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3 1833 01402 2526 


i^enipifeii f". 

VQO'D i 




David Wood moved from Plymouth, Mass., in 1792 
and settled on a place which was afterward the 
homestead of his son, Luther B. Wood. There were 
three sons of whom we know — Calvin, Luther B. and 


r.orn October 26, 17S5. in Wilberham, Mass. 
.Married to Miss C. Roberts, 1807. Married to Miss 
li. D. lialdin, 1830. Married to Miss L. F. Stoddard, 
1SJ9. .Married to Miss Weltha A. Stoddard, -1)543; 
• •orn 1816, Vernon, N. J. 
Children of Luther B. Wood: 

Isaac, born Feb. 23, 1809, in Pawlet, Vt. 
iJavid, born Xov. 2, 1811, in Pawlet. Vt. 
iJliss, born Jan. 3, 1814, Granville, X. Y. 
, L:iiHa, born May 9, 1816, Pawlet, Vt. 

Si!;.s, born March 4, 1819, Warrensburg, X. Y. 
Warren, born Sept., 1821, Warrensburg. X. Y. 
William, born Sept. 24, 1S23, Pswlet, Vt. 
Linuv, born Julv 5, 1S25, Pawlet, Vt. 
Kleanor, born July 28, 1828. Pawlet, Vt. 
('harles, born Sept. 25, 1831, Pawlet, V:. 
Martin, born Feb. 18, 1836. Pawlet. Vt. 
M.niy, born April Z&, 1841, Pawlet, Vt. 
l;Cr> I)., born Xov. 27, 1842. Pawlet, Vt. 
<'ashins. born Feb. 15. 1846. Pawlet, Vt. 
Ira, born March 25, 1847. Pawlet. Vt. 
Albert, born July 13, 1849, Pawlet, Vt. 
Abce. born Julv 13, 1849, Pawlet, Vt. 

♦ leorge, born Xov. 19. 1850, Pawlet. Vt. 
Myra, born Sept. 6. 1853, Pawlet, Vt. 

»\ e are unable to gain any information respecting 

'Hi descendants of this numerous branch. If any of 

I '■■ ivlatives can discover any clue, will they kindly 

••*a:.l the same to me, and we can include it in the 

";: J'ltmcnt. 

• li? son Martin B. Wood enlisted in the civil war 
-\iiK"st 16, 1862, Company B, 2nd regiment. He was 
»"ifd at Spottsylvania, Va., May 12, 1864. Another 
♦"". HeiTv C, enlisted .May 9, 1861, in the same reg- 
J!v.i-nt. I (avid Wood served in the War of the Revo- 
'•■itK'n. Two of his sons served in the war of 1812. 

We have been ipfortnefl that David Wood was of 
Scotch descent. His wife's maiden name was Cooley. 
Catvin Wood was not married. 



Was born February 9, 1780. He was married to 
Hannah Ormsby October 31, 1805. He had a family 
of ten : 

Leonard Ormsbv Wood, born Julv 11, 1806. 
John Wesley \Vo.)d, born February 16, 1808. 
Lorenzo Ransford Woo<l, born November 1, 1809. 
Edmond Al^e! Wood, born January 17, 1812. 
Life Sloan Wood, born .August 3, 1814. 
Betsev Ashley Wood, born August 16, 1816; died 

April 10. 1818. 
Solomon Cooley Wood, born September 3, 181S. 
Betsey Ashley Wood (second), born March 27, 

Benianiin Dean Wood and mate, born August 8, 

18i3. Mate died. 
Lyman Lillie Wood, born November 22, 1825. 



Had ten children: Charles, Henry, Benjamin, 
Wesly, Hattie. Emily Aurlean, Delia, Freeman, Tru- 
man, Joseph. 

Saint Croix Falls, Wisconsin 
Has three children: 

1. Mrs. M. C. Sm.ith, St. Croi.x Falls, Wis., who has 

three children: 

1. Earl C. Smith, born June 4, 1881. Has four 
children: Dovelyn, 12 years; Thehiia, 6 
years; Gerald, 4 years; Forest, 2 years. 

2. Leo H. Smith, Dresser Junction, Wis. 

3. Cecil F. Smith, St. Croi.x Falls, Wis. 

2. .Aaron E. Sherman, Clarktield, Minn. Has ten 

children : 

1. !•!;. k. Carlile, 302 9Sth avenue. West Duluth, 

2. Ciuy L. Sherman, Sleepy Eye, Minn. 

3. ke.x Sherman, 3004 Portland avenue, Minne- 
apolis, Minn. 

4. Iv> longer, Haznl Run, Minn. 

5. f.aura Sherman, Comfr'.y, Minn. 

6. Eunice L. Sherman, Clirklield, Minn. 

7. Joy E. Sherman, Clarkfield, Minn. 
S. Idenn C. Sherman, Cl.-irkfield, .Minn. 
9. I'.eth Sherman, Clarktield, .Minn. 
10^. Dean Wood Sherman, Clarklidd, Minn. 
^' ^^"^^V-i^' ^- St^erman, Grenada, .Minn. Has two 
c.ildren, son and daughter (twins), 22 year* ■ 
Dorothy Sherman, Dcrwood Sherman. 


M]lch'^^/'^"lsiY°'"'p r'''",°-^ Leonard Wood, born 

])V,h V V- ■^■, E"Vsted ,n 1862 in Companv D 

Mh .\ew \ork Volunteers. Served three vea- 

n battles: Chasins Farm, Druary Vuurf, 

vXit H. ' V*-~''T-°"'^',f °''^ Harbor, Petersburg 
H. te House Landing, Va. Married to Mary E 

daSrs^" ' -''■ ''''• ""^'^ ^"'^ ^°"^ ^''1^"° 
1- -Joseph L. Born Sept. 9, 1868. Married Ida 
l.nmes m 88/ Have one son. Harold, mar- 
Ad." ^}'°l ^1^°^^?'^ ,* ^.°"- Ifa^-ilton. deceased. 
-> Pi\ T^ ,-I: ^- ^^°otI. Ticonderoga, N. V 
- ,1 Jj- V^'t*^- -^•°''" ■'^'■''f- '?. "'72. Married 
to Edward Daniels, 1889, Ticonderoga, \. V 

m'niJ ^^xr-p'"''^'^"' ''r'>' ^"« "^i"^. Howard 
, T,, •"";'■ -^'"""^--ague. Mass. 

■ rL . ■ l'"""" --^^"' ^'' '^"6. Nfarried to 

sevtn nf l"*' "" ',^'''?- "■''^■^ ^!s''t children, 
4 U-.u\ T ^;ihom are hvmg. Ticonderoga, N. V 
•«• \Naher J. Born Sept. IS, 1878. .Married ti Carrie 

^iil;ert m IM)S. Have seven children. 8 'A Park 

street, Glans Falls, N. Y. 


'-) i \V-.'5^°= '^-"^^ ^^''^- "*= ^^-^^ ^ soldier in the 
V..!, nteers 'h^"^ '" ^""''^^'jy. ^ -'-'"J ^^w York 

'"-y lad fl' ^"/-f^^ he married Lura E. Koss. 
-'••^■'Ph A. children: Forest J!.. Sylvester R., 

Pvi^'^^u '^■,^^''<">d was born in 1870. Married Hntfie 
-: n' l."n",^;,;'' 'V'- .7h,y had on;"son. Ko,',- 
.n Ticl.niierogLf N. Y°'^'' '* ^ grocer 

Ar^na'' v'"n-!i: !'^^'T^! ''u' ^^^" ■" ''^'I- ^f■•»rried 
.\!l,son <?,n'V ■ J^''-' ^""^"^ !""" children: .Marion, 
i ■■•..nJ•.-^"'"'t^ ^^^"[i"'^ ^nd Lillian, all living in 
I.venhT\v^- )• ^y'^'«=--ttr R- i^ a retail groc.r 
'•' f<ickert V'"^ '"-^^ n"'" '." '^=''^- ^'"^"ed Mary 
"^^-lidren '" ^ "'""dei-oga. They have no 

- .- i. 

"■■ ' ■ y ' 


Dnu^hter of Leonard Wood, was married to Henry 
C. C'ovel. They had one daughter, Ida M., who 
narrio'I Henry Gilpatrick. TViey had one dausrhler, 
Ruth, who lives with her fc-ther at South Glens Falls. 
N. Y. Her mother, Itla nilpatrick, died a few years 
ago. Henry C. and Hattie Covel are botli dead. 
Hattie died in January, 1915. Henry C. was a vet- 
eran of the Civil War. 

Leonard Wood had four sons and two sor.s-in-law 
in the Civil War. The eldest son, Joseph L. Wood, 
was killed in the hattie of the Wilderness. 

Charles E. Wood, son of Leonard Wood, married 
for his first wife Mary Root. They had ore son. 
• Ernest. Mary Root Wood died and he married for 
his second wife Eliza Talhot, who is still living at 
Schroon T,ake. X. V. Charles E. died two years ago. 
Ernest Wood married Marion Locke. Thev have one 
son, Elm.ore, all living at Schroon Lake, N. Y. 


Youngtst daughter of Leonard A\'ood. Married 
Tal-e:' Middleton. They had eight children. Bessie 
Middleton married Hurt Ingraham, and live at Glens 
Falls, X. Y. They have no children. ^ 

Gertrude Middleton, deceased. 

C.irl Middleton, unmarried, is in L'tica, X. Y. 

Flora Midilleton m.-irried Allie Duell. and I've in 
Adirondack, X'. Y. They have one daughter, Rita. 

Leonard Middleton married Emma I'.ennett. and 
live in .Adirondack. X. Y. They have three children — 
Raymond, Leonard and Irene Aurlean 

Leslie Middleton, deceased. 

Myrtle Middleton, unmarried, lives with her sister, 
Mrs. Ingraham, at Glens Falls, X. Y. 

I-uIa Middleton married Edward Daioy. and lives 
in Washington, D. C. They have no children. 

Aurlean Wood Middleton died about eleven years 
ago. Ht-r husband, Jabez Middleton, is living in 
Adirondack, X. Y. 



of Leonard Wooil. .Married Luclla Mattison. 
They had two children. Fearl married Charles 
Uraynian. She died, leaving one son, Charles Uray- 
man, Jr., who lives with his father at South Glens 
Falls, X. Y. Delia Wood died unmarried. Luclla 
.\!.ittisi>n Wood died. Truman married for his second 
vwfc Xora Shortslceves. They have no children. 



Son of Timothy Wood. Had five children — Wes- 
l<y Woc^d, Edmond Wood, Mary Wood, Eliza and 
fiiorge Wood. The latter served in the Civil War, 
in the heavy artillery, for th.ree years. 

-Mary Wood is living in Glens Falls, N. Y., 106 
Warren street, Women's Home. The latter wrote me 
that her only living brother was now 83, and in a 



Rorn November 18, 1S09. Married Amanda Rob- 
erts December 6, 1836. Died September 17, 1S96. 
His wife died October 18, 1883. 

Lorenzo Ransford Wood had four children: 

Emery, horn .August 29, 1839. 

Leman, born October 23, 1840. 

Orange, horn March 13, 1847. 

Mary, born October 27, 1836. 

Emery married .Margaret Smith August 31, 1862. 
He died February 27, 1902, leaving one daughter. 
This daughter, deceased, was married to Allan Ijriggs. 
Tlity had four children : 

Freda Briggs, in college, Watertown, Mass., 53 
Marion road. 

Roscoe Uri.ggs, in agricultural college, Cornell L'ni- 
versity, Ithaca, X. Y. 

Lura F'riggs is teaching in Newark, N. J., 29 
Walnut street. 

Stella P.riggs is teaching. 

Leman Wood married Ann Eliza Chase March 14, 
1866. Xo children. They have just recently cele- 
brated their golden wedding. Mrs. Wood was a 
<lciiig!uer of James .M. Chase and Elizabeth Greene 
Whipple. Was bom in Earlville, X'. ^■., July 5, 1840. 

Leman Wood was one of tlio thirty-five Fair Haven 
hoys who enlisted in Company F, 14tli Vermont, in 
1862. He was wounded the first day of the battle of 
Getlyshurg by a fragment of a shell, but remained on 
the tield during the si.K days of battle. 

.Mr. Wood has be.en commander of Post Bosworth, 
Xo. S3, (i. A. R. He is now president of the Men's 
Club of i^t. Lukes church. 

.Mrs. Wood comes vi a long line of Episcopal ances- 
try, the family having heli<ed to establish St. John's 
i' pi'=C'opal church in Providence, R. I., and having tur- 
""■'Med two bishops — Bishop Chase, from her father's 
i:de, and Bishop Whipple, from her mother's side. 

Mary Wood, deceased, married John Harrison Jan- 
uary 10, 1S77. They had two children: Came Ilar- 
risuu, in Fair Haven, Vt. ; Ransford Harrison, in 
Waterbury, Conn. 

Orange Wood married Hattie T'.riggs Deceri1)er 16, 
18'J9. No children. Living in Fair Haven, Vt. 



Had a family of twelve. Flis wife's maiden name 
was Orpha Wheeler. Children: 

William Favette Wood, born Dec. 5, lSo4, Dorset, 

Edwin Domain Wood, born Tan. 6, 1836, Dorset, 

Allia r.enson Wood, born April 22, 1837, Hebron, 

N. Y. 
Robert Emmet Wood, born June 27, 1S38, Hebron, 

X. V. 
Sarah Mariah Wood, born April 20, 1840, Hebron, 

X. V. 
Julia .\nn Wood, born Sept. 18, 1842. Hebron, N. Y. 
'Slortimer Henry Wood, born March 20, 1S43, He- 

bro:i. X. Y. 
Kli Hcnrv Wood, born Tan. 12. 1843. Hebron. X. Y. 
r.fisv Ashley Wood, born Sept. 30, 1846, Hebron, 

X." Y. 
Cordelia Minerva Wood, born Dec. 25, 1S47, Tlart- 

ford. X. Y. 
Al/ina Duel Wood, born Aug. 22, 1349, Hartford, 

X. Y. 
I.vnian Horatio Wood, born Oct. 13, 1851, Hart- 

■f.-rd. X. Y. 
William V/ood had no children. 
. Edwin Domain Wood had three children: 

1. N'esta. 2. MyrtK-. 3. Albert DeMain. 143 Lynd- 
hurst street. Rochester, X. Y. Has two sons: 
Floyd and F.verett. 
Alba Benson Wood h;id two children: A son, de- 
ct asi>il ; a dau^ht'.r, married. 

Robert Emmet Wood. Xot married. Killed in the 
Si-cond battle of P.uil Run. 

Sarah M. (Mrs. William Brown). Xo children. 
.\i Irc.-is, Viola, Iowa. They talk of going to Flor- 
ida t.) live. 

Julia Ann (Mrs. Duel), deceased. Had two sons: 
.\l l>u.d and I.eblie Duel. The latter has a daugh- 
ter. .\ddrebs, Xortli Hebron, X. Y. 

Mortimer Henry Wood, Odell, 111. Has five chil- 
dren : 

Guy Wood, Wells, Vt. Has three children: Viola 
Alice, 15 years; Caroline Josephine, 13 years; 
Frederick Pember, 8 years. 

Lester (jeweler), VVashington, HI. Has two chil- 
dren : Carl Robert, 9 years ; Josephine Elizabeth, 
3 years. 

Knmict (unmarried), Portsmouth, Ohio. 

Daisy (unmarried), Portsmouth, Ohio. 

Edmund D. In bank, Chicago, 4162 I5erkley ave- 
nu'j. Tlas one child: Kdmund Donald, 1 year. 

Eli Henry Wood, deceased. Xo ch.ildren. 

Betsy Ashley (Mrs. Heath), deceased. Had two 

Leonard Heath. Address San Diego, Cal. (Moose 
Home), Broadway and Columbia street. 

Mrs. Gertrude (Heath) Green, Granville, X. Y. 
H.TS two daughters and one son. 
• Cordelia M. (Mrs. Duel). Address Bay St. Louis, 
Mis-^. Has one daughter. 

■Mrs. F. Morehouse, who also has a daughter. Pearl 
Morehouse. .-MI same home and address. 

Alzina D. (Mrs. Dewitt C. Ely), deceased. Had 
Oiic i!-iuglUer: 

Ca<iilie (Mrs. Bert Morehouse), Granville, X. Y. 

Lyman Horatio Wood. 1634 Thome avenue, Chi- 
c.-'.K'K 111. Has eight children: 

I.ynian Worthy Wood. Has an infant son, Edi- 
son. Traveling, musical act "Benny ^^ Woods." 

Ernest Kverard Wood. Professional musician. 

idith Mary Wood. In high school. 

Nlyra Ethel Wood. 

Norman Horatio Wood. In technical school. 

P<;iil Rebecca Wood. In high school. 

!■— ther Matilda Wood. In school. 

Joseph Knapp W^ood. In school. 

Mrs. Lyman H. Wood's maiden name was Worthy, 
lorn in Canada. 



5^i-,(i (,f Timothy Wood. Married Harriet Brewster 
'" Paw let, Vt., and went west in 185 1. They settled 
i:i Illinois. They had nine daughters: 

Caroline Wood Finley, daughter of IJeniamin Wood, 
2'- ! her f.'.mily of nine: 

Albert Finley, .Mendota. 111., R. 37. Has two chil- 
dren, Esther and Dorothy. 
Agnes Finley (deceased). 

-Andrew Finley (deceased"). His wife's address. 
Mrs. Margaret Finley, Utica, 111., R. 23. .Slie 
has four children — Ja-.i'.es C. Finley, Jean, Xclson 
and Andrew. 


IT:; 5 




David Finlcy, Utica, 111., R. No. 25. Has seven 

children— Charles, Albert, Lucv, Wright, Minnie 

Raymond and Donald. 
Fannie Finley Clement, Utica, II!., R, Xo. 25 

three children — Grace, Clan nee and Ruth. 
Hannah Finley Dunlap. Powers' Lake, X. Dak 

two children — Caroline and Dorothv. 
Anna Finley Yates, Utica, 111., R. Xo. 25. 

two children — Flarold and Evelyn. 
Emma Finley Clouse, Hoopston. 111., R. Xo. 4. 

three children — Alice Caroline, Inez May 

Alma Ruth. 
X^elson Finley. Lives at home. 

Emma Wood Anderson, daughter of Benjamin 
Wood., Los Angeles, Cal., 1162 Fast 57th street. Has 
SIX children : 

Martha (Mrs. Henry Hoover). Lives at Lvnel, 

Minn., R. F. D. 1. Has two g-irls and a son. 
Alice (Mrs. J. C. Raeuber). Lives in Kenosha, VVis., 

621 Rain avenue. Has two girls and a bov. 
Carolin-t (Mrs. David R. Colston). Lives in (^,ood- 

land, Ind. Has one married daughter (Mrs. 

Harvey Rowland, who alio has a son, Mcrritt 

Margaret (Mrs. Hudson Anderson Blackman). 

Livts i;i San Gabriel, Cal. 
Hessie .Anderson died at the age of 25 years and 

1 1 months. 
David -Anderson lives in 

East 60th street. Has 

and three girls. 
Catherine Wood Chapin. „..„,....... ... „,..,„,.„ 

V\ood. r,ives in Waltham Ridge. Address, Utic 
111., R. No. 25 (Mrs. A. W. CHiapin). Has four chil- 
dren : 

<^eorge and Clayton, unmarried. 

Mary Chapin Sinclair. Address, Adrian, Mich. 

Has two children — .\nnie Catherine, age 17 

years, and Ira Tames, age 14 vears 
Ida Chapin Cogsdale. Utica, IH., 'k. Xo. 25 Has 

four children— Charlotte Helen.-. 10 vears; FUie 

Irene, 8 years: Dorothy Catherine', 3 years: 

Fthlyn Ruth, 1 year. 

Alice Belinda V/ood (Mrs. Christian Tontz), daugh- 
t<r of I.enjamin Wood. Lives at 600 West Third 
street, Abilene. Kans. Horn August 27, 1851. Mar- 
ried at Waitham, 111., Xov. 22'. 1876. to Chris-,.--, 
Jontz, wiio was born in Roliver, Ohio, Xov. ^6 184^ 
•■e three children: 
Charles Henry, born March 31. 1878. Married at 
pinncy. 11!.. Tune 23, 1909, Cora F.milia Knoll-n- 
Pcrg. Kesidence, Kansas City, Mo., 1327 Euclid 


I. OS Angeles, Cal., 1214 
six children — three boys 

dau.ghter of Benjamin 


street. One child — Margaret Louise. Born Au- 
gust 18, 1911. 
Susan Pearl. Porn October 3. 1879. 
Ruby Alice. Born April 1, 1888. 
Sophia Wood (.Mrs. Samuel Howie, deceased), 
daughter of Benjamin Wood. She died some years 
ago. Had ten children. Five of these are dead: 
Hattie, deceased, married Albert F. Houserinan, 
and they had six children — Maggie Mae Houser- 
man, Edith Grace Houserman, Albert Laroy 
Ilouserman, Earl Leslie Houserman, Raymond 
Houserman, Hattie Lillian Houserman. Ad- 
dress, Longford, Kans., R. F. D. Xo. 1, 
James Howie. Xot married. Lives on the old 

Caroline Married X'elson Kreider. Has 
three little children— Evelyn Lticile Kreider, I'l- 
rich Wood Kreider, Iris Bernice Kreider. .Ad- 
dress of this family, Wakefield, Kans., R. R. 3. 
Margaret Howie. Married John L. Brown. Have 
one little hoy. Francis James Brown, 3 years old. 
Address, Manchester, Kans., R. R. 1. 
ilary Howie. Xot married. Mail addressed to 

her may be sent to her sister, Mrs. Brown. 
Benjamin Howie. Married last Chriitmas. Lives 

in Sac City. Iowa, R. R. 1 (90 Dawson Moss). 
Maria (Mrs. Frank P. Bartlett), daughter of Ben- 
jamin Wood, is deceased. Mr. Bartlett's address is 
Route Xo. 25, Utica, 111. Has five cliildren: 

Lisette Bartlett (Mrs. .\1ec Edgecomb), Utica, 111., 
Route Xo. 26. Children: Elsie M. Edgecomb, 
Dorothy Edgecomb, Harvey L. Edgecomb. 
Helen C. Bartlett (Mrs. R. J. Roach). Children: 
\'elma H. Roach, Elevlin Grace Roach. .Address, 
Troy Grove. 111., Route 34. 
Cora L. Bartlett (Mrs. C. Hagenhwch). Son— 
Charks B. llagenbuch, Utica, 111., Route Xo. 25. 
Albert H. Bartlett. Lives in Fried, X. Dak. 
George Bartlett and Abbie Bartlett both died in 

Charlotte E. Bartlett (Mrs. R. G. Cairns), Glidden, 
Iowa. Children: Haiold B. Cairns, Ralph and 
Lucy (twins), Helen, Edith M. and Ethel -M. 
Lucy Almy (Mrs. Andrew Almy), daughter of Ben- 
jamin Wood. Pine Grove Mills, Mich. Has two 

Harriet (Mrs. Charles S. Howard). Gobleville. 
.Mich., Route 2. She has two children — Carrie 
May Howard and Luther McCurry Howard. 


Cora (Mrs. E. Darnell), Pine Grove Mills, Micb. 
She has four children — Frances, Benjamin, Edith, 

Julia (Mrs. Bill), daughter of Benjamin Wood, 
Clcbkville, Mich. lias two sons : 

Miland Hill and Ehen Dili, who has one child, Wil- 
liam Wallace Bill. 



Had seven children: 

Egbert (deceased). Had one son, who now resides 
at Perry, Iowa. Is engaged in the banking busi- 
ness (Frank Wood). 

Edward Wood. Resides in Manitou, Colo. Has 
two children — Leonard, who resides in Great 
Bend, Kans., and Opal Gal'up, who is married 
and resides in Hutchinson, Kaas., S22 X. Wash- 
ington street. 

Eva Wood Harrison (deceased), left two sons and 
one dauglitor: .Arthur Harrison, is - married and 
lives in Altoona, Iowa. Ira Harrison resides at 
325 Maple boulevard, Kansas City, Mo. Addie 
Harrison Bennett resides in Haviland, Kans. 

Henry Wood. Lives near Dodge City, Kans. He 
has two children living — Lester, who is at home, 
and Sarah, who resides in or near Dodge City. 

Ervin Wood. Lives at Great Rend, Kans. He 
has two children — Otto, married, and lives in 
Great Bend, Kans. ; daughter, Pauline, is at 

Lura Hoke. Resides in Pontiac, 111., 404 W. Moul- 
ton street. 

Ann E. Gray. Lives at 252 S. Dearborn street, 
Kankakee, 111. Has two boys and two girls — ; 
Carrie Bates, who lives in Kankakee, 111. : Levi 
Gray, who has one son, Wayii, and one daugh- 
ter, .\rlene: both at home, Essex, 111. I'.oth 
studying nu'.sic. Nellie Gray (deceased). Floyd 
Gray has one son, infant, and one daughter, 
Lois. They reside in Essex, 111. Th.e two 
brothers. Floyii and Levi, are engaged in the 
mercautile business under the name of liray 
P.rothers. Sadie Gray (deceased), left one son, 
Floyd Johnston, who resides with his father near 
Ritchie, III. .\nna Gray Slnmmin resides in 
("hicago. 111., 6.)25 Kenwood avenue (Colonial 
hotel). .Mrs. Shimniin is a graduate of the Wes- 
leyan College of .Mu •■, flloomington. 111. 



Will the relatives kindly forward to me any cor- 
rections, and also marriages, births, deaths, and any 
changes of address. 

For an additional 25 cents, to cover printing,' post- 
age, etc., I will endeavor to send an annual supple- 
ment with above information and any other matters 
of interest to the. members of the family. 

With my heartfelt thanks for your generous re- 
spOTjse to my appeal for information, and sincerely 
wishing I could see you all, and trusting we may all 
be joined together, both living and departed, in the 
near future, I remain. 

Yours in loving family bonds, 

1634 Thome Avenue, Chicago, 111. 

It may be of interest to add a remark here respecting Horatio Wood, who collected and published this 
record. He pursued a full classical course in Kulamaioo 
College and graduated la 18S5. He is in the ministry. 



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