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Full text of "Woods' Baltimore city directory (1878)"

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MAKYLA[\0 ^ t<A!<.k: kiOoK KUOM 

UNivJCttsriY Qv' Mahvlawd Libkarh 
CuLLEGfc: Park. Md. 


mHAK^^e SWAB M#WH^^ 

Opposite Front Street Theatre, 

ba.ltim:orev m:d. 

Offers Special Inducements to Permanent or Transient Boarders. 

The house has been re-fitted, and no pains will be spared 

to please Guests. 


TKANSIENT BOARDERS, - per day, - $1 50. 

" " per week, - 6 00. 

PERMANENT " - " - 5 00. 
TABLE BOARD on reasonable terms. 

EDWARD H. BEAITS, Proprietor. 











Near Pratt Street, BALTIMORE 

Col Wareroflis, Nos. i aiifl 6 Dri 11 A? e. 

JOHN J. ANDREWS, Manager. 


47 and 49 OA-RDEN STREET. 

William Wilkens. 

H. H. Graue. 

Louis Wilkens. 




300i W. Pratt Street, BALTIMORE. 

DEPOT, NEW YORK, 217 Pearl Street. 



^^"Constan tly on hand the best qualities of Pure Curled Horse 
AND Cattle Hair ; Mixed and Hog Hair. 

All orders received through the Post Office or Agent will be prompt- 
ly attended to. Tlie highest prices paid for Cattle and Horse Tails 
and Hoir Hair. * 


isro'VELT'sr "WOI^KIS. wm. jas. murray. 

eitghteehs aitd machiitists, 


Manufacturers of Flour, Grisi and Guano Mills, both Portable and Stationary ; also Circular, 
Single and Gang Saw Mills. AH other Machinery and Models made to order. 

Nos. 40, 42 and 44 York Street, near Light. 

Iron and Brass Castings, Low and High Pressure Engines and Boilers, Tanks, Ac. Black- 
smithing in all its branches. Repairing promptly attended to. 

People's Machine & Boiler Works. 

J".A.3yLES CI_..A.RK: & CO- 


So-uL-tli Side of -fclxe Basin.. 


Convenient to the Makinb 











\ ^^ -^It. *. 







OK- ^1 ( .)\1) >\ IIOI.MIXVY STS 

f • • •"•- fitrriTriT — nrrr 








Street Directory, 


8®*To Find a Name you must know how to Spell it. 




Entered, according to Act of Congress, in the year one thousand eight hundred and seventy-eight, 
by John W. Woods, in the Office of the Librarian of Congress, at Washington. 



} B VS 

J P. 



Alexander A. D. 93 Mulberry 
Alvey S. R. wharfinger, 236 w Lanvale 
Balderston Geo. genl. com. mercht. 301 n Gay 
Baltimore Savings Loan and Trust Co., John T. 

Graham, sec'y, 55 Saratoga 
Banks Chas. W' propr. Patapsco Kennels, office 

97 Hanover 
Cowan David, bookkpr, 140 Argyle av 
Earth Closets, D. C. Hartman, agt. 22 e Eager 
Gibbs & Bro. (John W. and E. A. Gibbs, jr.) 

tobacconists, 531 w Baltimore 
Gibbs Edward A. jr. (G.& Bro.) 39 McCulloh 
Gibbs J. W.& Co.(J.W.Gibbs,Geo.G.Hayden) 

tobacconists, 149 w Biddle 

Griffith & Drakeley, fancy groceries, s e cor 

Water and Calvert 
King Geo. T. agt. Colgate & Co. s e cor Calvert 

and Water 
Mentzel Henry D. & Co. 14 Water 
Pennington Dr. D. F. dentist, 786 w Baltimore 
Stewart Thos. J. com. mercht. 46 s Howard, dw 

270 Hollins 
Morsell J. N. advt. agent, 557 Franklin 
BADENFELD Rev. F. VON, D. D., LL. D., 

pastor and prof, of languages, 298 e Biddle 
Schoenrich Carl Otto, prof, of languages, 326 n 




Adjutant General, 967 

Aged Men's Home .... 989 

Aged Women's Home, .... 989 

American Mechanics, fO. U. A. M.) . 986 

American Mechanics, (Junior O.U.A.M.) 986 

Appeal Tax Court, .... 968 

Appendix, 967 

Athenffium Club, .... 987 
Baltimore Association for the Improvement 

of the Condition of the Poor, . . 988 

Bait. Chapter, Am. Institute of Architects, 987 

Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, . 991 

Baltimore Eye and Ear Institute, . 992 

Baltimore Manual Labor School, . . 990 

Baltimore Medical Association, . . 991 

Baltimore Medical and Surgical Society, . 991 

Baltimore Orphan Asylum, . . . 991 

Baltimore Warehouse Company, . . 989 

Banks, 976 

Bayview Asylum, ..... 969 
Board of Public Works, . . . .967 

Board of Trade, 976 

Boys' Home Society of Baltimore, . . 991 

Business Directory, . . from 847 to 966 
Cadets of Temperance, . . . . .985 

Caledonian Club, . ' . . . 987 

Cemeteries, 998 

Chesapeake Club, .... 987 

Church Association of Diocese of Maryland, 987 

Churches, . . . from 993 to 998 

Citizens' Security and Land Company, . 980 

City Commissioner, .... 968 

City Council, 968 

City Government, .... 968 

City Librarian, 968 

City Passenger Railways, . . . 983 

City Police and Fire Alarm Telegraph, 972 

City Surveyor, 968 

Clinical Society of Baltimore, . . 991 

College of Physicians and Surgeons, . 991 

Colored Orphans' Home, . . . 989 

Colored Persons, . . from 750 to 845 

Commissary U. S. Army, . . . 974 

Commissioners of Public Schools, . . 969 

Commissioners for Opening Streets, . 969 

Committee of Foreign Missions, &c. . 990 

Concordia Club, 986 

Consolidated Real Estate and Fire Ins. Co. 980 

Consumers' Mutual Gas Light Co., . 989 

Corn and Flour Exchange, . . 976 

Coroners, 967 

Corrections, Additions, &c., back of title. 

Courts 974 

Custom House, 973 

Dispensaries, ..... 991 

Engineer Corps U. S. A., . . . 974 

Express Companies, .... 983 

Finance Commissioners, .... 968 

Fire Department, .... 971 

French Benevolent Society, , , , 989 


Foreign Consulates, .... 97C 

Gas Light Company of Baltimore, . . 98^ 

German Orphan Asylum, . . . 992 

German Society of Maryland, . . . SBd 

Germania Club, 986 

Germania Msennerchor, . . .987 

Good Templars, I. 0., . . • 983 

Government of the United States, . . 967 

Government of the State of Maryland, 967 

Harbor Board, 96^ 

Harbor Masters, 960 

Health Department, .... 969 

Hebrew Benevolent Society, . . 990 

Hebrew Hospital and Asylum Association, 990 

Hebrew Ladies' Sewing Society, . . 99'i 

Hebrew Orphan Asylum, . . . 990 

Henry Watson Childrens' Aid Society, 987 

Heptasophs, or S.'. W. M.-., . . . 98j 

Hibernian Society of Baltimore, . . 98G 

Home for the Aged, M. E. Church, . 98;» 

Home of the Friendless, . . . 989 

Home for Girls, 980 

House of Refuge, .... 98o 

House of Reformation — Colored, . . 98 ~ 

House of the Good Shepherd, . . 99;i 

Independent Order B'nai B'rith, . 98; 

Infirmaries, Hospitals, &c., . . . 992 

Inspector of Buildings, . . . 960 

Inspector of Gas Meters, . . . 968 

Inspector of Illuminating Gas, . . 963 

Inspector of Long and Dry Measures, . 969 

Inspectors (U. S.) of Steamboats, . 97-t 

Inspectors of Weights and Measures, . 96P 

Internal Revenue, .... 97- 

Johns Hopkins Hospital, . . . 99- 

Johns Hopkins Colored Orphan Asylum, 99. 

Johns Hopkins University, . . . 98':; 

Kelso Home for Orphan Children, . 99(» 

Knights of the Golden Eagle, . . 98"> 

Knights of Pythias, .... 985 
Ladies Sewing Society of German Orphan 

Asylum, 991- 

Little Sisters of the Poor, . . . 98H 

List of Names of Residents, from 49 to 749 

Location and Teachers of Public Schools, 970 

Lumber Exchange, .... 976 

Magistrates, 969 

Male Free School and Colvin Inst, for Girls, 990 

Markets, 97J> 

Maryland Academy of Arts and Sciences, 987 
Maryland Agricultural and Mechanical As- 
sociation, 988 

Maryland Bible Society, . . . 990 

Maryland College of Pharmacy, . 991 

Maryland Club, 98a 

Maryland Deaf and Dumb Institution, 990 

Maryland Eye and Ear Institute, . 99'2 

Maryland Gas Works, .... 98ri- 

Maryland Horticultural Society, . 98'; 

Maryland Hospital for the Insane, . . 991 





Maryland Industrial School for Girls, 989 

Maryland Inebriate Asylum, . . . 991 

Maryland Institute, .... 988 

Maryland Inst, for Instruction of Blind, . 990 

Maryland Sunday School Union, . 991 
Maryland Tract Society, . . . .990 

Maryland Tubing Transportation Co. . 981 

Masons, 984 

McDonogh Trust Fund, ... 988 

Mechanics, (I. 0.) 986 

Medical and Chirurgical Faculty of Md. 991 

Merchants' Exchi^nge, .... 916 
Merchants' and Mechanics' Permanent 

Building and Loan Company, . . 980 
Nayy Pay Office, . . '. . .974 

Notaries Public, 980 

OddFellows, (I.O.O.F.) . . . - 984 

Orphans' Home, 990 

Park Commissioners, .... 969 

Peabody Institute, .... 988 

Peoples Gas Company, .... 989 

Permanent Land Company, . . 980 

Police Organization, .... 967 

Post Office, 973 

Prisoners' Aid Association, . . . 990 

Protestant Episcopal Brotherhood, . 987 

Protestant Infant Orphan Asylum, . . 990 

Public Schools, Locations and Teachers, 970 

Quartermaster United States Army, . 974 

Railroads, 980 

Red Men, (Improved Order) . . .985 

Red Men, (Independent Order) . . 985 

Registers in Bankruptcy, . . . 975 

Resident Commissioners of Deeds, &c. 975 

Safe Deposit and Trust Company, . . 980 

Scheutzen Park (West Baltimore )Assoc'n 986 
Society for Educating Poor and Orphan 

Children, 990 

Scheutzen Park Association, . . 986 

Sons of Temperance, .... 985 
South Baltimore Permanent Mutual Loan 

and Savings Association, . . . 980 
St. Andrew Society, .... 986 
St. Anthony (R.C.) Ger. Orphan Asylum, 989 
St. Francis Orphan Asylum, . . 989 

St. George Society, . . . .986 

St. Joseph House of Industry, . . 989 
St. Joseph General Hospital, . . .991 
St. Mary Female Orphan Asylum, . 989 
St. Mary Industrial School for Boys, . 990 
St. Paul Orphan Asylum, ... 990 
St. Paul Boys' Home, . . . .990 
St. Peter (Episcopal) Orphan Asylum, 990 

St. Vincent de Paul Orphan Asylum, . 990 
St. Vincent Infant Asylum, . . 989 

Stages, 983 

State Board of Education, ... 967 
State Inspector of Steam Boilers, . . 968 
State Normal School, .... 967 
Steamships and Steamboats, . . . 981 
Street Directory, ..... 9 

Superintendents of Chimney Sweeps, . 969 
Superintendents of Lamps, . . . 969 
Superintendents of Streets, ., . . 969 
Tax Department, .... 968 

Telegraphs, 983 

The "Home," Reformatory, . . 989 

Union Orphan Asylum, .... 991 
United States Treasury, . . . . 974 
Vaccine Physicians, .... 969 
Ward Mana'gers of the Poor, . . .972 

Water Board, 968 

Weather Observation Office, . . .989 
Young Men's Catholic Ass'n of Baltimore, 987 
Young Men's Christian Association, . 987 

ipE^x ¥o eugij^f^^^ f)if{s^d¥oliY. 

Accountants, ...... 

Adjusters of Averages, 

Agencies — Collection, Commercial and Mer- 

Agencies — Immigrant, 

Agencies — Law, 

Agents — Advertising and Publishing, . 

Agents — Book and Subscription, 

Agents — Claim and Pension, 

Agents — General, 

Agents, Brokers and Managers — Insurance, 

Agents — Manufacturers, .... 

Agents — Property and Collectors, 

Agents — Real Estate, .... 

Agents — Steamers, Rail Road and Passen- 

Agricultural Implements, 

Antiquarian Books, .... 

Apothecaries, Druggists and Chemists, 

Architects and Civil Engineers, . 

Artificial Flowers, &c 

Artificial Limbs, Trusses, &c. 


Artists' Materials, .... 

Asbestos Materials, .... 

Attorney's at Law, .... 

Auction and Commission Merchants, 

Awnings and Tents, . 

Bacon Dealers, ..... 

Bag Manufacturers and Brokers, 




Banks — National, 

Banks — Savings, .... 

Barrel Dealers, ..... 

Basket Makers, 


Bell Founders, 

Bell Hangers, . . • . . 

Bill Posting and Distributing, 

Billiard and Bowling Saloons, 

Birds, Aquaria and Taxidermists, . 

Blacking Manufacturers, 

Blacksmiths and Wheelwrights, 

Blank Book Manufacturers, . 

Bleachers and Pressers, . . . . 

Block and Pump Makers, 

Boarding Houses, ..... 

Boat Builders, 

Boiler Makers, 

Bolting Cloths, 

Bonnet Frame Manufacturers, 

Bonnets, Ribbons, Silks and Straw Goods, 

Book Binders, 

Booksellers, Stationers and Publishers, . 

Boot and Shoe Dealers and Manufticturers — 

Boot and Shoe Dealers and Manufacturers — 
Wholesale, ...... 

Boots and Shoes — Ladies', . 

Boot, Shoe and Gaiter Upper Manufacturers, 


Box Makers, 

Brass and Bell Founders, 


Bricklayers — Masters, 

Brick Manufacturers and Dealers, . 

Bridge and Wharf Builders, 

Britannia Ware Manufacturers, 

Brokers — Custom House, 

Brokers — Exchange, Bill and Stock, 

Brokers — Merchandise and Shipping 

Brokers — Real Estate, 

Brooms, Baskets and Wooden Ware, 

Brush Manufacturers and Dealers, 

Building Materials, 

Burr Mill Stone Manufacturers 

Business College, 


Butter Dealers, 

Cabinet Makers, 

Can Makers, 

Car Wheel Manufacturers, 

Card Writers, 

Carpenters and Builders, 

Carpet Cleaners, 

Carpets, Oil Cloth, &c. . 

Carpet Weavers, 

Carriage and Coach Makers, 

Carriage Goods, Hardware, &c 

Carvers and Gilders, 

Cattle Dealers, 

Cement and Plaster, 

Chair Makers, 

Chemists and Dealers in Chemicals 

China, Glass and Queensware, 

Chiropodists, . 

Christmas Tree Ornaments, 

Chronometers and Nautical Instruments 

Cigar Moulds, Presses and Straps, 

Cloaks, Shawls and Mantillas, 


Clothiers — Children, 

Clothiers — Retail, .... 

Clothiers — Wholesale, 

Cloths, Cassimeres, Vestings, &c. 

Coal and Wood Dealers, . 

Coal Oil, 

Coffee Renovators, . . . • . 

Coffee Roasters and Spice Grinders, 

Collar Makers, .... 

Commercial College, .... 

Commission Merchants, . 

Commissioners of Deeds, 

Companies and Associa'ns — Miscellaneous 

Confectioners and Fruiterers — Retail, . 

Confectioners and Fruiterers — Wholesale, 

Contractors, ..... 


Coopers, . . . , 

Copper, .... 


Cork Cutters and Dealers, 

Corsets, .... 


Cotton Brokers, . 

Cotton Dealers and Factors, 

Cotton Duck Manufacturers, 

Cotton Yarns, &c., 




Cuppers and Leechers, 

Curled Hair Manufacturers, 

Curriers, Leather and Findings Dealers 

Cutlers and Dealers in Cutlery, . . 89 

Dairies, ••/.... 89 

Dancing Academies, ' . . . .89 

Dental Depots, '89 

Dentists, 89 

Die Sinkers and Engravers, . • .892 
Dispensaries and Infirmaries, . . .892 

Distillers, 892 

Dollar Stores, ' . 893 

Drain Pipes and Tiles, . . ' . ' 893 

Dressmakers " , 893 

druggists— Wholesale, .'.'.' 893 

Dry Goods— Retail, . . . .894 

Dry Goods — Wholesale and Commission, 895 
Dye Woods and Dye Stuffs, . . 895 

Dyers and Scourers, . . 895 

Edge Tools, ; 896 

Electricians, ..... fiflfi 

Electrotypers, .... 

'Ulevators, . . . . ' . " 
Embroideries and Laces, 
'Engineers— Civil, iVIechanical and Draughts- 

, men, 896 

^ngines and Boilers, . . . .896 

mgravers, ...... 897 

Ixcavators, ...... 897 

Express Forwarders, . . . .897 

ancy Goods and Notions— Retail, . ' . 897 
ancy Goods and Notions— Wholesale, 898 

ertilizers, 899 

ile and Rasp Manufacturers, ' . . 899 
ire Brick Manufacturers, . . .899 
sh and Cheese Dealers, . . . 899 
shing Tackle, Twine, &c., . . .900 
ag Manufacturers, .... 900 
orists and Nurserymen, . . .900 

our and Feed Dea'lers, . . .900 

■rwarding, " . 901 

esco Painters, 901 

r uit Butter, . . . ... 902 

Fruit Dealers, ' -902 

Furniture Dealers and Manufacturers, . 902 
Fi.rniture Remover, .... 903 
Furriers and Fur Dealers, '. '. '. 903 
■"'^j • ■ . . . . . 903 

G:;s Fitters and Fixtures, . . " . ' 903 
G.-s Meter Makers, ... * 904 

f-'"f«'-«' , • "904 

(>'-atlemen's Furnishing Goods— Retail, . 904 
GiQtlemen's Furn. Goods— Wholesale, . 904 
Glass and Glassware Dealers, . . 904 
Gbiss Manufacturers, . . 904 

Glass Stainers, . . . . ' '904 
Gloves, Hosiery, Worsteds, Yarns', &c.,' . 905 
Gold Pen Manufacturers, ... 905 
Gold and Silversmiths, . . . " 905 
Grain and Flour Dealers, . . .905 

Granite Yards, 9Q5 

Grinders and Polishers, .'.'.' 905 
Grocers — Retail, • ..." 906 
Grocers— Wholesale and Commission, . * 908 
uuano Dealers, ..... 908 

dm Manufacturers and Dealers, . ' * 908 

Gunpowder, 908 

liAir Dressers and Goods, ... 909 

H:;.rdware Manufacturers' Agents, . ' 909 

rdware— Retail, . . '909 

rdware— Wholesale, . . " 910 


Hat and Cap Manufacturers, . . 910 

Hats, Caps, Furs and Straw Goods— Retail, 910 
Hats, Caps, Furs, &c. — Wholesale, . 910 
Hay and Straw Dealers, . . . .911 
Hermetically Sealed Fruits, Oysters, &c., 911 
Hide and Leather Dealers, . . .911 
Hoe Manufacturers, . . . . 911 
Hoisting Machines, Elevators and Trucks, 911 
Hoopskirts, . . . . . qh 

Horse Dealers, 911 

Horse Shoers, ..... 912 
Hose Manufacturers, . . . .912 

Hosiery, Yarns, Worsteds, &c., . .912 

Hotels, 912 

House Furnishing Goods, . . . 913 
Ice Cream, . . . . . .913 

Ice Depots, 913 

Importers, 914 

India Rubber Goods, .... 915 

Inspectors, 915 

Instrument Makers, .... 915 
Insurance Companies, .... 916 
Intelligence Offices, . . . . 917 

Iron Founders, 9^7 

Iron Fence Railing, ... . " 918 

Iron Furnaces, ..... 9I8 

Iron, Steel and Metal Dealers, . .918 
Japanners and Ornamenters, . . . 918 
Jewelers, . . . . . _ gi8 

Junk Dealers, ...... 919 

Ladies' Furnishing, . . . . ' 919 

Last Makers, ...... 919 

Laundries, . . . . . ' 919 

Lamps and Oil, ..... 920 

Leather Belting, . . . . . ' 920 

Leather and Oil Dealers, . . . ' . 920 
Lightning Rods, .... 920 

Lime and Hair, ..... 920 

Linen Goods, . . . . . _ ' 920 

Liquor and Wine Dealers— Retail' . ' . 920 
Liquors and Wines — Wholesale, . . 921 
Lithographers, . . . . ' . 922 

Live Stock Dealers, .... 922 

Livery, Hacks and Sales Stables, . . 922 
Locksmiths and Bell Hangers, . . " 923 
Looking Glass and Picture Frame Manfrs. 923 

Lumber Dealers, 924 

Machinists, ' 925 

Maltsters, ' _ 925 

Manufacturers, . . . . ' , " 925 
Manufacturers' and Machinists' Supplies, 927 
Marble and Stone Workers, . . 927 

Mattress Manufacturers, .... 928 
Merchant Tailors, . . . ' . ' 928 
Millers— Merchant, . . . " . 929 

Millinery, . . . . _ _ 929 

Millinery Goods, .... 930 

Millwrights, . . . . ' . ' 930 

Mineral Water, goj 

Miscellaneous, ' 966 

Model Makers, ..... 931 

Morocco Manufacturers and Dressers, . 931 
Music and Musical Instruments, . . 931 ' 

Music Teachers, 93J 

Nails, ....... 932 

Naval Stores, . . . . ' . ' 932 

Newspapers, ...... 932 

News and Periodicals, . . . " 932 

Nickel Plating, . . . . ' . 932 

Notaries Public, . . . . ' . * 932 

Notions— Wholesale, .'..*. 932 




Nurses and Midwives, .... 933 

Oil Dealers and Refiners, . . . 933 

Opticians, 933 

Organ Builders and Dealers, . . . 933 

Oyster and Fruit Dealers and Packers, 934 

Packing (Provision) Houses, . . . 934 

Painters, 934 

Paints, Oils, Glass, &c 936 

Paper Bags, 936 

Paper Box Manufacturers, . . . 937 

Paper Hangings and Window Shades, 936 

Paper Stock, 937 

Paper Warehouses, . . . . 937 

Passe Partouts, . . . . . 937 

Patent Articles, , 937 

Patent Medicines, 937 

Pattern and Model Makers, . . . 937 

Pavers, Graders and Contractors, . . 937 

Pawnbrokers, ...'.. 938 

Perfumery, 938 

Phosphates, 938 

Photographers, 938 

Photographers' Stock, ... 938 

Physicians, 938 

Piano Dealers and Manufacturers, , 943 

Pickling and Preserving, ' . . , 943 

Picture Frame Manufacturers, . . 943 

Pictures, Chromos, &c., .... 943 

Plane Makers, 943 

Plaster Mills, . . . . .943 

Plasterers, ...... 943 

Plumbers, 943 

Pocket Book and Jewelry Cases, . . 944 

Potteries, 944 

Printers — Book and Job, . . . 944 

Printers — Copperplate, .... 945 

Printers' Ink, . . . . . 945 

Produce Dealers, 945 

Provision Brokers, .... 946 

Provision Dealers— Retail, . . . 946 

Provision Merchants — Wholesale, . 947 
Pump and Block Makers, . . .947 

Pyrotechnist, 947 

Railways (Marine) 947 

Ranges and Furnaces, .... 947 

Refrigerators, 947 

Regalia Makers, 947 

Registers in Bankruptcy, . . .947 

Restaurants and Saloons, . . . 947 
Riggers and Stevedores, . . . .949 

Rivet and Spike Works, . . . 949 

Rolling Mills, 949 

Roofers, 949 

Rope Makers and Dealers, . . . 949 

Saddle and Harness Makers, . . 949 

Saddle and Harness Leather, . . . 950 

Saddlery and Coach Hardware, . . 950 

Safes — Fife Proof, 950 

Sail Makers, 950 

Salt Dealers, 950 

Sand Dealers, 950 

Sash, Door and Blind Manufacturers, . 950 

Saw Manufacturers, .... 950 

Saw and Planing Mills, . . . 950 

Scales, ...... 950 

Schools, Academies and Colleges, . . 951 

Second Hand Goods, .... 952 

Seeds, 952 

Sewing Machines, .... 952 

Ship Builders and Marine Railway, . 952 

Ship Chandlers, 952 


Ship Joiners, 

. 953 

Ship Smiths, 


Shipping Masters, .... 

. 953 

Shipping Merchants, .... 


Shirt Manufacturers, 

. 9V^ 

Shoe Findings, 


Shot Manufacturers, 

. 954 

Show Cards, 


Show Case Manufacturers, 

. 954 

Silks, Ribbons, &c., .... 


Silver Platers and Plated Ware, 

. '354 





Slate Roofers, 


Smokers' Articles, .... 


Smut Machines, 


Snuff Manufacturers, 


Soap and Caudle Manufacturers, 



. 955 

Stamping, Fluting and Pinking, 


Stationery, Blank Books, &c., 

. 955 

Steam Forges, 


Steamship and Steamboat Lines, 


Steam and Water Heating, 


Stencil Cutters, .... 


Stereoscopes and Views, 




Stone Cutters and Masons, . . - . 


Storage and Wharfage, . 

. 956 

Stove Dealers, 


Straw Goods Manufacturers, . 


Sugar Refineries, 



Tailors' and Clothiers' .Trimmings, . 


Tanners and Curriers, . 


Tea and Coffee Dealers, 




Tiles, ... ... 


Tin Plate and Metals, 


Tin Ware and Sheet Iron Workers, 


Tobacco and Cigars — Retail, . 


Tobacco and Cigar Dealers and Manufac 

turers — Wholesale, . .' . 


Tobacco Pipe Manufacturers, . 


Toilet Articles, Perfumery, &c. . 


Tonic Beer and Bitters, . 


Tow Boats and Lighters, 


Trimmings, Laces, &c., . 


Trunks, Valises, Carpet Bags, &c., 




Type Founders, and Dealers, 


Umbrella and Parasol Manufacturers an( 

Repairers, ..... 


Undertakers, . . . . ' . 


Undertakers' Trimmings, 




Veterinary Surgeons, .... 


Vinegar Makers, .... 


Watches and Jewelry, . .# . . 


Watch Case Makers, 


Weather Strips, 




Whips and Canes, .... 


White Lead Manufacturers, 


Wig Makers, 


Wire and Wire Workers, 


Wood Dealers, 


Wood— Sawed and Split, 


Wooden and Willow Ware, 


Wool Dealers, 


Yeast Makers, 



— OF— 


The Principal Cities in the TJ. S. 


For Free Reference. 

Albany, Norfolk and Portsmonth, 

Boston, New Haven, 

Brooklyn, New Orleans, 

Buffalo, New York, 

Chicago, Pawtncket, 

Cincinnati, Philadelphia, 

Cleveland, Pittsburgh, 

Detroit, Richmond, 

Hartford, San Francisco, 

Indianapolis, Springfield, 

Louisville, St. Louis, 

Milwaukee, Syracuse, 

Nashville, Washington, 

Newark, Wilmington. 

Orders received and promptly filled at this ofiice for Directories 
published in other Cities. 

All kinds ol Commercial, R. R. Printing, Circulars, Bill Heads, 
Labels, &c., done in the Latest Styles, with prompt dispatch, and at 
the Lowest Rates. 

JOHN ^W. ^^^OODS, 


ipiE CITY BIlEf^'TCfi 

Over No. 12 South Street. 



AL— Alley 
AV — Avenue 
CT— Court 

E— East 
LA — Lane 
N— North 

PL— Place 
S— South 
SP— Space 

SQ — Square 
W— West 
WHF— Wharf 






-E from Schroeder N of Baltimore. 



-from 2 

17 N Bond 

Central av 

ABE— from Hamburg S to Cross E of Light 


ABEY AL—fmWilliiimsonalE of Light to Cross 


ABRAHAM— from 31 Harford av 



ADDISON-from High N of Hillen 





-from Frederick avW of Fulton 




AISQUITH— N from 118 E Baltimore 




















' 8 























































To East av 




ALLUVION— E from Ridgely S of Ostend 




AMITY (N)— N from 702 W Baltimore 




AMITY (S)— S from 679 W Baltimore 



AMITY CT— E and W from 41 N Amity 




— E from 65 Forrest 


Harford av 

ANDRE— S from Nicholson, E of Towson 





ormerly Point la) N W from 



Broadway, N of Eager 



ANN (N) 

-North from 332 E Baltimore 









Point la 






Jackson sq av 





To North av 




-from Aisquith rear of Jackson 





S from 23 E Baltimore 
























Eager # 











ANN (Si- 

-S fro 

n 343 E Baltimore 








Eastern av 






Canton av 





om 14 Neighbor 





-S from 

Boston K of Burrough 




ALLEN AL— E from 48 S Kxerer 





rom East Falls av, S of Can- 



Eastern av 

loll av 



Canton av 






East Falls av 










ANTHONY— from 263 N Eden to Caroline 

ANTHONY CT— E of Central av 

ARBEL AL— S from Chew between Harford av 

and McKim 
ARCADE AL— W from 48 n Eutaw 
ARCH— from 464 w Baltimore 
ARCHER— from Columbia W of Scott 
AROYLE AV (formerly Walsh) from Biddle 
betw George and Penna a? 
Left. Right. 

1 2 Biddle 

35 32 Greenwillow 

151 Dolphin 

191 174 Lanvale 

227 220 Townsend 
267 Mosher 

281 Smith 

ARLINGTON AV-N from 515 Lexington 
Left. Right. 
2 1 Lexington 

22 Wagon al 

62 69 Saratoga 

106 George 

130 Edmondson av 

164 Plarlem av 

137 Lanvale 
162 161 Lafayette av 
178 179 • Moslier 
188 191 Fremont 
ARLINGTON PLACE— Lanvale betw Oregon 

and Fremont 
ARMISTEAD LA~from Johnson to Light S 

of York ^ ' 

ARMORY PLACE-Sside Richmond Market 

from Howard to Garden 

WHARF— foot ot Hughes 
ATLANTIC WHF-foot of Patapsco, Canton 

BACK LA— from S Charles S of West 
BAKER — from North av going W, S of Cui 

BAKER LA— from N Calhoun, N of Gold 
BAKER CT— from 19 Rock 
BALTIMORE ( W)-West from Jones Falls 
Left. Right. 

1 2 Jones Falls 

25 Centre Market Space 

22 Harrison 
41 52 Frederick 

61 70 Gay 

81 Post Office av 

101 104 Holliday 
121 South 

120 North 
153 152 Calvert 
169 ^ Grant 

187 Light 

188 St. Paul 
229 230 Charles 
263 Hanover 

284 McClellan 
293 294 Sharo 
301 302 Liberty 
325 328 Howard 
363 356 Eutaw 
389 382 Paca 
425 422 Greene 
442 Pearl 
464 Arch 
505 512 Pine 

Left. Right. 
559 572 Fremont 
639 Callendar al 

657 680 Poppleton 
679 704 Amity 
705 724 Schroeder 
739 774 Arlington av 
783 808 Carrollton av 
827 826 Carey 
859 828 Calhoun 
905 868 Strieker 
941 906 Gilmor 
955 948 iMount 
981 Fulton 

1031 Monroe 

1063 lu7u Payson 

To Calverton rd 
iLTlMORE (E)— E from Jones Falls 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Jones Falls 

14 15 Front 

23 Albemarle 
42 45 High 

54 Templ.^ 

60 73 Exeter 

8C East 

lol Lloyd 
120 Aisquith 

154 159 Central a V 
164 179 Eden 
1H6 201 Spring 
200 223 Caroline 
220 237 Dallas 
242 253 Bond 
266 273 Beth.-l 
288 299 Broadway 
314 323 Register 
334 341 Ann 

348 359 Durham 
364 Wolfe 

378 377 Chapel 

392 405 Washington 
416 417 Castle 
440 435 Chester 
472 475 Coliingtoii av 

503 Patterson Park av 

To East av 

BALDERSTON — from Grant to Charles S of 

BANK— E from 92 S Exeter 
Left. Right. 

4 1 Exeter 

25 Central uv 
18 33 Eden 

40 55 Spring 

58 63 Caroline 

68 79 Dallas 

72 85 Bond 

82 Bethel 

101 Broadway 
110 119 Reg ester 
138 139 Ann 
148 155 Durham 
166 167 Wolfe 
186 185 Chapel 
206 199 Washington 
238 229 Castle 
264 257 Chester 
292 287 Collington av 
338 313 Patterson Park av 
To East av 
BANK LA — W from 8 N Calvert 
BANKARD AL— E from Fremont betw Colum- 
bia and Haw 



BARNES— K from 23V N Bbnd 
BARNET— W from 52 N Clmrles 
BARNEY— E from Spring Gardens S of Heath 
BARRANGER CT— W from 51 N Pine 
BARRE— W from 154 Light-st whf 

Left. Right. 

2 1 Light-st whf 

34 35 Ghiirles 

48 57 Hanover 

82 71 Sharp 

108 93 Howard 

no 113 Eiitaw 

132 129 L. Greeno , 

190 181 Warner 

236 239 Fremont 
BARTLETT— S from 379 W Lombard 
BARTLETT AL— from Chesnut 
BARTON— N from Jail wall to Eager 
BATTERY AV— S from 99 Cross 

Left. Right. 
66 63 Cross 

110 103 West 

216 207 Clement 

264 Fort Hv 

BAYARD — from James, S of Wooster 
BAYER A L— from 392 CantouavNto Eastern a v 
BEALE CT— from 188 Orleans 
BEAMS LA— from Franklin W of Poppleton 
SEASON- E from Ludlow S of Cuba 
BEAUFORT— W fron> 42 N Calvert 
BECK LA — from Frederick av nr Wilkins 
BEDFORD A L— from Camden W of Charles 
BEETHOVEN TERRACK— Park av fm Mosher 

to McMechin 
BELAIR AV— from Central av N of Monument 
BELL AL — from Davis S of Centre 
BELT'S WHARF— Fell S of Thames 
BELVIDERE— N from W Biddle to Green- 
mount av 
BENJAMIN— S from Beason E of Prosser 
BENTALOU— S from HoUins W of Smallwood 
BENNETT— N from Boston E of O'Donnell 
BETHANY LA— W from 56 N Carej 
BETHEL (N)— N from 266 E Baltimore 

Left. Right. 

1 Baltimore 

71 78 Fayette 

107 108 Orleans 
147 142 Jefferson 

173 160 McElderry 



BETHEL (S)— S from 271 E Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Baltimore 
44 27 Lombard 
64 61 Pratt 

110 129 Gough 
128 161 Bank 
158 169 Eastern av 
184 189 Canton av 
224 221 Alicearr.i 
214 249 Lancasier 
BETHEL CT— from Sar^iotia \V of Gay 
BEVAN— from 80 Henrietta 
BEVERLY— W from 464 Light 
BIDDLE, (W)— Wfrom Jones Falls N of Chase 
Left. Right. 

Jones Falla 

Left. Right. 

St. Paul 
42 Lovegrove al 

21 Morion al 
Maryland av 
63 Foster al 
23 Park av 
115 Bolton 
147 Linden av 
175 Eutaw 
135 Morris al 

Madison av 
211 McCulloh 

182 Little Monument 
192 183 Druid Hill av - 
200 Elder al 

244 Tessier 

252 Pennsylvania av 
Argyle av 
272 349 George 
BIDDLE (E)— E from Jones Falls N of Chase 
Left. Right. 

Jones Falls 
Greenmount av 
Harford av 
240 237 Aisquith 
250 249 Somerset 

265 Central av 
262 289 Eden 
280 Caroline 

282 321 Dallas 

18 37 Ann 

60 75 Wolfe 

102 Washington 

137 Castle 
161 Chester 

To East av 
BIDDLE AL— from Druid Hill av E of Penna av 
BIDDLE CT— from Biddle W of Penna av 
BINNEY — N from Denmead's wharf to Hudson, 

E of Patapsco 
BIRCKHEAD— W from Light S of Gittings 
BIRCKHEAD CT— E from Sharp N of Lex- 
BLOCK — from Drawbridge to Thames 
BLOODGOOD CT— from Front N of Fayette 
BLOOM— from 577 Penna av to North av 
BLOOMINGDALE ROAD— from Frederick av 

to Windsor mill road m 

BLOOMSBERRY— E from Lighfs of Heath 
BOLTON— from 115 W Biddle 
Left. Right. 

1 2 Biddle 

14 Camel al 


36 HofiFman 

66 Dolphin 


127 128 Townsend 

151 Mosher 

183 McMechin 

BOLTON AL— from Townsend E of Penna av 
BOND-ST. CT— rear llOMuUikia E from Bond 



BOND (N)— N from 240 E Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Baltimore 

30 31 Hampstead 

66 63 Fayette 

100 Mullikin 

110 85 Orleans 

1 1 3 JeflFerson 
133 Walker 
166 187 McElderrj 
200 Monument 

206 Milliman 

226 223 Madison 

245 Miller 
260 199 Chew 
217 Abbott 
237 Barnes 
257 Eager 
270 285 Gay 
292 299 Chase 
312 329 Biddle 
332 John 

To North av 
BOND (S)— S from 251 E Baltimore 
Left. Jlight. 

2 1 Baltimore 

38 45 Lombard 

74 77 Pratt 

140 125 Gongh 
180 157 Bank 

216 197 Eastern av 
242 231 Canton av 
266 265 Aliceanna 
302 299 Lancaster 
318 Shakspear 

359 Thiimes 
BOOTH— from Arlington av to Callendar al, S 

of Baltimore 
BOOTH— from 14 S Carey 

Elderry's wharf 
BOSTON— S E from Chester to East av 
Left. Right. 

5 20 Chester 

49 Windsor 

74 Gwynn 

86 Leakin 

109 Concord 

189 O'Donnell 


217 Chesapeake 

To East av 
BOULDIN AL — from Lanvale, between Penn- 
sylvania av and Division 
BOtlNTV LA— #from Spring, S of Baltimore 
BOWLY— from McElderry's wharf, S of Pratt 
BOWLY'S WHARF— S from 71 W Pratt, and 

east to South 
BOYD— from Fremont S of Hollins 
Left. Right. 

4 Fremont 

28 Parkin 

42 47 Callendar al 

60 57 Poppleton 

78 75 Amity 

102 91 Schroeder 

120 103 Hollins al 
134 133 Oregon 
BOYLE— S from Clement, E of Webster 

BOYER— E from 7 S Collington a? to Patterson 

BRADENBAUGH AL— from Saratoga, W of 

BRADFORD AL— from Townsend.Eof hospital 
BRADFORD AL— (Canton)— from 449 Can- 
ton av 
BRADWICK CT— from Foundry W of North 
BRANNAN CT— from L. Hughes, between 

Light and Charles 
BREWER A L— from 294 W Hoffman 
BROAD AL— from 77 E Lomba.-d 
B9,0ADWAY CT— E from Bethel, S of Balti- 
BROADWAY (N)— N from 286 E Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Baltimore 

34 27 Jackson sq av 

56 63 Fayette 

64 83 Mullikin 

84 99 Orleans 

116 133 JefiFerson 
174 McElderry 

206 Monument 

238 Madison 

262 263 Chew 

297 Barnes 
312 309 Eager 
363 Chase 
381 Gay 

To North av 
BROADWAY (S)— S from 297 E Baltimore 
Left. Right. 
2 1 Baltimore 

24 37 Lombard 

54 63 Pratt 

96 103 Gough 
114 129 Bank 
148 149 Eastern av 
184 179 Canton av 
220 207 Aliceanna 
258 239 Lancaster 
249 Shakspear 
272 253 Thames 
BROADWAY, LITTLE— from Lombard, E of 

BROWN— from Charles-st av N of Denmead 
BROWN— N of Frederick av, W ofSmallwood 
BROWN— from 381 S Charles 
BROWN AL— N from 8 Low 
BROWN'S WHARF— from 57 Thames 
BRUCE— N from 972 W Baltimore 
BRUNE— from 327 Franklin 
BRYANT CT— from L. Hughes, W of Light 
BUCHANAN'S WHARF— from 37 W Pratt 
BUREN— N from 201 N Front 
BURGUNDY AL— W from 10 L Paca 
BURKE— N and S from Baltimore, E of Patter- 
son Park av 
BURROUGH— S from Fort av, E of railroad 
BUSH— from James, S of Bavard 
BUTCHER ROW— Penna. ave extended 
BUTLER AL— N from 251 Montgomery 
BUTLKR— S fm iMonlgomery, E of Leadenhall 
BYRD— S from Randall, W of Johnson 

CABLE— from Spear's wharf to Commerce, S 

of Pratt 
CALHOUN (N)— from 828 W Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

1 2 Baltimore 

19 Fayette 

»• Lexirigtoa 



Left. Right. • 

Edmondson av 
194 Harlem RT 
Lafayette av 
401 402 Patterson av 
469 458 Presstman 
CALHOUN (S)— S from 859 w Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

2 Booth 

10 Hollins 

25 Lombard 

30 31 Lemmon al 


51 McHenry 

67 Ramsay 

CALHOUN AL— from Pratt W of Light-st 

CALHOUN CT— W from Calhoun N of Lex- 
CALLENDAR A L— from 639 W Baltimore to 

CALVERT (N)— N from 150 W Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Baltimore 

13 13 Fayette 

26 27 Lexington 

55 Saratoga 

74 81 Pleasant 

92 Mulberry 

103 Foundrv 

128 Franklin 

i<?R 10O Centre 

!61 Monument 
190 193 Madison 
214 21y Read 
250 24 St Eager 
V ERT (S)— S from 149 W Baltimore 
Left. Right . 

1 ' 'Baltimore 
19 20 German 

26 Mercer 
37 30 Water 

45 44 Lombard 

63 72 Pratt 

CALVERT AL — rear of 76 Harford av 
CALVERTON MILLS— near Old Almshouse 
CALVERTON ROAD— from Frederick av W 

of Pulaski 
CAMBRIDGE— S E from Canton av 
CAMDEN— W from 98 Ligbt-st wharf 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Light-st wharf 
18 27 Charles 

40 61 Hanover 

86 75 Sharp 

102 101 Howard 
134 125 Eutaw 
150 147 Paca 
CAMDEN AL— from Linden av N of Biddle 
CAMDEN LA— from Camden E of Sharp 
CAMEL AL— W from Cathedral N of Biddle 
CAMP AV— W from York road N of North av 
CANBY PLACE— Lexington from Carey to 

CANNON— N and S from Baltimore E of Burke 
CANTON— N and S from Baltimore E of 

CANTON AV— E from Jones Falls S of Eadt- 
erii av 

Left. Right. 

2 East Falls av 

Cential av 
150 Eden 

168 Spring 

184 141 Caroline 
196 203 Dalltis 
208 209 Bond 
228 229 Bethel 
244 213 Broadway 
264 263 Regester 
286 249 Ann • 

300 269 Durham 
316 279 Wolfe 
332 299 Chapel 
346 319 Washington 
372 393 Castle 
388 Chester 

414 Collington av 

421 Essex 

441 Patterson Park av 
508 421 Burke 
437 Port 
461 Cannon 
To East av 
CAREY (N)— N from 826 W Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Baltimore 


Waverley terrace 
39 Lexington 
56 Bethany la 

68 Lehrman al 

84 69 Saratoga 

146 125 Franklin 
1£.0 173 Edmondson ar 
232 219 Harlem av 
260 Lanvale 

Lafayette av 

Cathedral cemetery 
408 401 Patterson av 
468 469 Presstman 
CAREY (S)— S from 827 W Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

3 2 Baltimore 
14 Booth 

23 22 Hollins 

39 56 Lombard 

72 Lemmon al 
80 Pratt 
102 McHenry 
CARLTON— from 539 W Fayette 
CAROLINE (N)— N from 206 E Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Baltimore 

18 19 Hampstead 

46 55 Fayette 

50 Holland 

80 79 Mullikin 

88 93 Orleans 

124 125 Jefferson 
164 149 McElderry 
200 175 Monument 



Left. Right. 

2-.J8 185 Madison 

254 213 Chew 

242 Anthony 

249 Eager 
290 289 Chase 
312 315 Biddle 
338 331 John 

To North av 
CAROLINE (S)— S from 221 E Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

4 1 Baltimore 
28 23 Lombard 

66 51 Pratt 

130 101 Gough 
>74 131 Bank 

206 161 Eastern av 
238 195 Canton HV 
256 253 Aliceanna 
290 Lancaster 

338 Dock 

360 Thames 

CAROLINE AL— from Caroline 6 of Balti- 

CAROLINE CT— from Eden a! W of Caroline 
CARROLL— S from Cross W of Nanticoke 
CARROLLTON AV (N)— N from 808 W Bal- 
Left. Right. 

1 2 Baltimore 

5 4 Raborg 

J 9 26 Vine 


55 48 Wagon al 

82 Saratoga 

98 Mulberry 

131 132 Franklin 

175 174 Edmondson av 
217 206 Harlem a V 
151 Lanvale 

Lafayette av 

To Cathedral cemetery 
CARROLLTON AV (S)-~S from 783 W Bal- 
Left. Right. 

1 4 Baltimore 
23 38 Hollins 
41 74 Lombard 

67 90 Pratt 
CARSON CT— from 192 West 
CASTLE (N)— N from 416 E Baltimore 

Left. Right. 

2 1 Baltimore 

Jackson sq av 
44 39 Fayette 

68 7 1 Orleans 

CASTLE (S)— S from 417 E Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

1 2 Baltimore 

31 26 Lombard 

49 48 Pratt 

97 106 Gough 
125 124 Bank 

128 Eastern av 
137 Canton av 

148 Fountain 
CATHEDRAL AL— from Charles S of Franklin 

CATHEDRAL— N frolh Mulberry 
Left. Right. 

2 Mulberry 

18 3 Hamilton 

34 15 Centre 

50 71 Monument 

68 77 Madison 

86 Richmond 

89 Read 
100 37 Tyson al 

6 1 Eager 
148 Tvson 

1 1 1 Chase 
198 141 Biddle 
221 Hoffman 
327 Oliver 
368 Federal 

To North av 
CECIL— from 144 Lee 
CEMETERY AV— E from 292 N Bond 
CEMETERY LA— W from Monroe.N from Fred- 
erick av 
I CENTRAL AL— from Fayette W of Howard 
CENTRAL AV (N)-N from 154 E Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Baltimore 

7 Hampslead 
31 Fayette 
6 High al 

8 41 Holland 

43 May 
38 57 MuUikin 

82 65 Orleans 

108 107 Jefferson 
126 129 McElderry 
168 Edward 

187 Monument 
188 231 Madison 
166 St. James 

265 Chew 
180 269 Smith al 
254 289 Eager 
260 339 Chase 
316 349 Biddle 
332 395 John 
432 435 Hoffman 
444 473 Harford av 
CENTRAL AV (S)-from 157 E Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Baltimore 

13 Watson 
42 19 Lombard 

82 Pratt 

122 Gough 

164 61 Bank 

Eastern av 
Canton av 
To Lancaster 
CENTRE (W)—W from Jones Falis,S of Monu- 
Left. Right. [menl 

2 1 Jones Falls 

4 23 Holliday 



Left. Right. 


48 49 Calvert 

50 51 Harjrrove al 

60 65 St. Paul I 

78 Charles 

Plover al 
Park av 
88 T^-3on 

To Howard 
CENTRE (E)— E from Jones Falls, S of Monu- 
ment to Front 
Left. Right. 

1 2 Baltimore 

13 Swan 
27 34 Second 
41 Hawk 

49 66 Lombard 
71 92 Pratt 

CHAPEL (N)— N from 378 E Baltimore 
Lefi. Right. 

2 1 Baltimore 

24 23 Jackson sq av 

64 65 Fajette 

92 93 Orleans 

119 Jetierson 
166 Monument 

CHAPEL iS)— S from 377 E Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

2 Baltimore 

30 7 Lombard 

56 39 Pratt 

108 83 Gouuh 

134 107 Bank 

152 135 Eastern av 
188 159 Canton av 
CHAPEL CT— from Wolf S of Faveite 
CHAPMAN CT— from Waison W of Central av 
CHAPPELL AL— fiom Mulberry E of Park av 
CHAPPELL— from 578 Penna -iv extended 
CHARLES (N)— N from 228 W Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Baltimore 

14 Fayette 
32 33 Lexington 
54^ Baruet 

64 55 Saratoga 

86 87 Pleasant 

101 Mulberry 
124 123 Hamilton 
140 137 Centre 
152 147 Mt. Vernou Place 

153 Madison 
184 183 Riad 
236 233 Eager 
266 263 Ch«se 
289 Biddle 
355 Townsend 

To North av 
CHARLES (S)— S from 231 W. BMJtimore 
Left. Right. 

1 2 Baltimore 

n 14 German 

Left. Ripht. 
45 46 Lombard 

55 Balderston 

83 34 Pratt 
99 102 Camden 

124 Conway 
155 160 Barre 

Welcome al 
185 186 Lee 
201 194 York 

213 210 Hill 
233 232 Hughes 
245 250 Montgomery 
273 280 Henrietta 
309 320 H-.imburg 

370 Cross 
381 Brown 

417 412 West 

To River 
CHARLES-KT AV— Continuation of N Charles 
'Left. Right. [N of North av 

North av 

84 Brown 
Huntingdon av 

CHASE (E) -E from Jones Falls, S of Biddle 
Left. Right. 

Jones Falls 
40 Forrest 

Greenmount av 
201 Ensor 

23.^ Harford av 

240 231 Aisquith 
244 245 Somerset '^ 

262 Central av 

284 Eden 

304 Ciiroliue 

306 313 Dallas 

326 329 Bond / 

334 275 Beihel ; 

34 T Gay 
366 349 Bioadway 
370 McDonogh 

41(J 393 Ann 
434 411 Durham 
458 433 Wolfe 
476 451 Cliaijel 

469 Washington 
483 Castle 
CHASE (W)— W from Jones Falls, S of Biddle 
Left. Right. 

Jones Falls 
78 Calvert 
87 80 St. Paul 

105 21 Maryland av 

CHASE'S WHARF— from 1 Thames 
CHAUNCEY — S from Battery Square 
CHEAPSIDE— S from Water W of Suuth 
CHEPULTKPEC— E from Eutaw S of West 
CHESAPEAKE— N and S from Baltimore E 

of Patapsco 
CHESNUT— from 68 E Fayette 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Fayette 

28 Necessity nl 
64 59 Douglass 



Left. Right. 
126 129 Low 
156 151 Gay 
196 189 Hillen 
236 222 Front 
CHESNUT AL— W from 182 Pearl 
Left. Right. 
2 1 Peurl 

72 73 Pine 

88 89 Mvrtle av 

176 183 Cfinton av 
190 191 Claggett al 
210 305 Bnine 

237 Fremont 
CHESNUT CT— from 31 Chesmit al 
CHESTER (N)-N from E Baltimore, E of 

CHESTER (S)-S from E Baltimore. E of 
Left. Right. [Castle 

1 2 Baltimore 

23 24 Lombard 

43 48 Prrttt 

93 94 Gough 

139 118 Bank 
179 Eastern av 

213 Canton av 

CHESTER CT— S from Foundry W of North 
CHEW— E from Harford av N of Madison 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Harford av 

34 1 1 Ensor 

38 37 Stirling 

52 51 Aisquith 

68 69 Somerset 

92 91 Central av 

116 Eden 

1 30 Ga V 

111 Spring 
134 Caroline 

144 135 Dallas 
164 143 Bond 

202 Broadway 

214 21.0 McD.,nogh 
228 2.n Shntcr 
246 Ann 

266 Durham 

286 Wolfe 

To East av 
CHINA— S from 170 Lee 
CHURCH AL— from 323 Franklin 
CHURCH CT-rear of St. John's (Luth.) 

Church, Biddle E of Peima av 
CHURCH, LITTLE— from Johnson S of Mont- 
CIDER A L— from HowHrd to Penn.S of German 
CITY AVENUE-N from ODonnell, Eastern 

boundary of Canton 
CITY BLOCK-5-foot of West Falls av 
CITY WHARF— intersection of Lancaster, at 

CLAGGETT-E of Ludlow S of Olemm 
CLAGGETT AL— fron. 323 Franklin 
CLARE— from .Limes S of Elk 
CLARET AL — from interseciion Ilourieita and 

CLARK A L— from 198 Forrest 
CLARKE— W fron. 19 Clint.. n av to Fremont 
CLARKS CT— Chesnut bet Donglufs and Low 
CLARKSON AL— fioni W<-sl. W of Hanover 
CLAY— from 5K N Liberty 
CLEMENT— E from Moni'ttomei v, H of Benson 
CLEMM— E from Boyle, S of Fort av 

CLIFFORD AL— from Scott, N of Columbia 
CLINTON— N from Lazaret Furnace, E of City 
limits ^ 

CLINTON AL— from 29 S Frederick 
CLINTON AV— N from 207 Mulberry ' 

Falls rd 
CLOVER AL—S frni Richmond, W of Cathedral 
COHEN AL— S from 92 Mulberry 
COLE— from Strieker, S of Ramsay 
COLLEGE A L— from 91 Saratoga 
COLLINGTON AV-(N) (formerly Choptank) 

from 472 E Baltimore 
COLLINGTON AV-(S) (formerly Choptankj 
from 477 E Baltimore 
Left Right. 

7 8 Baltimore 

27 24 Lombard 

43 42 Pratt 

92 Goiigh 
143 142 Bank 
161 156 Eastern av 

177 168 Canton av 
COLLINS CT— from Saratoga, W of Fremont 
COLLISON CT— E from Stirlingbetween Chew 

and Eager 
COLUMBIA~W from S Paca S of Pratt 
Left. Right. 
2 1 Paca 

40 37 Greene 

75 Emory 
80 Warner 

114 137 Fremont 
168 199 Slerrett 
202 235 Scott 
224 Wyeth 

244 Walker 

248 Parkin 

349 Poppleton 
367 Amity 
To Cross 
COLVIN AL— from Trent, S of Gay 
COMB AL— from Lee, W of Hanover 
COMET— from 8 Aisquith 
COMMERCE— S fro... 75 Exchange place 
COMMERCIAL WHARF-from 97 to 103 

CONCORD— S fiom Fish Market space 
CONCORD— N from Tru.uon.E of Jones Falls 
CONCORD— from Boston E of Leakin, Canton 
CONSTlTUTION-from 205 N Front to the 

Penitentiary wall 
CONSTITUTION, LITTLE-from Peuitentiarv 

wall to Biddle 
CONWAY— W from 130 Light street wliaif 
Left. Right. 

Light street wharf 
20 13 Charles 

34 31 Hnnover 

48 49 Sharp 

72 67 Howaid 

91 Eutaw 
97 L. Paca 
142 137 L. Gieene 
196 19r. Warner 
246 247 Fremont 
COOKS! E—S from the basin, between Hull 

and Towson 
CORDERY'S WHARF— now Abraham's Ship 

Yard, cor Thames and Philput 
CORNER'S WHARF— S end of Buchanan's 

CORNER'S WflARF-foot of Ann 
COTTAGE CT— from Mulberry to L. Pleasant 
COTTON ROW— from Clinton, S of Boston 



COUNTY WHARF— foot of Broadway 
courthouse; la— from Calvert to St. Paul 

S front of Courthouee 
COURT RO W— W of Penna.av and N of Biddle 
COURTLAND— N from 29 Lexington 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Lexington 

19 Saratoga 
36 41 Pleasant 

52 51 Mulberry 

76 76 Franklin 

COVE AL — from Lexinglou, W of Fremont 
COVINGTON— S from Water line, E of Henry 
COW PEN AL— W from 8 o Liberty 
COX — from Jones, S of water front 
CREEK AL— from 174 Hamburg, E of Hanover 
CROOKED LA— from 85 Fayette, W of Charles 
CROSS— W from Basin, S of Hamburg 
Left. Right. 


77 Johnson 
99 Battery av 

109 Durst al 

119 120 William 
140 Abev al 
158 Light 
170 Elizabeth la 
194 James la 
208 Charles 
235 240 Hanover 

254 Race 
281 284 Leaden hall 
320 Sh>irp 
336 Howard 
Ohio av 
344 Eutaw 

364 Warner 

406 411 Russell 
420 435 Ridgely 
456 Paca 

58 Hamburg 
90 St. Peter al 
Columbia ar 
JROSS A L— from 87 N Greene 
3UBA— E from Hull, N of Beason 
CUMBERLAND- from N Gilmor, N of Baker 
jURLEY — from Lancaster, E of Patuxent 
3URRIERS CT— from Waltemeyer al, B of 

JURTIS AL— from PMrr^ondsou av, W of Fre- 
CYPRESS AL— from Lombard, E of Sharp 

) AL— E from 33 N Greene 
DARK LA— from 34 N Calvert 
DALLAS (N)— N from 220 E Baltimore 
Left. Right. 
2 1 Baltimore 

14 19 Hampstead 

49 Fayette 
54 MuUikin 

62 , 85 Orleans 
96 119 Jetfersou 
124 143 McEiderry 
175 Monument 
185 Milliman 
152 191 Madison 
180 219 Chew 

224 251 Eager 
289 Chase 
262 329 John 

To North av 


DALLAS (S)— S from 235 E Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Baltimore 

46 33 Lombard 

78 69 Pratt 

136 133 Gough 
154 155 Bank 

188 185 Eastern av 
228 223 Canton av 
252 245 Aliceanna 
284 277 Lancaster 
318 Dock 
DAVIS— N from 13 Lexington 
Left. Right. 

1 2 Lexington 

16 Saratoga 
34 Pleasant 
59 62 Foundry 

75 Franklin 

Madison • 
DAWSON AL— from 481 W Pratt 
DAWSON— N of Hudson, E of Bennett, Canton 
DECATUR— S from Cox, E of Lowman 
DECKER AL— from W Eager 
DELUOL AL— from Penna av, S of Biddle 
DENMEAD— from York Road, N of North av 
DEWBERRY AL— N and S from Baltimore, W 

of Arlington av 
DIAMOND— from 203 W Fayette 
DICKSON AL— from Mosher, W of Cathedral 
DILLON— E of Patapsco, S of Hudson 
DIVISION— N from. 280 W Hoffman 
Left. Right. 

2 HofiFman 


86 89 Lanvale 

136 131 Townsend 
174 MDsher 
216 McMechin 
270 Wilson 

Patterson av 




To North av 
DOLPHIN— W from Cathedral, N of Hoffman 
Left. Right. 

82 John 
107 106 Foster al 

Park av 
127 128 Jenkins al 

137 136 Bolton 
151 Linden av 
159 Jordan al 
167 Eutaw 

Madison av 
181 146 Stoddard al 
183 Druid Hill av 

197 152 Etting 

209 164 Division 
Penna av 
Argyle av 
Myrtle av 
To Fremont 
DONNELL'S WHARF— foot of Fell, West 

DONNELLY CT— E from 73 Harford av 
DONNELLY CT— north from 170 Front, N of 

DONOHUE AL— S from Eastern av 
PONOVAN AL— W from 2 Jasper 



DOUGLASS— from 59 Chesnnt to Aisquith 
DOVER— W from Fulton, S of Pratt 
DOVER— W from Hanover, S of Pratt 
DOVE AL — from Townsend, E of Greenraount 

DOYLE AL— from 25 Batfk 
DRUID HILL AV— N W from 168 N Eutaw 
Left. Right. 

1 2 Eutaw 
26 Jasj)er 

48 59 St. Mary 

66 79 Orchard 

84 89 Moore al 

102 107 Biddle 
112 Biddle al 

126 Ui.ioii 

160 159 Preston 
176 Oxford 

198 189 Hoffman 
240 217 Dolphin 
250 Lanvale 
299 262 Townsend 

371 380 McMecliin 
Patterson nv 
To North av 
DRUID HILL PARK— Madison av extended 
DRUIDVIU.E VILLAGE— 4 miles on Falls rd 
DUFF'S WHF— from 37 Fell 
DUNCAN AL,(N)—fromBaltimore,E of Chester 
DUNCAN AL,(S)— from Baltimore.E of Chester 
Left. Right. 

1 Lombard 
56 45 Pratt 

101 ' 98 Goiigh 
108 129 Bank 
136 Eastern av 

Canton av 
DUGAN'S WHF— from 29 W Pratt 
DURHAM (N)— N from 348 E Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Baltimore 

30 33 Jackson sq av 

58 55 Fa} ette 

92 93 Orleans 

216 201 Monument 
228 225 Madison 
278 275 Chew 
326 325 Eager 
376 373 Chase 
DURHAM (S)— S from 357 E Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Baltimore 

26 29 Lombard 

72 65 Pratt 

112 141 Gough 
180 169 Bank 
210 191 Eastern av 
234 249 Canton av 
220 241 Aliceanna 
252 271 Lancaster 
DURST A L— from Cross, between William and 
Battery av 

EAGER (E)— E from Jones Falls S of Chase 
Left. Hi^ht. 

Jones F'alls 
22 15 \j. Constitution 

Left. Right. 
42 41 Constitution 

66 Forrest 

95 GreenmouDt av 
108 105 McKim 
120 123 Hillmaa 
142 149 Valley 
168 165 Wilcox 

173 Harford av 
190 179 Ensor 
200 191 Stirling 
208 Aisquith 

224 225 Somerset 
248 249 Central av 

283 Eden 
262 Caroline 

270 Dallas 

329 Belair av 
334 335 Bond 
384 387 Broad w.ty 
390 399 McDonogh 
424 433 Ann 
444 453 Durham 
464 473 Wolfe 

To East av 
EAGER (W)— W from Jones Falls N of Read 
Left. Ri^ht. 

Jones Falls 
20 23 St. Paul 

39 Lovegrove al 
40 . Morton al 

EAST— from 36 E Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

8 Laurel 

20 1 1 Fayette 

36 29 Halfiiioou al 

80 67 Doui;lass 

150 153 Ensor 
168 Hillen 

198 197 Front 
EAST FALLS AV— S from 1 E Pratt 
EAST AV— Eastern boundary 
EASTERN AV— E from Mills, S of Bowly 
Left. Right. 


West Falls av 
16 East Falls av 

34 21 President 

56 55 Albemarle 

58 High 

82 89 Exeter 

114 115 Central av 
136 133 Eden 
142 157 Spring 
162 179 Caroline 
178 193 Dallas 
186 209 Bond 
206 229 Bethel 
212 241 Broadway 
228 255 Regester 
252 281 Ann 
266 287 Dm ham 
290 299 Wolfe 
308 315 Chupel 



Left. Right. 



322 329 Washington 




350 347 Castle 




376 Cfapster 



398 353 Collingtoii av 



407 Patterson Park av 


Harford av 

441 Burke 


To East av 

ENSt»R CT— from Ensor S of Madison 

EDEN (N)— N from 164 R Baltimore 

ESSEX— from Canton av to Burke 

Left. Right. 

^TNA LA— W from 52 Harrison 

2 1 Baltimore 


-from 288 W Hoffman 

16 15 Hampslead 


N)— N from 356 W Baltimore 

40 45 Fayette 



53 Holland 




64 69 May 



82 87 MuUikia 




102 105 Orleans 



142 141 Jefferson 



182 169 .McElderry 




218 211 Monuracnt 




246 Madison 




240 241 Gay 




248 243 Chew 



Druid Hill av 

263 Anthony 



276 Kager 


St. Mary 

328 273 Chase 



378 285 Biddle 




303 John 




432 335 Hofl'iuan 




To North av 




EDEN (S)— S from 177 E Baltimore 




Left. Right. 



4 1 Baltimore 




35 Lomliard 




18 61 Pratt 




112 113 Goufrh 


148 155 Bank 

Patterson av 

17G Eastern av 


Canton av 

To North av 


KUTAW (S)— S from 363 W Baltimore 

To Lancaster 



EDEN AL— from G N Eden 




EDEN CT— from Central av N of Jefferson 




EDKN ST. CT— from Caroline to Eden, S of 








EDMONDKON AV— W from 191 N Fremont 




Left. Right 




1 2 Fremont 





West al 

65 64 Arlington av 



81 74 GarroUtori av 



95 86 Carev 



121 Calhoun 



149 Striekei 




181 Gilmor 







EDWARD— fiom 137 Aisquith 




ELBOW LA— f-om 66 S P-ca 




EISLEIN- from Sier^ett 3 of McHenry 


EISLEIN AL— from Scott N of Hamburg 




ELDER AL— Aon.' 83 Orchaid 



ELK— from Jrimes S of Gunt'ouder 



ELLLNS— from 116 W Hoffm^m 


ELLIOTT— E fr.,m cor Boston and Patapsco 


ELLICOTT— S of Wat.-r, K of Light 

KUTAW CT— Eutavv to Stnte, S of Franklin 

ELM— from Tounsemi N of Oliver 


:— Eutaw St. N of Dolphin 

ELIZA BKTH LA— tVom CrofS E of Charles 

EXCHANGE AL-S from 57 Second 

EMORY— y tVorn .-!77 W Pratt 

EXCHANGE PLACE— from South to Gay, in 

ENSOR-N fro-H Che^^nut and Gav 


Left. Kijiiii. 



Nf from 60 E Baltimore 

2 1 Ciiesniit 




24 13 ErISt 




4H 35 







Necessity al 

74 SI Monument 


















(S)— S from 73 E Baltimore 

















Pratt " 












Eastern av 
Canton av 


FALL— from Jones Falls to Constitution, S of 



-Cathedral extended 

FARDY'S WHARF— foot of Covinfiton 


E from 

East Falls av, S of Styles 



Jones Falls 











Central av 


E (W) 

— W from Jones Falls, N of 






Jones Falls 


















St. Paul 













Park av 







































Carrollton av 





















To Calverton rd 


-E from Jones Falls, N of Bal- 






Jones Falls / 







Left. Right. 

39 Temple 
47 Exeter 
68 Cheenut 

76 77 East 

102 Aisquitb 

160 155 Central av 
168 179 Eden 

197 Spring 
208 219 Caroline 
218 237 Dallas 
238 Bond 

264 281 Bethel 
284 Broadway 

300 Regester 

336 335 Ann 
342 353 Durham 
362 375 Wolfe 
382 385 Chapel 
402 429 Washington 
428 453 Castle 
454 465 Chester 
486 527 Collingtonav 
518 569 Patterson Park av 
I To East av 

FEDERAL- EandWfrmJonesFallsNofOliver 
FELL— S from 127 Thames 
FIFTH LA -from Johnson to Basin 
FIP AL— from Eden N of Baltimore 
FISH MARKET SPACE— from Jones Falls to 

Centre Market Space, N of Hawk 
FLATIRON AL— S of Monument.hetween Gay 

and Stirling 
FLEET AL~from Hammond al. W of Caroline 
FORNEY AL— from Arch, between Fayette 

and Lexington 
FORREST— from Halfmoon al, E of East 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Halfmoon al 

28 29 Douglass 

47 Hull la 
141 Low 
124 123 Gay 
140 149 Ensor 
150 153 Hillen 

Haiford av 
170 Front 

Greenmount av 
183 Monument 
225 Madison 
304 259 Truxton 
FORREST PL— Forrest exlbet Eager and Chase 
FORT AV— E from Sharp, S of Clement 
FOSTER A L— from 63 W Biddle 
FOUNDRY— W from 174 N Front 
FOUNTAIN— E from 192 S Washington 
FOURTH— S from Fifth, nr Powder House 
FRANCIS— S of Madison av, E of Penna av 
FRANKLIN— Wfrm Jones Falls.N of Mulberry 
Left. Right. 

Jones Falls 
2 1 Calvert 

9 Courtland 
26 23 St. Paul 

40 37 Charles 

64 53 Cathedral 

82 65 Park av 

94 79 Tyson 

100 91 Howard 



Left. Right. 
104 95 State 

124 117 Eutaw 
1 38 1 29 Jasper 
150 139 Paca 

172 179 Pearl 
218 237 Pine 
232 255 Myrtle av 
280 301 Clinton av 
322 339 Brune 
348 373 Fremont 
356 379 Poppleton 
451 Schroeder 
478 485 Arlington av 
503 Carrollton av 
507 Stockton al 

Cure J 
531 Calhoun 
544 Gilinor 


To Calveiton rd 
FRANKLIN LA— S from 9 Water 
FRANKLIN SQUARE— bonnded by Lexing- 
ton, Carey, Fayette and Calhoun 
FREDERICK (N)— N from 50 W Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Baltimore 

20 17 Fa>eUe 

26 37 JStna la 

44 65 Qaj 

FREDERICK (S)— S from 41 W Baltimore 
L«ft. Right. 

1 2 Baltimore 

23 22 Second 

.39 Lombard 

40 Smith al 
59 52 Pratt 

FREDERICK AV— W fiom 2 S Gilrao. 
Left. Right. 

1 2 Gilmor 

33 12 Mount 

47 40 Fulton 

61 Addisoa al 

89 Monroe 

40 Goldsmith .,1 

58 Pavson 

98 88 Pulaski 

107 Calverton rd 
212 Pratt 

201 Brown 
218 Bentalou 

Gwynn Falls 
FREMONT (N)— N from 570 W Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

1 2 Baltimoro 

7 16 Raborg 

15 26 Favetie 

25 40 Vine 

45 52 Lexington 
68 Waesclie 

93 88 Saratojia 

106 Sarah Ann 
105 Harmony la 

121 128 Mulberry 
143 150 Peirce 
167 17^ Franklin 
181 208 George 
191 Rdmondson av 



Harlem av 
225 318 Lanvale 

Left. Right. 

362 Townsend 
243 Lafayette av 

372 Mosher 
411 418 Tenant 

427 458 Patterson av 

525 Liberty rd 

581 Chapel 

To Penna av 
FREMONT (S)— S from 557 W Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

8 1 1 Baltimore 

16 German 

19 Hollins 
27 Lombard 

70 55 Pratt 
74 63 Dover 

77 McHenry 
110 Haw 

101 Ramsay 

142 117 Columbia av 
148 113 Eislein 

150 129 Paca 


Ridgel V 
182 Wayne 

194 Barre 

202 Lee 

218 L. Montgomery 


265 China al 

271 Eutaw 

FRENCH AL— from French la to Wine al, W 

of Ligbt 
FRENCH LA— from Charles, N of Lombard 
FRIENDSHIP— from Tliorasen, E of Belair 

FRIENDSHIP CT-from 37 N Edi'U 
FRISBY LA— S K froa St. Paul 
FRONT (N)— N from 12 E Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

1 2 Baltimore 

13 14 Fayexte 

73 100 Low 
93 130 Gav 
129 156 Hi lieu 

143 174 Foundry 

193 2 '4 Centre 
301 Buren 

205 Constitution 

240 Exeter 
241 262 Chesnut 

272 East 
289 282 Forrest 

FRONT (S)— S f.oui 13 E Baltimore 
FULTON (N)— N from W fidtimon-, W of 
Left. Right. [Mount 

48 Fayette 
70 Lexington 

71 Franklin 
Edmondson av 
Lafayette av 
Patterson av 
Liberty rd 



FULTON (S)— Sfrom Baltimore, W of Mount 
Lett. Right. 

2 Baltimore 
Frederick av 
1 6 Holliiis 

27 40 Lombard 

33 Lemmoii al 

49 80 Pratt 

90 Dover 
108 McHeiiry 
160 Ramsay 
FULTUN AL— S from Howard, E of Park av 
FULTON STATION— Fulton extended 
FURNACE AL— from Arch, S of Lexinpton 
FURROW— S from McHt-nry, E of Bentalou 

GALLAGHER CT— E from Collington av.S of 

Eastern av 
GARDEN— N from lOG W Monutuent 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Monument 

26 23 Madison 

114 1!9 Biddle 

To intersection of Linden av 
GARRETT AL— W from 108 St. Paul 
GARRISON LA— from Frederick, av to Cal- 

verton rd 
GATES— S from 48 Hamburg 
GAV (N)— N from 68 VV Bnltiraore 
Left. Right. 

2 1 ■ Baltimore 

18 19 Fayette 

63 Frederick 
80 Saratoga 

79 Hurriaon 
108 101 Front 
140 131 His.'h 
no 153 Exeter 
190 169 Ghesnut 
202 203 East 
226 '^31 Forrest 
240 Mott 

^ 339 Aisquith 

330 355 Monument 
Ceniral av 
384 '■-'■dl Madison 

4 1 5 Eden 
426 447 Chew 
466 473 Caroline 

497 Dallas 
496 Engei- 

522 507 Bond 

569 Broadway 
599 Biddle 
639 John 

La n vale 
To North av 
GAY (S)— S from Gl W Bailimore 
Left. Right. 

1 2 Baltimore 
27 Second 

46 Lombard 
67 68 Pratt 

GELSTON CT— K from 11 A.hngtoii av 
GEORGE— W from 20 Pt-nd.-ylvaaia av 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Penna mv 
13 George al 

05 Biddle 

Left. Right. 
92 Myrtle av 

130 83 Clinton av 

164 163 Brune 

196 203 Fremont 
254 249 Schroeder 

Arlington av 
GEORGE AL— from 13 George to Biddle 
GERMAN- W from 14 South 
Left. Right. 
1 2 South 

25 14 Calvert 

31 Grant 

French la 
1 2 Charles 

17 20 Hanover 

35 Sharp 

39 Liberty 

47 40 Howard 

70 Eutaw 
1 09 90 Paca 

111 110 Greene 

16:-i Penn 

184 Pine 
227 242 Fremont 
GIBSON WHARF— from 43 Fell 
GILBERT— N Edmondson av between 

Fremont and Schroeder 
GILLINGHAM AL— from Howard to Lombard 

N of Pratt 
GILMOR (N)— N from 90-1 W Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

1 2 liMltimore 

9 Fayette 

35 34 Lexington 

38 47 Saratoga 

82 Mulberry 

142 Franklin 

Edmondson av 
Harlem av 
La n vale 
Lafa\etlf av 
252 Moslier 
T. mint 
323 316 '•S'inches'.tr 
351 34.3 Paiter::Gnav 
389 Loiman 

Liberty rd 

GILMOR (S)— S from 937 W Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

2 Baltimore 
12 Booth 
1 16 Lombiird 

5 36 Lemmon al 

17 52 Pratt 

55 89 McHenry 

lo3 Ramsay 

GITTINGS— V/ from William, S of Ostend 
GITTINGS CT— E from James la, between 

Pouhnoy and Cro»s 
GOLD — from N Carey extended to Penna av 
GOLDSMITH AL— fiom 40 Frederick av 
GOOD AL— from Charles, S of Hill 
GOODMAN AL— fmWill>mson alW of Charl e 
GOODWIN— fronj 406 mirford av 
GOODWIN AL— from Sharf) N of F.;yetie 
GOULD CT— fiom Montgomery, VV of Light 
GOULD LA— from Jnnies, W of Light 
COUGH, LITTLE— from Granby, E of Exeter 



-S and E from 53 Graiiby 




1 Grauby 

21 Pratt 



13 Central av 


17 Eden 


43 Spring 


55 Caroline 


65 Dallas 


77 Bond 


91 Bethei 


107 Broadway 


127 Regester 




153 Durham 

175 Wolfe 


193 Chapel 


213 Washington 


239 Castle 


263 Chester 


279 Collington av 

307 Patterson Park av 

To Eat-.t uv 

GRACE OT— from King, W of Howard 


— E from Jones Falls, N of Piatt 



1 Jones Falls 




25 Hish 


41 Exeter 

55 Gough 


107 Central av 


-S from 169 W Baltimore 

GRANVILLE AL— frora Nortb av to Federal, 

E of Jo 

les Falls 


— from 54 E Monument 


from Hamburg to Cross, between 


aall and Eanover 

GREEN TT— from 84 Hamburg, E of Light | 


(N)— N from 420 W Baltimore 




1 Bdllimore 




2 1 Fayette 


37 Lexington 


53 Saratoga 


77 Mulberry 


95 Franklin 


(S)— S from 425 W Baltimore 




2 Baltimore 

10 German 

28 Cider al 




54 King 


68 Pratt 











102 Columbia 


116 Elbow la 


126 Paca 


142 Co u way 


152 Wayne 


162 Barre 


1 76 Lee 

GREENMOUNT AV— N from intersection of 

Forrest and Harford av 



1 Harford av 


7 Monument 


35 Madison 

1 R E T R Y 

Left. Right. 

88 Truxton 

136 131 Eager 
184 Chase 

204 Biddle 

296 John 

To North av 
GREENWILLOW— from 114 Myrtle av to 

Pennsylvania av 
GRKEN WOOD— from Belair av nr Baltimore 

GREEVES WHARF— foot of Broadway 
GRIFFIN CT— E from 143 S Collington av 
GRIFFISS CT— W from 45 President 
GRINDALL— E of William, S of Hamburg 
GRjNNAN CT— from Montgomery, W of Light 
GROCER AL— from Robert, N E of Fremont 
GROVK— N from Penitentiary wall to E Eager 
GUNPOWDER— from James, S of Bush 
GUILFORD— from 52 South 'o Franklin la 
GUILFORD AL— from 202 Light 
G WYNN— from Boston E of Windsor to 

GWYNN LA — from Lanvale 

H A L— from 156 N Eden 

HAGAN CT— from 3 Bsmk 

HAGAR CT— from 90 Stirling 

HAxNES— S E from Ridgely.betw Bavard and 

HALFMOON AL— from 17 Chesnut 
HALL AL — S frora Cross between Battery av 

and Johnson 
HAMBURG— W.from Basin, S of Henrietta 
Left. Right. 

4 Covington 

42 23 Johnson 

55 Battery av 

84 73 William 

102 ■ 95 Light 
148 139 Charles 
174 159 Hanover 

167 Bevan 
202 2(15 Leadenhall 
218 221 Peach al 
236 235 Sharp 

262 283 Ohio av 
276 297^ Eutaw 
288 311 China al 
322 325 Russell 
362 357 Ridgely 
378 371 Burgundy al 
415 Paca 
439 Scott 
449 Wyeth 
HAMILTON— W fm Hargrove al N of Franklin 
HAMILTON AL— from Eden to Central av S 

of McElderry 
HAMILTON TERRACE— N Eutaw between 

Madison and Biddle 
HAMMOND AL— from President to Caroline N 

of Canion av 
HAMPDEN VILLAGE— 3J miles on Falls rd 



HAMPSTEAD— E from Ceatral av N of Balti- 
HANOVER— S from 263 W Baltimore 
Left. Right. 









L. Chuich 
Fort av 
To Kelso 
-from Heurieltft E of Charles 

HARE— from Lancaster B of Potomac 
HARFORD AV— from intersection of Forrest 
and Greenmount av 
Left. Right. 

6 7 Monument 

31 Abraham 
46 53 Madison 

52 Willow 

93 Neighbor 
89 Chew 


186 Ensor 

202 Chase 

218 Aisquith 

246 253 Biddle * 
286 301 John 
342 333 Hoffman 
406 Goodwin 

Central av 
430 Federal 

464 Point la 

514 Lanvale 

570 Townsend 

596 North av 

HARGROVE AL— N from 51 Saratoga 
HARLEM AV— Nfrom Trappe rd E of Clin- 
ton, Canton 
HARLEM AV— W from Fremont between Ed- 
mondson av and Lanvale 
Left. Right. 

2 Fremont 
22 Schroeder 
33 66 Arlington av 

73 80 Carrollton av 

85 86 Carey 

108 Calhoun 
182 Gilmor 
HARLEM PARK— bounded by Edmondson 

av, Harlem av, Calhoun and Gilmor 
HARMONY LA— W from 108 N Fremont 
HARPER— S fiom Marriott E of Stuart 
HARRIS AL— from Hudson to Elliott 
HARRIS CREEK— N from Northwest Branch, 

HARRISON CT— from Hughes 
HARRISON, (Canton)— from Canton av E of 

HARRISON-^N from 20 W Baltimore 
Left. Rifeht. 

2 1 Baltimore 

22 15 Fayette 

52 61 ^tna la 

92 103 Gay 
HARTWAY AL — from Baltimore to German 

E of Sharp 
HASSELBERGER CT— from West near James 
HAUBERT— S from Cox E of Decatur 
H.\W — from Fremont to Emory N of Columbia 
HAWK — from Jones Falls to Centre Market 

space, N of Lombard 
HEATH— E from Sharp S of Randall 
HENDERSON'S WHARF— from 55 Fell 
HENRIETTA— W from Light S of Montgomery 
Left. Right. 
2 1 Light 

44 58 Charles 

68 65 Hanover 


107 Leadenhall 
131 Sharp 
151 Howard 
175 Ohio av 

213 China al 
239 L. Montgomery 
HENRY — S from water line E of Johnson 
HERRING CT— from Gough E of Bond 
HIGH (N)— N from 42 E Baltimore 















HIGH (S)— S from 43 E Baltimore 
Lfft. Right. 

4 Baltimore 

1 Plowman 
16 Watson 

30 39 Lombard 

56 59 Granby 

70 73 Pratt 

92 95 Stiles 

108 107 Fawn 
124 129 Trinity 
136 139 Eastern av 
HIGH AL— from Aisquith N of Fayette 
HILL— W from 218 Light 
Left. Right. 










Patapsco av 

Spring Garden av 

E from Jones Falls, W of Gay 

8 Jones Falls 















)— W from Jones 

Falls N of 

HOMESPUN A L— from Fremont S of Conway 


HOOPER'S WHARF— E from foot of Wolfe 



HOPE— from Point la E of Aisquith 

Jones Falls 


i— from Warren to Hamburg E of Wil- 




HORN— W from Washington N of Chase 

St. Paul 

HOUSE CT— W from Charles N of Barre 


HOWARD (N)— N from 326 W Baltimore 


Maryland av 




2 Baltimore 


. 152 

Foster al 


26 Fayette 


Park av 


38 Marion 




50 Lexington 



Linden av 


66 Clay 



Jordan al 


84 Saratoga 





114 Mulberry 


Madison av 

144 Franklin 





■ 262 

Stoddard al 





Druid Hill av 


198 Monument 




220 Mudison 




320 Richmond 


Brewer al 

330 Tyson 
Park av 


Wilnier al 

344 Cathedral 



Arjrvie av 

HOWARD (S)— S from 325 W Baltimore 

To Myrtle av 




-E from Jones Falls, 

N of John 


] Baltimore 


-S of Ulrick iil, W of CHroline 


9 (lerman 


— from North av W c 

f Aisquith 

35 Lombard 

HOLLAND— K from 21 Aisquilh 





49 King 





59 Pratt 




69 Dover 



Central av 






1 '^^ 




' 106 






-from 168 E Eager 




— N from 104 W Baltimore 


161 Lee 









205 Montgomery 




253 Henrietta 




303 Hamburg 




34 1 Cross 





To Monument 


To Ostend 

HOLLlDxU' iH) 

-Sfiom 101 W Baltimore ! 

HOWELL'S WHARF- Thames, btw Broad- 



way and 



-VV 'n 

imi Fremont S of Bi 


HUBBARD AL— from Eager E of Greenmount 








-E from corner Boston and Burke 



HUDSON AL— frum Oliver E of Cathedral 




HUGH— f. 

)m Locust W of Union Dock 

1 15 




-W from Basin N of Montgomery 










17 Jackson 



Canollioii av 


33 Covington 













153 William 




183 Liyht 





LITTLE— W from Light N of 





Right. [Montgomery 

Frederick av 


185 Light 


Pay son 


239 Hanover 



Butler al 

Calverlon rd 

273 Montgomery' 



■(im 609 W Pratt 

HUGHES CT— Nfrom 265 Hughes 

H.)LTZ,\!AN V.T- 

-N from 4 5s Canton 


HUGHES QUAY— intersection of t.ight street 

UO.M r..STEAD VILL.^GE— Harfurd 

av N of 

wharf an 

d E end of Lee 

North av 


-from 47 Forrest 



HULL— S from Nicholson between Towson 

and Hauhert 
HUMKS— from 173 N High 
HUNTER AL— from John W of North 
HUNTINGDON AV— from York road N of 

HYDE CT— from 172 Hughes 

ICELAND A L— from Fremont between Colum- 
bia and St. Peter 
INLOES AL— from 94 Park av 
IRON AL— N from Lombard W of Broadway 
IRVINE PLACE— N from 314 E Baltimore 
IVANHOE CT— from Castle al S of Eastern av 
IVY AL— from 84 Park av 

JACKSON, (F. H.)—S from water line E of 

JACKSON— E from 11 Aisquith 
JACKSON AL— W from Caroline S of Balto 
JACKSON CT— from 29 Rock 
•JACKSON PLACE— N from Jackson sq av E 

of Broadway 
JACKSON SQUARE— E of Broadway, betw'n 

Fayette and Baltimore 
JACKSON SQUARE AV— E from Broadway 
Left. Right. [N of Baltimore 

1 Broadway 
14 Irvine Place 
2 29 Ann 

36 38 Durham 

36 56 Wolfe 

77 76 Chapel 

94 93 Washington 

114 123 Castle 
82 Chester 

108 Collington av 

134 Patterson Park av 
JACKSON'S WHARF— foot of Bond, W side 
JAMES — S from Cross W of Battery av 
JAMES LA— from Hamburg E of Charles 
JASPER— from 183 Lexington 
JEFFERSON- E from 81 Aisquith 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Aisquith 

22 15 Short 

36 43 Central a v 

48 53 Eden 

72 75 Spring 

84 87 Caroline 

106 99 Dallas 

112 117 Bond 
130 133 Bethel 
150 149 Broadway 
168 169 Regester 
205 Ann 
223 Durham 
243 Wolfe 
261 Chapel 

155 Chester 

Collington av 
To East av 
JEFFERSON CT— from JefiFerson street hetw 

Short and Central av 
JEFFEkSON-ST.CT— from Jefferson N of Bond 
JEFFERSON PLACE— Chailts-sl extended 
JENKINS AL— from Camel al between Bolton 

and Park av 
JENKINS LA—fr (ireenmoutii av N of Cem'tv 
JENKINS WHARF-S side of Philpot 
JEW A L— from 188 Lexington 
JEW AL, (0. T.)— from 124 E Monument 


JOHN (E)— E from Jones Falls N of Biddie 
Left. Right. 

Jones Falls 

Greenmpunt av 





Harford av 

Central av 



321 Dallas 

322 339 Bond 

JOHN (W)— W from Jones Falls N of Biddie 
Left. Right. 

Jones Falls 
St. Paul 
Maryland av 
67 Lanvale 

77 Townsend 

199 North av 

JOHN AL— N from 109 Franklin 
JOHN CT— N of Dolphin between John ar.d 

Park av 
JOHNSON— S from Water Line E of William 
Left. Right. 

4 Hamburg 
21) Grindali 
41 42 Cross 

84 West 
191 152 Clement 

276 Fort av 
JONES— S from Cox E of Reese 
JONES CT— S from Fiiyette E of Washington 
JOPPA LA — W from Broadway S of Monu- 
JORDAN A L— from 159 W Biddie 
JOSEPHINE— W from 71 Arch 

KAUFMAN AL— W from 394 S Charles 
KENT — from James S of M.nokiu 
KERR'S WHARF— from 47 Thames 
KEYSKR— N of Hotfman E of Gay 
KIMMKLL AL — from 151 Lexiugton 
KING— W from 49 S Howard 
KING CT— SofKing bt-tween Eutaw and Paca 
KNOX AL-N from 363 Lexington 

L AL — from Fiederick S of Lombard 
LAFAYETTE AV-continuation of Townsend 
Lefi. Right. [from Fremonl 

207 8 Fremont 

IHO Arlington av 
230 Carroll loa av 
Calverlon rd 



LAFAYETTE SQ--bouDded by Carrollton av, 

Lauvale, Lafayette av and Arlington av 
LANCASTER— B from East Falls av S of 
Left. Right. 

East Falls av 
Central av 
1 Caroline 
24 19 Dallas 

52 35 Bond 

62 55 Bethel 

84 65 Broadway 

102 Regester 

132 105 Ann 

140 117 Durham 
144 Wolfe 

LAMBERT— E from 235 Peiina av 
LANDWKHR LA— from 233 Frederick av 
LANVALE (E)— E from Jones Falls S of 

LANVALE (W)— W from Jones Falls S of 
Left. Right. 

Jones Falls 
Maryland av 
113 John 
129 130 Park av 

153 134 Bolton 
169 146 Linden a V 

Madison av 
Druid Hill av 
158 Etting 
187 Division 

186 Penna av 
219 Wilmer al 

227 214 Argyle av 
224 Myrtle av 
241 240 Fremont 

289 Arlington av 

305 264 Carroll ton av 
323 Carey 

LANVALE LA— from Greenmount to 1st toll- 
gate, Falls road 
LAUREL— from East to Aisquith N of Balti- 
LAURENS— N E from 477 Pennsylvania av 
LAWRENCE- -S from Clement E of Boyle 
LAWSON AL— N from 26 German 
LEADENHALL— from 262 Montgomery 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Montgomery 

46 45 Henrietta 

88 81 Hamburg 

110 117 Cross 

154 West 

LEAKIN— from Boston, E of Gwynn, to Essex 

LEADENHALL CT— from Leadenhall S of 

LEE— from 190 Light-st whf 
Left. Right. 

6 25 Light-st wharf 

48 37 Charles 

64 X al 

72 59 Hanover 

98 85 Sharp 

128 Howard 

146 Ohio av 

160 159 Eutaw 

161 L. Greene 
170 China al 

210 215 Warner 
274 263 Fremont 
LEE-ST WHARF— from Litjht to Johnson 
LEFFERMAN AL— from 44 Front 
LEHRMAN AL— W from 40 Arlington av 
LELOUP— W from 320 William 
LEMMON— from Schroeder to Poppleton N of 

Pratt and W from Carey 
LEMMON A L— from Fremont ta Callendar al 

N of Pratt 
LESTER CT— from Wayne W of Eutaw 
LEWIS— from 32 Holland 
LEXINGTON— W from 26 N Holliday 
Left. Right. 

2 1 North 

15 Davis 
17 Calvert 
29 Courtlitnd 
36 35 St. Paul 

54 59 Charles 

90 95 Sharp 

98 99 Liberty 

120 119 Park av 
150 141 Howard 
178 171 Eutaw 
185 Jasper 
198 197 Paca 
228 221 Greene 
242 J 241 Pearl 
246 249 Arch 
288 287 Pine 

305 Myrtle av 
374 347 Fremont 

397 Rock 
440 407 Poppleton 
468 435 Amity 
490 457 Schroeder 
546 515 Oregon 
568 539 Carlton 
586 559 Carroll ton av 
Stockton al 
531 Carey 
608 649 Norris 
622 665 Strieker 
658 705 Gilmor 
676 711 Vincent 
714 723 Mount 
746 Fulton 

To Calverton rd 
LIBERTY (N)— N from 300 W Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Baltimore 

8 Cow pen al 

14 31 Fayette 

28 Marion 

40 47 Lexington 

73 Barnet 
58 Clay 

85 Saratoga 



LIBERTY (S)— S from 301 W Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

1 2 Baltimore 

13 10 German 

39 Lombard 

63 Howard 

LIBERTY AL— from 7 Buren and N of Jail 
LIBBRTY CT— from 34 N Liberty 
LIGHT AL— Light to Grant S of Baltimore 
LIGHT— from 185 VV Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

2 Baltimore 
ir> 12 German 

21 Mercer 

21 Water 

33 38 Lombard 

43 46 Balrlerston 

57 66 Pratt 

LIGHT-ST WHARF— S from Pratt 
68 Pratt 
98 Camden 
130 Conway 
156 Barre 
188 Lee 
LIGHT, Continued— S from Lee 
Left. Right. 

191 190 Lee 
219 210 York 

218 Hill 
247 238 Hughes 
265 256 Montgomery 
285 266 L. Church 

280 Henrietta 
301 Warren 

303 296 Williamson al 
315 308 Hamburg 

330 Poultney 
369 Cross 

354 Brown 
401 Weber 

413 378 West 
465 448 Ostend 

485 464 Gittiiigs 
521 518 Fort a V 

562 Randall 
615 616 Heath 
639 Bloomsberry 

655 664 Barney 

712 Wells 
757 Winder 

799 McConias 

To Ferrv Bar 
LINDEN AV— N from 147 W Biddle 
Left. Right. 
116 121 Biddle 
120 Rose 

150 163 Preston 

192 185 
222 215 Dolphin 
236 241 Lanvale 
258 271 Towusend 

319 Mosher 
352 McMechin 

To North av 
LITTKL AL— from Dover W of Eutaw 
LIVKRFOUL Al — from Camden W of Charles 
LLUYD— S !ul E Baliimore 
LOCUST— fiom McElderry's whf to Union dock 
LO.MBARD (E)— E from Junes Falls N of Pratt 
Left. Right. 

2 Jones Falls 

16 Front 

Left. Right. 
24 25 Albemarle 

32 29 High 

56 53 Exeter 

106 Lloyd 
155 Central av 

144 Eden 

162 173 SiJring 
176 181 Caroline 
188 203 Dallas 
198 217 Bond 
216 233 Bethel 
234 247 Broadway 
250 267 Register 
278 291 Ann 
286 313 Durham 

343 Wolfe 
326 353 Chapel 
348 357 Washington 

387 Castle 

398 413 Chester 

448 457 Collington av 
468 477 Patterson Park av 
To East av 
LOMBARD (W)— Wfrom Jones Falls S of 
Left. Right. [Second 

Jones Falls 
5 8 Concord 

17 22 Centre Market Space 

39 88 Frederick 

47 50 Gay 

75 Commerce 

87 90 South 

99 84 Calvert 

101 Hollingsworth 

105 88 Grant 

107 94 Light 
141 120 Charles 
153 138 Hanover 
167 160 Sharp 

179 164 Howard 
193 184 Eutaw 

207 Paca 

231 208 Greene 
273 248 Penn 
317 294 Fremont 
355 Scott 

379 Bartlett 

399 364 Parkin 

419 386 Callendar al 
429 406 Poppletou 
447 432 x\mity 
477 458 Schroeder 
493 482 Hollins al 
513 506 Arlington av 
555 550 Carrollton av 
575 580 Stockton al 
601 600 Carey 

643 640 Calhoun 
699 Gilmor 

655 656 Mount 
683 682 Fulton 
723 716 Monroe 
763 Payson 

To Frederick av 
LONEY'S LA— from Belair av W of Baltimore 

LONG DOCK— from Pratt between Dugan's 

and McElderry's wharves 
LORENZA— from Penna av to Fremont N of 



I LORMAN— from 389 N Gilmor 
f LORMAN AL— fro.ii German W of Greene 
[ LOUDON AV— N from Millington la 
t LOVEGROTE AL— from 70 W Madison 
LOW— from Jones Falls E of Gay 
Left. Right. 

Jones Falls 
2 ■ 1 Front 
36 21 High 

40 37 Exeter 

46 49 Chesiiiit 

90 89 Forrest 

154 155 Aisquitli 
LOWMAN— S from Cox E of Jones Falls 
LOYOLA PLACE— E .side of Calvert between 

Mounment and .Madison 
LUDLOW— S from Beason E of Lawrence 
LUMBKR AL— from Bowly S of Pratt 
LUZERNE -N and vS from Balto. E of Cannon 


MACCUBBLN'— fiom Register N of Orleans 
MADEIRA AL— N from 440 Canton av 
MADISON(E)— EfmJonesFall.sNof Monnmeiit 
Left. Right. 

Jones Falls 
2 9 Buren 

51 Constitution 
84 Forrest 

Greenmount av 
94 McKim 

118 95 Harford av 

142 127 Ensor 
168 159 Stirling 
184 164 Aisquith 
190 165 Madison al 
208 Somerset 

197 Central av 
199 Gay 
230 217 Eden 
244 229 Spring 
268 243 Caroline 
288 267 Dallas 
308 289 Bond 
315 Bethel 
356 Broadway 

366 McDonogh 

402 Ann 

406 405 Durham 
424 413 Wolfe 

To East av 
MADISON (W)-W from Jones Falls N of 
Left. Right. 

12 Jones Falls 
14 North 
42 Calvert 

Hargrove al 
54 St. Paul 
70 Lovegrove al 
82 Charles 
90 Morton al 
112 Plover al 
\\1 126 Park av 
123 132 Tyson 
135 144 Howard 
147 Linden av 

MADISON AV— or W Madison, continued 
Left. Right. 
161 Eutaw 

163 St. Mary 

179 Orchard 


































Patterson av 


North av 
783 Madison la 

M.ADISON AL— from Gay E of Aisquith 
MADISON CT— from Madison W of Eden 
.MADISON La — from termination of Madison 

av running in front of Druid Hill Park 
MADISON SQUARE— bounded by Chase, Car- 
oline, Eager and Eden 
MANGOED— E from Scott S of Woodward 
MANN CT— rear of 121 s Sharp 
MANOKIN— from James S of Putnam 
MARION- W from 28 N Liberty 
MARION CT— from Marion W of Park av 
MARRIOTT— from Allen S of Nicholson 
MARSHALL— S from Fort av W of Byrd 
MARTIN — S from Beason E of Benjamin 
MARY — from North av E of Penna av 
MARYLAND AV— N from 21, Chase W ot 









North av 





Huntingdon av 
MASON AL— from 56 Camel al between Lin- 
den av and Bolton 
MAY— from 43 Central av N of Holland 
MAY CT— from West E of Light 
MAY, LITTLE— E from 37 n Spring 
McCLELLAN— from 282 W Baltimore 
McCLURE'S DOCK— between Commerce and 

McCOMAS— from Spring Gardens S of Winder 
McCULLOH— fro.n 211 W Biddle 
Left. Right. 


Numsen al 









Patterson av 


To North av 

-from 1 Orchard 
McDERMOT CT— from 87 E Lombard 
McDONOGU -N from 366 Madison 
McDONOGH CT— E from CoUington av S of 
Eastern av 


















McELDERRY— from 123 Aisqiiith 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Aisqnith 

21 Short 
56 31 Central av 

60 51 Edea 

72 65 Spring 

84 79 Caroline 

106 91 Dallas 

105 Bond 
126 127 Bethel 
140 139 Broadway 
To East av 
McELDERRY CT— N from 58 Mc-Elderry 
McELDERRY. LITTLE— E from 123 Forrest 
McELDERRY' S WHF— from S E corner Pratt 

foot of Centre Market sp 
McHENRY— W from 77 S Fremont 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Fremont 

18 Ringgold al 

30 Sterrett 

83 Scott 
126 Parkin 

162 Poppleton 

186 Amity 

276 275 Strieker 
286 287 Parrish 
296 299 Gilmor 
330 333 Mount 
340 367 Fulton 
386 435 Monroe 
McHENRY AL— from 370 W Lombard 
McKIM— from 94 E Madison 
McLEARY CT— W of Harford av betw Chew 

and Willow 
McMECHIN— from 885 Pennsylvania av 
Left. Right. 

Penna av 

Druid Hill av 
Madison av 
Linden av 
Park av 

To North av 
MECHANICS CT— from 140 N High 
MERCER— Calvert to Light S of Baltimore 
MEYER CT—W of Dallas between Lancaster 

and Aliceanna 
MEYER CT— from Conway W of Charles 
MILL— S from Pratt E of McElderry's wharf 
MILLIMAN— from Caroline to Broadway N of 

MILLINGTON LA— S from Frederick av 
MILLER— from 245 N Bond 
MINCES AL— from Caroline to Spring N of 

Eastern av 
MITCHELL CT— from Pine S of Saratoga 
MOHLER'S WHARF— from 23 Fell 
MOMLET (JT— W fiom 226 S Castle 
MONMONIER CT— from Castle S of Enstern av 
MONROE— N and S from Baltimore Wof Fulton 
MONTGOMERY— W from Basin S of Hughes 
Left. Right. 

44 Covington 


Left. Right. 
146 133 Johnson 
158 149 William 
178 187 Liijht 
236 231 Charles 
252 Hanover 

256 Butler 

270 Leadenhall 

284 Peach al 

304 Sharp 

314 Howard 

330 Ohio av 

MONTGOMERY CT— from Montgomery W of 


of Montsonierv 
MONTMORENCY AL— from Myrtle av N of 

MONUMENT (E)— E from Jones Falls N of 
Left. Right. .[Centre 

2 1 Jones Falls 

4 3 Buren 

20 23 Constitution 

100 Forrest 

102 Greenmount av 

116 Harford av 

146 127 Ensor 
186 145 Stirling 
214 Aisquith 

226 173 Gay 

260 211 Central av 
282 239 Eden 
306 257 Spring 
328 281 Caroline 
348 293 Dallas 
366 311 Bond 
394 341 Bethel 
414 Broadway 

434 Ann 

450 Durham 

468 467 Wolfe 
485 Chapel 

To East av 
MONUMENT (W)— W from Jones Falls N of 
Left. Right. [Centre 

1 2 Jones Falls 

40 Calvert 
St. Paul 
35 44 Mt. Vernon Place 

61 58 Charles 

75 72 Cathedral 

87 78 Park av 

90 Tyson 
109 104 Howard 
106 Garden 
119 110 Kutaw 

MONUMENT, LITTLE— from 174 N Eutaw 
MONUMENT SQUARE- Calvert betw Lexing- 
ton and Fayette 
MOORE AL— from 18 Tessier 
MORRIS A L— from 193 W Biddle 
MORTON A L— from 188 W Madison 
MOSHER— S W from Cathedral N of Townsend 
Left. Right. 

Park av 



Left. Right. 

Linden av 
Madison av 
50 Druid Hill ar 
77 84 Division 

108 Pennaav 
116 Wilraer al 
134 Argyleav 
147 154 M}rlleav 
166 Fremont 
178 Arlington av 
Carrolllon av 
, Carey 
293 Calhoun 

326 Strieker 
MOTT— from 242 N Gay 
MO'l'T ST. CT— from Mott W of Gay 
MOUND— from Mc.Mechin to Cathedral ext 
MOUNT— N from 948 W Baltimore 
MOUNT (S)— S from 955 W Baltimore 
Lefi. Right. 

Frederick av 
3 Hollins 
16 Lombard 
36 Lemraon al 

15 52 Pratt 

72 McHenry 
89 92 Ramsay 

MOUNT ROYAL— from McMecbin to Cathedral 


miles on Falls rd 
MOUNT VERNON PLACE— from St. Paul to 

Cathedral N of Centre 
.MULBKRRY— W from 90 N Calvert 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Calvert 

16 Hargrove al 

18 13 Si. Paul 

22 Sharp 

32 Cathedral 

54 51 Park av 

74 75 Tysou 

SO^ 79 Howard 
82 81 S'ate 

100 Eutaw 

110 101 Jasper 

126 IIH Paca 
150 131 Greene 

140 145 Pearl 

208 209 Pine 
228 231 Myrtle av 

280 267 Clinton av 
330 327 Fremont 
356 3^7 Poppleton 
408 Schroeder 

438 Arlington av 

Carrolllon av 

To Calverton road 
MULBERRY CT-from 13 Rock 
MULBb;RRY AL— f, m Fremont N of Lexington 
MULLIKIN CT— from Mullikin W of Caroline 

MULLIKIN— E from 41 Aisquith 
L^-ft. Right. 

1 Aisquith 
41 Lewis 
51 Central av 
58 57 Eden 

76 73 Spring 

82 87 Caroline 

98 107 Dallas 
110 121 Bond 
138 133 Bethel 
168 167 Broadway 
225 Ann 
MYRTLE AV— N from 305 Lexington 
Left. Right. 


1 2 Penn al 
13 20 Waesche 

38 Saratoga 
33 48 Sarah A tin 

43 Mulherry 

61 Peirce 

71 Che.sntital 

86 George 
114 Green willow 
154 Clinton av 
190 Hoffman 
234 Dolphin 
270 Lanvale 
312 Townsend 
390 Fremont 
MYERS AV — from Webster S of Fort av 
MYERS CT— E from 286 S Dallas 


NANTICOKK— S from Cross W of Sassafras 
NAPOLEON AL— Eutaw to Paca S of Baltimore 
NEALE — S from Marriott E of Harper 
NECESSITY A L— from 28 Chesnut 
NEIGHBOR— from McKim to Harford av N of 

NEILSON CT— rear of 32 Thames 
NEW— W from 142 N Eutaw 
NEW CHURCH— fiom Crooked la to N Sharp 

S of Le.xiutiton 
NEWINGTON PL-Peuna av N of North av 
NEWMAN CT— E frm Dewberry al S of Hollins 
NEW WILSON-E from Pennsylvania N of 

NICHOLSON— from Porter S of Cox 
NICHOLSON, LITTLE— from Aisquith S of 

NORRIS— N from L:'.nvale W of Calhoun 
NORRIS AL-N from 844 W Baltimore 
N(JRTH— N from 118 W Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Baltimo'e 
24 Fayette 
32 31 Lexington 
54 59 Saratoga 
82 99 Pleasant 

116 131 Foundry 
130 149 Franklin 
175 Centre 



295 Eager 




To North av 



NORTH AV— Northern Boundary of the city 
NORTHWKST— from Calhoun N of Presburj 
NORWOOD CT— from Sarah Ann 
NUMSEN AL— from 109 Druid Hill av 

AL — fi oni Greene S of Lexington 
OAK — N from North av W of Maryland av 
O'DONNELL— E from Boston N ot Elliott, 

O'DONNELL CT— from Front N of Foundry 
O'DONNELL'S WHARF— from 35 W Pratt 
OGSTON — (now Clinton av) 
OHIO AV— from Conwaj W of Howard 
OLIVER— W from Greeninount av N of Hoff- 
ORANGE AL— W from 32 N Gay 
ORCHARD— W from 179 Madison av 
Left. Right. 

1 McCulloh al 
48 45 L. Monument 

56 57 Druid Hill a? 

Elder al 
1 30 Tessier 

OREGON— S from 739 W Baltimore 
Left. Rii^ht. 








ORLEANS— from 81 Forrest 









1 F 



2:. 9 


■\\ f, 

Central av 
To East av 
oni Williuiii S of West 

av to Penna av N 


OXFORD— from Druid 1 

of Preston 
OXFORD AV— E from Yoik rd N uf Hunting 

don av 

PAOA (N)— N from 382 W Baltimore 


















Druid Hill 


— Sfrora 391 VV Baltimore 



2 Baltimore 


16 German 


26 Lombard 







54 Columbia av 


66 Elbow la 


L. Paca 


106 L. Greene 


156 Warner 


202 Fremont 

212 St. Peter 


246 Sterrett 


300 Hamburg 




— W from 42 N Paca 

PACA, LITTLE-from 71 Paca S of Camden 


— fioin Paca N of Franklin 


—from 23 Amity S of Fayette 

PAINTKR CT— from 57 E Fayette ' 


— N from 8 N Liberty 



1 Fayette 


15 Marion 


23 Lexington 






65 Mulberry 



75 Hamilton 


85 Centre 



109 Madison 


153 Richmond 


Tyson al 


193 Howard 




233 Preston 

259 Hotfmau 


303 Dolphin 

325 Lanvae 


351 Tuwnsend 





—from Peuna av nr tollgate 

PARK PLACE— Park av from McMechia to 

Wilson ^ 

E of Bolton 


from 57 Hollins 


-S from Prait W of Strieker 


AL— N from Tenant W of Strieker 


AL— S from Mulberry W of Strieker 

PATAPSCO— S from Hamburg E of Charles 

PATAPSCO AL— fron, Henrietta E of Charles 

PATAPSCO AV— from Hill W of Sharp 

PATAPSCO, (F. P.)— N and S from E Balti- 

more !•; u 

f Luzerne 

PATTKRSUN-Sfiom 51 W Pratt 


jN AV— W from Etitaw extended 

Left . 



Madison av 


Druid Hill av 


Penna av 


2 Fremont 


28 Stockton 



Left. Right, 

46 Carey 

81 Whatcoat 

97 Strieker 

PATTERSON LA—from Jenkins lane N of 

Greenmount av 
PATTERSON PARK— E of Puttersoa Park av 

between Baliimoie and Eastern av 
PATTER60N PARK AV (N)— N from Balti- 
more E of Collin!=rton av 
PATTERSON PARK AV (S)— S from Balti- 
more E of Colliiigton ay 
Left. Right. 

15 Baltimore 
33 Lombard 
67 Pratt 
2 169 Eastern av 
20 185 Canton av 
56 193 Essex 
PATTERSON'S WHARF— E of Drawbridge 
PATUXENT— N and S from E Baltimore E 

of Patapsco 
PA YSON— N & S fm W Baltimore W of Moaroe 
PEACH AL— from 284 Moutgomery 
PEAR AL— from 309 W Biddle 
PEARL— N from 440 W Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Baltimore 

14 11 Raborg 

28 21 Fajette 

64 49 Lexington 

122 83 Sam toga 

136 Sarah Ann 

148 HI Mulberry 
164 Peirce 

• 174 129 Franklin 
lt^2 Peiina av 

PEIRCE— W from 164 Pearl 
Left. Right. 
2 1 Pearl 

98 93 Myrtle av 

137 Clinton av 
212 213 Fremont 
216 219 Poppleton 
246 245 Sehroeder 
PENN— from 163 German 
PENN AL— from German to Cider al E of Penn 
PENNSYLVANIA AV— N Wfm 177^ Franklin 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Fr.mklin 

18 Pearl 

20 George 

39 St. Mary 
51 Orchard 
70 77 Biddle 

109 Union 
106 Greet) willow 

135 Preston 

155 Oxford 

158 173 Huffman 
196 Dolphin 

240 Lanvale 

290 301 Tuwnsend 
334 341 Mosher 
362 Smith 

385 McMechin 
430 431 Wilson 


Left. Right. 

464 477 Patterson av ^ 

500 Robert 

556 Presstman 

570 Fremont 

577 Bloom 
600 615 Gold 
654 669 Baker 
712 Cumberland 

752 North av 

PERRY— W from 110 S Charles 
PETTICOAT AL— from Ensor S of Madison 
PHILPOT— from Basin to Thames S of Block 
PHILPOT AL— from 16 L. Gou^h 
PIG A L— from Charles S of Lee 
PIMLICO AL — S from L. Montgomery between 

Eutaw and China 
PIN AL — from Arch N of Lexington 
PINE (N)— N from 510 W Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Baltimore 

8 3 Raborg 

16 5 Fayette 

26 25 Vine 

39 Penn al 
44 49 Josephine 

72 59 Saratoga 

88 65 Sarah Ann 

104 73 Mulberry 

122 91 Peirce 

132 103 Franklin 
162 177 George 
PINE (S)— S from 505 W Baltimore 
PLEASANT— W from Jones Falls S of Foundry 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Jones Falls 

4 3 Holliday 

5 North 
22 23 Hargrove al 

30 31 St. Paul 

42 Chiirles 

PLEASANT AL— from 150 S Chapel 
PLEASANT, L.— from 86 N Charles to Park av 
PLOVER AL— from Hamilton E of Park av 
PLOWMAN— from Jones Falls to High S of 

PLUM AL — from 314 Montgomery 
PLUM ROW— from 23 Plum al 
POINT LA— fron? Broadway at Gay 
POINT— from 1 Thames 
POPPLETON (N)— N from 678 W Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Baltimore 

12 15 Raborg 

30 23 Fayette 

31 Vine 
54 43 Lexington 

81 Saratoga 
96 95 Harmony la 

99 Mulberry 
116 101 Peirce 
124 105 Franklin 
POPPLETON (S)— S from 657 W Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Baltiinore 

11 Booth 
20 21 Hollins 

26 31 Boyd 



Left, Right. 

36 39 Lombard 

57 Lemmon 

64 Pratt 

80 75 McHenry 

116 115 Ramsay 

131 123 Ryan 
136 Columbia 

PORT — from Aliceanna to Canton av between 

Cannon and Burke 
PORTER— S from Nicholson E of Steyenson 
PORTLAND— W from intersection of Greene 

and Columbia 
PORTUGAL AL— E from 155 S Chester 
POSTOFFICE AV— S from 81 W Baltimore 
POTOMAC— N and S from Baltimore E of Pa- 

POULTNEY— W from Light S of Hamburg 
PRATT (E)— E from Jones Falls S of Lombard 
Left. Right. 

Jones Falls 
2 1 East Falls av 

19 President 
48 37 Albemarle 

50 39 High 

74 57 Exeter 

94 73 Gough 

132 105 Central av 
125 Eden 

142 141 Spring 
148 163 Caroline 
168 183 Dallas 
186 201 Bond 
206 221 Bethel 
238 237 Broadway 
258 259 Regester 
256 281 Ann 
276 291 Durham 
296 309 Wolfe 
314 327 Chapel 
326 337 Washington 
346 361 Castle 
366 Chester 

392 393 CoUington av 
406 425 Patterson Park av 
To East av 
PRATT (W)— W from Jones Falls S of Lom- 
Left. Right. [bard 

Jones Falls 
1 2 West Falls av 

11 12 Concord 

27 Mill 

McElderry's wharf 
30 Centre Market space 
29 Dugan's wharf 

35 O'Donnell's wharf 

46 Frederick 
37 Buchanan's wharf 

Smith's wharf 
68 Gay 
43 Spear's wharf 

51 Patterson 

61 104 Commerce 
65 120 South 
71 Bowly's wharf 

132 Franklin la 
140 Cheapside 
144 Calvert 
152 Hollingswortb 
15G Grant 
158 Ellicott 
164 Light 
167 202 Charles 
199 238 Hanover 
211 242 Cypress al 

Left. Right. 
231 264 Sharp 
263 290 Howard 
295 326 Eutaw 
323 362 Paca 
347 388 Greene 
377 Emory 

405 432 Penn 
445 462 Fremont 
503 594 Scott 

Mount Clare Station 
526 Parkin 
550 Callendar al 
560 Poi'pleton 
580 Amity 
600 Schroeder 
630 Oregon 
680 Carrollton av 
706 Stockton al 
719 718 Carey 
741 736 Calhoun 
753 766 Strieker 
801 784 Gilmor 

803 804 Mount 
835 836 Fulton 
893 892 Monroe 
953 946 Payson 
989 Pulaski 
1035 SiiKillwood 

1045 Frederick av 

PRATT-ST. WHARF— from Light street to 

Bowly's wharf 
PRATT'S WHARF (iron)— Boston, Canton 
PRESBURF— from N Calhoun N of Baker 
PRESIDENT— Strom 17 E Pratt 
PRESIDENT AL— from President S of East- 
ern av 
PRESSTMAN— W from Linden av N of Pat- 
Left. Right. [terson av 
Linden av 
Madison av 
Druid Hill av 
Pt una av 
1 2 Stockton 
Woody ear 
230 Calhoun 
244 Whatcoat 
262 Strieker 
PRESTON— W from Cathedral N of John 
Left. Right. 

35 34 Foster al 

60 Park av 
69 Jenkins al 

85 Bolton 

101 96 Mastm al 

115 98 Linden av 

139 108 Jul dan al 
163 124 Eutaw 

Madison av 
138 Stoddard al 
189 142 Druid Hill av 
277 242 Pfiina av 
PRICE AL— from 76 Frederick av 
PRICE CT— from E.^er W of Greenmount av 
PROCTOR A L— from Chase E of Greenm't av 
PROSPECT LA — fioiu Anthony S of Eden 
PROSSER~S from Marriott E of Neal« 





















PUBLIC WHF— foot of Wills S of City Pock 
PULASKI— N and S from W Baltimore W of 

PUTNAM— from James S of Clare 


QUAY AL— from Basin to Lipht S of Lee 

RABORG— W from 4 N Greene 









Carrollton av 

Stockton al 


RACE— S from Cross W of Hanover 
RAMSAY— W from cor of Columbia av and 
Left. Right. [Fremont 
















RAMSAY'S WHARF— from 17 Thames 
RANSTEAD'S WHARF— foot of Bush 
RANDALL— E from Sharp S of Fort av 
RAYNUR AV— W from Lanvale 
READ— W from Jones Falls N of Madison 
Left. Right. 

Jones Falls 



St. Paul 

Loveuiiove al 


Morton al 


-S from 58 Dover 
RliESE— S from Nicholson E of Porter 
RBESR A L— from Lee W of Sharp 
REGISTER (N)— N from 314 e Baltimore 
REGESTER (S)— S from 321 e Baltimore 
Left. Right. 






Eastern av 

Canton av 



REMINGTON AV— N E from Huntingdon av 

RESERVOIR AV-S from Bank E of Chester 

RETREAT— E from Penna av N of North av 

to Druid Hill av 
REYNOLDS CT— W from Light N of Mont- 






























RICE— N of Lancaster W of Luzerne 
RICE— W from 223 N Fremont 
RICHARD— from Lancaster E of Broadway 
RICHMOND— from 86 Cathedral 
RICKETT AL— from Montgomery W of Light 
RIDGELY— from Fremont S of Conway 
RINGGOLD AL— from 18 McHenry 
ROBERT— from Penna av N of Patterson av 
ROBINSON— from Elliott W of East av 
ROBINSON CT— N from 210 Eastern av 
ROCK — from 397 Lexington 
ROPEWALK AL— E and W from Charles S 

of West 
ROSE— from 232 Madison av 
ROSE — from Lancaster E of Cannon, Canton 
ROSE LA— Cathedral extended 
ROSS — from Howard to Eutaw.S of Monument 
RUE — N from Lancaster W of Luzerne 
RUPARD— S from Montgomery W of Water 

RUSSELL— from 207 S Fremont 
RUSSELL CT— from 78 Harford av 
RUSSELL LA— fiom N Central av N of Or- 
RUTTER AL— from McMechin W of Cathedral 
RYAN — from Parkin to Amity S of McHenry 


SADLER AL— from Warren E of Henry 
SALISBURY AL— from Exeter to Lloyd N of 

SALISBURY CT— from 50 E Lombard 
SARAH ANN— W from 136 Pearl 
SARATOGA— W from 78 N Gay 
Left. Right. 
2 1 Gay 

22 Holliday 

35 North 
24 Davis 

36 51 Hargrove al 

46 Courtland 

48 St. Paul 

56 Church lane 

58 77 Charles 

72 81 Sharp 

86 Liberty 

116 105 Park av 

125 Tyson 
142 129 Howard 

135 State 
164 153 Eutaw 
178 165 Jasper 
192 171 Paca 
202 177 Diamond 

191 Greene 
218 201 Pearl 
230 213 Arch 
280 271 Pine 
298 291 Myrtle av 
394 387 Fremont 
406 413 Rock 
424 427 Poppleton 
454 Amity 

470 483 Schroeder 
528 537 Arlington av 
544 561 Carlton 
580 Carrollton av 

656 Calhoun 

672 Strieker 

696 Gilmor 

710 703 Mount 
SARATOGA CT— from Arch S of Saratoga 
SASSAFRAS— S from Cross W of Wicomico 



SCHROEDER (N)— N from 722 w Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

1 2 Baltimore 

5 12 Ruborg 

n 22 Fayette 

29 30 Vine 

51 50 Lexington 

67 70 Wagon al 

107 108 Saratoga 

129 136 Mulberry 
146 Pierce 
148 Franklin 
137 154 George 

Edmondson ay 
Harlem aT 
SCHROEDER (S)— S from 705 W Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

1 2 Baltimore 

13 8 Booth 

23 16 Hollins 

35 26 Boyd 

43 30 Lombard 

53 Lemmon 

71 66 Pratt 

SCHROEDER CT— from Schroeder W of Amity 
SCOTT— from 355 W Lombard 
Left. Right, 

1 2 Lombard 

31 Pratt 

61 McHenry 

85 Ryan 

107 Ramsay 

121 Columbia 

149 150 St. Peter 
183 Woodward 

174 St. Peter al 
217 216 Hamburg 

SCREW DOCK— from 15 Thames 
SECOND (W)— from Centre Market space S of 
Left. Right. [Baltimore 

1 2 Centre Market sp 

19 Gay 

26 Postoffice ay 
73 38 Hollidav 

91 48 South 

SECOND (E)—E from Jones Falls N of Lombard 
SECOND LA— from Fifth la 
SECOND, LITTLE— S from Fifth 
SRLDNER— W from Chirkson al S of Cross 
SEVERN— S from Cross W of S Paca 
SEWELL — from 446 Penna av 
SEXTON CT— N from 24 Wayne 
SEXTONVILLE— 3 miles B. & 0. R.R. 
SHAD AL — from Greene to Diamond S of 

SHAKSPEAR— from Bond to Broadway N of 

SHARP (N)— N from 292 W Baltimore 
SHARP (S)— S from 293 W Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

3 10 Baltimore 

15 14 German 

35 46 Lombard 

59 52 Pratt 

73 66 Dover 

87 76 Camden 

97 80 Perrj 

103 96 Conway 

110 Wayne 
129 128 Barre 
163 160 Lee 

























To water edge 
SHIELDS AL— N from 144 W Townsend 
SHIRK— from Jones Fiills N of Brown 
SHORT— N from 52 Orleans 
SHORT A L— from 29 Short 
SHRUB LA— N from Presstman W of Fulton 
SHUTER (N)— N from 228 Chew 
SHUTRR (S)— S from 231 Chew 
SHUTTES CT— E from Grace ct S of King 
SIXTH— from Fourth 

SLEMMER AL— from Granby E of President 
SLEMMER AL— from Spring N of Monument 
SMALLWOOD— N and S from Baltimore W of 

SMITH— from 362 Penna av 
SMITH AL— from Gay to Frederick S of Lorn- 
SMITH AL— from 256 N Eden 
SMITH CT— from 58 N Eutaw 
SMITH LA— from Smith's whf to Buchanan's 

whf S of Pratt 
SMITH'S WHARF— from S E cor of Pratt foot 

of Gay 
SNYDER CT— from Regester to Ann N of 

Eastern av 
SOMERSET— from 208 E Madison 
SORRELL CT— N from Cross E of Howard 
SOUTH— S from 121 W Baltimore 
Left. Right. 






















To Basin 


LA — N from Barre betw Chailes and 


SPEARS WHARF— from 43 W Pratt 

SPRING AL— from 432 N Gay 


and W from 7 N Spring 

SPRING CT— from 100 S Charles 


—from Spring betw Madison 

and Monumen 

SPRING GARDEN AV— from York Wof Sharp 

SPRING GARDEN WHF— foot of Eutaw 



-S Spring between Lombard. 

and Pratt 

SPRING (N)— N from 186 E Baltimore 







Tenpin al 



























SPRING (S)— S from 199 E Baltimore 
Left. Right. 
18 9 Baltimore 

20 Lombard 

80 69 Pratt 

132 129 Gough 
150 161 Bank 
180 169 Eastern av 
Canton av 
SPRUCE AL— from S Washington S of Gough 
SPURRIER CT— S of Lexington W of St. Paul 
STAG AL— from 158 Lexington 
STABLE AL— from 55 Exchange pi 
STATK— N from 133 Saratoga 
STATE-ST CT— from State N of Saratoga 
STERKKTT— S from 30 McHenry 
STEVENS AL— B from Front S of Gay 
STEVENSON— S from Season E of Allen 
STEVENSON CT— E from 104 Jasper 
STILES— E from 24 East Falls av 
STIRLING— from 17 Mott 
Left. Right. 
2 1 Mott 

80 73 Monument 

104 113 Madison 

137 Chew 
146 149 Webb 
190 187 Eager 
218 Aisquith 

STIRLING AL— from 135 Stirling 
STIRRAT CT or A L— rear 81 Stirling N of 

STOCKHOLM— Wfrom Leadenhall N of Ostend 
STOCKTON— N fr Patterson av W of Fremont 
STOCKTON AL— from 507 Franklin 
STOCKTON AL— N from 820 W Baltimore 
STOCKTON AL— S from Baltimore W of Car- 

rollton av 
STODDARD A L— from Numsen al between Mc- 

CuUoh ynd Diuid Hill av 
STONE AL— from Biddle to Biddle al E of 

Pennsylvania av 
STRANGE AL— from Charles N of Baltimore 
STRICKER AL— from Strieker N of Fayette 
STRICKER (N)— N from 866 W Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

1 2 Baltimore 

11 14 Fayette 

29 Lexington 
57 40 Saratoga 

101 76 Mulberry 

127 114 Franklin 
159 146 Edmondson av 
Harlem av 
278 Lafayette av 
317 318 Mosher 
407 416 Winchester 
433 334 Patterson av 
489 494 Presstman 
2 Liberty rd 
44 Baker 
STRICKER (S)— S from 905 W Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

1 Booth 
4 Hollins 


30 3 Lemmon al 
32 19 Pratt 

■ 98 61 McHenrj 

123 Ramsay 
151 Cole 

STUART— from Nicholson E of Andre 
STUMP AL— from Barre W of Charles 
ST. JAMES— from Central av N of Madison 
ST. JAMES A L— from Chew N of Central av 
ST. MARY- W from 163 Madison av 
ST. iMARY CT— from 11 Pennsylvania av 
ST. PAUL— N from 188 W Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Baltimore 

24 15 Fayette 

26j 29 Lexington 
50 51 Srtratoga 

58j 69 Pleasant 
68 85 Mulberry 

109 Franklin 
84J 115 Hamilton 

125 Centre 
106 149 Monument 
116 171 Madison 
130 197 Read 
160 237 Eager 
277 Chase 
287 Biddle 
North av 
ST. PAUL CT— W from Hargrove a], N of 

ST. PETER— frnm S. Paca to Parkin, S of Co- 
ST. PETER AL— from Parkin, S of Columbia 
ST. THOMAS CT— from 213 Chesnut between 

Hillen and Front 
SUMW ALT— from Charles-st av N of Shirk 
SWAN — from Jones Falls to Centre Market 

space, S of Baltimore 
SWAN AL— between S Bethel ar.d S Bond 
SWANN'S WHARF— from cor Fell and Wolfe 
SWEET AIR VILLAGE— 3i milss on Falls rd 

TEMPLE— from 54 E Baltimore 
TENANT— W from Fremont, N of Mosher 
TENPIN AL— from 10 N Spring 
TESSIER— N fi oni 1 06 St. Mary 
THAMES— E from Philpot, S of Lancaster 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Philpot 

14 C.iroline 

40 39 Bond 

90 87 Broadway 
126 129 Ann 

THIRD— from Cross to Randall 
THOMPSON AL— from Fremont, N of Lombard 
THOMSEN— from Forrest to Aisquith, N of 

TOONK— E from Boston, S of Elliott 
TOWNSEND— Wfrom Jones Falls, EofLanvale 
Left. Right. 

Jones Falls 
Charles-st av 
Maryland av 
73 John 

Park av 

91 86 Bolton 

Linden av 
Madison av 
Druid Hill av 
108 Division 



Left. Right. 

Penna av 

165 128 Wilmer al 

185 138 Argyle av 

199 144 Shields al 

207 152 Myrtle av 
TOWNSEND— E from Jones Falls.N of Lanvale 
TO\VSON~-S from Cox, E of Hull 
TREGO'S WHARF— E end of Hughes 
TRINITY— E from 78 Albemarle 
TRUXTON— from Jones Falls, N of Peniten- 
TYSON— Going North from 123 Saratoga 
TYSON— S from 148 Cathedral 
TYSON AL— from 330 N Howard 
TRUST AL— from 6 Hill S to Little Hughes 


UHLER AL— Hanover to Charles, N of Pratt 

ULRICK AL— Caroline to Spring, S of Pratt 

UNION— from 109 Penna av 

UNION AL— E from 33 N Central av 

UNION CT— from 45 N Eden 

UNION CT — N of Madison, between Ensor and 

UNION DOCK- from Eastern av W of Jones 

Falls to Basin 
UNION SQUARE— bounded by GiImor,Strick- 

er, Hollins and Lombard 
UPTON — from Townsend, E of Fremont 
UPTON PARK— from George, between Myrtle 

av and Fremont 

VALLEY— from 33 Neighbor, W of Harford av 
VICKER — S from Chew, between Harford av 

and McKim 
VINCENT — from Patterson av W of Gilmor 
VINCENT— N from Baltimore, E of Mount 
VINCENT AL— from Ramsay, E of Mount 
VINCENT CT — E from Vincent,N ofLexington 
VINE— W from 19 Arch 
Left. Riglit. 

2 1 Arch 

62 61 Pine 

134 127 Fremont 
192 195 Popplelon 
185 196 Schroeder 

Carrollton av 
Stockton al 
340 Strieker 

350 Gilmor 

VINE, LITTLE— from Carlton, N of Fayette 


WAESCHE— from 13 Myrtle av 
WAGON AL— E and W from 69 N Amity 
WALKER— from 240 Columbia 
WALKER— from 133 N Bond 
WALKER CT— W from Leadeuhall.S of Ham- 
WALKER CT— E from Bond, N of JeflFerson 
WALL— from 80 West 
WALL — from Dugan's wharf, S of Pratt 
WALNUT AL— from Pear al to Preston 
WALTEMEYER AL— from 5 la Penna av 
WARNER— from 76 Columbiii 
Left. Right. 

1 2 Elbow la 

5 8 Paca 

11 12 Burgundy al 

29 30 Couway / 

Left. Right. 
35 38 Wayne 

39 Barre 

71 74 Lee 

83 84 Montgomery 

97 98 Henrietta 



161 180 Cross 


WARREN— S of Russell 
VVARRKN— from Lijiht, S of L. Church 
WARREN CT, F. P. —from 161 S Bethel 
WASHINGTON AV— S from Cross W of Car- 
WASHINGTON (N]— N from 392 E Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

2 1 Baltimore 

18 21 Jackson sq av 

66 65 Fayette 

96 93 Orleans 

116 127 Jefferson 
WASHINGTON (S)— S from Baltimore E of 

Left. Right. 

2 1 BMltimore 

46 35 Lombard 

64 65 Pratt 

116 115 Gough 
140 137 Bank 

162 169 Eastern av 
188 193 Canton av 
192 Fountain 

209 Aliceanna 
WASHINGTON CT— E from Washington S of 

WASHINGTON PLACE— from Centre to Mad- 
ison W of St. Paul 
WASHINGTON SQUARE—including Wash- 
ington Monument, at the intersection of 
Mount Vernon and Washington places 
WATCHHOUSE AL— from Saratoga E of 

WATER— from South to Light N of Lombard 
WATER, F.H.— E from William S of Gittings 
WATERS CT— from 317 W Biddle 
WATERS WHARF— from N E cor Fell and 

WATERS ROW— from Biddle W of Penna a,v 
WATSON— from High to Central av S of Balti- 
WATSON AL— from 5 Watson 
WATSON CT— S from 71 Watson 
WAVERLEY TERRACE— Carey, from Fay- 
ette to Lexington 
WAYNE— W from 110 S Sharp 
WEBB— from 157 Ensor 
WEBER— from 401 Light 
WEBSTER— S from Clement 
WEBSTKR AL— from Arbel al S of Eager 
WEBSTER CT— rear of 179 Greenmount av 
WELCOME AL— Wfrom 174 Light-st wharf 
WELLS— E from Spring Gardens S of Binnev 
WELLS & MILLER'S AL— E frm 70 President 
WELLS WHARF— foot of Warren near Cov- 



WELSH AL— from 192 Lexington 
WEST— W from Basin S of Cross 
Left. Right. 
42 Johnston 

Battery av 
54 William 

80 Wall 

104 101 Light 
144 151 Charles 
170 Hanover 

220 197 Race 

251 Leadenhall 
350 351 Ohio av 

363 Eutaw 
368 367 Warner 
412 Russell 

WEST AL— from Eutaw S of Camden 
WEST AL— from 200 Stirling near Eager 
WEST FALLS AV— S from Lombard 
Left. Right. 

2 Lombard 
8 Pratt 
32 Bowly 
62 Eastern av 
118 Canton aT 
13 212 Block 
WHATCOAT-N and S from Patterson av W 

of Calhoun 
WHITE AL— W from 88 N Poppleton 
WICOMICO— S from Cross W of Severn 
WILCOX— N from 168 E Eager 
WILHELM— W of Fulton S of McHenry 
WILKENS— N from Frederick av E of tollgate 
WILKKNS AV— W from Monroe S of Freder- 
ick av 
WILLIAM— S from 23 York 
Left. Right. 

28 York 
32 Aruiistead la 
51 56 Hughes 

61 60 Montgomery 

95 94 Warren 

119 116 Ha Hi burg 

145 Grindall 

161 172 Cross 
181 Weber 

199 224 West 

281 Clement 

320 Leloup 
351 346 Fort av 
377 388 Randall 
WILLIAMSON A L— from Hanover to A bey al 

N of Hamburg 
WILLINGER CT— E from Ensor N of Chase 
WILLOW— from 52 Harford av 
WILLS— from 28 Philpot 
WILLS-ST WHF— End of Wills 
VMLMEK AL— from 304 W Hoffman 
WILSON AL— S from 161 E Madison 
WILSON— from 431 Penna av 
Left. Right. 

Penna av 

Druid Hill ar 
Madison av 
Linden av 

Left. Right. 


Park av 


To North av 
WINANS ROW— from Jackson E of Lieht 
WINDER-E from 757 Licrht ^ 

S!Mn«n^^^^ ROW-N from 438 Canton av 
WINDSOR— from 47 Boston to Essex 
WINDSOR MILL ROAD-W from Fremont nr 

Penna av 
WINE AL— E from Charlts S of Baltimore 
WINTER AL— between Cross and Hamburg 

W of Hanover 
WOLFE (N)-N from 364 E Baltimore 
Left. Right. 
9 1 Baltimore 

18 25 Jackson sq av 

56 75 Fayttte * 

86 103 Orleans 
1 Monument 

33 Madison 

172 Chew 

216 Eager 

258 Biddle 

WOLFE (S)-S from 375 E Baltimore 
Left. Right. 

15 Baltimore 
4 23 Lombard 

30 53 Pratt 

78 101 Gough 
98 127 Bank 
114 159 Eastern av 
134 185 Canton av 
160 217 Aliceanna 
196 Lancaster 

259 Thames 
269 Fell 
WOLFE AL— from Perry W of Howard 

WAMnT^™™.^"'"^ ^^ Bowjy'swhfS of Pratt 
WOOD A L— from Adams E of Fremont 
WOOD AL— W from 8 N Charles 
WOOD CT— S of Bank W of Central ar 

SnnSu.^^^?^'.T ^"'°°'' "•• Patterson ar 
WOODWARD— E from Scott S of St. Peter 
WoODYEAR-from Patterson av W of Carey 

^51;'^?,'''^-'''°"' •^^•"''S S of Stockholm 
WYETH— from 224 Columbia 


X AL— from Lee to York W of Charles 

Y AL— S from 56 Hill 
YRLLOTT CT— rear 219 Chesnut 
YORK— W of Basins of Lee 
Left. Right. 

23 38 William 

53 54 Light 

105 104 Charles 
114 Xal 

125 124 Comb al 
155 154 Sharp 

182 Howard 
196 Ohio av 
202 Eutaw 
YOUNG— from 22 Orleans 
YOUNG AL— W from 197 N Bethel 


^ ^ 

















• 1—1 

o . 



O O 


































■" o 

CO 2 























18 7 8. 


|^"n. north ; s. south ; e. east ; to. west ; st. street ; ct. court ; at), avenue ; al. alley ; 
fe. lane ; dw. dwelling ; cor. corner ; e<rt. extended ; rd. road ; nr. near ; L. P. Locust Point. 
Note: The name appearing in CAPITAL LETTERS are subscribers. 



Aaron Columbus, canmkr, 106 Battery av 
Aaron George, grocery, 308 Light 
Aaron Geo. W. capt. police, 182 n Caroline 
Aaron James, clerk, 181 Dover 
Aaron Joseph, arab, 181 Dover 
Aaron Marcellus, carp. 106 Battery av 
Aaron Samuel, canmkr, 106 Battery av 
Aaron Saml. shipcarp, 205 Montgomery 
Abbe Frank, canmkr, 33 Penn 

bess Francis H. collector, 2 s Front 
Abbess Frank H. collector, 262 n Bond 
Abbott Alexander, 425 e Baltimore 
Abbott Alex. G. machinist, 425 e Baltimore 
Abbott C. F. & Co. (C. F. & C. W. Abbott) 

Morning Star Bitters Co. 110 s Charles 
Abbott C. Webster (C. F. A.&Co.) chemical 

laboratory, 110 s Charles, dw 655 w Fayette 
Abbott Chas C. coal, 29 n Dallas 
Abbott Cornebus F. (C. F. A. & Co.) 655 w 

h a'/ette 
Abbott Daniel E. R. carp. 187 Orleans 
Abbott David M. carp. 142 Orleans 
Abbott David M. carp. 89 Jackson sq av 
Abbott Francis, constable, Druidville 
Abbott Geo. M. canmkr, 408 e Madison 
Abbott H. (H.A.&Son) Homestead, Balto. co. 
Abbott H. & Son (H. A., J. S. Gilman) 8 s Gay 
Abbott H. J. engineer, Caroline and John 
Abbott Iron Company, C. H. Ashburner, presi- 
dent, cor Burke & Hudson 
Abbott J. Walter, clerk, 143 Battery av 
Abbott Jacob, tobacconist, 83 Aisquith, dw 7 

Abbott James, boilermkr, 177 Lee 
Abbott James F. (Henry, McAllister & Co.) 269 

n Broadway 
Abbott James W. mariner, 143 Battery av 
Abbott John C. mariner, 47 n Wolfe 
Abbott John F. mariner, 143 Battery av 
Abbott John N. carp. 300 McDonogh 

Abbott Lavinia, seamstress, 178 Montgomery 
Abbott Samuel, lab. 223 Light 
Abbott Stephen, shipjoiner, 355 e Baltimore 
Abbott Thos. 0. furn. wagon, 195 Fort av 
Abbott Wm. H. oysters, Claret al and L. Mont- 
gomery, dw 195 Lee 
Abbott Wm. H. H. clerk, 355 e Baltimore 
Abbott Wm. W^. gilder, 355 e Baltimore 
Abel Mrs. Anna, confectionery, 357 e Lombard 
Abel Mrs. Dora, 355 e Lombard 
Abel Chas. T. printer, 67 n Pine 
Abel Fred. lab. 268 s Ann 
Abel Fred. lab. 564 Aisquith 
Abel Gotfried, pastry cook, 56 s Charles 
Abel John, lab. 418 Canton av 
Abel John, liquors, 240 Aliceanna 
Abel John, cutter, 240 Aliceanna 
Abel Joseph, cutter, 357 e Lombard 
Abel Michael, lab. 347 n Durham 
Abel Wm. grocery, 10 Claggett al 
Abell A. S. ( A. S. A.&Co.) 83 Saratoga 
ABELL A. S. & CO. (A. S. and Geo. W. Abell) 
prop'rs and publ'rs of the Sun, Sun iron 
building, s e cor Baltimore and South 
Abell David T. printer, 667 Lexington 
Abell Edwin F. Sun office, dw 83 Saratoga 
Abell Edward M. butcher, 48 Centre and 32 

Lexington markets, dw 177 Penna av 
Abell Frank M. jr. 290 w HofiFman 
Abell Franklin M. butcher, 24 Richmond and 

20 Lafayette markets, dw 290 w Hoffman 
Abell Geo. W. (A. S. Abell & Co.) editor Sun, 

340 Madison av 
Abell Harry, lab. 117 Aisquith 
Abell Harry S. moulder, 117 Aisquith 
Abell Ignatius, collector, 164 s Paca 
Abell John, baker, 68 Perry 
Abell Joseph L. clerk, 182 s Paca 
Abell Thos. L. (C. W. Gardner & Co.) ganger, 
44 s Mount 



Abell Mrs. Sarah, 117 Aisquith 

Abell Walter R. editor Sun, 83 Saratoga 

Abell Wm. G. clerk, 164 s Paca 

Abell Mrs. Dr. Wm. M. boarding, 16 s Sharp 

Abendsehein Dr. Andrew, dentist and barber, 

168 s Bond 
Abendsehein Chas. clerk, 438 Canton av 
Abendsehein Henry, barber, 168 s Bond 
Abendsehein John, provisions, 438 Canton av 
Abendschoen Clement, carpet weaver, 232 s 

Abendschoen Geo. tailor, 200 Montgomery 
Abendschoen Mrs. Mary, trimmings, 843 w 

Abendschoen Philip, paver, 60 Dover 
Abercrombie Mrs. C. 81 Chew 
Abercrombie David, treas. Bait. News Co., Ill 
w Baltimore and 5 South, Sun building, dw 
386 n Eden 
Abercrombie Geo. lab. 46 O'Donnell 
Abercrombie John, Bait. News Co.,dw336 n Eden 
Abercrombie Wm. T. clerk, 81 Chew 
Abergh Chas. mariner, 106 Jackson sq av 
Aberle Chas. carver, 40 Jackson sq av 
Aberle Dominick, tanner, Point la nr Green- 
mount cemetery 
Aberle Mrs. E. G. millinery, 794 w Baltimore 
Aberlcin Michael, lab. 336 Hamburg 
Abesser Andreas, lab. 242 s Dallas 
Abe}" Andrew, huckster, 170 William 
Abey Geo. T. hatter, 16 n Ann 
Abey John S. collector, 170 William 
Abey Joseph C. fish dealer, 326 William 
Abey Michael H. caulker, 30 Gittings - 
Abey Wm. tin and sheetiron worker, 348 Lex- 
Abey Wm. H. grocery, 170 William 
Abhau Chas. H. carp. 123 Hamburg 
Abich Chas. lab. 42>^ n Pine 
Abigail John N. brakeman, 822 w Pratt 
Abraham Barnett, cigarmkr, 45.^ e Baltimore 
Abraham Geo. F. plasterer and modeler, 24 n 

Sharp, dw 352 Mulberry 
Abraham Mrs.Magdaline,liquors,380 Eastern av 
Abrahams Chas. H. sailmkr, 118 s Bond 
Abrahams John J. & Sons, (J. J. and Wm. H. 
Abrahams) shipbuilders, Philpot and Thames, 
and propr's Canton Marine Railway and 
Screw Dock 
Abrahams John J. (J.J. A. & Sons)Port Deposit 
Abrahams Mrs. Mary A. 118 s Bond 
Abrahams Samuel, notions, 302 e Monument 
Abrahams Wm. H.(John J. Abrahams & Sons) 

7 s Broadway 
Abrahams Wm. H. jr. clerk, 7 s Broadway 
Abrahams Wm. W. (Cochran & Co.) 85 s 

Abrahams Woodward, (Cochran & Co.) 245 

Linden av 
Abrams Alex. J. marblecutter, Greenmount av 

opp cemetery 
Abrams Alex. J. jr. marbleworker, Greenmount 
av nr cemetery, dw York rd nr Huntingdon av 
Abrams Chas. porter, 27 Hollins 
Abrams Geo. W. marbleworker, Greenmount av 
nr Greenmount cemetery, dw York rd nr 
Huntingdon av 
Abrams Jacob D. builder, 240 n Broadway 
Abrams James K. carp. 412 e Chase 
Abrams John, painter, 412 e Chase 
Abrams John, gardener, 27 s Schroeder 
Abrams Randall, packer, 27 s Schroeder 

Abramsky Otto, brewer, 360 Penna av 

Abreo James C. sailmkr, 107 Bank 

Abreo Thos. J. sailmkr, 107 Bank 

Abt Fred. lab. 76 s Chester 

Abt Henry, brushmkr, 76 s Chester 

Abt John, lab. 181 Eastern av 

Abt John, moulder, 189 s Washington 

Aburn Chas. H. tavern, 68 Philpot, dw 338 n 

Aburn T. Harry, clerk, 368 e Chase 
Aburn Wm. R. sparmaker, 61 Block 
Aburn Elizabeth C. grocery, 43 n E.xeter 
Academy of Holy Cross, 108 s Broadway 
ACADEMY OF MUSIC, J. D. Ferguson, man- 
ager, Howard nr Franklin 
Academy of St. Mary's Star of the Sea, corner 

Battery av and Clement 
Academy of the Visitation, n w cor Park av and 

Accetto Raphael, musician, rear 33 Bank 
Achenbach Henry, bu,tcher, 491 Aisquith 
ACHENBACK JOHN H. plasterer,415 Penna av 
Achey Chas. F. (F. Achey & Son) 15 Clarke 
Achey Fredk. & Son (F. and Chas. F. Achey) 

curriers, 22 s Liberty 
Achey Fredk. (Fredk. Achey & Son)129 German 
Achey Thos. S. currier, 48 s Strieker 
Achgelis Wm. salesman, 161 w Fayette 
Achziger August, shucker, 440 Canton av 
Achziger Barbara, grocery, 440 Canton av 
Achziger Casper, clerk, 440 Canton av 
Achziger Frederick, carp. 440 Canton av 
Acker Nathan, tailor, 44 s Wolfe 
Ackeripan Andrew, tailor, 213 Eastern av 
Ackerman Annie M. notions, 131 Camden 
Ackerman Chas. canmkr, 256 e Pratt 
Ackerman Geo. tailor, 92 s Castle 
Ackerman Henry, lab. 129 Conway 
Ackerman Herman, lab. 88 Albemarle 
Ackerman John, tailor, 100 n Dallas 
Ackerman John, canmkr, 249 e Pratt 
Ackerman John B. tailor, 100 n Dallas 
Ackerman Nicholas sr. cutter, over 212 s 

Ackerman Nicholas, stevedore, 274 Bank 
Ackler Geo. shoemkr, 321 Saratoga 
Ackler Jacob B. shoecutter, 321 Saratoga 
Ackler Wm. F. police, 439 n Central av 
Ackwilh Albert C. watchman, 5 n Poppleton 
Ackworth Chas. fireman, 335 Cathedral 
Acorn Geo. blacksmith, 58 James al 
Acton Saml. G. jr. bricklyr,28 n Carrollton av 
Adair Harry H. (J. Savage Williams & Co.) 45 

Mt. Vernon pi 
Adair John, machinisl, 159 Linden av 
Adair Robert J. clerk, 159 Linden av 
Adam Fred. E. 391 e Baltimore 
Adam Fred. W. cabinetmkr, 21 Somerset 
Adams Albert, boots and shoes, 94 Druid Hill av 
Adams Andrew J. tinner, 13 St. Peter 
Adams Mrs. Ann, 4 Hammerbacher ct 
Adams August, lab. 3 n Castle 
Adams Benj. lab. 107 Leadenball 
Adams, Buck & Co.(Wm. H. Adams, Irving A. 
Buck, Charles E. Berry) wholesale hats and 
caps, 270 w Baltimore 
Adams C. P. telegraphist, 59ii Lee 
Adams Chas. grocery, O'Donnell and East av 
Adams Chas. E. lis's Schroeder 
Adams Charles S. apothecary, s e cor Fulton 

and Pratt 
Adams Chas. T. salesman, 230 w Pratt 

HOLMES & CO., Engineers' and Machinists' Tools and Suppli( 
Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

O F. Bresee, G-eneral Agent, Am erican B iiilding, 

Adams Chas. W. 600 w Fayette 

Adams Christian, beer, 80 n Edea 

Adams Dauiel, framemkr, 294 Hanover 

Adams David, shoemkr, 17 e Eager 

Adams Mrs. E. A. matron St. Paul mission 

house, 154 Pearl 
Adams Edvv'd, 278 Hollins 
ADAMS EMELIUS, coal yard, Caroline and 

Dock, d\v 408 e Baltimore 
ADAiMS EXPRESS CO. 162 and 164 w Balti- 
more, and depot 132 North, John -Q. A. Her- 
ring, supt. 
Adams Express Stables, North nr Saratoga 
Adams Mrs, Fanny, 73 s Chester, 
Adams Frank W. clerk, 278 Hollius 
Adams Franklin G. tel^raphist, o9>i Lee 
Adams Geo. C. driver, :i59 Hollins 
Adams Geo, F. printer, 293 Hollins 
Adams Geo, F. clerk, 30 Clarke 
Adams Geo. F, jr. clerk, 30 Clarke 
Adams Dr. Geo, F. 215 Druid Hill av 
Adams Geo. H. (A. & Price) 100 Johnson 
Adams Geo, W, engineer, 117 Cross 
Adams Geo. W. engineer, 335 e Monument 
Adams Geo. W. bricklayer, 34 Warner 
Adams Geo. W. lab. 9o"^Hill 
Adams Geo. W. lab. Loudon av nr Millington la 
Adams Capt, Gustav, mariner, 16 Concord 
Adams H. E. clerk, 66 n Paca 
Adams Harry B. clerk, 66 n PacA 
Adams Henry, pianomkr, 256 Lee 
Adams Henry jr, moulder, 497 Sarotoga 
Adams Henry sr. shoemkr, 149 n Fremont 
Adams Henry A. clerk, 29 n Calhoun 
Adams Henry C, fellow Johns Hopkins Univer- 
sity, 132 w Madison 
Adams Henry 0. (A. & Stegman) 256 Lee 
Adams Henry P. gen'l sec'y Y. M. C..A. 188 

Argyle av 
Adams Herbert B. fellow Johns Hopkins Uni- 
versity, 237 w Biddle 
Adams Howard D. sailmaker, 35 Jaclvson pi 
Adams J. L. clerk, 138 w Madisou 
ADAMS JACOB T. propr Foxwell house, 3G v, 

Adams James, 288 n Howard 
Adams James A, clerk, 52 Edmondson av 
Adams James A. bricklayer, 38 Warner 
Adams James B. engineer, 140 s Collington av 
Adams James C, 151 n Strieker 
Adams James M. grocery, lol n Strieker 
Adams Jtunes E. bookkpr, 158 n Arlington av 
Adams James R. mariner, 83 Jackson sq av 
Adams John, machinist, 115 Jackson sq av 
Adams John, pickler, Monument nr Burke 
Adams John, lab. 240 Frederick av 
Adams John A. butcher, 245 n Durham 
Adams John A. plasterer, 114 St. Peter 
Adams John A. salesman, 295 Argyle av 
Adams John C. paperhauger, 195 Jefferson 
Adams John C. plasterer, 21 Sterrett 
Adams Capt. John E, stevedore, 68 Gough 
Adams John G. R. plasterer, 114 St, Peter 
Adams John F, 138 w Madison 
Adams John F. (S.H. & J.F.A.) 600 w Fayette 
Adams John H. canmkr, 83 Jackson sq av 
Adams John H.(Jolin H.A.& Co.)35 Jackson pi 
Adams John H. & Co. (John H. Adams, J.Thos. 
Gibbons) sailmakers, Wolfe and Thames and 
Block and West Falls av 
Adams John H. jr. sailmaker, 4 n Washington 
Adams John K. carp. 156 s Fremont 


Made water- tight. aud_prei3erved for years, by thor- 
oughlj applying ELAtsTIC CEMENT and 


Bi/ increasing iJit quantity (if Gvm, we make a Paint 
tor l>amp Walls which is unequaled. All work 
guaranteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders solicited 
for Dew felt roofs ; old roofs repaireu. 

D. M. SADLEK & CO.. Sole Manufacturers. 

Ko. 3 COUKTLAND iSTKEET, np stairs. 

Adams John M. salesman, 241 n CarroUton 
Adams John Q. clerk, 175 n Paca 
Adams John Q. (Carroll, A. & Co.) 241 n Car- 
roUton av 
Adams John Q. gas inspector, 256 n Eden 
Adams John W. blacksmith, Hope and Lanvale 
Adams John W. caulker, 317 Aliceanna 
Adams John W, clerk, 276 Hollins 
Adams Joseph, processor, 304 Bank 
Adams Joseph, fruit packer, 115 Jackson sq av 
Adams Joseph jr. plasterer, 11 Russell 
Adams Joseph W. engineer, Patterson Park av 

and Lombard 
Adams Joshua A. gas inspector, 256 n Eden 
Adams Mrs. Lydia, confec'y, 454 n Fremont 
Adams Mrs. Mary, 304 Hanover 
Adams Mrs, Mary A. 317 Aliceanna 
Adams Matthew "W. bookkpr, 93 n Edea 
Adams & Price, (Geo. H. Adams, B, T. Price) 

oyster dealers, 100 Johnson 
ADAMS Mrs. R. raanuf. shirts, over 230 w Bal- 
timore, cor. Charles 
Adams R. W. shoemkr, 136 a. Schroeder 
Adams Robert, printer, 177 n High 
Adams Robert A. mariner, 83 Jackson sq av 
Adams S. H. silversmith, 454 u Fremont 
ADAMS S. H. & J. F. cariienters and builders, 

4>i Barnet nr Charles 
Adams Mrs. S. H. 225 w Biddle 
Adams Samuel, watchmaker, 20 e Pratt 
Adams Samuel H. (S. H. & J, F. A.) 223 u 

Adams Samuel H. jr. clerk 223 n Calvert 
Adams Samuel S. mariner, 29 n Bon<i 
Adams Samuel T. 66 n Paca 
Adams Sydney, telegraphist, 59'*^ Lee 
Adams Sydney, printer, 194 e Fayette 
Adams & Stegman, (Henry 0. Adams. Fred'k 

Stegmau) cigarmanfs, 158 Light 
Adams T. Ira, clerk, 60O w Fajette 
Adams Thomas, drayman, 117 L. Greene 
Adams Thos. D. carp. 446 e Eager 
Adams Thos. E. M. clerk, 196 Dolphin 
Adams Thos. F. shoemaker, 159 Druid Hill av 
Adams Thos. J, caulker, 246 Aliceanna 
Adams Thos. S. clerk, 278 Hollins 
Adams White Lead Company, over 27 s Charles 
Adams Wm. carp. 149 u Fremont 
Adams Wm. ,309 Lexington 
Adams Wm. C. blacksmith, Hope and Lanvale 
Adams Capt. Wm. F. 315 e Pratt 
Adams Wm. H, 54 s Gilmor 
Adams Wm. H. (Adams, Buck & Co,) 21G u 

CarroUton av 
Adams Wm, H. pilot 108 s Washington 
Adams Wm. H. clerk, 127 Peirce 
Adams Wm- J- clerk, 59/^ Lee 
Adams Wm. R. junk. Chapel nr Chase 
Adams Wm. T. prod, com, mercht. 27 Barre 

dw 59^ Lee 
Adderly Luke, fire-man, 4 Plawk 


No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 





Addicks Christian, canmkr, 281 Canton av 
Addicks Deidrich, ship carp. 281 Canton av 
Addicks Dora, dressmkr, 281 Canton av 
Addicks John D. sailmaker, 281 Canton av 
Addison A. Merrill, attorney, 52 n Calvert 
Addison Mrs. Catherine A. 612 w Lombard 
Addison Chas. stevedore, Hunter al nr John 
Addison Chas. W. clerk, 75 William 
Addison E. Virginia, teacher, 7 Warren 
Addison Edward, machinist, 515 Saratoga 
Addison Frank G. clerk, 95 Harlem av 
Addison Geo. C. clerk, 105 n Strieker 
Addison Geo. C. shoecutter, cor Chase and 

Greenmount av 
Addison Geo. M. ass' t weigher C.H.616 wFayette 
Addison Geo. W. gasfitter, 194 n Fremont 
Addison John A. bookkpr, 11 Warren 
Addison John W. teacher, 7 Warren 
Addison John W. machinist, 56 McHenry 
Addison Joseph, clerk, 95 Harlem av 
Addison Joseph T. shoecutter, McMechin nrJohn 
Addison Mrs. Mary A.E. 7 Warren 
Addison Mrs. Martha, 61 Division 
Addison Nannie, teacher, 7 Warren 
Addison Samuel S., McMechin nr John 
Addison Samuel T. clerk, 616 w Fayette 
Addison Mrs. Sallie D. 7 Warren 
Addison Taylor, clerk, 335 Light 
Addison Theodore, engineer, 54 s Poppleton 
Addison Wm. carp. 75 William 
Addison Wm. E. collector, 160 Barre 
Addison Wm. W. 194 n Fremont 
Adelmann Charles, moulder, 46 s Central av 
Adelmann Michael, lab. 394 Aliceanna 
Adelsdorf Joseph, (Guggenheimer & A.) 13 s 

Adkisson James F. lab. Druidville 
Adler A. S. (A. & Clement,) 243 w Lombard 
Adler Aaron, cattle broker, 55 Jefferson 
Adler Aaron, (A. Bros. & Co.) 252 e Baltimore 
Adler Aaron, drug clerk, 48 s Eutaw 
Adler Abraham, bookkpr, 186 Conway 
Adler Albert, clerk, 76 n Carey 
Adler Alex, .salesman, 186 Conway 
Adler Mrs. Bertha, 252 e Baltimore 
Adler Bros. & Co. (L. and A. Adler,) manufs. 

oil clothing and shirt manufrs, 15 Camden, 

office 18 s Charles 
Adler Charles, (Frank & A.) 275 Lexington 
Adler Charles E. clerk, 210 Chew 
Adler & Clement, (A. S. Adler, J. Clement,) 

wholes, shoe manufacturers, 19 Light 
Adler E. E. 304 HoUins 
Adler Henry, lab. 158 Bank 
Adler Henry L. clerk, 155 s Ann 
Adler HenryM. (S.W. Floss &Co.)283Tr Lombard 
Adler Herman, (L. Adler & Co.) 166 w Lombard 
Adler Herman S.(L. Adler & Co.)166 wLombard 
Adler Isaac, bookkpr, 252 e Baltimore 
Adler Jacob, (Cone & A.) 76 n Carey 
Adler Joseph, shoemkr, 222 n Central av 
Adler Julius, artist, 23 s Gay 
Adler L. & Co. (Levi, H.S. and Herman Adler,) 

l)oots and .shoes, 51 and 57 n Eutaw 
Adler Levi, (L. Adler & Co.) 166 w Lombard 
Adler Louis, 23 s Gay 

Adler Louis, (A. Bros. & Co.) 252 e Baltimore 
Adler Louis, tailor, 235 Barre 
Adler Louis, cattle dealer, 175 s Ann 
Adler M. boots and shoes, 242 Lexington, dw 

166 w Lombard 
Adler Marcus, 153 s Broadway 

Adler Morris, clerk, 76 n Carey 

Adler Moses, (Ehrman & Co.) 103 L.Greene 

Adler Nathan U. clerk, 539 w Baltimore 

Adler Philip, engineer, 47 James la 

Adler Philip, 48 s Eutaw 

Adler S. J. 288 Lexington 

Adler Samuel, clerk, 288 Lexington 

Adler Solomon, clerk, 166 w Lombard 

Adler Thomas, hostler, 382 Penna av 

Adler Wm. trimmings and dry goods, 292, 294 

n Howard, dw 62 Aisquith 
Adolph Henry, lab. 15 Bentalou 
Adolph Henry, boat builder, 105 n Caroline 
Adolph John, lab. 10 Haubert 
Adolph Wm. puddler, 113 s Chapel 
Adolphie Gu.stav, shoemkr, 210 n Gay 
Adrean John, lab. 160 Elliott 
Adrean John T. 28 L. Walsh 
Adreon C. C. student, 28 n Liberty 
Adreon Harrison, attorney and U.S. claim agent, 

23 n Calvert, dw 283 e Baltimore 
I Adreon Joseph, plumber, 331 Mulberry 
Adreon Stephen A. clerk, 28 n Liberty 
Adreon Wm. 110 Hanover 
Adreon Wm. T.,U.S. claim agent, 23 n Calvert, 

dw 620 Lexington 
Adreon Mrs. W. H. 28 n Liberty 
Adriaans John H. clocks, 1 Clay 
Adt John B. engineer and machinist, 90 n Hol- 

liday, dw 3 s Ann 
Ady James, variety store, 153 s Sharp 
Ady Mrs. Maggie, dressmkr, 107 Saratoga 
Aeby Emil, draughtsman, 140 n Pine 
Aehtelsteter George, brewer, 360 Penna av 
Aerick Fred, tailor, 64 Portland 
: Aestor Andreas, 477 Aisquith 
Aestor Henry W. carp. 477 Aisquith 
Aestor John P. lab. 477 Aisquith 
..Etna Fire Insurance Co. of Hartford, Conn., 

agency, 1 Rialto building 
FORD, T. R. Alexander, general agt, 3 Post- 
' office av 

Affayroux Epaulette, carp. 233 n Bond 
i AtFayroux Francis P. blacksmith, 195 East 
Affayroux James, carp. 56 n Dallas 
Affayroux John E. carp. 61 Greenmount av 
Affayroux Melanie, 427 e Eager 
Affelder Harry, clerk, 310 w Lombard 
Affelder Max, secretary Permanent Land Co. of 

Baltimore, and insurance broker, 22 Second, 

dw 310 w Lombard 
Affelder Nathan, clerk, 310 w Lombard 
Affelder Samuel, salesman, 310 w Lombard 
Aftung John, shoemkr, 171 Hanover 
Aged Men's Home, Dr. G. F. Child, supt, cor 

Calhoun and Lexington 
Aged Women's Home, Miss Mcllhany, supt, 

Lexington nr Calhoun 
Agel Dietrich, barkpr, 181 Lexington 
Ager Michael, lab. 371 e Fayette 
Aguew John D. bookkpr, 158 Division 
AGNEW THOS.A.& CO.(Thos.A.Agnew, Wm. 

C. Simms, ) grocers, s e cor Pratt and Eutaw 
Agnew Thos.A.(Thos.A.A.& Co.)Pratt&Eutaw 
Agnew Thos. J. clerk, 52 Fawn 
Agnus Felix, business manager American office, 

478 Eutaw pi 
Agular Joseph, trav. agent, 317 e Baltimore 
Ahart John, cooper, 197 West 
Ahern Mrs. Annie, 2 Griffiss ct 
Ahern Cornelius, lab. 14 Curley 

Importer and Dealer in Portland, Roman, and Keene's Cement, 
WM. WIRT CLARKE, 61 S. Gay Street. 

Largest Life Ins. Co. in the World, Q. F. Bresee. Qen. Ag;t> 


Made water-tight, aud preserved for years, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMENT aud 


By increasing the qvaiitity of Gtim. we make a Paiut 
for Damp Walls which is uuequaled. All work 
guaranteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders solicited 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

I). M. SADLER & CO.. Sole Manufacturers, 

No. 3 COURTLAND STREET, up stairs. 

Ahern Daniel, feed, 120 s Chester 
Ahem James, mariner, 2 GriflSss ct 
Ahern Jeremiah, lab. 123 s Exeter 
Ahern John, gilder, 123 s Exeter 
Ahern Michael, lab. 14 Curley 
Ahern Michael, lab. 2 Griffiss ct 
Ahern Patrick, lab. 2 GrifSss ct 
Ahern Wm. lab. 2 Griffiss ct 
Ahl Charles, machinist, 499 Aisquith 
Ahl Francis F. miller, 13eh'iderenrGreenm't av 
Ahl Henry, ship carp. Hunter al nr John 
Ahl Roma, painter, 241 n Wolfe 
Ahl Wm. watchman, 43 Orleans 
Ahlborn Arthur, clerk, 156 Le:fingtoa 
Ahlborn Gustav, clerk, 156 Lexington 
Ahlborn Julius, dollar store, 156 Lexington 
Ahlers Charles, tobacconist, 146 Bank 
Ahles Geo. F. cigaruikr, 74 n Wolfe 
Ahles John, cigarmkr, 74 n Wolfe 
Ahlfeldt F. stoves, 426 Light 
Ahlsleger AVm. (Boone & A.) 359 Hollins 
Ahrend Herman, notions, 7 Patterson av 
Ahrendt Charlotte, notions, 215 Bank 
Ahrendt Henry, moulder, 215 Bank 
Ahrendt Henry, clerk, 102 w Fayette 
Ahrendt Robert, bookkpr, 215 Bank 
Ahrens Adolph,8 German, div Melvale,N.C.R.W 
Ahrens Adolph, jr. (A.,Spilker k Co.) Balto co 
Ahrens Christian, cabinetmkr, 220 Bank 
Ahrens Mrs. G. A. 229 Maryland av 
Ahrens Jacob, hacks, 156 Wolfe, n of Madison 
Ahrens John, machinist, 60 McHenry 
Ahrens Joseph, lab. 500 e Fayette 
Ahrens Julius, confec'y and baker, 239 w Pratt 
Ahrens Otto, shoemkr, 196 Hanover 
Ahrens, Spilker & Co. (Adolph Ahrens, jr. and 
Wm. E. Spilker) wholes, grocers, 68 s Calvert 
Ahrens Wm. yeastmaker, 398 Orleans 
Ahrhouse Fred, cabinetmkr, 13 China 
Ahring Ernest^ 114 n Central av 
Ahring Henry, umbrellas, 59 Lewis 
Ahrline Margt. tailoress, 224 e Chase 
Ahrling Charles W. plumber and gasfitter, 79 

McElderry's whf 
Ahrling Geo. D. carp. 79 McElderry's whf 
Ahrling H. Henry, tavern, 79 McElderry's whf 
Aichele Jacob, wood and coal, 265 s Sharp, dw 

246 Hanover 
Aichele John, milk, Huntingdon av nr Mt. Royal 
Aichler Wm. F. coachsmith, 156 e Pratt 
Aidt Lewis, boots and shoes, 56 Druid Hill av 
Aiken Geo. B. 730 Lexington 
Aiken Matthew K. bookkpr, 284 w Baltimore 
Aiken Wm. H. clerk, 610 w Fayette 
Aikin Prof. Wm. E. A. analytical chemist, 176 

w Baltimore, dw 37 Mulberry 
Ailworth & Co. (J. S. Ailworth, H. C. Lane) 

teas, 367 Light 
Ailworth J. S. (A. k Co.) Norfolk, Va 
Ailworth James, painter, 413 s Charles 
Ailworth James L. clerk, 439 n Gilmor 
Ailworth Thos. clerk, 47 Warren 
Ailworth W.B.teas,6Commerce,dw 439 nGilmor 
Aires Andrew J. shipjoiner, 168 Bank 
Aires James, rigger, 110 s Eden 
Airey Chas. cigarmkr, 33 Waesche 
Airey Frank, driver, 206 German 
Airey H. W. clerk, Lutt's hotel 
Airey Hiram, lab. 226 Preston 
Airey James, butter, 178 Druid Hill av 
Airey James, engineer, 89 s Caroline 
Airey James K. driver, 953' w Pratt 

Airey James K. driver, 41 Patterson av 

Airey Jerome, butter, 41 Patterson av 

Airey Joseph, lab. Druid Hill av nr Presstman 

Airey Mrs. M. E. butter, 41 Patterson av 

Airey Philip, driver, 80 Peirce 

Airey Tobias, contractor, 317 n Gilmor 

Airey Wm. horseshoer, 238 Preston 

Airey Wm. cigarmkr, 226 Preston 

Airey Wm. F. supt. Baltimore Coal Tar Co. 89 

s Caroline 
Airey Zachariah, musician, 130 Scott 
Airhart John, miller, 159 Forrest 
Aisquith Geo. G. clerk, 196 Dolphin 
Aisquith Mrs. Mary H. 196 Dolphin 
Aisquith Street (M. P.) Church, Aisquith aud 

Aisquith Street Presbyterian Church, cor Ais- 
quith and Edward 
Aitcheson James, brass founder, 74 North, dw 

333 Mosher 
Aitken Andw. office 312 w Pratt, dw 139 n Gay 
Aitken Mrs. Agnes, 157 Mosher 
Aitken Bros. (Walter H. & Geo. R. Aitken) no- 
tions and fancy goods, 65 n Eutaw 
Aitken Geo. R. (A. Bros.) New York 
Aitken Walter H. (A. Bros.) 65 n Eutaw 
Alton Mrs. Mary A. boarding, 206 Mosher 
Akehurst Mrs. Mary Ann, Druidville 
Akeharst Stephen, moulder, Hampden 
Akeman John, huckster, 501 Lexington 
Akers Charles, lab. 179 Hughes 
Akers Edward, watchniiiker and jeweler, 126 

Akers Edward, lab. 179 Hughes 
Akers Edwin, dry goods, 138 Lexington 
Akers Edwin jr. salesman, 138 Lexington 
Akers Geo. T. lab. 116 Cooksie 
Akers Geo. W. watchman, 179 Hughes 
Akers James P. salesman, 138 Lexington 
Akers John, engineer, 236 William 
Akers John H. fireman, 179 Hughes 
Akers John M. clerk, 138 Lexington 
Akers Resin T. boilermkr, 208 William 
Akers Wm. H. boilermkr, 186 William 
Akers Wm. R. clerk, 138 Lexington 
Akreymburg Anton, cigarmkr, 135 Saratoga 
Akreymburg Bernhard, cigarmkr, 36 Marion 
Alamo Hall, 60 n Carrollton av 
Alamo Stables, 60 n Carrollton av 
Alan Wm. junk, 12 Wilcox 
Alban Eli, brakeman, Woodberry 
Alban Saml. lab. Woodberry 
Alban Wm. overseer, Woodberry 
Alband Chas. restaurant, 129 Penna av 
Albaugh Alex, wheelwright, 137 n Schroeder 
Albaugh Chas. cigarmkr, 65 Camden 
Albaugh Dewit C. painter, 718 w Lombard 
Albaugh Edward W. produce office, 5 Dover, 

dw 170 Barre 
Albaugh Ephraim, tobacconist, 123 w Baltimore, 
dw 82 Edmondson av 

Maniif'rs' Agency for Rosendale Cement, Calcined Plaster, Casting 
Plaster, Dentist Plaster^ Agricultural Plaster, Gilders' & Commercial Whiting. 





Albaug-h Geo. painter, 107 n Pine 
Albaugh Geo. painter. 187 \v Lanvale 
AlViaugh Geo. A. clerk, Hanover mkt, dw 199 

Albaugh Grafton, shoemkr, 177 n Eutaw 
Albangh Grafton jr. painter, 84 s Mount 
Albaugh Henry C. carp. 3.55 Penna av 
Albaugh Hiram, boilermkr, 46 Hill 
Albaugh Jacob, carp. 128 Mosher 
Albaugh John, coachmkr, 106 Penna a?-,dw 114 
Albaugh Jnsej)h, blacksmith, 116 Fort av 
Albaugh Wm. A. brushmanufacr. 49 s Liberty, 

dw 483 n Fremont 
Albaugh Wm. H. produce, 16 Penna av, dw 80 

Albers Albert, lab. JQQ Canton av 
Albers Anton, clerk, 95 s Sharp 
Albers Chas. F. bookkpr, 368 n Strieker 
Albers Fred. lab. 301 Aliceanna 
Albers Henry jr. discount clerk, 95 s Sharp 
Albers Henry, lab. 283 n Dallas 
Albers Henry, brickmkr, 301 Aliceanna 
Albers Dr. Henry, 95 s Sharp 
Albers Wm. merchant tailor, 209 s Broadway, 

dw 117 s Washington 
Albert A.& 11. J. paperhangings,&c. 18 n Eutaw 
Albert Adelbert, lab. 114 Somerset 
Albert Angel, stonecutter, 231 >f s Broadway 
Albert Annie M. tavern, 72 Mulberry 
Albert Augustus (A. & H. J. A.) prest. Balto. 

and Drum Point R. R. treas. Chester River 

S. B. CO., dw Baltimore co 
Albert Aug. J. (Albert & Bro.) Baltimore co 
Albert A. J. jr. k Co. (Aug. J., A. J. jr.. J. T. 

Albert) imprs, Shetfield cutlery, 8 s Charles 
Albert Aug. J. jr. (A. J. A. jr. & Co.) Balto co 
Albert & Bro. (A. J. Albert and Wm. J.Albert) 

office 8 s Charles 
Albert Bros. (Francis and Fred'k Albert) im- 
porters of hardware, 4 n Howard 
Albert Mrs. Catherine, 57 Bank 
Albert Dr. Charles, 104 w Monument 
Albert Charles, porter, 14 Penn 
Albert Charles H. provisions, 137 s Fremont 
Albert Daniel, bootcrimper, 39 L. McElderry 
Albert Daniel, harnessmkr, 27 Harford av 
Albert Francis, (Albert Bros.) 242 t>ruid Hill av 
Albert Francis A. clerk, 242 Druid Hill av 
Albert Frank, 8 s Charles 
Albert Frank, tailor, McElderry nr Chester 
Albert Fred. (Albert Bros.) 433 w Fayette 
Albert Geo. mercht. tailor, 164 s Bond 
Albert Geo. lab. 256 s Ann 
Albert H. A. secr'y Chester River S. B. co, dw 

Balto CO 
Albert Henry, shoemkr, 113 Henrietta 
Albert Heury, clerk, 314 Montgomery 
Albert Henry C. carp. 61 s Schroeder 
Albert Henry J. (A. & H. J. Albert) 49 » Carey 
Albert J. Erwin, clerk, 433 w Fayette 
Albert J. Taylor, (A. J. A. jr. & Co.) Balto co 
Albert Jacob, grocery, 314 Montgomery 
Albert John, butcher, 93 Lexington and 15 Hol- 

lins markets, dw Hollins ext 
Albert John, bootfitter, 57 Bank 
Albert Julian, 52 Cathedral 
Albert Leonhardt, lab. 256 s Ann 
Albert Lowry, 52 Cathedral 
Albert Michael, butcher, 31 Lexington market, 

dw 59 Mo.sher 
Albert Nicholas, lab. 280 s Bond 
Albert Wm. telegraphist, 68 s Carej' 

Albert Talbot J. attorney, U. S. court house, 

dw 52 Cathedral 
Albert Wm. saloon, 482 n Gay 
Albert Wm. J. (Albert & Bro.) 52 Cathedral 
Albert! Chas. A. (Chas. A. A. & Co.) 759 Madi- 
I son av 

ALBERTI CHAS. A. & CO. (Chas. A. Alberti) 
I importers fancy goods, 348 w Baltimore 
I Alberton Cotton Mills, office 24 German 
' ALBERTSON LSAAC, prop'r Mansion house, 
I n w cor Fayette and St. Paul 
' Albiker John, butcher, Garrison la 
I Albion Brewery, Francis Denmead, prop'r Bel- 
I videre nr Greenmount av 
Albion House, Mrs. Ellen V. Conway, proprie- 
tress. Cathedral and Richmond 
Albrecht Alex. SiUoon, 236 n Central av 
Albrecht Antone, lab. 58 s Wolfe 
Albrecht August, paver, 325 n Dallas 
Albrecht August, lab. 58 s Schroeder 
Albrecht Mrs. Barbara, beer, 225 Frederick av 
Albrecht Charles, cigar manuf. 16 s Frederick, 

dw 24 n Eden 
Albrecht Charles, cooper, 920 w Pratt 
Albrecht Ernest, drayman, 106 Columbia 
! Albrecht Ernest, shoemkr. 84 Ensor 
] Albrecht Mrs. Elizabeth, beer, 945 w Pratt 
I Albrecht Fred, barkpr. 241 s Sharp 
I Albrecht Fred. 35 n Dallas 
: Albrecht Fred, cooper, 109 Frederick av 
, Albrecht Fred, beer, 351 West 
i Albrecht George, lab. 321 n Dallas 
I Albrecht Henry, cooper, 225 Frederick av 
' Albrecht Jacob, cooper, 923 w Pratt 
] Albrecht Jacob F. cooper, McHenry and Gold- 
I smith al, dw 945 w Pratt 
Albrecht Joseph A. shoecutter, 56 Hanover 
Albrecht Mrs. Julia, glassware, 102 Hillen 
Albrecht Julius, blacksmith, 32 n Ann 
Albrecht Peter, painter, 172 Canton av 
Albrecht P. A. leaf tobacco, 16 s Frederick, dw 

Baltimore co 
Albrecht Tim. cabinet maker, 14 Sterrett 
Albrecht Timotheus, bootfitter, 24 d Eden 
Albright Ernest, driver, 106 Columbia 
Albright Mrs. F. L. notions, 139 Conway 
Alcock Fred. K. 347 w Biddle 
Alcock John D. clerk, 314 w Fayette 
Alcock John D. jr. clerk, 314 w Fayette 
Alcock Wm. H. D. bookkeeper, 347 w Biddle 
Alder Chas. H. moulder, Hampden 
Alderdice Wm. E. cigarmkr, 15 Hill 
Alderdice Sarah, grocery, 15 Hill 
Alderney Dairy, L. Klausnmn, prop'r, 346 n 

Alderson Geo. D. salesman, 183 w Lombard 
Alderson John H. clerk, 171 w Lombard 
Alderson Mrs. Lucy, boarding, 171 w Lombard 
Aldred Mrs. Sarah A. 228 Aisquith 
Aldridge Capitola, milliner, 234 Lee 
Aldridge Dr. John H. 372 w Lanvale 
Aldridge John, conductor, 234 Lee 
Aldridge Louisa, 234 Lee 
Aldridge N. A. clerk, 234 Lee 
Aler David A. coachsmith, 72 s Carey 
Aler Emanuel V. shoefitter, 72 s Carey 
Aler Mrs. Elizabeth, 79 Hollins, , 
Aler Jeremiah, finisher, 72 s Carey 
Aler John, machinist, 478 w Lombard 
Aler John, 82 n Eutaw 
Aler John T. pumpmkr, 103 Mulberry 
Aler John W. clerk, 82 n Eutaw 

HOLMES & CO., Eng^ineers' and Machinists' Tools- and Supplies,. 
Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, "Washers, &c. 

Assets. $85.000,000.00. O. F. Bresee, G-enl Ag:t. 
ALE 55 ALL ~ 

Aler Reuben J. clerk, 31 Garden 
Aler Washington Z. bookkeeper, 103 MulVierry 
Aler W. Orville, salesman, 103 Mulberry 
Aler Wm. H. jr. moulder, 43 s Carey 
Alexander Chas. 192 Hanover 
Alexander Chas. W. clerk, 72 Lee 
Alexander Ebenezer A. gauger, 363 n Bond 
Alexander Henry, gilder, 163 William 
Alexander H. H. short baud reporter, cor St. 
Paul and Lexington, dw Washington, D. C 
Alexander Mrs. J. H. 272 Lexington 
Alexander Jas. mercht. tailor, 1 Park av. dw 

78 Lexington 
Alexander Jas. painter Strieker nr Lanvale 
Alexander Joseph, engineer, 110 n Calvert 
Ale.xander Julian J. (Linthicum <fe A.) 272 

Alexander Mark, clerk, 71 Preston 
Alexander Myer, tobacconist, 213 w Pratt 
Alexander Nathan E. lumber insp'r, 133 Barre 
Alexander Mrs. Rachel, 163 William 
Alexander Richard, varnisher, 305 e Lombard 
Alexander Richard, 72 Lee 
Alexander Mrs. S. A. tailoress, 115 n Chapel 
Alexander Simon, clerk, 213 w Pratt 
Alexander T. R. insur.agent,3 Postoffice av, dw 

150 Bolton 
Alexander Thos. salesman, 305 e Lombard 
Alexander Thos. A. clerk, 150 Bolton 
Alexander Wm. clerk, 213 w Pratt 
Alford Chas H. bookkeejjer, 413 e Baltimore 
Alford Frank, 32 n Gay 
Alford Frank, gasfitter, 265 n Caroline 
Alford Geo. C. bookkeeper, 544 Lexington 
Alford James E. & Sou (Jas E. and Jas. H. Al- 
ford) insurance agents, 37 Postoffice av 
Alford Jas. E. (J. E. A. & Son) 265 a Caroline 
Alford Jas. H. (J. E. A. & Son) 105 Gough 
Alford Wm. E. clerk, 33 n Strieker 
Alfred Geo. lab. First nr Bank 
Algeier Jacob, carp. 77 Grindall 
Alger Porter R. salesman, 10 n Gilmor 
Algie Mrs. Jane, 86 n Caroline 
Algier Geo. W. (A. & Wheeler) Hampden 
Algier & Wheeler, (Geo. W. Algier, Wash. T. 

Wheeler) l)oots and shoes, Woodberry 
Alheit Chas. lab. 57 Jefiferson 
Albeit Fredk. shoemkr, 149 e Fayette 
Alisea Lewis, lab. Hampden 
Allaire Henry, clerk, 278 e Fayette 
Allan Chas. H. printer, 298 n Bond 
macher & Co. agents, 5 s Gay 
Allard Albert A. tinner, 299 e Biddle 
Allard Chas. A. stair builder, 199 n Bond 
Allard Edward C. jr. carp. 459 n Gay 
Allard Mrs. Emily, toys, 459 n Gay 
Allard Joseph, carp. 320 n -Broadway 
Allard Kate, hair dresser, 143 n Pine 
Allard Mrs. Mary C. 142 n Pine 
Allard Mrs. Thos. B. 508 Franklin 
Allard Wra. carp. 346 n Gay 
Allard Wm. H. H. stonecutter, 204 e Eager 
AUbright Jesse P. bricklayer, 142 Columbia 
Allen Alex, clerk, 42 s Strieker 
Allen Alex, engraver, over 134 w Baltimore, dw 

8 Hill 
Allen Arthur, salesman, 94 Barre 
Allen Benj. T. carp. 71 n Arlington av 
Allen Burgess B. pump and blockmkr, 266 sBond 
Allen Chas. S. conductor, 155 Cross 
Allen Chas. W. conductor, 580 Lexington 


Made water-tight, and preserved for years, by thor' 
ODghly applying ELASTIC CEHEMT aud 


By increasing the qitantity of Gum. we make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which is uuequaled. All work 
guaranteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders solicited 
for new felt roofs; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER & CO., Sole Manufacturers, 

No. 3COURTLAND STREET, up stairs. 

Allen Christopher, stable boss, 63 Penna av 

Allen Dr. C. C. restaurant, North and Lexington 

Allen C. M. clerk, 351 w Baltimore 

Allen Daniel, lab. Hampden 

Allen Edward, plumber, 81 Block 

Allen Edward, lab. 177 Hudson 

Allen Edward C. stair builder, 335 n Gay 

Allen Edward F. clerk, 325 e Eager 

Allen Mrs. Elizabeth, 263 w Lanvale 

Alien Francis, capper, 185 Hudson 

Allen G. W. clerk, 297 w Lombard 

Allen Geo. S. blacksmith, 162 Johnson 

Allen Geo. W. foreman, 396 Orleans 

Allen Geo. W. painter, 205 n Eutaw 

Allen Geraldus S. jr. clerk, 107 Argyle av 

Allen Henry, carp. 1 n Ann 

Allen Henry D. puddler, 177 Hudson 

Allen Henry L. baker, 112 n Eden 

Allen Isaac sr. caulker, 100 Fort av 

Allen James, fire dept. 200 Barre 

Allen James W. cooper, 339 w Lombard 

Allen John, clerk, 76 St. Paul 

Alien John, lab. 186 s Bond 

Allen John, saloon, 65 w Pratt 

Allen John A. 76 St. Paul 

Allen John E. salesman, 125 St Paul 

Allen John H. flour wholesale, 62 South, dw 

Washington, D. C. 
Allen John H. machinist, 163 n Fremont 
Allen John R. machinist, 163 n Fremont 
Allen John T. puddler, 352 Aliceanna 
Allen John W. blacksmith, 38 n Poppleton 
Allen Joseph, mariner, 100 Fort av 
Allen Joseph S. carp. 315 e Fayette 
Allen Joseph S. carp. 394 e Madison 
Allen L. F. carp. Parrish nr AVinchester 
Allen L. W. S. painter, 339 w Lombard 
Allen Lawrence, baker, 19 McElderry 
Allen Lawrence, painter, 339 w Lombard 
Allen Luther W.P. salesman, 90 n Carrollton av 
Allen Mrs. Margaret, Hampden 
Allen Mary E. grocery, 19 McElderry 
Allen Mrs. Mary E. confec'y, 38 n Poppleton 
Allen Mrs. Rebecca, 204 Aisquith 
Allen Rhodes G. sign painter, 44 s Fulton 
Allen Robert, Mt. Vernon mills 
Allen Robert J. bricklayer, 95 n Strieker 
Allen Sarah, Mt. Vernon mills 
Allen Sarah, sec. hand clothing, 266 s Bond 
Allen Solomon, carp. 163 n Arlington av 
Allen Thomas, painter, Fort av nr Webster 
Allen Thos. F. shoemkr, Oxford, York rd 
Allen Thos. P. shoemkr, 17 Watson 
Allen Thos. S. pressman, 228 Conway 
Allen Walter J. tin boxmkr, 203 George 
Allen Wm. carp. 71 Lee 
Allen Wm. carp. 14 Burrough 
Allen Wm. carp. 203 George 
Allen Wm. broker, 415 Franklin 
Allen Wm. E. gunsmith, 228 Conway . 
Allen Wm. H. glassblower, 188 s Fremont 


No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 


^ U^Ft^RESIE ]giSin^^rS^HF^^FI RE^^ A^ Ei 





Allen Wm. H. architect and builder, cor Lex- 
ington and North, dw Charles-st av and 
Alien Wm. H. shoemkr, 335 s Charles 
Allen Wm. J. B. bricklayer, 203 George 
Allen Wm. M. jr. clerk, 297 w Lombard 
Allen Wm. N. coal dealer, Pratt and Fulton, 
• dw 682 w Lombard 
Allenbaugh Chas. plasterer, IT s Monroe 
Allenbaugh Chas. T. plumber, 136 Penna av 
Allenbaugh Geo. W. plasterer, 17 s Monroe 
Allenbaugh John 0. carp. 472 e Chase 
Allenbaugh Wm. H. shoemkr, 499 Saratoga 
Allenbaugh Wm. J. clerk, 499 Saratoga 
Allender Saml. lab. Mt. Vernon mills 
Allenton Benj. mariner, 10 e Lombard 
Allers Diedrich, groc'y and feed, 140 s Eutaw 
Allers Harman E. lab. 404 s Charles 
ALLERS JOHN A. brickraaker, lime and hair, 
410 s Charles, dw n c cor HoUins and Gilmor 
Allers John H. brickmkr, Gilmor and Hollins 
Allers John H. feed, 410 s Charles 
Alles Conrad, cigarmkr, 310 s Dallas 
Alles Philip, coal oil refiner. First av and Fourth 

and provisions, 14 Centre Market sp 
Allewalt John Q. (J.Q.A. & Co.) 304 n Eden 
Allewalt J. Q. & Co. (J. Q. Allewalt) com mer- 
chants, 120 North 
Allheit Adam, blacksmith, 204 Columbia 
Allinson Francis G. fellow Johns Hopkins Uni- 
versity, 212 w Hoffrnan 
Allison Mrs. Ann, 65 s Eden 
Allison James S. jr. clerk, Star hotel 
Allison Jas. S. feed, &c. n e cor Sharp and Do- 
ver, dw Star hotel 
Allison John T., Hampden ' 
Allison Mrs. Mary, Druidville 
Allison Philip S. (John H. Hugg & Co.) 209 e 

Allison Richard T. clerk Record office, dw Bal- 
timore CO 
Allison Robert H. grocery, 321 e Baltimore 
Allison Wm. lab. 68 Cooksie 
Allison Wm. J. carp. 49 n Greene 
Allman Thomas P. hatter, Brown's hotel 
Allmand John O'G. (Gegan Bros. & A.) 84 

Allnutt E. S. & Co. (Edmund S. Allnutt, M. B. 
Johnson) boots and shoes, wholesale, over 240 
w Baltimore 
Allnutt Edmund S. (E. S. A. & Co.) 137 Bolton 
Allnutt Geo. R. W. 121 McCulloh 
Allnutt Henry, hats, shoes, &c. 192 w Pratt, dw 

82 Columbia 
Allnutt Thos. W. carp. 370 Hollins 
Alloway Geo. N. clerk, 125 n Charles 
All Saints (P.E.) church, Baltimore and Gilmor 
All Saints School, 261 n Eutaw 
Alls John P. shoemaker, 390 e Eager 
Allston Joseph Blyth, attorney, 32 St. Paul, dw 

37 Pleasant 
Alluisi Salvator, model maker, basement 360 w 

Baltimore, dw 167 Chesnut 
Allwell Geo. bricklayer, 286 McDonogh 
All well Stephen D. ropemaker, 286 McDonogh 
Allwell Stephen S. canmaker, 354 e Fayette 
Allwell Wm. mariner, 175 s Bond 
Almack Geo. W. blacksmith, 317 Mulberry 
Almendinger Jacob, carpet weaver, 30 Union 
Almond Mrs. A. L grocery, 555 Saratoga 
Almond John, butcher, 555 Saratoga 
Almony Mordecai, carp. 88 n Exeter 

Almoav Wm. barkpr. 88 n Exeter 
ALNUTT JAMES W. president Bank of Com- 
merce, 177 Saratoga 
Alosa Henrietta, confect'ry, 115 n Central av 
Alosa Jos. cutter, 115 n Central av 
Alrick Frank C. clerk, 19 Courtland 
Alricks Mrs. F. W, 86 w Chase 
Alrick H. 121 w Madison 
Alphus Aug. varnisher, 29 s Central av 
Alpsteg Jacob, cooper, 158 s Spring 
Alschinee Wm. shoemaker, 205 Light 
Alt Casper, broommaker, 617 Belair av 
Alt Chas. carriage maker, 19 Clay 
Alt Mrs. Elizabeth, grocery, 617 n Gay 
Alt Franz, lab. 166 Burgundy al 
Alt John, shoemaker, 185 Dover 
Alt John, shoemaker, 136 Burgundy al 
Altemus Joseph B.( Coffin, Altemus & Co.) Phil- 
Altenberg Jacob, beer, 161 s Bethel 
Altenburg Wm. butter, Jackson sq av and 

Alter Jacob, cabinetmaker, 411 Light 
Altevogt Deny, tailoress, 351 Aliceanna 
Altevogt Fred, beer. Third av and O'Donnell 
Altevogt Henry, Third av and O'Donnell 
Altevogt Herman, lab. 351 Aliceanna, Canton 
Altevogt Wm. lab. 351 Aliceanna, Canton 
Althaus Wm. clerk, 64 e Fayette 
Althen Mrs. Sarah, tailoress, 279 n Front 
AlthofF Frank, baker, 98 Cross 
Altmeier Simon, 16 Lloyd 
Altman Henry, stevedore, 159 s Ann 
Altman Isaac, clerk, 145 Scott 
Altman Jacob, clerk, 145 Scott 
Altman Rev. N. 145 Scott 
Alton Lewis H. carp. 448 e Monument 
Alton Walter H. farmer, 89 Parkin 
Altrieth Christian, beer, 259 Hanover 
Altrieth David, apothecary, 306 Light 
Altrieth Wm. confectioner, 259 Hanover 
Altvater Mrs. Ann M. 28411 Bond 
Altvater Charles, clerk, w Lombard ext 
Altvater Charles, clerk, 110 Eastern av 
Altvater Conrad, varnisher, 20 n Castle ^ 
Altvater Conrad H.bill poster, 148s Washington 
Altvater Elizabeth, 7 McElderry 
Altvater Henry, potter, 79 s Central av 
Altvater Jacob, clothing cutter, 89 Harmony la 
Altvater Mrs. John, 108 Eastern av 
Altvater John, clerk, 5 Arch 
Altvater John A. canmkr, 193 e Fayette 
Altvater Joseph, canmkr, 39 Port 
Altvater Lewis, boots and shoes, 331 n Gay 
Altvater Louis, liquors, 112 Eastern av, dw 110 
Altvater Wm. H. carp. 7 McElderry 
Altvater Wm. L. J. clerk, 89 Harmony la 
Altvather John C. bill poster, 28 s Caroline 
Alvey Samuel R. dispatcher, 286 Hollins 
Amann Michael, lab. 96 s Castle 
Ambach Adolph, tailor, 213 n Dallas 
Ambach, Burgunder & Co. (David, Michael and 
Max Ambach, Joseph jr. and Henry Burgun- 
der) wholesale clothiers, 271 w Baltimore 
Ambach David, (Ambach, Burgunder & Co.) 

257 w Lombard 
Ambach Max, (A., Burgunder & $o.) 257 w 

Ambach Michael, (A., Burgunder & Co.) 150 

w Lombard 
Amberg Alfred, shuck er, 421 Aliceanna 
Amberg Chas. lab. 183 Eastern av 

WM. WIRT CLARKE, Lnporter and Manufacturers' Agent, 
Oifers CEMENTS and PLASTER of aJJ kinds at Lowest Market Rates. 

Insurance Agants and Br ok ers, Ameri can Building^ 
AMB 57 AMO ^ 


Made vvator-tigbt. and preserved for years, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMENT aud 

Araberg Geo. tailor, 421 Aliceanna 
Amberg Henry, shucker, 421 Aliceanna 
Amberg Valentine, lab. 183 Eastern av 
Ambrogi Biogir, fruit stand, Gay and Pratt, dw 

57 w Baltimore 
Ambrogi Eneri, clerk, 57 w Baltimore 
Ambrogi R. fruit, 57 w Baltimore 
Ambrose Andrew, lab. 212 e Chase 
Ambrose John, painter, 276 s Sharp 
Ambrose John jr. painter,' 276 s Sharp- 
Ambrose Jury, lab. 59 s Castle 
Ambrose Lewis, blacksmith, 68 Maryland av 
Ambrose Wm. painter, 1 Woodward 
Amelang August, merch. tailor, 42 n Calvert 

dw 2 n Caroline 
Amelang Chas. A. tailor, 2 n Caroline 
Amelung August, baker, 266 n Eutaw 
Amelung Frederick, tobacconist, 352 u Gay 
Amelung Herman, baker, 266 s Eutaw 
Amen John, lab. 219 s Durham 
Amend Christopher, lab. 193 Clement 
Amend John, drayman. Baker nr Penna av 
Amend Joseph, junk, 150 s Eden 
Amend Louis, wheelwright, 235 and 237 s Ann 
Amend Louis, lab. Baker nr Penna av 
Amend Mathias, blacksmith, 235 s Ann 
Axnend Valentine, shoemkr, 12 Spruce al 
Amendt Chas. P. coachrakr, 59 Bank 
Amendt Fred, cigarmkr, .59 Bank 
Amendt Jacob, tanner, 59 Bank 
Ament Andrew, shoemkr, 195 Eastern av 
Ament Casper, lab. 195 Eastern av 
Ament John, lab. 83 s Bethel- 
Ament Mathias, hay, 24 L. Walsh 
Amer Henry, baker, 124 Ramsay 
Amer John, lab. Clinton nr Elliott 
Amer Martin, carter, 2 Patapsco al 
Amer Martin H. paver, 10 Elizabeth al 
Amer Simon, blacksmith, Falls rd nr tollgate 
Amersihan Andrew, tailor, 5 Smith al 
American Central Fire Ins. Co. of St. Louis, 8 

German nr South 
American Colonization Society, Dr. Jas. Hall, 

agent, over 8 German 
AMERICAN BUILDING, s w cor Baltimore 

and South 
American Dredging Machine Co., Nathaniel A. 

Baillie, agent, 5 Postoffice av 
PANY, of Baltimore ; First District, s w cor 
Baltimore and Calvert; Second District under 
Eutaw hotel; Third District 53 Richmond; 
Fourth District n e cor Edmondson av & Carey 
AMERICAN 'FARMER, Samuel Sands & Son, 

publishers, over 128 w Baltimore 
American Fire Ins. Co. of Newark, 37 Post- 
office av 
AMERICAN FIRE INS. CO. of Baltimore, 6 

South, James L. Armstrong, pres't 
American Fire Ins. Co. of Philadelphia, agency 

9 and 1 1 North 
American Gns Coal Co., James Boy ce, president, 

American bldg 
American and German Benevolent Society, 63 

American and German Institute, and school for 
Deaf and Dumb, Prof. F. Knapp, 29, 31 and 
33 n Holliday 
American Hotel, Mrs. R. C. Fairchild, proprie- 
tress, n w cor Franklin and Calvert 
American Life Ins. Co. of Philadelphia, E. B. 
Tyler, agent, 131 w Baltimore 


By inereasitig the qvarifify of G^im, we make a Paiut 
for Damp Walls which is uuequaled All Work 
(fuarauleed. A trial is all we ask. Orders soUciicd 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D. M SADLER & CO., Sole Mauufactiirers, 

No 3 COURTLAND STREET, up stairs. 

American Lye Co., C. G. Baernstein, agent, 3 

American Mfg. Co. of Baltimore city, E. D. 

McConkey, pres't, 7 Cross 
American Sewing Machine Co., John S. Dovey, 

manager, 64 n Charles 
Amerine Joseph, cabinetmkr, 18 n Castle 
Amersback Leonard, beer, 256 n Wolfe 
Ames Daniel R. notions, 325 n Ann 
Ames Rev. Edward R. 184 McCuUoh 
Ames Capt. Edward R.jr.,U.S.A.184 McCulloh 
Ames Francis, glassblower, 44 Covington 
Ames Francis, jr. lab. 44 Covington 
Ames Franklin A. agent, 163 n Gay 
Ames Geo. T. (R.W.A.&Co.) 539>^ Lexington 
Ames Dr. Howard, U.S.N. 128 w Madison 
Ames Hudson N. engineer, 98 Myrtle av 
Ames John, lab. 2 Addison 
Ames John, 40 Clarke 
Ames L. F. fiincy goods, 163 n Gay 
Ames R. W. (R'.W.A.& Co.) Virginia 
Ames R. W. & Co. (R. W. and Geo. T. Ames, 

Geo. M. Roberts) prod, and wholes, com. 

merchts, 7 Wood 
Ames Wm. lab. 48 Woodyear 
Ames Wm. H. bookkpr, 208 e Pratt 
Amey Joseph H. bricklayer, 148 s Paca 
Amey Levi, shipcarp. 144 Battery av 
Amey Wm. fisherman, 144 Battery av 
Amey Wm. bricklayer, 128 s Poppleton 
Amey Wm. E. huckster, 16 Weber 
Amherling Henry, shipcarp. 137 s Regester 
Amicable Perm. Land and Loan Co. 101 Franklin 
Amick Chas. ropemkr, 545 Harford av 
Amick Henry, ropemkr, 545 Harford av 
Amick Mrs. Sarah, notions, 62 Druid Hill av 
Amieva R. F. bookkpr, 414 n Carey 
Amling Barbara, tailoress, 265 e Lombard 
Amling Geo. lab. 42 Washington av 
Amling Geo. beer, 265 e Lombard 
Amling Wm. lab. 42 Washington av 
Ammen Saml. Z. teacher, 205 Madison av 
Ammer Daniel, clerk, 138 Conway 
Ammer George, currier, 183 e Lombard 
Ammer Jacob, watchman, 138 Conway 
Ammer Mrs. Margaret, grocery, 138 Conway 
AMMIDON & CO. (J.P.andD. C. Ammidon) 

genl. com. merchts. manufrs. Va. sumac, 

quercitron bark, and dealers in tin, 77 McEl- 

clerry's whf 
Ammidon D. C. (A.&Co.) 263 Linden av 
Ammidon John P. (A.&Co.) 263 Linden av 
Amos Chas. L. clerk, 357 Madison av 
Amos Fred. A. bricklayer, 123 Edmondson av 
Amos I. R. (I. R. A. & Co.) Lutherville, Balti- 
more co. 
Amos I. R. & Co. (I. R. Amos) blank book 

manufs. and bookbinders, s e cor Postoffice av 

and Baltimore 
Amos J. J. clerk, 141 n Paca 
Amos James, 70 n Strieker 

The Best Portland Cement, (same as I have been furnishing the Capitol Grounds 
at Washington,) in store and to arrive regularly during the season, No. 61 S. GAY ST. 





Amos James S. huckster, 305 a Eutaw 
Amos Jas. Ti. salesman, Wolfe and Eager 
Amos Jas. W. brickla^-er, 123 Edmondsou av 
Amos John, carter, Oxford 
Amos Mrs. Joseph, millinery goods, 1G5 n Eutaw 
Amos Joshua X. harnessnikr, Hampden 
Amos Rebecca, 18 n Strieker 
Amos W. L. haruessmkr, Hampden 
Amos Wra. J. clerk, 165 n Eutaw 
Amos Winfield, 7 a Strieker 
Amoss Alfred P. jr. bookkeeper, 114 n Carroll- 
ton av 
Amoss Mrs. Annie E. 285 e Eager 
Amoss Chas. E. musician, 230 n Wolfe 
Amoss James E. chief clerk sJierifF's office, 328 

n Caroline 
Amoss James 0. bookbinder, 328 n Caroline 
Amoss Joseph Y. morocco dresser, 230 n Wolfe 
Amoss Milton, milk, 631 Belair av 
Amoss Wm. brakeman, 285 e Eager 
Amoss Wra. Y. lab. 230 n Wolfe 
Amoss Winfield S. clerk, 328 n Caroline 
Amrain John, wagons, 59 n High 
Araral Anton, shoemkr, 240 Conway 
Amrheim Casper, cabinetmkr, 9 n Bethel 
Amrhein Casper, cooper, 173 Madeira al 
Amrhein Chas. Ijaker, 169 s Caroline 
Amrhein Chrisr. baker, 22 s Patterson Park av 
Amrheiu Geo. shoemkr, 225 Aliceanna 
Amrhein Gotfried, butcher, 3 Belair market, dw 

Harford rd nr Darley Park 
Amrhein Jacol), shoemkr, 198 Harford av 
Amrhein Joseph, cabinetmkr, 18 n Castle 
Amrhein Mrs. Louisa, tailoress, 283 Franklin 
Amrhein Philip, cooper, 44 n Duncan al 
Amrim Henry, shoemkr, 76 s Regester 
Amthor Dr. Robert, 42 n Broadway 
Anacker Herman, baker, 4 n High 
Anacker John, lab. 218 Scott 
ANCHOR LINE, J. G. Searles, agt. 199 North 
Anderfuhren Edw. G. shoemkr, 125 n Howard 
Anderfuhrcn Louis A. wood toys, 428 w Pratt, 

dw 357 Columbia 
Anders John M. bricklayer, 42)^ n Pine 
Anderson A. L. agent Walton, Whann & Co's 
phosphate, 16 Bowly's whf. dw 149 n Strieker 
Anderson Agnes, teacher, 200 e Madison 
Auderson"Agnes, teacher, 144 William 
Anderson Andrew, grocery, 254 n Caroline 
Anderson Andrew, 82 Camden 
Anderson Andrew, lab. 320 Eastern av 
Anderson Ann, butter, 137 Ensor 
Anderson Mrs. Annie, Hampden 
Anderson B. T. flour and feed, 126 n High, dw 

394 n Eden 
importers hardware, n w cor Light and Pratt 
Anderson Mrs. Catherine, notions, 10 n Caroline 
Anderson Chaney, carp. 40 Myrtle av 
Anderson Chas. blksmith, 224' Peirce 
Anderson Chas. E. salesman, Howard house 
Anderson Chas. E. baker, 357 Aliceanna 
Anderson Chas. H. blacksmith, 224 Peirce 
Anderson Clifford C. clerk, 96 n CarroUton av 
Anderson Daniel, carp. 55 n Dallas 
Anderson Mrs. E. F. boarding, 189 w Lombard 
Anderson E. F. salesman, 189 w Loml)ard 
Anderson Mrs. E. J. milliner, 195 n Eutaw 
Anderson E. R. salesman, 16 Hanover 
Anderson Edward, carp. 47 n Pine 
Anderson Mrs. Elizbh. drcssmkr, 133 Dolphin 
Anderson Elizalieth, missionary, 144 William 

Anderson Fanny, confectionery, 357 Aliceanna 
Anderson Frank, student, 212 w Hoffman 
Anderson Geo. pipefitter, 113 Parkin 
Anderson Geo. blacksmith, 224 Peirce 
Anderson Geo. blacksmith, 118 Scott 
Anderson Geo. E. cigarmkr, 191 s Chester 
Anderson Geo. F.(Seevers k A.) 279 w Lanvale 
Anderson Geo. M. lab. 3 Columbia 
Anderson H. A. huckster, Calverton rd 
Anderson Henrietta, 4 Webb 
Anderson Henry, turner 127 n Paca 
Anderson Her})ert W. clerk, 183 n Calvert 
Anderson Howard, printer, 40 Myrtle av 
Anderson Hugh, painter, 22 Hammond al 
Anderson I. W. clerk, 394 n Eden 
Anderson Capt. Isaac J. 228 n Broadway 
Anderson James, police, 156 West 
Anderson James, hacks, 22 Linden av 
Anderson James, engineer, 23 Hamburg 

ANDERSON & SON, (James M. 
Anderson, W. S. Andeison,) En- 
gravers, Printers, Stationers, 
Blank Book Manufacturers, and 
Dealers in Fancy Goods, 148 W. 
Baltimore. ^ 

Anderson James D. police, 156 West 
Anderson James K. horseshoer, Paca and Cider 

al, dw 133 German 
ANDERSON JAMES M. (Anderson & Son) 

prest. Firemen's Ins. Co. 183 n Calv.ert 
Anderson James N. (Wheat & A.) 44 n Liberty 
Anderson Mrs. Jeanette, 45 Forrest 
Anderson Jesse N. plasterer, 220 Saratoga 
Anderson John, lab. Hampden 
Anderson John, blacksmith, 224 Peirce 
Anderson John, agent, 329 Mosher 
Anderson John, silversmith. Burton's hotel 
Anderson John, lab. 17 Randall 
Anderson John, lalt. 8 s Eden 
Anderson John, shoemaker, 134 Camden 
Anderson John jr. mariner, 288 e Lombard 
Anderson John, tailor, 127 n Paca 
Anderson John, hackman, 143 w Madison 
Anderson John, driver, 1 Garden 
Anderson John E. carp. 327 William 
Anderson John G. processor, 76 Division 
Anderson John H. painter, 224 Peirce 
Anderson John J. clerk, 127 n Paca 
Anderson John M. inspector C. H. 13 Warren 
Anderson John W. blacksmith, 29 s CarroUton av 
Anderson Joshua, (Leeke & A.) 48 George 
Anderson L. T. billiards, n e cor North and 

Baltimore, dw 160 Hanover 
Anderson Lewis, cigarmkr, 47 Stiles 
Anderson Mrs. Mary, milliner, 160 Hanover 
Anderson Michael, carter, 246 Cross 
Anderson Morris, carp. 53 e Monument 
Anderson Notley D. clerk cattle scales, Calvei'- 

tou, dw Baltimore co 
Anderson Oliver, blacksmith, 145 s Wolfe 
Anderson R. F. carp. 450 n Calhoun 
Anderson R. R. clerk, 394 n Eden 
Anderson Richard, shipsmith, 175 s Patterson 

Park av 
Anderson Richard, driver, 143 w Madison 
Anderson Rich'd B. cooper, 10 Abey al 
Anderson Robert M. carp. 327 William 
Anderson .Mrs. Rosa, Fulton nr Dover 
Andersen Dr. S. H., Franklin and Pine 

HOLMES & CO., Engineers' and Machinists' Tools and Supplies, 
Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

O. F. Bresee, G-eneral Agent. American Building ; . 

Anderson Samuel, 188 William 
Anderson Theodore, engineer, 379 William 
Anderson Thomas, lab. 195 Peirce 
Anderson Thomas sr. carp. 291 n Bond 
Anderson Thomas jr. carp. 291 n Bond 
Anderson Thomas D. (Anderson Bros.) Hamp- 
den, Baltimore co 
Anderson Tbos. J. engineer, 69'Cross 
Anderson Thos. W. canmkr, 1Y8 Johnson 
Anderson W. S. (Anderson & Son) 183 n Cal- 
Anderson Wm. contractor, 190 Greenmount av 
Anderson Wm. dentist, 136 n Exeter 
Anderson Wm. painter, 195 n Eutaw 
Anderson Wm. hackman, 22 Garden 
Anderson Wm. E. foreman, 190 Greenmount av 
Anderson Capt. Wm. H. mariner, 332 William 
Anderson Wm. H. painter, 11 n Sharp, d\v 358 

Anderson Wm. H. H. attorney, 42 St. Paul, dw ] 

84 Franklin 
Anderton Walter E. oyster packer, 85 n Calvert 
Andrae Chas. F. carp. 241 s Sharp 
Andre Christopher, painter and dealer in paints, 

&c. 300 Light 
Andre Geo. painter, 273 William 
ANDRE Dr. J. RIDGWAY, 121 e Baltimore 
Andre Wm. provisions, 198 s Eutaw 
Andrea Herman, shoemaker, 259 s Wolfe 
Andrea Henry, shoemkr, 259 s Wolfe 
Andreas Adam, restaurant, 195 s Broadway 
Andreas Geo. cabinetmkr, 68 Portland 
Andreas Gottleib, grocery, 37 n Frederick 
Andres Rev. J. L. 25 n Front 
Andrews Mrs. Amanda, 23 Holland 
Andrews Alonzo M. mariner, 23 Holland 
Andrews Chas. butcher, Penna ave ext 
Andrews Chas. C. painter, 87 n Pine 
Andrews Chas. H. gunsmith, 323 Eastern av 
Andrews David, machinist, 688 Ramsay 
Andrews David S. lab. 144 McHenry 
Andrews Mrs. Elizabeth, 231 Franklin 
Andrews Frank, painter, 87 n Pine 
Andrews Geo. W.^ shoemkr, 130 Saratoga 
Andrews H. C. clerk, 2 Lexington 
Andrews Hannah, 237 n Eutaw 
Andrews Henry, (A. & Tritsch) 191 West 
Andrews Henson C. lab. 540 s Charles 
Andrews Hercules R. W. 66 Barre 
Andrews Isabella, 9 n Pine 
Andrews Jacob, butcher, 13 Hanover, 57 Centre 

and 45 Lexington mkts, dw 482 Light 
Andrews James B. agent Carolina Central De- 
spatch line, and Atlantic and Gulf freight line, 
33 German, dw 231 n Fremont 
Andrews James, cooper, 193 s Chester 
Andrews Jane, 237 n Eutaw 
Andrews John, shoemkr, McElderry nr Chester 
AndrcAvs John, lab. 187 Montgomery 
Andrews John, watchman. Gay and Exeter 
Andrews John H. machinist, 55 s High 
Andrews John J. undertaker, 4 Druid Hill av 
Andrews John W. sailmkr, 23 Holland 
Andrews Jos. W. asst. weigher C. H. dw 231 n 

Andrews Lee, driver, 115 n Spring 
Andrews Matthew, mariner, 122 Cross 
Andrews MoUie, 31 Albemarle 
Andrews R. Snowden, North and Maryland avs 
Andrews Ringgold, police, 5 Holland 
Andrews Thos. mariner, 122 Cross 
Andrews Thos. machinist, Ramsay ext 


Made water-tight, and preserved for yeaTs, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMENT and 


By increasing the qtiavtity of Ovm, we make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which u< uuequaled. All work 
guaranteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders solicited 
for new felt roof>' ; old roofs repaired. 

1). M. SADLER & CO.. Sole Manufacturers, 

No. 3 COURTLAND STREET, up stairs. 

Andrews Thos. B. gunsmith, 141 n Exeter 
Andrews Dr. T. F., Barnum's hotel 
ANDREWS & THOMPSON, (W.S. Thompson) 

druggists and chemists, 5 w Baltimore 
Andrews & Tritsch, (Henry Andrews, Wm. 

Tritsch) rags, 191 West 
Andrews Victor, boxmkr, 71 n Fremont 
Andrews W. A. clerk, 2 Lexington 
\ Andrews Wm. lab. 22 Elizabeth la 
Andrews Wm. driver, 382 Penna av 
Andrews Wm. A. painter, 87 n Pine 
i Andrews Wm. E. clerk, 697 Saratoga 
1 Andrews Wm. T. shoemkr, 169 Montgomery 
i Angel Geo. B. carter. Monument nr Duncan al 
Angel Mary J. 66 Harford av 
Angelmier Geo. carter, 537 Saratoga 
Angelmier John, lab. 503 Saratoga 
Angelmier Matthias sr. carter, 537 Saratoga 
Anger Lewis, butcher, 1 2 Hanover Market, dw 

Retreat nr Mary 
Anger Valentine J. barkpr, 6 n Gay 
Anger Wm. cooper, 234 s Eutaw 
Angerman Henry, coachtrimmer, 250 George 
Augerman W. restaurant, 310 w Pratt 
Angerman Wm. H. (T. A. Brown & Co.) 401 

Angermyer John, lithographer, 261 n Fremont 
Angle Lewis, taffy, 101 s Caroline 
Anglitz John, bri'ckmkr, 40 Haubert 
Angst Ferdinand, shoemkr, 100 Dover 
Anker Francis, paver, 257 Aisquith 
Anker Matthew, tailor, 504 e Fayette ^ 

I Anker Michael, shoemkr, 257 Aisquith 
i Ankerbrend Mrs. Henrietta, 174 East 
' Annan Roberdeau, bookkpr, 228 Argyle av 
j Annan Wm. L. bookkpr, 37 Mulberry 
j Annandale W. J. bookkpr, 353 u Broadway 
\ Annen Henry, dravman, 228 n Dallas 
Annen John^ lab. 228 n Dallas 
Annesley Mrs. Amanda, hat trimmer, 51 Hillen 
Anschutz Valentine, lab. 228 s Ann 
Ansfelter Joseph, huckster, 416 Saratoga 
Ansliutz Albert, upholsterer, 171 e Madison 
Anshutz Chas. locksmith and stoves, 181 s 
, Caroline 
Anson Stephen, shoemkr, 5 Lemmon 
Anstine Jacob, carp. 222 L. Constitution 
1 Anthony & Dodge, (Wm. V.Anthony, Wm. E. 
I Dodge) lumber com. merchts. Mill and Bowly • 
' Anthony Daniel W. clerk, 90 n Eden 
Anthony David, fireman, 103 s Gilmor 
Anthony Edward, fisherman, 57 Johnson 
Anthony Francis, fisherman, 57 Johnson 
Anthony G. W. sr. edge tool grinder, 90 n Eden 
Anthony Geo. W. jr. printer, 90 n Eden 
Anthonv Henry A. (John D. Hammond & Co.) 

348 Myrtle av 
Anthony James H. watchman, 175 Orleans 
Anthony John H. clerk, 348 Myrtle av 
Anthony Liscum, watchman, Loudon av nr 
Millington la 


No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 





Anthony T. L. bookkpr, 207 w Lombard 
Anthony \^n. carp. 197 n Central av 
Anthony Wm. jr. marble cut'r, 197 n Central av 
Anthony Wm. V. (A. & Dodge) 298 Penna av 
Antlidz Michael, lab. 47 Madeira al 
Anton Catherine, beer, 247 s Wolfe 
Anton George jr. tailor, 331 n Central av 
Anton Henry, tailor, 216 e Eager 
Anton Henry, cooper, 336 e Lombard 
Anton John H. tailor, 216 e Eager 
Antrechi Wm. baker, 201 s Broadway 
Antrim Dr. Wm. W. 192 Pearl 
Anzmann Anthony, notions, 227 Lexington 
Anzmaun Joseph, bootmkr, 173 German 
Apel Adolph, tailor, 159 e Pratt 
Apcl J. G. plasterer, 124 Parkin 
Apollo Garden, 561 w Baltimore 
Appel A. blacksmith, 112 n Chapel 
Appel Adam, butcher, 10 Hollins mkt, dw Gar- 
rison la 
Appel Chas. C. cigarmkr, 414 Eastern av 
Appel Conrad, tailor, 414 Eastern av 
Appel Daniel, moulder, 5 Brannan ct 
Appel Edward, .tailor, 289 Eastern av 
Appel Edward, tailor, 120 s Regester 
Appel F. W. jr. clerk, 90 e Lombard 
Appel F. W. stationer, 90 e Lombard 
Appel Frank, tobacconist, 438 n Gay 
Appel Fredk. 24 Shakspear 
Appel Fredk. lab. 478 Canton av 
Appel Fredk. tailor, 79 s Wolfe 
Appel Fredk. lab. 273 s Durham 
Appel Fredk. C. lab. 9 n Durham 
Appel Geo. silver plater, 90 e Lombard 
Appel Henry, lab. 82 Frederick av 
Appel Henry, silver plater, 4 Brannan ct 
Appel Henry, cigarmkr, 70 Mullikin 
Appel Henry, letter carrier, 213 n Eutaw 
Appel J. F.- baker, 55 Aisquith 
Appel John, harnessmkr, 18 Laloup 
Appel John, carp. 82 Battery av 
Appel John, clerk, 22 Clinton av 
Appel John, shoecutter, 157 s Paca 
Appel John, tailor, 70 Mullikin 
Appel John, shoemkr, 22 Clinton av 
Appel John C. fireman, 34 n Chapel 
Appel Leonard, lab. 89 Fort av 
Appel Mrs. Margarite, 271 e Madison 
Appel Mrs. Margt. grocery, 22 Clinton av 
Appel Mrs. Mary, tobacconist, 70 Mullikin 
Appel Nicholas, beer, 45 s Wolfe 
Appel Mrs. Sophia, dressmkr, 18 Laloup 
Appel Wm. shoemkr. Sweet Air 
Appleby Chas. patternmkr, Woodberry 
Appleby Edward H. patternmkr, 304 n Eutaw 
Appleby John, conductor, 25 Warren 
Appleby John P. canmkr, 172 s Bond 
Appleby Lemuel, Woodberry 
Appleby Mrs. Mary, Washington nr Chase 
Appleby Mrs. Mary, 109 n Ann 
Appleby Reazon, huckster, 1 Whatcoat 
Appleby Saml. C. (Schertlen k A.) 109 n Ann 
Appleby Samuel N. drug clerk, 821 w Fayette 
Appleby Wm. machinist. Sweet Air 
Appleby Wm. lab. 1 Whatcoat 
Appleby Wm. driver, 414 Division 
Appleby Wm. H. machinist, Woodberry 
Applegarth A. J. clerk, 191 w Townsend 
Applegarth Alex. (A. & Magers) 525 Franklin 
Applegarth Charles L. jr. packer, 269 Light 
Applegarth Charles L. clerk, 269 Light 

Applegarth Henry C. packer, 348 Lexington 
Applegarth Capt. John, mariner, 131 Montgomery 
Applegarth John A.(J.A.A.&Co.)191Townsend 
Applegarth John A. & Co. (J. A. Applegarth) 

com. merchts, 96 Light-st whf 
Applegarth John F. cigarmkr, 268 Hanover 
Applegarth Capt. Lawson Madison nr Ann 
Applegarth Lawson J. jr. canmaker, Madison 

nr Ann 
Applegarth Mrs. Mary E. dressmkr, 377 Light 
Applegarth & Magers (Alex. Applegarth, Chas. 
E. Magers) grain, feed and hay, 11 Patterson 
Applegarth Nathaniel ( Wm.A.A So*) 48 Fawn 
Applegarth Nathaniel J. flour and feed, 61 s 

Calvert, dw 507 w Fayette 
Applegarth Robt. cigarmkr, 268 Hanover 
Applegarth Robt. H. plumber, 348 .Lexington 
Applegarth Robt. H. cigarmkr, 268 Hanover 
Applegarth Robt. M. canmkr, Madison nr Ann 
vert, dw 143 n Calhoun 
Applegarth Thos.M.( VV.A.& Son)469 Mulberry 
Applegarth W. J. bookkpr, 48 Fawn 
APPLEGARTH WM. & SON, (Nathaniel and 
T. M. Applegarth) ship brolters and conun'n 
merchants, 39 w Pratt, cor Buchanan's whf 
Applegarth Wm. pilot, 92 s Chester 
Applegarth Wm. H. paver, Madison nr Ann 
Appier Benj. F. tobacconist, Mulberry and Fre- 
mont, dw 218 Peirce 
Appier F. C. conductor, 505 Franklin 
Appier Henry, tinner, 344 Ramsay 
Appier Orlando M. paperhanger, 6 s Poppleton 
APPLETON D. & CO. publishers,W.W.Hayne, 

manager, 22 Postoffice av 
Appleton Thos. lab. 15 Stockton 
Applewaite Henry B. machinist, 320 w Lanvale 
Applewaite Jas. T. clerk, 320 w Lanvale 
Applewaite Mrs. M. M. 320 w Lanvale 
Applewaite Rich.H. patternmkr, 320 w Lanvale 
Applev Julius A.clerk,Sumwalt nr Maryland av 
Appol'd Frank T. (Geo.A.& Sons) 262 n Charles 
N., Howard A. and Frank T. Appold, ) hide 
and leather dealers, 8 and 10 Water, tannery 
North nr Madison 
Appold Geo. A. clerk, 281 e Monument 
Appold Geo. J. 262 n Charles 
Appold Geo. N. (Geo. A. & Sons) 80 St. Paul 
Appold Howard A. (Geo. A. & Sons)214nCalvert 
Appold (M. E.) Chapel, Washington. nr Chase 
Appold Samuel, 214 n Calvert 
Appold Samuel A. engineer. Bond nr John 
Appold Theo. R. 174 n Eutaw 
Appold Wm. H. (Geo. A. & Sons) 233 Bolton 
APPRAISER'S OFFICE, (U. S.) s e cor Gay 

and Lombard 
Apps Robt. carp. North av nr John 
Apts Henry, shoemkr, 16 Jordan al 
Apy Chas.' baker, 184 Peirce 
Apj* Mrs. Jacob, 184 Peirce 
Arbeiter Hall and Workingmen's Union, 5 s 

Arbin Conrad, butcher, Jenkins la and Green- 
mount av 
Arbin Mrs. Henry, butcher, 19 Hanover mkt, 

dw Jenkins la and Greenmount av 
Arbin Wm. butcher, 23 Fawn 
Arbuckle Fredk. K. lab. 15 Green ct 
Arbuckle Wm. grocery, 161 Battery av 
Arch Bankruz, grocery, 19 n Chapel 
Arch Wm. lab. 162 Burgundy al 

WM. WFRT CLARKE, Importer and Wholesale Aaent of 

Largest Life Ins. Co. 
" ARC 

in tiie "World, O. F. Bresee, Gen. Agt. 
61 ARM "^ 

Archer Caleb, carp. 16 Holland 

Archer Cornelius, lab. 7 Abbot 

Archer George, architect, s e cor Charles and 

Archer Henry W. (of R.) attorney, 48 St. Paul, 
dw 77 n Charles 

Archer H. W. jr. attorney, 6 Teackle bldg. dw 
Barnum's hotel 

Archer Jas. M. clerk, 180 Saratoga 

Archer Rev. Josiah, 355 Mulberry 

Archer Samuel, boots and shoes, over 9 Hano- 
ver, dw 210 w Lombard 

Archer Wm. clerk, 180 Saratoga 

Archibald Thos. lab. 4 e Second 

Arden Chas. dyer, 172 Saratoga 

Arden Chas. L. F. manager Staten Island Dye- 
ing Co. 172 Saratoga 

Ardin D. ladies' shoemaker, 61 Lexington, dw 
314 n Eutaw 

Arendt Mrs. Eliza, grocery, Wolfe and Riddle 

Arens Henry, (Von Kapff & A.) 103 Park av 

Arens John, shoemkr, 816 w Baltimore 

Arens Wm. mariner, 84 Lancaster 

Arenz August, shoemkr, 151 Hamburg 

Arenz Nicholas, shoemkr, 151 Hamburg 

Argabright Henry, med. student, 132 n High 

Aring James, helper, 162 Ramsay 

Aring Samuel, furn. wagons, 333 w Hoffman 

Arlington Savings Bank, C. R. Colliday, prest. 

155 w Fayette 
Armacost Amos, stonemasoa, Oxford, York rd 

Armacost Calvin, A. conductor, 254 Aisquith 

Armacost Geo. W. huckster, 7 Thomsen 
Armacost Frank H. 270 Argyle av 
Armacost Jas. T. clerk P. O. 95 Chew 
Armacost Margaret, 23 Lewis 
Armacost Melchor, hay, 69 Walnut al, dw 270 

Argyle av 
Armacost Melchor, stonemason, 7 Federal 
Armacost Richard E. stonemason, 20 McMechin 
Armacost Thos.C.mason, Oliver and Washington 
Armbruster Geo. filemaker, 192 Vine 
Armbruster John, blacksmith, 192 Vine 
Armeling Geo. lab. 5 New Church 
Armeling Geo. jr. clerk, 152 s Bond 
Armeling John H. cigarmkr, 152 s Bond 
Armendt John E. gunsmith, 80 Thames, dw — 

e Baltimore 
Armendt Paul, huckster, 36 Cannon 
Armesworthy Benj. blksth, Fremont and Ridgely 
Armiger Allen F. carp. 377 e Fayette 
Armiger Benj. F. cooper, 94 n Ann 
Armiger Bernard E. carp. 377 e Fayette 
Armiger Buchanan, wood carver, 377 e Fayette 
Armiger Eli G. printer, 41 n Front 
Armiger Geo. D. bootfitter, 105 n Paca 
Armiger Mrs. Isabella, 377 e Fayette 
Armiger J. C. 95 William 
Armiger James R. clerk, 61 Harlem av 
Armiger Jesse, brickmkr, 247/i Battery av 
Armiger John, bookbinder, 28 s Bond 
Armiger John L. clerk, 299 Aisquith 
Armiger John M. boilermkr, 377 e Fayette 
Armiger Joseph, combmkr, 28 s Bond 
Armiger Joseph, mariner, 52 Barre 
Armiger Josiah, farmer, 95 William 
Armiger Joshua E. builder, 417 n Central av 
Armiger Richard, (R. A. & Son) 323 e Eager 
Armiger Richard & Son, (Richard and Wm. L. 
Armiger,) refrigerator manufactrs, 12 Second 
Armiger Robt.B.carp.54 e Pratt, dw437e Fayette 
Armiger Thos. B. woodcarver, 104 Hampstead 


Made water-tight, and preserved for ygars, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMENT and 


By increamng fhe qvantUy of Gum, we make a Paint 
for Damp V\ alls which is unequaled. All work 
guaranteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders solicited 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER & CO., Sole Manufacturers. 

No 3COURTLAND STREET, up stairs. 

Armiger Thos. E. clerk, 417 n Central av 
Armiger Wm. L. (R. A. & Son,) 323 e Eager 
ARMISTEAD BROS. (Geo. and J. Ryan Armi- 

stead) note brokers, 57 Second, room 1 
Armistead George, (Armistead Bros.) 103 w 

Armistead J. Ryan, (A. Bros, and Gordon & A.) 

103 w Monument 
Armitage Geo. T. painter, 123 Peirce 
Ar milage Dr. James, 14 n Paca 
Armitage James, machinist, 7 s Oregon 
Armitage Jos. watchman, 60 s Poppleton 
Armor Chas. G. clerk, 327 n Bond 
Armor George F. glassware, lamps and oils, 164 

Armor Mrs. Rachel, 86 n Greene 

Richmond mkt 
Armstrong Andrew J. coachtrimmer,46 Orleans 
Armstrong Andrew S. boilermkr, 213 n Bond 
Armstrong Augustus, coachman, 194Lafay^teav 
Arttistrong B. A. (Brainerd, A.& Co.) New York 
Armstrong Benj. H. sewing machines, 51 n Wolfe 
Armstrong Mrs. C. S. 241 n Eutaw 

W. J. H.Watters,W.H.Pagon, J.McK.White, 

James H. Cator, ) silk, millinery and white 

goods and notions, 237 and 239 w Baltimore 
Armstrong Daniel S. builder, Hampden 
Armstrong Daniel S. painter, Waverley 

I W. Armstrong, J. Denny,) Purni- 
I ture Manufacturers and Under- 
j takers. Light and Montgomery. 

I Armstrong Edward A. tinner. Canton and 
Armstrong Mrs. Elizabeth Y. 280 Madison av 
I Armstrong Enoch S. shoemkr, 12 President 
' Armstrong Francis, cooper, 48 Stockholm 
Armstrong Geo. machinist, 209 Peirce 
Armstrong Geo. M. local manager U. S. Law 

Ass'n, 50 w Fayette, dw 183 
Armstrong Geo. U. clerk, 135 Montgomery 
Armstrong Horatio G. clerk, 237 n Howard 
ARMSTRONG JAS. & CO. (Charles Webb, 
Thomas Armstrong,) soap and candle manu- 
facturers. Concord nr Lombard 
Armstrong Mrs. James, 304 Madison av 
Armstrong James, stairbuilder, 198 Argyle av 
Armstrong James, manufr. stove and hollow 

ware, 60 Light, dw 264 e Biddle 
Armstrong James, lab. lis Front 
Armstrong James C. clerk, 250 e Monument 
Armstrong Mrs. James D. 166 McCuUoh 
Armstrong James L. pres't American Fire Ins. 

Co. of Baltimore, 6 South, dw 64 Clarke 
Armstrong James T. clerk, 241 n Eutaw 
Armstrong James W. (A. & Denny) 135 Mont- 

Calcined, Casting and No. 1 DENTIST Plaster, No. 1 Agricultural 
Plaster, Whiting, Paris White, No. 61 S. GAY ST. 




Armstrong J. E. bricklayer, 28 s Gilmor 
Armstrong John, harnessmkr, 59 e Pratt 
Armstrong John, 237 n Howard 
Armstrong John A. attorney, 19 Cathedral 
Armstrong John B. clerk, 241 n Eutaw 
Armstrong John M. teacher, 156 n Carey 
Armstrong Joseph, shoemkr. Mt. Vernon 
Armstrong Mrs. Josephine L. periodicals, 228 e 

Armstrong Mrs. Mary, grocery, 32 Granby 
Armstrong Robert C. bricklayer, 28 s Gilmor 
Armstrong Robert L. clerk, 237 n Howard 
Armstrong Mrs. Robert W. millinery, 128 Lex- 
ington, dw 78 Bolton 
Armstrong R. D. provisions, over 47 South, dw 

n w cor Madison av and Mosher 
Armstrong R. W. salesman, 78 Bolton 
Armstrong Samuel, tinner, Waverley 
Armstrong Samuel L. driver, 37 Parrish 
Armstrong Samuel M. clerk, 250 e Monument 
Armstrong Samuel S. printer, 104 Chew 
Armstrong Mrs. Sarah, 84 Luzerne 
Armstrong Theodore H. supt. Camden consol- 
idated oil wharves, jiw 36 Mulberry 
Armstrong Mrs. Thomas, 73 n Paca 
Armstrong Thos. (J. A. & Co.) 236 n Calvert 
Armstrong Thos. lab. 27 n Gilmor 
Armstrong Mrs. Victor C. 197 Bolton 
Armstrong Wm. 6 South, dw 42 Clarke 
Armstrong Wm. F. wagoner, 173 Orleans 
Armstrong Wm. H. beer, 330 s Bond 
Armstrong Wm. H. tinner, Waverley 
Armstrong Wm. H. sewing machines, 51 nWolfe 
Armstrong Wm. J. (Hoffman, A. & Chadwick, ) 

37 Harlem av 
Armstrong Wm. J. tinner, 135 Montgomery 
Arnd Francis, 261 e Lombard 
Arnd Leopold, tobacconist, 261 e Lombard 
Arndt Chas. W. musician, 108 n Chapel 
Arndt Henry, clerk, 102 w Fayette 
Arndt Henry A. porter, 83 Penna av 
Arndt Jacob, basketmkr, 1 Biddle al 
Arndt John J. tinner, 1 Biddle al 
Aruedt Wm. driver, 13 Maccubbin 
Arnet Henry, driver, 34 George 
Amett Rev. C. Smith, 5 McElderry 
Arnett Chas. G. tobacconist, 304 n Ann 
Arnett Chas. H. barkeeper, 162 Chesapeake 
Arnett Geo. H. clerk, 5 McElderry 
Arnett Jos. canmkr, 162 Chesapeake 
Arnett Jos. H. lab. 162 Chesapeake 
Arnett Levi, shoemkr, 304 n Ann 
Arnett Wm. H. bags and quartermaster's sup- 
plies, 116 Light-st whf, dw 5 McElderry 
Arnold Dr. Abraham B. 7 s High 
Arnold Adam, provisions, 214 s Eutaw 
Arnold Chas. A. clerk. Baker nr Gilmor 
Arnold Chas. H. carp. 18 n Dallas 
Arnold Christian, shoemkr, 69 Madeira al. 
Arnold Conrad, blacksmith, 960 w Baltimore 
Arnold Edward, clerk, 125 Mulberry 
Arnold Eugene, bricklayer, 26 St. Peter 
Arnold Francis (F.Arnold&Son)343 w Lombard 
Arnold Frank, clerk, 343 w Lombard 
Arnold Frank, bricklayer, 26 St Peter 
Arnold F. & Son, (Francis and John W. Ar- 
nold) surgical instrument makers, 15 s Sharp 
Arnold Geo. lab. 10 Bartlett 
Arnold Geo. brickmkr, 239 William 
Arnold Geo. bricklayer, 26 St Peter 
Arnold Geo. police, 46 Greenmountav 
Arnold Geo. clerk, 5 w Lombard 

Arnold Geo. W. jr. clerk, 295 Saratoga 
Arnold Geo. W. driver, 197 George 
Arnold Geo. W. baker. Baker nr Gilmor 
Arnold Harry, clerk, 7 s High 
Arnold Henry, candymaker, 936 w Baltimore 
Arnold Henry, bricklayer, 26 St. Peter 
Arnold Henry, lab. 5 w Lombard 
Arnold Henry, huckster, 71 Parkin 
Arnold Henry F. carp, and builder, 82 Leaden- 
Arnold James, instrument mkr. 343 w Lombard 
Arnold James R. bricklayer, 25 McHenry, 
Arnold Dr. Jacob D. 7 s High 
Arnold John, lab. Sweet Air 
Arnold John, wheelwright, 482 Penna av 
Arnold John, machinist, 960 w Baltimore 
Arnold John, clerk, John nr Spring 
Arnold John, tailor, 28 Thames 
Arnold John H. lab. 18 Durst al 
Arnold John T. shoemkr, Sweet Air 
Arnold Jno. W. (F.Arnold&Son) 130 Argyleav 
Arnold John W. bookkpr, Mount nr Lexington 
Arnold Mrs. L.;B. 62 Mulberry 
Arnold Levi, Clipper Mills 
Arnold Marshall & Co. (Wm. E. Arnold, J. W. 

Marshall) trunk and upholsterers' hardware, 

53 Light 
Arnold Michael, tanner, 194 n Front 
Arnold Nathan, lab. Woodberry 
Arnold Nicholas, tailor, 71 Bank 
Arnold Peter G. police, 46 Greenmount av 
Arnold Richard H. rubber weather strips, 125 

Arnold Richard W. printer, 125 Mulberry 
Arnold Sarah J. matron Md. Institute for Blind, 

North av 
Arnold Wm. bricklayer, 240 Conway 
Arnold Wra. E. clerk, 7 s High 
Arnold Wm. H. provisions, 123 Townsend, dw 

317 Penna av 
Arnold Wm. E; (Arnold, Marshall & Co.) 239 

n Carey 
Arnold Wm. H. brickmkr, 409 s Eutaw 
Arnold Wm. J. 174 n Caroline 
Arnold Wm. M. driver, 548 Harford av 
Arnold Dr. Wm. T. dentist, office 23 n Greene, 

dw 343 w Lombard 
Arnreich John, shoemkr, 66 Clay 
Aro John B. saloon, West and Pl4im al 
Aro John T. plasterer, 578 Harford av 
Aro Joseph, gardener, Aiken nr Townsend 
Aro Joseph jr. huckster, 578 Harford av 
Aro Mrs. Matilda, grocery*, 578 Harford av 
Aro Wm. M. lab. 30 Abey al 
Arold Chas. peddler, 47 York 
Arold Christ, shoemkr, 69 Madeira al ^ 
Arold Geo. baker, 12 s Dewberry al 
Arold John, shoemkr, 12 s Dewberry al 
Arold John, cooper, 128 s Dallas 
Aronshon Dr. Abraham, 254 n Caroline 
Arras Fred. lab. 51 Stiles 
Arringdale Wm. H. tin and sheet iron worker, 

202 Madison av 
Arscott Samuel, tinner, 21 Walker 
Arthur Anthony, clerk, 38 Sterrett 
Arthur Chas. bill poster, N.C.R. 45 Valley 
Arthur Chas. W. silver polisher, 354 n Gay 
Arthur Clarence, spinner, Mt. Vernon mills 
Arthur David, better, 55 Chew 
Arthur David H. bookkeeper, 55 Chew 
Arthur Dr. Geo. dentist, 77 Franklin 
Arthur H. T. attorney, 167 n Paca 

HOLMES & CO., Engineers' and Machinists' Tools and Supplies, 
Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt. Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

Assets, $85,000,000 00^ O^F. Bresee, Gen'i Agt. 

Arthur Henry, baker, 53 n Eutaw and 32 Cam- 
den, d\v 53 n Eutaw 
Arthur J. Flemming, teacher, 681 Lexington 
Arthur James, carp. 557 Franklin 
Arthur James, machinist, Hampde 
Arthur John, blacksmith, 7 Pleasant 
Arthur John, lab. 158 s Washington 
Arthur John C. overseer, Mt. Vernon 
Arthur John T. baker, Woodberry 
Arthur Mrs. M. J. 151 n Exeter 
Arthur Patrick, hodcarrier, 158 s Washington 
Arthur Robert, baker, Woodberry 
Arthur Dr. Robt. dentist, 77 Franklin 
Arthur Mrs. Sarah, pantsmakr, 279 n Front 
Arthur Thomas, driver, 158 s Washington 
Arthur Thomas, police, 26 e Eager 
Arthur Thomas F. clerk, 151 n Exeter 
Arthur Wm. blacksmith, Druid Mills 
Arthur Wm. D. produce, 534 n Gay 
Arthur Wm. C. 719 Lexington 
Arthur Dr. Wm. S.(Bellerman&Co.)53n Eutaw 
Arthur Wm. W. hatter, 534 n Gay 
Arthurs Mrs. Ann C. 267 St. Paul 
Arthurs Edward, shoemkr, 15 Neighbor 
Arux Geo. lab. 18 Laloup 
Artman Jacob, lab. 98 Stirling 
Arzner Charles, pianomkr, 164 s Sharp 
ASHBECK L.OUIS, restaurant, 13 s Eutaw 
Asbestos Felting Co. of NewjYork, C. H. Classen, 

agent, 142 s Howard 
Aschmeier Henry I. W. clerk, 453 Light 
Aschmeier Wm. tailor, 453 Light 
Asendorf George H. (A. & Dreyer) 254 Mul- 
Asendorf & Dreyer (G. H. Asendorf, H. D. 
Dreyer) box factory and saw mill, West Falls 
av and Lombard 
Asendorf R. Henry, carpenter and builder, 107 

Cider al, dw 157 German 
Asendorf John, restaurant, 382 Saratoga, and 
carp, and builder, 56 Cider al,dw 382 Saratoga 
Ash Daniel, bookkeeper, 68 n Carey 
Ash Mrs. Geo. T. 372 e Baltimore 
Ash Isidore (Louis A. & Son) 68 n Carey 
Ash Israel, clerk, 539 Lexington 
Ash Louis, (Louis A. & Son) 68 n Carey 
Ash Louis & Son (Louis and Isidore Ash) 
wholesale clothiers, 349 w Baltimore and 62 
Ash Marshal, brakeman, 249 e Monument 
Ash Michael I. wool, cotton, furs, &c. 102 Light- 

st. wf. dw 152 n Calhoun 
Ash S. clerk, 68 n Carey 
Ashe T. P. gasfitter, 240 s Eutaw 
Ashbeck Henry, lab. 8 Addison al 
Ashburner Chas. H. prest. Abbott Iron Co. cor 

Burke and Boston, dw 21 n Broadway 
Ashburner Chas. H. jr. clerk, 21 n Broadway 
Ashburner Thos. clerk, 21 n Broadway 
Ashbury Joseph M. & Co. (Joseph M. Ashbury, ) 

grocers, 36 McCuUoh 
Ashbury Joseph M. (J.M.A. & Co.)198 Mosher 
Ashbury Wm. H. clerk, 41 s Sharp 
Ashby Dr. Thos. A. resident physician Univer- 
sity Hospital, Lombard and Greene 
Ashby J. H. guano, 49 Light, dw417 w Fayette 
Ashby Jessie, 102 North 
Ashby John, cutter, 32 s Eutaw 
Ashcom John L. pilot, 95 Gough 
Ashcom Nathaniel, ins. agent, 703 w Lombard 
Ashcroft Geo. W. lab. 101 e Lombard 
Ashcroft Robert J. clerk, 54 s Broadway 


Made water tight, audpreservcd for years, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMEiST aud 


By increasing the qvantity of Gum. we make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which is unequaled. All work 
guaranteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders solicited 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

i). M. SADLEK & CO., Sole Manufacturers. 

No. 3 COUHTLAND STREET, up stairs. 

Ashcroft Robert, shipbuilder, 123 Thaiues, dw 

54 s Broadway 
Ashcroft Wells, fire dept. 301 e Lombard 
Ashland Iron Co., Geo. Small, pres't, 62 North 
Ashland Manuf g Co., Wm. J. Dickey & Sons, 

agents, n e cor Charles and German 
Ashley Chas. C. boxmkr, 20 Hare 
Ashley Chas. C. boxmkr, 49 n Poppleton 
Ashley John J. lab. 117 s Chapel 
Ashley Wm. driver, Jefferson nr Castle 
Ashley Wm. H. boxmkr, 97 Battery av 
Ashley Wm. H. boxmkr, 63 Columbia 
Ashman E. Y. saleslady, s e cor Patterson av 

and Carey 
Ashman Wm. photographer, Carey and Patter- 
son av 
Ashman Wm. huckster, 23 Ryan 
Ashmore Wm. H. clerk, 44 n Poppleton 
Ashton Chas. E. printer, 135 n Carrollton av 
Ashton Clinton J. photographer, 135 n Carroll- 
ton av 
Ashton Eliza, seamstress, 216 Stirling 
xVshton Mrs. Emma, notions, GilmorandSaratoga 
Ashton Geo. C. scourer and rep'r, 117 n Howard 
Ashton James, lab. 300 n Ann 
Ashton John A., U. S. ganger, 324 w Fayette 
Ashton John H. machinist, 324 w Fayette 
A-hton John M. painter, 23 Mott 
Ashton Richard D. lab. 305 n Ann 
Ashton Thomas, 135 n Carrollton av 
Ashton Wm. butcher, 216 Stirling 
Ashton Wm. 300 n Ann 
Ashway Mrs. Catherine, 63 Albemarle 
Ashway Louis, fireman, 63 Albemarle 
Askew Chas. L. carp. 77 n Pine 
ASKEW JEHU B.manager Morning Herald, 122 

w Baltimore, dw 325 u Strieker 
Askew John, engineer, 49 s Caroline 
Askew Thos. C. clerk, 325 n Strieker 
Askew Wm. H. lab. 49 s Caroline 
Askew Wm. N. clerk, 355 n Eden 
Askey James, salesman, 159 ArgyleAv 
Askey Jas. R. gas fixtures, 17 n Eutaw, dw 159 

Argj-le av 
Askey Joseph, salesman, 159 Argyle av 
Askey Wm. cooper, 56 Stiles 
Askey Wm. B. shoefinisher, 65 n Broadwaj' 
Askins Mrs. Mary E. 89 s Caroline 
Asmus Daniel, carp. 200 L. Hughes 
Aspelmeyer Fredk. barkeeper, 72 Pearl 
Aspelmyer Fredk. bartender, 187 Lexington 
Aspril David S. mariner, 378 Eastern av 
Assau George, 71 Portland 
Assau Wm. F. bookkpr, 71 Portland 
Asshauer Henry, tripe, pigs feet, &c. 78 and 70 

Belair Market, dw cor Chester and Chew 
4 South, John Gushing, president, John C. 
Boyd, secretary. 
Associate Reformed Chapel, 97 w Fayette 


No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 

^ F^KREISEE'^ SlrtsIC l^rFE^^ b IvPffflTsl E 






Associate Reformed Church, Fayette betw. Lib- 
erty and Charles 
Atchiason Mrs. Mary, tailoress, 2 Rupard 
Atchison Geo. F. plasterer, 271 e Monument 
Athen.t;ura Building, cor St. Paul and Saratoga 
ATHEN.EUM CLUB, n e cor Charles and 
Franklin, S. Teackle Wallis, prest., Wm. L. 
Dallam, secretary 
Athman Henry, cigarmkr, 244 n Central av 
Athman Henry, cigarmkr, 47 Marion 
Atkins E. C. (VV. J.Parker & Co.) Ford's Eutaw 

Atkius John, waiter, lie Madison 
Atkins John, waiter, 120 Preston 
Atkins Joseph W. salesman. Ford's Eutaw hotel 
Atkins Robert, lab. 61 Curley 
Atkinson Dr. A. prof, college Physicians and 

Surgeons, dw 59 n Charles 
Atkinson Alfred, bookkpr, 148 n Carey 
Atkinson Allen, quarryman, 939 Lexington 
Atkinson Allen jr. quarryman, 939 Le.\ington 
Atkinson Mrs. Araminta, 9 McElderry 
Atkinson C. W. bookkpr, 298 n Gay 
Atkinson D. D. dental student, 79 n Eutaw 
Atkinson E. H. teacher, Mansion house 
Atkinson Mrs. Elizabeth, Gilmor nr Baker 
Atkinson Geo. clerk, 36 n Front 
Atkinson Geo. drover, Millingtonla nrLoudon av 
Atkinson Geo. lab. 26 Smith 
Atkinson Geo. A. clerk, 69 n Arlington av 
Atkinson Geo. G. clerk, 39 Mount Vernon pi 
Atkinson Griffith (Wedge & Co.) 38 Mulberry 
Atkinson Hannah, 51 s Monroe 
Atkinson Hiram, painter, 530 Saratoga 
Atkinson Dr. L E. 209 w Biddle 
Atkinson Mrs. J. E. 209 w Biddle 
Atkinson J. Spencer, clerk. Mansion house 
Atkinson Jiis. barber, 403 n Gay 
Atkinson Jtis. E. mariner, 354 e Baltimore 
Atkinson Jas. H. quarryman, 14 Brune 
Atkinson John, hackman, 2 Young 
Atkinson John P. 130 eMadison 
Atkinson John W. dry goods, 298 n Gay 
Atkinson Joseph, cabinetmkr, 553 Saratoga 
Atkinson Jos. A. (Wm. A. & Bro.)56 Cumberland 
Atkinson Jos.T. attorney and com. of deeds, 48 

St. Paul, dw 95 
Atkinson M. D. clerk, 26 Stiles 
Atkinson Mrs. Mary J. 130 e Madison 
Atkinson Matthew S. (Locher & A.) 45 Mount 

Vernon pi 
Atkinson Moses', drorer, Millington la nr Fred- 
erick av 
Atkinson Dr. Robt. school, 164 w Madison, dw 

125 n Charles j 

Atkinson Samuel E. 198 e Pratt | 

Atkinson Mrs.Dr.Thos. C. 39 Mount Vernon pi 
Atkinson Thos. F. carp. 9 McElderry { 

Atkinson Thos. S. machinist, 86 n Schroeder 
Atkinson W.W. salesman, 27 s Broadway j 

Atkinson Wm. wireworker, 329 McHenry ! 

Atkinson Wm. Geo. (A.Schumacher & Co.)279 

n Caroline I 

Atkinson Wm. (Wm.A.& Bro.) Penna av ext I 
Atkinson Wm. & Bro. (Wm.and Joseph A. At- 
kinson) butchers, 27 Centre, 14 Lexington and 
32 Hanover markets 
Atkinson Wm.C. grocer, 186 s Broadway, dw 27 
Atlantic Coast Line via Portsmouth, W. H. 

Fitzgerald, agent, 9 German j 

B. Andrews, agent, 33 German 


Edw.C.Geelhaar, Jacob Hughes, Fredk. Hup- 

feld) wholes, furn. manufrs, 13 and 15 Granby 

Atlantic Ins. Co. of New York, agency 9 North 

Atlantic and Pacific Tea Co. 27 w Baltimore,41 

n Eutaw and 231 n Gay 
TELEGRAPH CO. n e cor Baltimore and Cal- 
vert, S. Mott, manager 
Branch office 53 Exchange pi 
" 258 w Baltimore 

" cor Baltimore and St. Paul 

" Ford's Eutaw hotel 

Atlantic Mutual Life Ins. Co. of N.Y. 32 South 
Hartford, Lawford & McKim, agents, 10 s 
I Atlee James, salesman, 257 Lexington 

Atler Francis, bricklayer, 230 Lee 
I Atler George W. coachsmith, 96 n Poppleton 

Atler Wm. A. salesman, 96 n Poppleton 
! Atwell Benj. F. painter, 445 e Fayette 
j Atwell Daniel, carp. 219 Gough 
I Atwell George A. clerk, 69 s Broadway 
I Atwell Geo. M. sbipcarp. 269 Eastern av 
j Atwell James R. shipcarp. 169 s Chapel 
I Atwell John R. harnessmkr, 114 s Howard 

Atwell Joseph, coppersmith, 121 William 
I Atwell Joseph W. 368 Canton av 
Atwell Mrs. Mary, tailoress, 121 William 
Atwell Richard H. 23 Courtland 
Atwell Samuel, mariner, 215 Chew 
I Atwell Wm. carp. 391 e Madison 
I Atwood Mrs. Mary, 548 w Baltimore 
Atwood Joseph, broommkr, 548 w Baltimore 
Aubel Mrs. Annie, dry goods, trimmings, IG 

Aubel Chas. clerk, 16 Sterrett 
Aubel Christian, salesman, 257 s Durham 
Aubel Frank, printer, 16 Sterrett 
Aubel John, cabinetmkr, 16 Sterrett 
Aubel Louis, clerk, 16 Sterrett 
Aubrey Mad. L. laundry, 93 n Charles 
Audorn John W. carp. 309 Orleans 
Audoun & Bruscup, (J.H. Audoun,T. Bruscup) 

real estate brokers, 10 Law bldg. 
Audoun Jos. A. patternmkr, n w cor Broadway 

and Monument 
Audoun Jos. H. (A. & Bruscup) attorney, n w 

cor Broadway and Monument 
Audoun Oliver, (Binyon & A.) 132 Bank 
Audoun Oliver W. carp. 132 Bank 
Auel Adam, shoemkr, Avalon 
Auer John, helper, 2 Peach al 
Auer Matthew, lab. 209 Aliceanna 
Auerbach Jos. I. watchmkr, 139 n Paca 
Auerbach Solomon, tax dept. 23 s Howard 
Auger Cassius, clerk, 136 Saratoga 
Auger Ralph H. shoemanufr. 162 Hanover, dw 

91 Pearl 
Augustine Frank, hodcarrier, 289 n Central av 
Aul Florian, tailor, 52 s Wolfe 
Aul John, lager beer, 200 e Eager 
Aul Michael, boots and shoes, 316 n Gay 
Aulabaugh Zephaniah N. grocery, n e cor Ar- 

gyle av and Smith 
Aulbach Mrs. John A. butcher, 11 and 26 Fells 

Point rakt, dw Belair road nr city limits 
Aulbach John G. lab. 19 Liberty al 
Auld Benj. F. police, 3 s Washington 
Auld Chas. huckster, 217 s Regester 
Auld David, mariner, 277 e Lombard 

WM. WIRT CLARKE, Importer and Wholesale Agent tor 
American Manufacturers of Cement, Plaster, "Whiting and Paris White. 

Insurance Agents and Brokers, American Building. 


Made water-tight, aud preserved for years, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMENT and 


By increasing the quantity of Gum, we make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which is uncqualed. All work 
guaranteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders solicited 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER & CO., Sole Manufacturers, 

No. 3 COURTLAND STREET, up stairs. 

Auld Edwin J. clerk, 307 Saratoga 

Auld Capt. Edward H. 383 e Baltimore 

Auld Haddaway, lime and feed, 31 n Greene, dw 

307 Saratoga 
Auld Henry, mariner, 297 e Lombard 
Auld John, mariner, 112 n Washington 
Auld John E. shipsmilh, 83 William 
Auld John W. lab. 150 e Pratt 
Auld Joseph H. shipsmith, 83 William 
Auld Mrs. Maria, 271 e Pratt 
Auld Philip, shipcarp. 30 Hughes 
Auld Richard, mariner, 99 Gough 
Auld Mrs. S. 383 e Baltimore 
Auld Wilson, engineer, 280 e Lombard 
AuU Mrs. Christina, Waverley 
Aull Henry, fireman, 5 Watson ct 
AULL JACOB H. gen. agt. Wilcox & Gibbs' 
and Stewart Singer sewing machines, 46 Lex- 
ington, d\v 97 St. Paul 
Aull Louis, coal and wood, s e cor Gough and 

Spring, dw 120 s Caroline 
Aull Louis J. carp, and builder, Waverle}^ 
Aull Maggie E. teacher, Waverley 
Aull Mary, dressmkr, 48 President 
Aull Mrs. Savilla, trimmings, 48 President 
Aullers John, lab. 61 s Chapel 
Ault C. R. (A. & Co.) 176 n Exeter 
Ault & Co. (C. R. Ault) bookbinders, 131 w 

Ault Conrad, watchman, 271 s Durham 
Ault Samuel, bookbinder, 176 n Exeter 
Ault Wm. machinist, 105 s Poppleton 
Aulthause Geo. W. produce dealer, 14 HoUings- 

worth, dw 46 Conway 
Aumueller John, porter, 54 n Castle 
Auperla Mrs. Catherine, laund. 31 King 
Aurbach Christian, 22 Williamson al 
Aurbach Elizabeth, grocery, 22 Williamson al 
Aurich Uorothv, dry goods, 929 w Pratt 
Aurich T. Fred. lab. 929 w Pratt 
Austen Geo. C. carp. 34 Elizabeth la 
Austen Dr. Philip H. 8 Cathedral 
Austin Alex. R. Citizens' National Bank, dw 

Maryland av ext 
Austin Mrs. Amelia, 336 Canton av 
Austin & Fairbanks, (Wm. Austin, Edward Fair- 
banks,) shipsmiths, 214 s Washington 
Austin Jas.K.P.( Jas.K.P.A.& Co.)121 n Calvert 
Austin Jas.K. P. & Co. (Jas.K. P. Austin, Edmund 

Lee) produce and provisions, 121 n Calvert 
Austin John T. stove mounter, 97 s Chester 
Austin Nathaniel, lab. Fort av and Hull 
Austin Samuel, stripper, 441 e Eager 
Austin Mrs. Sophia, 441 e Eager 
Austin Theodore D. jr. clerk, 363 s Sharp 
Austin Theodore D. chairmkr, 363 s Sharp 
Austin Theodore G. bookkpr, 39 n Strieker 
Austin Wm. plasterer, 441 e Eager 
Austin Wm. (A. & Fairbanks,) 213 Bank 
Austin Wm. F. carp. Ill Ridgely 
Austin Wm. F. bricklayer. 111 Ridgely 
Austrian Mrs. B. hats and caps, 213 s Broadway 
Austrian Club House, John H. Walzl, propr. 3 

Austrian Robt. hats and cap?, 9 s Liberty, dw 

213 s Broadway 
Auth John, lab. 122 Johnsbn 
Auth Nicholas, tailor, 122 Johnson 
Averill Ed.S.(Wm.B. Hatch & Co. )6 Jackson pi 
Avesser Wm. puddler, 242 s Dallas 
Avig John, plasterer, 3 Bounty la 
Await Ferdinand, shoemkr, 419^ Saratoga 

Await Geo. shoecutter, 419^ Saratoga 
Awbrey Andrew J. tobacconist, 306 e Monu- 
ment, dw 280 e Madison 
Awbrey John S. plasterer, 280 e Monument 
Awbrey Priestly, tobacconist, 280 e Monument 
Awbrey Thos. P. jr. clerk, 355 Aisquith 
Awbrey Thos. P. sr. painter, 355 Aisquith 
Ax Chas. clerk, s w cor Lanvale and Arlington av 
Ax Christian, (G.W. Gail & Ax,) s w cor Lan- 
vale and Arlington av 
Axt Mrs. Frederica, confect'ry, Belair av ext 
Axt Martin, cigarmkr, Belair av ext 
Ayd Mrs. Caroline E. 261 Aisquith 
Ayd John, (Robinson & Co.) 120 n Calvert 
Aydelott James M. clerk, 207 w Lombard 
Aydelott W.S.B. salesman, 207 w Lombard 
Ayers John P. (A. & Riddell) 57 Saratoga 
AVERS & RIDDELL (John P. Ayers) account- 
ants, 57 Saratoga 
Ayers S. A. dressmkr, 92 Richmond 
Ayers Capt. Samuel, 21-4 s Ann 
Ayers Wm. E. painter, 339 Eastern av 
Ayler Jesse, painter, 161 e Monument 
Aylsworth B. McG. carp. & builder, 390 e Chase 
Aylsworth Ira B. stair builder^ 390 e Chase 
Aymold Benj. lab. 31 Gittings 
Aymold Henry, mariner. Fort av nr Webster 
Aymold Robt. shoemkr. Fort av nr Webster 
Ayres Mrs. Elizabeth, 191 s Bond 
Ayres Henry P. clerk, 220 McCulloh 
Ayres Isaac, lab. 191 s Bond 
Ayres Owen, lab. 191 s Bond 
Ayres Owen, lab. Friendship, York rd 
Ayres Sydney, cooper, 191 s Bond 
Azt Henry, shoemkr, 104 Lancaster 

Babb Mrs. J. D. jr. cake baker, 68 s Charles 
BABCOCK GEN. 0. E. engineer Fifth Light 

House District, 1 Courtland, dw Washington, 

D. C. 
Babendrier Gustavus, clerk, 8 n Pine 
Baberdrier Louis, pianomkr, 8 n Pine 
Baber Mrs. Julia, 85 n Charles 
Babylon John T. brakeman, 208 L. Constitution 
Baccalopi Mary, 64 President 
Bacc^lopi Michael, 64 President 
Bach Adam, groceries, flour, feed, 329 Aisquith , 
Bach Adam, broommkr, 380 Orleans 
Bach Chas. brewer, 993 w Pratt 
Bach Chas. tailor, 108 n Bond 
Bach Henry, sr.(Hartman, B. & Co.) 209 Druid 

Hill av 
Bach Henry, jr. clerk, 209 Druid Hill av 
Bach Henry, liquors, 856 w Pratt 
Bach John, lab. 48 n Washington 
Bach John C. carp. 418 s Charles 
Bach John P. shoemkr, 79 McElderry 
Bach Theo. carp. 129 Mullikin 

The Portland Cement used on all the Public Squares of this City, 

(For Pavements, Curbing & Fountains,) furnished byWM.WiRT Clarke, 61 S. Gay St. 




Bacharach A. dry goods, 17 Ensor 

Bacharach J. A. clerk, 11 Ensor 

Bacharach Nathan A. salesman, 12 n Caroline 

Bacharach Simon, salesman, 77 Ensor 

Bachelder James, agent, 344 e Fayette 

Bach man Adam, lab. 58 Essex 

Bachman Adam, whitewasher 189 s Washington 

Bachman August, shoemkr, 7 L. Montgomery 

Bachman August, packer, 82 s Fremont 

Bachman Chas. (B. & Lingelbach) saloon, n w 

cor Baltimore and Exeter 
Bachman Mrs. Christine, grocery, 215 s Eutaw 
Bachman Conrad, lab. 20 Clement 
Bachman Dorsett, driver, 58 Essex 
Bachman Fred, driver, 146 Johnson 
Bachman Fred, harnessrakr, 163 s Fremont 
Bachman Fred, shoemkr, 120 Harmony la 
Bachman Fred, shoemkr, 215 s Eutaw 
Bachman Geo. cabinetmkr, 133 Henrietta 
Bacinnan Henry, candymkr, 133 Henrietta 
Bachman Henry, lab. 58 Essex 
Bachman John, tailor, 263 n Gay 
Bachman John M. tobacconist, 196 s Sharp 
Bachman & Lingelbach (Chas. Bachman, Chas. 

Lingelbach) propr's Turner Hall, over 84 w 

Bachman Louis, raercht. tailor, 556 w Baltimore 
Bachmann Anton, restaurant, foot of Ridgley 
Bachmann Fred, shoemkr, 120 Harmony la 
Bachmann Henry, grocery, 186 e Fayette 
Bachmann John, liquors, 211 Hollins 
Bachmann Rev. Marcus, 127 Bank 
Bachmann Thos. beer, 15 e Baltimore 
Bachmann Wm. goldbeater, 15 e Baltimore 
Bachrach Aaron, collector, 164 e Lombard 
Bachrach David, jr. photographer, over n e cor 

Lexington and Eutaw, dw 3 n Calhoun 
Bachrach David, sr. carpets, &c. 186 Pearl 
Bachrach Henrietta, 238 Canton av 
Bachrach Isaac, 128 e Pratt 
Bachrach J. & Co. (J. Bachrach, August Hanff) 

wholesale jewelry, over 246 w Baltimore 
Bachrach Jacob (J.B.& Co.) 260 Lexington 
Bachrach Joseph, clerk, 238 Canton av 
Bachrach Moses, photographer, 3 n Calhoun 
Bacigalupi Mrs. Dominica, 5 Plowman 
Back Adam, wagoner, 312 w Hoffman 
Back John, oysters, 312 w Hoffman 
Backer J. Wm. clerk, Clarke and Brune 
Backer Peter, lab. 56,McMechin 
Backert Andreas, shoemkr, 146 s Chapel 
Backert John, turner, 142 s Chapel 
Backes Justis, lab. 89 Harrison, Canton 
Backes Peter, shoemkr, 33 s Castle 
Backman Geo. A. patternmkr, 57 McHenry 
Backman James E. patternmkr, 57 McHenry 
Backti Joseph, lab. 179 s Bethel 
Backus Rev. Dr. John C. 126 w Madison 
Bacon J. Edw'd, ticket agent, 695 w Lombard 
Bacon Thos. shoemkr, 495 Aisquith 
Bacon Wm. M. baggage master, 225 n Bond 
Badders A. J. grocery, 17 Gough 
Badders Henry H. carp. 241 Park av 
Baden Emma A. 12 n Pine 
Baden Henry, lab. 263 Aliceanna 
Baden Dr. J. H. office 76 s Sharp, dw Calvert co 
Baden Jerry, pilot, 9 Lorman 
Badenhaur Margaret, beer, 2 Stockholm 
Bader Henry, cooper, 170 s Regester 
Bader Mrs. Henry, barber, 191 Lexington 
Bader John, cooper, 170 s Regester 
Bader Samuel, filecutter, 170 s Regester 

Badger Andrew, shoemkr, 714 Hanover 
Badger Benj. C. carp. 191 w Lombard 
Badger Chas. carp. 597 Penna av 
Badger David E. carp. 32 St. Peter 
Badger Edw'd, barkpr, Howard house 
' Badger James, carp. 77 Camden 

Badger Thomas P. gaiter fitter, 85 n Exeter 
I Badinger Jacob, lab. 172 s Wolfe 
I Badkins John L. tinner, 78 Battery av 
Baeckel John, shoemkr, 258 e Fayette 
Baehler Christian, beer, Harford rd opp Darlej 

Baer Mrs. Amelia, notions, 79 e Lombard 
Baer Amelia, dressmkr, 98 s Spring , 
Baer Arthur P. ( A.P.Bear & Co.) Balto. co 
BAER ARTHUR P. & CO. (A. P. Bear, C. E. 

Savage) hides and leather, 7 and 9 Cheapside, 

cor Lombard 
Baer Bankhard, 361 e Baltimore 
Baer & Bro. (Geo. H. and C. W. Bear) general 

commission merchants, 42 Second 
Baer Casper, lab. 13 n Chapel 
Baer Chas. 361 e Baltimore 
Baer Chas. lab. 13 Armistead la 
Baer Charles W. (Baer & Bro.) 78 McCullob 
Baer Christian, cigarmkr, 3 Columbia 
Baer Christopher, lab. 114 Orleans 
Baer Daniel, notions, 863 w Baltimore 
Baer Dr. Edward R. 142 Bolton 
Baer Frank W. huckster, 93 Garden 
Baer Geo. lab. 98 s Spring 
Baer Geo. clerk, 117 n E.xeter 
Baer Geo. H. (Baer & Bro.) 48 McCulloh 
Baer Gustav, clerk 87 Columbia 
Baer Henry, collector, 85 Granby 
Baer Henry, cabinetmkr, 144 n Caroline 
Baer Henry jr. clerk, 98 s Spring 
Baer Henry, shoemkr, 54 Wyeth 
Baer Isaac & Co. (Isaac and Solomon Baer) furs, 

wool and cotton, &c. 11 Camden 
Baer Isaac (Isaac Baer k Co.) 166 Hanover 
Baer Jacob, blacksmith, 352 Orleans 
Baer Jacob D. clothing, 146 s Fremont 
Baer James H. driver, 97 Oak 
Baer John, tailor, 79 e Lombard 
Baer Rev. John, 48 McCulloh 
Baer John H. blacksmith, 520 Light, dw 527 
Baer Joseph, lab. 13 Armistead al 
Baer J. Henry, clerk, 97 Oak 
Baer Mrs. Kate, grocery, 352 Orleans 
Baer Mrs. Julia, millinery, 193 n Gay 
Baer Michael, lab, 246 West 
Baer Michael, shoemkr, 9 China al 
Baer Peter, coachsmith, 28 n Spring 
Baer Rev. Robert N. 195 w Fayette 
Baer Solomon (Isaac B. & Co.) 141 Calhoun 
BAER THOS. S. attorney, 49 Lexington, dw 

218 McCulloh 
Baerustein Charles G. agent American Lye Co. 3 

Cheapside, dw 109 Camden 
Baenstein Louis, clerk, 109 Camden 
Baernstein Solomon, grocery, 109 Camden 
Baernald Fred. lab. 47 Cooksie 
Baetjen Albert C. clerk, 15 Edmondson av 
Bretjen Conrad, bookkpr, 15 Edmondson av 
Baetjer J. F. clerk, 234 w Lombard 
Baetjer J. Geo. 382 Franklin 
Baetjer Mrs. Louisa, 234 w Lombard 
Baetjer Wm. clerk, 234 w Lombard 
Baggs John, clerk, 493 w Fayette 
Baggett Chas. wireworker, 65 Camden 
Baggett Thos. wireworker, 28 s Greene . 

HOLMES & CO., Engineers' and Machinists' Tools and Supplies, 
Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

O F, Bresee, G-eneral Agent, American. Building. 
BAG ,67 BAI 

Baggett Townsend, butcher, 51 n Spring 
Bagley Albert, huckster, Hampden 
Bagshaw Cyrus, packer, 43 s Collington av 
Bagwell Mrs. B. 37 n Paca 
Bagwell John W. moulder, 176 Bank 
Bahl Christian, sawyer, 18 Albemarle 
Bahlke Fred, tailor. First nr Toone 
Bahlke Wm. confec'ry. Chase and Broadway 
Bahlmann Anton, (Nehmsmann & B.) 15 Green- 
mount av 
Bahlmann Bennett, lab. 455 Light 
Bahlmaain Garrett H. lab. 454 Light 
Bahm John, lab. 17 Cannon 
Bahner John, lab, 215 s Bethel 
Bahrs Mrs Catherine M. 171 s Eden 
Baier Mrs. Augusta, grocery, 38 u Amity 
Baler John, carp, 38 n Amity 
Baier Joseph, barber, 408 e Monument 
Baierlip John, paper, 83 e Biddle 
Bail Harry, collector, 140 Pearl 
Bailey C. P. butcher, 36 Cross-st. market, dw 39 

Bailey Chas. shipcarp. 178 Gough 
Bailey Chas. M. plumber, Patterson av and Cal- 
Bailey Chas. W. engineer, 8 Hill 
Bailey Chas. W. carp. 173 w Lombard 
Bailey Chas. W. carp. 138 Linden av 
Bailey David, brassfinisher, 2(55 n Dallas 
Bailey David E. clerk. Pepper's hotel 
BAILEY E. & CO. (W. Kelly) ship chandlers, 

105 and 107 Thames * 

Bailey Edwd, oysters, 309 s Charles, dw 57 

Bailey Edward A. painter, 163 Druid Hill av 
Bailey Edwin, fire dept, 174 Gough 
Bailey Edwin, 16 s Broadway 
Bailey George jr. bookkpr, 180 St. Paul 
Bailey George, blacksmith, 54 Cross 
Bailey Geo. W. dress charts, 110 w Townsend 
Bailey Geo. W. hatter, 363 Cathedral 
Bailey Henry, shoemkr, 348 Hamburg 
Bailey Henry N. brass finisher, 18 Forrest pi 
^ailey Mrs. Ida J. dressmkr, 110 w Townsend 
Bailey J. Gushing, clerk, 237 w Lombard 
Bailey Jacob, 448 e Fayette 
Bailey James T. huckster, 395 Scott 
Bailey John, lab. 16 Patuxent ■ 
Bailey John E. locksmith, 54 Cross 
Bailey John E. mariner, 12 Green ct 
Bailey .John H. jeweler, 403 Light 
Bailey John H. lab. 423 McHeury 
Bailey John R. carp. 149 s Paca 
Bailey John R. pumpmkr, Woodberry 
Bailey John T. grocery, 139 Penna av 
Bailey John W. painter, 163 Druid Hill av 
Bailey Mrs. Josiah, 142 s Sharp 
Bailey Levin, carp. 149 s Paca 
Bailey Lewis E. (Cushings & B. ) 237 w Lombard 
Bailey Mrs. Lucy S. 61 Ensor 
Bailey Margaret, boarding, 84 Hanover 
Bailey Mary A. 447 n Fremont 
Bailey Parks D. butcher, 36 Cross-st market, 

dw 19 Randall 
Bailey S. T. painter, 63 St. Paul 
Bailey Samuel J. carp. 48 Aisquith 
Bailey Sydnor, clerk, 156 w Lombard 
Bailey Mrs. Susan, tailoress, 142 s Sharp 
Bailey Capt. Thos. mariner, 48 Jackson sq av 
Bailey Thos. farmer, 57 Hamburg 
Bailey Thos, C, (H. P. Jordan & Co. ) 697 Lex- 


; Made water-tight, aD<i preserved for years, by thor- 
I oiighly applying ELASTIC CEMENT and 


I By ivcreasinq the quantily of Gvm. we mate a Paint 
i for Damp Walls which is nuequaleri. All work 
guaranteed. A trial Is all we ask. Orders solicited 
, for new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 
I D. M. SADLER <fc CO., Sole Manufacturers, 

No. 3 COURTLANl) STREET, tip stairs. 

Bailey Thos. E. S. varieties, 15 Jackson pi 

Bailey Thos. F. machinist, 138 Linden av 

Bailey Thos. M. oysters, 57 Hamburg 

Bailey Wm. drug clerk, Smitli and Argyle av 

Bailey Wm. salesman, 3 n Exeter 

Bailey Wm. caulker, 118 Johnson 

Bailey Wm, mariner, 130 Cross 

Bailey Wm. boots and shoes, 64 n Howard, dw 

150 n Arlington av 
Bailey Wm. A. tailor, 149 s Paca 
Bailey Wm. C. door and sash manufr-. Pratt and 

Fremont, dw 222 Lee 
Bailey Wm. H. shoecutter, 170 Saratoga 
Bailey Wm. H. caulker, 67 Cross 
Bailey Wm. J. clerk, 84 Hanover 
Bailey Wm. L. tailor, 90 n Broadway 
Bailey "VV. L. agent Virginia Midland R. R. 149 

w Baltimore, dw Carrollton hotel 
rine Hospital service, oflSce Customhouse, dw 
240 Maryland av 
Bailie Mrs." Mary B. 80 s Bond 
Bailie Wm. L., U. S. N. 309 w Lanvale 
Baillie Chas. R. clerk, 764 Lexington 
Baillie John, carpet weaver, 261 n Wolfe 
Baillie Nathaniel A. general manager American 
Dredging Co. 5 Postofficeav,dw 764 Lexington 
Baillie Nathaniel A. jr. bookpr, 764 Lexington 
Baillie Richard K. clerk, 764 Lexington 
Bailoue Pascal B. carp, and builder, 226 Chew 
Baily Ct. F. clerk, 262 w Hoftman 
Baily Geo. (B., Reese & Co.) 180 St. Paul 
Baily Geo. W. tobacconist, 1 e Baltimore, dw 

185 w Biddle 
Baily James, chemist and druggist, 70 s Calvert, 

dw 262 w Hoffman 
Baily, Reese & Co. (Geo, Baily, Philip R. Reese) 
i grain com. merchts. over 4 South 
j Bain Frederick, carp. 66 Russell 
Bain Geo. W. jr. carp. 3 Lehrman al 
Bain Geo. W. builder, 592 w Pratt 
Bain Geo. W. jr. carp. 2 Whatcoat 
j Bain John, bricklayer, 89 e Lombard 
1 Bain John F. clerk, 87 n Poppleton 
j Bain Mrs. John W. 87 n Poppleton 
Bainbridge Edward T. 149 w Lanvale 
Bainer Conrad, lab, 552 s Charles 
BAIR BROS. ( Wm and Geo. B. Bair) maaufs. 
j copper paint, cor Pratt and Buchanan's whf 
' Bair Edward, clerk, 659 w Fayette 
Bair Mrs, Elizabeth, 140 n Calhoun 
Bair Geo. B. (B. Bros.) 140 n Calhoun 
Bair Wm. jr. (B, Bros.) 140 n Calhoun 
j Baird A. S. (Boykin, Carmer & Co.) Ford's Eu- 
I taw hotel 

j Baird Jas. E. blacksmith, 227 n Eden 
. Baird Mason W. machinist, 346 Eastern av 
I Baird Mrs. Ophelia, 247 n Carey 
' Baird Robt. C. machinist, 95 Jackson sq av 
i Baird W. H. machinist, 603 w Fayette 


No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 

MlliPUAL,Um:imsmAmE^m<irmEWYQRK. fe 



Baitz Henry W. cabinetmkr, 32 Bank 

Baitz Wm."H. clerk, 32 Bank 

Baitzell Chas. varnisher, 67 St. Peter 

Baitzell Jacob G. carp. 32 St. Peter 

Baitzell John, bricklayer, 12G s Fulton 

Baitzell Wm. E. bookkpr, 67 St. Peter 

Baives James, hackman, 165 e Eager 

Bake Thomas, lastmkr, 13 n Exeter 

Baker A. W. salesman. Ford's Eutaw hotel 

Baker Alfred, slater, Three Tuns hotel 

Baker August, lab. 18 Stockholm 

Baker August, cigarmkr, 251 s Howard 

Baker August, canmkr, 5 Lancaster 

Baker B. N. (B., Whiteley & Co.) sec'y Chemical 

Co. of Canton, dw 110 Cathedral 
Baker B. P. (B.P.B.& Co.) New York 
Baker B. P. & Co. (B.P.Baker) com. merchts. 

87 Second 
BAKER, BROS. & CO. (Chas. J., Wm. jr., 
Chas. E. and Geo. B. Baker) manufacturers 
Baltimore window glass, druggist's glassware 
and bottles ; importers chemicals, paints, oils, 
glue, &c. 32 and 34 s Charles. — [^See Adver- 
tisement outside back cover. 
BAKER, BROS. & CO. coal and wood, yard 
Hughes and Henry, office 32 and 34 s Charles 
Baker Mrs. Catherine, 115 Hill 
Baker Chas. cigarmkr, 181 n Bethel 
Baker Chas. beer, 211 Light 
Baker Chas. bricklayer, 92 Fort av 
Baker Chas. lab. 417 Aliceanna 
Baker Chas. E. lab. 136 s Howard 
Baker Chas. E. cigarmkr, Washington hotel 
Baker Chas. E. 18 n Strieker 
Baker Chas. E. (Baker,Bros.& Co.) 403 Eutaw pi 
Baker Chas. G. carp. 331 n Ann 
Baker Chas. H. scalemkr, 6 Jasper 
Baker Chas. J. (Baker,Bros.& Co.) prest. Frank- 
lin Bank, dw Athol, Frederick rd 
Baker Chas. L. clerk, 15 Pearl 
Baker Chas. N. carp. 99 Chew 
Baker Chas. T. butcher, 542 Penna av 
Baker Christopher, carp. 317 Hamburg 
Baker Conrad, liquors, Frederick av nr Calver- 

ton rd 
Baker Conrad G. lab. 23 Walnut al 
Baker David, bricklayer, 9 Cemetery av 
Baker Edward, boilerm: r, 455 w Lombard 
Baker Edwd. J. (Dickey, Baker & Co.) Friend- 
ship, Yord rd 
Baker Edwd. J. jr. metermkr, 25 Somerset 
Baker Edwd. W. printer, 343 e Fayette 
Baker Elijah, coachtrimmer, 177 n Central av 
Baker Ernest, bricklayer, 199 Hamburg 
Baker F. H. salesman, 104 n Broadway 
Baker F. M. carriagemkr, 22 Orleans 
Baker Frank, clerk, 22 Forrest pi 
Baker Frank, drayman, 145 s Spring 
Baker Frank H. clerk, 104 n Broadway 
Baker Fredk. cooper, 272 s Bond 
Baker Fredk. cooper, 327 Flastern av 
Baker Fredk. tailor, 218 n Caroline 
Baker Fredk. shoemkr, 198 Bank 
Baker Fredk. H. boilermkr, Hampden 
Baker Fredk. W. coachmkr, 99 Chew 
Baker G. Alex, real estate broker, 75 w Fayette, 

dw 194 Saratoga 
Baker Rev. G. G. 249 n Caroline 
Baker Geo. milk, Loney la nr Biddle 
Baker Geo. boxmkr, 252 Columbia 
Baker Geo. cigarmkr, 254 Columbia 
Baker Geo. carp. Belair av nr Federal 

Baker Geo. lab. 154 Madeira al 
Baker Geo. carp. 533 w Lombard 
Baker Geo. confec'r, 99 s Sharp 
Baker Geo. flagman, 118 e Biddle 
Baker Geo. varnisher, 105 Scott 
Baker Geo. salesman, 338 n Gay 
Baker Geo. blksmith, 575 n Gay 
Baker Geo. A. teacher, 294 Argyle av 
Baker Geo. B. (Baker Bros. & Co.) 193 Linden av 
Baker Geo. C. bookkpr, Presstman nr Whatcoa^ 
■ Baker Georgie C. teacher, 50 s Ann 
Baker Greenbury W. milk, 529 n Gay 
Baker Mrs. Gertrude, glassware, 338 n Gay 
Baker Harry, clerk, Waverley 
Baker Mrs. Henrietta, 417 Aliceanna 
Baker Henry, driver, Waverley 
Baker Henry, oysters, 217 n Eden 
Baker Henry, shoemkr, 93 Fort av 
Baker Henry, broommkr, 212 e Eager 
Baker Henry, wheelwright, 232 Preston 
Baker Henry, glassblower, 311 s Sharp 
Baker Henry, baker, 318 s Sharp 
Baker Henry, caulker, 72 Block 
Baker Henry, carp. Lanvale and Aisquitb 
Baker Henry, mariner, 188 Chesapeake 
Baker Henry, pipemkr, 181 n Bethel 
Baker Henry W. whe,elwright, 232 Preston 
Baker Henry W. clerk, Waverley 
Baker Henry W. coachpainter, 99 Chew 
Baker Herman, shipcarp. 152 s Carolina 
Baker Herman, cooper, 220 Bank 
Baker Horace D. mariner, 182 s Chapel 
Baker Jacob, ghoemkr, 107 Columbia 
Baker Jacob, police, 22 Forrest pi 
Baker Jacob, flagman, 12 w Madison 
Baker Jacob, butcher, 100 Centre, 59 "Lexing- 
ton, and 55 Hanover mkts, dw 540 Penna av 
Baker James, porter, 198 e Lombard 
Baker James, machinist, 80 n Amity 
Baker James, lab. 156 n Chapel 
Baker James, lab, Hampden 
Baker James C. sr. shipcarp. 175 Bank 
Baker James C. jr. mariner, 175 Bank 
Baker James F. engineer, 36 Constitution 
Baker James M. bricklayer, 238 w Biddle 
Baker James M. jr. clerk, 238 w Biddle 
Baker James R. lab. 158 n Dallas 
Baker Jeremiah, gardener, 329 n Durham 
Baker JoBn, Clipper mills 
Baker John, blacksmith, 55 Tyson 
Baker John, shoemkr, 198 Bank 
Baker John, lab. 286j s Ann 
Baker John, tailor, 71 Bank 
Baker Capt. John, 142 n Charles 
Baker John, collier, 72 Towson 
Baker John, cigarmkr, 69 Bank 
Baker John, mariner, 72 Block 
Baker John, sergt. police, 713 w Lombard 
Baker John, stonecutter, 4 Angle al 
Baker John, shipcarp. 219 Bank 
Baker John F. lab. 57 Biddle et 
Baker John G. canmkr, 36 Holland 
Baker John G. sexton, 71 Aisquitb 
Baker John H. shoemkr, 300 Light 
Baker John H. huckster, 23 McHenrj- 
Baker John H. clerk, P. 0. 352 Aisquitb 
Baker John L. shipjoiner, 343 e Fayette 
Baker John M. shoemkr, 169 n Caroline 
Baker John M. clerk, 133 Montgomery 
Baker John M. clerk, 142 Conway 
Baker John R. jr. agent for Peter Wright & 
Sons, over 44 Second, dw 78 w Centre 

Wm. Wirt Clarke, Manufacturers' Agt. for No 1 Agricultural Plaster, 
In Bags or Barrels from store, or in Cargo Lots direct from factory. 

Largest Life Ins. Co. iii the W orld, O F . Bresee, G-en. Agt. 

Baker John T. carp. Sweet Air 

Baker John T. police, 575 n Gay 

Baker John V. police, 260 e Madison 

Baker John W. lab. 182 West 

Baker John W. grocery, 406 Harford av 

Baker John W. jr. officer Penitentiary, 105 n 

Baker Joseph, blacksmith, 201 Ramsay 
Baker Josiah, carder, Woodberry 
Baker Lawrence, lab. rear 40 Covington 
Baker Lawrence Wm. clerk, 31 n Fremont 
Baker Lewis, blacksmith, 259 Hamburg 
Baker Lewis C. liquors, 233 Park av 
Baker Mrs. Lottie, grocery, 105 Scott 
Baker Mrs. Margaret, seamstress, 126 Henrietta 
Baker Mrs. Margaret, 23 Walnut al 
Baker Mrs. Mary, grocery, 199 Hamburg, dw 

79 Fort av 
Baker Mrs. Mary E. grocery, 22 Forrest pi 
Baker Mrs. Mattie, 32 s Schroeder 
Baker N. paper and rags, 120 w Lombard, dw 

133 Montgomery 
Baker N. T. screwman, 655 w Lombard 

BAKER R. J. & CO., Importers and 
Dealers in Dye Woods, Dye Stuffs, 
Oil Vitriol and Pure Ground Bone 
Dust, Chemicals for making Su- 
perphosphates of Lime and Fertil- 
izers, 36 and 38 S. Charles street. 

BAKER R. J. & CO. (R. J. Baker, R. J. Hol- 
lingsworth) importers and dealers in dye 
woods, dye stuffs, chemicals and oil of vitriol, 
36 and 38 s Charles 
Baker Richard J.(R.J.B.&Co.) Carroll co 
Baker Robert, lab. 99 Battery av 
Baker Robert B. jr. cabinetmkr, 31 n Fremont 
Baker Robert J. tinner, 22 Forrest pi 
Baker Mrs. Rosanna, beer, 18 Stockholm 
Baker Samuel, coachman, 164 u Eutaw 
Baker Theodore' tmkr, Belair av nr Federal 
Baker Thos. bakery, 440 Lexington 
Baker Thos. carp. 786 w Pratt 
Baker Voltine, baker, 896 w Pratt 
Baker W. Addison, clerk, 281 n Eden 
Baker W. S. G. president Baltimore Car Wheel 

Co. 15 South, dw Charles-st av ext 
Baker Walter S. 349 w Lanvale 
Baker Wesley, fireman, 311 Light 

Baker, J. S. Whiteley, P. B. Craw- 
ford) Agents and Shippers of Coal, 
over 15 South, Pranklin Bank 

Baker Wm 
Baker Wm 
Baker Wm 
Baker Wm 
Baker Wm 
Baker Wm 
Baker Wm. 
Baker Wm 
Baker Wm 
Baker Wm 
Baker Wm 
Baker Wm 
Baker Wm 

. hatter, 70 Woodyear 

. driver, Fremont nr Franklin 

. 351 Madison av 

. driver, 322 s Dallas 

. canmkr, 253 Jefferson 

. pianomkr, rear 239 s Charles 

.jr. (Baker Bros. &Co.)351 Madison av 

. junk, 21 Fell, dw 248 Gough 

. A. shipcarp. 15 Williamson al 

. A. city missionary, 281 n Eden 

. Addison, clerk, 281 n Eden 

. B. lab. 174 n Fremont 

. B. brassfinisher, 343 e Fayette 


Made water-tight, and preserved for years, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMEKT and 


By increasing the quantity of Gvrn. we make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which is unequalcd. All work 
guaranteed, A trialis all we ask. Orders solicited 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER CO., Sole Manufacturers, 

No. 3 COURTLAND STREET, up stairs. 

Baker Wm. C. engineer, 248 Gough 

Baker Wm. G. clerk, 403 n Gilmor 

Baker Wm. H. candymkr, 99 s Sharp 

Baker Wm. H. huckster, 134 s Howard 

Baker Wm. J. hardware, 479 w Baltimore 

Baker Wm. M. clerk, 53 n Gilmor 

Baker Wm. T. currier, 22 Forrest pi 

Baker Wm. W. cooper, 134 Bank 

Baker Wm. W. printer, 294 Argyle av 

Bakie Thos. lastmkr, 13 n Exeter 

Bald Daniel F. clerk, 91 Penna av , 

Bald Fredk.W. lock and gunsmith, 91 Penna av 

Bald Geo. carter, 642 Light 

Bald W. Charles, 338 Penna av 

Bald Wm. shoemker, 30 Clement 

Balderston Dr. A. Holmes, office 23 Lexington 

Balderston G«o. gen'l com. merchant, n w cor 

Light and Camden, dw 61 Lexington 

wire workers, 66 s Calvert 
Balderston Isaac, shoemkr, 208 e Lombard 
Balderston Jacob (Hugh B.& Son)515 w Fayette 
Balderston Marcellus, ironroller, 22 Parrish 
Balderston Thos. wire worker, 515 w Fayette 
Baldner Francina, dressmkr, 249 Mulberry 
Baldus Wm. T. clerk, Harford av nr Point la 
Baldwin Alonzo, fireman, Waverley 
Baldwin Aquilla, clerk, 332 e Madison 
Baldwin Caleb C. inspector C. H. 182 e Pratt 
Baldwin Chas. E. saloon, 659 Penna av 
Baldwin Christopher C. (Woodward, Baldwin 

k Norris) New York 
Baldwin & Gugle (T. P. Baldwin, C. Cugle) 

commission merchants and wholesale cotton 

yarn, 21 German 
Baldwin David, treas. Savings Bank of Balti- 
more, dw Albion house 
Baldwin E. F. architect, s w cor Lexington and 

Charles, dw 198 Division 
Baldwin Dr. Edwin C. 124 n Exeter 
Baldwin Edwin D. moulder, 332 e Madison 
Baldwin Geo. E. contractor, 664 w Fayette 
Baldwin Geo. E. D. machinist, 332 e Madison 
Baldwin Geo. W. lab. Millington la nr Ramsay 
Baldwin Henry N. machinist, Mt. Vernon 
Baldwin Henrj- T. oyster packer, 331 Canton av 
Baldwin J. Andrew, moulder, 332 e Madison 
Baldwin James, lab. Collington av nr Gough 
Baldwin John, engineer, 199 s Fremont 
Baldwin Mrs. John H. confec'y 141 Orleans 
Baldwin John T. lab. Millington la nr Ramsay 
Baldwin John T. driver, 133 s Castle 
Baldwin John T. lab. Hampden 
Baldwin Joseph J. carp. 589 Penna av 
Baldwin Josephine, fancy goods, 589 Penna av 
Baldwin Julia, 178 Division 
Baldwin Le Roy E. 27 s Gilmor 
Baldwin Martha E. dressmkr, 129 n High 
Baldwin Oliver P. jr. attorney, 51 St. Paul, dw 


POiiTLAND CEMENT, (the best for grouting,) No. 61 8. Gay St. 
Tiie same as I am furnishing to the Johns Hopkins Hospital Buildings. 

Mimsj^LmEutmummMi caMmMmmm:^ 




Baldwin Oliver P. asst. editor Sun, "Waverley 
BALDWIN ROBT. Jr. attorney, s e cor Calvert 

and Fayette, dw 335 Madison av 
Baldwin Robt. T. prest. Nat. Mechanics Bank, 

335 Madison av 
Baldwin R. W. attorney, 42 St. Paul, dw 314 

n Gilmor 
Baldwin Dr. Silas, 150 w Townsend 
Baldwin Summerfield, (Woodward, Baldwin & 

Norris) n e cor Madison av and Mosber 
Baldwin Thos. clerk, 140 w Hoffman 
Baldwin Thos. P. (B. and Cugle) 61 Mosher 
Baldwin Thos. jr. clerk, 140 w Hoffman 
Baldwin & Thompson (W. H. Baldwin, Edw'd 

Thompson) grocers, Hampden 
Baldwin Walter H. (B. & Thompson) Hampden 
Baldwin Walter S. clerk, 197 Barre 
Baldwin Wm. wholesale and retail dry goods, 

135 n Gay, dw 140 w Hoffman 
Baldwin Wm. H. cooper, 162 Conway 
Baldwin Wm. H. jr. (Woodward, Baldwin & 

Norris) 105 Park av 
Baldwin Wm. H. blacksmith, 20 s Carrollton av 
Baldwin Wci.H.of Richard, clerk, 204 w Biddle 
Baldwin Wra. T. lab. Millington la nr Ramsay 
Balis James C. teacher, 92 s Broadway 
Balke Fredk. carp. 7 n Sharp, dw 125 Franklin 
Balke Wm. tailor, 7 Callendar al 
Ball August, cigarmkr, 383 e Fayette 
Ball Cbas. lab. Greene and Lombard 
Ball Chas. J. blacking, 464 Penna av 
Ball Rev. Dabney, 101 Franklin 
Ball Mrs. David, brick manuf. n w cor Putnam 

and Washington rd, dw 51 n Gilmor 
Ball David C. clerk, Bond and Fayette 
Ball Mrs. Fanny, confectionery, 317 s Charles 
Ball Geo. watchman, 206 s Regester 
Ball Geo. H. confectioner, 317 s Charles 
Ball Henry, bricklayer, 56 e Baltimore 
Ball Jacob, shoemkr, 225 Aisquith 
Ball John, bricklayer, 328 Mnlberry 
Ball John, clerk, 266 n Ann 
Ball John D. carp. 335 n Howard, dw 82 w Biddle 
Ball John L. bricklayer, 171 s Chester 
Ball John W. shoemaker, Vincent al nr Ramsay 
Ball Mrs. M. L. dressmkr, 34 Pearl 
Ball Mrs. Louisa H. 11 n Broadway 
Ball Mary N. dressmkr, 124 w Townsend 
Ball Mrs. N. seamstress, 283 n Front 
Ball Philip A. tobacco broker, cor Water and 

South, dw 344 n Strieker 
Ball Philip .\. jr. clerk, 344 n Strieker 
Ball Robt. porter, 284 Bank 
Ball Saml. currier, 283 n Front 
Ball Saml. shoemkr, Hampden 
Ball Saml. B. clerk, 5 n Carey 
Ball Mrs. Sarah A. dressmkr, 36 n Strieker 
Ball T. Walter, clerk, 110 n Carrollton av 
BALL WALTER, treas. Balto. Steam Packet 

Co. & South, dw 185 Bolton 
Ball V/ alter, clerk, 89 Pearl 
Ball Walter R. clerk, 89 Pearl 
Ball Walter S. clerk, 185 Bolton 
Ball Wm. shoemkr, 30 Clement 
Ball Wm. 108 n Calvert 
Ball Wm. D. conductor, 338 Penna av 
Ball Wm. H. lab. Hampden 
Balla Chas. T. tinner, 43 P^lizaheth la 
Balla Chas. T. tinner, 51 Elizabeth la 
Balla Frank, tailor, 21 n Spring 
Ballara Chas. B. letter carrier, P. 0. 
Ballard Byron, conductor, 206 w Fayette 

Ballard Chas. B. letter carrier, 90 Marj'Iand av 
j Ballard Chas. L. bookkpr, 146 Dolphin 
! Ballard Mrs. Edward J. »78 Myrtle av 
j Ballard Fred. coachmkr,Yoark rd nr city limits 
; Ballard Fred. jr. painter. North av nr St. Paul 
j Ballard Geo. E. clerk, 133 Division 
I Ballard J. Edward bookkpr, 378 Mj-rtle av 
I Ballard Laura V. 378 Myrtle av 
i Ballard Levin E.steward Chesapeake clnb, Mon- 
I ument sq 
Ballard Saml. H. clerk, 423 n Fremont 
Ballard Wm. C. clerk, 396 n Strieker 
Biillaro Francis, currier, 64 n Front 
j Jiallaro Mrs. Mary, boarding, 64 n Front 
j Biillauf Augustus, morocco dresser, 69 Harrison 
Ballauf Aug. Z. currier, 69 Harrison 
Ballauf Chas. E. currier, 53 e Fayette 
I Ballauf Wm. L. 351 n Ann 
; Ballentine Alex, ship carp. 102 s Ann 
Ballentine Alex. G. clerk, 102 s Ann 
I Ballentine Archibald, plasterer, 191 s Paca 
j Ballentine Mrs. Eliza, 191 s Paca 
! Ballman Frank, beer, 258 n Bond 
Ballman Henrj-, tinner, 258 n Bond 
Ballman John W. painter, 258 n Bond 
Ballueder Conrad, tailor, 195 Orleans 
Balster Chas. cigarmkr, 173 s Chester 
Biilster Geo. 198 s Ann 
Balster John C. police, 255 Canton av 
Baltimore Academy of the Visitation, n w cor 

Park av and Centre 
Baltimore Athletic Club, over 21 n Charles ' 
Baltimore Athemeum, cor St. Paul and Sara- 
I toga, occupied by Baltimore Library Co.^. 
Mercantile Library Association and Md. His- 
torical Society 
CIAL ADVERTISER, C. C. Fulton & Son, 
proprietors, s w cor Baltimore and South 
Riltinx)re Association for Improving the Con- 
dition of the Poor, D. Henderson, sec'y, 122 
w Fayette 
Biiltimore Bag Factory, John C. GraflBn & Co. 

proprietors, 73, 75, 77 Sooth 


LINE,L.P., A.Schumacher & Co. agts. 5 s Gay 



agent, lower end Long Dock 

BALTIMORE BRICK CO., David Carson,prest. 

5 German 
BALTIMORE BREWERY, Butterlield & Co. 

prop'rs, cor Hanover and Conway 
Baltimore Butchers' Hide and Tallow Associa- 
tion, No. 1, A. L. Wolf, president, s w cor 
Buren and Fall 

Baltimore Calf Skin Association, Neighbor and 

Biiltimore Carriage Co. manufacturers of chil- 
dren's carriages, Henry S. Bell, sup't, 138 w 
Saltimore Car Wheel Co., W. S.G. Baker, pres't, 
J. M. Lawford, sec'y, cor Essex and Burke, 
Canton, office 15 South 
Baltimore, Calvcrton and Powhatan Railway, 
depot, Baltimore nr Calverton rd., oflSce 24 
Baltimore, Catonsville and Ellicott City Rail- 
way Station, Baltimore nr Mount 

HOLMES & CO., Engineers' and Maciiinists' Tools and Supplies, 
Packing, Belting, Hose> Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &g. 

Assets, $85,000 ,000.00. O. 
BAL 71" 

F.^^^e^Q, Gen'l A^t. 



Thos. Wilson, pres't, George A. Reed, sec'y 

and treasr., cemetery Belair av ext 
Baltimore Charity Eye and Ear Dispensary, 2 s 

Central av 
Baltimore Chapter, American Institute of Archi- 
tects, over s e cor Charles and Lexington 
Baltimore Chemical, Paint and Varnish Works, 

Wolfe and Lancaster, office 104 w Lombard 
Baltimore Cigar Box Manufactory, George S. 

Feurst & Co. propr's, 138 and 140 Camden 

office n w cor Charles and Lexington, Jesse 

Tyson, pres't 
BALTIMORE CITY JAIL, Madison e of Jones 


librarian, City Hall 

Buildings, Second and Exchange pi nr Gay 

CO. office s e cor Baltimore and Calvert, Oden 

Bowie, pres't 

Pinkney, judge, cor St. Paul and Court 

House la 
Baltimore City Laundry, Elizabeth D. Schooley, 

propr's, 3 St. Paul 
Baltimore City College, Howard opp Centre 
Baltimore City Dime Express Co., W.E.Morgan, 

sup't, 1 n Charles 
Baltimore City Fertilizing Manuf. Co. n e cor 

Lancaster and Central av, F. F. Pope, sec'y 

and treasr. office 4 Wood 
Baltimore City Bayview Asylum, Eastern av w 

of East av 
Baltimore Coffee Polishing Co. 15 Thames, Jno. 

P. Emerson, agent, office over 3 Commerce 
TURING CO. 33 Camden, works foot Lead- 



j I Man ufacturers and Dtakrs in all \\ 

O HAKT SMITH, Presi. ^ \N 


33 C AMD EX ST. 

Baltimore College of Dental Surgery, s e cor 
Eutaw and Lexington 

Diggs Brothers, 2 South. 

CHANGE, cor South and Wood, Wm. F. 
Wheatley, sec'y 

Clintori, Canton, oflace 57 s Gay, 
Pope, Cole & Co., proprietors. 

and Lombard 


Made water-tight, and preserved for years, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMENT and 


By increasing the quantity of Gum. wo make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which is uuequaled. All work 
guaranteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders solicited 
for new felt roofs; old roofs repaired. 

D. M jiADLER & CO., Sole Manufacturers, 

*No. 3 COURTLAND STREET, up stairs. 

PANY, Oliver Hoblitzell, sup't. 
30 South. 

Baltimore Episcopal Methodist, J. B, Wilson k 
Co. publishers, 146 w Baltimore 

suring houses from losses by fire, office 19 
South, Francis A. Crook, treas., Hugh B. 
Jones, secretary 

Baltimore Eye and Ear Infirmary, s w cor 
Greene and Lombard 

Baltimore Eye and Ear Institute, Dr. Julian J. 
Chisolm, surgeon in charge, 55 Franklin 

av and Wilson, N. C. Brooks, pres't 

South and Water, Wm. G. Harrison, pres't 

Baltimore Fire Department. — [See Appendix. 

Baltimore and Fredericksburg Line of Steamers, 
Henry Williams, agt. office 114 Light-st whf 

Baltimore Free School and Colvin Institute for 
Girls, 39^ Courtland 

Baltimore Fruit Butter Co. Blick & Hamburger, 
proprietors, rear 17 German 

Baltimore Gasoline Street Lamp Co., D.M. New- 
bold, president, Favette and North 

publishers daily and weekly Gaztte, 106 w 

Baltimore Gea'l Dispensary, Liberty nr Fayette 

Baltimore Glass Works, (Baker Bros. & Co.) 
Ostend nr Eutaw 

Baltimore Glee Club, over 152 n Howard 

Baltimore and Hall's Spring Passenger Railway 
Co. office Darley Park, Sam'l B. Davis, supt. 

Baltimore Herald, Tom Wash. Smith, prop'r, 5 
St. Paul 

Baltimore Homeopathic Pharmacy, 135 w Fay- 
ette, Boericke & Tafel 

Baltimore Homeopathic Free Dispensary, 25 n 

Baltimore Hub Factory, J.& E.Stinson, proprs. 
86 n Holliday 

WORKS, North av nr Baltimore cemeter/, 
office over 122 w Baltimore 

resident physician, cor Lombard and Greene 

Baltimore Iron Works, H. L. Brooke, treasurer, 
Boston and Patuxent 

AND PRICE-CURRENT, Porter and Hamil- 
ton, publishers, 55 Second 

son & Co. proprs, 210 s Howard 

Baltimore and Liberty Turnpike Co.6sHolliday 

Baltimore Market Journal, Smith & Simpson, 
publishers, over 166 w Baltimore 


No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 


>aiF.^BRESEE gcSONSaiFEvFlRE^A^^^^ 





Baltimore Marine Observatory, e end of Mont- 

Baltimore Mill Furnishing Establishment, B.F. 
Starr & Co. 173 North 

BALTIMORE NEWS 00. Ill w Baltimore and 

5 South, vSun Iron building 

Baltimore Nickel Plaiting Works, A. Greenleaf 

6 Co. proprs, 15 Mercer 

Baltimore and North Branch Soap Stone Co. 
Chas. Fairbank, agent, 54 s Sharp 

Baltimore Novelty Co. n e cor Gay and Lombard 

Baltimore and Ohio R. R. Co's Emigrant office, 
99 Thames, Gebhard Leimbach, agent 

Freight and Emigrant wharf, L. P. office, 
Hull between Marriott and Nicholson, L. P., 
L. F. Beeler, agent 

Office, Camden Station, Camden street 

CENTRAL STATION, foot of Mill, Henry 
Hahn, agent 

EXPRESS, office 133 w Baltimore 

OFFICE, s e cor Baltimore and Calvert, 
Smiley, Myers and Mercer, agents 

Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Freight and Emi- 
grant Office, Hull nr Nicholson, L. P. 

FICE, s e cor Baltimore and Calvert, W. W. 
Browning, agent 

ELEVATORS, A. and B., L. P., Edward 
Roelker, inspector of grain, F. A. Wheeler, 
supt, 4 s HoUiday 

Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Co's Henderson's 
Wharf Station, J. H. Roberts, agent 

Baltimore and Ohio Railroad Co's Chase's Sta- 
tion, Chase's whf 

Baltimore Orphan Asylum, Strieker, betw Lex- 
ington and Saratoga 

Baltimore, Peabody Heights and Waverly Rail- 
road, Geo.P.Frick, prest, starts from cor Ger- 
man and South, office McMechin and Oliver 

and Belvidere, Val. Winters, prest. 

BOAT CO. 3 Light-st whf, J. Alex. Shriver, 
vice-prest — [See Advertisement 

prest. 104 s Charles 

P. M., betw Gay and HoUiday, Lombard and 

Baltimore and Potomac Hotel, W. K. Sutton, 
jpropr, cor Calvert and Pleasant 

Baltimore and Potomac Railroad Co., Oden 
Bowie, prest, ticket office n e cor Baltimore 
and Calvert 

Baltimore and Potomac Railroad Depot, Penna 
av opp Wilson, J. C. Lassen, agent 

Baltimore and Potomac Railroad Freight Depot, 
201 and 203 North, Ira Day, agent 

LAND SOCIETY, Wm. Curlett, prest. Wil- 
ton Snowdeti, secy, 41 n Charles 

Baltimore Printing Co., N. B. Shorey, propr.92 
w Baltimore 

Baltimore Pure Milk Co., Geo. Mallonee,propr. 
32 Patterson av 



Baltimore Retort and Fire Brick Works, Hull 
cor Nicholson, L. P., office 4 s HoUiday 

Baltimore Schuetzen Park, Belair rd nr North 
av, Louis Bitter, controller, 9 w Pratt 

Baltimore Scow Co., A. H. Dodge, agt, 8 s Gay 

Baltimore Sheep Butchers' and Wool Pulling 
Association, No. 1, 505 Penna av 

Baltimore Shirt Factory, J.J.Ormond, propr. 28 
n Frederick 

Baltimore Shoe and Leather Board of Trade, 
Henry C. Smith, prest, E.S.AUnutt, secy,284 
w Baltimore 

CO., A.W.Nolen, propr, 18 Diamond 

office. Union Dock, office over 8 South, R. L. 
Poor, general agent 

Baltimore Special Dispensary, n e cor North and 

Baltimore Steam Laundry, 4 s High, C. Search, 

Baltimore Steam Packet Co., delivery office, 
Union dock 

Baltimore Stock Board, W. K. Wallace, sec'y, 
over 12 South 

Baltimore Steam Sugar Refinery, 2 w Lombard 


& Co. and Wm. E. Wood & Co.) 296 w Bal- 
timore and 1 n Liberty 

BALTIMORE SUN,s e cor Baltimore and South. 
A. S. Abell & Co. prop'rs 

Schnauffer, publisher, 1 n HoUiday 

CO., Joseph J. Taylor, agent,office 212 w West 
Falls av 

Baltimore Terra Cotta Works, N.M. Rittenhouse, 
propr. foot of Cross 

prop'rs, n e cor North and Baltimore 

Ransom, publishers and proprietors, 3 Post- 
office av 

Baltimore United Butcher's Hide and Tallow 
Association, n e cor Neighbor and McKim, 
J. W. Hook, sec'v 

den, pres't, W.C.West,vice-pres't,'rhos. Poult- 
ney jr. seC'y, Geo. N. Moale, treas.) 9 s Gay 

49,51,53 and 55 s Frederick, 10 Union Dock, 
66 Conway, office 2 Rialto building, J. H. Bar- 
ney, president 

WM. WIRT CLARKE, Flour and General Commission Merchant. 
English & German Portland Cements for Pavements »& Artificial Stone work generally. 

Insurance Asrents and Brokers. American Building. 




Baltimore and Waverley Telegraph Co., Watts | 

& Co. agts. 47 n HoUi'day, J.S. Batemeu, agt. : 

Waverley '< 


CO. R. Foster, genl. agent, office 90 Light and | 

Spear's whf | 

Baltimorean, The (weekly) Crutchfield & Haas, ; 

publishers, Morse bldg. 50 w Fayette 1 

Baltz Anton, lab. Dallas and Alieeanna i 

Baltz Edward, butcher, 13 Lafayette mkt, dw | 

4 Cumberland | 

Baltz Henry, butcher, 488 Penna av I 

Baltz Louis, sausagemkr, Bclair av ext 
Baltz Wm. butcher, 35 Belair and 34 Hanover ; 

markets, dw Belair av nr Balto. cemetery 
Baltzell Chas. 74 n Carey 

Baltzell Chas.C.paperhangings,64 Jackson sq av j 
Baltzell Dr. Frank E. 149 Hanover, dw 175 

St. Paul 
Baltzell Harry E. attorney, 49 Lexington, dw 

175 St. Paul 
Baltzell James P. 220 Franklin " 
Baltzell Mrs. Susan, 175 St. Paul 
Baltzell W. H. clerk, 175 St. Paul 
Baltzell Wm. clerk, 175 St. Paul 
Baltzley Atenius, carp. 80 Maryland av 
Balz Rhinehard, provisions, 331 w Fayette 
Balzer George, driver, 138 s Wolfe 
Balzer Matthias, lab. 174 s Wolfe 
Balzer Nich. lab. 16 s Chapel 
Balzer Valentine, carter, 181 s Wolfe 
Balzer Wm. lab. 230 Canton av 
Bambach Geo. cabinetmkr, 57 n Amity 
Bambach Joseph, stovesetter, 79 s Fremont 
Bambach Joseph jr. cashier, 79 s Fremont 
Bambach Louis, japanner, 57 n Amity 
Bambach Thos. printer, 79 s Fremont 
Bamber Thomas, machinist, Woodberry 
Bamber Wm. W. patternmkr, 290 Hanover 
Bamberger Abraham, sausage, 60 n Spring 
Bamberger Ansel, (B. & Eilau) 352 Lexington 
Bamberger Chas. wheelwright, Oxford, York rd, 

dw Homestead 
Bamberger David, hosiery, &c. 152 Lexington, 

dw 143 Saratoga 
Bamberger E. wholesale notions, over 247 w 

Baltimore, dw 170 w Lombard 
Bamberger & Eilau, (A. Bamberger, A. Eilau,) 

trimmings and fancy goods, 265 w Baltimore 
Bamberger Isaac, 152 Lexington 
Bamberger Jas.W. wheelwright, Oxford, York rd 
Bamberger John, lab. 25 Shakspear 
Bamberger John V. wheelwright, Oxford, York 

rd, dw Homestead 
Bamberger John W. wheelwright. Homestead 
Bamberger Jonas D. clerk, 143 Saratoga 
Bamberger Jos. C. blacksmith, 508 Franklin 
Bamberger Jos. C. brickl'r, 310 Greenmount av 
Bamberger Jos. W. printer, 310 Greenmount av 
Bamberger Julius, clerk, 170 w Lombard 
Bamberger Louis, clerk, 170 w Lombard 
Bamberger Robert T. clerk, 243 e Madison 
Bamberger Thos. W. clerk, 310 Greenmoui|t av 
Bamberger Wm. blacksmith. Homestead 
Bamberger Wm. H. grocery, 243 e Madison 
Bamberger Wm. W. letter carrier, 62 Brune 
Bamble James, moulder, Hampden 
Bancroft Chas. F. bookkpr, 22 e Fayette 
Bancroft Mrs. Emma, 284 Franklin 
Bancroft John D. bricklayer and furnace build- 
er, 22 e Fayette 
Band Fifth Regt.C.W.Wernig,leader, 25 George 


Made water-tight, and preserved for years, l>y thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMENT and 


By increasing the qvantity of Gvm. wemakea Paint 
for Damp Walls which is unequaled. All work 
guaranteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders solicited 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER & CO., Sole Manufacturers, _ 

No. 3 COUKTLAND STREET, u p stairs. 

Bandel Andrew J. 37 Fawn 

Bandel Andrew J. jr. clerk, 37 Fawn 

Bandel Charles, driver, 19 e Madison 

Bandel Decatur A. (John M. Bandel & Sons) 365 
e Pratt 

Bandel Mrs. E. 365 e Pratt 

Bandel Edward W. carp. 86 e Pratt 

Bandel Frank B. clerk, 37 Fawn. 

Bandel Frank W. painter, 198 n Caroline 

Bandel Henry M. shoemkr, 138 n Eden 

Bandel James L. shoemkr, 138 n Eden 

Bandel John, hackman, 170 n High 

Bandel John M. & Sons, ( J. W., Martin L. and 
D. A. Bandel) shipping and com. merchants, 
81 Smith's whf 

Bandel John W. (J.M.B.'& Sons) 365 e Pratt 

Bandel Littleton C. clerk, 37 Fawn 

Bandel Leonard J. pumpmkr, 97 McElderry's 
whf, dw 278 n Ann 

Bandel Leonard J. jr. pumpmkr, 278 n Ann 

Bandel Lyman S. 202 e Fayette 

Bandel Mrs. M.A. fancy goods, 213 e Baltimore 

Bandel Martin L. (John M.B. & Sons) Balti- 
more and Chester 

Bandel Philip, pump and blockmkr,202 e Fayette 

Bandel Samuel G. clerk, 37 Fawn 

Bandel Simeon, block and pumpmkr, Chesnut 
nr Hillen 

Bandell Frank R. telegraphist, 267 n Broadway 
Bandell Geo. W. carver, 861 w Baltimore 
Bandell Geo. W. jr. dyer, 50 s Bond 
Bandell Geo. W. dver, 50 s Bond 
Bandell Grafton, cabinetmkr, 268 n Broadway 
Bandell Harry, shoemkr, 50 s Bond 
Bandell James S. packer, 50 s Bond 
Bandell Mrs. M.V. boarding, 188 Franklin 
Bandell Otis R. sexton, 278 n Ann 
Bandell Saml.L. trav. salesman, 267 n Broadway 
Bandell Wm. R. clerk, 267 n Broadway 
Bandell Wm. T. canmkr, 112 s Caroline 
Bando Frederick, barber, 267 n Bond 
Bauer Joseph, lab. 443 Canton av 
Bangerd Ferd. potter, 175 s Caroline 
Bangerd Henry, carp. 175 s. Caroline 
Bangert D. L. clerk, 89 Chew 
Bangert Fredk. A. coal oil, 82 Chew 
Bangert Geo. clerk, 116 McElderry 
Bangert Jacob, butcher, 402 e Fayette 
Bangert Jas. W. dancing master, 291 e Lombard 
Bangert John, shoemkr, 260 e Lombard 
Bangert Michael, carter, 242 n Dallas 
BANGERT PHILIP, coal oil and lamps, s w 

corner Central av and Chew 
Bangert Rudolph, hatter. Farmers and Planters 

Bangert Mrs. Margaret, 116 McElderry 
Bangert Wm. driver, 116 McElderry 
Bangert Wm. 0. clerk, 116 McElderry 

Chas. (Jas. Carey &Co)351 Druid Hill av 
Charles E. clerk, 351 Druid Hill av 

No. 61 S. GAY STREET. 






Bangs Eli, cooper, 13 Weber 

Bangs Frank, clerk, 238 Barre 

Bangs Geo. F. cutter, 98 n Wolfe 

Bangs Wm. H. cooper, '7 Henrietta 

Banhard John, lab. 134 s Wolfe 

Banheard Valentine, sexton Hai Sinai cemetery, 

Belair av e.\t 
BANK OF COMMERCE, 26 South, James W. 

Alnutt, president 
Bank Frank, barber, Frederick av nr toll gate 
Bank Hervej, lab. Eastern av nr Seventh 
Bankard Mrs. Emma L. 154 Mullikin 
BANKARD H. N. & CO. (H. N. Bankard, ) real 

estate agents, 5 St Paul 
Bankard Henry N.(H.N.B. &Co.)sec'y Newing- 

ton Land <fe Loan Co. 22 s Strieker 
Bankard Jacob J. butcher, 97 and 99 Centre 

Market, dw Baltimore and Chester 
Bankard Mrs. James M. butcher, 213 Harford av 
Bankard John E. cardriver, 561 n Fremont 
Bankard Martin A. lab. 126 s Spring 
Bankard Wm. H. salesman, 84 George 
Bankerd Dennis, inspector, C. H. 226 Franklin 
Bankerd John, lab. 229 n Bond 
Bankerd J. Milton, clerk, 226 Franklin 
Bankerd Josiah, clerk, Harford av nr Federal 
Bankerd Wm. 301 n Gilmor 
Bankhead Robert, clerk, 27 n Fremont 
Bankhead Robt. L. plasterer, 27 n P'remont 
Bankert Geo. blacksmith, 375 Eastern av 
Bankert Mrs. M. confectionery, 375 Eastern av 
Barikner John, shoemkr, Spring nr Chase 
Banks Andrew, pres't Maryland Tubing Trans. 

Co. 52 Lexington, dw 421 Eutaw pi 
Banks Bcnj. F. furu. wagon, 94 n Caroline 
Banks Chas. .\. clerk, 18 n Carey 
Banks Chas. W. S. clerk, Frederick and Second 
Banks Enos R. shoemkr, 337 n Bond 
Banks Emmet, salesman, 193 n Calvert 
Banks Frank W. clerk, 707 w Fayette 
Banks Geo. W. machinist, 253 Dolphin 
Banks Geo. W. tax department, 131 n Calhoun 
Banks Harry R. clerk, 193 n Calvert 
Banks Henry, shoemkr, 90 Boston 
Banks Henry P. shoemkr, 337 n Bond 
Banks Mrs. John, 7 s Schroeder 
Banks John W. butter, 54 Greenmount av 
Banks Mrs. Julia, 131 n Calhoun 
Banks Lewis, machinist, 11 Etting 
Banks Marion, machinist, 7 s Schroeder 
BANKS MORTON D. furniture and chair fac- 
tory, 59 South, dw 134 n Broadway 
Banks R. T. & Son, (R. T. and R.T. Banks jr.) 

china and glassware, 53 South 
Banks Robert B. clerk, 131 n Calhoun 
Banks Robert T.(R.T.B.&Son,) 193 n Calvert 
Banks Robert T. .ir.(R.T.B.&Son, )193 n Calvert 
Banks Samuel, clerk, 60 Granby 
Banks Samuel, finisher, 253 Dolphin 
Banks Samuel, machinist, 305 Forrest 
Banks Saml. C. coachtrimmer, 337 n Bond 
Banks Saml M. dairy, 845 w Baltimore 
Banks W. E. (Swain & B.) ,54 w Madison 
Banks Wra. fireman, 2 Cemetery av 
Banks Wm. shoemkr, 5 Cuba 
Banks Wm. E. clerk, 193 n Calvert 
Banks Wm. H. roofing and spouting, 2 Druid 

Hill av, dw 420 n Strieker 
Banks Wm. H. S. chair painter, 190 n Broadway 
Banks Wm J. butter, 54 Greenmount av 
Banks Wm. M. butter, 54 Greenmount av 
Bankstahl J. shoemkr, 277 n Dallas 

Bannan Danl. lab. 79 Cooksie 

Bannan Hugh F. picture dealer, 417 n Fremont 

Bannan John, picture dealer 417 n Fremont 

BANNA'N' J . , House Painter, over 46 
w Centre, dw 211 Dolphin 

Bannan John A. engineer, 105 n Poppleton 
Bannan John J. barkpr, 149 Preston 
Bannan John J. painter, 211 Dolphin 
Bannan Lawrence, machinist, 79 York 
Bannan Patrick, lab. 120 Scott 
Bannan Wm. T. plumber, 149 Preston 
Bannenberg Fred, shoemkr, 208 German 
Banning Alexander, 285 Hollins 
Banning C. F. 280 Lexington 
Banning Henry, salesman, 499 w Lombard 
Banning M. E. 280 Lexington 
Banning Richard A. clerk, 499 w Lombard 
Banning Robert H. salesman, 499 w Lombard 
Bannister Chas. clerk, 163 Hanover 
Bannister Rev. T. Louis, 407 e Baltimore 
Bannister Silas H. clerk, 15 Jackson pi 
BANNON MICHAEL, attorney, 32 St. Paul, dw 

Anne Arundel co 
Bannon Peter, lab. 399 s Eutaw 
Bannon Thomas, potter, 34 n Bond 
Banschek Joseph, lab. 265 Aliceanna 
Bansemer G. A. (W.G.B.&Co.) 202 w Hoffman 
BANSEMER W. G. & CO. (W. G. and G. A. 

Bansemer, ) wholes, grocers and commission 

merchants, 45 German cor Howard 
Bansemer Wm.G.( W.G.B.&Co. )3G5 Madison a v 
Banson Henry M. clerk, 188 s Bond 
Banthem Chas. W. carriagemkr, 276 s Charles 
Banthem Geo. carriage manufr. 57 Henrietta 

dw 276 s Charles 
Banthem James, coachmkr, 205 Mulberry 
Bantz Dr. Edward, 22 Columbia 
Bantz Eugene H. 305 Lexington 
Bantz Gideon C. clerk, 22 Columbia 
Bantz Henrv H. salesman, 84 w Biddle 
Bantz LouLs G. clerk, 84 w Biddle 
Bantz Theodore S. 305 Lexington 
Banzs John, bottler, 95 n Washington 
Baptist Church, Waverley, nr York rd 
Baptist Chapel, cor p]tting and Dolphin 
Baptist Church, Broadway and Pratt 
Baptist Mission Chapel, Peirce nr Fremont 
Baquol C, French confect's,258 w Pratt, dw 223 
Baquol Jules, candymkr, 223 w Pratt 
Bar Levi, clothing, Gay and Fayette, dw 39 

Baraldi Louis, ship broker, 5 Postoffice av, dw 

38 Pleasant 
Baraldi Paolo, music teacher, 38 Pleasant 
Baranoskie Sigmund, tailor, 207 Aliceanna 
Barbareck Joseph, carter, 4 Weber 
Barber Alex, canmkr, 149 s Collington av 
Barber Frank, clerk, 482 Lexington 
Barber Mrs. Frederick, Baker nr Penna av 
Barber Harry G. clerk, 482 Lexington 
Barber Mrs. Isabella, 598 Lexington 
Barller Mrs. John G. 482 Lexington 
Barber John T. dep'y k'pr Penitentiary, 149 s 

Collington av 
Barber John W. stonecutter, 72 n Poppleton 
Barlier Michael, rigger, 149 s Collington av 
Barbikow Wm. gardener, 208 Greenmount av 
Barbine Jacob F. bricklayer, 341 s Sharp 
Barbine Wm. E. ship carp. 157 Battery av 
Barbour Edward, ironworker, 4 Binney 

HOLMES & CO., Engineers' and 
Packing, Beltin6, Hose, Boiler Felt, 

Machinists' Tools and Supplies, 
Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

O. F. Bresee, General Agent, American Building. 

Barbour Dcaniel N. huckster, 31 Chew 

Barbour Joseph, lab. Homestead 

Barbour Philip J. lieut. police, 328 n Bond 

Barbour Susan E. 58 Preston 

Barbour Thos: huckster, 136 Harford av 

Barclay Chas. J. telegraphist, 307 e Eager 

Barclay Dr. De Lancey H. 208 Argyle av 

Barclay Edw'd, clerk, 239 w Lanvale 

Barclay Rev. Joseph H. 239 w Lanvale 

Bard Alfred, lab. 357 West 

Bard Thos. P. traveling agt. 122 w Lanvale 

Bardelman Henry, tailor, 38 n Durham 

Bardram Chas. bookkpr, 64 n Wolfe 

Wood Dealer, 45 Boston Street, 
dw 62 S. Chester. ' 

Barella Thos. lab. 49 James la 

Barette Bridget, dressmkr, Hampden 

Bargar & Bro.(Henr}' and Washington Bargar) 

bricklayers and builders, 172 Mulberry 
Bargar Deeter, 65 Franklin 
Bargar Geo. W. police, 84 Henrietta 
Bargar Harry, bricklayer, 172 Mulberry 
Bargar Henry, (B.&Bro.) 172 Mulberry 
Bargar Joseph A. bricklayer, 296 Cross 
Bargar Joseph H. moulder, 84 Henrietta 
Bargar S. M. 239 Franklin 
Bargar Washington, (B.& Bro. )283 Druid Hill av 
Barget Geo. H. musician, 146 Hillen 
Barham Mrs. M. L 295 w Biddle 
Barbara Robt. H. machinist, 295 w Biddle 
Barham Thos. P. carp. 295 w Biddle 
Barickman Capt. Chas. W. 215 Montgomery 
Barickmau Jacob, cedar cooper, 200 e Baltimore 
Baris Geo. tailor, 255 e Chase 
Barke Christian, shoemkr, 332 s Charles 
Barke Columbus, tinner, 332 s Charles 
Barke John, bookkpr, 332 s Charles 
Barker Alfred, patternmkr, 262 n Front 
Barker Benj. 77 n Charles 
Barker Benj. S. screwman, 178 s Eutaw 
Barker Chas. H. clerk, 4 Franklin 
Barker Chas. W. clerk, 172 n Arlington av 
Barker Chas. W. pharmacist, n e cor Paca and 

Barker E. M. clerk, 412 n Gay 
Barker Edward W. (B.& Gwathmey,) Hunting- 
don av w of Charles-st av 
BARKER & GWATHMEY, (Ed. W. Barker, 

Robt. W. Gwathmey, ) flour, grain and com. 

merchts, 1 Wood 
Barker Geo C. clerk, Presstman nr Whatcoat 
Barker Geo. E. organ manfr. and repairer, 412 

n Gay 
Barker Graham, salesman, 421 w Lanvale 
Barker H. C. farmer, 83 s Ann 
Barker Jas. H. clerk, 130 w Hoffman 
Barker Capt. Jas. T. mariner, 297 e Madison 
Barker Mrs. Jane, 136 n Calvert 
Barker John, lab. 170 Canton av 
Barker John A. real estate agent, 37 Lexington 

dw 171 w John 
Barker John W. oysters, 78 Hill,dw 152 s Charles 
Barker Joseph, lab. 358 n Strieker 
Barker Leonard, printer, 302 n Eutaw 
Barker Lewis R. patternmkr, 262 n Front 
Barker Mrs. M. E. boarding, 358 n Strieker 
Barker Mrs. Mary E. 313 e Eager 
Barker Robert, shipcarp. 44 s Wolfe 


Made water-tight, and preperved for years, bv thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMENT and 


By increasing the quantity of Gum, we make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which is unequaled. All work 
gaarauteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders solicited 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER & CO., Sole Manufacturers. 
yto. 3 COURTLAND STRE ET, up sUire^ 

BARKER & WAGGNER, (Wm. K. Barker, G. 

E. Waggner) leaf tobacco, 29 s Gay 
Barker Wm. machinist. Star hotel 
Barker Wm. police, 302 n Eutaw 
Barker Wm. 4 Franklin 
Barker Wm. C. lab. 551 Light 
Barker Wm. K. (B. & Waggner) 172 n Arling- 
ton av 
Barker Wm. T. clerk, 551 Light 
Barklage Mrs. Gertrude, 95 Pearl 
Barklage Mrs. Margaret, 95 Pearl 
Barklage & Henneman (John Henneman) pack- 
ing boxmkrs, 15 Cowpen al 
Barkley Geo. L. provisions, 267 e Lombard 
BARKLEY & HASSON, (J. C. Barkley, A. A. 
Hasson) coffee, teas and roasted coffee, &c. 50 
s Charles 
Barkley Jas. bookkpr, 43 Eastern av 
Barkley John C. (B.& Hasson) 311 e Eager 
Barkley Mrs. Matilda, 43 Eastern av 
Barkley Capt. Richard, 29 Jackson sq av 
Barkley Robert, jr. 43 Eastern av 
Barkman Mrs. Amelia, 54 Courtland 
Barkman Geo. W. 164 s Charles 
Barkman Jacob, (B.& Lawder) 164 s Charles 
Barkman Jas. S. bookkpr, 87 e Pratt 
Barkman John M. bricklayer, 270 Mulberry 
Barkman Joseph, jr. bricklayer, 270 Mulberry 
Barkman Joseph, cigarmkr,'270 Mulberry 
Barkman & Lawder, (Jacob Barkman, Saml.M. 
Lawder, jr.) genl. com. merchts. 116 Light- 
st wharf 
Barkman Wm. H. cigarmkr, 270 Mulberry 
Barkmayer Fred. W. grocery, cor McHenry and 

Barky W. S., Carrollton hotel 
Barlag Fred, lithographer, 39 Jackson 
Barlag John Chas. lithographer, 177 n Caroline 
Barlage Bernard, clerk, 260 Montgomery 
Barlage F. carp. 73 s Dallas 
Barlage Frank, grocery, 260 Montgomery 
Barlage Herman H. 4 Rock 
Barlage Mrs. John, milk, 658 Lexington 
Barley Augustus F. clerk, 46 Druid Hill av 
Barley Geo. W. engineer, 503 w Lombard 
Barling Edward, carp. 152 n Bethel 
Barlow Chas. paper carrier, 246 Aisquith 
Barlow James W. collector, 11 s Oregon 
Barlow Jas. T. paprhngr, Aisquith and Lanvale 
Barlow John H. painter, 246 Aisquith 
Barlow Joseph M. upholsterer, 34 Brune 
Barlow Joseph, mariner, 216 Aliceanna 
Barlow Wm. F. upholsterer, 172 u Gay 
Barlow Wm. clerk, 216 Aliceanna 
Barnard Chas. P. manager, Howard house 
Barnard John, bricklayer, 76 McElderry 
Barnard Louisa, teacher, 103 s High 
Barnard Mrs. M. E. 582 Lexington 
Barnard Randolph, bricklayer, 92 Myrtle av 
Barnard Wm. machinist, John nr McMechin 
BarndoUar Wm.P.(Meixsel & Co.)40 n Calhoun 


No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 

# Mum^ALLiFEiimummEmoFmwYORK. 




Earner Driiry J. cigarmkr, 42 n High 
Baruer James C. bookbinder, 42 n High 
Baruer John, shoemaker, 42 Rose 
Earner Mrs. Julia, seamstress, 42 n High 
Barnes Albert, conductor, 234 Saratoga 
Barnes Alex. M. lumber insp. 34 West Falls av, 

dw '71 s Exeter 
Barnes Benj. F. painter, 1 Clinton av 
Barnes C. W. bookkpr, 43 s Collington av 
Barnes C. Fletcher, bookkpr, 102 Harlem av 
Barnes Chas. caulker, 41 Covington 
Barnes Charles E. (Hanson P. B. & Son) 283 

Barnes Christopher R. bricklayer, 81 e Biddle 
Barnes D. Wilton, clerk, 349 n Broadway 
Barnes Edmund L. printer, 27 s Chester 
Barnes Felix D. butcher, 24 Whatcoat 
Barnes Frances E. cook, Jefferson ext 
Barnes Frank, shipcarp. 70 York 
Barnes Frank jM. boilermkr, 7 Elizabeth la 
Barnes Geo. A. lab. 174 s Castle 
Barnes Hanson P. & Son (H. P. and Charles E. 
Barnes)oyster and fruit brokers, 348 Aliceanna 
Barnes Geo. D. bricklayer, Huntingdon av nr 

Mount Royal 
Barnes Geo. M. boilermkr, 13 Heath 
Barnes Hanson P. (H. P. B. & Son) 283 Gough 
Barnes Henry, lab. 27,5 Canton av 
Barnes Henry, shipcarp. 41 Covington 
Barnes Hy. A. oyster packer, 88 s Washington 
Barnes Henry C. barkpr. 25 Parkin 
Barnes Henry W. carp. 124 Saratoga 
Barnes J. Henry, conductor, 410 e Fayette 
Barnes J. T. Mason, deputy city collector, 17 

Barnes Jacob S.(Wm. R.Barnes & Co.) 1 n Ann 
Barnes James, barkpr, 72 s Durham 
Barnes Jas. E. lumber marker, 114 s Castle 
Barnes Jas. E. wheelwright, 114 s Castle 
Barnes Jas. F. lab. 211 s Chester 
Barnes Jas. H. cabinetmkr, 417 w Lombard 
Barnes Jas. S. moulder, 96 s Carey 
Barnes John H. 114 s Castle 
Barnes John H. attorney, 366 e Baltimore 
Barnes John R. clerk, 349 n Broadway 
Barnes John R. salesman, 329 e Biddle 
Barnes John T. painter, 417 w Lombard 
Barnes John W. millwright, 124 n Schroeder 
Barnes Joseph A. carp. 71 Eastern av 
Barnes Joseph H. processor, 71 s Exeter 
Barnes Joshua, boilermkr, 417 w Lombard 
Barnes Lewis H., Three Tuns hotel 
Barnes Loney M. bookkpr, 366 e Baltimore 
Barnes Mrs. M. A. 20 Peirce 
Barnes M. D. miller. Falls rd nr tollgate 
Barnes Mrs. M. E. dressmkr, 22 n Charles 
Barnes Mrs. Mary T. boarding, 57 s Exeter 
Barnes Mrs. Margaret, grocery, 124 Saratoga 
Barnes Millard, bricklayer, 63 e Pratt 
Barnes R. Edwin, saddle maker, 22 n Charles 
Barnes Richard, shipcarp. 425 e Fayette 
Barnes S. S. (Hunt, Barnes & Co.) 43 s Colling- 
ton av 
Barnes Samuel, carp. 81 Parkin 
Barnes Samuel A. carp. Hampden 
Barnes Samuel F. moulder, 10 Ramsay 
Barnes Mrs. Sarah, tailoress, 42 Abey al 
Barnes Thos. H. (T.H.B. & Co.) 527 Franklin 
BARNES THOS. H. & CO. (Thos. H. Barnes, 

Geo. D. Chason) com. merchts. 65 s Gay 
Barnes Thos. H. oysters, 292 Light, dw 63 Bat- 
tery av 

Barnes Thos. M. lab. 738 w Pratt 

Barnes Uriah, farmer, Woodberry 

Barnes Walter, paperhanger, 323 Saratoga 

Barnes Wesley, over 45 St. Paul 

Barnes Wm. carp. 4 Whatcoat 

Barnes Wm. lab. 176 s Washington 

Barnes Wm. A. canmkr, 71 s Exeter 

Barnes Wm. C. driver, 57 s Exeter 

Barnes Wm. H. lab. 738 w Pratt 

Barnes Wm. H. shipcarp. 41 Covington 

Barnes Wm. J. flour and feed, n e cor Bond and 

Jefferson, dw 136 McElderry 
Barnes Rev. Wm. M. carp. 319 n Eutaw 
BARNES WM. R. & CO. (Wm. R. & J. S. 

Barnes)ovster packers, 1.30, 132 and 134Hughes 
Barnes \Nm. R. (Wm. R.Barnes & Co.) 158 w 

Barnes W. W. tobacconist, 192 w Baltimore, dw 

85 Lexington 
Barnet Francis M. clerk, 698 w Baltimore 
Barnet Henry E. machinist, 698 w Baltimore 
Barnet John H. tobacconist, 698 w Baltimore 
Barnett Amelia E. millinery, 70 n Charles 
Barnett Geo. W., Three Tiins hotel 
Barnett J. W. salesman, 182 w Lombard 
Barnett Jas. A. caulker, 137 Johnson 
Barnett Jas. H. miller, 87 Oak 
Barnett Jas. T. painter, 52 s Collington av 
Barnett John F. wheelwright, 434 Saratoga, dw 

Barnett Samuel, lab. 28 Byrd 
Barnett Thomas, painter, 52 s Collington av 
Barnett Wm. C. bricklayer, 27 L. Church 
Barnett Wm. H. collarnikr, 27 L. Church 
Barnett Wm. P.(Wm.P.B. & Co.) Dolphin and 

Park av 
BARNETT WM. P. & CO.(Wm. P. Barnett, J. 

K.B.Emory, sr.) apothecaries, Dolphin and 

Park av 
BARNEY JAMES H. prest. Baltimore Ware- 
house Co. 2 Rialto bdg. dw 76 n Charles 
Barnhard Albert, j)aperhanger, 101 n Poppleton 
Earnhardt Wm. machinist, Woodberry 
Barnhill Andrew H. clerk, 364 e Eager 
Barnirhim John, plasterer, 32 n Amity 
Barnirhim Wm. stonecutter, 32 n Amity 
Barnickel John F. cutter, 115 McElderry 
Barnitz A. H. bookkpr, IT. S. Treasury, dw Mt. 

Barnitz Augustus M. law student, 38 George 
Barnitz Covington D. attorney, 71 w Fayette, 

dw Linden av nr North av 
Barnitz F. J. clerk, 205 n Carey 
Barniiz Mrs. Leonora, 205 n Carey 
Barnozski Joseph, lab. 260 Aliceanna 
Barnshaw Adolph, machinist, 26 Bevan 
Barnshaw Mrs. Henrietta, 26 Bevan 
Barnshaw John, machinist, 26 Bevan 
Barnsley Chas. barber, 8 Cumberland 
Barnsticker Jessie, machinist, 278 McHenry 
Barnsticker Michael, lab. 278 McHenry 
Barnum A. S. 90 Harlem av 
Barn,um Arthur, 176 St. Panl 
Barnum Mrs. Cecilia, seamstress, 123 s Fulton 
BARNUM'S CITY HOTEL, fronting Calvert, 

St. Paul and Fayette, Barnum & Co. prop'rs 
BARNUM & CO. proprietors Barnum' s City 

hotel, cor Calvert and Fayette 
Barnum Zenos, 176 St. Paul 
Barnwell Patrick F. clerk, 18 Union 
Barnwell Mrs. Rose, grocery, 18 Union 
Baroch Anton, tailor, 13 Angle al 

Wm. Wiet Clarke, Imp'd Cements for all kinds Ornamental work, 
No. 61 S. GAY STREET. 

Largest Life Ins. Co. in the World. O. F. Bresee, Gen. A gt. 

Baroch Michael, tailor, 46 Barnes 

Baron Bernhardt, foreman, 35 Conway 

Baron James, fire dejat. 137 e Lombard 

Baron Wm. driver, 68 Ramsay 

Baroux Edwin G. paints, oils and glass, 277 w 

Baroux Geo. W. shoemkr, 114 Burgundy al 
Barr Bankard, shoemkr, 29 s Collington av 
Barr Mrs. Bettie, 218 Canton av 
Barr Daniel, clerk, 215 William 
Barranger Andrew C. grocery, 286 Harford av 
Barranger Francis, gardener, York rd nr first 

Barranger G. W. butcher, 34 Centre, 77 Lex- 
ington, 63 Hanover and 25 Richmond mkts, 

dw Penna av ext 
Barranger Geo. W. Penna av ext 
Barranger Henry C. butcher, Penna ext 
Barranger John A. butcher, dw 281 n Howard 
Barranger John F. of Wm. gardener, Oxford, 

York rd 
Barranger John L. police, 200 n Wolfe 
Barranger Lewis, horses, 68 n Castle 
Barranger Mrs. Lewis L. sr, butcher, 77 Lex- 
ington, 34 Centre and 63 Hanover mkts, dw 

Penna av ext 
Barranger Lewis L. jr. butcher, 62 Centre, 28 

Lexington and 65 Hanover mkts, dw York rd 

nr tollgate 
Barranger Philip, candymkr, 74 n Schroeder 
Barranger Thos. police, 196 n Caroline 
Barranger Zachariah T. canmkr, 397 Orleans 
Barrett A. P. clerk, 289 e Pratt 
Barrett Anthony, lab. 48 Fort av 
Barrett Bartley, lab. 334 Eastern av 
Barrett & Carroll (Jas. J. Barrett, Jas. Carroll) 

hardware, 893 w Pratt 
Barrett Catharine, milliner, 546 w Fajette 
Barrett David, lab. 114 s Howard 
Barrett Mrs. E. 90 Richmond 
Barrett Edward, lab. 62 Stiles 
Barrett Francis 0. bookkpr, 625 w Lombard 
Barrett Frank M. harnessmkr, 36 s Eden 
Barrett Geo. carp. 347 Canton av 
Barrett Geo. lab. 102 s Regester 
Barrett Geo. silversmith, over 280 w Baltimore, 

dw 476 Lexington 
Barrett Geo. B. musician, 182 Penna av 
Barrett Geo. E. cutter, 142 n Central av 
Barrett Mrs. Gregory, 115 n Fremont 
BARRETT & HIGGINS, (W. D. Barrett, J. T. 

Higgins) wholesale hats and caps, over 257 w 

Barrett Harry C. clerk, 89 w Townsend 
Barrett Henry E. drug clerk, 18 s Fremont 
Barrett James, junk, 83 s Poppleton 
Barrett Jas. H. salesman, 115 e Monument 
Barrett Capt. Jas. J. restaurant, 63 South, dw 

34 n Front 
Barrett Jas. J. (B. & Carroll) 893 w Pratt 
Barrett Jas. M. lab. 106 Hamburg 
Barrett Jas. W. hatfinisher, 415 e Eager 
Barrett Jennie, 21 Foundry 
Barrett John, driver, 10 New 
Barrett John, lab. 110 s Duncan al 
Barrett John, collier, 26 Hull 
Barrett John, lab. Baltimore and Poppleton 
Barrett John jr. attorney,6 Teackle bldg,dw 289 

e Pratt 
Barrett John, grocery, 289 e Pratt 
Barrett John H. mariner, 110 Battery av 
Barrett John L. 36 s Eden 


Made water-tight, and preserved for years, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMENT and 


By increasing the quantity of Gum, we make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which is uuequaled. All work 
guaranteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders soiicited 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER & CO., Sole Manufacturers, 

No. a COUKTLAND STREET, up stairs. 

Barrett John S. glassblower, 380 West 

Barrett Luke Z, clerk, 518 n Washington 

Barrett Margaret E. 18 s Fremont 

Barrett Margaret M. 158 Lanvale 

Barrett Martin, lab. 19 Pleasant al 

Barrett Michael, lab. 18 Buren 

Barrett Nathan (B., Nephews & Co.) Staten 

Island, N. Y. 
Barrett, Nephews & Co.(N. Barrett, Nathan, Ed- 
ward and Jos. Heal, A. C.Wood) Staten Island 
fancy dyeing establishment, 110 w Baltimore 
Barrett Patrick, lab. 110 s Duncan al 
Barrett Thomas, shoemkr, 40 Ensor 
Barrett Thomas, fish, 371 s Eutaw, dw 373 
Barrett Thomas, messenger, 62 Stiles , 

Barrett Wm. D. (B. & Higgins) 89 w Townsend 
Barrett Wm. H. junk, 84 s Poppleton 
Barrick Eugene C. (John A.Horner & Co.) 365 

w Lanvale 
Barrickman Mrs. Eleanor, 169 n Paca 
Barriore Geo. dry goods, 137 n Gay 
Barrington E. P. jr. bookkpr, 663 w Fayette 
Barrington Edward P. bookkpr, 663 w Fayette 
Barrington Frank E. clerk, 168 Mulberry 
Barrington Frank, 197Maryiand av 
BarroU Benj. C. attorney, 23 Lexington, dw 28 

Barroll Benj. C. jr. (G. Meredith & Co.) agent 

Connellsville Gas Coal Co. 25 s Gay 
Barroll Edmund, dry goods agent, 20 s Sharp, 

dw 286 Madison av 
Barroll Frederick, clerk, 286 Madison av 
Barroll J. W. & Co. (J. W. Barroll) real estate 

brokers, 68 w Fayette 
Barroll Jas. W. (J.W. B. & Co.)286 Madison av 
Barroll Wm. V. attorney, 68 w Fayette, dw 286 

Madison av 
Barron Edmund, ferryman, 112 Hughes 
Barron Edward T. horseshoer, 323 w Biddle 
Barron Mrs. Helen, 99 Argyle av 
Barron Geo. driver, cor Greene and Lombard 
Barron Jas. salvage corps, 137 e Lombard 
Barron John, raachihist, 112 Hughes 
Barron John, carp. 89 Argyle av 
Barron John (John B. & Son) 79 s Paca 
Barron John H. clerk, 304 n Howard 
Barron Dr. John, 99 Argyle av 
Barron John & Son (John and R. W. Barron) 

fish and produce, 16 Fish Market sp 
Barron Richard, upholsterer, 37 Druid Hill av 
Barron Roger W. (John B. & Son) 123 s Paca 
Barron Thos. mariner, 146 George 
Barron Thos. D. salesman, 169 w Lombard 
Barron Thos. F. veterinarian, 97 Argyle av 
Barron Thos. F. jr. veterinarian, 97 Argyle av 
Barron Thos. J. ladies and children's suits, 63 

Barron Wm. clerk, 481 w Lanvale 
Barron Wm. D. tcJbacconist, 84 Richmond, dw 

169 w Lombard 

MARBLE CEMENT, (susceptible of the Highest Pohsh,) 
For Columns, and for Church and Vestibule "Work. 

Barrow A. R. clerk, Mansion house 
Barrow D. H. 567 w Fayette 
Barrow Francis, lab. Wolfe nr Biddle 
Barrow Jacob F. washing machines, 13 n Gay, 

dw John nr Spring 
Barrus Daniel E. tinner, 298 McDonogh 
Barrus Franklin P. canmkr, 298 McDonogh 
Barrus Geo. T. painter, 298 McDonogh 
Barry Mrs. Arietta, 503 w Fayette 
Barry Mrs. Catherine, 9 w Chase 
Barry Dennis J. plumber, 37 Valley 
Barry Edward, lab. Homestead 
Barry Emory, clerk, 360 w Fayette 
Barry Geo. E. salesman, 360 w Fayette 
Barry Geo. G. clerk, 503 w Fayette 
Barry Henry A. sales agt. for Susquehanna Coal 

Coal Co. 26 FostofiHce av, dw 66 n Paca 
Barry & Hoogewerff,(J. C. Barry, S. E. Hooge- 

werff, ) mdse. brokers, 4 Grocers' Exchange, 

Barry J. Casey, (B. & HoogewerflF,) 11 McCulloh 
Barry J. Marshall, produce, 205 w Pratt, dw 57 

s Sharp 
Barry Jas. cutter, 158 German 
Barry Jas. clerk, 398 w Lombard 
iBarry Jas. clerk, 37 Valley 
Barry Jas. S. jr. plumber, 37 Valley 
Barry John, lab. 236 e Eager 
Barry John, stonecutter, Homestead 
Barry John, liquors, 208 Light 
Barry John, huckster, 63 L. Montgomery 
Barry John W. clerk, 503 w P'ayette 
Barry Lawrence, lab. 4 s Central av 
Barry Mrs. Mary, grocery, 126 McHenry 
Barry Nicholas, painter, 246 e Monument 
Barry Patrick T. plumber, 149 Dolphin, dw 37 

Barry Philip, collector, 115 w Monument 
Barry Mrs. Robert C. 88 w Biddle 
Barry Saml. H. varnisher, Quaker la nr York rd 
Barry Saml. H. jr. clerk, Quaker la nr York rd 
Barry Wm. millwright, 126 McHenry 
Barry Wm. porter, 44 Rock 
Barry Wm. A. (Jas. Carrick & Co.) 66 n Paca 
Barry Wm.F. major gen'l U.S. A., Fort McHenry 

BARRY "WM. R. .General Insurance 
Agent and Broker, 10 South, dw 
84 N. Eutaw. 

Barry Wm. T. collarmkr, 44 Rock 
Barschmidt John, tailor, 167 Columbia 
Bartansek Joseph, lab, 282 s Dallas 
Bartel John L. black.smith, 173 Aisquith 
Bartel Philip, lab. 153 Madeira al 
Bartell Christopher, saloon, 3 n Frederick 
Bartell L. E. flour and grain, Lombard and Al- 
Bartells Chas. boxmkr, 256 Montgomery 
Bartells Mrs. Elizab. tobacconist, 326 e Lombard 
Bartells Henry, police, 326 e Lombard 
Bartells Henry, cigarmkr, 24 Calleader al 
Bartells Henry jr. cigarmkr, 24 Callender al 
Bartells John, locksmith, 156 HoUins 
Bartenschlager John, 195 e Eager 
Bartgis Chas. C. bookkpr, 329 e Biddle 
Bartgis John M. clerk, 128 n E.^eter 
Bartgis Mrs. Mary C. 128 n Exeter 
Bartgis Mrs. Sophia E. 329 e Biddle 
Barth C. S. grocery, 89 s Fremont 
Barth Chris, boots and shoes, 182 Lexington 

HOLMES & CO., Engineers' and 
Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, 


Barth Daniel, harnessmkr, 8 St. Mary 
Barth Edwin C. huckster, 194 Lexington 
Barth Francis M. trunkmkr, 182 Lexington 
Barth Herman, cigarmkr, Belair av ext 
Barth Herman A. stonecutter, Belair av ext 
Barth Jacob, butcher, 47 Bank 
Barth John, marblecutter, Belair av ext 
Barth Louis, blacksmith, 215 Gough 
BARTH SAMUEL, com. mercht. and importer 
of liquors, wines, cigars, &c., 21 South, dw 
316 Lexington 
Barth Thomas M. painter, 182 Lexington 
Barth Wm. lab. 179 s Bethel 
Barth Wm. Y. clerk, 182 Lexington 
Barthol Ernest, lab. 90 Boston 
Bartholomaei A. S. carp. 13 w Chase 
Bartholomaei C. G. cabinetmkr, 100 Cathedral, 

dw 13 w Chase 
Bartholomaei Geo. clerk, 121 n Gilmor 
Bartholomaei Geo. cabinetmkr, 147 s Spring 
Bartholomaei Geo. lab. 147 s Spring 
Bartholomaei Justus, tailor, 158 Canton av 
Bartholomee John, shoemkr, 24 Knox al 
Bartholomee John J. cigarpacker, 188 Lanvale 
Bartholomee T. M. & Co. (T. M. Bartholomee) 

produce, 99 w Lombard 
Bartholomee Theodore M. (T. M. B. & Co.) s e 

cor Franklin and Fulton 
Bartholomeus Mrs. Julia, cab'tmkr, 249 George 
Bartholomew Christian, tailor, 2 Abbot 
Bartholomew Henry W. butter, 464 n Calhoun 
Bartholomew M. E. dressmkr, 464 n Calhoun 
Bartholomew Thos. J. harnessmkr, 537 n Gay 
Bartholow Andw. J. passenger agt. Penna. RR. 

62 n Poppleton 
Bartholow Hester A. 62 n Poppleton 
Bartholow J. M. C. (Chase, B. & Co. ) New York 
Bartholow John, butcher, 367 Lexington 
Bartholow Presley, carp. Dover nr Fulton 
Bartholow Saml. carp. 346 Franklin 
Bartholow Mrs. Thos. 344 Franklin 
Bartlein John, watchman, Clinton nr Elliott 
Bartlett A. B. Inloes, 26 n High 
Bartlett Arthur T. clerk, 15 s Chester 
Bartlett & Bro.( Jas. L. and T. H. Bartlett) coal, 

64 n Castle 
Bartlett Chas. W. boatbuilder, 215 William 
Bartlett David L.(B.,Robbins& Co.) pres't Con- 
sumers' Mutual Gas Light Co.,dw 57 Hollins 
Bartlett Edwd. L.(B., Bobbins & Co.) 2 Parkin 
Bartlett Geo. W. B. coal and wood, 1 Park av, 

dw 31 Franklin 
Bartlett J. Kemp, Park av and Mosher 
Bartlett Jas. boatbuilder, foot Montgomery, dw 

dw 106 Cross 
Bartlett Jas. L. (B. & Bro.) 15 s Chester 
Bartlett Dr. Joseph T. apoth'y,Bayview asylum 
BARTLETT, ROBBINS <fe CO.(D. L. Ba/tlett, 
H. W. Robbins) wheles. stove warehouse and 
architectural iron works and heating appa- 
ratus, 24 Light, foundrv Pratt and Scott 
Bartlett Mrs. Mary, 26 n High 
Bartlett Thos. blacksmith, 15 s Chester 
Bartlett Thos. H. (B. & Bro.) 15 s Chester 
BARTLETT REV. WM. E. rear St. Ann's R. 

C. church, York rd 
Bartlett Wm. K. clerk, 102 n Howard 
Bartlett Wm. S. boatbuilder, 217 Bank 
Bartman Catherine, 49 s Bond 
Bartmau Christopher, brassfinisher, 49 s Bond 
Bartman John P. broommkr, 49 s Bond 
Bartman Wm. F. cigarmkr, 49 s Bond 

Machinists' Tools and Supplies, 
Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

Assets, $85,000,000.00. O. F. Bresee, Genl A^t. 




Bartol & Bockmiller, (H.B.Bartol,Wm.P.Bock- 

miller) carriage manufs. 94 n Calvert 
Bartol Henry A. canmkr, 44 Gough 
Bartol Henry B. (B.& Bockmiller) 219 Aisquith 
Bartol James, clerk, 86 n Carey 
Bartol James L. chief judge Court of Appeals, 

86 n Carey 
Bartol Mrs. "Mary, 44 Gough 
Bartol Mrs. Sophia A. 61 Courtland 
Barton Andrew C. sailrakr, 96 Granby 
Barton Augustus, rigger, 24 Durst al 
Barton Beal R. (Barton & Kepner) 517 n Gay 
Barton Dr. Boiling W. 117 w Madison 
Barton Cecilius, gatekeeper, 169 s Chapel 
Barton Daniel, miller, Ramsay ext 
Barton E. lab. Falls rd nr tollgate 
Barton Edward, processor, 369 Canton av 
Barton Frank jr. lab. 248 s Bond 
Barton & Firoved, (W.G.Barton, A.H.Firoved) 

grocers, Randall and William 
Barton Geo. tailor, 255 e Chase 
Barton Hy. E. 440 e Lombard 
Barton Ignatius D. printer, 121 n Eden 
Barton Jacob, miller, Falls rd nr tollgate 
Barton Jas. shipjoiner, 169 s Patterson Park av 
Barton Jas. I. tailor, 285 e Baltimore 
Barton Jennings, shipjoiner, 86 s Chester 
Barton John T. builder, Brady av nr York rd 
Barton Joseph, wagoner, 152 n Spring 
Barton Joseph G. barber, 282 Argyle av 
Barton Joshua, varnisher. Falls rd nr tollgate 
Barton Joshua, machinist, 254 s Paca 
Barton Joshua, finisher, 259 William 
Barton & Kepner, (Beal R. Barton, T. H. Kep- 
ner) produce com. merchts, 2 Bowly's whf 
Barton Lazarus, machinist, 254 s Paca 
Barton Martin, lab. 193 Hudson 
Barton Mrs. Mary, 369 Canton av 
Barton Mrs. Mary E. dressmkr, 282 Argyle av 
Barton Patrick, capper, 369 Canton av 
Barton Peler, milk, 909 w Pratt 
Barton Philip A. trav. agt, Waverley 
Barton Randolph, (B. & Wilmer) 121 Bolton 
Barton Samuel, shipcarp. 423 e Lombard 
Barton Samuel J. carp. 395 e Madison 
Barton Saml.S.gatekpr,Greenmouut cemetery 
Barton Seler, gatekeeper, 169 s Chapel 
Barton Seth, driver, Caroline and Chew 
Barton Stephen, 93 Huntingdon av 
Barton Thad. J. theatrical agt, 247 e Baltimore 
Barton Theo. employment agent, 106 w Fayette 
Barton Thos. L. machinist, 24 s Schroeder 
Barton Willard G. (B.& Firoved) 17 s Strieker 
BARTON k WILMER, (R.Barton, S. Wilmer) 

attorneys, 35 St. Paul 
Barton Wm. pianomkr, 254 s Paca 
Barton Wm. H. polisher, 254 s Paca 
Bartow Rev. Evelyn, 226 n Eutaw 
Bartram Wm. potter, 207 n Bond 
Bartsch F. M. (F.M.B.&Co.) 700 Ramsay 
BARTSCH F. M. & CO. (F. M. Bartsch) fancy 

advertising articles, 2 and 4 n Greene 
Bartsch Fritz, lab. 22 s Patterson Park av 
Bartsche Fredk, boxmaker, 700 Ramsay 
Bartsche Paul, blacksmith, 127 Mullikin 
Bartscher Christopher, shipcarp. 8 s Chester 
Bartscher Geo. upholsterer, 461 e Fayette 
Bartscher John, upholsterer, 101 Jackson sq av 
Bartz Chas. P. bookkpr, 328 n Broadway 
Barwick Mrs. Alice, 31 Parkin 
Barwick Bascom F. tailor, 31 Parkin 
Basch S. sec. hand goods, 349 s Charles 


Made water-tight, and preserved for years, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASITC CEMENT and 


By increasing the qvantity of Gum, we make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which is unequaled. All work 
guaranteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders solicited 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER & CO.. Sole Manufacturers, 

Mo. 3 COURTLAMD STREET, up stairs. 

Baschke Hugo, tailor, 12 Walker 

Basden Saml. mariner, 128 n Eden 

Base Daniel F. bakery, 75 n Arlington av 

Base Joseph, blacksmith, Waverley 

Basehian John, printer, 41 e Fayette 

Bash Henry M. 82 w Monument 

Bash John H. (Patterson &B.) 244 Linden av 

Basham Henry, sailmkr, 21 Forrest pi 

Bashart Henry, shucker, 107 s Caroline 

Bask Joseph, lab. 148 Lee 

Basler Fredk. cigarmkr, Frederick rd nr Cal- 

verton rd 
Basler John F. grocery, 267 Mulberry 
Basler Mathias, cooper, 127 Lemmon 
Bass Chas. clerk, 79 s Caroline 
Bass Chas. clerk, 189 s Broadway 
Bass Geo. B. carp. 372 Hamburg 
Bass Sigmund, furniture, 6 Columbia 
Bass Simon D. clerk, 6 Columbia 
Bassett C. R. clerk, Mansion house 
Bassett Frank, machinist, 48 Montgomery 
Bassett Freeman, boilermkr, 70 William 
Bassett Richard, collector, 30 Courtland 
Bassett Wm. huckster, 19 Butler 
Bassett Wm. F. baker, 62 s Eden 
Basshor Gustave, beer. 60 Boston 
BASSHOR THOMAS' C. & CO. (T.C. Basshor, 
W.Stebbins) engineers and manufs. heating 
apparatus, 28 Light. — [-See Advertisement. 
Basshor Thomas C. (T.C.Basshor & Co. ) 260 Lin- 
den av 
Bast John, upholsterer, 68 Oxford 
Bast John, machinist, 562 w Lombard 
Bast John, bakery and grocery, 98 e Lombard 
Bast Mrs. Louisa, 562 w Lombard 
Bast W^m. baker, 112 n Eden 
Bastable A. N. & Co. (A.N. and G.M.Bastable) 

cattle dealers, Calverton drove yard 
Bastable Alvin N. (A.N.B. & Co.) 56 McCuIloh 
Bastable G. M. (A.N.B. & Co.) Virginia 
Bastanelli Mrs. Ada, boarding, 92 Saratoga 
Bastanelli Mrs. Rosa notions, 63 e Baltimore 
Bastert Mrs. Augusta, varieties, 35 s Cannon 
Bastert Wm. moulder, 35 s Cannon 
Baswitz Moritz, clerk, 81 n Exeter 
Batchelor Andrew J. shipcarp. 298 e Lombard 
Batchelor Benj. E. sailmkr, 222 e Lombard 
Batchelor C. C. lab. 493 n Gay 
Batchelor Mrs. Catherine, grocery, 257 William 
Batchelor Mrs. Catherine, 70 Druid Hill av 
Batchelor Chas. cigarmkr, 70 Druid Hill av 
Batchelor Chas. C. huckster, 599 Penna av 
Batchelor David, shoemkr, 39 Holland 
Batchelor Edwd. barkpr, 73 n Exeter 
Batchelor Geo. coachman, 192 Madison av 
Batchelor Geo. F. clerk, 222 e Lombard 
Batchelor John, fisherman, 102 Peach al 
Batchelor John, oysterman, 102 Peach al 
Batchelor John, mariner, 198 Fort av 
Batchelor John, lab. 268 William 


No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 

-O^F^eRESEEEcSONSi lilF£;lEIElEl^ 





Batchelor John A. lab. 257 William 
Batchelor Joseph F. clerk, 167 Hanover 
Batchelor Mrs. Kate, 268 William 
Batchelor Louis F. messenger Adams' Express, 

599 Peuna av 
Batchelor Martin, lab. 257 William 
Batchelor Mrs. Martha J. groc' y, 599 Penna av 
Batchelor Samuel K. oysters, 87 n Ann 
Batchelor Mrs. Sarah, 73 n Exeter 
Batchelor Thos. painter, 39 Holland 
Batchelor Thos. painter, 99 e Pratt 
Batchelor Wallace, upholsterer, 167 Hanover 
Batchelor Walter, watchman, 159Greenmountav 
Batchelor Wm. janitor, 256 e Fayette 
Batchelor Wm. A. clerk, 167 Hanover ' 

Batchelor Wm. L. butcher, 599 Peuna av 
Batchen Conrad, bookkpr, 15 Edmondson av 
Batcheu John, lab. 120 Lancaster 
Bate Henry, milk, 432 Saratoga 
Bateman Chas. E. clerk, Waverle}- 
Bateman Francis T. coachpainter, 250 Chew 
Bateman Frank, clerk, Franklin hotel 
Bateman Gustav B. clerk, Franklin hotel 
Bateman Harry, clerk, Franklin hotel 
BATEMAN & HOOPER, (Wm. H. Bateman, 
Frank X. Hooper) printers' machinists, 8 and 
10 Second 
Bateman Howard A. clerk, 108 Aisquith 
Bateman Hudson, clerk, 209 Aisquith 
Bateman Jas. J. bookkpr, 233 Chew 
Bateman Jas. S. store, Waverley 
Bateman John L. boilermkr, 242 Hollins 
Bateman Jos. E. propr Franklin hotel, n e cor 

High and Hillen 
Bateman Saml. B. police, rear 224 Light 
Bateman Saml. B. jr. fireman, 226 Light 
Bateman Saml. D. sr. moulder, 226 Light 
Bateman Saml. U. printer, 212 Harford av 
Bateman Saml. H. coachmkr, 361 Lexington 
Bateman Mrs. Sarah, 4 Sterrett 
Bateman Thos. B. grocery, 115 n High, dw 209 

Bateman Wm. B. (Geo. R. CofFroth & Co.) 221 

Madison av 
Bateman Wm.H.(B.& Hooper) 240 Constitution 
Bateman Wm. H. lab. 261 n Dallas 
Bateman Wm. L. 250 Chew 
Bateman Wm. W., U. S. N. 250 Chew 
Bates Dr. B. tonic beer, factory 80 Centre Mar- 
ket sp, office n e cor Baltimore and Charles, 
dw 399 Madison avenue 
Bates Chas. B. clerk, 399 Madison av 
Bates Rev. Daniel W. 8 Parkin 
Bates Edw.B.atiorney, 31 St. Paul, dw 400 Light 
Bates Edw. E. moulder, 21 Parkin 
Bates F. L. carp. 65 s Eden 
Bates Frank E. clerk, 399 Madison av 
Bates Dr. J. Anson, orthopedic surgeon, 183 Mad- 
ison av 
Bates Dr.J.W.P. Ij s Exeter, dw 8 Parkin 
Bates James, painter, 489 w Lombard 
BATES JAMES, sr. iron founder and patentee 
of Bates' safety elevator and hoisting wheel, 
manuf.cor Pratt and President, dw 8 s Broad- 
way — l^See Advertisement, inside front Cover 
Bates Jas.B. paper hanger, 424 n Central av 
Bates Jas.O. (Hcnnegen,B.& Co.)318 w Lanvale 
Bates Jas. W. clerk, n wcor Broadway and Lom- 
Bates Jas.W. coal shipper, 8 Irvine pi 
Bates John, puddler, 203 Cooksie 
Bates John, bookkpr, 13 s Broadway 

Bates Joshua A. machinistj 20 s Broadway 

Bates Rev. Lawrence W. 400 Light 

Bates O.D. clerk, 14 Efting 

Bates Wm. wheelwright, 549 Harford av 

Bates Wm. F. carp. 8 s Broadway 

Batham Eugene H. blacksmith, 205 Mulberry 

Bathgate Jas. engineer, 104 Battery av 

Bathschatis Albert, shoemkr, 9 Barnes 

Bathschatis Henry A. agent, 223 n Bond 

Batory Ignatius, farmer, 242 Mulberry 

Battee Richard Ridgely, attorney, 5 St. Paul, 

dw 327 Druid Hill av 
Battee John, carp. 16 s Castle 
Batten C. Norman, clerk, 121 Harlem av 
Batten Harman, 3 s Exeter 
Batten Henry, waiter, 83 Park av 
Batten Orlando B. attorney, 21 n Calvert, dw 

121 Harlem av 
Batten Samuel, 121 Harlem av 
Battenfield Anna, confect'ry, 409 Canton av 
Battenfield Daniel, chairmkr, 409 Canton av 
Battenfield Daniel, tailor, 98 Leadenhall 
Battenfield Geo. lab. 160 s Collington av 
Battenfield Henry, huckster, 218 Ea.&tern av 
Battenfield Peter, baker, 238 Hamburg 
Batterden Patrick, lab. 8 Willow 
Batterson Frank,, contractor, 123 n Broadway 
Batterson Joseph, contractor, 123 n Broadway 
Battinger Wm. butcher. Baker nr Gilmor 
Battle Harry S. 172 Linden av 
Battles Albert, lab. 86 Eastern av 
Batty Joseph W. engineer, 162 Bank 
Batz Maggie, grocery, 24 Clinton 
Batz Nicholas, lab. 24 Clinton 
Batzer Anton, tailor, 225 e Eager 
Batzer Frederick, tailor, 225 e Eager 
Batzer George, tailor, 225 e Eager 
Batzer George, beer, 4 Pleasant 
Batzer John, ironmoulder, 225 e Eager 
Batzer John, tailor, 243 e Eager 
Batzer John jr. tailor, 243 e Eager 
Batzer John C. tailor, 208 e Eager 
Batzer John G. tailor, 225 e Eager 
Batzer Joseph, tailor, 208 e Eager 
Batzer Joseph A. cutter, 307 n Eden 
Batzer Mrs. Mary, grocery, 225 e Eager 
Batzler J. F. chinaware, 433 w Baltimore, dw 

11;^ German 
Baublitz John, shoemkr. Sweet Air 
Bauch Mrs. Elizabeth, 239 e Eager 
Bauchardt Chas. cigarmkr, 75 n Eutaw 
Bauchardt Simon W. parasols and umbrellas, 75 

n Eutaw 
Baudeker Fredk, lab. 173 Columbia 
Bauduin Gotfried, clerk, 106 Frederick av 
Bauer Alex. H. telegraphist, 211 George 
Bauer Andrew, 163 n Eutaw 
Bauer Mrs. B. grocery, 163 n Eutaw 
Bauer Dr.C.H.A., VVoodberry 
Bauer Casper, shoemkr, 31 n Chapel 
Bauer Chas. drug clerk, 322 Park av 
Bauer Chas. paperhanger, 189 s Durham 
Bauer Christina, grocery, 177 Harford av 
Bauer Christopher, baker, 204 Eastern av 
Bauer Mrs. E. 542 w Baltimore 
Bauer Elizal^eth, grocery, 68 Bank 
Bauer Ernst, cabinetmkr, 39 Milliman 
Bauer F. J. sashmkr, 232 Lee 
Bauer Francis, coal, 55 Bank, dw 68 
Bauer Francis, cooper, 68 Bank 
Bauer Francis J. clerk, 510 n Washington 
Bauer Frank B. wirewkr, 142 n Fremont 

WM. WIRT CLARKE, Iraportor and Wholesale Agent of 

Insurance Ag^ents and Brokers, American Building. 
~~ BAU 81 ~BAU ~ 

Bauer Ferdinand, wirewkr, 231^ Mulberry 

Bauer Fredk. beer, cor Chesapeake and Elliott 

Bauer Fredk. cabinetmkr, 379 w Pratt 

Bauer Fredk. bakery, 135 w Biddle 

Bauer Fredk. W. beer, 219 n Dallas 

Bauer George, shoemkr, 84 n Central av 

Bauer George, confect'r, 308 Canton av 

Bauer George, baker, 204 Eastern av 

Bauer George, cabinetmkr, 18 s Carey 

Bauer George K. dairy, 6 n Pine 

Bauer George L, tailor, 259 n Gay . 

Bauer Gotleib, brewer, Belair av ext 

Bauer Henry, telegraphist, 27 Park av 

Bauer Henry, florist, Belair ay ext 

Bauer Henry, machinist, 322 Park av 

Bauer Jacob, shoemkr, 177 Harford av 

Bauer John, blksmith, 322 Park av 

Bauer John, coal, 68 Bank 

Bauer John, painter, 163 s Spring 

Bauer John, bakery, 358 Canton av 

Bauer John, grocery, 257 e Monument 

Bauer John, machinist, 71 e Monument 

Bauer John, lab. 308 Canton ay 

Bauer John, tailor, 290 n Central av 

Bauer John A. wire cloth manufr. 60 s Calvert, 

dw 61 Myrtle av 
Bauer John A. confectionery, 286 n Bond 
Bauer John A. shoemkr, 75 O'Donnell 
Bauer John B. stoves, 184 e Pratt 
Bauer John C. wirewkr, Myrtle av and Peirce 
Bauer John F. carp. 542 w Baltimore 
Bauer John H. clerk, 257 e Monument 
Bauer Lawrence F. dyeing and scouring, 542 w 

Bauer Peter, driver, 76 Woodyear 
Bauer Theodore, grocery, 37 Hillen 
Bauerle Joseph, lab. 93 Johnson 
Bauernfeind Henry, lab. 15 s Durham 
Bauernfeind John, beer, 70 s Wolfe 
Bauernschmidt George, brewer, and lager beer 

saloon, Belair av nr Greenwood park 
Bauernschmidt John jr. brewer, 803 w Pratt 
Bauernschmidt John sr. brewer, foot Ridgelj', 

and 281 w Pratt 
Bauernschmidt John, lab. 129 Hudson 
Bauernschub Geo. cooper, 362 McDonogh 
Bauernschub John, lab. 333 Eastern av 
Bauers Chas. cooper, 86 Penna av 
Bauers Elizabeth, beer, foot of Ridgely 
Bauers John, wheelwright, 728 Light, dw 726 
Bauers John, cooper, 5 n Chapel 
Bauers Jos. coachpainter, Gilmor ext 
Bauersfeld Fredk. beer, 65 Park av 
Bauersfeld Wm. baker, 239 n Gay 
Bauersfeld Wm. baker, 400 Canton av 
BAUGH & SONS' Fertilizers, &c., Allen G. 

Pinkerton, agt. 103 South 
Baugher Chas. clerk, 84 n Greene 
Baugher Henry, Three Tuns hotel 
Baugher Mrs. J. C, St. James hotel 
Baugher James P. carp. 265 Saratoga 
Baiigher John P. 13 n Gilmor 
Baugher Joseph, clerk. Gibbons' hotel 
Baugher Joshua W. tinner, 461 e Chase 
Baugher Wm. H. propr. Three Tuns hotel 
Baughman ChAS. W. painter, 124 n Schroeder 
Baughman Daniel, carp. 685 Saratoga 
Baughman John H. drug clerk, 134 n Schroeder 
Baughman John W. 82 n Schroeder 
Baughman Joseph K. painter, 134 n Schroeder 
Baughman Samuel S. painter, 323^ Penna av 
Baughman Wesley F. machinist, Hampden 


Made water-tight, and preserved for years, by thor- 
ou^'hly applying ELASTIC CEMENT and 


By increasing the qvaniity of Oum, we make a Paint 
for Damp Walla which is uucqualed. All Work 
guaranteed. A trial Is all we ask. Orders solicited 
lor new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D M. SADLEK & CO., Sole Manufacturers, 

No. 3 COUKTLAND STKEBT, up stairs. 

Baughman Wm. paperhanger, 400 w Lombard 

Bauhaus Anton, tailor, 112 Somerset 

Bauhaus Wm. tailor, 58 Portland 

Bauhn Gotleib, lab. 140 Bank 

Bauluf John, lab. 15 Abbott 

Baum Edward, hairwkr, 1 Furrow 

Baum Mrs. Elizabeth, 211 Saratoga 

Baum Ellen, dry goods, 81 Pearl 

Baum Ernest, hairwkr, 1 Furrow 

Baum Fredk. S_,. bricklayer, 157 n Chapel 

Baum Geo. blksmith, 48 President 

Baum Geo. lab. 2 Vincent al 

Baum Hannah, 38 Pearl 

Baum Isaac, grocery, 527 e Fayette 

Baum John, lab. 59 Gough 

Baum John, cooper, 476 Canton av 

Baum John H. 2 Vincent al 

Baum Kushman, butcher, 3 Fells Point mkt, 

dw 554 e Fayette 
Baum Lewis, painter, 211 Saratoga 
Baum Louis, butcher, 4 Barney 
Baum Moses(S.Strasburger & Co.)554 e Fayette 
Baum Saml. glazier, 112 e Lombard 
Baum Valentine, shoefitter, 131 Peirce 
Baum Wm. C. bookkpr, 211 Saratoga 
Bauman Mrs. Annie, millinery, 146 n Eutaw 
Bauman Chas. musician, 120 Aisquith 
Bauman Geo. lab. 162 Preston 
Bauman Geo. blksmith, 23 Chesnut al 
Bauman Henry, beer, 23 Ensor 
Bauman John, cooper, 222 Frederick av 
Bauman John, carp. 146 n Eutaw 
Bauman Leonard, tinner, 23 Chesnut al 
Bauman Zachariah, shoemkr, 23 Chesnut al 
Baumann August, stove fitter, 156 Dover 
Baumann Geo. lab. 156 Dover 
Baumann Geo. boxmkr, 107 Fort av 
Baumann Frank, cook, 8 McClellan 
Baumann John T. musician, 223 e Madison 
Baumann Nicholas, shoemkr, 107 Peach al 
Baumann Paul, shoemkr, 127 s Caroline 
Baumann Philip, beer, 43 n Frederick 
Baumbach Andrew, tailor, 58 n Caroline 
Baumbach C. H. shoemkr, Calverton rd nr Cal- 

verton hotel 
Baumeister Mrs. Wm. grocery, 218 Aliceanna 
Baumeister Fred, boxmkr, 224 s Ann 
Baumeister Fritz, tavern, 114 Thames 
Baumeister Henry, clerk, 218 Aliceanna 
Baumeister Wm. clerk, 218 Aliceanna 
Baumer Catherine, Clinton nr Elliott 
Baumer John, lab. 13 n Wolfe 
Baumer Leonard, lab. Clinton nr Elliott 
Baumer Sigmund, cooper, 177 s Eden 
Baumgart Catherine, confect'ry, 263 Hanover 
Baumgart Jacob, cabinetmkr, 263 Hanover 
Bauragarten Chas. cabinetmkr, 157 s Eden 
Baumgarten Chas. C. barber, 157 s Eden 
Baumgarten Fredk. tailor, 454 w Pratt 
Baumgarten Lewis, engraver, 43 n Front 

PORTLAND CEMENT, the best for Wet Cellars and Wash Rooms, 61 S. Gay St 


Baumgarten S. & Son (Selig and Wm. Baum- 

garten) engravers, 5 Postofiice av 
Baumgarten Selig (S. B. & Son) 45 e Fayette 
Baumgarten Wm. (S. B. & Son) 90 e Pratt 
Baumgartuer Adam, lab. 26 Elizabeth la 
Baumgartner Andrew, beer, 47 Albemarle 
Baumgartner Andrew jr. clerk, 47 Albemarle 
Baumgartner Jno. dairy, Loney's la nrUnionR.R. 
Baumgartner John, bakery, 46 Gough 
Baumgartner John B.provis'ns,Bond and Eager 
Baumliauer Edward, cabinetmkr, over 3 Clay, 

dw 9 Baker ct 
Baumbauer Gustavus, liquors, 452 Saratoga 
Baumhauer Ralph, cabinetmkr, 9 Baker ct 
Baumhauer Robert, printer, 9 Baker ct 
Baumuller John sr. shoemkr, 329 William 
Baumuller John jr. shoemkr, 329 William 
Baur Henry, mercht. tailor, 287 n Howard 
Baur John, lab. 170 s Central av 
Baureiss Fredk. brewer, 170 Elliott 
Baureiss Jacob, brewer, Belair and North avs 
Bans Conrad, huckster, 19 Penna av 
Bans John H. hostler, 13 Brown la 
Bausch Chas. huckster, 62 Short 
Bausch Christian, lab. 62 Short 
Bausch Fred, huckster, 62 Short 
Bauscher Geo. feed, 431 Cross 
Bauscher Valentine, cutter, 62 Barnes 
Bauscher Wm. gilder, 37 Milliman 
Beausmith Chas. moulder, 68 Barnes 
Bautz Michael, cook, 94 w Centre 
Bawden John, 108 n Broadway 
Bawden John H. cashr. Second National Bank, 

dw 108 n Broadway 
Bawn Jas. tinner, 97 Peirce 
Bawn Thos. 97 Peirce 
Baxley James, blacksmith, 65 s Monroe 
Baxlei' J. Brown, (J. Brown Baxley & Son,) 

Madison av and McMechin 
BAXLEY J. BROWN & SON, (J.B.and J. B. 
Baxley, jr. ) pharmacists, s e cor Madison av 
and McMechin 
Baxley J. Brown jr. (J. Brown Baxley & Son,) 

Madison av and McMechin 
Baxley Sarah, 106 Orleans 
Baxley Wm. H. tinner, 125 Hollins 
Baxtell Lewis, machinist, 63 e Pratt 
Baxter & Bird, (Thos. W. Baxter, W. E. Bird,) 

tobacco com. merchts. 12 Commerce 
Baxter Edward R. clerk, 68 Jackson sq av 
Baxter Jas. W. cooper, 360 Orleans 
Baxter Jos. V. bailifif tax dept. 313 William 
Baxter Michael, quarryman, Mt. Royal 
Baxter Michael, lab. 4 Stockholm 
Baxter Thos. W. (B.& Bird,) Albion house 
Baxter Wm. watchman, 134 s Ann 
Baxter Wm. stonecutter, 45 Preston 
Baxter Wm. cooper, 81 Orleans 
Baxter Wm. P. lab. 68 Jackson sq av 
Bay Courtney, 219 w Hoffman 
Bay Geo. E. wholes, tobacco and cigars, 39 s 

Liberty, dw 219 w Hoffman 
BAY & HEIM, ( J.H.Bay, W.G.Heim,) general 

com. merchants, 51 South 
Bay Jas. H. (B.&Heim,) 211 Franklin 
BAY JOHN W. grain com. mercht. 39 and 41 

s Frederick, dw 16 n Bond 
Bay Oliver, carp, and builder, 211 Franklin 
Bayard R. B. (Jas.Knox& Co.) 41 Cathedral 
Baver Geo. shoemkr, 113 s Wolfe 
BAYER GEORGE, merchant tailor, 453 w Bal- 

Bayer Geo. restaurant, Madison av nr North av 
Bayer Geo. C. confectionery, 182 Barre 
Bayer Joseph, upholsterer, 317 McDonogh 
Bayer Martin, barber, 80 e Lombard 
Bayfield James, 93 n Pine 
Bayler Albert, butter, 327 n Gay 
Bayles Bernard, Jefferson av nr Oak 
Bayles Geo. Y. clerk, Charles-st av nrDenmead 
Baj'les Geo. Y. clerk, Jefferson av nr Oak 
Bayles Lamdin, confec'}', 272 w Biddle 
Bayless John T. carp. Friendship 
Bay less Thos. lab. 11 Patuxent 
Bayless Wm. ropemkr, 315 Harford av 
Bayless Wm. H. attorney, 17 St. Paul, dw 67 n 

Bayless Mrs. Ann, 172 s Ann 
Bayley Chas. grocery, 22 n High 
Bayley Chas. jr. clerk, 22 n High 
Bayley Mrs. I. G. 254 n Caroline 
Bayley R. P. (R.P.B.& Co.) 633 w Lombard 
Bayley R. P. & Co. (R. P. Bayley, J. E. Ellis,) 

china, glass and queensware, 27 Hanover 
Bayley Wm. T. 280 McDonogh 
Baylies A. R. 228 n Gilmor 
Baylies Chas. F.(C.F.B.& Bro.) 400 e Baltimore 
BAYLIES CHAS. F. & BRO. (C.F.and E.Bay- 
lies, ) grocers, s e cor Eden and Jefferson 
Baylies Edw.(C.F.B.&Bro.) 101 n Broadway 
Baj'lies Geo. H. grain, 127 McElderry whf, dw 

22 Aisquith 
Baylies Jas. L. bookkpr, 192 n Calhoun 
Baylies Jas. T. clerk, 22 Aisquith 
Baylies Jno.H.(Humrichouse,B.&Co.)79n Carey 
Baylies Wm. T. (Humrichouse, B. & Co.) 402 e 

Baylis Camillus, paperhanger, 56 Parkin 
Baylis Edward, lab. 70 Parkin 
Baylis James R. 56 Parkin 
Baylis John W. machinist, 56 Parkin 
Baylis Reuben, clerk, 164 Columbia 
Baylis Wm. B. clerk, 201 w Townsend 
Baylor Robt. B. bookkpr, 35 w John 
Bayly Chas. B. clerk, 434 e Eager 
Bayly Geo. J. clerk, 525 w Fayette 
Bayly Geo. W. clerk, 210 Madison av 
Bayly Jas. F. clerk, 22 s Calhoun 
Bayly Julien, drug clerk, 191 Madison av 
Bayly Mrs. Sarah A. 22 s Calhoun 
Bajiy Thos. R. letter carrier, 210 Madison av 
Bayn John M. bricklayer, 198 n Caroline 
Baynard Mrs. Eliza, 7 Cathedral 
Baynard Wm. H. brickla^-er, 246 George 
Baynard Wm. H jr. foreman, 246 George 
Bayne Benj. C. pilot, 264 e Lombard 
Bavne Benj. C. shipjoiner, 18 s CoUington av 
Bayne Danl. K. (Wm.B.& Co.) 406 Park av 
Bayne Geo. C. D. com. mercht, 6 Barre, dw 180 

Bayne Geo. H. clerk, 409 Madison av 
Bayne John A. pilot, 264 e Lombard 
j Bayne Lawrence P. jr. clerk, 406 Park av 
I Bayne Patterson & Co. (P. Bayne, ) wholes, mo- 
lasses and syrups, 4 Commerce 
Bayne Patterson, (P. B. & Co.) 153 n Arling- 
ton av 
Bayne Wm. jr. clerk, 406 Park av 
Bayne Wm. (Wm.B.& Co.) 406 Park av 
BAYNE WM. & CO. (Wm.and D. K. Bayne,) 

wholesale grocers, 65 Exchange pi 
Bayne Wm. C. police, 407 s Charles 
Bayne Wm.H.(Ross Campbell & Co.) 409 Mad- 

HOLMES & CO., Engineers' and Machinists' Tools and Supplie.> 
Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

O. F. Bresee, G-eneral ^gent, American Bnilding^ 




Bajne Wm. H. police, 299 e Lombard 
Bayner Conrad, brickmkr, 552 s Charles 
Baynes Geo. B. manufiicturers' agent, 4 G*!-- 

man, Aw 128 Bolton 
Baynes James, 540 Aisquith 
Baynes James carp. 126 Ensor 
Baynes James carp. 162 e Eager 
Baynes Joseph P,grocery,205 e Madlson,d\v 207 
Baynes Wm. D. carp. 4 Prospect la 
Baynes Wm. W. bookkpr, 64 s Chester 
Bayr Peter, combmkr, 151 Stirling 
Bayrle Geo, shoemkr, 131 s Fremont 
BajTle Geo. jr. marble cutter, 131 s Fremont 
BAYVIEW ASYLUM, Eastern av ext, between 
Philadelphia and Mt, Carmel cemetery roads, 
office City Hull 
Bayview Brewerj, Eastern av ext, opp Bayview 

Baj'zan Jose Sajnchez, Spanish consul, o^^er 42 

Bayzand Mrs, Catharine, 145 n Calhoun 
Bayzand & Duvall (W. H. Bayzand and E. B, 
Duvall, jr.) property agents, 9 Law building 
Bayzand Wm. H. (B.'& Duvall) Mansion house 
Bazeman James S. blacksmith, Hampden 
Bazeman Joha F. blacksmitli, Huntingdon a.v 

nr Mt. Royal 
Bazold, Chas. harnessmkr, 224 e Lombard 
Beach Chas. photographer, 123 Lexington 
Beach Richard, lab. Hampden 
Beach W. J. painter, 325 Harford av 
Beacb Wm.H. collector, City Court, 199 e Fayette 
Beach Wm. J. carp. and builder, 216 Madison av 
Beach Wm. J. 130 n Front 
Beacham Elijah C. photogrpher,82| McElderry 
Beacham Elisha J., U.S.N. 244 e Pratt 
Beacham Mrs, Elizabeth J. 282 e Pratt 
Beacham Fred B, (G. A. Kirby & Co.)68 Mary- 
land av 
Beacham Harry T. (J.S.B,& Co.)150 n Calhoun 
Beacham Mrs. Henrietta, 273 w Lombard 
BEACHAM J. S. & BRO. (S.T. & H.T. Beach- 
am) marine railway and shipyard, Coving- 
ton, foot of Warren 
Beacham James W, sr. (Gable & B.) Avondale, 

Carroll co 
Beacham James W. clerk, 215 w Townsend 
Beacham James W. of J. collector, 49 Lexing- 
ton, dw 106 Arlington av 
Beacham Lennox, ship carp. 58 Lee 
Beacham Mrs. Rosa E. 83 e Baltimore 
Beacham Saml.T.{J.S-B.& Bro.)68Maryland av 
Beacham Wm. 69 s Chester 
Beacham Wm. J, mariner, 69 s Chester 
Beachamp Geo. R. carp, 214 s Cbarle.? 
Beachman Geo. butcher, Towson nr Clinton 
Beackman Fredk. lab. Woodberry 
Beadenkopf Chas. hatter, 100 n Gay, dw 404 n 

Beadenkopf Geo. 8 Ensor 
Beadenkopf Thos. M. hatter, 8 Ensor 
Beadenkopf Wm. plumber, 114 Parkin 
Beahan John E. clerk, 105 w Fayette 
Beahan John S. grocery, 105 w Fayette 
Beal Chas.. machinist, 106 Hill 
Beal Henry S. clerk, 58 w Fayette 
Beal W- S. N. 126 s Ann 
Beale Rev. David J. 63 William 
Beale Howard P. sashmkr, 227 e Pratt 
Beale Raymond, teacher, 353 n Durham 
Beale Robert, mariner, 219 William 
Beale Mrs. Wm, \ 93 n Bond 


Made water-tight, and preserved for years, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMENT and 


Bfj Uicreasing the qvcmtily of (him^ we make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which is uueqoaled. All Work 
guaranteed. A trial is »11 we ask. Orders solicited 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D M S\DLEU & CO., Sole Manufacturers, 

No. 3 COURTLAND STREET, up stairs. 

Beall A, carp. 475 w Lanvale 

Beall A. Brooke, bookkpr, 230 Lafayette av 

Beall Benjamin B. 191 Franklin 

Beall Mrs. Benjamin L. 55 McCulloh 

Beall Geo. T. jr. attorney, 5 Spurrier ct 

Beall Henrv D. news editor Sun, 64 Saratoga 

Beall J. M^ (Wilkens & B,) 165 w Fayette 

Beall John R. clerk, Merchants' hotel 

Beall John R, ( Wm. Fuller & Co.) 51 s Charles 

Beall R. C. clerk, 33 Clarke 

Beall Saral. F. conductor, 33 Clarke 

Beall Thos. B. k Co. (Thos. B. Beall, N. A. 

Huppnian) com. merchts. 40 w Lombard 
Beall Thos. B. (Thos. B. B, & Co.) 191 Druid 

Hill av 
Beall Thos. lab. 45 Haubert 
Beall W . Francis, police, 83 s Bond 
Beall Wm, F, clerk, 83 s Bond 
Bealmear Mrs. A. 123 n Strieker 
Bealmear Eliza H. 43 n Calhoun 
Bealmear James A. real estate broker, 42 St, 

Paul, dw 115 n Strieker 
Bealmear Samuel, millinery, straw and fancy 

goods, 82 Le-xington, dw 227 n Carroll ton av 
Bealmear Thos. clerk, 88 Columbia 
Bealmear Wm, B. salesman, 116 n CarroUton av 
Beam Andrew, carp. 204 n Fremont 
Beam Geo. W. ice cream, 68 McMechin 
BEAM ISAAC E, apothecaries. Read and 

Charles, also North av and Charles, dw 84 n 

Beam Mrs. Maria, Calverton rd 
Beam Wm. H. carp. 204 n Fremont 
Beaman Ransome, restaurant, 150 Light-st whf 
Beamer Rev. AV alter J. 147 Scott 
Beamish John A. carp, 195 w John 
Bean A. K, clerk, 74 s Washington 
Bean Geo. W. plumber, 200 s Ann 
Beau James W, pilot, 74 s Washington 
Bean John H. pilot, 74 s Washington 
Bean Robt. M. pilot, 120 Gough 
Bean Thos. L. clerk, Charles nr HoffmaE 
Bean Wm. H. oysters, 422 Hanover 
Beans Edward H. propr Star hotel, 100 n Front 
Beans Elias, engineer, 52 s Strieker 
Beans Henry traveling agent, 52 s Strieker 
Beans Howard, clerk, 181 Aisquith 
Beard C. L. clerk, 66 Courtland 
Beard Chas. 19 n Front 
Beard Danl. bricklayer, 145 Conway 
Beard Eliza A. 156 e Eager 
Beard Francis, carp. §0 Lee 
Beard Ferd. blaclcsmith, 1 Bartlett 
Beard Geo. W. tinner, 7 s Eden 
Beard Geo. W., U.S.N. 13 n Strieker 
Beard Harry, carp. 80 Maryland av 
Beard Henry C. Adams Express, 205 Barre 
Beard J. F. "bookkpr, 102 Myrtle av 
Beard Capt. John, wharfinger. Block nr draw- 
bridge, dw 60 Lee 


No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 





Beard John C. mariner, 52 s Durham 

Beard Joseph S. 19 n Front 

Beard Joseph jr. 19 n Front 

Beard Lewis J. printer, 57 Columbia 

Beard Maria, boarding, 57 Columbia 

Beard 0. A. helper, 1 Bartlett al 

Beard Ryan, 57 Columbia 

Beard Saml. coachman, 24 Miller 

Beard Dr. Stephen, 419 w Lanvale 

Beard Wm. D, carp. 60 Lee 

Beards John, lab. 112 Leadenhall 

Beardsley Isaac, machinist, 68 Harford av 

Beardsley Henry, engineer, 136 n High 

Beardsley Wm. mariner, 32 e Biddle 

Beargunt Gotfried, lab. 158 Madeira al 

Bearsch Geo. boots and shoes, 229 s Broadway 

Bearwald Esther, hairdresser, 59 e Fayette 

Beasley \V'. F. specialties, 37 German, nr Light, 

dw 234 Lafayette av 
Beastell Augusta, dressmkr, 158 n Pine 
Beastell Margaret, 158 n Pine 
Beastell Wm. H. clerk, 158 n Pine 
BEASTEN CHAS. Jr. attorney, 48 St. Paul, dw 

318 Madison av 
Beatley Adam, engineer, 379 William 
Beatley Baldwin, lab. 225 Hanover 
Beatley Mrs. Frances, tailoress, 225 Hanover 
Beatley Luther J. mariner, 225 Hanover 
Beatley Capt. N.R. mariner, 411 e Lombard 
Beatly Wm. capper, 33 Rose 
Beaton John, shipcarp. 61 Patuxent 
Beaton Malcolm, shipcarp. 91 Patuxent 
Beaton Malcolm J. boxmkr, 91 Patuxent 
Beatson Geo. H. coal dealer, York nr William, 

dw 251 Linden av 
Beatson John, clerk, 154 w Lanvale 
Beatty Eli A. moulder, 194 Bank 
Beatty F.W. clerk, 62 Barre 
Beatty Geo.W. paperhanger, 135 s High 
Beatty J. Edwin, 148 w Baltimore, dw 50 n 

BEATTY JAMES & CO. (James Beatty,Geo.R. 

Skillman) cracker bakers, 92, 94 and 96 Du- 

gan's whf 
Beatty James ( JaS.B. & Co.) Mt. Washington 
Beatty Mrs. James L. 244 Hollins 
Beatty John T. sr. bricklayer, 99 n Washington 
Beatty John T. bricklayer, 99 n Washington 
Beatty Joseph, baker, 135 s High 
Beatty Joseph G. paperhanger, 13 Gough 
Beatty Samuel P. bricklayer, 99 n Washington 
Beatty Wm. gardener. Linden av and W^ilson 
Beatty Wm. blksmith,37 Barre, dw 149 Hanover 
Beatty Wm. A. carter, 247 Bank 
Beatty Wm. H. conductor, 61 s Ann 
Beatty Wm.J.A. baker, 130 s High 
Beatty Wm. R. (Jas. J. Lacy & Co.) 247 Bank 
Beauchamp Chas. E. clerk, 105 Edmondson av 
Beauchamp Capt. Geo. mariner, 123 William 
Beauchamp Capt. John F. 85 s Chester 
Beauchamp Robert H. carp. 108 William 
Beauchamp Wm. clerk, 11 Warren 
Beaulieu L. P. (L.P.B. & Co.) 160 L. Greene 
Beaulieu L. P. & Co. (L. P. Beaulieu) organ 

builders, 129 w Fayette 
Beaumont Abraham, bootmkr, 153 Lexington 
Beaumont Alex. H. machinist, Loudon av nr 

Millington la 
Beaumont Lewis, carp. 150 n Schroeder 
Beaumont Mrs.MaryL. dressmkr, 150nSchroeder 
Beaumont Oliver, machinist, Calverton rd 
Beaver Jas. S. shoemkr, 481 Lexington 

Beaver Line Euroi>ean Steamers, L. P., James 
Hooper k. Co. agents, over n e cor Gay and 

Beaver Mrs. Rebecca, dressmkr, 481 Lexington 

Beavers Geo. F. machinist, 5 Gettier 

Bebe Nicholas, lab. 217 s Wolfe 

Bebee Henry, binder, 19 Wyeth 

Becher Ernest, tailor, 58 McHenry 

Bechler Sigmund, tailor, 714 w Baltimore 

Bechman Nicholas, \arnisherj 278 e Lombard 

Bechman Philip, furniture, 278 e Lombard 

Bechmann Henry, grocery, 186 e Fayette 

Bechtel Geo. J. (Lorentz & Rittler) Quincy, 111. 

Bechtel James G. silverplater,232 L. Constitution 

Bechtel John W . plumber and stove dealer, 93 
n Eutaw, dw 93 Mulberry 

Bechtold August, lab. Baker nr Penna av 

Bechtold Henry, shoes, 69 Orleans 

Bechtold Henry jr. shoemkr, 69 Orleans 

Bechtold John, cigarmkr, 69 Bank 

Bechtold John, lab. 58 Elliott 

Bechtold John W. lab. Baker nr Penna av 

Beck Adam, beer, 722 w Pratt 

Beck Adolph, brewer. Garrison la 

Beck Anton, lab. 349 Orleans 

Beck Mrs. Ann, 2 s Dallas 

Beck August sr. beer brewery. Garrison la nr 

Beck August jr. brewer. Garrison la nr Fred- 
erick av 

Beck August, nightman, 75 Bank 

Beck August (T.B. & Son) 29 Calverton rd 

Beck Chas. cabinetmkr, 33 Cambridge 

Beck Chas. clerk, 106 Eastern av 

Beck Chas.R.R. clerk, 612 w Lombard 

Beck Conrad, lab. 355 Eastern av 

Beck Conrad, shoemkr, 84 s Fremont 

Beck Conrad, barber, 472 n Gay 

Beck Edward, huckster, 186 Aliceanna 

Beck Ernest M. cabinetmkr, 131 n Bond 

Beck Ernest W. clerk, 212 L. Constitution 

Beck Francis, tailor, 186 Aliceanna 

Beck Frank, lab. 187 s Ann 

Beck Fred, driver, 78 Henrietta 

Beck Fred, photographer, 327 s Sharp 

Beck Fred, tailor, 463 n Gaj' 

Beck Fred, umbrellas and canes, 48 w Fayette^ 
dw 36 n P'ulton 

Beck Fred. jr. clerk, 117 Harlem av 

Beck Fred. W. 117 Harlem av 

Beck G. Herman, (G.H.B. & Co.) 243 Argyle av 

Beck G. Herman & Co. (G. Herman Beck) leaf 
tobaccos, cigurs, &c. 130 w Lombard 

Beck Geo. lab. 14 Thames 

Beck Geo. cabinetmkr, 42 Harrison 

Beck Geo. beer, 420 n Fremont 

Beck Geo. A. 319 Mulberry 

Beck Geo.W., Central house, 82 Centre Market sp 

Beck Henry, beer, 453 e Fayette 

Beck Henry, lab. 106 Eastern av 

Beck Irvin, telegraphist, Hoffman and Central av 

Beck Jacob, tobacconist, 471 n Gay 

Beck Jacob, carp. 28 s Ann 

Beck James, shoemkr, 6 Booth 

Beck John jr. driver, 19 Patterson av 

Beck John, lab. 19 Patterson av 

Beck John, driver, 420 n Fremont 

Beck John, plast'r, Millington la nr Frederick av 

Beck John jr. butcher, 74 Lexington Market, 
dw Hollins ext 

Beck John, butcher, 95 Lexington and 16 Rol- 
lins Markets, dw Hollins fxt 

Importer and J)ealer in Portland, Roman, and Kee le's Cement, 
WM. WIRT CLARKE. 61 S. Gay Street, 

Largest Life Ins. Co. i" the World, O. F. Bresee. Gen. Agt. 



Beck John, restaurant, 38 w Pratt 

Beck John, cooper, tools and truss hoops,26 and 

28 William, dw 147 Montgomery 
Beck John, barber, 189 s Ann 
Beck John, shoemkr, 94 Leadenhall 
Beck John, engineer, 67 w Biddle 
Beck John A. butcher. Garrison la 
Beck John F. coach painter, 79 Oak 
Beck John G. pianorakr, 327 s Sharp 
Beck John M. sec'y, Maryland Fire Ins. Co. 10 

Edmondson av 
Beck Joseph, shoemkr, 582 Penna av 
Beck Joseph A. painter, 10 Orleans 
Beck Mrs. J. Adam, butcher, 55 Lexington Mkt, 

dw Garrison la 
Beck Louis, boots and shoes, 249 s Broadway 
Beck Mrs. Mary, confec'y, 67 w Biddle 
Beck Michael, painter, 34 n Holliday 
Beck Peter J. engineer, 649 Light 
Beck Peter W. clerk 147 Montgomery 
Beck Philip, vvhipmkr, 542 n Gay 
Beck Philip, produce, Penn. av ext 
Beck Mrs. Rosa, notions, 10 Orleans 
Beck Mrs Rose, 33 Cambridge 
Beck Rudolph, bookbinder, 16 Smith 
Beck Thomas (T. B. & Sou) 29 Calverton rd* 
Beck Thomas J. brewer, 29 Calverton rd 
BECK THOS. & SON (T. and August Beck) 

Rock Spring lager beer brewery, Baltimore 

cor Calverton rd 
Beck Wm. bookkpr, 212 L Constitution 
Beck Wm. huckster, Waverley 
Beck Wm. tobacconist, 5 e Favette 
Beck Wm. clerk, 106 Eastern av 
Beck Wm. tinner, 67 n Eden 
Beck Wm. printer, Us Exeter 
Beck Wm. H. cigarmkr, 7 e Fayette 
Beck Wm. R. furniture wagon, 319 Mulberry 
Beckdolt Wm. lab. 492 Canton av 
Beckel Henry, engineer, Randall and Durst al 
Beckel Louis, lab. Ill Eastern av 
Beckenbaugh Geo. bookkpr, 38 s Eutaw 
BECKENBAUGH DR. THOS. L. apothecary, 

s w cor Lombard and Pop[)leton 
Beckenbaugh Wm. clerk, 401 Park av 
Beckenheimer Abraham, junk, 34 n Central av 

dw 344 Orleans 
Beckenheimer Isaa<e, 344 Orleans 
Beckenheimer Mrs. Miana, 344 Orleans 
Becker A. C. agent, 39 n Liberty 
Becker Adam, barber, Haubert nr R.R. dw 72 

Becker August, cutter, 238 Barre 
Becker August, shoemkr, 78 Druid Hill av 
Becker August, shoemkr, 259 Hamburg 
Becker August, janitor Concordia Opera house 
Becker August jr. coachmkr, 259 Hamburg 
Becker Augustus C. agent Union News Co. 39 

n Liberty 
Becker & Bro. (F.and C.Becker) mercht. tailors, 

229 Eastern av 
Becker & Bro. (Henry and Philip Becker) box 

mkrs, 47 n Frederick 
Becker Bros. (C. P., F. and L. Becker) leaf to- 
bacco, 98 w Lombard 
Becker C. F. C. liquors, 186 Lexington, and 76 

Camden, dw 186 Lexington 
Becker Mrs. Catherine, 77 e Lombard 
Becker Chas. cigarmkr, 181 n Bethel 
Becker Chas. cabinetmkr, 381 w Pratt 
Becker Chas. shoemkr, 54 Portland 
Becker Chas. watchmkr, 78 Druid Hill av 

Made water tight, and preserved for years, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMENT and 


By increasing the qvanlity of Gtim. we make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which is uuequaled. All work 
guaranteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders solicited 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER & CO.. Sole Mauufactarers, 

No. 3 COURTLAND STREET, up stairs. 

Becker Chas. jr. painter, 381 w Pratt 

Becker Chas. jr. express wagon, 4^9 vv Fayette 

Becker Chas. barkpr, 55 President 

Becker Chas. A. fruit, 208 Lexington 

Becker Chas. F. (B. Bros.) 77 n Carey 

Becker Chas. R. tobacconist, 440 w Baltimore 

Becker Christian, cabinetmkr, 124 s Spring 

Becker Christian, (B. & Bro.) 229 Eastern av 

Becker Conrad, cigarmkr. Baker ct nr Knox al 

Becker Conrad, huckster. 111 Bank 

Becker Conrad, carp. 309 Mulberry 

Becker Conrad H. liquors, 64 e Fayette 

Becker Emanuel C. porter, 37 James la 

Becker Francis, (B. & Bro.) 229 Eastern av 

Becker Frank, clerk, 229 Eastern av 

Becker Fred. carp. 6 Creek al 

Becker Fred, rear 468 Penna av 

Becker Fred, shipsmith, 87 s Chapel 

Becker Fred. (B. Bros) Carey and Mosher 

Becker Geo. shoemkr, 67 s Exeter 

Becker Geo. clerk, 515 Lexington 

Becker Geo. butcher, 23 F. P. Market, dw Third 

av and Eastern av 
Becker Geo. W. (Geo.W.B. & Son) 303 w Pratt 
BECKER GEO. W.& SON, (Geo. W. and John 

A. Becker) wholes, liqs. k wines, 303 w Pratt 
Becker Geo. W. cutter, 273 e Pratt 
Becker H. & Son (Henry and Louis A. Becker) 

tobacconists, 102 n Gay 
Becker Henry, 169 n Strieker 
Becker Henry, driver, 206 n Bond 
Becker Henry, 238 Barre 
Becker Henry, pianomkr, 81 Scott 
Becker Henry, lab. 46 President 
Becker Henry, tailor, 103 n Caroline 
Becker Henry, barkpr, 219 Light 
Becker Henry, bakery, 81 Harrison 
Becker Henry, grocery, 80 Druid Hill av 
Becker Henry, barber, 300 Mulberry 
Becker Henry, (Kummer & B.) 435 n Gilmor 
Becker Henry, (B. & Bro.) 141 n High 
Becker Henry, (H. B. & Son) 102 n Gay 
Becker Henry C. gent's furn'g goods, 127 n 

Howard, dw 238 Barre 
Becker Isadore, man'gr N. Y. clothing house, 

184 w Baltimore, dw 20 n Front 
Becker J. A. H. teller, 154 n E.xeter 
Becker Jacob, 128 Saratoga 
Becker Jacob, grocery, 213 Henrietta 
Becker John, boxmkr, 141 n High 
Becker John, lab. 76 Somerset 
Becker John, liquors, 66 Druid Hill av 
Becker John, butcher, 24 Fells Point Market, 

dw Third and Eastern av 
Becker John A. printer, 77 e Lombard 
Becker John A. (Geo.W.B. & Son) 303 w Pratt 
Becker John T. clerk, 186 Lexington 
Becker Julius, cooj>er, 77 e Lombard 
Becker Louis, carp. 315 Aliceanna 
Becker Louis, 238 Sarre 

Manuf rs' Agency for Rosendale Cement, Calcined Plaster, Casting 
Plaster, Dentist Plaster, Agriculturail Plaster, Gilders' .&Gommercial Whiting. 





Becker Louis, psiinter, 213 Henrietta 
Becker Louis, blacksmith, 259 Hamburg- 
Becker Louis, bookkpr,cor Fulton and Mulberry 
Becker Louis, (B. & Bros.) 244 n Carev 
BECKER LOUIS, apothecary, Pratt and Ann 
Becker Louis, shoemkr, 156 Cathedral 
Becker Louis A. (H. B. & Son) 102 n Gay 
Becker Mrs. Mary, 46 President 
Becker Marj-, grocery, 76 Somerset 
Becker Margaret, grocery, 515 Lexington 
Becker Nicholas. siiIoon,'55 President 
Becker Philip, (B. & Bro.) 28 n Front 
Becker Mrs. Wilhemina, 154 n E.xeter 
Becker Wm. drayman, 13 James la 
Becker Wm. lab. 241 Aliceanna 
Becker Wm. shoemkr, 318 ^ Sharp 
Becker Wm. locksmith, 4 n Schroeder 
Beckett Geo. W. driver, 241 Columbia 
Beckett Prof. John J., Loyola College 
Beckett John 0. oysters, 204 Barre 
Beckett Mrs. Rebecca, 52 n Washington 
Beckett Thos. engineer, 204 Barre 
Beckhardt Abraham, clerk, 86 Warner 
Beckley John W. coofjer, 514 w Lombard 
Beckley Mrs. Wm. H. paperhangings and win- 
dow shades, n w cor Gay and East 
Beckman Frank, bellhanger, 204 n Wolfe 
Beckman Fred, finisher, 222 Scott 
Beckman Peter, lab. 8 Clement 
Beckmann Geo. grocery, 142 Chew 
Beckmann Mrs. Pauline, 400 w Fayette 
Beckmeyer, Walter L. wirew'ker, 162 n Bond 
Beckmeyer Wm. wirew'ker, 1 Milliman 
Beckmeyer Wm. sr. 75 McElderry 
Beckner John, carp. 105 s Regester 
Beckner Rolandis, salesman, 7 Warner 
Beckner Wm. C. tobacconist, cor Baltimore 

and Liberty, dw 7 Warner 
Beckwith David G. cooper, 183 Gough 
Beckwith Major Edward G., U.S.A., Fort Mc- 

Beckwith Frank M. letter carrier, 228 Gough 
Beckwith Horace, tab. 104 Granby 
Beckwith Richard, canmkr, 104 Granby 
Beckwith Saml. C. solicitor, 43 Courtland 
Becraft Lorenzo, driver, 522 w Lombard 
Bedecker Henry, beer, 253 Frederick av 
Bedenkopf John, carp. 114 Parkin 
Bederka Christian W. cabinetmkr, 84 Barre 
Bedford & Houlton (John R. D. Bedford, Saml. 

C. Houlton) attorneys and conveyancers, n 

w cor Lexington and St. Paul 
Bedford John R.D.(B. & Houlton )68 Harlem av 
Bedford Theodore W. coal and wood, 554 w 

Baltimore, dw 106 Edmondson av 
Bedgar Christiana, furniture, 65 Penna av 
Bedsworth Mrs. Rachel, 397 e Chase 
Bedsworth VVinfield, clerk, 397 e Chase 
Bee Henry, patternmkr, 4 s Poppleton 
Beebe Charles S. woodenware and cordage, 92 

w Lombard, dw 238 Maryland av 
Beecher Edward, harnessmkr, 419 w Lombard 
Beecher J. Gregg, photographer, 204 n Eutaw 
Beecher Wm. N. clerk, 123 n CaltToun 
Beecher Wm. W. druggist Southern Dispensary, 

45 Conway, dw 204 n Eutaw 
Beefelt Edward, cigannkr, 44 n Schroeder 
Beefelt Wm. police, 144 Columbia 
Beehl Frank, cutter; 2 Irvine pi . 
Beehl Michael, cutter, 2 Irvine pi 
Beehler Mrs. C. M. 624 Lexington 
Beehler Chas. carp. 253 Canton av 

Beehler Chas. cigarmkr, 71 Portland 
Beehler Chas. W. shipcarp. 137 Cross 
Beehler Chas. E.umbrellas,121 Lexington, dw 624 
Beehler David E. salesman, 624 Lexfogton 
Beehler Frances T. whiprakr, 624 Lexington 
Beckman Mrs. Fannie E. confectionery, 700j 

w Baltimore 
Beeks John L. nightman, II Donohueal 
Becks Wm. A. lab. 439 Eastern av 
Beeks Wm. A. oysters, 39 n Castle 
Beeler Chas. W. shipcarp. 10 s Ann 
Beeler Dr. G. B. s w cor Greene and Mulberry 
Beeler Henry, hostler, 398 Orleans 
Beeler Henry S. depty. U. S. Marshal, 23 Stiles 
Beeler Louis F. agent B. & 0. R. R., L. P., 3 n 

Beer Jacob D. tailor, 244 s Bond 
Beer Peter, lab. 396 Aliceanna 
Beer Robert C. prof, languages, 210 n Fremont 
Beere John, lab. 15 Bank 
Beere Michael, driver, 24 Hammond al 
Beere Patrick, tavern, 3 w Lombard 
Beers Chas. W. salesman, 419 e Pratt 
Beers Capt. Wm. ship broker and com. mercht. 

over 44 w Pratt, dw 419 e Pratt 
Bees Henry, messenger, 169 Columbia av 
Beesley Robt.coppersmelter,Clintou nrSecondav 
Beetle Mrs. Carrie E. dressmkr, 90 McElderry 
Beetle Walter T. coachpainter, 90 McElderry 
BeetTey James R. carp. 131 Gough 
Beetley Jos. L. tobacconist, 22 s Ann 
Beetley Robert S. 209 Jefferson 
Beettner John A . shoemkr, 256 Batterj- av 
Beetz Geo. shoemkr, 74 Division 
Beever John, clerk, 215 n Dallas 
Befelt Wm. H. police, 144 Columbia 
Begnell John H. shoemkr, 25 BiddlenrAna 
Behlein John, cooper, 80 Durst al 
Behling Albert, butcher, 315 n Central av 
Behm Conrad, baker, 400 Eastern av 
Bebm Geo. tinner, 184 Gough 
Behm John G. shoemkr, 184 Gough 
-Behra Michael, blacksmith, 1 n Bond 
Behmer Frank, lab. 128 Thames 
Behn Fredk. grocery, Waverley 
Behn Henry, furnishing- goods and notions, IGO 

n Eutaw 
Behnken John, stevedore, 8G s Bethel 
Behnlein John, lab. 1 Covington 
Behnlein John, lab. 22 Green ct 
Behnlein Joseph, varnisher, 105 Battery av 
Behounek Frank, lab. 2^4 Barnes 
Behr Andrew, brewer, 370 Penna av 
Behr Mrs. Anna, 6 Curley 
Behr Christian, l^b. 241 Canton av 
Behr Edward, barber, 241 Canton av 
Behreud Aaron, butcher, 71 s Eden 
Behreud Jacob, clerk, 24 s Eden 
Behrends August, lab. 402 Saratoga 
Behrends Leopold, clerk, 267 w Fayette 
Behrens Albert, tailor, 54 s Wolfe * 
Behrens August, cooper, 69 L. Church 
Behrens Bernard sr. collector, 270 n Gay 
Behrens Bernard jr. clerk, 270 n Gay 
Behrens Chas. paperhanger, 295 Hanover 
Behrens Conrad, boilermkr, 295 Hanover 
Behrens Mrs. Eva, grocery, 69 L. Church 
Behrens Fred, coachmkr, 69 L. Church 
Behrens Geo. lab. 3 Winter a! 
Behrens Henry, silverplater, 37" s Strieker 
Behrens Henry, machinist, 102 Lee 
Behrens Jacob, watchmkr, 93 n Gay 

HOLMES & CO., Engineers' and Machinists' Tools and Supplies^ 
Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c> 

Assets. $85,000,000.00. O. F. Bresee, G-en'l Agrt. 




Behrens Jacob C. C. cigar maQufr.106 Boston 
Behreas John, carp. 69 L. Church 
Behrens John, clerk, 267 e Biddle 
Behrens John, waiter, Lanvale and Arlington av 
Behrens John, clerk, 2 TO n Gay 
Behrens Joseph, shoemaker, 351 s Charles 
Behrens Mano, tobacconist, 324 Eastern av 
Behrens Mrs. Theresa, milliner, 270 n Gay 
Behrens Wm. machinist, 102 Lee 
Behrge Diedenrich, cabinetmkr, 97 Conway 
Behringer Fred, cigarmkr, 29 Lancaster 
Behringer Geo. candymkr, 192 Barre 
Behringer Johanna, huckstress, 29 Lancaster 
Behringer John, candymkr, 193 Barre 
Behringer John G. 370 Saratoga 
Behringer Philip, moulder, 198 s Bethel 
Behringer Wm. candymkr, 193 Barre 
Behrmann John, mariner, 190 s Bond 
Behrmann John, mariner, 40 Boyd 
Beier Barbara, tavern, 41 Block 
Beier Fred, cabinetmkr, 258 s Eutaw 
Beier Henry, stripper, 13 Brown's la 
Beierlein John, cigarmkr, 2 Garden 
Beiersmith Andrew, lab. 61 Bank 
Beiger Fred, shoerakr, 400 Aliceanna 
Beiger Geo. lab. 58 s Central av 
Beikirch Lawrence, tailor, 104 Peirce 
Beikirch Lawrence A. jr. broommkr, 104 Peirce 
Beikirich Valentine, cigarmkr, 104 Peirce 
Beikraef Henry, mariner, 155 s Eden 
Beimschla Henry, tailor, 284 s Charles 
Beimschla Henry, jr. notions, 208 s Eutaw 

BEIN.CHAELES, Watchmaker and 
Jeweler, 84 Lexington. 

Bein Henry, cabiaetmkr, 252 Aliceanna 

Beinke Harman, tailor, 81 n Wolfe 

Benlein Fred. lab. 123 n Spring 

Beis Christian, lab. 183 s Caroline 

Beisheim Nicholas, painter and paints, 51 Essex 

Beissler Anton, cigarmkr, 149 n Chapel 

Beissler Anton, cigarmkr, 294 e Pratt 

Beissler Barnhart, cigarmkr, 122 s Washington 

Beissler Frank, grocery, 294 e Pratt 

Beissler Nicholas, carp. 149 n Chapel 

Beiswanger John, baker, 211 w Fayette 

Beitzel Mrs. Louisa, notions, 82 s Howard 

Beitzel Daniel, shoemanfr, 86 s Howard, dw 82 

B itzel Frank, grocery, 116 Henrietta 

Beker Henry, carp. 38 Holland 

Beker Mrs. Louisa, crockery, 38 Holland 

Bekil Wm. blksmith, 171 Columbia 

Belair Market, Forrest from Low to Hillea 

Belbin Charles T. shipsmith, cor Warren and 

Covington, dw 83 Gough 
Belchner Geo. lab. 4 Green ct 
Belchner John, cigarmkr, 35 York 
Belgian Fire Brick Co., P. de Murguiondo agt. 

20 Second 
Belitski Edward, barber, Forrest nr Low 
Belitz Adelbert, bookpr, Argyle av and Dolphin 
Belitz Adolph, clerk, cor Argyle av and Dolphin 
Bell Abraham, plasterer, Pratt and Castle 
Bell Albert, hostler, 217 Dolphin 
Bell Alex. (H. Strauss, Bro. & Bell) 41 w Eager 
Bell Alex. S. clerk, 41 w Eager 
Bell Dr. Alex. T. homeopath, 306 Madison av 
Bell Andrew J. carp. 197 w Lanvale 
Bell Anthony, 190 Franklin 
Bell Arthur E. huckster. Tenant w of Fulton 
Bell Brock, bookkpr, 230 Lafayette av 


Made water-tight, and preserved for years, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMENT aud 


By increasing tlie quantity of Gum, we make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which it' unequalcd. All work 
guaraiteed. A tr al ia a 1 we sk. (rder; solic ted 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER & CO.. Sole Manufacturers. 

No. 3 COURTLAND STREET, up stairg. 

Bell Charles, clerk, 136 Forrest 

Bell Chas. S. conductor, Farber house 

Bell Mrs. Cornelia J. grocery, Pratt and Castle 

Bell Daniel, engineer, 96 e Lombard 

Bell David, manager Clipper mills 

Bell David, moulder, 55 St. Peter 

Bell Douglas, broker, 10 s Holliday, dw 96 

Bell E. S. clerk, 105 w Monument 
Bell Edward, clerk, 75 n Poppleton 
Bell Edward, lab. 96 e Lombard 
Bell Edward E. huckster, 109 s Poppleton 
Bell Edward F. stonecutter, 155 Forrest 
Bell Edward H. wheelwright, 27 n Eden 
Bell Edward J. 73 n Bond 
Bell Edwin, painter, 478 e Fayette 
Bell Mrs. Ellen, dairy, 75 n Poppleton 
Bell Evan T. huckster. Tenant w of Fulton 
Bell Franklin, fireman, 238 Gough 
Bell George, wheelwright, 183 Druid Hill av 
Bell George, huckster, 122 Parkin 
Bell George, tinner, 859 w Baltimore 
Bell Geo. E. engineer, 27 n Eden 
Bell Geo. G. clerk 557 Saratoga 
Bell Geo. W. wheelwright, 183 Druid Hill av 
Bell Geo. W. lab. 557 Saratoga 
Bell Geo. W. C. magistrate, 30 St. Paul, dw 67 

n Gilmor 
Bell Geo. W. clerk, 181 w Biddle 
Bell Rev. Henry, 26 Camden 
Bell Henry, general dispensary, 17 Pearl 
Bell Hy. A. county police, Clinton nr Second av 
Bell Henry C. tinner, 733 w Lombard 
Bell Henry S. supt. Baltimore Carriage Co. 138 

w Fayette, dw Howard co 
Bell Henry T. clerk, 155 Forrest 
Fell Horace, caulker, 57 Warren 
Bell Isaac, engineer, 101 s Strieker 
Bell J. E. & Co. (John E. & W. H. Bell) com. 

and produce merchants, 14 Bowly's whf 
Bell James, driver, 11 Burrough 
Bell James H. clerk, 54 HoUins 
Bell James H. engineer, 224 s Fremont 
Bell James I. paperstainer, 62 Clarke 
Bell Jehu A. millwright, 46 s Schroeder 
Bell Jehu, jr, machinist, 46 s Schroeder 
Bell John, carp. 36 Ridgely 
Bell John, potter, 193 Peirce 
Bell John, lab. 55 St. Peter 
Bell John, barkeeper, 21 e Madison 
Bell John, porter, 83 Parkin 
Bell John A. letter carrier, 14 n Washington 
Bell John B. mariner, 200 s Broadway 
Bell John D. 88 Barre 
Bell John E. gasfitter, 62 Clarke 
Bell John E. (J. E. Bell & Co.) 19 Conway 
Bell John H. 75 n Poppleton 
Bell John H. bookpr, 35 n Fremont 
Bell John H. jr, clerk, 35 n Fremont 
Bell John N. car agent, 454 w Lombard 


No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 





Bell John S. grain weigher, 134 s Sharp 

Bell Joseph F. tinner, 721 w Pratt 

Bell Josiah V. milk, Pratt and Castle 

Bell Louis, butcher, 750 Penna. av 

Bell & Lutz (Wm. H. Bell, P. Lutz) blksiniths, 

12J Diamond 
Bell Marion, engineer, 238 Gough 
Bell Mary, artificial flowers, 130 Lexington 
Bell Mrs." Mary, 160 n Dallas 
Bell Nelson H." 94 w Townsend 
Bell Richard H. shipcarp. 73 n Bond 
Bell Robert, cigarmkr, 160 n Dallas 
Bell Samuel, stevedore, 100 n Washington 
Bell Samuel, hostler, 44 Orleans 
Bell Dr. Samuel A. 161 s Sharp 
Bell Thos. stonecutter, Oxford, York rd 
Bell Thos. police, 150 East 
Bell Thos. B. grocery, 155 Forrest 
Bell Capt. Thos. P. mariner, 7 s Broadway 
Bell Thomas R. cigarmkr, 46 s Schroeder 
Bell Thomazin Y. 93 Hillen , 
Bell Walter, jr, lab. 160 n Dallas 
Bell Wm. stonecutter, 254 Hollins 
Bell Wm. lab. 17 Barnes 
Bell Wm. clerk, 196 Harford av 
Bell Wm. jr. stonecutter, 254 Hollins 
Bell Wm. A. machinist, 92 Fort av 
Bell Wm. A. fireman, 22 Hamburg 
Bell Wm. D. carp. 41 n Central av 
Bell Wm. F. clerk, 225 e Pratt 
Bell Wm. H. (B. & Lutz) 1 Diamond 
Bell Wm. H. watchman, 51 St. Peter 
Bell photo engraver, 340 e Monument 
Bell Wra.H.jr. photo engraver, 340 e Monument 
Bell Wm. H. (J. E. Bell & Co.) 250 Columbia 
Bell Wm. P. cigarmkr, 155 Forrest 
Bell Wm. W. agent, 225 e Pratt 
Bellash John, mariner, 108 Lancaster 
Belleman Fred. W. driver, 458 Canton av 
Belleman Henry, mariner, 458 Canton av 
Beller John, tailor, 254 e Chase 
Bellerman Chas F. (B. & Co.) 44 n Gay 
Bellerinan & Co. (C. F. Bellerman, Dr. Wm. S. 

Arthur) apothecaries, 44 n Gay 
Bellermifti Mrs. Henrietta, 22 Sarah Ann 
Bellerman John H. clerk, 22 Sarah Ann 
Bellerman Wm. cigarmaker, 22 Sarah Ann 
Bellis Mrs. Rosanna, 72 s Castfe 
Bellis Wm. E. caulker, 74 Lancaster 
Bello Serafin, clerk, 41 s Schroeder 
Bellona Gunpowder Co. of Md. 57 s Gay 
Belschner John, cigar manufacturer, 25 Light, 

dw 35 York 
Belt Mrs. A. B. 284 w Hoffman 
Belt Abram H. machinist, Hampden 
Belt Chas. plumber, 360 s Sharp 
Belt Chas. T. grocery, Sweet Air 
Belt Chas. W. salesman, 260 w Hoffman 
Belt & Co. (Thos. G. P. Belt) genl com merch. 

52 Light 
Belt Elisha, blacksmith, 255 Mulberry 
Belt Eugene, N. (Cahn, B. & Co.)179 n Charles 
Belt Francis P. barber, 214 Hollins 
Belt Frank, potter, Lemmon nr Mount 
Belt Geo. potter, Lemmon nr Mount 
Belt Henry S. ailesman, 260 w Hoffman 
Belt Hickman, carp. 189 e Monument 
Belt James, lab. 84 Luzerne 
Belt John R. driver, Hampden 
Belt Josiah, lab. 1 Leadenhall 
Belt Mrs. L. A. 179 n Charles 
Belt Leonard, lab. 1 Leadenhall 

Belt Mrs. Sarah, grocery, 1 Leadenhall' 

Belt Snowden, lab. Fort av ext 

Belt T. Hanson jr. 260 w Hoffman 

Belt Thos. lab. Hampden 

Belt Thos. G. P. (B. & Co.) Mt. Washington 

Belt Trueman jr.. Mount Washington 

Belt Wm. sr. carp. Hampden 

Belt Wm. lab. Hampden 

Belt Wm. cut soles and leather dealer, 52 Light 
dw 27 Mosher 

Belt Wm. H. blacksmith, Hampden 

Belt Wm. H. G. clerk, 189 e Monument 

Bel ton Wm. chairmaker, 62 n Holliday 

Beltz August, stevedore, 158 s Bethel 

Beltz Isadore, huckster, 647 Penna av 

Beltz Sarah, dressmkr, 647 Penna av 

Belvidere Brewery, Francis Denmead, prop'r 
Belvidere nr Oliver 

Belvidere House, n w cor Franklin and Calvert, 
Jos. P. Power, prop'r 

Belvidere Land Improvement and Building As- 
sociation, Edw.D.McConky, prest.24nCharles 

Belvidere Nursery, Andrew L. Black, prop'r, 
Eager and the Falls 

Belvin Alfred, varnisher, 6 Gough 

Belvin Chas. black.smith, 6 Gough 

Belvin Mrs. Martha, 6 Gough 

Belvin Wm, upholsterer, 6 Gough 

Belz Casper, lab. 14 Wilhelm 

Belz John G. carpet weaver, 145 Camden 

Belz Mary H. 200 s Bond 

Belz Peter, boilermaker, 381 Penna av 

Belz Sophia, dressmkr, 200 s Bond 

Beman Geo. B. clerk, 438 n Calhoun 

Beman R. 438 n Calhoun 
I Bemis C. C. manager Patapsco Paint Co. I235 
I n Front 

Benchoff C. F. salesman, 4 s Calhoun 
: Benchoff John J. salesman, Strieker and Balto 

Bendann Daniel, galleries of photography, 26 
I n Charles, dw 640 Lexington 

Bendann David, (Fryer & B.) 195 n Calvert 

Bendann Fabish, 640 Lexington 
. Bender Mrs. Ann, laund. 57 Biddle ct 
: Bender Chas. baker, 10 Union 

Bender Christian, baker, 10 Union 
I Bender Christian, beer, 86 s Dallas 

Bender Mrs. Christiana, confect'y, 45 Henrietta 

Bender Frank, brakeman, 21 Gittings 

Bender Geo. blacksmith, 10 Union 
' Bender Henry, polisher, 79 Scott 

Bender Henry, tailor, 75 Wyeth 
j Bender Jacob, baker, 10 Union 

Bender Jacob, tailor, 4 Peach al 

Bender Jacol), grocery, 286 Aliceanna 
I Bender James, lab. 223 s Bethel 
I Bender John, lab. 221 s Bethel 

Bender John, tailor, 312 n Howard 

Bender Joseph, harnessmaker, 45 Henrietta 

Bender Louis, conductor, 172 Battery av 

Bender Otto, draughtsman, 181 Columbia 

Bender Wilhelmiua, china, 376 s Charles 
; Bender Wm, stonecutter, 17 L. Gough 
' Bender Wm. H. tinner, 302 e Chase 
• Benderman Chas. shoemkr, 193 Preston 

Bendon Thos. engineer, 128 s Duncan al 

Bendon Wm. T. lab. 128 Duncan al 

Benedict F. (E.C. Small & Co.) 112 McCulloh 

Benedict Geo. painter, Hampden 

Benedict Joseph dry goods, n w cor Eden and 

Benes Joseph, shoemkr, 41 n Caroline 

WM. WIRT CLARKE, Importer and Manufacturers' Agent, 
Offers CEMENTS and PLASTER of all kinds at Lowest Market Rates. 

Insnrancs Agents and Br okers, Am erican J^nilding^ 
~~ BEN ^89~ BEN 

Benesche Isaac, furniture, 285 n Gay 
Beneze J. watches, 138 s Broadway 
Benges D. H. liquor, 27 and 29 w Pratt 
Benge? Henry, agent, 29 w Pratt 
Bengel JolinJ cutter, 53 Stiles 
Benhardt Casper, lab. 272 Cross 
Benhardt Conrad, baker, 272 Cross 
Benhardt John M. locksmith, 235 e Lombard 
Benhart Geo. driver, 176 s Durham 
Benhart Joseph, butcher, 18 Addison al 
Benhoff Adam, fireman, Clinton nr Second av 
Benhoff Fred, cows, Clinton nr Second av 
Benhoff Geo. machinist, Clintoh nr Second av 
Benhoff Geo. jr. machinist, Clinton nr Second av 
Benhoff Henry, lab. Clinton nr Second av 
Benhoff Wm. engineer, 77 Johnson 
Benick Louis, shoemkr, 38 n Caroline 
Bening Casper, shoemkr, 73 Johnson 
Benjamin Chas. A. dispatcher B.& 0.R.R.15 

Benjamin &Co.(B.F.Ulman) generalloan office, 

22 n Gay 
Benjamin Geo. A. moulder, 222 e Fayette 
Benjamin Geo. D. clerk, 1 Courtland 
Benjamin James, Clipper mills 
Benjamin Levi, clerk, 12 Aisquith 
Benjamin Samuel, 110 n Caroline 
Benjamin Samuel S. janitor, 60 n High 
Benjamin Solomon, clerk, 12 Aisquith 
Benjamin Mrs. Virginia, 62 Bank 
Benjamin Wilmer, carp. 15 McHenry 
Benjamin Wm. express, 272 n Bond 
Renke Gustav, lab. Towson nr Nicholson 
Bennaman John H. butcher 14 Bevan 
Benner Adam, butcher, 15 Richmond mkt, dw 
• Penna av ext 

Benner Albert, machinist, 70 Hamburg 
Benner Benj. D. canmkr, 269 e Madison 
Benner Daniel, lab. 272 n Bond 
Benner Mrs. Eleanora, 19 Warren 
Benner Ferdinand C. engineer, 19 Warren 
Benner Francis, clerk, 50 s Fulton 
Benner Geo. lab. 252 Hamburg 
Benner Henry, bricklayer. First nr Toone 
Benner John, butcher, Penna. av ext 
Benner John, blacksmith, 58 St. Peter 
Benner Mrs. Mary A. 168 n Caroline 
BENNER OTTO, magistrate, cor Baltimore and 

Paca, dw 164 German 
Benner Thomas S. clerk, 147 Aisquith 
Benner Wm. tailor, 301 s Sharp 
Benner Wm. H. H. clerk, 104 Millikin 
Bennet James A. clerk, 408 e Baltimore 
Bennet Mrs. Jane, 408 e Baltimore 
Bennet John M. coal, cor Central av and Gough, 

dw 408 e Baltimore 
Bennet Samuel, clerk, 408 e Baltimore 
Bennett Alfred (C. Hoffman & Co.) 398 Druid 

Hill av 
Bennett Allen, carp. 281 Maryland av 
Bennett Amandus W. butter, 177 Orleans 
Bennett Andw, glassblower, 44 Covington 
Bennett Mrs. Ann E. feed, 87 Penna av 
Bennett Mrs. Ann E. 225 w Hoffman 
Bennett Benj. F. contractor and builder (J. W. 

Stallings & Co.) office 44 s Howard, dw 282 

Maryland av 

Bennett) coal and wood, 150 n Howard and 

Cathedral nr John 
Bennett C. W. carp. 257 w Biddle 
Bennett Chas. machinist, 2 Stirling 


Made water-tight, and preserved for years, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMEMT aud 


Bi/ increanwo the qnnnlify of Gvm. we make a Paint 
for Damp VValls which ie uneqnaled. All work 
guaranteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders solicited 
for new felt roofs; old roofs repaired. 

D M. SADLER & CO., Sole Mamifacturert., 

IS'o. 3 COURTLAND STREET, up stairs. 

Bennett Chas. E. clerk, 70 Lancaster 
Bennett Chas. E. carp. 121 Mullikin 
Bennett D. Curtis, butcher, 181 e Monument 
Bennett D. Curtis jr. canmkr, 181 e Monument 
Bennett Daniel PI. carp. 407 e Eager 
Bennett David, letter carrier, 2G s Ann 
Bennett David T. builder, 205 George 
Bennett Mrs. E. 142 w Biddle 
Bennett Edward, horses, 126 n Howard 
Bennett Edward, plasterer, 72 n Wolfe 
Bennett Edward L., Druidvilie 
Bennett Edward W. 251 e Pratt 
Bennett Edwin, manufactr white, yellow and 
Rockingham ware, and agent flint glass, cor 
Canton and Central avs and Eden nr Canton 
av. dw 76 Charles-st av 
Bennett Edwin' H. clerk, 76 Charles-st av 
Bennett F. W. (F. W. B. & Co.) 30 Mulberry 
BENNETT F. W. & CO. (F.W. Bennett,A.C.N. 
Matthews) auctioneers and commission mer- 
chants, 28 and 30 s Charles 
Bennett Frank, huckster, 164 Gongh 
Bennett Frank, carp. 282 Maryland av 
Bennett Frank F. carp. 575 Penna av 
Bennett G. R. (Bennett Bros. )Park av and Hoff- 
Bennett Geo. clerk, 177 Orleans 
Bennett Geo. A. salesman, 225 w Hoffman 
Bennett Capt. Geo. W. pilot, 317 n Caroline 
Bennett Geo. W. pencils, 190 w Lanvale 
Bennett Geo: W. carp. 257 w Biddle 
Bennett Geo. W. clerk, 177 Orleans 
Bennett Henry, mariner, 101 Johnson 
Bennett Henry, prof, music, 263 Franklin 
Bennett Henry W. clerk, 142 w Biddle 
Bennett Isaac M. carp. 407 e Eager 
Bennett Jas. grocery, s e cor Howard and Lee 
Bennett James W. plumber, 85 Patterson av 
Bennett John, gardener, e Lombard ext 
Bennett John, grocery, 218 Lexington 
Bennett John, wagon covermkr, 70 Lancaster 
Bennett John E. mariner, 941 w Baltimore 
Bennett John H. engineer, 157 Johnson 
Bennett John I. 251 e Pratt 
Bennett John R. sailmkr, 70 Lancaster 
Bennett Capt. John S. mariner, 72 sCollingtonav 
Bennett John Wesley, plasterer, Druidvilie 
Bennett Joseph, lab. SS^^ n Amity 
Bennett Joshua H. clerk, 313 e Eager 
Bennett L. H. tinner, 122 Cross 
Bennett L. S. mariner, 79 Warner 
Bennett Lewis H. plumber, 169 Ma 
Bennett Lewis T. agent W.M.R.R. 
tion, dw Patterson av nr Mount 
Bennett Livingston 0. clerk, Waverley 
Bennett Louis L. clerk, 353 n Central av 
Bennett Mrs. Mary, 6 Bank 
Bennett Mrs. Mary A. 371 Druid Hill av 
Bennett Mrs. Mary Ann, grocery,261 s Broadway 
Bennett Mrs. Mary H. butter, 575 Penna av 

lison av 
Fulton sta- 

The Best Portland Cement, (same as I have been furnishing the Capitol Grounds 
at Washington,) in store and to arrive regularly during the season, No. 61 S. GAY ST. 


Bennett Matthew, 60 n Liberty 
Bennett P. H. collector, 248 n'Eden 
Bennett Robt. blacksmith, 84 s Carrollton av 
Bennett Robt. huckster, 321 Eastern av 
Bennett Robt. McLane, clerk, 90 s Ann 
Bennett Robt. S., U. S. N. 112 Harlem av 
Bennett Riifus, carp. 257 w Biddle, shop in the 

Bennett S. F. carp. Maryland av and Brown 
Bennett Samuel, tinner, 205 George 
Bennett Samuel H. shoemkr, 348 Hanover 
Bennett Silas B. collector, 172 Druid Hill av 
Bennett Thos. moulder, 7 Young 
Bennett Thos. A. moulder, 7 Young 
Bennett Thos. S. (B. Bros.) 127 e Monument 
Bennett Wm. 60 n Liberty 
Bennett Wm. D. carp. 233 n Ann 
Bennett Wm. E. plasterer, 257 w Biddle 
Bennett Wm. F. 317 u Caroline 
Bennett Wm. G. lab. 346 Ramsay 
Bennett Wm. G. painter, 7 n Poppleton 
Bennett Wm J. coachmkr, 126 Lee 
Bennett Wm. 0. mariner, 70 Lancaster 
Bennett Wm. W. carp. 42 s Gilmor 
Bennhoff John VV. wheelwright, 396 Eastern av 
Bennick Samuel, barber, 399 s Charles 
Bennig Alvin, lab. 56 Short 
Bennig Fred. lab. 56 Short 
Bennis James, clerk, 108 Preston 
Bennis Mrs. John, liquors, 108 Preston 
Benny John, varnisher, 4 Tyson 
Benny John, varnisher, 4 Sterrett 
Benny Wm. 0. shoemkr, 12 n Bond 
Benoit Mrs. A. 112 n Spring 
Benoit Arthur, clerk, 112 n Spring 
Benoit Gaston, clerk, 112 n Spring 
Benosky Edwd, shoemkr, 433 w Pratt 
Bensel Conrad, bakery, 137 s. Wolfe 
Bensel Henry, carp. 81 n Schroeder 
Bensel Henry, carp. 233 e Biddle 
Bensel John, baker, 485 e Monument 
Bensel Wm. carp. 81 n Schroeder 
Benseler August, tailor, 289 Columbia 
Benseler Chas. tailor, 289 Columbia 
Benseler H'y, wines and liq'rs, Monroe and Pratt 
Benser Geo. W. confectioner, 105 Hill 
Benser Henry, lab. 23 Essex 
Benser Mrs. Marion, varieties, 105 Hill 
Benson A. Theodore, dry goods, 663 w Baltimore 
Benson Basil S. farmer, 37 Columbia 
Benson Benj. S. founder, water and gas pipe 

maker, 52 e Monument, dw 120 n Greene 
Benson Chas. clerk. Sweet Air 
Benson Dr. Chas. W. 106 n Eutaw 
Benson Frank W. brakeman, Hampden 
Benson George, clerk. Sweet Air 
Benson Dr. George W. 144 Hanover 
Benson Henry, whipmkr, 387 Canton av 
Benson Henry, machinist, 92 Franklin 
Benson Henry T. painter, 89 e Biddle 
Benson James, lamplighter, 27 Gittings 
Benson Jesse C. 120 n Greene 
Benson Jesse F. brickmkr, 135 Scott 
Benson John, engineer, 319 s Bond 
Benson John P. grocery. Sweet Air 
Benson John P. 672 Le.vington 
Benson John S. carp. 125 Parkin 
Benson John T. clerk. Sweet Air 
Benson Joseph B. painter, 115 Parkin 
Benson Jose[»h E. painter, 192 e Madison 
Ben.son Mahlon A. com. mercht. (Merryman & 

B.) 155 s Paca, dw 172 n Carey 

Benson M. Kemp, bookkpr, 136 n Strieker 

Benson Michael, driver, Sweet Air 

Benson Milton, huckster, 125 s Paca 

Benson Morton, clerk, 144 Hanover 

Benson Nicholas, junk, 46 s Castle 

Benson Oregon R. attorney, 47 n Calvert, dw 

Baltimore co 
Benson Dr. Philander V. office and apothecary 

s e cor Hollins and Oregon 
Benson Mrs.R.P.dressmkr, 31 Park av 
Benson Randolph, coal oil refy. 410 e Eager 
Benson Thos. J. mariner, 330 Aliceanna 
Benson Thos. N. lab. Sweet Air 
Benson W.L. salesman, 663 w Baltimore 
BENSON WM. painter, 150 n Howard 
Benson Dr. Wm. dentist, 129 n Charles, dw 150 

n Howard 
Benson Capt.Wm. D. 89 s Bond 
Benson Wm.H. printer, 52 n Calvert 
Benson Wm.W. mariner, 128 Bank 
Benteen M.C.dressmkr, 116 Pearl 
Benteen's Piano and Organ rooms, Duncan M. 

Robb, 80 w Fayette 
Benthall Capt. Robt. mariner, 313 e Baltimore 
Benthall Robt. jr. mariner, 284 e Baltimore 
Benthall Wm.McR. lumber, Eastern av and Con- 
cord, dw 313 e Baltimore 
Bentley Bros. (Wm.H. and Chas.E.Bentlev) em- 
broideries and stamped goods, 132| Lexington 
Bentley C.W. machinist and boilermaker, 25 s 

Front, dw 37 n Broadway 
Bentley C.W. jr. 37 n Broadway 
Bentley Chas. clerk, 191 w Lombard 
Bentley Chas. E. (Bentley Bros.) New York 
Bentlev Edgar L. clerk, ilO n Eutaw 
Bentley Edw.R. brickmkr, 96 St. Peter 
Bentlev Edwin L. clerk, 37 n Broadwav 
Bentley F.W. 63 Stockton 
Bentlev Geo.H. engineer, 256 s Durham 
Bentley Geo.H. clerk, 493j w Baltimore 
Bentley John E. draughtsman, 46 n Broadway 
i Bentley John L carp. 465 w Lanvale 
Bentley Joseph, machinist, 13 n Strieker 
Bentley Joseph, machinist, 256 s Durham 
Bentlej- Peter, pawnbroker, 493 J w Baltimore 
Bentley Robt. L. salesman, 147 n Carrollton av 
Bentley Thos. brickmkr, 269 s Paca 
Bentley Thos. jr. brickmkr, 277 s Paca 
Bentley W. H. (Bentley Bros.) Oxford, York rd 
Benton Benj. lab. 28 Potomac 
Benton Chas. brassfinisher, 495 w Lombard 
Benton Frank, canmkr, 7 L. Church 
Benton Geo.C. cabinetmkr, 185 e Monument 
Benton Henry, brassfinisher, 49* w Lombard 
Benton John W. lab. 28 Potomac 
Benton Saml. clerk, 185 e Monument 
Benton Samuel M. deputy inspr. tobacco ware- 
house. No. 2, dw 655 w Lombard 
Benton Wm. lab. 40 Binney 
Benton Wm. lab. 7 L. Church 
Benton Wm. H. shipjoiner, 7 L. Church 
Bentrup Fredk. carter, 143 s Bethel 
Bents George, lab. 63 n Chapel 
Bents Mrs. Sophia, grocery, 63 n Chapel 
Bentz Edmund, carp. 116 s Castle 
Bentz George, driver, 473 Saratoga 
Bentz George W. fire dept. 23 Barnet 
Bentz John, barkpr, 116 s Castle 
Bentz Mrs. John, 74 n Amity 
Bentz John, baker, 473 Saratoga 
Bentz Sarah C. boarding, 98 Hillen 
Bentz Wm. H. lab. 21 Clarke 

HOLMES & CO., Engineers' and MHchinist-^' Tools and Supplies, 
Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

O. F. Bre se e, G-aneral Agent, Americ an Building . 




Bentz Wm. barber, 690 w Baltimore, dw 473 

Bentzel Henry J. grocery, 125 n Schroeder 
Benville Thos. driver. Swan hotel 
Benyes Henry, baker, 102 St. Peter 
Benz Jesse, hackman, 34 n Amity 
Benze Fredk. lab. 10 Stockholm 
Benzette George, painter, Hampden 
Benzette Thos. plasterer, Hampden 
Benzing Geo. lab. 258 e Pratt 
Benzinger Fredk. F. attorney, 19 Law buildings, 

dw IV McCulloh 
Benzinger Harry M. clerk, 17 McCulloh 
Benzinger John M. apothecary, 62 e Fayette 
Benzinger Dr. Joseph C. homeopathist, n e cor 
■ Broadway and Pratt, dw 319 w Lanvale 
Benzinger Mrs. M. 744 Lexington 
Benzinger M. J. clerk, 62 e Fayette 
Benzinger Mrs. Mary E. 62 e Fayette 
Bepperling Ludwig, tailor, 78 Albemarle 
Berbus Geo. basketmkr, 5 s Green 
Berends Bernhard, grocery, 226 s Ann 
Beranek Matthias sr. sawyer, 89 Lancaster 
Beranek Matthias, shoemkr, 89 Lancaster 
Berdermann Harman, machinist, 28 McKim 
Berg Albert, carp. 156 Mulberry 
Berg Augustus T. bookkpr, 156 Mulberry 
Berg Chas.W. clerk, 156 Mulberry 
Berg Conrad, butcher, Mine Bank la np Balti- 
more cemetery 
Berg Francis, shoemkr, 292 Harford av 
Berg John J. porter, 240 s Paca 
Berg Mrs. Louisa, tobacconist, 710 w Baltimore 
Berg 0. H. foreign exchange stock and bill bro- 
ker, 57 Second, dw 8 n Greene 
Berg Philip, boots and shoes, 104 n Gay 
Berg Wm. lab. 97 n Schroeder 
Bergan Carlton, lab.. Homestead 
Berge Mrs. Christina, 219 e Fayette 
Berge E. H. liquors, 67 Penna av . 
BERGE HENRY, marblecutter, North av nr 

Belair av 
Berge Leonard, cigarmkr, 219 e Fayette 
Bergeman Moses, shoes, 244 s Charles 
Bergen Adolphus,gard'r,Harford av nr North av 
Bergen Arthur, sawyer, 76 Johnson 
Bergen Everhard, shoemkr, 872 w Baltimore 
Bergen Hugh, lab. 346 William 
Bergen John T. carp. 346 William 
Bergen Joseph, salesman, 343 s Charles 
Bergen Michael, clothier, 343 s Charles 
Bergen Raphael, clerk, 343 s Charles 
Bergenstock Henry, 141 n Bond 
Berger Adam, bakery, 334 e Monument 
Berger Andrew, harnessmkr, 532 Harford av 
Berger Anthony, editor Germ. Cor. 18 Columbia 
Berger August, excavator, 114 Myrtle av 
Berger Bernhard, brewmaster, Belair av ext 
Berger Chris, tailor, 399 n Central av 
Berger Mrs. Elizabeth, beer, 355 s Bond 
Berger Frank, barkpr, 14 Lloyd 
Berger Geo. flour and feed, 482 w Lombard 
Berger Geo. M. clerk, 482 w Lombard 
Berger Henry, cigarmkr, 152 Dover 
Berger John, tailor, 304 s Bond 
Berger John, clei-k, 5 s Exeter 
Berger John, lab. 69 Wyeth 
Berger John D. butcher," 616 Light 
Berger John F. bookbinder, 268 s Ann 
Berger John L. tailor, 12 Somerset 
Berger John M. mineral water and weiss beer, 
22 Thames, dw 335 s Bond 


Made water-tight, and preserved for years, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMENT and 


By increasing the guantily of Gum, we make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which is nuequaled. All work 
guaranteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders soliciled 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER & CO., Sole Manufacturers, 

No. 3 COURTLAND STREET, up stairs. 

Berger John M. printer, 532 Harford av 

Berger Julius, butcher, 187 Hudson 

Berger Martin, baker, 233 n Front 

Berger Morris, trunkmkr, 88 Lemraon 

Berger Moritz, musician, 14 Lloyd 

Berger Moritz A. musician, 14 Lloyd 

Berger Philip, tailor, 156 Stirling 

Berger Philip R. police, 13 Brune 

Berger Wm. shoemkr, 297 n Gay 

Berger Mrs. Z. J. 310 n Strieker 

Bergfeld Fred, barber, 26 Towson 

Berghoff Anthony, lab. 136 s Howard 

Bergin Matthew," lab. 4 Stockholm 

Bergler Andrew, lab. 71 s Castle 

Bergman Isaac, bookkpr, 98 s Sharp 

Bergman John, tailor, 142 Peirce 

Bergman John, shoemkr, 102 n Dallas 

Bergman John C. tavern, 72 Conway 

Bergman Joseph, prop'r National Stables, 405 

w Baltimore, dw 24 s Greene 
Bergman Meyer, clerk, 98 s Sharp 
Bergman Michael, (P.B.&Son,) 98 s Sharp 
Bergman P. & Son, (Michael Bergman) curriers, 

and leather, and saddlery hardware, 367 w 

Bergman Philip, 98 s Sharp 
Bergner Fred. sr. picture frame maker, 58 and 

60 n Gay, dw 104 n Exeter 
Bergner Fred. jr. clerk, 104 n Exeter 
Bergner Herman, carp. 40 Jackson ct 
Bergner John, dredger, 245 s Dallas 
Bergner Louis, clerk, 104 n Exeter 
Bergtoldt Christopher, tailor, 14 Ostend 
Bergtoldt Mrs. Margaret, tailoress, 14 Ostend 
Bergund Gotfried, lab. 322 Aliceanna 
Berilla Lewis, cook, Barnum's hotel 
Berio Mrs. Anna, liquors, 292 s Bond 
Berisch Geo. lab. 225 s Bethel 
Berkeley Jas. clerk, 84 n Eutaw 
Berkeley Dr. R. F. 589 Lexington 
Berkemier August, cellar digger, 579 n Fremont 
Berkemier August, beer, 299 s Bond 
Berkes Carl, barkpr, 144 w Fayette 
Berkes Chris.provisions,Collingtonavand Bank 
Berkley Chas. F. mariner, 416 Eastern av 
Berkley Edris, 225 n Eutaw 
Berkshire Life Ins. Co. of Massachusetts, 30 

Berlan Henry, whitewasher, 33 Goodman al 
Berlan Henry jr. cabinetmkr, 33 Goodman al 
Berlau John, hatter, 178 Cross 
Berlet Christian, tailor, 112 n Eden 
Berlett Geo. H. blacksmith, 421 Aliceanna 
Berlin Geo. A. cigarmkr, 169 e Pratt 
Berliner & Bro. (Samuel and Israel Berliner, ) 

stoves and tinware, 81 Thames, and 60 w 

Berliner Israel, (B.&Bro.) 49 Watson 
Berliner Ravel, shoemkr, 224 s Ann 
Berliner Saml. (B.& Bro.) 16 Lloyd 


No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 





Bermberorer Casper, lab. 9 n Chapel 

Bernan John, 16 Barnes 

Bernan John jr. lab; 35 Barnes 

BERNARD RICHARD, attorney, 41 n Charles, 

dw 120 w Hoffman 
Bernard Wm. fisherman, 104 Cross 
Bernas Frank, cabinetmkr, 30 Anthony 
Bernascoui Joseph, stonecutter, 9 Slemmer al 
Berneburg Geo. machine shop, 350 w Pratt 
Berhei B. 109 e Lombard 
Bernei Benj. (S.B.& Sons) 129 e Baltimore 
Bernei Ferdinaud(S.B.& Sons, ) 129 e Baltimore 
Bernei Louis, law student, 129 e Baltimore 
BERNEI S. & SONS, (Seligman,Ferd.andBenj. 
Bernei) wholes, and retail dry goods, s ecor 
Lexington and Eutaw 
Bernei Seligman, (S.B.& Sons) 129 e Baltimore 
Bernei Simon, salesman, 129 e Baltimore 
Berneke Anton, tailor, 337 n Central av 
Berner Chas. F. bricklayer, Waverley 
Berner Henry F. W. cigarmkr, 115 s Washington 
Berner John H. cabinetmkr, 115 s Washington 
Berner Louis, restaurant, 289 and 318 n Howard 
Berner Wm. cigarmkr, 115 s Washington 
Berner Wm. rigger, 115 s Washington 
Berner Valentine, lab. 8 St. Peter 
Bernett Mrs. Elizabeth, 106 Johnson 
Bernett Geo. pianomkr, 106 Johnson 
Bernett John, capper, 106 Johnson 
Berney Josei)h, clerk, 109 e Lombard 
Berney Philip, clerk, 109 e Lombard 
Berney Saml. nianuf. boots and shoes, over s w 

cor German and Sharp, dw 266 e Baltimore 
Bernhard Chas. stove mounter, 169 s Dallas 
Bernhard John, barkpr, 8 McClellan 
Bernhard John L. shoemkr, 15Y Preston 
Bernhard Lazarus, tavern, 19 n Frederick 
Bernhard Wra. barber, Belair av ext 
Bernhardt August, tailor, *l China 
Bernhardt Ca.sper, shoemkr, 62 Durst al 
Bernhardt Chas. driver, 241 s Bond 
Bernhardt Geo. lab. 241 s Bond 
Bernhards Henry, shoemkr, 197 Canton av 
Bernhardt John, driver, 19 Fountain 
Bernhardt Sarah, dry goods, 197 Canton av 
Bernheimer Alex, clerk, 267 Saratoga 
Bernheimer Mrs. Barbara, 267 Saratoga 
Bernheimer Emanuel, 518 w Baltimore, dw 640 
Bernheimer Ferdinand, clerk, 267 Saratoga 
Bernheimer Henry, constable, 640 w Baltimore 
Bernheimer M. salesman, 267 Saratoga 
Bernheimer Sigmund, clothing, 684 w Baltimore 
Bernock Chas. brewer, Belair av nr tollgate 
Berns Geo. barber, 351 s Charles 
Bernstein Mrs. Cecilia, .midwife, 113 e Lombard 
Bernstein Chas. teacher, 113 e Lombard 
Bernstein Fred. lab. 35 Lewis 
Bernstein Henry, shoemkr, 28 Harrison 
Bernstein Jacob, optician, .11 McElderry 
Bernstein Simon, clothing, 28 Harrison 
Berntheu.^el Wm. bakery, 315 n Ann 
Berrecloth Henry, (Gwilliam & B.) 297 Mosher 
Berridge M. C. att'y, 11 Courtland, dw Ameri- 
can hotel 
Berrian Elizabeth, grocery, 16 Henrietta 
Berrian Joseph, engineer, 16 Henrietta 
Berrian Jo.seph R. fireman, 16 Henrietta 
Berry A. Lucien, North av nr John 
Berry All)ert W. manager Sherwood Park Mar- 
ble Co., office 24 Light, dw 229 Bolton 
Berry Alexander C. police, 48 n Schroeder 
Berry Benj. F. moulder, 355 Hamburg 

I Berry Benjamin, prop'r China Tea Co. 25 w Bal- 
I timore and 47 n Eutaw, dw 23 s Fulton 
I Berry Benj. W. police, 45 Etting 

Berry Chas. C. clerk, 104 Lee 
, Berry Chas. E.( Adams, Buck & Co.) 14 n Carey 
' Berry Chas. L. huckster, 82J McElderry 
Berry Edward R. stonecutter, 203 s Fremont 
Berry Emory E. 157 n Strieker 
Berry Mrs. Fanny, restaurant, 210 e Monument 
\ Berry Frank, clerk, 106 n Calvert 
Berry Frank T. clerk, 325 Druid Hill av 
Berry Geo. sr. moulder, Woodberry 
Berry Geo. ir. machinist, Woodberrv 
Berry Geo. R. (J. S. & G. R. B.) 440 Eutaw pi 
Berry Geo. W. printer, 449 Lexington 
Berry Harry T. clerk, 180 Conway 
Berrv Henry D. clerk, 934 w Baltimore 
Berry Horatio E. 024 w Fayette 
j Berry Jas. conductor, 83 Fort av 
I Berry Jas. E. lab. 83 Harrison, Canton 

Berry Jas. W., Woodberry 
\ Berrv Jas. W. conductor, 134 Columbia 
BERRY JASPER M. real estate broker, 47 St. 

Paul, dw Lutherville 
Berry Jesse L. C. clerk, 104 Lee 
Berry John, clerk, 173 w Lombard 
Berry John, shoemkr, 131 L. Greene 
Berrv John B. N. 156 w Townsend 
Berry John S. (J. S. & G. R. B.) 432 Eutaw pi 
Berry John S. & George R. fire brick manufac- 
turers, s w cor Hamburg and Warner 
Berry John W. clerk, 212 Aisquith 
Berry N. E. com. mercht. 10 Bowly's whf, dw 

Anne Arundel co 
Berry Nimrod B. moulder, Woodberry 
Berry Orion, Woodberry 
Berry Patrick, lab. 83 Harrison, Canton 
Berry Mrs. R., Wilson and Division 
Berry Richard, watchman, 248 e Fayette 
Berry Robert D. 157 n Strieker 
Berry Mrs. S. M. confectionery, 106 n Calvert 
Berry Saml. mariner, 21 Pleasant al 
Berry Thos. L. clerk, St. Paul nr Biddle 
Berry Walter W. com. mercht. 74 Light-st whf. 

dw 184 n Calhoun 
Berry Wilmer, lab. 117 Battery av 
Berry Wm. student, 128 w Madison 
Berrv Wm. H. lab. 72 Rose 
Berry Wm. H. clerk, 108 n Calvert 
Berrv Wm. J. cooper, 393 Scott 
Berrv Wm. T. tinner, 287 s Paca 
Berry Wm. W. clerk, 325 Druid Hill av 
Berryman Edward, baker, 28 n Poppleton 
Berryman John B. clerk, 618 w Fayette 
Berryman Joseph H. lab. 157 William 
Berryman Julia A. 157 William 
Berryman Thos. lab. 157 William 
Berryman Wm. H.(Rupley & B.) Tinker house, 

Calverton rd 
Bersch Carl,artist,over 20 nCharles,dw258 Light 
Bersch Christ, lumber, s w cor Howard and 

Henrietta, dw 193 Lanvale 
Bersch Henry (B. & Merritt) 412 e Eager 
Bersch Henry A. clerk, 325 n Broadway 
Bersch Henry A. clerk, 128 McElderry 
Bersch Jacob, shoemkr, 135 s Caroline 
Bersch John, woodworker, 193 w Lanvale 
BERSCH & MERRITT, (Henry Bersch, C. C. 
Merritt) property agents and collectors, 192 e 
Bersch Wm. woodworker, 193 w Lanvale 
Bersick Chas. J. clerk, 41 Scott 

WM. WrRT CLARKE, Importer and Wholesale Acrent of 

Largest Life Ins. Co. itithe World, O. F. Bresee, Gen. Agt. 
BER 96 B EY 


Made water-tight, and nreserved for years, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMENT and 


By increasing the qvantily of Gvm. we make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which is uuequaled. All work 
guaranteed. A trial is all we a»k. Orders solicited 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repairea. 

D. M SADLER & CO., Sole Manufacturers, 

No. 3 COURTLAND STREET, up stairs. 

hersick Geo. M. apothecary, 41 Scott 

Bersick Michael, 41 Scott 

BERT CHARLES, manufticturer of hats, caps 

and furs, 515 w Baltimore 
Bert Chas. sr. 515 w- Baltimore 
Bert Peter, hats and caps, 302 w Pratt 
Bertalot Edward, agt. Gaff, Fleischmann & Co. 

compressed yeast, 59 s Gay 
Berterman Harman, carver, 28 McKim 
Berterman Mary, 28 McKini 
Berthistal Patrick, lab. 63 Granby 
Berthistal Thos. barkpr, 63 Granby 
Berthy Catherine, nurse, 104 Cathedral 
Bertier Isadore, shoemaker, 384 s Charles 
Bertlein John, lab. 434 Canton av 
Bertling Bernard, store, Waverley 
Bertling S. paver, 139 n Chapel 
Bertram Chas. butcher, 53 Belair mkt, dw Divi- 
sion ext 
Bertram Wm. butcher, 102 Centre and 58 Belair 

mkts, dw Penna av ext 
Bertram Wm. A. engraver, over n w cor Balti- 
more and North, dw 285 n Strieker 
Bertrand Mrs. Alice, 208 e Chase 
Berwanger Abraham, peddler, 115 n Exeter 
Berwanger Benj. (Likes, B. & Co.) 59 HoUins 
Beryer Jacob, lab. 68 Frederick av 
Berz Mrs. Wm. baker, 47 L. McElderry 
Besche Joseph, upholsterer, 239 William 
Besse Daniel, lab. 126 n Eden 
Besse Geo. pianomkr, 106 Johnson 
Besse Mary A. midwife, 130 n Eden 
Bessel Geo. Henry, liquors, 496 n Gay 
Besser Chas. peddler, 183 n Eden 
Besser Simon, picture frames, 322 Canton av 
Best B. J. salesman, Maltby house 
Best R. E. saleman, 20 Hanover 
Bestcke Chas. barber, Clinton nr Elliott 
Beste Herman, baker, cor Mullikin and Bond 
Besterman Frank, carp. 301 Harford av 
Beter Wm. shoemkr, 63 Forrest 
Bethany(Ind.)Church, cor Calhoun k Lexington 
Bethany (Baptist) Chapel, Eager nr Broadway 
Bethke Bros. (Fred. Chas. and John Bethke) 

tailors, 55^ e Lombard 
Bethke Chas. (B. Bros.) 55^ e Lombard 
Bethke Fred. (B. Bros.) 55^ e Lombard 
Bethke John (B. Bros.) 55^ e Lombard 
Bethlehem Green (Welsh Ind.) Church Toone 

e of Clinton, Canton 
Betka August, lab. 48 O'Donnell 
Betschler John, shoemkr, 117 s Sharp 
Betsworth Wm. (E. B. Mallorv & Co.) 423 e 

Betsworth Wm. A. clerk, 176 Hanover 
Bettiker Frank, lab. 226 e Chase 
Bettison Frederick, salesman, 220 Lanvale 
Betton James, moulder, 274 Lee 
Betton Thos. W. 35 n Eutaw 
Betts Alex. P. 118 Gough 
Betts Benj. lab. Lemmon nr Mount 
Betts Chas. E. patternmkr, Hampden 
Betts Chas. H. trader, 42 Gough . 
Betts Mrs. Elizabeth, notions, 42 Gough 
Betts Geo. E. blacksmith, Calverton 
Betts Harry, clerk, 104 Edmondson av 
Betts John, millwright, Hampden 
Betts Robt. lumber inspector, 37 Jackson 
Betts Robt. 0. saddler, 44 Jackson 
Betts Royston E. clerk, 104 Edmondson av 
Betts win. M. tinner, 312 Cross 
Betz Andrew, cutter, 1 Mullikin 

Betz Mrs. Augusta, laundress, 5 Truxton 

Betz August, moulder, 143 William 

Betz Mrs. Catharine, 205 s Bethel 

Betz Mrs. Catharine, grocery, 143 William 

Betz Chas. shoemkr, 62 Forrest 

Betz Chas. shoemkr, 24 n Central av 

Betz Chas. mariner, 143 William 

Betz Christopher, fancy hardware and brewers' 
material, 19 German nr Hanover, dw 7 Pearl 

Betz Conrad, porter, 104 n Spring 

Betz Elizabeth, shirt store, 245 Canton av 

Betz Geo. lamplighter, 75^ Eastern av 

Betz Gustavus, coachmkr, 224 n Central av 

Betz Henry, beer, n w cor Ann and Lancaster 

Betz Herman, locksmith, 24 Granby 

Betz Jacob, milk. Second nr Bank 

Betz Jacob, carp. 164 Chesapeake 

Betz Jacob, cutter, 70 s Caroline 

Betz John, lab. 205 s Bethel 

Betz John, cooper, 178 Eastern av 

Betz John, cabinetmkr, 104 n Spring 

Betz John, lab. 166 Madeira al 

Betz John, lab. 172 Madeira al 

Belz John, lab. 140 n Bethel 

Betz John, driver, 85 Eastern av . 

Betz John, shoemkr, 62 Forrest 

Betz John L. tailor, 66 s Caroline 

Betz John N. milk, O'Donnell nr Third 

Betz Thos. shoemkr, 245 Canton av 

Betz Wm. lab. First av nr Dillon 

Betz Wm. carp. 140 e Pratt 

Betzenberger John J. saloon, 179 Hanover 

Betzenhauzen Jos. lab. 26 Port 

Betzler John, roofer, 171 s Eden 

Betzold Mrs. Caroline, 151 s Bethel 

Beucke Chas. L. clerk, Waverlej- 

Beucke Felix, printer, Waverley 

Beucke Geo. agent, Waverley 

Beumler August, cigarmkr, 161 s Durham 

Beumler Mrs. Fanny, grocery, 161 s Durham 

Beumler John Henry, cigarmkr, 60 n Durham 

Beushauser Fred, barkpr, 231 Lee 

Beurrier Julius, shoemkr, 141 Saratoga 

Beurrier Louise, bleacher, 141 Saratoga 

Beutelspacher George, moulder, Millington la 

nr Frederick av 
Bevan Chas. clerk, 72 Hanover 

Bevan Chas. lab. Clinton nr Second av 

Bevan Chas. F. (Bevan & Son) Linden av and 

LanS-ale , 

Bevan Dr. Chas. F. prof. College Physicians and 

Surgeons, Lanvale and Linden av 
Bevan Geo. 100 s Paca 
Bevan Geo. F. 411 Eutaw pi 
Bevan & Hannah (Wm. J. Bevan, Sam'l Han- 
nah) marble yard, 200 e Monument 
Bevan H. C. (Carson & B.) Linden av and Lan- 
Bevan John, 380 Eutaw pi 
Bevan John T. stonecutter, 206 n Central av 

Calcined, Casting and No. rDENTIiST Plaster, iNo. 1 Agricultural 
Plaster, Whiting, Paris White, No. 61 S. GAY ST. 


^ ^BE\^ 

Bevan Mrs. Marj-, 309 Park av 
Bevan Nicholas K. 498 Franklin 
Bevan R. A. real estate, 49 Lexington, dw 155 

w Lanvale 
Bevan Samuel (S. Bevan & Co. and Perkins & 

Co.) 380 Eutaw pi 
BEVAN SAMUEL & CO. (Samuel Bevan, Wm. 
A. Williar, E. G. Miller, F. Hertel) import's 
and jobbers in dry goods and notions, 279 w 
BEVAN & SON, (C. F. and Wm. F. Bevan) 
marble workers, 140 Saratoga and 70 n 
Bevan Thos.coppersmelter,Clinton nr Second av 
Bevan Thos. jr. coppersmelter, Clinton nr Third 

Bevan Thos. H. (Handy & B.)attorney,5 Court- 
land, dw 155 Lanvale 
Bevan Wm. coppersmelter, 24 Clinton 
Bevan Wm. F. (Bevan & Son) 155 Lanvale 
Bevan Wm. F. jr., Lanvale and Linden av 
Bevan Wm. J. (B. & Hannah) 206 n Central av 
Bevans Edgar S. attorney, 49 Lexington, dw 

222 e Baltimore 
Bevans Edwd. T. huckster, 120 n Paca 
Bevans Henrj-, watchman, 151 e Madison 
Bevans James L. farmer, 385 e Baltimore 
Bevans Reuben A. L. undertaker, 2 s Bond, 

dw 222 e Baltimore 
Bevans Robt. mariner, 134 Montgomery 
Bevans Thomas J. grocery, 647 w Fayette 
Bevans Wm. lab. 7 Gallaghers ct 
Bevans Wm. tinner, 142 Chew 
Beveridge Mrs.Agnes,dry goods, 146 w Madison 
Beveridge Mrs. E. confec'y, 144 w Madison 
Beveridge John, harness, &c. 221 J n Howard 
Beveridge Robert, 146 w Madison 
Beveridge T. A. cashier Pepper's hotel 
Beverley J. Hill, carter, 35 George 
Bevlin John, 184 Saratoga 
Bevlongen Louis, butcher, 32 Fells Point market, 

dw McElderry and Burke 
Bew, Spencer & Co. (John J. Bew, John Spen- 
cer) timber merchants, 5 Postoffice av 
Bew John J. (Bew, Spencer & Co.) Quebec 
Bewig Henry, beer, 508 Canton av_ 
Bewley Wm, machinist, 241 Lee 
Beyer Adam, clerk, 9 s Poppleton 
Beyer Andrew, lab. 48 James la 
Beyer Balthaser, driver, 407 Aliceanna 
Beyer Chas. A. shoemkr, Hampden 
Beyer Christian, canmkr, 210 s Durham 
Beyer Christian, butcher, 13 Hollins market,and 

provisions, 9 s Poppleton 
Beyer Fredk, beer, 236 Bank 
Beyer Fredk. A. musician, 12 Lloyd 
Beyer Geo. H. lab. 48 James la 
Beyer Gotfried, tailor, 41 e Lombard 
Beyer Henry, painter, 48 James la 
Beyer John, shoemkr, 210 s Durham 
Beyer John, hostler, 57 Elliott 
Beyer John, brickmoulder, 48 James la 
Beyer John, butcher, 69 Lexington mkt, dw 

Hollins nr Butcher's la 
Beyer Louis, cabinetmkr, 109 s Exeter 
Beyer Mrs. Louisa, shoe findings, 196 Hollins 
Beyer Mrs. Margt. dressnikr, 41 e Lombard 
Beymer H. B. (H.B.B&Co.) 224 Druid Hill av 
Beymer H. B. & Co. (H.B. Beymer) com. mer- 
chants, 83 Exchange pi 
Beynon John, clerk. First av nr Clinton. 
Beynon W. coppersmelter. First av nr Clinton 

94 BIE 

Beziat Frank, fireman, 18 Ohio av 

Beziat Frank, finisher, 18 Ohio av 

Beziat John M. cigarmkr, 361 w Lombard * 

Beziat Joseph H. tinner, 361 w Lombard 

Bezold Fredk. notions, 263 e Lombard 

Bezolt Wm. lab. 172 s Durham 

Bher Caspar, lab. 98 n Chapel 

Bialonstonske Davis, peddler, 146 e Lombard 

Biays Geo. 38 Courtland 

Bibb B. C. & Son, (B. C. and B. S. Bibb) stove 

warehouse, 39 and 41 Light 
Bibb Bently C. (B.C.B.&Son) 256 Linden av 
Bibb Bently S. (B.C.B.&Son) 256 Linden av 
Bibb Frank, clerk, 110 w Fayette 
Bibb Mrs. Rosella E. boarding, 110 w Fayette 
Bibb Wm. K. bookkpr, 110 w Fayette 
Bibb Wm. T. bricklayer, 110 w Fayette 
Bibby Wm. F. conductor, 15 McMechin 
Bibelheiser Mrs. Ellen, confec'y, 147 Penna av 
Bibelheiser Francis, tinner, 301 Penna av 
Bibelheiser Mrs. Sarah, 301 Penna av 
Bible House, Wm. H. Cole, agt. 25 n Charles 
Bice Abraham, shoemkr, 2 Whatcoat 
Bichman Geo. shoemkr, 18 Barney 
Bichman Wm. shoecutter, 18 Barney 
Bichy Mrs. Catherine, 113 Lexington 
Bichy John, bakery, 117 William 
Bichy John, carver, 116 Franklin 
Bickel Joseph, lab. 96 s Chapel 
Bickel Simon, upholsterer, 128 s Dallas 
Bickell James H. clerk, 120 Pearl 
Bickerstaff John, blacksmith, 55 Tyson 
Biddison Mrs. Catherine, 533 w Fayette 
Biddison Geo. H. arab, 155 e Biddle 
Biddison James A. plasterer, 211 Orleans 
Biddison James L. plumber, 211 Orleans 
Biddison Kate, clerk, 533 w Fayette 
Biddison M. lab. Druidville 
Biddison Mrs. Mary, notions, 132 Ramsay 
Biddison Saml. lab. 56 e Biddle 
Biddison Wm. paperhanger, 132 Ramsay 
Biddison Zachariah, baggagemaster, 108 s Paca 
Biddle Andrew, lab. 38 e Fayette 
Biddle Clarence W. clerk, 35 n Broadway 
Biddle Edwin L. clerk, 35 n Broadway 
Biddle John, lab. 42 Durst al 
Biddle Jonathan S. (Isaac A. Shepherd |& Co.) 

35 n Broadway 
Biddle Mrs. Mary, fish, 100 s Exeter 
Biddle Mrs. Mary, M. nurse, 23 Henrietta 
Biddle R. F. moulder, 147 Burgundy al 
Biddle Wm. H. moulder, 147 Burgundy al 
Biddleman Edwd. insp. C.H. 160 n Bond 
Biden Edwd. huckster, 71 Hollins 
Biden Jas. clerk, 371 w Lombard 
Biden Joseph, huckster, 71 Hollins 
Biden Joseph, printer, 34 Lemmon 
Biden Wm. E. huckster, 71 Hollins 
Bidlingmayer John, wheelwright, 323 e Madison 
Bidlingmayer John jr. blksmith, 323 e Madison 
Biding Peter, lab. Garrison la 
Biedeback Geo. shoemkr, 415 Cross 
Biedeback John, shoemkr, 415 Cross 
Biedenkopf Geo. wholesale and retail confecT, 

60 e Pratt 
Biedermann Max. beer, 250 n Bond 
Bieger Adam, lab. 29 n Chapel 
Bielelheiser E. B. driver, 193 Division 
Bielefeld Henry, cigarmkr, 187 Hanover 
Bielefeld Herman H. saloon, 187 Hanover 
Bieler Albert, cigarmkr, 55 Druid Hill av 
Bielstein Henry, pianomkr, 346 Cross 

H0LMh:8 & CO., Engineers' and Machinists' Tools and Supplies, 
Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

Assets, $85,000,000 OO. O. 



F. B resee , Gen'l Agt. 

Biemiller Mrs. Annie, 62 s Paca 

Biemiller J. Henry, flour and feed, 282h w Pratt, 

dw 253 
Biemiller John, ice, 62 s Paca 
Bien Adam R. barkpr, 314 e Monument 
Bien Caroline, 263 s Dallas 
Bien Henry, 168 Hollins 
Bien Henry sr. mercht. tailor, 390 Penna av 
Bien Henry jr. basketmkr, 390 Penna av 
Bien John, butcher, McElderry ext 
Bien John', tinner and stoves, 247 s Ann 
Bien John, I'estaurant, 492 Penna av 
Bienlien John, cooper, 80 Durst al 
Bienlien John, tailor, 5 n Castle 
Bienstien Conrad, sexton, 10 s Caroline 
Bier Chas. C. (Robins & Co.) 272 Hanover 
Bier Christian, cabinetmkr, 186 Scott 
Bier Fredk. saddler, 134 West 
Bier Geo. lab. 54 s Castle 
Bier Henry, bookbinder, 154 Penna av 
Bier Louis, lab. 66 West 
Bierbower xVlbert, 92 Barre 
Bierbower Austin, (B.Bros.) 49 St. Paul 
Bierbower Bros. (Austin and Vincent Bierbow- 
er) attoi-neys, 49 St. Paul 
Bierbower C. R. boxmkr, 117 Welcome al, dw 

138 s Sharp 
Bierbower Chas. dentist, 92 Barre 
Bierbower Frank A. 92 Barre 
Bierbower Vincent, (B.Bros.) 49 St. Paul 
Bierkvoss Herman, mariner, 3 Trinity 
Biermann Geo. engineer, 55 s Strieker 
Biermann Louis, beer, 58 Ensor 
Bierschmidt Adam, lab. 61 Bank 
Biescanter Fred, locksmith, 5 n Fremont 
Biesecker John N. tailor, 64 n Gay 
Bigelow Edmund E. (E. D. B. & Co.) 413 Madi- 
son av 
Bigelow E.D.& Co. (Edmund D. Bigelow) com. 

merchts. and ship brokers, 66 s Gay 
Biggar Herman, lab. 106 Mullikin 
Biggar John, lab. 106 Mullikin 
Biggar John, porter 96 e Lombard 
Biggar Wm. barkpr, 106 Mullikin 
Biggerman John, lab. 35 Port 
Biggerman Louis, shucker, 19 Port 
Biggins Catherine T. grocery, 155 Ensor 
Biggins Chas. R. stonemason, 155 Ensor 
Biggins Mary C. dressmkr, 155 Ensor 
Biggins Wm. W. R. carp. 155 Ensor 
Biggins Mrs. Sarah 243 n Bond 
Biggs A. B. T. varnisher, 443 Hamburg 
Biggs Alfred, cabinetmkr, 443 Hamburg 
Biggs Mrs. Amanda, 443 Hamburg 
Biggs Frank S. clerk, 541 Lexington 
Biggs Henry (H. Biggs & Co.) 105 Hollins 
BIGGS HENRY & CO. (H. Biggs, L. H. Rich- 
ardson) manuf rs. children's carriages, 30 n 
Howard % 

Biggs James M. 541 Lexington 
Biggs John A. butcher, 158 e Pratt 
Biggs John T. plasterer, 272 e Madison 
Biggs Joseph, watchman, 272 e Madison 
Biggs Joseph J. cotton factor, 103 w Lombard, 

dw 541 Lexington 
Biggs Richard J. clerk, 541 Lexington 
Biggs Robt. cabinetmkr, 272 e Madison 
Biggs Saml. conductor, 535 w Lombard 
Biggs Wm. gardener, 135 Gougli 
Biggs Wm. D. clerk, 541 Lexington 
Biggs Zachariah, fireman, 53 s Poppleton 
Bigham Mrs. Elizabeth L. 285 Madison av 


Made water-tight, aud preserved for years, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMENT and 


Bt/ increasing the quantify of Gum, we make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which is uuequaled. All work 
guaranteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders solicited 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

1). M. SADLER & CO.. Sole Manufacturers, 

>fo. 3 COUKTLA^D SIKEET, up stairs. 

Bigham J. Plumer, 8 North av 
Bigham John L. clerk, 285 Madison av 
Bigham Marshall M. com. merch. flour, &c. n av 

cor Franklin and Eutaw, dw 276 Myrtle av 
Bigler Dennis, hostler, 204 Madison av 
Bigley Denni3, hostler, 64 Wilmer al 
Bild Franklin, carriage trimmer, 49 s Greene 
Bilisolly E. E. clerk, 19 Clarke 
Billard John, lab. 294 w Lombard 
Billeb Frank, butcher, 17 s Washington 
Billings Edwin E. clerk, 112 Burgundy al 
Billings John, potter, 89 s Chester 
Billings John H. potter, 89 s Chester 
Billingslea Dr. M. B. office s e cor Harford av 

and Biddle, dw 286 n Bond 
Billingslea Mrs. Mary J. 286 n Bond 
Billingsley Jas. (B. & Vernetson) 71 n Bond 
Billingley John W. clerk. Farmers and Planter? 

Billingsley'Saml. W. carp. Woodberry 
Billingsley Thos A. clerk, 694 w Fayette 
Billingsley & Vernetson (James Billingsley* Geo. 

A: Vernetson) dry goods, cor Gay and High 
Billington Gover, lab. 20 Laurel 
Billington James P. carter, 167 Orleans 
Billington Thos. broommkr, 20 Laurel 
Billington Wm. L. tinner, 77 n Broadway 
Billman Geo. lab. 28 Cross , 

Billman Geo. provisions, 1 s Poppleton 
Billman Michael J. shoemkr, 206 Mulberry 
Billman Mrs. Margaret, 343 Franklin 
Billman Mrs. Sarah J. dressmkr, 206 Mulberry 
Billmeyer Jacob, shoemkr, 100 w Townsend 
Billmeyer Joseph, boots and shoes, 2 Light, dw 

100 w Townsend 
Billmire Geb. A. engineer, 207 L Constitution 
Billmire John E. brakenian, 55 s Poppleton 
Billmire W. H. 0. janitor Mt. Vernon church, 

dw 281 w Hoffman 
Billmyer Mrs. Catherine, bakery, 345 Saratoga 
Billmyer Chas. A. huckster, 345 Saratoga 
Billmyer Chas. E. (Marshael & B.) 376 n Bond 
Billmyer Danl. F. paperhanger, 331 Saratoga 
Billmyer Emily J. dressmkr, 331 Saratoga 
Billner Willibald, lab. 157 Madeira al 
Billups Alfred M. currier, 13 s Strieker 
Billups Benj. F. com. mercht. 44 n Strieker 
Billups John R. mariner, 408 e Fayette 
Billups Samuel R. clerk, 319 n Strieker 
Bilson Andrew, plasterer, 286 w Hoffman 
Bilson Mrs. A. J. 89 Mosher 
Bilson Mrs. Caroline, 198 Mulberry 
Bilson Daniel, plasterer, 237 w Fayette 
Bilson John E. plasterer, 237 w Fayette 
Bilson Saml. plasterer, 154 n Howard, dw 237 

w Fayette 
Binan John M. shoemkr, 333 n Central av 
Binder John F. machinist, Paca, 1 door b of 

Franklin, dw 56 Brune 
Binder Mrs. Lewis, liquors, 34 n Fremont 


No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 






Bindewald August, shoemkr, 142 Harmony la 

Biiidewald Heuiy, glassblower, 13 Stockholm 

Bindewald John^ glassblower, 13 Stockholm 

Bindewald Louis, lab. 13 Stockholm 

Binding Henry, grocery, 265 s Ann 

Bindseil Anton, clerk, 250 Lexington 

Bines Eliza, grocery, 219 Battery av 

Bines Frank, huckster, 219 Battery av 

Bines John, distiller, 311 s Charles 

Bines John A. baggagemaster, 57 Lee 

Bines Martin, hatter, 119 Montgomery 

Bines Robt. 162 n Strieker 

Bines Wm.H. president A. & E.R.R. 297 Light 

Bing Mrs. Eleanor, grocer^-, 369 Hamburg 

Bing Geo. V. porter, 120 Burgundy al 

Bing Henry, stevedore, Cooksie nr Clement 

Bing John, porter, 369 Hamburg 

Bingel Fredk. barber, 263 s Paca 

Bingel Henry, tobacconist, 865 w Baltimore 

Bingel Jacob, beer, 491 w Lombard 

Bingel John, grocery, 67 s CarroUton av 

Binger John, shoetitter, 89 s Spring 

Binger John H. shoemkr, 89 s Spring 

Binger Sebastian, bricklayer, 89 s Spring 

Bingham Benj.T. wood and coal. Myrtle av and 

Chesnut al, dw 291 Franklin 
Bingham Mrs. E. J. notions, 853 w Baltimore 
Bingham JaiUes, com. mercht. over 81 Second, 

dw 15 Cathedral 
Bingham John, fancy store, 853 w Baltimore 
Bingham John, lab. 115 e Monument 
Bingham Robt. marblecutter,230 L Constitution 
Bingham Wm. steamfitter, 47 s Calhoun 
Bingham Wm. R. 230 L Constitution 
Bingley Joseph P. telegraphist. Oak nr Shirk 
Binklor Geo. carp. 117 Low 
Binnie James, huckster, 9 s Bond 
Binnix Geo. blksmith, 29 Potomac 
Binnix Mrs. Martha, 57 Chew 
Binswanger D. & Co. (D. Binswanger) printers, 

s e cor Howard and Fayette 
Binswanger David (D. B. & Co.) 319 Saratoga 
Binswanger Emanuel, china and glass, 867 w 

Binswanger J. E. clerk, 867 w Baltimore 
Binswanger Simon, bookpr, 867 w Baltimore 
Binyon & Audoun, (\V.W.Binyon,O.Audoun,) 

builders, 137 s Ann 
Binyon Benj. F. builder, 679 w Fayette 
Binyon Wm.H.H. carp. 130 Bank 
Binyon Wm.W. (B. & Audoun) 130 Bank 
Binz Mrs. Casper, 443 w Fayette 
Birch Chas. (B. & Meanley) 91 St. Paul 
Birch Clinton S. job printer, 35 s Fulton 
Birch Frederick, carp. 317 Hamburg 
Birch & Meanley, (Chas. Birch, J. P. Meanley) 

wholes, china and glassware, 27 s Calvert 
Birch Wm. H. farmer, Phila. rd nr Herring run 
Birch Wm. R. clerk, 477 w Lanvale 
Birchell Robert, 67 n Pine 
Birckhead Henry J. claim agent, 77 Granby 
Birckhead Jas. lab. 134 s Poppleton 
Birckhead Jas. jr. (B. & Reeves) 77 Park av 
Birckhead Lennox, real estate agent and col- 
lector, 33 St. Paul, dw 291 u Charles 
Birckhead P. M. (B. & Reeves) 77 Park av 
BIRCKHEAD & REEVES, (J. Birckhead jr. 

Chas. H. Reeves, P. M. Birckhead,) general 

ins. agents, 44 Second 
Bird Chas. D. harnessmkr, 236 n Broadway 
Bird Chas. W. huckster, 112 L. Greene 
Bird Cowles, clerk, 83 Harlem av 

Bird Mrs. Edgeworth, 40 Mount Vernon pi 
Bird Empson C. 23 Jackson 
Bird J. Edward(J.Edwd.B.& Co.)243 Linden av 
Bird J. Edward jr. clerk, 243 Linden av 
BIRD J. EDWARD & CO. (J. Edward Bird, 
Peyton L. McCarty, Jos. A. Bird, )dry goods, 
213 w Baltimore 
Bird Jos. A. (J. Edwd. Bird & Co. )83 Harlem av 
Bird Lee, clefk, 345 n Eutaw 
Bird Mrs.M.E. grocery, 236 n Broadway 
Bird Stephen L. (S.L.B. & Co.) 345 n Eutaw 
BIRD STEPHEN L. k CO. (S. L. Bird,) dry 

goods, 59 n Howard 
Bird \V. E. (Baxter & B.) 13 w Biddle 
Bird Warrie C. student, 243 Linden av 
Bird Wm. Lee, 345 n Eutaw 
Birdsall Samuel, paver, 75 Stirling 
Birely Mrs. Evelina, 93 McCuUoh 
Birely Lewis A. ice, 247 w Lombard 
Birkbeck Harry A. clerk, 105 Chew 
Birkefeldl August, collector, 38 O'Donnell 
Birkeuback Lurenz, shoemkr, 203 Druid Hill av 
Birkeuwald Solomon, 344 w Lombard 
Birkett Mrs. Mary, 420 w Lombard 
Birkey Edward H. 219 Druid Hill Av 
Birkey Thomas, carp. 162 Division 
Birkey Thomas H. 219 Druid Hill av 
Birkholz Chas. A. salesman, 79 Hanover 
Birkmaier Julius, bakery, 52 Harrison 
Birkmeyer Wm. confectionery, 550 w Pratt 
Birkmyer J. F. turn, goods, 644 w Baltimore 
Birkner Geo. cooper, 78 Bank 
Birkner John, cooper, 78 Bank 
Birmingham Andrew, broommkr, 229 n Durham 
Birmingham Andrew, carp. 273 e Madison 
Birmingham Andrew jr. canmkr, 273 e Madison 
Birmingham Donald, lab. 17 Harrison al 
Birmingham James E. plasterer, 108 Warner 
Birmingham John, driver, 67 s Central av 
Birmingham Michael, driver, 89 Eastern av 
Birmingham Michael, clerk, n e cor Baltimore 

and Charles 
Birmingham Wm. lab. 140 s Central av 
Birmingham Wm. eugineer, 315 Eastern av 
Birmingham Wm. H. currier, 63 s High 
Birmingham Wm. T. tailor, 431 n Gay 
Birrane Thos. shipcarp. 62 Hamburg 
Birthistle Patrick, lab. 63 Granby 
Birthistle Thos. barkpr, 63 Granby 
Birx Conrad, baker, 221 e Fayette 
Bisbee Saml. shoemkr, 189 Chesnut 
Bischman Geo. shoemkr, 18 Barney 
Bischman Henry, lab. 18 Barney 
Bischman Wm. shoemkr, 18 Barney 
Bischoff Chas. packer, 88 s High 
Bischofl" Chas. cigarmkr, 169 Columbia 
Bischott" Chris, cabinetmkr, 239 s Charles 
Bischoff Franz, shoemkr, 33 s Wolfe 
Bischoff Geo. lab. 164 s Durham 
Bischofl' John, lab. 64 Ridgely 
Bischoff John, shoemkr, 33 s Wolfe 
Biscoe Geo. blksmith. Sweet Air 
Bircoe Geo. jr. lab. Sweet Air 
Biscoe Geo. W. clerk, 352 w Fayette 
Biscoe James, com. merchant, over 11 J Cam- 
den, dw 352 w Fayette 
Biscoe Robt. B. blksmith, 149 s Sharp 
Biscoe Theodore, clerk, 330 w Lombard 
Biscoe Wm. M. shipjoiner, 2 Essex 
Bishop Adam, cooper, 35 e Monument 
Bishop Alonzo B. carp. 500 n Fremont 
Bishop Caleb, lightning rods, 246 e Madison 

WM. WIRT CLARKE, Importer and Wholesale Agent for 
American Manufacturers of Cement, Plaster, Whiting and Paris White. 

Insurance Agents and Brokers, American Building^ 
~' bIs 97 . BIX 

Bishop Casper, paver, 339^ n Central av 

Bishop Chas. A., Brown's hotel 

Bishop Chas. Albert, clerk, 100 s Bond 

Bishop Chas. E. painter, Fayette and Castle 

Bishop Chas. S. oysters, 339 e Pratt 

Bishop David, propr. Herring Run race course, 

Philadelphia rd 
Bishop David, 122 e Madison 
Bishop Mrs. David E. 339 e Pratt ■ 
Bishop Edward A. carp. 80 n Schroeder 
Bishop Elijah, shooting gallery, 207 Light, dw 

191 Montgomery 
Bishop Elijah C. butcher, 193 n Caroline 
Bishop Mrs. Elizabeth, 214 e Pratt 
Bishop Mrs. Elizabeth, nurse, 246 e Madison 
Bishop Eugene, paints,oils,&c. 260 n Central av 
Bishop Mrs. Fannie, grocery, 191 Montgomery 
Bishop Franklin C. tobacconist, Monument and 

Caroline, dw 193 u Caroline 
Bishop Geo. lab. 33 e Monument 
Bishop Geo. C. 93 n Caroline 
Bishop Geo.W. prest. Consolidated Chrome Co., 

Maryland bldg. dw 47 s Washington 
Bishop Geo. \V. provisions. Chew and Ann 
Bishop Geo. W. freight agent, 151 n Strieker 
Bishop Geo. W. liquors, Hull and Nicholson 
Bishop Henry, bird fancier, 49 e Baltimore 
Bishop James B. canmkr, 94 s Caroline 
Bishop John, shoemkr, 297 n Gay 
Bishop John, shipcarp. 19 s Collington av 
Bishop John, shipjoiner, 364 Canton av 
Bishop John A. cabinetmkr, 78 St. Paul 
Bishop John E. clerk, 19 s Collington av . 
Bishop John II. agent, 231 n Bond 
Bishop John T. soap manufr. 174 andl76 Can- 
ton av, dw 100 s Bond 
Bishop John T. jr. bookkpr, 100 s Bond 
Bishop Margaret C. 129 Division 
Bishop Mrs. Mary A. 94 s Caroline 
Bishop Rev. R. F. 216 L. Constitution 
Bishop Reverdy, clerk, 222 e Madison 
Bishop Robert F. sr. bricklayer, 179 Hollins 
Bishop Robert F. bricklayer, 179 Hollins 
Bishop Samuel A. gasfitter, 151 n Strieker 
Bishop Sylvanus, shirt cutter, 338 n Eden 
Bishop Mrs. T. F. dressmkr,, 338 u Eden 
Bishop Thos. J. telegraphist, 52 George 
Bishop W. Graham, bookkpr. 338 n Eden 
Bishop Wm. shoes, 203 s Bond 
Bishop Wm. D., Miller's hotel 
Bishop Wm. H. hairdresser, 78 St. Paul 
Bishop Wm. H. clerk, 19 Etting 
Bishop Wm. H. rigger, 364 Canton av 
Bishop Wm. H. jr. 78 St. Paul 
Bishop Wm. H. police, 31 s Castle 
Bishop Wm. H. C. engineer, 100 s Bond 
Bishop Wm. J. oysters, 236 Bank 
Bishop W^m. R. salesman, 338 n 6den 
Bishop Wm. T., York rd nr Cottage av 
Bishop Winfield S. clerk, 338 n Eden 
Bisman August, shoemkr, 258 s Durham 
Bissard Jacob, driver, 310 Hanover 
BISSELL BENJ. agent New Central Coal Co. 57 

Second, dw 7 Jefferson av Waverley 
Bissell Mrs. Margaret, 252 n Gilmor 
Bissell Wm. T. job printer, 252 n Gilmor 
Bisser Jacob, lab. 141 Battery av 
Bisser Jacob jr. glassblower, 137 Battery av 
Bisser John, glasscutter, 141 Battery av 
Bisset H. C. salesman, 28 Mulberry 
Bisset Thos. jr. stonecutter, 35 Scott 
Bissett Harry, salesman, 66 n Paca 


Made water-tight, and pre.^erved for years, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMENT aud 


By increasing the qnantityof Gum, wc make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which is uneqnaled. All work 
guiiranteed. A trial is all we a^k. Orders solicited 
for new felt roofs; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLEK & CO., Sole Mauufacturera, 

No. 3 COUKTLAND STREET, up stairs. 

Bissing W. F. watchmaker, 280 w Baltimore. 

dw 264 w Lombard 
Bisson Wm. grocery, 70 s Chester 
Bisson Wm. jr. engineer, 46 Jackson sq av 
Bittel John, lab. 42 Durst al 
Bittenbaihn Andrew, lab. 240 s Durham 
Bittenbaihn August, lab. 240 s Durham 
Bitter Christian, clerk, 9 w Pratt 
Bitter D. lithographer, over cor Calvert and 

Water, dw 380 w Fayette 
Bitter Frederick, barkeeper, 9 w Pratt 
Bitter Geo. piano tuner, 72 Jackson sq. av 
Bitter Henry, pianomkr, 218 Barre 
Bitter's Hotel, L. Bitter, propr, cor Pratt and 

Bitter John G. lab. 263 Aisquith ' 
Bitter Justus, musician, 186 w Lombard 
Bitter L. proprietor Bitter's hotel, cor Pratt and 

Bitters Comley, engineer, 44 Hamburg 
Bitters Fred, canmkr, 6 n Chapel 
Bitters James W. engineer, 44 Hamburg 
Bittiger Geo. moulder, 177 Columbia 
Bitting Rev. C. C. 190 n Calhoun 
Bitting C. C, jr. law student, 190 n Calhoun 
Bittinger Daniel N. carp. 547 w Lombard 
Bittinger John D. shoes, 7 Penna av 
Bittle Hezekiah, furn. wagon, 23 Patterson av 
Bittner Adam, baker, 109 e Pratt 
Bittmere Conrad, lab. Clinton nr Ninth 
' Bittner Edward, barber, 30 Clinton 
I Bittner Fred. lab. 36 Castle 
j Bittner Geo. tailor, Hope and Lanvale 
! Bittner Gotleib, shoefitter, 42 s Wolfe 
! Bittner John, tailor, 254 e Eager 
I Bittner John, shoemkr, 256 Battery av 
I Bittner John, lab. 40 Lancaster 
Bittner Mary, hairdresser, 109 e Pratt 
Bittner Nicholas, tailor, 23 Luzerne 
Bittner Richard, screwman, 14 Cuba 
Bittorf Christian, pianomkr, 269 Hanover 
Bittorf Geo. C. cutter, 501 n Gay 
Bittorf Henry, tailor, 17 Sterrett 
Bittorff Theodore, lab. 50 Essex 
Bitz Adolph, silverplater, 698 w Pratt 
Bitz John, clerk, 698 w Pratt 
Bitz Wm. silverplater, 698 w Pratt 
Bitzel Mrs. Barbara, confecty, 204 n Broadway 
Bivens Wm. painter, 52 n Washington. 
Bixby Fayette, brakeman, Hampdea 
Bixler Daniel, Franklin house 
Bixler Daniel jr. bookkpr, 73 Courtland' 
Bixler H. C. clerk, 717 w Lombard 
Bixler Louisa A. tobacconist, 102 n Howard 
Bixler Wm. H. H. (Wm.H.H.B. & Co.) 259 w 

BIXLER WM. H. H. & CO. (Wm. H.H.Bixler, 
Oliver Reeder) ship chandlers, steam marine 
railway and ship yard, n e cor Hughes aad 

The Portland Cement used on all the Public Squrcres of this City, 

(For Pavements, Curbing & Fountains,) furnished byWM.WiRT Clarke, 61 S. Gay St. 


Mm^idALSMEawMmAmmjmof- NEW YORK. 



Bixler Wm. T. bookkpr, 389 n Gilmor 
Black A. Campbell (B. & Son) 325 Madison av 
Black AndrewX. propr. Belvidere nursery, Ea- 
ger and the Falls 
Black Bernard, painter, 8 s Washington 
Black Dr. Calvin, 668 w Fayette 
Black Chas. H. yeastmkr, Johnson and Grindall, 

dw 30 Johnson 
Black Clayton S. clerk, 89 s Gilmor 
Black D. Henry, yeastmkr, 96 Aisquith 
Black Edwin P. clerk, 89 s Gilmor 
Black Mrs Elizabeth, 317 e Pratt 
Black Fred, driver, 398 Orleans 
Black Dr. Geo. 30 Laurel 
BlackGeo. W. lab. Druidville 
Black Harry L. messenger, 169 Preston 
Black Mrs. Henrietta, Druidville 
Black Isaac P. C. carp. 708 Ramsav 
Black J. F. & W. A. (J. Fuller and Wm.A.Black) 

hardware, 429 w Baltimore 
Black J. Fuller(J.F. & W.A.B.)325 Madison av 
Black James, saloon, 53 n Frederick 
Black James, marble yard, cor Cathedral and 

Biddle, dw 258 Myrtle av 
Black James B. clerk, 142 George 
Black James F. messenger Adams Express Co. 

Ill n Front 
Black James H. engineer, 19 Harrison, Canton 
Black John, harbormaster, 49 s Washington 
Black John, lab. 75 Hampstead 
Black John (B. & Son) 325 Madison av 
Black John (B. & Krebs) 296 Lexington 
Black John D. lab. Druidville 
Black John R. carp. 18 Marion, dw 708 Ramsay 
Black John W. provisions, McHenry and Gilmor 
Black & Krebs( J.Black,G.L.and Jacob E.Krebs) 

pork packers and provisions, 49 South and 53 

n Caroline 
Black Lewis, clerk, 66 n Poppleton 
Black Mrs. Margaret, dressmkr, Hampden 
Black Mrs. Mary, grocery, 118 s Castle 
Black Michael, shipcarp. 118 s Castle 
Black Millard S. clerk, 222 McCuUoh 
Black Mrs. N. E. boy's clothing, 169 Preston 
Black S. J. trimmings, 192 Penna av 
Black Samuel, teacher, 136 s Collington av 
Black Samuel, engineer, 301 w Hoifman 
Black Samuel, builder, 222 McCulloh 
Black Samuel L cooper, 8 Weber 
Black Samuel W. clerk, 222 McCulloh 
Black & Son (J. and A. C. Black) hardware, 160 

n Gay 
Black Wm. 192 Penna av 

Black Wm. A.(J.F. & W.A.B.) 325 Madison av 
Black Wm. E. cooper, 74 s Chester 
Black Wm. K. (Donnelly & B.) 9 Penna av 
Blackburn C. Watson, clerk, 244 n Eutaw 
Blackburn Cyrus, grain, seed and com. mercht. 

n e CO ■ Franklin and Eutaw, dw 244 n Eutaw 
Blackburn E. C. teacher, 244 n Eutaw 
Blackburn Edwin, grocery, Bolton and Dolphin, 

dw 68 Bolton 
Blackburn John C. attorney, 426 Mulberry 
Blackburn Samuel, lab. 372 Hanover 
Blackburn Sidney, teacher, 244 n Eutaw 
Blackburn Wm. C. carp. 146 Hollins 
Blackeby Joseph, machinist, 6 Henrietta 
Blackford Mrs. Caroline, 390 Eutaw pi 
Blackford & Co. (E. S. Blackford, J. N. Miller) 

restaurant, 122 n Gay 
Blackford Eugene (Pikesville Dairy Co.) Pikes- 

ville, Baltimore co 


Blackford Ephraim S. (B. & Co.) Kentucky 
BLACKFORD WM. H. general insurance agent 
. and manager Southern dept. N. Y. Life Ins. 

Co. 8 South, dw 390 Eutaw pi 
Black Horse Hotel, Michael Carling, prop'r, 63 

Penna av 
Blackhead M. sheet iron worker, 104 n Howard 
Blackiston Albert C. police, 234 s Sharp 
Blackiston John B.jr. moulder, 684 w Lombard 
Blackiston John B. (B. & Son) 684 w Lombard 
Blackiston John H. clerk, 553 Franklin 
Blackiston Mrs. Margt. over 50 n Calvert 
Blackiston & Son, (John B. and Thomas J. 

Blackiston, ) cabinetmakers and undertakers, 

606 w Baltimore 
Blackiston Taylor E. salesman, 53 n High 
Blackiston Thos. J. (B. & Son) 684 w Lombard 
Blackiston Wm. C. harbor master, draw bridge. 

dw 138 s Sharp 
Blacklar Alex. C. clerk, 179 Jefferson 
Blacklar Chas. R. salesman, 52 n Bond 
Blacklock Allen R. com. paper warehouse, 14 

German nr Calvert, dw Wilson nr John 
Blacklock Frank, salesman, 66 Courtland 
Blacklock Jno.H. salesman, 14German nrCalvert 
Blacklock N. F. 116 Light-st whf, dw Anne 

Arundel co 
Blackman Julia, boarding, 42 Courtland 
Blackshere E. A. stock broker, Calverton, dw 

s w cor Fulton and Fayette 
Blackwell Edward J. lab. 2 Covington 
Blackwell Mrs. Mary,dressmkr,484 w Baltimore 
Blackwell Robt. salesman, 484 w Baltimore 
Blackwire John, mariner, 37 Haubert 
Blackwire Patrick, engineer, 43 Cooksie 
Blades Chas. W. (Jno.J.B. & Bro.) Waverley 
Blades Mrs. Elizabeth, Waverley 
Blades James P. architect, 464 n Carey 
Blades John J.& Bro. ( Jno.J.& Chas.W\Blades) 

paperhangers, 155 n Exeter 
Blades John J. (J no. J. B. & Bro.) Waverley 
Blades John L.(B.& Wrightson) wood and coal. 

114 s Washington, dw 425 e Pratt 
Blades John L. clerk, 425 e Pratt 
Blades John M. lime, Concord and Bowly, dw 

292 e Lombard 
Blades Mrs. M. C. notions, 292 e Lombard 
Blades Thos. W. insurance agent, 26 s Eden 
Blades Wm. A. salesman, 464 n Carey 
Blades Wm. P. produce com', mercht. and oys- 
ter packer, 6 Barre, dw 464 n Carey 
Blades & W'rightson, (John L. Blades, Thomas 

S. Wrightson,) odorless excavators, 114 s 

Blae Chas. musician, J53 Canton av 
Blaha John, shoemkr, 370 e Fayette 
Blaich John F. teacher, 113 n Caroline 
Blair Chas. E. accountant, 381 Lexington 
Blair Geo. H. clerk, 136 Mosher 
Blair Jas. A. (Jos. Harris k Co.) 188 Hanover 
Blair John, tailor, 412 w Lombard 
Blair M. W. clerk, 354 Aisquith 
Blair Wm. tailor, 412 w Lombard 
Blairdell John G.agt.for E.Butterick's patterns, 

41 n Charles, dw Howard house 
Blake A. M. type writer, American hotel 
Blake Albert C. 198 w Biddle 
Blake Ann, 174 u Calvert 

Blake Benson(B.Blake&Co.) Ford's Eutaw hotej 
Blake Benson & Co. (B. Blake) com. merchts. 

flour, grain, &c. over 48 s Howard 
Blake Chas. D. builder, 30 Camden 

HOLMES & CO., Engineers' and Machinists' Tools and Supplies, 
Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

O. p. Bresee, G-eneral Agent, American Building. 

Blake Chas. R. clerk, 102 Mosber 
Blake Chas. W. clerk, 104 s Sharp 
Blake Chas. W. watchmaker and jeweler, 3 a 
Charles, dw Baltimore co 

BLAKE CHARLES W,, Dealer in 

Watches, Jewelry, Silver and 
Plated Ware, 3 North Charles, 
dw Baltimore County. 

Blake E. B. salesman, H Lee 

Blake Mrs. Elizabeth, Waverley 

Blake Eugene, clerk, 200 McCulloh 

Blake Mrs. F. 107 e Biddle 

Blake Francis T.jr. bricklayer, 204 n Central av 

Blake Geo. A, carp, and builder, 7 Jackson pi 

Blake Geo. R. clerk, 112 n Caroline 

Blake Heary, carp, and builder, 344 Myrtle av 

Blake Henry, painter, 143 e Eager 

Blake Henry S. watchman, 102 Mosher 

Blake James, police, 119 n Eden 

Blake James P, carp. 114 Lexington 

Blake John A, agent, 200 Argyle av 

Blake Dr. John D. 114 Lexington, dw 138 Scott 

Blake John H. clerk, 114 Lexington 

Blake John L. clerk, 127 Edmondson av 

Blake John R. builder" 112 n Caroline 

Blake John W. fire dept. 143 e Eager 

Blake Lawrence, painter, 127 n Eden 

Blake Mrs, Margaret, 143 e Eager 

Blake Martin, 344 Myrtle av 

Blake Mrs, Mary,- 198 vv Biddle 

Blake Sallie, dressmkr, 1.98 w Biddle 

Blake Thos. lab. 74 Grindall 

Blake Wm, W, cigars, Rennert house 

Blakely T. H. carp. 42 a Greene 

Blakely Wm. G. lab. Homestead 

Blakeman Nathan, shoemkr, 103 n High 

Blakeney Albert A. cotton mauutr. Woodberry 

Blakeney Chas, W. carp. Hampden 

Blakeney John W. machinist, Woodljerry 

Blakeney Mrs, Sarah, Woodberry 

Blakeuey Wm, stonecutter, 536 Aisquith 

Blakeley Wm. H, coachpainter, 270 e Madison 

Blakistone Andrew, clerk, 72 McCulloh 

Blakistone James T. attorney, 72 McCulloh 

Blakistone James T. jr. clerk, 72 McCulloh 

Blakistone T. Waliis, attorney, 45 Lexington, 

dw 72 McCulloh 
Blamberg Louig, organ builder, 75 Milliman 
Blamberg Wm. H. organ builder, 75 Milliman 
Blamire Chas. lab. 323 Eastern av 
Blanch Chas.H.(B,&Willis) Fulton & Le.xington 
Blanch Francis, carp. Fulton and Lexington 
Blanch James T. carp. 207 e Lombard 
Blanch Jeremiah, carp. Fulton and Lexington 
Blanch Jeremiah, telegraphist, 76 n High 
Blanch Mrs. Susan, 76 n High 
Blanch & Willis (C. H. Blanch and F. Willis) 

butter, Strieker and Pratt 
Blanchard Frank, shoemkr, 284 McDonogh 
Blanchard James A. J. foreman, 72 Fort av 
Blanchard Joseph, dollnikr, 163 n Eutaw 
Blanchard Joseph, coach painter, 9 Clinton 
Blanck A. C. restaurant, 410 w Fayette 
Blanck C. Henry, clerk, 410 w Fayette 
Blanck Mrs. John, 410 w Fayette 
Blanck John, jeweler, 410 w Fayette 
Bland John B. 172 Arlington av 
Bland John H. grocery, 241 Hanover 
Bland John R. solicitor, Towasend nr Fulton 


Made water-ti£;ht, and preserved for years, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC! CEMEIsT and 


Sjf increasing the qvantUy (if Gum. we make a Paint 
f«r Uanip Walls which is uucqualcd. All work 
guaraute«d, A trial is all we ask. Orders solicited 
tor new felt loofs^ old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLEK CO., Sole Manufacturers, 

No. 3 COURTLAND STREET, up stairs. 

Blandford& Co. (Wm. H. Blandford, G. A. 

Rasch) com. merchants, 106 s Charles 
BlandfoM Wm. H. (B.&Co.) 357 Mulberry 
Blaney Chas.E.bricklayer,Lafayetteav nrMount 
Hlaney Frank M. apothecary, cor Pratt and 

Gilmor, dw 20 s Fremont 
Blaney Geo. W. stonecut'r, 164 Greenmount av 
Blaney Geo. W. clerk, 20 s Fremont 
Blaney Harry C. bricklayer, 177 n Fremont^' 
Blaney Jas. J. bricklayer, 61 Woodyear 
Blaney Jas. M. bricklaj^er, 163 Greenmount av 
Blaney Jas. W, bricklayer, 20 s Fremont 
Blaney John T., Lafayette av nr Mount 
Blaney John T. carp. 161 Greenmount av 
Blaney Saml. T. bricklayer, 161 Greenmount av 
Blaney Sarah, grocery, 265 Greenmount av 
Blank Fredk. packer, 135 Battery av 
Blank Geo. mariner, 480 Canton av 
Blank John, mariner, 480 Canton av 
Blank Mrs. Ursula,crockeryware, 135 Battery av 
Blanken John, paver, 417 Hamburg 
Blankenhorn Frank, barber, 117 n High 
Blankenburg Charles, shoemkr, 80 Mullikin 
Blankenship Daniel engineer, 126 Cross 
Blankfard Jacob, (Snyder&B.)361 n Broadway 
Blankford John, 128 n Central av 
Blankner John, candymkr, Dover nr Fulton 
Blase Otto, (Munter ^ B.) 25 Boston 
Blass Joseph, cabinetnikr, 227 Peirce 
Blanko Henrj'W. salesman, 92 n Poppleton 
Blasky Christian lab. 8 Shakspear 
Blatcidey Mrs. H., Waverley 
Blatchley Mrs. Priscilla, 189 e Eager 
Blatchley Robert E. cap. Waverley 
Blaufuss Lewis, tailor, 267 Ffanklin 
Blaut Levi, shoemaker, 152 Chesnut 
Blattau Mrs. Margaret, seamstress, Lemmon nr 

Blazek Thomas, boots and shoes, 32 Thames 
Bleasdale John, engineer, 203 Johnson 
Bledsoe Jennie M. (B.&Walker)850 w Baltimore 
Bledsoe Robt. H. conductor, 850 w Baltimore 
Bledsoe & Walker, (Jennie M. Bledsoe, Mary A. 

Walker,) notions, 850 w Baltimore 
Bleeker Mrs. Margt. tailoress, 343 Franklin 
Bleieher John, blacksmith, 4 Callendar al 
Bleicher Louis, shoemkr, 732 Penna av 
Bleieher Michael, butcher, Penna av ext 
Bleieoberger Adam, shoefitter, 21 Walnut al 
Blenkner Peter, tailor, 211 n Bond 
Blessing Andrew, foreman, 47 Albemarle 
Blessing Chas. blksmith, 134 Mullikin 
Blessing D. G. jr. carp. 270 Aisquith 
Blessing Daniel, carp. 270 Aisquith 
Blessing Mrs. Elizabeth, 219 s Bond 
Blessing Ferdinand, lab. 335 Eastern av 
Blessing Harry H, painter. Chapel nr Chase 
Blessing James, carp. 241 n Gay 
Blessing John, tobacconist, 241 n Gay 
Blessing John, driver, 182 s Caroline 

No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 





Blessing Luther N. fireman, 277 William 
Blessing Maximilian, clerk, 65 s Gray 
Blessing Samuel J. bag cutter, 148 s Caroline 
Bletzer Mrs. Mary, tailoress, 304 s Bond 
Bletzer Philip, shoemkr, 304 s Bond 
Bleuska Louis, lab. 36 O'Donnell 
Blew Ruth, millinery, 4.54 n Fremont 
Blev Charles, shoemkr, 3 s Greene 
Blick & Hamburger, (T. H. Blick, Emanuel 

Hamburger) proprietors Balto. Fruit Butter 

Co. rear 17 German 
Blick Thos. H.(B.&Hamburger) 44 n Broadway 
Bligh Thos. lab. 385 e Madison 
Blight Robert, straw cutter, Belair av nr North av 
Bliger Julius, baker, 176 William 
Blimline Abraham, huckster, 218 Preston 
Blimline Bernard, (H. Sonneborn & Co.) 195 

Druid Hill av 
Blimline Mrs. C. 195 Druid Hill av 
Blimline Emanuel, clerk, 354 e Lombard 
Blimline Henry candy mkr, 14 Dawson al 
Blimline Henry, cutter, 285 Franklin 
Blinn Chas. A. clerk, 354 e Lombard 
Blinsinger Geo. F. architect and builder, 143 

Druid Hill av 
Blinsinger AVm. H. clerk, 143 Druid Hill av 
Blinsinger Wm. M. carp. 108 Mosher 
Blizzard C. H. undertaker and livery stables, 

201 Penna av dw 66 Etting 
Blizzard Elijah, oysters, Woodberry 
Blizzard Elizabeth, 181 n Paca 
Blizzard F. H. blacksmith, 107 n Ann 
Blizzard Geo. W. engineer, 107 n Ann 
Blizzard Joel, dairy, Presstman nr Whatcoat 
Blizzard John L. 107 u Ann 
Blizzard John R. engineer, 166 Battery av 
Blizzard Wm. H. 66 Etting 
Blocher Geo. E. police, Fulton nr Franklin 
Block Andreas, coachsmith, 326 e Lombard 
Block Mrs. Barbara, 118 s Eden 
Block Ernest, ens:ineer, 510 Light 
Block Mrs. Elizabeth, 64 McCuUoh 
Block Franz, bookkpr, 64 McCulloh 
Block Henry, engineer, 293 Gough 
Block Henr> C. clerk, 64 McCulloh 
Block John, carp. 305 Orleans 
Block John, bricklayer, 66 s Poppleton 
Block Mrs. Julia, 66 s Puppleton 
Block Louis, supt. Hebrew Asylum, Monument 

e of Broadway 
Block Louis, peddler, 140 Gough 
Block Marcus, cigarmkr, 25 n Eden 
Block Meyer, clerk, 118 s Eden 
Block Sarah, 99 Orleans 
Block Solomon S. clerk, 127 German 
Blogg Rev. E. N. S., Mount nr Patterson av 
Blogg Wesley, clerk. Mount nr Patterson av 
Blotna Henry, calunetmkr, Low and Forrest 
Blome Frederick, bricklayer, 44 Lancaster 
BLOME GEO. wholes, and retail confectionery, 

445 w Baltimore 
Blome Geo. jr. salesman, 445 w Baltimore 
Blondell John A. lab. 90 McKim 
Blondell John M. car builder 351 Penna av 
Blondell Malachi, collector, 248 n Howard 
Blondell Edwd, porter, 248 n Howard 
Blondell Geo. W. carriage painter,248 n Howard 
Blondell Wm. H. cooper, 248 n Howard 
Blondell Wm. T. driver, 41 Laurens 
Bloiulheim Albert, clerk, 87 n Paca 
Blondheim Adolph, clerk, 78 Frederick av 
Blondheim Charles, 87 n Paca 

Blondheim Heart, clothing, 87 n Paca 
Blondheim I. cloth'g, 57 n Howard, dw 87 n Paca 
Blondheim J. clerk, 105 n Howard 
Blondheim Michael, clothing, 93 n Howard, dw 

87 n Paca 
Blondheim Solomon, clerk, 34 s Eden 
Blondheim, Solomon, clothing, 177 Franklin, 

dw 87 n Paca 
Bloodsworth Capt. Jacob, mariner, 101 s High 
Bloome Hamilton, lab. 722 Penna av 
Bloomenkamp A. cooper, 109 n Washington 
Bloomer Wm. E. 341 n Broadway 
Bloomfield Chas. machinist, 135 Greenmountav 
Bloss Geo. bricklayer, 34 Johnson 
Bloss John, carter, 741 Hanover 
Bloss Joseph, lab. 741 Hanover 
Bloss Mrs. Lena, 741 Hanover 
Blotkamp John, hacks, 284 Aisquith 
Blotkamp Wra. hacks, 260 e Lombard 
Blotkamp Wm. J. harnessmkr, 284 Aisquith 
Blottenberger Benj. lab. Maryland av ext 
Blottenberger Mrs. Mary, 139 s Bond 
Bloxham Richard J. telegraphist, 386 e Eager 
Bloxhem Jno. hardware and stoves, 56 Harrison, 

dw 157 n High 
Blucher Albert, quarryman, Hampden 
Blucher Geo. lab. Hampden 
Bluhver Joseph, cabinetmkr, 338 e Eager 
Blum Anton, stovemounter, 69 Somerset 
Blum Mrs. C. H. 105 s Chapel 
Blum Fred, driver, 105 s Chapel 
Blum G. (B., Hechinger & Co.) 76 Columbia 
Blum G. S. (S. B. & Son) 301 Lexington 
Blum Geo. cigarmkr, 751 w Lombard 
Blum Hartwig F. barber, 397 n Gay 
Blum, Hechinger & Co. (G. Blum, David and 

Ferd. Hechinger) clothiers, over 66 s Sharp 
Blum H'y, dry goods and notions, 263 Hanover 
Blum Isaac, clerk, 301 Lexington 
Blum Isaac, sec. hand dealer, 201 e Lombard 
Blum Isaac, sec. hand clothier, 234 s Caroline 
Blum Israel, peddler, 263 Hanover 
Blum Jacob, lab. 66 Iceland al 
Blum Jacob, cigar manuf. 201 e Lombard 
Blum John, driver, 18 Philpot 
Blum John A. clerk, 121 s Durham 
Blum Joseph, engineer, 98 s Chapel 
Blum Joseph, glazier, 153 n Eden 
Blum Lehnuin, clothier, 214 s Broadway 
Blum M. M. tobacconist, 176 e Madison 
Blum Margaret A. grocery, Waverley 
Blum Philip (B. k Thiem) 45 s Caroline 
Blum S. «& Son (S.and G.S.Blum) tailors' trim- 
mings, over 265 w Baltimore 
Blum Solomon (S.B.&Son) 301 Lexington 
Blum & Thiem (P. Blum, J. Thiem) jewelry cases 
and fancy boxes, s e cor Baltimore and Hol- 
Blum Wm. jeweler, 53S w Baltimore 
Blum Wm. lab. 220 s Bethel 
Blumaucr Louis, boots and shoes, 270 s Charles 
Blumauer Ernest, driver, 30 President 
Blume Christian, blacksmith, 99 Leadenhall 
Blume F. artist, over s w cor Charles and Fay- 
ette, dw 354 n Durham 
Blume Geo. tailor, 147 n Bethel 
Blume Henry, biirber, 7 n Howard 
Blume Henry, barber, 448 w Baltimore 
Blume Herman, gilder, s e cor Sacatoga and 

BLUME L. J. picture frames, over 345 w Balti- 
more, dw s e cor Saratoga and Liberty 

Wm. Wirt Clarkhj, Manufacturers' Agt. for No 1 Agricultural Plast^^r, 
In Bags or Barrels from store, or in Cargo Lots direct from factory. 

largest Life Ins. Co. iQ tbeW o rld,O.F.B r esee, G-enl Ag L 
BLU~ 101 ' BOE 

Blume Mrs. Wilhelmina, 37 Orleans 
JBlumenauer Chas. tailor, 264 n Central av 
Blumenberg Alfred G. clerk, 37 n Exeter' 
Blumeaberg Bros. (Marc A. and Louis Blumen- 
berg) piamo and organ warerooms, 158 w 
Blumenberg Louis (B. Bros.) 158 w Fayette 
Blumenberg Mrs. Gen. Leopold, 37 n Exeter 
Blumenberg Mare A. (B. Bros.) 158 w Fayette 
Blumenrather John, provisions, 267 Preston 
Blumenthal Abraham, clothing, 164 Light-st 

whf, dw 271 s Charles 
Blumenthal Edw. bookkpr, CarroUtoa av and 

Blramenthal Mrs. J. (M. B.k Bro.) Hollins and 

Carrolltou av 
Blumenthal ML. & Bro. (Mrs. J. Blumenthal) dry 

goods, cor Hollins and CarroUton av 
BlumhardtChas.butch'r, Wilkins iirFrederick av 
Blumhoff Henry, baker, 400 C;mtou av 
Blundell Dennis, gasfitter, 41 s Calhoun 
Blundell Lewis, lab. 203 Chesnut 
Blundell Louis, lab. Franklin hotel 
Blundon R. M. (J.A.Edmondson & Sou) 75 Ed- 

mondson av 
Blunt Geo. W. printer, ,61 Columbia 
Blunt Stephen, shoerakr, 629 w Pratt 
Blunt Wm. moulder, 9 Walker 
Blunt Wm. A. bricklayer, 553 e Fayette 
Blyler Rudolph, machinist, 544 w Pratt 
Blyth Robert, salesman, 58 n Liberty 
Blythe Richard A. blaokkpr, 86 n Charles 
Boalst A. lab. 9 Webster al 
Boane Jane, 288 Mulberry 
ERS, City Hall 
BOARD OF TRADE, office New E.xchange 
Buildings, Decatur H. Miller, pres't; George 
U. Porter, sec'y 
BOARD OF HE.\LTH, office City Hall 
Boardman Edward M. clerk, 318 n Fremont 
Boarman A. J. boekkpr, 499 Franklin 
Boarman Dr. F. E. 517 Lexington 
Boarman Robert I. carp. 259 Argyle av 
Boarman Robert J. canvasser, 259 Argyle av 
Boarman James W. clerk, 259 Argyle av 
Boarman Wm. L. clerk, 259 Argyle av 
Boatman's Transportation Line, 30 Second 
Bobart Carroll, stevedore, H s Caroline 
Bobart Chas. salesman, 9 Harlem av 
Bobart Wm. clerk, 9 Harlem av 
Bobart Thomas W. restaurant, 241 Eastern av 
Bobb Conrad, lab. 209 s Washington 
Bobbs John, shipcarp. 1 Burke 
Bobee James A. shipsmith, 365 West 
BolDee Joseph F. 365 West 
Bobeth Charles, 429 w Fayette 
Boblits John R. lab. Hampden 
Boblits Mrs. Priscilla R., Druidville 
Bock Mrs. Henrietta, dressmkr, 19 Warner 
Bock Jacob, polisher, 19 Warner 
Bock Julius, painter, 322 e Moaument 
Bock Mrs. Rose, 269 Aliceauna 
Bockelman Chris, machinist, 140^ s Spring 
Bockelman Conrad, tailor, 125 Barre 
Bockelman Deitrich, shoemkr, 158 s Fremont 
Bockelman Deitrich jr. bricld'r, 158 s Fremont 
Bockelman Deitrich R. sheet iron wkr, 14aJ s 

Bockelman Fred'k, carp. 74 Bank 
Bockelman John, carp. 345 Eastern av 
Bockelman Peter, grocery, 116 s Spring 


Made water-tight, audjjreserved for years, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMENT and 


By inr,reasiv(i the qnantity of Gum, wo make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which is" uncqualed. All work 
gaarantetd. A trial is all we ask. Orders solicited 
for uew felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER & CO.. Sole Manufacturers, 

No. S COUKTLAND STREET, up stairs. 

Bockelman Wm. jr. undertaker, 23 East 
Bockelman Wm, upholsterer, 11 Painter ct 
Bockhoft" John, huckster, 20 Thomsen 
Bockkoif Mrs. H. confectionery, 557 n Gaj 
Bockhoff Joseph, huckster, 557 n Gay 
Bockhoff Wm. huckster, 20 Thomsen 
Bocklage Elizabeth, Donnell nr Clinton 
Bocklage Francis, tobacconist, 0' Donnell nr 

Bocklage Henry, cows, 0' Donnell nr Clinton 
Bockley Clias. shoemkr, 101 Hanover 
Bockmiller Wm. tanner, 98 Chew 
Bockmiller Wm.P.(Bartol.& B. )196 n Central av 
Bocksti Frank, eigarmkr, 49 Clay 
Bocrie Chas. L. clerk, 1.33 German 
Boddeker Frank, lab. 226 e Chase 
Bodder John, lab, 218 Orleans 
Bode Charles sr. tailor, 216 n Caroline 
Bode Deitrich, shoemkr, Avalon, Balto. co. 
Bode Gustave, clerk, 81 n Carey 
Bode Louis, drayman, 44 Ridgel}* 
BODE S. W. ^apothecary, n w cor Light and 

Bode Wm- 543 n Gay 
Bodein Fred, tailor, 451 Canton av 
Boden James, shoemkr, 180 n Caroline 
Boden Capt. W^m. 69 e Pratt 
Boden Wm. H. turnkey, 299 e Monument 
Bedenbender Henry, lab. 45 Bradford al 
Bodenbender Conrad, butclaer, 18 Belair mkt, 

dw Harford av ext 
Bodenburg Chas. hats and caps, 384 s Charles 
Bodenschatz John, tavern, cor Addison and 

Bodensick David A, printer, 391 Franklin 
Bodensick Chas. F. (Bodensick Bros.) 407 

Bodensick Bros. (Chas. F. and Wm. T. Boden- 

rick) bookbinders, over 160 w Baltimore 
Bodensick George, miller, 905 w Pratt 
Bodensick Wm. T. lab. 905 w Pratt 
Bodensick AVm. T. (Bodensick Bros.) 173 n 

Rodenstein Henry, beer, 256 Montgomery 
Bodine Chas. lab. 302 a Bond 
Bodker Chas. butcher, 52 Cross-st mkt, dw 196 

Bodman E. C. (Milmine, B. & Co.) Toledo, 0. 
Bodmiller Henry, lumber handler, 88 s Bethel 
Boeckel Chas. F. shoemkr, 53 Frederick av 
Boecker August, tailor, 405 Light 
BoeCker Chas. beer, 485 w Baltimore 
Bocker Edwd. music teacher, 485 w Baltimore 
Boedeker Mrs. Agnes, confectionery, 226 s Eutaw 
Boedeker Benj. barkpr, 226 s Eutaw 
Boegel Fred, clerk, 150 s Wolfe 
Boegel Kate, dressmkr, 150 s Wolfe 
Boegel John V. blacksmith, 150 s Wolfe 
Boehle George, cigarmaker, 145 Camden 
Boehm Dr. Adolph, 53 n Gilmor 

PORTLAND CEMENT, (the best for grouting,) No. 61 S. Gay St. 
The same as I am furnishing to the Johns Hopkins Hoapita] Buildings. 





Boehm Anton, baker, 323 Orleans 
Boehm August, tailor, 126 s Dallas 
Boehm Mrs. Catberine, 275 w Fayette 
Boehm Chas. T. 113 McCulloh 
Boehm Christian, shoemkr, 169 Ensor 
Boehm Ernest, baker, Pratt and Gough 
Boehm Henry, baker, 199 George 
Boehm Henry jr. moulder, 199 George 
Boehm Herman, clerk, 83 n Strieker 
Boehm John, lab. 17 Cannon 
Boehm John C. blacksmith, 212 e Lombard 
Boehm Louisa, butcher, 42 Belair and 101 Cen- 
tral Markets, d\v Harford av opp Darley park 
Boehm Mrs. Mai-garet, grocery, 346 Eastern av 
Boehm Wolfgang, tailor, 212 "e Eager 
Boehme August C. F. sr. grocer, 128 Hanover, 

dw 130 
Boehme Augustus, 102 s Paca 
Boehme Wm.T. collector, 95 n Gay 
Boehmer John, tailor, 268 n Eden 
Boehlein Frank, lab. 239 s Bethel 
Boehlein Joseph jr. .309 Eastern av 
Boehrer Christian, cooper, 190 s Bond 
Boehi'inger Fred, driver, 8 Brannan ct 
Boener John, lab. 271 s Bond 
Boenning Henry, tobacconist, 827 w Pratt 
Boenning Philip, porter, 5 s Frederick 
Boenzli J. H. barber, 558 w Baltimore, dw 66 s 

Boercherding Geo. porter, 171 s Sharp 
Boergording Frank, lab. 287 e Eager 
Boericke Francis E. (B. & Tafel) Philadelphia 
BOERICKE & TAFEL, (Francis E. Boericke, 

A. J. Tafel) homeopathic druggist, 135 w 

Boermickle John, finisher, 85 n Chapel 
Boerner Geo. C. cabinetmkr, 39 n Amity 
Boeruer Henry, beer, Forrest and Low 
Boes Henry, lab. 36 n Durham 
Boesche John Diedrich, grocery, 195 West 
Boesche Wm. Henry, blacksmith, 362 Hanover 
Boesser Henry G. watchmkr, 218 e Lombard 
Boest Mrs. Margaret, 7 Hull la 
Boetner E. liquors, 136 Pearl 
Boette Theodore, shoemkr, 888 w Pratt 
Boettger Conrad, finisher, 328 Hamburg 
Boettigheimer Josiah, cigar manuf. 57 n Calvert, 

dw 185 Mulberry 
Boettinger Geo. watchmkr, 209 n Central av 
Boettinger Peter, shoemkr, 209 n Central av 
Boettinger Wm. cigarmkr, 213 n Central av 
Boggess Wm. carp. Oxford, York rd 
Boggi Christ, organ grinder, 66 President 
Boggs A. G. salesman, 142 Dolphin 
Boggs A.L.jr.(A.L.B.jr.&Co.)305DruidHillav 
Boggs A. L. jr. & Co. ( A. L. Boggs, jr.) wholes. 

and retail grain, flour and mill feed, 147 n 

Boggs F. Hy. (Brown, Boggs& Co.) 133 Bolton 
Boggs J. Greer, bookkpr, 247 Druid Hill av 
Boggs Robt. J. B. clerk C. H., Mt. Washington 
Boggs S. S. (S.S.B.& Son) Baltimore co 
Boggs S. S. & Son, (S.S. Boggs) vegetable and 

fruit packers, n w cor Fremont and Ramsey 
Boggs Wm.(Kilpatrick & B.) 291 Druid Hill avr 
Boggs Mrs. Wm. 79 Bolton 
Boggs Wm. H. clerk, 247 Druid Hill av 
Bogue Henry & Son, (Henry and Robert H. 

Bogue) woolens and tailor's trim'ngs, ^44 w 

Bogue Henry, (H. Bogue & vSon) 21 Cathedral 
Bogue James, grocery and liquors, 11 Mercer 

Bogue Jos. F. (Irvin & Co.) 697 w Fayette 

Bogue Robt. H.(H.B.&Son) 687 w Fayette 

Bogue Thomas, clerk, 11 Mercer 

Bogue Vincent T. salesman, 697 w Fayette 

Bogy Anna E. grocery, 225 Harford av 

Bogy Geo. blksmith, 225 Harford av 

Bohager Samuel F. junk, 14 Bank, dw 12 

Bohan Ellen, grocery, 34 Rock 

Bohan James, gardener, 34 Rock 

Bohanan Thos. wirewkr, 187 n Eden 

Bohannan C. M. mariner, 467 n Fremont 

Bohannan E. R. mariner, 467 n Fremont 

Bohannon Cornelius, mariner, 24 Gittings 

Bohl John, lab. 405 Canton av 

Bohlayer Mrs. Eliza, dressmkr, 22 Spring row 

Bohland John, stonecutter, 1 Wilmer al 

Bohland Philip, painter, 1 Wilmer al 

Bohle Chas. grocery, Beason and.Cooksie 

Bohle Henry, 92 e Pratt 

Bohle Ignatius, blksmith, 560 Penna av 

Bohlein John, tinner, 254 n- Gay 

Bohlman Henry, lab. 247 Battery av 

Bohlman John Aimee, cigarmkr, 543 Light 

Bohlman John B. cigarmkr, 543 Light 

Bohlmann Henry, lab. 443 Battery av 

Bohn Anton, restaurant, 18 and 20 n Howard 

Bohn August, wood turner, 177 Harford av 

Bohn Christian, beer, 220 Lexington 

Bohn Fred, grocery, 152 s Washington 

Bohn Solomon W. clerk, Pennsylvania house 

Bohn Wm. turner, 162 e Fayette 

Bohne Mrs. Eliza, 85 Pearl 

Bohne Ferd. cigarpacker, 153 German 

Bohne Mrs. Fredericka, confec'y, 175 Ramsay 

Bohne Henry, tailor, 7 n Charles,dw 123 Orleans 






Bohne Herman, cabinetmkr, 175 Ramsay 
liohnenberg Fred. lab. 46 s Patterson Park av 
Bohnenberg Elliza, variety store, 46 s Patterson 

Park av 
Bohnert Michael, shoemkr, 23 St. James 
Bohnhardt Mrs. Hattie, wines and liquors,' 41 

and 43 Penn 
Bohnloftuk Chas. shoemkr, 194 e Lombard 
Bohnloftuk John sr. shoemkr, 194 e Lombard 
Bohnlofink John jr, shoemkr, 194 e Lombard 
Bohrer Dr. Frank, Dolphin and Druid Hill av 
Bohrer Wm. 0. oysters, 19 Patterson av 
Bohring Louis, beer, 54 Washington av 
Bohs John, police, 174 Preston 
Boice Geo. M. watchman, 296 McHenry 
Boice Fanny, dressmkr, 296 McHenry 
Boice Lorenzo D. shoemkr, 296 McHenry 
Bokee George M. & Bro. (G.M.and M.H.Bokee) 

china, glass, queensware, 41 n Howard 
Bokee Geo. M. (G.M.& Bro.) 277 Lexington 
Bokee Howard, oil and lamps, 14 n Howard, dw 

Howard house 

H.OLMKS & CO., Engineers' and Machinists' Tools and Supplies^ 
Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, Waste, Btolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

Assets, $85,000,000.00. O^ JVBresee, OenTAgt. 
BOK 103 BOL 

Bokee Morris H.(a.M.B.& Bro.) 343 w Lanvale 
Bokee Wm. F. ( Wm.F.B.&Co.) 93 n Front 
Bokee Wm. F. & Co.( Wm.F.Bokee)china, glass, 

&c. 1 and 3 Harrison 
Bokee Wm. H. actor, 273 Saratoga 
Bokel Alljert D. clerk, Wavcrley 
Bokel August A. clerk, Waverley 
Bokel Mrs. G. grocery, 66 Park av 
Bokel Gerhard, tailor, 124 n Durham 
Bokel John G. grocery, 275 e Eager 
Bokel Theodore A. grocery and feed, York rd 

nr Huntingdon av 
Boken Patrick, lab. 205 Ramsay 
Boker Bernard H. carpet and turniture dealer, 

44 Penna av 
Bokern Fred. lab. 36 Thames 
Bokern Mrs. Harriet, oysters, 36 Thames 
Bokern Henry, lab. 36 Thames 
Bokern John, lab. 36 Thames 
Bokman August jr. painter, 670 w Baltimore 
Bokman Aug. C. shoemkr, 670 \v Baltimore 
Bokman Frank, paperhanger, 549 Saratoga 
Bokman Geo. E. paperhanger, 164 Columbia 
Bokman Wm.W. paperhanger, 400 w Lombard 
Bolack John W. asst. engineer People's Gas 

Works, dvv 24 n Greene 
Bolack Peter, cooper, 437 Canton av 
Bolack Peter jr. cooper, 437 Canton av 
Bolack Wm. lab. 437 Canton av 
Boland August, finisher, 137 Battery av 
Boland August, gardener, Ensor nr Chase 
Boland August jr. finisher, 137 Battery av 
Boland Edward, lab. 26 Hillen 
Boland J. W. lab. 24 n Greene 
Boland James, junk, 84 s Wolfe 
Boland John, bonnetmkr, 265 Forrest 
Boland Lawrence, clerk, 265 Forrest 
Boland Mrs. M. 265 Forrest 
Boland Michael, 172 Cathedral 
Boland Patrick W. lab. 265 Forrest 
Boland Thos. B. plumber, McMechin nr Division 
Bolander David, shoemkr, 20 Stockholm 
Bolander Wm. H. porter. Fort av and Jackson 
Bolden Jennie, dressmkr, 131 w Madison 
Bolden John, lab. 360 Ostend 
Bolden John T. lab. Falls rd nr Woodberry 
Bolden Lewis, puddler, 199 Boston 
Bolden Malachi, lab. 78 s Carrollton 
Bolden Patrick, boilermkr, 35 L. McElderry 
Bolden Robt. l)iksmith, 33 s Gilmor 
Bolden Thos. blksmith, 33 s Gilmor 
Bolden Wm. carter, 33 s Gilmor 
Bolden Wm. machinist, 73 s Strieker 
Boldof Lewis, lab. 7 Gould la 
Boldwin Mrs. Annie, dressmkr, 122 Ensor 
Boldwin Charles, lab. 122 Ensor 
Bolenius Adolphus W. 256 n Howard 
Bolenius EarnestW.cigarmanufr.214w Lombard 
Bolenius I'red. H. bookkpr, 14 Etting 
Bolgiauo Gilbert C. locksmith and bellhanger, 

412 w Baltimore, dw 63 Laurens 
Bolgiauo J.& Son, (J.and J.A.Bolgiano)seeds, 

bulbs, &c. 28 s Calvert 
Bolgiano John,(J.B.&Son)McMechin andMad- 

isou av 
Bolgiano John C.carp., Mulberry and Hargrove 

al, dw 98 Chew 
Bolgiano Joseph A. (J. B. & Son) York rd nr 

Bolgiano Mrs. Sallie, 51 n Gilmor 
Boll Joseph, shoemkr, 18 Argyle av ext 
Bollerdick John, stevedore, 274 s Ann 


Made water-tight, and preserved for vears, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMfENT and 


By increasing the quantity of Gwn, we make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which is unequaled. All work 
guaranteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders solicited 
for new felt roofs; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER & CO.. Sole Manufacturers, 

No. 3 COUKTLAND STREET, up stairs. 

Bolles Jesse N. artesian well borer, address Bal- 
timore P. 0. 
Boiler Henry, musician, 319 Mulberry 
Boiler Wm. saloon, 639 w Baltimore 
Boiling Wm.N. engineer, 170 Mosher 
Bollinger Chester, conductor, 299 Forrest 
Bollinger Christian, boilermkr, 40 Lancaster 
Bollinger John, sawyer, 40 Lancaster 
Bollinger John, porter, 296 Bank 
Bollini Henrv,ship biscuits,Bank and Central av 
Bollman August F. clerk, 132 n Bond 
Bollman Chas. dyer, 77 Harrison 
Bollman Chas.H. clerk, 217 Conway 
Bollman Clement, lab. 550 w Lombard 
Bollman Ernst, drayman, 217 Conway 
BOLLMAN FRED. M. importer of vinegar 63 s 

Gay, dw 208 n Carrollton av 
Bollman Henry, clerk, 197 e Fayette 
Bollman Henry F. drayman, 197 e Fayette 
Bollman Jacob M. machinist, 431 n Carey 
Bollman James H. finisher, 118 Burgundy al 
Bollman John E. driver, 158 Conway 
Bollman John W. civil and constructing engi- 
neer, Clinton s of Boston, dw 343 e Pratt 
Bollman Mrs. Margaret, grocery, 550w Lombard 
Bollman Wendel, civil and constructing engi- 
neer, Patapsco Works, Clinton s of Boston, 
office 8 s Gay, dw 112 Penna av 
Bollman Wm. barber, 217 Conway 
Bolst Andrew^ lab. 9 Webster al 
Bolst Fred. lab. 5 Clarke al 
Bolster Columbus G. vaniisher, 76 Barre 
Bolster Conrad, brickmkr, 314 s Paca 
Bolster George T. printer, 76 Barre 
Bolster John A. clerk, 76 Barre 
Bolster Thos. F. clothing cutter, 76 Barre 
Bolte Christian, wheelwright, 9 Leadenhall 
Bolte Henry, (Atlantic Furn. Co.)52 s Eutaw 
Bolte Simon, 443 w Baltimore 
Boltey Augustus, furn. wagon, 7 s Carrollton av 

glass, oils, paints, 82 and 84 w Pratt 
Bolton Chas. W.( Bolton & Sons) 1 Jackson 
Bolton Daniel K. (B.Bros.) Harford co 
Bolton Edward L clerk, 37 Greenmount av 
Bolton Frank C. clerk, 41 e Baltimore 
Bolton George M. canmkr, 523 n Gay 
Bolton H.N. clerk, 41 e Baltimore 
Bolton Hall, 57 Bolton 
Bolton Henry, 32 Greenmount av 
Bolton Henry, printe s materials, over 226 w 

Baltimore, dw 32 Greenmount av 
BOLTON HUGH & CO. (Glendy Stuart, H. W. 
Bolton,) glass, oils and paints, 81 and 83 
McElderry' s whf 
Bolton Mrs." Hugh, 151 Dolphin 
Bolton Hugh W.(HughB.& Co.)221 w Hoffman 
Bolton James K. clerk, 114 s Bond 
Bolton James S. clerk, 1 Jackson 
Bolton James T. (Bolton & Sons) 1 Jackson 


No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 


^nir RffFJ^FF 5^ <^nN5^ LIFE/FIRE and MARINE c 




Bolton Dr. John H. apothecary, Caroline and Gay 
Bolton & Sons ( JamesT. and CharlesW. Bolton) 

paints, oils and glass, 92 w Pratt 
Bolton Mrs.Wm.B.208 Saratoga 
Bolton \Vm. H. (Bolton Bros.) 129 n Calvert 
Bolz Jennie, tailoress, 10 n Durham 
Bolz John, cooper, 10 s Durham 
BOMBAUGH Dr. CHAS. C. editor Baltimore 
Underwriter, 3 Postoffice av, dw 452Madison 
av cor Laurens 
Borabarger Mrs. Frances, 4 Prospect la 
Bomberger John H. shoemkr, 259 Light 
Bomberger John W. shoefitter, 437 Saratoga 
Bomberger Mrs. Mary, 259 Light 
Bombarger Wm. plasterer, 4 Prospect la 
Bombard Christoph, lab., Clinton nr North av 
BomhoffCapt. Edw. mariner, 12 Ostend 
Bommer Valentine, blksmith, Waverley 
Bona Louis C. bookkpr, 159 s Charles 
Bonacker Casper, shoemkr, 47 Granby 
Bonacker Philip, shoemkr, 47 Granby 
Bonaker John G. butcher, 54 n Spring 
BONAPARTE CHARLES J. attorney, 29 St. 

Paul, dw Baltimore co 
Bonaparte Madame, cor Read and Cathedral 
BONAPARTE Mrs. SUSAN M. 85 Park av 
Bonard John, lab. 132 s Wolfe 
Bond Alex. & Co. (A.Bond) produce and oys- 
ters, 3 HoUingsworth 
Bond Alex. (A.B.& Co.) 350 Aisquith 
Bond Alex, bookkpr, 69 Granby 
Bond Alex. J. carp. 177 Druid ilill av 
Bond Alfred W. agricultural imps. 14 s Oregon 
Bond Mrs. Alice, 92 McCulloh 
Bond Barnet, com. mercht. 313 Aisquith 
Bond Benj. F. traveling agt. 151 German 
Bond Rev. Beverly W. 110 Aisquith 
Bond Caleb J. 69 Granby 
Bond Chas. C. huckster, Philadelphia rd nr city 

Bond Chas. H. bookkpr, Homestead, York rd 
Bond Cyrus H.cottonbroker, over 33sHolliday, 

dw 317 HoUins 
Bond E.J. attorney, 23 Lexington, dw209 n Carey 
Bond Edwin R. milk, 123 Druid Hill av 
Bond Mrs. Elizabeth, grocery, n e cor Bond and 

Bond Eugeiie D. C. coal and wood, 44 n Wolfe, 

dw 89 n Broadway 
Bond Francis E. grocer, 9 Patterson av, dw 146 

n Strieker 
Bond Frank, salesman, 92 McCulloh 
Bond G. Morris (B.&Tidy) U.S. commissioner, 

over 42 n Charles, dw 82 Read 
Bond Geo. collector, 317 HoUins 
Bond Geo. law student, 99 n Bond 
Bond Geo. brakeman, 212 n Front 
Bond Geo.W. bookkpr, 47 s Fulton 
BOND HUGH L., Judge of U. S. Circuit Court, 

dw 151 w Lanvale 
Bond Harry C. clerk, Hampden 
Bond Harry J. clerk, 348 e Monument 
Bond Henry, 309 Bank 
Bond J. Bosley, clerk, 146 n Strieker 
Bond J. W. (J. W. B. & Co.) 229 e Baltimore 
BOND J. W. & CO.(J.W.and J.H.Bond) book- 
sellers, 90 and 92 w Baltimore 
Bond Dr. James, 146 n Strieker 
Bond James (Thos. B. & Son) s c cor Broadway 

and Madison 
Bond James, fruit, produce and fish, 4 HoUings- 
worth, dw 348 e Monument 

Bond James E. clerk, 313 Aisquith 

Bond Jas. H. (J. W. B. & Co.) 389 Eutaw pi 

Bond John, blacksmith, Hampden 

Bond John H. carp. 23 n Schroeder 

Bond John H. produce, 40 Cheapside, dw 342 

Bond John L. barkpr, Carrollton hotel 
Bond John 0. machinist, 3.33 Light 
Bond John W. coal, Wolfe nr Fayette, dw 337 

e Baltimore 
Bond Joseph W. butcher, 313 Aisquith 
Bond Joshua, lab. 339 e Monument 
Bond Josiah, gardener, Phila. rd nr city limits 
Bond Lennox B. 82 Read 
Bond Leonard, lab. 264 Penna av 
Bond Mrs. Mary M. 311 Argyle av 
Bond Mrs. Mellisa, 89 n Broadway 
Bond Nicholas P. student, 151 w Lanvale 
Bond Peter, carp. 264 Penna av 
Bond Rebecca A., Md. Inst, for Blind, North av 
Bond Ridgely, stonemason, 317 IJollins 
Bond Richard B. packer, 311 Argyle av 
Bond Robert, med. student, 182 Mulberry 
Bond Samuel W. carp. 41 Whatcoat 
Bond Mrs. Sarah T., Hampden 
Bond-st M.E. Ch.(South)Bond nr Jackson sqav 
Bond Thos. lab. Homestead 
Bond Thos. cigarmkr, 48 Washington av 
Bond Thos. caulker, 10 O'Donnell 
Bond Thos. fireman, Hampden 
Bond Thos. (Thos. B. & Sons) 99 n Bond 
BOND THOS. & SON (T.and J.Bond) produce, 

84 Light-st whf - 
Bond Thos. B. barber, 218 Peirce 
Bond Thos. J. blacksmith, 39 Low 
BOND & TIDY (G. Morris Bond, John B.Tidy, 

jr. ) attorneys, over 42 n Charles 
Bond Washington, fireman, Hampden 
Bond Wm. brakeman, Hampden 
Bond Wm. driver, 397 s Dallas 
Bond Wm. manufr. fireworks, office Durham nr 

Fayette, dw 337 e Baltimore 
Bond Wm. produce, 249 n Bond 
Bond Wm. engineer. Bond and McElderry 
Bond Wm. (Wm. B. & Co.) 381 e Pratt 
BOND WM. & CO. (W. Bond) com. and pro- 
duce merchts. n e cor Pratt and HoUingsworth 
Bond Wm. A. carp. 14 s Oregon 
Bond Wm. C. huckster, 345 e Favette 
Bond Wm. S. B. clerk, 146 n Strieker 
BOND AY JAMES, Jr. wharfinger, Gibson's 

whf, dw 106 s Chester 
BONDAY JAMES, Jr. & CO.(Jas.Bondayjr.) 

salt, offices 58 South and Gibson's whf 
Bonday Jas. oak cooper, lllThames,dwl87Gough 
Bonday John H. cigarmkr, 187 Gough 
Bonday Wm. W. clerk, 187 Gough 
Bondman Chas. butcher, Chester nr Monument 
Bone J. M. & Bro. (John M. and Jas. L. Bone) 

store, Hampden 
Bone Jas. L. (J. M. B. & Bro.) Hampden 
Bone John M. (J. M. B. & Bro.) Hampden 
Bone Robert T. clerk, Hampden 
Bone Wm. telegraphist, 9 Warren 
Bone Wm. jr. clerk, 9 Warren 
Bone Wm. magistrate, 58 Camden, dw 9 Warren 
Bone Wm. H. draughtsman, Hampden 
Boness Paul, junk, 25 Woodward 
Bonhage Mrs. Elizabeth, notions, 34 e Lombard 
Bonhage Fredk. tailor,61^ w Fayette, dw 252 e 

WM. WIRT CLARKE, Flour and General Commission Merchant. 
English & German Portland Cements for Pavements & Artificial Stone work generally. 

Insurance Agents and Bro kers, American Building. 
~~ BON ^ 105 . BOO 

Bonhage Mrs. Helen, notions, 12 e Pratt 
Benhage Henry W. merchant tailor, 17 South, 

dw 12 e Pratt 
Bonhage Phili]^, niercht. tailor, 34 e Lombard 
Bonheim David, tailor, 50 Druid Hill av 
Boninger Bros. (E. Boninger, R. Lehr) tobacco 

com. and ship, merchts. over 29 s Charles 
Boninger Edward, (Bros. B.) 29 s Charles 
Bonn Anthony, watchman, 190 Arlington av 
Bonn Anthony S. 149 n Carey 
Bonn Daniel W. salesman, 107 McCulloh 
Bonn Mrs. Elizabeth, 1.59 Jefferson 
Bonn Mrs. F. A. boarding, 86 n Charles 
Bonn Fred, cigarmkr, 398 Canton av 
Bonn Geo. A. cooper, 159 Jefferson 
Bonn John W. lab. Hampden 
Bonn Joseph A. cigar manufr. over 45 German, 

dw 231 n Carrollton av ' 
Bonn Louis, canrakr, 181 n Central av 
Bonnamell Peter W. mariner, 158 s Collington av 
Bonner Capt. Elijah, mariner, 42 Spring row 
Bonner John, carp. 43 s Durham 
Bonnett Bros. (J. A. and F. M. Bonnett) hard- 
ware and cutlery, 159 Forrest 
Bonnett Chas. canmkr, 148 s Regester 
Bonnett Ernst W. shoemkr, 306 Canton av 
Bonnett Francis M. (B. Bros.) 307 e Biddle 
Bonnett Isaac, peddler, 83 n Central av 
Bonnett Jacob, shoes, 306 Canton av 
Bonnett Jacob, lab. 190 s Caroline 
Bonnett Joseph A. (B. Bros.) 307 e Biddle 
Bonnett Joseph L. currier, 307 e Biddle 
Bonnett Wm. painter, 190 s Caroline 
Bonney John, clerk, St. Clair hotel 
Bonney James E. bookkpr, 350 e Pratt 
Bonney Capt. Seth, printer, 36 s Greene 
Bonsai Chas. E. clerk, Patterson av nr Mount 
Bonsai Collin, bricklayer, 48 Rock 
Bonsai Edward J. clerk, 37 n Paca 
Bonsai Gerand B. clerk, Patterson av nr Mount 
Bonsai John, clerk, 602 w Lombard 
Bonsai John, carp. Patterson av nr Mount 
Bonsai John jr. plasterer, Patterson av nr Mount 
Bonsai Louis, magistrate, Harford rd opp Dar- 

ley park 
Bonsai Louis, expressman, 223 n Gay 
Bonsai Robert F. clerk, Patterson av nr Mount 
Bonsai Robert F. brickmkr, 136 Scott ', 

Bonsai Stephen, office over 79 Exchange pi, dw 1 

n e cor Charles and Eager 
Bonsall A. S. postmistress, Wavcrley 
Bonsall Robt. F. silversmith, 98 e Favette 
Bonzenbeck John, engineer, 212 n Eden 

EPISCOPAL CHURCH, Rev. D. H. Carroll, 

agent, 168 w Baltimore 
Booker Elias, painter, Hampden 
Booker Eliza, Cli[tper mills 
Booker Henry C. engraver and plate printer, over 

209 w Baltimore, dw 111 s Sharp 
Booker Jas.W. painter, Patterson av nr Gilmor 
Booker John L. hatter, 49 Clay, dw 89 Mosher 
Booker John T. painter, 466 n Calhoun 
Booker Thos. L. plasterer, 61 Laurens 
Booker Dr. W. D. 152 w Madison 
Booker W infield S. attorney, 247 George 
Bookhultz, Geo. L. driver,"l33 William 
Bookhultz Joseph H. tin and sheet iron worker, 

133 William 
Boom Matthew, moulder, 288 s Bond 
Boon Charles, hostler, 242 n Caroline | 


Made water-ticht. and preserved for years, bv tbor- 
onghly applyincr ELASTIC CEMENT and 


Bj/ increwhig the qtiai'titii of Gum. we make a Paint 
for Damp Walls whlcli is unequaled. All work 
guaranteed. Atrial is all wt- ask. Orders solicited 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

B. M SADLER & CO., Sole M.innfacturers. 

No. 3 COURTLAND STREET, up stairs. 

Boone & Ahlsleger (D. A. Boone and Wm. Ahl- 

sleger) fish, cheese and butter, 47 Light 
Boone Charles F. steamfitter 163 Aisquith 
Boone Charles H. lumber inspector, City block, 

dw 18 s Bond 
Boone Daniel A. (B. & Ahlsleger) 46 Courtland 
Boone Daniel A. carp. Woodberry 
Boone Mrs. Eliza M. 47 Mulberry 
Boone Mrs. Elizabeth, 152 n Exeter 
Boone George H. clerk, 152 n Exeter 
Boone Gideon, lab. Hampden 
Boone James F. clerk, Hampden 
Boone James H. broommkr, 343 n Ann 
Boone James H. clerk, 39 Preston 
Boone John, lab. Hampden 
Boone John A. W. clerk, Woodberry 
Boone John H. shoemkr, 6 s Norris al 
Boone John H. D. jr. broker, 269 n Caroline 
Boone John W. jr. lumber inspector, 71 Smith's 

whf, dw 531 n Gay 
Boone John W. shoemkr, 392 e Fayette 
Boone Joseph E. butter, 39 Preston 
Boone Joseph H. carp. 39 Preston 
Boone Joseph H. shoemkr, 413 e Fayette 
Boone Joseph H. jr. clerk, 413 e Fayette 
Boone Mrs. Margaret, Hampden 
Boone Matthew, police, 91 Oak 
Boone Milton H. police, 212 e Pratt 
Boone Oliver Y. carp. 163 n Fremont 
Boone Philip, mailer, 55 Harford av 
Boone Robert, conductor, 47 Warren 
Boone Robert C. stonemason, Hampden 
Boone Robert W. cabinetrakr, 55 Harford av 
Boone Samuel, wholesale junk, metal and paper 

stock, 73 Block, dw 413 e Fayette 
Boone Wm. porter, Woodberry 
Boone Wm. C. moulder, Hampden 
Boone Wm. G. painter, 65 Madeira al 
Boone Wm. H. steamfitter, 166 Aisquith 
Boone Wm. M. pres't Mt. Vernon Co. 26 Mul- 
berry and York rd nr North av 
Boone"Wm. R. clerk, 152 n Exeter 
BOOTH A. oyster packer, Boston st. Canton, dw 

Booth Alfred E. manager for A. Booth, dw 22 s 

Booth Alfred E. 40 e Fayette 
Booth Chas. C. provisions, 304 n Bond 
Booth Francis (W.O.L.B.& Co.) 53 s Caroline 
Booth Frank, plumber, 280 Hollius 
Booth Geo. driver, 154 n Front 
Booth Geo. W. carp. Western Md. hotel 
Booth Geo.W.painter,123Forrest,dw 247 n Eden 
Booth Harry B. carriagemkr, 219 Aisquith 
Booth Henry, machinist, 387 w Lombard 
Booth Henry, huckster, 507 w Lombard 
Booth HenrV A. sign painter, 54 s Eden 
Booth Jame^ (W.O.L.B.& Co.) 53 s Caroline 
Booth John C. upholsterer, 219 Aisquith 
Booth Capt. John H. mariner, 79 Gough 

No. 61 S. GAY STREET. 

BOO 106 BOS 

Booth- John T. clerk, 94 s Sharp 

Booth Joseph C. plasterer, 373 Penna av 

Booth Marshall, tailor, 168 n Dallas 

Booth Michael, rigger, 196 Eastern av 

Booth Mrs. Minnie, 40 e Fayette 

Booth Robert, engineer, 96 Eastern av 

Booth Samuel H. brickmkr, 4 McCabe ct 

Booth Sarah, 116 Saratoga 

Booth Stanislaus L. 94 s Sharp 

Booth Thos. B. milkman, 350 n Gilmor 

Booth \V.O.L.& Co. ( W. 0. L., Francis and Jas. 

Booth) painters, 53 s Caroline 
Booth Washington (Fitzgerald, Booth & Co.) 28 

Booth Wm. 22 e Lombard 
Booth Wm. clerk, 116 Saratoga 
Booth Wm.O.L. ( W.O.L.B.& Co.) 53s Caroline 
Bootmau Sherwood, lab. 87J Jefferson 
Booz Mrs. A. M., Bank and Collington av 
Booz Chas. W. shipbuilder, Atlantic whf, office 

103 Thames, dw. 40 Jackson pi 
Booz Daniel W. oysters, 13 n High, dw 154 

Booz Edwd.G.(Jno.T. Jordan & Co.) 5 s Chester 
Booz Geo. W. painter, 93 Watson 
Booz Geo. W. plasterer, 31 s Ann 
Booz Henry P. shipcarp. 112 s Regester 
Booz James, painter, 93 Watson 
Booz John J. junk, 292 s Caroline, dw Bank and 

Collington av 
Booz Joseph L. wood, opp. 102 Light-st wharf, 

dw 331 Light 
Booz Thos. moulder, 31 s Ann 
Booz Thos. H. clerk. Bank and Collington av 
Booz Thos. J. lab. 93 Watson 
Booz Washington B. clerk, 40 Jackson pi 
Booz Wm. clerk, 103 Pearl 
Booze Mrs. Eliza, 77 William 
Booze James H. clerk, 94 n Broadway 
Booze Marcellus, bookkpr, 188j Montgomery 
Booze Wm. wood, 77 William 
Booze Wm. wood, opp. 102 Light-st wharf, dw 

88 William 
, Booze Wm. lab. Ill Hamburg 
Booze AVm. jr. med. student, 88 William 
Booze Wm. E. salesman, 94 n Broadway 
Bopp Chas. L. constable, 194 William 
Bopp Francis, teacher, 151 Hamburg 
Bopp Gregory, mercht. tailor, 154 Light-st whf. 

dw 223 William 
Bopp John, lab. 189 s Caroline 
Bopp John L. carp. 413 Light 
Bopp Mrs. Mary L. dry goods, 413 Light 
Boram T. Jefferson, sexton 10 Miller 
Borax Heiiry, lab. 241 s Bethel 
Borcherding Herman, drayman, 377 William 
Borcherding John H. clerk, 195 Hanover 
Borchers August, cigarmkr, 66 Biddle nr Wolfe 
Borchers Rev. C. 132 s Sharp 
Borchers Henry, cigarmkr, 72 Biddle nr Wolfe 
Borck Henry, lab. 221 s Bond 
Border Fredk. (Kaable & B.) 140 Myrtle av 
Border State Savings Institution, A. Livingston 

King, pres't 2 s Poppleton 
Border Stale Perpetual Building Association, 

Wm. T. Byrnes, sec'y, 2 s Poppleton 
Bordley C. A. artist, 144 German 
Bordley & Co. (Geo. S. and F. F. H. Bordley) 

grocery, Waverley 
Bordley F. F. H. (B. & Co.) Waverley 
Bordley Geo. S. (B. & Co.) clerk, Waverley 
Bordley Harry F. F. clerk, Waverley 

Bordley Mrs. Isabella E. boarding and day 

school, .itacSSlpB'- A"^ ^'^-^ ^•'>.<s-i. ^-, 
Bordley M. C. artist, 144 German 
Bordley Mad. M. V. hairdresser, 92 s Sharp 
Bordley Robert G. printer, 92 s Sharp 
Bordley Wm. C. sr. Waverley 
I Bordley Wm. C. jr. teller, 73 Mosher 
I Borged Geo. (Hoover & Co.) 25 Sterrett 

Borgelt Mrs. Cather'e, prov. 77 n Arlington av 
I Borgelt Emma, saleslady, 77 n Arlington av 
Borgelt Wra. H. huckster, 10 Wyeth 
Borgerding Henry, milk, 247 n Eden 
Bor^'man Henry, butcher, Madison and Durham 
j Borgman Henry, cabinetmkr, 45 Clay 
Borgmeier Adam, drayman, 83 Somerset 
Boring Elias, stonecutter, 1 Wilhelm 
I Boring John T. & Co. ( J. T. Boring, John H. Ire- 
land) manufs. cigars, 265 and 269 w Pratt 
! Boring John T. (J.T.B&Co.) 96 s Paca 
I Borisch Chas. restaurant, 14 President 

Bork Henry, 25 s Eutaw 
I Borland J. K. clerk, 63 Harlem av 
I Borman Christian, blacksmith, 343 Orleans 
I Bormann Christian, spice grinder, 100 n Spring 
' Bormann Henry C. drift^er, Belair av ext 
I Bormann James, coppersmith, 100 n Spring 
j Bormann John sr. spice grinder, 100 n Spring 
' Bormann John, jr. barber, 297 n Ann 
j Bormann Mrs. Mary, 100 n Spring 
\ Bormann Wm. barber, 287 e Madison, dw 100 
n Spring 
Bormuth Joseph, hairspinner, 355 n Central av 
Born August, grocery, 378 Saratoga 
Born Chas. grocery, 314 Canton av 
Born Chas. blacksmith, 37 Waesche 
Born Herman, blacksmith and wheelwright, 37 

Born Herman, distiller and essence manufr. 16 

Born John, liquors, 104 n Freniont 
Born John, wheelwright, 37 Waesche 
Born Theo. hairworker, 60 s Monroe 
Borneman Adam, baker, 886 w Pratt 
Borneman Chas. A. painter, 81 s Dallas 
Borneman Otto, pianomkr, 236 s Paca 
Borneman J. H. W. tail ir, 195 n Dallas 
Borner Edwd. harnessmkr, 51 s Central av 
Borner Gotlieb, tanner, 198 Forrest 
Bornhage Mrs. Macy, shoes, 35 Saratoga 
Bornheim Benj. liquors, 202 Lexington 
Bornheim Meyer, cigarmkr, 81 Camden 
Bornheim Moses, salesman, 19 n Caroline 
Bornheim Wm. liquors, 19 n Caroline, dw 107 

Bornhorn Henry, cigarmannfr, 343 n Central av 
Bornhorn J. H. cigarmkr, 343 n Central av 
Bornitz Fred, provisions, 89 n AVashington 
Bornman Ludwig, watchman, 9 L. Gough 
Borumuller Gebhardt, lithogr'c printer, 2 Smith 
Bornnman Chas. W. bakery, 323 Cathedral 
Bornshener Wm. tailor, 105 Low 
Bornschein Theodore, musician, 160 Chew 
Bornschlagel Mrs. Catherine, groc'^', 22 Cross 
Bornschlagel Geo. lab. 22 Cross 
Bornsley Emmet, blacksmith, 339 Penna av 
Borrel P. M. 190 e Fayette 
Bortole Nicholas, fruit, 3 State 
Borum Mrs. Mary, 10 Miller 
Borum Thos. J. sexton, 10 Miller 
Borum Wra. D. bricklayer, 39 Clarke 
Bory Ferdinand, stovemkr, 77 n Wolfe 
Bosche Chas. tailor, 200 w Fayette 


Packing, Beltine 

Engineers' anJ Machinists' Tools and Supplies, 
Hose, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Wasliers, &c. 

O. F. Bresee, G-eneral Agent, American Bu ilding. 
BOS 107 BOU 

Boschardt Wm. boxmkr, 111 n Fremont 
Bose Mrs. Wm. 114 St. Paul 
Bosee John K. salesman, 41 s Sharp 
Boshaminer Henry, shoemkr, 97 s Caroline 
Boshaminer John, lab. 498 Canton av 
Boshammer Adam W. driver, 24 n Strieker ext 
Bosley Bernhard, shoemkr, 11 Elizabeth la 
Bosley Chas. paperhanger, 64 Jackson sq av 
Bosley Chas. H. caulker, 180 Johnson 
Bosley Mrs. Eleanor T. Charles-st and Hunting- 
don avs 
Bosley Geo. W. cigarmkr, 5 Pear al 
Bosley J. W. caulker, 29 Covington 
Bosley J. W. driver. Sweet Air 
Bosley Jacob, lab. Hampden 
Bosley Dr. James, 319 Hollins 
Bosley Mrs. Jane, 92 Penna av 
Bosley John, engineer, North av nr Penna av 
Bosley John, 2 n Bond 
Bosley John, processor, 305 Bank 
Bosley John C. restaurant, 183 Lexington 
Bosley Mrs. M. A. grocery, 29 Covington 
Bosley Nich. M. engineer, North av nr Penna av 
Bosley Thomas, driver, 92 Penna av 
Bosley Wm. brassfinisher, 135 n Carev 
Bosley Wm. lab. 122 St. Peter 
Bosley Wm. machinist, 239 Peirce 
Bosley Wm. H. teller Chesapeake bank, d\v Bal- 
timore CO 
Bosley Wm. H. clerk Health dept. 82 n Wolfe 
Bosley Wm. T. conductor, 147 e Madison 
Bosman Alex. carp. 209 William 
Bosman Wm. J. engineer, 33 Covington 
Boss,17 South, dw 220 n Gilmor 
Boss Adam, lab. 432 Eastern av 
Boss Berkhard, tailor, 218 n Caroline 
Boss Daniel, salesman, 34 Albemarle 
Boss Frank, cooper, 175 s Durham 
Boss G. L. 17 South, dw 477 n Strieker 
Boss Geo. cooper, 37 s Castle 
Boss Capt. Geo. mariner, 139 s Bond 
Boss Henry, upholsterer, 188 vv Biddle 
Boss John D. 50 e Lombard 
Boss Martin, shoemkr, 84 Leadenhall 
Boss Philip A. cigarmkr, 13 Lorman 
Boss Robert, lab. 6 Bartlett 
Boss Robert, mariner, 2 n Bond 
Boss Robt. D. liquors, ,17 South, dw 13 Lorman 
Boss Wilhelmina, dressmkr, 50 e Lombard 
Bosse Anton, liquors, 279 e Lombard 
Bosse Andrew, shoemkr, 128 Conway 
Bosse Henry, cabinetmkr, 207 s Fremont 
Bosse Henry, 87 s Patterson Park av 
Bosse Joseph, cabinetmkr, (31 Leadenhall 
Bosselle Louis, notions, 174 s Broadway 
Bossle Chas. cigars, &c. 7 e Pratt 
Bossle Joseph C. bakery, 5 e Pratt 
Bosson Geo. F. upholsterer, 132 n Pine 
Bosson Jas. W. sr. upholsterer, 238 Penna av 
Bosson Jas. W. jr. upholsterer, over 1 u Gay, 

dw 13 Greenmount av 
Bossyas Joseph, lab. 375 s Sharp 
Bostick Chas. lab. 78 Beason 
Bostick Ferdinand, lab. 15 New 
Boston Chas. clerk, 119 s Eden 
Boston Francis A. boilermkr, Woodberry 
Boston Jacob, librarian to School Comm'rs, dw 

67 e Fayette 
Boston Jacob W. tinner, 67 e Fayette 
Boston James M. canmkr, 180 Gough 
Boston Jno.E.H. (E.L.Parker ife Co. )244 Lanvale 
Boston Mrs. Martha A. 119 s Eden 


Made water-tight, and preserved for years, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMENT aud 


By increasing the qvanfity of Gvm, we make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which is unequaled. All work 
guaranteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders solicited 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired 

D. M. SADLER & CO., Sole Manufacturers, 

No.3 COURTLAND STREET, up stairs. 

gins, agt. office Boston whf, foot of Long Dock 
Boston Robert H. mariner, 16 L. Church 
Boston Samuel, puddler, 161 s Wolfe 
Boston Wm. J. lab. 28 Ryan 
Boswell Bernard P. clerk, 520 Mulberry 
Boswell Fielder, carp. 254 Presstman 
Boswell James B. tinner, 134 Columbia 
Boswell M. F. S.(B., Sills & Co.) 1,59 n Charles 
Boswell Marriott, elk. Police Board, 214 n Carey 
Boswell Milton A. clerk, 288 Townsend 
Boswell, Sills & Co. (M.F.S. Boswell, E.P.Sills) 
wholes, dried fruits and can' d goods, 51 South 
Boswell Wm. foreman, 134 Columbia 
Boswell Wm. pictures, 167 e Madison, dw 211 n 

Boswell Wm. jr. police, 18 Johnson 
Bostwick A. W. (Harrison & B.) 63 s Gay 
Bosworth Jeremiah, exp. mess'r, 42 s Gilmor 
Boteler A. E. clerk, 413 w Fayette 
Boteler Andrew K. carp. Wilmer al, dw 285 

A r gyle av 
Boteler Charles I. machinist, 702 Saratoga 
Boteler Charles R. dentist, 45 s Oregon 
Boteler Columbus, shoemkr, Waverley 
Boteler Geo. M. shoemkr, 424 Mulberry 
Boteler John M. clerk, 312 Franklin 
Bothe Julius, teacher, 49 Brown 
Bothe Louis, cigarmkr, 17 Butler 
Bothe Louisa, grocery, 49 Brown 
Bothmann Charles jr. watchmkr, 206 Hanover 
Bothmann Ernst F. C. collector, 202 Hanover 
Bothoff .August, cooper, 294 s Paca 
BothofF George, cooper, 865 w Baltimore 
Bothoff Henry, cooper, 294 s Paca 
Bothoff Jacob, cooper, 294 s Paca 
BOTHWELL JOHN R. journalist, American 

building, dw 256 n Carey 
Botsford Charles T. chairmkr, 229 Hudson 
Botsford Mrs. Temperance A. L. 229 Hudson 
Bott Mrs. Christine, 70 Union 
Bott Mrs. Ella, Belair av nr Washington 
Bott Jacob, carp. 122 s Wolfe 
Botterill Mrs. Susan, dressmkr, 256 e Madison 
Bottiger George, shoemkr, 328 s Sharp 
Bottreill Francis, turn, wagons, 1()8 Townsend 
Bottom Samuel D. tinner, 94 n Fremont 
Bottoiiier H. H. clerk, 84 n Howard 
BOTTOMER FRED. J. boot and shoemf r, 9a 

Bottomer James, cabinetmkr, 69 Scott 
Bottomfeet Peter, baker, 238 Hamburg 
Botts Mrs. Annie, 237 Montgomery 
Botts T. H. bookkpr, 18 n Gilmor 
Botzler Elizabeth, grocery, 37 s Burke 
Botzler John, moulder, 37 s Burke 
Boublitz Henry, Hampden 
Bouchart John, painter, 139 Peirce 
Boucher Francis X. salesman, 417 Orleans 


No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 

BOU 108 BOW 

Boucher John, lab. Hampden 
Boucher John, cigarmkr, 3G9 Orleans 
Boucher Wm. jr. musical instruments, 38 e Bal- 
timore, dvv 232 w Lanvale 
Bouchet Mrs. Elizab. grocery, 42 Constitution 
Bouchet Joseph A. police, 31 Constitution 
Boucsein Gustave F. clerk, 319 Orleans 
Boucseiu Lewis, apothec'y, Orleans and Wolfe 
Boudar Joseph G. drug clerk, 481 Franklin 
Boude Chas. H. clerk, 35 Wilson 
Boudeard Henry, bakery, 230 n Caroline 
Boughman John, cigarmkr, Jasper and New 
Boughman Lewis, saddler, 6 n Fremont 
Boughman Louis, coachman, Park av and Rich- 
Bonis John H. bookkpr, 32 Pleasant 
Boulden Chas. N. clerk, 72 s Washington 
Boulden David P. clerk, 72 s Washington 
Boulden Dr. Jas. E. P. 13 Mulberry 
Boulden John T. lab. Mt. Vernon 
Boulden John W. letter carrier, 14 s Greene 
Boulden Mrs. W. J. 72 s Washington 
Bouldin Alfred, carp. 215 Aisquith 
Bouldin Mrs. Arianna, 215 Aisquith 
Bouldin Augustus, surveyor, 40 St. Paul, dw 

38 Aisquith 
Bouldin Daniel, plasterer, 4 Chapel, nr Belair av 
Bouldin Geo. H. lab. Wolfe nr Chase 
Bouldin Hutton L. student, 542 Lexington 
Bouldin James, arab, 120 Hamburg 
Bouldin Owen A. surveyor, 38 Aisquith 
Bouldin R. J., Gibbon's hotel 
BOULDIN RANDOLPH J. attorney, 51 Lex- 
ington, dw 542 
Bouldin Richard E. clerk N. 0., dw Harford co 
Bouldin Wm. shirtmkr, 49 w Fayette, dvv 67 

Harlem av 
Bouldin Wm. jr. reporter, 67 Harlem av 
Boult John, 2 n Broadway 
Boult Thos. H. sr. pilot, 2 n Broadway 
Boult Thos. H. jr. 2 n Broadway 
Boultou John, glassblower, 397 Scott 
Boulton Reuben, lab. 397 Scott 
Boulton Robert, lab. 397 Scott 
Bounds John H. painter, 28 Etting 
Bounds Oliver, plumber, 28 Etting 
Bourbon August, cook, 78 Park av 
Bourguet Frances, 693 w Fayette 
Bourke Bernard H. clerk, 67 Hill 
Bourke John W. farmer, 71 s Greene 
Bourke Thos. engraver, Oxford, York rd 
Boupe Geo. clerk, 772 Lexington 
Bourne Jas. cigarmkr, 53 n Eden 
Bourne John Dl hatter, 16 s Eden, dw 53 n 
Bourne Mrs. Mary, grocery, 53 n Eden 
Bourne Saml. hatter, 53 n Eden 
Bourne Virgil F. clerk, 119 n Gilmor 
Bourne Wm. L. clerk, 360 Mulberry 
Boutwell Minzen W. sailmkr, 133 Scott 
Boving Harman, clerk, 330 w Pratt 
Bow den Saml. 5 n Calhoun 
Bowder Joseph, painter, 96 St. Peter 
■Bowdoin Arthur, mariner, 60 Courtland 
Bowdoin Geo. B. & Co. (Geo.E. Bowdoin,Geo. 
Frame) com. merchts, over cor Bowly's whf 
and Pratt 
Bowdoin Chas. clerk, 60 Courtland 
Bowdoin Geo. E. (G.E.B. & Co.) 130 n Charles 
Bowdoin Lloyd, clerk, 60 Courtland 
Bowdoin Peter, clerk, 60 Courtland 
BOWDOIN WM. G. (Alex. Brown & Sons)130 
n Charles 

Bowdoin Severn, farmer, 60 Courtland 
Bowe A. H. instrument mkr, 76 Saratoga 
Bowen Mrs. A. M. 97 n Bond 
Bowen Albert M. grocery. Chase and Forrest pi 
Bowen Amos E. conductor, 36 Columbia 
Bowen Benj. driver, 246 n Wolfe 
Bowen Benson 0. fireman, 279 Hanover 
Bowen Mrs. Catherine, 59 e Pratt 
Bowen Chas. S. 97 n Bond 
Bowen Edward, driver, 12 Whatcoat 
Bowen Edward, painter, 225 e Baltimore 
Bowen Mrs. Eliza A. 71 n Caroline 
Bowen Mrs. Emma S. seamstress 
Bowen Mrs. Esther, Patterson av nr Mount 
Bowen Frank, blacksmith, Waverley 
Bowen Franklin, blacksmith, 170 Penna av 
Bowen G. S. carpets, oil cloths, &c., 2 w Balti- 
more, dw 43j n Exeter 
Bowen Geo. D. stereotyper, 18 n Eden 
Bowen Geo. W. printer, 17 Myrtle av 
Bowen Geo. W. butcher, 85 Lexington and 12 

Centre Markets, dw Penna av ext 
Bowen Geo. W. (B. & Mercer) 330 e Baltimore 
Bowen Granville, carp. 8 s Fremont 
Bowen Hall, 30 Frederick av 
Bowen Henry C. agent, 94 Warner 
Bowen Henry T. carp. Clifton nr Penna av 
Bowen Henry W. D. bookkpr, 101 William 
Bowen Mrs. Isaac, grocery, n e cor Penna av 

and Clifton 
Bowen J. S. (Rauch & B.) 465 e Lombard 
Bowen James C. j)aperhanger, 301 n Ann 
Bowen James C. shipsmith, 67 William 
Bowen Jesse J. tailor, 426 Orleans 
Bowen Jesse N. attorney, 51 Lexington, dw 208 

e Baltimore 
Bowen John B. engraver, 8 s Fremont 
Bowen John C. bricklayer, Huntingdon av nr 

Mt. Royal 
Bowen John L. salesman, 30 n Pine 
Bowen John S. farmer, 71 n Caroline 
Bowen Leonard, lab. 303 s Paca 
Bowen Levi, shipsmith, 67 AVilliam 
Bowen Levi jr. paperhanger, 73 Winchester 
Bowen Lewis F., Oalverton 
Bowen Lewis F. jr. clerk, Calverton 
Bowen & Mercer, (Geo. W. Bowen, Chas. H.Mer- 
cer) phosphates, lime and oil, 72 Exchange pi 
Bowen Philip, cigarmkr, 170 Penna av 
Bowen R. S. & Co. (R. S. Bowen, Wm.McG«e, 
C. D. Milbourne) sailmakers, over s w cor 
Camden and Light 
Bowen Richard S.(R.S.B.& Co. and Milbourne, 

McGee & Co.) 189 Hanover 
Bowen Sol. flour and feed, 30 Frederick av, dw 

618 w Lombard 
Bowen Stephen S. engineer, Gough and Patter- 
son Park av 
Bowen Thos. butcher, 170 Penna a-v 
Bowen Thos. E. grocery, Gilmor and Patterson av 
Bowen Thos. H. lab. 3 Wilhelm 
Bowen Thos. H. painter, 4 German, dw 211 e 

Bowen Webster McLane, Lanvale ext 
Bowen Wm. G. lab. 170 Penna av 
Bowen Wm. H. police, 55 William 
Bowen Wm. II. brassfinisher, 23 e Madison 
Bowen Wm. H. conductor, 161 w Townsend 
Bowen Wm. I. salesman, 17 Myrtle av 
Bowen Wm P. bricklayer, 18 w Federal 
Bower Adam, cooper, 21s Durham 
Bower Andrew, carp. 102 Warner 

Wm. Wirt Clarke, Imp'd Cements for all kinds Ornamental work, 
No. 61 S. GAY STREET. 

Largest Life Ins. Co. in theWorld, O.F.Brese e, G-en. Agt. 
^ "" BOW ^ 



Bower Chas. conductor, Harford rd opp Darley 

Bower Charles, moulder, 205 Conway 
Bower Edward C. clerk, 254 e Baltimore 
Bower Fred, wireworker, 231 J Mulberry 
Bower Fredk. lab. 47 n Duncan al 
Bower Geo. sr. confectioner, 492 Lexington 
Bower Geo. jr. papcrhanger, 492 Le.\ington 
Bower Mrs. John, 95 n Calvert 
Bower John, tinner, 254 e Baltimore 
Bower John F. tinner, 492 Lexington 
Bower Lewis M. butcher, 494 Saratoga 
Bower Michael, grocery, 12 Penn 
Bower T. C. clerk, 254 e Baltimore 
BOWER WM. shoemkr, 95 n Calvert 
Bower Wm. sr. lab. 205 Conway 
Bower Wm. moulder, 220 Conway 
Bowerman George, lab. Clinton nr Second av 
Bowerman H. Hammond, clerk, 78 n Carey 
Bowerman Henry, bookkpr, Waverly 
Bowerman Richard N. 78 n Carej' 
Bowerman Wm. H. (Hewitt & B.) Balto. co 
Bowers Adam, lab. 42 Sterrett 
Bowers Adam, cabinetmkr, 427 Cross 
Bowers Mrs. Ann, 14 Davis 
Bowers Aug. bookbinder, 163 n Eutaw 
Bowers Chas. caumkr, 12 s Norris al 
Bowers Chas. lab. 19 s Monroe 
Bowers Chas. B. 384 w Fayette 
Bowers Chas. F. stovemounter, Sterrett nr 

Bowers Chas. W. carp. 177 e Madison 
Bowers Christian, hatter, 83 Ensor 
Bowers Mrs. Elizabeth, oils and glassware, 65 

e Fayette 
Bowers Elizabeth, steam dyeing, 172 n Eutaw, 

dw 542 w Baltimore 
Bowers Frank, clerk, 14 Davis 
Bowers Frank K. coachmkr, 384 w Fayette 
Bowers Fredk. J. painter, 244 Conway 
Bowers George clerk, 140 n Eden 
Bowers George, cooper, 550 s Charles 
Bowers George, lab. 16 Cooksie 
Bowers George E. restaurant, 74 and 76 w Pratt, 

dw 323 Caroline nr John 
Bowers George H. coachmkr, 384 w Fayette 
Bowers George W. lab. 42 Sterrett 
Bowers Gotleib, milk, 393 s Sharp 
Bowers H. furu. wagon, 35 s Oregon 
Bowers Henry, huckster, 388 Eastern av 
Bowers Henry, fireman, 19 James la 
Bowers Henry, lab. 35 s Oregon 
Bowers Henrv, lab. 132 McHenry 
Bowers Henry A.( Wm.B.&Sons")384 w Fayette 
Bowers James W. (Medairy & B.) 5 u Calhoun 
43owers James W. apothecary, 705 w Baltimore, 

dw 5 n Calhoun 
Bowers John, moulder, 10 Cuba 
Bowers John, cooper, 14 Elizabeth la 
Bowers John, crockeryware, 27 Brown la 
Bowers John, butcher, 27 Patterson av 
Bovvers John, driver, 14 Davis 
Bowers John, engineer, 379 William 
Bowers John, lab. 17 Sterrett 
Bowers John E. coach painter, 106 Mosher 
Bowers John F. tinner, 492 Lexington 
Bowers John H. lab. 42 Sterrett 
Bowers Levi T. blacksmith, 120 Parkin 
Bowers Louis, hatter, 83 Ensor 
Bowers Mrs. M. R. notions, 7 s Collington av 
Bowers Mrs. Mary, seamstress, 8 n Castle 
Bowers Mrs. Mary C. tobacconist, 35 s Oregon 


Made water-tight, and preserved for years, by thor- 
oiT^hly applving bTlASTIO CEMEMT and 


By increasing the giianti/y of Gvm. we make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which is unequalod. All work 
guarauteud. A trial is all we asli. Orders solicited 
for uew felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D. >1. SADLER & CO., Sole Manufacturers, 

No. 3 COURTLAND STREET, up Btalrs. 

Bowers Martin H. plumber, 109 Barre 

Bowers Oliver, brickmkr, McElderry ext 

Bowers Robert, lab. 10 Cuba 

Bowers Roswell N. bookkpr, 384 w Fayette 

Bowers Thos. lab. 49 Patuxent 

Bowers Thos. M. tobacconist, n w cor Gay and 

Pratt, dw 263 n Caroline 
Bowers Wm. collarnikr, 65 e Fayette 
Bowers Wm. m.achinist, 10 Cuba 
Bowers Wm. 384 w Fayette 
Bowers Wm. & Sons (H. A. Bowers) coachmkrs, 

406 w Baltimore 
Bowers Wm. T. coachmkr, 155 n Carey 
Bowersock Augustus, brickmkr, 20 Stockholm 
Bowersock Austin, telegraphist, 2 HoUins 
Bowersock Geo. W. tailor, 116 n Pine 
Bowersock J. W. asst. ticket agt. n e cor Balti- 
more and Calvert, dw 475 n Strieker 
Bowersock John S. bookbinder, 116 n Pine 
Bowersock Joseph 0. cooper, 218 Chew 
Bowersox Charles, carp. 8 Dover 
Bowersox Chas. C. cigarmkr, Woodberry 
Bowersox Daniel, lab. 4 Walker 
Bowersox David M. carp. Dewberry al nr Lom- 
bard, dw 8 Dover 
Bowersox Geo. drover, 8 Dover 
Bowersox Geo. lab. 4 Walker 
Bowersox Horatio, lab. 4 Walker 
Bowersox Jas. H. fire dept. 72^ George 
Bowersox Theodore K. salesman, 374 w Fayette 
Bowes John (B., Starr & Co.) 322 n Fremont 
Bowes, Starr k Co. (J. Bowes, J.J.Starr) im- 
porters of worsted goods, &c. 3 s Charles 
Bowie Albert B. 4 McCulloh 
Bowie Chas. W. photogr, 71 e Baltimore, dw 390 
Bowie Mrs. Cozine, 294 Bank 
Bowie Eugene A. clerk, 4 McCulloh 
Bowie Geo. painter, 236 e Madison 
BowieH.B. wood and coal,Calverton,dw 4Parkin 
Bowie Dr. H. S. 1 Edmondson av 
BOWIE ODEN, prest. B. & P.R.R. and Balti- 
more City Passr. Railway Co. dw Barnum's 
Bowie Mrs. R. M. 199 w John 
Bowie Reginald, machinist, 64 Saratoga 
Bowie W. W. W. attorney, and associate editor 
Maryland Farmer, 141 w Pratt, dw St. Den- 
nis, Balto. CO 
Bowie Wm. D. farmer, 283 n Charles 
Bowitch Elias, tailor, 245 s Charles 
Bowitch Simon, barber, 245 s Charles 
Bowling Chas. 0. shipsmith, 159 e Fayette 
Bowling Jas. M. clerk, 215 Druid Hill av 
Bowling John L. notions, 57 s Chester 
Bowling Joseph L mariner, 56 s Ann 
Bowling Lewis, sheetiron worker, 156 Bank 
Bowling Mrs. Mary, 53 n Castle 
Bowling Mrs. Mary J. 90 Centre 
ling, W^. P. Patterson) wholes, wines, liquors, 
&c. s e cor Calvert and German 

MARBLE CEMENT, (susceptible of the Highest Polish,) 
For Columns, and for Chitrch and Vestibule Work. 

mm^mmMi^MS i^ihhmaja,t!is!i^mn^ 




BowUug Robert R. (B., Patterson & Co.) York 

rd iir Govanstown 
Bowling Richard 11. mariner, 16 s Chester 
Bowling Thos. carter, 66 Eastern av 
Bowling Thos. pilot, 16 s Chester 
Bowling Wm. E. watchman, 133 Bank 
Bowling Wm. E. Police, 56 s Ann 
Bowling Wm. I. coal and wood, 110 s Chapel, 

dw 133 Bank 
Bowling Wm. I. jr. clerk, 112 s Chapel 
Bowling Wm. W. clerk, 90 Centre 
Bowly Samuel, clerk, 38 St. Paul 
Bowman Chas. lab. 155 e Biddle 
Bowman Geo. clerk, 95 Harlem av 
Bowman Geo. A. printer, 95 Harlem av 
Bowman Henry, lab. 28 Fell 
Bowman Henry C. plumber, 119 n Howard, dw 

449 n Strieker 
Bowman Mrs. Margaret, 315 e Lombard 
Bowman Mrs. Mary J. dressmkr, 117 Mulberry 
Bowman Philip, blacksmith, 141 Montgomery 
Bowman S. M. 318 n Fremont 
Bowman Samuel B. clerk, Harford av ext 
Bowman Theo. lab. Ill Ridgely 
Bowman Wm. glassblower, 141 Montgomery 
BOWMAN WM. & SON (Wm. and Wm. E. 

Bowman) junk, 116 Eastern av 
Bowman Wm. (Wm. B. & Son) Harford av ext 
Bowman Wm. E. (Wm.B. & Son) 61 s Eden 
Bownass Joseph, junk, 168 Columbia 
BOWNE EDWARD S. wholesale boots and 
shoes, 2 s Howard, dw s w cor Druid Hill av 
and Lanvale 
Browne Chas. S. cigarmkr, 58 s Bond 
Bowyer Theodore, coachmkr, 138 Greenmountav 
BowVer Thos. J. bricklayer, 298 Aisquith 
Boxwell Wm. F. (T.C. Burton & Co.) 132sPaca 
Boxwell Wm. F. jr. stonecutter, 132 s Paca 
Boyce Edward F. lab. 43 n Poppleton 
Boyce F. G. ticket agent P.W. and B.R.R. 340 

e Chase 
Boyce .James,prest. Wool Manuf g Co. 36Buren 
BOYCE JAMES, bituminous coal, office Ameri- 
can bldg, whfs Locust Point, dw Balto. co 
Boyce James jr. drayman, 544 s Charles 
Boyce James sr. lab. 544 s Charles 
Boyce John, lab. 544 s Charles 
Boyce John, oysters, 338 Penna av 
Boyce Wm. H. varnisher, 43 n Poppleton 
Boyd Albert L. clerk, 5 n Carey 
Boyd Amos, engineer, 53 s Chester 
Boyd Andrew J. cigarmkr, Chester nr Keyser 
Boyd Asa S. 322 Hollins 
Boyd Chas. clerk, 20 s Strieker 
Boyd Chas. D. bookkpr, 319 e Eager 
Boyd Chas. E. grocery, 6 Albemarle 
Boyd David, trav. agent, 265 w Lanvale 
Boyd D. Montgomery (Hilles,Boyd&Co.) Havre 

de Grace 
Boyd Mr.s. Elizabeth, Gilmor and Liberty rd 
Boyd Mrs. Frances A. 5 n Carey 
Boyd Francis G. tobacconist, 290 n Gay, dw 

31 e Baltimore 
Boyd Mrs. Francis A. 15 Goodman al 
Boyd Francis H. B. jr. 176 Lafayette av 
Boyd Frank W. clerk, Gilmor and Liberty rd 
Boyd Fredk. bricklayer, 288 s Paca 
Boyd George S. salesman, 55 n Strieker 
Boyd H. L. bookkpr, 53 n Liberty 
Boyd Hamilton, clerk, 63 Garden 
Boyd Henry J. clerk, 270 e Baltimore 
Boyd Henry D. mariner, 203 Bank 

Boyd Hugh S. property agent, 84 n Caroline 

Boyd James, plumber, 235 w Lanvale 

Boyd James A. mariner, 480 Canton av 

Boyd James D. mariner, 203 Bank 

Boyd Jame H. carp. 417 McHenry 

Boyd Jame H. saddler, Charles and Lexington, 

dw 53 n Liberty 
Boyd James W. clerk, 203 Bank 
Boyd James W. puddler, 220 Gough 
Boyd Jeremiah L. machinist, 81 Jackson sq av 
BOVD JOHN Jr. (Boyd & Ricketts) 362 n 

Boyd John, lab. 201 Columbia 
Boyd John C. sec'y Associated Firemen's Ins. 

Co. dw 319 e Eager 
Boyd John E. grocery, Fremont and Columbia 
Boyd John H. carpenter, 319 e Eager 
Boyd John P. mariner, 121 Gough 
Boyd John S. (Wm. L. B. & Bro.) 5 n Carey 
Boyd John W. police, 107 s Ann 
Boyd Joseph B. jjolice, 14 Argvle av 
BOYD JOS. C. (Bradford & B.) 123 w Biddle 
Bovd Jos. C. driver, 84 Lemmon al 
Boyd Mrs. Jos. C. 123 w Biddle 
Boyd Joseph G. porter, 29 Waesche 
Boyd M. P. 21 w Biddle 
Boyd Malcolm, lab. 3 Potomac 
Boyd Matthew, paperhanger, John nr Spring 
Boyd Mrs. Mary, 270 e Baltimore 
Boyd Mrs. Mary E. grocery, 84 Lemmon al 
Boyd Michael, porter, 45 Randall 
Boyd Philip D. 260 e Baltimore 

BOYD & EICKETTS, successors to 
John Boyd, Maltsters and Dealers 
in Hops, Malt House foot of Eutaw 
street, office 14 s Gay street. 

BOYD ROBERT E. chief clerk, P. 0. 260 e Bal- 
Boyd Samuel J. machinist, 127 Hollins 
BOYD SAMUEL R. lumber coms. mercht. 20 

West Falls av, dw 270 e Baltimore 
Boyd T. F. driver, Lemmon nr Mount 
Boyd Wm. lab. 29 Waesche 
Boyd Wm. salesman, cor Gilmor and Liberty rd 
Boyd Wm. A. clerk, 201 Columbia 
Boyd Wm. A.(W. A. B. & Co.) 20 s Strieker 
BOYD WM. A. & CO. (Wm. A. Boyd) to- 
bacco com. mchts. 33 South 
Boyd Wm. L.&Bro. (Wm.L.and John S. Boyd) 
flour, grain and com. merchts, 9 Spear's whf 
Boyd Wm. B. restaurant, 31 e Baltimore 
Boyd Wm. H. shipjoiner, 242 Eastern av 
Boyd Wm. H. puddler, 220 Gough • 
Boyd Wm. H. carp. 126 Chew 
Boyd Wm. L. ( Wm. L. B. & Bro.) 5 n Carey 
Boyd Wm. W. clerk, 319 e Eager 
BOYD WILSON R. secry Maryland Protective 

Union, 15 St. Paul, dw 200 Mosher 
Boyden Geo. A. (Photo. Engn. Co.) 62 Mullikin 
Boyden Wm. patternmkr, 62 Mullikin 
Boye James, dredger, 20 Eastern av 
Boyer Mrs. Annett, dairy, 4 s Bond 
Boyer Chas. II. machinist. Homestead 
BoyerDavid, superintendent, 94 Ramsay 
Boyer H. W. depot master, 228 Aisquith 
Boyer Henry, lab. 80 Maryland av 
Boyer James, caulker, 45 Fountain 
Boyer John, switchman, 619 s Charles 
Boyer John, carp. 511 Light 

HOLMES & CO., Engineers' and Machinists' Tools and Supplies, 
Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

Assets, $85,000,000.00. O. F. Bresee, G-en'l Agt. 


111 BRA 

Boyer John, lumber inspector, 156 s Dallas 
Beyer John H. conductor, 41 McHenry 
Boyer John W. clerk, 9 Jefferson 
Boyer Lemuel, brakeman, 511 Light 
Boyer Mrs. Mary, seamstress, 156 s Dallas 
Boyer Mrs. R. C., Oarrollton hotel 
Boyer Thos. W. clerk, 888 w Baltimore 
BOYER W.W.& CO. (W.W. Boyer, H. H. 
Easter) oyster and fruit packers, Philpot 2nd 
door \v of Wills 
Boyer Wm. carp. 156 s Dallas 
Boyer Wm. machinist, 94 Ramsay 
Boyer Wm. carp. 10 Wyeth 
Boyer Wm. W. (W.W."B.& Co. )26'2e Baltimore 
Bovies Henry, rigger, 36 Fountain 
BOYKLN, CARMER & CO. (Dr. T. J. Boykin, 
James W.Carmer, Alex.S.Baird and James G. 
Stanley) wholes, druggists, 3 n Liberty 
Boykin Dr. T. J. ( Boykin, Carmer & Co.) 184 n 

Arlington av 
Boylan Chas. lab. Cottage av nr York rd 
Boylan James, 168 s Central av 
Boylan James, stevedore, 101 Ensor 
Boylan James, hackman, 5 n Paca 
Boylan Owen, clerk, 42 Jackson 
Boylan Owen, lab. 98 s Duncan al 
Boylan Thomas, (Little & B) Guy's hotel 
Boylan Wm. driver, 155 Orleans 
Boyle Andrew, lab. Cooksie nr Fort av 
Boyle Austin F. clerk, 295 Myrtle av 
Boyle Chas. lab. 53 s Dewberry al 
Boyle Chas. F. lab. 56 s Dewberry al 
Boyle David, drayman, Hunter al nr John 
Boyle Mrs. Edward, 295 Myrtle av 
Boyle Edward, clerk* 295 Myrtle av 
Boyie J. W. (B. & Iglehart)"l89 w John 
BOYLE & IGLEHART (Jas. W.Boyle, C. Iredell 
Iglehart) wholesale liquors, 42 w Lombard 
Boyle J. Young, (Wm.K.B.&Son)334 Myrtle av 
Boyle James, carp, 188 Burgundy al 
Bojie James, blksmith, 421 McHenry 
Boyle James, clerk, 7 Brown nr Maryland av 
Boyle James, grocery, licjuor and feed store, n 

w cor Hillen and Chesnut 
Boyle James, driver, 53 s Dewberry al 
Boyle James, lab. Greene and Lombard 
Boyle John, watchman, 511 Light 
Boyle John, arab, 53 s Dewberry al 
Bo>;le John, lab. 50 Preston 
Boyle Dr. John Brook, physician Md. Peniten- 
tiary, dw 166 e Eager 
BOYLE JOHN P., California wines, 20 Light, 

dw 295 Myrtle av 
Boyle Mrs. Julia, grocery, Cooksie nr Fort av 
Boyle Col. L. 657 w Fayette 
Boyle Malachi, lab. 1 Hall al 
Boyle Michael, engineer, 126 Dolphin 
Boyle Michael, lab. 56 s Dewberry al 
Boyle Patk. lab. 158 Hanover 
Boyle Patk. stevedore, Fort av nr Webster 
Boyle Patk.stonec'tr, Farmers and Planters hotel 
Boyle R. J. fire dep't, 32 Pearl 
Boyle Robert, machinist, 32 Pearl 
Boyle Dr. Samuel, cor Gilnior and Mulberry 
Boyle Thos. lab. 49 York 
Boyle Wm. H. nightman, 77 n Broadway 
Boyle Wm. J. carp. 77 n Broadway 
Boyle Wm. K. ( W. K. B. & Son) 150 Hanover 
BoVle Wm. K. & Son, (Wm. K. and J. Young 
Boyle) book and job printers, over n w cor 
Baltimore and St. Paul 
Boylston R. B. bookkpr, 75 n Charles 


Made water-tight, and preserved for years, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMENT and 


By increasing the qvantily of Gvm. we make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which is unequiiled. All work 
guaranteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders solicited 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER & CO , Sole Manufacturers, 

No. 3 COURTLaND STREET, up stairs. 

Boylston Wm. Cloud, attorney, 35 St. Paul, dw 

n e cor St. Paul and Read 
Boys' Home Association of Baltimore, n w cor 

Pleasant and Calvert, JohnH. Lynch, sup't 
Boys' Home of the Friendless, Mrs. Mary Ensey, 

matron, Druid Hill av and Townsend 
Boys John, lab. Jefferson nr Chester 
Bozeticki Joseph, shoemkr, 189 n Dallas 
Bozeyes Anton, lab. 172 s Regester 
Bozniau James, patternmkr, 57 s Monroe 
Bozraan Wm. H. oysters, 331 s Charles 
Bracco Edwd. L. salesman, 45 Courtland 
Brack August, agent, 287 e Lombard 
Brack Chas. E. apothecary, n e cor Ensor and 

Brack Christian, carp. 436 e Chase 
Brack H. L. agent, 436 e Chase 
Bracken John, blacksmith, 264 e Madison 
Bracken John F. sheet iron worker, 57 Hillen 
Brackenridge Wm. horseshoer, 57 Tyson 
Brackett John, baker, 184 w Biddle 
Brackland 'Bernard, watchmaker and photo- 
grapher, 376 Light 
Brackland Henry, watchmkr, 376 Light 
Bracklein Louis, cigarpacker, 293 Hanover 
Brackney Francis L foreman, 11 s Fremont 
Bradburn Isaac, painter, 33 w Lanvale ext 
Bradburn Joshua H. painter, 33 w Lanvale ext 
Bradbury Mrs. Mary E. notions, 180 Bank 
Braden Geo. W. carter, 276 n Howard 
Braden James, oysters, 32 e Eager 
Braden James G. painter, 53 Watson 
Braden John C. 11 s Strieker 
Braden L. G. brakeman, 135 Preston 
Braden Lemuel T. plumber, 32 e Eager 
Braden Michael, lab. 72 s Durham 
Braden Robert A. conductor, 24 Valley 
Braden Samuel, plumber, 137 Preston 
Braden Wm. carp. 231 e Madison 
Bradenbaugh J.F.(Carlin & Fulton)373Park av 
Bradenbaugh Jacob, 140 Preston 
Bradford A. W. 459 Eutaw pi 
Bradford A. W. jr. 459 Eutaw pi 
BRADFORD & BOYD (T. Kell Bradford, Jos. 

C. Boyd) attorneys, 29 n Calvert 
Bradford Geo. W. 195 Paik av 
Bradford Geo. W. jr. 19 Hollins 
Bradford Rev. J. T. 430 e Eager 
Bradford James, lab. 172 Dolphin 
Bradford James jr. stairbuilder, 172 Dolphin 
Bradford John, express, 243 Dolphin 
Bradford John A. blacksmith, 8 Frederick av, 

dw 452 Lexington 
Bradford Mrs. Mary, grocery, John and Spring 
Bradford Samuel J. peddler, 27 New Church 
Bradford Samuel J. peddler, 24 Johnson 
Bradford Samuel W. student, 459 Eutaw pi 
Bradford Mrs. Sarah J. tailoress, 320 n Howard 
Bradford T. Kell (B. & Boyd) 459 Eutaw pi 
Bradford Thomas, clerk, John and Spring 


No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 








Bradford Wm. bliicksmith, Calverton 
Bradford Wm. lab. First av nr Clinton 
Bradley Alex. 113 St. Paul 
Bradley Andrew J. carp. 113 St. Paul 
Bradley Mrs. Catherine, grocery, 13 Parkin 
Bradley E. B. 253 Druid Hill av 
Bradley Frank A. ui^holsterer, 84 s Caroline 
Bradley Franklin W. porter, 160 s Charles 
Bradley Geo. T. broom mkr, Waverley 
Bradley Henry S. carp. Waverley 
Bradley Hugh, hacks, 23 n Fremont 
Bradley James, lab. 227 Raborg 
Bradley James, brakeman, 573 Hanover 
Bradley James F. shipjoiner, 84 s Caroline 
Bradley James L. clerk, 88 s Caroline 
Bradley Jeremiah J. carter, 113 St. Paul 
Bradley John, lab. 220 s Caroline 
Bradley John, shoemkr, 29 Willow- 
Bradley John, lab. 227 Raborg 
Bradley John C. caulker, 23 Henrietta 
Bradley John H. tailor, 158 Chesnut 
Bradley xMrs. Maria, 138 Druid Hill av 
Bradley Mark, plasterer, 11 Portugal al 
Bradley Mrs. Mary, 50 Fawn 
Bradley Patrick, hacks, Baltimore nr Carey, dw 

818 w Baltimore 
Bradley Patrick E. 84 s Caroline 
Bradley Patrick F. fire dept. 50 Fawn 
Bradley Peter W. porter, 158 Chesnut 
Bradley Robert H. painter, 88 s Caroline 
Bradley Samuel, shipjoiner, 102 n Washington 
Bradley Mrs. Susan, grocery, 113 St. Paul 
Bradley Thos. B. cigarmkr, 15 Burrough 
Bradley Wm. bookbinder, 191 e Lombard 
Brads Rev. James, 152 McCulloh 
Bradshaw Julian F. clerk, 282 Light 
proved Mercantile agency, over 9 s Charles 
Brady Bernard, boilermkr, 7 Hill 
Brady Mrs. Catherine, grocery, 133 Hudson 
Brady Mrs. Catherine, 790 w Pratt 
Brady Chas. J. shoecutter, 51 Scott 
Brady Curtis, clerk, 41 Haubert 
Brady Daniel, lab. 5 Cuba 
Brady Daniel, oysterman, 7 Hill 
Brady Daniel, lab. 49 President 
Brady David, weigher, 49. Haubert 
Brady Edward, canmkr, 85 n Front 
Brady Edward, book agent, 218 Harford av 
Brady Edwd. carp, and builder, 21(3 w Biddle 
Brady Edward jr, carp. 216 w Biddle 
Brady Edward, lab. 9 Spruce al 
Brady Edwin B. stonecutter, 332 Franklin 
Brady Edwin S. (E. S. B. & Co.) llo Gough 
Brady Edwin S. & Co. (E. S. Brady) coal and 

wood, n w cor Broadway and Gough 
Brady Mrs. Ellen, 34 Lancaster 
Brady Ernest, huckster, 61 s Gilnior 
Brady Frank, clerk, 472 w Baltimore 
Brady Frank, clerk, 93 w Biddle 
Brady Fred, tailor, 487 e Baltimore 
Brady Fred, cutter, 487 e Baltimore 
Brady Geo. cooper, 204 n Eden 
Brady Geo. clerk, 32 Walker 
Brady Geo. sailmkr, 452 e Eager 
Brady H. A. police, 27 Forrest pi 
Brady Hugh, contractor, 93 w Biddle 
Brady Jas. lab. 120 s Central av 
BRADY JAS. E. prop'r Baltimore Hydraulic 
Cement Pipe works, office over 122 w Balti- 
more, dw CarroUton hotel 

Brady Jas. boots and shoes, 472 w Baltimore 

Brady Jas. A. clerk, 216 w Biddle 

Brady Jas H. stonecutter, 27 Forrest pi 

Brady Jas. H. carp. 164 Scott 

Brady Jas. H. (xVloore & B.) 51 s Sharp 

Brady Jas. R. clerk, 84 n Eutaw 

Brady John, carter, 7 Hill 

Brady John, foreman, 212 Columbia 

Brady John, runner, 127 Saratoga 

Brady John, carp. 216 w Biddle 

Brady ^ohn, cigarmkr, 32 Walker 

Brady John C. clerk, 57 n Charles 

Brady John C. clerk, 127 Saratoga 

Brady John H. machinist, 248 w Hoffman 

Brady John H. contractor, 93 w Biddle 

Brady John II. bookbinder, 218 Harford av 

Brady John J. police, 16 Lemmon 

Brady John K. antiquarian books, 55 w Fayette 

and 57 n Charles, dw 57 n Charles 
Brady John P. carp. 216 w Biddle 
Brady John T. tailor, 487 e Baltimore 
Brady John W. S. (J. Parkhurst jr. & Co.) 34 

Brady Mrs. Joseph, 32 Walker 
Brady Joseph, tinner, 60 s Schroeder 
Brady Joseph, varnisher, 150 Hillen 
Brady Joseph J. engineer, 13 s Gilmor 
Brady xVlrs. Kate M. A. dressmkr, 89 Albemarle 
Brady Lawrence E.dry goods, &c.,218Harford av 
Brady Mrs. Mary, dairy, 248 w Hoffman 
Brady Mrs. Mary C. tailoress, 45^ George 
Brady xMichael, 168 Druid Hill av 
Brady Michael, tinner, Franklin hotel 
Brady Nathan, lab. 265 Preston 
Brady Patrick, fireman, 14 Binney 
Brady Patrick, shoecutter. Brown's hotel 
Brady Robt. H. painter,' Chapel nr Chase 
Brady Robt. S. clerk, 218 xMulberry 
Brady Rev. Robt. W., Loyola college 
Brady Samuel F. cooper, 33 n Chapel 
Brady Thos. driver, 164 Scott 
Brady Thos. lab. 34 Lancaster 
Brady Thos. E. cement pipe, 93 w Biddle 
Brady Thos. F. engineer, 332 Franklin 
Brady Thos. F. jr. printer, 332 Franklin 
Brady Wm. cigarmkr, 13 Lemmon 
Brady Wm. lab. 9 Bartlett 
Brady Wm. lab. 5 New Church 
Brady Wm. C. clerk, 45j George 
Brady W'm. Frank, bookkpr, 93 w Biddle 
Brady Wm. H. passe partouts, 452 e Eager 
Brady Wm. H. timekpr, 371 e Monument 
Bradyhouse Chas. H. ironwkr, 125 s Chapel 
Bradyhouse Chas. R. boatbuilder, 31 s Ann 
Bradyhouse Jas. E. boatbuilder 31 s Ann 
Bradyhouse Richard, boatbuilder, 361 s Bond, 

dw 273 e Baltimore 
Bradyhouse Richd. jr. boatbdr, 273 e Baltimore 
Bradyhouse Wash. C. mariner, 73 Gough 
Bradyhouse Wm, watchman, 138 s Wolfe 
Braeter Henry, lab. Eighth av nr Clinton 
Brafman Abraham, wholesale clothier, 26 sSharp, 

dw 315 Lexington 
Brafman Max, bookpr, 315 Lexington 
Brag Aaron, furniture, 489 and 491 w Baltimore, 

dw 43 Penna av 
Brag Michael, bookpr, 43 Penna av 
Brag Simon, furniture, 43 Penna av 
Bragg Capt. Wm. F. carp. 597 w Lombard 
Braid James, carp. 462 e Monument 
Brainard Rufus A. 39 n Eden 

WM. WIRT CLARKE, Importpr and Wholesale Agent of 

Insurance Agents and Brokers, Americ an Bnilding. 
^ BRA 113 BRA 

Brainerd, Armstrong & Co. f J.P.Brainerd,B.A. 
Armstrong, L. 0. Smith) manufacturers of 
machine silk, 13 German 
Brainerd J. P. (B., Armstrong & Co.) New York 
Braitisch Conrad, boots and shoes, 141 Franklin 
Braker Frank, tailor, 50 Milliman 
Braker Joseph, tailor, 50 Milliman 
Braley Wm. II. painter. Rising Sun hotel 
Bramble B. & Co. (Brazillai Bramble, Jas. Mis- 
ter, Jas. Langrel) grocers and ship chandlers, 
Aliceanna and Chester 
Bramble Brazillai (B.Bramble& Co.) 299Gough 
Bramble Grason, grocery, 57 s Exeter, dw 60 

Bramble Capt. Henry T. 340 William 
Bramble John, carp. 12 s Washington 
Bramble John T. carp. 386 Chase 
Bramble Tyson, huckster, 1 Webb 
Bramble Wm. clerk, 60 Fawn 
Bramble Wm. E. milk, 34 Biddle e of Ann 
Bramble Zora E. clerk, 193 Division 
Bramwell Mrs. Amanda, dry goods, 143 Columbia 
Bramwell Geo. stonecutter, 143 Columbia 
Branan Fred. C. harnessmkr, 1*74 n Fremont 
Brancker J Sefton, 187 n Charles 
Brand Conrad, basket manufr, 104 L. Greene 
Brand Mrs. Elizabeth, grocery, 124 s Castle 
Brand Frank, basketmkr, 104 L. Greene 
Brand Henry, coach painter, 537 Lexington 
Brand Mrs. Joseph, grocery, 537 Lexington 
Brand Thos. J. tea broker, over 83 Exchange pi, 

dw 410 n Calhoun 
Brand Wm. clerk, 169 German 
Brand Wm. shoemkr, 17 n Eden 
Brandau Edward F. carp. 358 s Caroline 
Braudau Mrs. Elizabeth, 59 s Eden 
Brandau Fred, beer, 59 s Eden 
Brandau Rev. Geo. H. 250 iMyrtle av 
Brandau J. J. (Whiteley, Bro. & Co.) Barnum's 

Brandau Jacob, shoemkr, 12 s CarroUton av 
Brandau John, painter, 59 s Eden 
Brandau John P. butcher, 71 Centre and 66 Bel- 
air Markets, dw Jenkins la 
Brandau Wm.H. fancy goods, 51 Richmond, dw 

250 Myrtle av 
Brandel Fred. 339 Harford av 
Brandel Geo. tinner, 70 Chew 
Brandel John H. driver, 70 Chew 
Brandel Mrs. Mary, 70 Chew 
Brandel Mrs. Thos. M. beer, 955 w Baltimore 
Brandenstein Benj. cigarmkr, 89 c Pratt 
Brander Adam, 196 Preston 
Brandes Fred. F. cabinetmkr, 27 e Pratt 
Brandes Mrs. Susanna, notions, 27 e Pratt 
Brandis Herman, baker, 239 w Pratt 
Brandmiller Michael, lab. 251 Preston 
Brandoff Henry, shoemkr, 389 s Eutaw 
Brandstaedter bottler, 62 s Broadway 
Brandt August, shoemaker, 251 s Ann 
Brandt Chas. basketmkr, 45 Short 
Brandt Chas. carp. Clinton nr Second av 
Brandt Emil, shoemkr, 63 s Register 
Brandt Geo. shoemkr, Phila. rd nrcity limits 
Brandt Geo. driver, 227 s Dallas 
Brandt Henry, lab. 152 Johnson 
Brandt Herman, morocco dresser, 29 Saratoga 
Brandt Herman jr. clerk, 29 Saratoga 
Brandt Herman C. G. associate, Johns Hopkins 

University, 242 n Eutaw 
Brandt John H. lab. 152 Johnson 
Brandt John H. driver, 86 s Register 


Made water-light, and preserved for years, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMENT and 


By increasing the gvantity of Ovm, we make a Paint 
for Damp UuUs which is uuequaled. All work 
guaranieed. A trial is all we ask. Orders solicited 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER & CO.. Sole Manufacturers. 

No. 3 COURTLAND STREET, up stalre. 

Brandt John H. police, 109 Mullikin 

Brandt John L. confectionery, 177 e Lombard 

Brandt Joseph T. tobacconist, 205 Madison av, 

dw 330 n Eutaw 
Brandt Julius, tobacconist, 72 e Fayette 
Brandt Julius jr. butter, 72 e Fayette 
Brandt Louis, cigarmanuf.and tobac.142 e Pratt 

and 72 w Fayette, dw 142 e Pratt 
Brandt Louis W. tinner, 754 w Baltimore 
Brandt R. F. W. 27 Hamilton 
Brandt Rebecca, dressmkr, 7 n Pine 
Brandt Wm. shoemkr, 88 n Ann 
Brandt Wm. porter, 194 s Chapel 
Brandy John A. blacksmith, 137 Camden 
Brandy Michael, horseshoer, 138 Camden, dw 137 
Brandy Patrick, blacksmith, 78 Warner 
Branen Patrick, tailor, 220 e Lombard 
Branen Thos. H. ironworker, 59 n Castle 
Branfieck Geo. cooper, 91 Granby 
Branigan James, lab. 28 Druid Hill av 
Brannan Bridget, nurse, 20 Denmead 
Brannan Chas. H. printer, 17 Hill 
Brannan Chas. H. S. clerk, Woodberry 
Brannan Edward J. porter, 96 Harford av 
Brannan Mrs. Eliza, 17 Hill 
Brannan Jas. tailor, 82 n Amity 
Brannan Jas. barkpr, St. Clair hotel 
Brannan Jas. lab. 310 Johnson 
Brannan James A. watchman, 39 O'Donnell 
Brannan John, carp., Brown hotel 
Brannan John, lab. 5 'Juba 
Brannan John, lab. 123 Dover 
Brannan John, lab. 42 s Dewberry al 
Brannan John, lamplighter, 96 Harford av 
Brannan John E. cigarmkr, 1 s Washington 
Brannan Lawrence, porter, 174 L. Greene 
Brannan Mrs. Maggie, notions, Woodberry 
Brannan Mrs. Margaret, 17 Hill 
Brannan Margaret, cook, 139 n Charles 
Brannan Mary, grocery, 36 St. Mary 
Brannan Michael, drayman, 49 Goodman al 
Brannan Michael, coachman, Etting nr Wilson. 
Brannan Michael E. printer, 220 e Lombard 
Brannan Patrick, lab. 33 York 
Brannan Patrick, lab. 174 L. Greene 
Brannan Peter, steam fitter, 17 Sterrett 
Brannan Thos. machinist, 17 Hill 
Brannan Wm. A. foreman, 88 Hanover 
Branning Henry, tinner, 59 n Amity 
Brannock Johnjfl. (John R. Carroll, B. & Co.). 

12 Warren 
Bransby Chas. C. lab. 31 Gitting 
Bransby John C. shoemkr, 17 n Caroline 
Bransby J. Robert, shoemkr, 17 n Caroline 
Brant Carl, tailor, 287 Battery av 
Brant Chas. lab. 270 Battery av 
Brant John, barber, 65 Centre Market space 
Brant Mrs. Elmira, 261 Franklin 
Brant Frederick, fisherman, 89 Cross 
Brant J. Duncan, clerk, 129 w Fayette 


PORTLAND CEMENT, the best for Wet Cellars and Wash Rooms, 61 S. Gay St. 





Brant John, 282 e Baltimore 

Brant Louis, tinner, 69 s Schroeder 

Brant M. A. trunkmkr, 54 n Eutaw 

Brant Mrs. Mary, patterns, 282 e Baltimore 

Brantly Rev. W. T. 251 n Eutaw 

Brantly W.T. jr. attorney, 27 n Calvert,dw 251 

n Eutaw 
Brantt Louis, shoemkr, 129 Dover 
Branzell \y. H. canmkr, 490 Canton av 
Brash Henry, watchman, 43 Marion 
Brashears Abrela, 160 German 
Brashears Clinton T. cigarmkr, 18 s Caroline 
Brashears Mrs. Emma, notions, 143 Orleans 
Brashears Francis, lab. 109 n Caroline 
Brashears Frank, lab. 30 Neighbor 
Brashears Frank A. clerk, John nr Caroline 
Brashears Franklin B. 18 s Caroline 
Brashears John, lab. 397 n Gay 
Brashears John T. jr. cigarmkr, 18 s Caroline 
Brashears John T. sr. shoemkr, 18 s Caroline 
Brashears Jos. R. blksmith, 143 Orleans 
Brashears R. John, grocery, 244 n Durham 
Brashears R. John, news stand, Barnum's hotel 

462 Mulberry 
Brashears Wm. G. salesman, 468 n Calhoun 
Brass Joseph jr. 89 Barre 
Brass Mrs. Joseph, 89 Barre 
Bratt George, machinist, 291 Light 
Bratt Mrs. Helen, grocery, 620 s Charles 
Bratt James, engineer, 620 s Charles 
Bratt Mrs. Noah, 697 w Lombard 
Bratt Thomas, engineer, 541 Franklin 
Bratt Wm. H. bookkpr, 697 w Lombard 
Bratzell Jacob, brickmkr, 4 Hamburg 
Bratzell W. H. brickmkr, 619 Light 
Brauer David, butcher, 29 Belair and 75 Centre 

Mkts, dw Harford av ext 
Brauer Henry^ butcher, 34 Belair and 78 Centre 

Mkts, dw Belair av nr Balto Cemetery 
Brauer Henry jr. butcher, Belair av e.xt 
Brauer John, butcher, Belair av nr Balto Cem'y 
Brauer John, plasterer, 100 Frederick av 
Brauer John, grocery, Federal and Gay 
Brauer Mrs. Mary, 49 n Eden 
Brauer Peter, beer, 182 e Madison 
Braun Conrad, engineer, 88 n Caroline 
Braun Fred, tobacconist, 19 Jefferson 
Braun Geo. L. (J.J.B.& Son) 178 Columbia 
Braun John B. & Co. ( J. B. Braun) tobacco wks, 

335 w Pratt 
Braun John B.(J.B.B.&Co.) 335 w Pratt 
Braun John J.(J.J.B.& Son) 178 Columbia 
Braun John J. & Son, (John J. & Geo. L. Braun) 

flour and feed, s e cor Pratt and Fremont 

BRAUN JULIUS, Manufacturer of 
Pine Boots and Shoes to order, 
Fit Guaranteed. No. 52 n Eden. 

Brawner John A. inspt. C. H. 17 Argyle av 
Brawner Robert G. butcher, 1 Richmond Mkt, 

dw Penna av ext 
Bray Charles, harnessmkr, 9 Clay 
Bray Geo. W. clerk, 50 Clarke 
Bray Isaac, mariner, 406 Eastern av 
Bray John, grocery, cor Jasper and New 
Bray Wm. harnessmkr, 9 Clay 
Brayden Mrs. Catherine, 137 Presto i 
Brayden Charles, carp. 137 Preston 
Brayden Frank, carp. 137 Preston 
Brayden Lemuel, blksmith, 137 Preston 
Brayden Samuel, plumber, 137 Preston 
Brayshaw James, clerk, Woodberry 
Brayshaw Mrs. Jane, store, Woodberry 
Brazier Dennis, grocery, 41 Mullikin 
Brazier George W. gasfitter, 7 Russell 
Barzier James, lab. 212 Chesnut 
Brazier James, grocers, 58 Davis 
Bready Calvin, clerk, 43 s Carrollton av 
Bready Franklin, contractor, 43 s Carrollton aT 
Breagen James, blksmith, 115 s Fremont 
Brecht Ernst, watchmkr, 389 n Broadway 
Brecht George, shipcarp. 60 Essex 
Brecht Lewis, baker, 60 Essex 
Brecht Louis, machinist, 2 Wyeth 
Breckinridge John C. 183 n Fremont 
Breckinridge Mission Sunday School, Forrest 

Braun Margaret, seamstress, 317 n Dallas 
Brauninger Chas. grocery, 90 Eastern av 
Braunlien John, lab. 84 n Amity 
Braunlien Mrs. Mary, grocery, 84 n Amity 
Brauns Ferdinand L. bookkpr, 211 w Townsend 
Brauns Henrj-, architect, 198 Saratoga 
Brause August, blksmith, 62 Portland 
Brautigan Adam, shoemkr, 43 Milliman 
Brautigan, Frederick av nr toll gate 
Brawner Mrs. C. S. 244 Madison av 
Brawner Mrs. Eliza, 78 Ensor 
Brawner Elizabeth, 78 Ensor 
Brawner Everett M. clerk, 78 Ensor 

Bredehoff Mrs. Louisa, 139 n Bond 

Bredekamp Chas. A. clerk, 316 s Sharp 

Bredekamp Harman jr. lab. 253 Cross 

Bredekamp Mrs. Mary, grocery, 253 Cross 

Bredenbecker Henry M. clerk, 65 s Gay 

Bredhoer Charles, wood carrier, 122 Battery ay 

Breece Edward, 148 Aisquith 

Breed J. J. contractor, St. Clair hotel 

Breen James, plumber, 81 n Calvert 

Breen John, lab. 79 Forrest 

Breen John, shoemkr. Gen. Wayne hotel 

Breen John, lab. 5 Wolfe, n of Monument 

Breen Mrs. Margaret, 79 Forrest 

Breen Mrs. Margaret, grocery, 11 Rose 

Breen Michael, lab. 79 Forrest 

Breen Michael, lab. 11 Rose 

Breen Michael, lab. 31 Haw 

Breen Patrick, lab. 79 Forrest 

Breen Patrick, lab. 69 Forrest 

Brelel Albert, salesman, 13 s Howard 

Bregel Henry, harnessmkr, 60 Gi'eeumount ar 

Bregel John Geo. harnessmkr, 227 e Monument 

Bregel John J. carp. 112 McElderry 

Bregel Joseph F. confectr, 144 e Monument 

Bregel Wm. plumber, 414 e Madison 

Bregenzer Casper, stonecutter, cor Fremont and 

Bregenzer Chas. upholsterer, Fremont and China 
Bregenzer Otto, boxmkr, Fremont and China 
Bregenzer Mrs. Theresa, grocery, Fremont and 

Brehler Francis, shoemkr, 20 New Church 
Brehm Casper, lab. 13 Port 
Brehm Charles J. grocery, 14 s Fremont 
Brehm George, brewer, Belair av ext 
Brehm Jacob, moulder, 177 Lemmon 
Brehm Jacob T. moulder, 177 King 
Brehm John, lab. Belair av ext 
Brehm John, tailor, 385 Aliceanna 
Brehm John A. beer, 216 Scott 
Brehm John P. moulder, 205 s Paca 
Brehm Michael, moulder, 177 King 
Brehm Michael, moulder, 177 Lemmon 

HOLMES (ft; CO., Engineers' and Machinists' Tools and Supplies, 
Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

O. F. Bresee, G-eneral Agent, American^Bnilding^ 

BKE ' 



Brehm Valentine, tailor, 383 Aliceanna 
Brehme 0. & Co.(0. Brehme,L. J, Keidel) impor- 
ters and dry goods com. merchts, 25 German 
nr Sharp 
Brehme Ottomar(O.B.& Co.) 297 Madison av 
Breidenbach Frank, lab, 5 Maccubbin 
Breidenstein August, butcher, 32 Centre, 87 and 
105 Belair Mkls, dw Harford rd nr citj^ limits 
Breining Conrad, brewer, foot of Ridgely 
Breinig John, painter, 199 Lee 
Breitenstein Fred, dry goods, 74 Penna av 
Breitenstein George, 74 Penna av 
Breitschmidt Joseph, watchmkr, 37 Essex 
Breitschwerd Conrad, blksmith and wheelwright 

263 Aliceanna 
Breitschwerd Geo, blksmith, 263 Aliceanna 
Breitschmidt John,blksmith, 260 s Broadway 
Breivogel Jacob, butcher, 16 Lexington and 72 

Centre Mkts, dw Liberty rd 
Brell Mrs, Maria, 143 n Dallas 
Breller George, tailor, 145 n Bond 
Lloyds) A, Schumacher & Co. agents, 5 s Gay 
Bremer Charles, cigarmkr, 177 n Gay 
Bremer Christian, tailor, 177 n Gay 
Bremer Henry, lab. 153 s Dallas 
Bremer Henry, lab. 226 s Ann 
Bremer John W. cigarmkr, 101 n Wolfe 
Bremer Wm. lab. 148 s Wolfe 
Bremmer Peter, carp, 99 s Poppleton 
Bremmer Robert, (Burke & B.) — n Gilmor 
Bremont John, lab. 44 Milliman 
Brenaman C. H, & Co. (C.H.Brenaman) tobac- 
conist, 44 n Eutaw 
Brenaman Chas. H, (C.H.B.&Co.) 7 Clarke 
Brenan Edward M. clerk, 141 n Calvert 
Brenan Francis X. cashier, 207 St. Paul 
Brenan Peter E. lumber, 21 n Gay, and Howard 

and West, dw 35 n Gay 
Brenberger John, carp. Swan hotel 
Brend Mrs. Sophia, grocery, 7 Watson 
Brendel Charles, haircomber, 869 w Pratt 
Brendel Francis, shoemkr, 79 Grindall 
Brendel John G. bakery, 110 e Madison 
Brendel Michael, carter, 706 Light 
Brendel Nicholas, tailor, 36 Union 
Brendel Wm. milk. Third av and Dillon 
Brengel Louis, tinner, 28 Johnson 
Brengle Wm. salesman, 150 Hillen 
Brennan Edmund, 189 Gough 
Brennan George, brassfinisher, 9 Mulberry 
Brennan James, lab. 640 w Pratt 
Brennan John, lab. 69 Division 
Brennan Mary, 167 Aisquith 
Brennan Rev. Michael J. 112 s Broadway 
Brennan Peter, wheelwright, 9 Mulberry 
Brennan Peter jr. lab. 9 Mulberry 
Brennan Thomas, tailor, 19 Elizabeth la 
Brenneis August, baker, 210 e Eager 
Brenneis Charles, shoemkr, 73 Somerset 
Brenneis Lewis, porter, 1 Portugal al 
Brenneis Philip, locksmith, 83 Somerset 
Brenner George, canmkr, 162 s Chapel 
Brenner Geo. hib. 192 s Chapel 
Brenner Isaac, clerk, 108 n Carrollton av 
Brenner John, lab. 373 Eastern av 
Brenner Jos. jr. clerk, 108 n Carrollton av 
Brenner Joseph, sawyer, 172 s Durham 
Brenner Mrs. Mary, 108 n Carrollton av 
Brenner Moses, clothier, 304 s Bond, dw 9 n 

Brenner Philip, lab. 165 s Wolfe 


Made water tight, and preserved for years, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMENT and 


By ivaeanng the qvautity of Gvm. we make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which is uuequaled. All work 
guaranteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders solicited 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER & CO., Sole Manufacturers, 

No. 3 COURTLAND STREET, up stairs. 

Brenner Samuel, mariner, 302 s Sharp 

Brenner Mrs. Sarah, 302 s Sharp 

Brenner Wm. lab. 165 s Wolfe 

Brenner Wm. clerk, 108 n Carrollton av 

Brent Geo. lab. 270 Battery av 

Brent Henry J. wagoner, 37 Harford av 

Brent Hugh (Pearre Bros. & Co.) 165 w Fayette 

Brent Jesse, teamster, 261 Forrest 

Brent John, cooper, 6 Gould la 

Brent John M. porter, 108 w Baltimore 

Brent Joseph, driver, 277 n Front 

Brent Mrs. Julia A. dressmkr, 46 Constitution 

Brent,29 Lexington, dwl08 St. Paul 

Brent Mrs. R. J. 108 St. Paul 

Brent, Stover & Co. (W. A. Brent, Jas.H. Stover) 

wholes, liquors, 55 w Pratt 
Brent Thomas R. clerk, 165 w Fayette 
BrentWra.A.(B.,Stover&Co.)Fords Eutaw hotel 
Brent Wm. H. bookkpr, 65 Lee 
Brent Wm. H. 183 w Lombard 
Brentine A.confec'y,High and Gay,dwl20nHigh 
Brenton John S. clerk, 40 George 
Brenton Mrs. Mary, 40 George 
Brenton Richard, 40 George 
Brereton John J. canmkr, 142 Scott 
BRESEE ALFRED A. (0. F. B. & Sons) 181 

n Calvert 
BRESEE E. L. (0. F. B. & Sons) 130 McCulloh 
BRESEE 0. F. (0. F. B. & Sons) general agt. 
Mutual Life Ins. Co. of N. Y., American 
building, s w cor Baltimore and South, dw 
130 McCulloh. — \_See lines top of pages 
BRESEE 0. F. & SONS (0. F., A, A. and E. 
L. Breese) general ins. agents and brokers, 
American building, s w cor Baltimore and 
South. — \_See lines top of pages 
Bresnau Daniel, printer, 190 Lemmon 
Bresnau Thomas, lab. 190 Lemmon 
Bressler Harry L. conductor, 156 n Exeter 
Bressler Mrs. Nellie, dressmkr, 79 n Arlington av 
Bretholl Wm. grocery, 253 Eastern av 
Bretteng Henry, carp. 63 Gough 
Bretteng John, beer, 63 Gough 
Brettenheimer Rev. Moses, 106 German 
Bretzel Clemens, tailor, 70 s Chapel 
Breuning Marcus, cabinetmkr, 169 Harford av 
Breves Fred. restaurant, 102 w Pratt,dw 34 s High 
Brevitt Edwin W. 69 Franklin 
Brevitt Jos.W.(R.Lawson & Co.)282 w Hoffman 
Brewen John, driver, 62 n Washington 
Brewer C. E. P. cattle dealer, 937 Lexington 
Brewer C. Kinlock, clerk, 386 Franklin 
Brewer&Co.(S.R. Brewer )groc'y,244iLexington 
Brewer E. C. clerk, 84 n Carrollton av 
Brewer Elias, 655 w Lombard 
Brewer Frank, clerk, 135 German 
Brewer G«orge, painter, 140 Division 
Brewer Dr. George G. 258 w Fayette 
Brewer Hamilton, clerk, 386 Franklin 
Brewer Harry G. civil engineer, 135 German 


No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 

ERE 116 BRI 

Brewer Isaac, butcher, 1 1 Belair Mkt, dw York 

rd nr tollgate 
BREWER JAMES R.(Hennange&B.) and clerk 

Circuit Court, 174 a Calhoun 
Brewer John, butcher, 104 Belair Market, dw 

York rd nr tollgate 
Brewer Dr. Marbury, 201 w Biddle 
Brewer Nicholas, 9 Jefferson 
Brewer Philip, carp. 123 n Strieker 
Brewer Rawlings G. clerk, 204 n Carey 
Brewer S. R. clerk, 82 n Carrollton av 
Brewer S. R. (S. R. B. & Co.) Annapolis 
Brewer Wm.R. order elk. Circuit Ct.346 n Eutaw j 
Brewer Wm. T. lab. 2 Williamson al | 

Brewington Charles, machinist, 304 e Lombard 
Brewster John, driver, 123 s E.xeter i 

Breyer George, pianomkr, 50 Leadenhall 
Breyer Gottleib, grocery, 196 George 
Brian C. McK. clerk, 136 n Gay 
Brian Edward A. salesman, 28*7 e Fayette 
Brian James (Geo.R.Coffroth&Co.) 78 n Strieker 
Brian John, lab. 9 Fish Market sp 
Brian Wm. C. clerk, 300 xMcHenry 
Brian Wm. E. sampler C. H. SOOMcHenry 
Brian Wm. H. carp. 21 Russell 
Brice Genl. B. W., U.S.A., Barnum's hotel 
Brice James H. carp. 329 n Ann 
Brice M. A. 48 Saratoga 
Brice Thomas R. carp. 101 s Eden 

Carson, prest. 5 German 
Brickerd Emanuel, carp. 927 w Baltimore 
Brickerd George, bricklayer, 927 w Baltimore 
Brickerd John, carp. 927 w Baltimore 
Brickerd Riley, carp. 927 w Baltimore 
Brickenstine Prof. L. C. attorney, 43 n Charles, 

dw Baltimore co 
Brickhouse E. L. 486 Lexington 
Brickley Richard T. salesman, 83 n Charles 
Brickner Amell, blksmith, 51 Low 
Bride Cotter, rustic furniture, 696 Madison av 
Bride Daniel, 167 n Paca 
Bride Gustav, rustic worker, 29 Stockton 
Bride John H. 465 Franklin 
Bridel Thomas, clerk Lafayette Market, dw 18 

Patterson av 
Bridener George M. bookpr, 202 Argyle av 
Bridener Jacob, clerk, 32 n Fremont 
Bridener John, painter, 32 n Fremont 
Bridge Mrs. C.W. children's clothing, 89nHoward 
BRIDGE R. S. & CO. (Richard S. and Stephen 

Bridge) paints, oils, glass, &c. 347 n Gay 
Bridge Richard S. (R.S.B. & Co.) sign painter, 

347 n Gay 
Bridge Stephen (R.S.B. & Co.) 89 n Howard 

Bridge Stephen L. clerk, 267 e Baltimore 

Bridges J. C. & Co. (J. C. Bridges, T.T.Wallis) 
com. merchts. 52 s Howard 

Bridges J. S. & Co. (J.S. Bridges, W.T.Lawton) 
job printers, over 212 w Baltimore 

Bridges John C. (J.C.B.& Co.) 1 McCulloh 

Bridges John S. (J.S.B.& Co.) 1 McCulloh 

Bridges Wm. 153 Argyle av 

Bridgewater Thomas, 548 Harford av 

Briel E. A. salesman, 116 George 

Briel George, baker, 416 w Fayette 

Briel George, carp. 6 s Washington 

Briel Henry, baker, 250 Light 

Briel John, carp. 14 McClellan, dw 166 George 

Briel John H. painter, 14 McClellan, dw 379 Lex- 

Briel Mrs. Marv. 134 Eastern av 

Briel Wm. cooper, 134 Eastern av 
Briele Henry sr. cabinetmkr, 81 Henrietta 
Briele Henry jr. 97 Leadenhall 
Brieman Mrs. Margaret, 143 Dover 
Brierly J. (Miller,Schmier & B.) 198 Barre 
Brierly Jacob S. canmkr, 8 Ramsay 
Brierly Mrs. John, Hampden 
Brierly John, foreman, 198 Barre 
Brierly Thomas, lab. Hampden 
Brierly W. C. canmkr, 8 Ramsay 
Brierly Wm. T. clerk, 8 Ramsay 
Briers John E. plumber, 49 Woodward 
Briggermann Chas. A. 260 Mulberry 
Briggerman Mrs. Charlotte, 260 Mulberrj- 
Briggs Geo. butcher, 540 Penna av 
Briggs Geo. G. clerk, 57 s Fremont 
Briggs Jas. M. clerk, 489 Lexington 
Briggs Jas. M. clerk, 57 s Fremont 
Briggs Oliver C. F. machinist, 489 Lexington 
Briggs Thos. butcher, Penna av ext 
Briggs Wm. B. clerk, 84 n Eutaw 
Briggs Wm. H. agent, 229 Caroline 
Brigham & Hopkins, (W.T. Brigham,R.L. Hop- 
kins, ) hats and caps, 128 w Fayette 
Brigham John C. clerk Navy Pay oflRce,3 n Ann 
Brigham Wm. T. (Francis, Sumner & Co., also, 

B. & Hopkins, ) 236 n Eutaw 
Bright Edward T. plasterer, 146 Harford av 
Bright Henry, plasterer, 47 Harford av 
Bright Richard A. grainer, 402 Lexington 
Bright Nathaniel, tailor, 187 n Eden 
Bright Thos. 356 e Chase 
Bright Thos. plasterer, 146 Harford av 
Bright Wm. T. plasterer, 240 n Caroline 
Brignardello Lodorico, clerk, 103 s High 
Brigner Amiel, blksmith, 51 Low 
Brill Aug. barber, 66 Thames 
Brill Herman, barber, 66 Thames 
Brill Philip, barber, 66 Thames 
Brill Wm. tailor, 110 e Lombard 
Brimmer Chas. cigarmkr, 186 s Sharp 
Brimmer John, tobacconist, 186 s Sharp 
Brimmer Simon, stonecutter, 46 e Biddle 
Bringe Aebt, 18 New 
Rringe Wm. A. cigarmkr, 18 New 
Bringman Josiah T. A. pointer, 226 Conway 
Bringmann Julius, tobacconist, 153 e Baltimore 
BRINGMANN WM. tobacconist, 666 w Balti- 
more and 354 Franklin, dw 666 w Baltimore 
Brink Antoine, musician, 50^ e Pratt 
Brink Anton, lab. 276 s Wolfe 
Brink Mrs. Elizabeth, grocery, 50§ e Pratt 
Brink Frank, clerk, 50| e Pratt 
Brink John, driver, 46 s Patterson Park av 
Brink Stephen, lab. 8 Webster ct 
Brink Theodore, beer, 321 Harford av 
BRINKLEY J. B. & SONS, (J. B. Brinkley) 

fruit and ovster packers, 176 s Charles 
Brinkley J. H. & Co. (J. Hall Brinkley) com. 
merchts. and produce dealers, 6 Bowlv's whf 
Brinkley J.Hall( J. H.B.&Co.)127 nCarroll ton av 
Brinkley Jos. B. ( J.B.B. & Sons, ) Baltimore co 
Brinkley Jos. E., Carrollton hotel 
Brinkraan Mrs. Anna Maria, seamstress, 28 Lee 
Brinkman Bernard, clerk, 138 s Howard 
Brinkman Chas. 138 Penna av 
Brinkman Chas. H. grocery, 138 s Howard 
Brinkman Edward J. cardriver,800w Baltimore 
Brinkman John, driver, 34 Gittings 
Brinkmann A. H. & Co. (A.H. Brinkmann) im- 
porters laces and embroideries, over 255 w 

Importer and Dealer in Portland, Roman, and Keene's Cement, 
WM. WIRT CLARKE, 61 S. Gay Street. 

Largest Life Ins. Co. 
~~ BRI 

the'World, O.F.Bresee, G-en. Agt. 



Brinkmann Aug. H. (A.H.B. & Co.) 21 n Paca ^ 
Brinkmeyer Henry, carp. 11 n Eden j 

Brinsfield Wm. K. engineer, 349 Ramsay 
Brinton Albin H.( Albin H.B.& Son)45Forrest pi 
Briaton Albin H. & Son, (Albin H. and Daniel 

L. Briuton, ) stationery, IGY Forrest 
Brinton Danl.L.( Albin H.B. & Son)45 Forrestpl 
Brinton Dr.Wilmer, office 25^- Greenmount av, 

dw Forrest pi and Chase 
BRISCOE ALEX. M. magistrate, 503 w Balti- 
more, dw 597 w Lombard 
BRISCOE DAVID S. attorney, 41 St. Paul 
Briscoe Edward, cigarmkr, 119 n Bond 
Bris6oe Mrs. Elizabeth, 137 Jefferson 
Briscoe Geo. E. cigarmkr, 307 Light 
Briscoe Rev. James, 227 n Fremont 
Briscoe J.. Hanson, bookkpr, 113 n Charles 
Briscoe Mrs. Mary, boarding, 113 n Charles 
Briscoe Samuel N. driver, 456 e Eager 
Briscoe Wm. D. cigarmkr, 119 n Bond 
Briscoe Wm. T. lab. 24 Poultney 
Bristor Chas. E. clerk, 140 n E.xet^r 
Bristor Mrs. Susan, 140 n E.xeter 
Bristor Wm. B. 140 n Exeter 
Bristow Columbus, engineer^ 3 Poultney 
Bristow Edwin, clerk, 20 s Eden 
Bristow Mrs. Kate, 20 s Eden 
Bristow Noble T. driver, 20 s Eden 
Britch Henry, lab. Horn nr Washington 
British America Assurance Co. of Toronto, Can- 
ada, agency, 83 Second 
British Consulate, office 6 Exchange building, 

Denis DoHohoe, consul 
Brittain Edwd. C. clerk, 649 Penna av 
Brittain John, butter, 649 Penna av 
Brittain Saml. clerk, 649 Penna av 
Brittingham J.W. clerk, 102 Edraondson av 
Britton John, salesman. Swan hotel 
Britton Louis, Fount Hill dairy, Liberty rd nr 

Britton 0. P. salesman, 673 w Fayette 
Britton Richard, cotton sampler, 73 n Ann 
Broadbeck Mrs. Henrietta, 235 n Eden 
Broadbeck Jas. A. painter, 235 n Eden 
Broadbelt John E. teacher, 210 e Madison 
Broadbent Mrs. A. G. (B. & Co.) 72 n Charles 
Broadbent Bernard I. 163 n Calvert 
BROADBENT & CO. (Mrs. A. G. Broadbent) 

dry goods, 12 n Charles 
Broadbent Chas. F. 171 n Calvert 
Broadbent J. F. 163 u Carrollton av 
Broadbent Lewis R. 171 n Calvert 
Broadbent Stephen sr. 163 n Calvert 
Broadbent Dr. Wm. 105 u Washington 
Broaders Henry R. stationery and paper bags, 20 

e Baltimore 
Broadfoot Joseph 0. moulder, 5 s Eden 
Broadwater Chas. shipcarp. 6 Johnson 
Broadwater Chas. M. clerk, 102 Edmondson av 
Broadwater Levin J. shipcarp. 6 Johnson 
Broadwater Richard, police, 6 Johnson 
Broadwater Romeo, caulker, 6 Johnson 
ANCE OFFICE, cor Broadway and Gough, 
James C. Wheeden, manager 
Broadway Institute Hall, over Fells P. Market 
Broadway and Locust Point Steam Ferry, foot 

of Broadway, Jas. Brown, supt. 
Broadway M. E. Church, Broadway betw Pratt 

and Gough 
Broadway M. P. Church, n e cor Monument and 


Made water-tight, and preserved for years, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMENT aud 


By increasing the quantity of Gvm^ we make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which ie uueqnaled. All Work 
guaraulced. A trial is all we ask. Orders 6oliciied 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER & CO., Sole Manufacturers, 

No. 3 COURTLAND STREET, up stairs. 

Broadway Presbyterian Church, cor Gough and 

Broadway Savings Bank, 63 s Broadway 
Broberg Sven, bookkpr, 117 Thame,? 
Brock Chas. shoemkr, 104 Columbia 
Brock Sebastian, tailor, 245 n Front 
Brockenborough Littleton, clerk, 51 n Carey 
Brockenborough Mrs. L. C. 51 n Carey 
Brockenborough Moore F. 51 n Carey 
Brockett Benj. cierk, Gilmer nr Baker 
Brockett Dr. Clinton T. dentist, 84 Franklin 
Brocklener Fred. lab. 213 s Bethel 
Brocklener Wm. lab. 213 s Bethel 
Brockman Geo. clerk, 335 Aliceanna 
Brockman Henry, fireman, 335 Aliceanna 
Brockman John'W. clerk 335 Aliceanna 
Brockman Philip, engineer, 335 Aliceanna 
Brockman Wm. fireman, 290 Aliceanna 
Brockmeyer Richard L. blksmith, Portland and 

Brockschmidt Antonia, liquors, 233 s Ann 
Brod Peter, lab. 180 s Howard 
Broderick Bros. (J.P.,J.F. and D.I.Broderick) 

junk, 366 w Pratt 
Broderick Daniel I. (B.Bros. )47 Greenmount av 
Broderick Jas. II. clerk, 367 Druid Hill av 
Broderick John, lab. 209 n Pine 
Broderick Jolin, lab. 29 Hamburg 
Broderick John F. (B.Bros.) 47 Greenmount av 
Broderick John T.{W.A.Egerton & Co.)wholes. 

dealer in paper stock, iron and metals, 67 and 

69 Greenmount av, dw John nr Valley 

Dealer in COTTON and WOOLEN 
RAGS, Iron, Metals, Refined Sol- 
der, Slab, Spelter, Pig Lead, &c., 
67 and 69 Greenmount av. 

Broderick Joseph P.(B.Bros.)47 Greenmount av 
Broderick Timothy A. police, 223 s Paca 
Broderick Wm. E. salesman, 31 Greenmount av 
Broderick Wm. J. clerk, 47 Greenmount av 
Brodhead Henry H. restaurant, 38 w Fayette 
Brodrick John "C. 931 w Baltimore 
Brodt& Eilbacher (Henry Brodt,Cieo.Eilbacher) 

blacksmiths and wheelwrights, 18 w Lombard 
Brodt Henry(B.& Eilbacher )Hamburg nr Lead- 

Brodt John, lab. 263 Preston 
Brodwater T. H. (T. H. Brodwater & Co) 142 n 

Brodwater T. H. & Co. (T. H. Brodwater) flour 

and com. merchts, 88 s Charles 
Broelker Mrs. Mary A. 209 n Caroline 
Broemer Wm. clerk, 57 s Broadway 
Broening Mrs. Elizabeth, grocery, 307 s Charles 
Broening Henry E. tailor, 215 s Charles 
Broening Henry J. clerk, 215 s Charles 

Manufrs' Ageney for Rosendale Cement, Calcined Plaster, Casting 
Plaster, Dentist Piaster, Agricultural Plaster, Gilders' & Commercial Whiting. 





Broening John, cabinetmkr, 255 s Sharp 
Broeuing John, wheelwright, 307 s Charles 
Broening John, horseshoer,18 Barre, dw Charles 

and Welcome al 
Broening Mrs. Kate, grocery, 215 s Charles 
Broening Wilhelmina, 215 s Charles 
Broessel Justus, cabinetmkr, 257 Mulberry 
Broessel Wm. W. tailor, 16 Myrtle av 
Broessen Christian, tailor, 7 Waesche 
Brogan B. F. upholsterer, 197 Saratoga 
Brogan Mrs. Henrietta, 318 s Sharp 
Brogan Patrick, lab. 16 s Front 
Brogan Philip, hacks, 96 s Howard 
Brogan Wm. brakeman, 318 s Sharp 
Brogden Arthur M. 88 Division 
Brogden Wm. commercial ed. Sun, 31 Park ?iv 
Brogunier John J. watchman, 8 s CarroUton av 
Brogunier Marriott A.moulder,8s CarroUton av 
Brogunier Wilbur, candymkr, 8 s CarroUton av 
Brogunier Wilbur jr. shoemkr, 8 s CarroUton av 
Brohan Wm. E. lab. 18 Fort av 
Brokall Zach. fireman, 58 Parkin 
Broil Mrs. Cath. dressmkr, 47 n Central av 
Broil Christian, carp. 10 Smith 
Broil Fred, cooper, 47 n Central av 
Broil Henry, cooper, 243 Gough 
Brome Mrs. Ann, 127 n Strieker 
Brome Geo. W. hostler, 17 Cambridge 
Brome Wm. H. pilot, 197 Aisquith 
Bromelsick J. Henry, clerk, 70 McElderry 
Bromelsick P. Henry, grocery, 70 McElderry 
Bromley Jesse, lal>. 145Aliceanna 
Bromley Thos. I. miller, 66 Barnes 
Bromwell A. L. carp. 104 Hamburg 
Bromwell Alfred T. tailor. Bond and Miller 
Bromwell Chas. H. clerk, 11 North av 
Bromwell Geo. W. sr. shoemkr, 105 s Wolfe 
Bromwell Geo. W. jr. shoemkr, 105 s Wolfe 
Bromwell John, bricklayer, 170 n Wolfe 
Bromwell John A. salesman, 5 Biddle nr Mc- 

Bromwell John E. carp. 7 Poultney 
Bromwell John H. butter, rear 39 Penna av 
Bromwell Wesley, carp. 272 Hanover 
Bromwell Wm. clerk, 39 Penna av 
Bromwell Wm. bricklayer, 30 McElderry 
Bromwell Wm. R. carp. 109 Montgomery 
Bronson Edward jr. bookkpr, 138 Aisquith 
Brooke Franklin E. P. attorney, 2 Courtland, 

dw 48 McMechin 
Brooke H. Eugene, inspr. C.H. 62 n Broadway 
Brooke Horace L. pro[)rietor Canton chemical 

■ works, dw n w cor Read and Calvert 
Brooke John H. drug clerk, 98 n Charles 
Brooke Wm. E. clerk, 64 Columbia 
Brookland Mrs. Rebecca, 61 Eastern av 
Brooklyn Life Ins. Co. of N.Y., Alfred E. Hatch 
gen. agent, Consolidated building, 1 German 
Brooks Albert J., Eutaw ext 
Brooks Albert N. tinner, 39 s Ann 
Brooks Alice W. 233 w Hoffman 
Brooks Mrs. A. M. 51 Laurens 
Brooks Allen W. coachmkr, 166 Hollins 
Brooks B. J. jr. 217 Hudson 
Brooks Benedict J. sr. manager Cedar Point fur- 
naces, 25 Potomac * 
Brooks Mrs. Catherine, 54 n Castle 
Brooks Chas. A. clerk, 187 Mulberry 
Brooks Chas. A. butcher. Sweet Air 
Brooks Chas. E. clerk, 497 Saratoga 
Brooks Chas. H. bricklayer, 393 s Sharp 
Brooks Chas. H. paperhanger, 52 n Castle 

Brooks Chas. H. dairy, 438 Lexington 
Brooks Chas. W. bookbinder, 308 n Eden 
Brooks Chauncy, pres't Western Nat. Bank, 

Eutaw ext 
Brooks Channcy(D.Fahnestock &Co.)Eutawext 
Brooks Chauncy (B. & Thrasher) Eutaw ext 
Brooks Chauncy (B., Rogers* Co.) Eutaw ext 
Brooks Chauncy jr. (Ryland & B.) Eutaw ext 
Brooks Chris C". bookpr, 153 McCulloh 
Brooks Christopher, lab. 79 s Spring 
Brooks Mrs. Clementina, notions, 166 Hollins 
Brooks Uarius L. carp. Sweet Air 
Brooks Edvvard,E. carp. Tenant w of Fulton 
Brooks Edward W. clerk, 160 Mulberry 
Brooks Edwd, 18 n Arlington av 
Brooks Edwd, driver. Cathedral ext 
Brooks Edwin R. clerk, 419 n Central av 
Brooks Mrs. Eliza A. tailoress, 255 Jefferson 
Brooks Mrs. Eliza Ann, confect'y, 16 Courtland 
Brooks Mrs. Ellen, notions, 34 s CarroUton av 
Brooks Ellen, grocery, 29 s Poppleton 
Brooks Fred F. 436 Eutaw pi 
Brooks Geo. machinist, Woodberry 
Brooks Geo. B. furn. wagon, 223 e Monnpaent 
Brooks Geo. D. supt. Hull & Brooks Manuf.Co. 

dw 390 e Baltimore 
Brooks Geo. E. carp. Quaker la nr York rd 
Brooks Geo. R. (Howard & B.) 79 Preston 
Brooks Geo. W. sec'y and treas. American and 

German Benevolent society, 63 Second, dw 9& 

w Monument 
Brooks Geo. W. painter, 200 Lee 
Brooks Geo. W. clerk, 121 Lexington 
Brooks Gfeo. W. agent, 293 Aisquith 
Brooks Geo. W. carp. 59 Chew 
Brooks Greenberry E. canmkr, 234 s Fayette 
Brooks H. N. med. student, 189 w Lombard 
Brooks Harry R. (Rodney R. Brooks & Son) 196 

n Eutaw 
Brooks Henry, butcher, Woodberry 
Brooks Henry, cigarmkr, 227 s Paca 
Brooks Mrs. Henry P., Madison av ext 
Brooks Horace, 201 n Calvert 
BROOKS ISAAC, Jr. attorney and U. S.Com- 

missioner, 42 Lexington, dw 230 n Charles 
Brooks Isaiah C. blacksmith, 103 Fort av 
Brooks J. & Bro.( Jos.and John T.Brooks )wood 

and coal yard, Elliott and Patuxent 
Brooks James, lab. 79 s Spring 
Brooks James, shipcarp. 26 Smith 
Brooks James, carp. Tenant w of Fulton 
Brooks James, bricklayer, 34 s CarroUton av 
Brooks James, hostler, 29 s Poppleton 
Brooks James, lab. 310 Canton av 
Brooks James H., Sweet Air 
Brooks James H. clerk, 68 George 
Brooks James W. painter, 311 Harford av 
Brooks Jesse, lab. Woodberry 
Brooks John, lab. Hampden 
Brooks John, lab. 13 O'Donnell 
Brooks John, backman, 106 Barre 
Brooks John, shoemkr, 9 e Pratt 
Brooks John, bricklayer, 227 s Paca 
Brooks John C. clerk, 349 w Baltimore 
Brooks John C. bookkpr. Linden av ext 
Brooks John E. cooper, 24 McHenry 
Brooks John H. canmkr, 49 s Bethel 
Brooks John H. marblecutter, 94 Hollins 
Brooks John H. marblecutter, 34 Fsederick a.v 
Brooks John F. lab. 135 s Regester 
Brooks John L. wheelwright and blacksmith, 

357 w Pratt, dw Baltimore and Poppleton 

HOLMES & CO., Engineers' and Machinists' Tools and Supplies, 
Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

Assets, $85,000,000.00. O. F. Bresee, Qenl Agt. 
BRO 119 BRO 

Brooks John L. shucker, 135 s Regester 

Brooks John P. lab. 79 s Spring 

Brooks John T. driver, 27 Warner 

Brooks John T. bricklayer, 189 n Carrollton av 

Brooks John T. (J. Brooks k Bro.) Chesapeake 

and O'Donnell 
Brooks John T. jr. clerk, 189 n Carrollton av 
Brooks Capt. John W. mariner, 157 Cross 
Brooks Joseph (J.B.& Bro) Hudson and Hare 
Brooks Joseph, 242 n Howard 
Brooks Joseph L. contractor, Woodberry 
Brooks Joshua, machinist, 29 e Eager 
Brooks Joshua (B. & Smith) 252 Park av 
Brooks Mrs. Lizzie, 96 n Holliday 
Brooks Louis, canmkr, 571 w Lombard 
Brooks Mrs. Louisa, 187 Mulberrj^ 
Brooks Mrs. Margaret, beer, 94 s Eutaw 
Brooks Mrs. Mariah, 15 Pin al 
Brooks Mrs. Mary, 84 n Wolfe 
Brooks Mrs. Mary, 168 n High 
Brooks Michael S. police, 30 n Amity 
Brooks Morris, boxmkr, 26 w Fayette 
Brooks Dr.N.C.pres't.Baltimore Female College, 

cor Park av and Wilson 
Brooks P. Murray, clerk, 9 e Pratt 
Brooks Peter B. chairmkr, 47 Haw 
Brooks Rachel, 233 w Hoffman 
Brooks Richard, lab. 310 Canton av 
Brooks Richard, lab. 76 Mulberry 
Brooks Richard A. lab. 200 Lee 
Brooks Richard C. carp. 577 Penna av 
Brooks Robt. cigarmkr, 227 s Paca 
Brooks Robt. brickmkr, 76 Parkin 
Brooks Robt. sailmkr, 119 Chesnut 
Brooks Robt. carp. 12 Woodyear 
Brooks Robt. 132 w Biddle 
Brooks Rodney R. (Rodney R. Brooks & Son) 

196 n Eutaw 
Brooks Rodney R.& Son (R.R.and H.R.Brooks) 

chinaware, 196 n Eutaw 
Brooks, Rogers & Co. (Chauncy Brooks, David 

G Rogers, Wm. F. Clautice)" wholesale boots 

and shoes, 346 w Baltimore 
Brooks Samuel M. tobacconist, 98 n Gilmor 
Brooks Samuel T. tinner, 29 s Fulton 
Brooks Mrs. Sarah, CoUington av nr Bank 
BrooksShadrach,tobac'n't,s wcorChaseandAnn 
Brooks & Smith (Joshua Brooks,Clement Smith ) 

horseshoers, s w cor Biddle and Maryland av 
Brooks Stephen L. restaurant, Baltimore and 

Brooks & Thrasher, (Chauncy Brooks, Isaac 

Thrasher) jobbers in clothing and dry goods, 

346 w Baltimore 
Brooks Thorndike (Chas.S.Norris& Co.) whole- 
sale boots and shoes, over 349 w Baltimore, 

dw Sykesville, Carroll co 
Brooks Thos. porter, 202 Lee 
Brooks Thos. B. salesman, 84 n Eutaw 
Brooks Thos. E. stonecutter, 29 McHenry 
BROOKS WALTER B. office over 357 w Balti- 
more, storage and wharfage, 10 O'Donnell's 

whf, dw Linden av ext 
Brooks Walter E. printer, 520 Aisquith 
Brooks Wm. contractor, W^oodberrj^ 
Brooks Wm. coal and wood, 444 n Gay,dw 278 

n Eden 
Brooks Wm. moulder, 54 n Castle 
Brooks Wm. inspector C. H. 293 Aisquith 
Brooks Wm. D. tinner, 29 s Fulton 
Brooks Wm. F. canmkr, Pratt and High 
Brooks Wm. F. printer, 59 Chew 


out'hly applying ELASTIC CEMENT and 


By increasing the quanlity of Gum, we make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which is uuequaled. All Work 
guaranteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders soliciied 
lor new felt roofs' ; old roofs repaired. 

D M. SADLER & CO., Sole Manufacturers, 

No. 3 COURTLAND STREET, up stairs. 

Brooks Wm. H. stonecutter, 120 Parkin 
Brooks Wm. H. clerk, 293 Aisquith 
Brooks Wm. K. associate Johns Hopkins Uni- 
versity, 67 Harlem av 
Brooks Wm. M. painter, 309 Light 
Brooks Wm. M. carp. 180 e Monument 
Brooks Wm. P. police, Lorman nr Gilmor 
Brooks Wm. S. 126 Hamburg 
Brooks Wm. T. mariner, 315 s Sharp 
Brooks Wm. W. C. clerk, Huntingdon av and 

Falls rd 
Broom Chas. D. clerk, 152 Bank 
Broom Mrs. Ellen, grocery, 152 Bank 
Broom Geo. grocery, s w cor CoUington av and 

BROOM JOHN S. stevedore and wrecker, 6 
Patapsco, dw 152 Bank 

BROOM JOHN S., Stevedore and 
Wrecker ; Submarine Diving. Par- 
ticular attention given to hoist- 
ing or removal of Tanks, Boilers, 
Machinery, Houses, Heavy Mer- 
chandise, &c. Orders respectful- 
ly solicited and promptly attended 
to. OflSce, 6 Patapsco Street, near 
Boston, opp. chair factory. Can- 
ton, Residence, 152 Bank Street. 

Broom Louis E. carp. 91 s CoUington av 

Broom Maj. Robert, 87 n High 

Broom Wm. J. heater, 160 s Wolfe 

Bropf Henry, liquors, 282^Montgomery 

Brophy James, lab. 104 Fort av 

Broring Henry, shoemkr, 530 n Gay 

Brosch Jos. hair goods, 25 Orleans 

Broseker Chas. butcher, 59 and 60 Cross-st Mkt, 

dw 506 Light 
Broseker Chas. jr. butcher, 506 Light 
Broseker Chas. cigarmkr, 299 William 
Broseker Geo. butcher, 394 s Sharp 
Broseker Geo. shoemkr, 75 Hill 
Broseker Geo. W. H. baker, 77 n Arlington ar 
Broseker Henry, upholsterer, 299 William 
Broseker Henry, butcher, 344 William 
Broseker Wm. cigarmanufr, 153 s Charles 
Brosius Hamilton, (B. & Hilton) 22 Russell 
Brosius & Hilton, (Hamilton Brosius, Wm. H. 

Hilton) provisions, 50 e Fayette 
Brosius Jacob, huckster, 26 Patterson av 
Brosius Jacob jr. huckster, 26 Patterson av 
Brosn^han C. F. bricklayer, 54 Whatcoat 
Brosnahan Daniel, lab. Calverton 
Brosnahan Timothy, lab. Calverton 
Brosnan John, restaurant, 61 n Calvert 
Brosnan John, lab. 4 Wilhelm 
Brosnan Mrs. Margaret, 4 Wilhelm 
Brosnan Peter, lab. 29 Buren 

No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 






Brosnan Wm. bristle worker, 4 Wilhelm 
Bross Edwd. lithographer, engraver and printer, 
151 w Lombard 

BROSS EDWARD, Lithographer 
and Printer, 151 w Lombard St. 
Checks, Notes, Drafts, Business 
Cards, Billheads, Labels forWines, 
Liquors and Cigars. Branding 

Bross Edward jr. clerk, 151 w Lombard 
Brossel John, tailor, 588 w Baltimore 
Brothers James, lab. 228 Lemmon 
Brothers Thos. watchman, Woodberr^' 
Brotherton David H. cigarmkr, 594 w Baltimore 
BrothertOQ Mrs. John P. 594 w Baltimore 
Brotherton Morris C. brakeman, 35 s Pop^leton 
Brotzman Joseph, 102 s Central av 
Brough Mrs. Jane, variety, 583 Penna av 
Brougham Isaac, potter, 115 s Eden 
Broughton Isaac, printer, 146 German 
Broughton John, plasterer, 146 German 
Broughton Joseph, huckster, 184 n Wolfe 
Broughton Joseph R. painter, 270 Chew 
Broughton Mrs. Capt. Jos. D. 270 Chew 
Broughton M. Fillmore, driver, 184 n Wolfe 
Broumel Harry, clerk, 18 s Strieker 
Broumel James, real estate, 2 Law bldg, dw 18 

s Strieker 
Broumel James W. conveyancer, 45 St. Paul, 

dw Calverton 
Broun John, cabinetmkr, 153 s Regester 
Broun Nicholas, cabinetmkr, 153 s Regester 
Brower Benj. R. car driver, 33 Randall 
Brower David, lab. 16 Elizabeth la 
Brower Henry, tailor, 189 s Sharp 
Brower James, clerk, 529 Light 
Brower Tobias, cabinetmkr, 245 w Pratt 
Brower Wm. expressman, 150 n Front 
Brown A. E. salesman, 165 Edmondson av 
Brown A. J. jr. dentist, 88 n Charles 
Brown Dr. A. J. (Dr.A.J.B. & Son) 88 n Charles 
Brown Dr. A. J. & Son, (A.J. and F.E.Brown) 

dentists, 61 Lexington 
Brown Abel, huckster, 114 Boyd 
Brown Abraham J. clerk, 168'n Caroline 
Brown Adam, stevedore, 72 Thames 
Brown Adam, saloon, 225 William- 
Brown Adam N. clerk, 210 Druid Hill av 
Brown Albert, bricklayer, 218 n Wolfe 
Brown Albert S. carp. 236 e Monument 
Brown Alex, iron moulder. First av nr Clinton 
Brown Alex, bricklayer, 429 w Lombard 
BROWN ALEX. & SONS, (G.S.Brown, Wm.H. 

Graham, VV.G.Bowdoin) bankers and dealers 

in foreign exchange, s w cor Baltimore and 

Brown Alex. jr. barkpr, Elliott and Patuxent 
Brown Alex. E. (Wm.H.B.&Bro ) Linden av 

and Townsend 
Brown Alex. D. farmer, 70 Mount Vernon pi 
Brown Alex. M. stable boss, 431 w Baltimore 
Brown Alex. P. tailor, 22^ e Lombard, dw 125 

Brown Alex. W. carp. 171 Preston 
Brown Alfred, hackman, 224 Chesnut 
Brown Alfred C. carp, and builder, 17 Pleasant, 

dw 88 w Centre 
Brown Mrs. Annie, confec. 280 Greenmount av 
Brown Mrs. Annie M. dressmkr, 124 n Eden 

Brown Mrs. Annie M., Waverley 
Brown Mrs. Annie S., Druidville 
Brown Mrs. Ann, 205 s Chester 
Brown Andrew, wharf builder, 122 s Bond 
Brown Arthur G. (B. & Brune) 95 w Chase 
Brown Arthur L. carp. 184 n Caroline 
Brown Basil sr. dept. insp. tobac. 231 Barre 
Brown Basil W. clerk, 178 s Paca 
Brown Belle, 91 Raborg 
Brown Benj. B. carp. 190 Lexington 
Brown Benj. C. clerk, 266 Linden av 
Brown Benj. F. foreman, 358 n Gilmor 
Brown Benj. J. jr. carp. 190 Lexington 
BROWN, BOGGS & CO. (J. T. Brown, F. H. 
Boggs, J. W. Corbin) wholes, liquors, 111 w 
Lombard and 9 Balderston 
BROWN & BRUNE, (F. W. Brune, Stewart 

Brown, A. G.Brown) attorneys, 40 St. Paul 
Brown C. C. stoves and tinware, 331 e Eager 
Brown C. S. 474 Eutaw pi 
Brown Mrs. Carrie, 392 w Fayette 
Brown Caspar, lab. 252 s Durham 
Brown Caroline, Kennedy's la, York rd 
Brown Catherine, 12 Hammond al 
Brown Mrs. Catherine, 56 William 
Brown Mrs. Catherine, Hampden 
Brown Catherine, 183 s Regester 
Brown Chas. glasscutter, 422 Cross 
Brown Chas.' junk, 98 Lancaster 
Brown Chas. butcher, 223 Frederick av 
Brown Chas. stevedore, 267 Aliceanna 
Brown Capt. Chas. mariner, 216 e Fayette 
Brown Chas. confec' r, 371 Lexington 
Brown Chas. driver, 213 s Washington 
Brown Chas. stevedore, 6 s Central av 
Brown Chas. insp. C. H. 288 Hollins 
Brown Chas. huckster, 224 Conway 
Brown Mrs. Chas. C. 123 McCulloh 
Brown Chas. C. canmkr, 135 Gough 
Brown Chas. E. clerk, 75 w Townsend 
Brown Chas. E. tobacco, 95 s Charles, dw Lin- 
den av and Townsend 
Brown Chas. F. drayman, 33 n Eden 
Brown Capt. Chas. H. mariner, 5 Irvine pi 
Brown Chas. H. clerk, 393 Franklin 
Brown Chas. H. barkpr, 5 Irvine pi 
Brown Chas. H. H. 402 Eutaw pi 
Brown Chas. J. lab. 22 Fountain 
Brown Chas. L. barber, 76 n Calvert 
Brown Chas. P. bricklayer, 88 s Chester 
Brown Chas. T. (J.B.& Son) 87 n Broadway 
Brown Chas.W. stairbuilder, 109 n Fremont 
Brown Chas.W. attorney, 29 n Calvert, dw 303 

e Eager 
Brown Chas.W. huckster, 224 Conway 
Brown Cornelius, miller, 1017 w Pratt 
Brown Cornelius, clerk, 403 e Eager 
Brown Cornelius sr. tobacconist, 269 Saratoga 
Brown Daniel, porter, 115 n Front 
Brown Daniel C. carp. 420 e Madison 
Brown David P. teacher. Bond nr John 
Brown Edw. huckster, 9 Camden la 
Brown Edw. liquors and wines, 181s Broadway- 
Brown Capt. Edw. mariner, 12 Ostend 
Brown Edw. letter carrier, 216 Peirce 
Brown Edw. mariner, 15 Madeira al 
Brown Edw. lab. 234 s Ann 
Brown Edw.D. clerk, 210 n Carey 
Brown Edw.M. clerk, 16 n Ann 
Brown Edw.W. junk, 67 Grindall 
Brown Elias, carp, and builder, 17 Pleasant,dw 
186 Saratoga 

WM. WIRT CLARKE, Importer and Manufacturers' Agent, 
Offers CEMENTS and PLASTER of all kinds at Lowest Market Rates. 

Insurance Agents and Brokers, American Bnilding. 
"^ BRO ' 121 BRO 

Brown Elias H. carp. 186 Saratoga 
Brown Ellen, boarding, 123 s Ann 
Brown Mrs. Ellen, grocery, 694 w Faj-ette 
Brown Ellen, 233 Franklin 
Brown Mrs. Elizabeth, grocery, 179 s Ann 
Brown Mrs. Elizabeth, notions, 153 Columbia 
Brown Mrs. Elizabeth, 20 n Durham 
Brown Emmett, genl. ticket agt. Balto. Steam- 
packet Co. over 8 South, dw 266 Linden av 
Brown Mrs. Esther, 127 Division 
Brown Francis, actor, 150 n Exeter 
Brown Francis A.coachpainter, Homestead 
Brown Frank S. (Plumley&B .) 1 TOn Arlington av 
Brown Franklin, 373 Franklin 
Brown Franklin F. police, 356 s Sharp 
Brown Fred, basketmkr, 92 Parkin 
Brown Fred, beer, 32 n Sharp 
BROWN FRED. J. attorney, 40 St. Paul,dw 89 

w Chase 
Brown Fred. S. clerk, 402 Eutaw pi 
Brown Garry W. cigars and liquors, 89 Second, 

dw 234 Saratoga 
Brown Geo. gilder, 311 Mulberry 
Brown Geo. 84 Cathedral 
Brown Geo. 70 Mt. Vernon pi 
Brown Geo. brewer. Becks la 
Brown Geo. blksmith, 23 East 
Brown Geo. lab. 239 William 
Brown Geo. blksmith, 130 Ensor 
Brown Geo. butcher, Belair av ext 
Brown Geo. confec'y, 1 n Charles, and wholes. 

Civndymkr, 8 w Baltimore 
Brown Geo. bricklayer, 5 s Carey 
Brown Geo. driver, 550 Harford av 
Brown Geo. C. carp, and builder, 186 Saratoga 
Brown Geo. C. coppersmith, 332 e Monument 
Brown Geo. E. clerk, 358 n Gilmor 
Brown Geo. F. stonecutter, 175 n Exeter 
Brown Capt. Geo. F. whartinger and agent tug 

boats. Belt's wharf foot of Fell, dw 35 s Col- 

lington av 
Brown Geo. H. machinist, 334 n Eden 
Brown Geo. L. upholsterer, 179 n Arlington av 
Brown Geo. L. carp. 216 e Baltimore 
Brown Geo. L. porter, 31 Sterrett 
Brown Geo. M. hostler, 43 s Castle 
Brown Geo. N. carp. 588 w Baltimore 
BROWN GEO. S. (Alex.B.& Sons)66 Cathedral 
BROWN GEO. WM. judge Criminal Court, 89 

w Chase 
Brown Geo. W. baggage master, 362 w Lombard 
Brown Geo.W. carp. 98 n Fremont 
Brown Geo.W. bricklayer, 421 e Lombard 
Brown Geo.W. lab., Sterrett al nr Hamburg 
Brown Geo.W. shipcarp. 227 e Lombard 
Brown Geo.W. stationery, 219 e Baltimore 
Brown Mrs.GertrudeE.dressrakr,208nCentral av 
Brown, Graves & Co.( W.Judson Brown, Wm.B. 

Graves) com. merchts. 84 South 
Brown Gustavus, (A. SeemuUer & Sons) 210 n 

Brown Gustavus jr. clerk, 210 n Carey 
Brown H.C. (V.J.B.& Son) 327 Lexington 
Brown H. D., Mansion house 
Brown H. E. salesman, 33 Lexington 
Brown H. F. police, 356 s Sharp 
Brown Dr. H.J. 141 w Biddle 
Brown, Hamill k Co.(M.J.and W.A. Brown,R. 

W.Haraill) coal oil refiners, First av and 

Eighth, office 11 w Pratt 
Brown Harman J. conductor, 28 Heath 


Made water-tif^ht. and preserved for years, by tlior- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMEMT aud 


By incrcaginfj the qnavtiiy of Gvm. we make a Patut 
for Damp Walls which Ib unequaled. AH work 
guarauteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders solicited 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER & CO , Sole Mainifacturers. 

No. 3 COURTLAND STREET, up stairs. 

'■ Brown Harman J. conductor, 10 Barney 
Brown Harry, cigarmkr, 311 Mulberry 

j Brown Harry, barkpr, 74 s Strieker 
Brown Harry, hackman, 219 n Front 

I Brown Harry P. clerk, 46 n Fremont 

■ Brown Harry P., Albion house 
Brown Henry, rigger, 16 Philpot. dw37 sWash- 

I ington 

i Brown Henry, lab. 217 Frederick av 

I Brown Henry, engineer, 160 Scott 
Brown Henry, librarian B.&O.R.R.46n Fremont 
Brown Henry, tailor, 329 e Madison 
Brown Henry, lab., Belair av ext 
Brown Henry C.saw manufr, 1 Uhlersal, dw 21 

s Exeter 
Brown Henry G. 24 n Strieker 
Brown Henry G. teacher, 250 n Eden 
Brown Herbert D. cattle, 60 St. Peter 
Brown Hervey, clerk, 308 n Strieker 
Brown Hirani M. clerk, 243 n Calvert 
Brown's Hotel, Mrs. L. Brown, prop'r,119 u High 
Brown Hugh, lab. 215 s Bethel 
Brown Hugh J. clerk, 25 w Baltimore 
Brown Isaac, engineer, 87 Aisquith 
Brown Isaiah, woodturner, 577 Franklin 
Brown J. Frank, brickmkr, Washington rd,dw 
606 w Fayette ■* 

BROWN J. HARMAN, Register of Wills, and 
treas. Ass'n Imp'g Cond. Poor, 67 Courtland 
BROWN J. WILSON, house furn. goods, 47 n 

Howard, dw Waverley 
Brown J.Willcox,(B. & Lowndes) 218 n Calvert 
Brown Jacob, shoemkr, 39 n Liberty 
Brown Jacob, clerk, 234 Eastern av 
Brown Jacob C.(B.& Murphy) 370 e Baltimore 
Brown James, watchman. Sweet Air 
Brown James, shoemkr, 278 AHceanna 
Brown James, watchman, Woodberry 
Brown James, carp. 90 Ridgely 
Brown James, carp. 5 s Carey 
Brown James, clerk, 308 n Strieker 
Brown James, music teacher, 45 Mulberry 
Brown James, messenger, 280 Greenmount av 

j Brown James, lab. 94 York 

' Brown James, lab. 40 Block 

I Brown James, restaurant, and supt. Broadway 
and Locust Point ferry, 85 Thames 
Brown James, cabinetmkr, 28 Wyeth 
Brown James, boatswain U.S.N. 270 e Biddle 

; Brown James A. painter, 244 e Fayette 

; Brown James A. engineer, 96 s Ann 

: Brown James B. clerk, 308 n Strieker 

'. Brown James C. shoemkr, 208 n Central av 
Brown James C. H. clerk, 182 Lexington 
Brown James E. lettercarrier, 216 Peirce 
Brown James F. clerk, 67 s Chester 
Brown James F. engineer, 118 Cross 
Brown James G. clerk, 5 Aisquith 
Brown James H. junk, 131 s High 
Brown James H. engineer, 186 Lee 

The Best Portland Cement, (same as I have been furnishing the Capitol Grounjde 

at Washington, ) in store and to arrive regularly during the season, No. 61 S. GAY ST. 





Brown James H. jr. (B., Lowther & Co.) 38 n 

Brown Rev. James H. 38 n Broadway 
Brown James J. stonecutter, 280 Greenmountav 
Brown James L. carp. 131 n Exeter 
BROWN JAMES M. cigars and liquors, 89 

Second, dw 41 n Strieker 
Brown James M. barkpr, 61 Whatocat 
Brown James M. clerk, 61 Whatcoat 
Brown James Q. clerk, 46 n Fremont 
Brown James R. (Downing & B.) 3s Broadway 
Brown James R. carp. 319 e John 
Brown James S. puddler, 228 Hudson 
Brown James T. machinist, 59 Curley 
Brown James W. boilermkr, 249 Light 
Brown Mrs. Jane, 252 n Caroline 
Brown Jasper R. 318 Light 
Brown Jefferson, clerk, 694 w Fayette 
Brown Rev. Joel, Woodberry 
Brown John, Miller's hotel 
Rrown John, lab. 516 Light 
Brown John, lab.- 15 Patterson av 
Brown John, butcher, Penna av ext 
Brown John, butcher, 1 Brown la 
Brown John, mariner, 243 Bank 
Brown John, 437 Madison av 
Browifi John, miller, 14 s Washington 
Brown John, clerk, 122 s Bond 
Brown John, lab. 40 Abey al 
Brown John, dispatcher, 120 s Eden 
Brown John (Eustace, B. & Co.) 268 Hanover 
Brown John, mariner, 408 Eastern av 
Brown John, lab. 162 Elliott 
Brown John, lab. 252 s Durham 
Brown John, lab. 164 e Fayette 
Brown John, lab. 24 e Biddle 
Brown John, farmer, 228 s Dallas 
Brown John (John B. & Son) 87 n Broadway 
Brown John A. messenger Circuit Court, 229 n 

Brown John B. real estate agent, 364 Aisquith 
Brown John B. (J. B. B. k Co.) 161 n Calvert 
BROWN JOHN B. & CO. (J.B.Brown) wholes. 

liquors, 26 Bowly's whf 
Brown John C. carp. Belair av ext 
Brown John D. engineer, 265 Gough 
Brown John F. rigger, 70 Johnson 
Brown John F. painter, 38 Williamson al 
Brown John F. S. tinner, Oxford, York rd 
Brown John G. lab. 33 Henrietta 
Brown John H. 307 n Gilmor 
Brown John H. cigarmkr, 48 n Spring 
Brown John H. brakeman, 108 e Monument 
Brown Capt. John H. mariner, 304 Canton av 
Brown John I. V. clerk, 21s Exeter 
Brown John J. butcher, 1 Brown la 
Brown John J. carp, Huntingdon av nr Mt. 

Brown John J. engineer, 197 w John 
Brown Dr. John L. dentist, office 111 Green- 
mount av, dw Homestead 
Brown John L. contractor, wood and coal, Eu- 

taw and Biddle 
Brown John M. carp. 257 Lee 
Brown John N. treasurer People's Gas Co. 162j 

w Fayette 
Brown John P. well digger, 24 e Biddle 
Brown John Q. tinner, 60 n Holliday 
Brown John R. salesman, 210 n Carey 
Brown John R. bricklayer, 257 Lee 
BROWN JOHN S. City Librarian, City Hall, 

dw 473 e Chase 

Brown John R. bricklayer, 245 Lee 
Brown John S. varnisher, 167 Dover 
BROWN JOHN k SON, (John and Charles T. 

Brown) hardware, 10 w Pratt 
Brown John T. tobacconist, s w cor Eutaw and 

Biddle, dw 108 Townsend 
Brown John T. conductor, 33 s Monroe 
Brown John T. carp. 5 s Carey 
Brown John T. painter, 128 McHenry 
Brown John T. (B., Boggs & Co.)15 Cathedral 
Brown John T. baggagemaster, 148 Conway 
"Brown John T. canmkr, 205 s Chester 
Brown John T. lab. 215 s Bethel 
Brown John T. lab. 40 Orleans 
Brown John W. apothecary, Chester and Eas- 
tern av and Fremont and Presstman, dw 443 
n Carey 
Brown John W. engineer, Clinton nr Seventh av 
Brown John W. clerk, 130 w Fayette 
B.rown John W. clerk, 87 n Broadway 
Brown John W. clerk, 42 Brune 
Brown John Wesley, patternmkr, 30 Jackson 

sq av 
Brown John Wilson, clerk to Register of Wills, 

dw Balto CO 
Brown Joseph, shoemkr, 23 s Central av 
Brown Joseph, mariner, 103 s Exeter 
Brown Joseph, tailor, 225 William 
Brown Joseph B. police, 104 Hill 
Brown Joseph F. carp. 561 n Fremont 
Brown Joseph M. carp. 101 s Gilmor 
Brown Joseph M. clerk, 327 Lexington 
Brown Joseph W. engineer, 121 Chew 
Brown Josh, coachmkr, 347 Saratoga, dw 283 

n Strieker 
Brown Josh. L. tin and sheetiron worker, 477 

Penna av 
Brown Julius, driver, 413 Eastern av 
Brown Kirk, teacher, 127 Aisquith 
Brown Mrs. L. E. 409 w Lanvale 
Brown Mrs. Laura A.seamstrss, 226 e Monument 
Brown Dr. Laura J. 85 n Arlington av 
Brown Lewis, carp. 125 Orleans 
Brown Lewis, cooper, 406 Cross 
Brown Mrs. Lewis, prop'r Brown's hotel, 119 n 

Brown Lewis B. grocery, 319 n Strieker 
Brown Lewis C. upholsterer, 311 Mulberry 
Brown Lewis P. shoemkr, 61 n Poppleton 
BROWN & LOWNDES, (J. Willcox Brown 
and C. D. Lowndes) bankers and brokers, 
17 German 
Brown, Lowther & Co. (J. H. Brown jr., Benj. 

Lowther)com. merchts. 44 s Frederick 
Brown Lucy, 22 Harlem av 
j Brown M. B. salesman. Ford's Eutaw hotel 
Brown M. J. & W. A. flour and feed commission 

merchants, 11 w Pratt 
Brown M. Harold, engraver, over 166 w Balti- 
more and drj' goods, 240 Penna av, dw 240 
Penna av 
Brown Manheim, toys and confec'y, 16 w Bal- 
Brown Martin S. engraver, 44 Argyle av 
Brown Mrs. Mary, confectionery, 23 East 
Brown Mrs. Mary, 203 Frederick av 
Brown Mrs. Mary A. 408 n Eden 
Brown Mary A. dressmkr, 18 Warren 
Brown Matthew, basketmkr, 104 L. Greene 
Brown Matthew J. (M. J. & W. A. Brown, and 

B., Haniill & Co.) 7 Aisquith 
Brown McLane, lab. 124 n Eden 

HOLMES & CO., Enginf^ers' and Macliinists' Tools and Supplies, 
Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

O. F. Br esee, G-eneral A gent, American Buildin g. 
BRO 123 BRO 

Browa Memorial Mission (Presbyterian) John 

nr Cathedral 
Brown Memorial Church (Presbyterian) cor 

Park av and Townsend 
Brown Michael, lab. 115 n Front 
Brown Michael, watchman, 34 Etting 
Brown Michael, shucker, 298 Eastern av 
Brown Moritz, tailor, 465 Aisquith 
Brown Moses, painter, 635 Belair av 
BROWN & MURPHY, (J. C. Brown, F. 
P. Murphy,) sailmkrs, *73 and 75 Smith's whf 
Brown Nathaniel J. oysters, 205 s Chester 
Brown Oliver, lab. Hampden 
Brown P. A. attorney, 36 St. Paul 
Brown Patrick, beer, 46 Buren 
Brown Paul, shoemkr, 44 n Schroeder 
Brown Pearce, lab. Sweet Air 
Brown Peter, rigger, 222 Gough 
Brown Peter, gardener, Oxford, York rd 
Brown Peter M. grocery, 286 s Ann 
Brown Philip, shoemkr, 110 Battery av 
Brown Philip E. telegraphist, 303 e Eager 
Brown Randolph, bricklayer, 108 n Schroeder 
Brown Randolph, clerk, 21 George 
Brown Mrs. Richard, 53 Edmondson av 
Brown Richard P. police, 287 Forrest 
Brown Richard T. bricklayer, 245 Lee 
Brown Robert, lab. 49 Hillmau 
Brown Robert, bookbinder, 33 McHenry 
Brown Robert, watches and jewelry, 93 n Charles, 

dw 100 n Paca - 
Brown Robert jr. clerk, 92 Maryland av 
BROWN ROBERT D. treasr. Eutaw Savings 
Bank and treasr. Susq. Canal Co.dw Howard co 
Brown Robert P. 226 Linden av 
Brown Robert Riddell, attorney, 33 St. Paul,dw 

84 Cathedral 
Brown Mrs. S. J. confectionery, 557 Franklin 
Brown Samuel, lab. cor Greene and Lombard 
Brown Samuel C. huckster, 179 s Paca 
Brown Samuel M. bricklayer, 257 Lee 
Brown Samuel R. huckster, 179 s Paca 
Brown Samuel S. rigger, over 116 Light-st whf, 

dw 14 Warren 
Brown Saml. T. bricklayer, Calverton rd 
Brown Saml. T. steward, 127 n Strieker 
Brown Mrs. Sarah, seamstress, 108 Boyd 
Brown Sarah A. 133 n Eden 
Brown Sebastian (B. & Smith) 367 Madison av 
Brown Dr. Septimus, Townsend and Linden av 
Brown Simon, carp. 175 Columbia 
BROWN & SMITH (Sebastian Brown, Robert 

H. Smith) attorneys, 53 St. Paul 
Brown Solomon, silks and millinery,wholes.247 

w Baltimore, dw 261 Lexington 
Brown Solomon, shoes, 88 Penna av 
Brown Stewart (B. & Brune) 29 Cathedral 
Brown Stewart, beer, 215 Lexington 
Brown Sylvester, beamer, Hampden 
Brown T. A. & Co. (T.A.Brown, R. H. Gilbert, 
W. H. Angerman, L. B. Wolcott) wholesale 
grocers, 105 w Lombard 
Brown Tedford, saddler, 33 McHenry 
Brown Theodore, lab. 54 Johnson 
Brown Capt. Thos. 218 Henrietta 
Brown Thos. shipjoiner, 180 s Ann 
Brown Thos. clerk, 358 n Gilmor 
Brown Thos. patternmkr, 21 George 
Brown Thos. lab. 13 Fell 
-Brown Thos. lab. 70 Hampstead 
Brown Thos. ironmoulder, 728 w Pratt 
Brown Thos. lab. 10 Windsor 


Made water-tieht, and preserved for years, by thor- 
oughly applyiug ELASTIC CEMENT and 


By increanrtg (he quantity of Gum, we make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which is uuequaled. All work 
guaranteed. A trlalis all we ask. Orders sohcitod 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER & CO.. Sole Manufacturers, 

No. 3 COURTLAND STREET, up stairs. 

Brown Thos. brassmoulder, 8 Brune 

Brown Thos. beer, 449 Hamburg 

Brown Thos. A. (T.A. B. & Co. ) 661 w Fayette 

Brown Thos. C. painter, 97 Fort av 

Brown Thos. C. clerk, 92 Barre 

Brown Thos. C. shoemkr, Loudon av nr Mil- 
lington la 

Brown Thos. H. S. 168 n Caroline 

Brown Thos. J. sr. (T.J.B. & Son) 303 e Eager 

Brown Thos. J. jr. (T.J. B. & Son) 303 e Eager 

Brown Thos. J. & Son (Thos.J. and T.J.Brown 
jr.) gold and silversmiths, 146 w Baltimore 

Brown Thos. M. (T. Matthews & Son) 209 w 

Brown Thos. R. patternmkr, 21 George 

Brown Dr.Thos.R. prof. College Physicians and 
Surgeons, Park av and Lanvale, dw 129 Lan- 

Brown Thos. S. machinist, 358 n Gilmor 

Brown Thos. W. police, 30 Jackson sq av 

Brown Timothy, lab. 173 Vine 
Brown Timothy S. lab. 9 s Collington av 
Brown Timothy S. huckster, 9 s Collington av 
Brown V. J. (V. J. B. & Son) 327 Lexington 
Brown V. J. & Son (V. J. and Henry C.Brown) 

wholes, grocers, 66 Exchange pi 
Brown W. A. shoecutter, 88 Hanover 
Brown W. J. cooper, 1 Hill 
Brown W.Judson (B.,Graves & Co.) sec' y Pied- 
mont Guano and Mfg Co. 84 South dw 4 n 
Brown W. Roberts, clerk, 71 George 
Brown Walter, lab. 128 n Eden 
Brown Walter S. carp. 32 Clarke 
Brown, Wm. grocery, 106 Preston 
Brown Wm. coachsmith, 223 Dolphin 
Brown Wm. lab. Sweet Air 
Brown Wm., Kennedy la, York rd 
Brown Wm. lab. 128 n Eden 
Brown Wm. lab. 56 Cross 
Brown Wm. lab. 16 Fall 
Brown Wm. shipcarp. 123 s Ann 
Brown Wm. lab. 270 Light 
Brown Wm. real estate agent, 20 German e of 

Charles, dw 266 Linden av 
Brown Wm. baker, 67 Grindall 
Brown Wm. lab. 129 n Chapel 
Brown Wm. of R. clerk, St. Clair hotel 
Brown Wm. A. (M. J. & W. A. Brown and B., 

Hamill & Co.) 5 Aisquith 
Brown Wm. E. clerk, 35 s Collington av 
Brown Wm. E. carp. 323 n Gilmor 
Brown Wm. G. clerk, 48 s Poppleton 
Brown Wm. G. jr. machinist, 48 s Poppleton 
Brown Wm. George, bricklayer, 153 Columbia 
Brown Wra. H. baker, Francis and Park la 
Brown Wm. H. rigger, 290 e Pratt 
Brown Wm. H. driver, 60 Gough 
Brown Wm. H. blacksmith, 690 Ramsay 
Brown Wm. H. carp. 579 Penna av 


No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 

MWM9fmniM mikhvi^a,t!mMViiinm 




Brown Win. H. bricklayer, 101 n Poppleton 
Brown Wm. H.(\V.H.B.& Bro.) 226 Linden av 
BROWN WM. H. & BRO. (Wm. H.Brown, 
Alex. E. Brown, John E. Morrison) wholes, 
druggists, 25 s Sharp 
Brown Wm. K. hatter, First nr Toone 
Brown Wm. L. sr. carpenter, Chesnut nr Low, 

dw 216 e Baltimore 
Brown Wm. M. printer, 42 n Fremont 
Brown Wm. R. painter, 456 n Carey 
Brown Wm. R. carp. 12 Baker 
Brown Wm. S. puddler, 22 Hare 
Brown Wm. T. 44 Courtland 
^ Brown Wm. T. bricklayer, 245 Lee 
Brown Wm. W. carp. 14 s Ann 
Brownback Walton, moulder, 60 s Chester 
Browne Dr. B. Bernard, 307 Madison av 
Browne Eugene H. salesman, Gilmor nr Lex- 
Browne Horace, clerk, 69 Preston 
Browne & Jones (Robert Browne, G. H.S.Jones) 

tobacconists, 2 Pearl 
Browne P. Arrell,att'y,36 St.Paul,dw69Preston 
Browne Richard W. clerk, 273 Madison av 
Browne Robert (B. & Jones) 33 McHenry 
Browne Thos. merchant tailor, 159 e Baltimore 
Browne Wm. Hand, 8 n Charles 
Browning Basil, conductor, 7 Byrd 
Browning Bradley T. printer, I'i s Oregon 
Browning Charles, pianomkr, 255 s Sharp 
Browning Edward, police, 160 Chesnut 
Browning Frederick, brickmkr, 539 Light 
Browning George H. bookkpr, 149 Battery av 
Browning Harry, painter, 161 w Biddle 
Browning Joseph, horseshoer, 174 s Charles 
Browning Lilly M. notions, 161 w Biddle 
>- Browning Louisa, teacher, 77 s Eden 
Browning Mrs. Mary A. 77 s Eden 
Browning Rufus A. driver, 12 s Oregon 
Browning Susie, teacher, 77 s Eden 
BROWNING WARFIELD T. attorney, 52 Lex- 
ington, dw Relay house, B.&O.R.R. 
Browning Wm. painter, 161 w Biddle 
Browning Wm. E. (Hughes & B.) Edmondson 

av nr Carrollton av 
Browning Wm. H. cardriver, 531 n Fremont 
Browning Wm. J. shoemkr, 160 Chesnut 
Browning Wm. W. ticket agent B.&O.R.R. s e 

cor Baltimore and Calrert, dw 138 Preston 
Brownley George W. moulder, 301 William 
Brownley Hiram L. ship carp. 301 William 
Brownley Hiram W. baggage master, 263 e Pratt 
Brownley John W. shipcarp. 271 e Pratt 
Brownley Joseph, carp. 43 Garden 
Brownley Otis C. clerk, 43 Garden 
Brownley Mrs. Sarah A. 5 Hyde ct 
Brownley Thomas J. engineer, 63 Hill 
Brownley Wm.A.sailmkr,18 nPattersonPark av 
Brownol'd JVloses, 111 German 
Bruan Thomas P. currier. Star hotel 
Bruce David, dried fruits, 198 Conway 
Bruce Edward, tinner, 28 Ramsay 
Bruce Edward B. 56 Exchange pi, dw Lanvale 

and Madison av 
Bruce Frank F. carp. 123 s Washington 
Bruce George A. caulker, 36 Cross 
Bruce Granville, lab. 130 Fort av 
Bruce James, 61 HoUins 
Brnce John M. 13 e Madison 
Bruce John M. 160 Aisquith 
Bruce Rol)ert, blacksmith, 161 s Wolfe 
Bruce Robert A. (Hance k B.) 293 Orleans 

Bruce Wm.sec.hand goods, 145 eMadison,dwl 53 
Bruce Wm. W. machinist, 153 e Madison 
Bruce Wm. W. machinist, 464 n Gay 
Bruchey David H. police, 247 Columbia 
Bruchey George D. driver, 75 York 
Bruchey Jacob, carp. 441 Patterson av 
Bruchey James H. lab. 75 York 
Bruchey Wm. H. lab. 75 York 
Bruck Henry M. mercht. tailor, 19 Park av, dw 

278 Hanover 
Bruck Frederick H.. clerk, 278 Hanover 
Bruckheiser George", tailor, 190 Preston 
Bruckhoff Casper, tailor, 242 Montgomery 
Bruckner Daniel, shoemkr, 375 McHenry 
Bruckner John, candymkr, 328 w Pratt 
Bruckner John, pianomkr, 240 s Paca 
Brude Gustav, salesman, 19 Bartleit 
Bruder Frank, brewer, 394 Penna av 
Bruder Frank A. lab. 3 s Durham 
Bruder Michael jr. baker, 81 Hillen 
Bruebach Chas. flour and feed, 250 Eastern av 
Bruebach Joakim,feed,2 nCentral av,dw68 Barre 
Brueckmann Wm. shoemkr, 154 Henrietta 
Brueckner John, candymkr, 829 w Pratt 
Bruehl John, lab. 180 Lemmon 
Bruehle Justus, 5 Jackson sq av 
Bruetling George, barkpr, 71 s Regester 

Faulkner, Wm. R. Hallett) wholesale drj 

goods, 275 w Baltimore 
Bruff John K. bricklayer, 5 Constitution 
Bruff John W. salesman, 90 Charles-st av ext 
Bruff Jos.E.( B., Faulkner & Co. )397 Madison av 
Bruff Mrs. Sallie J. 90 Charles-st av ext 
BrufiF Thomas E. printer, 103 n Wolfe 
Brugard Mrs. Sarah, confec'y, 15 Madeira al 
Bruggeman Albert, tailor, 6 Bank la,dw 164 n 

Central av 
Bruggeman Fred. W. grocery, 2 Dawson al 
Bruggman Amelia, notions, 360 Canton av 
Bruggman Henry, carp. 360 Canton av 
Bruggman Henry jr. carp. 360 Canton av 
Bruggy Mrs. Martin, 3 Arcade al 
Brugniens Louis, painter, 17 Barnet 
Bruhn Jacob, salesman, 38 Camden 
Bruhn Mrs. Louisa; grocery, 38 Camden 
Brumble Wm. dispatcher, Hampden 
Brummell Joseph, painter, 475 Franklin 
Brumshagen J. F. (John H.Thorman&Co.)Sharp 

nr Conway 
Brun A. Petit (le) dentist, 50 n Calvert 
Brun Madame F. child's dressmkr,88Lexingtoa 
Brun Victor H. clerk, 116 n Paca 
Brunck Albert C. clerk, 340 Aisquith 
Brunck Marianna, 340 Aisquith 
Brundick Henry, shucker, 34 Fountain 
Brundick Rudolph, lab. 34 Fountain 
Brundick Wm. shucker, 34 Fountain 
Brundige Maston, lab. 438 w Lohibard 
Brundige Thos. V. 32 St. Paul,dw Govanstown 
Brundige Thos. W. attorney, 32 St. Paul, dw 

Brundige Wm. 272 n Strieker 
Brundige Wm. H. huckster, 507 Saratoga 
Brune Chas. 276 s Broadway 
Brune Erich, tinner, 153 e Lombard 
Brune F. W. & Sons, (W. H. Brune) merchants 

and marine ins. agents, 112 Spear's whf 
Brune Fred. W. (Brown & B.) North av near. 

Charles-st av 
Brune F. W. jr. attorney,40 St. Paul, dw North 

av nr Charles-st av 

WM. WIRT CLARKH], Importer and Wholesale A^crent of 

Largest Li fe Ins. Co. j^ the World, O.F.B re see, G-en. Agt. 
"^ BRU . 125 BRY ^ 

Brune Mrs. D. midvrife, 114 Battery av 

Brune Mary A. lamps, 72 s Bond 

Brune Peter, boxmkr, Broadway and Thames 

Brune Robert, 45 Mt. Vernon pi 

Brune Wm. H.(F.W.B.&Son) 45 Mt.Vernoa pi 

Brune Wm. H. jr. 45 Mt. Vernon pi 

Brunelich Chas. canmkr, 369 e Fayette 

Bruner Adam, porter, 8 Callendar al 

Bruner Albert, lab. 18 New 

Bruner Joseph, tailor, 258 e Lombard 

Bruner Joseph, lab. 29 s Greene 

Bruner Joseph B. agent W. Simpson, Sons & 

Co. 11 German, dw 14 Cathedral 
Brunier Albert, spinner, Frederick av nr tollgate 
Brunier Louis, lab. 13 Bentalou 
Bruning George, boxmkr, 342 Hamburg 
Bruniug George, notions, 222 s Paca 
Bruning John, lab. 22 Walker 
Bruning John, baker, 63 s Fremont 
Bruning Mrs. Margaret, grocery, 22 Walker 
Bruning Marcus, cabinetmkr, 169 Harford av 
Brunker Harry H. billiard room, over 66 vv Fay- 
ette, dw 161 n Caroline 
Brunn Henry, carpetweaver, 85 n Ann 
Brunndt John, blksmith, 66 n Ann 
Brunner Abel, (Rawlings & B.) 77 Aisquith 
Brunner Emma, 125 n Paca 
Brunner George, teacher, 29 n Greene 
Brunner Hamilton, foreign fruits, 9 HoUins 
Brunner Jacob, carp. 127 s Sharp 
Brunner John J. currier, 29 n Greene 
Brunner John L. foreman, 9 HoUins 
Brunner Joseph, currier, 29 n Greene 
Brunner Joseph, 26 Jackson sq av 
Brunner Michael, baker, 815 w Pratt- 
Brunner Wm. collector, 116 Saratoga 
Brunnett Aug. wheelwright, 406 Division 
Brunnett Christian, turn, wagon, 1 McMechin 
Brunnett John, blksmith, Fayette nr Chester 
Bruns Mrs. Bernard, 281 n Gay 
Bruns Edward, lab. 234 s Ann 
Bruns Ferdinand, shoecutter, 227 e Eager 
Bruns Henry, carp. 312 Canton av 
Bruns Henry, lab. Elliott and Curley 
Bruns Henry, clerk, 281 n Gay 
Bruns Henry, lab. Chester nr Belair av 
Bruns John, (Heise & Co.) 164 Mulberry 
Bruns John, shoemkr, 281 n Gay 
Bruns John jr. clerk, 164 Mulberry 
Bruns Joseph, shoemkr, 281 n Gay 
Bruns Lawrence, shoecutter, 281 n Ga,y 
Bruns Rudolph, shoemkr, 16 L. Gough 
Bruns Wm. barber, 94 s Sharp 
Brunt Antone, lab. 4 Baker ct 
Brunt Chas. A. clerk, 54 Franklin 
Brunt James, trader, 428 Penna av 
Brunt John, 13 Byrd 
Brunt Ralph, 487"Penna av 
Brunt Richard, clerk, 29 n Calhoun 
Bruntsch Mrs. P^lizabeth, tobacconist, 14 Ridgely 
Bruscup Albert, tailor, 83 n Caroline 
Bruscup Columbus, carp. 200 n Broadway 
Bruscup Geo. H. tinner, 87 n Caroline 
Bruscup Oliver, clerk, 200 n Broadway 
Bruscup Thos. (Audoun & B.) 242 e Fayette 
Bruscup Wm. fire dept. 200 n Broadway 
Brushmiller John, machinist, Hampden 
Brush wilier Geo. painter, Ramsay nr Monroe 
Brushwiller Theodore, varieties, 137 Preston 
Brusstar Henry, shipyard,Boston nr Chesapeake, 

dw 144 Chesapeake 
Brusstar Henry jr. shipcarp. 139 Elliott 


Made water-tight, andpreserred for years, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMENT aud 


By increasing the g->/an(i/y of Gvm. we make a Paiut 
for Damp WalU which is nntiqualed. All work 
guaranteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders eolicited 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER & CO., Sole Manufacturers, 

No. 3 COUKTLAND STKEET, up steirs. 

Brust John, teacher, 168 Hamburg 
Bruster Mrs. Eleanor, 564 Franklin 
Bruton R. M. millinery and dressmaking, 27 n 

Charles, dw cor St. Paul and Lexington 
Bruton Wm. M. 677 w Lombard 
Bruiting Geo. barkpr, 71 s Regester 
Brutzman Peter, lab. 28 s Poppleton 
Bryan Mrs. Anna R. grocery, 24 s CoUingtonav 
Bryan Arthur L. huckster, 24 s Collington av 
Bryan & Clarke, (James B. Clark, ) Monumen- 
tal Export Bottling Co. 139 n Howard 
Bryan Mrs. Eliza G. fancy goods, 106 Lexington 
Bryan Fred. C. 261 e Baltimore 
Bryan Fred. T. produce, 68 McMechin 
Bryan Fred.W. clerk, 338 e Pratt 
Bryan G. B. clerk, 313 w Lombard 
Bryan Geo. A. clerk, 102 George 
Bryan Geo.W. carp. 246 e Monument 
Bryan Isaac R. shoemkr, 150 German 
Bryan John H. lab. 410 Hanover 
Bryan JohnW. shipcarp. 205 Hanover 
Bryan Marritt, stevedore, 76 Bank 
Bryan Nicholas, stevedore, 76 Bank 
Bryan Samuel L. clerk, 106 Lexington 
Bryan T. A. (T.A.B. k Co.) 313 w Lombard 
Bryan T. A. & Co.(T.A. Bryan) wholesale con- 
fectioners, 339 and 341 w Baltimore 
Bryan Thomas, shoemkr, 236 n Bond 
Bryan Wm. brakeman, 275 William 
Bryan Wm. miller, Calverton heights 
Bryan Wm. H. gasfitter, 274 Chew 
Bryan Wm. H. lab. 180 L. Hughes 
Bryan Wm. Shepard, attorney, 52 n Calvert, dw 

60 St. Paul 
Bryant Augustus, glassblower, 32 Covington 
Bryant Chas. H. shoecutter, 154 Wolfe, n of 

Bryant Chas. H. cutter, 197 L. Constitution 
Bryant Geo. A. clerk, 102 George 
Bryant J.Y. attorney, 2 Clarke 
Bryant Lewis W. teacher, 305 n Ann 
College, 6 and 8 n Charles, W. H. Sadler and 
A. H. Eaton, principals 




6 & 8 N. CHARLES ST. 

Bryant Wm. S. receiving clerk, 2 Clarke 
Bryarly Mrs. Caroline, 140 e Monument 
Brydon Edward, 7 n Mount 

Calcined, Casting and No. 1 DENTI8T Plaster, No. 1 Agricultural 
Plaster, Whiting, Paris White, No. 61 S. GAY ST. 





Brylawski Aaron, (Julius Gutman & Co.) 231 

w Fayette • 

Brjson Alex. 479 n Gay 

Bryson Andrew, restaurant, 418 n Gay, dw 479 
Bryson D. M. bookkpr, 134 n Exeter 
BrysonGilbert E.( Gilbert H.B.& Son )370 e Pratt 
Bryson Gilbert H. & Son, (G.H. and G.E. Bry- 
son) real estate brokers, 26^ Second 
Bryson Gilbert H. (G.H.B.& Son) 59 Aisquith 
Bryson John, barkpr, 479 n Gay 
Brj-son Joseph, lab. 479 n Gay 
Bryson Mrs. Mary A. 479 n Gay 
Bryson Wm.H. clerk, 479 n Gay 
Bub Caspar, varnisher, 141 Conway 
Bubenheim Peter, cabinetmkr, 7 Watson ct 
Bubert Mrs. Catharine, tailoress, 25 s Central av 
Bubert Herman, gardener, Belair av ext 
Bubert Herman jr. gardener, Belair av ext 
Bubert Herman H. salesman, 29 Camden 
Bubert J. D. (J.D.B.& Son) 29 Camden 
Bubert J.D.& Son (J.D. and J. W. Bubert) gro- 
cery and feed, 99 and 101 s Charles 
Bubert John W. (J.B.& Son) 29 Camden 
Bucdka Henry, lab. 210 Burgundy al 
Buchal Herman, baker, 5 e Pratt 
Buchal Paul, bakery, 174 e Madison 
Buchal Robt. tailor, 307 n Central av 
Buchanan Alex, carver, 61 Hillen 
Buchanan Andrew E. distiller, 13 Jackson pi, 
Buchanan Esther S. 193 Park av 
Buchanan James H. attorney, 27 n Calvert, dw 

30 w Eager 
Buchanan John Rowan, attorney, 43 Lexington, 

dw 39 Mt. Vernon pi 
Buchanan Richard, lab. rear 53 Stirling 
Buchanan Wm.M. clerk, 149 Bolton 
Buche Fred, brewer, Dillon nr Second av 
Bucheimer Fred, messenger Court Com. Pleas, 

27 Eastern av 
Bucheimer Geo. cigarmkr, 20 w Pratt 
Bucheimer Geo. restaurant, 442 Penna av 
Bucheimer Geo. jr. barkpr, 442 Penna av 
Bucheimer Geo. shoemkr, 10 Henry 
Bucheimer Jacob, butcher, Penna av ext 
Bucheimer John, clerk, 20 w Pratt 
Bucheimer John, 84 Albemarle, dw 

27 Eastern av 
Bucheimer Mathias, shoemkr, 10 Pear al 
Bucheimer Peter, mercht. tailor, 20 w Pratt 
Bucheimer Wm. canmkr, 20 w Pratt 
Bucher Abraham H. builder, Vork rd nr toUgate 
Bucher Adam, lab. 85 n Poppleton 
Bucher Anton, lab., Dillon nr O'Donnell 
Bucher Charlotte, grocery, 226 Canton av 
Bucher Chas. T. florist, Friendship, York rd 
Bucher Fred, carp., York rd nr tollgate 
Bucher Fred, goldsmith, over 169 w Baltimore, 

dw 64 s Broadway 
Bucher Geo. W. carp.. Friendship, York rd 
Bucher Jacob, cabinetmkr, 226 Canton av 
Bucher John, paver, 85 n Poppleton 
Bucher John jr. bricklayer, 9 Jackson ct 
Bucher Louis, carp, and florist, Waverley 
Buchert Matthias, cabinetmkr, 220 Lexington 
Bucheister John, blksmith, 217 Frederick av 
BuchgrofT Michael, lab. Frederick av nr Land- 

wehr la 
Buchheimer John, 217 n Bond 
Buchman A. furniture, 915 w Baltimore 
Buchmann Henry, sec. hand goods, 204Can ton av 
Buchner Geo. driver, 25 China 
Buchner John, sawyer, 25 China 

Buchner Magdalene, seamstress, 25 China 
Bucholz Geo. driver, 08 Leadenhall 
Bucholz Heinrich, bookkpr, 352 n Strieker 
Bucholtz Wm. clerk, 105 Hanover 
Buchsbaum Benj. butcher, 112 n Spring 
Buchsbaum Bernard, saloon, 220 s Bond 
Buchsbaum Chas. grocery, tollgate, Belair av 
Buchsbaum Henry, beer, 4 Centre Market sp 
Buchsbaum Herman, butcher, 6 n Durham 
' Buchsbaum John G. mercht. tailor, 72 s Sharp 
Buchta Bros. (F.C.P.W.and Wm. C. Buchta) 

blksmiths, 34 Hillen 
Buchta F.C.P.W. (B.Bros.) 162 n Exeter 
Buchta Geo. P. blacksmith, 235 Chew 
Buchta Wm.C. (B.Bros.) 162 n Exeter 
Buchwald Fred. G. baker, 101 n Schroeder 
Buch waldMrs. Godfrey, confect'y,101nSchroeder 
Buchwald Michael, butcher, 7 Belair and 113 

Centre Mkts, dw Belair av nr city limits 
Buchwald Philip C.candymkr, 101 n Schroeder 
Buck Alfred, 461 n Strieker 
Buck Benj. C. 273 w HofiFman 
Buck Benj. F. canvasser, 67 s Monroe 
Buck Benj. G. plasterer, 536 Lexington 
Buck Bernard, 148 Chesapeake 
Buck Chas. clerk, 246 s Broadway 
Buck Chas. grocery, 179 Penna av 
Buck Chas.C.(B.& James) 230 Chew 
Buck Chas.C. 536 Lexington 
Buck Chas.W. police, 110 Lee 
Buck E.G. salesman, 6 Hanover 
Buck Edw. clerk, 69 Hill 
Buck Edw.D. carriage goods, iron and steel, 86 

and 160 w Pratt, dw 600 Lexington 
Buck Geo. shoemkr, 14 s Central av 
Buck Geo. A. pipemkr,69 Hill 
Buck Geo. W. furniture, 23 Patterson av 
Buck Geo.W. 39 Courtland 
Buck Geo.W.(G.W.B.& Co.)16lEdmondson av 
Buck Geo.W.& Co. (G.W.and W.B.Buck)hard- 

ware, 88 w Pratt 

J.N.HefleVjower, N.F. Neer) wholes, manufrs. 

of boots and shoes, 321 and 323 w Baltimore 
Buck Henry, shoemkr, 232 s Caroline 
Buck Henry J. clerk, 77 Bolton 
Buck Irving, cabinetmkr, 231 Barre 
Buck Irving A. (Adams,B.& Co.) 94 Saratoga 
Buck J: Chas. shoemkr, 16 n Pine 
Buck James A. clerk, 69 Hill 
Buck & Jame^ (Charles C.Buck,Chas. E.James) 

printers, 43 s Gay 
Buck Jaquelin M. salesman, 175 Dolphin 
Buck John jr. 161 Edmondson av 
Buck John jr., Kennedy la nr York rd 
Buck John, brewer, 1043 w Pratt 
Buck John C. bricklayer, 230 Chew 
Buck John M. 391 Madison av 
Buck John T. brickmkr, 42 s Patterson Parkav 
Buck Joseph A.agt. metals,furs and paper stock, 

100 Light-st whf, dw 69 Hill 
Buck Joseph W. salesman, 48 Conway 
Buck Kirkland C. clerk, 77 Bolton 
Buck Leander W. brickmaker, 42 s Patterson 

Park av 
Buck Levin J. clerk, 23 Patterson av 
Buck Louis, saloon, 181 Lexington 
Buck Mary C. 359 Saratoga 
Buck Richard B. 305 Park av 
Buck Mrs. Rose, 172 s Broadway 
Buck Saml .D .( B ., Heflebower & Neer ) 169 Bolton 
Buck Susanna, 14 New Church 

H0LMP:S & CO., Engineers' and Machinists' Tools and Supplies, 
Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

Assets, $85,000,000.00. O. F. Bresee, Qenl Agt. 
BUG 127 BUF 

Buck Theodore A. clerk, 69 Hill 

Buck Wesley B. (G.W. B. & Co.) 161 Edmond- 

son av 
Buck Wm.H. clerk, 123 w Fayette 
Buck Wm.H. clerk, 77 Bolton 
Buck Wrn.L. brickmkr, 51 s Burke 
Buckbee Wm.E.niachinist, 15 w Fayette, dw24 

Buckert Geo. brewer, 20 Bradford al 
Buckey Frank, cooper, 375 Scott • 

Bucke'y Geo. A. engineer, 195 Scott 
Buckey James, engineer, 22 Russell 
Buckhart Adam, lab. 298 Johnson 
Buckhart Fred. lab. 344 Hanover 
Buckhart Peter, lab. 298 Johnson 
Buckhart Peter jr. lab. 286 Johnson 
Buckhart Peter sr. carter, 286 Johnson 
Buckholz Henry, shoemkr, 493 w Pratt 
Buckholz Mrs. Mary, notions, 493 w Pratt 
Buckhouse John, fireman, 410 Hanover 
Buckingham A. carder, Woodberry 
Buckingham Albert, carp. 6 Baker 
Buckingham Archibald, blksmith, 47 s Strieker 
Buckingham E. C. tailor, 317 w Lombard 
Buckingham E. C. tailor, 182 s Fremont 
Buckingham E. H. clerk, 107 n Strieker 
Buckingham G. Benj. carp. 128 Penna\av 
Buckingham Henry F. T. (J,W. C. Seitz & Co.) 

179 Madison av 
Buckingham Jas. coachtrimmer,404 Harford av 
Buckingham John E. blksmith, 47 s Strieker 
Buckingham John W. carp. 47 s Strieker 
Buckingham John W. carp. 319 McHenry 
Buckingham Joseph, carder, Woodberry 
Buckingham Julia, twister, Woodberry 
Buckingham Mary A. 107 n Strieker 
Buckingham P. G. clerk, 357 Druid Hill av 
Buckingham Samuel. M. clerk, 24 s Fulton 
Buckingham Wm. G. butter, 107 n Strieker 
Buckler Charles W. mariner, 101 s Chester 
Buckler Wm. H. ferryman, 101 s Chester 
BUCKLER Dr. RIGGIN, 135 n Charles 
Buckless Francis M. mariner, 145 s Chester 
Buckless Henry S. officer Penit'y, 91 e Fayette 
Buckless Thos. E. police, 14 s Collington av 
Buckley Charles R. shoes, 58 Saratoga, dw 101 

Buckley Daniel, driver, 95 s Exeter. 
Buckley Daniel, lab. 203 Ramsay 
Buckley Daniel, lab. Clinton nr Ninth av 
Buckley Daniel B. tinner, 95 s Exeter 
Buckley David, saloon, 24 w Lombard 
Buckley David Z. painter, 318 Franklin 
Buckley Harry F. harnessmkr, 156 Chesnut 
Buckley James T. canmkr, 60 Thames 
Buckley John, lab. 57 Chesnut 
Buckley John, lab. 65 President 
Buckley John, driver, 90 s CarroUton av 
Buckley John, clerk, 240 n Eden 
Buckley John B. driver, 95 s Exeter 
Buckley John J. engineer, 19 Jackson 
Buckley Martin, lab. 14 Hillman 
Buckley Michael, lab. 14 Hillman 
Buckley Mrs. Mary A. boarding, 60 Thames 
Buckley Thos. G. lab. 12 Abey al 
BuckleyWm. H. machist, 19 Jackson 
Buckley Wm. H. canmkr, 60 Thames 
Buckman Charles, tinner, 123 Battery av 
Buckman Cecil C. clerk, 9 Barnet 
Buckman Mrs. Ellen, 266 Argyle av 
Buckman Geo. W. telegraphist, 266 Argyle av 
Buckman Hy. ropemkr, Frederick av nr bridge 


Made watertight. aud_pre8erTed for years, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMENT and 


By increasing the quantify of Gvm, we make a Paint 
tor Damp Walls which is uueqnaled. All work 
guaranteed. A trial is ail we ask. Orders solicited 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repairea. 

D. M SADLER & CO., Sole Manufacturers, 

Ko. 3 COURTLAND STREET, up stairs. 

Buckmaster Chas. lab. 71 s Regester 

Buckmaster H. C. real estate, 68 w Fayette, dw 
91 Saratoga 

Buckmaster Hillary, caulker, 121 William 

Buckmiller Robert S. tanner, 229 n Calvert 

Buckner Dr. Charles S. 46 McCuUoh 

Buckner Herman, shoes, 42 Harrison 

Buckner Louis, shoes, 62^ Harrison 

Bucksbaum Henry, clerk, 96 s Wolfe 

Bucksbaum Julius, property agent, 96 s Wolfe 

Bucksbaum Moses, clerk, 9*6 s Wolfe 

Bucksbaum Myer, clerk, 96 s Wolfe 

Buckstine Wm. lab. 354 s Eutaw 

Bucksto John, boxmkr, 49 Clay 

BUDEKE GEORGE H. oils, paints, &c. 133 s 

Buczkosski Geo. lab. Eastern av ext 

Buczkosski Matthias, lab. 277 s Ann 

Budd Chas. A. tobacconist, 230 Harford av 

Budd Geo. confectioner, 143 Bank 

Budde John F. blksmith, 58 President, dw 68 

Budde Mrs. Maggie, 68 Albemarle 

Budde Wm. blksmith, 68 Albemarle 

Buddemeyer Fred, boilermkr, 148 s Wolfe 

Buddemeyer Regina, 207 s Wolfe 
BuddemierFredericka, grocery, Hare andHudson 
Buddemier Henry, lab. Hare and Hudson 
Buddebohn August, carp. 281 n Dallas 
Buddebohn Fred. carp. 35 s Bethel 
Buddebohn Lewis, carp. 244 n Dallas 
Buddebohn Wilhelm, carp. 279 n Dallas 
Buddenbohn Dr. C. L. 166 s Paca 
Budnitz Mrs. C. tobacconist, 272 s Sharp 
Budnitz Henry, collector, 272 s Sharp 
Buddermeir Fred, boilermkr, 148 s Wolfe 
Budderer Henry, cabinetmkr, 322 Park av 
Budderer John G. wood turner, 24 Jasper 
Buddy Francis, clerk, 47 s Oregon 
Budeker Carl A. grocery, Scott and Mangoed 
Budesheim Geo. shoemkr, 69 s Oregon 
Buechuer Geo. lab. 378 Aisquith 
Buechner John, cigarmkr, 378 Aisquith 
Buehl Milton, moulder, 122 Boyd 
Buehler Andrew, lab. Homestead 
Buehler Geo. E. (Wm.B.&Son) 182 Franklin 
Buehler Henry L. tailor, 73 s Greene 
Buehler Wm. (Wm.B.&Son) 182 Franklin 
Buehler Wm. D. clerk, 182 Franklin 
Buehler Wm. & Son, ( Wm. and Geo. E. Buehler) 

tobacconists, 159 Franklin 
Buehner Karl F. music teacher, 548 Franklin 
Buehner Otto, music teacher, 548 Franklin 
Buenger John, bootfitter, 97 s Spring 
Bueschel G. grocery, 368 Penna av 
Buesing D. A. beer, 24 Fell 
Bufal John, lab. 174 s Wolfe 
Bufal John, lab. 145 s Chapel 
CO. of Buffiilo, N.Y., W.F.C.Gerhardt, gen. 
agent, 10 Postoffice av 


No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 

1-0:F: BRESEE gcSONSv i:iFE^FIRE- >^^ 




Buffalo Wm. lab. 61 s Oregon 

Buffiagtoii Frederick, opertjtive, Woodberry 

Buffer Edwd. W. stable boss, 10 s Collington av 

Bufier John, lab. 26 Pleasant al 

Bufter Joseph, driver, 144 s Chapel 

Buhman Mrs. Caroline, grocery, 78 Henrietta 

Buhnian Henry, shoemkr, 78 Henrietta 

Buhman Wm. lab. 383 s Charles 

Bujac M. Terence, 42 Pleasant 

Bulack A. B. clerk, 65 w Pratt 

Bulack Mrs. Isabella, saloon, 65 w Pratt 

Bulack Joseph, shoes. 244 w Pratt 

Bulack Michael, shoemkr, 213 Lee 

Bulgan H. Henry, paver, 336 Mulberry 

Bull Alfred S. (A.S. & F.M.B.) 218 w Lanvale 

Bull A. S. c% F. M. wood and coal, 113 n Paca 

Bull Ambrose, blksmith, Liberty rd nr Fulton 

Bull Charles, conductor, 63 Stirling 

Bull Eli F. fireman, 80 iMaryland av 

Ball Elijah, carp. 66 McMechin 

Bull Francis M. (A. S. & F. M B.) McMechin 

and Division 
Bull Geo. W. driver, 66 McMechin 
Bull Geo. W. carp. 25 Wolfe n of Monument 
Bull Harry, clerk, 248 Linden av 
Bull James H. mariner, 423 Eastern av 
Bull Jared R. clerk, Hampden 
Bull John 0. lab. Sweet Air 
Bull Joseph L. huckster, 188 n Central av 
Bull Levi N. driver, 66 McMechen 
Bull Micajah A. blksmith, Liberty rd nrKirby la 
Bull Nicholas, weaver, Druid mills 
Bull Nicholas S. weaver, Hampden 
Bull Nicholas H. carp. 44 Whatcoat 
Bull Samuel H. carp. 135 n Eden 
Bull Samuel J. teamster, 303 Forrest 
Bull Summerfield, 248 Linden av 
Bull Wm. hostler, 56 e Eager 
Bull Wm. M. driver, 6G McMechin 
Bullen Mrs. Hester, tailoress, 15 s Schroeder 
Bullen Mrs. Mary, 15 s Schroeder 
Bullen W. W. conductor, 70 Harlem av 
Bulletin Printing and Publishing Co., Lawrence 

TurnbuU, manager, 128 w Baltimore 
Builinger Thomas D. clerk, Phila. rd, near 

Bullock Barbara, 223 s Bethel 
Bullock C. K. salesman, cor Paca and Fayette 
Bullock Daniel, potter, 397 e Pratt 
Bullock Edwin B. potter, 95 s Collington av 
Bullock Frank, blindmkr, 61 s High 
Bullock Francis S. (Loud, Claridge & Co.)320 e 

Bullock H. C. machinist, 267 n Strieker 
Bullock James, harnessmkr, 788 w Baltimore, 

dw 542 w Fayette 
Bullock John, lab. 524 Canton av 
Bullock John M. blindmkr, 61 s High 
BULLOCK JOHN & SON, (Kazwell J., Joseph [ 

L. and John S. Bullock) glue, neats foot oil | 

and ground bone manufrs, Washington rd . 

office 61 s Gay i 

Bullock John S. (J. B. & Son) 661 w Lombard 
Bullock Jos. L. (J. B. & Son) 339 Columbia 
Bullock Kazwell J. (J. B. & Son) 163 Barre 
Bullock Michael, lab. 5 Abbot 
Bullock Wm. J. 542 w Fayette 
Bullock Wm. J. tobacconist, 628 w Baltimore 
Bullock Wm. O. potter, 397 e Pratt 
Bull's Head hotel, Wheeler & Tawney) proprs, 

130 n Front 
Buragarner G. W. plumber, 170 e Baltimore 

Bump Geo. C. (Jos.L.Bump&Co.)208 Linden av 
Bump Jessie E. builder, 254 s Caroline, dw 46 

s Chester 
Bump Joseph L. (Joseph L. B. & Co.) groceries 

and provisions, 310 Myrtle av 
Bump Joseph L. & Co. (Jos. L. and Geo. C. 
Bump) groc. and provisions, 208 Linden ay 
BUMP ORLANDO F. attorney and register in 

bankruptcy, 17 St Paul, dw 347 Linden av 
Jiump Samuel C. 407 e Pratt 
Bunce David, coachtrimmer, 154 Che^v' 
Bunce Edw. ropemkr, Phila rd near city limits 
Bunce Mrs. Elizabeth, 232 e Chase 
Bunce Edward E. conductor, American hotel 
Bunce John, coachpainter, Spring nr Hoffman 
Bunce John T. carriage finisher, 139 e Madison 
Bunce Mrs. Mary, tajloress, 318 Harford av 
Bunce Richard, bricklayer, 318 Harford av 
Bunce Thos. lab. Homestead 
Bunch Andrew, mariner 36 President 
Bdnch John, iron moulder, 13 Lewis 
Buncli Margaret, beer, 36 President 
Bunch Wm. lab. 227 s Durham 
Bundle John, rags, 236 Frederick av 
Bundschue Dora, vestmkr, 197 e Lombard 
Bundschue Louis, cooper, 197 e Lombard 
Bunesdoefer John, tailor, 267 s Durham 
Bunger Henry, carp. 279 Canton av 
Bunkley Joseph L. barkpr, 344 w P^ayette 
Bunn Mrs. Catherine, 355 s Charles 
Bunn John S. lab. 259 Bank 
Bunn Philip, well digger, 42 Abey al 
Bunn Peter, caterer,FordsEutaw hotel, dw Lan- 
vale e.xt 
Bunnecke Geo. builder,55 Dover,dw 44 s Exeter 
Bunnell Ely M. clerk, 90 n Greene 
Bunnell G. W. (O.W.Miller & Co.) 417 e Pratt 
Bunnell Geo. S. oyster packer, 369 e Pratt 
Bunnell Lucas P. oyster packr. 88 s Washington 
Bunte Blatter, (German) Albert Von Degen 

editor, over 12 South 
Bunting Chas. H. music teacher, 12 s Strieker 
j Bunting Mrs. Elizabeth, 7 L Gough 

Bunting Edward, clerk, Howard house 
I Bunting Geo. butter, 404 e Monument 
1 Bunting Geo. R. telegraphist, 59 Granby 
Bunting John, engineer, 202 s Ann 
Bunting John W. sec. hand gds, 211 e Lombard 
I Bunting Robt. machinist, 103 n Calvert 
I Bunting Septimus, collector, 404 e Monument 
Bunting Spencer J. collector, 14 n Washington 
Bunting Wm. H. carp, and builder, Raborg nr 

Carrollton av, dw 418 w Fayette 
Bunting Wm. J. 12 s Strieker 
Burand Oscar, lab. 14 President 
Burbage James, lab. Cathedral ext 
Burbage John E. clerk, 297^ n Eden 
Bunzenthal Frank, grocery, 37 Rose 
Burbank David, collector, Franklin house 
Burbank Leonard, gasfitter, 85 n Pine 
Burch Francis A. shipjoiner, 239 Jefierson 
Burch Harvey E Clerk, 239 Jefferson 
Burch J. A. salesman, 245 n Fremont 
Burch Dr. Jas. C. 151 Hanover 
Burch James T. mariner, 88 Johnson 
Burch John D. clerk, 732 w Baltimore 
Burch Joseph, clerk, 55 Woodward 
Burch Marion K. secy Balto. Fire Ins. Co. 231 n 

Burch Samuel, potter, 156 Eastern av 
Burch T. Warren, clerk, 231 n Broadway 
Burch Thos. B. clerk, 231 n Broadway 

WM. WIRT CLARKE, Importer and Wholesale Agent for 
American Manufacturers of Cement, Plaster, Whiting and Paris White. 

Insurance Agents and Brokers, American Bmlding . 
~" BUR 129 BUR 

Burchiual Geo. agent, 55 e Madison 
Burchinal W. D. deputy collector C. H., 243 n 

Burck Henry, beer, 267 n Gay 
Burck Robert, bookkpr, 94 Saratoga 
Burck Theodore, barber, 30 n Carrollton av 
Burckley Jacob, cabinetmkr, Jefferson nr Castle 
Burdett Edwin, cop. plate mkr, 364 Lexington 
Burgan Chas. M. printer, 148 n Bond 
Burgan Francis S. huckster, 37 Chew 
Burgan Harry M. ticket agt. W.Md.R.R., dw 

190 e Fayette 
Burgan JaVues H. lab. 15 s Burke 
Burgan Joshua, gardener, 21 s Broadway 
Burgan Philip, blacksmith, Belair av ext 
Burgan Philip L. huckster, 37 Chew 
Burgan Theophilus, lab. 130 Conway 
Burgan Thomas T. 'painter, 148 n Bond 
Burgan Wm. M. clerk, 190 e Fayette 
Burgart Peter, glassflattener, 235^ Montgomery 
Burgee Mrs. Elizabeth, Hampden 
Burgee Horace, architect, Hampden 
Burgee Howard F., Hampden 
Burgee Wm. H. woodworker, Druidville 
Burgee Wm. millwright, Druid Mills 
Burgee Wm. jr. machinist, Hampden 
Burger Charles, baker, 44 Brune 
Burger Christian lab. 41 Bank 
Burger Conrad, salesman, 755 w Lombard 
Burger Francis J. glassblower, 7 Stockholm 
Burger Fred. carp. 76 s Bethel, dw 113 s Bond 
Burger Fred. G. gardener, 208 Greenmount av 
Burger Gustav, florist, 208 Greenmount av 
Burger Henry, dry goods and varieties, 206 3 

Burger Henry, grocery, Lafayette av and Strieker 
Burger John, lab. 22 Port 
Burger John, cabinetmkr, 40 Harrison 
Burger Joseph, lab. Mount Vernon 
Burger Joseph, cabinetmkr, 1 1 Sterrett 
Burger Simon, cabinetmkr, 40 Harrison 
Burgess Benj. patternmkr, 45 s Poppleton 
Burgess Benj. F. huckster, 294 n Eden 
Burgess Caleb H. and John, silverplaters, over 

33 Park av 
Burgess Caleb H. (C. H. & J. Burgess) 450 Lex- 
Burgess Chas. 0. clerk, w Lanvale e.xt 
Burgess Chas. R. mercht. tailor, 20 German e of 

Charles, dw 42 n Carrollton av 
Burgess David B. lab. 137 Ridgely 
Burgess Mrs. Eleanor, boarding, 14 s Gay 
Burgess Mrs. Elizabeth, 411 w Fayette 
Burgess Mrs. Elizabeth, 128 n E.xeter 
Burgess I. P. 128 Pearl 
Burgess James R. carp. 356 e Madison 
Burgess John (C. H. & J. B.) 13 Rock 
Burgess John, lab. 6 Monmonier ct 
Burgess John E. blksmith, w Lanvale e.xt 
Burgess John H. machinist, 311 McHenry 
Burgess Kemp, carp. 232 e Fayette 
Burgess Laomi (Crook & Burgess) 192 e Fayette 
Burgess Leander, wheelwright, 699 w Lombard 
"Burgess Mary, seamstress, 97 s Gilmor 
Burgess Millard F. clerk, 232 e Fayette 
Burgess Oliver, patternmkr, 45 s Poppleton 
Burgess Owen D. silverplater, 311 Saratoga 
Burgess Samuel 0. bookkpr, 253 e Bid die 
Burgess Sarah E. 274 Townsend 
Burgess Spencer, stonecutter, 151 Barre I 

Burgess Stephen F. agricul.implts.232 e Fayette ! 
Burgess Theodore H. clerk, 232 e Fayette 


Made water-tight, andpreserved for years, bv thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CKMENT aud 


By inci-easing the quantity of Gum. we make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which is unequaled. All work 
gaaranteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders solicited 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER & CO.. Sole Manufacturers, 
Mo. 3 COUKTLAI\D STREET, u p statrs. 

Burgess Thos. brickmkr, 148 s Strieker 
Burgess Capt. Wm. mariner, 75 Gough 
Burgess Wm. blacksmith, 470 w Lombard 
Burgess Wm. clerk, Strieker and Baltimore 
Burgess Wm. A. doorkkpr. City Hospital 
Burgess Wm. G. clerk, 192 e Fayette 
Burgess Wm. H. bookkpr, 14 s Gay 
Burgess Wm. T. patternmkr, 226 German 
BURGOS LUIS P. tobacconist, s e cor Baltimore 

and Pine 
Burgunder Benj. 42 s Sharp 
Burgunder Henry ( Ambach,B.& Co. ) 42 s Sharp 
Burgunder & Greenbaum (J. Burgunder, W. 

Greenbaum) wholes. clothiers, 295 w Baltimore 
Burgunder Jos. jr.(Ambach,B.& Co.) 42 s Sharp 
Burgunder Jos.(B.& Greenbaum )239wLombard 
Burgunder M.& Bro.(Myer and Moses Burgun- 
der) hatters, 112 w Baltimore, and shoes, 55 w 

Burgunder Meyer J. clerk, 239 w Lombard 
Burgunder Myer (M.B. & Bro.) 55 w Baltimore 
Burgunder Moses (M.B. & Bro.) 55 w Baltimore 
Burgunder Solomon A. clerk, 42 s Sharp 
Burgunder Simon D. clerk, 42 s Sharp 
Burgwyn Wm. H. S. attorney, cor Calvert and 

Saratoga, dw Park av and Tyson 
Burhorst Bernhardt, tailor, 55 Albemarle 
Burk Chas. (P. Herzberg & Co.) 13 s High 
Burk Cornelius, tavern, 250 s Bond 
Burk Edward, lab. 2 Hillman 
Burk Mrs. Ellen, grocery, 167 Hamburg 
Burk Frank, mariner, Ann and Aliceanna 
Burk James, lab. 350 s Bond 
Burk James, lab. 17 Hillman 
Burk James J. (Jas.J.B.& Son) 71 s Central av 
Burk James J. & Son (Jas. J. and Wm. Burk) 

hardware, 69 s Central av 
Burk Jeremiah, lab. 350 s Bond 
Burk John, cooper, 167 Hamburg 
Burk Joseph, lab. 350 s Bond 
Burk Martin, provisions, 261 Hanover 
Burk Richard, hackman, 13 n Amitv 
Burk Wm. lab. 2 Hillman 
Burk Wm. (Jas. J. B. & Son) flour and feed, 71 

s Central av 
Burkamp Francis, 197 Druid Hill av 
Burkard Conrad V. lab. 57 s Regester 
Burkard David, cigars, 53 s Paca, dw Waverlev 
Burkard Michael J. saddler, 57 s Regester 
Burkard Peter J. china,glass,&c.Pratt and Ann 
Burkhart Albert, boxmkr, 164 n Fremont 
Burkhart Alfred, drug clerk, 164 n Fremont 
Burkhart Geo. cabinetmkr, 348 e Lombard 
Burkhart Martin, lab. 4 Weber 
Burkhart Mrs. Mary, dressmkr, 144 e Pratt 
Burkhart Philip, gunsmith, 566 w Baltimore 
Burke Andw. J. police, 262 Greenmount av 
Burke Andw. J. jr. tinner, 262 Greenmount av 
Burke Ann, 178 s Central av 
Burke Mrs. Anna, varieties, 354 Mulberry 
Burke Chas. E. stonecutter, 164 Penna av 

The Portland Cemekt used on all the Public Squares of this City, 

(For Pavements, Curbing & Fountains,) furnished by Wm.Wirt Clarke, 61 S. Gay St. 

4 mimi:Ktj^imiNSiURANCEim.oi^NMw.mBK 




Burke & Bremner (Edward A. Burke, Robert 
Bremner) plumbers and gasfitters, Fayette, 
under Barnum's hotel 
Burke Chas E. moulder, 68 Parkin 
Burke D. H. collector, 84 s Howard 
Burke David F. carp. 182 Penna av 
Burke Edw. lab. 49 York 
Burke Edw. A. (B. & Bremner) 38 e Lombard 
Burke Francis, driver, 8 Hawk 
Burke Francis, bricklayer, 194 Argyle av 
Burke Geo. screwman, 207 Light 
Burke Geo. T. clerk, Brown's hotel 
Burke Harman G. moulder, 580 w Pratt 
Burke Henry, Hampden 
Burke Henry, clerk, 91 s Ann 
Burke Henry, collector, 84 s Howard 
Burke Isaac, fireman, 251 McHenry 
Burke Jacob W. cigarmkr, 443 w Fayette 
Burke Jams, salesman, 106 n Poppleton 
Burke James, conductor, 443 w Fayette 
Burke James, lab. 92 s Carey 
Burke James, lab. 2 n Castle 
Burke James P. tinner, 262 Greenmount av 
Burke John, milk, 17 Madeira al 
Burke John, driver, 240 s Paca 
Burke John, stonecutter, Homestead 
Burke John, lab. 85 York 
Burke John, grocery, 12 Hull 
Burke John, blacksmith, 324 s Bond 
Burke John, watchman, 120 Scott 
Burke John sr. salesman, 61 s Collington av 
Burke John jr. driver, 61 s Collington av 
Burke John H. H. feed and liquors, 580 w Pratt 
Burke John H. clerk, 580 w Pratt 
Burke John W. engineer, 32 Byrd 
Burke Joseph F. 303 n Gilmor' 
Burke Mrs. Josephine, 324 s Bond 
Burke Lewis, carp. 398 Saratoga 
Burke Mahlon'A. huckster, 38 Druid Hill av 
Burke Margaret, grocery, 1 Hamilton pi 
Burke Mrs. Martha, 545 w Lombard 
Burke Michael, mariner, 10 e Lombard 
Burke Michael, clerk, 354 Mulberry 
Burke Michael, lab. 74 York 
Burke Michael, moulder, 193 Vine 
Burke Michael jr. lab. 74 York 
Burke Millard F. clerk, 194 Argyle av 
Burke Nicholas, Friendship 
Burke Nicholas F. clerk. Friendship 
Burke Oliver S. tobacconist, 37 n Paca, dw 287 

Burke Owen, lab. 47 Jenkins al 
Burke Patrick, lab. 78 Towson 
Burke Patrick H. restaurant, 740 w Baltimore 
Burke Mrs. R. boarding, 97 St. Paul 
Burke Richard, plasterer, 353 Franklin 
Burke Richard, lab. 390 s Charles 
Burke Robert, driver, 63 Elliott 
Burke Stephen, drayman, 186 Greenmount av 
Burke Thos. lab. 26 Hull 
Burke Thos. bricklayer, 13 Hillman 
Burke Thos. lab. 218 Raborg 
Burke Thos. painter, 353 Franklin 
Burke Thos. E. beer, 66 Centre Market sp. dw 

38 e Lombard 
Burke Tobias, cooper, 398 Saratoga 
Burke Walter, newspapers, 178 s Central av 
Burke Wm. patternmkr, 464 Penna av 
Burke Wm. lab. 54 s Wolfe 
Burke Wm. boilermkr, 15 Parkin 
Burke Wm. mariner, 67 Albemarle 
Burke Wm. printer, 398 Saratoga 

Burke Wm. lab. 47 Jenkins al 

Burke Wm. H. moulder, 580 w Pratt 

Burke Wm. J. lab. 373 Canton av 

Burke Winifred, 38 e Lombard 

Burke Winifred, grocery, 85 York 

Burker Adam, carp. 9 Stirling 

Burkert Chas. tailor, 216 n Eden 

Burkert Geo. tinner, 218 n Eden 

Burkett Fred, brewer, Hollins ext 

Burkett Leonard, carp. 161 Johnson 

Burkhalter Rev. J. C. 312 n Eden 

Burkhard John, lab. 168 Eastern av 

Burkhard Dr. Melchoir C. 23 s Eutaw 

Burkhard Melchoir W. drug and medical depot, 

61 s Eutaw 
Burkhardt Bernard, beer, 128 Forrest . 
Burkhardt Edward, carp. 65 s Regester 
Burkhardt Geo. broommkr, 34 Port 
Burkhardt Jacob, driver. Friendship 
Burkhardt John, brewer, Eastern av nr First 
Burkhardt Michael, lab. 107 e Lombard 
Burkhardt Michael, lab. 56 s Patterson Park av 
Burkhart Fred. lab. 80 Somerset 
Burkhart Rev. Nicholas, 236 w Biddle 
Burkhart Jacob, milk, 80 Somerset 
Burkhart Mrs. Wm. liquors, 108 Low 
Burkheimer & Bro.(L. & B.Burkheimer)bakery, 

4 n High 
Burkheimer Belthaser (B. & Bro.) 4 n High 
Burkheimer Leonard (B. & Bro.) 4 n High 
Burkhoff Fred, baker, 496 Penna av 
Burkholder Mrs. S. K. 526 n Washington 
Burkens Wm. police, 498 w Lombard 
Burlage John, lab. 43 Hillman 
Burlage Geo. lab. Waverley 
Burkley Christian G. flagman, Waverley 
Burkley Geo. lab. 185 s Patterson Park av 
Burley Chas. S. paper bags, 242 n Eden 
Burley Henry W. shoemkr, 242 n Eden 
Burley James, book agent, 66 Milliman 
Burlin John, carp. 50 McHenry 
Burlin Mrs. Phoebe, grocery, 50 McHenry 
Burlin Wm. (Gather & B.) 167 Bank 
Burlingham Maj. Wm. propr. Kanawha Pump 

works, 436 Eutaw pi 
Burman Chas. baker, 10 Patterson av 
Burman Ernest H. confecr. 612 w Fayette 
Burman Henry, baker, 10 Patterson av 
Burman Jeremiah, painter, 56 s Carrollton av 
Burman John H. confecr. 10 Patterson av 
Burman Mrs. M. dressmkr, 56 s Carrollton av 
Burn Alex, canmkr, 226 Bank 
Burn Ellen A. tailoress, 231 e Chase 
Burn Robert, shipcarp. 226 Bank 
Burn Wm. H. H. shipcarp. 226 Bank 
Burnam Geo. painter, 13 Scott 
Burnam Thos. safemkr. 13 Scott 
Burnap Miss E. W. 45 n Calvert 
Burner John H. carp. Lanvale ext 
Buruess Cornelius, engineer, 58 s Exeter 
Burness Mrs. Mary, 98 Stiles 
Burness Mary, seamstress, 98 Stiles 
Burness Wm. tanner, 98 Stiles 
Burneston Jos. carp. 12 n Wolfe 
Burnett Elijah, secy. Bryant, Stratton & Sadler 

college, 60 n Fulton 
Burnett Geo. G. timekpr. 557 w Lombard 
Burnett Geo. R. clerk, 341 w Lombard 
Burnett H. Sjjrague, clerk, 101 n Ann 
Burnett Joseph P. jr. police, 202 Aisquith 
Burnett Lucinda A. 58 n Eden 
Burnett Maria L. teacher, 58 n Eden 

HOLMES & CO., Engineers' and Machinists' Tools and Supplies, 
Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

O. F. Bresee, G-eneral Agent, American Building. 
BUE 131 BUR 

Burnett Mary E. teacher, 58 n E-den 
Burnett Michael D. clerk, 62 n Caroline 
Burnett Saml.R.clerk,Frederick av and Pulaski 
Burnett Mrs. Sarah, tailoress, 49 Granby 
Burnett Solomon, painter, 212 e Pratt 
Burnett Susan, dressmkr, 101 n Ann 
Burnett VVa,shington, lab. 54 Parkin 
Burnett Win. clerk, 62 n Caroline 
Burnett Wm, A. 5'8 n Eden 
Burnham John, shoemkr, iO Patterson ar 
Burnham Jo'hn F., Jeaklns la 
Burnham Jolin W. trimmings, &c., se cor Lex- 
ington and Liberty, dw 351) e Baltimore 
Burnham Martin, cigarmkr, 414 e Chiise 
Burnham Mrs. Mary E., Lexington and Liberty 
Burnham Samuel, painter 414 e Chase 
Burnham W.J,.& Co. (W.J. Burnham and W.H. 

McCabe) tobacconists, 406 w Baltimore 
Burnham Walter, dri\-er, 66 s Sharp 
Burnham Wm. J. (W.J. B,& Co.) blacksmitlij 

48 n Paca, Aw 50 
Burningham Edward, lab. 6 Woodyear 
Burnitt George H. carp. <32 n Eden 
Burns Allen, moulder, 64 Ramsay 
Burns Barbara, 4 Argyle av ext 
Burns Bartley, grocery, 39 Biddle al 
Burns Bernard, police, 17€ L. Constitution 
Burns Bridget, 7 Bank 
Burns Mrs. Bridget, grocery, 29 Hillen 
Burns Dr. Charles W, H, 185 e Monument 
Burns Cornelius, lab. 87 s Spring 
Burns Daniel, lab. Homestead 
Burns Daniel, carter, 36 William 
Burns EdTv'd, carp. Bloomingdale rd nr Lanvale 
Burns Edward, painter, 266 n Bond 
Burns Edward, painter, 95 n Schroed«r 
Burns Edward, machinist, 11 Armistead la 
Burns Edward, toarkpr, 24 Myrtle av 
Burns Mrs. Emma, boarding,' 17 McEIderry 
Burns Findley H.( Wilson,B.&Co.) 376 Park av 
Burns Francis jr. ( Wilson, B.&Co.) 168 wFayette 
Burns Francis sr. 168 w Fayette 
Burns Frank A. driver, 4 Argyle av ext 
Burns Frank A. barber, 35 s Cliarles 
Burns Geo. lab. 122 s Duncan al 
Burns Geo. V. gold beater, 88 Granby 
BurnsGeo.W.machst. Retreat nrDruidHill av ext 
Burns Geo.W. property agt. 218 Franklin 
Burns Henry, 1 73 e Pratt 
Burns Henry, lab. 7 Bank 
Burns Henrj-, tanner, Spring nr John 
Burns Henry, lab. 12 s Fulton 
Burns Henry, lab. J^orth and Eager 
Burns Henry, police, 109 € Eager 
Bnrns Horace V. salesman, 6^5 w Fayette 
Burns Hugh, lab. 107 Eastern av 
Burns I. R. salesman, 213 n Carey 
Burns James, lab. 528 w Pratt 
Burns James, lal). 86 Ridgely 
Burns James, shipcarp. 13 Cambridge 
Burns James, driver, 51 Booth 
.Burns John, baker, 25 n Amity 
Burns John, lab. 61 s Castle 
Burns John, lab. 22 Thames 
Burns John, lab. 58 Clifford al 
Burns John, lab. 17 Price ct 
Burns John, lab. 55 Preston 
Bums John F. driver, 4 Argyle av ext 
Burns John J. mariner, 88 Granby 
Burns John K. grocery, Ann and C'nase 
Burns John M. lab. 366 McHenry 
Burns John P. tailor, 104 n Central av 


Made water-tight, mid pre?erv«<J for veara, bv thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMENT aiid 


By increasing ike quantity qf Chum^ we make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which is uueqiialed. All work 
guaranteed. Atrial is all wu at^k. Orders solicited 
for uew felt roofs ; old roofs repaired, 

D. M SADLER & CO., Sole Mannfactarers. 

No. 3 COLKTLAND STKEET, up stairs. 

Bnrns John T. collector, 148 Chew 

Burns Joseph, driver, 87 s Spring 

Burns Lewis, drayman, 184 Preston 

Burns Letvis H. blksmith, 22 Washington av 

Burns Mrs^ Margaret, grocery, 117 Harford av 

Burns Mrs. Margaret, grocerj-, 405 w Pratt 

Burns Mrs. Margaret, 6 Maryland av 

Burns Mrs. Martha A. 213 n Carey 

Burns Martin, lab. .200 Mullikin 

Birrns Martin E. moulder, 148 Ensor ■ 

Barns Mary, 64 Durst al 

Burns Mrs. Mary E. confec'y, Cross nr St. Peter al 

Burns Michael, police, 405 w Pratt 

Burns Michael, lab. Woodberry 

Burns Michael, 'lab. 348 William 

Burns Michael, lab. 350 William 

Bums Miciiael, lab. 21 s Stockton al 

Burns Michael, hastier, 243 Penna av 

Burns Michael, foreman, 609 w Pratt 

Bnrns Michael T. lab. 8 Patterson av 

Burns Miles, drayman, 6 Wilcox 

Burns Nathan T. marblecutter, Bloomingdale 

rd nr Lanvale 
Burns JSlx;holas, plasterer, 31 Bevan 
Brums Patrick, refiner, 133 Battery av 
Burns Patrick, tailor, 70 Crteans 
Burns Patrick, 26 Abey al 
Bums Patrick, moulder, 117 Harford av 
Burns Patrick, lab. 235 Battery av 
Burns PatricJic, drayman, 216 Division 
Burns Patrick H. cooper, Phila.rd nr city limits 
Burns P«ter, grocery, Carey and Patterson av 
Burns R. Jerome, clerk, 213 n Carey 
Burns Richard, caulker, 62 William 
Burns Roljert, blksmith, 90 Parkin 
Burns Robt. A. (Snead & Burns) 564 Lexingtoij 
Burns, Russell & Co. ( A.H. Russell) brick man- 
ufacturers, office 30 Columbia 
Burns Sanmel (Burns & Sloan) 133 St. Paul 
Burns Samuel S. carp. 158 William 
Burns Sarah, confect'y, 13 s Duncan al 
BURNS & SLOAN, (Saml. Burns, Geo.F.Sloan) 

lumber dealers, 132 Light-st whf 
Burns Thomas, lab. 29 Hillen 
Burns Thomas, moulder, 8 Neighbor 
Burns Thomas, driver, 172 s Central av 
Burns Thomas, lab. 120 s Central av 
Burns Thomas, slippermkr, 23 s Central av 
Bums Thomas, hostler, QQ Hill 
Burns Thomas W. tinner, 200 Argyle av 
Burns Wm. weaver, Druid mills 
Burns Wm.. fireman, Oak nr Cathedral 
Burns Wm. waiter, 52 Cathedral 
Burns Wm. huckster, Woodberry 
Burns Wm. lab. 366 McHenry 
Burns Wm. clerk, 262 Eastern av 
Bums Wm. lab. 217 Canton av 
Burns Wm. drayman, 184 Preston 
Burns Wm.F. blacksmith, Hamburg and Cross, 
dw Cross nr St. Peter al 


No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 

^ m\vkmmm^M mii:9ma^ii,mmmi,hm 




Burns Wm. F. prest. Eutaw Savings Bank and 

People's Gas Co. dw 318 Madison av 
Burns Wm. H. machinist, Sweet Air 
Burns Wm. J. carp. 4*72 e Ciaase 
Burns Wm. T. carter, Woodberry 
Burns X. E. salesman, 213 n Carej' 
Burnshaw Edward, sawyer, 26 Bevan 
Burnshaw J. E. sawyer, 26 Bevan 
Burrier A., Clipper Mills 
Burrier Chas. butcher, 247 n Eden 
Burrier Chas. E. lab. Woodberry 
Burrier Christopher, canrakr, 247 n Eden 
Burrier Esau, miller, 317 McHenry 
Burrier John, bricklayer, 247 n Eden 
Burrier John R. colla'rmkr, 291 e Madison 
Burrier Jos. A. plasterer, 40 Chesnut 
Burrier M. F. engineer, 317 McHenry 
Burrier Raymond, canmkr, 247 n Eden 
Burrier Simon W. lab. Druidville 
Burrier Solomon A. lab. Mt. Vernon mills 
Burrier Theodore, lab. Druidville 
Burrier Wm. E. machinist, 388 e Madison 
Burrier Wm. H. miller, Loudon av nr Milling-. 

ton la 
Burris Jas. A. driver, 293 Canton av 
Burris Jas. H. tinner, 194 s Washington 
Burris John, 273 e Biddle 
Burris John jr. driver, 273 e Biddle 
Burrough Bros. Manufacturing Co. (Horace 
Burrough, John H. Emery) fluid and solid 
extracts, s w cor Sharp and Camden 
Burrough & Co. (Jacob Burrough) coal, 4 Ger- 
man, yard Cathedral nr Dolphin 
Burrough Horace, (Burrough Bros. Manufac- 
turing Co.) 150 n Carrollton av 
Burrough Jacob (B. & Co.) 128 Bolton 
Burroughs Capt. Jas. H. M. mariner, 41 Valley 
Burrows A. A. painter, 95 Parkin 
Burrows Mrs. Annie, dressmkr, 95 Parkin 
Burrows Daniel A. clerk, Broadway and Orleans 
Burrows James, butcher, 19 Clinton av 
Burrows Jos. jr. lab. 21 Clinton av 
Burruss Henry L. grocery. 480 w Lombard 
Burruss John mail agt. 710 w Lombard 
Bursig Joseph, tailor, 313 n Durham 
Burt Alfred P. 82 e Baltimore 
Burt Chas. B. clerk, 82 e Baltimore 
Burt Edwd. R. clerk, 82 e Baltimore 
Burt Frank, carp. 276 n Bond 
Burt Mrs. Helen, music teacher, 112 b Fulton 
Burt Thos. bookkpr, 222 German 
Burtner Mrs. Johanna, confecy. 258 s Eutaw 
Burton C. C. auctioneer, 161 w Fayette 
Burton C. 0. blacksmith, 498 Penna av 
Burton Chas. police, Hampden 
B\)rton Chas. W. carp. 254 e Biddle 
Burton Elijah, carp. 754 w Pratt 
Burton Mrs. Eliza, 254 e Biddle 
Burton Mrs. Ellen, 46 e Eager 
Burton Francis, agent, 754 w Pratt 
Burton Geo. W. genl. agt. Maryland Life Ins. 

Co. 10 South, dw 322 Hollins 
Burton Geo. W. clerk, 2G7 e Lombard 
Burton Mrs. Hannah, 252 n Caroline 
Burton's Hotel, Thos. Burton, prop'r,lll n High 
Burton I. Dixon, clerk, 254 George 
Burton Jas. lab. 106 Greenmount av 
Burton John B. clerk, 161 w Fayette 
Burton Jos. shoemkr, 5 Milliman 
Burton Jos. lab. Hampden 
Burton Leonard, painter, 227 Hamburg 
Burton Dr. 0. A. dentist, 17 n Howard 

Burton Robt. collector, 254 George 
Burton Robt. C. 50 Saratoga 
BURTON ROBT. F. apothecary, 497 n Gay 
Burton Robt. H. conductor, 50 Barre 
Burton Robt. J. fireman, 43 Johnson 
Burton Robt. M. clerk, 119 Barre 
Burton Mrs. S. H. boarding, 161 w Fayette 
Burton Thos. C. (T.C. Burton & Co.) 28 Park av 
Burton Thos, ])rop'r Burton's hotel. 111 n High 
Burton Thos. C.& Co. (T.C. Burton, Wm.F. Box- 
well) dyers and scourers, 119 Lexington 
Burton Wm. painter, 100 J, Cathedral 
Burton Wm. dyer, 317 w Biddle 
Burton Wm. farmer, 119 Barre 
Burton Wm. H, conductor, 604 n Carey 
Burwell Dr. E., Carrollton hotel 
Bury Francis, lab. 72 Cross 
Bury Frank, varnisher, 66 Wyeth 
Bury Joseph, driver, 46 Wyeth 
BURY KITAN, flour and feed, 110 Columbia, 

dw 446 Cross 
Buryer Joseph, cabinetrakr, 11 Sterrett 
Busby Kate, millinery, 242 Eastern av 
Busby James, lab. 62 n Dallas 
Busby Robt. baker, 115 e Pratt 
Busby Mrs. Susan, confectionery, 115 e Pratt 
Busch A. V. B. salesman, 424 Light 
Busch Bernard, beer, 408 Harford av 
Busch Mrs. Eliza, confectionery, 88 Leadenhall 
Busch Mrs. Ellen, grocery, 1 Somerset 
Busch Geo. engineer, 24 Hill 
Busch Geo. boxcutter, 443 n Gay 
Busch Geo. L. cigarmkr, 88 Leadenhall 
Busch Geo. M. boxcutter, 313 n Dallas 
Busch Geo. W. saloon, 494 Light 
Busch Henry, carp. 6 New Church 
Busch Henry, lab. 140 West 
Busch Henry, lab. 296 Johnson 
Busch Henry, blacksmith, 316 s Bond 
Busch Herman, hardware, 316 s Bond 
Busch John, cigarmkr, 1 Somerset 
Busch John H. flagman, 63 Wyeth 
Busch Rev. John M. 83 Moore' al 
Busch John P. tinner, 204 e Madison 
Busch John T. milk, Philadelphia rd nr Cit>- 

Busch Joseph, tailor, 288 n Central av 
Busch Joseph A. printer, 172 Barre 
Busch Lawrence, watchmkr, 161 Orleans 
Busch Mrs. Mary, grocery, 83 Moore al 
Busch Wm. H. barkpr, 494 Light 
Buschelberger Chas.shoemkr,Dillon nr Third av 
Buscher Fred, barber, 263 Bank « 

Buschking August, beer, 12 Water 
Buschking Ernest F.D. porter, Camden nr Light 
Buschman Christian, painter, 831 w Pratt 
Buschman Francis, mercht. tailor, 19 n Eutaw, 

dw 128 Barre 
Buschman Francis A. clerk, 128 Barre 
Buschman Fred, sugar refiner, 267 William 
Buschman Fred, grocery, 317 Hanover 
Buschman Gerhardt, porter, rear 74 Park av 
Buschman Henry, cigarmkr, 6 n Spring 
Buschman Henry, mercht. tailor, 301 w Pratt 
Buschman Herman (B. k Moehlhenrich) 131 

Buschman John, bricklayer, 88 n Washington 
Buschman k Moehlhenrich (Herman Buschman, 

John G. Moehlhenrich) mercht. tailors, 137 

Buschraann Mrs. Elizabeth, midwife, 120 Bank 
Buschmann J. D. Ernest, 334 n Broad wav 

Wm. Wirt Clarkp:, Manufacturers' Agt. for No. 1 Agricultural Plaster, 
In Bags or Barrels from store, or in Cargo Lots direct from factory. 

Largest Life In s. Co. in theW o rld, O.F.Bresee,Genl Agt. 
^^^ BUS 133 BUT 

John A. Jarboe) hats, caps and straw goods, 
318 w Baltimore 
Buschmann John, bricklayer, 10 s Washington 
BUSCHMANN VICTOR H. (B.& Jarboe) tail- 
ors' trimmings, &c. 234 w Baltimore, dw 235 
w Fayettye 
Buser Joseph, shoemkr, 494 w Lombard 
Buser Michael, barber, 321 n Central av 
Busey Chas. E. dentist, 66 Saratoga, dw 37 n 

Busey Rev. Ezra F. (J. B. Wilson & Co.) 142 n 

Carrollton av 
Busey James F. screwman, 143 Fort av 
Busey James R. brickmkr, Washington av nr 

tollgatc, dw 69 n Carey 
Busey Norval H. photographer, over n w cor 

Charles and Fayette,dw 396 Druid Hill av 
Busey Saml. 69 n Carey 
Busey Sarah N. 37 n Calhoun 
Busey Wm. H. farmer, 144 Scott 
Busey Wm.M.(Snowden & B.) 753 Madison av 
Bush Albert H. sailmkr, 268 e Lombard 
Bush Mrs. Fanny N. 390 e Fayette 
Bush Fritz, tailor, 336 Canton av 
Bush Geo. H. cardriver, 268 e Lombard 
Bush Geo. W. bricklayer, 7 Whatcoat 
Bush Henry, lab. 113 Cooksie 
BUSH JAMES, agent,boots and shoes,241 Light 
Bush James, lab. 113 s AVolfe 
Bush John, shoemkr, Druidville 
Bush John, tailor, 56 Durst al 
Bush Joshua, potter, 305 McElderry ext 
Bush Maggie, dressmkr, 588 w Lombard 
Bush Peter sr. lab. 395 s Eutaw 
Bush Peter jr. glassblower, 395 s Eutaw 
Bush Peter, upholsterer, 13 Patterson av 
Bush Mrs. R. C. dressmkr, 7 Whatcoat 
Bush Stephen C. 332 Saratoga 
Bush Toney, lab, e Monument ext 
Bush Wm. E. clerk, 390 e Fayette 
Bushell Chas. lab. Clinton and Eighth av 
Bushell Edward, teacher, 204 Lafayette av 
Busher Edward, lab. 147 s Washington 
Bushey P. H. mariner, 170 Johnson 
Bushey T. F. 211 L. Constitution 
Bushman Herman, elk, Druid Hill av and Presst- 

Bushman Jno. tailor, Druid Hill av andPresstman 
Bushman John H. salesman, 2<}8 Argyle av 
Bushman Wm., Druid Hill av and Presstman 
Bushman Wm. shoemkr, 56 Hanover 
Busick Daniel B. butter, 283 e Biddle 
Busick Geo. L- boottitter. Chapel ur Chase 
Busick Geo. W. painter, 65 Barnes 
Busick James H. lieut. police, 528 n Gay 
Busick John S. plasterer, 528 n Gay 
Busick Joshua W. hatter, 138 Greeumount av 
Busick Levin, bootfitter, 303 McDonogli 
Busick Robt. H. plasterer, 528 n Gay 
Businech Joseph, organ grinder, 70 President 
Busk Mrs. Caroline, 52 s Broadway 
Busky John, cardriver. Federal nr Belair av 
Bussard Edvvd. L. telegraphist, 447 w Lombard 
Bussard Marshall L. lab. 447 w Lombard 
Bussard Oscar, machinist, 8 Lemmon 
Busse Mrs. Bernadina, butter, 141 Gough 
Busse Chas. D. musician, 299 n Central av 
Bussmau Chas. carp. 264 s Bond 
Butcher B. Frank, carp. 132 Pearl 
Butcher Mrs. Wm. milk, 890 w Pratt 
Buterbaugh Wm. H. lab. 1 Oak 


Made water-tight, aud preserved for yeara. by thor- 
oughly applying ELAISTIC CEMENT and 


B)/ increashiff the guantity of Gum, we make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which is unequalcd. All work 
guaranteed, A trial is all we ask. Orders solicited 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER CO., Sole Manufacturers, 

No. 3 COUKTLAND STREET, up stairs. 

Butkan Chas. butcher, 112 Mullikin 
Butler Albert, driver, Hudson and Second av 
Butler August, rriilk, O'Donnell and First av 
Butler Chas. pi^ovisions, 29 Cheapside, dw 283 

Linden av 
Butler Chas. H. clerk, 276 Saratoga 
Butler Charles Z. clerk, 283 Linden av 
Butler Clifton, carp. 195 w John 
Butler Cornelius K. confectioner, 108 Vine 
Butler Elijah, mercht. tailor, 53 Hanover 
Butler Eugene, brassfinisher, Oxford, York rd 
Butler Fredk. canmkr, 125 n Durham 
Butler Geo. machinist, Woodberry 
Butler Geo. T. carp. 487 Aisquith 
Butler Geo. W. blacksmith, 46 n Strieker ext 
Butler Geo. W. puddler, 257 William 
Butler Mrs. H. J. 69 e Pratt 
Butler Henry, lab. 80 Cross 
Butler Henry M. carp, 79 Battery av 
Butler Henry N. fireman, 399 Orleans 
Butler James, carp. 113 n Schroeder 
Butler Dr. James H. 144 Mulberry 
Butler James J. grocery, n w cor Pratt and High 
Butler James R. salesman, 6 Hanover 
Butler John, butcher, 35 w Lanvale ext 
Butler John jr. moulder, 450 w Lombard 
Butler John, stonemason, Hampden 
Butler John, lab. 26 s Poppleton 
Butler John jr. bookkpr, 115 German 
Butler John, lab. 450 w Lombard 
Butler John, cooper, 79 Battery av 
Butler John F. painter, Hampden 
Butler'John H. lab. 399 Orleans 
Butler John J. attorney, 63 w Fayette, dw 402 

e Eager 
Butler John L. engineer, 3 Abey al 
Butler John T. porter, 61 s Caroline 
Butler John T. carp. 125 Fort av 
Butler Joseph, spinner. Sweet Air 
Butler Joseph, stonemason, Oxford, York rd 
Butler Kate, 14 and 16 Josepliine 
Butler Mrs. Martha, grocery, 545 Light 
Butler Mrs. Mary, Mt. V-ernon mills 
Butler Martin, leather iosp'r, 61 s Caroline 
Butler Martin S. nightman, 50 Orleans 
Butler Mary A. ladies and gents furn'g goods, 

Hoffman nr Madison av 
Butler Matthew, lab. 125 William 
Butler Michael, helper, 9 Randall 
Butler Michael, stonemason, Homestead 
Butler Michael L. lab. 3 Gough 
Butler Michael M. clerk, 61 s Caroline 
Butler Nathan R. clerk, 283 Linden av 
Butler Patrick, leather insp'r, 61 s Caroline 
Butler Patrick J. porter, 125 William 
Butler Peter, bottler, North and Eager 
Butler Richard, engineer, 52 s Poppleton 
Butler Mrs. Sallie, Mt. Vernon mills 
Butler Stephen, machinist, 65 Whatcoat 
Butler Stephen jr. machinist, 65 Whatcoat 

PORTLAND CEMENT, (the best for grouting,) No. 61 8. Gay St. 

Tie same as I am furnishing to tke Johns H-opkins Hospital Buildings. 





Butler Thos. C. 174 Cathedral 

Butler Thomas E. fruits, nuts, &c. cor Camden 

and Eutaw, and 115 Camden 
Butler Thoma&E. prinrter, li5 Germaa 
Butler Thomas N. engraver, Frederick av ar 

Butler Mrs. Vktorine, 118 Division 
Butler Wm. prorisrons, 660 w BAltiraore 
Butler Wm. fireman, 3 Russell 
Butler Wm. moulder, 450 w Lombard 
Butler Wm. lab. 163 Dover 
Butler Wn^. J. blacksmith, Phila.rd nreity Hmils 
Butler Wm. J. blacksm'itb, 399 Orleans 
Butler Wm. T. driver, 944 w Bi»ltimore 
Butler Wm. T. police, 115 Cross 
Butt J. A. grocery, flour and feed, Gfay and 

Butt Mrs. Jeruslia, bovs' clotbing-, 1T5 Preston 
Butt John H. cutter, 55 Holland 
Butt Mrs. Mary A. midwife, 181 n Ceutral av 
Butt Samuel, plasterer, 175 Prestoji 
Butt Wm. printer, 2.14 Gough 
Butta Joseph, potter, 194 Canton av 
Butta Matthias, tailor, 194 Canton av 
Butta Matthias jr. tailor, 194 Canton av 
Butterbaugh Mrs. E. A. grocery, 756 w Ptatt 
Butterbaugb Frank, brakeman, 756 \v Pratt 
Butterbaugh Joseph F. clerk, 756 w Pratt 
Butterbaugh Thomas, blacksmith, 756 w Pratt 
BUTTBRFIELD & CO. (John Butterfield,Fred. 

H. Gottleib) brewers, 113 Hanover 
Butterfield John (B. & Co.) Wheeling, W. Va. 
Butterfield Rudolph, mariner, 145 s Chester 
Butterhotf John, shoemkr, Spring nr John 
Butterhoff Peter, lab. Spring nr Jobu 
Butterweg Anton, wheelwright, 17 Callendar aJ 
Buttner Albert, shoemkr, 28 Penna ar 
Buttner Alois, shoemkr, 71 n Amity 
Buttner Casper, shoes, Elliott nr Clinton 
Buttner Charles, shoemkr, 253 n Dallas 
Buttner Frederick, stonemason, 493 AisquLth 
Buttner George J. carp. Ill n Wolfe 
Buttner John, beer, 258 e Pratt 
Buttner John A. baker, 9 Heath 
Buttner John E. baker, 9 Heath / 

Buttner John L. shoemkr, 363 n Central av 
Buttner Leonard, shoemkr, 123 Bank 
Buttner M. shoemkr, 28 Penna av 
Buttner Peter, shoemkr, 235 Frederick av 
Buttner Wm. shoemkr, 363 n Central av 
Button Jacob R. wharf builder, 112 s Caroline 
Button Joseph, canmkr, 72 e Pratt 
Button Wm. H. glassblower, 25 Covington 
Butts Henry, tinner, 181 n Central av 
Butts John, lab. 9 Smith al 
Butts Joseph, driver, rear 137 s Caroline 
Butts R. S. clerk, 25 Biddle nr Ann 
Butts Rev. S. F. 338 n Bond 
Butts Wm. H. huckster, GO Etting 
Buttz George, gardener, Waltemeyer ai 
Butz John, shoemkr, 107 Henrietta 
Butzler Charles, bookkpr, 67 Chew 
Butzler John, grocery, 67 Chew 
Butzler Wm. carp. 164 Greenmount av 
Buxbaum Benjamin, butcher, 4 Belair Mkt, dw 

112 n Spring 
Buxbaum Mrs. Caroline, iimbrella manufr. 18 n 

Buxbaum Jaeob,umbrellamanuf.l8n Poppleton 
Buxton John H. machinery and supplies, 46e Pratt 
Buzby David T. (D. T. Busby & Co.),s w cor 

Eager and St. Paul 

BUZBY D- r. & CO. (D. T. and J. P. Buzby) 
com. merchants, wholesale produce, and man- 
manufacturers' agents, 6 Exchange pi 
Buzby J. Frank, (D. T. Buzljy & Co.) Carroll- 
ton hotel 
Buzlvy James, porter, 6-2 n Dalks 
Buzby John M. canmkr, 74 s C'astle- 
Buzby S. T. clerk, s w cor Eager and St. Paul 
Buzzi Peter D. salesman, 324 n Gilmor 
Bye Frederick R. postal clerk, 14& McElderry 
Byer George, lab. e Lombard ext 
Byers Jaumes W. clerk,. 104 Edmondson av 
Byers Louis F. clerk, 16"4 n Exeter 
Byles Mrs. Sarah, 90 Columbia 
Byrd Mrs. Bridget, grocery, 19 Barnes 
Byrd C. E. blacksmith, 22 Henrietta 
Byrd Mrs. Francis 0. 246. n Eutaw 
Bvrd George H. ( Wyman, B. k Co. ) New York 
BYRD Dr. HARVEY L. 13« n Arlington av 
Byrd James, carp. 11 Jackson 
Byrd James E. treasurer Md. Steamboat Co. 98 

Light-st whf, dw 1 5& Barre 
Byrd John D. clerk, 139 n Arlington av 
Byrd Mrs. Mary J. boarding, 133 Hanover 
Byrd Oden J. carp. 12 Barre, dw 163 Johnson 
Byrd Samuel, carp, 226 Battery av 
Byrd Sylvester, carp. 33 Warren 
Byrd Wm. F. clerk, 8'4 Lee 
Byrd Wm. S. general com. merchant, s-w cor 

Camden and Light, dw 133 Hanover 
Byrn Wm. 76 n Front 
Byrn Wm. M. bookkpr, 76 n Front 
Byrn Wm. T. com. merchant, 16.2 \r Pratt, d-^v 

20 Warren 
Bj'rne Andrew, wagoner, 64 Hampstead 
Byrne Andrew J. police, 99 Granby 
Byrne Mrs. Anna W. 142 Arlington av 
Byrne Annie, dressrokr, 384 w Eager 
Byrne Annie L. dressmkr, 158 Saratoga 
Byrne Bridget, variety, 384 w Eager 
Byrne Mrs. Bridget, 99 Granby 
Byrne Mrs. Catherine, grocery, 64 Hampstead 
Byrne C. Lee, 1x>okkpr, S3 s Washington 
Byrne Charles A. 90 s Wolfe 
Byrne Charles J. carp. 247 n Gay 
Byrne Denais, police, 65 Granbj^ 
Byrne Dennis, carter, 176 s Central av 
Byrne Edward A. cabiuetmkr, 57 n Front 
Byrne Mrs. Eliza, grocery, 203 n Exeter 
Byrne Ellizabeth, dressmkr, 284 n Howard 
Byrne George, carter, 71 s Spring 
Byrne Henry F. clerk, 63 s Washington 
Byrne Hugh, clerk, 16 s Gay 
Byrne Isabella J. 142 n Arlington av 
Byrne James, officer Md. Penit'y, 90 s Wolfe 
Byrne James K. shirtmaker, 24 Colum.bia 
Byrne James J. stock broker, IS Bial to bldg. dw 
• 247 n Gay 

Byrne James M. c-abinetmkr, 63 n Front 
Byrne James P. cabinetmaker and uncfertaker, 

63 n Front 
Byrne James P. jr. clerk, 50 n Liberty 
Byrne Johanna M. laundry, 1& s Gay 
Byrne John, lab. 61 s Castle 
Byrne Joseph, shoemkr, 12 Mercer 
Byrne Joseph F. cabinetmkr and undertaker, 

59 n Liberty 
Byrne Mrs. Mary, fancy store, 247 n Gay 
Byrne Martin, lab. 117 Albemarle 
Byrne MicVcael, police, 405 w Pratt 
Byrne Michael J. sugar boiler, 8 Thomsen 

HOLMES & CO., Engineers' and Maciiinists' Tools and Supplies, 
Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

Assets, $85,000, 000.00 . O- IVBresee, aenl Agt. 
BYR 135 GAL 

Byrne Rev. R. F., Loyola College 

Byrne Richard, 117 n Calvert 

Byrne Robert P. tobacconist, 99 Druid Hill av 

Byrne Terence J. carp. 183 s Chester 

Byrne Thos. F. jr. telegraphist, 396 Lexington 

Byrne Wni. M. clerk, 466 Mulberry 

Byrnes James, lab. 118 Ramsay 

Byrnes James J. cooper, 70 s Ann 

Byrnes John, dredger, 14 President 

Byrnes John, clerk, 98 Lee 

Byrnes John F. collarmkr, 115 Greenmount av 

Byrnes Joseph, gilder and picture frame maker, 

82 n Calvert, dw 353 e Eager 
Byrnes Patrick, shoemkr, 134 Camden 
Byrnes Richard, stonecutter, 353 e Eager 
Byrnes Thomas, collarmkr, Oxford, York rd 
Byrnes Wm. T. clerk, 479 Franklin 
Byrns Michael, paver, 177 West 
Byron Charles M. carter, 68 Ramsay 
Byron Wm. carter, 68 Ramsay 
Byus Mrs.F.E. boarding, 94 Hanover 
By us James B. mariner, 92 Lee 
Byus James T. mariner, 94 Hanover 
Byus John W. engineer, 118 Battery av 
Byus Kenley T. clerk, 94 Hanover 
Byus Stanley M. mariner, 92 Lee 
Byus Valeria, 92 Lee 
Byus Wm. S. watchman, 92 Lee 

Cabell Mrs. R. H. 285 n Charles 

Cable George S. plasterer, 234 n Wolfe 

Cable George S. jr. plasterer, 249 u Wolfe 

Cacace Francesco, images, 103 s Eden 

Cacy Samuel, State grain weigher, Courtland nr 

Caddeh Anthony, lab. 39 Haubert 
Cadden Anthony, shoemkr,Hudsonal nr Federal 
Cadden Dr. Charles W. 130 n Arlington av 
Cadden Daniel, lab. 8^ Binnej' 
Cadden John, lab. 19 Harris al 
Cadden Joseph H. clerk, 130 n Arlington av 
Cadden Mrs. Mary, 19 Harris al 
Cadden Michael, lab. 51 Haubert 
Cadden Patrick, lab. Hudson al nr Federal 
Cadden Mrs. Robert, 130 n Arlington av 
Cadden Robert, watchman, 39 Haubert 
Cadden Thomas, lab. 19 Harris al 
Cade Charles N. niariner, 142 s Ann 
Cade John, lab. 24 Hill 
Cade Capt. Nelson, mariner, 142 s Ann 
Cadell Beuj. F. oysters. Sweet Air 
Cadell Charles B. 193 s Patterson Park av 
Cadell Mrs. Mary, dressmkr, 487 w Lombard 
Cadell Samuel H. watchman, 229 e Pratt 
Cadell Wm. blksmith, 487 w Lombard 
Cadiz Charles, salesman, 10 e Baltimore 
Cadogan Mrs. Alice, dry goods, 228 Mulberry 
Cadogan James, lab. 82 Booth 
Cadogan Matthew, cabinetmkr, 228 Mulberry 
Cadogan Walter, blksmith, 82 Booth 
Cadow & Hook, (E. F. Hook jr.) groceries and 

produce, 20 and 22 Penna av 
Cadow Mrs. Elizabeth, 348 w Fayette 
Cadow Saml. B. clerk, 348 w Fayette 
Cadwallader A. G. conductor; 87 Mosher 
Cadwallader Edward, coppersmith, 406 e Fayette 
Cadwallader Harrison C. lettercarrier, 114 Ar- 

gyle av 
Cadwallader Louis W. lieut. police, 32 George 
Cad well Henry A. collector, 23 Park av 


Made water-tight, and p^e8er^ed for/yars. by tbor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMENT and 


By increasivq Ihe quantity of Gum. we make a Pahit 
for Damp Walls which is uuequaled. All work 
guaranteed. A trialis all we ask. Orders Bohcited 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D M SADLER & CO., Sole Manufacturers, 

No. 3 COURTLAND STREET, up staire. 

Cad well Mrs. Margaret, dressmkr, 23 Park av 
Cafferty James, lab. 123 Elliott 
Caffery John, wagoner, 248 n Front 
Caffrey Thomas, wagoner, 20 Willow 
Caffin Clement, machinist, 243 Franklin 
Cahill & Co. (P. Cahill,) lumber, Cathedral nr 

Cahill Daniel, lab. 42 Hillman 
Cahill Mrs. Elizabeth, 86 w Biddle 
Cahill Fredk. J. engineer, 99 William 
Cahill James, grocery, s w cor Caroline and 

McElderry, dw 170 n Caroline 
Cahill John, (J. Clark & Co.) Waverley 
Cahill Martin, engineer, 170 McHenry 
Cahill Mary L. dressmkr, 86 w Biddle 
Cahill Michael, lab. 5 Ulrick al 
Cahill Patrick, (C. & Co.) 105 Cathedral 
Cahill Thomas, lab. 42 Hillman 
Cahill Timothy, lab. Clement and Cooksie 
Cahill Timothy J. clerk, 170 McHenry 
CAHN, BELT & CO., (Bernard Cahn, E.N. Belt) 

wholesale liquors, 32 w Lombard 
Cahn Bernard,(C.,Belt &Co.)treas. Consumers' 

Mutual Gas Light Co. dw 46lEutaw pi 
Cahn Felix, notions, over 278 w Baltimore, dw 

200 Druid Hill av 
Cain Mrs. Bridget, 14 Stiles 
Cain Mrs. Ellen, grocery, 542 s Charles 
Cain Francis, 14 Stilss 
Cain Geo. carter, 378 McHenry 
Cain James T. police, 543 e Fayette 
Cain John, 542 s Charles 
Cain John, driver, 14 Stiles 
Cain John, barkpr, 140 Conway 
Cain John, driver, 5 Slemmer al 
Cain John H. carter, 20 AVashington av 
Cain John W. brickrakr, 32 St. Peter 
Cain John W. jr. carter, 32 St. Peter 
Cain Joseph, bricklayer, 32 St. Peter 
Cain Mrs. Mary, grocery, 378 McHenry 
Cain Matthew, police, 14 Stiles 
Cain Michael, mariner, 14 Stiles 
Cain Mrs. Sarah S. 54 Argyle av 
Cain Wm. F. painter, 36 St. Peter 
Cain Wm. H. lab. 20 Washington av 
Caine J. J. carp. 25 Whatcoat 
Cairnes Dr.Geo.W., Hampden 
Cairns Edward, porter, 137 Harford av 
Cairns Mrs. James, 187 Arlington av 
Calder Edward, machinist, 9 s Washington 
Calder John, fire dept. 256 Gough 
Calder Robert, paperhanger, 226 e Baltimore, dw 

124 Gough 
Calder W'm. watchman, 105 s Broadway 
Caldway Geo. mariner, 314 Eastern av 
Caldwell A. & Co. (A. Caldwell,) apothecaries, 

n e cor Baltimore and Calhoun 
Caldwell A. (A.C.& Co.) 386 w Lombard 
Caldwell Andrea P.police clerk, Biddle and Eden 
Caldwell Chas. C. blockmkr, 157 e Pratt 

No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 








Caldwell Daniel, d3-er, 153 e Monument 
Caldwell Gilman, carp. 153 e Monument 
Caldwell James A. 53 n Strieker 
Caldwell John, clerk, 52 McHenry 
Caldwell John, carp. 631 Light 
Caldwell John A. dry goods jobber, over 13 Ger- 
man, dw 185 w Lanvale 
Caldwell John C. blockmkr, 157 e Pratt 
Caldwell Dr. John J. office 65 n Charles,dw235 

n Carey 
CaldwelfMartin, engineer, 324 Mulberrj 
Caldwell Martin, carp. 631 Light 
Caldwell Martin T. shoemkr, 631 Light 
Caldwell Mrs. Mary, grocery, 632 Light 
Caldvyell Wm. M. clerk, 157 e Pratt 
Caldwell Wm.Q. measurer and architect,3 Court- 
land, dw 326 n Eden 
Caleb V. S. mail agent, 444 e Lombard 
Callaghan Bridget ^(C. & Murphy) 260 n Ann 
Callagban Julia (C. & Murphy) 260 n Ann 
Callaghan Maggie (C. & Murphy) 260 n Ann 
CALLAGHAN & MURPHY (Bridget, Julia and 
Maggie Callaghan, Joanna Murphy, prop's 
Enterprise Laundry, s e cor Front and Gay 
Callahan Arthur, slippermkr, 68 e Fayette 
Callahan Bernard D. lab. 260 n Ann 
Callahan Carroll, lab. 330 s Bond 
Callahan Dennis, clerk, 1 29 s Exeter 
Callahan Edward, lab. 19 Addison 
Callahan Edward, shoemkr, 15 Russell 
Callahan J. N. clerk, 14 Buren 
CalKxhan Jas. blacksmith, 19 Addison 
Callahan Jas. grocery, 51 Tyson 
Callahan Jas. shipcarp. Chesapeake nr O'Donnell 
Callahan Jas. F. barkpr, 19 Addison 
Callahan John, clerk. High and Trinity 
Callahan John, blacksmith, 261 Forrest 
Callahan John T. mariner, 310 William 
Callahan Lawrence, barkpr, 14 Laurel 
Callahan Lawrence P. lab. 550 Saratoga 
Callahan Mrs. Maria, 129 s E.xeter 
Callahan Mrs. Mary, 18 Slemmer al 
Callahan Michael, mariner, 18 Slemmer al 
Callahau Michael, watchman, 14 Laurel 
Callahan Michael H. shoemkr, 226 w Lombard 
Callahan Patrick, lab. 38 Morton al 
Callahan Patrick, lab. Maryland avand Federal 
Callahan Patrick, lab, 260 n Ann 
Callahan Patrick, lab. 52 Woodyear 
Callahan Peter, provisions, 162 n Calvert 
Callahan Philip, lab. 561 Hanover 
Callahan T & Co. (T. J. Callahan, P. Conway) 

oyster packers, 133 McElderry's whf 
Callahan Thos. mariner, 18 Slemmer al 
Callahan Thos. bookbinder, 14 s Norris al 
Callahan Thos. J.(T. Callahan & Co.) cor High 

and Trinity 
Callahan Mrs. Timothy, 12 Price ct 
Callahan Timothy, oyster p'kr,High and Trinity 
Callahan Wm. lab. 16 Patu.xent 
Callahan Wm. lab. 182 Dover 
Callahan Wm. lab. 129 s E.xeter 
Callahan Wm. bricklayer, 444 e Eager 
Callahan Wm. A. clerk. High and Trinity 
Callahan Wm. 0. (Holmes & Co.) 444 e Eager 
Callan Andrew, 211 Park av 
Callan Bernard, barkpr, 408 e Fayette 
Callan Bernard, restaurant, AliceannaandBoston 
Callan Mrs. Catherine, grocery, 36 s Bond 
Callan Jas. lab. 17 Neighbor 
Callan John, lab. 9 Clement 
Callan John M. clerk, 36 s Bond 

Callan Michael, stovemoulder, 209 s Chester 
Callan Mrs. Mary A. charcoal, coal and wood, 

Eastern av and Duncan al 
Callan Peter, lab. 17 Neighbor 
Callan Thos. lab. 36 s Bond 
Callan Thos. lab. 118 Harford av 
Callan Thos. lab. 5 Webster al 
Callan Thomas, marblepolisher, 116 Harford av 
Callan Thos. J. telegraphist, 36 s Bond 
Callanan Richard, ship carver, 19 Philpot, dw 

74 Block 
Callaway Chas. salesman, 297 Lexington 
Callaway D. King, accountant, 286 Townsend 
Callenberger Jatnes, lab, 20 Binney 
Callender Edward S. plasterer, 100 Aisquith 
Callender Geo. W. plasterer, 100 Aisquith 
Callender Henry, huckster, 158 West 
Callender John, shipsmith, Philadelphia rd nr 

city limits 
Callender Luther W. bookbinder, 68 w Fayette 

dw 120 e Eager 
Callender Wm. plasterer, 100 Aisquith 
Callery Thomas lab. 98 Richmond 
Callig'an Dennis, hodcarrier, 31 Morton al 
I Calligan Thomas, fireman, 108 Parkin 
Callinan Edward J. clerk, 39 s Wolfe 
1 Callinan John M. clerk, 39 s Wolfe 
I Callinan Thomas, driver, 104 Hanover 
j Callis Charles H. carp. 3 Irvine pi 
I Callis George R. jr. bookkpr, 325 Ilollins 
I Callis Geo. R. builder, 325 Hollins 
! Callis James E. bricklayer, 32 Jackson sq av 
■ Callis James H. coal yard, 230 e Baltimore, dw 
i 3 Irvine pi 

; Callis Wm. T. bricklayer. 104 n Caroline 
I Callow Wm. coal. Linden av ext 
i Calloway Martin, clerk, 96 Hill 
j Calloway Thomas, shoemkr, 96 Hill 
I Callsen Henry, silver plater, 161 n Eden 
Callsen Mrs. Maggie, confectionery, 505 n Gay, 

dw 161 n Eden 
Calvary (M. E.) church. South, Greene and 

Calvert Assembly Rooms, s e cor Calvert and 
Saratoga, W. T. Ely, agent 
I Calvert John, stone cutter, 111 Parkin 

Calvert John, mariner, 127 s Ann 
I CALVERT JOSEPH B. granitewkr, coal and 
wood, 415 Hamburg, dw 178 Scott 
I Calvert 
Calvert Station, Northern Central Railway, n e 

cor Franklin and Calvert 
Samuel P. Thompson, pres't Wm. Cunning- 
ham, sec'y and treas'r, office 56 s Gay 
Calvert Wm. N.(W.N.C&Co.) 98 Franklin 
Calvert Wm. N. & Co. (Wm. N. Calvert) com. 

raerchts, 89 South 
Calvert Wm. T. fire dept, 374 e Madison 
Calverton Hoi el. Ripple & Fawsett, prop's, Cal- 

verton rd 
Calverton Mills, Sam'l Elder & Co. proprietors, 

Calwell Charles H. 554 Franklin 
Calwell Clay, 554 Franklin 
Calwell Geo.W. lab. Harford av nr Point la 
Calwell Mrs. Harriett, 355 n Charles 
Calwell James S. conveyancer, 31 Lexington, dw 

355 n Charles 
Calwell John K. 628 w Fayette 
Calwell Mrs. Mary, millinery, 3 w Baltimore 

WxM. WIRT CLARKE, Flour and General Commission Merchant. 
Englisb & German Portknd Cements for Pavements & Artificial Stone work generally. 

Insurance Agents and Brokers, American Building. 
~~ CAL 137 CAN 

Cahvell Mrs. Rose, 554 Franklin 
Calwell Thomas, clerk, 628 w Fayette 
Camacho Ignacio y Salas, 129 n Carey 
Camacho Lewis J." 138 n Schroeder 

Poole, treas'r,58 Exchange pi 
Camden J. N. pres't Baltimore United Oil Co. 

9 s Gay, dw Virginia 
Camden .John H. shoefitter, 362 Lexington 
Camden L. D. bookkpr, 58 Exchange pi 
CAMDEN STATION,B.& O.R.R.fronting How- 
ard, Camden, Eutaw and Lee 
Camden Wm. S. carp. 51 n Poppleton 
Camejo Augustin J. tobacconist, 415 n Fremont, 

dw 439 n Calhoun 
Camerden Walter, clerk, 143 McCulloh 
Cameron Mrs. Catherine, 93 Jefferson 
Cameron Chas. C. insp. C. H. 320 Mosher 
Cameron Daniel, mariner, 93 Jefferson 
Cameron Franklin, blacksmith, 195 w John 
Cameron Hugh, tailor, 314 e Chase 
Cameron Jas. T. grocery, 933 w Baltimore 
Cameron John M. carp. 195 w John 
Cameron John M. bookkpr, 84 n Fulton 
Camp Joseph, stevedore, 266 s Dallas 
Campbell Archibald, (W.C. & Son) 64 s Gay 
Campbell Bernard, locksmith, •" Madison and 

Liberty al 
Campbell Bernard, milk, Point la nr city limits 
Campbell Bernard, lab. 58 Hillman 
Campbell Bernard J. hackman, 92 n Calvert 
Campbell Mrs. Catherine, notions, 8 Orleans 
Campbell Chas. agent Thos. Winans, 8 Hollins 
Campbell Chas. machinist, 625 Light 
Campbell Chas. blacksmith, 127 Franklin 
Campbell Chas. A. clerk, 39 Lee 
Campbell Chas. E. clerk, 25 Scott 
Campbell David, hostler, 46 Penn 
Campbell Duncan, 169 St. Paul 
Campbell Edward T. driver, 1T8 Preston 
Campbell Elizabeth, saloon, 159 Eastern av 
Campbell Eugene H. clerk. 111 e Biddle 
Campbell Felix, clerk, 29 Hillman 
Campbell Geo. A. clerk Fire Com'rs, 172 n Ar- 
lington av 
Campbell Geo. C. polisher, 187 Orleans 
Campbell Geo. L. police, 438 e Monument 
Campbell Henry, huckster, 66 Centre Mkt sp 
Campbell Henry, clerk, 142 Linden av 
Campbell Henry, lab. 66 Hammond al 
Campbell Henry, lab. 115 Penna av 
Campbell Henry B. clerk, 400 n Strieker 
Campbell Hugh, lab. 203 n Dallas 
Campbell James, messenger, 99 n Poppleton 
Campbell James, lab. 173 Tyson al 
Campbell James, 21 n Dallas 
Campbell James J. silverplater, 252 Presstman 
Campbell James P. clerk, 252 Presstman 
Campbell John, machinist, 234 George 
Campbell John, machinist, 70 Preston 
Campbell John, shoemkr, 5 Friendship 
Campbell John, lab. 55 Centre Market sp 
Campbell John, canmkr, 31 e Monument 
Campbell John, messenger, 264 n Broadway 
Campbell John, drayman, 201 Barre 
Campbell John, painter, 67 Stirling 
Campbell John A. 169 St. Paul 
Campbell John F. blksmith, 127 Mosher 
Campbell John F. bookkpr, 39 Lee 
Campbell John F. surveyor, 51 Lee 
Campbell John J. sr. groc'y, Oregon and Hollins 
Campbell Johu S. bookkpr, 8 Hollins 


Made water-tight, and preserved for vears, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMENT and 


By increasing the qvnntlty of Gum, we make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which is' uiipqualed. All work 
guaranteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders solicited 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER & CO., Sole Manufacturers, 

No.3 COURTLAND STREET, up stairs. 

Campbell John S. & Co. (John S. Campbell) 

bread. bakerv, 91 Thames 
Campbell John S. (J.S.C. & Co.) 98 n Broadway 
Campbell John T. clerk, 307 w John . 
Campbell Joseph V. clerk, 131 s Ann 
Campbell Kenneth, mariner, 269 s Wolfe 
Campbell Lee, 169 St. Paul 
Campbell Louis C. shoemkr, 127 Mosher 
Campbell Mrs. Margaret, confec'y, 59 Orleans 
Campbell Mrs. Margaret, 133 Gough 
Campbell Mrs. Mary, groc'y, 19 Abbot 
Campbell Michael, lab. 152 Chesapeake 
Campbell. Mrs. Minnie, dressmkr, 69 Johnson 
Campbell Nathaniel, drover, 20 Addison al 
Campbell Nelson, clerk, 180 Hollins 
Campbell Peter, salesman, 8 Orleans 
Campbell Robert, watchman, 133 Gough 
Campbell Robert jr. 721 Madison av ext 
Campbell Robert R. brassfinisher, 312 n Caroline 
CAMPBELL ROSS & CO. ( Wm.H.I^ayneand 

Chas. M. Roche) wholesale dry goods com. 

merchts, McCreery bldg. Sharp and German 
Campbell Mrs. Ross, 169 n Charles 
Campbell Mrs. Sarah, 6 Hammond al 
Campbell Mrs. Susannah, seamstress, John nr 

Campbell Thos. lab. 20 Grove 
Campbell Thos. driver, 39 Liberty al 
Campbell Thos. machinist, 185 L. Constitution 
Campbell Thos. wagoner, 178 Preston 
Campbell Thos. A. clerk, 39 Lee 
Campbell Thos. W. deputy clerk Crim. Ct.and 

Fire Com'r, 39 Lee 
Campbell Wm. lab. 178 Preston 
I Campbell Wm. lab. Homestead 
j Campbell Wm. ( Wm.C. & Son) 108 McCulloh 
Campbell Wm. & Son, ( Wm. and A. Campbell) 

flour brokers, 64 s Gay 
I Campbell Wm. F. attorney, 13 Teackle bldg, dw 

54 St. Paul 
j Campbell Wm. H. lab. 56 Hillman 
! Campbell Wm. L. carp. 212 George 
j Campen Henry C. bookkpr, 264 Light 
' Campen John, fruit and oyster can manuf. and 

oyster and fruit packer, 266 Light, dw 264 
; Campen Mrs. Caroline, 97 s Ann 
! Camper Mrs. Caroline, 67 s Ann 
j Camper John A. coach trimmer, John nr Spring 
Camper Mrs. Mary, millinery, 80 Lexington 
Camper Napoleon, planemkr, 19 Mercer, dw 80 

Camper Thos. J. salesman, 60 s Paca 
Camper Wm. clerk, 80 Lexington 
Campmann Caspar T. tailor, 105 n High 
Canavan James, lab. 11 Sterrett 
Canavan Patrick, lab. 127 n Front 
CANBY, GILPIN & CO. (W.Canby, B.Gilpin, 

T. P. Langdon) wholesale druggists, n w cor 

Light and Lombard 
Canby Mrs. Louisa, tailoress, 303 e Lombard 

No. 61 S. GAY STREET. 

138 CAR 


Canby Samuel, 89 McCuUoh 

Canbj Thos. E. helper, 52 Greenmount av 

Canhy Thomas Y. vice prest. Third Nat. Bank, 

163 Dolphin 
Canbv Wm. (C, Gilpin & Co.) Mt. Washington* 

Baltimore co. 
Canby Wm. S. pressman, 52 Greenmount av 
Canby Wm. T. 89 McCulloh 
Cancio Joseph P. cigar raanf. 262 w Baltimore, 

dw 421 n Calhoun 
Cane Wm. S. steamfitter, 16 Valley 
Canfield A.Y. jr. clerk. 127 n Carey 
CANFIELD, BROTHER k C0:[\'. C. Canfield, 
W.B.Canfidd.T.Welsh)Watche8, Jewel- 
ry, &c., 229 w Baltimore corner 
Canfield Chas. carp. 150 Myrtle av 
Canfield Ira C. (C.,B.& Co.) 43 Cathedral 
Canfield Ira C. jr. clerk, 4 Oliver 
Canfield John, upholsterer, 76 s Broadwav 
Canfield S. Condensed Milk Co.) 

108 n Eutaw 
Canfield S. W. jr. (Canfield's Condensed Milk 

Co.) 108 n Eutaw 
Canfield Wm. B. (C.,B.& Co.)246-=n Charles 
Canfield Wm. B. jr. 246 n Charles 
Canitz Fred, baker, 328 s Bond 
Cann Benj B. clerk, 210 s Sharp 
Cann Geo. E. pa])er carrier, 328 Aisquith 
Cann Geo. H. carp. 326 Aisquith 
Cann James R. printer, 210 s Sharp 
Cann John H. paper carrier, 326 Aisquith 
Cannoles Chas. coachsmith, 546 Harford av 
Cannoles Chas. furn. wagon, 223 Preston 
Cannoles Francis, police, 223 Preston 
Cannoles John W. butter, 223 Preston 
Cannoles Oliver,' furn. wagon, 273 Preston 
Cannoles Patrick, lab. 631 w Pratt 
Cannon Bartine A. type founder, 312 Aisquith 
Cannon Charles, overseer, Druidville 
Cannon Mrs. Charlotta, Druidville 
Cannon Clayton, cashier Traders' Nat. Bank, dw 

Park av and Wilson 
Cannon Geo. B. carp. 312 Aisquith 
Cannon Howard, restaurant, 165 e Baltimore 
Gannon & Hannixman (Isaac B. Cannon, J. H. 
Hannixman) coal and wood, 280 and 282 
Cannon Isaac B. (C.& Hannixman )87 s Strieker 
Cannon Dr. J. G. dentist, 75 n Charles, dw 83 

n Libert}' 
Cannon Mrs. Capt. James, 152 n Schroeder 
Cannon James, blksmith, 45 Stockton 
Cannon John, 263 Park av 
Cannon John, blksmith, Druidville 
Cannon John E. artist, 312 Aisquith 
Cannon Mrs. Laura, confectionery, 263 Park av 
Cannon Louis, weigher, 152 n Schroeder 
Cannon Mrs. Louisa, 96 n CarroUton av 
Cannon Patrick, lab. 130 s Fulton 
Cannon Richard H. pilot, 95 Fort av 
Cannon Thomas J. telegraphist, 199 s Paca 
Cannon Wm. H. carp, and builder, 562 w Bal- 
timore, dw 590 Penna av 
Cannon Wm. S. bricklayer, 12 n Amity 
Canolcs Chas. hackman, 122 e Biddle 
Canoles Thos. hackman, n e cor Bond and Biddle 
Canox Joseph sr. currier, 160 Johnson 
Canox Joseph jr. fireman, 160 Johnson 
Canter Levin, police, 233 Barre 
Canton Congregational Church (Welsh) Toone 
nr Clinton 

Canton Chemical Works, H. L. Brooke, propr. 

cor Boston and Patuxent 
Canton Co's Office, 15 South over Franklin Bk. 

and n w cor Patuxent and Boston, Walter B. 

Brooks, prest. Wm. W. Janney, sec'y and 

Canton Elevator No. 2, 0. Hoblitzell supt.Clin- 

ton and Fifth av 
Canton Gas Works, Clinton nr Second av 
Canton Ferry, P.W.& B.R.R. and B.& O.R.R. 

Co's, Boston and Chesapeake 
Canton Inside Line, P. Heaphy agent, foot of 

Canton John sr. grocery, 6 Carlton 
Canton John jr. lab. 6 Carlton 
Canton Marine Railway, Atlantic wharf foot of 

Canton Martin J. lab. 6 Carlton 
Canton Michael, salesman, 16 Carlton 
Canton M.E. Church, Chesapeake nr Hudson 
Canton Park, Canton av to Hudson, Patuxent 

to East av 
Canton Post Office, Clinton and Boston 
Canton Steam Saw Mill, Hudson adj. Abbott 

Iron Works 
Canton Sugar Refinery, (Eccles, Thoms & Co.) 

Aliceanna and Chester, .office 7 Rialto bldg. 
Canton Terminus"Balto.CityP.R.W., Toone and 

Cantwell James, lab. Chapel nr Chase 
Canty John J. tinner, 144 Mullikin 
Canty Patrick, plasterer, 248 n Ann 
Caper ton James M. 127 w Fayette 
Capiton Geo. moulder, Waverley 
Capler Geo. H. boxmkr, 103 s Caroline 
Cappeau Cecilia, trimmings, 822 w Baltimore 
Cappelen Capt. F. (H. Nelson, Son & C.) 409 e 

Capron Francis B. 40 Mulberry 
Captine Anton, paver, 43 n Chapel 
Carback Chas. A. furn. wagon, 86 McElderry 
Carback David S. \ah. 7 Miller 
Carback Elisha, painter. 63 s Collington av 
Carback Elisha, 267 Druid Hill av 
Carback Geo. R. wagoner, 170 n Caroline 
Carback John C. wagoner, 170 n Caroline 
Carback John T. huckster, 7 Miller 
Carback Wm. lab. 193 n Bond 
Carberry John, barkpr, 104 w Baltimore 
Carberry John butcher, 148 Mullikin 
Carberry Richard, engineer, 148 Mullikin 
Carcasses Angel J. 200 n Arlington av 
Carcaud Chas. L. clerk, 220 Mulberry 
Carcaud Gilbert, carp. 220 Mulberry 
Card Wm. S. sailmkr, 22 Woodyear 
Cardella G. actor, 48 s High 
Cardwell Jackson, bonnet frames, 243 n Gay 
Cardwell Peter, shoemkr, 47 s Liberty 
Carey A.J.& Bro. (Andrew J.andWm. T.Carey) 

horseshoer, 324 n Howard 
Carey A. P. (Olive Dairy) dw 340 Myrtle av 
Carey Alex. G. public weigher, n e cor Lom- 
bard and Frederick, dw 157 Dolphin 
Carey Mrs. Alice, 49 Tyson 
Carey Andrew J.(A.J.C.&Bro.) 49 Tyson 
Carey C.W. 16 n Liberty 
Carey Chas. hackman, 136 s Eutaw 
Carey Edward, carter, 398 s Sharp 
Carey Edward, plumber, 139 Preston 
Carey Geo. G. teacher, 265 n Eutaw 
Carey Geo. Leiper, clerk, 37 McCulloh 
Carey Henry G. grocery, 1 Liberty al 

H0LMR8 & CO., Engineers' and Machinists' Tools and Supplies, 
Packing, Beltin6, Hose, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

O. F. Bresee, G-eneral Agent, American Building. 
CAR 139 CAE 

CAREY HENRY G. com merch. n e cor Lom- 
bard and Frederick, dwLake StationN.C.R.W. 
CAREY JAMES & C0.( Jas. Carey.Chas. Bangs) 

whols. boots and shoes, 266 w Baltimore 
Carey James, (James Carej^& Co. and Thos. K. 

Carey & Co.) 3 miles on Liberty rd 
Carey Mrs. James, 282 Madison av 
Carey James J. plumber, L39 Preston 
Carey Jeremiah H.horseshoer,Park av & Marion 
Carey Jas. jr. attorney, 38 St. Paul, dwBalto co 
Carey John, police, 139 Preston 
Carey John, carp, and builder, 83 Frederick av 
Care3' John A. salesman, 663 w Lombard 
Carey John J. clerk, 150 Division 
Carey Mrs. Mary, tobacconist, 192 Park av 
Carey Michael, lab. 11 Whatcoat 
Carey Michael, carp. 192 Park av 
Carey Patrick, lab. 14 Addison 
Carey Patrick, lab. 28 Byrd 
CAREY PATRICK, plumber and gasfitter, 23 

and 25 n Eutaw, dw 150 Division 
Carey Mrs. Sarah, grocery, 139 Preston 
Carey Thomas, lab. 85 Boyd 
Carey Thomas, police, 261 Park av 
Carey Thomas jr. carp. 101 Cathedral 
Carey Thomas, gardener, 101 Cathedral 
Carey Thomas K. real estate broker, 32 St. Paul, 

dw 663 w Lombard 
Carey Thos. K.(Thos.K.Carey & Co.) 3 miles on 

Libertv rd 
CAREY'THOS. K. & CO. (Thos.K.and James 

Carey) rubber goods, 22 s Charles 
Carey Thos. L prest. Peabody Fire Ins. Co., 

Second adj. PostofRce, dw 37 McCulloh 
Carey Thos. O'R. salesman, 663 w Lombard 
Carey Timothy W. police, s Sharp ext 
Carey Wm. dryman, 18 Maryland av 
Carey Wm. maltster, 71 North 
Carey Wm. T. (A.J.C.& Bro.) 49 Tyson 
Carhart Chas. W. carp. Strieker nr Lanvale 
Carhart Wm. E. caulker, Strieker nr Lanvale 
Cariss Mrs. Samson, 588 Lexington 
Carl August, lab. 3 Baker ct 
Carl Cliarles, cabinetmkr, 81 n Amitv 
Carl Emil E. (Soine & C.) 75 s Paca' 
Carl John, tailor, 207 n Fremont 
Carl John, cabinetmkr, 81 n Amity 
Carl Louis A. clerk, 213 w Townsend 
Carl Wm. cooper, 923 w Pratt 
Carland Thos. grainer, 68 Argyle av 
Carle Ephraim, carp. Mount nr Lexington 
Carle George P. bricklayer, 78 Cross 
Carle Gotfried, beer, 148 Scott 
Carle James, lab. 14 Bartlett 
Carle John C. carp. 67 s High 
Carle John H. foreman, 12 Hill 
CARLILE ALFRED A. gasfitter, 32 Aisquith 
Carlile Mrs. James. H. 32 Aisquith 
Carlile Thos. M. shoemkr, 156 Orleans 
Carlin Bernard, matmkr, 116 Burgundy al 
Carlin Conner, slippermkr, 23 s Central av 
CARLTN & FULTON,(J.F.Carlin,D. C.Fulton, 

J.F.Bradenbaugh) imprs. of hardware, 20 s 

Howard and 24 s Liberty 
Carlin Jas. F. (C.& Pulton) Alexandria, Va. 
Carlin Joseph, collector, 134 McElderry 
Carlin Joseph H. painter, 134 McElderry 
Carlin Matthew, porter, 116 Burgundy al 
Carlin Raphael, clerk, 134 McElderry 
Carlin Thos. lab. 423 Eastern av 
Carling Michael, propr. Black Horse hotel, 63 

Penna av 


Made water-tight, and preserved for vears, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CBMENT aiid 


By increasing the quantity of Gum, we make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which ia nnequaled. All work 
gHarante>-d. A trial is all we ask. Orders solicited 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER & CO.. Sole Manufacturers, 

No. 3 COURTLANB STREET, up stairs. 

Carlisle Amos L. millwright, 750 w Pratt 

Carlisle D. G. 87 n Greene 

Carlisle Frank P. machinist, 750 w Pratt 

Carlisle Geo. salesman, 159 Forrest ^ 

Carlisle Mrs. Jane, grocery, 229 Light 

Carlisle John, lab. 229 Light 

Carlisle Jos. overseer, 136 Cross 

Carlisle Mrs. M. L. seamstress, 197 Saratoga 

Carlisle Mrs. Mary, 40 Patterson av 

Carlisle Patrick, ferryman, 229 Light 

Carlisle Mrs. Sarah A. boarding, 159 Forrest 

Carlisle Mrs. Urath C. 68 n Greene 

Carlisle Wm. salesman, 40 Patterson av 

Carlisle Wm. H. police, 56 n Central av 

Carll Henry, shoemkr, 49 Scott 

Carlon Frank, clerk to Reg. of Wills, McMechin 

nr Division 
Carlos John, police, 338 McDonogh 
Carlos Michael W. lab. 22 Eastern av 
Carlos Wm. lab. 22 Eastern av 
Carlton Oliver, plasterer, 390 e Madison 
Carlyle Henry W. stairbldr, cor Clinton av and 

Chesnut al, dw 58j George 
Carmack Hanson, 324 Lafayette av 
Carmack Theo. 324 Lafayette av 
Carman Geo. clerk, 439 Cross 
Carman Geo. H.(Shipley &C.)235 Maryland av 
Carman Jos. D. boilermkr, 168 Hanover 
Carman Mary F. hairdresser, 184 Madison av 
Carman Thos. J. boilermkr, 169 Preston 
Carmen Michael, driver, 397 Aliceanna 
Carmelite Convent, cor Biddle and Caroline 
Carmer James W.(Boykin,Carmer& Oo.) 182 n 

Arlington av 
Carmichael Jas. shoemkr, 182 Linden av 
Carmichael Jessie, milliner, 82 s Caroline 
Carmichael Melville W. clerk, Penna av ext 
Carmichael Mrs. Sallie, 145 Hanover 
Carmichael Thos. E. butcher, Penna av ext 
Carmichael Thos. H. 54 Granby 
Carmichael Wm. butcher, 30 Centre, 80 Lexington 

and 76 Hanover Mkts, dw Penna av ext 
Carmine Chas. G. plumber and stoves, 58 n 

Howard, dw Catonsville 
Carmine Eleanore, seamstress, 308 e Baltimore 
Carmine F. H. & Co. (F.H. Carmine) oyster and 

fruit packers, 95 Thames 
Carmine Francis H.(F.H.C.& Co.) 152 s Ann 
Carmine Geo. W. clerk, 417 w Pratt 
Carmine & Griffith, (James Carmine, Elias Grif- 
fith) upholsterers, 1G8 Dover 
Carmine James, (C.& Griffith) 417 w Pratt 
Carmine James, carp. 417 w Pratt 
Carmine James D. metermkr, 242 n Wolfe 
Carmine James L. packer, 109 n Broadway 
Carmine Jos. C. blksmith, 327 e Madison 
Carmine Josiah M. shoemkr, 327 e Madison 
Carmine Thos. H. oyster packer, 59 Laurens 
Carmine Thos. J. painter, 67 Battery av 
Carmine Wm. J. metermkr, 242 n Wolfe 


No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 





Carmodv John, porter, 92 McKim 

Carmody Michael, lab. 118 e Mouument 

Carmodv Paik. tobacconist, 33 Greenmount av 

Carnan Thos. pajierhanger, 240 n Wolfe 

Carnans Geo. H. bag. master, Three Tuns hotel 

Carneal Geo. bricklayer, 39 Clarke 

Carneal John G. bricklayer, 68 Woodyear 

Carnes Edwin J. engineer, 214 Bank 

Carnes -John, bacon, 318 e Chase 

Carnes John, lab. Mount Vernon 

Carnes Patrick, 191 L. Constitution 

Carnes Mrs. Susan R. 168 n Strieker 

Carnes Wm. canmkr, 214 Bank 

Carney Chas. W. police, 27 Etting 

Carney Geo. E. store, Sweet Air 

Carney James, lab. 297 Columbia 

Carney James, machinist, 373 Hamburg 

Carney John, watchman, 16 Fort av 

Carney John, lab. 358 s Charles 

Carney John, lab. 57 York 

Carney Luke, lab. 16 Buren 

Carney Michael, lab. 16 Buren 

Carney Nicholas, lab. 50 Preston 

Carney Patrick, lab. 55 Leadenhall 

Carnev Pevton, brakeman, Ramsay nr Calhoun 

Carney Philip, lab. 14 Bartlett 

Carney Thos. J. clerk, 87 Fraiiklin 

Cams" Alex. G.W. salesman, 686 w Fayette 

Caro Harris, cabinetmkr, 5 Bartlett 


Jas. B. Andrews, agt. 33 German 
Caroline St. (M. E.) Church, 7 s Caroline 
Carpenter Alva, salesman, 9 n Mount 
Carpenter Chas. A. carp. 81 Peirce 
Carpenter Edward N. bookkpr, 226 n Bond 
Carpenter F. J. weaver, 26 Columbia 
CarpenterGeo. asst.insp. tobacco warehouse,No. 4 
Carpenter Geo. C. clerk, 296 n Eden 
Carpenter Geo. H. sample tryer, 88 Hanover 
Carpenter J. V. weaver, 26 Columbia 
Carpenter John, upholsterers' trimmings, 88 s 

Eutaw, dw 26 Columbia 
Carpenter John E. insp'r State Tobacco Ware- 
house No. 4, dw 88 Hanover 
Carpenter Rev. Lucien B. 122 n E.xeter 
Carpenter Wm. H. asst. editor Sun, Balto co 
Carpenter Wm. H. blksmith, 106 L. Greene 
Carpenter Wm.N. sexton Charles-st M.E. Church, 

dw 296 n Eden 
Carpenter Wm. R. machinist, 296 n Eden 
Carper Mrs. Eliza, china, 689 w Baltimore 
Carper Lewis E. moulder, 689 w Baltimore 
Carper M. G. med. student, 264 w Fayette 
Carper Mazarine J. shoefitter, 689 w Baltimore 
Carr Ale.x. R. police, 106 s E.xeter 
Carr Alfred J. attorney, 31 Le.xington, dw 22 s 

Carr Andrew, lab. 5 Albemarle 
Carr Mrs. Annie E. seamstress, 17 n Schroeder 
Carr Beuj. M. roller coverer, Hampden 
Carr Bros, k Co. (John B., John W. and Jos. 

N. Carr) wholes, druggists, chemicals, &c. 26 

German, 3d door w of Light 
Carr Charles E. F. clerk, 151 Orleans 
Carr Chever, clerk, 219 n CarroUton av 
Carr Dabney J., Cathedral and Howard 
Carr Edward, brassfinisher, 25 Ensor 
Carr Edward J. clerk, 100 n Howard 
Carr Ellen, grocery. 220 s Caroline 
Carr Francis, moulder, 240 Columbia 
Carr Francis II. currier, 7 Monroe 
Carr George, blksmith, 3 Henrietta 

Carr George, fireman, 11 Fall 

Carr G.Wm. H. clerk, 117 s Sharp 

Carr Geo. W. conductor, Division nr Clifton 

Carr Greenbury, moulder, 66 Cross 

Carr Harry, bookkpr, 315 n Strieker 

Carr & Hecht (Wm.Carr, Robt.Hecht) shipping 

office, 194 s Regester 
Carr Henry, tailor, 2 s Broadway 
Carr J. Harry, salesman, 18 Argyle av 
Carr James, boots and shoes, 100 n Howard 
Carr James, lab. 7 Mulberry 
Carr James E. jr. law student, 252 Linden av 
Carr James E. real estate agent, 252 Linden av 
Carr Jefferson R., Cathedral and Howard 
Carr John, boilermkr, 249 William 
Carr John, stonemason, 29 e Eager 
Carr John, collector, 184 Johnson 
Carr John, brassfinisher, 11 Hillen 
Carr John, blksmith, 162 Park av 
Carr John, lab. Point la nr city limits 
Carr John sr. mariner, 151 Orleans 
Carr John jr. lab. 151 Orleans 
Carr John B.(C. Bros.& Co.) 219 n CarroUton av 
Carr John E.tin and sheet iron worker, 197 Light 
Carr John W. clerk, 86 McElderry 
Carr JohnW.(C.Bros.& Co.) 219 n CarroUton av 
Carr Joseph H. salesman, 18 Argyle av 
Carr Joseph N. (C. Bros.&Co. )219 n CarroUton av 
Carr Lewis A. clerk, 276 Lexington 
Carr Nicholas J. brakeman, 297 North 
Carr Patrick M. hostler, 7 Pleasant 
Carr Peter, lab. 36 Slemraer al 
Carr R. H. pres't Maryland Protective Union, 

15 St. Paul, dw 89 
Carr Ross, machinist, 240 Columbia 
Carr Roseby, clerk, 307 HoUins 
Carr Samuel, driver, 45 s Dewberry al 
Carr Samuel, brassfinisher, 129 n Bond 
Carr Samuel J. 219 n CarroUton av 
Carr Thomas, 263 n Central av 
Carr Thomas, constable, 192 Aisquith 
Carr Thomas, machinist, 126 Montgomery 
Carr Virgil 0. gardener, 73 Harford av 
Carr Wesley, lab. 18 Hull 
Carr Wm. lab. 113 St. Paul 
Carr Wm. {C.& Hecht) 251 Aliceanna 
Carr Wm. lab. 95 s Castle 
Carr Wm. E. radse. broker, 86 w Lombard, dw 

252 Linden av 
Carr W. Sanders ( W.S.C.& Co.) 278 n Strieker 
Carr Wm. C. N. dep. state's attorney, 14 Teackle 

bldg, dw Cathedral and Howard 
Carr W. S. & Co. ( W. S. Carr) manuf rs under- 
takers' trimmings and hardware, 312 w Pratt 
Carraher John, lab, 22 Neighbor 
Carre Abraham, gardener, 106 s Caroline 
Carre Edward, sashmkr, 106 s Caroline 
Carre John, lab. 106 s Caroline 
Carre Wm. stevedore, 69 s Caroline 
Carrick Andrew, constable, 169 Sarah Ann 
Carrick Benj. machinist, 67 e Biddle 
Carrick Charles, clerk, 129 Scott 
Carrick Edward W. carp. 75 w Biddle 
Carrick James (Jas.C.& Co.) Edmondson av and 

CARRICK JAMES & CO. (Jas. Carrick, W.A. 

Barry) coal and wood, 4 n Greene, 114 Barre 

and 2 Bolton depot 
Carrick James L. stonemason, 97 Patterson av 
Carrick Mrs. Lucretia, 423 w Lombard 
Carrick Thomas J. machinist, 129 Scott 
Carrick Mrs. Virginia, confec'y, 469 e Fayette 

Wm. Wirt Clarke, Irnp'd Cements for all kinds Ornamental work, 
No. 61 S. GAY STREET. 

Largest Life Ins. Co. in theWorld, O.F.Bresee, G-en. Agt. 
CAK 141 CAR ^ 

Carrick Wm. stonemason, 55 Union 
Carrick Wm. I. police, 469 e Fayette 
Carriere Charles jr. baker, 312 n Bond 
Carrigan Charles, tinner, 52 Henrietta 
Carrigan George, shoemkr, 52 Henrietta 
Carrigan James, 283 n Gilmor 
Carrigan James jr. plumber, 283 n Gilmor 
Carrigan Michael, lab. 184 Dover 
Carrigan Patrick, driver, 249 Forrest 
Carrigan Thomas, lab. 241 Forrest 
Carrigan Thomas, lab. HoUidav and Centre 
rington) prop'rs Farmlands dairy, 89 Bolton 
and 21 Mulberry 
Carrington Eugene (C.&Co.) Catonsville 
Carrington Mrs. Mary H. 129 Lanvale 
Carrington W. P. clerk, 129 Lanvale 
Carris John, carp. 173 n Caroline 
CARROLL, ADAMS & CO. (J. Carroll, J. Q. 
.Adams, J. F. Staub) boots, shoes, &c. wholes. 
318 w Baltimore 
Carroll Albert, machinist, Bruce nr McHenry 
Carroll Albert H. supt. Mt. Vernon mills, Ever- 
green nr Mt. Vernon factory 
Carroll Andrew, lab. 558 w Lombard 
Carroll Mrs. Ann, grocery, 167 HoUins 
Carroll Aquilla M. (West & C.) 54 n Fulton 
Carroll Mrs. Catherine, 15 Madeira al 
Carroll Chas. shoemkr, 551 w Lombard 
Carroll Chas. dep. warden city Jail, 114 n Exeter 
CARROLL CHAS. A. 106 St. Paul 
Carroll Chas. F. bookkpr, 188 n Carrollton av 
Carroll Chas. M. musician, 259 n Caroline 
Carroll Chas. Tucker, 42 Franklin 
Carroll Cynthia, grocery, York rd nr Brown 
CARROLL Rev. D. H. agent book depository 
M. E. Church, 168 w Baltimore, dw 265 w 
Carroll Daniel, puddler, 115 Cooksie 
Carroll David, Mount Vernon mills 
Carroll Mrs. Delia, nurse, 109 Druid Hill av 
Carroll Edward F. clerk, 287 e Monument 
Carroll Edward F. clerk, 205 Dolphin 
Carroll Mrs. Elizabeth, 320 Park av 
Carroll Geo. J. stonecutter, 13 w Lombard, dw 

24 s High 
Carroll Geo. W. huckster, 118 William 
Carroll Gregory, police, 64 n Dallas 
CARROLL HARRY D. G. 90 w Monument 
Carroll Harry D. G. jr. 107 w Monument 
Carroll Henry, lab. 37 Willow 
Carroll H. P. cooper, 261 n Strieker 
Carroll J. Bond & Bro. (J. B. & S. S. Carroll) 

brushmkrs, 11 n Howard 
Carroll James, salesman, 78 McKim 
Carroll James, (Barrett & C.) 893 w Pratt 
Carroll James, lab. 27 Woody ear 
Carroll James, 107 w Monument 
Carroll James, (C, Adams & Co.) 188 n Carroll- 
ton av 
Carroll James, 257 n Charles 
Carroll Jacob, shipcarp. 77 w Biddle 
Carroll James A. cigarmanufr, 247 George 
Carroll James H. police, 100 Chew 
Carroll James L ropemkr, 422 e Madison 
Carroll James J. marble works, 13 w Lombard, 

dw 35 n Eden 
CaflroU John, blksmith, 20 Willow 
Carroll John, ropemkr, 186 n Central av 
Carroll John, police, 33 s Strieker 
Carroll John, stonecutter, 167 HoUins 
Carroll John A. clerk, 261 n Strieker 


Made water-tight, and preperved for years, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMENT aud 


By increasing the gvantity of Own, we make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which is uutqualed. All work 
guaranteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders solicited 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER & CO., Sole Manufacturers, 

No. 3 COUKTLAND STREET, up stairs. 

Carroll John B. & Son, (John B. and Stephen 

C. Carroll) ropemkrs, 590 Harford av 
Carroll John B. (J.B.C.&Son) 590 Harford av 
Carroll John B. (J.BondC.&Bro.) 89 s Caroline 
Carroll John B. cooper, 84 e Pratt 
Carroll John B. tailor, 395 Scott 
Carroll John F. printer, 85 n Front 
Carroll John K. cooper, 27 Commerce, and Judge 

Orphans Court, dw 84 e Pratt 

Carroll John N., Charles and Hoffman 

Carroll John R., Bran nock & Co. (J.R.Carroll, 

John H.Brannock, Wm. F.Carroll) ship yard 

and mar. railwav, s side of Basin nr city yard 

Carroll John R. (J.R.C., Brannock & Co.) 102 

Battery av 
Carroll John W. ropemkr, 11 Byrd 
Carroll Joseph, 159 n Caroline 
Carroll Joseph F. 239 St Paul 
Carroll Larkin, lab. 600 n Carey 
Carroll Lewis F. ropemkr, Point la nr Aisquith 
Carroll Margaret, grocery, 164 s Central av 
Carroll Mrs. Mary, 2 Scott 
Carroll Martin, cooper, 84 e Pratt 
Carroll Mrs. Mary, notions, 80 u Fremont 
Carroll Michael, tinner, 402 Orleans 
Carroll Michael, hackman, 237 n Bond 
Carroll Moses, carter, 169 s Dallas 
Carroll Patrick, shoemkr, 167 Hollins 
Carroll Patrick B. 40 n Exeter 
Carroll Pierce, lab. 66 Perry 
Carroll Robt. B. tinner, 204 e Madison 
Carroll Robert V. joiner, 102 Battery av 
' Carroll S. John, 205 Dolphin 
Carroll Samuel S. (Mayer, Carroll & Co.)37Mt. 

Vernon pi 
Carroll Mrs. Sarah, 85 Chesnut 
Carroll SinclairS.(J.BondC.&Bro.)664Saratoga 
Carroll Stephen C. (John B.C. & Son) 590 Har- 
ford av 
Carroll Thomas, lab. 278 w Biddle 
Carroll Thomas, shoemkr, 182 n Front 
Carroll Thomas, clerk, 15 Penn 
Carroll Thomas B. cooper, 186 n Central av 
Carroll Thomas C. boilermkr, 287 Light 
CARROLL THOMAS G. wholesale wines and 

liquors, 370 w Baltimore, dw 239 St Paul 
Carroll Thomas G. cashier, 527 w Fayette 
Carroll Timothy, real estate agt. 656 w Fayette 
Carroll Wm. blksmith, 297 Hanover 
Carroll Wm. blksmith, Bruce nr McHenry 
Carroll Wm. A. lab. 123 Fort av 
Carroll Wm. C. salesman, 272 Hollins 
Ca^oU Wm. F. (J.R.C., Brannock & Co.) 309 

Carroll Rev. Wm. H. vice prest. Loyola college 
Carroll Dr. Wm. K., Woodberry 
Carroll Wm. J. (Vickery & C.) 55 n Front 
CarrroU Wm. L. sanitary inspector, Board of 

Health, 216 Forrest 
CARROLL W^M. S. attorney, over 24 n Charles, 
dw 374 Madison av 

MARBLE CEMENT, (susceptible of the Highest Polish,) 
For Columns, and for Churcli and Vestibule Work. 





CARROLTON HOTEL, Col. R. B. Coleman 

& Co. prbpr's, Light, Baltimore and German 

Carrollton Stables, Geo. Kinnier jr. proprietor, 

126 n Howard 
Carruthers Chas. J. (C.&Son) 46 Park av 
Carruthers Dr. Geo. W. dentist, 46 Park av 
Carruthers John S. (C. & Son) 46 Park av 
Carruthers Richard, plumber and gasfitter, 885 

w Baltimore 
Carruthers & Son (John S. and Charles J. Car- 
ruthers) plumbers and gasfitters, 46 Park av 
Carson August, cigarmkr, 213 Gough 
Carson & Bevan ( W. M. Carson, H. C. Bevan) 

attorneys, 49 Lexington 
CARSON & CO. (D.Carson) lumber, 72 wBiddle 
Carson Chas, L. (Dix & Carson) 480 Madison av 
Carson David, brickmkr, 8 Bartlett 
Carson David, lab. 336 s Sharp 
Carson David, cooper, 9 Woodward 
Carson David (C. & Co. and pres't Baltimore 
Brick Co. )carpenterand builder, 46 Josephine, 
dw 330 Lexington 
Carson Elijali, brickmkr, 40 Wj^eth 
Carson Mrs. Elizabeth, Sweet Air 
Carson Geo. lab. 118 St. Peter 
Carson Geo. lab. Sweet Air 
Carson H. W. confectionery, 213 Gough 
CARSON JOHN, attorney, 65 w Fayette, dw 792 

Madison av ext 
Carson Joseph, cigarmkr, 249 Lee 
Carson Joshua, builder, 480 Franklin 
Carson Peter, confectionery, 213 Gough 
J.A.Richardson, T. E. Carson) wholesale gro- 
cers, s w cor Calvert and Lombard 
Carson Mrs. S. J. 194 Mosher 
Carson S. Rowland, com.mercht.52 s Frederick, 

dw Port Dei)Osit 
Carson Thos. varnisher, 62 n Holliday 
Carson Thos. E. carp. 480 Franklin 
Carson Thos. E. (C, Richardson & Co.) Balti- 
more CO 
Carson W. D. brickmkr, 40 Wyeth 
Carson W. K. (C, Richardson & Co) 164 Mc- 

CARSON WM. coal and wood, 5 n Carrollton 

av and 4 Bolton Depot, dw 29 s Calhoun 
Carson Wm. K. jr. clerk, 3 s Strieker 
Carson Wm. M. (C.& Bevan) 164 McCuUoh 
Carson Wm. T. clerk, 330 Lexington 
Carson Wm. T. brickmkr, 287 Columbia 
Carstens John H. carp. 49 s Gilmor 
Carstens John H. F. carp. 49 s Gilmor 
Carswell John S., Homestead, Harford rd 
Carswell Lockhart S. (C. & Sons) Homestead 
Ctirswell Robt.S.(C.&Sons) Homestead Heights, 

Harford rd 
CARSWELL & SONS (R.S.and L. S. Carswell) 
Rising Sun Oil Works, North nr Eager, and 
First av and Fifth 
Car ten Mrs. Margaret, laund. 37 Lemmon 
Carter A. Robert, ins, agent, 329 Caroline 
Carter Alex. carp. 152 Aisquith 
Carter Alex. M. cashier Third National Bank, 354 

Park av 
Carter Mrs. Ann, 287 Canton av 
Carter Anthony, chemist, Hull nr Fort av 
Carter Arthur, lal). 283 Cross 
CARTER BEJiNARD, attorney, Teackle bldg, 

dw 376 Eutaw pi 
Carter Beuj. S. shoemkr. Hampden 
Carter Chas. foreman, 191 n Exeter 

Carter Chas. W. clerk, 241 Penna av 

Carter Dr. C. Shirley, 68 Franklin 

Carter Desmus J. bricklayer, 324 n Eden 

Carter Durus, builder, 298 e Chase 

Carter Edw. lab. 234 s Sharp 

Carter Edw. F. lab. 33 Covington 

Carter Edw. F., Evening News oflBce, dw 64 w 

Carter Edwin A. fisherman, 6 Williamson al 
Carter Edwin T. grocery, 61 Camden, dw 94 

Carter Ellavius J. carp. 152 Aisquith 
Carter Mrs. Ellen, oysters, 142 Preston 
Carter Mrs. Ellen M. millinery, 241 Penna av 
Carter Frank, 25 Watson 
Carter Geo. H. canmkr, Rising Sun hotel 
Carter Geo. R. leaf tobacco, 52 Centre Market 

sq, dw Waverley 
Carter Granville, collector, Farmers and Planters 

Carter H. R. med. student, 189 w Lombard 
Carter Hannah, baker, 58 s Chapel 
Carter Harold H.(Sheppard & Co. )64 w Hoffman 
Carter Henry L. cooper, 1 Laloup 
Carter Henry M. carp. and builder, 129 n Eutaw 
Carter Hiram, mariner, 41 n Bond 
Carter Hiram, salesman, 359 Mulberry- 
Carter Irvin, bricklayer, Hampden 
Carter Isaac T. police, 310 n Bond 
Carter Re v. J. P. clerk Naval oflfice,385 w Fayette 
Carter J. Wesley, clerk, 55 n Gilmor 
Carter J. Wesley, clerk, 24 n Gilmor 
Carter James, jjapercarrier, 360 Penna av 
Carter James, lab. lis Calhoun 
Carter James, clerk, 21 McCleary ct 
Carter James H, bricklayer, 277 Hanover 
Carter Dr. James M. 385 w Fayette 
Carter John F. dep. ward. City Jail,'277 Hanover 
Carter John F. bricklayer, 97 Patterson av 
Carter John F. jr. lab. 277 Hanover 
Carter John H. carp. 97 Patterson av 
Garter John H. jr. agent, 91 n Amity 
Carter John M, packer C. H. 37 Garden 
Carter John M. attorney, 40 St. Paul 
Carter John P. bookkpr, 73 e Baltimore 
Carter John S. 655 w Fayette 
Carter John T. lab. 21 McLeary ct 
Carter Joseph, grinder, Woodberry 
Carter Joseph, canmkr, 211 Battery av 
Carter Joseph, cooper, 6 Williamson al 
Carter Laura A. notions, 94 Columbia 
Carter Lorenzo, bricklayer, 27 Brune 
Carter Mrs. Margaret, laund. 154 s Charles 
Carter Mrs. Olivia, boarding, 88 Hanover 
Carter Oscar C. clerk, 27 n Liberty 
Carter Presley, plasterer, 412 e Madison 
Carter Mrs. Rebecca, 58 s Chapel 
Carter Richard P. lab. 37 Garden 
Carter Robert, clerk, 112 s High 
Carter Robert D. quarryman, 671 Penna av 
Carter Thos. quarryman, 671 Penna av 
Carter Thos. carp. 75 Parkin 
Carter Thos. B. leaf tobacco, 58 s Frederick dw 

589 Lexington 
Carter Thos. H. collector, 154 e Baltimore 
Carter Thos. H. huckster, 359 Mulberry 
Carter Thos. L. salesman, 246 w Fayette 
Carter Mrs. W. A. vestmkr, 162 n Bethel 
Carter Wm. brakeman, 651 Light 
Carter Wm. H. carp. 128 n Pine 
Carter Wm. H. bricklayer, 178 s Paca 
Carter Wm. H. sailmkr, 419 n Strieker 

HOLMES & CO., Engineers' and Machinists' Tools and Supplies, 
Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

Assets, $85,000,000.00. O. F. Bresee, G-enl Agt. 
*~ CAR ~- 143 CAS 

Carter Wm. H. 359 Mulberry 
Carter Wm. J. painter, 50 n Bond 
Carter Wm. J. job printer, T5 w Fayette,dw 285 
Carter Wni. R. printer, 394 e Chase 
Carter Wm. S. B. clerk, 329 n Caroline 
Carter Wm. W. accountant, bookkpr and real 
estate agency, 65 w Fayette,dw 214 w Hoffman 
Cartey Mrs. Tabitha H. 78 Hamburg 
Carthan Wm. lab. 50 Jefferson 
Cartz John, tailor, 62 Harford av 
Carusi Samuel, 6 Waverley terrace 
Carvel Harriet, 343 e Monument 
Carver B. H. shoemkr, 2 Bartlett 
Carver D. Monroe, bookbinder, 399 Franklin 
Carver Francis T.(Fairchild & Co.)323 n Broad- 
Carver W'm. V. bricklayer, 178 Mulberry 
Carwell John, driver, 244 n Front 
Cary Benj. A. furniture, 284 n Central av 
Cary Chas. J. bookkpr, 353 Mulberry 
CARY k CO. (Syd.C.and Jno.B. Cary )coal and 
woodjl n Charles, n w cor Cathedral and Bid- 
die and s w cor West Falls and Eastern avs 
Cary E. (E. Cary & Bro.) 2 n Greene 
Cary E. & Bro. (E. and F. Cary) vinegar, 2 n 

Cary F. (E. Cary & Bro.) 2 n Greene 
Cary John B. (C. & Co.) 211 Maryland av 
Cary Syd. (C. & Co.) 197 n Charles 
Cary Wilson M.atty.4lSt.Paul,dw 197 n Charles 
Cary Wm. lab. 101 s Caroline 
Casby Andrew, lab. 15 Hillman 
Case John W. dairyman, 118 Cross 
Casey Andrew, coachman, 99 Park av 
Casey Dennis, lab. 404 Hanover 
Casey Edwin, crackers, 43 and 45 HoUins and 

1 Hanover Markets, dw 84 Hillen 
Casey Mrs. Ellen, 84 u Front 
Casey James, barkpr, 4 Centre Market sp 
Casey James, lab. 221 Boston 
Casey James, lab. 16 s Bethel • 

Casey James F. harness, 290 n Howard 
Casey James W\ carp. 72 s Collington av 
Casey Jeremiah, lab. 161 n Front 
Casey John, lab. 14 s Durham 
Casey John, oyster packer, 183 Chesnut,dw 185 
Casey Joseph, lab. 17 Cambridge 
Casey Lawrence, miner, Homestead 
Casey Michael J. police, 159 n High 
Casey Patrick, hostler, 146 Cathedral 
Casey Patrick, shoemkr, 208 e Lombard 
Casey Patrick, lab. 126 s Chapel 
Casey Patrick, lab. 404 Hanover 
Casey Peter, lab. 404 lianover 
Casey Thos. engineer, Mt. Vernon hotel, dw 68 

Casey Wm. J. carp.. 213 n Front 
Gash John H. gilder, 95 Leadenhall 
Cash Oliver W. carp, and builder, Cumberland 

nr Gilmor 
Cashmyer Bartley. lab. 216 Division 
Cashmyer Chas. A. liquors, 155 e Baltimore 
Cashmyer Edward J. (E.J.C. & Bro.)155 e Bal- 
Cashmyer Edward J. & Bro. (E.J. and P. Cash- 
myer, ) feed, 1 s Central av 
Cashmyer Frank, lab. 105 n Chapel 
Cashmyer Henry, 137 Bank 
Cashmyer Jeremiah, lab. 24 Etting 
Cashmyer Michael, lab. 272 Division 
Cashmyer Philip( E.J.C. & Bro.)155 e Baltimore 
Cashmyer Wm. carp. 439 e Fayette 


Made water-tight, and preserved for years, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CKMENT and 


By increasing the quantity of Gv7ri,\vv make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which is uuequaled. All work 
guaranteed. A trial is all we a^k. Orders solicited 
for new felt roofs; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER & CO., Sole Manufacturers, 

^o, 3 COUKTLAKD bTKEKT, up stairs. 

Cashniyer Wm. H. carp. 155 e Baltimore 
Cashow Alex, restaurant, 73 w Baltimore 
Caskey Mrs. Anne, boarding, 188 s Eutaw 
Caskey Geo. W. boilermkr, 134 Hamburg 
Caskey John W. shipcarp. 133 William 
Caskey Joseph, carp. 137 Mosher 
Caskey Joseph, clerk, 170 George 
Caskey Joseph, carp. 96 Hamburg 
Caskey Mrs. Mary, grocery, 134 Hamburg 
Caskey Robert, stairbuilder, 200 n Fremont 
Caskey Samuel H. boilermkr, 134 Hamburg 
Caskey Solomon J. moulder, 7 Abey al 
Cason John H. carp. Waverley 
CASPARI CHARLES, Jr. apothecary, n w cor 

Fremont and Baltimore, dw 126 Argyle av 
Caspar! Frank C. shoemkr, 62 King 
Caspari Frederick, tailor, 8 Jew al 
Caspari Fredk. H. teacher, 292 Argyle av 
Caspari Theodore, agent, 14 n Poppleton 
Caspari Wm. apothecary, cor Fremont and Pat- 
terson av 
Caspari Wm. jr. clerk, Patterson av and Fremont 
Casper Louis, druggist, 52 e Lombard 
Casper Mrs. Sarah, midwife, 52 e Lombard 
Cassady Annie, teacher, 290 w Lanvale 
Cassady Mrs. Mary, 290 w Lanvale 
Cassady John, carp. 46 Milliman 
Cassaday Virginia, teacher, 290 w Lanvale 
CASSARD F. W. treasr. P.O. 443 Madison av 
Cassard Frank, clerk, 165 Lanvale 
Cassard Mrs. Geo. C, Charles-st ext 

Cassard, John Cassard, Herbert 
Cassard, Hamilton Cassard,) Pro- 
vision Merchants and Lard Ee- 
finers, Oflace 61 South street, Ee- 
finery 210 and 212 e Fa yette. 

Cassard Geo. broker, 91 w Lombard, dw 165 w 

Cassard Gilbert, bookkpr, 443 Madison av 

CASSAED G. & SON, (Louis, Jesse 
L. and Louis Cassard, jr.) Pork 
Packers, Ham Cuvers and Dealers 
in Provisions, Manufacturers of 
Eeflned Lard and Lard Oil, Nos. 
407 and 409 West Baltimore-st. 

Hamilton (C.,Bros. & Co.)Baltimoreco 
Cassard Harry L. clerk, Charles-st av ext 
Cassard Herbert (C.,Bros. & Co.) Baltimore co 
Cassard Howard, clerk, 409 w Baltimore 
Cassard James D.(Loney & Co. )Beltsville,Prince 

George co 
Cassard Jesse L. (G.C. & Son) 440 Madison av 


No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 


iailRESEE &. SONS- L 1 FET. FIR E S isi d WA R1 N E 






Cassard John (C.,Bros. & Co.) 377 Madison av 
Gassard Louis (G.C. & Son) Charles-st av ext 
Cassard Louis R. clerk, 341 Madison av 
Cassard Louis jr. (G.C. & Son)Charles-st avext 
Cassard Samuel S. salesman, 443 Madison av 
Cassard Thos. (C.,Bros. & Co.) Baltimore co 
Cassard W. L. clerk, Charles-st av ext 
Cassedy Albert, clerk, 54 Spring row 
Cassell Chas. C. printer, 298 Greenmount av 
CASSELL CHARLES E. architect and civil 
engineer, s w cor Lexington and Charles, dw 
355 Park av 
Cassell Chas. PL painter, 34 George 
Cassell Edwin H. painter, 441 n Fremont 
Cassell Geo. R. bricklayer, 67 s Strieker 
Cassell Henry P. bricklayer, 272 Mulberry 
Cassell Jacob H. clerk, 490 Franklin 
Cassell John S., U. S. storekeeper, 3d district, 

over Custom house, (fw 490 Franklin 
Cassell John S. civil engineer, Druid Hill Park, 

dw 220 Madison av 
Cassell Robert, lab. 21 Byrd 
Cassell Samuel C. collector, 220 Madison av 
Cassell Thomas D. painter, 223 n Fremont 
Cassell Wm. G. bricklayer, 160 Ramsay 
Cassell Wm. H. painter, 272 Mulberry 
CASSELL WM. H. supt. Park police, Druid 

Hill Park, dw 220 Madison av 
Cassell Wm. L. lab. 21 Byrd 
Cassidy Bernard, 29 Forrest pi 
Cassidy Chas. B. clerk, 29 Forrest pi 
Cassidy Dennis, lab.. Fort av and Byrd 
Cassidy Edw. blksraith, 69 e Lombard 
Cassidy Edw. lab. 129 Hudson 
Cassidy Mrs. Elizabeth, 144 n Eutaw 
CASSIDY FRANCIS, grocery and feed, nw cor 
Greenmount av and Monument, dw 6 Green- 
mount av 
Cassidy Francis, clerk, 323 n Caroline 
Cassidy Frank, lab. 28 Willow 
Cassidy Frank, clerk, 323 n Caroline 
Cassidy Geo. propr. Geekie's saloon, 123 w Bal- 
timore, dw 286 Mulberry 
Cassidy James, grocery, s e cor Fort av and Byrd 
Cassidy Jas. boots and shoes, 33 w Pratt, dw 21 

n Front 
Cassidy Jas. screwman, 435 "w Lombard 
Cassidy John, conductor, 341 Penna av 
Cassidy John, clerk, 4 Greenmount av 
Cassidy John, lab. 69 e Lombard 
Cassidy John, huckster, 31 Randall 
Cassidy John, driver, 21 Mullikin 
Cassidy John, horseshoer, 269 Parkav 
Cassidy John jr. tinner, 69 e Lombard 
Cassidy Luke, stonemason, 210 Forrest 
Cassidy Luke,grocery, Harford av and Madison 
Cassidy Martin, liquors, Ilillen and Exeter, dw 

179 n Exeter 
Cassidy Mrs. Mary, 21 Mullikin 
Cassidy Mrs.Mary,tavern, Dallas and Aliceanna 
Cassidy Owen, 286 Mulberry 
Cassidy Patrick, plasterer, 57 Valley 
Cassidy Patrick, Loyola College 
Cassidy Thos. porter, 69 e Lombard 
Cassidy Thos. lab. 5 e Monument 
Cassidy Thos.F. clerk, 179 n Exeter 
Ca.ssidy Wm.II.puddler, 4j Binney 
Ca.ssilly Jas. watchman, 67^ s Central av 
Cassin John H. clerk, 188 n Calvert 
Castauer P., Bank and Patterson Park av 
Castelberg Henry, clerk, 19 s High 
Castelberg Jacob, loan office, 1 n High, dw 19 s 

Casten Chas. shoerakr, 108 e Lombard 
Castine Wm. cigarmkr, 2 n High 
Castle Thos.M.shoemkr, 94 Richmond 
Castle Wm. grocery, Howard and Madison 
Castro Manuel de, Spanish vice consul, over 42 

Second, dw 42 Pleasant 
Castro Salvador, 201 Maryland av 
Caswell Florence, 40 Hampstead 
Caswell shipcarp. 684 Light 
Caswell Robt.B. jr. shipcarp. 80 Fort av 
GATE AMiMON, lumber yard and planing mill, 

n e cor East Falls av and Fawn,dw243 nCharles 
Catez John B. painter, 241 n Central av 

Insurance Agent and Broker, 16 
^econd, dw 51^ S. Broadway. 

Cathcart Edgar S. clerk, Druid Hill av ext 
Cathcart Geo. cabinetmkr, 90 Hill 
Cathcart Henry, sew. machines, 188 Penna av 
Cathcart John W. clerk C.H. 24 Jackson sq av 
Cathcart Jos. W.supt. Olive dairy, 146 Pennaav 
Cathcart Mrs. Mary, dressmkr,'^188 Penna av 
Cathcart R.& W.H. block and pump makers,and 
Cathcart Robt. (R.& W.H.C.) 51JsBroadway 
Cathcart Wm.H. (R.& W.H.C.) 83 s Broadwav 
Cathedral (Roman Catholic) Cathedral and Mul- 
Cathedral Cemetery (old)Carrollton av and Ten- 
ant, M.F.Connor, supt, office 77 Mulberry 
Cathedral Cemetery (new) Old Frederick rd, M 

F. Connor,supt. 77 Mulberry 
Cathell Cluis.H. boilermkr, 46 Hamburg 
Cathell Jas. engineer, 132 n High 
Cathell Jas. flagman, 237 Forrest 
! Cathell Jas.R. boilermkr, 237 Forrest 
Cath-ell Dr. D. Webster, 2 n Broadway 
Cath-ell L.James (C.& Morris) 100 n Carey 
CATH-ELL & MORRIS (L.Jas.Cath-ell and J. 
J.Morris) lumber and grain com. merchts. 
head Union dock 
Gather Alonzo S. lab. 280 Ramsay 
Gather & Burlin (E. Gather, Wm.Burlin)grocery, 

s e cor Bank and Wolfe 
Gather Edwin (G.& Burlin) 167 Bank 
Gather Mrs. Rachel, 280 Ramsay 
Gather Robt.W. carp., Lanvaleext 
CATHOLIC MIRROR, weekly, Kelly, Piet & 

Go. 174 w Baltimore 
Catiz John, capper, 158 n Wolfe 
Catlett John Y. clerk, 50 Saratoga 
Gatlett Mrs. M. boarding, 50 Saratoga 
Catlett Thos. agent, 175 w Lombard 
Gaton John, lab. 51 King 
Caton John, lab. 9S Chesapeake 
Gaton Michael, lab. 98 Chesapeake 
Caton Michael jr. butcher, 278 n Eutaw 
Catonsville Gar Shop, Frederick av nr Wilken's 

Gator B.F. clerk, 173 St. Paul 
Gator B.W. salesman, Saratoga and Liberty 
Gator Mrs.Benj. F. 173 St. Paul 
Cator Ghas.R. clerk, 34 Cathedral 
Gator Frank P. salesman, 34 Cathedral 
Cator George, salesman, 173 St. Paul 
Cator Jas.H.(Armstrong,G.& Co.) Old York rd 
Cator Joseph E., Old York rd 
Gator Robinson W. ( Armstrong, G. & Go.) Old 
Y'ork rd 

WM. WIRT CLARKE, Iraporter and Wholesale Agent of 

Insurance Agents and Brokers, American Bnilding. 
~ CAT 145 CHA 

Cator Saml.B. clerk, 1*78 \v Lombard 
Cator Wesley B. clerk, 103 Lexington 
Cator Wm.E. mariner, 86 William 
Cator Wm.D. salesman, 187 w Lombard 
Catrup Mrs. S. P. children's furn'g store,2 s High 
Catrup Saml.P. lettercarrier, 2 s High 
Catrup Wm.B. engineer, 38 s Eden 
Cattel Michael, lab. 51 n Durham 
Catten Levi, peddler, 69 n Caroline 
Cattertou Geo. painter, 31 Hill 
Caughey Mrs. Benj. 257 Lanvale 
Caughie Chas. carter, 174 Columbia 
Caughlan Jas. police, 6 New 
Caughy Mrs. Carrie, 231 Linden av 
Caughy Chas. M. editor and propr. Every Satur- 
day, 11 North, dw Eutaw pi and Mosher 
Caughy John H. clerk, 231 Linden av 
Caughy Michael P. clerk, 159 w John 
Caughy Noah W.( N.Walker & Co.) 29 w Eager 
Caughy S. Hamilton (N.Walker & Co.) s vv cor 

Eutaw pi and Mosher 
Caughy S.H. jr. clerk, 430 Eutaw pi 
Caulfield Albert, painter, 148 w Biddle 
Caulfield Jas. lab. 9 Lemmon 
Caulfield Jtis.H. printer, Woodberry 
Caulfield Mrs. Mary, varieties, 148 w Biddle 
Caulfield Valen tine W. music teacher, 332 Mosher 
Caulk Alonzo, painter, 53 Leadenhall 
Caulk Columbus, collector, 232 German 
Caulk George, canmkr, 23 Warren 
Caulk Jacob, oysters, 7 Lemmon 
Caulk James, lab. 43 Warren 
Caulk Jas.T., U.S.gauger,C.H.dw 23 Warren 
Caulk Wm. canmkr, 537 n Gay 
Caulk Wm.H. moulder, 26 Williamson al 
Caulker's Hall, 189 s Dallas 
Causey Chas.E. fire dept. 53 Henrietta 
Cau.sey Mrs. Chas.E. milliner, 669 w Baltimore 
Causey Chas.E. clerk, 669 w Baltimore 
Causey Jas. C. produce com. 82 Light, dw 164 

w Fayette 
Causey L.A. saleslady, 378 Lexington 
Causey Lewis C. clerk, 392 Lexington 
Causey AVm.W. 467 w Fayette 
Causin Nathaniel P. 249 St. Paul 
Cavanaugh Francis P: baker, 9 e Madison 
Cavanaugh Frank, lab. 8 Madeira al 
Cavanaugh Jas. moulder. Friendship, York rd 
Cavanaugh James, lab. 1 Friendship 
Cavanaugh James jr. printer, 1 Friendship 
Cavanaugh John, printer, 1 Friendship 
Cavanaugh Mrs. Mary, grocery, 12 n Poppleton 
Cavanaugh Matthew, police, 295 Hamburg 
Cavanaugh Michael, printer, 1 Friendship 
Cavanaugh Michael, lab. 56 s Castle 
Cavanaugh Patrick, lab. 172 Vine 
Cavanaugh Patrick J. clerk, 12 u Poppleton 
Cavanaugh Peter, bakery, 9 e Madison 
Oavano Geo. cooper, 140 n Schroeder 
Cavano John, carp. 140 n Schroeder 
Cavano Martha, Clipper mills 
Cave Mrs. Margaret J. 103 n Exeter 
Cave John W. importer of teas, 180 Lexington, 

dw 103 n Exeter 
Cavell Martin, shoemkr, 83 Granby 
Cavena John, salesman, 167 Columbia 
Caveny Martin, drayman, 215 Lemmon al 
Caveny Peter, drayman, 215 Lemmon al 
Cavey Peter, messenger, 148 e Lombard 
Cavey Henry, Woodberry 
Cavey James, salesman, 178 e Lombard 
Cavey Joseph, lab. Sweet Air 


Made water-tight, and preserved for years, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMENT and 


By increasing the gvmifity of Gvm, we make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which is unequal ed. All work 
guaranteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders solicived 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER & CO., Sole Manufacturers, 

No. 3 COURTLAND STREET, up stairs. 

Cavey Wm. lab. Sweet Air 

Cavy Thomas J. rags, 868 w Pratt 

Cawley Mrs. Catherine, 120 Curley 

Cawley Francis, puddler, First av nr Clinton 

Cawood Arthur, clerk, 16 North 

Caye Mrs.Emile,ladies'hairdres'r,145 w Madison 

Caye Emile, barber, Charles and Franklin, dw 

145 w Madison 
Caziare 1st Lieut. Louis V., U.S. A., Ft McHenry 
Cazier Robt W . mariner, 395 e Eager 
Cease Leonard, butcher, 39 s Patterson Parkav 
Cecil Elias, police, 143 William 
Cecil Geo.T. shoes,hats, &c.,210 w Pratt,dw 84 

Cecil Wm. M. clerk, 16 Warren 
Cedar Hill Cemetery, office 47 n Calvert, 0.,R. 

Benson agent 

proprietors, Boston and Patuxent 
Centenary Biblical Institute, J. E. Rouud,prin- 

cipal, 44 Saratoga 
Centner Ernest, driver, 41 n Duncan al 
Central Assembly Rooms, Liberty and Lexington 
Central Billiard Rooms, Kernan Bros, prop'rs. 

1 e Baltimore 
Central Free Dispensary, College of Physicians 

and Surgeons, 163 w Lombard 
Central Iron Foundry, Geo. Plitt proprietor, 

n e cor Central and Eastern avs 
Central M. E. Church (South) s e cor Strieker 

and Edmondson av 
Central Presbyt'n Church, Eutaw pi nr Dolphin 
Central Presbyterian Church Mission, Ridgely 

and Hamburg 

pres't, W. E.Coale, treas. s e cor Charles and 

Central Stables, John D.Stewart & Son, proprs. 

31 Park av 
Centre Station B.& O.R.R.foot of Mill 
Cepi Robert, oyster measurer, 99 e Pratt 
Chabot Dr. Lawrence J. 71 e Lombard 
Chadburn Wm. machinist, 43 s Schroeder 
Chadburn Wm. H. huckster, 43 s Schroder 
Chadderton Thos. watch and clockmkr,29 Chew 
Chadwick Jehu C. (R. Mason & Sons) 311 Lin- 
den av 
Chadwick John E. (Moale, Armstrong & Co. )205 

n Howard 
Chaffinch Sanuel E. tobacconist, s e cor Gay 

and Monument 
Chaffinch Wm. F. lab. 419 n Gay 
Chaffinch Wm. W\ carp. 350 n Gay 
Chattman Benj. F. quarry man, Hampden 
Chaillou Augustus, police, 18 Miller 
Chairs Edward J. 367 e Fayette 
Chaisty Dr. Edward J. 158 Mulberry 
Chaisty Edward J. jr. crier Supreme Bench, 158 

Chalk Alphonso, clerk, Federal and Aisquith 

PORTLAND CEMENT, the best for Wet Cellars and Wash Rooms, 61 S. Gay St. 





Chalk Chas. F. telegraphist, 128 Dolphin 
Chalk Elizabeth, North av nr John 
Chalk Frank, fireman, 127 e Eager 
Chalk Geo. R. lab. 89 Oak 
Chalk James A. engineer, 207 Park av 
Chalk Joseph A. plasterer, 204 Park av 
Chalk Joseph T., Federal and Aisquith 
Chalk Levi, grocer, 128 Dolphin 
Chalk Mrs. Marj'A. grocer, Federal and Aisquith 
Chalk Wm. A. clerk, Franklin House 
Chalk Wm. H. painter, 73 Barnes 
Chalkley Henry, fringemkr, 213 s Charles 
Chalkley Wm. E. cooper, 360 William 
Challenor Thomas, lab. 270 n Eutaw 
Chalmers A. C. salesman, 241 n Calvert 
Chalmers Charles J. cabinetmkr, 262 Penna av, 

dw Mosher and Walsh 
Chalmers Chas. J. jr. undertaker, 132 Mosher 
Chalmers H. W. upholsterer, 570 w Baltimore 
Chalmers James J. undertaker, 262 Penna av 
Chalmers P. S. jr. clerk, 29 Waesche 
Chalmers Philemon S. tailor, 270 w Baltimore 
Chamberlain Charles F. clerk, 375 e Eager 
Chamberlain DaVid L. contractor, 358 Park av 
Chamberlain Eli, telegraphist, 117 e Monument 
Chamberlain Geo. driver, 38 Abbot 
Chamberlain Geo. W. pressman, McHenry nr 

Millington la 
Chamberlain Ida, butter, 164 Dolphin 
Chamberlain James L. salesman, 22 s Howard 
Chamberlain John, shoemkr, 7 Arlington av 
Chamberlain John A. blacksmith, North av and 

Madison av 
Chamberlain John C. ladies' boot and shoemkr, 

128 n Fremont 
Chamberlain Jno E. messenger, 117 e Monument 
Chamberlain John P. printer, 7 n Arlington av 
Chamberlain John T. upholsterer, 129 Jefferson 
Chamberlain Mrs. Mary A.notions,93j n Eutaw 

dw 12 Patterson av 
Chamberlain Ransford, mariner, Nicholson nr 

Chamberlain Richard A. printer, 135 German 
Chamberlain Richard R. 323 e Monument 
Chamberlain S. Elliott, special agent C. H. dw 

212 n tarroUton av 
Chamberlain Mrs. Sarah C. 375 e Eager 
Chamberlain Wm. gatekpr, Druid Hill Park 
Chamberlaine llenrj', clerk, 90 Mosher 
Chamberlaine James Lloyd, teacher, 90 Mosher 
Chamberlaine Robert L. clerk, 69 n Charles 
Chamberlaine Wm. clerk, 142 & Charles 
Chamberlin S. E. special agent U. S. Treasury 

dept., C. H. dw 212 n CarroUton av 
Chambers Charles, tinner, 87 Warner 
Chambers Charles, watchman, 87 Warner 
Chambers Charles C. lab. 126 .lohnson 
Chambers George, watchman, Clifton audFrancis 
Chambers Henry P. paperhanger, 73 s Gilmor 
Chambers J. Wright, clerk, 21 Courtland 
Chambers James, lab. 379 Hamburg 
Chambers James B. clerk, 6 s Oregon 
Chambers John, carp, 23 Bevan 
Chambers John, lab. Woodberry 
Chambers John E. blacksmith, 25 Pearl 
Chambers John F. 207 Conway 
Chambers John T. lab. 23 Bevan 
Chambers Joseph J. porter, 377 Hamburg 
Chambers Levi, lab. Woodberry 
Chambers Mary E. millinery, 427 e Lombard 
Chambers Robt. M. carp. 130 s Howard 
Chambers Samuel, carp. 427 e Lombard 

Chambers Walter H. provisions, 171 s Sharp, dw 

79 Hill 
Chambers Wm. H. blacksmith, 41 Eastern av 
Chambers Wm. M. clerk C. H. 69 Garden 
Champayne Ale.x. clerk, 23 n Poppleton 
Champayae Henry R. coachmkr,84 German, dw 

23 n Poppleton 
Champayne John R. 9 Myrtle av 
Champion Reaping and Mowing Machines,L.H. 

Lee & Bro. general agts, 54 and 56 Light 
Champncss G. W. tinner, 348 n Durham 
Champness Joshua, blksmith, 38 Jackson sq av 
Champness Mrs. Luqy, Jefferson nr Castle 
Champness Robt. tinner, Jefferson nr Castle 
Champness Thos. lab. 56 s Chapel 
Champuey Hira J. foreman, 554 w Lombard 
Chance Chas. T. machinist, 34 McHenry 
Chance Geo. W. fireman, 15 St. Peter 
Chance John, packer, 14 McHenry 
Chance Marinas, lab. 14 McHenry 
Chance Theodore, mariner, 59 Henrietta 
Chanceaulme Henry V. clerk, 52 e Fayette 
Chauceaulme Richard P. bookkpr, 52 e Fayette 
Chancellor Dr. Chas. W. 174 Argyle av 
Chancellor J. J. 107 McCulloh 
Chancellor W. R. salesman, 14 n Eutaw 
Chandlee H.P.(C.,Quarles & Co.) 171 n Arling- 
ton av 
Chandlee John S. (C, Quarles k Co.) 171 n Ar- 
lington av 
lee, G. W. Quarles, D. C. Hammett, J. S. 
Chandlee) imprs. and jobbers china, glass and 
queensware, 34 Hanover 
Chandler Chas. mariner, 85 Jackson sq av 
Chandler Rev. Chas.. N. 369 w Lanvale 
CHANDLER GEO. H. attorney, 41 Lexington, 

dw 144 McCulloh 
Chandler John, broker, 10 s Holliday, dw 148 

Harlem av 
Chandler John W. mariner, 2 Slemmer al 
Chandler Kennard, 153 McCulloh 
Chandler Peter, lab. 150 West 
Chandler Robt. cigarmkr, 19 Woodyear 
Chandler Thos. M. coachman, 202 Mulberry 
Chandley John H. wheelwright, 223 w Lanvale 
Chaney Benj. watchman, 521 w Lombard 
Chaney Chas. machinist, 37 St. Peter 
Chaney Chas. P. police, 621 n Gay 
Chaney Chas. B. coal and wood, 148 Hollins,dw 

35 s Gilmor 
Chaney James M. police, 72 Henrietta 
Chaney John, dyer, ,15 Jackson 
Chaney Levi M. horseshoer, 554 w Lombard 
Chaney Rev. R. G. 262 w Lanvale 
Chaney R. Gordon, clerk, 262 w Lanvale 
Chaney Wm. boilermkr, 2 McCabe's ct 
Chaney Wm. proofreader, 34 e Baltimore 
Chaney Wm. clerk, 33 n Poppleton 
Chanfelter Chas. lab. Dover nr Monroe 
Channell Wm.F.( Webb & Co.) 85 n Central av 
Chapel of the Evangelist (P.E.) Dillon and Po- 
Chapel of the First Ind. Church, Linden av nr 

Chapel of the Good Shepherd (P. E.) Mullikin 

and Spring 
Chapelle Rev. P. L. 93 Barre 
Chapman Alfred, clerk, 20j Aisquith 
Chapman Allan A. 40 McCulloh 
Chapman D. Chase, com.mercht. 54 Buchanan's 
whf, dw 40 McCulloh 

HOLMES & CO., Engineers' and Machinists' Tools and Supplies 
Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

O. F. Bresee, G-eneral A gent, American BtLilding\ 
CHA 147 CHE 

Ohapmaa Ch&s. shoemkr, 108 n Poppkton 
€hapman Frank S. clerk, 319 Druid Hill av 
Chat)man Geo. E. elerk, 22 s Calhoun 
<]!hapman Geo. R. teed, 91 Patterson av 
Chapman Greenbury,shoenikr, 108 n Poppleton 
Chapman Hattie, 138 Raborg 
Cliapman Henry, milkman, Greenmount av est 
CHAPMAN J. GEO. (Dobler,Mudge & C.) 20i 

Chapman James, brakeman, 265 HoUins 
Chapman John W. clerk, 09 Frederick av 
Chapman Mrs. Marj', confectionei'y, 265 Hollins 
Chapman Rev. Nathan, 204 w Biddle 
Chapman Nathan,54 Buchanan's 

whf, dw 40 McCuUoh 
Chapman Nicholas P.bookkpr,319 Druid Hillav 
Chapman Thomas, actor, 159 Forrest 
Chapman Wm. A. 468 e Fayette 
Chapman Wm. H. jr. clerk, 95 s High 
Chapman Rev. Wm. H. 95 s High 
Chapman Wm. J. bookkpr, 22 s Calhoun 
Chapman Wm. S. butcher, 10 s Oregon 
Chappell Ann, 113 Mulberry 
Chappell Anna E. millinery, 727 w Baltimore 
Chappell Chas. L. clerk, 145 n Carey 
Chappell CorneliusF.>(C.& Webster )296nStricker 
Chappell Francis W . 98 Edmondson av 
Chappell Jane, 113 Mulberry 
Chappell John G. clerk, 185 Mulberry 
Chappell Louisa, 185 Mulberry 
Chappell Marj, 98 Edmondson av 

CHAPPELL P. S.& SON (T. C, Chap- 
pell, dwelling 400 Eutaw Place 
and Ealtimoie County,) Proprie- 
tors Chappell's Chemical Works, 
Oface, Cross Street near Covington 


Chappell P. Edmund, bookkpr, 87 Saratoga 

Chappell S. M. clerk, 185 Mulberry 

Chappel Thos. C. (P. S. C. ■& Sou) 400 Eutaw pi 

and Baltimore co 
Chappell & Webster (C. F. Chappell, A, M.Web- 
ster) hosiery and notions, 69 n Howard 
Chariton George W. jr. driver, Waverley 
Chariton George W. butcher, Waverley 
Chariton Wm, H. driver, Waverley 
Charles David J. coppersmltr,Toone and Second 
Charles John, telegraphist, Toone and Second 
Charles John E., C H. 127 s Broadway 
Charles Henry, coppersmltr, Toone and Second 
Charles Robt, coppersmelter, Toone and Second 
Charles Thos. J. musician, 252 e Fayette 
Charles Wm, inspr.C.H. dw 36 w Pratt 
Charlesworth Albert, packer, 409 s Sharp 
Charlton Rev. J.W. 133 n Calvert 
Charlton Millard F. machinist, Philadelphia rd 

nr city limits 
Charlton Richard, bricklayer, Philadelphia rd nr 

city limits 
Charlton Thomas H. driver, 165 George 
Charter Oak Life Ins. Co. agency', 4 s Holliday 
Charters John, 58 Maryland av 
Chartrue Francisco, stevedolt, 1 Bank 
Chase A.- Chapman, clerk, 174 w Fayette 
Chase A. S, (C.,Bartholow & Co.) New York 
Chase Alfred S. shoemkr, 736 w Pratt 
Chase Alfred S. shoemkr, 13 s Carey 
Chase B. F. & Co. (B.F. Chase) house and sign 
painters, over 138 w Baltimore 


Made water-tight, and preseiTcd for years, by thor- 
I oughly applying KLASTIC CEMENT aud 


By increasing the qvwitity cj Gvm, we make a Paint 
' lor lianip Walls which is uueqnaled. All work 
guaranteed. A trial if all we ask. Ciders solicit>ed 
for uew fell roofs ; old roofs repairea. 

D. JNl. SADLER & CO., Sole Manufacturers, 

No. 3 COUKTLAKD STREET, up stairs. 

Chase Benj. F. (B.F.C. & Co.) 6 East 
Chase, BartholowA Co. (A.S.Chase,J.M.C.. Bar- 
tholow, John C. Furman,J. Meredith Drydeo) 
drj' goods com. merchants, 27 German 
Chase Barzilla, 62 n Pine 
(Tiase Chas. C. shoecutter, 175 w Lombard 
ChaseChas.F.{H.F.Hemingway&Co.)396e Pratt 
Chase Chas. M. clerk, 311 Myrtle av 
Chase Chas.W. collector, 113 n Pine 
Chase Eugene, scene shifter, 21 McElderry 
Chase Geo. B. (G.B.C. & Co.) 371 Madison av 
CHASE GEO. B. & CO. (Geo. B. Chase) whole-s. 

cloths,&c.,over 238 w Baltimore 
Chase Geo. O. clerk, 371 Madison av 
Chase Hannibal H. jr. clerk, 193 n Fremont 
Chase Hannibal H. brickmkr, 305 w Fayette 
Chase I. H. 253 n Howard 
Chase J. Hermon, bookkpr, 41 Fawn 
Chase JamesW. junk, 110 s Spring 
Chase John, driver, 3 Columbia 
Chase John J. blksmith, 118 s Regester 
Chase JohnW. fruit, rear 185 s Regester 
Chase Mary A. saloon, 110 s Spring 
Chiise R.M, plumber, cor Fayette and Pine, dw 

50 Barre 
Chiise R.W. bookkpr, 65 n Charles 
Chase Capt, Stephen, loWarren 
Chase Mrs. Sallie, 21 McElderry 
Chase Thorndick, clerk, 337 e Baltimore 
Chase Mrs. Thorndick, 337 e Baltimore 
Chase Wm. M. stereoscopic views, over n e cor 

Lexington and Eutaw 
Chason Geo. D. (Thos. H. Barnes & Co.) 423 n 

Central av 
Chase Joseph L. painter, 272 e Pratt * 

Chason Mrs. P. Alex. 423 n Central av 
Chasteau Thos. E. bookkpr,359 n Bond 
CHATARD DR. F. E. 114 Park av 
Chatard Dr. F. E. jr. 114 Park av 
Chatard Thomas M. anlytical chemist, over 44 

Second, dw 114 Park av 
Chatham Mrs. Annie, dressmkr, 88 Henrietta 
Chatham Francis, blksmith, 88 Henrietta 
Chatsworth Independent (M. E.) Church, cor 

Franklin and Pine 
Chatsworth Lit. and Scientific Female Semina- 
ry, E. L. Benny, principal, 190 Franklin 
Chatterton F. S. wheelwright, Hampden 
Chazik Amuno (Hebrew) congregation, Lloyd 

nr Lombard 
Cheatham Andrew J, salesman,257 w Baltimore 
Chelsman Wm. engineer, 99 Fort av 
Chemical Co. of Canton, C.J. Baker, prest. foot 

Clinton, office 15 South 
Cheney Jas. H. roofer, 146 s Sharp 
Chenoweth Mrs. A. J. stationery, 224 e Baltimore 
Chenoweth Alfred, clerk, 76 n Broadway 
Chenoweth Mrs. Ann M.360 Orleans 
Chenoweth Benj. Franklin, lab. 356 Orleans 
Chenoweth Benj. T. barkpr. Bond and Madison 
Chenoweth Benj. T. engineer, 76 n Broadway 


No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 

^ MUMl^LLIEEmSlJfiAhiaEG(lopNEWYmK: 




Chenoweth & Co. (F. Chenoweth, J. Rutledge) 

restaurant, s e cor Baltimore and HoUiday 
Chenoweth Davidge, carp. 230 Columbia 
Chenoweth Fred. 50 e Faj-ette 
Chenoweth Fred. (C.& Co.) 58 n Exeter 
Chenoweth Geo. E. machinist, 148 e Madison 
Chenoweth Horatio, driver, 480 Lexington 
Chenoweth James, plumber, 76 n Broadway 
Chenoweth John, carp. 230 Columbia 
Chenoweth John B. bookkpr, 335 e John 
Chenoweth Mrs. Martha A.,Druidville 
Chenoweth Mrs. Mary J. dressmkr, 85 Garden 
Chenoweth Olive, butter, 87 Edmondson av 
Chenoweth Richard, carp. 480 Lexington 
Chenoweth Robert, shoemkr, 56 n Poppleton 
Chonoweth Thomas, artist, 230 Columbia 
Chenoweth W. F, salesman, 85 Garden 
Chenoweth W.W. clerk, 224 e Baltimore 
Chenoweth Walter P. packer, 76 n Broadway 
Chenoweth Wm. carp. 82 n Poppleton 
Chenoweth Wm. E. lab. Druidville 
Chenoweth Wm. E. undertaker and «mbalmer, 
341 Penna av 






Substitute for the Ice Casket. ' 

Bodies blackened by decomposition. I guarantee 
to restore iu a few miuutea. Undertakers' Orders 

Main Oflace for receiving orders for Embalming 
the Dead, 


Chenoweth Wm. John, carp. 85 Garden 
Chenoweth Wm. R. lab. 356 Orleans 
Cherigo Chas. huckster, 40 s Exeter 
Cherigo Joseph, huckster, 40 s Exeter 
Cherry Bradford, (B.C. & Co.) 115 Mulberry 
Cherry Bradford & Co. (B. Cherry, C. M. Cole- 
man )apothecaries, n e corSt . MaryandPenna av 
J[]herry Charles, cigarmkr, 300 Lexington 
Cherry David H. ciga mkr, 420 w Baltimore 
Cherry Edward, tobacconist, 420 w Baltimore 
Cherry GeorgeW. trav. agent, 438 Eutaw pi 
Cherry James W. printer, 115 Mulberry 
Cherry Jefferson L. telegraphist, 23 Clinton av 
CHERRY Db. TALLMADGE F. dentist, over 

s w cor Baltimore and Liberty 
Cherry Wm.W. clerk, 115 Mulberry 
CHESAPEAKE BANK, cor North and Fayette 

\_See Appendix . 
Chesapeake Chemical Works, (Slingluff & Co.) 

foot of Leadenhall, office 155 w Fayette 
CHPISAPEAKE CLUB, Monument square, cor 

Fayette and Calvert 
Chesapeake Furnace, Wm. F. Pannell, prop'r, 

Clinton nr Seventh av 

manager, 40 Postoffice av 
Chesapeake Guano Works, foot Hughes 

DRY DOCK CO. foot Philpot 
Chesapeake Sugar Refinery, John L. Weeks &Co. 

prop'rs, 4,5,6 and 7 O'Donnell's whf 
Chesapeake Nail AVorks, agency, 25 s Charles 
Chesebrough Andronicus, 41 Fawn 
Chesebrough Harry C. clerk, 41 Fawn 

Chesebrough Isaac D. clerk, 41 Fawn 
Chesebrough Mrs. S. P. 41 Fawn 
Chegresen Wm. J. police, 400 e Eager 
Chesler Henry, huckster, .594 Penna av 
Cbesley Dr. jas. B. 248 w Lombard 
Chesley John W. clerk, 144 n Carey 
Chesley Dr. Nathaniel D. 144 n Carey 
Chesley Nathaniel D. jr. clerk, 144 n Carey 
Chesley Wm. grocery, 432 w Lombard 
Chesney Alfred D. carp. 88 Gough 
Chesney Mrs. Ann, 261 Gough 
Chesney Benj. plasterer, 261 Gough 
Chesney Mrs. Caroline, Oxford, York rd 
Chesney Jesse F. book and job printer, over 112 

w Baltimore, dw 335 n Broadway 
Chesney Jesse M. salesman, 201 Aisquith 
Chesney Joseph D. bookkpr, 201 Aisquith 
Chesney Wm. F. carp. 88 Gough 
Chesney WinfieJd, carp. 335 n Broadway 
CHESNUT CALVIN, (successor to Chesnut, 
Townsend & Co.) wholesale grocer, n w cor 
Pratt and South, dw 432 Madison av 
Chesnut John, 114 McCuUoh 
Chester Chas. gardener,Herring run s of Belair av 
Chester Geo. L. blacksmith, 316 e Chase 
Chester Jas. L. huckster, 336 n Caroline 
Chester Jas. T. clerk, 112 n Bond 
Chester John, gardener, Herring run s of Belair av 
Chester Rosa, beer, 184 s Caroline 

Ford, pres't, pier 7, Light-st whf 
Chester Wm. gardener, Loney la nr Belair av 
Chester Wm. shoeing smith, 9 Pleasant, dw 11 
Chestnut S. & Co. (Mrs. Sarah Chestnut, E. C. 

Marshall) importers of corks, 38 s CalVert 
Chestnut Mrs. Sarah, (S.C.&Co.j 36 Spring row 
Cheston Galloway, ( Jas. C.&Son)315Madisonav 
Cheston James & Son, (G. Cheston) shipping 

nierchts, s w cor Cable and Patterson 
Chevez John, cook, Carrollton hotel 
Chew Chas. fireman, 612 s Charles 
Chew Jas. W. clerk U.S. Court, 150 Harlem av 
Chew Joseph S. printer, 22 Ramsay 
Chew Nathaniel, clerk, 1 50 Harlem av 
Chew Richard W. clerk, 7 Lorman 
Chew Dr. Saml. C. prof, at University of Mary- 
land and Dean of Faculty, 141 w Lanvale 
Chew S. P. bookkpr, 76 Saratoga 
Chew Wm. B. conductor, 219 Barre 
Chew Wm. S. 150 Harlem av 
Chewning Edwd G. drug clerk, 559 w Faj-ette 
Chichester Samuel R. clerk, 155 n Strieker 
Chichester Mrs. Susan, 155 n Strieker 
Chick E. Morton, clerk, 293 Saratoga 
Chick Mrs. K. 293 Saratoga 
Chickering Elbridge C. books, &c. 226 w Pratt,. 

dw 642 Lexington 
Chickering Geo. clerk, 642 Lexington 
Chielinski Herman, upholsterer, 157 Burgundj' aJ 
Chies Capt.A.(Costa,Rottanzi& Co.) 93 Thames 
Chitfelle Sophia, Ijoarding, 11 Cathedral 
Chiffelle Judith, 11 Cathedral 
Chilcote Ensor, Hampden 
Chilcote John 0. lab. Druidville 
Chilcote Mordecai, sexton, Woodberry 
Chilcote Mrs. S«f Hampden 
Chilcote Wm. A. 92 s Exeter 
Chilcote Wm. C. provisions, 92 s Exeter 
Child Alleyn, clerk, 231 n Charles 
Child Dr. G. F. stipt. Aged Men's Home, Cal- 
houn and Lexington 
Child Jas. W. plasterer, 420 n Calhoun 

Importer and Dealer in Portland, Roman, and Keene's Cement, 
WM. WIRT CLARKE. 61 S. Gay Street. 

liargest Life Ins. Co. i" theWorld, Q.F.Bresee., Qen. Agt. 


Child Mrs. Mary A. 98 s High 

Child R. De Witt, (Samuel C. & Co.) Charles 

and Deamead 
Child Saml. (SaniL C. & Co.) 231 n Charles 
CHILD SAMUEL & CO. (Saml. and R. De Witt 

Child) house furnishing goods, 20 n Charles 

and 18 w Baltimore 

CHILD SAMUEL & CO., House Fur- 
nishing Goods, No. 20 n Charles 
Street, Branch Store, No. 18 w 
Baltimore Street. 

Child Sarah D. dressmkr, 222 Madison av 
Childress Chas. H. bricklayer, 25 Chew 
Childress Edward, dredger, 10 Harris al 
Childress Spotswood, stonecutter, Woodberry 
Childs Benj.E. (Rinehart,C.& Co. ) 343 w Fayette 
Childs Chas. A. bricklayer, 174 Druid Hill av 
Childs Edward, fireman, 119 Parkin 
Childs Mrs. Elizabeth, 55 Courtland 
Childs Emory, clerk, 117 Parkin 
Childs Geo. candymkr, 363 McHenry 
Childs Mrs. Harriet, grocery, 363 McHenry 
Childs Jas. H. fireman, 820 w Pratt 
Childs Jas. H. sheetirou worker, 191 Chesnut 
Childs John, Clipper mills 
Childs John C. carp. 196 East 
Childs John P. store, Woodberry 
Childs Joseph S. lamplighter, 87 Parkin 
Childs Mrs. Margaret, grocery, 117 Parkin 
Childs Samuel, (Jas. Getty & Sons) 133 n Car- 

roUtoa av 
Childs Mrs. Sarah J. millinery, 9 s Oregon 
Childs Singleton, blacksmith, 820 w Pratt 
Childs Thos. bookbinder, 156 George 
Childs Thos. E. tinner, 156 George 
Childs Wm. machinist, 45 s Strieker 
Childs Wm. H. clerk, 9 s Oregon 
Childs Wm. J. machinist, Hampden 
Childs Zachariah W. 184 Orleans 
Chilton Harris J. attorney, Courtland and Lex- 
ington, dw 769 Madison av 
China Hall, over 543 w Baltimore 
China Tea Co. 25 w Baltimore and 47 n Eutaw, 

Benj. Berry, propr 
Chipchase Bros. (Thos. D. and Wm.E.Chipchase) 
flour, grain and general com. merchants, 70 s 
Chipchase Rev. James, 84 n Greene 
Chipchase Thos. D. (C. Bros.) 84 n Greene 
Chipchase Wm. E. (C.Bros,) 84 n Greene 
Chipchase Wm. W. clerk, 84 n Greene 
Chipley S. N. clei-k, 133 s Sharp 
Chipman Daniel W. miller, Mount Clare Mills, 

Washington rd 
Chipman E. H. harnessmkr, 126 w Fayette 
Chipman George, (Geo. C. & Co. and Geo. C. & 

Son) 88 e Baltimore 
CHIPMAN GEO. & CO. (Geo. and M. M. Chip- 
man) wood and willow ware factory, 2 Swan, 
office, n e cor Calvert and Lombard 
Chipman Geo. & Son, (Geo. and Henry C. Chip- 
man) manufrs. chairs, office, 27 German, fac- 
tory. Canton 
Chipman Henry C. (Geo.C. & Son) Philadelphia 

or 88 e Baltimore 
Chipman Marcus M.( Geo.C. &Co.) 73eBaltimore 
Chipman Washington, clerk, 88 e Baltimore 
Chisholm Mrs. A. E. 4 s Castle 
Chisholm Chas. H. dairy, 4 Hill 

149 CHR 


Made water-tight, and preserved for years, by thor- 
oughly applying BLASl'lC CEMEMT and 


By increasing tJie quantity of Gvm. we make a Patut 
for Damp Walls which is uuequaled. All work 
guaranteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders solicited 
for new felt roofs; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER & CO., Sole Manufacturers,, 

No. 3 COURTLAND STREET, up stairs. 

Chisholm Thos. lab. Philadelphia rd nr City 

Chisolm Dr. J, J. oculist and aurist, prof. Uni- 

versitv of Md. 55 Franklin 
Chisolm*^ W. E. clerk, 55 Franklin 
Chism E. J. clerk, 134 n Arlington al 
Chism J. H. T. clerk, 134 n Arlington av 
Chism Richard, salesman, 134 n Arlington av 
Chiveral Wm. D. lab. 160 Hudson 
Chivetella Camilla, stevedore, 54 Thames 
Chivetella Mary, boarding, 54 Thames 
Choupin Ambrose, finisher, 168 e Eager 
Chretien Anton, tailor, 33 Haw 
Chridlin Eugene, coachtrimmer, 489 Aisquith 
Chridlin Jacob, coachsmith, 489 Aisquith 
Chrismer Alex, engineer, 7 Forrest pi 
Chrispin John H. (W. A. Padgett & Co.) 697 w 

Chrispin Wm.H. sewing machine agent, Tenant 

w of Fulton 
Christ A. John, druggist, corEssex and Gwynn 
Christ Church, (P.E.) Chase and St. Paul 
Christ Church Asylum for female children, 

Nannie C. Magruden, matron, 27 Garden 
Christ Fredk. gardener, Belair av ext 
Christ Mrs. Helena, beer, 252 n Caroline 
Christ Henry, gardener, Belair av ext 
Christ Jacob, Miller's hotel 
Christ John, gardener, Sinclair la 
Christ Lorenz, lab. 263 s Dallas 
Christ Philip, train inspector, 115 Albemarle 
Christ Mrs. Phillipoena, 253 s Dallas 
Christhilf Edw. coachmkr, 34 Argyle av 
Christhilf Geo. lithographer, 228 Franklin 
Christhilf Henry B. (James Myer& Co.) 38 Ar- 
gyle av 
Christhilf J. G. clerk, 34 Argyle av 
Christhilf Louis R. carp. 34 Argyle av 
Christian Adam, carp. 616 s Charles 
Christian Bros. (Geo. and Wm. Christian) bar- 
bers, 142 e Fayette 
Christian Chas. M. clerk, 431 Penna av 
Christian Christ, varnisher, 142 e Fayette 
Christian Church, Dolphin and Etting 
Christian Church, Paca and Lombard 
Christian Fredk. bristleworker, 218 Frederick av 
Christian Geo. (C. Bros.) 142 e Fayette 
Christian Dr. J. H. 431 Penna av 
Christian John, fireman, Johnson and Fort av 
Christian John, clerk, 196 w Lombard 
Christian John D. bookkpr, 369 Mulberry 
Christian Mrs. Martha J. 14 s Strieker 
Christian Robt. mariner, Johnson and Fort av 
Christian Thos. carp, foot of Russell 
Christian Wm. 91 Saratoga 
Christian Wm. (C. Bros.) 77 e Lombard 
Christian Wm. sr. lab. 142 e Fayette 
Christian Wm. T. salesman, 14 s Strieker 
Christiansen T. C. mariner, 223 s Wolfe 
Christiansen Thade, porter, 89 s High 

Manufrs' Agency for Rosendale Cement, Calcined Plaster, Casting 
Plaster, Dentist Plaster, Agricultural Plaster, Gilders' & Commercial Whiting. 


Christie Geo. W. barkpr, 65 Thames 
Christie James, grocery, 57 n Eden 
Christie James, police. Garrison la 
Christie Mrs. James, gTocery, 156 Eastern av 
Christie Wm. watchman, 73' St. Peter 
Christie Otto, clerk, 57 s Collington av 
Christman Edwd. lab. 151 s Regester 
Christmas John, watchman, Woodberry 
Christmas John jr. blksmith, Woodberry 
Christner Bridget, grocery, 37 Edward 
Cbristner John, driver, 212 Preston 
Christner Joseph, potter, 292 Penna av 
Christner Saml. driver, 37 Edward 
Christopher Aquilla B. puddler, 57 Essex 
Christopher Chas. E. lab. 57 Essex 
Christopher E. M. 622 w Fayette 
Christopher Frank, plasterer, 23 Bartlett 
Christopher Jas. C. 622 w Fayette 
Christopher John M. carriagemkr, 864 w Bal- 

more, dw 299 Saratoga 
Christopher Michael, biksmth, 363 w Lombard 
Christopher Mrs. Nicholas, 622 w Fayette 
Christopher Mrs. R. W. 49 Laurens 
Christopher Thos. mariner, 119 Bank 
Christopher Thos. A. clerk, 9 n Central av 
Christopher Thos. B. pnddler, 254 e Fayette 
Christopher Tl)os. J. plasterer, 3 Bartlett 
Christopher Wm. sr. cutter, 72 e Pratt 
Christopher Wm. jr. mercht. tailor, 24 e Balti- 
more, dw 72 e Pratt 
Christopher Wm. H. shoecntter, 158 Harford av 
Christopher Wm. W. refiner, 622 w Fayette 
Christy Mrs. Catherine, seamstress, 405 McHenry 
Christy David, Brown's hotel 
Christy Geo. lab. 87 s Mount 
Christy Jos. junk, 221 Hamburg, dw 405 Mc- 
Christy Michael, blacksmith, 344 Penna ^v 
Chryssophoudy E. candy manufacturer, 135 

Chrystal James, 143 Mnlbsrry 
Chrystal John, grocery and feed, Oxford, York 

rd, and Forrest and Hillen 
Chrvstal John T., Oxford, York rd 
Chunn Mrs. Dr. S. 365 Park av 
Church of All Saints (P. E.) cor Baltimore and 

Church Mrs. Anna W. 62 Church 
Church of the Ascension (P.E.) cor. Arlington 

av and Lafayette av 
Church Association Rooms of the Diocese of 
Maryland, 78 n Charles, H. W. Moore, agent 
Church of the Atonement (P.E.) s w cor Chase 

and Collington av 
CHURCH EDWARD J. lumber, 26 South, and 
acting cashier Bank of Commerce, dw 352 
Park av 
Church of the Evangelist (Mission P.E.) Po- 
tomac and Dillon 
Church Geo. F. boilermkr, 6 Gomet 
Church Harris B. clerk, 68 George 
Church of the Holy Cross (P.E.) Millington av 

and Ramsay 
Church of the Holy Cross (R.C.) West nr Light 
Church of the Holy Innocents (P.E.) car Eden 

and Church 
Church of the Holy Martyrs (German R.C.) 

Mount nr Pratt 
Church of the Holy Trinity" (P. E.) cor Tenant 

and Gilmor 
Church of the Immaculate Conception, Mosher 
betw Druid Hill av and Division 

Church Home and Infirmary, (Epis.) Broadway 
betw Baltimore and Fayette, Mary J. Brad- 
ford, agent 
Church, Lara & Co.(S. C. Church, S. M. Lara) 

ice, 323 Aliceanna 
Church Levi B. carp. 306 n Eden 
Church Mrs. Mary, flower preserver, 206 n Eden 
Church of the Messiah, s w cor Gay and Fayette 
Church Nelson S. 426 n Central av 
Church Mrs. Nancy, 296 Eastern av 
Church of Our Saviour (P.E.) cor Broadway 

and McElderry 
Church of the Redeemer (Reformed P. E.) Bol- 
ton nr Townsend 
Church of the Sacred Heart (R.C.) Central av 

nr Baltimore 
Church S. C. (C.,Lara&Co.) 323 Aliceanna 
Church Stephen D. engineer, 131 Hollins 
Church Thomas, sexton, 306 n Elden 
Church of the United Brethren, cor Fulton and 

Church W. L. (Snow, C.& Co.) CTincinnati 
Church Wm. G. boilermkr, 6 Comet 
Churchill James, welldigger, Waverley 
Cibiski Alex. lab. 156 Madeira al 
Cilley Elizabet^i, grocery, 203 Jefferson 
Cilley Joel, millwright, 203 Jefferson 
Cinnamond Edward, lab. 31 Fell 
Cinnamond Geo. R. 186 n Carey 
Cisler Jacob, lab. Falls rd nr tollgate 
Cissel Lewis, clerk. 111 s Caroline 
Cissel Mary E., Parrish nr Winchester 
Louis, Mo.jW.F.C.Gerhardt, genl. agent, 10 
Postoflfice av. — \_See Advertisement front page 
of caver 
Citizens' Passenger Railway Stables, cor Balti- 
more and Collington av 
Citizens' Railway, Jas. S. Hagerty, president, 

ofBce n w terminus, Mary and Retreat 
G. Scarlet pres't,Wm. Shannon, treas. Second 
and Postoffice av 
Robert Gilmor, judge, J. R. Brewer, clerk, St. 
Paul cror Courthouse la 

and Hanover. — [See Appendix 
CITY COMPTROLLER, office City Hall 
CITY COURT OF BALTIMORE, "l&t floor, cor 

St. Paul and Courthouse la 
City Fire Ins. Co. of Pittsburg, 6 s Holliday 
City George W. machinist, 365 e Fayette 
CITY HALL, bounded by Lexington, North, 

Fayette and Holliday 
City Hospital, n w cor Calvert and Saratoga, 

Dr. Chas. B. Zeigler. resident physician 
CITY LIBRARY, John S. Brown, librarian, 

office City Hall 
City Malt House, foot West Falls av 

office s e cor Calvert and Baltimore 
City Passenger Railway Mill, 155 North 
City Passenger Railway Stables, 112 Thames, 
North and Penna ars, Baltimore and Small- 
wood, Belair av opp Scbeutzen Park, and 
Light and Heath 
GRAPH, J. Frank Morrison, supt. office City 

HOLMES & CO., Engineers' and Machinists' Tools and Supplies, 
Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, "Washers, &c. 

As sets, $85,000,000.00 
CIT " 

O. F. Bresee, G-en'l Agt. 




City Solicitor's office, City Hall 

Citv Sprins:, Calvert nr Saratoga 


Kimberly. propr, 88 Camden 

and Lexington 
City Yard, s side basin 
Civill Lewis A. clerk, 230 w Fayette 
Clabaugh Albert T. (Clabaugh, Nelson & Co.) 

St. Clair hotel 
Clabaugh Chas. C. S. painter, 29t Argyle av 
Clabaugh E. A. (E.A.C.& Son, and Clabaugh & 

Graff) pres't Peoples Bank, 8 n Carey 
Clabaugh E. A. & Son, (Edwin A. and Usher 

Clabaugh) com. merchts, 38 South 
Clabaugh F. B. clerk, St. Clair hotel 
Clabaugh Geo. clerk, 33 Lexington 
Clabaugh k Graff, (E. A. Clabaugh, G.U.Graff) 

wholes, liquors and distillers, 38 South 
Clabaugh Geo.W. wholes, liquors, 312 w Balti- 
more, dw Antrim, Carroll co 
Clabaugh H. M. attorney, 6 Teaekle bldg, dw 

33 Lexington 
Clabaugh John, painter, 29*7 Argyle av 
Clabaugli John H. conductor, 3 Columbia 
CLABAUGH, NELSON & CO. (W.H;Clabaugh, 
A. T. Clabaugh, J. M.Nelson) bankers and bro- 
kers, 144 w Baltimore 
Clabaugh Usher,(E.A.C.&Son) 8 n Carey 
Clabaugh Wm. F. painter, 297 Argyle av 
CLABAUGH WM.H.(Clabaugh,Nelson & Co.) 
and propr. St. Clair hotel, dw s e cor Pacaand 
Claby Louis F. plumber, 35 n Front 
Glaby Michael C. plumber, 810 w Baltimore 
Clackner Matthew T. hair dyer, 118 e Pratt 
Claggett Brewery, Joseph D. Danels, propr. e 

Lombard adj falls 
Clagett Bridget, 146 Penna av 
Clagett Chas. E. telegraphist, s e cor Franklin 

and Schroeder 
Clagett Mrs. Elizabeth J. 358 Orleans 
Clagett John, 358 Orleans 

Clagett Dr. Jos. E. (Drs.C.& Walls) 19G w Lom- 
Clagett Samuel A. liquors, 20 Light, dw 282 n 

Clagett Samuel A. jr. salesman, 282 n Broadway 
Clagett Samuel T. cigarmkr, 159 e Lombard 
Clagett &; Walls,(Drs. Jos. E. Clagett and J.Wm. 

Walls) physicians, 18 s Eutaw 
Clagett Wm. T. dancing master, Lyceum hall, 

dw 159 e Lombard 
Claiborne Chas. H. lieut. police, 242 George 
Clair Lemuel, conductor, 392 e Chase 
Clairmont and Furley Hall Nurseries, Wm. 
Corse & Son, proprs, | mile e of Baltimore 
Clampitt Elias, 187 Saratoga 
Clancy Bridget, 233 e Chase 
Clancy James, lab. 200 n Front 
Clancy John D. carp. 7 Etting 
Clancy Mrs. Mary, intelligence office, 101 w 

Clancy Thomas, painter, 101 w Biddle 
Clapp Charles E. hatter, 6 Jefferson 
Clapp Geo. C. hats, 110 n High, dw 6 Jefferson 
Clapp George M. hatter, 6 Jefferson 
Clapp Wm. C. coachpainter, 6 Jefferson 
Clapsaddle Frank M.blksmith, 110 n Pine 
Clarey R. G. conductor, 125 s Strieker 


Made water-tight, and preserved for years, by tbor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMENT aud 


By increanina the quantify of Gum, we make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which is uuequaled. All work 
guaranteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders solicitod 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

1). M. SADLER & CO., Sole Manufacturers, 
No. 3 COURTLAND STREET, up stairs. 

Claridge Daniel, plasterer, Waverley 

Claridge G. D. & Co. (G. D. Claridge) com. 

merchts. 15 Cheapside 
Claridge George D. (G.D.Claridge&Co.) York 

rd nr Waverley 
Claridge George W. painter, 208 William 
Claridge Henry R.paperhanger,Chapel nr Chase 
Claridge James R.(Loud,C.& Co.) Waverley 
Claridge John H. capper, 54 n Exeter 
Claridge Wm. H. clerk, 216 Chew 
Clark Adam, painter, 290 n Howard 
Clark Albert, tinner, John nr Spring 
Clark Albert D. teacher, 404 Mulberry 
Clark Mrs. Anna, laundry, Holliday and Lex- 
Clark Mrs. Anna, dressmkr, 6 Brune 
Clark Anna, 228 n Bond 
Clark Mrs. Anna E. notions, 220 e Pratt 
Clark Mrs. Anna J. notions, 215 w Biddle 
Clark Augustus B, conductor, Waverley 
Clark Augustus B. bookkpr, 55 St. Paul ext 
Clark Augustus L. surveyor, 138 jGreenmountav 
Clark Benj. D. jr. machinist, 56 w Hoffman 
Clark Benj. F. carp. 279 Lexington 
Clark Benj. F. lab. 31 s Carey 
Clark Benj. J. junk, 186 n Bethel 
Clark Benj. J. A. wheelwright, 18 Sterrett 
Clark Mrs. Benj. J. 130 n Bond 
Clark Bernhard, (Clark & Sons) 163 n Exeter 
Clark & Bro. (Saml.H.and Wm.J. Clark) pattern 

aud model mkrs, 45 n Holliday 
Clark & Bro. (S. J. and Chas. Clark) grocers, 56 

n Greene 
Clark C. C. (C.C.Clark, & Co) 309 Madison av 
CLARK C.C. & CO. (C.C.Clark) com. merchts. 
(paper) n w cor Charles and German, and 24 
s Charles 
Clark Mrs. Catherine, John nr Spring 
Clark Chas. blksmith, 568 w Lombard 
Clark Chas. police, 20 Randall 
Clark Chas. (C. & Bro.) 56 n Greene 
Clark Chas. Stewart, 88 Barre 
Clark Chas. machinist, John nr Spring 
Clark Chas. clerk, 174 n Carroll ton av 
Clark Chas. A. driver, Waverley 
Clark Chas. B. shipjoiner, 16 s Ann 
Clark Chas. E. shipsmith, 99 Hamburg 
Clark Chas. H. candymkr, 18 Sterrett 
Clark Chas. H. lab. 186 s Spring 
Clark Chas. H. police, 602 Light 
Clark Chas. L. clerk, 94 n Fulton 
Clark Chas. L. (Clark & Sons) 163 n E.xeter 
Clark Cyrus D. clerk, 98 n Poppleton 
CLARK & COOVER (Thos. B. Clark, S. W. 
Coover) geul. com. merchts, specialties flour 
and grain, 39 s Howard 
Clark Daniel E. caif . 3 Armistead la 
Clark David C. caulker, 54 Hamburg 
Clark Dell, 81 n Bethel 
Clark Duncan C. (C. & Sneider) 109 Park av 


No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 


0. F. BRES EE 8t MN S^ t^lFi:: F imE /K Nt^ Rl N E ^ 





Clark Edward D. ironmoulder, 80 s Fremont 
Clark Edward I. attorney, 17 St. Paul, dw 14 s 

Clark Edw. L. peddler, Hollidayand Lexington 
Clark Edward L. 194 Mosber 
Clark Eugene, machinist, Chester nr Keyser 
Clark Mrs. Elizabeth, 98 n Poppleton 
Clark Exum B. salesman, 431 e Eager 
Clark F.&Co.(F.Clark)com.mercbts.,G5sCharles 
Clark Fayette B. clerk, 56 w Hoffman 
Clark Francis, shoemkr, 26 Frederick av 
Clark Frank, mariner, io4 w Pratt 
Clark Frank, (F.C. & Co.) 108 n Bond 
Clark Frank H. engineer, 29 Elliott 
Clark Frank P.att'y,29 St.Paul,dw 20 Denmead 
Clark Gabriel D. watches and jewelry, cor Cal- 
vert and Water, dw 153 St. Paul 
Clark Gabriel D. jr. 153 St. Paul 
Clark Geo. lab. 123 Leadenhall 
Clark Geo. huckster, 253 e Madison 
Clark Capt. Geo. A. mariner, 50 n Gilmor 
Clark Geo. F. salesman, 475 Franklin 
Clark Geo. H. shipcarp. 78 n Wolfe 
Clark Geo. R. (Shyrock & C.) 55 Harlem av 
Clark Geo. T. hydrant manufr, York rd and 

Cottage av 
Clark Geo. W. (L.J. Cox & Co.) Maltby house 
Clark Henry (C, Perry & Co.) 30 w Eager 
Clark Henry, photographer, 103 vv Townsend 
Clark Henry H. photographer, 147 e Baltimore 
Clark Henry T. carp. 86 s Mount 
Clark Hugh, huckster, 169 Chesnut 
Clark J. E. & Co. (JohnE.Clark)wholes. liquors, 

48 s Howard 
Clark James, driver, 151 Preston 
Clark James jr. cattle dealer, 740 Lexington 
Clark James, lab. 50 Parkin 
Clark James, grocery, 136 n Schroeder 
Clark James, machinist, 60 s Carey 
CLARK JAMES & CO. (JamesClark, B.Thorn- 
ton, J. Cahill) People's machine and boiler 
works, south side Basin — r<S'ee Advertisement. 
Clark James, (James C.&Co. ) 46 Warren 
Clark James A. 174 n CarroUton av 
Clark James A. conductor, 339 n Broadway 
Clark James A. sr. produce, 339 n Broadway 
Clark James B. lab. 57 Haubert 
Clark James B. 251 w Biddle 
Clark James B. salesman, 56 w Hoffman 
Clark James G. sr. cooper, 41 s Exeter ' 
Clark James G. jr. clerk, 220 e Pratt 
Clark James H. shipcarp. 39 s Patterson Park av 
Clark James P. foreman, 388 e Baltimore 
Clark James R. (M.B.C.& Bro.) 249 n Eutaw 
Clark James R. coach painter, HoUiday and 

Clark James S: (Clark & Sons) 163 n Exeter 
Clark James T. driver, 494 Canton av 
Clark James W. patternmkr, 295 n Caroline 
Clark Jasper W. driver, 5 s Ann 
Clark Jerome, carp. 292 n Eutaw ' 

Clark John, lab. Hampden 
Clark John, driver, Mosher and Foster al 
Clark John, mariner, 36 William 
Clark John, lab. 94 Chesapeake 
Clark John, machinist, 236 Columbia 
Clark John, stonecutter. Star hotel 
Clark John, bricklayer, 166 Peirce 
Clark John, shipjoiner, 17lWamburg 
Clark John, lab.' 176 Dover 
Clark Capt. John A. mariner, 134 Montgomery 
Clark John B. roofer, 406 e Chase 

Clark John E. (J.E.C. & Co.) 209 w Townsend 
Clark John F. coach painter, HoUiday and Lex- 
Clark John H. tailor, 30 Milliman 
Clark John H. cooper, 328 e Madison 
Clark John J. lab. 39 Bank 
Clark John K. restaurant, 15 s Liberty 
Clark John L. furn. wagon, 199 n Bond 
Clark John M. machinist, 251 w Biddle 
Clark John N. 189 n Bond 
Clark John P. marble polisher. Star hotel 
Clark John P. huckster, 111 Jackson sq av 
Clark John P. carp. 71 s Fremont 
Clark John T. painter, 311 Franklin 
Clark John T. clerk, 199 n Bond 
Clark John W. restaurant, Second avandToone 
Clark John W. carp. 404 Mulberry 
Clark John W. caulker, 54 Hamburg 
Clark Joseph P. tobacconist,, St Paul and Centre 
Clark Joseph W. bookkpr, 103 w Townsend 
Clark Levi, carp. McHenry nr Fulton 
Clark Levin P. hydrants, 290 n Howard 
Clark Louisa E. 30 s Fulton 
Clark Maria, notions, 236 Columbia 
Clark Marion C. stonecutter, 157 e Eager 
ClarkMartinsr. peddler, HoUiday and Lexington 
Clark Martin, shirtmkr, HoUiday and Lexington 
Clark Martin, hostler, Mosher and and Foster al 
Clark Martin, lab. 57 Haubert 
Clark Martin J. painter, 86 Peirce 
Clark Mary A. dressmkr, Mosher and Foster al 
Clark Matthew jr. clerk, 372 Madison av 
Clark Matthew, bailiff, 44 n Front 
Clark Matthew B.(M. B.Clark &Bro.)372 Madi- 
son av 
Clark Matthew B. & Bro.(M.B. and J.R.Clark) 

flour merchants, 40 n Howard 
Clark Michael, lab. 35 Chew 
Clark Michael, lab. 17 Hudson al 
Clark Michael, lab. 95 Parkin 
Clark Michael, coachpainter, HoUiday and Lex- 
Clark Michael, fireman, 336 s Sharp 
Clark Nelly, millinery, 68 Lexington 
Clark Nelson, carp. 125 Elliott , 
Clark Noah, manufr. plumbers' supplies, 44 n 

HoUiday, dw Bond nr John 
Clark Owen, lab. 17 Hudson al 
Clark Owen, switch tender, 372 Ostend 
Clark Patrick, lab. 200 Cathedral 
Clark Patrick, Mosher and Foster al 
Clark Patrick, tailor, 169 Chesnut 
Clark Patrick, lab. 6 Hull 
Clark Patrick, shoemkr, 26 Frederick av 
Clark Patrick, lab. 88 e Madison 
Clark Patrick J. lab. 65 James al 
Clark, Perry & Co. (Henry Clark, A. C. Perry) 
wholes, manafs. ladies', misses' and children's 
shoes, 9 n Charles 
Clark Philip R. agent Eastern Shore Steamboat 

Co. 107 South, dw 11 n Strieker 
Clark Richard B. clerk, 174 n CarroUton av 
Clark Richard D. ovsters, 329 s Bond 
Clark Robert, roofer, 97 s Bethel 
Clark Robert H. mariner, 108 William 
Clark Robert M. shipsmith, 99 Hamburg 
Clark S. G. ironmoulder, 29 Elliott 
Clark S. J. (Clark & Bro.) 100 n, Greene 
Clark Samuel, clerk, 110 Boyd 
Clark Samuel B. clerk, 372 Madison av 
Clark Samuel F. fellow Johns Hopkins Univer- 
sity, 83 w Centre 

WM. WrRT CLARKE, Ln porter and Manufacturers' A^ent, 
Offers CEMENTS and PLASTER of all kinds at Lowest Market Rates. 

Insurance A gents and Broke rs , Americ an Building:. 
~ CLA 153 CL A 

Clark Samuel H. (C. & Bro.) 156 Aisquith 

Clark Samuel T. clerk, 11 n Strieker 

Clark Mrs. Sarah, 156 Aisqnith 

Clark & Sons, (Bernhard, Chas. L. and Jas. S. 

Clark) carpenters and builders, 15 Pleasant 
Clark & Sneider, (Duncan C. Clark, C. Edward 

Sneider) gun manufrs. 214 w Pratt 
Clark Stephen S. clerk, 339 n Broadway 
Clark Susan, 228 n Bond 
Clark Mrs. Susan M. dressmkr, 45 St. Mary 
Clark Sylvester, moulder, 157 e Eager 
Clark Thaddeus S. clerk, 86 n Charles 
Clark Thomas, tinner, 110 Boyd 
Clark Thomas, lab. Willinger ct 
Clark Thomas, lab. 6 Brune 
Clark Thomas, lab. 263 William 
Clark Thomas, lab. 56 McMecliin 
Clark Thomas, lamplighter, 12 w Biddle 
Clark Thomas B. (C. & Coover) 39 s Howard 
Clark Thomas C. clerk, 295 n Caroline 
Clark Thomas F. finisher, 555 w Lombard 
Clark Thomas J. clerk, 12 Barnet 
Clark Thomas S. flour, grain and general com. 

mercht. 81 Smith's whf,dw 174 nCarrolltou av 
Clark Thomas S. jr. disc't clerk, 53 Harlem av 
Clark Thomas S. & Son (W.H.Clark) sailmkrs. 

90 Dugan's whf 
Clark Timothy, lab. 65 James la 
Clark Walter L. cashier, 382 Druid Hill av 
Clark Walter S. glasscutter, 110 Hamburg 
Clark Wm. lab. 13 Cambridge 
Clark Wm. shoemkr, 283 Mulberry 
Clark Wm. carp. 292 n Eutaw 
Clark Wm. clerk, 71 George 
Clark Wm. lab. 40 Hull 
Clark Wm. A. machinist, 86 s Mount 
Clark Wm. B. bookkpr, 71 George 
Clark Wm. B. collector, 420 w Baltimore 
Clark Wm. E. carp. 94 n Fulton 
Clark Wm. F. grocery, 447 n Gay 
Clark Wm. H. junk, Hampden 
Clark Wm. H. 'clerk, 30 w Eager 
Clark Wm. H. mariner, 99 s Chapel 
Clark Wm. H. wireworker, 99 Hamburg 
Clark Wm. H. (Thomas S. Clark & Son) 227 

Druid Hill av 
Clark Wm. H. driver, 30 n Strieker ext 
Clark Wm. J. (C. & Bro,) 1.56 Aisquith 
Clark Wm. L. electrotype finisher, 54 Hamburg 
Clark Wm. T. 39 s Patterson Park av 
Clark AVm. T. clerk, 431 e Eager 
Clark Wilson, machinist, 576 Aisquith 
Clark Wilson, blacksrtiith, 152 Ensor 
Clark Zachariah, pilot, 95 s Ann 
Clarke Addison (Addison C. & Bro.) Linden av 

ext nr North av 
CLARKE ADDISON & BRO. (Addison and 

Henry E. Clarke) iron and steel, 92 w Lombard 
Clarke Dr. Audw. P. 68 Haubert, dw 237 Gough 
Clarke Anthony, grocery, 191 Gough 
Clarke Benjamin D. carp. 21 n Whatcoat 
Clarke Combination Lock Co., T. Poultney, 

pres't, office 6 St. Paul 
Clarke E. S. teacher, 182 n Calvert 
Clarke Edward, machinist, 237 Gough 
Clarke Emma J. principal Fairview Academy, 

687 w Fayette 
Clark Finley M. telegraphist, 380 Franklin 
CLARKE Gen. H. F. ass'tcommissary U. S. A. 

160 w Fayette, dw 56 Franklin 
Clarke George iVI. mariner, 99 s Chester 
Clarke George W. grocery, 243 n Eden 


Made water tight, and_preservecl for years, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMENT and 


Bv Increnning the qvantity of Guvi. we make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which is unequaled. All work 
guaranteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders solicited 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER & CO., Sole Maiuifactarers. 

No. 3 COURTLAND STREET, up stairs. 

Clarke H. F. 56 Franklin 

Clarke Harry Lee, dental student, 182'n Calvert 
Clarke Helena, temperance restaurant, 21 Block 
Clarke rfenry A. law student, 174 n Gilmor 
Clarke Henry E.( Addison C.&: Bro.) 98 w Biddle 
Clarke Howard W. clerk, 323 n Strieker 
Clarke J. Lyle, agent for T. & J. W. Gaff & Co. 

office 36 Postofiice av, dw 48 8t. Paul 
Clarke James, furniture, 224 Lexington 
Clarke James A. oysters, 418 Light 
Clarke James B. (Bryan & C.) 261 w Biddle 
Clarke James H. (M. C. & Sons) 92 s Ann 
Clarke James P. clerk, 191 Gough 
Clarke John, rigger, 21 Block 
Clarke John, grocery, 237 Gongh 
Clarke John E. clerk, 316 n Eden 
Clarke John G. (C. & Jones) 391 w Lombard 
Clarke John G.(JohnG.C.&Co.)103wTownsend 
CLARKE JOHN G. & CO. (John G. Clarke) 

engineers and bridge builders, over 7 South 
Clarke John H. foreman, 65 s Washington 
Clarke John S. shipcarp. 75 n Broadway 
Clarke John T. mariner, 40 Constitution 
Clarke John W. engineer, 237 Gough 
Clarke John W. (M. C. & Sons) 92 s Ann 
Clarke John W. clerk, 191 Gough 
Clarke John W. machinist, 127 Lexington 
CLARKE & JONES,(J. G.Clarke,W. H.Jones) 

candy manufrs. and fruits, 15 Light 
Clarke Jos. H. prof, of languages, 687 w Fayette 
Clarke Jos. W. clerk, 103 w Townsend 
Clarke K. dressmkr, 40 n Charles 
Clarke Lucv, teacher, 182 n Calvert 
Clarke M. & Sons (M., J.W. and J. H. Clarke) 

furniture, 64 e Baltimore 
Clarke Martin (M.C.&Sons) 92 s Ann 
Clarke Mrs.Margt. S. dressmkr, 127 Lexington 
Clarke Mrs. Mary P. 112 Greenmount av 
Clarke Milton, clerk, 30 e Lombard 
Clarke Phoebe D. 98 w Biddle 
Clarke Prof. Powhatan, Baltimore City College, 

dw 191 w John 
Clarke Son) Lombard and High 
Clarke Robt. A. jr. (C.& Son) 30 e Lombard 
Clarke Mrs. Rose, 174 n Gilmor 
Clarke Mrs. Sophie J. 182 n Calvert 
Clarke Stephen N. carp. 342 e Fayette 
Clarke & Son (Robt. A. sr. and Robt. A. C. jr.) 

provisions and grocery, 39 s High 
Clarke Thomas, contractor, 523 Franklin 
Clarke W. B., Sun reporter, 73 e Baltimore 

CLARKE WM. WIRT, Flour Com- 
mission Merchant, Importer and 
Dealer in all the Standard Ce- 
ments, Calcined, Dentist and Ag- 
ricultural Plaster, No. 61 South 
Gay Street. 

The Best Portland Cement, (same as I have been furnishing the Capitol Groiinds 

at Washington,) in store and to arrive regularly during the season, No. 61 S. GAY ST. 





Clarke Win. telegraphist, 380 Franklin 
Clarke \Vm.E.(Hurst,Purnell&Co.) ISVnCalvert 
Clarke Rev. Wm. F., Loyola College 
Clarke Wm. T. carp. 380 Franklin 
CLARKE WM. WIRT, flour com. mercht, 61 s 

Gay, dw 98 w Biddle. — [See adv. bottom lines 
darken James, blksmith, Woodberry 
Clarkin Henry, collector, 57 Park av 
Clarksburg Gas Coal Co., M. P. O'Hern, agent, 

47 n Calvert 
Clarkson Charles, clerk, 314 Hollins 
Clarkson Edwd.H.N.(Jos.C.&Son) 135nCalvert 
Clarkson Frank S. mach't. Cottage av nrYork rd 
Clarkson Geo. L. shoes, 108 n Central av,dvr 89 
Clarkson Joseph (Jos.C.&Son) 135 n Calvert 
Clarkson Joseph, clerk, 89 n Central av 
Clarkson Dr. Jc^. A. analytical chemist, office 

43 n Calvert, dw 135 
Clarkson Jos. A. (Penniman& Bro.) 413 Hollins 
CLARKSON JOS. & SON (Jos. and Edwd. H. 

N. Clarkson) machinists, 75 and 77 n Front 
Clarson James, patent heels, 600 w Lombard 
Clarvoe Clarence W. telegraphist, 26 s Mount 
Clarvoe John F. clerk, 26 s Mount 
Clarrv John H. machinist, Hampden 
Classen Benj. H. (H.C.&Sons) 148 s Sharp 
Classen C.II. (II.W.C.& Co.) agt. Asbestos Felt- 
ing Co.of N.Y..142 s Howard,dw 155 s Sharp 
Classen Fred.W. (H.C.&Sons) 147 s Sharp 
Classen H. 147 s Sharp 
CLASSEN H. & SONS, (B.H.and F.W.Classen) 

flour and forage, 145 s Sharp 
CLASSEN H.W.& CO. (H.W. and C.H.Classen) 

brick manufs., lime, cement, drain pipe and 

sand dealers, yards Light ext, office 142 and 

144 s Howard 
Classen Henry W. (H.W.C.&Co.) 155 s Sharp 
Clatchey James M. coachtrimmer, 55 Henrietta 
Claude Hammond, salesman, 57 Division 
,Claus Charles, cabinetmkr, 44 Parkin 
Claus Charles C. calligrapher and teacher, 19 e 

Claus Edward C. merchant tailor, 24 Postoffice 

av, dw 91 n Eden 
Claus Emanuel, carp. 169 s Bethel 
Claus Frederick, tailor, 107 e Lombard 
Claus Henry, cabinetmkr, 44 Parkin 
Claus Mrs. Mary, hand' work teacher, 19eLombard 
Claus Philip H. baker, Belair av 
Clause Joseph, brewer. Cross cor Covington 
Claussen John, lab. 27 Potomac 
Claussen John W. bookkpr, 133 Lexington 
Claussen Peter, rigger, 38 Essex 
Claussen Wm. bookkpr, 1.33 Lexington 
Ciautice Anna, notions, 111 Penna av 
Clautice Francis, huckster, 588 Aisquith 
Ciautice George, police, Point la and Aisquith 
Clautice George jr. car builder, 141 Penna av 
Ciautice George L. huckster, 586 Aisquith 
Clautice Henry, huckster, 142 Jefferson 
Clautice Henry C. shipsmith, 189 n Caroline 
Clautice J. Wm. cigarmkr, 295 e Madison 
Clautice John F. clei'k, 189 n Caroline 
Clautice John W. huckster, Aisquith nr Point la 
Ciautice Joseph, tinner, 110 3 Paca 
Clautice Joseph, tailor^ 295 e Madison 
Clautice Josei)h M. 295 e Madison 
Clautice Wm. huckster, 142 Jefferson 
Clautice Wm. coachmkr, 141 Penna av 
Clautice Wm. F. (Brooks, Rogers & Co.) 209 w 

La n vale 
Clavc-11 Mrs. Caroline, 152 e Lombard 

Clavell George W. lab. 152 e Pratt 

Clawson Dr. J. H. 392 e Pratt 

Clay Mrs. Catherine, 215 s Bethel 

Clay George W. lab. 152 e Pratt 

Clay George W. brakeman, 21 Randall 

Clay James, 188 n Arlington av 

Clay James T. clerk, 83 s Greene 

Clay James W. collector, 453 e Fayette 

Clay John, sup't, 75 e Pratt 

Clay Mrs. Louisa, Sweet Air 

Clay Oliver W. bookkpr, 188 n Arlington av 

Clay R. W. salesman, 314 w Baltimore 

Clay Wm. C. lumber insp'r, 10 s Gilmor 

Clayland Daniel L. police, 448 w Fayette 

Clayland Samuel, 24 n Schroeder 

Clayland Thomas, driver, Pratt nr Monroe 

Clayland Wm. S. driver, 24 n Schroeder 

Claypoole George W. painter, 239 n Wolfe 

Claypoole James, clerk, 149 n Calhoun 

Claypoole Capt. James Y. clerk, 418 n Eden 

Claypoole Capt. John, 418 n Eden 

Clayton Alfred S. butter depot, 82 Hanover,dw 

Frederick rd nr Edmondson av 
Clayton Alfred T. carp. 70 George 
Clayton Augustus L. junk, 434 Penna av, dw 

York rd nr Huntington av 
Clayton Charles, advt. agent, 575 w Fayette 
Clayton Edw'd W. advt. agent, 575 w Fayette 
Clayton F. L. (F.L.C.&Co.) Pepper's hotel 
Clayton F. L. & Co.(F.L. Clayton) ship brokers 

and com. mcrchts, 77 Smith's whf 
Clayton Hezekiah B. porter, 98 Druid Hill av 
Clayton James, trunkmkr, '70 George 
Clayton James E. miner and mineral lands, 6 s 

Gay, dw Green Springs, Balto co 
Clayton James W. attorney, 199 Maryland av 
Clayton John T. carp. 336 Aisquith 
Clayton John P. ass't cashier C.H.dw 26 Clarke 
Clayton Joseph B. clerk, 93 Hillen 
Clayton Julius (Chas. Duvall & Co. 199 Mary- 
land av 
Clayton- Mrs. M. L. 42 Mulberry 
Clayton Patrick, lab. 17 Albemarle 
Clayton Philip V. printer, 336 Aisquith 
Clayton S. S. mineral lands and real estate, 6 s 

Gay, dw Green Springs, Balto co 
Clayton Wm. E. bookkpr, 97 e Madison 
Clayville Mrs. Annie, 394 w Fayette 
Clazey Albert, moulder, 47 St. Peter 
Cleary Mrs. D. M. 171 n Calvert 

CLSARY EDWARD M., Wholesale 
and Retail Dealer in Hardware, 
Spike and Oar Manuf r, 272 and 
274 s Broadway, dw 302 Bank 

Cleary Jas. provisions, 21 s Ann, dw 217 
Cleary Nicholas, lab. 38 Block 
Cleary Wm. lab. 7 Pleasant al 
Cleasson Adam, cigarmkr, 206 w Fayette 
Cleasson Mrs. Marian, chiropodist, 206 w Fayette 
Cleaveland Amos J. dry goods, 354 n Broadway 
Cleaveland Chas. P. clerk, 144 n Exeter 
Cleaveland Edwin R. (E.R.C.& Co.)426eBalti- 
Cleaveland E. R. & Co. (E.R. and S. Cleaveland) 
wholes. and retail dry goods and notions, 157 
n Gay 
Cleaveland James P. carp. 28 Etting 
Cleaveland Sylvester (E.R.C.& Co. )144n Exeter 
Clefford John H. feed, 348 Penna av 
Clegg Dr. Jas. 89 s High, dw 55 Aisquith 

HOLMES & CO., Engineers' and 
Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, 

Machinists' Tools and Supplies, 
Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

O. F. Bresee, G-eneral A gent, Americ an Building'. 
" CLE 155 CLO 

Clemens Augustus D. real estate, Waverley 
Clemens Augustus D. jr. real estate, Waverley 
Clemens Edward E. coal oil, Homestead 
Clemens James, cooper, 235 n Bond 
Clemens John G. porter, Homestead 
Clemens Louis, pressman, 54 s Central* av 
Clemens Mrs. Susan, Homestead 
Clemens Wm. cooper, Homestead 
Clement James (Adler & C.) 8 n Strieker 
Clements John, hrickmkr, 648 Light 
Clements John W. mariner, 162 Gough 
Clements John W. machinist, Harford rd nr 

Point la 
Clements Dr. P P. manager Continental Life 

Ins. Co. 22 Potsoffice av, dw 771 Madison av 
Clements Philip, basketmkr, 79 MuUikin 
Clements Robert, com. mercht, 65 Camden 
Clements Mrs. Susan, 43 s Calhoun 
Clements Theo. machinist, 43 s Calhoun 
Clements W. E. 455 Saratoga 
Clements W. M. act'g master transportation, 

B. & 0. R. R. dw Relay house 
Clements Wm. M. brickmkr, 180 Montgomery 
Clemm John, brassmoulder, 152 e Eager 
Clemm Rev. W. T. D. 101 n Bond 
Clemm Wm. E. rigger, 265 e Biddle 
Clemm "Wm. E. jr. purser, 265 e Biddle 
Clemment Capt. John B. mariner, 211 e Pratt 
Clemment John R. cigarmkr, 134 e Fayette 
Clemsen Joseph, -shipjoiner, 247 Gough 
Clemscn Lemuel, law student, 43 s Washington 
Clemsen Samuel, dredger, 140 Lancaster 
Clemsen Tilghman, barkpr, 45 Ensor 
Clemsen Wm. watchman, 43 s Washington 
Clendenen W. J. clerk, 276 Lexington 
Clendenin James, clerk, 158 n Arlington av 
Clendenin Joseph, clerk, 158 n Arlington av 
Clendenin Joseph jr. clerk, 158 n Arlington av 
Clendenin Margaret, teacher, 268 Park av 
Clendenin Susan, 268 Park av 
Clendenin Wm. clerk, 276 Lexington 
Clendenin Wm. John, clerk, 158 n Arlington av 
Clendenin Wm.R. moulder and gilder,268Parkav 
CLENDINEN T. R. attorney, 82 w Fayette, dw 

41 Mt. Vernon pi 
Clendinen Dr. Wm. H. 102 n Broadway 
Clennv John, gunsmith, 50 n Bond 

cor Calvert and Lexington 

Calvert and Lexington 

Paul and Lexington 

house, cor Pavette and North 

COURT, s e cor St. Paul and Courthouse la 

second floor,se cor St. Paul and Courthoitse la 
Clewell Dr. A. A. 285 e Biddle 
Clickner Geo. clerk, 191 Lee 
Clickner Samuel A. (Pipinbrink & C.) 191 Lee 
Cliffe John F. mariner, 110 s Eden 
Clifford Albert, shoemkr, Washington nr Chase 
Clifford Mrs. Annie E. fish, Harford rd nr city 

Clifford Bernard P. sexton, 274 Gough 
Clifford Chas. machinist, 116 e Fayette 
Clifford Chas. plumber, 99 Hollins" 
Clifford Edward, lab. 147 Dolphin 
Clifford Mrs. Hannah A. 148 German 
Clifford Harriet, notions, 923 w Baltimore 


Made water-tisht, andpreserved for years, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMENT aud 


By increasing the qvantity of Gum. we make a Pahit 
for Damp Walls which i? uuequaled. All work 
guaranteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders solicited 
for uew felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER & CO.. Sole Manufacturers. 

No 3 COURTLAND STREET, up stales. 

Clifford James H. horseshoer, 92 s Central av, 

dw 37 n Eutaw 
Clifford John C. capper, 274 Gough 
Clifford Samuel, liquors, 2 Haw 
Clifford Sylvester, janitor, 32 Mulberry 
Clifford Thomas E. lab. 274 Gough 
CLIFFORD THOMAS L. min'l water manufr, 

Holland and Lewis, dw 20 Jackson 
Clifford Wm. carter, 180 Greenmount av 
Clifford Wm. H. supt. Court house, 22 Pearl 
Clift G. R. lab. 138 William 
Clift Jeremiah, glassblower, 53j William 
Clift Mark A. G. clerk, HI WUliara 
Clift John, clerk, 138 William 
Clift Mrs. Mary, 111 William 
Clift Mrs. Sarah E. 138 William 
Clift Dr. W. D. 47 Conway 
Clift Wm.V. clerk, 138 William 
Clifton Geo. H. tobacconist, Druid Hill av and 

Eutaw, dw 94 McCulloh 
Clifton House, Rudolph Pelz, prop'r, Madison 

av nr Druid Hill park 
Clifton Robert D. mercht. tailor, 4 u Charles, 

dw 321 Myrtle av 
Cline Anthony, 387 e Pratt 
Cline Daniel H. police, 64 McMechin 
Cline David L. salesman, 36 n Bond 
Cline Jacob C. patternmkr, 409 w Lombard 
Clinedinst Barnet M. artist, over 66 Lexington, 

dw 59 n Gilmor 
Clinton Fire Insurance Co. of N. Y., 3 German 
Clinton H. DeWit, bricklayer, 534 Harford av 
Clinton James, shucker, 25 Battery av 
Clinton James, overseer, Druidville 
Clinton John, fireman, 258 Battery av 
Clinton Mrs. Mary, Druidville 
Clipper Cotton Duck Mills, Wm. E. Hooper & 

Sons proprs. 2| miles N.C.R.W. 
Clipper Geo. shipcarp. 580 Hanover 
Clipper Hotel, Wm. E. Hooper & Sons, proprs. 

Clipper mills 
Clipper John H. caulker, 590 Cross 
Clipper Lewis, police, 319 s Sharp 
Clipper (M.E.) church. Sweet Air 
Clipper Wm. shipcarp. 319 s Sharp 
Clisham Mrs. Catherine, grocery, 186 n Front 
Clisham Timothy, puddler, Clinton nr Second av 
Cloarty John, lab. 648 Light 
Clocker Henry C. carp. 277 n Ann 
Clocker Hezekiah, carp. 277 n Ann 
Clocker John A. mariner, 117 Mullikin 
Clocker John T. excavator, 277 n Ann 
Clockley David, engineer, 45 Brown 
Clogg G. S. & Son (Geo.S. and G.H. Clogg,) 

boots and shoes, 2 s Calvert 
Clogg Geo. H. (G.S. Clogg & Son) Balto. co 
Clogg Geo. S. (G.S. Clogg & Son) Balto. co 
Cloman Geo. K. lab. 17 Clement 
Cloman Geo. charcoal burner, 17 Clement 
Cloman James W. lab. 17 Clement 


No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 

mmruAL uj^mmH^mEca^rmmyoBK. 




Cloke & Bro. (James and John Cloke) kindling 

wood and coal, cor Lancaster and Dallas 
Cloke James, (Cloke & Bro.) 151 s Eden 
Cloke John (Cloke & Bro.) 153 s Eden 
Cloke John, roofer, 109 Albemarle 
Cloney John, driver, 71 McHenry 
Cloney Patrick, lab. 96 Harford av 
Clopein Henry, butcher, 556 Penna av 
Clopein John, butcher, McHenry nr Millington la 
Cloonan Maggie, dressmkr, 15 Parkin 
Cloonau Martin, lab. 15 Parkin 
Clopton Wm. S. 259 n Wolfe 
Cloriday Mrs. Sarah, 32 Williamson al 
Close Mrs. Barbara, 316 Lexington 
Close James, 77 n Liberty 
Close Mary A. confectionery. Sweet Air 
Close Nicholas, huckster, 76 Jackson sq av 
Close Robert, driver, 160 George 
Clotworthy Alex, furniture, 76 n Howard 
Clotworthy Chas. A. 77 Argyle av 
Clotworthy Edward F. clerk, 319 e Baltimore 
Clotworthy Samuel, 76 n Howard 
Clotworthy Wm. P. (Smith, Hanway & Co.)l77 

w Lombard 
Cloud Daniel (Shipe C. & Co.) 365 Eutaw pi 
CLOUD HOUSE, John P. Wilson, propr. 415 w 

Cloud Mrs. Isabella, 269 e Monument 
Cloud Jesse L. collector, 706 Saratoga 
Cloud Wm. shipcarp. 197 n Central av 
Clough Jas.E. (Sears, Clough & Co. ) 79 n Charles 
Clough Martin V. (Sears, C. & Co.) 204 Mosher 
Clouss Christian, stevedore, 45 Cooksie 
Club Wm. butcher, 77 Belair Mkt, dw Waverley 
Club Wm. jr. butcher, Waverley 
Clowe John H. police, 49 s Greene 
Clunan Patrick, lab. 41 Cooksie 
Clunan Timothy, collier, 41 Cooksie 
Clunet Louis S.' clerk, 234 n Howard 
Clunet Victor, secy. American Fire Ins. Co. 234 

a Howard 
Clunet Victor S. clerk, 120 George 
Cluney James, moulder, 146 Leadenhall 
Cluney Mrs. Margaret, 86 Lemmon 
Cluney Robert, tailor, 58 King 
Cluney Thos. F. lab. 86 Lemmon 
Clurkev Patrick, hostler, 59 Columbia 
Clutz Rev. J. A. 437 n Carey 
Clyde Henry D. collector, 24^ Franklin 
Coad Geo. D. 35 n Gilmor 
Coad J. Edwin, flour inspector, 70 South, dw 35 

n Gilmor 
Coad Thomas, lab. 32 Ryan 
Coad Wm. lab. 24 Ryan 
COAKLEY BBOS.(M. and D. Coakley) leather 

and shoe findings, 14 s Calvert 
Coakley Chas. shoemkr, 32 Warner 
Coakley Daniel, (C.Bros.) 183 Saratoga 
Coakley Joseph A. boxmkr, 417 Light 
Coakley Michael (C.Bros.) Caroline and Chase 
Coakley P. H. bill broker, 9 German nr South 

dw cor Dolphin and Druid Hill av 
Coakley Wm. porter, 70 s Carey 
Coale A. G. attorney, 14 Law bldg. dw 228 n 

Coale Mrs. Cassandra, 157 Dolphin 
Coale Catherine A. 15 McCulloh 
Coale Edwin Brevitt, attorney, 51 Lexington, 

dw 157 Dolphin 
Coale F. W. stationery, 74 n Charles, dw 107 w 

w Biddle 
Coale Mrs. Fannie P. 06 Edmondson av 

Coale Geo. B. (G.B.C. and Morris) and prest. 

Merchants Mutual Ins. Co. office 42 Second, 

dw 215 Madison av 
COALE GEO. B. & MORRIS (Geo. B. Coale, 

Wm. E.Morris) insurance agents and brokers, 

42 Second 
Coale Harvev L. bookkpr, 49 McCulloh 
COLE JAMES CAREY, agt. for N. Y. Board 

of Underwriters and Lloyds, 56 Exchange pi, 

dw cor Madison av and Lanvale 
Coale Mrs. Jane, 63 n High 
Coale Joseph G. clerk, 107 w Biddle 
Coale Joseph M. master mechanic N.C.R.W. 

shops, 107 w Biddle 
Coale S. D. teacher, 79 McCulloh 
Coale Thomas E. 49 McCulloh 
Coale Wm. E. treasr. Central Savings Bank, dw 

Catonsville, Baltimore co 
Coale Wm. E. jr. bookkpr, 49 McCulloh 
Coalhouse Frank, lab. 100 Warner 
Coalhouse Henry, lab. 100 Warner 
Coapman John, shoemkr. Cross and Warner 
Coates & Bro. (Geo.W.P. and Dr.C.E.Coates) 

proprs. Locust Pt. Rolling mills 
Coates Dr.C.E. (C.& Bro.) 118 Cathedral 
Coates Chas. machinist, Hope nr Aisquith 
Coates Mrs. Geo. A. 71 n Arlington av 
Coates Geo.W.P.(C.&Bro.)33Cathedral nrRead 
Coates Geo.W.P.jr. clerk, 118 Cathedral 
Coates Israel, blksmith, Hope nr Aisquith 
Coates Thos. grainer, 446 n Calhoun 
Coath Mrs. Maria, 44 e Lombard 
Coath Wm. bookkpr, 44 e Lombard 
Cobb Chas.H. 109 Mulberry 
Cobb 2d Lieut.EdwardA.,U.S. A.,FortMcHenry 
Cobb Edw.R.E. (Higgins,Cobb &Co.) 243 Lin- 
den av 
Cobb Geo.F. salesman, 110 n CarroUton av 
Cobb Josiah N. clerk, 109 Mulberry 
Coberth Lloyd H. engineer, 218 Columbia 
Coberth Millard, machinist, 218 Columbia 
Coblens A. dry goods, 509 w Baltimore 
Coblens Chas. clerk, 87 Columbia 
Coblens Daniel, salesman, 130 German 
Coblens Danl. (D. Coblens & Son) 87 Columbia 
Coblens Danl. & Son, (D.and L. Coblens, ) horses, 

3 n Paca 
Coblens Felix, 141 German 
Coblens Lazarus, horses, 130 German 
Coblens Lewis, (D.Coblens& Son) 250 w Fayette 
Coblens Saml. horses, 1 n Paca,dw 141 German 
Coburn Cornelius, stonemason, 40 Albemarle 
Coburn Elizabeth F., Pratt and Bond 
Coburn Geo. currier, 40 Albemarle 
COBURN GEO. attorney, 31 St. Paul, dw 60 w 

Coburn John, stonemason, 242 Myrtle av 
Coburn Richard, 60 w Hoffman 
Coburn Solo^non, feed, flour and lime, Concord 

and Bowly, dw 508 w Fayette 
Coburn Mrs. Susan, proprietress Rechabite hall, 

n w cor Fayette and Frederick 
Coburn Thos. jr. brassfinisher, 60 w Hoffman 
Coburn Mrs. Thos. 60 w Hoffman 
Cochran Andrew, plumber, 16 Cathedral 
Cochran Chas. jr. 327 Druid Hill av 
COCHRAN & CO. (J.E.Cochran,W.Abrahams, 

G.F. Cochran and W.W.Abrahams) ice deal- 
ers, 138 s Exeter, 200 West Falls av and 206 

AV Favette 
Cochran Mrs. Elizabeth H. 140 w Biddle 
Cochran Mrs. Emma L. 13 Aisquith 

WM. WIRT CLARKE, Importer and Wholesale Acrent of 

Largest Life Ins. Co. in theWorld, O.F.Bresee, G-en. Agt. 



Made water-tight, and preserved for years, by thor- 
onghly applying ELASTIC CEMENT and 


By increasing the qvaritity of Gum, we malie a Paint 
for Damp Walls whicli is uneqiialed. All Work 
guaranteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders solicited 
lornew felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D M. SADLER & CO., Sole Manufacturers, 

No. 3 COURTLAND STREET, up stairs. 

Cochran Geo.F. (C.&Co.) 321 Madison av | 

Cochran Geo.W.brakeman, 142 w Lombard ! 
Cochran Harry W. 238 w Hoffman 
Cochran James, saloon, 62 Cooksie 
Cochran James, lab. 62 Cooksie 
Cochran James, tailor, 97 s Exeter ' 
Cochran Jas.E. (C.& Co.) 321 Madison av 
Cochran John J. fisherman, 72 Block 
Cochran John T. clerk, 13 Aisquith 
Cochran Martha, 178 n High 
Cochran Michael, drayman, 141 Chew 
Cochran Presley N. clerk, 149 e Monument 
Cochran R.M.& Co. (R.M. Cochran, H. A. Ray- 
cob) boots and shoes, 131 Saratoga 
Cochran Rich'd M. (R.M. Cochran & Co.)Frank- 

lin, second door e of Carey 
Cochran Robt. J. 16 Cathedral 
Cochran Wm. B. (W. H. Milnor & Co.) 140 w 

Cochran Wm.F. bookkpr, 357 Druid Hill av 
Cochran Wm. J., South Baltimore foundry, York 

nf William, dw 49 n Broadway 
Cochrane Charles E. clerk, 136 n Calvert 
Cochrane Mrs. Jennie, 136 n Calvert 
Cockey Alex, clerk, 201 w Fayette 
Cockey C.W. 201 w Fayette 
Cockey Dr.Chas.H. 45 n Gilmor 
Cockey John C. 188 George 
Cockey John F. clerk, 66 Maryland av 
Cockey Dr. Joseph C. 2 s Exeter 
Cockey Joseph D. driver, 66 Maryland av 
Cockey Mrs. Mary, 188 George 
Cockey Richard, clerk, 188 George 
Cockey Wm.H.oils and paints, 465 w Baltimore, 

dw 330 Saratoga 
Cockey Wm.H. jr. bookkpr, 330 Saratoga 
Cockey Wm. P.C. clerk, n w cor Saratoga and 

Cockley George W. engineer, 196 L. Constitution 
•Cockley John A. engineer, 28 Greenmount av 
Cockley Jos.W.brakesman,196 L. Constitution 
Cockrill Dr. J. J. 23 s Broadway 
Cockrill Dr. Joseph M. 314 e Baltimore 
Cockrill Thos. foreman, 23 s Broadway 
Codd Benj. butcher, 416 e Fayette 
CODD EDWARD J. & CO. (E.J. Codd) engineers 

and machinists, 259 s Caroline 
Codd Edw. J. (E.J.C. & Co.) machinist, 118 n 

Codd James, marblecutter, 69 e Madison 
Codd John F. salesman, 69 e Madison 
Codd Simon, lab. 69 e Madison 
Codd Wm.C. clerk, 118 n Broadway 
Codd Wm.H. 332 n Broadway 
Coddington Wm. 69 n Strieker 
Codet Jos. R. dancing master, 26 Spring row 
Codling Jas. F. salesman, 46 n Fulton 
Codling John G. carp. 28 n Frederick, dw 46 n 

Codori Jacob, carp. 345 n Ann 
Codori John A. butcher, 123 Centre and 48 Bel- 
air Mkts, dw 89 Greenmount av 
Cody Drucilla, boarding, 196 w Lombard 
Cody Michael, liquors, 78 East 
^Soe Andrew, superphosphate lime, 44 Light,dw 

174 Harlem av 
Coe P.N. drug clerk, 64 Clarke 
Coe Roderick D. attorney, 37 Lexington, dw 174 

Harlem av 
Coe'b Darby, tailor, 196 Montgomery 
Coesbeck David, lab.. Second nr Dillon 
Coffay John F. 40 w 

Coffay Thos. hacks, 40 w Eager 
Coffay Wm. hackman, 146 Cathedral 
Coffiiy Mrs.Wm. grocery, 146 Cathedral 
Coffey John, hackman, Aisquith and Chase 
Coffey Patrick, hackman, 278 Aisciuith 
Coffield Geo.C.H. 100 n Carrollton av 
Coffin Capt.Chas.E. mariner, 97 s Ann 
Coffin, Altemus & Co. (L. Coffin,- J. B. Altemus, 

E. A. Treat, T.B.Martin, E. H. Converse) dry 

goods com. merchants, 13 German 
Coffin Chas.G. wagoner, 346 Harford av 
Coffin L. (C.,Attemus & Co.) Philadelphia 
Coffinberger John, engineer, 25 Butler 
Coffroth A. Bruce, attorney, 27 Lexington, dw 

221 Madison av 
COFFROTH GEO.R. & CO. (G.R.Coffroth,Jas. 

Brian, Wm. B. Bateman) com. merchants and 

dealers in tobacco, cigars and snuff, 330 w 

Cofran James A. clerk, 75 St. Peter 
Cofran James H. machinist, 75 St. Peter 
Coggins Chas. ice cream and confectionery, 146 

e Monument 
Coggins Edwd. R. wagoner, 169 e Eager 
Coggins Geo. salesman, 169 e Eager 
Coggins Geo. E. clerk, 39 Greenmount av 
Coggins John, hay dealer, 3 McKim, dw 39 

Greenmount av 
Coggins John W. 84 n Bond 
Coggins Lewis, paper carrier, 88 e Madison 
Coggins Wm. driver. Federal nr Belair av 
Coghill John, lab. 590 w Pratt 
Coghlan Edward, clerk, 8 Brown 
Coghlan James, police, 6 New 
Coghlan Richard, bookkpr, 8 Brown 
Cogswell Geo. A. carp. 63 n Poppleton 
Cogswell John S. fish and oysters, 92 g Eutaw 
Cogswell Mrs. Sophia, 63 n Poppleton 
Cohan Mrs. Maria, 120 s High 
Cohatsie Anton, lab. 240 e Eager 
Cohee Geo. W. fireman, 108 Jackson sq av 
Cohen Abraham, peddler, 106 Lancaster 
Cohen Abraham, (Cohen Bros.) 8 Harrison 
Cohen Adolph L. clerk, 232 Saratoga 
Cohen B. k G. (Benj. and Gideon Cohen) dry 

goods, 102 and 166 Lexington 
Cohen Bros. (L.and A.Cohen) sec. hand goods, 

6 and 8 Harrison 
Cohen Benj. (S. & B. Cohen) 185 n Gay 
Cohen Benj. (B. & G. Cohen) 166 Lexington 
Cohen Benj. clerk, 5 Second 
Cohen Benj. salesman, 283 w Lombard 
Cohen Benj. L s e cor St. Paul and Read 
Cohen Bernard, clerk, 185 n Gay 
Cohen Eleazer, (M. C. & Sons) 331 w Lombard 
Cohen Emanuel, clothing, 5 Second 
Cohen Ephraim M. house furnishing goods, 153 

Lexington, dw 240 Saratoga 
Cohen Gideon, (B. and G.Cohen) 164 Lombard 

Calcined, Casting and No. f DENTIST PlasterrNo. 1 Agricultuml 
Plaster, Whiting, Parie White, No. 61 S. GAY ST. 

w:mmrtrAiL life in sura ncecq.ofNew york.% 




Ck)hen Mrs. Hannah, clothing, HS Light,dw 221 
Cohen Harris, glazier, 155 u Eden 
Cohen Henry, salesman, 99 L. Greene 
Cohen Herman, clothing, 2 Harrison, dw 106 

Cohen Isaac, tailor, 13 L. McElderry 
Cohen Isaac, shirt manuf. 25 n Howard 
Cohen Isadore, clerk, 221 Light 
Cohen Mrs. Israel, s e cor St. Paul and Read 
Cohen Jacob I. attorney, 53 St. Paul, dw 125 

w L an vale 
Cohen Jacob L. (Manko & Stern) 7 Penn 
Cohen John, driver, 110 n Bethel 
Cohen Joseph, 13 s Howard 
Cohen Joseph, lab. 45 York 
Cohen Joshua, s e cor St. Paul and Read 
Cohen Julius, tailor, 4 Albemarle 
Cohen Lewis, clerk, 468 w Baltimore 
Cohen Lewis, (C. Bros.) 6 Harrison 
Cohen Lewis J. clerk, 232 Saratoga 
Cohen M. merchant tailor. 35 Park av 
Cohen Col. M. I. 115 n Charles 
Cohen Meudel, clothing, 178 Light, dw 24 Lee 
Cohen Meudes, 177 n Charles 
Cohen Moses, 307 w Fayette 
Cohen Moses & Sons, (Eleazer and S. Cohen) 

dry goods, 269 w Baltimore 
Cohen Mrs. Rachel, notions, 11 n Pine 
Cohen Raphael, clothing, loB Light-st whf, dw 

235 s Charles 
Cohen Mrs. Rose, 468 w Baltimore 
Cohen S.& B.(Saml.and Benj. Cohen) boots and 

shoes, 195 n Gay 
Cohen Samuel, 99 L. Greene 
Cohen Samuel (S. and B. Cohen) 185 n Gay 
Cohen Samuel, tailor, 235 s Charles 
Cohen Samuel L. clerk, 232 Saratoga 
Cohen Silas, clerk, 11 n Pine 
Cohen Simon, salesman, 138 Gough 
Cohen Simon, dry goods, 185 u Gay 

Cohen Simon L. clerk, 232 Saratoga 

Cohen Solomon, (M, C. & Sons) 354 Lexington 

Cohu Emanuel N. boots and shoes, 152^ n Eutaw 

Cohn Mrs. Hannah, 71s Eden 

Cohu Henry P. dry goods, 196 s Broadway 
■ Cohn Herman, shoefindings, 111 Chew 

Cohn Josiah, dry goods, 13 Brown 

Cohn Moritz G. 292 Lexington 

Cohn N. M. peddler, 128 s Eden 

Colbarby Frank, lab. 257 s Ann 

Colbert Aug. F. com. mercht. and flour, 4 w 
Pratt, dw 25 n Exeter 

Colbert James, lab. 13 Hudson al 

Colbert James A. police, 34 n Wolfe 

Colbert Capt. Levin, office U. S. Shipping com- 
missioner, over C. U. dw 50 n Ann 

Colburn L>r. Augustus W. 369 w Lombard 

Colburn Paul S. clerk, 152 Druid Hill av 

Cole Alex, ruoulder, 116 e Eager 

Cole Alan, (Wra. H. C. & Sons) 75 Cathedral 

Cole Alfred, gatekeeper, 37 Brune 

Cole Andrew, saloon, 5 North, dw 64 Brune 

Cole Mrs. Ann, seamstress, 34 Parrish 

Cole Beuj. F. salesman, 185 McCulloh 

Cole Beuj. M. lab. 73 u Chapel 

Cole Chas. E. driver, 94 n Eden 

Cole Chas. M. barber, 65 Stirling 

Cole Chas. R. clerk, 17 n Bond 

Cole Chas. W. sawyer, 104 Ensor 

Cole Conrad, carter, lo7 Peirce 

Cole Edgar F. carp. 116 e Eager 

Cole Edward, telegraphist, Jefferson av nr Oak 

Cole Edward N. (Heironimus& Co.) 703 Lex- 
Cole Francis, machinist, Jefferson av nr Oak 
Cole Francis, junk, 4 Willow 
Cole Francis 0. (Cole, Grace & Muncks) 243 n 

Cole Frank C. picture frame maker, 10 e Balti- 
Cole Frank M. broker, 510 n Fremont 
Cole Fredk. (C. & Jacobs) 10 Penna av 
Cole Geo. A. carp. 394 Druid Hill av 
Cole Geo. B.( Pope C. & Co. also Pope & C.) 243 

n Eutaw 
Cole Geo. E. stonecutter, 455 n Carey 
Cole Geo. H. clerk, 398 e Lombard 
Cole & Gilpin, (L. H. Cole) wholes, fruiterers 

and confectioners, 30 Hanover 
Cole Geo. C. carp. 180 e Monument 
Cole Geo. W. cutter, 166 n Bond 
COLE, GRACE & MUNCHS, (Wm. P. Cole, 
Francis O. Cole, John W. Grace, John F. 
Munchs) wholes, hats, caps and straw goods, 
30 s Sharp 
Cole H. H. 213 w Biddle 
Cole Harry, 328 Madison av 
Cole Mrs. Hattie, grocery, 26 n Strieker ext 
Cole Henry, miller, Winans row 
Cole Henry, oysters, 252 e Monument 
Cole Henry, junk, 4 Willow- 
Cole Henry A. carp. 394 Druid Hill av 
Cole Henry C. clerk, 16 s Mount 
Cole Hiram, 149 Edmondson av 
Cole J. C. Legrand, magistrate, W'averley 
ColerA Jacobs, (Frederick Cole, John A. Jacobs) 

restaurant, 10 Penna av 
Cole J. Wilson, clerk, 318 n Eutaw 
Cole James, miller, Calverton mills 
Cole James, grocery, 275 n Ann 
Cole James, bricklayer, 122 Dolphin 
Cole James W. clerk Sun Office, 774 Lexington 
Cole Mrs. Jane, confectionery, 89 Hanover and 

71^ u Greene, dw 89 Hanover 
Cole John A. reporter, 62 n Greene 
Cole John B. miller, Calverton mills 
Cole John E. 703 Lexington 
Cole John H. huckster, 118 n Caroline 
Cole John H. helper, 45 s Strieker 
Cole John H. varuisher, 4 McHenry 
Cole John H. stonecutter, lo4 Ensor 
Cole John R. carp. 45 s Strieker 
Cole John R. 62 n Greene 
Cole John T. carp. 180* Monument 
Cole John W. tinner, 313 Orleans 
Cole Joseph, carp. 455 n Carey 
Cole Jos. jr. carp. 455 n Carey 
Cole Jos. S. lab. 4 Willow 
Cole Mrs. Joshua, bakery, 16 s Mount 
Cole Lewis, driver, 48 Valley 
Cole Lewis E. currier, 510 n Fremont 
Cole Lewis Hiram, (C.& Gilpin) 149 Edmond- 
son av 
Cole Lloyd, (Wm.H. C. &Sons) 75 Cethedral 
Cole Louis D. police, 131 e Monument 
COLE LOUIS M. general ticket agt B.&O.R.R. 

Co. dw 201 w Lombard 
Cole Lycurgus, conductor, 112 w Townsend 
Cole Marion L. lab. 131 s Bond 
Cole Maria L. saleslady, 427 e Lombard 
Cole Martin, machinist, 62 Johnson 
Cole Mrs. Mary, 17 n Bond 
Cole Mrs. Mary J. 131 s Bond 
Cole Michael, lab. 4 Willow 

HOLMKS & CO., Engineers' and Machinists' Tools and Supplies, 
Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

Assets, $85,000,000.00. O. F. Bresee, G-eii'l Agt. 
COL 159 COL 

Cole Moses, lab. 12 L. Church 

Cole Peuuock J. conductor, 26 n Strieker ext 

Cole Philip H. cigarmkr, 131 s Bond 

Cole Robert C. mariner, 275 n Ann 

Cole Robert C. 16G e Monument 

Cole Robert E. watchman, VVaverley 

Cole Robert F. potter, 17 n Bond 

Cole S. Spencer, attorney, 42 Lexington, dw 318 
n Eutaw 

Cole Salathiel, 510 n Fremont 

Cole Samuel C. sheet iron worker, 166 n Bond 

Cole Samuel H. tobacconist, 278 n Broadway 

Cole Selah, carp. 180 e Monument 

Cole Spencer H. machinist, 131 n Carey 

Cole Susanna, 4 Willow 

Cole Thos. canmkr, 166 n Bond 

Cole Thos. B. clerk, Sweet Air 

Cole Thos. B. machinist, 442 e Monument 

Cole Thos. S. mariner, 210 Aliceanna 

Cole W. E. miller, Calverton mills 

Cole Wallace, lab. 131 s Bond , 

Cole Wm. tinner, 51 s Oregon 

Cole Wm. C. painter, 100 n Eutaw 

Cole Wm. G. clerk, 131 s Bond 

Cole Wm. G. pipe fitter, 76 Gough 

Cole Wm. H. agent Bible Society, Bible House, 
25 n Charles, dw 318 n Eutaw 

Cole Dr. Wm. H. reporter, 39 n Front 

Cole Wm. H. (Wm.H.C. &Sons) 75 Cathedral 
COLE WM. H. & SONS, (Wm. H., Alan, and 
Lloyd Cole) hardware com. merchants, 17 s 
Cole Dr. Wm. J. 93 McCulloh 
Cole Wm. L. jr. clerk, 339 n Bond 
Cole Wm. L. plasterer, 339 n Bond 

Cole Wm.P. (Cole,Grace& Munchs) 243nEutaw 

Cole Wm. R. 236 Maryland av 

Cole Wm. V. lab. 30 Morton al 

Colein John, carp. 101 s Strieker 

Colein John F. engineer, 77 Cross 

Colein Thomas R. clerk, 5 s Monroe 

Colein Wm. H. engineer, 228 Barre 

Colein Wm. H. shipcarp. 77 Cross 

Coleman Alverta, (Jurney & C.) 249 Light 

Coleman Alex, stonecutter, 336 Scott 

Coleman Mrs. Annie, 2 Andrew 

Coleman Chas. lab. 97 s Regester 

Coleman Chas. C. groc'y, 107^ n Schroeder 

Coleman Chas. E. bookkpr, 420 e Monument 

Coleman Chas. H. lab. 522 Harford av 

Coleman Chas. L. police, 93 s Wolfe 

Coleman Chas. M. (». Cherry & Co.) Penna av 

and St. Mary 
Coleman Chas. R. shoemkr, 335 Saratoga 
Coleman Chas. R. shoemkr, 350 Franklin 
Coleman Chas. R. cashier National Mechanics 

Bank, 149 w Madison 
Coleman Chas. R. shipjoiner, 130 Hamburg 
Coleman Chas.R. jr. accountant, 249 Madison av 
Coleman Clara, 51 n Frederick 
Coleman E.B. supt.Carrollton Hotel, dw 6 Oliver 
Coleman Edward, pumpmkr, 129 Gough 
Coleman Edward B. watchman, 2 AndreAV 
Coleman Elizabeth, grocery, 97 s Regester 
Coleman Mrs. Elizabeth, 114 Mosher 
Coleman Mrs. l^lizab. A. trimmings, 153 e Pratt 
Coleman Ellis, shoemkr, 123 e Baltimore 
Coleman Eugene D. musical instruments and 

variety, 12 w Pratt 
Coleman F. M. paperhanger, 351 e Monument 
Coleman Franklin P. lab. 522 Harford av 
Coleman Mrs. Fredk. — Wilkens av 


Made water-tight, and preserved for years, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMENT aud 


By increasing the qvantily oj Gxivi, we make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which i* uuequaled. All Work 
guaranteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders solicited 
for uew felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER & CO., Sole Mauufacturers, 

No. 3 COURTLAND STREET, up stairs. 

Coleman Major F. W., Carrolltou hotel 
Coleman Geo. bricklayer, 335 Aisquith 
Coleman Geo. A. collector, 344 e Baltimore 
Coleman Geo. E. bacon, 23 s Gilmor 
Coleman Mrs. Gesina, 251 n Eden 
Coleman Henry, driver, 119 s Spring 
Coleman Henry, bricklayer, Hampden 
Coleman Horace, carp. 107^ n Schroeder 
Coleman Isaiah J. plasterer, 249 Light 
Coleman James H. 351 e Monument 
Coleman James P. butcher, 103 Hamburg 
Coleimrn John, police, 100 u Front 
Coleman John, trunkmaker, 3 and 4 Rechabite 

hall, dw Star hotel 
Coleman John, hackdriver, 104 Hanover 
Coleman John, glassblower, 413 s Eutaw 
Coleman John, bricklayer, 335 Aisquith 
Coleman John E. milk, 189 n Eden 
Coleman John F. blacksmith, 421 Eastern av 
Coleman John S. carp. 88 Chew 
Coleman John T. jr. bookkpr, 420 e Monument 
Coleman Capt. John W. 30 May 
Coleman John T.boilermkr,s ecor Holliday and 

Pleasant, dw 420 e Monument 
Coleman Joseph, bricklayer. First nr Bank 
Coleman Joseph H. (Shelier & C.) 116 Warner 
Coleman Lewis, engineer, Washington av ext 
Coleman Lewis, 119 s Exeter 
Coleman Martha, stationery ,_ 148 s Fremont 
Coleman Mrs. Morgan, Charles-st av and Brown 
Coleman Patrick, harnessmkr, 21 Scott 
Coleman Patrick, coachman, 5 Franklin 
COLEMAN Col. R. B. (C0I.R.B.C.& Co.) Car- 
rolltou hotel 
COLEMAN C0L.R.B.& CO. (Col. R.B.Coleman, 
A.G.Smith) proprietors CarroUton hotel, Bal- 
timore, Light and German 
COLEMAN R. L. Jb. & CO. (R.L.Coleman jr.) 
real estate brokers and auctioneers, 41 Lex- 
Coleman Richard, blacksmith, 672 w Pratt 
Coleman Richard, shipsmith, 15 s Collington av 
COLEMAN & ROGERS (J.C. Rogers) chemists 

and druggists, 176 w Baltimore 
Coleman Rev. R. L. 53 McCulloh 
Coleman R.L. jr. (R.L.C.jr.& Co.) 53 McCulloh 
Coleman Saiuuel, huckster, 282 McDonogh 
Coleman Samuel, shipsmith, 76 s Ann 
Coleman Samuel T. potter, 76 s Ann 
Coleman Silas W. mariner, Fort av nr Covington 
Coleman Summerfield, 148 s Fremont 
Coleman Thomas, carp. 120 Cross 
Coleman Thomas, driver, 40 w Eager 
Coleman Thomas C. clerk, 53 McCulloh 
Coleman Mrs. Virginia F. 61 Courtland 
Coleman Warner, mariner, 80 Holland 
Colman Wm. H. mariner, 4 Williamson al 
Coleman Wm. T. clerk, 85 s Washington 
Coleman Wm. W. teller, 186 McCulloh 
Coles John A. K. clerk, 111 e Fayette 


No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 


%O;F:MEStt:rgt^DNSr0rE:FHRE AND Mft^^ 





Coles \Vm. sr. shoemkr, 41 Myrtle av 
Coles Win. jr. boots and sboes, 459 Saratoga 
Colestock John H. carp. 3(J Patterson av 
Golfer John, carp. 360 e Monument 
COLFLESH GEO. B. (Colflesh & Hart) coach- 

lukr, 101 German, dw 364 w Fayette 
Colflesh & Hart (Geo. B. Colflesh, A. W. Hart) 

livery and sales stables, German and Paca 
Colflesh Henry, lab. 119 Elliott 
Colford Patrick, lab. 134 Harford av 
Colgan Edw. grocery and liquors, 9 Neighbor 
Colhouer Albert, lab. Calhoun nr Ramsay 
Colhouer Alex. M. boxmkr, 652 w Pratt 
Coline John M. carter, 141 Henrietta 
Colison James R. sweepmaster, 237 n Ann 
Colison John W. paperhanger, 237 n Ann 
Colison Samuel T. bricklayer, 34 s Ann 
Colison Mrs. Sarah A. notions, 34 s Ann 
Coll Bernard, canmkr, 156 Hudson 
Coll Bridget, grocery, 156 Hudson 
Coll Daniel, blksmith, 108 Mulberry 
Coll Edward J. clerk, 5 Cottage av nr York rd 
Coll John, carp. 153 Mulberry 
Colladay Chas. R. provisions, s e cor Lexington 

and CarroUton av^ dw 519 w Fayette 
Colladay Jos. S. 465 w Fayette 
Collahan John C. canvasser, Northern Central 

Collamore Geo. W. (C. & Young) 70 Cathedral 
Collamore & Young (Geo. W. Collamore, E. L. 

Young) church and house decorators, 78 vv 

CoUard James, trunkmkr, 125 Ensor 
Collars Andrew J. cigarmkr, 135 Penna av 
Collars Chas. 135 Penna av 
Collars Chas. A. tobacconist, 135 Penna av 
Collars Geo. B. cigarmkr, 135 Penna av 
Collateral Security Bank of Baltimore, B. F. Ul- 

man, pres't, Louis Laubheimer, sec'y, 27 and 

29 w Fayette 
College of Physicians and Surgeons, n w cor 

Calvert and Saratoga, Dr. Thomas Opie, dean 
CoUenberg Christian, shoemkr, 104 s Bond 
CoUenberg Geo. clerk, 359 Orleans 
CoUenberg J. Henry, clerk, 359 Orleans 
CoUenberg Theo. grocery, 359 Orleans 
Collenburg Anton, shoemkr, 66 s Regester 
Coller Martin, butcher. Monument and Chester 
Collett Geoj W. huckster, 100 s High 
CoUett James, fireman, 73 w Biddle 
Collett Thos. carp. Lemmon ct 
Collett Thos. E. boxmkr, 44 e Lombard 
Collett Wm. carp. 55 Laurens 
Colley Alfred, carp. 60 Whatcoat 
Colley John lab. 84 Dolphin 
Colley John W. carpenter and builder, n w cor 

Strieker and Hollins 
Colley Richard, lab. 84 Dolphin 
Colley Mrs. Sarah, seamstress, 60 Whatcoat 
Colley Wm. H. carp. 401 Hollins 
Collier Donald R. (C. & Son) 82 Lee 
Collier Frank M. storekpr C. H. 54 Pearl 
Collier Fred, fireman, 213 s Ann 
Collier George, artist, 75 Cambridge 
Collier Henry, blacksmith, 410 w Lombard 
Collier Henry, moulder, 4 Warner 
Collier John, mariner, 223 Bank 
Collier Ottis, candymkr, 410 w Lombard 
Collier & Son (Donald R. and Wm. Collier) 

wholesale liquors, 21 s Calvert 
Collier Mrs. Susan, Hampden 
Collier Walter, printer, 82 Lee 

Collier Walter, clerk, 82 Lee 
Collier Walter, actor, 226 w Fayette 
Collier Wm. (C. k Son) 82 Lee 
Collier Wm. Jas. blacksmith, 295 Orleans 
Collin Henri, artist, 33 s Howard 
CoUings Henry C.butcher,90 Belair and 109 Cen- 
tre xVlarkets, dw Point la nr Aisquith 
CoUings Wm.R.butcher,115 Centre and 91 Belair 

Markets, dw Point la nr Aisquith 
Collins Albert M. bookkpr, 62 s Exeter 
Collins Alfred, mariner, 58 Albemarle 
Collins Benj. F. barkpr, 16 n Eutaw 
Collins Mrs. Bridget, seamstress, 11 Abbot 
Collins Charles E. carp. 43 Parkin 
Collins Charles E. lab. 151 s Fremont 
Collins Charles H. clerk, 62 s Exeter 
Collins Charles H. brassmoulder, 22 s Chester 
Collins Chas.S.(C.& Fleehearty) 385 w Lombard 
Collins Charles T. painter, Hampden 
Collins & Fleehearty, (Charles S. CoUins, J. T. 
Fleehearty) stoves, furnaces, &c. 368 w Bal- 
CoUins Daniel, lab. 15 Weber 
CoUins David, raftsman, 19 Chesapeake 
Collins Francis, brickmkr, 384 Light 
CoUins Frank, excavator, 500 Light 
Collins George, baker, 4 n High 
Collins George B. mariner, 25 Elliott 
CoUins George H, huckster, 311 Eastern av 
Collins George R. produce, 32 Shakspear, dw 

180 Gough 
Collins George T. 46 Richmond 
CoUins George W. driver, 168 n Wolfe 
Collins George W. huckster, 93 Oak 
Collins Henry, gate keepers. Riverside Park, 182 

Collins Henry, carp. 261 Druid Hill av 
CoUins Henry, tinner, 160 s Wolfe 
Collins Henry S. lab. 93 Oak 
Collins Honora, confectionery, 170 Chesapeake 
Collins Horatio E. carp. 43 Parkin 
CoUins Howard, bricklayer, 13 Whatcoat 
CoUins Isaac, well digger, Laurens and Division 
CoUins James, lab. 494 n Fremont 
CoUins James, huckster, 311 Eastern av 
Collins James, lab. 20 Hammond al 
Collins James, lab. Druid ville 
Collins Capt. James W. mariner, 241 Bank 
Collins Jeremiah, porter, 181 w Townsend 
Collins Jeremiah, bricklayer, 13 Whatcoat 
Collins John, upholsterer, 173 Chesnut 
Collins John, jeweler, 136 n Exeter 
Collins John, xVlcMechin nr John 
Collins John, clerk, 181 w Townsend 
Collins John, lab. 196 Chesnut 
Collins John, engineer, 63 s High 
Collins John, lab. 345 Penna av 
Collins John H. driver, Hampden 
Collins John H. trunkmkr, 103 e Biddle 
Collins Jolm 0. broommkr, 357 Penna av 
CoUins John T. clerk, 181 w Townsend 
Collins John W. upholsterer, 27 Harrison 
Collins John W. bookkpr, 313 e Biddle 
Collins Joseph D. canmkr, 128 West 
Collins Joseph D. sergt. police, 182 Johnson 
Collins Joseph T. train dispatcher, 197 Edmond- 

son av 
Collins Levi, cooper, 151 s Fremont 
Collins Mrs. Martha, 197 Edmondson av 
Collins Mrs. Mary, furniture, 27 Harrison 
Collins Michael, canmkr, 27 Harrison 
Collins Michael, lab. 1 Randall 

WM. WIRT CLARKE, Importer and Wholesale Agent for 
American Manufacturers of Cement, Plaster, Whiting and Paris White. 

Insuranc e Agents and B rok ers, American Bnildin g. 




Collins Mrs. N. L. 314 Mosher 
Collins Patrick, furniture, 59 Harrison 
Collins Patrick, grocery, 53 President 
Collins Patrick, coachmkr, Bull's Head hotel 
Collins Patrick F. clerk, 53 President 
Collins Patrick J. lab. 64 n Schroeder 
Collins Patrick M. se.xton, Harford rdnr Home- 
Collins Peter, furniture, 15 Harrison 
Collins Philip J. puddler, Dillon nr Third av 
Collins Mrs. Rebecca, 22 s Chester 
Collins Richard, lab. 953 \v Pratt 
Collins Mrs. Robt. dressmkr, 353 Saratoga 
Collins Samuel, carp. 298 Bank 
Collins Sarah A. 50 n Charles 
Collins Thos. E. marine engineer, 476 e Chase 
Collins Thos. J. salesman, 239 Argyle 
Collins Thos. J. lab. 76 n Amity 
Collins Timothy, driver, 196 Chesnut 
Collins Wm. lab. 11 Abbot 
Collins Wm. lab. 76 n Amity 
Collins Wm. E. chief clerk State tobacco ware- 
house No. 5, 423 Franklin 
Collins Wra. H. keeper Chancery records, 207 

Collins Wm. H. attorney, 34 St. Paul, dw 36 n 

Collins Wm. H. engineer, 70 Columbia 
Collinson Chas. lab. 38 Essex 
Collinson Edward, mariner, 43 Hamburg 
Collinson J. C. paints, oils, glass, &c. 230 Lex- 
ington, dw 246 w Lanvale 
Collinson John, clerk, 141 Barre 
Collison A.J. mariner, 93 s Bond 
Collison Chas. W. mariner, 98 s Exeter 
Collison E. W. lab. West nr Paca 
Collison Mrs. Eliza, 141 Stirling 
Collison Levin, mariner, 258 Bank 
Collison Mrs. Mary, notions, 45 s Bond 
Collison P&ter, lab. 141 Stirling 
Collison Thos. huckster, 141 Stirling 
Collison Mrs. Wm. 397 w Lanvale 
Collison Wm. lab. 176 s Eutaw 
CoUmus Robert S. harness and trunks, 17 Park 

av, dw 70 Lee 
Collmus Solomon, saddle and harness, 123 n 

Collmus Wm. harnessmkr, 123 n High 
CoUopy John, drayman, 173 Dover 
Collopy Wm. lab.'^7 n Amity 
Colmary A. H. salesman, 212 w Lombard 
Colmary Capt. Abraham L. 212 w Lombard 
Colonization office, Jas. Hall, agent, 8 German 
Colson Thos. driver, Washington av and Carey 
Colston Annie F. teacher, Gilmor nr Cumberland 
Colston E. A. Gilmor nr Cumberland 
Colston Frederick M. (Wilson, C. & Co.) 52 w 

Colston Jos. H.cigarmkr, Gilmor nr Cumberland 
Colston Oliver, clerk, 168 s Charles 
Colt Chas. restaurant, 138 Light-st whf 
Colt George, bricklayer, 20 Fort av 
Col ton & Baetjer, (John Colton, J.Geo.Baetjer) 
manufrs. and jobbers in hosiery, gloves and 
underwear, 140 Lexington 
Colton Dental Association, 81 w Fayette 
Colton Edward C. hosiery and notions, 204 n 

Gay, dw 329 n Broadway 
Colton Mrs. Emma M. 23 n Paca 
Colton Frank L. agt. Davids prize soap, 39 Ger- 
man, dw 50 n Strieker 


Made water-tight, aDdjpreeerved for years, by thor- 
oiighly applying ELASTIC CEMENT and 


By increasing the quantity of Gnm. we make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which is unequaled. All work 
guaranteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders solicited 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER & CO., Sole Manufacturers, 

No. 3 COURTLAND STREET, up stairs. 

Colton Fred, honsefurnishing goods, 146 n Gay 
Colton Geo. propr. Md. Republican, 9 Argyle av 
Colton Henry H. huckster, 40 Biddle e of Ann 
Colton John, (C.& Baetjer) 228 Druid Hill av 
Colton Joseph S. machinist, 116 Hughes 
Colton Theodore, upholsterer, 187 n Eden 
Colton Wesley H. bailiff, 9 Argyle av 
Colton Wm. attorney and real estate, 49 w Fay- 
ette, dw 23 n Paca 
Colton Wm. J. clerk, 228 Druid Hill av 
Columbia Street (M.E.) Church, Columbia nr 


propr, foot of Ann 
Colvin G. W. 139 Bolton 

Colvin Institute for Girls, Mrs. M.E. Wood, prin- 
cipal, 39>} Courtland 
Colvin Harry W. 139 Bolton 
Colvin Mrs. S. H. 139 Bolton 
Colwell Mrs. Ann E. .39 Gittings 
Colwell George, boilerrakr, 39 Gittings 
Colwell John, caulker, 43 Gittings 
Colwell Lewis A. painter, 39 Gittings 
Colwell Wm. E. jr. caulker, 39 Gittings 
Colyer C. B. 97 St Paul 
Colyer Daniel, actor, 37 Cannon 
Comalander John W. painter, 12 Bartlett 
Coman Patrick, lab. 122 Curley 
Comber Bernard, contractor, 89 Elliott 
Comber John R. hosiery, gloves, &c., 78 Lex- 
ington, dw 62 Druid Hill av 
Comber Michael, shoemkr, 319 w Pratt 
Combs Kendrick, fireman, 125 s Strieker 
Coml)s Leslie, lab. 716 Hanover 
Combs Sommerville, painter, 125 s Strieker 
Comegys Alfred, clerk, 245 Argyle av 
Comegys Benj. fire, life and marine ins. broker^ 
9 German nr South, dw Bolton and Lanvale 
Comegys Edward, machinist, 12 Potomac 
Comegys Geo. R. canmkr, 12 Potomac 
Comegys Richard W. clerk, Paca and Lombard 
Comegys Wm. machinist, 12 Potomac 
Comegys Capt. Wm. T. mariner, 22 s Chester 
Comella Antonio, janitor, 34 Mulberry 
Comings Dr. L. B. 143 e Baltimore 
Comins Geo. T. bedsteads and Chicester cradles, 

49 Light, dw 67 Edmondson av 
Comins Thomas B. jr. 67 Edmondson av 
Comly David J. blksmith, 594 Penna av 
Command John, police, 25 s Regester 
Command Michael, police, 381 Orleans 
Commercial Building,n e cor Gay and Lombard 
Commercial Collection Agency, John P. Ayers. 

manager, 57 Saratoga 

BANK, s w cor Howard and German 
Commercial Union Fire Insurance Co. of Lon- 
don, s w cor South and German 

The Portland Cement used on all the Public Squares of this City, 

(For Pavements, Curbing & Fountains,) furnished byWM.WiRT Clarke, 61 S. Gay St. 





:(|^ommercial Collection 1 jenxg. 


JOHN P. AYEES, Manager. 

Collections Me 

all Parts of the Country. 

Commissioners of Insolvent debtors, lower floor 

City Court house 


City Hall (See A}ypendix.) 


CO. of Boston, Lawford & McKim, agents, 

10 s Holliday 
Compton Barnes, State treasurer, dw 181 n 

Carrollton av 
Compton John A. bookkpr Merchts Nat. Bank, 

d\y Balto. co. 
Compton James, weaver, Mount Vernon mills 

Vansant, comptroller 
Conant Samuel W. shoemkr, 253 n Dallas 
Conaway Anthony, carp., Fort av nr Covington 
Conaway Chas. carriage factory, 151 n High, 

dw 138 McElderry 
Conaway Chas. W. clerk, 138 McElderry 
Conaway Mrs. Delia, grocery, 1 Williamson al 
Conaway Frank F. engineer, 51 e Madison 
Conaway Geo. lab. Fort av nr Jackson 
Conaway Geo. W. huckster, 122 s Spring 
Conaway John, fisherman, 7 Sumwalt ct 
Conaway Joseph, engineer, 1 Williamson al 
Conaway Perry, lab. 7 Sumwalt ct 
Conaway Samuel, lab. Fort av nr Jackson 
Conaway Wallace, lab. 342 McHenry 
Concannon Jas. H. police, 29 Woodyear 
Concannon Patrick, 29 W^oodyear 
Concannon Patrick, mariner, 16 Slemmer al 
Concannon Thos. mariner, 16 Slemmer al 

Concert Court, carp. Parrish nr Tenant 
Condell Chas. saloon, 33^ w Pratt 
Condon David, contractor, 761 Madison av 
Condon Geo. shoes, 103 n High 
Condon Geo. H. H. boot and shoes, 50 w Fay- 
ette, dw 103 n High 
Condon James, lab. 7 n Bond 
Condon James, cabinetmkr, 18 Ensor 
Condon John, lab. 24 w Lombard 
Condon Wm. lab. York rd nr Cottage av 
Condon W^m. J. wagoner, 35 Abey al 
Condiff" John, mariner, 84 s Paca 
Cone & Adler, (H. Cone, J. Adler) grocers and 

com. merchts, 25 s Howard 
Cone Csesar, clerk, 289 w Lombard 
Cone Herman, (C.&Adler) 289 w Lombard 
Cone James, horseshoer, 11 Lloyd 
Cone Joseph M. s e cor Harlem av and Fulton 
Cone Monroe A. clerk, 289 w Lombard 
Cone Moses, clerk, 289 w Lombard 
Coney John, papercarrier, 15 Chew 
Coney Wm. lab. 15 Chew 
Coney Wm. carp, and builder, Hampden 

Congdon Saml.H.(Cromwell&C.) 173 Linden av 

Congdon Wm. silverplater, 417 w Pratt 

Conitf John, baker, 13 Hollins al 

Conio Mrs. Carrie, grocery, 70 President 

Conio John, clerk, 70 President 

Conio Lorenzo, lab. 66 President 

Conkliu Chas. lab. 21 Fountain 

Conklin Capt. DeWitt, mariner, Waverley 

Couklin Capt. DeWitt Clinton, Waverley 

Conklin Chas. A. (Lyon,C.& Co.) 59^ Franklin 

Conklin Daniel E.(C.', Willis& Co. )59^ Franklin 

Conklin Edward, clerk, 400 Madison av 

Conklin G. F. (G.F.C. & Co.) 10 n Strieker 

Conklin G. F. & Co. (G. F. Conklin) tobacco, 

cigars, &c. wholesale, 8 Hanover 
Conklin H. paperhanger, 22 Johnson 
Conklin Harry P., 400 Madison av 
Conklin, Isaac, capper, 21 Fountain 
Conklin John H. lab. 105 Eastern av 
Conklin Joseph L. lab. 21 Fountain 
Conklin Julius, lab. 66 e Biddle 
Conklin Mrs. Mary, 21 Fountain 
Conklin Oliver, cigarmkr, 371 McDonogh 
Conkliu Thomas, 400 Madison av 
Conklin Wm. H. tobacco broker, 18 n Strieker 
Conklin, Willis & Co. (D.E. Conklin.Z.L.C. 

Willis) stoves and tinware, 28 Hanover 
Conkling A. M. 263 Madison av 
Conkling Wm. H. clerk, 96 McCulloh 
Conley Edward, harnessmkr, 417 w Pratt 
Conley Isaac, engineer, 71 St. Peter 
Conley James, police, 215 Cross 
Conley James, plasterer, 61 Garden 
Conley James A. currier, 161 n Front 
Conley James F. tinner, 105 s Strieker 
Conley John, quarryman, Falls rd nr tollgate 
Conley Lawrence, huckster, 161 n Front 
Conley Thomas, lab. 112 Harford av 
Conley Thomas, clerk, 65 s Strieker 
Conley Wm. blksmith,Woodberry 
Conley Wm. telegraphist, 61 Garden 
Conley Wm. canmkr, 213 s Charles 
Conliff Mark, musician, 368 n Durham 
Conlon Andrew J. printer, 128 n Schroeder 
Conlon James, driver, 21 Mullikin 
Conn George, contractor, Woodberry 
Conn George H. machinist, 144 Greenmount av 
Conn James, 140 Harlem av 
Conn John E. machinist. 144 Greenmount av 
Conn John W\ carp. 540 s Charles 
Conn Mrs. Martha, 144 Greenmount av 
Conn Robert, lab. 51 Woodyear 
Conn Robert, 294 Franklin 
Conn Samuel, lab. 144 Greenmount av 
Conn Silas W. propr. Academy stables, Howard 

n of Franklin, dw 96 w Biddle 
Conn Wm. grocery, 101 Franklin 
Conn Wm. T. clerk, 144 Greenmount av 
Connaughton James, (Jas.C. & Co.) York rd nr 

Huntingdon av 
Connaughton Jas. & Co. (Jas. Connaughton) 

wholes, liquors, 140 Franklin 
Connaway Delia, grocery, 1 Williamson al 
Connaway Joseph B. engineer, 1 Williamson al 
Connecticut Fire Ins. Co. of Hartford, Conn. 

agency, 83 Second 
Connecticut General Life Ins. Co. of Hartford, 

Conn, agency, 83 Second 

Hartford, Conn. W. S. Wilkinson, gen. agt. 

for Md. and Del., Maryland bldg. cor Second 

and Postoffice av 

HOLMES & CO., Engineers' and 
Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, 

Machinists' Tools and Supplies, 
Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

O. F. Bresee, G-eneral Agent, American Building. 
"~ CON 163 CON 

Connell James, stone cutter, Homestead 
Connell James, mariner, 162 s Wolfe 
Connell John J. grocer, 129 North 
Connell Mrs. Mary, 204 u Howard 
Counellee Mrs. Eliza, boarding, 120 n Greene 
Connellee Mrs. Thornton, 417 e Baltimore 
Connelley Ann, restaurant, 9 Fish Market sp 
Connelly Mrs. Ann, grocery, 18 Orleans 
Connelly Andrew, marble polisher, 214 n Front 
Connelly Andrew J. morocco dresser,40 Cider al 
Connelly Mrs. Bridget, 3 s Duncan <al 
Connelly Coleman, lab. 1 Concord o. t. 
Connelly Daniel, lab. 18 Liberty al 
Connelly David, Cli^jper mills 
Connelly Edward, lab. Ills Duncan al 
Connelly Edward, lab. 180 n Front 
Connelly Frank F. plasterer, 371 Lexington 
Connelly Frank O. reporter, 541 n Gay 
Connelly Gregory, 90 York 
Connelly Henry, canmkr, 236 Barre 
Connelly James, mariner, 159 s Chester 
Connelly James, moulder, 18 Orleans 
Connelly John, boots and shoes, 94 n Calvert, 

dw 27 e Monument 
Connelly John, telegraphist, 10 n Fremont 
Connelly John, lab. 45 e Monument 
Connelly John, lab. 316 Aliceanna 
Connelly John, boilermkr, Mullikin and Bethel 
Connelly John jr. boilermkr, 210 s Caroline 
Connelly John, mariner, 170 Albemarle 
Connelly John C. plumber, 133 w Townsend 
Connelly John J., Mullikin and Bethel 
Connelly John T. paperhanger, 239 s Paca 
Connelly Lawrence, lab. HI s Duncan al 
Connelly Mrs. Louisa, 239 s Paca 
Connelly Martin, sboemkr, 187 n Bethel 
Connelly Mrs. Mary, 85 Stiles 
Connelly Mary, tailoress, 300 e Monument 
Connelly Mrs. Mary, 45 President 
Connelly Michael, police, 434 w Lombard 
Connelly Owen, watchman, 246 a Front 
Connelly Patrick, lab. 131 s Duncan al 
Connelly Patrick, watchman, 7 s Central av 
Connelly Patrick, lab. 10 n Fremont 
Connelly Stephen, lab. 240 Lemmon 
Connelly Mrs. Susan, 641 Penna av 
Connelly Thomas, lab. 112 Harford av 
Connelly Wm. H. painter, 279 McHenry 
Connelly Wm. J. shipjoiner, 160 s Wolfe 
CONNELLY WM. M. propr. Saturday Stand- 
ard, 18 North, dw 485 u Gay 
Conner Barkley, lab. Wilcox nr Chase 
Conner E. M. clerk, 558 Lexington 
Conner Mrs. Emily, seamstress, 47 s Calhoun 
Conner Frank J. telegraphist, 146 e Eager 
Conner George, carp. 17 e Madison 
Conner G€orge, lab. 129 n Chaijel 
Conner Hugh, lab. 109 Elliott 
Conner Hugh, lab. 256 s Durham 
Conner Hugh T. lab. 109 Elliott 
Conner J. E. clerk, 38 Mulberry 
Conner James, tanner, 296 e Madison 
Conner James, moulder, Hamjxien 
Conner James W. lab. 47 s Calhoun 
Conner James Z. clerk, 296 e Madison 
Conner John, distiller, 17 e Madison 
Conner John jr. brassfinisher, 17 e Madison 
Conner John, lab. 1 Hudson al 
Conner John, jeweler, 46 w Baltimore 
Conner John, lab. Waverley 
Conner John, lab. 51 Johnson 
Conner John, lab. 202 Cathedral 

Conner Dr. John A. 286 e Baltimore 
Conner John H. canmkr, 3 Fountain 
Conner John S. painter, 558 Lexington 
Conner John T. engineer, 51 Johnson 
' Conner Joshua, carp. 423 Lexington 
Conner Joseph G. clerk, 558 Lexington 
Conner Matthew, saloon, 361 Cathedral 
Conner Roger, lab. 239 Gough 
Conner Samuel, telegraphist, 637 Belair av 
Conner Thomas, painter, 637 Belair av 
Conner Thomas jr. painter, 637 Belair av 
Conner Thomas J. printer, 82 n Calvert 
\ Conner Wm. E. harnessmkr, 423 Lexington 

Conner Wm. W. carp. 558 Lexington 
: Conner Wm. W. jr. carp. 558 Lexington 
I Couners Daniel A. marble rubber, 298 Aisquith 
I Conners John, lab. 143j n Front 
Conners Nicholas, canmkr, 103 Peach al 
Connery John, police, 10 Rock 
I Connolly Andrew W. stonepoli.sher,214n Front 
Connolly Mrs. AliceA . dressmkr, 700 wBaltimore 
Connolly Mrs. Cath. dressmkr, 116 w Townsend 
Connolly Daniel, contractor, 18 n Central av 
Connolly Daniel, produce, 129 Ridgely 
Connolly Daniel, gilder, 98 s Howard 
Connolly Daniel A. stonepolisher, 20 Grove 
Connolly Edward(Edwd.C.& Sons)354nEutaw 
Connolly Edward, liquors, cor West and Russell 
I Connolly Edward & Sons,(Edwd.,Edwd.jr. and 
I Jas. A.Connolly )hats and furs, 305 w Baltimore 
I ConnollyEdwd.jr.(Edwd.C.& Sons)354 nEutaw 
1 Connolly Mrs. Eliza, grocery, 324 Mulberry 
j Connolly Dr, F. G. 123 Mulberry 
I Connolly George, canmkr, 22 s Fremont 
j Connolly Henry, police, 31 Holland 

Connolly James, rigger, 193 e Lombard 
, Connolly James, plumber, 185 Forrest 
Connolly James, police, 215 Cross 
Connolly James, lab. 139 n Front 
Connolly Jas.A.(Edwd.C. & Sons)354 n Eutaw 
Connolly John, lab. 285 Raborg 
Connolly John, tailor, 263 Forrest 
Connolly John, lab. Russell nr West 
Connolly John, sboemkr, 98 Hillen 
Connolly John, boots and shoes, 92i n Calvert, 

dw 27 e Monument 
Connolly John, lab. Bruce nr McHenry 
Connolly John B.(C.& Tidy )Govanstown 
Connelly Lawrence, shoemkr, 5 Grace ct 
Connolly Martin, lab. 38 Binncy 
Connolly Martin, lab. 39 York 
' Connolly Michael, butcher, 98 s Howard 
Connolly Michael, teacher, 169 Saratoga 
Connolly Michael, lab. 1 s Fulton 
Connolly Nicholas, lab. 38 Binuey 
Connolly Oliver, lab., North av nr Cathedral 
Connolly Patrick, lab. 273 n Front 
Connolly Patrick, lab. 21 Foundry 
Connolly Patrick A. lab. 267 Forrest 
Connolly Thos. lab. 38 Binney 
Connoll^y Thos. plasterer, 16 New 
Connolly Thos. hodcarrier, 5 Annistead la 
Connolly Thos. brass finisher, 98 s Howard 
Connolly Thos. H. tinner, 6 Grove 
CONNOLLY & TIDY (John B. Connolly, John 
B. Tidy sr.) marble. Constitution and Eager 
Connolly Timothy, huckster, 125 Hill 
Connolly Wm. police, 127 s Bond 
Connolly Wm. porter, 4 Fall 
Connolly Wm. A.patternmkr, 662 Saratoga 
Connor Mrs. Ann, seamstress, 30 s Paca 
Connor Barclay, lab. Wilcox nr Chase 


No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 

» AMmmMMMjmmifmNCEjm^ArNm yqmk. 




Connor Bernard, lab. 69 York 
Connor Catherine, 99 s Chapel 
Connor Daniel, lab. 99 s Chapel 
Connor Mrs. Elizabeth, 21 Forrest pi 
Connor F. J. telegraphist, 146 e Eager 
Connor Flint, lab. 202 Cathedral 
Connor Francis, stillman^ 87 Patuxent 
Connor Francis P. driver, 87 Patuxent 
Connor James, camnkr, 263 s Dallas 
Connor John, lab. 250 Cross 
Connor John J. clerk, 113 e Eager 
Connor Mrs. Maggie, grocery, 250 Cross 
Connor Mrs. Mary, grocery, 316 Cross 
Connor Michael F.supt. old and new Cathedral 

cemeteries, 77 Mulberry 
Connor Michael J. cooper, 100 n Washington 
Connor Thos. lab. 113 e Eager 
Connor Thomas I. driver, 32 Potomac 
Connor Wra. cabinetmkr, 21 Forrest pi 
Connor Wm. A. printer, 100 n Washington 
Connors James, shoemkr, 134 Camden 
Connors John, lab. 112 s Duncan al 
Connors Nicholas, fisherman, 410 AVest 
Connors Mrs. Sarah, grocery, 410 West 
Connors Thos. lab. 5 Second 
Conoway Wm. E. tobacconist, 84 Jefferson 
Conrad August, horseshoer, 226 n Central av 
Conrad Chas. clerk, 313 Mosher 
Conrad Mrs. Dorothy, tailoress, 10 Clement 
Conrad Francis M. bookkpr, 313 Mosher 
Conrad Fred, blacksmith & hardware, 503 n Gay 
Conrad Geo. clerk, 503 n Gay 
Conrad John, lab. 76 Grindall 
Conrad John, collier. Second nr Toone 
Conrad John F. tin and sheet iron wkr. Second 

nr Toone 
Conrad John F. confr. George and Myrtle av 
Conrad John P. clerk, 108 Hill 
CONRAD L. L. attorney, Calvert and Lexing- 
ton, dw 74 w Madison 
Conrad J. Monroe, clerk, 311 n Strieker 
Conrad Patrick, lab. 259 Preston 
Conrad Mrs. Philip, lo8 Hill 
Conrad Wm. ironwkr, 503 n Gay 
Conrades August, shoemkr, 847 w Baltimore 
Conrades Ernest, boxmkr, 57 Conway 
Conradt Annie, 425 n Carey 
Conradt C. J. upholsterer, 522 Mulberry 
Conradt Frank, musician, 20 Barnes 
Conradt Geo. F. salesman, 549 Franklin 
Conradt Joseph, lab. 35 Barnes 
Conroy Andrew, mariner, 19 Pleasant al 
Conroy Cornelius, collier, 40 Hull 
Conroy Daniel, horseshoer, Hoffman and Wil- 

mer al, dw Garrison la 
Conroy Daniel, plumber, 15 Diamond al 
Conroy Dakual, lab, 403 Cathedral 
Conroy Dennis B. shoemkr, 83 Harford av 
Conroy James, drayman, 26 s Poppleton 
Conroy James, baker, 108 Stirling 
Conroy John, porter, 29 Cambridge 
Couroy John, carter, 466 Harford av 
Conroy John M. driver, 29 Cambridge 
Conroy Julia A. milliner, 122 s Chester 
Conroy Lawrence, 466 Harford av 
Conroy Michael, mariner, 336 Bank 
Conroy Mrs. Norah, 168 Stirling 
Conroy Owen, lab. 9 Bartlett 
Conroy Patrick, lab. 335 s Sharp 
Conroy Patrick, 12 n Strieker 
Conroy Patrick, mariner, 122 s Chester 
Conroy Peter, lab. 131 s Duncan al 

Conroy Thos. carter, 335 s Sharp 

Conroy Thos. huckster, 171 Mulberry 

Conry John, Honiestead 

Conry John sr. lab, 356 s Charles 

Conry John jr. 356 s Charles 

Conry Michael, blacksmith, 356 s Charles 

Conry Patrick, lab. 95 Elliott 

Conry T. J. clerk, 323 w Hoff'man 

Conry Thos. P. lab. 133 s Regester 

Conser M. V. teacher, 192 n Arlington av 

Conser Rev. S.L.M. 192 n Arlington av 

Cousidine Patrick, police, 135 Druid Hill av 

Considine Thos. lab. 237 Lennnon 

Consolidated Building,sw corSouth and German 

Consolidated Real Estate and Fire Insurance Co. 

of Baltimore, room 1 second floor, s w cor 

German and South 

Point, office 13 and 15 German, Charles F. 

Maj-er president 
Constable Chas. H. clerk, McCulloh nr Wilson 
Constable Harry C. clerk, McCulloh nr Wilson 
Constable Mrs. Sallie, 617 w Fayette 
Constable Susan, 157 Park av 
Constable W.R. salesman, McCulloh nr Wilson 
Constable Willie S. clerk, McCulloh nr Wilson 
Constance Geo. shoemkr, 255 n Caroline 
Constance Harman, tailor, 372 n Gay 
Constance Joseph, tailor 192 n Dallas, 
Constantine Daniel, wharfinger and contractor, 

134 Dugan's whf, dw 394 e Baltimore 
Constantine H'y K. contractor, 87 Jackson sqav 
Constantine John, barkpr, 56 n Holliday 
Constantine John W. boilermkr, Hampden 
Constantine Richard, miller, w Lanvale ext 
Constantine Wm. lab. Hampden 
Consumers' Coal Co. 51 w Fayette, opp.Barnum's 


Dealers in all the Best Grades of 


Office 51 Fayette St. opposite Barnum's. 

The quality and couditiou of our Coals, and facili- 
ties for business are unequiiled, and will only say 
that iu the future, as iu the past, the high standard 
of excellence of our several Coals shall be faithfully 
maintained. Full weight, (2,240 lbs.) guaranteed, 
or Coal forfeited. 

Cumberland Coal by car load or single ton. 

Pine and Oak Wood for kindling, and Wood iu 
the stick, at lowest market prices. 
YARD— Cor. North an d Madison Sts. 


D. L. Bartlett, pres't, 8 South 

Coutee Richard, oysterpkr, 9 Albemarle, dwCar- 
roUlon hotel 

Continental Life Ins. Co. of Hartford, 22 Post- 
office av 

Continental Life Ins. Co. of New York, 38 Post- 
office av 

CONTINENTAL INS. CO. of N. Y. 73 and 75 
Second, Gegan Bros, and Allmand,agents 

Convent of the Good Shepherd, Sisters of the 
Good Shepherd, s e cor Mount and HoUins 

Convent of Mercy, 12 s Poppleton 

Convents de Notre Dame,Aisquithnr Eager and 
Wolfe and Lombard 

Convent of the Visitation, n w cor Park av and 

Converse Everett H. (Coffin,Altemus&Co.)N.Y. 

Wm. Wirt Clarke, Manufacturers' Agt. for No I Agricultural Plaster, 
In Bags or Barrels from store, or in Cargo Lots direct from factory. 

Largest Life Ins. C o. in tbe'World,0.r.Bresee,G enl A gt. 
__^ coo" 



Converse J. Holmes, librarian Law Library, dw 

288 Madison av 
CONVERY JOHN R. sign painter, 7 n Charles, 

dw 124 Saratoga 





Conway Alfred, news agent, 221 Mulljerry 
Conway Mrs. Ana M. 25 Fawn 
Couway & BrQ.(J.H.and Patrick Conway) gro- 
cery, Ensor and Chesnut 
Conway Chas. H. carp. North av urDruid Hill av 
CONWAY & CO. (J. Con way) linen and mourn- 
ing goods, 28 n Charles 
Conway Edw. J. engineer, 1-68 Chesapeake 
Conway Mrs. Ellen V. prop' tress Albion house, 

Cathedral and Richmond 
Conway Francis, telegraphist, 322 w Lombard 
Conway Francis K. machinist, 58 s Poppleton 
Conway Geo. R. carp. 165 n Strieker 
Conway Geo. T. lab. 30 Jenkins al 
Conway H. 0. salesman, 327 w Baltimore 
Conway Jas. (C.<fe Co.) 18 s Broadway 
Conway James, shipcarp. 72 Johnson 
Conway Jesse, machinist, 279 HoUins 
Conway John, shoemkr, 121 Hillen 
Conway John, fisherman, 131 Battery av 
Conway John, lab. 1 Willow 
Conway John, drover, 342 McHenry 
Conway Jno. stoves, 176 Forrest,dw 287 n FroEt 
Conway John F.blksmith, 45 s Carrollton av 
Conway John H. {C.& Bro.) 107 e Fayette 
Couway John N. moulder, 37 s Calhoun 
Conway Joseph, caulker, 79 Johnson 
Conway Lawrence, lab. 132 s Eden 
Conway Margaret, laundress, 48 Washingtoa av 
Conway Mrs. Mary, grocery, 45 s Carrollton av 
Conway Mrs. Mary, grocery, 63 Columbia 
Conway Michael, barkpr, 362 e Eager 
Conway Michael J. stonemason, 324 e 
Conway Patrick, lab. 364 Ostend 
Conway Patrick,, lab. 309 s Sharp 
Conway Patrick, police, 247 Lee 
Conway Patrick, contractor, ( T.Callahan & Co.) 

322 w Lombard 
Conway Patrick {G.& Bro.) 107 e Fayette 
Conway Patrick M_ grocery, 376 Osteud 
Conway Richard H. 93 St. Paul 
Conway Richard H. watchman, 63 Columbia 
Conway Robt.T.stairbuilder, John and Hoffma* 
Conway .Solomon, collector, 342 McHenry 
Conway Thos. hackman, 77 Hillen 
Conway Thos. lab. 132 s Eden 
CouAi'ay Wm. stonecutter, 322 w Lombard 
Conway Wm. M. ,(Wki.MjC-& Co.)154 St.Paul 
Conway Wm. M. & Co.( Wm.M.Conway)whole- 
sale tobacco and cigars, 45 w Pratt 

CONWAY WM. M.& CO.,Wholesale 
Dealers in Tobacco, Cigars, &c. 45 
w Pratt St. 


Made water-tight, and preserved for years, by thor- 
oughly applyiug KLASTKJ CEMEKT and 


By {■ncrea^'ing the qvat^fity of Gum. wc make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which is nnuqualcd. All work 
guaranteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders solicited 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER CO.. Sole Manufacturers, 

Ko. 3 COURTLAND STREET, iip stairs. 

Conway Wm. W. lab. 342 McHenry 

Conway Zachariah, fisherman, 131 Battery av 

Cony Joseph E. S. produce, 174 Aisquith 

Conyers Mrs. Henrietta, periodicals, 44 Thames 

Conyers Walter W. clerk, 44 Thames 

Coody Michael, lab. 197 Montgomery 

Coogan James, lab. 41 s Dewberry al 

Coogan John, lab. 41 s Dewberry al 

Coogan Patrick, lab. 41 s Dewberry al 

Coogan Patrick, grocery, .90 s Poppleton 

Cook Aaron G. shipcarp. 44 Johnson 

Cook Addison, clerk, 15 Cathedral 

Cook Alfred, clerk, 32 u Bond 

Cook Andrew, lab. 9 s Payson 

Cook Mrs. Anna M. grocery, John tir Spring 

Cook Mrs. Annie E. butter, 402 Saiatoga 

Cook Anth'y,fiorist,Mulberryand Arlington av 

Cook Anth'y jr. florist, Lafayette av w of Fulton 

Cook Mrs. Barbara, dairy, 243 Battery av 

Cook Benj. F. shoemkr, Waverley 

Cook Benj. M. boot and shoe factory, Waverley 

Cook Catherine, grocery, 123 e Eager 

Cook Chas. shucker, 18 Port 

Cook Chas. florist, Mulberry nr Carrollton av 

Cook Chas. conductor, Waverley 

Cook Chas. E. patternnikr, 6ll w Lombard 

Cook Chas. R. clerk, 16 Hollins 

Cook Chas. S. gilder, 426 Cross 

Cook Clias. T. bricklayer, 53 s Broadway 

I Cook Chas. W. carp. 12 s Collington av 

( Cook Christian, boots and shoes, 278 Light and 

j 68 n Eutaw 
Cook Conrad, butcher, 479 e Baltimore 
Cook Daniel, cabinetmkr, 209 s Paca 
Cook Edward, police, 240 Montgomery 
Cook Elizabeth, huckstress, 233 Aliceauna 
Cook Mrs. Emily J. 162 e Monument 
Cook Eugene, carp. 80 Henrietta 
Cook Mrs. Eva, tailoress, 98 s Duncan al 
Cook Francis, lali. 18 Callender al 
Cook Francis, driver, 365 Franklin 
Cook Francis R. watchman, 3 Thames 
Cook Frank, cigamikr, 20 s Paca 
Cook Frank, clerk, 365 Franklin 
Cook Fred. sr. butcher, 20 s Paca 
Cook Fred, shoemkr, 838 w Baltimore 
Cook Fred, butcher, Fremont nr Patterson av 
Cook Fred. C. attorney, 85 w Fayette, dw 64 n 

Cook Geo. 407 Eastern av 

. Cook Geo. clerk, 135 Hanover 
Cook Geo. shucker, 18 Port 
Cook Geo. barber, 443 w Fayette 
Cook Geo. salesman, 424 Canton av 

; Cook Geo. B. 64 n Greene 

I Cook Geo. E. clerk, Brady av nr York rd 

■ Cook Geo. W. clerk, 42 Warren 

; Cook Geo. W. huckster, 233 Aliceanna 
Cook Geo. W. huckster, Clinton and Mary 

I Cook Geo. W. engineer, 357 Ramsay 

POKTLAiSD OliMENT, (the best for p:routirig,) No. 61 8. Gay St. 

The same as I am furnishing to the Johns Hopkins Hospita] Buildings. 





Cook Gilbert C. teller, 33 Jackson sq av 

Cook H. L. & Co.(Henry L.Cook) com. merchts. 

10 s Howard 
Cook Harry, brakeman, 324 Lafayette av 
Cook Henry C.(H.C.Cook & Bro.')638\v Fayette 
Cook Henry, shoemkr, 96 n Wolfe 
Cook Henry, mariner, 283 Hanover 
Cook Henry, florist. Mulberry nr Carrollton av 
Cook Henry, junk, G3 Mullikin 
Cook Mrs. Henry, 16 HoUins 
Cook Henrv A. painter, 162 Greenmount av 
COOK HEXRY C. & BRO. (H. C. and T. F. 

Cook) wholes, gcrocers, 5 Exchange pi 
COOK HENRY F. bookseller and stationer, 16 

w Baltimore, d\v 622 Lexington 
Cook Henrv C. painter, 269 Mulberry 
Cook Henry L. (H. L. C. & Co.) 22 n Calhoun 
Cook Hugo, foreman, 245 n Eden 
Cook Rev. Isaac P. 622 Lexington 
Cook Mrs. Isabella, grocery, 163 e Pratt 
Cook J. E. police, 240i Montgomery 
Cook J-. Glenn (S.G.B". C. & Co.) 725 Lexington 
Cook Jacob F. 269 Mulberry 
Cjok James E. conductor, 550 Hanover 
Cook James F. carp. Fremont nr Patterson av 
Cook James H. (J. H. C. & Son.) 42 Warren 
Cook James H. jr. (J. H. C. & Son) 42 Warren 
Cook James H. & Son, (J. H. and J.H.Cook jr.) 

grocers and com. merchts. 118 Light-st whf 
Cook John, shoemkr, 283 Battery av 
Cook John, clerk, 42 Warren 
Cook John, florist, 91 n Charles 
Cook John, police, 66 n Schroeder 
Cook John, porter, 215 w Pratt 
Cook John, shoemkr, 113 Henrietta 
Cook John, lab. 46 Preston 
Cook John, boilermker, 266 s Ann 
Cook John, huckster, 32 n Schroeder 
Cook John F. detective, 352 n Broadway 
Cook John F. engineer, 611 w Lombard 
Cook John H. paperhanger, 87 n Arlington av 
Cook John H. cutter, 182 e Lombard 
Cook John H. undertaker, 'i'09 vv Baltimore 
Cook John H. messenger, 365 Cathedral 
Cook John T. carriage painter, 151 Linden av 
Cook John T. carp. 329 McHenry 
Cook John W. clerk, 54 s Eutaw 
Cook John W. huckster, 32 n Schroeder 
Cook Joseph A. lab. Washington av ext 
Cook Joseph B. undertaker and backs, TOT w 

w Baltimore 
Cook Joseph L. police, 282 Saratoga 
Cook Joseph M. (J. M. C. & Co.) 16 Hollins 
COOK J. M. & Co.(J,.M. and Wm. W.L.Cook) 

wholesale grocers, 15 Commerce 
Cook Mrs. Lena, 18 Port 
Cook Lewis, stonecutter, 66 n Schroeder 
Cook Lewis, huckster, 233 Aliceanna 
Cook Lewis, police, 130 n Schroeder 
Cook Lewis, painter, 217 s Bethel 
Cook Lewis G. clerk. Friendship, York rd 
Cook Lewis J. carp. 25 Williamson al 
Cook Lewis N. 40 Brune 
Cook Mrs. M. S. 81 Preston 
Cook Mrs. Margaret, 6 s Caroline 
Cook Mrs. Martha BL boarding, 54 s Eutaw 
Cook Martin, huckster, 244 George 
Cook Nora P. teacher, 54 s Eutaw 
Cook Peter, liaker, 191 s Bond 
Cook Porter, tin can factory, Bethel nr Bank, 

dw 49 n Bond 
Cook Mrs. Rebecca, grocery, 245 n Eden 

Cook Robert A. grocery, 197 Hanover 

Oook Robert H. block and pump maker, foot of 

Warren, dw 319 Light 
Cook Robert M. produce, 122 sHigh 
Cook Samuel, shoemkr, 426 Cross 
Cook Samuel C. shoemkr, 426 Cross 
COOK SAMUEL G. B. & CO. (S. G. B. Cook, 
J. Glenn Cook, C. H. Wier, John K. Wilson) 
hardware manufacturers' agents, 5 »and T 
German, w of Charles 
Cook Stephen D. lab. 116 s Central av 
Cook Stephen R. student, 16 Hollins 
Cook Sylvester, grocery, n w cor Baltimore 

and Ann 
Cook Theodore F. (H. C. C. & Bro.) 16 Hollins 
Cook Thomas, shoemkr, 17 Waesche 
Cook Thomas, 98 Richmond 
Cook Thomas, lab. 153 w Hoflfinan 
Cook Thomas, hodc-arrier, 292 Hanover . 
Cook Thomas J. clerk, 119 Chew 
Cook Thomas R. mariner, 323 Light 
Cook Thomas V. carp. 119 n Broadway 
Cook Thomas W . junk and tavern, 34 Fell and 

291 s Wolfe 
Cook Valentine, printer, 36 e Eager 
Cook W. J., Baltimore and Ann 
Cook Wm. potter, 410 Mulberry 
Cook Wm. boilermkr, 193 Lee 
Cook Wm. shucker, 18 Port 
Cook Wm. watchman, 551 \v Lombard 
Cook Wm. 163 e Pratt 
Cook Wm. police, 61 Bank 
Cook W^m. hostler, 2 Carlton 
Cook Wm. florist. Mulberry nr Carrollton av 
Cook Mrs. Wm. F. 113 n Strieker 
Cook Wm. H. tinner, 55 s Poppleton 
Cook Wm. H. baggage master, 517 w Pratt 
Cook Wm. I. rejwrter, 363 w Fayette 
Cook Wm. J. cigarmkr, 66 n Schroeder 
Cook Wm. M. clerk, 44 w Madisofi 
Cook Wm. V. dairy, 402 Saratoga 
Cook Wm.W.L. (J. M.C.&Co.)234 Druid Hill ar 
Cook Zachary T. bill poster, e Chase ext 
Cooke A doljihus A .( I .Cooke & Sons ) 244 n Carey 
Cooke Andrew J. bookkpr, 797 w Pratt 
Cooke Augustus G. telegraphist, 297 Lexington 
Cooke David McKim, clerk, 112 w- Lanvale 
Cooke Francis A. coacbi>ainter, 151 Linden av 
Cooke Geo. W. cotton bats and wadding, 148^ 

Linden av,, dw 151 
Cooke Mrs. Helen, 52 Franklin 
Cooke Henry W. 238 n Eutaw' 
Cooke I. & Sons (A. A. and O. W. Cooke) com. 

merchts. 50 s Howard 
Cooke Israel, 244 n Carey 
Cooke James E. painter, 22 Mulberr}' 
Cooke John T. coachpainter, 151 Linden av 
Cooke Joseph L. police, 382 Saratoga 
Cooke Joseph O. foreman, 20 Penn 
Cooke Marv, 52 Franklin 
Cooke O. W. (I. Cooke & Sons) 244 n Carey 
Cooke Robt. B. agt. Powhatan Steamboat Line, 

dw 65 n Charles 
Cooke T.(John R. Cox & Cooke) 97 sBroadway 
Cooke Dr. Theodore, 146 Hanover 
Cooke Theophilus,engineer U.S.N.97sBroadway 
Cooke Thomas, carp. 20 Greenmount av 
Cooke Wm. H. conductor, 153 Aisquith 
Cookes Mrs. Louisa, 126 Jefferson 
Cooksey John, shipcarp. 337 Elastern av 
Cooksey Mansfield, 426 Hanover 

HOLMES & CO., Engineers' and Machinists' Tools and Supplies, 
Packing, B-elting, Hose, Boiler Felt, "Wa^te, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

Assets, $85,000,000.00. q.¥. Bresee, Qen^l^gt. 




Cooksey W. T. 427 w Fayette 
Cool Gotleib, lab. Dover nr Fulton 
Coolahan Edward, hacks, 313 n Eutaw 
Coolahan Johu T. shoemkr. Clay nr Park av 
Coolahan Malachi, shoemkr, 15 Scott 
Coolahan Michael, driver, 313 n Eutaw 
Cooley Edward, huckster, 150 s Strieker 
Cooley J. R. C. police_, 273 n Gilmor 
Cooley James, driver, Liberty rd opp Carey 
Cooley Wm. lab. 18 Argyle av ext 
Coombs Geo. M. grocery, Broadway and Barnes 
Coombs John W. painter, 54 e Biddle 
Coombs Richard J. printer, 32 w Baltimore 
Coombs Dr. W. Otterbein, 84 n Strieker 
Coon Gustavus W. clerk, 122 German 
Coon Louis Cfyler Masonic Temple, 122German 
Coonan Daniel, 70 Centre Market sp 
Coonan Elizabeth, 68 Lancaster 
Coonan Dr. John N'., U.S.N. 318 Aisquith 
Coonan John H. blacksmith, 68 Lancaster 
Coonan Dr. Joseph, 70 Centre Market sp 
Coonan M. L clerk, 35 n Gay 
Coonan Martin, lab. 144 s Spring 
Cooney Charles, huckster, 344 Ramsay 
Cooney Christopher, shoemkr, 335 Mulberry 
Cooney Coleman, lab. 157 s Chester 
Cooney Mrs. Ellen, grocery, 41 s Dallas 
Cooney James, driver, 107 Eastern av 
Cooney Jas. huckster, Aisquith nr Point la 
Cooney John, lab. 100 York 
Cooney Lawrence, 335 Mulberry 
Cooney Michael, tinner, 57 s Chester 
Cooney Michael, tailor, 10 s Norris al 
Cooney Michael, lab. 107 Eastern av 
Cooney Michael, lab. 168 s Central av 
Cooney Michael, tailor, 20| n Schroeder 
Cooney Patrick, lab. 107 Eastern av 
Cooney Patrick, driver, 28 Gough 
Cooney Peter, gasfitterj 335 Mulberry 
Cooney Wm.J. T. printer, 705 w Fayette 
Cooper Adderly, stevedore, 214 Gough 
Cooper Alfred, gold pen maker, over 4 German, 

dw 47 Woodward 
Cooper Benj. C. (C. & Seltzer) 438 e Baltimore 
Cooper Benj. F. carp. 2 n Fremont 
Cooper Calvin, butcher, 438 e Baltimore 
Cooper Chas. clerk, Saratoga ext 
Cooper Capt. Edward K.(R.W.L.Rasin & Co.) 

23 Cathedral 
Cooper D. Wm. clerk, 189 Jefferson 
Cooper & DeFord (John J.F.Cooper,Joseph B. 

DeFord) grocers, 162 Franklin 
Cooper Daniel, barber, Hampden 
Cooper Mrs. Electa, 17 n High 
Cooper Mrs. Eliza, dressmkr, 448 e Lombard 
Cooper Frank, horseshoer, 99 Argyle av 
Cooper Frank J. lab. 199 n Dallas" 
Cooper G. Robert, printer, 442 w Lombard 
Cooper Geo. A. butcher, 130 s Fremont 
Cooper Geo. tinner, 216 e Pratt 
Cooper Geo. W. shipjoiner, 448 e Lombard 
Cooper H. J. shipcarp. 101 West 
Cooper Harry A. clerk, 729 Madison av ext 
Cooper Henry, machinist, Saratoga ext 
Cooper Horace, Saratoga ext 
Cooper James, shoemkr, 596 w Baltimore 
Cooper James, machinist, Woodberry 
Cooper James H. huckster, 86 Scott 
Cooper James 0. clerk, 118 Hanover 
Cooper James W. clerk, 206 s Charles 
Cooper Jarrett, watchman. North av nr John 
Cooper John, beer, 142 Eastern av 


Made water-tight, and preserved for thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMeNT and 


Bij increasing the quantity of Gum, we make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which is unequaled. All work 
guaranteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders solicitod 
for uew felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER <fc CO., Sole Manufacturers. 

No. 3 COURTLAND STREET, up stairs. 

Cooper John, lab. 56 Hillman 
Cooper John, driver, 247 n Front 
Cooper John A. huckster, 206 s Ann 
Cooper John C. clerk, 180 Saratoga 
Cooper Johu H. pilot and prest. Pilot's Associ- 
ation, 83 Thames, dw 63 s Ann 
Cooper John H. porter, 199 n Dallas 
Cooper John J. F. (C.& DeFord) 162 Franklin 
Cooper John R. lab. 112 n High 
Cooper John W. F. printer, 442 w Lombard 
Cooper Mrs. John W. 469 e Lombard 
Cooper Joseph, miner, 69 n Washington 
Cooper Joseph 0. shoemkr, 33 Orleans 
Cooper Mrs. Mary, 216 e Pratt 
Cooper Mrs. Margaret, 329 Saratoga 
Cooper Mrs. Mary J. 189 Jefferson 
Cooper Peter, lab. Hampden 
Cooper Mrs. Rebecca, 123 Gough 
Cooper Richard M. conductor, 27 Pleasant 
Cooper Samuel, Saratoga ext 
Cooper Mrs. Sarah, seamstress, 33 n Eden 
Cooper k Seltzer (B.C.Coooper, D.F. Seltzer) 

butchers, 20 Fells Point Market 
Cooper Thomas, carp. Western Md. hotel 
Cooper Capt. Thos. mariner. 111 Montgomery 
Cooper Thos. N' bookkpr. Homestead 
Cooper Thos. V. porter, 199 n Dallas 
Cooper Wm. lab. Hampden 
Cooper Wm. lab. Sweet Air 
Cooper U. W. clerk, 189 Penna av 
Cooper Wm. E. printer, 442 w Lombard 
Cooper Wm. G. driver, 199 n Dallas 
Cooper Wm. H. clerk, 469 e Lombard 
Cooper Wm. M. (Milmine,Bodmau & Co.) To- 
ledo, 0. 
Coover Sam. W. (Clarke & C.) 363 w Fayette 
Cope Chas. constable, — Hudson al 
Copeland Philip D. carp. Loudon av nr Milling- 
ton av ■« 
Copeland Robert, grocery, 52 McMechin 
Copeland Thos. processor, 417 Light 
Copenger Wm. F. brakeman, 11 w Federal 
Copenhaver A. paperhangings, 150 s Broadway 
Copenhaver Elizabeth, millinery, 100 sBroadway 
Copenhaver John H. grocery, 394 e Monument 
Copenhaver Saml. H. salesman, 154 n Calhoun 
Copenhaver Thos. cigarmkr, 16 President 
Copenspire Chas. moulder, 98 Parkin 
Copes Geo. L. tallykeepr, 221 e Pratt 
Copes Miles, shoemkr, Warner nr Wayne 
Copinger Chas. L. clerk, 179 n Calvert 
Copp Moses, shoemkr, 63 Camden 
Coppage Benj. R. clerk, 9 Greenmount av 
Coppage Mrs. Josephine, 9 Greenmount av 
Coppe Wm. painter, Frederick av nr Wilkens 
Copper Francis N. clerk, 37 Holland 
Copper Frank H. drug clerk, 131 Lexington 
Copper Jas. H. ladies' shoemkr, 57 Ensor 
Copper Samuel N. shoemkr, 37 Holland 
Copper Wm. C. florist, 30 Gough 


No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 


^ O^FeBRESEF «t SQN^:EI1?E w E T^R^ d^M A RIN Ei 





Coppinger Prof. Geo. 179 N. Calvert 

Coppinger Wm.F.brakeman,152 Greenmouatav 

Coram Mrs. Mary E. conf'y, Pratt and Norrisal 

Corm Howard C. clerk, Pratt and No ris al 

Corm Joseph V. dairyman, 286 Saratoga 

Corm Wm. H. huckster, 29^tiles 

Corm Wra. H. shoemkr, Pratt and Norris al 

Corbell Peter, shoemkr, 41 s High 

Corbett Emanuel, umbrellas and canes, 11 w 

Baltimore, dw 10 n Exeter 
Corbett John W. clerk, 10 n Exeter 
Corbin Chas. clerk, 88 Hanover 
Corbiu John W.(Brown,Boggs & Co.) St. Clair 

Corbitt Edward, carter, 59 York 
Corbitt John, lab. 188 Penna av 
Corbitt John, moulder, 99 York 
Corbitt John, blacksmith, 99 York 
Corbitt John, moulder, 152 Hughes 
Corbitt John, lab. 152 Hughes 
Corbitt Patrick, grocery, Hughes and William 
Corbitt Wm. W. clerkj 218 w Lanvale 
Corcoran John, police, 287 n Howard 
Corcoran John T. 108 Argyle av 
Corcoran Martin, lab. 1 Griffiss ct 
Corcoran Michael, drayman, 48 Chew 
Corcoran Michael, porter, 121 West 
Corcoran Michael J. clerk, 70 Albemarle 
Corcoran Michael, livery stables, 22 Richmond, 

dw 20 
Corcoran Stephen, grocery, 82 West Falls av, 

dw 123 Albemarle 
Cord John T. die and modelmker, 217 s Paca 
Cordell Dr. E. F. 125 n Charles 
Cordery Mrs. Sarah R. boarding, 225 e Baltimore 
Cordery Wm. H. 318 n Eden 
Cordes Henry, barkpr, 96 s Eutaw 
Cordes Mrs. Johanna, beer, 96 s Eutaw 
Cordes John H. beer, 512 w Pratt 
Cording John H. carp. 75 n Fremont 
Cordray Adolphus M. 183 Mosher 
Cordray Henry F. scroll sawyer, 72 n Strieker 
Cordray John, coachtrimmer, 236 Hanover 
Cordray W. agent, 1 Jefferson 
Corey Benj. saddles, 1 St. Mary's ct 
Coriell Alvin, clerk, 42 Argyle av 
Coriell Isaac, contractor,' 400 w Baltimore, dw 

42 Argyle av 
Corkran Benj. boilermkr, 139 Cross 
Corkran Benj. W. sr. teller, 165 n Arlington av 
Corkran Benj. W. jr. clerk, 165 n Arlington av 
Corkran Richd.L. bookkpr. Park and Townsend 
CORKRAN WM. naval officer, 84 Park av cor 

Corkran Wm. H. clerk, 165 n Arlington av 
Cormack Alfred, police, 55 Richmond 
Corman Stephen A. shoemkr, 121 n Schroeder 

and Wood, Wm. F. Wheatley, sec'y 
Corn and Flour Exchange (inspection dept.) 

over 57 South 
Corn and Flour Exchange Sample Room, 7 Wood 
Cornelius Geo. W. provisions, 311 e Madison 
Cornelius Geo. W. engineer. Mount Vernon 
Cornelius John, huckster, 170 Ensor 
Cornelius John C. deputy warden Penitentiary, 

158 Harford av 
Cornelius John E. machinist. Mount Vernon 
Cornelius Nicholas, huckster, 3 Cemetery av 
Cornelius Nicholas, 163 Forrest 
Cornelius Nicholas A. arab, 135 e Biddle 
Cornelius Thomas, clerk, 19 Scott 

Cornelius Richard, cashier Nat. Farmers and 

Planters Bank, dw 480 Madison av 
Cornelius Winfield S. oysters, 66 e Fayette, dw 

158 Harford av 
Cornell Charles, carp. 242 Madison av 
Cornell John H. carp. 200 Division, 
Cornell Michaell, carp, and builder, 13 Morris 

al, dw 242 Madison av 
Cornell Wm. lab. Hampden 
Corner B. Mezick (Jas.C.&Sons) New York 
Corner Frank, clerk, 20 n Broadway 
Corner Geo. W. (Jas.C.&Sons) 20 n Broadway 
Corner HenryC.(C.A.Gambrill&Co.)122St.Paul 
Corner H. W. 447 w Lanvale 
Corner James J. & Co. (Jas. J. Corner) flour and 

grain com. merchts. 22 Spear's whf 
Corner James J. (Jas.J.C.i&Co.) 122 St. Paul 
Corner James & Sons (Thomas, G.W.,B.M.and 
Thos. Corner jr.) shipping and com. merchts, 
foot Frederick-st dock, office lis Gay 
Corner John, carp. 315 e Lombard 
Corner S. R. clerk, 122 St. Paul 
Corner Solomon sr. 122 St. Paul 
Corner Solomon jr. clerk, 82 St. Paul 
Corner Thomas (Jas.C.&Sons) New York 
Corner Thomas jr. (Jas.C.&Sons) New York 
Corner Wm. E. (Jas. J. Lacy & Co.) 75 s Ann 
Corner Wm. H. clerk, 259 Linden av 
Corney John, lab. 358 s Charles 
Corns Ananias, foundryman, 57 Luzerne 
Corns JacobF.tobaco'st,HollinsandFrederickav 
Corns Jacobs. mach'st.Hollinsand Frederick av 
Corns Job D. bookkpr, Hollins and Frederick av 
Corns John, ironwkr, 57 Luzerne 
Corns John, carp. Mount Vernon 
Corns Mrs. Sophia, tailoress, 30 n Washington 
Corns Wm. lab. 283 e Madison 
Corns Zachariah, lab. Mount Vernon 
Cornthwait Chas. S. machinist, 20 St. Peter 
Cornthwait Mrs. Elizabeth, 92 Orleans 
Cornthwait John M. machinist, 20 St. Peter 
Cornthwait Louis A. mariner, 20 St. Peter 
Cornthwait Robert, hatter, 20 St. Feter 
Cornthwait Robert H. carp. 20 St. Peter 
Cornthwait Thomas S. S. carp. 20 St. Peter 
Corny Patrick, lab. 372 Hanover 
Corp Henry, carver, 221 Henrietta 
Corprew James, boilermkr, 59 Parkin 
Corprew Moses, boilermkr, 502 w Lombard 
Corprew Mrs. Rebecca, 390 Orleans 
Corprew Samuel H. engineer, 79 s Bond 
Corprew Thomas, boilermkr, 79 s Bond 
Correa Wm. J. plasterer, 108 n Caroline 
Correll James M. clerk, 224 George 
Correll Dr. John W. 506 w Fayette 
Correll Stewart D. agent, 136 Mosher 
Correll Dr. Thomas, 506 w Fayette 
Corrie Dr. James (B.Gill & Co.') 235 Saratoga 
Corrigan Daniel, umbrellas, 31 Druid Hill av 
Corrigan Daniel, shoemkr, 119 Harford av 
(■Jorrigan Francis M. engineer, 280 Gough 
Corrigan Mrs. Jane, grocery, 131 n Broadway 
Corrigan John, lab. 328 William 
Corrigan Michael, 112 n Bond 
Corrigan Rev. 0. B. 40 Hollins 
Corrigan Patrick, porter, 223 Lee 
Corrigan Patrick, lab. 67 n Front 
Corse Frank, gardener, Belair av ext 
Corse Robert S. (Wm.C.&Son) Herring run nr 

Belair av ext 
Corse Wm.& Son (Robt.S. Corse) nursery. Her- 
ring run nr Belair av ext 

WxM. WIRT CLARKE, Flour and General Commission Merchant. 
English & German Portland Ceraenta for Pavements & Artificial Stone work generally. 

Insurance Agents and Brokers, America n Building. 




CORSE WM. & SON. Clairmount 
and Furley Hall Nurseries, estab- 
lished 1828. Postoffice Box 248, 

GoTsey Fred. lab. 190 s Regester 

Corsey Capt. John, mariner, 43 Hamburg 

Corson Henry, rigger, 18 Fell 

Corss John, shoemkr, 51 s Regester 

Corte John, lab. 268 s Caroline 

Cortes Henry, lab. 2 Cuba 

Corum J. C. 407 w Lanvale 

Corwine Letha A. upholsts. 19 Greenmount av 

Corwine Margt.S.upholst's,19 Greenmount av 

Corwine Wm. moulder, 310 s Paca 

Coryell Geo. H. civil eng.49St.Paulnr Denmead 

Cosby Wm.H. salesman, 154 n Carey 

Cosgrove J. Henry, grocer, 82 Richmond 

Cosgrove Jno. watchman City Hall, 82 Richmond 

Cosgrove John, roofer, 10 s Front 

Cosgrove John, roofer, 4 Bradenbaugh al 

Cosgrove John, machinist, 31 Woodward 

Cosgrove John, lab. 291 Canton av 

Cosgrove John P. fire dept. 370 s Charles 

Cosgrove Joseph, clerk, 92 Holland 

Cosgrove Mrs. Margaret, grocery, 31 Woodward 

Cosgrove Mrs. Mary, 291 Canton av 

Cosgrove Patrick, lab. 11 Pleasant al 

Cosgrove Patrick jr. driver, 11 Pleasant al 

Cosgrove Stephen, lab. 291 Canton av 

Cosgrove Thos. lab. 393 Canton av 

Cosh Wm.M. supt. Consumers Gas Co. dw 259 

e Baltimore 
Coskery Maurice, blksmith, 134 Barre 
Coskery Dr. Oscar J. 188 n Calvert 
Coskery James, drayman, 92 s Mount 
Cosmos Beneficial Association, Wilson R.Boyd, 

secy, 8 Postofiice av 
Coss Albert G. clerk, 336 n Gilmor 
Coss Geo. coal, Smith and Shield al, dw 206 

Cossa Gaspard H. (P.Scbiaffino & Co.) 171 Ed- 

mondson av 
Cossal John, lab. 147 s Chapel 
Cossen Deitrich, shoemkr, 137 n Bond 
Cossen Lewis, shoemkr, 236 e Pratt 
Costa Capt. L. (C, Rottanzi & Co.) 93 Thames 
Costa, Rottanzi & Co. (Capt. L. Costa, L. Rottanzi, 

Capt.A.Chies) ship chandlers,270 s Broadway 
Costello Andrew, lab. 79 s Mount 
Costello Dennis, moulder, 14 Addison 
Costello Jas. coachman, 91 pillen 
Costello John sr. lime kilns and feed, Fayette e 

of Burke, dw 181 Orleans 
Costello John, lab. 49 Booth 
Costello John J. weaver. Sweet Air 
Costello Mrs. Mary A. 93 Barre 
Costello Morris, lab. 46 s Dewberrv al 
Costello P.S. police, 162 w Hoffman 
Costello Patrick, carp. 48 Preston 
Costello Patrick, lab. 3 n Calhoun ext 
Coster Jas. H. carp. Is Calhoun, dw672w Lombard 
Coster Jas.T. clerk, 330 e Madison 
Coster Jas.Z. clerk, 330 e Madison 
Coster Joseph, salesman, 771 w Pratt 
Coster Capt. Somerville, mariner, 10 Hamburg 
Coster Thos. plumber, 65 Forrest 
Coster Thos. currier, Burtoia's hotel 
Coster Wm. clerk,, 152 West 
Costigan Wm. wharfinger, 10 O'Donnell's wbf, 

dw 297 e Pratt 


Made water-tight, and pret^erved for years, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMENT and 


Bv inoreas'mg the qunnlihj of Gum, we make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which is nnequaled. All work 
guaranteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders solicited 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D M. SADLER & CO.. Sole Manufacturers, 

No. 3 COUKTLAND STREET, up stairs. 

Costigan Wm. jr. lab. 297 e Pratt 
Costin Mrs. Harriet C. 534 s Charles 
Costin Jas. M. moulder, 534 s Charles 
Costolay Pat'k J. cedarware, and broom manuf. 

118 and 120 Franklin 
Cottage Home, (monthly,) Home Publishing Co. 

Cotten G.A. salesman, 232 n Carey 
Gotten M.A. clerk, 342 Myrtle av 
COTTER J. & CO. (John Cotter, J. Nunan, J. 

Wall) wholes. liquors,40 and 42 s Frederick 
Cotter Jas. marble polisher, 11 n Calhoun ext 
Cotter Jane, boarding, 47 e Monument 
Cotter John, marble polisher, 75 East 
Cotter John (J.C.& Co.) 198 Lafayette av 
Cotter Lawrence, tinner, 47 e Monument 
Cotterfield Joseph, clerk, 104 n Poppleton 
Cotterill Edw.H. book agent, 40 McHenry 
Cotterill Mrs.M.E. 46 McHenry 
Cottingham Harrison, clerk, 152 n Arlington av 
Cottingham Jas. cigarmkr, 230 Montgomery 
Cottingham Jas. T. 401 w Lanvale 
Cottingham S.H. agricultural impl'sand seeds, 

38 n Paca, dw 152 n Arlington av 
Cottingham Saml. sr. (R.Sinclair & Co.) 152 n 

Arlington av 
Cottingham Saml. jr. salesman, 316 Mosher 
Cottingham Summerfield, clerk, 152 Arlington av 
Cottman Clarence, 223 Bolton 
Cottman Mrs.E.M. 223 Bolton 
Cottman H.S.bookkpr, 179 w John 
Cottman J.H. chemical broker, 3 E.xchange pi, 

dw 215 w Hoffman 
Cotton Harry, bookkpr, 169 Franklin 
Cotton L. clothing, 169 Franklin, dw 23 Clarke 
Cottrell Clark T. mariner, 46 Hamburg 
Cottrell Daniel G. engineer, 46 Hamburg 
Cottrell Mrs. Ellen, 197 s Chapel 
Cottrell Mrs. Jane, 298 n Eutaw 
Cottrell Thos. J. clerk, 298 n Eutaw 
Cottrell Wm. A. carp. 298 n Eutaw 
Couch Mrs. Catherine, confec'y, 225 Park av 
Couch John E. carp. 225 Park av 
Couchman Edw. carp. 561 e Fayette 
Couchman Edw. decorator, 220 e Fayette 
Couchman Geo. carp. 561 e Fayette 
Couchman Jos. paper, 32 s Patterson Park av 
Couchman Wm. shipcarp. 249 s Bond 
Couders Simou, printer, 23 e Baltimore 
Coughlan Mrs. Johanna, 59 e Eager 
Coughlan John J. liquors, 70 Mulberry 
Coughlan John T. printer, 59 e Eager 
Coughlan Patrick, grocery. Bank and Chester 
Coughlan Mrs. Rebecca, 52 e Baltimore, dw 156 

e Monument 
Conghlin Cornelius, lab. 60 Cooksie 
Coughliu John T. painter, 2 Rock 
Coughlin Mrs. Laura, restaurant,278 s Broadway 
Conghlin Mrs. Mary, 2 Rock 
Coughlin Wm. 58 Division 

No. 61 S. GAY STREET. 





Cougliran David, stonecutter, Eagle hotel 
Cougle Thos.W. dispatcher, 291 Myrtle av 
Coiigler John, butcher, 52 Belair Market, d\v 

Harford rd nr toUgate 
Couguet Amos, driver, 53 n Amity 
Coulbourn Robt.M. bookkpr, 144 n Calhoun 
Coulbourn Stephen D. sr. com. mercht. over 7 

Bowly's whf, d\vl44 n Calhoun 
Coulbourn Stephen D. jr. clerk, 144 n Calhoun 
Coulehan John J. clerk, 92 Saratoga 
Coulson Andrew J. painter, 108 s Regester 
Coulson Chas. E. mariner, 108 s Regester 
Coulson Edw. L. glue manufr., Jenkins la 
Coulson Eliza, 108 s Regester 
Coulson George T. butcher, Penna av ext 
Coulson Henry B. clerk, 292 Hollins 
Coulson Mrs. Mary H. 292 Hollins 
Coulson Robert, clerk, 181 n Caroline 
Coulson Robert G. machinist, Hampden 
Coulson Wm. S. painter, 95^ n Eutaw 
Coulter Alex, teller, 137 Bolton 
Coulter Andrew J. lab. 82 Oak 
Coulter Archibald B. (Roche & Co.) 226 w 

Coulter C. H. clerk, 15 Shirk nr Oak 
Coulter Evan P. clerk, 113 q Eutaw 
Coulter Mrs. George T., Shirk nr Oak 
Coulter Henry C. jr. 570 w Fayette 
Coulter James J. pilot, 436 e Fayette 
Coulter James M. painter, 127 William 
Coulter John, wdl digger, 118 Dolphin 
Coulter John A. coppersmith and plumber,Far- 

dy's shipyard, dw 127 William 
Coulter Leonidas, Hoffman nr Chester 
Coulter Mifflin, discount clerk, 9 Cathedral 
Coulter Robert A. carp. 13 Warner 
Coulter Samuel, tailor, 113 n Eutaw 
Councell Isabella, 48 n Front 
Coucil G. M. salesman, 547 Franklin 
Councilman C. A. (Maynard,C.& Co.) 
Counselman F. A. machinist, 109 s Strieker 
Counselman Geo. F. tailor, 103 s Strieker 
Counselnian Geo. H. machinist, 103 s Strieker 
Counselman Geo. L. clerk, Madison nr Broadway 
Counselman Jacob H. 120 n Broadway 
Counselman John J. barber, 18 n Washington 

fruit packer, Philpot and Wills, dw 120 n 

Counselman Wm. H. 55 n Strieker 
Counselman Wm.R.houseand sign painter,Bal- 

timore and Calhoun, and 70 German, dw 53 n 

Countess Alonzo, moulder, 822 w Pratt 
Countess Eugene, moulder, 822 w Pratt 
Countess Joseph, lab. 822 w Pratt 
Countess Joseph W. engineer, 189 Battery av 
Coupland James, lab. 91 s Castle 
Coupland Richard, hats, 72 s Charles, dw 252 n 

Courcelle Adrien, cabinetmkr, 148 n Howard 
Courcelle L.& P. (Louise and Pauline Courcelle) 

fancy goods, cor Argyle av and Biddle 
Courleander Bernard, music teacher, Peabody 

Institute, dw 205 n Calvert 
Coursey Benj. shoemkr, 8 Stockholm 
Counsey Chas. engineer, 45 Woodward 
Coursey James E. engineer, 36 Sterrett 
Coursey James H. watchman, 43 St. Peter 
Coursey John E. lab. 36 Sterrett 
Coursey Mary, 43 St. Peter 
Coursey Walter J. blacksmith, 43 St. Petef- 

COURT HOUSE, Baltimore city,cor Calvert and 

2d floor, Henry F. Garey, judge, I. Freeman 
Rasin, chief clerk, office basement of Court 
Courtenay A. D. B. bookkpr, 76 n Greene 
Courtenay Rev. Austin M. 364 Madison av 
Courtney Mrs. Catherine, grocery, 513 n Gay 
Courtney Mrs. Catherine, 23 e Monument 
Courtney Claypole, tinner, 326 n Bond 
Courtney Geo. (Gilmore & C.) 142 s Central av 
Courtney Geo. W. salesman, 399 Franklin 
Courtney Henry C. carp. 326 n Bond 
Courtney James, lab. 23 e Monument- 
Courtney James A. painter, 28 s Carey 
Courtney Mrs. James T. 49 n Carey 
Courtney John, horseshoer, 56 n Caroline 
Courtney John, engineer, 30 Byrd 
Courtnev Mtfrv, hairdresser, 168 e Eager 
COURTNEY R. & BRO. (R. and Wm. P. Court- 
ney) wine dealers and grocers, 14 n Charles 
Courtney Richard (R. C. & Bro.) 64 Courtland 
Courtney Wm. 64 Courtland 
Courtnev Wm. lab. Point la nr city limits 
Courtney Wm. P. (R.C. & Bro.) 64 Courtland 
Courtney Wm. T. plasterer, lis Strieker 
Courtney Wm.T.butcher,33 Centre and 44 Belair • 

Markets, dw York rd nr city limits 
Courts Andrew J. bricklayer, Waverley 
Courts Chas. driver. Division nr Baker 
Courts Geo. W. grocery. Baker nr Gilmor 
Courts James E. clerk. Baker nr Gilmor 
Courts James L. machinist, 118 n Poppleton 
Courts Mrs. Mary, milk. Division nr Baker 
Cousins Edward, moulder, 109 e Eager 
Cousins Geo. W. cooper, 52 n Fremont 
Cousins John, cooper, 52 n Fremont 
Cousins John E. cooper, 279 McDonogh 
Cousins Louis W. brakeman, 52 n Fremont 
Cousins Thos. E. boilermkr, 53 Lee 
Cousins Wm. J. clerk, 52 n Fremont 
Couzins Frank, saddlemkr, 73 s Charles 
Couzins Lawrence, driver, 200 w Pratt 
Couzins Mary, dressmkr, cor Charles and Pratt 
Couzins Wm. collarmkr, 200 w Pratt 
Covell Edward, engineer, 182 Scott 
Covell Joel, moulder, 4 s CarroUton av 
Covell Wm. engineer, 4 s CarroUton av 
Cover B. F. ice, 336 e Pratt 
Cover B. F. jr. ice, 336 e Pratt 
Cover Fred. carp. 275 e Lombard 
Cover Wm. L. photographer, 560 w Baltimore, 

dw 61 n Strieker 
Covington E. H. conductor, 496 Lexington 
Covington Franklin, shucker, 339 Eastern av 
Covington Henry, carp. 169 Aisquith 
Covington John E. clerk, 88 Barre 
Covington John R. lab. 339 Eastern av 
Covington Mrs. Martha, notions,339 Eastern av 
Covington Mrs. Sarah, notions, 230 Light 
Covington Thos. S. carbuilder, 230 Light 
Covington Thos. S. carbuilder, 135 Chew 
Cowan David, bookkpr, St. Paul ext 
Cowan Edward, hacks, 87 Hollins 
Cowan Wm. H. attorney, 12 Law building, dw 

140 n Strieker 
Cowan Wm. J. student, 140 n Strieker 
Coward Mrs. Margaret, 195 Park av 
Coward Robert, tinner, 10 w Baltimore 
Coward Thos. R. gen. com. mercht. 68 w Madison 
Coward Wm. shipcarp. 220 Aliceanna 

HOLMKS & CO., Engineers' and Machinists' Tools and Supplies, 
Packing, Beltin6, Hose, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Wasliers, &c. 

O. F. Bresee, G-eneral Agent, America n BiiilcLi iig. 




Cowen Benj. S. caulker, 392 Hanover 
Cowea Cavalier W. glassblower, 39'2 Hanover 
Cowen Franklin, fireman, 392 Hanover 
Cowen J. K. attorney, 42 Lexington, dw 39 Mount 

Vernon pi 
Cowen Wm. A. glassblower, 392 Hanover 
Cowen Wm. S. stonecutter, 39 York 
Cowgill Andrew, brakeman, 3*79 William 
Cowles Henry M. sec'y Board Public School 

Commissioners, City Hall, dw 61 n Bond 
Cowles Josiah E. clerk, Frederick av nr Milling- 
ton la 
Cowley Mrs. Alice, dressmkr, 200 e Pratt 
Cowley Mrs. Mary, 15 Pleasant al 
Cowley Samuel f . tailor, 90 Richmond, dw 

Falls rd nr tollgate 
Cowley Wm. D. engineer, 200 e Pratt 
Cowman Chas.(J.G.C. & Bro.) 294 Hollins 
Cowman Chas. H. (Snowden & C.) 120 Bolton 
COWMAN & CO. (Wm. T. Cowman) hosiery 

and trimmings, 71 Lexington 
Cowman Edward, grocery, 137 w Biddle 
Cowman Mrs. Ellen, 294 Hollins 
Cowman H. P. clerk, 242 n Eutaw 
Cowman J.G. & Bro. (J. G.and Chas. Cowman) 

grocers, s e cor Baltimore and Calhoun 
Cowman James, huckster, 2G8 Chew 
Cowman James H. blacksmith, 295 McHenry 
Cowman John G. (J.G.C. & Bro.)668Lexington 
Qowman J. Henry, manager for Brainerd, Arm- 
strong & Co. 13 German, dw 242 n Eutaw 
Cowman John J. carp. Woodberry 
Cowman Joseph, clerk, 228 Argyle av 
Cowman Nicholas, boilermkr, 1(39 s Sharp 
Cowman Philip E. electro ty per and stereotyper, 

110 J w Baltimore, dw 291 e Baltimore 
Cowman Samuel S. jr. clerk, 287 w Hoffman 
Cowman Wm. T. (C.& Co. and Wm.T.C.&Co.) 

North av nr Maryland av 
COWMAN WM. t. & CO. (Wm. T. Cowman, 
J. Newport- Potts) family grocers, s e cor 
Maryland and North avs 
Cox Arthur, carp. 255 Harford av 
Cox Amos A. surveyor, 204 Park av 
Cox Mrs. B. W. Hampden 
Cox Chas. E. upholsterer, 50 Myrtle av 
Cox Chas. 0. 58 n Greene 
Cox Mrs. E. B. boarding, 103 Hanover 
Cox Dr. E. Gover, 289 w Fayette 
Cox Elisha, coach and livery stables, n e cor 

Bank and Bethel, dw 79 s Broadway 
Cox Esau J. machinist and wood and coal, 12 

Patuxent, dw 368 e Pratt 
Cox Esau L. brickmkr, 368 e Pratt 
Cox Eugene C. 504 w Baltimore 
Cox George W. bookkpr, 296 w Baltimore 
Cox Capt. Gilbert, 361 McDonogh 
Cox Harry C. clerk, 504 w Baltimore 
Cox Harry C. printer, 349 e Chase 
Cox Henry, bookkpr, 142 n Charles 
Cox Hugh, lab. 162 Hudson 
Cox Isaac, hats, 208 w Baltimore, pres't Consl'd 
Real Est. and Fire Ins. Co. coram'r for open- 
ing streets, dw Mulberry nr Strieker 
Cox James, lab. 77 s Carey 
Cox James, machinist. Mount Vernon mills 
Cox James A. bookbinder, 23 Park av 
Cox James E. painter, 337 e Madison 
Cox James H. sr. bookkpr, 58 n Greene 
Cox James H. jr. broker, Homestead 
Cox James L. cigarmkr. Homestead 
Cox James T. plumber, 77 s Carey 


Made water-tight. aud_preserved for thor- 
oughly applyiu? ELASTIC CEMENT and 


By incrensint} the quantity of Oitm, we make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which is untquaied. All work 
guarautefd. A trial is all we ask. Orders solicited 
for uew felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER & CO.. Sole Manufacturers. 

No. 3 COURTLAND STREET, up stairs. 

Cox Mrs. Jennie, 21 Pearl 

Cox John, 226 w Biddle 

Cox John, printer, cor Pratt and Spear's whf 

and 134 w Baltimore, dw 349 e Chase 
Cox John B. shipjoiner, 9 Irvine pi 
Cox John E. lab. 77 s Carey 
Cox John F. bricklayer, 25 n Poppleton 
Cox John H. clerk, 91 Jefferson 

Cox,T. Cooke,) Produce and Com- 
mission Merchants, s w cor Fay- 
ette and Howard streets 

COX J0¥n R. (John R. Cox and Cooke) 245 

Argyle av 
Cox John T. police, 209 e Madison 
Cox John W. 325i Penna av 
Cox Joseph S. yeast manuf. 38 n Strieker ext 
Cox Joseph S. butcher, 28 Richmond Market, 

dw 255 Harford av 
Cox Mrs. L. B. boarding, 87 Saratoga 
Cox L. J. & Co. (L. J. Cox, G. W. Clark) com. 

merchts. over Bowly's whf and Pratt 
Cox Lawrence N. bookkpr, 256 w Hoffman 
Cox Louis 0. carp. Sterrett and McHenrv 
Cox Luther J.(L.J.Cox & Co.)202 DruidHiU av 
Cox Mrs. Mary, hacks, 70 s Castle 
Cox Mrs. Mar}', yeast cake factory, 226w Biddle 
Cox Mrs. Mary, 174 n High 
Cox Mrs. Mary E. 91 Jefferson 
Cox Melchior, stonemason, 649 w Lombard 
Cox Michael, puddler, 429 Aliceanna 
Cox Michael,- currier, 174 n High 
Cox Oliver, millwright, 256 Columbia 
Cox Patrick, lab. 114 Harford av 
Cox Philip, upholsterer, 213 Franklin 
Cox Richard G. bookkpr, 667 w Lombard 
Cox Richard W. 207 n Carrollton av 
Cox S. Edwin, bookkpr, 12 Edmondson av 
Cox Rev. Samuel, 36 n Carrollton av 
Cox Mrs. Sarah, Druidville 
Cox Thos. C. currier, 174 n High 
Cox Walter A. brakeman, 104 William 
Cox Wm. H. (Freeland, Hall & Co.) Barnum's 

Cox Wm. A. photographer, 56 n Charles, dw 28 

Cox Wm. G. teacher, 289 w Fayette 
Cox Wm. H. clerk, 88 Bank 
Cox Wm. H. bookkpr, 296 w Baltimore 
Cox Wm. H. mercht. tailor, 504 w Baltimore 
Cox Wm. H. engineer, 746 w Pratt 
Cox Wm. T. lab. Woodberry 
Coxon Francis, potter, 197 Eastern av 
Coxon Geo. E. miller, Coxon' s mill. Herring 

run nr Belair av 
Coxson John L. shoe finisher, 116 e Fayette 
Coy Dr. Byron F. dentist, 141 n Charles 
Coy John H. machinist, 4 Williamson al 


No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 

COY • 172 CRA 

Coyle Mrs. Anna, 24 Scott 

Coyle Edward, miller, Calverton mills 

Coyle Dr. Eugene C. 219 w Townsend 

Coyle Fred, machinist, 108 Battery av 

Coyle Henry H. clerk C.H. .38 Fawn 

Coyle Mrs. Jane L. 108 Battery av 

Coyle John, (J. C. & Bros.) 24 Scott 

Coyle John, shipcarp. 108 Battery av 

Coyle John jr. caulker, 108 Battery av 

Coyle John & Bros. (John, Wm. and Richard 

Coyle )marbleized slate and soapstone works, 

359 w Pratt 
Coyle John F. tinner, 37 Hillman 
Coyle Mrs. Kate, stationery, 10 e Baltimore 
Coyle Michael, lab. Hudson al nr Federal 
Coyle Patrick, currier, 172 Ensor 
Coyle Richard (John C. & Bros.) 73 McHenry 
Coyle Dr. T. P. dentist, 4f^ Mulberry 
Coyle Dr. Terrence W. dentist, 160 n Howard 
Coyle Thos. J. carp. 352 n Durham 
Coyle Wm. (J. C. & Bros.) 145 Columbia 
Coyle \Ym. F. A. clerk, 20 n Carrollton av 
Coyle AVm. H. machinist, 108 Battery av 
Coyne Ellen, saleslady, 5 McMechin 
Coyne John, lab. 27 s Stockton al 
Coyne John jr. bookkpr, 181 s Charles 
Coyne John (J. C. & Co.) 181 s Charles 
Coyne John, supt. St. James hotel, Charles 

and Centre, dw 5 McMechin 
Coyne John & Co. (John Coyne) lighters and 

tug boats, office, Boyce's wharf, Locust Point 
Coyne Mary, saleslady, 5 McMechin 
Coyne Michael, lab. 96 Chesapeake 
Coyne Michael, lab. 79 Cooksie 
Coyne Michael, lab. 9 s Bethel 
Coyne Patrick, lab. '558 w Lombard 
Coyne Patrick, clerk, 5 n High 
Coyne Patrick, shipcarp. 15 s Burke 
Coyne Peter, lab. 417 w Pratt 
Coyne Richard, lab. 153 Hamburg 
Coyne Rose, grocery, 15 s Burke 
Coyne Timothy, lab. 96 Chesapeake 
Covner Dr. Samuel F. 134 n High 
COZINE HOUSE, James W. Cozine, propr, 13 

Cozine Jas.W. propr. Cozine House, 13 Harrison 
Cozine Mrs. Ursula, 45 Jackson 
Crabbe John E. R. (Johnson, Sutton & Co.) 58 

n Carey 
Crabbe Wm. H. (Goldsborough, Pitts & Co.) 

464 Mullierry 
Crabson John, watchman, Mt. Vernon 
Crabson Thomas, carp. Mt. "Vernon 
Craddick Josephj letter carrier, 256 e Fayette 
Cradilick Dr. Joseph N. 256 e Fayette 
Cratr Frank M. clerk, 52 n Strieker 
Craft Charles, painter, 20 e Biddle 
Craft Geo. lab. 217 s Wjlfe 
Craft Jacob jr. 38 s Eutaw 
Craft John, plasterer, 34 Binney 
Craft Mrs. Sarah E. 451 n Central av 
Craft Wm. G. hatter, 192 e Fayette 
Crafton James, dredger, 308 McDonogh 
Crafton Robert, carp. 421 n Gay 
Cragg George, glass-blower, 399 s Eutaw 
Cragg George R. clerk, 310 n Eden 
Cragg James, finisher, 3G2 Ostend 
Cragg Joseph, glassblower, 405 s Eutaw 
Cragg Joseph, consulting engineer, 10 s Holli- 

day, dw 310 n Eden 
Cragg Samuel, glassblower, 405 s Eutaw 
Cragg Wm. lab. 405 s Eutaw 

Craggs Wm. carp. 457 w Lanvale 
Craggs Wm. baker, 87 n Ann 

Craig , mariner, 59 Bank 

Craig Mrs. Ann, 59 Bank 
Craig Aug. sailmkr, 83 n E.xeter 
CRAIG Mrs. ELLEN, grocery, 121 Maryland av 
j Craig Mrs. Eliza J. grocery, 175 Hughes 
i Craig Mrs. Emeline, 9 Poultney 
I Craig George E. lab. 9 Poultney 
Craig G. W. Hume, attorney, 21 Lexington, dw 
' 121 n Eden 

Craig George K. salesman, 226 w Lanvale 
Craig George W. painter, 41 Parrish 
Craig George W. plumber. Central av and John 
Craig Harry F. salesman, 226 w Lanvale 
Craig J. Morrell, salesman, 651 w Lombard 
Craig James S. provisions, 41 Argyle av 
Craig Mrs. Jane, notions, 20 Woodyear 
Craig John, huckster, 20 Woodyear 
I Craig John, Mount Vernon milis 
I Craig John L. M. huckster, 360 e Monument 
j Craig Josiah, watchman, 175 Hughes 
I Craig Rev. John T. 165 n E.xeter 
I Craig Levin, mariner, 197 Montgomery 
' Craig & LaPorte, (O.B. Craig, H. LaPorte jr.) 
I wholes, notions and trimmings, 3 Hanover 
j Craig Oliver B. (C.& LaPorte) 309 Druid Hill av 
Craig Robert, lab. 18 Hammond al 
Craig Robert M. clerk, 226 w Lanvale 
Craig Samuel A. sailmkr, 74 n High 
Craig Seldon F. stovemounter, 375 n Central av 
Craig Thomas, fellow Johns Hopkins Universi- 
ty, 263 n Howard 
Craig Thomas, boilermkr, 3 L. Church 
Craig Thomas A. painter, 74 Argyle av 
Craig Walter, cigarmkr, 197 Montgomery 
Craig Wm. clerk, 226 w Lanvale 
Craig Wm. T. shipcarp. 119 Hamburg 
CraighillCol. W.P., U.S.A. office 3d floor Union 

Grain Alfred N. machinist, 410 e Madison 
Crain Peter W. atto ney, dw Barnum's hotel 
Crain Wm. 0. machinist, 410 e Madison 
Cralle Mrs. Francis J. 7 s Collington av 
Cramblitt Arthur T. clerk, 604 n Carey 
Cramblitt Chas. T. (C.T.C.& Bro.) 1 Myrtle av 
Cramblitt Chas. T. & Bro. (Chas. T. and M. F. 

Cramblitt) coal and wood, 152 s Fremont 
Cramblitt Francis A. helper, 118 s Strieker 
Cramblitt George AV . coal and wood, 79 Sarah 

Ann, dw 1 Myrtle av 
Cramblitt George H. bricklayer, 134 n Pin^ 
Cramblitt Harry V. blacksmith, 1 Myrtle av 
Cramblitt John T. brickl'r, Second av nrToone 
Cramblitt MayfieldF.(C.T.C.&Bro.)lMyrtleav 
Cramblitt Stephen, (C. & Stinson)85 Penna av 
Cramblitt & Stinson, (Stephen Cramblitt, R. 

James Stinson) upholsterers, 85 Penna av 
Cramblitt Thomas A. coal and wood, 234 s Fre- 
mont, dw 1 Myrtle av 
Cr.amblitt Willie A. clerk, 1 Myrtle av 
Cramblitt Wm. F. furn. wagon, 70 n Fremont 
Cramer Chas. carp. 56 n Fremont 
Cramer Frank, cabinetmkr, 219 Canton av 
Cramer George, engineer, Belair av ext 
Cramer George E. law student, 56 n Fremont 
Cramer Horace, painter, 56 n Fremont 
Cramer John, liquors, 224 s Ann 
Cramer John, barber, 182 Orleans 
Cramer Lisetta, 89 s Bethel 
Cramer S. J. salesman, 172 w Fayette 
Crammen Robert, rusticwkr, Hampden 

Wm. Wirt Clarke, Irap'd Cements for all kinds Ornamental work, 
No. 61 S. GAY STREET. 

Largest Life Ins. Co. in tbeWorld, O.F.Bresee, G-en. Agt, 

~ C RA 173 ORE 


Crampton C. F. (Garrett & C.) Baltimore and 

Crampton John T., Gough and Regester 
Crampton Rev. Savington W. 140 Cathedral 
Cramwell Joseph, mariner, 106 Uugans whf 
Cran Balthar, painter, 71 Wyeth 
Cran George, shoemkr, 71 Wyeth 
Cran Henry, shoemkr, 154 Henrietta 
Crandall James, clerk, 66 Lee 
Crandall Bobert, clerk, 66 Lee 
Crane A. Fuller, 235 n Eutaw 
Crane A. Fuller jr. 235 n'Eutaw 
Crane A. P. harnessmkr, 287 Franklin 
Crane Amzie B. sec'y to Pres' t B.&O.R.R. 9Pearl 
Crane C. hats, 209 n Gay, dw 8 e Biddle 
Crane Chas. bricklayer, 8 e Biddle nr Ann 
Crane Chas. C.(W.C.&Sons) 216 Druid Hill av 
Crane Chas. T. (Pearson, Lawrence & Co.)Har- 

ford CO 
Crane Curtis E'. clerk, 41 Forrest pi 
Crane Elizabeth L 398 Mulberry 
Crane George T. grocery, 391 n Gay 
Crane Henry R. 206 w Hoffman 
Crane Jane, 398 Mulberry 
Crane Jane L. notions, 2 n CarroUton av, dw 

398 Mulberry 
Crane Jas. C. (W.C.&Sons) 149 Park av 
Crane Jeremiah, lab. 67 Parrish 
Crane John G.groc'y, Fayette and CarroUton av 
Crane Jos. shoemkr, basement Mansion house, 

dw 21 Brune 
Crane Owen, cooper inspr, Washington hotel 
Crane S. M. clerk, 186 Penna av 
Crane Saml. glassblower, 311 s Sharp 
Ci'ane Mrs. Sarah B. boarding, 172 w Fayette 
Crane Thomas R. 87 w Towsend 
CRANE W. & SONS, ( J. C.and Chas. C.Crane) 

hides and leather, s e cor Cheapside and W^ater 
Crane W. W. 159 Dolphin 
Crane Wm. canmkr, 8 e Biddle nr Ann 
Crane Wm. clerk, r9 Courtland 
Crane Mrs. Wm. 159 Dolphin 
Crangle Mrs. Isabella, 81 s Greene 
Crangle James B. chemist, 36 Holland 
Crangle James E. foreman, 400 Hollins 
Crangle James H. carp. 81s Greene 
Cranmer Thomas C. mariner, 405 e Pratt 
Cranwell Geo. W. cabinetmkr, 26 s Carey 
Cranwell James, salesman, 26 s Carey 
Cranwell John, salesman, 26 s Carey 
Cranwell Thos. clerk, 26 s Carey 
Crapster Gustavus W. S. clerk, 425 w Lombard 
. Crass Adam, bakery, 284 Aliceanna 
Crate Fred. carp. 268 e John 
Crate Fred. S. police, John nr Eden 
Crate Henry, farmer. Homestead 
Crate Sophia, grocery. Homestead 
Craumer FrancisM.clk,N.C.R.W.dwLutherville 
Crauzer Margaret, seamstress, 1 Weber 
Craven Patrick, lab. 4 Hollins al 
Craven Thomas, roofer, 127 L. Greene 
Craver G. J. clerk, 131 n Eden 
Graver Geo. Oscar, clerk, 623 w Lombard 
Craver John L. machinist, 39 s Gilmor 
Craver Moses M. com. mercht. 13 Camden, dw 

131 n Eden 
Craver Thomas J. clerk, 131 n Eden 
CRAWFORD A. A. freight agent P.W.&B.R. 

R. dw 25 Fawn 
Crawford Chas. cooper, 160 s Washington 
Crawford Chas. jr. capper, 160 s Washington 
CrawfordChas. E. agricultural impls.22nFremont 

Made water-tight, and preserved for years, by thor- 
oughly applyiug KLASTIC CEMEJJT and 


jBv inct easing the qiiantityof Ovm, we make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which is nueqnaled. All work 
guaranteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders solicited 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLEK & CO., Sole Manufacturers, 

Ko. 3 COURTLAISI* &TREET, up stairs. 

Crawford Chas. H. canmkr, 389 Canton av 
Crawford D. H. phonographer, 42 Lexington, 

dw 185 w Fayette 
Crawford Dalton, clerk, 138 Preston 
Crawford Dixon, jr. blksmith, 200 Argyle av 
Crawford Lieut. Emmet,U.S. A., CarroUton hotel 
Crawford F.B. ( Baker, Whitely & Co.) 15 South 
Crawford George C. butcher, 36 Jackson 
Crawford Geo.D. assist.ticket agent,B.& O.R.R. 

Co., Baltimore and Calvert, dw 138 Prtston 
Crawford Geo. W. mariner, 341 s Sharp 
Crawford H. prof, languages. 111 n Charles 
Crawford Jacob, carp. 57 sYaca 
Crawford James, peddler, 31 York 
Crawford Jks. A. ironwkr, 235 Bank 
Crawford Jas.B.(Wm.H.C.& Co.) 149McCulloh 
Crawford Jas. W. chair ornam'r, 276 n Ann 
Crawford John, clerk, 140 s Paca 
Crawford John, engineer, 159 Bank 
Crawford John, machinist, 235 Bank 
Crawford Capt. John A.mariner,389 Canton av 
Crawford John C. clerk, 276 n Ann 
Crawford John F. machinist, 235 Bank 
Crawford Mrs. M. C. 424 n Calhoun 
Crawford Mrs. M. S. boarding, 30 Pleasant 
Crawford Nathan 11. banker, 442 n Central av 
Crawford Richard I. machinist, 67 Lee 
Crawford Robert K. bacon, 442 n Central av 
Crawford Robert N. bookkpr, 163 Forrest 
Crawford Samuel, Waverley 
Crawford Saml. T. farmer, St. Agnes Hospital 
Crawford Thos. A. salesman, 364 Franklin 
Crawford Thos. E. clerk, 235 Bank 
Crawford Wm. boilermkr, St. Agnes Hospital 
Crawford Wm. F. clerk, 149 McCulloh 
Crawford Wm. H. clerk, 425 n Calhoun 
CRAWFORD WM.H.& Co. (Wm.H.&J. B.Craw- 
ford) spice mills, warehouse 77 Exchange pi, 
mill n w cor Union al and Dallas 
CRAWFORD WM. general agent P.W.& B.R. 

R. dw 161 McCulloh 
Crawford Wm.H.(Wm.H.C.& Co. )469Eutaw pi 
Crawford Wm. J. C. bricklayer, 72 n Chester 
Crawford Wm. M. goldsmith, 72 n Chesler 
Crawford Wm. T. lab. 160 s Washington 
Creager Geo. L. salesman, 288 n Strieker 
Creager Geo. U. carp. 21 Etting 
Creager Harry, lab. Winans' row 
Creager Mrs. Margaret, tailoress, Winans' row 
Creager Noble H. dep.U.S. Marshal, 213 Bolton 
Creager Walter, lab. Winans' row 
Creagh Mrs. Bridget, seamstress, 87 Boyd 
Creagh Edward, butcher, 556 e Fayette 
Creagh Henry A. wharf and bridge builder, 

Madison and Ann 
Creagh John, 210 w Biddle 
Creagh Michael, carp. 98 n Strieker 
Creagh Peter, driver, 130 s Washington 
Creagh Thomas jr. moulder, 251 Bank 
Creagh Thos. lab. 251 Bank 

MARBLE CEMENT, (susceptible of the Highest PoHsh,; 
For Columns, and for Church and Vestibule Work. 

mimuALBEEimuBAmEco:oFmwrom. m 




Creagh Wm. lab. 251 Bank 

Creahau Barney, lab. 4 Fall 

Creamer Alex, saddler. 130 Chew 

Creamer Alex. F. saddler, 314 Harford av 

Creamer Anthony, police, 228 Scott 

Creamer Casper, ship carp, 185 s Chester 

Creamer Chas. lab. 6 Norris al 

Creamer Chas. lab. 20 Bradford al 

Creamer Coke C. clerk, 127 e Monument 

Creamer David, clerk, 127 e Monument 

Creamer Eliza, 19 Holland 

Creamer George B.(O.A.Kirkland & Co.) 131 n 

Creamer Henry, shipcarp. 50 Philpot 
Creamer Henry C. driver, 91 s Bond 
Creamer Jacob jr. shoemkr, 37 Randall 
Creamer John, gardener, 38 Philpot 
Creamer John, lab. 123 s Strieker 
Creamer John, shoemkr, 257 Canton av 
Creamer Joseph, wheelwright, 13 Harmony la 
Creamer Joseph jr. carter, 340 s Sharp 
Creamer Joseph, milk, 340 s Sharp 
Creamer Marion, clerk, 148 e Eager 
Creamer Mrs. Mary Jane, 159 e Monument 
Creamer Thos. H. scroll sawyer, 148 e Eager 
Creamer Wm. lumber inspector, 32 w Falls av 

dw 91 s Bond 
Creamer Wm. jr. currier, 91 s Bond 
CREAN THOS. A. furniture and carpets, 45 n 

Creap Geo. dyer, 288 n Gay 
Oreasich Gregorio, fruit stand, cor Fayette and 

Park av 
Creem Daniel, lab. 39 Eastern av 
Creem John, lab. 39 Eastern av 
Creery Mrs. Wm. R. 176 n Carrollton av 
Creery Wm. T. clerk, 176 n Carrollton av 
Crehean John, mariner, 200 West Falls av 
Crehean Martin, lab. 200 West Falls av 
Creighton Chas. A. painter, 379 Light 
Creighton Geo, W. cigarmkr, 119 Peach al 
Creighton Henry T. painter, 379 Light 
Creighton James, watchman, 71 William 
Creighton John F. plumber, 28 Morris al 
Creighton John T. cigarmkr, 45 Warren 
Creighton Margaret, grocery, 28 Morris al 
Creighton Mrs. Mary, 379 Light 
Creighton Michael, lab. 105 s Duncan al 
Creighton Miller R. ( Hurst, M. & Co.) coal and 

wood, 25 n Arlington av and s e cor Fremont 

and Mulberry, dw Charles st av ext 
Creighton Robert, shipcarp. 22 Ohio av 
Creighton Thos. lab, 156 s Strieker 
Creighton Wm. H. mariner, 304 Lierht 
Cremen Stephen A. teacher, 340 n Broadway 
Cremmens Cornelius, lab. 127 Forrest 
Crentzberg G. E. porter, 437 Cross 
Creny Wm. T. painter, 417 e Eager 
Crere Mrs. Harriet, 43 n Holliday 
Crescent Dollar Store, (H. Jones & Co.) 220 w 

Cress Henry, lab. 132 Dillon 
Cress Dr. James, apothecary, Hampdon 
Cressey Geo. N. missionary, 188 Argyle av 
Cres.ser Mrs. Kunigunda, 148 s Castle 
Cresswell Levi, machinist, 404 Cathedral 
Creutzburg Chas. W. cigarmkr, 437 Cross 
Creutzburg Geo. Ernest, porter, 427 Cross 
CreutzerGu.stav,dyer and scourer, 384 Lexington 
Crew Alonzo P. (C. & Jerome) 156 Hanover 
CREW & JEROME (A. P. Crew, J. W, Jerome) 

com. merchts. 118 Light-st whf 

Crew Richard, drover, Addison al nr Ramsay 
Cre}' Henry J. restaurant, 21 e Madison 
Crey John B. ironmoulder, 93 e Biddle 
Creydt Herman, lab. Oliver and Washington 
Creyford Edward, grinder, 227 Conway 
Crichmore Chas. mariner, 100 Hudson 
CRICHTON M. & CO. (Malcolm Crichton) dis- 
tillers, 133 n Holliday 
Crichton Malcolm (M.C.& Co.) 22 Cathedral 
Cricker Andrew, gluemkr, 4 Portugal al 
Crickenberger Wm. P. student, 188 Saratoga 
Cridlin Linwood, painter, 304 Forrest 
Crim Dr. Wm. H. 185 w Fayette 
first floor of Courthouse, Geo. Wm. Brown, 
judge, Wm. F. McKewen, clerk 
Cripps Mrs. Julia A. tailoress, 425 n Gay 
Cripps Wm. F. driver, 115 n Dallas 
Crisall John, canmkr, 156 Barre 
Crise Geo. W. carp. Hampden 
Crise John F. 291 Madison av 
Crise John L. 291 Madison av 
Crisp Benjamin, lab. 334 Eastern av 
Crisp Chas. tobacconist, 263 Gough 
Crisp Chas. E. cigarmkr, 263 Gough 
Crisp Chas. G. bricklayer, 275 Saratoga 
Crisp Elijah, painter, 102 n Paca,dw275Saratoga 
Crisp John R. clerk, 275 Saratoga 
Crisp Joseph, tobacconist, 134 s Broadway 
Crispens Conrad, fisherman, 535 Light 
Crispin Henrj', lab. 282 Johnson 
Crispins George, lab. 535 Light 
Criss Aaron, 360 n Eutaw 
Crist Chas. F. clerk, 64 Gough 
Crist David, watchman, 64 s Oregon 
Crist^ Henry, clerk, 64 s Oregon 
Crist Henry, trucks, 25 Gough 
Crist Israel, foreman, 34 e Baltimore 
Crist Jacob, trucks, 64 Gough 
Crist John, carp. 3 Walnut al 
Crist John, plasterer, 64 Gough 
Crist Mrs. Melinda, boarding, 34 e Baltimore 
Crist Philip, drayman, 48 Bank 
Criswell George, lab. Mount Vernon 
Crittenden Andrew C. 60 s Paca 
Crittenden Thos. E. clerk, 118 Columbia 
Crockard John, stonecutter, 202 s Fremont 
Crockard John jr. clerk, 202 s Fremont 
Crockard Louisa, grocery, 202 s Fremont 
Crockard Wm. J. exp's wagon, 202 s Fremont 
Crockeu Nelson, painter, 14 Addison al 
Crocken Theo. bellhanger, 35 Marion 
Crocker Geo. lab. 79 Parkin 
Crocker James, brakeman, 107 Parkin 
Crocker Saml. G. (Hughes & C.) Baltimore co 
Crockett Charles A. J. patternmkr, Clinton nr 

Crockett Daniel, huckster, Ramsay ext 
Crockett Humphrey, mariner, 176 Montgomery 
Crockett Nehemiah, shoemkr, 362 Lexington 
Crockett Mrs. Sarah, grocery, 301 n Bond 
Crockett Theo. S. letter carrier, 301 n Bond 
Crockett Walter C. saloon, 3 North, dw 362 

Crockett Wm. H. turner, 233 n Eden 
Crofft Jacob, engineer, 182 s Eutaw 
Crofoot Geo. lab. 174 Johnson 
CrofootWm. lab. 174 Johnson 
Crofoot Wm. H. H. foreman, 174 Johnson 
Croggon Newton F. huckster, 44 Wyeth 
Croggon Wm. Edw. huckster, 422 e Madison 
Croghan Catherine, 26 Hillman 

HOLMES & CO., Engineers' and Machinists' Tools and Supplies, 
Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, "Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

Assets, $85,000,000.00. O. F. Bresee, G-enl Agt. 
ORG 175 CRO 

Croghan Mary, 20 Slemmer 

Croghan Michael, lab. 20 Slemmer al 

Croghan Patrick, lab. 24 President 

Croghan Timothy, tavern, 37 Centre Market sp 

CroU Lewis, brewer, Belair av ext 

Cromer Andrew, carter, 114 Warner 

Cromer Chas. lab. 124 Parkin 

Cromer Daniel, brickmkr, 51 Wyeth 

Cromer & Hoff (Thomas W. Cromer, Jacob 

Hoff) leaf and manuf d tobacco, 2 Water 
Cromer John, lab. 7 Wyeth 
Cromer Robert B. dentist, s e cor Eutaw and 

Saratoga, dw 305 Hollins 
Cromer Thos. W. (C. & Hoff) 305 Hollins 
Cromer Thos. W. jr. clerk, 305 Hollins 
Cromie Mrs. Harriet E. grocery, 35 Stockton 
Cromie M. shoemkr, 35 Stockton 
Cromwell Ale.x .pi umber and gasfi tter, 1 30Preston 
Cromwell Andrew J. watchman, 154 Ramsay 
CromwellAndrew I. master mechanicB.& O.R.R. 

Mount Clare 
Cromwell Annie, teacher, 138 Mosher 
Cromwell Mrs. Catherine S. 138 Mosher 
Cromwell E. F. clerk, Greene and Columbia 
Cromwell Edward B. printer, 393 Saratoga 
Cromwell Elizabeth, 89 n Paca 
Cromwell Finley, clerk, 40 Columbia 
Cromwell Geo. F. com. merch. Three Tuns hotel 
Cromwell Geo. M. clerk, 280 n Broadway 
Cromwell Geo. W. sailmkr, 148 Bank I 

Cromwell Jacob G. bricklayer, 24 Brune 
Cromwell John, patternmkr, 60 McHenry 
Cromwell John jr. clerk, 60 McHenry 
Cromwell John E. sailmkr, foot of Broadway 

dw 34 s Collington av 
Cromwell John R. clerk, 178 s Paca 
Cromwell Joseph, ins.agt. 207 w. Lombard 
Cromwell Joseph, sailmkr, 89 s Ann 
Cromwell Joseph, jr. clerk, 89 s Ann 
Cromwell Lambert, sailmkr, 215 Jefferson 
Cromwell's Levi, Son & Co. (T. E. Cromwell) 

hardware, 118 Thames 
Cromwell Oliver, moulder, Calhoun nr Ramsay 
Cromwell Oliver H. clerk, 280 n Broadway 
Cromwell Oliver T. coachmkr, 280 n Broadway 
Cromwell Richard jr. farmer 89 n Paca 
CROMWELL & CONGDON, (R. Cromwell, J. 
H. Congdon) agricult'l and horticultural im. 
manufs. and nursery and seedsmen, 51 Light 
Cromwell Richard, (C.Sydney Norris & Co. and 
Cromwell & Congdon) York rd n of North av 
Cromwell Samuel, painter, 59 Scott 
Cromwell Sedwick T. huckster, 179 Barre 
Cromwell T.Elvin,(Levi C's.Son& Co.)30 Jack- 
son sq av 
Cromwell Wm. lab. 60 McHenry 
Cromwell Wm. tanner, 89 s Ann 
Crouan Ann, laund. 20 Callender al 
Cronan Chas. P. painter, 158 n High 
Cronan Dennis, lab. 24 McKim 
Cronan Jeremiah lab. 29 Buren 
Cronan Michael, lab. 371 Cathedral 
Crone F. A. lab. 217 Henrietta 
Crone Edward, beer, 24 Centre Mkt sp 
Crone Geo. lab. 160 s Sharp 
Crone Jacob, carp. Clinton nr Boston 
Crone Michael, grocery, 43 n Spring 
Crone Mrs. Rebecca, cigars, 217 Henrietta 
Crone Wm. C. chief detective, City Hall, dw 23 

n High 
Croneberger Edward F. shoemkr, 50 Ridgely 


Made water-tight, and proFcrved for years, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMENT and 


By increaninff the qvaiitity of Gvm. we make a Pahit 
for Damp Walls which is unequaled. All work 
guaranteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders solicited 
for now felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER & CO , Sole Mamifactnrers, 

No. 3 COURTLAND STREET, up stairs. 

Croner Conrad, butcher, Druid Hill av ext 
Croney Charles, sailmkr, 4 Irvine pi 
Croney Philip H. cigarmkr, 161 Orleans 
Cronhardt Albert, 147 w Biddle 
Cronhardt Charles, 263 e Baltimore 
Cronhardt Chas.jr.(C.& Sons)263 e Baltimore 
Cronhardt Henry, grocery, 67 East 
Cronhardt John, shoemkr, 29 Ensor 
Cronhardt John C. jr. clerk, 29 Ensor 
Cronhardt & Sous, (Chas. jr. and Albert Cron- 
hardt) hardware, 187 s Broadway 
Cronly Mrs. Mary, grocery, 215 n Exeter 
Crook Aug. coal and wood, 19 Lexington, dw 

42 Brune 
Crook C.C.(C.& Burgess) 117 n Fulton 
Orook Charles, Chase and Washington 
Crook & Burgess, (Chas. C.Crook, L.Burgess)up- 

holsterers, 28 Park av 
Crook Danl. (W. Crook & Son) 35 Jackson sq av 
Crook Edward D. clerk, 322 Mosher 
Crook Frank, agent, over 19 South, dw Madison 

av and Townsend 
CROOK FRANCIS A. treasr. Balto. Equitable 
Society, 19 South, dw Madison avand Towns- 
Crook Geo. lab. 226 s Paca 
Crook Geo. W. M. boots, shoes and gaiters, 43 

n Eutaw and 196 Lexington 
Crook Mrs. Georgianna, (Grace & C.) 803 w Bal- 
Crook Harry, salesman, Madison nr Broadway 
Crook Henry, clerk, 175 e Baltimore 
Crook Henry, 122 e Madison 
Crook John C. police, 52 Jackson sq av 
Crook John, restaurant, 13 Park av 
Crook Michael, lab. 244 s Dallas 
Crook Peter, driver, 6 Baker 
Crook Philip P., Waverley 
Crook Thos. barkpr, 686 w Lombard 
Crook Thos. W. salesman, 119 n Wolfe 
Crook Mrs. Wm. 236 w Hoffman 
Crook Wm.( W.C.& Son)175 e Baltimore 
Crook Wm. H. finisher, 31 s Mount 
Crook Wm. & Son, (Wm. and Daniel Crook,) 
groceries and hardware, 175 and 177 e Balti- 
Crooks John H. lab. 30 Lemmon al 
Crooks Nimrod N. butcher, A Lexington Mkt, 

dw Retreat nr Druid Hill av ext 
Crooks R. S. coal and wood, 504 Franklin 
Crooks Thos. B. police, 282^ Mulberry 
Crookshanks Chas. S. shipjoiner, 20 n Ann 
Cropper Dr. Chas. W. 305 Madison av 
Cropper Reuben, boilermkr, 636 Light 
Cropper Stephen, canmkr, 294 Light 
Cropper Thos. overseer, 254 n Ann 
Cropper Wm. H. shoemkr, 33 L. Hughes 
Crosby Chas. mariner, 188 Bank - 
Crosby Chas. G. moulder, 369 Cathedral 
Crosby Eager, barkpr, 193 Chesnut 


No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 



^ GifT^BRE^EE "gt^msrS. L I FE . F I R E a nd MARIN E t 





Crosby Francis P. fireman, 369 Csithedral 

Crosby Geo. W. engineer, 347 Cathedral 

Crosby James jr. carp. 1 L. Constitution 

Crosby Lewis, engineer, 158 Chew 

Crosby Robt. R. blksmith, 369 Cathedral 

Crosby Capt. Samuel, mariner, 23 McElderry 

Crosby Thos. H. police, 24 Hillman 

Crosley Thos. H. saleman, 320 w Lanvale 

Cross Adam, lab. 196 Canton av 

Cross Rev. Andrew B., St. Paul and Chase ■, 

Cross Craig B. teacher, St. Paul and Chase / 

Cross Cyril, lab. 203 Chapel 

Cross Cyril C. tinner, 100 Granby 

Cross Cyrus, 252 n Carey 

Cross David, wheelwright, 309 n Bond 

Cross E. D. (DaHv & Co.) 43 Denmead 

CROSS E. J. D. attorney, 42 Lexingtoh,dvv St.- 

Paul and Chase 
Cross Mrs. Ellen, 168 s Wolfe 
Cross Franklin, carp. Bond nr Hoffman 
Cross Geo. blksmith, 50 Parkin 
Cross Geo. D. packer, 168 s Wolfe 
Cross Geo. R. clerk, 11 s Collington av 
Cross Geo. R. clerk, 331 e Biddle 
Cross Geo. T. 45 Jackson 
Cross Geo. T. clerk, 42 n Eden 
Cross Geo. W. machinist, 196 Aliceanna 
Cross Geo. W. coachsmith, 139 Camden 
Cross Henry, shucker, 56 s Chapel 
Cross Henry W. clerk, 178 Franklin 
Cross J. Henry, bookkpr, 252 n Carey 
Cross James A. painter. Tenant w of Fulton 
Cross James W. bookkpr, 111 Jefferson 
Cross Mrs. Jennie, 196 Aliceanna 
Cross John C. carp. Woodberry 
Cross Rev. John M. associate Johns Hopkins 

University, s w cor Chase and St. Paul 
Cross John Ri. lab. 156 n Central av 
Cross John T. clerk, Biddle and Bond 
Cross John W. carp. 698 Ramsay 
Cross Joshua sr. painter, Waverley 
Cross Joshua jr. lab. Waverley 
Cross Littleton M. clerk, 252 n Carey 
Cross Mrs. M. E. boarding, 37 Mulberry 
Cross M. F. shoefitler, 25 Penn 
Cross Philemon, carp. 328 e Chase 
Cross Randall, machinist, 415 n Carey 
Cross Richard K. (Wm.S.C.& Bro.) s'w cor St. 

Paul and Chase 
Cross Samuel B. & Son (S. B. and S.S.J. Cross) 

coachmakers, Dover and Howard 
Cross Samuel B. (S.B.C.& Son) 139 Camden 
Cross Samuel S. J. (S.B.C. & Son) 139 Camden 
Cross Slicer, Mount Vernon mills 
Cross-st Chapel, s e cor Cross and Warner 
Cross Thos. gardener, 42 n Eden 
Cross Thos. B. clerk, 42 n Eden 
Cross W. Irvine,attorney,42 Lexington, dw St. 

Paul and Chase 
Cross Wm.H. dep. warden City Jail, 139 Camden 
CROSS WM. S. k Bro. (W. S. and Richard K. 

Cross) wholesale.lumber com.merchts. n e cor 

East Falls and Eastern avs 
Cross Wm.S.( W.S.C.& Bro.) St. Paul and Chase 
Cross Wm. T. mariner, 188 s Dallas 
Crosson Jas. lab. York rd nr North av 
Crosswell Lsaac, carp. 270 s Caroline 
Crosswell John W. niariner,65 s Collington av 
Crosswell John W .jr. bookkpr, G.'i s Collington av 
Crosswell Mrs. Mary, dressmkr, 208 s Charles 
Crothers James W. carp. 11 Holland 
Crotty David, grocery, Biddle and Bond 

Crouch Albert H. clerk, 136 n Exeter 
Crouch Mrs. Annie, grocery, 43 Leadenhall 
Crouch Chas. U. blacksmith, 177 u Central av 
Crouch Edwin, boarding, 89 s Sharp 
Crouch Elizabeth, seamstress, 23 Gough 
Crouch Fred. N. prof, of music, 282 Chew 
Crouch James A. chairmkr, 18 n Chester 
( rouch James H. 89 s Sharp 
Crouch James T. shoemkr, 134 Camden 
Crouch John W. boilermkr, 11 Henrietta 
Crouch Mrs. Martha, dressmkr, 282 Chew 
Crouch Mathias, driver, 43 Leadenhall 
Crouch Stewart, glasspacker, Oxford, York rd 
Crouch Thos. D. blacksmith, 206 Moutgomery 
Crouch Wm. H. mariner, 25 Hamburg 
Crouch Wm. J. printer, 204 Greenmount av 
Croudy James, harnessmkr, 202 s Charles 
Croughan Peter, lab. 11 Slemmer al 
Croughan Thomas, brassmoulder, 25 Valley 
Crougher Geo. lab. 1 Wills 
' Crouse Geo. F. dispatcher, 39 Argyle av 
Crouse Isaac N. brakeman, 39 Argyle av 
Crouse J. B. prop'r Western Md. hotel, St. Mary 

and Penna av 
Crouse Joseph, butcher,29 Richmond Market,dw 

18 Argyle av ext 
Crouse Marshall, lab. 426 Canton av 
Crouse Mrs. Rebecca, 39 Argyle av 
Crout Chas. H. B. 21 Patterson av 
Crout Paul G. tinner, 160 Division 
Crout Samuel, tinner, 21 Patterson av 
Crout \V. F. tinner, 21 Patterson av 
Croutch Alex, plasterer, 130 Ramsay 
Crovo Francis, shoemkr, 43 Low 
Crovo Joseph, peddler, 59 President 
Crovo Mrs. Madeline, notions, 59 President 
Crow John T. managing editor Baltimore Sun, 

106 w Biddle 
Crow Mrs. Margaret, Hampden 
Crow Moses T. clerk, 517 Saratoga 
Crow Nathaniel, painter, 215 Orleans 
Crow Thos. stonecutter, 204 Linden av 
Crow Wm. N. R. clerk, 517 Saratoga 
Crow Wm. T. tailor, 517 Saratoga 
CROWDER ALEX. N. grocer, s w cor Fremont 

and Patterson av 
Crowder Mrs. Lucy, 125 Chew 
Ciowe Cornelius, boilermkr, Hampden 
Crowe James, lab. Hampden <" 
Crowe John, auditor N.C.R. W. dw 47 Valley 
Crowe John, soapmkr, 123 Aisquith 
Crowe Thos. clerk, 123 Aisquith 
Crowe Wm. plasterer, Hampden 
Crowe Wm. R. locksmith, 123 Aisquith 
Crowell Freeman, shoemkr, 60 Parkin 
Crowell M. W. marine surveyor, 22 South, dw 

94 n Carey 
Crowl David, lab. Second nr Eighth av 
Crowl David H. grocery, n w cor Argyle av and 

Crowl Edw. W. attorney, s w cor St. Paul and 

Lexington, dw 138 n Arlington av 
/ Crowl H. Webster,attorney,s w cor St. Paul and 

Lexington, dw 138 n Arlington av 
Crowl John, driver, 6 Clement 
Crowl John, driver. Second nr Eighth av 
Crowl Thos. F. clerk, 189 Argyle av 
Crowley Barney, lab. 198 Mullikin 
Crowley Chas. lab. 3 s Fulton 
Crowley Conrad, shoemkr, 7 Burrough 
Crowley James, books and periodicals, n w cor 

Baltimore and North, dw 127 n Gilmor 

WM. WIRT CLARKE, Importer and Wholesale Agent of 

Insurance Agents and Brokers, American Building. 
CRO 177 CUL 

Crowlej' James M. tobacconist, 1 J n Calvert,dw 

127 n Gilmor 
Crawlej- John, engineer, 84 s Spring 
Crowley John T. conductor, 188 Chesnut 
Crowley Maggie, teacher, 129 w Townsend 
Crowley Patrick, porter, 360 n Durham 
Crowley Philip, lab. 55 Stockton 
Crowley R. G. clerk, 138 w Townsend 
Crowley R. 0. 138 w Townsend 
Crowley Thos. H. police, 188 Chesnut 
Crown Joshua R. salesman, 81 Bolton 
Crownfield Herman F. ronK. attorney, 130 w 

Crowther Benj. stonemason, Hampden 
Crowther Isaac, lab. Hampden 
Crowther Isaac jr, stonemason, Hampden 
Crowther Isaac sr. stonemason, Hampden 
Crowther James, stonemason, 540 Aisquith 
Crowther Joshua, stonemason, Woodberry 
Crowther Dr. L. dentist, 358 w Fayette 
Crowther P. T. shoemkr, Woodberry 
Crowther Dr. Rodney, 412 w Fayette 
' Crowther Samuel S, stonemason, Hampden 
Crozier Charles, hatter, 242 Chew 
Crozier Ezekiel J. printer, 242 Chew 
Crozier James, moulder, 223 n Broadway 
Crozier John, restaurant, 89 Eastern av 
Crozier John H. clerk, 121 n Broadway 
Crozier Robert, cigarmkr, 121 n Broadway 
Crozier "\Vm. sailmkr, 121 n Broadway 
Crozier Wm. W. (H. S. Lanfair & Co.) 121 n 

Crudden James, driver, 449 n Fremont 
Crudden Joseph, lab. 11 s Carey 
Crudden Wra. tinner, 449 n Fremont 
Cruden Francis D. page, 95 McElderry 
Cruden Mrs. Martha, 95 McElderry 
Crue Jefferson, lab. Hampden 
CRUETT JOHN W., New York bakery, 43 s 

Eden, dw 47 
Cruk Lennox, mariner, 128 s Ann 
Crum Isaac, fireman, 330 Hanover 
Crum Mrs. Margaret, 545 w Baltimore 
Crumbacker Charles W . telegraphist, 403 n Carey 
Crumbacker Ephraim, clerk, 403 n Carey 
Crummer Alex, telegraphist, 126 e Madison 
Crummer Edward, clerk, 420 n EJen 
Crummer Mrs. Eliza, 126 e Madison 
Crummer John, painter, 126 e Madison 
Crummer Nathan J. collector, Hampden 
Crump Mrs. H. B. boarding, 223 w Lombard 
Crump John G. salesman, 213 n Carey 
Crump John L. lab. 23 Walker 
Crump Robert A. machinist, 1 Potomac 
Crump S. G. clerk, 164 w Fayette 
Crump Mrs. Susan W. boarding, 199 w Fayette 
Cruse Annie R. notions, 455 w Fayette 
Cruse Charles, cigarmkr, 166 n Eden 
Cruse Edwin, book agent, 82 n Eden 
Cruse Elias T. leaf tobacco, 39 e Fayette 
Cruse G.W. tobacconist, 70 Jefferson, dw 197 
Cruse Henry, watchman, 145 Bank 
Cruse John, watchman, 47 Rose 
Cruse John H. tobacconist, 121 Ensor 
Cruse Joseph, machinist, 455 w Fayette 
Cruse Wm. F. machinist, Ramsay nr Mount 
Cruser Isaac, clerk, 168 Hanover 
Cruser Obadiah, clerk, 168 Hanover 
Crusey Francis M. lab. 126 w Townsend 
Crusey Howard 0. clerk, 126 w Townsend 
Crusey Wra. whiprakr, 126 w Townsend 
Crusey Wm. keeper toUgate, Reisterstown rd 


Made water-tight, and preserved for years, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMENT aud 


By incieasina the quantity of Gum, we make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which is uuequaled. All work 
guaranteed. Atrial is all we ask. Orders solidltod 
for new felt roofts ; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER & CO., Sole Manufiicturers, 

No. 3 COUKTLAKD STKEET, up stairs. 

Crusse Henry, beer, 35 Cambridge 

Crutcbfield Andrew F.(Crutchfield & Haas) 240 

n CarroUton av 
Crutchfield Andw.J. printer, 240 n CarroUton av 
Crutcbfield & Haas,{A.F. Crutchfield,!. C.Haas, ) 

prop'rs and publishers Baltimorean, Morse 

building, 50 w Fayette 
Cruter Annie, grocery, 91 Peirce 
Cruter Charles, shoemkr, 91 Peirce 
Cruz Raymond, 212 n Broadway 
Cryer Mrs. Eliza A. 119 Conway 
Cryer Joseph Y. carp. 119 Conway 
Crystal Oil Works, C. West & Sons, prop'rs. 

First av and Fourth, Canton 
Crystal Window Glass Works, Swindell Bros., 

prop'rs, cor Bayard and Warner 
Cscheuk Henrj', lab. 258 Cross 
Cscheuk Mary, grocery, 258 Cross 
Cuddy Mrs. Eliza, 62 fitting 
Cuddy Isaac, watchman, 285 e Monument 
Cuddy Dr. J. W.C. 363 Franklin 
Cuddy Michael, lab. 58 Fort av 
Cuddy Norris D. 285 e Monument 
Cuddy Peter sr. 75 Fort av 
Cuddy Thos. fireman. Falls rd nr tollgate- 
Cuddy Wm. engineer. Falls rd nr tollgate- 
Cuddy Wm. H. 285 e Monument 
Cuff Mrs. Jane, 119 s High 
Cuff Jane, 143 Vine 
Cuff John T. machinist, 119 s High 
Cuff Wm. E. mariner, 119 s High 
Cugle Charles, (Baldwin & C.) 205 Bolton. 
Cugle Edwin, clerk, 205 Bolton 
Cugle George, clerk, 205 Bolton 
Cugle John, 205 Bolton 
Cugle John jr. bookkpr, 205 Bolton 
Culbreth R. S. law student, 139 n CarroUton av 
Cull James, driver, 53 Tyson 
Cull Roger W. attorney, 42 St. Paul, dw 27 

Argyle av 
Cullan M rs.Kate( Thomas & Cullan)173Hanover 
Cullan Thomas, boots and shoes, under Bar- 

num's hotel, dw 173 Hanover 
Cullan Thos. J. lab. 95 Garden 
Cullen Charles, blksmith, 586 Harford av' 
CuUen Charles H. packer, 462 Canton av 
Cullen Edward, lab. 638 w Pratt 
Cullen Elizabeth, dressmkr, 316 w Biddle. 
Cullen Harry D. clerk, 93 s Paca 
Callen John, bricklayer, 318 William. 
Cullen John, lab. 104 Harford av. 
Cullen John, lab. 100 Harford av 
Cullen John, lab. 47 Scott 
Cullen John, lab. 404 Hanover 
Cullen Mrs.Mary,cupping and leeching, lOsBond 
Cullen Michael, lab. 229 Battery av 
Cullen Michael jr. lab. 229 Battery av 
Cullen Mortimer, police, 97 n Poppleton 
Cullen Patrick, driver, 318 William 
Cullen Simon, shotmkr, Exeter nr French' 

PORTLAND CEMENT, the best for Wet Cellars and Wash Eooms, 61 S. Gay. St. 






Cullen Wm. coachman, 69 Harford av 
CuUen Wm. T. shipcarp. 52 Jackson sq av 
Cullender Geo. lab. 67 Albemarle 
Culletou Geo. lighthouse keeper, 133 Harford av 
Culleton John, marblepolisher, 133 Harford av 
GuUimore John, conductor, 1 Parkin 
Cullimore John T. clerk, 93 n Broadwa}- 
Cullimore Mrs. John T. shipsmith,! and 3 Fell, 

dw 93 n Broadway 
Cullimore Wm. H. sec. hand books, 48 Park av 
Cullin John H. mariner, 53 Hamburg 
CuUington & Co. (Thos. Cullington jr. Wm. E. 

Peun, ) cigar manufrs. 18 n Gay 
CuUington Daniel, cigarmkr, 175 Penna av 
Cullington Thos. jr. (C. & Co.) 37 Forrest pi 
CuUington Wm. sign. painter, 37 Forrest pi 
Cullison Mrs. Amanda L. 466 e Fayette 
Cullison Enoch, stonemason, Hampden 
Cullison Geo. stonemason, Hampden 
Cullison H. pilot, 127 s Chester 
Cullison Jas. A. stonecutter. Federal nr Mary- 
land av 
Cullison Jas. M. 454 n Calhoun 
Cullison Jesse M. flour and feed, 4 Penna av, 

dw 319 w Biddle 
Cullison Martha, seamstress, 2 w Federal 
Culloton Thos. lab. 11 West Falls av 
CuHum Henry W. harnessmkr, 42 Chew 
CuUum J. W. police, John nr Caroline 
CuUum Jas. lab. 118 Cooksie 
Cullum John N. conductor, Hampden 
Cullum Mrs. Mary A. store, Hampden 
Cullum Nelson, carp. 298 n Eden 
Cullum Nelson E. salesman, 298 n Eden 
Culnann David S. hatter, 231 n CaroHne 
Culnann Michael J. mariner, 271 Light 
Gulp Henry T. cigarmkr, 4 n Arlington av 
Gulp John A. machinist, 4 n Arlington av 
Gulp Michael S. blksmith, 4 n Arlington av 
Culver Charles, engineer, 141 Jefferson 
Culver Wm.T. cooper, 1 n Sharp, dw Harford rd 
Cumberland Charles C. boilermkr, 200 s Bond 
Cumberland Henry, peddler, 81 n Eden 
Cumberland Mrs. Mary, provisions, 81 n Eden 
Gumming D. J. teacher, 313 n Eden 
Gumming Wm. clerk, 313 n Eden 
Gummings James, shipjoiner, 94 s Washington 
Cummings Alex, clerk, 4 n Strieker 
Gummings Ann M. confec'y, 427 n Gilmor 
Gummings Francis, lab. 27 Valley 
Gummings & Co. (John Gummings, Wm. P. 

Zollinger) mdse. brokers, 46 w Lombard 
Gummings Mrs. John, confec'y, 148 n Fremont 
Cummings John (C.&Go.) 4 n Strieker 
Gummings John F. horseshoer, 57 n High, dw 

27 Valley 
Cummings John L. butcher, Richmond Market, 

dw 427 n Gilmor 
Gummings John W. porter, 115 s High 
Cummings Joseph, packer, 2 Thames 
Cummings Lewis H. screwman, 275 w Hoffman 
Cummings M. T. barkpr, Guy's hotel 
Gummings Mary, liquors, 55 Centre Market sp 
Cummings Michael J. porter, 109 s Castle 
Gumming-^ Oliver, clerk, 148 n Fremont 
Cummings Patrick, lab. 46 Gross 
Gummings Patrick, lab. 109 s Castle 
Cummings Patrick, lab. 49 s Dewberry al 
Cummings Peter, 64 Eastern av 
Cummings Robt. P. bricklayer, 171 e Madison 
Cummings Rev. Samuel H. 77 n Eutaw 
Cummings Thomas J. clerk, 109 s Castle 

Cummings Wm. H. fireman, 17 s Central av 
Cummings Wm. J. clerk, 437 e Baltimore 
Cummins Daul. G. tobacconist, 117 n Calvert 
Cummins Edward, mariner, 64 u Exeter 
Cummins Jacob M. plasterer, 124 Parkin 
Cummins Jas. S.(Kuhn&C. ) 104 n CarroUton av 
Cummins John G. 64 n Exeter 
Cummins Jos. G. clerk, 435 Lexington 
Cummins Memorial (Ref.P.E.) Church, Schroe- 

der and Peirce 
Cummins Robt. K. clerk, 336 n Bond 
Cumor John T. confec'y, 546 Penna av 
Cundiff Capt. Albert T. 133 e Lombard 
Cundiff Capt. Wm. mariner, 705 Lexington 
Cunnane Henry S. gas insp. 82 Hamburg 
Gunnebaugh Dennis, driver, 125 Boyd 
Cunnebaugh Jas. driver, 313 n Eutaw 
Gunnebaugh Jas. moulder, 12B Boyd 
Cunningham Andw. grocery, 153 w Hoffman 
Cunningham Chas. shucker, 418 Canton av 
Cunningham Dr. Chas. T. D. 130 e Pratt 
Cunningham Chas. W. broommkr, 61 Parkin 
Cunningham Clinton W. 356 e Lombard 
Cunningham E. H. genl. agt.Wheeler& Wilson 
Manaf. Co. 58 Lexington, dw 653 w Fayette 
Cunningham Edwd. peddler, 5 McLeary ct 
Cunningham Elizabeth A. 60 n Fremont 
Cunningham Geo. V. carp. Lanvale and Division 
Cunningham Geo.W. apothecary, 131 e Pratt 
Cunningham Harry, lab. 392 s Charles 
Cunningham Henry, shoemkr, 81 Division 
Cunningham Howard, canmkr,223 e Monument 
Cunningham Isaac H. mariner, 4 Byrd 
Cunningham J. A. watchman, 33 Elliott 
Cunningham Jas. cooper, 305 William 
Cunningham Jas. M. engineer, 33 Elliott 
Cunningman Jas. M. salesman, 12 Jackson 
Cunningham Jas. S. 12 Jackson 
Cunningham Mrs.Johanna,grocery,lll Peach al 
Cunningham John, lab. 51 Wyeth 
Cunningham John jr. lab. 33 Elliott 
Cunningham John, canmkr, 84 Gough 
Cunningham John, 5 Callendar al 
Cunningham John, cooper, 531 Light 
Cunningham John, cooper. Fort av and Byrd 
Cunningham John, lab. Ill Peach al 
Cunningham John (S. Wilhelm & Co.) 729 w 

Cunningham John B. 266 n Front 
Cunningham John D. hackman, 288 Harford av 
CUNNINGHAM JOHN E. A. wholes.and retail 
stoves, &c. 53, 55 s Calvert,dw 240wHoffman 
Cunningham John G. lab. 72 Boyd 
Cunningham John G. driver, 61 Parkin 
Cunningham John M. brakeman, Farber house 
Cunningham John W. conductor, 321 e Pratt 
Cunningham Joseph, huckster, 124 Hughes 
Cunningham Michael, milk, Holliday nr Centre 
Cunningham Michael, lab. 630 w Pratt 
Cunningham Michael, beer, 65 Greenmount av 
Cunningham Mortimer, 130 e Pratt 
Cunningham Nicholas, harnessmkr, 42 Liberty al 
Cunningham Patrick, moulder, Hampden 
Cunningham Peter, lab. 304 Cross 
Cunningham Peter, cooper, 81 Fort av 
Cunningham Robt. H. carp, 339 Mulberry 
Cunningham Saml. driver, 318 Harford av 
Cunningham Mrs. Sarah, confec'y, 304 Cross 
Cunningham Thos. lab. 40 Hull 
Cunningham Thomas A. coafe agent, n vr cor 

Madison and Calvert 
Cunningham Wm. A. salesman, 281 w Fayette 

HOLMES & CO., Engineers' and Machinists' Tools and Supplies, 
Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

O. F. Bresee, G-eneral Agent, American Building. 

^ CUN 179 CDR 


Made water-tighr, aud preserved for years, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMEMT aud 


By increasirtg the qvaniUy qf Gvm, we make a Palut 
for Damp Walls which is uuequaled. All work 
guaranteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders solicited 
for new felt roofs ; old ro&fs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER & CO., Sole Mamifacturerb, 

Mo. 3COURTLAJSD STREET, up slairsi- 

Cunningbam Wm. secretary and treasr. Calvert 

Sugar Retinery, 56 s Gay 
Cunningham Wm. A. bricklayer, 92 n Edea 
Cunningham Wm. C. clerk, 240 w Hoifman 
Cunningham Wm. E. watchmkr, 133 e Biddle 
Cunningham Wm.J. (Smith & C.) 130 e Pratt 
Cunningham Wm. H., Caroline and Chase 
Cunningham Wm. R, jr. money clerk B.«fcO. Ex- 
press, 276 n Eden 
Cunningham Mrs. Wm. R. 276 n Eden 
Cunningham Wm. W . collector, 161 Mulberry 
CuniemanJ. A. stoves aad tinware, 140 s 

Cunzeman John,(C. & Ortman) 186 e Lombard 
Cunzeman & Ortman (J. Cunzeman, J. H. Ort- 
man) grocery, 186 e Lombard 
CUNZEMAN WM. hay and straw, 399 

Curd Wm. basketmkr, 28 s Eutaw 
Curie John, trav. agent, 197 w Fayette 
Curlett A. S. clerk, 27 Clarke 
Curlett Edward W. plasterer, 456 e Lombard 
Curlett John (Smith & C.) president Maryland 

White Lead Co. 185 St. Paul 
Curlett Lewis G. collector, 27 Clarke 
Curlett Mrs. Mary, 257 Cross 
Curlett Wm. pres't Balto. permanent building 
and land society, 41 n Charles, dw 82 Mc- 
Curley A. R. 73 Park av 
Curley Bernard, engineer, 18 Essex 
Curley Chas. H. bookkpr, 335 w Lombard 
Curley Daniel, lab. 29 w Chase 
Curley Eugene, clerk, 128 w Hoffman 
Curley Eliza, confectionery, 29 w Chase 
Curley Henry R. lumber, cor John and Charles, 

dw 128 w Hoffman 
Curley Hugh, lab. 225 Lemnion 
Curley James A. clerk, 181 w Lanvale 
Curley James A., Druid Hill av ext 
Curley James F. clerk, 17 n Howard 
CURLEY JAMES W. importer hardware, 17 u 

Howard, dw Baltimore co 
CURLEY JOH:^f, liquors, 239 Park av 
Curley John D. clerk, 95 e Madison 
Curley John E. tobacconist, 157 s Fremoat 
Curley John T. clerk, 143 n Eutaw 
Curley Keirn, lab. 18 Essex 
Curley M. fireman, St, Clair hotel 
Curley Mrs. Mary E., Druid Hill av ext 
Curley Owen, hostler, 286 McHenry 
Curley Mrs. Sophia, grocery, 10 Hawk 
Curley Thomas, lab. 56 Y'ork 
Curley Thomas, engineer, 2 Webb 
Curley Thomas, engineer, 34 Neighbor 
Curley Timothy, driver, 100 Parkin 
Curley, Wm. boilermkr, 251 Lee 
Curley Wm. lab. 41 York 
Curn John, shoemkr, 106 Prestoa 
Curran Chas. supt. water metres, water office, 

dw 635 w Lombard 
Curran Chas. jr. clerk, 24 n Greene 
Curran Edward, driver, 13 Hudson al 
Curran Edward, lab. 177 e Fayette 
Curran Edward, moulder, 37 Eastern av 
Curran Francis sr. lab. 37 Eastern av 
Curran Francis jr, screwnian, 37 Eastern av 
Curran Frank, lab, 43 Walker 
Curran Henry, janitor, 8 South 
Curran James, currier, 37 Esistern av 
Curran James, porter, 56 King 
Curran James, water engineer, 635 w Lombard 

Curran Joseph, milk, 7 Trinity 

Curran Mrs. Kate, grocery, 107 Sarah Ann 

Curran Lewis C. water inspr. 635 w Lombard 

Curran Matthew, farmer, 154 s Bond 

Curran Michael, peddler, 114 Dugans whf 

Curran Nicholas F. salesman, 53 s Broadway 

Curran Patrick, lab. 22 Valley 

Curran Peter, lab. 6 Creek al 

Curran Peter, stonecutter, 186 East 

Curran Sarah, dressmkr, 118 Mulberry 

Curran Stephen H. printer, 118 Mulberry 

Curran Thomas, lab. 79 Boyd 

Curran Thomas, lab, 1 Little al 

Curran Thomas, lab. 25 Lemon 

Curran Thomas, conductor, 37 Eastern av 

Curran Thomas E. (Flaherty k C.) Colliugton' 

av nr Eastern av 
Curren Thomas, lab. 3 s Spring 
Currey Francis, lab. Clinton nr Ninth av 
Currey Dr. James H, 76 s Paca 
Currey John, lab. Clinton nr Ninth av 
Currey Thos. lab. Clinton nr Ninth av 
Currin W. G. salesman, 113 German 
Curry Daniel C, 79 n Liberty 
Curry Edward J. carp. 91 e Madison 
Curry Frank B, carp. 20 s Ann 
Curry Henry L. grocery, 25 Barnet 
Curry Howard E. driver, 41 Greenmount av 
Curry Mrs. Jane, boarding, 79 n Liberty 
Curry John, carter, 156 s Central av 
Curry John, carp. 102 s Chester 
Curry John T. shoecutter, 114 n Bond 
Curry Newman B. telegraphist, 28 Spring row 
Curry Wm. stonecutter, 105 s Castle 
Curry Wm. carp. 341 Saratoga 
Curry Wm. J. driver, 102 Greenmount av 
Cursey Geo. W. brakeman, 28 Hillman 
Curtain Henry G. (H.G.C. & Co.) s w cor Car- 
oline and John 
CURTAIN H. G. & CO. (H. G- Curtain) hides, 

oil and leather, 42 s Calvert 
Curtain Henry, butcher, 16 Centre, 20 Lexing- 
ton and 36 Richmond Markets, dw Harford 
av nr city limits 
Curtain James, butcher, 14 Centre, 25 Lexing- 
ton and 14 Richmond Markets, dw Harford 
av nr city limits 
Curtain James, cooper, 204 n Eden 
Curtain James D. cooper, 204 n Eden 
Curtain James T. butcher, 5 Richmond Market,- 

dw Harford av ur city limits 
Curtain Oliver P. cooper, 200 e Madison 
CURTAIN SAMUEL, cooper, rear 37 Light, dw 

204 n Eden 
Curtain Samuel M. butcher, Harford av nr city 

Curtain Wm. clerk, 204 a Eden 
Curth Wiegand, beer, 93 Jackson sq av 
Curtin Patrick, 220 German 
Curtin Wm, time keeper, 220 German 


No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 

CUR 1^0 DAI 

Curtin Susan, dressmkr, 88 Saratoga 

Curtis Rev. Alfred A. 106 n Charles 

Curtis Emma, 32 Josephine 

Curtis Geo. R. bookkpr, 246 w Fayette 

Curtis H. Albert, clothing cutter, 230 German 

Curtis James, wagoner, 107 Dolphin 

Curtis John, huckster, 296 Greenmount av 

Curtis John A. (Wolfe & C.) 185 n Fremont 

Curtis Maggie, dressmkr, 519 w Lombard 

Curtis Mrs. Mary, 214 w Biddle 

Curtis Peter, lab. 519 w Lombard 

Curtis Richard, machinist, 519 w Lombard 

Curtis Thomas, lab. 12 Maryland av 

Curvell Chas.F.brickrr,Gilmor nr Patterson av 

Curvill Robt. A. plasterer, 167 Greenmount av 

Curvill Saml. T. plasterer, 167 Greenmount av 

Curvill Wm. sailmkr, 250 e Pratt 

Cusack Laughlin, lab. 27 e Monument 

Cushaw Edward L. stonecutter, 217 Mulberry 

Cushaw John, cigarmkr, 217 Mulberry 

Cushing David, jr. 87 w Townsend 

Cushing Henry M. 309 u Strieker 

Cushing James P. D. boilermkr, 191 s Ann 

Cushing John, pres't Associated Firemen's Ins. 

Co. 177 Madison av 
Cushing Joseph jr. 132 Park av 
Cushing Joseph M. (C. &.Bailey) 132 Park av 
Cushing Richard C. 177 Madison av 
Cushing Wiley E. 132 Park av 
CUSHLVGS & BAILEY (L. E. Bailey, J. M. 

Cushing) booksellers and stationers, 262 w 

Cusick Daniel, lab. 161 Aliceanna 
Cusick John, lab. 28 n Arlington av 
Cusick Martin, lab. 26 n Arlington av 
Cusick Mrs. Mary, 161 Aliceanna 
Cusick Tbos. lab. 26 n Arlington av 
Cusick Thos. soap packer, 22 s Front 
Custis Anton, printer, 52 e Pratt 
Custis R. bricklayer, 278 Division 
CUSTOM HOUSE, (U.S.) n w cor Lombard 

and Gay 
Custy Mrs. Ann, boarding, 332 s Bond 
Custy James, clerk, 332 s Bond 
Custy John,grocery,672 Saratoga, dw 332 s Bond 
Custy Mrs. Mary, 21 Rock 
Custy Michael, lab. 409 s Charles 
Custy Patrick, carp. 21 Rock 
CUT AI A R FRANCIS, restaurant, 57 w Fayette 
Cutaiar Francis jr. clerk, 57 w Fayette 
Cutcher Frank, bricklayer, 34 s Strieker 
Cutcher John H. bricklayer, 34 s Strieker 
Cutcher Joseph, bricklayer, 34 s Strieker 
Cutchins Edw. machinist, 135 Hanover 
Cuteon Henry, lab. 102 Hudson 
Cutino Alex. (Michael, C, Scopinich & Co.) 40 

s High 
Cutino AndrcAV V. clerk, 37 n High 
Cutino Fortune, tailoress, 37 n High 
Cutino Joseph G. barber, 419 Penna av - 
Cuttle Mrs. Clara, 629 vv Lombard 
Cuyler Mrs. Anna, 276 e Lombard 
Cuyler Edw. clerk, 276 e Lom))ard 
Cuyler Capt.J.W., U.S.A., Union bank build- 
ing, dw 197 n Calvert 
Cuyler R. M. 279 Linden av 
Cnyler T. Sanford, clerk, 276 e Lombard 
Cypress Richard, clerk, 13 n Bond 
Czarnowsky Francis, painter, 662 w Baltimore 
Czarnowsky Mrs. Francis, paints and oils, 662 

w Baltimore 

Dabbs Mrs. Catherine, 531 Lexington 
Dabour John, artist, studio 99 n Charles, dw 117 

n Carrollton av 
Dabrasky George, cigars, 860 w Pratt 
Dacey Cornelius, lab. 43 Haubert 
Dacey Jeremiah, lab. 43 Haubert , 
Dachner Michael, paper carrier, 199 Eastera av 
Daean Capt. Levin, mariner, 46 Hamburg 
Daffin Chas. CD. engineer, 229 w Fayette 
Dafhn Francis D. printer, 421 e Chase 
Daffin Joseph G. printer, 408 e Eager 
Daffin M. G. 44 n High 
DafHer Michael, lab. 8 n Chapel 
Dagen Geo. driver, Lanvale nr Penna av 
Dagenhard Chas. mariner, 287 Gough 
Dahl Chas. horseshoer, 31 Union 
Dahl Geo. boilermkr, 876 w Pratt 
Dahl Geo. driver, 31 Union 
Dahl Henry, tinner, 876 w Pratt 
Dahl Lewis jr. tinner, 876 w Pratt 
Dahl Wm. car driver, 93 Frederick av 
Dahle Chas.F. clerk, 107 n Front 
Dahle Conrad H. niercht. tailor, 57^ n Gay, dw 

112 e Monument 
Dahle Geo. messenger, 112 e Monument 
Dahle Wm. engineer, 199 Forrest 
Dahlmer Louis, peddler, 175 West 
Dahlmer Mrs. Maggie, confec'y, 175 West 
Dahme Peter, 376 w Lombard 
Dahms T. A. wharfinger, Miller's -whf, dw 143 

s Ann 
Dahnke Adolph, cooper, Calverton rd nr Fred- 
erick av 
Daicker John, restaurant, 51 German 
Daicker Robt. T. clerk, 444 w Lombard 
Daiger Chas. H. oysters, 96 e Fayette 
Daiger Edw. 63 Conway 
Daiger Francis A. furniture, 87 n Howard 
Daiger Fred. 324 w Pratt 
Daiger Fred. lab. 22 Bartlett 
Daiger Jos. T.(Thos.S. Hughes & Co.) 69n Exeter 
Daiger M. A. cabinetmkr and undertaker, 74 s 

Daiger Wm'. H. bookkpr, 129 Orleans 
Dail T. Howard (T.J.Dail & Co.) 161 n Charles 
DAIL T. J. & CO. (T.J. Dail, John L. Hebb, T. 

Howard Dail) wholesale grocers and com. 

merchts, 27 Cheapside 
Dail T. J. (T.J.D.& Co.) 161 n Charles 
Dailey Anthony, tinner, 759 w Baltimore 
Dailey August, ))utcher, 288 w Hoffman 
Dailey C. salesman, 308 s Paca 
Dailey Francis, lab. 128 Battery av 
Dailey Francis, lab. 83 Goodman al 
Dailey Henry C. grocery, 159 Lexington, dw307 

Myrtle av 
Dailey Jacob, lab. 344 William 
Dailey James, salesman, Maltby house 
Dailey John, lab. 344 Hanover 
Dailey John, plasterer, 951 w Baltimore 
Dailey Joseph, shippingmaster, 243 s Ann 
Dailey Martin, lab. 227 Hanover 
Dailev Martin, lab. 406 Hanover 
Daikn- Mary, 18 Edward 
Dailey Michael, lab. 49 s Duncan al 
Dailey Owen, clerk, 109 Cathedral 
Dailey Patrick, lab. 412 Hanover 
Dailey Patrick, lab. 239 Hamburg 
Dailey Mrs. Sarah, grocery, 83 Goodman al 

Importer and Dealer in Portland, Roman, and Keene's Cement, 
WM. WIRT CLARKE, 61 S. Gay Street. 

Largest Life Ins. Co. i" tbeWorld, O.F.Bresee, Gen. Agt. 
DAI 181 DAM 

Dailey Thos. lab. 221 Hamburg 

Dailey Thos. H. cigarmkr, 61 UnioQ 

Dailej' Wm. T. cigarmkr, TTS w Pratt 

Daily Berflard, tailor, 92 Harford av 

Daily & Co. (E.D.Cross) surg.and philosophical 

instruraeiitmkrs, 39 n Liberty 
Daily Edw. H. brush manuf. 626 w Lombard 

DAILY E. V.,Trusses,Suspensories, 
Shoulder Braces, Syringes, &c., 
149 w Fajette, third door below 

Dally Ephraim V. surgical insts. 149 w Fayette 

Daily Fniuk Y. grocer, 23 and 25 Ceutre Market 
space, dw 124 e Pratt 

Daily Mrs. Hanlorah, notions, 186 Hollins 

Daily Geo. H. salesman, 149 w Fayette 

Daily Hedry C. grocer, 1,59 Lexington, dw 307 
Myrtle av 

Daily John, blksmith, 202 Columbia 

Daily John, lab. 191 East 

Daily Thomas, deputy warden Penitentiary,dw 
338 n Central av 

Daily Timothy, coachman, 308 s Paca, 

Daily Trade Journal, Geo.W. Koockogey, pub- 
lisher, 5 s Calvert 

Daily Wm. clerk, 38i w Baltimore 

Dale Robt. carp. 134"s Poppleton 

Dale Saml. lab. 515 Saratoga 

Dale Saml. jr. engineer, 158 n Carey 

Dale Wm. L. carp. 241 Lexington 

Daler Adam, carp. 106 Low 

Daley Chas. marblepolisher, 208 n Front 

Daley Elijah, plasterer, 96 e Pratt 

Daley Eugene, shoemkr, 103 Hillen 

Daley Henry K. cabinetmkr, 295 Saratoga 

Dale}^ John, moulder, 45 Harford' av 

Daley John, lab. 91 s Gilmor 

Daley Joseph, furn. 8 Penna av, dw 24 Jat;kson 

Dalejf Joseph jr. mariner, 24 Jackson 

Daley Kate (D.& Gutman) 234 German 

Daley & Gutman, Misses (Kate Daley, Rina Gut- 
man) ladies' hairdress'g, 580 w Baltimore 

Daley Mrs. M. A. dressmkr, 295 Saratoga 

Daley Michael, blksmith, 45 Harford av 

Dalev Philip F. carp. ?& n Front 

Daley Thos. lab. 234 German 

Daley Thos. S. painter, 68 n Ann 

Daley Wm. cigarmkr, 803 vv Pratt 

Daley Wm. H, cashier, 621 Penna av 

Daley Wm. J. carp. 621 Penna av 

Dall H. McP. bookkpr, i09 n Charles 

Dall Jos. E. dry goods com. mercht, over 11 s 
Charles, dw 299 Park av 

Dallam Benj. S. coachpainter, 182 Cbesnut 

Dallam Chas. F. clerk, VM Dolphin 

Dallam Harry G. clerk, 19 Argyle av 

Dallam H. Clay, ' attorney, 51^ St. Paul,dw 269 
n Eutaw 

Dallam Jos. W. clerk, 19 Argyle av 

Dallam Thos. M. brewer, Holfiday and Centre 

Dallam Wm. grocery, foot Clinton 

DALLAM WM. L. attorney, 21 n Calvert, dw 
119 n Charles 

Dallam W.W(Herbert,Hairston&Co.)83 Bolton 

Dallwig Conrad, wireworker, 100 n Pine 

Dallwig Mrs. F. notions, 100 n Pine 

D'Almaiae Geo. portrait painter, 520 w Fayette 

D'Almaine Geo. M. bookkpr, 520 w Fayette 

DalrympLe Mrs. Agnes, dressmkr, 116 Jefferson 


Made water-tight, and preserved for years, by thor- 
oughly applyhig ELASTIC CEMENT and 


By increasing the qiianiUy of Gvm. we make a Paint 
for Damp Walls v.'hich "is unequaled. All work 
guaranteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders bolicited 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER & CO.. Sole Manufacturers, 

No. 3 COURTLAND STREET, up stairs. 

Dairy mple Alex. P. clerk, 288 e Fayette 
Dalrymple Dr. Augustine J. 330 e Pratt 
Dalrymple Rev. Edwin A. prest. faculty of Arts 
and Sciences, University of Maryland, 32 Mul- 
berry, dw 139 w Lanvale 
Dalrymple Emily J. 143 n Eutaw 
Dalrymple Geo. H. clerk, 42 U- Gilmor 
Dalrymple Geo. W. patternmkr, 249 Lee 
Dalrymple Jas. A. clerk, 288 e Fayette 
Dalrymple Jiis. C. clerk, 143 n Eutaw 
Dalrymple John R. coal, 11 and 13 Douglass, dw 

116 Jefferson 
Dalrymple Robt. M. clerk, 143 n Eutaw 
Dalrymple Thos. carp. 330 n Broadway 
Dalsiieimer Alphonse, clerk, 48 s Sharp 
Dalsheimer Armaiid, boots and shoes, 91 Cam- 
den and 64 Hanover, dw 48 s Sharp 
Dalsheimer David, 43 s Sharp 
Dalsheimer Simon, boots and shoes, TV Camden, 

dw 48 s Sharp 
Dalton John B. police, 132 Harford av 
Daly Eugene M.propr.German-stHall,24German 
Daly Chas. polisher, 208 n Front 
Daly Henry, marblewkr, 18 Constitution 
Daly Henry T. real estate agent, Woodberrj 
Daly Hugh, lab. 9 Willow 
Daly Isabella, 20 n High 
Daly John, lab. 178 n Front 
Dalv John, clerk, 466 Harford av 
Daly John, lab. 124 St. Peter 
Daly John A. bookpr, 20 n High 
Daly John H. varnisher, 93 Scott 
Daly Jos. H. marblewkr, 18 Constitution 
Daly Jos. H. varnisher, 240 Conway 
Daly Patrick, nurse, 59 Chesnut 
Daly Patrick, lab. Vincent al nr Ramsay 
Daly Thos. 93 Scott 
Daly Thos. polisher, 103 Scott 
Daly Thos. lab. 9 Willow 
Daly Wm. E. clerk, 93 Scott 
Daly Winfield S. varnisher, 103 Scott ' 
Damast Fred, clerk, 202 Montgomery 
Damast Philip, carp. 202 Montgomery 
DAMBMANN GUSTAV, chemical and super- 
phosphate factory, Leadenhall, West and 
Stockholm, dw 181 Edmondson av 


IF .^ C T O S, -y- . 

WOEKS :-LeadenhaU, West, Stock- 
holm Sts. and Peach Alley. 

Dambrosky August, lab. 262 Canton av 
Darner Fred, salesman, 40 Brune 

Manuf rs' Agency for Rosendale Cement, Calcined Plaster, Castino; 
Plaster, Dentist Plaster, Agricultural Plaster, Gilders' & Commereial Whiting. 





Damer Jos. saddler, 81 Peirce 
Damer Martin, clerk, 40 Brune 
Dameron Henrv C. mariner, 118 Bank 
Dames August F. carp. Homestead 
Dames Emma, teacher, Waverley 
Dames Jobn F. lab. Homestead 
Dames Lewis, butcher, Waverley 
Dames Wm. gardener, Homestead 
Damm Angust, grocery, 389 Canton av 
Damm Chas. varnisher, 8 s Washington 
Damm Conrad, tailor, 1 20 IMcElderry 
Damm John, lab. Ill Leadenhall 
Damm John, milk, Washington av ext 
Damm Wm. milk, Washington av e.xt 
Damm Wm. lab. Ill Leadenhall 
Dammann Chas. L. plasterer, 191 Mulberry 
Dammann Ernest(F.W.&E.D. )3B7 Druid H'ill av 
Dammann F. Wm.(F. W. & E. D.) Lanvale bet 

Fremont and Myrtle av 
Dammann F. W. & E. i mporters of woolens, &c. 

IG Hanover 
Dammann Ignatius M. clerk, 387 Druid Hill av 
Dammann J. F. clerk, Lanvale nr Fremont 
Dammann John F., Lanvale nr Fremont 
DAMMANN Dr. LEWIS H. 191 Mulberry 
Dammann Wm. J. clerk, Lanvale nr Fremont 
Damme Henry, shoemkr, 355 Canton av 
Damme Sophia, boots and shoes, 3G5 Canton av 
Dammen Michael, shoemkr, 58 Harrison 
Damon Peter, lab. 118 Hamburg 
Damon Wm. lab. 118 Hamburg 
Daraor Andreas, cabinetmkr, 143 Dover 
Da'naher Daniel, lab. 16 Harris al 
Danast Fredk. W. clerk, 202 Montgomery 
DandeletMrs.F.G.dyer and scour' r,122nHoward 
Dandelet Francis, 113 Hanover 
Dandelet Francis jr. clerk, 384 n Eden 
Dandelet Gustave, dyer, 122 n Howard 
Dandelet Jules F. dyer, 122 n Howard 
Dane John, lab. 164 Johnson 
Dane Wm. lab. 290 n Durham 
Danehardt Casper, lab. 93 Lemmon 
Danehay Daniel, carter, 91 s Spring 
Danehay Jeremiah, foreman, 153 n Front 
Danek Jos. shoemkr, 101 Orchard 
Daneker Annie, teacher, 185 s Charles 
Danaker Chas. shipsmith, 163 Hughes 
Daneker Chas. shipsmith, 66 Hamburg 
Daneker David H. engineer, 224 Montgomery 
Daneker Edwin T. ass't custodian U. S. public 

buildings, Custom House, dw 185 s Charles 
Daneker Frank A. (Wood & D.) Waverley 
Daneker Geo. C. clerk, 185 s Charles 
Daneker Geo. I. bookkpr, 99 n Exeter 
Daneker John F. millwrig-ht, 30 Henrietta 
Daneker John J. 185 s Charles 
Daneker John J. shipsmith, C6 Hamburg 
Daneker John J. shipsmith, 163 Hughes 
Daneker Orman A. clerk, 99 n Exeter 
Daneker Saml. H. clerk, 185 s Charles 
Daneker Thos. 0. clerk, 99 n Exeter 
Daneker Wm. H. bookkpr, Woodberry 
Daneker Wm. H. bookkpr. Sweet Air 
Danels Mrs. E. B., Ford's Eutaw hotel 
Danels James D. scrollsawyer, 123 s Chester 
Danels Joseph, clerk, Maryland av and Hoffman 
Danels Jos. D. proprietor Claggett's brewery, 

e Lombard, adj. Falls 
Danels Mrs. Julia D., Maryland av and Hoffman 
Danforth C. W. (R. F. D. & Sons) 58 n Charles 
Danforth M. E. (R. F. D. & Sons) 58 n Charles 
Danforth R. F. (R. F. D. & Sons) 58 n Charles 

Danforth R. F. & Sons (R. F., C. W. and M. E. 

Danforth) oils, 27 s Liberty 
Daniel Andrew, shoemkr, 774 w Pratt 
Daniel & Co.(Daal. and Moses Daniel )clothing, 

129 s Fremont 
Daniel Daniel, (D. & Co.) 211 s Paca 
Daniel John, bootfitter, 216 Mulberry 
Daniel Jno.H.(Penniman&Bro.)Barnuni's hotel 
Daniel John M. attorney, 5 Law building 
Daniel M. (Lisstiuer& Co.) 225 w Baltimore, d\v 

266 Hollins 
Daniel Michael, 211 s Paca 
Daniel Moses, (D. k Co.) 211 s Paca 
DANIEL WM.(S. Guiteau & Co.) attorney, 21 

n Calvert, dw St. Clair hotel 
Daniell C. W. baggage agent, Oxford, York rd 
Daniels Mrs. Catherine D. 309 n Ann 
Daniels Chas. S. oysters, 270 Light 
Daniels Ezekiel, lumber, 19 s Howard 
Daniels Henry, gents, furn. goods, 488 w Balti- 
more, dw 774 w Pratt 
Daniels John C. clerk, 84 n Entaw 
Daniels Mrs. Julia, 84 n Eutaw 
Daniels Mrs. Mary A. boarding, 19 s Howard 
Daniels Thos. F. shoemkr, 132 Chew 
Daniels Wm. attorney, St. Clair hotel 
Dankmeyer Chas. baker, 661 w Baltimore 
Dankmeyer Geo. baker, 905 w Baltimore 
Dankmeyer John F. baker, 905 w Baltimore 
Dankmeyer Theo. baker, 661 w Baltimore 
Dankmeyer Wm. furniture, 808 w Baltimore 
Danneberg Albert, tailor, 50 s Paca 
Danneberg Otto, lab. 50 s Paca 
Dannenberg Robert L. salesman, 105 Orleans 
Dannenberger Aug. clerk, 24 Douglass 
Dannenberger Isaac, clerk, 24 Douglass 
Dannenberger Isaac, grocery, 24 Donglass 
Dannenberger Joseph, clerk, 24 Douglass 
Dannenfelser Adam, cooper, 170 s Central av 
Dannenfelser, Geo. shoemkr. First av nr Clinton 
Dannenfelser Jno. shoemkr, Clinton and First av 
Dannenfelser Lewis, cooper, 177 Eastern av 
Dannenfelser Martin, shoemaker, Clinton av nr 

First av 
Dannenfelser Mary, beer, 1 1 7 Eastern av 
Dannenfelser P. grocery, Biddle and McDonogh 
Danner Wesley C. salesman, 132 Mulberry 
Dannattel Chas. carver, 127 Scott 
Dannattel Geo. F. drug clerk, 360 e Lombard 
Dannattel Henry L. cabinetmkr, 127 Scott 
Dannattel Wm. H. cabinetmkr, 14 Sterrett 
Danskin Mrs. S. A.physicianof the new school, 

70 J Saratoga 
Danskin Shirt Manufg Co. over 58 n Charles 
Danskin Washington A. 386 n Gilmor 
Danz Chas. painter, 130 e Biddle 
Danz Edward, tailor, 130 e Biddle 
Danz Henry, gardener, Belair av ext 
Danz Henry, carp. 60 Granby 
Danz Henry, bakery, 317 n Ann 
Danz Wm. F. cigarmkr, 130 e Biddle 
Danze Chas. A. shoemkr, 8 Jew al 
Danzeglock Aug. liquors, 293 e monument 
Danzelock Henry, boots, &c. 43 n Gay,dw 325 e 

Danzelock Justus H. liquors, 481 e Monument 
Darby Mrs. Benj. 212 n Carey 
Darby Benj. F. (D. & Co.) 212 n Carey 
DARBY & CO. (David, Philip and Benj. F. Dar- 
by) steam candy manufs. 325 w Baltimore 
Darby David, (D. & Co.) 531 w Fayette 
Darby Montillion, machinist, 456 w Lombard 

HOLMES & CO., Engineers' and Machinists' Tools and Supplies, 
Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, "Washers, &c. 

Assets, $85,000,000.00. O. T. Bresee, G-enl Agt. 
~* DAR 183 DAU 

Darbj- Philip, (D. & Co.) 634 w Fayette 
Darby Walter C. salesman, 531 w Faj'ette 
Darden Geo. F.watchmkr, 185 w Baltimore, dvv 

144 w Lombard 
Dare G. G & Co. (G.G.Dare) com. merchts. 95 

s Charles 
Dare Mrs. Carrie, 405 vv Lanvale 
Dare Ephraim E. steamfitter, 203 e Madison 
Dare Frank M. clerk, 431 n Fremont 
Dare Gideon G.(G.G.D. & Co.)228 w Lombard 
Dare Mrs. Sarah, 232 n Calhoun 
Dare Wm. H. hardware, 229 vv Pratt and 413 

n Fremont, dw 431 n Fremont 
Darenberger David, candymkr, 951 Lexington 
Darley John VV. shoemkr, 78 n Eden 
Darley Park, Harford av ext 
Darley Park brewery, Harford av ext, office cor 

North and Saratoga 
Darling & Co. (J. H. Darling) oyster packers, 

121 Hillen 
Darling Mrs. Catherine, notions, 320 n Gay 
Darling F. Taylor, U.S. Ganger C.H, Denmead 

nr Charles 
agt. Phoenix Mutual Life Ins. Co. 20 South, 
dw 213 Maryland av 
Darling Dr. Henry, 252 Lexington 
Darling Henrj' F. 252 Lexington 
Darling Isaac, 87 Aisquith 
Darling James H. (D. & Co.) 336 e Monument 
Darling Jas. T. carpenter and builder, 242 

Penna av 
Darling John sr. cutter, 320 n Gay 
Darling John jr. tinner, 320 n Gay 
Darling Lewis, baker, 137 n Eutaw 
Darmstadt Philip, lab. 109 s Chapel 
Darmstadt Regina, provisions, 209 s Chapel 
Darney Fredk. carp. Belair av ext 
Darney John Henry, carp. Belair av e.xt 
Darraugh Fred, pianomkr, 148 Dover 
Darraugh Wm. police, 504 Harford av 
DARRELL CHAS. & CO. (C.Darrell) imprs. 

wines and liquors, 18 Commerce 
Darrell Chas. (Chas. D. & Co.) 245 n Calvert 
Darrell Stewart, ship and com. mercht. 4 Ex- 
change pi, dw 349 n Eutaw 
Darrington James, clerk, 176 n Carey 
Darringtoh Mrs. Mary E. 34 s Broadway 
Darsch Conrad, restaurant, 193 Lexington 
Dasch Chas. W. confectionery, 777 w Baltimore 
Dasch John, barkpr, 765 w Baltimore 
Dasch John, lab. 136 Eastern av 
Dasch John A. quarryman. Falls rd nr toUgate 
Dasch John N. stonecutter, 119 e Monument 
Dasch Saml. E. stonecutter, Falls rd nr toUgate 
Dasch Wm. H. stonecutter, Falls rd nr tollgate 
Dasenbrock Bernhard, cab'tmkr, 150 Ramsay 
Dash Adam, silversmith, 59 s Monroe 
Dash John P. painter, 122 Lemnion 
Dash John, shucker, 54 Rose 
Dash John, gardener, Loney la nr Eager 
Dashaway The (Temperance) hotel, Wm. Del- 

phey, propr, s w cor Howard and Mulberry 
Dashields Chas. E. carver, 141 s Washington 
Dashields Richard, clerk, 295 Saratoga 
Dashields Thos. grocery, 91 s Exeter 
Dashiell Mrs. Ann, notions, 54 s Collington av 
Dashiell C. M. attorney, over Chesapeake Bank, 

dw 63 n Charles 
Dashiell Mrs. Eleanor, 326 Franklin 
Dashiell Mrs. Emily, 43 Courtland 
Dashiell Mrs. Elizabeth, 53 n Castle 


Made water-tight, and preserved for years, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMENT and 


By increasing the qvantity <f Gvm, we make a Paint 
lor Mamp Walls which is uuequaled. All work 
guaranteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders solicited 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repairea. 

D. M SADLER & CO.. Sole Manufacturers, 

No. 3 COURTLAND STREET, up stairs. 

Dashiell John, mariner, 336 Franklin 
Dashiell John V. carver, 54 s Collington av 
Dashiell Mrs. Mary E.boarding, 119 e Baltimore 
Dashiell Mrs. Matilda, 27^ Aisquith 
Dashiell Capt. Mitchell, 27J Aisquith 
Dashiell Dr. Nicholas L. 207 s Broadway 
Dashiell Nicholas, bricklayer, 266 s Ann 
DASHIELL S. K. real estate agt. 7 Law bldgs, 

dw Jessup station, B.& O.R.R. 
Dashiell Wm. caulker, 105 Johnson 
Dashiell Wm. carter, 168 Battery av 
Dashiell Wm. O. cash8ir, 44 Spring row 
Dashiell Wm. R. bricklayer, 27^ Aisquith 
Dashner Henry, shoemkr, 46 s Central av 
Dassas Mrs. M. restaurant, 51 n Liberty 
Datz Martin, lab. 13 Shakspear 
Daub Christian, grocery, 263 n Broadway 
Daub Mrs. Kate, grocery, 287 Eastern av 
Daub Ludwig, tinner, 287 Eastern av 
Dauber Geo. chairmkr, 149 e Fayette 
Daubman Henry J. glassblower, 568 Hanover 
Dauchert Chas. ^vatchmkr, 66 s Central av 
Dauchert Otto, confect'r, 66 s Central av 
Dauenhauer Rev. Henry, Eager and Somerset 
Dauenhauer Louis, builder, 396 e Baltimore 
Dauer John, tailor, 220 William 
Dauer Mrs. Theresa, 220 William 
Dauer Xavier, shoemkr, 220 William 
Daughaday John T. carp. 57 Stockton 
Daugherty Geo.F.showcasemkr, 148 w Lombard 
Daugherty Daniel, lab. 48 Forrest 
Daugherty Darby, driver, 40 vv Eager 
Daugherty Dennis, lab. 82 s Carrollton av 
Daugherty J. M. (D. & Wright) 49 Valley 
Daugherty John, fireman, 29 s Poppleton 
Daugherty Julius, 91 n Eutaw 
Daugherty Louis R. clerk, 20 Jacltson pi 
Daugherty Mrs. Priscilla A. 20 Jackson pi 
Daugherty Rev. Dr. Thomas, 64 William 
DAUGHERTY WM. G. coal, cor Central av 

and Fayette, dw 20 Jackson pi 
Daugherty Wm.H. watchman, North av nr John 
Daughertv Wm. H. jr. clerk. North av nr John 
DAUGHERTY & WRIGHT (J. M. Daugherty, 
J.N.Wright) book and job printers, and en- 
gravers, s e cor Gay and Baltimore 
Daughton Joseph, moulder, 31 Woodward 
Daughtrey R. T. clerk, 51 s Collington av 
Danm La>vrence, tailor, 16 n Durham 
Daumann Andrew, 163 s Sharp 
Daiimann Geo. basketmkr, 163 s Sharp 
Daumann Geo. jr. basketmkr, 163 s Sharp 
Dauphin Christiana, confect'y, 207 e Baltimore 
Dausch Anthony, stevedore, 27 n Broadway 
Dausch Chas. lab. 62 s Central av 
Dausch Frank, collector, 27 n Broadway 
Dausch Mary A. notions, 212 s Broadway 
Dausca Rev. Michael, 25 n Front 
Dausch Peter, stevedore, 409 Eastern av 
Dausch Dr. Pierre G. 27 n Broadway 


No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 







Dausiuger Henry, lab. 734 w Lombard 
Dauterich & Co (Henry Dauterich) stoves and 

tin ware, 217 e Baltimore 
Dauterich Fred. W. barkpr, Ann and Fayette 
Dauterich Henrv (D. & Co.) 217 e Baltim'ore 
DAUTERICH HENRY, restaurant, (agent for 

Berger & Engel, brewers, Philadelphia) s w 

cor Ann and Fayette 
Dauterich Henry L. clerk, Ann and Fayette 
Dauterich John, tavern, 8 n Eden 
Dave James, lab. 173 Harford av 
Davenport Joseph B. clerk, 25 Hamilton 
Davenport Mrs. M. A. 194 Gough 
Daveus John, beer, Front and Buren 
DAVES Prof. EDWARD G. 189 St. Paul 
Davey Hugh, lab. 34 e Monument 
DAVIDGB R. C. agent Patuxent guano and 

Asbestos material, 36 w Lombard, dw 45 St. 

Paul ext 
Davids Albert G. feed, 21 Greenmount av, dw 

399 Park av 
Davids August, tailor, 77 Harrison 
Davids Garrett B. 399 Park av 
Davids' Prize Soap,F.L. Colton, agt. 39 German 
Davidson C. Falconer, clerk, 5 Clarke 
Davidson C.Y. (C.Y.D. & Co.) 347 Madison av 
DAVIDSON C. Y. & CO. (C.Y. Davidson) gas 

fixtures, 5 n Liberty 
Davidson Chas. C. shoemkr, 612 w Baltimore 
Davidson Chas. E. 266 Chew 
Davidson Eugene S. clerk, 204 w Hoffman 
Davidson F. H.(F.H.D. & Co.) 379 Madison av 
DAVIDSON F. H. & CO. (F.H.DaTidson,P.M. 

Ijaras) hardware, 158 Franklin 
Davidson Francis, 119 n Central av 
Davidson Geo. H. potter, 266 Chew 
Davidson Geo. M. gasfitter, 816j w Baltimore 
Davidson Jas. B. fireman, 320 s Sharp 
Davidson Jas. R. shoemkr, 157 n Central av 
Davidson Jas. W. inspector of cars, Harford av 

nr Lanvale 
Davidson John, shoefitter, 612 w Baltimore 
Davidson John J. stonecutter, 511 Harford av 
Davidson John J. butcher, 103 Belair Market, 

dw Point la ir Harford av 
■ Davidson Josei)h, engineer, 77 s Strieker 
Davidson Joseph E. clerk, 521 Franklin 
Davidson Mrs. Maria L. 157 n Central av 
Davidson Robert, bricklayer. Chapel ur Chase 
Davidson Robert C (Danl. Miller & Co.) 65 

Davidson Robert J. gasfitter, 778 w Baltimore 
Davidson Mrs. Dr. S. A. 204 w Hoffman 
Davidson Samuel A. 126 s Howard 
Davidson Samuel G. police. Point la and Har- 
ford av 
Davidson Samuel M. doorkeeper, 405 n Gay 
Davidson Thos. huckster, 291 Columbia 
Davidson Wallace C. clerk, 165 George 
Davidson Wm. ropemkr, Harford av nr Lanvale 
Davidson Wm. B. ins. agent, 1 American bldg, 

dw 312 Madison av 
Davidson Wm. H. shoemkr, 511 Harford av 
Davidson AVm. S. shoefitter, 612 w Baltimore 
Davidson Wm. T. real estate, 36 St. Paul, dw 

Baltimore co 
Davles David 0. apothecary. 111 e Pratt 
Davies Saml. K. 80 w Chase 
Davies Mrs.W. T. boarding, 182 w Lombard 
Davies W. T. salesman, 182 w Lombard 
Davis A. G.(A.G.D. & Watts,) 429 Madison av 

DAVLS A. G. & WATTS,(A.G.Davis,J. Henry, 
Davis A. K. 33 Lexington 
Davis Abram, peddler, 11 L. McElderry 
Davis Mrs. Abby, dressmkr, 85 n Arlington av 
Davis Adam, lamplighter, 109 Eastern av 
Davis Albert, light house supt. 185 Lee 
Davis Alex. sr. lab. Hampden 
Davis Alex, stonemason, Woodberry 
Davis Alex, peddler, 127 e Lombard 
Davis Alfred H. gilder, 52 s Wolfe 
Davis Allen Bowie, 370 Madison av 
Davis Allie M. dressmkr, Hampden 
Davis j^lvin P. machinist, 309 McHenry 
Davis Amos, carp. 116 n Schroeder 
Davis Andrew, stairbuilder, 439 w Lombard 
Davis Mrs. Annie, 60 Eastern av 
Davis Mrs. Annie E. 226 n Eden 
Davis Archibald T. capper, 239 e Pratt 
Davis Augustus, 429 Madison av 
Davis Barney, lab. 10 Clement 
Davis Benj. coppersmelter, Clinton nr Second av 
Davis Benj. B. mariner, 275 n Ana 
Davis Benj. B. clerk, 34 Columbia 
Davis Benj. M. junk, 35 Henrietta 
Davis Benj.W. helper, Clinton nr Second av 
Davis Bertha, 5 Bath 
Davis Bradford, watchman, 58 Parkin 
Davis Bradford A. sailmkr, 319 n Broadway 
Davis Mrs. C. R. 116 Scott 
Davis Caroline, 327 n Durham 
Davis Chas. brakeman, 607 w Lombard 
Davis Chas. painter, 9 Fish Market sp 
Davis Chas. A. painter, 146 Peirce 
Davis Chas. A. collector, 26 n Carrollton av 
Davis Chas. E. huckster, 14 s Oregon 
Davis Chas. H., Hampden 
Davis Chas. H. pilot, 4 s Washington 
Davis Chas. M. cigarmkr, 53 n Exeter 
Davis Chas. M. cooper, 221 s Paca 
Davis Chas. M. carp. Lafayette av nr Fremont 
Davis Chas. S. printer, 133 Conway 
Davis Chas. T. shoecutter, 645 w Lombard 
Davis Chas.W. silversmith, 53 n Exeter 
Davis Chas.W. 134 Mulberry 
Davis Chas.W. huckster, lo'Walker 
Davis Clara, 30 n Central av 
Davis Clinton W. clerk, 31 Jackson 
Davis Conrad, huckster, 81 s Caroline 
Davis Cortez, driver, 155 w Lombard 
Davis Daniel, lab. 60 Eastern av 
Davis Daniel, lab. Eastern av nr High 
Davis Daniel,- coppersmelter, First av nr Second 
Davis Daniel, coppersmelter, Clinton nr Boston 
Davis Daniel, cigarmkr, 160 Peirce 
Davis David, lab. 16 Clinton 
Davis Dunbar, (D. & Holmes, ) 534 w Baltimore 
Davis Edgar, coachmkr, 279 n Eden 
Davis Edward, driver, 210 s Ann 
Davis Edward, driver, 52 s Wolfe 
Davis Edwd. millwright, Strieker nr Liberty rd 
Davis Edward, carp. 223 Park av 
Davis Edward T. boot and shoe manufr. 104 n 

Howard, dw 42 n Liberty 
Davis Edwin R. attorney and conveyancer, 44 

Lexington, dw 162 Hanover 
Davis Edwin S. carp. 282 Argyle av 
Davis Eldridge, student, 193 Montgomery 
Davis Elisha, lab. 8 Chapel nr Belair av 
Davis Mrs. Elizab. boarding. 155 w Lombard 
Davis Enoch, conductor, Clinton nr Fourth av 
Davis Franklin P. stonecutter, Woodberry 

WM. WTRT CLARKE, Importer and Manufacturers' Agent, 
Offers CEMENTS and PLASTER of all kinds at Lowest Market Rates. 

Insurance Ag e nts and Bro kers, American Bu ildin g. 
DAY 185 DAY 

Davis Frank E. carchitect, room No. 1, over s e 

cor Charles aud Fayette, dw 162 Lafayette av 
Davis Frederick, tavern, 337 Aliceanna 
Davis G.W. clerk, 121 Montgomery 
Davis Geo. pianomkr, 295 \v Hoffman 
Davis Geb. A., Lafayette av nr Fremont 
Davis Geo. A. plasterer, 56 n Pine 
Davis Geo. A. painter, 133 Conway 
Davis Geo. A. carp. 497 Franklin 
Davis Geo. B. huckster, 85 n Arlington av 
Davis Geo. H. 89 s Sharp 
Davis Geo. H. lab. 124 Johnson 
Davis iMrs. Geo. S. 84 s Sharp 
Davis Geo. W. upholsterer, 21 e Monument 
Davis Geo. W. shipsmith, 112 Battery av 
Davis Geo. W. plasterer, Hampden 
Davis Geo. W. collection agency, dw 273 Druid 

Hill av 
Davis Geo. W. carp. 358 Franklin 
Davis Geo. W. mariner, 79 Block 
Davis Gilbert F. lab. 10 Hawk 
Davis Harry C. salesman, 195 Edmondson av 
Davis Henry, moulder, Liberty rd nr Calhoun 
Davis Henry, carp. 167 s Ann 
Davis Henry L. barber, 164 Lee 
Davis Henry R. draughtsman, 162 Lafayette 
Davis Henry R. grocery, Franklin and Strieker 
Davis Heury T. fireman, 120 Ridgely 
Davis & Holmes, (Dunbar Davis, H. Holmes) 

tobacconists, 534 w Baltimore 
Davis Howard, machinist, 358 Eastern av 
Davis Howard, machinist, 348 Franklin 
Davis Hugh, rigger, 3 Greens ct 
Davis J. A.'C. clerk, 204 n Front 
Davis J. Chas. clerk, 315 Mulberry 
Davis Jacob C. carp. 497 Franklin 
Davis Jacob C. jr. carp. 497 Franklin 
Davis Jacob T. millwright, 348 Franklin 
Davis James, lab. 85 Elliott 
Davis Jas. A. clerk, 669 w Fayette 
Davis Jas. E. lab. Hampden 
Davis Jas. E. 41 s Chester 
Davis Jas. H. salesman, 29 s High 
Davis Rev. Jas. N. 193 Montgomery 
Davis Jas. T. stonecutter, 96 George 
Davis Jesse, car inspector, Oxford, York rd 
Davis John, fireman, 28 Clement 
Davis John, plasterer, 17 McElderry 
Davis John, tailor, 318 n Central av 
Davi^ John, carp. 89 n Pine 
Davis John, junk, 348 Aliceanna 
Davis John, police, 89 North 
Davis John C. master machinery, B.&O.R.R. 

669 w Fayette 
Davis John C. painter, 14 n Carrollton av 
Davis John C. carp. 369 w Fayette 
Davis John E. bricklayer, 221 s Paca 
Davis John E. rigger, 21 s Oregon 
Davis John F. jr. carp. 645 w Lombard 
Davis John'F. carp. 645 w Lombard 
Davis John G. shipcarp. 315 Light 
Davis John H. tinner, 281 Hanover 
Davis John H. shipcarp. 4 s Washington 
Davis John H. painter, 108 s Fulton 
Davis John H. bricklayer, 67 Division 
Davis John K. 220 Mulberry 
Davis John L. coppersmelter, 97 Elliott 
Davis John R. freight solicitor, 453 w Laavale 
Davis John R. lab. 320 Forrest 
Davis John T. tiuner, 281 Hanover 
Davis John T. shoemkr^ 26 Ramsay 
Davis John W. builder, 102 n Bond 


Made water-tight, and presor' ed for years, by thor- 
ouglily applying ELASTIC CEMENT aud 


Bij increasing the qiinntityof Gvvi, we make a Paint 
for Damp Walls whicW is uiiequaled. All work 
guaranteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders solicitod 
lor new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER & CO., Sole Maniifact'irers. 

No. 3 COUKTLAND STREET, np stairs. 

Davis John W. general agent N.C.R.W. s e cor 

Calvert and Centre, dw 501 Madison av 
Davis Joseph, canmkr, 6 Ramsay 
Davis Joseph, chairmkr, 72 Chew' 
Davis Jos. E. driver, 43 e Eager 
Davis Mrs. Josephine, store, Hampden 
Davis Kate, upholsteress, 72 Maryland av 
Davis Lawrence B. carp. 177 Townsend 
Davis Lawrence C. machinist, 494 w Fayette 
Davis Louis, carp. 27 Peach al 
Davis Mrs. Louisa, boarding, 358 Eastern av 
Davis Mrs. Lydia, 564 Lexington 
Davis Mrs. Margaret, grocery, 59 Essex 
Davis Mrs. Mary, dressnikr, 31s Ann 
Davis Mary E. notions, Patterson av nr Gilmor 
Davis Marion C. tinner. Rising Sun hotel 
Davis & Miller, (A. J. Miller) wholes, druggists 

and flavoring extracts, 12 u Howard 
Davis Mrs. Miriam, Clinton nr Boston 
Davis Morgan J. clerk, Huntingdon av and St. 

Davis Orlando A. shoemkr, 39 Argyle av 
Davis Owen, tinner, 62 Jefferson 
Davis Raphael, clothing, 36 Harrison 
Davis Raphael jr. sec. hand clothing, 236sCharles 
Davis Reverdy, fireman, 203 Scott 
Davis Richard, letter carrier, 129 Preston 
Davis Richard, stonemason, Hampden 
Davis Richard L. carp. 53 Scott 
Davis Richard T. salesman, 153 n Carey 
Davis Robert, lab. Hampden 
Davis Robert, clerk, 175 Druid Hill av 
Davis Robt. McL. clerk, 501 Madison av 
Davis Robert N. painter, 1 Covington av 
Davis Robert P. police, 117 u Eden 
Davis Robert T. plasterer, 553 Franklin 
Davis Samuel, car inspector, Oxford, York rd 
Davis Samuel B. harnessmkr, 22 s Fremont, dw 

26 Ramsay 
Davis Samuel B. engineer, 205 Scott 
Davis Samuel B. supt. Balto. and Hall Springs 

Railway, 59 Courtland 
Davis Samuel S. clerk, 178 w Lombard 
Davis Samuel T. salesman, 16 Hanover 
Davis Solomon, salesman, 70 Thames 
Davis Mrs. Sophia, clothing, 70 Thames 
Davis Susan M. (A.C.Shenton & Co.) 26 n Car- 
rollton av 
Davis Thomas, boots and shoes, 194^ Lexington, 

dw 500 w Fayette 
Davis Thos. drayman, 12 s Bond 
Davis Thos. mariner, 253 s Ann 
Davis Thos. grocery, Clinton and Second av 
Davis Thos. machinist, 58^ York 
Davis Thos. carp. 52 Albemarle 
Davis Thos. engineer, 65 Lancaster 
Davis Thos. huckster, Highlandtown 
Davis Thos. store, Hampden 
Davis Thos. tailor, 139, e Monument 
Davis Thos. mariner, 65 Lancaster 

The Best Portland Cement, (same as I have been furnishing the Capitol Groun( 
at Washington,) in store and to arrive regularly during the season, No. 61 S. GAY ST. 





Davis Thos. B. cooper, 439 Hamburg 
Davis Tlios. B. paints, oils aud glass, 10 w Bal- 
timore and 48 Barre, dw 336 Park av 
Davis Thos. E. clerk, 9 Clinton 
Davis Thos. L. shipcarp. 121 Montgomery 
Davis Thos. S. flour inspector, 84 s Sharp 
Davis Thos. W. trunkmkr, 327 McHenry 
Davis Tyler, conductor, 9 Wilhelm 
Davis W. C. capper, 239 e Pratt 
Davis Walter, clerk, 272 Bank 
Davis Walter T. baggage master, 295 w Hofifman 
Davis Warren W. clerk, 342 n Gilmor 
Davis Wm. driver, Millington la nr Ramsay 
Davis Wm. painter, 146 Peirce 
Davis Wm. cigarmkr, 228 s Fremont 
Davis Wm. lab. Clinton nr Second av 
Davis Wm. carp. Burton's hotel 
Davis Wm. lab. 3 s Castle 
Davis Wm. A. shoemkr, 234 n Broadway 
Davis Wm. B. sr. cooper, 221 s Paca 
Davis Wm. B. jr. bricklayer, 221 s Paca 
Davis Wm. Edward W. plasterer, 56 n Pine 
Davis Wm. E. carp. Hampden 
Davis Wm. E. (W.E.D.&Co.) 321 HoUins 
Davis Wm. E. clerk, 242 Gough 
Davis Wm. E. & Co. ( W. E. Davis) manuf. iron 

railing, 41 Clav 
Davis Dr. Wm. H. 193 n Howard 
Davis Wm. H. painter, 6 s Chester 
Davis Wm. H. jr. carp. 6 s Chester 
Davis Wm. H. boatbldr, 2 Binney 
Davis Wm. H., Sun reporter, 45 Forrest pi 
Davis Wm. H. glazier, 7 Orleans 
Bavis Wm. H. carp. 133 Conway 
Davis Wm. H. H. clerk, 204 n Front 
Davis AVm. J. clerk, 239 n Central av 
Davis Wm. J. shipcarp. 121 Montgomery 
Davis Wm. M. machinist, 313 Argyle av 
Davis Wm. Pt. carp. 62 Jefferson 
Davis Wm. R. fireman, 155 w Lombard 
Davis Wm. T. blksmith, 112 Battery av 
Davis Wm. T.-bookkpr, 239 n Central av 
Davis Wra. T. cigarmkr, 310 n Eutaw 
Davis,Wilson, engineer, 272 Bank 
Davis Capt. Wilson, mariner, 79 Block 
Davis Zimmerman, moulder. 111 Patterson av 
Davison Calvin T. clerk, 243 n Calverton 
Davison Dr. Garland H. 142 n Charles 
Davison Geo. W. (W.D.& Co.) 169 n Calvert 
Davison John A. manager, 78 s High 
Davison Mrs. Kate, Ana and Fayette 
Davison Wm.(W.D. & Co. )Ilchester,B.&O.R.R. 
Davison Wm. E. 243 n CarroUton av 
Davison Wm.J.( Wm.D.&Co.)243nCarrollton av 

DAVISON WM. & CO. (Wm.,Wm. 
J. and Geo. W. Davison) Manufac- 
J;urers of Varnishes, White Lead, 
French and American Zincs in 
Oil, Colors, Whiting, Putty, Re- 
fined Saltpetre, Spanish Brown, 
Venetian Eed, Epsom Salts, &c., 
104 w Lomoard, works Wolfe and 

Davy Thos. H. dentist, 84 n Eutaw 
Daw Wm. T. bootmkr, 205 n Central av 
Dawes Edwd. B. sr. engineer, 162 Lee 
Dawes Edwd. B. canmkr, 146 Chesapeake 
Dawes Elmer, painter, 162 Lee 

Dawes F. N. printer, 159 w Fayette 

Dawes Mrs. Francis, 159 w Fayette 

Dawes Francis, huckster, 6G Ridgely 

Dawes Capt. Geo. mariner, 81 s High 

Dawes Geo. R. 81 s High 

Dawes Jerome, mariner, 73 s Bond 

Dawes John, huckster, 66 Ridgely 

Dawes Capt. Jos. D. 32 Stiles 

Dawes Mrs. Mary, 73 s Bond 

Dawes Richard, coojier, 229 w Fayette 

Dawes Wm. moulder, 85 Parkin 

Dawes Wm. H. engineer, 85 Parkin 

Dawkins James A. (W.A.Padgett & Co.) 169 w 

Dawley H. S. business manager Weed Sewing 

Machine Co. 66 n Charles, dw 395 Park av 
Daws Henry, carp. 206 George 
Dawson A .' frames and mirrors, 84 n Charles, 

dw 505 w Lombard 
Dawson C. Scott, bookkpr, 121 Mulberry 
Dawson Chas. H. lab. 136 Eastern av 
Dawson Daniel, porter, 138 e Madison 
Dawson David N. (D.& Starr) 143 King 
Dawson Edgar G. 70 w Madison 
Dawson Edwd. L. barber, 394 Saratoga,dw 507 
Dawson Geo. shipcarp. 431 Eastern av 
Dawson Geo. B. moulder, 105^ Ensor 
Dawson Gideon R. 401 n Gay 
Dawson Jas. wheelwright, 383 e Eager ■ 
Dawson Jas. moulder, 105j Eusor 
Dawson John J. blksmith, 138 e Madison 
Dawson Owen, porter, 27 Willow 
DAWSON PHILIP T. & SON, (Philip T. and 
Thos. T. Dawson) real estate, 239 e Baltimore 
Dawson Philip T. ( P. T.D.& Sou) 279 e Baltimore 
DAWSON R. T. & CO. (R.T.Dawson, R.P. 
Spates) liquors wholes, n w cor Howard and 
Dawson Roger T. (R.T.D.&Co.) 71 Mosher 
Dawson Samuel, shipcarp. 303 Gough 
Dawson & Starr (David N. Dawson, Gilford D. 

Starr) grain mill, 143 King 
Dawson Thomas T. (P.T.D.& Son) tobacconist, 

289 e Baltimore, dw 279 
Dawson Wm. G. moulder, lOSg Ensor 
Dawson Wm. H. attorney, s e cor Fayette and 

North, dw 248 n Carey 
Dawson Wm. H. H. carp. 96 n Fremont 
Dawson Wm. P. bookkpr, 212 w Hoffman 
Dawson W. Terrell, 70 w Madison 
Day Alex. M. carp. 286 Franklin 
Day Alfred G. saddler, harness and trunkmkr, 

421 w Baltimore, dw 67 n Charles 
Day Alfred S. (Reeves & D.) 79 e Pratt 
Day Asa, cooper, 252 Gough 
Day Benj. lab. 420 s Charles 
Day Benj. F. clerk, 37 s Schroeder 
Day Bros. (H.W. and D.T.Day) automatic heat 

apparatus manufacturers, 92 Garden 
Day Mrs. Catherine, 52 e Eager 
Day CaLvin B. dispatcher, 58 s Greene 
Day Chas. S. millwright, 379 e Fayette 
Day David T. (D. Bros.) 255 n Eutaw 
Day Mrs. Elizabeth, laund. 25 Goodman al 
Day Mrs. Elizabeth, tailoress, 66 Wilmer al 
Day Enoch, lab. 66 AVilmer al 
Day Frank W. clerk, 177 Edmondson av 
Day Franklin P. canmkr, 252 Gough 
Day Fred, drayman, 25 Goodman al 
Day Geo.W. (Evans, Day & Co.) Patterson av 

nr Madison av 
Day Rev. Hamilton J. 293 Myrtle av 

HOLMES & CO., Engineers' and Machinists' Tools and Supplies, 
Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

O^F^resee, Qeneral^ Agent, American Building. 
DAY 187 DEB ^^___ 

Day Mrs. Harriet E. dry goods, 3*79 e Fayette 
Day Hazen, baker, 424 Lexington 
Day Herman W. (D.Bros.) 255 n Eutaw 
Day Hosea B. telegraphist, 58 s Greene 
Day Ira, agent B.& P.R.R. 224 Druid Hill av 
Day Isaac, engineer, 252 Gough 
Day Mrs. Ishmael, 398 Mulberry 
Day Jacob (S.G.D.& Bro.) 310 e Chase 
Day John, lab. 27 Foster al 
Day John A. fireman, 39 s Strieker 
Day Joseph E. painter, 424 Lexington 
Day, Jones & Co. (Oliver F. Day, Albert Jones, 
Saml. T.Payne) wholes, saddlery, harness and 
trunks, 336 \v Baltimore 
Dav M.L. grocery, 888 w Baltimore 
Day M.P.G. clerk, 122 Ridgely 
Day Mark, clerk, 49 s Ann 
Day Nicholas, brakeman, Loudon av nr Milling- 
ton la 
Day O.F.(D., Jones & Co.) 177 Edmondson av 
Day Saml.G. (S.G.D.& Bro.) 310 e Chase 
Day Saml.G.&Bro.(S.G.andJ.Day) tinners and 

house furn. goods, 109 n Calvert 
Day Wesley, farmer, 35 s Strieker 
Day Wm. shipcarp. 229 Gough 
Day Wm. C. med. student, 255 n Eutaw 
Day Wm. T, brakeman, Schroeder and George 
Day Wm. U. printer, 293 Myrtle av 
Day Willard, clerk, 177 Edmondson av 
Day Rev. Willard G. 255 n Eutaw 
DayhofThos. carter, 584 Penna av 
Dayo John, mariner, Fort av nr Webster 
Dayton Chas. R. packer, 212 Bank 
Dayton Geo. W. carp. 302^Aliceanna 
Dayton Saml. J. engineer" 23 Hamburg 
Dayvvalt Wm. lab., Mt. Vernon 
Deacon Chas. A. saloon, 261 Aliceanna 
Deacon Daniel, brassfinisher, 218 e Fayette 
Deacon Daniel S. shoemkr, 33 Harford av 
Deacon John, grocery, 218 e Fayette 
Deacon W.W. 261 Aliceanna 
Deacon Wm. F. lab. 261 Aliceanna 
Deacon Wm. J. clerk, 218 e Fayette 
Deady John L. messenger, 69 n Bond 
Deagan Wm. J. 416 Eutaw pi 
Deal Chas. S. clerk, 409 n Calhoun 
Deal Fred, clerk, 38 Haubert 
Deal Geo. W. bricklayer, McElderry ext 
Deal Geo.W. wood, 50 Jefferson 
Deal James A. clerk, 328 n Gay 
Deal James B. carp. 409 n Calhoun 
Deal John, lab. 38 Haubert 
Deal John A. baker, 246 n Caroline 
Deal John F. tinner, 207 n Caroline 
Deal John H. engineer fire dept. 5 n Front 
Deal John T. brassfinisher, 234 n Bond 
Deal Peter, fireman, Bavard and Russell 
Deal Richard H. (Tolley & D.) 658 w Lombard 
Deal Wilhelm, driver, 256 Montgomery 
Deal Wm.B. tinner, 76 McElderry 
Deal Wm.C. plumber, 92 Park av, dw Waverley 
Deal Wm.J. printer, 234 n Bond 
Deal Wm.N. printer, 409 n Calhoun 
Deale James F. bookkpr, 347 Hollins 
Deale John S. jr. clerk, 19 Hollins 
Deale Lemuel, cabinetmkr, 275 e Madison 
Deale Saml. plasterer, 275 e Mr.dison 
Dealy Mark, grocery, s e cor Cathedral and Chase 
Dean Chas. fireman, 15 McMechin 
Dean Mrs. Cora, 79 n Fulton 
Dean Geo. A. driver, 213 n Eden 
Dean Geo. A. engineer, 646 w Lombard 


Made water-tight, and'preservecl for years, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMENT aud 


By increaswq the gvantity of Gvm, we make a Paint 
for Damp W''allsi which is uuequaled. All Work 
suarautecd. A trial is all we ask. Orders sohcued 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER & CO.. Sole Manufacturers, 

No. 3 COURTLAND STREET, up stairs. 

Dean Geo. H. shoemkr, 11 s Gilmor 

Dean H. C. clerk, 76 e Pratt 

Dean Hamilton, driver, 277 e Monument 

Dean Ira, carp. 77 s Exeter 

Dean James, puddler, 189 s Patterson Park av 

Dean John, carter, 277 e Monument 

Dean John, painter, Star hotel 

Dean Michael, carter, 277 e Monument 

Dean Richard, turner, 178 e Fayette 

Dean Richard, blksmith, 43 Whatcoat 

Dean Wm. lab. 277 e Monument 

Dean Wm. A. collector, 49 Lexington 

Dean Wm. H. carp. 283 Ramsay 

Deaner John, cabinetmkr, 172 Dover 

Deansber Geo. lab. 33 s Mount 

Dear John T. engineer, 185 Battery av 

Dear Michael, basketmkr, 159 s Washington 

Dearing Geo. cabinetmkr, 11 n Bethel 

Dearing Geo. cigarmkr, 267 Hughes 

Dearing Henry, sawyer, 228 Hanover 

Dearing Philip, tailor, 213 w Fayette 

Dearing Robt. boilernikr, Druidville 

Dearing Thos. brassfinisher, 47 King 

Dearing Valentine, tailor, 140 s Caroline 

Dearing Wm. jeweler, 213 w Fayette 

Dears Fred. lab. 354 Washington av 

Deatel Andrew, morocco dresser, 281 Argyleav 

Deatel Chas. butcher, 19 Cross-st Mkt, dw 574 

Penna av 
Deatel Geo. morocco dresser, 281 Argyle av 
Deauwan John, coachman, 38 Hillen 
Deauwan Mrs. Kate, grocery, 38 Hillen 
Deaver Amos C. lab. 189 Hudson 
Deaver George R. police, 110 Hillen 
Deaver James, watchman, 127 Orleans 
Deaver Jas. A., U. S.N. 468 e Lombard 
Deaver Jehu, canmkr, 468 e Lombard 
Deaver Jehu C. machinist, 73 Chew 
Deaver John, canmkr, 468 e Lombard 
Deaver Jos. E. painter, Washington nr Chase 
Deaver Jos. E. painter, 159 Chesnut 
Deaver Moses, brickmkr, 245 s Paca 
Deaver Obadiah G. clerk, 73 Chew 
Deaver Stephen, brickmkr, 150 Scott 
Deaver Wm. canmkr, 468 e Lombard 
Deaver Wm. E. engineer, 486 e Lombard 
Deaver Wm. R. painter, 321 Penna av 
De Baufre Clara, saleslady, 6 Ryan 
De Baufre Jas. M. canmkr, 494 Canton av 
De Baufre Mrs. Sarah, boarding, 6 Ryan 
De Baufre Wm. H. salesman, 6 Ryan 
De Beer Herman, butcher, 327 Aliceanna 
De Beer Solomon, sec. hand goods, 139 Columbia 
De Beet Duncan, clerk, 23 e Fayette 
De Beet Wm. C. ornam'l painter, 23 e Fayette 
Debertin Andrew, tavern, 239 Hollins 
Debilius Frank, tavern, Harford rd,Darley Park 
Debilius Martin, beer, 431 e Chase 
Debilius Peter, canmkr, 13 Harris al 
Debow Annie, saleslady, 100 Mosher 

No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 





Debow Chas. miller, 172 McHeury 
Debow Mrs. Ellea, 100 Mosher 
Debow Nicholas, painter, 70-1 w Lombard 
Debrick George, clerk, 381 Scott 
Debrick John, porter, 381 Scott 
Debring Alphonsus J. clerk, 288 n Eutaw 
Debriug Anthony, engineer, 288 n Eutaw 
Debring Anth'y B. florist. Division nr Presstman 
Debring Bernard, machinist, 226 Lee 
Debring Gerhard, police, 136 Druid Hill av 
Debriug John B. moulder, 136 Druid Hill av 
De Caindry Dan'l, shipjoiner, Elliott and Ches- 
De Castro Geo. C. music teacher,20lMarylandav 
De Castro Manuel, vice consul of Spain, 42 

De Castro Salvador, 201 Maryland av 
De Corse Wm. A. carp. 57 s Gilmor 
Deck George, driver, 168 Peirce 
Deck John S. bakery, 280 n Howard 
Deck Joseph, lab. 124 Hollins 
Deck Leonard, nightman, 231^ Mulberry 
Deck Martin, cooper, 326 s Sharp 
Deck Mrs. Mary, 6 Smith 
Deck Wm. clerk, 454 Saratoga 
Deckelraan Geo. shoemkr, 344 Mulberry 
Deckelman Mrs. John, 42 Myrtle av 
Decker Addison (Kauffman & Co.) 92 Bank 
Decker Barbara, notions, 56 Carlton 
Decker Bernard, propr. Decker house, 54 Hillen 
Decker Chas. butcher, 35 Fell's Point Market, 

dw Hudson and First av 
Decker Christian, rags, 12 Booth 
Decker Everhardt, shoemkr, 19 Callendar al 
Decker Mrs. F. props. Decker house,322 Pennaav 
Decker Francis, tailor, 264 n Gay 
Decker Fred. (Gissell & D.) 241 e Biddle 
Decker Geo. D. D. brakeman, 25 Goodman al 
Decker Geo. F. painter, 12 Booth 
Decker Henry, iiieroht. tailor, 264 n Gay 
Decker House, Bernard Decker, propr. 54 Hillen 
Decker House, Mrs. F. Decker, props. 322 Pennaav 
Decker Jacob, driver, 45 Madeira al 
Decker Jas. C. painter, 673 Penna av 
Decker John, clerk, 32 Lee 
Decker John C. tailor, 264 n Gay 
Decker John G. rags, 59 Carlton 
Decker Jos. cigarmkr, 264 n Gay 
Decker Jos. H. cutter, 273 n Central av 
Decker Mrs. Julia A. 28 Argyle av 
Decker Milton M. painter, 673 Penna av 
Decker Saral. painter, 673 Penna av 
Decker Wm. H. 742 Hanover . 
Deckhart Chas. butcher, 132 Scott 
Deckhaut Adam, huckster, 231 Aliceanna 
Deckhaut Conrad, huckster, 231 Aliceanna 
Deckhaut Fred, huckster, 231 Aliceanna 
Deckhaut Margaret, huckster, 231 Aliceanna 
Deckman Henry, grocery, 49 Druid Hill av 
Deckman Henry jr. clerk, 49 Druid Hill av 
Deckman John H. confectioner, 181 Barre 
Deckman Wm. H. clerk, 161 Columbia 
Deckwar Chas. J. barber, 117 n High 
De Cormis & Co. (Edward De Cormis) wholes. 

liquors, 62 s Calvert 
De Cormis Mrs. Edward, 94 n Carrollton av 
De Cormis Edwd. (De Cormis & Co.) 140 Har- 
lem av 
De Corse Thos.W.harnessmkr, 168 w Pratt, dw 

191 w Lomljard 
De Courcell A. prof, of French, 276 Division 
Decourdi Geo. shoemkr, 120 Linden av 

De Courson A. 224 n Calvert 

Dederei Chris. F. carpet weaver, s e cor Charles 

and Montgomery 
Dedio Peter, bricklayer, 352 e Lombard 
Dee Henry, lab. 121 n Bond 
Dee Jas. lab. 11 Lemmon 
Dee Maurice, machinist, 11 Lemmon 
Dee Morris, huckster, 4 Swan 
Deeg John, cigars, 243 s Charles, dw 317 
Deeg John jr. cigarmkr, 317 e Charles 
Deegan Bernard, barber, 5 Elliott 
Deegan Jas. T. lab. 162 Elliott 
Deegan John sr. lab. 5 Elliott 
Deegan John jr. lab. 5 Elliott 
Deegan Thos. carp. 23 Luzerne 
Deeks Geo. lab. 307 Aliceanna 
Deem Aug. gardener, Eastern av nr Bayview 
Deemer Henry, cooper, 194 s Bond 
Deems Adam, lab. 379 Hamburg 
Deems Adam jr. huckster, 180 Burgundy al 
Deems Edward, moulder, 441 Hamburg 
Deems Geo. machinist, 118 Parkin 
Deems Geo. W. machinist, 375 Hamburg 
Deems Geo. W. jr. machinist, 375 Hamburg 
Deems Isaac, lab. North av nr Cathedral 
Deems J. Harry, music teacher, 316 Hollins 
Deems Jacob, moulder, North av nr Cathedral 
Deems Jacob jr. clerk, U.S. treasury, 6 Hollins 
Deems Jacob C. painter, 162 Dover 
Deems Jas.M. music school, over 163 w Fayette, 

dw 1 Hollins cor Fremont 
Deems John, grocery, 193 Henrietta 
Deems J'ohn H. lab. 184 Burgundy al 
Deems Louis C. moulder. North av nr John 
Deems M. B. 751 w Lombard 
Deems Martin, lab. 121 s Wolfe 
Deems Mrs. Mary, milk, Waverley 
Deems Mrs. Sophia, 121 L. Greene 
Deems Thos. E. clerk, 441 Hamburg 
Deems Wm. G. moulder, 121 L. Greene 
Deer John, plasterer, 184 s Ann 
Deery Patrick, lab. 69 Hampstead 
Deeljen John, stevedore, 244 Aliceanna 
Deetjen Tyark, agt. Monument nr Duncan al 
Deets Fred, undertaker, 788 w Baltimore, dw 602 

w Lombard 
Deets Geo. W. restaurant, 100 Boston 
Deets John McK. 602 w Lombard 
Deets Laudrum, blacksmith, 148 Gough 
Deets Wm. G. barkpr, 148 Gough 
Deets Wm. H. collector, 156 McElderry 
Defalco Pasquil, driver, 261 William 
Deffier John, stevedore, 93 s Chapel 
DeFontes Chas. S. barber, 47 e Baltimore 
DeFontes Frank, barber, 128 n Gay 
Deford Benj. F. (D.&Co.) 301 Madison av 
DEFORD & CO.(Thos. and B.F. Deford) hides, 

leather and oil com. merchts. n w cor Calvert 

and Lombard 
DeFord Geo. T.(D.& Thayer) 56 Courtland 
Deford Harriet, 29 Denmead nr Charles-st av 
Deford John L. paper carrier, 408 n Central av 
DeFord Jos. B. (Cooper & DeF.) 162 Franklin 
Deford Julia, 425 n Calhoun 
Deford Maggie, 42 Hampstead 
DeFord & Thayer (G. T. DeFord, J. H. Thaj-er) 

imps, leaf tobacco, &c. 27 s Gay 
Deford Thos. (D.& Co.) 301 Madison av 
DeFord Thos. G. jr. bookpr, 155 n Calhoun 
DeFord Wm. grain com. mercht. and agent for 

A.M.Wright & Co.42 Second,dw42Cathedral 
DeFord Wm. Y. 42 Cathedral 

WM. WTRT CLARKE, Importer and Wholesale A^crent of 

Largest Life I ns. Co. ^^^ theWorld, O.F.Bresee, G-en. Agt. 

Degan Peter, carver, 333 n Durham 
Degaw John T. potter, 444 \v Lombard 
Degaw Thos. sr. teamster, 444 w Lombard 
Degaw Wm. blksmith, 444 w Lombard 
Degele August, cigarmkr, 35 s Bethel 
Degeler Gotleib, tailor, 122 Granby 
Degelmann Mrs. Margaretta, 164 s Bond 
Degener Chas. baker, 9 Walker 
Degen Albert, salesman, 423 n Strieker 
Degenhardt Anton, tailor, 127 n Howard 
Degenhardt August, carp. 8T Harrison, d\v n e 

cor-Biddle and Valley 
Degenhardt August jr. carp. Biddle and Valley 
Degenhardt Francis, cigarmkr, 375 Orleans 
Degenhardt Felix, cigarmkr, 375 Orleans 
Degenhardt J. R. carp. Biddle and Valley 
Degenhardt Jos. helper, Clinton nr Elliott 
Degenhardt Jos. musician, 375 Orleans 
Degenhart Anthony, 656 w Baltimore 
Degenhart Geo. tailor, 140 s Spring 
Degilvin Mrs. Sarah, 108 s Regester 
DeGoey Chas. C. 13 s Exeter 
DeGoey John M. mariner, 322 e Chase 
DeGoey Louis B. clerk, 13 s Exeter 
DeGoey W. W. bookkpr, 13 s Exeter 
DeGoey Wm. 563 Lexington 
DeGournay Prof. P. F. teacher, 215 w Biddle 
Degraff Geo, lab. 39 Lemmon 
Degrafft John T. blksmith, 7 Patapsco 
Degrafft Lewis jr. blksmith, 3 Patapsco 
DeGrange Danl. W. brakemau, 50 Barre 
DeGrange Wm. cigarmkr, 154 Penna av 
DeGrooff Mrs. Ann, 194 e Madison 
DeGroot Herman F. lab. 191 s Wolfe 
DeGrote Wm. lab. 110 Cooksie 
DeHaven Mrs. Elizabeth, 21 n Exeter 
DeHaven Jesse G. lab. 101 MuUikin 
DeHaven Saml. steamfitter, 21 n Exeter 
DeHaven Wm. lab. Hampden 
Dehler Conrad, lithographer, 33 Philpot al 
Dehler Geo. lab. 33 Philpot al 
Dehler Lena, dressmkr, 33 Philpot al 
Dehn Fred, peddler, 294 Hanover 
Dehne August, paver, Dover nr Monroe 
Dehner Michael, paper carrier, 199 Eastern av 
Dehnhardt John, tailor, 61 Raborg 
Dehoff Jacob, painter, 8 Whatcoat 
Dehoft" Jesse, Sun mail packer, 345 Franklin 
Dehoff John H. clerk, 21 Waesche 
Dehoff Wm. carp. 124 Greenmount av 
Dehring Martin, shoemkr, 10 s Patterson Park av 
Deibel Geo. carp. 403 s Charles 
Deibel Geo. jr. carp. 403 s Charles 
Deibel Henry, foreman, 28 Barre 
Deibel Jacob A. upholsterer, 45 Marion 
Deibel Mrs. Margatet, 45 Marion 
Deibel & Wildmanu (Philip Deibel, Aug.Wild- 

mann) barbers, 52 n Greene 
Deibel Peter, flour and feed, 675 w Baltimore 
Deibel Philip, (D.&Wildraann) 28 Barre 
Deich John F. tailor, 383 w Pratt 
Deichelbore Mrs. Elizabeth, cor Fayette and 

Madeira al 
Deichelbore Mrs. Elizab. notions, 244 e Eager 
Deiches Wm.( Horn thai & D.) 53 n Greene 
Deichman August, foreman, 281 s Paca 
Deichman Prof. Edward, 300 w Lombard 
Deichmiller Fred. S. cabinetmkr, 218 Scott 
Deichmiller John, candymkr, 42 Portland 
Deidrich Martin, plumber, 34 n Holliday 
Deienck Wm. lab. 56 Philpot 
Deierken Fredk. lab. 38 Laurel 


Made water tight, and preserved for years, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMEKT imd 


By increanng the qvantity of Gum. we make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which is nnequaled. All work 
gaarauteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders solicited 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER & CO.. Sole Manufacturers, 

No. 3 COURTLAND STREET, up stairs. 

Deigan Bernard, lab. 212 Hudson 

Deigan Catherine, 212 Hudson 

Deigan James, lab. 212 Hudson 

Deigan Thos. lab. 212 Hudson 

Deigert John, plasterer, 155 n Paca 

Deilus Mrs. Elizabeth, 120 n Dallas 

Deimel Anthony, carp. 315 e Chase 

Deinlein Pancrast, lab. 49 s Chapel 

Deinlein Phtlip, lab. 160 Madeira al 

Deipert John, lab. 115 Thames 

Deisenroth Fred, blksmith, 377 West 

Deisler Richd. shoemkr, 287 w Pratt 

Deist John H. clerk, 225 w Fayette 

Deist John H. tailor, 200 Cross 

Deist Martin, baker, 225 w Fayette ' 

Deitrich John, tailor, 115 Battery av 

Deitrich Leo, porter, 179 Montgomery 

Deitz A. lab. 72 Somerset 

Deitz Geo. sr. drayman, 21 Armistead la 

Deitz Geo. jr. tobacconist, 21 Armistead la 

Deitz Geo. W. carriagmkr, 60 Albemarle 

Deitz Joseph, clerk, 123 s Chester 

Deitz Lawrence, notions, 293 u Gilmor 

Deitz Philip P. paver, 97 Lemmon 

Dejoy Alfred, mariner, 197 s Chester 

DeKalb Chas. E. tailor, 56 n Front 

DeKATOW ALPHONSE, subscription books, 

28i South, dw 314 n Eden 
DeKubber Jacob, bricklayer, 73 Woodyear 
DeLacour Chas. F. clerk, 315 Saratoga 
DeLacour Edward, clerk, 313 Saratoga 
DeLacour John W. caulker, 356 William 
DeLacour Lewis J. clerk, 315 Saratoga 
DeLacour Mrs. S. 196 n Calhoun 
DeLacour Wm. L. bricklayer, 315 Saratoga 
Delacy Geo. F. carp. 341 n Durham 
Delacy Michael, lab. 66 Lancaster 
Delahay Edward H. clerk, 239 n Carey 
Delahay Hamilton, clerk, 203 n Carrollton av 
Delahay Jas. H. carp. North av nr Penna av 
Delahay Jessie S. carp. 203 n Carrollton av 
Delahay Wm. S. tinner, 20 George 
Delaney & Griffin, (Kate Delauey, Elizabeth 

Griffin) dressmkrs, 61 n Howard 
Delaney James H. barkpr, 98 s Broadway 
Delaney Mrs. Jane, 25 Scott 
Delaney John, liquors,cor Fayette and Harrison 
Delaney John T. clerk, 26 Harford av 
Delauey Mrs. Julia, ladies' and gents' furnish- 
ing goods, 98 s Broadway 
Delaney Kate, (D.& Griffin) ftl n Howard 
Delaney Mrs. Margaret, 13 Greenmount av 
Delaney Mary, teacher, 25 Scott 
Delaney Wm. lab. 17 Parkin 
Delano Wm. H. block and pump maker, 72 w 

Pratt, dw 233 e Pratt 
Delanty Mollie, teacher, 171 s Charles 
Delanty Wm. capt. police, 171 s Charles 
Delanty Wm. J. plumber, 170 s Charles 
Delany Mrs. Ann, 10 Willow 

Calcined, Casting and No. 1 DENTIST Plaster, No. 1 Agricultuml 
Plaster, Whiting, Paris White, No. 61 S. GAY ST. 





Delaplaae Jos, E. produce, 1^6 George 

De La Roche Wm. J. F. messenger Adams Exp. 

215 n Howard 
De Lashmutt L. 0. salesman, 66 n Charles 
DeLat F. H. H. slioemkr 211 w Pratt 
Delauder John P. student, 237 n Carey 
Delcher David T. lab. 88 s Carey 
Delcher E. W. clerk, 382 e Madison 
Delcher Geo. B. produce and fish, 32 Centre 

Market space, d\v 3 Aisquith 
Delcher Harry C. huskster, 432 e Chase 
Delcher Henry, lab. 86 s Carey 
Delcher Howard G. printer, 165 Greenmount av 
Delcher J. B. driver, 454 e Eager 
Delcher Jas.A.(J.A.D.&Bro.) 355 n Broadway 
Delcher James A. & Bro. (Jas. A. and Thos. B. 

Delcher) produce, Lexington, Hanover and 

Centre Markets 
Delcher John, brewer, Calverton 
Delcher John S. brewer, Calverton 
Delcher John W. clerk, 107 n Schroeder 
Delcher Mrs. Louisa, grocery, Calverton 
Delcher Mrs. Margaret, 86 s Carey 
Delcher Mrs. Mary, 165 Greenmount av 
Delcher Mrs. Mary E. boarding, 7 w Baltimore 
Delcher Mrs. Sarah J. 380 Hartbrd av 
Delcher Thos.B.(J.A.D.& Bro.)115 n Broadway 
Delcher Wm. carp. 11 Walker 
Delcher Wm. J. produce, 409 n Central av 
Deleviagne Arthur C. bookbinder, 563 n Gay 
Delevingne Chas. T. fireman, 563 n Gay 
Delevingne T. Edward, printer, 563 o Gay 
Delevingne Mrs. Theodore H. grocery,563n Gay 
Delichau Chas. carp. 6 Price ct 
Delius Mrs. Charlotte, laund. 1 Parrish 
Delius Fredk. shoemkr, 1 Parrish 
Delker Chas. lab. Washington av ext 
Delker John, lab. Washington av ext 
Delker Wm. lab. 173 w Townsend 
Dell Mrs. Amelia, millinery, 96 n Charles, dw 

167 w Hoffman 
Dell Chas. lab. Lemmon nr Payson 
Dell Efifie, 21 Josephine 
Dell Geo. E. bookbinder, 113 German 
Dell Geo. W. overseer, Druidville 
Dell John E. paperhanger, 66 Argyle av 
Dell Joseph W. paperhanger, 66 Argyle av 
Dell & Knapp, (L. G. Dell, Theodore Knapp) 

steam bookbinders, 84 w Fayette and over 6 

n Howard 
Dell L. Gobright, (D. & Knapp) 142 n Calhoun 
Dell Wm. tanner, 109 s Exeter 
Dell Mrs. Wm. A. 66 Argyle av 

Odorless, Sink-Emptying Appara- 
tus, office 68 w Fayette, under 
Barnum's, dw 382 Hanover 

Delia Geo. W. brickmkr, 109 Fort av 
Delia Geo. W. carter, 382 Hanover 
Delia Luther M. brickmkr, 28 Hamburg 
Delia Peter D. excavator, 1 Warren 
Delia Wm. brickmkr, 109 Fortav 
Dellevie Isaac, clothing, 76 Harrison 
Dellevie Jacob, restaurant, 6 s Frederick 
Dellevie John, clerk, 48 Granby 
Dellevie John, cigarmkr, 14 e Fayette 
Dellevie Saml. 48 Granby 
Dellevie Uriah (Liebman & D.) 14 e Fayette 
Deloug Chas. R. mariner, 40 City Block 

Delort A. H. prof, of French, 238 n Caroline 
De Loughery Dr. Edwd. 194 n Calvert 
Delphey Mrs. Louisa, boarding, 210 n Howard 
DELPHEY WM. prop'r The Dashaway 

Temperance Hotel, s w cor Howard 

and Mulberry 
Delton Ellen, grocery, 97 s Dallas 
Dels Christian, beer, 80 n Howard 
De Marco Salvadora, 59 s Howard 
De Marcus Francis, confectionery, 101 Camden 
De Margin F. A. 263 w Fayette 
Demek John, driver, 41 Randall 
Deming Mrs. Annie, notions, 465 n Calhoun 
Deming E. A. 465 Calhoun 
Deming Jos. C. ins. adjuster, 1 American bldg. 

dw 389 w Lanvale 
Deming Capt. M. mariner, 288 Myrtle av 
Demitz Mrs. Catherine, confec'y, 405 w Fayette 
Demitz Chas. H. cooper, 9^ Hill 
Demitz Henry, junk, 9^ Hill 
Demitz Henry F. cigarmanuf. 121 Light-st Avhf, 

dw 405 w Fayette 
Demling Fred, butcher, 506 Light 
Demme Geo. C. pianomkr, 115 Leadenhall 
Demme Henry, shoemkr, 19 Dover 
Demme John, engineer, 115 Leadenhall 
Demme John, saloon, 61 w Fayette, dw 69 
Demme Julius, machinist, 115 Leadenhall 
DemorestG. W., Farber house 
Demoss David 0. huckster, 547 Harford av 
Dempsey Austin, haruessmkr, 529 w Baltimore 
Dempsey Austin, harnessmkr, 177 Stirling 
Dempsey David, moulder, 13 Warner 
Dempsey John, lab. 54 Jefferson 
Dempsey John B. cashier Court Com. Pleas, 327 

n Broadway 
Dempsey John F. clerk, 29 n Liberty 
Dempsey Thos. F. lab. 2 Webster al 
Dempsey Wm. blacksmith, 2 Webster al 
Dempster Geo. E. bricklayer, 79 Cross 
Dempster James T. clerk, 55 William 
Dempster John, paperhanger, 79 Cross 
Dempster John T. bricklayer, 79 Cross 
Dempster Mrs. Mary, 55 William 
DeMurguiondo Prudencio, consul of Uruguay, 

20 Second, dw 199 St. Paul 
Demuth G. 0. prof, of music and agent for 

pianos and organs, 100 w Fayette, dw 554 
Demuth Harmon F. locksmith, 15 Callendar al 
Demuth Jasper, blksmth. Monument and Burke 
Demuth John H. bricklayer, 417 Franklin 
Denbour Mrs. Mary Ann, seamstress, 164 e Chase 
Denby Aaron C. silversmith, 487 w Fayette 
Denby Mrs. Elizabeth, nurse, 487 w Fayette 
Denby W. L. bricklayer, 395 w Fayette 
Denck John, cigarmkr, 73 Albemarle 
Denecker John, lab. 144 Vine 
Denecky Chas. locksmith, — Wj^eth 
Dengel Mrs. S., Druidfille 
Deuges Peter, bootmkr, 18 Park av 
Dengler Andrew, lab. 65 n Washington 
Dengler August, barber, 326 Penna av 
Dengler Henry, shoemkr, 285 Hanover 
Dengler Wm. tailor, 249 e Biddle 
Denhard Adam, bakery, 150 Chesapeake 
Denhardt Augustus, cook, 20 Conway 
Den hard t Casper H. beer, 56 Camden 
Denhardt Chas. C. boxmkr, 56 Camden 
Denhardt Conrad, liquors, 344 s Charles 
Denhardt Fred, clerk, 108 Cross 
Denhardt Mrs. Elizabeth, 108 Cross 
Denhardt John, cutter, 60 Jefferson 

HOLMKS & CO., Engineers' and Machinists' Tools and Supplies, 
Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt. Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

Assets, $85,000,000.00. O. F. Bresee, Genl Agt 
DEN 191 ~ DEP 

Denhardt Louis, milk, 60 Jefferson 
Denhardt Nicholas, varnisher, 16 Penn ■ 
Denhardt Valentine, huckster, rear 37 Marion 
Dening John, clerk, 143 West 
Deninger Charles J. B. apothecary, s e cor Mc- 

Elderry and Eden 
Denison Charles, 231 St. Paul 
Denison Edgar, clerk, 24 Aisquith 
"Denison Mrs. Georgia B. 24 Barnet 
Denison H. Marcus, 260 n Charles 
DENISON JOHN M. 57 Second, room 9, dw 

260 n Charles 
Denison Luther, stencil cutter, 150 Orleans 
Denison Minnie, 52 n Fremont 
Denison Mrs. Sarah, 24 Aisquith 
Denkin John T. clerk, 62 s Ann 
Denkin Capt. Wm. M. mariner, 62 s Ann 
Denmead Adam, attorney, 206 Maryland av 
Denmead Chas. brewer, 51 St. Paul nr Denmead 
Denmead Edwd. jr. coal, 164 n Carrollton av 
Denmead Ernest G. clerk, 252 n Charles 
DENMEAD FRANCIS, prop'r city malt house, 
foot of West Falls av and of the Albion brew- 
ery, Belvidere nr Greenmount av, dw 252 n 
Denmead Francis jr. 252 n Charles 
Denmead Robt. W. rigger, 1 Young 
Denmead Talbot jr. 210 Maryland av 
Denmead's Whf. foot of Elliott, Canton 
Denmead Wm. C. machinist, 71 s Caroline 
Dennell Capt. August, mariner, 191 Orleans 
Denner Mrs. Lizzie, tailoress, 4 n Chapel 
Dennett N. C. editor, Natl. Biographical Pub. 

Co. over lis Gay, dw 34 e Baltimore 
Denning John, porter, 143 West 
Denning John, carter, 51 Goodman al 
Denning Lawrence, lab. 51 Goodman al 
Denning Mary A. 51 Goodman al 
Denning Thomas, 51 Goodman al 
Denninger John, grocery, 95 Ridgely 
Dennis Andrew, clerk, 239 Conway 
Dennis Andrew T. salesman, 55 n Poppleton 
Dennis B.M.paperhangings and window shades 

130 n Eutaw, dw 2ol n Fremont 
Dennis Casper, butcher, Washington and Mon- 
Dennis Mrs. Chas. boarding, 68 s Sharp 
Dennis Emory, paperhanger, 448 Lexington 
Dennis Frank A. shoemkr, Woodberry 
Dennis Geo. W. paperhanger, 323 Myrtle av 
Dennis Henry, huckster, 215 Conway 
Dennis James R. tailor, 50 Myrtle av 
Dennis J.Upshur, (Dennis & Scott) 93 Saratoga 
Dennis John, lab. Clairmont nr Herring Run 
Dennis Joshua, lab. Claicmont nr Herring Run 
■ Dennis Louis E. paperhanger, 55 n Poppleton 
Dennis Martin, carter, 16 Diamond 
Dennis Oliver, dyer, 58 n Eutaw 
Dennis Peter J. barber, 161 Preston 
Dennis Mrs. Sarah, Hampden 
Dennis & Scott, (J. U.Dennis, John Scott jr.) at- 
torneys, 51 w Fayette 
Dennis Thos. S. paper, 44 s Mount 
Dennis Wm. canmkr, 172 Chestnut 
Dennis Wm. A. carp. 239 Conway 
Dennis Wm. H. plumber, 215 Corrway 
Dennison Robt. M. 167 Linden av 
Dennison Samuel F. clerk, 175 Conway 
Dennison Thos. J. 175 Conway 
Denny Collins,atty,31 St. Paul,dw 93 McCulloh 
Denny Chas. G. clerk, 212 Montgomery 
Denny Daniel, mariner, 14 L. Gough 


Made water-tight, and preserved for years, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMENT and 


By increasing the Qvant.iiij of Gum, we make a Paint 
for Damp V\ alls which is unequnled. All work 
guaranteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders solicited 
tbr new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER & CO.. Sole Manufacturers. 

No 3 COUKTLAND STREET, up staire. 

Denny Eugene, clerk, 15 Jackson pi 

Denny FrancisM. (Hughes & Co.)65 s Broadway 

Denny Geo. carp. 12 L. Gough 

Denny Geo. jr. clerk, 12 L. Gough 

1 Denny Rev. H. C, Loyola College 

I Denny Harry F. telegraphist, 201 L. Constitution 
Denny James, barkpr, 63 Penna av 
Dennv James, clerk, 201 L. Constitution 
DENNY JAS. W. attorney, 31 St.Paul, dw 365 

Druid Hill av 
Denny Jeremiah, foreman, 153 n Front 
Denny John, painter, 334 e Lombard 
Denny John, lab. 67 e Madison 
Denny John, (Armstrong &D.)2 12 Montgomery 
Denny John E. paperhanger, 106 West 
Denny Jos. D. harnessmkr, 154 Battery av 
Denny Mrs. Margaret, grocery, 117 Peach al 
Denny Mrs. Mary A. 67 e Madison 
Denny Mrs. JVfary A. restaurant, 5 Cuba 
Denny R. W. carp. 499 w Lombard 
Denny Robert A. bookkpr, 317 Hollins 
Denny Walter, clerk, 365 Druid Hill av 
Denny Walter L. shipcarp, 154 Battery av 
Denny Wm. N. upholsterer, 154 Battery av 
Denoe Thomas, grocer, Carey and Baltimore 
Denoe Thos. E. clerk, Carey and Baltimore 
Denson Alex. J. (Marshall & D.) 67 Columbia 
Denson Isaac M. inspector tobacco, warehouse 

No. 5, dw 66 n Paca 
Denson Louis, mariner, 479 Saratoga 
Denstedt August, cook, 165 n Eden 

j Dent H. Clay, clerk tobacco warehouse No. 4 

i Dent Mrs. S. M. 304 w Fayette 

I Denton John W. clerk, 288 n Ann 
Denton Richard M. tobacconist, Penna av ext 
Denver George C. huckster, 179 n Central av 
Denver R. shoemkr. 111 Greenmount av 
Denver Thos. soapmkr, 14 Patuxent 
Denver Thos. jr. lab. 14 Patuxent 
Denz August, grocery, Fayette and Castle 
Denz Joseph, machinist, 27 Greenmount av 
Denz Joseph jr. machinist, 27 Greenmount av 
Depaepe Mrs. Ann 117 Gough 
Depfet Henry, overseer. Falls rd nr Maryland av 
Depish Francis, cooper, 275 n Front 
Depkin Ernest A. merch. tailor, Lombard and 

Hanover, dw 544 n Gay 
Depkin Henrv, excavator, 340 Canton av 
DEPKIN HENRY, merch. tailor, 29 South, dw 

57 n Liberty 
Depkin John H. clerk, 57 n Liberty 
Depkin Wm. beer, 9 iVIercer 
Depner Martin, lab. 122 s Durham 
Depper Wm. H. coffee roaster and propr. Farm 

lands dairy, 371 Franklin 
Deppert Joseph, shoemkr, 294 n Durham 
Deppert Jos. A. shoemkr, Bond and McElderry 
Deppert Joseph J. shoemkr, 294 n Bond 
Deppish Alex, paperhanger, 100 Ensor 
Deppish Francis, cooper, 283 n Front 


No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 







Deppish Johu, caumkr, 290 n Durham 

Deppish Wm. cooper, 100 Ensor 

Depro Augustus F. shipjoiner, 164 s Wolfe, dw 

185 Gough 
Depro Mrs. Leonora, 185 Gough 
Depser John, tailor, 21 Callander al 
Deputj- John M. clerk, 87 Penna av 
Deputy Thos. R. engineer, 87 Penna av 
Derauf Michael, lab. O'Donnell nr Third 
Derbeck Chas. tinner, n e cor Howard and Clay 

dw 119 Vine 
Derbershire Wm. brakeman, 220 L. Constitution 
Derby Harry, clerk, 121 Edmondson av 
Derby Williard, wood moulding, 121 Edmond- 
son av 
Derenberger Geo. lab. Calverton 
Derenberger Henry, carp. 63 Druid Hill av 
Derenberger Jacob,coufection'y, 63 Druid Hill av 
Derliu August, parasols, umbrellas and canes, 

61 and 68 n Eutaw, dw 68 
De Ronceray Celia, music teacher, 131 n Paca 
De Ronceray Louis, 131 n Paca 
De Ronceray Rosina, music teacher, 131 n Paca 
Derr Chas. H. tinner, 168 Mulberry 
Derr Edwin H. clerk, 378 Hollins 
Derr George, livery stable, 2 State 
Derr John J. engineer, 136 n High 
Derr Mary, grocerj', 146 Saratoga 
Derr Samuel B. carp. 525 Saratoga 
Derr Samuel W. clerk, 378 Hollins 
Derr Wm. fireman, 714 Hanover 
Derr Wm. H. 378 Hollins 
Derschinger John C. wheelwright, 76 Towson 
Derue Conrad, baker, 78 Albemarle 
Deruff Fred, driver, 11 Barnes 
Derwart August, shoemkr, 263 Lee 
Derwart Geo. cooper, 263 Lee 
Derwart Michael, carver, 263 Lee 
Dery Richard J. supt. of sweeps, 16 n Liberty 
Desch Albis, blksmith, 468 Penna av 
Desch C.S.(C.S.D.&Co.) 190 n Carrollton av 
Desch C.S.& Co.(C. S. Desch) com.merchts.and 

feed, 128 s Charles 
Desch Catherine, liquors, 206 n Bond 
Desch Geo. canmkr, 79 s Bond 
Desch Geo. restaurant 166 s Broadway 
Desch John, barkpr, 95 Columbia 
Desch Oster G. lab. 87 s Dallas 
Desch Philip, lab. 87 s Dallas 
Deschell John F. 142 Mullikin 
DesForges John P. dealer in old books, 3 St. 

Paul, dw 162 n Carrollton av 
Desell Andrew, 136 s Spring 
Desell Henry, stovemounter, 141 s Exeter 
Desell Henry jr. shoemkr, 141 s Exeter 
Desell John, cooper, 141 s Exeter 
Desell Michael, cooper, 141 s Exeter 
Desell Valentine, cooper, 141 s Exeter 
De Shargo Mortimer, carp. 61 s Gilmor • 
Deshon Christopher M. coal agt. office 25 Park 

av, dw 352 Madison av 
Deshon John VV. shoemkr, 261 n Central av 
De Silveira Madame M. E. dressmaking, 75 Lex- 
Desmond Timothy, lab. 148 e Lombard 
Desmond Wm. lab. 148 e Lombard 
De Sodan F. E. salesman, 245 Mulberry 
De Souza Soula, Brazilian consul, 158 n Howard 
Despard Coal Co. 15 German 
Despeaux Anthony, shipcarp. lis Caroline 
De.speanx Mrs. Elizabeth, 150 s Caroline 
Despeaux Geo. watchcasemkr, 150 s Caroline 

Desi)eaux Geo. W. printer, 410 e Chase 
Despeaux John, lab. 178 s Central av 
Despeaux Joseph D. cutter, 410 e Chase 
Despeaux Theodore, shipsmith, 150 s Caroline 
Dess Frank, carp. 12 Anthony 
Dessell Simon, stevedore, 325 Eastern av 
Dessler John, driver, Belair av ext 
Desvarreaux Francis, plasterer, u e cor Caroline 

and Monument 
Desvarreaux James, shoe findings and garden 

seed, 164 n Gay 
Desvarreaux Mrs. Mary, notions, n e cor Caro- 
line and Monument, and 422 n Gay 
Deters Bernard, lab. 2 Weber 
Deters Henry, lab. 2 Weber 
Detective Police (independent) 25 n Calvert 
Detectives' Office, Wm. C. Crone chief. City Hall 
DETRICK L. F. fertilizers and com. merchant, 

108 s Charles, dw 271 w Lauvale 
Dettelbacher Elias, clerk, 13 s Howard 
Dettelbacher Gustav, clerk, 84 u Front 
Dettering Fredk. wheelwright, 56 s Schroeder 
Dettering Mrs. Pauline, variety, 56 s Schroeder 
Dettmar John, tanner, 116 Low 
Dettmer Geo. grocery, 112 Fort av 
Detzel Conrad, lab. 11 s Dallas 
Detzer Adam, 3 s Duncan al 
Detzer John, locksmith, 244 e Baltimore 
Deuber Conrad, lab. 21 s Gilmor 
Deuchler Frank, lab. 26 Port 
Deuchler John R. grocery, 216 Ridgely 
Deuerling Jacob, gardener. Point la nr York rd 
Deupert A. & Co. (A. Deupert, P. Trueschler) 

manufrs. gold leaf, 35 n Frederick 
Deupert Adam, (A. D. & Co.) 35 n Frederick 
Deutsch Fred, painter, 103 w Fayette 
Deutsch Wm. printer, 103 w Fayette 
De Valen Mrs. Mary, Wolfe nr Chase 
De Valin James, lab. 26 Barnet 
De Valin John H. iron railingmaker, 87 Harri- 
son, dw 400 n Eden 
De Valin Mrs. Mary, dressmkr, 26 Barnet 
Devall John, horseshoer, 373 McDonogh,dw360 
Devan John T. police, 140 n Fremont 
Devan Julia, 32 Rock 
Devanny James, driver, 170 s Regester 
Devaughn Mrs. Anna, 5 L. Gough 
Devaughn Chas. lab. 69 s Oregon 
Davaughn Silas, ironworker, 118 s Washington 
Devaughn Thomas, lab. 118 s Washington 
Devaughn Wm. spikemkr, 5 Little Gough 
Devaux Lewis A. fiorist, 333 Mulberry 
Deven John, welldigger, 290 n Eutaw 
Devenny John, lab. 51 Hill 
Devenny Robert J. grocery, 140 Chew 
Dever Geo. A. clerk, 629 w Lombard 
De Vere Wm. carp. 238 e Fayette 
Devereaux James, shoemkr, 61 Harford av 
Devereaux Thomas, lab, 231 Lemmon al 
Devil Marcus, carpetweaver, 410 n Gay 
Deville Francis, Clifton P. 0., Druid Hill av ext 
Devin John, blksmith, Ramsay nr Calhoun 
Devin Thomas, saloon, 193 Boston 
Devine Chas. lab. 165 Dover 
Devine Francis, engineer, 11 Hawk 
Devine Rev. Geo. W., Johnson and Clement 
Devine John, police, 50 e Lombard 
Devine Lizzie, seamstress, '5 Hamilton 
Devine Michael, liquors, 125 North 
Devine Michael, shoemks, 74 Hanover 
Devine Patrick, lab. 125 North 
Devine Patrick, lab. 9 Grace ct 

WM. WIRT CLARKE, Importer and Wholesale Agent for 
American Manufacturers of Cement, Plaster, Whiting and Paris White. 

Insurance Agents and Brokers, American Building. 
DEY 193 DIG 

Devine Wm. shoemkr, 162 n Dallas 
Devinney Hugh, driver, 20 Comet 
Devinney Jas. lab. 45 York 
Devinnej' Mary, 126 n Spring 
Devitt Edward J. clerk, (jlilmor and Lorman 
Devlin James, lab. 65 Patuxent 
Devlin Mrs. Johanna, 65 Patuxent 
Devlin John, newspapers, 139 e Madison 
Devlin John E. lab. 57 Patu.xent 
Devlin Joseph, painter, 286 s Paca 
Devlin Patrick, lab, 115 Curley 
Devlin Patrick, lab. 65 Patuxent 
Devlin Peter, detective, 139 e Madison 
Devon Dairy, R.J.Matthews prop'r,185 Preston 
Devon Lawrence, grocery, 12 Foundry 
De Von Pearl, 6 s Front 

Devon Wm. H. prof. Bryant, Stratton & Sad- 
ler's business college, dw 147 Argyle av 
Devouges Alphonse, dyer, 133 w Madison 
Devouges Victor P. clerk, 224 n Howard 
Devoy Albert, mariner, 192 s Caroline 
Devries Christian, (Wm.D.& Co.) Linden av ext 
Devries H. A. (Wm. D. & Co.) 74 w Monument 
Devries H. 0. agent Md. State Grange, Camden 

and Sharp 
Devries S. K. G. 74 w Monument 
DEVRIES WM. & CO. (HarryA., Christian and 
Wm. R. Devries) wholesale dry goods, 312 w 
Devries Wm. R. (W. D. & Co.) 72 Cathedral 
De Vries John, liquors, 265 Canton av 
Devtrier Alex, brakeman, 165 Warner 
Dew Albert, bookkpr, 30 n Gihuor 
Dew Geo. R. bookkpr, 309 Linden av 
Dew James, collector, 309 Linden av 
Dew James W. provisions, 75 Mosher 
Dew Joshua S. salesman, 214. L. Constitution 
Dew Robert H. bookkpr, 19 s Gilmor 
Dew Theodore W. clerk, 213 L. Constitution 
Dew Wm. patternmkr, 19 s Gihnor 
Dew Wm. J. patternmkr, 99 s Strieker 
Dewalt John, lab. Ensor nr Chase 
Dewey George, conductor, 44 e Chase 
De Witt Chas. capper, 292 e Lombard 
Dewling A. J. (G.VV.D.& Bros.) 91 William 
Dewliug Mrs. Adelaide, 951 w Baltimore 
Dewling Geo. W. & Bros. (G.W., T.J. and A. J. 

Dewling) blacksmiths, 138 West 
Dewling Geo.W. (G.W.D.& Bros.) 91 William 
Dewling Dr. Isaiah, U.S.N. 21 s Chester 
Dewling Thomas, blacksmith, 951 w Baltimore 
Dewling Thos. J. (G.W.D.& Bros.) 91 William 
Dewold George, furn. wag. 203 e Madison 
Dewold Henry, turn. wag. 203 e Madison 
De Wolff Benj. 70 e Pratt 
De Wolff Jacob, clerk, 70 e Pratt 
De Wolff Levi B. clerk, 70 e Pratt 
De Wolff Noah, speculator, 70 e Pratt 
De Wolff' Saml. jeweler, 70 e Pratt 
Dexter Geo. W. farmer, Phila. rd nr city limits 
Dhiel Herman, lab. 522 Canton av 
Dhorn Henry, shoemkr, 588 w Baltimore 
Diacont Adam, paper, 121 Eastern av 
Diacont Henry, cooper, 123 Eastern av 
Diamond Geo. H. shipjoiner, 5 n Collington av 
Diamond James, cooper, 17 n Collington av 
Diamond James, driver, 109 Cambridge 
Diamond John, reporter, 20 s Wolfe 
Diamond Mrs. Sarah, 70 n Chester 
Dias Clarence, grocery, 242 w Biddle 
Dibb James, engineer, 95 s Poppleton 


Made water-tight, and preserved for years, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CBMEKT aud 


By increaslnf/ the quantity qf Own. we make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which is unequalcd. All work 
guaranteed, A trial is all we ask. Orders solicited 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER CO., Sole Manufacturers, 

No. 3 COURTLAND STREET, up stairs. 

Dichiner Pierce, baker, 280 n Howard 
Dick Emil, clerk, 69 Columbia 
Dick Jacob, carp. 195 w John 
Dick Mrs. Mary, 69 Columbia 
Dick Oscar, clerk, 69 Columbia 
Dickas John, carpetweaver, 23 n Wolfe 
Dicke Leonard, blacksmith, 68 Greenmount av 
Dickel Chas. Z. barkpr, 113 w Fayette 
Dickel Conrad, weaver, 123 Columbia 
Dickel Harry L. salesman, 525 n Fremont 
Dickel John, shoemkr, 126 William 
Dickel Mrs. Margaret, seamstress, 4 St. Mary's ct 
Dickens Henry, ropemkr, 108 Hamburg 
Dickens John H. lab. 22 Gittings 
Dickens Wm. V. blacksmith, 379 Scott 
Dickers James, lab. 11 Elliott 
Dickerson Alfred A. moulder, 313 Cross 
Dickerson Francis, huckster, 1 Brannan ct 
Dickerson Mrs. Geo. W. 194 e Pratt 
Dickerson Isaac W. stevedore, 9 s Chester 
Dickerson John W. farmer, Winan's row 
Dickerson Lewis, salesman, 233 Jefferson 
Dickerson Sewell, basketmkr, 5 Woodward 
Dickerson Wm. P. mariner, 233 Jefferson 
Dickey, Baker & Co. (C. E.Dickey, E.J. Baker,T. 
Tansley) prop'rs Md. meter works, 53 North 
and 22 Saratoga 
Dickey Charles E. (D., Baker & Co. and James 
Hazlitt& Co.) Charles-stavnr Huntingdon av 
Dickey G.Allen{Wm. J. D.& Sons)Wetheredville 
Dickey Geo. S. prop'r Excelsior Steam Forge, 

232 Druid Hill av 
Dickey H. R. bookkpr, 205 w Townsend 
Dickey Philip S. clerk, Charles-st av nr Hunting- 
don av 
Dickey Robert L. clerk, 404 e Lombard 
Dickey W.A. ( Wm.J.D. & Sons) Wetheredville 
Dickey Wm. J. & Sous (Wm.J.,G.A.and W.A. 
Dickey, C.W.Dorsey) manufrs. plaids, checks, 
linseys, &c. n e cor Charles and German 
Dickey Wm.J.(Wm.J.D.& Sons) pres't Ashland 

Manuf g Co., Wetheredville 
Dickey Wynkoop W. carp. 453 e Baltimore 
Dickhaut Jacob, tailor, 39 Orleans 
DICKINSON A. & CO. (Arthur and Gideon 
Dickinson) stationers and printers,519 w Bal- 
Dickinson Arthur (A.D.& Co.) 411 w Lombard 
Dickinson Gideon (A.D.& Co.) 161 Conway 
Dickinson Gideon, carp. 411 w Lombard 
Dickinson James A. pharmacist, n w cor Balti- 
more and Pine, dw 179 Lee 
Dickinson J. E. salesman, 590 Lexington 
Dickinson John, 590 Lexington 
Dickinson John S.(Whedbee & D.) Mount Ver- 
non hotel 
Dickinson Wm. mariner, 201 Eastern av 
Dickinson Wm. A. salesman, 590 Lexington 
Dickinson Wm. B. clerk, 179 Lee 
Dickinson Wm. H. musician, 201 Eastern av 

The Portland Cement used on all the Public Squares of this City, 

(For Pavements, Curbing & Fountains,) furnished byWM.WiRT Clarke, 61 S. Gay St 


AmmmL^ui^EmmfmNmmoEmw yom. % 




Dickinson Wm. T. clerk, 37 Mulberry 

Dickman Henry, machinist, 195 Columbia 

Dickson Etta, 175 Saratoga 

Dickson Dr. John, 261 Madison av 

Dickson John, lab. Sweet Air 

Dickson John T. bookkpr, 122 Bolton 

Dickson Mrs. Margaret, 219 Dolphin 

Dickson Wm. tinner, 75 McHenry 

Dickson Wm. clerk, 136 Montgomery 

Didier Rev. Edmund, 24 n Front 

Didier Eugene L. stenographer, and bookstore, 

185 Madison av, dw 56 George 
Didier Mrs. Franklin J. 56 George 
Didier Henry A. 19 Read 
Didszonit Fred, cabinetmkr, 47 Granby 
Didush Jacob, varnisher, 315 e John 
Didush Joseph M. carver, 315 e John 
Dieber Henry, lab, 78 Luzerne 
Diebitsch Richard, beer, 126 Forrest 
Diedrich Mina, 174 s Caroline 
Dielenbach H. N. hats and caps, 360 w Pratt 
DiefFenbach Chas. H. (D.& Moore and Moore & 

D.) 203 Hanover 
Dieffenbach & Moore (C. H. Dieffenbach, G. A. 
Moore) druggists, n e cor Barreand Fremont 
DiefFenderfer J. P. clerk, 254 Myrtle av 
Dieffenderfer James P. carp, and builder,64 Ox- 
ford, dw Lanvale and Division 
Dieffenderfer J. Edwin, elk, Lanvale and Division 
Diegel Adam, furn. wagon, 128 s Bond 
Diegil Fred, show case mkr, 128 s Bond 
Diehl Adam, lab. 177 s Patterson Park av 
Diehl Mrs. Barbara, tobacconist, Frederick av ext 
Diehl Catherine, 221 s Bond 
Diehl Charles, tailor, 245 e Eager 
Diehl Henry, stevedore, 221 s Bond 
Diehl Henry, beer, 64 n Eden 
Diehl John, mason, 522 n Washington 
Diehl John, lab. 36 Haubert 
Diehl John, tailor, Frederick av nr bridge 
Diehl John, lab. 38 Haubert 
Diehl John, barber, Hamilton nr Cathedral, dw 

114 Mulberry 
Diehl Ludwig, music teacher, 120 s Wolfe 
Diehlman John, beer, 256 n Central av 
Diener Mrs. Caroline, clothing, 37 Lancaster 
Diener Michael, wheelwright, 84 n Fremont 
Diener Samuel, clerk, 37 Lancaster 
Dienstbach Philip, harnessmkr, 12 Greenm'tav 
Dienstbier Geo. porter, 33 s Mount 
Dienstbier Michael, lab. 33 s Mount 
Dierberg Chas. tinner, 119 Vine 
Diering August, caulker, 29 Thames 
Diering Christoph, wholes, liquors, 209 e Lom- 
Diering Conrad, salesman, 209 e Lombard 
Diering Fred, clerk, 209 e Lombard 
Diering H. F. police, 362 Hanover 
Diering H. L. jr. constable, 283 Canton av 
Diering Henry L. 183 s Washington 
Dierkgr Bernard W. clerk, 67 Orleans 
Dierker Charles, varnisher, 67 Orleans 
Dierker John F. clerk, 07 Orleans 
Dierker John H. grocery, 67 Orleans 
Dierksen Christian, clerk, 445 w Baltimore 
Dierzen Dietrich, carj). 62 Vine 
Dieschefer John H. tailor, 3 Leadenhall 
Diesenroth Jacob, lab. 31 Luzerne 
Dietelmeier Albert, lab. 179 s Durham 
Dietclmeier Josepli, rags, 179 s Durham 
Dietemann John, provisions, 158 Orleans 
Dieter Chas. lab. 11 Anthony 

Dieter John, upholstery goods. 111 Lexington 

dw 98 Saratoga 
Dieter Joseph, clerk, 98 Saratoga 
DIETER LOUIS A. paperhangings, 28 n How- 
ard, dw 98 Saratoga 
Dieter Mrs. Margaret, 98 Saratoga 
Dieter Peter, grocery, 10 n Poppleton 
Dieterich Leonard, junk, 313 n Gay 
Dieterich Louis, artist, over 24 n Charles, dw 44 

Edmondson av 
Dieterly Christopher F. bookkpr, 113 n Wolfe 
Dieterly Henry,lab. 12 Bartlett 
Dietrich Adam, shoemkr, 310 Hanover , 
Dietrich Andrew, cutter, 20 s Regester 
Dietrich Anton, broommkr, 20 s Regester 
Dietrich Chas. caljinetmkr, 470 Canton av 
DIETRICH CHARLES F. engineer. Peoples 
Gas works, dw n e cor Fulton and Franklin 
Dietrich Frank, huclfster, 71 Hollins 
Dietrich Frank, lab. 419 Aliceanua 
Dietrich Geo. baker, 351 Orleans 
Dietrich Gustav, grocery, 178 Hanover 
Dietrich Henry, barkpr, Cross nr Covington 
Dietrich Henry, drug clerk, 347 w Fayette 
Dietrich Henry, varnisher, 60 s Central av 
Dietrich John, carp. 95 Cross 
Dietrich John, lab. 40 Bradford al 
Dietrich John, beer, Garrison la, dw w Lom- 
bard ext 
Dietrich John, cigarmkr, 100 Battery av 
Dietrich John H. shoemkr, 19 Jackson ct 
Dietrich Leon, clerk, 179 Montgomery 
Dietrich Louis, paper carrier, 29 n Howard 
Dietrich Mrs. Martin, beer, 37 e Fayette 
Dietrich Michael, lab. 139 Clement 
Dietrich Philip sr. shoemkr, 347 w Fayette 
Dietrich Philip jr. grocery, 3 n Pine 
Dietrich Mrs. Theresa, grocery, 60 s Central av 
Dietrich Wm. lab. 183 Eastern av 
Dietrich Wm. grocery, Monroe and Pratt 
Dietsch Ferd. F. clerk, 413 Lexington 
Dietsch John, tailor, 839 w Baltimore 
Dietsch Joseph, tailor, 122 Stirling 
Dietsch Lewis C. clerk, 413 Lexington 
Dietz Adam, barber, 203 s Charles 
Dietz Anna E. bakery, 157 s Bond 
Dietz August, barber, 70 Columbia 
Dietz Bernard, engineer, 161 Chesnut 
Dietz Mrs. C. J. dressmkr, 78 Barre 
Dietz Casper, butcher, 557 e Fayette 
Dietz Charles A. tailor, 236 e Eager • 
Dietz Charles B. shoemkr, 259 n Dallas 
Dietz Conrad, lab. 35 Cambridge 
Dietz Conrad, liquors, 308 Cross 
Dietz Mrs. Elizabeth, dry goods, 160 s Sharp 
Dietz Elizabeth, grocery, 200 Hollins 
Dietz Gustav A. cigarmkr, 157 s Bond 
Dietz Henry, shipcarp. 107 s Chester 
Dietz Henry, 200 Hollins 
Dietz Henry, Homestead 
Dietz Henry, paver, Bruce nr Pratt 
Dietz J. George, clerk, 21 Armistead la 
Dietz John, butcher, 557 e Fayette 
Dietz John, porter, 55 McElderry 
Dietz John, police, 118 Greenmount av 
Dietz John scissor grinder, 354 e Eager 
Dietz John B. clothier, 204 w' Pratt 
Dietz John H. cigarmfr, 79 Hanover 
Dietz Joseph A. cigarmkr, 267 n Dallas 
Dietz Joseph L. clerk, cor West and William 
Dietz Kate, millinery, 4 Druid Hill av 
Dietz Lewis, clerk, 413 Lexington 

HOLMES & CO., Engineers' and Machinists' Tools and Supplies, 
Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

O. F. Bresee, G-eneral Agent, American Building. 




Dietz Louis, beer, 737. w Baltimore 
Dietz Mrs. Mary, lamps, 23G e Eager 
Dietz Reinhardt, grocery, 115 n Eutaw 
Dietzel Adam sr. tailor,"344 s Bond 
Dietzel Adam, shoemkr, 344 s Bond 
Dietzweg Francis,snoemkr, Point la nr Aisquith 
Diez Mrs. Dora, notions, 248 Canton av 
Diez Hippolitus, lab. 72 Somerset 
Diezel John W. beer, 31 Brown 
Diffenbaugh Chris. C. shoemkr, 390 n Gay 
Diffendall Chas. brickmkr, Mt. Clare junction 
Diffenderffer C. R. 259 n Charles 
Diifenderffer Henry H. 224 n Gilmor 
Diffenderffer James P. cigars, 513^ w Baltimore, 

d\v 554 
Diffenderffer James T. ckrk, 255 Linden av 
Diffenderffer JohnF. travelling agt.255Linden av 
Diffenderffer John P. druggist, 254 Myrtle av 
Diffenderffer Octavius, (Chas. H. Ross & Co.) 

259 n Charles 
Diffenderffer Robert E. carp. 12 George 
Diffenderffer Mrs. S. 1 s High 
Diffenderffer Wm. (Summers Bro. & Co.) 1G8 n 

Diffenderffer Dr.Wm.H. I s High 
Diffey Victor, blksmith, 26 Constitution 
Diffey Victor, machinist, 204 L. Constitution 
Diffler Michael, tailor, 44 s Durham 
Diffley John, stonemason, 16 McKim 
Diggs Albert & Howard, printers, office and dw 

Edmondson av and Carlton 
Diggs Beverly, 285 e Lombard 
DIGGS BROS. (Jas. Diggs) coal office, 2 South, 

yards ft of Eutaw, Eden and Albemarle 
DIGGS CHARLES F. agent Philadelphia and 

Reading Coal and Iron Co. 2 South, dw 364 

Park av 
Diggs Chas. W. coal, 40 n Central av, dw 315 

e Baltimore 
Diggs D. H. collector, n w cor Lexington and 

Diggs Danl. E. police, 123 s Washington 
Diggs Mrs. Edward G. 175 n Paca 
Diggs Frank P. solicitor, 126 e Pratt 
Diggs Henry, 126 e Pratt 
Diggs Henry S. clerk, 167 s Paca 
Diggs J. R. bookkpr, 126 n Calhoun 
Diggs J. Ross, (Young, Kimmell & D.) 202 n 

Diggs J. Wesley, ganger C.H. 191 n Caroline 
Diggs James, (Diggs Bros.) 71 Edmondson av 
Diggs Jeremiah, saloon, 22 Commerce 
Diggs John R. tax dept. 126 n Calhoun 
Diggs Richard H. 315 e Baltimore 
Diggs Samuel J. lime and feed, 258 and 260 s 

Caroline, dw 95 s Bond 
Diggs Wm. B. sailmkr, 225 e Baltimore 
Diggs Capt. Wra. J. mariner, 45 Biddle eof Ann 
Dignan James, hackman, 63G w Pratt 
Dignan John, boilermkr, 35 Harford av 
Dignan Mi-s. Mary, boarding, 117 e Eager 
Dignan Marj', huckstress, 13 Willow 
Dignan Michael, flour, feed and grocery, cor 

Federal and Maryland av 
Dignan Patrick, grocery. Homestead 
Dignan Peter, drayman, 21 Perry 
Dignan Philip, moulder, 172 e Eager 
Dignann John, 5 Friendship 
Digney John, hackman, 288 e Lombard 
Dill Andrew E. tailor, 98 Orleans 
Dill August, shoefindings, 60 s Sharp 
Dill Mrs. Catherine, 257 n Eutaw 


Made water-tight, and preserved for years, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMENT and 


Bi/ increasing the gvan/ifyof Gvm, we make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which is uuequaled. All work 
guaranteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders solicited 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired 

D. M. SADLER & CO., Sol« Mauufactnrers. 

No. S COURTLAND bTREET, up stairs. 

Dill Chas. cabinetmkr, 183 Columbia 

Dill Christian, junk, 81 Grindall 

Dill Conrad, beer, 86 s Carey 

Dill Edward F. mariner, 149 Cross 

Dill Fredk. cooper, 2i)5 s Sharp 

Dill Geo. A. brassfinisher, 98 •Orleans 

Dill Geo. H. tailor, 289 Lexington 

Dill Henry H- clerk, 211 Franklin 

Dill James P. messenger, 391 n Central av 

Dill Capt. John, mariner, 150 s Ann 

Dill Philip J. cabinetmkr, 183 Columbia 

Dill Lewis, bookkpr, 138 Mulberry 

Dill Wm. currier, 109 s Exeter 

Dill Wm. H. grocery, 289 s Sharp, dw 295 

Dillavvay Mrs. Annie, furniture, 91 Harrison 

Dillaway Wra. D. carp. 91 Harrison 

Dillehunt Fred. A. cigarmkr, 16 s Caroline 

Dillehunt Geo.R.V. cheese. Friendship, York rd 

Dillehunt John G. cigar manuf. 20 Commerce, 

dw 380 e Baltimore 
Dillehunt John T. huckster. Friendship, York rd 
Dillehunt Louis P. cigarmkr, 46 Columbia 
Dillehunt Wm. ice wagon. Falls rd nr toUgate 
Dillehunt Wm. T. dep. keeper. Penitentiary, 16 

s Caroline 
Diller Philip, lab. 316 s Bond 
Diller Mrs. J. S. 624 w Lombard 
Dillfelder.Geo. cooper, 189 s Dallas 
Dillfelder JohnG. clock repairer, ISlsWashington ' 
Dillfelder Mrs.Margaret,grocery,118 sDuncan al 
Dillinger Saml, L. bookkpr, 314 Maryland av 
Dillman Frank, lab. 32<5 Aisquith 
Dillman Jacob, paver. 122 Somerset 
Dillman Matthew, lab. 326 Aisquith 
Dillman Peter, lab. 326 Aisquith 
Dillon A. H. jr. 293 Madison av cor Dolphin 
Dillon Edward, lab. 90 Lemmon 
Dillon Hannah, laund. Md. Inst, for the Blind,- 

North av 
Dillon James, stripper, 160 Dover 
Dillon James, hostler, 160 Dover 
Dillon John, drayman, 10 Addison 
Dillon Matthew, lab. 18 Vincent al 
Dillon Owen, lab. 4 Maccubbin 
Dillow John R. tinner, 148 Mulberry 
Dillow Wm. tinner, 29 w Lanvale ext 
Dillow Wm. jr. carp. 29 w Lanvale ext 
Dilly James, lab. 1 n Castle 
Dilmore Bridget, confectionery, 41 n Amity 
Diloek John, tailor, 66 n Wolfe 
Dilworth Oliver, huckster, 223 Mulberry 
Dilworth Peter C. 306 e Chase 
Dilworth Wm. J. ( Wra.J.D. & Co.) 306 e Chase 
Dilworth Wm. J. & Co. (Wra. J. Dilworth,) 

wholesale liquors, 44 w Pratt 
DIME EXPRESS CO. (original) 1 n Charies, 

W. E. Morgan, supt. 
Dime Express Co., E. Louis O'Donnell, propr. 

147J w Fayette 
Dimel Lawrence, tailor, 220 n Caroline 


No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 





Diraler Geo. lab. 56 Carlton 
Dimler Mrs. Margaret, 56 Carlton 
Dimling Henry, lab. 73 Grindall 
Dimling John", lab. 73 Grindall 
Dimling Nicholas, lab. 23 Perry 
Dimling S. barkpr, 211 Lexington 
Dimmick Nicholas, collier, 213 Battery ay 
Dimmick Sebastian, butcher, 264 Battery av 
Dimraitt Chas. E. clerk, 437 w Baltimore 
DimmlingConrad,butch. Frederick rd nr tollgate 
Dimmling John, tailor, 82 e Lombard 
Dimmling John jr. clerk, 82 e Lombard 
Dimmling John Chas. butcher, 5 Fells Point 

Market, dw Chester nr Monument 
Dimmock Chas. clerk, 8 s Charles 
Dimmock Chas. clerk, 10 Oliver 
Dimmock W. C. 10 Oliver 
Dimpfel F. P., St. James hotel 
Dimpfel F. P. jr., St. James hotel 
DimpfelW. 0'S.(F.J.Sloane& Co.)107 nCharles 
Dingfelder Andrew, shoemkr, 143 L. Greene 
Dinges John, 753 w Lombard 
Dinges John jr. porter, 753 w Lombard 
Dingle Frank, mariner, 2 Armistead la 
Dingle Henry, moulder, 19 Armistead la 
Dingier Samuel, canmkr, 358 Eastern av 
Dinkelman Henry R. grocery, 80 Penna av 
Dinkelspiel Adolph, liquors, 343 s Bond 
Dinegan Thomas, lab. 114 Harford av 
Dinnisch David, barber, 184 Bank 
Dinnisch John, barber, 184 Bank 
Dinsmore David, O'Donnell and Third av 
Dinsmore Jas. machinist, 239 Peirce 
Dinsmore John T.(Jones,D.&Co.)sw cor Albe- 
marle and Stiles 
DINSMORE k KYLE,(S.A.S.Kyle,L.Hollyday, 
Harry L. Duvall) wholes, grocers and com. 
merchts. 156 w Pratt 
Dinsmore Mrs. Margaret, Albemarle and Stiles 
Dinsmore Robt. mariner, O'Donnell nr Third av 
Dinsmore Thos. printer, O'Donnell nr Third av 
Dion Louis G. prof, of French, 27 Hamilton 
Dippell Geo. tobacconist, 79 n Broadway 
Dipple Daniel, cigarmkr, 267 Mulberry 
Dipple John, cigarmkr, 267 Mulberry 
Dipple Sophia, confectionery, 190 e Monument 
Dipple Wendelin, cabinjtmkr, 151 s Bond 
Dippold Martin, tailor, 7 Barnes 
Dirgman Richard, turner, 203 Lee 
Dirschner Chas. C. shoemkr, 6 Addison al 
Dirschner John C. shoemkr, 6 Addison al 
Discher Fred, cabinetmkr, 106 Chew 
Dishman M.F.cigarmanufr.over 40 w Lombard 

dw 166 w Fayette 
Disman John, watchman, 3 s Castle 
Disney Andrew, painter, 296 Cross 
Disney Aquilla, tobacco stripper, 21 Clarke 
Disney B. F. carp. 53 Woodward 
Disney Chas. puddler, 116 Cooksie 
Disney Geo. plasterer, Eden and Orleans 
Disney Geo. W. bottler, 296 Cross 
Disney Henry, clerk, 294 n Ann 
Pisney Jas. fire dejit. 286 n Gay 
Disney Jas. T. canmkr, 296 Cross 
Disney John W., I<]den and Orleans 
Disney John AY. painter, 65 Ramsay 
Disney Jos. A. huckster, 223 Hollins 
Disney Jos. 0. clerk. 322 Myrtle av 
Disney Josiah, Woodberry 
Disney Jo-sias R., Woodberry 
Disney Joshua, nailmkr, 3 e Federal 
Disney Oliver M. painter, 21 Clarke 

Disney Richd. E. jr. painter, 206 Conway 
Disney Richd. E. painter, 148 Camden, dw 206 

Disney Richd. P. produce, 131 Conway 
Disney Theo. peddler, Eden and Orleans 
Disney Thos. H. civil engineer, 50 w Fayette, 

dw Kennedy la nr York rd 
Disney Wm. bookkpr, 121 n Broadway 
Disney Wm. bookkpr, 287 n Broadway 
Disney Wm. A. jr. 322 Myrtle av 
Disney Wm. A. sr. 322 Mrytle av 
Disney Wm. T. bricklayer, 292 e Pratt 
Dissen Valentine, upholsterer, 489 Saratoga 
Dissosway Mrs. iVIatilda, notions, 208 e Monu- 
Distelbart Geo. jr. tinner, 159 East 
Distelbart Geo. (D.&Lange) 159 East 
Distelbart & Lange, (Geo. Distelbart and Aug, 

Lange) biksmiths, 159 East 
Distler John, clerk, 225 Canton av 
Distler John C.coal and wood, Chester and Can- 
ton av, dw 225 Canton av 
Ditch C. 0. milk. 89 Bolton 
Ditch Luther, driver, 89 Bolton 
Ditch John S. milk, 89 Bolton 
Ditch Wm. S. milk, 89 Bolton 
Ditchler John, carp. 7 Fountain 
Ditchmicht John, cabinetmkr, 47 Granby 
Dittman Annie E. teacher, 321 n Eden 
Ditman Thos. M. flour and feed. Monument nr 

Forrest, dw 321 n Eden 
Ditman Wm. B. clerk, 396 n Eden 
Ditman Wm. C. clerk, 321 n Eden 
Ditman Wm. H. bookkpr, 386 n Eden 
Dittell Ferdinand, baker, 263 Orleans 
Dittert Chas. shoemkr, 115 Low 
Dittert John, cigarmkr, 115 Low 
Dittman Andrew, brewer, 317 s Bond 
Dittman Fred. \V. clerk, 34 Albemarle 
Dittman John, lab. 181 s Durham 
Dittman John H. clerk, 185 Edmondson av 
Dittman John W., Nicholson and Cooksie 
Dittman Wm. moulder, 34 s Schroeder 
Dittmar Amelia, saleslady, 328 Light 
Dittmar Chas. tabacconist, 328 Light 
Dittmar Elizabeth, saleslady, 328 Light 
Dittmar Geo. lab. 1 East av 
Dittmar John, sawyer, 116 Low 
Dittmar Phillipina, notions, 678 Saratoga 
Dittmeier John, carpetweaver, 69 Union 
Dittrich C. Hennan, boots and shoes, 365 n 

Dittrich Francis, hats and caps. 294 n Gay 
Dittus Geo. P. tobacconist, 700 Penna av, dw 72 

Patterson av 
Dittus Mrs. J. A., Cumberland nr Gilmor 
Dittus John, lab. Hampden 
Dittus John F. driver, 27 n Liberty 
Dittus Wm. P. butcher, 24 Lexington and 8T 

Centre Mkts, dw Retreat nr Francis 
DITTY C. IRVING, attorney, 31 St. Paul, dw 

Irvington, Baltimore co 
Ditzell John, lab. Woodberry 
Ditzell Mary, laundress, 12 Washington av 
Diven E. W. salesman, 238 Presstman 
Diven Edward C. tinner, 238 Presstman 
Diven Edwd. R. carp. 143 Hollins 
Diven Edwd. T. bricklayer, 10 n Strieker 
Diven Edwd. T. conductor, 371 w Lombarci 
Diven Frank M. switchtender, 197 Johnson 
Diven Jas. W. painter, 90 Edmondson av 
Diven John H. bricklayer, 10 n Strieker 

Wm. Wirt Clarkk, Manufacturers' Agt. for No 1 Agricultural Plaster, 
In Bags or Barrels from store, or in Cargo Lots direct from factory. 

Largest Life Ins. Co. in tlieWo rld,O.F .Bresee,G -enl Ag t. 
DiY 197 DOD 

Diveu Wm. H. lab. Sweet Air 

Diven-Wm. J, E. carp. 10 n Strieker 

Direr John P. clerk, 77 Cooksie 

Diver Wm. engineer, Pratt and Castle 

Divers Patrick, clerk, 77 Cooksie 

Diviney Gregory, lab. over 410 Hanover 

Dix Chas. E. clerk, 147 n Calhoun 

Dix Geo. W. lab. Hampden 

Dix J. W. mariner, 81 s Caroline 

Dix J. Franklin, (D.&Wilkins) 231 Hamilton 

Dix Mrs. Laura A. 147 n Calhoun 
Dix Octavius, lab. Hampden 
Dix Preston, watchman, 242 w Fayette 
DIX & WILiaNS ( J.F.Dix, Willard C.Wilkins) 

inporters and dealers in foreign fruits, 123 w 

Dix Wm. C. clerk, 147 n Calhoun 
Dix Wm. H. clerk, 231 Hamilton terrace 
Dixon Mrs. Annie, grocery, 24 Sterrett 
Dixon August, bricklayer, 33 Waesche 
Dixon Benj. lab. 362 Ramsay 
Dixon Bradley S. J. clerk, 716 w Baltimore 
Dixon Bradley S. clerk, 716 vv Baltimore 
Dixon Chas. sexton, 177 n Eutaw 
Dixon Chas. bricklayer, 70 Parrish 
DIXON & CARSON, (T. Dixon, C. L. Carson) 

architects and measurers, over 18 n Charles 
Dixon Frank, sexton, 93 Barre 
Dixon Fredk. oysters, 237 Bank 
Dixon Isaac, lab. 80 Grindall 
Dixon Isaac H. (Smith, D. & Co.) 59^ Franklin 
Dixon J. H. W. student, 79 Harlem av 
Dixon James, lab. 284 Canton av 
Dixon James S. painter, 33 Waesche 
Dixon James W. conductor, 145 Johnson 
Dixon Mrs. Jane E. dry goods, 716 w Baltimore 
Dixon John, conductor, 738 Hanover 
Di.xon John, driver, 170 s Howard 
Dixon John A. machinist, 12 George 
DIXON JOHN A. J. brickmaker, Fort rd nr 

Fort McHenry, dw 184 n Carrollton av 
Dixon Jno.B. {Wm.T.D.& Bro.) St. James hotel 
Dixon John C. jr. butcher, 121 Columbia 
Di.xon John F. brickmkr, 92 Fort av 
Dixon Joseph, lab. 17 Conway 
Dixon Joseph A. fireman, 415 McHenry 
Dixon Joshua, flagman, 738 Hanover 
Dixon Mrs. Mary, 121 Columbia 
Dixon R. W.K. (R.W.K.D.& Co.) 93 Cathedral 
Dixon R. W. K. & Co. (R.W.K. Dixon, Joseph 

Shane) com. merchts, 90 Spear's whf 
Dixon Capt. Robert R. marjner, 101 Cross 
Dixon Samuel, flagman, 431 Hamburg 
Dixon Thos. (D. & Carson) Mount Washington 
Dixon Thos. carp. 107 n Pine 
Dixoa Wm. blacksmith, 379 Scott 
Dixon Wm. lab. 182 McHenry 
Dixon Wm. scraper, 8 Grindall 
Dixon Wm. engineer, 24 Sterrett 
Dixon Wm. A. collector, 137 s Strieker 
Dixon Wm. T. & Bro. (W. T.andJ.B. Dixon, 

H. W. Marston) wholes, boots and shoes, 306 

w Baltimore 
Dixon Wm. T. (W.T.D.& Bro.) 435 Madison av 
Dixson Wra. J. machinist, 239 JeflFerson 
Doan Henry, milk, 255 e Pratt 
Doane Alfred, mariner, 54 Spring row 
Dobbin Frank M. tollgatekeeper, Calverton rd 
DOBBIN GEO. W., Judge Superior Court, 42 

St. Paul, dw Baltimore co 
Dobbin Jas. furniture, 219 Eastern av 


Made water-tight, and preserved for years, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMENT and 


By increasiiig the qvaviUy of Gvm. we make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which is uuequaled. All work 
guaranteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders solicited 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER & CO , Sole Manufacturers, 

No. 3 COUETLAND STREET, up stairs. 

Dobbin Jas. W. driver, 7 Holland 

Dobbin John, coach and livery stables, 36 and 

38 North, dw Guy's hotel 
Dobbin Mrs. Mary W. 158 w Biddle 
Dobbin R. A. attorney, 42 St. Paul 
Dobbin Samuel, watchman, 98 Mullikin 
DOBBIN THOMAS M. attorney, 42 St. Paul, 

dw Howard co 
Dobbs Wm. B. carp. 15 Angle al 
Dobbyn Geo. W. harnessmkr, 140 Preston 
Dobbyn Mrs. K. dressmkr, 140 Preston 
Dobe Christopher, porter, 2 West al 
Dobelman Gus. butcher, 22 Richmond and 10 

Hollins Mkts, dw Garrison la 
Dobercr John C. clerk, 219 Hollins 
Doberer J. Geo. butcher, 76 Lexington and 22 

Lafayette Mkts, dw Garrison la 
Doberer Louis F. barkpr, 199 Lexington 
Doberer Mrs. Mary, restaurant, 199 Lexington 
Dobernick Geo. tailor, 2 s Castle 
Dobler David, constable, 96 e Eager 
Dobler George, clerk, 17 Jackson 
DOBLER GtfSTAVUS A. (D.,Mudge& Chap- 
map) 74 Aisquith 
Dobler Mrs. Margaret, 23 n Exeter 
ier, E. T. Mudge and J. G. Chapman) whole- 
sale paper dealers, s e cor Sharp and Lom- 
bard . — \_See Advertisement 
Dobler John J. attorney, 55 St. Paul, dw 38 s 

Dobler Theodore, clerk, 23 n Exeter 
Dobry Thos. shoemkr, 174 Eastern av 
Dobson Chas. boilermkr, 143 Barre 
Dobson Geo. carp. 295 e Monument 
Dobson Geo. H. 16 s Broadway 
Dobson Geo. W. lab. 85 s High 
Dobson J. H. agent, 143 Barre 
Dobson James T. lettercarrier, 62 n Bond 
Dobson John A. (J.A.D. & Co.) Myrtle av and 

Dobson John A. & Co. (J. A. Dobson, F. C. See- 
mon) wholesale glass, queensware, clocks, 
&c. 31 s Charles 
Dobson John T. police, 335 n Bond 
Dobson Thos. driver, 93 s Washington 
Dobson Wm. O. wagoner, 182 Fort av 
Dobson Wm. bricklayer, 357 n Ann 
Dochtermann Conrad, confec'r, 155 Hughes 
Dochtermann Wm. watchmaker, 70^ Hanover, 

dw 155 Hughes 
Dockery Thos. flour, Lombard and Caroline 
Dockson Geo, engineer, 154 n Bond 
Dodd Alex. jr. bookkpr. 111 Edmondson av 
Dodge A. H. agt Baltimore Scow Co. 8 s Gay, 

dw 770 Lexington 
Dodge Asaph, 12 Pearl 
Dodge Albert, excavator, 185 n Caroline 
Dodge Dr. Augustus W. 201 Hanover 
Dodge Chas. S. police, 57 s Sharp 

POKTLAiND CEMENT, (the best for grouting,) No. 61 S. Gay St. 
Tke same as I am furnishing to the Johns Hopkins Hospital Buildings. 




Dodge Fredk. A. clerk, 298 Peuna av 

Dodg-e Geo. R. & Co. (Mrs. Mary A. Dodge) 

artists' aud painters' store, 42 w Baltimore 
Dodge John W. supt. Canton Rolling mills, 169 

Linden av 
Dodge Mrs. xMary A. (G.R.D.& Co.) 325 e Chase 
Dodge Warren, tonic beer and ginger ale nian- 

ut'actory, Barnes and McDonogh 
Dodge W'm. E. (Anthony & D.) manufr. cocoa- 
nut oil, Bethel and Hanipstead,dw 298Penna av 
Dodson Andrew, mariner, 232 William 
DODSON C. MARION, pharmacist. Linden av 

and Hoffman 
Dodson E. Frank, bookkpr, 100 s Broadway 
Dodson Edwd. med. student, 67 Lee 
Dodson Geo. M. lab. 188 s Regester 
Dodson Geo. W. wirewkr, 188 s Regester 
Dodson John W. real estate broker, 28iSt.FauI, 

dw Baltimore co 
Dodson Julius, bookkpr, 359 Mulberry 
Dodson Thaddeus C. carp. 100 s Broadway 
Doebel Caspar, shoemkr, 11 s Holliday 
Doebel Michael, shoemkr, 88 n Washington 
Doeber Herman, tailor, 86 s Bethel 
Doebereiuer Christ' n, carpet weaver, T5 Harrison 
DOELLER CHARLES H. pharmacist, n e cor 

Broadway and Eager 
Doeller Christopher, carp. 19 Philpot al, dw 53 

Doeller Ernest, carp. 150 s Bond 
Doeller Henry, printer, 108 s Eden 
Doellinger Catherine, confec'y, 314 s Bond 
Doellinger Fredk. lab. 314 s Bond 
Doellinger Fredk. shoemkr, 276 Parkav 
Doellinger Lawrence, shoemkr, 276 Park av 
Doench Geo. shoemkr, 77 s High 
Doencli Mrs. Gertrude, notions, 77 s High 
Doenlein Geo. stevedore, 57 s Durham 
Doenges Andrew, furn. wagon, 333 s Charles 
Doenges Chas. cigarmkr, 333 s Charles 
Doenges Fredk. canmkr, 52 e Pratt 
Doenges Geo. processor, 120 Hollius 
Doenges Geo. bakery, 16 Carlton 
Doenges Geo. shoemkr, 602 w Baltimore 
Doenges Henry, baker, 402 e Fayette 
Doenges Mrs. Lena, grocery, 333 s Charles 
Doenges Mrs. Margt. G. shoes, 602 w Baltimore 
Doenges Wra. cigarmkr, 333 s Charles 
Doeplitz Sol. millinery goods, 88 Lexington 
Doerer John, farrier, 262 Eastern av 
Doerfieiu Anton, tinner, 51 McElderry 
Doerflein Conrad, tinner, 68i Ensor 
Doering Christian, shoemkr, 37 W^alker 
Doering Christian, shoemkr, 30 Knox al 
Doering Geo. shoefitter, 89 n Poppleton 
Doering Henry, clerk, 89 n Poppleton 
Doering Henry, grocery and plasterer,403 Light 
Doering John, cigarmkr, 89 n Poppleton 
Doering John F. bakery, 14 Warner 
Doering Valentine, porter, 89 n Poppleton 
Doerkeen Jacob, clerk, 40 s Fulton 
Doerkeen Rev. Jacob, 40 s Fulton 
Doeruer Dr. John A. 92 Saratoga 
Doerr Conrad, lab. 376 Hamburg 
Doersch Geo. shoemkr, 275 n Central av 
Doerschinger John, wheelwright, 76 Towson 
Doerschinger Martin, lab. 76 Towson 
Doepel H. F. pianomkr, 291 s Sharp 
Doetzer John, provisions, 460 Canton av 
Doft George, canmkr, 153 Preston 
Doged James M. canmkr, 189 e Eager 
Doged Thos. C. clerk, 420 e Baltimore 

Doged Thos. S. canmkr, 189 e Eager 
Doged Wm. C. farmer, 189 e Eager 
Dogge Albert, shoecutter, 78 s Eutaw 
Dogge Gusdorf, shoemkr, 129 Saratoga, dw Bal- 
timore CO 
Doharr Chas. collector, 393 Orleans 
Doherty Eliza(M.and E.Doherty)223 Lexington 
Doherty Geo. F. showcasemkr, 142 w Lombard 
Doherty Kate, 223 Lexington 
Doherty Mrs. Mary (M.and E.Doherty ) 223 Lex- 
Doherty M. & E.(Mary and Eliza Doherty) dry 

goods, 223 Lexington 
Doherty M. L. genl. freight agt. B. & 0. R. R. 

Camden Station 
Doherty Wm. J. salesman, 54 McMechin 
Dohle John, lab. 268 s Caroline 
Dohme Bros. (C. P. and Wm. F. Dohme) cigar 

manufrs. 96 Light-st whf 
Dohme Charles, 42 s Greene 
Dohme Charles E. (Sharp & D.) 42 s Greene 
Dohme Cornelius, 195 s Paca 
Dohme Cornelius P. (D. Bros.) 96 Light-st whf 
DOHME Dr. G. C. 86 e Fayette 
Dohme Lewis (Sharp & D.j 337 w Fayette 
Dohme Wm. F. (D. Bros.) 96 Light-st whf 
Dohoney R. V. machinist, 185 Maryland av 
Dohrman August, beer, 870 w Baltimore 
Dojas Michael, lab. 280 s Ann 
Dolan Children Aid Asylum, in charge Sisters 

of Holy Cross, 115 Gough 
Dolan Daniel, lab. 49 Buren 
Dolan Edward, lab. 60 s Dewberry al 
Dolan Francis P. constable, 231 Chew 
Dolan Hugh, lab. 26 Clinton 
Dolan James, lab. Sweet Air 
Dolan James, lab. 105 Hamburg 
Dolan James, fire dept. 197 Chesnut 
Dolan John, stonecutter, 181 n Eden 
Dolan John J. gasfitter, 112 Ridgely 
Dolan Joseph, lab. 122 Harford av 
Dolan Kern, carter, Dallas nr John 
Dolan Prof. M. C, Loyola College 
Dolan Mrs. Maria, 735 w Lombard 
Dolan Mrs. Mary, 121 e Eager 
Dolan Mrs. Mary A., 134 Mosher 
Dolan Matthew, lab. 65 Frederick av 
Dolan Michael, police, 107 Albemarle 
Dolan Michael, paver, 93 Parkin 
Dolan Michael, shipcarp. 100 Battery ar 
Dolan Michael, lab. First av nr Cli»ton 
Dolan Patrick, lab. 384 William 
Dolan Patrick, stonemason, 65 Frederick av 
Dolan Patrick, lab*. 122 Harford av 
Dolan Patrick, lab. 90 Lemmon 
Dolan Patrick, engineer, 228 e Lombard 
Dolan Thos. lab. 425 Hanover 
Dolan Wm. bookkpr, 181 n Paca 
Dolar August, butcher, 54 Cross-st Market, dw 

Cross and Hamburg 
Dolbow Reuben N. oysters, 98 s Chester 
Dolby August R. letter carrier, 31 s Burke 
Dolch Edward, clerk, 247 Penna av 
Dolch Geo. W. blacksmith, 280 w Biddle 
Dolch John, processor, 313 Franklin 
Dolch John C. blacksmith, 280 w Biddle 
Dolch John C. wheelwright, 66 n Chapel 
Dolch Wm.H.asst. flour inspector, 10 Etting 
Dolemon Mrs. Matilda C. confect'y, 146 West 

Falls av 
Dolfield Alex.'r German-American Bank, 
31 n Broadway 

H.OLMKS & CO., Engineers' and Maclunists' Tools and Supplies, 
Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

Assets, $85,000,000.00. O. F. Bresee, Gen'l Agt. 
DOL 199 DON 

Doll Mrs. Anna, 157 n Central av 
Doll Berniird, clerk, 127 s Paca 
Doll Mrs. C. H. matron jail, dw Chase nr For- 
rest pi 
Doll Chas. 44 n Poppleton 
Doll Daniel, train dispatcher, 127 s Paca 
Doll John W. baggagemaster. 127 s Paca 
Doll Joseph, lab. 349 Harford' av 
Doll LeanderZ.(Fangmeyer& Doll) 245 Lanvale 
Doll Louis, lab. 57 Bentalou 
Doll Rev. Penfield, 46 Chase nr Greenmount av 
Doll Wni. stonemason, 377 s Sharp 
Dollard August, butcher, 315 Light 
Dollard John, engineer, 173 Tyson al 
DoUinger Chas.butcher,30 Belair and 90 Centre 

Markets, dw Belair rd 
Dolmier Leonhard, lab. 6 Clinton 
Dolphin Francis, butcher, 3 Stockholm 
Dolphin Mrs. Henrietta, 571 Lexington 
Dolphin Street Presbyterian Church, Ettingand 

Domaer Henr}', lab. 212 e Chase 
Doman Michael, shoemkr, 58 Harrison 
Dombrowski Chas. lab. 273 s Bond 
Dombrowski Franz, lab. 271 s Durham 

Mosher, agent, 17 n Charles 
Domling George, beer, 4 n Wolfe 
Domling John, coachmkr, 4 n Wolfe 
Domling Joseph, blacksmith, 4 n Wolfe 
Domorto Isadore, shoefinisher, Oliver nr Green- 
mount av 
Donahoe Mrs. Elizabeth, 277 McDonogh 
Donahoe Henry K. tinner, 277 McDonogh 
Donahoe Joseph M. printer, 49 Etting 
Donahoe Thos. refiner, 385 s Eutaw 
Donahue And. beer, Forrest and Monument 
Donahue Mrs. Annie, grocery, 190 East 
Donahue Bernard, bleacher, 21 Mott 
Danahue Daniel, lab. 31 Chew 
Donahue Henry, tinner, 277 McDonogh 
Donahue Jas. J. plumber and gas fitter, 28 e Eager 
Donahue John, bonnet frames, 253 n Gay 
Donahue John, moulder, 31 Chew 
Donahue Patk. J. clerk, 28 e Eager 
Donahue Saml. mercht. tailor, 109 n High 
Donahue Stephen, huckster, 190 East 
Donahue Thos. driver, 20 Forrest pi 
Donahue Thos. blksmith, 10 Price ct 
Donahue Wm. clerk, 179 n High 
Donald James, millinery goods, 30 n Charles, 

dw 139 n Eutaw 
Donald Mrs. Margt. L. teacher, 87 Preston 
Donaldson Augustus, salesman, 8 Laurel 
Donaldson Admiral Edward, U.S.N. 86 Bolton 
DONALDSON Dr. FRANK, prof. University 

of Md. office and dw 108 Park av 
Donaldson Frank, hackman, 8 Tyson 
Donaldson Geo. W. 312 n Caroline 
Donaldson John, 62 Fawn 
Donaldson John, 122 McCulloh 
DONALDSON JOHN J. attorney, 38 St. Paul, 

dw Howard co 
Donaldson John M. 62 Fawn 
Donaldson Jos. lab. 222 Preston 
Donaldson Mrs. Kate, laund. 94 n Chapel 
Donaldson Mrs. Mary S. 30 w Monument 
Donaldson Noah I. tinner, 66 Ramsay 
Donaldson Owen E. lab. 75 Patterson av 
Donaldson Mrs. S. I. 39 St. Paul 
Donaldson S. W. clerk, 422 e Baltimore 
Donaldson Saml. C. 124 n Charles 


Made water-tight, aDd preserved for years, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMENT aud 


By increasing the gitantity of Gum. we make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which is uneqnaled. All work 
guaranteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders solicited 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER & CO., Sole Manufacturers, 

No. 3 COURTLAND STREET, up staire. 

Donaldson Saml.W. printer, 62 Fawn 

Donaldson Stephen, fisherman, 112 s Exeter 

Donaldson Theod. lab. 36 Williamson al 

Donaldson Theod. H. carp. 525 Lexington 

Donaldson Thos. F. basketmkr, 273 n Eutaw 

Donaldson Thos.W.,U. S. storekpr, 220 n Carey 

Donaldson W. B. notions, 51 Pearl 

Donaldson Wm. lab. 25 Randall 

Donaldson Wm. R. hostler, 387 e Eager 

Donallen Andw. wheelwright, 382 Light 

Donallen Andw. jr. lab. 382 Light 

Douat Julian, hairdresser, 292 n Gay 

Donat Madam M. ladies' hairdressing, 292 nGay 

Donat Peter, saloon, 71 Hughes 

Donati Joseph, lab. 66 President 

Donavan Peter, lab. 375 William 

Donavin Cornelius, lab. 4 Doyle al 

Donavin Jas. pressman, 45 Ensor 

Donavin Dr. Matthew W. apothecary, s e cor 

Lee and Sharp, dw 154 Hanover 
Donavin Michael, porter, 78 Portland 
Donde Mrs. Mary, 59 President 
Dondorf Jacob, paver, 58 Stockholm 
Done Juliet H. 229 Madison av 
Donegan Bernard, lab. Clinton nr Ninth av 
Donegan Daniel, notions, 139 s High 
Donegan Thos. lab. 134 Dillon 
Donelson Artemus, clerk, Woodberr3' 
Donelson Elijah, cotton manufr. Woodberry 
Donelson Emory V., Myrtle av and Smith 
Donelson Harry T. cigarmkr, 29 Harford av 
Donelson Jas. E. cigarmkr, 29 Harford av 
Donelson Jas. L. tobacconist, 139| n Gay, dw 

29 Harford av 
Donelty Dennis, moulder, 235 e Eager 
Doney "Stephen, lab. 273 s Dallas 
Donhauser Geo. painter, 47 Madeira al 
Donhauser Henry, porter, 68 s Central av 
Donhoe Jos. M. printer, 49 Etting 
Donkley Jos. mach'st, Millington la nr Ramsaj 
Donlan Anthony sr. tailor, 23 Slemmer al 
Donlan Anthony jr. currier, 23 Slemmer al 
Donlan Geo. lab. 23 Slemmer al 
Donlan Henry, lab. 23 Slemmer al 
Donlan Jas. P. lab. 35 Buren 
Donlan John, lab; 416 s Charles 
Donlan Jos. lab. 23 Slemmer al 
Donlan Lawrence, lab. 23 Slemmer al 
Donlan Thos. stonecutter, 23 Slemmer al 
Donley John, drover, 953 w Pratt 
Donlon Thos. carter, 420 s Charles 
Donn John W., U.S. coast survey, 221 Bolton 
Donn Mrs. Margaretta, 193 s Bond 
Donnahaw & White, (W. 0. Donnahaw, W.B. 

White) coal and wood. Myrtle avand Mosher 
Donnahaw Wm. 0. (D.&W^iite) 471 w Lanvale 
Donnell Capt. Geo. S. mariner, 53 n Broadway 
Donnell John, machinist, 397 e Madison 
Donnell Mrs. 0. 245 n Charles 


No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 

^O^F.BRESEE St SONS, life; F I R E And MARIN E^ 





Donnell Wm., St. Paul and Biddle 
Donnelly Andrew, lab. 141 n Front 
Donnelly Arthur, lab. 13 s Central av 
Donnelly Bernard, police, 76 Division 
DonnellV Bennet, lab. 18 Argyle av ext 
Donnelly & Black (Geo. W. Donnelly, Wm. K. 

Black) whole, and retail grocers, 9 Penna av 
Donnelly Chas. plasterer, Baker nr Penna av 
Donnelly Danl. stonecutter. Baker nr Penna av 
Donnelly Danl. lab. 16 Argyle av est 
Donnelly Daniel, brickmkr", Greenwood Park, 

office 546 n Washington, dw 304 e Chase 
Donnelly Danl. bricklayer, 237 Peirce 
Donnelly E. J. 442 n Gay 
Donnelly E. L. butter, 122 n Eutaw 
Donnelly Edwd. coachman, 13 Parkin 
Donnelly Edwd. lab. 141 Hudson 
Donnelly Mrs. Ellen, 60 s Castle 
Donnelly Francis (Welch &D.) 213 Dolphin 
Donnelly Geo.W. (D.& Black) 52 Clarke 
Donnelly Henry, tailor, 26 President 
Donnelly Hugh, 147 n Front 
Donnelly Jas. lab. 60 s Castle 
Donnelly Jas. clerk, 442 n Gay 
Donnelly Jas. dispatcher, Union depot 
Donnelly Jas. machinist, 628 w Lombard 
Donnelly Jas. 190 n Front 
Donnelly Jas. painter, 385 Canton av 
Donnelly Jas. moulder, 174 Greenmount av 
Donnelly Jas. stable boss, 156 Chesapeake 
Donnelly Jas. supt. City Hill, dw 551 Saratoga 
Donnelly Jas. J. barkpr, 122 n Eutaw 
Donnelly John, porter, 5 Valley 
Donnelly John, marble polisher, 62 Hillman 
Donnelly John (J.D.&Co.) 442 n Gay 
Donnelly John jr. clerk, 442 n Gay 
Donnelly John, gatekpr, Baker nr Penna av 
Donnelly John, plumber, 336 n Howard 
Donnelly John, lab. Cathedral ext 
Donnelly John, lab. 551 Saratoga 

New York Tea Store, N. W. cor 
Gay and Forrest Sts. Wholesale 
and Retail Dealers in Teas, Su- 
gars, Coffees and Spices. Branch 
No. 442 North Gay Street. 

Donnelly John & Co. (John Donnelly) GreatN. 

Y. tea store, n w cor Gay and Forrest, branch 

442 n Gay 
Donnelly John, gatekpr, Druid Hill Park 
Donnelly John, lab. 23 Biddle al 
Donnelly John E. painter, 551 Saratoga 
Donnelly John J. car driver, 93 Elliott 
Donnelly John J. driver, 455 w Fayette 
Donnelly John P. lab. 60 s Castle 
Donnelly Jos. shoemkr, 237 Peirce 
Donnelly Jos. carp. Western Md. hotel 
Donnelly Mary, dressmkr, 451 Franklin 
Donuelly Michael, lab. 336 n Howard 
Donnelly Michael, lab. 114 s Howard 
Donnelly Michael, drayman, 311 e Biddle 
Donnelly Patrick, hostler, 9 n Frederick 
Donnelly Patrick, teacher, 60 Brune 
Donnelly Peter, driver, 93 Elliott 
Donnelly Peter, lab. 348 William 
Donnelly Richard, lab. 172 e Eager 
Donnelly Thos. plasterer, 252 n Wolfe 
Donnelly Wm. lab. Hampden 
Donnelly Wm. J. 442 n Gay 

Donnelly Wm. S. stevedore, 107 Cooksie 
Donnelson Ward, book agent, 75 Lemraon 
Donner Andrew, lab. 385 Aliceauna 
Donner Casper, lab. 385 Aliceanna 
Donoho Wm. J. agent sewing machines, 406 e 

Donohoe Denis, British consul, 6 Exchange bldg, 

Second, dw 253 St. Paul 
Donohue Bernard, lab. 21 Mott 
Donohue Catherine, 4 Stockton 
Donohue Daniel, junk, 126 s Castle 
Donohue Geo. W. 4 s Ann 
Donohue James, police, 6 w Eager 
Donohue James, police, 54 Albemarle 
Donohue James, lab. Cathedral and North av 
Donohue James, bricklayer, 173 Gough 
Donohue James, shipjoiner, 446 e Lombard 
Donohue James D. shipcarp. 408 e Lombard 
Donohue James H. 75 s Patterson Park av 
Donohue John, livery stable, 217 n Fremont 
Donohue John, bricklayer, 122 Hughes 
Donohue John, 75 s Patterson Park av 
Donohue John F. 8 Watson 
Donohue John T. grocery, McMechin and Etting 
Donohue John T. bailiff Orphans' Ct. 85 Albe- 
Donohue Joseph, plumber, Cemetery av nr Bond 
Donohue Joseph E. carp. 4 s Ann 
Donohue Matthew, quarryman, 64 n Amity 
Donohue Michael, grocery, 24 n Amity 
Donohue Michael, canmkr, 177 s Eden 
Donohue Michael, lab. 72 Oak 
Donohue Patrick, lab. 355 Eastern av 
Donohue Patrick, porter, 64 n Dallas 
Donohue Patrick, lab. 24 n Amity 
Donohue Patrick, lab. 234 Lemm'on 
Donohue Philip T. shipjoiner, 408 e Lombard 
Donohue R. M. saloon, Fayette and Holliday, 

dw 75 s Patterson Park av 
Donohue Mrs. Rebecca, 9 Pearl 
Donohue Thos. stonecutter, 4 Stockton 
Donovan Anna R. hairdresser, 158 s Bond, dw 

137 s Eden 
Donovan Daniel, porter, 71 North 
Donovan James, cigarmkr, 49 President 
Donovan John, butcher, 29 n Bond 
Donovan John, tinner, 28 n Wolfe 
Donovan Lloyd S. police, Waverley 
Donovan Michael, lab. 50 s Dewberry al 
Donovan Michael, lab. 23 Woodyear 
Donovan Michael, pressman, 83 n Exeter 
Donovan Mrs. R. 122 w Hoffman 
Donovan Samuel P. printer, 137 s Eden 
Donovan Simon, peddler, 137 s Eden 
Donovan Wm. patternmkr, 137 s Eden 
Donovan Wm. watchman, 21 Bank 
Dooley Bert, lab. 355 West 
Dooley Edwd. 88 Harford av 
Dooley Fenton, lab. 25 Haw 
Dooley James, grocery, 88 Harford av 
Dooley John, plumber, 193 n High 
Dooley Martin, lab. 25 Haw 
Doolev Prof. P. J., Loyola College 
Dooley Wm. C. fireman, 355 West 
Doon John G. bookkpr, 60 Saratoga 
Doory John, harnessmkr, 6 Fall 
Doory Thos. lab. 6 Fall 
Dopman Henry, capman, 113 s Chester 
Doran Geo. Y. printer, 37 Courtland 
Doran John, lab. 23 Low 
Doran John, fireman, 9 s Duncan al 
Doran Mrs. Maragaret, grocery', 36 Harford av 

WM. WIRT CLARKE, Flour and General Commission Merchant. 
English & German Portland Cements for Pavements & Artificial Stone work generally. 

Insnrance Agents and Brokers, American Building. 
DOR 201 DOR 

Doran Michael, lab. 70 Towson 
Doran Patrick, grocery, 71 Cooksie 
Dorbaut August, cigarmkr, 94 Park av 
Dorbert Geo. shoemkr, 105 s Dallas 
Dorbert Kunigunda, grocery, 105 s Dallas 
Dorberts Frank, grocery, Bradford al nr Mc- 

Doremus T. B. plasterer, 297 Druid Hill av 
Dorgan A. J. sailmkr, 45 s Washington 
DORGAN & CO. (T.A. Dorgan) stoves, ranges, 

&c. s e cor Lombard and Light 
Dorgan Gustavus A. 45 s Washington 
Dorgan John A. sailmkr, 45 s Washington 
Dorgan Theodore A.(D.&Co.)45 s Washington 
Dorgood Fredk. cooper, 41 Walker 
Dorman Mrs. Annie, dressmkr, 74 Oxford 
Dorman Mrs. Annie, dressmkr, 402 Harford av 
Dorman F. P. shoemkr, 1 Valley 
Dorman Isaac, mariner, 18 n Washington 
Dorman J. F. W. prop'r U.S. Manufacturing 

Co. 19 German, dw 113 n Carrollton av 
Dorman John, paver, 170 s Sharp 
Dorman John S. huckster, 463 Light 
Dorman Mrs. Mary, nurse, 4 Essex 
Dorman Otillia, Scott and Stockholm 
Dorman Rufus, mariner, 83 Hamburg 
Dorman W. S. clerk, 466 n Carey 
Dorman's Stencil and Stamp Works, (J. F. W. 

Dorman) 19 German 
Dorn Mrs. Ellen, saleslady, 42 Booth 
Dorn Fredk. shoemkr, 4 Milliman 
Dorn Geo. lab. 64 Rose 
Dorn Geo. lab. 30 Haw 
Dorn Geo. lab. 62 Eastern av 
Dorn John, oysters, High and Fawn, dw 50 

Eastern av 
Dorn John, beer, 87 e Lombard 
Dorn Joseph, police, 83 Elliott 
Dorn Philip, clerk, 155 w Biddle 
Dorn Wolfgang, lab. 62 Eastern av 
Dornberger Adam, cabinetmkr, 36 Hampstead 
Dornbusch Jacob, lab. 36 Haubert 
Dorner Mrs. Catharine, laund. 17 Stockton 
Dorner John T. 177 n Fremont 
Dorney Albert, (Dorney Bros.) 742 Lexington 
Dorney Bros. (Albert, Duke, Charles and Wm. 
. Dorney,) grocers, 427 w Pratt 
Dorney Chas. (D.Bros.) 742 Lexington 
Dorney Duke, (D.Bros.) 742 Lexington 
Dorney Jackson, 288 n Broadway 
Dorney Michael, lab., Ensor nr Chase 
Dorney Thos. J. salesman, 288 n Broadway 
Dorney Thos. U. 120 n Greene 
Dorney Wm. (D.Bros.) 742 Lexington 
Dorr Casper, printer, 42 Conway 
Dorr Chas. cooper, 401 s Eutaw 
Dorr Edward, clerk, 42 Conway 
Dorr Frank, printer, 42 Conway 
Dorr Lawrence A. printer, 42 Conway 
Dorr R.E.A. 256 n Carey 
Dorr Wm. machinist, 82 Henrietta 
Dorrell Edw. potter, 147 n Central av 
Dorrell Geo.H. painter, 147 n Central av 
Dorrell W.J. potter, 17 Horn 
Dorrett Mrs. Jane, 79 n Washington 
Dorrett Wra.W. tobacconist, Eden and Fayette 
Dorries Chas.tobac'nist, Constitution and Buren 
Dorritee Mrs. Ellen, 290 n Bond 
Dorritee Wm.S. painter, 4 German, dw 150 Ais- 

Dorry Benj. B. mariner, 9 Aisquith 
Dorry Ferdinand, plumber, 29 Williamson al 


Made water-ti^ht, antlpreserved for years, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMENT and 


By increasina the qvantity of Gvm, we make a Palut 
for Damp Walls which is uneqiialed. All Work 
guaranteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders solicited 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D M. SADLER & CO., Sole Manufacturers, 

No. 3 COURTLAND STREET, up stairs. 

Dorry Mrs. Margt. 9 Aisquith 
Dorsch Geo. milk, 337 Orleans 
Dorsch John, lab. 149 s Dallas 
Dorsch Wolf, cooper, 226 s Durham 
Dorschel Frank, clerk, 293 Hamburg 
Dorschel Herman, teacher, 68 n Arlington av 
Dorschel Wm. butcher, 3 Fell's Point Market, 

dw 293 Hamburg 
Dorschel Wm. jr. clerk, 293 Hamburg 
Dorschky Henry, shoemkr, 5 L. Constitution 
Dorsey A. A. engineer, 57 Warren 
Dorsey Mrs. A. M. 300 Argyle av 
Dorsey A. P. 165 St. Paul 
Dorsey Allen, supt. York Road R.W. 3 n Holli- 

day and 5 PostofRce av, dw 193 n Charles 
Dorsey Mrs. Amanda F. 309 e Eager 
Dorsey Andrew J. 349 e Baltimore 
Dorsey Mrs. Anna, 130 n Eutaw 
Dorsey Bartus C. salesman, 569 Lexington 
Dorsey C. W. (Wm.J. Dickey & Sons) Wether- 

Dorsey Chas. PL (J.L.D.& Son) 360 Linden av 
Dorsey Chas.H. engineer, 234 William 
DORSEY D., Barnum's hotel 
Dorsey Danl. B. 205 Franklin 
Dorsey Danl.W. gilder. Monument and Jew al 
Dorsey David J. morocco dresser, 44 Liberty al 
Dorsey Decatur, 300 Argyle av 
Dorsey E.R. asst. genl. ticket agent B.& O.R.R. 

68 McCuUoh 
Dorsey Edw. carp. 44 n Strieker ext 
Dorsey Edw.B. carp. 234 William 
Dorsey Edw.C. painter, 97 s E.xeter 
Dorsey Elisha, carp., Hampden 
Dorsey Evan L. paperhanger, 487 w Fayette 
Dorsey Ezekiel S. bookkpr, 333 e Baltimore 
Dorsey Frank, (F.D.&Co.)Franklin and Howard 
DORSEY FRANK & CO. (Frank Dorsey) drug- 
gists, s e cor Howard and Franklin 
Dorsey Frank M. clerk, 401 Lexington 
Dorsey Geo. com. raercht. 52 Conway 
Dorsey Geo.W.,Toone nr Clinton 
Dorsey Geo. W. shoemkr, 1 Oxford 
Dorsey Hugh, miller, Calverton mills 
Dorsey James, marble polisher, 44 Liberty al 
Dorsey Mrs. Jas.E. 165 St. Paul 
Dorsey Jas.E. jr. 165 St. Paul 
Dorsey Jas.F. brakeman, 94 Druid Hill av 
Dorsey Jas.L. (J.L.D.& Son) 300 Linden av 
Dorsey Jas.L.& Son, (Jas.L. and Charles H. Dor- 
sey) flour and grain brokers, 6 Camden 
Dorsey Jas. P. magistrate. First av nr Second, 

dw'Clinton nr Toone 
Dorsey John, lime, 385 Orleans 
Dorsey John, tailor, 305 s Paca 
Dorsey John, lab. 384 Hanover 
Dorsey John, lab. 15 New 
Dorsey John B. police, 41 Granby 
Dorsey John E. stonecutter, 519 Aisquith 
j Dorsey John J. clerk, 170 s Paca 

No. 61 S. GAY STREET. 





Dorsey Joliu R. (Rawlings & D.) 360Lindeii av 
Dorsey John S. clerk, 309 e Eager 
Dorsey John T. plasterer, 226 Saratoga 
Dorsey John T. clerk, 18 Oliver 
Dorsey John W. salesman, 145 Mulberry 
Dorsey Joseph, Barnum's hotel 
Dorsey Josejjh, moulder, 3 Thomsen 
Dorsey Jos. I. sroc'y, Saratoga and Strieker 
Dorsey Leonard P. restaurant, 2 Lexington 
Dorsey Lloyd, telegraphist, 40 n Calvert 
Dorsey Mrs. Mary, boarding, 52 McHenry 
Dorsey Michael, lab. 80 s Castle 
Dorsey Michael, lime, 385 Orleans 
Dorsev Michael E. med. student, 152 Hollins 
DORSEY, MOORE & CO. (T.C. Dorsey, Frank 
Moore) agricultural implements, 52 s Calvert 
Dorsey N. R. magistrate, Hampden 
Dorsey Nathaniel,dept. U.S. Marshal, lllSt.Paul 
Dorsey Dr. Owen, 90 n Greene 
Dorsey Dr. Robt. of Edw. 85 \v Monument 
Dorsey Robt. E. clerk, 134;w Baltimore, dw Bal- 
timore CO 
Dorsey Robt. H. boilermkr, 69 w Biddle 
Dorsey Dr. Robt.W. 165 St. Paul 
Dorsey Saml. engineer, 131 Boyd 
Dorsey Saml. A. stonecutter, 52 McHenry 
Dorsey Susan, 301 McDonogh 
DORSEY T. B. sec'y Md.State Agricultural and 
Mechanical Association, attorney, 34 n Cal- 
vert, dw Howard co ^ 
Dorsev Mrs.T.R. 205 Franklin 
Dorsey Theod'eC.(D.,Moore&Co.)283McCulloh 
Dorsey Thos. shoemkr, 1-36 Chew 
Dorsey Thos. A. clerk, 82 Columbia 
Dorsey Thos. R. brakeman, 370 William 
Dorsey Timothy M. huck.ster, 152 Hollins 
Dorsey Upton W. clerk, St. Clair hotel 
Dorsey Capt.Wm. 15 Lloyd 
Dorsey Wm. conductor, 97 s Paca 
Dorsey Wm. A. trav. agent, 75 e Pratt 
Dorsey Wm. H. engineer, 58 Gough 
Dorsey Wm. H. salesman. Three Tuns hotel 
Dorsey Wm. H. teller, 154 n Carrollton av 
Dorsey Wm. H. jr. engineer, 58 Gough 
Dorsey Wm. R. coachmkr, 136 Chew 
Dorton Henry F. cigars, &c. 26 Park av 
Dorweis Eckard, painter, 13 Jefferson 
Dosch Andrew, lab. Clinton nr Fifth av 
Dosch Fred. lab. 22 Clinton 
Dosch Mrs. Mary, saloon, Clinton nr Fifth av 
Dose Chas. grocery, 255 e Fayette 
Dost Theodore, bristlecomber, ^3 Bentalou 
Doster John G. tailor, 32 McElderry 
Dotsch Louis, lab. 23 Waesche 
Dotter Chas. carp. 395 Aliceanna 
Dotter John C. carp. 395 Aliceanna 
Dotterweich Andreas, beer, First av nr Dillon 
Dotterweich Andrew, huckster, 43 n Durham 
Dotterweich Francis, organist, 231 Aisquith 
Dotterweich Fred. tobacconist, Oxford and Druid 

Hill av, dw 390 n Strieker 
Dotterweich Geo. blksmith, Dillon nr Third av 
Dotterweich Jacob, hostler, 51 s Durham 
Dotterwich Sabastian, cooper, 40 Frederick av 
Doub Mrs. Israel, 19 Myrtle av 
Doubleday Sam!., Franklin and Stockton al 
Douch Wm. wheelwright. Sweet Air 
Doud Edw. grocery, Mott and Stirling 
Doud John, upholsterer, 7 Camden la 
Doud John, lab. 103 Stirling 
Doud John A. M. overseer, 250 e Madison 
Doud Martin, lab. 65 s Castle 

Doud Michael, lab. 7 n Bond 

Doud Michael, lab. 16 n Schroeder 

Doud Thos. J. clerk, 7 n Bond 

Doud Wm. lab. 24 n Amity 

Doudell Wm. F. salesman, 337 w Lombard 

Doudiken Edwd.painter,Libertyrd and Calhoun 

Doudiken John, lab. Liberty rd and Calhoun 

Doudiken Jos.moulder.Liberty rd and Calhoun 

Doudiken Thos. M. tin and sheetiron worker, 

Liberty rd and Calhoun 
Dougare'Dr. A. F.' 161 W^est 
Dougherty Mrs. Anna, 137 Mullikia 
Dougherty Anthony, 4 n Calhoun ext 
Dougherty Mrs. B.'A. 224 n Calvert 
Dougherty Catherine, huckstress, 207 West 
Dougherty Chas. expressman, 554 w Baltimore 
Dougherty Chas. papercarrier, 20 n Bond 
Dougherty Chas. coppersmith, 180 s Washington 
Dougherty Chas. M. 224 n Calvert 
Dougherty Daniel, carter, 180 s Washington 
Dougherty Delia, cook, 128 St. Paul 
Dougherty Geo. lab. Lemmon nr Gilmor 
Dougherty Geo. stonecutter, 186 e Monument 
Dougherty Geo. W. finisher, 104 n Ann 
Dougherty H. H. salesman. 347 w Baltimore 
Dougherty Hugh, lab. 19 Price ct 
Dougherty Hugh jr. lab. 19 Price ct 
Dougherty J. J. C. money order clerk, Post- 
office, 9 n Exeter 
Dougherty James, 73 w Biddle 
Dougherty Jas. W. furnaceman, foot of Clinton 
Dougherty John, driver, 552 Canton av 
Dougherty John, huckster, 82 York 
Dougherty John, lab. 186 e Monument 
Dougherty John, lab. 19 Price ct 
Dougherty John T. broommkr, 311 w Biddle 
Dougherty John W. weigher, 271 Hollins 
Dougherty John W. mariner, 112 s Bond 
Dougherty Joseph, papercarrier, 45 n Gay 
Dougherty Martin, huckster, 20 Lee 
Dougherty Mrs. Mary V. beer, 238 n Front 
Dougherty Michael, lab. 19 Price ct 
Dougherty Michael, collector, 10 e Lombard 
Dougherty Michael, coachman, 16 Linden av 
Dougherty Michael, lab. 377 n Eutaw 
Dougherty Michael, salesman, 7 n Wolfe 
Dougherty Michael, lab. 23 Pleasant al 
Dougherty Michael J. plumber, 133 Aisquith, 

dw 468 e Eager 
Dougherty Patrick, engineer, 96 York 
Dougherty Patk. lab. Point la nr Greenmount av 
Dougherty Philip, papercarrier, 20 n Bond 
Dougherty Philip H. grocery, 26 n Bond 
Dougherty Robert, clerk, 9 n Exeter 
Dougherty Thos. huckster, 90 York 
Dougherty Thos. 15 n Caroline 
Dougherty Thos. B. printer, 119 e Eager 
Dougherty Wm. veterinarian, Biddle and Ma- 
ryland av, dw 155 w Biddle 
Dougherty Wm. lab. 10 Thomsen 
Dougherty Wm.H. watchman. North av nr John 
Dougherty Wm.H.( Wm.H.D.&Co.)12 s Chester 
Dougherty Wm. H. & Co. (Wm.H. Dougherty, 
E.G.Stammen) grain and feed, 15 and 17 w 
Doughney James, lab. 240 s Durham 
Doughney Patrick, lab. 64 s Chapel 
Doughty H. C. salesman, 102 Edmondson av 
Doughty John C. night supt. American dist. 

telegraph co. 77 Hollins 
Doughty Mrs. M. millinery, 909i w Baltimore 
Doughty Nehemiah,.carp. 297 s Paca 

HOLMKS & CO., Encrineers' and Mrtchinists' Tools and Supplies, 
Packing, BeltinG, Hose, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

O. F. Bresee, G-eneral Agent, American Bnilding. 
DOU 203 DOX 

Doughty Thos.P.(R.T. Waters & Son)82 Bolton 
Doughty Wm. E. salesman, 25 Clinton av 
Douglass Ambrose, bricklayer, 35 Chew 
Douglass Benj. F. carp. 11 n Popple ton 
Douglass Chas. S. (Slater & D.) 294 M.Donogh 
Douglass Mrs. Emma, notions, 245 e Fayette 
Douglass Mrs. Fanny, 171 Stirling 
Douglass Geo. W. cooper, 44 Washington av 
Douglass Mrs. Harriet, cakes, &c. 35 Chew 
Douglass Mrs. Ida, seamstress, T Marion 
Douglass Jas. B. mariner, 157 Cross 
Douglass Jas. H. painter, 17 Horn 
Douglass John, gardener, Harford av nr North av 
Douglass John, hackman, 180 n Caroline 
Douglass John B. mariner, 157 Cross 
Douglass Joseph, junk, 97 Low 
Douglass Mrs. Margaret, grocery, 52 Thames 
Douglass Mrs. Mary J. seamstress, 13 L Church 
Douglass Thos. shoemkr, 77 n Poppleton 
Douglass Thos. J. cooper, 138 L. Greene 
Douglass Wm. cooper, 4 Walker 
Douglass Wm. R. painter, 245 e Fayette 
Doulong Conrad, mercht. tailor, 273 Canton av 
Dourney Geo. blacksmith, 617 w Pratt 
Dourney John, moulder, 617 w Pratt 
Dourney Michael, lab. 617 w Pratt 
Dourney Nathaniel, moulder, G17 w Pratt 
Douses John, tailor, 75 n Chapel 
Douthat Mrs. Mary A.dressmkr,212 Madison av 
Douthat Wm. H. clerk, 212 Madison av 
Douty Caleb, examiner appraiser's office, dw3G2 

Douty Jas. F. clerk, 362 Hollins 
Dove Benj. F. watchman, 548 w Pratt 
Dove Henry, driver, 319 n Durham 
Dove Jas. lab. 186 Burgundy al 
Dove Minnie, 102 Raborg 
Dover Jacob, painter, 726 w Pratt 
Dover John, slater, cor Pratt and Penn 
Dover John, slater, 66 Eastern av 
Dover Robert, slater, 66 Eastern av 
Dovey John S. manager American Sewing Ma- 
chine Co. 64 n Charles, dw 249 n Gilmor 
Dow James, clerk, 344 n Durham 
Dow Jos. A. shoemkr, 286 n Eutaw 
Dow Lorenzo, carp. 16 Baker 
Dow Robert, machinist, Woodberry 
Dowaday Wm., Clipper mills 
Dowd John, lab. 62 s Dewberry al 
Dowd Michael, lab. Waverley 
Dowd Patrick, lab. Wilcox nr Chase 
Dowden Francis P. rigger, 290 e Lombard 
Dowell Everett J. carp. 6 German, dw 42 Jack- 
son sq av 
DOWELL GEO. E. auditor C.H. 148 Mulberry 
Dowell Geo. W. clerk, 21 Henrietta 
Dowell J. T. & Co. (J.T.Dowell) com. merchts, 

4 Camden 
Dowell J. T. (J.T.D. & Co.) 94 Camden 
Dowell Jas. H. clerk, 214 Aisquith 
Dowell John, 350 Park av 
Dowell John R. barkpr, 21 Henrietta 
Dowell John R. barkpr, 113 Camden 
Dowell Marion V. 94 Camden 
Dowell Richard W. clerk, 94 Camden 
Dowell SaAiuel, blacksmith, 195 w John 
Dowell Thos. blacksmith, 195 w John 
Dower John, shoemkr, 220 William 
Dowling Jas. quarryman. Falls rd nr toUgate 
Dowling Joseph, lab. Falls rd nr tollgate 
Dowling Patrick, lab. 8 Parrish 
Dowling Thos. lab. 121 s Strieker 


Made water-tight, and preserved for years, by thor- 
oughly app-lyiug ELASTIC CEMENT aud 


By increas'im the quantity of Gum, we make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which is uuequaled. All work 
guarantet- d. A trial is all we ask. Oiders solicited 
for uew felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER «fc CO.. Sole Manufacturers, 

No 3 COUKTLAND STREET, up stairs. 

Dowling Thos. lab. 130 Fort av 

Dowling Thos. J. printer, 112 Hollins 

Downes Henry H. trunknikr, 259 Light 

Downes Eliphalet, glassblower, 28 Hamburg 

Downes James, collier, 224 Cooksie 

Downes Thaddeus L. 1 Penn 

Downey Edward, lab. 9 Fall 

Downey Edward, marble worker, 38 e Eager 

Downey John, Clipper mills 

Downey John, carter, Monument ext 

Downey John, bricklayer, 143 Whatcoat 

Downey John, lab. 632 w Pratt 

Downey John, grocer and com. mercht. 133 

Franklin, dw 154 n Eutaw 
Downey John, mariner, 96 Warner 
Downey John, carter, 154 n Front 
Downey Laura, 110 s Spring 
Downey Mrs. Mary, dressmkr, 141 Dover 
Downey Mrs. Margaret, grocery, 96 Warner 
Downey Pat'k, lab. Clinton nr First av 
Downey Robt. C. clerk, 154 n Eutaw 
Downey Samuel, clerk, 148 Druid Hill av 
Downey Mrs. W. T. 141 Dover 
Downing & Brown (H. Downing, Jas. B.Brown) 

real estate brokers, 32^ St. Paul 
Downing Chas. contractor, 16 Whatcoat 
Downing Howell (D. & Brown) 168 w Biddle 
Downing Capt. Saml. jr. (Eubank & D.) 164 w 

Downing W. C. (Wm.C.D.&Co.) 168 w Biddle 
Downing Wm. C. & Co. (Wm.C. Downing) leaf 

tobacco aud cigars, 80 w Baltimore 
Downing Wm. H. 25 Warren 
Downs Albert, engineer, 291 s Paca 
Downs Chas. G. salesman, 83 St. Paul 
Downs & Co. (Joseph B. Downs, George Rose) 

butchers, 67 Hanover, 31 Centre, 38 Richmond 

and 46 Lexington Markets 
Downs Elijah,' lab. 192 s Paca 
Downs Fred'k M. plumber, 507 Light 
Downs H. S. moulder, 410 Orleans 
Downs Howard, clerk, 637 w Lombard 
Downs Harris T. police, 410 Orleans 
Downs James, clerk, 507 Light 
Downs James H.paperhanger,89 n Arlington av 
Downs John L carp. 2 Cumberland 
Downs John N. painter, 410 Orleans 
Downs Jos. B. (D. &.Co.) 507 Light 
Downs Josephine, notions, Mulberry and Ar- 
lington av 
Downs Mrs. M. C. 447 n Fremont 
Downs Marion A. W. stonecutter, 410 Orleans 
Downs Samuel A. carp. 125 Montgomery 
Downs Rev. Wilford, 637 w Lombard 
Downs Wilford C. clerk, 637 w Lombard 
Dows David (David D.& Co.) New York 
DOWS DAVID k CO. (David Dows) com. 

merchts, 15 South 
Doxen Mrs. E. A. 69 McHenry 
Doxen Wm. plasterer. Cathedral ext 


No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 

r Mii^u^MLUFEiNBmMMmmjomm york. 




Doyle A. Courtney, clerk, 205 w Lanvale 
Doyle Ann, grocery, 57 Clay 
Doyle Andrew J. clerk, 208 German 
Doyle Authur, shipcarp. 79 s Castle 
Doyle Bernard, lab. 85 s Exeter 
Doyle Mrs. Bridget, 44 s Wolfe 
Doyle Chas. J. 138 Park av 
Doyle Daniel, carp. 337 Mulberry 
Doyle Mrs. Delia, grocery, 42 Lemmon 

Doyle Mrs. Catherine, 409 Cathedral 
Doyle & Co. (T.HarryDoyle) grocery and pro- 
visions, 173 n Carey 

Doyle Elizabeth, dry goods, 69 n Schroeder 

Doyle Mrs. Ellen, huckstress, 20 Albemarle 

Doyle Geo. F. clerk, 337 Mulberry 

Doyle Gerald, engineer, 59 Buren 

Doyle Henry, lab. 149 Eliott 

Doyle Henry, clerk, 44 McCulloh 

Doyle Hugh, moulder, 79 s Castle 

Doyle J. Clarence, hardware com. mercht. 22 
German, dw 202 McCulloh 

Doyle Jacob, driver, 33 Biddle al 

Doyle James, lab. 85 s Exeter 

Doyle James, moulder, 79 s Castle 

Doyle James E. blacksmith, 67 s Central av 

Doyle James M. collector, 50 n Garrollton av 

Doyle Jane, laund. 12 s Castle 

Doyle John, florist, w Townsend ext 

Doyle John, lab. 18 Abey al 

Dojie John, lab. Eden and Aliceanaa 

Doyle John, lab. 62 n Arlington av 

Doyle John jr. lab. 85 s Exeter 

Doyle John, lab. Chapel nr Chase 

Doyle John, lab. 85 s Exeter 

Doyle John, lab. Harford av ext 

Doyle John, sexton, 15 s Poppleton 

Doyle John A. painter, 40 Park av 

Doyle John B. clerk, 139 Mosher 

Doyle John C. clerk, 53 McKim 

Doyle John F. reporter, 27 Constitution 

Doyle John I. paper carrier, 61 Lee 

Doyle John J. clerk, 57 Clay 

Doyle Lawrence, lab. 180 s Ann 

Doyle M. J. tinner, 49 Etting 

Doyle Martin, lab. North av nr John 

Doyle Mrs. Mary, tailoress, 36 Johnson 

Doyle Martin, lab. 10 Curley 

Doyle Mary, teacher, 27 Constitution 

Doyle Matthew, lab. 27 Constitution 

Doyle Michael, lab. 421 McHenry 

Doyle Michael, moulder, 57 Clay 

Doyle Michael, lab. Dover nr Monroe 

Doyle Michael J. carp. 337 Mulberry 

Doyle Michael V. printer, 9 n High 

Doyle Morgan, printer, 151 s Eden 

Doyle Patrick, lab. 62 s Oregon 

Doyle Patrick, drayman, 172 Stirling 

Doyle Patrick, lab. 182 McHenry 

Doyle Patrick F. lab. 62 s Oregon 

Doyle Peter, driver, Scott nr Stockholm 

Doyle Peter, bricklayer, 94 Dolphin 

Doyle Redmond, drayman, 29 Buren 

Doyle Rosanna, 32 Camden 

Doyle Mrs. Sarah A. 289 n Gay 

Doyle Saml. B. clerk, Adams Exp. 155 Mosher 

Doyle T. Harry, (D. & Co.) 207 n Carey 

Doyle Thos. cooper, 62 Philpot 

Doyle Thos. lab. 53 McKim 

Doyle Thos. lab. 205 Cooksie 

Doyle Thos. sawyer, 90 Battery av 

Doyle Thos. grocery. Fort and Battery avs 

Doyle Thos. cooper, 62 Philpot 

Doyle Thos. G. bookseller, 289 n Gay 
Doyle Walter I. 207 n Carey 
Doyle Wm. lab. 53 McKim 
Doyle Wm. clerk, 155 Mosher 
Doyle Wm. grocery, 40 Park av 
Doyle Wm. F. painter, 40 Park av 
Doyle Wm. F. police, 382 s Charles 
Doyle Wm. H. carp. 337 Mulberry 
Doyle Wm. J. carp. 337 Mulljerry 
Doyle Wm. J. (Newcomer & Co.) 189 Saratoga 
Dozier Wm. R. clerk, 130 w Fayette 
Drach Henry, farmer, 89 s Gilmor 
Drager Charles, cigarmkr, 168 Johnson 
Drager Frank, shipsmith, 168 Johnson 
Drager Henry, driver, 326 s Bond 
Drager Wm. shoes, 247 Canton av 
Drain Francis P. 4 Waverley terrace . 

Drake B. D. agent for notions, over 54 Lexing- 
ton, dw 174 w Fayette 
Drake Edward F. blacksmith, 87 Scott 
Drake Geo. H. painter, 28 May 
Drake Hiel, blacksmith, 4 Henrietta 
Drake Thos. D. bookkpr, 255 w Baltimore 
Drake Wm. blacksmith, cor Penn and King, 

dw 25 s Fremont 
Drake Wm. blacksmith, Fremont and Boyd 
Drakeley Mrs. A. Maria, 388 w Fayette 
Drakeley Charles, clerk, 272 w Fayette 
Drakeley George, 272 w Fayette 
Drakeley John G. (Griffith & D.) 272 w Fay- 
Drakeley Thomas, 272 w Fayette 
Drane James, milk, McKim n of Eager 
Drane John, plasterer, Ann nr Monument 
Drane Richard, boilermkr, 79 Stirling 
Drane Robert, lab. 30 Courtland 
Draper Chester, wagoner, 178 Dover 
Draper John R. musician, 57 Chesnut 
DRAPER KATE, 6 Josephine 
Draude Andreas, confect'y, 431 e Fayette 
Drebing Geo. shipjoiner. Ill n Chester 
Drebing Wm. A. plumber, 21 w Fayette, dw 13 

n CoUington av 
Drechsel Louis, beer, 299 Penna av 
Drechsler John, plasterer, 40 n Amity 
Drechsler John F. butcher, 79 Belair Market, 

Point la nr Harford rd 
Dreeman Louis, cigarmkr, 15 L. Gough 
Dreiling Ludwig, machinist, 16 e Lombard 
Dreisch Joseph, porter, 201 Mulberry 
Dreisch Joseph M. clerk, 201 Mulberry 
Dreisch Mary E. milliner, 201 Mulberry 
Dreman Ferdinand, furniture, 15 L. Gough 
Dreman Louis, cigarmkr, 15 L. Gough 
Dreman Wm. cigarmkr, 15 L. Gough 
Drenner David F. fireman, 379 William 
Drenning John, lab. Sweet Air 
Dresbach Geo. A. cooper, 38 s High 
Dresl Ferdinand, (D., Rauschenberg & Co.) 256 

w Lanvale 
and Ferdinand Dresel and Herman Rauschen- 
berg) ship brokers, Us Gay 
Dresel Werner, (D., Rauschenberg & Co.) 256 w 

Dresher Peter, shoenikr, 16 Willow 
Dressel Adam, telegraphist, 496 n Gay 
Dressel Mrs. Catherine, 289 e Monument 
Dressel Chas. grocery, rear 161 Hanover 
Dressel Conrad, laborer, 13 Henry 
Dressel Conrad, fringe manufr. 50 n Spring 
Dressel Conrad jr. bookkpr, 50 n Spring 

Wm. Wiet Clarkk, Imp'd Cements for all kinds Oriiamental 
No. 61 S. GAY PTREET. 


Largest Life Ins. Co. in theWorld, O.F.Bresee, G-en. Agt. 

DEE 205 DKU 


Made water-tight, and preserved for years, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMENT and 


By increasing the qvantity of Gum, we make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which is uneqnaled. All work 
guaranteed. A trial is all we ask. Orders solicited 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER & CO., Sole Manufacturers, 

No. 3 COUKTLAND STKEET, up staire. 

Dressel Ferdinand, shoemkr, 52 e Biddle 
Dressel Frank, lab. 264 n Central av 
Dressel Fred, barber, 52 e Biddle 
Dressel Fred. 11 n Liberty 
Dressel Geo. beer, Belair av ext 
Dressel Geo. lab. 185 Madeira 
Dressel Geo. beer, 79 Druid Hill av 
Dressel Geo. glasscutter, 13 Henry 
Dressel Geo. C. harnessmkr, 258 s Bond 
Dressel Gustave A. stonecutter,289 e Monument 
Dressel Henry, roofing and spouting, 289 e Mon- 
Dressel Jacob, boxmkr, 419 Cross 
Dressel John, lab. 320 Aliceanna 
Dressel John, beer, Belair av ext 
Dressel John, blacksmith, 97 s Wolfe 
Dressel John G. lab. 264 n Central av 
Dressel John J. bakery, 141 e Pratt 
Dressel Joseph, tailor, 4 Anthony- 
Dressel Leonard, blindmaker and letterer, 532 

n Gay 
Dressel Lewis, blacksmith, 52 e Biddle 
Dressel Martin, baker, 107 n High 
Drettercker Fred, earpetweaver, 83 Lemmon al 
Dreves Francis, tobacconist, 145 w Fayette and 

and 17 n Eutaw, dw 145 w Fayette 
Drew Arthur, 4 n Poppleton 
Drew Ella, saleslady, 54 s Front 
Drew Dr. F. F. dentist, 160 w Madison 
Drew Richard, lab. 20 Wilmer al 
Drewry James W. mariner, 38 City block 
Drexel Francis F. salesman, 24 n Pine 
Drexel H. C. scourer, 148 Linden av, dw 313 w 

Drexel Henry, 24 n Pine 
Drexel Henry jr. cigarmkr, 24 n Pine 
Drexel John sr. lab. 23 Smith 
Drexel John jr. potter, 23 Smith 
Drexel Louis, barkpr, 23 Smith 
Drexel Moritz, confectionery, 54 w Baltimore 
Dre.xel Richard, lab. 23 Smhh 
Drexler Ferdinand, lab. 231 n Bond 
Drexler Geo. pickles, 173 s Charles 
Drexley Henry, oysters, Baker nr Penna av 
Drey Elkan, (L. Lauer & Co.) 72 n Carey 
Dreyer Chas. M. cigarmanuf. 26 Albemarle 
Dreyer F. (Asendorf & D.) 394 w Lombard 
Dreyer H. D. boxmkr, 121 Hollins 
Dreyer John H. clerk, 168 s Broadway 
Dreyer Mary, millinery, 610 vv Baltimore 
Dreyer Wm. A. shoes, 168 s Broadway 
Dreyer Wm. C. clerk, 168 s Broadwaj' 
Dreyer Wm. C. 20 Pearl 

DRILL JAMES M. ass't genl. freight agent N. 
C.R.W. and Baltimore and Potomac R.R.163 
w Baltimore, dw 357 Park av 
Drinkhouse Rev. E. J. editor and pub. Metho- 
dist Protestant, dw 61 n Gilmor 
Drinks Chas. shucker, 156 s Collington av 
Drinks Henry, shucker, 302 Aliceanna 
Drinks Paul, lab. 104 Lancaster 
Driscall Ann, 99 s Eden 
Driscoll Mrs. C. K. teacher, 42 n Poppleton 
Driscoll Cornelius, driver, 1 Cuba 
Driscoll Dennis, horseshoer, 113 n Front 
Driscoll Dennis, stonecutter, 5 Hillen 
Driscoll Dennis, lab. 104 n High 
Driscoll James, lab. 226 Eastern aV 
Driscoll John, police, 25 s Carrollton av 
Driscoll John, clerk. Gibbons hotel 
Driscoll & Moriarty, (Timothy Driscoll, John 
Moriarty) restaurant, 49 n Pine 

Driscoll Mark V. grocery, 99j Camden 

Driscoll Richard J. tailor, 99 Camden 

Driscoll Timothy, (D. & Moriarty) 49 n Pine 

Driscoll Wm. H. upholsterer, 99 Camden 

Driver Alex, driver, 144 s Chapel 

Driver Chas. watchman, 471 e Chase 

Driver Chas. clerk, 114 s Paca 

Driver Christian J. driver, 114 s Chapel 

Driver John T. rags, 404 West 

Driver Lewis, lumber handler, 387 Eastern av 

Driver Reinhardt, lab. 186 s Chapel 

Drohan David, police, 317 n Gilmor 

Drohan Matthew, lab. 317 n Gilmor 

Drohan Thos. 156 Linden av 

Droll Adam, tailor, 12 n Wolfe 

Droneburg Frank, -lab, 84 Hanover 

Droney Martin, tailor, 2 Bedford al 

Droscher Adolph,(J.P.»Lubs & Co.)51 n Greene 

Drost Michael, shoemkr, 43 s Chester, dw 371 

Drost Paul, shoemkr, 57 Perry 
Droste John E. 19 w Baltimore 
Droste Wm. H. police, 78 Hill 
Drought Carrie A. teacher, 138 Montgomery 
Drought Emma, teacher, 138 Montgomery 
Drought Francis, carp. 138 Montgomery 
Drought Mary, 14 Harris al 

cor Baltimore and Carey — [&« Appejidix 
Druecke August, tailor, 175 s Bond 
Druecke Frederick, confectionery, 175 s Bond 
Druery John A. fire dept. 73 s Collington av 
Druery Wm. rigger, 73 s Collington av 
Druery Wm. H. carp. 73 s Collington av 
Drugan Hugh, 69 Hollins 
Druhc Cornelius, tailor, 1 Arcade al 
Druid Cotton Mills, Druidville,N.C.R.W., Gam- 
brill, Sons & Co. proprietors 
Druid Hall, 25 w Fayette 

Druid Hill Assembly Rooms, 126 Druid Hill av 
Druid Hill av stables, Chas.Rupp k Son,proprs, 

n e cor Druid Hill av and Dolphin 
DRUID HILL PARK, Madison av ext 
Druidville, w of and adjoining Woodberry 
Drum John, lab. 138 McHenry 
Drumgoold Patrick, carp. 133 n Spring 
Drummarder Chris. lab. 25 Rock 
Drummey Cornelius, lab. 38 Woodyear 
Drummond Alex, blksmith, 36 s Schroeder 
Drummond Baltimore, clerk, 88 George 
Drummond David, clerk, 90 Harlem av 
Drummond Mrs. Johanna E. 88 George 
Drummond AV.D.S. clerk, Harlem av nr Carey 
Drummond Wm. lab. 88 George 
Drury Chas. B. salesman, 104 s Sharp 
Drury Edward T.(D.& Ijams)177nCarrolltonav 
Drury & Ijams, (E.T. Drury, Wm.H. Ijams jr.) 

grocery. Gay and High 
Drury Jas. P. clerk, 107 n Broadway 
Drury Samuel C. watchman, 15 s Fremont 

MARBLE CEMENT, (susceptible of the Highest PoHsh,) 
For Columns, and for Ohurcli and Vestibule Work. 





Drury Thos. lab. 4 Parrish 

Drury Wm.A. mariner, 155 Battery av 

Druschel Philip, liquors, 24 n Caroline 

Drvden fish dealer, 61 Clay, dw 64 

Dryden Alex. jr. fish, 61 Clay 

Dryden C. 0.(D.& Palmer)446 Madison av 

Drvden Mrs. E. A. 408 n Carey 

DRVDEN & HOOK, ( W. H. Dryden, Jacob W. 

Hook)hides and tallow, Patterson Park av nr 

Dryden James, blksmith, 276 McDonogh 
Dryden J.Meredith, (Chase, Bartholow & Co.) 

Balto CO. 
Dryden Joshua, 67 n Liberty 
Dryden Joshua, 446 Madison av 
Dryden & Palmer, (C.O.Dryden, Noah Palmer) 

rock candy syrup, 9 s Frederick 
Dryden Robt. W. 157 n Charles 
Dryden Samuel, 67 n Liberty 
Dryden Thos. fish, 61 Clay 
Dryden Wm.H.(D.& Hook) 342 w Faj^ette 
DuBarry W.D. ticket agent, cor 

Baltimore and Calvert, dw 359 n Charles 
Dubbs Daniel L. shoemkr, 126 Parkin 
Dubel Capt. James A. 147 n Carey 
Dubel James E. clerk, 147 n Carey 
Dubel R. com. merch. 88 Light-st whf, dw 147 

n Carey 
Dubois E. C. clerk, Madison av ext 
DuBois Edward S. depty.kpr. Md. Penitentiary 

dw 330 n Bond 
Dubree Geo. W. silversmith, 330 e Chase 
Dubree John B. clerk, 80 w Biddle 
Dubree John H. carp. 80 w Biddle 
Dubreuil Armand, marble cutter, 54 s Greene 
Dubreuil Madam Armanda, teacher, 54 s Greene 
Dubreuil Geo. A. teacher, 316 w Lombard 
Dubreuil Rev.Dr.J.Paul,prest. St. Sulpice Sem- 
inary, St. Mary and Paca 
Dubreuil Paul E. clerk, 54 s Greene 
Dubriton Wm. machinist, 17 Stockton 
Dubuisson Robt. L. bookkpr, 321 n Ann 
Duchault Mrs. Julia, 168 Aisquith 
Ducheck Anton, lab. 246 Aliceanna 
Ducheck John, lab. 246 Aliceanna 
Ducheck Joseph, lab.. 246 Aliceanna 
Duck Dr. Chas. E. dentist, 66 n Charles 
Ducker Geo. E.,Maltby house 
Ducker Harry T. salesman, Maltby house 
Duckett Jeremiah, carter, 222 Preston 
Duckett John, oysters, 130 Burgundy al 
Duckett Mrs. Mary, grocery, 63 McHenry 
Duckett Richd.G. tax dept. 191 n Carrollton av 
Duckett Mrs. Weddie, 67 Park av 
Duckett Wm. driver, 63 McHenry 
Ducsh Henry, engineer, 227 n Bond 
Duddy James, type founder, Burton's hotel 
Dudley Ann E. school, 667 Lexington 
Dudley Asa P. gardener, Friendship, York rd 
Dudley Chas.G.B. engineer, 296 s Sharp 
Dudley Christopher, blksmith, 357 n Durham 
Dudley, Fenwick k Co. (Hiram. G.Dudley, A.F. 

Fenwick) gen. com. merch ts. 57 Light 
Dudley Fred. M. lab. 166 Hughes 
Dudley Mrs. M. E. grocery, 242 Light, dw 166 

DudleyHiram G.(D., Fenwick & Co.)72nHoward 
Dudley Joseph, currier, 214 n Front 
Dudley Joseph, porter, 25 Willow 
Dudley Marcus L.& Co. (Marcus L.Dudley,Geo. 

U.Porter )proprietors Marine observatory, over 

55 Second 

Dudley Marcus L.(M.L.D.& Co. )312 Light 
Dudley Orlando, boilermkr, 191 Battery av 
Dudley Thos. blksmith, 214 n Front 
Dudrow Chas. E. salesman, 75 s Patterson Park av 
Dudrow Geo. W. lab. 238 Chew 
Dudrow John C. carp. 238 Chew 
Dudrow Philip S. bricklayer, 238 Chew 
Dudrow Robt. H. jr. canmkr, 20 Warner 
Dudrow Robt. H. engineer, 20 Warner 
Dudrow Thomas C. police, 234 Chew 
Duehring Fred, restaurant, 18 Bank 
Duer A. Adgate, (J.Duer & Sons) Balto co 
Duer Douglass H.(J.D.& Sons) 147 n Charles 

DUER JOHN iTsONS John Duer, 
A. A. Duer, Douglass H. Duer) 
Hardware and Slate Mantles, 24 s 
Charles street. 

DUER JOHN (J.D.& Sons) 147 n Charles 
Duer Mrs. Matilda, 301 Hollins 
Duering Chas. S. beer, 130 n Central ar 
Duering Edwd. V. bricklayer, 191 Division 
Duering Geo. S. bricklayer, 182 Argyle av 
Duering James F. blacksmith, 156 Division 
Duering Joseph, baker, 14 Jackson ct 
Duering Julius, cooper, 5 s Castle 
Dutf Andrew, huckster, 193 n Caroline 
Duff Chas. W. clerk, 82 Ensor 
Duff Geo. tinner, 348 n Gay 
Duff Henry C. clerk, 4 Oliver 
Duff James, toys, 115 s Broadway 
Dutt' John, stonecutter, 201 Harford av 
Duff John J. clerk, 82 Ensor 
Duff Jos. F. 232 Argyle av 
Duff Mrs. Margaret, 82 Ensor 
Duff Patrick, driver, 437 Hamburg 
Duff Wm. H. machinist, 18 Ohio av 
Duffey Mrs. Catherine, confec'y, 98 s Eutaw 
Duffey Daniel, clerk, 98 s Eutaw 
Duffey John, hackman, 235 n Dallas 
Duffey Wm. police, 127 Albemarle 
Duffey Wm. J. ice. Eager and McKim 
Duffin Mrs. Mary A. notions, 483 w Pratt 
Duffin Michael, tailor, 483 w Pratt 
Duffy Bridget, groc'y, Maccubbin and Regester 
Duffy Mrs. Catherine, 247 Forrest 
Duffy Edward, stonecutter, 7 King 
Duffy Edw'd, attorney, 29 n Calvert,dw Town- 
send nr John 
Duffy Frank, coachman, 42 n Amity 
Duffy Mrs. Jas. 172 Cathedral 
Duffy Jas. jr. clerk, 164 Cathedral 
Duffy John, tinner, 77 Hillen 
Duffy John, clerk, 184 e Monunient 
Duffy John, safemkr, 430 w Lombard 
Duffy Capt. John, mariner, 181 Conway 
Duffy Mrs. John, Harford av opp. Darley Park 
Duffy John H. carp. 65 n Front 
Duff\' John T. gasfitter, 62 Union 
Duff^- Mrs. Kate, 586 Harford av 
Duffy Mary, laund. 7 Clarke al 

M. DUFFY & CO., Wholesale and 
Retail Grocers, Teas, Wines and 
Liquors, Fine Old Copper-Distil- 
led Rye Whiskey, Flour, Mill 
Feed, Corn Meal, &c.,Nos. 164 and 
166 Cathedral St., Near Bolton 
Depot, open to Park av. 

HOLMES & CO., Engineers' and Machinists' Tools and Supplies, 
Packing, Belting, Hose, Boiler Felt, Waste, Bolts, Nuts, Washers, &c. 

Assets, $85,000,000.00. O. F. Bresee, Genl Agt. 
~ DUF 207 DUL 

Duffy Mrs. Mar}', grocery, 430 w Lombard 

Duffy Mary, lauud. 6 Little al 

Duffy Mrs. Mary, 4 Hillman 

Duffy Michael,^M.Duffy &Co.) 67 Cathedral 

DUFFY M. & CO. (M.Duffy) grocery and feed, 

164 Cathedral 
Dnffy Michael H. blacksmith, 62 Uuion 
Duffy 0. T. printer, Maccubbin and Regester 
Duffv Patrick, paver, 3 Columbia 
Duffy Patrick, lab. 704 w Pratt 
Duffy Patrick, porter, 6 Little al 
Duffy Peter, lab. 6 Little al 
Duffy Peter, grocery, 374 Eastern av 
Duffy Thos. lab. Waverley 
Duffy Thos. brakeman, 39 Scott 
Duffy Wm. police, 127 Albemarle 
Dufort L. C. clerk, 429 e Baltimore 
DUFUR & CU. (Gr.J. Dufur) fireworkers, 36 n 

Dufur Geo. J. (D.&Go.) 201 n Carrollton av 
Dufur Orlaudo jr. railingmkr, 328 w Fayette 
Dufur Mrs. Orlando sr. 100 n Gilmor 
Dufur Wm. H. (Wm.H.D.& Co.) 100 n Gilmor 
Dufur Wm. H. & Co. (Wm. H. Dufur) cigar 

raanufrs. 200 w Pratt 

railr'd and machinists' supplies, 26 s Charles 
Dugan Cumberland (C.D.&Co.) 132 St. Paul 
Dugan Cumberland jr. clerk, 132 St. Paul 
Dugan Drfniel, lab. 34 Morton al 
Dugan Hammond, attorney, 5 Spurrier ct 
Dugan Mrs. J. 0. 36 n Front 
Dugan John jr. 67 Harford av 
Dugan Michael, lab. 67 Harford av 
Dugan Michael, lab. 58 u Dallas 
Dugan Pierre C. real ejtate collection office and 

money broker, 43 Lexington, d\v 26 w Mon- 
Dugan Thos. lab. 232 Lemmon 
Dugan Thos. B. clerk, 132 St. Paul 
Dugan Wm. tobacconist, 50 e Baltimore, dw 22 

s Exeter 
Dugent Eli. carp. 340 e Fayette 
Dugent Oliver, bricklayer, 113 e Madison 
Dugent Wm. carp. 10 s Chester 
Dugdale Wm. lab. Mount nr Lexington 
Dugdale Wm.(Jno.R.Long&Co.)122 w Lanvale 
Duggan Rev. F. P., Hanapden 
Duggan Michael, lab. 117 n High 
Duggan Patrick, lab. 117 n High 
Dughi Anton, organ grinder, 59 President 
DuhurstChas.H.apoth'y,26 wPratt,dw 1 nFront 
Duhurst F. G. salesman, 310 w Baltimore 
Duhurst W^m. G. cooper, 286 n Bond 
Duke A. W. pharmacist, 154 Harford av 
Duke Alfred C. fireman, 154 Harford av 
Duke Jas.B.restauraut,97 nCalvertand 1 Grant 
Duke Jas. S. barkpr, 155 n Front 
]':-\-s To W. clerk, 154 Harford av 

' '^HART & CO. (T.M.Dukehart) extract of 
t and hops, Holliday nr Centre 
Air\ E W. & Son (E.W.and G. Dukehart) 
if iiianufrs. 29 s Calvert, mills 3 Perry 
i, 1* Edw.W.(E.W.D.&Son)164 Hanover 
•hart Ernest, printer, 159 e Lombard 
b; 1 (hart Fedor, photographer, 188 German 
DukeliaiL Geo. 194 n Broadway 
DukehaM Geo. baker, 94 Albemarle 
.Duk(.ii;u : Geo. engineer, 505 Saratoga 
Dukchan Geo. D. carp. 505 Saratoga 
• Dukeh;ui Graham(E.W.D.& Son)164 Hanover 
Dukehai I John, clerk, 251 n Dallas 


Made water-tiijht. aud preserved for years, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMENT and 


By increasing the qvaidlly of Gvm, we make a Paint 
for Damp ^Valls which is unequaled. All work 
guaranteed. Atrial is all we ask. Orders solicited 
for uew felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER & CO., Sole Manufacturers. 

No. 3 COUKTLAND bTKEET, up stairs. 

Dukehart John, clerk, 170 Hanover 

Dukehart John, 52 n Gilmor 

Dukehart J. & Co. (J. Dukehart) fishing tackle, 

twine, 130 w Baltimore 
Dukehart Jos. (J.D.&Co.) 201 Aisquith 
Dukehart Mrs. Rachel, 83 n High 
Dukehart Mrs. Rebecca M. 138 Mulberry 
Dukehart Robt. W.439 w Fayette 
Dukehart Saml. T. clerk, 83 n High 
Dukehart Saml. M. 194 n Broadway 
Dukehart Thos. M. clerk, 51 e Fayette 
Dukehart Thomas M. (Dukehart & Co. )352 n 

DUKEHART THOS. M., Maryland brewery, 

Holliday nr Centre, dw 352 n Fremont 
Dukehart Wm. B. 439 w Fayette 
Duker Herman, clerk, 79 s High 
DUKER OTTO & CO. (Otto Duker, Wm. D.Gill) 

lumber yard, planing and flooring mills, n e 

cor President and Canton av, branch yard 

Frederick av and Payson 
DUKER J. H. (L. Grube & Co.) sash,doorsand 

blinds, 107 Franklin, dw 126 s High 
Duker Otto (Otto Duker & Co.) 79 s High 
Duker Mrs. Rose, boarding, 61 s High 
Dukes L Reyner, grain aud prod. com. mercht. 

102 Light-st whf, dw 317 Lanvale 
Dukes James T. moulder. Second nr Eighth av 
Dulaney Francis L carp. 92 Richuaond 
Dulaney G. F. ins. agent, 1 American bldg, dw 

196 w Lombard 
Dulaney Henry S. (0. C. D. Lamkin & Co.) 343 

Dulaney Hervey H. clerk, 467 w Fayette 
Dulaney James, cooper, Madison avand St. Mary 
Dulaney James, lab, 175 Burgundy al 
Dulaney John T. lab. 457 Franklin 
Dulaney John T. clerk, 26 Harford av 
Dulaney Martin, plumber, 457 Franklin 
Dulaney Mrs. Rachel A. 423 w Fayette 
Dulaney Wm. B. tinner, Calverton rd 
Dulany D.F., U.S. Signal ofBce, dw 70 n Gilmor 
Dulany H. Rozier, attorney and com'r of deeds, 

36 St. Paul, dw 187 n Charles 
Dulany James H. 70 n, Gilmor 
Dulany Mrs. Jane, 70 n Gilmor 
Dulany John M. bookkpr, 195 Argyle av 
Dulany John W^ 70 n Gilmor 
Dulany Nannie, 175 n Paca 
Dulany Philip B. fisherman, Fort av nr Webster 
Dulany R. H. jr. 147 w Lanvale 
Dulany Randolph R.canmkr,Fort av nr W^ebster 
Dulany Mrs. Sarah, 327 Madison av 
Dulany Walter,real estate, loan and commercial 

agency, 36 St. Paul, dw 187 n Charles 
Dulaney Wm. J. C. (W.J. CD. & Co.) 348 Madi- 
son av 
DULANY W^M. J. C. & CO.(Wm.J.C.Dulany) 

publishers, booksellers and stationers, 332 w 



No. 72 W. Pratt Street. 


DUL 208 



Corporation, Bank, Insurance 


Counting House 

Stationery, Printers 



Retail and Wholesale, 

332 w Baltimore St., 

near Howard. 

Dulej John C. moulder, 528 w Lombard 
Duley Nathan, blacksmith, 248 n Bond 
Dulin Dr. A. F. 83 w Monument 
Dulin Mrs. Dr. A. F. 83 w Monument 
Dulin James W. 27 e Biddle nr Ann 
Dulin John H. shoemkr, 27 e Biddle nr Ann 
Dulin Oscar E. carp. 27 e Biddle nr Ann 
Duling Chas. cigarmkr, 77 s Ann 
Duling John, engineer, 77 s Ann 
Duling John F. tobacconist, 302 Eastern av 
Duling Lewis F. clerk, 77 s Ann 
Duling Wm. H. printer, 77 s Ann 
Dulje Mrs. Josephine, notions, 34 s Mount 
Dull Geo. sergt. police, 212 WiUiam 
Dull Mrs. Jane R. 222 Argyle av 
Dull Michael, sergt. police, 125 West 
Dumax Elizabeth 0. seamstress, 158 Pearl * 
Dumax Mary E. dressmkr, 158 Pearl 
Dumbrof Samuel, stevedore, 84 n Chapel 
Dumler Mrs. Annie, tobacconist, 253 e Eager 
Dumler Geo. shoemkr, 253 e Eager 
Dumler John F. collarmkr, 40 Pearl 
Dumler Joseph, currier, 326 Aisquith 
Dumm W. W. clerk, 41 s Greene 
Dumphy Edward, painter, 124 HoUins 
Dumphi'ey John, driver, 7 Wills 
Dun R. G. (R.G.D.& Co.) New York 
DUN R. G. & CO. (R. G. Dim, Wm. G.Scarlett( 
mercantile agency, over n e cor Baltimore and 
Dunahue Mrs. Elizabeth, 239 George 

Dunahue Thos. C. drug clerk, 239 George 

Dunahue Wm. clerk, 179 n High 

Dunark Joseph, shoemkr, 25 Barnes 

DDNAN WINFIELD S. sec'y Navassa Phos- 
phate Co. 179 w Lanvale 

Dunbar Fred. T. shoecutter, 80 Light 

Dunbar J. clerk, 73 w Centre 

Dunbar Wm. W. 29 Hamilton 

Dunbracco Nathan, salesman, 283 McDonogh 

Dnnbracco Wm. T. clerk, 14 w Baltimore 

Duncan Abram, gardener, Duncan lanr Belairav 

Duncan Adam, produce, 340 n Eutaw 

Duncan Alex. surveyor, Frederick av nr tollgate 

Dnncan Ann Maria, dressmkr, 9 n Poppleton 

Duncan Mrs. C. 420 n Central av 

Duncan Chas. H. clerk, 23 s Fulton 

Duncan Chas.V. prop'r General Wayne stables, 
dw w Townsend ext 

Duncan David, clerk, 69 e Pratt 

Duncan Geo.W. (Miller, D.& Co.) 241 Hanover 

Duncan Harrison W. 92 Arlington av 

Duncan Isaac A. engineer, 34 Gough 

Duncan James, 359 w Lanvale 

Duncan James H. conductor, 462 Lexington 

Duncan James M. clerk, 148 s Bond 

Duncan Mrs. Jane, Duncan la nr Belair av 


Duncan John F. speculator, 148 s Bond 
Duncan John G. cattle broker, 968 w Baltimore 
Duncan John J. bricklayer, 521 Lexington 
Duncan John K. coachpainter, 92 Arlington av 
Duncan John M. painter, 92 Arlington av 
Duncan John T. horses, 414 Saratoga 
Duncan John T. nautical instrument maker, 

Montgomery and Hanover 
Duncan Joseph W.(Quinn & D.) 140 Dolphin 
Duncan Mrs. Laura, notions, 42 Frederick av 
Duncan Layman, miller,Frederick av nr tollgate 
Duncan Levi, iusp. C. H. 105 n Ann 
Duncan Lewis, salesman, 316 e Madison 
Duncan Richard M.real estate agent, 42 Lexing- 
ton, dw 228 Madison av 
Duncan Sarah M. seamstress, 152 s Bond 
Duncan Thomas M. oysters, 768 w Baltimore 
Duncan Wm. B. hostler, 42 Frederick av 
Duncan Wm. T. letter carrier, 241 Hanover 
Dundon James jr. lab. 78 Portland 
Dundon James, drayman, 78 Portland 
Dundon James R. turner, 78 Portland 
Dundon Michael, inspector C. H. 267 Light 
Dundon Thomas, lab. 78 Portland 
Dundon Wm. cooper, 55 Portland 
Dundon Wm. R. barkpr, 418 w Baltimore 
Dundore Henry, engineer, 183 s Ann 
Dundorf John, canmkr, 9 Portugal al 
Dungan C. P. clerk, Carey and Harlem av 
Dungan David, carp. Woodberry * 

Dungan & Co. (L. Dungan) fish and commission 

merchts. 79 South 
Dungan Jane, Surry farm, Phila. rd 
Dungan Jesse, machinist, Woodberry 
Dungan John V. blacksmith, Woodberry 
Dungan Louis, (D.& Co.) ^97 w Fayette 
Dungan Mrs. L. L. trimmings, 59 e Baltimore 
Dungan Patterson, 219 n Carey 
Dungan Robert E. engineer, 164 n Exeter 
Dungan Stevenson, clerk, 197 w Fayette 
Dungan Wilkinson, 219 n Carey 
Dunger Fredk. salesman, 32 e Pratt 
Dunham Mrs. E. F. dressmkr, 89 n Howard 
Dunham Mrs. S. J. 109 w Fayette 
Dunham Samuel, provision broker, over 83 Ex- 
change pi, dw 421 n Calhoun 
Dunigan Barney, lab. 27 O'Donnell 
Duuigan Chas. A. upholsterer, 135 Bank 
Dunigan Jas. C. shipjoiner, 100 s Washington 
Dunigan Jas. C. A. shipjoiner, 135 Bank 
Dunigan Thos. lab. Dillon nr Canton 
Dunigan Thos. shipjoiner, 100 s Washington 
Dunigan Wm. 191 Bank' 
Dunkas Frank, lab. 355 Aliceanna 
Dunkas Frank jr. tinner, 355 Aliceanna 
Dunkas Michael, lab. 355 Aliceanna 
Dunkel Joseph, shoemkr, Chapel nr Chase 
Dunkell Mrs. Sarah N., Wilson nr John 
Dunkerly Edwd. moulder, Hampden 
Dunkerly Geo. W. machinist, 865 w Pratt 
Dunkerly John R. machinist, 865 w Pratt 
Dunkerly Richard B. machinist, Hampden 
Dunkerly Wm. lab. 43 s Calhoun 
Dunkin Isabel, matron Union Prot. Infirmary, 

Division and Mosher 
Dunkinson Wm. H. clerk, opp Mount Royal 

Dunklee Chas. H. salesman, Eutaw hotel 
Dunlap A. H. 244 Saratoga ^ 

Dunlap Ann, 938 w Baltimore 
Dunlap C. Lewis, agent Higgins' German laumi. 
soap, 109 w Lombard, dw 179 n Care^ 

WM. WIRT CLARKE, Iraporter and Wholesale Aaent nf 

Insurance A gents and Brokers, American Building- 
DUN 209 I>UK 

Dunlap Charles, 249 Saratoga 

Duiilap John, shoemkr, 237 Montgomery 

Dunlap John T. machinist, 249 Lee 

Dunlap Mrs. Margaret, vestmkr, 25 s Mount 

Dunlap Thos, H. conductor, 249 Lee 

Dunlap Wm. book agent, 96 n Central av 

Dunlap Wm. jr. clerk, 96 n Central av 

Dunlay Michael, shoemkr, 8 n Amity 

Dunlop Jos. 0. 601 Lexington 

Dunn Andrew, tailor, 126 n Schroeder 

Dunn Mrs. Ann, 393 Penna av 

Dunn Mrs. Ann, 43 s Chapel 

Dunn Benj. huckster, 296 s Paca 

Dunn Bernard, lab. Monroe ur Wilkens av 

Dunn Bernard, lab. 193 n Exeter 

Dunn Mrs. Bridget, 20 Stiles 

Dunn Mrs. Catherine, grocery, 87 Chesnut 

Dunn Chas. carpenter, s w cor Centre and Cal- 
vert, dw 249 Park av 

Dunn Charles,. 53 n Front 

Dunn Charles T. clerk, 401 Madison av 

Dunn Christopher J. trunkmkr, 68 n Calvert 

Dunn Christopher J, lab. 337 n Durham 

Dunn Couley, med. student, 207 w Lombard 

Dunn Daniel H. (Means & D.) 401 Madison av 

Dunn Edward, lab. 6 Grove 

Dunn Edward, machinist, 534 w Pratt 

Dunn Edward, police, 216 n Front 

Dunn Edwd T. pay director U.S.N. 21 w John 

Dunn Mrs. Ellen, "l63 s Chester 

Dunn Geo. R. bricklayer, 46 St. Peter 

Dunn Geo. W, huckster, 38 Warren 

Dunn Geo. W, dispatcher, 393 Penna av 

Dunn Henry, fire dept. 534 w Pratt 

Dunn James, clerk, 54 n Front - 

Dunn James, butcher, 61 Conway 

Dunn James F. clerk, 368 Franklin 

Dunn James H. moulder, 161 Hollins 

Dunn John, 11 Argyle av 

Dunn John, lab. 1 Abraham 

Dunn John, shoemkr, 43 s Dewberry al 

Dunn John, engineer, 31 e Fayette 

Dunn John, cattle, 20 s Carey 

Dunn John A. hackman, 462 e Chase 

Dunn John B. clerk, 249 Park av 

Dunn John C. stove moulder, 3 Scott 

Dunn John F. oysters, 66 n Dallas 

Dunn John J. clerk, 20 Stiles 

Dunn Joseph, lab. 6 Grove 

Dunn Joseph, agent butter, 80 Hanover, dw 232 
n Wolfe 

Dunn J. R. A. freight agt, 393 Penna av 

Dunn Joseph S. printer, 170 n Eden 

Dunn M. C. engineer, 168 Mount Royal av 

Dunn Martin, shoemkr, Hampden 

Dunn Mrs. Mary J. 288 n Bond 

Dunn Mrs. Mary, laund. 66 n Dallas 

Dunn Michael, lab. 43 Block 

Dunn Michael, gatekeeper Druid Hill Park, dw 
14 n Arlington av 

Dunn Michael, liquors and tobacconist, 156 n 

Dunn Oliver T. express, 393 Penna av 

Dunn Paul, lab. 6 Grove 

Dunn Patrick, lab. 39 Marion 

Dunn Peter, lab. 29 Union 

Dunn Peter, iron worker, 63 Luzerne 

Dunn Peter, tailor, 193 n Exeter 

Dunn Rhody, lab. 14 Hull 

Dunn Richard, lab. 120 Ramsay 

Dunn Richard A. mariner, 163 s Chester 

Dunn Robert H. baggagemaster, 178 Pearl 


PORTLAND CEMENT, the best for Wet Cellars and Wash Rooms, 61 S. Gay St. 


Made water tight, and preserved for years, by thor- 
oughly applying ELASTIC CEMENT and 


By increanng the qvantity of Own, we make a Paint 
for Damp Walls which is uuequaled, All work 
guaranteed. A trial is all we asli. Orders solicited 
for new felt roofs ; old roofs repaired. 

D. M. SADLER & CO., Sole Manufacturers, 

No. 3 COURTLAND STREET, up stairs. 

Dunn Mrs. Rosanna, 156 s Dallas 

Dunn Mrs. Susan, 54 n Front 

Dunn Thomas, lab. 54 s Oregon 

Dunn Thomas, lab. 62 Hillman 

Dunn Timothy, carter, Bruce nr McHenry 

Dunn Walter F. huckster, 83 s Caroline 

Dunn Wm. carter, 56 n Washington 

Dunn Wm. lab. 74 n Exeter 

Dunn Wm. A. carp. 664 Lexington 

Dunn Wm. A. telegraph agt. 122 Arlington ar 

Duun Wm. A. clerk, 401 Madison av 

Dunn Wm. C. xonducter, Greenmount av nr 

North av 
Dunn Wm. M. plumber, 54 n Front 
Dunnegan Edward, engineer, 173 Hudson 
Dunnegan Edward jr. engineer, 173 Hudson 
Dunnell Walter, clerk, 264 e Fayette 
Dunnell Wm. coach trimmer, 100 Jefferson 
Dunnett Wm. plumber and gasfitter, 171 n 

Dunning Mrs. Halsey, 269 w Lombard 
Dunning Joseph H. oyster pkr, 417 e Lombard: 
Dunning Thos. lab. Calverion 
Dunning Wm. E. tinner, 96 s Bond 
DUNNINGTON WM. A. propr. of the Baltimore 

Plaster mills, Hughes on the Basin, dw 45' 

Dun nock Wm. E. clerk, 57 Barre 
Dunphy Patrick J. blksmith, 58 Bank 
Dunphy Patrick J. huckster, 10 Diamond 
Dunstbeir Conrad, lab. 171s Bethel 
Dupar Horace, shoecutter, 202 L. Constitution 
Dupont's Powder Agency, A. L. Webb & Son, 

cor Pratt and Commerce 
Durand John W. clerk, 347 n Gay 
Durande De Raphael, lab. 154 s Eden 
Durbeck Geo. tailor, 68 n Chapel 
Durbin Jesse F. clerk, 138 Mulberry 
Durborow Albert, clerk, 691 w Baltimore 
Durborovv Edwin D. paperhanger, 359 Lexington 
Durborow Hammond, 359 Lexington 
Durborow John C. agricultural implements and 

seeds, 35 Light, dw 173 w John 
Durchhausen Chas. F. clerk, 48 Etting 
Durding Eva, saleslady, 468 Light 
Durding John E. clerk, 468 Light 
Durding John T. grocer, 464 Light, dw 468 
Durding Mrs. M. E. 52 n Fremont 
Durding Wm. A. stovemkr, 468 Light 
Durfee Sumner, lab. 173 Mulberry 
Durfee Walter H.(W.H.Durfee& Co. )256n Carey 
DURFEE WALTER H. & CO. (Walter H. Dur- 
fee,) publishers, American bldg. 
Durfey Mrs. S. J. dressmkr, 125 Druid Hill av 
Durfey Wm. E. painter, 125 Druid Hill av 
Durham Albert driver, 148 Bank 
Durham Alex, beer, 246 Canton av 
Durham Mrs. Ann, upholsteress, 147 Preston 
Durham Mrs. Catherine, 490 w Baltimore 
Durham Chas. W. chairpainter, 180 William 

MUmj^ArtUm mMRKNCEmjimiE'mWRKM 




Durham Columbus R. inspector C.H., dw 58 n 

Durham Corbin, hay and straw, 147 Preston 
Durham Elizabeth, upholsteress, 147 Preston 
Durham Frank, miller, Millington la nr Ramsay 
Durham Geo. W. lab. Hampden 
Durham James, (Roberts & D.) 83 e Baltimore 
Durham James M. helper, 133 Hudson 
Durham John, furnishg. goods, 490 w Baltimore 
Durham John M. miller, Millington lanrRamsay 
Durham John W. engineer, 145 Johnson 
Durham John W. engineer, 46 Jackson sq av 
Durham Samuel, painter, 94 Hamburg 
Durham Walter, clerk, 182 Division 
Durham Wm. 94 Hamburg 
Durham Wm. J. 143 s Chester 
Durham Wm. J. lab. 261 Aliceanna 
Durham Mrs. Z. 327 n Eutavv 
Durigan Emil, clerk, 222 w Pratt 
Durigan Ernest, wood turner, 222 w Pratt 
Durigan Richard, turner, 203 Lee 
During Mrs. Sarah, coal, 122 Orchard 
Durkee Henry H. police, 315 e Monument 
Durkin James, lab. 72 Durst al 
Durkin John, lab. 72 Durst al 
Durkin John, lab. 80 s Castle 
Durkin Patrick, lab. 78 s Collington av 
Durkin Patrick jr. lab. 78 s Collington av 
Durkin Thos. lab. 219 n Durham 
Durkin Wm. lab. 78 s Collington av 
Durlan Christ, tailor, 148 n Caroline 
Durm Mrs. Cath. grocery, William and Fort av 
Durm Chas. lab. 586 Hanover 
Durm Jacob, brickmkr, William and Fort av 
Durm John, cannikr, 114 Fort av 
Durm Mrs. Sophia, grocery, 586 Hanover 
Durm Wm. carter, 496 Light 
Durney J. T. junk, Pratt and Poppleton 
Durney Mrs.M.A. seamst's, Pratt and Poppleton 
Durning Mary, grocery, 139 n Central av 
Durr Chas. L. painter, 34 Cumberland 
Durr Frank, cigarmkr, 88 Pearl 
Durr Geo. (D. & Son,) 88 Pearl 
Durr John, salesman, 281 Franklin 
Durr & Son, (Geo. and V. Durr,) tobacconists, 

88 Pearl 
Durr Valentina^ (D. & Son,) 88 Pearl 
Durrbeck Conrad, carp. 172 Preston 
Durrbeck Geo. carp. 170 Preston 
Dursse Wm. L. clerk, 70 Gough 
Durst Alex, shoemkr, 8 s Chapel 
Durst Geo. A. salesman, 198 s Charles 
Durst Jas. G. lab. 198 s Charles 
Durst John U. manuf. cotton wadding. Light 

nr Fort av, dw 198 s Charles 
Dushane Frank McD. clerk, 135 w Lanvale 
Dushane Mrs. Elizabeth, 728 Lexington 
Dushane Harriet, 8 Cathedral 
Dushane Jas. A. clerk, 96 Lexington 
DUSHANE JOHN A. & CO. (John A. Dushane, 

Thos. H. Tolson) paper, 40 s Charles 
Dushane John A. (J.A.D. k Co.) Balto. co 
Dushane John T. clerk, 309 n CarroUton av 
Dushane Lucy, 8 Cathedral 
Dushane Mrs. Mary E. 135 w Lanvale 
Dushane Valentine, bookkpr, 187 w Blddle 
Du.shane Walter, salesman, 728 Lexington 
Dushane Wm.T.E. clerk, 309 n CarroUton av 
Dusten PVank H. engineer, 110 s.High 
Dutrovv Geo. lab. 241 n Central av 
Dutrow John, milk, 12 Washington av 
Dutrow Robt. jr. canmkr, 20 Warner 

Dutton Fredk. shipcarp. 93 s Collington av 
Dutton George H. (John T. Mitchell & Co.)451 

Madison av 
Dutton John, lime inspector, 166Mouiit Royal av 
Dutton Mrs. Mary A. 325 e Pratt 
Dutton Capt. Nathan P. mariner, 17 n Broadway 
Dutton Notly J. cigar manuf. 169 w Pratt, dw 

97 Edmondson av 
Dutton Wm.H.H. clerk, 325 e Pratt 
DU VAL E. B. genl. agt. Penn Mutual Ins Co. 

and ins. broker,63 Second, dw237Marvland av 
Du Val E. B. jr. clerk, 237 Maryland av 
Du Val Gabriel, clerk, 237 Maryland av 
Duval Mrs. E. R. 197 n Howard 
Duval H. Rieman, 197 n Howard 
Duval J. R. manager genl. collection agency, 

48 St. Paul, dw 197 n Howard 
Duval L. Kemp, clerk, John nr Townsend 
Duval Peter, stonecutter, 187 w Lanvale 
Duvall A. Leslie, civil engineer, 386 w Lanvale 
Duvall A. S. (Stanley, Koons & Co.) Mount 

Rojal av nr Townsend 
Duvall Mrs. Adeline, 284 n Strieker 
Duvall Andrew J. lab. 44 Williamson al 
Duvall Mrs.Araminta,Huntingdon av nrSt.Paul 
Duvall Arthur, painter, 532 Lexington 
Duvall Benj. F. blksmith, Hampden 
Duvall & Bro. (Jacob S. and Gabriel E. Duvall) 

provisions, Baltimore and Gilm