientific Study 
of Children, 1891. Mem. Ethical Culture Soc 
Favors woman suffrage, but opposed to militant 
ADY, Dora BeUe, 114 W. Main St., Sparta, Wis. 

Insurance; b. Viroqua, Wis.. Aug. 6, 1862; dau. 
I. H. and Caroline (Morgan) Ady; ed. Drake 
Univ., Chicago School of Music. Teacher at 
music and drawing in public schools. Assumed 
Che insurance business of her father at his death 
in 1908. Mem. Woman's Foreign and Home Mis- 
sionary Soc. ; lady commander of Spartan Hive, 
No. 96, of the Ladies of the Maccabees of the 
World. Pres. Seventh Dist ol Wis. Suffrage 
Ass'n. Baptist. County pres. Monroe Co. of the 
W.C.T.U. Recreations: Music, painting. Mem. 
and for years sec. Alexandrian Club of Sparta. 

AGEE, Fannie HeasUp Lea (Mrs. Hamilton Pope 
Agee), 1551 Wilder Av., Honolulu, H.T. 
Writer; b. New Orleans, La.; dau. James J. 
and Margaret (Heaslip) Lea; ed. public schools 
(New Orleans); Newcomb Coll., A.B. post-grad, 
work In English at Tulane Univ.; m. Mar. U, 
1911, Hamilton Pope Agee, of New Orleans. 
Author: Quicksands, 1911; Jaconetta Stories, 
1912; short stories from time to time, in Har- 
per's, Century, Scribner's, Collier's, Woman's 
Home Companion, Alnslee's, Smith's, Red Book. 
Episcopalian. Mem. Phi Beta Kappa. Recrea- 
tions: Surfing, tramping, dancing. Mem. Au- 
thors' League of America, Hawaiian Outrigger 
Canoe Club, College Club (Honolulu). Favors 
woman suffrage. 

AHEARN, Margaret Hewitt (Mra. Thomaa 
Ahearn), "Buena Vista," 684 Laurier Av., 
Ottawa, Can. 

Born Montreal; dau. Alexander Fleck; ed. 
MoGill Normal School and Ottawa Ladies' ColL; 
m. 1892, Thomas Ahearn, electrical engineer and 
capitalist Pros. Women's Canadian Historical 
Soc. ; pres. Alumni Ass'n of Ottawa Ladles' Coll. 
Pres. Local Council of Women, Ottawa; pres. 
Local Board of Management or Victorian Order 
of Nurses; director Women's Art Ass'n of Ot- 

AHEBN, Mary EUeen, 37 S. Wabash At., Chi- 
cago, 111. 

Librarian, editor; b. Marion Co., Ind.; dau. 
William and Mary (O'Neill) Ahern; ed. public 
and private schools of Indiana and IlUnolB 
Library School. Assistant State Librarian, 1889- 
93; SUte librarian, 1893-95, of Indiana. Founded 
1896, and ever since editor in chief of the period- 
ical Public Libraries. Lecturer at all the library 
schools. Writer of magazine articles. Mem. Am. 
Library Inst, Am. Library Ass'n, Nat. Educa- 
tional Ass'n, Am. School Peace League, 111. 
Library Ass'n. Clubs: Fortnightly (Indianapo- 
lis), Women's City (Chicago), Chicago Woman's, 
Chicago Library. Opposed to suffrage tor women. 

AHLDAY, Josephine Ford (Mrs. F. W. Ahlday), 
Wharton, Tex. 
Bom in Oregon, July 2, 1849; dau. Bautwn 



and Mary (Lenox) Ford; ed. in city schools, 
Austin, Texas; m. Austin City, Texas, Sept. 24, 
18S4, F. W. AhWay. Baptist. Democrat. Mem. 
Woman's Missionary Soc. (Baptist), United 
Daughters of Confederacy, local chapter J. E. B. 
Stuart. Recreation: Culture of flowers for per- 
sonal pleasure. Mem. Mutual Improvement 
Club, Public Civic Improvement Ass'n. Advo- 
vates better protection of woman's property 
AHKENS, Mary A. (Mrs. Louis Ahrens), 5495 

Cornell Av., Chicago, 111. 

Lawyer; b. Saffordshire, England, Dec., 1836; 
dau. William H. and Ann (Brown) Jones; ed. 
Northwestern Univ., Evanston, 111., LL.B.; m. 
(1st) Galesburg, 111., 1857, Philip Fellows; (2d) 
Louis Ahrens; children: Frank B., Fred B., Mary 
Louise. Settled an estate in Chicago for heirs in 
Sweden; won many suits where large interests 
were at stake; obtained favorable construction 
of statute from Supreme Court conferring the 
right of women to vote for school trustees. Ac- 
tive worker in M. E. Church, a singer and a 
SuBday-school worker; in 1S93-94 fed many thou- 
sands of starving men and boys, and established 
a home for destitute women and girls in Chicago, 
111. Contributor to magazines. Charter mem. 
and one of organizers of Protective Agency for 
Women and Children, one of the five organizers 
of 111. Women's Press Ass'n, twenty-seven years 
ago; pres. of Immediate Aid Soc. Mem. Phy- 
sical Research Soc. and Grand Army Post. Rec- 
reations: Theatre, gardening, country life. Fa- 
vors woman suffrage; Puepublican; pres. of 
Cook Co. Suffrage Ass'n; has lectured all 
through 111. upon suft'rage question. First lec- 
ture was entitled Equal Rights and Social 
Purity Forty Years Ago. 
AIKEN, Carolyn Jones (Mrs. David Aiken), 710 

Amberson Av., Pittsburgh. Pa. 

Bom Pittsburgh; dau. Rees and Catherine 
(Humbird) Jones; m. David Aiken Jr.; children: 
Catherine (Mrs. Reed), Rachel, Clara, Florence 
CMrs. Smith), Grace. Against woman suffrage. 
Presbyterian. Mem. Twentieth Century Club. 
AIKEN, Edith Kenney (Mrs. James P. Aiken), 

935 Military St., Port Huron, Mich. 

Bom Cleveland, O. ; dau. Oscar F. and Melissa 
(Mcintosh) Kerney; ed. Cleveland public schools; 
m. Cleveland, June 17, 1896, James P. Aiken, 
M.D. Mem. Christian Science Church; pres. 
Ladies' Library Ass'n. Favors woman suffrage; 
active worker on committees. Progressive Re- 
AINSWOBTH, Sarah Frances Anderson (Mrs. 

Henry A. Alnsworth), MoUne, III.; winter, 

Daytona Beach, Fla. 

Born Bucyrus, O., Nov. 5, 1849; dau. John and 
Mary (Andrews) Anderson; ed. Rockford Coll., 
Rockford, 111. ; was graduated from Normal 
course in 1869, when the school was Rockford 
Sem. ; m. Uniontown, Pa., June 30, 1S96, Henry 
A. Alnsworth. Taught at Rockford Sem. and 
Coll. 25 years; was financial sec. of college, 
18^-1890; pres. of college 1890-96. Was pres. ot 
the Free Kindergarten Ass'n in Moline, 111., for 
six years until the kindergarten was made a 
part of the public school system. Mem. As- 
sociated Charities of Moline, 111., until the Mo- 
line Women's Club engaged a woman to take 
charge of all relief work. Favors woman suf- 
frage. Congregationalist. Progressive in poli- 
tics. Mem. 111. State Audubon Soc, Florida 
State Audubon Soc. Recreations: Music, drama, 
cards, motoring, observing birds. Mem. Wo- 
man's Club of Moline, 111.; Palmetto Club of 
Daytona, Fla. ; Sans Souci Club, Daytona Beach, 
Fla.; Chicago College Club. 
AKINS, Zee (Byrd), 2427- McLaren Av., St. 

Louis, Mo. 

Author; b. Humansville, Mo., Oct. 30, 1886, 
dau. Thomas Jaspard and Elizabeth (Green) 
Akins; ed. at home; Montlcello Sem., Godfrey, 
111., 1900-01; Hosmer Hall, St. Louis. Mo., 1902-03. 
Private sec. to father, Thomas J. Akins, for 
period in 1911-12, during his term as postmaster 
of St. Louis, Mo. Interested in amateur dra- 
matics, social service, pKjlitical and art move- 
ments. Author: Interpretations, a Book ot First 

Poems, 1912. Represented In The Lyric Year. 
with poem entitled Lethargy, 1912; verse has ap- 
peared in Harper's, Century, Forum, and va- 
rious magazines. Mem. St. Louis Artists' Guild. 
Clubs: The Players, the Dramatic Club, the 
Town Club, St. Louis. Recreations: Riding, 
walking, dancing, tennis, amateur dramatics. 
Favors woman suffrage; mem. Equal Suffrage 
AXBEE, Helen Rickey (Mrs. John Albee), 

Pequaket, N.H. 

Writer and craft- worker; b. Dayton, Ohio, 1864; 
dau. James and Rosaltha (Jones) Rickey; ed. 
privately at home under governess; grad. Dayton 
High School, '81; studied designing in New York; 
m. Minneapolis, 1894, John Albee; lectures occa- 
sionally: contributor to magazines. Founded 
Abnakee Rug Industry, first industry ot its kind 
1897. Author: Mountain Playmates, 1900 
Abnakee Rugs, A Manual on Rug-Making, 1901 
Hardy Plants for Cottage Gardens, 1910; The 
Gleam, 1911. Mem. Nat. Geog. Soc. Recrea- 
tions: Gardening, photography. 
AJLBEE, JIaria Hawes, Bryn Mawr Coll., Bryn 

Mawr, Pa. 

Teacher of Latin; b. New Haven, Conn.; ed. 
Hillhouse High School, New Haven; Bryn 
Mawr Coll., A.B. '04; graduate student, Yale, 
1904-06: graduate scholar in Greek, 1909-10, and 
graduate student, 1910-11; Bryn Mawr Coll., 
A.M. '10. Instructor in Latin, German and 
history in high school, New Haven, 1904-06; head 
of Classical Dep't and ass't principal Tudor 
Hall, Indianapolis, Ind., 1906-07; teacher at Latin 
in high school, NeTV Haven, 1907-09; ass't in 
secretary's office, Yale Univ., 1908-09; teacher 
ot Latin in Miss Wright School, Bryn Mawr, 
since 1909. 
ALBERS, Minnie Martin (Mrs. Homer Albers), 

55 Irving St., Brookllne, Mass. 

Born Gowanda, N.Y., Sept. 18, 1865; dau. 
Charles Henry and Sarah S. (Goodell) Martin; 
ed. Fredonia, N.Y.; m. Fredonia, N.Y., June 26, 
1889, Homer Albers. Episcopalian. Mem. Salon 
F^ancais de Boston, MacDowell Club. 
ALBERT, Grace, The Students' Inn. Bryn 

Mawr. Pa. 

Teacher; b. Philadelphia, Pa.; ed. Miss Gror- 
don's School, Philadelphia; Bryn Mawr Coll., 
A.B. '97: A.M. '03; graduate student, 1901-02 and 
1904-08; graduate scholar in history and eco- 
nomics and politics, Bryn Mawr Coll., 1902-03; 
fellow In hislory and student Univ. of London; 
engaged in research work in the Public Record 
Office. London, and Univ. of Oxford, 1903-04. 
Teacher of Latin, 1899-1901; of history, 1905-06, 
and sec, 1901-92, and since 1906 head of Dep't of 
History in the Misses Shipleys' School, Bryn 
Mawr, Pa. 
A^BEBTSON, Lucy Durfee Clark (Mrs. William 

C. Albertson). 55 Lafayette St., Geneva, N.Y. 

School principal; b. Marion, Wayne Co., N.Y., 
July 10, 1865; dau. Isaac A. and Sarah (Durfee) 
Clark; received classical diploma from Geneseo 
State Normal School, 1886; grad. Univ. of Mich. 
A.B. 1891 (mem. Kappa Kappa Gamma); m. Lake- 
vllle, N.Y., Aug. 31, 1892. William C. Albertson; 
one son: Robert Durfee Albertson. Teacher of 
Latin and Greek in Baldwlnsville High School. 
1886-1888; teacher ot geometry. Girls' High School. 
Brooklyn, N. Y., 1892; teacher of Teachers' Train- 
ing Class, Monticello, N.Y., 1906; principal Pros- 
pect Av. Public School, Geneva, N.Y., 19C6. 
Presbyterian. Progressive in politics. Mem. 
Political Equality Club and College Club; favors 
woman suffrage. 
ALBRECHT, Jennie Butler (Mrs. J. M. Al- 

brecht), Tlskllwa. 111. 

Born Tiskilwa, 111.; grad. Rockford (111) Sem. 
(now college), 1871; m. Tiskilwa. 111.. J. M. 
Albrecht. Taught in public schools of Tiskilwa 
for five years previous to marriage; has since 
lived on a farm. Mem. Order Eastern Star (was 
First Worthy Matron for three years of Sharon 
Chapter). Mem. Woman's Club (has been sec. 
and pres.). 
.4LBRIGHT, Evelyn Mary, 5600 Drexel Av., 

Chicago, 111. 

Teacher; b. Sidney, O.. May 1, 18S0; dau. Lewli 


Miller and Eliza L. (Downing) Albright; ed. AiDAJCH, Mrs. Arthur, LlTermore, Colo. 

CWilo Wesleyan Univ., Delaware, O., A.B. '98; Bom Manchester, "Wis.; dau. Asa H. and 

A.M. 1900; Univ. of Chicago, grad. student since Frances E. (Tlbbetts) Aldrich; ed. public schools 

1907; Phi Beta Kappa. Instructor and assistant of Wis., Pawnee City Academy, Neb., and Agr'l 

prof, of English, Ohio Wesleyan Univ., 1899-11; Coll., Colo.; m. June 4, 1887, Arthur N. Aldrich. 

resident student of Univ. of Chicago. Favors Active In Intellectual and educational work; pres. 

woman suffrage. Author: The Short Story, 1907; of Livermore Woman's Club for past seven years, 

Descriptive Writing, 1911. Mem. Methodist has been a teacher in Wis., Kans., and Colo. 

Episcopal Church. (ten terms in all) ; had thrilling pioneer eiperi- 

ALBBIGHT. Sasan Gertrude Fuller (Mrs. John ence in Kans. and Colo., now living on a ranch. 

Joseph Albright), 730 W. Ferry St., Buffalo, Recreation: Oil painting. Favors woman suf- 

\! Y ° • frage. Republican. 

Grad Smith Coll. B.A. '91; m. 1897, John ALDRICH, Mrs. Auretta Boys, 82 Belmont Av., 

Joseph Albright, merchant, banker and art Springfield, Mass. „, , ^ ,,, ^, 

patron, and one of the Incorporators of the Author, educator; b. Fletcher, Vt., Nov. 2, 

American Academy in Rome; children: John 1829; dau. Benedict and Melissa (Dunn) Roys; 

Joseph, b. 1897; Elizabeth, b. 1898; Fuller, b. early education in Mass. ; took course at Medlco- 

1900- Nancy, b. 1905; Susie, b. 1908. Engaged Chirurgical Coll., Philadelphia, two courses at 

as private teacher in Buffalo, 1891-95. Mem. Clark Univ., Worcester, Mass., and one year In 

Aas'n ol Collegiate Alumnae. Germany; m Woonsocket, R.I 1850, Andrew J. 

,-,-^-^-^T ^ ^Zi TL, mr * -o « V, ,.* Aldnch; children: Arthur G., Ida Auretta, Flor- 

ALDEN Cjnuthla May Westover Bensonhurst j^ ^ p j ^ ^^^ summer schools 

Brooklyn, N.Y. (office, 96 Fifth Av.. N.Y. City.^ j^^ physi<kl training for six years, and then. In 

«^^'i?i?*^^°P'^'^'«v"*^°c= **• /t'°°'. 1° % ^^ 1875. started Mr. S. L. Hill's Industrial Work 

31, 1862; dau. Oliver S. and Luclnda (Lewis) ^^ ■^lorence, Mass. Author: Kindergarten Hand 

Westover; descendant of Westovers who emi- ^^^^ y^^^^. children and Their Models and 

grated from Holland to Virginia, 1600, and by criUcs, 1900; Life and How to Live It, 1900. 

maternal descent from a Welsh family of which Directed translation of Bertha Meyer's Educa- 

Francis Lewis (signer of the Declaration of Inde- u^^ ^f the Child; contributed to Henry Bar- 

pendence) was a member; ed. public schools of ^^^.^ child Papers, and to various maga- 

Colo., State Unlv of Colo (normal course), ^,neg and papers on the subjects of Physical 

?T^rf i^n",^""®^^ ii%"%, ^A^l'^- 1,. i«^ ^^.-^n- Culture and the Proper Training of ChUdren. 

Univ.) 1903; m N.Y City Aug 15. 1896. John p^^^^ woman suffrage. Unitarian. Mem. 

Alden, one of the editors of the Brooklyn Eagle woman's PoliUcal Class, Grandmothers' Class. 

Before marriare taught in public schools at physical Culture Class. Kindergartners' Class 

Boulder Colo; later came to NY City and and Women's Club of Springfield. Recreations: 

became for a time customs inspectress and later Gardening and riding 

private sec. to Street Cleaning Commissioner. ATTiuTriCT r ^^t^^ n^^tct^w, riur^., rp „„ tt 

Entered newspaper work, becoming editor of the '^dH,^^;,^*'^%?,^*t.' ^^""hH^^ «=,- 

Woman's Page on N.Y. Recorder and later on ^'^'I'i iV'd^. ? wiL,^H *^S,™*"^*"i^^ ^^• 

N.Y. Tribune: and afterward was in editorial work ^S^^^„^^^^l,%^-u^^^°^' J?^', ^*"- ,^,**^- 

on N.Y. Herald and Ladies' Home Journal. Z^ Boiling and Corilla (Nation) Banister; 1 ter- 

Founded, 1896. and is president-general of the ^^ ^nVf ^^ ?^°v,. ^° ^^""T ^^ '^'^' S^^V'^^,,'" 

International Sunshine Society, now a world-wide ^.Y. City, Chicago and Boston; ml Huntsvllle. 

organization which requires its members to agree ^^^^v ^^f,^.,^' if^^/''^°^° "■^c^foni'^' a'^'"-' °^ 

to do at least one kind act during the year. ^^"LTIT^ f^' ^-f^- "^^^ l^' 1906 Appeared 

Finding that no insUtutlon was in existence to ff ^"^"'iV ^'}^ ^25^°° Symphony, N.Y. Sym- 

take cire of blind babies, conceived a plan to ^'^I'^' T?®°<^°^® ^\°°^^l Russian Symphony, 

found the International Sunshine Blind Babies' Victor Herbert and Minneapolis orchestras. 

Home at Dyker Heights, Brooklyn, and later a Episcopalian. Mem. Va. Soc. of Colonial Dames 

similar home at Summit. N.J.. raising neariy of America. Recreations : Driving motor cars. 

$200,000 to establish them, and securing the pas- f H^^°"¥'vf "f^ of ',, '^^.^'^IP^/t.. ^^^l "^°"f,'^ 

sage flf laws under which dependent blind babies Club and Music Study Club (Birmingham Ala , 

are sent to these homes and cared for as State Thursday Morning Musical (Boston. Mass), 

charges. Author: Bushy (tale of child-life in ?^!:"'°^\.5^™^ suffrage 

Far West); Manhattan. Historic and Artistic; ALUBICH, Margaret Chester (Mrs. Richard Al- 
Women's Ways of Earning Money. Recreation: drlch), 317 W. Seventy-fourth St.. N.Y. City. 
Music; formerly soprano soloist in N.Y. City. Bom N.Y. City. Oct. 31. 1870; dau. John Win- 
Mem. Soc. New England Women, Iowa New tlirop and Margaret Astor (Way) Chester; ed. at 
Yorkers, and Chiropean Club (Brooklyn). home by governesses;^ m. Oct. 6, 1906. Richard 
AUDEN, IsabeUe Macdonald (Mrs. Gustavus R. Aldrich; children: Richard Chester, b. 1909; Mar- 
Aldeu). Palo Alto, Cal Saxet Astor Chester, b. 1910. Pres. Womaji's 
Author (pen-name "Pansy"); b. Rochester. Municipal League of N.Y. 1902-10. Author: 
N.Y., Nov. 3. 1841; dau. Isaac and Myra (Spaf- Sonnets on Choice Clubs: Colony. Woman's Cos- 
ford) Macdonald; ed. in private school at Ovid, mopolltan. Protestant Episcopal Favors woman 
N.Y.. and Young Ladies' Sem.. Auburn. N.Y.; ^^1^^% ^^^JP^^'^^^- ^''^^- Woman Suffrage 
m. Auburn. N.Y., May 30. 1866, Rev. Gustavus l^a^'y, N.Y. Oity. 

R. Alden. Edited Pansy, a juvenile periodical. ALDRIDGE, Frances Ellen Wooten (Mrs. Wlll- 
fOT several years. Writer of religious stories, 'am Hal Aldrldge). Aldridge, Tex. 
wlilch have had large circulation, especially Born Woodville, Tex. ; dau. Joseph and Elizabeth 
through Sunday-school libraries, and have been (Barclay) Wooten; ed. Huntington (Tex.) Inst, 
translated into French, Swedish, Japanese, (valedictorian of class), '91; m. Woodville, Tex., 
Armenian, and some of them into other Ian- April 17. 1892, William Hal Aldridge; children: Hal 
guages. Author of more than seventy Sunday- J""-. ^- Jan. 8, 1893; Sadie Ruth, b. Mar. 26, 1898. 
school books, the Chautauqua Girls' Series being Mem. D.A.R., Dames of 1812, Order of Eastem 
among the earliest, as well as some volumes for Star, United Daughters of the Confederacy, Aid- 
adult readers. Among tae latter books are: The ridge Literary Club, El Paso Woman's Club; 
Prince of Peace (a life of Christ); Agatha's honorary mem. Mutual Improvement Club, 
Unknown Way; As In a Mirror; Reuben's Hln- Wharton, Tex. Baptist. 

drances; also numerous contributions to ^:he ALEXANDER, Emma Cleora Thornton (Mn. 

Herald and Presbyter and the Christian En- Harrison Grant Alexander). 4 Park .Place, 

deavor World. Presbyterian. Glens Palls, N.Y. 

ALDRICH, Annette Howland, Freeport, Me. Born Fleming, N.Y. ; grad. Vassar, A.B. '97; 

Librarian; b. Chicago, 111.. Oct. 17. 1859; dau. m- Glens Falls, N.Y.. Dec. 14, 1905, Harrison 

George H. and Emily E. (Briggs) Aldrich; ed. Grant Alexander. After graduation taught at 

public schools of Denver, Colo., Freeport (Maine) Oneonta, N.Y., 1897-98; Schuylersvllle, N.Y., 

High School, Smith Coll. A.B. Teacher Freeport 1898-1900, then at Glens Falls, N.Y., until mar- 

(Maine) High School. 1882-1883. West End Inst., riage. 

New Haven, Conn.. 1883-86; librarian B. H. AI.EXANDER, Georgia, 807 N. Pennsylvania St., 

Bartol Library. Freeport, Maine, 1903. Recrea- Indianapolis, Ind. 

tlon: Gardening. Supervisor Indianapolis Public Schools; b. In- 


di-anapoHs, Nov. 4, 1868; dau. G. W. and Caroline special work at Mass. School of Technology on 
(Nichols) Alexander. Instructor In English In architectural rendering; studied civic plan- 
School of Methods at Indiana Univ.; lecturer at ning. Favors woman suffrage; sec. Woman's 
Summer School of South Knoxville, Tenn. Au- Non-Partisan Political League; mem. Commls- 
thor: Child Classic Readers; Graded Poetry sion Government Com. to draft charter am end- 
Readers; Alexander Spellers, Alexander-Derby ments. Contributor to magazines on architec- 
Arithmetic. Mem. Contemporary Club, Art tural subjects, humanitarian issues and the 
Asa'n. Episcopalian. Favors woman suffrage; single tax. Baptist. Independent. Mem. Direct 
director Woman's Franchise League of Indiana. Legislation League, Public School League, Ward 
AI^EXANDER, Grace Caroline, 807 North Penn- Civic Club. Recreations: Drafting, civic plan- 
sylvania St., Indianapolis. Ind. ?iig. ^';'^^\*?,°*"'1-. fcS.f'k- Woman s Club of 
Author; professional manuscript reader; b. F-^°^fI' /^°^.-°^= ^^^^ 13°2^°°V,??;^^H^nf°i,fh1fn 
Indianapolis 1872; dau. George N. and Caroline I'l^, ?^*/r.'^?,^. ^.I^T 5 o^w^r^ rivfo rb h 
(Nichols) Alexander; ed. Indianapolis High School League; organized a Ward Civic Club 
School. Music critic knd editorial writer on staff composed of women and men. Mem. City Art 
of The News, Indianapolis, 1891-1903. Author: Y°™™'^^'2'^- „ „ , ,„ , „ „ 
Judith, a novel, 1900. Episcopalian. Mem. Con- ALGEO, Sara MacCormack (Mrs. James Walkef 
temporary Club Algeo), 394 Angell St., Providence, R.I. 
MT 1K-K- A-Kmip^ ' -cr . 4. T , TLi TIT. , 1 1 /- Bom Cohasset, Mass., June 13, 1876; dau. John 
ALEXANDER Harriet L. (Mrs. William C. ^^^ garah (Cleients) MacComiack; ed. Boston 
Alexander). 1043 F St Sallda. Colo. ^niv., A.B. '99; Brown Univ., A.M. '11; m. New- 
Born Newport, Ky^, Sept. 27 1882; dau. John ^ jj^ss., Sept. 19, 1907, James Walker Algeo. 
Dunn and Cora (Davis) Wright; grad. New Teacher before marriage. Active in R.L Working 
Castle High School, and awarded scholarship to women's Ass'n. Favors woman suffrage; pres. 
?«^^'*'"^J?,'?P- °^''*\?'- ^%'^ *^^^"!' I°^'. J'il/ 2, R.I. College Equal Suffrage League. Has done 
1907, William C. Alexander ; past president of journalistic work and public speaking. Con- 
Tuesday Evening Club of Sallda now sec ; ^egationalist. Mem. Progressive Party. Mem. 
chairman State Institutions Committee of Col- ri ^ss'n of Collegiate Alumna and numer- 
orado Federation of Women 8 Clubs, the main ^^g philanthropic organizations; interested la 
object of which is to arouse public sentiment working women's problems and suffrage acUvi- 
tor higher BUndards, and to endeavor to show ^j^g Recreations: Tennis, horseback riding, 
the necessity of eliminatmg partisan poitics beating, farming. Mem. East Side Tennis Club, 
from the management of our State institutions. Metscomet Golf Club. 

nJ^nXlf/^fn- 1?.?," nnmf. J^'^ ^wn^^n^'« ,V ALGOE, Margaret Tracy. 713 Oak St., Flint, 

dependent in local politics; favors woman suf- Mich 

''■*^*- Teacher; b. Flint, Mich., Jan. 13, 1867; dau. 

AI.,EXANI>ER, Hattie Caroline Beringer (Mrs. joi^ a^d Emily (Tracy) Algoe; ed. Flint High 

Horace Clement Alexander). 34 Washington School; Wellesley Coll.. B.S. '88; studied abroad 

St., Chicago, 111. 1892-93; graduate student Chicago Univ., 1899 and 

Physician; b. Waterford, Pa.; grad. Lapeer 1912; olivet Coil., A.M., 1910. Teacher in Flint 

(Mich.) High School, '76; Vassar, A.B. '80; Univ. High School, 1893-95, 1897-1905, 1911-13; dean of 

of Mich., M.D., '83; m. Lapeer, Mich., Feb. 25, women, Olivet Coll., 1905-U; instructor of Ger- 

1884. Horace Clement Alexander; one son, one man, Univ. of Colo., 1910. Favors woman suf- 

daughter. Practised medicine at Lapeer, Mich., frage- vice-pres. Flint Equal Suffrage Ass'n, 

1883-84; Chicago, 1884-1900. Mem. Internal. Med. 1912-is. Presbyterian. Mem. Modern Language 

Congress, 1906 and 1908. Author: Degeneracy and Ass'n, Flint (Mich.) Twentieth Century Clu'b. 

Malthusianism; Correction of Degeneracy; Legal •tt*i>j c„„k n..^^u^u 999 T>„t^^Aa■a a-u- 

Aspects of Epilepsy. Fellow Chicago Acad, of "^-ch^e'ston.^C. Rutledge Av.. 

Medicine. Physician;' b.' Charleston, S.C, Dec. 7, 1861; 

ALEXANDER, Mary Corlinda BatcheUer (Mrs. jau. James and Amey S. (Hobcraft) Allan; ed. 

Robert Alexander), 5500 Wayne Av., German- Charleston Female Sem.; Woman's Med. Coll., 

town, Philadelphia,- Pa. N.Y. City, M.D. '94; post-graduate work in Johns 

Bom Lowville, N.Y. ; dau. Sewel Barney and Hopkins Univ. Resident physician for summer. 

Mary (Lanpher) BatcheUer; ed. Lowville Acad. ^395 at Thomas Wilson Sanitarium, Baltimore. 

and Genesee Coll.; m. Lowville, Robert Alex- Appointed, 1895, ass't physician to State Hospital 

ander, lawyer, of Philadelphia; children: Mary for insane, Columbia, S.C, resigned Nov., 1906. 

A. Truitt, Charles Robert. Alice (deceased), interested in church work, civic work, Y.W.C.A., 

Mem. of Founders and Patriots of America, playgrounds and matters relating to health and 

Colonial Dames of America, New England Soc., sanitation. Presbyterian. Mem. Bible Soc. 

Philadelphia Chapter D.A.R., Nat. Soc. of Pa- Benevolent Soc, Nat. History Soc. Recreations: 

trlotic Women; mem. Council of Travelers' Aid Driving, reading. Mem. Civic Club. Resigned 

Soc. Presbyterian. from active professional lite on account of ill- 

ALEXANDEB, Orline St. John (Mrs. Lawrence ness of parent; has never engaged in private 

D. Alexander), New Canaan, Conn., and N.Y. practice. 

City. ALLEN, Ada Mary Eaton (Mrs. Ralph Allen), 

Born'iu Virginia; m. June 12, 1866, Lawrence Delanan, 111. 

D. Alexander (stock broker); children: St. John, Born Philo, Champaign Co., 111.; dau. Lucius 

Orline, Lucy, Lawrence D. Jr. Presbyterian, and Lucy (Cleveland) Eaton; ed. 111. State Univ.. 

Mem. D.A.R.. Pocahontas Memorial Ass'n, 1&74-77; m. Philo, 111., Sept. 3, 1879, Ralph Allen; 

United Daughters of Confederacy, Post Parlia- children: Edith Louise, Pascal, Fred., Jonathan, 

ment. Colonial Dames of America. Equal Fran- Ralph. Lucy, Hester, Harriet, Theodore, Eloise. 

chise Soc. Favors woman suffrage. Has been mem. of the 

ALEXANDER, Virgrinia, 301 W. Green St., M. M. Soc. for 30 years, and P. C. of Green 

Ithaca, N.Y. Valley societies of a social and improving nature. 

Teacher; b. Laporte, Ind.; grad. Vassar Coll., Mem. Missionary Baptist Church. Has been 

A.B. '89; Cornell Univ., A.M. '99. Teacher in pres. for two years of Delaware Woman's Club; 

Oxford (Ohio) Coll., 1890-04; South Bethlehem, mem. Friends in Council. 

Pa., 1894-95; N.Y. City, 1895-97; College of St. ALLEN, Alice Ranney (Mrs. Thomas Allen), 12 

Blizabcth, N.J., 1899-1903; in Western High Commonwealth Av., Boston, Mass. 

School, Washington, D.C., since 1903. Born Boston, Mass., Sept. 30, 1862; dau. Hon. 

ALFORD, Ora Wads worth (Mrs. T. S. Alford), Ambrose A. and Maria D. (Fletcher) Ranney; ed. 

647 Humbolt St., Denver, Colo. Boston public schools, grammar and Girls' High 

Bom Baldwin, Kan., Mar. 6, 1871; dau. Robert School, private courses; m. Oct. 23, 1884, Boston, 

Bruce and Harriet (West) Wadsiworth; worked Thomas Allen; children: Thomas, Erie, Robert 

way through school and taught at age of 17; ed. Fletcher, Dorothy Fletcher. Interested in work 

Ottawa Coll., '88; grad. Baxter Springs Normal, of Boston Women's Municipal League, also mem. 

'92; studied drafting under private tutor; m. Mc- Women's Education Ass'n of Boston, Chilton 

Cune, Kan., May 25, 1898, T. Sherman Alford; Club (Boston), Musical Art Club. Recreations: 

children: Stanley (adopted), b. 1904; Harriet, b. Out of door occupations. Unitarian. Against 

1906. At age of 40 went to Boston and took woman suffrage. 


AtLEN, Annie King Blalr (Mrs. William W. Walbridge, Charles Walbrldge, Charles Klssam, 
Allen Jr.), 519 Vine St., Camden, N.J. Grace Elisabeth. Episcopalian. 
Bora In North Carolina; grad Guilford (N.C.) ALLEN, Elizabeth, Hotel St. George, Brooklyn, 
Coll., A.B. 1900; Guilford graduate student at n y (summer Burlington Vt ) 
BrynMawT Coll (Latin). 1900-01; m. 1905, Will- Teacher of mathematics; " b. Brooklyn, N.T.; 
lam W. Allen Jr. Principal of Corinth Acad., j^u. Hon. John J. and Louise A. (Shaler) Allen; 
P^H'^J' y>-' ^^^^i^i t-eacher in Guilford Coll., gd. Packer Coll. Institute, Brooklyn (certificate), 
1902-05. Mem. Society of Friends. Barnard Coll. A.B. (honors in mathemaUcs, Phi 
ALLEN, Annie Winsor (Mrs. Joseph Allen), 9 BeU Kappa), Bryn Mawr, Columbia A.M.; (mem. 
Myrtle St., White Plains, N.Y. Kappa Kappa Gamma at Barnard). Mem. Board 
Teacher, school director; b. Winchester, Mass., of Directors of the Intercollegiate Bureau of 
May 25, 1S65; dau. Dr. Frederick and Ann Bent Occupations; mem. Women's Political Union, 
(Ware) Winsor; ed. Radcliffe Coll., 1883-85, N.Y. City; Equal Franchise League of Bur- 
188G-89; m. Weston, Mass., June 4, 1900, Joseph lington, Vt. (field sec); mem. Board Direct- 
Allen, children: Dorothea Teulon, Annie Winsor, ors Associate Alumnae of Barnard Coll. Episco- 
Joseph Jr., David (died 1906). Teacher in palian. Recreations: Mountain climbing and 
Brearley School, N.Y. City, 1889-1900; director tennis. Mem. Women's University Club, N.Y. 
of Roger Asoham School, Scarsdale, N. Y., since City, Caroline Country Club, Green Mountain 
1907. Manager of State Training School for Club. 

Girls, Hudson, N.Y. ; mem. Standing Com. All ALLEN, Emma Pott*r (Mrs. G. J. Allen). 720 

Souls' Church, White Plains, N.Y.; mem. and w. College St., Rochester, Minn, 

former pres. Mothers' Council of Public Schools, Born Clearwater, Minn., June 29, 1870; dau. 

White Plains. Author: Home, School and Vaca- William B. and Miriam (Stone) Potter; ed. 

tion, 1908: has written several magazine articles. Linden Hill Acad.; New Carlisle (O.) High 

Mem. White Plains Nursing Ass'n, National Con- School (valedictorian); won scholarship from 

sumers' League, Mothers' Council, Radcliffe Adrian Coll., Mich.; m. New Carlisle, June 29, 

Club, N.Y. City. Recreations: Walking, summer 1896, George J. Allen, lawyer, of Rochester, 

at Seal Harbor, Mt. Desert, Me. Unitarian. Minn.; children: Samuel P., b. 1900; George B., 

Democrat; votes only on school matters. b. 1906. Pres. of two clubs, also of First Dlst 

ALLEN, Cora Williams (Mrs. D. Frederick M'°ii- Fed of Women's Clubs. Mem. Eastern 

Allen) Wallingford Conn ^^^^ *°*^ Rebecca Lodges and W.C.T.U. Takes 

Bom Erie County," Pa.; 'dau. John E. and active part In church work holding responsible 

Chloe (McArthur) Williams; grad. Clarion (Pa.) 2,^5=63 m, Parish Aid and Woman s Auxiliary of 

State Normal School and Teachers College ^P'^^opal Church. Favors woman suffrage. 

(Columbia University), '07; m. N.Y. City, g "J'^= ^o^rift. Home Economics, Civic League, 

June 12, 1907, D. Frederick Allen; one son: ^'^te federation. 

Frederick Williams Allen, b. May, 1909. Inter- ALLEN, Florence Eliza, 219 Lathrop St., Madl- 

ested in all educational matters, school gardens son. Wis. 

and playgrounds, and all child welfare Interests. University instructor; b. Horlcon, Wis , Oct. 4 

Mem. Betterment League, N.Y. City, Connecticut 1876; dau. Charles and Eliza (North) Allen; ed. 

Grange, Sunshine Society. Recreations: Arts, Univ. of Wis., B.L., M.L., Ph.D. (mem. Delta 

crafts, pottery. Recording sec. Conn. State Fed- Delta Delta). Instructor in mathematics, Univ. 

eration of Women's Clubs. Baptist. Favors of Wis. Congregatlonalist. Mem. Phi Beta 

woman suffrage. Kappa Soc. Favors womarr suffrage. 

ALLEN, Eleanor Whitney, 12 Commonwealth ALLEN, Frances, 210 Pine St., Holyoke, Mass. 

Av., Boston, Mass. Photographer and illustrator; b. Deerfleld, 

Social worker; b. Ecouen, France, Apr. 18, Mass., Aug. 10, 1854; dau. Joslah A. and Mary 

1882; dau. Thomas Allen (artist) and Eleanor (Stebblns) Allen; ed. Deerfleld Acad.; Westfleld 

Goddard (Whitney) Allen; eid. in private schools Normal Scjiool. In association with sister as 

in Boston. Corresponding sec. Mass. Ass'n of Frances and Mary Allen, widely known as illus- 

Women Workers; mem. Vacation Committee, trators and pictorial photographers. 

Mass. Section, Woman's Welfare Dep't Nat. at t inv f^^^^,^^ tic Ts.T„_ti, t „i, o. »» j 

Civic Federation; mem. Arlington St. Church ^}'^^\2"^'^^'' "^ ^°'^^ ^^^ ^^' ^^'^■ 

branch of Woman's Nat. Alliance (Unitarian), t:-jh.'„J^ „,!<..„. v r\„„,„, m -d- . .» t u 

and of Entertainment Committee of Herford , ^'^"/'^' ^'l**^^' ^'^ °^fj?l5f' ^-^Z , ^*"- J". "?T^ 

Club of Arlington St. Church, which gives con- ^^^ f°°^ ^/"^^'^"♦^^ (Hedden) Allen; privately 

certs, lectures, etc., at various hospitals and other ?^,^f?,''^,>,"°?fj,,„*,^®p,5!!'=^f'\r,?l ^^\ father's 

institutions m the city. Mem. Boston Committee !°^.°°i; J.^,! Mount Pleasant Military Academy, 

of Mass. Soc. Opposed to the Further Extension ^°^. ^^,"*^n"n^H..^^w "^'Jv "^ Vermont. Fiction 

of Suffrage to Women. Recreation: Golf; bronze "^l^^^"" ''''^ ,^t°"'^^w ^^^F^*V ^^ w. ^'°'7 ^^J^f^ 

medallist of Women's Nat. Golf Championship, ?o^ associate editor of the Wisconsin State 

1911. Clubs: Chilton, Saturday Morning. Mac- Jo^rna"- Favors woman suffrage. 

Dowell, Thursday Morning Musicales (all Bos- ALLEN, Gretchen Brooks Stervens (Mrs. George 

ton), and Vincent Club. W. H. Allen), Box 538, Cazenovla, N.T. 

^%^"asfn'rs7~Yl?rut^h"^^e"-°'^ "• ""^'^^^ er^r H^^^atd "kl^uJ^'^Ji^rstt^nsr^: 

Charles G and Cora S (Durgan) Gooding; ed. Paris, 1906-10, and Julian Studio, Paris, 19(»;m 
public schools and high school of Yarmouth. Buffa o, April 18, 1911, George W. H. Allen, of 
5fn;l,-'°nhiiI^°RvH:n ^T.rfnl- h^^Tni v^^9q°°ir«?: Cazeno;ia,N.Y.. 'formerly of St. Louis, Mo "one 
Allen children Byron Morton b. July 29. 1887; go^. Frederick Stevens Allen, b. July 3. 1912. Life 
Harold Bernard b July 6 1889: Ruth El^^^^^^^^ ^,„ Barlow Sanatorium. ' Los Angeles, ' Cal.! 
Trq-- Ho^o^ rV«=lJ h r,!! 9« isQ7 Miin connected with King's Daughters of St. Peter's 
^.nf' u VmI TntpZ«fJ^- i,^rf•MJon« fnfl Ihfi Church, Cazenovia; donor Allen Prize for 
Sept. 14 1897) Interested in religious and phi - German, Morrlstown School, Morristown. N.J.; 
anthropic work. Against woman suffrage. Unl- ,1,^ ^^'^^ ^^^ tron Children's Hospita 
m'^^'m Mem. Woman's State Relief Corps of Buffalo, N.Y.; mem. Philharmonic Soc. of N.Y 
Me. Mem. Fortnightly Club of Yarmouth. Long city; sustaining mem. Erie County Soc. for Pre- 
mier »n ^„Vt^.7^ffl •oi'^'""^ '"''^'^ ^^ P""^^- ""^ mention of Cruelty to Animals; life mem. Buffalo 
filled all other offices. p^^ ^^^ j^^^ ^^^ Albright Art Gallery. 

ALLEN, Elisabeth Walbridge Cleveland (Mrs. Buffalo. N.Y.: mem. The Owahgena Club (Caze- 
Charles J. Allen), "The Knoll," Victoria Rd., novia, N.Y.). Episcopalian. Against woman 
Ashevllle, N.C. suffrage. Recreations: Horseback riding, driving. 
Born Bedford, P.Q., Canada; dau. George W. ^^t, music, 
and Adella (Walbridge) Cleveland; ed. by gov- ALLEN, Lucy Ellis, West Newton, Mass. 
emesses, Caatleton Sem., Castleton, Vt. ; m. Principal of private school for girls; b. Bos- 
Rock Island, 111., Jan. 20, 1869, Gen. Charles J. ton; dau. Nathaniel T. and Caroline (BaaseU) 
Allen, D.S.A.; children: Philip Cleveland, George Allen; ed. Allen School, West Newton, Mawk. 



Smitli Coll. A.B., and by European travel and 
study in seven trips abroad. Teacher in Allen 
School, West Newton, and principal of The Misses 
Allen School, 1904. Member of a family of edu- 
cators and professional people, and her father, 
who founded the Allen School for Boys in West 
Newton, was an educator, reformer and philan- 
thropist of Mass. for 80 years. Director Pomeroy 
Home for Orphan Children, Newton, Mass.; sec. 
and treas. West Newton Journey Club; vice- 
regent Lucy Jackson Chapter D.A.R., of New- 
ton; mem. Twentieth Century Club of Boston; 
mem. and has been officer in the College Club 
of Boston, Smith College Club, and Ass'n of 
Collegiate Alumnae. Director Boston Equal 
Suffrage Club. Unitarian. Recreations: Tennis, 
driving, riding, sailing. 
AXLEN, Iiulu Pearl Jeflfers (Mrs. James A. 

Allen), 312 W. Eighty-third St., N.T. City. 

Born in Kentucky; ed. schools of Covington, 
Ky. ; m. Covington, Oct. 31, 1900, James A. Allen 
(lawyer). Mem. Christian (Disciples) Church. 
Director N.Y. City Fed. of Women's Clubs, Cen- 
tury Theatre Club, Dixie Clut, Political Study 
Club, Minerva Club, Rainy Day Club, Forum, 
Woman's Press Club. 
AXLEIN, Lydia Jeannette McMillan (Mrs. George 

W. Allen), Box 188, Cazenovia, N.T. 

Born La Porte, Ind., Oct. 8, 1853; dau. Rev. John 
and Elisabeth Catherine (Walton) McMillan; ed. 
by private instruction up to 1865, Methodist Epis- 
copal Coll., Pittsburgh, Pa., 1866-68; prepared for 
Vassar Coll. by the late Dr. James Newell, of 
Pittsburgh, 1869; Vassar Coll., 1870-74, A.B. '74; 
m. Pittsburgh, Pa., June 21, 1876, George W. 
Allen, of St. Louis; children: Thomas Allen, 3d, 
of N.Y. City, b. Sept. 8, 1877; Clare (Mrs. Charles 
H. Haskins, of Cambridge, Mass.), b. March 6, 
1881; Elisabeth Walton (Mrs. James B. Mennell, 
of London, Eng.), b. Oct. 1, 1882; George Walton 
Holker Allen, of Cazenovia, N.Y., b. Nov. 19, 
1889, and Whitelaw Reid Allen, of Cazenovia, 
N.Y., b. Feb. 26, 1891. Very deeply interested in 
the Child Labor Aae'n and its works. Donor 
of Allen Senior and Junior French prizes, 
Morristown School, Morristown, N.J. Mem. 
Circle of Friends of the Medallion, Acad, of 
Political Science and of the Owahgena Club of 
Cazenovia, N.Y. Episcopalian. Opposed to 
woman suffrage. Recreations: Travel, motoring. 
ALLEN, Mabel .Stanley Calef (Mrs. Charles Rol- 

Iln Allen Jr.), 172 Spring St., Saratoga 

Springs, N.Y. 

Born Providence, R.I. ; dau. George C. and 
Emma (Sanders) Calef; grad. Smith Coll., B.L. 
'96; student in French of Franco-English Guild, 
Paris, 1899-1900; m. Nov. 9, 1904, Charles RoUin 
Allen Jr.; children: Stanley Calef, b. Sept. 28, 
1905; Lucy Emma, b. July 11, 1907; Charles Rol- 
lins, b. Sept. 7, 1910. Teacher, Millis, Mass., 
1897-98; Providence (R.I.) Classical High School, 
1900-02. Mem. Ass'n' of Collegiate Alumnae. 

ALLEN, Margaret Pinckney Jackson (Mrs. Ar- 
thur Moulton Allen), 84 Upton Av., Provi- 
dence, R.I. 
Bora Roselle, N.J. ; grad. 'Vassar, A.B. '01; m. 

June 1, 1904, Arthur Moulton Allen. Teacher 

Nat. Cathedral School, Washington, D.C., 1901-02; 

actress in N.Y. City, 1902-03. 

ALLEN, Martha Elizabeth Moore (Mrs. J. D. 

Allen), 155 N. Bellevue Boulevard, Memphis, 


Born on homestead farm in Jay Co., Ind., 
Nov. 16, 1849; dau. Samuel and Leah McKay 
(Phillips) Moore; ed. in public schools; one year 
in Miss Lou Barton's Girls' School of Indiana; 
diploma from Chautauqua, N.Y., 188C>-84; m. 
Grant Co., Ind., June, 1869, J. D. Allen; one 
son: Junius D. Allen, b. 1870. Interested in 
temperance and suffrage work. State sup't in 
narcotics under W.C.T.U. ; State pres. Equal 
Suffrage League of Tenn., 1906-12; delegate to 
three W.C.T.U. and two suffrage national con- 
ventions. Author: Rambles with Christian En- 
deavors (a pamphlet) ; also numerous articles on 
temperance and suffrage. Christian Scientist. 
Recreations: Driving through parks, country 
rambles. Mem. Nineteenth Century Club, Civic 

ALLEN, Martha Meir (Mrs. James E. Allen), 

Forest Hills Gardens, Long Island, N.T. 

Writer, research worker; b. Owen Sound, On- 
taria. Can.; dau. Jonn H. and Ellen Meir; ed. 
Owen Sound High School; some college work 
privately; m. Owen Sound, CJan., June, 1880, 
Rev. James E. Allen; children: Georgia, Roy, 
Martha. Came to N.Y. State to live In 1885. 
Read paper by request before Section on Hygiene 
of American Med. Ass'n, June, 1906; United 
States Government delegate to Congress on Al- 
coholism held in London, July, 1909. Author of 
book: Alcohol a Dangerous and Unnecessary 
Medicine, used as a reference book in all the 
medical libraries of United States and Canada; 
also many pamphlets on effects of alcohol and 
drugs, and leaflets showing dangers of drugs in 
soft drinks. Sup't of Med. Temperance for the 
World's and Nat. W.C.T.U.; mem. A.A.A.S. ; 
mem. Women's Home and Foreign Missionary 
Societies of M.E. Church. Methodist. Favors 
woman suffrage. 
ALLEN, Mary, Deerfleld, Mass. 

Photographer, illustrator; b. Deerfleld, Mass., 
May 14, lSo8; dau Josiah A. and Mary (Stebbins) 
Allen; ed. Deerfield Acad.; Westfleld Normal 
School. Favors woman suffrage. In association 
with her sister, Frances, does illustrating and 
pictorial photographic work. 
ALLEN, Mary Adgle, 206 Pine St., Holyoke, 


Teacher, writer; b. in Mass.; grad. Smith Coll., 
B.A. '86; student Greek archaeology, Yale, 
1896-1903. Teacher, Holyoke High School, 1886-91; 
teacher of Greek, Minneapolis, Minn., 1891-92; 
Now Haven (Conn.) High School, 1892-1905 ;• Hol- 
yoke High School, head History Dep't, 1905-06; 
head Classical Dep't since 1909. Author: The 
Plain Path, etc. Mem. Ass'n of Collegiate 
.4LLEN, Mary Dayton, Ramadan, Persia. 

Physician; b. Oneonta, N.Y., Sept. 29, 1884; 
dau. Horace Hews and Frances Adelia (Fitch) 
Allen: ed. Mt. Holyoke Coll., A.B.; Johns Hop- 
Kins Medical School, M.D., Phi Beta Kappa, 
Alpha Omega Alpha (honorary fraternity), Zeta 
P|ii (medical). After graduation in 1910, resident 
house officer, Johns Hopkins Hospital, 1910-11. 
Appointed missionary to Persia, 1911; noiw In 
charge of Whipple Memorial Hospital, Hamadan, 
Persia, under Presbyterian Board of Foreign 
Missions. Favors woman suffrage. 
ALLEN, Mary Findlay (Mrs. Torke Allen), 41 

Ridgewood Rd., S. Orange, N.J. 

Born Baltimore, Md., Nov. 9, 1881; dau. John 
L. and Mary (Keesey) Findlay; ©d. Southern 
Home School, Baltimore; m. Towson, Md., Oct. 
20, 1906, Yorke Allen; children: John Findlay, 
Carolyn Yorke Allen. 
^VLLEN, Jlary Jane, San Diego, Cal. 

Born Medina, Ohio, Dec. 15, 1841; dau. Stephen 
Wilson and Clarissa (Marvin) Hill; ed. in schools 
of Ohio; m. (1st) Oct. 16, 1864, George W. Pat- 
terson, who died Feb. 16, 1879; (2d) Oct., 1885, 
Seymour W. Allen, who died June 11, 1900. 
Engaged as school teacher for fifteen years fee- 
fore marriage. Active in church and philan- 
thropic work;, raises flowers and distributes to 
sick and infirm. Helped organize the Stockton 
(Kan.) Congregational Church; was choir leader 
and sup't of Sunday-school. Extensive traveler. 
Congregationalist. Lived until recently In 
Osborne, Kan., whence removed early In 1913 to 
ALLEN, Mary Montague Ferry (iStb. B. C. 

Allen), Box "A," Park City, Utah (winter, B2B 

W. Highland Av., Redlands, Cal.) 

State Regent D.A.R. ; b. Ferrysburg, Mich., 
Feb. 27, 1853; dau. Charles William Montague 
and Jeannette (Hollister) Ferry; grad. Ipswich 
(Mass.) Female Sem., '74 Musical education in 
Boston and Chicago; m. Grand Haven, Mich.. Oct. 
1, 1879, E. C. Allen; children: William Mon- 
tague Allen, 1883; Kate Harwood Allen-Anderson, 
1888. Teacher of music; later organist and 
chorus conductor; these professional cares grad- 
ually relinquished save for occasional church 
service. Lived until marriage at Grand Haven, 
Mich., for ten years at I,iUdlngton, Mich., fpr H 



years at Park City, Utah; winter residence at Red- 
landfl, Cal., for 10 years. Interested in home and 
foreign mission work of church; mem. Woman's 
Board of Management of Westminster College, 
Salt L>ake City; was first grand matron of the 
O.E.S, of Utah. Mem. Spirit of Liberty Chapter, 
D.A.R. ; SUte Regent, 1903. Presbyterian. Dem- 
ocrat in National, American in Utah politics. 
Mem. of Woman's AthenaBum of Park City, 
Utah, and of The Contemporary Club of Red- 
lands, California. 
ALLEN, Mand, Ferozepore, Punjab, India. 

Medical missionary; b. Owatonna, Minn.; dau. 
Ethan and Josephine (Blood) Allen; ed. Univ. of 
Mieh., M.D. '94. Went to India as a medical 
missionary In 18d4; now in charge of the Frances 
Newton Hospital at Ferozepore, In the Punjab. 

ALLEN, Miranda May, 297 Alexander St., Roch- 
ester, N.Y. 

Physlc-an; b. Rochester, July 4, 1870; dau. 
Anson C. and A. May (Alcott) Allen; ed. Roches- 
ter public schools, Mgh schools Univ. of Mich., 
M.D. N.Y. State Sec. Public Health Education 
Com. of Am. Med. Ass'n, 1909-11. Special lec- 
turer N.Y. State Health Dep't on Eugenics and 
Sex-Hygiene, 1912. Director Rochester Public 
Health Ass'n, 1909-11, engaged in anti-tuberculo- 
sis work; chairman Hygiene Com. City Fed. of 
Women's Clubs, 1909-11; chairman of 7th Dlst. 
N.Y. Fed. Women's Clubs' Public Service Com.; 
mem. Rochester Political Equality Club. Favors 
woman suffrage; mem. local club and speaker 
for suffrage. Author of lectures on anti-tuber- 
culosis work, eugenics and sex-hygiene, also 
various medical papers. Unitarian. Mem. 
D.A.R., Am. Med. Ass'n, N.Y. State Med. Soc, 
Monroe Co. Med. Soc, Blackwell (Women's) 
Med. Soc., N.Y. State Women's Med. Soc. 
ALLEN, MoUie MacClaughry (Mrs. Harry Bush 
Allen), Oswego, N.Y., R.F.D. 6. 
Farmer, Institute lecturer; b. East Greenwich, 
N.Y. ; dau. Ezra and Louise (Davis) MacClaughry; 
grad. Washington Acad., Salem, N.Y., Cornell 
Univ. B.S. '93 (special mention in chemistry); 
m. Syracuse, N.Y., Sept. 7, 1906, Harry Bush 
Allen. Taught sciences In public high schools, 
Saratoga and Medina, N.Y., also In private 
school In New Orleans, La. Has done Farmers' 
Inst, work in N.J., N.Y., Pa. and Canada. Mem. 
Congregational Church, Ithaca, N.Y. Mem. 
Huldah Chapter, O.E.S., Hannibal, N.Y.; North 
Hannibal Grange and N.Y. State Grange. Has 
written for the poultry papers, principally for 
the American Poultry World, Buffalo. Favors 
woman suffrage. 

ALLEN, Kuth Homer (Mrs. G. F. Allen), 2 
Monro Park, Toronto, Can. 
Born Oct. 27, 1877; dau. Judge W. B. and 
Louise (Hart) Homer; ed. St. Louis High School 
and Smith Coll., B.L. ; m. Sept. 20, 1900, George 
Franklin Allen; children: Louise Hart, Ruth. 
Favors woman suffrage. Christian Scientist. 
Recreations: Boating, snow-shoeing, dancing, 
auction. Pres. Culture Club of Toronto; mem. 
University Woman's Club. 
ALLEN, Viola (Mrs. Peter Duryea). 

Actress; b. Alabama; dau. C. Leslie Allen, 
distinguished character actor, a native New 
Englander of Revolutionary descent, and Sarah 
J. (Lyon) 4nen, Englishwoman of family long 
connected with British navy; spent early years 
In Boston, where her father was for years In the 
Boston Theatre Company; from age 10 to 13 was 
at the Bishop Strachan School, Toronto, then 
entered private school in N.Y. City, her father 
then being with the Madison Square Theatre 
Company, and also studied Shakespeare under 
his tuition; m. 1906, Peter Duryea, of Lexington, 
Ky., and New York, well-known horseman. 
While still a schoolgirl, made debut, quite unex- 
pectedly, in the ingenue part of Esmeralda dur- 
ing the temporary absence from the cast of the 
actress playing that part, doing so well that she 
soon after was cast for Virginia in the play of 
Virginlus, and to understudy classical and Shake- 
spearean rdles in a repertoire company; after 
that appeared with Lawrence Barrett as Mildred 
iB Browning's Blot on the 'Scutcheon, and soon 
after ths* wap olayius Desdemona, Parthenia, 

Juliet, Cordelia and other classic leading rOlea 
with Tomasso Salvlnl, the great Italian trage- 
dian; then for a season leading lady of the Bos- 
ton Museum Company and supported by Joseph 
Jefferson and William Florence, playing the 
parts of Lydia Languish in The Rivals and 
Cicely Homespun in The Heir-at-Law, in elab- 
orate revivals of those old comedies. Following 
that for several seasons, under Charles Froh- 
man's management, created Tnany new rOles in 
noted successes at the Empire Theatre, such as 
Aristocracy, Liberty Hall, Sowing the Wind, The 
Masqueraders, The Conquerors, etc. Then starred 
five years with Llebler & Co., creating the r61es 
of Gloria Quayle in The Christian (Hall Calne), 
Dofia Dolores In In the Palace of the Kin" (F. 
Marion Crawford), and Roma in Hall Calne's 
The Eternal City, also appearing as Julia In a 
fine revival of The Hunchback (Sheridan 
Knowles). After that for three seasons ap- 
peared in Shakespearian productions (with 
her brother, Charles W. Allen, as manager), 
playing Viola in Twelfth Night, Hermione and 
Perdita in The Winter's Tale, and Imogene in 
Cymbaline, also In special performances of As 
You Like It, The School for Scandal and Romeo 
and Juliet, also produced The Toast of the Town, 
by Clyde Fitch, and an English play, Irene 
Wycherley, by Anthony Wharton. After that, 
under Liebler & Co., played The White Sister 
(Marion Crawford). In October, 1912, created name 
part of Judith Gautier in Pierre Loti's play. 
The Daughter of Heaven, at the Century Thea- 
tre, New York. Great lover of horses; enthusi- 
astic rider and driver. Mem. of Twelfth Night 
Club. Keenly interested in the project of inter- 
national peace. 

ALLEN, Wellesca Pollock (Mrs. Wilfred P. 

Allen), 804 B St., S.W., Washington, D.C. 

Disciple and teacher of Bahaism; b. Weston, 
Mass., Feb. 12, 1871; dau. George Henry and 
Louise (Plessner) Pollock; ed. Washington (D.C.) 
public schools, Washington Normal Kindergarten 
Inst, and Froebel Inst., Washington; m. Rich- 
mond, Va., Sept. 5, 1906, Wilfred P. Allen; chil- 
dren: Wilfred Pollock, b. Dec. 29, 1908; Harrison 
Dyar, Dec. 24, 1911. Taught kindergarten In the 
public schools of Washington before marriage, 
pioneering the kindergarten idea in that city. 
Before kindergarten could be introduced into the 
public schools of Washington it was necessary to 
have a corps of trained colored teachers, and she 
and her mother trained a class of 22 for that 
purpose, and they also conducted a correspond- 
ence kindergarten course. Since 1901 Interested 
in the Bahai Revelation and has been engaged in 
disseminating its principles. In 1907 went to 
Acca, Syria, and visited Abdul Baha Abbas, the 
leader of this movement, then a prisoner of the 
Turkish Government because of his religious 
views. Made compilations of extracts from the 
teachings of Abdul Baha Abbas, two In English 
and one in Persian: Selections from the Tablets 
of Abdul Baha to Aseyeh, also Letters of Abdul 
Baha to the Children, and in Persian, Pearls of 
the Kingdom. 

ALLIN, Eagenla, Decatur, III. 

Librarian; b. Bloomlngton, 111.; dau. William 
H. and Harriet E. (Capen) Allin; ed. Blooming- 
ton (111.) High School, Wesleyan Univ., Univ. of 
111., B.L.S. 1903; mem. Phi DelU Psi. Librarian 
of the Decatur Coll. and Industrial School, 
1903-10. Organizer 111. Library Extension Com- 
mission since 1910. Favors woman suffrage. 
Presbyterian. Mem. Univ. of 111. Alumni Ass'n, 
Univ. of 111. Library School Alumni Ass'n, Am. 
Library Ass'n, 111. Library Ass'n, D.A.R., De- 
catur Municipal Art League. Recreations: Golf, 
walkltg. Mem. Decatur Country Club, Study 
Class, Drama Club. 

ALLLN, Ueloise M. Litchfield (Mrs. George 
Albert Allln), 13th Av. and 66th St., Brook- 
lyn, N.Y. 

Born Brooklyn, N.Y., Aug. 12, 1854; dau. 
Electus Bachus and Hannah Maria (Breed) 
Litchfield; ed. Paris and New York; m. Brook- 
lyn, June 24, 1874, George Albert Allin; children: 
(jeorge Litchfield, Lawrence Blanchard, Helolse 
Marie, Kate Duryea. Baptist; second directress 
of The Brooklyn Baptist Home; pres. Church 



Aid Soc. of Strong Place Baptist Church. Mem. 
Colonial Dames of New York, Colonial Daughters 
of the XVIIth Century. Clubs: Brooklyn Woman's 
(chairman Board of directors) ; charter, mem. 
Winter Club of Utrecht; charter mem. and pres. 
Utrecht Study Club; mem. Ex-Presidents' Club 
of Brooklyn. 
AI.LXN, Josephine Turner, 4805 Madison Av., 

Chicago, 111. 

Teacher and dramatic director; b. Chicago, 111., 
June 10, 1877; dau. Benjamin C. and Josephine 
(Turner) AUin; ed. Univ. of Chicago, A.B. '99; 
Sorbonne, Paris, 1901-02 (The Quadranglers). 
Interested in the Episcopal Church, Settlement 
League, University Settlement and vocational 
counseling. Mem. Univ. of Chicago Alumnse 
Club, Univ. of Chicago Alumni Ass'n, Settlement 
League, Drama League of America, Nat. Educa- 
tional Ass'n, Chicago High School Teachers' 
Club and various educational or pedagogic as- 
sociations, and very active in Chicago College 
Club. Dean of girls in Chicago High School. 
Recreations: Dramatic coach, French clubs. 
Episcopalian. Favors woman suffrage. 
AJLLINE, Marj' Clapp (Mrs. W. Henry Alline), 

113 Galnsboro St., Boston, Mass. 

Born Boston; dau. Henry Barnard ajid Mary 
C. (Beals) Clapp; ed. boarding school and Win- 
throp School, Boston; m. Boston, May 25, 1886, 
W. Henry Alline. Active in State Fed. of Wo- 
men's Clubs. Against woman suffrage. Uni- 
tarian. Mem. Founders and Patriots of Amer- 
ica, (Colonial Dames. Has held oflSce of regent, 
also treas. and registrar of Paul Revere Chapter 
D.A.R., and similar oflBces In Daughters of 1812; 
first vice-pres. Brighthelmstone Club; vice-pres. 
of two church organizations for charity and 
philanthropic work. 
ALLXNSON, Annie Crosby Emery (Mrs. Francis 

G. Alllnion), 163 George St., Providence, R.I. 

Educator; b. Ellsworth, Me., Jan. 1, 1871; 
dau. LucUius A. and Annie Stetson (Crosby) 
Emery; grad. Bryn Mawr Coll. A.B. '92, Ph.D. 
'96, Hon. LittD. from Bowdoin Coll., 1911; m. 
Hancock Point, Me., Aug. 22, 1903, Francis 
Greenleaf Allinson. Dean of Women and assist- 
ant professor, Univ. of Wis., 1897-1900; dean of 
Women's Coll. in Brown Univ., 1900-05. Joint 
author, with husband, of Greek Lands and 
Letters, 1909, revised 1912. 
ALUS, Fannie Ansnsta, Wilbraham, Mass. 

Ex-teacher; b. Wilbraham, Mass., 1863; dau. 
William Penn and Amelia R. (Baker) Allis; ed. 
preparatory school; five years Smith Acad., Hat- 
field, Mass.; Smith Coll., 1880-84, A.B. '84; since 
graduation has traveled abroad; stuaied at Har- 
vard Summer School and Hartford (Conn.) 
Pedagogy School. Against woman suffrage. 
Congregationalist. Recreations: Painting, sketch- 
ing, tutoring, gardening, reading, writing. 
ALUS, Lizzie May, 293 N. Euclid Av., Pasa- 
dena, Cal. 

Teacher; b. Prattsburgh, Steuben Co., N.Y. ; dau. 
Elijah and Emily Olivia (Hayes) Allis; ed Frank- 
lin Acad., Prattsburgh, Regents' diploma; Elmira 
(College, A.B. (salutatorian), Hall essay prize; 
Dlven reading prize, also A.M. '96; Cornell Univ., 
1895-96; special study 1909-10 in Marburg and 
Berlin Unlvs., Germany; Zeugnis in German 
phonetics from Prof. Vietor of Univ. of Mar- 
burg (mem. Kappa Sigma). Three, years pre- 
ceptress of Susquehanna Collegiate Institute, 
Towanda, Pa.; one year teacher in Jacksonville 
(111.) Female Acad,; five years preceptress of 
State Normal, Mansfield, Pa.; thirteen years head 
of dep't of modern languages, Iowa State Coil.; 
now commencing fourth year as teacher of Ger- 
man in Polytechnic High School, Pasadena, Cal. 
Much interested in educational, religious and 
philanthropic work, Y.W.C.A. and Sunday- 
school. Active mem. of weekly Bible Study 
Class. Favors woman suffrage. Has written 
accounts of foreign travel and German dialogues 
and essays. Presbyterian. Republican. Mem. 
Y.W.C.A., Agonian Soc. of Normal Schools of 
N.Y. and Pa., Pasadena Teachers Ass'n. Has 
traveled extensively In U.S. and Europe, visited 
foreicn countries four times. Mem. Browning 
Club of Pasadena. 

ALLIS, Mary Elizabeth, 1604 Spruce St., Phlla. 

delphla. Pa. 

Missionary secretary; b. Philadelphia; ed. Miss 
Irwin's School, Philadelphia; Bryn Mawr Coll., 
A.B. '01; graduate student, 1902-05. Director and 
sec. of Woman's Foreign Missionary Soc. of the 
Prestiyterian Church since 1909. 

ALLOW AY, Mary Louise Tuttle (Mrs. Henry 
Alloway), 412 West End Av., N.T. City (sum- 
mer, The Birches, Goshen, N.Y.). 
Born New Haven, Conn., Jan. 17, 1858; dau. 
William and Polly Elizabeth (Beecher) Tuttle; 
m. Dec. 24, 1885, Henry Alloway of N.Y. City; 
children: Polly, Elizabeth. Charles R. Collector 
of Americana, especially Colonial china, fur- 
nishings and documents. Protestant Episcopal. 
Mom. D.A.R., Patriotic Women of America, 
Nat. Soc. of New England Women, Daughters 
of the Union, Washington Headquarters Ass'n, 
Minerva Club, Phalo, N.Y. State Women, Post 
Parliament, Athenla, Pensa and Monday Art 
Clubs and N.Y. City Fed. of Clubs. 

ALLSTRCM, Esther, 644 N. Trafton St., T»- 

coma, Wa^h. 

City market-master and food Inspector; b. 
Minnesota; dau. Louis and Eva F. (Henderson) 
Allstrum; ed. Minneapolis public schools. 
Learned printing trade in Tacoma, Wash., mas- 
tering mechanical and business details, became 
partner in firm; now largest owner and pree. 
Allstrum Printing Co., one of most complete 
plants in State. Appointed to office of city mar- 
ket-master and food inspector, 1910, and went to 
work vigorously to remedy deplorably unsanitary 
conditions in Tacoma, strongly opposed by those 
profiting by these conditions and hampered by 
defective laws, roused public opinion and secured 
co-operation of women's organizations of city; 
resigned In 1911 because of withdrawal of sup- 
port by administration. In recall election fol- 
lowing her work was an issue, and the new 
mayor then elected reappointed her to office. In 
which, securing better legislation, she has made 
conditions which have been declared by the 
State food inspector the best in the State. Mem. 
Nat. Council of Women Voters; actlye mem. 
Woman's Club. 

ALMY, Amy Celesta (Mrs. John E. Almy), 2300 

A St., Lincoln, Neb. 

Born West Point, Neb., Feb. 13, 1875; dau. 
Uriah and Amelia (Brobst) Bruner; ed. Univ. of 
Nebraska, A.B. '96; Cornell Univ., A.M. '02; m. 
West Point, Neb., July 22, 1903, John E. Almy, 
Ph.D.; one daughter: Constance. Favors woman 
suffrage. Congregationalist. Mem. Church or- 
ganizations for women, missionary and social. 
Recreations: Walking, reading. Mem. Faculty 
Woman's Club, Social Service Club. 

ALMY, Helen Cat>ot (Mrs. Charles Almy), 147 

Brattle St., Cambridge, Mass. 

Bom Boston, Jan. 26, 1856; dau. Samuel and 
Hannah Lowell (Jackson) Cabot; ed. Boston 
private schools; holds certificate (preliminary 
and advanced) from Harvard examination for 
women, 1874-1875; m. Ponkapoag, Mass., Oct. 5, 
1882, Charles Almy, Jr.; children: Mary, Helen 
Jackson, Anna Cabot, Charles, Elizabeth Mason, 
Samuel Cabot. Interested in Cambridge Vaca- 
tion School Com., three years; Cambridge Play- 
ground Com., 10 years; Cambridge Playground 
Commission one year; director in two private 
schools in Cambridge since their Incorporation: 
The Buckingham School and the Cambridge 
School for Girls; various Cambridge clubs. Uni- 
tarian. Favors woman suffrage. 

ALSTON, Caroline Lamar du Bli^non (Mrs. Rob- 
ert E. Alston), 878 Peachtree St., Atlanta, Ga. 
Born Savannah, Ga., July 24, 1876; dau. Flem- 
ing Grantland and Caroline NicoU (Lam&r) du 
Bignon; ed. St. Timothy's, CatonsvlUe near 
Baltimore, Md. (Theta Tau); m. Savannah, Ga., 
Jan. 1, 1900, Robert E. Alston (lawyer). Inter- 
ested In all matters for the welfare of people, 
active In social and religious matters; former 
pres. Sheltering Arms; interested In CHd Wo- 
man's Home. Episcopalian. 


AI.TSTAKTTER, R«b«cca Barnard Raoul (Mrs. losis Ass'n and Avon Home for Children, all of 

Frederick William Altstaetter), Woodadale, Cambridge. Universallst; mem. Ladles' Benevo- 

Wheellng, W.Va. lent Soc. and Bible Class, both connected with 

Born Macon, Ga., Sept. 21, 1878; dau. William her church. Recreation: Playing piano. Mem. 

Green and Mary Mlllen (Wadleigh) Raoul; ed. by The Cantabrigia Club (pres.). The Wednesday 

private schools and governess and School of Phil- Club (ex-pres.). The S. S. Club (sec), The 

anthropy, N.Y. City; m. Atlanta, Ga., Major FYed- Daughters of Massachusetts. Favors woman 

erlck William Altstaetter, Corps of Engineers, suffrage. 

US.A.; children: Mary, b 19M; Raoul b. 1911. aJHES, Blanche Ames (Mrs. Oakes Ames). Bor- 

Dlrector Wheeling Associated Charities; sec. derland N Easton Mass 

Wheeling Social Workers' Club. Favors woman Artist; 'b. 'Lowell, ' Mass.", Feb. 18, 1878; dAu. 

suffrage; mem. Wheeling Equal Suffrage Soc. Qen. Adelbert and Blanche (Butler) Ames; ed. 
Unitarian. Mem. Nat. ChUd Labor Com., Wheel- Rogers Hall School, Lowell; Smith Coll. B.L. 

Ing Woman s Club. '99; Smith Coll. Art School (Phi Kappa' Psi) ; 

AXVORD, Lucy Fairbanks (Mrs. James C. m. Lowell, Mass., May 15, 1900, Oakes Ames 

Alvord), Hopedale, Mass. (scientist); children: Pauline, Oliver, Ainyas, 

Writer, lecturer; b. St. Johnsbury, Vt., Oct. 15, Evelyn. Favors woman suffrage; mem. Mass. 

1868; dau. Henry Fairbanks (Fairbanks Scale Woman Suffrage Ass'n, College Equal Suffrage 

Co.) and Annie S. (Noyes) Fairbanks; grad. Ass'n. Made Illustrations of the orchid section 

Smith Coll. B.L. '91; m. St. Johnsbury, Vt., of Gray's New Manual of Botany; drawings and 

Jane 8, 1898, Rev. James Church Alvord. Home etchings for Orchldaceae (four volumes). Mem. 

gee. Worcester County Branch, Woman's Board Ass'n of Collegiate Alumnae, Woman's Bduoa- 

of Missions; pres. Fortnightly Club of Woon- clonal and Industrial Union, Smith Students' Aid 

socket. R.I. ; 1st vlce-pres. R.I. Federation of Soc, College Club of Boston. 

Woman's Clubs; mem. Quinshipaug Club of Mil- aMES, Mary Lesley (Mrs. Charles W'lberforce 

lord, Mass. Writes short articlM for Ladies Ames), 501 Grand Av., St. Paul, Minn. 

Home Journal, The Housekeeper The Congrega- ggrn Philadelphia; dau. J. Peter Lesley, 

tlonaltet. The Wellspring and others; also ^l.D. (distinguished geologist and dean of sclen- 

mlsslonary leaflets, as Doing What You Can t jjgp faculty, Univ. of Pa.) and Susan (Inches) 

5?*^ ".^'^.^K® ^°^* °°'/- ^'''"'^®^. ?®t°'^l I-esley (author); ed. private schools; m. Phila- 

Women'8 Clubs on tramping, also on art and deiphia. June 26, im. Charles Wilberforce Ames, 

architecture, especially the works of the old ^^.^ nbrarian of Am. Philosophical Soc. for Ave 

masters and the cathedrals of Europe C^ongre- g y^yj jnarriage. Pres. St. Paul School of 

gatlonalist. Recreation: Has tramped 3,000 miles p^^g ^^ts, 1907-08; director Brotherhood House 

n Europe and America during the sumnoers of ^^.^ ^^^1^^^ of Life and Letters of Peter and 

the last ten years, making from 18 to 30 miles • gusan Lesley. Unitarian. Mem. Town and 

"*y- Country Club, New Century Club (St. Paul). 

ALVORD. Katharine Sprague, Chadbourne Hall, aMIDON. Beulah McHenry (Mrs. Charles F. 

Madison. Wis Amidon). 379 Seventh Av.. Fargo, N.Dak. 

r.^°/'', iF*w1^''J'.°,nH'r«rn^fT,» %ni!l,.^ tV' Farmer; b. Point Pleasant. Pa., Nov. 7. 1866; 
Frederick Wakeman and Caroline Sprague) Al- ^^^^ g^^j^gl ^^^ Elizabeth Thomason (Richard- 
yord; grad Umv. of Mich .A. B 93 Columbia ^^n) McHenry; ed. district school In Bucks Co., 
Univ.. A.M '08: mem. Kapp^ Kappa Gamma p^ . valedictorian of first class to grad. from 
Instructor In history, Oshkosh State Normal pargo (N Dak ) Hieh School 1886- three vear<? at 
School. ISf-lSO'-^'-^^^^^tor in history. Miami ^^[f iriSi^n!; ofe y^°at'D'^exe^TnslTflr^ 
Un v.. Oxford, Ohio, 1908-09 mistress of hall, st^^gj^j ^^ register at Drexel (Kappa Alpha 
Univ. of Wis., since 1909. Mem Ass n of Col- T^eta); m. Nov. 15, 1892, Charles Fremont 
legiate Alumnae. Am. Historical Soc. Favors Amidon; children: Beulah Elizabeth, Charles 
woman suffrage. Congregationalist. Recrea- curtis, John McHenry, Oak McHenry, Eleanor 
tions: Walking, riding. Frances. Active in civic and club life; for seven 
AMBLER, Sara ESlmakear (Mrs. Evan L. years has been on the Com. of the Sunday Even- 
Ambler). 1514 S. Twenty-second St., Phlla- ing Lecture Course of Fargo; interested in 
delphla. Pa. Neighborhood Club movement, education and 
Author; b. Leacock, Lancaster Co., Pa.; dau. study of school systems. Pres. Fargo Fort- 
Alfred and Mary Alice (Coates) Ellmaker; ed. nightly Club; former sec. of N.Dak. Fed. of 
MlUersville, First Normal School of Pa. ; m. Women's Clubs (chairman of Its Landmarks' 
Gap, Pa., May 2, 1893, Evan L. Ambler (banker); Com. during whole time that the Sakakwea 
children: Caroline Watson, Mary Elizabeth, Ed- Statue was being erected at Bismarck). Chair- 
ward Ellmaker, Joseph Penrose. Favors woman man of Pure Food Com. Gen. Fed. of Women's 
suffrage. Author: Dear Old Home; Hansies Prize Clubs, 1908-10. Recreations: Farming, walking, 
P>umpkln; Benjamin Stoltz Waxing, and short reading. Unitarian-Congregationalist. Favors 
stories In Woman's Home Companion, Brooklyn woman suffrage; officer of Votes for Women 
Eagle, Brown Book, etc. Presbyterian. League of Fargo; active in State organization. 
AMBUBN, Jessie Eollne Bowlee (Mrs. James AMMON, Edith Darlingrton (Mrs. Samuel A. 
Buchanan Amburn), Lake Village. Chicot Co.. Ammon). Sharpsburgh. Pa. 
Ark. Born "Guyasuta," Allegheny Co., Pa.; dau. 
Born Arkansas City. Ark., Feb. 23. 1875; dau. William M. and Mary Carson (O'Hara) Darling- 
William Wesley and Elmira (MoMuUin) Bowles; ton; ed. Pittsburgh Female Coll. and School of 
ed. grammar school, Arkansas City; Tenn. Fe- Design. Pittsburgh (both discontinued); m. 
male Coll.. Franklin. Tenn.; Galloway Coll., "Guyasuta," Allegheny Co., Oct. 22, 1891, Samuel 
Searcy, Ark.; m. Arkansas City, Sept. 25, 1895, A. Ammon. Director Playground and Recrea- 
James Buchanan Amburn. Interested In conser- tion Ass'n of America, 1906-14; Regent Pitts- 
vatlon of forestry. Mem. United Daughters of burgh Chapter D.A.R.. 1899-1909; Twentieth Cen- 
Confederacy (Memorial Chapter, Little Rock, tury Club of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh Section, 
Ark.). Five Hundred Club, Fork Club. Recrea- Archaeological Inst, of America; Historical Soc. 
tions: Riding, driving, boating. Methodist. Fa- of Western Pa., Pittsburgh Associated Charities, 
vors woman suffrage; progressive Democrat. Protestant Home for Incurables of Pittsburgh, 
AMEE, Mrs. John, 172 Hancock St.. Cambridge. ^^■'' P^^^- D.A.R. of Allegheny Co. Against 
■Uaea. woman suffrage. Episcopalian. 
Born Cambridge. Mass., June 22. 1868; dau. AMRAM, Beulah Brylawski (Mr«. David Wer- 
Samucl Pierce and Eliza (Howe) Teele (mother ner Amram). 624 W. Cliveden Av., GermaJi- 
waa a sister of Ellas Howe, Inventor of the town. Philadelphia, Pa. 

sewing machine, and niece of William Howe. Born Cameron, N.C., Mar. 9, 1881; dau. Michael 

Inventor of the truss bridge, and of Tyler Howe, and Rachel Drachman Brylawski; grad Phlla- 

Inventor of the spring-bed); grad. Cambridge delphla High School tor Girls (awarded Dodd 

High School, later studied under private teacher; Gold Medal for highest achievement and scholar- 

m. Cambridge. Jan. 29, 1831, John Amee; one ship to Bryn Mawr Coll., where she entered 1898, 

•on, Howe Coolidge Amee. Sustaining mem. class of '02); m, Philadelphia, June 1, 18$9, David 

Y.W.C.A., VlBltlng Nursing Ass'n, Antl-Tubercu- Werner Amram, lawyer and professor of law in 



Univ. of Pennsylvania; cshlldren: Philip Werner 
Amram, b. Mar. K, ISOO; David Werner Amram, 
Jr., b. April 24, 1901; Elinor Beulah Amram, b. 
June 15, 1906. Sec. Board of Managers of the 
Hebrew Sunday School Soc. of Philadelphia, a 
society that educates about 4,000 iwor children 
annually. Has written and spoken on matters 
relating to Jewish history, literature and educa- 
tion; chief literary interest is in modern Italian 
literature, especially Italian poetry. Published 
essays; Ways of Pleasantness, 1910; Darkeners of 
Counsel, 1910; Life Beyond Life, 1911. Mem. of 
many charitable associations, Nat. Geog. Soc, 
Pa. Woman's Suffrage Ass'n. Recreation: En- 
thusiastic gardener. 

-■iNDEBSON, Ada Woodruff (Mrs. Oliver Phelps 
Anderson), 111 Cherry St., Seattle, Wash. 
Author; b. San Francisco, Cal. ; dau. Oapt. 
Samuel C. and Martha R. (Crosby) Woodrufi; 
ed. public and private schools, Olympia, Wash., 
and San Francisco; m. Seattle, Wash., Jan. 4, 
1882, Oliver Phelps Anderson; children: Alice 
W., b. Dec. 15, 1882; Maurice P., b. June 9, 
1888; Dorothy L., b. May 20, 1893 (died Mar. 5, 
1912). Author (novels): The Heart of the Red 
Firs 1908; The Strain of White, 1909; also short 
stories in Harper's and Century magazines. 

.AJifDEKSON, Alexandra Koesis (Mrs. J. T. An- 
derson), Alta Vista, Bethesda, Md. 
Born Nashville, Tenn., Sept. 18, 1864; dau. Prof. 
Alexander and Mahala (Cal core) Koesis; ed. 
Ward's Sem., Nashville: m. Dec. 26, 1882, John 
Townsend Anderson; children: Alexander Koesis, 
Clara Townsend, Edwin Fee, Juanlta, Mary 
Claibom. Interested in philanthropic and relig- 
ious activities in Washington City, also educa- 
tional movements. Against woman suffrage. 
Has written poems and travel sketches. Episco- 
palian. Mem. Daughters of the King, St. AlDan's 
Chapter, Washington, D.C. ; Daughters of the 
Confederacy, Albert Sidney Johnson Chapter. 
Recreations: Literature, music, bridge. Husband 
was for many years British vice consul to 

AisTJEKSOX, BeUe Bingiey, the Misses Mas- 
ters' School, Dobbs Ferry, N.T. 
Teacher; b. Maysville, Ky.; grad. Vassar Coll., 
.\.B. '96; Pd.M., N.Y. Univ., '01. Teacher Lyn- 
don Hall, Poughkeepsie, X.Y., 1896-98; the Misses 
Masters' School, Dobbs Ferry, N.Y., 1S98-1900, 
and again since 1901. 

A:NX>EKS0X, Carlotta Adele (Mrs. J. Scott An- 
derson), Swarthmore, Pa. 

Writer, teacher of the deaf, Montessorl teacher, 
directress Torresdale Home; b. N.Y. City, 1876; 
dau. NeweU Willard and Emma C. (Jones) Bloss; 
ed.' abroad and grad. Claverack Coll., '93; post- 
grad., '94; student Teachers Coll., N.Y. City; 
Swarthmore (Pa.) Coll. ; student of Montessorl 
method under Signora Galli-Saccentl, Rome, Italy, 
1912,. Trained and taught in Wrlght-Humason 
School (for deaf), N.Y. City, 1894-97; m. N.Y. City, 
June 2, 1897, J. Scott Anderson; children: Roy, b. 
Sept. 12, 1898; Dorothy, b. Feb. 17, 1902. U.S. 
Government delegate to Third Internal. Congress 
on Home Education, Brussels, Aug., 1910; also 
delegate appointed by Gov. Stuart to represent 
Commonwealth of Pa., Am. Acad, of Political and 
Social Science, and Am. Ass'n to Promote Teach- 
ing of Speech to the Deaf, etc. ; carried official 
Invitation to that congress to hold next meeting 
in Philadelphia, which was accepted for Sept 
29 and 30. and Oct. 1 and 2, 1914. Gen. sec. 
Fourth Internat. Congress on Home Eiducation; 
directress of Torresdale House, an Episcopal 
primary school and Montessorl kindergarten: 
has given addresses at various social meet- 
ings, such as Baby Saving Show, Philadelphia 
Home and School League, etc. Chairman Edu- 
cational Com., Swarthmore (Pa.) Woman's Club, 
1910-13. Favors woman suffrage. Pres. Swarth- 
more Woman's Suffrage League three years, 
ending 1912. Editor dep't Hints to Mothers of 
Deaf Children, VolU Review, 1910-12. Author: 
A Practical Method of Developing the Hearing; 
The Training of Teachers of th« Deaf; Home 
Training of the Young Deaf Child; The Mon- 
tessorl Method in the Home (not yet printed). 

Mem. Am. Acad, of Political and Social Science, 
Political Science Acad., Philadelphia Home 
School League, Public Education Ass'n. Mem. 
New Century Club, Civic Club (Philadelphia). 
Hon. mem. Internat. Com. of Congresses on 
Home Education; hon. mem. Pure Oral Ass'n of 
London, E^ngland. 
ANDEKSON, Mrs. E. Bnth, 4326 Drew Av., S. 

Minneapolis, Minn. 

Violinist; b. Creseo, la., 1879; dau. Andrew 
Edward and Lavina (Nichols) Anderson; ed. two 
years at Univ. of North Dak.; four years violin 
study in Brussels, Belgium; m. C. D. Reohr, 
1891 (divorced 1898). Successful debut In Brus- 
sels, Belgium; headed first concert company to 
go to Panama under guarantee of U.S. (3overn- 
ment; concertized In Bermuda, Trinidad and 
Barbadoes, British West Indies, Georgetown and 
Paramaribo in South America and every city in 
the U.S. and Canada. Recreations: Shooting, 
tramping in summer and snow-shoeing in win- 
ter. Active mem. Thursday Musical, and editor 
Clarion (16-page magazine), official organ of the 
Thursday Musical. 
AA'DERSOX, Eleanor £hidora, Apartment 4, 

Denney Place, Everett, Wash. 

Teacher; b. Chandler's Valley, Pa., May 23, 
1877; dau. Charles A. and Adolpha E. (Turner) 
Anderson; grad. high school. Cannon Falls, 
Minn. ; Normal School, Winona, Minn. Four 
and a half years of teaching in Primary Dep't of 
Little Falls (Minn.) public schools; also ten 
years in Everett (Wash.) public schools in first 
grade primary. Five years director of choir in 
First Congregational Church of Everett, Wash., 
1907-12; two years pres. Ladies' Musical Club of 
Everett, Wash., 1908-10. Favors woman suf- 
frage. Congregationallst. Progressiye. Mem. 
Euterpean Soc., Young Women's Club of Con- 
gregational Church. 
ANDERSON, Elizabeth Preston (Mrs. James 

Anderson), Valley City, N.D. 

W.C.T.U. worker; b. Decatur, Ind., Apr. 27, 
1861; dau. Rev. Blam S. Preston (pioneer minister 
of M.E. Church in North Indiana Conference) 
»nd Marie (Shepley) Preston; ed. Fort Wayne 
(Ind.) Coll., De Pauw Univ. and tlniv. of Minn, 
(mem. Kappa Alpha Theta); m. Town City, 
N. Dak., Dec. 11, ISOl, Rev. James Anderson 
(M.E. clergyman of North Dakota Conference). 
•Taught in public schools of Indiana and North 
Dakota 8 years, engaged in W.C.T.U. work since 
1889, has been pres. North DakoU W.C.T.U. 18 
years, rec. sec. Nat. W.C.T.U. 6 years and still 
holds both offices. In recognition of services 
rendered in legislative work, life size oil portrait 
was presented by North Dakota W.C.T.U. to the 
State of North Dakota and hung, by order of 
Gov. John Burke, in the State Capitol at Bis- 
marck. Mem. M.E. Church and its Woman's 
Home and Foreign Missionary societies. Works 
for woman suffrage through the suffrage depart- 
ments of the State and Nat. W.C.T.U. 
AXDEBSON, Florence Stewart (Mrs. Charles 

Augustus Anderson), East Orange, N.J. 

Bom Cincinnati, O. ; dau. Benjamin B. and 
Florence (Bishop) Stewart; ed. Packer Collegiate 
Inst., Brooklyn, N.Y. ; Smith Coll., B.L. '96; m. 
N.Y. City, Apr. 19, 1900, Charles Augustus An- 
derson; children: C!harles Stewart (died), Alan 
Stewart, Carolyn (died), Margaret. Favors wo- 
man suffrage. Mem. Presbyterian Church. Mem. 
Smith Coll. Alumnae Ass'n, Oriental Soc. of 
Smith Coll. 

ANDERSON, Grace Lee (Mrs. W. G. Ander- 
son), 1151 Chai)€l St., New Haven, Conn. 

Born Memphis, Tenn.; dau. Charles J. and 
Ella M. (Coe) Phillips; ed. high school, Cleve- 
land, O., and State Female Coll., Memphis; m. 
Pittsburgh, 1882, Prof. William Gilbert Anderson, 
now director Yale Univ. Gymnasium; one son: 
William Lawrence. Lecturer Brooklyn Nor- 
mal School of Physical Education, Anderson 
Normal School of Gymnastics, New Haven. Co- 
writer with husband of Physical Training for 
Women (Nat. W.C.T.U., Physical Culture Dep't), 
Light Gymnastics, Methods of Teaching Gymnas- 
tics. Against woman suffrage. Congregatlon- 
alist. Mem. United Daughters of the Con- 



ANDERSON, Helen Ellona, National Park Semi- 
nary, Forest Glen, Md. 

Teacher; b. Tecumseh, Mich.; dau. Seaton W. 
and EHla (Randall) Anderson; ed. Liggett School, 
Detroit, Vassar Coll., A.B.; post-grad, work in 
lectures at Mich. Univ. (mem. Kappa Delta Phi). 
Taught in the Graham School, N.Y. City, five 
years; since then Nat. Park Sem., Forest Glen, 
Md., where Is teacher of sociology and history. 
Favors woman suffrage. Unitarian. Progressive 
in politics. Interested In Consumers' League 
and in settlement work. Recreations: Tennis, 
riding. Mem. College Woman's Club, Washing- 
ton, D.C. ; Ass'n Collegiate Alumnae, Vassar 
Students' Aid (Washington branch). 
ANDERSON, Henrietta E. (Mrs. Charles P. An- 
derson), Alta, la. 

Bom Winterset, la., Aug. 5, 1859; dau. Solo- 
mon and Sarah J. (Harlaa) Pontions; ed. coun- 
try schools of Buena Vista Co. Taught a few 
terms In country; m. Alta, la., Nov. 19, 1879. 
Charles P. Anderson; children: Merpitt W.. 
b. July 30, 1883; Edith G., b. Aug. 30, 1887. 
Mem. Christian Church. Recreations: Traveling, 
auto trips. Mem. La Coterie Club. 
ANDERSON, Jessie Isabel Callionn (Mrs. W. H. 
Anderson), 21 Lakevlew Av., Venice, Cal. 
Born Calhoun's Valley, (^al. ; dau. Judge 
Noble Ezeklel Ewlng and Lura Butler (Davis) 
OaJhoun; ed. in schools of San Jos6 and by pri- 
vate tutors there and later in London and Paris; 
voice training under Emil Behnke of London; 
dramatic training under supervision of her sis- 
tor, Eleanor Calhoun (now Princess Lazarovlch) ; 
belles lettres and Greek art under Sir Charles T. 
Neiwton, and archaeology under Reginald Stewart 
Pool of the British Museum; m. Mar. 5, 1895, 
Hon. William Henry Anderson; ass't attorney- 
general of California; children: Laura Patricia 
Calhoun, Eleanor Jessie Calhoun, Virginia 
Isabel Calhoun. Had chair of elocution and 
oratory, Univ. of the Pacific, Washington Cor- 
ners, and Llvermore Coll. ; founded dramatic 
school in San Francisco, gave lectures, dramatic 
recitals and instruction at Stanford Univ., under 
private arrangement with Pres. David Starr 
Jordan; originated and produced pantomime and 
classic dancing as Illustrated Oratorio at Grand 
Opera House. San Francisco; lectures, readings, 
Biblical pantomime and Greek dancing at Chau- 
tauqua Assembly, Pacific Grove, Cal.; also many 
other places for church and charity funds. Has 
presided at mass meetings of clergy, clubs and 
Ass'n of the Santa Monica Bay District to pre- 
vent the showing of Jeffries-Johnson prize-flght 
films on the Bay, to discuss methods for better 
social conditions and to found the Santa Monica 
Bay Free Bed Ass'n. Prominent in social life; 
was presented at the CJourt of St. James, England, 
by Lady Archibald Campbell. Worked for woman 
suffrage as treas. Pacific Political Equality League 
of Santa Mottica Day cities, and made public 
speeches during campaign that won women the 
ballot in Cal. Mem Episcopal Church. Pro- 
gressive voter; first vice-pres. Roosevelt Pro- 
gresslTe League of Venice, Cal. ; mem. Venice 
Men's and Women's Civic League, United 
I>&ughters of the Confederacy, Fine Arts League, 
Santa Monica Free Bed Ass'n, Southern Oal. 
Civic League. Recreations: Riding, mountain 
tramping, rowing, tennis. Pres. Crescent Bay 
Woman's Club of Venice; founder Pacific Wo- 
man's City Club of Santa Monica Bay; mem. 
Santa Monica Bay Woman's Club, and Ruskin 
Art Olub of Los Angeles. 

ANDERSON, Lily Strickland (Mrs. Courtenay 
Anderson), 423 W. 118th St., N.Y. City. 
Composer; b. Anderson, S.C. ; dau. Charleton 
Hines and Teresa Hammond (Reed) Strickland; 
ed. Converse Coll., Spartanburg, S.C; musical 
courses in N.Y. under private teachers and In- 
stitute of Musical Art; m. Feb. 18, 1912, Courte- 
nay Anderson, A.M., in Columbia Univ. Chapel. 
Her first song was published when she was six- 
teen year* old; composer of Fate; Since Laddie 
Went, and Mammy's Prayer, and more than 100 
other composition in music. Interested In all 
questions relating to betterment of humanity; 
an ardent anti-tobacconist; believes In the nor- 
mal life; engaged In writing and arranging col- 

lection of negro folk songs. Favors woman 
suffrage. Baptist. Mem. Musicians' Club of 
N.Y., United Daughters of (>>nfederacy (Dixie 
Chapter of S.C). Recreations: Literature, art. 

ANDERSON, Lizzie Pershing; (Mrs. William C. 
Anderson), 400 Blddle Av., Wilkinsburg, Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. 

Former teacher and public reader; b. Greens- 
boro, Pa., Apr. 4, 1852; dau. Rev. I. C. Pershing, 
D.D., and Charlotte L. (Canan) Pershing; ed. 
Pittsburgh Female Coll. (Mistress of Liberal 
Arts); m. Pittsburgh. July 10, 1884, William C. 
Anderson. Taught In preparatory and collegiate 
dep'ts Pittsburgh Female Coll., also elocution; 
prin. of private school of elocution, music and 
literature, Allegheny City, 1886-92; vice-pres. of 
the Pittsburgh Female Ck)ll., 10 years. Cor. sec. 
Woman's Foreign Missionary Soc. of Presbytery 
of Pittsburgh, 12 years; sec. Educational Dep't 
Civic Club of Allegheny Co., 4 years; sec. Public 
Education Soc. of Pittsburgh, 2 years. Has 
written letters from California and other places, 
for city, religious and secular papers, occasional 
verse, and a few magazine articles. Mem. D.A.R., 
Woman's Club of Wilkinsburg (has held oflices, 
including the presidency). Presbyterian. 

ANDERSON, Margraret Pauline, 109 Queen St., 

E., St. John. New Brunswick. Can. 

Author; b. St. John, N.B., Dec. 12, 1870; dau. 
Renwick M. and M. Jane (Hanley) Anderson; 
ed. St. John public schools and private tuition at 
home. Interested in religion, temperance and 
philanthropy. Invalid; confined to bed since 
1886 from spinal trouble. Author: Sick Room 
Thoughts and Gleanings; Leona Chinch, or Lord 
Kendale's Repentance (novel); also smaller book- 
lets; The Songs of The Angels; Easter Chimes; 
The Message of The Bells; writer of short stories. 
Mem. King's Daughters and Temperance Soc., 
Sons of Temperance. Congregatlonalist. 

ANDERSON, Margraret Steele, 1317 First St., 

Louisville, Ky. 

Critic and public lecturer; b. Louisville, Ky. ; 
dau. Dunning McNair and Susan (Hamilton) 
Anderson; ed. Louisville High School (Girls'), 
Wellesley Coll. (special student). Has ad- 
dressed audiences In Louisville and at the 
Brooklyn (N.Y.) Inst., Philadelphia, Chautauqua 
Goodwyn Inst., Memphis; Pittsburgli, Mt. Eagle 
Chautauqua of the South and in other places. 
Not interested in woman suffrage. Presbyterian. 
Mem. Woman's Club, Authors' Club, Art Club 
and Fortnightly (Conversation) Club, Louisville. 
Subjects of lectures: Art and Literature. For 
twelve years has been literary editor of Evening 
Post of Louisville, Ky. 
ANDERSON, Margrarethe Urdahl (Mrs. Lewis 

Albert Anderson), Charleston, 111. 

Educator; ed. Univ. of Wis., B.L. '96; Univ of 
Berlin, 1898-99; Univ. of Heidelberg and Univ. 
of Christiana, '99; fellow in Teutonic philology 
1900-02; special fellow, 1902-03, Bryn Mawr Coll ' 
Ph.D. '04; m. 1906, Lewis Albert Anderson! 
Teacher of German and Latin, Chelten Hills 
School, Wyncote, Pa., 1903-04; teacher of Ger- 
man and history. Eastern 111., State Normal 
School, Charleston, 111., 1905-06. Author- On 
Certain U-dipthongs in the Heliand (dissertation 
for doctorate), Gbttingen, 1904. 
ANDERSON, Mary Josephine, 11 FYellnghampen 

St.. Battle Creek, Mich. 

Bom Chicago; dau. John L. and Lucy H. 
Snyder Anderson; ed. Muncle (Ind.) High Scliool, 
State Normal, Terre Haute, Ind.; Univ. of Mich. 
B.L. (Phi Beta Kappa). Taught in Indiana State 
Normal for twenty years. Interested In the 
general civic philanthrophles for women and 
children; pres. Woman's League of Battle Creek 
Congregatlonalist. Favors woman suffrage. 
ANDERSON, Mary Slater (Mrs. Frank Ernest 

Anderson). 184 GIbbs St.. Newton Centre. 


Born Salem, Mass., Oct. 21, 1856; dau. Rev. 
Robert Curtis and Mary Sisson (Tiffany) Mills; 
ed. private schools, Salem (Mass.) High School; 
m. Newton Centre, Mass., April 29, 1880, Frank 
Ernest Anderson, of N.Y. City; children: Ray- 
mond Mills, Frank Ernest Jr. (deceas«d), 


Carol, Donald Slater. For ten years pres. Wo- Athenaeum (pres. one year and first vice-pres. 

man's Home Missionary Soc. of Baptist Chnrcb, one year). Presbyterian. Prohibitionist. Mem. 

Newton Centre; for four years of Newton Centre of the Kansas City (Mo.) Suffrage Ass'n for 20 

Woman's Club; a director In Newton Hosp. Aid years. 

Ass'n; also a manager in Boston branch of ANDREWS, Emma Dixon (Mrs. T. HoUinffs- 

McAll Ass'n. Baptist. Mem. Wednesday Club worth Andrews), 1028 Spruce St., Philadelphia, 

of Newton Centre 18 years; greatly interested In pa. 

social and philanthropic movements. Born Philadelphia, April 2-6, 1853; dau. Joseph 

AKDEKSON, Mrs. William C, Wlnnsboro, Tex. Edward and Martha Archer (Thomas) Dixon; ed. 

Boru Ft. Worth, July 14, 1S79; dau. John Sacred Heart ConTent, Eden Hall, Sacred Heart 

Thomaa and Marguerite (Little) Hall; ed. Green- Convent, Manhattanvllle, N.Y., grad. Jan., 1890; 

ville, Tex.; m. Wlnnsboro, Tex., Nov. 21, 1897, m. Philadelphia, Sept 15, 1875, Dr. T. Hollings- 

Willlam C. Anderson. Has been pres. Woman's worth Andrews Jr.; children: T. Hollingsworth, 

Missionary Soc. of Methodist Church three years J. Dixon. Originator of Woman's Whist League; 

(mem. 15 years). Pres. Standard Club two mem. Colonial Dames Alumni of Manhattanvllle. 

years (charter mem.); sup't and founder of Interested In protection of little children. Fa- 

Wiunesboro Flower Show for two years. Meth- vors woman suffrage. Author of memoirs and 

odist Mem. Carnegie Library Board of Trus- essays and genealogy for familiea. Eoman 

tees ever since it waa built. Recreations: Swim- Catholic. Recreations: Music, lanj^uages, gard- 

ming, automobile riding, horseback riding. Pres. ening, painting, embroidering. 

Winnsboro City Fed. of Women's Clubs; pres. ANDREWS, Ethel Montsomery, 367 Grand Av., 

Social Service. Brooklyn, N.T. 

ANDERSON-GLLMAN, Wilma, concert planlsta Photographer; b. Jersey City, N.J., 1879; dau. 

(Bee Oilman, Wllma Anderson.) William and Adele Montgomery (Oscanyan) 

ANDERTON. EUz.beth Palmer (Mrs. William fKappr'kalpf ■Gamma^'Enigil-'in^usiu'L^S 

Bancroft Anderton). 825 Madison Av., N.Y. if ^Xoto^^^her''*^ Brooklyl?^ N.Y° X^^c^ 

Born at Ravenswood, N.Y., family country seat ^^^"■„„„ ^ ,. „ ,^ ,., ^x, , 

on East River- dau. Walter Bowne and Mary E. ANDREWS, ETangeline Walker (Mrs. Charles 

(Story) Palmer; ed. in private schools in N.Y. McLean Andrews), 424 St. Roman St., New 

City and Women's Law Classes of N.Y. Univ.; Haven, Conn. 

m NY City May 7, 1885, Dr. William Bancroft; Born London, Eng., Jan. 1, 1870; dau. John 

children- Walter Palmer, Alice, Dorothy, Ruth. Crawford and Laura Marlon (Seymour) Walker; 

Mem Women's Auxiliary of the Orthopaedic ed. Bryn Mawr CoU. A.B. and graduate student; 

Hospital- Interested In work for the blind and in m. Bryn Mawr, Pa., June 19, 1895, Charles Mc- 

educational matters relating to young children. Lean Andrews, now Famham prof, of Am. his- 

Favors woman suffrage, but believes in an edu- tory at Yale Univ.; children: Ethel Andreiws, b. 

cational propaganda only. Episcopalian. Mem. 1897, John Wailams Andrews, b. 1899. Mem. of 

Colony Club and of D.A.R. through Walter Executive Committee of George Junior Republic 

Palmer who came from England In 1629. and of the Council of Lowell House Settlement 

Finished French scholar; reads all the latest of New Haven, Conn. Editor-in-chief of the 

plays and books as they come out. Recreations: Bryn Mawr Alumna Quarterly; originated and 

Fond of walking In all kinds of weather; loves produced twice (1900 and 1906) the Elizabethan 

^^^gj(, May-Day Festival, which has become a regular 

»Tkrr»^-c-n7a -E-iwo "RVar./— 11 q v TTiT-Rt <^t functiou of Bryn Mawr College, being given 

ANDREWS, Eliza Frances, 419 E. First St., ^^^^ ^^^^^^ y^^^. ^^^^^ ^^ publish a historical 

Rome, Lra, ,„,„,. i, woe>,iT,TtnT, Pn document. The Journal of a Lady of Quality. 

Author, bounist, lecturer; b. Washington Ga -^^ ^^^ Haven, Conn., Bryn 

^^^,\.^°: ^I^'- ^^''i ■^l^^f? ^^^ wL^^^rln Mawr College Club, N.Y. City. Recreations: 
(Ball) Andrews; ed Ladies Sem Washington, ^ g^^.e tramping and climbing. Episco- 
Ga., LaGrange (Ga.) Coll. A.B 57 Hon A.M • ^^^^^ of suffrage for women baaed 
I^l^'k^l'^^clloTY^Z'^biS^^^^ - P-P-^^ -^ educational quallflcatlona. 
Girls' Sem., Washington, Ga., 1874-81; staff corre- ANDREWS, Fannie Fern (n6e Phllllp«), 406 
spondent Augusta (Ga.) Chronicle, 1883-85; ass't Marlborough St., Boston, Masa. 
prof natural science (botany, physiology) Wes- Lecturer, social worker; b. Margaretville, N.S., 
leyan Coll., Macon, Ga., 1885-96. Frequent Sept. 25, 1867; dau. William Wallace and Anna 
contributor to magazines (Ohautauquan, Cosmo- Maria (Brown) Phillips; grad. Salem (Mass.) 
politan. Century, Arena. International Socialist Normal School, 1884, A.B., Radcliffe Coll., 
Review). Author: A Family Secret, 1876; A Mere 1902, attended , Harvard Summer School several 
Adventure, 1878; Prince Hall, 1882; Botany All terms; m. Lynn, Mass., July 16, 1890, Edwin Q. 
the Year Round (widely circulated school text- Andrews. Has been active in organizing parents' 
book of botany), 1903; War-time Journal of a associations in the Boston schools since 1902; lee- 
Georgia Girl, 1908; A Practical Course In Botany, turer and writer on the International peace 
1911- also serials: How He Was Tempted, The movement and on educational topics. Organizer 
Story of an Ugly Girl, The Mistake of His Life, and sec. Am. School Peace League; sec. Boston 
as well as humorous sketches, short stories. Home and School Ass'n; mem. Council of Nat. 
political and scientific papers and A Memorial Education Ass'n; special collaborator U.S. Bureau 
Day Ode, Haunted and other poems. Socialist, of Education; director Am. Peace Soc; mem. 
Mem. Ala. State Library Ass'n, United Daugh- Nat. Peace Council, Internat. Peace Bureau 
ters of the Confederacy, and various clubs, (Berne, Switzerland), Ass'n Collegiate Alumnse, 
scientific societies, etc. Favors woman suffrage. New England Women's Press Ass'n, N.Y. Peace 
ANDREWS, Elizabeth M., 87 Hawthorne Av., Soc, Am Soc. for Judicial Settlement of 
'y k s. N T Internat. Disputes; cor. mem. Bureau Interna- 
Teacher- b' Yonkers, N.Y.; ed. in schools of tional de F6d6rations d'Instituteurs. Mem. com- 

^°f^^I^ iKTrn^hot^i 'l'8'94-9l"&il SfrbJe^^t'^f^St?S^iSSdV:^i?siriK 

Ben^n'eU'"1o^orf 'irVKn^t Hudson. ''^^^^^^ Citizenship Conference, June 29-July 6, 1913 

i.„„« 1M7 ir, vnntoi-o fN Y ) Hiph "Sohool (Portland, Ore.); appomted by U.S. Government 

since 1897 In Yonkers (N.Y.) High t'Chooi. ^^ delegate to Internat Conference on Educa- 

ANDREWS. Elizabeth Moffett (Mrs. L- B. ^^^^ ^^ ,pjjg Hague, 1913. Mem. Twentieth C^n- 

Andrews). 3772 Washington St. Kansaa City. ^^^^ (,j^^_ College Club (Boston). 

Teacher- b. Jo Daviess Co., 111., Nov. 3, 1849; ANDREWS, Georglna I. 8., Pine Lodge, Granite 

dau James and Isabella (McCall) Moffett; ed. Springs. Westchester Co., N.Y. 

district school- Galena Normal School; Mt Car- Lecturer, teacher; b. Toronto, Ont, Canada, 

roll Seminary; teacher; m. in Jo Daviess Co., III., dau. William and Letitla Harriet (Stewart) An- 

Mar 20 1878 Lewis Benjamin Andrews. Mem. drews; ed. Toronto private schools. Favors 

of and 'interested In W.C.T.U. 30 years; board woman suffrage. Episcopalian. Progressive. In- 

m«n. of Y W.C.A., State Board of Charities and terested In cooperative philanthropies; active in 

Bome local philanthropies. Mem. Kansas City all social reforms along philosophic, spiritual 



UMi protresslve lines. Promoter of a universal 
rellilon based upon the fundamental doctrines of 
ChrlBtlan Healing. 

ANDREWS, Grace, 4T Brevoort Place, Brook- 
lyn, N.T. 

Born Brooklyn. N.Y., 1869; dau. Edward Gayer 
AndreT»3 (Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal 
Church) and Susan M. (Hotchkiss) Andrews; ed. 
Mt. Vernon Sem., Washington, D.C. ; Wellesley 
Coll.. B.S. '90; Columbia Univ., A.M. '99, Ph.D. 
'01; mem. Zeta Alpha. Favors woman suffrage. 
Methodist. Mem. N.Y. Wellesley Club, Kosmos 
Clnb, Brooklyn; Women's University Club of 
N.Y. City. 

ANDREWS, Grace, 1331 Chestnut St., Philadel- 
phia, Pa. 

Physician; b. Philadelphia; dau. R. H. Andrews, 
M.D., and Mary M. (Beidler) Andrews; grad. 
Philadelphia Girls' High School, 1897; holder of 
Trustees' Philadelphia Girls' High School schol- 
arship to Bryn Mawr, 1898-1902; grad. Bryn Mawr 
Coll., A.B. 1902; Women's Med. Coll. of Pa., 
M.D. '07. Ophthalmologist. 

ANDREWS, Gwendolen Foulke (Mrs. Ethan 
Allen Andrews), 881 St. Paul St., Baltimore, 

Biologist, writer; b. Bala Farm, Chester Co., 
Pa., June 26, 1863; dau. William Parker and 
Julia de Veaux (Powell) Foulke; ed. in Mr. and 
Mrs. L. M. Johnson's School, Philadelphia, with 
special course in biology at Bryn Mawr Coll.; 
m. Philadelphia, Pa., March 17, 1894, Prof. 
Bthan Allen Andrews, Ph.D., now prof, zoology 
in Johns Hopkins Univ. Author: The Living 
Substance; also papers in American Journal of 
Morphology and other biological publications. 
Mem. Acorn Club (Philadelphia), Arundell Club 

ANDREWS, Helen Frances, Farmlngton, Conn. 
Artist and Instructor in art; b. Farmlngton, 
Ck)nn. ; dau. Franklin A. and Jane (Bulkeley) 
Andrews; ed. Miss Porter's School, Farmlngton, 
Conn., and at the Academie Julian, Paris, 
under J. P. Lanier and Benjamin Constant. In- 
structor In drawing and painting in the Westover 
School, Middlebury, Vt. Mem. Conn. Acad, of 
Fine Arts. Congregational 1st. 

ANDREWS, Helen Slade (Mrs. Charles A, An- 
drews), Moffatt Rd., Waban, Mass. 
Bom Quincy, Mass., Nov. 28, 1870; dau. James 
H. and Mary B. (Thayer) Slade; ed. Thayer 
Acad., Braintree, Mass.; Vassar Coll., A.B. (Phi 
Beta Kappa) '94; m. Quincy, Mass., Jan. 1, 
1901, Charles A. Andrews; children: Sidney War- 
ren, John Thayer, Helen. Taught for six years 
in Marlboro and Holyoke High School, and at 
Vassar Coll. (subject, mathematics). Unitarian. 
Mem. Waban Woman's Club (pres. 1910-12), Bos- 
ton branch Vassar Alumnee (pres. for year 1913) ; 
vice-pres. Newton Fed. of Women's Clubs (1912- 
13). Favors woman suffrage. 

ANDREWS, Irene Osrood (Mrs. John B. An- 
drews), 143 E. Twenty-first St., N.Y. City. 
Worker for labor legislation; b. Big Rapids, 
Mich., Jan. 18, 1879; dau. Lucius L. and Mary 
(Markley) Osgood; ed. Univ. of Minn., Nerw 
York School of Philanthropy, Univ. of Wis., A.B. 
'05; Univ. of Wis. fellow at Univ. Settlement, 
Milwaukee; mem. Alpha Phi (Wis.); m. N.Y. 
City, Aug. 8, 1910, John B. Andrews. Agent of 
the Aseocjated Charities, Minneapolis, Minn.; 
special agent for relief work of the Red Cross, 
San Francisco, Cal.; head resident of the North- 
western Univ. Settlement, Chicago; ass't sec. Am. 
Ass'n for Labor Legislation, etc. Departmental 
editor Life and Labor (official organ of the 
Women's Trade Union Leagrue). Favors woman 
suSra^e. Author: Women Workers in Milwau- 
kee Tanneries; has contributed to The Survey, 
Am. Labor Legislation Review, the Am. Year 
Book, Political Science Quarterly. Mem. Nat. 
Woman's Trade Union Lea.gue, Am. Ass'n for 
Labor Legislation. Recreations: Skating, canoe- 
ing. Active worker, writer and speaker on sub- 
jects relating to labor legislation and the better- 
meat of the working class. 

ANDREWS, Marilla, Gransvllle, Wis. 

Editor, postmaster; b. Argyle, Wis., Aug. 12, 
1864; dau. John Cain Andrews (b. In Ohio) and 
Sarah (Wright) Andrews (b. in England); grad. 
Evansville (Wis.) High School, classical course, 
Gransvllle (Wis.) Sem. and Univ. of Wis. B.L. 
'92. Was special correspondent to Washington 
(D.C.) paper for World's Fair at Chicago, 1893; 
did magazine work for about two years; 
founded, owned and published a local weekly 
paper until appointed postmaster, in which office 
is now serving. Was for a time editor of Wisconsin 
Citizen (Blqual Suffrage organ). Founded two 
leading literary clubs of Gransvllle, Wis.; one of 
the organizers of public library movement and 
first sec. of Library Board; mem. Board of 
Trustees of Gransvllle Sem.; mem. Industrial 
School Comm'n; mem. Park Comm'n. Active 
in woman suffrage cause. Episcopalian. Recre- 
ation: Farming; owns three farms run by 
managers; very fond of horses, being a breeder 
and importer of registered Shetland ponies. 
ANDREWS, Mary Canfield (Mrs. W. W. An- 
drews), 40S2 Rose Hill Av., Avondale, Cin- 
cinnati, O. 

Daughter James W. and Mary Jane (Williams) 
Canfield; m. W. W. Andrews; children: C. W. 
Andrews, Mary A. M. McCiall, Alice A. Magenny. 
Mem. Cincinnati Women's Clnb, D.A.R., the 
New England Women's Club of N.Y. City, 
Daughters of N.Y.; trustee for past 20 years of 
Home for Incurables (was pres. two years). 
ANDREWS, Jlary EUzabeth, Swope Center, 
Kansas City, Mo. 

Minister; head of social settlement; b. Hamil- 
ton, Ohio; dau. Robert N. and Carolyn (Weh- 
bring) Andrews; ed. Buchtel Coll., Akron, Ohio; 
Univ. of Chicago; Columbia Univ., N.Y. City. 
Favors woman suffrage. Unitarian and Unlver- 
salist. Progressive. Is at present head resident 
of Swope Center. 

ANDREWS, Mira McCoy (Mrs. William E. An- 
drews), 1225 Fairmont St., N.W.. Washington. 
Born loTva; dau. Laban L. and Alice (Richards) 
McCoy; ed. Parsons Coll., Fairfield, la. (clas- 
sical), and music (both voice and piano) In 
Chicago, making voice a specialty and later 
learning the pipe organ; m. Fairfield, la., Sept. 1, 
1885, William E. Andrews (mem, 54th Congress, 
now Auditor for U.S. Treasury Dep't. For sev- 
eral years she held the chair of voice culture In 
Hastingrs Coll., Neb. Mem. Board of Lady Man- 
agers of the Louisiana Purchase Eliposition, 
1901. Associate dean of Leojean Coll., Washing- 
ton, D.C, of which her sister. Miss Leota Myrtle 
McCoy, is dean. Mem. and pres. Chapter B., 
and one of nat. officers of the P.E.O. Soc. Mem. 
Presbyterian Church and Interested in religious 
and philanthropic work. Pres. of State Federation 
of Women's Clubs in the District of Columbia. 
Delegate to biennial of Gen. Fed. of Women's 
Clubs in San Francisco, 1912, and en route spoke 
before Colorado club women, and also on politics 
to mixed meeting. Elected at biennial one of 
eight directors of Gen. Fed.; also mem. welfare 
dep't. Nat. Civics Ass'n. Mem. Columbia High 
Arts Club. 

ANDREWS, Nellie Greenwood (Mrs. W. W. 
Andrews), 2213 Cornwall St., Reglna, Sas- 
katchewan, Canada. 

Educator, writer, lecturer; b. Farmlngton, Me., 
Apr. 21, 1864; dau. Cyprian Stevens and Esther 
(Butterfleld) Greenwood, New England ancestry 
on both sides; grad. Bath (Me.) High School '80, 
Victoria Coll., Toronto, B.Sc. '84 (first woman to 
receive a college degree in course in Ontario); 
m. Cobourg, Ont, Oct. 18, 1887, Rev. W. W. 
Andrews, LL.D. ; children: Mabel Greenwood 
(B.A.), Cyprian Herbert, Elisabeth Ellsworth. 
Teacher of botany and drawing in Peterboro 
(Ont.) Ckill. Inst., 1892-94; teacher of math- 
ematics and astronomy. Mount Allison Ladles' 
Coll., Sackvllle, N.B. Resided, 1887-90, in To- 
ronto, where Dr. Andrew was pastor of College 
Street Methodist Church; at Sackvllle, N.B., 
where he was dean of the Faculty of Applied 
Science In Mount Allison Univ.; since 1911 at 
Reglna, Sask., where Dr. Andrews Is pres. 
Reglna Coll. Writer of short stories and 
sketches published In Canadian magazines and 



various local and college periodicals; has 
delivered several lectures before semi-public 
gatherings on local history and general literary 
and educational topics. Former Congrega- 
tlonalist; now mem. Methodist Church of Can. 
Former mem. Board of Regents of Mount Allison 
Univ. and allied educational institutions. Mem. 
and Provincial officer W.C.T.U. and of the 
Woman's Missionary Soc. of Can. Methodist 
Church; mem. Victoria Coll. Alumnae Ass'n, 
Mount Allison Alumnse Ass'n. 
ANDREWS, Sophia Maxwell Dolson (Mrs. L. F. 

Andrews), 302 Forty-second St., Des Moines, 


Born Elmira, N.Y., Apr. 27, 1829; dau. John 
Dolson (Revolutionary soldier, who enlisted under 
Gen. Washington at Newburgh, 1777) and Eliza- 
beth (Carr) Dolson; ed. in branch of Univ. of 
Mich, then located at Kalamazoo (now Kalama- 
zoo Coil.), 1843-50; m. (1st) 1851, C. L. Critten- 
den; (2d) Kalamazoo, Mich., 1861, L. F. Andrews; 
children: Mrs. Lillian C. Bis-hop, b. Nov. 23, 
1851; Frank Mill Andrews, b. Jan. 28, 1867 (now 
architect in N.Y. City). Teacher in schools and 
seminaries in Mich, during early years of life. 
First womaji elected to a seat as an accredited 
correspondent in Iowa Legislature, where repre- 
sented the Chicago Journal for several sessions. 
Long identified with church work, charities and 
literary culture in Des Moines. Baptist. Re- 
publican. Mem. D.A.R. (was first regent of 
Abigail Adams Chapter, Des Moines) ; hon. mem. 
Daughters of the RevoluUon. Charter mem. 
Des Moines Woman's Club; charter mem. Kala- 
mazoo Library Club (organized 1855 and still in 
existence) ; organized Madeline de Scudery Club 
(literary), 1884 (still its pres. and leader); mem. 
Press and Authors' Glub of Des Moines; elected 
hon. vlce-pres. Iowa State Fed. Women's Clubs, 

4NDBUS, Elizabeth M. Alexander (Mrs. Leon- 
ard Andrus), Portland, Ore. 

Bom Dixon, 111., Aug. 7, 1860; dau. Philip 
Mazwell and Eliza (Howell) Alexander; ed. 
Dixon graded schools; Wells Coll., A.B. '80; m. 
Dixon, 111., Oct. 4, 1882, Leonard Andrus (died 
Aug. 30, 1905); one son: Leonard Alexander. In- 
terested in church and social clubs and many 
philanthropic societies. Clubs: Portland, Oregon 
Art Class, Phidean Art Club of Di.xon, 111. Rec- 
reations: Swimming, rowing, horseback riding, 
traveling. Presbyterian. Against woman suf- 
ANDRUSS, Helen J. (Mrs. Robert H. Andruss), 

B48 West 18Sth St., N.Y. City. 

W.C.T.U. worker; b. Goshen, N.Y., Oct. 8, 
1866; dau. Adam H. and Maria J. (France) 
Sinsabaugh; ed. private schools and Northfield 
Sem. ; m. Goshen, N.Y., 1884, Robert H. Andruss; 
children: Robert H., Gilbert G. and Cora DuBois. 
Cor. sec. N.Y. State W.C.T.U. and county pres. 
N.Y. County W.C.T.U. Favors woman suffrage. 
ANGELL, Fanny Gary Cooley (Mrs. Alexis 

Casweil Angell), 49 Watson St., Detroit, Mich. 

Born Adrian, Mich., July 5, 1857; dau. Hon. 
Thomas Mclntyre Cooley (distinguished jurist. 
Chief Justice of Mich., author of Cooley's Con- 
stitutional Limitations, etc.) and Mary E. (Mor- 
ton) Cooley; ed. Ann Arbor, Mich., and Norwich, 
Conn ; m. June, 1880, Ale.xis Caswell Angll; 
children: Sarah C, Thomas C, Alice, James B., 
Elizabeth, Robert C. Mem. Y.W.C.A., Girls' 
Protective League, Home and Foreign Missionary 
Societies. Congregationalist. Mem. Twentieth 
Century Club of Detroit. Against woman suf- 
ANGELL. Helen Jeffries (Mrs. Joseph Warner 

Angell), Coleridge, Neb. 

Born Wooster, O., Mar. 30, 1858; dau. Lemuel 
and Harriet (Howard) Jeffries; ed. Wooster 
Univ., A.B., with honors, '89; A.M. '90; Ph.D. 
'93- graduate work at Bryn Mawr Coll. and 
Wooster Univ., A.M. '90; Ph.D. '93 (Kappa Alpha 
Theta); m. Wooster, Oct. 15, 1896, Joseph Warner 
Angell; children: Mary Strong, b. 1897; John 
Howard, b. 1901; Joseph Warner, b. 1908. Active 
in missionary work, home and foreign; interested 
in Associated Charities work. Recreation: Driv- 
ing. Presbyterian. Against woman suffrage. 

ANGELL, Lisbeth Gertrnde, 52 Dorchester Rd., 

Buffalo, N.Y. 

Principal; b. Exeter, N.Y., 1870; dau. Byron 
and Gertrude (Bonham) Pomeroy; ed. Wellesley 
Coll., B.A. '94. Engaged In teaching, now prin- 
cipal of the Buffalo Sem. Favors woman suf- 
frage. Presbyterian. Mem. Ass'n of Ck)llegiate 
Alumnae, Peace and Arbitration Soc, Buffalo 
Fine Arts Acad., Buffalo Guild of Allied Arts, 
Buffalo Charity Organization Soc. 
ANGELL, Mary Eleanor (Mrs. Arthur F. 

Angell), 211 South Division St., Du Quoin. 


Born Stanley, County of Durham, England, 
Feb. 16, 1868; dau. Thomas and Isabella (Harker) 
Thompson; ed. Du Quoin (111.) public schools; 
111. Woman's Coll., Jacksonville, 111. (Phi Nu 
Soc); m. Du Quoin, Oct. 24, 1897, Arthur F. 
Angell; one daughter: Arline Eleanor, b. Feb. 16, 
1906. Presbyterian. Mem. Missionary and Mite 
Societies of church. Mem. Woman's Club of 
Du Quoin, Clover Circle, Tuesday Evening Club. 
Against woman suffrage. 
ANGELL, Pauline Knickerbocker, 40 W. 

Thirty-second St., N.Y. City. 

Educator; b. Waverly, Tioga Co., N.Y., Jan. 
30, 1886; dau. James Eugene and Ella Pauline 
Knickerbocker Angell; ed. Waverly High School; 
Vassar, A.B. '08. Teacher in private school, 
1908-11; on staff of Vocational Education Survey, 
N.Y. City since 1911. Established, 1909, Vassar 
Alumnae Monthly, of which has since been man- 
ager and editor. Favors woman suffrage. Mem. 
Am. Historical Ass'n. Recreations: Tennis, 
dancing, skating, etc. 
ANGIER, Elizabeth (Mrs. Hugh Angler), 100 

W. Eighty-eigath St., N.Y. City. 

Soprano soloist, teacher of voice; b. Fort Erie, 
Ont., Oct. 17, 1851; dau. Nelson and Archange 
(Warren) Forsyth; ed. Acad, of the Holy Angels, 
Buffalo, N.Y. ; studied music in Buffalo and at 
Milan, Italy, under Signor Antonio Trivulzi; m. 
London, England, Nov., 1878, Hugh Angier. Be- 
gan professional career at 17 as soloist in St. 
Paul's Cathedral, Buffalo; afterward prepared for 
opera and made debut in grand opera at Tranl, 
Italy, 1875; later toured through England and 
Wales with John Thomas, harpist to Queen Vic- 
toria; toured with husband through Australia in 
grand opera, and in 1895 established a college of 
music in Atlanta, Ga., since 1906 teacher of 
voice in N.Y. City. Known in opera as M'lle. 
and Mme. Cellini-Angeri. Episcopalian. Was 
mem. Board of Lady Managers and chairman 
Music Com. of Woman's Building in the Cotton 
States and International Exposition at Atlanta, 
and sang in oratorio at opening of the building. 
.4XGLE, Helen Goldthorpe Williams (Mrs. 

George K. Angle), Silver City, N.Mex. 

Actress; b. Richmond, Ind. ; dau. Caleb Rob- 
inson and Mary Ellen (Goldthorpe) Williams; ed. 
Richmond (Ind.) High School; pupil of Madame 
Katherine Grey in elocution; m. Richmond, Ind., 
Sept., 1894, Dr. George K. Angle; children: 
Katherine, Richard Williams. Actress, leading 
parts in 1887-92; subsequently prominent for her 
interpretations of Lew Wallace's Ben Hur, and 
James Lane Allen's Flute and Violin before the 
American public. First pres. of Woman's Club, 
Silver City, N.M. State delegate to Educational 
Convention at Kansas City, 1912. Regent of the 
D.A.R. ; first presiding officer of the Federated 
Clubs of New Mexico; active in all philan- 
thropic movements throughout New Mexico. 
Favors woman suffrage. Author: Jingle Songs 
of Christmastide. Episcopalian. Recreations: 
Travel, amateur theatricals. Mem. Gen. Fed. 
Women's Clubs, Readers' Club of Silver City, 
N.M. ; Daughters of the Revolution. 
ANGLIN-HULL, Mary Margraret (Mrs. Howard 

Hull), 25 W. Forty-second St., N.Y. City. 

Actress; b. Ottawa, Can., Apr. 3, 1876; dau. 
Timothy Warren and EJsther (McTavlsh) Anglin; 
ed. South Abbey, Toronto; Convent of Sacred 
Heart, Montreal; m. May 8, 1911, Howard Hull. 
Originated part of Roxane in Cyrano de Berge- 
rac; Mrs. Dane in Mrs. Dane's Defense; pro 
duced and played leading parts In Great Divide, 
Awakening of Helen Richie, and the Antigone 



of Sophocles. Reereatloas: Motoring, reading, 
hor8€<back-rl(llng. Roman Catholic. 
ANGSTMAN, Charlotte Smith (Mrs. Oscar E. 

Angstman), 277 Putnam Av., Detroit, Mich. 

Bom Bamet, Vt, Dec. 23, 1859; dau. John 
Mason and Emeline (Warner) Smith; ed. public 
schools and Union High School of Pontiac, Mich.; 
grad. from Univ. of Mich., '79; m. Pontlac, Mich., 
June 1, 1881, Oscar E. Angstman; children: 
Charlotte, b. June 15, 1886; Roger Warner, b. Oct. 
10, 1887. Founded Anti-Cigarette work for boys 
under auspices of the Twentieth Century Club of 
Detroit in 1900. Favors woman suffrage. Author of 
brochure: The Power of the Tobacco Habit, also 
College Women and the New Science (Popular 
Science Monthly), The Story of a Houseworker 
(N.Y. Independent), and articles In other maga- 
zines. Congregationalist. Mem. Ass'n of Col- 
legiate Alumnae, D.A.R., College Equal Suffrage 
League, Mich. Alumnae Ass'n, Health Educa- 
tion League of Boston, Y.W.C.A., Soc. for Pre- 
vention of Tuberculosis, District Nursing Soc, 
Consumers' League, Twentieth Century Club of 
ANNAN, Ajana Bright Green (Mrs. Roberdeau 

Annan), Frostburg, Md. 

Born Reading, Pa. ; dau. Albert G. and Re- 
becca (Dickinson) Green; ed. Bryn MawT Coll., 
A.B. ; m. Reading, Pa., 1897, Raberdeau Annan; 
children: Virginia Raberdeau, Henry Green. In- 
terested Ln the Civic Club. Episcopalian. Fa- 
vors woman suffrage. 

ANSLEY, Elizabeth, care David C. Cook Pub- 
lishing Company, Elgin, 111. 

Editor; b. Flesherton , Ontario, Canada; daugh- 
ter of James Marcus and Jane Elizabeth 
(Flasher) Ansley; ed. in Ontario public schools 
(grad. high school), and by private instruction. 
First editorial work was in 1900-01, as ass't to 
John W. Leonard on the 1901-02 edition of Who's 
Who in America; in Dec, 1901, went to Elgin, 
111., doing editorial work on The Boys' World, 
published by the David C. Cook Publishing Co.,. 
and since Mar., 1304, has been assoc. editor of 
that publication. Since Mar., 1906, one of the 
managing editors of The Mothers' Magazine. 
Mem. Church of England (Protestant Episcopal). 
ANSON, Mae Harris, 127 E. Fourteenth St., 

Minneapolis, Minn. 

Magazine writer; Id. Niles, Mich.; dau. Austin 
and Anna (Harris) Anson. Served on staff of 
Minneapolis Journal as N.Y. and Washington 
correspondent, and later as editor of The Journal 
Junior (children's supplement to the Journal). 
Contributor to various publications. 
AN8PACHEB, Kathryn Kidder (Mrs. Louis 

Kaufman Anspacher), 142 E. Eighteenth St., 

N.Y. City, and Tuckahoe, N.Y. 

Actress; b. Newark, N.J. ; dau. Henry Martyn 
and Sarah (Ravenhill) Kidder; ed. privately, 
then prepared for the stage by studies In Paris 
and London ; m. 1905, Louis Kaufman Anspacher. 
Debut in 1885, with FVank Mayo; played Streets 
of New York, Nordeck, Little Lord FaunUeroy 
(Dear68.t), then Rachel Macreery in Held by the 
Enemy. Then followed several Shakespeare 
seasons, playing Ophelia, Desdemona, Hermione 
and Perdita, Lady Macbeth, and all the popular 
Shakespeare plays; then Madame Sans-(5ene; 
following this, started in several Shakespeare 
re\lTals and old English comedy; School for 
Scandal, The Rivals, The Country Girl, then 
Salambo of Flaubert, and following this several 
modern plays, Including The Embarrassment of 
Riches (Wallack's); The Woman of Impulse 
(Herald Square); The Glass House (Chicago), 
and, season 1912-13, The Washerwoman Duchess, 
a new one-act comedy, in the character of Mme. 
Sans-Oene. Favors woman suffrage. Recrea- 
tion: Gardening. 
ANTHONY, Alice, Denbigh Hall, Bryn Mawr, 


Born Providence, R.l. ; ed. FVlends School, 
Providence, R.I.; Bryn Mawr Coll., A.B. '89. 
Ass't in the Church Settlement, St. Peter's 
House. Philadelphia, 1894-97; resident Calvary 
House Settlement, N.Y. City, 1897-1900; warden 
of Denbigh Hall, Bryn Mawr Coll., since 1901. 

ANTHONY, KAtharlne Srwan, 119 W. Washing- 
ton PI., N.T. City. 

Social service; b. RoseviUe, Ark., Nov. 27, 1877; 
dau. Ernest Augustus and Susan (Cathey) 
Anthony; ed. Univ. of Chicago, Ph.B. ; studerrt 
Unlvs. of Heidelberg and Freiburg In Germany, 
1902-03. Instructor in English, Wellesley Coll., 
1907-08; fellow in Bureau of Social Research, 
N.Y. City, 1909-12; editorial dep't Russell Sage 
Foundation publications, 1912. Mem. Woman's 
Trade Union League. Favors woman suffrage; 
mem. Woman's Political Union, Woman Suffrage 
Party of N.Y. City. 
ANTHONY, Mary Borden, 72 Manning St, 

Providence, R.I. 

Bom Providence, R.I., June 19, 1863; dau. John 
Brayton and Ellen DeForest (MlUer) Anthony; 
ed. Miss Abbott's private school. Gen treas, and 
pres. R.I. Girls' Friendly Soc. In America; mem. 
Board of Manageaneait of St Mary's Orphanage; 
mem. Woman's Auxiliary to Board of Missions, 
and interested In Grace Church Sunday-school. 
Favors Woman suffrage; auditor R.I. Woman 
Suffrage Ass'n ; elected delegate to Nat. Suffrage 
Convention in Philadelphia, 1912; mem. Exec 
Com. R.I. Progressive League; mem. Religious 
Education Ass'n. Episcopalian. Mem. Colonial 
Dames, D.A.R. ; treas. Miss Abbott's School 
Alumna Ass'n. 
ANTRIM, Minna Thomas (Mrs. W. H. AntHm), 

5922 Christian Av., West Philadelphia, Pa. 

Author; b. Philadelphia, 1859; dau. William 
Preston and Lauretta (Robbius) Thomas (de- 
scendant of old Philadelphia Quaker stock); ed. 
St. Mary's Hall, Burlington, N.J.; m. Philadel- 
phia, 1876, W. H. Antrim; children: Ada, Harry, 
Holllns. Lectured before Woman's Congress at 
Atlanta Exposition. Contributor to magazines. 
Author: Naked Truths and Veiled Allusions; 
Toasts: Wisdom of the Foolis'h and Folly of the 
Wise; Sweethearts and Beaux; At the Sign of the 
Golden Calf; Mazes, Phases and Crazes of Love; 
Jester Life and His Marionettes; Knocks; Don'ts 
for Boys; Don'ts for Girls. Episcopalian. Rec- 
reations: Music, out-door sports. Mem. Arts and 
Letters Club of Philadelphia. 
APLINGTON, Kate Adele (Mrs. John R. Ap- 

lington). Council Grove, Kan. 

Author and artist; b. Sugar Grove, 111., Mar. 1, 
1859; dau. Henry H. and Elizabeth M. (Deming) 
Smith; m. Ottawa, 111., June 19, 1879, John R. 
Aplington. Teacher of painting, 1879-86; pro- 
fessional photographer, 1886-1900; received State 
gold medal in 1899 from Photo. Ass'n; art stu- 
dent and lecturer and founder of Kansas State 
Traveling Art Gallery since 1900. Wrote the art 
lectures that accompany the Traveling Art 
Gallery; also novel: Pilgrims of the Plains. 
Mem. Gen. Fed. Art Com., P.E.O. Chapter. 
Vice-pres. Kans. Fed. Women's Clubs. Presby- 
terian. Favors woman suffrage. Republican. 
Has held offices In State Suffrage Ass'n and 
given lectures on the subject, as well as on 
literary and educational subjects. Has made 
special investigations and research on the sub- 
ject of the old days on the Santa F6 Trail, on 
which Council Grove (where she has lived since 
1880) was the most famous spot. 

APPLEBEE, Constance M. K., Bryn Mawr Col- 
lege, Bryn Mawr, Pa. 

Director; b. ChlgTrell, Essex, England; dau. 
James Kay and Catherine Anne (Lothmann) 
Applebee; ed. by private tuition. Director of 
athletics and gymnastics Bryn Mawr Coll.; In- 
troducer field hockey in U.S., 1901. Active in 
church work, settlement work, phllanthiropic 
work. Favors woman suffrage. Mem. Church of 
England. Recreations: Reading, studying and 
religious, social, philanthropic interests. 

APPLEBY, Alice Montague (Mrs. D. C. Apple- 
by), Mt Union, Huntingdon Co., Pa. 
Born Shade Gap, Pa., Nov. 14, 1859; dau. 
Thomas and A. E. (Wilson) Montague (Revolu- 
tionary ancestry); ed. Mllwood Acad., Shade 
Gap, Pa., and Chautauqua course (diploma of ten 
seals, 1892); m. Shade Gap, Pa., 1875, Capt. D. C. 
Appleby, one of the famous Bucktalls, noted for 
bravery at Gettysburg and other battles. Inter- 
ested in home and foreign missions, the W.C.T.U. 



(county sec. of Huntingdon Co.), and In all pro- 
gxesslv* Ohristian work; cor. sec. Christlaji En- 
deaTor Soc, Teacher in Sunday-school, assisted 
In erecting Presbyterian Church. Farors woman 
suffrage. Author: Milnwood, In Peace and In 
War. PreebyterUm. Progressive Republican and 
Prohibitloniat. Recreations: Travels, concerts. 
Mem. Nat Soc. D.A.R. Club: New Century 
Guild (Philadelphia). 
APPLEGATE, Mina W., Wellsburg, W.Va. 

Bom Brooke Co., W. Va. ; dau. Hon. Louis 
and Margaret (Dodds) Applegate; grad. at HolU- 
daysburg (Pa.) Female Seminary, and a year's 
travel and study abroad with the Boston Univ. 
(fraternity Delta Tau Delta). Interested in mat- 
ters of social progress, and has done much work 
for tbe Red Cross Society for the presentation of 
Intercolosic. Presented to the City of Wellsburg 
a handsome drinking fountain of pink granite 
and bronze — for both man and beasts; actively 
Interested in Civic Betterment. State pres. of 
Woman's Nat. Rivers and Harbor Congress; 
mem. D.A-R. (historian of State of W. Va. 
Chapter). Presbyterian. Favors woman suffrage. 
Recreation: Horseback riding, motoring, dancing 
and playing tennis. Has traveled extensively at 
home and abroad. Pres. Woman's Club of Wells- 
burg; pres. Travelers' Club; mem. Fort Henry 
Club of the Daughters of the Revolution; vice- 
pres. Pan Handle State Federation of Woman'* 
Clubs; mem. Coll. Alumnaa Club of Wheeling, 
W. Va. ; mem. Order of the Eastern Star. 
APPL.ETON, L.. Estelle, Kindergarten Training 

School, Fountain and Ionia Sts., N.W., Grand 

Rapids, Mich. 

Teacher; b. Victory, Vt., Nov. 9, 1858; dau. 
George Ashley and Fanny Reed (Wooster) Ap- 
pleton; grad. State Normal School, Randolph, 
Vt., '79; Oberlln Coll., B.L.., '86, Ph.B. '90; Univ. 
of Chicago, Ph.M. '03, M.S. 'Oi, Ph.D. '09; senior 
fellow Clark Univ., genetic psychology, 1908-09; 
research student, Columbia Univ., 1910-11, com- 
pleting 17 years of study. Taught about five 
years in public schools of Vt., between 1875 and 
1881, and over five years in Industrial Training 
School, Honolulu, H.I., between 1886 and 1895; 
supplied three months in Indian Training School, 
Santee Agency, Neb., 1889; three years principal 
city normal training classes, and Instruetor in 
psychology, methods and history of education, 
1901-0.3; asfl't Sohool of Education, Chicago 
Univ., 1904-05; three terms summer Normal 
training work, 1899, 1905, 1908; director School of 
EMucation, Upper Iowa Univ., 1907-08; acting 
head dep't of education and sup't training school, 
Marshall Coll., 1909-10; acting head dep't of 
philosophy, Milwaukee-Downer Coll., Milwaukee, 
Wis., 1911-12; instruotor in psychology and edu- 
cation in Kindergarten Training School, Grand 
Rapids, Wis., since 1912. Author: A Comparative 
Study of Play Activities of Adult Savages and 
Civilized Children— An Investigation of the 
Sctenttflc Basis of Education, 1910; Play Activi- 
ties as a Measure of Mental Development of 
Child and Race (The Child, Vol. 1), 1911; The 
Twentieth Century Crusade (Pedagogical Semi- 
nary, Vol. 16); also numerous shorter magazine 
and newspaper articles. Congregationalist. Pro- 
gressive in politics. Mem. Nat. Educational 
Ass'n, Ass'n Collegiate Alumnae, EJqual Suffrage 
Ass'n; mem. by invitation of Institut Solvay- 
Institut do Sociologie, an international organiza- 
tion for scientific research work in Brussels. 
ABCHEB, Sarah F. Fisher (Mrs. George 

Archer), 2323 W. Mission Av., Spokane, Wash. 

Teacher, writer; b. Illinois; grad. Rockford 
(111.) Sem. (now college), '86; m. George Archer 
(died 1889); three children. Engaged in teaching 
at Hannfbal, Mo., before marriage and resumed 
profession after her husband's death, becoming 
teacher of mathematics in the Spokane (Wash.) 
High School. Contributor of stories and poems 
to newspapers and magazines. Congregationalist. 
AKCHIBAIiD, Edith Jessie (Mrs. Charles Archi- 
bald), 32 InKlls St., Halifax, Nova Scotia; 

country house, "Braeslde," Whycocoma&h, 

Nova Scotia. 

Born St. John's, Newfoundland; dau. Sir E. M. 
Archibald, K.M.C.G., C.B. (Attorney-(J«neral ot 

Newfoundland and later H.B.M. Consul (Seneral 
at N.Y., l«58-83), and Catherine (Richardson) 
Archibald; ed. London and N.Y.; m. 1874, Charles 
Archibald (mining engineer and capitalist). Ac- 
tive in various religious, philanthropic and pa- 
triotic movements; movement for establishing a 
children's hospital in Halifax, etc. ; prominent as 
society leader In Halifax. Presbyterian. Past 
pres. Halifax Local Council of Women; mem. 
Nat. Council of Women; past pres. Ladies' Mu- 
sical Club (was also its first pres.). 
ARCHXBAU), Miss Mabel Erangeline, Chlca- 

cole, Madras Presidency, India. 

Missionary; b. Bloomingdale, 111., U.S.A.; dau. 
Rev. E. N. and Annie B. (Bradshaw) Archibald; 
grad. Acadia Univ. (Nova Scotia) B.A. '95, M.A. 
'06 (honors in elocution and English). Taught In 
a Canadian Ladies' Coll. for 2 years, went In 
1897 to India, where she has since served as 
missionary. Baptist. Editor of Vivekavatl, 
Telugu Monthly for Women. There are 30 
million Telugus in South India. This Is the only 
paper for women— it consists of 32 pages — Is 
superbly printed by Christian Literature Soc. 
and well illustrated. Comprises such departments 
as Medical Household, Religious, Children's, etc. 
It is non-denominational— for Hindus as well aa 
Christians. Believes in woman suffrage, but li 
opposed to all violent means to obtain it. 
ABDEN, Agnes Ann Eagleeon (Mrs, Edwin 

Arden), 60 W. Seventy-fifth St., N.Y. City. 

Educated public schools; m. Edwin Arden, 
actor and playwright; one daughter: Mildred 
Hunter. Favors woman suffrage. Mem. N.Y. 
State Woman Suffrage Ass'n. Mem. Dickens 
Fellowship. Chairman of Com, on Drama, N.Y. 
City Fed. Women's Clubs; pres. Twelfth Night 
Club; mem. Post Parliament, West End Repub- 
lican Club, Dlrie Club, Professional Woman's 
ABENDS, Katharine, 251 West 97th St., N.T. 


Physician; b. Berlin, Germany, Jan. 24, 1871; 
dau. Ferdinand and Charlotte (Gumprecht) 
Arends; ed. Breslau, Berlin, Saxony and New 
York; grad. M.D. from N.Y. Med. Coll. and Hos- 
pital for Women, 1907; took Post-Graduate Hosp. 
med. course and special course in anaesthesia. 
Resident physician of Laura Franklin Free Hos- 
pital for Children and assistant anassthetlst In 
same. Mem. N.Y. Society of Anaethetists, Nat. 
Ass'n for Prevention of Tuberculosis, American 
Inst, of Homcepathy, N.Y. County Med. Soc, 
Dispensary of N.Y. Med. ColL and Hospital for 
Women, Homceopathic Med. Soc. of State of 
N.Y., clinical ass't N.Y. Ophthalmic Hospital. 
Presbyterian. Favors woman suffrage. 

ABGO, EUa Butler (Mrs. George R. Argo), De 

Soto Apartments, Atlanta, Ga- 

Journalist; b. Augusta, Ga.; dau, John and 
Oliver (Tarver) Evans; ed. private schools; 
Tubman High School of Augusta, Ga.; Mary 
Baldwin Seminary of Staunton, Va. ; m. Augusta, 
Ga., June 23, 1898, George R. Argo; one son: 
Haralson Butler Argo. For some years associate 
editor of Augusta (Ga.) Herald; dramatic critic 
and contributor to magazines of short storiee and 
special articles. Mem. D.A.R,, Uatted Daughters 
of Confederacy. Baptist 

ABMES, Ethel Marie, 1410 St Charles St, Bir- 
mingham, Ala. 

Author, Journalist; b. Washington, D.C.; dau. 
Col. George Augustus Armes, U.S.A., and Lucy 
Hamilton (Kerr) Armes; ed. in private schools 
of Washington, D.C. Began newspaper work, 
1899, on rejKjrtorial staff of Chicago Chroni- 
cle, also doing free lance work on other papers; 
mem. staff Washington Post, 1900-03; Birming- 
ham (Ala.) Age-Herald, 1905-06; since leaving 
staff of Washington Post has done much syndi- 
cated newspaper and magazine work. Edited the 
Advance Magazine at Birmingham, 1906; studied 
and reported upon the history and resources of 
the Alabama mineral belt under the auspices of 
the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce, 1907-10; 
also Investigated and reported upon the social 
conditions and problems of the Alabama coal 
fields for the Ala. Coal Operators' Ass'n. Writer 
on sociological features, on staff of the Birmias- 



ham N»WB, 1913. Author: MMsummer In Whit- 
tier's Country; The Story of Coal and Iron in 
Alabama. Mem. Nat. Child Labor Com., Am. 
Ass'n for Labor Legislation, Birmingham Coun- 
try Club, Boston Authors' Club. 
ABMES, Marie Theodosia (Mrs. George Augus- 
tus Armes), 2649 Woodley Road, Washlngrton, 

Bom St. Michaels, Md., Sept. 15, 1864; dau. 
Richard Henry Lee and Mathilda (Houghton) 
Atkinson; ed. : Bucknell Sem., Lewisburg, Pa.; 
School of Design for Women, Philadelphia; Acad, 
of Pine Arts, Philadelphia; N.Y. Univ. art course; 
m. Philadelphia, Dec. 24, 1910, George Augustus 
Armes, major U.S.A. (retired). Taught classes In 
art in N.Y. City and Philadelphia until marriage. 
Mem. Woman's National Federal Equality 
Ass'n. Baptist. President and founder D.C. 
Division of Southern League of Woman's Nat. 
Wilson and • Marshall Organization (organized 
and in less than four months, had a membership 
of 200 members). Recreations: Music, playing 
the harp, embroidering. Cor. sec. Harmony Club 
of Washington, D.C. 

ARMITELD, Locllle (Mrs. P. ArmfleW), Mon- 
roe, N.C. 

Bom High Point, N.C, June 6, 1873; dau. 
Wyatt Jackson and Jennie (Britt) Armfleld; ed. 
Salem (N.C.) Coll., A.B.; Guilford (N.C.) Coll., 
B.S. ; graduate student Bryn Mawr Coll., Pa.; 
m. High Point, N.C, Oct. 25, 1905, Frank Arm- 
field, lawyer; children: Blanche Britt, b. 1906; 
Frank, b. 1909; John Wyatt, b. 1911. Author: 
Songs from the Carolina Hills, 1902. Presby- 
terian. Pres. Civic League. Recreations: Whist, 
travel. Mem. Sorosis Club. Against woman 

ABMSTRONG, Agnes Maria, 32 Paradise Road, 
Northampton, Mass. 

Librarian; b. Sunderland, Mass.; dau. J. Mason 
and Helen (Leach) Armstrong; grad. Smith Coll. 
A.B. 1900, Albany Normal Coll. Pd.B. '02. 
Ass't librarian Forbes Library, Northampton, 
Mass., 1903-05; John Crerar Library, Chicago, 
1905-06; ass't librarian Rochester 'Theological 
Sem., 1906-07; Krauth Library, Mt. Airy, Phila- 
delphia, 1907-09; Smith Coll. Library, 1909—. 
Congregationalist. Mem. Am. Library Ass'n. 
Recreation: European travel. 

ABMSTRONG, Clairette Fapin, HUlbourne 

Farms, Katonah, N.Y. 

Born Memphis, Tenn., Apr. 15, 1886; dau. Dr. 
S. T. and Alice (Cobin) Armstrong; ed. Barnard 
Coll. D.A. '08, Columbia Univ. M.A. '09 (mem. 
Kappa Kappa Gamma). Interested in social 
betterment; mem. of the Woman's Auxiliary of 
the Bellevue Tuberculosis Clinic, Woman's Trade 
Union League, Collegiate Equal Suffrage Ass'n, 
B»xnard Club. Recreations: Music (piano spec- 
trally), athletics, tennis, squash, skating and 
riding. Episcopalian. Favors woman suffrage. 

ABMSXBONG, DeUa M. (Mrs. Charles H. Arm- 
strong), The Roaslyn, Minneapolis, Minn. 
Writer; b. Owatomia, Minn.: ed. public schools; 
Miss Farmer's Sohooil for Girls, and Minneapolis 
School of Music, Oratory and Dramatic Art; m. 
Charles H. Armstrong; children: Frank H., Ray 
G. Interested in research work. Editor Market 
Basket (club woman's magazine), Minneapolis. 
Mem. Writers' League, Minneapolis Soc. of Fine 
Arts; pres. Minn. Branch Nat. Art Soc. 

ABJISTBONG, Sllza Dickson, 625 Shady At., 

Pittsburgh, Pa. 

Born Pittsburgh, Pa., Mar. 10, 1845; dau. 
Charles H. and Jane (Dickson) Armstrong; ed. 
Pittsburgh High School, classical coursft and 
higher mathematics. Mem. Club Welfare Com. 
of Twentieth Century CSub; active worker in 
Consumers' League. Against woman suffrage; 
registrar of Pittsburgh Ass'n Opposed to Wo- 
man Suffrage. Episcopalian. Charter mem. 
and hon. pres. Consumers' League of Western 

ARMSTRONG, Fnuice« Lonlaa, 1628 Slstb Av., 

Fort Worth, Tex. 

Born Columbus, Ga., Oct. 8, 1842; dau. Archl- 
>Mild Armstrong, M.D., and Louisa F. (Prosser) 
ArmBtrong: ed. country scboolB in Union Parish, 

La.; Mlnden (La.) Female Coll., Chautauqua 
Literary Scientific Circle; studied rtiorthand In 
Oswego, N.Y. Interested In W.CT.U. work, 
missionary work (home and foreign), Anti- Tu- 
berculosis Ass'n work, journalist work. Inter- 
ested in Sunday-school work. Favors woman 
suffrage. Author: The Children of the Bible 
(Sunday-school book); To the Noon Rest (com- 
pilation of Mr. Stoddard's works), also stories 
for magazines and newspapers, and regular 
columns for 16 years of W.CT.U. Items; some- 
times writer for Am. Women's League. Mem. 
Methodist Episcopal Church, South. Associate 
press sup't of Texas W.CT.U. Prohibition Demo- 
crat. Mem. Tex. Woman's Press Ass'n, Antl- 
Tuberculosls Ass'n, missionary societies. Recrea- 
tions: Reading, fancy work, jUcture shows; was 
mem. Chautauqua Circle nine years (graduated 
in class of '84). 

ARMSTRONG, Gertrade Virginia Ludden (Mrs. 
C D. Armstrong), 300 Lexington Av., Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. 

Bom OldtovTn, Me. ; dau. Levi and Sara W. 
(Dudley) Ludden; ed. Mt. Holyoke Coll.; m. Nov. 
19, 1885, Charles Dickey Armstrong; children: 
Charles Dudley, Dwight Ludden, Mary Martha. 
Director of Y.W.C.A., Pittsburgh; director In 
Pittsburgh Kindergarten Ass'n. Clute: Woman's 
(Wilklnsburgh); Twentieth Century (Pittsburgh). 

ARMSTRONG, Grace Leonard (Mrs. John H, 
Armstrong), 5905 Hampton St., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Born Pittsburgh; dau. Hugh and Saxah Pat- 
terson (Canfield) Leonard; ed. Pittsburgh Cen- 
tral High School (Phi Kappa Pi); m. Pittsburgh, 
John Henry Armstrong; children: Grace Ethel, 
Robert Francis, Mary Margaret, Elsie Dorothy. 
Taught for eight years; wrote for The Critic, a 
Pittsburgh Sunday newspaper, for several years. 
Pres. Congress of Clubs of Western Pa. (76 clubs, 
6,000 members); worthy matron of Martha Chap- 
ter, Order of the Eiastern Star of Pa. ; mem. 
Moral Efficiency Commission of 12 representa- 
tive women and men of Pittsburgh appointed by 
the Mayor and is its first vice-pres. ; mem. 
State Art Com., appointed by State Federation 
president. Mem. Ass'n for the Blind, Consumers' 
League of Pa.; past pres. of New Era Club of 
Western Pa.; past pres. of Wimodausis Club; 
founder of Ladies' Auxiliary of Oscalon Com- 
mandery, Knights Templar. United Presby- 
terian. Favors woman suffrage; mem. Equal 
Franchise Ass'n, Woman's Political EJquallty 

ARMSTRONG, Marion, 6BS8 Black St., Plttt- 
burg, Pa- 
Teacher; b. Elizabeth, Pa., Dec. 16, 1886; dau, 
James C and Anna (Stauffer) Armstrong; ed. 
private schools (Pittsburg) with honors, Cornell 
Univ., A.B. '07 (mem. Delta Gamma). Teacher of 
French in East Liberty Acad., Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Recreatlona: Tennis, dancing. Presbyterian. 

ARMSTRONG, Mary Alice (Mrs. Sam-uel Chap- 
man Armstrong), Hampton Instrtute, Hamp- 
ton, Va. 

Teacher; b. Lyman, N.H., Aug. 16, 1864; dau. 
Samuel P. and Jane E. (Kelsea) Ford; ed. Nor- 
mal School, Plymouth, N.H. ; Univ. of Mich.. 
mem. Gamma Phi Beta; m. Montpeller, Vt., Sept, 
10, 1890, Samuel Chapman Armstrong; children: 
Margaret Marshall, Daniel Williams. Business — 
summmer camp teacher. Interested in the ad- 
vancement of the negro race and woman's wel- 
fsire. Against woman suffrage. Undenomina- 
tional in religion. 

ARMSTRONG, Sydney (Mra. W. G. Smyth), 240 

W. 49th St., N.y. City. 

Actress; b. Memphis, Tenn.; dau. A. T. Wells 
(dry goods merchant) ; ed. N.Y. City and later 
went West; m, N.Y. City, Apr. 19, 1897, W. Q. 
Smyth, then manager of the William Collier and 
other theatrical companies. Had experience as 
amateur before making debut with a stock com- 
pany touring III., as Esther Bccles in Caste; 
later with stock company at the Front St Thea- 
tre, Baltimore, playing rOles that ranged from 
Lady Gay Spanker to Imogen; attracted the at- 
tention of Dion Bouclcault, who engaged her to 
play Arte O'Neil In The Shaughraun; later ap- 



pearances included dual rCles in Hoodman Blind, 
and leading r61es in The Still Alarm and The 
Burglar, and then under Charles Frohman as 
leading lady in stock company playing in Men 
and Women, and The Girl I Left Behind Me.; 
leading lady of the Empire Theatre Stock Co. 
from 1^93 until marriage, when she retired from 
the stage. 
ARMSTRONG, ZeUa, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Writer, publisher; b. Chattanooga, Tenn.; dau. 
John McMillan and Martha (Tumley) Armstrong. 
Pres Tenn. Woman's Press and Authors' Club; 
chairman Exec. Board Southern Woman Writers' 
Lieague; editor and publisher The Ixwkout, a 
journal of Soutiem society. Interested and ac- 
tive in social affairs, philanthropic matters and 
civic duties of women. Author: Purple and Fine 
Linen; The Vantage Ground of Truth. Clubs: 
Chattanooga Golf and Country, Kosmos, Scrib- 
blers. Presbj-teriaJi. 
ABXOLD, Abby Jfoyes, 325 Adams St., North 

Abington, Mass. 

Teacher; grad. Smith Coll., B.A. '92; Radcliffe 
Coll., student of Latin, Greek, English and 
pedagogy. M.A. '98. Teacher Attleboro (Mass.) 
High School, 1892-95; Abington (Mass.) High 
School, 1895-96; Boston Girls' High School since 
ABXOZD, Alma C. (Mrs. C. D. Arnold), The 

Nevada Apartments, Broadway and Seven- 
tieth St.. N.T. City. 

Drugless phvsician; b. Hamburg, Germany, 
Dec. 9, 1871, dau. Frederick and Matilde 
(Jflrgens) Cusian; grad. Privat Sehule, Hamburg, 
Germany; widow by law of C. D. Arnold, of 
Cedar Rapids, la.; one daughter: Nina (now Mrs. 
James Lee Bost, Washington, D.C.). Graduate 
of Am. Coll. of Chiropractic, Cedar Rapids, la., 
has practiced drugless healing since 19ij3; origina- 
tor and president of The Healtharium, Washing- 
ton, D.C. As such was attacked by Am. Med. 
Ass'n and won medical freedom for District of 
Columbia in 197. Removed to N.Y. City, 1909. 
Favors equal suffrage. Recreations: 'Traveling, 
horseback riding. Mem. A.A.A.S., Woman's 
Press Club, Nat. First Aid Ass'n, Nat. Med. 
Freedom League, Anti-Vivisection League. 
ARNOLD, Anna E., Cottonwood Falls, Kan. 

Educator; b. Whiting, Kan.; dau. B. S. and 
Martha (Brammer) Arnold; ed. high school, 
State Normal, State Univ. Teacher in grades 
and high school; four times elected county sup't 
of schools. Favors woman suffrage. Author: 
Civics and Citizenship — the text in Civil Govern- 
ment that is adopted for use in all the common 
schools of the State of Kan. Mem. State 
Teachers and Pupils' Reading Circle Board, also 
Educational Legislative Commission; vice-pres. 
of the State Teachers' Ass'n. Mem. Women's 
Kansas Day Club.. 
ARNOLD, Edith Sarah, 6 Helen St., Platts- 

burgh, N.T. 

Teacher; b. Peru, Clinton Co., N.Y., June 1, 
1876; dau. E. Stephen and Martha A. (Straight) 
Arnold; grad. Cornell Univ. A.B. '99. Teacher of 
Greek and German, Columbia High School, Co- 
lumbia, Pa., 1908; teacher of Latin, Atlantic City 
High School, 1912. Mem. Sennightly Soc. of 
Cornell; mem. Woman's Club of Columbia, Pa., 
1908-11 (resigned 1911); formerly a mem. Cornell 
Alumna Club of N.Y. City. Mem. Methodist 
Episcopal Church. Does not favor woman 
ARNOLD, Elizabeth Maclay Tittle, 565 Sheridan 

Road, Winnetka, 111. 

Born Johnstown, Pa., Mar. 3, 1864; dau. John 
S. and Jane Findlay (Maclay) Tittle; ed. schools 
in Johnstown, Pa., and Vassar Coll.; m. Charles 
C. Arnold, Feb. 14, 1894. Spent early part of life- 
In Johnstown, where she was born, but since her 
marriage her home has been in Winnetka, a 
suburb of Chicago. After Johnstown was de- 
stroyed by the flood. May 31, 1SS9, acted as 
chairman of the Red Cross Committee that dis- 
tributed the supplies sent by the Red Cross 
Ass'n. Interested in the social settlements of 
Chicago; has been pres. Commons Woman's Club 
for 8 years; active In the work of humane 
societies, in church and philanthropic work gen- 

erally, and woman's club work. Congrega- 
tionalist. Mem. D.A.R., Anti-Cruelty Soc, 
Audubon Soc, Consumers' League, missionary 
societies, Chicago Woman's Club. Favors woman 
suffrage. Has written for magazines and news- 

ARNOLD, Mrs. Ellen M., Ashland. Mass. 

Librarian; b. Revere, Mass.; dau. George C. 
and Charlotte Hadley Stowers; ed. in public 
schools of Everett, Mass., and also has taught 
most successfully in the Everett High School 
until her marriage; m. 1885, William J. Arnold, 
prominent business man, and lived in Kansas 
City, Mo., 8 years; his health failing, they 
returned to Massachusetts, where he died in 
1905. Took private course in library training 
under expert librarian; took charge of the re- 
organized library in new Carnegie building at 
Ashland, Mass., in 1904. Gives school lectures 
and travel talks, having traveled extensively in 
U.S. and abroad. Unitarian. Mem. Order of the 
Eastern Star. Has successfully directed many 
choirs and ladies' glee clubs; formerly church 
singer; gives much time to the young singers 
wherever she may be helpful. An active and 
later an honorary member of the History Club 
of '82, Kansas City, Mo.; strongly interested in 
club work in Ashland, Mass. 

ARNOLD, Grace Louise Russell (Mrs. Harry 
Bartley Arnold), 15S4 Hawthorne Park, 
Columbus, O. 

Graduate Smith, B.L. 1900; m. May 26, 1910, 
Harry Bartley Arnold. Teacher in N.Y. Col- 
legiate Inst., 1906-08; ass't directress of the Art 
Students' Club in Paris, France, 1908-09. 

ARNOLD, Julia Isabel, 115 Park St., BraJntree, 


Social worker, teacher; b. Massachusetts; grad. 
Smith Coll., B.L. '97; sttident of pedagogy, 
Brookline (Mass.) Training Class, 1900; Simmons 
Coll. School for Social Workers, 1908. Connected 
with Women's Educational and Industrial Union, 
Boston, 1906-07, and ass't director at Appoint- 
ment Bureau until 1910; since 1910 teacher of 
Latin in Miss McClintock's School, Boston. 
Mem. Ass'n of Collegiate Alumnae. 

ARNOLD, Kate Lewis (Mrs. WilUam H. 

Arnold), Texarkana, Ark. 

Born Calhoun, Ark., Dec. 9, 1887; dau. Peter H. 
and Mary (Clay) Lewis, of BeUview, Mo.; ed. 
Magnolia, Ark., Peabody Coll., Nashville, Tenn., 
1900-02, and afterward teacher in Texarkana 
public schools; m. Texarkana, Feb. 17, 1903, 
William Hendrick Arnold; one son, Richard 
Lewis Arnold, b. Dec 30, 1906. Active In the 
social and club life of Texarkana; pres. Wednes- 
day Music Club; pres. Texarkana Kindergarten 
ARNOLD, Sarah Louise, Newton Centre, Mass. 

Dean Simmons College, lecturer; b. North 
Abington, Mass.; dau. Jonathan and Abigail 
(Noyes) Arnold; ed. puJ>lic schools; grad, Mass. 
State Normal (Bridgewater) ; Tufts Coll., A.M. 
'02. Taught in schools of Mass., Pa. and other 
States; became principal of Teachers' Training 
School at Saratoga Springs, N.Y., afterward su- 
pervisor of schools at Minneapolis seven years, 
and Boston seven years; since 1903 dean of Sim- 
mons Coll., Boston. Lecturer; mem. Advisory 
Com. on Education of Gen. Fed. of Women's 
Clubs; mem. Board of Visitors to Jackson Coll. 
of Tufts Univ. Author: Waymarks for Teach- 
ers; Stepping Stones to Literature; Reading — 
How to Teach It; The Mother Tongue (in col- 
laboration with George L. Kittredge). 
ARNOLD, Winifred, Wyoming, N.Y. 

Writer, educator; b. Wyoming, N.Y. ; dau. 
Osman L. C. and Emma (Keith) Arnold; grad. 
B.M.C. Durfee High School, Fall River, Mass. 
(valedictorian); grad. Vassar '96 (commencement 
speaker— Phi Beta Kappa), held fellowship in 
modern languages at Vassar '96-97; been teacher 
at St. Mary's School, Garden City, N.Y., and 
Columbia School, Rochester, N.Y.; essay critic, 
Rochester Univ. Author: Mis' Bassett's Matri- 
mony Bureau, 1912; writer of magazine stories, 
articles and poems. Presbyterian. Mem. Wom- 
en's Educational and Industrial Union, Rochester, 



Ccrflege Woman's Club, Rochester. Recreations: 
Tennis, automoblling and horseback riding. 

ARTHUR, Clara B., 96 Boston Boulevard, 

Detroit, Mich. 

Social welfare worker; b. St. John, N.B., 
1859; dau. Alex. Nevei-s and Martha Hamm 
(Lewis) Peters; ed. St. John and Sheffield Acad., 
Frederickton, N.B.; m. St. John, N.B., Sept. 20, 
1882, James Arthur, of Montreal; children: Ken- 
neth Alexander, Nathalie, Muriel. Founder De- 
troit Playgrounds; chairman Playground and 
Public Bath Committee of the Detroit Federa- 
tion of Women's Clubs; active In child labor 
work, serving on many committees to promote 
welfare of children. First all-year-round public 
bathhouse in Detroit named for her, in recogni- 
tion of efforts to establish such in city, "Tlie 
Clara." Writes short articles and newspaper 
contributions on philanthropic subjects; issued a 
pamphlet entitled "Progress Michigan Women." 
Mem. Detroit Anti-Tuberculosis Soc. (now sec); 
mem. Beard Directors, Tuberculosis Sanitorium, 
Detroit; charter mem. Twentieth Century Club; 
mem. Equal Suffrage Club. Has worked in 
suffrage organizations 27 years; pres. Detroit 
Suffrage Club, seven years; vlce-pres. tor seven 
years, and several years and now pres. Michigan 
E^qual Suffrage Ass'n. 

ARTHUR, Mrs. Daniel V. — see Cahlll, Marie. 

ARTHUR, Helen, office 220 Broadway, N.T. City. 

Lawyer; b. Lancaster, Wis., Mar. 29, 1879; dau. 
Lemuel John and Mary Emma (Ziegler) Arthur; 
grad. Evanston (111.) Township High School; 
m. 1897; mem. Northwestern Univ. class of '01, 
grad. N.Y. Univ. Law School LL.B. '01 (mem. 
Zeta Beta Pi, high school sorority, and Alpha 
Omicron Pi, Univ. sorority). Admitted to prac- 
tice at N.Y. Bar li, im02. Director of the Re- 
search Dep't of Woman's Municipal League, 
1906-07. Mem. Woman's Trade Union League, 
Twelfth Night Club, Northwestern Univ. 
Alumnae, N.Y. State Child Labor Committee, 
Coll. Equal Suffrage League. Dramatic editor 
National Magazine; editor To Dragma, official 
publication of Alpha Omicron Pi. 
.\SH, Josephine Wharton (Mrs. Percy Ash), 1734 

Q St., Washington, D.C. 

Born Philadelphia, Pa. ; dau. Charles and Mar- 
garetta (Craig) Barrington; ed. private schools 
in Philadelphia; m. Philadelphia, June 1, 1901, 
Percy Ash. Episcopalian. Favors woman suf- 
ASHBAUGH, Delphine Dodge (Mrs. R. H. Ash- 

baugh), 43 Boston Boulevard, Detroit, Mich. . 

Born Niles, Mich., Feb. 6, 1S68; dau. Daniel 
Rugg and Maria Louise (Casto) Dodge; ed. high 
school and classical post-graduate course, Univ. 
of Mich.; m. Detroit, Feb. 4, 1892, R. Henry 
Ashbaugh. Active in philanthropic, social and 
New Thought religious interests. Favors woman 
suffrage. Editor The Club Woman; writer and 
publisher of verse and prose. Methodist. Pres. 
Detroit Federation of Women's Clubs; recording 
sec. Mich. State Federation of Women's Clubs; 
pres. Detroit Woman's Press Club; mem. Michi- 
gan Authors''n, Michigan Woman's Press 
Ass'n, and Twentieth Century and Detroit Re- 
view Clubs. 

ASHCRAFT, Mary Cosby Lewis (Mrs. William 

D. Ashcraft), Brandenburg, Ky. 

Born Brandenburg ,Ky., .Feb. 24, 1878; dau. 
James William Lewis (lawyer) and Elizabeth 
(Falrleigh) Lewis; ed. private schools; Potter 
Coll. (female coll.). Bowling Green, Ky., 189,5-97; 
m. Brandenburg, Dec. 4, 1908, William D. Ash- 
craft. Active in all church work, such as Sun- 
day-school and local charities. Interested in 
civic improvement. Favors woman suffrage. 
Methodist. Democrat. Mem. and treas. Ladies' 
Foreign Missionary Soc. and Ladies' Aid Soc. 
Teacher of literary dept (former pren. two years, 
now vlce-pres.) Woman's Club of Brandenburg. 
.•VSHCROFT, Harriet Elizabeth (Mrs. John Innle 

ABhcroft), Mackay Institute for Protestant 

Deaf Mutes, Notre Dame-de-Grace, Montreal, 


Teacher of deaf mutes; b. County Dublin, Ire- 

land; dau. John Barrett McGann; came from Ire- 
land to Canada with parents; m. July, 1889, John 
Innle Ashcroft, then principal of School for the 
Deaf of British Columbia, which he founded 
(died 1891). Her father founded the first institu- 
tion for the deaf and dumb in Ontario, and later 
founded the Protestant School for the Deaf in 
Quebec, out of which the present Mackay Inst, 
for Protestant Deaf Mutes and the Blind (Mon- 
treal) was developed. She has been a teacher of 
the deaf from early girlhood, and In 1881 was 
appointed joint sup't with Mr. Ashcroft of the 
Mackay Inst., and since his death has been prin. 
of the Institute, In which she has adopted the 
system of teaching visible speech invented by 
Prof. Alexander Melville Bell. 

ASHENFBXTER, Nettie Bennett (Mrs. Single- 
ton M. Ashenfelter), Silver City, N.Mex. 
Born Rock Prairie, Wis., July 21, 1852; dau. 
Cornelius and Anna Florella (Ross) Bennett; 
ed. Dubuque (la.) public and high schools; m. 
Silver City, N.Mex.. Nov. 21, 1872, Singleton 
Mercer Ashenfelter; children: Lieoline (Mrs. Wal- 
ton), Vloletta Bertha (Mrs. Wilson), Anna Ben- 
nett (Mrs. Brayton). State vice-regent of D.A.R., 
State director of Children of the American Revo- 
lution; State promoter of Daughters of 1812 of 
New Mexico. Mem. Woman's Club of Silver 
City, N.Mex. (federated); mem. nat. committees 
of D.A.R.. for Prevention of Desecration of 
Flag, Preservation of Historic Spots, Conserva- 
tion and others. Christian Scientist. Democrat. 
ASHFORD, Hallie Quillian (Mrs. W. H. Ash- 
ford), Walkinsville, Ga. 

Bern Mossy Creek, Ga., May 24, 1879; dau. Rev. 
George K. and Ella (Smith) Quillian; grad. with 
first honor La Grange Female Coll.. A.B. '96; m. 
Maxerfs, Ga.. Mar. 4, 1897, W. H. Ashford; chil- 
dren: Moselle Catharine, William H. Jr., George 
Wordson. Organized local Civic Club, local 
chapter United Daughters of Confederacy; pres. 
Mothers' and Teachers' Cooperative Club; active 
worker In church and Sunday-school; mem. 
W.C.T.U., Woman's Foreign Missionary Soc, 
Home Mission and Parsonage Aid societies. 
Methodist. Recreations: Walking, driving, read- 
ing, painting. Mem. Phoenix Club. 

ASHHURST, Sarah Wayne (The Cathedral 

School), Paseo 137, Vedado, Havana, Cuba, 

Missionary teacher; b. Philadelphia, Nov. 29, 
1874; dau. John and Sarah Stokes (Wayne) Ash- 
hurst; ed. the Agnes Irwin School, Philadelphia 
1883-92. Appointed by the Board of Missions of 
the Protestant Episcopal Church for work In 
Ouba, Jan.. 1912; taught in AcademJa Inglesa, 
Santiago, Cuba, until June, then transferrred to 
Havana, to the Cathedral School. Teacher of 
primary class in the Cathedral Sunday-school. 
Havana; mem. of the Cathedral choir. Havana. 
Protestant Episcopal Church. Mem. the Wo- 
man's Auxiliary of P.E. Church, the Guild of the 
Church of the Holy Trinity, Philadelphia; hon. 
mem. of the Board of Managers of the Home for 
the Homeless. Philadelphia. Mem. the College 
Club, Philadelphia. 
ASHLEY, Jessie, 60 W. 89th St. (office, 27 

Cedar St.), N.Y. City. 

Lawyer; b. N.Y. City; dau. Ossian D. and 
Harriet A. (Nash) Ashley; ed. private schools of 
New York, Berlin. Germany. N.Y. Univ. L,bjW 
School, LL.M. (mem. Alpha Omicron Pi). Pres. 
Collegiate Equal Suffrage League, 2 years; treas. 
Nat. Am. Woman Suffrage Ass'n; mem. Socialist 
Party, N.Y. County Lawyers' Ass'n, Intercolle- 
giate Socialist Soc, Industrial Workers of the 
World. Am. Socialist Soc, Woman's Trade Union 
League. Am. Soc for the Prevention of Cruelty 
to Animals. Women Lawyers' Club; lecturer In 
Woman's Law Class, N.Y. Univ. 
ASHLEY, Susan RUey (Mrs. Ell M. Ashley), 

care of F. P. Ashley, 1159 Corona St., Denver. 


Born St. Mary's. O.. May 1, 1840; dau. Hon. 
James W. and Susan (Ellis) Riley; ed. Ohio pub- 
lic schools; m. Cellna, O.. Oct. 15, ISGl, Ell -M. 
Ashley, of Toledo, O.; children: Franklin Riley, 
b. 1868; Ralph Earle, b. 1879. Was a pioneer in 
Colorado, went to Denver; has taken active part 
in all her civic interests, and Is especially In- 


terested In educational and philanthropic activi- ATMEKTON, Caroline Ober Stone (Mrs.Edward 
ties. FaTors woman sufirage; mem. Colo. Equal H. Atherton), 82 Ruthven St., Roxbury, Mass. 
Suffrage Ass'n from its organization; has con- Teacher; b. Lynn, Mass., Sept. 11, 1863; dau. 
ducted, parliamentary classes. Has written for Charles G. and Eleanor O. (Knowlton) Stone; ed. 
newspapers and a few magazine articles and club Lynn public schools, Boston Univ., A.B., A.M.; 
papers. Congregationalist. Republican. Was an commencement speaker (mem. Kappa Kappa 
active factor in establishing the Orphans' Home Gamma); m. Lynn, July 20, 1892, Edward H. 
of Denver; also the Colo. Home for Dependent Atherton. Non-resident worker at South End 
Children; mem. W.C.T.U., D.A.R., Order Eastern House; mem. Board of Trustees of Children's 
Star. Charter mem. Denver Fortnightly Club, of Institutions Dep't of Boston; mem. Board of 
Deutsche Damen and of Woman's Club of Den- Roxbury Neighborhood House; official visitor at 
ver; mem. Sevigne Club and The Larks. Was Boston Univ.; New England vice-pres. of Nat. 
first pree. of Colo. Fed. Women's Clubs; chair- Alliance of Unitarian Women; sec. of Board of 
man of correspondence for Gen. Fed. Women's the Tuckerman School for Parish Workers; vice- 
Clubs; vice-pres. of Lady Managers of World's pres. Social Service Council of Unitarian Wo- 
Coiumbian Exposition and chief of Woman's men. Author: Beginners' Greek Book (with 
Dep't of Colorado World's Fair Board. Clarence W. Gleason); chapter on Child of the 
ASKEW, Elisabeth, 180 Bay Shore Boulevard, ^^5^2^°^, in Amertcans in Fr(^esa (witi Mrs. 
Tampal Fla. E. Y. Rutan). Unitarian. Mem. Phi Beta Kappa, 
Bom Wheeling, W-Va.; dau. Thomas Evans ^,^^> of Collegiate Alumnae, Mass. Soc. for the 
and Katherine (Bu"ris) 'A^kew; ed. St. Paul, ^°:i-,n^R^h,?^.°^r^^^/°r,,,^ m~t^nT^^t^P 
Minn., private and high schools, supplemented 2<°^'^'''r}'J^°^^'^^LF}!F.A^J^?^^^^^^^^ 
by Univ. extension correspondence courses. Sec. f^r ,S?,?'- ?°t L°'i"^*"^\,^?f f^%*n.^?^ ^tIh^ 
and chairman Publicity Com. of the Tampa l^^ ^^^u°^ ^Z°°- Jaught In Roxbury Latm 
Civic Aea-n; mem. Hillsborough Co. HunW School till marriage; haa written sundry papers 
Soc., Am. Woman's Republic, Florida Fed. of and addresses on educational and philanthropic 
Women's Clubs. Recreations: Country life, golf, suDjects. 

walking. Favors woman suffrage. ATHERTON, Ella Blaylock (Mrs. Henry B. 

na^rtxrrr' t -rr ^ ,-,r ^j ^ . , . , Atherton), Falrmount Heights, Nashua, N.H. 

ASKWIG, Jenny Keogh (Mrs. Ed. J. Askwig), Physician and surgeon; b. Ulverston, Lan- 

oaKiand. Neb. cashire, England, Jan. 4, 1S60; dau. William and 

Born Chicago, 1866; dau. John J. and Anna Margaret (Schollick) Blaylock; ed. Georgevllle 

(Anderson) Keogh; ed. Chicago public schools; ^cad., private tutors and grad. McGiU Univ., 

?■ ^^i?^"^' J^^?' ^^f: ^^7^"^^ ^u Ask^,S- Montreal, 1887; Queen's Univ. Med. School, M.D. 

Sec. Order Eastern Star treM. Rebekah's, .57 (Kingston, Ont); m. Concord, N.H., 1898, 

Royal Achates. Pres. Oakland Woman's Club. capt. Henry B. Atherton, LL.B.; children: Blay- 

Favors woman suffrage 

lock, b. Oct 6, 1900; Ives Atherton, b. Feb. 25, 

ASPINTVAIX, Alicia Stuart (Mm. Thomas 1903. Demonstrator of anatomy two years at 

Aspinwall), 14 Hawthorne Road, Brookline, med. school, Kingston; was first woman in the 

Mass. Province of Quebec to get a Canadian diploma in 

Bom in Mass.; m. Thomas Aspinwall; children: medicine; first woman admitted to medical society 

Thomas Gardner, Philip Channlng. Author; in State of Vt. ; first to hold office of pres. of a 

Short Stories for Short People; Echo Maid and local medical society in N.H. ; first woman to do 

Other Stories; Marie de Rozel; The Oin You abdominal surgery in N.H. Mem. Am. Med. 

Believe Me Stories. Unitarian. Ass'n, N.H. Surgical Club, N.H. Med. Soc, 

aauTTTXTT* T„n= Tk,.^„„« «-„,„„ ^ i\T T> -c- Hlllsboro County Med. Soc.; was mem. of 

^^ni^^' 14-. M«^^ If f/nt^TT^ M^f^- Nashua Emergency Hospital Ass'n and of Nashua 

Rrvrn plinnv™ Mn^ o^t R ^«7.®' ^=\f R.^ Home for Aged Women; charter mem. Woman's 

r>,F„Jil ^^!f^;f>, "'/rPf-^ ^li ^**^^' £f%^^T- Auxiliary of Y.M.C.A. Favors woman suf- 

r^n A R ■Q^-'^n/J=VThL?J°Q.°Wnnf- Z^^^l° ^rage; mem. N.H. Woman Suffrage So<J. Eplsco- 

^liy.J'-rH^^iiM.^^^ aV^^""!^ .an^°°^' °H ^^ PaUan. Mem. Y.W.C.A., Women's Auxiliary of 

Mexico City, Mexico, Aug. 3. 1905, Rupert F. ^^^ Church of Good Shepherd. Recreation: 

^r^J^'^^J^HoL^^^.!^'*^' f^"?"'°,^'-K^'"',^''- ^*" Motoring. Mem. Fortnightly Club. 
fore marriage was professional librarian; in- .„,„,"„.,, ^ _,. ^ %, , .. , * ,, 
Btructor In Drexel Inst. Library School, 1901-03; ATHERTON. Gertrude Franklin (care of Mac- 
librarian. Univ. of New Mexico. 1903-05. Intor- millan Co.), 64 Fifth Av., N.Y. City, 
ested In libraries and work for women and chll- Author; b. San Francisco. Cal.; dau. 'Thomas 
dren; chairman Library Com. N.Mex. State Fed. L. and Gertrude (Franklin) Horn; grandnlece of 
of Women's Clubs; chairman for N.Mex. of Com. Benjamin Franklin; ed. by private schools and 
on Welfare of Women and Children- mem teachers; also attended St. Mary's Hall, Benlcla. 
D.A.R. Ladies' Com. N.Mex. Museum, Ladies' Cal.. and Sayre Inst., Lexington. Ky.; m. San 
Advisory Board N.Mex. Historical Soc, Com. of Jose, Cal., George Henry Bowen Atherton (now 
Management Santa Fe Public Library. As- deceased) ; one daughter: Muriel Florence Rus- 
sooiate editor of the N.Mex. Journal of Bduca- sell. Lives much of the time abroad, her travels 
Uon. of which her husband Is editor and pub- extending ovm- the most of Europe, the West 
Usher. Mem. D.A.R. Mem. Woman's Board of Indies and North America. Life mem. Am. 
Trade, Fifteen Club, Woman's Club. Favors HtetorlMj Afls n and of Authors Soc. of London, 
woman suffrage Bng. ; honorary mem. of several clubs In San 
.„_^.^^ „ „' . Francisco; mem. Ladles' Athenaeum, Writers' 
ASTON, Mrs. Samael, Lebanon, Va. Club of Liondon, Touring Club de France. 

Born Tazewell, Va., Jan., 1873; dau. J. D. and Books: Before the Gringo Came, 1892; The 

Margaret (Peery) Alexander; ed. Mary Baldwin Doomswoman, 1892; A Whirl Asunder, 1895; 

Sem.. Staunton. Va.; m. Tazewell, Va.. June 8, Patience Sparhawk and Her Times. 1897; His 

1898. Samuel Aston; children: Margaret, b. Fortunate Grace, 1897; American Wives and Eng- 

June 11, 1899; Ella Dickenson, b. Mar. 4, 1903. ligh Husbands, 1898; Senator North, 1900; The 

Presbyterian. Pres. Woman's dub of Lebanon, Californians, 1898; A Daughter of -he Vine, 1899; 

Va. The Valiant Runaway, 1899; The Aristocrats, 

ATEN, Mae E. Greene fMrs. W. H. Aten). 71 WOl; The Conqueror, 1902; The Splendid Idle 

Gates Av Brooklyn N Y Forties (revised and enlarged edition of Before 

Bom Norwich, Conn'.; dau. James Cooper and i'^®,, ^I'^e^,^!,™?^' ^^^^U-^ ^^7al^A°^ -^^lu^i^ 

Almlra S. (Delanoy) Greene; m. N.Y. City. Sept. Letters, 1903; Rulers of Kings. 1904; The Bell In 

10. 1884. William H. Aten, M.D.; children: Erna the Fog, 1905; Mrs. Pendleton s Four-in-Hand, 

Adele (Mrs. H. J. Titus Jr.), Kenneth Mills, 1905; The Traveling Thirds, 1905 ; Resanov 1906 ; 

Courtenay Nixon. Favors woman suffrage; mem. ^°'=^t°"i ^K'^V, ^^® Gorgeous Isle 1908; Tower 

Wilson Nat. Woman's Party, N.Y. City; I"^°ry, 1910 Julia France and Her Times, 1911. 

Eleventh Assembly Dlst. Woman's Suffrage ATHERTON, Melanie (Mrs. Thomas H. Ather- 

Party, Brooklyn. N.Y. Episcopalian. Pres. ton), 36 West River St.. Wllkes-Barre. Pa. 

Cameo branch Internal. Sunshine Soc. Brooklyn; Bora Feb. 5, 1857; dau. N. G. Parke (D.D.) and 

Daughters of the Revolution. Clubs: Century Ann Elizabeth (Gildersleeve) Parke; ed. Miss Por- 

Theatre. Knickerbocker Relief, Rainy Day, Gov- ter's School, Farmlngton, Conn.: m. Plttston, Pa., 

emment. City and State Fed. Oct 7. 1880, Thomas H. Atherton: chlldrea: 



Thomas Henry Jr., Louise, Melanle, Sarah, 
Elizabeth, Eleanor. Pres. of Mission Soc. of 
First Presbyterian Church; mem. boards of Old 
Ladies' Home and Y.W.C.A., and other religious 
and philanthropic organizations. Favors woman 
suffrage. Recreations: Motoring, travel. 
ATKINS, Mrs. Albert L., Dexter, Me. 

Bom Ripley, Me., Not. 27, 1S65; dau. Richard 
Nutter Jr. and Lucy Ann (Tripp) Nutter: ed. 
Dexter High School, Farmington (Me.) SUte 
Normal School; m. Dexter, Me., Oct. 27, 1890, 
Albert Lewis Atkins; one daughter: Attalena 
Atkins. Cor. sec. of Me. Fed. of Women's Clubs. 
Congregratlonalist. Mem. Order of Eastern Star, 
Woman's Literary Club, Sunshine Club. 
ATKINSON, Alice Minerva, Hollcong, Bucks 
County, Pa. 

Historical writer; b. Holicong, Pa.; grad. 
Swarthmore Coll., A.B. '88; Cornell Univ., A.B. 
"89; Univ. of Pa., A.M. '93, Ph.D. '95. Author: 
European Beginnings of American History; An 
Introduction to the History of the United States, 

ATKINSON, Dorothy Brldgman (Mrs. Frederick 
G. Atkinson), 308 Rldgewood Av., Minneapo- 
lis, Minn. 

Bom St. Paul, Minn., June 22, 1890; dau. 
George H. and Mary B. (Elliott) Bridffman; ed. 
Wellesley College, B.A. '10 (Phi Sigma); m. Min- 
neapolis, Minn., April 18, 1911, Frederick G. 
Atkinson: one daughter: Mary Elliott, b. 1912. 
Against womaji suffrage. 

ATKINSON, Eleanor, 49 39 Vlncennes Av., Chi- 
cago, 111. 

Writer; b. Rensselaer, Ind.; dau. Isaac M. and 
Margaret (Smith) Stackhouse; ed. Indianapolis 
Normal Training School; m. Indianapolis, Ind., 
Mar. 14, 1891, Francis Blake Atkinson; children: 
Dorothy Blake, 1892; Frances Eleanor, 1899. 
Entered newspaper work 1887, writing under pen 
name of Nora Marks on Chicago Tribune. After 
marriage special and syndicate work. Editor 
The Little Chronicle (current events weekly for 
use of schools) 1900-07; then In magazine and 
book work. Author: Mam'zelle Fifine (his- 
torical novel), 19L'i!; The Boyhood of Lincoln, 
1908; Lincoln's Love Story, 1909; The Story of 
(Chicago, 1910; Vol. V, Students Ref. Work, 1911; 
Greyfriars Bobby, 1912; A Loyal Love, 1912. Mem. 
Chicago Historical Society, Lincoln Fellowslilp 
of N.Y. City. Unitarian. Thinks women should 
vote, but not actively Interested. 
ATKINSON. EUzabeth Bispham Page (Mrs. 
Robert Whitman Atkinson), Heath HUl, 
Brookllne, Mass. 

Born Philadelphia; dau. Edward Augustus and 
Josephine Augusta (Bispham) Page; ed. Phila- 
delphia; m. Philadelphia, 1904, Robert Whitman 
Atkinson; children: Alice Tucker, Eliot Heath, 
Samuel Greenleal. Occasional contributor to 
periodicals. Episcopalian. 

ATKINSON, FlorMice Lewis (Mrs. Robert At- 
kinson), The Buckingham, St. Louis, Mo. 
Born St. Louis; dau. Judge Edward A. and 
Parthenia (Brajisford) Lewis; ed. Lindenwood 
OdII., Mo.; m. Robert Atkinson; one son: Robert 
Lewis Atkinson. Favors woman suffrage. Pres. 
Mo. Ekjual Suffrage Ass'n; vice-prea. St. Louis 
Equal Suffrage League. Episcopalian. Pres. 
Wednesday Club of St Louis (literary). Prom- 
inent In social, musical and literary activities. 

ATWATEB, Adeline Lobdeli (Mrs. Henry At- 

water). Highland Park, 111. 

Born Chicago, 1887; dau. Edwin Lyman and 
Anne (Philpot) Lobdeli; ed. Dearborn Sem., 
Chicago; Mt. Vernon Sem., Washington, D.C. ; 
m. Chicago, Mar. 29, ISIO, Henry Atwater; chil- 
dren: Edith, Barbara Jane. Pres. Maternity 
Circle of Hahnemann Hospital, Chicago; inter- 
ested in Lincoln Centre and Frederick Douglass 
Centre, Chicago. Club: Highland Park Wo- 
man's. Recreations: Riding, swimming, dancing, 
golf, tennis. Unitarian. Favors woman suffrage. 
ATWATEB, Caroline Swift (Mrs. E. S. At- 

water\ Poughkeepsle, N.T. 

Born Poughkeepsle, N.Y., 1857; dau. Charles W. 
and Mary (Messier) Swift; ed. by governess and 
in prlrate •choola; grad. Vaaear ColL, A.B. '77 

(commencement salutatory address; Phi Beta 
Kappa); m. 1880, Edward S. Atwater; children: 
Morton, Lucy Lovell, Eliot, Evelyn. Pres. 
Orphan Home; vice-prea. Associated Charities; 
director of Woman's Exchange and Day Nurs- 
ery; ex-president Vassar Alumnfe Association; 
ex-regent of Mahwenawasigh Chapter D.A.R. 
Against all but limited suffrage for men and 
women. Mem. Women's University Club (N.Y. 
City). Donor of Swift Memorial Infirmary to 
Vassar OdII., In memory of her father, who /r&a 
a charter trustee. 

ATWATER, Helen Woodard, 226 Waahlngton 

St., Mlddletown, Conn. 

Nutrition Investigator; b. Somervllle, Mass., 
May 29, 1S76; dau. Prof. Wilbur Olin Atwater 
(distinguished chemist) and Marcia (Woodard) 
Atwatur; ed. at schools In America and Europe 
and at Smith Coll. B.L. '97. Has been connected 
with the nutrition investigations of the Office of 
Experiment Stations of the U.S. Dep't of Agri- 
culture, first at Middletown, Conn., and later at 
Washington, D.C; assisting especially In edi- 
torial work. Author of Farmers' Bulletin, U.S. 
Dep't of Agriculture: Bread and Breadmaking; 
Poultry as Food; The Principles of Food and 
Nutrition (in collaboration with Prof. W. D. 
Atwater), also occasional articles in periodicals. 
Congregatlonallst. Mem. Home Economics 
Ass'n, Smith Coll. Alumnae Ass'n, College Club 
(Boston), and various social organizations at 
Middletown, Conn. Identified with various 
forms of philanthropic work, such as hospital 
aid, local civic improvement. Consumers' League, 
etc. ; also church work and literary clubs. 

ATWOOD, Euna Clam, 15 Gramercy Park, N.T. 

City; winter, Southport, N.C. 

Editor; b. Troy, N.Y., June 3, 1856; dau. John 
Henry and Mary Andrus (Beldlng) Clum; ed. 
private schools and boarding schools, and six 
months in Lawrence Univ., Appleton, Wis.; m. 
Chicago, 111., 1872, R. F. M. Atwood. Spends 
much of time in North Caroli^ia, where she has 
land and other interests. Interested in helping 
out in the educational problem of children in 
North Carolina and other States. EJditor and 
half owner of the Southport News, Southport, 
N.C. Favors woman sufBrage, I>eanocrat in 
pvolltlcs (has voted in West). Mem. Net. Arts 
Club and Forum C^ub (N.Y. City), Nat. Soc. of 
Patriotic Women ot America, Woman's Welfare 
Dep't of Nat. Civic Federation, Woonan's Demo- 
cratic Club of N.Y. City. 

ATWOOD, Gertmde Pearson (Mr«, William F. 

Atwood), 85 Montgomery St., Bangor, Me. 

Bom Bradford, Me., May 17, 1875; dau. Nathan- 
iel and Ella Alwilda (Smith) Pearson; direct 
descendant on paternal side of John Robinson, 
the Puritan divine, who Incited the Pilgrims to 
come to America; grandaiece, on maternal side, 
of Lot M. and Anson Peasley Morrill, both 
former Governors of Maine; ed. In schools of 
Bradford and Bangor and by private teachers; m. 
Bangor, Me., Dec. 24, 1900, William Francli 
Atwood; one son: William Francis Atwood, Jr., 
b. Dec. 29, 1910. Pres. Nineteenth Century Club 
of Bangor, 1906-09; v. -p. Maine Fed. of Women's 
Clubs, 1911-12; v.-p. Maine Peace Soc., 191^—. 
Director Penobscot (Me.) Chapter Red Cro«s Soc., 
1910-12. Mem. Executive Committee of Maine 
Com. of Department of School Patrons of Nat. 
Education Ass'n. Sec. Good Samaritan Home 
Ass'n (State charitable • institution for wayward 
girls) ; sec. Bangor Antl-Tuberculosls Ass'n, and 
mem. Board of Directors of Association's Clinic. 
Mem. Board of Directors of Nineteenth Century 
Club, Bangor, 1912-13. Congregatlonallst. Favors 
restricted suffrage. 

ATWOOD, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. Clarence L. 

Atwood), St. Cloud, Minn. 

University extension lecturer; b. Owatonna, 
Minn.; dau. C. S. and Mary Elizabeth Crandall; 
grad. PiUsbury Acad., 1882; attended Cornell 
Univ.; m. Owatonna, Minn., 1890, Clarence L. 
Atwood, of St. Cloud, Minn.; children: Mar- 
Joria Helen, Crandall Clarence, Allen Albert, Fred- 
erick Charles. Has been mem. of School Board 
and Library Board. Auditor State Federation of 
Women's Clubs, and chairman of its oomaiittees 



on Education, Program and Civics. Lecturer In 
Univ. Extension for Univ. of Minn. Pres. and 
holder of many offices locally in clubs; favors 
woman suffrage. Unitarian (treas. Unity Church, 
St. Cloud, Minn.). Mem. St. Cloud Health and 
Hygiene League, State Anti-Tuberculosis Board, 
St. Cloud Reading-Room Soc, Drama League of 
America. Recreation: Motoring, travel. 

ATWOOD, Maud Smith (Mrs. Harry F. At- 
wood), 7221 Yale Av., Chicago, 111. 
Born Fox Lake, Wis., 1879; dau. Dr. J. T. and 
Catherine (Purdy) Smith (niece of former Gov. 
William B. Smith of Wis.); ed. Downer Coll., 
Fox Lake, Wis.; 111. State Normal Univ., Bloom- 
ington. 111.; m. Fox Lake, Wis., Aug. 23, 1905, 
Harry F. Atwood; one daughter, b. 1906. Before 
marriage taught five years in Morgan Park, 111. 
Served as pres. of Morgan Park Woman's Club, 
an organization active in philanthropy and civics; 
three years mean, of Board of Education of Mor- 
gan Park; vice-pres. Third Congressional Dis't 
Fed. of Women's Clubs. Recreations: Woman's 
clubs. Baptist. Favors woman suffrage; mem. 
of several of Chicago equal suffrage organiza- 

AUER, Clara Meltzer, 13 W. 121st St., N.Y. City. 
Physician; b. Russia, Oct. 15, 1874; dau. 
Samuel James and Olga S. (Levitt) Meltzer; ed. 
public schools of N.Y. City, Barnard Coll. A.B. 
'96, John Hopkins Univ. Med. School M.D. 1900; 
m. Dr. John Auer; children, James and Helen. 
Research Scholar Rockefeller Inst, for Medical 
Research, 1901-03; ophthalmologist to the Harlem 
Hospital Dispensary, 1901-03; clinical ass't and 
late ass't surgeon at the N.Y. Eye and Ear 
Infirmary, 1901-10; ophthalmologist to the N.Y. 
Infirmary for Women and Children, 1908. Has 
published several articles on medical topics; 
mem. Harlem Med. Ass'n, N.Y. State and County 
Med. Soc., Women's Med. Soc. of N.Y. State. 
Recreation: Music. Favors woman suffrage, but 
not active. 

AUGSBURY, Mary Ellis (Mrs. WlUard S. Augs- 

bury), Antwerp, N.Y. 

State Regent D.A.R. ; b. Antwerp, N.Y.; dau. 
John D. and Mary J. (Buell) Ellis; ed. Ives Sem., 
Antwerp, and Vassar Coll.; m. Antwerp, Sept. 12, 
1893, Willard S. Augsbury. Active in patriotic 
organizations; mem. Nat. Soc. Patriotic Women 
of America and Nat. Soc. Daughters of Am. 
Revolution. Mem. Saturday Club, Antwerp, 
N.Y. Congregationalist. 

AUSTEN, Ellen Munroe (Mrs. Peter Townsend 
Austen), 649 East 19th St., Brooklyn, N.Y. 
Born N.Y. City, May 13, 1855; dau. Thomas and 
Ellen (Middleton) Munroe; ed. in Anna C. 
Brackett's School, N.Y. City; m. Staten Island, 
N.Y., Dec. 25, 1878, Peter Townsend Austen, 
distinguished chemist, who died in 1907; children: 
William Thomas, Oswald Townsend, Elizabeth 
Patty. Mem. Daughters of the Revolution and 
Nat. Soc. of New England Women. 

AUSTIN, Caroline SpragTie, Merriam Park Sta- 
tion, St, Paul; summer: Mahtomedl, Minn. 
Teacher, lecturer; b. East Jaffrey, N.H., July 
29, 1863; dau. Rev. Franklin D. and Caroline F. 
(Sprague) Austin; is a descendant of May- 
flower Pilgrims; ed. at home, at Nashua (N.H.) 
High School and at Smith Coll., B.A. '88. Has 
been teaching in St. Paul Central High School 
from fall of 1888. Has served on many com- 
mittees for Central High Scbool, High School 
Teachers' Club. Has lectured at Y.W.C.A. ; read 
papers before St. Paul Inst. ; spoken at settle- 
ment meeting of the City Club, etc. Has led 
Cosmopolitan Club several years, also St. 
Anthony Park Club (literature division) one 
year. Has written articles for Primary Educa- 
tion, etc. Congregationalist. Mem. two church 
societies; Ass'n Coll. Alumnae (pres. 1910-11), 
City Club, New Century Club. Recreations: Those 
incident to life at White Bear Lake five months 
of the year; in winter, theater, symphony con- 
certs and various social activities. Believes 
woman suffrage to be inevitable in course of 

AUSTIN, Laura Osborne (Mrs. Lonla W. Aos- 

tin), 3136 Newark St., Cleveland Park, Wash- 
ington, D.C. 

Born McGregor, la.; dau. Willis L. and Julia 
(Colman) Osborne; ed. public schools LaCrosse. 
Wis.; Univ. of Wis. A.B. '97 (Kappa Alpha 
TheU): m. Aug. 16, 1898, Louis Winslow Austin. 
Interested in philanthropic work, particularly in 
the Girls' Friendly Soc. Mem. Ass'n of Col- 
legiate Alumnse. Club&: Washington, College 
Women's. Protestant EpiscopaL 
AUSTIN, Mary, National Arts Club, 12 Gramercy 

Park, N.Y. City. 

Writer; b. Carlinville, 111.; dau. Capt. George 
and Saville (Graham) Hunter; grad. Blackburn 
Univ. A.B.; m. Bakersfield, Cal., Stafford W. 
Austin; one daughter: Ruth. Connected with 
educational interests of California, institute lec- 
turer. State Committee Course of Study. Has 
made researches on the development of native 
art; lecturer on Primitive Society; has made 
many contributions to collected American Indian 
Folk Lore. Author: The Land of Little Rain; 
Isidro; The Basket Woman; The Flock; Lost 
Borders; Santa Lucia; The Arrow Maker (dra- 
matic—at New Theatre); Christ In Italy; A 
Woman of Genius. Progressive; active in fem- 
inist movements. Mem. Nat. Arts Club, Twi- 
light Club, London Lyceum. 
AUTEN, NelUe Mason, Prlnceville, 111. 

Born Princeville, 111., Mar. 3, 1S75; dau. Ed- 
ward and Maria Louisa (Cutter) Auten; ed. 
Princeville Acad., 1887-89, 1890-94; Wellesley Coll., 
1894-98, A.B. '98; Univ. of Chicago, 1899-1900, 
A.M. 1900. Teacher, grade and high school. Piano, 
111., 1898-99, teacher of LaUn. Hillside (Wis.) 
Home School, 1900-01. With a brother had a cluti 
for little boys, 1902-03; teacher in Sunday-school, 
1910-11. Wrote an article in the Ainerlcan Jour- 
nal of Sociology for March, 1901: Some Phases 
of the Sweating System in the Garment Trades 
of Chicago. Presbyterian. Mem. Wellesley Coll. 
Alumna Association and Association of Clolleglate 
AVARY, Myrta Lockett, 415 Spring St., Atlanta, 


Writer; b. Halifax, Va,; dau. Harwood A. and 
Augusta (Harper) Lockett; ed. private tutors and 
governesses; m. Dr. James Corbin Avary. 
Served on the editorial staffs of four magazines 
in N.Y. City, where became interested in fresh 
air work, social settlement work, etc.; more 
recently engaged in historical writing and re- 
search in the South. Author: A Virginia Girl in 
the Civil War; Dixie After the War. Editor: 
A Diary from Dixie; Recollections of Alexander 
H. Stevens. Has contributed historical and 
sociological articles to various magazines, also 
short stories and poems. 
AA^RILL, Blanche M. (Mrs. Alfred Perry 

Averill), 1200 West Boulevard, El Paso, Tex. 

Clubwoman; b. Bryan, Ohio, Oct. 1872; dau. 
William H. and Nellie F. (Jones) Moore; ed. 
Mittleberger School, Cleveland, Ohio, Cornell 
Univ. A.B., class essayist (mem. Delta Gamma); 
m. Bryan, Ohio, 1899, Alfred Perry Averill. 
Pres. El Paso Woman's Club; chairman Art 
Committee of Texas Federation of Woman's 
Clubs; mem. Toledo Coll. Women's (jlub. Pres- 
byterian. Mem. Humane Soc. and Charity Ass'n 
(El Paso). Recreations: Bridge whist, dancing. 
AVERILL, Edith Alice Shermaji (MrB, Glenn 

Mark Averill), 213 S. Twelfth St., Cedar 

Rapids, la. 

Born Iowa; ed. Rockford (IlL) Coll., class of 
'90, B.A. '02; m. Glenn Mark Averill of Cedar 
Rapids, la. Was director of the gymnasium at 
Rockford Coll., two years. Interested in 
Y.W.C.A., Sunshine Mission Work and Children's 
Home at Cedar Rapids, la. Ex-pres. Ladies' 
Choral Soc. Mem. Tourist Club (literary). 
AVERILL, Mary Martin (Mrs. Edward S. Aver- 
ill), 415 S. Euclid Av.. Oak Park, III.; summer, 

Plttsfleld, Pa. 

Born Pittsburgh, Pa.; dau. John T. and Julia 
Foster Martin; ed. Allegheny Coll., A.B. '84, A.M. 
'92; special course at Wellesley Coll., 1886-87; m. 
Plttsfleld, Jan. 2, 1901, Edward S. Averill (died 
Feb. 14, 1910); children: Helen Elizabeth, b. Aug. 



18, 1902; Mary Louise, b. Dec. 20 (died Dec. 28), 
1907. Mem. Woman's See. of First Presbyterian 
Church of Oak Park, 111. Favors woman suf- 
frage. Recreations- Travel, horseback riding, 
driving, reading, tennis. Mem. Augusta Club, 
Nakama Club, Sesame Circle. 

AVERY, Catherine Hitchcock Tllden (Mrs. El- 
roy McKendree Avery), 2831 Wood-Hill Road, 
Cleveland, Ohio. 

Editor, educator; b. Dundee, Mich., Dec. 13, 
1844; dau. Junius and Zeruah (Rich) Tllden; 
grad. Mass. State Normal School (Framingham) 
'67; m. Battle Creek, Mich., July 2, 1870, Elroy 
McKendree Avery, Ph.D., LL.D., D.C.L. (educa- 
tor, scientist, historian). Engaged in teaching as 
prin. of Battle Creek (Mich.) High School, and 
later as teacher in Cleveland High and Normal 
schools; now editor of the American Monthly 
Magazine (official organ of the D.A.R.). First 
woman ever chosen to elective office in Ohio; 
elected mem. City School Board of Cleveland, 
1895; elected mem. City Board of School Exam- 
iners, becoming its first woman-member, 1900 
(pres. since 1911). Mem. Cleveland City Library 
Board. Mem. D.A.R., Colonial Dames of 
America, U.S. Daughters of 1812. 

.•VVEBY, Clara Arlette, 47 Eliot St., Detroit, 


Ex-pres. Mich, Federation; b. Bradley, Me., 
Jan. 12, 1850; dau. Newell and Nancy Clapp 
(Eddy) Avery; ed. ' Detroit Sem. Organizer of 
the Twentieth Century Club of Detroit and pres. 
(now life mem.); organizer of the Mich. State 
Federation of Women's Clubs and first pres.; 
mem. of the Memorial Scholarship Com. under 
Univ. of Mich., formerly an officer and pres. of 
the Woman's Hospital and Infants' Home. Mem. 
Colonial Dames, D.A.R., Mayflower Descendants; 
hon. mem. Woman's League of Univ. of Mich.; 
hon. mem. Ass'n Collegiate Alumnae; life mem. 
Am. Archaeological Soc. Favors woman suf- 

AVEBY, Elisabeth McElroy (Mrs. Henry Brinck- 
erhoff Avery), Christmas Lake, Excelsior, 

Born Pittsburgh, Pa., Jan. 5, 1873; dau. John 
Henry and Mary Jane (Wilkinson) McElroy; ed. 
public schools of Pittsburgh; m. Minneapolis, 
Minn., Feb. 18, 1909, Henry Brinckerhoff Avery. 
Favors woman suffrage. Episcopalian. Recrea- 
tion: Farming; lives on a country place about 
18 miles from Minneapolis and is deeply inter- 
ested in all that pertains to such a place the 
year around. 

AVEBY, Bachel Foster, Swarthmore, Pa. 

Suffrage leader; b. Pittsburgh, Dec. 30, 1858; 
dau. J. Heron and Julia (Manuel) Foster; ed. 
Philadelphia schools and special studies in po- 
litical economy in Univ. of Zurich; one son: 
Cyrus Miller, b. 1888. Engaged in suffrage work 
from girlhood; actively associated with late Su- 
san B. Anthony for years and was long corre- 
sponding sec. of the Nat. Am. Woman ' Suffrage 
Ass'n; has taken part as ass't and manager in 
suffrage campaigns in many States as speaker 
and writer; first vlce-pres. Nat. Am. Woman 
Suffrage Ass'n, 1906-10; pres. Pa. State Woman 
Suffrage Ass'n; was active in work of preparing 
for the Washington meeting of the Internal. 
Council of Women, 1888, and was cor. sec, 1888- 
93. Mem. Society of Friends. 

AVEBY, Susan Look (Mrs. Benjamin Franklin 
Avery), 847 Fourth Av., Louisville, Ky. 
Born Conway, Mass., Oct. 27, 1817; dau. Samuel 
and Polly (Loomls) Look; ed. Utica, N.Y., in 
private schools; m. April 27, 1844, Benjamin 
Franklin Avery (manufacturer of plows; died 
1885); children: Lydia Avery Coonley Ward, b. 
Jan. 31, 1845; George C. Avery, b. .Mar. 1, 1852. 
Pioneer club woman, founder of the Woman's 
Club of Louisville and of the Susan Look Avery 
Club of Wyoming, N.Y. Favors woman suffrage; 
long a leader as speaker and writer in favor of 
equal suffrage. Contributor to various magazines 
and papers on suffrage, temperance, the single- 
tax and other reforms. Honorary vlce-pres. Gen. 
Fed. ot Women's Clu<bs. 

AVIKITT, May Amelia Goodwill (Mrs. Philip 
William Avirltt), 949 Park Place, Brooklyn, 


High school teacher; grad. Smith Coll., B.A. 
'89; m. May 22, 1894, Philip William Aviritt (died 
July 31, 1902); one son: William Goodwin, b. 
Feb. 5, 1895. Teacher in high school. Old Town, 
Me., 1891; Batavia, N.Y., 1891-92; Dunkirk, N.Y., 
1893-94; Portsmouth, N.H., 1898-1900; Asbury 
Park, N.J., 1900-04; Flushing, N.Y., 1904-07; 
Brooklyn, N.Y. (teacher of German) since 1907. 
Mem. Smith College Alumnse Ass'n. 

AYCOCK, Martha Magan (Mrs. Frank B. Ay- 
cock), Fremont, S.C. 

Born Rockingham County, S.C, May 12, 1881; 
dau. A.R. and Lydia (Gordon) Magan; ed. Mo- 
ravian College, Winston-Salem, S.C. (mem. 
Euterpean); m. Mar. 30, 1903, Frank B. Aycock; 
children: Bayard, Jesse Nelson, Burtis. Mem. 
Woman Book Club. Recreations: Reading, paint- 
ing, fancy work. Mem. Moravian Church. 
Against woman suffrage. 

AYEB, Anna Perkins Chandler (Mrs. Joslah 

M. M. Ayer), Needham, Mass. 

Born Boston, Sept. 24, 1873; dau. John and 
Anna (Perkins) Chandler; ed. Dana Hall, class 
of '93; Wellesley Coll., B.A. '98; studied at 
Woods Hole Marine Biological Laboratory; m. 
Wellesley, Sept. 5, 1911, Josiah M. M. Ayer. 
Contributor of poems and verse to various maga- 
zines. Episcopalian. Recreations: Walking, auto- 

AYER, Emma Burbank (Mrs. Edward E. Ayer), 

2 Banks St., Chicago, 111. 

Born Lowell, Mass. ; dau. Abner and Elizabeth 
(Badger) Burbank; ed. Benedict and Satterlee's 
College, Rochester, N.Y. ; m. Sept. 7, 1867, Ed- 
ward E. Ayer; one daughter: Elizabeth Ayer. 
Author: A Motor Flight Through Algeria and 
Tunisia; Captivity Among the Oneidas in 1690-91 
of Father Pierre Milet (translated from French). 
Mem. Alliance Francaise. Clubs: Chicago Wo- 
man's, the Fortnightly. Unlversalist. Against 
woman suffrage. 

AYEB; Hannah Gilbert Palfrey (Mrs. J. B. 

Ayer), 25 Linne St., Boston, Mass. 

Born Belmont, Mass., Dec. 13, 1881; dau. Gen. 
John C. and Adelaide E. tPayson) Palfrey; ed. 

Miss Winsor's School, iio-.c.n .\iass. ; ii . li' i- 
mont, Mass., Nov. 15, 1909, Dr. James Bourne 
Ayer; children: James Bourne, Hannah Gilbert. 

AYER, Janet Hopkins (Mrs. Benjamin F. 

Ayer), 20 E. Goethe St., Chicago, 111. 

Born Granville, N.Y., 1854; dau. James C. Hop- 
kins (State Senator N.Y., Judge of Federal Court 
of Wis.) and Mary (Allen) Hopkins; ed. Gran- 
ville (O.) Sem.; m. Madison, Wis., Benjamin F. 
Ayer; children: Walter, Mary Louise, Janet, 
Benjamin F. Jr., Margaret Helen. Episco- 
palian. Republican. Mem. Daughters of the 
Revolution, Colonial Dames of America; vice- 
pres. of 111. Ass'n Opposed to Woman Suffrage. 
Club: The Fortnightly. 

AYEB, Margaret Hubbard, 129 E. 40th St., N.Y. 


Journalist; b. Chicago, 111., 1879; dau. Herbert 
C. and Harriet (Hubbard) Ayer; ed. Germany 
under Blanche Willis Howard. For eight years 
editor of the woman's section New York Sunday 
World: editor Paris Modes Magazine. Has writ- 
ten several books on Health, Beauty, Etiquette. 
Mem. Professional Woman's League, Woman's 
Municipal League. Recreation: Music. Favors 
woman suffrage; mem. of Woman's Political 

AYEB, Mary Allette, 11 Tenth Av., Haverhill, 


Editor and compiler; born Hampstead, N.H.; 
dau. Albert V/illiam and Lydia Ann (Hoyt) 
Ayer; descendant of John Ayer, of England, who 
settled in Haverhill, Mass., 1646; ancestors on 
both sides served in ReyoluUonary War. Edited 
and compiled: Daily Cheer Year Book; The Joys 
of Friendship; Heart Melodies; Keep Up Your 
Courage. Publisher of Christmas booklets, cards 
and mottoes. Methodist. 


AYEB, May Hancock (Mrs. James C. Ayer), D 

Shadowland, Glen Cove, N.Y. ^ 

Born Syracuse, N.Y., Nov. 25, 1873; dau David BABB, Alta Woody (Mrs. Charles Danl«I Babb), 

Hayes and Mary E. (Candee) Hancock; ed. Homer, Champaign Co., 111. 

Keble School, Syracuse, N.Y. ; State Normal Born Homer, 111., Oct. 25, 1867; dau. Ancll 

School, Oswego, N.Y.; (Convent of the Sacred Clayton and Rachel Margaret (Paee) Woody; 

Heart, Manhattanville, N.Y. ; m. (1st) Jan. 15, grad. Homer High School; studied music and 

1896, Richard C. Boyd; (2d) April 2, 1907, James attended Illinois Woman's College at Jackson- 

C. Ayer; children: Richard Boyd-Ayer, b. Sept. ville, 111. (Phi Nu Soc); m. Homer, 111., 

2, 1898; Frederick Ayer, b. Dec. 29, 1908. Inter- Charles Daniel Babb; one daughter: Margaret 

ested in general social and philanthropic work. Elizabeth, b. Jan. 5, 1899. Has been pres. of 

Recreations: (Jolf, gardening, bridge. Episco- Presbyterian Aid Soc. for six years; was pres. 

palian. Favors woman suffrage. Missionary Soc. ; has been much interested in 

State and National charity conventions, and the 

AYERS, Henrietta P., Akeley Hall, Grand viUage library. Mem. D.A.R. (Champaign, 111.), 

Haven Mich Daughters of 1812 (Chicago). Clubs: Champaign 

Science teacher; b. Iowa; grad. Rockford Coll., County Ck>untry, Homer Woman's; has been 

B A '98 Taught two years in Kalamazoo pres., sec., treas., and district vice-prea; now 

(Mich.) Sem. and since then has been teacher of cor. sec. 19th Dlst (111.) Federation. Presby- 

science and ass't principal of Akeley Hall, Gra;id terlan. Favors woman suffrage. 

Haven, Mich. Episcopalian. BABB, Deborah Bertha White (Mrs. Benjamin 

F. Babb), Ivor, Va. 

AY£BS, Mary Frances, 3709 Portland Av., Mln- Born North Carolina; grad. Guilford (N.C.) 

neapolls, Minn. Coll., B.S. '97; grad. scholar and student in 

Librarian; b. Enfleld, N.Y. ; dau. William W. English and mathematics, Bryn Mshwt Coll., 

and Elizabeth (Glllett) Ayers; grad. Cornell 1897-98; m. 1901, Dr. Benjamin F. Babb. Prtn- 

Unlv. B.L. Four years a teacher of piano in the cipal Woodland I>epot High School, Woodland, 

North Western Conservatory of Music (Minneap- N.C, 1898-1900; principal Corinth Acad., Conly, 

oils); fifteen years as assistant In the public Va., 1900-01. 

Library of Minneapolis; active in Mission study BABBITT, Juliette M. (Mrs. Charles Henry 

and work of Woman s Welfare League. Baptist Babbitt), 933 Massachusetts Av., N.W., Wa*h- 

Progresslve in politics. Mem. College Women s ino-ton DC 

Club. Recreations: Symphony concerts and | ■ ; Hancock Co., 111.; dau. Joseph and 
orchestral concerts (quartettes), walking for gusanne Younger; removed to Iowa in child- 
vacation inps. jjjjjjj ^jjj educated there; m. Magnolia, Iowa, 
...r^^o .,< oi 1 rr 1 /Tw = Tjv,inr. -nr Dec. 19, 1863, Charles Henry Babbitt. Washing- 
AYBE8 A^ce StaiJ^y Taylor (Mrs. Philip W. ^^^ correspondent of many Western papers and 
Ayres), Waban, Mass. (summer, Franconia, ^^ various Umes representative in Washington of 
N-H.) publications in N.Y. City and Boston. Has writ- 
Born Newton. Mass., 1866; dau. Timothy D. ^^^ ^ ^^^^.^ stories, special articles and regu- 
and Mary M. (Kenrick) Taylor ed Newton j^^. Washington letters for magazlaes, newspapers 
public schools. Smith Coll. A.B. 89 (mMi. Alpha ^^^ .syndicates. Mem. League of Am. Pen 
Soc.); m. Newton^ Mass 1899 Philip W. Ayres ^omen (librarian 1898-1900; vlce-pres. 1900-01; 
children: Ruth W., b. 1901; Dwight T. b. 1907. ^^ 1901-02; historian and chairman Board of 
Before marriage was teacher in Miss Morgan s directors, 1902-03). 

School, Portsmouth, N.H.; registrar of the Asso- _, _, ^ 
ciated Charities of Lynn, Mass., and later gen- BABBITT, Mary Brigliam King (Mrs. Eugene 
eral manager of the Society for Organizing Howard Babbitt), Dartmouth College. Han- 
Charity. Providence, R.I. Unitarian. Independent over, N.H. 

in politics; favors woman suffrage. Lecturer; b. Barnstable, Mass.; grad. Vassaj 

Coll., A.B. '82; m. Concord, Mass., Sept 16, 

AYRES, Anna C. Marston (Mrs. D. Ayres). 1891, Prof. Eugene Howard Babbitt; two som. 

Fort Plain NY o°e daughter. Teacher, Indianapolis, Ind., 1883; 

Born Gays'vllle,' Vt., Jan. 5, 1862; dau. Moses Minneapolis, Minn 1883-84; Girls' High School 

and Ellen M. (Adams) Marston; grad. Univ. of Boston, Mass., 1885-91. Since 1S06 engaged as 

Minn., B.L. '83, followed by a year's graduate lecturer. 

work at Cornell, 1892-93 (Kappa Kappa Gamma); b.\BBITT, Mary Edltli Tarbox (Mrs. Le Roy 

m. Minneapolis, Sept 1, 1898, Dr. Douglas Ayres; xathan Babbitt), Dobbs Ferry-on-Hudson, 

one son: Douglas. Teacher, 1883-98, in Lake ^Y 

City (Minn.) High School, Minneapolis public gor^ Pomfret N.Y.; grad. Vassar Coll., A.B. 

schools, Clinton Liberal Inst., Fort Plain, N.Y., .95. graduate scholar, 1896-97; m. June 30, 1905, 

and the Misses Masters' School, Dobbs Ferry, LeRoy Nathan Babbitt Computer astronomical 

N.Y. Favors woman suffrage. Universallst. ^g-.^ Columbia Univ., 1898-1902; teacher Kemper 

Mem. Ass'n Collegiate Alumnae, Cornell Alumnae jjall Kenosha, Wis.. 1902-05. 

Ass'n (Utica branch). BABCOCK, Birnle (Mrs. William F. Babcock), 

AYRES, Helen (Mrs. Steven Beekwith Ayres), Author^°b^'u^^onville O Apr. 28, 1868; dau. 
Spuyten Duyvil N.Y. City; during Congres- jj^N and LotUe R Smade:"r^?denfof I^kansas 
slonal session, 1620 Massachusetts Av., Wash- ^^ce 1878; ed. in Little Rock, Ark.; m. Apr., 
ington, D-C. .,,.„„ , ,„„ , _,. , 1886 William F. Babcock, now deceased. En- 
Born Dunkirk NY., May 4, 1869; dau Charles ^^gk Yn newspaper work in Little Rock on staff 
f-,.*°?«^^^\^'^l^/^xf^±T''?",f^°' ^ «^t^; of the Arkansas Democrat later becoming editor 
field (Mass.) State Normal School; m Steven ^^ proprietor of the Arkansas Sketch Book, a 
Beekwith Ayres (mem. of (Jongress from the tgrly publication. Author: The Daughter of 
Bronx District of N.Y., 1911-13); one daughter. ^ Republican, 1900; The Martyr, 1900; Justice to 
Janette. Pres. for 1913 of Woman s Nat Demo- ^oman, 1901; At the Mercy of the State, 
cratlc League organized June 1, 1915, for the ^ Uncrowned Queen-Story of the Life of 
promoUoE of the principles of Democracy and to prances E. Willard, 1902; With Claw and Fang- 
assist in the election of the nominees of the " „ . <,. ; ' nhicaffo Setting 19U- con- 
Democratic Party; the first Permanent national A Fact S^°^y^^°^,^C^_'«'^°^3S«™' ^''euVe in 
political organization ever established for and s suffrage. 
by women exclusively; annual meeting, Jan. 8; >™-'^-i-'J- ""»•>•. 

in each year. The organization makes a BABCOCK, Jesephine, 7350 Union Av., Chicago, 

special feature of the study course. Second vice- III. 

pres. Nat (Congressional Section of Woman's Journalist; b. Washington, Iowa, Not. 19, 158^; 

Welfare Dep't of the Nat Civic Federation, an dau. Nathan Lee and Ophelia Almira (Smith) 

organization the membership of wh ch is com- Babcock; ed. Washington (Iowa) public schools, 

posed eiclusively of wives of members of Con- Washington Acad., Iowa Wesleyan Univ.; mem. 

gn»B. Mem. D.A.R. and Congressional Club. Alpha Xi Delta. AcUve In Woman's Club move- 

Eplacopalian. ment ParUcularly Interested in Sunday School 



work. In work among children for better citizen- 
ship and cleaner city and various philanthro- 
pies. Methodist. Mem. P.E.O. Soc, D.A.R. and 
church societies, Nineteenth Century Club and 
loT^a Federation of Women's Clubs. Recreations. 
Theatre, State conventions. Favors woman 

BABCOCK, Mand May, University of Utah, Salt 

Lake City. Utah. 

Professor of elocution; b. East Worcester, 
N.Y., May 2, 1867; dau. William Wayne and 
Sarah Jane (Butler) Baibcock; ed. public school 
and high school of BInghamton, N.Y. ; studied 
under Alfred Ayres and others in N.Y. City. 
Philadelphia Nat. School of Oratory, Bachelor of 
Elocution, 18S6; student In Harvard Univ. Sum- 
mer School, 1890 and 1892; student In Univ. of 
Chicago, 1901. Instructor In Harvard Univ. Sum- 
mer School, 1892-93; Chautauqua School of Physi- 
cal Education, 1896; taught Lady Jane Grey 
School, BInghamton, N.Y.; Ingleside School for 
Girls, New Mllford, Conn.; founded Utah School 
of Elocution and Physical Education. Pres. 
Young Ladles' Mutual Improvement Aas'n of 
Eslgn Stake; several terms mem. Exec. Com. of 
the Utah State Teachers' Ass'n; mem. Nat. 
Council of Am. Physical Educational Ass'n. Has 
written several articles on educational subjects. 
Mem. D.A.R. , honorary mem. of Pa. Women's 
Press Ass'n. Recreation: The drama. Latter 
Day Saint. Favors woman suffrage. Democrat. 
Appointed trustee of Utah School tor Deaf and 
Blind by Governor Wells In 1897; reappointed by 
Governors Cutler and Spry; elected pres. of 
Board of Trustees In 1907. reelected 1909, 1311 
and 1913. 

BABCOCK, Sarah Perkins Johnson (Mrs. Al- 
bert Babcock), 126 Waterman St.. Providence, 

Born Norwich, Conn. ; dau. Isaac and Sarah 
(Huntington) Johnson; ed. schools in Norwich, 
Conn., and by private lessons; m. Norwich, 
Conn., June 9, 1881, Albert Babcock; children: 
Frederick Huntington, Harold Pemberton, Donald 
Sturges. Mem. of corporation of District Nurs- 
ing Ass'n; interested in philanthropic societies, 
and In the women's societies of Grace Church; 
mem. of corporation of School of Design. Mem. 
Colonial Dames, Alliance Frangaise, BiblicaJ 
Institute. Clubs: Review, Fortnightly, Agawam 
Hunt. Episcopalian. Against woman suffrage. 

BABCOCK, Wumifred Eaton (Mrs. B. W. Bab- 
cock), Mamaroneck, N.Y. 

Author; b. Nagasaki, Japan, 1879; dau. EdTcard 
and Grace (Trapeels) Eaton; ed. Toronto and 
Montreal, Can.; school In England and Columbia 
Univ.; m. N.Y. City, July 16, 1901, B. W. Bab- 
cock. Author: A Japanese Nightingale; The 
Wooing of Wistaria; Heart of Hyacinth; A Jap- 
anese Blossom; The Old Jinriksha; Miss Nume 
of Japan; Daughters of Kings; "The Love of 
Azalea; The Diary of Delia; Tama; also short 
stories In the leading m&gazlnes. Pen-nama, 
"Onoto Watanna." 

BABIN, Anna BclUon (Mrs. L. D. Babln), 

Baton Rouge. La. 

Born Opelousas, La., Feb. 28, 1878; dan. Oc- 
tavius A. and Mary EHmire (Babln) Bullion; 
grad. La. State Normal School. Natchitoches, '97 
(class poet); m. Hope Villa, La., Feb. 8, 1899, 
Louis U. Babln; one son: Louis V/lnboume 
Babin. Interested In church, school, civic, his- 
torical, patriotic and charitable work, pres. 
Baton Rouge Civic Ass'n; pres. the Joanna 
Waddill Chapter United Daughters of the Con- 
federacy (State organizer, 1911); vlce-pres. of 
Charity Ward Ass'n; chairman of civics in the 
State Fed. of Women's Clubs; Sunday-school 
teacher. Has written a few rhymes: Mother- 
Love; Our Heroes; Memories of a Soldier, and 
some others. Mem. Charity Ward Ass'n, United 
Daughters of the Confederacy, board controlling 
sanitarium, St. Joseph's Aid Soc, School Im- 
provement Leagrue. Baton Rouge Civic Ass'n, 
Louisiana Fed. of Women's Clubs. Recreations: 
Driving, horseback riding, playing with chil- 
dren. Roman Catholic. 

BABSON, Caroline Wbeeler (Mrs. T>. C. Bab- 
son). 182 Granite St., pigeon Cove. Mass. 
Born Mar. ai, 1856; dau. Addison Gilbert and 
Isabella (Gilmore) Wheeler; ed. Mt. Holyoke 
Coll., 1872-76; m. Pigeon Cove. Mass.. Feb. 10, 
1880, David C. Babson. Interested In abolition 
of death penalty and world's peace movements. 
Favors woman suffrage. Universalist. Mem. 
Mass. Prison Ass'n, Women's Universalis! 
Missionary Soc., Am Ass'n for Labor Legisla- 
tion, Am. Ornithologists' Union, Anti-Death 
Penalty Soc, Prison Reform League, Cape Ann 
Scientific and Literary Ass'n. Mem. Woman's 
Auxiliary to Leander M. Hasklns Hospital, Vil- 
lage Improvement Soc, Reading Circle, Boston 
Mt. Holyoke Alumnae Ass'n, Ass'n of Collegiate 
Alumnae, Drama League. 

BABSON, Helen Corliss. Girls' Collegiate School, 

Los Angeles, Cal. 

Teacher; ed. in schools of Gloucester, Mass., 
and Vassar Coll., A.B. '05. Tutor in Pough- 
keepsle, N.Y., 1905-06; ass't to lady principal of 
Vassar Coll., 1906-09; ass't to principals of Girls' 
Collegiate School, Los Angeles, Cal., since 1909. 
BABTISTTE, Gertrade lifft (Mrs. C A, Bab- 

tlate), 333 Marlborough Rd., Brooklyn. N.Y. 

Bom Tltusville, Pi_, Aug. 26, 1875; dau, Sinoon 
Elijah and Sarah C. (Ayer) Tifft; ed. Cornell 
Univ., Ph.B. (mem. Alpha Phi); m. Tltusville, 
Apr., 1903. C!arl Augustus Babtlste; children: 
Elizabeth, Margaret, Cecile. Congregatlonalist. 
BACHE, Emily Hinds, 23S S. Thirteenth St., 

Philadelphia, Pa. 

Born Germantown, Pa., Dec. 5, 1S80; dau. 
Charles Meigs and Henrietta Maria (Elllcott) 
Bache; ed. Miss Irwin's School, and St. 
Timothy's, CatonsrvlUe, Md. Catholic. Mem. 
Sedgeley Boat Clnb. Much interested in St. 
Vincent's Home ajid Hospital. 

BACHE, Henrietta Elllcott (Mrs. Charles Meigs 
Bache), 233 S. 13th St., Philadelphia, Pa. 
Bom Baltimore, Md., June, 1842; dau. Benja- 
min and Mary (Carroll) Ellicott; ed. Sacred 
Heart Convent, McSherrystown, Pa. ; m. Balti- 
more, Aug., 1884, Charles Meigrs Bache; children: 
Franklin, Margaret Hartman, Emily Hinds; also 
Mary Carroll and Aglaft Dabadis (both deceased). 
Interested in St. Vincent's Home and Hospital. 
Roman Catholic. 

BACHE, Marsraret Hartman, 233 S. Thirteenth 

St.. Philadelphia, Pa. 

Bom Jenkintown, Pa., July 4, 1875; dau. 
Charles Meigs and Henrietta M. (Ellicott) Bache; 
ed. Eden Hall, Torresdale, Pa. Interested In St. 
Vincent's Home and Hospital; mem. Ladies of 
Charity. Catholic. Mem. Sedgeley Boat CUub. 
B.4.CIIE, Nannie Greenway Trigg (Mrs. FYank- 

!In Bache), Fort Smith, Ark. 

Bom Ablngton, Va. ; dau. Daniel and Louisa 
(Johnston) Trigg; ed. N.Y. City and Va. . m. 
Ablngton, Va., Dec 15, 1897, Franklin Bache; 
children: Franklin Jr., Daniel, Charles, I/onisa 
Johnston, Henrietta Elllcott Catholic 

BACHMAN, I>ora Sandoe, 1425 Bryden Road. 

Columbus, Ohio. 

Lawyer; b. Tiffin, Ohio, Oct 6, 1869; dau. Rev. 
Henry H. and Eliza M. (Barton) Sandoe; ed. 
public schools of Ohio and Pennsylvania, Pleas- 
antville (Ohio) Coll. Inst, Curry Univ., Pittsburg 
Ohio SUte Univ. Law School, LL.B. ; m. HUls- 
boro, Ohio, Oct 6, 1894, Jacob L. Bachman; 
children: Robert Edwin, b. Dec 10, 1905; Richard 
Sandoe. b. Apr. 25, 1912. In continuous practice 
of law in Columbus, Ohio, since Dec, 1892; first 
woman graduate of any law school in Ohio, June, 
1893. First woman member of Board of EJducation 
in city, elected at large. Nov., 1909; member of 
Public Recreation Commission appointed by City 
Council, 1910 (only woman); mem. County Board 
of Visitors; mem. Board of Managers and legal 
advisor for Florence Crlttenton Home; mem. of 
City Central Philanthropic Council; mem. since 
1907. Vlce-pres. of city Suffrage organization and 
auditor of State organization; speaks on the sub- 
ject frequently. Writes short stories and news- 
paper sketches. Theosophlst. Counselor of the 
Home and School Ass'n. Mem. Altrurian Clnb, 
Coll. Women's Club. 



BACKUS, Annie Amelia (Mrs. A. A. Backus, 

M.D.), Aylmer, Ontario, Can. 

Physician; b. Port Rowan, Ont ; dau. Jahn H. 
and Sarah (Dedrick) Backus; ed. Port Rowan 
Grammar School, Bishop Strachan School, To- 
ronto, Ann Arbor, Mich., 18S6-87; Chicago Med. 
Coll., M.D. '89; degrees ad eundem, Edinburgh 
and Glasgow, 1890; OnUrio Med. Coll., '08; m. 
Albert Hamilton Backus, barrister. Practised 
medicine at Coldwater, Mich., one year, then 
took position in Maternity Hospital, N.Y. City, 
after which practised In Adrian, Mich. Took 
examinations in Ontario Coll.. 1908, and prac- 
tises in A.ylmer, Ont. Lecturer for Dep't of 
Agriculture on health topics. Lectures for 
W.C.T.U. on social purity; interested In care of 
feeble-minded; has farm and is interested in 
stock farming and all kinds of agriculture. Fa- 
vors woman suffrage; chairman of Suffrage 
Ass'n, Toronto. Writer of editorials for local 
papers and articles for magazines and Govern- 
ment reports. Episcopalian. Mem. Women's 
Inst, of Ontario, W.C.T.U., United Empire Loy- 
alists. Recreations: All kinds of out-door sports, 
riding, driving, fishing, skating, gardening, 
games, chess, bridge and whist, lover of all ani- 
mal and bird life. Mem. Aylmer Travel Club, 
Norfolk Historical Society. 
BACKUS, Carrie Hasklns, 678 Holly Av.. Si. 

Paul, Minn. 

Principal Mrs. Backus' School; b. OBwego, 
N.Y., Feb. 17, 1860; dau. David and Lauren* 
(Eson) Hawkins; ed. New York schools, Oswego 
Normal; m. June 18, 1886, Oswego, N.Y., Clinton 
J. Backus; children: Clinton J. Backus, Jr., 
David H. Backus, Romaine L. Backus, Rena 
Backus. Leader adult Bible class; chairman 
Minn. State Forestry; committee of Federation 
of Women's CU'bs; mem. of Soc. for Regulation 
of Child Labor. Presbyterian. Mem. New Eng- 
land Women's Club, Thursday Club, Forestry 
Club; Mem. Women's Council of St. Paul 
Commerce Club. Recreation: Gardening. 
BACKUS, Emma S. (Mrs. Henry Backus), 273 

Krnshaw Av., Auburn, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Writer; dau. Louis C. and Henrietta (Kroger) 
Shermeyer; ed. Cincinnati public schools; m. 
August, 1902, Henry Backus; children: Carl, 
Robert, Harry Jr. Favors woman suffrage. Au- 
thor: The Career of Dr. Weaver. Mem. the 
Civic league Press Club. 
BACKUS, Harriet Ivlns (Mrs. Henry C Backus), 

The Osborne, 205 W. 67th St., N.Y. City. 

Bom N.Y. City; dau. Wilmer and Jennie 
Hastings (Davis); ed. New York schools and 
tutors; m. at Hotel Brunswick, N.Y. City, 1891, 
Henry Clinton Backus; children: Harriet Edna, 
Clinton Davis. Vice-pres. Woman's Municipal 
League; member Association Opposed to Woman 
Suffrage and of Nat. Ass'n for Civic Educa- 
tion of Women; interested in social service and 
settlements. Against woman suffrage. Episco- 
BACKUS, Susan Emily Foot© (Mrs, Grosvenor 

Hyde Backiis), Beech Road and Palisade Av., 

Englewood, N.J. 

Born N.Y. State; grad. Smith Coll., B.L. '96; 
grad. student in economics, sociology and peda- 
gogy, Columbia Univ.; m. Port Henry, N.Y., 
June 3, 1904, Grosvenor Hyde Backus (lawyer). 
College settlement worker until marriage. 
BACON, Albion Fellows (Mrs. Hilary E. 

Bacon), Evansville. Ind. 

Engaged in housing reform; b. Evansville, 
Ind.; dau. Albion and Mary (Erskine) Fellows; 
ed. Evansville, Ind.; m. Evansville, 1888, Hilary 
E. Bacon; children: Margaret (died 1909), Albion, 
Hilary and Joy (twins). Began housing reform 
work actively in 1908; Investigated conditions in 
State of Indiana and has lectured and written 
on subject ever since. In 1909 drafted a Housing 
Reform bill to cover all cities in State; look it 
to the Legislature and watched its passage. As 
passed it applies to only the two largest cities 
of State; took another State-wide bill to the 
Legislature, 1911; lost it by one vote being 
changed after it had won; since then has con- 
tinued to campaign for housing reform. Active 
in many social and civic matters, helped or- 

ganize Working Girls' Ass'n (now merged In 
Y.W.C.A.), organized Flower Mission. Author of 
book of poems: Songs Ysame (with sister, Annie 
Fellows Johnson); also housing pamphlets: 
What Bad Housing Means to the Community, 
and The Awakening of a State. Mem. Circle of 
the Visiting Nurse. ; sec. of the Indiana Housing 
Ass'n; director of the Nat Housing Ass'n; mem. 
Flower Mission, Friendly Visitors' Circle; helped 
organize Anti-'Tuberculosis League; helped with 
Civic Improvement; mem. Ladies' Literary Club, 
chairman of Housing Com. of State Fed. of 
Women's Clubs; mem. Exec. Ck)m. of Children's 
Bureau of Indiana. Methodist. Favors woman 

BACON, Alice Mabel, Deephaven Camp, Ash- 
land, N.H. 

Writer, teacher; b. New Haven, Conn., Feb. 22, 
1858; dau. Leonard and Catherine (Terry) Bacon; 
ed. New Haven private schools; certificates Har- 
vard examinations for women, liSl; advanced 
philosophical course, 1882. Teacher Hampton 
Inst., Hampton, Va., 1884-99; Peeresses School, 
Tokyo. Japan, 1887-1888; Higher Normal School, 
Tokyo, 1899-1901; since then has lectured on 
Japan and current topics and employed in Mis.s 
Capen's School, Northampton, Mass. Founded 
Dixie Hospital, Hampton, Va., 1889; one of the 
founders of Women's Civic Club, New Haven, 
Conn., 1905; Higher English School for Girls 
(Miss Tsuda's School), 1899, Tokyo, Japan. Au- 
thor: Japanese Girls and Women; A Japanese 
Interior; In the Land of the Gods; edited Human 
Bullets, by H. Sakural (a soldier's story of Port 
Arthur). Recreation: Running a large summer 
camp in N.H. Congregationalist. 

BACON, Caroline Tilden (Mrs. George Wood 
Bacon), 23 W. Sixty-seventh St., N.Y. City, 
and St. James, L.I., N.Y. 

Bom Saint Cloud, Minn., Aug. 31, 1873; dau. 
WUliam B. and Emily (WhitUesey) Mitchell; 
grad. Smith Coll., B.A. '97; Columbia Univ., 
M.A. '99; Kappa Kappa Gamma; m. June 1, 1904, 
George Wood Bacon; one dau^ter: Elizabeth 
Mitchell, b. Mar. 30, 1905. Instructor in history 
in high school and college. Director of the 
Intercollegiate Bureau of Occupations; mem. 
Playgoing Com. for N.Y. Drama League of 
America; pres. Students' Aid Soc. of Smith Coll. 
Favors woman suffrage. Mem. American Histor- 
ical Ass'n. Mem. Smith Coll. Club, Woman's 
University Club, McDowell Club, N.Y. City. 

BACON, Corinne, Drexel Inst. Library, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Librarian; b. N.Y. City; dau. William Plumb 
and Emma Parsons (Whittemore) Bacon; ed. 
Brooklyn Heights Sem., 1885; Packer Collegiate 
Inst., '90; N.Y. State Library School, B.L.S. '03. 
Assistant New Britain (Conn.) Institute Library, 
1894-1901; assistant N.Y. State Library, Albany, 
N.Y., 1902-03; instructor N.Y. State Library 
School, 1903-10; chief of catalogue dep't Free 
Public Library, Newark, N.J., 1910-12; reference 
assistant for eight months in 1911; director 
Drexel Inst. Library and Library School, PMla- 
delpihia, 191i — . Joint author of Course of Study 
for Normal School Pupils on Literature for CJhil- 
dren. Magazine articles: New EJngland Sec- 
tionalism; What Makes a Novel Immoral. Mem. 
Elqual Franchise Soc. of Philadelphia, Nat. Child 
Labor Com., Keystone Staie Library Ass'n, Am. 
Library Ass'n, N.Y. State Library School Ass'n, 
National Ass'n for the Advancement of Colored 
People, Pennsylvania Library Club. Favors wo- 
man suffrage; mem. Equal Franchise Soc. of 

BACON, Dolores (n6e Mary Schell Hoke), Nor- 
ton Heights, Conn. (Summer: 3021 Emmon» 
Av., Sheepshead Bay, L.I.) 

Author; b. Atchison, Kan., Nov. 20, 1870; dau. 
Jacob Schell and AmarlUas (Carter) Hoke; ed. 
at home; m. N.Y. City, Oct. 1. 1898, Charles 
Bacon; one son: Charles Bacon, 2d. Author: 
I'll Ne'er Consent; Juggernaut (with George 
Gary Eggleston); Diary of a Musician; A King's 
Divinity; Cervantes and His Times; Old New 
England Churches; Songs Every Cliild Should 
Know; Hymns Every Child Should Know; 
Operas Every Child Should Know; Pictures 



Every Child Should Know. Plays produced: 
Juggernaut; The End of the Century; Dead 
Heroes and Live Ones. Contributor to maga- 
zines; engaged in European journalistic missions, 
1889-91. Pen name Dolores Marbourg. 
BACON, Elizabeth Daken (Mrs. James G. 

Baconi, 106 Capen St., Itartford, Conn. 

Born Cranston, R.I., Mar. 19, 1844; dau. Solo- 
mon W. and Elizabeth W. (Wilbur) Kenyon 
(■granddaughter of John Wilbur, noted Quaker 
preacher, wTio traveled and preached twice dvir- 
ing his life In the British Isles and led a schism 
in his church, his followers being called the Wil- 
burites); ed. Providence fR.I.) public schools; 
grad. with diploma from Providence High School, 
1864; m. Providence, R.I., Oct. 6, 1869, James G. 
Bacon; one daughter: Alice Gary Bacon. Inter- 
ested in the temperance question; mem. 
W.C.T.U., the Woman's Alliance (society con- 
nected with Unitarian Church of Hartford). 
Ardent advocate of woman suffrage; has ad- 
dressed various organizations on the subject; 
vlce-pres. at large Conn. Woman Suffrage Ass'n, 
1892-B06; pres. 1906-10; pres. Hartford Equal 
Rights Club for past 20 years (club 28 years 
old; oldest suffrage club in State). Mem. First 
Unitarian Congregational Church of Hartford. 
Mem. Woman's Alliance, Conn. Pe«.ce Soc. (di- 
rector), Consumers' League; was several years 
mem. »f Hearthstone Club of Hartford (pres. 
two years — limit of term). Mem. since 1910 of 
Board of School Visitors of Hartford (only 
woman on board); served on High School Com., 
BACON, Helen Hazard (Mrs. Nathaniel Terry 

Bacon). Peace Dale, R.I. 

Born Peace Dale, R.I., Jan. 15, 1862; dau. 
Rowland and Margaret (Rood) Hazard; ed. pri- 
vate school in Providence, R.I., till 12 years old, 
and by governess, classes and foreign travel; m. 
Peace Dale, Oct. 6, 1885, Nathaniel Terry Bacon; 
children: Leonard, b. May 26, 1887; Susan, b. 
Nov. 12, 1889. Leader of Silent Circle of King's 
Daughters, Peace Dale, since 1895. Chairman 
for R.I. Soc. of Descendants of Colonial Gov- 
ernors; vlce-pres. R.I. branch Woman's Board 
of Missions. Congregationalist. Mem. Nat. Soc. 
of Colonial Dames of America in State R.I. and 
Providence Plantations, Soc. Descendants of 
Colonial Governors; mem. Colonial Dames Club 
(Washlneton, D.C.). Against woman suffrage. 
BACON, JosephiDe Da.skam (Mrs. Selden Bacon), 

Beech HIU, Brlarcliff, N.Y. 

Author; b. Stamford, Conn., Feb. 17, 1876; dau. 
Horace Sawyer and Anne Loring Dasivam; ed. 
Katherlne Aiken School and Stamford High 
School, Stamford; Smith Coll., B.A. '98 (editor-in- 
chief College Magazine; class orator); m. Stam- 
ford, Cottn., July 25, 1903, Selden Bacon; children: 
Anne, b. Sept. 28, 1904; DeboraTi, b. Dec. 11, 1906; 
Selden, Jr.. b. Sept. 10, 1909. Books: Madness of 
Philip; Smith College Stories; Sister's Vocation; 
Middle Aged Love Stories; Fables for the Fair; 
Imp and the Angel; Memoirs of a Baby; Biog- 
raphy of a Boy; Ten to Seventeen; Margarita's 
Soul; The Border Country. Poems: Whom the 
Gods Deatreyed; When Caroline Was Growing; 
Domestic Adventures; Idyll of All Fool's Day. 
Episcopalian. Mem. Colony Club and Woman's 
Cosmopolitan Club, N.Y. City. Recreations: All 
country sports, farming, stock breeding, amateur 
dramatics, music. 
BACON, Rachel Halnee (Mrs. Francis Llewellyn 

Bacon), 234 Winona Av., Germantown, Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Born Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa., July 29, 
1880; dau. William Henry and Mary Bmlen 
(Howell) Haines; ed. Wellesley College, B.A. '02 
(Agora Soc.); m. June 14, 1910, Francis Llewellyn 
Bacon. Olubs: Philadelphia College, German- 
town Cricket. 
BADEAU, Marie, 15 Badeau Av., Summit, N.J. 

Bom Brooklyn, N.Y., May 30, 1S83; dau. Will- 
lam E. and Annie (Bishop) Badeau; ed. Kent 
Place School, Summit, N.J., Vassar, A.B. '05, 
and by private instruction In Dresden, Germany, 
1912. Interested in various religious, social and 
philanthropic interests. Against woman suf- 
frage. Contributor of short stories and book 

reviews to various papers and magazines. Epis- 
copalian. Mem. Fortnightly Club, Summit, N.J. 
BAER, Libbie C. (Mrs. John M. Baer), Apple- 
ton, Wis. 

Author; b. Bethel, Clermont Co., Ohio; dau. 
Rev. Gerard P. and Sarah (Riley) Baer; ed. 
Clermont Acad; m. Oct., 1867, Capt. John M. 
Baer, a distinguished soldier of the Civil War; 
children: Antis, b. Sept. 26, 1868; Charles, b. 
Mar. 22, 1872 (died Aug., 1898); Edward S., b. 
Oct. 28, 1878; John M., b. Mar. 29, 1886. Teacher, 
long active in Woman's Relief Corps (as allied 
with the G.A.R.) as State pres., also as Nat. 
.senior vice-pres. Identified with club work 
(federated); pres. Civic Ass'n, Appleton, Wis. 
Always active in philanthropic work. Interested 
in the principles of universal suffrage; opposed 
to aggressive methods of ofbtalnlng it. Con- 
tributor to magazines; author of short stories 
and a volume of poems, entitled In the Land of 
Fancy. Congregationalist. 

BAGLEY, Florence MacLean Winger (Mrs. 
William C. Bagley, 611 West Oregon St., 
Urbana. III. 

Writer; b. Clayllck, Pa., Jan. 7, 1874; dau. 
Joseph W. and Margaret (Irwin) Winger; ed. 
Univ. of Nebraska, A.B. '95, A.M. '98; received 
honorary Sigma Xi from Cornell (mem. Kappa 
Kappa Gamma); m. Lincoln, Neb., Aug. 14, 
1901, William Chandler Bagley; children: Ruth, 
Joseph, William Chandler Jr. and Florence. 
Author: Fechner's Colors (in Am. Journal of 
Psychol(«y, 1902). 

BAGLEY, Isabelle Tipton (Mrs. Kenton Bag- 
ley), Tome School for Boys, Port Deposit, Md. 
Bom Muskingum Co., O. ; dau. William M. and 
Catherine (Melser) Tipton; ed. Zanesville (O.) 
High School, and at Washington, D.C. ; m. 
Zanesville, O., Fenton Bagley; children: Arthur 
Tipton, Fentcn, Myron Everhart. Teacher in 
public schools in Ohio and Washington, D.C; 
now connected with Tome School for Boys. 
Filled office of State pres. of Woman's Relief 
Corps of Ohio; served five years as nat. treas. 
Woman's Relief Corps, auxiliary to the G.A.R. ; 
14 years on boards of hospital trustees; a term 
as national director from Ohio in the Am. Nat. 
Red Cross organization; appointed by courts in 
Ohio to serve on visiting boards for charitable 
and correctional institutions of county and State. 
Identified with various other religious and phil- 
anthropic societies. Presbyterian. 
BAHRENBITRG, Carrie Thomas Alexander 
(Mrs. William Bahrenburg), Belleville, 111. 
Born Belleville, 111., 1860; dau. Col. John and 
Magdelene (von Euw) Thomas; ed. Belleville 
School, Monticello Sem. (valedictorian of class); 
m. (1st) H. A. Alexander (deceased); (2d) 1909, 
Dr. William Bahrenturg. SUte director Illinois 
Children's Home and Aid Soc. Pres. Civic 
League of Belleville, auxiliary to Equal Suf- 
frage Ass'n of 111. Republican. Past State pres. 
of Woman's Relief Corps, auxiliary to Grand 
Army of Republic. Organized chapter of Order 
of Eastern Star In Belleville (matron four years). 
Recreation: Autoing. General manager and 
treas. of the Belleville Street Railway for five 
years; only case on record where a woman was 
actively engaged in operation of street railway. 
Pres. Ladies' Aid Soc; evolved plan by which 
able-bodied men and women were given work 
instead of alms; elected and served as a trustee 
of Univ. of Illinois 12 years. 

BAILEY, Adella Browne (Mrs. Dewey Cross- 
man Bailey), 1543 York St., r)enver, Colo. 
Born Aurora, N.Y., Feb. 8, 1860; dau. Warren 
and Harriet E. (Kerr) Browne; ed. high school, 
Chicago, 111.; m. Kiowa, Colo., 1880, Dewey 
Grossman Bailey; one son: Dewey Grossman 
Bailey Jr. Pres. Woman's Club of Denver; 
mem. Equal Suffrage Ass'n, Ergateau Club 
(study club); pres. of Sarah Piatt Decker Me- 
morial Ass'n; mem. of the Plymouth Congrega- 
tional Church. Congregationalist. Republican. 
BAILEY, Agmeo McGiffert (Mrs. liYank Gelston 
Bailey), The Alhambra, Park and Basg Sts.. 
Detroit, Mich. 

Lecturer; b. Hillsdale, N.Y.; dau. Rev. J., N. 
McGiffert (D.D.) and Harriet (Ctishman) McOtf- 


fert; ed. Le Roy, N.Y. ; N.Y. City and Berlin, 
Germany; student in music, French and Ger- 
man. Taught English in a French school in 
N.Y. City; m. Sept. 3, ISM. Rev. Edward H. 
Pound; lived in California most of married life; 
after his death became interested in club work, 
then married, Troy, N.Y., July 8, 1910, Frank 
Gelston Bailey. Gives stereopticon lectures and 
organizes Junior Civic Leagues. Mem. Junior 
Civic League of the American Civic Associa- 
tion; gives Browning lectures and recitals. 
.A.uthor of civic articles in magazines: The 
■American City; Life and Health; Washing- 
ton (last named articles were reproduced by the 
Countess of Aberdeen in her magazine), and 
Junior Civic Leagiies have been organized in 
Dublin. Presbyterian. Republican. Mem. Am. 
Civic Ass'n (headquarters Washington). Mem. 
Sorosls, Social Study Club, Woman's Club 
(Cleveland). Organized Junior Civic League and 
gives stereopticon lectures on children's work; 
has organized Junior Civic Leagues in Pitts- 
burgh, Cleveland, Troy, N.Y.; Chattanooga, 
Tenn., and many other cities and smaller towns 
in many States. Was pres. Woman's Out-door 
Art League of Am. Civic Ass'n, 1907-OS; since 
then occupies the position of chairman of Junior 
Civic League of Am. Civic Ass'n. For seven 
years mem. (three years chairman) of Civics 
Com. of Gen. Fed. of Women's Clubs; two years 
chairman of Civics of the Cleveland Fed.; mem. 
Municipal School League of Cleveland. 

BAILEY, Alice Tan B. Foos (Mrs. Theodorus 
Bailey), 122 W. Seventy-eighth St., N.Y. City. 
Born N.Y. City; dau. Lamar and Mary K. 
(Fellows) Foos; ed. Peebles and Thompson 
School, N.Y. City; m. N.Y. City, Nov. 1, 1902, 
Dr. Theodorus Bailey: children: Rosalie Fellows, 
Dorothy Piatt, Gertrude de Peyster, Florence 
Livingston. Episcopalian. Pres. Peebles and 
Thompson Alumnae Ass'n. Recreations: Motor- 
ing, golf, tennis, bridge. Clubs: Amateur 
Comedy, Saratoga Golf. 

BALLET, Alice Ward (Mrs. A. G. Bailey), 525 

Ashland Boulevard, Chicago, 111. 

Writer, lecturer, editor; b. Amherst, Mass., 
April 30, 1857; dau. Horace and Mary R. Ward; 
grad. Smith Coll., B.A. 'S3; Coll. of Nature Cure, 
Chicago, D.N.C. '09; m. 1884, Dr. A. G. Bailey. 
Author and lecturer, 18S4-1906; ass't editor Na- 
ture Cure Magazine, 1909; inventor and manu- 
facturer since 1910. Contributor to leading 
magazines. Author: Verse Fancies, 1889; TTie 
Outside of Things, 1899; (novels) Mark Heffron; 
The Sage-Brush Parson; Roberta and Her 
Brothers (juvenile). 

BAILEY, Almeria Adgrate (Mrs. Charles F. 

Bailey 1, Hampton, Va. 

Bom Ira^burg, Vt., Nov. 20, 1864; dau. Luther 
W. and Almeria (Pitkin) Adgate; ed. St. Johns- 
bury, Vt. Acad., and Wellesley Coll., A.B. '87; 
m. B. HardTvick, Vt., Aug. 18, 1891, Charles F. 
Bailey; children: Almeria Pitkin, b. Oct. 4, 1892; 
Albert Adgate, b. Sept. 3, 1894; Mary Joyce, b. 
May 15, 1899. 
BAILEY, Anna Leland (Mrs. Alvin Richards 

Bailey), Newton, Mass. 

Born SomervUle, Mass.; dau. John Murray and 
Sophronia Page (Savage) Leland; grad. from 
complete classical course of Somerville High 
School and afterward studied music with private 
teachers and the New England Conservatory of 
Music, Boston; m. Somerville, Mass., Feb. 14, 
1884, Alvin Richards Bailey. Engaged in teach- 
ing until marriage and organized several study 
classes for women which became pioneers of the 
club movement. Favors woman suffrage; mem. 
Newton Suffrage League and of the Educational 
and Industrial Union of Boston. Active in 
D.A.R., past legent of Paul Revere Chapter and 
State historian of Mass. D.A.R., in which 
capacity compiled History of the Massachusetts 
Daughters of the American Revolution, 1891-1896; 
founded the Signal Lantern Soc. of the Children 
of the American Revolution. Mem. West Newton 
Women's EJducational Club (past pres.), Newton 
Fed. of Women's Clubs, Appalachian Mountain 
Club, New England Women, and the Massachu- 
setts Fed. of Women's Clubs. 

B.\ILEY, Anna Peabody (Mrs. Ayrault Bailey), 

North Dana, Mass. 

Minister; b. Santa Rosa, Cal., Dec. 25, 1866, 
dau. George A. and Margaret (Tinkham) Pea- 
body; ed. by private tutors; Mt. Holyoke Coll.; 
Emerson School of Oratory, 1882-90; m. East- 
port, Me., 1S91, Rev. Ayrault Bailey. Lecturer 
on international peace, equal suffrage and child 
protection. Ordained minister. Interested in 
missions, home and foreign, and Soc. for Preven- 
tion of Cruelty to Animals. Favors woman 
suffrage. Author of short stories, especially for 
children. Tniversalist. Mem. Am. Peace Soc, 
Nat. Educational Ass'n, W.C.T.U. Mem. Wom- 
an's Ministerial Club (Mrs. Julia Ward Howe, 
Ute pres.). 
B.4II.EY, Bertha, Abbot Academy, Andover, 


Principal Abbot Acad.; b. Albany, N.Y., Dec. 
17, 1866; dau. Rev. William and Mary L. (Stark) 
Bailey; grad. Albany Girls' Acad., '84; Welles- 
ley Coll., B.S. '88 (mem. Shakespeare Soc., Wel- 
lesley). Teacher of science. Science Hill School, 
Shelby ville, Ky., 1888-60; Miss Mittleberger's 
School, Cleveland, O., 1890-93; mathematics and 
history, the Rusl School, N.Y. City, 1893-1900; 
head of day school, Miss Brown's and Miss 
Boese's School, N.Y. City, 1900-02; Miss Stuart's 
School, Pittsburgh, Pa., 1902-04; principal Taconlc 
School, Lakeville. Conn., 1904-12; principal Ab- 
bot Acad., Andover, Mass., 1913--. Mem. Con- 
gregational Church. 

BAILEY, Carolyn Sherwin, 39 E. 31st St.. N.T. 


Writer; b. Hoosick Falls, N.Y., Oct. 25, 1876; 
dau. Charles H. and Emma Frances (Blanchard) 
Bailey; ed. private school and Teachers C^oll., 
Columbia Univ. Associate Editor, Wildman Mag- 
azine and News Service; Children's E>3itor, 
Delineator. Lecturer on Story Telling; story 
teller In settlements and kindergartens. Author: 
Dally Program of Gifts and Occupation Work; 
Firelight Stories; For the Children's Hour; 
Stories and Rhymes for a Child; Songs of 
Happiness; Girl's Make-at-Home Things; Boy's 
Make-at-Home Things; Jingle Primer; Psy- 
chology of Story Telling. Contributor to nearly 
all the magazines. Episcopalian. Favors woman 
BAILEY, Edith Lawrence Black (Mrs. Pearce 

Bailey), 52 West 53d St., N.Y. City. 

Writer; b. N.Y. City, 1870; dau. Charles New- 
bold and Mary Keese (Lawrence) Black; ed. 
Brearley School, N.Y. City; m. at Ockanlckon 
Farm, N.J., Pearce Bailey, M.D.; children: New- 
bold, Pearce, Lawrence, Geraldlne. Acting pres. 
Equal Franchise Soc. ; general suffrage speaker. 
Author: Crecy, by "Edith Lawrence"; Portia Pol- 
itics; verses and short stories in various mag- 
azines. Episcopalian. Clubs: Cosmopolitan, Pen 
and Brush. 
BAILEY, Eliza Kandall Simmons (Mrs, William 

Whitman Bailey), 6 Gushing St., Providence, 


Writer; b. Providence, R.I.; graduated from 
Providence High School; m. Providence, Mar. 14, 
1880, William Whitman Bailey, LL.D., prof. 
botany in Brown Univ. Writer on educational 
subjects and author (in collaboration with Pro- 
fessor John Manly) of The Bailey-Manly Spelling 
BAILEY, Florence Auffusta Merriam (Mrs. 

Vernon Bailey), 1834 Kalorama Road, Wash- 
ington, D.C. 

Author, ornithologist; b. Locust Grove, N.Y., 
Aug. 8, 1863; dau. Hon. Clinton L. and Caroline 
(Hart) Merriam; ed. Mrs. Piatt's Sem., Utica, 
N.Y., Smith Coll., special student class of '86 
(mem. Alpha); m. 1899, Vernon Bailey. Has had 
bird classes and given lectures on birds; for years 
on Board of Managers of Working Boys' Home 
and also associated with the Playground move- 
ment. Author: Birds Through an Opera Glass, 
1889; My Summer in a Mormon Village, 18S5; A 
Birding on a Bronco, 1896; Birds of Village and 
Field, 1S98; Handbook of Birds of Western U.S., 
1902; also various newspaper and magazine 
articles, including St. Nichoaas, The Outlook, 
Forest and Stream, Bird-Lore, The Condor and 


The Auk. Mem. Housekeeper's Alliance, Smith Pan-American Exposition (Buffalo) and Worid's 
Students' Aid Soc, Smith Alumnae Chapter Pair (St. Louis), also does feature work for 
C.S.A., Washington Branch Ass'n of Coll. magazines and papers. Mem. Friends Ohurch 
Alumjise, Ass'n for the Prevention of Tubercu- Mem. Historical Soc. and Athnee and Woman's 
losls, Nat. Housing Association, Playground and Clubs, (both literary) 

S^r^r",°n°,1 ^'hlfHrl'./TfJ'''A= ^""^^"f ^l^f' BAIN, Gertrude Benchley (Mrs. Ferdinand Ran- 

Home and Children s Aid Ass n, Nat. Child dall Bain), 101 E. Ninety-fourth St., N.Y. City 

Labor Committee (associate member); mem. Ex- Bom San Frnnfi<!P« Pai • ,1q,. t.^«t,!,io= d 

ecutive Committee Audubon Soc. of District of and Helen (KenvonlBe^hVpv^d ^^ru^nc?' 

Columbia, Biological Soc. of Washington, Am. |an Francisco Ta^LfS^H^^Po^n^ehkipn^ie,^' 

Ornithologists' Union. Cooper Ornithological (]^?) Ian F^kscr F?ank GriswoM Teff^t rti^ri^: 

Club, Wilson Ornithological Club, Twentieth ^V Char™W^oster MillM- fS- Hd/ N Y^ 

men a7d women ''"'°" '"'"''"' '''^'^' '°'" City/Feb'."l2^°l?!i'^'^rdi^^^^^^^ 

men ana women. children: Erastus G. Tefft, Beatrice Wooster 

BAILEY, Florence Kate, Claremont, N.H. Miller. Interested in all questions affecting the 

High school teacher; grad. Smith Coll., A.B. working girls. Mem. Woman's Municipal 

'88; student of English, Harvard Summer School, League, N.Y. Episcopalian. Favors woman 

1894; English history, Radcliffe Coll., 1899-1900. suffrage. 

Teacher in Stevens' High School, Claremont, BAIN, Lydia Katherine Smith (Mrs. William 

N.H., 1889-91, and 1892-94, 1896-99, and 1900-03, H. Bain), Canajoharle, N.Y. 

and In Somerville (Mass.) High School, 1894-95. Born Canajoharie, N.Y., Jan. 7 18S2- dau 

Mean. Smith Coll. Alumna Ass'n. Adam and Catharine' (Van Slyke) Sm'ith; ed. Vas- 

BATLEY, Hannah Johnston (Mrs. Moses sar Coll., '84; was "Spade Orator" on class day 

Bailey), Wlnthrop Centre, Me. (pres. Students' League); m. Canajoharie, Sept. 

Supt, World's and National W.C.T.U. Dep't 21, 1887, William H. Bain; children: Margaret 

of Peace and Arbitration; b. Cornwall-on-Hud- K., b. Dec. 31, 1891; Therese L. Bain, b. April 8, 

son, N.Y., July B, 1839; dau. David (minister 1893. Interested in religious, social and phil- 

Society of Friends) and Letitia Clark Johnston; anthropic activlbies. Mem. Dnitch Reformed 

ed. public and private schools; m. Wintlirop Church. Mem. D.A.R., Canajoharie Colonial 

Centre, Me., 1868, Moses Bailey (died 1889). Club (one of foundere). 

Taught school, 1859-68; has been head of Dep't BAINES-MILLEB, Minnie Willis, Springfield 

of Peace and Arbitration of W.C.T.U. since 1888. Ohio. 

Former pres. Maine Equal Suffrage Ass'n, six Writer; b. Lebanon, N.H.; dau. Horace F. and 

years, former treas. Nat Council of Women, Minerva J. Tisdale Willis; ed. Springfield Ohio 

three years, has been a Maine representative on degree of A.M. from Wittenberg Coll.; m. twice- 

Nat. B d of Chanties and CorrecUon. Favors first husband, Evan Franklin Baines; second Le- 

woman suffrage. roy Edgar Miller; children: Florence May Baines 

BATLEY, Jessie Emerson (Mrs. Francis Duncan and Frank Willis Baines, both now deceased. Has 

Bailey), 10 West Sixty-first St., N.Y. City. written for publication since age of 14; always 

Writer; b. Fredonla, N.Y., Aug. 22, 1886; dau. favored temperance, morality and religion. Au- 

EMward Randolph and Idanthea deLacey (Ide) thor: The Silent Land; His Cousin; The Doctor; 

Emerson (of Revolutionary ancestry); ed. at The Pilgrim's Vision; Mrs. Cherry's Sister. 

homo and in public schools at Fredonla, N.Y. ; Author of innumerable short stories and poems 

m. (1st) Sept. 11, 1898, Joseph A. Moffat; (2d) in magazines and papers. Mem. Methodist Epis- 

June 8, 1911, Francis Duncan Bailey. Contributor copal Church. Favors woman suffrage; has 

of short stories in various magazines. Author written and talked in its favor for many years; 

of a novel, A Friend at Court, and of a play, a very strong believer in equal rights. 

The Mirror of Miyama, staged and produced at BAIRD, Ellen Richardson (Mrs. John William 

the Herald Square Theatre (N.Y. City) in 1907. Baird), Samokov, Bulgaria. 

Mem. Actors' Church Alliance, D.A.R., Daugh- Teacher emerita; b. Granville, HI July 3 
ters of the Empire State. Pres. New Yorkers i849; dau. Sanford and Rhoda Ann (Scott) Rich- 
Club; mem Wonian's Press Club, NY. City, ardson; ed. at home; German Deaconesses' 
and Athenia Club of Washlngtonville, N.Y. School, Smyrna, Turkey, 1861-64; Rockford Fe- 
Oongregationalist. male Sem. (now college), Rockford, 111., 1869; 
BAILEY, Minnie Keith (Mrs. John Roberts m. Broosa, Turkey, Sept. 17, 1873, Rev. John 

Bailey), 621 E. Maple St., Enid, Okia, William Baird; children: Agnes Mary, Ethel 

Born Brown Co., Kan., 1869; dau. Uri Seeley Caroline, Clara Elizabeth, Emma Louise, Arthur 

and Mary F. (Grossman) Keith; ed. public Richardson, Alice Irene, Winifred Ellen. Al- 

schools of Kansas; Atchison (Kan.) Inst.; grad. though born in the U.S. has spent most of her 

Western Normal Coll., Shenandoah, la., A.B. '88 life in various parts of the Turkish Empire and 

(valedictorian); m. McPherson, Kan., Oct. 10, in Bulgaria, having gone to Turkey with parent.3 

1889, John Roberts Bailey; one daughter: Mil- in 1854, and lived in Erzroom, Arabkir, Broosa, 

dred Keith, b. 1891. Taught school; interested Asia Minor and Constantinople, before marriage. 

In sociological and economic problems and help- Teacher, Rockford (111.) Sem., 1869-70; Girls' 

ing others. Author of the first book of poems School, Broosa, Turkey, 1871-72; Girls' Coll., 

published by a woman of Oklahoma: Life's Un- Constantinople, 1872-73; teacher of French, Col- 

dertow, 1905. Mem. Okla. Betsy Ross Ass'n, legiate and Theological Inst., Samokov, Bul- 

Woman's Relief Corps. Clubs: Alpha Chautau- garia, 1901-08; teacher of French, English and 

qua (Chautauqua Literary and Scientific Circle domestic science. Girls' High School, Samokov, 

graduate), Enid Shakespeare Club, State and Bulgaria, 1901-08. Missionary of Am. Board of 

District Federations. Recreations: Music, danc- Commissioners of Foreign Missions, 1873 — . In 

ing, gardening, reading. Universalist. Favors Monastir, Macedonia, Turkey, 1873-97; Salonica, 

woman suffrage (worked through the Okla. Con- Turkey, 1899-1901; Samokoy, Bulgaria, 1901—, 

stltutional Conventions for Suffrage for Women), Manager Associated Charities, Samokov, Bui- 

also on Initiative Amendment, and through cam- garla, 1903—. Contributor of occasional articles 

palgn of 1910. in missionary publications. Congregationallst. 

BAILY, Belle C. (Mrs. G. S. Bally), 81 S. Flf- Some^yhat Interested in favor of woman suffrage. 

teenth St., Richmond, Ind. BAIRD, Hattie E. (Mrs. Frederick S. Baird), 

Bom New Castle, Ind., Oct. 18, 1858; dau. Wayside, Neb. 

Robert Mason and Zurilda (Elliott) Chambers; Bom Nora, 111., Mar. 28, 1864; dau. James 

ed. New Castle High School, Friends Acad, and Hervey and Harriet Knight (Smith) Rogers; m. 

two years in Univ. of Mich.; m. (1st) June 6, Warren, 111., Nov. 9, 1876, Frederick S. Baird; 

1881, L. A. Estes (died 1890); (2d) April 19, 1908, children: Manley F., Harriet S., Frederick 

Dr. G. S. Baily; one son: Lewis Alden Estes. Rogers, Bruce, Robert Wilt, Maurice. Has taken 

Always Interested in buying and selling real es- active Interest in church and philanthropic effort; 

tate. In which has amassed a competency. Ac- active in club work for 20 years In Chicago and 

tlve worker in missionary work of the church at Nebraska. Presbyterian. Republican. Recrea- 

home and abroad; interested in all kinds of social tions: Traveling, summer outings. Mem. Tues- 

bertterment work. Associated Press correspond- day Club of Chicago; Country Culture Club of 

ent for 10 years; wrote special articles from Wayside, Neb. 



BATRD, Jean Katherlne, Renovo, Pa. 

Writer; b. Renovo, Pa., March 12, 1872, dau. 
Wm. Preston and Mary Tamson (Hughes) Baird; 
ed. High School, Lock Haven Normal, Ada Univ., 
and private tutors, principally the latter. Teacher 
at Lock Haven Normal; connected with Chau- 
tauqua Press one year; contributes to Smart 
Set, Ladies' Home Journal, Youth's Companion, 
Sunday School Times; editor and short story 
writer for a score of Church and S.S. publica- 
tions. Books: Danny; Cash Three; Elizabeth 
Hobart; The Honor Girl; Second Sixty-FMve; 
Little Rhody; The Boy Next Door; The Heir 
of Baracha; Hester Series (The Coming of 
Hester, Hester's Counterpart, Hester's Wag© 
Earning). Pres. Alumni Ass'n, Normal School, 
Lock Haven, Pa. Recreations: Walking, skat- 
ing, boating. Presbyterian. Favors woman suf- 
BABRD, Jennette Fergrus, 239 W. Seventieth St., 

N.Y. City. 

Lawyer; b. N.Y. City; dau. John and Agnes 
(Russell) Baird; ed. N.Y. Univ., LL.B. Favors 
woman suffrage; mem. Equal Suffrage League of 
N.Y. City. Pres. Alumnae Ass'n of Women's 
Law Class of N.Y. Univ. Mem. the New York- 
ers, Post Parliament, Current Events Club, Leg- 
islative League, N.Y. State Women Govern- 
ment Club. 
BAIBD, Lucy, 1135 S. Fourth St., Louisville, Ky. 

Principal and owner of girls' school; b. Sept. 
12, 1871; dau. James W. and Martha A. Howard 
Baird; grad. Girls' High School, Louisville, 
Hampton Coll., Louisville, 3ryn Mawr Coll., A.B. 
1896. Teacher of history in Miss Hill's School for 
Girls, Philadelphia, 1896-1905; teacher of history 
in Sample Collegiate School, Louisville, Ky., 
1905-10; principal and owner Sample Collegiate 
School, 1910. Mem. Am. Acad. Political and 
Social Science, Am. Historical Ass'n, Ohio Val- 
ley Historical Ass'n, Nat. Geographic Soc, 
Woman's Club and Monday Afternoon Club, 
Louisville. Episcopalian. Believes in non-par- 
tisan school suffrage only. 
BAKEMAN, Caroline (Mrs. Percival R. Bake- 

man). Chow Chung, China. 

Missionary; b. Port Elgin, New Brunswick, 
Can.; dau. late J. Hanford Read; ed. Wellesley 
Coll. and Northfleld Sem. ; m. Chelsea, Mass., 
July, 1906, Rev. Percival R. Bakeman. Left for 
China under the auspices of the Baptist Mission 
Union, Sept, 1906. 
BAKER, Almee Cevilla, 450 Eldorado St., Ap- 

pleton. Wis. 

Artist; b. Appleton Wis., Dec. 7, 1870; dau. 
Albert and Hannah (Stevens) Baker; ed. Ashland 
High School; Lawrence Coll., Appleton, Wis.; 
Art Inst, and Acad, of Fine Arts, Chicago. En- 
gaged as teacher of drawing in Northland Acad., 
Ashland, Wis., and in Appleton public schools; 
Lawrence Coll., and in portrait and designing 
work In CThicago. Mem. Unitarian Church and 
connected ass'ns. Favors woman suffrage; 
mem. Political Equality League of Appleton, 
Wis. Mem. Monday Club, Ashland, and Novel- 
History Club, Appleton. 
BAKER, Annie Cunningham (Mrs. George W. 

Baker), 4516 Ross Av., Dallas, Tex. 

Bom Gadsden, Ala., June 10, 1871; dau. Joseph 
L. and Elizabeth Cunningham; ed. Gadsden pub- 
lic school; m. Gadsden, Ala., June 22, 1892, 
George W. Baker; children: George Jr., b. Aug. 
26, 1893; Wilson Kirby, b. June 13, 1900. Pres. 
two years Dallas Free Kindergarten Ass'n; vlce- 
pres. City Fed. of Women's Clubs. Against 
woman suffrage. Contributor to newspapers. 
Methodist. Mem. Young Ladies' Soc. of church. 
Recreation: Musical work of all kinds. Pres. 
three years Wednesday Morning Choral Club. 
BAKER, Bertha Kunz (Mrs. L. B. Baker), 155 

E. Twenty-second St. ; business address, care 

J. B. Pond Bureau, Metropolitan Life Build- 
ing, N.Y. City. 

Lecturer and reader; b. Erie, Pa.; dau. Jacob 
and Caroline (Weiss) Kunz; ed. public schools, 
private study in Europe; m. Oct. 5, 1893, Dr. 
L. B. Baker, physician and lawyer (died Feb. 
26, 1907). On lecture staff of Brooklyn Institute 
of Arts and Sciences, Univ. of Chicago, Univ. 

of Pa. and other leading universities; also, 
Chautauqua and Lyceum courses. Author: 
Studies in the Art of Expression. Mem. Inst, 
of Arts and Sciences, N.Y. Historical Soc., 
Drama League of America. Recreations: Flower 
gardening, sketching, photography, walking and 
mountain climbing. Mem. Century Theatre Club. 
Favors woman suffrage. 
BAKER, Blanche Hutchinson (Mrs. John H. 

Baker), 976 Delaware Av., Buffalo, N.Y. 

Born Buffalo, April 9, 1876; dau. Edward How- 
ard and Jeanie B. (Ganson) Hutchinson; ed. 
Buffalo Sem., '95; m. Buffalo, Oot 24. 1900, John 
Henry Baker; children: Sarah H., Jean W., 
John H., Edward Folsom, Barbara. Against wo- 
man suffrage. Episcopalian. Mem. Church 
Home League, Children's Aid Ass'n, Y.W.C.A. 
BAKER, Caroline Isabel, 194 Salisbury St., 

Worcester, Mass. 

Born Massachusetts; grad. Smith Coll., B.L. 
'93; Radcliffe Coll., M.A. '02. Teacher in Frank- 
lin Acad., Malone, N.Y., later in Worcester 
(Mass.) Classical High School; since 1903 in- 
structor in English in Smith Coll. 

BAKER, Charlotte Le Breton Johnson (Mrs. 

Fred Baker), Point Loma, Cal. 

Physician; b. Newburyport, Mass., Mar. 30, 
1855;" dau. Nicholas and Caroline (Pettingell) 
Johnson; grad. Vassar (3oll., A.B. '77, A.M. '88; 
Univ. of Mich., M.D. '81; m. Newburyport, Mass., 
Mar. 30, 1882, Dr. Fred Baker; children: Mary 
Caroline, Robert Henry. Student physician at 
Sherburn Reformatory, 1878-79; practicing medi- 
cine since graduation; pres. San Diego Co. Med. 
Soc., 1896; ex-vice-pres. Southern Cal. Med. Soc; 
ex-county pres. of W.C.T.U., and now honorary 
pres. of San Diego W.C.T.U.; pres. of Y.W.€.A. 
for three years and now honorary pres. ; legisla- 
tive chairman of League of Social Workers. 
Mem. Anti-Tuberculosis Soc, (Children's Home, 
Associated Charities, Joint Com. for Welfare of 
Working Women and Girls. Pres. of Point 
Loma Assembly (woman's club). Recreations: 
Boating, swimming. Episcopalian. Favors wo- 
man suffrage. Progressive Republican. Prea. 
of San Diego Co. Equal Suffrage Organization; 
led in the local campaign for suffrage, which 
won the ballot in 1911. 
BAKER, Cornelia (Mrs. Wilson G. Baker), 216 

East Superior St., Chicago, 111. 

Author; dau. William and Electa McGhee; ed. 
Wesleyan Coll., Cincinnati, Ohio; m. Chicago, 
Wilson C. Baker. Literary work has been the 
writing of short stories and serials and making 
translations from the French, Spanish and Ital- 
ian prose and verse. Completed in 1911 a seriea 
of four hundred children's stories for a syndicate. 
Author: Coquo and the King's Children; The 
Queen's Page; The Court Jester; Young People 
in Old Places; The Magic Image from India. 
BAKER, Eleanor RobinBon, 469 Fourth Av., 

Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Writer, teacher; b. Eddington, Me.; grad. Vas- 
sar, A.B. (Phi Beta Kappa), '99. Teacher St. 
Mary's School, N.Y. City, 1899-1907; Manual 
Training High School, Brooklyn, N.Y., since 
1907. Author of magazine articles: The Battle 
of Harlem Heights, Dame Fashion's Ren- 
dezvous, etc 
BAKER, Elizabeth GowdLy (Mrs. Daniel B. 

Baker), 898 Madison Av., N.Y. City. 

Portrait painter; b. Xenia, Ohio; dau. Rev. 
George W. and Ellen (Graham) Gowdy; ed. 
Monmouth Coll. ; studied art at Cooper Inst, 
(medal). Art Students' League, Philadelphia 
Academy, Boston, Paris, Rome ■ and Florence 
(charter mem. Kappa Kappa Gamma) ; m. Daniel 
B. Baker; one son: William Munford Baker. 
Painter of portraits in oil and water color, being 
the first to combine the transparency of pure 
aquarelle work with strength in serious life-size 
portrait work. Mem. National Arts Clul), Iowa 
New Yorkers; pres. Daughters of Ohio. 
BAKER, Ellen Gillette (Mrs. Samuel W. Baker), 

449 Fifth St., Manletee, Mich. 

Born Venice, Shiawasse Co., Mich., Dec. 20, 
1850; dau. Jason C. and Harriet (Card) Gillette; 
ed. district school, Corunna High School, Normal 


School; m. Corunna, Mich., July 26, 1871, Samuel BAKEIB, Lennle Van Holland (Mrs. MIHb P. 
W. Baker. Was a teacher for several years. BaJcer, Jr.), 512 Bedford Av., Brooklyn, N.T. 
Interested in M.E. Church Home Missionary See. Physician; b. Brooklyn, May 25, 1851; dau. 
Mem. D.A.R. ; sec. Board of Trustees of the Pub- James and Eliza Jane (Harned) Van Holland; 
lie Library; interested in Associated Charities; ed. public school, Brooklyn, N.Y. Med. Coll. and 
mem. M.E. Church and teacher for years in M.E. Hospital for Women, M.D. 1882 (received ' gold 
Sunday-school; mem. Missionary Socs., Art Soc., medal, class '82); m. June 20, 1877, Mills P. Baker 
Soc. for Civic Work; pres. Lakeside Club. Pro- Jr.; daughter: Ella Mills Baker, died In infancy, 
gresslve Republican. Favors woman suffrage. Mem. Am. Inst, of Homeopathy, N.Y. State 
BAKEK. Emma C. Andrews (Mrs. George S. Homeo. Soc. King's CJo Homeo. Med. Soc. 
Baker), 2115 Sherman Av., Evanston, 111. ^'^^ ™em. Nat. Am. Woman Suffrage, N.Y. 

Born Pawpaw, Mich., Dec. 29, 1851; dau. Dr. ?>*;^i® A^^ °-,?'Hf ^ F?"^'^, -^^^ °'o ^L^ Assembly 
Josiah and Marv A. (Dickinson) Andrews; ed. D'st. Ass n, the Brooklyn Woman Suffrage Ass'n, 
Pawpaw High School; Univ. of Mich., Ph.B. '75; ??«. ^0"^'/=.^' Equality Ass n. Women's Political 
m. Pawpaw, Mich., 1879, George S. Baker; chil- Union, (Dhiropean Club. Hon. pree. of Staff of 
dren: J.A., R.D., Mary E., Alice L., Roger H., Memorial Hospital for Women and Children. 
Lewis D., Charl4 P. n^ '""T^^.^Vk '^^'^V ^ ^^l ^°"^^ Unlversallat 

Church, Flatbush, N.Y. Favors woman suffrage. 
BAKEB, Emma Sophia, Mt. Allison Ladies' „.„„„ ■,,„.„ 
Coll., Sackville, N.B.. Can. BAKEB, Louise Regrma, Germantown. Md. 

College principal; b. Milton, Ont ; dau. Charles „^,P*-^}, \- ^^"^, Windsor, Md.; dau. Andirew 
A. Baker; grad. Victoria Univ., B.A. '99; Toronto ""'j ^P"^ 4^°^ -J- (Boland) Baker; home and 
Univ., Ph.D. '03 (first woman to take that de- academic education. Contributor of stories and 
gree at that university); special work In French ^"f? ^° juvenile magazines. Author of books for 
at Univ. of Paris; graduate work at Newnham children: Cis MarUn; Sunbeams and Moon- 
ColL, Camhridge, England. Was preceptress at ^^'^.^^J^/^ ^^°^l- Mrs. Pinner's Little Girl; 
Alexandra Coll., Belleville, Ont.; Dickinson ^he Old Monday Farm; Betty Porter. 
Sem., Williamsport, Pa.; six years lady princi- BAKEB, Mabel Kimball (Mrs. Walter D. 
pal Presbyterian Ladies' Ck)ll., Toronto; since Baker), Hyannls, Mass. 

isol vice-prea. Mt. Allison Ladies' (3oll., Sack- Born Boxford, Mass., Sept. 20, 1871; dau Wm. 
vlUe, N.B., Canada. H. and Sc.rah E. Kimball; ed. Holten High School 

BAKER, Helen Bartlett, 140 W. Eighty-seventh y?^°^®J?' Mass ), State Normal School (Salem), 
St Chicago III btate Normal School (Hyannis), special work; 

Teacher; b.' Brooklyn, N.Y.; grad. Vassar ™-. Danvers, Sept. U, 1907 Walter Dureil 
Coll., A.B. '89. Teacher Girls' Collegiate School, 9 <?' Hyannis, Mass. With her husband 

1884-8G; Female Acad., Salem, N.C., 1889-90; i1 ^^^.^^ ,?^''^°®'' '° ^^ Colonial Candle Co., 
Grant Collegiate Inst., Chicago, 1890-94; the f/f^'^'?! ^^^^-J supemses dipping and packing 
Misses Ely's School, 1894-1901; Horace Mann °^ ^he thousands of hand-dipped Bayberry Can- 
High School. N.Y. City, since 1901. ^^^^l,y.^°T ^^'^^ ^^^^ t^" V^^ ,^^^ country. 

Taught two years in Los Angeles; principal 
BAKER, Hettie Gray, 280 Wethersfleld Av., Primary Dep't, Hyannis Training School, later 
Hartford, Conn. Supervisor industrial work, Hyannis Normal and 

Librarian, photoplay writer; b. Hartford, Training School, now head of Basketry and 
Coain., July 12, 1881; dau. Josiah Q. and Lizzie Weaving Dep't, Hyannis Normal School; one of 
A. (Chipman) Baker; ed. Hartford pubHc high foremost basketry teachers in this country. Mem. 
school, special course at Simmons Coll., Boston. Library Ass'n; sec. Town Committee of Con- 
Engaged at Hartford Public Library, 1900-03; servation. Contributes articles for magazines, 
private sec. School for Social Workers, Boston, mostly on Basketry and Primary Hand Work! 
1904-07; librarian Hartford Bar Library, 1907 — . Pres. Hyannis Woman's Club, 1909-12; mem! 
Favors woman suffrage. Regular contributor of Shakespeare Club. Congregationalist; assistant 
photoplays to leading licensed film manufactur- supt. and teacher in Sunday school. Favors 
ers; has written various special articles on woman suffrage, 
theatrical subjects for magazines. Unitarian, r.k-tj-r iir„_:„„ n„ o^ 

Republican. Mem. Municipal Art Soc. of Hart- ^^^?,' ^^V^^, ,^°*,v, ^Jf*"^ ^^"^ Marcus 
ford; Drama League of Hartford. Recreations: ^t^'k m°1-^'^*^^°*^ ^Vr ,^"^*?f^^°' P'S* 
Golf, attending theatre and moving picture .q.^°™ J^ ^^"l^l^f' ' f";?- ^niv^ of Mich.. A.B. 
shows " *^ 94; graduate scholar in Greek, Bryn Mawr Coll., 

1894-95; m. Kalamazoo, Mich., May, 1S99, Marcus 
BAKEB, Josephine Turck (Mrs. Frederick Sher- Baker, LL.B. (distinguished cartographer- died 
man Baker), Evanston, 111. Dec. 12, 1903). Instructor in Greek and Latin 

Editor, author, playwright; b. Milwaukee, Lake Erie Sem., Painesville, Ohio, 1895-97- ia- 
Wis.; dau. J. Byron and Sarah Turck; ed. Mil- structor in Latin, Emma Willard School Troy 
waukee. Wis.; Chicago, Boston; grad. Mil- N.Y., 1897-99, and in Miss Madeira's School for 
waukee-Downer Coll.; m. Chicago, 1899, Fred- Girls, Washington, D.C., 1906-08- teacher of 
erlck Sherman Baker; children: Beatrice, Latin, Cathedral High School, Washington DC 
Roschen, Sherman. Specialist on English; editor since 1910. ' " '' 

of Correct English, the only magazine of the „.„„„ „ ■, x,. ■.. ^ ,„ 

kind In the world. Her Grammar has been ^f^®' =; Josephine, MJ> 33 West 96th St. 
translated into Japanese by the Japanese and i^ ,^®' i;®^,"4°^'^^w° Health, Centre and 
magazine into German by publishers in Germany. tVv* ,^^ ots.) N.Y. City. 

Author: Correct English— A Complete Grammar; .of.r^^'^^^'^-, ^ Ppughkeepsie, N.Y., Nov. 15, 
The Correct Word— How To Use It;; The Lit- i?^^' dau. 0. D. M. Baker and Jennie Harwood 
erary Workshop; Art of Conversation; Art of Brown Baker ;_ed. private schools, Poughkeepsle, 
Social Letter- Writing; Correct Business Letter- i;-X- ,„y°'?*° ^, **!"^- 9**"- °' ^■^- Infirmary. 
Writing; How Can I Increase My Vocabulary? M.D 98. Appointed medical inspector, N.Y. City 
Ten Thousand Words— How to Pronounce Them- ^®P ' "^.^'^^A'ii,' }^^K assistant to Commissioner 
The Correct Preposition— How to Use It; Correct °"^ Health, 1907;-08; director Division of ChUd 
English in the Home; Gorrect English in the gysiene, organized- the first Division of Child 
School. Mem. 111. Woman's Press Club. Favors Hygiene und«r municipal control; only woman 
woman suffrage ^"° holds an executive position in the N.Y. 

wT, . City Government. Interested in all matters per- 

BAKEB, Julia Wetherill (Mrs. Marlon Albert talning to civic betterment and child welfare 
Baker), 1330 Tenth St., New Orleans, La. Author: The Principles of the Reduction of 

Editor; b. WoodviUe, Miss., 1858; dau. Thomas Infant Mortality; The Value of the iauniclpal 
and Sarah Eliza (Smith) Wetherill (daughter of Control of Child Hygiene; Schools for Mldwlves- 
Chief Justice Cotesworth Pinckney Smith); ed. LltUe Mothers' Leagues; and many others Mem 
Philadelphia, Pa.; m. 1886, Marion Albert Baker, D.A.R., College Women's Club, Med Ass'n NY 
editor of New Orleans Times-Democrat. Author: County and State Med. Socs., Nat School 
The Wandering Joy. Episcopalian. Has been Hygiene Ass'n, Ass'n for Study and PrevenUon 
for many years literary editorial writer on the of Infant Mortality. Unitarian. Favors woman 
Times- Democrat, In addition to other work on suffrage; mem. Collegiate Equal Suffrage League, 
the paper. Equal Franchise Soc,, Woman's Political Union. 



BAKER, Sarah Pfeil (Mrs. Elisha Brown 
Baker), 221 Prospect St., Herkimer, N.T. 
Bom Pittsburgh, Pa., Jan. 15, 1882; dau. 
Philip M. and Elizabeth (Wagner) Pfeil; ed. 
Pittsburgh public schools and high school; Pa. 
Coll. for Women, A.B.; m. Pittsburgh, Nov. 28, 
1906, Elisha Brown Baker. Methodist. Mem. 
College Woman's Club, Schenectady, N.Y. ; Pro- 
gressive Literary Club, Herkimer, N.Y. Before 
marriage was actively engaged in settlement 
work in Pittsburgh. 
BAKER, Virginia, Warren, R. I. 

Teacher and author; b. Warren, R.I.; dau. 
William Loughead and Emmeline (Maxwell) 
Baker; ed. at home by private teachers. 
Teacher in the public schools of Warren. R.I. 
Writer of numerous historical sketches published 
in various magazines. Especially interested in 
study of th€ Colonial and Revolutionary periods 
of R.I. history. Author: History of Warren, 
R.I., in the War of the Revolution, 1776-17S3; 
Massasoit's Town, Sowame in Pokanoket. Also 
writer of poems and of fiction dealing with 
New England life, past and present; also stories 
and serials for juveniles as well as contributions 
to several educational magazines. 
BAXBACH, Julia Anna (Mrs. Edward Bal- 
bach), Bernardsville, N.J. 

Born Newark, N.J., Feb. 23, 1852; dau. Peter 
F. and Anna B. (Miltz) Nenninger; ed. at home 
by tutors, at Moravian Sem., Bethlehem, Pa., also 
Dulon's School in N.Y. (mem. Alumnse, Bethle- 
hem Sem.); m. Jan. 21, 1869, Edward Balbach; 
one daughter: Julia Anna Marguerite, b. Apr. 20, 
1870. For years society leader in Newark, N.J.; 
interested in philanthropic societies until re- 
moved to N.Y. Favors woman suffrage. Au- 
thor: Cupid Intelligent, 1909 (for club propa- 
ganda); Woman's Proper Status as Citizen, 1902; 
wrote a kindergarten paper for the New Century 
Study Circle (later published in The Club Wo- 
man), 1904, which did good work in attracting 
attention to the need of kindergartens, public 
institutions and playgrounds. Episcopalian. 
Recreations: Music, landscape gardening. Clubs: 
N.Y. Woman's Press, Minerva, Rubinstein, 
Phalo, West End Republican, New Yorkers, 
Dixie, Rainy Day. 

BAXCH, Emily Greene, Wellesley College, Wel- 
lesley, Mass. 

Economist; b. Jamaica Plain, Mass.; dau. 
Francis Vergnies and Ellen M. (Noyes) Balch; 
ed. Miss Ireland's and other private schools, 
Bryn Mawr Coll., B. A. '89 (European scholar 
of that year) Connected with opening season of 
Denison House (college settlement), Boston, 
Mass., 1892-93; mem. Municipal Board of Trus- 
tees for Children (in charge of pauper and 
neglected children, truants and juvenile of- 
fenders) 1897-98; ass't in economics, 1896-97, 
instructor, 1897-1903, assoc. prof, of economics 
and sociology since 1903, Wellesley Coll. Mem. 
Mass. State Commission on Industrial Educa- 
tion, 1908-09. Wrote monograph: Public Assist- 
ants of the Poor in France, 1893; Our Slavic 
Fellow Citizens, 1910. Interested in social re- 
form. Favors woman suffrage. Formerly vice- 
pres. Boston Equal Suffrage League for Good 
Government. Unitaria,n. Acting pres. Boston 
Women's Trade Union League. Recreations: 
Travel, books. Mem. College Club of Boston. 
BALCH, Engenla Hargous Macfsu-Iane (Mrs. 
Edwin Swift Balch, 311 S. Fifteenth St., 
Philadelphia, Pa. 

Born Towanda, Pa.; dau. James and Mary 
(Overton) Macfarlane; ed. Vassar Coll. (art 
school diploma) ; m. Towanda, Pa., Oct. 5, 1904, 
Edwin Swift Balch. Mem. of Associate Com. 
of Women of Pa. Museum and School of Indus- 
trial Art; director Morris Refuge Ass'n. 
Studied painting in Paris at Academle Julian, 
with Jules Lefebvre and Tony Robert-Fleury; 
also with Ferdinand Humbert. Exhibited sev- 
eral times at Paris Salons, viz.: Soci6t§ des 
Artistes Francais (Champs ^ElysSes) and So- 
ciete Nationale des Beaux Arts (Champ de 
Mars), also at Paris Exposition of 1900. Mem. 
Colonial Dames of America, D.A.R., Acorn 
Club, Plastic Club, Contemporary Club. 

BALCH, Marfon Casares, Prince St., JamaJca 

Plain, Mass. 

Bacteriologist; ed. Miss Folsom's School, Bos- 
ton, Mass.; Miss Florence Baldwin's School, 
Bryn Mawr, Pa.; Bryn Mawr Coll., A.B. 1902. 
Teacher of Latin and science, 1904-05, and of 
science, 1905-07, in St. Agnes' School, Albany, 
N.Y. Laboratory worker in bacteriology. Har- 
vard Med. School, since 1910. 
BAtDING, Martha Joab (Mrs. Robert Holllster 

Balding), 2416 N. Tenth St., Kansas City, 


Born Pomeroy, 0.; dau. William and Nancy 
(Crow) Joab; ed. Terre Haute (Ind.) High 
School; studied art with John Phillips (portrait 
painter), Chicago; Carl Hecker Art School, N.Y. 
City, and with Madame LaPrince, Jumel Man- 
sion, N.Y. City; m. Terre Haute, Ind., Robert 
Holllster Balding (died Feb. 28, 1910). Society 
woman. Favors woman suffrage. Mem. of 
State and Nat. Suffrage Ass'n; has been very 
active in the work, but has declined various 
offices; managed campaign in Miami Co., Kan., 
1892. Progressive. Mem. Board of Trustees of 
Publi'j Library, Paola, Kan., ten years; pres. 
Pleasant Hour Club, and founded the Up-to- 
Date Club, 1897; mem. Federation of Clubs of 
Topeka and vicinity. State and Gen. Federation 
of Women's Clubs, Shakespeare Club and promi- 
nent in founding the Ceraanic Club of Topeka, 
1900-01, mem. History Club and Council of Clubs, 
Kansas City, Kan. (chairman of art dep't three 
years) ; mem. Athenffium, Kansas City, Mo ; di- 
rector of art dep't and extension class for study 
of dramatic art (mem. board of managers). 
Recreations: Riding and driving. 

BALDWIN, Adele Clagett (Mrs. Newland Bald- 
win), Manila, P.I. 

Born Washington, D.C., Aug. 20, 1885; dau. 
Howard Clare and Mary (Du Ham el) Clagett; 
ed. Mount de Sales Acad, of Visitation, Balti- 
more, Md., and in Paris, France; m. Manila, 
P.I., May 21, 1910, Newland Baldwin; one son: 
Barry Baldwin, b. June 4, 1911. Against woman 
suffrage. Catholic. 

B.AXDWrN, AUce Mary, "High Croft," Acworth, 

Teacher; grad. Cornell Univ., A.B. 1900, A.M. 
'02; graduate student, Sorbonne, Paris, 1902; 
Columbia Univ., 1902-03; Bryn Mawr, 1908-09. 
Teacher of languages, Fargo (N.Dak.) CoU., 
1903-05; teacher of German, history and English, 
Baldwin School, Bryn Mawr, Pa., since 1905. 
BAXDWLN, Clara Frances, 605 Portland Av., 
St. Paul, Minn. 

Librarian; b. I-.ake City, Minn., Mar. 9, 1871; 
dau. Benjamin C. and Ann C. (Atkinson) Bald- 
win;- grad. St. Paul public schools, '87; Univ. 
of Minn., B.L. '92 (Delta Gamma). Ass't Min- 
neapolis Public Library, 1892-99; sec. Minn. Pub- 
lic Library Commission, 1900—. Mem. Minn. 
Alumni Ass'n, Ass'n of Collegiate Alumnae, 
American Library Ass'n, Minnesota Library 
Ass'n, State Art Soc., Women's Civic League, 
Twin City Library Club. Presbyterian. 

BALDWIN, Mrs. Clara Waters, Lewis Apart- 
ments, Muskegon, Mich. 

Bom Portland, Me. ; dau. William H. and 
Belle Jane (Quindlin) Waters; ed. public schools 
of Springfield, Mass. ; grad. High and Normal 
schools of Newark, N.J. ; grad. (gold medal) 
Chicago Musical Coll.; m. Chicago, 1878, Byron 
Baldwin. Teacher of music. Has been an or- 
ganist in Mich. Av. M.E. Church in Chicago, 
and Grace M.E. Church in Brooklyn, N.Y. 
Cor. sec of Mich. State Fed. of Women's 
Clubs, 1911-13; rec. sec. of Y.W.C.A. (charter 
mem.), Muskegon, Mich.; rec. sec. Visiting 
Nurse Ass'n of Muskegon, Mich. Favors woman 
suffrage. Congregationallst. Mem. Art Ass'n 
of Muskegon, Mich.; ex-pres. Muskegon Wo- 
man's Club; mem. Travelers' Club of Muskegon. 
BAXDWIN, Helen, 39 E. 31»t St., N.T. City. 

Physician; b. Canterbury, Conn., Nov. 14, 1865; 
dau. Dr. E. and Sarah H. (Mathewson) Baldwin; 
ed Thayer Acad., Bralntree. Mass.; grad. Wel- 
lesley Coll., A.B. '88; in Med. Dep't Univ. of 
Mich,, 1889; Woman's Med. Coll. of N.Y, Inflnnr 



ary, M.D. '92. Took graduate study in Johns 
Hopkins Med. School. Demonstrator of physics, 
Wellesley Coll., 1888-89; resident physician City 
Hospital, Philadelphia, 1893; instructor in phy- 
siology. Woman's Med. Coll. of N.Y. Infirmary, 
1897; attending physician, N.Y. Infirmary. Au- 
thor of medical articles. 

BALDWIN, Jane North, Vaesar Coll., Pough- 

keepsie, N.Y. 

Physician; b. Keesevllle, N.Y., Feb. 10, 1876; 
dau. Geo. W. and Margaret Jane (Hargraves) 
Baldwin; ed. Plattsburg High School, Cornell 
Univ. Med. School; graduate work in Harvard 
Med. School. Interne N.Y. Infirmary for 
Women and Children; asst physician Vassar 
Coll. Mem. Am. Med. Ass'n, N.Y. State Med. Soc, 
Woman's Med. Soc. N.Y. State, Woman's Med. 
Soc. N.Y. City, Dutchess Co. Med. Soc, Stanton 
Co. Med. Soc. Presbyterian. Favors woman 

BALDWIN, Kate M. Shoemaker (Mrs. A. M. 

Baldwin), Groton, Tompkins Co., N.Y. 

Born BeJle Center, Blair Co., Pa., 1858; dau. 
Jasper and Sarah (Dorworth) Shoemaker; ed. 
private and public schools. Normal and Clas- 
sical Institute of Muncy, Pa.; National School 
of Elocution and Oratory, Philadelphia; m. 
Muncy, Pa., Mar. 17, 1880, Alva Morse Baldwin, 
M.D.; children: Kenneth Morse, b. 1881; Man- 
ning Dorworth, b. 1885 (died 1893). Sec. and 
treas. Groton branch of the Woman's Auxiliary 
(to the Board of Missions of Protestant Episcopal 
Church); elected to serve on Board of Educa- 
tion, 1910-13; elected sec. of board, 1911. Mem. 
Cayuga Chapter D.A.R.; eligible to membership 
in the National Soc. of Daughters of Founders 
and Patriots of America. Mem. Political 
Equality Club, Columbian Club (literary and 
social, founder in 1892). Episcopalian. Favors 
woman suffrage; pres. of Suffrage Club. 

BALDWIN, Myra Rush (Mrs. Edgar M. Bald- 
win), Fairmount, Ind. 

Newspaper worker; b. Fairmount, Ind., July 4, 
1865; dau. Nixon and L<ouise (Winslow) Rush; 
grad. Fairmount Acad. ; student at Earlham 
Coll. (both Friends institutions) ; m. Aug. 23, 
1887, Edgar M. Baldwin; one son: Mark Bald- 
win. Associated with husband in country news- 
paper work, reporter city newspapers, special 
article and short story writer. Favors woman 
suffrage. Mem. Friends Church. Mem. Marion 
Morning Musical Club. 

BALDWIN, Nellie EUzabeth (Mrs. Edward 
Lewis Baldwin), 20 Market St., San Francisco, 

Club woman; b. Muskegon, Mich.; dau. Robert 
Bumslde and Mary Graham (Miller) Patterson; 
ed. Ludlngton (Mich.) High School; m. 1887, 
Edward Lewis Bald-win; children: Robert, Marion 
D. 'Taught in Ludlngton schools five years; 
now conducting drug business in San Francisco. 
Pres. California Club, 190S-10, State chairman 
of Civics in Gen. Fed. Women's Clubs, 1906-08; 
vice-chairman Civics Com. Gen. Fed. Women's 
Clubs, 1911-12. Now State chairman School 
Patrons Com. Nat. Educational Ass'n; chairman 
Probation Com. Juvenile Court of San Francisco. 
Favors woman suffrage. Presbyterian. Mem. 
California Club, Juvenile Protective Ass'n. 

BALDWIN, Ruth Standish (Mrs. William H. 

Baldwin), Washington, Conn., and 281 Fourth 

Av., N.Y. City. 

Born Springfield, Mass., Dec. 5, 1865; dau. Sam- 
uel Bowles and Mary (Dwight) (Schermerhorn) ; 
grad. Smith Coll., A.B. '87; m. Springfield, Mass., 
Oct. 30,' 1889, William H. Baldwin, Jr.; children: 
Ruth, Standish and William H. Mem. Board of 
Trustees of Smith Coll., 1906-12, as representative 
of Alumnse Ass'n; elected permanent mem. of 
board Feb., 1912. Vlce-pres. N.Y. Probation Ass'n; 
vlce-pres. Nat. League on Urban Conditions 
among Negroes; mem. Committee of Fourteen of 
N.Y. City, Smith Coll. Alumnae Ass'n, Ass'n Coll. 
Alumnse, Nat. Housing Ass'n, Nat. Municipal 
League, Nat. Asa'n for Advancement of Colored 
People; mem. Coll. Equal Suffrage League of 
N.Y. Mem. of N.Y. Ethical Soc. Mem. Woman's 
Municipal he^t^e of N.Y., Woman's Trade Union 

League of N.Y., Am. Inst, of Criminal Law and 
Criminology, Woman's Univ. Club of N.Y., May- 
flower Club of Boston. 
BALENTINE, Mary PoUok Nlmmo (Mrs. David 

C. Balentlne), 922 Fifteenth St., N.W., Wash- 
ington, D.C. 

Born Ayrshire, Scotland; dau. Claude and 
Mary (Madden) Nimmo; ed. Presbyterian Sem., 
Springfield, 0.; m. Washington, D.C, Feb. 18, 
1896, David C. Balentlne. Journalist, writer of 
verses. Favors woman suffrage. Interested In 
prison reform, domestic science and civic better- 
ment. Author: Book on Washington; Oflacial 
Etiquette, etc. Presbyterian. Recreation: Auc- 
tion bridge. 
BALL, Alice Worthlngrton, 213 W. Monument 

St., Baltimore, Md. 

Painter; b. Boston, Mass.; dau. Joshua Dorsey 
and Emily A (Cole) Ball; ed. Boston and Paris; 
exhibited for six years in Paris Salon and all 
the important exhibitions In this country. Has 
pictures In several collections. Episcopalian. 
Mem. Maryland Soc. Colonial Dames, Baltimore 
Country Club, Baltimore Water Color Club, Cop- 
ley Soc. of Boston. OfiElcer of the Equal Suffrage 
League of Baltimore. Recreation: golf, motor- 
ing, driving. 
BALL, Bertha Crosley (Mrs. Edmund Burke 

Ball), Minnetrlsta Boulevard, Muncle, Ind. 

Born Terre Haute, Ind.; dau. Rev. Marion 
Crosley, D.D., and M. Adella (Swift) Crosley; 
ed. Springfield High School, Springfield, Mass., 
and in Vassar Coll., A.B.; m. Oct. 7, 1903, 
Ekiumnd Burke Ball; children: Edmund Fer- 
dinand, Clinton Crosley, Adella. Pres. Mati- 
nee Musical; mem. Art League; director of 
Y.W.C.A. and Orphans' Home. Favors woman 
suffrage. Universallst. Recreations: Golf, ten- 
nis. Mem. Conversation Club, Indiana Vassar 
BALL, Caroline Peddle (Mrs. Bertrand E. 

Ball), Westfleld, N.J. 

Sculptor; b. Terre Haute, Ind., Nov., 1869; dau, 
Charles Rugan and Mary E. (Ball) Peddle; ed. 
public schools in Terre Haute, Art Students' 
League of New York; m. New York, 1902, Ber- 
trand Emery Ball; one daughter: Mary Aseneth 
Ball. Executed Victory in quadriga on U.S. 
building at Paris Exposition, 1900; Mary Law- 
rence Eliman Memorial, Flushing, L,I. ; Memor- 
ial Covels, Grace Church, Brooklyn, N.Y. Recre- 
ations: Gardening, propagating dwarf fruit trees. 
Favors woman suffrage. 

BALL, Ida >I. (Mrs. J. Frank Ball), 1019 Park 

Place, Wilmington, Del. 

Born Wilmington, Del., 1858; dau. Benjamin 
F. and Rachel A. (Strahom) Perkins; ed. Wil- 
mington High School and Cornell Univ. ; m. 
Wilmington, Del., Oct. 13, 1881, J. Frank Ball; 
children: Jean Ross (deceased), Beatrice (de- 
ceased), Ethel, Dorothy. Mem. Board of Lady 
Managers World's Columbian Commission, 
1892-93; Com. on Awards Board of Lady Man- 
agers; chairman Com. to Collect and Collate 
Religious, Philanthropic and Educational De- 
partments Board of Lady Managers; repre- 
sentative from Delaware to Atlanta Exposition. 
Mem. Daughters of 1812, Territorial Com., Del., 
Md. and Pa. of the Y.W.C.A.; chairman Wilson 
and Marshall Organization of Del., Woman's 
Foreign Missionary Soc. of the Synod of Bal- 
timore, Nat. Geographic Soc, Soc. for Preven- 
tion of Cruelty to (Children; treas. Wilmington 
Y.W.C.A.; mem. New Century Club. Presby- 
terian. Against woman suffrage. 
BALL, Isabel Worrell (Mrs. Henry Martyn 

Ball), 3932 Illinois Av., N.W., Washington, 


Newspaper woman; b. Hennepin, 111.; dau. 
James Purcell and Elizabeth (McClung) Worrell; 
ed. public school and college, Henry, 111.; State 
Normal School, Emporia, Kan.; m. Larned, Kan., 
1877, Henry Martyn Ball; one daughter: Hazel 
Winifred, b. ISSi (died 1887). Newspaper woman, 
Washington correspondent; only woman ever ad- 
mitted to press galleries of Congress; was there 
10 years. Associate editor of National Tribune, 
the organ of the patriotic societies of the coun- 


try. Nat. senior vlce-pres. (former pres.) and its camp-meetliig correspondent and writer of 

mem. Nat. Exec. Board Woman's Relief Corps; Bermuda letters, etc., 1872-79, except two years 

interested particularly in education, teaching love in Europe. In Ceylon, India, and Burma, 1885- 

of the flag and of country. Uses in illustrating 94; correspondent of American newspapers and 

her flag addresses 45 Colonial flags, which she work for English Oriental publications; in 1895 

made herself, and 35 of the special flags of the and thereafter Woman's Club lecturer, etc. 

United States. Has spolien on this subject in Ardent for equal suffrage and for equality in 

all the large cities of the country and appeared every sort of opportunities, their use to be lim- 

before Congress many times in interest of bill ited by personal capacity. Author of Fifteen 

to prevent desecration of the flag. Against Vocalizes for the Singing Student (published 

woman suffrage. Author of short stories of by Ditson) ; contributor to various publications. 

Western life, syndicated in the larger Eastern Life mem. Am. Bible Soc. ; life mem. and only 

Sunday papers. Presbyterian (Scotch-Irish de- woman mem. N.Y. Press Club; hon. mem. 111. 

scent). Mem. Ladies of the G.A.R., Daughters Woman's Press Ass'n. 

of Union Veterans. Recreations: Horseback rid- xf%TTAor> t? „,™ *„„„ t2-.,„„ i-»/r-» rr\^^^r.= 

^"£>sL""^^^^' Cxli°o'kn'=d'^TH^?a^ '^°"^"^' '"^ ^P.' Balf^d)"^"?": Hetrnd^.TaiSue'^^r'^ 
Kansas, New Mexico and Arizona. Lawyer before marriage; b. Bridgewater, 
BALL, Minnie Warner (Mrs. B. B. Ball), Mid- Mass., 1878; dau. Nathaniel Seaver and Anna 
land, Mich. C. (Hyde) Keay; ed. The Misses Case and Hal- 
Born Pulaski, N.Y., Aug. 26, 1865; dau. lowell School, Philadelphia; Bryn Mawr Coll., 
Stephen R. and Marion (Gould) Warner; ed. A.B. '99; Univ. of Pa., LL.B. '02; m. Cambridge, 
public schools of Saginaw, Mich.; m. Sable, Mass., Aug. 29, 1907, Thomas P. Ballard; one 
Mich., Jan. 2, 1890, Benjamin B. Ball; one son: Hyde Whitcomb Ballard, b. 1909. Practising 
daughter: Marian. Interested in Sabbath- lawyer, Philadelphia, 1902-07. Since 1909 chief In- 
school. Missionary Soc, Mission Sabbath- terest has been in social studies and establishing 
school and special work with boys in Sunday- a suburban home, near Cleveland, on the shore 
school for 17 years; sec. Library Ass'n nine of Lake Erie. Attorney Legal Aid Soc. of Phlla- 
years; pres. two years, now chairman. Favors delphia; attorney Seaman's Branch Legal Aid 
woman suffrage. Presbyterian. Republican. Soc. of Philadelphia; mem. ward com. of City 
RecreatioH: Reading. Mem. Monday Club, for Party, Philadelphia; mem. Educational School 
social and mutual improvement; chairman Board, Philadelphia. Has published articles on 
Waterways Com., Mich. State Fed. Women's Seamen in Charities and The Commons. Mem. 
Clubs. D.R., 1898-1907. Mem. College Club of Cleveland. 

Recreation: Gardening. Congregationalist. Fa- 

BALL, Nellie Boeck (Mrs. David Clifton Ball), vors woman suffrage; mem. College Equal Suf- 

622 W. 113th St., N.Y. City. frage League; mem. Exec. Com. Cleveland Wom- 

Born St. Louis, Mo., Dec. 4, 1867; dau. Adam an's Suffrage Party, 1911-12. 
and Mary Elizabeth (Kriechbaum) Boeck; ed. 

Mary Institute, St. Louis, Mo.; Conservatory of B.4LLOU, Susan Ann (Mrs. Henry L. Ballou). 

Music, St. Louis School of Fine Arts; m. St. 74 Harris Av., Woonsocket, R.I. 

Louis Mo., Jan., 1892, David Clifton Ball; one Born Woonsocket, R.I., Dec. 9, 1844; dau. 

son: David Spencer Ball, b. Oct. 18, 1892. Treas- Willis affd Cyrena (Thayer) Cook; grad. Lowell 

urer of Sorosis; mem. Drama and Art Committee Sem., Auburndale, Mass., 1864; m. Woonsocket, 

of Sorosis. Unitarian. Mem. Sorosis, Sorosia R.I., Oct. 6, 1868, Henry L. Ballou; children: 

Carol Club, Browning Soc. Recreation: Tramp- Marie Louise, Roland Hunnewell. Mem. of 

Ing and canoeing in Adirondacks (summer home: Woonsocket School Com. for 16 years. Con- 

Raquette Lake. N.Y.). Favors woman suffrage. nected with Universalist Mission Circle, Woon- 
socket, R.I. ; director of State branch Univer- 

BALL, Sylvia Ernestine, 337 Hickory St., War- salist Mission; director State Charities and Cor- 

ron. Pa. rections; pres. Woonsocket Children's Home; 

Teacher; b. Warren, Pa., Aug. 8, 1883; dau. director Ballou Home for Aged; ex-State Regent 

George and Mary Ball; ed. Warren public state D.A.R.; ex-State Pres. of R.I. State Fed. 

schools, Warren High School, Cornell Univ. Qf Women's Clubs; mem, R.I. Council of Wo- 

A.B., studied one summer abroad (mem. Delta men, R.I. Women's Club, Woonsocket Women's 

Gamma). Taught in public school one year, ciub, Fortnightly, Woonsocket Olla Podrida. 

grammar school one year; high school, English Universalist. Against woman suffrage, 
and French, four years. Mem. High School 

Orchestra Conservatory Piano Quartet. Favors BALJVIEB, Helen Pratt (Mrs. Thomas Balmer), 
woman suffrage. Mem. Natural Science Soc., 1327 Hollywood Av., Chicago, 111. 
Warren Co. Educational Soc, State Educational Writer; b. St. Louis, Mo.; grad. Vassar Coll., 
Soc, State Teachers League. Recreations: A.B. '76; Cincinnati Women's Coll., '79; North- 
Golf, boating, walking. Mem. Warren Shakes- western Univ., A.M. '02; m. Sept. 23, 1880, 
peare Club. Thomas Balmer. Author: Bellevue Sketches; 
„.»^.^,, ■• ■ - T 1 /nT T„„ o contributor to various magazines. Directress 
BALI.AGH Joseplime Jackson (Mrs. James Chicago Ass'n Collegiate Alumnffi. 
Curtis Ballagh), 415 Hawthorne Road, Roland " 

Park, Baltimore, Md. BAMTOBD, Mary EUen, 1235 E. 16th St,, Oak- 
Teacher; b, Maryland; ed. St. Timothy's School, land, Cal. 
Catonsville, Md. ; student Bryn Mawr Coll., 1889- Author; b Healdsburg, Cal., Dec. 10, 1857; dau. 
91: m. Baltimore, Md., 1897, James Curtis Bal- Dr. William and Cornelia Elizabeth (Rand) 
lagh. Teacher of Latin and English, St. Tlmo- Bainford (father was pioneer physician who went 
thy's School, Catonsville, Md., 1886-89; Wilford across the plains in the early "SOs, and her 
School, Baltimore, 1893-94; teacher of Latin in mother, a native of New Hampshire, went to 
Edgeworth School, Baltimore, 1895-98; Misses califorhia, 1854-55, by long voyage around Cape 
Hall's School, Baltimore, 1903-04; Southern Home Horn); ed. in public and high schools of Oakland, 
School, Baltimore, 1894-1904. Cal." Wks four years assistant in Oakland Free 

BALLANCE, Harriet N.. 256 Randolph Av.. rap^ij^, ^^^n mJsLS"°/cS!^f^"weI°'^P^"o- 
lhysfcian;• b. Peoria, 111.; grad. Vassar A.B. ISs^'m/S^ and^'we" F^^^^^^^^^ 
'98; med. dep't Northwestern Univ., Chicago. ?^°°f'p,/b Second Year of the Look-About 
M.D '01. Since medical graduation engaged in ^f^' HeV TwentrHelthen; In Edltha's Days; 
practice as physician at Peoria, 111. Jessie's Three Resolutions; Three Roman Girls; 
BALLARD, Anna, 648 Fifty-seventh St., Oak- Miss Millie's Trying; Father Lambert's Family; 
land Cal. A Piece of Kitty Hunter's Life; Thoughts of My 
Journalist, lecturer, teacher; b. Athol, Wor- Dumb Neighbors; Out of the Triangle (first pub- 
cester Co., Mass.. Oct. 12, 1828; dau. Elijah and Ushed serially); Ti; The Denby Children at the 
Mary (Cutting) Ballard; ed. in collegiate course Fair; Eleanor and I; Marie's Story; Talks by 
at Mission Inst. Quincy, 111., and by tutors in Queer Folks; Janet and Her Father; Number One 
Boston. Teacher of singing, Vassar Coll., 1869- or Number Two; pamphlet on Burma: The Work 
72; mlsceUaiieous daily reporter of N.Y. Sim; and the Workers, and much writing for the 


Youth's Companion, Cook's Sunday School pub- BANCROFT, Margaret Healy (Mrs. Edgar Ad- 

llcatlons and publications of the different de- dison Bancroft), 77 Cedar St., Chicago, 111. 

nominational boards. Born Boston, Mass.; grad. Vassar Coll., A.B. 

„.^.„„.,„ -, ^, , ,,, w e ♦ flf*v, '^0; m. Brooklyn, N.Y., April 18, 1896, Edgar 

'^^.^'CKtR Mary Clark, 134 W. Seventy-flfth Addison Bancroft (now general counsel Internat. 

bt., P».y. City. „,,.-, •,,.,. Harvester Co.). Was engaged In executive work 

Teacher Brearley School; b. Jackson Mich.; ^^j the Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, N.Y., before 

^f''-TT?n°'^? ^""n ^J^'^^j y^^'^f i^^'^^Ku^^'^^.lV- marriage. Mem. Woman's Club of Chicago, 

l>'l-,J^^of^'n^v.'^°"-TF°"'' Pai ^A"}- ?,''-^TT ■^^' Chicago Literary Club. 
Ph.M. 92; Chicago Univ., '97; Columbia Univ., 

A.M. '06; attended Oxford Univ. (lectures), Eng- BA>:dY, JIary Albertson (Mrs. George A. 
land, 1905. Was instructor of History, Oxford Bandy), Hawarden, Iowa. 

(Ohio) Coll.; head of English dep't, Stanley Club president; b. Cook's Valley, Minn., Mar. 
Hall, Minneapolis, 1897-1904; head mistress Miss 22, 1874; dau. V/llliam and Eliza (Hancock) 
Caton's and Miss Wilson's School, N.Y. City, Albertson; ed. Volga, S. Dak.; m. Volga, S. Dak.. 
1906-08; instructor Brearley School since 1908. Mar. 28. 1900, George A. Bandy; children: Dorothy 
Owner and manager Green Gables Inn, Magnolia, Edna, William Arthur and Mary Elizabeth. Was 
Mass., 1910-12. Mean. Colonial Dames in State of nine years a school teacher prior to marriage. 
New York, the College Club, Boston; Nat. Presbyterian in name. New Thought in faith; 
Geogf^phic Soc. Episcopalian. mem. Woman's Missionary Soc. Mem. Twen- 

„., , , ,„ . . tieth Century Club; pres. Mother's Club. 

BANCKER, Mary WTiitaker (Mrs. G. Bancker), 

339 W. Twenty-third St., N.Y. City. BANG, Mary Phillips (Mrs. William F. Bang), 

Writer; b. Waverly, N.Y. ; dau. James and '7K' Russell St., Nashville, Tenn. 
Luclnda M. (Orser) Whitaker; ed. Waverly Born Mar. 7, 1849; dau. William and Sallie K. 
Academy; m. June 14, 1900. Gerard Bancker. (Hooper) PhUlips; grad. Packer Collegiate Inst, 
Eight years on the regular staff of N.Y. "66; one year at Nashville Female Acad.; m. 
Tribune; two years at Washington for N.Y. Nashville, Tenn., June 10, 1869, William F. 
Wcrld; syndicate writer for ten papers. Di- Bang; children: Nellie, Mary, Frances, Elizabeth, 
rector N.Y. City Fed. Hotel for Working Girls, Beulah, Lillian, Louise, Laura, William. Haa 
Patriotic Women of America. Favors woman oeen active in Sunday-school, Woman's For- 
suffrage; vice-leader of Seventh Assembly Dist. eign Missionary Soc.; active mem. W.C.T.U. 25 
Woman Suffrage Party, N.Y. City. Episco- years. Conducted a W.C.T.U. column (weekly) 
palian. Mem. Soc. of N.Y. State Women, Am. in Nashville, Tenn., five years. Favors woman 
Criterion Club, N.Y.; N.Y. Theatre Club, James suffrage; mem. Equal Suffrage League. Has 
Monroe P.elief Corps, Government Club, Current written many articles for press in behalf of va- 
Events Club, Post Parliament. rious reforms. Methodist. Pres. East Nashville 

W.C.T.U.; cor. sec. of State W.C.T.U.; mem. 
BANCROFT, Eleanor Stow, Rockefeller Inst. Exec. Board of Travelers' Aid Soc. Recreations: 
for Medical Pesearch, N.T. City. Gardening. Interested in reform and philan- 

Physiclan; b. California, June 2, 1874; dau. thropic work; appointed delegate to Southern 
James M. and Alice (Glass) Stow; ed. Cal. pub- Sociological Ckjnference at Atlanta', Ga. Directly 
lie schools. State Normal, San Jose, Medical instrumental in getting the age of consent for 
Dept. Univ. of California, 1896; mem. Alpha girls in Tennessee raised from 10 to 16 years In 
EpsUon Iota: m. San Francisco, Cal., Dec. 31, 1895. 
1900, Frank W. Bancroft; children; Frances S., 

James S., Martin F. Lecturer In hygiene and BANKS, Charlotte Mooney (Mrs. Charles E. 
medical examiner to women in Univ. of Calif., Banks), Falls City, Neb. 

1904-12. Teacher of voice, choral director; b. New 

Albany, Ind., 1847; dau. William and Charlotte 
BANCROFT, Emma Cooper (Mrs. William (Henry) Mooney (mother of the Patrick Henry 
Poole Bancroft), Wilmington, Del. family); ed. public and private schools 

Daughter James and -Lucy (Middleton) Cooper; Keokuk, Iowa, and Boston, Maes.; musical 
ed. Moses Brown School, Providence, R.I.; m. education In Boston; m. Chariton Iowa 1874 
Sharon Hill, Pa., Nov. 1, 1876, William Poole Charles Edwin Banks; children: Lilian Carrol! 
Bancroft; children: Sarah Bancroft Clark (Mrs. also Edwin H. (adopted in 1882). Was soloist 
Roger Clark, England), Lucy Bancroft Gillett for the old celebrated Mendelsohn Quintette 
(Mrs. Henry T. Gillett, England). Mem. Soc. Club at Boston, 1869-72. Contributor of short 
of Friends. stories and poems for various magazines and 

n < -vT^Dz-vE^ 1 I T7 wi. II cnn -r, I . T.T -o- pspers; has written articles on subjects of the 
BANCROFT, Jessie Hubbell, BOO Park Av., N.Y. day, such as Rights of the Child, pronunciations 
. ^■' ^ T%. . -nv • 1 rr. ■ I VI- '° singing; wrote daily descriptive articles of 

AssisUnt Director Physical Training, public the Worid's Jubilee, 1872, and a series of 
fo?.,°°l^ "^ ^.i^- 9'^?t' ^ Winona, Minn. Dec 20 mugjc letters in the Peoria Saturday Evening 
1867; dau. Edward Hall and Susan M (Hubbell) call, 1879-80. Mem. of Library Board; conducto? 
Bancroft; ed. State Normal School Winona, Falls City Chorus; pres. Missionary and Aid 
^J^^J^-l^^i^^^Po^i^ ^^^^l°{P}^y^l<^^\T^^'°S, Soc; mem. Sorosis Club; brought about the 
1889; Harvard Summer School of Physical Tram- organization of the Falls City Fed. of Women's 
ing;boiiorary diploma, Sargent Normal School clubs Recreations: Recitals, music entertain- 
of Physical Education, Cambridge, Mass Dl- ments. Baptist. Favors woman suffrage; was 
rector physical training public schools of Brook- active mem. in Montana, 
lyn, N.Y., 1893-1904; assistant director physical 

training, public schools of Greater N.Y., 1904. BANTiS, Elizabeth, care of Lyceum Club, 128 
Lecturer physical training, summer session, Piccadilly, London, England. 
Columbia Univ., 1901-06; Univ. of Utah, 1908. Journalist, author; b. Trenton, N.J. ; dau. 
Chairman Section of Physical Training, Brook- John and Sarah (Brlston) Banks; ed. Milw'aukee- 
lyn Institute of Arts and Sciences, 1893-98. Au- Downer Coll., Milwaukee. Began Journalism In 
thor: School Gymnastics, Freehand; School Gym- St. Paul; was sec. to Am. Minister to Peru: 
nasties with Light Apparatus; Games for the lived mostly in London since 1894; writes under 
Playground, Home, School and Gymnasium; own name and under nom-de-plume of "Mary 
Athletics for Girls; The Posture of Children, with Mortimer Maxwell," also "Enid" on London 
its Home Hygiene and New Efficiency Methods Referee. Works with various societies for pro- 
for School Training; articles on Games and tection of children and animals. Author: In Cap 
Physical Training in Encyclopedia Americana, and Apron; Campaigas of Curiosity; The Auto- 
and many miscellaneous articles. Protestant, biography of a Newspaper Girl; The Mystery of 
Mem. and ex-secretary Am. Physical Educators' Frances Farrington (novel); The Luck of the 
Ass'n; mem. A.A.A.S., Nat. Education Ass'n. Black Cat (short stories). Mem. Inst, of Jour- 
Physical Education Soc. of N.Y. City and nallsts. Incorporated Soc. of Authors Soc ot 
Vicinity; Public Education Ass'n N.Y. City. Women Journalists. Club: Lyceum. ' Recrert 
Recreations: Outdoor life; tramping, mountain tions: Playing with children, dogs and kitten*, 
climbing, horseback rising. Favors woman sut- Favors woman suffrage; mem. Women Writer^' 
tr%tie. ' Suffrage League, London. 



BAXKS, Florence S. WooUey (Mrs. William Ed- 
gar Banks), 2S1 Ryerson St.. Brooklyn, N.T. 
Bom Brooklyn, N.Y., Mar. 23, 1853; dau. Mil- 
ton and Hannah (Chivney) Woolley (descendant 
in tenth generation from Emanuel and Elizabeth 
Woolley, Quakers, who settled at Providence, 
R.I., in 1662); ed. in private school and acade- 
mies; grad. Bryant and Stratton Business Col- 
lege; Pratt Inst.; m. Brooklyn, Dec. 25, 1878, 
William Edgar Banks; children; Ursula Woolley 
(Mrs. Albert Shirls Williston), Augustine, Grace 
Adelaide, David Harold. In 1893 went into busi- 
ness of modiste and exhibited at World's Fair in 
Chicago, 1S93 (not now in business). Repub- 
lican. UniversaJist. Joined Order of the East- 
em Star 1895 and in 1900 instituted and organized 
.Aurora Grata Chapter No. 207. Appointed right 
worthy grand pres. Hall and Home Ass'n, O.E.S., 
1902. Enlisted as Red Cross nurse for late 
Spanish War under Clara Barton. Charter mem. 
George Washington Memorial Ass'n; mem. Am. 
Theosophical Soc, Brooklyn Woman's Animal 
Aid Ass'n, Utile Court of Royal and Exalted 
Order of Amaranth, Pratt Inst. Alumni, Bed- 
ford Political Equality League, Seminole Coun- 
cil, Daughters of Pocahontas; Red Hook Grange 
No. 918 of N.Y. State Patrons of Husbandry. 
Recreations: Travel and charitable work. 

BAJTNAN, Theresa, 503 Warren St., Syracuse, 


Physician; b. Bolivar, N.Y., May 5, 1868; dau. 
Edward and Anastasia (Nolan.) Bannan; ed. 
public schools; Syracuse Univ., Med. Coll. and 
Women's Med. Coll., N.Y. Infirmary, M.D. '90. 
Engaged in medical practice in Syracuse since 
1S90. Author: Pioneer Irish of Onondaga, 1911; 
also of medical papers, newspaper articles and 
short Doems. Obstetrician House of Good 
Shepherd ten years; public vaccinator four 
years. Catholic. Mem. Am. Med. Ass'n, N.Y. 
State Med. Soc., Onondaga Co. Med. Soc., City 
Acad., Woman's Med. Ass'n of N.Y. City and 
N.Y. State Professional Woman's League. Rec- 
reations: Out-door sports, modern languages, 

BANNrNG, Carrie B. Carpenter (Mrs. E. P. 

Banningl, ll'rt Kinnalrd Av., Fort Wayne, 


Physician; b. Phelps, N.Y., Feb. 11, 1857; dau. 
Calvin Hasleton and Jennette K. (DeLano) Car- 
penter; ed. private schools, Univ. of Wisconsin, 
B.S. (first honor); M.D. Cleveland Univ. of Medi- 
cine and Surgery (mem. Kappa Kappa Gamma) ; 
m. Feb. 11, 1879, E. P. Banning; children: Lydia 
J., Carina C, Florida J., J. Dahlgren. In gen- 
eral practice ten years; now limited to diseases 
for women and children and obstetrics. Mem. 
Baptist Church, Woman's Club League, Duo- 
decimo Club, D.A.R., and medical societies. 
Belongs to Woman Suffrage Party and is chair- 
man of her own ward. 

BA>'NrNG, Sarah Jane CMrs. Thomas A. Ban- 
ning), "Longacres," Robertsdale, Ala. 
Pecan orchard cultivator; b. Bowling Green, 
Ky., July 23, 1854; dau. Elijah M. and Elizabeth 
Ann (Shields) Hubbard; ed. Highland (Kan.) 
Coll., A.B., and studied music several years; m. 
Highland, Kan., Dec. 21, 1875, Thomas A. Ban- 
ning (now head of Banning & Banning, patent 
lawyers, Chicago); children: Samuel Walker, b. 
Nov. 16, 1878; Edith, b. Jan. 11, 1882; Helen Ruth, 
b. Dee. 16, 1S83 (died Oct. 15, 1899); Thomas A. 
Jr., b. April 12, 1886; Sarah Louise, b. June 25, 
1888; Dorothea Esther, b. Aug. 11, 1894. Taken 
by parents in 1856 to Kansas Territory, where 
they went t'j assist in a Presbyterian mission to 
the Iowa and Sock Indians, and her father later 
became member of the Legislature that made 
Kansas a State. Went to Chicago on marriage in 
1875; was there member of a Presbyterian 
Church, later removing to South Side and joining 
Congregational Church; active In missionary 
societies of both; mem. Corporate Board 
Y.W.C.A. and active in the early work, also in 
work of the Industrial School for Girls, Evan- 
ston. 111., and several years member Board of 
School of Domestic Arts and Sciences and other 
philanthropic organizations. Since 1905 has con- 
ducted and had sole active charge of her estate 

of "Longacres," an orchard of almost 2,(X)0 
choice pecan trees, 500 of which are just coming 
into bearing, carrying on their culture with the 
mc^st modern methods, also cultivating oranges, 
roses, etc. Chairman Woman's Com. of Nat. 
Nut-Growers' Ass'n (vice-pres. from 111.); mem. 
Alabama State Horticultural Soc. (mem. Exhibi- 
tion Com.); chairman Alabama Com. on Con- 
servation, Nat. Soc. D.A.R. ; mem. Nat. For- 
estry Ass'n. One of founders and now honorary 
life mem. the Travel Class, Chicago; active for 
20 years and now honorary life mem. ArchS Club, 
Chicago; mem. Chicago Woman's Club. Con- 
gregationalist. Strongly opposed to woman 
BARBER, Alice Sherman (Mrs. Joel Barber), 

Lake Geneva, Wis. 

Dentist; b. Eagle, Waukesha Co., Wis.; dau. 
William and Louisa (Parsons) Sherman; ed. State 
Normal School, Whitewater, Wis., 1878; Univ. of 
Mich., D.D.S., 1890; m. Lake Geneva, Wis., May 
14, 1S92. Joel Barber; one daughter: Caroline 
Elise Barber. Opened office In Lake Geneva, 
Aug. 1, 1890, and still practicing. Favors woman 

BARBER, Mary Saxt-on (Mrs. Marshall C. Bar- 
ber), 333 S. Market St., Canton, Ohio. 

Born Canton, Ohio, Dec. 15, 1848; dau. James 
A. and Katherine (Dewalt) Saxton; ed. Canton 
private school and at Brook Hall, Media, Pa., 
1868; m. Canton, August, 1873, Marshall C. Bar- 
ber; children: James S., b. Aug. 15, 1874 (died 
May 15, 1900); Mary, b. Feb., 1876; George S., b. 
Feb., 1878; John D., b. April, 1879; Ida McK., b. 
Jan., 1881; William McK., b. Dec, 1882; Kath- 
erine D., b. December, 1884. Identified with va- 
rious religious, social and philanthropic activi- 
ties. Presbyterian. Mem. Anti-Tuberculosis 
League, Consumers' League, Playground Ass'n, 
Associated Charities, Y.W.C.A.; charter mem. of 
Canton branch D.A.R. 
BARBOUR, Amy Louise, Lawrence House, 

Northampton, Mass. 

College instructor; grad. Smith Coll., A.B. 'Jl; 
scholar in classics, 1896-97, 1899-1900; fellow, 
1900-01: Yale, Ph.D. '02. Instructor Elizabeth 
Coll. (Marietta Coll.), Ohio, 1891-96; teacher of 
Latin, Hartford (Conn.) High School, 1897-98; 
Beacon School, 1898-99; instructor in Greek, 
Smith Coll., since 1901. Mem. Am. Philological 
Ass'n, Am. Archseological Institute. 
BARBOUR, Anna Maynard (Mrs. William 

James Barbour), 244 Townsend St., Roxbury, 

Boston, Mass. 

Author, deaconess; b. N.Y. City; dau. Fayette 
and Jane E. (Cutler) Maynard; m. St. Paul, 
Minn., 1893, William James Barbour. Author: 
Told in the Rockies, 1897; That Main-waring Af- 
fair, 1900; The Award of Justice, 1901; At the 
Time Appointed, 1903; Breakers Ahead, 1906. 
Episcopalian; deaconess in charge of House of 
Mercy, Boston, since 1907. 

B.ARBOUR, Anne Violet, care Mrs. T. O. Bar- 
bour. Sage College, Ithaca, N.T. 

Teacher; b. Richmond, Va., 1884; dau. Thomas 
Osmyn and Elizabeth (Hughes) Barbour; ed. the 
Girls' Classical School of Indianapolis, Ind. ; Cor- 
nell Univ., B.A. '06, M.A. '09; Alice Freeman 
Palmer Traveling Fellowship (Wellesley Col- 
lege) In 1911-12; President A. D. White Traveling 
FeUowship (Cornell Univ.), 1912-13 (Phi Beta 
Kappa, Alpha Phi). Has written articles and 
reviews in American Historical Review. Mem. 
Sc-rvico Club, Indianapolis; American Art Stu- 
dents' Club, Paris, France. Favors woman 
BARBOUR, Elizabeth Graeme, 1139 Fourth Av., 

Louisville, Ky. 

Teacher; ed. in Kentucky; grad. Central Univ. 
of Ky., B.S. '88; Bryn Mawr Coll., A.B. '99. 
Principal of private school, Richmond, Ky., 1889- 
93; teacher of Latin, English and German in 
York (Pa.) Collegiate School, 1896-97; English 
and Latin in Classical School for Girls, N.Y. 
City, 1S97-1900; Riverside School, N.Y. City, 
1900-01; Kentucky Home School, Louisville, 1901- 
02; teacher Latin, Girls' High School, Louisville, 
1902-04, and since 1904 head of English dep't In 



BABBOrB, Louise, Tudor Hall, 129 W. Twelfth 

St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Teacher; b. Cincinnati, O., Oct. 23, 1882; dau. 
Thomas Osmyn and Elizabeth (Hughes) Barbour; 
ed. Miss Jennie Ellett's School, Richmond, Va, ; 
Girls' Classical School, Indianapolis, 1901, with 
diploma and college certificate; Cornell Univ., 
A.B. '04 (Alpha Phi). Taught in Indianapolis 
public schools, 1904-06; head of mathematics and 
science in Tudor Hall, Indianapolis, 1906. Fa- 
vors woman suffrage. Mem. Players' Club and 
Contemporary Club of Indianapolis, Ass'n of 
Collegiate Alumns. 

BARCLAY, Portia Lomax (Mrs. John Anderson 

Barclay), Wharton, Tex. 

Born Haskell, Tex., Aug. 10, 1890; dau. Rich- 
ard Cooper and Martha (Crites) Lomax; ed. 
WLltis Preivaratory School, Austin, Tex. (di- 
PIohml) ; Newcomb Art School, New Orleans, La. ; 
OnlT. of Texas; mem. Chi Omega, Sigma Phi; 
m. Austin, Texas, June 7, 1911, John Anderson 
Barclay. Methodist. Sunday-school teacher; 
belongs to two clubs, social, one literary, music 
and art; Mutual Improvement Club of Wharton, 
Tex., and of the Civic Improvement League. 
Methodist. Mem. Home Mission Soc. Mem. 
Young Ladies' Bridge Club, United Daughters of 
the Confederacy. 

BABCCS, Betty Be^le (Mrs. J. S. Barcua), 205 W. 

Eighty-fifth St., N.Y. City. 

Born Indiana; dau. Jerod and Mary E. 
(Thomas) Tichenor; ed. Univ. of Mich., N.Y. 
School of Fine and Applied Arts; m. Terre 
Haute, Ind., 1884, J. S. Barcus. Writer of Pro- 
logue in Cosmo Collection and other short poems. 
Mem. League for Political Education; mem. and 
third vice-pres. of Woman's Auxiliary to the 
Rescue Work of the Salvation Army; chairman 
of one of the permanent committees of the aux- 
iliary; chairman Big Sister Com. In Daughters of 
Indiana. Mem. Univ. of Mich. Woman's Club, 
Home Progressive Club, the Alumnse Progressive 
Club (woman's), Daughters of Indiana in New 
York, City Fed. of Women's Clubs. Christian 
Scientist. National Progressive. Mem. Woman 
Suffrage Party, League for Equal Suffrage. 

BABEIS, Grace M., 201 W. 11th Av., Columbus, 


Educator; b. Canal Winchester, Ohio; dau. 
George F. and Amanda J. (Schoch) Barels; 
grad. Heidelberg Univ., Tiffin, Ohio, A.B. '97 
(first honor); graduate student Bryn Mawr Coll., 
1897-99; fellow in mathematics Ohio State Univ.. 
1906-08., Ph.D., 1909. Teacher of mathematics 
and science, Miss Roney's School. Philadelphia, 
1902-06; asst. prof, mathematics Ohio State Univ., 
1908—. Mem. Reformed Church. Mem. Mathe- 
matical Soc. Columbus Coll. Club; Woman's 
Club of Ohio State Univ. Favors woman suf- 

BABKER, Eliza Uarrlfl Lawton (Mrs. Richard 
Jackson Barker), The Outlook, Tiverton, R.I. 
Bom Tiverton, R.I.; dau. Moses Turner and 
Elizabeth (Tiliinghast) Lawton; ed. Bridgeport 
School, Tiverton and Vassar Coll.; m. Oct. 9, 
1873, Richard Jackson Barker; one son: Richard 
J. Barker Jr., b. May 22, 1875. Prominent in 
social life and in educational, patriotic, benevo- 
lent and literary work; mem. Board Directors 
R.I. Anti-Tuberculosis Ass'n; mem. Old Colony 
Historical Soc., Va. Soc. for Preservation of Va. 
Antiquities. Former vice-pres. Gen. Nat. Soc. 
D.A.R. (now honorary State Regent R.I. 
D.A.R.); mem. Colonial Dames; vice-pres. R.I. 
Inst, of Instruction; chairman Tiverton School 
Committee; R.I. State Regent Pocahontas Me- 
morial Ass'n; R.I. State pres. Women's Rivers 
and Hs'^ors Congress of the U.S.; mem. R.I. 
Sec. fcr Collegiate Education of Women; mem. 
I .ion Hospital Board and of Board of Women's 
College in Brown Univ. Author: Daughters of 
Liberty, and magazine and newspaper articles. 
Owner of very valuable collection of book plates. 
Mem. Civic Club of Fall River, Woman's Club 
a6d The Fortnightly Club; mem. Board Directors 
Women's Union, Women's Industrial Exchange 
Ot Fall River, Mass. Episcopal iiin. 

BABKEB, EUen Blackmar (Mrs. Albert 8. Bar- 
ker), 1716 N St., N.W., Washington. D.C. 
Author; b. West Springfield, Pa.; dau. John 
and Rebecca M. (Blackmar) Simmons; ed. E!din- 
bora. Pa.; m. (1st) 1879, Rev. Allen Maxwell 
(died 1890); (2d) 1894, Rear Admiral Albert S. 
Barker of the U.S. Navy. Author: The Bishop's 
Conversion; Three Old Maids in Hawaii; The 
Way of Fire. Writes under pen-name — "Ellen 
Blackmar Maxwell." 

BABKER, EUen Frye, 16 W. 109th St., N.Y. 


Writer; b. Fall River, Mass., Feb. 4, 1873; dau. 
Abram T. and Ellen Maria (Frye) Barker; ed. 
Cook's Collegiate Inst., Poughkeepsie, N.Y., 
Granger Place School, Canandaigua, N.Y., Wells 
Coll., Class of '90. Willard School, Berlin, Ger- 
many. Has lived two years in Elurope. a year in 
California, has traveled all over U.S. and CJan- 
ada, visited Bermuda. Nova Scotia and New 
Brunswick, and made a tour of the West Indies. 
Author: White Heather; also books of travel, 
biographies In Library of Inspiration and 
Achievement; short stories and children's stories. 
Compiler and publisher of Wells Coll. Calendar, 
writer of booklets and genealogies. Director 
Ybrad Mf'g Co. Episcopalian. Mem. Wells Coll. 
Alumnae; branch sec. Girls' Friendly Soc. of 
Church of the Ascension. N.Y. City; served as 
pres. Ladles' Board in Institution for Iniproved 
Instruction of Deaf Mutes. Recreations: Golf, 
horseback riding, boating. 

BABKER, Emma DeLand Dlnsmoor, 201 Maine 

St., Lawrence, Kan. 

Teacher.civil worker; b. Forestville, N.Y., Nov. 
9, 1851; dau. Benjamin F. and Harriet (Bowen) 
DeLand; ed. Ohio Wesleyan Univ.. Dela-ware, 
Ohio; m. 1st. Lawrence, Kan.. 1873. Frank F. 
Dinsmoor; 2d. Lawrence, Kan., 1897. George J. 
Barker; children: Paul Addison Dinsmoor, Kate 
E. Dinsmoor, Edna F. Dinsmoor Marshall, 
Frances F. Dinsmoor Storm. Mem. Athenaeum 
(local society of Ohio Wesleyan Univ.); has 
been member of School Board of Lawrence; 
organized Junior Civic League In Lawrence 
schools; sec. Lawrence Playground Ass'n; pres. 
Kan. 2d Dlst Federation of Women's Clubs; 
a director of Kan. State Fed. Women's Clubs; 
mem. Laivrence City Fed. Women's Clubs; 
mem. of a committee of Gen. Federation of 
Women's Clubs; vice-pres. Woman's Kansas 
Day Club; mem. Douglas Co. Suffrage Ass'n. 
Presbyterian. Republican (municipal). Pres. of 
Y.M.C. A. .Auxiliary, Social Circle of First Pres'by- 
terlan Church; mem. Social Service League, 
Civic League, Zodiac (literary) and Mlercoles 
(bridge whist) Clubs. 
BARKER, E. Nellie, Verona, N.Y. 

Teacher; b. Trenton, N.Y.. Nov. 16, 1879; dau. 
Byron and Anna L. (Perkins) Barker; grad 
Oneida High School 1897, Cornell Univ. 1902 
Taught In Ithaca High School 1906-09; returned 
for year 1911-1912; appointed to North High 
School, Syracuse. N.Y.. in 1912. Especially In- 
terested In biological work. Baptist. Recrea- 
tions: Tennis, basket ball. Mem. Sennlghtly 
Club of Cornell. Favors woman suffrage. 
BARKER, Frances Crosby Baifin«ton (Mrs. 

George Charles Barker). Manila, P.I. 

Educator; b. Mass.; grad. Smith Coll., B.L. '01; 
m. Manila. P. I.. George Charles Barker. Soon 
after graduation in 1901 went to the Philippine 
Islands, engaged as teacher, 1901-04; supervisor 
of primary schools for districts of Ermlta and 
Melate, 1904-05; principal of Normal Institute for 
^ative Teachers. Manila. 1904-05; tutor in Bos- 
ton, 1907; Instructor In Spanish, Smith Coll., 
January-June, 1908; returned to Philippines and 
since December, 1908. has been teacher of settle- 
ment training school. Manila. 

BARKER, Nellie Florence (Mrs. George J. 

Barker), 42 Prospect St., Waltham, Mass. 

Born Waltham, Mass.. Nov. 26, 1862; dau. Ben- 
jamin Franklin and Mary Ellen (Wallace) 
Clough; grad. with highest honors, Waltham 
High School, classical course (valedictorian) '81; 
not absent or late during seven years in gram- 
mar and high schools; m. Waltham, Oct. 38, 



1885, George Jenison Barker. Sec. of Charity 
Club since 1898; sec. Musical Club 1890-98, then 
its pres. 1898-1910. Past Matron of Electa Chap- 
ter No. 19, O.E.S., and Deputy Grand Matron for 
1912-13; chairman entertainment committee. Con- 
gregational Club 1911-1912-1913; treas. Tuesday 
Club. Favors woman suffrage. Episcopalian. 
Life mem. Am. Art Society; mem. Boston Brown- 
ing Soc, Waltham H.S. Alumni Ass'n, Auxiliary 
of Mass. Civil Service Reform, Leland Kome 
Ass'n, Hospital Aid Soc. Recreations: Travel- 
ing, opera. Mem. Waltham Charity Club; Wal- 
tham Tuesday Club (literary), Waltham Musical 
Club; Congregational Club (church entertain- 
ments); pres. Waltham Woman's Club, 1911-13; 
mem. The Rangers (travel and nature study). 
One of the Committee of 100 chosen for the 25th 
anniversary celebration of the city in 1909 (only 
few women on that committee). 

BABLOW, Alpha Winifred, 89 Bristol St., New 

Haven, Conn. 

Teacher; b. in Connecticut; grad. Smith Coll., 
B.S. '96; student of Biblical literature, Yale. 
1907-08, 1909-10. Teacher of English in Williams 
Memorial Inst., New London, Conn., 1896-98, 
1900-02; teacher of botany, Norwich Free Acad., 
1900; New Haven High School, 1902-04. Mem. 
Ass'n Collegiate Alumnae. 

BABLOW, Charlotte Emily (Mrs. F. J. Bar- 
low), Williamston, Mich. 

Born Colborne Harbor, Can., Apr. 19, 1855; 
dau. Allen Lindsay and Anne (Gallagher) Bris- 
bin; ed. in high school, Lansing, Mich., special 
training as teacher; m. Williamston, Mich., 1883, 
F. J. Barlow. Teacher for ten years in Lansing 
and Williamston, specializing in kindergarten 
work. Teacher in Sunday-school, interested in 
civic Improvement and charity; especially inter- 
ested in birds animals and art. Mem. Or<5er 
Eastern Star, Ladies' Aid Soc, Missionsjy Soc.: 
interested in study of mythology. Mem. Wil- 
liamston Woman's Club (has been pres., see. 
and several times delegate to State Federation). 
Recreation: Study of China, has a large collec- 
tion of pitchers and jugs. Baptist. Favors wo- 
man suffrage. 

BAKLOW, Kate Brown (Mrs. Harry N. Bar- 
low), 1005 O St., Washington, D.C. 
Born Howard Co., Md. ; dau. William and 
Mary A. (White) Hoslup; ed. privately at home, 
in Howard and Anne Arundell counties, Md. ; 
descendant in fifth generation from Capt. Charles 
Griffith, M.D., of Anne Arundell County; m. 
July 3, 1867, Harry N. BarloTV. Inspector for 
Board of Children's Guardians and interested in 
the condition of poor and destitute children. 
Author of poetry published in Washington Capi- 
tal and letters of travel in the Republic Maga- 
zine, 1884-85. Episcopalian; mem. of church 
societies. Mem. Monday Evening Club and of 
Conference of Charities and Corrections, Grand 

BARNARD, Marlon Harvie (Mrs. Harry E. 
Barnard), 5543 University Av., Indianapolis, 

Born Cheshire, England, 1875; dau. Thomas 
Harvie and Elizabeth (Watt) Harvie; ed. primary 
school, Cheshire, England; private school in 
Derbyshire, England; Garnethill School, Glas- 
gow, Scotland; Brown Univ. Ph.B. '01 (Phi Beta 
Kappa); m. Providence, R.I., 1901, Harry Everett 
Barnard; children: Harvie, Marion Elizabeth. 
Teacher, Providence, R.I., 1896-98. Interested In 
Household Economics Dept. of Indiana State 
Federation of Clubs; treasurer Indiana Equal 
Suffrage Ass'n; mem. Indianapolis Woman's 
Franchise League. Congregationalist. Mem. 
Irviugton Pareni-Teachers' Ass'n; pres. Irvington 
Woman's Council (a union of all the clubs of 
Irvington), and of Irvington Tuesday Club; mem. 
Irvington Woman's Club. 

BARNARD, Tb.erina Townsend (Mrs. E. L. 

Barnard), Rochelle Park, New Rochelle, N.Y. 

Born N.Y. City, April 14, 1875; dau. Edward 
and Adelaide L. (Turner) Townsend; ed. N.Y. 
Collegiate Inst; Smith C;oll., B.L. '97; m. N.Y. 
City, June 1, 1901, Everett Larkin Barnard; 
children: Lucy, Louise Townsend, Edward 

Townsend. Identified with various religious, 
social and philanthropic interests in N.Y. City. 
Favors woman suffrage. Elpiscopallan. Mem. 
Women's University Club of N.Y. City, Smith 
Club of N.Y. City, Women's Club, New Rochelle. 

BABNE8, Anna Maria, Summerville, S.C. 

Author; b. Columbia, S.C, 1857; dau. James 
Daniel and Henrietta (Jackson) Barnes; ed. in 
public schools in Atlanta, Ga. Editor of Young 
Christian Workers, publication of the Women's 
Board of Foreign Missions of the M.E. Church, 
South; writer of juvenile books and missionary 
stories. Author (pen-name "Cousin Annie"): 
A-chon-ho-ah; Carmio, Mexican Indian Captive; 
Children of the Kalahari; Chonita; Cousin An- 
nie's Library; David Livingstone; Ferry Maid of 
Chattahoochee; House of Grass; Izilda — Story of 
Brazil; Little Burden Shavers; Marti; Matou- 
chon; Ninito, Story of the Bible in Mexico; The 
Outstretched Hand; Scenes in Pioneer Methodism; 
Singing Will; Some Lovely Lives; Tatong, the 
Little Slave; An American Girl In Korea; The 
King's Gift; Lass of Dorchester; Laurel Token; 
Little Betty Blew; Little Lady of the Fort; 
Mistress Moppet; Red Mirrok; A Little Lady at 
the Fall of Quebec. 

BARNES, Frances Julia (Mrs. Willis A. Barnes), 

446 Central Park W., N.Y. City. 

Born Skaneateles, N.Y., April 14, 1846; dau, 
C. W. and Letitia (Willets) Allis; ed. Packer 
Coll. Inst., Brooklyn; m. N.Y. City, Sept. 21, 
1871, Willis A. Barnes. One of the early workers 
in W.C.T.U. as associate of Miss Frances Wll- 
lard, becoming the first secretary to Miss Willard 
and also of Chicago W.C.T.U.; became sup't of 
Y Dept World's W.C.T.U., 1891; now honorary 
sec. of same; pres. Loyal Legion Temperance 
Soc. of N.Y. Founded and edited Y Almanac, 
Mem. Orthodox Society of Friends (Elder); 
mem. Women's Foreign Missionary Alliance, 
Women's Sabbath Alliance. Favors woman suf- 
BARNES, Gertrude Jameson (Mrs. Henry A. 

Barnes), 1812 Emerson Av., South Minneapolis, 


Painter; b. Tyngsboro, Mass., Oct. 23, 1865; 
dau. Horatio and Sarah (Jameson) Jenkins; ed. 
private schools and Duval High School, Jackson- 
ville, Fla. ; Minneapolis School of Fine Arts; 
Cowles Art School, Boston; Art Students' 
League, N.Y. City; also student of W. L. 
Lathrop and C. H. Woodbury; m. Alexandria, 
Minn., Oct. 16, 1891, Henry A. Barnes; chil- 
dren: Philip Jameson, b. Mar. 30, 1894; Henry 
Lyman, b. Oct. 30, 1901. Prizes at Cowles Art 
School, Boston, 1886; Minneapolis, 1888; prize 
State Art Soc. Exhibition, 190-1, 1908, 1910, honor- 
able mentions. Favors woman suffrage. Congre- 
gationalist. Mem. Minneapolis Soc. of Fine Arts, 
Minn. State Art Soc, charter mem. Artists' 
League of Minneapolis. Recreations: Walking, 
tennis. Mem. Woman's Club of Minneapolis, 
Minikahda Club, (athletic and social). 

BARNES, Margaret Ayer (Mrs. Cecil Barnes), 

20 E. Goethe St., Chicago, 111. 

Born Chicago, April 8, 1886; dau. Benjamin F. 
and Janet (Hopkins) Ayer; ed. University School 
for Girls, Chicago, and Bryn Mawr Coll., A.B. 
'07; m. Chicago, May 21, 1910, Cecil Barnes; one 
son: Cecil Barnes Jr., b. 1912. 

BARNES, Sarah Short (Mrs. Chauncer Parker 

Bamea), Louisville, Ky. 

Born Paris, Ky. ; dau. James McVicker and 
Sarah Jane (Saunders) Short; ed. Oxford (O.) 
Coll.; mem. Philulethion sorority; m. 1887, 
Chauncey Parker Barnes. Principal of private 
school in Lexington, Ky., 12 years. Club woman. 
Recording sec and auditor for Gen. Fed. of 
Women's Clubs for 6 years; chairman of Voca- 
tional Training and Guidance in Gen. Fed. Op- 
posed to woman suffrage. Presbyterian. Mem. 
Monday Afternoon Club, Woman's Club of 
Louisville, Ky. 

BARNETT, Claribel Ruth, U.S. Department of 
Agriculture Library, Washington, D.C. 
Librarian; b. Kent, O., Mar. 26, 1872; dau. 

George and Lucina Deuel Baraett; grad. Unly. 



of Mich., Ph.B. '93. Engaged in library work from 
graduation. Librarian U.S. Dep't of Agriculture 
since 1907. Mem. Am. Library Ass'n. 

BABNETT, Evelyn Scott Snead (Mrs. Ira 

Sayre Barnett), Louisville, Ky. 

Author; b. Louisville, Ky. ; dau. Charles Scott 
Snead, and Martha (Raphael) Snead; ed. in pri- 
vate school and high school, with special courses 
in Neiw York and Boston; m. Louisville, Ky., 
June 8, 1886, Ira Sayre Barnett. Seven years on 
editorial staft of Courier-Journal, Louisville, as 
literary editor. Author: Jerry's Reward, 1903; 
Mrs. Delire's Euchre Party, 1905; The Dragnet 
(novel), 1909, and numerous short stories in first- 
class magazines. Mem. Woman's Club, Outdoor 
Art League, Alumnse Club. Authors' Psychic, 
and various small associations; worker for 
women suffrage In connection with suffrage club. 
Recreations: Making art-Jewelry and other 
branches of handicraft; autoing, painting. Epis- 
copalian. Mem. Colonial Dames, D.A.R. 

BABNETT, Leila Jefferson Harvie (Mrs. S. J. 

Barnett), 1634 Hell Av., Columbus, O. 

Born Amelia Co., Va., Jan. 4, 1873; dau. Wil- 
liam O. and Ann Maria (Jefferson) Harvie; ed. 
State Normal School of Va. ; Cornell Univ., A.B. 
'01 (Sigma Xi); m. Amelia Co., Va., July 30, 
1904, S. J. Barnett. Taught in the Va. Normal 
School; computer in Naval Observatory and 
Coast Survey; ass't to husband in his scientific 
research. Interested in Anti-Saloon League. 
Mem. Colonial Dames of America, Women's 
Faculty Club of Ohio State Univ., Ass'n of Col- 
legiate Alumnae. Recreations: Books, dancing, 
cards, gardening. Presbyterian. Favors woman 

BARNETT, Leila Sinclair Montague (Mrs. 

George Barnett), Navy Yard, Philadelphia, 


Born In Virginia; dau. Walter Powhatan and 
Lelia (Sinclair) Montague; ed. Normal Coll., 
N.Y. City (Training School Dep't); m. (1st) 
Basil Gordon of Virginia (died); (2d) (3olonel 
George Barnett, U.S.M.C; children: Basil Gor- 
don, b. Jan. 18, 1906; Lelia Sinclair (Jordon, b. 
Jan. 18, 1909; Anne Hamilton Gordon and Katha- 
rine Douglas Gordon (twins), b. June 24, 1911 
(Katharine died July 15, 1912). Interested in hos- 
pital an4 charitable work. Favors woman suf- 
frage. Episcopalian. Mem. Colonial Dames of Va., 
Army and Navy Relief, Jefferson Hospital, Wo- 
man's Auxiliary. Recreations: Riding, swim- 
ming, tennis, books, music, languages. Clubs: 
Chevy Chase, Roland Park Country. 

BARNEY, Margaret Higginson (Mrs. J. D. Bar- 
ney), 384 Commonwealth Av., Boston, Mass. 
Born Cambridge, Mass., July 25, 1881; dau. 
Thomas Wentworth and Mary Potter (Thacher) 
Hlgglnson; ed. private schools; m. Dublin, N.H., 
1305, Dr. James Dellinger Barney; children: 
Wentworth, Margaret Dellinger. Particularly 
Interested In the negro problem, woman suffrage 
and civic betterment. Favors woman suffrage. 
Unitarian. Recreations: Walking, music, books. 

BARNEY, Sarah L. W. (Mrs. Walter H. Bar- 
ney), 250 Washington Av., Providence, R. I. 
Bom Providence, R.I., Mar. 20, 1857; dau. Ezra 
Ide and Margaret (Lambert) Walker; grad. 
Providence High School, with diploma; m. June 
21, 1882, Walter H. Barney; one son: Walter H. 
Jr. Mem. R.I. Women's (ilub; assoc. mem. of 
Chopin Club of Providence; assoc. mem. Am. 
Whist League; first vice-pres. Woman's Whist 
League and been a director on its board of gov- 
ernment since 1899; one of directors of Homoeo- 
pathic Hospital of R.I. Aid Ass'n. Against 
woman suffrage. 

BARNTJM, Charlotte Cynthia, U.S. Dep't of 

Agrrlculture, Washington, D.C. 

Editor; b. PhilUpston, Mass., May 17, 1860; dau. 
Rev. Samuel Weed and Charlotte (Betts) Bar- 
num; ed. Vassar Coll. A.B. '81, Johns Hopkins 
Univ. 1890-92, Yale Univ. 1892-95, Ph.D. '95 in 
mathematics. Teacher: Stamford, Conn.; New 
Haven, Conn.; Smith Coll.; Carleton Coll. Com- 
puter: Yale Observatory; Dana's Mineralogy; 
Mass. Mutual Life Ins. Co.; Fidelity Mutual Life 
Ins. Co.; U.S. Naval Observatory; and 1901-08 

US. Coast and Geodetic Siirvey. Engaged aa 
editorial worker on Webster's International Dic- 
tionary, 1886-90 and 1897, and at various times on 
books by Carnegie Institution of Washington. 
Since 1908 editor of publications of the Biological 
Survey, U.S. Dept. of Agriculture; contributor to 
periodicals and books of reference. Volunteer 
worker in the Associated Charities. Congrega- 
tionalist. Mem. Am. Mathematical Soc, Nat. 
Conference of Charities and Correction, fellow 
A.A.A.S.; mem. Ass'n of Coll. Alumnae, Mon- 
day Evening Club. 

BARNUM, Mary G. (Mrs. O. Shepard Barnum). 

1500 S. FIgueroa St., Los Angeles, Cal. 

High school principal; b. Grinnell, Iowa, 1869; 
dau. Quincy Adams and Ann (Wilmarth) Gil- 
more; grad. Los Angeles High School '88 and 
Univ. of California, B.L. '94; did graduate work 
in Univ. of Cal., 1895; Radcliffe, 1896 (Phi Beta 
Kappa, Univ. of Cal.); m. 1897, O. Shepard Bar- 
num, M.D. In teaching profession since 1898; 
instructor in English, State Normal School of 
Los Angeles, 1899-1904; principal Cumnock Acad- 
emy, 1904-12; pres. Dept. of School Patrons of 
the Nat. Education Ass'n 1910-12; chairman 
Dept. ef Education of Gen. Federation of 
Women's Clubs; chairman Pacific Coast Terri- 
torial Committee of the Nat. Board of Y.W.C.A. 
Mem. D.A.R. , Ass'n Coll. Alumnae, Order of the 
Eastern Star, Friday Morning Club of Los An- 
geles, Civic Ass'n, Galpin Shakespeare Club and 
Woman's Progressive League (political). 

BARR, Amelia Edith, Cherry Croft, Cornwall- 

on-Hudson, N.Y. 

Writer; b. Ulverston, Lancashire, Eng. ; dau. 
Rev. William Henry and Mary (Singleton) 
Huddleston; ed. In private schools In Penrith, 
Ripon and elsewhere, and in Normal Coll., Glas- 
gow, Scotland; m. in Kendal Parish Church, 
Westmoreland, July 11, 1850, Robert Barr, son of 
Rev. Dr. Barr; children: Mary, Eliza, Edith, 
Calvin, Alice, Alexander, ^^.Luel, Andrew and 
Archibald. Came to America Sept., 1853; lived in 
Texas, 1856-68 at Austin and Galveston. Husband 
and three sons died in Galveston, 1867, of yellow 
fever; came to New York, 1868; began to write 
1870. Author: Jan Vedder's Wife; Bow of Orange 
Ribbon; The House on Cherry Street; The 
Strawberry Handkerchief; The Maid of Maiden 
Lane; Trinity Bells; The Lion's Whelp; Friend 
Olivia Bernicia; Prisoners of Conscience; Souls 
of Passage; Heart of Jessie Laurie; Shlela Ved- 
der, and about 50 others. Favors woman suffrage 
with restrictions as to uneducated women. 
Episcopalian. Recreation: Music, the organ. 

B.4RR, Annie Leonora, 39 Church St., Belfast. 


Librarian; b. Belfast, Me., May 18, 1876; dau. 
Thomas Dyson and Mary (Speed) Barr; grad. 
from Belfast High School, 1894, aad Welles- 
ley Coll., A.B. '99. Teacher of Latin, Belfast 
High School; ass't librarian Belfast Free Li- 
brary; librarian Belfast Free Library since 1907. 
Interested in Art Class, History Club, Traveler's 
Club. Mem. Am. Library Ass'n, Maine Librarian 
Ass'n. Universalist. 

BARR, Clara L. (Mrs. George T. Barr), Ontario, 


Bom Sterling, Mass., Jan. 22, 1851; dau. Caleb 
Dal ton and Abigail (Newhall) Hersey; ed. State 
Normal School, Mankato, Minn. ; m. Mankato, 
Minn., June 24, 1873, George Tlllotson Barr; 
children: Mary Edna, b. July 20. 1874; Nellie, b. 
Oct. 1, 1875. Pres. of local charity society in 
aid of Bethlehem Institutional Church of Los 
Angeles, wltli special work among Russian and 
Polish immigrants. Favors woman suffrage. 
Universalist. Republican. Mem. Current Events 
Club, Gen. Woman's Club (ex-pres.); philan- 
thropy chairman Southern Cal. district; mem. 
Ramblers Club (ex-pres.). Teacher for several 
years in high school; for a time worked In Los 
Angeles College Settlement. 

BARR, Katharine Louise Kennedy (Mrs. John 
H. Barr), Euclid Hall, Eighty-sixth St. and 
Broadway, N.Y. City. 
Born Milton, Vt., Jan. 31, 1863; dau. Jamea 

Anthony and Caroline Rachel (Olds) Kennedy; 



ed. Minn, public schools; Univ. of Minn., A.B. 
'83; CorneU Univ., graduate sLudent (Kappa 
Kappa Gamma) ; m, Minneapolis, June 4, 1884, 
John H. Barr; one son: John Henry Barr Jr., 
b. 1890. Mem. Central N.Y. Ass'n of Ckillegiate 
Alumnas and Cornell Univ. Alumnae. Unitarian. 
Favors woman surage. 
BARBANGON, I.ncy Eloise Lord, 4 Sanderson 

Av., Northampton, Mass. 

Teacher; b. Northampton, Mass., Dec. 31, 1876; 
d*u. Joseph Leander and Lucy Maria (Meech) 
Lord; ed. public schools of Northampton, Mass., 
Smith Coll., A.B. 1900; graduate study. Smith 
Coll., 1900-01 and 1908;. (Greek Club); m. Farm- 
Ington, Conn., Dec. "V, 1902, Emile Barrangon; 
children: Maurice Barrangon, b. Nov. 22, 1903; 
Eloise Barrangon, b. Jan. 16, 1908. Prof. Greek 
and philosophy, Meredith Coll., Raleigh, N.C., 
1901-02; tutor and substitute teacher, Northamp- 
ton, Mass., 1903—; reader in Dep't of History 
of Art, Smith Coll., 1908—. Baptist. 
BASKET, Gladys Hermlone Gitttngrs (Mrs. 

Cecil Barret), 70 W. 55th St., N.Y. City. 

Born Baltimore, Md., July 7, 1888; dau. John 
Sterett and Roealle (May) Gittings; m. Balti- 
more, April 29, 1911, Cecil Barret of N.Y. City; 
one daughter: Audrey. Interested in various 
religious charities. Catholic. Mem. Colonial 
Dames of America (Chapter 1). Recreations: 
Swimming, tennis, riding. 
BABBETT, Daisy Adelaide, Chattanooga, Tenn. 

Secretary Department of Education; b. Win- 
chester, Tenn., Sept. 18, 1872; dau. Albert T. 
Barrett, educator, and Kate C. (Stanton) Barrett; 
ed. Mary Sharp Coll., Winchester, Tenn., and 
Wellesley Coll. Sec. of Dep't of Education, 
Chattanooga, Tenn., since 1893. Interested in his- 
torical research work, humane work; honorary 
mem. Tenn. State Historical Soc. Wrote paper: 
Brainerd Indian Mission, for the State Historical 
Soc. of Tenn.; has written papers for newspaper 
publication filed in D.A.R. and State Historical 
Soc. records. Mem. Chickamauga Chapter 
D.A.R. , Nat. Geographical Soc., Chattanooga 
Humane Soc., Mary Sharp College Student Ass'n. 
BABBETT, Ella Teresa, 44 Caroline St., Albion, 


Teacher; b. Albion, N.Y., Jan. 7, 1867; dau. 
James Edward and Margaret (Lyons) Barrett; ed. 
Albion High School, Cornell Univ., B.L. '90 
(mem. Kappa Alpha Theta). Has taught for 
13 years in home town. Mem. Western N.Y. 
Modem Language Ass'n, Ass'n Coll. Alumnse of 
Western N.Y., Alumnas High School Ass'n, His- 
torical Conversation Club of Albion. Roman 
Catholic. Recreations: Society events, also 
athletic games, baseball, etc. 
BABBETT, Kate Waller (Mrs. Robert South 

Barrett), 408 Duke St., Alexandria, Va. 

Phy«iclan, sociologist, humanitarian; b. Jan. 24, 
1859, at Clifton, Stafford Co., Va., where for more 
than two hundred years her paternal ancestors 
lived; grad. from Arlington Inst, (classmate with 
Mrs. General Fitzhugh Lee); grad. Woman's Med. 
Coll. of Ga., M.D.; degree of D.Sc. conferred for 
special Bcientittc work; m. Robert South Barrett, 
D.D., rector Christ Church, Richmond, Va., 
afterward dean of St. Luke's Cathedral, Atlanta, 
Ga. Pres. Nat. Florence Crittenton Mission; 
pres. Nat. Council of Women of the U.S.; mem. 
Geog. Soc, Nat. Conference of Charities and Cor- 
rection, D.A.R. ; pres. Mothers Congress of Vt. ; 
ex-comm'r Va. Conference Charities and Correc- 
tion. Writer of magazine articles on sociological 
and scientific subjects, particularly in regard to 
women and children. 
BABBETT, Mary Fran; Jin, 19 Elm St., Bloom- 

neld, N.J. 

Teacher; b. Bloomfleld, N.J., Aug. 25, 1879; dau. 
Halsey M. and Mary Lucy (Coe) Barrett; grad. 
Miss To-wnsend's School, Newark, N.J., '97, 
Smith Coll., B.L. '01, Columbia Univ., A.M. '05, 
took various summer courses. Teacher Verona 
(N.J.) High School, 1904; Randolph-Pond School, 
N.T. City, 1905-06; instructor in botany, Welles- 
ley Coll., 1906-08; associate Instructor in nature 
stndy. State Normal School, Upper Montclair, 
N.J., 1908—. Author: Leaf-key to Deciduous 

Trees of N.J. Presbyterian. Mem. Am. Nature 
Study Soc, Torrey Botanical Club (N.Y. City). 
Opposed to woman suffrage. 

BABRINGEB, Emily Dunning, 828 West End 

Av.. N.T. City. 

Physician and surgeon; b. Scarsdale, N.Y. ; 
dau. Edwin J. and Frances (Gore) Dunning; ed. 
Miss Brackett's private school for girls, Cornell, 
B.S. '97; Cornell, M.D. '01; took second price, 
$100, in medical school (mem. Kappa Kappa 
Gamma); m. Dr. Benjamin Stockwell Barringer; 
one son: Benjamin Lang Barringer. Won posi- 
tion on house staff of Gouverneur Hospital by 
competition examination, and served a two years' 
course in the hospital, being the first woman 
ambulance surgeon in N.T. Protestant. Mem. 
of N.T. Acad, of Medicine, Eastern Med Soc., 
Women's Univ. Club, Cornell Women's Club. 
Interested in suffrage; mem. Woman's Self-Sup- 
porting League. Attending surgeon to N.T. In- 
firmary for Women and Children; attending 
physician to Hebrew Technical School for Girls. 

BARRON, Jane Carson (Mrs. Amos N. Barron), 
1912 E. Seventy-first St., Cleveland, O. 
Metal work and enamels; b. Cleveland, O., 
Jan. 26, 1879; dau. James W. and Mary (McMil- 
lan) Carson; ed. School of Drawing and Paint- 
ing, Boston Museum of Fine Arts, and the Amy 
Sacker School of Design (Thayer prize, Boston 
Museum, 1900); m. Cleveland, 0., Feb. 11, 1908, 
Amos N. Barron. Awarded silver medal for 
jewel setting and enameling on metal, St. Louia 
Exposition; received commendation for exhibits 
in Jewelry Dep't of Arts and Crafts Exhibition, 
held in Boston, 1907. Mem. Board of the Still- 
man Witt Boarding Home. Against woman suf- 
frage. Mem. Boston Soc. of Arts and Crafts 
(master). Recreations: Golf, automobiles. 

BARRON, Mary Butler (Mrs. Frederick Bar- 
ron i. The Manse, Elkins, W.Va. 
Bom Augusta, Ga., 1873; dau. Captain Oliver 
Nathaniel and Mary (Spence) Butler; ed. pri- 
vate schools at Baltimore and Dobbs Ferry-on- 
Hudson; m. Baltimore, 1982, Frederick Barron, 
D.D.; children : Mary Spence and James (died), 
b. 1903; Frederick Minto, b. 1909; William Wal- 
lace, b. 1911. Vice-pres. Missionary Soc, sec. 
Ladies' Aid; mem. T.M.C.A. Auxiliary. Presby- 
terian. Recreations: Tennis, swimming, horse- 
back riding, acting. Mem. EJmpty Stocking Club; 
pres. Sewing Club. 

BARROW, Elizabeth N., Skaneateles, N.T. 

Writer; b. Skaneateles, N.T., Oct, 1869; dau. 
George and Caroline M. (Tyler) Barrow; ed. at 
home. Interested in Social Service Progress 
work. Favors woman suffrage. Author: The 
King Rivals; The Fortune of War; also transla- 
tions and magazine contributions. Recreations: 
Tennis, rowing, fishing. 

BARROW.S, Alice Prentice, 40 W. Thirty-second 

St., N.Y. City. 

Social investigator, teacher; b. Lowell, Mass., 
Nov. 15, 1878; dau. Charles Dana and Marlon 
(Merrill) Barrows; grad. Vassar Coll., A.B. 
Teacher English, Packer Collegiate Inst., 1901-03; 
teacher English, Ethical School, N.T. City, 1903- 
04; teacher of English, Vassar Coll., 1904-08; 
grad. fellow English, Columbia Univ. ; social in- 
vestigator, Russell Sage Foundation, 1909-11; 
director Vocational EMucation Survey since 1911. 
Favors woman suffrage; mem. Woman Suffrage 
Party, N.T. City; Collegiate Equal Suffrage 
League. Author: How Women Learn the Milli- 
nery Trade; The Dangers and Possibilities of 
Vocational Guidance; An Interpretation of Voca- 
tional Guidance; The Preliminary Report of the 
Vocational Guidance Survey. 

B.iBBOWS, Anna, Huntington Chambers, Bos- 
ton, Mass., or Fryeburg, Me. 
Teacher of domestic science; b. Fryeburg, Me. ■ 
dau. George Bradley and Georgiana (Souther) 
Barrows; ed. Fryeburg Acad.; Boston Cooking 
School (diploma), '86. Teacher North Bennett St. 
Industrial School, Boston, 1886-91; School of 
Domestic Science, Boston T.W.C.A., 1891-95; 
Lasell Sem., 1891-1900; Robinson Sem., Exeter, 
N.H., 1895-1905. Lecturer In domestic sclejice. 


Extension teaching, Columbia Unir., 1905—; three and one-halt years; woman assistant In 

instructor, Teachers College, 1907—; lecturer MiddletoT^rn State Homoeopathic Hospital seven- 

betore schftols, clubs, New England, New York, teen years; now has home for mental invalids 

Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Illinois, Minnesota, at Pelham, N.Y. Author: Nursing the Insane; 

West Virginia; director of School of Cookery, contributor to various literary and medical pub- 

Chautauqua, N.Y., 1900—. Mem. Boston School llcatlons. 
Com., 1900-03; Household Economics Com., Gen. 

Fed. of Women's Clubs, 1904-06, and 1910—. Au- BABBY, EmUy 8. (Mrs. Lyman F. Barry), 

thor: Eggs, Home Science Cook Book (with Mary Marie Antoinette Hotel. N.Y. City (summer, 

J. Lincoln); Principles of Cookery (bulletins for South Nyack, N.Y.). 

U.S. Dep't Agriculture). Mem. New England Bom N.Y. City, Sept 1, 1845; dau. William S. 

Women's Press Ass'n, Twentieth Ontury Club, and Anna Marie (Onderdonk) Walt; m. N.Y. 

Boston. RecreaUon: Gardening. Congregation- City, June 23, 1866, Lyman Frank Barry; chil- 

alist Favors woman suffrage. dren: Robert Alexander, b. 1867; Emma L., b. 

1869; Frank Gibbud, b. 1871. Interested In the 
BABBOW8, Enlalle A. (Mrs. Frank Lyman Women Auxiliary in rescue work. Mem. May- 
Barrows), 12 Nineteenth Av., Duluth, Minn. flower Soc., D.A.R., Andrew Jackson Chapter 
Bom Cambridge, Mass. ; dau. Samuel A. and Daughters of 1812, Nat. Soc. New England Wo- 
Anne (Page) Bent; grad. Cambridge High men, Nat. Soc. Patriotic Women of America, 
School; special student Harvard Annex for two Am Criterion Soc., William Lloyd Garrison 
years; m. Milwaukee Wis., Oct. 16, 1890, Frank Equal Rights Ass'n, Stony Wold Auxiliary No. 1, 
Lyman Barrows; children: Margaret Fuller, Little Mothers' Aid Ass'n, Mozart Musical Soc., 
Kenneth Campbell, Lyman. Organizer of Neigh- Cily Fed. of Women's Clubs, Minerva. Presby- 
borhood House (a social centre), and for many terian. Favors woman suffrage, 
years at Its head In Duluth, Minn. Pres. two 

years, vlce-pres. five years Twentieth Century bAKBY, Lily Emily P'rances, The Richmond, 86 

Club, Duluth; serving second two years' term union Av., Montreal, Can. 

as treas. Minn. Fed. of Women's Clubs. Uni- Writer, painter; b. Montreal, Canada, fourth 

tarian. Favors woman suffrage. daughter of James and Catherine M. Barry( un- 

^•«^««To . .. > .r,i. • ,-.» c , T mixed Irish descent on both sides); ed. Convent 

BABROWS, Isabel Chapin (Mrs. Samuel June ^j ^^^^^ j^^^^ ^^ ^^^^.^ Cceur, Ottawa (grad. 

Barrows) Croton, Hudson N.Y. ^^^ winner of Governor General's silver medal 

Journalist; b. Irasburg, Vt. ; dau Henry Hay f^j. general proficiency); matriculated at McGill 

(of Perth, Scotland) and Anna (Gibb) Hay (of ^^^^ followed three years' couFse at Ottawa 

Banff, Scotland): ed. Adams and Pinkerton ^j.^ school, studied painting and modeling in 

Academies, Derry, N.H.; Unlvs. of Vienna, Aus- Montreal. Joined editorial staff Collier's Weekly, 

tria and Leipzig, Germany; medical studies in 1893,95. mem. editorial staff Montreal SUr, 1896- 

N.Y. and abroad, degree of M.D. ; m. (1st) 1863, ^[,09. ^^^^^^ ^g^^g engaged in antl-tuberculosls 

A. W. Chapin (died in India, 1867); (2d) Samue campaign conducted by Royal Edward Inst., 

June Barrows, N.Y. City; one daughter: Mabel Montreal, of which she is a mem. of board of 

Hay (now Mrs. H. R. Mussey), b. 1873. As management; honorary sec. Publication (3om. 

stenographer, first woman to be employed in g^^j j;fg governor, also private sec. to the pres., 

Dep't of State^ Washington; acting private sec Ljgut.-Col. J. H. Buriand. Exhibitor of portraits 

pro tem for W. H. Seward, Sec. of State; first ^^^ landscapes in oil; went to Paris, 1900, as 

woman oculist In the country, after completing special staff correspondent of Montreal Star, 

studies in Vienna. Editor for 25 years of Nat. A.uthor- In Paths of Peace (essays); writes 

Conference of Charities and Correction, also Nat. djiefly for newspapers, short stories, verses. 

Prison Ass'n, also Lake Mohonk Conferences for j^em Art Ass'n of Montreal Woman's Cana- 

mauy years; department editor The Survey; edi- ^^^^ ' Qiyj,_ Recreations: Sketching, skating, 

torlal contributor to Independent, Outlook, etc. „qjj Roman Catholic 
Favors woman suffrage. For 16 years editor of 

Christlin Register of Boston. Author: The bABBY, Maggie WUkins Hill (Mrs. F. G. 
Shaybacks in Camp; A Sunny Life, the biography Barry), North Texas Coll., Sherman, Tex. 
of Samuel June Barrows. Editor: Fifty Years of Teacher lecturer and reader; b. Palo Alto, 
Prison Service; Theodore Parker's West Rox- Q^^y q^^ Mississippi; dau. Dr. S. Van Dyke Hill 
bury Sermons; has done much work for liberal j^^j Jenny Calvert Hill; ed. Tuscaloosa Female 
papers, and written various arUcles on prison Q^n., Murfreeboro Institute, A.M., special stu- 
subjeets lor European magazines. Unitarian, ^gnt of literature, ancient and modern languages 
Progressive Republican. Mem. Sociological ^n(j dramatic expression under Miss Julia Tut- 
AB,s'n. Recreations: Rowing, swimming, horse- -y^-eiier, Mile. Marie du Minil, Thfeatre Frangaise, 
back riding, walking. Paris, and Countess Llda von Krockow, Dresden; 
BABBOWS, Mary, Huntington Chambers, Bos- m- Macon, Miss., Oct. 1, 1891, Hon F.G. Barry; 
ton Ma^s daughter: Jenny Hill Barry, b. 1896. Head Dep t 
Publisher'; b. Fryeburg, Me.; daa. George °! English, North Texas Coll and Kidd-Key 
Bradley and Georgiana (Souther) Barrows; ed. Conservatory, Sherman Tex Active In educa- 
Wellesley, B.A. '90 (Zeta Alpha). Church news 'lonal work of the State; chairman Education 
editor of The Congregationalist, 1892-94; ass't D^P ' of Texas, Federation of Women s Clubs, 
editor Am. Kitchen Magazine, 1894-1304. Mem. and mem. Educational Commission of Conference 
firm of Whitcomb & Borrows publishers, 1904. f?^ EducaUon in Texas. A chairman of School 
Favors woman suffrage; mem. Mass. Woman Health Com. Dep t of School Patrons. N.E. A., 
Suffrage Ass'n, College Equal Suffrage League, fl^^ investigated and submitted report on instruc- 
Congregational St. Mim. Ass'n Collegiate Alum- "on m personal and sex hygiene in normal 
nae Home Economics Ass'n. Cl^s: Boston 5,'=^°°1|; ^>'=f:=^'^':™4° ''^.^%\°^ f^,"'^''°°^ 
WPiipqiP.v niversitv Gen. Federation of Women's Clubs. Introduced 
weiiebiey, uiverbit/. ^^^ Social Centre movement into the Southwest. 
BABBOWS, Mary Livermore Norrls (Mrs. Mai- Author of series of studies in Shakespearian 
colm Dana Barrows), 1867 Beacon St., Brook- tragedy and comedy. Clubs: Kidd-Key Shake- 
lino, Mass. speare Club, Civic League, Sherman, Texas. Rec- 
Bom Melrose, Mass., June 30, 1877; dau. John reations: Music and general educational work. 
Oscar and Henrietta White (Uvermore) Norris; Favors woman suffrage, 
ed. Wellesley Coll., B.A. '98; previously at How- 
ard Sem., West Bridgewater Mass.; m. Mel- BABBYMOBE, Ethel (Mrs. Russell G. Colt), 
rose, Mass., July 1, 1901, Malcolm Dana Bar- 46 E. Thirty-fourth St., N.Y. City. 
rows; one son: Malcolm Dana Jr., b. 1911. Mem. Actress: b. Philadelphia, Pa., Aug. 15, 1879; 
Howard Seminary Club, College Club, Boston dau. Maurice and Georglna (Drew) Barrymore; 
Wellesley Club Unitarian ed. Convent of Notre Dame, Philadelphia; m. 

Mar. 19, 1909, Russell G. Colt. First appearance 

BABBUS, Clara, 424 Seventh Av., Pelham, N.Y. on stage was in 1895 at Empire Theatre, N.Y. ; 

Physician; b. Port Byron, N.Y.; ed. Port Byron played leading parts both in N.Y. City and Lon- 

Acad. ; grad. '84 Boston Univ. School of Medicine, don; was with her uncle, John Drew, in thla 

M.D. '88. Engaged In general practice in Utlca country, and Henry Irvlng's Co. in London 



BABSTOW, Clara Genrlsh (Mrs. Donald McLean 
Barstow), 675 Congress St., Portland, Me. 
Dancing teacher; b. Saco, Me., Feb. 10, 1879; 
dau. Charles Oliver and Julia Perkins (Jordan) 
Gerrish; grad. Smith Coll., B.L. '02; Gilbert 
Summer Normal School of Dancing, '09; Faul- 
haber Summer Normal School of Dancing, '11; 
m. Portland, Me., July 30, 1904, Donald McLean 
Barstow, M.D. Mem. the Colonial Dame^ of the 
SUte of N.Y., Alumnse Ass'n of Smith Coll., 
College Club, Boston. Favors woman suffrage. 

BABTELME, Mary M., Cook County Court 

House, Chicago, III. 

Lawyer; m. Chicago, 111.; ed. Cook County 
Normal School; taught school for eight years, 
then studied law, becoming student in Law 
School of Northampton Univ., grad LL.B., and 
admitted to bar of Illinois by the Supreme Court; 
admitted te practice also in U.S. courts, 1899. 
Early in legal career was appointed by Probate 
Judge Christian C. Kohlsaat to investigate mat- 
ters connected with Juvenile estates; appointed, 
1898, by Gov. Tanner, public guardian of Cook 
County, in which office she made such a record 
that she has been reappointed by each succeed- 
ing Governor. Appointed by the Juvenile C»urt 
of Cook County to hear testimony in cases 
against girls and report her findings and recom- 
mendations to the court for action, and in that 
capacity has heard and practically determined 
many ca^es. The separation of this division. In 
which the evidence is heard and disposition of 
cases Is made by a woman, has been found very 
effective In securing reformation and improve- 
ment in delinquent girls. She also has a pri- 
vate practice; was first woman honored by being 
Invited to address the Illinois Bar Ass'n at an 
annual meeting. Favors woman suffrage and 
was president of Chicago Suffrage Club, 1907. 
-Mem. Chicago Woman's Club; pres. Chicago 
Business Women's Club; mem. Civic Club. 

BAJBTHOLOMEW, Ethel Hague (Mrs. Niles C. 

Bartholomew), 36 Highland Av., Buffalo, N.Y. 

Born Albany, N.Y., July 28, 1866; dau. William 
Wilberforce and Sarah Wilcomb (Crockett) 
Hague; grad. Vassar Coll., A.B. '89; m. Niles 
Cheney' Bartholomew, lawyer; children: Ruth, 
Donald Hague. Engaged in city missionary 
work at Ruggles St. Baptist Church, Boston, 
1895-96; pres. Board of Managers and chairman 
House t^mmittee of the College Creche, Buffalo, 
N.Y. Mem. Ass'n of Collegiate Alumnae, Ameri- 
can Peaite and Arbitration Soc. Against woman 
suffrage until such time as an educational quali- 
fication lor both men and women shall be 

BARTLETT, Alice Elinor ("Birch Arnold"), 
1796 Vinewood Av., Detroit, Mich. 
Author; b. Delavan, Wis., Sept. 4, 1849; dau. 
Joseph Bowne and Sophronia E. (Braley) Bowen; 
ed. Univ. of Wis.; m. Leavenworth, Kans., Sept. 
28, 1876, J. M. D. Bartktt; children: Donald 
Bowen, Faith Alice (Mrs. Morse). Was six years 
with Chicago Herald, three years with Chicago 
Chronicle, four years Detroit Journal and writer 
of specials for numerous other papers and maga- 
zines; dramatic reader, often giving own poems 
in public. Author: Until the Daybreak, 1877; A 
New Aristocracy, 1888; The Spirit of the Inland 
Seas, 1901; The Mystery of the Monogram, 1904; 
Birch Leaves, 1905; The Individual (in prepara- 
tion); also much verse and prose in newspapers 
and periodicals. First pres. Detroit Press Club 
(served five years) ; mem. Mich. Woman's State 
Press Ass'n, Wolverine Press Club, Nat. Press 
Ass'n. Recreations: Traveling, painting, sculp- 
ture. Congregationalist. Favors woman suf- 
frage. Democrat. 

BABTLETT, Amanda S. (Mrs. George H. B. 

Bartlett), Gaithersburg, Md. 

Born Laytonsvllle, Md. ; dau. Ulysses and Julia 
(Riggs) Griffiths; ed. at home by tutors and gov- 
ernesses; m. Baltimore, Md., Nov. 15, 1S72, 
George H. B. Bartlett; children: Vashtl R., 
Alice Rlggs, G. Bumap, Harry G. Protestant 

BARTLETT, Dora Tripp (Mrs. Frederic Clay 

Bartlett), 2901 Prairie Av., Chicago. 

Bom White Plains, N.Y., Oct 7, 1879; dau. 
Daniel J. and Lucie (Sutherland) Tripp; ed. by 
German governess at home; studied at Munich 
and Paris (Viti School); m. White Plains, Oct. 4, 
1898, Frederic Clay Bartlett; one son: Frederic 
Clay. Mem. Board of Chicago Home for the 
Friendless. Antiquarian Soc. of the Art Institute, 
Woman's City Club ol Chicago, Legal Aid Soc, 
Three Arts Club. Favors woman suffrage; mem. 
111. Equal Suffrage Ass'n, North Side Suffrage 
Ass'n. Episcopalian. Clubs: Woman's City, 
BARTLETT, Genevieve Kinne (Mrs. Charles J. 

Bartlett), 183 Bishop St., New Haven, Conn. 

Club woman; b. Ypsilanti, Mich., Jan. 14, 1866; 
dau. Dr. Amasa Farrington and Jennie (Bristol) 
Kinne; ed. Univ. of Mich., A.B. '90; m. Ypsilanti, 
Mich., July 6, 1898, Dr. Charles Joseph Bartlett; 
children: Florence Adelaide, Genevieve Rachel, 
Marshall Kinne. Mem. Civic Federation of New 
Haven. Congregationalist. Favors woman suf- 
BARTLETT, Harrief Tuttle (Mrs. Frank W. 

Bartlett), 619 Orville Av., Kansas City, Kan. 

Bom Trenton, 111., July 20, 18S0; dau. James 
Edwards and Almira (Cary) Tuttle (direct de- 
scendant of Jonathan Edwards of Princeton, 
N.J., on father's side); ed. Cheyenne (Wyo.) 
High School; college course by correspondence; 
School of Oratory, Kansas City, Mo. ; m. Chey- 
enne, Wyo., July 21, 1877, Frank W. Bartlett; 
children: Pearl Bartlett-'Mackenzie, Frank W. 
Bartlett Jr. Has lectured upon Biblical subjects, 
sociological and industrial conditions, etc. ; lec- 
tured at several Chautauquas. Pres. of Council 
of Clu'bs of Kansas City, Kan. ; vice-pres. of 
Annie Besant Study Club; teacher of metaphysics 
and Biblical symbolism; local sec. Order of the 
Star of the East; sec. Am. Fed. of Human 
Rights. Has written many times for papers and 
magazines; now getting out a volume on Biblical 
Symbolism. Chairman of the ICans. State Fed. 
of Women's Clubs Com. on Social and Industrial 
Conditlon.s; mem. Mary Tenny Gray Travelers 
Club, Gunsaulus Chautauqua Club, Portia Club. 
Recreation: Philanthropic work of different sorts. 
Christian Mystic. Favors woman suffrage. Re- 
publican; mem. of Suffrage organization; has 
always voted, first in Wyo. and later in Kansas 
(in municipal matters). 
BARTLETT, Helen, Peoria, 111. 

Educator; b. Peoria, 111.; dau. Amos P. and 
Sarah (Rogers) Bartlett; ed. Newnham Coll., 
Univ. of Camhridge, England; Bryn Mawr Coll., 
A.B. '92, A.M. '93, Ph.D. '96; student in Berlin, 
1882-84, 1896, 1905. Instructor in German and 
French, Portland (Ore.) Acad., 1896-97; dean of 
women and head of modern language dep't Brad- 
ley Polytechnic Inst., Peoria, 111., 1897-1910; also 
ass't prof. German, 1897-1904, and prof. Germaji 
since 1904 In same. Auth»r: The Metrical Di- 
vision of the Paris Psalter, 1896. Mem. Ass'n 
Collegiate Alumnse. 

BARTLETT, Jane WethereU (Mrs. J. Henry 

Bartlett), Tuckerton, N.J. 

Born Philadelphia, Pa. ; dau. John M. and 
Mary (Smith) WethereU; grad. Cornell Univ., 
B.S. '82; graduate work in Univ. of Pa. and 
Univ. of Geneva (Switzerland) ; m. Philadelphia, 
1893, J. Henry Bartlett. Has held several posi- 
tions in the Society of Friends in Philadelphia; 
clerk of Monthly and Quarterly Meeting, etc. 
Author of translation of Zone Tariffs for Ajneri- 
can Acad, of Political and Social Science. Fa- 
voi-s woman suffrage. 

BARTLETT, Lillle Harral (Mrs. Charle« E. 

Bartlett), 1220 W. Main St., Durant, Okla. 

Piano teacher; b. Honey Grove, Tex., Feb. 2, 
1875; dau. Leonard H. and Virginia (LaJie) Har- 
ral; ed. Female Inst, Sherman, Tex.; Cincinnati 
Coll. of Music, Ohio; m. Dallas, Tex., 1896, 
Charles B. Bartlett; children: B. Laine, Charles 
Harral. Piano teacher. Southeastern State Nor- 
mal, Oklahoma; chairman of music. Fourth 
Dist Oklahoma; conductor of Music Conference 
State Federation of Women's Clubs. Interested 
In various religious and philanthropic actlvitlee. 



Pavors woman suffrage. Presbyterian. Pro- 
gressive Republican. Clubs: Music, Fortnightly 
BARTLETT, Vashti R., Gaithersburg, Md. 

Registered nurse; b. Baltimore, Md.; dau. 
George H. B. and Amanda S. (Griffith) Bartleitt; 
educated at Bryn Mawr School, Baltimore, and 
Johns Hopkins Training School for Nurses (grad- 
uated). Red Cross nurse. Mem. Baltimore 
Country Club. Episcopalian. 

BAKTLETT, Wallace Moorc (Mrs. Morris Whl- 
ton Bartlett), Lawrenceburg, Ky. 
Club woman; b. Harrodsburg, Ky., Sept. 25. 
1878; dau. Daniel Lawson Moore (banker) and 
Henrietta (McBrayer) Moore; ed. Sayre Coll., 
Lexington, Ky., and Mary Baldwin's Sem., 
Staunton, Va. ; m. Lawrenceburg, Ky., Morris 
Whiton Bartlett, lawyer; children: Vincent 
Rochester, Henrietta McBrayer. Deeply inter- 
ested in woman suffrage. Presbyterian. Mem. 
D.A.R., United Daughters of Confederacy. Or- 
ganized Pierian Literary Club in Lawrenceburg, 
and was for three years pres. Established sub- 
scription library in town, which club afterward 
made a free Carnegie library; one of organizers 
and active mem. of State Library Ass'n; record- 
ing sec. Ky. Fed. of Women's Clubs three years; 
first chairman of Library Extension Com. of 
Ky. Fed., held for three years; delegate to bien- 
nial at Boston, where spoke on Libraries in 
Kentucy, Cincinnati and San Francisco; now 
vlce-pres. of Federation. 

BARTON, Rose Mayard, 508 W. 112th St., N.Y. 

Teacher; dau. Sidney Lester and Harriet E. 
{Van Rensselaer) Barton; grad. Cornell Univ. 
A.B., Columbia Univ., A.M. '06. Teacher of 
English, Wadlelgh High School, N.Y. City. 
Editor Goldsmith's Traveler and Deserted Vil- 
lage; Gray's Elegy in a Country Churchyard. 
Episcopalian. Recreation: Golf. Mem. Women's 
University Club (N.Y. City); College Women's 

UARCS, .^nie G. (Mrs. Carl Barus), 30 Elm- 
grove Av., Providence, R.I. 
Born South Yarmouth, Cape Cod, 18.55; dau. 
Osborn and Abbie (Crowell) Howes; ed. In Bos- 
ton; grad. Vassar Coll., A.B. '74; m. 1887, Dr. 
Carl Barus; children: Maxwell, Deborah H. Pres. 
Vassar Alumnae, 1892-03; pres. Ass'n Collegiate 
Alumnae, 1893-95; chairman R.L Child Labor 
Com. ; chairman Com. of State Federation on 
Social and Industri&l (Conditions; director R.L 
Consumers' Leag:ue; sec. Providence Public BMu- 
cation Ass'n; mean. Advisory Council of Wo- 
men's College in Brown Univ. Author: Health 
Statistics of College Women; various papers on 
Child Labor and Child Study in local papers. 
Vice-pres. R.I. Mothers' Congress, Girls' 
Friendly Soc. Mem. R.L Women's Club. Epis- 
copalian. Favors woman suffrage; director in 
R.L College Equal Suffrage League; mem. R.L 
Woman Suffrage Ass'n. 

BASCOM, Elva Luclle, 228 Langdon St., Madi- 
son, Wis. 

Editor; b. Greensburg, O., 1870; dau. Reynolds 
R. and Lucy F. (Andrews) Bascom; ed. Lake 
Erie Coll., 1886-89; Allegheny Coll., 1890-94, B.A. 
'95; N.Y. State Library School Albany, N.Y., 
B.L.S. (Kappa Alpha Theta). Ass't N.Y. State 
Library, 1900-08; editor Am. Library Ass'n 
Booklist, 1908—. Favors woman suffrage; meim. 
Dane Co. Equal Suffrage League, Madison, Wis. 
Author: Library Work for College Women, 1910; 
Nature Study Reading List, 1910 (N.Y. State 
Education Dep't); editor of the A.L.A. Catalog, 
1904-U (A.L.A. Publishing Board, Chicago). 
Mem. Congregational Church, Madison, Wis. ; 
Am. Library Ass'n, N.Y. Library Ass'n, Wis- 
consin Library Ass'n, League of Library Com- 
missions, N.Y. State Library School Ass'n, 
Allegheny Coll. Alumnae Ass'n, Kappa Alpha 
Theta Alumnae Club, Madison, Wis. 
BASCOM, Florence, Bryn Mawr, Pa. 

Geologist; b. Williamstown, Mass.; dau. John 
and Emma (Curtis) Bascom; ed. Univ. of Wis., 
A.B., B.L., '82; B.S. '84; A.M. '87; Johns Hop- 
kins Univ., Ph.D. '93. Assistant in geology, Ohio 
State Univ., 1893-95; prat, geology, Bryn Mawr 

Coll., since 1895; geologist In the U.S. Greological 
Survey. Associate editor of American Geologist, 
1896-1908. Fellow Geological Soc. of America, 
A.A.A.S.; mem. Acadeimy of Natural Science. 
Geogrsphic Soc of Philadelphia, Nat. Geo- 
graphic Soc., Am. Forestry Ass'n, Seismic Soc. 
BASH, Bertha Runkle (Mrs. Louis H. Bash). 

Presidio of San Francisco, Cal. 

Novelist; b. Berkeley Heights, N.J. ; dau. Cor- 
nelius and Lucia (Gilbert) Runkle; ed. Miss 
Brackett's School, N.Y. City; m. San Francisco. 
Oct. 2G, 1904, Captain Louis H. Bash, U.S.A. 
Author (pen-name "Bertha Runkle"): The Hel- 
met of Navarre. 1901; The Truth About Tolna. 
1906. Club: Barnard (N.Y. City). 
BASHFORD, Jane Field (Mrs. James W. Bash- 

ford), North Episcopal Mission, Pekln, China. 

Born Fennimore, Wis., Mar. 1, 1853; dau. Will- 
iam Wells and Mahala J. (Howe) Field; ed. 
UnlT. of Wis., Ph.B. '74 (valedictorian), M.L. 
'82; m. Madison, Wis., Sept. 24, 1878, James W. 
Bashford (now Bishop of the Methodist Episcopal 
Church). Interested in church missions, educa- 
tional reforms. Favors woman suffrage. Mem. 
Methodist Episcopal Church and Its missionary 
BASS, Clare Reynolds, The Western College tor 

Women, Oxford, Ohio; summer, Wllllmantlc. 

Conn., R.F.D. 2. 

Professor of French; b. Scotland, Conn., July 
17, 1879; dau. Lucian and Mercy (Reynolds) 
Bass; grad. Windham High School, '96; Brown 
Univ., Ph.B. 1900, A.M. '07; grad. work at Univ. 
of Mo. '08; Oxford Univ., England, '05, and 
Paris, 1905, with Alliance Francaise. Paris, '10 
(collateral first prize awarded by dean of Wo- 
men's College for examinations for president's 
premium in preparatory French, Brown Univ., 
'97: final honors, Romance languages. Brown 
Univ., 1900). Assistant in English dep't. State 
Normal School, Willimantic, (3onn., 1900-01: 
prin. Wheeler School, North Stonlngton, Conn., 
1901-06; fellowship at Brown, 1906-07; instructor, 
1907-09 and professor Romance languages 1909-12. 
Washburn Coll., Topeka, Kan.; since 1912 prof. 
French, The Western Coll. Mem. Alliance 
Fran(,aise, Archaeological Inst, of America (Ox- 
ford Branch), French Club (Washburn). Con- 
BASS, Ula Leffentz, 700 W. 178th St., N.Y. City. 

Writer; b. Atlanta, Ga., Sept. 15, 1868; dau. 
Hon. Wylie Capers and Emma Lovejoy (Staf- 
ford) Smith; grad. Atlanta Female Institute '85; 
m. Atlanta, Ga., Aug. 26, 1888, James Madison 
Bass; children: Mrs. Penrose Neve Milsted, 
Marcheniel Overton, James Gordon. Associate 
editor Daily Tribune, Temple, Texas, 1900-05, 
pres. Texas Woman's Press Ass'n 1902-05. Moved 
to New York in 1905. Organizer and pres. Club 
Affairs Co., Publishers of Club Life Magazine, 
editor and founder Club Editor Social Life, 
American Playgoers (Nat.); pres. and governor 
Nat. Federation of Theatre Clubs, Trustee 
Woman's Municipal League, chairman of Wash- 
ington Heights Branch. Methodist. Mem. N.Y. 
Woman's Press, Minerva, N.Y. Shakespeare 
BASSETT, Adelaide Florence (Mrs. Orrllle). 

Hammonton, N.J. 

Author; b. Boston, Mass.; dau. Emanuel and 
Abigail (Zanka) Samuels; ed. Milton, Mass.; m. 
New Bedford, Mass., 1891, Orville Bassett. Au- 
thor (juveniles): Dick and Daisy Series (8 vols.); 
The Girls of Hive Hall; Father Gander's Melo- 
dies. Presbyterian. Mem. Guild and Grange, 
Civic Club. Recreations: Music, reading. Favors 
woman suffrage. 

BASSETT, Helen Chase (Mrs. Edward S. Bas- 
sett), 2612 Prospect Av., Cleveland, C; sum- 
mer home, Cayuga, N.Y. 

Born Cleveland, O., 1873; dau. Charles Whitney 
and Almira Foote (Cowles) Chase; ed. Miss Mlt- 
tleberger's School, Cleveland; Rye Sem., '94; 
Cleveland Kindergarten Training School (one 
year); m. Dover Bay, O., 1899, Edward S. Bas- 
sett; children: Charles Chase, b. 1902; Jean Hill 
Bassett, b. 1906. Mem. Exec. Com. of Consumers' 
League of Ohio; Lake District Com. of As- 
sociated Charities. Favors woman suffrage. 
Mem. of first ExecuUxe Board of the Cleveland 



Branch of the Woman Suffrage Party. Author: 

Lap Stories (for children) ; Poems — My Symphony 

Lullaby. Presbyterian. Mem. Rye Students' 

Ass'n, Social Study Club, Fortnightly Musical 


BATCHELDEK, Alice rizzie, 50 John St., 

Lowell, Mass. 

General secretary T.W.C.A. ; grad. Smith Coll., 
B.A. 1901. Gen. sec. T.W.C.A., Univ. of Indiana, 
1902-03: sec. for Missouri, 1903-05; Univ. of Texa.s, 
1905-06; State sec. for Texas, 1906-09; Wilmington, 
Del., 190S-09; gen. sec. Y.W.C.A., Lowell, Mass., 
since 1909. 

BATE, riorenee E., Director Welfare Depart- 
ment, American Bank Note Co.. Hunt's Point, 

Bronx, N.T. City. 

Librarian for four years. Later associated 
with the publishing houses of Harper & Bros., 
McClure, Phillips &. Co., Henry Holt. Organized 
a welfare dep't for the American Bank Note Co. 
of N.Y. City in 1911, and director of the work 
since Its inception. 
BATES, Blanche (Mrs. Milton F. Davis), care 

Belasco Theatre, N.Y. City. 

Actress; b. Portland. Ore., 1873; dau. F. M. 
Bates; ed. public schools of San Francisco; m. 
Captain Milton F. Davis of the Tenth Cavalry, 
U.S.A. First played under the management of 
F. Daniel Frawley, later under Augustin Daly- 
Leibler & Co., and David Belasco. First star 
was that of Mrs. Hillary in The Senator, in 
1895; after that played leading comedy parts in 
various plays, Shakespearian roles with Augus- 
tin Daly's company; played Miladi, in the 
Liebler production of The Musketeers; under the 
Belasco management in many star parts, includ- 
ing Madame Butterfly; Cigarette in Under T-wo 
Flags; Princess Yo-San in The Darling of the 
Gods; more recent as The Girl in The Girl of the 
Golden West. 
BATES, Charlotte Fiske (Mrs. Adolphe Rog^), 

304 Harvard St.. Cambridge, Mass. 

Poet, compiler, educator; b. N.Y. City, Nov. 30, 
1838; dau. Hervey and Eliza (Endicott) Bates; 
ed. Cambridge, Mass. ; m. New York, June 4, 
1891, Monsieur Adolphe Roge (died 1896). For 
twenty-five years had private pupils; in 1888 be- 
came teacher of literature in a New York semi- 
nary. Interested in the subject of psychical 
research. Christian Socialism, establishment of 
peace among the nations, philanthropic work. 
Author: Risk, and Other Poems, 1879 (long out 
of print) ; composer of the Longfellow Birthday 
Book, 1881; The Seven Voices of Sympathy, 1881; 
The Cambridge Book of Poetry and Song, 1882; 
assisted Mr. Longfellow in preparing his Poems 
of Places. 
BATES, Clara Nettie, 413 Washington St., 

Traverse City, Mich. 

ii4itor, writer; b. Traverse City, Mich., Dec. 
25, 1876; dau. Thomas Tomlinson and Martha E. 
(Cram) Bates; ed. by private instruction in the 
home. Editor for six years of Children's Depart- 
ment in newspaper, the Grand Traverse Herald; 
stories and articles for children appearing each 
week. In connection conducts the Children's De- 
partment called Sunshine, consisting of 500 ac- 
tive members, representing every State and 
Canada, and with nearly 10,000 names on the 
membership list since organization, the largest 
junior Sunshine Soc. in the world, affiliated with 
Internat. Sunshine Soc. Also writer of miscel- 
laneous stories and poems appearing in various 
publications for children. Vlce-pres. Mich. Wo- 
man's Press Ass'n; vice-pres. Mich. Audubon 
Soc; director Mich. State Fed. of Women's 
Clubs; cor. sec, 1908-10, and chairman of 
Bureau of Information, 1910-12. Corr. sec. 
Traverse City (Mich.) Bureau of Associated 
Charities; active in local church work, espe- 
cially Home Dep't of Sunday-school; many years 
chairman Book Com. of Ladies' Library Ass'n; 
six years cor. sec. Woman's Club; active locally 
in recent campaign for suffrage in Mich. Con- 
gregationalist. Mem. Internat. Farm Woman's 
Press Ass'n, Mich. Woman's Press Ass'n, In- 
ternat. Sunshine Soc, Traverse City Chapter 147 
Order of Eastern Star, Y.W.C.A., Mich. State 
Humane Ass'n. Recreation*: Nature, rambling 
in woods and fields. Mem. Traverse City Fed. 

of Women's Clubs, Traverse City Woman's Club, 

Traverse City Ladles' Library Ass'n. 

BATES, Edith Talcott (Mrs. H. Roswell Bates). 

71 W. Eleventh St., N.Y. City. 

Born New York; dau. James and Henrietta E. 
(Francis) Talcott; grad. Spence School; one year 
at Barnard Coll.; m. N.Y., June 8, 1909, H. Ros- 
well Bates; children: Charlotte, Talcott. Favors 
woman suffrage. Presbyterian. 
BATES, Emily Rusling (Mrs. Arthur Laban 

Bates). The Cochran, Washington, D.C. : 

home, Meadvllle, Pa. 

Born Trenton, N.J., Oct. 18, 1884; dau. General 
James Fowler and Emily (Wood) Rusling; ed. 
State Model School, Trenton, N.J.; traveled 
abroad extensively; student School of Industrial 
Arts, Trenton, N.J. ; m. Trenton, N.J., Oct, 20, 
1909, Arthur L. Bates of Meadvllle, Pa. (member 
of Congress from 2Sth Dist of Pa.). Formerly 
sec. of Flower Com. of Mercer Hospital, Tren- 
ton, N.J.; sec. of Membership Ck>m., Y.W.C.A. 
Brought up a Methodist, joined Baptist Church 
to be mem. of husband's church. Mem. Con- 
temporary Club, Trenton, N.J.; N.J. Soc. Col- 
onial Dames of America, Meadvllle Art Soc. 
Recreations: Golf, boating, sailing, driving, mo- 
toring, music and art studies, sewing. Mem. 
Trenton Country Club, Meadvllle Ountry Club. 
BATES, Emma, 2 39 Pine St., Holyoke, Mass. 

Professor of music; b. Galesburg, 111.; dau. 
Jacob P. and Jane (Parks) Bates; student Smith 
Coll., 1879-81; music, 1881-83; post-graduate, 1885- 
90, B..M. '83; pupil of Mason, N.Y. City, and 
Baermann, Boston; student Kulfak Conservatory 
of Music, Berlin, also studied with Dreyshoch 
and Earth, 1893-94. Teacher of piano and theory 
of music, Mt. Holyoke Coll., 1892-93; teacher of 
piano, Smith Coll., 1892-93, 1895-96, 1904-06- as- 
sociate prof, of music. Smith Coll., since 1906. 
Baptist; sup't of Primary Dep't in Sunday- 
school. Mem. Thursday Club and College Club 
of Springfield, Mass. Against woman suffrage. 
BATES, Emma Frances Duncan (Mrs. Theodore 

C. Bates), 29 Harvard St., Worcester, Mass. 

Bom North Brookfield, Mass., Mar. 11 1845; 
dau. Charles and Tryphosa (Lakin) Duncan (on 
father's side descended from William Duncan of 
Aberdeen, Scotland, who settled first in Oxford 
and later in Paxton, Mass., and on her mother's 
side from Revolutionary ancestry in the Lakin 
line and also from the Shipley family of New 
York and England) ; ed. North Brookfield High 
School, and Oread Collegiate Inst, Worcester, 
Mass.; m. North Brookfield, Dec. 24, 1868 Theo- 
dore Cornelius Bates; one daughter:' Mrs. 
Tryphosa Bates Batoheller. Always interested 
and active in public affairs; mem. State Com of 
Civil Service Reform Ass'n, State Com. on Con- 
servation, State Com. on Child Labor, Worcester 
Art Soc, Worcester Soc. of Antiquity, Soc. of 
Antiquity of America; was State vice-pres. of 
Woman's Rivers and Harbors Congress; mem. 
Nat. Soc. D.A.R., and for two terms was vice- 
pres. general for Mass. (full length of Ume al- 
lowed by the constitution), at close of which was 
presented with a silver loving cup from the 
D.A.R. members of Mass., and solicited by peti- 
tions from all over the country to be a candidate 
for president-general, which her wifely duties to 
her husband, then ill, made her feel it necessary 
to decline. Prominent in Worcester Woman's 
Club, but because of her many social duties has 
several ti m es declined its presidency. Has writ- 
ten essays, historical and descriptive, of her 
travels, and has delivered illustrated lectures on 
similar topics in behalf of the various charities 
in which she is interested. Favors woman suf- 
frage, but opposed to militant methods. 

BATES, Helen Page (Mrs. Walter G. Bates), 

519 Franklin St., Detroit, Mich. 

Librarian; b. Rockford, 111., 1S60; dau. John L. 
and Eilen H. (Lewis) Page; ed. Wellesley, A.B. 
'83; Lfniv. of Wis., Ph.D. '96; library training, 
N.Y. State Library School, Albany (mem. Zeta 
Alpha); m. 1887, Walter G. Bates, Instructor in 
Columbia Univ. (died 1893). Entered post-grad- 
uate at Univ. of Wis., 1893-96. Prof, of eco- 
nomics and history, Rockford Coll., 1897-98; set- 
tlement work. 1899-1904, Hull House, Chicago; 


Goodrich House CleTeland; associate head- BATES, Martha Frances Sntphen (Mrs. F. S. 
worker, PhlladeliDMa College Settlement; head- Bates), Sixth and Park Sts., Mlddletown, Ohio, 
worker, Minneapolis Unity House and Ass'n of Born Middletown, O., Feb. 9, 1857; dau. Carl- 
Collegiate Alumnae Settlement, Albany, N.Y. ton Waldo and Elizabeth Cochran Sutphen; ed. 
SoclologlcaJ librarian, N.Y. State Library, 1902- Middletown (O.) High School; m. Mlddletown, 
06; librarian, Russell Sage Foundation Library, O., Jan. 23, 1878, C. M. Bates; children: Charles 
N.Y. City, 1906-13; head worker Franklin Street J., Thomas Sutphen, Carlton Waldo Bates. Pres. 
Settlement, Detroit, Mich., 1913—. Mem. Ass'n Woman's Century Club, The Woman's Club, 
of CoUeslate AlumnsB, Am. Economic Ass'n. D.A.R. Mem. Methodist Episcopal Church. 
BATES. J«alta Br*ckeiu1d»e (Mrs. Frederick ^^^'>'"^ ^'o™^" suffrage. RepubUcan. 

E. Bates), 810 N. Aurora St., Ithaca, N.Y. BATES. Mary Elizabeth, 144 Wlnthrop Av., 

Clergyman; b. Hopewell, 111., Dec. 31, 18G0; Wollaston, Mass, 

dau. Hugh and Mary (Watson) Breckenridge; ed. Born Massachusetts; grad. Boston Normal 

Rock Island High School, Wheaton Coll. B.S., School of Gymnastics, '93; graduate student in 

Oberlln Theol. Sem. B.D.; mem. L.L.S. of Ober- same, 1901-02; student in biology and German, 

lln; m. Hopewell, 111., Sept. 27, 1893, Hon. Fred- Bryn Mawr Coll., 1893-96. Ass't in gymnasium, 

erlck E. Bates; children: Juanlta, Abraham. Bryn Mawr Coll., 1893-96; director of gymnasium 

Applied to Cleveland Congregational (Conference in Miss Florence Baldwin's School, Bryn Mawr, 

for license to preach in Spring, 1890; her case Pa., 1895-1901; director of physical training of 

was made the test case to determine the policy the women, Swarthmore Coll., 1902-11. Mem. 

of the denomination and the license was granted Council of Philadelphia branch of Consumers' 

at the fall conference, 1890, after six months of League, 1906-10. 

^iSS'^^T**?- 9'"^^1^®'1 ti ?i['°^^°', ^rJ- i'^^^' BATES, Mary Elizabeth, Suite 524 Majestic 

1892. Interested in Sabbath School, The Social Bid's Denver Col 

Service League, Y.W.C.A. work and both home pnysirfan and surgeon; b. Manitowoc, Wis.. 
^H/.°'^/^f'^^^o,'!„r° P.r,^/Jj/,^^;?r,?- M^r Feb. 25, 1861; dau. Willl^ Wallace and Marie 
Q,^Ll",,l\L^'o^l».ni^.w.pA=^.^^^^^ (Cole) Bates; grad. Woman's Med. School of 
^f?.H^^^i r.^nfiin^<f i^?;/;I' ^^ ^tlfl Northwestern Univ., M.D. '81; grad. of Cook Co. 
¥^a^?^r.l „?^Wn^o^'i ^^, Tth^., WoT^.^>« Hospital, Chicago, 1882; first woman admitted 
P,^h P^m.^li^^^^l ri»h r.fl ^^pr^M^T, of interne (compeUtive) to that institution; after 
wo^'«,?= n^n.„ hLp «/ Tfhi^ f^^^tr.^- graduation from Cook Co. Hospital studied in 
M,?»?„*^^.J^^^^nn J„.^ ^^?^ .n^^iwn^- Vienna and Germany one and one-half years. 
^^'^' w??i»'.^=^ff;,J» • ^ walking, p^j Anatomy Woman's Med. School, North- 
Favors woman suffrage. western Univ., Chicago, 1S83-90. Went West for 
BATES, Katherlae Ii«e, 70 Curve St., Wellesley, health 1889; settled in Denver Jan., 1891. Pres. 

Mass. Humane Education Soc. ; lectured in behalf of 

Teacher, writer; b. Falmonth, Mass., Aug. 12, Humane Soc; initiated and assisted in drafting 
1859; dau. Rev.' William and Cornelia Frances and lobbied to passage in Colorado Legislature 
(Lee) Bates; grad. Wellesley High School '74, the law making felony the taking of indecent lib- 
Newton High School '76, Wellesley Coll., B.A. erties with children, 1905; present Colorado age 
'80, M.A. '91; grad. student at Oxford, Eng., 1890- of consent law, 1907; present Colorado law for 
91 (mem. Phi Sigma). Taught in Natick High Examination and Care of Public Sciiool Children; 
School, 1880-81; classics, Dana Hall School, 1881- present Colorado White Slave law; secured pass- 
85; instructor Wellesley Coll., 1885-88; associate age of amendment to game laws compelling fish 
prof., 1888-91; prof. English literature, 1891- . and game commissioner to feed starving deer. 
Director International Institute for Girls in elk and antelope; also school bill and many 
Spain; m^n. Mass. Audubon Soc., Nat. Ass'n others. Has written various articles, medical 
of Audubon Socs., Nat. Soc. for Humane Regula- and sociological, tor medical societies and publi- 
tion of Vivisection, N.Y. Anti-Vivisection Soc, cations. Protestant (no church). Independent 
Am. Ass'n for Labor Legislation, Consumers' in politics. Mem. Denver Co. Med. Soc, State 
Left^e of Mass., Malone Soc, Phi Beta Kappa, Med. Soc, Am. Med. Ass'n, Humane Education 
Boston Authors' Club, Am. Poetry Soc, Drama Soc; chairman Sciiool Health Com. of School 
Lea^rue. Author: The Engllsih Religious Drama, Patrons' Dep't of Nat. Educational Ass'n. Rec- 
1893; American Literature, 1893; Spanish High- reations: Sociological work, gardening, vacations 
ways and Byways, 1900; From Gretna Green to (East or West). Mem. Denver Woman's Club. 
Land's End, 1907; Chaucer's Canterbury Pil- „•,-„£, ■„ „ „ ., r , „ „ 
grima, 1909; America the Beautiful, and Other BA'TES, Mary Boesell, 31 Loomls St., Burlington, 
Poems, 1911; Translator (with Cornelia Frances ),: v -vr i. tt. r, . ^ ,.,„„ , 
Bates) Becquer's Romantic Legends of Spain, Librarian; b Newbury, yt,SepL 9 1872; dau. 
1909. Editor of a score of English classics, etc. Samuel Lysander and Marion E (Walker) Bates; 
Progressive in politics (but not a voter). Recre- ^d. Univ. of Vt. Ph.B. 94 (mem. Phi Beta 
aUon«: Travel, out of doors, books, friends (in- ?^PP^= ^^PPf. ^'P?^^ ^^®^2,V „?^^°°'P^' °f Shel- 
cludtng a golden collie). burne(Vt.) High School m5-98; cataloguer and 

ass't librarian Library of the Univ. of Vt since 

BATES, Louise (Mrs. Francis E. Bates). Oak 1898. Mem. Klifa Club, U.V.M. Alumnae Club. 

Lawn, R.I. Am. Library Ass'n. Congregationalist. 

Genealogist; keeper of gradiiate records Broiwn 

Univ.; b. Myster, Conn., May 13, 1857; dau. John BATES. Boxle EUen. MJ)., Wauseon, Ohio. 

Gardner and Maria Louise (Palmer) Prosser; ed. Physician; b. Chesterfield, O., Sept 22, 1856; 

Boston Univ., A.B. 1881; Brown Univ., A.M. 1893; dau. George W. and Mary G. (Carver) Bates; ed. 

m. Providence, R.I., May 3, 1882, Francis Eliot public school, Univ. of Mich. Medical Dep't, 

Bates; children: Wlnthrop Haydon Bates, Marion M.D. '87. Engaged in general pracUce 25 years. 

Bates, Hope Angell Bates (first two deceased) Mem. Church of Christ Favors woman suf- 

Prea. Providence Children's FYIend Soc. Congre- frage. 


BATES, Sarah Glazier (Mrs. John Mallory 

BATES, Margraret Holmes (Mrs. Charles Austin Bates). 1730 A St, Lincoln, Neb. 

Bates), 106 Central Park West. N.Y. City. Bom Hartford, Conn., Mar. 7, 1846; dau. Carlos 

Writer; b. Freemont Ohio, Oct 6, 1844; dau. and Phoebe (Walker) Glazier; grad. Hartford 

Christopher and Julia (Ensninger) Ernsperger; High School, '63; Vassar, A.B. '68, A.M. '72 (Phi 

ed. public schools of Ohio; m. Rochester, Ind., Beta Kappa); later studied under professors at 

June, 1865, Charles Austin Bates; one son: Univs. of Chicago and Harvard before those 

Charles Austin. Books: The Chamber Over the universities gave degrees to women; m. Hartford, 

Gate; Marieton; Jasper Fairfax; In the First De- Conn., Oct 10, 1876, Rev. John Mallory Bates; 

gree; Silas Kirkendown's Sons; Paying the Piper; children: Luke Manning, George Whitney, Sarah 

Shylock's Daughter; The Price of the Ring; Louise, Carlos Glazier. First prof, of mathe- 

HUdegarde and other Lyrics; also short stories, matics and astronomy appointed for Wellesley 

business articles, book reviews, etc. Eplsco- Coll., 1872, continuing until marriage. Interested 

pallan. Mem. Daughters of Ohio in N.Y., Daugh- in quustions of sanitation, eugenics, etc. Mem. 

ters of Indiana In N.Y., BroT?nlng Soc, Play- D.A.R. , Ass'n Collegiate AJumn©, Graduate 

Koen dnb. Favors woman suffrage. Club of Univ. of Neb. 



BATES, Theodorm, 35 Brewster St., Cambridge, 


Teacher; b. Massachusetts; ed. in priyate 
schcMsl In Cambridge, Mass.; grad. Bryn Mawr 
Coll., A.B. '05; graduate student, 1905-06, A.M. 
•07; student in Paris, France, 1908-09. Teacher 
of French and German, Friends' Acad., New 
Bedford, Mass., 1906-08; teacher of French in 
Miss Madeira's School, Washington, D.C., and 
instructor in English, history and gymnastics in 
Holton Arms School, Washington, 1910-11. 
BATTBXS, Mary Miller (nSe Mary Howell 

Miller), Ashtabula, Ohio. 

Physician; b. Covington, Ky., July 29, 1860; 
dau. William B. and Emily (Howell) Miller; ed. 
Miss Armstrong's School, Cincinnati, O.. Grand 
River Inst, Austinburg, Ohio, Univ. of Mich., 
M.D. '89; post-graduate work in Dr. Knapp'a 
Ophthalmologlcal Clinic, N.Y. City; m. Austin- 
burg, O., Jan. 16, 1895, William P. Battels. 
Physician and surgeon, specializing on eye, ear, 
nose and tiroat. Sec. Ashtabula Co. Med. Soc. ; 
mem. Cleveland Med. Library Ass'n, Ohio State 
Med. Soc., Am. Med. Ass'n, National Acad, of 
Ophthalmology and Oto-Laxyngology. Mem. 
Woman's Fortnightly Club of Ashtabula. Epis- 
copalian. Favors woman suffrage. Mem. Ashta- 
bula Suffrage Ass'n. 
BAUM, M. Louise, 108 Gainsboro St., Boston, 


Journalist; b. Tidioute, Pa.; dau. A. Clarke 
and Josephine (Stone) Baum; ed. private schools 
and high school, Syracuse, N.Y. ; W. F. Whitney 
Internat. School of iMusic, Boston and Florence, 
Italy, private teachers in English and languages. 
Formerly in churoh and concert singing, writing 
on music and teaching; special editorial 
work, Ginn & Co.; manager Whitney Internat. 
School, Florence; no^ at present in editorial 
dep't of Christian Science Monitor. Favors 
woman suffrage. Author of translations of 
operas, oratorios and songs for music, original 
poems and verses for children; Adventures of 
Grille (translated from Canddze), a book for 
children. Christian Scientist. Progressive. Mem. 
Cecelia Soc of Boston, New England Woman's 
Press Ass'n, Good Government Ass'n, Mass. 
Equal Suffrage League, Twentieth Century Club 
of Boston, Discussion Club. Recreation: Singing. 
BAOMANN, Aanie Boee Greene (Mrs. Albert V. 

Baumann), 613 Croghan St., Fremont, O. 

Born Fremont, O., May 15, 1869; dau. Judge 
John Lynde and Emma E. (Shaw) Greene; grad. 
Fremont High School, '87; m. Fremont, 0., 
Jan. 16, 1889, Albert V. Baumann; children: 
Albert V. Jr., Elsie Elizabeth. Favors woman 
suffrage. Presbyterian. Mem. D.A.R., Soc. of 
Nerw England Women, U.S. Daughters of 1812, 
Ohio. Mem. Cosmopolitan Club. Ex-State pres. 
Ohio Daughters of 1812; ex-regent Col. (Jeorge 
Croghan Chapter D.A.R.; past pres. Cosmo- 
politan Clulb; ex-State chairman of Patriotic 
EdueatioD, D.A.R. 
BAUMANN, Frjuices Osgood (Mrs. Edward S. 

Baumann), 789 Lincoln Av., Wlnnetka, 111. 

Bom Chicago, 1875; dau. James Stone and 
Alice (SanndCTS) Ctegood; ed. public schools, 
Chicago; Smitii Coll., B.A. '98; Radcliffe Post- 
Graduate, '99; Berlin Univ., '02; m. Chicago, 
Sept. 2, 1907, Edward S. Baumann; children: 
Edward Osgood, James Osgood. Favors woman 
suffrage. Mem. Woman's Club of Wlnnetka. 
BAUMGABTNEB, Heien Morgran (Mrs. Otto C. 

Baumgartner), Rockport, Ind. 

Teacher; b. Rockport, Ind., Aug. 29, 1877; dau. 
DarW H. and Clara (Wright) Morgan; ed. Coll. 
of the Sisters of Bethany, Topeka., Kan., A.B. ; 
m. Topeica., Kan., June 22, 1904, Otto C. Baum- 
gartner, M.D. Taught mathematics six years In 
high school. Favors woman suffrage. Mem. 
FWday Night Club, Rockport Woman's Club; 
ehalwnan First District Ind. Fed. of Clubs, 
BAWDEN, Sarah IHixab^th, Creed Av., Queens, 

UL, N.Y. 

Teacher; grad. Smith Coll., B.L. '94; student 
of education and English, Columbia Univ., sum- 
mer of 1900. Private tutor, 1894-96; teacher in 
Bayonne (N.J.) High School, 1896-1905; since 19<» 

teacher of English and music in Manual Trmla- 
ing High School, Brooklyn, N.Y. 
BAXTER, Blanche Weber (Mrs. William Bax- 
ter), 1037 Madison St., Syracuse, N.Y. 
Retired actress; b. Cicero, Onondaga Co., N.Y. ; 
dau. Zebulon and Emma R. (Gage) Weber; ed. 
Syracuse High School, 1879; became mem. of 
Daly's Stock (3o., 1879; m. Jersey City, 1894, 
William Baxter; one daughter: Ramona, b. 1895. 
Has supported nearly all of the prominent stars. 
Mem. Shakespeare Club, Irving Circle. Uni- 
tarian. Favors woman suffrage; pres. Political 
Equality Club of Syracuse. 

BAXTER, Martha Wheeler, 58 West B7th St., 
N.Y. City, and Lenox, Mass. 
Portrait painter; b. Castleton, Vt. ; dau. Will- 
iam Wallace and Mary Cornelia (Lillie) Baxter; 
ed. Pa. Acad, of Fine Arts, Philadelphia; Art 
Students' League, N.Y. City; Delecluze and 
Julian Academies, Paris; also with Mme. De- 
billemont, Chardon, Mile. Schmitt, of Paris, and 
Signor F. Sartorelli, Venice; received honorable 
mention at Universal Exposition, Paris, 1900. 
Has exhibited at most of the large exhibitions in 
this country, also many in Ehirope — both inter- 
national and local. Ass't sec. of Art Workers' 
Club for Women; rec. sec. of Women's Art Club 
of N.Y. ; on the Hanging Committee of Kather- 
ine Lorillard Wolfe Club. Cin'bs: Women's Art 
Club, American Federation of Arts, Fellowship 
of the Pa. Acad, of Fine Arts, Art Workers' Club 
for Women, Katherine Lorillard Wolfe Art Stu- 
dents' Club. Recreations: Music and singing. 

BAYARD, Oriena HnnttBg (Mrs. Andrew Her- 
bert Bayard), 397 Lafayette Av., Brooklyn, 

Born Albany, Oct. 31, 1870; dau. Nelson (M.D.) 
and Bllaabeth (Tole) Hunting; ed. Albany High 
School; m. Albany, OcL 15, 1890, Andrew Herbert 
Bayard; children: Roy Hunting, Helen Margaret. 
Favors woman suffrage. Presbyterian. Recrea- 
tion: China decoration. Was pres. Ingleside Lit- 
erary Club during residence in Corn^wall-on- 
Hudson, N.Y. 

BAYLISS, Clara Kern (Mrs. Alfred Bayliss), 226 
W. Carroll St., Macomb, 111. 
Author; b. near Kalamazoo, Mich, 1848; dau. 
Manasseh and Caroline (Harlan) Kern; ed. Hills- 
dale Coll., B.S., M.S.; later took special course 
in composition and rhetoric in Univ. of Chicago; 
m. Michigan, 1871, Alfred Bayliss, long State 
sup't of public Instruction of 111., and iatel* 
Western 111. State Normal School (died 1911)'; 
children: Clara Kern Bayliss, Jr., Zoe. En- 
gaged in literary work for several years; has 
contributed to Chicago daily papers and to sev- 
eral magazines. Author: In Brook and Bayou; 
Lolami, the Little Cliff Dweller; Lolaml In a 
Pueblo City; Evolution of the Boy; The Little 
Cliff Dweller; Two Little AJgonkin Lads; Old 
Man Coyote. Mem. Folk- Lore Ass'n; trustee 
Springfield Boy's Club and Home for the Friend- 
less; mem. D.A.R., and of one literary and one 
musical club, though not a musician; Child 
Circle (Macomb, 111.), 111. Congress of Mothers; 
was chairman Education Committee of Federated 
Clubs for two years; chairman of Education 
Committee of the Mother's Congress and dele- 
gate to the International Mothers' Congress, 
Interested in education, eugenics and general 
progress of mankind; favors woman suffrage. 
Recreations: Reading, music, cards and out- 
door rambles. 

BEACH, Amy Marcy Cheney (Mrs. Henry Har- 
ris Aubrey Beach), 28 Commonwealth Av., 
Boston, Mass. 

Composer and pianist; b. Henniker, N.H., 
Sept. 5, 1867 (Colonial ancestry); dau. Charles 
Abbott and Clara Imogen (Marcy) Cheney; first 
studies were under her mother, from whom she 
inherited her musical ability; by age of seven 
could play difficult music, including Beethoven 
and Bach, and played several times in public in 
N.H. ; when eight was taken to Boston, where 
she attended W. L. Whittemore's private school 
and afterward studied under Ernest Parabo, 
Junius W. Hill of Wellesley C^oll., and Carl Baer- 
mann; almost all of her work in harmony, com- 



position, counterpoint and orchestr&tlon was done 
alone; m. Boston, Mass., Dec. 2, 1885, Dr. Henry 
Harris Aubrey Beach, a distinguished surgeon 
(died June 28, 1910). Made debut In Boston as 
pianist in 1883; gave several recitals that year, 
and In 1884 played with the Boston Symphony 
Orchestra and the Thomas Orchestra; sfnce then 
has appeared in all the large American cities, 
often giving entire programs of her own works. 
Among her large compositions are her Gaelic 
Symphony, first given in Boston, 18S6; a mass in 
E-flat, sung at the Handel and Haydn Soc. of 
Boston, 1892; Festival Jubilate, for women's 
voices, composed for the dedication of the Wo- 
men's Building at the World's Columbian Expo- 
sition, Chicago, 1893; the cantatas The Rose of 
Avontown, The Minstrel and the King, Sylvanla, 
The Sea Fairies, Jeptha's Daughter, and The 
Chambered Nautilus; many piano works — 
among which are a Cadenza to Beethoven's C- 
mlnor Concerto; a Valso Caprice and Danse des 
Fleurs; six duets called Summer Dreams; a 
Concerto in C-sharp minor; a Bal Masque Waltz, 
and Children's Carnival and ChJdren's Album; 
for violin and piano, a Romance, a Sonata, 
Bercuese, Mazurka; La Captive, and a Quintet 
for piano and strings; also many songs sung by 
leading singers at home and abroad, a motet for 
mixed voices (a capella), "Hear Us, O God," a 
Service In A, etc. 

BEACH, I.aara Jennie, 77 Maple Av., Troy, 


Teacher of modem languages; b. Goshen, 
Conn., May 9, 1864; dau. Edward Horatio and 
Laura Elizabeth (Johnson) Beach; ed. Goshen 
(Conn.) Acad.; Frauleln von Prieser's Pension 
(boarding school), Germany; Vassar Coll., A.B. 
'96; Yale Univ., 1898-99; Sorbonne, Paris, 1900-01; 
Berlin Univ., Germany. Teacher of modern 
languages in high school, Shamokln, Pa., 1896- 
98; Holyoke, Mass., 1899-1900; Laconla, N.H., 
1901-02; Troy, N.Y., 1902. Active in movement 
to drive politics out of public schools, Troy, 
N.Y., 1906-08. Against woman suffrage. Pres- 
byterian. Mem. State Modern Language Ass'n, 
E>astern Section; Rensselaer County Teachers' 
Ass'n, Troy Teachers' Ass'n, Vassar Alumnae 
Ass'n, Collegiate Alumnae Ass'n, Woman's 
Church Soc., Robert Cluett Circle of King's 
Daughters (served as sec, also pres.); charter 
mem. Girls' Club. 

BEACH, Lncy Ward (Mrs. Harlan P. Beach), 
346 Willow St., New Haven, Conn. 
Born Chicago, 111., Oct 16, 1855; dau. Samuel 
Dexter and Mary Augusta (Folsom) Wafd; ed. 
Ferry Hall, Lake Forest, 111. (valedictorian of 
class); m. Lake Forest, 111., June 29, 1883, Rev. 
Harlan P. Beach. Was missionary under the 
American Board for seven years in North China; 
since thea has been twice around the world in 
special investigation of the social and religlouci 
condition of non-OhriS'tlan people, the second 
trip including visits to Burmah and Slam. In- 
terested in foreign missions and Y.W.C.A. Fa- 
vors limited suffrage for women. Contributor to 
various religious papers and magazines. Congre- 
gationallst. OfiBcer in various auxiliaries of 
Woihan's Board of Missions. Recreation: Photo- 

BEACH, Mabel Cre^low (Mrs. A. W. Beach), 

722 Tenth St., Sheldon, Iowa, 

Club woman; b. Fayette, la., 1874; dau. An- 
drew and Catherine (Staley) Creglow; m. Rock 
Rapids, la., Oct. 12, 1897, A. W. Beach. B.S., 
D.D.S. ; children: Lyman C, Mildred, Catherine, 
Margaret. For many years mem. of the Equal 
Suffrage Club In Sheldon, la., and for two years 
was pres. For seven years mem. Travel Club, 
Sheldon, la., and three years pres. Mem. ten 
years of Pythian Sisters Temple, Sheldon, la. 
(past chief). 

BEAHAN, Bessie De Witt (Mrs. Willard Bea- 
han), 2213 Bellfleld Av., Cleveland, O. 
Teacher; b. Owego, Tioga Co., N.Y., Nov. 28, 
1854; dau. JoeeiA and Catherine (Camochan) De 
Witt; ed. public schools and tilgh school of 
Owego, N.Y. ; Cornell Univ., B.A. '78; m. Brook- 
lyn, N.Y., June 29, 1892, WlUard Beahan; one 
Bon; James De Witt (deceased). Taught In high 

school, Sparta, Wis., 1878-79; high Bcbool, War- 
wick, N.Y., 1879-81; high school, BlnglMumton. 
N.Y., 1881-87; Giris' High School, Brooklyn, 
N.Y., 1881-92. Mem. College Club, Cleveland, O. ; 
sec.-treas. Cornell Alumnae Club, Ohio; vlce-pres. 
Fed. of Cornell Women ; vice-pres. Fed, of Col- 
lege Women; mem. Municipal School League; 
church and other philanthropic and charitable 
organizations. Favors woman suffrage; mem. 
College Equal Suffrage League. Congrega- 

BEAI.,, Helen Clark (Mrs. Joseph Be&l), Lenox 

Av., Oneida, N.Y. 

Born Stockbridge, Madison Co., N.J., May 6, 
1860; dau. Hiram Reynolds and Sophia Olivia 
(Wilcox) Clark; grad. Hamilton (N.Y.) Female 
Sem., '80; m. Stockbridge, Madison Co., N.J., 
Jan. 18, 1884, Joseph Beal; children: Rev. Harry, 
Helen Marjorie, Blanche Genevieve, Clark Ever- 
est, Beatrice Elizabeth, Joseph Hamilton. Treas. 
Oneida Tuberculosis Organization, Park and 
Playground Commission of Oneida, N.Y. ; chair- 
man of legislation in N.Y. State Mothers' As- 
sem'bly. Favors woman suffrage. County sup't 
of franchise W.C.T.U.; alternate to Progressive 
State Convention of 1912. Episcopalian. Second 
vice-regent of Sconondrah Chapter D.A.R., 
Oneida, N.Y. ; pres. W.C.T.U. of Oneida; pres. 
Parent Teachers' Ass'n. Recreation: Camping 
on Oneida Lake. Pres. Oneida Mothers' Club; 
mem. Shakespeare Club, Twentieth Century 

BEAL, Mary Louise Barnes (Mrs. Foster E. L. 

Beal), Branchville, Md, 

Author; b. Bath, N.Y., July 22, 1844; dau. 
Washington and Louisa (Blrdsall) Barnes; ed. 
Elmira (N.Y.) Female Coll.; Lyons (N.Y.) Mu- 
sical Acad., grad. '66; m. Jan. 9, 1877, Foster 
Ellenborough Lascelles Beal. Author: Boys of 
Cloverdale; A Misunderstood Hero. Eplaco- 
BEAL,E, Bertha Fitzgerald, Arden, Buncombe 

Co., N.C. 

Artist; b. Arden, N.C, Nov. 1, 1877; dau. 
Charles Willing and Maria Parker (Taylor) 
Beale; ed. Acad. Julien, Colorossi's and Henry 
Mosler's Art School in Paris; York School of 
Art, Acad, of I^ine Arts (Cincinnati), Pennsyl- 
vania Acad, of Fine Arts, and Henri School of 
Art in America. Interested In poultry raising. 
Author of short stories for children. Episco- 
palian. Recreations: Tennis, camping, horse- 
back riding. Mem. Nat. Arts Club and the 
Three Arts Club (N.Y. City); the Fellowship of 
the Pennsylvania Acad, of Fine Arts, Current 
Literature Club of Arden, N.C. 
BEALE, Carrie Phelan (Mrs. Jesse D. Beale), 

250 W. 94th St., N.Y. City. 

Born Blount Springs, Ala.; dau. Judge John D. 
Phelan, of the Alabama Supreme Court; m, 
Jesse D. Beale; children: Caroline Beale Mc- 
Queen, Phelan Beale. Mean. United Daughters of 
the Confederacy; associate mem. N.Y. City Fed. 
of Women's Clubs; mem. Rubensteln, Woman's 
National Democratic and Dixie Clubs; honorary 
regent first White House Ass'n of Montgomery, 
Ala. Against woman suffrage. 
BEAJLE, Maria Parker Taylor (Mr«, C. W. 

Beale), Arden, Buncombe Co., N.C, 

Heraldic artist, author; b. Richmond, Va., 
Jan. 30, 1849; dau. Thomas and Mary (Whlto- 
nead) Taylor, Jr.; ed. Columbia Female Coll., 
Columbia, S. C. (first honor), '64; m. St. Peter's 
Episcopal Church, Philadelphia, Jan. 25, 1872, 
C. W. Beale; children: Ella Rebecca (relict ol 
W. E. Hemphill, M.D.), Bertha Fitzgerald, Mar- 
garet Albert (Daisy). Received professional 
education as an artist, but prefers to copy in 
the great picture galleries, and has accumulated 
a great number of pictures; especially interested 
in Virginian family history and the heraldry ot 
those families; paints coats of arms profeasiou- 
ally. Cooperated with husband in founding 
town of Arden, N.C, and In developing it. 
Episcopalian. Mem. D.A.R., Colonial Dames, 
Daughters of Colonial Governors. Recreations: 
Sketching out of doors, in water colors; travel- 
ing in historic lands, driving, landscape garden- 
ing, and the study of genealogy. 



B£AXIi, Naaale I-ewis (Mrs. Henry D. Beall), 
1514 Thirtieth St., Washington, D.C. 
Bom Lynchburg, Va. ; dau. Henry Harrison 
and Lucy (Sehoolfield) Lewis; belongs to the 
Lewis, ■ Sehoolfield and Harrison families of Vir- 
ginia; ed. in private schools of Lynchburg, Va.; 
m. Col. Henry D. Beall of the Confederate States 
Army and later of editorial staff of the Baltimore 
Sun; one daughter: Louise Harrison Beall (m. 
Dr. W. C. Gaynor, of Washington, D.C). Mem. 
D.A.R. (Emily Nelson Chapter), United Daugh- 
ters of Confederacy. Episcopalian. Recreation: 
Motoring. Against woman suffrage. 
BEALS, Anna Maria Bourne (Mrs. Charles 
Elmer Beals), 107 Fourth St., Bangor, Me. 
Born Maine; ed. high school, Bangor, Me.; 
Bryn Mawr Coll., 1899-1900; m. 1907, Rev. 
Charles Elmer Beals. Tutor In Latin, algebra 
and history, 1900-01; student in Teachers' Train- 
ing Class, Bangor, 1902-07. 

BEAiS, Jessie Tarbox (Mrs. A. T. Beals), 159 
E. 33d St. (business. 71 W. 23d St.), N.Y. City. 
Photographer; b. Hamilton, Can., Dec. 5S, 
1870; dau. John N. and Marie A. (Basset) Tar- 
box; ed. Hamilton, Can.; m. Greenfield, Mass., 
Sept. 2, 1897, A. T. Beals; one daughter: Nan- 
nette Tarbox Beals, b. June 8, 1912. Teacher 
for several years in Mass. ; special photographer 
for newspapers in Buffalo, N.Y. ; official press 
photographer at St. Louis Exposition, 1904 (re- 
ceived medal for work). Magazine photographer 
for Vogue, Town and Country, Ladies' Home 
Journal, Country Life in America, Harper's 
Bazar; also engaged in expert home portraiture. 
BEAXS, Katharine McMillan (Mrs. James Bur- 
ril Beals), Public Library, St. Paul, Minn. 
Reference librarian; b. Pittsburgh, Pa.; dau. 
Samuel J. R. McMillan (chief justice of the 
State Supreme Court of Minnesota, and U.S. 
Senator, 1S75-S7) and Harriet E. (Butler) McMil- 
lan; ed. private schools; m. St. Paul, Minn., 
Apr. 28, 1875, James Burril Beals (died Dec. 31, 
1888); children: Walter Burges, James Burril. 
Occasional contributor to magazines. Presbyter- 
ian. Mom. Minnesota State Library Ass'n; char- 
ter mem. D.A.R. 

BEAXS, Othilia Gertrude (Mrs. Walter Burges 
Beals), 1707 Sunset Av., W. Seattle, Wash. 
Lawyer; b. New Orleans, La.; dau. P. P. and 
Sarah J. (Talbott) Carroll; ed. Seattle private 
schools and Wash. State Univ., LL.B. '01; m. 
Seattle, July 14, 1904, Walter Burges Beals. 
First woman to engage in active practice of law 
in Seattle. One of the incorporators of the 
Seattle Fruit and Flower Mission, charity de- 
voted to the care of the indigent sick. Pres. of 
the Univ. of Washington Alumnae. Favors wo- 
man suffrage. Catholic. Republican. Mem. 
United Daughters of the Confederacy. Recrea- 
tion: Tennis. Mem. Seattle Tennis Club. 
BEAXS, Kose Falrbank (Mrs. Lester Hayes 
Beals). Wai, Satara District, India, 
Medical missionary; grad. Smith Coll., B.A. 
'95; Johns Hopkins School of Med-iclne, M.D. 
1900; m. Sept. 27, 1905, Lester Hayes Beals. 
Since 1900 medical missionary in India. 
BEAMAN, Jane Witter Stetson (Mrs. David 
Webster Beam an), 8 Anthony St., New Bed- 
ford, Mass. 

Former teacher; grad. Smith Coll., B.L. '99; 
m. June 25, 1902, David Webster Beaman; two 
children; both died in Infancy. Teacher of Eng- 
lish literature in Mattapoisett (Mass.) Grammar 
and High School, 1899-1901; teacher of literature 
and French in New Bedford (Mass.) Evening 
High School, 1899-1900. 

BEA>', Mary (Mrs. Jordan N. Bean), Brldger, 

Born near Richland Center, Wis., Nov. 26, 
1869; dau. William S. and Katherine (Akan) 
Bean; ed. in common schools of Wis.; m. West 
Lima, Wis., Sept. 9, 1S8S, Jordan N. Bean; chil- 
dren: William N. and Robley Bean. Has lived 
In Montana since 1888. Interested in various 
charities. Favors woman suffrage. Mem. Order 
Eastern Star; past matron of home chapter and 
grand representative of State of Montana for 
State of Oregon. Recreation: Driving. Was 
pres. Woman's Olnb of Bridger. 

BEAN, Theodora, 70 W. Forty-sixth St., K.X. 


Writer; b. Anoka, Minn.; dau. Martin Vai» 
Buren and Louisa Jane (McFarland) Bean; ed. 
Anoka High School, Carleton Oil. Wflter of 
sports, Chicago Record; special writer Evening 
Telegram, N.Y. City; feature work and foreign 
correspondence for N.Y. Morning Telegraph; 
mem. Sunday staff Morning Telegraph. First 
woman in this country to be employed on the 
daily staff of a sporting department of a metro- 
politan newspaper. Favors woman suffrage; 
mem. Woman's Political Union, Woman Suffrage 
Party. Episcopalian. Recreations: Reading, 
walking, traveling. 

BEANE, Mary EUen Smith (Mrs. Samuel C. 
Beane), 2 Ripley Place, Worcester, Mass. 
Born Waterbury, Vt., 1870; dau. John Downer 
and Mary Jane (Camp) Smith; ed. Green Moun- 
tain Sem.; Wellesley Coll., B.A. '94; m. Water- 
bury, Vt., 1901, Rev. Samuel C. Beane Jr. Mem. 
Woman's Aid Soc, League of Unitarian Women. 
Favors woman suffrage. Unitarian. Mem. Wor- 
cester Woman's Club, Leicester Shakesi)eare 
Club, Twentieth Century Club, Unitarian Club, 
Wellesley Club, CoUege Club. 

BEAK, OliTa May, 1404 N. Water St., Decatur, 

English teacher; b. Decatur, 111., Mar. 6, 1870; 
dau. Ephriam and Susanna (Hamsher) Bear; ed. 
Knox Coll., Galesburg, 111., B.S.; Cornell Univ., 
and Univ. of Chicago. Engaged in teaching since 
graduation. Favors woman suffrage. Congrega- 

BEARD, Amelia Belle, 127 S. Parsons Av., Flush- 
ing, L.I., N.Y. 

Artist, author; b. PainesvUle, 0.; d&u. James 
Henry Beard, N.A. (celebrated artist), and Mary 
Caroline ((barter) Beard; ed. Mrs. Collins' pri- 
vate school in Covington, Ky. ; (hooper Union and 
Art Students' League, N.Y. City; water color 
from Rhoda Holmes Nichols; oilcolor from Will- 
iam M. Chase, First picture painted, accepted 
by N.Y. Acad, of Design, hung on line and sold 
immediately; title of picture. In the World but 
Not of the World. Mem. of Authors' League of 
Com. of One Hundred on National Health; 
founder of building fund for Good Citizens' 
League of Flushing, L.I. ; mem. Child Labor 
Organization. With he'r sister, Lina Beard, wrote 
and illustrated: American Girls' Handy Book; 
Recrep.tion for Girls; What a Girl Can Make and 
Do; Thmgs Worth Doing; Little Folks' Hindy 
Book; Home Mission Handy Craft (this last 
book for Sunday-schools) ; contributor to maga- 
zines and newspapers. Inventor, designer, illus- 
trator and author of 'The Beard Birds; these 
birds are life size, look-alive birds, and have 
been endorsed cordially by William Hornaday, 
director of the Zoological Gardens of N.Y., also 
by the Audubon Soc., which, by request, were 
supplied with a sample of birds for exhibition in 
office. Mem. Good Citizenship League of Flush- 
ing, L.I. Congregationallst. Favors woman 
suffrage; mem. of Equal Franchise Soc. of Flush- 
ing, L.I. With sister, Lina Beard, worked out 
plans now embodied in the national organization 
of Girl Pioneers of America, sister organization 
to the Boy Scouts of America, and is executive 
secretary of the organization. Recreations: 
Travel, nature study, out-door life, handicrafts. 
BEARD, Erederica, 14 Beacon St., Boston, 

Born Clapham, Elngland; dau. Richard and 
Anne (Olding) Beard; ed. by private Instruction; 
Training School of Chicago Free Kindergarten 
Ass'n; post-grad, special courses in the Univ. of 
Chicago and Columbia Univ. Kindergartner In 
Chicago, 1886-90; training teacher In Normal 
Schools of Norwich and New Haven, Conn.. 
1S90-96; institute lecturer, 1896-1900; educationa. 
writer. Supervisor of training of teachers and 
associate editor Educational Dep't of Congrega- 
tional Sunday-scl.ool and Publication Soc, Bos- 
ton, 1912. Interested In educatlfnal, religious 
and philanthropic movements. Author: The 
Kindergarten Si.nday-school; Wonder Stories 
from the Gospals; Manual for Teachers on Old 
Testament Stories; Journeys and Aiventurea ot 



Mighty Men of Old; also articles In educational 
magazines and religious periodicals. Congrega- 
tionallst. Mem. Religious Education Asa'n. Rec- 
reation: Chesa playing. 

BEARD, Harriet Elizabeth, 179 East Av., Nor- 
walk, Conn. 

College Instructor; b. Syracuse, N.Y. ; ed. in 
schools oi Brooklyn, N.Y., and Vasaar Coll., 
A.B. '97. Teacher Cascadilla School, Ithaca, 
N.Y., 1897-98; Hillside School, Norwalk, Conn., 
1898-1901; Vassar Coll. since 1901. 
BEARD, Una, 127 S. Parsons Av., Flushing, 
I..I., N.Y. 

Author, artist; b. Cincinnati, O.; dau. James 
Henry Beard, N.A. (celebrated painter of jKir- 
tr»ii6 and animals), and Mary Caroline (Carter) 
Beard; ed. Miss Collins' private school, Coving- 
ton, Ky. ; Wesleyan Sem., Cincinnati, O.; Dr. 
West's Brooklyn Heights Sem., Brooklyn, N.Y. ; 
studied art at Cooper Union and Art Students' 
League, N.Y. City, N.Y. Interested in nature, 
art, handicrafts. Founder and chief pioneer of 
nat. organization of Girl Pioneers of Ameflca 
(sister organization of Boy Scouts of America). 
Greatly interested in equal franchise; mem. 
Equal Franchise Soc. of Flushing, L.I. Author 
(with sister, Adella Belle Beard) : American 
Girls' Handy Book; What a Girl Can Make and 
Do; Things Worth Doing; Little Folks' Handy 
Book; Recreation for Girls; Home Mission 
Handy Craft (for Sunday-schools); contributor 
to magazines and newspapers. Recreations: 
Out-door life, travel, picture galleries, social 
functions. Mem. New Church (Swedenborgian). 
Slngle-taxer. Founder of Good Citizenship 
League of Flushing, L.I. 

BEARD, Mary Rltter (Mrs. Charles A.), New 
Mllford. Conn. 

Suffrage leader; b. Indianapolis, Aug. 5, 1876; 
dau. Eli F. and Narcisso (Lookwood) Ritter; ed. 
De Pauw Univ., class of '97 (mem. Kappa Alpha 
Theta) ; m. Indianapolis, March 8, 1900, Charles 
A. Beard (now prof, politics in Columbia Univ.). 
Mem. Woman's Trade Union League (mem. leg- 
islative committee). Woman's Political Union; 
former vice-chairman for Manhattan of the 
Woman Suffrage Party of N.Y., editor of The 
Woman Voter until June, 1912. Has resigned 
from Woman's Municipal League and other 
societies to devote herself to suffrage. 
BEARD, Vida Fleming (Mrs. William K. 
Beard), Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Born Columbia, S.C; dau. Robert G. and 
AJinie R. (Boatwright) Fleming; ed. Savannah, 
Ga.; m. Savannah, Dec. 6, 1893, William K. 
Beard; children: Robert Fleming, John, William 
K. 3d, David F., Donald Swan, Milton Courtright. 
Pres. Philadelphia Chapter United Daughters of 
the Confederacy; mem. Kate Barry Chapter 
D.A.R. Episcopalian. 

BEARDSLEY, Emily CaU Griffith (Mrs. Arthur 
M. Beardsley), Greenleaf Farm, Roxbury, 

Farmer; b. Brooklyn, N.Y., 1851; dau. Walter 
Scott and Caroline (Call) Griffith; grad. Vassar 
Coll., B.A. '73; m. Utica, N.Y., 1900, Arthur M. 
Beardsley. Teacher until marriage. Interested 
in Consumers' League and municipal activities, 
while living In Utica, especially in clean streets. 
Mem. Woman's University Club, N.Y. City. 
Favors woman suffrage. 

BEATLEY, Clara Bancroft (Mrs. James A. 
Beatley, 11 Waban St., Roxbury, Mass. 
Teacher, lecturer; b. Shirley, Mass., Jan. 12, 
1858; dau. Edmund Dana and Mary Park (Morse) 
Bancroft; ed. Bridge water State Normal School, 
advanced course (class valedictorian); m. Bos- 
ton, Dec. 27, 1887, James A. Beatley; children: 
Margaret, Catherine, Ralph, Bancroft. Teacher 
In public schools of Newton, Lawrence, Boston 
and Cambridge; for seventeen years principal of 
Disciples School, Boston, Mass. Chairman Com. 
on Education, Church of Disciples, Boston, 
Mass.; chairman Conference Com. on Normal 
Education; director Children's Mission; director 
Tuckerman School; mem. Education Committee 
Mass. Federation of Women's Clubs; director of 
Boston Equal Suffrage Ass'n. Author: Apples 
of Gold (anthology); Forget-Me-Not (dally read- 

ing); Joys Beyond Joy (prose and verse); Treas- 
ures New and Old (commemorating one hun- 
dredth anniversary of the birth of James Free- 
man Clarke). Unitarian; life mem. Unitarian 
Ass'n; director Home and School Ass'n; mem. 
Roxburghe Club. Recreations: Seashore Inter- 
ests at summer home, Croftsmere, Boothboy 
Harbor; also books and music. 
BEATTIE, Eva Townsend (Mrs. John J. Beat- 
tie, Salem. N.Y. 

Club president; b. Hebron, N.Y., Jan. 16, 1853; 
dau. Horace J. and Harriet (Hannibal) Town- 
send; ed. Salem High School; m. Salem, N.Y., 
Dec. 19, 1877, John J. Seattle. Mem. First Pres- 
byterian Church. Pres. Monday Club; mem. 
Whist Club (Duplicate), Five Hundred Club. 
BEATTIE, J. Isabella Macklin, Ancon, Canal 
Zone, Isthmus of Panama, 

Journalist; b. Mobile, Ala.; dau. Gerard Mack- 
lin and Elizabeth Stevens (Colby) Seattle; ed. at 
home with tutors and private schools. Went to 
Panama In 1907, and affiliated with the woman's 
club movement, which was inaugurated at that 
time by order of the Sec. of War, Mr. Taft; 
has been connected with the official organ of the 
Isthmian Canal Commission, The Canal Record, 
as editor of the social section, entitled The Social 
Life of the Zone, since Its establishment In 
1907; head of the women's movement in the 
Zone; organizer and general adviser; pres. of the 
Canal Zone Fed of Women's Clubs, 1910-13; sec. 
Canal Zone Chapter, Am. Nat. Red Cross, 1909- 
11; director m the Canal Zone Humane Soc, 
1908-09; has lived and traveled abroad, being 
permanently resident of Berlin, 1899-1907; traTded 
extensively in Europe. Interested in the women 
movements and industries. Has contributed to 
Harper's Bazar, the Youth's Companion, and 
other publications. Recreations: Travel, study of 
art. Episcopalian.. Favors woman suffrage. 
BE ATT Y, Anne Meem Peachy (Mrs. Frank E. 
Beatty), Navy Yard, Washington, D.C. 
Born Mt. Airy, Shenandoah (>)., Va.; dau. 
Wilham Dangerfield and Leila Rassell (Meran) 
Peachy; ed. Acad, of the Visitation, Washington 
D.C; m. Washington, D.C, April 29, 1891, Lieut, 
(now Real Admiral) Frank Edmund Beatty, 
U.S.N. , children: Emily Appleton, Frank Ed- 
mund Jr. Pres. District of Columbia Auxiliary 
of the Navy Relief Soc; late treas. Army and 
Navy League. Episcopalian. 

BEATTY, Cora B. Hamnett (Mrs. John W. 
Beatty), Richland Lane, Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Bom Blairsvllle, Pa., Oct. 26, 1860; dau. John 
and Elizabeth (Shurick) Hamnett; ed. Blairs- 
vllle Sem., Pa.; m. Pittsburgh, Pa., Dec 12 1883 
John W. Beatty, M.A.; children; Helen M., John 
W., William H., Katharine E. Presbyterian. 
BEATTY, Edith Graves (Mrs. William C Beat- 
ty), Elephant Butte, N.Mex. 
Born Ithaca, N.Y., Sept. 22, 1878; dau. Howard 
Taylor and Audera (EUis) Graves; ed. Cornell 
Univ., A.B. ; m. Ithaca, N.Y., Oct. 30 1905, Will- 
iam C Beatty; one son: William c' Beatty Jr 
Presbyterian. Mem. College Women's Club of 
Los Angeles, Cal.; Ass'n of Collegiata Alumn®. 
BEATTY, NeiUe Grlswold (Mrs. W. H. Beatty), 
1345 Tennessee St., Lawrence, Kan. 
Librarian; b. Lawrence, Kan., 1862; dau 
Jerome Francis and Helen Mary (Hewitt) Grls- 
wold; ed. Kan. Univ. (mem. Kappa Alpha 
Theta); m. Lawrence, Kan., 18S5, W. H. Beatty 
one son: Jerome GrLswold Beatty. Sec Kan' 
State Library Ass'n, 1907-08; pres. Kan." State 
Library Ass'n, 1912-13. Favors woman suffrage 
Congregationalist. Independent Republican 

Mem. Kan. State Library Ass'n, American Li- 
brary Ass'n, Order Eastern Star. Mem. FYlends 
In Counsel. 

BEACCHAJVIP, Frances E. (Mrs. James H. 

Beauchamp), Lexington, Ky. 

Lecturer, writer, editor; b. Madison Co Ky • 
dau. J. W. Efetill- ed. Science Hill, Shelbyville! 
Ky. ; m. Jaimes H. Beauchamp, lawyer. State 
president of the Kentucky Woman's Chris- 
tian Temperance Union; SUte chairman Prohi- 
bition Party; mem. Nat Committee ProhibiUon 
Party; has done much in interest ot prison re- 



form and Is authority on sociological problems. 
Favors womaB suffrage. Editor of W.C.T.U. 
State paper; contributor to many papers and 
magazines. Presbyterian. 

BEAUCHAMP, Virginia Carter Halstead (Mrs. 
William Thomas Beauchamp), 1608 W. Nine- 
teenth St., Little Rock, Ark. 
Born Boonville, Cooper Co., Mo., 1841; dau. 
Jackson and Maria (Mallory) Halstead; grad. the 
Misses Young School (Memphis, Tenn.), with 
highest honors, 1857; m. Memphis, Tenn., 1861, 
William Thomas Beauchamp, of Elkton, Ky.; 
children: Stonewall Jackson, Gabriella Lee Beau- 
champ (now Mrs. Claudius Jones), Claude, Cos- 
tin. Interested in clubs, City Hospital, United 
Charities, Y.M.C.A., and Y.W.C.A.; mem. Me- 
morial Chapter United Daughters of Confederacy. 
Mem. the First Christian Church (teacher of 
class of young ladies in Bible school work 57 
years. Has been newspaper correspondent and 
society editor; represented Ark. in the Nat. 
Houehold Economics Ass'n; was chairman of 
the State Household Economies Dep't 13 years; 
now chairman of the Little Rock Dist. in the 
Ark. Fed. Women's Clubs; cor. sec. of several 
societies. Democrat. Recreations: Painting, em- 
broidery, visiting sick. Mem. ^Esthetic Club, 
Current Events Club, State Historical Ass'n, 
State Museum A^s'n; meim. Woman's (Congress 
of Waterways. 

BEAUMONT, Carrie B. (Mrs. John F. Beau- 
mont), 481 E. Fiftieth St., North, Portland, 

Pianist and teacher of piano, harmony, sight 
reading; b. Chicago, 111., Dec. 21, 1868; dau. Will- 
lam and Kate (Burdick) Wilder; ed. public 
schools In Chicago, Douglas School, and South 
Division High School; studied music under Silas 
G. Pratt, Neally Stevens, Madame Rounseville 
and August Hyllested; has teacher's and post- 
graduate certificates in music from (Jottschalk 
Lyric School, Chicago, in which she taught for 
16 years; has World's Fair medal and gold 
medals; m. (1st) Chicago, Nov. 12, 1890, Clifford 
K. Crane (died Feb., 1892); (2d) Aug. 21, 1897, Dr. 
John F. Beaumont, and, since July, 1908, has 
resided In Portland, Ore. Has done concert work 
as piano soloist and accompajiist for years. 
Taught for years In Chicago, and now in Port- 
land, Ore.; accompanied Camilla Urso, the great 
violinist, and many of Chicago's best professional 
people; in 1894 won a Hallet and Davis piano in 
a yearly contest; was pres. Hyllested Soc. of 
Music. In 1899 became mem. Chapter A., P.E.O., 
Chicago (secret society of women); mem. Chapter 
C. P.E.O., Portland. In 1904 joined Chicago 
Chapter D.A.R. ; In 1908 transferred to Multno- 
mah Chapter, Portland, Ore.; in 1911 demitted to 
accept regent's office of the new Willamette 
Chapter, Portland; resigned that office to become 
State regent D.A.R. of Oregon, which office she 
now holds. Recreation: Country life; spends 
summer on her 20-acre ranch in Hood River. 
BEAUX, Cecilia, Gloucester, Mass. 

Artist; b. Philadelphia, Pa.; dau. John Adolph 
and Cecilia Kent (Leavitt) Beaux; pupil in art of 
William Sartaia of Philadelphia and in Paris of 
Academic Julien and the Atelier Lazar; received 
honorary degree of LL.D. from Univ. of Pa., 
1908. Frequent exhibitor at Pa. Acad, of Fine 
Arts, Philadelphia, which has four times awarded 
her the Mary Smith prize and also Temple gold 
medal; Nat. Acad, of Design, Dodge prize; Car- 
negie Inst., Pittsburgh, gold medal; gold medal 
of Paris Exposition, 1900; exhibited at Salon on 
Champs de Mars, Paris, 1896. Elected Acade- 
mician of Nat. Acad, of Design, 1902; mem. Am. 
Artists' Soc., Paris, and Socletfi Nationals de 
Beaux Arts, Paris. 
BEAVEB, Molbe E., Dalngerfleld, Tex. 

Teacher; b. Henderson, Tenn., Aug. 23, 184ff; 
dau. Thomas and Eliza (Lott) Beaver; ed. In 
academy at Gilmer, Tex. (since developed Into 
Georgetown Coll.), and Mansfield (La.) Coll., 
A.B. Engaged as teacher for 36 years, also sev- 
eral years member and part of time president of 
Board of Examiners; many of the most promi- 
nent Texans have been her pupils. Took active 
part in promoting the first high school building 

at Daingerfleld. Occasional contributor to local 
press. Honorary mem. Twentieth Century Club 
of Daingerfleld and of the Methodist, Baptist 
and Presbyterian Missionary Societies. Mehi. 
Methodist Episcopal Church, South. Against 
woman suffrage. 

BEAVEKS, Genevieve W. Blythebourne, Brook- 
lyn, N.Y. 

Civic worker; b. N.Y. City April 25, 1883; dau. 
George W. and Rosetta Alois (Cullen) Beavers; 
grad. Adelphi Coll., Brooklyn, N.Y., 1907 (mem. 
Kappa Alpha Theta). In 1907-08 investigator for 
Y.W.C.A. on Nat. Study of Wage Earning 
Women (results published In Wage Earning 
Women, by Dr. Annie M. MacLean); on staff 
1908-12 of Bureau of Municipal Research, N.Y. 
City; sec. Robert L. Stevens Fund for Municipal 
Research In Hoboken, 1910-12; executive sec. 
League for Civic Education of Women, N.Y. 
City, 1912. Active in civic and woman's club 
work in N.J. Favors woman suffrage. Con- 
tributor to newspapers and magazines on sub- 
jects of civic interest. Published Charities Di- 
rectory for Hoboken. 

BECK, Clara A., 319 Swede St., Norristown, Pa. 
Literary work; b. Lapatcong, Warren Co., N.J., 
Nov. 28, 1860; dau. John P. and Anna (Boyer) 
Beck; grad. Bucknell Univ., 1877 (hon. degree). 
Began writing Oriental stories, took up editorial 
work, reviewed for publishers, did exchange 
reading, wrote for trade journals; general writer. 
Chairman of publication committees, mostly re- 
ligious; engaged in social work, studying condi- 
tions and writing about them. Favors woman 
suffrage. Lutheran. Mem. Historical Soc. of 
Montgomery County, Pa., Pennsylvania Women's 
Press Ass'n. Especially Interested In history 
and biography, also in featuring for magazines 
and journals; has done this work for newspapers, 
illustraed journals and books. 
BECK, Irma Wanda, 2021 San Jacinto St., Dal- 
las, Tex. 

Teacher; b. (Jeyer, Germany, Dec. 26, 1881; 
dau. Max and Minna (Frank) Beck; grad. Deni- 
son (Tex.) High School, Kidd-Key Conservatory 
of Music, Sherman, Tex., 1903. Studied piano 
and harmony abroad under Prof. Richard Bur- 
meister, Berlin, Germany, 1907-09. Teacher, 
Harthan Conservatory, Dallas, Tex., 1910-11; 
director of music, Presbyterian CoU,, Durant, 
Okla., 1912-13. 

BECK, Jennie Florence (Mrs. Stewart Beck), 
Atkinson, Neb. 

Born Marietta, O., Dec. 25, 1848; dau. Eli and 
Anna (Blockley) Wiggins; ed. In pubUc schools 
of Jefferson Ck)., Iowa; Lutheran Coll., Fair- 
field, la.; m. Fairfield, la., Oct. 25, 1869, 
Stewart Beck; children: Albert Earl David, 
Charles Steel, A. Elizabeth, George, James, Roy, 
Lucy, Harold. Teacher at Fairfield, la., five 
years. Interested in orphans, nurses the sick 
and needy, and solicits for children's homes. 
Writes poems and prose for the various societies 
to which she belongs. Mem. and sec. foreign 
and home missionary societies, and church aux- 
iliary, W.C.T.U. and County Sunday-school 
Ass'n. Clubs: Press, Woman's Country. Pres- 
byterian. Favors woman suffrage. 
BECK, Rachel Wyatt EUzabeth Tongrate (Mrs. 
William Henry Beck), The Portner, Washing- 
ton, D.C. 

Born Whitehall, IlL; dau. John Thomas and 
Elizabeth (Wyatt) Tongate; educated in private 
and public schools, and partial course In Illi 
Woman's Coll., Jacksonville, 111.; m. St. Louis, 
Mo., Aug. 21, 1863, WUliam Henry Beck, brig.- 
gen. U.S.A. (died Nov. 26, 19U) ; children; Will- 
iam Henry Jr., b. May 19, 1864 (died Oct. 11, 
1885); Mary Rachel, b. Nov. 28, 1867 (m. Jan. 14, 
1890, Ass't Surgeon P. G. Wales, U.S.A., and died 
In Philippines, Dec. 19, 1904); John Rogers, b. 
Nov. 11, 1869 (died Sept., 1899); Paul Ward (now 
captain U.S.A.), b. Dec. 1, 1876. During hus- 
band's Indian service lived many years on the 
frontiers and was deeply interested in the wel- 
fare of the Indians. Favors woman suffrage, 
but not actively. Past pres. League of A.m. Pen- 
Women; vice-pres. Short Story Club of Washing- 
ton, D.C; mem. Am. Federation of Arts (Wash- 



Inston) ; paat regent Army and Navy Chapter, 
Nat. Soc. D.A.R. ; mem. International Press 
Club; honorary mem. Federation of Clubs of 
D.C. Author: The City Beautiful (an illustrated 
tribute in verse to Washington, D.C.); Tucsonnle 
(an Indian story); An liJpisode in the Philippines; 
On the Lunetta; The Crimson Fire Tree; also 
many short stories; reporter for newsp>apers In 
U.S. and Philippines; contributor of verse and 
prote to magazines. Recreations: Walking, 
rhHng, gardening. Roman Catholic. Favors 
Proeressive Party; mam. Teachers and Mothers 
Soc. (Washington); especially interested in the 
subject of patriotic education of the young. 
BECKINGTON, Alice, Carnegie Hall, N.T. 

summer, Scltuate, Mass.) 

Miniature painter; b. St. Charles, Mo., July 
30, 1868; dau. Charles and Adeline (Cheney) 
Beckington; ed. Art Students' League, N.Y., and 
lu AcadSmle Julien and Academic Chas. Lazar. 
Paris. Awarded honorable mention Buffalo Ex- 
position, 1901, bronze medal St. Louis Exposi- 
tion, 1904; Instructor miniature painting at Art 
Students' League, N.Y. City. One of founders 
of the Am. Soc. of Miniature Painters; mem. 
Pennsylvania Soc. of Miniature Painters. In 
favor of woman suffrage. 

BECKMA>f, Nellie Sims (Mrs. William Beck- 
man), 1027 L St., Sacramento, Cal. 

Author; b. Jacksonville, 111.; dau. Austin and 
Mary (Aired) Sims; ed. Jacksonville (111.) public 
school; 111. Female Coll.; m. Sacramento, Cal., 
Williajn Beckman. Prominent in society, and 
actively interested in all matters pertaining to 
the welfare of the people of Sacramento. World- 
wide traveler. Author: Backsheesh — A Woman's 
Wanderings; Unclean and Spotted from the 
World; Beckie'a Book of Bastings; also contribu- 
tor to newspapers and magazines on sociology, 
biology and wage-earaing problems in Europe 
and America. Progressive Democrat. Charter 
mem. and first pres. of Tuesday Literary Club; 
mem. Women's Council, Saturday Club (musical). 
Ladies' Museum Ass'n. 
BECKNEB, Marie Warren (Mrs. Luclen P. 

Beckner), 142 W. Hickman St., Winchester. 


Journalist, club worker; b. Haxrodsburg, Ky., 
May 22, 1875; dau. William Warren and Jean 
Hamilton Daviess; ed. Caldwell College, Dan- 
ville, Ky. (mem. Kappa Kappa Alpha); m. New 
Albany, Ind., Aug. 14, 1894, Lucien Pearson 
Beckner; children: Jean Warren, b. 1896 (died 
1898); Elizabeth Taliaferro, b. 1837; Marie War- 
ren, b. 1905. Engaged in journalism on staff of 
Winchester Sun. Interested In building hospital, 
and in all twenty-seven branches of the Ky. Fed. 
Women's Clubs. Mem. D.A.R. (vice-regent of 
Hart Chapter) ; worthy matron Order Elastern 
Star; mem. King's Daughters at Hospital Circle 
at Winchester, Ky. ; mem. the Descendants of 
Colonial Governors, through Gov. John West and 
Governor Claiborne of Va. ; mem. M.C. Club of 
Winchester (pres.). Ky. Fed. of Women's Clubs, 
Parents' and Teachers' Clubs. Mem. First Pres- 
byterian Church. Favors woman suffrage. 
BECKWITH, Cora Jlpson, Vassar College, 

Poughkeepsie, N.Y. 

Instnictor at Vassar Coll. ; b. Grand Rapids, 
Mich., Mar. 24, 1875; dau. William Griswold and 
Maria (Jipson) Beckwith; ed. Univ. of Mich., 
B.S. 1900; Columbia Univ., M.A. 1908 in biology; 
now studying at Columbia Univ. for the degree 
of Ph.D. in the dep't of zoology. Instructor in 
biology at Vassar, 1900-12. Has written two arti- 
cles on science in the Biological Bulletin. Fa- 
vors woman suffrage. 

BECKWITH, Emma (Mrs. Edwin Beckwith), 

9 Maiden Lane, N.Y. City. 

Vvnolesale and retail optician; b. Cincinnati, O., 
Dec. 4, 1849; dau. Mlohael and Laura M. (Sher- 
man) Knight; ed. Toledo (O.) High School; m. 
Toledo, O., Jan. 30, 1868, Edwin Beckwith; chil- 
dren: CarmeliU, b. Sept. 19, 1868; Arthur, b. 
Aug. 10, 1870; Betsy, b. Sept. 19, 1875. Was ed. 
under Free Thought religions (Spiritualist and 
Unitarian) In Toledo, O. ; was pres. Spiritualistic 
Soc. In Brooklyn five years. Favors woman suf- 
frage; held office of sec. of Woman Suffrage 

Soc, Toledo, O., and has always belonged to ac- 
tive women in suffrage cause; sec. for many 
years in N.Y. City; was seventh mem. of Soc. for 
Political Study, 26 years ago (now hon. mem.). 
First woman in business in Maiden Lane neigh- 
borhood in spring 1878. Republican. Mem. 
Daughters of Ohio In N.Y. (was fourth pres.); 
years ago was active mem. Peace Circle with 
Clara Barton, Belva Lockwood, Alfred Love and 
others. Was first pres. Rainy- Day Club; mem. 
Nat. Arts Club. Hundred Year Club; vice-pres. 
Shakespeare League, a new study club organized 
in endeavor to determine authorship as between 
Bacon and Shakespeare. Free Thinker. Repub- 
lican. Was candidate of EJqual Rights Party for 
mayor of Brooklyn in 18*6 (recelTcd over 100 
votes). Inventor of Excelsior lens drill for 
optical work. 
BECKWITH, Jane Elizabeth Warfldid (Mrs. 

Frank Edwin Beckwith), 40 Pleasant St., 

Westfleld, Mass. 

Bom Boston, Mass., Dec. 24, 1876; dau. Rev. 
Frank A. Warfield, D.D., and Mary Jane (Reade) 
Warfleld; ed. Brockton High School, Wellesley 
Coll., B.A. '97; m. Milford, Mass., Oct. 21, 1908, 
Frank Edwin Beckwith; one daughter: Jane 
Elizabeth, b. Nov. 13, 1909. Congregational 1st. 
BECKWITH, Kate Keynolds (Mrs. Sidney 

Thomas Beckwith), Greenville, N.C. 

Teaching; b. Frederickshall, Va., Feb. 24, 1865; 
dau. William and Barbara A. (Duke) Reynolds; 
grad. Woman's Coll.. Richmond, Va. (then known 
as Baptist Female Inst.), M.A. '83; m. Middle- 
ton N.C, Feb. 22, 1888, Sidney Thomas Beck- 
witn (lawyer In Washington, N.C); children: 
Gladys Hamner, b. June 10, 1889; Terry Welborn, 
b. July 17, 1895. Seven years principal In 
Louisburg Coll., N.C; one year dean of faculty 
o^ Columbia Coll., S.C. (re-eleoted, but health 
failed). Sup't graded school, Swan Quarter, 
N.C, 1907 and 1907-08; In charge of Am. Coll. 
of Fine Arts, Florence, Italy, 1908-0»; lady prin- 
cipal of East Carolina Teachers Training School 
since Oct., 1909. Has written for school organs 
and local papers in furtherance of educational 
enterprises. Methodist. Interested in civic bet- 
terment work in the towns; charter mem. of 
Joe David Chapter, United Daughters of Con- 
federacy, Louisburg, N.C, and Pamlico Chapter 
U.D.C, Washington, N.C. Recreations: Tennis, 
music, travel. Pres. Round Table Club, Green- 
ville, N.C, since 1909. For over 25 yoars ac- 
tively interested in educational work. 
BEDDOW, Elizabeth BusseU (Mrs. Charles Pe- 
ter Beddow), Birmingham, Ala. 

Born Winchester, Tenn. ; dau. Haron and Mary 
(McDonald) Russell (old Virginia and Scotch 
ancestry) ; ed. Chattanooga, Tenn. ; m. 1881, 
Charles Peter Beddow; children: Helen, Agnes, 
Noel, Roderick, Williams, Mary BlizabettL Au- 
thor: Oracle of Moccasin Bend, and a terw South- 
ern dialect poems. Methodist. Mem. Art and 
Literary Club. 

BEDELL, Cornelis Frances, Nyack, N.Y. 

Author; b. Nyack, N.Y., Jan. 24, 1876; dau. 
Charles S. and Caroline P. (Hering) Bedell; ed. 
at a private school at Nyack, N.Y. Associate 
mem. of the Woman's Board ol Domestic Mis- 
sions oi the Reformed Church In America; mem. 
State Charities Aid Ass'n of N.Y., Woman's 
Auxiliary of the Nyack Hospital, Woman's 
Auxiliary of Y.M.CA. of Nyack, N.Y. Believes 
only in municipal suffrage for women taxpayers. 
Author: Sea Secrets (a book of verses for chil- 
dren); A Syllabus of French History (987-1600). 
Mem. Reformed Church in America. Mem. Mon- 
day Shakespeare Class. Recreations: Reading 
(history, poetry and detective stories preferred), 
walking, music. 

BEDELL, Mary Crehore (Mrs. Frederick Bedell), 

Cornell Heights, Ithaca, N.Y. 

Born Cleveland, Ohio, 1870; dau. John D. 
and Lucy (Williams) (irehore; ed. Cleveland 
High School, Smith Coll., A.B. '92; Cornell 
Univ., M.S. '94; m. London, Eng., 1896, Frederick 
Bedell; children, Eleanor Crehore, b. 1897, Caro- 
line Cunningham, 1904. Joint author; Studies of 
the Lime-light, by Edward Nichols and Mary 
L. Crehore (The Physical Review, Vol. II). 



Mem. Smith Coll. Alpha Soc, Smith Coll. Astro- 
nomical Soc. Favors woman suffrage. Recrea- 
tions: Golf, tennis. 
BEDINGER, Maria Voorhe^s, Anchorage, Ky. 

Teacher; b. Anchorage, Ky. ; ed. Belle>wood 
Sem., Anchorage, Ky. ; Bryn Mawr Coll., A.B. 
'91; graduate student Bryn Mawr, 1892-93; 
graduate student Univ. of Pa., 1894-95. Teacher 
in Bellewood Sem., Anchorage, Ky., 1891-92; 
teacher mathematics, Mrs. E. L. Head's School, 
Germantown, Philadelphia, 1892-95; physics and 
mathematics, Mary Inst., St. Louis, 1895-1902; 
mathematics in Bryn Mawr School, Baltimore, 
since 1902. 
BEDLE, Althea Fitz Randolph (Mrs. Joseph 

Dorsett Bedle), The Fairmount, Fairmount 

Av. and Hudson Boul., Jersey City, N.J. 

Born Freehold, N.J., Mar. 30, 1842; dau. Hon. 
B. F. and Eliza Henderson (Porman) Ptandolph 
(descendant from Edward Fitz Randolph, the 
Pilgrim, who came from Nottinghamshire to 
Plymouth in 1630, and his wife, Betsy Blossom, 
who came in the Mayflower in 1628) ; ed. Free- 
hold Young Ladies' Sem., Lawrence, N.J. ; hon- 
orary mem. Lydia Wadleigh School and Normal 
Coll.; m. Freehold, N.J., 1861, Hon. Joseph Dor- 
sett Bedle, LL.D. (justice Supreme Court, and 
Gov. of N.J.); children: Bennington Randolph, 
Joseph Dorsett, Thomas F., Althea Fitz-Ran- 
dolph. Mary H., Randolph. Charter mem. and 
ex-pres. N.J. Soc. Colonial Dames; vice- 
directress Daughters of Holland Dames of the 
ancient and honorable faanilies of New Nether- 
lands; mem. Council of New York and Nat. Soc. 
of Founders and Patriots of America; regent 
Pocahontas Memorial Soc.; ex-vice-pres. N.J. 
Memorial Revolutionary Soc; vice-pres. Gen. 
Nat. Soc. D.A.R. (two terms — four years); active 
speaker and worker for patriotic and philan- 
thropic objects; mem. of many other patriotic 
societies. Has written 300 articles on various 
subjects, chiefly patriotic and historical; also 
songs set to music. Mem. N.J. Historical Soc, 
Monmouth County Historical Soc, Biographical- 
Geographical Soc. of N.Y. Clubs: Sorosis, Jersey 
City Woman's. Represented N.J. at the Centen- 
nial Exposition, World's Columbian Exposition 
at Chicago, Louisiana Purchase Exposition at 
St. Louis, and the Exposition Universelle at 
Paris in 1900. 
BEEBE, Alice Geisslex, 25 Grove St., Wellesley, 

Born Nantucket, Mass., Dec. 28, 1874; dau. 
John A. Beebe (whaling captain) and Lydia 
(Jones) Beel>e; ed. Coflln School, Nantucket, and 
Wellesley Coll., A.B. Donor of Beebe Hall, Wel- 
lesley Coll., in memory of father, Capt. Beebe. 
Interested In church work in Wellesley and Bos- 
ton, and has visited under the Associated Chari- 
ties of Boston. Associate of Sisterhood of St. 
Anne and mem. of various associations in Nan- 
tucket and Wellesley. Episcopalian. Against 
woman suffrage. 
BEEBE, ETanore Olds, N. Wllbraharo, Mass. 

Farmer; b. Fond du Lac, Wis., April 12, 1858; 
dau. William Hubbard and Rebekah (Olds) 
Beebe; ed. in schools of Fond du Lac, Wis. 
Taught school 18 years. Chairman Wilbraham 
School Com. (first woman to aold that office) ; 
has served on committee eight years. Sec. 
Union District of Longmeadow, East Long- 
meadow, Hampden and Wilbraham (first woman 
to hold that office); mem. Ludlow Historical 
Com. Sec. Wilbraham Historical Com. ; mem. 
Conn. Vailey Historical Soc. Favors woman 
suffrage. Free lance in politics and religion. 
Recreations: Driving, amateur photographer, col- 
lector of china. Mem. Wilbraham Study Club. 
BEEBE, Minnie Mason (Mrs. Theodore OrvlUe 

Beebe), 131 College Place, Syracuse, N.T. 

Educator; b. Pavilion, Genesee Co., N.Y. ;- 
dau. Wallace and Mary Elizabeth (Ward) Mason; 
grad. Geneseo State Normal School; Syracuse 
Univ., A.B., A.M.; Univ. of Zurich, Switzerland, 
Ph.D., 1900; m. Aug. 13, 1890, Rev. Theodore 
Orville Beebe (died Feb. 4, 1891). Preceptress, 
Wyoming Sem., Kingston, Pa., 1891-98, then 
went abroad for study. Prof, history and French, 
College of Fine Arts of Syracuse Univ. since 

1901. Methodist Mem. Phi Beta Kappa, Clionlan 
(Normal School Soc), Gamma Phi Beta, German 
Club and Ass'n of Collegiate Alumnae. 
BEECHEB, Battle Foster (Mrs. Herl>ert Foote 

Beecher), 525' Walker St., Port Townsend, 


Artist; b. Mishawaka, Ind., Nov. 12, 1854; dau. 
Stephen C. and Mary (Weatherby) Foster; ed. 
St. Mary's Acad., South Bend, Ind.; San Fran- 
cisco School of Design (gold medal in drawing, 
gold medal in painting); m. Seattle, Wash., 
Nov. 30, 1S81, Herbert Foote Beecher; children: 
Henry Ward, b. 1882; Mary Eunice, b. 1884; 
Beatrice Bernice, b. 1892. Had the first art 
studio in Seattle, and gave the first instruction 
In drawing and painting there in 1881; painted 
the Modern Priscilla that was reproduced in 1900; 
most noted in portraiture, though has painted 
many landscapes both in oil and water colors. 
Interested in educational, musical and civic 
work. Mem. Soc of Seattle Artists, Musical 
Cluh, Tuesday Club. 
BEECHEB, Isabel GarghiU (Mrs, Leonard T. 

Beecher), Graymont Heights, Birmingham, 


Interpretative reader; b. Trumbull Co., Ohio, 
Sept. 26, 1872; dau. Philip and Isabel (Daugh- 
erty) Garghill; ed. Mineral Ridge (O.) High 
School, and Northwestern Univ., Bvanston, 111.; 
honorary degree of M.A., Northwestern Univ., 
June, 19U; m. Chicago, IlL, Aug. 18, 1898, Leon- 
ard T. Beecdier; one son, John Newman. Well 
known as interpreter of the masterpieces o£ 
literature. Favors woman suffrage. Rosnan 
BEECHEB, Martha A., Livonia Centre, N.T. 

Teacher; b. Livonia, N.Y. ; dau. John S, and 
Sarah J. (Wilson) Beecher; ed. Genesee Wes- 
leyan Sem., Lima, N.Y. ; Syracuse Univ., Ph.B.; 
Columbia Univ., A.M. Has taught in Klnsey 
Sem.^ N.C., and Livonia High School; now teach- 
ing mathematics in East High School, Rochester, 
N.Y. Presbyterian. Mem. Nat. Educational 
Ass'n, Chi Chapter of Kappa Alpha Theta, Col- 
lege Woman's Club of Rochester. 
B£E:M, Emma B. (Mrs. Louis C. Beem), Rich- 
wood, Union Co., O. 

Artist; b. Mechanicsburg, O., Mar. 21, 1860; 
dau. Benjamin and Amelia J. (Baker) Taylor; 
ed. Mechanicsburg High School, and course in 
Columbus (O.) Art School; m. Feb. 14, 1899, 
Louis C. Beem. Interested -in home civic work. 
Favors woman suffrage. Christian Scientist. 
Mem. Pythian Sisters; pres. Carpe Diem Club. 
BEEB, Dorcas Grlzzel, 506 Southern Av., Bucy- 

rus, O. 

Teacher Bucyrus High School; b. Bucyrua, O.; 
dau. Judge Thomas and Tabitha Mary (Dins- 
more) Beer; after completing course in high 
school, attended Glendale Female Ck)ll., near 
Cincinnati, a year, then Look classical course at 
Penn. Coll. for Women at Pittsburgh, B.A. ; 
post-grad, course at Wooster Univ., M.A. 
Taught in public schools and high schools at 
Bucyrus, 0., and Yonkers (N.Y.) for 20 years; 
now teacher of Latin, French and English in 
Bucyrus High SchooL Active In Sunday-school 
work, 2Lnd various church organizations in 
Bucyrus, O., and Yonkers, N.Y. In 1911 organ- 
ized the Hannah Crawford Chapter of the D.A.R. 
(now regent of chapter) ; mem. American Flag 
Association. Episcopalian. Favors woman suf- 
frage; mem. Nat. Soc Woman Suffrage at Yon- 
kers, N.Y. ; in 1911 organized Bucyrus Woman 
Suffrage Ass'n (now sec). 
BEEB, Katberine J., 506 Southern Av., BucyriLS, 


Born Bucyrus, Ohio; dau. Judge Thomas Beer 
and Tabitha Mary (Dinsmore) Beer; ed. Bucyrus, 
Ohio; Pennsylvania Coll. for Women; Univ. of 
Wooster. Associated with religious and philan- 
thropic activities. Favors woman suffrage and 
worked for cause in recent campaign In Ohio. 

BEEB, Mary Elizabeth, Bucyrus, O. 

Grand opera artist; b. Bucyrus, 0.; dau. Judge 
Thomas and Tabitha Mary (Dinsmore) Beer; ©d. 
Univ. of Wooster, O.; grad of Conservatory ot 


Music of same Instltutton, B.A., B.M. (mem. cational activities, child welfare, etc. Mem. 

Kappa Alpha Theta). Took up music as a pro- Woman's Suffrage Study Club, N.Y. City. Mem. 

fession, doing church, oratorio and concert Society for Ethical Culture. Mem. Am. Water 

work in Ohio and then in Kerw York; studied for Color Society, N.Y. Water Color Club, Woman's 

grand opera, and appeared first at Rome, Italy. Art Club of N.Y., Unlone Internationale des 

1907; sang there for several seasons. Interested Beaux Arts et des Lettres; also mem. Art 

m the sociological movements relative to the Workers' Club for Women and Catherine Lorll- 

betterment of the condition and position of lard Wolfe Art Students' Club. Recreation: 

women and the protection and education of Camping. 

children. Mem. Y.W.C.A., Keskeskick Chapter bELFIELD, Ada MarshaU, 4841 Madison Av., 

D.A.R. Presbyterian. Favors woman suffrage; Chicago 111 

press and publicity representative for Crawford Teacher; b.' Chicago, 111., July 4, 1872; dau. 

Co., Ohio, during recent campaign in that State. Henry Holmes and Anne Wallace (Miller) Bel- 

BEKRS, LUa Eliza, 1746 W. Thirty-flfth St., field; ed. Hyde Park High School, Chicago; 

Chicago, 111. Wellesley Coll., B.A. '96 (mem. Shakespeare 

Physician; b. Chicago, Nov. 3, 1867; dau. Soc). Teacher of history and Latin in the 

Samuel and Emily (Gray) Beers; ed. Vassar Stevan School, Chicago, 1896-1902; teacher of 

Coll., A.B. '94; Hahnemann Med. Coll. and history In the Starrett School for Girls, Chicago, 

Hospital of Chicago, M.D. '97. Favors woman 1907- . Mem. Board of Directors of Association 

suffrage. Congregationalist. Mem. Am. Inst, of House Settlement. Presbyterian. Mem. Chicago 

Homoeopathy, 111. Homoeopathic Med. Ass'n, En- Woman's Club, Chicago College Club, Chicago 

glewood HomcEopathic Med. Soc. Recreations: Wellesley Club. 

Tr avel, music. Mem. After-dinner Club. BELFIEtD, Anne Wallace MiUer (Mrs. Henry 

BEFFEX., Olive Baker (Mrs. John Marshal Bef- Holmes Belfleld), 4841 MadlBOn Av., Chicago, 

fel), 3200 Clybourn St., Milwaukee, Wis. 111. 

Bom Viroqua, Wis.; dau. George W. and Born Cleveland, O., April 12, 1848; dau. An- 
Eulalia (Schoults) Baker; ed. Univ. of Wis., drew and Margaret (Wallace) Miller; grad. high 
B.L. '91; m. 1898, Dr. John Marshal Beffel; chil- school, Chicago, and Athenaeum, Jacksonville, 
dren: John Marshal, b. 1901; Eulalie, b. 1905. 111.; m. Chicago, 111., July 27, 1869, Henry 
Chairman and pres. Executive Board Infants' Holmes Belfield; children: Clara Anne, Ada 
Fresh Air Sanitarium, 1907-11; sec. Milwaukee Marshall, Andrew Miller, Harry William, Mar- 
Maternity Hospital Ass'n, 1907-09; mem. Central garet Wallace. Interested in Woman's Presby- 
Council of Philanthropies. Pres. Woman's Fort- terian Board of Missions of the Northwest, 
nightly Club, 1907-11; mem. Woman's Literary Pres. Hospital Board, the Univ. of Chicago Set- 
Club. Favors woman suffrage. tlement League, Woman's Com. of Y.M.C.A. 
BEGG8, Gertrude Harper, University Park, Presbyterian. Mem. Chicago Woman's Club. 
Colo. BELFTELD, Elizabeth MilU (Mrs. Andrew Mil- 
Professor of Greek; b. Pleasant Hill, Mo., ler Belfield), B214 Klmbark Av., Chicago, 111. 
Feb. 27, 1874; dau. Francis S. and Sarah O. Born Salem, Mass., Nov. 12, 1875; dau. Robert 
(Norman) Beggs; ed. St. Louis (Mo.) public and Elizabeth R. (Upton) Mills; ed. Smith Coll., 
schools, Drury Coll., Springfield, Mo., preparatory A.B. '97; Newton High School, '93 (mem. Phi 
and two years college; Univ. of Denver, two Kappa Psl): m. Newton Centre, Mass., June 21, 
years, A.B. '93; Yale Univ. Graduate School, 1911, Andrew Miller Belfleld; one son: Henry 
three years, Ph.D. '04; Am. School of Classical Holmes. Presbyterian. Clubs: Chicago College, 
Studies, at Athens, 1912. Teacher of Latin, Den- Smith College. 

veh High School, 1894-1898; pdincipal academic -ovt t ao^^ T.:,-k.<wi t„_i„_ ^tr _ tihti. t , 

dep't Stanley Hall. MinneapoUs, Minn., 1899-1900; ^|^,^; ^T?^r^„^"„''*' ^*7'"' ^^'^"- ^"''"'" ^'^^^ 

prof. Greek, Earlham Coll., Richmond, Ind., r„JL^' S^Z^I^^^l/^.,,^,, d >, » a, 

1904-05; prof, Latin Univ. of Denver, 1901-03; ,„^°M«.^rT^^.co^V t^?' ^h^^^ ^f ""Piff"? 

prof, of Greek, Univ. of Denver, since 19051 5°L'^\'n*/Mn?^f. »nL f^'v ^ ^'^- f^^'"'°^ S'^'' 

Mem. Y.W.C.A. ha^ filled various offices, speaks ^f,^°°L*H ^ ^f.^l^°}\^^lF«f'^°\^.^''^.^^' 

at convenUons knd Interested in various church ^'i f • ^S^" = "?; fj^I^f^, ^il^WA ]^' J^'^*'!Jf ^'^^ 

acUvlties. Favors woman suffrage. Methodist. fnV'„iPm ,?f Fi^^Rnir/i?f^^,-= <l^f*'°n 'f^ If'^- 

Republican. Mem. Ass'n of Collegiate Alumnae f° ,l^n ^Vntre «T^ vifr, ^rt/^o? ''^ ^f T" S^' 

(delegate to last convention). Am Philological p^^°f,i^^!,l^'^fJ<f,%l-.^^^^^^?°^^^^^^-^?- 

Ass'n, Pi Beu Phi, Missouri Soc. of Colo., If^pn^ur^^nd mi^ ' J^.»?' ^°'l^ ^'H 

ro^^^f^Lt''"'- ^--^^-- ^^'^-'^'- yia^TTeaa.^lthSum^^a^J'b^^Ho^s^V^^' 
norseoacK rmmg. g^^P ^^^ ^^ Kansas City Council of Clubs 
BEGLlE, Grace Griffith, 104 Taylor Av., Detroit, Active In club work, civic interests and phllan- 
Mlch. thropic work In Kansas City, Mo.; public play- 
Teacher of Latin language; b. Flint, Mich., grounds, hotels (homes) for boys and girls adult 
1878; dau. Charles A, and Sarah Griffith Begle; education, greater use of public school buildings 
ed. Liggett School, Detroit; Univ. of Mich., Mem. Etoerson and Browning classes Kansas 
Ph.B. 1900, M.A. '01. Since then continuously City Athenaeum Club. Universallst ' (libera]) 
engaged as Latin teacher. Contributed article F'avors woman suffrage, 
to the School Review, Oct., 1900: Caesar's Ac- ^^t t * «j ',», „ 
count of the Animals In the Hercynian Forest. ,,, .i,'^* ^Sf^f,./,**"?- Edward G. Bell), 
Congregationalist (Sunday-school teacher). Mem. l?^ W^pruce St. Mllford, Mass. 
Ass'n Collegiate Alumnae, Charity Club. Mem. Bom Worcester, 1849; dau. OUver M. and Le- 
Twentleth Century Clul) of Detroit. Favors '^^^ ,'^^,'f,^/^ , ■^?,^™^: «^- Worcester public 
woman suffrage. schools; Mllford High School, grad. 1869; m. 
„„„„_„.„ % , ^ , , T . .,, Mllford, Nov., 1879, EMward G. Bell. Taught 
BEIL8TEIN. Laura Lee. Belgravia, Louisville, pybnc school 21 years in Mllford; taught music 
n^' T ■ Ml T^ V on IOC, J T ,. 20 years, Milford. Sang in church 60 years: 
Born LoulsvUle, Ky Nov. 29 1887; dau. Julius pjayed organ and piano in church for 10 years 
^u^"^ ^f^ ^^J»^H?^^'l^ ^^^"1^?= ^^iX^- Pres. Mllford Wopian's Relief Corps three years 
Coll. for Women Pittsburgh and Unlv of Chi- several other offices; dep't aide^d ^IsSnt 
cago (captain of basketball in Pa. ,Coll. for inspector W.R.C. of Mass.; nat. aide a^ M?t 
Women, 1903). Founder Monday Musical Club conductor W.R.C. of U.S.; pres. MUfc^d Wo- 
of Louisville (now pres.;; Interested in sw^lal nj^n's Club two years, vlce-prls. one year dlrec- 
centre work Mem. Daughters of the Confed- tor two years; sec. Village Improvement S(^ 
eracy. Presbyterian. Favors woman suffrage. MUford; pres. Ladles' Ass'n Con^egaUo^ai 
BELCUEB, Hilda, 939 Eighth Av., N.Y. City. Church two years. Favors woman suffrage. 
Artist; b. Pittsford, Vt., 1881; dau. Stephen Has been pres. 36th Regiment Ladies' Ass'n 
Paterson and Martha (Wood) Belcher; grad. two years; treas.. Junior vlce-pres. and senior 
Newark (N.J.) High School, 1900; studied art at vice-pres. Worcester Co. W.R.C. Ass'n; sang 
N.Y. School of Art, 1901-05 (portrait scholarship In Ladles' Quartet ten years (Lil-hat-an-sue 
1907). Took first water color prize in Strath- Quartet— Lillian-Harriet- Anna-Susan); sang at 
more Contest, 1908; Beal Prize, N.Y., Water numerous large meetings, and gave concerts 
Color Club, 1909. Interested in progressive edu- in many places In New England; sang in MUford 



Universalist Church five years, and in Worcester 
Trinity Church two years. Favors woman suf- 
frage. Methodist. Mem. Congregational Ladies' 
Ass'n; pres. and vice-pres. two years Bay View 
Magazine Club. Has been delegate to many 
G.A.R. encampments. 

BEL.L,, Carolyn E., 20 Cobden St., Roxbury, 


Club president; b. Boston, Mass., Oct. 7, 1850; 
dau. William A. and Marietta (Warren) Bell; ed. 
Boston Grammar School and High School. Pres. 
Ladies' Unity Club, Roxbury, Mass. (one of 
founders). Instrumental, with others, in found- 
ing Home for Aged People, Roxbury. Mem. 
Dudley Street Baptist Church, Roxbury, and 
mem. Dorchester Social Club of Women. Eligi- 
ble to membership D.A.R. and Colonial Dames; 
direct descendant of Gen. Warren and the Pil- 

B£LL, EUen Chesbro (Mrs. W. J. Bell), 1411 
N. Twenty-sixth St., St. Joseph, Mo. 
Bora Cleveland, O. ; dau. George W. and Jane 
(Boyce) Chesbro; ed. high school, Willougbby, O., 
and Allegheny Coll., A.B. '90 (mem. Kappa 
Alpha Theta); m. Oct. lu, 1890, Dr. W. J. Bell, 
physician and surgeon; children: Helen Stevens, 
Donald C, Dorothy Marion, Hugh Stevens Bell. 
Interested In Sunday-school work and home and 
foreign missions. Favors woman suffrage. Pres- 
byterian. Mem. of societies connected with 
church directly in interest of home and foreign 
missions. Author of several pamphlets in inter- 
est of Sunday-schools and missions, 

BELIi, Emily Buth Harris (Mrs. John Edson 

Bell), Saratoga, Cal. 

Teacher; b. Pulaski, Pa.; dau. Andrew Mar- 
quis and Jane (Oliver) Harris; grad. St. Mary's 
Hall, Faribault, Minn., '84; Winona State Nor- 
mal School, '85; Univ. of Minn., B.L. (philo- 
sophical orator) '93 (mem. Delta Gamma); m. 
Faribault, Minn., Feb. 1, 1898, John Edson Bell; 
children: Ruth Harris, Margaret Oliver, Andrea 
Marquis. Taught in public schools of Faribault, 
Moorhead (Minn.) High School, Mills Coll., Cal., 
1893-95; Winona Normal School, 1895-.0. Pres. 
Santa Clara Co. Fed. of Women's Clutks. In- 
terested in social welfare work. Mem (in ab- 
sentia) Minneapolis Woman's Club. Strongly fa- 
vors woman suffrage. (Dongregationalist. Mem. 
D.A.R. Recreations: Books, travel, walking. 

BELL,, Gail She^jard (Mrs. Clarence Bell), 

Carlsbad. N.Mex. 

Born ViUesca, Iowa; ed. in schools of Des 
Moines, Iowa, and Vassar Coll., A.B. '01; m. 
Sept. 9, 1909, Clarence Bell; three sons. Teacher 
in Des Moines, Iowa, 1901-03. 
BELL, Helene S. Taylor (Mrs. Clark Bell), 102 

W. 84th St., N.Y. City. 

Born Wheeler, Steuben Co., N.Y.; dau. Edric 
S and Alemna (Seamon) Taylor; ed. Pratts- 
burgh Acad., Prattsburgh, N.Y. ; m. Hammonds- 
port, N.Y., Sept. 8, 1856, Clark Bell; children: 
Kate, Jeannie, Carrie, Helene (married John 
Fleming McClain). Was for seventeen years 
rtialrman of Exec. Com. N.Y. Infant Asylum; 
now mem. Woman's Health Protective Ass'n 
(was pres. five years, no^w vice-pres. and chair- 
man of board). Mem. Broadway Tabernacle 
(Congregational). Mem. Sorosis. Opposed to 
woman suffrage. 
BELL, Lilian (Mrs. Arthur H. Bogue), N.Y. 


Author, magazine writer; b. Chicago, 111.; dau. 
William W. and Nancy (Brown) Bell; ed. by 
governesses and in private schools; m. (Chicago, 
May 9, 1900, Arthur Hoyt Bogue; one daughter: 
Lilian Bell Bogue. Retains maiden name as 
pen-name. Author: The Love Affairs of an Old 
Maid; A Little Sister to the Wilderness; The 
Under Sides of Things; From a Girl's Point of 
View; The Instinct of Stepfather Wood; As 
Seen by Me; The Expatriate; Sir John and the 
American Girl; The Dowager Countess and the 
American Girl; Abroad with the Jimmies; At 
Home with the Jardines; The Interference of 
Patricia; Hope Lorlng; A Book of (jods; Caro- 
Una Lee; Why Men Remain Bachelors, and 

Other Luxuries; Angela's Quest; The R'aBRW»y 
Equator; The Methods of Hildegarde; The Land 
Of Don't-want-to. Favors woman suffrage. 
BELL, Mabel Gardiner (Mrs. Alexander Gra- 
ham Bell), 1331 Connecticut Av., Washington, 

Born Cambridge, Mass. ; dau. Gardiner Green 
and Gertrude Mercer (McCurdy) Hubbard; ed. 
at home and in Germany; m. CJambridge, Mass., 
1877, Alexander Graham Bell; children: Elsie 
May (wife of Gilbert Grosvenor, editor Geographic 
Magazine), Marian Hubbard (wife of David Fair- 
child, agricultural explorer in charge U.S. Dep't 
of Agriculture). Favors woman suffrage. Au- 
thor of pamphlet: The Subtle Art of Speech 
Reading, translated into several foreign lan- 
guages (first appeared in Atlantic Monthly). 
Mem. Washington Club, Baddeck, N.S.; Brass 
d'Or Club (yacht club). Her father, Gardiner 
Green Hubbard, is credited with having done 
more than any other man to forward the cause 
of oral education for the deaf in America. She 
lost her hearing at age of four, years before 
there were any schools where deaf children could 
be taught to speak, and her father not only had 
his child taught to speak but by his persistence 
procured the establishing of the first oral school 
that has lived— the Clarke School at Northamp- 
ton, Mass. 

BELL, Mary Adelaide Fuller (Mrs. Fernando 
T. Bell), 156 Galena Boulevard, Aurora, III. 
Author; b. Bellefontaine, O. ; dau. Seth W. and 
Frances (Hull) Fuller; ed. public schools and 
Mount Hoiyoke Coll.; m. Bellefontaine, C, Dec. 
16, 1885, Fernando T. Bell. Author: Victor in 
Buzzland; Clare's Problem; The King's Rubies; 
Leaves from Nature's Year-Book; The Vas- 
salage; also contributor to various magazines. 
BKLL, Susan Kite AUop (Mrs. William B. 
Bell), Margate Place, Atlantic City, N.J. 
Teacher; ed. in Cornell, special student, 1891- 
93; Bryn Mawr, 1893-94; Cornell Univ., S.B. '98; 
m. 1903, William B. Bell. Teacher of English 
and mathematics in Westtown (Pa.) Boarding 
School, 1894-97; Wadlelgh High School, N.Y. 
City, 1898-1903. 

BELLAMY, Blanche Wilder (Mrs. Frederick P. 
Bellamy), 260 Henry St., Brooklyn, N.Y. 
Editor, writer; b. Albany, N.Y., Aug. 30, 1850; 
dau. John N. Wilder; ed. private schools, Brook- 
lyn; Vassar Coll., A.B. '73; m. Dec. 3, 1879, 
Frederick P. Bellamy; one son. Magazine writer 
and contributor. Author: Twelve English Poets. 
Editor of Open Sesame and of the Distaff Series. 
Interested in various educational and philan- 
thropic activities; for ten years vice-pres. of 
Brooklyn Hospital Training School for Nurses; 
associate trustee Barnard Coll. Served as a 
mem. N.Y. State Women's Board of Managers 
of the Chicago World's Fair, 1893. Mem. Vas- 
sar Aid Soc, Y.W.C.A. (Brooklyn), Barnard 
Club, Twentieth Century Club (N.Y. City). 
BELLAMY, Mary Godat (Mrs. Charles Bel- 
lamy), Laramie, Wyo. 

Bom Richwoods, Washington Co., Mo.; dau. 
Charles A. and Catherine (Horine) Godat; ed. 
public schools of Galena, 111., and Laramie, 
Wyo.; student at Wyoming Univ., Laramie; m. 
Charles Bellamy of Boston, civil engineer; chil- 
dren: Benjamin C, civil engineer; Fulton Bel- 
lamy. Has been a school teacher in Wyoming 
and Nevada. Elected to oflice of sup't of schools 
in Wyoming; first woman law-maker in State of 
Wyoming, being the first woman to run for and 
be elected to the Wyoming Legislature. Inter- 
ested in educational matters, civic and putolic 
questions, national and local. \.as prime mover 
for Federation of Clubs in Wyoming (State and 
Nat.). Favors woman suffrage. Contributor to 
local newspapers; gives addresses on the Law 
and the Lady in Wyoming; Legends and History 
of Wyoming, school crafts. Democrat in poll- 
tics. Vice-pres. for Wyo. of Democratic Wo- 
man's League (national); charter mem. Cheyenne 
Woman's Cluij; mem. of Laramie Woman's 
Club (past pres.). 

BELLLNGEK, Martha Fletcher (Mrs. Franr Bel- 
linger), 60 Mornlngside Drive, N.Y. City. 
Writer; b. Alstead, N.H., April 21, 1870; dau. 



Jarvls and Martha Ann (Shaw) Fletcher; ed. 
Mt. Holyoke Coll., A.B. '92; m. July 19, 1898, 
Franz Belilnger, Ph.D. Wrote play, A Woman's 
Sphere, which won the prize offered by the N.Y. 
World in 1910, and was produced In season of 
1911-12 by Henry B. Harris. Author: The Stolen 

BELLOWS, Ida I. Perry (Mrs. Edward C. Bel- 
lows), 1422 Gramercy Place, Los Angeles, Cal. 
Born Geneva, Wis., Aug. 12, 1859; dau. Olney 
R. and Susannah (Fellows) Perry; ed. Iowa 
State Normal School, 1877-78; m. Jesup, la., 
Aug. 28, 1883, Edward C. Bellows. Taught in pub- 
lic schools, 1876-1900. Has been active In the 
Bbell Club of Los Angeles, first as general cura- 
tor, later as pres. and director. Against woman 
suffrage. Progressive Republican. Recreation : 
Cards. Resided at Yokohama, Japan, 1900-05, 
husband being U.S. Consul-General at that port. 
BELMONT, Alva E. Smith (Mrs. O. H. P. Bel- 
mont), 477 Madison Av., N.Y. City. 
Born Mobile, Ala.; dau. Murray Forbes and 
Phoebe Ann Smith (granddaughter of Gen. Rob- 
ert Desha of Tennessee); ed. in France; m. (1st) 
1874, William Klssam Vanderbilt; children: 
Consuelo, b. 1877 (m. 1895 the Duke of Marl- 
borough) and William K. Vanderbilt Jr., b. 1878, 
and Harold S. Vanderbilt; m. (2d) 1896, Oliver 
H. P. Belmont (died 1908). Interested in many 
philanthropies, notably hospitals, and gave 
$100,000 to the Nassau Hospital at Mineola, L.I.; 
has aided many Institutions and efforts to better 
the condition of women and children. Great 
leader In woman suffrage movement and has 
written and spoken frequently on the subject; 
pres. Political E>iuality Ass'n, of which she is 
the founder, and for which she has established 
headquarters in two houses, 13 and 15 Blast 
Forty-first St., bought by her solely for this 
purpose. Has been active in movements to se- 
cure better and more sanitary conditions for 
working women and the abolition of child labor. 
Has conducted a special department In the Chi- 
cago Tribune and otherwise written much upon 
the reforms in which she is enlisted. 
BELMONT, Eleanor Elsie Kobson (Mrs. August 
Belmont), 44 E. Forty-fourth St., N.T. City. 
Former actress ; b. Wigan, Lancashire, Eng. ; 
dau. Charles and Madge (Carr) Robson; grad. 
SL Peter's Acad., S.I., N.Y., '97; m. Feb. 26, 
1910, August Belmont (banker and financier). 
Made professional dfebut at California Theatre, 
San Francisco, 1897; played in stock companies 
In San Francisco, Denver and Milwaukee, 1897- 
99; as Bonita in Arizona, Chicago and N.Y. City, 
followed by her creation of Constance in Robert 
Browning's In a Balcony; Flossie Williams in 
Unleavened Bread; Mile, de la Vlre in A Gentle- 
man of Fra'uce; Audrey in Audrey; Juliet in all- 
star production of Romeo and Juliet. Was 
starred by Liebler & Co., 1903-05, in a play writ- 
ten for her by Israel Zangwill, Merely Mary Ann, 
in U.S. and London; in 1905 an elaborate pro- 
duction of She Stoops to Conquer; season of 
1906-07 in a repertoire at the Liberty Theatre, 
N.Y. City, and later created title rdle in Salomy 

BEL8EB, Susan Mishler (Mrs. Carl W. Belser), 

Boulder, Colo. 

Born Pearl City, 111., June 3, 1862; dau. 
Emanuel and Susan Mishler; ed. country school, 
Mt. Morris Acad., Mt. Morris, 111.; Carthage 
Coll.; Univ. of Mich., A.B. '87; m. Pearl City, 
111., Aug. 24, 1887, Prof. Carl W. Belser; chil- 
dren: Louise, Gertrude, Carl, Ernestine. Teacher 
before college graduation. Interested in the Eng- 
lish Lutheran Mission work, both at Ann Arbor, 
Mich., and at Boulder, Colo.; planned and helped 
organize churches and Sunday-schools in both 
places; engaged in Y.W.C.A. work. Author: The 
Win and The Way; also writer of magazine arti- 
cles at Intervals. Mem. Ladles' Fortnightly, 
Mothers' Club, the Woman's League, of the 
Univ. In Boulder; mem. of the ex-board of the 
State Federation of Women's Clubs. Lutheran. 
BEAIENT, Ruth Ware (Mrs. Edward Dennlson 

Bement), 21 Dennlson Av., Framlngham, Mass. 

Born Roxbury, Oct. 28. 1887; dau. Leonard and 
Laura D. (Foot) Ware; ed. the Misses May's 

School, Boston; Miss Hall's School, Plttsfleld; 
m. Roxbury, Mass., Oct. 15, 1910. Edward Dennl- 
son Bement; one daughter: Laura. Unitarian. 
BENEDICT, Alice M. (Mrs. J. D. Benedict). 
Muskogee, Okla. 

Born Galesburg, 111., June 24, 1863; dau. Wil- 
liam \vallace and Isabel (Firth) Hlbbard; ed. 
Indianapolis, Ind., high school graduate; m. J. D. 
Benedict; children: Donald, Florence, Bertha. 
Author ol^ short poems and numerous sketches. 
Interested In civic work, and Is prominently iden- 
tified with the library board, of which she has 
been a mem. for two years. Pres. of the Fed- 
erated Clubs of Muskogee; for two years vice- 
regent for the State of Okla. for the D.A.R. : 
pres. New Century Club, Art Club; mem. Music 
Club. Recreations: China painting, needlework, 
water colors. Presbyterian. 

BENEDICT, Anne Kendrlck (Mrs. Wayland R. 
Benedict), 724 Oak St., Walnut Hills, Cin- 
cinnati, Ohio. 

Author; b. Rochester, N.Y., April 26, 1851; 
dau. Asahel Clark and Anne Elizabeth (Hopkins) 
Kendrick; grad. Elmira Coll., B.A. ; m. Roches- 
ter, N.Y., Oct. 2, 1873, Prof. Wayland R. Bene- 
dict; children: Mary, Clarke. Howard. Florence. 
Stanley. Agnes. Actively interested in educa- 
tional progress and was an organizer of the 
Cincinnati Kindergarten Ass'n; has been active 
in many clubs and organizations in Cincinnati. 
Author: My Wonder Story; Centa, the Child 
Violinist; An Island Story; also a volume of 
poems and various magazine articles. Baptist. 
BENEDICT, EUzabeth, Granville, O. 

Teacher; b. lona, Mich., Feb. 14, 1874; dau. 
Theodore M. Benedict. M.D., and Emma (Tib- 
bits) Benedict; ed. Chicago, 111.; piano and organ 
with Harrison Wild; organ In Paris, with Alex- 
ander Guilmant. Was organist Highland Park, 
111., and Evanston, 111.; teacher of piano and 
organ in Denison University Conservatory of 
Music, 1903 — . Favors woman suffrage. Baptist. 
Mem. D.A.R. 

BENEDICT, Lydia Carrie L« Favor (Mrs. John 
T. Benedict). 1122 Napoleon Av., New Orleans, 

Born New Orleans; dau. Thomas Henry and 
Margaret (Rezeau) Le Favor; ed. public high 
school in New Orleans; m. Mar. 8, 1877, John T. 
Benedict; children: Lydia Benedict Crawford, 
Alice Benedict Dickinson, John T. Jr., Grover 
Cleveland, Margaret Frances. Oflicer in Wo- 
man's Soc. of Napoleon Av. Presbyterian Church; 
mem. of board of Travelers' Aid Soc; yice- 
pres. Grace G. Watts Sunshlners; pres. for 
seven years of High School Alumnae of New 
Orleans; on executive board of King's Daugh- 
ters; mem. Rob. Morris Chapter No. 1. Order of 
Eastern Star; mem. Y.W.C.A.; five years on 
exec, board of Public School Alliance; oflScer 
Motliers' Club of High School; mem. Folsom and 
Soldiers' Home Circles of King's Daughters, 
Fine Arts Club, Woman's Club, Louisiana State 
Federation of Women's Clubs. Presbyterian. 
BENEDICT, Marie A. Potter (Mrs. R. A. Ben- 
edict), Cranford, N.J. 

Civic worker; b. Baltimore, Md. ; dau. C. W. 
and Demaris (Harker) Potter; ed. In N.Y. City, 
Twelfth Street Public School and Normal Coll. ; 
m. R. A. Benedict. Started the ball rolling for 
a sane Fourth of July nineteen years ago and 
lias ever since kept plodding at It until to- 
day many of the States have framed laws, not 
only against the sale of fireworks, but forbid- 
ding their manufacture. Believes fully In suf- 
frage and has been active in its advocacy. Pres. 
Woman's Peace Circle for seven years. Mem. 
Am. Playgoers, City Mothers, Little Mothers, 
Legislative, New Yorkers, Portia and Forum 
clubs (all of N.Y. City). 
BENEDICT, Mary Kendrick. Sweet Briar. Va. 

Pres. Sweet Briar Coll.; b. Rochester. N.Y., 
July 14, 1874; dau. Rev. Wayland Richardson 
Benedict (now emeritus prof, philosophy Univ. 
of Cincinnati) and Anne Elizabeth (Kendrick) 
Benedict (author); lived in Cincinnati from early 
childhood; A.B.. Vassar (Phi Beta Kappa) '97; 
Ph.D.. Yale '03. Tutor Pittsburgh. 1897-9; 
teacher State Normal School., Warrensburg, Mo., 
1903-06; pres. Sweet Briar Coll., Va., from 1906. 



BENEDICT, Sossn Rose, Clark House, North- 
ampton, Mass. 

Teacher; b. NoTwalk, O., Nov. 29, 1873; dau. 
Davit? de Forest and Harriett (Deaver) Benedict; 
ed. Smiili College, B.S. ; Columbia Univ., M.A. 
Has been instructor in mathematics at Smith 
College since 1906. 

BENJAMIN, Carolyn GUbert (Mrs. Marcus Ben- 
jamin), 1703 Q St., N.W., Washington, D.C. 
Bom N.Y. City; dau. Joseph Loring and Caro- 
line (Etchebery) Gilbert; ed. Mile. Tardival's 
School, N.Y. City, from which was graduated; 
m. N.Y. City, June 16, 1892, Marcus Benjamin, 
author and" encyclopedist. Mem. Jury of Awards 
at the Omaha Exposition, 1898; Jamestown, 1907. 
Prominent In social life, church and philan- 
thropic activities. Episcopalian. Mem. D.A.R., 
Children of the Am. Revolution (researching sec. 
1&96-1904), Soc. of Colonial Governors, Mary 
Washington Monument Ass'n, Nat. Soc. of Col- 
onial Governors, Mary Washington Monument 
Ass'n, Nat. Soc. of the Colonial Dames of 
America of Mass. (chairman of Committee on 
Relics since 1906; delegate to its Biennial Coun- 
cils 1906-08-10-12J, Washington Glut of Washing- 
ton, D.C. (sec. Library Com. seven years), Club 
Oft Colonial Dames of Washington, D.C. (charter 
mem., governor, cor. sec. since 1910). 
BENJAMIN, laimy Nichols (Mrs. S. G. W. 
Benjamin), Burlington, Vt. 
Born In Vermont, Sept. 30, 1844; dau. Francis 
Kidder and Fanny Seymour (Boynton) Nichols; 
ed. at Rev. John and Mrs. Worcester's School, 
Burlington, Vt., and Wheaton Sem., Norton, 
Mass.; m. (1st) J. J. Weed (U.S. Solicitor Court 
of Claims; deceased); (2d) Hon. S. G. W. Benja- 
min (U.S. Minister to Persia). Author: Sunny 
Side of Shadow, several editions; also writer for 
magazines and newspapers. While resident in 
Washington was for years mem. of Exec. Com. 
of Ass'n for the Blind of D.C, also of a branch 
of the Humane Soc., and for a time pres. of 
Washington branch of the Nat. Soc. of New 
England Women; also was mem. Nat. Exec. 
Board of the Daughters of Founders and Pa- 
triots and historian general of the Nat. Soc. 
Now and for some years past pres. of Unity, a 
Burlington (Vt.) organization for promotion of 
liberal thought and culture; also pres. of le 
Gercle Frangaise, Burlington branch of I'Alliance 
Francaise. Hon. mem. Twentieth Century Club, 
Wastungton (for many years leader of literary 
section); hon. mem. of Woman's Club of Staten 
Island; was pres. of World's Fair Com. of Rich- 
mond Co., N.Y. Believes In restricted sufirage 
for both sexes when majority of women de- 
sire it. 

BENNET, Gertrude Wltschief (Mrs. William 
Stiles Bennet), 415 Fort Washington Av., N.T. 

Born Port Jervis, N.Y. ; grad. Vassar Coll., 
A.B. '95; m. Port Jervis, N.Y., June 24, 1896, 
William Stiles Bennet (Congressman from 17th 
N.Y. Dlst., 1905-11); children: Augustus W., 
Sarah A., Mary Florence, Edna Grace. 
BENNETT, Belle H., Richmond, Ky. 

President Woman's Missionary Council; b. 
Richmond, Ky. ; dau. John Bennett, planter and 
banker; ed. in Richmond, Ky., including a spe- 
cial course in the Presbyterian Univ. there. 
Early identified herself with Sunday-school work, 
and later with the missionary cause, and becom- 
ing Impressed with the need of special training 
for young women who were being sent into 
foreign fields by the Methodist Episcopal Church, 
South, she brought the matter before the Wo- 
man's Board of Foreign Missions of that church 
in 1890, and so impressed her opinions on the board 
that she was commissioned to appeal to the con- 
nection for funds to create what is now called 
the Scarritt Bible and Training School at Kansas 
City Mo., for which she raised by personal 
effort $75,000 for tJie building and nearly $60,000 
for endowment. In 1894 became pres. Woman's 
Board of Home Missions of M.E. Church, South, 
and under her leadership were established twelve 
large schools for mountaineers, indigent and 
unfortunate girls and negro, industrial and immi- 
ptint schools, also a large city mission propa- 

ganda, which has its established work in about 
thirty settlements, known as Wesley Houses, 
covering social, industrial, ethical and religious 
departments; now pres. Woman's Missionary 
Council of M.E. Church, South, a combined or- 
ganization resulting from union of the Woman's 
Foreign and Women s Home Mission boards of 
that church. Took a leading part in creating 
the work and office of deaconess in M.E. Church, 
South, also In building up a large work among 
immigrants coming to Gulf and Pacific Coast 
ports. Active advocate of woman sufirage. 
BENNETT, Ella CoIUns (Mrs. John Wesley 

Bennett), Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Born Marine City Mich.; dau. Franklin B. 
and Cordelia (Bristol) (Collins; ed. State Normal 
School at Ypsilanti, Univ. of Mich., 1896-98; m. 
Detroit, 1883, John Wesley Bennett; one son: 
Harold Franklin, b. April 7, 1886. Mem. King's 
Daughters and missionary societies. Episco- 
palian; directress of George Washington Club. 
Mem. Children of the Republic, D.A.R., Federa- 
tion of Women's Clubs, Order of Eastern Star, 
Study Club, Whist Club. 
BENNETT, Ellen J. E. — see Marsh, Ellen J. F. 


BENNETT, Ethelwyn Foote (Mrs. Jame« Stark 

Bennett), 646 St. John Av., Pasadena, Cal. 

Born Williamstown, Mass., Feb. 17, 1875; dau. 
Charles RoUin and Sarah C. (Cole) Foote; grad. 
Smith Coll., A.B. '97; Northwestern Univ.; stu- 
dent in zoology, 1898-1900, A.M. 19O0; student in 
physiology, Univ. of Cal. summer school, 1901 
and 1903-04; m. Pasadena, Cal., Oct. 8, 1907, 
James Stark Bennett; children: Louise, b. 
Oct. 19, 1908; Caroline, b. Mar. 30, 1910; Con- 
stance, b. June 5, 1911. Teacher of science in 
Ferry Hall, Lake Forest, 111., 1899-1900; Instruc- 
tor in biology, Pomona Coll., Claremont, Cal., 
1901-03. Congregationalist. Republican. 
BENNETT, Ida Elizabeth Dandridge, 480 Grand 

St., Coldwater, Mich. 

Writer; b. Coldwater, Mich.; dau. William and 
Elizabeth (Davis) Bennett; ed. Rockford Coll., 
'76; Chicago Art Inst., 1881-85. Author: The 
Flower Garden; The Vegetable Garden; contribu- 
tor to American Homes and Gardens, House and 
Gardens, Country Gentleman, Youtdi's (3om- 
nanion. Christian Herald, and ma ny others. 
Presbyterian. Favors woman suffrage. Pro- 
gressive in politics. 
BENNETT, M. Katharine (Mrs. Franlc Smith 

Bennett), Englewood, N.J. 

Missionary pres.; b. Englewood, N.J., Nov. 28, 
1864; dau. Henry and Winifred (Davies) Jones; 
ed. Dwight School, Englewood, N.J., to 1881; El- 
mira Coll., A.B. '85 (mem. Kappa Sigma); m. 
at Englewood, N.J., July 20, 1898, Fred Smith 
Bennett. Pres. Nat. Woman's Board of Home 
Missions of the Presbyterian Church; pres. Nat. 
Board of the Fireside League; mem. Council of 
Women for Home Missions; Woman's Club of 
Englewood, N.J. Has written pamphlets for 
work in her societies. Presbyterian. Favors 
woman suffrage. 
BENNETT, M»rsaret Chesney (Mrs. (Jeorge L. 

Bennett), 1 Broad St., Adrian, Mich. 

Former teacher, club pres.; b. Beverly, Ont.; 
dau. Rev. E. and Hannah E. (Burr) Chesney; 
grad. Kalamazoo Coll., B.S. '89, later M.S.; m. 
1905, George L. Bennett. Prior to marriage 
taught in public schools of Bay City, Mich.; 
critic teacher in City Training School, 1889-1900; 
preceptress and instructor in English, Grand 
Prairie Seminary, Onarga, 111., 1902-05. Pres. 
Adrian Woman's Club 1911-13; pres. Woman's 
Dep't of Lenawee Baptist Ass'n (elected first, 
1910); mem. First Baptist Church of Adrian. 
Favorable to woman sufirage, but not active. 
BENNETT, Sarah Davis (Mrs. Edward L. Ben- 
nett), 5S Seminary Av., Binghamton, N.Y. 

Born Lisle, Broome Co., N.Y., Mar. 17, 1842 
dau. Ezra F. and Isabella (Davis) Davis; ed 
Seminary for Young Ladies, Binghamton, N.Y. 
m. Binghamton, June, 1869, Edward L. Bennett 
Active in all different branches of church work 
mem. board of directors of Y.W.C.A.; mem. and 
officer of the Madeleine Haynes Indian Ass'n, a 



bras^ of the Nat Indian Ass'n; charter mem. 
of Broome Co. Historical Soc. Pres. of Foreign 
Mlssicnary Auxiliary and tor many years the dis- 
trict pres. of Foreign Missions; also active in 
work for Home Missions. Pres. the Civic Club 
of Binghamton; mem. of .Monday Afternoon 
Club, also Chautauqua Woman's Club. Recrea- 
tions: Traveling, sight-seeing; has attended 
maiiy of the biennial conventions of General 
Fed. of Women's Clubs as delegate. Represents 
Broome County in Bureau of Reciprocity and 
Information of the N.Y. State Fed. of Women's 
Clubs. Methodist. 
BEN>'ET, Edith Neil (Mrs. Albert Barnes Ben- 

ney), Sewlckley Heights, Sewlckley, Pa. 

Boru Columbus, Ohio; ed. in schools of Colum- 
bus, Ohio, and Vassar Coll., A.B. '93; m. Octo- 
ber, 1896, Albert Barnes Benney; one son, one 
daughter. Writer of magazine stories and poems; 
contributor of special articles to newspapers; 
author of booklet: How Paderewski Plays. 
BENOIST, Mary Huat (Mrs. Theodore Benolst), 

4632 Berlin Av., St. Louis, Mo. 

Born St Louis, Nov. 12, 1865; dau. Charles L. 
and Mary C. (Owings) Hunt; ed. at home by 
tutors and governesses; m. Normany, St. Louis 
County, Jan. 12, 1887, Theodore Benoist; children: 
Charles Louis, b. Aug. 14, 1889; Miriam, b. Aug. 

3, 1890; Jean B., b. Aug. 29, 1891; Anna Wright, 
b. May 12, 1893; Theodore, b. Dec. 8, 1896; Wil- 
son A., b. Oct. 12, is98; Francois Barat, b. Dec. 

4, 1900. Roman Catholic. Recreations: Goll, 
tennis, automoblling, walking. Meim. St. Louis 
Woman's Club (chairman entertainment com.). 
BENSON, Clara Cynthia, Univ. of Toronto, To- 
ronto, Can., and Port Hope, Ontario, Can. 
Associate professor; b. Port Hope, Can., June 

5, 1875; dau. T. M. and Laura A. (Fuller) Ben- 
.son; ed. Port Hope public and high schools; 
Univ. of Toronto, 1895-99, B.A. ; post-grad, work 
Univ. of Toronto until 1903; Ph.D., Toronto, '03. 
Sec. Faculty of Household Science, Univ. of 
Toronto, 1906- . Connected with Univ. of 
Toronto as fellow in chemistry, 1899-1902; 
assistant In chemistry, 1902-03. Instructor in 
science, Lillian Massey School of Household 
Science, Toronto, 1903-05; lecturer in physio- 
logical chemistry, 1905-06, and associate pro- 
fessor same, Univ. of Toronto, 1906- . Chair- 
man Foreign Com. of the Dominion Council of 
the Y.W.C.A. of Canada; mem. of Student Com. 
of same. Mem. Am. Chemical Soc, Am. Ass'n 
of Biological Chemists, Am. Home Economics 
Ass'n, Ontario Education Ass'n, University Wo- 
men's Club (Toronto). Recreation: 'Travel. 

BENSON, Rebecca Elizabeth Hamilton (Mrs. 
James Farelra Benson), "Delmar-Morris," 
Germantown, Philadelphia, Pa. 
Born Lafayette, Montgomery Co., Pa., July 4, 
1875; dau. Charles Lacey and Olivia Garrett 
(Philli>s) Hamilton; ed. to 1885 Agnes Irwin 
School, Philadelphia, and to 1890 Comegy Board- 
ing School, Philadelphia; m. Germantown, Phila- 
delphia, June 14, 1899, James Fareira Benson; one 
son: Charles Hamilton Benson. Active in social 
and philanthropic interests; interested in Babies' 
Hospital and Playgrounds Ass'n (Philadelphia), 
Pa. Soc. of Prevention of Tuberculosis, and Pa. 
Soc. for Prevention of Social Disease. Episco- 

BENTLEY, Clara Augrusta, Dana Hall, Welles- 
ley, Mass. 

Teacher; b. Willimantic, Conn.; grad. Vassar, 
A.B. '91. Teacher East Orange (N.J.) High 
School, 1891-1900; Hartford (Ckjnn.) High School, 
1900-05; Dana Hall, Wellesley, Mass., since 1905. 
BENTLEY, EUlda Pattison (Mrs. Henry Dins- 
ley Bentley), 35 Lincoln Av., Freeport, 111. 
Born Winslow, 111., July 22, 1856; dau. Richard 
Pattison of Md. and Mary J. (Wadhams) Patti- 
son of N.Y. ; ed. Freeport and Chicago, 111.; m. 
Dec. 28, 1875, Henry Dinsley Bentley of London, 
England; children: Charles Johnson, b. June 3. 
1877; Henry Dinsley Bentley, b. July 4, 1883. 
Prea. Home Missionary Soc. of Presbyterian 
Church. Teacher in Sunday-school (boys) ; mem. 
of several social organizations; mem. Associated 
Obarltlee in Freeport; contributor to Home for 

Dependent Girls, Park Ridge, 111. Favors wo- 
man suffrage; mem. 111. State Executive Com. 
of the Progrosslve Party. Author of short 
stories: A Little Journey to Honolulu Before 
Cable ComiQunicatlon Between United States and 
■Hawaiian Islands; A Woman's View of Oberam- 
mergau and the Passion Play, etc. Presbyterian. 
Mem. Euterpean Musical Soc. Recreations: 
Whist, golf, travel in foreign lands. Pres. sixth 
year of the Freeport Woman's Club (200 mem.); 
State vlce-pres. of 13th Congressional Dist. ol 
111. Fed. of Women's Clubs four years. Record- 
ing sec. 111. State Fed. of Women's Clubs; an 
Illinois State delegate to the biennial In St. 
Louis, 1904; St Paul, 1906; Boston, 1908; San 
Francisco, 1912. Interested in art; mem. Art 
Com. 111. State Fed. Women's Clubs; also inter- 
ested in music. 
BENTLEY, Lnette P., Painesvllle, Lake Co., 


Teacher; b. Streetsboro, Ohio, June 2, 1841; 
dau. Charles and Clarina (Bronson) Bentley; 
grad. Lake Erie Sem. (now college), Palnesville, 
Ohio, '65; Mount Holyoke Coll., M.A. '09. Began 
teaching at Lake Erie Sem., 1865; ass't principal, 
1877-98; became dean of college in 1898 and held 
office till resignation In 1909. 
BENTLEY, Mabel E. Davison (Mrs. Wray Annin 

Bentley), Windham, Greene Co., N.Y. 

Born Rockvills Centre, L.I. ; dau. Robert A. 
and Emeline (Sealy) Davison; ed. Wesleyan 
Acad., Wilbraham, Mass., 1888-91; Wellesley 
Coll., Mass., B.A. '95 (mem. Phi Sigma); m. 
Brooklyn, N.Y., Oct. 12, 1899, Wray Annin Bent- 
ley; one son: Wray Davison. Against woman 
suffrage. Mem. Methodist Eplscopad Church. 
BENTON, Jeannette Scott (Mrs. Charles E. 

Benton), Ft. Scott, Kan. 

Writer; b. Greenville, Mich., 1862; dau. William 
Dean Scott and Phoebe (Cubim) Scott; ed. in 
schools of Olivet and Ann Arbor, Mich. ; m. 
lola, Kan., 18S5, Charles E. Benton; children: 
Dean, Donald Lee, Charles EkJward. Interested 
in club work and charities. Favors woman suf- 
frage. Author of short stories in Munsey's, Mc- 
Clure's, Ainslie's, Red Book, Smart Set, Youth's 
(Jompanion, and others. Episcopalian. Republi- 
can. Mem. federated clubs and church guilds. 
Recreation: General social theatres. Mem. va- 
rious literary and social clubs. 
BENTON, Mary Lathrop, 39 West St, North- 
ampton, Mass. 

Teacher; b. B'hamdun, Mt Lebanon, Syria, 
Feb. 26, 1864; dau. William Austin and Loanza 
(Gouldlng) Benton; ed. Univ. of Minnesota, A.B. 
(Phi Beta Kappa) '86. Engaged in secondary 
teaching until 1894; study abroad 1894-97. In- 
structor Smith Coll., 1S97; assoc. prof., 1905; 
study abroad, 1907-08; prof, of Latin, Smith Coll., 
1909 — . Interested in social and religious ques- 
tions. Favors woman suffrage. Congregation- 
alist Recreations: Travel, out-door life. 
BENWAY, Mabel Keed, 166 Western Av., Al- 
bany, N.Y. 

Teacher; b. Norwich, N.Y.; ed. In schools of 
Albany, N.Y.; Vassar Coll., A.B. '98; graduate 
scholar, 1898-99; student In Normal Coll., Albany, 
N.Y., 1899-1900. Teacher High School, New 
Brighton, Pa., 1900-01; North Tonawanda, N.Y., 
1901-07; Brooklyn, N.Y., since 1907. 
BENZIGER, Gertrude Lytton (Mrs. August Ben- 

ziger), 140 W. Fifty-seventh St, N.Y. City; 

summer address. Villa Gutenberg, Brunnen, 


Born Grand Rapids, Mich., Dec. 25, 1875; dau. 
Henry C. and Rose E. (Wolfe) Lytton; ed. the 
Loring School, Chicago; m. N.Y. City, July 5, 
1898, August Benziger, the artist; children: Marie 
Gertrude Rosa, b. 1899 in Brunnen, Switzerland; 
Helene Henriette; b. 1900 (Brunnen); Marguerite 
Marie, b. 1901 (Paris, France). Life mem. Chi- 
cago Chapter D.A.R. Catholic. 
BERG, Clara de Llssa, 45 Brighton Av., E. 

Orange, N.J. 

Born Philadelphia, April 4, 1876; dau. Hart E. 
and Rega (de Lissa) Berg; ed. Barnard Coll., 
A.B. '98; Columbia Univ., A.M. '02; Curtis Schol- 
arship, Oilumbia, 1902-03 (mem. K&ppa Kappa 
Gamma). Ei-sec. Intercollegiate Socialist Soc., 



1911-12. Teacher and visitor for N.Y. Unitarian 
Sunday-school Union. Mem. Intercollegiate So- 
cialistic Soc, College Settlements Ass'n, Barnard 
Alumna Ass'n. Mem. Women's University Cluib. 
Unitarian. Favors woman suffrage; mem. Wo- 
man's Political Union; formerly mem. of Colle- 
giatfi Suffrage League. 
BERG, Helen McGregor Morse (Mrs. Albert W. 

Berg), 356 W. Twentieth St., N.T. City. 

Born Piermont, N.H., Feb. 17, 1830; of Puritan 
ancestry; ed. New England schools; m. N.Y. 
City, July 7, 1853, Prof. Albert W. Berg, organist. 
composer and musical critic (now deceased) ; 
children: Elizabeth Paine, Albert Ellery, L#ouis 
de Coppet (deceased), Walter Gilman (deceased), 
Wellman Morse (deceased). Spent several years 
in Europe, educating her children; while there, 
was correspondent of American journals and a 
contributor to the original Scribner's Magazine. 
Mem. Order of Founders and Patriots of 
America; Soc. of New England Women, etc. 
BERGEN, Caroline McPhail (Mrs. Tunis G. 

Bergen), 101 Willow St., Brooklyn. N.Y. 

Born Brooklyn, N.Y., Aug. 1, 1859; dau. Leon- 
ard Cassell and Caroline (Spelr) McPhail; ed. by 
private instruction at home; m. Brooklyn, Jan. 
26, 1881, Tunis G. Bergen. Served by appoint- 
ment of Gov. Higgins mem. State Probation 
Com.; mem. of com. on school census and 
Physical Welfare of School Children of N.Y. 
City. Pros. Brooklyn Free Kindergarten Soc. ; 
vioe-pres. Brooklyn division of the American 
Red Cross; mem. State Charities Aid Ass'n, 
Barnard Club, Tw"ntie*h Century Club, Wo- 
man's Civitas. Against woman suffrage; mem. 
of N.Y. State Ass'n Opposed to the Extension of 
Suffrage to Women. ~ 

BEBGEN, Fanny Dickerson (Mrs. Joseph Young 

Bergen), North Cambridge, Mass. 

Teacher, writer; b. Mansfield, 0., Feb. 4, 1846; 
dau. Thomas and Rachel E. Dickerson; ed. An- 
tioch Coll., Yellow Springs, O., A.B. '75; m. 
June 28, 1876, Joseph Young Bergen, educator. 
After graduation taught in Antloeh Coll. and 
later in Chicago. Frequent contributor to Amer- 
ican Folk Lore and other journals on folk-lore 
themes; edited Vol. IV of the Annals of the 
American Folk-Lore Soc.; Current Superstitions, 
Dramatized Longfellow's Courtship of Miles 
Standish. Author (with husband): The Develop- 
ment Theory; Glimpses of the Plant World. 

BEBGEUGBEN, Anna rarqnhar (Mrs. R. M. 
Bergengren), 98 Chestnut St., Boston; coun- 
try. Sea View, Mass. 

Author; b. in Ind., Dec. 23, 1865; dau. John 
Hansen and Mary Frances (Turner) Farquhar; 
ed. Indianapolis, Boston, N.Y. City and London; 
m, Boston, 1900, R. M. Bergengren. Interested in 
music and the drama. Favors woman suffrage. 
Author: Her Boston Experiences; Her Wa.?hing- 
ton Experiences; The Professor's Daughter; The 
Devil's Plough; An Evans of Suffolk. Recrea- 
tions: Rowing, swimming, walking, tennis, 

BEBGEXGBEN, LesUe Merrltt (Mrs. Chas. H. 

Bergengren), 150 Timson St., Lynn, Mass. 

Born Swampscott, Mass., Aug. 27, 1880; dau. 
Curtis V. and Isabel C. (Wardwell) Merritt; ed. 
Pratt Inst, Library School, Brooklyn, N.Y. ; m. 
Swampscott, Mass., June 24, 1908, Dr. Charles 
Henry Bergengren; one son: Frederick W. A. 
Bergengren. Assistant librarian of Public Li- 
brary, Brookline, Mass., 1902-05; instructor in 
Wis. Library School, Madison, Wis., 1907-08. 
Universalist. Favors woman suffrage. 
BEBGENTHAX, Alice Dacy (Mrs. V. W. Ber- 

genthal), 15 Thornby PI., St. Louis, Mo. 

Born Woodstock, 111., April 5, 1876; dau. T. J. 
and Luciuda (Donnelly) Dacy; grad. Univ. of 
Wis., B.L. (mem. Pi Beta Phi); m. Woodstoijk, 
111., Oct 29, 1902, V. W. Bergenthal. CathoUc. 
Mem. College Club of St. Louis. 

BERGER. Meta (Mrs. Victor L. Berger), 980 

First St., Milwaukee, Wis. 

Bom Milwaukee. Wis., Feb. 23, 1873; dau. 
Bernard and Matilda (Kraik) Schllchting; ed. 
Milwaukee public schools, high school and State 
Normal School (graduate); m. Dec. 4, 1897, Victor 

L. Berger; children: Dorothea A., Elsa R. 
Teacher In Milwaukee public schools before mar- 
riage; norw mem. Board of Education of Mil- 
waukee, elected 1909 for term of six years; 
elected on the Socialist ticket at non-partisan 
election. Mem. Board of Directors for Milwau- 
kee Maternity Hospital and Free Dispensary 
Ass'n. Favors woman suffrage. Was sec. for 
the Congressional Woman's Com., Washington, 
D.C., 1911-12; appeared before State Assembly at 
Madison, Wis., in favor of suffrage bill and 
spoke; also mem. of Wis. Woman Suffrage 
Ass'n. Mem. Socialist Party. Mem. NNat. 
Woman's Com. of Socialist Party, 1911-13. Rec- 
reations: Music, drama, reading. Mem. Wo- 
man's School Alliance. Wife of the first Socialist 
ever elected to the Congress of the United States. 

BERGFELD, J. D. (Mrs. George F. Bergfeld), 

5177 Cabaune Av., St. Louis, Mo. 

Born New Orleans, La., 1873; dau. Christian F. 
and Katherine (Speyerer) Hufft; ed. New Or- 
leans; m. St. Louis, June 12, 1889, George F. 
Bergfeld; one son: Lucas Lee. Has been pres. 
of the Kings Highway Presbyterian Church 
Guild; pres. of its Goodsonian Literary Club; 
pres. West End Charity Circle, also organizer. 
Presbyterian. Pres. and organizer of the Shakes- 
peare Club; pres. Twentieth Century Art Club. 
Interested in the Dickens Fellowship Club, 
missic-n work, Anti-Tuberculosis Soc, and Mu- 
nicipal Art League. 

BERKSTRESSER, Cella Smith (Mrs. Andrew 
Jackson Berkstresser), 6S1 N. Fifty-second Av., 

Chicago, 111. 

Born Boonville, N.Y., April 20, 1854; dau. Rev. 
Alban Mann and Rockey (Strait) Smith; ed. 
Upper Iowa Univ. and Cornell C«ll., grad. in 
art; m. Oct. 13, 1880, Andrew Jackson Berk- 
stresser; one daughter: Mrs. Jessie Berkstresser 
Muffly, b. Oct. 18, 1883. Active in all lines of 
church work (Sunday-school teacher and sup't) 
and missionary societies, filling various offices. 
Dist. sec. of Woman's Missionary Soc. four 
years. Leader of band of thirty young people in 
missionary work for several years; active in 
W.C.T.U., filling offices from pres. to deport- 
ment leader, etc. Sec. local board of Children's 
Home- Finding Soc; several years treas. the 
Hygiene Com., Dubuque, la. Favors woman 
suffrage. Writer of short poems, published in 
vaiious papers and magazines, one, The Whist- 
ling Boy, included in collection (Childhood Days), 
compiled by Mary Gardner Scott. Methodist. 
Recreations: Walking, reading, writing. Pres. 
1908-11 now hon. mem. Hillside Reading Circle 
of Dubuque, la. 

BERNAYS, Thekla Marie, The Washington, St. 

Louis, Mo. 

Born Highland, III. ; dau. Dr. George J. and 
Minna (Doering) Bemays; ed. private school 
and by private instruction,, then at McKendree 
Coll., 111., and Heidelberg, oermany; passed 
teacher's examination in Karlsruhe, Baden; re- 
ceived M.A. from McKendree Coll., honoris 
causa, in 1902. During Louisiana Purchase Ex- 
position, 1904, served on the Jury for Interior 
Decoration, as appointee of the Imperial Com- 
missioner of Germany, Dr. Theodor Lewald. 
Favors woman suffrage. Was on board of 
governors of EJqual Sufi'rage League of St. Louis, 
Mo., 1911-12. Author of a series of travel- 
sketchea, interviews with prominent men and 
women in Europe, and criticisms of literature 
and art, written for the Globe-Democrat, the 
■Times, the Criterion, the Mirror and other publi- 
cations; also similar articles in German for the 
Anzeiger des Westens and Westliche Post, St. 
Louis. Publication in book form: Augustus 
Charles Bernays, A Memoir, 1912. Mem. Wed- 
nesday Club, St. Louis; Artists' Guild, St. Louis. 
BERRY, Mrs. Elizabeth Robblns, S Forest St., 

North Cambridge, Mass. 

Editor, writer, proofreader; b. Carlisle, Mass.; 
dau. John and Sarah H. (Morgan) Robblns; ed. 
public and private schools of Massachusetts and 
Vermont academy. Special writer for magazines 
and newspapers; editor Republic Magazine, 
Washington, D.C., 1907-08; proofreader for years 
upon Boston publications. Sec. Nat. Aea'n of 



Patriotic Instructors; past national press corre- 
spondent o£ Woman's Relief Corps; past regent 
Lucia Knox Chapter D.R., Boston; historian 
of Dorchester Heights Chapter D.R., Boston; 
past pres. Boston Proofreaders' Ass'n. Favors 
woman suffrage. Has written short stories, 
■)oems, spe'jial articles. Unlversallst. Mem. 
Nat. First Aid Ass'n of America, Nat. Geo- 
graphic Soc, League of Am. Pen Women, New 
England Women's Press Ass'n, Mass. Peace Soc, 
Daughters of Veterans. Recreations: Travel, 
motoring, music, theatre. 
BERRY, Grace Ella, Pomona Coll., Claremont, 


Dean of women; b. Worcester, Mass., Dec. 23, 
1870; dau. Ellas Burbank and Rebecca (Page) 
Berry; ed. high school. West Boylston, Mass.; 
Cornell Univ.; Mt. Holyoke Coll., B.S. '93, A.M. 
'99. Taught mathematics and physics. Western 
Coll. for Women, Oxford, O., 1833-97, 1899; Mt. 
Holyoke Coll., 1897-99, 1900-02; dean of women, 
Colby Coll., 1902-09; dean of women, Pomona 
Coll., 1909- . Interested in mission work In all 
countries, Y.W.C.A. Baptist. Progressive in 
politics. Mem. Science and Mathematics Ass'n of 
Southern Cal.; former mem. of Me. State Ass'n 
of Charities and Corrections; chairman of Ad- 
visory Board Y.W.C.A. of Pomona Coll.; director 
of Mathematical Soc. of Pomona Coll.; mem. 
Astronomical Soc. of Pomona Coll. ; mem. of 
Hath-a-Way Club of Claremont Church. Recrea- 
tions: Tramping, tennis. Mem. Southern Cal. 
School Women's Time to Time Club; vice-pres. 
Cactus Club of Claremont. 

BERRY, Jennie Iowa Peet (Mrs. John Alexan- 
der Berry), 612 Third Av., Cedar Rapids, la. 
Bom Fairview, la., 1866; dau. Wilbur Riley 
and Ellen S. (GiUilan) Peet; ed. Elpworth (la.) 
Sem.; m. Troy Mills, la., 1887, John Alexander 
Berry. Past Nat. pres. Woman's Relief Corps; 
past sec. Iowa Fed. Women's Clubs; past pres. 
Cedar Rapids Woman's Club; mem. local Library 
Art Ass'n, local Y.W.C.A.; chairman Child 
Labor Com. Iowa Fed. Women's Clubs; mem. 
Standing Com. on Rules, Nat. Woman's Relief 
Corps. .Mem. D.A.R. Recreation: Travel. 
Presbyterian. Favors woman suffrage. Republi- 
can. Contributor to club and patriotic publica- 

BEBBY, Josephine Thomdlke, St. Paul, Minn. 

Teacher; b. Waterville, Kan.; dau. EJdward A. 
and Flora A. (Lewis) Berry; ed. Univ. of Kan- 
sas, A.B. ; Columbia Univ. (Teachers Coll.), B.S. 
'04, A.M. '10; Yale Univ., 1909-10; research fel- 
low. Teachers Coll., 1909-10 (mem. PI Beta Phi). 
Sup't of schools, Waterville, Kan., 1900-02; ass't 
in dep't of household administration, Univ. of 
Chicago; head of dep't oif home economics North- 
ern III State Normal School; head dep't of home 
economics. State Coll. of Wash. ; now head of 
home economics dep't, Univ. of Minn. Favors 
woman suffrage. Progressive in politics. Mem. 
of Council In Am. Home Economics Ass'n; 
mem. Am. Chemical Soc, Ass'n of Collegiate 
Alumnae. Recreation: Driving an automobile. 

BERRY, Lucy Haldane (Mrs. R. L. Berry), 
46 Rodgers Row, Naval Academy, Annapolis, 

Born May 16, 1887; dau. R. V. and Llllie (Van 
Saun) Lindabury; ed. Miss Whitmore's, Newark, 
N.J.; Mrs. Hazen's School, Pelham Manor, 
N.Y. ; m. Bernardsville, N.J., Sept. 26, 1908, R. L. 
Berry, lieutenant U.S.N. Episcopalian. 

BERRY, Martha McChesney, Mount Berry, Ga. 
Philanthropist; b. near Rome, Ga., (>ct. 7, 
1866; dau. Capt. Thomas and Prances (Rhea) 
Berry; ed. Edgeworth School (Madame Le 
Febvre), Baltimore, and in European travel. 
Identified with educational philanthropies; 
founded 1902 and Is director and trustee of Boys' 
Ink-ustilal School (now Berry School), Rome, Ga., 
for poor white boys to earn education through 
their own efforts; founder Settlement School for 
Girls, 1908. Lecturer and contributor to maga- 
zines en Southern mountaineers. Episcopalian. 
Mem. Colonial Dames, D.A.R., Woonan's Club 
of N.Y. City and AtlanU Woman's Club, At- 
lanta, Ga. 

BERRYHILL, Virginia Joynes (Mrs. James Q. 

Berryhlll), 305 Equitable Bld'g, Des Moines, la. 

Born Fairfield, la,; dau. Christian Wolff and 
Nancy M. (Seward) Slagle; ed. public school; 
State Univ. of Iowa, A.B. '77, M.A. '79; lecture 
courses Victoria Lyceum, Berlin, '78 (Phi Beta 
Kappa, State Univ. of Iowa); m. Fairfield, Jan. 
19, 1881, James Quest Berryhill; children: James 
Quest, Katharine. Taught one year in Pa. Fe- 
male Sem. Ex-pres. Unity Circle of Unitarian 
Church, Des Mcines; ex-vice-pres. Associated 
Charities, Des Moines; social clubs; mem. West 
End and Five Hundred clubs, also Golf and 
Country Club. Chairman of Legislative Com. of 
Iowa Fed. of Women's Clubs, which declared for 
suffrage at last biennial. -uthor of Biological 
Sketch of Prof. A. N. Currier in the Annals of 
Iowa. Republican. Mem. State Historical Soc. 
of Iowa; cor. sec. (Colonial Dames in State of 
Iowa. First pres. Iowa Fed. Women's Clubs; 
ex-pres. Des Moines Woman's Club; ex-pres. 
City Fed. of Women's Clubs; ex-pres. Press and 
Authors' Club, Des Moines. 

dall Beers (Mrs. Leon J. Berthelot de la 

Boileverle), 34 rue Rlbera, Paris, France. 

Born N.Y. City; ed. in schools of N.Y. City 
and Vassar CoU., A.B. '69; m. Nov. 8, 1882, Leon 
J. Berthelot de la Boileverle; two sons. Founder 
and pres. of the Instltut Berthelot, Paris, 
BERTOLA, Mariana, 1050 Jackson St., San 

Francisco, Cal. 

Physician and surgeon; b. Cal., May 7, 1868; 
dau Antonio and Catarina (de Voto) Bertola; ed. 
Martinez Grammar School, San Jos6 Normal 
School, Cooper Med. Coll. (mem. Alpha Epsilon 
Iota). Principal Martinez grammar schools, 
1896; interne and assistant resident at Children's 
Hospital ; assistant physician. Cooper Med. 
Clinic, 1902; examining physician of Native 
Daughters of Golden West; attending physician 
Mills Coll.; director of the Woman's Board of 
the Panama Pacific Exposition, 1915; director 
Soc. for Prevention of Tuberculosis. Mem. and 
past grand pres. Native Daughters ot Golden 
West; pres. of Vittoria Colonna Club, Mills 
Club and Forum Club. Favors woman suffrage; 
instrumental in bringing the suffrage question 
before several clubs. Protestant. Republican. 
Mem. several medical societies. Recreations: 
Theatre, club, sorority. Prominent speaker at 
many patriotic holidays, and in other interests 
for the betterment of the race and inculcation 
of patriotism. 
BERTRAM, Helen (Mrs. E. J. Morgan). 

Operatic prima donna; b. (Lulu May Burt) 
Tuscola, 111., 1869; ed. in Indianapolis, and began 
musical education there, finishing at Cincinnati 
Coll. of Music; m. (1st) Signor Tommasl, mu- 
sical director Duff Opera Co. (divorced); (2d) E. 
J. Henley, actor (died); (3d) E. J. Morgan, actor 
(died 1904): one daughter: Rosina Henley, b. 
1894. Began stage career in Indianapolis as Yum 
Yum in The Mikado, and soon after, taking 
stage n^me of "Helen Bertram," appearing at 
the old Madison Square Garden Theatre as 
Josephine in Pinafore for one week, and then 
joining the E5mma Abbott Opera Company, play- 
ing Fllena In Mignon, 1888, following which en- 
gagement became prima donna In the J. C. Duff 
Opera Company, and later of the McCauU Opera 
Company; then with the Henry E. Abbey English 
Opera (Company, and following this was prima 
donna of the Boatonians for several seasons, then 
going to London and playing with the Carl Rosa 
Opera Company at Covent Garden as Santazzi in 
Cavalleria Rusticanna Arline in the Bohemian 
Girl and Nedda in I Pagliacci; returnmg to 
U.S. was in the original casts of Tar and the 
Tartar, Foxy Quiller, Peggy from Paris, A War 
Time Wedding, and the first Am. production of 
La Basotke, and played prima donna roles in 
The Black Hussar, Amorlta, Miss Heiyett, The 
Prince of Pilsen, and Jack Horner in the original 
cast of The Gingerbread Man; more recently has 
appeared in stock companies and in vaudeville. 
BESESSEN (Mrs. Henry J. Besessen), Harvey, 


Bnrn Sycamore, 111., July 23, 1881; dau. Be» 



jamin and Betsey (Swanson) Nilson; grad high 
school. Sycamore, 1900; grad. Normal School, De 
Kalb, 111., '02; m. Harvey, 111., Dec. 5, 1906, 
Henry John Besessen; children: Henry John, 
Robert Benjamin. Chairman State Legislative 
Com. of Federated Clubs, 1912. Favors woman 
suffrage. Congregationalist. Mem. Order Eastern 
Star. Recreations: Basketball, tennis, dancing, 
skating. Pres. Fossenden Saturday Club for one 
year, and pres. Sorosis Clut) at Harvey for three 
years. Husband mem. of State Senate of N.Dak. 
B£ST, Marjorie Ayres (Mrs. Albert Starr Best), 

1836 Orrington Av., Evanston, 111. 

Born Truro. Cape Cod, Mass., Aug. 18, 1874; 
dau. Marshall and Lomse (Sanderson) Ayres; ed. 
N.y. Collegiate Inst; Smith Coll., L.M. '95 
(mem. Alpha Soc, the honor soc. of Smith); m. 
N.Y. City, April 18, 1896, Albert Starr Best; 
chUdren: Marshall, b. Nov. 26, 1902; Albert 
Leonard, b. Oct. 26, 1904; Marjorie Starr, b. 
April 5. 1908; Barbara, b. Oct. 26, 1910. For 10 
years active In Y.W.C.A., carrying the Nat. 
budget of $63,000 for five years as finance chair- 
man of nat. com. Active in drama club work 
and one of the founders and organizers of Drama 
League of America (now chairman Publicity and 
Organization Com.). Writer of magazine articles 
and addresses on league propaganda. Congrega- 
tionalist. Mem. Soc. of Psyc^iCal Research, Col- 
legiate Alumnae, Smith Coll. Alumnse, Y.W.C.A., 
Nat. Geog. Soc; guarantor Chicago Theatre Soc. 
Recreations: Horseback riding, golf, tenuis, gar- 
dening. Mem. Drama Club of Evanston, 111. 
BBTHEX, Mary Wright Thomas (Mrs. George 
P. Bethel), Johnstown, Bradford Co., Fla. 

Physician; b. Joliet, 111.; dau. Granville S. 
Thomas, M.D., and Sarah J. (Wright) Thomas; 
ed. Cornell Univ., B.A. ; Northwestern Univ. 
Woman's Med. School, M.D. (prize for highest 
scholarship, prize for highest rank in chemistry) ; 
m. Chicago, 111., Nov. 7, 1911, George P. Bethel. 
Assistant in cliemistry at Northwestern Univ. 
Woman's Med. School for six years. Resident 
assistant surgeon at 111. Charitable Eye and Ear 
Infirmary, Chicago; now practising at Johnstown, 
Fla. Favors woman suffrage. Baptist. Specialist 
In diseases of eye, ear, nose and throat. 
BETHUNE, Louise Blanchard (Mrs. Robert Ar- 
mour Bethune), 215 Franklin St., Buffalo, N.Y. 

Architect; b. Waterloo, N.Y., July 21, 1856; 
dau. DaJson Wallace and Emma M. (Williams) 
Blanchard; ed. Buffalo Central High School; m. 
Buffalo, Dec. 10, 1881, Robert Armour Bethune; 
one son: Dr. Charles W. Bethune, b. 1883. En- 
gaged In draughtsman work in Buffalo, 1876-81, 
and became the first woman architect in the 
U.S. Was for 19 years a fellow of the American 
Inst, of Architects and is the only woman who 
was ever a fellow of that society. Mem. Buf- 
falo Historical Soc., N.Y. Historical Soc, Buf- 
falo Genealogical Soc, Nat Soc. of New England 
Women (Colony II), Buffalo Chapter of D.A.R. 
BETTIS, Mary Alice Smith (Mrs. Lewis David 

Bettls), 349 Parsells Av., Rochester, N.Y. 

Born Tyre, N.Y.; ed. in schools of Seneca 
Falls, N.Y., and Vassar Coll., A.B. '92; m, Nov. 
16, 1900, Lewis David Bettis; three daughters. 
Teacher Tyre, N.Y., 1892-93; Cook Acad., Mon- 
tour Falls, N.Y., 1894-1900. 
BEITS, Anna Whelan, Oak Lane, Philadelphia, 


Artist; b. Philadelphia; dau. Thomas Betts, 
M.D., and Frances Alice (Whelan) Betts; ed. 
Heacock's Select School of Chelton Hills, Pa.; 
Acad, of Fine Arts, Colorossi Studio in Paris, 
Howard Pyles Class at the Drexel Inst, in Phila- 
delphia. Introduced the printing of pictures (by 
the Century Company) as color inserts in the 
Century Magazine, fonowed by other N.Y. com- 
panies and publishers. Interested in work with 
Octavia H.ll Soc, for improvement of the hous- 
ing of the poor of Puiladelphia. Against woman 
suffrage. Recreations: Tramping, canoeing, ten- 
nis, reading, out-door sports. Mem. Plastic Club 
of Philadelphia. 
BETTS, Mary N. (Mrs. Charles H. Betts), 837 

Windsor Av., Chicago, 111. 

Bom Tralee, Ireland, 1860; dau. John and 
(Mason) MoCarthy; ed. in Buffalo Cen- 

tral High School, private schools and much tutor- 
ing; m, Buffalo, Aug. IS, 1885, Charles H. Betts; 
children: Curtis M., Arthur M., Charles F., 
Agnes. Mem. Lake View Musical Club, Out-door 
League and various religious societies. Favors 
woman suffrage. Mem. Chicago Political 
Equality League. Congregationalist Mem. 
Cliieago Woman's Club; now pres. League of 
Womar-.'s Clubs of Cook Co., 111.; has been twice 
on State Board of Fed. of Women's Cluibs; also 
pre«. of Ravenswood Club. 

BEVIER, Isabel, Prof. University of Illinois, 
Urbana, 111. 

Professor household science; b. Plymouth, O.; 
grad. Wooster (O.) Univ., Ph.B. "85, Ph. M. '88; 
student at Summer School, Harvard, 1888? Prof. 
Atwater's laboratory, 1894; Mass. Inst, of Tech- 
nology, 1898. Principal high school, Shelby, O., 
1885-87; Mt Vernon, O., 18b.-88; prof, natural 
science, Pa. Coll. for Women, 1888-97; prof, 
chemistry. Lake Erie Coll., 1898-99; prof, house- 
hold science and head of dep't, Univ. of 111., 
1900- . Ass't nutrition investigations, U.S. 
Dep't Agriculture, 1894-99; mem. jury of awards 
World's Columbian Exposition, 1893; board of 
editors. Journal of Home Economics. Fellow 
A.A.A.S. ; mem. Am. Chem. Soc, Public Health 
Ass'n; Home Economics Ass'n (pres.). Author of 
papers and monographs in chemistry of food; The 
House, Its Plan, Decoration and Care; Selection 
and Preparation of Food; Food and Nutrition; 
Home Economics. 

BEZLAT De BOBDES, Kate MiUs Bradley (Mrs. 
Andr6 B6ziat de Bordes), 1318 Arabella St., 
New Orleans, La. 

Born Spencer, N.Y.; grad. Vassar Coll., A.B. 
'92; m. Aug. 28, 1895, Andre Bfiziat de Bordes, 
Ph.D. (now prof. Romance Languages in Tulane 
Univ. of La.). Teacher New Castle, Pa., 1892-93; 
Washington Sem., Atlanta, Ga., 1893-95. Con- 
tributor of articles to various newspapers. 
BIANCHI, Martha GUbert Dickinson (Mrs. A. E, 
Bianchi), Amherst, Mass. 

Author; b. Amherst, Mass.; dau. William Aus- 
tin and Susan Huntington (Gilbert) Dickinson; 
ed. Miss Porter's school at Farmington, Conn.; 
m. Carlsbad, Bohemia, 1903, Captain Alexander 
E. Bianchi. Author of poems: Within the 
Hedge; The Cathedral; Russian Lyrics and Cos- 
sack Songs (translations). Novels: A Modern 
Prometheus, 1908; The Cuckoo's Nest 1909; A 
Cossack Lover, 1911; The Sin of Angels, 1912. 
Contributor to the Atlantic, Century, Scrlbner's, 
Harper's and other magazines and literary 
papers. Lived abroad several years, and trav- 
eled extensively. Against woman suffrage. 
BIAS. Clothilde Gaujot (Mrs. Bennett Randolph 
Bias), Williamson, Mingo Co., W.Va, 
Born Belleville, Ont, Can., June 28, 1883; dau. 
Ernest and Susan Ellen (McGuigan) Gaujot; ed. 
Mary Baldwin Sem., Staunton, Va., and Mar- 
shall Coll.; studied violin for eight years in 
Staunton and Charlottesville, Va. (mem. Delta 
Gamma, local, at Mary Baldwin); m. June 19 
1901, Bennett Randolph Bias; children: Bennett 
Randolph Bias II, Marie Marguerite, Ernest 
Gaujot. Favors woman suffrage. Episcopalian. 
BIBBINS, Buthelda Bernard Mary (Mrs. Ar- 
thur Barneveld Blbblns), The Somerset, Bal- 
timore, Md. 

Historical writer; b. Baltimore, Md.; grad. 
Woman's -Coll. of Baltimore, A.B. '97; student 
In English and history, Univ. of Oxford, England, 
1897-98: graduate student in history and the his- 
tory of art Univ. of Chicago, 1898-99; fellow in 
history, Bryn Mawr Coll., 1899-1900; student 
London School of Economics, 1900; research work 
In the Public Record Office, London, and the 
British Museum, 1900-02; m. 1903, Arthur Barne- 
veld Bibbins. Writer on historical subjects 
Author: Mammy 'Mongst the Wild I<Jatlons oi 
Europe, 1904. 

BIDDLE, Gertrude Bosler (Mrs. Edward W. 
Biddle), Carlisle, Pa. 

Born Carlisle, Pa., Oct 24, 1857; dau. J. Her- 
man and Mary J. (Kirk) Bosler; ed. Mary Inst, 
Carlisle; grad. Wilson Coll., Chamhersburg, Pa.; 
m. Carlisle, Feb. 2, 1882, Edward W. Biddl« 
(president judge of the Ninth Judicial DisL of 



PaO; children: Herman Bosler, Bldward Mac- 
funn. Pres. Fed. of Pa. Women, 1907-11; vice- 
pres. Am Civic Ass'n; trustee of Wilson CoU., 
Chambersburg; trustee of the J. Herman Bosler 
Memorial Library, Carlisle; mem. governing 
boards of various philanthropic institutions. Fa- 
vors woman suffrage; active mem. of the Limited 
Suffrage League of Pa., an organization that 
stands for equal but restricted suffrage for both 
men and women. Author of several published 
addresses and magazine articles. Presbyterian. 
Mem. Nat. Conservation Ass'n, Playground Ass'n 
of America, Pa. Peace and Arbitration Soc, 
Rural Progress Ass'n, and several societies for 
the extension of education and for the sup- 
pression of vice. Mem. Carlisle Fortnightly 
Club, New Century Club and Civic Club of 
Philadelphia; founder of Civic Club of Carlisle 
in 1898. 
BIDWELL, Annie ElUcott Kennedy (Mrs. John 

Bldwell), Rancho Chlco, Chlco, Cal. 

Rancher; b. Meadville, Pa., June 30, 1839; dau. 
Joseph Camp Griffith and Catharine (Morrison) 
Kennedy; ed. Madame Breshaw Burr's School, 
Waehir/gton, D.C.; m. Washington, D.C., April 
16, 1868, John Bldwell. Favors woman suffrage. 
Presbyterian. Prohibitionist. Western vice-pres. 
National Indian Ass'n; honorary officer and ac- 
tive worker in California Indian Ass'n; mem. 
State, national and local suffrage assn's, 
W.C.T.U., State Playground Ass'n; has con- 
ducted Indian mission of her own since 1875, and 
Its pastor for thirty-seven years. Recreations: 
Walking, riding, driving. Clubs: Sierra, Civic. 
BIEGHI.EB, Alice Miller (Mrs. Arthur Clifton 

Bleghler), 729 Ridgland Av., S. Oak Park, 111. 

Born Newton, la. ; dau. James and Catherine 
(Baxter) Miller; ed. Des Moines, la.; m. Dea 
Moines, Aug. 10, 1892, Arthur Clifton Bleghler; 
one son: Raymond Grant Baxtar, b. Sept. 2, 
1893. Favors woman suffrage. Episcopalian. . 
Mem. various church organizations; pres. Gar- 
field Park Woman's Club, Lady Washington 
Club, Monday Club. 
BIEBSTADT, Anne Morton Turner (Mrs. O. A. 

Bierstadt), 19 Myrtle St., Jamaica Plain, 


Born N.Y. City; ed. In schools of Massa- 
chusetts and Vassar Coll., A.B. '79; m. Aug. 16, 
1884, O. A. Bierstadt; one son. Teacher, Van 
Wert, Ohio. 1878-80; Norwich, Ohio, 1880-81; 
Bloomfleld, N.J., 1881-82; N.Y. City, 1883-84. 
BIGELOW, Alice Houghton, 14 Warren Sq., 

Jamaica Plain, Boston, Mass. 

Physician; b. Boston, Aug. 3, 1875; dau. 
George F. and P.. Gertrude (Bigelow) Bigelow; 
ed. Boston public schools; Boston Univ., A.B. 
•99 (Phi Beta Kappa); Tufts Med. School, M.D. 
'05. Visiting physician. Pope Dispensary; ass't 
physician, New England Hospital for Women 
and Children; physician of House of Mercy. 
Mem. Old South Church, Boston; active in 
graduate societies of Girls' High School, Boston, 
and of Boston Univ. Favors woman suffrage. 
Mem. Congregational Unitarian Church. Mem. 
Am. Med. Soc, Mass. Med. Soc., New EJngland 
Hospital Med. Soc, Soc for Helping Women 
Doctors in Foreign Countries, Mass. Epsilon 
Chapter of Phi Beta Kappa. Recreations: 
Walking, sailing. Mem. Boston College Club. 
BIGELOW, Bessie P. (Mrs. Prescott Bigelow), 

16 Marlborough St., Boston, Mass. 

Born Boston, Nov. 8, 1861; dau. Henry James 
and Eliza A. Nazro; ed. Boston private schools; 
m. Nov. 16, 1882, Prescott Bigelow; children: 
Prescott, David N., Elizabeth Prescott. Mem. 
Clinton Club of Boston. 
BIGELOW, Carolyn Loifl Clark (Mrs. Hayes 

Bigelow), Brattleboro, VU ; Nov. to May, Tar- 
pon Springs. Fla. 

Born Guilford, Vermont, daughter of Herbert 
J. and Lois C. (Ballon) Clark; ed. Glenwood 
Sem., West Brattleboro, Vt., '94; Tufts Coll.. 
A.B. 1900 (honors in English); m. Brattleboro, 
Vt, July 31, 1907, Hayes Bigelow. Assistant 
principal in high school, 1900-04. Author of 
series of articles on the drama, and other short 
sketches. Unlversalist. Mem. D.A.R., All 
Around Club, Brattleboro Woman's Club, Mon- 

day Bridge Club. Paternal graadfather, Almou 
Ballou, was a brother of Hoeea Ballou 2d, 
founder and first pres. of Tufts (3oU. 
BIGELOW, Florence, Natick, Maas. 

School principal; b. Natick, Mass., April 23, 
1S64; dau William Perkins and Martha A. 
(Mansfield) Bigelow; ed. Wellesley Coll., B.A. 
•85, M.A. '91. Instructor, Wellesley Coll., 1889- 
9?.; principal Walnut Hill School, Natick, Mass., 
1S93- . 

BIGELOW, Florence Rawn (Mrs. David N. 
Bigelow), 190 E. Chestnut St., Chicago, IlL 
Born Delaware, Ohio; dau. Ira G. and Florence 
(Willis) Rawn; ed. Rosemary Hall, Greenwich, 
Conn.; m. June 1, 1908, David N. Bigelow. Pres. 
Rosemary Cluib of Chicago. Episcopalian. 
BIGELOW, Gertrude, Shattuck St., Natick, Mass. 
Teacher; b. Natick, Mass., June 13, 1872; dau. 
William Perkins and Martha A. (Mansfield) 
Bigelow; ed. Dana Hall School, Wellesley Coll., 
B.S. '93; School of Housekeeping, Boston; fellow 
of Ass'n of Collegiate Alumnae, 1900-01; grad. 
student at Wellesley Coll., 1901-02. Instructor in 
ch-emistry. Walnut Hill School, Natick, 1902-08, 
1909-11; ass't in chemistry, Wellesley Coll., 1908- 
09. Congregationalist. Mem. Am. Ass'n of Home 
Economics, New England Ass'n of Home Eco- 
nomics, New England Ass'n of Chemistry Teach- 
ers, Ass'n of Collegiate Alumnae, Coll. Settle- 
ments Ass'n, Boston Wellesley College Club. 
BIGELOW, Harriet WiUiams, Smith College Ob- 
servatory, Northampton, Meuss. 
Prof, astronomy, Smith CoU.; b. Fayetteville, 
N.Y., June 7, 1870; dau. Rev. Dana W. Bigelow, 
D.D. and Katherine (Huntington) Bigelow; 
Smith Coll., B.A. '93; Univ. of Mich., Ph.D. '04; 
ass't in astronomy, Smith Coll., 1896-01; In- 
structor astronomy. Smith CoU., 1904-06; assoc 
prof. Smith Coll., 1906-11; prof, astronomy. 
Smith Ck)ll., 1911- . Pre byterlan. Mem. As- 
tronomical and Astrophyslcal Society of America, 

BIGELOW, Mary Helena (Mrs. (Jeorge O. Bige- 
low), Alden, Hardin Co., Iowa. 
Born Iowa Falls, la., April 1, 1862; dau. Joseph 
Albert ana Emily Margaret (Taylor) Button; ed. 
high and normal sct.ools; m. Alden, la., Oct. 8, 
1884, George Orra Bigelow; one son: (Jeorge Fay. 
School teacher before marriage. Pres. and char- 
ter mem. of Stulithis Circle; worthy matron of 
O.E.S. ; appointed by the mayor a mem. of the 
Board of Trustees of the Public Library and 
elected Its sec; mem. D.W.C. Soc. of Congrega- 
tional Church, and prominent in social life, lit- 
erary work and philanthropic activities. Against 
woman suffrage. Clubs: Shakespeare, Domestic 
Science, Civic Improvement. 

BIGNELL, Effie Molt (Mrs. W. J. Bignell). 1*5 

College Av., New Brunswick, N.J. 

Born Burlington, Vt., 1855; dau. Theodore 
Frederick and Harriet (Cowan) Molt; ed. French 
School at Burlington, Vt, and convent school In 
Montreal, Can.; m. Norwich, (Jonn., 1876, W. J. 
Bignell; one son: W. J. Bignell. Interested In 
working girls' clubs, in societies for protection of 
children and the prevention of cruelty to ani- 
mals. Author: Mr. Chupes and Miss Jenny, a 
story of bird life; My Woodland Intimates, « 
series of nature studies; A Quintette of Gray 
Coats, a story of squirrel life; Saint Anne of the 
Mountains — Tne Story of a Summer In a Cana- 
dian Pilgrimage VUlage. Mem. Wesleyan 
Church. Mem. Am. Ornithologists' Union, Au- 
dubon Soc. Recreations: Music and outings that 
afford opportunity for nature study. 
BIKLE, Lucy Leffingwell Cable (Mrs. Henry 

Wolf Biklfe), the Clinton, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Former editor; ed. Smith Coll., class of '98, 
B.A. '01; m. Sept 14, 1910, Henry Wolf BIkl6, of 
Philadelphia. Engaged as reader of manuscripts 
for publishers, 1902-10, including Collier's 
Weekly, Ladies' Home Journal and several of the 
large publishing houses of N.Y. City. 

BILLINGS, Anna Hunt 217 Palm Av., Red- 
lands, Cal. 
Normal teacher; grad. Smith Coll., B.L. '91; 

student in Enghsh literature, Yale, 1895-98, Ph.D. 

•98. Teacher Univ. of Southern Cal.. 1892-H; 



RiversMe, Cal., 1894-95; Redlands, Cal., 1898-99; 
Long Beach, Cal., 1902-03; State Normal School, 
San Diego, Cal., since 1904. Author: Guide to 
Middle English Metrical Romances (Yale studies 
in English), 1899. 

BINFOBD, Florence Clark (Mrs. John H. Bin- 
ford), Greenfield, Ind. 

Born Fort Wayne, Ind., Dec. 29, 1854; dau. 
John H. and Marion L. (Shippy) Clark; ed. 
Fort Wayne public schools; Fort Wayne Meth- 
odist Episcopal Coll. (now moved); grad. Chau- 
tauqua Jjiterary and Scientific Circle; m. Fort 
Wayne. Ind., Mar. 25, 1S91, John H. Binford; 
children: John Clark, b. May 16, 1892; Morton 
C, b. Oct. 26, 1893. Sec. Woman's Foreign Mis- 
sionary Soc. of ivorth Indiana Conference. In- 
terested in the Indiana State Audubon Soc. and 
in all economic questions for the uplift of hu- 
manity Mem. Cosmopolitan Club. Methodist. 
Favors woman suffrage. 

BINFOKD, Jessica Florence, Hull House, Chi- 
cago, 111. 

Social worker; b. Iowa; grad. Rockford Coll., 
B.A. 1900. Soon after graduation became a resi- 
dent of Hull House and has since been interested 
in its activities and active in associated charities. 

BINGHAM, Amelia (Mrs. Lloyd M. Bingham), 

40 E. Thirty-first St., N.Y. City. 

Actress; b. Hicksville, O., 1869; dau. John B. 
and Marie (Hoffman) Smiley; ed. Ohio Wes- 
leyan Univ.; m. Lloyd M. Bingham. Began 
stage career with McKee Rankin in a tour on 
the Pacific Coast; first N.Y. appearance was at 
the People's Theatre in the melodrama The 
Struggle of Life, followed consecutively by en- 
gagements at Niblo's Garden in The Power of 
Gold, at the 14th St. Theatre in The Village 
Postmaster, at the American Theatre in Captain 
Impudence, and other plays; at the Academy of 
Music in Charles Frohman's production of The 
White Heather; became leading woman in His 
Excellency the Governor at the Empire Theatre, 
followed by other leading roles in N.Y. City 
and Philadelphia productions. Organized, 1901, 
the Amelia Bingham Co., and has since pro- 
duced her own plays, including The Climbers, 
A Modern Magdalen, The Frisky -rs. Johnson, 
A Modern Lady, and others. Methodist. Mem. 
Professional Woman's League; vice-pres. 
Twelfth Night Club; pres. American Playgoers. 

BrNGHAM, Lena Maud ("Helena Bingham"), 

6119 Greenwood Av., Chicago, III. 

Writer, singer, composer, publisher; b. Har- 
vard, 111., Feb. 19, 1870; dau. Dr. Abel Clinton 
and Estelle (Barnes) Bingham; ed. Harvard 
High School and private teachers in piano, voice 
and theory. (Composer of songs: Beatitudes; 
Jes' Yo' Wait; Life; Sunset and Evening Star 
(Tennyson poem); It is Not Raining Rain to Me 
(words by Robert Loveland). Songs (t>ook of 
songs): The Balloon Man and Other Songs for 
Children (book of 17 songs); Equality (suffrage 
song), and others (about 200) under pen-name of 
"Helena Bingham." Recitalist of original songs 
and stories; gives freely of talents to church 
societies, social settlements and other philan- 
thropic movements. Congregationaliat. Mem. 
111. State Suffrage Ass'n, Cook County Suffrage 
Alliance (vice-pres. for Seventh Ward of Chi- 
BINGHAM, Lucille Butherfurd (Mrs. Theodore 

A. Bingham), E9 W. 45th St., N.Y. City. 

Born St. Louis; dau. Thomas Scott and Lucile 
Tison Rutherfurd; ed. Mary Inst., St. Louis, 
Mo.; Va. Female Inst., Staunton, Va. ; m. St. 
Louis, 1881, Theodore A. Bingham (now Brig.- 
Gen. U.S.A., retired); one son: Rutherfurd 
Bingham, b. 1884. Episcopalian. Against woman 
BINGHAM, Mary Homer, 1125 W. Twenty-first 

St., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Settlement worker; grad. Smith Coll., B.A. '92. 
Has been connected with college settlement work 
and kindred activities since 1894; ass't probation 
oflicer of Juvenile Court of IjOS Angeles County 
since 1910 Pres. Smith Coll. Ass'n of Southern 

.BIRD, Anna ChUd (Mrs. Charles Sumner Bird), 

"Endean," East Walpole, Mass. 
Born Worcester, Mass., Jan. 13, 1856; dau. 
Elisha Norwin and Elizabeth Humphrey (Mar- 
tin) Child, ed. public schools, Worcester; Oread 
private school (Miss Williams), Worcester; Miss 
Putnam's School, Boston; m. Worcester, Oct. 19, 
1880, Charles Sumner Bird of East Walpole, 
Mass.; children: Frances William, b. July 4, 
ISSl; Charles Sumner Jr., b. Sept. 29, 1884; Edith 
Harlan, b. May 27, 1887; Joanne, b. August 15, 
1889. Mem. Episcopal Church. Pres. of Wednes- 
day Club of East Walpole for many years 
(women's club devoted to civic betterment) and 
active in many committees; interested in social 
and philanthropic work; pres. Welfare Nurse's 
Ass'n. Favors woman suffrage. Progressive in 
politics. Mem. Women's Municipal League, 
Boston; Royal Soc. of Arts, London; North 
British Soc, England. Mem. Chilton Cluto of 

BIRD, Harriet Williams (Mrs. George B. Bird), 
Yarmouth (P.O. Yarmouthvllle), Me. 
Born Yarmouth, Me., April 28, 1863; dau. 
Leonard and Mary (Pratt) Williams; ed. high 
school, Yarmouth, Me.; Wellesley Coll., B.S. '85; 
m. Yarmouth, Me., July 8, 1890, George E. Bird 
(now associate justice Supreme Court of Maine). 
Taught in Yarmouth High School, and for three 
years in Portland (Me.) High School (mathe- 
matics). Organizer and pres. of Yarmouth Vil- 
lage Improvement Soc. Mem. College Club, 
Country Club (Portland), Woman's Club (Yar- 
mjuth). Recreations: Travel, club work, social 
life. Unitarian. Against woman suffrage. 
BIRD, Maria Elvy (Mrs. William Bird), Broad- 
view, Saskatchewan, Can. 

Born Gloucestershore, August, 1845; dau. Jo- 
seph and Maria (Smith) Reynolds; ed. private 
school and by governess; m. Therfield, Herts, 
England, 1868, William Bird (died 1890); chil- 
dren: Joseph, Percy, Ethel, Harold, Reynold, 
Florence, Mabel, Mattie Walter (all deceased). 
Farmer and author. Went to England by favor 
of Canadian Pacific Railway to lecture on West- 
ern Canada. Author: My Start in Canada; Some 
of My Neighbors; Eveline's Lament; also many 
other articles, journalistic and otherwise; at one 
time, wrote regularly for the Elnglish Christian 
World. Leisure Hour, etc. Congregationalist. 
Liberal in politics. Recreation: Whist. 
BIRDSALL, Anna Palmyra, Wallkill, N.Y., 

General sec. Y.W.C.A.; b. Wallkill, N.Y.; dau. 
Samuel A. and Marion (Blair) Birdsall; ed. 
Barlham Coll., Richmond, Ind., Ph.B. 1892-95; 
one year post-grad, work Bryn Mawr Coll., 1899- 
1900; summer term Univ. of Chicago, 1904. Gen. 
sec. Y.W.C.A., Poughkeepsie, 1900-03; Grand 
Rapids, 1904-07; ass't pastor Mt. Morris Baptist 
Church, N.Y. City, 1910; gen. sec. Y.W.C.A., In- 
dinapolis, Ind., 1911; San Antonio, Tex., 1912. 
Interested In settlement and church work of all 
kinds. Mem. Friends Church. Favors woman 
suffrage; mem. Suffrage Ass'n of San Antonio, 
BIRDSALL, Katliarine Newbold, 18 Washington 

Terrace, E. Orange, N.J. 

Editor, writer; b. Cornwall, N.Y., April 29, 
1877; dau. James and Mariana (Townsend) Bird- 
sall; ed. N.Y. City schools. Editor Children's 
Magazine. 1906-09; Over Sea and Land Magazine 
since 1910. Contributor to magazines. Editor 
The Young People's Book Shelf (20 volumes). 
Proprietor of Model Children's Page Newspaper 
Syndicate. Author: Jacks of All Trades; How 
to Make Money; editor Volume 1, The Founda- 
tion Library; part author of The First Seven 
BIRDSALL, Virginia Field (Mrs. Albert T. 

Birdsall), 521 Clinton Av., Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Born Montreal, Canada; ed. in schools of 
Brooklyn, N.Y., and Vassar Coll., A.B. (Phi Beta 
Kappa), '99; m. June 15, 1904, Dr. Albert T. 
Birdsall; one son. ' Teacher in Girls' High School, 
Brooklyn, N.Y., 1899-1902. 
BIBDSEYE, Miriam, 31 Liberty St., N.Y. City. 

Teacher; b. Brooklyn. N.Y., Dec. 18, 1878; 
dau Clarence F. and Ada (Underwood) Birdseye; 



ed. Packer Collegiate Inst., Brooklyn; Smith 
Coll., A.B. '01; Pratt Inst, diploma in normal 
domesstic science '07. Taught household economy 
at Hebrew Technical School for Girls, N.Y. 
City, and at Simmons Coll.; served for a year in 
the dep't of health and economics of the Nat. 
Electric Lamp Ass'n of Cleveland, 0., Investi- 
gating working conditions for the women em- 
ployees In their factories; head of dep't of 
household economy at Bates Coll., 1911-12. 
Mem. Nat. Soc. for Promotion of Industrial 
Education, Alumnse Ass'n of Smith Coll. Rec- 
reations: Sailing, swimming, walking. Congre- 
gationalist. Favors woman suffrage. 
BIRKS, Julia Miles (Mrs. Frederick M. Birks), 

112 Roanoke Av., Peoria, III. 

Born Peoria, 111., July 31, 1874; dau. Hon. 
Philo B. and Maria Helen (Wrenn) Miles; ed. 
Peoria High School and Wells Coll., A.B. '97; 
m. June 6, 1901, Frederick Massey Birks. De- 
voted to the study of history, prominent in 
social life in Peoria. Mem. Visiting Nurse 
Com. of Associated Charities, Civic Fed. of 
Peoria; ex-pres. College Club of Peoria; ex-pres. 
Western Ass'n of Wells Coll.; mem. Friday 
Club, Amateur Musical Club. Recreations: Golf, 
flower gardening, motoring. Presbyterian. Fa- 
vors woman suffrage; mem. Equal Suffrage Club 
of Peoria. 
BISBEE, Genevieve, 38 E. Sixtieth St., N.Y. City. 

Musician and teacher of piano; b. Rockford, 
111.; dau. Horatio and Martha Florida (Flotard) 
Bisbee: ed. Mrs. Kirk's School, N.Y. City: Ber- 
lin and Leipzig, Germany, and Leschetizky's 
School in Vienna, Austria. Teacher of piano by 
the Leschetizky method; composer. Has written 
a booklet: Leschetizky and His Method. Episco- 
palian. Mem. United Daughters of the Con- 
BISHOP, Alice Lyman (Mrs. Charles Alvord 

Bishop), Monrovira, Cal. 

Born Mt. Auburn, Cincinnati, Ohio, Mar. 6, 
1872; dau. Richard H. and Emma A. (Wiley) 
Lyman; grad. Wyoming High School, Wyoming, 
Hamilton Co., Ohio, 1890; attended Mt. Holyoke 
Coll. (one year), 1890-91; m. Des Moines, Iowa, 
June 25, 1902, Judge Charles Alvord Bishop; one 
daughter: Alice Roxana Bishop, b. Sept. 5, 1903. 
Interested in Parent-Teachers' Ass'n work. Fa- 
vors woman suffrage. Congregationalist. Re- 
publican. Recreations: Gardening, motoring, out- 
door life. Mem. and recording sec. Monrovia 
Woman's Club. 

BISHOP, Elizabeth Loraine, The Western Col- 
lege, Oxford, O. 

Teacher; b. Hannibal, Wis.; dau. William M. 
and Harriette A. (Warner) Bishop; ed. Vassar 
Coll., A.B. (Phi Beta Kappa) '97, A.M. '98; Univ. 
of Chicago, grad. study. Prof. Latin in thf 
Western Coll. for Women, Oxford, O. Mem. 
Ass'n of Collegiate Alumnae, Archaeological Inst, 
of America, Classical Ass'n of Middle West and 
South. Congregationalist. 

BISHOP, Emily Montague (Mrs. Coleman E. 

Bishop), 600 W. 192d St., N.Y. City. 

Lecturer, reader, health culturlst; b. Forest- 
ville, N.Y., Nov. 3, 1858; dau. Asa L. and Ann 
E. (DeWitt) Mulkin; ed. in Foreatvllle (N.Y.) 
High School; m. Silver Creek, N.Y., Coleman 
E. Bishop. Dramatic reader; lecturer and 
teacher at Chautauqua Assembly, Chautauqua 
Lake, N.Y., since 1889; joint principal and di- 
rector of health culture dep't in School of Ex- 
pression; writer on literary and health topics. 
Author: Health and Self-Expresslon; Interpreta- 
tive Foj-ms of Literature; Seventy Years Young; 
Daily Ways to Health. 
BISHOP, Harriette Anna (Mrs. William M. 

Bishop), 74 Pitcher St., Detroit, Mich. 

Teacher; b. Burlington, Vt., Aug. 7, 1845; dau. 
William and Harriet B. (Leac-h) Warner; ed. 
Detroit High School; Vassar Coll., A.B. '67; m. 
Detroit, Mich., Oct. 13, 1870, William M. Bishop 
of Hannibal, Mo. (died 1878); children: William 
Warner, Helen Louise, Elizabeth Loraine. 
Teacher Detroit High School since 1878. Congre- 
gatlonallBt. Mem. Ass'n of Collegiate Alumnae, 
Pill Beta. Kappa Soc, Ck)llege Club of Detroit. 

BISHOP, Helen Louise, 74 Pitcher St., Detroit, 

Teacher; b. Hannibal, Mo., Nov. 7, 1872; dau. 
William Melancthon and Harriette Anna (War- 
ner); grad. Detroit High School, Vassar 
Coll., A.B. '97; Univ. of Mich., A.M. '04; Ameri- 
can School of Classical Studies in Rome, 1900-01. 
Teacher in high school, Covington, Ind., 1898-99; 
Rockford Coll., 1902-03; Meredith Coll., Raleigh, 
N.C., 1905-07; Detroit Central High School since 
1908. Author: The Fountain of Juturna in the 
Roman Forum. Congregationalist. Mem. Phi 
Beta Kappa, Ass'n Collegiate Alumna, College 
Club of Detroit. 

BISHOP, Nelle Smith (Mrs. Alwood Lawrence 
Bishop), 52 Idlewood Av., Cleveland, O. 
Born Des Moines, la.. May 21, 1877; dau. Lewis 
C. and Ida (Clapp) Smith; ed. West Des Moines 
High School and Rachel Clark's School for Girls, 
Des Moines; m. Des Moines, 1902, A. L. Bishop; 
one son: Alwood Lawrence Bishon Jr., b. 1903. 
Interested in women's departmental clubs and 
federation of clubs. Episcopalian. Recreation; 
Social life. Mem. Cleveland OUa Podvida Cluh, 
Cleveland Woman's Club (pres. three years, now 
resigned). Cor. sec. Cleveland Fed. Women's 
Clubs. Favors woman suffrage. 
BISHOP, Susan Washbume (Mrs. William D. 
Bishop), 199 Courtland Hill, Bridgeport, Conn. 
Born Raynham, Mass.; dau. Hon. Elihu B. 
Washburne (U.S. Senator, U.S. Minister to 
France, etc.) and Adele (Gratiot) Washburne; ed. 
in Europe; m. William D. Bishop; children: 
Natalie B. Reyhurn, William D. Bishop Jr. 
Mem. Soc. of Colonial Dames, Huguenot Soc., 
Soc. of Mayflower Descendants. 
BISPHAM, Caroline Russell (Mrs. David S. 
Bispham), 150 E. Thirty-fifth St., N.Y. City. 
Daughter of late Gen. Charles S. and Anna 
Elizabeth (Fletcher) Russell; ed. Washington, 
D.C., and lived abroad for 23 years; m. St. 
Mark's Church, Philadelphia, April 28, 1885, 
David S. Bispham; children: Vlda, b. Florence, 
Italy; Leonie A. F. Carnegie, b. London; David, 
b. London, Eng. Composer of songs and author 
of short stories and poems. Roman Catholic. 
Mem. D.A.R. Recreations: Gardening, driving. 
Clubs: York (N.Y. City), West Chester Country 
(West Chester, Pa.). 

BISSELL, Bertha Abby Nichols (Mrs. Horace 
G. Bissell), East Greenwich, R.I. 
Born East Greenwich, R.I., 1870; dau. John 
Champlin and Phebe A. (Rice) Nichols; ed. East 
Greenwich Acad., 1891; Smith Coll., 1891-92; 
Brown Univ., Ph.B. 1892-95 (Alpha Beta, ciiarter 
mem.); m. East Greenwich, R.I., Nov. 8, 1905, 
Horace G. Bissell. . Treas. Bast Greenwich 
branch of the Woman's Auxiliary (Episcopal 
Church); mem. District Nurse Ass'n of East 
Greenwich, Bethesda Circle of King's Daughters 
of East Greenwich. Mem. R.I. Soc. for the Col- 
legiate Education of Women, R.I. branch Ass'n 
of Collegiate Alumnae, Alumnae Ass'n of Brown 
Univ. ; pres. Providence Fortnightly Club. Bpls- 
copalian. Favors woman suffrage. 
BISSELL, Mary Taylor (Mrs. Willard Parker 
Bissell), Marlborough-on-Hudson, N.Y. 
Physician; b. Brooklyn, N.Y. ; dau. ReV. B. B. 
L. and Mary J. (Perkins) Taylor; ed. Vassar 
Coll., A.B. '75; Woman's Med. Coll. of N.Y. 
Infirmary, M.D. '81; m. Willard Parker Bissell 
(deceased); one son: Philip Bissell (deceased). 
Practised medicine in N.Y. City; medical direc- 
tor physical training for 10 years of Berkeley 
Ladies' Athletic Club, N.Y. City; prof, hygiene, 
N.Y. Woman's Med. Coll. of N.Y. Infirmary, 
five years; exec. sec. N.Y. State Consumers' 
League, 1908-11, Investigating health of working 
women, etc., in factories and stores. Established 
a Rest House for Semi-Invalids at Marlborough, 
N.Y., 1912. Author: Physical Exercise for 
Women; Manual of Hygiene, and various papers 
in Popular Science Monthly. Mom. State Med. 
Soc, Ulster County Med. Soc, Woman's Med. 
Soc. of N.Y. and vicinity. Woman's University 
Club, Vassar Alumnae Ass'n. 

BISSELL, Marie Truesdale (Mrs. Richard M. 
Bissell), 351 Farmington Av^ H&rtford, Conn. 
Born Terre Haute, Ind., SepL U, 1879; dau. 


■William Haynes and Annie (Topping) Trues- lam Penn and Elizabeth (Sperry) Bogardua; ed. 
dale; ed. Chicago private schools; Miss Dana's Harcourt Place Sem., Gambler, 0., 1891-92; Wel- 
School, Morristown, N.J. ; m. Greenwich, Conn., lesley Coll., A.B. '96 (mem. the Agora); m. Mt. 
June 25, 1901, Richard M. Bissell; children: Vernon, O., June 22, 1904, William Thomas 
William, Anne Carolyn, Richard Mervin. Ac- Black; children: Mary Elizabeth, William Bo- 
tively interested in various Hartford charitable gardus. Presbyterial and synodical sec. of 
organizations. Against woman suffrage. Mem. Young People of Zanesville Presbytery in Ohio, 
Conn. Anti-Suffrage Organization. Mem. Hart- 1902-04; teacher in Sunday-school; mem. of choir, 
ford Golf Club, Farmington Country Club. and of Woman's Home and Foreign Missionary 
BITTINGEB. Lucy Forney, 55 Thorn St., Se- Soc. Mem. D.A.R. Presbyterian, 
wlckley, Pa. BLACK, Etta Roe (Mrs. Willis Lyman Black), 
Bom Cleveland, O., Aug. 29, 1859; dau. Joseph 770 Highland Av., Elgin, 111. 
Baugher and Catharine N. (Forney) Bittinger; Born in La Porte, Ind., May 4, 1862; dau. 
ed. Miss Porter's School, Farmington, Conn. George and Marietta (Drummond) Roe; grad. 
Pres. Union Aid Soc. of Sewickley; was pres. La Porte High School, '80; Univ. of Mich., A.B. 
Emergency Soc. of Sewickley, to aid the soldiers '83; m. Sept. 4, 1884, Willis Lyman Black of 
of the Spanish War. Author: Memorials of Rev. Elgin, 111.; children: Lyman Foster, Marerta 
J. B. Bittinger; Forney Family of Hanover, Pa.; Virginie Black. Gives illustrated talks on 
Bittinger and Bedinger Families; The Germans foreign travel, viz.: Hawaii and the Paciflfc; 
in Colonial Times; German Religious Life in Japan-China; Burmah; India; Swea Dagon Pa- 
Colonial Times; Prayers and Thoughts for the goda; Crossing the Equator; Ceylon and Kandy; 
Use of the Sick; various magazine articles. Benares and the Ganges; Borneo, etc.; has trav- 
Vice-regent Pittsburgh Chapter D.A.R. ; mem. eled extensively in Alaska, Mexico and around 
Twentieth Century Club, Pittsburgh. Presby- the world. Favors woman suffrage. Congrega- 
terian. Against woman suffrage. Has arranged tionalist. Republican. Mem. Efvery Wednesday 
to give up her home in Sewickley to enter the Literary Club (pres.), Elgin Woman's Club, 
Presbyterian Order of Deaconesses, afterward Travel Class and Coffee Club, also Chicago 
going out to India as an "honorary" missionary. Woman's Club; active in educational and civics 
BrXBY, Maritjc V. P. (Mrs. George Stephenson ^^p't of Woman's Club; for many years leader 
Bixby): Winter, 154 W. Fifty-seventh St., '° chanty work and active in giving an annual 
N.Y. City; spring, summer and autumn. The chanty ball ; one of promoters and organizers of 
Gardenette, Plattsburgh, N.T.; studio. Car- United Charities in Elgin. 

negle Hall. BLACK, Fannie DeGrasse (Mrs. Ssimuel Ed- 
Singer and writer; b. Cayuga, N.Y. ; dau. Rev. ward Black), 403 Washington St., EI Dorado, 
Joseph Jerome and Maritje (Felthousen) Par- Kan. 

cells; ed. high school; private tutors (languages Musician; b. in Canada, Nov. 21, 1856; dau. 
and philosophy); Berlin Music (Conservatory; William Henry and Bedelia I. (McGuire) De- 
mnslc masters in Paris and Milan; N.Y. Univ. Grasse; ed. Milwaukee public schools; grad. 
(grad. woman's law class) ; tutors in India and from high school, State Normal and Dr. William 
England; courses of lectures at Columbia Coll., Mlklor's Conservatory of Music, B.M.; m. Mil- 
N.Y. ; m. Amherst, Mass., July 17, 1900, George waukee, Jan. 14, 1881, Judge Samuel Edward 
Stephenson Bixrby, lawyer and journalist. Made Black; one daughter: Grace Louise. Has con- 
debut as concert contralto in Paris at age of ducted Conservatory of Music in El Dorado, 
20; gave reci-tals in English colonies in many Kan., for 20 years. Mem. of church societies. 
Oriental countries, also in England, France and Ladies' Aid and Missionary; was leader of choir 
America; professional name, "Marie Parcello." and pipe organist for 15 years. Mem. Shakes- 
For 12 years mem. board of managers Convales- peare Club for 20 years (held various offices), 
cent Home for Women, N.Y. City; interested in German Club, also several social clubs. Recrea- 
playgrounds, concerts for working people, muni- tlons: Travel, literature. Presbyterian, 
cipal art, public education, anti-tuberculosis BLACK, Florence Atwood, 1018 Park Place, 
movement and landscape gardening. Author: Brooklyn, N.Y. 

The Persian Caravan (book); also a few songs, Physician; b. Calais, Me.; dau. Howard At- 
newspaper letters for Am. and European jour- ^^ood and Minerva Emerson (Lowell) Black 
nals; stories: A Ragged Rose; Turkish Delight; (family dates back ten generations in this coun- 
In an Algerian Garden; The Song of PoU-na- try to percival Lowell, who came to New Bng- 
phuca. The Long Irish Lady, and other tales, jand in 1639); ed. Girls' High School, Brooklyn; 
Mem. State Charities Aid Ass'n, Daughters of awarded Brooklyn and Univ. scholarships to 
Holland Dames, the Nary League, Am. Scenic Barnard, where she studied one year; grad. New 
and Historic Preservation Soc, Woman's Muni- York Med. Coll. and Hosp. for Women, M.D.; 
cipal League (N.Y. City), Peace Soc, Mary took general and special courses at N.Y. Post- 
Washington Colonial Chapter D.A.R., and the Graduate Hospital. Engaged in practice of med- 
MacDowell Club of N.Y. City. Recreations: jcine in Brooklyn. Unitarian. Mem. Alumnae 
Gardening, dancing, skating, walking tours, Ass'n of N.Y Med. Ckill., Kings Ckiunty Med. 
writing music and poetry, traveling by water, soc. Am. Med. Ass'n. Favors woman suffrage. 
Protestant Episcopalian. Favors woman suf- „_,. .^^ , . .,^. ,,, „ ,,. ^ 
frage; mem. Woman's Political Union, N.Y. BLACK, Jennie Prince (Mrs. Henry Van Deven- 
Qjty ter Black), Irvington-on-Hudson, N.Y. 
BJOBKMA>r, Frances Maule (Mrs. Edwin Bjork- .^^ong composer; b. N Y. City^ °^}l3, ^?™ir^!^^' 
man BOS Fifth Av NY Citv ^^- Christopher and Gertrude Cornell (Ditmaa) 
'^"tor "L Fairm^ount N^b? Oct. 24, 1879; dau. P^.f-'^^^- .^^^ ^Tli^^lfrn 2w'S6' ^^ 
John, P. and Mary (Finnigan) Maule; ed^ St, ^-'•^^evelter^Black; Sllrdre^n":"^)^^^' kI^^^ 
Satki^^;ncrrm°^^Y.^fe,^°^.^^,'^i9<^! rine- Interested ^^^K'-^, -^^.-^^3%!^- 

Denver Post and Times, Colorado Springs Tele- byterian. Republican. 

graph, Chicago American, 1901; N.Y. American, BLACK, Madeline (Mrs. Elmer Black), 512 

1903; magazine writer, 1905-11. Editor now of Fifth Av., N.Y. City. 

literary dep't Nat. Am. Woman Suffrage Ass'n. Pacifist, lecturer, publisher; b. Zanesville, Ohio; 

Socialist and active in feminist movements, dau. Dr. F. M. and Louisa (Newton) Powell; 

Favors woman suffrage. Mem. Women's Politi- grad. public school, Glenwood, Iowa; grad. 111. 

cal Union and Woman Suffrage Party. Has Coll. and Athenaum; m. April 26, 1893, Elmer 

written magazine articles in Collier's, Review of Ellsrworth Black: one daughter: Dorothy Powell. 

Reviews, World's Work, Woman's Home Com- Founder Church Peace League of America (flrst 

panlon. Good Housekeeping, Ladies' Home Jour- vice-pres.); founder and donor of prizes tor N.Y. 

nal, Scrap-Book, the New Idea, and others. State Oratorical Contest; founder and donor 

BLACK, Belinda Miles Bosrardajs (Mrs. William Nat. Peace Essay Contest Among Women's Col- 
Thomas Black), Hillcrest, R.B. No. 1, Fair- leges. Author: Civilize the Nations (brochure); 
mont, W.Vsu Municipal Terminal Market System (treatise). 
Bozn Mt. VcoMO, Ol, ?■"» 12, ISM; dao. Will- AdTlsoxy mem. N.Y. CSlty Terminal Market Com- 



mission. Pounder, director and mem. Exec. CJom. 
Am. Peace and Arbitration League; honorary 
vlce-pres. Betterment League; ehairman Ways 
and Means Com. of Consumers' League of City 
of N.Y.; exec. mem. Nat. Com. on Prison Labor; 
life mem. Blde-a-Wee Home for Animals; life 
mem. Free Industrial School for Crippled Chil- 
dren; mem. Am. Peace Soc., Am. Acad. Political 
and Social Science, Nat. Municipal League, 
Acad.""of Political Science (Columbia Univ.), Am. 
Museum of Natural History, League for Political 
Education, Woman's Dep't Nat. Civic Federation, 
N.Y. Women's League for Animals, Advisory 
Board of Nat. Prult, Flower and Plant Guild, 
Nat. Soc. of Patriotic Women of America, N.Y. 
Peace Soc, Advisory Board N.Y. Women's Aux- 
iliary to Civil Service Reform, Housewives' 
League, Nat. Inst, of Social Sciences, Am^ Ass'n 
for Highway Improvement, Soc. of American 
Women In London (London). Clubs: Eclectic, 
Woman's Press, Woman's Forum, Twilight, 
Woman's Republican, Rubinstein (N.Y. City); 
Chicago Woman's, Woman's Athletic (Chicago), 
Atlantic Union, Lyceum (London, England). 
Recreations: Riding, walking, tennis, skating, 
dancing, writing. 

BI.ACK, Mary Grace Wltherbee (Mrs. Robert 

Clifford Black), Pelham Manor, N.Y. 

Bom Port Henry, N.Y., May 18, 1852; dau. 
Silas Hemlnway and Sophie Catherine (Goff) 
Wltherbee; ed. governesses and at Farmington, 
Conn., and Miss McAuley's School, N.Y. City; 
m. NY. City, April 20, 1875, Robert Cliffoi^a 
Black: children: R. Clifford Jr., Wltherbee. In- 
tereeted in West Side Nursery, Jewell Day Nur- 
sery and Babies' Ward (N.Y. City), Miriam Os- 
born Memorial Home, Harrison, N.Y.; Pelham 
Summer Home for Children and several musical 
societies. Favors woman suffrage. Presbyterian. 
Republican. Recreation: Yachting. Clubs: 
Manor (Pelham Manor), N.Y. Yacht, Sleepy Hol- 
low, Larchmont Yacht. 
BLACK, Mignonette Bird Johnson (Mrs. D. 

Shuler Black), 1325 Hampton Av., Columbia, 


Bom Memphis, Tenn. ; ed. in schools of Mem- 
phis, Tenn., and Vassar Coll., A.B. '96; m. Feb. 
5, 1897, Dr. D. Shuler Black; two sons, one 

BLACK, Nellie Peters (Mrs. George Roblson 
Black), 519 Spring St., Atlanta, Ga, 
Bom Atlanta, C^a., Feb. 9, 1851; dau. Richard 
and Mary Jane (Thompson) Peters; ed. In At- 
lanta and at Brooke Hall, Media, Pa. (gr&d. 
with honors): m. April 17, 1877, George Robison 
Black of Screven Co., Ga. (mem. of 47th Con- 
gress U.S.); children: Nita H., Louise K., Ralph 
Peters. Sec. Peters Land CJo. Has been pres. of 
the Atlanta Free Kindergarten Ass'n for 16 
years; mem. Elxec. Board Ga. Fed. of Women's 
Clubs; former pres. of the Woman's AuxUiary, 
Protestant Episcopal Church, for years; now 
hon. pres. Mem. Colonial Dames of Ga., 
D.A.R., United Daughters of the Confederacy, 
Pioneer Women of Atlanta (vice-pres.), Anti- 
Tuberculosis Soc. Favors woman suffrage. 
Episcopalian. Manager the Richard Peters 
Farm; mem. Every Saturday History Class. 
Recreation : Social gatherings. 

BLACK, Susan Geiger (Mrs. Francis M. Black), 
219 W. Armour Boul., Kansas City, Mo. 
Bora Dayton, O., April 23, 1843; dau. Albertus 
Goiger, M.D., and Katherine (Bartges) Gelger; 
grad. Central High School, Dayton, O., and re- 
ceived private Instruction in music and lan- 
guages; m. Dayton, O., May 22, 1867, Francis M. 
Black (judge ten years on Mo. Supreme bench 
and chief justice, and previously circuit judge 
and mem. Constitutional Conventions; died May, 
1902); children: Helen M., Albert, Robert (all 
three deceased), Susan B., Francis M., Arthur 
G. Was charter mem. and later pres. of the 
first literary club fcw-med In Kansas City; one 
of earliest advocates in that section of the 
country of manual training in the public schools 
(since realized); mem. and pres. Woman's Chris- 
tian Ass'n, 1885, later charter mem. of Fine 
Arts Inst, and also of Historical Soc.; at pres- 
ent Identifled with philanthropic and church 

work; Protestant Episcoi>al. Recreations: Home 
and foreign travel (frequent trips to Europe), 
study of languages; is conversant with the mod- 
ern languages (French, Italian, Spanish, Ger- 
man), theatre, opera. 
BLACK, Winifred (Mrs. Charles A. Bonflla), 

115 3 Ogden St., Denver, Colo. 

Journalist; b. Chilton, Wis., Oct. 14, 1869; dau. 
Gen. Benjamin Jeffrey Sweet, U.S.V. (and after 
Civil War pension agent at Chicago until his 
death), and Louisa (Denslow) Sweet; ed. Sacred 
Heart Convent, Chicago; Lake Forest (111.) 
Sem. ; Miss Burnham's School, Northampton, 
Mass.; m. (1st) 1892, Orlow Black; (2d) 1901, 
Charles A. Bonflls. In journalism since 1890, and 
has filled many repertorial and editorial posi- 
tions; best known as special writer for metro- 
politan papers, and as relief agent for several 
years in charge of large charities conducted bj 
the Hearst papers, notably after the Galveston 
flood, where she was in charge ot hospitals and 
relief work. Has conducted numerous investiga- 
tions, notably into the leper colony of Molokai, 
Hawaii; the hospitals at San Francisco, and 
various other public institutions; had an im- 
portant part in founding the George Junior Re- 
public in N.Y. ; has had and published interviews 
with many notable people; now dn staff of 
Denver Post. 
BLACKCNGTON, Ada J. (Mrs. Albert T. Black- 

ington), 56 Middle St., Rockland, Me. 

Born Rockland, Me., Jan. 8, 1867; dau. Fred- 
eric J. and Flora J. (Adams) Simonton; ed. at 
Mrs. Hayes' School, Boston, diploma '86; m. 
Rockland, Me., Oct. 24, 1892, Albert T. Black- 
ington. Deeply Interested in art study, and has 
class in history of art every season; gives papers 
on that and literary and musical subjects for 
clubs. Episcopalian. Mem. Lady Knox Chapter, 
D.A.R. (has been regent for two years); mem. 
Methebesce Club, Shakespeare Soc. (literary), 
Rubinstein Club (musical), and Half Hour Read- 
ing Club. 
BLACKLIDGE:, Luella Larmore (Mrs. William 

T. Blacklldge), 401 W. 10th St., Anderson, Ind. 

Designer and china decorator; b. Harrison, 
Ohio, May 9, 1864; dau. James and Catharine 
(Cann) Larmore; ed. Anderson, Ind.; m. Sept. 
17, 1884, William J. Blacklldge; one son: Her- 
bert Harvey Blacklldge, b. April 6, 1889. Spe- 
cially intere.ated in architecture and interior 
decoration. Pres. Anderson Art Club, which has 
taken active part in beautifying the city of An- 
derson, notably' in the planting on Arbor Day, 
1912, of one hundred and eighty-five trees (elms 
and Norway maples) on both sides of several 
main streets. Methodist. Republican. Mem. 
Anderson Art Ass'n, Visiting Nurse Ass'n, Civic 
Ass'n, Charity Guild, Anderson Keramic Club. 
Favors woman suffrage. 

BLACKMAJJ, Carrie Hbrton (Mrs. George Black- 
man), 6843 Bartmer Av., St. Louis, Mo. 

Painter; b. CincinnaU, 0.. April U, 1856; dau. 
Benjamin and Carrie (Hart) Horton; ed. Mary 
Inst., St. Louis; St. Louis School of Fine Arts; 
art studies continued In Paris; m. George Black- 
man; children: Barbara Adelaide (Mrs. David 
O'Neill), Elsa, George Horton, Caroline Horton. 
Favors woman suffrage; mem. St. Louis Equal 
Suffrage League. Mem. Society of Western 
Artists, St. Louis Artists' Guild Club, the Play- 
ers' Club. 
BLACKMAN, Olive J. (Mrs.), Harrisburg, 111. 

Social and religious worker; b. Saline Co., IlL, 
July 17, 1864; dau. James K. and Sarah (Watson) 
Odum; ed. public schools and Southern 111. Nor- 
mal Univ.; m. Nov. 14, 1888, James Bennett 
Biackman; one son: Champ Odum Blackm^;i. 
Teacher Bible class; mem. Philanthropic Com. 
of Harrisburg, 111. Baptist. Mem. Order of 
Eastern Star, Stonetort (111.) Chapter (past wor- 
thy matron), Rebekah Lodge, El Dorado, 111., 
and Order of Ben Hur. Harrisburg, 111. Mem. 
Woman's Culture Club, Bible Class Club. Was 
president of the 111. Rebekah State Assembly, 
1899-1900, I.O.O.F. 
BI.ACIvMER, Anna Wood, Cortland. N.Y. 

Teacher; b. Genoa, N.Y., SepL 1, 1872; daushter 
of Ephraim Newton and Roxianna (£>dmonds) 



Blackmer; ed. State Normal School, Cortland, 
N.Y., 1891-94; Wellesley Coll., 1897-1901, A.B. '01. 
Suoervisor seventh grade training dep't State 
Normal Coll., YpsUantl. Mich., 1901-02; dep't o£ 
methods State Normal School, Geneseo, N.Y., 
1902-05; methods and supervision of training 
dep't State Normal School, Whitewater, Wis., 
since 1905. Baptist. Mem. Shakespeare Soc., 
Wellesley College. 

BLACKSTONE, Harriet, 755 Grove St., Glen- 

coe, 111. 

Artist, painter; b. New Hartford, N.Y. ; dau. 
Mills Case and Mary (Ladd) Blackstone; ed. 
New Hartford private schools; Mrs. Foster's 
School for Young Ladies; studied painting In 
N.Y. City and at Pratt Inst, of Brooklyn; in 
Paris at Academie Julien, under Laurens; sum- 
mer school with William Chase. Exhibited in 
Paris Salon and in all leading galleries in U.S. 
since 1906. Mem. Am. Women's Art Ass'n, Soc. 
of Chicago Artists, Internat. Societe des Beaux 
Arts et Lettres. While studying, compiled 
books now in use in high schools and colleges. 

BL.ACKWELDEB, Gertrude Bougrbton (Mrs. I. 

S. Blackwelder), Morgan Park, 111. 

Clubwoman; b. Sempronius, Cayuga Co., N.T., 
Dec. 5, 1853; dau. Alanson and Hannah (Squier) 
Boughton; ed. Univ. of Kansas, A.B. '75, A.M. 
'90 (Phi Beta Kappa); (mem. PI Beta Phi); m. 
Lawrence, Kan., April 5, 1877, I. S. Blackwelder 
of Chicago; children: Paul, b. April 7, 1878; 
Eliot, b. June 4, 1880. Active mem. in the early 
years of Ass'n of Coll. Alumnae; for the past 
fifteen years has been a worker along educa- 
tional and civic lines in the Chicago Woman's 
Club. Chairman of Chicago Vacation Schools 
Com. for three years (active in that work for 
more than ten years) ; pres. of the Chicago 
Woman's Club, 1906-08; chairman of Educational 
Dep't of 111. State Federation, 1909-11; pres. 
Chicago Political Equality League three years. 
Author of articles on educational matters, prin- 
cipally in college magazines, but occasionally in 
newspapers. Mem. Chicago School Extension 
Soc, Chicago Public School Art Soc, Chicago 
Woman's Club, Woman's City Club, Ass'n of 
Coll. Alumnae, Chicago College Club. 

BLACKWELX, Alice Stone, 3 Monadnock St., 

Dorchester, Mass. 

EJditor of The Woman's Journal; b. East 
Orange, N.J., Sept. 14, 1857; dau. Henry B. 
Blackwell and Lucy Stone; ed. Chauncy Hall 
School, Boston (took the Thayer gold medal for 
English composition and a special prize for 
knowledge of Shakespeare); Boston Univ., B.A. 
'81 (Phi Beta Kappa); (mem. Gamma Delta Soc). 
Has been one of the editors of the Woman's 
Journal (national suffrage paper) since 1882; sole 
editor since 1909. Lecturer, speaker and writer 
on suffrage question. Pres. New England Woman 
Suffrage Ass'n, hon. pres. Mass. Woman Suffrage 
Ass'n and vlce-pres. of Boston Equal Suffrage 
Ass'n for Good Government. Born Into the 
Woman's Rights movement; her parents were 
pioneer workers in that cause; one of her aunts. 
Dr. Elizabeth Blackwell, was the first woman 
physician; another. Rev. Antoinette Brown 
Blackwell, was first ordained woman minister. 
Author of three volumes of translated poems: 
Armenian Poems; Songs of Russia; Songs of 
Grief and Gladness (from the Yiddish). In col- 
laboration with Rev. Anna H. Shaw and Lucy 
E. Anthony compiled the Yellow Ribbon Speaker, 
a book of suffrage readings and recitations. 
Unitarian. Mem. Board of Trustees of Boston 
Univ.; mem. Friends of Russian Freedom, 
Friends of Armenia, Woman's Christian Temper- 
ance Union, Am. Peace Soc, New England Anti- 
Vivisection Soc, Nat. Ass'n for the Advance- 
ment of Colored People, Mass. Total Abstinence 
Soc, Free Trade League, Woman's Trade Union 
League, New England Women's Press Ass'n; 
Phi Beta Kappa Soc, New England Women's 
Club; Twentieth Century Club of Boston. Rec- 
reation: Putting foreign poetry into English 
verse; has made renderings from the Armenian, 
Russian, Yiddish, Hungarian, Spanish-Mexican, 
French, Italian. Latin, German and Bohemiaji. 

BLACKWEIX, Antoinette Lonisa Brown (Mrs. 

Samuel Charles Blackwell), 348 Bay Way, 

Elizabeth, N.J. 

Minister, lecturer; b. Henrietta, N.Y., May 20, 
1826; dau. Joesph and Abby (Morse) Brown; ed. 
Monroe Acad. ; Oberlin Coll., at 75th anniversary 
of which the degree of D.D. was conferred upon 
her; m. Henrietta, N.Y., Jan., 1856, Samuel 
Charles Blackwell; four daughters. Ordained 
In 1853 as pastor of the Congregational Church 
of South Brooklyn, N.Y., and was the first wo- 
man to perform the marriage ceremony. Pastor 
of All Souls' Unitarian Church of Elizabeth, 
N.J. Author: Shadows of Our Social System; 
Studies in General Science; The Market Woman; 
Sea Drift; One and the Many; The Island Neigh- 
bor. Mem. A.A.A.S. ; mem. and honorary of 
numerous societies and clmbs. Prominent in 
woman suffrage cause. 

BLAINE, Harriet Gertxnde, 602 Irving Av., 

Wheaton, 111. 

Teacher; b. North Ridgeville, Lorain Co., O., 
March 9, 1861; dau. Thomas and Margery A. 
(Davis) Blaine; grad. Elyria (O.) High School, 
'79; Oberlin Coll., A.B. '90; Univ. of Chicago, 
M.A. '96. Lady principal Frances Sliimer Acad, 
of the Univ. of Chicago, 1896-1901; dean of women, 
Wheaton (111.) Coll., 1902-09. Congregationalist. 
Mem. Ass'n of Coll. Alumna and Classical Ass'n 
of the Middle West and South. Recreations: 
Walking and gardening. 
BLAIB, Adeline Cleveland (Mrs. Dorian H. 

Blair), 439 Walker Av., Greensboro, N.C. 

Bom N.Y. City, Oct. 14, 1863; dau. Harvey T. 
and Elizabeth (Wray) Cleveland; ed. Friends 
Sem., N.Y. City; m. Greensboro, N.C, April 29, 
1896, Dorian H. Blair; children: Theodore Gar- 
land (died), Clarence Dorian. Resident of N.C. 
since 1888, and of Greensboro since 1896. Mem. 
W.C.T.U. ; mem. Social Service Com. of State 
Fed. Women's Clubs. Episcopalian. Regent 
Guilford Battle Chapter D.A.R. of Greensboro; 
chairman Missionary Golden Jubilee Com.; mem. 
Woman's Auxiliary to Board of Missions (local 
pres. St. Andrew's branch and Diocesan treas.); 
sec. Board and mem. Social Com. Y.W.C.A.; 
mem. Boys' Com. of Auxiliary to Y.M.C.A. 
Sunday-school teacher (boys). Mem. Greensboro 
Woman's Club (first vlce-pres.), Friday After- 
noon Book Club (pres. last two years). Dele- 
gate from N.C. branch of Woman's Auxiliary to 
Woman's Auxiliary Triennial General Conven- 
tions at Richmond and Cincinnati and repre- 
sented N.C. at Golden Jubilee, held at Monteagle, 
Tenn., 1912. 

BLATB, ApoIIine Madison (Mrs. James Law- 
rence Blair), The Dresden, Washington, D.C. 
Bom Washington, D.C, May 7, 1860; dau. 
Col. Charles M. Alexander; ed. Washington, 
D.C, specializing in music; m. Feb. 21, 1883, 
James Lawrence Blair of St. Louis (died Jan. 16, 
1904); children; Percy, Francis Preston. Lived 
in St. Louis and became distinguished for her 
promotion of organizations to popularize higher 
ideals of musical culture; founded and was presi- 
dent of the Morning Choral Club (75 women 
members), the People's Music Class (for wo- 
men), which reached a membership of 800, and 
the Kirkwood (Mo.) Choral Club, a suburban 
organization of fifty women; also of the Men's 
Musical Class of St. Louis; was pres. of the 
Board of Lady Managers of the Louisiana Pur- 
chase Exposition at St. J uis. 
BLAIB, Edna Slieldon (Mrs. James G. Blair), 
141 Oak St., Hillsdale, Mich. 
Bom Napoleon, O., Dec. 29, 1875; dau. Benja- 
min E. and Anna S. (Dodd) Sheldon; ed. Hills- 
dale High School; Hillsdale Coll.; m. Hillsdale, 
Mich., Dec. 20, 1900, James G. Blair. Active in 
local and State club work. Pres. Hillsdale 
Clover Club (sec. three years, pres. two years, 
director since 1910); mem. Hillsdale Woman's 
Club; former mem. Household Economies Com. 
of Mich. State Fed. Women's Clubs, now chair- 
man of its literature dep't, and mem. Civil 
Service Reform Com. of Gen. Fed. Women's 
Clubs. Favors woman suffrage; chairman of 
organization work and mem. State Finance Com. 
of Mich. Ekiual Suffrage Ass'n. Mem. State 



Speakers' Bureau for suffrage In active cam- 
paign for passing of amendment Nov. 5, 1912. 
Author of newspaper articles on civic questions, 
health, suffrage, immigration, etc. Mem. Order 
Bafitern Star (worthy matron Wenona Chapter, 
162, Mich., 1911-12).' 
BLAIK, Emily Newell (Mrs. Harry Wallace 

Blair), 1849 S. Garrison Av., Carthage, Mo. 

Writer; b. Joplin, Mo., Jan. 9, 1877; dau. Capt. 
James P. and Anna C. (Gray) Newell; ed. Carth- 
age High School and Goucher Coll. ; m. Carthage, 
Dec. 24, 1900, Harry Wallace Blair; children: 
Harriet Wallace, James Newell. Mem. Cosmos 
apd Shakespeare Clubs of Carthage; dlst. chair- 
man of Press Com. of Mo. Fed. ; vice-pres. Mo. 
Woman's Press Club; mem. D.A.R., Equal Suf- 
frage League, Free Kindergarten Board, church 
guilds and social clubs. Author: Heart of a 
Wallflower; short stories published in Cosmo- 
politan, Harper's Bazar, Woman's Home Com- 
panion, Ladies' Home Journal, Lippincott's; ar- 
ticles in same magazines and the Outlook. Epis- 
copalian. Recreations: Fishing, bridge, garden- 
BL.AIB, Margarei Josephine, State Agricultural 

Coll., University of Minnesota, Minn. 

Professor; b. Goodhue Center, Minn., May 5, 
1863; dau. John V. and Isabelle (Kennedy) Bailey; 
took work in Red Wing (Minn.) High School, 
later studied household science at Armour Inst, 
and Jewish Training School in Chicago, follow- 
ing this up with work at Pratt Inst, and other 
Eastern Schools (mem. Phi Upsllon Omicron); 
m. 1884, John N. Blair; one son: Donald S. 
For two years Nat. Chairman of Home Econo- 
jnlcs in the General Federation of Woman's 
Clubs, for eight years chairman in Minnesota. 
Mem. of Lady Board of Managers of the U.S. 
Agricultural and Industrial Exposition Co. Au- 
thor: Garment Drafting, 1896; Model Sewing. 
J.900; Sewing Basket Stories, 1907; A New and 
Practical Course of Sewing Texts, 1909; also 
PQany articles in periodicals. Presbyterian. Re- 
publican. Mem. Woman's Federation, Am. 
Home Economics Ass'n, St. Anthony Park Wom- 
an's Club. Has been a pioneer in formation and 
iJevelopment of courses in Domestic Art; has 
planned courses for all kinds of schools; h'er 
courses of instruction have formed the basis of 
work in the subject throughout the country; 
paany prominent instructors in domestic art In 
higher institutions have received their training 
from her. Recreation: Outdoor sports, espe- 
cially long horse-back rides. 
BLAIR, Margaretta E. (Mrs. Harrison H. Blair), 

Elk Point, S.Dak. 

Born Tecumseh, Mich., Feb. 2, 1844; dau. Ben- 
jamin and Margaret T. (Sinclair) Dey; ed. Rock- 
ford (111.) Female Coll.; m. Portage City, Wis., 
Oct. 25, 1863, Harrison H. Blair; children: Wini- 
fred, b. 186.5; Frank Howard, b. 1870; Genevieve, 
b. 1872: Guy E., b. 1874. Club: Woman's Lit- 
erary. Congregationalist. Favors woman suf- 
frage. Resident in Wis., 1844-69; since then at 
Elk Point, S.Dak. 

BLAIR, Mary Jeeup (Mrs. James Blair), 12 

Lafayette Sq., Washington, D.C., and Silver 

Spring, Md. 

Born Washington, D.C., Dec. 7, 1826; dau. 
MaJ.-Gen. Thomas S. and Ann Heron (Croghan) 
Jesup; ed. chiefly at home by governesses; m. 
Washington, Jan. 12, 1847, Lieut. James Blair, 
U S. Navy; children: Ann, Jesup, Violet, Lucy, 
James. Mem. various societies of the Episcopal 
Church, .^.gainst woman suffrage. Episcopalian. 
Pres. Soc, of Colonial Dames in the Dist. of 
BLAIR, Salome Annette (Mrs. Albert Houston 

Blair), Wa-Keeney, Trego Co., Kan. 

Born Kusaiae, Caroline Islands, Pacific Ocean, 
Aug. 31, 1856; dau. Rev. George and Nancy An- 
nette (Shaw) Plerson; ed. in common school. 
East Oakland, Cal; High School, Adel, la.; 
Rockford Coll., grad. '76; grad. fine arts dep't, 
Bethany Coll., Llndsborg, Kan. (painting), '06; 
m. Jan. 1, 1880, Albert Houston Blair; children: 
Stella Annette, b. Aug. 3, 1881; Lucy Emily, b. 
Aug. 14, 1882; Julia Maud, b. Jan. 2, 1886. 
Deputy clerk of the District Ck)urt, 1884-85. Aa- 

slfited in organization of Osborne Women's Pree- 
byterlal Missionary Soc, 1890. Active In Pres- 
byterian Church and Sunday-school, and in 
oholr work. Has been pres. and sec. County 
Sunday-school Ass'n; church organist; active in 
philanthropic work. Favors woman suffrage. 
Progressive In politics. Mem. Order of the 
Eastern Star. Recreations: Needlework, paint- 
ing, music. Mem. Tourist Club, Soc. Fed. with 
Kansas Sixth Dlst. Fed. W.C. (treas.). 
BLAIR, Vivian Beatrice Losse (Mrs. James 

Clark Blair), Martin Av., Hanchett Park, San 

J086, Cal. 

Born in California; grad. Leland Stanford Jr. 
Univ., A,B. '02; graduate student in English and 
German, Bryn Mawr Coll., 1902-03; m. 1910, Dr. 
James Clark Blair. Substitute teacher of English 
and German, San Jose (Cal.) High School, 1903- 
04; teacher of English, 1903-06; student in 
Hanover, Germany, 1906-07; teacher of English 
and German, San Jos^ High School, 1907-09. 
BLAISDELL, Daisy Luana, 908 Nevada St., Ur- 

bana, 111. 

Teacher; b. Baltimore, Md., April 12, 1866; 
dau. Samuel and Harriott (Crane) BlaisdeU ; ed. 
in public schools of Ohicopee, Mass.; Smith 
Coll., A.B. '88, A.M. '94; Berlin, Germany, Vic- 
toria Lyceum and Charlottenschule, 1892-93; 
Berlin Royal Univ., 1899-1900 (mem. Alpha Lit- 
erary, Smith). Taught in Pulaski Acad., 1889-90; 
high school, Springfield, Mass., 1890-92-95-98; 
Oberlin Acad., 1898-99; Instructor in German, 
State Univ. of III., 1900- . Mem. Equal Suffrage 
League. Baptist. Mem. Modern Language 
Ass'n, Alumnae Ass'n of Smith Coll., Ass'n of 
Ckillegiate Alumnae. 
BLAISDELL, Mary Frances, 673 Winthrop St.. 

Medford, Mass. 

Author, teacher; b. Manchester, N. H., April 
20, 1874; dau. Clark and Clara (Murray) Blais- 
deU; grad. Cambridge Training School '95. 
Taught in Brockton, Mass., 1896-1901; In Medford 
since 1901. Co-author with sister (Etta BlaisdeU 
McDonald): Child Life, 1899; Child Life in Tale 
and Fable, 1899; Child Life in Many Lands, 1900; 
Child Life in Literature, 1900; Child Life Primer, 
1901; BlaisdeU Speller, 1901; Child Life Fifth 
Reader, 1902; Playtime, 1906; The Child at Play, 
1907; Story Land, 1908; Story Book Friends, 1908. 
Author: Polly and Dolly, 1909; Tommy Tinker's 
Book, 1911; Cherry Tree Children, 1912; Boy 
Blue and His Friends (under pen-name of Clara 
Murray), 1907. Recreation: Motoring. Mem. 
Boston Author's Club. 
BLAKE, Blanche Morgan (Mrs. George E. 

Blake), 1304 S. Belmont St., Nashville, Tenn. 

Born Fayetteviile, Tenn., May 23, 1866; dau. 
William C. and Nancy (Edwards) Morgan; grad. 
Fayetteviile Acad., with degree of Mistress of 
English Literature; m. Fayetteviile, Tenn., Nov. 
16, 1886, George E. Blake; children: William 
Morgan, Gladys Thomas. Chairman of literature 
in State Fed. of Women's Clubs; pres. Friday 
Literary Club; mem. Centennial Club, Magazine 
Club, Daughters of the King, United I>aughters 
of the Confederacy. Episcopalian. Favors wo- 
man suffrage. 

BLAKE, Eva M., 190 Maplewood Av., German- 
town, Philadelphia, Pa, 

Physician; b. Bridgeport, Conn,; dau. Edwin 
A. and Amanda H. (Tinkham) Blake; ed. Packer 
Coll. Inst., Brooklyn, N.Y., Goucher Coll., Balti- 
more. B.A.; N.Y. Med. Coll. for Women, M.D. ; 
Philadelphia Coll. of Osteopathy, D.O. (mem. 
Kappa Alpha Theta). Lecturer on Social Purity 
and kindred subjects. Mem. Pa. Soc. for Pre- 
vention of Social Disease, Homeopathic Soc. of 
the County of Philadelphia, Homeopathic Soc. 
of State of Pa., Am. Inst, of Homeopathy, Coll. 
Settlements Ass'n, Woman's Coll. Club (Phila- 
delphia). Recreation: Vocal music. Methodist. 
Favors woman suffrage; mem. Philadelphia 
County Suffrage Soc. 
BLAKE, Katharine Aldrlch (Mrs. John Blake), 

91 Jefferson Av.. Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Born Grand Rapids, Mich.; dau. Moses V. and 
Euphrasia L. (Ledyard) Aldrlch; grad. Grand 
Rapids High School, '76; Vassar Coll., '80 (mem. 
Dickens Soc); m. Grand Rapids, 1885, John 



Blake; children: Aldrich, Ledyard. Favors 'wo- 
man BufErage. Clubs: Women's University 
(Grand Rapids), Women's University (N.Y. City). 

BLAKX:, KatherLne D. Umsted, 100 Lexington 

Av., N.Y. City. 

Educator, writer; b. N.Y. City, July 10, 1858; 
dau. Franls Geoffrey Quay Umsted and Lillie 
(Devereux) Blake; ed. Miss Walker's School, St. 
Mary's School; grad. Normal Coll., '76; studied 
at School of Pedagogy, N.Y. Univ., 1887-88. 
Principal of Public School No. 6, 1894. Organized 
the first evening high school for women in N.Y. 
City, 1897. Chairman com. of teachers and 
principals that framed and presented to Mayor 
Grace the monster petition asking for the ap- 
pointment of women on Board of Education. 
Called together the committee of women teachers 
and principals who made the first effort to secure 
adequate salaries for city teachers. Spoke in 
reply to ex-President Roosevelt when he ad- 
dressed the Nat. Educational Ass'n. Compiled 
the first statistics showing the number of dark 
and badly lighted rooms in public schools. Con- 
tributor to periodicals, verse and prose. Vlce- 
pres. Ass'n Women Principals of N.Y. City; 
mem. Special N.Y. City Com. of Nat. Educational 
Ass'n, Exec. Com. Normal College Alumnae; 
charter mem. Soc. Political Study. Favors 
woman suffrage. 

BLAKE, Leslie Appleton (Mrs. Arthur Blake), 

Dedham, Mass. 

Daughter Henry Miles and Alice Leslie (Ap- 
pleton) Knowles; ed. Miss Winsor's School, Bos- 
ton; Bryn Mawr Coll., A.B. ; m. "Burntwood," 
Dedham, Sept, 7, 1910, Arthur Blake of Boston 
(Harvard '92). Mem. Drama League of Boston, 
Dedham branch of Woman's Auxiliary Civil 
Service League; subscribing mem. Boston Art 
Museum. Clubs: Bryn Mawr (Boston), Bryn 
Mawr (N.Y. City), Cohasset Golf, Contentment 
(Dedham), Herford. Unitarian. 

BLAKE, Lillie Devereux (Mrs. Grenflll Blake), 
The Roslyn, 101 W. Eighty-fifth St., N.Y. City. 
Author; b. Raleigh N.C., 1835; dau. George 
Pollock and Sarah Elizabeth (Johnson) Dev- 
ereux; ed. Miss Opthorp'a School, New Haven, 
Conn., and had course of studies in Yale Coll.; 
m. (1st) 1855, Frank G. Q. Umsted (died 1859); 
(2d) 1866, Grenflll Blake; children: Elizabeth 
Johnson Umsied, Katherine Devereux Umsted. 
In 1869 became interested in movement for en- 
franchisement of women, to which has been 
largely devoted. Contributor to Harper's, the 
Atlantic, Frank Leslie's, North American Re- 
view, the Forum, and others. Author: South- 
ward, 1859; Rockford, 1863; Fettered for Life, 
1874- A Daring Experiment, 1883; also numerous 
stories and articles. In 1883 delivered series of 
lectures (in reply to Lenten Discourses on Wo- 
men by Rev. Morgan Dix, D.D.), which were 
printed under title of Woman's Place To-Day, 
1894 Founder and pres. N.Y. Legislative 
League; pres. N.Y. City Mother's Club; hon. 
pres. Soc. Political Study. Took a leading part 
in the Constitutional Convention campaign, 
spoke before Suffrage Com. of convention, and 
directed much of work in N.Y. City. Was first 
person to demand that Columbia College be 
opened to women students. Episcopalian. Has 
traveled all over France, England and Ireland. 
Recreations: Music and embroidery, reading and 

BLAKE, Mabelle B., 24 Greenville St., Roxbury, 


Social worker; b. N.Y. City, Oct. 19, 1880; dau. 
Edwin A. and Amanda H. (Wilson) Blake; ed. 
In Brooklyn, N.Y., at Packer Inst., Adelphl 
Acad., Adelphi Coll., A.B. Trained for social 
work with Associated Charities of Boston; then 
became dist. sec. of Associated Charities; gen. 
sec. of Boston Soc. tor the Care of Girls since 
1908. Interested in music. Favors woman suf- 
frage. Episcopalian. Recreations: Folk dancing, 
walking. Mem. Twentieth Century and Monday 
Evening Clubs (Boston), Woman's Municipal 
League of Boston. 

BLAKE, Mary Katharine Etohs (Mrs. William 
McKendree Blake), The Berkeley, Minneapolis, 


Author; b. Rockport, Ind., Aug. 31, 1859; dau. 
Joseph Smith and Mary Caroline (Cotton) Evans; 
ed. Rockport (Ind.) Collegiate Inst; m. Rock- 
port, Ind., Aug. 28, 1876, William McKendree 
Blake. Author: Heart's Haven; The Stuff of a 

BLAKE, Sue Avis, Merlon, Fa. 

Instructor In physics. Smith Coll.; b, Boston, 
Mass., Oct. 9, 1875; dau. Barton Fisk and Mary 
Elizabeth (Manning) Blake; grad. Bryn Mawr 
Coll., A.B. '98, A.M. '1900. Fellow In physics, 
Bryn Mawr Coll., 1906-07; graduate student In 
physics, Bryn Mawr Coll., 1898-1900-04-06; fellow 
in physics, Univ of Pa., 1907-08. Associate mem. 
Am. Physical Soc. Congregationalist. 

BLAKELY, Delora Edith Wilkins (Mrrs. Gould 
B. Blakely), Suite 3, Kendart Apartments, 
Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Club woman; b. Mt. Pleasant, la., June 19, 
1864; dau. James Shields and Emm* (Miller) 
Wilkins; ed. Academic and Normal Teachers' 
Training School, Mt. Pleasant, la.; m. Fremont, 
Neb., April 14, 1897, Gould B. Blakely. Taught 
several years in public schools in Nebraska and 
later In Salt Lake City. Vice-pres. Utah Fed. of 
Women's Clubs; gen. chairman of State hospi- 
tality for entertainment of biennial visitors to 
1912 convention; State chairihan Gen. Fed. En- 
dowment Fund Com. Interested in religious, 
social and philanthropic work. Favors woman 
suffrage. Presbyterian. Democrat. Mem. 
P.E.O. Sisterhood. Mem. Monday Night Literary 
of Salt Lake City, composed of men and women; 
the Am. Woman's League. Actively Interested 
in charitable ass'ns of S.L.C., on boards of 
control, etc. 

BLAKEMOBE, Lizzie McFarland (Mrs. W. T. 

Blakemore), Box 16, Hopkinsville, Ky. 

Born Yazoo City, Miss., July 30, 1851; dau. 
John McFarland and Virginia (Blanton) Ireland; 
ed. at home by governesses and tutors; m. July 
14, 1874, Maj. W. T. Blakemore; children: Allen 
Bruce, John McFarland, Virginia Elizabeth, 
Page Blanton. Active in civil, religious and 
social matters. Has done newspaper work and 
acted as correspondent. Mem. Civic League, 
School Improvement League, ex-pres. of the 
Ky. Division of United Daughters of the Con- 
federacy. Presbyterian. Favors qualified suf- 
frage. Democrat. 

BLAKEB. .Adelaide Marion Cornell (Mrs. Ern- 
est Blaker), 402 Oak Av., Ithaca, N.Y. 
Born Kansas City, Kan., July 23, 1878; dau. 
Dudley Ehnerson and Annie M. (Speck) Cornell; 
ed. high school, Kansas City, Kan. ; Miss Bar- 
stow's School for Girls, Kansas City, Mo.; <3or- 
nell Univ., Ithaca, N.Y.; m. Kansas City, Kan., 
Sept. 1, 1900, Ernest Blaker; one daughter: 
Marion Adelaide, b. Nov. 18, 1905. Correspond- 
ing sec. of Visiting Nurse Ass'n. Favors woman 
suffrage. Episcopalian. Republican. Mem. 
D.A.R., Child Study Club, Campus Club of Cor- 
nell Univ., Cornell Equal Suffrage Club, House- 
wives' League of Ithaca, 

BLAKESLEE, Adeline Graves (Mrs. Edwin A. 

Blakeslee), Galien, Mich. 

Born Grand Rapids, Mich., May 23, 1873; dau. 
John B. and Frances (Greene) Graves; grad. 
Grand Rapids High School, '91; grad. in music, 
Benton Harbor Coll., '94; m. Galien, Mich., 
May 18, 1898, Edwin A. Blakeslee; children: 
Marian (deceased), Eleanor, Adeline, Edwin A. 
Director of music Benton Harbor Coll., 1895-97. 
Interested In Needlework Guild of America; or- 
ganized Benton Harbor Branch Needlework 
Guild, June 11, 1912. Favors woman suffrage. 
Universalist. Mem. D.A.R., Algonian Chapter 
(St. Joseph and Benton Harbor, Mich.); charter 
mem. Daughters of Assoli (Benton Harbor, 
Mich.), 1897; charter mem. Friday Culture Club 
(Galien, Mich.), 1903; Monday Musicale (Benton 
Harbor and St Joseph). With aid of Friday Cul- 
ture (ilub of Galien, organized Berrian (bounty 
Fed. Of Women's Qlxiba, Nvv. 23, 1307. 



B!LANCHART), Amy Ella, Redding Ridge, 

Conn.; summer, Bailey Island, Me. 

Author; b. Baltimore, Md., June 28, 1S56; dau. 
Daniel Harris and Sarah L. (Reynolds) Blaneh- 
ard; ed. by priva-te instruction at home and In 
private schools, 18 months in High School Balti- 
more, and special courses at art schools, rfarvard 
Summer School and elsewhere. Took first prize 
in Metropolitan Museum of Art School, 1885 (life 
class). Taught drawing and painting at Sem., 
Plainfleld, N.J., two years, afterward moved to 
Philadelphia, where engaged in literary work. 
Believes In equal suffrage. Episcopalian. Has 
traveled in principal countries of Europe. Rec- 
reations: Music, painting. Author; Two Girls 
(series); Three Pretty Maids (series); Four Cor- 
ners (series) ; War of the Revolution (series) ; 
War of 1812 (series) ; A Gentle Pioneer (series) ; 
.\ Journey of Joy (series); Wit's End; A Glad 
Lady; Talbot's Angels. 
BI.ANCHARD, Elizabeth Miller, Bellefonte, Pa. 

Worker in Bellefonte basket shop; b. Belle- 
fonte, Pa., 1865; dau. Evan Miles and Eliza 
(Thomas) Blanchard; ed. Bellefonte Academy, 
Bryn Mawr College, B.A. '89; fellow in 
mathematics, Bryn Mawr, '90. Teacher of 
mathematics In the Bryn Mawr School, Balti- 
more; Misses Shipley School; Bryn Mawr; Miss 
Irwin's School, Philadelphia. Chairman Muni- 
cipal Com. of Board of Trade, Bellefonte, Pa. 
Prea. Woman's Club, Bellefonte, Pa. Mem. Soc. 
of Friends. Socialist; mem. Socialist party. 
Mem. Ass'n Coll. Alumnse, Bryn Mawr Coll. 
Alumns, Coll. Club of Philadelphia. Recrea- 
tions: Camping, walking, cards. Pres. Suffrage 
League, Bellefonte, Pa.; Coll. Suffrage League. 
BLA>'CHARD, Ethel (Mrs. Ferdinand 

Quincy Blanchard), East Orange, N.J. 

Born Boston, Mar. 13, 1874; dau. Charles Fos- 
ter and Elizabeth (Buckley) West; ed. Newton 
(Mass.) grammar and high schools; Smith Coll., 
B.L. '99; m. Newtonville, Mass., June 19, 1901, 
Rev. Ferdinand Quincy Blanchard; one son: Ed- 
ward Richmond. Against woman suffrage. Con- 
BLANCHARD, Dr. Frances S. Carothers (Mrs. 

Charles A. Blanchard), 623 Howard St., 

Wheaton, III. 

Physician; father Scotch-Irish; mother a de- 
scendant of the Whitneys of Vermant; grad. 
Wheaton Coll., A.B. '80, A.M. '85; Northwestern 
Univ. Med. School, M.D. '85; m. Des Moines, 
Iowa, Feb. 19, 1S96, Rev. Charles Albert Blanch- 
ard, D.D., LL.D., pres. of Wheaton Coll. Prac- 
tised medicine in Iowa until marriage, since 
then in Wheaton, 111. Congregationalist. Pro- 

BLANCHARD, Irene M., WlUard Hall, Evans- 
ton, 111. 

Teacher; b. Lower Waterford, Vt., 1876; dau. 
Enoch and Susan (Bugles) Blanchard; ed. Univ. 
of Mich., A.B. '98; grad. student, Univ. of Mich., 
1911-12 (mem. Kappa Alpha Theta). Teacher 
Latin and Greek, Battle Creek (Mich.) High 
School, 1898-99; Latin and English, 111. State 
Normal Univ., Normal, 111.. 1899-1910; acting 
dean of women. Northwestern Univ., 1912-13. 
Favors woman suffrage; sec. Ekjual Suffrage 
League, Normal, 111., 1910-11. Presbyterian. 
Mem. D.A.R. and Ass'n Collegiate Alumnse. 
BLANCHARD, Mary Miles, Bellefonte, Pa, 

Born Bellefonte, Pa., July 22, 1867; dau. Evan 
Miles and Eliza Thomas (Harris) Blanchard; ed. 
Bellefonte Acad., A.B. '89; Bryn Mawr Coll., 
Master Craftsman in Basketry conferred by the 
Arts and Crafts Soc. of Boston. Owner, manager 
and designer of the Basket Shop at Bellefonte. 
Mem. Women's Civic Club of Bellefonte, Pa.; 
secretary of Auxiliary of Bellefonte Hospital; 
mem. College Club of Philadelphia, Arts and 
Crafts Soc. of Boston, Detroit, Baltimore; Nat. 
Soc. of Craftsmen of N.Y. Mem. of Society of 
Friends. Identified with and teacher of wom- 
en's Bible class In a mission school. Favors 
woman suffrage. 
BLANKENBt'RG, Lucretla L. (Mrs. Rudolph 

Blankenburg), 214 West Logan Sq., Philadel- 
phia. Pa. 

Social reformer and suffrage worker; b. New 

Lisbon, O., May 8, 1845; dau. Thomas E. and 
Hannah E. (Myers) Longshore (mother was a 
pioneer woman doctor, grad. from the Woman's 
Med. Coll., Philadelphia, 1850; practised medicine 
forty-five years); ed. In Philadelphia Friends' 
Central School; m. Philadelphia, 1867, Rudolph 
Blankenburg of Lippe Detmold, Germany (now 
reform Mayor of Philadelphia) ; three children 
(all deceased). Mem. Society of Friends. Has 
been interested In the evolution of the woman 
movement and the growth of liberal religious 
views; for sixteen years pres. Pa. Woman Suf- 
frage Ass'n (now honorary pres.). Author of 
short articles and leaflets In regard to suffrage 
or other activities among women. Life mem. 
Nat. Woman Suffrage Ass'n. Recreation: Travel. 
Mem. New Century Club, Working Woman's 
Guild, Civic Club of Philadelphia. First vlce- 
pres. General Federation of Women's Clubs. 

BLANKENSHIP, Georgiana Mitchell (Mrs. 

George E. Blankenshlp), 1503 Columbia St., 

Olympla, Wash. 

Newspaper correspondent; b. St. Paul, Minn., 
Feb. 17, 1860; dau. George Martin and Elizabeth 
(Penniman) Mitchell; ed. public schools; m. 
Olympia, Wash., 1892, George E. Blankenshlp; 
children: Frank D., Marion Ruth. Newspaper 
correspondent for State House News, Associated 
Press, Portland Oregonlan, Seattle Post-Intelli- 
gencer. Mem. Order EJastem Star, Relief (wo- 
man's) Soc. Mem. Woman's Club of Olympla, 
EenatI Clu'b; second vlce-pres. State Fed. of 
Women's Clubs. Recreations: Out-door sports. 
Presbyterian. Favors woman suffrage (voter) ; 
pres. Thurston C!o. Suffrage Ass'n. 
BLASAR, Jeanette (Mrs. Joseph Blasar), 100 

S. Thirteenth St., Kansas City, Kan. 

Born Hudson, Mich. ; dau. Lyman L. and 
Philana (Manning) Wright; ed. Toledo (0.) Nor- 
mal School; m. (1st) Mattoon, Ohio, 1869, Edwin 
Dlmlck; (2d) Neosho, Mo., 1895, Joseph Blasar. 
Has been identified with churches as sup't; pres. 
of Ladies' Aid at Thompson Falls, Mont., 1892; 
organized first Sunshine Branch in Springfield, 
Mo., later in Kansas City home. Organized 
seven branches of Internat. Sunshine Soc. ; or- 
ganizer for 10 years of State of Kansas Sunshine 
Soc. (incorporated), called Kansas Division; was 
pres. Mo. State Division. Organized three 
branches In Kansas City. Favors woman suf- 
frage. Congregationalist. Progressive in poll- 
tics. Mem. Grand Army Circle, Ladies' Circle of 
Loyal Order of Moose; pres. One Kindness 
Branch of Internat. Sunshine Society. 
BLATCH, Harriot Stanton, 315 W. 97th St., 

N.Y. City. 

Reformer; b. Seneca Falls, N.T., Jan. 20, 1856; 
dau. Henry Brewster and Elizabeth (Cady) Stan- 
ton; grad. Vassar Coll., B.A. '78; honors in 
mathematics (Phi Beta Kapjja), A.M. '94; stu- 
dent Berlin '80, Sorbonne, Paris, '82; m. London, 
Eng., 1882, William Henry Blatch; children: 
Nora Stanton, b. 1883; Helen Stanton, b. 1892. 
After marriage in 1882, lived twenty years In 
England. Active while there in Women's In- 
dustrial Union, suffrage organizations. Liberal 
.\ss'n and on executive of Fabian Soc.; trustee 
of evening schools; associated with Charles 
Booth, the statistician. In collecting facts op 
village life which formed basis of thesis for 
degree of M.A. Life mem. of the N.Y. State 
Suffrage Ass'n of the Coll. Equal Suffrage 
League; pres. of the Women's Political Union; 
mem. Women's Univ. Club; mem. Society dt 
Ethical Culture. 
BI^UVELT, Lillian (Mme.), 744 Kenmore 

Place. Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Prima donna soprano; b. Brooklyn, N.Y., Mar. 
16, 1873; dau. Peter and Elizabeth Augusta Blau- 
velt; ed. public schools of Brooklyn; student of 
violin from age of seven; musical education 
(voice) at Nat. Conservatory of Music, N.Y. City, 
and In Paris under Jacques Bonby; m. (Isl) 
Royal Smith; (2d) N.Y. City, William F. Pen- 
dleton. Sang in concerts In France and Belgium 
and afterward with the Philharmonic Soc. in 
Moscow; d^but In opera at Theatre de la Mon- 
nale, Brussels, in Mlrelle; returned to U.S., 
singing In concerts, oratorios, etc., under Seldl, 
Thomas, Damrosch, and other leading conductora 



Has since then sung in all <rf the classic prima 
donna soprano rdles of grand opera in America 
and all the great European capitals. Has re- 
ceived decorations and honors from England, 
Germany, France and Russia, and the unique 
distinciinn Cbeing only woman so honored) of 
the, decoration of the Order of St. Cecilia at 
Rome. In Europe since 1910. 
BLAUVELT, Mary Taylor, Miss Porter's School, 

Farmlngton, Conn. 

Teacher, author; b. Clinton, N.J., 1868; dau. I. 
Alstyne and Caroline (Taylor) Blauvelt; grad. 
Wellesley, B.A. '88, M.A. '91; student in Oxford, 
England, 1895-97; fellow of Ass'n Collegiate 
Alumni, 1896-97. Teacher in Elmira Coll., 1892- 
96; in Rockford Collt, 1898-1900; in Miss Porter's 
School, Farmlngton, Conn., 1903- . Author: 
The Development of Cabinet Government in 
England; In Cambridge Backs; Solitude Letters. 
Presbyterian. Mem. Am. Historical Ass'n, Am. 
Sociological Ass'n, Am. Ass'n for Labor Legisla- 
tion, Ass'n Collegiate Alumnse. 
BLELAKI.BY, Cara Rogers (Mrs. Clarence L. 

Bleakley), 536 Broadway, North, Yonkers, 


Born Norristown, Pa.; dau. George W. and 
Cara (Bean) Rogers; grad. Elmira Coll., B.A. ; m. 
Clarence L. Bleakley; children: G. Rogers, Paul 
L., Clarence H. Pres. Gen. Nat. Soc. of Daugh- 
ters of the Revolution; pres. Elmira College 
Club of N.Y. City. Director of Peekskill (N.Y.) 
Hospital; mem. Travelers' Club of Peekskill, 
N.Y. ; Conversational Club of Norristown, Pa. 
Presbyterian. Favors woman suffrage. 
BLECKLEY, Olle Evans (Mrs. Haralson Bleck- 
ley), De Soto Apartments, 120 East Seventh 

St., Atlanta, Ga, 

Bom Augusta, Ga. ; dau. John and Olive (Tar- 
ver) Evans; ed. in Aug^usta, Ga., and N.Y. City; 
m. Augusta, Ga., Nov. 14, 1895, Haralson Bleck- 
ley. Meim. and interested in the Atlanta Art 
Ass'n, the Anti-Tuberculosis Soc., the 1308 His- 
tory Class, Associated Charities, D.A.R, and 
Brookhaven Club. Baptist. 
BLENDERMAN, Helen Clara Biedel (Mrs. 

Harry J. Blenderman), 815 W. 179th St., N.Y. 


Teaching; b. Brooklyn, N.Y., July 26, 1881; 
dau. Dr. Henry and Clara (Wendler) Riedel; ed. 
Turn Schule, Brooklyn; Moahit Hohere Tochter 
Schule, Berlin; Manual Training High School, 
Brooklyn; Cornell Univ., A.B. (mem. Wayside 
Club, Cornell); m. N.Y. City, Oct. 10, 1910, Harry 
J. Blenderman. Taught German in Manual 
Training High School, Brooklyn, N.Y., 1903-10. 
Mem. Women's Auxiliary Board of 155th St., 
branch Y.M.C.A. Favors woman suffrage. 
Lutheran. Recreations: Out-door sports, tennis, 
running, rowing, basketball, walking. Mem. 
Cornell Women's Club of N.Y. 
BLEWETT, Jean (Mrs. Basset Blewett, 92 

Westminster Av., Toronto, Can. 

Author; b. New Scotland, Can., Nov. 4, 1872; 
dau. Ian and Janet (Mclntyre) McKishnie; ed. 
Chatham (Ont.) Coll; m. Chatham, Ont., 1890, 
Basset Blewitt; children: John G., Eve Hazel. 
Works among young women, settlement work, 
connected with and active In many charitable 
institutions. Author: From Out the Deep; The 
Cornflower; Heart Songs; contributes to Col- 
lier's, Harper's, etc. Mem. Canadian Press Club, 
Dickens Fellowship, Canadian Club, Peace and 
Progress Club, Rosedale Travel Club. Recrea- 
tions: Books, social life and out-of-door sports. 
BLEY, Caroline AveriU (Mrs. John Cornelius 

Bleyi, 6046 Washington Park Court, Chicago, 


Bom Durand, Wis., Nov. 5, 1858; dau. Charles 
N. and Frances (Keenan) Averill; ed. country 
school Galesville Univ., Wis. State Normal 
School; m. Durand, Wis., Aug. 18, 1892, John 
Cornelius Bley. Chairman Home Dep't of Chi- 
cago Woman's Club (chairman Playground Com. 
and has been chairman of Civics Com.); mem. 
Board of Managers of Fellowship House. Pres. 
Chicago Clean Food Club; pres. Fellowship 
House Woman's Club; seven years vice-pres. 
Fourth Congreesional Dist. lU. Fed. of Women's 

Clubs. Favors woman suffrage. Mem. Geo- 
graphic Soc. of Chicago, Political Equality 
League, 111. Audubon Soc. Recreations: Tramp- 
ing and studying birds, trees and flowers. 
BLICHFELDT, Eva Potter (Mrs. E. H. Blich- 

feldt), Box 414, Chautauqua, N.Y. 

Born Delaware Water Gap, Pa., Aug. 2, 1875; 
dau. Ehnory and Huldah (Leach) Potter; ed. 
Saratoga Springs public schools; grad. high 
school; Wellesley, B.A. '98; m. Saratoga Springs, 

1903, E. H. Blichfeldt; chUdren: Emily Potter, 
b. Mar. 12, 1910; Eva Mary, b. Nov. 13, 1912. 
Teacher in puhlic schools of Saratoga Springs 
for five years before marriage. Mem. W.C.T.U. 
in Chautauqua; sup't of Loyal Temperance 
Legion; graduate of Chautauqua Literary Circle. 
Was a Sunday-school teacher for several years, 
also mem. of choir. Mem. Methodist Episcopal 

BLIGH, Julia Moriim (Mrs. Herman E. Bllgh), 

Warsaw, N.J. 

Born London, England, April 12, 18K; dau. 
Henry and Julia (Brett) Morum; ed. Corry (Pa.) 
High School and Allegheny Coll., Meadville, Pa., 
A.B. '75; m. Bradford, Pa., Dec. 19, 1879, Her- 
man E. Bligh; children: Julia M., Eldith M., 
Arthur H., Ernest W. Before marriage taught 
in Corry, Titusville, and Bradford high schools 
and later was matron of the N.Y. State School 
for the Blind. Favors woman suffrage; one of 
directors of Warsaw Political E>quality Club. 
Speaker for suffrage. Methodist. Mem. Monday 
BLISS, Eleanora Emma (Mrs. Tasker H. Bliss), 

Fort Totten, N.Y. 

Daughter Rev. George W. Anderson, D.D., and 
Maria Frances (Hill) Anderson; ed. by tutors in 
U.S. and Germany; m. Rosemont, Pa., May 24, 
1882, Tasker H. Bliss (now brlg.-gen. U.S. 
Army); children: Eleanora Frances, Edward 
BLISS, Eleanora Frances, Fort Totten, N.Y. 

Geologist; b. Rosemont, Pa., July 15, 1883; dau. 
Gen. Tasker H. Bliss, U.S.A., and Eleanora Em- 
ma (Anderson) Bliss; grad. Bryn Mawr Coll., 
A.B. and A.M. '04, Ph.D. '12. Author: Crystal- 
line Rocks of the Doe Run Region of Pennsyl- 
vania (thesis). Episcopalian. Recreations: Ten- 
nis, horseback riding, swimming, basket ball. 
BLISS, Elizabeth Bancroft, 1621 Twenty-first 

St., Washington, D.C. 

Born Berlin, Germany, Nov. 6, 1868; dau. Alex- 
ander and Eleanor Taylor (Albert) Bliss; ed. 
Miss Burgess' and Miss Hilton's private schools 
in Washington, D.C. Interested in parish activi- 
ties at St. John's Church, Washington, D.C; 
mem. Civic Federation; Interested in social Im- 
provement. Joint editor of Letters from Eng- 
land by Mrs. George Bancroft Episcopalian. 
Mem. Colonial Dames of America (Dist. of Oo- 
lumhia Chapter), Am. Forestry Ass'n, Navy 
League, Nat. Geographic Soc., Washington Club, 
York Cluh. 

BLISS, Laura Adella, Dickinson House, North- 
ampton, Mass. 

Professor of music; b. Brooklyn, N.Y. ; ed. In 
schools of N.Y. City; Vassar Coll., A.B. '77, 
A.M. '86, Mus.B. '88. Teacher Vassar Coll., 
1879-95; Wilson Coll., Chambersburg, Pa., 1895- 
1904; ass't prof, of music, Smith Coll., since 

1904. Elected Associate of Am. ColL of Music, 1894. 
BLISS, Mary H., Iowa Falls, Iowa. 

Club woman; b. Iowa Falls, la., 1867; dau. 
Lewis Oscar and Ruth (Seymour) Bliss; father 
is of Revolutionary stock; descendant of 
Berlah Bliss and Captain Stephen Seymour, both 
of whom served in the war of 1776; ed. loTva 
Falls High School and Grinnell Coll. Trustee 
Iowa Falls Public Library; vlce-pres. and mem. 
Board of Directors of Ladies' Social Gathering; 
delegate from Third District of Iowa to Gen. 
Federation of Women's Clubs, San Francisco, 
June, 1912; chairman Third District Iowa Fed- 
eration of Women's Clubs. Congregational let. 
Mem. P.E.O. Soc, D.A.R. and Eastern Star. 
Mem. Parchment Club. 
BLISS, Euth Shorkley (Mrs. George R. Bliss), 

Silver Spring, Md. 

Bom Lewisburg, Pa., July 4, 1885; 4au. EaiBha 



and Saraii (Helxell) Shorkley; grad. Bucknell 
Inst., '02; Bucknell Univ., A.B. '05 (mem. Delta 
Delta Delta); m. Lewlaburg, Pa,, July 29, 1909, 
George R. Bliss (patent lawyer); one son: Henry 
Harmon Bliss. Now living, for benefit of hus- 
band's health, on a jKJultry farm, which they 
have najned "Novova." Baptist. 
BLOCK, Anita C. (Mrs. S. John Block), 65 

Hamilton Terrace, N.Y. City. 

Associate editor; b. N.Y. City, Aug. 22, 1882; 
ed. private school, N.Y. City; Barnard Coll., 
grad. B.A. '03; m. N.Y. City, June 4. 1907, S. 
John Block (lawyer and well-known Socialist). 
Was teacher In a New York private school. Ac- 
tive mean. Socialist Party. Favors woman suf- 
frage. Associate editor of Socialist daily paper, 
the New York Call; edits Sunday page for 
women, also writes several editorial articles 
weekly. Mem. Socialist Press Club, Women's 
Trade Union League, Am. Soc. Med. Sociology, 
Intercollegiate Socialist Soc. Recreations: Danc- 
ing, walking, rowing, swimming, music, art, 
theatre. Has been delegate to city and State 
conventions of the Socialist Party. Lectures on 
Socialism and all allied subjects before women's 
clubs, suffrage societies, dinner clubs, etc. 
BLOCK, Elizabeth Orme (Mrs. Francis C. 

Block), 16 Kimball St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Born Atlanta, Ga. ; dau. Francis Hodgson and 
Ellen Vail (Woodward) Orme; ed. public schools 
of Atlanta and Eklgeworth School, Baltimore, 
Md. ; m. Francis Cockran Block (deceased); one 
daughter: Margaret Douglas Block. Mem. Col- 
onial Dames, D.A.R., Every Saturday Club. 

BLODGETT, Katharine Frances (Mrs. Kinsley 
Blodgett). 1016 Main St., Worcester, Mass. 
Born Boston, Sept. 4, 18S0; dau. George Abner 
and Emma W. (Bancroft) Littlefield; ed. public 
schools of Newport and Providence, and Brown 
Univ., A.B. '02 (mem. Kappa Alpha Theta); m. 
Providence, June 27, 1910, Rev. Kinsley Blodgett. 
Teacher In Sunday-school. Episcopalian. Rec- 
reation: Music. Mem. Current Topics Club (sec.) 
Against woman suffrage. 

BLODGETT. Mabel Fuller (Mrs. Edward B. 

Blodgett), Redgables, West Newton, Mass. 

Author; b. Bangor, Me., April 18, 1869; dau. 
Ransom Burritt and Mary Louise (White) Ful- 
ler; ed. Acad. Sacr6 Coeur, Elmhurst, Provi- 
dence, R.I.; m. Boston, Mass., Nov. 17, 1891, 
Edward Everett Blodgett; children: Robert Ful- 
ler, Ruth Hartwell, Richard Ashley, Dorothy. 
Author: The Aspen Shade; At the Queen's 
Mercy; Fairy Tales; The Giant's Ruby; When 
Christmas Came Too Early. Roman Catholic. 
Mem. Mayflower Club and Mayflower Descend- 

BLODGETT, Minnie Cumnock (Mrs. John Wood 

Blodgett), 401 Cherry St., Grand Rapids, 


Born Lowell, Mass. ; dau. Alexander G. and 
Frances F. (Ross) Caunnock; ed. public schools, 
Lowell, Mass.; Vassar Coll., A.B. '84; m. Lowell, 
Mass., Jan. 16, 1895, John Wood Blodgett; chU- 
dren: Katherlne Cumnock, John Wood. Pres. of 
the D. A. Blodgett Home for Children ; Inter- 
ested in the child-welfare work of the city. 
Mem. Women's University Club, Ladies' Literary 
Club, Fortnightly Club, Art Ass'n. Congrega- 
BLOOM, Bessie Luella Kutcher (Mrs. Jesse 

Stewart Bloom), 55 N. Park St., E>ast Orange, 


Bom East Orange, N.J., 1880; ed. In schools of 
East Orange; Vassar Coll., A.B. '01; m. East 
Orange, N.J., Aug. 26, 1908, Jesse Stewart Bloom; 
children: Roger Langdon, Lois Gilbert, Clifford 
Stewart. Engaged In teaching and office work in 
Morrlstown, N.J.; Newark, N.J., and Brooklyn, 
N.Y., 1901-05- sec. Y.W.C.A. of Brooklyn, 1905-08. 
Mem. Methodist Episcopal Church. 

BLOOMSTEIN, Elizabeth Lee, 521 Fifth Av., 

South, Nashville, Tenn. 

Teacher; b. Nashville, Tenn., Jan. 8, 1859; dau. 
Jacob and Esther M. (Radzin) Bloomsteln; ed. 
private school, normal school, Univ. of Nash- 
ville, A.M.; grad. student of Unlys. of Wis. and 

Chicago. Professor of history (European), Pea- 
body Normal School, for thirty-five years; now 
librarian of George Peaibody Coll. Library. Has 
lectured for many years, particularly on history 
and history of art; has been active In civic work 
as mem. of South Nashville Fed. of Women, 
as well as other clubs. Against woman suf- 
frage. Has written for newspapers. Jewish 
religion. Pres. Magazine Circle, which has en- 
dowed a scholarship for the George Peabody 
Coll. for Teachers, to be known as the Magazine 
Circle Scholarship; has been a delegate twice 
to the Gen. Fed. of Women's Clubs of the U.S. 
and on the educational program in 1900 at Mil- 
waukee. VIce-pres. Tennessee Woman's His- 
torical Ass'n; mem. Tenn. Press Woman and 
Authors' Club, Am. Historical Ass'n, Ladles' 
Hermitage Ass'n (which cares for home of An- 
drew Jackson), United Daughters of the Con- 
federacy, Nashville Art Ass'n, Peabody Woman's 
Club, Centennial Club, etc. 

BLOUNT, Alma, YpsllantI, Mich. 

Teacher; b. Byron, 111., Nov. 29, 1866; dau. 
Joseph Blount, M.D., and Mary Putman (Green) 
Blount; grad. Wheaton (111.) Coll., A.B. '90; 
Cornell Univ., Ph.D. '96; scholar in English 
philology, 1894-95; fellow In English philology, 
1895-9G; student at Radcllffe Coll., 1898-99; 
held European fellowship of Ass'n of Col- 
legiate Alumnfe, 1904-05. Earlier years of teach- 
ing were spent in various schools; now ass't 
prof, of English in the State Normal School at 
Ypsilauti, Mich. Author: Language Lessons for 
Intermediate Grades, 1912; An Elementary Gram- 
mar, Composition for Grammar Grades, 1913. 
Mem. D.A.R., Ass'n of Collegiate Alumnae, Na- 
tional Council of Teachers of English. In- 
terested in investigations in mediaeval romance, 
and has partially completed a Complete Onomas- 
ticon of the Mediaeval Legends of the Arthurian 
Cycle. Pending its completion and publication 
the MS. is kept in the fireproof vaults of the 
Harvard Library, where it may be consulted by 
scholars Interested. Favors woman suffrage. 

BLOUNT, Anna Ellsworth (Mrs. Ralph Earle 
Blount), 124 South Oak Park Av., Oak Park, 

Physician, lecturer; b. Oregon, Wis., Jan. 18, 
1872; dau. H. G. and Amelia (Barnhisel) Ells- 
worth; grad. Univ. of Wis., class of '92; North- 
western Univ., Woman's Med. School, M.D. '97; 
Germany, 1904; Cook Co. Hospital interne, 1897; 
m. Chicago, 1893, Ralph Barle Blount; children: 
Walter, Earle, Ruth. Passed competitive exam., 
1897, for Cook Co. Hospital; studied abroad, 
1902-04. Frequent lecturer on social hygiene, 
equal suffrage, eugenics and kindred subjects. 
Formerly vIce-pres. 111. Equal Suffrage Ass'n, 
now chairman of Literature Com. Author of 
magazine articles, leaflets and addresses. Mem. 
Am. Med. Ass'n, Chicago Med. Soc, 111. EJquaJ 
Suffrage Ass'n, Chicago Political Elquallty 
I^eague, Am. Eugenics Soc. Recreation: Travel. 
Mem. Chicago Woman's Club, Nineteenth Cen- 
tury Club (Oak Park, 111.), Woman's Med. Club. 

BLOUNT, Marie Ross (Mrs. Henry F. Blount), 

218 Sunset Av., Evansvllle, Ind. 

Bom Mt. Vernon, Ind., July 10, 1881; dau. 
Robert Neal and Emily (Lichtenberg) Ross; ed. 
public schools of Evansvllle. Ind., later private 
schools and Cincinnati Conservatory of Music; 
m. Evansvllle, Ind., Nov. 4, 1905, Henry F. 
Blount Jr.; children: Henry F., b. Sept. 25, 1906; 
Robert E., b. Nov 20, 1908. After completing 
musical education did accompanying and solo 
work on the piano in concert professionally fof 
several years, later taught music. Leader In 
social musical circles and mem. of musical so- 
cieties in Evansvllle and Washington, D.C. 
Interested in civics and munioipal reforms— 
especially health and education. Episcopalian. 
Favors suffrage. 

BLOW, Alziere Kennerly (Mrs. William T. 

Blow^ 6712 Mchlgan Av., St. Louis, Mo. 

Born Jefferson Barracks, Mo., Dec. 29, 1866; 
dau. Wm. F. and Abbie (Kennerly) Haines; la 
a soldier's daughter of Colonial lineage; ed. In 
High School, Acad, of Sacred Heart and Wash- 
ington Univ., St. Louis; m. Nov. 19, 1598, Dr. 



William T. Blow. Mem. Civic League of St. 
Louis. Pres. Carondolet Women's Club. Rec- 
reation: Artistic pursuits. Against suffrage, as 

BLUM, Charlotte, M.D., 29 3 E. 10th St.. N.T. 

Physician; b. Odessa, Russia, May 26, 1882; 
dau. Harris and Golda (Rablnowitz) Blum; gen- 
eral education in Russia; grad. Cornell Univ. 
Med. Coll., M.D. '06. Engaged since graduation 
in general practice of medicine in N.Y. City. 
Hebrew. Favors woman suffrage. 
BLUMENSCHEIN, Mary Sbepard Greene (Mrs. 
Ernest L. Blumenschein), 50 Orange St., 
Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Artist; b. New York; dau. Rufus and Mary I. 
(Shepard) Greene; ed. Adelphi Acad., Brooklyn, 
N.Y., and Pratt Institute; studied art under 
Prof. Whittaker and Herbert Adams, of Brook- 
lyn, and Raphael Collin, of Paris; m. Paris, 
June 29, 1905, Ernest L. Blumenschein, artist; 
children: Ethan Allen (died in infancy), Helen 
Greene Blumenschein. Studied in Paris 1892-1909^; 
awarded In Paris Salon, 1900, medal of third 
class; in 1909, medal of second class; St. Louis 
Exposition, silver medal. Mem. Woman's Art 

BLCNDON, Ada C. PoUock (Mrs. Frank C. 
Blundon), Baton Rouge, La- 
Teacher; b. Patria, N.Y., April 11, 1863; dau. 
Jesse W. and Mary (Dagget) Pollock; grad. Al- 
bany State Normal, '86; m. Baldwin. La., Feb. 9, 
1889, Rev. Frank C. Baldwin. With husband 
organized, 1889, the Live Oak School for Colored 
People In Baton Rouge, La., which they have 
conducted ever since; enrollment 485 in 1912, the 
school being supported chiefly by the freewill 
offerings of Christian people of the North. Fa- 
vors woman suffrage. 

BLUNT, Katharine, Springfield Armory, Spring- 
field, Mass. 

Chemist, teacher; b. Philadelphia, Pa.; dau. 
Stanhope English Blunt (now colonel U.S.A.) 
and Fanny (Smyth) Blunt; grad. Vassar Coll., 
B.A. '98; graduate student Mass. Inst, of Tech- 
nology 1902-03; graduate student Univ. of Chi- 
cago, i902, 1905-07, Ph.D. '07 (holder of Babbott 
fellowship, 1905-06). Teacher Pratt Inst., Brook- 
lyn, N.Y. ; instructor in chemistry, Vassar Coll., 
1903-05, and 1908-13; associate prof, chemistry. 
School of Education, Univ. of Chicago, 1913—. 
Mem. Am. CJhemical Soc. ; fellow A.A.A.S. 
BLUNT, Olive M., 508 S. Prairie St., Jackson- 
ville, 111. 

Teacher, missionary, lecturer; b. Mason CJo., 
ni.. Aug. 21, 1859; dau. Robert C. and Mary J. 
Blunt; ed. Wesleyan Coll., Bloomington, 111., 
and examinations by correspondence for foreign 
Beld. Has lectured on Japan and on temper- 
ance In every State except nine. Routed for 
eight months for State W.C.T.U. of Kansas, for 
Texas three months, and five months lor Ne- 
braska, to give public addresses and to organize. 
Taught five years in 111., eight in public schools 
of Kansas City, Mo.; was sent to Japan by 
Baptist Women's Board of Cbicago to open 
girls' school and spent seven ^-ears In Japan. 
A year after retiring entered lecture field for 
Japan and teanperance. Returned to Japan in 
1905 at own expense from lectures. On way spent 
three months in Honolulu, where served as sec. 
Y.W.C.A., having had experience as sec. in 
Kansas City, where she was the first sec. Trav- 
eled from North to South Japan, addressing 
27,000 students, and wsis chaperone for nine stu- 
dents upon return to this country. Has written 
much for local papers and a pamphlet: Gone 
Before (the narration of the life and death of a 
Japanese pupil). Baptist. Prohibition in poU- 
tiips. Mem. W.C.T.U., State chairman of 111. 
Woman's Prohibition Club; mem. Woman's For- 
eign Missionary Soc. 

BLYE, Birdice, B424 Washington Av., Chicago, 

Piano virtuoso; dau. J. M. and Annie Blye; of 
English ancestry (grandparents came from Eng- 
land and settled in New York); educated in 
London, Paris and Berlin; completed her mu- 
sical studies with Anton Rutinstein. As a child 

played In London and Continental cities when^ 
only ten years of age. Has played before the 
royal families of England and Germany and for 
two administrations at the White House in Wash- 
ington, and has given recitals in the principal 
cities of the United States. Has contributed 
articles to various magazines on musical subjects 
and on distinguis'hed people she has met. Mem. 
of several clubs and societies. Protestant Epis- 
copalian. Favors woman suffrage. 
BOAK, Blabel, Valhalla, N.Y. 

School principal; b. N.Y. City; ed. In schools of 
N.Y. City; Vassar Coll., A.B. '01; Columbia 
Univ., A.M. '02. Teacher, Allentown, Pa., 1902- 
07; Worcester, Mass., 1907-08; preceptress, 1908- 
09, and principal since 1909 Chappaqua Mountain 

BOAKDMAN, Anne Calef (Mrs. Francis Board- 
man), Rlverdale, N.Y. City. 
Bom Boston, Mass., Aug. 5, 1881; dau. Ben 
jamin Shreve and Annie (Macdonald) Calef; ed. 
private schools, Boston, Dresden, Germany, 1899; 
N.Y. School of Philanthropy, 1908; m. Boston, 
June 8, 1910, Francis Boardman; children: Eliza- 
beth, William Hall. Mem. Board of Directors of 
the N.Y. College Settlement. Episcopalian. 
BOAKDMAN, Mabel Thorp, 1801 P St., Wash- 
ington, D.C. (Summer, Wlndcliffe, Manchester- 
by-the Sea, Mass.) 

Red Cross oflacial; b. Cleveland, O. ; dau. Wil- 
liam Jarvls Boardman (grandson of Hon. Elijah 
Boardman, an early U.S. Senator from Conn.) 
and Florence Shefield Boardman (dau. Joseph 
Earl Shefield of New Haven, after wliom the 
Shefield Scientific School of Yale was named); 
ed. Cleveland and N.Y. schools and abroad 
resident of Washington since 1889; received A.M. 
from Yale Univ. 1910. Was given decorations 
of the King's Order by King of Sweden, 1909; 
received gold civic crown from Italian Govern- 
ment, 1909, and honorary decoration from Jap- 
anese Red Cross, 1912; U.S. delegate to 'the 
Eighth International Red Cross Conference, Lon- 
don; mem. Com. of One Hundred of A.A.A.S. 
to Promote Public Health, and especially to es- 
tablish Nat. Dep't of Health. Mem. Exec. Com. 
and chairman of the Nat. Relief Board of the 
Am. Red Cross. Mem. Congressional Club of 

BOAS, Harriet Betty (Mrs. Emil L. Boas), 
Bonniecrest, Greenwich, Conn. 
Born Boston, Mass. ; dau. Adolph and Charlotte 
(Leviseur) Sternfeld; ed. in N.Y. private 
schools; m. N.Y. City, March 20, 1888, Emll L. 
Boas (died May 3, 1912) ; one son : Herbert Allan. 
Trustee City History Club of N.Y., of which was 
pres. for several years; Nat. Alliance of Uni- 
tarian Women of which was vice-pres. five 
years; N.Y. League of Unitarian Women (pres.); 
Auxiliary of the American Scenic and Historic 
Preservation Soc; mem. Thursday Musical Club; 
Mary Washington Memorial Ass'n; Children's 
Charitable Union; Public Education Ass'n; Sea- 
man Home (Hoboken) ; also many charitable or- 
ganizations and philanthropic enterprises. Has 
translated many songs for well-known compos- 
ers, also written several articles both in English 
and German for American and European maga- 
zines. Especially interested in civic matters, 
particularly city history; has received from the 
Sultan of Turkey, Great Star of the Order of the 
Nishan-i-Shefkat. Recreation: Music. Clubs: 
MacDowell, Sorosis, Nat. Society New England 
Women. Favors woman suffrage. Plans much 
for charity in settlements, etc., and particularly 
interested In American composers, most of whom 
she knows personally. 

BODJIAN, Ida M. (Mrs. Edward Cushman Bod- 
man), 835 Madison Av., N.Y. City. 
Daughter of Peter F. and Maria (Waite) Ber- 
dan; grad. N.Y. Univ., L.H.M.; m. Toledo, O., 
1878, Eldward Cushman Bodman; children: Her- 
bert Luther, George Melnine Bodman. Pres. 
Advisory Com. of School of Pedagogy of N.Y. 
Univ. Clubs: Cosmopolitan, Barnard. 
BODMAN, Rose Maria, Maple Lodge, Rutland, 

Sanatorium proprietor; b. Massachusetts; grad. 
Smith Coll., B.A. '87. Private teaciier, 1887-88; 



teacher Miss Brackett's School for Girls, X.Y. 
City, 1888-88; Missea Ely's School, Brooklyn, 
1889-92; principal of private school for girls, 
Brooklyn, 1892-1903; Since 1909 matron and pro- 
prietress of sanatorium at Rutland, Mass. 
BOERICKE, Edith Gertrude Schoff (Mrs. John 

James Boerlcke), 112 Beacon Lane, Merlon, 


Bom Newtonville, Mass.; dau. Frederic and 
Hannah (Kent) Schoff; ed. FYIends Central 
School and Walton School, Philadelphia; Bryn 
Ma-wr Coll., A.B. '98; graduate student Univ. of 
Pa., 1899-1900; student of music, 1900-03; demon- 
strator In geology, Bryn Mawr Coll., 1903; m. 
1906, John James Boericke; children: Ralph, b. 
June 5, 1907; Frederic Schoff, b. Nov. 7, 1909; 
Edith Clara, b. July 11, 1911. Sec. West Phila- 
delphia Com. of the Philadelphia Orchestra, 1904- 
06. Mem. Church of the New Jerusalem. Mem. 
Mothers' Club. 

BOERICKE, Helene, 6375 Woodbine Av., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Musician; b. Philadelphia; dau. Francis E., 
M.D., and El.sie .M. (Tafel) Boericke; grad. 
Univ. of Pa., degree Bachelor of Music; studied 
with Michael H. Cross and W. W. Gilchrist, 
Philadelphia; in Conservatory of Music, Leipzig, 
Germany; Madame Falchl, Rome, Italy; Miss 
McEJvilly and de Reszke, Paris. Teacher of voice, 
theory and chorus at Music Settlement School, 
Philadelphia; chorus of children at College Set- 
tlement, Philadelphia. Mem. New Jerusalem 
Church. Mem. Manuscript Music Soc. (Philadel- 
phia), Philadelphia Music Teachers' Ass'n, La- 
dies' Aid Ass'n of New Jerusalem Church. 
BOERICKE, Johanna Ma«:daline, 6375 Wood- 
bine Av., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Artist and sculptress; b. Philadelphia, Pa., 
Feb. 13, 18C8; dau. Francis Edmund and Eliza 
(Tafel) Boericke; grad. West Green St. Semi- 
nary; studied at Pa. Acad, of Fine Arts, Phila- 
delphia; water colors at Rome, under Enrico 
Nardi; portraiture in Paris, under R§nard; 
miniature painting at Jullen's, Paris. Mem. 
New Jerusalem Church. Mem. fellowship of the 
Pa. Acad, of Pine Arts, New Church League, 
Ladles' Aid Soc., Plastic Club. 
BOGARDUS, Estella M«ie, Thompson Publishing 

Co., Syracuse, N.T. 

Publisher; dau. Everadus and Mary Jane (Lit- 
tle) Bogardus; grad. Keble School. Started busi- 
ness, April, 1895, with Francis Hendricks & Co., 
art dealers; in 1898 assumed management of the 
publishing dep't of Earl Thompson Publishing 
Co. (pres., sec. and director). Inventor of the 
blue print system of studying art in American 
schools and has built up an extensive enterprise 
In supplying schools with blue prints for the 
study of art and literature by her method. Mem. 
Professional Woman's League, Nat. Educational 
Aas'n, Eastern Art Teachers' Ass'n. Mem. 
Kanatenah, Round Table and hon. mem. Social 
Art Club. 
BOGG8, Christina Marie (Mrs. John Lawrence 

Boggs), 44 Spruce St., Newark, N.J. 

Born N.Y. City; dau. Charles Whiting and 
Jeannie (Wilson) Newton; m. Washington, D.C., 
1892. John Lawrence Boggs; children: Cornelia 
Paterson, Christina Newton. Elpiscopalian. 
Against woman suffrage. 
BOGGS, I.ucinda Pearl, 811 W. Illinois St., 

Urbana, 111. 

Educator; b. Tuscola, 111., Nov. 18, 1874; dau. 
Benjamin Franklin and Mary (Armstrong) 
Boggs; e<3. Univ. of 111., A.B. '94; Univs. of 
Jena, Berlin, and Halle, Germany, 1897-1900 
(Ph.D.. Halle, 1900); honorary fellow, Cornell, 
1902-03. Principal Oakland High School, 1894-95; 
preceptress and instructor In Greek and Latin, 
Rue Collegiate Inst., Paxton, III., 1895-97; princi- 
pal Primary Training Dep't, State Normal, 
Ellensburg. Wash., 1901-02; also Instructor In 
psychology and education. Western College 
for. Women, Oxford, O., 1906-07; director of nor- 
mal training, Methodist Episcopal Mission 
schools in Central China. 1910-12. Leader in 
local option campaigns In Urbana, 1908 and 1910. 
Secured appointment of probation officer for 
county; assisted In organizing Child Welfare 

Conieience, 1909. Pres. Dtet. Woman's Foreign 
.Missionary Soc., 1909-10; 111. State delegate to 
World's Congress on Home Education at Brus- 
sels, 1910; sec. Com, on Eugenics, Nat. Ass'n 
Collegiate Aluninfp, 1909-10. Lecturer on pro- 
fessional and popular subjects. Author: Das 
Interesse u. seine Anwendung in der Pedagoglk, 
1900 (Docter's thesis, Halle), and a Series 
on Interest (Journal of Philosophy), 1904-06; 
The Physical Accomplishments of Feeling 
(Psychological Review), 1904; Home Education 
(Proceedings Child Welfare Conference), 1910; 
Chinese Womanhood, 1913; also articles on edu- 
cational and social topics in various Chinese 
magazines and newspapers. Mem. Methodist 
Episcopal Church. Mem. A.A.A.S., Ass'n of 
Collegiate Alumnae, Nat. Educational Ass'n, Am. 
Home Economics Ass'n, W.C.T.U.. Public 
Health Ass'n, Child Welfare Conference (ex. 
sec), Anti-Tuberculosis League, Woman's For- 
eign ' Missionary Soc. of Methodist Episcopal 
Church. Recreations: Music, out-door sports. 
Favors woman suffrage. 

BOGCE (Mrs. Arthur Hoyt), (see Bell, Lilian). 

BOHAN, Elizabeth Baker (Mrs. Michael Bohan), 
1844 Santa Cruz St., Los Angeles, Cal. 
Journalist; b. Birmingham, England, 1849; dau. 
Joseph and Martha (Boddington) Baker; ed. Mil- 
waukee (Wis.) public and private schools; m. 
Milwaukee, 1872, Michael Bohan; children: Ar- 
thur Baker, Edmonde Russell, Martha Bod- 
dington, Florence Claire. Lecturer to women's 
clubs on civic reforms, especially that which in- 
cludes a reconstruction of penal system; works 
for the establishment of municipal farms for the 
down-and-out and petty offenders. Author: The 
Dragnet (book); and serial stories: The Burro 
Girl, and The Strength ot the Weak. Has writ- 
ten for the West Coast Magazine as staff writer 
for past five years; also occasionally for Chicago 
Tribune, Simmons' Magazine, Munsey's, Mil- 
waukee Sentinel, Youth's Companion, Nattional 
New Thought Monthly, The Club Woman and 
others. Clubs: Southern Cal. Press, Cal. 
Badger. Recreations: Work with pencils, 
brushes, water color, oils and black and white 
illustrations. Favors woman suffrage. Pro- 

BOHN, Maud Thompson (Mrs. William E. 

Bohn), 206 N. Maple Av., East Orange, N.J. 

Teacher and lecturer; b. Cincinnati, 1870; dau. 
Charles L. and Mary (Boyd) Thompson; grad. 
Wellesley, B.A. '01, M.A. '02; Yale, Ph.D. '06; 
student at Columbia Univ., 1897-99; Durant 
scholar, Wellesley, 1901 (mem. Agora); m. Will- 
iam E. Bohn; one daughter: Rhoda Thompson 
Bohn. Teacher of Greek and Latin at Irving 
Coll., Mechanicsburg, Pa., 1902-04; teacher of 
Latin and history at Detroit (Mich.) Sem., 1906- 
08. Lecturer on suffrage and socialism, 1908-13. 
Mem. College Equal Suffrage League, Women's 
Political Union of N.J. (mem. Exec. Board, 1912- 
13), Mich. State Suffrage Soc. (vice-pres. 1908-09), 
Socialist Party, Classical Ass'n of Middle West, 
Intercollegiate Socialist Soc. 

BOLDS, Augusta W. (Mrs. W. V. Holds), 470 

West 7th St., Superior, Wis. 

Teacher, Prohibition worker; b. New York; dau. 
Judge H. Van Renssalaer and Beth (Brownson) 
Wilmot, formerly of New York, later of Kansas; 
grad. Wesleyan Univ. and after graduation took 
course in theology under tutor; m. Port Wash- 
ington, Wis., W. V. Bolds. Since graduaiion 
active in club, patriotic and philanthropic work; 
mem. Wisconsin Industrial School (for girls) 
Board; speaker from pulpit and platform. Nat 
pres. Woman's Prohibition Club of Am., a fed- 
eration of clubs working for the legal abolition 
of the tratilc in women and intoxicants and sex 
discrimination at the ballot-box. Mem. Wis. 
Federation of Women's Clubs (organizer and 
former vice-pres.). Humorous Hour Club, Su- 
perior, Wis.; vice-pres. Internat. Prohibition 
Confederation of the World (with headquarters 
in London) representing the United States. Au- 
thor of poems and sketches, contributions to 
periodical press and editor The National Wom- 
an's Advance Guard. Congregationalist 



BOLE, Anna Sheldon Kitchel (Mrs. John Archi- 
bald Bole), 39 Elmhurst Av., Long Island, 

Graduate Smith Coll., B.A. '95; student of Ger- 
man literature at Victoria Lyceum, Berlin; of 
education at Cornell Univ. (summer), 1900; m. 
July 6, 1905, John Archibald Bole;' children: 
John Archibald Jr., b. 1906, James Renwick, b. 
1907; Albert Cleaver, b. 1908. Ass't in German, 
Athol (Mass.) High School, 1895-97; Eastern Dlst. 
High School, Brooklyn. N.Y., 1899-1905. 
BOLENT>EB, Daisy Chadwick (Mrs. Fred. J. 

Bolender), 116 N. Lybrand St.; Monroe, Wis. 
Born Monroe, Wis., M'ar. 26, 1871; dau. Will- 
lam W. and May (HO'Ward) Chadwick; ed. pub- 
lic schools and Univ. of Wis., B.L. '93 (mem. 
Kappa Alpha Theta); m. Monroe, Wis., Sept. 4, 
1894, Fred. J. Bolender (Univ. of Wis., B.S. 
'90); children: Joseph Bridge, Howard Hosier, 
John William, Frederick J. Clubs: Woman's, 
BOLENIUS, Emma Miller, Lancaster, Pa. 

Magazine writer and teacher; b. Lancaster, 
Pa-: daughter of Dr. Robert M. and Catherine 
(Carpenter) Bolenius; ed. Maryland Coll., Luther- 
ville, Md.; Bucknell Univ., Lewisburg, Pa., 
B.A. '98; (Columbia Univ., M.A. Instructor In 
Maryland Coll., Miss Mittleberger's School, Cleve- 
land; Pittsburgh Acad., Central High School, 
Newark, N.J. ; prof. Rioanoke Woman's Coll., 
Salem, Va. Contributor to educational maga- 
zines, religious juveniles, household magazines 
and Sunday supplements. Lutheran. Mem. 
D.A.R. Recreations: Tennis, basketball and 
BOLLES, Jenett« Hubbard, 1459 Ogden St., 

Denver, Colo. 

Physician: b. Douglas Co., Kan., Sept 12, 1862; 
dau. David and M. Jenette (Merrill) Hubbard; 
ed. public schools of Olathe, Kan. ; Kan. State 
UnlT., B.S. '85; Am. School of Osteopathy, Kirks- 
Tille, Mo., D.O. '94; Denver Univ., A.M. '08; 
mem. Pi Beta Phi; m. 1887, N. A. Bolles; chil- 
dren: Helen Louise, b. 1898; Esther Hubbard, b. 
1900. Was the first woman to take up the study 
of osteopathy. Has held various State and Nat. 
offices in the profession. Addressed the Nat. 
Ass'n at San Francisco, 1910. Declined appoint- 
ment of Gov. Shafroth upon State Med. Board, 
as they would not recognize osteopathy. Active 
mem. and worker in Mothers' Congress (Stale 
chairman of Child Hygiene Com.); Colorado 
representative at the last Internat. Congress of 
Child Welfare held in Washington, D.C. Favors 
woman suffrage. Congregationalist. Republican. 
Mem. D.A.R., Ass'n of Collegiate Alumnae, Nat., 
State and local Osteopathic Ass'n, Woman's Club 
of Denver, Clio Club of Denver, Kansas Club 
of Colorado. 
BOLLEY, Frances Sheldon (Mrs. H. L. Bolley), 

1002 Seventh St., North, Fargo, N.D. 

Born Madison, Wis., Jan. 17, 1866; dau. Alfred 
H. and Lucy A. (Sherwood) Sheldon; grad. Ober- 
lin Coll., A.B. '87; m. Janesvllle, Wis., 1896, 
Henry L. Bolley; adopted son: Donald S. Bolley. 
Mem. School Board, Library Board, Free Kin- 
dergarten Ass'n, Florence Crittenton Home 
Board, The Woman's Club of Fargo, N. Dak., 
Sociologic Section of Fine Arts Club. Congrega- 
tionalist. Favors woman suffrage. Independent 
In politics. 
BOLTON, Ethel Stanwood (Mrs. Charles 

Knowles Bolton), 48 Allerton St., Brookline, 

Mass. (Summer, Pound Hill Place, Shirley, 


Genealogist, writer; b. Boston March 2, 1873; 
dau. Edward and Eliza Maxwell (Topliff) Stan- 
wood; grad. Wellesley Coll., B.A. '94 (mem. 
Phi Sigma); m. Boston, June 23, 1897, Charles 
Knowles Bolton; children: Stanwood Knowles, 
b. Nov. 10, 1898, -and Geoffrey, b. Aug. 4, 1901^ 
Treas. Girls' Sewing Guild of Trinity Chapel, 
Shirley, Mass; cor. sec. Mount Coffee Ass'n. 
Author: History of the Stanwood Family in 
America, 1898; Clement Topliff and His De- 
scendants in Boston, 1905; (edited) Topliff's 
Travels, 1906; John Moore and His Descendants, 
1904; Farm Life a Hundred Years Ago, 1909. 
Episcopalian. Mem. Mass. Soc. of Colonial 
Dames, Nerw England Historic-Genealogical Soc, 

Daughters of the Revolution. Recreations: Swim- 
ming, gardentng, driving. Mem. S.A. Club of 
Brookline, Altrurian Club of Shirley, Mass. 
BOLTON, Sarah Knowles (Mrs. Charles E. 

Bolton), Cleveland, O. 

Author; b. Farmington, Conn., Sept. 15, 1841; 
dau. John Siegar and Elizabeth Mary (Miller) 
Knowles (direct descendant from Henry 
Knowles, one of the founders of Warwick, R.I., 
who came from England, 1635; ed. Hartford 
(Conn.) Sem., established by Catharine Beecher, 
sister of Henry Ward Beecher; m. Milwaukee, 
Wis., Oct. 16, 1866, Charles Edward Bolton (Am- 
herst, A.M. '65) (died Oct. 23, 1901); one son: 
Charles Knowles Bolton, b. Nov. 14, 1867 (Har- 
vard, A.B. '90). Formerly ass't cor. sec. of Nat. 
W.C.T.U.; local sec. Y.W.C.A.; rlce-pres. Am. 
Humane Education Soc. ; life mem. of various 
homes for dumb animals. Favors woman suf- 
frage. Presbyterian. Author: Orlean Lamar 
and Other Poems, 1864; The Present Problem, 
1872; How Success is Won, 1884; Poor Boys Who 
Became F'amous, 1885; Girls Who Became Fa- 
mous, 1886; Social Studies In England, 1886; 
Stories from Life (fiction), 1886; Famous Ameri- 
can Authors, 1887; From Heart and Nature 
Poems (with her son, Charles K. Bolton), 1887; 
Some Successful Women, 1888; Famous Men of 
Science, 1889; Famous English Authors of the 
Nineteenth Century, 1890; Famous European 
Artists, 1890; Famous English Statesmen, 1891; 
Famous Types of Womenhood, 1892; Famous 
Voyagers and Explorers, 1893; Famous Leaders 
Among Men, 189i; Famous Leaders Among Wo- 
men, 1S95; The Inevitable and Other Poems, 
1895; Famous Givers and Their Gifts, 1896; A 
Country Idyl and Other Stories (fiction), 1898; 
Every Day Living, 1900; Our Devoted Friend, 
the Dog, 1901; European Artists, 1902; Emerson, 
1904; Raphael, 1904; Travels in Europe and 
America, by C. E. Bolton (half completed at 
death, 1901), 1903; The Harris-Ingram Ex- 
periment (fiction), 1905; Famous American 
Authors, 1905; Memorial Sketch of Charles E. 
Bolton, 1907. Congregationalist. Was for three 
years associate editor of the Congregationalist, 
Boston. Several of her poems have been set to 
BOND, Carrie Ja<'ob8 (Mrs. Frank L. Bond), 

820 Fine Arts Building, Chicago, 111. 

Composer, author, publisher; b. Janesville, 
Wis., Aug. 11, 1863; dau. Hannibal and Emma 
(Davis) Jacobs; m. Dr. Frank L. Bond (died); 
one son: Frederic Jacobs. Compositions: I Love 
You Truly; Just A' Wearing for You; A Perfect 
Day, and many others. Mem. Am. Penwomen. 
Women's Press Club of Chicago, and various 
clubs affiliated with Gen. Fed. of Women's 
Clubs; hon. mem. Amateur Musical Club, Kappa 
Beta Gamma, Marshalltown Woman's Club. 
Recreation : Motoring. Episcopalian. Not ac- 
tively interested in suffrage question, but be- 
lieves women should have the ballot If they 
desire it. 
BOND, Elizabeth Powell (Mrs. Henry H. Bond), 

6300 Greene St., Germantown, Philadelphia, 


Educator; b. Clinton Hollow, Dutchess Co., 
N.Y., Jan. 25, 1841; dau. Townsend and Catha- 
rine (Macy) Powell; ed. public schools at Ghent, 
N.Y., Claverack (N.Y.) Institute; grad. N.Y. 
State Normal School, Albany, 1868 (honorary 
A.M. from Swarthmore Coll., honorary mem. 
Phi Beta Kappa, Swarthmore. Teacher in pub- 
lic and private schools; in charge of the physi- 
cal culture of the students of Vassar Coll., col- 
lege years 1865-70; dean of Swarthmore Coll., 
1886-1906. Actively interested in the work of the 
Am. Anti-Slavery Soc; more or less associated 
with Woman Suffrage workers since 1851: for a 
time connected with the work of the Free Con- 
gregational Soc. of Florence, Mass. Author: 
Words by the Way (series 1); Words by the 
Way (series 2). (These are papers given to the 
students of Swarthmore Coll.) Mem. Soc. of 
Friends. Favors woman suffrage. 
BOND, Isabella Bacon (Mrs. Charles H. Bond), 

128 Commonwealth Av., Boston; summer. 

Peace Haven, Swampscott, Mass. 

Born Boston, Mass.; dau. George Allen and 



Louise J. (Lynde) Bacon; ed. Boston public 
schools; grrad. from Melrose High School; at- 
tended WUbraham Acad. ; grad. New England 
Conservatory (oratory dep't) ; m. Washington, 
D. C. May 1, 1883, Charles H. Bond; children: 
Edith L.., Mildred, Kenneth Bacon, Charles 
Lawrence, Priscilla Isabelle. Before marriage, 
read two years in public through New England 
and In Washington, D.C., and vicinity. Sub- 
scriber to many organizations for civic improve- 
ment and betterment of the unfortunate; special 
personal work is assisting in educating Indi- 
viduals for certain lines of work or profession 
for which they are adapted. Favors woman suf- 
frage; mem. Equal Suffrage Ass'n for Good 
Government. Has served on Saugus School 
Board. Has published two volumes on travels 
(private editions): Quick Trip to Europe; Snap- 
shots of Europe. Mem. First Church of Christ 
(Scientist). Vlce-pres.gen. from Mass. of the 
Nat. Soc. D.A.R. ; pres. Beneficent Soc. of New 
England Conservatory; mem. Bostonian Soc, 
Mayflower Descendants, Professional Women's 
Club, Charity Club of Boston, Twentieth Century 
BOND, Mabel Cornish (Mrs. Samuel Hazen 

Bondl, "Dumblane," Forty-second and Warren 

Sts., Washington, D.C. 

Bom Washington, D.C, Aug. 24, 1867; dau. 
George Gordon and Ann Araminta (Dougherty) 
Cornish; ed. Vassar Coll., A.B. '89; Woman's 
Medical Coll. of the New York Infirmary, M.D. 
'92; m. Washington, D.C, Nov. 26, 1897, Samuel 
Hazen Bond. Resident physician Babies' Hos- 
pital, N.Y. City, 1892-93; mem. staff Woman's 
Clinic, Washington, D.C, 1893-97. Favors 
woman suffrage. 

BOND, Octavia Zollicoffer (Mrs. John Brlen 

Bond), Mt. Pleasant, Tenn. 

Lecturer, author; b. Gordon's Ferry, Hickman 
Co., Tenn., April 18, 1846; dau. Gen. Felix Kirk 
Zollicoffer, C.S.A., and Louisa Pocahontas (Gor- 
don) Zollicoffer; ed. Nashville Female Acad., 
and private schools in Nashville, Tenn. ; m. 
Columbia, Tenn., June 10, 1869, John Brien 
Bond (at;tomey). Delivered original poem at 
Atlanta Exposition, 1895, on Tennessee Day, 
Oct. 5, original poem In the Capitol at Nashville, 
June 23, 1897, at reunion of Confederates. Lec- 
tured before Vanderbilt History Class, Nashville; 
N.Y. Indian Ass'n, N.Y. City, and to audiences 
In Washington and other cities, winter 1910-11. 
Mem. Woman's Board of the "Tenn. Centennial 
Exposition, 1S9C-97. Autlior: Old Tales Retold 
(history tales, adopted as a supplementary reader 
in the city public schools of Tenn.); Yester-Nash- 
Tille Names (appeared serially in Nashville daily; 
will be published in book form) ; short stories : 
Voodooism in Tennessee (Atlantic Monthly); 
The Rule that Worked Both Ways (Black Cat), 
and other stories. Episcopalian. Mem. United 
Daughters of Confederacy. Watauga-Cumber- 
land Ass'n (vice-pres.), Tenn. Historical Soc. 
(first woman member admitted). Recreations: 
Social life. Mem. Browning Club of Nashville. 
Granddaughter . of Capt. John Gordon of the 
Spies, noted Tennessee pir aeer and Indian fighter 
under General. Jackson, and through maternal 
grandmother descended from Pocahontas of 

BONHAM, Eleanor Milton, 152 E. Market St., 

York, Pa. 

Born York, Pa., Dec. 31, 1881; dau. Horace and 
Rebekah (Lewis) Bonham; grad. York Collegiate 
Inst., '97; Baldwin School, Bryn Mawr, Pa., and 
Peebles and Thompson School, N.Y. City (grad. 
1899). Formerly actively Interested in local 
Juvenile Court Soc. ; one of the founders of St. 
John's Club, York, Pa., for boys and young 
men, and mem. of its permanent advisory board. 
Club: Woman's (York, Pa,). Recreation: Rid- 
ing, swimming, dancing. Episcopalian. 

BONNEK, GencTieve VoUmer (Mrs. John M. 

Bonner), Lewlston. Ida. 

Bom Le\<lston, Ida., 1879; dau. John Phillip and 
Sarah EHizabeth (Barker) VoUmer; ed. Miss 
Jaudon's School, N.Y. City; Bryn Mawr Coll., 
'03; m. Lewiston, 1912, John M. Bonner; one 
daughter: Sally Elizabeth. Interesrted in library 

extension, improvement of proT>erty rights for 
women and in the child labor question. Favors 
woman suffrage. Episcopalian. Republican. 
Recreation: Horseback riding. Pres. Tscemini- 
j:um Club, 1911-12. 

'bONNEK, Geraldlne, 101 E. Seventy-ninth St., 
N.Y. City. 

Author and playwright; b. on Staten Island, 
N.Y., 1870; dau. John and Mary (Sewell) Bonner; 
privately educated; went West with parents 
when 10 years old, living first in Colorado and 
later in San Francisco. Was for several years 
on staff. of the San Francisco Argonaut as dra- 
matic critic and later as foreign corresiKJndent. 
Since 1900 In literary work. Contributor of short 
stories to the Harper publications and other 
magazines. Author (pen-name "Hard Pan"): 
Hard Pan; To-Morrow's Tangle; The Pioneer; 
The Castiecourt Diamond Case; Rich Men's 
Children; collaborated with Elmer B. Harris on 
the play Sham and with Hutcheson Boyd on 
play Sauce for the (Joose. 

BONNEK, Mary Davenport (Mrs. Charles T. 
Bonner), 524 Houston St., Tyler, Tex. 
Born Tyler, Tex., July 19, 1866; dau. Dr. J. W. 
and Isabell (Dial) Davenport; m. (1st) Col. 
Thomas R. Bonner; (2d) Charles T. Bonner; 
children: Thomas D., Herndon P., Davenport H. 
Interested in church, charity and philanthropic 
work and in all matters for the betterment of 
citizenship of town and State. Regent of Mary 
Tvler Chapter D.A.R. ; charter mem. of First 
Literary Club; pres. Third Dist. Texas Fed. of 
Women's Clubs. Recreations: Horseback riding, 
walking. Methodist. Favors woman suffrage. 
BONSALI,, Elisabeth F., S430 Walnut St., 
Philadelphia, Pa- 
Artist and illustrator; b. Philadelphia, Pa.; 
dau. Amos and Anna W. (Wagner) Bonsall; ed. 
PhUadeiphia Acad, of Fine Arts, Drexel Inst, 
and Paris, France. Favors woman suffrage; 
mem. Philadelphia Woman Suffrage Ass'h. Pres- 
byterian. Mem. Fellowship of Pa. Acad, of Fine 
Arts, Plastic Club of Philadelphia. Recreation: 

BONSAXL, Mary W., 3430 Walnut St., Phila- 
delphia, Pa, 

Portrait painter; b. Femwood, Delaware Co., 

Pa.; dau. Amos and Anna W. (Wagner) Bonsall; 

ed. Pa. Museum and School of Industrial Art, 

Pa. Acad, of the Fine Arts (first Toppan prize, 

1896). Mem. Presbyterian Church. Mem. Plastic 

Club, Philadelphia, and Fellowship of Pa. Acad. 

of Fine Arts. Favors woman suffrage. 

BONSTELLE, Jessie (Mrs. Alexander HamlltOD 

Stuart), 119 E. Nineteenth St., Studio 63; oi 

W. A. Brady's office, W. Forty-eighth St., 

N.Y. City. 

Actress, manager; b. Greece, N.Y. ; dau. Joseph 
and Helen (Norton) Bonstelle; ed. Nazarett 
Convent, Rochester, N.Y.; m. Philadelphia, Alex- 
ander Hamilton Stuart. Began as understudj 
and chorus girl in Augustin Daly's Co., N.Y.; 
played one season with the famous Madame 
Janauschek. Went into stock company work and 
became manager and producer; played in about 
700 plays. Succeeded after eight years' trying In 
securing dramatic rights of Little Women and 
staged it. One of the directors and promoters 
of the only municipal theatrical company la 
America, In the Municipal Theatre at North- 
ampton, Mass. Favors woman suffrage. Chris- 
tian Scientist. Mem. National Arts Club. 
BOOKER, Rev. Edith Hill (Mrs. John Calla- 
way Booker), Newberg, Ore. 
Evangelist; b. Somerville, Mass., Oct 15, 1868; 
dau. S. E. Hill of Lyman, Me., and Anne Marj 
(Fishburn) Hill; ed. Emporia, Kan.; ordained a 
minister of the Gospel in regular Baptist de- 
nomination, 1S94; m. 1S96, John Callaway Booker; 
one son: Herald Hill Booker, b. 1898. Nat 
evangelist of W.C.T.U. for 18 consecutive years; 
Ambassador to Europe under Am. Woman's Re- 
public. Pastor and builder of Baptist churches, 
temperance orator. Lectures on Physical Cul- 
ture, Dress Reform, Child Culture. Active Id 
securing full suffrage in Oregon. Baptist. Pro- 
hibitionist Mem. Am. Woman's Republic. 
Ancestor, Valentine Hill, commissioned undei 



George m. as lieutenant in Frencli and Indian 

War; others were selectmen In early history of 


BOOLE, Ella Alexander (Mrs. William H. 

Boole), 1429 Av. H, Brooklyn, N.T. 

President Woman's Christian Temperance 
Union State of N.Y. ; b. Van Wert, Ohio, July 
26, 1858; dau. Col. Isaac N. and Rebecca (Alban) 
Alexander; grad. Van Wert High School, Univ. 
of Wooster (0.), A.B., A.M., Ph.D.; m. Van 
Wert, 0., July 3, 1883, Rev. William H. Boole, 
D.D. ; one daughter: Florence Alexander Boole. 
Taught in High School at Van Wert five years, 
during which time conducted teachers' institutes 
and taught modern Greek at Island Park As- 
sembly, Indiana. State officer in W.C.T.U. of 
N.Y. State, serving as cor. sec, first vice-pres., 
sec. of the Young Woman's branch, and State 
pres. Served as cor. sec. of Woman's Board of 
Home Missions of the Presbyterian Church, 
U.S.A. 1903-09. Now for second time pres. State 
W.C.T.U. Does suffrage work through W.C.T.U. 
Franchise Department. Writings are principally 
in the form of inspiration leaflets and pamphlets 
on missionary and temperance work. Presby- 
terian. Mem. Woman's Press Club, N.Y. City, 

BOOMSLITER, Alice Ella Colgan (Mrs. George 

Paul Boomsliter), 707 W. Green St., Urbana, 


Former teacher; b. Philadelphia; grad. Girls' 
High School, Philadelphia, 1902; holder of city 
scholarship at Bryn Mawr Coll., 1902-06, A.B. 
'06; m. 1910, George Paul Boomsliter. Private 
tutor -and teacher of English and French in 
Radnor High School, Wayne, Pa., 1906-07; prin- 
cipal Colgan School, Phcenixville, Pa., 1907-08; 
teacher of English in Girls' High School, Phila- 
delphia, 1908-10. 
BOOTH, Evangeline Cory, 122 W. 14th St., N.T. 


Commander of Salvation Army in America; 
b. In England; dau. William Booth, founder and 
general of Salvation Army (died 1912), and 
Catharine (Mumford) Booth; ed. in London, Eng. 
Formerly commanded field operations of the 
Army in London for five years; was principal 
International Training Colleges for same period; 
commenced work in the slums of London, which 
is now in operation all over the world under 
flag of the Salvation Army; commanded the 
Salvation Army in Canada for eight years, dur- 
ing which time organized and equipped a party 
of oflicers and nurses for opening tlie Salvation 
Army work in the Klondike, taking the party 
personally, 1898, as far as Chilkoot Pass; later 
visited Dawson City, where she was the guest 
of the Governor at the Government House, and 
was escorted by a detachment of the Northwest 
Mounted Police at all of her public appearances; 
spoke in the largest halls in Canada and New- 
foundland; since 1904 in command of the entire 
Salvation Army work in the U.S. of A. and its 
possessions. Has traveled extensively, visiting 
the different centers and inspecting the work, 
and has spoken in the largest public halls of the 
country. Has also traveled in the interests of 
the Salvation Army in France, Switzerland, the 
Scandinavian countries, Germany, and other 
countries, conducting services and inspecting 
the army work in her capacity of traveling com- 
missioner. Has composed words and music of 
many of the Salvation Army's choicest melodies; 
writes for Salvation Army publications and 
some public prints. Favors woman suffrage. 
Recreations: Riding, sfwimming. 
BOOTH, Mary Ann, 60 Dartmouth St., Spring- 
field, Mass. 

Mlcroscopist; b. Longmeadow, Mass., Sept. 8, 
1843; dau. Samuel Colton and Rhoda (Colton) 
Booth. Lecturer in many of the large cities of 
this country. Favors woman suffrage. Editor 
and contributor to various scientiflc magazines. 
Congregationalist. Mem. Brooklyn Inst, of Arts 
and Sciences, N.Y. Microscopical Soc, Am. Mi- 
croscopical Soc, D.A.R., Nat. Geog. Soc; fel- 
low A.A.A.S. and Royal Microscopical Soc, 
London. Recreations: Photography, photomi- 
crography. Active mem. Women's Club (Spring- 

field, Mass.); hon. mem. 'Womaai's Club, Long- 
meadow, Mass. 
BOOTH, Maud B. (Mrs. Balllngton Booth), 34 

West 28th St., N.T. City. 

Minister of the Gospel; b. Limpsfleld, Surrey, 
Eng.; dau. Rev. Samuel and Maria (Beddome) 
Charlesworth; ed. Belstead, Eng.; m. London, 
Eng., Sept. 16, 1886, Ballington Booth; children: 
Charles Brandon, Myrtle Theodora. Connected 
with Ballington Booth as leader and organizer 
of the Volunteers of America, Independent or- 
ganization — not connected with Salvation Army. 
Started Volunteer Prison League for the aid of 
our country's prisoners 1896. Author of chil- 
dren's stories: Sleepy Time Stories; Lights of 
Childland; Twilight Fairy Tales; After Prison— 
What? Did the Pardon Come Too Late? The 
Curse of Septic Soul Treatment; Wanted — Anti- 
Septic Christians. Recreations: Sailing, garden- 
ing. Mem. Women's Athletic Club of Chicago, 
Woman's Press Club of N.J. 

BOOTH, Rejoyce Ballance Collins (Mrs. Charles 
Maclay Booth), 510 Alameda St., Vallejo, Cal. 
Born Chicago, 111., July 28, 1876; dau. Hold- 
ridge Ozro and Mary (Ballance) Collins; ed. 
Marlborough School, Los Angeles, and high 
school, Peoria, 111.; grad. Smith Coll., B.L. '98 
(mem. Alpha and Philosophical Socs.) ; post- 
grad, work in U.S. history, Bradley Polytechnic 
Institute, Peoria, 111.; m. Peoria, 111., April 4, 
1910, Charles Maclay Booth. Teacher in Peoria, 
111.; San Antonio, Tex., and Los Angeles, Cal. 
(Jollege settlement worker among Mexicans and 
Italians in Los Angeles. Mem. Mayflower Soc, 
D.A.R., Colonial Dames of America, Soc. of 
Colonial Governors, Smith College Alumna 
Ass'n; worked for suffrage before the election 
which gave women the suffrage in California; 
pres. of Vallejo New Era League, a woman's 
political study club. Progressive Republican. 
Mem. New Era League of Cal., Smith College 
Club of Southern Cal., College Women's and 
Marlborough Clubs (Los Angeles). Presbyterian. 

BORDEN, Fanny, 618 Rock St., Fall River, 

Librarian; b. Fall River, Mass.; ed. In schools 
of Fall River; Vassar Coll., A.B. '98; N.Y. 
State Library School, 1898-1900, B.L.S. '01. Ass't 
librarian Bryn Mawr Coll. Library, 1901-03; as- 
sociate librarian. Smith Coll. Library, 1903-05; 
reference librarian of the Vassar College Library 
since 1910. 

BORDEN, Lncie Elizabeth (Mrs. Arthur Bor- 
den), Maplehurst, Concord, N.H., and W. 
Ninety-third St., N.T. City. 

Writer; b. Hopkinton, N.H.; dau. Samuel 
Smith and Ellen Maria (Cutter) Page; ed. Colby 
Acad, and Wellesley Coll. ; mem. Wellesley Coll. 
faculty (French dep't), 1881-85; m. Sept. 2, 1885, 
Arthur Borden; one daughter: Marguerite Bor- 
den. EMited Chicago daily paper and religious 
and scientific weekly. Interested worker for 
socioiagy in the practical colonization of the 
masses as developed by the Codoperative Unity 
of Lee Co., Florida. Translator of Renan, de 
Guerln, de Nerval, etc. Author: The Awakening 
and other short stories. Mem. D.A.R. (Mary 
Murray Chapter), N.Y. City. Mem. Woman's 
Press Club, N.Y. Wellesley Club; founder and 
pres. Sevignfe Club of Denver (honored by 
French Govemjnent for advancement in language 
and literature); mem. Woman's Club of Denver. 
Favors woman suffrage. Republican; voted in 

BORDEN, Sarah HUdreth Ames (Mrs. Spencer 
Borden), Interlachen, Fall River, Mass.; sum- 
mer, Les Abrlas, Gloucester, Majss. 
Bom Lowell, Mass.; dau. Gren. Adelbert Ames, 
U.S.A., and Blanche (Butler) Ames; ed. Miss 
Baldwin's School, Bryn Mawr, Pa,, and was for 
two years at Bryn Mawr Coll.; m. Spencer Bor- 
den Jr. of Fall River,; children: Blanche 
Butler Jr., b. 1902; Joan, b. 1907; Ames, b. 1909. 
BORGLUM, Emma Vignal (Mrs. Solon H. 
Borglum), studio, 367 Lexington Av., N.T.. 
City; home. Rocky Ranch, Norwalk, Conn. 
Art Jeweler; b. Paris, France, Mar. 4, 1863^; 
dau. Jean and Lydie (Letalle) Vignal; ed. Paris, 
France, degree Brevet sup6rieur; m. Paris, Dec 



10, 1898, Solon H. Borglum; children: Paul A., 
b. 1901; Maurice Solon, b. 1903. Mem. Gotham 
Clnb, N.Y.. ; Portfolio Club, Norwalk, Conn.; 
Sllvermlne Group of Artists (sec). Recreation: 
FNarmlng. EJpiscopalian. Favors woman suf- 
frage; mem. Conn. Woman Suffrage Ass'n, New 
Canaan Equal Franchise League. 
BORGLCM, Lucie Mothe, 2661 Douglas St.. 

Omaha, Neb. 

Planlstp; b. Paris, June 25, 1866; dau. Jean 
Vlgnal (pastor), one of founders of Baptist 
Church In Paris, and Lydie CLetalle) Vlgnal; ed. 
Paris, diploma of Univ. of Paris; m. Paris, Oct. 
20, 1900. August Mothe Borglum (prominent mu- 
sician and brother of the famous sculptors Solon 
and Gutzon Borglum); one son: Georges Paul 
Borglum, b. Nov. 24, 1903. Professional ac- 
companist for world-renowned artists, appearing 
with Emile Sauret, Corinne Ryder Kelsey, Jane 
Osborne, Hannah, etc." Active mem. Tuesday 
Morning Musicals Club of Omaha. Gives mu- 
sical lectures at Omaha Woman's Club. Episco- 
palian. Recreations: Frequent trips to Europe 
Chae spent eight summers in Europe in last 
eleven years). 
BORGLCM, Mary Williams Montgomery (Mrs. 

Gutzon Borglum), Borgland, Stamford, Conn. 

Born Marash, Turkey, Nov. 21, 1874; dau. 
Giles and Emily (Redington) Montgomery; ed. 
Hillhouse High School, New Haven, Conn.; 
Wellesley Coll.,. B.A. '96; Berlin Univ., Germany, 
Ph.D. '01; also studied in France (mem. Zeta 
Alpha, Wellesley); m. Short Beach, Conn., 1909, 
Gutzon Borglum (distinguished sculptor); one 
son: James Lincoln. Interested in child labor 
legislation. Author: Told in the Gardens of 
Araby (with Izora Chandler). Mem. Deutsche 
Orient-Gesselschaft, Woman's University Club 
(N.Y. City). Congregationalist. 
BORIE, Edith Pettit (Mrs. Adolphe Edward 

Borle), 4100 Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Born Philadelphia; ed. Miss Irwin's School, 
Philadelphia; Bryn Mawr Coll. (George W. 
Childs prize essayist), A.B. '95, A.M. '98; graduate 
student Bryn Majwr, 1897-98; reader in English, 
Bryn Mawr, 1898-1902; m. 1907, Adolphe Edward 
Borie 3d. 
BORING, Alice Mlddleton, Univ. of Maine. 

Orono, Me. 

Prof, of zoology; b. Philadelphia, Feb. 22, 1883; 
dau. Edwin M. and Elizabeth G. (Truman) Bor- 
ing; ed. Bryn Mawr Coll., A.B. '04, A.M. '05, 
Ph.D. '10; grad. scholar in biology, 1904-05; Moore 
Fellow in zoology, Univ. of Pa., 1905-06; fellow 
in biology, Bryn Mawr, 1906-07; Mary E. Garrett 
European fellow from Bryn Mawr, 1908-09. Ass't 
in Biological Laboratory, Bryn Mawr, 1904-05; 
Instructor in zoology, Vassar, 1907-08; instructor 
In zoology, Univ. of Maine, 1909-11; ass't prof, 
zoology, Univ. of Maine, 1911-12. Author of en- 
tomological monographs: A Study of Spermato- 
genesis of Membracidse (Journal Experimental 
Zoology IV, 4) ; A Small Chromosome in Ascaris 
Megalocephala (Archiv. fiir Zellforschung IV. 1); 
On the Effect of Different Temperatures, etc. 
(Archiv. fur Ent. Org. XXVII, 1). Mem. A.A.A.S., 
Am. Soc. of Naturalists, Soc. of Am. Zoologists, 
Collegiate Alumnae. Favors woman suffrage. 
Clubs: Woman's (Orono, Me.); also Research, 
Arts and Round Table Clubs of Univ. of Maine. 
Recreations: Walking, canoeing, birding. Eu- 
ropean travels. 
BORING, riorence KJmball (Mrs. William A. 

Boring), New Canaan, Conn. 

Born Carlinville, 111., Aug. 31, 1867; dau. Henry 
Martyn and Frances (Palmer) Kimball; ed. 
Blackburn Univ., Carlinville, 111.; m. St. Paul, 
Minn., Oct. 23, 1S94, William A. Boring; children: 
Ruth, Louise, Benson. Favors woman suffrage. 
Recreations: Driving, automobillng. 
BORLAND, Maud Rives, 471 Park Av., N.Y. 


Bom N.Y. City, April 14, 1886; dau. John and 
Constance (Rives) Borland. Mem. Woman's 
Welfare Dep't Nat. Civic Federation. Mem. 
Colony Club. 
BORRETTE, Olive E. (Mrs. Harry R. Borrette), 

Napa, Cal. 

Born Napa Co., Cal., Aug. 8, 1862; dau. Ed- 

ward H. and Angellne (Woods) Bragg; ed. pub. 
lie schools of Napa Co., and Napa Young Ladles' 
Sem. ; m. in Nevada, Jan. 1. 1883, Harry R. 
Borrette; children: Nellie, b. 1883; Harry, b. 
1885; Edith, b. 1887 (died 1906); Eugene, b. 1895 
(died 1897). Cooperator and organizer in all 
movements that will better conditions In the 
country and In farm homes. Favors woman suf- 
frage; was chairman of the first public meeting 
in Napa, held In the interests of equal suffrage. 
Sept., 1911. Republican. Mem. Ivy Rebekah 
Lodge, No. 23, Napa Grange No. 307. Recrea- 
tions: Fruit growers' conventions, State grange 
meetings; dist., State and nat, club conventions. 
Mem. Napa Seminary Club; pres. Brown's Valley 
Social and Improvement Club. 

BORST, Sara Cone Bryant (Mrs. Theodore 

Franz Borst), South Framlngham, Mass. 

Lecturer, teacher, writer; b. Melrose. Mass., 
June 4, 1873; dau. Dexter and Anne (Hancock) 
Bryant; grad. Boston Univ., A.B. '95; student of 
kindergarten methods in Berlin, 1896; m. Mar. 9, 
1908, "Theodore Franz Borst. Writer on news- 
papers .ind magazines, 1897-1900; instructor in 
English and lecturer on English poetry in Sim- 
mons Coll., 1904-06; lecturer on story telling in 
the Lucy Wheelock Kindergarten In Boston, 
1907; and since then before clubs and on public 
platforms in principal American cities. Author: 
How to Tell Stori&s to Children, 1906; Best 
Stories to Tell to Children, 1912. 
BOSHER, Kate Lee Langley (Mrs. Charles 

Gideon Bosher), 108 N. Sixth St., Richmond. 


Author; b. Norfolk, Va., Feb. 1, 1865; dau. 
Charles Henry and Portia (Deming) Langley; 
grad. Norfolk Coll. for Young Ladles, '82; m. 
Oct. 12, 18S7, Charles Gideon Bosher, Richmond, 
Va. Author: Mary Gary, 1910; Miss Gibbie 
Gault, 1911; Bobble, 1911; The Man in Lonely 
Land, 1912. Mem. United Daughters of Con- 
federacy. Mem. Woman's Club of Richmond, 
and Equal Suffrage League. Baptist. 
BOSWELL, Helen Varick, 521 W. 111th St., 

N.Y. City. 

Sociologist and lecturer; b. Baltimore, Md., 
July 6, 1S69; dau. Marriott and Emily Johnson 
(Tuttle) Boswell; grad. Friends Sem., Baltimore; 
grad. Washington Coll. of Law, Washington, 
D.C., LL.B. As a sociologist was sent to 
Panama by U.S. Government in 1907 to investi- 
gate social conditions. Organized the (3anal 
Zone Fed. of Women's Clubs; helped to organize 
and is officer in Nat. Prison Labor Com.; chair- 
man Industrial and Social Conditions Dep't (Jen. 
Fed. Women's Clubs; pres. Nat. Woman's Re- 
publican Ass'n. Chairman Woman's Bureau of 
Republican Nat. Com., campaign of 1912. Fa- 
vors woman suffrage; mem.' several suffrage or- 
ganizations. Protestant. Active In D.A.R. 
(vice-regent of Manhattan Chapter, N.Y. City). 
Recreations: Music, drama. Pres. Woman's 
Forum, N.Y. City; mem. Woman's Press Club, 
Internat. Pure Milk League, West End Repub- 
lican Club, and many other clubs. 
BOSTW^CK, Clara Lena, the Elms, Springfield. 


Teacher; b. Great Barrington, Mass.; grad. 
Vassar Coll., A.B. '83. Teacher since 1883; now 
associate principal of the Elms School, Spring- 
field, Mass. 
BOTSrORD, Delia Eliza Whiting (Mrs. Charles 

Ward Botsford). Springvllle, N.Y. 

Born Rochester, Minn., 18S4; dau. Url Rice 
and Grace A. (Brooks) Whiting; ed. Rochester 
(Minn.) High School, Griffith Inst., Springville 
N.Y.; m. Sioux Falls, S.Dak., May 26, 1909, 
Charles Ward Botsford, E.M. Interested In the 
Sunshine Soc. and Home Economics movements. 
Against woman suffrage. Episcopalian. Rec- 
reations: Horseback riding, travel. 
BOTSFORD, Mary Rawson, 149 Delaware St.. 

Woodbury, N.J. 

Teacher; b. Hughesvllle, N.Y. ; grrad. Vassar 
Coll., A.B. (Phi Beta Kappa), A.M. '94; graduate 
student Columbia Univ., 1906-07. Teacher Char- 
lotte, N.C., 1879; Port Jervls, N.Y., 1879-81- 
Rockford (HI.) High School, 1881-83; Rookford 
Coll., 1883-«7; Ogontz, Pa., 1887-88; WUaon Coll., 



1883-1903; National Cathedral School, Washington, 
D.C., 1903-06; Mary Baldwin Sem., Staunton, 
Va. ; Miss Bangs' and Miss Whiton's School, N.Y. 
City, since 1908. 

BOTSFORD, Sarah Elizabeth Goodwin (Mrs. 
Austin Nichols Botsford), Watertown, Conn. 
Born Providence, R.I., Nov. 21, 1876; dau. Ozias 
Chapman and Elenora P. (West) Goodwin; grad. 
Friends School, Providence, R.I., '94 (valedictor- 
ian of class); Smith Coll., A.B. '99; Brown 
Univ., 1899-1901, A.M. 1901; Greek, Latin, German; 
elected to the Greek Club and Chemistry Soc. on 
scholarship; m. Peace Dale, R.I., April 19, 1910, 
Austin Nichols Botsford. Before marriage a 
teacher of languages in the high schools of New- 
town, Branford and Danbury, Conn., and at 
Peace Dale, R.l. Against woman suffrage. 
Congregationalist. Mem. The Grange (Patrons 
of Husbandry), both local and county, D.A.R. 
BOUGHNER, Martha, Morgantown, W.Va. 

Born Mt. Morris, Pa. (resident of Morgantown, 
then in Va. since six weeks old) ; dau. James 
Vance Boughner, M.D., and Louisa Jane (Brown) 
Boughner (both Virginians); grad. Morgan- 
town (W.Va.) Female Sem. (valedictorian); 
since graduation has studied Latin, German and 
French with private teachers. Interested in 
religious questions, child labor problems and 
juvenile courts. Favors woman suffrage; has 
written a great deal for newspapers. Mem. 
Methodist Episcopal Church. Mem. D.A.R., 
Woman's Foreign Missionary Soc; pres. Wo- 
man's Club since organization, 1892. Recrea- 
tions: Walking, driving, motoring, nature. 
Mem. Woman's Music Club. 

BOUGHTON, Alice, Bartholdi Building, Twenty- 
third St., cor. Broadway, N.Y. 
Photographer; b. Brooklyn, N.Y., 1866; dau. 
William H. and Frances A. (Ayres) Boughton; 
ed. Miss Romer's School, Brooklyn. Long en- 
gaged in successful professional practice of 
photography. Mem. Women's Cosmopolitan 

BOUGHTON, Alice C, 4424 Larchwood Av., 
West Philadelphia, Pa. 

Dietarian; b. Philadelphia, 1885; dau. John W. 
and Cajoline W. (Greenbank) Boughton; ed. Ivy 
House (Bryn Mawr Prep.); one year in Switzer- 
land and Drexel Inst., 1907; now taking Univ. of 
Pa. college courses for teachers. Sup't school 
luncheon, Starr Centre, 1907-10; sup't school 
luncheon. Home and School League, 1910 — ; 
chairman Com. on School Luncheon, Am. Home 
Economic Ass'n. In summer of 1912 made a 
study of school feeding in England and the 
continent of Europe. Deeply interested in social 
education. Favors woman suffrage. Socialist. 
Mem. Am. Acad. Political and Social Science, 
Am. Home Ek;onomic Ass'n, Philadelphia Home 
Economic Ass'n, Philadelphia Home and School 
League, Pa. Soc. for Prevention of Social Dis- 
ease, Philadelphia Public Education Ass'n, Phila- 
delphia Social Workers Club, New Century 
Club, Philadelphia County Woman Suffrage 
Ass'n, Woman Suffrage Party of Pa., Equal 
Franchise Soc., Consumers' League. 
BOUGHTON, Lethe Hawes (Mrs. William Hart 
Boughton), 796 Ashland Av., Buffalo, N.Y. 
Musician; b. Cowlesville, N.Y., Oct. 24, 1872; 
dau. Warren Lee and Harrietts (Lake) Hawes; 
ed. Buffalo Central High School; m. Buffalo, 
N.Y., June 26, 1895; one son: Warren Victor 
Boughton, b. Mar. 6, 1900. Church and concert 
singer and teacher of singing, St. Margaret's 
School, Buffalo, N.Y. Favors woman suffrage. 
Episcopalian. Mem. Chromatic Club, Buffalo, 
and Buffalo Guild of Allied Arts. 
BOUGHTON, Martha E. Arnold (Mrs. Willis 
Boughton), 364 East Twenty-first St., Flat- 
bush, Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Author; b. Corunna, Mich.; dau. John M. 
Arnold, D.D., and Hannah E. (Redway) Arnold; 
ed. Detroit High School, Evanston, 111., North- 
western Univ. one year and Univ. of Mich., Ph.B. 
'80; m. Detroit, Mich., July 4, 1884, Willis 
Boughton; children; Willis Boughton, Paul 
Ninde Boughton. Engaged in various religious, 
social and philanthropic activities. Sunday- 
school work; Deaconess sec. for Brooklyn, etc. 

Author: Biography of Rer. J. M. Arnold, D.D., 
1885; The Quest of a Soul, and Other Verse, 1911; 
also various contributions to magazines, papers, 
songs, etc. Mem. Methodist Episcopal Church 
and church societies. Recreation: Music. Clubs: 
Fortnightly of Flatbush (literary), Esperanto of 
N.A., Woman's Club of Univ. of Mich. 
(Alumnae), Music Club. 

BOULTON, Frances Schroeder (Mrs. Alfred J. 

Boulton), 5S Quincy St., Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Born Shelter Island Heights, L.I., Aug. 21, 
1S74; dau. Hon. Frederick A. Schroeder (who 
was comptroller and afterward mayor of Brook- 
lyn, and later State Senator) and Mary Jane 
(Rusher) Schroeder; grad. Adelphi Acad., '93 
Teachers Coll., '96; m. Nov. 22, 1905, Alfred J 
Boulton; children: Schroeder, b. Jan. 31, 1909 
Margaret Mary, b. May 16, 1911. Was sup't 
Bethel Sewing School seyen years; taught class 
in city history. Boys' (jymnasium Club; mem. 
City Visiting Com. of Bureau of Charities; or- 
ganized delegation from women's clubs to Albany 
in favor of bill for vestibuUng street cars In 
year bill was passed. In 1911 organized Unity 
Child Welfare Ass'n and became its pres. For 
several years mem. Domestic Science Com. of 
Brooklyn Institute. Favors woman suffrage. 
Mem. Woman Suffrage Parrty. Unitarian. Mem. 
Unity Child Welfare Ass'n, Woman's Trade 
Union League, Intercollegiate Socialist Society. 
Recreations: Sailing, automobilmg. Mem. Civitas 

BOURGARD, Caroline B., 1324 Hepburn Av., 

Louisville, Ky. 

Supervisor of music in public schools for 21 
years; b. Indiana; dau. William August and 
Emma (Dreier) Bourgard; ed. Girls' High School, 
Louisville, Ky. ; Coll. of Music of Cincinnati; 
studied with William L. Tomlins and has a 
diploma for boy choir training from G. Edward 
Stubbs. N.Y. City. Organist and choirmaster 
since 1888; has been leader in the work of 
training and utilizing the voices of the children 
of Louisville, not only through the regular 
musical work of the public school, but also in 
organizing them into large chorusus for va- 
rious important occasions, notably the choir of 
500 public school pupils which she led on the 
last day of the Louisville May Music Festival, 
1909, in the cantata Into the World, by Benoit, 
tind The Children's Crusade, by Pierne, in the 
festival of 1911. by 300 voices, of which 450 were 
children; and at the Child Welfare Exhibit, held 
in Louisville, Nov., 1912, conducted a chorus of 
1,000 children in the singing of national airs. 
Mem. Music Com. Ky. Fed. of Women's Clubs. 
Music Com., Woman's Club of Louisville, and 
of Alumna Club of Louisville; organized four 
years ago the Louisville Music Teachers Ass'n; 
mem. and sec. Ky. Educational Ass'n (organized 
its music section) ; mem. Nat. Educational Ass'n, 
Southern Educational Ass'n, Louisville Educa- 
tional Ass'n, Highland Civic League. Presby- 
terian. Favors woman suffrage. 
BOURLAND, Caroline Brown, 1301 Knoxville 

Av., Peoria, III. 

College professor; b. Peoria, 111.; dau. Benja- 
min P. and Clara (Parsons) Bourland; ed. in 
France and Germany; High School, Peoria; Smith 
Coll., B.A. '93; student Sorbonne and College de 
France, Pans, 1897-98; fellow in Romance Lan- 
guages, Bryn Mawr Coll., 1898-99; graduate 
scholar and fellow by courtesy in Romance Lan- 
guages, 1899-1900, 1901-02; holder of Mary E. 
Garrett European fellowship and student in 
Romance Languages, Madrid, Spain, 1900-01, 
Ph.D.; Bryn Mawr, '05. Teacher, Pueblo, Colo., 
1893-94; teacher French and German in Mrs. 
Starrett's School, Oak Park, 111., 1895-96, and In 
high school, Peoria, 111., 1896-97; Instructor, 
1902-06. and at'soc^ate prof, of Spanish and 
French since 1906, Smith Coll. Author: Boccac- 
cio and the Decameron in Castilian and Catalan 
Literature, 1905. Mem. Am. Hispanic Soc. 
BOURNE. Annie Thomson Nettleton (Mrs. Ed- 
ward Gaylord Bourne), 73 Mansfield St., New 

Haven, Conn. 

Writer; b. Annaberg, Germany; ed. In schools 
of Stockbridge, Mass.; Bridgejwrt, Conn., and 



Vassar Coll., A.B. '89; attended Harvard Sum- 
mer School; m. Stockbridge, Mass., July 17, 1895, 
Edward Gaylord Bourne, prof, of history in Yale 
Univ. (died 1908); four sons, one daughter. 
Teacher in English dep't Vassar Coll. and Eng- 
lish dep't Women's Coll. of Western Univ. before 
marriage. Author of translation of The Voyages 
and Explorations of Samuel de Champlain, 1604- 
1616; also stories and articles in magazines. 
BOURNE, Mary Joy, 661 E. 170th St., N.Y. 


Teacher; b. Paterson, N.J. ; ed. in schools of 
N.Y. City and Vassar Coll., A.B. 1900; Brown 
Univ., A.M. '03. Teacher, South Orange, N.J., 
1903-04; Reading, Mass., 1904-05; Melrose, Mass., 
1905-07; N.Y. City High School since 1907. 

BOUTON, Emily St. John, 2139 Glenwood Av., 

Toledo. Ohio. 

Author, journalist; b. New Canaan, Conn.; dau. 
Daniel Webb and Almina (St. John) Bouton; ed. 
Binghamton, N.Y., Sandusky High School (vale- 
dictorian) '57. Taught literature in Central High 
School of Chicago two years; later in high school 
at Toledo. Became editorial writer upon Toledo 
Blade, 1879, .received wide recognition for signed 
articles upon power of thought in shaping life. 
Worker in societies advocating religious freedom; 
one of founders and supporters of Industrial 
Home for Working Girls, Toledo; lecturer, in 
recent years, upon literary subjects and their in- 
fluence upon great movements for humanity's 
good. Mem. Executive Board of Toledo Suffrage 
Soc. Author: Health and Beauty; Social Eti- 
quette; Life's Gateways; The Life Joyful. Mem. 
'Toledo Woman's Ass'n; Ohio Newspaper Ass'n; 
honorary mem. Educational Club of Toledo; 
Wauseon Woman's Club and Sorosis; Emerson 
Class and Writers' Club of Toledo. 

BOCTON, Rosa, Ocean Beach, San Diego, Cal. 

Professor of home economics; b. Albany, 
Kan., Dec. 19, 1869; dau. E. F. and Fannie 
(Waldo) Bouton; ed. State Normal Scheol, Peru. 
Neb.; Univ. of Ne<b., B.S. '91, M.A. '93. Was 
several years adjunct prof, of chemistry in 
Univ. of Neb.; resigned that position to become 
prof, home economies and head of the dep't of 
home economics, which she built up to a regular 
four years' college course dep't, leading to B.Sc. 
degree; resigned 1912. Has lectured on home 
economics before farmers' and teachers' insti- 
tutes and women's clubs; mem. National Home 
Economics Ass'n; was mem. of the Advisory 
Board of Y.W.C.A., Univ. of Neb. Contributor 
to agricultural and educational journals, chiefly 
on subjects related to home economics. Author 
(Home Study Series): No. 1, Convenient 
Kitchens. No. 2, Food a Factor in the Home; 
Cereals and How to Cook Them. 

BOUTWELL, Georgiana A., Groton. Mass. 

Born Groton, Mass., May 18, 1843; dau. Hon. 
George Sewall and Sarah Adelia (Thayer) Bout- 
well; ed. in public school and Lawrence Acad., 
Groton, and work under private teachers and 
Normal School, Salem, Mass. Taught school 
one term in Lunenburg, Mass., and was a sub- 
stitute teacher one term in preparatory class of 
Roxbury Latin School. In Dec, 1862, went with 
parents to Washington (where her father served 
as Congressman, Secretary of the Treasury and 
U.S. Senator) and for 30 winters spent the whole 
or part of the winter there. While there was 
several years mem. of the Miner Fund for the 
EMucation of Colored Youth In the Dist. of 
Columbia, and one of the Building Com. of 
Miner Normal School Building. Appointed by 
Gov. of Mass., 1877, one of three women on the 
Advisory Board of Women tor Inspection of the 
Institutions of Tewksbury, Monson and West- 
boro (the first board of women appointed by the 
State), and following the success of this board a 
law was passed making women eligible as mem- 
bers of managing boards of State institutions 
and she was appointed a trustee for the in'stltu- 
tions of Tewksbury and Bridgewater, resigning 
after two years' service. Favors woman suf- 
frage; during residence In Washington used her 
Influence for employment of women in the de- 
partments, especially the Treasury Department. 
Author of magazine and newspaper articles. 

Unitarian. Mem. Colonial Dames; regent Groton 
Chapter Daughters of the Revolution; mem. His- 
torical Soe. of Groton; first pres. Groton Im- 
provement Soc; mem. of School Committee of 
Groton for several years; first pres. Groton 
Woman's Club, organized March, 1S13. 

BOCVE, Pauline Carringt-on (Mrs. Thomas T. 

Bouv6), Boston Globe Office, Boston, Mass. 

Journalist, author; b. Little Rock, Ark.; dau. 
Gen. Albert Rust (civil engineer and surveyor 
on Government survey of Indian Territory and 
Ark.; mtm. U.S. Congress and brig.-gen. 
C.S.A.) and Anne Bouldin (Cabell) Rust; ed. 
by private tutors and governesses in Virginia; 
m. July 14, 1898, Thomas T. Bouve; one daugh- 
ter: Anne Winston Cabell Bouve, b. May 19, 
1900. For years engaged in journalism and lit- 
erature; now mem. of the staff of the Boston 
Sunday Globe. Author: Their Shadows Befor* 
(short novel); Pilate's Wife (serial in The Con- 
gregationalist) ; A Little Northern Light (Eskimo 
play, produced in Boston, April, 1910) ; won 
Black Cat prize for story An Unrepealed Law, 
1904; first prize for child's poem in Vick'» 
Family Magazine, 1905: Legends of the Pole 
People (The Circle); Brave Moustache, ballad 
(Youth's Companion); Miracle Stories of Science 
(Young People's Weekly); the Golden Fleece 
(translation from the French of Amedee Achard), 
also poems, serials, stories, etc., in many periodi- 
cals. Lectures: Dickens' Little Folks and 
Grown-Ups; Southern Silhouettes; The Shakers 
and Their Passing; Boston, Old England, and 
others. Episcopalian. Against woman suffrage. 
BOUVET, Jeanne Marie, 3743 Ellis Av., Chicago, 


Teacher; b. Belley, near Lyons, France, May 
2, 1864; dau. Joannas Masino and Adelphine 
(Bertrand) Bouvet; English education at St. 
Mary's School (Episcopal), Knoxville, 111., grad. 
1881; French studies at the Sorbonne, Paris. 
Began professional career as teacher of French, 
English and history at St. Mary's School; went 
to Chicago in 1890 and taught In high school 
until 1907. Traveled abroad and in America; 
student of literature and art. During residence 
in Paris as student at the Sorbonne, made spe- 
cial study of Government school methods in 
France and visited training schools for women 
teachers at Fontenay-sous-Roses and Sevres: 
makes translations. Author: Exercises in 
French Syntax and Composition, Fleurs des 
Poetes et des Prosateurs Francais; Outlines for 
Class or Individual Study in French History, 
Art and Literature Since the Renaissance. 
Favors woman suffrage. 
BOUVET, Marie Marguerite, Reading, Pa, 

Author, teacher; b. New Orleans, La., Feb. 14, 
1865; dau. Jean Francis and Adelphine (Bertrand) 
Bouvet; ed. Loquet-Leroy Female Inst., New 
Orleans; St. Mary's Coll., Knoxville, 111. En- 
gaged as a teacher of French and literature. 
Author: Sweet William; Prince Tip Top; Little 
Marjorie's Love Story; A Little House in 
Pimlico; A Child of Tuscany; My Lady; Tales of 
an Old Chateau; Bernado and Laurette; Clotilde; 
The Smile of the Sphinx. Honorary mem. 
Women's Club (federated), Reading. Pa. 
BOVAJRD, Emma Griffith (Mrs. Joseph H. 

Bovaird), 198 South Av., Bradford, Pa. 

Born Petroleum Center, Pa. ; dau. Theodore 
M. and Alfretta (Smawley) Griffith; ed. Brad- 
ford (Pa.) public schools. Cornell Univ. fAlpha 
Phi); m. Bradford, Pa., Feb. 27, 1900, Joseph H. 
Bovaird. Interested in civic work, philanthropy, 
in work with attendance officer of the public 
schools; directly responsible for the success of 
two constructive "safe and sane" Fourth of July 
celebrations. Works in Junior Cooperative 
League, corresponding to League of Good Citi- 
zenship elsewhere. Mem. Children's Aid of Pa., 
Northwestern Tuberculosis League; cor. sec. 
Woman's Literary Club; pres. City Improvement 
Ass'n; chairman Juvenile Court Com. of Pa. 
State Federation. Recreations: Country club, 
golf, bowling. Presbyterian. - 
HOWDEN, .4ngle Burt (Mrs. Edmund Bowden), 

1534 Eighteenth Av., Seattle. Wash. 

Born San Francisco, Cal., May 6, 18S2; itM. 



William Henry and Anne E. (Newton) Burt; ed. 
Whitman Sem., St. Paul's School, Walla Walla, 
Wash.; m. WaUa Walla, Dec. 6, 1882, Edmund 
Bowden; children: Edmund Robert, William 
Burt. Ex-regent Rainier Chapter D.A.R. ; mem. 
Ladies' Relief Soc., which maintains the Seattle 
Children's Home; mem. Children's Orthopedic 
Hospital Ass'n, Seattle Fruit and Flower Mis- 
sion, Day Nursery Ass'n, Girls' Training School 
Ass'n. Against woman suiTrage. Episcopalian. 
Republican. Mem. Washington State Pioneer 
Ass'n, Nat. Soc. of Daughters of Founders and 
Patriots of America, Ladies' Branch Seattle Ten- 
nis Club. Appointed hostess for Seattle Week at 
the Lewis and Clark Exposition held in Portland, 
Ore., in 1905, by the Hon. Richard A. Ballinger, 
then mayor of Seattle. Descendant of seven of 
the "Original Proprietors" of Taunton, Masa., 
South Purchase, 1672. 

BOWDIXCH, Sylvia Church Scadder (Mrs. In- 
gersoll Bowditch), 19 Buckingham St., Cam- 
bridge, Mass. 

Born Cambridge, Mass.; dau. Horace E. and 
Grace (Owen) Scudder; ed. Cambridge (Mass.) 
School for Girls and private tutors; grad. Bryn 
Mawr Coll., A.B. '01; grad. student Radcliffe 
Coll., 1901-02; m. 1904, IngersoU Bowditch; chil- 
dren: Samuel IngersoU, b. Mar. 4, 1906; Sylvia 
Church Jr., b. Aug. 19, 1910; Charles Pickering, 
b. Nov. 17, 1912. Teacher of Greek and English 
in the Bryn Mawr School, Baltimore, 1902-04. 
Honorary corresponding sec. Bryn Mawr Coll. for 
Boston, Mass. 

BOWEN, Anna Cara Cornelia, 210 East Ma.ln 
St., Batavia, X.T. 

Formerly a teacher, investigator; b. Batavia, 
N.Y.; daughter of George and Emerette Amelie 
Hewlett (Walker) Bo wen; ed. Batavia. FajTDlng- 
ton, Conn., Cornell Univ. A.B., Radcliffe Coll. 
(mem. Kappa Alpha Theta). Teacher in Wash- 
ington Coll., Atlanta. Ga., N.Y. City, Rockford 
Coll., Rockford. HI. Interested in psychology, 
psychic research, astronomy, bacteriology, im- 
migration and suffrage reforms and in the pre- 
vention of cruelty to animals. Mem. Englisn, 
French and Am. Socs. for Psychic Research, 
Theosophical Soc, Nat. Geographic Soc, Soc. for 
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Cornell 
Alumnffi Ass'n, Coll. Alumnae Ass'n fBoston). 
Recreations: Long walks, interesting reading, 
superintending and working in a flower garden, 
travel in interesting countries, mountain climb- 
mg. Has written for newspapers and occa- 
sionally for the magazines. Believes in suffrage 
with educational and property qualifications, 
restricted to American-born men and women. 
BOWEN, Annie Beaaregard, 1835 De Lance> 
Place, Philadelphia. Pa. 

Born St. Louis. Mo. ; dau. Major General Jolin 
S. Bowen, C.S.A., and Mary Preston (Kennerly) 
Bowen; grad. Visitation Convent, St. Louis. 
Mo., 1878. Elected pres. Visitation Convent 'St. 
Louis) Alumnse, 1910; reelected 1912; sec. Taber- 
nacle Soc. Notre Dame, Philadelphia, for many 
years. Catholic 

BOWEN, Louise de Koren (*Mrs. Joseph Til- 
ton Boweni, 1430 Aster St., Chicago, 111. 
Born Chicago. Feb. 26, 1859; dau. John and 
Helen (Haddock) de Koven; ed Dearborn Semi- 
nary, Chicago; m. Chicago, June 1, 1886, Joseph 
Tilton Bowen; children: John de Koven, Joseph 
Tllton, Jr., Helen Haddock. Louise de Koven. 
Pres. JuvenUe Protective Ass'n of Chicago. 
Trustee and treasurer of Hull House, vice-pres 
United Charities, pres. Hull House Woman's 
Club, mem. Chicago Visiting Nurse Asso., Play- 
ground Ass'n. Vice-pres. lilinois Equal Suffrage 
Ass'n, Cook Co. Ass'n, etc Episcopalian. Mem. 
Hull House Woman's Club, Chicago Woman's 
Club, Woman's City Club, Friday Club. Sadden 
and Cycle Club 

BOWEN, Margaret Barber (Mr*. Olaytor P.ay 
mond Bowen), -Meadville. Pa. 
Born Somcrville, .Mass., Oct. 30, 1874; dau. 
Henry Harvey Barber (Unitarian clergyman and 
educator) and Eliza Hapgood (Pratt) Barber: ed. 
Allegheny Coll. and- Cornell Univ.. Ph.B, '96 
(mem. Alpha Chi Omegai; m. Charlestown, X.H.. 
Se^t. 12, 1905, Prof. Clayton Raymond Bowen. 
Unitarian theologian. After graduating from 

college was connected with Boston publishing 
houses; on staff of Atlantic Monthly, 1899-1900. 
Mem. Consumers' League, Esperanto Ass'n of 
North America, etc. Favors equal suffrage. 
Contributor to various periodicals. Unitarian. 
BOWEN, Mrs. Mary M., Independent Japanese 

Mission, 1315 Fifth St., Sacramento, Cal. 

Writer, philanthropist; b. Morgan town, W.Va., 
1S49; dau. Hon. Lot Garrison Bowen (military 
officer and statesman) and Casandra Vance 
(Wright) Bowen; ed. Morgantown Coll., Mt. 
Carroll, 111. (music); Baltimore (art diploma); 
tutors and governesses; widowed before nineteen; 
one daughter: Maude Genevieve Feore, lost 
later; resumed maiden name for iiterarj" rea- 
sons. At age of 23, through Dr. George V^. 
Wilding, suocessffully presented anti-divnrce 
theme before Gen. Conference M.E. Church in 
N.Y. City fsee chapter in Disciple). Home mis- 
sionary under M.E. Church in Savannah and 
Cincinnati, 1890-92. Organizer; only woman ^o 
establish independent work for Japanese: first 
missions in Southern California, Los Angeles, 
Riverside, Sacramento; mission for Koreans. 
Edits Megupmi No Hikari. Name presented at 
Emperor's Court, 1903, for services rendered to 
young students on Pacific Coast. Devoted to 
children, aged and alms hospitals. Favors wo- 
man suffrage. Active in civics. Votes. Began 
literary career at 14, has written under uom -de- 
plume in Scribner's, St. Nicholas', Arthur's, 
Demoresfs and Youth's Companion. Protege of 
Whittier and John G. Holland; has several un- 
published volumes to appear. Methodist, but 
ordained in United Brethren Church. Mem. 
State Board of W.C.T.U., Sacramento Saturday 
Club (second largest music club in U.S.). Rec- 
reations: Riding, nature studies, music, art. 
Known as an authority on Japanese topics. 
BOWEK, Dr. Emma E., Port Huron, Mich. 

Physician, secretary; b. Ann Arbor, Mich.; dau. 
Henry and Margaret Gertrude (Chase) Bower; 
grad. Univ. of Mich., grad. M.D. Gave up 
practice of medicine to act as secretary for a fra- 
ternal beneficiary order composed exclusively of 
women, the oldest woman's fraternal order: vice- 
pres. at large of the Nat. Council of Women of 
the U.S.; sec. Ladies of the Modern Maccabees; 
treas. Michigan Woman's Press Ass'n (was pres. 
2 years). Edited for 8 years a county Dem- 
ocratic newspaper, selling it when taking up 
present business. Was mem. Ann Arbor School 
Board 9 years, serving as pres. and also treas. 
during that time. Has been pres. of Ass'n ot 
Secretaries of the Nat. Fraternal Congress, also 
pres. Nat. Press Ass'n of the Nat. Fraternal 
Congress. Episcopalian. Democrat. Mem. D.A.B., 
Woman's Relief Corps, Rebekahs, Order ot East- 
ern Star. Favors woman suffrage. 
BOWER, Olive Stanley (Mrs. George Bower), 

Albion, 111. 

Born Edgewood, 111., Oct. 17, 1871, dau. Peaker 
and Margaret (Edmiston) Stanley; grad. CoU. of 
Liberal Arts, De Pauw Univ., '93; Music School, 
1S94; studied with Godowsky iji Chicago, 1897-9X: 
m. Aibion, 111., Jan. 25, 1899, George Bower. 
Treas. of Woman's Home Missionary Soc. of 
Southern 111. Conference of the Methodist Epis- 
copal Church. Mem. Albion Shakespeare Club. 
Taught music in Union Chriijtian Coll., Merom, 
Ind.. l?i94-95, and 1895-96. 

BOWEK.'VIAN, Helen Cox, Point plea.sant, N.J. 
Teacher; b. Rochester, N.Y.. July 27. 1878; 
dau Daniel and Mary (Weeks) Bowerman; ed. 
Mt. Holyoke Coll., A.B. '01; Univ. of Rochester, 
A..M. '03; Bryn .Mawr Coll., 1908-10, 1911-12, Ph.D. 
'12; Univ. of Bonn, Am. School of Classical 
Studies, Rome, 1910-11. Instructor in Latin, 
Western Coll.. 1905-08; Wilson Coll., Chambers- 
burg, Pa., since 1912. Author: Roman Sacrificial 
Altars, 1913. Episcopalian. Mem. Ass'n of Col- 
legiate Alumnse, Archaeological Inst, of .\jnerica. 
Recreations: Walking, canoeing, swimming. 

BOWERS. Lillian JEstella Shepard (Mrs. Her- 
bert O. Bowersi 54 North Elm St., 'Manches- 
ter, Conn. 

Born Conn., grad Smith Coll., B.A. '92; m. 
May 12, 1897, Herbert 0. Bowers; children: Sher- 
wood Griswold, b. June 2, 1899; EaymoQd Rldg- 



way, b. Aug. 24, 1903. Pres. Cosmopolitan Club 
of Manchester, Conn. 

BOWERS, Rose Alexander (Mrs. Paul E. Bow- 
ers), 2221A W. Ninth St., Michigan City, Ind. 
Physician; b. Denver, Colo.; dau. 0. A. and 
Rose (Kelsey) Alexander; grad. Philadelphia 
High School for Girls, 1905; Woman's Med. Coll. 
of Pa., M.D. '09; m. Chicago, 111., July 18, 1911, 
Paul E. Bowers, M.D. Appointed physician to 
Governmeut Hospital, Washington, D.C. ; re- 
signed July, 1911. Mera. Social Service Commis- 
sion of Protestant Episcopal Church. Active 
suffragist. Episcopalian. Mem. D.A.R. (Eu- 
genia Washington Chapter, Washington, D.C). 
Practicing physician at Michigan City, Ind. 
BOWIE, Virginia Berkley, 811 Hamilton Ter- 
race, Baltimore, Md. 

Magazine writer; b. Catonsvllle, Md., July 8, 
1880; dau. Dr. Howard Strafford and Laura 
(Berkley) Bowie; ed. at home and at Southern 
Home School, Baltimore, Md. Author: Short 
stories for Cosmopolitan, Smart Set, etc. Mem. 
Colonial Dames, Nat. Soc. D.A.R. (Washington- 
Custis Chapter), Navy Leagrue of U.S., Wcnnan's 
Literary Club of Baltimore. Emphatically for 

BOWKEB, Marion Ksther, 573 Main St., Athol, 

Physician; b. Montague, Mass., Nov. 21, 1885; 
dau. Alphonao V. and E. Louise (Amidon) Bowker; 
ed. Athol High School (second honor), Tufts 
Med. Coll., M.D. '07 (youngest member of class, 
twenty-one and one-half years). Passed Mass. 
State Board in 1907, Maine Board in 1907; office 
in Leominster, Mass.; Mar. -Sept., 1900, interne 
Mass. Homeopathic Hospital, Boston 1907-08; 
office in Athol since Sept. 1910. Vice-pres. Junior 
Alliance of Unitarian Church; active in Social 
Service Dep't of Woman's Club; played flute and 
piccolo in Navassar Ladies' Band during the 
summer of 1906 and 1909 in all parts of the U.S. 
and Canada. Mem. Orpheus Club, Athol 
Woman's Club, Eastern Star. Unitarian. Favors 
■woman suffrage. 

BOWLBY, flelene Boileau (Mrs. John H. 
BowibyV ISl E. William St., Bath, N.Y. 
Born Savona, N.Y., 1866; dau. Thomas and 
Adelia (Simmins) Boileau; ed. Cornell Univ., 
B.S. '99 (sipecial mention in chemistry); mem. 
Kappa Kappa Gaimma; m. Bath, N.Y., 1893, John 
H. Bowlby; children: Thomas, Margaret. Prot- 
estant Episcopal. 

BOWXES, Ada C. (Mrs. Benjamin Franklin 
Bowles), Greyledge, Stage Fort Heights, Glou- 
cester, Mass. 

Minister; b. Gloucester, Aug. 2, 1836; dau. 
David and Eliza (Steele) Burpee; ed. in Glouces- 
ter schools and by private study; licensed to 
preach, Boston, '69; ordained in Pa., 1876, while 
pastor of the Uoiversalist Church of Easton, 
Pa. ; m. Gloucester, Nov. 5, 1858, Rev. Benja- 
min Franklin Bowles; children: Louise Isburgh, 
Frances Ada, Donald; three step children: 
Charles, Margaret, E>tta. Resident pastorates: 
Marlboro, Mass.; Easton, Pa.; Kingston, N.H.; 
East Gloucester, Mass.; assistant to husband, 
San Francisco ajid Ablngtcm, Mass. ; after his 
death, pastor Universalist Church in Pomona, 
Cal. Trea.s. Associated Charities; mem. Wo- 
man's Relief Corps; agent of Soc. for Prevention 
of Cruelty to Animals; served on school board 
of Abington, Mass. ; chairman Com. on Church 
Suffrage Work, Mass. Woman Suffrage Ass'n; 
active in suffrage work since 18S9; pres. first 
Cambridge Suffrage Ass'n, also of Middlesex Co., 
ex-committee of Mass. and New England Suf- 
frage societies, Philadelphia Suffrage Soc. and 
was pres. Cal. State Suffrage Ass'n; national 
lecturer. Contributor of prose and verse to 
various periodicals, local and general, since 15 
years of age; has written some booklets. Uni- 
versalist. Progressive in politics. Mem. Am. 
Peace Soc., Soc. for Russian Freedom, Anti- 
Slavery Soc, Moral Reform Soc, Educational 
and Industrial Union, W.C.T.U. (having held 
several State superintendences); sec. Woman's 
Ministerial Union. Recreations: Housekeeping, 
music, drama. Clubs: Professional Women's, 
Wintergreen and Pentagon (all of Boston), 

BOWMAN, Betty Hill, Bonne Terre, Mo. 

Former educator, club worker; b. Freeburg, 
111., June 16, 1876; dau. George W. and Helen 
(Turner) Hill; ed. St. Louis public schools, 
Washington Univ., St. Louis, A.B. '97; m. St. 
Louis, Oct. 4, 1905, J. J. Bowman. Teacher of 
languages in Liberty Ladies' Coll., Liberty, Mo., 
1S93-05. Pres. Ninth District (Mo.) Federation 
of Women's Clubs. Baptist. Mem. Congrega- 
tional Missionary Soc. Opposed to woman suf- 
frage. Treas. Home Culture Club of Bonne 

BOWMAN, Eda C, Cormvells, Maud P.O., Bucks 

Co., Penn. 

Social worker; b. Lebanon, Pa., Dec. 25, 1877; 
dau. John P. and Ellen T. (Wylie) Bowman; 
grad. Vassar, A.B. with honors (Phi Beta Kappa) 
'99, A.M. (mathematics and astronomy) 1900. In- 
structor in mathematics, Vassar Coll., 1905, Mt 
Wilson Solar Observatory, Pasadena, Cal., 1912. 
Identified with social work in connection with 
Soc. for Organization of Charity, Philadelphia. 
Pastor's assistant. Central Congregational Church, 
Philadelphia, 1907-08-09. Mem. Browning Soc, 
Philadelphia. Associate of Coll. Alumnas, Maria 
Mitchell Memorial Ass'n. Recreation: Flower 
gardening. Congregationallst. Favors woman 

BO'WMAN, Elsa, 49 E. Eighty-fourth St., N.Y. 

Born N.Y. City; ed. Brearley School, N.Y. 
City; Bryn Mawr Coll., A.B. '96. Teacher of 
science and mathematics, St. Timothy's School, 
Catonsville, Md., 1896-98; Brearley School, N.Y. 
City, since 1898. Reader in mathematics. College 
Entrance Examination Board, 1902-04. 

BO'WMAN, Ida Wright (Mrs. F. Lancelot Bow- 
man), Larch Av., Bogota, N.J. 
Born Brooklyn, N.Y., July 9, 1880; dau. Henry 
Ricnardson and Ida (Kohl) Wright; ed. Swarth- 
more Coll., B.L. '02; Oxford Univ., England; 
(mem. Pi Beta Phi); m. Bogota, N.J., June 30, 
1909, F. Lancelot Bowman; one daughter: Edith. 
Teacher; lecturer on current events; instructor 
BroTvning Study Club; mem. Bogota Board of 
Education. Favors woman suffrage. Protestant 

BOWMAN, Jennie, 401 W. Lima St., Ada, O. 

Public reader; b. Leipsic, O., Mar. 27, 1877; 
dau. Martin and Ann (Hull) Bowman; ed. Ohio 
Northern Univ.; Newcomer's School of Ex- 
pression (degree of Master of Oratory). Instruc- 
tor in Lima Coll., 1904-07; Ohio Northern Univ., 
1907-12. Has given over three hundred public 
entertalnment.s as a public reader. Favors wo- 
man suffrage. Mem. Christian Church (Disci- 
ples). Democrat. 
BOWBIAN, Lnella Walt (Mrs. William Law 

Bowman), 1522 Jessup Av., N.Y. City. 

Musician; b. Cambridge, Mass., Sept. 17, 1888; 
dau. John (Dassan and Ginevra C. fWestlake) 
Wait; piano pupil of Mrs. Mitchell and Mrs. 
David Mannes; violin pupil of Prof. Buitrago 
and David Mannes of N.Y. City, and Prof. 0. 
Sevcik of Prag, Bohemia; m. N.Y. City, Nov. 25, 
1908, William Law Bowman; one daughter: 
Elizabeth. Concert master of N.Y. Symphony 
Club; accompanist and ass't to Oscar Saenger. 
Presbyterian. Recreations: Sailing, swimming, 
dancing, tennis. Mem. Symphony Club of N.Y. 
Favors woman suffrage. 

BOW>I.AN, Mabel E., Wykeham Rise School, 

Washington, Conn. 

Principal private school; b. Somervllle, Mass., 
Dec. 23, 1872; dau. Seiwyn and .Martha E. 
(Tufts) Bowman; ed. Somerville School; Welles- 
ley Coll., B.A. '87; Radcliffe Coll., post-graduate 
work, 1898. Taught at Walnut Hill, Natlck, 
Mass.; Lexington, Mass.; Dr. Bellow's School, 
Boston. Mass.; vice-principal Wykeham Rise 
School. Washington, Conn. .Mem. Boston College 
Club. Episcopalian. Against woman suffrage. 
BOYCE. Addisone Schlpper, 934 Ogden Av., 

N.Y. City. 

Physician; b. Mlddletown. N.Y., Oct 6, 1881, 
dau. William and Elsie (Schlpper) Boyce; ed. 
high school, private schools; grad. N.Y. Medical 
Coll. and Hospital tor Women, 1905. Sec N.Y. 



Medical Coll. and Hospital for Women; ass't 
surgeon, adjunct prof, of gynaecology, staff dis- 
pensary physician, pres. Woman's Meddcal Cluti. 
Mem. Medical Soc. of County of N.Y., Alumnse 
of N.Y. Med. Coll. and Hospital for Women. 
Baptist. Favors woman suffrage. 
BOYD. Cora Dunham (Mrs. W. W. Boyd), The 

Kingsbury, St. Louis, Mo. 

Born St. Louis, Nov. 22, 1860; dau. John 
Samuel and Bmily (Peckham) Dunha^m; i?rad. 
Mary Inst, St. Louis, '79; m. St. Louis, June 2. 
1880, Dr. W. W. Boyd; children: Willard W. Jr.. 
Frank Dunham. Favors woman suffrage; cor. 
sec., 1912, of Mo. Equal Suffrage Ass'n; mem. 
St. Louis Equal Suffrage League, Mary Inst. 
Alumnae Ass'n. Wednesday Club. In 1898 was 
State chairman of correspondence of &en. Fed. 
of Women's Clubs, and director of Gen. Fed. 
Women's Clubs, 1902-04. 
BOYD, Elizabeth Clarke (Mrs. Gaston Boyd), 

Newton, Kans. 

Professor of voice and physical culture; b. 
London, England; dau. Robert and Mary (Row- 
bottom) Clarke; grad. New England Conserva- 
tory; Frances Shimes School of Chicago Univ.; 
Am. Inst, of Normal Methods, and pupil of 
Bassini, of Randegger, of Madame Hall, of 
Charles R. Adams, of Lyman Wheeler and 
others; m. June 1, 1887, Gaston Boyd. Pres. of 
Kansas World's Fair Music Board; made mem. 
of World's Musical Council; director of large 
choruses; head of voice dep't Bethany Coll.; 
State director of music for W.C.T.U. ; educa- 
tional sec. of Woman's Auxiliary for Diocese of 
Kansas; mem. State Fed. of Women's Clubs; 
pres. Woman's Auxiliary of St. Mathew's parish; 
mem. board of directors of Newton Free Library; 
mem. Nat. Educational Ass'n (former vlce- 
pres.). Has written for the press, notably a 
series of articles upon music in the public 
schools in Western School Journal. Has traveled 
in U.S. and abroad; only woman delegate from 
Kansas who attended World's W.C.T.U. Conven- 
tion in Glasgow, Scotland. Protestant Episcopal. 
Favors woman suffrage. Republican. Has writ- 
ten several suffrage songs, which have been 
adopted by the W.C.T.U.; has written words and 
music for several songs and hymns, and has as- 
sisted in the compilation of standard musical 
works. Mem. Kansas Authors' Club. 
BOYD, Emina Louise Garrett (Mrs. Warren N. 

Boyd), 194 Washington St., Atlajita, Ga, 

Born Atlanta, Ga., Nov. 29, 1876; dau. Will- 
iam J. and Mary (Wallace) Garrett; grad. Vas- 
sar, A.B., with honors (Phi Beta Kappa) '99 
(pres. Southern Club, '98; pres. Students' Ass'n, 
'99) ; appointed commencement speaker (re- 
signed because of ill-health), student of Greek 
tragedy at Oxford, 1902-03; m. Atlanta, Ga., Nov. 
3, 1903, Warren Newcomb Boyd (died May 11, 
1905); one son: Spencer Wallace. Pres. Southern 
Ass'n of College Women, 1908-10; formerly first 
vice-pres. Ass'n of Coll. Alumnse; mem. Board of 
Directors Am. Ass'n for Study and Prevention of 
Infant Mortality; mem. Advisory Com. on Educa- 
tion Gen. Fed. of Women's Clubs; worker and 
writer for the abolition of child labor and for 
the adoption of compulsory education laws. Has 
published articles in newspapers and magazines, 
principally on «iucational and social reforms; 
mem. Women's University Club, N.Y. City, At- 
lanta Woman's Club, History Class of Atlanta 
and others. 
BOYER, Ida Porter (Mrs. Alvah H. Boyer), 

Cenlralla, Pa. 

Artist, lecturer; b. Middleport, Pa., 1859; dau. 
Capt. John R. and Elizabeth (Kleckner) Porter; 
ed. chiefly by private tutors; m. Alvah H. Boyer; 
one son: Richard Porter-Boyer, b. 1S85. Unitar- 
ian. Mem. League of Am. Pen Women, Pa. 
Conservation Ass'n, Order of Eastern Star, 
Women's Relief Corps; pres. Collective Club of 
Centralia, Pa.; mem. Oklahoma Woman Suffrage 
Ass'n, Columbia (Pa.) Woman's Club. Field 
sec. Pa. Woman Suffrage Ass'n; active in woman 
suffrage campaigns as campaign manager for 
Oklahoma, in press work in Oregon campaign; 
engaged at headquarters and as lecturer in Ohio 
campaign; organizer for Nat. Woman Suffrage 

BOYEB, Winifred B. (Mrs. Edward A. Boyer), 
1428 Twenty-third St., South Omaha, Neb. 
Born Worden, 111., 1883; dau. Firman N. and 
Mary (Baumgartner) Coar; ed. 111. State Normal 
School; m. East St. Louis, 111., 1909, Edward A. 
Boyer. Principal of East St. Louis public 
schools, 1906-09. Active in club work. Pres. 
South Omaha (Neb.) Century Literary Club, 
1911-12. Baptist. Favors woman suffrage. 
BOYTOCN, Caroline Morris (Mrs. Richard Man- 
ning Boykln), 685 Irving St., Portland, Ore. 
Bom "Fernbank," West Chester, Chester Co., 
Pa.; dau. J. Cheston Morris, M.D., and Mary B. 
(Johnson) Morris; ed. by governess and Misses 
Hayward's School, Philadelphia, Pa.; m. Phila- 
delphia, Jan. 26, 1909, Richard Manning Boykin, 
of Boykin, S.C; one daughter: Mary Morris. 
Against woman suffrage. Protestant Episcopal. 
Mem. Acorn Club of Philadelphia, 
BOYL.'i^', Grace Dnffie (Mrs.), 509 E. Seventy- 
seventh St., N.Y. City. 

Born Kalamazoo, Mich. ; dau. Captain Phelix 
and Juliette (Smith) Duflle (father was one of 
the Irish officers distinguished for bravery in 
the Civil War) ; ed. in schools of Kalamazoo, 
and took special course of study in Radcliffe 
Coll., and oratory in the New England Ck)nserva- 
tory of Music, Boston, Mass. Has spent many 
years as a journalist and a traveler. Author: 
The Kiss of Glory; Yama Yama Land; Kids of 
Many Colors; The Steps to Nowhere (the latter 
a juvenile with the Panama Canal as its sub- 

BOY'LAN, Rose Marion (Mrs. Robert Jerome 
Boylan). 717 N. Twenty-fifth St., Eaat St. 
Louis, 111. 

Journalist; b. Pittsburg Hill, 111., Aug. 13, 
1872; dau. M. R. G. and Marie Ellen (Brushler) 
Marion; grad. Elast St. Louis High School, '90 
(valedictorian); special student Univ. of III., 
1889-1900; Cook Co. Normal, 1896; m. East St. 
Louis, 111., April 18, 1906, Robert Jerome Boylan; 
children: Josephine, Robert Jerome. Began 
writing for papers at twelve years; fecial 
writer for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 1901-08; 
pen-name "Rose Marion." Has been sec. 111. 
Free Employment Office at East St. Louis since 
1907. Favors woman suffrage. Roman Catholic. 
Votes in school elections. Mem. 111. Historical 
Soc, Queen's Daughters, Y.W.C.A., East St. 
Louis High School Ass'n, Univ. of 111. ; Soc. of 
St. Louis, Altar Soc. St. Elizabeth's Church. 
Recreations: Walking, children's games, French. 
Pres. East St. Louis Woman's Club, 1911-12; 
vice-pres. 22d Dist. 111. Fed. of Women's Clubs, 
1912-13. Taught school 1890-1902; began in the 
Pocket School; resigned from East St. Louis 
High in 1902 as teacher of English; was first 
woman pres. of St. Clair Co. Teachers' Ass'n; 
held offices in State and Southern 111. teachers' 
organizations; was stationed at the St. Louis 
World's Fair for the Posrt- Dispatch throughout 
the Exposition, 1904. 

BOYXE, Margaret E. Cottmaji (Mrs. James W. 
Boyle). 218 E. Eager St., Baltimore, Md. 
Born Baltimore, Md. ; dau. James Stuart and 
Elizabeth McE. (Boogs) (3ottnian; ed. N. H. 
Morison's Acad., Baltimore, Md. ; m. Mar. 17, 
1870, James W. Boyle. Spent 20 years as private 
sec. to a university professor, and translated 
many foreign languages; has taught whist 
(bridge and auction) for many years; does for- 
eign translations for business offices. Interested 
in civic matters; mem. of the Women's Wilson 
League of Md. Mem. D.A.R., United Daughters 
of the Confederacy. Club: Country, Arundel 
Whist. Recreations: Walking, traveling. Epis- 
copalian. Against woman suffrage. 
BOYXE, Virginia Frazer (Mrs. Thomaa R. 
Boyle), 1045 Union Av., Memphis. Tenn. 
Poet, novelist and short story writer; b. near 
Chattanooga, Tenn.; dau. Charles Wesley and 
Letitia S. (Austin) Frazer; ed. Higbee School. 
Memphis, Tenn. ; studied literature and law with 
father, who was a prominent lawyer of Memphis; 
m. Thomas R. Boyle, a young lawyer of Memphis. 
Organized Junior Confederate Memorial Ass'n. 
1904; also J. CM. Drum and Fife Corps same year, 
of small boys in ass'n, now the leading drum and 



flfe corps of the South. Was made poet laureate 
of the United Confederate Veterans' Ass'n by a 
change In their constitution to create the office at 
Mobile, 1910; was made poet laureate for life by 
the Confederated Southern Memorial Ass'n 
(women), 1910. Books: The Other Side; Broken- 
burne; Devil Tales; Serina; Love Songs and 
Bugle Calls. Wrote official poems for Tenn. Cen- 
tennial; Jefferson Davis Centennial; Abraham 
Lincoln Centennial; Admiral Semmes and Gen. 
Lee Centennials. Contributor to Century, 
Harper's Mag., Harper's Weekly and Bazar, De- 
lineator and other magazines. Baptist. Mem. 
Poetry Soc. of America; Ladles' Confederate 
Memorial Ass'n; Junior CM. A. Daughters of the 
Confederacy; mem. Daughters of the Revolution, 
Colonial Dames, Miss. Historical Soc, Va. His- 
torical Soc. Recreations: Playing with other 
people's children, walking, boating and photog- 
raphy. Clubs: Woman's Nineteenth Century, 
Tenn. Press and Authors'. 

BOVNTON, Frances Nichols, 46 York Square, 

New Haven, Conn. 

Physician, teacher; b. Lockport, N.Y., April 13, 
186S; dau. Thomas Cabot and Martha Whipple 
(Harwood* Boynton; ed. Lockport (N.Y.) public 
schools, 1876-87; New Haven Normal School of 
Gymnastics, 1895-96; Harvard Summer School of 
Gymnastics, 18S9-90; Chautauqua Summer 
School of GyTQQastics, 1891-92; Univ. of Mich., 
dep't of medicine and surgery, M.D. 1899-1903; 
mem. Kappa Alpha Theta, Alpha Epsilon Iota 
(mouical) societies. Teacher of physical train- 
ing, Buffalo Sem., 1891-92; Ogontz School for 
Girls, 1892-95, 1896-99; In New Haven Normal 
School of Gymnastics as Instructor in physics, 
histology and the theory and practice of 
Swedish gymnastics, 1903- . Associate of Girl's 
Friendly Soc. Author: A Primer of Histology; 
also contributions to medical journals. Manag- 
ing editor of the Alumni News of the New 
Haven Normal School of Gymnastics. Prot- 
estant Episcopal. Mem. Am. Physical Educa- 
tion Soc, also New Haven County and Conn. 
State Med. societies. 

BRACKEN, Clio Hinton (Mrs. William Barrie 
Bracken), 40 Nottingham Road, Brighton, 
Boston, Mass. 

Sculptor; b. Rhlnebeck, N.Y. ; dau. Howard 
and Lucy (Brownson) Hinton; ed. Art Students' 
League, N.Y. City; studied with St. Gaudens and 
Macmonnies in Paris; m. (1st) N.Y. City, Jan. 20, 
1892, James Huneker; (2d) N.Y. City, May 16, 
1900, William Barrie Bracken; chiUren: Krik 
Huneker, b. 1894; Barrie Bracken, b. 1903; Mona 
Bracken, b. 1907. Favors woman suffrage; First 
sec. Greenwich Equal Sufrage League; mem. 
Woman's Political Union, Brookline Equal Suf- 
frage Ass'n, Massachusetts Woman Suffrage 
Ass'n, Boston Equal Suffrage Ass'n for Good 
Government, Am. Drama Society, Pen and Brush 
Club of N.Y. City. 

BRACBLEN, Opal, Corry, Pa. 

Born Corry, Pa. ; dau. De Witt Lloyd and 
Ella (Page) Bracken; ed. Corry High School, 
thre« years; Rogers Hall School, Lowell, Mass., 
two years; grad. Smith Coll., A.B. '10. Since 
graduation bookkeeper for Bracken Bros. As- 
sists in work of struggling Humane Soc, with 
many homeless children, drunken fathers, 
beaten and decrepit horses to look after. Fa- 
vors woman suffrage. Methodist. Coached bas- 
ketball in high school for two years. Recrea- 
tions: Tennis, riding horseback, swimming. 

BRACKENRIDGE, Eleanor, R.F.D. 3, San An- 
tonio, Tex. 

Director; b. Warwick Co., Ind. ; dau. John 
Adams and Isabella Helena (McCullough) Brack- 
enridge; grad. Anderson Female Sem., New 
Albany, Ind., '55. Presbyterian. Mem. Philan- 
thropic societies, Y.W.C.A., Social Hygiene. 
Educational work has been her chief interest; 
vice-pres. Board of Regents of the State Coll. 
of Industrial Arts for Girls; supports a colored 
kindergarten; has held positions on the State 
and Nat. Educational Com. of the Fed. of Wo- 
men's Clubs; chairman Patriotic Educational 
Com., also of the Com. of Laws affecting 
women and children; cbairoian the Legislative 

Com. of the Congress of Mothers; pres. Texas 
Woman's Suffrage Ass'n; pres. Equal Franchise 
Soc. of San Antonio; has spent money gener- 
ously to promote the work. Organizer and pres. 
for seven years of the Woman's Club of San 
Antonio (the first dep't club in Texas). Mem. 
Texas State Historical Soc, Am. Acad, of 
Social Science, Nat. Geog. Soc, Country Club; 
director of San Antonio Nat. Bank and the San 
Antonio Loan and Trust Company. Extensive 
BRACKETT, Antoinette Newell (Mrs. Arthur 

Stone Brackett), 9 Broad View, Bristol, Conn. 

Born Bristol, Conn., July 27, 1875; dau. Ed- 
ward Everett and Piera Henderson (Root) 
Newell; grad. Vassar Coll., A.B. '97; m. Bristol, 
Nov. 20, 1901, Dr. Arthur Stone Brackett; chil- 
dren: Naomi, Mary, Constance. Favors woman 

BRACKETT, Lavinia Alazwell Prescott (Mrs. I. 
J^ewis Brackett), 50 Pleasant St., Brookline, 


Bom Louisville, Ky., July 19, 1844; dau. 
Frederick William and Emily (Maxwell) Pres. 
cott (great-granddaughter of Hon. Oliver Pres- 
cott, M.D., of Groton, Mass.; grad. Harvard 
1750; maj.-gen. in War of Independence, and a 
judge of probate in Middlesex Co.); grad. Brook- 
line (Mass.) Hlgn School No. 1, in class for 
final year; later at Miss Tilden's School; had 
French lessons from Prof. Bocher, German from 
Mme. Johanne Wendte; Italian from Prof. Torrl- 
celli, and music from Messrs. Tufts, J. C. Par- 
ker and B. J. Lang; m. Brookline, Jan. 29, 
1880, I. Lewis Brackett. Interested in the pro- 
tection of birds and animals and Dr. Grenfell's 
work in Labrador. Mem. Church of the New 
Jerusalem. Mem. Alliance Francaise of Cam- 
bridge, Salon Frangais, New England branch of 
Audubon Soc, Am. Bison Soc, Wilfred T. Gren- 
fell Ass'n, Soc. for Prevention and Cure of 
Tuberculosis, and Mass. Soc. for Prevention of 
Cruelty to Animals. Recreations: Music, sym- 
phony concerts, reading, etc. 

BBADBLBY, Margaret Jones (Mrs. William 
Frothingham Bradbury), 369 Harvard St., 
Cambridge, Mass. 

Born Templeton, Mass., Jan. 25, 1835; dau. 
Abijah and Phebe (Cutting) Jones; ed. West- 
minster (Mass.) Acad., Mt. Holyoke Sem. (now 
college); grad. 1856; m. Templeton, Mass., Aug. 
27, 1857, William Frothingham Bradbury of 
Camibridge, Mass.; children: William Howard 
Bradbury, Marion Bradbury (Hovey), Margaret 
Seymour Bradbury. Interested in patriotic work 
in connection with tjie societies to which she 
belongs, also in Hospital League, Associated 
Charities of Cambridge and East End Mission. 
Favors woman suffrage. Unitarian. Mem. 
D.A.R., Daughters of Founders and Patriots of 
America, Cambridge Historical Soc, Mt. Holyoke 
Alumnas Ass'n, Woman's Branch Civil Service 
Ass'n, Daughters of the Founders of D.A.R. 
Recreations: Lectures, concerts, theatres, etc. 

BRADFORD. Mary Davison (Mrs. William Rol- 
vln Bradford), 426 Park Av., Kenosha, Wis. 
Superintendent of schools; b. Paris, Kenosha 
Co., Wis.; dau. Andrew Jackson and Caroline 
G. (Wagner) Davison; ed. Kenosha High School; 
Oshkosh State Normal School; summer study at 
Univ. of Wis., Univ. of Chicago, Univ. of 
Nebraska, Clark Univ.; m. Kenosha, Wis., 
Dec. 8, 1878, William Rolvln Bradford; one son: 
WUliam Bradford, b. June 24, 1880. Teacher of 
common schools, city grades and high school; 
principal training dep't State Normal schools; 
director primary work, Stout Inst., Menomonle, 
Wis.; sup't of schools, Kenosha, Wis. Pres. 
Wis. St^te Teachers Ass'n, 1911-12. Mem. 
Kenosha Playground Ass'n, Kenosha Anti-Tu- 
berculosis Ass'n, and of Wis. Anti-Tuberculosis 
Ass'n. Organizer and director of first open-air 
school in Wis. (Kenosha). Favors woman suf- 
frage. Pres. Political Equality League of 
Kenosha Co.; mem. Advisory Board Wis. Wo- 
man Suffrage Ass'n; speaker in Wis. suffrage 
campaign. Contributor to educational papers 
and magazines. Author of several pamphlets on 
educational subjects. Author of section On 



Teaching of Reading In Wis. State Manual of 
Course of Study for Common Schools. Uni- 
tarian. Mem. Dep't of Education, Nat. Congress 
of Mothers; vice-pres. Wis. Peace See; mem. 
Nat. Soc. for Scientific Study of Education. 
Active mem. Nat. Educational Ass'n; mem. 
Kenosha Woman's Club, Kenosha Woman's 
Alliance; chairman Com. on Education of Wis. 
Fed. of Women's Clubs for two terms; mem. 
Co. Com. on Exhibits, Chicago World's Fair; 
mem. State Com. on Educational Exhibits, St. 
Louis World's Fair. 
BRADFORD, Stella Stevens, 11 Plymouth St., 

Montclair, N.J. 

Physician; b. in N.J. ; grad. Smith Coll., B.A. 
'93; student of sociology, N.Y. Univ., 1893-94; 
literature, Univ. of Gottingen, 1895; Coll. of N.Y. 
Infirmary for Women and Children, 1898-99; Cor- 
nell Univ.. 1899-1902, M.D. '02. Teacher, Mont- 
clair, N.J., 1893-94; Elizabeth, N.J., 1895-96; 
ass't jn English literature. Smith Coll., 1896-98. 
Interne Worcester (Mass.) Memorial Hospital, 
1902-03; clinical ass't Gouverneur Dispensary, 
N.Y. City, 1903-06 and 1909-10; examining physi- 
cian Smith Coll, 1906-09; physician Mountainside 
Hospital since 1904 and of Ramapo (N.J.) Sana- 
torium since 19U9. Mem. Am. Med. Ass'n and 
Acad, of Medicine of N.Y. 
BRADLEE, Edith Gerry Keene (Mrs. Edward 

Chamberlin Bradlee), 179 School St., Milton, 


Born Lynn, Mass., Aug. 9, 1874; dau. William 
G. S. and Frances Blackler (Gerry) Keene; ed. 
at a Boston private school; Miss Capen's 
School, Northampton, and one year at Smith 
Coll.; m. Swampscott, Mass., Dec. 1, 1906, Ed- 
ward Chamberlin Bradllee; children: Susan 
Bartlett Bradlee, b. Jan. 7, 1908; Sarah Goddard 
Bradlee, b. Feb. 6, 1909. Episcopalian, formerly 
Unitarian. Mem. Woman's Guild of Episcopal 
Church. Mem. Lend-a-Hand Club. 
BBADI>EY, Alice Deeringr (Mrs. Arthur Brad- 
ley), 20S1 E. Thirty-Sixth St., Cleveland, O. 

Born Chicago, Jan. 18, 1856; dau. John Par- 
ker and Susan (Porter) Ilsley; ed. Philadelphia 
private schools; m. Germantown, 1891, Arthur 
Bradley; one son: Arthur Ilsley Bradley. Mu- 
sical editor Cleveland papers and cor. Musical 
America of N.Y. City. Vice-pres. of Middle Sec- 
tion Nat. Fed. of Musical Clubs; chairman Ex- 
tension Com. of Fortnightly Musical Club of 
Cleveland, having charge of concerts given in 
schools, libraries, etc. Favors woman suffrage. 
BRADLEY, Dolly Holland Sipe (Mrs. James 

Clifford Bradley), 922 Frick Building, Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. 

Educated high school, Washington, D.C. ; 
Bryn Mawr Coll., A.B. '99; Columbia (now 
George Washington) Univ., A.M. '02; graduate 
student 1901-03; m. 1904, James Clifford Bradley. 
Teacher of English, German and Latin in York 
(Pa.) Collegiate Inst., 1890-1900; Latin and Eng- 
lish in Miss Flint's School, Washington, D.C, 
1901-04, Instructor In Latin, Trinity Coll., Wash- 
ington, D.C, 1903-04. 
BRADLEY, Emma Louise, 485 Westford St., 

JiOwell, Mass. 

Teacher; b. Massachusetts; grad. Smith Coll., 
B.A. '86; student of French, English and German, 
Ajnherst Summer School, 1894; Alliance Fran- 
gaise, Paris, summers of 1896, 1909; Alliance 
Francaise, St. Malo, France, summer of 1909. 
Teacher in Lowell (Mass.) High School since 
18S9. Mem. Modern Language Ass'n of America, 
Alliance Frangaise. 
BRADLEY, Jennie E. (Mrs. James Bradley), 

Twin Falls, Idaho. 

Born Clinton Co., Ohio, April 3, 1848; dau. 
Thomas and Caroline (Weir) Mills; ed. Cornell 
Coll., la., and Adrian Coll., Mich.; m. Jan. 7, 
1875, James Bradley; children: Clyde M., James 
Guy, Marian Eolith. Mem. Order of Eastern 
Star; was grand matron Order of Eastern Star 
of S.Dak., 1898. Clubs: Shakespeare, Twen- 
tieth Century, Emerson. Presbyterian. 
BRADLEY, Liela Griswold (Mrs. Clarence E. 

Bradley), Geary, Okla. 

Born Sandwich Island, Feb. IG, 1862; dau. 

James and Ann M. (Slye) Griswold; ed. Sand- 
wich High School; grad. North-western Coll., 
Naperville, 111., '84, degree L.E.L. ; m. York- 
ville. 111., Sept. 15, 1887, Clarence B. Bradley; 
children: Clarence Griswold, b. 1889 (died 1890); 
Lyle Alwin, b. 1890; Harold Clayton, b. 1892. 
Teacher before marriage. Active in Sunday- 
school work; interested In all movements for 
betterment of mankind. Mem. P.E.O. Sister- 
hood, Chapter F. (Geary, Okla.); Missionary and 
Aid Societies of the Presbyterian Church. Mem. 
Woman's Literary and Study Club of Geary 
(was the organizer); vice-pres. of the Second 
Dist. of Federated Clubs of Oklahoma, 1912-14. 
BRADLEY, Marian Hawley, Girls' High School, 

Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Teacher; b. Danbury, Conn.; ed. schools of 
Danbury, Conn, and Vassar Coll., A.B. '87. 
Teacher Danbury (Conn.) High School, 1887-92; 
Alinda Preparatory School, Pittsburgh, Pa., 
1892-93; Girls' High School, Brooklyn, since 1893. 
BBADNER, Edith Mitchel (Mrs. Lester Brad- 

ner), 144 Benefit St., Providence, R.I. 

Born Flushing, N.Y., 1870; dau. William King 
and Annie C (Mitchell) Murray; m. Flushing, 
N.Y., 1SS5, Rev. Lester Bradner; children: Will- 
iam, John, Edith. Interested in education, 
teacher training for Sunday-schools, child wel- 
fare, ornithology. Episcopalian. Mem. Audo- 
bon Soc, R.I. Sunday-school Alumns Ass'n, 
R.I. Clerica, Girls' Friendly Soc, Shakespearian 
Soc, Providence Mothers' Club. Against woman 
BRADSHAW, Elizabeth Mahan (Mrs. Harmon 

Bradshaw), Lebanon, Ind. 

Born Thornton, Ind., Dec. 25, 1874; dau. Oliver 
Perry and Mary M. (Hoover) Mahan; ed. 
Lebanon public schools (grad. May, 1894); the 
Western Coll., Oxford, O. ; De Pauw Univ., '97 
Ph.D. (Kappa Kappa Gamma); m. Lebanon, 
Ind., Jan. 3. 1901; one daughter: Mary Frances. 
Mem. Industrial Union of Presbyterian Church, 
the Missionary Soc; during season of 1912-13 
managed an artist's course, giving three con- 
certs during the winter in Lebanon. Lives on 
farm and is specially interested in raising 
chickens ard ducks and raising hogs for the 
market. Clubs: Bay View Reading, Ladies' 
Afternoon, Thimble, Good Will. Presbyterian. 
Favors woman suffrage. 
BRADY, Susie Frances Brown (Mrs. Adhemar 

Brady), Titusville, Fla. 

Born Hamilton, N.Y., Jan. 16, 1856; dau. 
Philip Perry and Sarah (Jackson) Brown; ed. 
Mary Inst., St. Louis, Mo.; Shurtleff Coll., 
Alton, 111. (Sigma Phi); m. City Point, Pla., 
May 25, 1898, Adhemar Brady. Taught for 17 
years In Brevard and Dade counties, Florida. 
Interested In civic, village improvement, ceme- 
tery Improvement and library work. Pres. Pro- 
gressive Culture Cllub for eight years; started 
Fortnightly CHub for young women, a civic im- 
provement club. Mem. Episcopal Guild of St. 
Gabriel's Church. 
BRAGDON, OUver Hard (Mrs. Frank Adalbert 

Bragdon), 19 Upton St., Boston, Mass. 

Writer; b. Limington, Me., July 13, 1858; dau. 
Andrew Jackson and Hannah Catherine (Bangs) 
Hurd; ed. Westbrook (Me.) Sem. ; m. Limington, 
Me., June 14, 1879, Frank Adelbert Bragdon. 
Was teacher for three years preceding marriage. 
Contributor of Juvenile stories to magazines. 
Author: The Moon Party; Pup, An Autobiog- 
raphy of a Greyhound. 
BR.UN, Belle Marvel, College Hill, Schenectady. 


Author; b. Springfield, O., Aug. 4, 1859; dau. 
William Grey and Mary (Dyer) Brain; ed. pub- 
lic schools, Cincinnati and Springfield; grad. 
high school, '76. Served as supervisor of draw- 
ing in public schools in Springfield, 1878-96; then 
turned to literary work. Author: Fuel for Mis- 
sionary Fires; Weapons for Temperance War- 
fare; Quaint Thoughts of an Old-Time Army 
Chaplain; The Morning Watch; The Transforma- 
tion of Hawaii; Fifty Missionary Programs, 
Fifty Missionary Stories; Missionary Reading tor 
Missionary Programs; Holding the Ropes; Re- 



demption of the Red Man; All About Jai>an; 
Adventures with Four-Footcd Folk; also con- 
tributor to maijazines and newspapers, princi- 
pally religious. Presbyterian. 
BRAINK, Elizabeth Musgrove, 942 St. Marks 

Av., Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Assistant principal of schools; b. Piermont, 
•N.J., Dec. 10, 1S68; dau. Charles Rowland and 
Felicia (McCobb) Braine; grad. Girls' High 
School, Brooklyn, '89; won' State scholarship for 
Cornell, 1889; entered with class of 1SS3. left at 
close of junior year to begin teaching, 1892, 
completed course B.A. 1906. Passed examination 
for principal of elementary schools, 1910. Fa- 
vors woman suffrage. Mem. Woman's Political 
Union. Protestant Episcopal. Mem. Inter- 
borough Ass'n of Women Teachers, Women 
Principals' Eligible List, Ass'n of Ass't Princi- 
pals of N.Y. City, College of Settlements Ass'n, 
Cornell Women's Club of N.Y. 
BBAINEKD, Eleanor Hoyt, East Hampton, 


Writer; b. Iowa City, Iowa, 1869; dau. Walter 
and Louise (Smith) Hoyt; grad. Wesleyan Coll., 
Cincinnati, A.B., A..M.; m. Des Moines, Iowa, 
1903, Charles Chisholm Brainerd. Taught in Alma 
-Mater and in N.Y. City private school; reporter 
on N.Y. Sun for seven years; magazine and book 
v.Titer since. Author: Misdemeanors of Nancy; 
Concerning Belinda; Bettina; In Vanity Fair; 
The Personal Conduct of Belinda. Favors woman 
BR.VISLIN, Mary Raymond, Crosswicks, N.J. 

Born Burlington, N.J., Jan. 2, 1860; dau. John 
and Elizabeth (Weber) Braislin; grad. Vassar 
Coll., A.B. Principal of the Priscilla Braislin 
School, Bordentown, N.J., 1889-99; dean of Kem- 
per Hall. Kenosha, Wis., 1900-09. Mem. Board 
of Education of Chesterfield Township, Burling- 
ton Co., N.J., 1906; dist. clerk, 1908. Mem. Vas- 
sar Alumnae Ass'n, Vassar Students' Aid Soc, 
Maria Mitchell Nantucket Ass'n, Priscilla Brais- 
lin Memorial Ass'n. Mem. Contemporary Club, 
Trenton, N.J. Episcopalian. Favors woman 
BRALEY, Love A. Webb (Mrs. Alden Braley), 

Fournet Block, Crookston, Minn. 

Worthy grand matron Order Eastern Star; b. 
Otis, Mass., July 29, 1850; dau. Lucius and 
Sophia (Dunham) Webb; ed. Otis, Mass., finished 
school at Granville, Vt. ; m. Alden Braley; 
one daughter: Love Beatrice, b. 1886 (Mrs. P. H. 
Wood). Mem. Order of Eastern Star, having 
Tilled various offices until reached the highest 
office, worthy grand matron of Minn., 1910, and 
re-elected 1911; represented Minn, at General 
Grand Chapter of the World, held in Jackson- 
ville, Fla., 1910; has been pres. of the Library 
Auxiliary and 'rown Improvement League; has 
been sec. of the Old Settlers' Ass'n since organ- 
ization, 1903. Mem. the Woman's Club, Study 
Club, Bay View and various others. Mem. 
■People's Church. 
HRA3IBLE, Anna Dripps, W. Monastery Av., 

Roxborough, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Teacher; b. Roxborough, Aug. 20, 1885; dau. 
James and Clara E. Knowlton Bramble; ed. 
Philadelphia High School for Girls, '02, Swarth- 
more Coll., B.A. '06; graduate student Univ. of 
Pa. Engaged as teacher in Philadelphia High 
School for Girls. Mem. Swarthmore Alumnee; 
elector on the Electoral Board of College Settle- 
ment Ass'n, Kappa Kappa Gamma. Favors 
woman suffrage. 

BRAMHAXL, Edith Clementine, Rockford Col- 
lege. Rockford, 111. 

College professor; b. Indiana; grad. Univ. of 
Ind., A.B. '95; Univ. of Pa., A.M. '96, Ph.D. '98; 
fellow in history, Bryn Mawr Coll., 1S9S-99. 
Teacher of history In Manual Training School, 
Indianapolis, Ind., 1S99-1900; instructor, 1900-02; 
professor of history and economics since 1902, 
Rockford (111.) Coll. 
IJR.VMHALL, Florence Adelaide (Mrs. William 

Ely Bramhall), Hotel Aberdeen, St. Paul, 


Born St. Paul, April, 1864; dau. Abram S. 
and Sue Carroll (Fryer) Elfelt; ed. St. Paul Hieh 
School; Prof. Fogg's Acad.; m. St. Paul, 1888, 

William Ely Bramhall. In charge of the for- 
estry intrests for club women of State seven 
years: took the initiative In establishing the Nat. 
Forest Reserve in Northern Minn.; pres. St. 
Paul Women's Civic League; took the responsi- 
bility in connection with the Commercial Club 
In establishing city playgrounds and amending 
the city charter to provide for their continued 
maintenance. Favors woman suffrage. Has 
written a great deal in connection with civic 
and (-ducational matters for newspapers and 
Western magazines. Unitarian. Mem. New Cen- 
tury Club, Women's Civic League, Women's 
Welfare League. 
BRANCH, Anna Hempstead, Hempstead House, 

New London, Conn. 

Writer; b. New London, Conn.; dau. John 
Locke Branch (lawyer) and Mary Lydia (Bolles) 
Branch (author); grad. Smith Coll., B.A. '97; 
Am. Acad, of Dramatic Art, N.Y. City. Con- 
tributor to magazines, author and playwright. 
Author: The Heart of the Road; The Shoes that 
Danced; Nimrod and Other Poems; and the play 
Rose of the Wind (produced at Empire Theatre. 
N.Y. City, 1908). Director New London Play- 
grounds Ass'n, 1900-10. 
BRA>'CH, Mary Lydia Bolles (Mrs. John Locke 

Branch), Hempstead House, New London, 


Author; b. New London, Conn., June 15, 1840; 
dau. John Rogers and Mary (Hempstead) Bolles; 
ed. New London, and Lincoln F. Emerson's 
School, Boston, Mass.; m. New London, Conn., 
April 20, 1S70, Jonn Locke Branch; children: 
John Bolles (deceased), Anna Hempstead. Au- 
thor: The Kanter Girls; Aunt Patty's School- 
room; The Manner of Life of Nancy Hempstead; 
A Visit to Newfoundland; also several pamph- 
lets. Mem. Lucretia Shaw Chapter D.A.R., Soc. 
of Mayflower Descendants in (5onn., New Lon- 
don County Historical Soc, Froebel Soc. of 
Brooklyn, Hempstead Family Ass'n, Saturday 
Club of New London, Conn. 
BRANNAN, Sophie Marston, 939 Eighth Av., 

N.Y. City. 

Artist; b. Mountain View, Cal. ; dau. John E. 
and Carrie Augusta Sheldon Brannan; ed. Mark 
Hopkins Inst, of Art, for black and white, under 
Arthur F. Mathews, San Francisco, Cal.; also 
studied in Paris. Concour for life class and por- 
trait at Mark Hopkins Inst, of Art, San Fran- 
cisco, Emerson McMillan Landscape Prize of $100, 
Women's Art Club of N.Y. City. Has studios in 
N.Y. City and San Francisco; has exhibited In 
Nat. Academy of Design, N^Y., also many other 
places. Clubs: Sequoia (San Francisco), Wom- 
en's Art, Women Painters (N.Y. City). Uni- 
BRAXNEB, Susan Dov? Kennedy (Mrs. John 

Casper Brauner), Stanford University, Palo 

Alto, Cal. 

Born Oneida, N.Y.; ed. In Oneida (N.Y.) 
schools; Vassar Coll., A.B. '79; m. Oneida, N.Y., 
Jan. 22, 1SS3, John Casper Branner, Ph.D., LUD. 
(geologist; vice-pres. Leland Stanford Jr. Univ.); 
two sons, one daughter. Was teacher In Ger- 
mantown. Pa., 1879-80; in Utica, N.Y., 1880-83. 
1JR.4NSON, Ajina Mary, Alpine, Texas. 

Writer; b. Coatesville, Pa., Nov. 8, 1883; dau. 
Henry James and Mary Frances (Parke) Bran- 
som; grad. Coatesville (Pa.) High School, '98; 
Bryn Mawr Coll., A.B. '03, A.M. '04; graduate 
scholar In Latin, Bryn .Mawr Coll., 1903-05. 
Teacher of P'rench In the Misses Shipley's School, 
Bryn Mawr, Pa., 1904-05; teacher of Latin, Emma 
Willard School, Troy, N.Y., 1905-08. Newspaper 
correspondent and writer of occasional stories 
and articles in magazines and newspapers. Pres- 
byterian. Favors woman suffrage. 
BRANSTETTER, Winnie E. (Mrs. Otto F. Bran- 

stetter), 205 W. Washington St., Chicago. III. 

Born in Missouri, 1879; dau. Ambrose and Ger- 
trude (Prather) Shirley; ed. Okla. Univ., Kansas 
City schools; m. Liberty, Mo., 1S99, Otto F. 
Branstetttr; children: Gertrude Lizzetta, Ther- 
esa Shirley. Lecturer and writer of articles for 
Socialist and labor press. Socially and pontically 
active; mem. Nat. Woman's Com., Socialist 
Party, since 1908; general correspondent of com. 



since Au^st, 1912. Delegate to Socialist con- 
ventions, 1910, 1912, representing Oklahoma. Ac- 
tive mem. since 1904; v. -p. of Oklahoma Suffrage 
Ass'n tor three years; delegate to Nat. Sufirage 
Convention in Philadelphia, 1912. Socialist. 
BRA>'T, Minnie Clothier (Mrs. J. A. Brant), 

25 S. Thirteenth St., Minneapolis, Minn. 

Born Canada; dau. Asa and Catharine (Adams) 
Clothier; ed. Mexico (X.Y.) Sem. ; m. J. A. 
Brant. Formerly teacher of art, including por- 
trait painting, in various seminaries. Since mar- 
riage resident of Minneapolis, Minn. Organized 
Reciprocity Day among the clubs of Minneapolis, 
and in philanthropic work organized the Minn. 
State Sunshine Soc. (has been pres.) and has 
also been pres. of the Clothier Circle. Identified 
with the National Guild and has organized many 
circles for Guild work in Minneapolis. Favors 
woman sufirage. Mem. Westminster Presby- 
terian Church. Mem. Woman's Club, Thurs- 
day Musical, D.A.R., Puritan Colony of New 
England Women. Organized the Authors' Study 
Club of Minneapolis and for 12 years was its 
BK.AY, Ella Williams, Tarmouthport, Mass. 

Teacher; b. Cambridge, Mass., 1866; dau. 
Thomas C. and Mary (Mathews) Bray; prepared 
for college at Abbot Acad., Andover, Mass.; 
grad. Weilesley Coll., '90; summer courses at 
Harvard; mem. Tau Zeta Epsilon. Taught in 
public and private schools, in Maryland Coll., 
Lutherville, Md. ; private school for girls, Wor- 
cester, Mass.; in L'eachwood Sem., Norfolk, Va., 
and in St. Mary's School at Knoxville, 111. Fa- 
vors woman suffrag-e. Congregationalist. Mem. 
Animal Rescue League, Soc. for Prevention of 
Cruelty to Animals, Worcester College Club, 
Worcester Weilesley Club, Norfolk Woman's 
Club. Traveled a year in Europe and studied 
French in Paris. 

BRATTON, Sarah H., 1637 Chicago Av., Evans- 
ton, 111. 

Physician; b. Sebergham, Carlisle, England; 
dau. John and Mary (Fleming) Bray ton; ed. 
in England and Medical Coll. for Women, N.Y. 
City, M.D. (mem. Beta Chapter A.E.I. ). Elected 
to professorship of materia medica, N.Y. Med. 
Coll. for Women. Has served on medical staff 
Evanston (111.) Hospital; director and physician 
of 111. Industrial School for Girls; director 
Grove Home for Convalescents, Evanston, 111. 
Favors woman suffrage. Episcopalian. Mem. 
Am. Med. Soc., 111. Med. Soc, Chicago Med. 
Soc. Evanston Med. Soc., A.A.A.S., Lyceum 
Club (London), the Fortnightly (Chicago). 
BBAZEE, Carolina A. Potter (Mrs. C. M. 

Brazee), 314 S. Second St., Rockford, 111. 

Born in Illinois; grad. Rockford (111.) Sem. 
(now CoU.), 1855, later received degree of M.A. ; 
m. Rockford, 111., 18S4, Col. C. M. Brazee, promi- 
nent lawyer (now deceased). Teacher in dep't 
of history of Rockford Coll., 1S72-S2. After hus- 
band's death became active as leader of literary 
clubs and In preparing programs for literary 
organizations. Has traveled extensively in U.S. 
and Europe. Congregationalist. Mem. Alumnse 
Ass'n of Rockford Coll. Has been chairman of- 
the art and literary departments of Illinois Fed. 
of Women's Clubs and Rockford City Fed. of 
Women's Clubs. 
BBAZIER, Marion Howard, Trinity Court, 

Dartmouth St., Boston, Mass. 

Editor; b. Boston, Sept. 6, 1850; dau. William 
Henry and Sarah Jane (Sargent) Brazier; ed. 
public schools of Boston. Society editor of the 
Boston Post, 1890-98; edited and published the 
Patriotic Review, 1898-1500; society editor Bos- 
ton Journal, 1903-11, now conducting a clipping 
bureau with a specialty in personal clippings 
about persons prominent in society and In notes 
and reports relating to women's clubs and pa- 
triotic societies. Lecturer. Mem. 16 organiza- 
tions and founder of six, including the Pro- 
fessional Women's Club and the Bunker Hill 
and Paul Jones Chapters D.A.R., Ex-Regents 
CD A.R.) and Boston Parliamentary Law Clubs; 
mem. of Authors' Soc, Drama League, Charity 
Club, Cremation Soc, Boston Common Soc; 
honorary mem. of various organizations. Author: 

Perpetrations, a Book of Humor, Cheer, Phil- 
osophy and Comfort. Mem. Boston Political 
Club, Woman's Charity Club. 
BRECKEXS, Josephine White (Mrs. Joseph Ah 

lison Breckens), 1814 G St., Washin^on, D.C. 

Newspaper correspondent; grad. Swarthmore 
Coll., A.B. '79; m. Joseph Allison Breckens. 
After graduation engaged in teaching in West; 
was sup't of schools of Laramie County, Wyo- 
ming, 1888-90; now engaged as Washington cor- 
respondent for newspapers. Favors woman 
BRECKINRIDGE, Mary Grace, 717 S. Figueroa 

St., Los Angeles, Cal. 

Teacher; b. Binghamton, N.Y., June 4, 1867; 
dau. H. S. and Lucy Ann (Gates) Breckinridge; 
grad. high school, Binghamton, N.Y., '85; Cor- 
nell Univ., Ph.B. '92; Albany State Normal Coll., 
Ph.D. '94; Columbia Univ., A.M. '08. Taught in 
high schools, Binghamton, N.Y. ; Pittsford, Vt. ; 
Shelton, Conn.; Summit, N.J. ; Southern Sem., 
Buena Vista, Va.; Occidental Acad, and Coll., 
Los Angeles, Cal. Studied a year in France 
and Germany. Mem. Ass'n (Collegiate Alumnse. 
Congregationalist. Favors woman sufirage. 
Progressive in politics. 
BRECKINRIDGE, Sophonisba Preston, Green 

Hall, Univ. of Chicago, Chicago, 111. 

Ass't dean of women, Univ. of Chicago; b. Apr. 
1, 1866; dau. William Campbell Preston and Issa 
(Desha) Breckinridge; grad. Weilesley, B.S. '88, 
Univ. of Chicago, Ph.M. '97, Ph.D. 'OL Mem. 
teaching stafi of Univ. of Chicago since 1901, 
as docent in political science and assistant dean 
of women. Mem. Ass'n Coll. Alumnae, Nat. 
Conference of Charities, Nat. Am. Woman Suf- 
frage Ass'n; vice-pres. Coll. Equal Sufirage 
League. Author: Legal Tender; A Short Story 
in Monetary History; The Delinquent Child and 
The Home (with Edith Abbot H., Ph.D.); The 
Modern Household (with Marion Tabbot, LL.D.). 

BREED, Prances de Forest Martin (Mrs. 

Charles Henry Breed), Woodhull House, Law- 

renceville, X.J. 

Born Fairchance, Pa., Jan. 19, 1882; dau. 
Robert L. and Anne Leiper (Smith) Martin; ed. 
Alinda Prep. School, Pennsylvania Coll. for Wo- 
men, Bryn Mawr Coll., 1899-1901; m. Pittsburgh, 
June 10, 1903, Charles Henry Breed; children: 
Anne Martin, Elizabeth Leiper, Henry Atwood. 
Interested in education of boys. Mem. N.J. 
Soc. of Colonial Dames of America, Trent Chap- 
ter D.A.R. Clubs: Women's (LawrenceviUe), 
Present Day (Princeton). Presbyterian. Against 
woman suffrage. 
BREED, Mary Bidwell, St. Timothy's School, 

Catonsville, Md. 

Educator; b. Pittsburg, Pa., 1870; dau. Henry 
Atwood and Cornelia (Bidwell) Breed; ed. Bryn 
Mawr, A.B. '94, A.M. '95, Ph.D. '01; holder of 
the Bryn Mawr European Fellowship, 1894-95. 
Dean of women, Indiana Univ., 1901-06; adviser 
of women, Univ. of Mo., 1906-12; associate head of 
St. Timothy's School,, Catonsville, Md., 1912. 
Initiator of the Conference of Deans of Women 
in State Universities, which meets every two 
years in Chicago. Has published magazine artl-" 
cles on various educational topics. Presbyterian. 
Mem. D.A.R., Ass'n of Coll. Alumns. Favora 
woman suffrage. 
BREED, Persia Mary, 1117 First St., Louisville, 


Teacher; b. Louisville, Ky. ; ed. In schools of 
Louisville and Vassar Coll., A.B. '99. Teacher, 
St. John the Baptist School, N.Y. City, 1903-05; 
Port Jervis (N.Y.) High School, 1905-07; associate 
principal Hamilton Coli., Lexington, Ky., since 

BREGY, Katherlne Marie Cornelia, 2033 N. 

Broad St., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Author; b. Philadelphia; dau. Judge F. Am6d6e 
and Katherlne (.Maurice) Bregy; ed. private 
academies; literary and post-grad, courses at 
Univ. of Pa. Mem. Playgoing Com., Drama 
League, Women's Press Ass'n, Catholic Guild (a 
social settlement for the care of working girls). 
Contributor to Lipplncott's. Forum, Catholic 
World, etc., of verse and critique. Author: The 



Poet's Chantry, 1912. Lecturer at Catholic Sum- 
mer School, Cliff Haven, N.Y. Catholic. Mem. 
Alliance Frangaise, Am. Catholic Historical Soc. 
BREHM, Marie Caroline, 74-77 Conestoga Build- 
ing, Pittsburgh. P-\. 

Lecturer; b. Sandusky, O. ; dau. William 
Henry and Elizabeth R. (Rhode) Brehxn: ed. 
public schools, Sandusky; private instruction In 
languages and civics. Sup't Franchise Nat. 
W.C.T.U. seven years; State pres. HI. W.C.T.U. 
five years; scientific lecturer tor Temperance 
Com. of General Assembly of Presbyterian 
Church, six years. Interested in Social Center, 
Gad's Hill, Chicago; Presbyterian foreign and 
home missionary work, Christian Endeavor and 
Sunday-school Ass'n. Favors woman suffrage; 
sup't suffrage dep't Nat. W.C.T.U., 1896-1903; 
mem. Chicago Political Equality League. Has 
written leaflets and tracts, newspaper articles 
and orations for young people's oratorical con- 
tests. Presbyterian. Mem. Scientific Temper- 
ance Federation, U.S.A., Irish Bible Temperance 
Soc., Loyal Temperance Legion. Recreations: 
Rowing, embroidery, travel. Mem. Chautauqua 
Woman's Club. Has been on lecture platform 
21 years; lectured in Ireland, in Belfast and 
ether cities, London, Edinburgh, Berlin and 
The Hague; represented U.S. Government at 
World's Congress on Alcoholism in London, in 
1911; represented Internat. Church Temperance 
Fed. of U.S. at the World's Congress at The 

BBKM, Marion Wolcott Winkler (Mrs. Walter 
Vernon Brem), Colon Hospital, Cristobal, 
Canal Zone, Panama. 

Registered nurse; grad. Smith Coll., B.L. 1900; 
student Johns Hopkins Hospital School for 
liuTsea, 1903-05; m. Aug. 3, 1905, Walter Vernon 
Brp.m; children: Phylis, b. June 29, 1906 (died 
July 11, 1906): Laura, b. Sept. 3, 1907; Gwendolyn, 
b. Oct. 18, 1908. Engaged professionally at the 
Colon Hospital at Cristobal, Canal Zone. 

BKENDLINGER, Margaret Robinson, Norwalk, 


Principal private school; b. Port Perry, Pa.; 
dau. Peter Franklin and Hannah Emily (Brown) 
Brendllnger; ed. high schools of Pottsville, P»., 
and Yonkers, N.Y., Vassar, A.B. '95. Taught at 
Mrs. Mead's School, Hillside, Norwalk, Conn., 
Poughkeepsie High School, 1895-99, 1899-1901; out 
of school work, living in Philadelphia, 1901-08; 
principal Hillside School, Norwalk, Conn., 1908- . 
Mem. Charity Organization Soc, Philadelphia; 
Norwalk Day Nursery, Civic League of Norwalk, 
Ass'n of Coll. Alumnae, Vassar Alumnae Ass'n, 
Phi Beta Kappa Soc. ; pres. College Clu'b of 
Philadelphia, 1904-09; pres. Woman's Cluh of 
Norwalk, 1911- , Norwalk Equal Franchise 
League. Mem. Woman's Univ. Club, (N.Y. 
City), Vassar Club (Philadelphia), Woman's Club 
of Norwalk. Presbyterian. Favors woman 
BRETT, Margaret Strong (Mrs. Philip M. 

Brett), 901 Lexington Av., N.Y. City. 

Born St. Paul, Minn. ; dau. Freeman Poole 
and Margaret (Gray) Strong; grad. Burnham 
School, Northampton, Mass. '94; education fin- 
ished abroad: m. St. Paul, Feb. 27, 1906, Philip 
M. Brett; children: Margaret Gray, Philip Mille- 
doler Jr. Favors woman suffrage. 
BREITIL, Elizabeth Donner Van der Veer (nom 

de plume "Beta Breuil"), care Vitagraph Co. 

of America, E. Fifteenth St. and Locust Av., 

F'latbush, Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Author and editor of scensirios; b. N.Y. City, 
1876; dau. Prank F. and Ray E. (Moore) Van 
der Veer; ed. the Misses Graham's School, N.Y. 
City; the Misses Virgin's School, Dresden, Ger- 
many; m. (1st) 1893, Frank M. Willard, of Phila- 
delphia (died 1903); (2d) 1903, Hartmann Breuil 
(died 1908). Entered business world February, 
1910, as ass't editor of Vitagraph Co. of America; 
in 1911 became editor-in-chief of same. Inter- 
ested in elevating the standard of motion pic- 
tures, classical and educational films, helping 
Fresh Air F^ind through photoplays. Author: 
The Battle Hymn of the Republic; Lincoln's 
Gettysburg Address; Rock of Agea; Auld Lang 
Syne; Mario's Swan Song; White Rose Leaves; 

By Way of Mrs. Browning; Easter Babies, and 
22S others. Christian Scientist. Recreations: Ten- 
nis, dancing, STvimming. First woman editor in 
this line of business to hold position. 
BRKVITT, Jessie, 144 Wilson St., Baltimore, 


Physician; b. Baltimore; ed. in Baltimore 
schools. Woman's Med. Coll. of Baltimore, M.D., 
1SS9; graduate student in chemistry and phy- 
siology, Bryn Mawr Coll., 1889-90. Lecturer on 
chemistry. Woman's Med. Coll., Baltimore, 1890- 
03, and chief of Eye and Ear Clinic, 1893-95; in 
active practice as physician In Baltimore, 1895- 
BREWER, Amy Waller (Mrs. Edward Harris 

Brewer), 1345 Astor St., Chicago, 111. 

Born Chicago, Aug. 21, 1884; dau. William and 
Louise (Hamilton) Waller; ed. Kirkland School 
in Chicago, Miss Masters' School, Dobbs Ferry; 
m. Chicago, Jan. 17, 1906, Ekiward Harris Brewer; 
children: Louise Hamilton, Corinne Harris. Vice- 
pres. Junior League of Chicago, 1912-13. Favors 
woman suffrage. Episcopalian. Recreations: 
Tennis, golf. Mem. Woman's City (31ub, the 
Scribblers' Club. 
BREWER, Annette Fitch (Mrs. A. F. Brewer), 

Jefferson, Ashtabula Co., Ohio. 

Writer; b. Ashtabula, Ohio; dau. Edward Hub- 
bard and Alta D. (Winchester) Fitch; ed. Lake 
Erie Sem., Painesville, Ohio; m. Jefferson, I. C. 
Brewer, one son: Curtis BreTver 5th, b. Aug. 15, 
1S99. Spoke at farmers' institutes and women's 
clubs during winter of 1912-13 in favor of equal 
suffrage. Favors woman suffrage; first paid 
State organizer, 1913, in Ohio. Author: The 
Story of a Mother Love; Dorothy Violets; short 
stories, poems and newspaper work. Episco- 
palian. Mem. Soc. of Mayflowjr Descendants, 
D.A.R. (Western Reserve Chapter, Cleveland, 
Ohio), Equal Suffrage League. 
BREWER, Elizabeth Hale, Stockbrldge, Mass. 

Teacher, missionary; b. New Haven, Dec. 1, 
1847; dau. Rev. Josiah and Emilia Anna Field 
Brewer; grad. North Granville Sem. (salutatory), 
'67; Vassar, A.B. '73; Beloit Coll., A.M. '96. 
Taugiit six years North Adams, Mass.; three 
years in Vassar Coll., 1884-87; private schools in 
Providence and 111.; missionary teacher in St. 
Paul's Inst., Tarsus, Asia Minor. Author of ac- 
counts of travel, in various papers; Peculiar 
Caves of Asia Minor (Geographical Magazine). 
Congregationalist. Favors woman suffrage. 
BREWER, EstpUe Hempstead Manning, 1330 

Columbia Road, Washington, D.C. 

Born Frankfort, Ky., 1882; dau. William 
Thompson and Clarissa (Campbell) Manning; 
adopted daughter of Willis Brewer of Ala. (Con- 
gressman, author and planter); ed. in Ky. and 
Washington. Novels: Haflz; Treason of the 
Blood; formerly on staff of Washington Post. 
Mem. D.A.R. Recreations: Letter writing, golf, 
tennis. Democrat in political views. 

BRBiWER, Grace R. (Mrs. George D. Brewer), 

209 S. Cherokee St.. Girard, Kan. 

NeTvspaper writer; b. Livingston, la., June 22, 
1881; dau. J. R. and Sarah (Holmes) Babbitt; 
ed. Des Momes (la.) public schools; Ruskin 
Coll., Trenton, Mo.; m. Livingston, la., Dec. 30, 
1903, George D. Brewer. Has been connected 
with Appeal to Reason six years. Belongs to the 
Am. Federation of Labor; mem. of Socialist 
Party; sec. of branch in Girard, Kan.; mem. 
Woman's Nat. Com. of Socialist Party. Author 
of short stories, and of articles dealing with 
social problems. Recreations: Cribbage, whist, 
walking. Interested in woman suffrage, help- 
ing in campaign for suffrage in Kansas. Mem. 
Crawford County High School Board. 

BREWER. Mary Grey Morgan (Mrs. Francis 
Ezra Brewer), 41 Hamilton Av., New 

Brighton, S.l. 

Born Crawfordsville, Ind., Sept 21, 1875; dau. 
William Wilson and Phoebe Jane (Dunbar* Mor- 
gan; grad. Crawfordsville High School, '92; In- 
diana Univ. A.B. '95 (mem. Kappa Kappa 
Gamma); m. Crawfordsville, Ind., Sept. 1, 1897. 
Francis Ezra Brewer; one daughter: Barbara. 
Taught in Anderson and Indianapolis, Ind., 1896- 



97. Pres. Woman's Literary Club, 1908-09; vice- 
pres. Danghters of Indiana in N.Y., 1911-12; 
pres. N.Y. Alumnffi Ass'n of Kappa Kappa 
Gamma, 1912-13; mem. Woman's Club of Staten 
Island, Ass'n of Collegiate Alumns (N.Y. Branch), 
Housewives' League, Civic League of Staten 
Island, College Equal .Suffrage League, Wo- 
man Suffrage Party; a Founder of the Pro- 
gressive Party. Mem. Dutch Reformed Church, 
and of Woman's Missionary Soc. of Brighton 
Heights Reformed Church. 

BKKWSTKB, Anna Richards (Mrs. William T. 
Brewster), Hartsdale, X.Y. 

Artist; b. Germantown, Philadelphia, April 3, 
1870; dau. William T. and Anna (Matlack) 
Richards; ed. under father (marine and land- 
scape painter), at Cowles School, Boston; Met- 
ropolitan School, N.Y. City; Julien's School, 
Paris, etc. Received Norman Dodge prize, N.Y 
City, 18S9; m. London, England, 1905, William 
T. Brewster, provost of Barnard Coll. Has e.x- 
hibited at Nat. Acad, of Design, N.Y. City; 
Royal Acad., London, etc. Illustrated Letter 
and Spirit, by Mrs. W. T. Richards, and other 
books. Against woman suffrage. 
BBEWSTER, Kmille C. (Mrs. Eugene V. Brew- 
ster), 29 Monroe St., Brooliilyn, X.T. 
Born Brooklyn, N.Y., Nov. 10, 1877; dau. Ben- 
jamin W. and Mary A. (Mellroy) Chubbuck, ed. 
Kisorck's Business School; m. May 10, 1S93, 
Eugene V. Brewster; children: Ruth Bryan, 
Eugene Rafael, Marie Theresa. Organizer and 
founder of the first Woman's Bryan League of 
America, elected pres. in 189G, still holds the 
office. Author: How the Department Store Gets 
Rich Selling Below Cost; Storage Eggs. Mem. 
Brooklyn Democratic Club, N.Y. Woman's 
Democratic Club, the Allied Arts Ass'n, the 
Water Color Club of Brooklyn, Public Good 
Soc, Early Hour Club, the Smile Club, De 
Levennes Art League, Public Good Soc. Recrea- 
tion: Fancy dancing. Christian Scientist. Fa- 
vors woman suffrage. Democrat. Mem. People's 
Suffrage Club, 11th Assembly Dist. Suffrage 

BREWSTEB, Frances S. (Mrs. James H. Brew- 
ster), 838 Fourteenth St., Boulder, Colo. 
Born N.Y. City, Mar. 23, 1S60; dau. Alexander 
Macomb and Caroline B. (Cammann) Stanton; ed. 
private school of Mrs. Keith and Miss MacCauley, 
N.Y. City; by tutors and governesses; m. Detroit, 
Mich., June 28, 1888, James H. Brewster; chil- 
dren: Susan, Chauncey Bunce, Edith Navarre, 
Oswald Cammann. She gives readings from the 
Inca drama OUanaty, which she has translated 
and dramatized; also a lecture, entitled The 
Children of the Sun. Interested in the Girls' 
Friendly Soc. of America and the Audubon Soc. 
Favors woman suffrage. Author of short stories 
for children, published in various magazines 10 
years or more ago; Song Stories and Songs for 
Children; When Mother Was a Little Girl; 
Rhody (a New England story). Episcopalian. 
Democrat. Recreations: Literature, music, art. 
Mem. the Clas.s;cs Club of Ann Arbor, Mich., 
the Classics Club, Boulder, Colo.; the Woman's 
Club of Boulder, Colo. 

BREWSTER, Margaret Powell (Mrs. G. O. 
Brewster), Grantwood, N.J. 

PhysiciaJi; b. Valparaiso, Ind., Nov. 20, 1872: 
dau. Enoch and Martha (Malone) Powell; ed. 
Bethanv ColL, Topeka, Kan.; Cornell Med. Coll., 
1901; in. N.Y. City, 1897, Dr. G. 0. Brewster; 
one' daughter: Margaret Powell Brewster, b. 
1908. Ass't in neurology to Dr. M. Schlapp at 
Presbyterian Hospital, N.Y. City, 1901-07; now 
on stau" of Englewood (N.J.) Hospital. Bergen 
County chairman Health Education Com. of Am. 
Med. Ass'n. Active in local and county wo- 
men's club work and in suffrage work. Mem. 
Housing Com. of Organized Charities of Bergen 
Co. Favors woman suffrage; mem. N.Y. Equal 
Suffrage League. Author of several magazine 
articles, including one in Cosmopolitan, about 
1907, on out-door sleeping. Unitarian. Mem. 
Cornell Woman's Alumnae, Bergen Co. Med. 
Ass'n. N.J. State Med. Ass'n, Am. Med. Ass'n. 
Recreation: Motoring. Mem. Woman's Club of 
CliflBide Park. 

BREWSTER, Slary Jones, Good Shepherd Mis- 
sion, La Grange, Ga. 

Physician; b. Mar. 20, 1862; dau. Charles 
Osmyn and Mary Draper (Lewis) Brewster; ed. 
public schools, Brookfield, Mass. ; Wellesley 
Coll., B.S. '83: Woman's Med. Coll. of Pa., 
M.D. '92. Head teacher Cambridge School for 
Girls, Cambridge, Mass., 1887-89; resident physi- 
cian, Smith Coll., Northampton, Mass., 1896- 
1906; head worker at Mission of Good Shepherd, 
1910- . Dean of Training School for Church 
Settlement Workers, 1911. Protestant Episcopal. 

BREWSTER, Mary Southgrate, 14 Weeks Av., 

Hempstead, N.Y. 

Born Plymouth, Mass., May 20, 1877; dau. 
Walter and Anna V. (Wright) Southgate; grad. 
Bryn Mawr Coll., A.B. '01; m. Plymouth, Mass., 
Oct. 1, 1904, William Brewster; children: William, 
Jr., Walter Southgate, Mary Baylies Brewster. 
Lived in Cuba 3 years after marriage. Pres. St. 
George's Woman's Club and mem. Executive 
Board; first vice-pres. Hempstead Women's Club; 
pres. Kindergarten and Primary Mothers' Club. 
Unitarian. Chairman Progressive Women's Cam- 
paign Com. for Hempstead. 

BREYFOGLE, Caroline May, Ohio State Uni- 
versity, Columbus, Ohio. 

Professor and dean of women; b. Columbus, 
Ohio. ; dau. Charles and Matilda (Cloud) Brey- 
fogle; grad. Univ. of Chicago. A.B. '96, Ph.D. '12; 
studied in Univ. of Berlin, 1S96-9S. Associate 
prof, of Biblical history, literature and exegesis, 
Wellesley, Ohio, since 1912. Favors woman suf- 
frage; pres. local College Equal Suffrage 
League. Author: The Social Status of Women in 
the Old Testament (Biblical World); The Re- 
ligious Status of Women in the Old Testament 
(Biblical World); The Hebrew Sense of Sin In 
the Pre-Exllic Period (Am. Journal of Theology). 
Methodist. Mem. Ass'n Collegiate Alumnse, 
School and Home Ass'n, Concordia Ass'n of 
America, Soc. of Biblical Literature and Exegesis 
(national). Recreation: Walking. Mem. College 
Club (Columbus), Women's City Clu-b (Chicago), 
Social Workers' Club (Columbus). 

BRIDGER, Virginia Lawrence (Mrs. Roswell C. 

Bridger), Winton, N.C. 

Teacher, club pres.; b. Raleigh, N.C, Sept. 20, 
1872; dau. Vlrginius D. and Marietta (Corbell) 
Lawrence; ed. Peace Inst., Raleigh. N.C, 1882-90, 
Mrs. A. V. Purefoy's Sem. for Young Ladies, 
Wake Forest, N.C; m. Wake Forest, N.C, Mar. 
14, 1900, Roswell Carter Bridger; children: Robert 
Lawrence, b. Sept. 25, 1901; Marietta Randolph, b. 
Oct. 26, 1904. Previous to marriage engaged as 
teacher. Church leader; pres. auxiliary and 
guilds. Episcopalian. Pres. Woman's Club of 
Winton, N.C; county pres. United Daughters of 
Confederacy; mem. Health Com. of Winton. 
Favors woman suffrage. 

BRIDGES, Eliza Wadsworth, South Framing- 
ham. Mass. 

Lawyer; b. in Massachusetts; grad. Smith 
Coll., B.A. '92; student Boston Univ. Law School, 
1897-1900, LL.B. 1900. Teacher Bernardston, 
Mass., 1893-94. Admitted to Massachusetts bar. 
September, 1900; since then engaged in practice 
of law at South Framingham and Boston, Mass. 
BRIDGES, rideUa, Canaan. Conn. 

Artist; b. Salem, Mass., May 19, 1834; dau. 
Henry Gardner and Eliza (Chadwick) Bridges; 
student in art of William T. Richards, of Phila- 
delphia; specialized in landscapes in oils and 
water colors. Has participated in many leading 
exhibitions and produced many notable land- 
scapes: earlier work chiefly in oil; later work for 
most part in water colors. Clubs; N.Y. Water 
Color Soc, Associate Nat. Acad, of Design from 
BRIDGMAN, Ethel Yonng Comstock (Mrs. John 

Cloves Brldgman). 118 W. River St., Wilkes- 

Barre, Pa. 

Graduate Smith Coll., B.L. '01; student Wilkes- 
Barre (Pa.) City Hospital Training School for 
Nurses. 1903-05; m. June 7, 1905, John Cloyes 
Bridgeman; twin sons: John C Jr. and David 
C, b. May 27, 1906. Pres. Woman's Civic Club 
of Wilkes-Barre. 



BRIDGMAN, Mary Elliott (Mrs. George H. 
Brldg-Tuan'), 1495 Hewitt Av., Minneapolis, 


Born Brantford, Ontario, Oct. 31, 1854; dau. 
John and Sarah (Presho) Elliott; ed. Woman's 
Coll., Hamilton, Ont. ; m. Brantwood, Ont., Can., 
June 26, 1873, Rev. George H. Brldgman; chil- 
dren: George Elliott (died), Donald, Elliott, 
Dorothy Dagmar. Clubs: New Century (St. 
Paul), Woman's (Minneapolis). Methodist. 
BRIDGMAN, Statira Preble McDonald (Mrs. T. 

Francis Brld&man), 661 W. 180th St., N.Y. 


Born Warren, R.I.; ed. in schools of Glou- 
cester, Mass., and Vassar Coll., A.B. '01; m. 
Aug. 21, 1909, T. Francis Brldgman, M.D. En- 
gaged as college settlement scholar and worker, 
1902-04; principal of school, 1904-07; sup't of 
Orthopedfc Hospital, White Plains, N.Y., 1907-09. 
BRIGGS, Daisy-Marquis (Mrs. James M. 

Brlggs), 107 W. Elmira St., San Antonio, Tex. 

Teacher of expression, writer; b. Haverhill, 
Mass.; dau. Marriuis and Emma (Webster) Hus- 
ton; ed. Gonzales College, grad. with honors In 
expression; m. Plourville, Tex., 1881, James M. 
Briggs; children: Flora, Will Rot), Marquis. 
Author of one book of verse, regular contributor 
to Daily Express, San Antonio, Tex., and maga- 
zines. Clubs: Bohemian Scribblers, San An- 
tonio Dramatic, Mothers' Congress. Mem. Chris- 
tian Church. Favors woman suffrage. 
BRIGGS, Florence Lncy Chase (Mrs. Warren S. 

Briggsi, 675 Summit Av., St. Paul, Minn. 

Born Ripley, Mich., Mar. 30, 1862; dau. Charles 
Foster and Rosina (Randall) Chase; ed. Potsdam 
State Normal School and affiliated Pianoforte 
School, Potsdam, N.Y., grad. '81; m. White Bear 
Lake, Minn., Dec. 31, 1885, Dr. Warren S. Briggs; 
one daughter: Florence Mayfred, b. July 3, 1887. 
Mem. The Schubert (musical) Club (pres. 1902-05 
and again from 1908 to present), and New Century 
Club (literary), both of St. Paul. Unitarian. 
BRIGGS, Lavina B. (Mrs. Osmand H. Briggs), 

16 Kossuth St., Pawtucket, R.I. 

Born Pawtuckeit, R.I., April 23, 1847; dau. 
Robert C. and Lucy (Smith) Robley; ed. schools 
of Pawtucket, R.I.; Dedham, Mass.; m. Dedham, 
Mass., Jan. 3, 1870, Osmond H. Briggs; chil- 
dren: Robert Gilmore, Jenny Sherman. Lucie 
Claflin. Prsjs. Foreign Mission Soc; vice-pres. 
Needle Work Guild of Pawtucket, 12 years; sec. 
of Associated Charities; regent of Pawtucket 
Chapter D.A.R. Mem. Auxiliary Y.M.C.A. 
Ass'n, Soc. of Associated Charities of Paw- 
tucket, Providence Soc, Consumers' League, 
Hospital Club (Pawtucket), Foreign and Home 
Missionary societies. Clubs: Pawtucket Wo- 
man's (ores.), R.I. Women's, the Ex. Club. 
Baptist. Favors woman suffrage. 
BRIGGS, Lida May, 303 St. Mary's St., San 

Antonio, Tex. 

Journalist, lecturer; b. Tahlequah, Okla. ; dau. 
Joseph Junius and Harriet (Bradley) Briggs; ed. 
in village school, Sylvia, Kan.; special course in 
Ohio State Univ.; grad. Columbus (Ohio) School 
of Oratory. Was on stage for a time; later 
taught elocution, acting and public speaking. 
Special writer on staff of Sunday dep't N.Y. 
Tribune, 1910. Since going to Texas, 1912. press 
representative Texas Welfare Commission, spe- 
cial writer Texas Commercial Secretaries; in- 
augurated publicity page features for them in the 
best Sunday papers of Texas. Only woman meet- 
ing with Texas Welfare Commission, composed of 
15 of the most prominent men of Texas. Con- 
tributed to various papers and magazines, but 
principally Sunday magazine sections of papers 
in New York and Texas. Conducted a depart- 
ment of health and longevity in Health Culture' 
under pen-name of "Lida Evandell." Founded in 
Columbus, Ohio, 1908, the Longevity League to 
discuss questions of health, philosophy and re- 
ligion. Believes in New Thought, woman's 
progress, health culture, etc. Recreations: Out- 
door sports, nature. 
BRIGHT, Cora C. (Mrs. Orvllle T. Bright), 

6515 Harvard Av., Chicago, III. 

Born In 111., Nov., I860; dau. Roland and Helen 
(SchJasser) Christian; ed. Chicago public schools; 

Chicago private school; Evanston private school; 
m. Chicago, July, 1883, Orvllle T. Bright; chil- 
dren: Helen, Alice, Orville. Active In the Nat. 
and State Congress of Mothers, working tor the 
welfare of children through the education of 
parents and in other ways. Mem. Chicago 
Peace Soc, Nat. Congress of Mothers (vice- 
pres.), 111. Congress of Mothers (former pres., 
now chairman of Extension Com.), Englewood 
High School Parents' Club. Clubs: Englewood 
Woman's, l^^ortnightly of Englewood. Recrea- 
tions: Lectures, out-door lite, reading, study- 
ing, traveling. Universalist. Favors woman 
suffrage. Progressive. Mem. Chicago Political 
Equality League. 
BRIGHT, Emily Haskell (Mrs. Alfred H. 

Brisrht), 1004 Mt. Curve Av., Minneapolis, 


tiorn Sierra Co., Cal.; dau. George W. and 
Hannah (Cole) Haskell; ed. public and private 
schools of Cal. and Wis.; specialized in music 
and languages; m. Milwaukee, Wis., Sept. 15, 
1887, Alfred H. Bright; children: Elizabeth Has- 
kell, George Noyes, Katharine Cruttenden, Agnes 
Haskell. Mem. Women's Ass'n of the Church of 
the Redeemer; Women's Welfare League, The 
Hostesses (social club); Women's Homoeopathic 
League. Favors woman suffrage; pres. Political 
Equality Cluto; mem. State and Nat. Woman's 
Suffrage Associations. Universalist. Progressive 
BRIGHT, Florence Zetilla, 411 W. Collin St., 

Corsicana, Texas. 

Teacher; b. Corsicana, Texas, Jan. 31, 1868; dau. 
John Milford and Martha Jane (Storey) Bright, 
descendant on father's side from Dranes and 
Brights of Kentucky, and on mother's side from 
the Whites and Storeys, two old families of the 
Spartanburg District, S.C. ; ed. in private schools 
in Corsicana and in Sam Houston Normal Inst., 
Huntsville, Texas (Licentiate of Instruction). 
Has taught in the public schools since their 
organization in 1882, in primary, grammar and 
high schools, also Dep'ts of Music, Drawing and 
English; has held several principalships of ward 
schools. Southern Presbyterian; active in Church 
work, teaching in Sunday-school and Mission 
Study classes and working in Church societies. 
BRIGHT, Marion M. (Mrs. O. Percy Bright), 

5113 Pulaski Av., Germantown, Philadelphia, 


Born Philadelphia, Mar. 21, 1873; dau. Edwin 
D. and Abbie Scull (Reeves) Mullen; ed. private 
schools of Philadelphia; m. Germantown, June 2, 
1903, 0. Percy Bright; children: Edwin M., Rod- 
man Pratt. Mem. Germantown Cricket Club. 
BRINCKERHOFF, Henrietta Collins, Old Briar 

Cliff Road, R.F.D. No. 2, Os.sining, N.Y. 

Bom Kingsbridge, N.Y., July 23, 1844; dau. 
Peter Reman and Abethea (McFarlan) Brincker- 
hoff; ed. at home ^ith governesses and tutors 
and always in the near neighborhood of N.Y. 
City. Has been identified with numerous social, 
religious and philanthropic activities in the 
neighborhood of Blair Cliff. Protestant Episco- 
pal. Against woman suffrage. 
BRINE, Mary Dow (Mrs), Blllerica, Mass. 

Author; b. N.Y. City; dau. William Langley 
and Caroline A. (Dow) Northam; ed. N.Y. City; 
m. N.Y. City, William Brine; one daughter, who 
died in 1901. Writer of books for children; has 
written for various magazines. Books: Bessie 
and Bee; Bessie the Cash Girl; Grandma's Attic 
l^easures; Grandma's Memories; Jack; Little 
Lad Jamie; Margaret Arnold's Christmas; Merrie 
Little Visit with Auntie; Mother and Baby; 
Mother's Song; Aunt Patience; Sunshine; Sunny 
Hours; What Robbin Was Good For; Daisy 
Dearie; Mother's Little Man; Grandmother and 
Christmas Eve. Fond of music and plays a 
number of musical instruments; composer of 
music and writes words for song composers. 
BRINK, Lonlse, Cornwall-on-Hudson, N.Y. 

Registered nurse; b. ICatabaan, N.Y. ; grad. 
Vassar, A.B. '98. Missionary, Amoy, China, 
1899-1902; registered nurse, 1905, and since then 
trained nurse at Kingston and Cornwall-on-Hud- 
son, N.Y. 



BRINILEB, Jean Beatrice Weber (Mrs. Frank 
Markley Brlnker), Ivackawanna, Erie Co., N.T. 
Born Buffalo, N.Y., May 6, 1869; dau. Col. 
John B. and Elizabeth (Farthing) Weber; ed. 
public schools, Buffalo; Wells Coll., B.A. (vale- 
dictorian of class) ; m. Buffalo, 1893, Frank 
Markley Brinker. Interested in church societies, 
Children's Aid Soc., Buffalo, a society interested 
in helping newsboys and homeless boys to help 
themselves; traveled in European countries, 
studying in art galleries and attending exposi- 
tions. Mem. Phoenix Literature Soc, Catalia 
Soc. of Wells Coll., Collegiate Alumna of N.Y. 
State, Buffalo; St. Pkul's Aid Soc. of Buffalo, 
Children's Aid Soc, Collegiate Alumnae of U.S. 
Episcopalian. Rather opposed to woman suf- 

BBINSMADE, Ada Gibson Colton (Mrs. William 
Gold Brlnsmade), The Ridge School, Washing- 
ton, Conn. 

Principal of boys' school; b. Washington, Conn., 
Nov. 5, 1864; dau. Rev. Willis S. and Lucy Par- 
sons (Gibson) Colton; ed. Washington, Conn., in 
Gunnery School; m. Warren, Conn., I>ec. 24, 1885, 
William Gold Brinsmade; one daughter, Dorothy. 
With husband built and founded the Ridge School 
for boys in 1894. Since his death in 1908 has 
carried on the school which is now for boys under 
14 only. Pres. of Woman Suffrage League of 
Washington, Conn. Congregationalist. Holds 
progressive political Yie<ws. Recreations: Garden- 
ing, walking, driving, etc. 

BRINSMADE, Mary Gold Gunn (Mrs. John 
Chapin Brinsmade), Washington, Conn. 
Born Washington, Conn.; dau. Frederick Will- 
iam and Abigail Irene (Brimsmade) Gunn; ed. 
Gunnery School; m. Oct. 4, 1876, John Chapin 
Brinsmade; children: Frederick Gunn, William 
Bartlett, Chapin, Eleanor Gold, Mary, John 
Chapin Jr., Charlotte Blake, Abigail Irene. 
Born and brought up in the Gunnery School; 
taught in the school for several years, and has 
been mistress and mother since 1881. Interested 
in the New Haven branch Women's Board of 
Foreign Missions, Homeland Circle for Home 
Missionary Work. Regent of Judea Chapter 
D.A.R. Mem. Washington (Conn.) Monday 
Club, Roquasset Club, Congregationalist. Fa- 
vors woman suffrage; mem. of the League of 
Washington, Conn. 

BRISCOE, Margaret Sutton (see Hopkins, Mar- 
garet Sutton Briscoe). 
BRISTOI>, Grace ^\ hitman (Mrs. William Read 
Bristol), Beaufort, S.C. 

Born Autum, Me., Sept. 7, 1863; dau. Joshua 
Adams and Hannah F. (Emmons) Whitman; ed. 
Auburn, Me., and Beaufort, S.C, and in New 
England Conservatory of Music; m. Beaufort, 
S.C, July 14, 1885, William Read Bristol; one 
son: Harold Whitman. Organist of St. Helena 
E>piscopal Church for 28 years. Interested in 
library work. Against woman suffrage. E>pisco- 
palian. Mem. Benevolent Soc. ; pres. Ladies' Aid 
Soc. of St. Helena Episcopal Church. Pres. 
Clover Club since its organization. 1891; charter 
mem. Civic League. 

BRISTOL, Helen Augmsta Flack (Mrs. Royal A. 
Bristol), Claverack, N.Y. 

Reader; b. Saratoga Springs, N.Y. ; dau. Rev. 
Alonzo Flack, Ph.D. (pres. Claverack Coll.) and 
Mary Elizabeth (Johnson) Flack; grad. Claver- 
ack Coll., A.B. (valedictorian); mem. Addi- 
sonian Soc; m. Claverack, N.Y., June 23. 1881, 
Royal A. Bristol (now deceased). Has taught in 
Claverack Coll.; Hamlin Univ.; State Univ. of 
Minn.; High School, Yonkers, N.Y.; High 
School, Hudson, N.Y., and private school— gym- 
nastics, elocution, expression, singing. Has 
taken charge, teaching and supervising, as su- 
perintendent teacher, etc. Sea Side Hospital, 
St. John's Guild, New Dorp, S.I. ; one year at 
Hampton Inst., Va. ; teacher and supervisor and 
superintendent. Domestic Training School, Min- 
neapolis. Author of a short play: Uncle Sam's 
Ne*v Scholars, 1898, and short humorous poems. 
Methodist. Mem. Twenty-Minute Reading Club, 

BRISTOL, Helen Finlay Waltz, 2 35 N. 8th St., 
Qulncy, 111. 
Bom Qulncy, 111., Dec. 29, 1843; dau. Frederick 

K. and Jane Bell (Finlay) Carrott; grad. Qulncy 
Coll., 111., A.B. '66, A.M. '68; m. 1st, Sept. 22, 
1870, Rev. Henry Clay Waltz (died 1877) ; 2d, to S. 
E. Bristol, May 22, 1880; children: Frederick 
Finlay Waltz, Merle Bowman Waltz. Principal 
public schools in Pueblo, Col., in 70's; taught 
higher mathematics and Latin in Qulncy Coll.; 
ex-sec. and treas. of Dep't of 111., Woman's Re- 
lief Corps; ex-pres. Local Council of Women; ex- 
treas. Woodland Hemy Orphanage; ex-treas. 
Atlantis Literary Soc; ex-treas. Woman's Ex- 
change; treas. Methodist Church. Interested in 
suffrage movement in Wyoming in 70's; now 
mem. Executive Board of Qulncy Woman's 
Suffrage Ass'n. Active in Sunday School work 
and in Woman's Foreign Missionary Soc. Repub- 
lican. Mem. Quincy Board of Education for 4 
BRITTAIN, Gertrude FuUer, 151 Greenwood 

Av., East Orange, N.J. 

Teacher; b. Malvern, Pa.; grad. Vassar Coll., 
A.B. '97. Teacher, Cloverdise School, Montolair, 
N.J., 1900-04; Dearborn-Morgan School, Orange, 
N.J., 1904-05; Bernardsville (N.J.) High School, 
1905-09; East Orange (N.J.) High School since 

BRITTEN, Flora Phelps Hariey (Mrs. Fred 
Ernest Britten), 146 Massachusetts Av., Bos- 
ton, Mass. 

Lecturer; b. Ann Arbor, Mich., Sept. 2, 1864; 
dau. David Saur and Jennie (Phelps) Hariey; 
ed. Manistee (Mich.) High School; Univ. of 
Mich., B.A. '86; m. Manistee, Mich., April 29, 
1886, Frea Ernest Britten; children: Clarence 
Dewey, b. 1887; Rollo Herbert, b. 1889; Merle 
DeWitt, b. 1891. Taught in public schools and 
in the art, Greek and Latin dep't of Central 
Univ. of Iowa, 18S6-88; preached in mission in 
Neb. and as pastor of two different churches in 
Mich., 1888-91; national lecturer of the Prohibi- 
tion Party, 1892-1901; office manager of Prohibi- 
tion Party of Mich, about four years, 1898-1901; 
has been in W.C.T.U. work, chiefly as lecturer, 
since 1893; pres. B.W.L.T.U., 1904-09. In 1904 
went into business; vice-pres. of Boston De- 
velopment Co., and office manager; also vice- 
pres. and treas. of Cuba Fruit Co. ; also office 
manager of Eastern business until 1912. Mem. of 
various tempera'nce movements; active in va- 
rious missionary efforts, both ladies and other 
lines. Published leaflet theses, in line with 
the teraperance work, both political, and for 
Christian citizenship. Recreations: Baseball, 
football, tennis. Baptist. Favors woman suf- 

BRITTINGHAM, Ellen Brooks Bradbory (Mrs. 
Russell Brlttingham), 123 Washington St., 
East Orange, N.J. 

Former teacher; grad. Smith Coll., B.A. '93; 
student of Latin, Harvard Summer School, 1897; 
English and educational methods, Columhla 
Univ., 1898-99; m. June 18, 1902, Russell Brlt- 
tingham; children: Russell, b. Dec. 29, 1304; 
Emily Bradbury, b. April 28, 1908. Teacher, 
Norfolk, Va., 1893-97; Westfield, N.J., 1897-98; 
Mary Brigham Inst., Paterson, N.J., 1898-1901. 

BRITTON, Eliz.ibeth Gertrude (Mrs. Nathaniel 

Lord Britton), 2965 Decatur Av., Bronx, N.Y. 


Honorary curator of mosses at N.Y. Botanical 
Garden; b. N.Y. City, Jan. 9, 1858; dau. James 
and Sophie Anne (Compton) Knight; ed. private 
schools and Normal Coll.; m. Aug. 27, 1885, Dr. 
Nathaniel Lord Britton (director N.Y. Botanical 
Garden). Professional botanist. Editor of the 
Bulletin of the Torrey Botanical Club; contribu- 
tor to the bulletins of the Torrey Botanical 
Club and N.Y. Botanical Garden, and bryolo- 
glst on mosses. Mem. Torrey Botanical Club, 
Botanical Soc. of America, Wild Flower Preser- 
vation Soc, Woman's Municipal League (sec. 
and treas.), Sullivant Moss Soc, Associate 
Alumnae Normal Coll. Recreations: Walking, 
horseback riding, traveling. Against woman 
BRITTON, Ida Freeman (Mrs. Frank Hamilton 

Brittoni, 3671 Lindell Boul, St. Louis, Mo. 

Born Ravenna, O., Aug. 19, 1848; dau. Stephen 
Rice and Lucretia (Seaton) Freeman; ed. 



Ravenna (O.) public schools and Falley Sem., 
Fu)ton, N.Y.; m. Ravenna, O., Mar. 12, 1873, 
Frank Hamilton Britton; (hildren: Edna L.;llias 
(Mrs. N. A. Waldron), Robert Freeman, Roy- 
Frank. Ada. Ida. Congregationallst. Mem. St. 
Louis Chapter, D.A.R. 

8R3TTON, Josrpl^ae. 610 Benson St., Cajnden, 

Teacher; b. Beverly, N.J., Nov. 22, 1882; dau. 
Josiuih H. and Anna (Kales' Britton; ed. Cornell 
Univ., Ithaca, N.Y., A.E. '07, A.M. '08, Ph.D. '10 
(mrra. Phi Beta Xappa, Alpha Omicron Pi). 
Rpi-reatlons: Walking, talking. Catholic. Favors 
woman sirifrage; mesn. of Political Equality 
L(':tgue ot WiE. 

BROADDITS, Lucy »«JBcee Ihiiican (Mrs. An- 
drew Broaddus), 1304 Brook St., Louisville, 


Born Nelson County, Ky. ; dau. Charles Young 
and Mary Ivea (Fox) Duncan; grad. Bloocafleld 
(Ky.) Coll. Inst,; m. Nashville, Tenn., June 2, 
1887, Andrew Broaddvis. Ex-first vlc&-pres. of the 
Ky. Division United Daughters of Confederacy; 
ex-pres. Albert Sidney Johastx)n Chapter, U.D.C. 
(former recording sec.); pres. Crescent Hill 
Women's Civic League; ha^ been pres. Ladles' 
Ass'n of the Broadway Baptist Church. Baptist, 
Against woman suffrage, 
BKOADHEAD, Stella riorine, 130 S. Main St., 

Jamestown, N.Y. 

Bom Jamestown, N.Y.. April 12, 1859; dau. 
William and Lucy (Cobb) Broadhead; g;rad. 
Jamestown Union School and Collegiate Inst., 
'77; Vassar Coll., A.B. '82. Became mem. of 
School Board of Jamestown in 1902, and has 
served continuously since; has been a mem. of 
Finance Com. and chairman of Teachers Com. 
Interested in hospital work; has been treas. 
Women's Christian Ass'n Hospital for 12 years. 
Founded Jameistown Chapter D.A.R., 1900, and 
has been regent ever since; mem. Nat. Soc. 
U.S., Daughters of 1812. Mem. Mozart Club, 
Fortnightly Literary Club, New Century Art 
Club. Recreations: Travel here and abroad, 
motoring. Congregationalist. Favors woman 
BROCK, Elizabeth Tyler (Mrs. Charles William 

Penn Brock), 206 E. Franklin St., Richmond, 


Born Richmond, Va., June 5, 1839; dau. John 
Henry and E. S. (Evans) Tyler; ed. Miss Har- 
riet Hall's Sctiool; m. Oct. 1, 1863, Dr. Charles 
W. P Brock; children: Mrs. Edwin L. Hewitt, 
Mrs. Floyd Hughes, Dr. Charles Bolton Brock, 
A. Tyler Brock. Interested In society and church 
work. Mem. Colonial Dames of America, 
D.A.R., Ass'n for Preser^'ation . of Va. Antiqui- 
ties, Confederate Memorial Literary Soc; mem. 
and formerly second vice-pres. Daughters of the 
Confederacy; mem. the Woman's Club. Recrea- 
tions: Stay-at-Home Whist Club, bridge, driving. 
BROCKWAY, Aloinda Beman (Mrs. E. B. 

Brockway), 3217 N. Twenty-eighth St,, Ta- 

coma. Wash. 

Born Iowa, 1872; dau. S. N. and Mary A 
(ThomiJson) Beman; ed. State Univ. of loTva; 
grad. in pharmacy; m. Oskaloosa, la., 1899, E. B. 
Brockway; children: Valeda, Gordon B. Became 
registered pharmacist in 1896 and practiced pro- 
fession for three years. Mem. Methodist Episco- 
pal Church. Progressive in politics. Mem. 
Illema Club (literary). 
BRODEL, Ruth Huntinglon (Mrs. Max BrSdel), 

707 N. Can-ollton Av., Baltimore, Md. 

Bom Sandusky, O., Sept. 1, 1877; dau. Henry 
Clay and Josephine (Warner) Huntington; grad. 
Sandusky High School. '95; Smith Coll., B.S. '99 
'mem. Alpha Soc); m. Sandusky, O. Dec. 31, 
1902, Prof. Max Brodel of Johns Hopkins Univ.; 
children: Elizabeth, b. Oct. 9, 1903; Ruth, b. 
April 23, 1905 (died June 1, 1908); Carl. b. June 7, 
1908; Elsa, b. Feb. 8, 1911. Fellow in zoology. 
Smith Coll., 1899-1900; was engaged in medical 
UluatratiOD at Johns Hopkins Univ., 1900-02. 
Illustrated the anatomical chapter of Dr. How- 
ard A. Kelly's book on the Appendix. Congre- 
gationalist Recreation: Music. .Mem. College 
Club, BaKimore. 

BRODIE, Ethel Mary (Mrs.), 15 Charles St.. 

W. Toronto, Can. 

Bom Toronto. Sept. 27, 1878; dau. John Lowe 
Brodie (founder of Standard Bank of Canada) 
and Adeline J. H. (Lowe) Brodie: ed. private 
school (Mis« Champion's) and at Morvyn House, 
afterward Havarpal Hall; left school In girl- 
hood because of ill health; followed study by 
self; married, but has resumed name of Brodie; 
one daughter: Jessie Dick Staunton, b. Mar. 11, 
190C. Author of two articles In Toronto Saturday 
Night, and one book: The Rose-Colored World 
(collection of short stories), 1910. Recreations: 
Music, reading, traveling. Favors woman suf- 

BROrWELL, Henrietta Elizabeth, 1803 Guil- 
ford A v., Baltimore, Md. ; P.O. Box 50, Denver, 

Landscape painter, genealogist; b. Charleston, 
111.; dau. Hon. H. P. H. Bromwell (Congress- 
man, jurist, legislator, etc.) and E)mlly (Payne) 
Bromwell, dau. of Hon. John W. Payne; ed. 
at home under private instructors; traveled a 
good deal in U.S., Northern Mexico and Canada. 
One of founders and active mem. of Artists' 
Club of Denver, Colo., and its first sec; has ex- 
hibited in Am. Water Color Soc. of N.Y., In 
Philadelphia Art Club, In Transmississippi Expo- 
sition, Greater Am. EJxpoSition and annuals of 
Kansas City, Omaha, Houston, Denver, etc 
Favors woman suffrage; has been mem. Colo. 
Equal Suffrage Ass'n. Author: The Bromwell 
Genealogy, 1910 (includes genealogies of Holmes, 
Payne, Rice and LefSer families). Active mem. 
Maryland Historical Soc. Mem. Baltimore 
Chapter D.A.R. Active mem. Artists' Club ot 
Denver; mem. Territorial Daughters of Colo. 
Was sec. H. P. H. Bromwell Masonic Publishing 
(Do., organized under auspices of the Grand 
Lodge of Colorado, for publication of posthumous 
works of H. P. H. Bromwell. 

BRONK. Isabelle, Swarthmore College, Swarth- 

more. Pa. 

Teacher; born in Duanesburg, Schenectady 
County, N.Y.; dau. A-bram and Cynthia (Brew- 
ster) Bronk; ed. Brockport (N.Y.) State Normal 
School; Wellesley Coll.; Germany, France and 
Spain (schools and private study) ; Univ. of 
Leipzig, Sorbonne and College de France, 1889-91; 
Univ. of Chicago, summers of 1896 and 1897 and 
1897-1900; Bibliothgque Nationale, summers of 
1902, 1903, 1904, 1908; Univ. of Grenoble, summer 
of 1906; studied in Paris and Madrid, 1910-11; 
111. Wesleyan Univ., Ph.B. 1893; Univ. of Chi- 
cago, Ph.D. 1900; fellow in Romance languages, 
Univ. of Chicago, 1898-1900. Mem. Labor Ass'n 
and particularly interested in work of Child 
Labor A&s'n. Favors woman suffrage; mem. 
Equal Suffi-age League of S-warthmore OsU., 
Woman's Suffrage League of Swarthmore and 
College Equal Suffrage League of PhilajdelphJa. 
Editor The Poesies diverses of Antoine Furetlfere 
(partial reprint from edition of 1664), with intro- 
duction and notes, 1908; writer of articles In 
The Nation, Evening Post, Education, and else- 
where; now engaged in pre5)aring edition of some 
of works of the Chevalier de M6re. Mem. 
Episcopal Church. Mem. Phi Beta Kappa, Ass'n, 
Collegiate Alumnae, Modern Language Ass'n of 
America, Nat. Geog. Sew;, and Alliance FVan- 
gaise (Philadelphia branch). Recreations: 
Walking, swimming, rowing, skating, reading. 
Taught French at Univ. of Chicago and noTV 
head of d^'t of Romance Languages and Susan 
W. Lippincott professor of FYench at Swarth- 
more Coll. Has traveled in nearly all the 
countriee of Europe. 

BRONK, Margaret Marcellus (Mrs. Edmund F. 

Bronk). 27 Division St., Amsterdam. N.Y. 

Bom Amsterdam, N.Y.; dau. Jeremiah Vor- 
hees and Margaret (Carmichael) Marcellus; ed. 
Amsterdam Acad, and Wells Coll., Aurora, N.Y. ; 
m. Amsterdam, N.Y., Mar. 9. 1887, Dr. Edmund 
F. Bronk; children: Marcellus, Clara Louise, 
James Eklmund. Sec. Woman's Home Mission- 
ary Soc. of the Second Presbyterian Church from 
organization 31 years ago to present time; 
associate mem. Children's Home Ass'n and Hos- 
pital Aid Soc. Presbyterian. Pres. and charter 



mem. Ceatmry Clttb; first sec. of club, holding 

office three years. 

BRONSON, Amey Talbot Taintor (Mrs. Charles 

Ell Bronson). 4050 Aspen St., Philadelphia, 


Graduate Smith Coll., B.L.. '95; student of 
Latin, history and philology, Columbia Univ., 
M.A. '96; m. Nov. 23, 1S9S. Charles Eli Bronson; 
children: Katharine Taintor, b. Oct. 11, 1899; 
Margaret Talbot b. June 5, 1901: Charles At- 
water, b. Sept. 21, 1905; Talbot de Peyster, b. 
Oct. 23, 1905. Engaged as private teacher, 
BRONSON, Elaie Marion Straiglii (Mrs. Walter 

C. Bronson), 140 Morris Av., Providence, R.I. 

Born Middleborongh, Mass., Oct. 17, 1882; dau. 
Arthur Franklin and Mary Lovlna (Alden) 
Straffin; ed. Brown Univ., 1900-07, A.B., A.M. '04 
(elected to Phi Beta Kappa 1S03) ; held graduate 
fellowship In English, 1S04-C6; m. Brockton, 
Mass., Aug. 17, 1905, Prof. Y/aJter C. Bronson. 
Assistant in English, Brown Univ., 1904-05. Pres. 
Brown Univ. AJumnse A»s'n, 1909-11; chieifiy inter- 
ested in collegiate education of women. Interested 
in ancient Greek art, literature and archseology 
and in the progress of modern Greece. Has 
assisted largely in preparing six volumes of Eng- 
lish and American literature edited within the 
last 8 years by her husband, Prof. Bronson; 
for 1 volume made somewhat extensive transla- 
tions from Beowulf and other Old English poems; 
ha^ revised mathematical works for the purpose 
of making them simpler and more lucid in 
expression. Mem. Ass'n of Coll. Alumnse. Recre- 
ations: Camping, boating, fishing and mountain 
climbing. Baptist. 
BROOK, KdJth May, 53 Parker Hill Av., Rox- 

bury, Mass. 

Physician, surgeon; b. Rutland, Mass.; dau. 
William H. and Almanda M. (Stone) Brook; 
grad. Springfield High School, '97; Tufts Coll. 
Medical School, '02. Became ass't surgeon on 
staff of Mass. Women's Hospital; now house 
physician and sup't of same hospital. 
BROOKINGS, Marian Kinney (Mrs. Walter 

DuBois Brookings), Linda Vista Av., Red- 
lands, Cal. ; also care of Brookings Timber 

and Lumber Co., St. Clair Building, San 

Francisco, Cal. 

Bom Fergus Falls, Minn., May 26, 1883; dau. 
Henry Nason and Selina (Mcintosh) Kinney; 
grad. Welleeley Coll., B.A. '04 (mem. Zeta 
Alpha); m. Claremont, Cal., Nov. 19, 1909, Wal- 
ter Du Bois Brookings; one son: Robert 
Brookings 2d. Interested in home economics; 
chairman tor i>ast two years of Home Economics 
Com. of the San Bernardino Valley Branch 
Ass'n College Alumnae; mem. Associated Chari- 
ties; interested in politics and in town planning. 
Favors woman suffrage. Congregationalist. 
Republican voter. Mem. Am. Home EJoonomics 
Ass'n, Ass'n (Collegiate Alumnae. Recreations: 
Travel, walking. Clubs: College Woman's, Wel- 
lesley '(Los Angeles). 
BROOKS, Amy, Hyde Park, Mass. 

Author, artist; b. Chelsea, Mass.; dau. Alfred 
Hubbard and Hannah Bell (Stebbins) Brooks; ed. 
Hyde Park public schools; Museum School of 
Drawing and Painting, Boston, Mass. First 
picture exhibited 1898. Illustrated about 70 vol- 
umes for other authors between 1898 and 1900, 
when first book was puiblished. Has illustrated 
all her own 32 books and designed their covers. 
Takes great pleasure m social life; very fond of 
dancing, and of theatre when musical drama or 
opera is on. Author: The Randy Books, The 
Prue Books, The Jolly Cat Tale, The Dorothy 
Dainty Books, The Princess Polly Books, The 
Lady Linda Books. Author and composer of 
classical songs; accomplished pianist. 
BROOKS, Anita Comfort (Mrs. Algernon Arthur 

Alfred Brooks i, St. James Hotel, 109 W. 

Forty-fifth St., N.T. City. 

Club president, composer; b. Des Moines, la.; 
dau. John and Mary (Matthews) O'Hara; ed. 
Monticello Sem., (Jodlrey, 111.; m. (Ist) Colonel 
Charles D. Comfort of the St. Louie Nat. Guard; 
one son: Norman Bacon Comfort (now Capt. St. 
Louis Nat. Guard). Was a widow for a few 
years and then married in N.Y. City, Algernon 

Arthur Alfred Brooks (of a well-known English 
family; now in stocks and bonds business in 
N.Y. City). While resident of St. Louis, held 
a prominent place in the society of that city, 
and a Red, White and Blue Military Reception, 
which she gave to Gen. G. T. Beauregard (of the 
Confederate Army) at her residence (which she 
still owns in Westminster Place, St. Louis), Oct. 
14, 1891, is still remembered as one of the most 
brilliant events in the social history of that city; 
4iX) guests attended, including local celebrities 
and the officers of the St Louis National Guard 
in full uniform. In 1906 founded and organized 
the Gotham Club, for men and women, which 
has its headquarters in the Hotel Astor, N.Y. 
City, and is noted for Its unique and interesting 
monthly programs; also pres. Gridiron Dinner 
Dance Clut), which she founded and organized, 
1610, and which is opposed to tobacco and its 
poisons. Also mem. City Fed. of Women's Clubs, 
Am. Playgoers' Club, Rainy Day Club, West ESnd 
Woman's Republican Club, Internat Pure Milk 
League, Domestic Science Ass'n., N.Y. Proba- 
tion Soc, Woman's Auxiliary to Rescue Work 
of the Salvation Army, Housewives' League, 
N.Y. Peace Soc., Burlington Country Club; vice- 
pres. Huntington (L.I.) Week End Club. Favors 
woman suffrage. Composer: Anita, or Mexico 
by Moonlight; Monterey (Mexican Dance); Re- 
member the Maine (battle song) ; Eugenie; 
Alice, the Bride of the White House (national 
waltz), a de-luxe copy of which she presented to 
Mrs. Nicholas Longworth on her wedding day, 
and others. Her compositions were first intro- 
duced to puiblic notice by the Sousa and Victor 
Herbert bands. Presbyterian. 
BROOKS, Annie Laurie (Mrs. Lawton S. 

Brooks), 126 Chestnut St., Springfield, Mass. 

Born West Rox'bury, Mass., Aug. 23, 1857; 
dau. Rev. Dr. Thomas and Ellen A. (Ellis) 
Laurie; ed. Mt Holyoke Sem.; m. Providence, 
R.I., May 22, 1878, Lawton S. Brooks, M.D.; 
one daugliter: Edith Laurie. Pres. Springfield 
Women's Club; pres. Woman's Auxiliary for 
the diocese of Western Mass. (missionary) ; pres. 
Christ Church branch Woman's Auxiliary; sec. 
Springfield Home for Aged Women. Has written 
occasional verses. Episcopalian. Mem. Mass. 
Forestry Ass'n, Consumers' League and various 
social and church orgaaizations. Recreation: 
BROOKS, Annie Mabri, 448 School St., Athol, 


Teacher; b. Massachusetts; grad. Smith Coll., 
B.A. '98; student in education and Sanskrit, 
Columbia Univ., M.A. '02, Teacher of Latin, 
Woodstock (Conn.) Acad,, 1898-1900; Horace 
Mann School, -N.Y. City, 1902-03; Kent Place 
School, Summit, N.J., since 1303. 
BROOKS, Bessie Estelle (Mrs. Henry M. 

Brooks), Gwynn Oak, FerndaJo Av., Howard 

Park, Baltimore, Md. 

Born Baltimore, Md., Sept 2, 1872; dau. John 
Randolph and Mary C. (Thompson) Wright; ed. 
public schools of Baltimore City; private pupil 
of Miss Eliza Adams, Baltinjore; m. Walbrook, 
Baltimore, Md., Feb. 1, 1905, Henry Murray 
Brooks. "Teacher of public school until marriage. 
Had charge of primary dep't work for 10 years 
In the Fayette Street Methodist Episcopal 
Church; active in all women societies of church. 
Pres. of Howard Park branch of Internat Sun- 
shine Soc. for five years. Methodist. 
BROOKS, Ethel Frances Fifield (Mrs. Lawrence 

Ralston Brooks), 18 South Broadway, Yon- 

kers, N.Y. 

Born Ma.ssachusetts; grad. Smith Coll., B.A. 
'96; student of architecture at Mass. Inst, of 
Technology, 1896-1900, B.S. 1900; m. Aug. 31, 1904. 
Lawrence Ralston Brooks; two daughters: Shir- 
ley, b. July 7, 1906; Caroline Robinson, b. Nov. 
11, 1907. Teacher Salem (Mass.) public school, 
1895-96. Lecturer on house building and fur- 
nishing. School of Housekeeping, Boston, 1900-02, 
and to women's clubs, 1900-04. Mem. Ass'n Col- 
legiate Alumnae, Am. Home Economics Ass'n. 
BROOKS, Frona Marie (Mrs, Morgan Brooks), 

2004 Matthews Av., Urbana, 111. 

Born Boston, Mass.; dau. Benjamin Franklin 



Brooks; srad. Smith Coll., B.A. '83, M.A. '93; 
student Harvard Annex, 1884-86; m. April 24, 
1888, Morgan Brooks, Ph.B., M.E. (now prof, 
electrical engineering, Univ. of 111.); children: 
Henry, b. Sept. 2, 1889; Charles Franklin, b. 
May 2, 1891; Frances, b. Nov. 7, 1893; Frederick 
Augustus, b. May 1, 1895; Roger, b. Dec. 22, 
1896; iCdith, b. Jan. 11, 1899; Frona Marguerite, 
b. Jan. 18, 1901; Dorothy Prescott, b. Dec. 1, 
1905. Mem. Ass'n Collegiate Alumnae. 
BROOKS, Geraldine, 312 East Seventh St., 

Plainfleld, N.J. 

Teacher, author; b. Philadelphia; dau. El- 
bridge Street and Melissa (de Baun) Brooks; 
ed. Adelphl Acad., Brooklyn, N.Y.; Somerville 
(Mass.) High School and Radcliffe Coll., A.B. '08. 
Teacher of English in Lieomliister (Mass.) High 
School 1908-12; since Sept. 1912, teacher of Eng- 
lish in Plainfleld (N.J.) High School. Author: 
Dames and Daughters of Colonial Days; Dame* 
and Daughters of Tonng Republic; Dames and 
Daughters of French Court; Romances of 
OoIoDial Days. Unitarian. Mem. Women's 
University Club, N.Y. City. 

BROOKS, Ida Jo^ephiae, 219 E. Tenth St., 

Little Rock, Ark. 

Physician; b. Muscatine, la.; dau. Joseph and 
EUza (Goodenough) Broolra; ed. St. Louis public 
schfX)ls; LHtle Rock Univ.; Drury Coll.; Boston 
Univ., M.D. Resident surgeon Mass. Homoeo- 
pathic Hospital; ass't sup't Mass. State Insane 
Hospital; medical director Little Rock public 
schools; specialist In psychiatry. Formerly 
teacher for many years; principal Little Rock 
High School; prof, of mathematics, Little Rock 
Univ. Interested In associated cliarities, civic 
improvement; mem. State Fed. of Women's 
Clubs. Suffrage Soc. Has written magazine arti- 
cles, social and professional. Methodist. Favors 
woman suffrage. 

BROOKS, Jcimie, Oxford, O. 

Author; b. Cincinnati, O., 1853; dau. E. S. 
Brooks (Harvard '35, teacher of first classical 
school in Cincinnati) and Mary Jane (Keller) 
Brooks; ed. Oxford (O.) Coll. Magazine writer 
on out-door life, bird study, short stories, essays. 
Contributor to Harper's, Lipplncott's, Outlook, 
Continent, Educator, Chap Work, also other 
periodicals and magazines. Author: Under Ox- 
ford Trees, 1911. EJpiscopaJian. Recreations: 
Walking on country roads, nature study. 

BROOKS, Julia M. Clark (Mrs. David Brainard 
Brooks), 16 Huntington St., Hartford, Conn. 
Born Hartford, Conn.; grad. Rockford (Dl.) 
Sem. (now college), '57; m. David Brainard 
Brooks (no^ deceased); four sons (one deceased), 
two daughters (one deceased). Has been active 
In philanthropic interests in Hartford; served 
many years on Board of Managers of Woman's 
Aid Soc. Writer of occasional literary pa{>ers. 
CoDgregatlonalist; active in all departments of 
church work. 

BROOKS, Louise Dudley DavlB (Mrs. Henry 
Harlow Brooks), 44 W. Ninth St., N.Y. City. 
Educated Dearborn^Morgan School, Orange, 
N.J. ; Bryn Mawr Coll., A.B. "97, specializing in 
chemistry and biolog;y; student in bacteriology in 
Carnegie Laboratory, N.Y. City, 1896-97; in 
Health Dep't Laboratory, N.Y. City, 1897-98; m. 
1899, Dr. Henry Harlow Brooks. Ass't to the 
ass't pathologist and director of the Investigation 
Laboratory of the Health Dep't of N.Y. City, 

BROOKS, Luella Jane (Mrs. John Melrille 
Brooks), 603 S. Weadock Av., Saginaw, Mich. 
Born Ipswich, Mass., June 30, 1853; dau. Rev. 
John W. and Martha J. (Rogers) I>admun; 
grad. Laselle Sem., '74; m. Winthrop, Mass., 
John Melville Brooks (lawyer); children: Will- 
iam Campbell, Marion Luella, Melville Dadmun, 
Harold. Active in church, clubs and music. 
Director of Mich. State Fed. of Women's Clubs, 
1911; pres. of Saginaw Art Club, 12 years (now 
sec.); pres. May Festival Chorus. Favors wo- 
man suffrage. Congregatlonallst. Progressive 
In politics. Mem. Saginaw Country Club, Sagi- 
naw Art Club, May Feetlval Chorus Clul), Sagi- 
naw Wbist CIiri>. 

BROOKS, .'Vlary Naomi Willard (Mrs. Brymt B. 
Brooks>, Casper, Wyo. 

Born Washington Court, O., Jan., 1864; dau. 
Lockart D. and Olive (Clark) Willard; ed. Epis- 
copal School, Lyons, la.; m. Mar., 1886, Bryant 
B. Brooks (Governor of Wyoming, 1905-11); five 
children, four girls and one boy. Taught school, 
beginning at Alexandria, Neb., when she was 17, 
until marriage; since then has lived on the V-V 
Ranch at Casper, Wyo. Pres. Wyo. State Fed. 
of Women's Clubs. Republican voter. Favors 
woman suffrage. 

BROOKS, Mary Ten Eyck Oakley (Mrs. John 
Arthur Brooks), Brookwood. Cazenovla, N.Y. 
Born N.Y. Cty; dau. E. Benedict and Eliza- 
beth T. E. (Litchfield) Oakley; ed. private 
school? in Yonkers and N.Y. City; m. N.Y. City, 
April 16, 1902, John Arthur Brooks; children: 
Elizabeth Ten Eyck, b. 1903; Evelyn Reed, b. 
1906; Arthur Oakley, b. 1911. Mem. Consumers' 
League of Mass., Child Labor Com. (Nat), Play- 
ground Ass'n {titut.), Mass. Oivic League. E)pl»- 
BROOKS, Sarah Catherine, Martinsbarg, Mo. 

Teacher; b. Audrain County, Mo., Feb. 16, 1856; 
dau. Thompson and Zerelda (Fields) Brooks; ed. 
111. (Northern) Normal Univ., 1875-76. Taught 
in Normal (111.) public schools, 1877-78; in Men- 
dota. Hi., 1878-79; in DeKalb, 111., 1882-85; pri- 
mary work. Left DeKalb for St. Paul, Minn., 
1885, receiving highest salary given in the town. 
Ass't principal In St. Paul, 1885-87; taught In 
training school; promoted to primary supervisor, 
1889-1902. Principal Baltimore Teachers' Train- 
ing School, 1902-10. Author: Myers' and Brooks' 
Arithmetics; Carroll-Brooks' Readers and Man- 
ual; biographical sketch of Mrs. Ewing, with 
educational notes, in The Story of a Short Life; 
Biographical Sketch and Suggestions to Teachers 
of Hans Christian Andersen. Episcopalian. 
Progressive. Mem. Herbart Soc. Recreations: 
Nature study, literature. Actively engaged in 
summer schools, 1882-1903, teaching in Iowa, 
Illinois, Maryland, Chautauqua, N.Y.; Bayview, 
Mich., etc. Favors woman suffrage. 
BROOM£LX, Grace Browne (Mrs. Clyde Wash- 
burn Broomell), San Antonio, Tex.; permanent 
address, Broomellcroft, Sharon, Me. 
Choir director, soloist; b. Cleveland, O., I>ec. 
12, 1873; dau. Myron Gilbert and Adah I. 
(Wagar) Browne; ed. Cleveland High School; 
Women's Coll. of Western Reserve Univ., 1892-93; 
Smith Coll., B.L. '97; grad. New England Con- 
servatory of Music, '04 (mem. Alpha Soc, 
Biological Soc. and Philosophical Soc. of Smith 
CoU.); m. Boston, Mar. 21, 1905, Rev. Clyde 
Washburn Broomell; children: Myron Henry, b. 
Feb. 27, 190* ; Doris, b. Sept. 20, 1910. Active in 
religious, musical and college club circles. Favors 
woman suffrage. Contributor to various maga- 
zines and periodicals. Mem. Church of the New 
Jerusalem (Swedenborgian). Mem. Alumnae 
Aiss'n of Smith Coll., Alumni Ass'n of New EJng- 
land Conservatory of Music, Southern Ass'n of 
College Women (and the San Antonio Chapter 
of same). Was charter mem. of Cleveland Col- 
lege Club, and mem. Boston College Club. 

BBOTHEBTON, Alice WiUiam (Mrs. William 

Ernest Brotherton), 1015 Locust St., Walnut 

HlllB, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Writer of verse and prose; dau. Alfred Bald- 
win and Rath Hoge (Johnson) Williams; m. 187S, 
William Ernest Brotherton; children: Frederick 
WilUama (deceased), Jobn Williams, Isabel Ruth 
Brotherton. Contributor of poems to many lead- 
ing magazines and periodicals. Author: Beyond 
the Veil, 1886; The Sailing of King Olaf, and 
Other Poems, 1887; What the Wind Told to the 
Tree-Tops; Prose and Verse for Children, 1887; 
The Real Hamlet (contributed to Poet Lore), 
1906. Unitarian. Republican. Seven years a di- 
rector of Cincinnati Woman's Club; director and 
several terms pres. of Woman's Press Club, 
which is charter mem. of the General Federation 
of Women's Clubs. 
BBOL'SSEAU, Kate, Mills College, California. 

Teacher; b. Ypsllantl, Mich., 1862; dau. Juliui 
and Caroline (Yakeley) Brousseau; ed. High and 
Normal schools, Los Angelea, C«l. ; OolUge 4« 



France, Paris; Kcole d'Anthropologie, Paris; 
student of morbid psychology, St. Anne Insane 
Asylum, Paris; Univ. of Paris, degree EkJcteur 
de rUniversite (Paris). Teacher of French, Los 
Angeles High School, 1892-94; teacher of peda- 
gogy and psychology. State Normal School, Los 
Angeles, 1897-1903; philosophy and social science, 
Mills Coll., 1907- . Author: L'Education des 
Negres aux Etats-Unis (published in Paris). 
Mem. Ass'n of Collegiate Alumnae. Congrega- 
tionalist. Favors woman suffrage. Democrat. 
One of the directors of the College Elqual Suf- 
frage League. 
BROWER, Josephine V., St. Clond, Minn. 

Author; dau. Jacob Vradenburg and Armena 
S. Brower. Sec. of Literature Com., Gen. Fed. 
of Women's Clubs. Author: Tales From the 
Alhambra; The Morris Dance; Morris Dance 
Tunes; Folk Dances. Mem. Am. Folk Lore Soc, 
Playground and Recreation Ass'n of America; 
Drama League of America; Merry England Soc. 
(mem. Advisorv Council). Mem. London Lyceum 
Club, Soc. of Am. Women in London. 
BROWIV, Abbie Farwell, 41 W. Cedar St., Bos- 
ton, Mass. 

Author; b. Boston; dau. Benjamin F. and 
Clara M. (Neal) Brown; ed. Girls' Latin School, 
Boston, and Radcliffe Coll. Author (juveniles): 
Book of Saints and Friendly Beasts; The Lone- 
somest Doll; A Pocketful of Posies (poems); 
Fresh Posies (poems); John of the Woods; The 
Curious Book cf Birds; Brothers and Sisters; 
Friends and Cousins; The Star Jewels, the Story 
of St. Christopher; The Flower Princess; The 
Christmas Angel; Tales of the Red Children; 
Their City Christmas. Frequent contributor to 
magazines, chiefly juvenile poems and stories; 
writer of song texts and the librettos of two 
comic operas. Episcopalian. Mem. Am. Folk- 
Lore Soc, Am. Drama Soc, Boston Drama 
League. Recreations: Theatres, private theatri- 
cals, music, dancing, snowshoelng. Mem. Boston 
Authors' Club, Saturday Morning Club. Favors 
equal suffrage. 

BROWN, Adelaide, 45 Sixteenth Av., cor. Lake 
St., Ban Francisco, Cal. 

Physician; b. Napa, Cal., July 19, 1868; dau. 
Henry Adams and Charlotte Amanda (Blake) 
Brown; ed. Smith Coll., A.B. '88; Cooper Med. 
Coll., San Francisco, M.D. '92. Obstetrician to 
Children's Hospital, 1899; sec. Med. Milk Com- 
mission of San Francisco Co. Med. Soc, 1907-12; 
pres. Med. Milk Com., 1912. Mem. Ass'n Col- 
legiate Alumnse (Cal. branch), San Francisco 
Civic Centre, Soc. for Prevention of Blindness, 
Com. for Prevention of Infant Mortality, Baby 
Hygiene Soc, Milk Improvement Ass'n. Favors 
woman suffrage; vice-pres. College Equal Suf- 
frage League of Cal. Has written various arti- 
cles tor medical journals. Congregationalist. 
Progressive Republican. Recreation: Civics. 
Clubs: Town and Country, Century. 
BROWN, Adelaide Spenser (Mrs. Harry Spenser 
Brown), Cuateau d'Aux, Barthe, France: ad- 
dress care American Express Co., Paris, 

Born Chicago, Sept. 5, 1860; dau. Francis and 
Adelaide (Crary) Bostock; ed. Ferry Hall, Lake 
Forest, 111., 1878; m. Chicago, July 28, 1880, Dr. 
Harry Spenser Brown; children: Ethel (Countess 
de Gramedo), Dorothy. Interested in all ques- 
tions—religious, social and philanthropic. Pres- 
byterian. Favors woman suffrage. 
BROWN, Agnes Hewlett (Mrs. James Crosby 
Brown). Mill Creek Road, Ardmore, Pa. 
Born BrooHyn Heights, Mar. 27, 1875; dau. 
."VugusLus and Mary (Sanderson) Hewlett; ed. 
[-"acktr Inst., Brooklyn; m. Hewlett, L.I., Oct. 13, 
1)598, James Crosby Brown; children: James 
Crosby Jr., b. 190:3; Alexander Crosby, b. 1905. 
Interested in ch.ld culture, the Polyclinic Hos- 
fjital and the Consumers' League. Favors woman 
suflrage. Protestant Episcopal. Recreation: 
Gardening. Mem. Acorn Club (Philadelphia). 
Gardeners ("Main Line"). 

BROWN, Alice, 11 Pinckney St., Boston. Mass. 

Author; b. Hampton Falls, N.H., Dec. 5, 1887, 

lived on a farm in girlhood; ed. Robinson Sem., 

Exeter, N.H. Taught school in country for a 

tew terms, then went to Boston to teach, but 
soon took up writing as a profession. Ehigaged 
as writer for several years on staff of the 
Youth's Companion. Author: Fools of Nature 
(novel); Meadow Grass (collection of Ne^? Eng- 
land stories); By Oak and Thorn^A Record of 
English Days; Robert Louis Stevenson — A Study 
(in collaboration with Imogen Guiney) ; Three 
Heroines of New England Romance (with Harriet 
Prescott Spofford and Imogen Guiney); Life of 
Mercy Otis Warren; The Road to Castalay 
(poems) ; Tiverton Tales (collection of stories) ; 
The Day of His Youth; The King's End; Mar- 
garet Warroner; Paradise; High Moon; The 
Mannerings; The Country Road; The Court of 
Lfove; Rose McLeod; The Story of Thyrza; 
Country Neighbors; John Winterbourne's Family; 
The One- Footed Fairy and Other Stories; Secret 
of the Clan. 
BROWN, Alice Barlow (Mrs. James Robert 

Brown), Wlnnetka, 111. 

Physician; b. Corry, Pa., May 4, 1869; dau. 
Moses Harry and Kate Amelia (Holley) Barlow; 
ed. Corry High School; Hahenmann Med. Coll., 
M.D. '96; Coll. of Physicians and Surgeons 
(med. dep't Univ. of III.), M.D. '03 (mem. Alpha 
Epsilon Iota); m. Smithton, Ark., 1886, James 
Robert Brown. Mem. Chicago Woman's Club, 
Winnetka Woman's Club (pres.); vice-pres. 
Tenth Congressional Dist. 111. Fed. Women's 
Clubs. Episcopalian. Favors woman suflrage. 
BROWN, Alice Crawford, Summit Av., Hack- 

ensack, N.J. 

Physician; b. Allegheny, Pa.; ed. in schools of 
South Dakota, Vassar Coll., A.B. '93; Univ. of 
Mich., med. dep't, M.D., '97; medical research 
work in N.Y. City, 1898-1905. Since 1905 en- 
gaged in medical practice at Hackensack, N.J. 
BROWN, Alice Margaret, Greencastle, Pa. 

Born Richmond, Pa., Feb. 20, 1865; dan. Oliver 
Stephen and Isabella (Hudson) Brown; ed. Wil- 
son Coll., Ohamber&burg, Pa. Has been sec. of 
Literature and Young People's Soc. in Woman's 
Missionary Presbyterial Soc. ; has also worked In 
temperance cause, now cor. sec. for Franklin Co., 
also as librarian in the Greencastle Circulating 
Library. Believes in woman suffrage. Presby- 
terian. Mem. Travelers' Club for past 20 years 
(one of first members). 
BROWN, Alice Van Vechten, Wellesley Coll., 

Wellesley, Mass. 

Painter and teacher of art; b. Hanover, N.H. ; 
dau. Rev. Samuel Oilman Brown, D.D., LuL.D., 
and Sarah (Van Vechten) Brown; ed. private 
schools and tutors; Art Students' League of 
N.Y. (four years) and with other studios and 
artists; traveled and studied abroad. Assistant 
director and director Norwich Art School, Nor- 
wich, Conn., 1891-97; prof, of art Wellesley Coll. 
from 1897. Mem. of Archeological Institute of 
Am. and of other art ass'ns. 
BROWN, Anna C. (Mrs. William Grant Brown), 

Bretton Hall, Broadway and Eighty-sixth St., 

N.Y. City. 

Born Schenectady, N.Y., 1875; dau. Henry J. 
and Josephine M. (Southard) Clute; ed. Welles- 
ley Coll.; m. Schenectady, 1899, William Grant 
Brown. Mem. Collegiate Reformed Church, 48th 
Sit. and Fifth Av. Favors woman suffrage; mem. 
Equal Suffrage League; mem. N.Y. State Com. 
of Nat. Progressive Party. Pres. N.Y. City Fed. 
of Women's Clubs; pres. Rescue Home for Wo- 
men; officer in Progressive Ekionomic Club, N.Y. 
State Fed., Rainy Day Club of America, Nat. 
Soc. Daughters of Empire State, N.Y. City Fed- 
eration Hotel for Working Girls. 
BROWN, Anna Smith (Mrs. John Harvey 

Brown), Divernon, 111. 

Teacher, speaker; b. Peoria Co., 111., April 27, 
1866: dau. John K. and Hannah (Davis) Smitn; 
grad. 111. Normal Univ., Normal, 111., class of '38; 
m. July 31, 1895, John Henry Brown. Was for 
14 years sup't of a large Sabbath-school; made 
numerous addresses on Sabbath-school and mis- 
sionary work, and in the interests of the farm 
home at Farmers' Institute; devoting time now 
to the 111. State Fed. of Women's Clubs and 
speaking for them; mem. Divernon Household 
Science Club and Divernon Women's Club. 



BROWN, Bertha MBlard, IB Hazleton St. (Mat- 

tapan), Boston, Mass. 

Teacher and author; b. Boston, Jan. 15, 1870; 
dau. Rben F. and Mary (Boothby) Brown; ed. 
Girls' High School, Boston; Mass. Inst, of 
Technology, '92; Marine Biological Laboratory, 
Woods Hole. Teacher in Brookline High School, 
Vassar Coll., State Normal School, Hyannis, 
Mass., and the Garland School of Homemaking. 
Interested In school gardens and gardening. 
Favors woman suffrage. Author: Good Health 
for Girls and Boys; Health in Home and Town; 
Physiology for the Laboratory; magazine articles 
on school gardens and the teaching of elementary 
hygiene. Unitarian. Recreations: Walking, 
camping, swimming, gardening. 
'T8ROWN, Caroline," pen-name — eee Krout, 

Caroline Virginia, 
BROWN, Carrie Pfeiffer (Mrs. A. A. Brown), 

206 Augusta St., San Antonio, Tex. 

Born Carrizo S'prings, Tex., Aug. 8, 1886; dau. 
John and Sophie (Goodman) Pfeifier; grad. San 
Antonio High School, '02; Univ. of Texas, '06; 
m. San Antonio, Jan. 10, 1908, Dr. A. A. Brown; 
one son: Philip Pfeiffer Brown. Interes'ted in 
club work and educational and philanthropic 
work. Favors woman STjffrage. Mem. San 
Antonio CSiapter Southern Ass'n of (College 
Women, Council of Jewish Women, Kinder- 
garten Ass'n, Literary Soc., Texas Staite Fed. of 
Women's Clubs. 
BROWN, Cluu^otte Hardimc Holmesbure, PUl- 

adelphla. Pa. 

Illustrator; b. Newark, N.J., 1873; dau. Joseph 
and Charlotte Elizabeth (Matthews) Harding; ed. 
Philadelphia School of Design for Women, Pa. 
Acad, of Fine Arts; m. Philadelphia, 1905, James 
Adams Brown; one daughter: Charlotte Adams 
Brown. Silver medal, London, Eng., Woman's 
Exposition, 1900; silver medal St. Louis Exposi- 
tion for illustrations. Illustrations for maga- 
zines and books, Century, Harper's, McClure's, 
Collier's Weekly, Harper's Bazar, etc. Mem. the 
Fellowship of the Pa. Acad, of the Fine Arts, 
Philadelphia, Pa.; Plastic Club, Philadelphia; 
Philadelphia Water Color Club. 

BROWN, Com^ia B. Officer (Mrs. William 
Winfleld Brown), Sierra Vista Ranch, Terra 
Bella, Cal. 

Bom St. Paul, Minn., Mar. IS, 1876; dau. Har- 
vey and Henrietta Low (Paterson) Officer; ed. 
Univ. of Minn. (Kappa Kappa Gamma.) ; m. St, 
Paul, Minn., Aug. 10, 1898, William Winfleld 
Brown; children: Winfield Paterson, b. 1899; Mil- 
ton Goodnow, b. 1902; Harvey Officer, b. 1907. 
Protestant EJpiscopal. 

BROWN, ComeUa E., 362 Lexington Av., N.T. 


Physican; b. CWllicothe, O. ; dau. P. T. C. 
Brown and Elizabeth (Lille) Brown; ed. private 
Bchools; Ohio State Univ., Columbia Med. Coll., 
M.D. Engaged in general medical practice in 
N.Y. City; attending physician to Damiet EUs- 
pensary since 1887. Mem. Daughters of Ohio, 
City and State Women's Med. Ass'ns, Pro- 
fessional Woman's League, Theatre Club. 

BROWN, Demetra Kenneth (Mrs. Kenneth 
Brown), 37 Cheatnnt St.. Boston, Mass. 
Author; b. on Island of Bouyouk-Ada tn Sea 
of Marmora, 1877 (Byzantine Greek) ; ed. In 
Greece, came to U.S. 1894, m. N.Y. City, April 
21, 1904, Kenneth Brown, journalist and author. 
Worked on staff of Atlantis, daily Greek news- 
paper In N.Y. City; afterward teacher of French 
at Comstock School until her marriage. Author 
(pen-name "Demetra Vaka"): Haremilk; Flnella 
in Fairyland; In the Shadow of Islam (in collab- 
oration with Kenneth Brown) ; The First Secre- 
tary; The Duke's Price; contributor to maga- 

BROWN, Elena Rhodes (Mrs. Robert Grenville 
Brown). 300 Thayer St.. Providence. R.I. 
Bom Providence, R.I. ; dau. James Aborn and 

Rosa Merlano (d'Costa) Rhodes; ed. New York, 

Mrs. S. Reed's School; governesses at home; m. 

Providence, R.I., 1895, Robert GrenviUe Brown; 

one son: Grenville P. N., b. 1896 (died 1896). 

Clate: Aeswaizt Hunt, Bristol Casino. Against 

woman suffrage; mem. R.I. Ass'n Opposed to 

Woman Suffrage. 

BROWN, Elizabeth Leiper (Mrs. George 

Brown), The Mill Farm, Brooklandville, Md. 

Born Summit, N.J., May 11, 1880; dau. Archer 
Nevins and Mary Thomas (Smith) Martin; ed. at 
home by governesses and at Kent Place School, 
Summit, N.J., and Mrs. Comegy's School, Chest- 
nut Hill, Philadelphia, m. June 5, 1901, George 
Brown Jr.; children: Harriet de Forest, b. Mar. 
24, 1902; Elizabeth Leiper, b. July 20, 1905. Mem. 
Colonial Dames of America, Junior League, Na- 
tional Junior Republic. Recreations: Gardening, 
miniature painting. Protestant Episcopal. Favors 
woman suffrage. 
BROWN, Elizabeth Stow (Mrs. J. Stuart 

Brown), 48 Elm St., Montclalr, N.J. 

Physician; b. Concord, Mass., 1860; dau. Will- 
iam D. and Martha E. (Swan) Brown; ed. Vas- 
sar (3oll.; Woman's Med. Coll. of N.Y. Infirmary, 
M.D. '85; N.Y. Univ.; m. N.Y. (3ity, 1891, J. 
Stuart Brown; children: Roger Stuart, John 
Paulding. Physician at N.Y. Infant Asylum, at 
N.Y. Infirmary, Out-Patlent Dep't; physician to 
Messiah Home for Children and to babies' wards 
of Post-Graduate Hospital. Author: Sterilization 
(International Encyclopedia); Studies In Infant 
Psychology; Working Women— Their Health and 
Their Occupation; History of Nutley, N.J.; Ex- 
amination of Old Mai>s of New Jersey; several 
medical papers. Mem. Woman's Medical Ass'n 
of N.Y. City, N.J. Historical Soc, Woman's 
Anthropological Soc. of Washington, D.C., also 
Altruist Soc., Three o'Clock Club and College 
Woman's Club of Montclalr. 

BROWN, Ellen W. Babcock (Mrs. William 
Reynolds Brown), 79 Park Av., N.Y. City. 

Born N.Y. City, Feb. 1, 1851; dau. Capt. David 
S. and Charlotte A. (Noyes) Babcock; ed. private 
school in Stonington, Ojnn., and Vassar Coll., 
A.B. (Phi Beta Kappa); m. May 7, 1872, William 
Reynolds Brown; children: Warren Day, (Cleve- 
land Hall (deceased), Donald Winchester. Pres. 
White Plains Hospital Board of Managers, 12 
years; pres. Associate Alumnae of Vassar Coll., 
also local N.Y. Alumnae Ass'n, six years; pres. 
Women's University Club of N.Y. City, four 
years; mem. N.Y. Diet Kitchen Ass'n, Stonywold 
Orthopaedic Soc. (country branch), Ass'n of Col- 
legiate Alumnse. Against woman suffrage. Has 
written fugitive newspaper articles. Episcopalian. 
Bull Moose in political views. Mem. Meridian 

BROWN, Emilie Ward (Mrs. Ward Brown), 

The Dupont, Washington, D.C, 

Bom Washington, D.C., Oct. 16, 1886; dau. 
Frank B. and Charlotte Metcalf (Brown) Con- 
ger; ed. Washington and Berlin, Germany; m, 
Washington, June 7, 1907, Ward Brown, architect 
Mem. Board of Trustees of Arts and Crafts 
School, Washington; mem. of the Executive 
Council of League for the Decoration of Public 
Schools; mem. of the Playgoing Com. of the 
Drama League. Favors woman suffrage. Epis- 

BROWN, Emma Elizabeth, 1926 Mas8achu*ett« 

Av., Cambridge, Mass. 

Author and artist; b. Concord, N.H., Oct. 18, 
1847; dau. John Frost and Elizabeth (Evans) 
Brown; ed. Concord schools. Author: Spare 
Minute Series (five vols.); Popular Biographies 
(four vols.); From Night to Light; ChUd Toiler* 
of Boston Streets, Huldah. Episcopalian. Re- 
publican. Mem. Castilicin Club of Boston. 
BROWN, Emma Kate (Mrs. Matt D. Brown) 

553 Third Av., Troy-North, N.T. 

Teacher; b. Lansingburgh, Troy, N.Y., 1865: 
dau. Frederick and Catharine E. (Pierce) Hicks- 
ed. Troy High School; Wellesley Coll., B.A. '89 ; 
mem. Phi Sigma; m. Lansingburgh, N.Y. Nov. 
24, 1892, Matt D. Brown; children: Frederic 
Meade Brown, Matt D. Brown Jr. Taught In 
Norwich Acad., Norwich, NY.; Wellesley Prep- 
aratory School, Natick, Mass.; private school, 
Rochester, N.Y., 1891-92; Lansingburgh High 
School, as preceptress, 1900-13. Presbyterian. 
Sec. Woman's Foreign Missionary Soc, Firsl 
Presbyterian Church, Lansingburgh, N.Y.; sec 
Teachers' Pension Board, Troy, N.Y. ; first t1c«^ 



pres. Woman's University Club, Troy, N.Y.; 

mem. Ass'n Collegiate Alumnae. Favors woman 


BBOWN, T5thel Pennewlll, 1305 Franklin St., 

Wilmington, Del. 

Artist, illlustrator; b. Wilmington, Del.; dau. 
Thomas Armwell Brown, M.D., and Blanche 
(Virden) Brown; studied at Art Students' Lieague, 
N.Y. City; pupil of Twachtman and of Howard 
Pyle, Wilmington. Illustrator for books and 
magazines. Mem. Plastic Club, Philadelphia, and 
Fellowship of the Pa. Acad, of Fine Arts. 
BBOWN, Eva B. IngereoU (Mrs. Walston Hill 

Brown), Dobb's Ferry, N.T. 

Social welfare worker; b. Groveland, 111.; dau. 
Robert G. (famous orator) and Eva A. Parker 
IngersoU; ed. by tutors at home; m. N.Y. City, 
1889, Walston Hill Brown; children: Eva Inger- 
soll-Brown, Robert G. IngersoU-Brown. Pres. 
Child Welfare League; mem. Advisory Board 
N.Y. Peace See; vice-pres. Hudson River Ekjual 
Franchise Soc, Westchester Co. Woman Suf- 
frage Ass'n; mem. Nat. Woman Suffrage 
Ass'n, State Woman Suffrage Ass'n, Woman's 
Political Union, Woman Suffrage Party. Ra- 
tionalist in religion. Progressive in politics. 
Mem. Consumers' League, Woman's TraBe 
Union League, Nat. Child Labor Com., N.Y. 
State Child Labor Com., Audubon Soc, N.Y. 
Soc. for the Prevention of Crusty to Animals, 
Ass'n of Practical Housekeeping Centres, Mu- 
nicipal Needs Com., League for Political Educa- 
tion, Civic Federation, Public Education Asa'n, 
Sunshine Soc, Vivisection Investigation League, 
Soc. for Advancement of Colored People, Manas- 
sas Ass'n, People's Forum of Dobb's Ferry, 
Westchester Soc. for Prevention of Cruelty to 
Children, School of Mothercraft (one of found- 
ers). People's Inst. Bureau of Municipal Re- 
search, Westchester Bureau of Municipal Re- 
search, Intemat. Children's Farm League, Ass'n 
for Labor Legislation, etc. 
BBOWN, Tanny Burton Hurd (Mrs. Hugh Mac- 

Dermid Brown), North Water Gap, Pa, 

Physlciaji; b. in Jackson Sanatorium (con- 
ducted by her father) at Dansville, Livingston 
County, N.Y. ; dau. F. Wilson Hurd, M.D., and 
Hannah (Johnson) Hurd; ed. by tutors at home; 
Oberlin Coll., Ohio.; medical course Univ. of 
Mich., M.D. '91; m. Water Gap, Pa., 1S91, Dr. 
Hugh MaoDermid Brown; children: Donald, b. 
1892; Agnes Lyan, b. 1894-. Medical missionary, 
with husband, nearly three years in Korea, fol- 
lowed by two years' practice in Colton, CaL, 
since then in institutional work. Methodist and 
Presbyterian. Mem. Monroe County Med. Soc, 
Lehigh Valley Med. Soc, Am. Med. Aas'n.. Rec- 
reations: Tennis, boating, walking, gardening. 
BBOWN, Florence M., 529 12th St., N.W., Wash- 
ington, D.C. 

General secretary Y.W.C.A. ; b. Wheatland, 
N.Y. ; dau. Hon. Volney P. and Sarah R. (Avery) 
Brown; ed. Acad. Institute, Leroy, N.Y. (won 
gold medal for best impromptu comi>08ltlon). 
Has been connected with Y.W.C.A. territorial 
■work in New England and city wca-k in Pitta- 
burgrh, both extensive. Identified with philan- 
thropic, civic and religious activities in Western 
N.Y.; haa done public speaking on religious 
topics. Baptist. Mem. Mayflorwer Soc, D.A.R. 
BBOWN, Floy Clare (Mrs. Paul Brown), 10 

Washington Terrace, St. Louis, Mo. 

Bom Middletown, Mo., 1860; dau. Dr. Fountain 
Stuart and Hannah C. (Hogue) Clare (of French 
Huguenot ancestry on maternal and Scotch on 
paternal sides); ed. Hardin Coll., Mexico, Mo., 
1877-81; m. Montgomery City, Mo., 18S2, Paul 
Brown; one son: Paul Jr., b. 1883. Mem. South- 
ern Methodist Church, St. Louis Woman's Club, 
Wednesday Literary Club, St. Louis Free Kin- 
dergarten; interested in Kingdom House Settle- 
ment work. Mem. St Louis Zoological Society, 
Daughters of the Confederacy. Favors woman 
suffrage. Mem. St. Louie Under-Age Free Kin- 
dergarten, Civic Clttb, Confederate Memorial. 
BBOWN, Frances Galon (Mrs. John Franklin 

Brown), 559 W. lB6th St., N.Y. City. 

Bom Elmira, N.Y., Mar. 28, 1866; dau. Richard 
L^nria and Cornelia Joy (P^tch) Gulon (depcendad 

from one of the Huguenot farQllies that founded 
New Rochelle, N.Y.); ed. Elmira Free Acad.; 
Elmira Coll., A.B. ; Cornell Univ., Ph.M. ; m. 
Elmira, N.Y., May 26, 1904, John Franklin 
Brown. Before marriage, teacher of English in 
secondary schools, Elmira CoU. and State Nor- 
mal School, Oshkosh, Wis. Interested in for- 
eign missionary work of the HSpiscopal Church, in 
which holds various minor offices, diocesan and 
parish. Mem. (Jollcjge Settlement Ass'n, Round 
Table, Babies' Aid Milk Station Ass'n, Woman's 
Auxiliary to the Board of Missions. Mem. 
Elmira College Club and Cornell Women's Club 
of N.Y. Episcopalian. Favors woman suffrage. 
BBOWN, Frank Collins (Mrs. Caleb Candee 

Brown), 320 Highland Av., Syracuse, N.Y. 

Born Syracuse, N.Y., April 17, 1875; dau. 
Frank and Julia E. (Holzer) Collins; ed. Keble 
School, Syracuse, N.Y. ; Vassar Coll.; Syracuse 
Univ., B.A., Medical Coll. (two years); mem. 
Gamma Phi Beta; m. Syracuse, N.Y., April 11, 
189S, Caleb Candee Brown; children: Dorothy 
Collins Brown, b. Aug. 7, 1902; Caleb Candee 
Brown Jr., b. Dec. 25, 1904. Interested in several 
women's clubs and philanthropic organizations. 
Favors woman suffrage. Episcopalian. Mem. 
Free Dispensary, Day Nursery, Harmony Circle. 
Mem. Ka-Na-Te-Nah Club, SedgT?lck Farm Club, 
Council of Women's Clubs. 

BKO^VN, Gertrude Foster (Mrs. Raymond 

Brown), 294 W. Ninety-second St., N.Y. City. 

Musician; b. Morrison, 111., July 29, 1867; dau. 
Charles and Anna (Drake) Foster; grad. New 
England Conservatory of Music; music student 
in Berlin with Xavier Scharwenka; Paris Con- 
servatoire with Delaborde; m. Aug. 4, 1893, Ray- 
mond Brown. Specialist for many years in Wag- 
ner lecture recitals, and other musical lectures. 
Active in the woman suffrage movement; pres. 
Woman Suffrage Study Club; chairman State 
Com. First Senatorial Dist, Woman's PoJltical 
BBOWN, Grace Mann (Mrs. Joseph L. Brown), 

1545 State St., Denver, Colo. 

Editor, author; b. Pippin, Wis.; dau. James C. 
and Mary (Stears) Mann.; ed. Eden Hall, Torres- 
dale, Pa.; m. Denver, Colo., Joseph Ij. Brown; 
children: Bemice, James Leslie, Eunice. Inter- 
ested in woman suffrage, but does not vote. 
Author: Studies in Spiritual Harmony; Life Les- 
sons; Food Studies; Seven Steps; Regeneration; 
The World Made Flesh; To-Day; Vivenda Causa; 
The Elssene Message. Essene in religion. Founder 
of the Modern Society of the Essenes. Recrea- 
tions: Theatre, automobiling, traveling. 
BBOWN, Harriet Chedie Connor (Mrs. Herbert 

D. Brown), 3401 Newark St., Washington, 


Bom Burlington, Iowa, Sept. 11, 1872; dau. 
Edward William and Catharine Celia (Darrow) 
Connor; ed. Burlington (Iowa) High School, 
Wheaton Female Sem., Norton, Mass.; Cornell 
Univ., A.B. '94; Willard School, Berlin, Germany 
(seminar); m. Burlington, Iowa, July 29, 1S97; 
Herbert D. Brown (pension and efficiency ex- 
pert; children: Constance Connor, b. 1899; 
Beatrice Connor, b. 1904 (died 1908). Taught 
German in Burlington (Iowa) High School, 
1895-96; sUff of New York Tribune, 1897; con- 
tributor of special articles to N.Y. Sun and N.Y. 
Press, 1898-99; on Washington Bureau of N.Y. 
Journal, 1900; staff of Buffalo (N.Y.) Enquirer 
during Pan-American Exposition, 1901; con- 
tributor to Engineering and Mining Journal, 
1901-02; collected mineral statistics for U.S. 
Geological Survey in Cuba, 1902; in Iowa and Min- 
nesota, 1903; edited press bulletins of U.S. 
Geological Survey, 19(B-07. Mem. Consumers' 
League, D.C. Mem. College Equal Suffrage 
League, Stanton Suffrage Club, Washington, 
D. C. ; edited official program of woman suffrage 
pageant and procession in Washington, Mar. 3, 
1913, and represented the First Iowa Congress- 
ional Diat In procession to Capitol on April 7 of 
women asking tor constitutional amendment en- 
franchising women. Autior: Report on Min- 
eral Resources of Cuba, 1901 (published with 
last civil report of Gen. Leonard Wood, military 
governor of Cuba); has collaborated with her 



husband, Hert)ert D. Brown, In preparation of 
following reports: Civil Service Retirement, 
Great Britain and New Zealand (Senate Docu- 
ment 290, 61st Congress, second session); Civil 
Service Retirem'?nt, New South Wales, Australia 
(Senate Document 420, 61st Congress, second 
session); Savings and Annuity Plan for Retire- 
ment of Superannuated Civil Service Employees 
(Senate Document 745), 61st Congress, third 
session; Civil Service Retirement, Canada (now in 
press). Has written many newspaper and maga- 
zine articles. Unitarian. Mem. Audubon Soc, 
Nat. Geographic Soc. Recreations: Reading, 
walking, bird study. Mem. Cornell Women's 
(■Washington), Ass'n of Collegiate Alumn®, Col- 
lege Women's Club (Washington), Phi Beta 
Kappa Soc. First woman to win Stewart L. 
Woodford prize in oratory at Cornell Univ.; after 
graduation was awarded scholarship by Ass'n of 
Collegiate Alumnae, which took her to Germany; 
reported Republican and Democratic national 
conventions for Burlington (Iowa.) Gazette, 1896; 
reported Republican National Convention for 
N.Y. Journal, 1900. 

BKOWN. Harriet Johnson (Mrs. Elijah Alexan- 
der Brown), 720 Piedmont Av., Atlanta, Ga. 
Born Atlanta, Ga., July 6, 1869; dau. Mark W. 
and Penelope (Hollinshead) Johnson; ed. Neel's 
School at Kirkwood; Peabody Normal Coll., 
Nashville, Tenn., with L.I. degree '88; m. July 
26, 1901, Elijah Alexander Brown, son of 
Georgia's war Governor, children: Marcus John- 
son, b. Dec. 19, 1904; Joseph Emerson, b. July 28, 
1908; Penelope H., b. June 15, 1910. Interested In 
Needlework Guild, Atlanta Woman's Missionary 
Union Beard of City Missions. Favors woman 
suffrage. Mem. Methodist Episcopal Church, 
South. Mem. D.A.R., United Daughters of the 
Confederacy, Atlanta Woman's Club, Inman 
Park Students' Club, Georgia State Fed. of 

BROWN, Battle (Mrs. Fred Williaru Brown), 
4818 Snyder Av., Brooklyn, N.Y. 
Born Southfields, N.Y. July 25, 18G1; dau. 
George and Mary E. (Hall) Fitzgerald (direct 
descendant of Lyman Hall, of Georgia, one of 
the signers of the Declaration of Independence); 
ed. public school, Monroe, N.Y., and two and 
one-half years at Cornell Univ.; m. Monroe, 
N.Y., Dec. 2, 1896, Fred W. Brown; children: 
Thomas, b. 1898; Robert William, b. 1902; Caro- 
line Reed, b. 1904. Was teacher in Orange Co., 
N.Y., and Northern Mich, before marriage. In- 
terested in the work of the new Rugby Congre- 
gational Church. Presbyterian. Against woman 

BBOWN, Helen Dawes, 48 Elm St., Montolalr, 

Lecturer and author; b. Concord, Mass., 1857; 
dau. William Dawes and Martha (Swan) Brown; 
ed. Vassar Coll., A.B. '78; A.M. '90. Author: 
Two College Girls; The Petrle Estate; Little 
MlsB Phoebe Gay; Her Sixteenth Year; A 
ClTlUan Attache; A Book of Little Boys; Mr. 
Tuckerman's Nieces; Orphans; How Phoebe 
Found Herself. Mem. College Settlements' 
Ass'n, Vassar Student's Aid Soc, Ass'n of Coll. 
Alumnse; Vassar Alumnae Ass'n. Mem Onteora 
Club (Catskills), Women's University Club (N.Y. 
City), Meridian Ciub (N.Y. City). Recreations: 
Reading, walking, traveling. 

BROWN, Helen Gas:er (Mrs. John Qulncy 

Brown). 105 Bayo Vista Av., Oakland, Cal. 

Bom Columbus, 0., Sept. 26, 1878; dau. Edwin 
B. and Julia (Ballantine) Gager; grad. Smith 
Coll., B.L. 1900, m. Columbus, O., Oct. 7, 1902, 
John Quincy Brown; children: Ann Ballantine, 
John Quincy Jr. Chief Interest is in the latest 
systems of educating children (Montessorl, etc.). 
Favors woman suffrage. Congregatlonalist. Re- 
publican voter. Mem. Ass'n of Collegiate Alum- 
nae. Recreations: Tennis, dancing. Mem. Ebell 
Club, Claremont Country Club. 
BROWN, Hulda Holmes Bergen (Mrs. C. El wood 

Brown), San Francisco, Cal. 

Bom Brooklyn, N.Y., Feb. 11, 1851; grad. 
Packer Inst, '69; studied later with private 
teachers In music and German; studied in Ber- 
lin, Prusaia, and Lausanne, Switzerland; at- 

tended the French schools (Geneva) of M'lla 
Thouron and the M'Ues Borck; m. San Fran- 
cisco, Oct. 1, 1891 (now widow). For eight years, 
1883-91, was recording sec. Woman's Board of 
Foreign Missions of Reformed (Dutch) Church 
In America. First vice-pres. and charter mem. 
Nat. Soc. of Colonial Dames in California; ex- 
regent and charter mem. D.A.R., Cal. Chapter 
(San Francisco); nominated for State Regent of 
Cal., October, 1911; mem. Daughters of Holland 
Dames of N.Y., Huguenot of N.Y.; Monmouth 
Co. (N.J.) Historical Soc, Pocahontas Memorial 
Ass'n (vice regent); charter mem. Colonial 
Dames Club (Washington, D.C.), Yorktown 
Historical Soc of Va., Sorosis Club and Silk 
Culture Soc. (San Francisco); section pres. 
Needlework Guild (San Francisco); mem. Packer 
Coll. Alumnae Ass'n (Brooklyn); honorary mem. 
Bay Ridge Reading Club (Brooklyn). Has writ- 
ten many historical papers for the Colonial 
Dames and D.A.R. In San Francisco. Writer of 
historical essays. 
BROWN, Inez, 135 E. Terrace, Chattanooga, 


Born Monmouth, 111.; dau. EMgar A. and Eliza- 
beth (Whitman) Brown; ed. Smith Coll., B.L. '94. 
Identified with various social and philanthropic 
activities. Favors woman suffrage. Mem. King's 
Daughters of Chattanooga, Tenn.; Y.W.C.A., 
Humane Soc, Antl-Tuberculosls Ass'n. Recrea- 
tion: GoU. 
BROWN, Jeanette Ferris (Mrs. Thomas Edwin 

Brown Jr.), Cristobal, Canal Zone, Isthmus of 


Born N.Y. City, Aug. 4, 1867; dau. Frank A. 
and Mary A. (Cape) Ferris; ed. N.Y. public and 
private schools; m. Dec 28, 1898, Thomas Edwin 
BroTvn Jr. Vlce-pres. Jacob Riis Settlement, 
N.Y. City, 1904-05; has been on the Isthmus 8inc« 
1907, husband being Supreme Court Judge there. 
Pres. Cristobal Woman's Club, 1909-10; leader 
Girls' Club, Cristobal; pres. Canal Zone Fed. of 
Women's Clubs, 1909-11; mem. Industrial and 
Social Conditions Com. Gen. Fed. Women's 
Clubs. Presbyterian. Mem. Cristobal Woman's 
BROWN, Jennie R. (Mrs. Morris S. Brown), 

218 North Third St., Palatka, Fla. 

Born N.Y. City, July 12, 1862; dau. Solomon 
and Rose (Hammel) Morris; ed. New York Nor- 
mal Coll.; m. N.Y. City, Oct. 23, 1889, Morris S. 
Brown; children: Rena, b. Feb. 9, 1891; Leroy, 
b. Aug. 20, 1892; Sidney J., b. April 4, 1S94. Was 
teacher in grammar school in N.Y. Interested in 
club work, fraternal societies; past grand chief 
of Pythian Sisters; mem. of Rebecca Lodge and 
P.O. A. Jewess; was pres. of Jewish Woman's 
League of Jacksonville. Mem. Woman's Club of 
Palatka; was pres. two years, now treas. 
BROWN, Je«>sica Christian (Mrs. Demarchu» C. 

Brown), 251 South Audubon Road, Indian- 
apolis, Ind. 

Lecturer on literature; b. Madison, Ind., Oct. 2, 
1875; dau. Joseph and Llda (Williams) Christian; 
ed. Butler Coll., B.A. '97, A.M. '99 (mem. Pi 
Beta Phi); m. Indianapolis, Sept. 1, 1897, De- 
marchua C. Brown: one son: Philip C, b. 1901. 
Interested in Greek archaeology and art, modem 
languages and educational work among foreign 
population. Favors woman suffrage. Author of 
Cheerful Housekeeper articles m McCall's Maga- 
zine, 1911; book reviewer for Indianapolis News. 
Mem Disciples Church. Socialist. Mem. Wo- 
man's Franchise League of Ind. Recreation: 
Music. Mem. PI Beta Phi Alumnae, Woman's 
Dep't Club, Fortnightly Club, Irvington Wo- 
man's Club of Indianapolis. 
BROWN, Josephine English (Mrs. H. B. 

Brown). 1720 Sixteenth St., Washington, D.C. 

Born Jacobstown, N.J., Nov. 14, 1855; dau. 
Leison E. and Mary Bunting English; ed. Phila- 
delphia; m. Crosswicks, N.J., June 25, 1904, Jus- 
tice H. B. Brown of the U.S. Supreime Court. 
Interested In House of Mercy, Garfield Hospital 
and Nat. Civic Federation. Episcopalian. Mem. 
Anti-Suffrage Soc. and Red Cross Ajis'n. 
BROWN, Josle Mayer (Mr». Phil Brown), 

Eufaula, Okla. 

Bom Topeka, Kan., Jutj U, 1S36; daa. luute 



and Rosa (Schultz) Mayer; ed. public and high 
echools at Kansas City, Mo. ; grad. P\Llton and 
Trueblood's School of Oratory, Kansas City, Mo.; 
m. St. Lours, Mo., June 10, 1901, Phil Brown; 
children; Ruth Winifred, b. June 21, 1902; Doris 
Leona. b. Aug. 29, 1904; Jerome Alexander, b. 
May 9, 1905. Vice-pres. - Okla. State Fed. Wo- 
men's Clubs: pres. two years of Charity Union 
Musical Club, Eufaula, Okla.; past vice-pres. 
State Conference of Charities and Correction ; 
past pres. Twentieth Century Club, Eufaula, 
Okla.; hon. mem. Pioneer Club; mem. Gen. Fed. 
Child Labor Com. ; past chairman Child Labor 
Com., which helped to pass the law In Okla.; 
twice delegate to Nat. Child Labor Conventions 
from Okla. (appointed by Governor). Favors 
woman suffrage. Has written many articles in 
magazines and newspapers on child labor, play- 
grounds, social welfare, libraries, kindergartens 
and civic improvem.?nt, and has spoken publicly 
at clubs on these subjects. Society editor home 
paper. Mem. Eastern Star; treas. Library Board, 
Eufaula, Okla.; founder of library, and of the 
playgrouud m-ovement in EJufaula; organizer of 
two federated clubs in Eufaula; founder of civic 
work in Eufaula and laying of sidewalks by 
efforts of club women. Chairman four years of 
Oklahoma State Club Extension Com., was in- 
strumental in getting 100 clubs into the State of 
Okla. Fed.; delegate from Okla. to Gen. Fed. of 
Women's Clubs at St. Louis, Boston. Cincin- 
nati and San Francisco oonventioois; delegate to 
State Charities and Correction Convention at St. 
Louis from Okla. 
BROWN, Kate Louise, 163 Massachusetts Av., 

Boston, Mass. 

Teacher, writer; b. Adams, Mass., May 9, 1857; 
dau. Edgar M. and Mary T. (Brown) Brown; ed. 
in high school at Reading, Mass.; State Normal 
at Bridgew^er, Mass., and special classic tn kin- 
dergarten work. Engaged in teaching at Read- 
ing, Wakefield, and Milton, Mass. ; since 1836 In 
Boston, where she has been mucii occupied as 
writer and editor of school readers, kindergarten 
and other children's songs and music, and i-s 
contributor to juvenile and other magazines. 
Composer (in collaboration with Elizabeth Usher 
Dmerson) of the cantatas: Santa Claus Sure, 
and The Tables Turned; also (with same) stories 
in song. Author: Little People; The Plant Baby 
and Its Friends; Alice and Tom. 
BROWN, Katharine Holland, Quincy, 111. 

Author; b. Alton, 111.; dau. Horace Safford 
and Elizabeth (Holland) Brown; ed. in Washing- 
ton, D.C., and at Univ. of Mich., A.B. Books: 
Diane, 1904; Dawn, 1907; Philippa at Halcyon, 
1910; The Messenger, 1910; White Roses, 1910; 
Uncertain Irene, 1911. 
BROWN, Lanra Amanda, West Acton, Mass. 

Painter in landscape; b. Littleton, Mass., Feb. 
17, 1852; dau. James Madison and Amanda Mel- 
vina (Pingrey) Brown; ed. in common schools 
and by private teachers in literature and 
languages, Lowell School of Design (John J. 
Enneking's studio) and School of Expression, 
Boston. Reader for club, church and parlor en- 
tertainments. Writer of poems and stories in 
magazines and papers. Baptist. Recreations: 
Embroideries, lace-making, rafiia and grass 
baskets. For sixteen years pres. West Acton 
Woman's Club; mem. Art Com. of the Mass. 
State Federation of Women's Clubs. Opposed to 
woman suffrage. 
BROWN, Margaret Lesley Bash, 1729 G St., 

Washington, D.C. 

Artist painter; b. Philadelphia 1857; dau. 
Peter and Susan I. (Lyman) Lesley; ed. Pa. 
Acad, of Fine Arts, Ateliers of Carolus Duran 
and Julien under Jules Lefebvre and Boulanger, 
Paris, 1880; m. 188S Henry K. Bush-Brown, 
sculptor; children: Lydia, Harold, Malcolm, 
James. Portrait and picture painter; exhibited 
on the line in Paris Salon of 1882, received hon- 
orable mention at Pa. Acad. Fine Arts for por- 
trait of Prof. Lesley, 1887; decorated one panel 
In Pa. Building at Columbian World's Fair. 
Received medals for miniature and oil paintings 
at Columbus, S.C., Knoxville and other places. 
Favors woman suffrace. Mem. Nat. Arts Club, 
N.T. aty. 

BROWN, Marsmerite Manlerre (Mrs. Wnilam 

Brown Jr.), 1510 Dearborn Parkway, Chicago, 

Born Chicago, HI., Nov. 17, 1879; dau. Will- 
iam Reid and Julia Orr (Edson) Manierre; ed. 
Miss Porter's School at Farmington, Conn., 
1895-99; mem. Chicago Farmington Soc. ; m. 
Chicago, 111., Dec. 30, 1903, William Brown Jr.; 
one daughter: Margery Manierre. Favors woman 
suffrage. Recreations: Voice culture and the 
general study of music. Mem. Onwentsia Golf 
BROWN, Margnerite Mullin (Mrs. William 

Johns Brown), Walbrook, Md. 

Bom Baltimore, 1874; dau. Gregory M. and Re- 
becca (Donnell) Mullin; ed. private school, pub- 
lic school; grad. high school; special course In 
Johns Hopkins Univ. and special course at Bard 
Avon School in literature, expression and art 
history; m. July 5, 1905, William Johns Brown. 
Taught in public schools; delegate to the three 
Am. Peace Congresses, New York, Chicago and 
Baltimore. Interested in philanthropy, as repre- 
sented in playgrounds, public dance halls, and 
the use of schools for recreation centres. Mem. 
Board of Directors of the Florence Crlttenton 
Home, Board of Managers of Univ. of Md. Hos- 
pital. Pres. Equal Franchise League of Md. Elpls- 
copalian. Pres. Hospital Ass'n of the Ladies of 
the Maccabees (represented this organization at 
the International Congress of Suffragists in 
Stockholm, Sweden, 1911). Sec. Neighborhood 
Improvement Ass'n; mem. Am. Acad, of Political 
and Social Science; pres. Walbrook Fortnightly 
Club; mem. Arundel Club of Baltimore, Social 
Service Club: chairman of legislation. State Fed. 
of Clubs; sup't of press and sec W.C.T.U. 
BROWN, Marianna, McGregor Hall, Colorado 

Coll., Colorado Springs, Colo. 

College registrar; b. Waynesville, C, Sept. 8, 
1852; dau. Samuel and Hannah (Evans) Brown; 
ed. Earlham Coll., Richmond, Ind., A.B. '76; 
Cornell Univ., A.M. '94. Registrar of Colorado 
Coll. Mem. Soc. of Friends. Republican. Mem. 
Clio Club, Indianapolis; Civic League and Tues- 
day Club, Colorado Springs, Colo. 
BROWN, Marlanna Catliarine, 35 W. 130th St., 

N.Y. City. 

Born N.Y. City; grad. Vassar Coll., A.B. "93; 
Columbia Univ., Ph.D., '02. Interested in Sun- 
day-school work. Writer on Sunday-school sub- 
jects. Author: Sunday-School Movements in 
America; How to Plan a Lesson, and Other 
Talks to Sunday-School Teachers. 
BROWN, Mary Mitchell (Mrs. Edward T. 

Brown), 968 Peachtree St., Atlanta, Ga. 

Born Norwalk, O., July 16, 1866; dau. Henry 
Sparrow and Delia (Yale) Mitchell; ed. Lake Erie 
Coll., Painesville, O., Coll. of Music, Cincinnati; 
m. Norwalk, O., July 12, 1887, Edward T. Brown; 
children: Edward Mitchell, 1889; Marjorie, 1892; 
Henry Warren Brown, 1895; Mem. Atlanta 
Woman's Club, History Class of Atlanta, Execu- 
tive Board of State Federation of Women's Clubs, 
Daughters of the Confederacy, D.A.R., Atlanta 
Branch of the Needle Work Guild of America. 
Episcopalian. Favors woman suffrage. 
BROWN, Mena DeWitt (Mrs. Edward C. 

Brown), 11S6 Lake Av., Rochester, N.Y. 

Born White Hall, 111.; dau. Manning Force and 
Harriette (Prettyman) De Witt; ed. Illinois Fe- 
male Coll., Jacksonville, 111., and private in- 
structors in Washington, D.C; mi. Washington, 
D.C, Feb. 12, 1890, Edward C. Brown; children: 
Paul DeWitt, Edward Colin, Alan DeWitt. 
Active in suffrage work; mem. Political Equality 
Club; ei-pres. Political Equality Club, Roches- 
ter, N.Y. Mem. Century Club, Woman's Educa- 
tional Union, Consumers' League. 
BROWN, Olive Marie Jlclntosh (Mrs. Edwin 

Hewitt Brown), Grosse Polnte, Detroit, Mich. 

Born Cleveland, Ohio, Aug. 22, 1883; dau. 
Henry Payne and Olive Anne (Manfull) Mc- 
intosh, ed. Miss Mittleberger's School, Cleve- 
land; Mrs. Somer's School, Washington, D.C; 
Miss Grace Lee Hess's School, Paris, France; 
m. Clereland, Ohio, Nov. 6, 1907, Edwin Hewitt 
Brown; children: Olive Anne, Eleanor. Inter> 
ested in the District Nursing Soc, Children's 



Free Hospital and St. Agnes' Home, all of De- 
troit; Gros^e Pointe Mutual Aid See. Mem. 
Garden Club of Mich. Episcopalian. Against 
woman suffrage. 
BROWN, Ophelia S., Tyngsborough, Mass., 


Born dherborn, Mass., Sept. 20, 1871; dau. Rev. 
William and Salome Stephens (Williams) Brown; 
ed. Howard Collegiate Inst., West Bridgewater, 
Mass., 1S83-90; Smith Coll., B.L. '94. Sec. of 
School Com. of Tyngsborough and interested in 
rural social welfare. Mem. Smith Coll. Alumnae 
Ass'n,' Lowell College Club. Unitarian. Favors 
woman suffrage. 
BROWN, Ray Hyer (Mrs. Robert Houston 

Brown), McKinney, Texas. 

Born Georgetown, Tex., Feb. 22, 1SS9; dau. Dr. 
Robert Stewart and Margaret Lee (Hudgins) 
Hyer; ed. Dep't of Expression, Southwestern 
Univ., Georgetown, Tex., Ph.B. '09 (mem. Sigma 
Sigma Sigma): m. Georgetown, Tex., Oct. 26, 
1910, Robert Houston Brown. Nat. sec. Sigma 
Sigma Sigma Sororiety. Reader and impersona- 
tor. Favors woman suffrage. 
BROWN, Ruth Mowry, 17 Riverside Square, 

Hyde Park, Mass. 

Author; b. Providence, R.I., June 16, 1867; dau. 
William Augustus and Caroline Eliza (Aldrich) 
Mowry; ed. Fielding and Chase School, Provi- 
dence, R.I., high schools of Providence and Bos- 
ton, Mass.; m. Dorchester, Mass., Edward 
Waters Brown; children: Mabel Mowry Brown, 
b. May 25, 1891; Bancroft Huntington Brown, b. 
Nov. 11, 1894. Interested in church work and 
settlement work. Author: The Bible in Lesson 
and Story; also children's stories in various 
magazines, particularly Child's Hour, Congrega- 
tionalist. Outlook, etc. Mem. Hyde Park Cur- 
rent Events Club. 

BROWN, Sally Eugenia, 1100 Peachtree St., 
Atlanta, Ga. 

Born Canton, Ga. ; dau. Hon. Joseph Emerson 
Brown (War Governor of Georgia, Chief Justice 
of Ga. and U.S. Senator) and Elizabeth (Gris- 
ham) Brown (sister of Gov. Joseph M. Brown, 
present Governor of Georgia) ; ed. at home (At- 
lanta, Ga.), Mrs. Archer's School, Washington, 
D.C., and private lessons. Life mem. Ga. Baptist 
Orphans' Hcmne; mem. Atlanta Free Kindergar- 
ten, the Atlanta Martha Berry Circle (working 
for Martha Berry School, near Rome, Ga.), Nat. 
Child Labor Com. Favors woman suffrage. 
Baptist. Mem. D.A.R., Daughters of 1812 (John 
Floyd Chapter) and United Daughters of Con- 
federacy (Atlanta Chapter). Recreations: Arts 
and crafts, especially basketry, hammered leather 
and bookbinding. Mem. Atlanta Woman's Club. 
BROWN, Sanford Stella De Land (Mrs. Charles 
David Brown), 95 Westminster Road, Roches- 
ter, N.T. 

Former kindergartner; grad. Smith Coll., B.A. 
'94; student Chicago Kindergarten Inst., 1895; 
St. Andrew's Kindergarten Training School, 
Rochester, N.Y., 1896-97; m. Feb. 15, 1902, 
Charles David Brown; children: Margaret San- 
ford, b. Jan. 22, 1903; Katharine Sanford, b. 
Sept. 18, 1905; Priscilla Sanford, b. June 15, 1909. 
Kindergartener at Akron, Ohio, and Detroit, 
Mich., 1897-1902. Mem. Ass'n of Collegiate 

BROWN, Sydney E., Mrs. Merrillan, Wis. 

Born La Crosse, Wis., July 4, 1867; dau. Allen 
and Frances Peabody Brlggs; ed. La Crosse pub- 
lic school and private musical education in voice 
culture; m. St. Paul, 1893, Sydney E. Brown. 
Engaged in millinery business. Mem. Royal 
Neighbors. Active club woman; organized the 
Merrillan Woman's Cluib, Mar. 17, 1910, and It 
was federated July 23, 1910, and has since been 
very successful in civic Improvement work. 

BROWN, Varina Uavis, 517 N. Main St., An- 
derson, S.C. 

Born Anderson, S.C; dau. Joseph Newton and 
Elizabeth L. (Bruce) Brown; ed. Anderson Sem. 
and Vassar Coll., A.B. Active In philanthropic 
work among the mill population and in Sunday- 
school work; Interested in foreign mission work 
(especially Ln Cbina). Baptist. Mem. Intercolle- 

giate Club of S.C, and Civic Ass'n of Anderson. 
Pres. of Federation of City Clubs x>t Anderson, 
and treas. of S.C. Federation of Women's Clubs, 
1904-06; trustee of Anderson Library Ass'n (pub- 
lic library). 

BROWN-TURNER, Mae F. (Mrs. J. Willcox 
Brown), Eloham, Alton, Va, 
Born Richmond, Va., .\Iar. 22, 1846; dau. Hon. 
W. H. and Nancy (Beirne) MacFarland; ed. 
Richmond private schools; m. May 21, 1867, J. 
Willcox Brown; children: Mary, Nannie Beirne, 
Fanny, Peachy, Poythress, John Thompson, F. 
Donaldson, Eleanor Plunkett. Episcopalian. 
BROWNE, Ellen Van Volltenburg (Mrs. Fred- 
erick Maurice Browne), 434 Fine Arts Build- 
ing, Chicago, 111. 

Actress; b. Battle Creek, Mich., Oct. 8, 1882; 
dau. Frank Hoyt and Juliet (Cooper) Van Vol- 
kenburg; ed. Univ. of Mich., A.B.; mem. Alpha 
Phi; m. Chicago, June 1, 1912, Frederick Maurice 
Browne. Since 1905 giving imitative interpreta- 
tions of modern plays; ass't director and actress 
in Chicago Little Theatre Co., 1912-13. Favors 
woman suffrage. 

BROWNE, Ethel Nicholson, Guyot Hall, Prince- 
ton University, Princeton, N. J. ; permanent, 
510 Park Av., Baltimore, Md. 
Biologist; b. Baltimore, Md., Dec. 14, 1885; 
dau. Dr. B. Bernard and Jennie R. (Nicholson) 
Browne; ed. Bryn Mawr School, Baltimore, 1895- 
1902; Woman's Coll. of Baltimore (Goucher Coll.), 
A.B. (Phi Beta Kappa) '06, and holder of senior 
fellowship 1906-07; Columbia Univ., 1906-08, 1911- 
12, M.A. '07, Ph.D. '13; holder of fellowship of 
Baltimore Ass'n for the Promotion of the Uni- 
versity Education of Women, 1911-12 (mem. Tau 
Kappa Pi, Goucher Coll.). Instructor of mathe- 
matics and science at Bennett School, Millbrook, 
N.Y., 1908-11; research ass't in biology dep't, 
Princeton Univ., 1912-13; investigator at Marine 
Biological Laboratory, Wood's Hole, Mass., sum- 
mers of 1906-12. Author: The Production of 
New Hydranths in Hydra by the Insertion of 
Small Grafts (Journal of Experimental Zoology, 
1909); Effects of Pressure on Cumingia Eggs 
(Archiv fiir Entwickelungsmechanik des Organis- 
men, 1910; The Relation Between Chromosome- 
Number and Species in Notonecta (Biological 
Bulletin, 1910); A Study of the Male Germ Cella 
in Notonecta (Journal of Experimental Zoolog>', 
1913). Mem. A.A.A.S., Am. Soc. of Zoologists, 
Am. Soc. of Naturalists. Recreations: Tennis, 
swimming, basketball, bicycling, riding, baseball. 
Mem. Corporation of Marine Biological Labora- 
tory, Wood's Hole, Mass. Favors woman suf- 

BROWNE, Grace Greenwood (Mrs. Burton F. 
Browne), Harbor Beach, Mich. 
Editor and professional writer; b. Kalamazoo 
Co., Mich., Aug. 18, 1869; dau. A.J. and Sarah 
Margaret (Dean) Winches; grad. Spring Arbor 
Sem. (Mich.), '88; Normal Coll., Ypsilanti, Mich., 
'93; m. Jackson, Mich., Oct. 23, 1895, Burton Ful- 
mer Brown; children: Eiladean Alberta, Vivian 
Odessa, Burton Wayne. Associate editor Harbor 
Beach Times since 1898; pres. Mich. Woman's 
Press Ass'n, 1905-06; national editor for Ladies of 
the Modern Maccabees, 1910 — . Vice-pres. Nat. 
Fraternal Press Ass'n, 1912; State Chairman of 
the Press Dep't of Mich. State Fed. of Women's 
Clubs, 1912. Actively interested in the New .Move- 
ment Sunday-school work. Mem. Nat. Editorial 
Ass'n, Mich. Woman's Press Ass'n, the Wolverine 
Press As«'n, Nat. Fraternal Press Ass'n, Order 
of the Eastern Star, Daughters of the Veterans, 
Nat. Council of Women, the Ladies of the Mod- 
frn Maccabees, Mich. Woman's Fed. of Clubs. 
Presbyterian. Favors woman suffrage. 
BROWNE, Hester Singer (Mrs. Jesse D. 
Browne), The Wyoming. Washington. D.C. 
Born Pitts^burgh, Pa., Jan. 19, 1887; dau. George 
Harton and Charlotte C (Smith) Singer; ed. 
Ogontz School; m. Bryn Mawr, Pa., April 15 
1911, Jesse D. Brown; one daughter: Hester 
Harton Browne 

BROWNE, Jenn e Nicholson, 510 Park Av., Bal- 
timore, Md. 

Physician; b. Baltimore, Md., Jan. 20, 1876; 
dau. Dr. Bennet Bernard and Jennie R. (Nichol- 



•on) Brown*; ed. Bryn Mawr School, Baltimore; 
A.B. Bryn Uwwt ColL, Pa., 1898; M.D. Woman's 
Med. Coll., Baltimore, 1912. City physician, 
1903-12. Catholic. Mem. D.A.R., Med. and 
ChlruryicaJ Faculty of Maryland, Am. Med. 
Ass'n, Nat. Geographic Soc. Mem. Coll. Club, 
Social Service Club. Favors woman suffrage. 
BROWNE, Nijui Eliza, 44 Pinckney St., Boston, 

Librarian; b. Erving, Mass., Oct. 6, 1860; dau. 
Charles Theodore B. and Nancy Smith Chapman 
Browne; ed. public schools, Amherst, Mass., 
Smith Coll., Mass., A.B. '82; A.M. '85; post-grad, 
course, 1882-83; grad. Columbia Univ. Library 
School '89; Bachelor of Library Science (B.L.S.) 
Univ. Bute of N.Y., '91. Assistant Columbia 
Library, 1888-89, New York State Library 1889- 
92; Ifbarlan Library Bureau, Boston, 1893-96; 
ass't sec. and sec. Publishing Board Am. Library 
Ass'n, 1896-09; registrar Am. Library Ass'n, 
1889-09; ass't Harvard CoU. Library, 19U— . 
Resident of social settlements, 1893-97; treas. Re- 
ligious Soc, 1906 — ; sec. various college alumnae 
organizations. Compiler of Bibliography of Haw- 
thorne, 1905; editor Catalogue of OflBcers, Grad- 
uates and Non-graduates of Smith Coll., 1875- 
1905-06; joint editor A.L.A. Index to Portraits, 
1906. Mem. Am. Library Ass'n, Mass. Library 
Club, Ass'n of Collegiate Alumnae, Woman's 
Trade Union League. Clubs: Twentieth Century, 
College (Boston). Episcopalian. Favors woman 

BROWNE, Mary Catherine, 20 Arden St., N.T. 

Vocalist and teacher; b. North Ad«ms, Mass., 
April 30, 1886; dau. Isaac S. and Elizabeth A. 
(Tobin) Browne; ed. Drury Acad., North Adams, 
Mass. ; private vocal teachers in North Adams, 
Boston and N.Y. City; Columhla Univ. courses 
In music. Made concert tour covering 22 States 
in year 1906; went to Panama for U.S. Govern- 
ment, summer of 1906, with concert company; 
director of Euterpe Glee Club, New London, 
Conn., four years. Teacher of music in high 
schools of New London, Conn. ; vocal teacher in 
New London and New York City; director of 
choral clubs; lecturer on folk-music and pro- 
fessional singer, contralto. Interested especially 
In social service and all reform-s tending to 
higher advancement of women. Favors woman 
suffrage; mem. Equal Franchise League, Ne^v 
London, Conn. ; served on the Exec. Board of 
same and as chairman of Entertainment Com. 
Congregationalist. Recreations: Swimming, walk- 
ing. Mem. Saturday Club of New London, Conn. 
BROWNE, Mary Nicholson, 510 Park Av., Bal- 
timore, Md. 

Physician; b. Baltimore, Nov. 30, 1879; dau. B. 
Bernard Browne, M.D., and Jennie Nicholson 
Browne; grad. Bryn Mawr School, '95; Bryn 
Mawr Coll., A.B. '99; Woman's Med. Coll., M.D. 
'02. Obstetrician and gynecologist. Favors wo- 
man suffraige. Roman Catholic. Mem. Colonial 
Dames and College Club. 

BROWNE, Matilda, Indian Field Road, Green- 
wich, Conn. 

Artist; b. Newark, N.J., May 8, 1869; dau. 
Leonard P. and Matilda (Culver) Browne; studied 
art in Paris, France, and Holland; has taken 
Dodge and Halgarten prizes; honorable mention 
Columbian Exposition. Presbyt«rlan. Against 
woman suffrage. 

BROWNE, Orva M., 3536 A St., San Diego, Cal. 
Deputy county sup't of schools; b. Topeka, 
Kan., Dec. 23, 1878; dau. Payne and Louise 
(Downer) Browne; ed. Coronnado (Cal.) High 
School and Univ. of Cal., Berkeley, Cal. Mem. 
D.A.R. and College Woman's Club. Christian 
Scientist. Favors woman suffrage. Progressive 

BROWNE, Rose Lane (Mrs. George W. 
Browne), Athens, Tenn. 

Writer; b. Athens, Tenn., Jan. 30, 1859; dau. 
Gen. James T. and Qulntlna (Moss) Lane; ed. 
chiefly in private schools, finishing at Ward's 
Seim., Nashville, Tenn., receiving degree of Mis- 
tress of English and French Literature; m. 
Athens, Tenn., 1890, (Jeorge W. Bro-wne; chil- 
dren: Blsworth, Vlrstnia Lane, Qolntene Lacy, 

Vivian Rose. One of the only two advocates of 
woman suffrage in her home town, where it 
requires considerable courage to declare in favor 
of it. Occasional writer of prose and verse. 
.Mem. Christian Church. Democrat. Mem. 
D.A.R., Parent-Teacher Ass'n. Recreation: 
BROWNE, Sarah Alice, 66 Marlborough St., 

Boston, Mass. 

Teacher; b. Bath, Me., Mar. 9, 1855; dau. Ed- 
win R. and EMiza A. (Alexander) Browne; ed. 
public schools of Boston; Smith Coll., A.B. '81 
(mem. Alpha Soc.); grad. student aX Mass. Inst. 
Technology and College de France, Paris. 
Teacher in public schools of Boston four years 
before entering college; in private schools since 
1881; principal Classical School for Girls at 66 
Marlborough St., 1887-1911. Favors woman suf- 
frage. Unitarian. Charter mem. Aae'n of Col- 
legiate Alumnae; mem. Coipley Soc. of Boston, 
Women's Education Ass'n oi Boston, Clrcolo 
ItaliSmo, Bacon Soc. of London. (Charter mem. 
College Club of Boston; mem. Twentieth Cen- 
tury Club. 
BROWNELL, Eleanor OliTia, Misses Shipley's 

School, Bryn Mawr, Pa. 

Assistant principal the Misses Shipley's School; 
b. N.Y. City, Jan. 25, 1876; dau. Silas B. and 
Sarah (Sheffield) Brownell; ed. Beverly School, 
N.Y. CHy; Bryn Marwr Coll.. A.B. '97; grad. 
student Columbia Univ., 1897-98. State sec. N.Y. 
and N.J. Com. Y.W.C.A., 1905-07; head New 
School, Utica, N.Y., 1909-11; ass't principal the 
Misses Shipley's School, 1911-13. Mem. Bryn 
Mawr Club and Barnard Club (N.Y. Otty), Col- 
lege Club (Philadelphia). Presbyteri*a. 
BROWNELL, Jane L., Bryn Mawr, Pa. 

Educator; b. Brooklyn, N.Y., May 13, 1860, 
dau. Franklin Clinton and Mary Ballantine 
(Mather) Brownell; ed. Bryn Mawr Coll., A.B. 
'93, A.M. '94; fellow in political science, Bryn 
Mawr Coll., 1893-94. Teacher of mathemeUcs, 
Bryn Mawr School, Baltimore, Md., 1894-1902; 
associate mistress, same school, 1897-1902; as- 
sociate principal. Miss Florence Bald-win's School, 
Bryn Mawr, Pa., 1902-06; head of the Baldwin 
School, Bryn Mawr, Pa., since 1906. Director of 
Consumers' League of Eiastern Pa. Author: The 
Significance of a Decreasing Birth-Rate (pub- 
lis>hed 1894 la Annals of Acad, of Political and 
Social Science). Mem. Acad, of Political and So- 
cial Science, CJollege Club, Philadelphia; Woman's 
University Club, N.Y. City; Merion Cricket Club, 
Haverford, Pa. Congregationalist. Favors woman 
suffrage; mem. College E^qual Suffrage League of 
BROWNELL, Lncy Pearce, 8 Whitfield Court, 

Newport, R.L 

School teacher; b. Boston, Maae., July 27, 1871; 
dau. John B, and Rebecca EJarl (Brownell) 
Brownell; ed. Girls' Latin School, Boston; Wel- 
lesley Coll., B.A., '94; student Yale Summer 
School, 1907. Since 1895 instructor in Rogers 
High School, Nerwport. Interested along literary, 
sociological and edncatlonal lines. Mem. and for- 
mer cor. sec. Newport Civic League. Pres. Cur- 
rent Topic Club, Newport. Active in Sunday- 
school work. Congregationalist. Mem. Ass'n of 
Collegiate Alumnae, College Settlwnent Ass'a, 
Consum«^' League, Nerw FjigUnd Ass'n of 
Teachers of English, Art Ass'n of Newport, 
College Club of Boston, R.I. WsUesley Club. 
BROWNING, Eliza Gordon, 1644 N. Delaware 

St., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Librarian; b. Fortville, Ind.; dau. Woodrllle 
and Mary Anne (Brown) Browning; ed. in public 
and private schools. Librarian Indianapolis 
Public Library, 1892; twice pres. Indiana Library 
Ass'n; mem. Council of Am. Library Ass'n; 
newspaper and magazine writer. Mem. Y.W.C.A., 
D.A.R. ; State chairman Com. of Welfare of 
Women and Children. Mem. Indiana Historical 
Soc, Art Ass'n, Woman's Franchise League. 
Club: Fortnightly Literary. E)plscopalian. Demo- 
crat. Favors woman suffrage. 
BROWNrNG, EUzabeth SophU Bradley (Mrs. 

Philip Embury Browning), St Bdgelilll Road, 

Now Havan, Conn. 

Born New H«Tea, (3oan., May 2$, 1S71; 4aa. 



P. Stimler and Mary Louisa (Hall) Bradley; ed. 
schools of N?w Hayen and Vassar CoIL, B.A. 
(PW Beta Kappa) '93; m. New Haven, Conn., 
Dec. 12, 1899, Philip Embury Browning (ass't 
prof, chemistry, Yale Univ.). Before marriage 
engaged as teacher In schools of New Haven, 
ConBL, 1894-99. Ck)r. sec. New Haven Y.W.C.A. ; 
cor. sec. New Haven Branch Woman's Board of 
Missions. Congregationalist. Mem. Ass'n Col- 
legiate Alumnas, New Haven Lawn Club, Wom- 
en's University Club of N.Y. 

BROWNING, Sarah Perry, 29 Otis St., Nor- 
wich. Conn. 

Christian Science practitioner; grad. Smith 
Coll., B.A. '85; student of art at Adelphl Acad,, 
Brooklyn, N.Y., 1885-86. Resident director, Rox- 
bury House Settlement, Roxbury, Mass., 1900-06; 
Christian Science practitioner since 1907. 
BROWNSCOMBE, Jennie Ausmsta, 96 Fifth Av., 

N.Y. City. 

Artist; b. Honesdale, Pa.; dau. William and 
Elvira (Kennedy) Brownscombe; ed. high school, 
Honesdale, Pa. ; studied art at Cooper Union 
and N.Y. School of Design for Women (received 
trustees' silver medal); at Net. Acad., N.Y., re- 
ceived silver medals in antique and life schools; 
studied in Paris for one year with Henry Mosler. 
Wh-ile a student of art made drawings for illus- 
trated periodicals, Harper's and others. Three 
years later was exhibiting; four years later, 
went abroad. After return, pictures began to be 
reproduced in etching, engraving, photograving. 
Has exhibited in the Salon of Rome, and In the 
Royal Acad, of London. From time to time has 
exhibited in the Nat. Acad, and Water Color 
Soc. exhibitions in N.Y. ; also in Philadelphia, 
Chicago and Western cities. Mem. Nat. Arts 
Club, Municii)al Art Soc. and Scenic and Historic 
Presen'ation Soc. 

BK0WN80N, Mary Wilson, Pennsylvania Col- 
lege for Women, Pittsburgh; residence, Wash- 

Ingrton, Pa. 

College professor; b. Washington, Pa.; dau. 
Rev. James Irwin (D.D., LL.D.) and Eleanor 
McCullough (Acheson) Irwin; ed. Washington 
(Pa.) Sem. ; Pa. Coll. for Women, Pittsburgh, 
A.B. '94; Washington and Jefferson Coll., hon. 
A.M. '05; student in Unlvs. of Chicago, Wiscon- 
sin and Oxford, England. Mem. faculty of Pa. 
Coll. for Women, Pittsburgh, since 1886, holding 
chair of mathematics until 1899; since 1898 pro- 
fessor of Biblical literature, and since 1904 also 
profes.sor modern European history in same col- 
lege. Lecturer on historical subjects. Author: 
The Old Testament Story (four vols.); His Sla- 
ter. Presbyterian. Mem. Am. Historical Aas'n, 
College Club of Pittsburgh. 
BRUCE, Ada Bromllow (Mrs. J. A. Bruce), £99 

Broadway, Everett, Mass. 

Artist; b. Stayner, Canada, Nov. 28, 1881; dau. 
Edward and Ada J. (Butler) Lake; ed. Chicago 
schools; grad. Chicago Art Institute; spent a 
year In London and Paris; m. Boston, Mass., 
1906, Dr. J. A. Bruce; one daughter: Ada Joseph- 
ine Bruce. Received recognition by honorable 
mention several times during course. Mem. 
Friday Club of Everett, Mass., Art Students' 
League. Mem. Church of England. 
BKUCE, Grace Adelle, 118 W. Eleventh St., 

N.Y. City. 

Teacher; grad. Smith Coll., B.A. '91; student 
chMnlstry, Smith Coll., 1891-94; pedagogy, Colum- 
bia Univ., 1902-03; mathematics, Cornell Sum- 
mer School, 1903. Ass't in chemistry. Smith 
Coll., 1891-94; teat^her of mathematics, Chelsea 
(Mass.) High School, 1S94-98; heaxl mathematics 
dep't of same since 1898. Mem. Smith College 
Alumnae Ass'n (vice-pres.), Ass'n of Collegiate 
BRUCHON, Gertrude Jones (Mrs. Ernest 

Charles Bruchon), 18 E. Park St., Newark, 


Born Newark. N.J. ; dau. Phlneas Jones (Con- 
gressman) and Laura (Hamblet) Jones; ed. 
private schools; Wellesley Coll., B.A. '95, and In 
Art Students' League, N.Y. City; m. London, 
Bng., Ernest Charles Bruchon, native of Zurich, 
Switzerland; one daughter: Ernestine. Interested 
in clui) work; at one time pres. Fortnightly Club 

of East Orange, N.J. Mem. Newark Charitable 
Soc., Woman's UniversRy Club (N.Y. City). 
Presbyterian. Republican. Against woman suf- 
BRUENTNG, Bertha M., Chemical Building, 

St. Louis, Mo. 

Cashier Connecticut Mutual Life Ins. Co.; b. 
Louisville, Ky., Sept. 4, 1882; dau. Joseph and 
Katharine (Jeck) Bruening; ed. private schools 
in Louisville, Ky., and St. Louis, Mo.; Benton 
CoU., St. Louis, and St. Louis Univ., LL.B. 'U. 
Interested In social movements for the better- 
ment of conditions of women who are employed; 
now engaged In forming the Catholic Women's 
Club of St. Louis. Active in temperance move- 
ment among women; officer In Ladies' Auxiliary 
to the Knights of Father Mathew. Roman 
Catholic. Recreations: Athletics, amateur pho- 
tography, historical reading. Mem. Women's 
Bar Ass'n of Missouri; first woman to receive a 
diploma from St. Louis Univ. Studied stenog- 
raphy at night, later took up the study of law 
in the evenings and was admitted to practic* in 
both State courts of Missouri and U.S. courts in 
1911. Does not favor woman suffrage. 
BBUERE, Martha Bensley (Mrs. Robert W. 

BruSre), 206% West Thirteenth St., N.Y. City. 

Writer; b. Chicago, III.; dau. John R. and 
Augusta (Fuller) Bensley; ed. Vassar (3oll., Art 
Inst, of Chicago, Univ. of Chicago; m. Olean, 
N.Y., Oct. 28, 1907, Robert W. Bru6re. Mem. 
Socialist Party; Woman's Trade Union League. 
Author: Experiences of a Nursery Governess; 
The Workingman's Wife; Tales of Miranda; 
Home Efficiency (Co-author with Robert W. 
Bruere). Favors woman suffrage; mem. 25th 
Assembly District Woman's Suffrage Party, N.Y. 
City. Mem. Writers' Club, A Club, Socialist 
Press Club. 

BRUMBAUGH, Catherine Elliott (Mrs. Cath- 
erine Elliott Brumbaugh), 905 Massachusetts 

Av., N.N., Washington, D.C. 

Born Mansfield, Pa., June 15, 1868; dau. Dr. 
Charles W. and Mary Eleanor (Elliott) Brown; 
ed. Woman's Coll. and St. Ursula at Elmira, 
N.Y.; m. Elmira, Oct. 1, 1889, D*. Galus Marcus 
Brumbaugh; children: Charles Andrew, Marcus 
Morton (deceased), Elliott Frank. Registrar 
General Nat. Soc. D.A.R. Chaplain General Nat. 
Soc. D.A.R. Methodist. Mem. Woman's Home 
Missionary Soc, Daughters of 1812, Daughters 
of Founders and Patriots of Am., Mayflower 
Descendants, Livingston Manor Chapter D.A.R. 
Clubs: Wheel Club (connected with Crittenden 
rescue work), Woman's League of Nat. Q«orge, 
Jr., Republic, Abracadabra Club. 
BRCNCKHORST, Marie (Mrs. Frank Brunck- 

horst), Kewaunee, Wis. 

Librarian of free public library; b. Menasha, 
Wis., July 7, 1853; dau. John and Franziska 
(Sturn) Metzner; ed. public school, Kewaunee, 
Wis.; m. Kewaunee, Wis., Oct., 1872. Frank 
Erunckhorst; children: Esther F., Louis A., 
Lucy A., Frank 0. Interested in New Thought 
movement and drugless healing, and Identified 
in various social and philanthropic activities. 
Favors woman suffrage. Republican. Recrea- 
tions: Theatres, concerts and auto trips fre- 
quently. Pres. Woman'e Shakespeare Club of 
BRUNDAGE, OUve 3IanB (Mrs. Frank H. Brun- 

dage), 310 Elm St., Northampton, Mass, 

Bom Florence, Mass., Oct. 20, 1876; dau. 
Thomas S. and Eliza Ann (Martin) Mann; grad. 
Northampton High School in 1896; Smith Coll., 
B.A. 1900; N.Y. State Library School, B.L.S. '02; 
m. Florence, Mass., Aug. 26, 1908, Frank Homer 
Brundage; children: Laura Ashley Brundage, b. 
Oct. 8, 1909; Elizabeth Louise Brundage, b. Dec. 
7, 1911. Cataloguer in the Library of (IJongress, 
Washington, D.C, 1902-05; resigned because of 
poor health; cataloguer In Columbia Univ. Li- 
brary, Nov. -June, 1908. Unitarian. Mem. Smith 
Coll. Alumnae Ass'n, Home Progress Soc. Fa- 
vors woman suffrage. Recreations: Walking, 
tennis, boating, etc. 
BRUNER, Elizabeth Cuttiag Cooley (Mrs. Jamei 

D. Bruner), Murfreesboro, N.C. 

Teacher; t>. Stevens Point, Wis.; dau. Dr. D. 



H. and Ann Frances (Brcrwn) Cooley; ed. Old 
Univ. of Chicigo, A.B. '83; Univ. of Chicago, '96; 
student Univ. of Leipzig, 1891-92; m. 1894, James 
Dowden Bruner; children: James Willis, Arthur 
Cutting, Lee Moulton (deceased). Teacher in 
high school, Chicago; lady principal, Moulton 
Ladles' Coll., Toronto; ass't prof, of German 
Univ. of 111.; lady principal of Chowan Coll., 
Murfreesboro, N.C., and teacher of English and 
German. Interested in religious and educational 
irork in N.C. Baptist. Mem. Phi Beta Kappa 
(Univ. of Chicago). 

BBYA>', Ella Howard, Dillon, Dade Co., Ga. 

Author; dau. Major Henry and Janett (How- 
ard) Bryan; ed. at home. Author: The Veil; 
novelettes, short stories and verse of hers has 
been published in nearly everj- leading magazine 
from the Century to the Youth's Companion; 
those printing her verse rarely took her prose, 
and vice versa; completed novel in Lippincott 
(Feb. 1912). Episcopalian. Recreations: Riding 
horseback, hunting, walking, etc. 
BRYAX, Irant'es Wickham, Kinloch, P.O. St. 

Louis Co., Mo. 

Born St. Loui^, April 7, 1S9Q; dau. Francis T. 
and Fanny (Wickham) Bryan; grad. Mary Inst., 
1908. Interested in religious, social and philan- 
thropic .ictivities. Episcopalian. Recreations: 
Riding, tennis, dancing. 
BRYAX, Mary Baird (Mrs. "William Jennings 

Bryan), Fair\'iew, Lincoln, Xeb. 

Born Perry, 111., June 17, 1S61; dau. John and 
Lovina (Dexter) Baird; grad. Presbyterian 
School for Young Ladies, Jacksonville, 111., with 
first honor, class of '81; special work in Illinois 
College and later in the University of Nebraska; 
m. Perry, 111., October 1, 1884, William Jennings 
Bryan; children: Ruth Baird, Williajn Jennings 
Jr., Grace Dexter. Studied law and was 
admitted to practice in District and Supreme 
courts, 1887, in order to be more companionable 
to Mr. Bryan, then engaged in practice of law, 
but shortly after he entered politics and she did 
EOt pursue the subject further. Interested in 
religious and charitable work; contributes to 
City Mission, Salvation Army, Volunteers of 
America, Y.W.C.A., etc.; family are educating 
eight children in different countries of the 
Orient. Makes three or four addresses each year 
in the small churches which need help. In early 
days contributed to magazines, but became too 
busy to continue the work. Presbyterian. Demo- 
crat. Recreations: Reading, fine plays and the 
opera. Mem. Sorosis Club of Lincoln (which she 
founded in 1890), Fortnightly and Woman's Clubs 
of Lincoln. Father's family (Scotch-Irish) set- 
tled in Pa., 1628; mother of English descent. 
Family founded in America by Sir Gregory Dex- 
ter, who was sent to England to secure a charter 
for Colony of Rhode Island. 
BRTA^', Mary Elizabetli (Mrs. Jesse Averitt 

Bryan), 1619 La Branch St., Houston, Tex. 

Journalist; b. Bowling Green, Tenn., 1846; dau. 
William and Susan A. (Bartee) Phillips; ed. 
Clarksville (Tenn.) Female Acad.; m. June 12, 
1866, Jesse Averitt Bryan (son of Henry Hunter 
and Mary F. Tyler Bryan); children: Jesse 
Averitt Jr., William Phillips, Henry Hunter, 
John Duke Tyler. Special correspondent of big 
daily newspapers of Texas from Colorado, New 
Mexico, California and various other States and 
in the Republic of Mexico. Dep't editor of Gal- 
veston Daily News, the Houston Daily Post and 
the Houston Daily Chronicle. Treas. Ladies' 
Parish Ass'n of Christ Church (Houston); served 
three years as recording sec. of Texas Woman's 
Press Ass'n. Pres. Houston Pen Women's Club; 
honorary mem. Current Literature Club, Ladies' 
Reading Club, Woman's Club; served two years 
as vlce-pres. City Fed. of Women's Clubs and 
mem. Exec. Board; vice-pres. Faith Home Ass'n, 
a benevolent work for children; mem. Directory 
Board of Social Service Fed. Pres. Robert E. 
Lee Chapter United Daughters of Confederacy; 
served two years as vice-pres. of Gen. Ass'n of 
United Daughters of Confederacy; mem. State 
Historical Soc. Favors woman suffrage. Author 
of biographical work and special feature articles 
for leading newspapers of the State. Episco- 

palian. Democrat Recreations: Mnsic, trarel. 
Mem. Houston Civic Club (cliarter mem.), 
Woman's Protective Ass'n. 
BRYAN, R. Marion, Ashley Av., Charleston, 


Born Charleston, S.C. ; dau. Judge George P. 
and R. (Dwightj Bryan. Has done literary work 
for magazines, newspapers, etc. Wrote darkey 
sketch, entitled: Aunt Caline with White Wom- 
an's Burden. Episcopalian. Mem. King's 
Daughters; active in Sunday-school work, settle- 
ment work, etc. Mem. Century Club of Charles- 
ton; a literary and social club. Strongly against 
woman suffrage. 
BRYANT. Anna Groflf, 523 Fine Arts Building, 

Chicago, 111. 

Vocal teacher; b. Milwaukee, Wis.; dau. 
Michael and Anna (Kirch) Groff; ed. Downer 
Coll., Milwaukee, Wis; grad. Northwestern Univ. 
Acad., Evanston, 111., '88; m. Aurora, 111., 1897, 
Chauncy Earle Bryant. Founder the Anna Groff 
Bryant Inst, of the New Am. School of Vocal 
Art, Chicago, 1903. Publisher and editor of 
magazine known as The Institute, devoted to 
advancement and uplift of vocal art, science, 
education and research work, and contributor to 
Musical America, Musical Leader, Music News. 
High School Life, Fine Arts Journal and other 
educational magazines. Independent. Active 
mem. of 111. Woman's Press Club and Chicago 
Amateur Musical Club; permanent asso. mem. 
Mendelssohn Club. 
BRYANT, .Vnna M. Dorr (Mrs. W. H. H. 

Bryant), 425 Lebanon St., Melrose, Mass. 

Physician; b. Hassa Damstadt, Germany; dau. 
Valentine and Elizabeth (Lutz) Dorr; ed. public 
schools, N.Y. State, and private teachers; Wo- 
men's Med. Coll. of N.Y. ; Coll. of Physicians and 
Surgeons, Boston, '83; Tufts Coll. Med. School, 
'95 (mem. Alpha Delta); m. Jackson, N.H., Aug. 
4. 1887, W. H. H. Bryant; one daughter: Frances 
Dorr Bryant, b. Mar. 8, 1894. Pres. New Eng- 
land Helping Hand Soc; State Sup't of Purity, 
Mass. W.C.T.U. Mem. Board of Managers Wo- 
men's Home and Foreign Missionary Soc; mem. 
Anti-Imperial League of Mass. Am. Peace So- 
cieties. Favors woman suffrage; mem. Mass. 
Equal Suffrage Ass'n. Methodist. 
BRYANT, Dorothy Wilberforce Lyon (Mrs. Em- 
mons Brvant), Castleton-on-the-Hudson, N.Y. 

Born Erie, Pa., Oct., 1868; dau. William Wil- 
berforce and Marie Louise (Derickson) Lyon; 
grad Wells Coll., A.B. '87; Bryn Mawr, Ph.D. '96; 
m. Elizabeth, N.J., June 21, 1900, Emmons 
Bryant; children: Katherine Lyon, Emmons Jr. 
Active in guild work in Episcopal Church, Wo- 
man's Exchange Work and Library Club. Rec- 
reations: Out-door sports, reading, auction 
bridge. Episcopalian. Favors woman suffrage. 
BRYANT, Lorinda Munson (Mrs. L. M. Bryant), 

29 Spencer Av., Somerville, Mass. 

Born Granville, 0., March 21, 1855;. dau. Mar- 
vin Morgan and Emma S. (Culbertson) Munson; 
ed. Granville Female Coll., B.S. '74; Chicago Sch. 
of Phar., Ph.G., '88; course in science at Cor- 
nell, 1888-89; m. Granville, 0., 1875, Charles Web- 
ster Bryant (died 1886); children: Fitch Culbert- 
son, Miriam Joanna (deceased). Head of Science 
Dep't at Ogontz School, Pa., 1890-99; principal 
of her own private school, Montrose School, 
South Orange, N.J., 1899-1905. Lecturer. Active 
in advocacy of better pictures in the homes and 
Sunday schools, also interested in Y.W.C.A., 
Uriv. Settlement Work and factory girls. Au- 
thor: Pictures and Their Painters; What Pic- 
tures to See in Europe in One Summer; Famous 
Pictures of Real Girls and Boys; The Life of the 
Bible as a Book. 
BRYANT, Louise Stevens, College Hall, Room 8 

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pa. 

Bom Paris, France, Sept. 19, 18S5; dau. Edwin 
and Miriam Collins (Nicholson) Stevens; ed. N.Y. 
public schools; Normal Coll., N.Y. City; Smith 
Coll., A.B. '08; candidate for Ph.D. in Univ. ol 
Pa., dep't of physiology. Assistant in physiology. 
Am. Museum of Natural History, 190S-09; special 
agent child hygiene dep't, Russell Sage Founda- 
tion, N.Y. City, 1909-11; in charge social service 
dep't of Psychological Clinic, Univ. of Pa., be- 



ginnlug work spring 1911; Instructor, Summer 
School of Psychology. Interested in general so- 
cial service movement, pu'blic sehools, Socialist 
Party, Eugenics move>ment. Favors woman suf- 
frage; mem. Woman's Trade Union L.eague, 
Woman's Political Union, Socialist Party, Inter- 
collegiate Socialist Soc. (sec. N.Y. Alumni Chap- 
ter for two years). Has written a book on School 
Feeding— Its Organization and Practice at Home 
and Abroad, 1912, and magazine articles on va- 
rious problems of Child Hygiene, School Feeding 
and Eugenics. Mem. Alumnae Ass'n o^ Smith 
Coll., Public Education Ass'n of Philadelphia, 
Home Economics Ass'n of America, Biological 
Soc. of Smith Coll. (alumnae); mem. exec. com. 
of Philadelphia School Lunch Com., and sec. of 
National School Lunch Com. Recreations: Walk- 
ing, swimming, tennis, canoeing, camping, read- 
ing. Mem. Social Workers' Club of Philadelphia. 
BRYANT, Martha Lymaa (Mrs. William Sohler 

Bryant), Cohasset, Mass. 

Born Philadelphia. Pa., May 17, 1860; dau. 
James Sitgreaves and Mary Fullerton (Hazard) 
Cox; grad. Smith Coll., B.A. '84 (mem. Alpha 
Soc; m. Sept. 1, 1887, Dr. William Sohier 
Bryant; children: Mary Cleveland, Elizabeth 
Sohier, Alice de Vermaadois, Julia Cox, Gladys, 
William Sohier Jr (died July, 1912). Interested 
in Sunday-school work. Favors woman suffrage. 
Episcopalian. Mem. Intercollegiate Socialist 
Soc, Cohasset Social Service, Colonial Dames of 
America. Mem. Ardnamurchan Club. 
BRYANT, Sara Cone — see Borst, Sara, Cone 

BRYANT, Shirley E. M»cManns (Mrs. Frederick 

S. Bryant), 433 Portland Av., St. Paul, Minn. 

Born St. Paul, Minn., Dec 17, 1868; dau. 
Thomas Saville and Ida Amelia (Burgess) Mac- 
Manus; m. St. Paul, Minn., June 28, 1888, Fred- 
erick Stewart Bryant; children: Stewart Fred- 
erick (midshipsman, U.S. Navy), Gordon Spencer, 
Kathryn Shirley. Episcopalian. Against woman 
BRYDEN, Lncy Annette, 1114 Madison Av., 

Baltimore, Md. 

Graduate nurse; b. Stoughton, Mass., Nov. 12, 
1875; dau. Ewen and Lucy A. (Gay) Bryden; ed. 
Howard Sem., West Bridgewater, Mass. ; Wel- 
lesley Coll., B.A. '98; Johns Hopkins Hospital, 
graduating as nurse. 

BUCHANAN, Anna F. (Mrs. Charles J. Bu- 
chanan), 3017 Talbott Av., Indianapolis, Ind. 

Bom ill Missouri, April 12, 1858; dau. Henry 
Beeson and Orpha A. (Tyler) Flanner; ed. in 
high school ; m. Indianapolis, Sept 3, 1884, 
Charles J. Buchanan; chUdren: Albert V., Paul 
H. Pres. Y.W.C.A. Teacher of two neighbor- 
hood Bible classes; treas. State Congregational 
Benevolent Soc; pres. of Foreign Missionary 
Soc of First Congregational Church. Favors 
woman suffrage. Congregatiouallst. Mem. An 
Ass'n, Old Ladies' Home. Clubs: Research (fed- 
erated), Social Service. 
BUCHANAN, Helen Davis, 2101 W. Adams St., 

Chicago, III. 

Child welfare worker; b. Joliet, 111., Nov. 13, 
1890; dau. William Penn and Rebecca (Dryer) 
Buchanan (father second cousin of Pres. James 
Buchanan; mother descendant of Christopher 
Greene, who came over in the Mayflower, and was 
also ancestor of Gen. Nathaniel Greene of Revo- 
lutionary fame); ed. Lewis Inst, and Chicago 
Univ. Interested in the child welfare work in 
the Chicago commons settlement, as pres. of the 
Matheon Club, which supports the Matheon Day 
Nursery located there. Baptist. Republican 
(Progressive). Mem. Matheon Children's Beneiit 
League, Juvenile Protection League, Drama 
League. Favors woman suffrage. 

BUCHANAN. Isabella Reid (Mrs. John C. Bu- 
chanan), 2218 Fourth Av., S., Minneapolis, 

Bible and parliamentary law teacher; b. Lo- 
mira, Wis., Oct. 9, 1857; dau. William and Mar- 
garet (Grant) Reid; grad. Fond du Lac (Wis.) 
High School, 1873, and self-taught through Eu- 
ropean travel. Women's Study Clubs and Univ. 
extension lectures; grad. Intemat. Sunday- 

School Ass'n, Bible courses; m. Fond du Lac, 
Wis., Oct. 9, 1882, John C. Buchanan; one daugh- 
ter: Margaret Reid (adopted). Teacher of Bible- 
study courses for Y.W.C.A., and Interdenomina- 
tional Summer School of Missions, Interdenomi- 
national Sunday-school classes, Normal Institutes 
for Sunday-school sup'ts. heads of dep'is and 
Normal teachers; courses in parliamentary law 
for women's clubs. Favors woman suffrage. 
Congregationalist. Mem. Y.W.C.A.; charter mem. 
and pres. of Lewis Parliamentary Law Ass'n of 
Minneapolis; life mem. Congregational .Missionary 
Soc; hon. mem. Woman's Auxiliary Homoeo- 
pathic Medical Ass'n of Minn. Charter mem. and 
honorary pres. Tourist Club, Minneapolis; 
founder and honorary mem. Travelers' Club: 
founder and honorary mem. of the Ramblers' 
Club; charter mem. Pioneers of Minnesota Fed. 
of Women's Clubs. 
BUCHWALTER, Mary Knox, 3316 Reading 

Road, Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Principal private school; b. Clinton, N.Y., Nov. 
24, 1862; dau. Charles Eugene Knox, D.D., and 
Sarah (Fake) Knox; ed. Burnham School, North- 
ampton, Mass., Smith Coll., A.B. '85 (mem. 
Alpha Soc); m. Cincinnati, July 22, 1909, Morris 
Lyon Buckwalter. Teacher in N.Y. City, 1888-'96; 
registrar Smith Coll., 1896-1901, Barnard Coll., 
N.Y., 1901-04; prln. Knox School for Girls, Lake- 
wood, N.J., 1904-09. Mem. Board of Cincinnati 
Kindergarten Training School; mem. Board of 
Cincinnati Woman's Club. Presbyterian. Mem. 
MacDowell Club and Women's Univ. Club (N.Y. 
City), Cincinnati Woman's Club and College 
Club, Cincinnati. 
BUCK, riorence, 25 Beacon St., Boston, Mass. 

Minister; b. Kalamazoo, Mich., July 19, 1860; 
dau. Samuel Pierce and Lucy (Reasoner) Buck; 
ed. Baptist Coll., Kalamazoo; Meadville (Pa.) 
Theological School; one year post-grad, work in 
Manchester Coll. and Oxford Univ., England, in 
1892-93. Minister associate with Rev. Marion 
Murdoch in Unity Church, Cleveland, Ohio, 1893- 
99 (in Europe 1899-1900); minister, Kenosha, Wis.. 
1901-10, during which ministry the congregation 
built a $60,000 church; minister Alameda, Cal., 
Jan. 1, 1911, to Sept. 8, 1912; now associate sec. 
of Religious Education Dep't of Am. Unitarian 
Aes'n, Boston, and editor of the Beacon (paper 
for children). Specially interested in philan- 
thropic work as part of professional activity. 
Helped establish public playgrounds, associated 
charity work, etc. Favors woman suffrage; was 
voter in Cal., where helped, as speaker, to secure 
suffrage; mem. State board and local board of 
Cal. Civic League. Unitarian. Lecturer for 
women's clubs in Chicago and Wisconsin. 
BUCK, Gertrude, Vassar Coll., Poughkeepsie. 


Prof. English, Vassar Coll.; b. Kalamazoo, 
Mich., July 14, 1871; dau. George Machan and 
Anna (Bradford) Buck; ed. Univ. of Mich., B.S. 
'94; M.S. '95; Ph.D. '98 (mem. Alpha Phi). Fel- 
low in English Univ. of Chicago, 1895; ass't in 
English, 1896; instructor Vassar Coll., 1897-1901; 
asso. prof., 1901-07; prof. English Vassar Coll. 
since 1907. Mem. D.A.R. and Socialist Party of 
N.Y. State. Author: Organic EducaUon, 1899 
(with Miss H. M. Scott); A Course in Exposi- 
tory Writing (with E. Woodbridge); A Course In 
Argumentation Writing; The Metaphor— A Study 
in the Psychology of Rhetoric; A Brief English 
Grammar (with Prof. F. N. Scott); Ruskin'a 
Sesame and Lilies (In Longman's English Clas- 
sics Series); A Course in Narrative Writing 
(with E. W. Morris). Episcopalian. Mem. the 
English Ass'n, Modern Language Ass'n of Am., 
Nat. Council of Teachers of English. 
BUCK, Llllie West (Mrs. Franklin Howard 

Buck), The Roost, 265 Crescent Av., Norwood 

Park, HI. 

Critic of music, drama, art (pen-name "Amy 
Leslie"); b. Burlington, la.; dau. Albert and 
Kate Content (Webb) West; ed. St. Mary's Acad., 
Notre Dame, Ind., valedictorian class of 1874, 
gold medal academic course. Gold medal. Con- 
servatory; vocal music, diploma (special); m. 
Chicago, 1884, Harry Brown (comedian); 1901, 
Franklin Howard Buck; one son: Francis 



ASbtart Bro^n (deceased). Went on stage in 1880; Carter, M.D., and Ellen (Newman) Carter; «d. 

created rOles In Audran, Planchette and Ofien- Mrs. Arthur Howell's School, Philadelphia.; m. 

bach opera bouffe; success in N.Y. Fifth Av. St. Mark's Church, Philadelphia, June 7, 1883, 

Theatre as Plametia in Mascot, in Olivette and Edward Swift Buckley Jr.; one eon: EJdward 

leading soprano r61es. Retired from stage upon Swift Buckley 3d. Mem. of sundry church so- 

deatb of only son, 1889. Made successful debut cleties. Episcopalian. Against woman sufirage. 

as dramatic critic of Chicago Daily News, 1889, BUCKI.EY, May, St. Marc's Building, 2 "W. 

and still holding that position at one of highest Xhirly-nlnth St., N.Y. City, 

salaries ever paid a critic. Author (under pen- Actress; b. San Francisco; dau. Ernest and 

name "Amy Leslie): Pamphlet on Sensatianal Marie (Featherston) Uhl; ed. in convents of the 

Dress in Public; Amy Leslie at the Fair (ex- u.S. during summer months. Made first ap- 

haustive story of Columbian Exposition In Chi- pearance on stage at the age of six, being placed 

cago, 1903); Book of European Travels; Some ^q g^agg ^y Dion Boucicault, who gave her name 

Players (book of personal reminiscences of cele- ^j "Mav Buckley." Has been mem. of com- 

panies: First Born; John Drew; Annie Russell; 
James O'Neill; Shepherd King; Raymond Hitch- 
cock and others. Catholic. Mem. Professional 
Actor's Soc. Recreation: 

brated actors). Has traveled all over the world. 
RecreaUoQs: Hunting, nature. 
BUCKBE£, Ambm, Lawrencevllle, Pa. 

Teacher; b. Walton, N.Y., June 1855; dau. Woman's League, 
John and Hannah (Beers) Buckbee; ed. Walton Reading. 
(N.Y.) High School. Majisfleld (Pa.) SUte Nor- bCCKSTAFF, Florence Tyn« Griswold (Mrm 
mal School, grad. 77. Taught In public schools George Angus Buckstaft), Oilikosh, WU. 
until 188L County sup't schools Potter Co.. Pa., q^j.^ Columbus, Wis.; dau. Eugene Sher- 
1881-87. Principal Teachers Training School, yf^oi and Hattie (Tyng) Griswold; grad. UnlT. 
Harrisburg Pa., 1889-92. Taught in Cuba, 1892- „, ^jg^ j^ g. '86 (first honors); A.M. '02 (mem. 
93: SUte Normal School, California, Pa., since Kappa Kappa Gamma); m. May 8, 1888, George 
1895 (Dep t of Pedagogy and History). Active xngus Buckstaff; children: Angus Griswold, 
in civic Improvement work for bettering the con- sherwood. Pres. Oshkosh Consumers' League, 
dltlon of foreigners in the Pittsburgh district. Regent Univ. of Wis. since 1907; director Asbo. 
Delegate International Child Study Congress, charities, Visiting Nurse Com.; mem. Wis. Antl- 
Llege Belgium, 1905. Author: The Fourth Tuberculosis and Audubon Socs. Congregation- 
School Year, Chicago, 1904; Our Country and Its alist. Recreations: Music, yachting, motoring. 
People, 1911; Europe and Its People, 1912 (both ^hist. Mem. Oshkosh Twentieth Century Club, 
In collaboration with Prof. W. S. Monroe). Con- political Equality League. Occasional contribu- 
tributor to educational journals; lecturer at tor to Annals of American History and to news- 
teachers' institutes and educational meetings papers on question of the day; addresses before 
since 1884. Popular lecturer on Cuba and the elubs, churches and university gatherings. 
Sy^^J?^-_^®*5**^^?i- Mem Am. Historical Ass'n, bUDDENHAGEN, Emerense Walters (Mrs. 
Washington Co (Pa.) Historical A^s n. Western louIs Buddenhagen), Nelllsvllle, Wis. 
Pa. Historical Ass'n. Recreation: Taking parties Teacher, writer; b. Neillsville, Wis.. Dec. 8, 
to Europe to observe life in villages. Mem. Cal- ^g^^. ^^^ jQ^n R. and CatheriAe E. (Gushing) 
Uomia (Pa.) Century Club. Walters; grad. Neillsville High School, with ad- 
BUCKBEE, Jennie Palmer (Mrs. Francis A. ditjonal work in Oshkosh Normal and Univ. of 
Buckbee), Lake Geneva, Wis. Wis.; m. Minneapolis, Minn., June 17, 1908, Louis 
Bom Dresden (at Crooked Lake), N.Y., April Buddenhagen. Teacher in public schools of 
11, 1833; dau. Dr. A.. S. and Jane N. (Sears) Chippewa Falls, Wis., 1895-96; Wausau, Wis., 
Palmer; ed. schools Dundee, Yatee Co., N.Y.; i9oi-02; Minneapolis, 1903-04; Neillsville, 1904-08; 
later high school. Lake Geneva, Wis.; Rock- ^xip't of schools for Clark Co., Wis. 1897-1901; 
ford (111.) Coll., one of seven graduating in the u,,^ director of physical training in Neillsville 
first class ever graduated from college, 1854; schools; sup't W.C.T.U. physical education dep't, 
m. Lake Geneva, Wis., 1864, Francis A. Buckbee, 19^^. interested In literature, music and painting; 
who was native of Chili, N.Y. Husband and j^as taken many prizes at local art exhibitions In 
father both members of State Legislature; father qu^ -^ater color and pastel. Writer of iteme of 
once candidate for lieut. governor of Wis. Mem. educational interest and short stories. Beneficial 
Collegiate Alumnae Ass'n of both 111. and Wis.; niem. of Royal Neighbors of America (dist 
one of organizers of Lake Geneva Library Ass'n; deputy for that society In counties of Clark, 
mem. various church societies. Wrote for Frank jackson, Eau Claire, Chippewa, Dunn and Pierce, 
Leslie's publications. Rural New Yorker, Godey's wis.) Mem. Monday Progress Club of Neillsville, 
Ladles' Book, Tribune (Chicago), Rockford Col- wis.; has been pres. of same, 1910-11; vlce-pres., 
lege Magazine, Florida papers, official papers, 1911.12; cor. sec, 1912-13. Recreations: Dancing, 
Madison, Wis., and always for local papers, basketball, rowing, horses. Methodist Favorm 
Ooneregationalist. Mem. Public Library Ass'n, woman suffrage; chairman of Organization Com. 
local Chautauqua Ass'n, Rockford Coll. Ase'n, „{ the Political Equality League of Ciark Co., 
etc Recreations: Travel, reading, writing and wis. 1912- 

varlous society functions. Favors woman suf- bCDLONG, Jessie Talentlne, 183 Governor St., 

fraSfe- Providence, R.1. 

BUCKINGHAM, Naomi Jenaette Carpenter Born Providence, R.I.; dau. Granville Rhodes 
(Mrs. Henry Hlne Buckingham), Hysham, ^nd Esther (Duke) Budlong; grad. Smith Coll., 
Roeebad Co., Montana. B.L^ -gg. Interested in working girls' club In 
Bom East Lansing, Mich., Jan., 1879; dau. providence, and has been pres. R.I. Ass'n of 
Rolla Clinton and Marion (Dewey) Carpenter; ed. Working Women's Clubs since Its organization 
Ithaca (N.Y.) High School; Elmira Coll.; Ctw- i^ 1904. interested In building summer vacation 
nell Univ. (mem. Delta Gamma); m. Ithaca, house for working girls. Has taught Sunday- 
N.Y., July, 1907, Henry Hlne Buckingham; chil- school class; Interested In Sunday-school work, 
dren: Margaret Carpenter, Catherine (deceased), pavors woman suffrage. Baptist. Mem. Alum- 
Dorothy, Grace Carpenter. Favors woman suf- nae Ass'n of Smith Coll., R.I. branch Ass'n Col- 
frage. Proteetant Episcopal. Mem. D.A.R. leglate Alumnae, R.I. Soc. for Collegiate Educa- 
BUCKINGILAM, NeUie B. Hibbard (Mrs. John tlon of Women, College Equal Suffrage League, 
Buckingham), The Moraine, Highland Park, Nat. League of Women Workers, Wednesday 
111. ♦Club (local debating soc). 

Bom Chicago, 1860; dau. WiUiam (Jold and BUDLONG, Minnie Franklin Clarke (Mrs. 

Lydla Beekman (Van Shaack) Hubbard; ed. Prof. Charles S. Budlong), Bismarck, N.D. 

H. H. Babcock's School, Chicago; m. Chicago, Secretary North Dakota Library Commis.sion; 

John Buckingham; children: Ethel, Lillian, Alice ^, jg^a City, Iowa, April 10, 1863; dau. Charles 

Morrison, Hannah. Pres. of Chicago Public pranklin and Julia (Brown) Clarke; grad. State 

School Art Soc. Episcopalian. Mem. FortnighUy univ. Iowa, A.B. '81 (Phi Beta Kappa); Wis. 

Club, Colonial Dames, CSiicago Woman's Club. Library School, 1909-10, B.L.S.; m. Iowa City, 

BUCKLEY, Charlotte Carter (Mrs. Edward Iowa, Dec. 27, 1883, Charles Schuyler Budlong 

Swift Buckley Jr.), 2839 Samson St., Phlla- (died Dec. 13, 1904); children: Lester Goodwin, 

delphla. Pa. b. Aug. 29, 1893; Julia Nelson, b. July 27, 1896. 

Born Phil*delj>hla, Dec. 29, 1858; dau. Charles Taught, Clarksville, Iowa; high school. Winter- 



■et, la. Ondaeted marcantlle baalnees, Clarks- 
ville, Iowa, 1900-02; clerk State L.and Office, Bis- 
marck, N.Dak., 1904-08; B«cr«t&ry and director 
North Dakota L«ibrary CommlaeJon since 1907. 
Interested in State Federation of Women's Clubs. 
Author: Plan of Organization for Small Libraries, 
1910; also miacellaneoua magazine articles, his- 
torical sketches, fugitive verse. North Dakota 
song. Congregationalist. Republican. Mem. 
Fortnightly Chib of Bismarck, N.Dak. Has been 
chairman of Legislative Com., also chairman of 
Literature and Library Com. ; now historian of 
State Fed. of Women's Clubs. Was first woman 
in N.Dak. to receive appointment on a State 
commission, being apFWlnted by Gov. Burke on 
the Library Commission at the time of its estab- 
lishment, 1907; two years later became Its 

BUEHLEB, Amelia B. Keller (Mrs. Sugena 
Buehler), 418 Pythian Building, Indianapolis, 

Physician; b. Cleveland, Ohio, Jan. 12, 1871; 
dau. Frederick and Elizabeth (Remele) Keller; 
ed. Indianapolis High School; Coll. of Physicians 
and Surgeons (Nu Sigma Phi); m. Indianapolis, 
1889, Dr. Eugene Buehler; one son: Eugene Otto. 
Associate prof, diseases of children, Med. Dep't 
of Indiana Univ. Lecturer on civic matters and 
eugenics. Mem. Indianapolis Historical Soc. ; 
pres. Indianapolis Local Council of Women. 
Favors woman suffrage; prea. Woman's Fran- 
chise League of Indiana. 

BUEL, EUz»b«th Cynthia Barney (Mrs. John 

Laidlaw Buol), East Meadows. LltchHeld, 


Bom N.Y. City, Feb. 16, 1868; dau. Newcomb 
Cushman and EHIzabeth Jackson (Sturgie) Bar- 
ney; ed. SL John's School (private), N.Y. City; 
grad. with marked distinction, Columbia Coll., 
N.Y. City, A.B. (fourth woman to grad. from 
Columbia In days before Barnard Coll. was 
founded); m. N.Y. City, May 28, 1896, John Laid- 
law Buel, M.D.; one daughter: Katharine Barney 
Buel, b. April 8, 1905. State regent of Conn. 
D.A.R., having 49 chapters and 4,700 members; 
activities are mostly patriotic and educational, 
chief work b«lng education ot immigrants In Am. 
Ufa and citizenship and of Southern moun- 
taineers, and all classes of young people, native 
and foreign, in the Ideals of Am. instrtutlono. 
Author: Tale of the Spinning Wheels. Editor: 
The Chronicles of a Pioneer School (compiled by 
Mrs. EJmily Noyes Vanderpoel); The Ellsworth 
Homestead, Past and Present, and numerous 
unpublished historical patriotic and memorial 
papers and speeches. CongregationallsL Mem. 
Conn. Soc. Colonial Dames of America, Soc. of 
Mayflower Descendants in State of N.Y. ; rec. 
sec. Litchfield Historical Soc ; sec. Litchfield 
Chapter Am. Red Cross since Spantsh-American 
War; first vlce-prea. (formerly pres.) Litchfield 
Auxiliary of Woman's Board of Foreign Mis- 
sions. Mem. Mary Washington Memorial Ass'n. 
Honorary regent Mary F^oyd Talimadge Chapter 
D.A.R. (Litchfield), Litchfield Lawn Club; sec. 
Litchfield Dramatic CUub; mem. Woman's College 
Club of Litchfield (3o. ; honorary mem. Litchfield 
Co. University Club, Pocahontas Memorial Ass'n. 
Recreations: Reading, social duties. 
BUEIX, Caroline Brown (Mrs. F. W. H. Buell), 

East Hampton, N.H. 

Lecturer, writer; b. Marlboro, Mass., Oct. 24, 
1843; dau. Rev. Thomas Gibson Brown; ed. pub- 
lic schools; m. East Hampton, Conn., Aug. 26, 
1862, P. W. H. Buell (lieut. C^nn. Volunteers, 
died In Civil War). Lecturer and writer on 
temperance and suffrage. Identified since 1875 
with Conn. W.C.T.U. (cor. sec. until 1886, pres. 
1904); with Nat. W.C.T.U. since 1878 (ass't rec. 
sec. two years; cor. sec, 1880-93); planned and 
took active part In organizing the Loyal Tem- 
perance Legion (children's dep't of W.C.T.U.). 
Contributor to various papers on temperance 
subjects. Favors woman suffrage; mem. Nat. 
Am. Woman Suffrage Ass'n. Mem. Nat. Purity 
Ass'n. Mem. Sorosis and Century Study Clubs. 
BUELL, Dora Phelps (Mrs. William J. Buell). 

Capitol, Denver, Colo. 

Bom Atchison, Kas. ; dan. Sdward E. and 

Elizabeth (Fryer) Phelps; ed. Atchison High 
School; Fulton and Tunblord School of Oration, 
Kansas City; m. Atchison, 1SS4, William J. Buell; 
children: Phelps, Clinton, William J. Buell, Jr. 
Dramatic reader and teacher of expression in 
girlhood; public speaker, suffrage and political. 
Mem. Denver Woman's Club, Northside Club, 
Equal Suffrage Ass'n and various Reform politi- 
cal clubs. Deputy Comm'n ot Immigration of 
Colorado. Christian Scientist. Active In win- 
ning suffrage In CJolorado and leader In suffrage 
movement in State; platform speaker. 

BUELL, Irene Cleveland Cox (Mrs. E. Eugene 
Buein, Chresty Building. Duluth, Minn. 
Lawyer; b. St. Peter, Minn., Nov. 13, 1874; 
dau. Judge E. St. Julien and Marlah H. (May- 
hew) Cox; ed. St. Peter's public school; St. Paul 
Coll. of Law, LL.B. '07; Univ. of Minn., LL.M. 
'08; m. Iowa City, Iowa., 1894, Dr. E. Eugene 
Buell. Admitted to United States Supreme Court 
in 1910. Favors woman suffrage. Episcopalian. 
State pres. Nat. Soc. U.S. Daughters of 1812; 
mem. D.A.R. ; pre>s. Woman's Business Club; 
mem. Woman's Rotary Club, Civics Study Class, 
Woman's Council, St. Liouls County Bar Ass'n, 
Minn. State Bar Ass'n; pres. Junior Bar Ass'n; 
mem. Writers' Club. 

BUELL, Jennie, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

State grange lecturer; b. Cass Co., Mich., Feb. 
6, 186.S; dau. B. G. and Harriet (Copley) Buell; 
ed. Mich. Normal Coll. Sec. State Grange for 16 
years; now lecturer of same. Five years ase't 
editor Grange Visitor; Farmers' Institute speaker. 
Interested in rural life In all phases. Favors 
woman suffrage; chairman (1912 campaign) of 
Mich. State Grange Equal Suffrage Com. Au- 
thor: One Woman's Work tor Farm Women; 
The Gold Bank Combination; articles for farm 
Journals upon rural topics. Swedenborgian. 
Mem. the Grange and Mich. Woman's I*ress 

BUELL, Martha Merrj (Mxs. Charles Edwin 

Buell), 115 Ely Place, Madison, Wis. 

Born Phoenix. N.Y., Aug. 10, 1864; dau. Ed- 
mund and Angeline M. (Sweet) Merry; grad. 
Phoenix Acad., '81; Cornel] Univ., '85, B.S. ; 
special student Univ. of Wis. (mem. Kappa Alpha 
Theta); m. Phoenix, N.Y., June 12, 1890, Charles 
Edwin Buell; children: Pauline. Mary Van 
Rensselaer, Helen de Yoe, Martha Merry. Pres. 
Wis. Fed. of Women's (31ubs, 1906-08; especial 
interest is in the Home Economics Dep't. 
Against woman suffrage. CJongregatlonalist. 
BUERGER, Mary Bowles (Mrs. Franz G. E. 

Buerger), 811 W. Eighteenth SU, Santa Ana, 


Teacher of modem lang^uages; b. Ottawa, Kan., 
Jan. 19, 1869; dau. Theodore C. and Mary E. 
(Pettlt) Bowles; ed. high school, Ottawa, Kan.; 
Washburn Coll., Topeka, Kan.; Weilesley Coll., 
B.S. '94; m. Kansas City, Mo., June 21, 1900, 
Franz G. E. Buerger; children: Franz B., Max 
B., WUhelm Kiellng. Mem. ot First Congrega- 
tional Church of Kansas City, Mo. Treas. Kan- 
sas City Branch of Collegiate AJumnsa, 1897-1900; 
mem. various clubs and Am. Woman's Republic, 
St. Louis, Mo. Favors woman suffrage. Con- 

BUFFINGTON, Adallne Allston, 26 Grove St., 

Madison, NJ. 

Social worker; b. Alleghany Arsenal, Pitts- 
burgh, Pa. ; dau. Gen. Adalbert Rlnaldo and 
Eliza Allston (White) Bufflngton; grad. Vassar 
Coll., A.B. '01; graduate student, 1902-03, A.M. 
'05. Visitor Newark (N.J.) Bureau of Associated 
Charities, 1906-07; visitor and social worker, 
Madison, N.J., 1908-12; sec. Associated CJharitles, 
Lansing, Mich., since 1912. 
BUFOKD, Rli7.»brth Burgpsn fMrs. Elbrldpe G. 

Buford). Buford Coll., Naahvlll«. Tenn. 

Boru Tenn., 1860; dau. J. J. H. and Elizabeth 
R. (Chambllss) Burgess; grad. the Athenaeum, 
Columbia, Tenn., A.B.; special studies in music 
and language; m. Clarksvllle, Tenn., 1882, El- 
bridge G. Buford. Taught in various prominent 
Southern schools. Pounder and now regent of 
Buford Coll., Nashvlll«. Mem. United Daugfrters 
ot Confederacy. 



BUGBEi:, Marion 1,., 17 Merrimac St., Con- 
cord, N.H. 

Pnysician; b. Hartford, Vt., Sept. 2, 1871; dau. 
Jonathan and Ellen (Lewis) Bugbee; ed. Tilton 
(N.H.) Sem. ; grad. Woman's Med. Coll. of N.Y. 
Infirmary for Women and Children, M.D. '97, 
followed by post-graduate and clinical study at 
N y. Post-Graduate School and Hospital, N.Y. 
City. Began professional practice at White 
River, Vt., in 189S; since 1907 physician in charge 
of the New Hampshire Memorial Hospital for 
Women and Children. Mem. Am. Medical Ass'n, 
New Hampshire Med. Soc., White River Med. 
fcoc, etc. 
BUGG, LeUa Hardin, Wichita, Kan. 

Author; b. Ironton, Mo.; ed. in the Ursuline 
Acad, at Arcadia, Mo., followed by special stu- 
dies under private tutition, a course in Trinity 
Coll., Washington, D.C., and European travel. 
Author: Correct English; The Correct Thing for 
Catholics; The Lady— Manners and Social Usages; 
Orchids (novel); People of Our Parish; The 
Prodigal's Daughter; Little Book of Wisdom. 
BUHREB, Margnierite I'aterson (Mrs. Stephen 

Buhrer), 4606 Franklin Av., Cleveland, Ohio. 

Born N.Y. City, May 1, 1868; dau. William and 
Anna (Marshall) Paterson; ed. Cleveland public 
schools; m. Cleveland, Mar. 29, 1890, Stephen 
Buhrer. Chairman Legislative Com. for Congress 
of Mothers, working for the Mothers' Pension 
Bill for the SUte of Ohio. Pres. Home Mission- 
ary Soc; pre«. Cleveland Congress of Mothers; 
pres. Cleveland Council of Women; State pres. 
Housewives' League of America. Mem. Cleveland 
Literary Guild, Cleveland Emerson Class, Health 
Protective Ass'n; patriotic instructor Woman's 
Relief Corps G.A.R. Methodist. Favors woman 
suffrage; mem. State Central Com., chairman of 
ward; chairman Enrollment State Com.; pres. 
Equal Pi-anchise Soc. Independent (progressive) 
in iMDlltics. 
BULKLEY, Mary Ezit, 5906 Clemens Av., St. 

Louis, Mo. 

Bookbinder; dau. P. C. and Mary (Moody) 
Bulkley; ed. St. Louis High School; School of 
Fine Arts; N.Y. Metropolitan School of Art, 
Cooper Union, Strikeman's Bindery. Mem. 
Neighborhood Ass'n (settlement), Civic League; 
chairman of Com. on Industrial Condition of 
Central Council of Social Agencies; chairman 
Propaganda Com. of Mo. Equal Suffrage League. 
Favors woman suffrage. Mem. Artists' Guild, 
Players' Club, Wednesday Club, Town Club. 
BULL, Cornelia Wilcox (Mrs. Henry Adsit 

Bull), 80 Rumsey Road, Buffalo, N.Y. 

Born Buffalo, N.Y., Nov. 4, 1880; dau. Ansley 
and Cornelia C. (Rumsey) Wilcox; ed. private 
school in Buffalo and Rosemary Hall (boarding 
school); m. Buffalo, 1901, Henry Adsit Bull; 
children: Katherine, Henry Adsit Jr., Marian. 
Interested in various philanthropic societies and 
in all that pertains to primary education; founder 
of the Park School, an open-air institute, aiming 
to provide ideal physical, mental and spiritual 
conditions for the education of children under 14 
(now pres. board of trustees). Favors woman 
suffrage. Author of pamphlet on the new ideals 
of primary education, entitled As Little Children, 
and poems publisher in magazines. Mem. Con- 
sumers' League and of board of managers of 
Watson House (Settlement). 
BULL, EUzabeih A., 200 W. Ninety-ninth St., 

N.Y. City. 

Born Indianapolis, " Ind. ; dau. George P. and 
Harriet (Morris) Anderson; ed. Indianapolis, Ind.; 
m. Indianapolis, June 24, 1873; children: Ethel 
B., b. April 17, 1879: George S., b. Feb. 17. 1879. 
Mem. Daughters of Indiana (charter mem.). Fa- 
vors woman suffrage. Mem. New Thought 
BULL, Mary Louisa, Lindon Hills, Rural Route 

No. 2, Minneapolis, Minn. 

Instructor in home economies; b. Edina, Minn., 
April 4, 1863; dau. James A. and Mary E. (Com- 
stock) Bull; ed. country school; Minneapolis 
graded School of Agriculture, St. Paul, Minn.; 
BellevUle Acad., N.Y. (hon. mem. Phi Upsilon 
Omicron). Taught country school three years; 
assistant instructor Domestic Science Dep't, 
School of Agriculture of Minn., 14 years; Farm- 

ers' Inst, home economics dep't extension di- 
vision, Minn. Favors woman suffrage. Author 
of bulletin on Domestic Science in Rural School; 
articles for papers and home economics bulletins. 
Mem. Grange, Minn. Branch of Internal. Farm 
Woman's Press Ass'n. 
BULL, Sally Franklin Wainwright (Mrs. Henry 

Tilghman Bull), Fort Riley, Kan. 

Born Washington, D.C., July 1, 1882; dau. 
Dallas Bache and Rosa Gertrude (Kendig) Wain- 
wright; ed. public schools of Washington, D.C.; 
m. Washington. D.C., April 5, 1904, Henry Tilgh- 
man Bull, U.S.A.; one daughter: Elizabeth Wain- 
wright. Favors woman suffrage. 
BULLABD, Carrie — see Lewis, Carrie Bullard. 
BULLIS, Jeannette, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Educator; b. Charleston, N.Y., June 21, 1876; 
dau. S. Francis and Jennie Woods Bullis; grad. 
Teachers' Coll., Columbia Univ., '06. Made in- 
vestigations of trade conditions in N.Y. and 
Cleveland, organized trade schools. Pres. Co- 
operative Employment Bureau. Author of mag- 
azine articles on Vocational and Trade Training. 
Mem. Saturday Evening Club (civic). Episco- 

BULLITT, Margaret Emmons (Mrs. J'ames Fry 
Bullitt), Ridgeway, 2220 Chestnut St., Harris- 
burg, Pa. 

Born St. Louis, Mo. ; dau. George B. and Mar- 
tha Jane (Davis) Emmons; ed. Mary Inst., St. 
Louis, Mo. ; the Misses Masters' School, EKjbbs 
Ferry, N.Y., and St. Louis Normal Sahool. Kin- 
dergarten director; m. Boston, 1897, Rev. James 
Fry Bullitt; children: Martha Davis, Margaret 
Emmons, Priscilla Christian, Janet Laughorne. 
Taught two years in Philadelphia. Had special 
training as teacher of the primary Sunday-school 
under Miss Mabel Wilson of St. Louis and has 
started ten different classes for little children 
with this system in Pennsylvania and Massa- 
chusetts during the last seventeen years. Au- 
thor: The Story of the Christ. Episcopalian. 
Recreations: Reading, sewing, swimming, auto- 
mobiling. Mem. Harrisburg Civic Club, Harris- 
burg Country Club. 

BULLOCK, Florence Gertrude, 74 HarrU Av., 
Woonsocket, R.I. 

Born Woonsocket, R.I., Sept. 22, 1875; dau. 
Richmond and Gertrude (Cook) Bullock; ed. 
Woonsocket High School and Woodside Sem., 
Hartford, Conn. Regent Woonsocket Chapter 
D.A.R. ; primary sup't Universalist Sunday- 
school; treas. Woonsocket Day Nursery and 
Children's Home; State pres. Woman's Univer- 
salist Missionary Ass'n of R.I.; mem. Board, 
Woonsocket Fortnightly Club; mem. Woonsocket 
Mission Circle, D.A.R., Cumberland Gulf Club, 
Winnesuket Golf Club. 

BULLOCK, Helena M. C. (Mrs. Charles J. Bul- 
lock), 183 Brattle St., Cambridge, Mass. 
Born Middlebury, Vt., Jan. 4, 1872; dau. Clin- 
ton and Alice M. (White) Smith; ed. Syracuse 
Univ. (mem. Alpha Phi); m. June 22, 1895, 
Charles J. Bullock; one daughter: Grace Helena, 
b. Sept. 4, 1903. Mem. Boston Browning Soc. ; 
treas. Women's Aid Ass'n of Cambridge Hos- 
pital; ass't sup't of Primary Dep't of Sunday- 
school of First Congregational Church. Mem. 
Exec. Com. of Cambridge Branch of Ass'n Op- 
posed to Further Extension of Suffrage to 
Women. Supporting mem. Visiting Nurses' 
Ass'n, Anti-Tuberculosis Ass'n, Avon Home for 
Children, Aged People's Home. Congregational- 
ist. Mem. Syracuse AlumnEe, Boston Alumnae 
Chapter of Alpha Phi. Mem. Boston College 

BULSON, Florence J. (Mrs. A. B. Bulson), 1004 

Francis St., Jackson, Mich. 

Born Paw Paw, Mich., 1858; dau. O. A. and 
Ermina (Rogers) Breck; ed. Paw Paw High 
School and Mich. Normal Coll.; m. Dec. 11, 1878, 
Dr. A. E. Bulson; children: Florence A., Glenn 
Allen, Agnes Erminie. Taught school two years; 
editor Mich. Club Bulletin; sup't primary dep't 
of Sunday-school 12 years. Served as sec. and 
director of Mich. Federation of Woman's Clubs, 
two years each; chairman of various standing 
committees 16 years; designed state badge (pin) 



vmtA by same organization. Mem. Tourist Club, 
Jackson Literary and Art Ass'n. Recreations: 
Walking, rowing, swimming, dancing and mo- 
toring. Mem. D.A.R. Baptist. Mem. Jackson 
Equal Suffrage Ass'n. 

BUMPUS, Marie Louise (Mrs. Everett C Bum- 
pus), Quincy, Mass., and 179 GofEe St. and 
FaJlowfields, Windsor, Mass. 
Art lecturer; b. Canandaigua, N.Y. ; dau. John 
Stevens and Anna Maria (Upham) Bates; ed. pri- 
Tate school in Canandaigua, N.V. ; one year at 
Packer Collegiate Inst., later grad. Yale School 
of Fine Arts, then studied in Paris with Bou- 
guereau; m. N.Y. City, April" 23, 1889, Judge 
EJverett C. Bumpas, of Boston, Mass.; children: 
Morris Everett, b. April 10, 1890; Foster Cush- 
man, b. May 2, 1892. Was resident art teacher 
at Smith Coll., Northampton, Mass., 1884-88. 
Translated for the Grolier Co., N.Y. : Jean et 
Jeanette, by Th6ophile Gautier; Paul Bornflt's 
Pastels de Femmes, also miscellaneous magazine 
articlea. Episcopalian. Mem. Mass. Soc. Colonial 
Dames of America, Mass. Soc. Daughters of 
Colonial Governors, Copley Soc. (art), Quincy 
Woman's Club. 

BUMSTEAD, Anna Holt (Mrs. Horace Bum- 
stead), 91 St. Paul St., Brookllno. Mass. 
Born North Conway, N.H., Oct 22, 1848; dau. 
Albert Gallatin and Susan Ann (Hanson) Hoit: 
ed. public and private schools in North Conway 
and Hanover, N.H., and Castleton, Vt. ; m. North 
Conway, N.H., Jan. 9, 1872, Rev. Horace Bum- 
stead; children: Arthur, All>ert, Ralph, Richard, 
Dorothy. Actively interested for many years in 
the educational advancement of colored people. 
Favors woman suffrage. CongregationalisL After 
marriage lived first in Minneapolis, where her 
husband was pastor of the Second Congregational 
Church; then for many years in Atlanta, Ga., 
where he was pres. of Atlanta Univ. ; served as 
Northern sec. of Atlanta Univ., 1894-1905, with 
special reference to the financial interests; trav- 
eled in Europe, 1905-06, and since her husband's 
retirement, 1907, has lived in Brookllne, Mass. 

BUNGE, Sarah Emily Wheeler (Mrs. George 
William Bunge), 417 S. Fourteenth St., La 
Crosse, Wis. 

Born Wisconsin; grad. Rockford Coll., B.A. 
'98; m. George William Bunge (lawyer); three 
children (one deceased). Congregationalist; ac- 
tive in miosionary and. social work. Mem. 
Alumnas Ass'n of Rockford Coll.; treas. local 
council D.A.R. Mem. Homer Club. 

BUNKER, Annie Jerina EUers (Mrs. D. A. 

Bunker), Seoul, Korea. 

Medical missionary; grad. Rockford (111.) Coll., 
A.B. '81; Training School for Nurses of Boston 
(Mass.) City Hospital, '84, and afterward studied 
medicine; m. Seoul, Korea, 188'?, Rev. D. A. 
Bunker (of the Royal College). Sent by Presby- 
terian Board of Missions to work as medical 
missionary among the women of Korea, 1884. 
Soon became the "friend and confidant of the 
Queen and was her medical attendant until the 
tragic murder of the Queen in 1885. Active in 
educational, missionary and medical work in 
Korea; has three times visited the United States 
since becoming a missionary. " 

BUNKEB, Daisy Davenport Bryan (Mrs. 

Charles Bunker), Manila, P.L 

Born Savannah, Ga., Jan. 4, 1879; dau. John M. 
and Susannah (Davenport) Bryan; ed. Edeghlll, 
Va.; Miss Gary's School, BaJtimore, Md. ; m. 
Savannah, Ga., April 29, 1903, Capt. Charles 
Bunker, U.S. Army. Favors woman suffrage. 
Episcopalian. Democrat. Mem. D.A.R. 

BUNKEB, Elizabeth Johnson (Mrs. Francis 

Marlon Bunker), Woodstock, 111. 

Bom Woodstock, 111., June 28, 1855; dau. Ot-vIs 
Samuel and Elsther (Powers) Johnson; ed. Wood- 
stock High School; m. Woodstock, 111., June 28, 
1876, Francis Marlon Bunker; children: (Jeorge 
Tracy, Blanche Caroline, Park Johnson, Alice 
Martha, Eugene Frances, Donald Columbus. 
Unlversallst Recreation: Traveling. Pres. Wo- 
mao'a Olnb; mem. Ohaotaaqsa and other literary 

BUXKEB, Marl« BewUsd, Orertn-ook, Pbila- 

delphla. Pa. 

Literary assistant; b. Philadelphia; dau. Will- 
iam Benton and Camille Lewees (Rowland) 
Bunker; ed. Philadelphia High School; received 
scholarship to Bryn Mawr Coll., grad. A.B. '07; 
A.M. '08; grad. student, 1907-10. Taught English, 
French and German in Philadelphia High School, 
1910-12. Now private literary ass't to Dr. J. B. 
Esenweln, editor of Lippincott's Magazine, and 
author of many books on fiction writing, etc. 

BUNTING, Florence M., 5 Stratford Road, Win- 
chester, Mass. 

Bom Chelsea, Mass., Jan. 26, 1875; dan. James 
F. and Carrie M. (Nickles) Bunting; ed. Chelsea 
High School, '98; Wellesley, B.A. '02. Treae. and 
mem. board of directors of Junior Charity Club 
of Boston sinte It foundation in 1904; mem- 
Winchester Fortnightly Club (served on Art 
Com., 1910-11); treas. Guild of St. Cross of the 
Church of the Epiphany, 1903-04; treas. of nearly 
all the large annual events (bazaars and plays) 
given by the Junior Charity Club in Boston tor 
the Woman's Charity Club Hospital in Roibury. 
Furnished and named a room at the Woman's 
Charity Ciub Hospital, Roxbury, for the Junior 
Charity Club; mem. Drama League of Boston. 
Favors woman suffrage ; mem. Winchester Equal 
Suffrage League. Episcopalian. 

BUNTING, Martha, The Newport, Spruce and 

Sixteenth Sts., Philadelphia, Pa. 

Scientific research; b. Philadelphia, Dec. 2, 
1861; dau. Samuel and Susan Lloyd (Andrews) 
Bunting; ed. Swarthmore Coll., B.L. '81; Univ. of 
Pa., 1888-91; Bryn Mawr, 1891-93, Ph.D. ^93; 
Wood's Hole, Mass., 1892, 1893, 1899; 0>lumbia, 
1898-99. Instructor biology, Goucher Coll., 1893- 
97; head teacher biology. Girls' High School, 
Philadelphia, 1897-98; assistant teacher biology, 
Wadleigh High School, N.Y. City, 1900-12; Car- 
negie research assistant to Dr. Edward Tyson 
Reiehert; professor of physiology, Univ. of P^, 
1912- , and associate of Carnegie Institution. 
Author: Origin o£ Sex Cells In Hydractinia and 
Podocoryne, with Development of Hydractinia; 
Significance of the Oboliths for the Geotroplc 
Functions of Astacus; Structure of the Cork 
Tissues in Roots of Some Rosaceous Genera. 
Mem. A.A.A.S., Ass'n Ck>llegiate Alumnse, 
Somerville Literary Soc. (Swarthmore), Alumnae 
Socs. of Swarthmore and Bryn Mawr, College 
Club (Philadelphia), Good Government Club 
(Philadelphia). Against woman suffrage. Mem. 
Dutch Reformed Church. 
BUNZL, Carrie Elizabeth Gobl^ 165 West 75th 

St., N.Y. City. 

Born Orange Co., N.Y., Nov. 6, 1865; dau. 
Nathan and Mary Caroline (Duryea) Goble; grad. 
Normal Coll., N.Y. City, with honorable men- 
tion, '85 (mem; Graduate Club); m. Nov. 6, 1888, 
Ernest Bunzl; children: Regina Carolyn Bunzl 
White, Ernest Everett. Critic teacher. Normal 
Coll., N.Y. City. Treas. Chapin Home for the 
Aged and Infirm; vice-pres. Unlversallst 
Women's Alliance; director City Federation 
Hotel for Working Girls; treas. Graduate Club 
of Normal Coll.; representative of Asso. Alumnae 
of Normal Coll; cor. sec. Woman's Republican 
Ass'n, N.Y. City; treas. Woman's Republican 
Ass'n of State of N.Y.; mem. D.A.R., Child 
Welfare Com., Woman's Titanic Memorial Com. 
Unlversallst (Church of the Divine Paternity). 
Recreations: Sailing, motoring. 

BUBBEBBY, Martha Dashiell (Mrs. F. a Bur- 
berry, Indlanola, Iowa, 

Born Hartford, la., Jan. 15, 1865; dau. Mark A. 
and Louisiana (Noble) Dashiell; ed. Simpson 
Coll., Indianola, la. (mem. Pi Betl Phi); m. In- 
dlanola, la., June 28, 1893, F. S. Burberry. Ac- 
tive in church, Sunday school and choir work. 
Chairman of social com. of Woman's Club. Sec. 
local board of Iowa Children's Home. Active in 
social duties and philanthropies as carried on 
through the home and State federated clubs. 
Presbyterian. Mem. P.E.O. Soc. Recreations: 
Walking, motoring, physical culture exercises, 
Informal society aCTairs. Clubs: Shakespeare, 
Woman'*, Thimble, Musical OuUd. 



BURCHAKD, ABee Webb, Wllmette, 111. 

High Bchool instructor; b. St Ijouis, Mo., 
1875; dau. Mortimer N. and Liouise (Webb) 
Burchard; ed. Chicago public schools; Gushing 
Acad., Ashburnham, Mass.; Wellesley Coll., 
B.A. '37; Northwestern Univ., 1S98-99; mem. 
Delta Gamma. Taught two years at Chicago 
Heights High School; teacher of English at New 
Trier Township High School, Kenilworth, 111., 
from 1901. Favors woman suffrage. Episco- 
palian. Mem. D.A.R., Audubon Soc, Nat. Edu- 
cational Ass'n, Chicago Wellesley Club. Recrea- 
tions: Reading, theatre, leptures, traveling. 
BUBDKTT, Elizabeth Terry Whit© (Mrs. Owen 

Longr Burdett), 620 W. 115th St., N.T. City. 

Born San Francisco, Cal. ; dau. James Terry 
and Florence C. (Derby) White; ed. in schools 
ot N.Y. City and Vassar Coll., A.B. '01; m. 
Dec. 26, 1908, Owen Long Burdett; one daughter. 
SetUement work in N.Y. City, 1904-05 and 1907- 
08, and In Jersey City, N.J., 1905-07. 
BUBDETTE, Clara Bradley (Mrs. Robert J. 

Burdett©), 891 Orange Grove Boulevard, 

Born East Bloomfield, N.Y., July 22, 1855'; dau. 
Albert Harvey and Laura Orinda (Coville) Brad- 
ley; ed. public and high schools, Syracuse, N.Y. ; 
Syracuse Univ., B.S. '76; mem. Alpha Phi; m. 
(1st) Syracuse, N.Y., July 24, 1878, N. Milman 
Wheeler (prof. Greek, Lawrence Univ.; died Dec. 
6, 1886); m. (2d) Los Angeles, Cal., June 4, 1890, 
Col. Presley C. Baker (C.S.A. ; died Sept. 5, 
1893); m. (3d) Mar. 25, 1899, Robert J. Burdette 
(well-known humorist and lecturer and pastor, 
1303-03, of the Temple Baptist Church of Los 
Angeles, Cal.; one son: Roy Bradley Wheeler, 
b. Sept. 27, 1882, and a stepson, Robert J. Bur- 
dette, Jr. Preceptress in private school for girls, 
1876- '78; removed to Wisconsin and later to Cali- 
fornia. Founded the Woman's Exchange In Los 
Angeles; one of the organizers of the Chautau- 
qua movement in Cal. ; trustee Throop Poly- 
technic Inst., Pasadena, Cal.; mem. Hospital 
Board of Pasadena Hospital, to which she gave a 
maternity wing in 1904; one of founders and in- 
corporators of the Southwest Museum of Los 
Angeles; mem. Associated Charities. Presby- 
terian; but was active in duties as wife of the 
pastor of a large Baptist congregation and was 
an incorporator and first vice-pres. and chair- 
man of the Finance Committee of the Auditorium 
Company, which built, at a cost of $625,000, build- 
ing in which that congregation worships. Has 
made frequent addresses; contributor to maga- 
zines and newspapers. Author: The Rainbow and 
the Pot of Gold, and other booklets. Mem. 
D.A.R., organized and was first regent of Pasa- 
dena Chapter; mem. Am. Social Science Ass'n, 
Archffiological Inst, of Am., Nat, Geographic Soc. 
Charter mem. EJbell Club of Los Angeles (pres. 
1897-1900) and erected Its clubhouse; organized the 
women's clubs of California In 1900 into the 
Cal. State Fed. of Women's Clubs (pres. 1900-02); 
vlce-pres. (j«n. Fed. of Women's Clubs, 1902-04. 
Mem. Friday Morning Club, Badger Club (Los 
Angeles) ; Shakespeare Club (Pasadena). 

BUKGAET, Laverdit Adelia, 1506 Eleventh St., 
AJtoona, Pa- 
Born Altoona, Pa., July 9, 1883; dau. Joseph 
and Mary A. Burgart; grad. Altoona High 
School (first honors); Bucknell Univ., A.B. and 
A.M. Sunday-school teacher and ofldcer in va- 
rious church societies; active in Y.W.C.A. work. 
Favors woman suffrage. Episcopalian. Socialist. 
Recreations: Tennis, walking, gymxiasium work. 
BUBGESS, Frances Elinor (Mrs. Walter Bur- 
gess), 68 Commonwealth Av., Boston, Mass. 
Born Boston, June 21, 1857; dau. David Rice 
and Sophia Paine (Dunn) Whitney; ed. Miss 
Hall's private school; m. May 18, 1876, Walter 
Burgess; one daughter: Mabel Whitney (Mrs. 
William de Forest Thomson). Interested in study 
and collection of antique objects of art Against 
woman suffrage. Clubs: Cavendish whist, mod- 
ern whist. 

BUBGESS, Ida J., 77 Irving Place, N.T. City; 
summer, Woodstock, Ulster Co., N.Y. 
Painter, writer; b. Chicago, 111.; dau. William 
T. and Ophelia (Crosby) Biirgess; ed. Art Stu- 

dents' League, N.Y. City; pupQ of L. 0. Mersoo, 
Paris, 1883-85, picture exhibited at Salon, 1885, 
prize at Chicago World's Fair, 1893. Painted the 
decoration of woman's reception room. 111. State 
Building, World's Columbian Exposition, 1893, 
vrith mural paintings, symbolic of Progress and 
Woman's Occupations; the decoration of Orington 
Lunt Library, Evanston, 111., 1896, symbolic 
mural panels and many designs for stained glass. 
Has exhibited paintings in all the principal exhi- 
bitions of America; maKes specialty of work in 
mural decoration and stained glass, but has 
painted portraits and genre subjects; more recent 
work is in portraits in stained glass. Author of 
magazine articles on stained glass, country 
homes and interior furnishing for American 
Homes and Gardens, 1912-13; in preparation: The 
Stained Glass of Italy, with illustrations in color 
made from the old windows in many cathedrals 
and churches in Italy. Mem. Woman's Art Club 
(N.Y. City), Chicago Soc. of Artists, Pen and 
Brush Club, N.Y. City. Recreations: Gardening, 
foreign travel. Baptist. Favors woman suffrage; 
mem. Political Equality Ass'n; takes part in 
BUKGESS, Rosamond Tudor (Mrs. W. Starling 

Burgess), Marblehead, Mass. 

Artist; b. Buzzards Bay, Mass., June 20, 1878; 
dau. Frederic and Louise (Simes) Tudor; ed. 
private schools; School Museum of Fine Arts, 
Boston, under Benson and Tarbell; m. (1st) Bos- 
ton, Oct 9, 1899, A. H. Higginson; (2d) Marble- 
head, Mass., Oct 13, 1904, W. Starling Burgess; 
children: Henry Lee Higginson 2d, Edward, 
Frederic Tudor. Against woman suffrage. 
BUBGESS, Buth Payne Jewett (Mrs. John W. 

Burgess), Athenwood, Newport, R.I. 

Artist; b. Montpelier, Vt. ; dau. Col. Elisha 
Payne and Julia K. (Field) Jewett; ed. Bumham 
School, Northampton, Mass. ; m. Sept. 2, 1885, 
Prof. John W. Burgess; one son: Elisha Payne 
Jewett Burgess. Portrait painter; ex-pres. Art 
Students' League; ex-pres. Woman's Art Club of 
N.Y. Painted portrait of Prince August William 
of Prussia, President Butler of Columbia Univ., 
Hon. A. B. Hepburn, Hon. George A. Plimpton, 
Prof. March, Admiral Charles E. Clark, etc. 
Mem. Barnard Club, Art Workers' Club for Wo- 
men, patron of Metropolitan Museum of Art. 
BUEGOYNE, Ina Forrest Davis (Mrs. Stephen 

Hunt Burgoyne), Great Neck, L.I. 

Born Middletown, 0.; dau. Nelson Austin and 
Joana (Pendergast) Davis; ed. Northampton 
(Mass.) High School, Smith Coll. A.B.; m. N.Y. 
Oct. 26, 1909, Stephen Hunt Burgoyne (great 
grandson of General Burgoyne of Revolutionary 
fame). Lives in N.Y. City, Florence, Mass., and 
Great Neck, L.I. Interested in several charit- 
able and social activities in Northampton, Great 
Neck, L.I., and N.Y. City. Against woman suf- 
frage. Episcopalian. Mem. D.A.R., Smith Coll. 
Alumnae, Western Mass. Coll. Club, Hospital Aid 
Ass'n. Recreation; traveling. 
BUBKE, Annie J. Ferguson (Mrs. W. R. 

Burke), 311 Falmerston Boulevard, Toronto, 


Bom Cookstown, Ont., Can.; dau. late Isaac 
Ferguson and granddaughter Lieut.-Col. Ogle R. 
Gowan, M.P. ; ed. Bishop Strachan School, To- 
ronto; m. 1896, W.R. Burke, a distinguished civil 
engineer (died 1897), only son of the Rev. Canon 
Burke of Belleville, Ont Interested In politics 
and identified with various religious and social 
philanthropic activities. 
BUBKE, Asenath Danforth Spalding; (Mrs. 

Charles Horace Burke), Nashua, South End, 


Born Merrimac, N.H., June 26, 1856; dau. Hosea 
Ballou and Dorcas (Marshall) Spalding; ed. pub- 
lic schools, Nashua, N.H., 1874; m. Nashua, 
N.H., Sept 7, 1876, Charles Horace Burke; one 
daughter: Tena (Mrs. Paul A. Weldon), of Cam- 
bridge, Mass. Interested in the International 
Bible Students' organization. Against woman 
suffrage. Unsectarlan. 
BURKE, Billle (Ethel Burke), Empire Theatre, 

N.Y. City. 

Actress; b. Washington, D.C., Aug. 7, 1886; 
dau. William E. and Blanch« Burke (boti 


actors): ed. In schools In London, and studied BURLEIGH, Gertrude Florenij*, M Brtmont 

singing and languages in France. First pro- Av., Springfield, Mass. ,„ . ^ _ 

fesslonal appearance was as a singer In the Teacher, social worlcer: b. Munich, Germany; 

Pavilion Music Hall, London; later on regular ed. In schools of Springfield, Mass., and Vaasar 

stage In pantomime Beauty and the Beast at Coll., B.A. '01. Teacher In Greenwich (Conn.) 

Glasgow, Scotland, followed by a season or two High School, 1901-02; Hosmer Hall. St. Louis, 

in the English provinces. Then appeared In Mo., 1902-05; district sec. Associated Charities, 

London as Mamie Rockefeller in The School Boston, 1906-09. 

Girl, 1902; later at the Lyric Theatre, London, as BURLEIGH, May Halsey Miller (Mr«. Cecil Bur- 

Llzette In The Duchess of Dantzlc; In The Blue lelgrh). 709 Cortelyou Road, Brooklyn, N.T. 

Moon. 1905; The Belle of Mayfair, 1906; then writer; b. Brooklyn, N.Y., July 2, 1865; dau. 

leading woman to Charles Hawtrey In Mr. pavid H. and Sarah Elizabeth (Halsey) Miller; 

George, and later as Stella, principal part in ^^ ^t home; m. Brooklyn, N.Y., Oct. 25. 1900, 

Mrs. Ponderbury's Past; came to N.Y., opening cecll Burleigh; one son: Richard Cecil. Author: 

Sept. 7, 1907, with John Drew as Beatrice Dupre, Raoul and Iron Hand, or Winning His Golden 

leading r61e In My Wife; later starred In Love gpurs; The Maid of Bocasse; also boys' serial 

Watches, at Lyceum Theatre, N.Y. City, 1908; gtories, short fiction stories, essays on literary 

In Mrs. Dot, 1910; in The Runaway at the subjects, book reviews, papers on social and 

Lyceum in 1911, and In season of 1912-13 In The gjyjg economics, etc. Mem. N.Y. Woman's Press 

Mind the Paint Girl, at the Lyceum Theatre ci^t,. Writer's Club of Brooklyn, Manhattan Sln- 

N.Y. City. gle Tax Club, Brooklyn Woman's Single Tax 

»TTi>T7-i^ M ^..i^ino Tf^^^t t Ti/i rt, TTHwnrH P Club. Before marriage lectured on French his- 

Valley, Ma. 

Bom Hyde Park, N.Y.; dau. Charles Robert BURLINGAME, Harriet Grace Boyd (Mrs. Will - 

and Harriet Tisdale (Chandler) Forrest; ed. Miss lam Burllngame), 46 Main St., Exeter, N.H. 
Porter's School, Farmington, Conn.; m. Hart- Bom Providence, R.L, Sept. 4, 1852; dau. Col- 
ford, Conn., Jan. 9, 1901, Edward F. Burke; chll- vllle Dana and Harriet Maria (Campbell) Boyd 
dren: Randolph Forrest, Edward Wlnslow, Made- (three of ancestors were founders of R.I.); ed. In 
lelne Forrest. Providence and in Mass.; m. Providence, Aug. 22, 
nTmn-ii' iw<>.ri»n 1111 TTmerson «?t Palo Alto ^877, William BurUngame; two sons and two 
BURKE, Marion, 1111 Emerson St.. Palo Alto, ^^^^^^^^.g Resident of Exeter, N.H., since mar- 

V.? , , I. TIT .i_ T .^ 4« «»t.n^i<. «/ riage. Has been grand matron of the Order of 

Physician; b. Waveriy Iowa; ed in schools of jj^/ St^r „f N.H.; prea. N.H. Fed. of 

Evanston, 111. grad Vassar Coll. A.B (Phi ^^^j^^.g ciube, now pres. Home Missionary 

BeU Kappa) 81= Woman s Med. Coll. of the Speaker on historical and soclo- 

N.Y. Infirmary, M.D. 95. Engaged In teaching yy. ouhlectB Pres Current Events Club of 

after graduation from Vassar until entering upon l^^ai subjects ^- ^p^/^'-^Xr^^fub Vi^st^ 

medica course, upon completion of which en- ^ charitable organizations; mem. Soc. 

gaged m practice of medicine in California. ^j Colonial Dames of N.H. Congregatlonaltet. 

BURKE, Myra Webster (Mrs. Edmund Whit- bUBUNGAME, Lillian M., 79 Hancock St., 

ney Burke), 2016 Adams St., Chicago, 111. Brooklyn N.Y. 

Bom in New Jersey, Mar. 11, 1847; dau. Will- Physician; b. Brooklyn; dau. Alvah W. and 

lam Varnum and Ann Beauglass (Earley) Web- Angelina (Chichester) Burllngame; ed. Packer 

Bter; grad. Rockford (111.) Sem. (now college), q^jj j^g^^ Brooklyn, N.Y. Med. Coll. and Hos- 

'66; m. Rocfeford, 111., Dec. 5, 1878, Edmund pj^^j jo^ Women, M.D. (honors, senior prize in 

Whitney Burke (lawyer, who has served as Judge gurgery); mem. Alumnss Ass'n of N.Y. Med. 

of the Circuit and Appellate Courts of 111., and q^ij ^^^ Hosp. for Women. Visiting physician 

as dean of the Chicago-Kent Coll. of Law); ^y. Med. Coll. and Hospital Dispensary; Me- 

chlldren: Harold Webster, b. May 10, 1881; mortal Dispensary for Women; Eastern District 

Frank Haney, b. May 22, 1884. Was teacher of Hospital Dispensary; lecturer in gynecology, 

water-color painting and one year teacher of j^j y. Med. CoU. and Hospital for Women. Mem. 

German in Rockford Sem. before marriage; since Women's Med. Club of N.Y.; Soc. of New Eng- 

then resident of Chicago. Has traveled exten- j^jj^ Women. Favors woman suffrage, 

slvely in U.S. and Europe. Mem. Methodist „.,„.^,^„ ,, ^ . .. /„ ti tj -d .% 

Episcopal Church; active in Sunday-school; mem. »Fe*?^^7^'.,***'^, Q»>ck <MrB. H. B. Burnet), 

Woman's Foreign Missionary Soc. of M.E. 1864 N. Pennsylvania Av Indianapolis Ind 

Church. Republican. Recreation: ArUst. Mem. Born Columbus. Ind.. Jan. 28, 1863; dau. Spen- 

Weat End Woman's Club cer Record and Katharine (Houser) Quick; ed. 

west iflna woman s k.iud. Purdue Univ.; Indianapolis Art School; m. Dec. 

BURKHABDT, Ethyline Durrant (Mrs. Alfred 25, 1889, H. B. Burnet. Chairman State Art Com. 

Burkhardt), Cofteevllle, Miss. jn' jnd. Fed. of Clubs; chairman art dep't In 

Born Cofteevllle, Miss., Jan. 19, 1884; dau. Woman's Dep't Club. Mem. Children's Aid Ass'n 

Horace W. and Frances (Miller) Durrant; ed. Board; pres. Missionary Soc., Smoke Abatement 

Holly Springs, Miss.; Fenelon Hall, M.A., first Ass'n, Indianapolla Art Ass'n. Clubs: Woman's 

honors (Butopian Soc.); m. Coffeeville, Miss., Department, Katharine Merrill, Fortnightly, Wo- 

Oct. 21, 1904, Alfred Burkhardt. Mem. Altar and man's Research. Favors woman suffrage. 

Junior Guild (church work). King's Daughters, _j,„t.tuw™. m™ tvaik^m Hodmon Piandoma 

United Daughters of Confederacy, D.A.R., Fed- ^J^'^^^?^' ""' ^^^ces Hodgrson, Piandome, 

eration of Women's Clubs, Old Ladies' Home T"Tv, i „*i^. v /•xj^™.^,^ n^r^y,..^^,. 

Ass'n. Favors woman suffrage. Episcopalian. ^^^i^^F' S'^^^^i^A^' i? ..^^L^.^^^ii 
Mem. Woodman Circle at Clair Spring, near England. Nov. 24, 1843 ed^ privately; removed 
Coffeeville, Miss. Chairman for town of Coffee- w'tj" Parents toKnoxvllle Tenn^ m (1st) Wash- 
Yille to represent the Musical Symphony Orches- l?.gton. D.C 187^ DnS. M Burnett from whom 
tra Club at Charlestown and Memphis, Thursday she secured a divorce, 1898 ; (2d 1900 Stephen 
Card Club, Woman's Culture Club, Musical Townesend. English surgeon author and p ay- 
Club; pres. Daughters Confederate Veterans' 'fright Professionally engaged as writer since 
Club; sec. Woman's Culture Club; txeas. Musical 1867; fame began w^th That Lass o Lowrle s 
f3_v' which was first published serially in Scribner s 

(now the Century) Magazine. Especially inter- 
BUBKHOLDER, Mabel Grace, Hamilton, Ont. ested in all that pertains to child-welfare. Au- 
Novelist and short-story writer; b. Hamilton, thor: That Lass o' Lowrie'e, 1877; Surly Tim and 
Ont., Mar. 1881; dau. Peter and Annie (Street) Other Stories, 1877; Haworth's, 1879; Louisiana, 
Burkholder; ed. Hamilton CoU. Inst. Well 1880; A Fair Barbarian, 1881; Through One Ad- 
known as traveler in out of the way places, no- ministration, 18S3; Little Lord Fauntleroy, 1886; 
tably northern and northwestern Canada, having Sara Crewe, 1888; Little Saint Elizabeth. 1889; 
been sent out by the new transcontinental rail- The Pretty Sister of Jose, 1896; A Lady of 
ways In search of literary material. Author: Qualrty, 1896; His Grace of Ormonde, 1897; The 
The Course of Impatience Carnlngham (novel), Captain's Youngest, 1898; In Connection with the 
ISIL Methodist. Liberal In pollUca. Mem. De WiUoughby Claim, 1899; The Making of a 
CnTH vfl>».n Women's Press Clnb. Marchioness, 1901; The Little Unfalry Princea*. 



1302; The Shuttle, 1307; The Cosy Lion, 1907; Good 
Wolf, 1908; The Spring Cl-eaning, 1908; The Se- 
cret Garden, 1909; The Dawn of To-Morrow, 
1909; My Robin, 1912. Dramatized Little Lord 
Pauntleroy; also wrote other plays, including: 
The Showman's Daughter; Esmeralda; The First 
Gentleman of iSurope; Editha's Burglar; also 
(in collaboration with Stephen Townesend) Nixie; 
A Lady of Quality. 
BURNETT, Katharine D., Brooklyn, N.T. 

Physican; b. Clyde, Wayne Co., N.Y. ; dau. 
William and Loretta C. (van Tassel) Burnett; 
ed. Clyde High School, St. Lawrence Univ. A.B., 
Woman's Med. Coll. (N.Y.) M.D.; Ecole de 
Medecine, Paris, France (mein. Kappa Kappa 
Gamma). Clubs: Brooklyn Woman's, Portia, 
ChLropean. Mem. Kings County Med. Ass'n. 
Recreation: Travel. Episcopalian. 
BUBNEY, Minnie Melton {Mrs. W. B. Burney>. 
8 University of South Carolina, Columbia, S.C. 
Bom YorkvUle, S.C, Mar. 14, 1860; dau. 
Samuel W. and Mary Helen (Gore) Melton; grad. 
Columbia (S.C.) Coll., B.A. ; special student two 
years at Wellesley Coll.; m. Columbia, S.C, 
Jan. i*, 1883, Dr. W. B. Burney (prof, chemistry, 
Univ. of S.C); children: Addie M., William M., 
Dorothy E. Interested in church societies, Free 
Kindergarten Ass'n, hospital ass'ns, and other 
charitable institutions. Greatly interested in 
favor of woman suffrage. Presbyterian. Demo- 
crat. Mem. D.A.R., United Daughters of Con- 
federacy, ex-regent Columbia Chapter D.A.R.. 
and State registrar of S.C. Pres. City of Fed. 
of Women's Clubs; mem. Gen. Fed. Women's 
Clubs; ex-pres. New Century Club (literary). 
Civic League, Kindergarten Ass'n, Rural School 
Improvement Asa'n; ex-pres. S.C. Fed. Women's 

BUBNHAM, Clara Louise (Mrs. Walter Bum- 
ham), Elms Hotel, E. Fifty-third St., Chicago, 
III.; summer, The Mooring, Bailey Island, Me. 
Author; b. Newton, Mass.; dau. Dr. George 
Frederick and Mary 0. (Woodman) Root; ed. 
Chicago and Boston; m. Walter Burnham, law- 
yer. Her father was the well-known composer 
of the war songs: Battle Cry of Freedom; Tramp, 
Tramp, etc., also composer of cantatas and 
operettas for which she wrote the librettos. Au- 
thor: No Gentlemen; A Sane Lunatic; Dearly 
Bought; Next Door; Young Maids and Old; The 
Mistress of Beach Knoll; Miss Bagg's Secretary; 
Dr. Latimer; Sweet Clover; The Wise Woman; 
Miss Archer, Archer; A Great Love; A West 
Point Wooing; Miss Pritchard's Wedding Trip; 
The Right Princess; Jewel; Jewel's Story Book; 
The Opened Shutters; The Leaven of Love; 
Clever Betsy; The Inner Shrine, etc. Christian 
Scientist. Favors woman suffrage. 
BtRNHAM, Josephine May, 1 Leavltt St., Wel- 
lesley. Mass. 

Teacher; b. Lexington, Miss.; dau. Josiah and 
May E. (Cilley) Burnham; ed. Univ. of Chicago, 
Phi Beta Kappa, 1900, Ph.B. '01; fellow in Eng- 
lish, Yale Univ., 1907-10, Ph.D. '10. Instructor 
in English, Wellesley CoU., 1902-07, 1910-12; as- 
sociate prof, of English, Wellesley Coll., since 
1912. Interested in suffrage, socialism. Favors 
woman suffrage. Author: Concessive Construc- 
tions in Old English Prose; A Brief Inquiry Into 
the Province and Laws of Poetry (privately 
printed). Socialist. Mem. Modern Language 
Ass'n of America, Consumers' League, Phi Beta 
Kappa Society. 

BL'KNHAM, Laura Hunter (Mrs. P. J. Burn- 
ham). Mechanlcsburg, O. 

Bom Mechanicsburg, O., Mar. 25, 1855; dau. 
■Vincent and Sabina (Weber) Hunter; ed. high 
school; Vassar Coll., A.B. '77; m. Mechanicsburg, 
O., Feb. 10, 18S5. P. J. Burnham; children: Vin- 
cent H., John P.; two grandchildren. Was mem. 
of the local school ooard for three years; served 
as sec. of the board for two years; active in the 
religious and social life of the vill ge. Charter 
mem. Order of the Eastern Star (woithy matron 
two years) Chartpr mem. and first vice-pres. 
Women Tourist Club (literary); mem. two social 
clubs. Methodist. 

BURNHAM, Margaret Sherman (Mrs. Daniel 
H. Burnham), Evanston, 111. 
Born Fishklll, N.Y., Nov. 9, 1850; dau. John B. 

and Ophelia (Graham) Sherman; ed. N.Y. State; 
m. Chicago, 111., Jan. 20, li76, Daniel H. Burn- 
ham (distinguished architect; chief architect of 
World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago, etc.; 
died June 1, 1912); children: Ethel B. Wells, b. 
1876; John, b. 1878; Herbert, b. 1884; Margaret R. 
Kelly, Daniel H., b. 1886. 

BURNS, Louisa, The Pacific College of Osteo- 
pathy, Los Angeles, Cal. 

Teacher of physiology; b. Saltillo, Ind. ; dau. 
W. N. and Mary Lois (Littell) Bums; grad. 
Borden (Ind.) Inst., B.S. and M.S.; Pacific CoU. 
of Osteopathy, D.O., D.Sc.O. (mem. Delta 
Omega). Author: Studies in the Osteopathic 
Sciences; Basic Principles; The Nerve Centres; 
The Physiology of Ckinsciousness; various scien- 
tific reports and essays. Christian. Republican. 
Mem. Am. Osteopathic Soc, California Osteo- 
pathic Ass'n, Woman's Faculty Club of Pacific 
Coll. of Osteopathy; since 1902 prof, of physiolgy 
in Pacific Coll. of Osteopathy, Los Angeles. Fa- 
vors woman suffrage. 

BURNS, Lucy, 904 President St., Brooklyn, 

Organizer; b. Brooklyn, N.Y. ; ed. Packer Inst., 
Brooklvn, N.Y., and Vassar Coll., A.B. '02; 
graduate work in Yale Univ., 1902-03; Univ. of 
Berlin, 1906-08; Univ. of Bonn., 1908-09. Teacher 
in Erasmus Hall High School, Brooklyn, 1904-06; 
resided abroad, 1906-12. Favors woman suffrage. 
Organizer of Woman's Social and Political Union 
in Edinburgh, Scotland, 1909-12; residing In Wash- 
ington, D.C, as mem. of Congressional Com- 
mittee, Nat. Am. Woman Suffrage Ass'n, 1913. 

BURNS, Margaret Broad (Mrs. Berend James 

Burns), 105 Fargo Av., Buffalo, N.Y. 

Born Buffalo, N.Y., Dec. 1, 1873; dau. George 
and Agnes (Dempster) Broad; ed. Buffalo public 
and high school; Vassar Coll., A.B. 1896; Teach- 
ers' Training School, Buffalo, '97; m. Buffalo, 
N.Y., Sept. 7, 1901, Berend James Bums; chil- 
dren: Margaret Agnes, Helen Broad, Berend 
James Jr. Teacher Masten High School, 1897-01; 
specialty English. Interested In child study 
(committee work), also manual training in 
schools and in household economics movement. 
Favors woman suffrage. United Presbyterian. 
Pres. Women's Missionary Soc. of First United 
Presbyterian Church of Buffalo, Ass'n of Colle- 
giate Alumnse; pres. Managers' College Creche, 
Buffalo, 1907; mem. Vassar Club, Buffalo. Rec- 
reations: Walking, swimming, rowing, dancing, 
BURPEE, Myra Blanche Walker (Mrs. Homer 

Stanford Burpee), 809 N. Court St., Rockford, 


Born Rockford, 111.; grad. Rockford (111.) Coll., 
B.A. '95; m. Rockford, 111., Homer Stanford 
Burpee (banker) ; one daughter. Episcopalian 
(active In church and Sunday-school work). 
Mem. Rockford College Ass'n (has been treas.), 
Rockford Coll. Alumnae Ass'n (has been sec. and 
mem. Exec. Com.). Mem. Short Story Club, 
Rockford Country Club. 

BURR, Anna Robeson, 246 S. 23d St., Phila- 
delphia, Pa. 

Writer; b. Philadelphia, Pa., 1873; dau. Henry 
Armitt and Josephine L. (Baker) BroTvn; ed. 
private school tutors in Philadelphia; m. May, 
1899, Charles H. Burr, of the Philadelphia Bar; 
children: Dorothy, b. 1900; Pamella, b. 1905. 
Author (novels): Truth and A Woman; The 
JessoD Bequest; also The Autobiography, a criti- 
cal comparative study. Mean. Contemporary 
Club. Recreations: Walking, climbing, out-door 
life generally. 

BURR, Helen Louise, Reynolds Hall., Walla 

Walla, Wash. 

Dean of women. Whitman Coll.; b. Dedham, 
Mass., Dec. 17, 1870; dau. Lafayette and Aoby 
White (Shepard) Burr; ed. Melrose (Mass.) pub- 
lic schools; Wellesley Coll., A.B. '93; Domestic 
Science (Simmons Coll.), '03; Univ. of Chicago, 
'07. Interested in social activities. Favors wo- 
man suffrage. Congregationalist. Republican. 
Mem. Y.W.C.A. Recreation: Camping. Mem. 
Boston College Cluh. Interested in scleooe and 



BUKR, tSmrtotie, Winiamsto'im, Mass. 

Educator; b. Wlnsted, Conn.; ed. In schools of 
Wlnated, Conn., and Vassar Coll., B.A. '99. 
Teacher In the Misses Graham's School, N.Y. 
City, 1899-1900; since 1900 in Normal Coll.. N.Y. 
BURR, Theodora Dudley (Mrs. Ralph H. Burr), 

72 Pearl St., Mlddletown, Conn. 

Born Madison, Conn., July 28, 1867; dau. Ben- 
[amln and Zerviah (Clark) Dudley; grad. New 
Haven High School, '86; Wellesley Coll., B.A. 
'91; m. Madison, Conn., Oct. 29, 1895, Ralph H. 
Burr; children: Catharine, Antoinette, Theodora, 
Ralph Jr. Interested in missionary societies 
connected with the church and Day Nursery and 
District Nurse Work. Mem. Methodist Episcopal 
Church. Mem. A^s'n Colleg^iate AJumnse. 

BURRAGE, Edith May, 34 Harrison Av., North- 
ampton, Mass. 

Librarian; grad. Smith CoU., B.A. '99; student 
Simmons Coll. Library School, Boston, 1903-04. 
Apprentice Lancaster (Mass.) Library, 1902-03; 
library organizer, Bolton (iMass.) Public Library, 
1904-05; Wellesley (Mass.) Public Library, 1905- 
06; Harvard Med. School, January-September, 
1907; ass't librarian Clark Univ. Library, 1907- 
08; ass't librarian Smith Coll. since October, 
1908. Mem. Am. Library Ass'n. 
BCRRAGE, Harriet Greene Dyer (Mrs. Thomas 
J. Burrage), 139 Park St., Portland, Me. 
Born Providence, R.I., Dec. 22, 1879; dau. Will- 
iam Jones and Lillian Pitman (Greene) Dyer; ed. 
Miss Abbott's School, Mise Bowen's School; m. 
Providence, R.I., June 12, 1906, Dr. Thomas J. 
Burrage; one son: Henry Dyer, b. 1910. On 
board of managers of Female Orphan Asylum. 
Mem. Maine Soc, Colonial Dames of America. 
Protestant Episcopal. Against woman suffrage. 

BURREI/L, Caroline Benedict, 68 Downing St., 

Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Born Chicago, 111. ; daughter of Amzl and 
Catharine (Walrath) Benedict; ed. Lake Forest 
Coll., Univ. ot 111. M.Litt; m. Oct. 18, 1888, Rev. 
Joseph Dunn Burrell; children: Katharine 
Benedict, b. Oct. 9, 1889; Monica, b. February 
1, 189L Author: A Little Cook Book for a Little 
Girl; Margaret's Saturday Morning; Living on a 
Little; Easy Entertaining; Fairs and Fetes, etc. 
(all under nom-de-plume). Presbyterian. Mem. 
Meridian Club of N.Y. City. Writer under her 
own name and others of essays, fiction, Juvenile 
stories, etc., for magazines and papers. 
BURRELX, Clara DeForest (Mrs. David James 

BurreiU. 2 48 W. Seventy-fifth St., N.Y. City. 

Born New Haven. Conn., Nov. 19, 1849; dau. 
George F. and Caroline E. (Sergeant) DeForest; 
ed. public and private schools of Freeport, 111.; 
m. Freeport, 111., Oct. 18, 1871, Rev. David James 
Burrell (pastor Marble Collegiate Church, N.Y. 
City); children: Clara Miriam, Elizabeth Ser- 
geant, David DeForest, Norman McLeod, Eleanor 
Loudenois, Katharine DeForest. Pres. Woman's 
Board of Foreign Missions of Reformed Church 
in America. Against woman suffrage. 
BITRREIX, Tempe Garfield (Mrs. Harry Clifton 

Burrell), Lorain, Ohio, R.F.D. No. 1. 

Born Sheffield, Ohio, 1870; dau. Halsey and 
Harriet (Root) Garfield; grad. Oberlin, Ph.B. '97; 
mem. ..Eollan Soc; m. Sheffield, Oct 9, 1894, 
Harry Clifton Burrell; children: Edward, 
Dwight, Kenneth, Doris, Virginia, Eleanor. Has 
helped organize and support a social settlement 
ass'n In Lorain. Served on school board. Con- 
gregationalist. Mem. Lorain Sorosis Club, East 
Side Literary Club. 

BL'RROUGH, Mary Anna, 544 Penn St., Cam- 
den, N.J. 

Teacher; b. Camden Co., N.J. ; dau. James 
and Elizabeth P. (Pine) Burrough; ed. Clarks- 
boro and Camden, N.J., and Philadelphia; grad. 
Philadelphia Normal School (valedictorian), 1870; 
Nat. School of Elocution and Oratory, Phila- 
delphia. B.E. '92. Principal of North-Bast 
School, 1880; supervising principal of North-East 
and J. S. Read schools, 1901; sup't of Friends 
First-day School for many years; pree. of Wo- 
man's Park Ass'n for 10 years; pree. Teachers' 
Club of Camdea; county Tlce-pres. oX N.J. Teach- 

ers' Retirement F^ind; mem. and one ot th« or- 
ganizers of Teachers' Insurance Asa'n; mem. 
exec. coim. State Teachers' Ass'n. Favors wo- 
man suffrage. ."viem. Soc. of Friends. Mem. 
Camden Principals' Ass'n, Parent Teachers' Ass'n 
of North-East School, N.J. Congress of Mothers. 
Recreations: Travel, lectures, musicals, etc. 

BL'RROt'GHS, Edith Woudman (Mrs. Bryson 

Burroughs), Flushing, L.I., N.Y. 

Sculptor; b. Riverdale-on-Hudson, N.Y., Oct 
20, 1871; dau. Webster and Mary .M. Woodman; 
ed. Art Students' League, N.Y. City; pupil of 
St. Gaudens; m. Sittingbourn, Kent, England, 
Sept. 5, 1893, Bryson Burroughs. Engaged as 
sculptor in marble, statuettes, busts of children, 
portraits in low relief, etc., participating in exhi- 
bitions in N.Y. City, receiving the Shaw me- 
morial prize, and at the Champs de Mars, Paris. 
Mem. Nat. Sculpture Soc, etc. 

BURROUGHS, Edna McCoy (Mrs. George T. 

Burroughs), Burley, Ida. 

Bom Portland, Ore., April 12, 1877; dau. John 
B. and Harriet (Hald) McCoy; ed. high school, 
Bellevue, Ida., and special studies in private; m. 
Jan. 10, 1900, George Tyler Burroughs Jr. (min- 
ing engineer); one son: George Tyler Burroughs, 
b. 1905. Has been interested in educational and 
club work for several years; was pres. of Civic 
Improvement Ass'n, Burley, Ida.; has in co- 
operation with City School Sup't promoted do- 
mestic science work in public schools; on His- 
torical Com. in Idaho Club Work; vice-chairman 
of CivU Service Com.; taught in public schools 
for five years. Mem. of leading social organisa- 
tions in State, Civic Improvement Ass'n. Idaho 
State and First Dist. Federations. Recreations: 
Golf, camping, fishing. Christian Scientist. Fa- 
vors woman suffrage. Republican; vice-prea. of 
Woman's Republican Club of Burley, Ida. 

IJURROUGHS, Marie (Mrs. Frarrcls M. Living- 
ston), 64 W. Eighty-seventh St., N.Y. City. 
Former actress; b. (Lillie Arrington) San Fran- 
cisco, 1866; ed. San Francisco schools; m. (1st) 
1890, Loula B\ Massen; (2d) Robert Barclay Mac- 
pherson of N.Y. City (died 1907); (3d) AprU 8, 
1908, Francis M. Livingston. At 17 had been suc- 
cessful in private readings and recitals in native 
city, at one of which Lawrence Barrett waa 
present, and was so impressed that he tele- 
graphed A. M. Palmer and secured for her an 
engagement in The Rajah, then playing at Madi- 
son Square Garden, and she made her N.Y. 
debut in the part of Gladys in that play in 1884, 
assuming the stage name of "Marie Burroughs"; 
later played Irma in Alpine Roses, and after- 
ward took leading parts in Hazel Kirke, Bssmer- 
alda. After the Ball and Mrs. Winthrop in same 
company. While in New Orleans played Zieka In 
Diplomacy with Wallack's company, and after- 
ward played Pauline March Ln Called Back with 
Robert Mantell in N.Y. City; then, returning to 
Palmer's Madison Square Garden company, 
created part of Queen Gainevere with Alexander 
Salvini, and later played Lettie In Saints and 
Sinners. After that, for several seasons, sup- 
ported E. S. Willard, playing Vashti Dethic in 
Judah, Mary Blenkam in The Middleman, Edith 
Ruddock in Wealth, Kate Norbury in John Need- 
ham's Double, Lucy In The Professor's Love 
Story and Ophelia in Hamlet; starred In Pinero's 
The Profligate, and in Romeo and Juliet and 
Leah, 1894-98, and starred m The BatUe of the 
Strong. 1901, then retired from the stage. 

BURROWES, Katharine, 246 Highland Av., 

H. P., Detroit, Mich. 

Musician, composer, author, teacher; b. Kings- 
ton, Can.; dau. EMwin Annesley and Florinda 
(Radcllff) Burrowes; ed. privately at home and In 
Europe; studied music under Prof. J. C. Batch- 
elder in Detroit, Mich., later In Germany under 
Karl Kllndworth (founder with Zavier Schar- 
wenka of the Klindworth-Scharwenka Conserva- 
tory of Music). Taught In Detroit Conservatory 
of Music, '1887-95; established Burrowes Piano 
School, 1895. Invented appliances pertaining to 
the Burrowes course of music study, a method 
for teaching music to beginners by means of 
songs, stories, games, blackboard work, chart 
work, com{>etitlve drills and mechanical de- 


vlcea, ae well aa pianoforte music; some of the BURT, Mary- Elizabeth, Coytesville, N.J. 

appliances are: Miss Keyboard's School, a device Writer, editor, teacher; b. Lake Geneva, Wis.; 

for teaching notation and sight reading (patented ed. Lake Geneva public school; Anna Moody's 

1904); The Broken Globe, a device for teaching Acad.; Oberlin CoU., one year; completed full 

meter or time; The Twelve Scale Boys, a device college course with private teachers. Taught in 

for teaching scales and chords (patented 1903); public schools of Chicago, 1868-90, except one year 

Meter Fractions and Meter Blocks, for teaching when was principal gramanar dep't. River Falls 

meter, etc. Author: Kindergarten Class Songs, (Wis.) Normal School; teacher of literature in 

1901; Modern Music Methods, 1902; Some of the Cook County Normal School with Col. T. W. 

Knowledge Which a Music Teacher of Children Parker, 1887-90; private school, N.Y. City, 1893- 

Should Possess, 1906; Teachers' Manual of the 1905. Chairman Com. on Drawing, Chicago 

Burrowea Course of Music Study, 1910; Tales of Board of Education, 1890-93; stood for Socratic 

the Great Composers, 1911. Composer: Short and Froebelian methods, manual training, equal 

Pieces for Small Hands (piano), 1904; Playtime pay for primary teachers and psychological 

Pieces (piano), 1904; Forty Reading Studies methods on the teaching of reading. Wrote on 

(piano), 1904; The Girls and the Etovea (vocal), educational subjects for Atlantic Monthly, 

1905; The Five Squirrels (vocal), 1905. E>plsco- Chautauquan, 111. School Journal, Lake Geneva 

palian. Mem. Tuesday Musicale of Detroit. Rec- News, Critic, Inter-Ocean, Unity, etc. Delivered 

reations: Reading, c<'ncerts, theatre. Favors lectures before Nat. Educational Ass'n, 1889; 

woman suffrage. Inst, of Pedagogy, St. Louis, 1890; State Teachers 

BUBROWES, Verlista Sbaol (Mr«. Charles W. Ass'n, 111., 1889; Boston Educational Meeting, 

Burrowea), Kinderhook, NT 1892; Teachers Ass'n, Indianapolis, 1892; Coll. 

Bom Sharon Springs, N.Y.'; ed. schools of 'o"" Training of Teachers, Cambridge, E:ngland, 

Sharon Springs, N.T., and Vassar Coll B A '87- l^^^' ^<-°- Author: Seed Thoughts from Brown- 

m. July 7, 1896, Charles W. Burrowes.' Teacher 'ng- 1^85; Browning's Women, 1886; Birds and 

Glade Springs. Va., 1889-90; examiner Regents' Bees (edited from the essays of John Burroughs), 

Office, Albany. N.Y., 1888-89 and 1890-96 18^5; Literary Landmarks, 1887; Bees, A Study 

D.n>T>nTi7a »:>__ w> , ,^, ■, ,, ^ ^ from Virgil, 1890; Story of the German Iliad, 

BURROWS, Frances Peck (Mrs. Julius C. Bur- ^ggj; The World's Uterature, 1890; Stories from 

J; ^f ^^ ' / ^.^°^'^°''\■^'':\ ^"t'^' Plato and Other Classic Writers, 1894; Little Na- 

mazoo, Mich, and 1406 Massachusetts Av.. ^^J.^ studies for Uttle People, from the works of 

waatiington, D.C. j^j^^ Burroughs, who collaborated, 1895; The 

dSS"^^';, '*'Tr^°Tlr-n-c^'^ ^if'w ^P^"^??^ Child-Life Chart, 1896; The Burt-Markham 

P^. grad. Forest HiU Sem; Rockford Coll., prjmer, Edward Markham collaborating, 1908. 

1864 one of the three distmguished essayists who initiative editor of the Scribner Reading Series, 

read essays on graduation day (mem. Rockford 1894-1904, collaborating with Z. Ragozin in 

Coll. Assn); m Richland Mich 1864, Julius C. CKiysseus, the Hero of Ithaca, and Herakles, 

Burrows (U.S. Senator, 189o-1911). Mem. Congre- Hero of Thebes; with Lucy Cable and G. W. 

gaUonal Church. First State regent D.A.R.; ca.ble in The Cable Story Book; with Mary 

^Jce-prM. gen of Nat. Soc. D.A.R; nat. pres. cable in The Eugene Field Book; with Mildred 

of Children s Soc. D A R. ; mem. Colonial Dames Howells In The Literary Primer and The Howells 

of America. Interested m church work and phll- g^ory Book; with Lucy Cable in Don Quixote; 

anthropy. Favors woman suffrage (with educa- ^jth Julia Elizabeth Langworthy in Fanciful 

tlonal and property quaimcaUon). Mem. Colonial Tales from Stockton, and with Mrs. Elizabeth 

Dames Club (Washin^on); Book Review Club custer in The Boy General; Poems Every Child 

(Kalamazoo). During husband s service as Con- should Know, 1904; Prose Every Child Should 

gressman and Senator has spent 33 winters In Know, 1908; The Marvellous Adventures of 

wasnington. Pinocchlo, 1909; Stories and Poems from Kipling 

BURROWS, Marion Cowan (Mrs. Charles Irv- Every Child Should Know, 1910, etc. Favors 

ing Burrows), 68 Ocean St., Lynn, Mass. woman suffrage. Mem. 111. Woman's Press Ass'n, 

Physician; b. Scranton, Pa.; dau. James Cowan Round Table Club (Teachers College). 

I°K ^^'^l, (CaiT) Cowan; grad Scranton High bURTIS, Mary E. 5 30 Lafayette Av., Buffalo, 

School; Mass. Coll. Pharmacy, Ph.G. and Ph.L. ; NT 

grad Tufts Med. Coll., MD.; m Aug 26, 1909. Literature, linguist, genealogist; b. Cherry Val- 

Charles Irving Burrows Chemist aai bacteriolo- jey, N.Y., Oct. 26, 1836; dau. Arthur and Grace 

gist for city of Lynn Mass., 1900-05; medical In- gwing (Phillips) Burtis; ed. Cherry Valley Acad.; 

pector to schools. 1905-10. Favors woman suf- ^iss Hill's School (now St Margaret's). Buffalo, 

frage. Episcopalian. Republican voter for school ^em. D.A.R. Mem. Westminster Presbyterian 

com. Mem. Order of Eastern Star. Recreations: church, Buffalo. Against woman suffrage. 

Automobile, golf, music. Mem. North Shore „,,„_^^ ,,, , * „ , ^ . s 

Club of Lynn Mass. BURTON, Alice (Mrs. Hazen James Burton), 

' ' Deephaven, Minn. 

BUB'T, Helen Tyler (Mrs. William A. Burt), Born Boylston, Mass., July 21, 1857; dau. Rev. 

Lock Box 818 Huntington, W.Va. Daniel S. and Hannah Sophia (Cotton) Whitney; 

^ State comDQander for Maccabees of the World ed. public schools of Southborough, Mass.; Nor- 

tor W.Va.; b. Almont, Mich.; dau. Walter P. mal School, Salem, Mass; m. Southborough, 

and Martha (SUcy) Beaoh; ed. high schools of Mass., July 20, 1871, Hazen James Burton, of 

Yiwilantl, Mich.; St. Marys Acad., Windsor, Boston, Mass.; children: Hazel, Ralph Walter, 

Ont.; m. Ann Arbor Mi(di., 1880, William A. ward Cotton, Ariel, Hazen. Hazen James Jr. 

Burt; chU(^en: Orand Walter, b 1882; Lenden Director of Maternity Hospital, Minneapolis, 

Beach, b. 1887; Edith A., b. 1889. Worker for the Minn., for past 20 years; mem. (treas.) of School 

Maccabee order, of which she is head in the Board of Deephaven for 12 years. Favors woman 

State of W.Va. Against woman suffrage unless suffrage. Unitarian. Progressive; LaFollette 

an educational test be established for both men Republican. Recreation: Dairy work, mall rid- 

and women. ,jjg_ sketching. 

BURT, Laora (Mrs. Henry Stanford), Stanford BURTON, Marian Williams Perrin (Mrs. Henry 

l.,odge. Great Kills, Staten Island, N.T. F. Burton), 70 Dartmouth St., Rochester, N.T. 

Actress; b. Ramsey, Isle of Man, England, Born Titusville, Pa., Aug. 23, 1869; dau. An- 

Sept 16, 1881; dau. Capt. Brown and Anna Lloyd drew Norton and Belinda (Williams) Perrin; 

(Welsh) Burt; ed. Am. Acad. Dramatic Arts; ed. public schools of Titusville; private tutor for 

m. N.Y. City, Mar. 2, 1902, Henry Stanford, college preparation; Wellesley Coll., B.A. '91; 

ROles include June in Blue Jeans; Madge in Old grad. student Univ. of Mich. (mem. Zeta Alpha. 

Kentucky; Susanne in A Scrap of Paper; Rosa- Wellesley; Phi Sigma, Univ. of Rochester); m. 

lind in As You Like It; Helen of Swabia In. Rochester, June 14, 1898, Prof. Henry Fairfield 

Dante; with Sir Henry Irving at Theatre Royal, Burton; children: Andrew Perrin, b. 1899; Sara 

Drury Lane, London, also on his last tour In Fairfield b. l.WO; Henry Fairfield, b. 1901. Lee- 

America; starring in Dorothy Vernon, 1906-07; tures on The English Novel, Household Economics. 

The Walla of Jericho, 1907-08; created r51e of Literature for Children, etc. Writer of mlscel- 

Nurse In Brieux play of Damaged Goods at the laneoua contributions to papers and magazines. 

Pulton Theatre. N.Y. City. Life m«n. Pro- Mem. Board of Soc. for Prevention of Cruelty to 

fesfilonal Womaji's League, Twelftai Night Club. Children, BQWd of Wonian's Educational and In- 



dostiial Union, Children's Aid Soc, City Hos- 
pital Supply Soc, Civic Art Com., Century Club, 
Tuesday Reading Club, Wellesley College Club. 
Recreations: Designing and painting. Baptist. 
Against woman suffrage; pres. Rochester Soc. 
Opposed to Woman Suffrage; mem. N.Y. State 
Organlation Com. Opposed to Woman Suffrage. 
Lecturer on anti-suffrage. 
BtTRWELL, Ethel Irene, 48 Race St., Briatol, 


Teacher, librarian; b. Mercer, Pa.; ed. in 
schools of NeTv Brunswick, N.J., and Vassar 
Coll., A.B. '99. Engaged In teaching. New Bruns- 
wick, N.J., 1899-1900; Woodbrldge, N.J., 1900-02; 
Cleveland, Ohio, 1908-09; librarian of Normal 
School, Cleveland, 1909-11. 
BrSBEY, Katharine Olive Graves (Mrs. L. 

White Busbey), 2336 Massachusetts Av., 

Washington, D.C. 

Author; b. Brooklyn, N.Y., Mar. 16, 1872; dau. 
Horace and Annie A. (Hall) -Graves; grad. 
Smith Coll., B.L. '94; m. June 10, 1896, Leroy 
White Busbey, journalist (then Washington cor- 
respondent of the Chicago Inter-Ocean); children: 
Jjeroy White Jr., b. 1897; Horace Carleton, b. 
1899. Writer on economic subjects; made eco- 
nomic study of lives and surroundings of women 
employees of factories in England for U.S. Dep't 
of Commerce and Labor, 1910. Author: Home 
Life in America, 1910; also short stories in the 
Saturday Evening Post, Ladles' Home Journal, 
Good Housekeeping and other magazines. 
BCSEY, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs. S. T. Busey), 

Elm St., Urbana, III. 

Bom Delphi, Ind., June 21, 1854; dau. Abner 
H. and Catharine J. (Trawln) Bowen; ed. Delphi 
High School and Vassar Coll.; m. Delphi, Ind., 
Dec. 25, 1877, Gen. S. T. Busey; children: 
Marietta, Bertha, Charles Bowen. Mem. Ur- 
bana Public School Board eight years; mem. 
Board of Trustees of Univ. of 111. Mem. Board 
of Trustees of Presbyterian Church. Favors 
woman suffrage. Presbyterian. Republican. 
Mem. Dame3 of Loyal Legion, HI. State Suffrage 
Ass'n. Recreation: Travel. 

BUSH, Bertha E., Osage, la. 

Writer; b. Galva, 111., May 30, 1866; dau. Henry 
Hudson and Minerva (Wright) Bush; ed. Grinnell 
(la.) Coll., Ph.B. '91, A.M. '94. Teacher, 1891- 
1904. Since then a writer, especially children's 
stories in journals and Sunday-school papers. 
Author: A Prairie Rose; Special Days with Lit- 
tle Folks; Old English Hero«s; Stories of Cour- 
age; Story of Napoleon; Indian Myths; Famous 
Early Americans; Later English Heroes; Great 
European Cities; Indian Children Tales; (Children 
BUSH, Emma Danforth, 1301 Pennsylvania Av., 

Wilmington, Del. 

Born Wilmington, Del., Apr. 4, 1881; dau. Lewis 
Potter and Margaret (Whlteley) Bush; ed. The 
Misses Hebb's School, Wilmington, Del., and 
Bryn Mawr Coll. Corresponding sec. New Cen- 
tury Club of Wilmington. Presbyterian. Clubs: 
New Century, Wilmington County, Brandywlne 
BUSH, Emma Louise, Bucknell Univ., Lewls- 

burg. Pa. 

Teacher; b. Waverly, Iowa; ed. In schools of 
Arcade, N.Y. ; Vassar Coll., B.A. '81. Teacher 
Mt. Carroll, 111., 1881-82; Oxford, N.C., 1882-84; 
Ishpeming, Mich., 1885-90; Montour Falls, N.Y., 
1890-1901; Stetson Univ., 1902-04; Bucknell Univ. 
since 1900. 
BUSH, Florence Lillian, 334 Maple St., Battle 

Creek, Mich. 

Writer; b. Battle Creek, Mich., 1865; dau. Mar- 
tin Luther and Elizabeth Ann (Fellows) Bush; 
grad. Battle Creek Coll., 1885; Mich State Nor- 
mal, 1889; Art Inst, of Chicago, 1895. Super- 
visor of drawing. Little Rock, Ark; Manitowoc, 
Wis.; teacher in Berea Coll., Ky. Favors woman 
suffrage. Chairman of City Press Com. In Bat- 
tle Creek, Mich. Author: Goose Creek Folks, 
written In collaboration with her sister (1912); 
Concerning Peter and the Crowd (now ready for 
the press); special articles, one in Country Life 
In America (April, 1913); short stories for For- 
ward, Youth's World, Young People's Weekly, 

Christian Endeavor World, etc. Serials lor all 
the above publications. Goose Creek Folks wa« 
adopted among the 100 best books for missionary 
purposes to be sold at The World In Chicago. 
Presbyterian. Mem. Mich. Press Ass'n. 
BUSH, Katharine Jeannette, 203 Edwards St., 

New Haven, Conn. 

Zoologist, lexicographer; b. Scranton, Pa., 
of the Northland, and other flve-cent classics. 
Dec. 30, 1855; dau. William Henry and Eliza Ann 
(Clark) Bush, of distinguished New England 
ancestry; ed. New Haven (Conn.) public, 
private and high schools; special studies in 
zoology under Prof. Addison E. Verrill of Yale, 
received Ph.D. from Yale Univ., 1901. Since 1879 
ass't in zoological dep't of Yale Museum; as- 
sociated for some years with Prof. Verrill in 
scientific work of U.S. Fish Commission, being 
the first woman, outside teaching force, to take 
up scientific work. Was actively Identified with 
tlie revision work of Webster's Dictionary Into 
the larger and more comprehensive Webster's 
International Dictionary, published in 1890. Con- 
tri'butor to scientific journals on zoological sub- 
jects, chiefly mollusks and annelids, and author 
of a monograph on The Tubicolous Annelids of 
the Tribes Sabellides and Serpulides (published 
in Vol. 12 of the Reports of the Harriman 
Alaska Expedition). Mem. Am. Soc. of Zoolo- 
gists, Am. Soc. of Naturalists, Ass'n of Colle- 
giate Alumnas. 
BUSH, Loue Pollock (Mrs. George S. Bush), 

529 Belmont Av., N., Seattle, Wash. 

Bom Weston, Mass., Aug. 4, 1865; dau. George 
Henry and Louise (Plessner) Pollock; grad. Nor- 
mal School, Washington, D.C, 1885; Kindergarten 
Norma) Inst., Washington, D.C. (conducted by her 
mother and elder sister) '86; m. Seattle, Wash., 
Feb. 4, 1891, George S. Bush; children: George 
P., b. 1892; Agnes Selene, b. 1895. Teacher In 
public schools of Washington, D.C, for five 
years; ass't in Kindergarten Normal Inst. Or-' 
ganized the Woman's Educational Club of Seattle 
In 1894, and served as first pres. for three years; 
mem. Progressive Thought Club of Seattle, which 
she organized in 1905 (served as first pres. two 
years); mem. Seattle Lodge Theosophical Soc. 
since 1896, when organized; mem. Seattle Bahai 
Assembly when organized, 1906. Mem. the Girls' 
Triad, or Do for Others Soc., Woman's Educa- 
tional Club. Favors woman suffrage; served at 
the polls on the day suffrage carried in the State 
of Washington. 
BUSH, Margaret Whlteley (Mrs. Lewis P. 

Bush), 1301 Pennsylvania Av., Wilmington. 


Bom Bridgeton, N.J., Sept. 22, 1852; dau. Will- 
iam G. and Nancy P. (Elmer) Whlteley; ed. 
Bridgeton Sem. ; m. Wilmington, Del., May 13, 
1879, Lewis P. Bush; children: Emma Danforth, 
Charles Whiteley, William Whlteley. Manager of 
the Delaware Hospital. Mem. New Century Club 
of Wilmington, Del. Presbyterian. Against wo- 
man suffrage. 

BUSHNEIX, riorence Ellsworth (Mrs. John 
Edward Bushnell), 1819 Vine Place, Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

Bom Windsor, Ck>nn., June 21, 1866; dau. Ell 
Phelps and Sarah Morris (Clapp) Ellsworth; ed. 
Windsor private and high schools; Adelphl Acad., 
Brooklyn, N.Y.; m. Brooklyn, N.Y., June 14, 
1887, Rev. John EJdward Bushnell; children: 
Ellsworth, b. 1888; John Horace, b. 1892; Paul 
Palmer, b. 1900. Interested In various religious, 
social and philanthropic activities. Mem. the 
Woman's Club of Minneapolis. Presbyterian. 
Against woman suffrage. 

BUSSELLE, Harriet Murray (Mrs. Alfred Bus- 

selle), Chappaqua, N.Y. 

Bom Chappaqua, N.Y., May 31, 1880; dau. Rob- 
ert I. and Phebe Anna (Cock) Murray; ed. Brear- 
ley School, N.Y. City; Bryn Mawr Coll.; m. 
Chappaqua, N.Y., Oct. 1, 1903, Alfred Bus- 
selle; children: Robert Murray, b. 1904; Alfred, b. 
1905; Ann, b. 1910. Interested in District Nursing 
Ass'n (associate chairman, Chappaqua), Red 
Cross (associate sec). Plant and Flower Guild, 
National Progressive Party. Clubs: Fortnightly 
(PleasantvlUc), Bryn Mawr (N.Y. City). Recrea- 



tioos: Biding, driving, bridge, tralniag colts. 
Mem. Soc. of Friends. 

BU8SKBT, Anne Elizabeth (Mrs. Carl Gant- 

voort), ESS W. High St., Lima, Ohio. 

Singer; b. Allan Co., Ohio; dau. Ambrose and 
Mary crhomas) Bussert; ed. village srhool; Ada 
(OMo) UnlT. ; N.Y. City, Paris and Milan for 
vocal studies; m. March 18, 1913, Carl Gantvoort. 
Began In church choirs; soloist with Important 
orchestras, concerts, oratorios in U.S., grand 
opera In Italy, light opera in U.S. upon return. 
Favors woman suffrage. Protestant. Recrea- 
tions: Riding, swimming, camping, out-door 
BUTCHEE, Ida Jaue, 30 Court St., Utlca, N.Y. 

Teacher; b. Utica, N.Y. ; ed. In schools of 
Utica, N.Y., and Vassar Coll., A.B '87. Engaged 
as teacher in Utica, N.Y., since 1888. Chairman 
Education Com. of N.Y. State Fed. of Women's 
Cluibs since 1906; mem. Com. on Literary and 
Library Extension, Gen. Fed. Women's Clubs. 
BUTLER, Anne Balfour (Mrs. Henry J. Butler), 

610 Manhattan Av., Manhattan, Kan. 

Lawyer; b. La Prairie, 111.; dau. Nixon and 
Keziah (Robbins) Balfour; grad. Univ. of Mich. 
LL.B. ; m. Henry J. Butler (died 1S93) ; one son: 
Carl Balfour. Largest land owner in State of 
Kansas for a woman; began with the amount of 
$15,000 which gave her the start. Favors woman 
suffrage. Author of short novel; Ad Astra per 
Aspera. Poems: Will o' the West; Just All for 
Me; Love the Lord of Life; A Kansas Dug-Out; 
Friendship; The Butterfly, and other poems. 
Pres. Themian Club; pres. Treble Clef Club; 
mem. D.A.R. 

BUTLER, Cora Waldo (Mrs. Pierce Butler), 

2224 Milan St., New Orleans, La. 

Bom Texas; grad. Smith Coll., B.L. '98; stu- 
dent of history, Univ. of Texas, 1900-01; m. June 
25, 1902, Pierce Butler; children: Virginia Waldo, 
b. Oct. 19, 1903; Pierce Jr., b. Nov. 16, 1905; 
Mary Frances Harrison, b. Feb. 3, 1909. Teacher 
in private school, Philadelphia, 1898-1900; in- 
structor in English, Univ. of Texas, 1900-02. 

BUTLER, Jessie Storrs EmtU (Mrs, William E. 

Butler), 102 Hodge Av., Buffalo, N.Y. 

Writer; b. Black River, Mich., July 28, 1879; 
dau. WUIiam Barton and Elizabeth (Buell) Fer- 
ris; ed. St. Margaret's School, Buffalo, 1897; m. 
Kidder's Point, Lake Cayuga, N.Y., Sept. 3, 1905, 
William E. Butler; one son: William Storrs. En- 
gaged in newspaper work for three years previous 
to marriage. Contributor of both prose and 
verse to Smart Set, Everybody's, Good House- 
keeping; jointly with aunt, Minnie Ferris Hauen- 
stein, has written a volume of poems (private 
edition); author: The Golden Bough (poem), 1912. 
Club: The Scribblers (Buffalo). Recreations: 
Writing, camping, stage, music. Presbyterian. 

BUTT, Emily, Jackson, Miss. 

Teacher; b. Kosciusko, Miss., Sept. 2, 1867; dau. 
John T, and Belinda (Swayze) Butt; ed. private 
tutors and private schools in Kosciusko; grad. at 
Hamilton ColL, Lexington, Ky., 1885. Ck)nnected 
with the public school system of the State 25 
years. Actively identified with efforts to secure 
needed juvenile legislation in Miss., particularly 
the establishment of a juvenile reformatory and 
the separation of boy offenders from adults; also 
much work with boy convicts (established Sunday 
School for them in State penitentiary). Contrib- 
utor to Miss., Memphis and New Orleans papers 
concerning juvenile delinquents, educational ques- 
tions, etc. Received first honors for a short story 
awarded by the Miss. Federation of Woman's 
Clubs. Mem, Christian Church. Chairman Miss. 
Juvenile Reformatory Ass'n; pres. Old Ladies' 
Home Ass'n; chairman Civil Service Reform 
Com., Miss. Federation of Women's Clubs. 

BUTTENWIESEB, EUen Clnne (Mrs. Moses 
Buttenwleser), 3208 Fredonla Av., Avondale, 
Cincinnati, O. 

Born Wark worth, Ont., Aug. 12, 1870; dau. 
Bartholomew and Ellen (Kennedy) Clune; ed. 
Queen's Univ., Kingston, 1888-92; Univs. of Leip- 
zig and Heidelberg, 1893-97, Ph.D., Heidelberg; 
m. January 11, 1897, Dr. Moses Buttenwleser 
(prof. HeA>rew Union CoIL, Cinciniuitl); cUl- 

dren: Paul, Hilda, Ellen, Laurence. FavOTS 
woman suffrage. Mem. College Equal Suffrage 
League, N.Y. City; vice-pres. Woman Suffrage 
Party, Cincinnati. Author: The Obstinate Child 
(Pedagogical Seminary, 1911); Studien zur Verfas- 
serchaft des altenglischen Gedichts Andreas 
(Heidelberg, 1899) ; also contributions to literary 
magazines. Mem. (Dlvic League, Ass'n Colle- 
Kiate Alumnae. 

BUTTERTLELD, Emily Hden, 614 Stevens 
Building, Detroit, Mich. 

Architect; b. Algonac, Mich., 1884; dau. Wells 
Duane and Helen (Hossie) Butterfield; ed. Detroit 
Central High School; Syracuse Univ., B.Arch. '07; 
mem. Alpha Gamma Delta. Practises with Wells 
D. Butterfield. Sec. Ck)llege Woman's Auxiliaries; 
mem. Woman's Home .Missionary Soc. of Meth- 
odist Church (reserve field sec). Favors woman 
suffrage. Occasional magazine contributor as 
"Cupboards" in Suburban Life. Mem. Methodist 
Episcopal Church. Recreations: Swimming, 
sketching, tramping, pansy culture. Mem. De- 
troit College Club, Detroit Business Woman's 

BUXTON, Eva Joanna, Tnimann, Poinsett Co., 

Physician; b. Rockport, Ind., Aug. 11, 1863; dau. 
John X. and Margaretta (Shaw) Buxton; ed, 
public schools of Ind., Univ. of Mich., North- 
western Univ., M.D. '97; grad. from LouisvUle 
Training School for Nurses in 1389. Presbyterian. 
Progressive Democrat. Mem. Friday Night Club 
of Rockport, Ind. Practised medicine in Rock- 
port, Ind., 1897-1911. In 1911 moved to Polnsette 
Ck)., Ark., to take up homestead. 
BYINGTON, Jeannette Gregory (Mrs, Homer 
Morrison Byington), 5 West Av., Norwalk, 

Born Norwalk, Conn., Dec. 31, 1880; dau. James 
G. Gregory, M.D., and Jeannette L. (Pinneo) 
Gregory; ed. Hillside Preparatorry School, Nor- 
walk, Conn.; Wellesley Coll., B.A. '02 (mem. 
Shakespeare Soc.); m. Norwalk, CJonn., June 2, 
1903, Homer Morrison Byington; children: Homer 
Morrison Jr., Jeannette Lindsley, James Gregory. 
Favors woman suffrage. As husband is in 
American (Consular Service (now American Con- 
sul at Bristol, England), has resided abroad con- 
tinuously since marriage. 

BYTNGTON, Margaret trances, 105 E. Twenty- 
second St., N.Y. City. 

Born Constantinople, Aug. 3, 1877; dau. Theo- 
dore Linn and Margaret (Hallock) Byington; ed. 
Packer Collegiate Inst., Brooklyn, 1892-96; Wel- 
lesley Coll., B.A. 19^)0; Columbia Univ., M.A. '02. 
District sec. Associated Charities, Boston, 1902- 
06; on staff of Pittsburgh Survey, 1907-08; staff 
Russell Sage Foundation, 1909- . Favors wo- 
man suffrage. Author: Homestead (Pittsburgh 
Survey Series). Congregationalist 
BYBD, Mary Emma, Box 77, Route 9, Lau- 
rena, Kan., and N.Y. City Normal Coll., Sixty- 
eighth St. and Park Av., N.Y. City. 
Astronomer; b. Le Roy, Mich., Nov. 15, 1849; 
dau. Rev. John Huntington and Elizabeth Ade- 
laide (Lowe) Byrd (descendant on father's side 
from Timothy Edwards, father of Jonathan Ed- 
wards, and on the mother's side from Governor 
John Endicott) ; ed. high school, Leavenworth, 
Univ. of Mich,, A.B. '78; Carleton CoU., Ph.D. 
'04. Principal of Wabash High School, 1879-82; 
first assistant in Observatory of Carleton (3oll., 
Northfield, Minn., 1883-87; director Smith Coll. 
Observatory, Northampton, Mass., 1887-1906; prof, 
astronomy in Smith Coll., 1898-1906; now in 
charge of the astronomical dep't of the Normal 
Coll. of the City of N.Y. Writer of numerous 
non-mathematical articles, technical articles deal- 
ing with comet positions by pillar micometers; 
Laboratory Manual in Astronomy, 1S99. Mem. 
British Astronomical Ass'n, Astronomical and 
Astrophysical Soc. of America. Recreations: 
Reading riding. Congregationalist. Favors wo- 
man suffrage. 

B^TtNE, Miriam, 4337 Wilcox Av., Chicago, III. 
Author; b. Chicago, Jan. 13, 1884; dau. James 
and Hannah (Elliott) Byrne; ed. public schools 
and high school, Chicago. Appointed librariui 
and keeper of clinical records in Cook Oooaty 



Hospital, Chicago. Author: The Would-Be 
Witch; House of the Red Fox. 

BYRNES, Esther Russell, 193 Jefferson Av., 

Brooklyn, N.Y. 

Biologist, teacher; b. Overbrook, Pa., Nov. 3, 
1866; dau. Jacob Russell and Mary (Wilson) 
Byrnes; ed. Bryn Mawr Coll., B.A. '91, M.A. '94, 
Ph.D. "98; Garrett graduate scholar in biology; 
fellow in biology, Bryn Mawr Coll. Assistant In 
Dep't Biology, Vassar, 1891-93; student assistant 
in Biological Laboratory, Bryn Mawr Coll., 
1895-97. Teacher Biology Girls' High School, 
Brooklyn. 1898-1912. Fellow N.Y. Acad. Science. 
Author: Origin of Limb Muscles in Amphibia; 
Maturation and Fertilization in Limax Campes- 
tris; Regeneration of Limbs in FVog Tadpoles 
After the Extirpation of Limb-Rudiments; The 
Fresh Water Cyclops of Long Island. Mem. 
Soc. of Friends. Mem. Woods Hall Biological 
Ass'n, Soc. Am. Naturalists, Intercoll. Socialists, 
Brooklyn Inst, of Arts and Sciences, Alumnse 
Ass'n Bryn Mawr Coll. Recreations: House- 
keeping, varied by travel, music, literature. 
Studied at Maine Biological Laboratory, Woods 
Hole, Mass., and at Cold Spring Harbor, L.I., 
N.Y. Traveled in Europe, 1901-06. 

BYRXES, Josephine Armstrong (Mrs. William 
J. Byrnes), 1726 Eighth Av., N., Minneapolis, 

Born Ann Arbor, Mich., Dec. 22, 1869; dau. 
Solomon and Angeline (Scribner) Armstrong; 
grad. Ann Arbor (Mich.) High School, with 
honors, '76; m. Feb. 4, 1886, William J. Byrnes, 
M.D. ; children: Lyle b. Nov. 17, 1886; William 
A., b. Sept. 19, 1890; Martica, b. Nov. 25, 18»2; 
Josephine, b. Nov. 17, 1894. Taught in Ann 
Arbor public schools; was principal of school 
four years. Mem. Woman's Alliance. Favors 
woman suffrage; mem. Political Equality Club of 
Minneapolis. Unitarian. Mem. D.A.R., Wo- 
man's Auxiliary of Hennepin Co. Med. Soc., 
Minn. Territorial Pioneers (through husband). 
Woman's Alliance. Mem. Oak Park Literary 
Club, Tuesday Study Club, Lewis Parliamentary 

CABEEN, Sarah Biddle (Mrs. Francis von A. 

Cabeen), New Britain, Pa. 

Born Philadelphia, Pa., Jan., 1867; dau. Thomas 
and Sarah T. (White) Biddle; ed. Miss Agnes 
Irwin's Sohool, Philadelphia; m. May 19, 1904, 
Francis von A. Cabeen. Interested in literary 
and social work. Author: The Sister, or A 
Romance of the United Brethren. House mem. 
of the College Club of Philadelphia. Episco- 
palian. On maternal side great-granddaughter 
of Bishop William Wliite, first bishop of the 
Episcopal Church In America; on paternal side 
great-granddaughter of Clement Biddle (quarter- 
master-general on Washington's staff at Valley 
Forge) and his wife, Rebecca Cornell. 
CABEEN, Sarah Clark (Mrs. William C. 

Cabeen), 807 Comstock Av., Syracuse, N.Y. . 

Bom Portage, Wis., Aug. 14, 18S1; dau. John 
Tillotson and Louise (Holley) Clark; grad. Univ. 
of Wis., B.L. '84; m. PorUge, Wis., July 15, 1885, 
William Charles Cabeen; children: Daniel Clark, 
Ruth Holley, Donald Stewart, Charles Kirkland. 
Teacher Philathea Class, Plymouth Sunday 
School; mem. Foreign Missionary Com., Woman's 
Guild, Plymouth Church, Y.W.C.A. C!om., Con- 
sumers' League, Political Equality Club. Con- 
gregationalist. Mem. Onondaga Chapter D.A.R. ; 
mem. Board of Management and Educational 
Com., Ass'n Coll. Alumnae, I*Tes3 Com. (Central 
N.Y. Branch). Mem. Fortnightly Club, Social 
Art Club. Recreations: Walking, gardening. 

CABELL, Anne Branch (Mrs. R. G. Cabell), 

1811 Park Av., Richmond, Va. 

Born Petersburg, Va., Dec. 31, 1860; dau. 
James Read and Martha Louise (Patteson) 
Branch; ed. Miss Gordon's School, Richmond, 
Va. ; Edge Hill Randolph School, Albemarle Co., 
recetred highest honors and literature scholar- 
ship; m. Richmond, Va., Not. 14, 1877, R. O. 

Cabell Jr.; children: Jam«s Branch, Robert Gam- 
ble, John Lawrence. Episcopalian. Recreations: 
Out-door Irfe, literature and genealogy. Favors 
woman suffrage. 
CABELL, Isa Carfington (Mrs. Edward Car- 

rington Cabell), 329 Amsterdam Av., N.Y. City. 

Author; b. Va. ; dau. Isaac and Sarah E. 
(Read) Carrington; ed. Mary Baldwin Sem., 
Staunton, Va. (Medallist), 1875; m. Richmond, 
Va., 1876, Edward Carrington Cabell. Has been 
connected with Richmond Dispatch, New York 
Herald, New York World, literary editor Hart- 
ford Courant, held staff position on Baltimore 
Sun, wrote under the title of "Carlsabel"; 
essays on humorous topics (8 years); has been an 
assistant editor of The Bellman for some years; 
contributor to Harper's Weekly, Harper's Bazar, 
The Youth's Companion. Author: Seen from the 
Saddle; Thoughtless Thoughts of Cariaabel. Has 
spent time in reading, writing and preparing for 
daily and weekly journals with which she is con- 
nected; has lived in Europe, and America and 
divided time between Va., Hartford, Conn., and 
N.Y. Mem. Barnard Club, Colonial Dames of 
America. Roman Catholic. Democrat. Favors 
woman suffrage. 

CABELL, Margaret (Mrs. Ashley Cabell), Klrk- 

wood, St. Louis, Mo. 

Born Nashville, Tenn., July 4, 1862; dau. Aaron 
and Frances (Gowdey) Stretch; grad. Dr. Ward's 
Acad., Nashville, Tenn., 18S0; m. Nashville, 
Tenn., Oct. 19, 1881, Ashley Cabell; one son: 
Carrington Cabell. Episcopalian. Mem. D.A.R. 
CABLE, Ida Tower, Bradford. Pa. 

Editor and publisher; b. Pittsburgh, Pa., Jan. 
23, 1860; dau. Gad H. and Rebecca (Smith) Tower; 
ed. Pittsburgh, Pa.; m. Pittsburgh, May 1, 1876, 
Daniel J. Cable; one son: Gustine "Tower, b. May 
7, 1878. Newspaper reporter, then editor Erie 
Messenger-Graphic, purchased Bradford Herald 
and edits same. Vice-pres. Internat League of 
Press Clubs; mem. Nat. Women's Press Ass'n, 
Pa. Women's Press Ass'n, Pittsburgh Women's 
Press Club. Director McKean County Children's 
Home; vice-pres. Children's Aid Soc. of McKean 
Co.; sec. McKean Co. Historical Soc; mem. Gov- 
erning Board Women's Literary Club. Episco- 
palian. Mem. Country Club of Bradford, Pa. 
Speaker on various topics, after dinner speaker. 

CABOT, CaroUne Sturgis (Mrs. FoUen Cabot), 

21 W. Cedar St., Boston, Mass. 

Author; b. Concord, Mass., April 13, 1846; dau. 
William Ellen Channlng (poet and essayist) and 
Ellen K. (Fuller) Channlng, sister of Margaret 
Fuller; ed. privately; m. Boston, Sept. 20, 1865, 
Follen Cabot (died 1905). Author: Six Stories In 
the Child's Hour, 1898; Sketches of Nantucket, 
Mass., 1899; Football Grandma, 1905. Episco- 
palian. Mem. Boston Browning Soc., Boston 
Authors' Club. 

CABOT, Elinore Blake (Mrs. W. Channlng Ca- 
bot), Nantucket, Mass. 

Born Portsmouth, N.H.; ed. high school, Ports- 
mouth, N.H. ; Miss Florence Baldwin's School, 
Bryn Ma-wr, Pa., and at Bryn Mawr Coll., 1894- 
96; m. 1901, W. Channing Cabot. Private tutor, 
Blltmore, N.C., 1897-99; teacher of mathematics 
and Latin In Miss Roberts' School and In the 
Brearley School, N.Y. City, 1899-190L Pres. 
Woman's Auxiliary of the Civic League of Nan- 
tucket, 1904-05. 

CABOT, Ella Lyman (Mrs. Richard Clarke 

Cabot), 1 Marlborough St., Boston, Mass. 

Educator; b. Boston,- Mass. ; dau. Arthur T. and 
Ella (Lowell) Lyman; ed. private schools In 
Boston, Radcllffe Coll. (special student); grad. 
courses in philosophy and logic at Harvard Univ. ; 
m. Waltham, Mass., Oct. 26, 1S94, Dr. Richard 
Clarke Cabot (professor in Harvard Med. Coll. 
and author of several medical books). Has taught 
ethics In private schools in Boston. Appointed on 
Mass. Board of Education, 1904. Sec. .Mass. 
Branch of Am. School Peace League, 1911. Pres. 
Civil Service Reform Auxiliary of Mass. Chair- 
man Education Dep't of Woman's Municipal 
League of Boston; mem. Council of Religious 
Education Ass'n. 'Trustee of Radcllffe Coll. ; pres. 
Radcllffe Coll. Auxiliary. Mem. Nat. EducaUoQ 


Ass*!!. M«ni. Nat, Montesseri Committee. Life Federated Council for Christian and Patriotlo 

mem. Unitarian Ass'n. Author: Everyday Ethics; Service (vice-pres.). Newspaper contributor of 

Ethics for Children; 70th Report Mass. Board of critical articles on art and miscellaneous short 

Education; Outline of a Course in Good Will for poems. Clubs: Round Table, Sorosls. Congre- 

the Public Schools; The Value of Literature gationalist. Favors woman suffrage. Republican. 

Teaching (Educational Review); School Social CATFIN, Caroline (Mrs. Charles H. Caffln), 17 

Service (American Volume for the 2d Internat. -^7. Eighth St., N.T. City. 

Conference in Moral Education). Unitarian. writer; b. Whitehall, Hook, Surrey, England, 

RecreaUons: Piano playing, smging, gardenmg, i^q^. (jau. Robert and Sarah (Iliff) Scurfield; ed. 

golf, tennis, swimming, camping. Mem. College private school Sunderland, Durham, England; 

Club, Boston. m. Battersea, 'London, 1SS8, Charles H. Caffln; 

CABOT, Elsie Fumpelly (Mrs. Thomas children: Dorothy Agnes, Freda Margaret. On 

Handasyd Cabot), 232 Newbury St., Boston; the stage until 1893 in original company of Ben 

summer Dublin, N.H. Greet Pastoral Plays. Favors woman suffrage. 

Artist photographer; b. Newburgh, N.Y., 1875; Mem. 25th Assembly Dist. of the Woman Suf- 

dau. Raphael and Eliza (Shepard) Pumpelly; m. frage Party (chairman of Drama Com. of 25 

Dublin, N.H., Oct 3, 1898, Thomas Handasyd players). Author: Dancing and Dances of To- 

Cabot; children: Elizabeth, Pauline, Thomas I>ay. Associate mem. of the Educational Play- 

Handasyd. Professional pqrtrait photographer ers. Mem. MacDowell Club of N.Y. City. 

since 189G. Favors woman suffrage. Recreation: CAGWIN, Clara Joslyn, Walsenburgr, Colo. 

Tennis. Teacher: b. Westmoreland, N.Y., Feb. 21, 1884; 

CABOT, Maria M. (Mrs. Godfrey Lowell Cabot), dau- De Witt Clinton and Frances M. (Joslyn) 

16 Highland, St., Cambridge, Mass.; summer, Cagwin; ed. West Denver High School Denver 

Beverly Farms Mass (salutatorlan) '03 (won prize each year for essay 

Born Boston, Mass., April 21, 1866; dau. Joseph S^^ting); Cornell Univ., B.A '07 (class poet) 

S. and Mary B. (Jon4) Moors ed. Miss Sanger's ^^^ °L V^*^i° ^^P%' Huerfano County High 

School, Miss Foot's School; m. Cohasset, Mass., School, Walsenburg Colo, five years; ass t Pnn- 

June 23, 1890, Godfrey LoWell Cabot; chUdren: fipal of same institution two y^s Presby- 

Jamea Jackson, Eleanor, Thomas Dudley, John t^^ian. Favors woman suffrage. Republican. 

Moors. Interested in charities. Unitarian. CAHTLIi, Marie (Mrs. Daniel V. Arthur), care 

CADBUBY, Anna Mary Moore (Mrs. Benjamin 

of D. V. Arthur, 1402 Broadway, N.Y. City. 
Comedienne; b. Brooklyn, N.Y.; ed. in schools 

Cadbury), 260 East Main St., Morristown, N.J. „,-^— ^^ •^- £— j^v'. Trthur:"' Made fi^sl 

*?,°"?Q^^°°'"^I'T''' t^^-^'V ^ T^^n^i^H o^r^' appearance to soubrette rSle in Kathleen 

A.B. '94; graduate student m English and eco- j^^^^^^^^^, ^itu ^ stock company of which 

ncmics and politics, BrynMawr Col ., 1894-9D ^ ^^. ^^ manager; 

graduate student Earlham Coll 1900-01; m. 1909, jater filled various parts and entered musical 

Benjamin Cadbury I^of. English and Gemian, ^ ,^ company as Patsy in A Tin 

WBitUer (CaU Coll., 189o-1900; teacher invest- g j^j J ^^^ '^^^^^ t^g management of George 

•^^° ^f^J ?.°"'^'^^ ,v '^°°A' n^^^ionl' no 1^ i, Lederei^, in several productions and in the season 

prof, of Englisa Earlham Coll., 1908-09. Mem. ^^ ^g^j.-QS began stirring career in the musical 

bociety of i<Tienas. comedy Nancy Brown for two seasons and at 

CADBUBY, Emma, Jr., 254 East Main St., Daly's Theatre in August, 1906, as Mary Mont- 

Moorestown, N.J. gomery in Marrying Mary, in which she ap- 

Born Philadelphia, Feb. 24, 1875; dau. Joel and peared for several seasons, later appearing in 

Anna Kaighn (I-u>wry) (3adbury; ed. Friends' other star parts, and in season of 1912 was at 

Select School, Philadelphia, Pa., Case and Hallo- the Liberty Theatre in N.Y. City In The Opera 

well School, Philadelphia, Bryn Mawr Coll., A.B. BalL 

'98. Treas. Ass'n for the Care of Coloured CAHOON, Grace Willson, 1604 W. Thirty-ninth 

Orphans; trustee Moorestown Free Library. Mem. g^_ L^g Angeles, Cal. 

Society of Friends (Orthodox). Physician; b. Lyndon] Vt; dau. George W. and 

CADE, Clayton Thomas (Mrs. George Lymaji Mary L. (Bellows) Cahoon; grad. Univ. of Minn. 

Cade), "The Gables," Stonelea Park, New Ro- Med. School, M.D. ; post-graduate studies In 

chelle, N.Y. Vienna, Austria. Practiced medicine In Montana; 

Composer and singer; b. Charlestown, Mass., sec. Montana State Med. Soc. ; now at Los Angeles, 

Nov. 12, 1868; dau. Spencer Churchill and Eunice Cal. Club: College Woman's. Favors woman 

A. (Clayton) Thomas; ed. Boston public schools suffrage. Progressive. 

and private tutors; studied for career as singer CATBNS, Anna Sneed (Mrs, John G. Calms), 

In America, London and Paris; m. Boston, Mass., Forest Park University, St. Louis, Mo. 

Sept. 15, 1902, George Lyman Cade; children: University president; b. New Albany, Ind., 

Margaret Salome, b. Oct. 28, 1904; Elizabeth Mar. 19, 1841; dau. Rev. Samuel K. and Rachel 

Eunice, b. June 6, 1906. Appeared in public at (Crosby) Sneed; grad. Montlcello Sem., 1858. As 

the age of five years as singer; at 18 years made qq colleges for women existed then, studied with 

d6but In light opera in America, followed by four Bishop Dunlop, Latin and Greek, also French, 

years of same In England, where first work as (German and Spanish, History, Shakespeare, Ut- 

composed came out (the Japanese Love Song) in erature. Christian evidences; m. April 7, 1884, 

1900. Composer of: Japanese Love Song; Chasing John G. Cairns (died 1895). Founded Forest? 

Butterfiies; Ave Maria; Toyland; The Duel; Song Park Univ., Sept. 3, 1861, and for 52 years has 

of an Egyptian Princess (Eugene Field); Inven- been its president. Legislative and legal sup't 

tlon to the Sun-God, Ra! (also Egyptian); sev- mo. State W.C.T.U., seven years; carried Con- 

eral children's songs; Japanese Song Cycle, stltutional Amendment, submitting prohibition, 

Matsurle; Shakespeare Song Cycle; now engaged through the House of Representatives of Mo. 

writing music for plays for children's company Served four years as Sup't Capital and Labor of 

at Plymouth Theatre, Boston, Mass. Episcopalian. Nat. W.C.T.U. ; first dist. pres. St. Louis dist. 

Mem. Dj^.R. Recreations: Motoring, gardening. W.C.T.U.; Invited by Si^an B. Anthony to be 

Mem. Professional Women's Club of Boston; also pres. St. Louis Suffrage Ass'n. The Mo. Legls- 

the Shakespeare, Woman's and Mothers' Clubs lature invited her to address it on the subject of 

of New Rochelle, N.Y. suffrage during its morning business session (an 

rAT»v rnrn<>lin F^nslim 310 W 105th St. N Y unusual honor). Mem St. Louis Chapter D.A.R. 

ritv *^*"^^ i!-nsigm, 31U w. loftin bu, rvi.i. ^^^^^^ woman suffrage; addressed Mo. House of 

A-tiot a„,i ^^^t„TCT■ on ar+- h 1ti <3nriTi£r- Representatives and Senate, each on suffrage. 

« ■^J"^ ^^ ., ^ « „-£ Qttll'^a o^i %=.?h r Author of pamphlets, addresses, newspaper arti- 

fleld, Mass.; dau HeniT Stearns and Sarah L. ^^ pFesbyterikn. Republican, then mem. 

^df^^Vl^^fl^'e'ldkfss'^FoTV years Ls^^^atf ProhibiUon Party. Mem. ^sslonary socieUes. 

pr1ncfpal'^o"we1?'End?nst.^Mrs'.\'nd MisTS^^ Recreations: Horseback riding, driving. 

School for Girls, New Haven, Conn. Vice-pres. of CATRNS, Frances V. Shellabargrer (Mrs. Charles 

N.Y. Auxiliary of Am. McAU Ass'n (an auxiliary Sumner Calms), 1410 Yale Place, Minneapolis, 

of the Mission Pobulalre in France), Am. Wal- Minn, 

densian Aid Soc. (recording sec), Internat. Bom Decatur, 111.; dau. Isaac and Mary Ann 



(Weaver) Shellabarger; grad. Cincinnati Wes- 
]eyan Female Coll., B.A. '77 (mem. Lyceum); m. 
Decatur, 111., 1884, Charles Sumner Cairns; 
children: Millard Shellat)arger, b. 18S7; Carl Al- 
bert, b. IS^jO; Donald Cairns, b. 1S96 (deceased). 
Club woman since college days, also active in 
church and missionary societies; worked In State 
Federation on Forestry Bill and Traveling Li- 
brary; now working on Minnesota Red Light 
Injunction and Abatement Law. Mem. and con- 
tributor to many other philanthropic and social 
service clubs. Presbyterian. Mem. Westminster 
Home and Foreign Missionary Soc, Juvenile 
Protection League, Woman's Welfare League, 
Bible League. Recreatioais: Concerts, lectures, 
Mem. Minneapolis Woman's Club. 
CAIRO, Frances LUIian Wllmer (Mrs. Vincent 

Cairo), 354 E. ISth St., Flatbush, Brooklyn, 


Bom Baltimore, Md. ; dau. Lambert Alexander 
Wilmer (Judge, author. Journalist) and Sidney 
Ann Wllmer; ed. private schools; m. Brooklyn, 
N.Y., Mar. 6, 1890, Vincent Cairo (merchant). 
Designer of artistic novelties which have had 
large sale in America and Europe; contributor to 
various periodicals. Interested in and connected 
with W.C.T.U. and several philanthropic organiza- 
tions. Mem. Professional Woman's League, 
Woman suffrage Ass'n, Political Equality League 
and several women's clubs. 

CALDWELL, E.stella Biley (Mrs. J. S. Cald- 
well), 410 W. Eighth Av., Cincinnati, O. 

Born Cincinnati, Sept 11, 1873; dau. John C. 
and Ellen Lyons (Lynch) Riley; ed. Univ. of 
Clncinnau, B.L., cum laude (Phi Beta Kappa); 
Laura Memorial Med. Coll., Cincinnati, M.D. 
(mom. Delta Delta Delta); m. Jan. 28, 1904, Dr. 
James Sterrett Caldwell; children: James Ster- 
rett, Hamilton Allen. Prof, materia medica in 
Laura Memorial; sec. staff of Presbyterian Hos- 
pital; first woman dist. physician in Cincinnati, 
1898-1304. Interested in church, social activities, 
mothers' clubs. Favors woman suffrage. Pres- 
byterian. Charter mem. and vice-pres. Haw- 
thorn Club; vice-pres. Federation of Mothers' 
Clubs; trcas. Sherman School Mothers' Club. 
CALDWELL, Louise Orton (Mrs. Francis C. 

Caldwell), 206 Sixteenth Av., Columbus, Ohio. 

Born Columbus, Ohio, Jan. 6, 1877; dau. Ed- 
ward and Anna Davenport (Torrey) Orton; ed. 
Wellesley Coll., B.A. '99; m. Columbus, Ohio, 
July 12, 1900, Francis G. Caldwell; children: 
Anna Davenport, b. 1903; Edward Orton, b. 1905 
(died 1909). Mem. Woman's Guild of the First 
Congregational Church, Home and School Ass'n 
(treas. of ass'n and chairman of Mound St. 
School luncheon), Deshler-Hunter Com. of 
Columbus Female Benevolent Soc. tcares for 
crippled children), Ass'n of Collegiate Alumnae, 
D.A.R. Favors woman suffrage. Mem. College 
Equal Suffrage licague of Columbus. Mem. 
Congregational Church. Recreations: Reading 
and out-door excursions. President-elect of the 
Women's Club of Ohio State University; mem. 
Present Day Club, College Women's ClUb of 

CALDWELL, WUlle Walker (Mrs. M. M. Cald- 
well), Virginia Heights, Roanoke, Va. 
Born Newborn, Pulaski Co., Va., 1860; dau. 
General James A. and Sarah Ann (Poage) Wal- 
ker; ed. private school, Mary Caldwell Sem., 
Staunton, Va. ; m. Wytheville, Va., 1888, Manley 
M. Caldwell; children: Virginia Graves, Sarah. 
Poage, James A. Walkes. Edited a civic column' 
for five years In Roanoke Times. Mem. Presby- 
terian Church ; sec. church, Roanoke, Va. ; 
worker In mission societies; pres. four years 
Roanoke Woman's Civic Betterment Club, also 
charter mem.; pres. Va. Fed. of Women's Clubs 
since May, 1912. Newspaper correspondent; 
writer of short stories for magazines; Novelette: 
The Tie that Binds. Mem. D.A.R., United 
Daughters Confederacy. Recreations: Reading, 
gardening, club work, social life. Presbyterian. 

CALHOUN. Laura A. (Mrs. E. E. Calhoun), 419 

W. 119th St., N.Y. City. 

Author; b. en route to California, Jan. 27, 1847; 
dau. Abram and Hulda Davis; ed. public schools 
and high schools of Vlsalia, Cal., and private 

tutors; m. Judge E. E. Calhoun of Vlsalia; chil- 
dren: Eleanor Hulda (Princess Lazarovich- 
Hrcblianovich), Virginia Catherine, Jessie Isabel 
(Mrs. William H. Ande