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£»f/^ ?/^ 


iniKU tUlllUIN 

•^ Biographical Sfandboolc 
of "V^Qrr.mris lATork in DVC-'^^'^ 






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HMt MWtR ■cmm 








Has Woman Accomplished in Hutio ? 

"^ "^e £011'^ "l«estioii, frequeotly asked in a pessimistic way, 

«C Wq!!'*''® P«g«,SV.iy,3tt^mi> a™«ert ■ 

*^ **H of "^ ^^ accomplished comparatively fflore in the 

^ *>Sat 1, '""^"^ ^''^1 's generally ktiowiii though nature, 

"^ ^^it>tt ^-^ ^^^ produced ^-woman composer whose compo- 

^ ^«t let^'^' (Compare with the works of the great masters. 

^e '^^ ^'=' '"'w many of the numerous composers of 

"aosi > "^^ ^^ ^^'^^ proven themselves real Titans of 

4; ^^"^ '"deed, these come only in a cycle of years. 

■w^^ "y ^^^^ have women been less numerous in a field 

lead th*"^ """^^ '^'"'^ ^^'^ "^t""^' inclinations would 

■Wo ''"''^ P"""^'pal reason, I believe, has been the fact that 
wen have only recently entered seriously this field of 
' *''"'fe man has for centuries developed his intellect 
emotion in such a direction. 

We ffliist consider, that .scarcely fifty years ago, 
; "*<;. Witlx veryf,^ exceptions, was never seriously at- 

y^PtedaS « study by -women; not from any disinclina- 
r'" for or ^ant of capacity to understand the science, 
r*'' the subjects of harmony and counterpomt. 
*«^ hither*:-^ ^o considered outside the province of 
^^■,e^'^?_^iio„, and the acquirement of such knowl- 
'^^, «h^«- *^" ^ a p^ti^e, would have been regarded 

sented her beautiful CXXX Psalm for five voices and 
orchestra to Oxford tor the degree of Mus. Bac, the de- 
gree, although the work was accepted, and its merit 
acknowledged, could not be given— /w teant of power to 
confer the same upon a woman. 

Is it then to be wondered at that women's work in 
music has shown comparatively small results ? If practice 
not only improves, but increases capacity, and opportu- 
nity makes while it also develops the musician, what 
opportunities have woman had of becoming musicians 
from the time of Palestrina to the middle of the igtb 

They were taught music as a pastime, and then only 
in its most primitive form, their musical studies seldom 
advancing beyond playing the lute and kindred insttu- 
ments. ,' They had no incentives to composition, the 
church even discouraging women, throughout mediaeval 
times, and by actual prohibition in the i6th century, to 
take any active musical part in its service. 

Not many years have passed, when to be told that a 
fxanposition was the work of a woman, was equivalent to 
its condemnation beforehand. 

The scarcity of women's work in music in the past is 
therefor not owing to their inability to grasp and apply 
the science, but it may rather be attributed to prejudice 
and the rules of fashion and custom, which so long de- 
barred her from entering this field of useful and profit- 
able work and study. 

/ That such prejudice against women's work must have 
tended to deoress and discouraee. is certain, and is best 

Mrs. John Macfarren as "Jules Brissac", Mrs. Roeckel 
as '•Jules de Sivrai ■', and so forth, 

^ Others again published their names on their v/orka j 
with only the initials of their .Christian names prefixei.,i 
like Farrenc, Chamiaade (in her earlier works), Lebeau, 
Ethel M. Smyth (Mass in D) and many others, even to 
tne present day. 

^!^ "J'^* ^f^fefor be considered a great point gained, 
"»at It is no longer looked upon as an eccentricity for 
women to compose. The advance of their work in music 
IS becoming more and more creditable from year to year. 
lo-day, where opportunity is offered in all fieWs, they 
are demonstrating their ability in many directions, in 
music particularly. 

And why not? They are eminently fitted physically 
and intellectually to follow music both as a study and an 
accomplishment. The emotional element is very strong 
m women— stronger perhaps than in men, and this force 
IS a desideratum when considered in its rela^on to music 
If, therefor, we are to admit the well-accepted scien- 
tific laws of evolution it is likely that the new century 
may produce as great musical composers among women 
as It lias in the past among men. 

In compUing this work I have tried to ^^"^^/^l 
same a« complete as possible, hence names ^^^.^^ 
included, which .^ ^ ^^' have but sligW clai« to 
recognitioo. but in \^^'^ , Jj ,V aS representa- 

t> , -JUL It] order to mate the work as i f , 

tive as possible, no <-«Jl.=„ "h^w^,™ »lieht bet claim to 

As an illustration, of woman's work in music, the 
following statistics may be of interest : 

Andree, Backer - Gr^ndahl, Beach, Cliamberla)Tie, 
Chaminade, Da vies, Farrenc, Grandval, Greene, 
Holmes, Haendel de Cronenthal, Hundt, Horrocks, 
Korn, Lang, Lebeau, Marie of Saxe-Gotha, Marshall, 
Martinez, Maury, Mayer, Moody, Prescott, A. M. 
Smith, Stollwerk, Swepstone, Tyrell, Wurm. 


Agnesi, Asperi, Beanmesnil, Bertin, Caccini, C&- 
sella, Corcer, Ferrari, Folville, Gail, Goetze, Grand- 
val, Guenin, Guerre, Henn, Haendel de Cronenthal, 
Heritte-Viardot, Holmes, Laguerre, Loder, Maistre, 
M orison, Paradise, Perriere-Pilte. Seneke, Skinners, 
Smyth, Sourget. Uccelli, Walter. 


Amalia of Saxony, Bottini, Bronsart, Candeille, 
Carmichael, Caroline, Dell'Aqua, Gabriel, Galloni, 
Gray, G retry. Harraden, Harrison, Jacques, Kink el. 
La Hye, Louis, Marshall, Morgan, MuUer-Gallenhofer, 
Munktel, Puget, Sainte Croix, Simon-Candeille, Tem- 
ple, Viardot-Garcia, Wuiet, Young. 



Andree, Bentey, Blahetka, Bright, Caodeille, 
Chamberlayne, Chaminade, EUicott, Farrenc, Grand- 
val, Haenel. Hendrich Merta, Hensel, Heritte-Viardot, 
Horrocks, Hood, Japha, Kanzler, Kem, Kralik, I.ang, 
Lebeau, Liebmann, I/sder, Mayer, Moody, Mueller- 
Gallenliofer, Oi^er, Paradies, Prescott, Rogers, San- 
ders, Santa Coloma, Schumann, Sirmen, Sourget, 
Swepstone, Taite, Van Buren. 


Amersford-Dyck, Anna Amalia, Andree, Barker, 
Bartholomew, Beach, Becker, Bottini, Bmckenthal, 
Coizolani, Delaval, Elhcott, Ferrari, Gabriel, Grand- 
val. Guerre, Guest, Harraden, Hartland, He ale, 
Heritte-Viardot, Holland, Holmes, Horrocks, Lago, 
Lebeau, Mariani, Marshall, Mayer, Meyer, Paradise, 
Patterson, Plitt, Prescott, Robert-Mazel, Saint-Didier, 
Sainton Dolby, A, M. Smith, Stirling, Swepstone, 
Taylor, Vigny, Zimmermann. 


Beach, Blahetka, Bright, Bronsart, Bmckenthal, 
Candeille, Careno, Chamberlayne, Chaminade, Cian- 
chettini, Clement, Davies, EUicott, Erdmausdorfer, 
Farrenc, Folville, Grandval, Gyde, Harraden, Heale, 
Holinberg, Hood, Hundt, Horrocks, Kalkhbf, Klet- 
rinsky, Lawrence, Lebeau, Lebrun, Liebmann, Loder, 

••'up (Caia). Contemporary Swedish composer, resid- 
mg in America. Writer of the songs:— Life, In ex- 
planation, To be alone, At dawn. The summer wind, 
etc. Also various piano compositions. 
Abramc (Harriet). English composer and vocalist. 
Bom 1760; died about 1835. Pupil "f ^^ celebrated 
Dr. Ame. Her works consist of a collection of 
'■Scotch Airs, haimoniied for three voices", P«">- 
lished 1790, and a "CoUecUon of Songs", which 
■"rere issued 1787. A number of glees and songs were 
also publUhed about this time. 
Abbott (Jane Bingham). Composer of tbe songs: ]ust 

for to-day. My soul what hast thou done, etc. 
"•m. (Mrs. Crosby). American contemporary com- 
poser of piano music (Five tone sketches. Barcarolle. 
Tone picture, etc ) 
Melung (Oiga). o^ll„„ .^r,oser and -Aiixt^ play«. 

Ahlefeldt (Countess of). German composer. Born 
about the middle of the iSth century. An excellent 
pianist. Of her various com positions the grand 
ballet, " Telimach and Calyp»o'\ was printed 1794 
at Leipzig. 

Alcottr (Vittoria). Bom at Ai^nta, Italy, about 1560. 
Her father was Giovanni Batist Aleotti, the cele- 
brated architect. Her compositions consist of a 
number of madrigals and sacred works, of which a 
collection, comprising 21 of her best compositions, 
were published by her father at Venice, 1593. The 
title of this collection is " Ghirlanda dei madrigali a 
4 voci." 

Alexandra Joaephowna (Grandducbess of Russia). 
Author of ' ' Psalms for Soli, mixed chorus and orches- 
tra" (performed at St. Petersburg, 1886), and other 
church music. Also a number of piano compositioas 
for 4 hands (Bolers ; Defile March, etc. ). 

Alexandrowa (A ?). Russian vocalist. Born at St. 

Petersburg, 1835, Eminent opera and concert singer, 
and an excellent pianist and composer of a number of 
songs of merit. 

Allen (Alice Maud). Author of "Germany's famous 

Allitaen (France.^). Contemporary English composer. 
Has written incidental music to ^'I'lnieTieuT," and 
numerous songs, the best known are; — Be my star, 
Before we part. Bygones, Lord is ray light, Calvary, 
Love is a bubble. Warning, Apart for < 

is found in the journal '■ Teutacher Merkur " of May, 
Amalre (Marie Friederike, Princess of Saioay, sister of 
King John of Saxony), Bom at Dresden, Aug. 10, 
1794; died there Sept. 18, 1870. Autborof 14 operas, 
of which the following may be mentioned:—" It figlio 
perduto," "11 Marehetino," "La va»a di $abitata,''^ 
"Una donna." " Le tre tenturi," 'Die SUg'ifahne," 
"Der K<iM!ien*ehuia." Besides her dramatic com- 
positions she wrote a Btabat Mater, and other church 

Amann (Josephine). German composer. Has published 
n niunbet of piano compositions (Impromtu opus 30, 

Ames (Mrs. Henry). English composer. Author of a 
number of pleasing arias and part songs (Good-bye to 
Winter. When the rosy morn, etc.). 
Amer»foodt-Dyk(Hennine). German composer. Is ^be 
author of the cantata '■ OotUi Allgegenwarf for soli, 
chorus and orchestra, published hy F. Hotmeister, 

17S7. W„, ,4, ^9; '„tt«, . "^"^^ "" coo- 

Symphony," and the same author's " Historical Sym- 
phony." Spohr has spoken very highly of these 

Andree (Hlfrida). Talented Swedish composer. Bom at 
Wisby, 1841. Cathedral organist at Gothenburg, 
Wrote the cantata " Snofried " for soli, chorus aJid 
orchestra; a quintet for piano, two violins, viola and 
cello, besides various other works for orchestra, 
organ, voice, etc., all ot which show decided talent. 
An organ symphony is published in Angener & Co. 's 
Cecilian Collection, book 43. At the International 
Musical Competition, held a few years ago at Brus- 
sels, she was awarded the first prize over 77 competi- 
tors. She also gained prizes for a string quintet, and 
for a composition for organ and military band, 

Andrews (Mrs. John Holman, nee Jenny Constant). 
English composer. Bom 1817; died at London, 
April 29, 1878, Published a set of "Two-part vocal 
exercises," also a number of songs, among which 
may be mentioned ; — A legend ot the Avon, Adieu, 
etc.; abo a number of piano pieces (Nocturne, etc.). 
, Andru* (Helen Josephine). American composer and 
oi^anist. Native and resident of Poughkeepsie, N. 
Y. Pupil of Dr. F. L. Ritter, and graduate of Vassar 
College School of Music, where she was awarded the 
degree of Mas. Jtac. Her compositions consist of a 
cantata with organ and string accompaniment, several 
organ compositions, various piano pieces, several 
anthems and other church music, duets and songs. 

«ont, being of the same character as those by Clapis- 
son, Masini, Henrion, etc., were in great favor with 
the public. For a number of years Meissonier of 
Paris published annually an " Album de Romances." 

Arhwrlgt fMrs. Robert). English song writer, sister of 
Felicia Hemans, the poetess. She is the composer of 
a number of songs which were quite popular in their 
day. Among these there are :-^The sailor's grow;. 
Repentance, Treasures of the deep, The messenger 
birds, etc. She died 1849, 

ArmstronK (Annie). English composer of songs, of 
which may be mentioned; — The weaver's daughter. 
Just a song. True hearts, etc. Published also " LittU 
Layifor LitlU Laiiei." 

Arnlm (BetUna von). Geinan writer. Bom at Frank- 
fort o. M., April 4, 1785; died at Berlin, Jan. ao. 1859. 
Sister of the poet Clemens Brentano. Published a 
niunber of songs, besides various writings on music. 

lUbury (Alice). American writer. Born at Quincy, III., 
1848. Published an excellent translation of H. Men- 
del's biography of Meyerbeer. 

Aaperl (Ursula). Italian composer. Bom at Rome, 1807. 
Received a thorough musical education, her teacher 
being Fioravanti, Of her various compositions the 
most important are her operas, of which " Le Anen- 
lure di tint GioToata" (first performance 1827), and 
"IPirata ' • (1843), were the most successful. During 

Aublcneyvon Eng«lbr«nn«r (Nina d'). German writer. 
Born at Cassel, 1777 ; died at Bombay, India. The 
youngest of two sisters who were taleated writers of 
English, German and Italian songs. Author of an 
excellent little work on singing : " Letters to Natalie." 

Audley (Madame E.). French writer, and author of 
" Louis van Beethoven, his life and wotIes, with num- 
erous documents", (Paris, 1867), and "Franz Schu- 
bert, his life and works, (Paris, 1871)." Published 
during 1S69 a series of articles on " Bellini ". 

Auguat* (Marie Louise). The late Empress of Germany 
showed considerable musical talent, her teachers 
being Hummel (piano) and H. Schmidt (theory). 
Among her compositions may be mentioned an Over- 
ture, the music to the ballet " Die Mutkerude ", also 
a number of songs, and various marches, one of 
which has been adopted as Army March No. 103. 

Jtulln (Valboig). Danish composer. Has written a num- 
ber of vocal compositions, among them three cho- 
ruses, which gained first prizes at a musical contest 
at Copenhagen. 

Aurenhammer (Josefa). Austrian composer and pianist. 
Bom at Vienna, 1776, where she died 1841. Talented 
pianist, pupil of Mozart and Kotzeluch, and famous 
for her extemporising. For many years she gave 
annual concerts at Vienna, which were alwaj^ well 
patronized. Mozart spoke highly of her technique. 

Aus der Ohe (Adele), German contemporary pianist and 
composer, pupil of Liszt and Knllak. Published 
various vocal and instrumental compositions, among 
which may be named: Suites for Piano, an "Etude 
de Concert", and the songs: — Thistle down. After 
sorrow's night, I begged a kiss, etc. 

*u»t«n (Augusta Amherst). English composer and or- 
ganist. Bom at London, Aug, i, iSay ; died at Glas- 
gow, Aug. 5, 1877. Pupil of the Royal Academy ot 
Music. Author of a number of songs, hymn-tunes, 

Aylward (Florence). English contemporary song writer. 
Of her vocal compositions the following ace best 
known: — Sweetheart 'a still, I wander alone, Witchery, 
My white roe. Day dawn, Mavourneen, 

Bach (Constance). Contemporary English writer and 
composer. Bom at Edgbaston, Birmingham. Trans- 
lator of numerous works (Liszt's Ivetters, Bulow's 
Letters, various opera librettos, etc.); also composer 
of several songs. 

Bachmann (Slise). German composer. BomatNaum- 
burg, May 23, 1838. Studied with Prof. J. Lobe, the 
celebrated theorist, and received a thorough musical 
education. Published a considerable number of piano 
compositions of a light order, a melodrama " Dit 
Miicht der Muiik ", and a number of songs. 
Biehmann (Judith). German composer and pianist, who 
flourished about 1790 at Vienna. Artaria published 
17963 "Sonata in D, pour le Clavecin "; also a num- 
ber of Fugues for .the organ. The " Wiener Jahr- 
biicher der Tonkunst ' ' speak of her as an exception- 

ber of pretty madrigak and songs that were popular 
in their time. 
icker-Cr&ndahl (Agathe). Norwegian composer. Bom 
at Holmestrand, Dec. i, 1847. Her first teacher was 
a. iliss With of Christiania, with whom she studied 
tor two years, continuing with Otto Winter Hjelm, 
and in i860 with Halfdan Kjerulf (piano) and L. M, 
Lindeman (theory). 

In 1863 she studied with Kullak and Wuerst. 
During 1875 three months were spent with H. von 
Billow, finishing her studies with Liszt at Weimar. 
In 1875 married O, A. G'ondahl, her former singing 
teacher, taking up her residence at Christiania, where 
she is considered to be one of the most influential 
musical authorities. 

She ia an honorary member of the Svendsen Quar- 
tet Society, of the Choral Institution for Sacred 
Music, member of the Royal Swedish Academy, and 
recipient of the Royal Swedish gold medal, "Pro 
Littrit el ATtibut ". 

Her works, although not numerous, are of sterling 
merit. Special mention must be made of a beautiful 
Suite, op. 20, which is of striking originality, the 
Gavotte, Minuetto and Finale skillfully written and 
delightfully fresh. 

Another meritorious work is her Andante for piano 
and orchestra, and a Seh^rza for orchestra, which is 
frequently to be found on concert programs. 

Of her other works may be mentioned a set of 
"Etudes de Concert", op. 11, that are very pretty; 
Four"Skizzen",op. 19: Trois Morceaux. od. 11 ("of 

" of charming originality and full of poetic feeling." 
The piano accompaniments to all have a distinct in- 
dividuality, and requite a skillful player. 
A number of her songs are published in album 

B*ll(Mrs. IdaW.) American composer. Bom in Dallas 
Co., Ala., 1851, and educated at Judson Female Insti- 
tute, Marion, Ala. An excellent pianist, and author 
of a number of vocal and instniinental compositions. 

Badarczewmka (TheVla). Polish composer. Born at 
■Warsaw, 1838, where she died 1861. Author of a 
number of light melodious piano pieces, several, like 
"Maiden's Prayer", attfdning a remarkable large 

Bajort (real name I«uia). Polish writer of the XVIII. 
century. Published a number of vocal and instru- 
mental compositions. 
Barfona CMadelka S.). German composer, who lived 
during the XVI. century. The Royal Library at 
Munich contains of her works the collection : " S/p- 
tem J^almi poenitentinim 5 wcwm", which was en- 
graved and published at Altdorf, 1586. 
Barker f T.aura Wilson). English contemporary coinposer 
of songs, of whicli the following deserve mention : 
To daffodils, Home ot my youth, The miller's daugh- 

nin— ;_. . 1... ,. V* menti 

Of her more imjiortant works may be mentioned a 
Sonata for violin and piano (1860); music^ 
like tt '■ f 1880), attrt .,.„ cantata " KnoM 

pleasing ballads, many of which attained an extra- 
ordinary popularity, songs like " We'ed better bide a 
wee ", and " Come back to Erin " being known all 
over the world. 

Although laying no claim to be considered works 
of art, Claribel's songs by their pretty melodies and 
their illustrations of homely events deservedly met' 
popular favor. 

■rne> (Bertha L.). Composer of piano mllsic (op. 2 
Traumerei, op. 3 The Arago, op. 4 Pensee Fugitive, 
op. 5 Ty'rolienne, etc.). 

■rnett (Emma). English contemporary pianist and 
composer. Bom in London. Made her debut at the 
Crystal Palace Saturday concerts, Feb. z8, 1874, play- 
ing Beethoven's piano concerto in G. Her own com- 
positions are chiefly for the pianoforte, but include a 
few songs. 

■roni-Cavalcabo (Julie von). Polish composer. Bom 
at Lembeig, Oct. 16, 1813 ; died at Graz, St3THa, July 
3, 1887. She was a brilliant pianist, her teacher 
being a son of the great Wolfgang Mozart, W. A, 
Mozart, Jr., a very able musician and teacher. 

Schumann had a very high opinion of Baroni-Caval- 
cabo's musical attainments, and dedicated to her his 
" Suraoreeke '' op. 20. Several of her works he re- 
viewed very favorably in "Manic and JUusiciimt". 
Of her "Second Caprice" op. 11, he speaks as 

op. 4 Fantaaie in G minor ; op. 5 Introduction and 
Rondeau; op. 8 Allegro di Bravnra; op. 11 Seraod 
Caprice ; op. 18 Third Caprice ; op. 19 Fantasie in 
^ '• op. 25 Adieu et )e Retowr ; op. a6 Au bard da 
Lac (very chamiing): op. 27 Nocturne ; etc. 

Her vocal compositions are aa follows :— Opt 6 
Grabesrose; op, 9 Lebe wohl ; op. 11 Der Vnge- 
nannten ; op. 13 Reiterlied ; op. 17 Es segelt mf 
Silberwogen ; op. ao Ahschied ; op. 32 Warum; etc 
Schumann speaks of these as being " Almost the 
best that have lately appeared in the imperial city 
(Vienna) , though others maybe more popular there ". 
»«rtalottr (Signora). Italian composer. Published 1J64. 

the ballet music to the opera "DanV". 
B*rtholomew (Ann Sheppto^, nee Mounsey). English 
composer, organist and pianist. Bom at London, 
April 17, i8„; died in London, June 24, 1891. Pninl 
of Logier, under whose tuition she made anch npi/i 
pw>gTess, that Spohr in his antobiographie makes, 
v/ »^ention of her remarkable precocity (iSjo). 

During 1843 she gave a series of classical sacred 
concerts at London, for one of which MendelsB(Aa 
wrote his celebrated " Hear my Prayer". 
, ^J^ ^^55 she Composed the oratorio of •• The Natie- 
ttp ", which Was successfully performed in the same 
year under the direction of Mr. Hnllah at St. Mar- 
tin's Hall, London. 

Other works are ■ Sacred cantata, " 8up^icatunt 
'^nd2-h«nl^gi^i . dedicated to H.R.H. the Pri™*" 
of Wales (iS<^,s ' tt it-^. „>:.," ~™-* 

Of her ntuneroos songs space permits oa\y the 
mentioning of : — When day has fled, The bridesmaid. 
The warrior's love, The wedaing day, Lady mine. 
Questions, etc. A setting of six songs, by Shakes- 
peare, Poe, etc., was published at London, 1883. 
Sarth (E)hse). Bohemian composer and talented pianist. 
• Bom at Prague about 1800, where she received an 
V^ excellent musical edncation from the celebrated 
Dyonys Weber, Published a number of piano com- 

Satc (Mrs. J. D.). English mnsician. Compiler of " The 
North India Tune Book, containing Bhajans and 
Ghazals, with native tunes", London, 1S86. 

Batta (Clementine). German composer. A "Melodie 
Religeuse " for voice, piano, cello and organ is pub- 
lished at Mayence. 

Baudl»*ln (Sofie, Countess of), German composer, re- 
siding at Dresden. An excellent pianist, pupil of 
Pixis and Henselt. 

Of her various compositions the following are 
printed: "Variations", for two pianos four hands; 
a set of songs with cello obligato, numbered opus 4, 
5 and 6 ; three eludes for piano (A, C and G) ; valse 
brillante ; six songs without words ; three nocturnes ; 
characteristic pieces, opus it ; etc. 

Bauer (Catharina). German composer. Bom 1785 at 
Wurzburg. Published twelve Variations pour le 

B-um (Katharine). German composer of songa (op- 5 
two songa from Sebeffel'a " Ttompeter " ; op. 6 tour 
songs ; op. 7 two aongs ; op. g ballade ; etc- 
B-wr (Aleiandra SoSa, Cointe«« de) '1"8>"" °;J°, 
Count Yonrr de Chamj^Giand. Bon at StnlW^ 
Oennany, 1776. SetUed wUle qnite young wtta m 
parents at Paris, where .he received . thorough ™«- 
^ cal education, her principal teachera being Oieuy 

comi«»itlon, and Boieldieu, KUevion and Oatat m 
singing. She i, the anlhor d . !■«• """r!!." 
-Romances" that attained great popuhmtj dtmng 
the period of the French revolutioQ. .^i,™. 

Pessard o( Paris published in Mi her re»"~™"- 
■•«« S...™,V, which contain, much va«.bl^ 

tomiation a. to (jretry ai other celebrated eoottm- 
poraiy artists. She died at Paris, Dec. 3 • 
Mdier, Paris, puhh.h«l in .86. ■ biography by M»^ 

»«?■ «<r nie etgaourraffss", ^^ Lived 

B*yer (Mademoi«,lle A.). Auatrian composer. 
• about 1 795 at Vienna, -where a number ot ner 

and piano pieces were published. _. rlieneyV 

who must l« ranked without doubt, as ^^^^a^er, 

American womat. cotsJE""'-"" 

N. H., Sept . ,«-i, ,„aeea and 

Hor ear,, .t^^^' „n.ic «=« ""J^l, to » 
airected by i„ t«.? "ted O.-*"' " lote » '* 
inquiry a. ,„ her ti£.e». »'■ *." „ W^P-'-^t 
low, : ■■ My in„„, „ ' °ta orchestraUon, «■ „th- 

sis, practical and theoretical, of the orchestral scores 
and other worlcs of the great masters, both at home 
and in the concert room. Mj teachers in piano and 
liannony have been my mother and Messrs. Perabo, 
Bill and Baermann." 

Mrs. Beach has essayed various forms of composi- 
■Bon which few composers attempt ; for instance, the 
Uass in E Aat, written for soli, chorus, orchestra and 
organ, to which she devoted three years work. 

It received its first representation by the famous 
Handel and Haydn Society of Boston, Feb. 7, 1892, 
and was received with favor by the most conservative 
critics, who pronounced it as : "A noble work; 
■characteristically in the style of the ablest Masters, 
and replete with beauty, symmetry, harmony, contra- 
puntal art, and scholarly freedom. Chief among ita 
merits is its absolute individuality. Imbued with the 
spirit of the best masters, the author has not copied 
mr imitated any, her melodic forms are her own ", 

The Mass consists of ten pari^, which are treated 
-with skillful discrimination and with the most sensi- 
tive appreciation of the demands of their texts. 
"There are many beautiful passages in the choral 
numbers, and many of the themes are strong, vigor- 
ous and well adapted for large effects, the " Credo'', 
for soprano and chorus, for instance, being specially 
£ood, the orchestration of this number being one of 

-tVic l—sl- ^r. thB wt.-i1p Mose 

■worth. It never falls into triviality, but is steadily 
liigh-reaching, di^ified and virile, and of an able 
mosicianship that is beyond all question. 

The woric consists of four movements, the first in 
6-8 time "Allegro eon fuoco" in E minor, opens 
pianissimo, with a tremulous chromatic passage in 
the strings, which goes on gradually increasing in 
force and fullness of scoring until it reaches the fottis- 
simo of the full orchestra. The second movement 
opens vtitli a graceful melody, alia Sietliaria, in F 
maior 12-8 time, in which the characteristic rhythm 
and tranquil, flowing grace of the Siciliano are 
strongly marked. Then follows a brisk tricksy 
scherzo movement, " Allegro tivii-e " in F major, 2-4 
time, throngh -which the first theme breaks with de- 
lightful results every now and then, until the first 
theme returns in its original form, to be more elabo- 
rately treated, Theentire second movement is a little 
masterpiece in its way in sentiment and orchestration, 
the best of the entire work. The third movement, 
"Lento ton molto ej:presHone " in E minor, is in 6-4 
time, and the fourth " Allaj riiolto" in E minor, 
which opens with immense vigor, is in a-a time. 
, The entire work is of decided worth, creditable 
I alike to the ambition, the knowledge and the skill of 
f the composer, and a work that entitles her to rank 
prominently at the head of her sex. 

Of her works for violin, the most important is a 

Her principal piano compositions consist of : — 
Op. 6 Ballad in Db; op. 3 Cadenza to Beethoven's C 
minor Concerto; op. 4 Valse Caprice; op. 15 Four 
Sketches, No. I In Autumn, II Phantoms, III Dream- 
ing ; IV Fireflies ; op. ai Bal Masque ; op. a8 No. I 
Barcarolle, II Menuet Italien, III Danse des Fleurs, 
A piano concerto in C sharp minor op. 45, has just 
been published by Arthur P. Schmidt 

Of her vocal compositions, several choral works de- 
serve mention, viz; — "Rose of Avontown ", cantata 
for female voices, and " Min.strel and the King", 
cantata for male chorus and orchestra. 

Her songs, a number of which are published in 
album form, are all well written, the most pretentious 
one being the Recitative and Aria "Wandering 
Clouds", op. 18, for contralto voice with orchestra 

A list of her best known songs is as follows : — 
Ecstasy, Secret, Sweetheari: sigh no more. Fairy 
lullaby. Thy beauty, Dearie, Scottisch cradle song. 
Years at the spring. Love but a day. Wouldn't that 
be queer, EUe et moi. Mistress mine, Spring, Black- 
bird, Hymn of trust (violin oblig.), My love is Ulce, 
etc. Also several vocal duets. 
Beatrice (Princess of Battenberg), is the author of a num- 
ber of tuneful songs, among which may be men- 
tioned ; — The Sunny month of May, BlOe-eyed 
maiden. Green cavaliers song, Retrospection, etc. 
Also a March for orchestra and some Church 

from 1760-74. About 177S her voice beginning tff 
fail, she attempted composition, and ea her efforts 

met with considerable success, devoted her whole 
time to dramatic composition. 

Her most popular operas were : " Le» SaturnaUt " 
(performed at the Grand Opera, 1786), ■•Anacreon", 
'•Lm fetes gr(queietTomainea'\ " Lti UgUlntncet" 
(written for the Theatre de Montagne, 1 786), ■ ■ Haire, 
e'tsl eommandur " {a comic opera), etc. 

She had the honor of being the second woman com- 
poser who had her works performed at the Grand 
Opera, Paris. 
Becker (Ida). German composer, pupil of Frieilrich 
Kiel and Albert Becker. Her compositions consist of 
"Drei BaUaden," for Bariton ; a set of children songs 
"LiederausderMaehrchenwelt; op. 6 KleineBilder, 
etc. Her children songs are perfect little gems, and 
are highly recommended by Prof. Kiel, who insisted 
on their publication when the manuscript was shown 

•'Die heilige Naclit " for chorus and soli 
voices, has been frequently performed. 

Behr (Louise). German composer. Has published :— Op. 
a Terzetto with piano accompaniment ; a " Hunter's 
Song " for mixed chorus, and a number of songs. 

Bellevllle-Oury (Emilie). German composer. Bom at 
Munich, 1S08, where she died July 23, 18S0. A 
pianist of great ability^ pupil of Ciemy. Her playmg 
was dislinguished by brilliancy and spirit ; Schumann 
in " Music and Musicians " draws the follo-w'ng com- 

ear ; that of Clara reaches the heart Madame Belle- 
ville is a poetess, Clara is poetry itself." 

Her compositions, of which mote than 200 appear 
in print, consist chiefly of transcriptions, fantasies, 
etc., among those most popular being her brilliant 
arrangement of Scotch airs " Souvenir d'Edinbourg", 
which attained a great success in Great Britain ; also 
her Fantasie on the opera " rAfricaine ". 

Among her other compositions may be mentioned 
"La Chasse de Compiegne", " Plaintes de I'Ab- 
sence", "Marche Ecossaise", "Valse brillante", 
"Nocturne", etc. 

Benrey-Schuppc (Anna). German composer, born at 
Landeck. She has written an Overture to Goethe's 
" GceUv.BerUeliingen"; incidental mn.sic to "Someo 
and Juliel/e", and " PhUlipiiie Welser" (played at 
Dresden, Breslau, Coburg, etc.). Also several com- 
positions for chamber music, etc. 

Bernard (Vincenzia). German composer. Born 1840 in 
the small village Krischanovitz, Moravia, where her 
father was village teacher and organist, and from 
■whom she received her first musical tuition. While 
not quite 15 years old her father died, and she was 
obliged to support herself as an organist and music 
teacher at Austerlitz. She is considered one of the 
most successful teachers at Brunn, Austria. Her 
many years experience and her method are contained 
in her " Hilfsbuch fiir den Klavierunterricht ", 
which has passed through several editions. 

^ngs, etudes, scherzi, and various piano pieces, are 
iughlj- spoken of. 
*rtJn (I^uise Angeliqne). French composer, pianist 
and poetess. Born near Paris, Feb. 15. 1805, and 
died April 26, 1877. Author of a number of operas, 
of which ■•Le Loap Oarou" (Paris, 1827), and 
"Fault" (Paris, 1831), were the most successful. 
Other operas are " Esmeralda" (performed at Paris 
and Munich), and " Guy bannering ". 

Among her most important works are a number of 
string quartets, a trio for piano, cello and violin, and 
a number of choruses. 

Of her songs the following deserve mention ;— Le 
Matelot, la Fleur, la Mule, la Chasse, !e Soir. etc. 

Her collection of poetry "les Olanei", published 

at Paris, j&j^^ ^^ awarded a prize by the French 


■ n' (Natale). Italian composer of piano compositions 

(Andante, Caprice, Souvenir d'Odessa, Danse In- 

°"V2**"' (Teresa), called "i'aiiffeZo del Canio ", acele- 
»*'ated Italian singer, born at Savigliano. 1780. 
K-eceived her fijst musical education from the cele- 
brated teacher La Barbiera, Naples. She is the 
autlior of a number of pleasing arias and songs. 
Died at Bologng 1852 
Brehler (LudmiUa); German composer. Author of a 
number of p^^^ Serenade, op. 20 

LetzteRose, etc 1 

sympathetic manner and interesting conversation. 
Her faculty for reading at sight is said to have been 
wonderful, and when Beethoven showed her his man- 
uscript of the Sonata appassionata, she played it for 
him in a marvelous manner to the great delight of 
the author. Beethoven, after the work had been 
printed, presented her with the autograph copy as s 
homage to her wonderful a cwfu reading. This valu- 
able souvenir of the great master was carefully pre- 
serA-ed by her until her early death in 1S20. The 
autograph remained for many years in her husband's 
possession, and at length was bequeathed by him to 
the library of the Paris Conservatory of Music. 
Leaving Vienna 1809, she settled at Paris, where sh^ 
soon became one of the centres of musical life, and 
was the first to introduce Beethoven's compositions 
to a Parisian public. 

Cherubini, Aul>er, Baillot and other celebrities were 
constant visitors at her salon. 

Reverses forcing her to adopt teaching for a living, 
she soon acquired a large class of pupils, among them 
being Mendelssohn during his first sojourn at Paris. 
He refers to her in a letter of Dec. 20, 1831. and the 
warmth of his attachment to her family may be seen 
from another letter of Feb. 24, 1838. 

Of her compositions, consisting chiefly of piano 

works, a number have appeared in print at Vienna 

and Paris. 

BInfleld (Hannah R.). English composer. Born at 

Reading, 1810 ; died in Reading, May i, 1887. She 

tioned r— Faotasie brilliant Cia4o), The Sailor's Adieu 
('842), Ballade, etc. 

* (Jennie Prince). American contemporary com- 
poser of songa. The following appear in prflit :— Jn 
■May, Regrets, A song of love, Cynthia, Slumber 
song, Misgiving, etc. 
*netka (I..eopoldine). Austrian pianist and one of the 
most prolific woman composers, was bom at Gun- 
ttamsdorf, near Vienna, Nov. 15, 1811. 

Her first teacher was her mother, with whom she 
°^e such rapid progress that, by the advice of 
Beethoven, she was placed at the age of five years 
■with Joseph Cieray for clucation as a musician. Her 
y '««W"-kahle talent enabled her, while scarcely twelve 
/ years old, to play hi public at Vienna a set of Varia- 
'ona with orchestral accompaniment of her own, 
*«ceiving great credit for her work. 

ijater on she received instruction from Kalkbrenner 
^nd Moscheles, and studied harmony with Sechter. 

She made frequent concert tours, meeting with 
yniversal success. Schumann testifies most flatter- 
^Sly in regard to her excellent playing, in his 
Gesammelte Schriften," vol. IT., page 45- 
Mention is made o£ her and her compositions in 
^Vn,erousbiograj>hical«orks, such as Grove, Mendel, 
:«"eD.ann, Fetis. p^^^, gaptie, Bemsdorf. Gassner, 
**auer,Sclmberth, -sveitanann.etc. 

lo tS4o she removed to Boulogne foi her health. 

aise for cello and piano ; op. lo Vaiiatjons for violin 
and piano ; op. 1 1 Var's concertante, cello and piano ; 
op. 18, 20 and 29 Piano solos with string accompani- 
ment ; op. 25 Concerto for piano and orchestra ; op. 38 
" Souvenir d'Angleterre ", piano solo with orchestra; 
op. 4 and 28 Var's brillante for piano with orchestra ; 
op. 39 Var's in D for Bute and piano ; op. 47 Grand 
Dno, piano four hands ; also a number of pianos solos 
{op. 13, 19, 33, 37, 48, etc.) and various vocal duets 
and son^. 

An operetta "Die Raeaber und die Saenger" was 
successfully performed at Vienna, 1830. 

Blaal* (Teresa de). Italian composer, member of a very 
musical Neapolitan family, her father and brother 
both being composers of note. She published a num- 
ber of sonatas, variations and other works for the 
piano. Died at Florence, April 20, 1868. 

Blauhuth (Jenny). German composer, bom at Leip^g 
April 30, 1862. Pupil of Rcinecke and RusL Held 
a professorship for a number of years at the Karls- 
ruhe Conservatory. Her piano works, although few, 
show great originality, among them being a pretty 
"Serenata," and "Liedohne Worte ". 

Bleltner (Rosa). Bohemian composer, teacher of singing 
at the Prague Conservatory of Music, and author of 
vocal and instrumental music. Among her composi- 
tions may be named a series of songs, numbered opns 

" ..-..-Cooglc- 

Boerner-Sandrlnl (Marie). Germait composer, daughter 

of L. Sandrini, the celebrated soprano. Talented 
pianist and vocal teacher, whose compositions consist 
of a number of songs, among which may be men- 
tioned a pretty Ave Maria for alto and piano. 

Borton (Alice). English contemporary composer. The 
following songs ate published ; — Binding sheaves. 
Hark ! how merrily birds, Oh ! how blest, etc. Also 
an "Andante and Rondo" for piano and orchestra. 
Suite in the olden style, and other piano compositions. 

Booenhoenig (Josephs). Austrian composer and pian- 
ist. Lived at Vienna during the last century, where 
V she received her musical education from such masters 
as Mozart, Koieluch and Richter. Published quite a 
number of piano pieces. 

Bond (Mrs. Carrie Jacobs). American composer and 
writer. Has published in album form; "Seven 
Songs", "Eleven ^mall Songs", "Four Songs'', 
"Some Little Songs", various piano pieces, also 
" Short Stories in Verse ". 

Bo«t (Louise). German writer, bom at Wurzhurg, 1810. 
Published the work " Onecilia, Betrachtunyeii iHer 
Ktiiistuad Mufik" , Wurzburg, 1839. 

Botlano (Helene von). German musician. Writer of 
various piano pieces, published at Bremen (op. 5i *> 
21, etc.). 
BottinI (Marianne Andreozzi, Marquise de). Italian 
composer. Bom at Lucca Nov. 7, ]3o2 ; died there 
Jan. 24, i8j8. Showed great talent in her youth, aJ>d 
received an excellent musical education, her teacher 
being Domenirn n.,;ii.-; RVic lia= .,.,-;ttpn numerous 

for piano with orchestra accompaniment, a cantata 
for chorus (dedicated to the noble family of Orsuici), 
■various overtures, and a number of compositions for 
the voice, the harp, and piano. 

The Academic des Philharmoniques of Bologna 
elected her honorary member. 

Boundy (Kate). 'Writer cf church music (O Lord of 
Hearts, etc.). 

Bourges (Clementine cle). Talented French composer of 
the l6th century ; born at Lyons. The compositions 
of this lady are rajiked by Grove, as well as Mendel, 
with those of the great composers of her time. Her 
complete mastery of varions instruments, and her 
great learning were held in high esteem by her con- 

J. Paix's " Orgeltabulaturbuch '', containing worts 
of the great masters, such as Orlandus Lassus, 
Walther, Senfl, etc., contains an interesting four-part 
chorus "Da bei rami" by this lady. 

She was engaged to Jean de Peyrat, an officer in the 
King's service, who was killed 1560 in a skirmish 
against the Huguenots. Constantly grieving over 
her loss, this remarkable talented woman died the 
following year (Sept. 30, 1561) greatly lamented. 

Bovet (Hermine). German composer ; born at Hoxter, 
Westphalia, 1842. Is the author of a Piano method, 
excellently graded, which is highly recommended by 


Her works consist of the canbitas ; " TTie Lay <tf 
the brmcu Soiarp ' ', for soprano and alto solos, mixed 
chorus and occhestra; " Sandi of Corriemie'', for 
female voices; ^^ Young Loehinvnr", bariton solo, 
mixed chorus and orchestra. Also a "March in E", 
for orchestra ; 8 pieces for violin and piano (Novello), 
various piano compositions, songs and part-songs, 
Boyden (see St. John). 

Brambltta (Marietu), the eminent vocalist and teacher, 
was born 1807 at Cassano, Italy. She is the author 
of " Exercises et Vocalises pour Soprano et piano ", 
and a number of songs, a collection of which is pub- 
lished under the title of "Souvenirs des Alps". She 
died at Milan, Nov. 6, 1S75. 
Brandenstcin (Charlotte von). German composer ; bom 
at ludwigsburg, Wurtemberg, 1750. Her teacher 
■was the celebrated Abbe Vogler at Vienna. She is 
the author of a number of piano compositions, etc. 
A Sonata for ^-iolin and piano was published by 
Vogler, 1 7S0, in his musical journal, and highly com- 
mented on. 
Brande* ("Wilhelmina). Eminent vocalist.. Bom at Ber- 
lin. May 21, 1756 ; died at Hamburg. June 13, 1788. 
Was a talented musician and author of a number of 
songs and arias, as Mell as piano pieces. 
BrandhuratCElise). German ^"^r of piano music and 
songs Cop. 14 Lieb g^^^^^j^j^du. etc.) ^ t,„„i;„>. 

Sheffield, Aug. i6, 1863, is undoubtedly one of Eng- 
land's most talented musician? of the present time. 
Upon the death of her father, on excellent amateur 
violinist, in 1881, she entered as pupil at the Royal 
Academy of Musicians (from 1S81-S8), assisting as 
teacher in the classes of W, Macfarren (piano) and 
Ebenezer Front (harmony and counterpoint). la 
1884 she gained the Potter and several other prizes, 
including the Lucas medal for composition (1888), 
being the first woman to obtain this honor. 

Her compositions, all of which are of a high order, 
reniarkahly well written, consist of two Piano Con- 
certos (A minor and D minor), of which the one in 
D miaor is a work critics speak of as " being full of 
bright and original fancy and melodious inspiration 
of a high order, coupled with excellent workman- 

The delightful second subject of the first movement 
Allegro Moderate, and the succeeding IntermezK) 
(veritable gems), any composer might be proud of. 
The orchestral coloring is exquisite throughout. Of 
her other important works the following may be 
mentioned : — Fantasia in G, for piano and orchestra, 
which was played by the author Way 11, 1S93, at the 
London Philharmonic Concerts, the first instance of 
an orchestral work by a woman being admitted to the 
programme of the society. Other works are ; — A 
Quartet in D, for piano and strings ; 3 Duos for two 

ioumal mentions having heard her at Paris, and 
speaka highly of her talents as a player and composer 
for her instrument. . 

B"ne (Mary D.). Song writer (ttTiat is Summer made 
of. Titania, One I love, Which is the road to Slumber- 
land, etc,)- 
B""l.m.„„ (Minn.). o«n.n compo*' : ^'^ °J^ 

nf a pleasing and light cbaracier. Her ^ 

Feme" liaa been printed in numerous editions. 

number reaches one hundred. 

?■■'••"■= (Jule.). (See Mrs. John Maclarren). 

Br,„„„ (M„e,). ,„.^ J^^..,, ; born a. !•>"■"«; 
Talented pi„i,t, pupil of M<^<- " O" "f " °L' 
»e.Viod for .doptfag . seore to the piano. A nu»b«r 
°f oork. for ,Lin and piano, and harp a"" P»~L 
»™ published by leduc, P.ri>. O' "« T „a "S 
■iMons, those „„ , ■■ Theme by Moari and 

B '^^^ " were very popular. ,,.„ and 

'"""•"".■• (L.^EJ. Englisb -11«'»'> '"S:^,. 
~»P««r. Cllabornted ^itH "", '"c^;'^ Song. 
John Broadwood, in a collection of Conn y ^^^^ 
?■' Surrey and Sussex ■ • , and i" '^i' '^i ^iisii Coun- 
Msitland, in editing and aira-Pi'S „ ""L h«, «•>'- 
^y Song."..d .. Old World S"Ss. J^enamed-- 
^n,„„i„„„„ g^hicbmay"; jjtnd. 

Martinoff and Decker, and later Adolf Henselt. Her 
progress was so remarkable that at the age of twelve 
she was able to give a public concert, at which a com- 
position of her own was most cordially received. 

At the age of fourteen she played from memory 
Chopin's E minor Concerto in public. By advice of 
Henselt, she journeyed to Weimar to become a pupil 
■of Liszt. In offering her letters of introduction, she 
also submitted several of her compositions. Liszt, in 
looking them over, was somewhat skeptical as to their 
being all her own work, and to test her ability dic- 
tated to her the theme of a fugue. Ingeborg finished 
the same on the spot ; and Liszt, after looking over 
the work, was highly pleased and jocularly remarked, 
"You do not look like it"! Ingeborg smilingly 
answered, "Well, I am glad I do not look like a 
Fugue". Such progress was made under Liszt's 
tuition that she was soon considered one of his most 
talented and favorite pupils. 

She made frequent concert tours to Paris, St. Peters- 
T)urg, and the principal German cities. , In 1861 she 
married Hans von Bronsart, the talented Conductor 
and Intendant of the Royal Theatre at Hanover. At 
the latter city, where they settled, Ingeborg von 
Bronsart retired from public life and devoted herself 
entirely to composition. 

Her first opera " Die OoHin lion Saii " was rather 
unsuccessful, the fault lying with the poor libretto, 

Her third opera " Koenig IlUme" was started 1882, 
but not finished before 1891, when its first perform' 
ance took place at Berlin in the presence of the 
Emperor and the entire imperial court. The opera 
scored a success' (although the lihretto is weak), the 
Smperor biTering his personal congratulatioiis to the 
gifted composer. 

Of her other works the most important is her Piano 
Concerto with orchestra accompaniment, which is 
said to be highly interesting. 

Beside the above, she has published a series of 
songs; three works for cello and piano (Noctnrnei 
Elegie, Romanze); Tantasie op. 21 for violin and 
piano ; several male choruses ; various piano compo. 
siliocs. besides other instrumental and vocal music. 

Brown (Jean Patkman). American musician. Author of 
"Intervals, Chords and Ear Training." 

Brucken-Fock (Emilie von). German composer of piano 
pieces and songs (Seligkeit, Bitte, Klage, Schnee- 
glocken, etc.). 

Bruckenth«l (Baroness Bertha von). German composer. 
Author of a "Grand Messe Solenelle '' in F, op. 7, 
for chorus and soli, with orchestra accompaniment, 
which is very well spoken of; also an " Offertorium", 
op. II, for four voices and oi^an ; and "Fange 
lingua ' ', for four voices and organ. 

She has also published a "Romanza". op. 9. ^or 
cello and piano; "Serenade", op. 19, for violin and 

Buggc (Magda). Norwegian pianist and composer, resid- 
ing in America, Has published a number of piano 
pieces and songs with English and Norwegian text 
Most of lier compositions are published by Warmuth. 

Bulow (Charlotte von). German vocal composer. Pub- 
lished a number of Arias for female voices, duets and 

Burde (Jeanette, maiden name MiJder). Bom near Vi- 
enna, Nov. It, 1799; died at Berlin. She was an 
excellent and well known vocal teacher, and author 
of a number of songs (op. 4 Drei Lieder, op. 5 Drei 
Gesaenge, op. 6 Deutsche Gesaenge, etc.). 

Biiry (Agnes). German vocal teacher, author of a num- 
ber of vocal exercises, published by Bahn, Berlin. 

Buttcnatein (Constanze von). German composer of in- 
strumental and vocal music, among which may be 
mentioned an " Ave Maria '' for alto, with orchestra 
or organ and string quartet accompaniment, pub- 
lished by Boesendoerfer, Vienna. 

Caccjni (Francesca), Italian singer, composer and poet, 
was bom at Florence, 1581 or 'S3, her father being 
Giulio Caccini, the celebrated singer and composer, 
from whom she received a thorough musical educa- 
tion. Francesca was for many years the admiration 
and pride of Florence, not only for her musical abili- 
ties, both in singing and in composition, but also for 
her poetry in the Latin and Tuscan languages. Her 
compositions, consisting of part-songs, songs, etc., 
were published at Florence, 1618 ; and her operas, 
"La LibeTOxiene di Rugglero " (performed before the 

were published, attracdag UDtversal and favorable 
attention. In 1660 she entered the convent of St 
Har^erita at Milan, receiving the name of Maria 
Catharina. Her brillant organ playing and her beau- 
tiful singing were the means of drawing large crowds 
to the church connected with the convent. 

Her compositions consist of several Masses for six 
voices with instrumental accompaniment. Vespers, 
and other church music. Also Motets for one voice 
(1659;, Madrigals for one and two voices, Canionettas, 

Calcatt (Maria Hutchins). English musician. Bom in 
1799; died at London, April 3, 1859. Published 
among other works, "The Singers Alphabet, or 
Hints on the English Vowels, etc."', London, 1849, 

Ca rtimack (Amelia). American composer of piano music 
and various songs (Tears, I am waiting, etc.). 

Campbell (Lady Archibald). Contemporary English 
musician. Author of " Rainbow music, the philoso- 
phy of harmony in color grouping ", London, 1886. 

Campbell (Miss Mary Maxwell). English musician. 
Bom in Fife, 1812 ; died at St. Andrews, Jan. 15, 1886, 
Is the author of the well-known ' ' March of the Cam- 
eron Men ". The song had been long assigned to 
others, before Miss Campbell acknowledged and 
proved her authorship. 

Candcllle (Emilie). French vocalist, poetess and com- 
poser. Bom at Paris, 1766. Was the pupil ^t her 
father P. J. Candeille, a dramatic composer of some 

words and music by her, was successfully performed 
attheTheatre Francaise, 1792, She is also the author of 
the comic opera "Ida, V OTpheline de Berlin " (1807). 

Cantello (Annie ; Mrs. Harry Coz). English contempo- 
rary pianist. Born in Nottingham. Pupil of the 
Royal Academy of Music ; winner of the Stemdale 
Bennet prize, i83i, and Lady Goldsmid scholarship, 
iS32. Is the author of a Sonata in £ minor, and 
other pieces for pianoforte. 

Cappianj (Louisa). Talented vocal teacher, resident of 
New York, and author of a number of songs (Ave 
Maria, Darte del Canto, etc.). 

Carew (Lady), wife of Sir Henry Carew, has written a 
number of songs, of which her setting of Longfellow's 
"The Bridge" b considered one of the finest so far 

Caristan (Mad'U. C), French contemporary composer 
of a number of songs and piano pieces, was born at 
Nancy of Creole parents. She is the author of the 
operetta "La Jeunesae d'Hiiydn", of the oratorio 
"Bebeeea" {performed at Paris, 1893), the lyrique 
drama "i'Ame et I'Amour", and the choral work. 
" Ballade du PUingeur " (performed 1895). 

Carmichacl (Mary Grant). Hnglish contemporary com- 
poser ; born at Birkenhead. Pupil of Dr. Prout, 
Walter Bache, Beringer, and Dr. Forges. Her most 
important work is a Mass in E fiat for men's and 
bovs' voices. Olhpr worts arp ■ tliP ontTPttfl " T'.n 

Carrcn« (Teresa), the eminent pianist, was bom of SpaU' 
ish parents at Caraccas, Venezuela, Dec. at, 1853. 
Pupil of Gottschalk. While scarcely nine years old 
she appeared in public at a concert at New York. 
Her compositions consist of a number of songs and 
piano pieces (la Teresita, Souvenir d'Scosse, Barca- 
rolle, etc.). Also a string quartet in B. 

Cartwrlght (Mrs. Robert). English composer of songs 
(Break, break, break, etc,). 

Caruther* (Julia). Song writer (My pansies, etc.). 

Caaella (Mile.). Contemporary Italian composer. A 
grand opera '• Ckrittoforo Gol/imbo" was performed 
1865 at the Theatre Italien at Nice. Further particu- 
lars are wanting. 

Ca«*«n (Miss). English composer and vocalist, lived 
during the latter part of the l8th century. She is the 
authoress of a number of songs of varying merit. 

Caaulana (Maddalena). Italian composer; bom at Bres- 
cia, about 1540. Of hei compositions, two volumes of 
Madrigals for four voices were published 1568 &. 1583. 

Catalan! (Angelica), the celebrated Italian singer, who 
was bom at Sinigaglia, 1783, and died at Paris, i849' 
is the author of a number of songs, of which her bril- 
liant variations, "La Belle Molinara", etc., were 
great favorites with all famous singers. 

Ccrrrm dl Moirte-Varchl (Anna von). Swiss composer; 
bom at Geneva, Tulv U, iS.i.l- Punil of Lyst»erg, 

Suite, etc. Also a number of aonga, and two Sym- 
phonies and an Opera in M.S. 
Chamlnadc (Cecite). This eminent French composer, 
among the foremost of female musicians of our time, 
was bom at Paris, Aug, 8, 1861. Her teachers have 
been Le Conppej, Favard, Marsyck and Godard. 

Her precocious talent showed itself while scarcely 
eight years old, when she wrote a number of sacred 
compositions, on the examination of which Georges 
Bizet predicted for her a brilliant future. 

At the age of eighteen she gave her first public con- 
cert, at which a number of her compositions were pei^ 

V ■-- Ambroise Thomas who was present, remarked 

\ " ' That is not a woman who composes, but a composer 

' — ''' Refinement and elegance of detail, as well as 
piquant melody and originality in rhythm, are the 
leading characteristics of all the compositions by this 
lady. There is always a conspicuous absence of the 
commonplace in her compositions, and at ttae present 
time there are very few male composers France can 
boast of whose works compare with those of Chamin- 
ade's, and not one whose compositions are so widely 
Jcnown and played as hers, and find such a ready sale. 
A list of her works (her juvenile efforts, which she 
Ihas withdrawn, are not mentioned) is as follows : 
>' ' Let Amaioiieg ' ', symphony lyrique, for chorus and 
orchestra (first performance April 18, 1888); "La 
BetlOane", opera comique, in one act, in M.S. " CaU 

Prelude, Scherzettino. Numerous arrangements exist 
of this Suite. 

Next in importance is lier " Concerttt^ei:" , op. 40, 
for piano and orchestra, which was plaTed for the 
first time by the author at one of the famous Lamou- 

Her two Trios for piano, violin and cello, op. 11, ia 
G minor, and op. 34 in A minor, show considerable 
knowledge of form, and are most effectively written, 
the themes of both being very original and striking. 

Of her violin compositions the following deserve 
special mention ; — Capriccio op. 1 8 (very pretty, dedi- 
cated to Maisick), an "Andantino", "Romanza", 
and a " Bohemienne ", 

Miss Chaminade has also written a number of com- 
positions for two pianos 4 and 8 hands (op. 36 No. i 
Intermede, No. a Pas de Cymbales ; op. 40 Coacert- 
stiick arranged with a second piano ; op. 59 Andante 
«t Scherzettino, etc.); and for one piano 8 hands 
"Noce d'Argent". Piano Duets are as follows: — 
Op. 55 six pieces Romantiques, consisting of ; No. r, 
Primavera ; No, 2, I.^ Chaise a Porteurs ; No. 3, 
Idylle Arabe ; No. 4, Serenade d'Autumne ; No. 5, 
.Danse Hindoue ; No. G, Rigaudon ; op. 73 Valae Car- 
nevalesque ; op. ixi Pastorale Enfantine, etc. 

Miss Cbaminade's piano compositions are quite 
numerous, and consist in part of the following 
works ; — Op. 21 Sonata in C minor, op. 23 Minuetto, 
op. S4 Libellules, op. 28 Etude Symphonique (very 
pretty), op. 29 Serenade on 3° Air de Ballet No. 1, 
™, ,..-...i*~_- .' „. i„j.,- „rffollverv 

Second Valse, op. 78 Prelude, op. 80 Third Valse 
brilliant, op. 81 Terpsichore, op. 81 Chanson Napoli- 
taine, op. 83 Ritoumelles, op. 85 Vert Gallant, op. 
86 Ballade, op. 87 six pieces Humoiistique, op. 83 

Of her songs a ■well-known critic writes : " They 
possess a most winning grace, united with an origin- 
ality in the melodic leading and rhythmic structure, 
that raise them far above the ordinary. Her music 
breathes the true romantic spirit of the poems by 
which it is inspired ; ber melody is neither trite nor 
affected, and is gracefully bomeon flnent, well-chosen, 
and finely blended harmonies." 

Among her most popnlar songs may be men- 
tioned : — April, Amoroso, As in October, Berceuse, 
Captive love, Invocation, Madrigal, Ritoumelle. Ser- 
enata, Colette, Birds Noel, Ideal, Silver ring. My 
Neighbor, etc. 

Also vaHons vocal duets and part-son^ for women's 

Charlotte (Friederike Wilhelmine Louise, Princesse rf 
Saxe-Meiningen). Bom at Berlin, June 27, 1831 ; 
died March 30, 1855. Talented dilettanti, whose 
teachers were Tanbert, KuHak and Stern. Wrote a 
number of military marches, songs and piano pieces. 

Charlotte (Princesse of Saxe-Meiningen), daughter of the 
late Emperior Frederick III. of Geraianv. Born Tulv 

" solo, a piano solo, an organ concerto, and as a 
lale, a " Forest Ecene " for French horns and tini- 
Ch«v^'' ^^ orchestra she conducted petfeonally. 

* (Nanine,neePaiis). French writerr'' Has invented, 

^'w the collaboration of her husband, a system of 

^"acal noUtion resembling the English Tonic Sol- 

^- This system has been the subject of much con- 

^versy in Prance, but through the persisting energy 

o* Mad. Cheve' it has made such hea.lway that the 

™n>e 18 now allowed to be used in the Paris communal 

b ^?^^' "^^ '^Ptation for English use has been made 

K^- -^"drade and G. Bullen. 

-Mad. Cheve ia also the author of the following 

orfcs : '. Nou^pUg Theorie dea Accords ". and " Tal^- 


<:*•«« ?w-f^'^ ^' Bois-Colombes, near Paris. June .S, 1868. 

•*» CWilhelnjine). German writer. Bom at Berlm, 

t« i"- ^'^'^ "t Geneva, 1856. Wrote the librettos 

;« Webei-s opera ■' Euryantht", and Schubert s 

";r*'''"« C^rs. c F ). American composer ot songs 
Me most T^^_ . -^„ ., .,:__ .,,„ ,1.- niffbt shi 

e most ■ 

told a 

— \— -i.s. ^. p j_ American composci «■ =-> 

..„„ ?' i*«Pular of these being "In the night she 


Gnis, Durand, Brandufi, Lemoine, etc., the most im- 
portant is her "Ballet Oriental", which has been 
frequently played at the Theatre National de I'Opera. 
Christ (Fanny). German composer and zither player. 
Published a number of compositions for this instru- 

Chuppln (Emma). French writer ; bom at Caen, iSlo. 
Published a number of works on music, among which, 
may be mentioned one on " Norman Music ". 

Cinnchcttln) (Veronica). Bohemian composer and tal- 
ented pianist. Bom at Czaslau, 1779 ; died at Lon- 
don, 1833. She was a sister of J. L. Diissek, the cele- 
brated pianist and composer. Received an excellent 
musical education from her father, and played with 
success in public at quite an early age. Scarcely 
eighteen years old she settled at London, where sbe 
married in 1797 Francesco Ciancbettini, a well-known 
musician. Mer compositions consist of several Piano 
Concertos, Sonatas, and other miscellaneous works 
for the piano. 

Clbblnl (Katherina). German composer ; born at Vienna, 
1790 ; daughter of the celebrated composer and Impe- 
rial Chapelmaster Leopold Kozeluch, who was her first 
teacher, finishing her studies with Muiio Clementi, 
She was a most talented pianist, and her composi- 
■" tions, showing considerable merit, consist of ; — Intro- 
duction and Variations in B, Impromtu in E, Marche 
and Trio, six Valses, etc. Also a Grand Trio for two 

-■VuSw '^ Murray). English writer and vocal teacher. 
'SS4- .Z """" ^ ^'"^' '" Siiging,'' London, 
'^'arkeT-' "^""^ songs. 

*l«n fC *^°'*"^^«")- Engl^Ii writer ; bom at I^n- 
pose'r ^H ^^"8''^ of Vincent Novello, the com- 
'amoiis ..'i P"^'"^*!". Mrs. Clarke compiled the 
*'><1 poetrv* ^^^^^"^^ Concordance"; wrote novels 
*^^^ auth ' ^'*^ ^" edition of Shakespeare, and is 
"Life a°^^ "^^ ^^ interesting biographical work, 
1864. Tr , "" of Vincent Novello", London. 
■"wsical j^."^ '^ a number of important works on 
sketch •' ^ju°^'' ^"'^ published an autobiographical 
CI*yto„ (-j^j^ ^^ '""9 !'> '■, London, 1896. 

^am) j*^"*" Creathome ; married name Mrs. Need- 
^^ pubirh^ ^*"'^' *"*^ novelist ; born Dublin, 1833. 
someo/ th "Queens of Song", being memoirs of 

appeared '"'^t celebrated female vocalists who have 
opera to tj, " ^^^ Jyric stage from the earliest days o£ 
don, rfii5, ^ present time. 2 vols., published at Lon- 

at ft'ag-ue rj-f CWiihelmine'). Bohemian pianist, bom 
P'anists of ^■'' ^**34. One of the foremost lady 

'ations of th "*" "'"^* resident of Paris. Her interpre- 
finest. fi^at masters is considered among the 

""^i'Sra^^^S^ ^«<a edited a number of '^^'^'^^l 
,^ P<«'<.oaa «^ f^J' c^^^iitable ^^^er. Her o-^u com- 
""«"< fMarv-) ' ""^Anly for the piano. 


Cocci*) (Maria Roaa). Italian composer, born at Rome 
175^- Slie was an excellentaad talented musician and 
famous as a contrapuntist Scarcely 15 years old, she 
passed most successfully a very ctitical esaminatton, 
admitting her to the post of chapelmaster. 

A biographical work was published at Rome in 
1780 entitled, " Elogio storico della Signora Maria 
Rosa Coccia, Romana, maestro publica di capella, 
Accademiea Filarmonica di Bologna, etc.", which 
contains, beside other valuable niaterial, a number of 
important letters by Padre Martini, Metastasio and 
Carlo Brosbi. Her writings consist of church com- 
positions, a treatise on harmony, etc. 

Colbrcn (Isabella Angela). Celebrated. Spanish vocalist ; 
bom at Madrid, Feb. 2. 1785. An excellent contralto 
singer, first wife of Rossini, who wrote for her the 
operas " Elizabetta ", " C'eiierentola ", and " Barbier 
de Semglia". She is the composer of a number of 
Italian songs and other vocal compositions. Her 
death occurred at Bologna, Oct. 7, 1845. 

Cole (Charlotte). Contemporary English vocalist and 
composer of a number of pleasing songs and ballads. 

Collctt (Sophia Dobson). English composer of church 
music. Bom in London, 1821 ; died March 27, 1894. 
The author of a number of part-songs and other vocal 


thou, Foolish little maiden, etc.); music to "Pierrot", 
snd compositions for violin and piano. 

Conrot (Alice). French musician and writer. Author of 
the work, "Abrege' de I'histoire de la musique et des 
principaux compositeurs", published by Lajoye-Tia- 
sot, 1876. 

Contin (Mme.). Italian composer, of whom Artaria, 
Vienna, published "Variations" for piano with string 
accompaniment, and other works. 

Cook (Catherine). Song writer. 

Cook (Eliza). English poete-w and song writer ; bom at 
London, 1818. Regular contributor to the literary 
magazines of her day ; was given a literary pension in 
1S64. Her compositions, consisting of a number of 
pleasing ballads, have met «ith considerable favor. 
She is the author of the words of many of the most pop- 
ular ballads by Blockly, Dempster, Glover and others. 

Cook* (Edith). English writer of a number of pleasing 
songs, among which may be mentioned ; — In thy 
presence. The broken story, Two marionettes, The 
King's jester, etc. 

Coomb* (Mary Woodhull). American song writer (Lam- 
entation, The secret, With thee, etc.) 

Correr (Countess Ida). Italian contemporary composer, 
resident of Padua. Is the author of the three-act 
opera ''Jl CondoJiej-a ", frequently performed in her 
native city, 

Coziolinl (Cbiara Margarita). Italian composer. Lived 
during the first half of the 17th century as a Sister at 

Crament (J. Maude). English composer of a number of 
songs (Endymioii, Spells, Love's seasons, etc.). 

Crane (Helen C). American composer of piano music 
(Novelettes op, 3, Spring song, etc,). 

Crane (Julie Ettie). Principal of the Crane Normal In- 
stitute, Potsdam, N. V. An eKcellent and successful 
teacher. Author of a valuable little " Music Teacher's 
Manisal ' ' , for the u-se of teachers in public schools. 

Crawford (Alethea B.) American writer, who in colabo- 
ration with Alice Chapin has publishe<l a collection of 
"Letters from Great Musicians to Young People", 
Series I and II. 

Crawford (Rebecca). American writer, sister of Alethea. 
Author of the interesting little volumes: "Miwicians 
in Rhyme for childhoodtime", "Musical Messages" 
and "Musical Encour^ements", 

Cretl (Mariana de Rocchis). Italian composer and harp- 
player, of whom the following works appear in print; 
— op. 5 Duetto for flute, cello and harp; op. STerzetto, 
for piano and harp; op. i Rondo brillante, fori harps; 
op. 6 La mia letizia, for harp and violin; op. 7 Lucre- 
zia, for harp and violin; op. 13 Broani, for 3 harps; 
also a number of harp solos (op, 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 12, 
16,17,18, etc) 

Crown i TIE* h(«rd (Mrs. Mary Bradford). American com- 
poser of songs. (There is a land mine eye hatli seen; 
Thy heart shall know me, etc.) Also carols and 
other church music. 

Cuman ITJnTrift Tihanns T.n...-<>e1 nor.icl. ^„^i^i„r, 

-Author of ' ■ =- 

how ielolq!,^'''^"^'''^ Voices: How harmed and 
<^hh>,r~..-"' * ^"^* °f "Rote Souks": and 

^""llon UM-.U r>_ T, _ _ . . ... , 

'ration with Dr. H. E. Palmer has edited and 

"SMuT- ""^ "Palmer-Curtis Series of Sight Read- 
*-" "-^wer, (la^ ™^ for Public Schools ". 

'*^*'''n wh ■^""'^ -f^y '^'^g)- ■*■ nat'™ of 

■Was an h'* ^^'' ^^'^" practised as a solicitoi. She 
■*^J»ich ah^ .^'"'^■' "f Ol« Tonic Sol-fa system, 

-Author of ''^^"^ "■ principle to pianoforte teaching. 
— ■«^rfce« "^^^ *^ild Pianist", London, i866, a 
^•"»' CreJ „ ^"■^•y -^ and adopted. 

'wsted m ^^? ^^- Alois Schmitt, wife of the cele- 

U ^*eep i^ sicianj German composer of songs : — 

•*■ f-dnn^f *'*art ; Stars are brighUy beaming, etc. 

^°iong- j^-'- French writer; died at Paris, 1711- 

^utes f^f "iimerous writings, a dissertation on the 

0-. "'reiice ■• ancients, inserted in her edition of 

, '^*niijgj • ^leserves special mentiiin. 

. '^ at fij . Danish composer and talented singer; 

^■st of 3 nil ''' '^P'^^ ^t ^^'9- H^r compositions con- 

°''». Ciiris/^'*'' '^*' pretty songa, published at Stock- 

'>*tnu^^' '^ a*»(l Copenhagen, and a set of vocal 

.*""ter of "'^-'- C3^,_„an contemporary composer. 

«f^"'^«'^te/'f!^'^*- -Q-f piatio compositions of a pleas- 

"•-"o^.^ ^- ^ =^^^o^me,op.5Z^geuBerCap^.ce, 

'"" '^"•a»^rC"«t* _ „^Montalant.) French singer 

the Paris Conservatoire ; this position she resigned in 
1856, and retired to Chantilly, where she died (1863). 
Cinti-Damoreau published a number of songs CL« 
Depart, I'Oublie, la Religeuse, etc.), and an excellent 
and popular " Methode de Chant", which she dedi- 
cated to her numerous pupils. Her daughter married 
Mr. Weckerlin, the learned musician. 

Danzlger (Ijaura). American composer ; pupil of Gems- 
beim and Bussler. Wrote a Sonata for cello and 
piano, and various piano compositions (Mazurka, In 
the Spring, Gypsy 1-ife, etc.) 

Davie* (Llewela). Welch contemporary composer ; born 
at Brecon, South Wales. Pupil of Macfarren. Her 
compositions comprise three Sketches for orchestra, a 
Quartet for strings, various songs, etc. A Sonata in 
E, for violin and piano, which is highly praised by 
critics, was successfully performed at the Musical 
Artists' Society, London, March, 1S94, 

Miss Davies gained admission to the R. A. M., 1887, 
by winning the John Thomas Scholarship. While 
pupil of said academy she took, among other prizes, 
the Macfarren Scholarship, 18921 the Lucas Medal, 
1894, for composition ; and the Medal of the Worship- 
ful Company of Musicians, 1S93. 

Djivis (Miss). English writer of songs: — Footsteps of 
angels, Night hymn at sea. When Spring unlocks the 
flowers, etc. Also a number of sacred songs and 

Davia (Mrs. Gabriel, bom Marianne Davis). English 
composer, who died at Littlemore, Oxford, July l3. 

■>««lek«ni (Sophie). Danish composer, A number of her 

=ongs are published by Hansen, of Copenhagen. 
■**'chmann (Julie). German composer of songs:— 
Grundlos ; Was bleibt ; Meerfrau ; etc.). 
«l«waJ (Madame). A French harpist, and composer of 
a cantata entiUed, " I^es Adieus de I'intorlune' Louis 
XVI. a son peuple", which was repeatedly performed 
with success at London, 17^- Published harp music 
and a number of French songs. 
Dell-Aqua (Eva). Contemporary Italian composer, 
daughter of the distinguished painter Cesare Dell' 
Aqua, who has long resided at Brussels. Eva Dell' 
Aqua has published a number of songs that are very 
popular, such as ■'Villanelle". Some of her other 
meritorious songs are :-Pourquoi rever ; Virelai ; 
Chazel ; Menuet ; Reproche ; Quand Meme ; etc.' 

Her operetta -L/i BackeUtte" was received with 

esrceptional favor at the Theatre des Galeriea Sainte 

Hubert, Eriissels. A comic opera " Tavibour baltant ■' 

"s fo be performed shortly. 

"•J««t frrermfne) daughter of the celebrated actress 

^J^t, has ^-tten a one act operetta "U Bi'^ble 

^»«", which was perionned for the first time at 

IVis, ZS59 

Dickson (Ellen). English composer. Bom at Wool- 
■wicll,l8i9; died at Lyndhurst, England, July 4, 1878. 
Under the nom-de-plum of "Dolores", Hiss Dick- 
son has published a large number of songs that have 
acquired a considerable amountof popularity in their 
day, and some of them are even now en vogue. 
Among these may be mentioned ; — All yesterday I 
was spinning, Destiny, Tell her not, The land of long 
ago, Unchanged. Her most popular song is her brook 
song " Clear and cool". 

Dietrich (Analia). German composer ; bom at Dresden, 
May 2, 1838. Talented pianist, who played in public 
when only eight years old. Published a number of 
piano pieces and songs (Schneegliickcheu, etc.). 

Oilier (Angela), Americau composer and pianist ; pupil 
of MacDowell. Author of a number of songs and 
^- piano pieca (Gigue in B, etc.). 

Dolby (see Sainton- Dolby). 

Colore* (see Dickson). 

Donald* (Belle). American composer of piano music 
and songs (My love, bonny bride, etc.). 

Donaldson (Elizabeth). .Contemporary writer of instru- 
mental and vocal music (Can I forget, and various 
other songs). 

Draper (Mrs. J. T.). American contemporary composer 
of songs and sacred music : — There is a fold whence 
none can stray, The shadows of the evening hour. 
Just as I am, Magnificat, Deum I^audamus, etc 

^usical celebrities during the first twenty years of 

^ century. As a writer of romances and chansons . 

J- ^ "^ s great reputation, more than 300 being pub- 

^^ ^^', some of which (I'Ange guardien ; Penses-tu 

^ ^ ce soil aimer, etc.) were made very popular by 


th "^ ^' ^■'" American contemporary writer. Au- 
lorof the " Story of Major C ", a little work on har- 
■ Oufti'T"^ '" "■'"■<" » tie form of a .tory. 

"" (Lady Helen Selina). wife of Lord Dufterin. 
^^^ '" Irelarid, 1807 ; died June 13. 1867- She is the 
2'=>I>o«,r of a M „, [,„ ,„g, „d two duet. (1833); 
so seta of twelve and seven songs (1833- 39). and ten 
of fh** ^'^ 'Contralto (1860. Of her songs, " Lament 
]^^^^"sh emigrant" and '■ Dnblin Bay " are widely 

" Dui"'."?'"'' Frenchwriterandcomposer.ofwhom 
a * « J^nbois Paris, pnblish several methods and 

Varia™ "' instrumental pieces, such as Rondos, 

""port i'!tr'"^' *"''' other instructive works. 

l/vo» ■""'-'■ Knraion composer; bom at Dorpat, 

"-'•M I ,^^'>Iished » nnmber of piano compositions 

„J' ''°"«m.,„« (M«l. 1. Baronne). Talented 

" " p.„„ „„^>i„ Anthor of "Si-". ^O" 

T"' ""ncl, „„sici.n Anthor of "«»•" ^»- 
J"""""'""., I,«rf«„nea at Antwerp ".^ *»-» 

""wcftrtljosefirra ^, .. ri relebrated singer. 

*»nat Jral""^ lasunhacher]. CeleOr _,^ 

-■» W„r l^f^"' "rsS, and aie<l<l>er« •',";„ tccanre 

its brilliant reception at Prague, Oct. 14, 1787, was 
secured. Mozart wrote for her the concert aria ' ' Bella 
mia fiamma", and she was the first to sing in public 
Beethoven's "Ah perfido". 

Duaaek (Sophia). Born at Edinburgh, 1775 ; daughter 
of Domenico Corri, an eminent Italian teacher. In- 
structed by lier father, she at a very early age pet- 
formed in public. In 17SS the family removed to 
^ London, where in 1792 she married J. L. Dussefc, the 

celebrated pianist and composer, under whose instruc- 
tion she became an able pianist and harpist. Pub- 
lished many pieces for piano and harp. 

DuMck (Olivia). (See Buckley). 

Duacck (Veronica), (See Cianchettini). 

Duval (Mile,) Was a singer at the Grand Opera, Paris, 
and in great repute about the year 1720. Wrote the 
music to the ballet " Le» Genus", which was per- 
formed at the Grand Opera, 1736. This was tbe first 
work by a female composer to be performed at this 
conservative institution. Also the author of a vocal 
instruction book : "Methode agreable et utile pour 
apprendre tacilement a chanter juste et avec gout, 
etc.", Paris, 1741. Madame Duval died at Paris, 1769. 

Eastlakc (Lady Elizabeth). English writer. Born 1816 ; 
died 1852. Author of "Music and the Art of 
Dress", London, 1852. 

Eaton (Frances). English composer of "The FireSlave ", 
cantata for chorus, solj and piano, and various other 

gp^at success at the Gloucester Musical Festival iBgi, 
the soprano solo being sung by Madame Nordica, 

Also wrote the cantata " Etj/aium ", for soH, chorus 
and orchestra (Gloucester Festival, 18S9), and " Ileury 
of Savarre", for men's voices, 1894; various part- 
songs, duets, songs, etc. 

Among her other important works may be men- 
tioned : — Dramatic overture for orchestra (Gloucester, 
1886; Crystal Palace, 1891 ; etc); Concert overture 
(St. James' Hall, i386) ; Festival overture (Cheltenham 
Festival, 1893); Fantasia in A minor for piano and 
orchestra (Gloucester Festival, 1895). 

Her compositions have secured her an honorable 
place among women compo.sers. 

Erdm«nn«doerf«r {Pauline, nee Fichtner). German com- 
poser ; born at Vienna, June 28, 1847, Excellent 
pianist, pupil of Liszt. Played with great success in 
public, and was appointed Court pianist to the Grand 
Duke of Weimar. Married in 1874 to Max Erdmanns- 
doerfer, the well-known composer and Kapellmeister. 
Published a number of piano pieces and songs (Braut- 
hed, Tiirkische Liebeslieder, etc.). Also "Zwei Fan- 
tasiestiicke ' ' for violin and piano. 

Esehborn (Nina). German composer and excellent harp 
player. Is the author of ; — Alpenlieder, Valse Es- 
pagnole, etc., for voice and piano; several vocal , 
dnets, and a number of compositions for the barp. 

EsLibrooh (G ). American contemporary composer of 

Fabrc (Marie). Fench contemporary composer of piano 
music (Mouches et Papillons, Reponds Moi, etc.). 

Fahrbach (Henrietta). Geiman composer; daughter of 
the well-known dance composer, Fahrbach. Pub- 
lished quite a number of compositions, among which 
may be mentioned : — Op. 7 Idylle, op. 9 Reverie, op. 
II CharacteistUck, op. 12 Idylle, op. 50 three songs, 

f al»t (Clara). Geiman composer of a number of songs : — 
Altdeutsches Lied, Wiegenlied, Vie! tansend Bliim- 
lein, Ingeborgs Lied, etc. 

fare (Florence). English writer of a number of popular 

Farley (Marion). AmeHcai) composer of songs (Night 
Song, Coming of the Song, To a Rose, etc.). 

Farrcnc (Jeanne Louise, maiden name Dumont). French 
composer; bom at Paris, May 31, 1804. Pupil of 
Reicha Oiarmony), and Moschetes and Hummel 
(piano). One of the most remarkable and talented 
female composers of her century. At an early age 
she composed both for the orchestra and piano, and 
after studying harmony with Reicha, published num- 
erous compositions of sterling merit. Schumann in 
reviewing her Variations op. 17 was so impressed with 
Iheir excellency that he at first doubted their being 
ber own unassisted work. 

Her two Symphonies and three Overtures for full 
orchestra, as well as several of her more important 

A list of her compositions is as follows : — Two 
Symphcmies for large orchestra ; three Overtures for 
orchestra ; a Nonet and Sextet for strings; two Quin- 
tets (op. 30, 31), for piano, violin, alto, cello and bass; 
several Trios for piano, violin and cello ; a Trio for 
r piano, clarinet and cello, op. 44 ; a Trio for piano, 
( flute and cello, op. 45 ; several Sonatas (op. 37, 39), 
i and other pieces for violin and piano ; various Sona- 

I ?T tas for cello and piano ; a number of piano solo com- 

^3 positions, as well as for 4 hands, and various songs. 
I 2^ The following works are for flute and piano : — Opus 
I U 15, 16, 19, la, 21 and 22. 

I 2 Fairenc is the editor and compiler of " Le Tre$or 
SS des PianistfS ", a. remarkable collection of ancient and 
O modern piano music, published in ao parts by Leditc 
Q of Paris, from 1861-1872. 

OS This real anthology of music contains the chefs- 

5 d'ceaire of all the classical masters of the clavecin 
fYf and piano from the 16th century down to Weber and 
7 Chopin, as well as more modem works of the highest 
t^ value. The collection will always remain a most 
remarkable and valuable work. 

She has also published the highly valuable compile- 
tion, " Traite des Abbreviations, employes par les 
Clavecinisles dn XVII et XVIII Siecles ", reviewing 
the works of Bull, Byrd, Orlando Gibbons, Paradies, 
Purcell, Rameau, Schwanenberg. Zipoldi, et^^- 

In 1873 she retired on a State pension ; a»d died at 
Paris, Sept, 15, 1875. Her daughter— 
Farrcnc (Victorine Louise), who was bom at Paris, Felj_ 

Fay (Amy). American musician and author of "Music 
Studj in Germany ", an interesting, gossipy work on 
music life in Germany. The book has passed through 
several editions. 

Fechnar (Pauline). Polish contemporary composer and 
talented pianist. Published quite a number of piano 
pieces, among which may be named ; — Op. 7 Valse 
brill ; op. 8 Caprice ; Reverie, etc. 

Fclacnthal (Amalie). German composer ; bom at Iser- 
lohn, 1841. Has published a number of piano pieces, 
but is best known by her excellent children songs, of 
which op. 8 and 9, a set of fifty have been translated 
and published as " Dorothy's Son({s " (London). 

Ferrari (Carlotta). Italian composer ; bom at Lodi, Jan. 
27, 1S37. Pupil of Mazzucato, Strepponi and Pozzini 
at the Milan Conservatory, Talented writer of dra- 

Her fiist opera, " Ugo", was finished in 1857, but 
such were the objections to her sex by the various 
managers to whom she presented her work that, in 
order to secure its public performance, she was obliged 
to pay the entire expense of the first performance, 
which occurred at the Santa Radagonda Theatre, 
Milan, July 24, 1857. The opera scored an emphatic 
and complete success, and from that time on man- 

eioned to write a Cantata in honor of the visit of a 
Roman Deputation at Turin. 

Besides the above works, Farrari has published a 
number of songs and part-songs, among which are a 
nnmber in Canon form, of which she is said to be one 
of the greatest masters. They consistof "Six Canons" 
lor three voices and piano, "Twelve Canons" for three 
voices, pubhshed by Breitkopf & Hartel, and "Six 
Melodies in Canon form", published by Ricordi. Pou- 
gin speaks of her talent as remarkable. 

Ferrari (Gabriella). Talented contemporary French com- 
poser, pupil of Ketten, Dubois and Gounod. Wrote 
a number of orchestral works (Suites Symphoniques, 
etc.), various piano pieces (Rhapsodic Espagnole, 
Papillons, Menuet Louis XIV etc.), and a number of 
songs (A une fiancee; Sous bois; La songe du poete; 
I'Aimee). Also a comic opera "£« Dernier amour", 
which was performed for the first time at the Theatre 
Mondain, June ii, 1895. 

Fichtnar, see Erdmannsdoerfer. 

FttzBcralrf (Lady Edward) is the author of a number of 
pretty songs (I remember how my childhood fleeted 

rretcher (Alice C.) Assistant in American Ethnology. 
Peabody Museum, Harvard University. Author of 
a very interesting article on "A study of Omaha In- 
dian music", published with numerous music illustra- 

and Anthems'' were written for service at Finsbiity 
Chapel, London. 

Flotow (Martha von). Daughter of the opera composer 
Flotow ("Mart/ii", " SlTadella" , ^tc.} has written a 
number of pleasing songs, published b; Sulzbacb, 

Fob (Eugenia). French writer, author of the work "Lts 
Petite Sfusieians", Paris, 1S40, which contains biogra- 
phical notices of Palestrina, Michael Lambert, Tar- 
tini, Joseph Haydn, Naumann and Mozart. 

Fodor (Josephine Mainviell) the celebrated vocalist, born 
at Paris 1793, is the author of the work: "Reflexions 
et Conseils sur I'ari: du chant". Paris, Perrotin 1857. 

Folvllle Quliette). Belgian composer and gifted violinist, 
bom at Liege, January 6, 1870. Composed a set of 
orchestral suites < Scenes Champetre, Scenes d'Hiver, 
etc.), a Violin concerto and other compositions of 
merit. Her opera "Atalii" was performed at Lille, 
1893, with considerable success. 

Fortey (Mary Comber). English contemporary pianist 
and composer, author of "How to teach the piano- 
forte to young beginners", London, 1883, and writer 
of a number of songs (Castles in Spain; Going to 
sleep; etc.) 

Fortmague (Baroness de). Composer of an opera "Bi- 
anca TorHUt" , which was produced at Toulouse, 
France 1897. 

Fowlcm (Margaret P.) Contemporary English pianist, 
organist and conductor of the Ryde (Isle-of- Wight) 
Choral Union, the concerts of which she conducted 

Francof* (Emmy von). German composer. Writer of 
marches for military band, and various piano com- 

Frazer (Mrs. Allan H.). Contemporary song writer 
(Cupid in the garden, Hush thee, etc. 

Freudenbarg (Frl. von). German writer. Published in - 
1728, at Leipzig, a theoretical work, " Kurze Anfueh- 
nuig zuin Generalbass ". A second edition was 
printed 1733, a third 1744, and a fourth, revised, 1753. 

Frlcker (.iVnne). English composer and poetess ; bom 
about l8!o. Writer of many pleasing songs, of which 
"Fading away" first brought her into notice. Among 
herother songs may bementioned: — A Harvest Hymn, 
Angel of peace, Regret, Autumn breezes, Phyllis fair, 

Fruconl (Bertha). Italian composer, of whom Ricordl 
publishes a number of piano compositions. 

Gabrlet (Mary Ann Virginia), English composer. Bom 
at Banstead, Feb. 7, 1835 ; died at London, Aug. 7, 
1877, from the effects of a carriage accident. Her 
teachers were Pixis, Dohler, Thalberg and Molique, 
Wrote a number of cantatas, of which the best known 
are : — " Evangeline ", " Dreamland ", and " Grazi- 
ella"; and the operettas " Widoie'i Bewitched^' (had 
along run in 1867), " Qra»» Widom", •' Shep!ierd of 
Comoviailli »" , "Wio'» the Rtir", and '^ A Rainy 
Day". Also a number of part-songs and piano 
pieces. Miss Gabriel is best known by her n 

writer of several operas, of which her first, " Le» deue 
Jaloux", opera comique, was successfully performed 
at Paris, 1813; and another, "Angela", was written 
with the colaboration of Eoieldieu. Two other operas 
are; "Mile, de Launay'', opera comique (first per- 
foimance Theatre Feyden, 1813); aud "La MeprUe " 
(1818J. Her last opera, "La ISeTtnadt" , scored a 
great success at Paris, 1818. 

She is the author of the well-known barcarolle 
"O Pescator dell'onda ", aud of a number of pretty 
songs (" Vous qui priez, pries pour moi ", very popu- 
lar); also part-songs and piano pieces. 
Gallolm (Mme. Fhillippe). French contemporary com- 
poser. Published a number of songs and piano 
pieces. Several Ballets have been frequently played 
by the Paris theatres. 
G«llonj (Adolfa). Italian composer of vocal and instru- 
meutal music, and author of the opera, "/ quattra 
Garcl« d« Bcriot (see Malibran). 

G«achln- Rosenberg (Countess Fanny). German com- 
poser ; bom at Thorn, 181S. Excellent piaaist, pupil 
of Liszt, Thalberg and Henselt ; created a sensation 
by her excellent and brilliant playing. Her composi- 
tions consist of a number of piano pieces, among 
which may be mentioned a very popular " Reverie"; 
also op. 9 Charme brise, op. 10 Poeme Harmonique, 
op. II Bourrasque niusicale, etc. 
Gates (Alice Avery). American writer of songs (Bitter 

sweet, June slumber, etc.). 
Cay (Marie Sophie). French composer. Bom at Paris, 

piano, theory and haimony. Mrs. GaynOT's songs 
are bright and appeal to those who appreciate whole- 
some sentiment without mawkish nonsense. Among 
her compositions are an "Album of Seven Songs", 
"Rose Song Collection ", etc. 

In addition to songs, Mrs. Gajnor has written piano 
music, quartets for male and female voices, etc. 

Geigcr (Constanie). German composer ; daughter of 
Joseph Geigi:!, the composer of the opera " Wliitta" ; 
born at Vienna, 1S36. Appeared as an infant prodigy 
in public, giving piano recitals while scarcely 6 years 
old, creating quite a sensation by her playing. 

Of her published works, consisting of vocal and in- 
strumental compositions, the following deserve men- 
tion : — Op. 4 Ave Maria, for soprano solo, chorus and 
organ ; op. 6 Duettino for tenor and bass with piano ; 
op. 3, 3 and 9 a series of waltzes ; op. 15 Romaoze, 
and a set of Nocturnes. 

Genii* (Countess Stephanie Felicite). French composer, 
born at Champcerie 1746, died 1830. A very taleoted 
amateur, playing with rare skill a number ot instru- 
ments. Author of a method for the harp, and a num- 
ber of compositions for the harp and other instru- 

Gcrmaln (Sophie). French writer, bom at Paris 1776, 
died 1831. Was an eminent mathematician, and has 
written several valuable works on the laws of vibra- 
tion and kindred subjects. 

Cibcon (Louisa). English writer, bom in London 1833, 
Author of "A First Book on the Theory of Music, 

GicyckB>Zaniay«k« (Conntess Ludmilla). Hungarian 
composer, bom at Tymau, residing at Vienna. Pupil 
of Nottebohm, Heubei^r and Robert Fuchs. Her 
compositions, frequently played in public, consist in 
part of ; — Op. i Polish Melodies, op. i Eight Songs, 
op. 3 Three Serenades, op. lo Sarabande and Gavotte, 
op. II Ballade Polonaise, Op. 12 Petite VaJse, op. iS 
Roccoco Gavotte, and a number of songs. 

Gleacon (Mary W.), Song writer. 

Clen (Annie). Bom of English parents at Agra, India, 
Aug. 14, 1859. An excellent musician, and author of 
"How to Accompany", an interesting little work; 
and " Music in itsSociaJ Aspect". 

Clover (Sarah A.). English musician and teacher. Bom 
at Norwich, 1785; died at Malvern, Oct. 20, 1867. 
She invented the Tonic Sol-fa system of musical nota- 
tion, which Curwen afterwards modified and changed 
until its present form was reached. 

Although no doubt the success of the system is due 
to Curwen 's constant labors in its cause, credit must 
be given Miss Glover for inventing a system which is 
beyond doubt the one most satisfactory to the teacher 
who has large numbers of pupils to deal with. She 
published "A Manual of the NoTwi,h Sol-fa System" 
(1845), and "Manual containing a Development of 
the Tetrachorilal System ", London, 1850. 
The system was awarded a prize of honor at the 


she mode a concert lour in Genuany, playing at the 
Gewandhaua concerts, Leipzig, Jan. ii, 1855. She 
published a Ballade, and some piano pieces, 

Goerrea (Maria Vespermann). German contemporary 
composer of vocal and instrumental music. Of her 
printed works may be mentioned ; — Op. 3 Sacred 
songs, with organ obhgato ; op. 5 four hand pieces ; 
op. 8 Aus den Bergen, 

Co*txe (Auguste). Celebrated vocalist and teacher. Bom. 
at Weimar, Germany, 1840 ; daughter of the eminent 
vocal teacher, Franz Goetze. She was considered one 
of the finest singers of Lieder in Germany. In 1875 
she started an opera school at Dresden, which was 
highly successful and has attained a wide reputation, 
among her pupils being von Kotzebue, Fanny Morau- 
Olden, and other celebrities. Beside teaching, she 
has devoted considerable time to composition, and her 
operas " Su»aniia Monfort", " VittoTiAeeorumboni", 
" Magdalcna " , and " Eine JlHmftihrt" , have been 
performed in a number of cities. She has likewise 
published a set of vocal studies, a Vocal Method, and 
a number of songs. 

Gollenhofer-Miillcr (Josephine). German composer and 
harp-player. Published various compositions for the 
harp (Monologs to " Bride of Messina ", to " Bride of 
Orleans ", etc.). 

Goodeve (Mrs. Arthur). English contemporary writer of 
songs and ballads (If thou must love me, Donald 
Graeme, In the silver years, Fiddle and I, etc.). 

Goodwin (Amina Beatrice). English writer and pianist ; 

GougBlet (Madame). French composer of the latter part 
of the i8th century, living at Paris. Published " Une 
Methode ou Abrege des regies d'accompagnement du 
clavecin", Paris, 1771. 

Crab (tsabella von). Gennan composer. Author of op. 
I Deux Maithe funebre ; op. 2 Impromtu, op. 3 
Dramalisches Pantasiebild, op. 4 Songs Without 
words, etc. 

Grabowmka (Countess Clementine). Polish composer. 
Bom at Posen, 1771 ; died at Paris. Author of a num- 
ber of piano compositions, among them a Sonata op. 
2. Also a number of very characteristic Polonaises. 

Craever (Madeleine). Dutch pianist and composer ; bom 
in Amsterdam, 1830. Pupil of Bertel^iann, Moscheles 
and Litolff. Concertized with success in England, 
France, Holland and Germany, and resided during 
1861 in New York, Appointed in 1863 Court pianist 
to the Queen of Belgium. Her compositions are 
mostly tor the piano (la Ronde des Fantomes, le 
Reveil des Printemps. I'Attente, etc.). 

Craham (Maria). Scottish writer, author of "A few 
words on the formation of the major and minor scales, 
in a letter to her pupils ''. London, 185a. 

Crandval (Maria Felice Clemence de Reiset, Vicomtesse 
de). French composer ; bom at tlie Chateau de la 
Cour-de-Bois, France, Jan. 11, 1830. Dramatic writer 
of great ability, pupil of Flotow and Saint-Saens, le- 
ceived also for a time some instruction from Chopin. 

the operas : " Le Sou de Lite " (first perfor 
the Boufle Pflrisiennes, Paris, 1859); " Letfianeeetde 
Ro»a" (Theatre Lyrique, 1863); "La Gomteua Eta" 
(Baden-Baden, 1864); "La Penitente" (Paria, 1868); 
and "Pieeoliiio" (Theatre Italien, 1869), Another 
opera is called " Le Bouclier de Dtamunt ", and her 
last one, '' itazeppa ", in 4 acts, was first performed 
with success at Bordeaux, April, 189a. 

A lyric scene, "La Foret", for soli, chorus and 
orche-'-tra, received its first hearing at the Salk Venta- 
dour, Paris, 1875. 

Her church compositions consist of Mass No. i, for 
three solo voices, chorx^s and orchestra (first perform- 
ance at the Atheneum, Paris, April i, 1867); Mass 
No. 2, for soli, chorus and orchestra (first representa- 
tion at the Paris Conservatory); the Oratorios "Sainte 
Agnes" (Concert Spiritiiel, Paris, April 13, 1876, and 
Nimes, 1901); and "La Fille de Jaire " (won the Ros- 
sini priie), aStabat Mater for soli, chorus and orches- 
tra, containing a very fine "March to Calvary" and 
a beautiful "Juxta Cnicem", was received most 
enthusiastically by critics at its first representation, 
April, 1870. 

She has likewise written a "Pater Noster", for 
soprano, piano and organ; several "O Salutaris"', 
and various other church compositions (Benedictus, 
3 voices, organ and piano ; Gratias, 2 voices ; etc.). 

Of orchestral and concerted music may be men. 

Her vocal compositions consist oF "Jeanne D'Arc", 
grand scena, for alto voice with piano and organ ; an 

"Album of Songs"; " Les Lucioles", reverie for 
mezzo soprano, violin solo, piano and organ ; and 
various songs and duets (Chanson d'Autrefois, St 
j'etais Dien, Rapelle Toi, etc.)- 

Hippolyte Buflenoir has published a biography : 
"Hadamede Grandval " {Paris, MirabeauJ. 

Gray (Louisa ; Mrs. Abingdon Compton). Contemporary 
English amateur composer, whose operetta " Belineen, 
Tieo Sloola" has been performed at many places. 
Also composed a number of songs (Whet an angel 
heard, Evening star, etc.)- 

Grecne (Edith). English contemporary composer of 
promise. Has nritten a symphony for orchestra 
which was successfully performed at London, 1S95. 
Is also the author of a Sonata for violin and piano, 
and other works of real merit. 

Grctry (Lucille). French composer ; bom at Paris, 177a 
Datighter of Gretry, the celebrated dramatic writer 
(author of "Richard Coeur dri-Lion", etc.}. Lucille 
inherited her father's musical talent, whose pupil she 
was. While scarcely sixteen years old her operetta, 
" LeMarriagt d' Antordo" , was successfully performed 
at the Comedie-Italienne, 1786. At the same theatre 
another of her operas, " Toinetie et Louis ", was given 
the following year. Unfortunately this talented 
young woman died, after a short illness, in 1794, 
scarcely twenty-four years old. 

Gro (Josephine). American writer of piano music and 
songs (Sometliing more, With shy brown eyes, La 

Tambourine, etc.). 

Gronan (Minna). (See Brinkmann.) 

Groom (Mrs., nee Wilkinson). English vocalist and 
composer ; died May, 1867. Writer of a number of 
songs, of which "Over the Sea" is probably the beat 

Gucnin (Mile,). French composer; bom at Amiens, 
1791. Composed at the age of sixteen the music to 
the opera "I>aphnitetAmaHl>iee'\ which was greatly 

Guerre (Eliiabeth Claude Jaquet de la). French com- 
poser ; bom at Paris, 1669. A remarkable fine clave- 
cinist, who, scarcely fifteen years old, created a pro- 
found sensation by her wonderful plasing, as well aa 
by her meritorious compositions. The opera " (7epA- 
ah et Pucri»", which she wrote and published in 
1694, was performed at the Royal Academic, Paris. 
Also wrote a number of Cantatas, several books of 
Sonatas, and various other compositions for the clave- 
cin. A fine Te Deum was performed in 17*1 at the 
Louvre during the celebration ceremonies on the 
King's recovery. Died at Paris, 1719. 

Guest (Jeanne Marie). English composer ; bom at Bath, 
about 1769. Was the daughter of Ralph Guest, a 
'^sited organist, who was also her teacher. She has 
"""tlea several Concertos (M.S.), a number of pieces 
^■J Voluntaries for the oi^an, sonatas and other 
"^fltg f„r the piano, and the cantata "The Afflicted 

Music". A second edition was published at Edin- 
burgh, 1820. 
Cyde (Margaret). English contemporary pianist and 
composer ; bom in London. Pupil of W. C. and G. 
A, Macfarren. 'Winner of the Stemdale Bennett 
Prize, 1879 ; Potter Prize, 1880 ; Lady Goldsmid 
Scholaiship, i88r. Her works consist of two violin 
Sonatas (G minor and C minor), piano pieces 
(Scherzo, Tarantella, Impromtus, etc.), organ mn^c, 
and a number of songs. 

Haasm (Maria Catharina). German composer, writer and 
editor ; born at Ottweiler, Feb. 29, 1844. Pupil of 
Friedrich Lux. She was editor of the juvenile jour- 
nal, " Musikalische Jugendpost ", which was con- 
ducted in a most able manner. Her compositions 
consist of a number of piano pieces for 2 and 4 hands, 
duos for harmonium, songs, trios, etc. Of her liter- 
ary works may be mentioned, " Kuenstlerleben '' and 
" Musikanten Geschichten ''. 

Hablcht (Emma). German writer. Author of " Recol- 
lections of Chopin", which she published under the 
nom-de-plum of Mrs. C. E. H. 

Hachett (Maria). English musician. Bom Nov. 14, 1783; 
died Hackney, London, Nov. 5, 1874. Author of "A 
brief account of Cathedral and Collegiate Schools", 
I-ondon, 1827; "A popular account of St. Paul's 
Cathedral ", I^ndon, 1816 ; and a number of songs. 

Greatly interested in the education of cathedral 
choir boys, and to encourage the composition of 
church music, she founded the Gresham prize medal 

piano, a aumberof piano compositions, and the opera 

"Za 2fuit d'epreuve", which was performed with 
success at the Paris Exposition, 1867, and is remark- 
able on account of the numerous original Chinese 
melodies introduced therein. A gold medal was 
awarded by the Exposition for this work. 
Hale (Mrs. Irene). American composer. Songs; — Five 
little white heads, Mystery, We'll go no more a-rov- 
ing, etc. Published a number of piano compositions 
under the nom-de-plum " Victor Rene' ", 
Hambrock (Mathilde). German composer. The follow- 
ing compositions appear in print : — Op. 6 two songs, 
op. II a set of four band pieces, op, 12 three pieces 
for violin and piano, etc. 

Haman (Elizabeth). Song writer (Barbara Fritchie, etc.). 

Hammer (Marie von). American composer; daughter of 
Albert H. Wood, well-known at one time as composer 
and pianist. Many of her songs (Good night ; A fair, 
good man; Gondellied ; etc.) have been favorably 
received. Wrote a Romanza for cello and piano, etc, 

Handlcy (Dephine). (See Schauroth.) 

d'Hardclot (Guy ; Mrs. Rhodes). Contemporary Frenclv 
composer ; residing at London. Author of a number 
of songs, which, combining French lightness aiid ele^ 
gance of style with the naivete' of theEnglish banaia_ 
are great favorites with the celebralsd singer, Ma^^ 
Of her best known may be named : — Avec Toi, Sat»_ 

Sqnaie Theatre, London, 1895), lie operetta "Big 
La»l Chatite", and the cantata "Pearl" for treble 
voices. Also several violin compositions, and various 
choruses and songs. 

Harrison (Annie Fortescue), wife of Lord Arthur Hill. 
English writer of songs, of which the song "In the 
gloaming ' ' and ' ' We meet again ' ' attained consider- 
able popularity ; and her operettas, " T)u Ferry Oirl" 
(18S3), and " Tht Lo»t Hmband" (1884) were both 
lierformed at London. 

Harland (Lizzie). English contemporary composer. Her 
dramatic cantata " Coeur de Lion" was performed 
at West Bromwich, Feb., 1888. Has likewise written 
a cantata for female voices, " Queen of the Roses "; 
many songs, part-songs, and piano compositions, 

Hcalc (H — .). English composer; bom London, Feb. 
14. 1855. Author of several cantatas ("Epithala- 
mion", " Watersprite", etc.), and numerous choruses 
for female voices, and songs ; a Piano Mtthod, various 
piano and violin compositions, and compiler of a 
"Class Singing Book ". 

Heekaehcr (Celeste D.). American composer, who has 
published a number of songs (Serenade, Gypsy Lul- 
laby, Why I love thee, etc.), as well as piano music. 

HaldcnreJch (Henrietta). German composer of a num- 
Jjer of violin compositions (op. i Duo COncertante, op. 
3 Duo brillant, etc. 

Helm-Brehm (Matilde). German composer. Author of 
instructive pieces for the violin and piano. 

Hclnalu* (Clara). German composer, bom at Berlin, 
1801. Pupil of Rungenhagen. A nutdbet of her 
" Lieder und Balladen '' were published in 1819. Died 
at Berlin, March 11, 1823. 

Heltmann (Mathilde). German composer of songs (op. 
3 Sixteen Children Songs, etc.); also a number of 
vocal studies, of which op. 3 is a set of " 31 Melodic 

Heller (Ottilie). German composer of songs (Ritters- 
ahichieil,Sehnsucht,F;scherbraut, etc.). A1.50 a num- 
ber of piano pieces of a medium grade. 

Hendrich-Mcrta (Marie). German composer; bom at 
Salzburg, Oct. 7, 1852. Talented musician, who has 
written a Trio for violin, cello and piano ; also piano 
music and songs (Eadlich doch, Gruss, Gute Nacht). 

Henn (Angelica). German composer ; bom at Pforzheim. 
Talented pupil of Kalliwoda. Her most important 
works are the opera " Die Rose von Libunon", and a 
" MU»a SoUmnit". Published a number of songs and 
instrumental pieces. 

H«rsbI (Ottavia), Author of "The RhinegoldTriology", 
the musical novel "Imperia", and " Life and l^etters 
of L. M. Gottschalk", 

Kenscl (Fanny Cecilia), the eldest child of the Mendels- 
sohn family, was bom at Hamburg, Nov. I4i '805, 
ami died at Berlin, May 17, 1847. She was a pupil oE 

and other part-songfs, various songs and a number of 
piano compositions, of which opus 2, 4, 5, 6 and S are 

"Songs without Words". 

Fanny Hensel's death, like that of her famous 
brother, was sudden ; and it is far from unlikely that 
both were due, in greater or less measure, to the same 
cause — o\-erstrain of mental powers in early life. 
Herltte-Viardot (Louise Pauline Marie), daughter of the 
celebrated singer Viardot Garcia, and niece of Mall- 
bran and Manuel Garcia. 

This talented woman was bom at Paris, Dec. 14, 
1841, and from her youth was reared in a musical 
atmosphere. At 31 she married a Mr. Heritte, French 
Consul at the Cape of Good Hope, where she settled 
for a time. Returning to Europe, she was appointed 
to a professorship at the Imperial Conservatory at St. 
Petersburg, lemaining there for four years. The 
climate not agreeing, she returned to Paris, devoting 
her entire time to composition and teaching. In 
18S6 she settled at Berlin, conducting an opera school 
of singing with great success. Of her compositions 
the following deserve mention: — the operas: '■Sachaa 
^Vs( ", and "'Lindoro " (performed at Weimar 1879); 
a cantata " Wonne des Himmels" for soli, chorus and 
orchestra ; three Quartets for piano, violin, alto and 
cello ; tour Quartets for strings; the cantata " Die 


Has published a number of piano compositions 
(Rieter-Biedermann, publisher). 
Heuberger (Jenny). German vocalist and teacher, born 
at Cassel, July 13, 1831, is the author of a number of 
songs (Morgenstaendchen, etc.) 
Hill (Lady Arthur). (See Annie Harrison). 
HIM (Mildred J.). American song writer, bom Louisville, 
Ky. (Perfect day, Apart, My star. Love's paradise. 
Smiles and frowns, To Anthea, a Sleep song, etc.) 
Hlnricha (Marie), wife of Robert Franz, the eminent Ger- 
man song writer, was a composer of songs of consid- 
l^ erable ability (Du welker Domenstraucb, Ihr Bild, 
Eine alte Kunde, etc.). Bom iSaS ; died at Halle, 
May 5, 1891. 
Hodge* (Faustina Hasse). American composer, who died 
Feb., 1895, was the daughter of the well-known 
organist Edward Hodges, and herself an organist of 
ability. Of her song "Rose Bush", a favorite of 
Adelaide Phillips, the celebrated singer, over 100,000 
copies were sold. Her compositions consist of church 
music, piano pieces and songs. 
Holland (Caroline). English conductor and composer of 
some tuneful part-songs. She has also written the 
cantata " MissKilmansegg", produced 1883, and the 
choral ballad " After the Skirmish ", for chorus and 
Orchestra, 1896. 
"^'nibere fMme. Bettv). Norweeian composer. Author 

Of her various operas ' ' Htro el Leandre ' ' revived 

a flattering reception at its first performance, 1S74. 
Two other successful operas are; '• Aitarte" and 
" Lancelot du Lae ". Her last opera. " La Fortt Noir ", 
which she brought out 1395, was rather a disappoint- 
ment, not comparing with her former works, partly 
due to the weak libretto. 

Her most important works are her orchestral com- 
positions, consisting of the Suites : — " Irlande ", " Les 
Argonautes", "Pologne", " Laudus pro Patria", 
"I'Andante Pastorale", and the overture to "Hero 
and Leandre ". These are frequently performed in 
public. Her most recent work is a symphonic poem, 
" Andromede ". Then there is an "Ode Triumph- 
ale ", which achieved an immense success at its first 
performance at the Paris Exhibition, 18S9 ; also the 
beautiful Psalm " In DiKit", for chorus and orches- 
tra. In consequence of the indifference against the 
works of woman composers, her earlier compositions 
were published under the nom de-plum of "Herman 

Of her vocal compositions of importance may be 
mentioned the cantata " Vifion de la Reine" with 
recitative, chorus, divine voices, harp, cellos, etc.; 
and the Aria with orchestral accompaniment, " Une 
Vision de St. Therese ". 

Miss Holmes has written a number of pretty songs, 
of which there may be mentioned ; — Chemin du Ciel, 

rhonimn An Pom. rit".i..r la P-;-.-^^^ 1m:„-.,t,-^ 

and Chadwick in harmony, and Lang and P. Schar- 
wenka,' piano. Her most important work is a Trio 
for 'violin, cello and piano, the first probably com- 
posed by an American woman . 

Her songs contain such perfect gems as Disappoint- 
ment, the Violet, Cornish Lullaby, Shepherdess, Mess- 
age of the Rose, etc. 

Miss Hood has also published two Suites of violin 
and piano pieces (op. 6 and lo). For her compositions 
Miss Hood received a Diploma and Medal from the 
World's Columbian Exposition, Chicago. 
HopckJrk (Mrs. Helen), the talented English pianist, 
was born near Edinburgh. Studied several years at 
the Leipzig Conservatory of Music, and with Le- 
schetizky, making her debut at the Gewandhaus Con- 
cert at Leipzig, Nov. aS, 1878. She has written a 
large number of songs : — Under the still white stars 
(prize song), A Face, Love Lyric, Two Scotch songs, 
etc., and various piano compositions. 

Her most important work is a " Concertstiick " for 
piano and orchestra, profluced by the composer at 
Henschel'sConcert, Edinburgh, Nov. 19, TS94. Several 
orchestral works, and a Violin Sonata are still M.S. 
Horrock* (Amy Elsie). Pianist and composer. Born of 
' Brittish parents, at Rio-Grande-de-Sul, Brazil, Feb. 
23, 1867- Entered London R. A. M. 1S82. Won the 
Potter Exhibition Prize iSSS, and the Bennett Prize 
1S89. Her works consist of :— A Cello Sonata in G, 
°P- 7; VarEations for piano and strings, op, iii 
LcRend "Undine" for orchestra, op- 16 (Qneen's 

songa and duets (Bird and tlie Rose, Ashes of Roses, 
April Showers, etc.); several piano compositions (op. 
i6 Maztirka, Boat Song, etc.), and various violin 

HortcKBC (Eugenie de Beauhamais, Queen of Holland). 
Bom Paris, April lo, 1783 ; died Viry, Oct, 5, 1837. 
She was a pupil of Flantade, and author of the once 
popular national French air " Partant pour le Sj-rie ", 
although the conip(>ser Drouet claims the music as 
his own. A number of Hortense's songs were pub- 
lished in album form at Paris. 

d'Hovorat (Mme. Gouban). Hungarian composer, of 
whom Hastinger, Vienna, published a Sonata in A 
flat, for 2 pianos, and several other compositions. 

Hub«r (Nanette). German nritei, and composer of piano 
music (op. 5 Variations for 4 hands, etc.). 

Hudson (Maty). English composer ot the last century, 
was organist at St. Olaves and St. Gregory's churches, 
London, from 1790-1801. She is the author ot a num- 
ber of hymns and other church music. Died at Lon- 
don, March 38, iSol. 

Hughes (Mrs. F. J.). English writer, author of "Har- 
monies of Tones and Colours developed by Evolu- 
tion ", illustrated, and published at London 18S3, 
Appendix 1885. 

Hundt (Aline). German composer, bom 1849, was one of 
the most talented Dupils of Liszt. Her Svmtihonv in 


seemed most promising, unfortuDately died at the 
early age of 14, about 1873. 
int (Mrs. Blaine). English writer, author of " Obser- 
vations on the Vocal Shake", with examples and 

Hunt (Gertrude). Song writer (further notices wanting). 
Hunter (Mrs. John, nte Anne Home). Bom at Greenlaw, 
England, 1742; died London, March 7, l8jl. A 
talented amateur composer and poetess. She wrote 
the words for Haydn's Twelve Canzonettas, the first 
of which Haydn dedicated to her. Writer of a num- 
ber of songs, of which "Lady Anne Bothwell'a La- 
taent " is the best known. 
Invcrarlty (Eliza). Scottish vocalist and composer. Bom 
at Edinburgh, March, 1813 ; died at Newcastle-on- 
Tyne, 1846. Public singer of some note in her days, 
and composer tif a number of tuneful ballads. 
Jacque* (Charlotte). French pianiste and composer, of 
whom an operetta in I act, called "La, FiiJiee", was 
performed at the Theatre Dejazet, Paris, during De- 
cember, 1862. 
Jaell-Trautarmann (Marie). French composer, and wife 
of the celebrated pianist Alfred Jaell. She was bom 
at Steinseltz, near Weissenburg, Alsace, 1846 ; and 
died at Paris, 1895. Jaell-Trautennann was an excel- 
lent pianist, pupil of Henri Herz at the Paris Conserv- 
atory, where she gained in 1862 the first prize in the 
piano class. ~ , ^ - 

several Waltzes for 4 Hands, and a numberof melo^ 
dious Salon -pieces. 

An interesting study is her work " La tsosique et 
la Psychophysiologic ' ' published by Alcan, Paris. 

Janina (Olga, Counte&s de). Russian contemporary pian- 
ist, pupil of Liszt. Residing at Paris as a pc^nifatr 
teacher and pianist, and writer of piajio music, works 
of fiction, etc. 

Janotha (Nathalie). Polish composer and pianist, bom 
at "Warsaw June 8, 1856. Pupil of Clara Schumann, 
and of Prof. F. Weber (Cologne) Piano, and Wolde- 
mar Bargiel, Harmony. Received a Diploma from 
the St. Cecilia Academy at Rome, and was elected 
an Honorary Member of the Academies at Cracow, 
London and Rome. Her compositions consist of a 
number of piano pieces and songs. 

Japha (Louise). German composer, bom at Hamburg 
Feb. 2, 1826, She married 1S58, F. W. Langhans, 
the eminent music critic and writer. Mrs. Langhans 
is a pupil of Robert Schumann, and well known as 
an excellent pianist. " 

Her compositions consist of several string Quartets, 
a number of songs, and various pieces for piano. In 
manuscript a Piano Trio, various choral works, and 
an unfinished opera. 

Jcnka (Maud E.). Composer of sacred music, songs and 

D^„_,j., Google 

|ordan'(Mrs., bom Dora. Bland), Actress, singer and 
composer. Bom near Waterford, 1762 ; died at St, 
Cloud, near Paris, July 3, 1816. Of her various sgngs, 
" Blue Bellsof Scotland ", composed 1800, has become ( 
famous. '~ 

Joyce (Florence Bncldngtiam). American song writer 
(Little Boy Blue, The Dream Tree, etc.). 

Kalncratorfcr (Clotilde). German contemporary dmrch. 
composer, her works being all of a high order of 
merit. The following deserve particular mention : — 
Op. 17 "Marienbild", for soprano and alto, with 
organ obligato; op. 31 "O Sanclissima", for voice 
and organ ; op. 40 " Adoratio Salvatoris ", h}Tnn, for 
alto voice and organ ; op. 51 " Salve Regina ", for 6 
part chorus and or^an ; op, 39 " Bittmf ", for chorus 
and organ. 

Kalkhiir (Laura von). German contemporary composer. 
Published a Duo for violin and piano, and various 
piano works. 

Kanzler Qosephine). German composer ; bom at Tolz, 
1780. A very talented pianist and an excellent stu- 
dent of counterpoint and musical literature, her 
teacher being the famous Abbe Vogler. She is the 
author of two Quartets for piano, violin, alto and 
cello ; several Sonatas and other piano compositions, 
a number of songs, and a treatise on harmony. 

Kauth (Madame, nee Gr^ff). Talented writer of piano 

of "Musical composers and their works*', published 
at IjondoQ 1875, a second edition being printed 1877. 

Kctlogg (Clara Ifluiae),the famous American prima donna. 
Has contributed various articles on music to tn^a- 
zines and newspapeis, among which may be men- 
tioned a paper on "Japanese Music" in the Century 

Xcmbic (Adelaide ; Mrs. Sartoris). English singer ; bom 
1814; died August, 1879. Author of a number of 
vocal compositions. 

Kcrcado (Mile. Le Senechal de). French composer. An 
operetta. "La Mepri»ei:olontaiTe", was performed at 
the Paris Opera-Cotnique, June 5, 1805. 

Kern (Louise). German composer of a number of pre- 
tentious works (Grand Trio op. 36, for violin, organ 
and piano ; Fantasie op. 39 for violin, harmonium 
and piano etc.). 

Kefr (Mrs. Alexander). English song writer (first half of 
the last century). Composed a number of ballads and 
part-songs, to which she wrote the words. A collec- 
tion of her songs were published at London, 1835. 

Klndschar (Emilie Marie Louise). German writer ; bom 
at Dessau, May 28, 1830. Author of a number of 
musical novels and essays. 

KInhel (Johanna Matthieux). German composer. Bom 
at Bonn, June 8, iSio ; died at London, Nov. 15, 1858. 
Wife of the poet Gottfried Kinkel. She wasan excel- 

fflrkmann (Mrs. Joseph). English author of " A Practi- 
cal Analysis of the Elementary Principles of Har- 
mony ", published at London, 1845, in quarto. 

Kl«nze (Irene yon). German composer, and -writer of a. 
number of songs, published by Bote & Bock, Berlin, 

Kletzinsky (Adele). Polish composer. Published various 
songs, piano pieces and concerted music (op. 34 Bar- 
carolle, for violin and piano, etc.). 

Knapp (Mrs. Joseph F.) American composer ot songs ; — 
A happy joyous lite. The bird carol, Open the gates, 

Knowlton (Fanny Snow). American composer of songs, 
of which may be named ;— There, little girl don't 
cry ; Last night I heard a bird singing ; etc. 

Kohary (Countess Marie de). Hungarian composer and 
pianist. Writer of various piano compositions, ot 
which ' ' 5 Sonatas for the Piano ' ' deserve special 

Komorowaka (Countess Stephanie). Russian composer. 
The publisher, J. Reyher, of Mitau, has printed the 
following compositions; — " Pensee fugitive", "An- 
dante", several sonatas for piano, and a number of 

Kfinncrlti (Minna von). German composer. Wrote a 

considerable amount of vocal and instrumental music, 

her opus numbers exceeding 100. A series of pretty 

' duets op. 96 and 97 are published by Kistner, Leipzig, 

KoniK (Marie). German comtwser. Bom at Lobau, Sax- 

Suites (No. I Ancient Dances, No. 2 Rural Snap- 
shots), a Violin Suite op. lo, etc. 

Kotzcbuc (Molly von). Eminent German singer and 
vocal teacher; bom at Reval, 1830. Author of a 
vocal method "Lehrbuch der Gesangskunst ", pub- 
lished by Senff. 

Kraehmer (Caroline). German composer; bomatStokesh, 
Dec. 17, 1794. Studied at first the violin, but later on 
devoted her studies to the clarionet, on which she 
attained such a virtuosity as to enable her to give 
concerts with great success. She has written a num- 
ber of compositions for clarionet and piano that were 
published by DiabeUi, Vienna. 

Kralike {Mathilde von). Contemporary German com- 
poser. A Trio in F, for violin, cello and piano, has 
been published by the firm of Gulman, Vienna. 

Krauce (Anna). German composer, of whom we find 
the following vocal compositions published : — Op. 5 
Five Songs, op. 6 and 7 "GesHnge", op. 8 "Drei 

Krlnitz (Madame de). French writer. Under the nom- 
de-plum "Camile Selden " she published in 1867 
" la Musique en Allemagne", which contains a num- 
ber of original letters, and a biography of Mendels- 
sohn ; also the musical novel '■' Daniel Vlady ". 

Kru»* (Louise). Author of an excellent, simple Harmony 
Method, published by Otto Junne. L iiHJ>>k 

Laecrda (Bemarda Ferreira de). Portugese writer of 
great renown and a fine linguist. Born 1595, at 
Porto; died 1644. Her reputation was so great that 
King Phillippe II. of Spain made her offers to take 
charge of the education of his children. This honor 
she declined, preferring to devote all her time to her 
studies and researches. A number of her manuscript 
musical compositions and writings on music are pre- 
served at the Royal Library, Madrid. 

Lago (N — .). Contemporary Swedish composer. Pub- 
lished a number of piano and violin compositions, 
songs, etc. A Cantata for soli, chorus and piano was 
awarded a prize at Copenhagen. 

Laguvrre (Elizabeth Claude de). French composer and 
csTnbalist. Bom at Paris, 1669 ; died there, June 27, 
1729. She was famous for her talent of improvising, 
and frequently plaj'ed at court, King Louis XIV, 
being a great admirer of her playing. Her works 
consist of the opera " Cephnle el Piocris " (performed 
at Paris, 1694), a Te Deum for grand chorus, per- 
formed at the Chapel du louvre on the celebration of 
the recovery from sickness of the King. Also several - 
collections of cantatas, sonatas, and various other 

La Hyc (Louise Genevieve). French composer, pianist 
and professor of harmony at the Paris Conservatory ; 
bom at Charenton, March 8, iSlo. She was a grand- 
niece of the French savant Jean Jacques Rousseau. 
Entering the Paris Conservatory as a pupil when 

various piano pieces, and a number of songs. Several 
Masses, a Treatise on Harmony, a Piano and Organ 
method, and various other works remain M.S. Died 
Nov. 17, 1838. 

L* Mara (nom-de-plum of Marie Lipsins). German 
writer, bom at Leipzig Dec. 30, 1837. This lady holds 
a high rank among German art critics. Her"Mu- 
sikalische StudienkUpfe " 3 Vols,, have appeared in 
a seventh edition. She has also published a bio- 
graphical sketch of Beethoven, and her " Musikali- 
sche Gedanken- Polyphonic " has been translated 
(" Thoughts of Great Musicians). 

Her other writings consist of : — " Das Bithnenfest- 
spiel in Bayreuth"; "Die Frauen im Tonleben der 
Gegenwart"; " Klassiches und Romantisches in der 
Tonwelt ". 

Translated Liszt's Life of Chopin, and wrote a 
biographical sketch o( " Pauline Viardot-Garcia ". 

Lam*on (Geoi^ie). American contemporary composer 
of songs (Only my love ; Twilight Town, etc. . 

LaxK (Josephine). German composer, born at Munich 
March 14, 1815, died atTuebingen Dee. 2, 1880. A 
lady of very remarkable musical gifts and person- 
ality. Mendelssohn who made her acqflaintance 
about 1830, and who for some time daily instructed 
her in counterpoint and kindred branches, was deeply 
impressed by her conversation, charming personality 
and musical gifts. An enthusiastic account of her is. 

also of the songs: "Friihlingsgedrange", "Ab- 
schied", "Am Morgen", " Scheideblick ", "Friih- 
lingsahnung ", "Sangers Lust", " An die Entfemte ", 
as lieing exceptionally beautiful. 

Schumann speaks of the song " Traumbild " very 
highly, praising also her other songs as charming. 

Of her piano compositions the following deserve 
special mention : — Op. 49 Two Mazurkas ; op. 50 " In 
(let Dammerung"; and "Grand Impromtu", abril- 
liant concert piece. 

Lang (Margareth Rutbven). American composer ; daugh- 
ter of J. B. T.ang, the eminent Boston musician. Miss 
Lang, who is a pupil of J. C. D. Parker, Paine and 
Chadwick in harmony, and of her father and Ph. 
Scharwenka in piano, is without doubt one 3F the 
most talented woman composers of America. 

All her published compositions promise well for the 
future. Her most important works are her three 
Concert Overtures, of which "Witichis" op. 10 for 
orchestra has been frequently performed by the Theo. 
Thomas and Boston Symphony orchestras. Miss 
Lang has written some chamber music, a number of 
piano pieces, part-song and songs (Irish love song, 
Ghosts, Irish mother's lullaby, Ojala, Menie, Area- 
die, etc.). 

Langhans (see Japha). 

L»nnoy (la Comtessa E. de). Belgian composer; bom 
June 29, 1764 ; died at Liege, June 4, iSso. Author of 
a number of ballads and romances ; also a grand 

Concerto for piano with accompaniment of orchestra 
were pubhshed by Benout, Paris). 

L^szlo (Anna von). German composer, of whom I find 
the following works as being published : — Op. I Pan- 
tasie for cello and piano ; op. 13 Cantilena for violin 
and piano ; op. 8 Ave Maria for French horn, \vith 
obligate of two violins, alto and bass ; op. 9 Ave 
Maria for soprano, solo and chorus, etc. 

Lawr«nc« (Emily M.). English pianist and composer; 
bom at Rugby, 1854. Pupil of Bennett, Garcia and 
Steggall. Her compositions comprise two cantatas 
for ladies' voices (" Bonny Kihneny " and " the Ten 
Virgins"); a Violin Sonata in F sharp minor (per- 
formed by the Musical Artists' Society, July, 1882); 
various piano pieces, anthems, vocal duets and songs. 

L«av)tt (Josephina). German composer of piano pieces 
and songs. 

lebcau (Louise Adolpha). German composer; born at 
Rastatt. April 25, 1850. Pnpil of Kalliwoda and Clara 
Schumann (piano), M. E. Sachs and Rheinberger 
(composition and harmony), Mittennayer (violin), 
and Anton Hainzinger (singing). 

Lebeau is without doubt one of the most talented of 

female composers living. Her works, although not 

, exceeding op. 40, show such sterling merit and great 

originality, and embrace all forms of composition, 

exr*I)t the nvmnhotiv HnH <i™t» fhat sh*- miiHt h^ 


tion, moat refreshing, which have been highly com- 
plimented and spoken of by eminent critics, such as 
Franz Lachner, Jean Becker and others. 

Her beautiful Quartet op. 28 for piano, violin, alto 
and cello, was performed with great success, Dec. i, 
1883, at a Gewandhaus concert, Leipzig. The cele- 
brated Florentine Quartet Club (Jean Becker) fre- 
quently performed it. 

Equally meritorious compositions are : — the String 
Quartette op. 34 (1 violins, alto and cello), and her 
" Concertstiick " op. 24 for cello and piano, for which 
she was awarded first prizes at a competition at Ham- 
burg, 18S3, quite a number of celebrated Gennan 
composers competing. 

Special mention must be made of : — the beautiful 
Trio op. 15 for piano, violin and cello ; a fine Cello 
Sonata op. 17, and the Violin Sonata op. 10, all of 
which show great originality, and must be classed 
among the best of their kind. 

Her orchestral works consist of a " Concert Over- 
ture " op. 23 for grand orchestra, first perfonnetl with 
success at Baden Baden, 1883, and a Festival over- 
ture; a Concerto for piano and orchestra (op. 37), 
frequently played in public, and her " Fantasie " op, 
35 for piano and orchestra. The Adagio of the second 
movement of the "Fantasie" contains a most beauti- 
ful Cantilena, which, with its sparkling and brilliant 

fel's Ekkehard, and written for five Soli voices, double 
chorus and large orchestra, is a most tematkable 
work, containing many admirable lyrics and dramatic 
passages, the solos being well written, and the cho- 
ruses very striking, a masterly double chorus deserv- 
ing special mention. 

Of her other works, the following partial list are 
the most important : — Op. 3 Theme and Variation for 
piano, op. 8 Sonata for piano, op. 16 two Choral Bal- 
lads for mixed voices, op. at six Fugues for piano 
(splendid studies), op. 22 "Im Sangersaal" (Concert 
Aria for bariton or alto, with orchestra accompani- 
ment), op. 36 three Solos for viola and piano, op. 30 
Improvisata for the left hand (excellent concert 
work), op. 32 Gavotte for piano (very pretty), op. 35 
Romance for violin and piano. 

Several of her compositions were selected for per- 
formance at the Chicago World's Fair. 
:brun (Francesca). German singer and composer, 
daughter of Danzi, the eminent cello player ; bom at 
Mannheim, 1756. Endowed by nature with a voice 
remarkable alike for its purity and compass, ranging 
as high as F in alt ii-ithout difficulty. 

Mme. Lebrun, beside being a great singer, was an 
accomplished pianist, and composed well for that in- 
stnmient. Several Sonatas with violin accompani- 
ment, and Trios tor piano, violin and cello, contain- 

published there two Concertos for clavecin or piano, 
with the accompaniment of two violins, two hautbois, 
alto and bass. 

Lchmann (Liza; married name Mrs. Herbert Bedford). 
Contemporary English singer, and writer of popular 
songs ; born in London. Plipil of Randegger in sing- 
ing, Ravnkikle and Haniish MacCunn in composition. 
Her compositions consist of several Albums of Ger- 
man and English Songs ; several Song Cycles, (" In a 
Persian Garden", rich in passages of exquisite 
beauty, moving pathos and telling vigor), and varioua 
violin and piano compositions. 

Of her songs the following are best known : — 
, Tilanias Cradle Song, Blind Cupid, Mirage, Come 
dance the Romaika, Irish love song, Endymion, Scena 
tor soprano. 

Lcmcke (Anna). German composer ; bom at Elbing, 
Oct 4, 1863. Pupil of Robert Schwalm, and the Con- 
servatories at Berlin and I*ipzig. Her compositions 
consist of piano pieces and songs (Komm mlt, Wie 
man nach einem Stem blickt, etc.). 

Lcmtnel (Helen Howarth). American contemporary com- 
poser of vocal music (We Two, Two Dandelions, 
Pansy and Dewdrop, etc.). 

Leonardo (Isabella). Italian composer ; bora 1641. She 
was the Mother Superior of an Ursuline Convent at 
Novara, and has written a considerable amount of 
church music, of which a number of Motets for 1, a 
and 3 voices. Vespers, and several 4 P^^ Masses with 

traut " was awarded first prize in the "Musical 
Record " competition 1899. 

Ucbmann (Helene, nee Riese). German composer and 
pianist, was bom at Berlin about 1796. Writer of 
several Sonatas, VariB.tiona and other works for 
piano, various compositions for Violin and piano 
(two Sonatas op. 9 and 14, etc.); a Sonata for Cello 
and piano ; several Quartets for Piano Cello, Violin 
and Alto, of which op. 13 in A flat, ia published ia 
Peters Edition ; two Trios for Piano, Violin and 
Cello, op. II and 12, both published in the Peters 
Edition, and a number of songs. 

Lillen (Baroness, Antoinette von). Austrian amateur 
composer, who lived at Vienna the latter part of the 
last century. Several of her works were publishdi 
at Vienna 1799, and were then much spoken of, 

'•Llndaay" (M., Mrs, J. Worthington Bliss). Eng- 
lish composer, bora at Wimbledon. A highlj popu- 
lar composer of ballads, somewhat in the style of 

Her songs "The Bridge", and "Home they brought 
her Warrior dead' ' have been very popular. 

LInwood (Mary). English composer, bom in Birmingham 
175s. died at Leicester, March 2, 1845. Composer of 
the Oratorio "Danid's Finl Victory" (I/jndon 1840), 
and the manuscript operas "TIte Xslleriii'', and "The 
White Wrealh", Also a number of songs, of which 
"Pretty Fairy'' was very popular in its time, 

Ltpslua, see La Mara. 

Lodcr (Kate Fanny). English pianist and composer, 
born at Bath, Aug. 21, 1826. Pupil of H. Field and 
Mrs. L.Andersen. Gained a King's Scholarship 1839, 
Appointed Professor of Harmony, Royal Academy of 
Music in 1844, in which year she played the Adagio 
^ and Rondo from Mendelsohn's G minor Concerto in 

presence and to the satisfaction of the composer, at a 
concert at Her Majesty Theatre. 

In 1851 she was married to Sir Henry Thompson, 
the eminent surgeon, making her last public appear- , 
ance at a concert March 6, 1854. Her compositions 
consist of an opera {V Elisir d'Amore), an overture for 
orchestra; two string quartets ; a Trio for piano, violin 
and cello ; two Sonatas and some studies for the 
piano; a Sonata for violin and piano; organ music, 
and several minor piano pieces and songs. 
Loula (Mme. — ). French composer of the 17th century, 
her husband being an attachee of the Polish court. 
She is the author of the operetta "Fleiir d'tlpine", 
also of "6 Sonatas pour le Clavecin seule", and a 
number of songs, of which a collection "Receuil 
d'Ariettes choisis" were published at Paris, 
low* (Auguste). German Alto singer and composer, bom 
at Berlin 1822. Schumann speaks of her voice in his 
writings. She is the author of a number of German 

l^wthlan (Caroline). English contemporary writer of 
popular dance music (Myosotis Waltz, etc.), and 

op. 4 AUegretto grozioso ; op. 5 Arabesqae ; op. 7 Mo- 
ment de Tristesse, etc. 

MacTarrcn (Natalia, nee Andieae). Eaglish vocalist and 
teacher, wife of Sir George Alexander Macfarren, the 
eminent musician. She has translated a number of 
Opera libretti, and other works, and edited quite a 
number of the Novello Editions of partsonga, etc. 

Her own works consist of a "Vocal Method", an 
"Elementary Course of Vocalising and Pronouncing 
the English Language". 

Macfarren (Mrs. John), sister-in-law to Sir Geoi^ Mac- 
farren. Born in London June 19, 1834. Talented 
pianist and writer of a number of very popular light 
piano pieces, which she published under the nom-de- 
plum of "Jules Brissac". Several of these, like "Valse 
de Bravoure" and "Bonnie Scotland" having a very 
large sale. She died at Loudon, Nov. 9, 1395. 

Maclronl (Clara Angela). English composer, bom at 
London, Jan. 20, 1821, of an ancient and noble Ro- 
man family. Pupil of Ciprian Potter and C. Lucas at 
the Royal Academy of Musicians. Appointed to a 
Professorship at the same, and Associate of Philhar- 
monic Society, London. 

Miss Macironi is one of the best known among Brit- 
ish female composers, and the merit of her works 
gives her a high place. Her "Suite" for violin and 
piano is ably written. She is the author of a number 
of other meritorious works, but is chiefly known how- 
ever to the general public, by her part-songs (which 

authoritiea as Sir G, A. Macfarrcn, Bamby and W. 

She has published a large number of songs and 
part-songs, a partial list is as follows. Songs: — An 
Hour with thee ; Daisy's Song ; Dreams ; My Child; 
Song over a Child ; Tbe Recall ; Take o take. Part- 
songs: — Dreams; Cavalry Song; Footsteps of Angels; 
Good morrow to my Lady bright; Who is Sylvia, etc. 

Mackenzie (Miss Grace). American contemporary com- 
poser, author of "The Helmsman" and other songs. 

MacKinlay (Mrs. — ) Enghsh writer of songs, fFIowers 
that never die ; Now the parting hour ; Remember 
thee; Parting, etc.) 

Ilaeilep (Emily P.) American writer of the following 
songs; — The Robin, Sweetheart sigh no more ; Soft 
and gently through my aoul, etc. 

Maler (Amanda). Swedish composer, pupil of the I^eipzig 
Conservatory of music, wife of Julius Riintgen, the 
composer. She is the author of a number of compo- 
sitions for the violin, (Sonata in B minor, etc.) A set 
of Swedish dances for violin and piano, op. i5, are 
published under her married name, Amanda Rontgen. 

Malatrc (Baroness de). French composer, of whom a 
number of sacred compositions have been published, 
the most important being a fine "Stabat Mater". 

She has written j operas, "Nintee'', "Cleopatre" 
and "L(» Roustalknt" , the latter being successfully 
performed at the Theatre de la Monnais, Btussells, 

lished by Troupenas, Paris, under the title of " Der- 
nier Pensees musicales de Maria Felicite Garcia de 

She died at Manchester, Sept. 13, 1836. A funeral 
cantata " In Morte di Maria Malibran", the words by 
Piazzi, and the music the joint writing of Donizetti, 
Mercadante, pEccini and Vaccaj, was performed in 
honor of her memory at the I,a Scala, Milan, March 

Mampe'B«bnlKK (Emma). German finger and writer 
of a number ot songs (op. i, 2, 3, 4 a set of 8 songs; 
op. 6 Three songs ; op. 7 Three songs, etc.). 

Mannkopf (Adolphine). German composer, published a 
number cf songs and sacredquartets for mixed voices. 

Marches) (Mathilda de Castrone, maiden name Grau- 
mann). This eminent vocal teacher was bom at 
Frankfort on the Main, Germany, March 26, 1826. 
She studied singing with Nicolai, (Vienna), and later 
on {1843) with the celebrated Garcia at Paris. 
Miss Graumann was prominent as a soprano sin- 

m ger, appearing successfully in Germany, Holland, 
England, France, Belgium, etc. In 1852 she married 
Salvatore Marchesi, Cavalier de Castrone, an Italian 
of noble birth, and well known as a successful singer 
and teacher. 

After residing and teaching for ten years at Vienna, 
she resigned her position at the Conservatory, remov- 
ing to Paris, where she is at present residing and 

calisea and solfeggi; Op. i. Elementary progressive 

Eiercises ; op. 2, Twenty-four Vocalises ; op. 3, 
Twenty-four Vocalises for Soprano; op. 4, Vocal 
Studies; op. 5, Twenty-four Vocalis Elementflires; 
op. 6, Twenty-fom Vocalises perfectionnement; op. 7, 
Twelve Etudes de Style; op. 8, Etudes d'Agilite; op. 
9, Etude d'Agilite; op. 10, Twenty-four Elementary 
Vocalises; op. 11, Twelve Etudes de Style; op. 12, 
Eighteen 2 part Vocalises ; op. 13, Twelve Vocalises ; 
op. 14, Etude d'Agilite; op. 15, Twenty-four Vocali- 
ses ; op. 16, Etude d'Agilite; op. 17 and 18, Etudes 
d'Agilite ; op. 21, L'Art du Chant, method in 4 parts ; 
op. 22, Eight Vocalises for 3 voices ; op. 26, Etude 
d'Agilite, etc. 

Her Autobiographic " Erinnerungen aus mdnem 
Leben ", was pviblished 1877. 

Marckwald (Grace). American contemp. comp. Bom 
in Brooklyn. Author of several orchestral works, 
songs and Pf. pieces. 

Marl* Antonla (Grand Duchesse of Saxony), daughter 
of Emperor Charles VII, bom June 18, 1724, died 
Dresden 1782, was an excellent and skilled musician, 
her teachers being the famous Porpora in singing, 
and Hasse in composition. She is the author of the 
operas "ii Trionfo deliafedella", and •• TiiU»tH lie- 
gina della Amazoni" , which are published by Breit- 
kopf and Hartel, 

She was likewise proficient in painting and poetry, 
her Oratorio " I.a Conversione de St. Agostino " was 
set to music hv Hasse. 

ability to read and play orchestral scores at sight was 
said to have been marvellous. She is the composer 
of some piano music, several of her melodies being 
introduced by Liszt in one of his "Consolations". 
Narlc ElJzJbcth (Princesse of Saxe-Meiningen), is the 
author of " Einzugsmarsch " for orchestra (published 
by Kahnt, Leipzig) ; " Faclceltanz" for Piano 4 hands; 
several piano compositions ; a pretty " Cradle Song " 
for violin and piano, and a "Romanze" for clari- 

Marjani (Virginia). Italian contemporary composer, 
writerof a number of piano pieces, the cantata ''Apo- 
theosis de Rossini", and a number of songs. 

Marchall (Mrs. Julian). Was bom at Rome, March 30, 
1S43. An accomplished musician and writer on music, 
pupil of the Royal Academy of Music, London, her 
teachers being Stemdale Bennett. Goss and Sir G. A. 

Of her writings may be mentioned a Biography of 
Handel, published in the "Great Musician Series". 
Also valuable contributions to Groves Dictionary of 

Her compositions consist of a number of orchestral 
"works, frequently performed in public, several cantatas 
and an operetta (Prince SpriCf), a Nocturne for 
Clarinette and orchestra, various part-songs and songs, 
a "Solfeggi Primer (Novello), Interval Exercises for 
Singing classes (Novello) etc. 

Her first attempts ia. composition were made while 
scarcely 12 years old, and were received most favor- 
able. Of her maturer and more pretentious compo- 
sitions, tier church music deservesmention first of all. 
Her oratorio " Isacco", the words by Metastasio was 
performed by the Tonkiinstler Gesellschaft at Vienna. 

Beside "Isacco'', she has written two other ora- 
torios, a Grand Mass, a four-part Miserere, several 
Psalms for 4 and 8 voices with orchestral accompani- 
ment, a number of Motets and other church music, 
several Overtures, Symphonies, etc., for orchestra and 
strings, several piano Concertos and various Sonatas 
and other compositions for the piano. Died Dec. ii, 
larx (Berthe). French composer, bom Paris, July 28, 
1859, daughter of a violoncellisL Scarcely 9 years 
old, she was admitted as a pupil, without the usual 
preliniinary examinations — a favor rarely accorded 
to students, at the Paris Conservatory of Music. 

Auber was particularly .interested in her studies, 
She gained the "Solfege " and " Harmonie " prizes 
and medals for piano-playing, while studying with. 
Mad. Retz. She then became the favorite pupil of 
Henri Herz, under whose tuition such progress waa 
made, that at the age of 15 she gained the first prize 
of the Cunservatoty. 

printemps", and "Monsieur le prevost des Mctr- 
chands " were well received in their time. 

■■•••art (LoTiise Aglae, maiden name Masson). French. 
composer and pianist, born at Paris June lo, 1827, 
died there July 26, iSS?. Pupil of the Paris Conser- 
vatory, her teachers being Madame Coche (1338) and 
Adam (1839). In 1875 she was elected to a Professor- 
ship at the Conservatory, as a successor to Maddme 
Farrenc. Among Mad. Massart's pupils may be 
named Roger-Miclos, and Clothilde Kloberg. She 
published a number of piano pieces, as well as vari- 
ous arrangements for violin and piano. 

N>**on (Elizabeth). Contralto singer and composer, 
was born in Scotland early in the 19th century, died 
at London, in January 1S65. Her worlcs consist of a 
collection of "Original Jacobite Songs", London 
1839 ; " Songs for the classical vocalist" (1845-61) in 
34 parts; "Twelve Songs by Byron" (1843), etc. 
Also a set of Vocal Exercises, London 1855. 

Matthicux, seeKiukel. 

Maude (Constance). Song writer. (Down here the 
Lilies fade. Olden Days, etc.). 

Maury (Mad. Renaud — ). French contemporary com- 
poser, wife of M. Maury, Sous-chef of the Garde Re- 
publicaine Band of Paris, which visited America dur- 
ing 1872. 

Her teachers were and Cpsar KVHni-v «Vib 

awarded a prize by the Society of Composers, Paris, 
and her"Scene Lyrique " and "Jeanne d ' Arc " or- 
chestral works, ate frequently heard in public 

May (Florence). English contemporary pianist and com- 
poser, is a pupil of Brahms and Bargiel, A Eenedic- 
tua and Hosanna were performed at Berlin 1878. Her 
compositions include 3 piano pieces, several choruses 
and a number of songs. Editor of a collection of 
piano pieces by old masters from works written for 

Mayer (Emilie). German composer, bom at Priedland, 
Mecklenburg, Maj- 14, 1812 ; died at Berlin April lo, 
1885. A very talented and most x>rolific writer. 

Her parents, recognizing her great musical abili- 
ties, did all in their power to secure for her an excel- 
lent musical education. Her teachers were Carl 
l/iwe, the eminent song writer, and B. A. Mane, the 
celebrated theorist, and later on Wieprecht in orches- 

Her progress was so pronotmced, and her compo- 
sitions of such decided merit, that by the advice of 
her teachers, a concert was given at Berlin, the pro- 
gram of which, consisting entirely of her own com- 
positions, was as follows : — Concert Overture for 
large orchestra, a String Quartet, the CXVIII Psalm 
for chorus and orchestra, and two Symphonies 
(" Militaire ". and "B minor "J, as well as two piano 
solos played by the author. 

string quartets, two piano quartets (op. 14 in G minor 
published by Simrock, Berlin), two Quintets, ten 
Trios tor piano, violin and cello (op. la E minor, op. 
13 in D, op. 15 in B minor are published by Challier, 
Berlin), 8 Sonatas for violin and piano (op. 17 in P, 
op. 18 in A minor, op. 19 £ minor, op. 31 In A, are 
published), 7 Sonatas for Cello and piano, several 
overtures, the afore mentioned CXVIII Psalm for 
choms and orchestra, about forty four-part songs, 
and quite a number of songs and piano pieces. Also 
an operetta "Die Pincherin ''. 
/ This is quite an imposing array of compositions for 
. a wom^n. Not all of these works have appeared in 
print, particularly some of the more pretentious ones 
are still in manoscript. Of her published works not 
previously enumerated, the following deserve spe- 
cial mention: — Op. 46 Faust overture for grand or- 
chestra ; op. 48 a pretty Nocturne for Violin and 
piano; op. 47 Sonata for Cello and piano; op. 17 So- 
nata for Violin; op. 13 Trio in D, for Violin, Cello and 
Piano; op. 21 Sonata for Violin and piano; op. 29 
"Allemande fantastique ", the latter a very meritori- 
ous work for the piano, full of fire and energy. Also 
a set of pretty Waltzes, op. 30 and 32. 
Mayhew (Grace). Contemp. American writer of songs, 
among which may be named : — Guide me, O Thou 
Great Jehovah ; My little Girl ; The Shoogy-Shoo, 

MbicI (Mile. Helene Roberts). French song writer (Le 

songs (Die Wnsserrose, Wehmuth, Einkehr, etc.) and 
other compositions. 

Merrick (Mrs, Marie E.) American njusician and writer. 
Author of "Nervous Pianists"; "How to interest 
children so that they will practice ", etc. 

Metzlcr (Bertha). American composer of Ft. pieces and 
vocal music. Her opus reaches above loo, 

Meyer (Elizabeth). Danish contemporary composer of 
vocal and instrumental music. At a prize competi- 
tion I&95 at Copenhagen, she was awarded first prize 
for a Cantata for Soli, chorus and piano. 

MIer (Countess Anna von), author of a number of songs, 
etc., published by Kratochwill, Vienna. 

Mllanollo (Theresa). This celebrated violinist, bora 
August i8, 1827, is the composer of various miscella- 
neous compositions, of which op. i Grand Fantasie 
for piano, is printed by Spina, Vienna ; op. a Ave 
Maria for male chorus, published by Ricordi. Of 
her published violin compositions, the following may 
be named : — Fantaisie Elegiaque ; Variations humor- 
istique ; Extase ; Bapteme, etc. 

Mllcm. See Guest. 

Millar (Marian). English pianist and writer, born at 
Manchester. She has the distinction of being the 
first of her sex, to obtain the degree of " Mus. Bac.". 
at Victoria University, Manchester, June, 1894. Her 
compositionsconsist of "A Song of Praise " for Soli, 

and has published a number of compositicms for that 

Mollnos-Uflttc (Mile. A.). French composer. Of 
her vaiious compositions, Catelin of Paris has pub- 
lished a number of songs. 

Mollquc (Caroline), daughter of the well known German 
composer Bemhard Molique, is the author of a num- 
ber of songs and violin pieces (Suite, Bolero, etc.) 

Mttlltor (Friederike). German composer. The follow- 
ing worts appear in print ; — op. 3 Etude for piano ; 
op. a Five marches for piano ; op. 18 Drei kleine 
Lieder ; op. 20 Two songs for Soprano with cello ac- 
companiment, etc. 

Homy (Valerie). German composer. Published a num- 
ber of piano pieces, of which op. 4 '• Rondo, with In- 
troduction in F" is reviewed by Schumann in 
" Mufiic and Musicians ". 

Moncrieff (Mrs. L.). English contemporary song writer. 
The following songs are well known : — Creole Love 
Song ; The Parting Kiss ; Green leaf and blossom ; 
Rippling tide ; Old church door (with Harmonium 

Mon4«roult(Mme. Helene de Nervode). French com- 
poser, born Versailles 1767, died at Florence May 26, 
1836, Excellent pianist, pupil of Hullmandel and 
Dussek. From 1796 until i3o8 she was Professor of 
the Piano at the Paris Conservatory, Among her 
must successful Duoils mav be mentioned PrHrHici- 

and Allegretto in D ; Allegro moderato in D minor); 
Studies for piano; church music, etc. 

Morgan (Lady, nee Sydney Owenson) born in Dublin 
about 1783. Best known as a novelist, but has also 
published a number of songs , and the operetta ' 'The 
First Atltmpt", Dublin, 1807. She died at Ixindon, 
April 14, 1859. 

Morlcon (Christina W.) Irish composer, bom in Dublin 
1840. Studied with Glover and John Blockky. Com- 
poser of the 3 act opera ''The UMana", performed at 
Dublin 1884, Glasgow 1883, etc. Also various songs 
and piano music. 

Mormch (Anna). German writer, bom at Gransee, July 
3, 1841. Co-editor of Professor Breslauer's pedagogic 
Journal "Der Klavier-Lehrer". Author of "Derita- 
lieaische Kirchengesang", and writer of a number of 
articles on music in maj^azines, etc. 

Moaeley (Caroline Carr). English contemporary composer 
of a number of part songs for ladies voices, various 
songs, and several pieces for violin, cello and toy in- 

Moulton (Mrs. Chas.). American composer of vocal 
music, ot which the song ' ' Beware ' ' had a remark- 
able sale in its time. Of her other songs may be 
mentioned :— The Brook, Confession, and Hilda. 

Mounsey (Elizabeth). English composer and organist, 
bom at London, Oct. 8, 1819. Has published works 
for piano, organ, guitar and voice. 
She is a sister of Mrs. Mounsey-Bartholomew, with 

who made numerous conivrt tours, and has published 
various compositions for the harp. Also a Siring 
Quartet, and the opera "Der /leimliche Bund ". 

Mundella (Emma). English composer, born 1858, died 
Feb. 10, 1S96. A highly gifted lady, pupil of Ernst 
Pauer, Sullivan, Dr. Bridge, Dr. Stainer, Prout and 
and others. The wide ground which this instruction 
covered — piano, organ, harmony, composition, coun- 
terpoint and singing — laid the foundation of that val- 
nable experience, which made her so useful in after 
lite. She was one of the first students to secure the 
diploma "A. R. C. M." issued by the Royal College 
of Music. 

Among her works may be mentioned : " Day- 
School Hymn Book"; the oratorio "Victory of 
Song" for female voices and strings, a number of 
part-songs, piano pieces, and some church music. 

Munktcll (Helen). Swedish composer, author of a num- 
ber of songs and piano pieces, and the one act opera 
''/a Florence " {published by Choudens, Paris). 

Murio-Cclll (Adeline). Prominent singer and teacher, 
resident of New York. Author of various piano 
pieces and bravoura songs : — II Sogno, I'Eco, Glide 
OQ, Mignonette, The Bells of Love, Ave Maria, etc. 

■lu*«lnj(AdeIe Branca). Contemporary Italian composer 
and pianist, a descendant of the celebrated Sarti. 

N«thti»lu» (Marie). German composer and writer. Bom 
at Magdeburg March lo, 1817, died Dec. 22, 1857. 
Beside her numerous novels, that have made her 
name famous throughout Germany, she has pubhshed 
over 100 songs, mostly of a sacred character. 

Heed ham (Alicia Adelaide). Irish composer, has made 
a name as writer of a number of characteristic Irish 
songs, something out of the beaten track, among 
which may be named : — Irish Lullaby ; Queen of 
Connemara ; Husbeen, etc. 

Neumann (Elizabeth). Born of German parents at 
Capetown. Published a number of piano composi- 
tions for 2 as well as for 4 Hands. 

NeuvTIIc (Mme. Alphonse de), widow of the celebrated 
French painter, wrote an excellent Mass (Andante reli- 
gioso, Pie Jesu, Requiem,) which was performed at 
theSaint-FraiicoisdeSaleschurch, Paris. Among her 
other works may be named several violin composi- 
tions (Ballade, etc.) arrangements for various instru- 
ments, and vocal music. 

Hcwcombe (Georgeanne Hubi — ). English soprano 
and composer, bom in London Dec. 18, 1843, pupil 
of Dr. Hiles. Her compositions include a number of 
songs : — The miner and his boy (Prize song), Irish 
Potheen, etc. Also various piano works. 

Newton (Mrs. Alexander). English singer and composer, 
bom London, 1821, died Dec. 22, 1881. Writer of 
songs and pia no pieces, and a bravura singer of eicep 
tional ability. 

NIedcrstctter (Emihe). German composer of piano 

number of popular songs, of which the following ere 
well known : — Juanita, Voice of Music, Blind Girl, 
Murmur of the Shell, etc. 

Hovclle (Mary Sabilla). English composer and singer, 
sixth daughter of Vincent Novello, the well known 
musician. She is tlie author of an admirable " School 
for the Voice"; also the work "Voice and Vocal Art", 
and other publications. 

Hayes (Edith Rowena). Composer of a number of songs 
and piano pieces : — Funeral March ; The Hunter's 
Call, etc. 

Munn (Elizabeth Annie). English composer, bom iS6i. 
Published a Mass in C. for Soli, chorus and orchestra 
{op. 4) as well as other church music, songs, etc. 
This talented woman died, scarcelj33, at Manchester 
Jan. 7, 1894- 

Ockleaton-Llppa (Kate). Contemporary English com- 
poser, pupil of Louis Maas and of the Leipzig Conser- 
vatory. Writer of piano music (Nocturne in D, Al- 
bum leaves, etc.), also songs, anthems and other 
church music. 

Okcy (Maggie). Contemporary English pianist and 
composer. Married 1884 the pianist de Pachmann, 
but was divorced some years later. She composed a 
Violin Sonata, a Romance for violin, several piano 
compositions, etc. 

Olagnler (Marguerite). French contemporary composer 
of various works of importance, among which may 

Olcott (Grace). American song-writer (Life is but a 
dream ; Swift fly the hours, etc.) 

Oldham (G. Emily). English composer of the present 
tima Of her songs may be mentioned : — His ship ; 
Her voice ; Fair is the dawn. 

Olga (Grandduchess of Russia), has written a number of 
compositions. A " Parademarsch " for orchestra is 
published by Schlesinger, Berlin. 

O' Leary (Mrs. A.). English contemporary composer, 
pupil of G. A. Macfarren. Writer of songs: — [I am 
the Angel ; My Song is Love ; My Angel Lassie; etc.) 

Oliver (Mary). English composer of piano, and concerted 
music (op, 8 Romance, for violin and piano, etc.) 

Olivier (Charlotte). German composer of numerous piano 
pieces of a lightorder, her opus number reaching 135. 

Orgcr (Caroline). English composer, born London 1818, 
died at Tiverton March 11, 1891. Herworks consist 
of a Piano Concerto (played May 3, 1843), a Piano 
Trio (first performance 1844), a Piano Quartet 
in E flat ; and a Cello Sonata, first performance 
at the Concerts of the Society of British Musi- 
cians 1844, repeated 1S46, 1847 ; a Sonata op. 6, sev- 
eral Tarantellas, and other piano compositions. Also 
several songs, and a pamphlet "A few words on 
Pianoforte playing with rules for fingering passages 
of frequent occurrence (Novello 1S55). 

Orth (Mrs, L. E.), wife and pupil of John Orth, the 
American musician, is the writer of a number of 

Bridal Journey ", They were received very favorably 
at one of the Berhn Philhannonic Concerts 1S97. 

Ostlcrc (May). English contemporary composer of light 
Dances, Marches and Songs (Dutch Dolls, Only once 
more, Hypatbia, Clytic, etc) 

Otto (Louise), the talented German novelist, has pub- 
lished " Die Mission der Kunst mit besonderer Rueck- 
sicht auf die Gegenwart " which contains much of in- 
terest pertainiilg to music. 

Oury, see Belleville-Onry. 

Owen (Anita). American composer of piano pieces and 
songs (Sevilla, Polka fantastiqne — Only a little Band, 
'Neath the Flag). 

Paige (Mrs. J. B.). American writer, author of " New 
Inductive and Eclectic Method for the Piano", pub- 
lished at Boston. 

Paige (Kate). English writer anthor of "Exercises on 
General Elementary Music ", published in two parts, 
of which Part I was issued I880, and Part II 1881, 
London. She likewise published "Daily Ejcerdsea 
for the Piano (1883). 

Papot (Marie Anna). French composer, bom 1854, died 
at Paris Sept. 2, 1896. Professor of singing at the 
Paris Conservatory of Music, and author of a valued 
collection of exercises " Vingt-sept lecous a change- 
mentde Clefs". 

Paradim (Marie Therese von). German composer, bom 
at Vienna May 15. 1759, died there Feb. r, 1824. A 
most remarkable woman and talented musician. 

etc. She made such rapid progress, and developed such 
remarkable skill as a pianist, in spite of her sad afflic- 
tion, that by the advice of her teachers she ventured 
to appear at a concert, creating a perfect furore by 
her beautiful and sympathetic playing, and her gen- 
era] intellectual accomplishments. 

Her memory was most phenomenal ; it is said she 
was able to play 60 Concertos correctly and with ex- 
quisite taste. Mozart greatly admired her, and wrote 
and dedicated to her his Concerto in B flat (Ktichel 
Catalogue No. 456). 

Paradis made a number of concert tours, visiting 
Paris 17S4 upon the invitation of Queen Maria Antoi- 
netta, remaining there for six months, playing fre- 
quently before the Court, and at the concerts Spiritu- 
elle. From Paris she went to London, staying there 
five months, and playing before the King, the Queen, 
and Prince of Wales, as well as at various public 
concerts of her own and others. After visiting Brus- 
sels and the various important German courts and 
cities, scoring a constant series of triumphs, artisti- 
cally as well as financially, she returned to Vienna, 
where, after appearing at several concerts of the cele- 
brated Tonkiinstler-Society, she retired from public 
life, devoting her entire time to composition and 
teaching, using a system of notation, invented tor 
her by Riedinger, an ultimate friend of her family. 

Her compositions, which she dictated note by note. 

"Ariadne nnd Bachns", first performance at Laxen- 
burg 1791 in the presence of Emperor Leopold, and 
later on repeatedly played at the National Court Thea- 
tre, Vienna; a Pastorale Operetta " Der Bekiileaadi- 
d'lt ", first performance at the Leopoldstadt Theatre, 
1792. Her other compositions consist of a Piano Trio, 
various Sonatas (4 Sonatas, Amsterdam 1778, 6 Sona- 
tas, Paris, 1 791, etc.), also Variations and other pieces 
for piano, and a number of songs, cantatas and other 
vocal compositions. 

Parcello (Marie). American composers of songs, mostly 
for a Contralto voice, viz,; — You charm me; My Gar- 
den; Gaelic Lullaby; Good Night; etc. 

Parent (Charlotte Frances Hortense), born of French pa- 
•rents at London March 12, 1837. An excellent pian- 
ist and teacher, pupil of the Paris Conservatory and 
Mad. Farrenc. Received the first prize in harmony 
185s, the second prize for piano 1856, and the first 
1857. Published several instructive works for the 

Park (Edna Rosalind). American composer of decided 
talent. Bom at Boston, and residing in New Vork 
City. Pupil of Lambert. Her published composi- 
tions consist of a number of meritorious songs. 
(Young Rose; Memory; Nightingale and Rose; Thou 
art so like a flower; Tarry with nie; Love; Sunset, 
etc.) Several important works in M.S. j^,| . 

^O^I ^L 'TS a ^* Con. ^<^ * , ' "J" J7 ^'^ilf 

's, ;^'^'-«,,y o.-S ""* * ,'■ < of5»cj 5 v 

Peters, Leipzig. She is also the writer of "Metodo 

breve e facile " published at Rome 1S23. 

Parrlcrc-Pllte (Comtesse Anais de). French amateur 
composer, (died at Paris Dec. 1S7S) is the author of 
several operas and operettas, of which the following 
have been performed in public;^ — " Le Sotcier ", first 
performed at the Theatre Lyrique, Paris, June 13, 
1866; "Jaloux de »oi", a one act operetta, at the 
Athenee, Paris, June 6, 1S73 ; "Let VaeaMet de 
I' Amour '', opera coniique in 3 acts, first performance 
Aug. 6, 1867. Many of her compositions were pub- 
lished under the name of "Anais Marcelli ", 

Pcrronnct (Mme. Amelie), daughter of a ballet dancer 
of the Grand Opera, Paris. Talented writer of some 
operettas that have met with success, notably "La 
ChuMdnde I'aubepin'', Quite a number of her chan- 
sonettes have been very popular, 

Pesador) (Mme. Antoinette de). French musician, has 
published a number of piano pieces (Introduction 
and Rondo, reviewed by Schumann, etc.), and in col- 
laboration with J. Dotzauer wrote several composi- 
tions for Cello and Piano. 

P«*chka-L«utner (Minna), the eminent singer, who was 
born at Vienna, Oct. 25, 1839, and died at Wiesbaden 
Jan. 12, 1890, is the writer of several songs, and a set 
of Vocal studies. 

P«*mlah-Schm«rlJnK (Anna). German vocal teacher, 
born at Vienna 1834, died at Vienna March 14, 1896. 

Pf«ll*chlftcr Qulie von). German composer and pianist, 
born at Mannheim April 15, 1840. A Grand 
Ballet "Voglein's Morgengruss", and the dramatic 
Scena "Agneta", have met with success at Wies- 
baden, Also ■writer of a nmnber of piano pieces and 

Phllp (Elizabeth). English composer, bom at Palmontk 
1827, died at London Nov. 26, 1885. Pupil in sing- 
ing of Garcia and Marchesi, and in harmony and 
composition of F. Hiller, This talented woman has 
published numerous songs, part-songs and other 
works, that have met with great success. Her ad- 
mirable little work "How to sing an English Ballad"^ 
contains much sensible advise, convej'ed in a pleas- 
ing and graceful manner. 

PIdouK (Madeline). French writer, daughter of a doc- 
tor, and herself a physician of note, is the author of 
a most valuable musical work "LeDrame Lyrique 
en France, depnis Gluck jusqu'a nos jours" (Paris 
1878), publishing the same under the name of 
"Jacques Hermann ". 

Plerpont (Marie de). French composer, died March 
1896. Talented organist and writer of piano music, 
songs and organ compositions. Her most important 
work is the opera "Triomphe A^ Coeur"- 

Pitt (Emma). American author atid musician, has pub- 
lished a number of songs:— In jjis Name; Buds and 
Blossoms; Our Royal Prince, etc. 

The work waa printed at London 1856, a second edi- 
tion in i860. 

Pleycl (CamillaMarie). French composer, bom at Paris 
SepL 4, iSii, died near Brussel March 30, 1875, A 
remarkable fine pianist, pupil of Herz, Moscheles, 
etc Schnmajin speaks of her playing very highly 
and speciaJly praises her beautiful touch. Published 
a number of piano compositions. 

Plltt (Agathe). Gemian composer, bom at Thorn 1831. 
Her precocious talent attracted the attention of Queen 
Elizabeth of Prussia, who furnished the means for 
her musical education. Is an excellent pianist, and 
her compositions, consisting of Psalms, Motets and 
other sacred works, also several Cantatas, have been 
successfully performed in public 

Potko (Elise). German writer and composer, sister of 
the celebrated African explorer Eduard Vogel, was 
bom at Leipzig, Jan. 31, 1834, died Jtme, 1899, at 
Munster, in Westphalia, Displayed at an early age 
great musical talent, and by the advice of Mendels- 
sohn went to Paris to study under Garcia. She ne^'er 
appeared on the stage, but distinguished herself as a 
Lieder singer. After her marriage she abandoned 
concert work, and devoted her time to literature and 

She has published a number of songs, vocal duets, 
and a few piano pieces, but is best known by her 
writings on music, of which her "Musical Sketches" 
are widely known. She has ouhlished intrmmmttmr 

Pollet (Marie Nicole Simonin — ). French Harpplayer, 
born at Paris May 4, 1787, pupil of Blattman aod 
Dalmivare. She made a number of successful con- 
cert tours throughout Germany. France, Ri^psia, etc., 
and pubUshed a number of compositions for the 
Harp, among which a " Method for the Harp " de- 
serves special mention. 

Porter (Mrs. David), mother of Admiral David Porter, 
U. S. N., has composed a number of songs, of which 
" Thou hast wounded the spirit that loved thee " is 
best known. 

Pouillau (Mile. — ). French composer and pianist, has 
pubhshed a number of Sonatas and other composi- 
tions for the piano at Paris, 

Powell (Mrs. Watkins). American contemporary com- 
poser and song writer (Answer, Cradle Song; Cupid 
kissed me etc.), 

Pratten (Mrs, Sidney). English guitar-player and com- 
lioser for that instrument, bom about iti4o. Has 
published over 250 compositions and several methods 
for guitar. Also a book of instruction for the Gigliera, 
a wood and straw instrument. 

PrcBcott (Oliveria Louisa). English composer and writer, 
born at London Sept. 3, 1842. Talented pupil of the 
Royal Academy of Music, and of Lindsay Sloper, 
Macfarren, etc. She is a most successful teacher of 
harmony, and her text-book "Musical Form" (Part: I 
Instrumental, Part II Vocal) published at IvOndon 
1S82 (Revised and enlarged (1894), has received well 

certed music for stringed instruments (Quartets in A, 
and in C minor), and a Piano Concerto in A with or- 
chestral accompaniment. 

Of her vocal compositions, the most important 
are: — Psalm XIII for Soprano Solo, chorus and or- 
chestra; Psalm CXXVI for voices alone; the Cantata 
"JvOrdUIlin's Daughter" for chorus and orchestra; 
"Hero watching for Leander" Soprano Solo and 
orchestra. Also a number of songs, anthems and 

Pruckner (Caroline). German singer aud vocal teacher, 
bom at Vienna 1832. In 1872 her excellent method: 
" Theorie und Praxis der Gesangskunst " was pub- 
lished, which gained for the author a wide celebrity, 
and on the appearance of the second edition, the 
Grand Duke of Mecklenbourg-Schwerin bestowed 
on her the Gold Medal for Art and Science. 

Puget (Louisa). French composer, bom at Paris about 
1810, died at Pau, Nov. 27, 1889. Gained a wonderful 
popularity, for a time, as writer 

Although not claiming great merit, her melodies 
were always so natural and pretty, and so suited to 
the words, and the words themselves so full of a 
homelike character, that their success was most ex- 
traordinary. Such songs as "A la grace de Dieu ", 
"Ave Maria". " I^ snlpH ile -ma RrftaoTif-" " Mnn 

Pupin (Mme. A. M.) American \tTiter and teaclieri 
author of a "Treatise on the Scales", and several 
other instructive works (How to practice, etc.) 

Quinault (Marie Anne J. French singer and composer of 
the iSth century. Composed a. number of motets and 
other fhurch music, that has been performed at 
Versailles, and for which she was decorated by the 
King of France with the order of St. Michael. 

Rxdeckl (Olga von), Russian contemporary composer, 
writer of songs: — (Sea hath its pearls; Night has a 
thousand eyes, etc.) 

R«dnor (Countess of). English composer of church mu- 
sic (various orders of service for children, Psalms, 
Hymns, etc.), and a number of songs, 

R«lph (Kate). English composer, who has published 
various compositions for violin and piano. 

Ralmton (F. Marion). American writer of a number of 
songs and piano piece* — (Greeting; Ich liebe dich; 
Etude, etc.) 

Ramatin (Lina). German writer and composer, bom at 
the entail hamlet of Mainstockheim, Bavaria, June 
24> 1833. Showed great aptitude for music, but re- 
ceived no instruction until her seventeenth year, 
when her parents removed to Leipzig, where she en- 
joyed thp advantage of piano lessons from the wife of 
Dr. Brendel, the eminent music critic and writer, and 
herself a pupil of Field. 

In 1858 Lina Ramann opened an institution for the 
special training of teachers, which met with great 

of the German music schools. She has also written 
a set of 4 Sonatinas, op. 9, and various other in- 
structive pieces. 

As a musicographer she ranks very high, having 
written manj' thongbtful and valuable essays, etc. 
upon musical subjecta. Of her writings the follow- 
ing deserve special mention for their sterling merit; — 
"Iiife of Liszt", 2 vols., an important work, com- 
piled with great care, minuteness and intelligence, 
the author profiting largely from personal infor- 

Published a highly interesting collection of Lbzt's 
letters, and a "Sudy on Liszt's Christus". Her 
writings on Liszt are considered the best so far pub- 
lished. Of her other important works may be 
named: — " Die Musik als Gegenstand der Erziehung 
(Leipzig 1868); "Allgemeine Erzieh- und Unterrichts- 
lehre der Jugend " (Leipzig 1869); " Bach und Han- 
del" (1868). 

Two volumes of her essays are published in col- 
lective form: — "Aus der Gegenwart" (Nuremberg 
(186S), and — " Die Musik als Gegenstand des Unter- 
richts (Leipzig 1866, 1867). 

Itammay (Lady). English amateur composer of a num- 
ber of songs and the cantata "The Blessed Damazel ". 

Rand (Josephina). American vocal teacher, and author 
of a " Vocal Method '', 

Rawlrnson (Angela). English composer, writer of the 

Relchard (Louise). Gennan composer, born at Berlin 
1780, died at Hamburg Nov. 17, 1816. Her father 
Johann F.. Reichard was Court Chapelmaster to 
Frederic the Great, and her mother a daughter of 
Franz Benda, the celebrated composer. 

She composed a number of ireritorions songs and 
part-songs mostly of a sacred character. 

FeiMgle, see Orger. iJ*«"'t-f ^ 

.Renne, Victor (real name Irene Baungrof^ married 
Philip Hale, the eminent Boston musical critic. Bom 
at Syracuse, N. Y. Pupil of the Cincinnati Conser- 
vatory of Music (Winner of the Springer Gold Medal 
1S81), and of Oscar Raif and Moszkowski. Among 
her works may be mentioned several piano composi- 
tions and various songs. 

Renncs [Catharina van), bom at Utrecht, Holland, Aug. 
2, 1858. Published a number of songs, of which op, 
4 ' ' Jong Holland " , a set of children songs, were pub- 
lished at Utrecht; op. 5, "Lentetever", a set of five 
two-part songs are published at Amsterdam; op, 15 
"Lebenslust" six two-part songs for children, pub- 
lished at Leipsig. 

Rcvlal (Marie Pauline), French composer and vocal 
teacher at the Paris Conservatory, author of "12 
Etudes pour le chant, destinees aux voix de So- 
prano ■ '. She was an officer of the Legion of Honor, 
Died at Etretat Oct. 13, 1871. 

RJehard*on (Jennie V.). American composer, whose ■ 
compositions consist mostly of piano music. 

Rl«KO (Teresa del). English song writer. Songs: — 
Slave Song; Love is a Bird; Mj gentle child; Ave 

Rtcse, see Liebmann. 

Ring (Claire). American composer, pnpilof Hille, Phila- 
delphia.. Author of some piano pieces (Album leaf, 
Danse Caprice, etc.) 

Rlngelsbers (Mathilde). Bohemian composer of dances 
and waltzes, popular at Fr^ue during the middle of 
the rgth century. 

Hitter (Fanny Raymond). American writer, bom at 
Philadelphia 1840, wife of F. L. Ritter the eminent 
musician. Mrs. Ritter is an accomplished author 
and translator, her writings and translations consist- 
ing of " Schumann's Essays and Criticisms "; " Music 
and Musicians"; Ehlert's "Letters on Music to a 
Lady"; "Some Famous Songs", an Art Historical 
Sketch, etc. A number of her essays have been pub- 
lished in collective form under the title " Lyre, Pen 
and Pencil". 

She composed a utunber of songs, vocal duets and 

Rhre-King (Mrs. Julia). This eminent American pianist 

was born at Cincinnati, Oct, 31, 1857. She is a pupil 
of Wm. Mason, S. B. Mills, and Reinecke, finishing 
her studies with Liszt at Weimar. Her professional 
debut was made under Reinerlip'sdinY'tinn at nno nf 

positions maj be named: — Gems of Scotland, Folka 
Caprice, Polonaise Heroique, etc. 
Robert-Mazel (Helena). French composer and talented 
pianist. Author of a number of beautiful songs, 
among which jnay be named the following:- — Utt 
Souvenir; A mon Pere; la Luciole, etc.; and the 
cantata "Lejugement dernier". 

Her vocal method " Guide musics de I'entance ", 
containing elementary rules and a number of Solfeg- 
gios in all the major and minor keys, adapted to the 
child's voice, was highly recommended by Adolf 
Adam. Her "Concert des enfants", a collection of 
one and two-part songs for children, has been fre- 
quently reprinted, and is considered one of the best 
published. ,- .^ , 

Roberts (Nellie Wilkinson). American writer of songs, ' 
of which may lie named: — Sing little birds; Unawares; 
The Old Path, etc. 

Robinson (Mrs, Josepli). English composer, bom 1831, 
died 1879, author of the sacred cantata "God is 
Love "; a number of songs, and other compositions. 

Rodwell (Anne). English writer, author of " The Juven- 
ile Pianist", London 1838, of which several editions 
have been printed. ■ 

RocckcF (Jane Jackson — ) wife of Joseph Roeckel iHe 
songwriter,'' Under the name of "Jules de Sivrai » 
she has published a number of brilliant piano compo- 
sitions, (Taranteller Danse Russe, Reverie Mazurka, 
etc.). and songs (Drifting on, A Village Story. ^t<=>- 
Mrs. Roeckel is the inventor of the " Pamp^'oo'^ • 

being the granddaughter of Robert Lindley, the 

well-known song writer. She is a pupil of Moscheles 
and Plaidy (piano), Paperiti and Richter (Harmony), 
Rietz and David (Ensemble plflying) and of Goetz. 
and Mrs. Zimmermann, Berlin, in singing. 

Later on she studied operatic singing with San 

As Clara Doria (her stage name) she appeared with 
success at Genoa, Naples, Leghorn, Florence, Lon- 
don. New York, etc., finally settling at Boston, and 
devoting her time to teaching and composing. Her 
compositions consist of the following works, most all 
of which are in print: — A String Quartet; a Sonata 
for cello and piano ; a Sonata in D minor for violin 
and piano; a Scherzo in A op. 15 for piano, and a 
number of songs (Clover Blossoms, Confessions, 
Yeats at the Spring, etc.), several collections (Brown- 
ing songs, Album of 14 songs, etc.). 

Her excellent work " The Philosophy of Singing " 
contains much that is novel in the application of 
evolutionary theories, and for the practical vocal 
teacher, there is to be found a great deal of most 
helpful matter. The work is divided into three 
parts:— Part I. The Philosophy of Singing; Part II. 
Mechanism and Technique, Application and Elucida- 
tion of Singing. 
Ronalds (Mrs, Belle), American composer of songs, etc. 
_.■ DoBwitha (real name, Helen von Rossow), a German 

song " Si vous n'aviez rien a mes dire " has had re- 
markable success. Of her other songs may be men- 
tioned: — Wenn dn ein Herz; Glaube mir nicht; 
FelsundMoos; Bei Dir, etc. 

Rwdcrvdorf (Brminie, nee Mansfeldt). Russian singer, 
composer and htterateur. Bom at Icvanowsky Dec. 
12, i8j7, and died at Boston Feb. 26, 18S2, where she 
resided as a very successful and popular teacher ©t 
singing, among her pupils being Emma Thursby and 
Anna Drasdil. She has written a number of songs, 
of which " Maying " is best tnown. 

An Essay " Einige Worte tilier das Erleruen des 
Gesanges", is published by Manke, Jena, 

Ituncic (Constance Leroy). American composer of songs I 
(I will arise; A merry Lite; The Dove of Peace; There I 
is a Land). Also chuich anthems, and organ com- | 

Ruta (Couutese Gilda). Italian composer. Bom at 
Naples, Talented pianist, pupil of her father and 
Mercadante. Her compositions consist of the opera 
" Tfie Fire Worshippers '' , a Piano concerto, inatm- 
mental music, and songs. 

Rutt«nste)n (Constance, Baroness of,). German Ama- 
teur, composed various songs: — Ave Maria; Ich denke 
dein; Letzter Traum; Lebe wohl, etc. 

Sablnin (Martha von). German contemporary writer of 

Salnt-Dldlcr (la Comtesse de). Prench amateur com- 
poser. Her cantata "II est rendu" was performed 
at Paris, Sept. y>, iSao. 

Saltite-CroJx (Mile. de). Prench composer, pupil of 
Coninck, is the writer of the following operettas: — 
■" Leg Ilendczvoui gatanit". I act, first perfornance at 
the Athenee, Jan. 33, 1873; " Uadnine de Bubucar", 
I act, at the BoufFes-Parisiens, Feb. 5, 1874; '' I^gma- 
Uon ", I act, at the Theatre Dejazet, Feb. 9, 1875, 
and " Ghaaaon du Printempg ", i act, performed for 
the first time at the Theatre de Versailles, March 2$, 

Salnton-Dolby (Charlotte), the famous English singer, 
was bom at London, May 17, 1821, and died at Lon- 
don Feb. 18, 1885. 

Mendelssohn dedicated to her his 6 Songs opus 57, 
beside writing the contralto music in Elijah with the 
special view to her singing it. 

As a composer she has shown marked talent, her 
cantatas "The Legend of St. Dorothea", and "The 
Story of the Faithful Soul", attaining great popu- 
larity, being repeateiUy performed in public. She b 
also the author of " Florimel ", a cantata for female 
voices, written a few months prior to her death. Of 
her other writings may be mentioned a "Tutor for 
English Singers", a complete course of Practical In- 
struction in Singing, published at London, and 
which has passed through several editions, and a 
large number of sours (Marjories Almanac, etc). 

Salter (Mary Turner). American song writer (A Water \ 
I,ily; Little boy good sight; Fair White Flower, etc.). ' 

Sanders (Atma). English contemporary pianist of de- 
cided merit, has composed a nuniber of piano com- 
positions, which evince taste and ability. Her most 
important works are, a Trio for Piano and strings, a 
Violin Sonata, and a Quartet for Piano and strings 

SantM Ca[oma-Sourg«t (Eugenia). Eminent French 
composer, born at Bordeaux, Feb. 8, 1S17. A very 
talented pianist, pupil of Zimmermann and Bertini. 
Writer of a number of beautiful songs (published by 
Meissonier, Escudier, Gerard and other Parisian pub- 
lishers) among them such gems as "Le chant du cre- 
puscule"; 'A une jeune fille"; "Chant madeleine"; 
" Une Etoile" and " C'est ton nome ", which have 
attained a most flattering success. Her one act opera 
"I'Image", was successfully performed at Paris 1864. 
She has written a Trio for stringinstruments, published 
by Gerard, Paris, which possesses great merit and 
originality, and is highly spoken of by Halevy and 

Sargent (Cora Decker). American writer of vocal music . 
(A Summer Girl; Spanish, etc.). 

Sawath (Caroline). German writer of a number of piano 
pieces of a light and pleasing order. 

Sawyer (Hat tie P.). American writer of songs and sa- 
cred music (Who'll tell; Willie Darling; Across the 
dreary sea, etc). 

Sch*den (Nanette von). German amateur pianist and. 

tationserotique; op. 3 Mazurka; op. 13 Mazurka; op. 
14 Kondo brilliant; op, 15 Nocturne; op. 16 Capriccio; 
op. 17 Scherzo; op. 27 Serenade; acoUection of 14 

Her Festival overture in C, op. 26 for large orches- 
tra (M. S.) has been published as a piano duet by 
Paez, Berlin. 

Schauroth (Delphine von), German composer, bom 
at Magdeburg i3i4, pupil of Kalkbrmner, and a 
brilliant pianist, whose playing Schumann greatly 
admired. Mendelseohn was considerably infatuated 
with her during his visit at Munich 1S30. He speaks 
of her in his letters of that date. His well known 
"Venetian Gondellied" (Song without words No. 6), 
and his Concerto in G minor are dedicated to her. 

Her compositions consist of several Sonatas, of 
which a "Sonata brilliant" in C minor, is very 
favorably reviewed by Schumann in his " Neue 
Zeitschrift flir Musik "; a Cappricio and various 
other compositions for the piano. 

$chlmon (Anna, nee Regan). Bohemian Soprano sin- 
ger and composer, born near Carlsbad Sept. 18, 1841. 
Pupil of Halevy, and famous as a concert singer and 
vocal teacher. Wrote a number of songs and other 
vocal works, and has two operas in manuscript. 

Schlrmachcr fDora). English composer and pianist, 
born at Liverpool Sept I, 1S57. Studied at the 

op. 4 Romanze; op. 5 Tonbilder; op. 6 Valse de 
Concert, etc. 

SchlMinger-Stephanl (Marie). Gennan contemporoiy 
miLsician, and teacher of bannony. Author of a 
theoretical work " Elementar Theorie der Musik ", 
to assist in self-study, which was awarded a silver 
medal at the Antwerp World's Fair 1885. 

Schlick (EHse, Countess of), is the writer of a number of 
German songs, published by Cranz (Geistemacht, 
Gute Nacht, Lieder der Nacht, etc.). 

Schmezer (Elise). German contemporary composer. 
The following compositions are printed: — Op. 4, 5, 6, 
7 Twelve Songs; op. lo Four Song; op. 19 Two 
Songs; op. 20 Two Songs, and the opera " Otto der 
Schuelz ". 

Schnorr von CarolAfeld (Malvina), wife of the celebrated 
singer, is the author of a number of pretty songs, of 
which: "Icb hortein BSchlein rauscben " deserves 

Scholl (Amalie). German composer, bom at Dresden 
Sept. 28, 1823, died there Sept. 18, 1879. Wrote a 
number of songs: — (" Maienglijckchen " "Auf der 
Wartburg ", " Daa ewige Lied", etc.). 

Schrelnzer {F. M.). German composer aad pianist, 
born at Danzig, Prussia, 1812, died 1873. A numbe^r 
of her songs and piano pieces are published at Leipzig 
and Berlin. 

Schroeter {Corona Eliiabetb), the famous German singes-^ 
who Was bom at Guben, Tan. li. iTei. and died *•*- 

187S. This eminent dramatic soprano, the grand- 
daughter of George Schneider, the celebrated com- 
poser (Oratorio "Birth of Christ ", etc.), is the writer 
of a number of meritorious songs. 
Schumann (Clara Josephine}. German composer and 
pianist, bom at Leipzig Sept. 13, 1S19, died at Frank- 
fort a. M., May 20, 1896, was the daughter of Fried- 
rich Wieclc, the eminent teacher, Clara began her 
musical studies at a very early age under her father's 
guidance, with whom she made such rapid progress, 
that on Oct. 20, 1828, having completed her ninth 
year, she was able to make her debut in public at a 
concert in her native town, where she played with the 
pianist Emilie Reinhold, Kalkbrenner's 4 hand varia- 
tions from ' ' Moise ' '. 

On Nov. 8, 1830, when just eleven, she gave her 
first public concert at the Gewandhaus, gaining great 
credit for her playing. Among the numbers per- 
formed was a set of Variations of her own. 

On Sept. 12, i84o(theeveof her birthday)she mar- 
ried, after a romantic courtship, Robert Schumann, 
who had been a very intimate friend to the Wieck 
family for some years. 

This union was a very happy one, they lived for one 
another, and she looked upon it as her highest privi- 
lege to give to the world the most perfect interpreta- 
tion of her husband's works. As an interpreter of 

Her appearances in Holland, Austria, England and 
Germany were greeted with the utmost enthusiasm, 
and an admiration for her artistic performances was 
enhanced by her hearty affection, evoked by her 
touching devotion to her husband during the last 
years of his life. As an artist, Clara Schumann was a 
combination of virtues, musical, musicianly and tern- 
peramental, such as loom upon the artistic horizon 
not often in the ages. She had powerful qualities of 
brain, but she had also great depths of heart, and 
both were balanced in her playing after a manner 
which hai given her critics just ground to proclaim 
her the greatest female pianist the world has known. 

She exacted from the keyboard by a form of lin- 
gering finger pressure, as opposed to percussion, a 
rare truitiness of true quality, which few have been 

Personally, Madame Schumann was of middle 
height, rather stout, with a pale face, acquiline nose 
and deep blue expressive eyes. Her simplicity of 
manners, the refined atmosphere of her private life, 
were such as to endear her to all whom she met. 

In regard to Clara Schumann's compositions, 
Franklin Taylor gives the following characterization: 

"Madame Schumann's compositions, though not 
very numerous, evince that earnestness of purpose 
which distinguish her work in general. Even her 
earliest essays, which are short piano pieces written 

three charming Cadenzas to Beethoven's Concerto's 
op. 37 and sS, and a set of three Pceludea and Fugues 
op. i6. which deserA-e mention not only on account of 
their excellent construction, but as forming a most 
valuable study in legato playing. Tliere is also a 
Piano Concerto op. 7, dedicateil to SpohT, of which 
the passages (though not the modulations) remind one 
of Hummel; but it is a short work and not well bal- 
anced, the first movement being reduceil to a single 
solo, which ends on the dominant, and leads at once 
to the Andante. 

In the later works, as might naturally be expected, 
there are many movements which bear traces of the 
influence of Schumann's music both in harmony and 
rhythm, but this influence, which first seems percep- 
tible in the "Soirees Musicales " Op. 5 and 6, is 
afterwards less noticeable in the piano works than in 
the songs, many of which are of great beauty. 
Schumann himself has made use of themes by Clara 
in several instances, namely in his Impromtu op. 5 
(on the theme of her Variations op. 3, which are 
dedicated to htm), in the Andantino of his Sonata in 
F minor op. 14, and (as a motto) in the "Davids- 
biindler" op. 6. 

The following is a list of her compositions: — Op. i 
Quatte Polonaises ; op. 2 Caprices en forme de Valse ; 
op. 3 Romance variee; op. 4 Valses Romantiques ; 
op. 5, 6 Soirees Musicales, 10 pieces caracteristiques ; 
op. ^ Concerto No. I, in A minor ; op. 8 Variations de 
Concert, in C, on the Cavfltina in " II Pitata "; op. 9 

Fugues; op. 17 Trio in G minor, piano, violin and 
cello; op. 20 Variations on a theme by Robert 
Schumann ; op. 21 Three Romances for Piano (C, F, 
and G minor) ; op. 22 Three Romances for Violin and 
piano; op. 33 Six Songs from "Jocunde"'. 

Without opus numbers : — i I.iebeszauber, song for 
voice and piano; 2 Andante and Allegro, piano; 
3 Cadences to Beethoven's Concertos in C minor 
and G. 

Clara Scbuman edited the Breitkopf and Hartel 
Edition of Robert Schumann's complete piano works; 
D. Scarlatti's 20 select Sonatas; arranged Robert 
Schumann's Quintett op. 44 for 4 bands ; and edited 
Schumann's "Early Letters. " 

I^ Mara baa published a biographical sketch of 
Clara Schumann in her collection of " Musikalische 
Studienkopfe. " ' 

Schuyler (Georgina). American writer of songs: — j 
Acrossthe world I speak to tbee; The Apology; Go _i 
lovely Rose ; In a Gondola, etc 

Schwertzell (Wilhelciine von). German composer of 
songs and part-songs forone, two and three voices. 

Scott (Clara II.), American composer, writer of sacred 
music and part-songs for female voices. 

Scott (Lady John Douglas), maiden name Alicia Anne 
Sjxittiswoode, married iS36Lonl John Douglas Scott, 
asonof the Dukeof Buccleuch. She is the author 
of a number of well-known songs, such as: Annie 
Laurie ; Doujjlas tender and Ime ; Farewell to thee. 

S«lpt (Sophie). German composer, of whom a number 
of compositions for Cello and Piano are published 
at Cologne (E>rei Romanzen, Fantasie, etc) 

Scnckc (Teresa). Italian composer, bom about 1848, 
and died at Rome, November 1875. Wrote a num^ 
ber of songs and piano pieces, and is the author of 
the opera " Lt Dm Amiche", which was performed 
at tbe Theatre Argentina, Rome. 

Scrvler (Mme. H. — ). French composer and pianist, 
of whom the following works appear in print; — 
" Methode elementaire de chant" in two parts, 
(Schonenberger, Paris); op. 11 Exercise pour le 
trille, etc. 

Shattuck (Lillian). American musician, writer of "The 
very first Lessons for Violin ' ' etc, 

Sheppard (Elizabeth Sara). English novelist and 
writer, bom at Blackheath 1830, died at Brixton, 
London, March 13, 1862. Author of "Charles Auches- 
ter" (1853) "Rumor" (1858), musical novels, in 
the former of which Mendelssohn is depicted as Sera- 

Sherrington (Helena Lemmens), the great English so- 
prano, who was born at Preston, Oct. 4, 1S34, has 
composed a number of pleasing songs. Her sister, 
Grace Sherrington, bom at Preston 1842, is also a 
talented composer of songs, and a well known vocal 

Sick (Anna), German composer and pianist. A number 
of piano compositions and several songs appear in 

Simmon»('Kate'). American comnnwr nl a n,,™!,™ ^ 

Venice. Studied with the celebrated violinist Tar- 
tini, at Padua, with whom she made such marvelous 
progress in her art, that she was considered for a 
'time a worthy rival of Nardini, the famous viol inisL 
At the " Concerts Spirituel " at Paris, several of her 
compositions were perionned with success and 
greatly admired. 

Of her various compositions the following have 
been published:— 6 Trios for 3 violins and cello 
(Amsterdam); 3 Concertos for violin op. 2 (Amster- 
dam); 3 Concertos for violin op. 3 (Amsterdam). 
Another Concerto is mentioned by J. A. Hiller as 
having been engraved at Venice. 

SIvral (Jules de), see Roeckel. 

Skelton (Mrs. Nellie Bangs). American pianist and 
composer, born Aug. 15, 1859, at Lacon, III., pupil of 
Mme. de Roode Rice, and author of a number of 
piano pieces (Gavotte, etc.) and songs. 

Skinner (Mrs. Fanny Lovering). American vocal teacher, 
singer (pupil of Mme. Rudersdorf) and composer of 
a number of songs ; — Gypsy ; Spring ; Rapture ; 
Rose, etc. 

Ski n ner { Florence Marian ) . English contemporary 
composer. Her opera '■ Suocerit" was produced at 
Naples, April 15, 1877, and a second opera " .ftaria 
Megina di Scozia " at St. Remo, Turin and London 
during i88j. 

Siw*rt (Harriet Anne), sister of the well-known English 
composer Henry Smart, is the author of a number of 
Hymns and other vocal music. She was born at 

13 works, all of which are very merito- 
rious, clear in form and free from all eccentricity, 
consist of two Symphonies, the one in C minor per- 
formed at London 1863, and the other in G, finished 

Her four Overtures are named " Endymion " (fin- 
ijihed 1864, and re-written for the Crystal Palace 
1871), "LallaRookh" (1865), " Masque of Pandora" 
(1878), and "Jason, or the Ai^onauts and Sirens" 

A Quartet for Piano and strings, in B flat, was fin- 
ished i86i, another iu D, 1864, two others are in B 
and G minor. 

Of her three Quartets for string, one in D was 
written 1S63, and a second in 1S70. The third is 

A Concerto for Clarinet and orchestra w 
fully performed at the Norwich Festival 1873. An 
"'Introduction and Allegro " for Piano and Orchestra 
was flrst played by the composer 1865. 

In 1879 " Two Intermeiri " from the "Masque of 
Pandora" were finished, the overture to the same be- 
ing written the year before. The following cantatas 
for Soli chorus and orchestra, are published : — - 
"Riidesheim", performed for the first time at Cam- 
Ibridge 1865; "Ode to the North-East Wind" first 

that we two were maying" is probably known the 
world over. ~- -, 

Smith (Eleanor). American writer of songs: — ^TheQuest; '; 
She kissed with her eyes; Cradle Song; Where go ! 
the boats; The Swing, etc. - ' 

Smith (Mrs. Gerrit). American vocalist, and writer of t 
piano music and songs (Woodland Warblings, etc.) / 

Smith (Gertrude). American composer, born at New 
York, daughter of the late Dr. Norman Smith, the [ 
excellent music dilitantti. Her compositions, show- | 
ing marked talent, are highly spoken of by compe- 
tent critics. Among her best songs are: — An die 
grosse Glocke; Wiichterruf ; Rose im Thai, etc. 

Smith (Fanny Morris). American writer and musician, 
bom at Brockport, N, Y. Author of ' 'A noble Art ", 
being a treatise on the construction of the piano, and 
" The Music of the Modem World ". 

Smith (Hannah). American writer and musician. Author 
of " Music, How It came to be",awork treating on 
Accustics, ancient, mediaeval Belgian and Italian 
music. Opera, Oratorio, etc. {published by Scribner), 
She has compiled a set of interesting teaching pieces 
and studies, called: — " Progressive Exercises in Sight 
Reading for the Piano ", in 12 parts. 

Smith (Laura). English composer, and author of 
"Music of the Waters", a collection of the Sailor's 
chanties, or working songs of the sea of all maritime 
nations, London 1888. 

Smyth (Ethel M.). English contemporary composer, 
talented pupil of Herzogenberg. Her " Mass in D ", 
is of such decided merit, as to deserve the attention 
of all choral societies. This work is intensely modera 
in style and rather suggestive of Gounod in its ex- 
pression of feeling, but it is by no means an imitation 
of that master, and in sustained dignity and breath 
of thought is quite equal to any modem work of its 

Miss Smyth refrained printing her name in full, 
but only the initials E. M. Smyth appeared on the 
title page of the Mass. Her opera ' 'Der Wald ' ' , the 
text of which is her own, was performed at Berlin, 
and at London (July iS, 1902), and is declared by 
critics as exceptionally good. Its success has been 

Other important works by Miss Smyth ate : — A 
Quintett for strings, performed at Leipzig 18S4 ; a 
Sonata in A minor op. 7 for Violin and piano ; a Ser- 
enade in D for orchestra, and the overture " Antony 
and Cleopatra ", both works being performed at the 
Crystal Palace 1890. 

She has written a number of songs and other com- 
' Snced (Miss Anna, now Mrs. Cairn). American com- 
poser, writer of a number of melodious songs (Break, 
break o sea, etc.). 
Sourgct, see Santa-Coloma-Sourget. 

Sp«rman ( Helen). American musician and writer, 
authorof'An Attemot at an Anal^rsis .-.f Miioii-" a 

Spencer (Panny Morris). American composer, bom at . 
Newburgh, N. Y, Author of a number of songs 
(Awake my love. When I know, Homeward, Well-a- 
Day, etc). Church Anthems, and a set of 32 Hynm 
Sporleder (Charlotte). German composer, bom at Cas- 
selNov. 8, 1836. Author of a "Grand Sonata" for 
piano; Study for the left hand; Ballade, Valaebril- 
lant, etc., and Concertante for Violin and Piano. 
Stair (Patty). American composer, resident of Cleveland, 

Writer of songs. Piano music, etc. 
Stebbina (Genevieve). American writer, author of 

" Dynamic Breathing ". 
Stecher (Marianne). German composer and organist. 
Has written various compositions, of which may be 
mentioned the following organ works: — Op. 7 Eight 
Fugues; op. laSix: Fugues; 88 Fughi per I'organo; 
also a Grand Sonata in B, for Piano 4 hands. 
St, John (Georgie Boyden). American composer of 
songs; — In Dreamland ; Toujours Amour ; Bonny 
Prince Charlie ; Cupid at the Bar, etc. Died at New 
York 1899, a victim of the Windsor Hotel Fire. 
Stelfier (Emma M.). American, composer, bom at Balti- 
timore, has acquired more than a local reputation as 
a talented musician. Author of the operettas " TJim 
Alchymiei", and " F7mreHe ", and a number of or- 
chestral arrangements, and various sontrs. 

Stewart (P. U.). American vriter of songs and piano 

Stlrtlng (EHzabetli). Eminent English organist and 
composer, bom at Greenwich Feb. 26, 1819, died ia 
London, March 35, 1S95. Was a pupil of Edward 
Holmes and Sir G. A. Macfarren, and considered one 
of the finest English oi^anists, her pedal playing 
being exceptionally good. In 1850, her part-song 
"All among the barley" {for S. S. T. B.)carriedoff 
one of Ihe prizes given by Novello & Co. 

In 1S56 she submitted a composition (Psalm CXXX 
for s voices and orchestra) to the University of Ox- 
ford for the degree of Mus. Bac. Oxoa. Though ac- 
cepted and highly spoken of, owing to the want 
of power to grant a degree to a woman none could 
be conferred. 

Miss Stirling has published: — Two grand volun- 
taries; six pedal fugties; eight slow movements, and 
other works for the organ, as well as a number of ar- 
rangements from the works of Handel, Bach and 

Her part-songs are very popular, over fifty being 
published, also a number of songs, duets and piano 

Stockcr (Mrs. Stella Prince). American writer of songs. 
fA Sea Sons: While thou wert bv. etc.l , , 

(" spring," etc.), various songs (Time and Eternity; 
Fate, etc,}, and piano pieces. 

Sitar«y (Countess Margit). Polish composer. (Ave Maria 
for 4 female voices and organ, etc). 

Survady, see Clausz. 

SiymanouMka (Marie, nee Wolowska). Polish pianist 
anil composer, bom 1790, died at St. Petersburg 
1831, pupil of John Field. Was considered one of 
the finest pianist of her time, being called the " Fem- 
inine Field", playing with great success at I^ipzig, 
Berlin, Vienna, St. Petersburg, Hamburg, etc. 

Her compositions are of a brilliant nature, mostly 
for the piano (5 Fantasias, various Nocturnes, several 
Variations, etc.). 

A set of 1 3 Concert Studies are very highly spolen 
of by Schumann, who reviews them as being " really 
good and improving, especially for studying figuration, 
ornaments and rhythm ". 

She has published 4 Waltzes for one piano three 
hands (Sennewald, Warsaw), an odd combination, 
seldom attempted. 

Talte (Annie). Talented English composer and pianist, 
pupil of Sir G. A. Maefarren. Among her works 
may be mentioned a Trio for piano and strings; a 
Sonata in F, for piano; and several songs and piano 
pieces. She died at an early age at Eastbourne Feb. 

Tardieu ifc MallevrilR <rh» P»....i. ^^h.-..^^ 

Compiled and harmonized a collection of " Bal- 
lads and Songs of Brittany". London 1865, and 
wrote the incidental music to "As you hke it ", 18S0, 

Temple (Hope). English contemporary composer, whose 
songs hdve attained great popularity, "An Old Gar- 
den'', "My Lady's Bower" and "In Sweet Septem- 
ber" passing through numerous editions. Other 
well-known songs are : — Auf Wiedersehn, 'Tis all that 
I can say, Memories, Fond heart farewell, etc. Among 
her works may be mentioned an operetta "The 
n'oodeit Bpovn ' ' . 

Tennycon (Lady). Wife of the poet, was an accom- 
plished musician, and composed the music for some 
of her husband's poems, including the patriotic 
verses " Hands all around " She died at Aldworth, 
England, August 10, 1896. 

Thegeratrom (Hilda). Composer of a number of pleas- 
ing piano pieces and songs, published in Germany 
and in Sweden. 

Thlonville (Mme. A.). French contemporary writer, 
author of the work " Questionnaire sur la musique " 
published by Choudens, Paris. 1875. 

Thoma* (Adelaide Louisa). English pianist and compo- 
ser, born at Clapham, L.ondon. In 189J she passed 
the exam natioti for M us. Bac. Oxford, but was n,t 
allowed to take the degree. Is the author of "A 

L,,._,j., Google 

I Thurb«r (Nettie CJj_^inetican. composer, writer ot a 
number ofUtleaaiog songs, etc. 

Thym (Lebault Paiiline). I-"rench dramatic composer, bom 
at Paris 1836, daughter of Alphose Thys, a well- 
known musiciaji. Her dramatic works consist of 
the one-act operetta "In Pomme de TarguW, per- 
formed at the Bouffes-Parisiens 1857, the two oper- 
ettas " Quirnd Dieil e»t dam le menage" and "la 
Ptrruqne da BniUi" , both of which were finished 
i86o; the comique opera in two acts "U Biyn rf« w- 
tagne'', which was performed at the Theatre 
Lyriqne May 24, 1S62, with considerable success, and 
frequently repeated, also the opera in 3 acts ''U Ciibo' 
ret du Pot-Cane'', which was given at the Alcazar, 
Brussels on Oct. 19, 1868. 

A comic opera in three acts " Le Fniit terte " has 
not been played in public, while another opera "le 
MaHage de Tabarin, " has met with considerable suc- 
cess at Rheims {Grand Theatre Dec. 5, 1885), at the 
Theatre Royal. Florence, and other places. 

She is also the author of a " drame lyrique " called 
"Judith" parts of which have frequently been played 
in public, and has published quite a number of songs. 

Tonal (Leonie). French composer, writer of a large 
number of light piano music, that had a ready sale 
in its time (Ferles et Diamants, etc). 


Train (Adelaine). American composer of a nnniber of 
songs: — Snowflakes, The Rose, Persian Serenade, etc 

Travenet (Mtne. B. de). French poet and composer, 
of whom two collections of " Romajices et chansons 
avec accomp. de pianoforte ou le haipe ", were pub- 
lished at Paris, 1797. 1 

Tretbar (Helen). American writer, bora at Buffalo, I 
N. Y. Talented translator of musical works, and ' 
writer of songs, etc., (From youth's happy day, etc.). ; 

Troup (Emily Josephine). Contemporary English com- 
poser. Her compositions consists of violin and 
piano music, Trios for women's voices, songs and va- 
rious piano pieces. 

Tachatachulln (Agnes). Composer of songs, violin 
music (Alia Zingaresca, Berceuse), etc. 

Tachl«(mchky (Wilhelmine von). German composer of 
a number of songs. 

TBchlUcherin (TheodosEa de). Russian composer, of 
whom a " Grand Festival March " for large orchestra 
(publisbed at t^ipzig) was played at the 25th anni- 
versary of the coronation of Ciar Alexandre U of 

Tubbs (Mrs. F. Cecilia). English writer, translator of 
Dr. Joseph Schluter's "General History of Music ", 
Ivondon, 1865. 

Tunlaon (Louise). Contemporary writer of songs; — 
Dying Rose; Song of a Heart; Good Night; Next 

Her vorks consist of a Symphony, three Overtures 
and several smaller works for orchestra. Also vari- 
ous piano compositions, of which a set of "12 grand 
Concert Studies " op. 48, are very meritorious. 

Uceclll (Mme, Carolina). Italian composer, born at 
Florence about 1810, died there 1855. Talented mu- 
sician, of »hom the opera " SumJ" was pertormed at 
the Theatre Pergola, Florence, 1830. , The success of 
her first opera induced her to write a second ' ' Emma 
di Itrsbtiryo " , which was finished 1832, and per- 
formed at Milan and Naples. Of a third opera 
•■ Ei'fi-nio di MtMimi''. only the overture has been 
performed in public. 

VBllle(A. C). Author of the wort "Vocal Science", 
puhlished by O. Ditson & Co. 

Valentine (Ann). English musician of the iSth century, 
composer of "Ten Sonatas for harpsichord and 
violin " op. I (1798). 

^mn Buren (Alicia). American contemporary composer. 
Breitkopf & Hartal have published a String Quar- 
tette, and songs: — Afar; Constancy; June Song, etc.) 
Va'nilerpoel (Kate). American writer of songs (Cradle 
Song; Please smile; Where love is, etc.) 

Vannah (Kate). American poet and composer, bom at 
Gardiner, Maine, pupil of E. Perabo. Writer of a 
number of pleasing songs (mostly for Alto voice), of 
which the best known are:— Good-bve sweet dnv: 

piano compositions (Mazurka, Brooklet, Sonatina, 

Moments Musicale, etc.)- Resident of Brooklyn- 
Verger (Virgin ie Morel du). French composer, bom at 
Metz 1799. died at the castle Verger 1870, Talented 
pianift, author of a Piano Sonata; ] Duettini for 
violin and piano; 8 Etudes Melodiques, etc.J 
Ve*perniann (Marie). German composer, o( whom a 
number of piano compositions are published in Ger- 
Vezzana (Lucrezia Orsina), a nun connected with the 
convent of Santa Christina at Bologna, during the 
17th century. A collection of her compositions, en- 
titled " Componimenti musicali di motetti concer- 
tanti a una et piu voci ", was published by Gardano, 
at Venice 1623. 
Via rdot' Garcia (Pauline Michelle Ferdinande), the great 
lyric singer, born at Paris, July 18, 1821, is the 
younger sister of the famous Malibran, and the 
daughter of the celebrated singer and teacher Manuel 
Garcia, from whom she received her principal vocal 
education, beside studying piano with Meysenberg 
and Liszt, and composition ntth Reicha. 

Published a numt>er of successful songs, and clever 
arrangements for voice of Chopin's Mazurkas, 
Waltzes, etc. Of her song "Die Kapelle ". Schu- 
mann speaks in very favorable terms. 

She has written a number of operettas, of which 
"der leutK Magier" "V Ogre" , and "JYopds Pemtne" 
have been frequently performed at Weimar and 

After retiring from the stage, she devoted consid- 
erable time to teaching, among her pupils being 
Artot, Maria Brandt, Orgeni, Antoinette Sterling and 
other noted singers. 

Schumann dedicated to her his " Liederkreis " op. 
42, a collection of songs. 

Her daughter Louise has inherited her mother's 
talent, see: Heritte-ViardoL 

Vlgny (Louise von). German composer, of whom the 
following worlts ate printed: — Op, 2 Psalm XXVII, 
for soprano and piano; Three songs for Alto and 
piano ; 4 Songs for Bass, etc. 

Vlllard (Nina de). Contemporary writer of piano music 
(Valse brillante. Nocturne, etc.) 

VlnlDf (Helen Sherwoodj. American musician and 
writer, born in Brooklyn, N. Y. Author of a Piano 
Primer and other works of a didactic nature. 

VluanI (Orsina). Italian madrigal composer, bom at 
Bologna 1593, to whom, in consequence of her play- 
ing tliese works, as well as her own compositions, the 
introduction of the madrigal is greatly due. 

Vorwerk (Henrietta). Hungarian composer, bom at 
Erkelenz, Aug. 13, 1843, pupil of Prof. Sieber, Berlin. 
Publi-shed a number of piano pieces and soDgs, 
which are well spoken of by critics. 

Vrabcly (Stephanie Wunnbrand — }, see: Wurmbrand. 

WalnwrlKht (Harriet). English composer, who flourished 
between i78o-ia4o, published a " Collection of songs, 
duets, trios and choruses " London 1810: "rnmala" 

anch as " Yes, Sir! " and " No, Sir! '' Also various 

Waldburg-WurzAch (Julie von). German amateur com- 
poser, born at Vienna, April 27, 1841, of whom over 
60 compositions have appeared in print, consisting of 
songs, various piano pieces, etc. 

W«lk«r(Bettina). English writer and pianist, pupil of 
Henselt. Author of ' ' My Musical Experience " 
London, 1890. She died at Fulham, Feb. 4, 1893. 

Walker (Gertrude). American writer, author and com- 
piler of a collection of " Songs and Games for Little 

Walker (Ida). American writer of songs (My soul is 
dart, Give me thy heart, etc.), piano pieces and 
other compositions. 

Wallace (Lady Maxwell). Scottish writer, born at Edin- 
burgh, about 1813, died 1S7S. 

Translator of various musical works, among which 
may be named: — " Mendelssohn's Letters from Italy" 
(London i86j)avols; " Letters of Felix Mendelssohn 
from 1833-1847 ■' (1863): "Letters of Mozart 1769- 
1791 '' (1865); "Beethoven's Letters 1790-1816" 
(1866); "Letters of distinguished Musicians" {1867); 
also Elise Polko's " Reminiscences of Felix Mendels- 
sohn Bartholdy" (1869), and Nohl's "Life of 

Walte^ (Ida). English composer, of whom a 4 act opera 
" FloHan," viaa performed at the Novelty Theatre, 
London, 1SS6. Wrote various songs (Sea hath its 
pearU; O let the solid ground, etc.) 

Ward (Kate Lucy), Enelish comooser. born at Wilts 

best known being: — Ah! myheart iswearj; Mother, 
the winds are at play; The Tempest; True Hearts. 

Warchouf (Mme. S. de). French writer, and author of 
the pedagogic work " Velocifere gratnatical, ou la 
Langue francaise et I'orthogTaphe apprises ta cban- 
tant" published at Paris, lSo6. 

Wartel (TereseJ. French pianiste and writer, born at 
Paris, July 2. 1814, and died there Nov. 6, 1865. A 
very talented pianist, the first woman admitted as 
Soloist at the concerts of the " Societe des concerts 
dn Conservatoire ", Paris. 

Published a number of piano pieces, studies and 
other instructive works. 

Wcbater (Clarinda Augusta), English pianist and 
writer. Author of " Groundwork of Music " 2 Vols; 
"Child's Primer of the Theory of Music", and 
" Handel: an outline of his life ". 

Wcldon (Georgina). English composer, singer and choir 
leader, was bom at Clapham, May 24, 1837. Her ro- 
mantic friendship with Gounod is well known, as 
well as their bitter enmity later on. She has written 
a number of songs. Author of "Musical Reform", 
London 1872; " Hints for Pronunciation in Singing", 
London 1872, and has published an " AutoWographie 
of Chas. Gounod", 

Wenslay (Frances Foster). English composer and pian- 
ist, pupil of Kalkbrenner. Wrote a set of "Four 
Songs" (1823), Variations on "God Save the 

wrote the text, was received with much applause at 
Cologne and at AiK-la-Chapelte. 
Whita (Emma C.)- American writer of songs and Piano 4 

White (Maude Valerie), born of English parents at 
Dieppe, June 23, 1855. Pupil of Rockstro and Sir G, 
A. Macfarren at the Royal Academy of Music, where 
she won the Mendelssohn Scholarship prize 1879. 
Completed her studies at Vienna 1883. As a song- 
writer she ranks among the first of English compo- 
sers, her songs, which are very melodious and well- 
written, are well adapted to the voice. Grove credits 
her best songs to be those set to the words of Heiriclc 
and Shelley. Of her song " My soul is an enchanted 
boat" from Shelley's " Prometheus Unbound", 
Grove speaks, "that she has completely caught the 
spirit of Shelley's beautiful words, and has proved 
herself to be an adequate interpreter of a most ex- 
quisite lyric, and it is not too much to say that the 
song is one of the best in the English language ". 

Miss White's list of songs is quite large, worthy of 
praise is herthorough appreciation of the importance 
of the words of songs, an appreciation attested alike 
by the excellence of the poetry she sets to music, and 
by her own careful attention to the metre and accents 
of the verse. 

The following comprises a list of her best known 
songs:— To Mary; Absent yet present; The devout 
lover; Ve Cupids; When passion's trance; To Blos- 
soms; ToDnfF'>''i'-- . ----i- T„ Music: Oi>he- 

ting of Schiller's " Ich babe gelebt und geliebt '', for 
Soprano and orchestra. 
A number of her songs are published in Albnm 

Beside songs, she has written a Mass (performed at 
London 1881), a number of part-songs, a collection of 
children Songs ; some piano music, and various com- 
positions for cello and piano, and violin and piano. 

WIchcrn (Caroline). German composer of a number of 
part<songs for women's voices (op. 42) and of various 
songs for one voice (op. 41, 43, etc.) 

WIckcrhaumer (Natalie). German composer, of whom 
the following compositions are printed :— Op, 8 Mor- 
ceauz caracteristiques, op. 1 1 Traumbilder, 4 piano 
pieces; op. 6 Six Songs without words; op. 7 Two 
soi^s for an Alto voice, etc 

Wlcck (Marie). Sister of Clara Schumann, and like her, 
pnpil of her father Friederich Wieck, was born at 
Leipzig Jan. 17, 1835. She is an excellent teacher 
and pianist, appearing with success in numerous con- 
certs in Germany, Sweden, England, etc. Her com- 
positions consist of 3 Concert Studies for the left 
liandi "Abendbilder " for voice and piano; a Scherzo 
for piano, and " Ave Maria " and several other vocal 

WIggin* (KateC). Author of " Kindergarten Chimes ", 
and other juvenile collections. 

Wllllama (Mane Jane). Welch writer, bom in Glamor- 
gan. Oct. 9, 1793, died Nov. 10, 1873. Compiler of:— 
"Ancient National airs of Gwent & Morganwg", 
being a collection of original Welch melodies hith- 

Wllsan (Mrs. Cornwall Baron). English poet and com- 
poser. Died at London Jan. 13, 1S46. Composer 
of: — " Songs of the Ship " ; "Water music, a collec- 
tion of aational melodies ", etc. In 1837 she gained 
the prize of the Melodist's Club, and also medals at 
various Bardic Festivals in Wales. 

Winkel (Therese Emilie Henrietta, aus dem). Gennan 
Harp virtuoso, bom at Weissenfels, Dec. 20, 1784. 
Is the writer of several pamphlets on the construc- 
tion of the harp. A set of three Sonatas for the harp 
and violin are published by Arnold, Dresden, 

Wlacncdcr (Caroline). German composer, bom at 
Bmnswick Aug. 20, 1S07, died there Aug. 25, 1868. 
A most successful teacher, founder (i860) ot the cele- 
brated " Wiseneder Music School for the Blind" at 
Brunswick, which she brought to such a high state of 
perfection, that after its model, numerous similar 
schools have been founded in Germany. Her native 
city honored her memory by placing her marble bust 
in the vestibule o( the Town Library. 

She has published a number of instructive works, 
suitable for Kindergarten, as well as more advanced 
pupils. Her posthumous compositions consist of the 
operas "U Dame dul^ig ", and " J)a» Juielfeit. Oder 
die dret O^angenen ' ', several melodramas and songs. 
Her invention of a movable music chart for the 
blind has met with great success. 

Wood (Mrs. George). American writer ot the songs — 
Ck> lovely Rose; Hope on; The promised Kiss; The 

soms ; At Daon (with cello obligate); Queen Whims, 
etc. Her songs have a delicate sentiment and refine- 
ment of melody, that commend them to the musician. 
Wood (Mary Louise). English contemporary organist 
and writer. Author of " Lituigy of the church from 
- " the musical point of view ''. 
W.oodhull (Mary G.). American ^vriter of songs (Love is 

Wookatock (Mattie). American writer of songs. 

Wooir (Sophia Julia). English pianist and composer, 
born in London 1831, died West Hampstead Sept. rj, 
1893. Talented pupil of Cyprian Potter, and writer 
of the opera ' ' Carina ' ' . produced at the Opera Co- 
mique. London, Sept. 27, 18SS, and of a utimber of 
songs and piano pieces. 

Worg^n (Marie). English composer, published a number 
of songs about 1750-60. 

Worth (Adelaide). American writer of songs (True 
Hearts; Land that is Kissed, etc.). 

Wright (Ellen). English song composer of the present 
time, pupil of Henry Gadsliy and F, W. Davenport. 
Among her songs may be mentioned: — "Dawn of 
life" with orchestral accompaniment; also: — Queen 
of my days; Had I but known; Love's entreaty; She 
walks in beauty; a set of Six Songs (poetry by Burns, 
Prior, etc.); Violets (very popular), etc. A number 
of her sones have been suny bv Santiv in niiblic. 

lar in their time. An operetta "I'Seureaae Srreur" 
met with success at the Theatre Beaujolais 1786, 

Beside the above mentioned compositions she has 
published a number of instrumental works of merit 
(3 Sonatas pour Clavecin, avec Violon et Basse, 
Paris, 1785, etc.). 

The French Academy elected her an Honorary 
Wurm (Marie), English composer and excellent pianist, 
born at Southampton, May 10, i860. She is the wijl- 
ner, three times in succession, of the London Men- 
delssohn Stipend, founded by Jenny Lind. Her 
teachers were Dr. Stark and Pruckner (Stuttgart), 
and later on Clara Schumann, Raff, Taylor, Arthur 
Sullivan, Dr. Stanford and Dr. Bridge, and 1886 at 
Leipzig, Eh-. Reinecke. 

Her published compositions are very meritorious, 
consisting of a Piano Concerto, in B minor, highly 
spoken of by eminent critics, as being of masterly 
workmanship, full of originality, melodious charm 
and vigour; a String Quartet in B fiat, op. 40 (Lon- 
don 1894); a Sonata op. 17 for Viohn and piano; a 
Sonata for cello and piano; "Concert Overture" for 
large orchestra; "Lullaby" op. 7 for string orcKes- 
tra; Estera Gavotte, for orchestra; Three pieces for 2 
Pianos (Praeludium, Fugue and Ballatl^)- Gavotte 
and Pastorale, for 2 Pianos 4 hands; ■•Tan^weiscii " 
for 4 hands ; op. 8 Madrigals for 5 voices ; var- 
piano pieces ; also a number of part-songs and si 

sincke, etc; Also the incidental music to "Die 
seboene Melusinc ". 

Young (Mrs. Corinne). American writer of songs. 

Toung (Eliza Maxzucato). American composer, whose 
composition consists of songs and piano pieces [Stac- 
cato Etude, etc.). 

Toung (Harriet Haitland}. Contemporary English com- 
poser of several opeiettas, "An ArtUt'i l^ooj", pro- 
duced at BrigbtOD, Feb. 4, 1881;" the "Queen of 
Heart*" at Dartford, Feb. 6, 1888; "Tlie Holy 
Branfh " (unperformed) and "Wheit one door ihul» ". 
PubHshed a number of songs, and some instrumen- 
Ul music. 

Z*nioyak« (Countess Gizycka). Polish composer of 
piano music (Sarabande; Gavotte; Roccoco, etc.) and 
various songs (Der Sanger; Marie, etc.). 

Z*pat*r (Rosatia). Spanish vocalist, pianist and poetess. 
Bom about 1S40. She is the author of the liln^tto to 
Aguiire's opera "Gli nmanti di Teruele", which is 
considered as one of the best opera librettos ever 
written. Brandus, Paris, has published her very fine 
vocal method, also a very serviceable instruction 
book for piano, and a number of songs. 

Zaubltzer (Ida). German musician and Zither-player, 
published a number of compositions for her instru- 

- ""'■ ..„_..„C,ooslc 

rnrnertnann (Agnes), German composer and pianist, 

bom at Cologne, Prussia, July 5, 1847, residing at 

She is considered one of the foremost women pian- 
ist of our time. Her teachers have been Cipriani, 
Potter and Pauer (piano), and Dr. Steggall and 
George Macfarren (composition). 

Twice she obtained the King's Scholarship (i860 
and 1862), and received the silver medal two years in 

Her compositions, written chiefly in a classic form 
and style, include 3 Sonatas for violin and piano 
(opus 16, 21 and 23) ; a Sonata op. 19 for violin, cello 
and .piano; a Cello Sonata op, 17; a Sonata op. zz 
for piano; various other piano pieces (Mazurka op. 
11; Presto and Tarantelle op. 15; Barcarolle op. 8 ; 
Bolero op. 9 ; Canon ; Sarabande and Gigue ; Ca- 
price; Bourre; Scherzo, etc.) 

Her vocal compositions consist of part-songs, a 
number of duets and songs. 

Miss Zimmermann has edited in excellent style 
Beethoven's and Mozart's Sonatas, and pieces by 

Zlttelmann (Helene). German composer of a number 
of songs and melodious piano pieces. 

2um«teeK (Emilie). German composer, bom at Stutt- 
gart, Dec. 9, 1796. died there Aug. 1, 1857, daughter 
of the well-known composer, R. Znmsteeg. Her