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51 State Street, and 14 Exchange Place, 


Interest on Daily Balances Subject to Check. 


AaettoB SalM Breir WEDNESDAY and SATITKDAV a( 11.30 A. n. 


AneUoneer, WM. BINDER, Jr. 




President : 

j2 3 DirectorB igf 

1*1^ , , EZRA PABK8W0ETH. ¥ g O 


ll I F. QORDOU Dbxter, Vice-President: ||| 


S J 3 ffiujAM A. Tower, Tower. Qtdilliigi*Co. B ." S 

1 1 " John Q. Adaus, Vice-President and | | ' 

I S £ J. ADG08TU8 Felt, Treasurer: 3 S > 

i 1 1 B. L. B. Hammond, EL L. S. BAMHOND. eS^ 

II I EU8TACK C. FTTZ, Superintendent o. ^ = ^ 

«.|J08WHDaVIB, y_^j^^ ||| 

- " I E«8TACK C. FTTZ, Superintendent of ] I I 

|J08WHDaVIB, y_^j^^ ||| 

° Samuel Borrowb. b a i 

§ P. G. STOREY. B^g 


_ 3 J [mr«aUTopp.UHp«t-Ofl»iiidaDt>-Tr«niT}.BOSTOII. ^Si 

1 1 VAULTS OPEN FEOM » A. M. to 4 P. M. ^ | | 



Granite Statuary. Steani Polished Granite. 

The Smith Granite Co., 

Boston Office: 3 Bromfield Street, Ground Floor. 


We make a SpeelHltf ol prepar- tng New Dnalcn*, to aubmit wttb- 
oiit expense 10 lliOHCContcmplatiugtbc purchase of any work in Oi«nlt«. 
Polios or Oiiglnnl Designc, aad PboU^i-Mpha of oar re- 
cent work throoKhout Uic Cnamtrj, to^cber wltb Smuplea 
of our n-ell known OrsDlle can be seen at tblR Office, or will be willingly 
Hhown nt tbc uJilrces of thoxe ponont wishing our Estimates od Hemorial 













6 'S <! S 

O o e ^ 

■2 Q •» e 

Buid for OtrcnUr to Ibe Afeut, 


Office Desks, Book Case Secretaries, Parlor Desks, the Ross Table Bed. 
AB*ut I*r th« f**rMt CItr Farainr* Co. 





114 Powers' BI4g8, Rochester, N.Y.) WORCESTER, MaSS. 

Rochester Directory, Newton Directory, Worcester Directory, 

Price, $3.00. Price, $1.50. Price, $2.00. 

Map of Rochester, Map of Newton, Map of Worcester, 

Price, 50 cts. Price, 25 cts. Price, 50 cts. 

jBe^dea the. jPijCbltcaAxorts issized fTorrt tTvia Ojfflce. 

cure "kept on KclticL 




PeisoAs who do not wish to be at the expense of Buying Directories, will be furnished 
with Lists of Business Men in any Trade or Profession in any State ; or. Directories will be 
Lent, at Reasonable Rates. 

Circulars Printed, Enclosed, and Mailed. 


Dcme for Oommittees, Cknporatioiifl, and Others, aooniately and at Short ITotioa 

D., A. & Co., having been engaged for more than twenty years in business of this nature, 
have facilities and experience for doing well whatever work is entrusted to them. 


Publishers and StatisticianSy 

Charles C. Drew, ) 

Gardner S. Allis. ) 452 Main Street. 

(ESTABLISHED irv 1868.) 


193 FRONT ST., 



Wrought Iron 


Steam and Gas Fittings, 







Contractors for Steam Heating 


BRAMAN, DOW & CO., Proprietors. 

See Preceding: Page.*^^ W. S. JORDAN, Agent. 









. — n 



























BBASS iHD ntoH FiTmes & too; 


Radiators, Steam Trapsi Steam Gauges, Pumps, C< 
Whistles, Safety Valves, Check Valves, &c., &c. 


ESTIMATES Given for Steam Heating Dwelli 
Houses, Hotels, Manufactories, Stores, and 
Public Buildings. 







OEo. arret Ptm- 


Fisk Manf g Co.'s Japanese Soap 

lufartiirt'd o[ 
a puke: SUAP, fre<- from tlii- 
put Into soapH at tH« tin-jient day 

id Tallow ot eur owa refining. It Is 

lan; poinunous adnltcTatlonB that a 

give (hern weight, etc. Hany persona 

jHiiiK iiiipure soaps. The Japaneae U 

K Ij»iinilry. Toilet ami Bath, ft has do equal. Patented 

t. II.IRTS, and'S.'pt. ^M. ISTT. 


FUk ManutautiMinK Go's 

reputHtkiii iiC iH'fDK I 

ed Oct. lU 1876 J 
B "EXTRA PALE." Cut full wt 
irs. We maintain for it tlie jusilj luerlted ; 
II III iH'iDK >1ii: " B«'-<t and Clenaexi Bar 3oap in Auierliu." Must I 
. niiw in thu iiiarktit are comixised almoet entirely of rosin, poiH- . 
and (ilMiy BrfHse, loaded nitli groiiiiil marble. Biiiuoli, pi|>e vlay. ' 
iiida. (.'>uBti('!i,'&r., iiiMty IjeioK like tlie pressed cakes, wrapped, , 
itin)( thrm from drying, and atiovring their true properties. 
UHing III I'll Hoapsyon-destroy therlofhee — a single garmeDt, perliaps 
C mure than a yearly fiupply of Fisk Maniif. Co.'s Pure Soaps which 
yHllow, rut, cut or grind tlie clothes. 

.^dk your gi 
using Ibein. L<> 
aDd cheapness. 


« > 











• ISM. 

PRICE, tSt. 

The gilt tf 
Th^ debnisbn Manuf . Oo, 
_ April 2S( l«8Ai 


The present volarae, as compared with the directory of last year, shows a falling off of 48 names, and 
there in an increase of names of ]>ersons deceased or removed^ of 284, so that the actnal nnmber of 
namet) of persons living in the city is 882 leas in the directory of VSdi than in the directory of 1883. 

It ifl not difficult to find the cause of this difference, at* the cliange in the nnmber of persons employed 
in the manufactories of the city will much more than account for it. In the Washburn & Moen works 
alone there were 800 letus men employed in November 1883 (the month in which the canvass for the direc- 
tory is made) than in November of 1882. It is found by actual connt that upwards of 400 names of em- 
ployes of the wire works which appeared in the directory of last year are not to be found In the present 
volume. Many of these pennons had lately come from Europe, (largely iTOTn Sweden,) and are said to 
have gone to seek permanent homes in the west Rather more than the nsnal average probably were 
single men. 

It may be of interest as an example, to note the changes that have taken place in Worcester's largest 
manufactory during the last three years. The numb^ employed by the Washbom & Moen Manoiac- 
turing Company 

In November 1881, was 9700 men, 
In November 1888, was 8800 men, 
In November 1888, was 2600 men. 

Of course the excessive number employed in Nov. 1882 went to swell the number of names contained 
in the directory of 1883, which showed the extraordinary increase of 2660 names, the largest Increase in 
any one year oince the publication of the directory was commenced. A part of this increase was un- 
doubtedly from a transient class, attracted to the city by the great demand for labor, and with the falling 
off of this demand, many of these persons left the city. Ttus is indicated by the Increase in this Lwne 
of the directory, of names of persons removed from Uie city; and also by the much laiger number of un- 
occupied tenements found in the canvass of this vear over that of last year. 

That Worcester Ls steadily growing and expanding on every side. Is shown by indications of the most 
substantial character, and must be apparent to every one. It is a growth which Is contlnnons and per- 
manent, and the nnmber of abiding residents is undoubtedly coi^derably larger at this time than it 
was a year ago. 

Copyright, 1884, by DREW, AIXIS & COMPANY. 



ADTSBTiaixe Indxz. 


Aum HouBB 

AjRBioAN ArniquABiAir Socrtt. 




.. 40 

.. 16 

.. 896 

.. 18 

.. 400 

.. 415 

.. 898 

.. 18 

.. 415 

.. 401 

.. 844 

.. 874 



Bamu 844,409 

BxxwKB, BmLDnres, Ac 86 

Board OP Hsalth 405 


BusiNwe DnucTORY 




Cmr GovnunixHT 

City Scalks 

CunioTiaH 861, 418 


CoxMunoNEBor Hiohwatr 896 



OcnofON CouHCiL 896 


Ck>*8TABLS8 807, 486 



OouBCT .. 488 



DDTBicr Court of tbb Umitbd Statm 488 

DuTBiOT Courts 488 

DRnm 80 

XxFRBBsn 868,488 

Fob AI.AR1I Tblbgraph 898 

iMMTrUTB 411 

Public Library 414 

Oaa Light Co 676 

Graho Arrt of thb Republic 416 

HaokFarbs 486 

Halli 36 

HiLLB 86 


HoxB FOR Agio Fbxaum 416 

HopB Cbxbtery 401 


HOTBL0 886, 668 







JuanOM OF THB Pbacb 484 




LuHAno Hospital 401 


Masohio Sooibtubs 488 




Mbdioal ExAiOKBBa 488 

Mbtrio Systbr 88 


Nbwbpapebs 915 

NOTARIKfl PrBLic 483 


Odd Fellows 4StA 

Old MBN*t» UoxE 417 

OMKiBueBS 487 

Oybbbbebs OP THB Poor 400 

Physiciabs 878 

Flbabubb Drivbs 80 

PoucB Dbpabtrbnt 897 

Population of Chief Citibs of World 89 

Population of Chibp CouNTrasB op World 85 

Population of Connecticut 81 

Population OP HAseACHUSKTTtii 80 

Population OF New York State 38 

Population of Rhode Island 81 

Population of Towns and Cities 27 

Population of the United States 86 

Population OF Wobobstbb 14 

Post Officb 481 

Probate and Insolybnoy 489 

Public Charitable Institutions 400 

Public Library 414 

Public Schools 408 

Railroads 486, 481 

Railroad Stations 86 

Rbadino Rooms 888 

Rbgibtrabs of Voters 896 

Reprbsbntatiyes 486, 468 

Rural Cbxbtery 401 

Safe Deposit Co 480 

Sayings Banks 476 

Schools 884, 408 

Senatobs 486, 468 

fEZTONS 418 

SiNKiNo Fund Coxxissioners 897 


Stagbs 4«7 

State Officers 486 

Steaxebs 489 

Stock Coxpanies 888 

Street Cars 487 

Street Directory 87 

Sunday School Superintendents 418 

SupRBXE Court 438 

Teachers 390, 406 

Tblbobaph Offices 390 

Texpebance Societies 484 

Trial Justices 438 

Truant School 400 

Undbbtakbbs 398, 897 

United States Courts 438 

Ubitbd States Governxent 4f^ 

Valuation OF WoRCBSTER 18 


Vote op Worcestbb 14 

Wabd Boundaries 486 

WardOpficebs 408 

Ward Rooxs 408 

Water Depabtxbnt 403 

Wateb Rates and Rboulationb 408 

Wealth OF Worcbstbb 18 


WoROBSTEB County Officers 438 


NttDM In Dtractory of 1888— including 1,107 deceased or removed 87,370 

NtRMt erased in preparing Directory of ]8B4 6,617 

Namea added in preparing Directorj of 18B4 6,669 

NaxieB in Directory of 1884--indiiding 1,441 daoeaaed mrremoyed 87,888 

rom 1888 to 1884 48 


CALENDAR, 1884-85. 






The AflMWon* Valnatloii of Worcester, May 1: 

1879. IMO. 1881. 1889. 188S. 

Real Estate .*. |W,706,100 $81,208,000 f88,0«,700 $88,875,260 $86,008,700 

Pcreonal Bstate 8,877,858 9,804,888 10,640,899 11,689,968.08 18,666,684.66 

Total 88,686,868 41,000368 48,606,689 46,504,512.66 48,670,884.66 

Rate of Taxation per $1,000 1&60 17.40 16.80 17.40 17.80 

State Tax, 1888, $ti,940; County Tax, $87,604; City Tax, $774,600; OTeriayinga, $18,268.78. Total Aa- 

iment in 1888, $873,197 76. 

Number of polls in 1868, 18,680; in 1888, 17,796; in 1881, 16,070; in 1880, 15,716; in 1879, 18,985; in 1878, 
13,7a»; in 1877, 18.809; in 1876, 18,480; in 1875, 18,018. 

Number of registered women voters for school committee in 1879, 168; in 1880,81; in 1881,61; in 1888, .68; 
in 1888, 44. 


Ponded loans:— Dec. 1, 1888.— City Loan, $8,048,400; Sewer Loan, $890,000; Water Loan, $869,800. Total, 
$2,797,700. Temporary Loan. 150,000. 

Intereet on these loans is as follows: $1,060,800 at 6 percent.; $765,000 at 5 per cent; $140,000 at 4Vi 
per cent ; $688,400 at 4 per cent. 

Cash in Treasury, $91,046.54. 

Total cost of Water Works to December 1, 1888, $1,608,988.50. 

Schedule City Property, $8,19^9S2.68. 


Amount in hands of Commissionen of Sinking Funds, Dec. 1, 1888:— Qeneral Debt, $211,988.25; Special 
Loans, $275,546.96. Total, $486,776.21. 


For nsoAL teab kkdxno Dbobhbbb 1, 1888. 

Abatements and Disc*nts $56,000.00 Interest 10?,000.00 Salaries 18,600.00 

€ Board of Health 2,000.00 Interest on Sewer Loan 16,800.00 School Department .... 185,000.00 

City Han 4,000.00 LighUng Streets 42,000.00 School Houses 48,000.00 

City Hospital 8,000.00 Pauper Dep. (City Rel'f) 15,000.00 ^Sewers (Construction). 260,000.00 

e Pure Department. . 61,000.00 Pauper Dep. (Farm) . . . 18,700.00 orSewers (Maintenance). 10,000.00 

Fire DepH (Fire Patrol).. 1,200.00 oPauper Dep. (Ho. OffiU.) 8,800.00 **Street Construction... 85,000.00 

Free Public Library 18,000.00 & Pauper Dep.(Tr*ntSch.) 2,000.00 Street Con.(Summer St.) 15,000.00 

/Highways and Siaewalks 85,000.00 Police Department 70,000.00 /tWater Works (Const*n) 40,000.00 

(flnddental Expenses 18,600.00 Public Qrounds 6,500.00 *Water Wks.(new supply) 260,000.00 

Total $1,869,600.00 

o $1,688.99 transferred to Pauper Department, Farm. 

b 401 .(tt transferred to Free Public Library. 

c 81,000.00 and d $8,247.61 transferred to Interest. 

«f739.17 transferred to Lighting Streets. 

/t,000.00, cr $1,874.40 and h $8,000.00 transferred to Street Construction. 

The aboTe Transfers from Appropriations have been made under order of City Council, adopted Not. 12, *88. 

or the aboye amount, it was estimated that $56,000. would be met by corporation tax levied by the State and 
refonded to the city. 
^Not included in Tax Levy of 1888. 
** $15,000.00 of this amount is to be included in Tax Levy for 1884. 

TRUST FUNDS.— DBC. 1, 188S. 

BnUock Hi^ Sch. Fund $1,508.92 Isaac Davis Hospital Fund, 1,980.54 Shaw Hospital Fund, 218.68 

Hope Cemetery Fund.. 11,406.67 Jaques Hospital Fund... 129,041.84 Tenney Hospital Fund. 5,000.00 

Gkeen Ubrary Fund 42,666.87 Curtis Hospital Fund.... 1,046.88 — ^ 

Total $198,866.75 




Wardl 718 381 

Wards 7m 689 

Wards 241 884 

WRrd4 841 9(W 

Wards 447 1055 

Ward6 606 881 

Ward7.. . 739 821 

Ward8 896 S71 


Lt. a«v. 




^ g 

741 856 

806 480 

346 878 

244 886 

448 1088 

eoe 841 

786 801 

064 908 

746 860 

817 488 

961 8P/7 

946 888 

468 1080 

606 887 

760 996 

062 906 


786 809 

887 478 

948 878 

945 804 

461 1081 

654 886 

608 870 

848 889 


745 864 

888 481 

350 867 

946 888 

468 1081 

607 889 

766 896 

967 198 



746 863 

888 478 

954 866 

847 878 

469 1080 

610 388 

767 968 

969 196 

747 8S3 
885 474 

850 8T9 

468 1031 

607 887 

771 98T 

969 195 

4604 4789 4801 4487 4840 4467 4611 4748 4879 4449 4898 4897 4904 4419 

Bntler'R plnrallt7435; Amea* plnratlty, 814; Pratt'a majority, 189; Dneira majoritj, 498; Brownie major- 
ity, 496; Wilder's majori^, 485; alao, it& votes were cast for Almy, Prohibition candidate for Governor, and M 
for C. B. Knight, prohibition candidate for County Treasorer. 

NiTXBisR OP Reoistered Votbrs in 1889, 11,160. 












I 5 

Wardl 860 419 8 866 409 660 891 868 408 856 410 858 407 

Wards 1096 587 18 1088 511 1046 608 1047 606 1047 606 1046 607 

Wards 888 974 888969 840969 840969 889970 810969 

Ward4 881 991 8 839 966 381 986 881 066 881 986 881 966 

Wards 674 1177 4 674 1169 678 1166 678 1166 574 1166 578 1166 

Ward6 731 440 14 740 484 748 418 748 418 748 417 748 418 

Ward 7 1008 848 17 998889 996889 999888 996 881 996899 

Wards 1147 868 14 1148 943 1170 889 1160 888 1167 888 1158 839 

6099 5146 TT 6010 6038 6066 6006 6066 6018 0048 5088 6068 6080 

Robinson's plurality, 861 ; Ames' plurality. 977; Peiroe's plurality, 1060; Oleason's plurality, 1038; 
Ladd*H plurality, 1086. Sherman's plurality, 1089. 



United States CensiiB, 1870, 1980. State Census, 1875. 

Ward 1, 
Ward 9, 
Ward 8, 
Ward 4, 
Ward 6. 












Ward 6, 
Ward 7, 
Ward 8, 











Ames Flow Co., Boston «96 

Redding^, Baird & Co., BoHton . . . . f»8 

Lee Charles Tennant, Boston 695 

Day R. L. &Co., Boston, front eoVdpage 

Day R. L. & Co., Bwtou, front colared page 

Maverick Nat. Bank, Boston, back cover 
CroweU T. Y. ft Co., Boston 699 

.Boof tu%A SJkos rjkrotirf- 

Grafton Flax Mills, N'orth Grafton, back 
colored page 

Day R. L. ft Co., Boston, /ron« colored page 
MaTerick Nat. Bank, Boston, back covet 

Omrd CtotMng* • 

Blsco ft Denny, Leicester 685 

Walte E. C. ft Co., Leicester 684 

Watson li. S. ft Co., Leicester . ... 654 

White A. ft Son, Leicester 684 

Woodcock L. ft Co., Leicester 684 

Oarponiers' X%nUh. 

Morse C. D. ft Co., Millbory 688 

Omthedrai OIosb, 
Bedding, Baird ft Co., Boston .... 698 


Lee Charles Tennant, Boston 695 

OMma Wmre^ 
Jones, McDaffee ft Stratton, Boston, 
back cover 

Church WiMdaWn 

Bedding, Baird ft Co., Boston 698 

CiMem MmeMmery. 
Whittn Maehiae Works, Wldtlnsville . . 678 

Jones, McDaffee ft Stratton, Boston, 

Bedding, Baird ft Co., Boston 698 

OpUmder Oits {900 W). 

Vacanm Oil Co., Boston, y^cmfcoIore^JHi^d 


The Jigures at right of column refer to Advertisements. 

JMre Estmpss. Page. 

Tower J. H., Providence 682 

Wretghl Lines. 

Neptone Line Steamers, Providence . . 429 
JFumaee Mwsiuf§, 

Smith ft Anthony Stove Co., Boston, 
front colored page 

Qms Burners and Geoemers* 
Chamberlain J. N., Springfield, opposUe 680 

Globe Gas Light Co., Boston .... 687 

mstss (Window}. 
Bedding, Baird ft Co. f importers}, Bos- 
ton 698 

Glass Cutters, 

Bedding, Baird ft Co., Boston 698 

Gl<w« Stainers. 

Redding, Baird ft Co., Boston 698 


Jones, McDaffee ft Stratton, Boston, 
back cover 

Giue Manuflt. 

Upton George, Boston, back cover 

OraniU Carvers. 
Smith Granite Co., BosUm, front colored page 

C rt m its MonumenU. 
Smith Granite Co., Boston,/rofK coloredpage 

ehraniie Bdishers, 
Smith Granite Co., Boston, /rofi< colored poige 

Hand Cards. 

Watson L. 8. ft Co., Leicester 654 


Watson L. 8. ft Co., Leicester 654 

Hellotype Printing Co., Boston, foot 
lines page 113, dc. 

Horse Shoe Calks. 

Dewick C. F. ft Co., Boston 699 

Xnsurtsnes (Fire). 
Citizens' Mataal Insurance Co., Boston, 686 
Fitchbarg Matnal Fire Insurance Co., 681 
Massachusetts Mutual Fire Insurance 
Co., Boston 686 

Mann A. W., Boston, front colored page 

IM m t sst ie Cftass. 
Bedding, Baird ft Co., Boston 698 

Brlgham A Co., Boston 694 

I^oorSf Bash, Jte, 
Morse C. D. ft Co., MUlbury 688 

J^ w u gpi s ts^ BupM e e . 

Fairbanks, Brown ft Co., Boston, back 

Bpe Meuses, 

Barrett ft Brother^ Boston 576 

Tower J. H., Providence 682 

Iron Doors. 

Tower J. H., Providence 682 

Iron JITsness. 

Tower J. H., Providence 682 

Iron Litdders. 

Tower J. H., Providence 682 

JeweOers^ Bootes. 
Dennison MTg Co., Boston 697 

Bi^ State Electrotype Foundry, Boston . 698 

Fhelpe, Dalton ft Co., Boston 684 

Whitcomb H. C ft Co., Boston .... 687 

Mn0$me OOs (BedM). 
7tt!imm on Go., Boston, >VoiU coloredpage 

M t s gr aw o r s (Copper <md Steel), 
Bates ThonuM & ^ CSo-y Boston. ...695' 

Dennison MTg Co., Boston 697 

Iktike Manmfit. 

Sawyer C. A. ft Co., Fltchburg 698 

Issmf^ers (Potant), 

Clarke ft Baymond, Boston 67» 

I^ead MmMHfs. 
Boston Lead Manuf . Co., Boston . . opp. 894 

Idnen Thread. 
Leeson J. B. ft Co. , Boston, back coloredpage 

Heliotype Printing Co., Boston, foot 
lines, page 118,^. 

ImhrieaHng Wts. 

Vacaum Oil Co., Boston, front colored page 



Morae C. D. ft Co., Mlllbary 688 

Machine Cards, 

Bisco ft Denny, Leicester 686 

Waite E. C. ft Co., Leicester 684 

White A. ft Son, Leicester .684 

Woodcock L. ft Co., Leicestei' 684 

Machinery Oils. 

Yacaam Oil Co., Boston, front colored page 


Harwood ft Qalncy Machine Co. (cotton 

and woolenjt Boston 694 

New England Machine Co. , Boston . . . 698 

Whitin Machine Works, WhitinsvlUe . . 678 

Matont' MateHaU* 

American Soapstone Finish Co., Prov- 
idence 574 

Money Che&ta. 

Williams ft Nudd, Boston ...... 700 


Fairbanks, Brown ft Co., back colored page 

Monutneni t . 

Smith Granite Co. , Boston, ftvnt colored page 

Boston Dally Advertiser, Boston, foot 

lines page 3i2, ftc. 
Boston Post, Boston, foot linee page 869, ftc. 

Mann A. W., Boston, front colored page 


Vacnnm Oil Co., Boston, front coVdpage 

Organ Buildergm 

Carpenter B. P. Organ Co., Foxcroft, 688 

Taper Wareh&uee, 

Spanldlng ft Tewksbury, Boston. . . . 695 

Potent Lawyera. 

Clarke ft Raymond, Boston 679 

BtUeni SolieitarB» 

Brown Bros., Boston. ... 695 

Clarke ft Raymond, Boston 679 

Gregory Geo. W., Boston 687 

JPtatteHnff Materiais, 

American Soapstone Finish Co. , . . • 574 

Blow Manuft. 

Ames Plow Co., Boston 696 

Treee Manuf^, 

Harwood ft Qnincy (rotary cloth), 

Boston .....* 694 

Trintere* Warehouse, 

Phelps, Dalton ft Co., Boston 684 

Boston Lead Mannf. Co., Boston . opp. 894 

Safe Depoeit Co, 

Secnrlty Safe Deposit Co., Boston, 

firont colored page 


Williams ft Nndd, Boston 700 

Band Taper, 

Upton George, Boston, hack cover, 

Saah, Biinde, ^e, 

Morse C. D. ft Co., Mlllbary 688 

FalrbanlES, Brown ft Co., Boston, hack 

colored page 

Sehool ITumiiure* 

Whltcomb A. G., Boston, hack colored page 

ffnnt FreBBeBi 

Brlgham ft Co., Boston 694 


Whltcomb A. G.» Boston . back colored page 

Sheet Lead, 

Boston Lead Manuf. Co., Boston . . opp, 9H 
Show Case Man%^, 

Daniels ft Johnston, Boston 699 

Soap Mamuft, 

Fisk Mannf. Co., Springfield .... on niap 

Soliottore of PatofOe, 
Brown Bros., Boston 695 

stained Oiaee, 
Redding, Baird ft Co., Boston .... 698 

Stampe (Band and Rubber). 

Brigham ft Co., Boston 694 

StaHonere (Wedding), 

Bates Thos. S. ft Co., Boston 696 

Smith Granite Co., Boston, front colored page 

Steaim Bnginee, 

New England Machine Co., Boston . . . 693 

Stean% SMpe, 

Neptnne Line Steamers, Providence . . . 489 

Providence, Norfolk and Baltimore Line, 430 

Winsor's Line Steamers, Providence . . 430 

steel Bngr av e re , 

Bates Thos. S. ft Co., Boston 696 

Brlgham ft Co., Boston 694 


Bay State Electrotype Foundry, Boston . 693 

Stoeh Brohere, 
Day R. L. ft Co., Boston . firont colored page 
Maverick National Bank, Boston . back cover 

Stooee, Bat%ge9t Ae, 

Smith ft, Anthony Stove Co., Boston .front 
colored page 

Spanldlng ft Tewksbary, Boston .... 695 

Street lAghte, 

Globe Gas Light Co., Boston 687 


Dennlson M'f'g Co., Boston 697 

Thread Manufit, 
Grafton Flax Mills, North Grafton, hack 
colored page 

Tin-Lined Pipe, 

Boston Lead Mannf. Co., Boston . . opp. 894 

1^ Caike, 

Dewlck C. F. ft Co., Boston 699 

Traneportation AgemMe, 

Neptune Line, Providence 429 

Rockwell E. H. (Providence, Norfolk dk 

Baltimore Line), Providence .... 480 
Wlnsor*s Line Steamers, Providence . . 430 

Trueke (Store). 
Fairbanks, Brown ft Co., b<ick' colored page 


Security Safe Deposit Co., Boston, flront 

colored page 
WlUlams ft Nudd, (bank) Boston . . 700 

Water Matore. 

Sawyer C. A. ft Co., Fltchburg 698 

White Lead, 
Boston Lead Manuf. Co., Boston . . opp. 894 

Wire Meddles, 

Watson L. S. ft Co., Leicester . . • . . 65^ 

Wood Working Machinery, 

Sawyer C. A. ft Co., Fltchburg 698 

Woods S. A. Machine Co., Boston, front 

colored page 

H^oolen Mjo/^t/inory, 

Harwood ft Qalncy Machine Co., Boston, 694 


The following is a lift of dlreetaiiM on thalf $t the Directory office; additlone being made from tim^ to 
The pabMc la cofdially InTlted to Vfe fheae lMX>ka fob bbfbiukos wifhoat cbaige; if a number of 
are dealred for commerdal pnipoaea^ fhej wiU be fomlBhed at a reasonable price. When the oifflee la 
cioa e d, the dlrectcniea can be conanlted by applying to the JjOraxulK ot the Free PabUe library. 
































































ST. JOHN DIBECTOBY— New Bmnswick. 

Alsoaflleof Worcester Dlieetoriea, 1889,1842, and 1844 to 1884. 




MARCH, 81 D*Tg. 

"T^ .L 




rms-. :,}h 

h. ■_. 

^i ,f ;5t 

•n » 


Mi i i ¥. 



ica. JSTJi; 



^% sr U': 



1 TiieBdar 

4 29 






6 IBS as 


* WednewlBy 


Bse 1 36 

11 84 



10 9 

a UoDdar 



T 14 


11 IB 




T 14 

4 9B 


6 W-ednadBj 

4 U 


gsa 348 


I 84 


ass 34* 

7 Fridn 

10 Moodar 



r I 

7 1 




9S0 437 

949 B !3 

1 is 



T 1 



11 Motid*T 

1 47 UBH 

11 Tu«d»j 




19 Wednendw 


13 WedoMiUj 


H MoDd.T 


14 Friday 







140 S I 

i S3 BBS 


10 46 

17 TbundBj 

7 10 


G39 1 44 

17 Mooday 


I 10 

4 4( 

IB MotuUr 

137 norn 

IB TdeXy 



19 WedDeaday 



4 43 


30 Wedii«id>7 


1 16 

» Mondar 

4 13 

31 TharwUr 

138 338 

33 Salaiday 

SS sundaV 

ilSS S8 


1 4B 

38 SUoriij 
34 aUHDA^ 

831 8S4 

» n-«dD.ldv 

8 8 

fl30 4 g> 


S Jfl 



838 448 

34 Monday 

B39B 2 




537 SSS 

SB Tuesday 

S886 S 



iX ,m 

96 Wedne^ 

S88S 4 



37 WedDBkUy 

9S3 era 

S816 B 




(SS 8 3 


B83fl 6 





3)0 9 14 

saie 7 


SS9S 8 


4 Be 

B 8 


(1378 9 




ETj ytii 




RTft Jjjjt 








SSI a'!B: 


n.11. » I lo. 




1 Thn™d»7 


8 44 





3 We^wd>7 



8 SKOrdBT 

8 46 

3 Monday 

t ' 

t Tbandij 

i 48 


I 9 

I 38 


S 3 


I 48 









4 8 

3 B4 

7 UoDdaj 



1 Wftdneadij 



4 S 





4 S 

fl Wednesdij 



10 ^^( 



9 Monday 

4 7 

7 IB 






4 7 

i 9 




11 Wodneaday 

4 7 

9 16 

6 1 


6 SB 

9 8 


4 7 


i S 


9 31 




4 7 

7 31 

S 4 




10 311 

4 7 


B f 



11 14 




B 1 




f 1 


IB Honday 

1 7 








r S3 


1 u 

r i 













I 1 

E S 

I 33 



4 8 


t 4f 




J j; 

7 ^ 

8 31 








I 1 


7 34 



4 11 

9 3 





37 Tocadw 


1 ! 

10 31 

M MonttoT 

4 48 

10 « 



7 1: 

10 3! 

4 10 

10 BS 


4 41 






SI amrJw 







sit ,: ::: 

St Sl",t 




SI iVi-. 




11 sill 




1 TdmiUt 


1 ' 


SO Wsdiuaday 



4 29 







7 » 

7 J1 



7 1( 

7 i 

I 4 




10 s 

10 81 

11 44 


B 81 


! Saturday 















8 87 










10 48 


8 Wednesday 
4 Thonday 

11 Tbonday 

is ■■ 


IT Batudar 












10 » 








DBGBMBBB, 81 Daja. 

k| 11 js; 




SI lilt 






iS,!l i' .'S: 



4 Saturday 

5 Wedusaday 

18 Monday 







8 g 

1 1 


1 ]j 



t 14 
S 14 
5 U 

g 1 

S ( 

b ; 

B ( 

» w 

1 N 
1 BS 



1 40 

8 8 





11 48 



M Monday 

>7 TUnCBday 






1 w 


1 11 


1 1; 

1 1) 
I li 

10 7 




1 40 

1 Monday 
a WednoHliy 

10 Wedneaday 

11 Thnnday 


14 aUNDAT 

15 Monday 
IS Tnaaday 

14 Wednsaday 







9 l« 



8 14 


All the roads to the sarroimdiiig towns lead through pleasant fanning districts, but late in the 
when droagfat and a hot son hare rendered these freqnented roates less agreeable, there are uiMnj chaim- 
ing by-paths which retain the fteshness of earl j Summer. For the bendt of those who may not prefer 
to explore for themselves, a few directions are given. 

Blx Trbb Dbitb.— From Lincoln street, leaving Citv Fann on the left, paas Lake Qntngigmntoiid. 
Then take first torn to the risht This road leads oat to Belmont street bevond the Causeway. 

Lilt Pond Drivb.— Tnmuig from Lincoln street into Boylston street take the first ton to the right 
leading roand the head waters of Lake ^oinsigamond and into Elm Tree Road. 

Baknistbb Mill DRivB.—Tnm from linccun street into Boylston street Take the third torn to tbB 
right, a narrow way through the woods, somewhat overgrown, and after passing the mill tato flzat t«m 
to the right. This road leads out on the Lily Pond road. 

BowLDXB Dbivi.— First turn to the right tnm Boylston street after pasring Mr. Goagfa*s plsboe: fol- 
low this road to the third turn, which leads to Shrewsbury, past a curious Bowlder on an eminenoe a* 
the right. 

Thb Rxsebvoib Drive.— Main road to Leicester. At Cheny Valley turn to right, and, keeping to tbe 
right past the Reservoir, descend Sylvester hill into Tatnuck. 

BRYANTS* Woods.— From Leicester village take road to Faxton, first turn to left, and contfaino aboos 
two miles to Pudding Comers schoolhouse, leaving that on the left these beautifal woods are immedi- 
ately, ahead. 

Oresnwood Road Drivb.— Main road to Quinsigamond village, just beyond, keep to the r^^ 
and round by the left to the Millbury road; thence, the right turn leads to that town, the left Imick to 

Old Common Drivb.— Main road to MlUbury. Turn to the right by the Millbury Bank; keep thiB 
straight road, leaving BramanvUIe on the left; tne old common, about a mile from Millbury village, lie* 
at the top of the hill, which is the site of the earliest settlement in the town— the original Millbury Til- 
lage; turn to the right down the hills, which give pleasant views, into the Qreenwood road and eti^Ig^ 
back to town. 

Flago'b Rbtrbat Road.— From Greenwood road, second turn to the rij^t, about three miles to rail* 
road crossing, pass this, and turn to right, then to right again to Southbridge sti^et. Drive out throii|d> 
Southbridge street to the Auburn station, turn to the left over the railroad, and keep straight on tfiw 
road, comluff down Mt. St. James, by the Holy Cross CoU^;e, Into Southbridge street. A beaattfol 
drive, with lueasant views. 

Davis Cottaob Road Drive.— Main road to Orafton, second turn to left; take the second turn again 
to the left, this road leads to the old Boston turnpike; turn to the left, come back over the Causeivay at 
the lake. 

South Ledge Drive.— From Winthrop street leaving Mr. Crompton''s residence on the left, tnm into 
Grenite street, which leads past the South Ledge, and tHrongh the woods to the Millbury road. 

HoLDEN Poor Farm Drive.— From the mam road to HoTden, take second turn to the left, then tln^ 
turn to right. Pass the Holden Poor Farm, turn again to the left and back to Worcester through Salia- 
bury street. Part of this drive through the woods is rough, but beautiful. 

Silver Spring Drive.— From the Paxton road beyond Tatnuck the second turn to the right leads to 
the little spring in % grove at the right, where seats have been placed for picnic parties. From the top of 
the hill beyond the grove, a fine view is aflbrded, and follovring the road down the steep descent and 
turning to the right, it leads back to Tatnuck. 

Silver Cascade.- Holden road from Tatnuck, first turn to the left, past Mr. Stephen S. Foater*s, 
then to right into a narrow overgrown road. The little stream, which in tne Spring is sufilcient to form 
a pretty cascade, comes down the hill on the left. 

Stone House Hill.— Same road from Tatnuck to Holden. first turn to riffht about 1-2 mile beyond 
residence of Mr. F. J. Kinney and go to the end of the road. A walk through the pastures leads to the 
Ledge of Rocks, which gives the name. During the stormy times preceding the breaking out of the 
revolutionary war, the royalist residents in Woreester, fearing violence, remed to this place, maWTig 
some additions to the natural defences of the situation, whioi afterwards received the name of the 
Tory Fort. 

Bellevue Drive.— Holden and Tatnuck road, second turn to right, second turn again to right, then 
first turn to left, then first turn to right and back to town. At one point on this road there is a pretty 
view of Monadnock and Wachusett mountains. 

MuLBERRT Grove Drive.— Paxton road, about a mile beyond Tatnuck, turn to left, and keeping to 
the left, cross to Leicester. 

Hafpt Vallbt.— In West Boylston about six miles from City Hall— a small grassy Intervale sur* 
rounded by wooded hills, picturesque and secluded. Follow Burncoat street to Ci^ line and continue 
on about two miles beyond Summit station, turn to the right, pass residence of Qeo. T. Brigfaam, and 
where the fence on left of road ends, turn immediately to the left and a blind curiage way takes you 
into the Happy Valley. 

Asnebumskit Hell.— Main road to Paxton three or four miles beyond Tatnuck. Carriages left at a 
farm houBe on the road side. Ascent made on foot. The summit of Asnebnmddt can be reached also 
from the Holden side. Holden road through Tatnuck. take second turn to left, after passing residence 
of Mr. F. J. Kinney. Carriages can be left at farm house at foot of hill, or at a deserted farm house 
lylne about half-way up. .This route is the shortest and gives a nearly level road, but calls for the most 
cumbing after leaving carriages. Distance from Worcester to top, about seven miles. A rou^ path, 
which can be traversed afoot or mounted, connects the two sides. This hill (1407 feet above tide water), 
excepting Wachusett (9006 feet) is the highest point in this part of the State, and gives on the north a 
fine view of Monadnock (3186 feet), and of the Green Mountains beyond. It is hoped a carriage road 
will soofTbe made, to enable all to enjoy the fine view from this hill. 

Purgatory.— This remarkable chasm lying in thick woods in the southeast portion of the town of 
Sutton is some 80 feet wide and more than 1(W0 feet long. wUle the depth, in places, reaches nearly 60 
feet; the view of the rocky walls and overhanging ledges is picturesque and impressive. It is a resort for 
woods parties. Take direct road to Millbury and pass through Sutton village, or WiUdnsonville. Dis- 
tance from Worcester about 16 miles. 

Wachusett Mountain.— This hill, one of the highest in the State (9008 feet above tide water), lying 
in the north part of the town of Princeton, furnishes a view covering nearly the whole extent of Maasa- 
chusetts. At the north the Green and White Mountain ranges are m fuU view, and with the aid of a 
glass vessels can be seen under sail in Boston harbor. The distance from Worcester is about seventeen 
mfles, through woods and pleasant farming districts, the most direct roads being the continuation of 
Sidisbury street, or Holden street, through the town of Holden. 





Haw b^jDd VDIisa, 

JeflMauTilis. . . 




Uendon -..-,..-,,.17 

Hllrotd 18 

Sonth Hflfoid 10 

BcfMdile. 18 

at West UUtborr. 

8 New Bnlntne . . . 

S NMthbaiongb.... 




forthTllls t 

PhiUlpcton at 

Ut WachiiMtt... 

Sontlibonnigh ., 

Cord«v111e IB 



Sterling , 

PnlTa Junction... 


Fliik«EilB !!"!!!!! 







— » 







j^wJnctton IB 

KMDa. «8 

OoDCOcd. 81 

B«llow>Falli 90 

PljRiODth in 

BuUud. 14S 

WcU«IUT«r 1« 

Uttletoa 194 

BetbUhem W4 

Twta Hoantala Boom 310 
WbltaHonnl^n " SH 

Fabnn-B SIB 

BarilnstDD HO 

St. ilGiiB* MS 

XoDtiwl 401 

^nabeo 4S1 


mnbmjJniicttao ■ 

WaMboii>'!'.!!ll!'.!" U 

SonlhTllIg. IB 

CordaTUe. IT 

flooth Fnndiudtfun.- tt 

Haitk...... ...v.... « 

Wallsder W 

Onninils SI 

Btoa'aCroadng H 

HewtonLowtr Hb. M 

BlT«iM» ta 

AsboindAl* M 

W«tN«wtan tB 

SnmmtiU* K 

Rnrton tft 

B^tnn SB 

AllSon 40 

Ootti^^Fanu 41 

St. John... 

Trlente'.'.'. '.'.'. '.'.'.'.. 
Conitantlnople ■ , . 



Sumdanrllla . . 
Partnun'BTllle. . 




:: 188 

.. laa 

■■■■■■■ s 


■ MT 





Seneca PHI*. 


.. BH 


. ,aee 


■■ ii 

Charleglon (nil). . - 

Savuiniui (nlll . . . 
Sanimali (aleuaer 










HsTiu (rionwi) . 

.;■:.' >i3 





Sill Lake CIt; 

San Frindioo 
San Prandcco 



■.V.'.V BIS 


'.'. 89 


: .:i;'ooo 



CHAP. 40. 
An aet In rftlAtlon to the METRIC SYSTEM of Weights mni MeMaraa. 

Be it enacted, Ac., as followB:— 

SscT. 1. That from and after the passage of this act it shall be lawful throughout the Commonwealth of 
Jteesachnsetts to employ the weights and measures of the Metric System, and no contractor dealing or plead- 
laff in any court shall be deemed Invalid or liable to objection because the weights or messures expressed or 
iwerred to therein, are weights and messures of the Metric System. The metric weights and meaaiirea re- 
ceived from the United States, and now in the treasury of the Commonwealth, mav be used and taken as an- 
thorized public standards of weights and measures; and these authorized stanouds shall in no caae be 
removed from the treasury except under necessity for their preservation or repair. 

SscT. 8. The following tables shall be recognized in the construction of^ contracts, and in all legal pro- 
ceedings, as establishing in terms of the weights and measures now in use in the State of Ma;isachusett0, the 
equivalents of the weights and measures expressed therein in terms of the Metric System; and said tables may 
be lawfully used for computing, determining and expressing in customary wei^ts and measures the waists 
and measures of the metric system. For Metric tables see ladex. ' 


TUi Tdde dumi the difference of time between that of Wobcbstib and the following plaeee;— 

WB8T, slow. 

Augusta .. 
BaMm oie. 
Boffluo . • • < 
Cleveland . 
Oalveston . 
LooisvlUe. . 
Montreal . . 

• m. 









New Orleans . . 

New York 





San Francisco. 

St. Louis 

St Paul 

Washington ... 
Yokohama . . . . 

h. ni. 
.. 1:18 
.. 9 
.. 14 
.. 88 
.. 81 


BA<(T, ftat. 

n. m. 

Bangor 19 

BerDn 6:40 

Boston 8 

Calcutta 10:18 

Cape of Good Hope.. 6:10 

Constantinople 6:48 

Dublin 4:81 

Edinburgh 4:87 

Geneva 6:11 

Gibraltar 4:96 

Greenwich 4:47 






StTjoWs, H. F. 
St. Petersburg. . . 




h. in. 
. 4:46 
. 7:«T 
. 4:66 

. 6:6T 
. 1:16 
. 6:48 
. 6:49 
. 8:44 
. 6:68 




VllUmeter 1-1000 of a meter. 

Centimeter 1-100 of a meter. 

Decimeter 1-10 of a meter. 

Meter 1 meter. 

Dekameter 10 meters. 

Hektometer 100 meters. 

Kilometer 1,000 meters. 

Myrlameter 10,000 meters. 







feet 1 inch. 

.82187 mile, or 8^980 feet 10 inches. 
6.2187 miles. 




mlM. IgalnlMlla dMMi 







Xqalntet ia Oakto mimbwi. 


UqvM «r WbM BbMMk 

MllUUter 1-1000 

Centiliter 1-100 

DeciUter 1-10 

Liter (Leeter) 1 

Dekaliter 10 

HektoUter 100 

Kiloliter 1,000 

1 cable centimeter. 
10 cubic centimeters. 
1-10 of a cubic dedmet*r 
1 cable decimeter. 
10 cubic decimeters. 
1-10 of a cubic meter. 
1 cubic meter. 

.061 cubic inch. 
1.6108 cubic inch. 
6.1082 cubic inches. 

.008 quart. 
9.06 quarts. 

8 bushels and 8.86 pecks. 
1.806 cubic yards. 

.27 fluid dram. 
.888 fluid ounce. 
.846 giU. 
1.0667 quarts. 
8.6417 gallons. 
86.417 gaUons. 
864.17 'gsllons. 





Avolrlnpds «di^ 

If imff»Ani 








1 cubic millimeter. 

10 cubic millimeters. 

1-10 of a cubic centimeter. 

1 cubic centimeter or 1 mOliliter. 

10 cubic centimeten or 1 centiliter. 

1 deciliter. 


10 Uters. 

1 hektoUter. 

1 cubic meter or 1 kiloliter. 

.0164 grain. 
.1548 grain. 
1.6488 grains. 
16.488 grains. 
.8687 ounce. 
8.6874 ounces. 
8.2046 pounds. 
88.046 pounds. 
880.46 pounds. 
8804.6 pounds. 


Oram . . .. ^ ..... . 





dIeUic ton 

Per Sqaare Meaenre the square of long measure is used. For measuring land— in the place of acre— tlia 
eentar which is one square meter, equivalent to 1,560 square inches; the ar which is 100 square meters, equlT- 
alent to 119.6 square yards; the heetar which is 10,000 square meters, equiyalent to 8.47114 acres, are used. 

Por Cable Meaeare the cube of long measure is used; ster is used as a measure of wood in place of cord. 

The mill, cent, dime, dollar, and eagle of U. S. money exactiy illustrate the decimal system of the metric 
measures, —the milL cept, dime, corresponding with the milli, centi, ded of the metric system. 

AMireTlatioiia.— Fbr m-^ter. liter, and gram, the small initial letter is used, viz: m. 1. g.; each division ded, 
centi, milli. also is abbreviated by using the small initial letters d. c. m.; but each multiple, deka, hekto, kilo, 
myria, is aobreviated by ndnc the capital Initial letter D. H. K. M. 

■qnlvalenla.— 1 inch equab .0864 meter, or about 2 1-8 centimeters; 1 foot equals .8048 meter, or about 80 
eentimeters; 1 yard equals .9144 meter, or ab. 10-11 of a meter; 1 mile 1600 meters, or ab. 1.6 kflometers. 

1 n. 8. liquid quart equals .940 liter, or a little less than 1 liter: 1 U. 8. dry quart equals 1.101 liters: 1 XT. 8. 
gallon equals 8.7S5 liters, or about 8.8 liters; 1 U. 8. bushel equals 86 84 liters, or about 4-11 of a hektoUter. 

1 avoiftinpois ounce equals .08885 kilogram, or a little less than 80 grams; 1 Troy and apothecaries ounce 
equals .08110 kilogram, Or a little more than 80 grams; 1 avoirdupois pound equals .40860 lologram, or about 
6-11 of a kiloCTam; 1 long ton— 8240 pounds— equals 1016.05 kilograms, or about 1 metric ton. 

Baaia of me system.— 1. The unit of length, the meter, is the ten millionth part of a quadrant of ttie 
meridian of Paris, being 89.87 inches, nearly. 8. The unit of surface, the ar, is the square of ten meters, or a 
Irandred square meters. 3. The unit of capadtv, the liter, is a cube whose edge is a tenth of a meter. 4. Tlie 
nmt of wmght. the gram, is the weight of a com of rain-water, whose edge is an hundredth of a meter. 
Ftom these four primary units all others are derived according to the decimal scale. 

Where need.- The system is adopted by the following countries: in ezdusive use in France, Germanj, 
Austria, BeMum, Holland, Italy, Opsin, Portunil, Norway, Switzerland, Roumania, Brazil; in partial usem 
Denmark, Greece, Argentine Confederation, Venezuela; legalized, but not in general use, in flie ITntteA 
States, Oreat Britlan, Russia, Norway, Sweden, Turkey, Mexico, Chili, Costa Bua, Bquador, Peru, U. fik «f 
Columbia, Uruguay. In Sweden compulsory law will take eflfect in 1880. 









•P4 A 

S ^ S P ^ ^ S 
as ^ &5 )s «0 lo - F 

S S S ^ I i ^ 






S g § § 


09 O QQ 
i-t i-t y4 
» 00 ri 

S S i ^ 

»B o» ^ '-I 



? E 

s s 



S g 






g * 

*o 3 




1 s 

^ 00 






S fe 
^ ^ 





s >^ ^ s ? 

^ it e$ ^ » 




I g 5 I 

W 64 ^ r-l 




IS 11 


g g 5 




g » B 

oo«i .- 

.ir^ ••» go ••> 

1^ J « S 



•ass* 18 

lit lllpf 


5.-*:: 2'^© 



A oompantiTB table shoivliig the popnlatioik of all dties, and of nineteen of the laigeit towns, airanged In 
Um order of ilae; U. S. Censna 1880, 1870, 1860. State Cennia 1875. 



1 Boeton 


8 Woroeater 

4 Cambridge 


6 Ijawrenoe 

7 Lynn 

8 Springfield. . . . 

9 Salem 

10 New Bedford . 

21 SomerviUe 

IS Holyoks 

18 Chdeea 

14 Tanntoo 

15 GloDoester .... 

16 BaYerhiU 

17 Newton 

18 Kewbnryport . 

19 Fitchbozg 




























1 Brockton 

9Pltt8fleld .... 
8 Northampton 

4 Maiden 

5 Waltfaam 

6 Chicopee . . . 

7 AtUeborongh. 

8 Wobnm 

9 Weymoath... 

10 Quincy 

11 North Adams 
19 Marlborough . 


14 Peabody 


16 Beverly 

17 Brookllae.... 

18 Clinton 

19 Westfleld 












































in 1878. 

Brockton and Maiden were incorporated as cities In 1881. Waltham has applied for a dty charter, 1884. 


V. 8. CBKBU8 OF 1( 

nietliirtean orlgliulMataawselTenflKt, Inthe order of their ntUcmtioTi ot the Fodsnl CooaUCntloD 
Tlken foUow the twsnty'tlTe renulnlDg lUlea, ID tbe order ot their ■dmladmi loto the Union. The lenitoiiee 
■re In the order of their oiguilnCton. Indian Territory uid AJukt ftre uloTgulisd territories. 

^ IMO. IBVe. 1880. Fenule. Foreign Colored. , 


8. New /eni^Witon.'!^ 8 


•■SS !: 






































S «,ssi 




9 7B,<eO 





i 'i« 






Total TenltOrlM 


«»,8es ; aijta 





Alukkhu about 10.(00 popnltUoD. Chief town, Sitka, with popaUtlon of about 1000. 

Indian Tenlbirx hai aboat 70,000 population, of whom aboat 8,000 are wUtea, 7,000 oolond Ud 80,000 



BtUadMUt of flu HRntimm of all towiu and dtlei In Iha Unltad 8tat«e, mH of tha HlolMlppl riTn. 
bcTti^ a popnlaUon « 1,000 and Bmraid. and of all waat of the HlatlMlppl rlTer tuTtDg ■ nipuatlon of 
1,000 and npward, except tboae In New York, MiMfhintta, Bhode laUnd and COnaeefleat! Sww MalM 
being [iTen In full alwwbara. 
a-JCuM I— . ii^i.i 11 Oit»irt^ 

Newport ia.4SS 

Owenibon^ ........ 0,vn 

Pidncih. 8,0% 

BltOD Rouge 7,1>T 

DonaldnnTitle ififH 

Monroe g,07D 

UonaaClIr *,03S 

Tfal^tocbea S.78B 

Neir Iberia i.7l» 

NewObisaks AOOO 

PUgncmbe 9.on 

Sbreveport 8,000 


Anbnm <I,6H 

AnsitBTA 8,0m 

Bangor 18^87 

Batfi tfm 

Bflhit S,106 

Blddefom is,i<a 

Bniimwlck - B,88t 

C»laJ« 8,171 

Oraden. 4,S8B 

CapeKUubetb... . 8,001 

Eaafoti'.',',','.',','.'.',', .ifXH 

Klliworth S,£«H 

OanUner 4,4S> 

LewtMon 19.€6t 

Portland .88,810 

Rockland T,aM 

Saco e.8M 

WaMTTille l,8n 


AmAPOLn t,W 

BBlUnu>re SK,190 

Cunberiuid 10,08 

DnbUn BJK8 

Tredotek B.K» 

Hagentotm e,arr 

Adrian 7.840 

Alpena 8,188 

Ann Arbor 8,081 

BatUeCreek T,C» 

Bar an 10,898 

Coldinier 4,881 

Detroit n«,81> 

EaMBtglDaw 10,018 

Flint 8,410 

Grand Hnm 4,801 

Grand B^ilda 82,018 

lonU 4,190 

lebpemlng 8,060 

Jaiion 10,108 

KaUmaioa 8,0(rr 

LiKsnta 8,810 

Ludtngton 4.190 

Hanlilee 7,068 

Muquette 4,R8> 

Uuskegaa 11,MS 

YoBUMi '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.. '.'.'. 4,800 

PorlHnron 8,888 

Sagtuaw lO.BK 

WeetBarCltr 8,807 

TpsUuitt 8.8T7 

Anoka I.TOS 

Aiudn MOB 

DolDtli >.M« 

FailbMiK 8,418 

SL AnguBLlDe 



. 1,809 

Sri;;-;;;;i i 

^^^^^^Arta™^ 1 




SJ2.5ST::::: 1 

ESSIiSi -.::::: 1 

Teiarkani (lee Ten 




^e;;;; i 



Santa Clara....!!!!! I 


. 4,SW 


Woodland r 

Scolder 1 

Roek bland 

SFRIHaniLD. . . . 

. 8,089 

Gejjgetowi; ::!!.!:: i 


Trinidad..!!!!!!!'! i 








Dom {tbont). 1 

Wilmington 1 

! 6fiK 


DIM. of (Mul 



. G.380 


Sontb Bend 



Pailka. l.WB 


Hutlna S.SOS 

Lake rt.SK 

Uukalo li,lM 



Monbfl«id i.nm 

Owatoaui 8,1B1 

Red Wlnj 8,878 

RocliMter B.1D« 

Bt.aoud S,«3 

8t. Piui. «,«e 

SL Peter 8.436 



Winona. ."!!!!!.'!!'!io;M9 

JiouoN B.SOB 

Heridlau 4.008 

NuchM 7,058 

Vklisbarg 11,814 


BoDDvlUe S,8M 

Brooldkld 1,364 

Butler S.iai 

Cuiunon.. 3.109 

CanlOQ 8,6aa 

Cape Olrudeui 8.880 

CamiUbm 1,318 

CanhaRe 4,16T 

ChlUcolhe 4,079 

CUnton S,sa8 


Fnlton 8,409 

Hannibal 11.074 

Holdcn E,014 

ludependeDce 8,141) 

JimraoHCiTT... 6.S71 

JopUu ■"«« 

Kaneaadn FT 

KlrkBvUle 4 

Umi^t ".'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 9 

Hacou 6 

Hanhall <1 

Mjrjvllle 8 

Modoo 8 


Palmyn 9 

PleaswtHUl « 

Ht. Uharlea 4 

St! hovii.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.i i 

eedalla l 

T^aloa... v.... '.'.'.'. B,a« 

Wsrreiwbiiig 4,04B 

WashlDstan t,«U 

Bntta «,M3 

Helena 8,04 

ViHaiHuCiTT 894 


Beatrice 2,447 

Calumbua £.181 

JTremonl 8,018 

amndlfOaad 1,968 

HamiDgH S.B17 

LIBCOLM 18,004 

Mebnulu 4,188 

Omaha B0.B18 

Platlamonth 4,173 


CariohCitt 4.n7 

BiireLa 4,107 

Uoldnm 4,581 

Virginia 10,917 

New HanraU"' 

Clacemont 4,704 

CONCOBD 18,e»« 

DOVM ll.flBT 

Keene 8,184 

MancbeltiBt K.«8a 

Portnuoiiiii' '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 9,090 


Bocheiter 5,788 

Somanwonli B,S88 

New Jerae;. 

AtlanUcCltj B,4n 

Baronne fl.87a 

Bordeulown 4.£e 

BridvetoD 8,7^ 

BurllDgton 0,090 

Camden 4: "t 

Chambenburf ..... I t7 

BueC Omnge i 9 

EUaabi^th K 9 

OkwceBler I 17 

Hairlxon I fl 

Uoboken 81 « 

Jersey CItT IB S 

LambenTfflle ■ a 

MHTvllle : 

MonlaUiwik. I 8 

Newark . — " 


Patmon o; i 

riainAeld ..'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. t S 
Bahwaj I 9 

Tbutton V 

Union I B 

New Heile«. 

Allniqnerqne LSIB 

6tim.Fi 6,S» 

New York. 

North CarollBa. 

Charlotte 7,094 

New Berne 0,448 


Wilmington I7.8lt> 


Akron 16,511 

Alliance 4.686 

AibtabnU 4,4tt 

Bellalre 8,0% 

Canton UliW 

ChlUlcothe 10.988 

ClDClnaatl KC,180 

CirclBvlllfl 8.010 

ncTeland 180,146 

ComuBni Bl,66i 

Dayton 88,877 

DeBance S.BOr 

DelAwan e,BS4 

EaalUverpool 6.968 

Blyrta 4.777 

Flndle; 4.686 

Fremont B.4&1 

Gallon G,03B 

OaJIlpoIiB 4.400 

Hamilton 11,12) 

Ironlon e,8S7 

Lancular ^809 

Lima 7,589 

Hanifleld 9.8M 

Marietta 6,444 

MbmUIod «.8.'ir 

MIddlatown 4.688 

tiewttH..... '.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. 9.009 

Norwalk 5,7W 

Piqoa 6.081 

Pomeroy B„"ill0 

Ponamouth II.321 

aalem 4,041 

Sandusky 16.888 

BprlngSeld 90.730 

Steubenrlllo I£,l»3 

TIffln 7,879 

Toledo 60,148 

Trbana e.iS3 

Van Wert 4.081 

Warreo 4.4S 

Wooaler 5.818 

Xenla 7.086 

YonngMown 16.481 


Tin WUllami UU .. %,mt 

rort Worth a,OK 

3alniviUe l,Mr 

Bonilon ..'.'.' ";.''.'.'l«,BM 
HnnisTlUe.. t,ug 

iMieio . .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. Sm 

VinhaU 6,a» 

IWeMlne I,9IR 

I*aHi B.980 

[UoOrandaCitJi-' - Xl«» 

ten Antonio KMi 

"— — — 6.141 



rjlor 1,411 

«ctoi1« 1,010 

ffam r.m 

^eatberford SfiU 


JBgu, |.S9t 

ionntPleaeant .... 1,IXM 

Jgden 6,068 

•roTO 8,4a 

)iLi L^Ki Cm. ..10,768 

tpaniah Fork 9.SH 

tprlDgfleld 1,SU 


Jennlngton eJSS 

SnilUeSoro' 4,m 

Jarllngton 11.861 

;olche«ter 4,411 


Itutland U,14B 


•■ 'itanabu 



^•u.u. 7.GK 

iVedailckabnrf 6,010 

[^'ncbbnis 16.960 

Manchester 6,790 

Sorfolk ■i,g«8 

Pelenbnnr 11,866 

F>DrtBDaa(h 11,890 

ItiCHaoHD 68,550 

Uaonton 6.664 

ffincheatar 4,958 


Dltmfu IMI 

Seattle 8,6)8 

ffalla Walla 8,688 

Waat TlrHBlB. 

iHiarleaton 4.191 

Hutlnabunr 6,835 

l^kenbnrg 6.B8I 

iVBBiLnre 80,788 


Ippleton 8,006 

i^it 4,790 

Ian Claire 10,118 

^ooddaLwi 18,091 

Jreen Bay 7.478 

ranearilla S.0I8 

Cenoaha 6.1X9 

^aCroeaa .14.606 

djtSISON 10.8S 

ianltowoc fl.SOT 

lUlwauliee 115.E7B 

«cenab 4.909 

>ebkoah !".'.!'.!!! !l6!749 

>ort«ge 4.846 

Itaelne 16.081 

theboTsan T.S14 

«tevcns Point 4.440' 

iVanwatoea 5,083 

j HJ triMi n Cm... 8.4S6 
UramleatT 1.BU 



.... 111.SSII 

Ali-I^CkqiBlla, Pnud^... 


.... 110.100 


AumhiUB. B«v»ri»,... ...... 

.... 11,000 

Bugslora, E«st India,. ■■ 

■■;: iSS 

- M 

.... «.W' 

)'... ■ 




S' s 

.... ja.!«6 


.... M.OOtt 

- w 


ilea, 134,16£ 





.... ]M.a36 

- ,SiS 


.... «S.ti« 

.... iio,«w 
... m.m 



OOI^wi, Sweden, '"r^'l 

.:. Xi.m 


U. S. CENSUS OF 1880. 
ToUl 1,7SS,08« 

• CIttM dMicBktod liy M aflariak. 


BikBKBTABLX 4,250 

Brewster 1,144 

Chatham 2,852 

Dennis 8,290 

Eastham 692 

Falmouth 2,422 

Harwich 8,265 

Mnshpee 847 

Orleans 1,294 

Provincsetown 4,845 

Sandwich 8,544 

Truro 1,019 

Welllleet 1,908 

Yarmouth 2,178 



Adams 6,598 

Alfotd. 848 

Becket 1,128 

Cheshire 1,687 

Clarksburg. 724 

Dalton 2.068 

Bcremont 875 

Florida 469 

Great Barrlngton.... 4,658 

Hancock 642 

Hinsdale 1,695 

Lanesborough 1,278 

Lee 8,989 

Lenox 2,048 

MontersT. 685 

Mount Washington. 206 

NewAshford 208 

New Marlborough. . 1,876 

North Adams 10,192 

Otis 785 

Peru 408 

PiTTSFIBLD 18,867 

Richmond 1,124 

Sandisfleld 1,107 

Savoy 716 

Sheffield 2,204 

Stockbridge 2,860 

Tjringham 542 

Washington 492 

West Stockbridge.. 1,981 

Williamstown 8,895 

Windsor 644 



Acushnet 1,105 

Attleborongh 11,111 

Berkley 927 

Dartmouth. 8,430 

Dighton 1,791 

Easton 8,902 

Frirbaven 2,875 

♦Fall River 49,006 

Preeto\^'n. 1,829 

Mani^fleld 2,766 

♦New Bedford 26,875 

Norton 1,782 

Raynham, 1,681 

Rahoboth 1,891 

S?ekonk. 1,228 

Somerset 2,006 

Swansea 1,850 

♦Tafntok 21,213 

WcBtport 2,898 


Chllmark 494 

Cottage City 079 

Bdoabtowk 1,801 

Gay Head 161 

Gosnold 154 

TIsbury 1,516 


Amesbuiy 8,855 

Andover 5,171 

BUn ttmu In omU fltpitalai 

Beverly 8,445 

Bozford 824 

Bradford 2,648 

Danvers 6,686 

Essex 1,670 

Georgetown 2,231 

♦Glouck^tkb. 19.829 

Groveland 2,227 

Hamilton 935 

♦Haverhill 18,475 

Ipswich 8,609 

♦L AWBENOS 80,178 

♦Lynn 88,284 

Lvnnlleld 686 

Manchester 1,640 

Marblehead 7,467 

Merrimac 8,287 

Methuen 4,892 

Mlddleton 1,000 

Nahant 808 

Newbury 1,566 

♦Newbtjrtpobt. . . .18,587 

North AndoTcr 8,217 

Peabody 9,028 

Rockport 8,912 

Rowley 1,201 

♦Salek 27,608 

Salisbury 4,079 

Saugus 2,626 

Swampscott 2,501 

Topslield 1,165 

Wenham 880 

West Newbury 1,989 


Ashfleld 1,068 

Bemardston 084 

Bnckland 1,789 

Charlemont 932 

Colerain 1,777 

Conway 1,760 

Deerfleld. 8,548 

Erving 872 

Gill 788 

Grebntibld 8,908 

Hawley 502 

Heath 660 

Leverett 742 

Leyden 607 

Monroe 166 

Montague 4,876 

New Salem 869 

Northfleld 1,608 

Orange 8,171 

Rowe 502 

Shelbume 1,621 

Shutesbury 629 

Simderland 755 

Warwick 713 

Wendell 465 

Whately. 1,074 



Agawam 2,216 

B&ndf ord 979 

Brlmfleld 1,208 

Chester 1,478 

Chicopee. 11,325 

Granville 1,205 

Hampden 968 

IloUand 802 

♦Holyoke 21,851 

Longmeadow 1,401 

Ludlow 1,526 

Monson 8,758 

Montgomery 803 

Palmer 5,504 

Russell 823 

Southwick 1,104 

♦Sprxkgfikld 83,340 

Tolland 458 

Wales l,08fr 

Westfield 7,587 

West Springfield... 4,148 

Wllbraham 1, 



Amherst 4,299 

Belchertown 2,846 

Chesterfield 769 

Cummlngton 881 

Easthampton 4,206 

Enfield 1,043 

Goshen 827 

Granby 753 

Greenwich 634 

Hadley 1,988 

Hatfield 1.496 

Huntington 1,236 

Middleflcld 648 

Northampton 12,172 

Pelham 614 

Plainfield 457 

Prescott 460 

Southampton 1,046 

South Hadley 8,688 

wa re. ... .......... 4,oiT 

Westhampton 664 

Williamsburg 2,284 

Worthington 768 



Acton 1,787 

Arlington 4,100 

Ashby 914 

Ashland 8,894 

Ayer 1,882 

Bedford 981 

Belmont 1,615 

Billerlca 2,000 

Boxborough 819 

Burlington 711 

♦Cambbidgb 62,740 

Carlisle 478 

Chelmsford 8,563 

Concord 8,922 

Dracut 1,606 

Dunstable 463 

Everett 4,159 

Framingham 6,235 

Groton 1,882 

Holliston 3,099 

Hopklnton 4,fi02 

Hudson 8,739 

Lexington 2,460 

Lincom 882 

Littleton 994 

♦Lowell 59,485 

Maiden 12,017 

Marlborough 10,126 

Maynard 2,291 

Medford 7,678 

Melrose 4,660 

Natick 8,480 

♦Newton 16,i>95 

North Reading 900 

Pepperell 2,848 

Reading 8,181 

Sherbom 1,401 

Shirley 1,366 

♦Somerville 24,985 

Stoneham 4,891 

Stow 1,046 

Sudbury 1,178 

Tcwksbury 2,171 

Townnend 1,967 

TjTigsborough 681 

Wakefield 5,548 

Waltham 11,711 

Watertown 6,426 

Wayland 1,962 

Westford 2,147 

Weston 1,448 

Wilmington 983 

Winchester 3,802 

Wobum 10,938 


Blant Bckt. 

NabtdcKbt 8,7SS 


Bndntree 8,865 

Brookllne 8,068 

Canton 4,588 

Cohasset 8,182 

Dbdhax 6;i84 

Dover 668 

Foxborough 8,961 

Franklin 4,061 

Holbrook 8,188 

HydePaxk T.090 

Medfieid 1,866 

Medway 8,965 

MUton 8,806 

Needham 6,264 

Norfolk 980 

Norwood 8,846 

Quincy 10,689 

Randolph 4,027 

Sharon 1,498 

Stoughton 4,875 

Walpole 8,494 

Weymouth 10,871 

Wrentham 8,482 


Abington 8,097 

Bridgewater 8,080 

Brockton 18,608 

Carver 1,089 

Duxbuiy . 2,196 

East Bridgewater. . . 2,710 

Halifax 648 

Hanover 1,807 

Hanson 1,809 

Hingham 4,485 

Hull. 888 

Kingston 1,624 

Lakeville 1,008 

Marion 958 

Marshfleld 1,785 

Mattapolsett 1,866 

Mlddleborough 6,887 

Pembroke 1,406 

Plymouth 7,094 

Plympton 694 

Rochester 1,048 

Rockland 4,663 

Scituate 8,466 

South Abhogton ... . 8,084 

South Sdtnate 1,820 

Wareham 8,887 

West Bridgewater. . 1,665 


♦Boston 868,585 

♦Chelsea 21,785 

Revere 2,888 

Winthrop 1,048 


Ashbumham 1,666 

Athol 4,807 

Auburn 1,817 

Barre 2,418 

Berlin 977 

Blackstone 4,906 

Bolton 908 

Bovlston 864 

Brookfield 8,820 

Charlton 1,900 

Clinton 8,080 

Dana 786 

Douglas 2,241 

Dudley 2,804 

♦Fitchbubo 18,406 

Gardner 4,988 

Grafton 4,080 

Hardwick 8,888 

Harvard 1^^ 

Holden 8,499 


NocthbridH UKa 

NortbbroaUteld.... i,4l» 

OdJUm en 

Oxford 8,6M 

punilttton .. 


Soothboroagfa . , 



Webster ..'..'.'.'.'. 
WefltboTongb. , , , 
West BojlBton . . 


T. 8. CENBUS of II 


.. 1,616 

.. i.esT 


Hiddteloxn 1,IW 

•Nbwpobt ltt.*M 

" Sborehun IfiM 




Ba£t Proridcncfl. 

North ProvldeDce. 1,«T 
Nortb Smlthfleld, . . S.Ose 

P*wlDcket 18,080 

*Pbotiijei(cb lOMfiS 


South Kaoarow) 



hradnctiMi ... 
Gt aby 



tMkrmo. ... 


.. ],1U 


'.'. i)iu 
... a,Ti8 

.. TAB 
... <,4M 




OMSirbrook i.aos 

UanMUe %«6S 

•NiwLoinJolI m.BSa 

KonhStonington.., 1,7«9 

New Hkicb. 

Bacon Falls.. . 

■ St^^rto'n" 

Btoflbrd i,4fiS 


Union tat 

Vemm 6,916 

Wmington. 1,08b 

CbBprin . . 

KilllnRlT ... 

'bompeon. . . 
'olnntown . . 

... 2,030 


*Denet9* ciiies. 


^Albany 90,908 

Berne S,617 

Bethlehem 8,75S 

Coeyman's 8,912 

•Cohoes 19,418 

Gnllderland 8,465 

Knox 1.694 

New Scotland 8,253 

RenMelaerville 2,488 

WateirUet 22,220 

Westerlo 2,821 


.\lfred 1,528 

Allen 818 

Alma 865 

Almond 1,667 

Amity 1,978 

Andover 1,988 

Angelica 1,630 

Beffaat 1,470 

Birdsoll 890 

Bolivar 1,029 

Bams 1,671 

Caneadea 1,764 

Centrevllle 966 

Clarksville 862 

Cuba 2,303 

Friendnhip 2,127 

Genesee 974 

Granger 1,086 

Grove 1,125 

Hnmc 1,905 

Independence 1,186 

New Hudson 1,084 

Roshford 1,453 

Scio 1,555 

WaM 620 

Wellsville 4,259 

West Almond 803 

Willing 1,367 

Wirt 1,226 


Barker 1,888 

*Bin£hamton 17,815 

Bingnamton 2,555 

Chenango 1,590 

Colcsvine 8,208 

Conklln 1,420 

Fenton 1,555 

Kirkwood 1,344 

Lisle 2.399 

Maine 2,189 

Nanticoke 999 

£anf ord 8,495 

Triangle 2,078 

Union 2,596 

Vestal 2,184 

Windsor 3,286 


Allegany 4,044 

Ashford 1,814 

Carrolton 2,171 

Cold Spring 984 

Conewango l,2fH) 

Total, 5,0M,910. 

Dayton 1,705 

Saat Otto 1,261 

EUicottville 14M9 

Farmersville 1,128 

Franklinville 1,982 

Freedom 1,812 

Great VaUey 1,860 

Hinsdale 1,594 

Humphrey 997 

Ischua 986 

Leon 1,192 

LitUe Valley 1,196 

Lvndon 881 

Machias 1,545 

Mansfield 1,106 

Napoli 1,126 

New Albion 1,732 

Olcan 6,576 

Otto 1,111 

Perrysbnrgh 1,876 

Persia 1,870 

Portvlllc 2,400 

Randolph 2,450 

Red House 487 

Salamanca 8,498 

South Valley 995 

Yorkshire 1,784 



♦Auburn 21,924 

Aurclius 1,954 

Brutus 2,786 

Cato 2,069 

Conquest 1,661 

Fleming 1,233 

Genoa 2,517 

Ira 2,113 

Ledvard 2,199 

Locke 1,143 

Mcntz 2,288 

Montezuma 1,294 

Moravia 2,699 

Niles 1,875 

Owasco 1,297 

Scipio 2,093 

Sempronlus 1,138 

Sennctt 1,644 

Springport 2,125 

Sterling 8,084 

Summer Hill 1,028 

Throop 1,188 

Venice ,. . 1,889 

Victory 1,953 


Arkwright 1,076 

Bnsti 1,901 

Carroll 1,718 

Charlotte 1,667 


Cherry Creek 1,.354 

Clymer 1,455 

Dunkirk 7,248 

Ellery 1,565 

Ellicott ^2»^ 

Ellington 1,802 

Fredonia 2,692 

French Creek 1,042 

Gerry 1,175 







Panama A Harmony 





Sherman . 


. 1.8S0 
. 2,018 
. 1,990 
. 1,661 
. 1,668 
. 1,868 
. 1,446 
. 8,828 


Ashland 1,149 

Baldwin 966 

Big Flats 1,989 

Catlln 1,460 

Chemung 2,096 

Elmira 1,986 

♦Elmira 20,641 

Erin 1,662 

Horseheads 8,449 

Southport 8,619 

VanEtten 1,991 

Veteran 2,368 



Afton 2,248 

Bainbridge 1,934 

Columbus 1,177 

Coventry 1,317 

German 664 

Greene 8,878 

Guilford 2,441 

Lincklaen 901 

McDonoogh 1,298 

New BerlGi «,iy72 

North Norwich .... 964 

Norwich 6,766 

Ott^lic 1,612 

Oxford 8,085 

Pharsalia 1,147 

Pitcher 1,076 

Plymouth 1,302 

Preston 909 

Sherburne 8,128 

Smithville 1,493 

Smyrna 1,651 



Altona 8,678 

Ausable 3,881 

Beckmantown 3,644 

Black Brook 8,413 

Champlain 6,407 

Chazy 8,147 

Clinton 2,194 

Dannemora 2,962 

Ellenbnrgh 8,162 

Mooers 4.381 

Peru 2,662 

Plattsburgh 8,283 

Sanmao 4,69 

Schuyler's Falls.... I,i40 


Anciam 1,603 

AusteiUtz 1,841 

Csnaan 1,664 

Chatham 4,674 

Claverack 4^7 

Clermont 918 

Copake 1,905 

Gallatin 1,252 

Germantown 1,008 

Ghent 2,968 

Greenport 1,375 

HUlsdale 1,S80 

*Hnd8on 8,670 

Kinderhook 4,300 

LivincBton 2,060 

New Lebanon 8^345 

Stockport 1,980 

Stuyvesaat 2,086 

Tagbanic 1,808 


Cincinnatns 1,008 

CortlandTille 7,113 

Cnyler 1,888 

Freetown 844 

Harford 1,084 

Homer 8,691 

Lapeer 787 

Marathon l.TW 

Preble 1,188 

Scott 960 

Solon 849 

Taylor 998 

Tmxton 1,550 

Virgil 1,854 

Willett 868 


Andes 2,680 

Bovlna 1,032 

Colchester 3,041 

Davenport 1,989 

Delhi 8,941 

Deposit 1,714 

Franklin 3,907 

Hamden 1,496 

Hancock 8,288 

Harpersfldd 1,430 

Kortright 1,780 

Masonville 1,678 

Meredith 1,668 

Middlctown 3,977 

Roxbury 3,844 

Sidney 3,461 

Stamford 1,688 

Tompkins 3,634 

Walton 8,644 



Amenia 8,697 

Bcekman 1,978 

Clinton 1,640 


Dota S,K1 

BMFMiklU tM* : 

puikm io,m : 

HjdaPuk 1,^ < 

NorthBut!!!"!!!' >iin : 

pkwuw *.aoe : 

PlnelCiiu •-• ' 

FlaHnl TiDer... 

•Tcnghkniide -.._.. 

TmiSkBtotla 4,<W 

Bed^ook *.*1t 

Bhlsebeck 8,Mn 

Stanford 1,CM 

UDlonVde ;.. l.«n 

Wuhlngtaa 1.TBT 

Vappinget'* 4,eei ; 



AmlKnt -.--- - 

Amon tiltt < 

BoMoD i.mi ^ 

*Ba1Mo'.'.'.'.'.'.".'..wi,itn I 

CbMktowag* MK 

CUraBce S,*** 

OoUen 1,«M 

CoBfau •,■■--- ^ '-■■- vn 

Ooncord S,«IO . 

BHtHuaboJi^.... ■,«» I 

Bden MM • 

Bhmi IJM ' 

Kraut MIO : 

Onnd Iiland. . . - — ' 



North CoIUbi .. 



Valaa .- 

Wot Seneca S,M9 

ntJBBT ] 

Cbenareeld *,m 1 

CnwD ?olBt <Wr I 

BUnbetbloini Ijn 1 

ElMI !.*« 1 




M oriali. . 

Konb Elba ' 


St. Amund 



wrnXoroDiji' :!.!!! i|uo '. 

WlbnlngtOD "» 

M/IG < 

Btogor «,«0 I 





Cbatonnr «,«8 

OoiuUble ' ■" 


PonCOrlncMi 0,434 , 

Fianklin 1.184 . 

Tbiaae !!!!!! T.M9 '■ 

Uttn »^M < 

Wtatnlto ...... • — 

LeBoy «,wa 

Ljiae £,!TB 

OrJeana K,Sie 

Pamella - -" 



TheTMi ___ 

•Waieiim™ I0,«n 



•BrooUjn ..'....SBMSB 

Flalbnrf! T,M4 

FUtlauda 8,l« 

GraTcaend a,S7S 

New Lota 11,681 

New Dtrecht 4,T4S 


a a.B74 

Di i^XA 

Di a,we 

a 1,510 

Hi l,OBt 

h: It. m 

Li 1.181 

L( 1,988 

L( 8,188 


N< D 1,414 

Oi cea 

PI 1,1BS 

Ti 1,888 

W 1,410 

WgatTnrln 3,008 


Atoo 8,4N 

Ci]edatila • — 

Geaeeea;:!!;!:;!!:; a'fiW 

Grorelaild 1,843 

Leicester I.87(l 

Lima t,1W 

UToaia 8,119 

Mount Mania 8,044 

North Danarllle..., 4,178 

Nonda 3,7W 

0«Un 1,804 

Portage 1,«9B 

Sparta. 1,301 

Sprtngwatar 8,8TB 

WeitSpartB LIST 

Vurk 8,488 







Oeorsetown 1.400 

Lebanon.!!!!!!!!!! ilssa 

Letimi 10,849 

HadiKHi 8,414 

NpIbou 1,849 

Smithfleld 1.836 

Stockbridge 2,033 

Sullivan 4.803 


Brighlon 8,786 

ChQl 2.374 

ClirkKm 2,100 

Galee 1,688 


TTamiln , 3,686 

Henrietta 8.348 

Irondoiaolt 1,088 

Mendon s.tte 

Ogden B.087 

Panoa 8.180 

PenBaJd 8,891 

Perinton 4,030 

PittBtoid £l86 

R^ 3,331 

Rnih !!:::;::: i.wi 

Sweden E,13« 

Wehatar 3^0 

Wheatland iftt 


Amsterdam 11.111 

Canajoharle 4,304 

Cb^eelown 1.3H 

Florida S,M8 

Olen 3,611 

Uinden B,08S 

Mohawk 8,048 

Palatine 8,788 

Root 3,3m 

St. JohnavOle 3,001 


New Veil. 

•NewToA 1,308,817 

Cambria 1,3«T 

Baitland 8440 

Lewlaton S,ne 

•Lockport 18,611 

Lockport 3,847 

NawftM 8,481 

Nlania 7.483 

PeniUelon ],730 

Porter »,»Ja 

Bojilton 4,688 

Bomeraet 1,018 

Wheatteld 4,800 

WIliOD 3,384 


Angnita 1,171 

BooneriiiB :::;;:::: 3!oo« 

Brldcewatar. 1J18 

Camden 8^801 

Deetlleld.... 1,088 

Florenie 1,018 

Ployd 1,118 

Poreetport 1,388 

Klrkland 4,«et 

Lee 1,860 

Marcy 1,418 

Manhall 3,276 

New Hartford 4JM 

Pirta 3,678 

Hem»en 1.108 

•Rome ll,1«4 

SangerfleM 3.113 

Slenbea 1,188 

Trenton 8,001 

•TlUoa 88,918 

Vernon. 8.086 

Verona 5,181 

Vienna 1,884 

Weeteni 3.184 

Weitmoreland 3,744 

Whlteatown 4.408 

CaroiUne 3,416 

"cero 1.934 

-aj !,B10 

DeWltt 8.076 

Blbridge 4.oes 

Fabioe 3,080 

Geddei T.C88 

LaPayette 3.180 

Lyiander. 4,308 



. S,(|H , WHJlmnilowD . . . 



. 1.M0 









Wm( Bloomfleld. 

C(S™u;:: :::::: 



:; Sir'* 





New Wind»or. , . . 


g Gnrfton 




I 'Troy 





i^r^ :::;:::: :: 











. e,Bia 

. 8,071 




; COTMt t,MI 

Fkjietw s,ne 

JimlDa ..--. IJBt 

' LodL JXI 

! Ovid U» 

BomDln. «,m 

Bonecarais SA* 

Tyre 1,«8 

V«riek 1,T» 

I Waterloo 4^» 

AddiHD UU 

Avoca Ifitt 

Bath T,S»» 

Bradford. KS 

; Cameron. Ull 

CwnpbeU 1,881 

Canlsleo i.n* 

I CatOD i,M 

\ CohcKlon. S,M6 

, CorDlruj IM 

[ K^ria..'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. »i» 

: PremoDt I*n 

I Qreenirood 1.38! 

' HartnUle I.DU 

I UorabT l.*0» 

I HomellBvUle «,BU 

I Howard %iS> 

I Jupn I,8W 

f LlnSley IJM 

I Pntlebvlgb S,M9 

I Poltene)' 1,B» 

I Ratbbone 1.371 

; ThnnBon 1,SW 

I Troaisbutgli >,4H 

L Tnacarota. tM* 

I Urtiana M18 

, Wajland. S.561 

Wayne BK 

West Union ... 1,K1 

I Whseler l.«4 

I WoodlkBli; 1,»«8 

I TJjsas 

! Suffolk. 

: Babylon 4.139 

' BrookBaTcn I1,M4 

Eiul Hampton. >.S15 

Huntington. 8,088 

laUp «.«0 

Hlwrhead 8,l>» 

SheltHTtoland Mi 

! Smitlilown. t,BO 

' Sontliunpton. ^» 

I Sonthold 1,«n 


^ gnllloaa. 

1 Bttbel t,!« 

CallJeoon >.1B0 

I CocbcctoD 1,3*8 

I Delaware 1,8S0 

I Filli'borglk. »,»S 

I Foreatbnrgh 1,088 

I Fremont ■."' 

i Hlebland l.MS 

I Llfcrty ».»» 

I LambrjUud 1,«» 

■ HamakMlng JW 

Nevetsink Jig 

Rockland. J«1 

Thompson. AJw 

Tnatan ■ l.MO 

: Barton •-- ^' 

. BerkeUre l.SOt 

Candor 4.3JB 

' Sl'rfSl^''^:':::?:™ 

I Owrxa .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. •l8ft'> 

Klchlord MTT 

I Spoicer >,tet 




AieeatiiM Rep. Bo-Arrea 1,T1^(B1 
Aoatrik-Hnugarj, Vlouk as.9l>MSfi 

BelgftuD, BtiukIb t,8KJ»t 

Bodvl^UFu UtVJKS 

BcuU.RlodaJaiisln.,, 10,iae.Wl 
CuudLDamln'D. OtMwa t^tausU 

ChlU,8uUago aSldBAtl 


Colombia Bosou tWl^Il 

Dcnmvk. Copenlu«eii.. I.91S.I4a 

topt. Catm B.SBS,00a 

Icudor, Qnlto 886.137 

Fnuce.PBria »>,Bm,788 

Owmaoj. Bortln tt,Tn,3ea 

Ot. Britdn A IraUnd:- 
- ■ • London.... 

Oneee, Albeni 

India, Bflllali, C*li 

lUljF, Rome 

Japan, Teddo 

Mexico, Hexlco - 

Moraeco, Morocco. . . 
NetlierUiidi ' 
Nonray, Ch 

, 8,(rS,CI78 

PwDigiU, Llabon «.4»,Sn 

Roimuiui, BnclunM. . . 0,078,001 
Roiriu Km. 81. Psteta'g KyttOAn 

ServlLBelgnds l.aBS,8e> 


Sptiin, Madrid 1R,S%,!SM 

Sweden, Stockholm,.... 4,ias.l]3 

Hwitxeriaud, Betiw a.Tsa.»t 

Tarfcev, ConatuitlDople. 31.839,738 
CnlleJbuiem WuhW B8.W5.SiH 
UriKnay, Hontavldeo... 44a.liau 
VeaeiueU. Cmcw 1,784,191 



I. 4SS Main Street. 


AxBiuoAH HoxTSB Blook, Mtin, comer Foster 

Ahtiquabian Hall, Main, cor. Highland 

Abmort, Waldo 

Baivk Block, 11 Foater, cor. Norwich 

Basob Block, 43 Main 

Barbox7B*b Block, Pleasant, c. Cheatnat 

Bat Stats Block, 288 Main, cor. Exchange 

Brdtlet Hall Block, Main, cor. Maple 

Bbown*s Block, Salem, cor. Myrtle 

Cevtral Sxchanoe, 811 Main 

Chatin Block, 86 Pearl 

CiTT Hall, Main, cor. Front 

Clabk'b Block, 406 Main, c Mechanic 

Oolton Block. Main, cor. Austin 

CouBT HouBS, Main, near Lincoln sq. 

Cboxfton'b Block, 9 to 17 Mechanic 

CumnNGS BuiLDtNCk 66 to 67 Main 

Bban Buildino, 88 Lincoln Square, cor. Smnmer 

Baton Block, 819 to 290 Main 

Fibst National Bank BniLDiNe, 410 Main 

Flago*b BuiLDDve, 988 Main 

Franklin Buildino. 664 Main 

Fbbb Public Library, Elm 

Front bt. Exchange, 19 Front 

Hardino'b Block, 187 Front, cor. Trmnhnll 

Harrington Block, 879 Main 

Jail, Bast Central, cor. Summer 

JoNAB O. Clark Block, 489 Main 

Junction Shop, Jackaon, near Junction depot 

Ijncoln Block, Main, cor. BIm 

Mbchanicb Hall, 891 Main 

Mbrbhibld^b Buildingb, between Bxchange,Ua 

ion, Foster and CypreBS (Seepage 689) 
Painb*b Block, 890 Main, cor. Walnut 
Pabkbr*b Block, 100 to 117 Main 
Pxoflb*b Sayings Bank Buildino, 469 Main 
PiFER*s Block, 410 Main 
Post Office Block, Pearl, near Main 
QuiNN*8 Block, Webster square 
RrcE*s Block, Main, near Austin 
RooBBS* Block, 494 Main, cor. Pleasant 
Sausburt Building. Lincoln square 
Sargent*s Block, Main, oor. Southbridge 
ScHOFDBLD BLOCK, Grafton, cor. Coral 
Scott's Block, Main, cor. Sonthbridge 
Statb Lxtnatic Hosfital, Belmont 
Stbtenb* Block, Southbildge, c. Bumside oomt 
Stockwell'b Block, 16 Mechanic 
Stone's Block, Main, near Myrtle 
Tatlob's Building, 476 Main 
Waldo Block, 971 Main 
Wabneb's Block, 674 Main 
Warren Block, 10 Pearl 
Whitcoxb Building, 88 to 86 Front 


CiTT Hall, Main, cor. Front 

Father Matthew Hall, rear 89 Temide 

Fbobbinn Halt., Waldo Block, 971 Main 

Grand Arxt Hall, form'ly Bnnley Hall, 844 Main 

HoRncuLTCRAL Hall, 18 Front 

Inburancb Hall, 940 Main 

LmooLN Hall, Maple 

Masonic Hall, Post Office Block 

Mechanics Haix. 891 Main 

Music Hall, 90 Bxchange 

Odd Fellows' Hau^ llPleasant 

Tatnugk Hau., Willard Street, near Pli 

Texpbrancb Hall, 10 Foster 

TxTRN Halle, Jackson 

Wabkbubn Hall, Mechanics Hall building 


Babbeb'b Crossing Station (W. A N. R R and B., B. A 6. R R), at Northyille. 

Blooxinodale Station ( W. & S. R R.), on Plantation Street. 

Jaxebyille Station^ B. & A. R RO, at Jamesville. 

Junction Station (B. & A. R R, P. & W. R. R. and N. A W. R. R), at Junction. 

Lake Station ( W. A S. R. R.), at the Lake near Belmont Street 

Lincoln SquARS Station (W. A N. R R. ana B., B. A Q.R R), at Lfaiooln Square. 

North Worcebtbb Station ( B. B. A O. R R), on Holden Street 

Summit Station (W. A N. R. R), on Bumcoat Street 

Union Pabbengbb Station, Washington Square. 

Worcester A Shrewsbury Railroad Station, Shrewsbury Street 


Green Hell.— East of Lincoln street, terminus of 

Green Lane. Height 777 feet 
Mbssingbr Hill or Fairmount.— North of North 

Millbtone Hill.— North of Belmont street 
Mount Ararat.— South of Ararat street 
Nbwton Hill.— West of Elm Park. Height 678 

Oak Hill.— Between Bloomingdale and Planta- 
tion streets 

Pakachoao Hill or Mt. St. James.— Near Ool* 

lege of the Holy Cross. Height 098 feet 
Parker Hill. On Fowler street near city Hae 
Reservoir Hill. — South of Bdmont straaC 

Height 781 feet 
Union Hill.— Vicinity of Providence street 
Winter Hill. — On Forest street near dtj 


Barnabdtillb— On Webster st, opp. cemetery 
Bummingdale— On Bloomingoale Road and 

Plantation st., one mile E. of Washington bq. 
Greendale— On West Boylston^ear Ararat si. 
Hofeville— On Sutton Lane, n. Webster square 
Jamesyillb— South of Stafford, near Auburn 
New Worcesteb— At the junction of Main with 

Leicester, Webster A Cambridge, at Webater so 
Nobthyillb— On and near West Boylston St., 9 

miles north City Hall 

NoBTH Pond— 9 1-4 mflea north of City HaU on 

Holden road 
QuiNsioAMOND VILLAGE— Two mUes 8. B. of City 

HaU, on Millbuiy 
South WoBCBSTEB^At the intersection of South- 

bridge with Cambridge 
Tatnuck— At the intersection of MUl and Mower 

streets with PleaaantS mileaftam City HaU 
Tbowbbidgeyillb— On Webster St., near Auburn 
Vallet Falls— On Leleeater St., n. Leicester line 


The Street DirectoiT glvee the location of each atreet, and ahowa what other Btzeets or placea mn 
ffran it or acroia it, with the nomber at which they Intereect 

From tfaia list the location of any number on a street can be easily ascertained. As, for instance, 
wiahing to know on what part of Main street No. 690 is: torn to Main street, and yoa And that 
Austin street mns from 603 right side, and Chandler street from 648, showing that No. 890 comes on 
tiie ri^t side of Main street between Austin and Chandler. Dashes are substituted for numbers on 
atreeta that axe not numbered. 

AjoouiyiATioHS.— Ay. avenue; ct. court; e. east; fr. fhnn; n. north; pi. place; s. south; sq. square; 
w. west; Wd. ward. 
Indieatea public streets. **Indicate streets a part of which are public, and a part private. 

Abbott, firom 976 Pleas- 
ant, south, to Tufts, 
Wards?, 8 

hifL JZt 

1 % Pleasant 
SI SS Chandler 
45 46 Tufta 

Adams, from Shrews- 
bury, north, to Bel- 
mont, Ward S 

Adams Square, at 
Junction Lincoln and 
Bnmooat, Ward 8 

Adriatic Conrt, from 
47 Southgate, Ward 6 

^Jitna, from 71 Provi- 
dence, east,to 80 Cut- 
ler, ward 4 

I 8 Ptovidenoe 

— Coral 

— Chapin 
S8 94 Penn Av. 

— — Barclay. 
TSk 40 Mendon 

— Vale 
47 48 Cutler 

Acawam, from 1093 
Main, west, Ward. 7 

^Acrlcaltnral, from 
ram, at Elm Park, 
north, to Jo Bill 
Boad, Wards 1, 8 

Ufi. BL 

— —Elm 

— Cedar 

— Ag. Fair Ords. 

— — Hljdiland 

- — JoBill road 

^Altcfalson, fr. Shrews- 
bury, near Belmont, 
south, to Plantation, 

Albaay, fm Musqu^^, 
east, to Putnam lane, 
Ward 9 

Albert, from 29 Grand, 
southwest. Ward 6 

Aldea, from Castle, 
south, to Oread place. 
Ward 7 

AMrleh Place, from 14 
High, west, Ward 8 

*Allen, from 885 Main, 
east, to 7 Mt Pleas- 
ant, Ward 6 

Alleo Court, fkt»m 549 
Main, east. Ward 6 

Alrarado Avenue, fr^m 
Belmont, near Lake 
Qninslgamond, south, 

, from Cobum Av. 
west, to Locust Ave., 

Anne, fh>m Taft, west, 

*Apricot, from Leices- 
ter, west, to Leicester 
line, Ward 7 

^Ararat, from Brooks 
to Brattle, Ward 9 

*Arch, fh>m 60 Sum- 
mer, east, to 6 Carroll, 
Ward 9 

5 Fountain 
15 16 Orchard 

99 Bennett Court 
97 98 Hanover 

88 Liberty 
87 86 Carroll 

Arlington, from 45 Co- 
lumbia, south, to Win- 
throp. Ward 4 
Ltft. Bi. 
1 9 Columbia 
IS 14 Jefferson 
99 80 Pattison 

89 40 Union Av. 

— — Wlnthrop 

^Arlington Road, fr'm 
Plantation, southeast, 
toB. &A.R. R.,Wd.S 

Armandale, fr. Leices- 
ter, west, to Apricot, 
V. F., Ward 7 

Armory Court, from 
opponte 61 Grand, 
south, to Camp, Wd. 6 

Ascension, frmBloom- 
ingdale Road, 8outh,to 
106 Orient, Ward 8 

Ltft. Bt. 

— — Bloomingdale 

— — Norfolk 

— — Orient 

Ash, from 108 Green, 
west, to 96 Washhig- 
ton. Ward 5 

L^. Bt. 

— — Green 

sch School house 
— Summit 

— — Washington 

Ash A V. ,fr.66Houghton, 
east, to Grafton, Wd 4 

*Ashland,fr. 115 Pleas- 
ant, north, to 54 Elm, 



Assonet, from 84 Plv- 
mouth, soutlLto Gold 
Street Court, Ward 6 

^ft. Bt, 

— —- Plymouth 

— —Gold 

— — Gold St. Ct. 

Asylum, from 81 Mul- 
berry, w. to Summer, 

*Aubum, from 98 Ken- 
dal], n. to 10 Catha- 
rine, Ward 9 

Auburn Square, junc. 
College and South- 
bridge. Ward 6 

^Austin, from 608 
Main, west, to 18 Dew- 
ey, Wards 7, 8 
LtfL Bt. 
1 9 Main 
19 High 

89 Houchin Av. 
47 46 Irving 
71 79 Oxford 
99 Crown 
110 Onincy 
119 190 Newbury 
197 Clough Court 

180 Hawley 
185 184 Piedmont 

148 Merrick 
161 Queen 

169 South Russell 
174 Winelow 
189 190Bellevue 
199 900 Mason 
918 914 Dewey 

Austin St. Place, from 
69 Austin, n. Ward 7 

Autumn, from Baker, 
north, Ward 7 

Bailey, from Pleasant, 
at Tatnuck, west, to 
city line. Ward 8 

Baker, fr. Lake, west, 
Ward 7 

Ball, from Baker, u. to 
MUl, Ward 7 

Ballard, from iunc. of 
Vernon and Mlllbury 
at Quinsigm'd, Ward 5 

Barbour, from 96 Holly- 
wood, west, to Dewey, 
Ward 7 

Ltft. Bt. 

— — HoUjTwood 
— Page 

— —Mason 

— — Dewey 

^Barclay, from 189 
Grafton, south, to 105 
Union Ave., Ward 4 

L^. Bt. 
1 9 Grafton 
14 Clarkson 

90 Harrison 

87 88^tna 
50 60 Unkm Av. 

Bartlett Place, from 
165 Front, south, Wd. 8 

Barton Place, from 470 
Main, west, to 15 High, 
Ward 9 

Batchclder, from 47 
Union Ave^ n. to 89 
Jefferson, Ward 4 

Bates, fr. Lyon, e. Wd.8 

Bath, from 40 Abbott, 

Beach, from 18 Winter, 
s. to 19 Pond, Wd. 4 

Left. Bt. 
9 1 Winter 
14 Brown 

— — Pond 

Beacon, fr. 97 Madison, 
S.W., to Ripley, Wd. 6 
Left. Bt. 
9 1 Madison 
99 Sycamore 
47 Ctiarlton 
69 61 Hermon 
81 89 Jackson 
106 107 Lagrange 
194 193 Oread 
186 185 Benefit 
169 158 Hammond 
— — Ripley 

*Bcaver, fr*m 979 Main, 
west, to 091 Park Av., 
Ward 7 

^ft. BL 

— — Main 

— Florence 

— — Park Ave. 

Belknap,from 89 Wash- 
ington, parallel with 
B. & A. R. R., south, 
to Plymouth, Ward 5 

**Bellevue, from 998 
Pleasant, south, to 10 
Bluff, Wards 7, 8 

L^. Bt. 
1 9 Pleasant 

— Larch 

— — Austin 
99 80 Chandler 

— — Bluff 

*Bclmont, fr^m Lincoln 
Sq., east, to Shrewt-' 
bury line. Ward 9 

Lift. Bt. 

— — Lincoln Squara 



19 Carbon 

80 Fonntain 

42 Orchard 
40 60 Hanover 
Sch. Schoolhoaae 
tl Oak At. 

62 Liberty 

76 Edward 

— Cfaanning 

101 100 Eastern Av. 

— Bell Pond 

— Millstone Lane 

— Adams 

— Pntoam 

— Prentice 

— Liscomb 

— Shrewsbury 

— State Lim.Ho8. 

— — Plantation 

— Cobnm At. 

— — Avenne 

— Wor. A 8. R. R. 

— — Lake QpinslffM 

— — ShrewBD'y Ime 

«*lleneflc, fjrom 819 
Main, east, to B. ft A. 
R. R., Ward 6 
LtfU SL 
1 SMain 

10 ML Pleasant 
99 Benefit Coort 
95 96 Beacon 

84 Benefit Place 

— — B. A A. R. R. 

Benefit Coart, from 99 
Benefit, so. west, Wd. 6 

Benefit Plaee, from 84 
Benefit, sonthwest, to 
Hammond, Ward 6 

Bennett Court, frm 92 
Arch, eooth, ward 9 

BIcelow, ftom 65 La- 
fayette, eoath, to Si- 
gel, Ward 5 

1 9 Lafayette 
9 Ellsworth 

— SIgel 

Bteelow Court, from 80 
front, north. Ward 8 

*Blgelow Lane, fh>m 
Harrington Ct, Wd 8 

BIrcli. from Maywood, 
north. Ward 7 

BIsmark, fr. Fonntain, 
near LinwoodPl. ,east. 
to Orchard, Ward 9 

^Blaekstone, from 195 
Exchange, south, to 
Bridge, Ward 8 

1 9 Exchange 
81 CbarlcB 

46 Howard 

85 86 Bridge 

Blalsdeil Court, from 
IMvlsion, Ward 8 

Blake, from 28 Harri- 
son, eoath, to 95 Co- 
lumbia, Ward 4 

Bleeker, fr. 86 Orient, 
southeast, to Planta- 
tion, Ward 8 

^Bllthewood Avenue, 

fr. MillburyAvenue, 
toQrafton, Ward4 

^loomlngdale Court. 

fr. BloomlngdaleRoaa 
to 45 Norfolk, Ward 8 

*Bloomlngdale Read, 

from 98 Grafton, east. 
to B. & A. R. R. Ward 
^fU RL 

— — Grafton 
70 Norfolk 
— Ascenston 

— — Plantation 

— Phillips 

— Palfrey 
-— Pierpont 

— — - B. ft A. R. R. 

Blossom, tt. 85 RnsseU. 
w. to 96 Hudson, Wd. 8 

Bloir, fM>m 47 King, 
west, to Mason, Wd. 7 

l4ft. St. 
1 9Klng 
10 Bellevue 

— —Mason 

Boland Court, fh>m 89 
Temple, south, Wd. 4 

Boulevard.— There is 
no street properly 
bearing this name; 
but, in common usage, 
the term is applied to 
Pai k Avenue upon the 
western side of the 
city; and to Lake Av- 
enue, alons the west 
shore of Cake Onin- 
sigamond, ftrom Har- 
rington to Belmont 
street, (and le«dly de- 
creed from Belmont 
street to Lincoln 
street) It is Intended 
that these avenues 
shall connect: at the 
north, by Lincoln, 
Melroee, and Mill- 
brook streets; and at 
the south, by Har- 
rington street from 
the Lake, thence, 
striking across, by a 
road to be construct- 
ed, to the wireworks 
at Quinsigamond vil- 
laee, skirting the foot 
of Mt St James, to 
Hope Avenue, thence 
by Webster and Mill 
streets. This com- 
pleted, will constitute 
a grand drive around 
the city. 

*Bowdoln, from 9 Har- 
vard, west, to 80 West, 
Ltfl. m. 
1 2 Harvard 
5 Chestnut 

85 86 North Ashland 
57 66 West 

Bowdoln Street Court, 

from 4St Bowdoln,n'th, 

Boyle*8 Court, from 8 
Lamardne, s. Wd. 5 

*Boylston,fr^m Lincoln 
n. City line, northeast, 
to W. BoylBton line. 
Ward 2 

Boylston Court, from 
Pattison, north, Wd 4 

^Boynton, thn. 48 High- 
land, north, to SaBs 
bury. Ward 1 

1 2 Highland 
17 Free Institute 

— — Salisbuiy 

Bracket! Court, from 
64 Shrewsbury, n<Mth, 
Ward 8 

Bradley, fr. 146 Green, 
southwest, to Gold, 
Ward 5 

Branch Court, frcnn 
Orient west, to 8 
Wall, Ward 8 

*Brattle, fkom Holden, 
north, to City line. 
Ward 2 

Bremer, fkom Drydcn, 
easttoWhittier, wd. 1 

— — Dryden 

— Bryant 

— Willis 

— — Whittier 

*Bridge,fk'*m210 Front, 
northeast to 205 Sum- 
mer, Ward 8 
L^ RL 
1 2 Front 
27 28 Mechanic 
47 Manchester 
51 62 W. ft N. R. R. 
55 Blackstone 

— —Summer 

Brlgham, from Wel- 
lington, south, to 
19 Piedmont, Ward 7 

Brighton, from Garden 
nearPrescott, north, to 
railroad, Ward 1 

Brtttan, from Lincoln 
Avenue, north, Wd. 2 

Brooks. fr.W.Boylston. 
to Maiden Av.,Ward 2 
L^. Rt. 

— — West Boylston 

— — W. ft N. R. R, 

— Ararat 

— — Maiden Av. 

Browujfrom 14 Beach, 
east. Ward 4 

Brussels, fr. Crompton 
near Chelsea, south- 
west. Ward 1 

Bryant, from Bremer, 
n., to Hemans, Wd. 1 

Bnlhim, from 44 Mill, 
west, to 2 Goes, Wd. 7 

Burgess, fr. Lakeside 
Avenue, north, Wd 7 

*Bumcoat, fr. 200 Lin- 
coln, northeast, to 
City line at W. Boyl- 
ston, Ward 2 

Burnett, from Ludlow, 
southwest, toCity Une, 
Ward 6 

Burns Court, ftt)m 12 
I>ouglas, west, Wd. 6 

Bumside Courtj, from 

578 Main, east, ward 6 
L^. m. 

— — Southbridge 

— — N. ft W. R. R. 

Burt, from 68 Grafton, 
west. Ward 4 

Butler, f^. Ludlow, n., 
at Jamesville, Ward 6 

Byron, from SaekvOley 
north, to MiUbrook, 

*Cambrl4ce. from 1061 
Main, at Webster 84.* 
east, to 288 MiUbozy, 
Wards 6, 6 

z«rx. RL 

1 2 Main 

82 Sutton Lane 
109 Richards 

— - B. ft A. R. S. 
122 Fremont 

198 Canterbury 
186 Sutton Road 

185 Hacker 

195 196 Camp 

901 Douglas 

— — N. A W. R. R» 
960 Chelsea 

967 966 Southbridge 
sch. Schoolhoaae 

291 Hohnes 
817 Washburn * 


888 Sheridan 

854 PiU 
866 867 Kansas 

— -P. ftW. R.R. 
881 Cambridge pL 

884 Quinsifim'd ar. 

— Garfield 
400 401MiIlbury 

Cambridge Place, fk'*m 
280 Cambridge, south. 
Ward 5 

Camp, fkom 87 South- 
gate, south, to N. ft 
W. R.R.,Ward6 

**Canal, ftom 
Front, south, to B. ft 
A. R. R., Ward 8 

L^ RL 
9 1 Front 
18 Cherry 

— Founory 

''Canterbury, . fkom 

L^ RL 
1 2 Hammond 
65 66 Gardner 

99 100 Grand 

— — Cambridge 

Carbon, from 19 Bel- 
mont, north, Ward 9 

Carlton, form 44 
Front north, to 41^ 
Mechanic, Ward 8 

Carpenter, ft. 80 Pond 
southwest, to Har- 
rison, Ward 4 

Carpenter Court, ftrom 
4 Ward, west, Wd. 4 

Caroline, from Chaf- 
ton, east to Planta- 
tion, Ward 8 

*Carroll, from 94 Glen, 
south, to 97 Promect, 
Ward 9 

Ltft. RL 

— — Glen 

6 Arch 

— Elliott 
98 94 Laurel 
88 Shelby 
48 44 Prospect 



Co«rt, flrom 
Cband, north, Wd. 6 

*«CaaUe, ftr*m 800 Main, 
northwest^to Ely,Wd.7 

*CmUatueL from Mow- 
er, north, to Olean, 

^Gatharlne, from 97 
linooln, eaat, to East- 
em ave., Ward 3 

L^ St. 

1 % Lincoln 

10 Anbnm Place 
14 Oak Avenne 
16 Westminster 
S7 Windsor 

S5 Channinff 

— — Eastern Ave., 

*«CedAr, from 85 Chest- 
nut, west, toAgricol- 
toniL Wards 

1 8 Chestnut 

S Everett 
81 Oak 

88 40 West 
48 44 Fruit 
61 6fi Sever 
— Merrick 

— — Agricultural 

*Geiitr»l, from 861 
Main, ea«L to 131 
Summer, Ward 3 
Z^ St. 
3 IMain 

89 Walker Court 
86 86 Union 
98 97W. AN. R.B. 
164 168 Summer 

deatrai Avenue, from 
Brooks, north, Ward 3 

Central Court, fjr. 38 

dMinberlaln Court, 

fkom 77 North, north, 

^HThandler, from 648 
Main, west, to Pleas- 
ant, Wards 7, 8 
XaTX. St. 

8 IMain 
Oh Trinity Church 

36 Irving 
86 South Irving 
47 Chandler Ct. 
SO Oxford 
96 Wellhigton 

115 Newbury 
138 139 Piedmont 
164 168 Queen 
188 King 

196 190Bellevue 
814 315 Mason 
888 889 Dewey 
840 841 Park Ave. 
860 851 Abbott 

— rlnne 

— — Hadwen Lane 

— — May 

— — Fowler 

— — Pleasant 

Chsindler Court, fh>m 
47 Chandler, Ward 7 

•*Clumnln«, from Bel- 
mont. north,to Hermi- 
tage Av., Ward 3 




— Kendall 

— Catharine 
Harrington Av. 

88 Ml Vernon 
48 Hermitage Av. 

Chapin, ftom iBtna, 
south, to Union Av. 
Ward 4 

*Charies, fh>m 109 
Summer, west, to 81 
Blackstone, Ward 8 

Charlotte, fr. 88 Wood- 
land, west, to 807 Park 
Ave., Ward 7 

— —Woodland 
— Clifton 

— Florence 

— — Park Ave. 

*Charlton, from 697 
Main, east, to 47 Bea- 
con, Wd 6 

HJhafham, from 586 
Main, west, to 31 New- 
bury, Waids 7, 8 
Uft SL 
1 3Main 
17 18 High 
88 Honchin Av. 

86 Clinton 
81 Chatham St PI. 
48 44 Irving 
60 60 Oxford 
78 74 Crown 


101 103 Newbury 

Chatham 8t. Place, 
fr. 81 Chatham, south. 
Ward 7 

Cheever, ftrom 8 Chd- 
sea, west. Ward 5 

Chelsea, from 360 
Cambridge, south, to 
Southbrldge, Ward 5 

Cherry, from 18 Canal, 
west, to 14 Vine, Ward 

^Chester, from Holden, 
north, to City line, 

^Chestnut, f r. 89 Pleas- 
. ant, north, to 5 Bow- 

doin. Wards 1, 8 
Ltft. St. 
1 3 Pleasant 

6 Pearl 
15 16 Ehn 
35 Cedar 

28 Walnut 
30 Sudbury 
88 William 

87 88 Bowdoin 

Chrome; fr. 83 Orienr. 
east, to Plantation, 
Ward 8 

*Charch, from 101 Me- 
chanic, south, to 100 
Front, Ward 8 

Church Place, from 60 
Pleasant, so., to rear 
Universalist Church, 

*Claremont, from 868 
Main, west to 43 
Woodland, Ward 7 

X^. St. 
1 3 Main 
6 Silver. 

— — Woodland 

*Clark, from Bumcoat, 
east, to Mountain, at 
West Boylston line. 
Ward 3 

Clarkson, fr. 36 Coral, 
east, to 14 Barclay, 
Ward 4 

Ltft. St. 

— —Coral 

— — Penn Av. 

— —Barclay 

*Cllff, fr. Mlllbnry, near 
City Une,ea8t, to Gran- 
ite, Wd. 5 

Cliff, changed to Orient 

Cllflon, fr. May, south, 
to Charlotte, Ward 7 
X^. SL 

— —May 

— Oberlln 

— — Charlotte 

^Clinton, from 83 Pleas- 
ant, south, to 36 
Chatham, wards. 

Ltfl. St. 
1 3 Pleasant 
Pk Davis Park 

— — ChaUiam 

^Clinton Court,from 31 

Clinton, north, Wd. 8 

Clinton Lane, from 
Bumcoat, northeast to 
Mountain, Ward 3 

Clough Court, from 187 
Austin, south, Ward 8 

Clover, fr. Jamesville 
Squ*re,east, to Auburn 
line, Ward 6 

Coburn Avenne, flrom 
Belmont, near Lake 
Quinsifliamond, south, 

Coes, fr. 680 Park Av., 
north west. Ward 7 

*Coe8 Square, at the 
lunction of Beaver. 
Newton, Coes ana 
LoveU sts.. Ward 7 

^College, from South- 
bridge, southeast, to 
Cityline, Ward 6 

Colton, firom 490 South- 
bridge, east, to Law- 
rence, Ward 5 

L^. SL 
1 3 Southbridge 

31 33 Washbom 
— — Lawrence 

^Columbia, firom 80 
Water, southeast, to 
1 Arlington, Ward 4 

un. St. 
1 3 Water 
35 Blake 
45 48 Arlington 

Columbia Court, ft. 48 

Exch'ge, south, Wd. 7 

*Conoord, fr. 18 Orove, 
c., to Prescott, Wd. 1 

^Congress, fr. 6 Crown, 
west, to 9 Newbury, 

Conlln Court, from 68 
Winter, north, Wd. 4 

Cora, fr. Lakeside Av., 
north. Ward 7 

*Coral, fr.97 Qrafton, 
s.,tolJBtna, Ward4 
L0. SL 
1 3 0rafton 
81 83 Waverly 
86 Clarkson 
49 60 Harrison 
67 68iBtna 

H}ottace, from 8 West, 
w.tol4 Fruit, Wards 

Court Hill, fr. 44 Main, 

to rear of Court House, 

*Crescent,from Hench- 
man, northwest, to 
Nashua, Ward 3 

Cristy, from 6 Grand, 
south. Ward 6 

Crompton, fr. 10 Chel- 
sea, westerly, Wd. 6 

Cross, from 166 Shrews- 
bury southeast,to East 
Worcester, Ward 8 

*Crown,from 136 Pleas- 
ant, south, to Austin, 
Wards 7, 8 
L^ St. 
1 3 Pleasant 
6 Congress 
17 18 Chatham 
88 84 Austin 

Crystal, fr. Main, south 

east. Ward 6 
Ltft. St. 

— —Main 

— — Illinois 

— — B. & A. R. R. 

Cnllen Court, fh>m 84 
Shrevrsbury, n., Wd. 8 

Curtis, fr. 17 Leicester, 
west, to Leicester, 
near Stafford, Ward 6 

Cnshlng,fh>m 168 Lin- 
coln, west, to Paine, 
Ward 3 

**Cntler, from 167 Gmf- 
ton, south, to Union 
LtfL SL 
1 3 Grafton 
81 83 iEtna 
58 54 Union Av. 

^Cypress, from 76 Ex- 
change, south, to Fos- 
ter, Ward 8. 

Daley, from Hemans, 
northeast, Ward 1 

Davis, ftom 37 Pied- 
mont w. to 81 Queen, 
Ward 7 



DatIs Court, from 
98 Sim, Wards 

DatIs Park, from- 17 
CUnton, Ward 8 

Dawaon Court, fkom 7 
Douglas, east, Wd. 6 

Decatur, fhmi 18 Holly- 
wood, west, to Page, 

Denny, tr. 46 Highland, 
south, to Dix, Ward 1 

Dewey, from 266 Pleas- 
ant, Boatb, to 66 May, 
Ward 7, 8 

L^t. St, 
1 3 Pleasant 
17 Austin 

— —Chandler 
tf 46Taft8 

— — Parker 

— Barboor 

— —May 

DlTlslon. fr. 88 Orient 
6., to Plantation, Wd. 8 

*Dlx, ftrom 97 Harvard, 
west, to No. Ashland, 

L^ m. 

1 S Harvard 

6 Lancaster 
11 IS Wachnsett 

— Qoolding 

— Denny 

— — No. Ashland 

Dorrance, from dSS 
Cambridge, soath, to 
KitcheU, Ward 6 

Douglas, fr. 68 Orand, 
southwest, to 901 Cam- 
bridge, Ward 6 

Douclas St. Court, fr. 

94 Dooflas, northwest, 

Dover, from Highland, 
opposite Fairgrounds, 

♦Downing , f r. 964 Main, 
west, to 418 Park Av., 
Ward 7 

Dryden, i^m Edge- 
worth, n., to Hemans, 

Dudley Place, from 
Jaqnes Av. southeast. 

Dnpont, from Planta- 
tion, to Chrome, Wd. 8 

DwUht, from 180 Cam- 
bridge, near Camp, s., 

•^Earle, from 18 Ed- 
ward, east, to 10 
Elizabeth, Ward 9 

♦Bast Central,from 199 
Summer, east, to 170 
Shrewsbury, Wds. 9, 8 

X^. St. 

— — Mulberry 

— Eastern ave. 

— Hill 

— — Shrewsbury 

Bast Shelby, from 68 
Eastern Av. east, Wd. 

*Bast Worcester, from 
89 Shrewsbury, east, 

Lift SL 

— — Shrewsbury 

— Larkin 

— £. Worcesterpl. 

— Cross 

— Henry 

— Plum 

— Lyon 

Bast Worcester Place, 

from East Worcester, 
south, Ward 8 

Baton Place, from 151 
Front, south. Ward 8 

♦Bastem A venue,fr*m. 

Catharine, south, to 
East Central, Ward 9 
Lift. St. 

— — Catharine 
1 9 Belmont 

— Patch 
84 Reservoir 
40 Elliott 

60 Laurel 
60 60 Shelby 

— Prospect 

— Gage 

— — East Central 

Bden, from 8 Sudbury, 
north, to George. Wd.l 

Bdgeworth, fr. Milton, 
east, to Byron, Wd. 1 
Lift. St. 

— School house 

— Dryden 

— Sigoumey 

— Whittier 

— -Byron 

♦Bdward, from 76 Bel- 
mont, south, to 48 
Laurel, Ward 9 
Lift, St. 
1 9 Belmont 

8 Palmer 
18 Earle 
18 Newport 
94 Glen 
30 Reservoir 

86 86 ElUott 
48 44 Laurel 

*Blisabeth, fr'm 86 Bel- 
mont, south, to 9 
Reservoir, Ward 9 

L^. St. 
1 9 Belmont 

— Patch 
10 Earle 

11 Farwell 

— — Reservoir 

Blllott, fr. 18 Carroll, e. 

to Eastern Av., Wd. 9 
X^. St. 

1 9 Carroll 

7 6 Edward 
88 34 Eastern Ave. 

♦Ellsworth, fr. 79 Mill- 
bury, west, to 9 Big- 
elow. Ward 5 

*Blm, fr.8?8 Main, 
241 Park Av., Ward 8 
Lift. St. 
9 IMain 

Ch Unity Church 
18 Pub. Lib. 
98 97 Chestnut 
44 Linden 

54 Ashland 

60 Oak 
68 67 West 
89 81 Fruit 
93 91 Sever 
98 Davis Court 
102 99 North Merrick 

— Russell 

— Agricultural 
pk Elm Park 

189 Hudson 
— — Park Ave. 

Blm Park, bounded by 
Elm, Agricultural and 
Highland sts., Wds. 

♦Blm Square, the junc- 
tion of Grafton,Orient 
and Hamilton sts., 
Wards 3, 4 

Blmwood, fr. Apricot, 
north. Ward 7 

BIy, tr. 19 Davis, south, 
to CasUe, Wud 7 

Bmmett Court, frm. 38 
Douglas, east, Wd. 6 

♦Bndioott, fr. 106 Mill- 
bury, east, to 64 Ver* 
non. Wards 4, 6 

Lift. St. 
1 3Millbury 

— —Ward 

— — Vernon 

Bsaex, from 98 South 
Irving, west. Ward 7 

♦Bverett, fr.8 Cedar, n., 
to 11 W^illiam, Ward 8 

♦Exchange, from 999 
Main, east, to 147 Sum- 
mer, Wards 9, 8 

Lift. St. 
3 IMain 
» Music HaU 

98 Central court 

99 Waldo 

47 Columbia Ct 

75 Cypress 
109 101 Union 
199 191 W. A N. R R. 

125 Blackstone 
168 167 Summer 

Falrvlew Avenue, fr. 

Plantation, n. Bloom- 
ingdale Road^esterly 
toB. & A. R. R., Wd. 8 

Falea, fr. West Boyls- 
ton, east, Ward 2 

Fallon's Square^. 43 

Winter, north, Wd. 4 

Farwell, from 99 East 
em Ave. west, to 11 
Elizabeth, Wani 9 

♦Flags, from Salisbury, 
southwest, to Pleas- 
ant, Wards 1, 8 

Florence, from May, 
southerly, to Beaver, 

Lift. St. 

— —May 

— Oberlin 

— — Charlotte 

- Shirley 

— — Maywood 

— — Beaver 

Flynn Court, fr. Hack- 
er, westerly, Ward 6 

Foley's Court, from 159 
Mechanic, s., Ward 8 


♦Forest, ti^m SaUfbury, 
north, to Holden line, 

Forest Avenue, fJRun 
119 Unooln, e., Wd. 3 

♦Foster, from 861 Main, 
e., to Mechanic, Wd. 8 
Z«/%. St. 
3 IMain 

15 Norwich 
86 Waldo 

— — Mechanic 

Foundry, fr. Fmklin, 
northeast, to Canal, 
Ward 8 
Fountain, across Arch, 
n., to and across Bis- 
mark. Wards 
88 89 Belmont 

55Linwood Place 

— Bismark 
♦Fowler ,from Pleasant, 

at Tatnuck, to Leices- 
ter line. Ward 8 

♦Fox. from 90 Water, 
southeast, to 19 Jeffer- 
son, Ward 4 

Fox Place, fm 40 Fox, 
north. Ward 4 

Foyle, fr. 87 Mfllbury, 
to 16 Ward, Ward 4 

Francis, from West 
Boylston, east, Wd. 3 

♦Franklin, from Trum- 
bull Square, east, to 
39 Grafton, Wards 8, 4 
L0. St. 
9 1 Trumbull Sq. 
16 Vine 
99 91 B. & A. R R. 
61 Milk 

— 60 Parker Court 
76 75 Grafton 

♦Franklin Souare, at 

junction Main and 
Southbridge, Wda. 6,7 

Frederick, fr. 116 Lin- 
coln, opp. Forest Ave, 
w., to Crescent, Wd. 3 

Freeland, fr. 985 Main, 
south, to Tlrrell,Wd. 6 

Lift. St. 
1 9 Main 

— Lowell 

— — Tirrell 

Fremont, fr. 139 Cam- 
bridge, southwest, to 
Sutton Lane, Wd. 6 

♦Front, from 499 Main, 
southeast, to Washmg- 
ton Square, Ward 8 

Lift. Si. 
3 IMahi 

— Police Station 
Ch Union Church 

54 Cariton 
70 Leland Ct 

80 Bigelow Ct 

100 Chureh 

99 Salem Square 
191 Trumbull 
186 Spring 

151 Eaton Place 
165Bartlett Place 
189 Vine 
188 Tremont 
910 Bridge 

909 Warren 
988 Canal 

964 Hibemia 

965 966 Wash, sq 



^Vrall, fr. 165 Fleaatnt, 
n., to John, Wd«. 1, 8 
1 S Pleasant 
U Cottage 
t6 MBlm 
98 840edar 
m 88Wimam 

— —John 

VbUob, fjrom S16 Sum- 
mer, east, to 17 Mnl- 
beny, Wards 

Ctege, from Bastem At. 
near But Centnl^eaat, 
to Bast Shelby, Wd.2 

<*Gar4eB, firom 96 Lin- 
coln, weat, to Prea- 
oott/Warda 1, 9 

1 8 Lincoln 

— Garden St. Ct 
17 ISManln 

— — W. a N. R. R. 

— — Preacott 

darken St. Coort, fr. 

Garden, eoath, Wd a 

0»rdiier, fr. 896 Main, 
aaat,to 40 Soathgato, 
Ward 6 
LtfL BL 
1 9Main 

13 Hathaway 
«l 94Hollifl 

W 88 

-" — B. A A. R. R. 

— — Canterboiy 

— — Soathgato 

Garfield, ftom Cam- 
bridge, ne^ir Millbiuy, 
Bouth, Ward 6 

Gaa, ftrom Sonthbridge, 
oor. Lafayette, sonui- 
weat, to Gaa works, 

Gales, from 949 Main, 
east, to Illinois, Wd. 6 

^Gates Lane, ftom Ld- 
cester, beyond Lake, 
north, to Mill, Ward 7 

«George,fy*m 196 Main, 
west, to 14 Harrard, 

George Street Coort, 

from 5 George, west, 

Gertrode At., fir. U6 
Main, west. Ward 1 

L^ BL 
1 8 Main 
5 Wyoming Site 

*Gleii, from 17 Orchard, 
e., to 84 Edward, Wd 8 

1 80rchard 
11 18 Hanorer 
19 80Uberty 
84 Carroll 
86 86 Edward 

Ckiddard, fr. 48 Green, 
east. Ward 4 

Goddard Lane, ch*g*d 
to Pitt 

Gold, from 87 Green, 
southwest, to 6 Sar- 
gent, Ward 6 

lit. St. 
8 1 Green 

" Sommit 

88 81 Washington 

88 81 Assonet 

44 Gold St Court 

— — Saigent 

*Gold St. Court, fkom 
44 Gold, south. Ward 6 

*Ooaldl]ig, from Dix* 
north, to s7 Highland* 

Grace, from 87 Winter, 
s., to 86 Pond, Ward 4 

^Grafton, from Wsah- 
Ington Square, south- 
east, to Mfllbury line. 
Wards 8, 4 

— — Wash. Square 

— — B. <& A. R. R. . 
88 Bloomingdale 

89 Franklin 
46 Temple 
68 Burt 
66 Groton 

68 Winter 
71 Water 
78 Providence 
Sc Schoolhouse 
97 Coral 

119 Penn Ay. 
189 Barclay 
168 Mendon 
167 CuUer 
164 Wall 
— - Orient 
171 Houghton 

— Hanulton 

— Caroline 

— Hale 

— Union Ave. 

— Ash Ave. 

— Plantation 

— Harrington 

— — Harrington 

— Blithewood 

— — Millbury line 

*Graad, from 989 Main, 
southeast, to N. ft W. 
R R., Ward 6 
Left. St. 
1 8 Main 

18 Grand st. place 
22 Albert 
87 88 HoUis 
87 40 niinois 

— — B. ft A. R. R. 

— — Canterbury 
65 66 Sonthgatc 

61 63 Armory Court 

71 . Casson 

— DouglaM 

75 76 Grand St. Ct. 

— — N. ft W. R, R. 

Grand St. Court, from 
75 Grand, north and 
south. Ward 6 

Grand Street Place, 

fr. 18 Grand, s., Wd. 6 

**m junction 
of Wintnrop and Hey- 
wood, to Millbury 
line. Wards 4, 5 

Grant, from Millbunr* 
changed to Richland 

Grant, from Grafton, 
changed to Houghton 

Grant Square, be- 
tween Harrington Av. 
and Mt Vernon, Wd 8 

*GreoB, fh>m Trumbull 
Square.south, to Junc- 
tion of Water, Yer- 
non and Millbury sts., 
Wards d, 4, 6 
loTL BL 
8 1 Trumbull So. 
18 88B. ftA. R.R. 

P. ft W. I>epot 
88 Temple 
48 GoddaM 
66 Winter 
67 Plymouth 
87 Gold 
98 Pond 
108 Ash 
119 Spraoe 
146 Bradley 
164 Water 
. 169 Millbury 

Greendale Ave., from 
West Boylston, opp. 
Brooks, Ward 8 

*Green Lane, fr. 169 
Lincoln, opp. (Xishing, 
northeasterly, Wd. 8 

*Greenwood, from 
Millbury, at Quinriga- 
mond, south, to mil- 
bury Une, Ward 6 

Greenwood Ave., tt. 

Plantation, southeast, 
L^. Rt. 

— — Plantation 

— Palfrey 

— Pleriiont 

— — B. ft A. R. R 

*Grosvenor, fh>m 44 
Lafayette, north, to 48 
Lamartine, Ward 5 

Grotoiijf rm 66 Grafton, 
east, ward 8 

Groton Place, fr. Nor- 
folk, so., to 65 WaU, 
Ward 8 

Grout Court, from 18 
Ripley, soutn. Ward 6 

*Grove, fft>m 80 Salis- 
bury, northwesterly, 
to Holden, Ward 1 
LtfL RL 
1 8 Salisbury 
18 Concord 
48 Lexington 
Cem Rural Cemetery 
188 North 

— Park Avenue 

— West Boylston 

— Forest 

Hacker, from 185 Cam- 
bridge, n. , to 97 Sonth- 
gato, Ward 6. 

*Hadwen Lane, from 
Pleasant, southwest, 
to May, Ward 8 

Hale, fr. Grafton, east, 
to Phmtation, Ward 8 

Hall, from Sunnyside, 
north. Ward 1 

Hamburg, fr. Ludlow, 
northeast, to Heard, 
Ward 6 

**Hamllton, from Graf- 
ton, near Orient, east, 
to PlanUtion, Ward 8 

Hamilton Square, fr. 
Presoott, east, be- 
tween Lexington and 
OtU, Ward 1 

., ftom 8Bi 
Main, eaat, to South- 
bridira. Wards 6, 6 

1 SMaln 
89 80Beaoon 

— — B. ftA. R R 
— Cantorbunr 

— ~- W. ft N. R R 

— — Southbildge 

Haacock, fr. 916 Main, 
to HolUs, Ward 6 

*HaBOTer, fr*m 84 Ken- 
dall, south, to 15 
Prospect, Ward 8 
Ltft, St. 
1 8 Kendall 
19 80 Belmont 
48 50 Glen 
45 46 Arch 

66 Hanover Court 
61 64 Laurel 
81 88 Prospect 

Hanover Court, frm 66 
Hanover, west, Wd. 8 

Harlem, ftom 819 MUU 
bury, east, Ward 6 

*Harrington,ft'*m Mill- 
bury Av. southeast, to 
Millbury line, Wd. 8, 4 

^Harrington Av., ftom 
109 Lincoln, east, to 
86 Channlng, Ward 8 
Lift. SL 
1 8 Lincoln 
15 16 Westminster 
81 88 Mt Vernon PL 

— Grant square 
29 80 Windsor 

85 86 Channlng 

*Harrlnaton Court, fir. 
Bloomingdale road, 
south east, Ward 8 

Harris Ct., fr. 15 Jack- 
son, northeast. Ward 

**Harrlson, from 68 
Water, east, to 80 
Barclay, Ward 4 

L^. St. 
1 8 Water 
88 Blake 

45 46 Providence 

57 68 Coral 

71 78 Penn Avenue 

85 86 Barclay 

^Harvard, from 80 Sud- 
bury, north, to 9 High- 
land, Ward 1 
Ltft. St. 
1 8 Sudbury 
9 Bowdoin 

18 Harvard PI. 
18 John 

14 George 
87 Dix 

83 State 
51 68 Highland 

^Harvard Place, from 
18 Harvard, eaat, to 
Eden, Ward 1 

Hathaway, fr. 18 Gard- 
ner, southwest, to 
Wyman, Ward 6 

Hawkins, from 86 Nor- 
folk, southeast, to 
Orient, Ward 8 



Hawley, fr. 180 FleM- 
ant, B., to 180 Austin, 
Waid 8 

Hawthorn, from 9SS 
Main, wes^ to 81 
Woodland, ward 7 

*Heard, from Stafford, 
■onth, to Aubom line, 
Ward 6 

Bemana, ft:. Dnrden, e. 

to WWttler, Ward 1 
lAft, Bt. 

— Bryant 

— wmiB 

— — Whlttler 

Henchman, fr. 104 Lin- 
coln, w. to Margin, W.3 

Henchman Coart, ft. 

Henchman, n. Ward 2 

Henry, fr. Shrewsbury, 
east, to Bast Worces- 
ter, Ward 3 

Hermitage ATenne, fr 

48 Charming, e.,Wd. S 

*Hermon, ft. TSl Main, 
east, to 905 South- 
bridge, Ward 6 

8 IMain 
48 47 Beacon 

54 66 N. & W. R. R. 

66 67 Sonthbrldge 

*Heywood, from juic- 
tion of Winthrop and 
Granite, east, to MIU- 
bnry Av., Ward 4 

Hibemla, from 366 
Front, north, to Me- 
chanic, Ward 8 

*Hlgh,fr. 54 Pleasant, s. 
tol8Aa8tln,Wds. 7,8 

1 3 Pleasant 

14 Aldrlch Place 
81 82 Chatham 

67 68 Austin 

High Street Coart, fr. 

63 High, west, Wd. 7 

^Highland, fm. Lincoln 
Sq. to Pleasant, W. 1, 8 

Ltft. St. 
1 3 Lincoln Square 

9 Harvard 
81 Lancaster 
87 Wachnsett 
87 Qoulding 
46 Denny 

48 Boynton 
51 North Ashland 

60 Pink 

68 64 West 


— Dover 

— — Agricultural 

— — Park Avenue 

— Hudson 

— — Pleasant 

Highland St. Conrt, fr. 

19 Highland, s. wester- 
ly, to Howe, Wds 1,3 

Hill, from 114 Shrews- 
bury, north, to 84 East 
Central, Ward 8 

Hillside Ay. , f r. Bloom- 
ingdale Road, to Fair- 
view Avenue, Ward 8 

Hinds Conrt, (firom 7 

Maple, north. Ward 8 

*Holden, fr^m Oroye. n. 
to City line, Wds. 1, 8 

Hollis, from 31 Kllby, 
south, to Gates, Wd. 6 

Uft. RL 
1 3 Kilbv 
9 10 Gardner 

— — W3nnan 

— —Grand 
43 Leonard 

— —Gates 

■^^Hollywood, fr. Bluff, 
south, to 6 Oberiin, 
Ward 7 
L^, m. 

11 12 Kingsbury 
18 Decatur 
26 Barbour 
89 80 May 
41 48 OberUn 

Holmes, fr. 291 Cam- 
bridge, nr. Washburn, 
soum. Ward 5 

Home, ftom 5 Wachn- 
sett. west^to 34 North 
Ashland, Ward 1 
LtfL Bt. 
1 3 Wachusett 
11 Wesby 

Sch Schoolhouse 
38 34 No. Ashland 

Homer, from 110 Park 
Avenue, west, Wd. 1 

Honpltal, changed to 
Jaques Avenue 

Hospital Coart. chang- 
ed to Dudley Place 

*Hope A v., from South- 
bndge, n. Auburn line 
to Webster, Ward 6 

Houchin Av., from 88 
Austin, west, to 88 
Chatham, Ward 7 

Houghton, fr. 171 Graf 
ton, near Orient, s., to 
Heywood, Ward 4 

Lm. Bt. 
8 1 Grafton 
60 51 Union Av. 

66 Ash Av. 

— — Heywood 

Houlihan Place, fr. 64 

Temple, north, Wd. 4 

^Howard, fr. 181 Sum- 
mer, west, lo 46 Black- 
stone, Ward 8 

Howard Lane, from 
Fowler, near city Une, 

Howe, from Sever, near 
Highland, east, Wd. 1 

Howe Av., from Pleas- 
ant, at Tatnuck vil- 
lage, south, Ward 8 

Hudson, fr. 381 Pleas- 
ant, north, to 182 
ElmAV^ard 8 
Ltfi. Bt. 
1 2 Pleasant 
18 Hudson St Ct 

14 Townsend 
36 Blossom 
87 88Blm 

Hudson 8t. Court, fr. 

IS Hudson, west, to 
268 Park Av.,Ward 8 

Hunt, fr. Shrewsbury, 
southeast, to W. & 8. 
R. R., Ward 8 

Illinois, from Grand 
south, to Richards, 
Ward 6 

— —Grand 
— Gates 

— —Crystal 

— -Richards 

*Ingalls, fktmiYemon, 
east to 81 Fox, Ward 4 

Mnrlng, fh>m 90 Pleas- 
ant,' south, to 85 Chan- 
dler, Wards 7, 8 

1 8 Pleasant 

.89 80 Chatham 

45 46 Austin 

65 66 Chandler 

*Jackson, from 767 
Main, east, to Sonth- 
brldge, Ward 6 
1 8Main 
15 Harris Court 
87 88Beaoon 

— — Sodthbrldge 

Jaofnes, f^. 41 Webster, 
east, Ward 6 

Jaques Avenue, from 
43 Wellington, west, 
to 60 King, Ward? . 

*James, from Staflbrd, 
southeast, to James- 
ville Square, Ward 6 

Ltft. Bt. 

— — Stafford 

— — Ludlow 

— — Jamesville Sq. 

Jamesviile Square, at 

Junct^n Ludlow, Jam's, 
Burnett and Clover 
sts., Ward 6 

Jefferson, ftrom 17 Ver- 
non, east, to 68 Provi- 
dence, Ward 4 
L^ Bt. 
1 8 Vernon 
19 Fox 

28 Batchelder 
32 Arlington 
39 40 Providence 

Jerome, from 38 Ward, 
east. Ward 4 

*Jo Bill Road, fr. 19 

SaUsbury to 115 Park 
Av., Ward 1 

*John, fr'm 18 Harvard, 
west, to Sever, Wd. 1 
L^. Bl. 
1 3 Harvard 
18 John St Av. 
24 Wesby 
89 40 No. Ashland 
67 72 West 

— — Fruit 

— — Sever 

John St. Av., from 18 
John, north, Ward 1 

June, from Chandler, 
west, to Mill, Ward 7 

Kane's CJoort, from 18 
Foyle, south, Ward 4 

Kattsas,from Sherman* 
north, to 888 Sonth- 
brldge, Ward 5 


— — Sherman 

— — Cambridge 
7 Lawrence 

— Riley 

— — Southbrldge 

*Kendall, ftrom 68 lin- 

coin, east. Ward 8 
L^ BL 
1 8 Lincoln 
88 Auburn 
86 Hanover 
85 86 Oak Ay. 

— — Channing 

Kendall Place, from 81 
William, south. Ward 8 

Kllby, from 888 Main, 
east, to Hollis, Wud6 

**9^ing, ftom 880 Main. 
northwest_ to 188 
Chandler, Ward 7 

x«^ Bt. 

1 8Main 
88 84 Queen 
48 Woodland 
47 Bluff 

— Jaques AysQua 

— — Chandler 

**Kingsbury, fh>m 14 
May, northwest, to 68 
Mason, Ward 7 
L^ BL 
1 8May 

88 Queen 
80 80 Woodland 
41 Hollywood 

51 Page 

— —Mason • 

Kneeland Conrt, from 
18 Cross, west, Wd. 8 

■^Lafkyette, fr. 58 MiU- 
bury, west, to 8M 
Southbrldge, Ward 5 
^ft. BL 
1 8 MiUbury 
18 Washington 
30 Scott 
38 Meade 
44 Grosvenor 
66 Bigelow 

72 Lunelle 
95 96 Quinsig'd Aye. 
107 Gas 

111 118 Southbrldge 

**Las:range, from 778 
Main, east, to N. A W. 
R R., Ward 6 

L^. BL 
1 3Main 
88 84 Beacon 

— — N. AW. RR. 

*Lake, fr. 88 Leicester, 
west, to Mill, Ward 7 

Lake Av., fr. Belmont, 
n. Lake Quinslg^nd to 
Harrington, Ward 8 

♦Lake Ay.,fr'm Planta- 
tion, southeast, to B. 
A A. R.R., Ward8 

L^ Bt. 

— — Plantation 

— — Phillips 

— — Palfrey 



— — Fierpont 

~ - B. A A. R. R. 

Lakealdle At., fr. Lov- 
ell, crosdng Mill,Wd.7 


bary, west, to 94 Lft- 
tejette, Waid 5 
XflTt BL 
1 2MiIlbiU7 

16 10 Washfaigtoii 
81 Scott 

48 Heade 

48 Groevenor 
OT Lodl 

89 Langdon 

9B 94 LoneUe 
190 Sargent 
m 184La&yette 

*LaB€aater, fr. 6Dix,n. 
to 81 Hifi^land, Wd. 1 

Langdon, from 68 La- 
fayette, north, to 60 
Lamartine, Ward 6 

*Lajreh, fr.81 Piedmont, 
w. to9 BelleTue,Wd. 8 

— — Piedmont 

— — Menick 

— — So. Rneaell 

— — Winelow 

— — Bellevne 

Larkln, fr. 145 Sbrews- 
bory, aouth, to East 
Worcester, Ward 8 

*LMirel, f^. 84 Summer, 
east, to 60 Eastern Ay., 
8 1 Sammer 
18 11 Hanover 
84 88 Carroll 
CRi Lanrel st M. B. 

48 Edward 

68 Shelby Place 

— — EBastem Av. 

Lawrence, fr. Kansas, 
west, to Ck>lton, Wd. 6 

Layard Place, fr. 389 

Main, east, Ward 8 

^Ledae^r. 38 Water, s., 
to W averley, Ward 4 

Vte, from 154 Park Ay., 
north, to Jo Bill Road, 

^Leicester, fr. Webster 
8q. s. w., to Leicester 
line, Wards 6, 7 

L^. St. 

— — Webster sq. 

— Mill 

17 Cnrtis 
83 Lake 

— Wayne 
88 Stafford 

— Oates Lane 

— Apricot 

— Armandale 

— Ludlow 

— — Leicester line 

Leland Conrt, from 70 
Front, north. Ward 8 

Leonard, fr. 48 Hollis, 
to R & A. R. R.Wd. 6 

Lewis, firom 466 South- 
bridge, west, Ward 5 

•Lexington, from 46 
Groye, east, to W. A 
N. R. R., ward 1 

^Liberty, from 68 Bel- 
mont, south, to 88 
Arch, Wards 

Ltft. m. 

— — Belmont 
7 Palmer 

15 Newport 
88 84 Glen 
41 48 Arch 

Lily, from 81 No. Ash- 
land, w. to Pink,Wd. 1 

*Lincoln, from Lincoln 
Square, northeast, to 
City line. Ward 3 
L^, Rt. 

. _ — Lincoln Square 
48 Linwood Place 
68 Kendall 
71 Lincoln Place 
96 Garden 

97 Catherine 
104 Henchman 

109 Harrington Ay. 
116 Frederick 
119 Forest Ay. 
188 Perkins 
168 Cnshine 
169 Green Lane 

188 Washington Ay 
186 Vinton 

189 Lincoln Ay. 
900 Bnmcoat 

— Melrose 

— Catholic Cem. 

— Boylston 
— • City Farm 

— Plantation 

— City line 

Lincoln Ay. Jr. 189 Lin- 
coln, near Green lane, 
east. Ward 8 

Lincoln Place, from 71 
Lincoln, Ward 8 

^Lincoln Square, at 

the junction of Main, 
Highland, Salisbury, 
Prescott, Lincoln, Bel- 
mont and Summer 
Sts., Wds. 1,3 

*Llnden, from 91 Pleas- 
ant, n.,to44 Elm,Wd.8 

*Linwood Place, from 
48 Lincoln, CAst, to 
Fountain, ward 3 

Llsoomb, firom Shrews- 
bury, north, to Bel- 
mont, Ward 8 

Lltchfleld,fr. 176 Can- 
terbury, Bontheast, to 
Hacker, Ward 6 

LocastAy., fr. Anna, 
north, Ward 8 

Lodl, fr. 66 Lafayette, 
north, to 57 Lamar- 
tine, Ward 6 

^Loudon, fr. 903 Main, 
west, to 71 Woodland, 
Ward 7 

*Loyell, fromCoes Sq., 
n. w., to May, Ward 7 

Loyell Court, fr. South 
Irving, south. Ward 7 

Lowell, fr. 1013 Main, 
e., to Freeland, Ward 

Lndlow, fr. Leicester, 
nr. Leicester line. s. e. 
to Auburn line, wd. 6 

X^. Rt. 

— — liCicester 
~ —Stafford 

— — B. & A. R. R. 

— —James 

— Cloyer 

— Burnett 

— — Auburn line 

Lunelle, from 78 La- 
fayette, north, to 96 
Lamarone, Ward 6 

Lyman, from Webster, 
opp. Hope Cemetery, 
ward 6 

Lynn, from 56 Salem, 
to 61 Orange, Ward 5 

Lyon, fr. Shrewsbury, 
near Bast Central, to 
East Worcester, Wd. 8 

^fL St. 

— — Shrewsbury 

— Bates 

— — East Worcester 

♦Madison, fr. 649 Main, 
east, toB. A A, R. R., 
Wards 5, 6 

L^. SL 
8 IMaln 

14 Madison Court 

37 Beacon 

84 83 N. & W. R. R. 

40 89 Southbridge 

64 Portland 

86 85 Salem 

94 Orange 

— — B. & A. R. R. 

Madison Court, fr *m 14 
Madison, n. ward 6 

*Maln, from Lincoln 
Square, southjtoWeb- 
ster Square, wards 1, 
2, 8, 6, 7, 8 

— — Lincoln Square 

— AntlquVnHall 
C.H. North Ct Ho. 
C.H. South Ct. Ho. 

Ch. Sd Parish 
44 Court Hill 
96 State 
97 Market 

136 Gertrude Ay. 
139 School 

140 Robinson PI. 

Ch. Central Church 

196 George 
199 Thomas 

388 Layard Place 
351 Central 

399 Exchange 

800 Sudbury 
881 Mechanics Hall 

883 Walnut 

860 Maple 
861 Foster 

878 Elm 
899 Mechanic 

403 Pearl 

438 Pleasant 
439 Front 

488 City Hall 

Ch Old South Ch. 

499 Park 

686 Chatham 
549 Allen Court 
563 Southbrid|» 

678 Bumside Court 
699 Myrtle 

603 Austin 











648 Chandler 

Ch Trinity Church 


606 Wellington 


Main St Bh>- 



780 Piedmont 

800 Castle 
814 Oread Place 

880 King 

860 May 

868 Claremont 

880 Norwood 

908 Loudon 


983 Hawthorne 

984 Downing 

973 Beayer 



1033 Agawam 

ChM. E. Church 


*Malden, fr*m W. Boyl- 
ston to W. Boylston 
line, Ward 3 

*Manehester, from 805 
Union, southeast, to 
47 Bridge, Ward 8 

*Maple, from 860 Main, 
northwest, to Walnut, 
Ward 8 
L^ St. 
3 IMain 
30 Maple Place 
Sch High School 
84 88 Walnut 

Maple Ave., fr. Pleas- 
ant, near Chandler, 
Tatnuck, Ward 8 

Maple Place, from 80 
Maple, west. Ward 8 

March, changed to Sny* 

Margin, ftt>m Hench- 
man, south, to W. A 
N. R. R., Ward 3 

*Market, fm. 97 Main, 
east, to 61 Summer, 
Ward 3 
L^. St. 
3 IMain 
44 48 Union 
54 58 W. & N. R. R. 
78 Townees Court 
88 88 Summer 

Marshall, fr. Shrew*- 
bury, northwest, Wud 



♦Mason, fr*m 940 Fleas- 
ant, south, to 54 May, 
Wards 7, 8 
X«T. St. 
1 8 Pleassnt 
19 90 Austin 
Wt 28 Chandler 

— Bluff 

— Kineshniy 

— Parker 

— — Barbour 

— —May 

Mason Ck»art, from SO 
Mason, west 

*May. from 8G0 Main, 
nonhwestUy, to Pleas- 
ant, near City line, 
Wards 7, 8 

L0. St. 

1 SMain 

16 Silver 
81 asWoodlsnd 
87 88 Hollywood 

— Clifton 
54 Mason 

— Florence 
66 Dewey 

76 76 Paik Avenue 

— Lovell 

— — June 

— Hadwen Lane 

— — Chandler 

— —Pleasant 

Maynard Plaee, from 
IT^William, s., Wd. 8 

Maywood, tt. 968 Main, 
northwest, to Lovell, 
Ward 7 

Ltft. SL 

— —Main 

— WoodlaiMi 

— Birch 

— — Florence 

— — Park Avenue 

— — Lovell 

MoCormiek Court, fm 

148 Prescott, e., Wd. 1 

McFarland Court, fm 

86 Suffolk, Waitl 8 

Meade, fh>m 36 Lafay- 
ette, north, to 88 Lam- 
artine. Ward 5 

♦Mechanic, ftom 899 
Main, easLto Wash- 
ington sq.. Wards 8, 4 

Lift. St. 

2 IMain 

— — N. A W. R. R. 
49 Carlton 

102 Union 

101 Church 

119 Mechanic stct. 

141 Spring 

157 Foley^B Court 

167 Swan Court 

187 Tremont 
808 801 Bridge 

881 Hibemia 
840 Summer 
— — Wash. sq. 

Mechanic St. Cooit, fr. 

119 Mechanic, Wd. 8 

♦Melrose, fr. Burncoat. 
8.e., to Lincoln, Wd. 3 

Mendon, tt. 168 Graf- 
ton, s^ to 117 Union 
Av., Ward 4 



8 Grafton 
88 ^tna 
68 Union Av 

♦Merrick, fr. 196 Fleas- 
ant s., to 148 Austin, 
ana fr. ELa to Cedar, 
Ward 8 

LtfL St. 

— —Pleasant 

— —Larch 

— — Austin 

Merrlfleld, fm Eastern 
Avenue, northeast, to 
Beknont, Ward 2 

Milk, from 61 Franklin, 
south, by canal, Wd. 4 

♦Mill, fir'm 18 Leicester, 
westerly, to Fowler, 
at Tatnuck, Wds. 7, 8 

Uft. SL 
1 8 Leicester 
88 Park Avenue 

— Buflhm 

— Lake 

— — Lakeside Av. 

— June 

♦Mlllbrook, fh>m Bum- 
coat, west, to West 
Boylston, Wards 1, 8 

Ltft. St. 

— — Burncoat 

— Byron 

— ^Iton 

— — West Boylston 

♦Mlllbnry, from 168 
Green, c. Water, s., to 
Z^. St. 
1 2 Green 

18 Lamartine 
87 Poyle 

66 Lafayette 
61 Taylor 

73 Ellsworth 
76 Richland 

106 Endicott 

188 Worth 

189 Seymore 
169 Wade 
209 Ward 
819 Harlem 

288 Cambridge 
JMO Whitney 

446 Vernon 

— Stebbins 

— Perry 

— Whipple 

— Greenwood 
— Cliff 


*Mlllbury Av., from 
Grafton, south, to 
City line, Ward 4 

Milton, from 23 North, 
northeast, • to Mill- 
brook, Ward 1 

MltchelLfr. Pitt to Dor- 
rance, 8. Worces.Wd.6 

Montagae,fr Leicester, 
n'th to Baker, Ward 7 

Montreal, fm 56 Wall, 
east. Ward 8 

Moran Court, from 162 
Prescott, east, to W. A 
N. R. R., Ward 1 

♦Moreland, from Pleas- 
ant, northeast, to Sal- 
isbury, Wards 1, 8 

Morse, from Lovell, 
southeast. Ward 7 

Mott. fr. Co^ east, to 

♦Mountain, fr. Brooks, 
southeast, to Shrews- 
bury line. Ward 2 

■^Monnt Pleasant. fr*m 
10 Benefit, soutn, to 
16 Allen, Wd. 6 

Mount Temon, from 
16 Westminster, east. 
to Channing, Ward 8 

L^ St. 

— — Westminster 

— Mt, Vernon pi. 

— Grant sq. 

— — Windsor 

— — Channing 

Mount Vernon Place, 

from Harrington Av., 
n^ to Mount Vernon, 
Ward 8 
L0. St. 

— — Harrington Av. 

— Grant Square 

— — Mt. Vernon 

♦Mower, fr*m Pleasant, 
at Tatnuck, to City 
line. Ward 8 

^♦Mnlberry, from 34 
Shrewsbury, north, to 
Shelbv, Wards 8, 8 

1 8 Shrewsbury 

17 Fulton 

84 Mulberry Ct 
82 Smith Ct 

— — E. Central 
88 84 Prospect 
99 100 Shelby 

Mulberry Court, from 
34Mulberry,e., Wd.8 

Musquego, frm Shrews- 
bury, south, to Alba- 
ny, Ward 2 

♦Myrtle,ft>..')09 Main, e., 
to 61 Orange, Wds. 6, 6 
Left. SL 

2 IMain 

18 17 Southbndge 
22 21 N. & W. R. R. 
48 47 Portland 

— — Salem 

— Orange Cre8cent,n., 
to SackviUe, Wd 2 

Nebraska, from Put- 
nam lane, west, Wd 8 

Nelson Place, fr. Grove 
near Holden, w., Wd.l 

*Newbury, from 166 
Pleasant, south, to 115 
Chandler, Wards 7, 8 
1 2 Pleasant , 

9 Congress 

21 Chatham 

88 84 Austin 
47 48 Chandler 

Newport, from 16 Lib- 
erty, east, to 18 Ed- 
ward, Ward 2 

♦Nixon, fr*m Mountain, 
northeast, to West 
Boylston line, Ward 2 

NorfMk, f^. TO Bloom- 
ingdale road, nortii- 
east. Wards 

— — Bloomingdale 
—Groton place 
86 Hawkins 
129 180 Ascension 

Norfolk Court, from 86 
Norfolk, Ward 8 

♦Normal, from Pros- 
pect, opp. Eastern 
avenue, tt> Proq>eet 
again. Wards 

♦North, fr. 188 Grove, e. 
to Chamberlain Oooit, 
Z«t. St. 
1 8 Grove 
18 Power's Cout 
88 Milton 
87 SIgoumey 

78 Prescott 
77 — ChamberlainCt 

♦North Ashland, from 
84 WilUam, north, to 
61Highlimd, Ward 1 
LtfL m. 
1 2 William 
6 6 Bowdoin 
18 14 John 
21 Lily 

84 Home 
66 66Highland 

North Poster, from 44 
Foster, east, to 194 
Union, Ward 8 

North Merrick, fr. 809 

Pleasant, n., to Cedar, 

Norwich, fr. 16 Foster, 
south, to 86 Mechanic, 

Norwood, fr. 890 Main, 
west, to 61 Woodland, 

*Oak, fr. 69 Elm, north, 
to 81 Cedar, Ward 8 

*Oak Avenue, from 61 
Belmont, north, to 14 
Catharine, Ward 8 
L^. St. 
1 8 Bebnont 
35 26 Kendall 
46 46 Catharine 

Oakland, fr. Webster, 
opp. Hope Cemetery, 


Oberlln, from 64 Wood- 
land, west, to Park 
ave.. Ward 7 

^ft. St. 

— — Woodland 
— Hollywood 

— — Clifton 

— — Florence 

— — Park avenue 

■H>lean, from Mower, 
north, to City line. 
Ward 8 

Oliver, fr. Beaver, nw., 
to Park Av., Ward 7 



^Oraage, from 88 Firk, 
Kmtli, to 94 Madifon, 
Ward 5 

% IPwk 

61 Lynn 

99 Myrtle 
70 Plymoath 
lO 101 Madison 

Orchard , acroas 15 Aich 
n., to Blamark, Ward 9 
L^ SL 

8 9Aroli 
17 Glen 

46 47 Belmont 
64 eSBiamark 

Orchard Co«rt, ftram 
Orchard, near Glen, 
■oath, ward 8 

*Oread, fr. 197 Main, e., 
^fL St. 
1 SMaIn 
99 80 Beacon 
^ ^ B, 4 A* B> B. 

Oread Placetfrom 814 
Main, west, wd 7 

Orient, from Grafton, 

north. Wards 
LtfU St. 

1 9GTafton 

9 Branch Ct. 
97 98 Chrome 
87 88 Thorn 

49 fiO Division 
— Bleeker 
— Hawkins 
166 Ascension 

O'Boarke, from SntUm 
road, near Cambridge, 
east, to Taft, Ward 6 

Oswald, fr. Btebbtns, s. 
to Snyder, Ward 5 

Oils, fr 66 Prescott. e., 

«Oxrord, fr*m 119 Fleas- 
ant, soa% to 60 
Chandler, Wards 7, 8 




Oxford Place 

80 99 Chatham 

46 46 Austin 

60 69 Chandler 

Ojd'ord Place, fhmi 18 
Ozf Old, west. Ward 8 

Page, from Kingsbury, 
soathwestfto Barbonr, 
Ward 7 

Paine, fhmi Frederick, 
north, to Cnshing, 

PalflrcT, fr. Bloomins- 
ingdale road, nortfi- 
east, to Greenwood 
At., Ward 8 

L^. St. 

— — Bloomingdale 

— — Lake Av. 

— — Greenwood At. 

Palmer, fr. 7 liberty, 
esst, to 8 Bdwazd, 
Ward 9 

«Parh, fhmi 490 Main, 
soatheastto Tnmiboll 
., Wards 8, 6, 6 
6 Allen Ct 
81 French Chorch 
89 Portland 
68 Salem 
78 Salem square 
81 Orange 
107 Washington 
108 Trombini 
119 ISTTrombnllSq. 

*Park Atc., fr. GroTs, 
n. W. Boylston, s. w., 
to 96Mi]l,Wds. 1,7,8 
24^. St, 
1 9GroTe 
89 90 Salisbniy 

110 Homer 
116 Jo Bill Boad 

164 Lee 
161 168 Highland 
pk. BlmPark 
m Ehn 
988 Hudson Court 
976 976 Pleasant 
816 816 Chandler 

886 886TQft8 
861 869 Parker 
866 866May 

878 Pembroke 

887 OberBn 
897 Charlotte 
418 Downing 

— Shirley 

— Maywood 

— OUTer 
691 Bearer 


— Coes Square 
680 Goes 

649 660Mill 

Parker, from Mason, 
east, to Winile]d,Wd.7 
L^. St. 

— —Mason 
— Dewey 

— — Park ATenue 

— — Winlleld 

*Pariier ATenne, flnom 
Mountain, n., wd. 9 

Parker Court, from 60 
Franklin, south, Wd. 4 

ParUn Place, from 181 
Canterbury, Ward 6 

Patch, from Elisabeth, 
east, to Eastern At., 

Pattlson, from 86 Ver- 
non, east, to 80 ProTi- 
denoe, Ward 4 

«Pearl, from 408 Main, 
west, to 6 Chestnut, 
9 Main 
91 Post Office 

— Plymouth Ch 
78 74 Chestnut 


Pembroke, fh>m Flor- 
ence, northwest, to 
878 Paiic Atc., Ward 7 

«Pcnn At. , fr. 119 Graf- 
ton, 8^ to 96 Union 
At., Ward 4 

L^ SL 
1 9 Grafton 
4 WaTerly 
18 14 darkson 
98 94 Harrison 
81 Mott 

89 40iEtna 
61 68 Union At. 

Perkins, fr.l89 Lincoln, 
west, to Paine, Wd. % 

Perry, from Millbury, 
near school house, 
Qulnsig., west, Wd. 6 

Phillips, fr. Blooming- 
dale road, northeast, 
to Greenwood At., 
Ward 8 

L^. St. 

— — Bloomingdale 

— — Lake At. 

— — Greenwood At. 

*Pledmont, from 780 
Main, north, to 184 
Pleasant, Wards 7, 8 

L^ St. 

— 9 Main 

1 Piedmont Ct. 

97 Da^ 

49 60 Hoepital 

60 60 Chandler 

71 79 Austin 
81 Lsrch 

106 106 Pleasant 

Piedmont Oovri. fr. 1 

Piedmont, south, to 
Castle, Ward 7 

Plerpont, from Bloom- 
ingdale road, north- 
east, to Greenwood 
At., Ward 8 

X^. St. 

— — Bloomingdale 

— — Lake At. 

— — Ghreenwood At. 

Pine, from JamesrlUe 
Square, north, Ward 6 

Pink, fm. 60 Highland, 
south, to LUyTward 1 

Pitt, fr. 864 CambrldffB, 
Boutib, to Mitchell, 
Ward 6 

*PlanUtlon, fr'm Graf- 
ton, comer Millbury 
At., northeast, to Lin- 
coln^ards 9, 8 

Left. SL 

~ —Grafton 

— Hale 

— Caroline 

— — Hamilton 
•~ Chrome 

— Thorn 

— Division 

— Bleeker 

— — Bloomingdale 

— Li^e Av. 

— Greenwood 

— Wells 

— — B. A A. R. B» 

— — W. A S. R. R. 

— — Belmont 
.. — Lhiooln 

Plantation Atc., from 
Plantation, s. e., to B. 
A A. R. a, Ward 8 

, from 
Main, westerly, to 
City line, Wsrd 8 
L^ SL 
9 IMain 

Ch Baptist Church 
64 Hi^ 

60 Chestnut 
60 Church Place 
Ch Ist UnlTersalist 
79 Pleasant Place 

89 Clinton 
91 Linden 

90 Irving 
114 Oxford 

116 Ashland 
Sch School House 
196 Crown 

141 West 
166 Newbury 

166 Fruit 

180 Hawley 
188 Piedmont 

909 North Merrick 
196 Merrick 

908 So. RnsseU 
994 Winslow 

961 Russell Court 
998 Bellevue 

940 Mason 

981 Hudson 
986 Dewey 

910 807 Park Avenue 
976 Abbott 

— Highland 

— HMwen lane 

— Flagg 

— Moreland 

— Fowler 

— Mower 

Pleasant Place, ftnom 
79 Pleasant, n., Wd. 8 

Plnm, fr. Shrewsbury, 
southerly, to Bait 
Worcester, Ward 8 

*Plynoath, from 67 
GreeUjWest, to 70 Or> 
ange, Ward6 
L^ St. 
9 1 Green 
90 19 Washington 
84 Assonet 
88 87 B. db A. R. B. 

— Belknap 
— —Orange 

*Pond, from 99 Green. 
east, to Water, Ward 
9 1 Green 

6 Woodward Ct 
19 Beach 
86 Grace 

89 Carpenter 
44 46 Water 

^Portland, from 80 
Park. 9. e., to 64 Madi- 
son, Wds. 6, 6 
L^. St. 
9 IPark 
64 Portland PL 
69 61 Myrtle 
108 99 Madison 

Portland Place, ftrom 
64 Portland, e., Wd. 5 



Powers Ct. ,fr. 18 North 
near tiie brook, north, 

Pratt, changed to Park 

Prentioe, from Shrews- 
bory, north, to Bel- 
mont, Ward 2 

^Preacott, from Lin- 
coln aqoare. north, to 
72 North, Wani 1 
L^. St, 
1 3 Lincoln 
— Concord 
48 44 LezingtonPark 
Pk Hamilton 
56 Otis 
— Garden 
180 Prescott Place 
158 Redding Conrt 

— — North 

Preseott Place, from 
180 Prescott, e.,Wd. 1 

Prince, changed to 

Priaeeten, from 485 
Sonthbridge, Ward 5 

Prloulx^from Hemans, 
north, ward 1 

^♦Prospect, ftom 96 
Summer, east, to East- 
em Av., Ward 2 

X^. Rt. 
1 2 Summer 
14 Hanover 

27 Carroll 
W 66 Mulberry, 

— — Eastom Av. 

♦Providence, from 78 
Grafton, south, to 
Wlnthrop, Ward 4 

L^, Rt. 
1 2 Grafton 

28 Union Place 

87 88Waverly 
tfl 52 Harrison 

68 Jefferson 
71 ^tna, 

80 Pattison 
•— Wor. Academy 
89 90 Union Aveone 
121 122 Wlnthrop 

Putnam, from Shrews- 
bury, north, to Bel- 
mont, Ward 2 

Putnam Lane, from 
Shrewsbu]^ to Bloom- 
ingdalo. Ward 8 

♦*Queen, fr.l51 Austin, 
south, to 22 Kings- 
bury, Wards 7, 8 
L^. Rt. 
1 2 Austin 
5 6 Chandler 
17 18 Prince 
81 Davis 

88 Ely 
47 48 King 

67 58 Kingsbury 

♦Qulncy , from 89 Chat- 
ham, 8., to 110 Austin, 
Wards 7, 8 

♦Qnlnslgamond Ave., 

from 260 Southbridge, 
n. Sareent, south, to 
246 BiiUbury. nr. Cam- 
bridge, Ward 5 

Ranks, changed to 

Redding Court, fron 
168 Prescott, e., Wd. 1 

Reservoir, from 29 
Edward, east to 84 
Eastern Av., Ward 2 

Ltft. Rt. 
1 2 Edward 
9 Elizabeth 
21 22 Eastern Av. 

*RIce, from Mountain, 
northeast, to Slirews- 
bury line. Ward 2 

Richards, fr. 976 Main, 
s. e., to 109 Cambridge, 

Ltft. Rt. 

— —Main 
— Tirrell 


— >- Cambridge 

Richland, from 75 Mill- 
bury, east, to 54 Ver- 
non, Ward 4 

RIedl Place, from 
Townsend, s., Ward 8 

Riley, from 15 Kansas, 
west. Ward 6 

Ripley, from 869 Main, 
cast, to Hollis, Ward 6 

Ripley Street Plaoe, 

from Ripley, north, 

Riverside, from South- 
bridge, near Chelsea, 
Ward 6 

Robinson Place, from 
140 Main, west, Wd. 1 

Roxbury, fr. Whipple, 
south, Ward 5 

Russell, f^. 229 Pleas- 
ant, n., to Elm, Wd. 8 
J4ft. Rt. 

1 2 Pleasant 

6 Russell Court 
18 Townsend 
85 Blossom 

45 46Ehn 

Russell Court, from 5 
Russell, west, to 251 
Pleasant, Ward 8 

Sackvllle, from Byron, 
east, Wards 1, 2 

*8alem, fh>m 63 Park, 
south, to 162 Sonth- 
bridge, Ward 5 


2 1 Park 
66 Lynn 

68 67 MyrUe 

Sch Schoolhouse 
122 121 Madison 
— — Southbridge 

'*'Salem 8<iuare, from 
99 Front, southwest, 
to Park, Ward 8 
Lett. Rt. 

2 1 Front 
Ch let Baptist Ch. 

Ch. Salem St. Ch. 

Pk. Conmion 
— —Park 

*8allsbnry, fr. LlnooLi 
Square, northwest, to 
Cfty Hue, Ward 1 
L^. Rt. 
1 2 Lincoln Square 
19 Jo. Bill Road 
80 Grove 

— Boynton 

— West 

— Park Avenoe 

— Forest 

— Flags 

— Moraand 

— — aty line 

Sarcent, fr. 240 Sonth- 
bridge, southeast, to 
120 Lamartine, Ward 5 

L^, Rt. 

— — Southbridge 

— Gold 

— — Lanuutlne 

^School , from 129 Main, 
e., to81 Summer, Wd.2 
L^. Rt. 
1 2Main 
69 60 Union 
77 78 W. & N. R. R. 
96 96 Summer 

Scott, fr. 20 Lafayette, 
Um to 21 Lamartine, 
Ward 6 

*Sever, ftom 181 Pleas- 
ant, north, to 87High- 
Isnd, Wards 1, 6 
1 2 Pleasant 
19 20 Elm 
25 96 Cedar 

— John 

— Howe 

— — Highland 
Seward, from Shrews- 
bury, northwest, Wd. 2 

Seymore, ft. 189 MIU- 
bury. east, to TO Ward, 
Ward 5 

*8helby, fh>m Carroll, 
east, to Eastern Av., 
Ward 2 

Ltft. Rt. 

— —Carroll 
22 Mulberry 

81 Shelby St. PL 

47 48 Eastern Av. 

Shelby St. Place, fr. 

81 Shelby, north, to 
Laurel, Ward 2 

Sbepard, from 11 King, 
south and west, to 10 
Kingsbury, Ward 7 

Sheridan, fr. 888 Cam- 
bridge, south, to Sher- 
man, Ward 5 

Sherman, fr. Dorrance, 
east, to Prov. & Wor. 
R. R., So. Wor., Wd. 6 

Shirley, from Florence, 
west, to Park Avenue, 
Ward 7 

*Shrewsbury, ftom 
Washington Square, 
northeast, to Belmont, 
Wards 2, 8 
Wt. Rt. 
1 2 Wash. Square 
10 19 B. & A. R. R. 
24 Mulberry 

66 Brackett Court 

64 Franklin CC. 
Sch SchooUumae 
72 Sullivan Conrt 
86 Cullen Court 

69 East Wozceater 
114 Hill 

Ch St Anne, Cath. 
166 Cross 
170 East Central 
177 Henry 

— Plum 

— Lyon 

— Seward 

— Marshall 

— Adams 

— White 

— Putnam 

— Prentice 

— Lisoomb 

— — Belmont 

Sigel, from 84 Millbnry, 
w., to Bigelow, Wd. 5 

Slgoumey, ft.87 North, 
n. to Edgeworth, Wd 1 

Silver, fr. 15 May. s. to 
Claremont, Wsrd 7 

Slater Court, from 49 
Thomas, sonth, Wd. 2 

Anith Court, ftom 82 
Mnlbeny, east, Wd. 8 

Smith Lane, from Hoi- 
den n. city line, wes- 
terly, Ward 1 

Snyder, changed to 

^Southbridge, from 068 

Main, southwesterly. 

to Auburn line, Wdfs. 

24^. Rt. 

2 IMahi 

6 5 Bumtlde Court 
44 48Myrtie 
64 68 N. & W. R. R. 
100 99 Madison 
162 Salem 
205 Hermon 

— Jackson 

242 241B.AA.R.R. 
246 Sargent 

260 Qu&8lg*d Ave. 

265 Junction Depot 
284 Lafayette 

— Gas 

294 298 P. «fe W. R. R 

— Kansas 
— Hammond 
421 Southgate 
465 Lewis 

470 Washburn 
485 Princeton 
400 Colton 

— — Cambridge 

— Chelsea 

— Riverside 

— College 

— — Alburn line 

Southgate, from 421 
Southbridge, south- 
west, across Hacker, 
Wards 6, 6 

Ltft. RL 
1 2 Southbridge 

— — N. A W. R. R. 
40 Gardner 

47 Adriatic Court 

75 76 Grand 

87 Camp 

97 Hacker 



^otith Irrlac, from 86 
Chandler, toathweflt, 
toWellinJg^n^Wd. 8 

RiiMell, fr. 906 
Pleaaant, aonta, to 16S 
Austin, Ward 8 
X^ St, 
1 S Pleasant 

— — Larch 

— — Aostin 

^Spring. Ar*m 186 Front, 
to 141 Mechanic, Wd. 8 

^pmce, fr. 119 Green, 
weat^ 114 Washing- 
ton, ward 6 

"•Stafford, fh>m 88 Lei- 
cester, southwest, to 
City line. Ward 6 

"•flute, fh>m 96 Main, 
w. , to 8S Harvard, Wd.l 

Stekblna, ft, MUlbniy, 
at QulnslgBmond, w., 

*^Sadbary, from 800 
Midn, west, to 80 
Chestnut, Ward 1 
L^ St. 
1 »Main 
8 Eden 
S8 94 Chestnut 

Saffleld, fr. Vernon n. 
Winthrop, w. Ward 6 

*8iiffolk, fr. 68 Bloom- 
ingdale road, south- 
easterly, to Wall, 

L^ St. 
1 t Bloomingdale 
80 Wood Square 
60 70 Wall 

SalllTan Ck>iirt» from 
79 Shrewsbury, north. 

*, fr^m Lincoln 
Sq., south^to Wash- 
ington 8q , Wds. 9, 8 
2^. Si. 
1 9 Lincoln Square 
60 Arch 

61 Market 
81 School 
84 Laurel 

97 Thomas 
96 Prospect 

116 Co. JaU 

199 East Central 

181 Central 
147 Exchan^ 
166 Lunatic Asyl'm 

169 Charles 
181 Howard 
194 Asylum 

906 Bridge 
916 Fulton 

— Summer st Ct. 
997 Mechanic 
— — Washington Sq. 

flwuier St. Court, fr. 

917 Summer, w., Wd. 8 

t, fr. Gold, south 
to Ash, Ward 6 

nuy Side, fr. Jo Bill 
road, West, Ward 1 

*8iittoa Lane, from 89 
Cambridge, south, to 
Sutton roaa. Ward 6 

*Sattoii Road, fr. 136 

Cambridge, s. w, to 
Sutton Lane, W^ard 6 
L^. St. 

— — Cambridge 
CeDL Cemetery 

— — Sutton Lane 

Swan Court, from 167 
Mechanic, s., Wd. 8* 

*STcamore, from 685 
Main, east, to 99 Bea- 
con, Ward 6 

Taft, fr. 166 Cambridge, 
8outh,to Catholic cem- 
etery, Ward 6 

Talnter, from Ripley, 
west, to Grand, wd. 6 

•Taylor, fr.67 Millbury, 
east, to Ward, Wd. 4 

Taylor, from Millbury, 
at Qninsigamond,near 
R. K. crossing, west. 

«Temple, fr. 89 Green, 
e., to 45 Graf ton, Wd. 4 
Lai. St. 

1 9 Green 
Ch St John's Cath 

— Boland Court 
~ Temple st. Ct. 
64 Houlihan place 

— — Grafton 

remple St.Coort J[h>m 
Temple, south, wd. 4 

Thayer, from 6 Ripley, 
west, Ward 6 

Thenias, fr. Stebbins, 
s., to Snyder, Ward 6 

•Thomas, fr. 199 Main, 
cast, to 97 Summer, 
Ward 9 

L«rt St. 

9 IMain 

67 Ch of Christ 
80 79 Union 
100 99 W. A N. R. R. 
196 195 Summer 

Thome, from 80 Wall, 
e., to Plantation, Wd. 8 

Tirrell, fr. 1091 Main, 
east, to Richards, Wd.6 

TowBe*B Court, from 
73 Market, s., Wd. 9 

Townsend, fr. 18 Rus- 
sell, w., to 14 Hudson, 

Towpath, fr 149 Green, 
s., to Lafayette, Wd. 5. 

•Tremont, from 188 
Front, north, to 180 
Mechanic, Ward 3 

*Triimball, fr^m Trum- 
bull Square, north- 
w., to 191 Front, Wd. 3 

•Trambnll Square, is 

at the intersection of 
Green, Franklin, Park 
and Trumbull streets, 
Wards 3, 5 

Tufts, from 80 Mason, 
southwest, to Wln- 
fleld. Ward 7 

L^. St. 

— Mason 

— — Dowey 

— — Park Avenue 
— Abbott 

— — Winfield 

•Union, from Lincohi 
Sqaare, south, to 109 
Mechanic, Wards 9, 3 
Ltft. St. 
1 9 Lincoln Square 
51 69 Market 
79 80 School 
101 109 Thomas 
188 184 Central 
168 164 Exchange 

188 Foster 
197 198 W. & N. R. R. 
199 Manchester 
997 998 Mechanic 

••Union At., trom 39 
Ward, east, to Graf- 
ton, Ward 4 

Lift. St. 

1 9 Ward 
91 99 Vernon 
47 Batchelder 
57 58 Arlington 
69 70 Providence 
81 89 Chapin 
98 Penn Av. 

105 Barclay 

117 Mendon 

199 Vale 

187 138 Houghton 

160 170 Grafton 

Union Place, from 98 
Providence, east, to 
Coral, Ward 4 

•Upland, from Green- 
wood, west, to Au- 
burn line, ward 5 

Yale, from ^Etna, near 
Cutler, s^ to 199 Un- 
ion Av., Ward 4 

Valley, from Castle, 
south, to 14 Oread PI., 
Ward 7 

•Vernon, fr. the Junc- 
tion of Green, Water 
and Millbury, s., to 
445 MiUburv, at Quin- 
sigamond, wards 4, 6 
Left. St. 
6 Ingalls 

14 Ward 
17 Jefferson 
86 Pattison 
47 48 Union Av. 
54 Richland 
64 Endicott 
65 Winthrop 

— - Millbury 

Vine, from 189 Front, 
south, to 16 Franklin, 

Left. St. 
9 1 Front 
14 Cherry 

— Foundry 

— —Franklin 

Vinton, fh>m 186 Lin- 
coln, west, Wsrd 9 

Wabash Ave^ fr Gran- 
ite, south, ward 5 


•Waehnsett, fr. Home, 
north, to 97 Highland, 
1 Home 

— -Dix 

— —Highland 

•Wade, (formerly Berk- 
ley), from 160 Mill- 
bury, east, to Ward, 

Waite, fm Shrewsbury, 
northwest, Ward 9 

•Waldo, from 99 Ex- 
change, south, to Fos- 
ter, Ward 8 

Walker Court, fkom 69 
Central, south. Ward 

•Wall, fr. 164 Grafton, 
n., to 44 Norfolk, Wd. 8 
L^. St. 
1 9 Grafton 
91 Suffolk 

80 Thorne 
55 Groton PI. 

56 Montreal 
96 98 Norfolk 

•Walnut, fr. 899 Main, 
west, to Chestnut, 
Wards 1, 8 

2</Tt. St. 
1 9 Main 

Ch Grace M.B.Ch 

— — Maple 

— — Chestout 

•Ward, fr'm 14 Vernon, 
southwesterly, to 909 
Millbury, Wards 4, 5 
Ltft. St. 
1 9 Vernon 

4 Carpenter Ct 
16 Foyle 
98 Jerome 
89 Taylor 
89 Umon Av, 

48 44 Richland 
53 59 Endicott 

60 Worth 
70 Seymore 
99 Wade 
115 llOMlUbury 

Warren, fr. 909 Front, 
south, to 15 Cherry, 
Ward 8 

•Washbnrn, from 470 
Southbridge, east and 
south, to 817 Cam- 
brid^. Wd. 6 
1 9 Southbridge 
11 19 Colton 
91 99 Cambridge 

•Washington, fr'm 107 
Park, south, to 19 La- 
fayette, Ward 5 

Lsft. St. 
9 IPark 
89 Belknap 

49 41 B. & A. R. R. 
66 55 Plymouth 

78 77 Gold 

96 Ash 

114 Spruce 
186 137 Bradley 
154 155 Lamartine 
186 185 Lafayette 



Washington Avenne, 

ftom iS Lincoln, east. 

^Washington Square, 

at the junction of 
Front, GraTn, Shrews- 
bury, Summer and 
Mechanic, Ward 8 

« Water, from 09 Oral- 
ton, southwest, to 164 
Green, Ward 4 
Ltft. St. 

1 Winter 
3 Grafton 
S8 Ledge 
89 Pond 
6S 88 Harrison 
60 Ck>lumbia 
90 Fox 
96 Vernon 
99 Green 

**WaTerley, from 
Ledge, east, to Graf • 
ton, ward 4 
Lm, Rt, 
1 3Ledge 
8 4 FroVldenoe 
11 13 Coral 
— Penn At. 

— — Grafton 

Wayne, fr*m Leicester, 
n. to Baker, Ward 7 

^Webster, fr. Webster 
Square, at junction 
with Main, southeast, 
to Auburn line, Wd. o 

1 8 Main 
39 Webster Court 
41 Jacques 

— -^ B. £ A. R. B. 
Cem Hope Cem. 

— — Auburn line 

Webster Court, fftun 
89 Webster, e., Wd. 6 

^Webster 0qaare, at 

junction of Main, 
Leicester. Webster, 
and Cambiidge, Wds. 

^Wellington, from 696 
Main, north, to 96 
Chandler, Waixl 7 

1 8Main 

36 So. Irving 
48 Jaques avenue 
47 48 Chandler 

Wells, fr. Plantation, 
southeast, toB. AA« 
R. R., Ward 8 

Wesby, from 84 John, 
I n., to 11 Home, Wd. 1 

•West, from 141 Fleas- 
ant, north, to Salia- 
burr. Wards 1, 8 
lA^L St. 
I 1 Pleasant 
8 Cottage 
16 ISBhn 
84 88 Cedar 
84 88 William 
46 46 John 

— — lUghland 

-. — JoBillRoad 
«- — Salisbury 

•^West Boylston, from 
Grove, northeast, to 
City line. Wards 1, 8 

,X^ Rt, 

, — — Grove 

— — W. AN. R.R 

— Brooks 

— Maiden Av. 
— Mountain 

— — City line 

♦Westminster, firom 15 
Catharine, north, to 
Mt Vernon, Ward 8 

J^ft, St. 
1 8 Catharine 
6 6 Harrington Av. 
18 14 Mt Vernon 

Whipple fr. Millbury, 
at Quinsigamond. w., 
to OLtj line. Ward 6 

Wlilte, tr. Shrewsburvt 
south, to W.&S.R.R. 

Whitney, fr. 949 Mill- 
bury, n. Cambridge, 
east, Wards 

Whittler, from Edge- 
worth, north, Warol 

WUlard, from Pleas- 
ant, south, Tatnnck, 

*WUlUni, fr. 88 Chest- 
nut, to Sever, Wds. 1, 8 
1 8 Chestnut 
11 EvereU 
17 Maynard PI. 
81 WifUamStAv. 

81 Kendall Place 

84 North Ashland 
49 60 West 
68 64 Fruit 
68 64 Sever 

William St. Av.^from 
81 William, s., wd. 8 

William Street Court. 

Changed to Kendall 

Willis, ftom Bremer, 
n., to Hemans, Wd. 1 

Wilmot, changed to 
Eastern Avenue 

Wilson, fh>m Seward, 
northeast. Ward 8 

Windsor, fh>m 87 Cath- 
arine, north, to Forest 
Av., Ward 8 

Left Rt. 
1 8 Catharine 
6 6 Harrington Av. 
17 16 Mt Vernon 

— — Forest Av. 


Winlield, fh>m Border, 
a, to 88 May, Wd. 7 
' RL 

8 Border 
— —May 

*Wlnslow, from 394 
Pleasuitjeouth, to 174 
Austin, ward 8 

*Winter,fr'm 66 Green. 

e., to 60 Grafton, Wd. 4 
LerL Rt. 

2 1 Green 
18 Beach 

87 Grace 
40 Fanoa*a 8q. 

51 Winter St. Ct 
68 Conlin Oonrt 
88 87 Grafton 

Winter St. Ckrairt, It. 

61 Winter, s., Wd. 4 

Winter St. Place, cli*d 

to Conlin Court 

*Wlnthrop, from &f 
Vernon southeast, to 
Junction of Granite 
and Heywood, Warda 

I^ RL 

— —Vernon 

— Arlington 

— — Provideuce 

— —Granite 

Wood Square, from 90 
Soirolk, west, Ward 9 

^Woodland, flr44Kin^, 
southerly, to Mjijf* 
wood. Ward 7 
1 8King 
15 16 Kingsbnry 
86 86May 
48 Claremont 
tkk Schoolhoose 

54 0ber]in 
61 Norwood 
71 Loudon 
81 Hawthorn 

84 Charlotte 
96 94Downini 

— — Mayw< 


Woodland Plaee, fir. 
Grafton, beyond MUl- 
bury Av., east. Ward S 

Woodward Conrt. fr. 

5 Pond, Bouib, Wd. 4 

Worth, fr. 188 MUIbmry 
e, to 60 Ward, Wd. 5 

**Wyman, from 08ft 
Main, east, to HdDis, 

Wyoming Site, from 

6 Gertrude Av. south, 




In Sheets, Poeket Form, and on Rollers. 

PuBuaHBD AiiD Fob Sals at tbb DntaoroBT Ovficb bt 


46S Maih Stbbbt, Pboplbi SAvnres Bahx Buiuiam* 


AMBBMVTATlOVB^'-Al. AUtf; at, tn§mi4f b, or bds, boards; hot, bottnen; fttt. btoeMs bldg, buUding; e, or cofm 
nor; A. hou$ot n. near; opp. opposUo; pL pkteti Q. QuinHgamondf r. roar; rom?d romovodf iq, §quarof F. F» 
Vatto^ lhilo» 

'BMMOYA.UB.—Affoinat iMfMj showing romovaU ftom the eity, (hopoU^JIco addrou it ffivom; if into othor statm 
both the post^ojlct and stato ar$ given. 

Ab^et Chas. E. station agent, Jamesyille, 
h. Xndlow n. city line [100 Chatham 
Abbot Wm. F. teacher, high school, bds. 
Abbott Asa L. house 100 Sammer 

ABBOTT BENJ. W. ft CO. (C. M. Ferry), 
. anctioneers and sale stables, 216 Sum- 
mer, house 111 Park.— /96« page 498 
Abbott Charles C. machinist, h. 4 Davis 
Abbott Ebenezer £. real estate, 22 Pearl, h. 

1 Winfleld [Austin 
Abbott Edwin C. engineer, 566 Main, h. 172 
Abbott Ella M. music teacher, 879 Main, b. 

at Boston 
Abbott Ellen, widow of Eugeue, h. 40 Paine 
Abbott Ezra J. shoemaker, 16 Leicester, h. 

Abbott Francis A. farmer, bds. 79 Hanover 
Abbott Frederick E. pension agent, 528 

Main, house Lincoln near city line 
Abbott George F. carpenter, h. 6 Orchard 
Abbott George H. driver, h. 100 Summer 
Abbott George S. action maker, 9 May, h. 

81 Clifton 
Abbott Hubbard, died Nov. 18, 1888, age 70 
Abbott John, teamster, 27 Lagrange, house 

2 Yernon ri2 Fruit 
Abbott John A. shoemaker, 10 Mulberry, b. 
Abbott John D. blacksmith, Lincoln near 

Bumcoat, boards 178 Lincoln 
Abbott Joseph, conductor, P. & W. R. R. 

boards at Uzbridgc [28 Kingsbury 

Abbott Jnstin A. machinist, 88 Herroon, h. 
Abbott Nathaniel A. carpenter, h. 12 Fruit 
Abbott Roger A. gardener, house May near 

Lovell [8 Linden 

Abbott Walter F. musical instruments, bds. 
Abby Ida C. clerk, boards 2 Clinton court 
Abercrombie Daniel W. principal Worcester 

Academy, Providence, house do. 
Abercrombie Ella, b. Grafton n. Plantation 
Abercrombie Stillman, car inspector, B. & 

A. R. R. repair shop, house 6 Mendon 
Abercrombie Susan C. widow of Ralph, h. 

18 Home 
Abom Martha A. Mrs. gear manuf. 5 Cy- 
press, house 21 Liberty 
Abraham William, laborer, h. 11 Redding ct. 
Abrie Auguste, removed to North Adams 
Ackermann Christian, bds. 811 Cambridge 

Ackermann Ewald, wire drawer, Pitt, house 

584 Southbridge [bridge 

Ackermann Johanna Mrs. boards 584 Sonth- 
Ackermann Reinhold, removed Arom city 
Ackermann Theodore, cigar maker, 409 Main, 

boards 584 Southbridge 
Ackley Albert £. clerk, W. & N. R. R. 80 

Shrewsbury, house 28 Wachusett 
Ackley Clarissa, widow, house 2 Dewey 
Adams Alonzo, machinist, 95 Thomas, bds. 

8 Robinson pi. 
Adams Annette, widow of Charles A. house 

76 Hanover 
Adams Asa B. printer, 811 Main, house 41 

Adams Austin H. varnisher, b. 16 Meehanic 
Adams A. W. hairdresser, 598i Main, bds. 

527 do. 
Adams Bo wen, carpenter, 57 Jackson, house 

28 Hollywood 
Adams Bridget, widow of Daniel, h. 7 Mill 
Adams Carrie M. teacher, Grafton street 

school, bds. 4 Branch court 
Adams Charles, carpenter, h. 84 Piedmont 
Adams Charles B. driver, 9 Pleasant, house 

4 Branch court [b. 2 Normal 

Adams Charles F. teacher. Normal school, 
Adams Charles W. machinist, b. 57 Wash- 
ington sq. 
Adams Clara W. boards 61 Park 
Adams Clarence E. clerk B. & A. R. R. 

freight house, b. Houghton c. Ash ave. 
Adams Cora A. Mrs. dressmaker, 11 Salem, 

h. do. 
Adams Edna, boards 607 Main 
Adams Ellas A. machinist, h. 147 Austin 
Adams Elwood, clerk, 458 Main, house 9 

Adams Emma, stitcher, b. 1 Austin St. pl« 
Adams Express Co. 896 Main 
Adams Ezra, carpenter, house 54 Mason 
Adams E. Wilbour, embroiderer, b. 6 Chatham 
Adams Frank, painter, 188 Main, bds. West 

Boylston, Greendale [169 Austin 

Adams Frank B. armorer, 81 Hermon, house 
Adams Frank G. grocer, Wachusett corner 

Dix, boards 15 Wachusett 
Adams Frank H. clerk, bds. 841 Pleasant 
Adams Fred. E. cutter, house 11 Salem 

J. 0. BEMIS & CO., 


kbb:p a ljmgb stock of boots Airj> smobs 




Adams Gabriel, machinist, 85 Meclianic, h. 

18 lADgdOD 

Backus)^ provisions, 18 Lincoln square, 

house West Boylston, Barber's Cross- 
ing.— /S'cepaflre 649 
Adams George £. physician, 85 Pearl, b. do. 
Adams George S. boot crimper, 82 Austin, 

house Greendale ave. ^ [8 Elliott 

Adams George S. tdblma^er, 44 Central, h. 
Adams Harriet L. widow of J. Q. boards 9 

Goulding [4 Laurel 

Adams Harry L. clerk, 87 Summer, boards 
Adams Helen M. Mrs. copyist, South Court 

House, h. 15 Wachusett [bds. do. 

Adams Henry, dye house, 80 Southbridge, 
Adams Henry B. milkman, house Millbury 

ave. near Blithewood 
Adams Henry C. picture fhimes, 511 Main, 

house 1 Ely 
Adams Herbert I. rem*d to Boston [Portland 
Adams Herbert L. clerk, 110 Green, bds. 48 
Adams Hezekiah, former, house Millbury 

ave. near Blithewood 
Adams Hiram B. boots and shoes, 586 Main, 

house 841 Pleasant 

ADAMS HIBAM 0* meats, flsh and oysters, 
212 and 214 Front, house 5 Tufts.— 5ee 

page 552 
Adams Holland J. confectioner, 8 Front, h. 

54 High [Mountain 

Adams Horace L. farmer, h. Clinton lane n. 
Adams Ida L. boards 6 Kendall 
Adams Indiana E. widow of Xenophon H. 

house Houghton cor. Ash avenue 
Adams Israel, hairdresser, 8 Bridge, house 

15 do. [Langdon 

Adams Jacob F. weaver. Brussels, bds. 18 
Adams James, removed to Barrington, R. I. 
Adams James F. driver. Steamer No. 8, 26 

School, boards do. 
Adams James H. carpenter, h. 19 Wyman 
Adams James H. Jr. finisher, 15 Union, bds. 

at Auburn [h. 65 Laurel 

Adams James W. carpenter, 10 E. Worcester, 
Adams Jennette, died Aug. 18, 1888, age 84 
Adams John, died 1888 
Adams John, Arameniaker, h. Nelson place 

near Grove [2 Maple place 

Adams John, Janitor Belmont st. school, fa. 
Adams John, armorer, 44 Central, h. 6 Gold 
Adams John, machinist, 110 Green, boards 

78 Myrtle [26 Oread 

Adams John C. foreman, 70 Winter, house 
Adams John F. pistol inspector, 81 Hermon, 

h. 88 Austin 

ADAMS JOHN F. dentist, 4 Elm, house 16 
William.— i^ee page 507 
ADAMS JOHN J. boot and shoe ma- 
chinery, 85 Mechanic, bds. 10 Blgelow 
court. — See page 666 [29 Prescott 

Adams John Q. bookkeeper, 94 Grove, house 
Adams John Q. carriage maker, rear 84 
Thomas, h. Millbury ave. n. Blithewood 
Adams John Q. laborer, boards 7 Mill 
Adams Joseph, carpenter, 21 Grafton, house 
at Millbury [29 Bowdoin 

Adams Joseph C. clerk, 44 Central, house 

Adams Joseph O. salesman, 4B4 Main, bds. 

6 Crown 

Adams Josephine, talloress, bds. 186 Main 
Adams Lizzie, stitcher, bds. 607 Main 
Adams Lucius A. machinist, 57 Jackson, h. 

8 Decatur [lugton sq. h. do. 

Adams Lucy A. Mrs. dressmaker, 57 Wash- 
Adams Lydia A. Mrs. house 170 Austin 
Adams MarlUa Mrs. dressmaker, house 225 

Main [school, bds. 28 Hollywood 

Adams .Martha D. teacher,- Diz street 
Adams Oscar E. sawyer, 86 Central, house 

28 William foourt 

Adams Peter, carpenter, house 1 Crown 
Adams Phebe, widow of Joseph, b. 60 Coral 
Adams Bedford E. engineer, h. 41 Cutler 
Adams Sarah J. dressmaker, bds. 1S6 Main 
Adams Waldo £. clerk, 148 Grafton, house 

7 Barclay [6 Cristy 
Adams Walter, reedmaker, 9 May, house 
Adams Walter H. asst. bookkeeper. Central 

Nat. Bank, 452 Main. bds. 1 Ely 
Adams William, machinist, bds. 607 Main 
Adams Wm. armorer, 20 Manchester, house 

25 Harrison [184 Lamartlne 

Adams Wm. A. machinist, 85 Meclianic, h. 
Adams Wm. A. house 21 Abbott 
Adams Wm. £. boot treer, rear 155 Front, 

house 29 Orient 
Adams Wm. H. carver, 26 N. Foster, boards 

87 Portland [court 

Adams Wm. W. machinist, house 2 Branch 
Adams Willie M. E. sawyer, 19 Union, h. 26 

Hawley C^ippl 

Adkins Albert C. rem*d to Aberdeen, Missis- 
Ado! ph Charles, hostler, 5 Allen ct. bds. do. 
A'Drain John, hostler, Ashworth & Jones', 

house Leicester, Valley Falls 
Ager John, died June 14, 1888, age 74 
Ager Julia A. widow of John, h. 11 Haw- 
thorn [64 Bridge 
Agnew John E. nickel plater, 199 Front, b. 
Agnew Peter, tailor, 10 Thomas, house 64 

Bridge [64 Bridge 

Agnew Thomas F. tailor, 10 Thomas, bds. 
Agry George, jr. CFarrar A AgryJ, 868 

Main, house 18 Kendall 
Ah Tung, ironer, 264 Main, boards do. 
Ahaesy Edmund, mason, h. rear 218 South- 
Ahaesy Patrick, laborer, 10 E. Worcester, 

house 199 Shrewsbury [h. 50 Temple 
Ahem David J. boot bottomer, 9 Barton pi. 
Ahem Dennis, wire drawer, h. 19 Carbon 
Ahem James, laborer, house 2 Harlem 
Ahern John, removed to Mllford 
A'Hern John, laborer, 20 Grafton, house 89 

Canterbury [196 Southbridge 

Ahern John, collar maker, 28 Waldo, house 
Ahern Mary, widow, boards 2 Harlem 
Ahern Wm. boot crimper, 82 Austin, house 

82 Grant 
Ahlln Charles, laborer, boards 12 Elizabeth 
Ahlin Clas. E. toolmaker, 44 Central, house 12 

Elizabeth [27 Piedmont 

Ahlin J. Walford, armorer, 44 Central, h. 
Ahlstrom AlAred, organ maker, 9 May, bds. 

51 Kingsbury 

J. 0. BEMIS & CO., 




Ahlstrom Gnstaf H. organ tuner, 9 May, 

honae 147 Anstin [Austin, honse do. 
Ahlstrom Henrietta M. dressmaker, 147 
Ahlstrom Magnas, aast. foreman, 94 Grove, h. 

179 Lincoln 
Ahlstrom Selma P. teacher, Edgeworth st. 

school, boards 179 Lincoln 
Ahoes John, cigar maker, bds. 15 Thomas 
Aiken B. Frank, rem*d to Millbnry [Main 
Aiken Henrietta, widow of John F. bds. 78 
Aiken John, collector, bds. 168 Austin 
Aiken Oliver, boot bottomer, 9 Barton pi. h. 

75 Madison [Qaeen 

Ainsworth Fred. E. clerk, 185 Front, h. 85 
Alnsworth Henry L. rem'd to I^eavenworth, 

Kansas [h. 4 Ely 

Alnsworth Jason W. produce, 185 Front, 
Alnsworth Mary C. rem'd to Leavenworth, 

Kansas [b. 8 Agawam 

Ainsworth Sarah A. widow of Elam W. 
Airdrle David, gardener, bds. 80 Highland 

AETCHISON GEO. T. carriage mannfac- 
torer. School cor. Union, hoase Shrews- 
bury cor. Aitchison. — See page 565 
Altchlson Harry, carriage tri mmer, 62 School, 
h. 26 West [22 Lincoln square 

Alt chlson William, carpenter, 94 Grove, b. 

AITKEN ALEXAHDEBf saw flier and re- 
pairer, 16 Pleasant, bds. 8 Washington. 

—See page 682 
Akeson Jacob, laborer, boards 69 Summer 
Albee Albert O. carpenter, boards 62 Anstin 
Albee Charles, ferrule maker, 70 School, b. 

118 Thomas 
Albee Charles £. carpenter, boards 15 Mason 
Albee Chester, painter, bds. 78 Myrtle 
Albee David E. removed fh>m city 
Albee Henry, boot bottomer, r. 155 Front, 

house 1 Coral 
Albee Henry H. peddler, house 15 Mason 
Albee John N. supt. Hopeville Mannf. Co. 

house 14 Tlrrell 
Albee Seth, nurse, 9 Chandler, boards do. 
Albertson William B. blacking manuf. 17 

Merrick, h. do. [Thomas 

Albiser Jacob, polisher, 44 Central, h. 27 
Albree Chester B. student, bds. 16 Walnut 
Albro Ezekiel, switchman, Southbridge n. 

P. & W. B. B. engine house, h. 21 Pied- 
mont [Madison place 
Albro Harriet N. widow of Isaac, house 1 
Alden Edward, fireman, W. & K. B. B. bds. 

68 Salem [r. 5 Washburn 

Alden Fred. L. wire drawer, Pitt, house 
Alden George I. professor, Worcester Free 

Institute, house 22 Boynton 
Alden J. Brown, painter, 64 Jackson, house 

5 Waahbum [bds. 22 Boynton 

Alden Prlscilla E. widow of George H. 
Alden Samuel E. carpenter, 162 Union, h. 

81 Gardner 
Aldrich Albert T. lineman, 425 Main and 

boarding-house, 68 Main [116 Austin 
Aldrich Alonzo L. inspector, 42 Gardner, h. 
Aldrich Azarmy, dressmaker, 58 Main, b. do. 
Aldrich Charles F. lawyer, 6 P. O. block, 

boards 64 Elm 
Aldrich Q^enus, house 22 High 

Aldrich Cyrus D. & Co. grain, 18 Mechanic, 

h. at Grafton 
Aldrich Ella L. bds. 148 Pleasant 
Aldrich Esther, widow of Elbrldge, house 

80 Providence 
Aldrich Frank A. carpenter, house 8 Tufts 
Aldrich Fred. A. clerk, 1 Foster, house 87 

Myrtle [7 Everett 

Aldrich George W. dry goods, 828 Main, h. 
Aldrich Ida Mrs. dressmaker, bds. 424 Main 
Aldrich Ida B. widow of John M. house 15 

Beaver [Merrick 

Aldrich Mary, widow of Aaron, house 25 
Aldrich Mary A. widow of Cheney, house 21 

Aldrich M. Addie, boards 40 Portland 
Aldrich Pardon W. (Aldrick A Co,), 18 

Mechanic, h. 19 Fruit [h. 64 Elm 

Aldrich P. Emory, Justice Superior court, 
Aldrich Bobert, rem'd to Providence, B. I. 
Aldrich Sarah, widow, house 115 Austin 
Aldrich Sybil, widow of Edward, house 148 

Aldrich Thos. P. carpenter, h. 156 Chandler 
Aldrich William £. shoemaker, 619 Main, 

house 24 Mason [&c. 18 Mechanic 

Aldrich & Co. (P* W. Mdrich)^ flour, grain, 
Aid worth George W. wire worker, b. 1 Eden 
Aldworth James B. removed to Boston 
Alexander Edward T. woodworker, 77 Fos- 
ter, h. 664 Main [b. 674 Main 
Alexander Elvira S. widow of Cincinatus Ni 
Alexander Everett T. bookkeeper, 201 Front, 

bds. 11 Salem [h. 227 Chandler 

Alexander Francis P. carpenter, 196 Union, 
Alexander Frank, carpenter, 10 E. Worces- 
ter, h. 167 Front [97 Water 
Alexander James, weaver, 110 Green, boards 
Alexander James G. bookkeeper, 198 Front, 

house 29 Bussell [boards do. 

Alexander James H. hostler, 159 Pleasant, 
Alexander Leroy M. machinist, 81 Mechanic, 

boards 4 Barton place 
Alexander Lovicy L. widow, h. 80 Myrtle 
Alexander Mary A. widow of Arad, house 

11 Salem 
Alexander Thomas 0. removed to Boston 
Alexander Warren, grocer, 158 Southbridge, 

house 98 Orange 
Alexander William, laborer, h. 217 Pleasant 
Alger James M. engineer, B. & A. B. B. h. 
• at Auburn [2 Elliott 

Alger Susan £. widow of George W. house 
AUard Joseph, wire drawer, h. 11 Eaton pi. 
Allard Joseph, carpenter, h. 74 Southbridge 
Allard Marcus M. foreman, 152 Southbridge, 

h. 17 May 
AUdrien August, hammerman, h. Perry 
AUdrien John G. wireworker, boards 184 

Allen Albert, driver, b. 7 Layard pi. 
Allen Albert S. music teacher, 44 Portland, 

house do. [8 Barbour 

Allen Almira L. widow of Nathaniel, house 
Allen Alphonse, polisher, 42 Gardner, bds. 

Litchfield near Canterbury 
Allen Anna, stitcher, bds. 84 Washington 
Allen Arthur C. hackman, bds. 28 Fountain 

J. 0. BEMIS & CO., 




Allen BeDjamin D. music teacher, 879 Main, 

house 22 Richards 
Allen Charles A. city engineer, 11 City Hall, 

house 40 Webster [hoase 15 Home 

Allen Charles D. cabinetmaker, 16 Union, 
Allen Charles F. real estate, h. 88 Austin 
Alien Charles F. plumber, 8 Thomas, house 

12 Elizabeth 
Allen Charles G. house 415 Park ay. 
Allen Charles L. bookkeeper, 41 Water, bds. 

7 Congress 
Allen Charles N. bartender, Bay State 

House, h. 245 Main [Austin 

Allen Charles 8. clerk, 24 Pleasant, bds. 88 
Allen David B. rem'd to Fltzwilliam, N. H. 
Allen Dwi^ht P. machinist, Washburn Ma- 
chine Shop, house 8 Lancaster 
Allen Edward J. machinist, 42 Qardner, b. 

25 Ellsworth 
Allen Elizabeth A. widow of Asa M. house 

Holden n. North Worcester station 
Allen Erastus W. clerk, h. 6 Chandler 
Allen Ethan Mrs. house 728 Main 
Allen Ethan J. clerk, 596 Main, b. 60 Austin 
Allen Frances R. widow of Joseph H. bds. 

5 Davis 
Allen Frank £. designer, Brussels, house 41 

Bowdoin [Elliott 

Allen Frank H. machinist, 57 Union, bds. 22 
Allen Frank L. civil engineer, 18 City Hall, 

boards 44 Portland [Ingdale 

Allen Fred, painter, 78 School, h. 84 Bloom- 
Allen Fred, waiter. Bay State House, b. do. 
Allen George, died March 81, 1888, age 91 
Allen George, removed to Barre 
Allen Geo. A. glazier, 181 Union, house 548 

Main [19 Glen 

Allen George A. hairdresser, 127 Main, h. 
Allen George E. attendant, Worcester Lu- 
natic Hospital, Belmont, boards do. 
Allen George H. hackman, 23 Fountain, 

house do. [Ellsworth 

Allen Gteo. H. armorer, 44 Central, boards 25 
Allen George L. machinist, 66 Grafton, h. 9 

Fulton [1 Edward 

Allen George L. ( William Allen <0 Sons)^ h. 
Allen Geo. L. clerk, 294 Main, h. 99 Pleasant 
Allen George P. house 7 Oberlln 
Allen Hattie A. h. Salisbury cor. Moreland 
Allen Henry P. machinist, b. 28 Clinton 
Allen Hugh J. farmer, house Salisbury cor. 

Allen Isaac, wireworker, bds. 208 Main 
Allen James C. bookkeeper, 827 Main, house 

15 Home 
Allen James F. house 1 Everett 
Allen James H. rem'd from city 
Allen James W. bookkeeper, 890 Main, bds. 

22 Richards 
Allen Jared, blacksmith, B. ft A. R. R. round 

house, house 6 Mendon 
Allen Jerusha W. widow of Israel, boards 

Salisbury cor. Moreland 
Allen Jesse £. clerk, boards 98 Main 
Allen Jesse M. organ maker, 25 Union, h. 

Salisbury cor. Moreland 
Allen John B. Janitor, 19 Foster, bds. do. 
Allen John E. clerk, 872 Main, house 831 do. 

Allen John G. electrician, 19 Poster, boardi 

Waldo House 
Allen John L. proviaions, honae 972 Mail 
Allen Joseph H. driver, 85 Central, lioasetS 

Allen Joseph M. wireworker, b. 67 Grove 
Allen Joseph S. grinder, 128 Chandler, bds. 

1584 do. 
Allen Justus £. clerk, B. & A. R. R. Areigfat 

house, boards 98 Main 
Alien Samson, physician, 800 Main, h. do. 
Allen Lizzie £. dressmaker, bds. 58 Main 
Allen Lucy M. widow of WiUard E. house 

14 Sycamore [Richards 

Allen Lucy S. widow of Alvin, boards 22 
Allen Lydia, bds. Caroline near Oraftoa 
Allen Margaret, widow of Jereroiab, hooae 

85 Ellsworth 
Allen Mary, widow, house 207 Cbaodler 
Allen Mary C. Mrs. drawing teacher, 140 

Austin, house do. 
Allen Milton R. bootmaker, h. 99 Salem 
Allen Moses, blacksmith, 54 Jackson, house 

9 Litchfield near Canterbury 
Allen Narcissa, widow, boards 10 Walnut 
Allen Orlando F. printer, 8 Maple, bds. 88 

Bowdoin [99 Pleasant 

Allen Persis H. widow of Lucius 8. house 
Allen Phebe E. nurse, house 218 Austin 
Allen Philip, laborer, bds. 80 Mechanic 
Allen Sarah S. widow of WiUard, bouse 

Pleasant near Mill, Tatnuck 
Allen Thomas, U. S. Navy 
Allen Walter W. clerk, 18 Mechanic, bds. 6 

Allen William, house 16 Washington 
Allen Wm. ( WUliam Allen d Sons), house 21 


P. and G. L. Allen), boiler makers, 57 

Qreen. — See front colored page 
Allen Wm. Ethan, house 728 Main 
Allen William I. farmer, bds. Salisbury cor. 

Moreland [house 1 Edward 

Allen William P. (WUliam Allen 4b Sons), 
Allen William T. insurance, 844 Main, h. 

22 Elliott 
Allenwood Joseph, carpenter, h. 81 Highland 
Alley May, attendant, Worcester Lunatic 

Hospital, Belmont, boards do. 
Alley Richard W. attendant, Worcester Lu- 
natic Hospital. Belmont, boards do. 
Allis Experience W. boards 50 Orange 
Allls Gardner S. CDrew, Allie d Co,J, 452 

Main, house 48 Pleasant 
Allls Mabel, waiter, 147 Main 
AlIIs Phebe, boards 50 Orange 
Allison Charles M. machinist, 161 Union, h. 

at Jefferson ville 
Allison James, moulder, 65 Jackson, house 

188 Southbridge 
Allison John, armorer, 44 Central, boards 20 

Arlington [9 Winter 

Allison Louis M. loomflxer, 110 Green, bds. 
Allison Robert J. removed to Boston 
Allison Wm. carpenter, 110 Green, house 20 

ArlinsTton [Union, b. 188 Southbridge 
Allison William J. organ-reed maker, 25 

J. 0. BEMIS & CO., 




A11I800 William L. driyer at H. R. King's, 

Pleasant, Tatnock, b. do. [li. 72 Orange 
Allmaxr John, cigar manufitctarer, 568 Main, 
Allmi^nreo Per G. laborer, house 1 Oswald 
AUoTd Aar611, widow of Joseph, boards 10 

Franklin [b. 18 Spring 

Allord Frederick, boot bottomer, 154 Front, 
Allaton Daniel, engineer, 92 Thomas, boards 

179 Union 
AltOD Alfonso A. carpenter, hoase 7 Cristy 
Alton John N. books, hoase 8 Cristy 
AlYord Charles D. removed to Holyoke 
Ambrofiri Santi, removed fkrom city 
Ambrose Chas. W. bookkeeper, 893 Main, 

boards 14 High 
Am. Antlqnarian Soc., Main cor. Highland 

AMEBICAN AWL GO. 195 Front.— ^e6 
page 668 
American Bxpress Co. 80 Front 
American Novelty Works, 885 Main 
American Rapid Telegraph Co. 416 Main 
Ames Edwin, real estate, house 104 Anstin 
Ames Hiram H. flirmer, 119 Vernon, h. do. 
Ames John C. removed to Farmington, Me. 
Ames Lizzie J. Mrs. boardlng-honse, 14 High 
Ames Maria, widow of Augustus P. house 

89 North Ashland 
Ames Mary, widow, house 280 Pleasant 
Ames Plow Co. 100 Prescott 
Ames Wm. boards 115 Austin 
Ames William M. cutter, 108 Front, house 

Chandler opp. June 
Amidon Charles (AnUdon A Lingley), 88 

Southbridge, boards 56 Myrtle 
Amidon Fred. E. machinist, Junction shop, 
house 68 Orange [Portland place 

Amidon Waldo, driver, 551 Main, boards 8 
Amidon & Lingley (O* Amidon and J. H. 
LingleyJ, curtain hangers, 88 South- 
bridge [58 Central 
Amlot Arthur, blacksmith, 84 Prescott, bds. 
Ammidown John, grocer (at Boston), boards 

Jaques ave. cor. Piedmont 
Amsden Allena S. clerk. So. Court House, 

boards 8 Benefit 
Amsden G. Henry, machinist, 110 Green, 

bds. 6 Belknap 
Amsden James L. Amit, 818 Main, house 8 
Benefit [h. 1 Denny 

Amsden James M. watchmaker, 229 Main, 
Anderson Alexander, laborer, bds. 29 North 
Anderson Alfred, laborer, h. 7 Thenius 
Anderson AlAred, wlreworker, h. 80 Orange 
Anderson Alice, milliner, bds. 26 Hermon 
Anderson Andrew, wlreworker, house 89 

Eastern avenue 
Anderson Andrew G. laborer, h. 9 Whitney 
Anderson August, carpenter, bds. 41 School 
Anderson August, wlreworker, house rear 

1 Orchard 
Anderson August, wire drawer, h. 7 Carbon 
Anderson August G. laborer, b. 412 Millbury 
Anderson August N. boarding-house, 86 
Lincoln [Central, b. 2 Milton 

Anderson A. Bernard, pistol maker, 44 
Anderson Bengt P. laborer, bds. Prioulx 
Anderson Carl, tailor, 410 Main, house 69 

Anderson Carl, wlreworker, 85 Union, bds. 

9 North Ashland 
Anderson Carl, wlreworker, bds. 87 Eastern 

avenue [8 Fox 

Anderson Charles, foreman, 94 Grove, hoase 
Anderson Charles C. galvanlzer, b. 29 North 
Anderson Charles G. wire drawer, house 60 

Grove [Millbury n. Greenwood 

Anderson Charles J. laborer, house rear 
Anderson Charles N. farmer, house 601 

Southbridge near city line 
Anderson Christine Mrs. h. rear 48 Orchard 
Anderson David, hostler, 42 Harvard, b. do. 
Anderson Edward, wire drawer, boards 6 

Summer [Eastern avenue 

Anderson Frederick W. salesman, house 75 
Anderson George, machinist, 178 Uuion, h. 

59 Salem [bds. 85 Liberty 

Anderson George W. laborer, 20 Salisbury, 
Anderson Gustaf, laborer, h. r. 12 Seyraore 
Anderson Gustaf, laborer, 44 Central, boards 

89 Mulberry [n. Prioulx 

Anderson Gustaf, wire drawer, h. Whittier 
Anderson Hans, carpenter, 44 Central, bds. 

56 Eastern avenue [Highland 

Anderson Herbert W. carpenter, house 74 
Anderson Johan, laborer, house Millbury 

opp. Whipple 
Anderson Johannes, laborer, b. 48 Hanover 
Anderson John, wire drawer, h. 18 Slgel 
Anderson John, laborer, house 899 Millbury 
Anderson John M. machinist, Lagrange cor. 

R. R. boards 111 Beacon 
Anderson John W. coachman, 94 Woodland, 

house 8 Oberlin near Park avenue 
Anderson Joseph, bootmaker, h. 88 Pink 
Anderson J. Albert, laborer, b. Taylor, Q. 
Anderson J. Wesley, laborer at L. J. Ken- 
dall's, Pleasant, Tatnuck, bds. do. 
Anderson Malcom, mason, bds. 41 School 
Anderson Maria, widow of Adolph, house 8 

Howard [Chelsea 

Anderson Mary B. widow of John, bds. 8 
Anderson Morris, machinist, 42 Gardner, b. 

12 Carroll [court 

Anderson Ola, wlreworker, b. 6 Henchman 
Anderson Oscar, laborer, bds. 4 Thenius 
Anderson Otto, organ maker, 9 May, house 

40 Benefit 
Anderson Peter, laborer, bds. 64 Belmont 
Anderson Peter, laborer. Junction shop, b. 

24 Lafayette [Orchard 

Anderson Sven, armorer, 44 Central, h. r. 1 
Anderson Sventee, armorer, 44 Central, bds. 

11 Fulton 
Anderson Wm. laborer, bds. 64 Belmont 
Anderson William, porter, Adams Express 

Co. rear Union depot, h. 19 Glen 
Anderson William R. coachman. Harvard c. 

Highland, bds. 19 Glen 
Andersson Adolph, laborer, Pitt, house 121 

Ward [burn 

Andersson August, laborer, bds. 83 Wasl^ 
Andersson Charles, wire drawer, bds. 9 N. 

Ashland [Eastern ave. 

Andersson Elaf, wlreworker, boards 46 
Andersson Hannah, widow of Andrus, house 

2 Pink 

1 0. BEMIS & CO., 




Andersson Harry A. forenum, 94 Qrore, h. 7 

ADderssoD Ja]mar, wireworker, bda. 5 Cres- 
cent [Minn. 
Andersson Johan W. removed to Gull Biver, 
Andersson John, wireworker, boards 36 

Andersson Lonis, wireworker, boards 44 N. 
Ashland [Main 

Andersson Lodwig, wire drawer, boards 115 
Andersson Magnus, wire drawer, house 7 
Ingalls [ton, h. 89 Bndicott 

Andersson Nils N. moulder, 149 Washing- 
Andersson Peter, wireworker, bds. 89 Mul- 
berry [near Prionlx 
Andersson Victor, wireworker, h. Whittier 
Andersson William, laborer, boards 2 Pink 
Andrews Albert W. carpenter, house 17 
Catharine [Portland 
Andrews Angle, clerk, 58 Myrtle, boards 87 
Andrews Charles, salesman, 81 Mechanic, h. 
45 Belmont [h. 41 Piedmont 
Andrews Charles C. agent, 153 Soutbbridge, 
Andrews Edwin £. agent Norwich & Wor- 
cester B. B. 21 Park, boards Waldo 
Andrews Frank T. cutter. Brattle near rail- 
road station, bds. 7 Barclay 
Andrews Hattie B. teacher, Belmont street 

school, bds. 17 Catharine 
Andrews Hiram T. removed from city 
Andrews John A. physician, 288 Main, h. do. 
Andrews John A. Jr. brass moulder, UN. 

Foster, h. 20 Wyoming site 
Andrews Marlon C. widow of Henry, bds. 7 
Barclay [b. 112 Union 

Andrews Osman S. moulder, 92 Thomas, 
Andrews Bobert, farmer, house 35 Shelby 
Andrews Samuel C. 152 Southbridge, house 
17 Sycamore [h. 597 Main 

Andrews Stephen, cutter, 152 Southbridge, 
Andrews Wm. H. pattern maker, 51 Green, 

bds. 594 Main 
Andrucetti Anton, laborer, h. 8 Wood sq. 
Angell John H. rem'd to Providence, B. I. 
Anger Augustus, blacksmith, 52 School, h. 

67 do. 
Anger Augustus, Jr. died Dec. 12, 1882, age 22 
Anger Charles A. armorer, 42 Gardner, h. 

77 Lafayette 
Anglum Ellen, widow of Daniel, house 22 
Temple [Charles 

Anglum John W. driver, 12 Grove, house 16 
Angstrom Carl, designer, 94 Grove, bds. 72 
Pleasant [n. Alvarado ave. 

Angus Caroline, widow of David, h. Anna 
Angus David, died Aug. 18, 1883, age 67 
Annls Eliza M. nurse, bds. 70 Laurel 
Anthony Abble £. bds. 252 Main 
Anthony Charles F. heelmaker, 154 Front, 

house 158 Austin 
Anthony Edward M. laborer, 133 Union, b. 
57 Washington sq. [Austin 

Anthony Edwin G. heelmaker, house 158 
Anthony Lewis, clerk, house 167 Front 
Anthony Mary E. boards 252 Main 
Anthony Nathaniel P. teamster, b. 57 Wash- 
ington sq. 

Anthony Theodore, wireworker, boards 65 

Anthony Walter M. gen. pass, agent, B., B. 

& G. B. B., Union depot, bds. 81 Elm 
Anthony William A. organ taner, 9 May, b. 

176 Main 
Anthony William H. clerk, boards 6 Salem 
Anthony Zeriah 8. died Dec. 18, 1882, age 65 
Antonio Francis, laborer, house 20 Henry 
Apperson Jane Mrs. boardin^^-hoase, 27 

Chandler [Main 

Appleby Elmer H. moulder, 87 Gold, b. 607 
Appleby Joseph A. carpenter, h. 5 Richland 
Appleby Joseph A. Jr. clerk, 10 Trambnll, b. 

5 Bichland 
Appleton Michael, brickmaker, h. 18 Norfolk 
Arbour Andrew, stonecutter, 181 Central, h. 

8 Nashua 
Arcade Malleable Iron Co., Washington sq. 
Archabald George, farmer, bds. Oreen lane 
Archambault Charles, sausage maker, b. 220 

Archambeau Peter, painter, h. 76 Market 
Archambeault Cyrllle, tinsmith, 151 Main^ 

boards 176 do. 
Arenson Solomon, peddler, bds. 24 Water 
A rial Michael, hairdresser, h. 77 Chandler 
Arlington Lewis, teamster, bds. 101 Green 
Arman Johanna, domestic, bds. 22 Vine 
Armington Walker, grocer, 116 Front, and 

(Armington A Co.), house Benefit comer 

Armington William P. packer, 20 Salisbury, 

house 1 Agricultural 
Armington & Co. ( W, Armington and </. IT* 

Bigelowjf grocers, 12 Lincoln square 
Armltage David, printer, 892 Main, hoose 

Greenwood avenue 
Arms Henry F. treasurer Wire Goods Co. 20 

Union, boards 85 Chestnut 
Armsby Emma B. Mrs. house 8 Downing 
Armstrond Augustus S. harness cleaner, 5 

Fruit, house 18 do. [h. 87 Thomas 

Armstrong Byron D. grocer, 48 Chandler, 
Armstrong Chester, farmer, house Holden 

comer Smith lane 
Armstrong James, clerk, 94 Grove, h. 22 do. 
Armstrong John, cooper, house 55 Fountain 
Armstrong Lewis, carpenter, Burnslde court, 

bds. 594 Main [Washington 

Armstrong Margaret, boarding-house, 59 
Armstrong Sanderson, blacksmith, house 176 

Southbridge [Austin st. pi. 

Armstrong Walter A. carpenter, house 1 
Armstrong William, butcher, bds. 40 Salem 
Armstrong Wm. S. salesman, Winter cor. 

Water, house 23 West 
Army Geo. boot bottomer, 155 Front, house 

74 Mlllbury 
Army Louis, mason, house 15 LaAiyette 
Army William, laborer, 41 Water, house 80 

Arnold Albert (Arnold, Gallagher A Pierce^ 

Hammond near B. B. house 41 Eudlcott 
Arnold Angle, sllpper-maker, b. 92 Grafton 
Arnold Chas. H. clerk, 271 Main, boards 7 

Arnold Charles H. truckman, h. 13 Chandler 

J. 0. BEMIS & CO., 





Arnold ChATles J. soapmaker, 825 Pleasant, 
boose do. [bds. 60 Wall 

Arnold Charles L. laborer, 60 Bloom Ingdale, 
Arnold Cora E. b. Millbory opp. Whipple 
Arnold Elisha, cotter, 70 Winter, boose 107 
Grafton [r. 80 Lincoln 

Arnold Ersolie B. Widow of Francis B. b. 
Arnold Frank M. engineer, b. 98 Madison 

ARNOLD FRANK 0. wood and coal, Mill- 
borj opp. Greenwood, boards n. do., Q. 

— See page 540 
Arnold Fred H. car inspector, B. & A. B. R. 

boose 60 Wall [Whipple, bds. do. 

Arnold Fred. £. grocer, Mlllbury opposite 
Arnold, Gallagher & Pierce (Albert Amoldy 

Chas. Oallagher and Joieph F, Pierce), 

Iron foonders, Hammond near R. R. 
Arnold George E. watchmaker, 9 Wyman, 

boose do. [R. R. bds. 127 Beacon 

Arnold Geo. W. machinist, Hammond corner 
Arnold George W. monlder, 77 Foster, boose 


ARNOLD JAMES 6. solicitor of patents, 
271 Main, h. 7 Hanrard.— 5ee |ki^0 508 ' 
Arnold Mary Mrs. cloakmaker, boose 4 High 

street conrt 
Arnold Nancy E. widow of Alexander N. 

bds. 56 Providence 
Arnold OllTer, caidmaker, 66 Grafton, boose 

8 Union place [57 Proyldence 

Arnold Samoel A. machinist, 77 Foster, h. 
Amott Bertha, h. 23 Endlcott 
Arrooqoier Theodore, farmer, boose Clover 

n. James 
Arrooqoier William, stocoo worker, boose 

Stafford near James [40 Grand 

Arseneaolt Ell F. machinist, 62 Jackson, b. 
Arseneaolt David, shoemaker, 89 Green, h. 

40 Grand [126 Bloomingdale 

Arseneaolt Flavian, laborer, Brackett ct. b. 
Arseneaolt Henry, reed-board maker, 9 May, 

boose 40 Grand 
Arseneanlt Matilda Mrs. b. 108 Lamartine 
Arseneaolt Nelson, boot bottomer, 70 Winter, 

boose 29 Sargent 
Arseneaolt Samoel, dyer, b. 108 Lamartine 
Arsonneaalt Oliver, stonecutter, boose 21 1 

Artbor James, grocer, 55 Blackstone, h. do. 
Artbor Rosanna, widow of William, boards 

3 Glen 
Ash James, milkman, boose 8 Mott 
Ash James, watchman, boose 42 Gold 
Ash Jobn H. coachman, 69 Chatham, boose 

42 Newbory [Suffolk 

Ash Patrick, painter, 77 Foster, boose 36 
Ash Robert, finisher, 108 Front, b. 7 Brown 
Ash Thomas, machinist, 54 Jackson 
Ashey John P. tinsmith, 458 Main, boards 

56 Myrtle [16 Gooldiog 

Ashley Gilbert D. draoghtsman, 462 Main, b. 
Ashley Jnstln, organ maker, 25 Union, house 

16 Gouldin? [h. 110 Gold 

Ashline John J. machinist. Junction shop, 
Ashline Pliny M. rem'd to Champlain, N. Y. 
Ash worth Edward, boards 23 Hawley 
Asbwortb Thomas, dyer, Ashwortb & Jones* 

Mill, boose Leicester, Valley Falls 

Asbwortb A Jones (estate of T» Aehwarih 

and E. Jones) ^ woolen manoftictorers, 

Leicester, Valley Falls [75 Ward 

Askelaf Jobn, laborer, 120 Vernon, boose 

Aston Thomas E. carpenter, boose 538 

Soutbbridge [97 Washington 

Atherton Abbie S. widow of David, bouse 

Atherton Alflred, carpenter. Park ave. cor* 

Grove, bouse Hall near Sonny side 
Atherton Charles W. painter, 12 Norwich, 
boards 208 Main [Grove, b. HaU 

Atherton Frank A. refMgerators, Park av. c. 
Atherton Fred. A. carpenter, 10 E. Worces- 
ter, bds. 27 Clinton [b. 14 Laorel 
Atherton Galen P. woodworker, 171 Union, 
Atherton Mary £. dressmaker, 88 Jobn, b« 
do. [Sommer cor. Prospect 
Atherton Natban, driver, 440 Main, boards 
Atherton Sarah A. norse, boose 17 Home 
Atherton Walter E. clerk, 440 Main, boose 
18 Valley 

ATHT ANDREW) coffin wareboose and 
ondertaker, 16 Green, boose do. — See 

page 572 
Athy Frances M. teacher, Ledge street 

school, boards 16 Green 
Athy James A. ondertaker, 16 Green, b. do. 
Atkins John G. removed to Boston 
Atkins Wm. W. machinist, 77 Foster, bds. 

14 Madison 
Atkinson Amos, asst. city marshal, City 

Hall, h. 90 Canterbory [76 Sommer 

Atwood Andrew J. polisher, 19 Cypress, b. 
Atwood Francis W. cardmaker, 246 Sootb- 

bridge, boose 81 Washington 
Atwood George H. (Q. P. Cobb d Co.)f 185 

Front, boose 109 Pleasant 
Atwood Matthias B. reed-board maker, 25 

Union, b. 14 Gates [Gates, h. do. 

Atwood Matthias B. Mrs. dressmaker, 14 
Atwood Melissa A. boose 76 Piedmont 
Aobertin Aogostos, machinist, b. 10 Brown 
Aobertin Aogostos A. machinist, 110 Green, 

bouse 163 Washington 
Aubin Gideon, wire worker, h. 80 Central 
Aubin Napoleon N. fitter, 57 Jackson, bds. 

28 do. [2 Boyle's ct. 

Aubrey Frank X. machinist, 81 Mulberry, b* 
Aubuchont Augostos, plomber, boards 108 

Lamartine [h. 108 Lamartine 

Aobuchont Richard, machinist, 76 Beacon, 
Aubochont Thomas, plumber, 51 Main, bds. 

Lamartine near Sargent 
Audett Arthur, skatemaker, 31 Mulberry, b. 

121 Soutbbridge 
Aoerdahl Peter, machinist, Hammond n. R. 

R. boose 65 Lamartine 
Anfemice Michael, baker, 37 Millbory, b. do. 
Aoger Alphonso L. polisher, 44 Central, b. 

52 Exchange [52 Exchange 

Aoger Edmund, shoemaker, 125 Thomas, b. 
Auger Joseph H. polisher, b. 52 Exchange 
Auren Charles, laborer, h. McCormick's ct. 
Auren Oscar, wireworker, b. McCormick's 

court [Morse n. Lowell 

AoHsant Godfirey, torner, 4 Leicester, b. 
Aostin Alpbeos B. cabinetmaker, 509 Main, 

boards do. 






AaatlD Amos, carpenter, b. 18 Chatham st. 

Aostln Bros. (M, W. and W. H. AutUn), 

pictures, 8 Washington sq. [Ash 

Austin Edwin G. lastmalcer, 92 Foster, h. 7 
Austin Ellen Mrs. waiter, 265 Main, h. 868i 

do. [18 Chatham st. pi. 

Austin Eugene C. armorer, 81 Hermon, bds. 
Austin James, laborer P. & W. B. B. freight 

house, house 82 Plymouth 
Austin Maurice, iVamemaker, 8 Washington 

square, boards 15 Myrtle 
Austin Michael W. (At^tin Bros.), bds. 15 

Myrtle [12 Washburn 

Austin Nathan, saloon, 468 Southbrldge, h. 
Austin Orlando H. ferrule maker, 70 School, 

house 81 Coral 
Austin Sampson H. produce, 147 Front, h. 

41 Kingsbury [Washburn 

Austin Sarah, widow of Sampson, boards 20 
Austin William £. policeman. City Hall, h. 

56 Eastern avenue 
Austin William H. (Austin Bros,), boards 16 

Myrtle [18 Newbury 

Austin Wm. H. lastmaker, 92 Foster, house 
Averill Emma L. clerk, 820 Main, boards 35 

Lincoln [7 Belknap 

Averill John F. machinist, 77 Foster, house 
AverlU Sarah M. teacher, Lamartlne street 

school, boards 17 High [170 Front 

Avery Andr6, machinist, 77 Foster, house 
Avery Andr6 Mrs. boarding-house, 170 Front 
Avery Frank J. woodworker, h. 87 Portland 
Avery James O. died July 29, 1888, age 88 
Avery John J. shoemaker, 18 Mechanic, h. 

181 Salem [7 Layard place 

Avery Martha E. widow of James G. house 
Avery Wesley, driver. City Farm, bds. do. 
Avey Thomas, shoemaker, 68 High, house 

Azer Edward, carpenter, bds. MlUbury opp. 

Perry [Oberlln 

Axtell Albert E. machinist, 20 Union, h. 7 
Ayott Ell, boot bottomer, 619 Main, house 

17 Conlln court 
Ay res Charles B. wire worker, 195 Front, h. 

7 Newport [Denny 

Ayres George M. clerk, 280 Main, house 12 
Ayres Samuel (Samuel Ayres Manvf. Co,), 

h. 82 Clifton 

goods, 195 Front. — Seepage 676 
Ayres Windsor, boot treer, h. 191 Austin 

Babbbt B. Fhanklin, carpenter, house 828 
Park ave. [Austin 

Babbitt George W. finisher. 60 King, h. 177 

Babbitt Hiram A. carpenter, 10 E. Worces- 
ter, bds. 16 Claremont 

Babbitt Hiram F. removed to Barre 

Babbitt Isaac, blacksmith. Millstone Hill, b. 
Belmont near Bell pond 

Babbitt Samuel F. carpenter, 92 Thomas, h. 
88 John [Ics Hall, h. 88 John 

Babbitt Samuel F. Mrs. librarian, 4 Mechan- 

BABBITT WILLL4M £• machinist, 180 
Gold and florist, June n. May, house do. 
— See page 509 

Babcock Chas. W. shoemaker, 619 Main, b. 

10 Sudbury 
Babcock Chester K. house 2 Austin 
Babcock D. Marshall, card flniaher, 66 

Grafton, house 9 Ooral 
Babcock Edmund B. foreman, 66 Grafton, 

house 65 Providence 
Babcock Pardon L. machlnlsty house 16 

Babcock Waldo S. clerk, Union depot res- 
taurant, house 8 Smith court 
Bacheler Clarence H. machinist, 57 Jackson, 

house 10 Queen 
Bachelor Fred, carpenter, boards 66 Front 
Bachelor Orison J. foreman, 70 Winter, h. 

Plantation near Hale [51 MyrUe 

Bachelor WlUard F. clerk, 9 Tmmbull, h. 
Back John E. foreman, 122 Gold, house 8 

Benefit [Hemans 

Back Joseph, wlreworker, b. Dryden near 
Back William, machinist, 122 Gold, house 

21 Spruce [Spruce 

Back Wm. T. machinist, 129 Gold, house 21 
Backlln Axel, draughtsman, b. 61 Orcliard 
Backlin Gustavus B. machinist, 54 Jackson, 

boards 61 Orchard 
Backlln John, machinist, house 61 Orchard 
Backman Albert, wlreworker, b. 146 Main 
Backman August, wire drawer, h. 8 Crescent 
Backman Carl, laborer, bds. 8 Crescent 
Backman Chas. A. tailor, 410 Main, house 7 

Layard place 
Backman Frans L. laborer, h. Granite n. Cliff 
Backus George T. (G. JS, Adams A Co.), 18 

Lincoln square, house 88 Lincoln 
Bacon Annie E. stitcher, bds. 59 Orange 
Bacon Benjamin F. laborer, 16 Southbrldge, 

boards do. 
Bacon Betsy N. nurse, house 26 Bowdoin 
Bacon Brlgham N. rem'd to New Haven, 

Bacon Caslmere, shoemaker, 68 High, house 

17 Langdon [bds. n. do. 

Bacon Charles, teamster, June near May, 
Bacon Charles A. foreman, 68 High, house 

41 Hollywood [Pleasant 

Bacon Charles L. peddler, house May near 
Bacon Charles S. salesman, h. 17 Freeland 
Bacon Dlantha M. house 26 Bowdoin 
Bacon Ella, clerk, b. 11 Thomas 
Bacon Frank M. rem*d to Watertown, Dak. 
Bacon Fred, driver. City Farm, bds. do. 
Bacon Hattie N. bookkeeper, 9 Trumbull, b. 

7 do. 
Bacon Henry (Bacon, JSbpkins <ft Bacon), 7 

Chapin block, bds. Bay Stale House 
Bacon Henry A. woodworker, h. 5 Crlsty 
Bacon Henry W. machinist, 86 Foster, bds. 

29 Main 
Bacon, Hopkins & Bacon (P, O, Bacon, W, 

S, B, Hopkins and H, Bacon), lawyers, 

7 Chapin block [rington avenue 

Bacon Horace F. machinist, house 18 Har- 
Bacon John H. boxmaker, 167 Union, house 

14 GoQldlng 
Bacon John W. carrier, P. O. house 84 Mill 
Bacon Julius E. master of transportation, 

&c. (at Providence), house 52 Lincoln 


BOOTS, 491 ANn 498 MAIK 8TMBBT. 



Bftcon Hargoerite, widow of Oasimere, bds. 

21 SpriDg 
BacoD Mary S. widow of Ira P. bda. 47 Mill 
Bacon Miles, carpenter, house 48 Mill 
Bacon Peter, tinsmith, 28 Pleasant, house 

78 BlaclEStone 
Bacon Peter C. (Bacan^ SopIHna 4b Bacon), 

7 Chapin block, honse 42 Elm 
Bacon Samoel E. machinist, 28 Hermon, 

hoose 84 Piedmont [14 Qonlding 

Bacon Willie £. boxmaker, 167 Union, bds. 
Badger Henrjr W. foreman, Washburn Ma- 
chine Shop, boards 86 Boynton 
Baer AlAred D. flirmer, Worcester Lunatic 

Hospital, Belmont, b. Plantatiou n. do. 
Baer Darius D. flirmer, Worcester Lunatic 

Hospital, Belmont, b. Plantation n. do. 
Bagiey Moses, engineer, 75 Beacon, house 

Bagiey Nettie, b. 7 Orchard [Bigelow ct. 
Bailey Albert, hostler, 41 Foster, bouse 5 
Bailey Carrie E. (BaUey dt Bu^field), 88 

Water, house 40 Fox 
Bailey Charles, boards 17 Fruit 
Bailey Densmore, cook, boards 17 Fruit 
Bailey Edwin D. rem'd to Wasblngton, D. C. 
Bailey Ella M. bookkeeper, 806 Malu, bds. 

70 Qrafton 
Bailey George, flagman, Bloomingdale street 

crossing, house 70 Grafton 
Bailey George, foreman, 88 Water, house 80 

JeflTerson [ingtou sq. h. 10 Howard 

Bailey George G. boot bottomer, 7 Wash- 
Bailey Geo. W. pattern maker, 140 Union, 

house 70 Grafton [16 Mason 

Bailey Henry D. clerk, 248 Pleasant, house 
Bailey Henry J. agent, woolen manuf. 88 

Water, house 40 Fox [Ashland 

Bailey James T. wire drawer, h. l\^ North 
Bailey John H. wire drawer, b. 287 Pleasant 
Bailey Lottie, stitcher, boards 8 Tufts 
Bailey Lucy B. widow of B. Franklin, house 

Bailey near city line [JeflTerson 

Bailey Maria A. widow of Henry, ooards 80 
Bailey Phebe A. widow of Addison, house 

57 School 
Bailey Samuel W. removed from city 
Bailey Susan M. widow, house 514 Main 
Bailey Wm. H. rem'd to Philadelphia, Pa. 
Bailey Wm. H. annealer, house 287 Pleasant 
Bailey Wm. H. jr. farmer, bds. 287 Pleasant 
Bailey & Busfleld (C. E. Bailey and J, 

Bw(field)t woolen mannfs. 8^ Water 
Bain Wm. baker, 86 Shrewsbury, boards 25 

Baiochi Louis, laborer, h. 98 Bloomingdale 
Baird Fred. N. compositor, 410 Main, bds. 

41 Edward [house do. 

Baird Jennie L. Mrs. dressmaker, 8 Walnut, 
Baird J. Herbert, removed to Boston 
Baird J. Lorin, cutter, 70 Winter, house 40 

Woodland [41 Edward 

Baird Tbos. N. organ maker, 19 Union, h. 
Bajune Frank, carpenter, 199 Chandler, h. 

56 Canterbury 
B^Jnne George, teamster, house 28 Grand 
Baker Albert £. (D. J. Baker A Son), 1059 

Main, boards do. 

Baker Alice, widow of Austin, h. 46 Winter 
Baker Almira, widow of James H. house 90 

Portland [47 do. 

Baker Arnold, finisher, 17 Southgate, bds. 
Baker Celia R. Mrs. boarding-house, 44 

Baker Charles, painter, 626 Main 

BAKER CHA8. ft CO. (Wm. J. Baker), 
lumber manufls. and dealers, 82 Foster, 
house Salisbury cor. Park avenue.— 6^e« 
colored page opp, CUy €hvemmen$ 
Baker David, boot treer, 619 Main, house 
80 Harrison 

BAKER DAYID J. A SON (A, E, Baker), 
proprietors Elm wood House, 1059 Main, 

house do — See page 559 
Baker Dlmock, hackman, house 27 Russell 
Baker Elizabeth, widow of Thomas, house 

2 Taft [Pleasant 

Baker Emily L. Mrs. boarding*house, 76 
Baker Emma C. Mrs. -cashier, 24 Front, bds. 

9 High 
Baker Felix, removed to Montreal, Can. 
Baker Fred. L. packer, 492 Main, boards 45 

Pleasant [81 Clifton 

Baker Frederick L. machinist, 57 Jackson, h. 
Baker F. M. Mrs. boards 80 Elm 
Baker Hannah S. widow of Warren, house 

84 Leicester [Harrison 

Baker Helen, widow of David, boards 80 
Baker James, removed fVom city 
Baker John E. clerk, 104 Front, bds. 58 do. 
Baker John L. real estate, bds. 58 Laurel 
Baker John S. (Baker dt Burns), 98 Front, 

honse Salem square corner Park 
Baker Joseph, carpenter, house 52 Suffolk 
Baker Lewis, wire worker, house 8 Ascension 
Baker Lovell, real estate, house 58 Laurel 
Baker Luke H. clerk, Exchange Hotel, b. do. 
Baker Luther (Baker dk Ellis), 86 Park, bds. 

Lincoln House [46 Winter 

Baker Martin L. mattress maker, IS Park, b. 
Baker Mary A. nurse, bds. 81 Clifton 
Baker Michael, mattress maker, boards 46 

Winter [9 High 

Baker Orrin C. salesman, 88 Front, boards 
Baker Patrick L. removed from city 
Baker Peter, tinsmith, h. 78 Blackstone 
Baker Rebecca T. widow of Daniel R. bds. 

29 Laurel [bds. 85 do. 

Baker Richard W. machinist, 28 Webster, 
Balder Robert E. organ maker, 17 Hermon, 

house 10 Hancock 
Baker Rosa, widow of Fred. bds. Webster 

opp. cemetery [Clarkson 

Baker Rath, widow of Cyrus, boards 24 
Baker Susan P. boards 81 Clifton 
Baker Thomas, died June 4, 1888, age 54 
Baker William E. & Co. spice manufs. 100 

Exchange, house 84 Chatham 
Baker Wm. H. machinist, 28 Webster, bds. 

16 Crompton 
Baker Wm. J. (C. Baker d> Co,), 82 Foster, 

h. 24 Oxford 
Baker & Burns (John S. Baker and Wm. H. 

Burns), ladies' underwear, 98 Front 
Baker & Ellis (L. Baker and J. C, Elite), 

provisions, 86 Park 





Balcom Andrew W. chalrmaker, 16 Union, 

house 21 Liberty [Pleasant 

Balcom Augustus, carpenter, bouse 288 
Balcom Chas. D. conductor, h. 10 Penn ave. 
Balcom Edward £. cutter, rear 155 Front, 

house 24 Portlaud [School 

Balcom Edward E. section master, house 46 
Balcom Elias T. house 49 Pearl 
Balcom George F. physician, 10 Webster, 

house do. [house 85 Orange 

Balcom John D. shoemaker, rear 155 Front, 
Balcom Julia A. widow, bds. 15 Mason 
Balcom Lucius A. clerk, 885 Main, house 16 

Balcom William H. bds. 57 Pleasant 
Balcom Wm. H. rem'd to East Douglas 
Baldwin Charles C. (J. 2>. BcOdioin & Co.)* 

444 Main, h. 11 Cedar 

BALDWIN CHARLES H. plumber, 6 Ex- 
change, h. 12 Sever. — See page 602 
Baldwin Charles W. machinist, 76 Beacon, 

house 8 Charlton 
Baldwin Cora A. teacher, Adriatic school, 

bds. 8 Charlton [burg 

Baldwin C. Elizabeth, removed to Fitch- 
Baldwin Edward, h. 55 Gold [9 Portland 
Baldwin Eliza D. widow of Nathan, boards 
Baldwin Ellory A. inspector, 425 Main, h. 

at W. Upton [King 

Baldwin Flora I. bellows maker, boards 26 
Baldwin Frederic M. foreman, 19 Union, h. 

4 Cristy [Prescott 

Baldwin Frederick E. carpenter, boards 59 
Baldwin James, stonecutter. Crescent, bds. 

106 Salem 
Baldwin John D. died July 8, 1888, age 78 
Baldwin John F. laborer, bds. 55 Gold 
Baldwin John S. (J, D. Baldtoin A Cfo.J, 444 

Main, house 81 Chatham 

BALDWIN J. D. & CO. (J. S. and a C. 
Baldwin), proprietors Worcester Dally 
Spy, 444 Main. — 3ee page 491 
Baldwin LemiraH. widow of John D. h. 1 
Quincy [Salem 

Baldwin Margaret, widow of John, h. 106 
Baldwin Nelson, watchman, h. 59 Prescott 
Baldwin Thomas, helper, 51 Green, b. rear 

86 Assonet 
Baldwin Walter, laborer, bds. 55 Gold 
Baldwin William, farmer, h. 8 Gardner 
Baldwin William, house 94 Grafton 
Balitinns John, laborer, b. Mechanic c. Ui^on 
Ball Allison S. butcher, h. 162 Lincoln 
Ball Arthur T. clerk, 827 Main, house 5 Lan- 
Ball Dyer, millwright, h. 88 Park avenue 
Ball Edward W. (Clark, Sawyer A Co.), 480 

Main, bds. 85 Pleasant 
-Ball E. William, bds. 85 Pleasant 
Ball Frank A. removed to Boston 
Ball Frank H. moulder, 149 Washington, b. 

88 Orange 
Ball George H. house 5 Benefit 
Ball Homer E. wire drawer, house 311 Cam- 
bridge [bridge 
Ball Homer J. wire drawer, house 811 Cam- 
Ball Horace F. woodworker, 5 Sargent, h. 8 

Ball Jane P. widow of Lyman £• hoase 88 

Ball John E. boot bottomer, h. 82 Hudson 
Ball Lewis F. carpenter, 166 Unioo, bds. 15 

Maple [school, bds. 2S6 Main 

Ball Lydia W. teacher. South IVorcester 
Ball Olive P. widow of Phineas, boards 170 

Ball Oliver M. carpenter, 184 Lincoln, b. do. 
Ball Oscar C. carpenter, honse 82 Paine 
Ball Phinehas, hydraulic engineer, 492 Main, 

and pres. Union Water Meter Co. 88 

Hermon, house 45 Lanrel 
Ball Sarah M. widow of Richard, boose 107 

Green [n. Goes sq. 

Ball Susan A. widow of John, honse Lioveil 
Ball Thomas A. removed from city 
Ball Thomas B. carpenter, house 1 Brittan 
Ball William C. packer, bds. 44 School 
Ball William E. engraver, 852 Main, bonse 

Lovell near Coes square 
Ballantine Patrick, cooper, Putnam lane, b. 

16 MiUbury 
Ballard Charles, insurance, h. 22 Channing 
Ballard Charles A. salesman, b. 100 Chandler 
Ballard Charles H. machinist, house 9 Mi. 

Vernon [land 

Ballard Dana L. truckman, house 80 Wood- 
Ballard Edgar, clerk, bds. Yernon, Qnio- 

sigamond [Penn ave. 

Ballard Harrie A. machinist, 161 Union, b. 8 
Ballard Harry, bookkeeper, 16 Foster, bds. 

88 Austin 

BALLARD JOHN 8. A CO. grocers, 16 
Foster, and stone quarry, Ballard, h. 

Vernon cor. Ballard, Quinsigamond. — 

Seepage 587 
Ballard Louis S. salesman, 505 Main, bds. do. 
Ballard Mary, died Jan. 10, 1888, age 85 
Ballord Marshall S. lumberman, h. 87 May 
Ballou Albert F. & Bro. (Q. D. BaUouJ^ 

painters, rear 16 Pleasant, house 18 

Merrick [78 Chatham 

Ballou Amasa, painter, rear 10 Pleasant, h. 
Ballou Charles A. paperhanger, h. 24 Lee 
Ballou Franklin M. teamster, b. 87 Mechanic 
Ballou George D. (A. F, Ballou 4b Bro,), r. 

16 Pleasant, h. 4 Winslow 
Ballou Horatio S. boot crimper, 9 Barton pi. 

b. 20 Bellevue [Woodland 

Ballou Lewis P. grocer, 2 Silver, house 29 
Ballou Orren F. Jeweler, 568 Main, h. 582 do. 
Ballou Walter F. clerk, bds. 78 Chatham 
Balmer Annie, domestic, 72 Mechanic 
Balmforth William, finisher, 83 Water, bds. 

40 Fox 
Bamforth William H. rem'd to Holyoke 
Bancroft Abbie F. widow of Harrison, bds. 

13 Dix 
Bancroft Carmi H. rem*d to Brattleboro, Vt. 
Bancroft Charles S. died Sept. 29, '88, age 60 
Bancroft Chester, farmer, house 40 Carroll 
Bancroft Clinton A. teamster, 8 Allen court, 

h. 84 Portland 
Bancroft Eliza A. nurse, h. 5 Henchman 
Bancroft Enoch, farmer, house Lincoln near 

Bancroft Frank N. clerk, 141 Central, b. do. 






Bancroft Henry L. clerk,- 240 Main, boards at 

Bancroft Isaac A. honse 14 Allen 
Bancroft James A. moulder, 65 Jackson, h. 

8 Austin [5 Cotta^ 
Bancroft James H. lawyer, 410 Main, house 
Bancroft John A. street sprinkler, 141 Cen- 
tral, honse do. [n. city line 

Bancroft Lorey F. farmer, h. 601 Sonthbrldge 
Bancroft Martha, widow of Samuel N. bds. 

17 Piedmont [Houghton av. b. do. 

Bancroft Kathan, driver. Union avenue c. 
Bancroft Bebecca J. widow of Charles S. 

h. TrowbridgeviUe near cemetery 
Bancroft Roswell S. farmer, house Lincoln 

n. Melrose 
Bancroft Sarah A. house 18 Cedar 
Bancroft Wm. driver, City Farm, bds. do. 

BAUCBOFT WILLIAM F. & CX>. iron plan- 
ers and wool-spinning machinery, La- 
grange cor. R.R. h. 96 Beacon. — Seepage 
Bancroft Willis H. fireman, house 71 East- 
em av. 
Bane John, shoemaker, house r. 108 Salem 
Banfield Francis L. physician, 28 Lincoln sq. 
h. do. [house Salem sq. c. Park 

Banfield Wm. £. apothecary* 50 Trumbull, 
Banslain Gaspar, weaver, h. 140 Pleasant 

Bi^GS ANSON ft CO. (E, P. Bangs), eave- 
troughs, gutters, condactors, &c., 175 

Union, house 18 Hawley. — Seepage 604 
Bangs Edward P. {A. Bangs A Ck),)^ 175 

Union, house 11 Hawley 
Banister Caroline L. widow of Samuel, house 

23 Maple [58 Pleasant 

Banister Charles H. clerk, 889 Main, boards 
Banister Emory, 811 Main, house 8 EUirvard 
Banister James S. bookkeeper, 284 Main, b. 

28 Maple [Lincoln sq. 

Banister Orvis K. teamster, 94 Grove, h. 28 
Banks Matilda, at Asylum Chronic Insane, 

Summer, bds. do. 
Banks Zachariah W. attendant, Worcester 

Lunatic Hospital, Belmont, bds. do. 
Banning Erastus, farmer, h. Glean, Tatnuck 
Bannon James, laborer, bds. 104 Lamartine 
Bannon John A. filecutter, 1 Washington 

square, house 86 Washington 
Bannon Thomas, teamster, house 19 Brown 
Baptists John, helper, house 11 Mill 
Barber Albert J. carpenter, h. 28 Grand 
Barber Ann Maria, widow of Benjamin, bds. 

9 Claremont [18 Dix 
Barber Arthur 8. clerk, 37 Pleasant, boards 
Barber Augusta E. widow of William T. b. 

West Boylston, Barber's crossing 
Barber Benj. A. bookkeeper, 440 Main, bds. 

811 do. [bridge 

Barker Chas. S. watchman, h. 85 South- 
Barber Clara M. widow of J. Dwight, house 

Salisbury n. Forest [Pleasant 

Barber Emory P. reed finisher, boards 85 
Barber Eunice D. widow of Silas, h. 18 Dix 
Barber Frank, laborer, house 9 Curtis 
Barber Frank 0. rem'd to Newton 
Barber George, house 84 Portland 
Barber George A. laborer, house 81 Salem 

Barber Gteorge F. bootmaker,h.r.l4 Madison 
Barber Hannah F. widow of Levi H. house 

r. 14 Madison [27 Chandler 

Barber Henry D. printer, 187 Front, house 
Barber Isaac, carriage maker, 52 School, h. 

16 John 
Barber John P. boards 84 Portland 
Barber Josiah, farmer, h. Salisbury n. Forest 
Barber Lucy A. widow of Benel, boards 27 

Barber Mary C. Miss, house 692 Main 
Barber Oscar W. teamster, boards 28 Grand 
Barber Ruth E. Miss, boards 692 Main 
Barber Sylvia, widow of Calvin, house 3 

Webster [91 Portland 

Barber Theodore, packer, 54 Hermon, house 
Barber Thomas, boot treer, 108 Front, house 

16 Fox 
Barber William F. engraver, b. 16 John 
Barber William H. clerk, 50 Beacon, b. do. 
Barbour Geo. W. cutter, 20 Salisbury, bds. 

81 Salem 
Barbour Martha A. Mrs. house 112 Pleasant 
Barbour M. Jennie, assistant librarian. Free 

Public Library,18 Elm, bds. 112 Pleasant 
Bardwell Etta J. overseer, b. 82 Pleasant 
Bard well Everett J. bookkeeper, h. 21 Sever 
Bardwell James B. coal dealer, 92 School, 

house 12 Laurel [Piedmont 

Barhydt Benjamin F. peddler, house 86 
Barhydt Wm. V. H. bookkeeper, 50 La- 
grange, h. 41 Piedmont 
Baribeault Henriette, rem'd to Boston 
Baribeanlt Louisa, removed to Boston 
Baribeault Mary, dressmaker, 60 Green, h. 

do. [chanic, bds. do. 

Baribeault Phebe, dressmaker, 91 Me- 
Barker Albert A. (Barker db Nourse), and 

patent solicitor, 425 Main, boards 88 

Barker Arthur H. fireman, W. & N. R. R. 

bds. Plantation near B. & A. R. R. 
Barker Baizzil C. hairdresser, h. 4 Newbury 
Barker Benjamin, Jr. salesman, 480 Main, 

boards do. [h. at Millbury 

Barker Calvin W. armorer, 20 Manchester, 
Barker Charles E. bootmaker, b. 288 Main 
Barker Charles W. policeman, Station 2, 

Lamartine, honse 15 Mason 
Barker Elizabeth M. house 548 Main 
Barker Forrest E. lawyer, 11 Pleasant, h. 16 

Reservoir [School 

Barker Frank W. sawyer, 19 Union, bds. 44 
Barker George V. policeman, City Hall, h. 

21 Townsend [Chatham 

Barker Harriet E. widow of John B. h. 88 
Barker Hattle A. Miss, bookkeeper, 11 Pleas- 
ant, boards Plantation n. B. & A. R. R. 
Barker Henry D. teacher, h. 6 Smith ct. 
Barker Jesse D. patrolman, h. 24 Hudson 
Barker John Albert, machinist, b. 69 Barclay 
Barker John M. broker, 8 Washington sq. 

boards 58 Pleasant 
Barker Josiah G. carriage maker, 150Uniony 

house 18 Reservoir 
Barker Levi, house 101 Park 
Barker Mary F. teacher, Oxford st. school, 

boards 88 Chatham 

BUSH & CO., 




Barker Nathan A. fiirmer, house 101 May 

Barker Otis B. removed to Boston 

Barker Persts, widow of Samuel D. h. 92 

Barker Phebe, widow of Hiram, boards 21 

TowDsend [B. & A. B. B. 

Barker Richard, carpenter, h. Plantation n. 
Barker Samuel, loomfixer, Brussels, bds. 71 

Beacon [59 Barclay 

Barker Thomas, machinist, 110 Green, h. 
Barker William A. machinist, h. 15 Beaver 
Barker William H. machinist, 42 Gardner, 

boards 24 Hndson 

BABKEB & NOUBSE M. A. Barker and 
W, B, Nburse), architects and draughts- 
men, 425 Main. — 8ee page 503 
Barlow Edward K. removed ftt>m city 
Barlow Jeremiah S. mason, house 887 Main 
Barlow Lena Mrs. house 8 Honchin ave. 
Bamaby J. B. & Co. (H, B. Winship), cloth- 
ing, 16 Front, h. at Providence, R. I. 
Barnard Benajah, truckman, Walker court, 
house 4 Portland 

Barnard) i trunk manuflicturers, 494 

MeAn^^See page 524 
Barnard Charles E. house 81 Cutler 
Barnard Charles H. machinist, 57 Jackson, 

house 91 Chandler 
Barnard Cyrus G. truckman, 494 Main, h. 8 

Clinton [8 S. Russell 

Barnard Francis L. burnisher, 68 High, h. 
Barnard Frank, driver, h. Lyman, Bamard- 

ville [Main, h. 86 Pleasant 

Barnard Frank B. (Barnard Bros.), 494 
Barnard Frank M. engineer, B. & A. R. R. 

house 102 Grafton [do. 

Barnard Franklin, physician, 176 Main, h. 
Barnard Frederick G. painter, b. 7 Pembroke 
Barnard Frederick J. lawyer, 6 Chapin blk. 

house 69 Lincoln 

BARNARD GEORGE A. slate and asphalt 
roofer, 74 Prescott, h. MiUbrook cor. 

Burncoat. — See page 606 
Barnard George F. clerk, 74 Prescott, bds. 

Millbrook cor. Bunicoat 
Barnard George W. carriage painter, 168 

Union, house rear 9 Charles 
Barnard Hiram E. (Barnard Bros.), 494 

Main, bds. 8 Clinton 
Barnard John, machinist, 25 Union, b.58 Main 
Barnard John C. boards 95 Lincoln 
Barnard Jonathan, died July 5, 1888, age 58 
Barnard Lewis (Barnard, Sumner A Co,), 

827 Main, house 95 Lincoln 
Barnard Maggie, waiter, boards 879 Main 
Barnard Mary £. teacher, Thomas street 

school, boards 184 Main 
Barnard Nancy, bozmaker, boards 818 Main 
Barnard Rebecca, physician, 184 Main, h. do. 
Barnard Sarah R. widow of John, h. Mill- 
brook cor. Burncoat 
BARNARD, SUMNER & CO. (L, Barnard, 
O. Sumner and O. E. Putnam), dry 

goods and carpets, 827 and 829 Main. — 

Seepage 580 
Barnard Walter B. clerk, 74 Prescott, bds. 

Millbrook cor. Burncoat 

BARNARD WILLIAM C. real estate, h. 
Oakland, Barnardville. — See page 497 

Barnes Abigail C. widow of Baxter, h. 82 

Barnes Albert G. salesman, b. 103 Grafton 

Barnes Alfred L. moolder, 92 Thoniaa, b. 79 
Myrtle [184 do. 

Barnes Amy, cooking school, 492 Main, b. 

Barnes Charles W. physician, 16 Walnot, 
house do. 

Barnes David T. lastm&ker, h. 7 Bellev^ae 

Barnes Etta M. attendant, Worcester Lana- 
tic Hospital, Belmont, boards do. 

Barnes Fannie S. clerk, boards 82 Bowdoin 

Barnes Flavel H. baker, 166 Pleasant, hoase 
78 Austin [178 Anstln 

Barnes Franklin D. whitener, 284 Main, h. 

Barnes Frederick A. supt. Hope Cemeterj, 
house Webster, Barnardville 

Barnes Fred. W. organ-action maker, 19 
Union, boards 6 William 

Barnes George H. organ maker, 17 Hermon, 
house 17 Richards [81 CarroU 

Barnes George W. electrician, 28 Pearl, h. 

Barnes Gtoorge W. Mrs. dressmaker, 81 Car- 
roll, house do. 

Barnes George W. wrenchmaker, 4 Leices- 
ter, house Mill cor. Leicester 

Barnes Henry, plumber, boards 210 Summer 

Barnes Lorenzo L. woodworker, 26 Salis- 
bury, house 22 Lancaster 

Barnes Nelson M. carpenter, 77 Foster, li. 5 

Barnes Norman E. carriage maker, Pleasant 
cor. Mill, Tatnuck, h. do. 

Barnes Patrick, driver, 196 Union, bds. 80 

Barnes Samuel F. Janitor, bds. 22i Pleasant 

Barnes Walter U. removed to Littleton 

Barnes Wm. A. machinist, h. Nelson place 
near Grove 

Barnes Wm. £. engineer, bds. 66 Front 

Barnes Wm. H. removed to Gardner 

Barnes Wm. P. engineer, 88 N. Foster, b. 
15 Maple 

Barnett Samuel, stenographer, 94 Grove, b. 
28 Lincoln sq. [1026 Main 

Barney Abigail B. widow of BenJ. F. boards 

Barney Chandler P. salesman, h. Piedmont 
place [h. 21 Lafayette 

Barney Joseph, shoemaker, rear 155 Front, 

Barney Luther J. spring>bed maker, Leices- 
ter n. Mill, house 1058 Main 

Baronian Jacob, tailor, 886 Main, boards 
15 Lancaster 

Barr David, driver, 15 Market, boards 6 
George st. ct. [Portland pi. 

Barr George L. trunkmaker, 20 Front, h. 8 

Barr John, laborer, house 26 Col ton 

Barr John C. machinist, 18 Cypress, house 
199 Mechanic [h. do. 

Barr Josie Mrs. dressmaker, 199 Mechanic, 

Barren Amos, hostler, 7 £aton place, bds. 
Waverly House [8 Mulberry 

Barrett Aleck, blacksmith, 118 Foster, bds. 

Barrett Chas. F. conductor, 15 Market, bds. 
216 Main [Cherry 

Barrett Chas. J. cook, 225 Front, boards 28 

BUSH & CO., 




Barrett Corlls, qnarrymao, hoase Belmont 
iMar Bell pond [bory 

Barrett £dward, laborer, hoase 147 Shrews* 
Barrett Enster C. gardener, house 40 Cutler 
Barrett Frank W. engineer, 15 Union, house 

60 Orchard 
Barrett F. J. mason, bds. Waverly House 
Barrett George A. packer, 15 Union, house 
56 Salisbury [29 Salem 

Barrett George E. machinist, 110 Green, h. 
Barrett Henry, pattern maker, 110 Green, 

house 90 South Russell 
Barrett James, Worcester Iron Foundry Co. 

56 GK>ld, house 17 Lamartine 
Barrett John, stonecutter, house 28 Arch 
Barrett John F. machinist, bds. 18 Harrison 
Barrett John Q. A. drlrer, h. 4 Mulberry ct. 
Barrett J. Franklin, peddler, h. 10 Robinson 
place [Washburn 

Barrett Lawrence, laborer, 189 Union, b. 15 
Barrett Louis A. blacksmith. Bridge corner 

Foster, boards 15 Thomas 
Barrett Lyman B. carpenter, 10 E. Worces- 
ter, house 81 Washington 
Barrett Mary, widow of Thomas, house 184 
Southbridge [yille 

Barrett Mary Mrs. h. West Boylston, North- 
Barrett Mary A. Mrs. cutter, boards 498 

Barrett Mary A. Mrs. house 257 Main 
Barrett Michael, laborer, h. 18 Harrison 
Barrett Michael, wire drawer, b. 5 Lovell ct. 
Barrett Michael, laborer, house 4 Foyle 
Barrett Nettie Mrs. dressmaker, h. 7 Coral 
Barrett Otis B. farmer, h. 66 Salisbury 
Barrett Patrick, Junk dealer, house 14 Hill 
Barrett Samuel, woodworker, 100 Frescott, 

bds. at Ayer Junction 
Barrett Samuel, blacksmith, 1 Coes square, 

house Mill corner Coes 
Barrett Thomas, died March 22, 1888, age 46 
Barrett Thomas, supt. Worcester Iron 
Foundry Co. 56 Gold, h. 21 Grosvenor 
' Barrett Thomas, mason, 28 South Irving, 
house do. 
Barrett William, mason, b. Waverly House 
Barri Martin, sec. Monroe Organ Reed Co. 

25 Union, house 14 Lincoln sq. 

Barron Michael, laborer, 21 Park, house 16 

South Irving [house 1 Baker 

Barrows Alonzo M. machinist, 4 Leicester, 

Barrows Edward D. & Son ( M. E, Barrows )y 

heel mannf)9. 199 Front, h. 28 Orange 
Barrows Erastus I. hostler, bds. 42 Green 
Barrows Foster Mrs. house 18 Assonet 
Barrows Fred. £. machinist, 28 Webster, 

boards 7 do. 
Barrows Myron E. (E, D, Barrows db SonJ^ 

199 Front, house 20 Orange 
Barrows Wm. A. (Stockwell db Barrows) , 1 

Webster sq. house 1 Baker 
Barrows Wm. A. salesman, b. 7 Webster 
Barrows Wm. D. machinist, 28 Webster, 

house 7 do. 

Barry Albert L. painter, h. 98 Bloomingdale 

Barry Annie F. widow of Patrick, house 98 

Southbridge [52 Lamartine 

Barry Catherine, widow of Edmund, boards 

Barry Charles, laborer, 51 Main, bds. do. 
Barry Cornelius, boot crimper, 154 Front, 

boards 58 do. 
Barry Daniel, driver, bds. 25 Summer 
Barry Edward, laborer, b. 894 Southbridge 
Barry Fergus, boot bottomer, 7 Washington 

sq. bds. 170 Front 
Barry Isaac, laborer, b. 98 Bloomingdale 
Barry James, boot treer, 11 Water, house 

26 Cutler 
^arry James, moulder, 149 Washington, b. 

179 Shrewsbury [b. 44 Lamartine 

Barry James T. boot bottomer, 82 Austin, 
Barry Jennie B. seamstress, bds. 84 Grove 
Barry Jeremiah, machinist, h. 54 Beacon 
Barry Johannah, widow of Edward, house 

196 Shrewsbury 
Barry John, teamster, r. 155 Main, bds. 61 

Green [Sigoumey 

Barry John, grinder, 100 Prescott, house 5 
Barry John, farmer, h. Lincoln n. City Farm 
Barry John, saloon, 100 Southbridge, bds. 9 

Green [Summer 

Barry John, steamfitter, 198 Front, house 17 
Barry John, removed to Ireland 
Barry John, Jr. driver, Steamer No. 1, 10 

Bigelow ct. bds. do. [44 Lamartine 

Barry John G. bootmaker, 82 Austin, house 
Barry John J. boot crimper, bds. 58 Front 
Barry John P. died 

Barry Joseph, bootmaker, bds. 12 Beach 
Barry Kate, widow of James, h. 5 Milton 
Barry Mary, widow of Patrick, boards 56 

Barry Michael, laborer, 48 Grafton, house 15 

Burt [28 Bradley 

Barry Michael, machinist, 110 Green, bds. 
Barry Michael, teamster at gas works, house 

228 Union 
Barry Michael J. machinist, bds. 28 Bradley 
Barry Patrick, engineer, 94 Grove, house 81 

Barry Patrick, laborer, house r. 45 Summer 
Barry Patrick, died March 19, 1888, age 88 
Barry Philip J. removed ftom city 
Barry Richard F. boot bottomer, 82 Austin, 

h. 186 Washington 
Barry Robert, shoemaker, 28 Bridge, h. do. 
Barry Russell W. carpenter, h. 42 Chatham 
Barry Thomas, laborer, Lafayette c. Quin- 

sigamond av. h. 61 Lafayette 
Barry Thomas, laborer, 110 Green, h. 12 

Bracket t ct. 
Barry Thos. Jr. laborer, b. 12 Brackett ct. 
Barry Thomas, teamster, house 1 Columbia 
Barry William, laborer, 485 Southbridge, h. 

890 do. 
Barry William, laborer, h. 135 Salem 
Barry Wm. H. moulder, 100 Prescott, house 

16U Grove [bridge, h. 60 Beacon 

Barsarian Moses A. embroiderer, 26 South- 
Barth William, tailor, 410 Main, h. 81 Bene- 
fit [Norwood 
Bartlett Abby, widow of Perley, house 8 
Bartlett Ada H. dressmaker, 224 Main, 

h. do. [bury av. b. n. do. 

Bartlett Albert, foreman, Harrington n. MIU- 
Bartlett Albert, laborer, 48 Thomas, bds. do. 





Bartlett Charles A. provisions, 686 Main, 
house 88 Orange 

BARTLETT CHAS. A. tripe and ground 
bone manuf. Harrington n. Mlllbury 

av. house 34 Orient. — See page 555 
Bartlett Chas. W., United States Navy, bds. 

20 Harvard 
Bartlett Daniel, janitor, 418 Main, bds. do. 
Bartlett Edgar C. printer, 425 Main, b. 108 

Tliomas [55 Elm 

Bartlett Elizabeth B. widow of Lyman, h. 
Bartlett Frank F. machinist, 22 Cypress, b. 

62 Exchange 
Bartlett Fred. L. rem'd to Shrewsbury 
Bartlett Fred. R. proprietor Famumsville 

express, 440 Main, h. at Farnumsville 
Bartlett Geo. A. carpenter, 60 Blooraingdale, 

h. 19 Coral [b. 55 Elm 

Bartlett Halleck (Bice di Bartlett), 10 Pearl, 
Bartlett Henrietta, widow of Horace, bds. 

186 Austin 
Bartlett Henry W. rem'd to Webster [b. do. 
Bartlett James C. music teacher, 887 Main, 
Bartlett James H. machinist, 22 Cypress, b. 

100 Summer [Cherry 

Bartlett Jerome L. clerk, 162 Front, h. 5 
Bartlett John F. provisions, house Grove c. 

Holden [27 Penn av. 

Bartlett John H. mason, 81 Central, house 
Bartlett Jonas H. woodworker, 166 Union, 

h. 244 Main 
Bartlett Lizzie A. bookkeeper, 88 South- 
bridge, b. 670 Main [house do. 
Bartlett Lydla, dressmaker, 82 William, 
Bartlett Lydia A. widow of Jonas, house 818 

Main [coin 

Bartlett Lyman T. expressman, h. 169 Lln- 
Bartlett Mary, dressmaker, house 288 Main 
Bartlett Mary L. widow, bds. 50 Orange 
Bartlett Melzar A. wood turner, 72 School, 

h. Holden n. West Boy Is ton 
Bartlett Michael, laborer, house 12 Ward 
Bartlett M. Ella, music teacher, boards 8 

Norwood [bridge 

Bartlett Phineas, laborer, house 500 South- 
Bartlett Sandford A. carriage manuf. 118 

Foster, h. 8 Mulberry ct. [40 Chatham 
Bartlett Theodore H. clerk. City Hall, house 
Bartlett Usurla J. bds. Leicester, V. F. 
Bartlett Walter J. butcher, r. 71 Mechanic, 

bds. 170 Front [118 Austin 

Bartlett Warren F. machinist, 88 Hermon, h. 
Bartlett William H. principal Dix street 

school, h. 52 William [Front 

Bartley John F. plumber, 6 Exchange, b. 58 
Barton Alice, student, b. 225 Main [44WillIam 
Barton Angeline D. Mrs. housekeeper, bds. 
Barton Austin, house 94 Elm 
Barton Charles S. pres. Rice, Barton & Fales 

Machine and Iron Co. 77 Foster, boards 

857 Main 
Barton Edmund M. librarian. Am. Antiqua- 
rian Society, Main cor. Highland, house 

Salisbury n. Forest • [h. 10 do. 
Barton Frank M. shoemaker, 28 Mlllbury, 
Barton George S. treasurer Rice, Barton & 

Fales Machine and Iron Co. 77 Foster, 

house 857 Main 

Barton George W. mason, 11 Belknap, h. do. 
Barton Horace W. machinist, h. 28^ Glen 
Barton John F. hostler, 7 Central, house 

West Boylston, Northville 
Barton Joseph K., National Mannf. Co. 179 

Main, bds. Bay State House C^^- d^* 

Barton J. Marcus, physician, 59 Pleasant, 
Barton Margaretta L. K. widow of Jason, h. 

100 Chatham 
Barton Maria W. died Nov. 24, 1S88 
Barton Reuben L. machinist, h. 27 Hawley 

BARTON SAMUEL B. secretary Wor. 
Manufacturers Mut. Ins. Co. 448 Main, 

h. at North Oxfor^.^ See page 495 
Barton Thomas, spinner, 82 Sonthgate, h. 

at Rochdale [roVi 

Barton William E. wire drawer, h. 12 Car- 
Barton William P. mason, h. 12 Belknap 
Barton William S. city treasurer, 6 City 

Hall, house 23 High 
Bascom Henry, shoemaker, house 6 Olen 
Bashaw Joseph T. removed to Grafton 

BASS CHARLES H. wood engraver, 845 
Main, bds. 13 Wachusett.— i9e« page 615 
Bassett Arthur, switchman, h. 124 Central 
Bassett Edgar M. painter, 100 Prescott, bds. 

7 Otis [at W. Boylston 

Bassett George O. finisher, 82 Austin, house 
Bassett Helen, bookkeeper, bds. 6 Walnnt 
Bassett Jason, heeler, house 142 Pleasant 
Bussett John Arthur, foreman, N. & W. R. R. 

round house, bds. 8 Portland pi. 
Bassett Joseph M. (Johnson <0 BaseeUJ^ 186 

Union, h. 18 Oread pi. 
Bassett Lucius J. builder, 152 Austin, house 

26 Merrick 
Bassett Milo P. rem'd to Holden [b. do. 
Bassett Sarah P. dressmaker, 2 Agricultural, 
Bassett Waldo, clerk, bds. 61 Myrtle 
Bassett Walter D. clerk, 158 Main, bds. 18 

Goulding [h. 167 Pleasant 

Bassett William C. finisher, rear 155 Front, 
Bassett Wm. H. engineer, W. & N. R. R. 

yard, bds. 124 Central 
Basterdes Theodore, moulder, 68 Washing- 
ton square, house 108 Grafton 
Baston Jefferson H. carpenter, h. 1 Bellevue 
Bastrom Eric W. wireworker, h. 186 Prescott 
Batalou Peter, laborer, house 66 Norfolk 
Batchelder Alice, removed fh)m city 
Batchelder Carrie, stitcher, bds. 64 Salem 

quarrier and contractor, 10 Edward, 

house do. — See page 596 
Batchelder George E. foreman, 68 High, h. 

96 Austin [Pleasant, h. 96 Austin 

Batchelder George E. Mrs. dressmaker, 11 
Batchelder George W. bootcutter, 68 High, 

bds. 96 Austin [ingdale, h. 16 Tirrell 
Batchelder James W. R. moulder, 14 Bloom- 
Batchelder Joseph W. boards 96 Austin 
Batchelder Orrin S. supt. (at Providence, 

R. I.), house 5 SycanH)re 
Batchelder, see Bachelor [Irving 

Batcheller Emma E. capmaker, boards 40 
Batcheller Henry C. clerk, 534 Main, boards 

66 Front [Woodland 

Batcheller J. Edward, carpenter, house II 

BUSH & CO., 




Batchellor Silas H. carpenter, 11 School, h. 
184 Beacon [bda. 168 Front 

Batchelor George H. engineer, 161 Union, 
Batchelor William F. cotter, h. 25 Crown 
Bates Alice E. bds. 62 Anstin [Lewis 

Bates Arthur, machinist, Pakachoag Mill, b. 
Bates Betsey H. widow of Orson, boards 6 
Chatham [24 Richards 

Bates Carrie T. widow of Joseph N. boards 
Bates Charles A. driver, 15 Market, honse 

10 School 
Bates Charlotte H. widow, b. 107 Anstin 
Bates Edward, clerk, 875 Main, b. 18 Holmes 
Bates Eliza J. dressmaker, b. 7 Parlin place 
Bates Geo. A. physician, 5 Elm, bds. Lincoln 
Hoase [Austin 

Bates H. Ward, Insurance, 10 Pearl, bds. 107 
Bates Ira D. laborer, 91 Foster, bds. 8 High 
Bates Joseph N. died Feb. 22, 1888, age 71 
Bates Lester L. iceman, 96 School, b. 10 Arch 
Bates Lllla J. Mrs. box trimmer, boards 22 

Wyoming site 
Bates O. William, died Sept. 20, 1888, age 25 
Bates Sabra, clerk, b. 18 Barclay [h. do. 
Bates Sarah A. Mrs. dressmaker, 887 Main, 
Bates Theodore C. prop. Worcester Corset 

Co. 566 Main, house 42 Harvard 
Bates William, died Oct. 15,.1888, age 57 
Bates William, laborer, bds. 7 Parlin place 
Bath Robert P. bookkeeper, 164 Front, house 
rear 682- Main [Laurel 

Batson Lewis C. machinist, 161 Union, h. 82 
Battelle Caroline £. boards 4 Maple place 
Battelle Freeman, bleacher, 802 Main, house 
86 West [bds. High n. Chatham 

Battelle George L. boot manuf. 18 Mechanic, 
Battelle George S. mason, h. 9 Warren 
Battelle Joseph W. needle manuf. 19 Church, 
honse 5 Dover [15 Clinton 

Batten William H. tinsmith, 609 Main, house 
Batteresby Joseph, Junk, house 8 Henry 
Battey Orrin F. toolmaker, 4 Leicester, h. 
12 Tirrell [Central 

Battles James H. painter, boards 108 East 
Battles John J. painter, 227 Main, bds. 108 
East Central [East Central 

Battles Mary, widow of Anthony, house 108 
Baudendistel Catherine Mrs. honse 167 Cam- 
bridge [h. 6 Lunelle 
Baudendistel Louis, shoemaker, 18i Austin, 
Baudette Edward, carpenter, h. 15 Carlton 
Baadette Edward, carpenter, h. 18 Spring 
Baudette Ferdinand, removed to Webster 
Baudette Francis, boards 18 Spring 
Baudette Raphael, carpenter, b. 15 Carlton 
Baodry Isidore, removed to Quebec, Can. 
Bauer Charles, machinist, h. 162 Prescott 
Bauer Henry, grocer, 27 Grosvenor, h. do. 
Bauer Marie C. widow of Paul, house 7 

Bauer Paul, died Oct. 25, 1888, age 42 
Bauer Peter, laborer, h. Webster n. cemetery 
Baven James, fhller, 548 Sonthbridge, house 
do. near city line [do. n. city line 

Baven Joseph, laborer, 548 Sonthbridge, b. 
Bayer Lars, armorer, bds. 92 Union 
Baxter James F. removed to Milford 
Bay State Shoe and Leather Co. 68 High 

Bayerle Henry, upholsterer, b. 87 Mechanic 
Baylies Catherine R. widow of Henry, bds. 

8 Green lane 
Baylies Eliza B. teacher, 145 Sonthbridge 
Baylies Henry W. laborer, 19 Cypress, bds. 

8 Green lane [Main 

Baylis John T. clerk, 81 Hermon, bds. 690 
Bazley Charles, saloon, 216 Sonthbridge, h. 

do. [8 Smith court 

Bazley Frank, machinist, 161 Union, house 
Bazley Walter E. machinist, 178 Union, h. 
' 19 North Ashland 
Beach Rhoda, boards 25 Trumbull 
Beach William (Chamberlin dt Beach), 18 

Mechanic, h. 4 Summit [Channlng 

Beagary John C. clerk, 94 Grove, house 42 
Beahn James H. machinist, 81 Mulberry, b. 

86 Pond 
Beal Forrest E. removed to Lawrence 
Beals Alanson, bootmaker, bds. 49 Irving 
Beals Edwin C. carpenter, honse 42 Lincoln 
Beals Frank H. clerk, 94 Grove, boards 109 

Beals Joseph, student, boards 88 West 
Beals Walter G. removed firom city 
Beaman Arthur M. machinist, 88 Hermon, 

boards 1 Brigham 
Beaman Gamaliel S. carpenter, h. 1 Brigham 
Beaman Mary A. cashier, bds. 1 Brigham 
Beaman Millla C. widow of Edson, boards 

8 Dewey [hourfe 28 Kendall 

Beaman Moses S. machinist, 26 Salisbury, 
Beaman Myron B. coachman, 104 Lincoln, 

h. Crescent c. Henchman [Harvard 

Beaman Ruth, widow of Ephralm, boards 6 
Bean Almlra L. widow of Danford S. b. 88 

Harvard [12 Adriatic ct. 

Bean Clement, laborer, 17 Sonthgate, house 
Bean Clement, armorer, 42 Gardner, house 

6 Adriatic court 
Bean Felix, laborer, house 45 Grand 
Bean Hannah, widow of Joseph, h. 11 Hill 
Bean Henry H. faults, &c. 115 Park, house 

12 Providence 
Bean Ida, boards 7 Chandler [86 Pond 

Bean James H. machinist, 81 Mulberry, bds. 
Bean Javan E. carpenter, Washburn Ma- 
chine Shop, house 8 Agricultural 
Bean John, laborer, boards Clover 
Bean John, spokemaker, house 108 Thomas 
Bean John, jr. moulder, 68 Washington, h. 

91 Mulberry [Ward 

Bean John F. engineer, 86 Vernon, h. 88 
Bean Josephus C. engineer, N. & W. R. R. 

bds. 56 Portland [h. do. 

Bean Louis, saloon, 12 Washington square. 
Bean Mary A. dressmaker, boards 86 Pond 
Bean Nelson, polisher, 44 Central, house 90 

Grafton [Harrington ave. 

Bean Otis, foreman, 94 Grove, house rear 18 
Bean Patrick, peddler, house 86 Pond 
Bean Stephen J. pattern maker, 77 Foster, 

house 85 Piedmont 
Beane Frank A. organ-board maker, 25 Her- 
mon, house 12 May 
Beardow Grosvenor S. removed from city 
Bearse J. Andrus, organ maker, 19 Union, 

house 888 Main 

BUSH & CO., 

PBOPMiBTOBa Buaxpa lxvjbb pitjI^s, 40 riiijjs 




Beatty Lucy A. Mrs. bouse 80 Summer 
Beaty John H. wireworker, boards McCor- 

mick's court 
Beaty Thomas, laborer, h. McCormlck's ct. 
Beauchamp John, carpenter, rear 28 Austin, 

house 57 High 
Beaudet Joseph D. rem'd to Boston 
Beaudette Orelie, widow of Moses, house 44 

Beacon [Main 

Beaudoin Narcisse, bootmaker, boards 554 
Beaudreau Peter, died May 8, 1888 
Beaudreau Yictorie, widow of Peter, house 

Walker court [90 Lamartine 

Beaudry Joseph, coal, 51 Washington sq. h. 
Beaulac Joseph, shoemaker, b. 1 Leland ct. 
Beaulieu Joseph, bootmaker, house 52 Wall 
Beaulieu LctI, carriage maker, Shrewsbury 

cor. Lyon, house do. 
Beaulieu Napoleon, removed fh>m city 
Beaumont Abraham W. boot treer, 108 

Front, house 7 Harrison 
Beaumont Frederick, machinist, 54 Jackson, 

h. 168 Chandler [91 Pleasant 

Beaumont John J. dry goods, 518 Main, h. 
Beaumont Martha, widow of Abraham, bds. 

168 Chandler 
Beaumont Paul, carpenter, h. 70 Shrewsbury 
Beauregard Azarle, shoemaker, 70 South- 
gate, h. do. [gate, b. do. 
Beauregard Hermides, shoemaker, 70 South- 
Beauregard Hermineglide, shoemaker, 70 

Southgate, b. do. [187 Washington 

Beauvais Alfred, machinist, 88 N. Foster, h. 
Beauvais Henry & Co. fTheo, F, BeauvaU), 

grocers, 72 Southgate, house 58 Grand 
Beauvais Joseph A. ferrule maker, 70 

School, boards 85 Summer 
Beauvais Theodore F. (Henry Beauvais db 

Co.Jf 72 Southgate, house 6 George 
Beauvies Albert, machinist, 1 Coes sq. h. 

Lovell near do. 
Beaven Albert, laborer, 17 Southgate 
Beaver Lars, armorer, 44 Central, h. 92 Union 
Beazley Richard T. removed to Boston 
Beck Thomas H. hairdresser, b. 57 Fountain 
Becker Balthazer, removed ft'om city 
Becker Edward C. A. teacher, 424 Main, b. 

8 Church place 
Becker Emil, saloon, 165 Main, h. 167 do. 
Becker Frans K. wire drawer, h. 174 Lincoln 
Becker George, baker, 78 Lamartine, h. do. 
Becker Johan F. heater, house 6 Oswald 
Becker Morltz, rem'd to New York city 
Beckett Geo. tailor, boards 14 Tremont 
Becklln Alex. F. draughtsman, 94 Grove, b. 

Becklln Charles, laborer, bds. r. 7 Carbon 
Beckman Anthony, carpenter, College Holy 

Cross, boards do. 
Beckstrom Carl 0. laborer, h. 28 Orchard 
Beckton William G. driver, 51 Green, h. 

Pleasant near Mill, Tatnuck 
Beckwith Effie M. teacher, 476 Main, b. 22 

Maple [Salem 

B6dard Adolphns, bootmaker, house 9 

BEDABD ALBERT A. & CO. machine 
screw manufacturers, 89 Exchange, h. 
Remans cor. Dryden. — See page 675 

B^ard Edward, screwcntter, 99 Bxcbaoge^ 

b. Norfolk 
<B6dard John O. removed to Manitoba 
B6dard Napoleon, screwcuttert 89 Sxchange, 

boards 96 Norfolk 
B^dard Peter, removed to Spencer 
B6dard Peter Nazairre. screwcntter, 89 Ex- 
change, h. 1 Hemans 
Beebe Dora Mrs. nurse, house 4 Hudson 
Beebe Wallace C. rem*d to Chatham, N. T. 
Beebe r Max, peddler, house 25 Thomas 
Beede Daniel Q. boards 22 Portland 
Beede Elisha F. Job wagon, 94 School, bda 

4Bobinsonpl. [b. Ill Summer 

Beedle Geo. harness maker, 25 Exchange, 
Beekman Garrett, removed to Sonthbridge 
Beers Alton, telegrapher. Union depot, bds. 

544 Main fb. 180 Sonthbridge 

Beesting Walter T. finisher, 28 Mulberry, 
Behmer Emil, laborer, house MUlbury near 

Perry ' [106 do. 

Belrne Bernard, saloon, 182 Southbridge, b. 
Bejune Joseph, laborer, 23 Webster, house 

15 Mill 
Belair Agnes, widow of Henri, b. 83 Saleffi 
Belalre Philip, baker, 18 Grand st. ct. house 

28 Douglas 
Belanger Alphonse, lastmaker, 19 Church, 

house rear 204 Sonthbridge 
Belanger David, reedmaker, 25 Union, bds. 

9 Grand st. ct. 
Belanger Dieudonne, carpenter, h. 11 Meade 
Belanger Francis, laborer, h. r. 71 Millbury 
Belanger John B. blacksmith, 85 School, h. 

66 Bloomingdale 
Belanger Joseph, lastmaker, 19 Church, h. 

Orient near Ascension 
Belanger J. Alphonzo, salesman, 848 Main, 

house 1 Gouldlng 
Belanger Louis A. (Belanger A Co.), 460 

Main, bds. Waverly House 
Belanger Victor (Belanger A Co.^, 460 Main, 

h. 11 Chatham st. place 
Belanger & Co. ( V. and L. A, Belanger), 

pubs. Le Courrler de Worcester, 460 

Belcher Charles, house 256 Pleasant 
Belcher Edwin A. clerk, 8 Pearl, boards 6 

Belcher Geo. W. pattern maker, Muskeego 

cor. Albany, bds. Adams n. Shrewsbury 
Belcher Gilbert G. removed to Spencer 
Belcher Herbert B. (Watson A Belcher), 8 

Pearl, house 41 Plymouth 
Belden Charles H. tinware, h. 112 Southgate 
Beldlng Harriet S. widow of Gteorge W. h. 

28 Bowdoin [house do. 

Bellsle Alexander, shoemaker, 71 Lafayette, 
Belisle Alexander, Jr. manager, 802 Main, 

house 26 Hermon 
Belisle Eli, carpenter, boards 1 School 
Belisle Eli, boot bottom er, 10 Douglas st. 

ct. house do. [71 Lafayette 

Belisle Eugene, carpenter, 11 School, bds. 
Bellsle Felix A. removed to Holyoke 
Bellsle Joseph, boot bottomer, 82 Austin, 

house 44 Green ■ 
Belisle Napoleon, carpenter, bds. 2 Orchard 


JDJLluiO W V>Uf tJ AT NOa. 421 AND 498 MAIN 8TBEBT. 



Bellveao John, stonecatter, Crescent, bds. 

176 Prescott 
Beliyeao Loais, shoe bottomer, 152 Soath- 

brldge, house r. 92 Lamartlne 
Bell Abraham B. snpt. Worcester Carpet 

Co. honse 8 Princeton 

Bell B. Frank T. turner, Bridge c. Foster, 

boards 21 Exchange [26 Elliott 

Bell Dock W. hairdresser, 74 Thomas, house 

Bell Frank H. clerk, Directory Office, 452 

Main, boards 40 Portland 
Bell John D. laborer, h. 405 Southbridge 
Bell Joseph H. removed to New Bedford 
Bell Michael A. machinist, 110 Green, house 

82 Thome 
Bellean Simeon, printer, 11 Central Ex- 
change, h. r. 77 Chandler 
Belleisle Eugene, removed to Walton, Can. 
Bellows George F. truckman, b. 21 Abbott 
Bellows George N. laborer, house 204 South- 
Bellows Herbert L. driver, h. 25 Summer 
Bellows Horace, clock repairer, 822 Main, 

bds. 826 do. 
Bellows liOnise, widow of Lyman, house 

Mlllbrook near W. Boylston 
Bellows Mary A. widow of Wm. H. house 68 
Orchard [21 Piedmont 

Bellows Simeon M. shoemaker, 68 High, h. 
Bellville Fred. H. mason, house 224 Mill- 
bury [137 Bloomiugdale 
Bellville Oliver, painter, 15 Union, house 
Belval Fred B. shoemaker, 68 High, bds. r. 
60 Beacon [at Millbury 
Belville Frank, armorer, 81 Hermon, house 
Bemis Abel, carpenter, house 88 Grove 
Bemis Addison J. horse 8hoer(at Westboro'), 

house 46 Providence 
Bemfs Albert L. removed to Spencer 
Bemis Alonzo A. dentist, 887 Main, bds. 102 
Elm [Gates 

Bemis Alonzo F. cutter, 70 King, house 21 
Bemis Amorette A. dressmaker, b. 144 West 
Bemis Bama, foreman, 18 Mechanic, b. 117 
Thomas [h. do. 

Bemis Caroline A. Mrs. matron, Salisbury, 
Bemis Charles £. wire drawer, h. 6 Elliott 
Bemis Charles H. woodworker, 9 May, h. 

186 Pleasant 

Bemis Clarence E. shoe cutter, 10 Mulberry, 

h. at Oxford [h. 102 Elm 

Bemis Edgar W. pattern maker, 26 Salisbury, 

Bemis Ellas T. foreman. Daily Spy, 442 

Main, house 82 Carroll 

BEMIS FRANK W. & GO. provisions, 20 
Pleasant, b. 75 Piedmont.— i9e« page 550 
Bemis George M. clerk, 80 Front, house 82 
Carroll [42 Newbury 

Bemis George W. organ maker, 9 May, h. 
Bemis Gilbert C. (Bemis <& Fletcher), 13 

Mechanic, boards 117 Thomas 
Bemis John M. student, bds. Salisbury n. 

B£1US J. ORLANDO & CO. boots and 
shoes, 878 Main, h. 5 Kendall place (off 
William). — See foot lines under A 
Bemis Merrick, physician, 34 Pearl, house 
Salisbury n. Forest 

Bemis Moses, house 16 Irving 

Bemis Nathan T. ft Co. (8. D. SvoeU), sta- 
ble, 68 Exchange, house 40 do. 

Bemis Nettie, waiter, 171 Front, b. 175 do. 

Bemis Samuel W. hostler, 68 Exchange, h. 

Bemis Thomas B. removed to Milford 

Bemis Warren, driver, bds. Lakeside ave. n. 
Coes sq. 

Bemis Wm. A. carpenter, h. 2 Agricultural 

Bemis Wm. W. woodworker, 196 Union, h. 
1 Davis 

BEMIS ft GO. (E. A. Kelley and E. J. 
PyUnam)y boots and shoes, 423 Main. — 

See foot lines under B 
Bemis ft Fletcher (G, 0, Bemis and E. P. 

Fletcher) J shoe manu&. 18 Mechanic 
Benchley Charles H. bookkeeper, junction 

shop, house 14 Kingsbury 
Benchley James E. bookkeeper, 8 Norwich, 

house rear 6 King 
Bender Jacob T. clerk, 181 Main, bds. 19 

Liberty [h. 82 Shelby 

Benedict Waite M. conductor, W. ft N. R. B. 
Benglinan Gaspar, confectioner, house 140' 

Bengson Erick J. galvanizer, b. 4 Oswald 
Bengson Nils, wireworker, h. 88 Union 
Bengtson Adolph, laborer, h. 880 Millbury 
Bengtson Albin, laborer, b. Fox st. place 
Bengtson Carl, wireworker, h. Bvron near 

Mlllbrook [Mlllbrook 

Bengtson John M. wireworker, h. Byron n. 
Bengtsson August, organ-action maker, 9 

May, house 267 Park ave. 
Bengtsson John, laborer, bds. Taylor 
Bengtsson John, laborer, b. 828 Millbury 
Bengtsson John A. armorer, 44 Central, h. 

5 Glen [Bloomiugdale 

Beiv)am1n Tonssainte, blacksmith, boards 66 
Bennberg John O. fireman, h. 224 Millbury 
Benner Frank L. machinist, 129 Gold, bds. 

8 do. 
Benner Herbert O. clerk, 484 Main, bds. at 

Millbury [at Holden 

Bennett Alden H. moulder, 100 Prescott, h. 
Bennett Austin C. h. 85 Southbridge 
Bennett Charles J. wireworker, house 14 

Greorge [h. Elmwood 

Bennett Charles L. carpenter, 4 Leicester, 
Bennett Edward, bootmaker, 82 Austin, h. 

46 Assonet 
Bennett Edward A. driver, house 87 Grove 
Bennett Effle L. teacher. Win slow st. school, 

bds. 21 Hudson 
Bennett Ellen B. folder, bds. 20 Home 
Bennett Ephralm L. organ maker, 17 Her- 
mon, house 19 Larch [86 Hanover 
Bennett George, chairmaker, 15 Union, house 
Bennett George L. farmer, 285 Pleasant, 

boards do. 
Bennett Hardin W. laundryman, Worcester 

Lunatic Hospital, Belmont, bds. do. 
Bennett Harrison A. truckman,h. 27 Charlton 
Bennett James E. clerk, 1 Park, h. 528 Main 
Bennett John, boot bottomer, 68 High, h. 46 

Bennett John, machinist, bds. 24 Lafayette 





Bennett John C. clerk, 405 Main, h. 21 Hud- 
Bennett John H. machinist, house 2 Elliott 
Bennett Joseph, mason, house 1 Orchard 
Bennett Joshua W. farmer, bds. Salisbury 

ne^ Flagg [25 Blackstone 

Bennett Maurice, moulder, r. 25 Hermon, b. 
Bennett Patrick, boot bottomer, 82 Austin, 

bds. 46 Assonet [25 Blackstone 

Bennett Patrick D. watchman, 196 Union, h. 
Bennett Ruth L. housekeeper, r. 26 Glen 
Bennett Samuel, finisher, house 20 Home 
Bennett Samuel H. T. carpenter, h. Apricot 
Bennett Sarah £. folder, bds. 20 Home 
Bennett Thomas, U. S. Navy, h. 14 Elliott 
Bennett William A. rem*d to MiUbury 
Beno Joseph, carpenter, h. 28 Grand 
Beno Levi, finisher, 7 Washington sq. h. 

8 Clarkson [186 Southbridge 

Benoit Albias, moulder, r. 25 Hermon, bds. 
Benoit Arthur, clerk, 817 Main, boards 26 

Hermon [at Webster 

Benoit Chas. boot bottomer, Hamilton, h. 
Benoit Eli, grocer, 148 Southbridge, h. 146 do. 
Benoit Francois X. polisher, 81 Mulberry, 

and confectioner, 4 Lafayette, h. do. 
Benoit Frank, laborer, Putnam lane, h. 220 

Shrewsbury [136 Southbridge 

Benoit Joseph, moulder, r. 25 Hermon, h. 
Benoit Joseph, shoemaker, bds. 5 Pond 
Benoit Lucinda Mrs. dressmaker, 10 Warren, 

house do. [10 Warren 

Benoit Napoleon, cutter, 10 Mulberry, h. 
Benoit Oliver A. lastmaker, 92 Foster, b. 14 

High [bridge 

Benoit Tarlile, widow of Eli, h. 186 South- 
Benoit William, lastmaker, 92 Foster, h. 

85 Lincoln 
Benson Addison, hostler, 29 Wyman, b. do. 
Benson C. Selden, woodworker, 25 Union, 

h. 188 Main 
Benson Herbert T. heel presser, h. 9 ^tna 
Benson Laroy, machinist, 33 Hermon, h. 84 

Piedmont [12 Newbury 

Benson Lewis W. machinist, 62 Jackson, h. 
Benson Samuel C. shoemaker, Hamilton, h. 

Grafton n. Hale 

BENT CHARLES M. treasurer People's 
Savings Bank, 452 Main, h. 86 Fruit.— 
See page 479 
Bentson Lars P. wire drawer, house Prloulx 
Ben way Alexandre, laborer, h. 27 North 
Berard Celanire D. Mrs. grocer, 101 Canter- 
bury, h. do. [86 Canterbury 
Berard Gilbert, shoe bottomer, 68 High, h. 
Berard Isaie, clerk, 101 Canterbury, h. do. 
Berard Louise Mrs. dressmaker, 19 Bridge, 

house do. 
Berard Mizael, rem'd to Auburn [do. 

Bercume Francis A. hostler, 40 Foster, bds. 
Berg Andrew, laborer, h. 7 Perry 
Berg August, laborer, h. Millbury n. grist- 
mill, Q. [bury opp. Perry 
Berg B. Mary, widow of Charles, h. Mill- 
Berg Charles, laborer, h. 71 Ward 
Berg Chas. J. armorer, 42 Gardner, bds. 55 

Eastern ave. 
Berg Emanuel, laborer, h. 6 Thenius 

Berg Ernst H. laborer, bds. 85 Slgel 
Berg Ivar G. laborer, 61 Green, h. 35 Slgel 
Berg John, carpenter, h. MiUbary n. Perry 
Berg John, machinist, 51 Green, b. 35 Sigel 

BERG JOHN, manager Swedish Pub- 
lishing Co. room 16, 410 Main, h. 15 Mil- 
ton. — See page 511 [mill. Q. 
Berg J. August, laborer, h. Millbnry n. grist- 
Berg M. Louise, b. Millbury opp. Ferry 
Berg Peter G. laborer, bds. r. Millbury n. 

Berg P. August, laborer, h. 8 Oswald 
Bergen Wm. H. bootmaker, h. 208 Main 
Berger Peter N. salesman, 484 Main, house 7 

Bergeron Actor, removed to Brockton 
Bergeron Charles G. painter, r. 84 Thomas, 
bds. 118 Washington [Washington 

Bergeron Germain. J. machinist, bds. 118 
Bergeron John Mrs. bds. 8 Honchin ave. 
Bergeron Moses, skatemaker, 81 Millbnry, h. 
118 Washington [ingrton, h. do. 

Bergeron P6tronille, dressmaker, 116 Wash- 
Bergeron Zaphire, carpenter, h. 66 Ward 
Berggren Charles, bartender. 111 Main, bds. 

115 do. 
Berggren John, wireworker, h. 22 Columbia 
Berglund Charles, laborer, h. rear 29 Dix 
Berglund Lars, wire drawer, h. 2 Tbenius 
Bergmack Frank, wireworker, h. 6 Crescent 
Bergman Alfred, wireworker, bds. II Cres- 
Bergman Andrew, rem'd to Chicago, lU. 
Bergman Charles A. laborer, bds. 897 Mill- 
bury [bds. 267 Park av. 
Bergman John Alfred, machinist, 44 Central, 
Bergqvist Olof , laborer, b. 881 Cambridge 
Bergstram Gustaf , wireworker, h. 76 Grove 
Bergstr5m Adolph, laborer, h. 826 Millbury 
Bergstrom Alfred, cabinetmaker, 25 UnioD, 

bds. 12 Union av. 
Bergstrom August, wireworker, h. 11 Cres- 
cent [28 Orchard 
Bergstrom Carl O. painter, 247 Main, house 
Bergstrom Chas. tailor, 410 Main, boards 19 
Fulton [Millbnry 
Bergstrom Charles, ironworker, house 88S 
Bergstrom Charles P. sinker, house Millboiy 

opp. Perry 
Bergstrom Fred, laborer, bds. 826 Millbnry 
BergstrOm Gustaf, laborer, b. 12 Union av. 
BergstrOm Gustave, wireworker, h. 8 Perry 
Bergstrom John, laborer, h. 8 Thenius 
Bergstrom John A. cabinetmaker, house 12 

Union av. 
Bergstrom John B. laborer, h. 826 Millbury 
Bergstrom Lars G. helper, h. 2 Taylor 
Bergstrom Lars G. blacksmith, 10 Mill, h. 63 
Millbury [b. 12 Union av. 

BergstrOm Olof G. woodworker, 57 Jackson, 
Bergstrom Peter E. laborer, b. 826 Millbary 
Bergstrom S. August, shingler, h. 298 Cam- 
bridge [Prescott pi. 
Berkman Johan A. wire drawer, h. r. 15 
Berkman Peter G. wireworker, bds. rear 15 

Prescott pi. 
Berlin Andrew, blacksmith, h. 89 Bndicott 
Berlin Oscar, blacksmith, bds. 89 Endicott 

BUSH & CO., 





Bernard Felix, laborer, h. 85 Lamartlne 
Bernard Francois, lastmaker, 92 Foster, h. 
64 Wall [116 Sargent 

Bernard Peter, shoemaker, 28 Malberrj, b. 
Berner John B. boot bottomer, 619 Main, b. 

108 Lamartlne 
Bemerd Jusant, laborer, h. 2 Hawkins 
Bernerd Mary, Sister Superior, Sisters of 

Notre Dame, 86 Vernon 
Bemerd Mercel, carpenter, h. 1 Norfolk ct. 
Bernier Arthur, removed to Spencer 
Bemier Joseph, laborer, h. 58 Wall 
Bernier Joseph, removed to Webster 
Bernier Narcisse, blacksmith, 52 School, b. 
16 Thomas [Central 

Berrigan Edward C. wire drawer, b. 119 £. 
Berrigan John J. laborer, b. 119 £. Central 
Berrigan Kate T. h. 119 £. Central 
Berrigan Wm. F. piano polisher, b. 119 £. 
Central [h. 26 Belleyne 

Berry Charles £. wireworker, 20 Union, 
Berry Chester, removed to Philadelphia, Pa. 
Berry Henry B. printer, 11 Central £z- 

change, h. 8 Denny 
Berry John, machinist, hoase 26 Kansas 
Berry John M. provisions, 16 Pearl, bds. 9 

Berry Lewis, qnarryman, h. r. 11 Palmer 
Bertels Joseph, sausage mannf. 160 Front, b. 

10 Bartlett pi. 
Berth Lawrence, loom fixer, 54B South- 
bridge, h. 64 Canterbnry 
Berthiaume Alexis, wagon maker, 191 Union, 

h. 98 Bloomingdale 
Berthiaume Clement, polisher, 20 Manches- 
ter, h. 74 Southbridge [Can. 
Berthiaume Cyprian, rem'd to Boucherville, 
Bertram Valentine, wireworker, b. 45 Sum- 
mer [house 86 Lamartlne 
Bertrand Hermidos, shoemaker, 11 Water, 
Bertrand Victor E. cutter, 70 Winter, bds. 

128 Soathbridge 
Bessey Albert D. machinist, 77 Foster, bds. 

128 Main 
Bessey Merritt B. removed to Holyoke 
Beswick James, wire drawer, house 185 

Beswick John, wire drawer, b. 185 Millbury 
Beswick William, engineer, Brussels, h. 5 
Cheever [28 Mason 

Bethune Angus, cutter, 10 Mulberry, house 
Betterly Edward 8. watchman, h. 92 Wash- 
Bevan Charles E. removed to Boston 
Beyer Henry, npholsterer, 476 Main, b. 87 
Mechanic [72 Green 

Beyer John A. shoemaker, Hamilton, house 
Beyer Joseph F. basket maker, h. 54 Ex- 
change [dale ct. 
Bianchi Angelo, laborer, h. 8 Blooming- 
BlanchiPolo, laborer, 14 Bloomingdale, h. 

66 do. 
Bibeau Clara Mrs. h. 96 Bloomingdale 
Blckford Chas. S. tinsmith, 458 Main, house 

20 Winslow 
Blckford Hazen A. carpenter, boards 9 Davis 
Blckford John C. (Bickford A Bliss), 18 
Mechanic, bds. 5 Walnnt 

Blckford Robert B. rem*d ttom city 
Blckford Sarah W. Mrs. house 62 Pleasant 
Bickford & Bliss (J, C. Bickford and JS. M. 

Bliss), slipper manuf. 13 Mechanic 
Blcknell Albert A. musician, 16 Waldo, h. 

86 Green 
Blcknell Ellas P. driver, Adams Express Co. 

r. Union depot, bds. 66 Front 
Blcknell Frank S. clerk, 116 Front, house 67 


BICKNELL JOHN F. lumber, 48 Shrews- 
bury, h. 5 Sever. — 8se front coVd page 
Bieberbach Geo. jr. machinist, W. & N. B. 
B. repair shop, h. 8 Smith ct. [do. 

Bieberbach John, peddler, 111 Summer, b. 

BIEBERBACH J. GEO. bottler and min- 
eral water mannf. Ill Summer, h. do. — 
Seepage 548 
Bieberbach Richard, npholsterer, 15 Union, 

house 18 Fulton 
Bigelow Abbte A. widow of Walter, house 

4 Mt. Pleasant [Agricultural 
Bigelow Albert M. picture frames, house 8 
Bigelow Alexander, agent HopeviUe Manuf. 

Co. 2 P. O. block, h. 5 Ashland 
Bigelow Alva W. bookkeeper, 888 Main, h. 

8 Hanover 
Bigelow Amos E. (G, C* A A. E, Bigelow), 

5 N. Foster, h. 7 Mt. Pleasant 
Bigelow Bert £. clerk, 876 Main, boards 7 

Bigelow Chas. A. (E. T, Smith dt Co,)f 26 

Shrewsbury, b. 68 Pleasant 
Bigelow Chas. B. clerk, 191 Front, boards 

20 King [b. 170 Front 

Bigelow Chas. E. finisher, 10 Mulberry, 
Bigelow Chas. E. pres. Bay State Shoe & 

Leather Co.68 High, h. at Brooklyn,N. Y. 
Bigelow Chas. B\ treas. Wicks Manuf. Co. 

543 Southbridge, bds. 58 Pleasant 
Bigelow Chas. O. teamster, b. 75 Grove 
Bigelow Edward, farmer, h. Green lane 
Bigelow Eiyah W. pattern maker, 122 Gold, 

h. 18 Lagrange 
Bigelow Ellen C. widow of Samuel T. house 

10 Lagrange 
Bigelow Eugene F. removed to Natlck 
Bigelow Francis C. & H. real estate, 460 

Main, house 8 Mount Pleasant 
Bigelow Frank A. removed from city 
Bigelow Frederick F. physician, 150 Central, 

boards 6 Edward 
Bigelow George A. house 8 Loudon 

BIGELOW GEORGE G. & A. £. carpen- 
ters and contractors, 5 North Foster, h. 

6 Benefit. — See page 588 

Bigelow George E. machinist, 17 Lincoln, 

house 15 Carroll 
Bigelow George L. cutter, bds. 6 Chatham 
Bigelow George T. painter, 100 Prescott, h. 

186 Central [House 

Bigelow George W. optician, boards Waldo 
Bigelow Henry (F. 0, A H, Bigelow), 460 

Main, bds. 6 Benefit [18 Lagrange 

Bigelow Horace E. clerk, 94 Grove, house 

BIGELOW HORACE H. propr. of Bige- 
low's Garden, 19 Foster cor. Norwich, 
house 11 lSAm,--8ee pages 583 and 588 





Blgelow Horace W. (Bigelow S Longley)^ 

888 Main, bds. Bay State Honse 
Bigelow IrvlDg Elbridge, printer, 47 Main, 

boards 7 Mount Pleasant 
Blgelow Irving E. boards 11 Elm 
Blgelow Isaac M. house 3 George 
Blgelow I. Rhoanah, widow of Charles P. 

house 6 Edward [Apricot, V. F. 

Blgelow James E. watchman, Leicester, b. 
Blgelow Jamefei W. {Armington A Co.), 18 

Lincoln square, boards 682 Main 
Blgelow John C. h. 17 Oread [Aprloot 

Blgelow John H. carder, Hunt's mill, house 
Blgelow John J. carrier, Post-Office, house 

8 Dewey [49 Irving 

Blgelow John W. wireworlcer, 179 Main, h.. 
Blgelow John W. grocer, 61 Main, h. 53 do. 
Blgelow Jonah H. president National Manu- 
facturing Co. 179 Mniu, house 20 King 
Blgelow Jotham E. teamster, h. 91 Grove 
Blgelow Julia A. house 208 Austin 
Blgelow Julian F. manager roller skating 

rink, 19 Foster, house 142 Beacon 
Blgelow Lavlnia, widow of Isaac, house 75 

Grove [station, h. 142 Beacon 

Blgelow Leander, ticket agent, W. & S. R. R. 
Blgelow Lev! S. bootcntter, 60 King, house 

81 Piedmont [21 High 

Blgelow Lucy B. widow of Samuel L. house 
Blgelow Lucy B. cashier, 61 Main, b. 58 do. 
Blgelow Oren, machinist, Junction shop, h. 

71 Portland [at Auburn 

Blgelow Oscar E. glazier, 5 Sargent, boards 
Blgelow Samuel B. finisher, Ashworth & 

Jones* mill, house Apricot, V. F. 
Blgelow Samuel L. student, boards 21 High 
Bigelow Silas, died Oct. 12, 1888, age 82 
Blgelow Walter E. bookkeeper, 60 King, b. 

49 Irving 
Bigelow Wm. optician, boards Waldo House 
Bigelow Wm. E. foreman, 219 Summer, h. 

at Webster 
Bigelow & Longley (H. W, Bigelow and Q-. 

A. Longley), clothing, 888 Main 
Blgley Charles J. rem'd to Philadelphia, Pa. 
Blldt Carl V. foreman at wlreworks, Q. b. 

Vernon, Q. 
Billette A dele, removed to St. Remi, Can. 
Bllllg GodlVey, shoemaker, h. 75 Madison 
Billings Abbey R. widow of Alexander, bds. 

rear 73 Salem [h. 18 High 

Billings Henry, over-gaiter manuf. 887 Main, 
Billings Henry L. foreman, h. 142 Lincoln 
Billings Henry T. butcher, 86 Park, house 

23 Orange 
Billings James B. died June 1, 1883, age 74 
Billings Phebe D. widow of James B. house 

86 Pleasant [96 Washington 

Billings Sophia M. widow of Joseph, house 
Billings Wm. H. armorer, 44 Central, house 

225 Main 
Billings Willie A. carpenter, h. 12 Chandler 
Bllllngton Henry A. sawyer, 15 Union, house 

at Northville [h. 2 Newbury 

Blndhammer John, cigar maker, 409 Main, 
BIng Chin (J. T. Chinkey & Co.), 220 Main, 

bds. do. [2 Piedmont 

Bingham Ellen F. widow of Andrew R. h. 

Bingham George F. bookkeeper, 92 Foster, 
house 8 Eden [186 do. 

Bingham Hervey, grocer, 24 Pleasant, honse 
Bingham Lorenzo, blacksmith, 26 Salisbury, 
boards 29 Main [47 Norfolk 

Bird Arthur, boot bottomer, 10 Molberry, h. 
Bird Frank K. pastor Zlon's A. M. B. Church, 

house r. 54 Exchange 
Bird George, laborer, 92 School, h. 66 Union 
Birkefeld Charles, machinist, b. 5 Orchard 
Birnie W. engineer, 94 Grove, b. 5 Orchard 

BI8C0 EDWARD F. secretary Worcester 
Safe Deposit and Trust Co. 448 Main, 
house 11 Irving. — See page 480 

BISCO ft DENirr, card clothing manufe. 
Leicester, Mass. — See page 685 
Bishop Chas. slater, h. 89 Orient [64 WaU 
Bishop Israel, leather finisher, 66 Grafton, h. 
Bishop John W. (Cutting A Bishop)^ 81 Cen- 
tral, house 54 Leicester 
Bishop Lemuel A. (Biahop A Co.), 28 Pleas- 
ant, house 5 Catharine [aTenne 
Bishop Llndsey, carpenter, bds. 48 Eastern 
Bishop Peter, laborer, h. 187 Bloomlngdale 
Bishop Philip, woodworker, 5 Sargent, h. 

11 Langdon [Pleasant 

Bishop & Co. (L. A. Biahop), stoves, 28 
Blssell Edwin B. armorer, 65 Beacon, house 

69 Portland rMillbury 

BIsson Paul, armorer, 31 Hermon, boards at 
Blssonnet Louis G. removed to New York 

city [h. 76 Lamartlne 

Bissonnette Mark, stonecutter, 181 Central, 
Blxby Charles H. driver, Millstone Hill, h. 

Belmont near Bell pond 
Blxby Hattie, milliner, bds. 84 Edward 
Blzby James £. machinist, bds. 9 Jacques 
Blxby Lorenzo, machinist, h. 18 School 
Blxby Ostlnelll O. clerl^ 546 Main, house 19 

Congress [Belmont n. Bell pond 

Blxby Philip P. driver. Millstone Hill, honse 
Blxby Sophia F. widow of Austin W. house 

84 Edward 
Blxby Sumner B. house 4 Blossom 
BJork Chas. R. blacksmith, h. Greenwood n. 

BJork Mary, domestic, 84 Park 
BJorklund Johan E. wlreworker, 85 Union, 

bds. 5 Thenius [b. 51 Lafayette 

BJorkquist Axel N. blacksmith, 110 Green, 
BJorn John, laborer, boards 165 Mlllbury 
BJornstad Anders, machinist, 44 Central, b. 

59 Thomas 
Blacic Charles £. bootikeeper, 408 Main, h. 

19 Orchard place 
Black James, machinist, 62 Jackson, house 

Illinois n. Gates [court 

Black James E. hostler, house 5 Bigelow 
Black John R. clerk, Wachusett cor. Dix, 

house 80 Dix [28 Church 

Black Robert J. machinist, 77 Foster, house 
Black William F. cashier, 425 Main, house 

17 Fruit [h. 9 Irving 

Blacker Francis W. bookkeeper, 11 Water, 
Blackmer Francis T. (Bice A Blackmer), 8 

Post-Office block, house 59 Pleasant 
Blackmer Frank, moulder, 87 Gold, house 5 







Blackmer Fred. W. lawyer, 8 P. O. block, 

bds. 1 Cottage 

Blackmer George A. derk, 148 Pleasant, b. 

12 Wllltam [HigUand 

Blackmer Henry H. carpenter, noose 29 

Blackmer Herbert T. wlreworker, boards 12 

Blackmer Hiram M. carpenter, honse 8 Main 
Blackmer R. Jennie, dressmaker, b. 8 Main 
Blackmer William H. honse 12 William 
Blackstone James B. wire packer, honse 20 

Blackstone Joseph, died Feb. 22, 1888, age 77 
Blackstone Joseph B. carpenter, Washbarn 

Machine Shop, house 7 Blsmark 
Blackstone Stephen C. wood, h. 69 Hanover 
Blackwood Geo. A. bookkeeper, 476 Main, b. 

at Oakdale 
Blain Henry H. carpenter. 171 Union, b. 48 
Exchange [Front 

Blaln James T. moulder, 87 Gold, bds. 117 
Blain Lina, boarding-house, 48 Exchange 
Blair Andrew J. farmer, bds. at F. J. Kin- 
ney's, Olean [bds. 8 South Russell 
Blair Charles L. (Blair dt Sanjy 411 Main, 
Blair Emma E. clerk, 411 Main, bds. 8 So. 
Russell [pond 
Blair Francis, qnarrler, h. Belmont n. Bell 
Blair Frank, bozmaker, 86 Central, bds. 22 

Blair Frank, removed to Omaha, Neb. 
Blair Henry H. machinist, 122 Gold, bds. 70 

Blair Israel, wlreworker, h. 4 Burns court 
Blair James, 2d. clerk, 67 Green, b. 9 Wall 
Blair James, boxmaker, 86 Central, bds. 22 
Spruce [41 Fountain 

Blair James W. machinist, 161 Union, bds. 
Blair & Son (B. H, and C, L, Blair), photog- 
raphers, 411 Main 
Blair Robert H. {Blair A Son), 411 Main, 
house 3 So. Russell [Newbury 

Blals George, hairdresser, 418 Main, bds. 84 
Blalsdell A. C. removed fh>m city 
Blalsdell P. boards 121 Southbrldge 

BLAI8DELL P. & CO. (Mrs. 8, P. Blais- 
dell, John P. Jones, S, E, Mldreih and 

Enoch Earle), manufs. machinists' tools, 

62 Jackson. — Seepage 688 
Blalsdell Sophia P. widow of Parrltt, house 

14 Edward 
Blalsdell WlUlam A. rem'd to North Platte, 

Neb. [machioists, 164 Union 

Blake Brothers (C, H, and D. D, Blake), 
Blake Charles A. student, 492 Main, b. do. 
Blake Charles H. (Blake Bros,), 164 Union, 

h. 10 Shelby [b. 10 Shelby 

Blake Charles H. jr. machinist, 164 Uniou, 
Blake Charles K. wire drawer, bds. 8 Otis 
Blake Charles O. truckman, b. 68 Portland 
Blake Charles W. bds. 68 Portland 
Blake David D. (Blake Bros.), 164 Union, 

h. 88 Prospect 
Blake Edwin C. armorer, 65 Beacon, h. 60 

Union [King 

Blake Eiyah B. foreman, 9 May, house 10 
Blake Eugene A. machinist, 164 Union, bds. 

88 Prospect 

Blake Francis M. machinist, 164 Union, h. 

88 Summer 
Blake Fred. H. organist and (Ira G. Blake 

A Son), 482 Main, boards 19 Oak ave. 
Blake George E. music teacher, 81 Pied- 
mont, house do. 
Blake George H. saloon, 175 Main, h. 178 do. 
Blake George P. engineer, 167 Union, h. 12 

Blake Harrison G. O. boards 62 Elm 
Blake Henry, organ maker, 26 Union, h. 81 

Blake H. Elmer (G. L, Sanford A Co.)* 

868ih Main, boards 18 Shelby 
Blake Ira G. & Son (F. H. Blake), watches, 

&c. 482 Main, house 19 Oak ave. 
Blake Joseph S. at Asylum Chronic Insane, 

Summer, boards do. [22 West 

Blake Louisa S. B. widow of James B. h. 
Blake Michael, tailor, 852 Main, bds. 116 do. 
Blake Nancy, widow of Hermon, b. 8 Denny 
Blake Oliver, coachman, 888 Main, house 4 

Harris court 
Blake Sarah F. widow, b. Pleasant n. Flagg 
Blake Stephen, tailor, 852 Main, b. 116 do. 
Blake Uriel T. machinist, h. 18 Shelby 
Blakslee Wm. H. removed to Riimapo, N. Y. 
Blanchard Addle Mrs. dressmaker, 78 Sum- 
mer, house do. 
Blanchard Alonzo E. (FiUs, Bice A Co.), 

Lagranji^e cor. R. R. h. 85 Benefit 
Blanchard Charles, wlreworker, boards 78 

Blanchard Emerseu, foreman, 94 Grove, h. 

Edgeworth near Dryden 
Blanchard Ernest E. dlemaker, 76 Beacon, 

bds. Jaques ave. cor. Piedmont 
Blanchard Felix, laborer, bds. 27 Wall 
Blanchard Frank, wlreworker, boards 78 

Blanchard Frank S. & Co. printers, 196 

Front, h. 26 West [h. do. 

Blanchard Fred. C. janitor, 28 Lincoln sq. 
Blanchard George C. (Flagg A Blanchard), 

218 Main, h. Salisbury near Forest 
Blanchard Henry, laborer, bds. 80 Orchard 
Blanchard Henry, laborer, 60Bloomlngdale, 

hoQse 70 Norfolk 
Blanchard John, driver, Bamardville, h. do. 
Blanchard Joseph, moulder, r. 26 Hermon, 

house 680 Park avenue 
Blanchard Joseph, driver, h. Mill, Tatnuck 
Blanchard Joseph, removed to Maine 
Blanchard Josephine Mrs. washerwoman, h. 

21 Spring 
Blanchard Louis, wlreworker, b. 78 Summer 
Blanchard Maxim D. wlreworker, house 78 

Blanchard Nancy, widow of Joseph, bds. 87 

Hollywood [23 Harwood 

Blanchard Susan B. widow of William K. b. 
Blanchard Wm. machinist, h. 4 Henchman 

court [Central, h. 23 Wachnsett 

Blanchard William D. stonecutter, 181 
Blanchard Wm. H. oils, chemicals, &c. 6 

Norwich, h. 2 West [Wood sq. 

Blanche John, tailor, 105 Main, house 2 
Blanchettc Fablen, laborer, h. 17 Langdon 






Blancbette LodIs, remoyed to Canada 
Blancbette L. Z. carpenter, b. 217 Mecbanlc 
Bland James, painter, bouse 29 Cbarles 
Blanden Cbarles, macblnlst, bds. 78 Orange 
Blanden Martba, widow of Chas. boase 78 

Orange [b. Anna n. Alvarado av. 

Blandlng Addison M. carpenter, 162 Union, 
Bland Ing Edgar A. carpenter, 162 Union, b. 

Sbrewsbury c. Marsball [607 Main 

Blanding Elmer C. flnisber, 54 Hermon, b. 
Blanding Walter A. painter, bds. 607 Main 
Blaney A. A. foreman, bds. 81 Salem 
Blankenborn Jobn, died May 6, 1888, age 49 
Blankenborn Martba, widow of Jobn, bds. 

674 Main [674 do. 

Blankenborn William F. flsb, 89 Main, bouse 
Blanvelt Jesse, woodworker, bouse 289 Cam- 
Blanvelt Jobn W. removed to Springfield 
Blanvelt William H. car inspector, P. & W. 

R. R. bouse 89 Orient [Soutbgate 

Blaze Jobn H« blacksmitb. Junction sbop, b. 
Bleau Josepb, diemaker, 170 Mecbanic, bouse 

at Holden [Sberidan 

Blennerbassett James, carpenter, bouse 4 
Blenus Addie M. teacber, Salem st. scbool, 

bds. 8 Sever [Sever 

Blenus Cbarles W. cabinetmaker, bouse 8 
Blenus Ella, casbier, 817 Main, b. 8 Sever 
Blenus Fred. W. armorer, 81 Hermon, bds. 

8 Sever [9 Hermon 

Bletben William, macblnist, 62 Jackson, b. 
Bligbt Ricbard J. tinsmitb, 94 Grove, bouse 

140 Central [21 Chandler 

Bliss Cbarles H. salesman, 16 Front, bouse 
Bliss Charles H. woodworker, boards 29 

Providence [place n. Grafton 

Bliss Edward E. Airmer, house Woodland 
Bliss Edward M. (Bickford <Si Bliss), IS 

Mecbanlc, bouse 40 Kingsbury 
Bliss George L. bouse 6 Aldrlcb place 
Bliss George R. hats, &c. 686 Main, bouse 

22 Newbury [sq. bouse 1026 Main 

Bliss George S. fBZto« db Thomas), Webster 
Bliss Hattle W. teacber, bds. Woodland pi. 
Bliss Johanna, widow of Timothy S. bouse 

40 Irving [Ellsworth 

Bliss Patrick, laborer, S2 Green, house 32 
Bliss William H. house 100 Main 

BLISS ft THOMAS (G. S. Bliss and Q. A, 
Thomas), spring bed manufs. Webster 
square. — See page 667 
Bliven C. Frank, dentist, 1 Elm, house 7 

Bliven Lovlsa H. Mrs. bds. 7 Lancaster 
Blodget Walter H. (Blodget A Boshart), 10 
Washington sq. bds. Continental Hotel 

and A. 0. Boshart), produce, fruits, &c. 

10 Washington sq. — See page 564 
Blodgett Charles W. machinist, bds. Eastern 

avenue n. Catharine 
Blodgett Lewis, hostler, bds. 9 Elliott 
Blodgett Nye P. machinist, 140 Union, h. 

Eastern avenue n. Catharine 
Blodgett Wm. E. carpenter, rear 28 Austin, 

bds. 6 Myrtle 
Blom Jobn, wire drawer, bds. 26 North 

Blomberg Axil, galvanizer, boards Mlllbury 

opposite Snyder 
Blood Angelo P. tinsmitb, 21 Grafton, bouse 

Coburn av. n. W. & S. R. R. [place 

Blood Cbarles H. woodworker, b. 8 Church 
Blood Francis (0. H,A F. Blood J, 12 Canal, 

house 19 Madison 
Blood Jefferson L. painter, b. 4 Benefit ct. 
Blood Josepb W. woodworker, 21 Grafton, 

bouse 81 Shelby [10 Hudson 

Blood Lucius M. tinsmitb, 158 Front, boose 
Blood Orln L. carpenter, 11 Scbool, h. 17 Dix 
Blood Otis H. & F. carriage mannfs. 12 

Canal, bds. Continental Hotel 
Blood Thomas H. photoj^rapber, 877 Main» 

bds. 27 Chatham 
Bios Albert H. clerk, bds. 24 Scbool 
Bios Emily, married to H. J. Temple 
Bios William C. bouse 24 School 
Blue Daniel J. at Asylum Chronic Insane, 

Summer, bds. do. [61 Highland 

Blunt Erastus, engineer, 188 Union, hoose 
Blunt George A. carrier, Post-Office, boards 

United States Hotel [47 do. 

Blute James, weaver, 17 Soutbgate, boards 
Blute John, spinner, bds. 47 Soutbgate 
Board man Abner, moulder, 149 Wasbln^^n, 

bouse at Mlllbury [mon, bouse do. 

Board man Harriet T. music teacber, 7 Her- 
Bock Louise, bds. Mlllbury opp. Whipple 
Bock Peter M. laborer, house Perry 
Bodo Abraham, rem'd to Canada 
Bodo Joseph, driver, r. 166 Main, bds. do. 
Bodo Joseph, macblnlst, 67 Jackson, house 

68 Mason [1 Hemans 
Bodo Peter, screw cutter, 89 Exchange, bds. 
Bodo Telles, removed to Fitcbburg 

Bodo Wm. weaver, 648 Southbridge, boards 

69 Lamartlne [Grafton 
Bod well Sarah, widow of Ransom, bouse 41 
Bodwell Susan A. widow of Philander, house 

41 Grafton [b. 168 Soutbbridge 

Boecker Josepb D. armorer, 42 Gardner, 
Boehmer Edward B. watchmaker, 74 Front, 

bds. 67 Exchange [67 Exchange 

Boehmer Frank P. presser, 886 Main, bds. 
Boehmer Peter, presser, 886 Main, bouse 67 

Exchange [67 Exchange 

Boehmer Wm. watchmaker, 74 Front, bds. 
Boeyer Napoleon, rem'd to Montreal, Can. 
Boeyer Roslna B. widow of Leopold, bds. 

Webster n. cemetery [89 Mulberry 

Bogle Thomas, moulder, 77 Foster, bouse 
Bogle Thomas, Jr. wire worker, 86 Union, b. 

89 Mulberry 
Bohen John, laborer, bouse 214 Mlllbury 
Bolce William H. machinist, 122 Gold, house 

4 Davis [h. 28 Ash 

Bolsvert L. Eucher, wheelwright, 149 Front, 
Boland David, machinist, 186 Union, bouse 

1 Cherry 
Boland John, laborer, bouse 6 Redding ct. 
Boland John A. car recorder, B. <& A. R. R. 

house 86 Temple [Soutbgate 

Boland Mary, widow of Patrick, bouse S 
Boland Michael, laborer, 110 Green, bds. 6 

Boland Stephen, laborer, b. 6 Soutbgate 

BUSH & CO., 




Boland Thomas B. F. (McDermott & BolandJ, 

96 Front, house 11 Lagrange 
Boldac Edward, laborer, h. 96 Bloomingdale 
Boldoc John, laborer, 60 Bloomingdale, h. 
lOO Norfolk [h. 90 Union ave. 

Boler Michael, coachman, 121 Providence, 
Boles Mary, widow of Patrick, house 9 
r«af^yette [Summer 

BoIId Albert, carpenter, 110 Green, bds. 183 
Bolio Augustus, driver. Plantation n. W. & 

S. R. R. house Shrewsbury near Hunt 
Bollo Frank, driver, 91 Central, bds. West 

Boylston near Grove 
Bolio Joseph, driver, house 686 Main 
Bolles Luther A. organ tuner, h. 4^ Ham- 
mond [Myrtle 
Bolster Frank £. barber, 1 MiUbury, bds. 67 
Bolster John, laborer, 88 Water, house 4 

Bolton George, file forger, 10 Mill, h. 9 do. 
BoltoD George, jr. fllecutter, 10 Mill, b. 9 do. 
Bolton Milo, cardmaker, house 5 Silver 
BoltoD Walter £. machinist, ISO Gold, bds. 

5 Silver 
Bombard Joseph, spinner. Hunt's Mill, h. 
Ludlow n. Leicester [Exchange 

Bond Abbie E. widow of Laban S. house 42 
Bond Alonzo W. (Maynard^ Qough & Co.)y 
187 Front, bds. 56 High [Melrose 

Bond Charles E. former, boards Lincoln n. 
Bond Edgar M. Ice dealer, Sonthbridge cor. 

Madison, boards Hotel Pleasant 
Bond Fannie M. widow of Samuel F. house 

Beacon cor. Ripley 
Bond Flora, dressmaker, b. 149 Southbridge 
Bond Frank A. machine operator, 68 High, 
bds. 2 Elliott [Exchange 

Bond Frank R. printer, 425 Main, bds. 42 
Bond George F. foreman, 152 Southbridge, 

boards 586 Main 
Bond Henry D. boards 149 Southbridge 
Bond Joseph E. farmer, house Lincoln near 
Melrose [h. do. 

Bond Mary E. Mrs. dressmaker, 2Q Pearl, 
Bond Sarah F. Mrs. house 149 Southbridge 
Bond Thomas, removed from city 
Bonifacio Louis, laborer, 57 Jackson, b. 84 

Bonin Clement, bootmaker, h. 92 Laroartine 
Bonin Edward, painter, house 25 Sigel 
Bonn Albert N. died May 2, 1888, age 46 
Bonneau Octave, carpenter, 8 Norwich, h. 5 
E. Worcester [cester 

Bonneau Victoria, housekeeper, 5 E. Wor- 
Bonnell John B. insurance, 410 Main, house 

95 Elm 
Bonner Alex, laborer, house 2 Taylor 
Bonner Charles, wiredrawer, b. 58 Thomas 
Bonner Harry, boiler maker, 57 Green, bds. 

94 Portland 
Bonner John J. bootmaker, bds. 26 Hawley 
Bonner Mary, house 802 Main 
Bonney W. Wallace, removed from city 
Bonzey Alexander, machinist, 152 Union, b. 
16 Thomas [255 Park ave. 

Bonzey Zenus L. machinist, 161 Union, h. 
Booden John, wireworker, h. 199 Shrews- 

Boody Cyrus W. removed flrom city 
Booker George, weaver, Brussels, boards 18 

Washburn [Washburn 

Booker Martha, widow of Sanford, house 18 
Boomer Lucilla J. dressmaker, house 4 

Robinson place [D. C. 

Boone Edward D. removed to Washington, 
Boone Sarah L. domestic, 22^ Pleasant 
Booth AlAred H. weigher, bds. 495 South- 
Booth Alonzo E. removed ftom city 
Booth Benjamin, supt. at wire works, Quin- 

sigamond, h. Millbury cor. Taylor 
Booth Charles, supt. at wireworks, Quin- 

sigamond, house 495 Southbridge 
Booth Charles M. clerk, 452 Main, boards 28 

Booth James, house 262 Pleasant 
Booth James A. reedmaker, 84 Union, bds. 

150 Central 
Booth John, wire drawer, house 6 Newport 
Booth John W. & Co. reed manufe. 84 

Union, boards 67 Harrison 
Booth Joseph, machinist, 128 Chandler, bds. 

59 Orange [land 

Booth Mary, widow of Mason, h. 41 High- 
Booth Maiy E. Mrs. dressmaker, 118 

Thomas, boards 88 Summer 
Booth William W. upholsterer, 581 Main, b. 

6 Newport [Chrome 

Boothby Ledni S. machinist, 818 Main, b. 5 
Boothby William B. finisher, h. 5 Chrome 
Boothier John B. removed ft-om city 
Boothman Mary, tailoress, h. 58 Chandler 
Bootier Frank H. tinsmith, 458 Main, h. 1 

Clough's ct. [86 Beacon 

Bootman Fred. W. carpenter, 5 Sargent, b. 
Bootman Jane M. widow of William 0. h. 

86 Beacon 
Borg Peter, laborer, house 5 Thenlus 
Borg P. August, laborer, boards 5 Thenlus 
Borge Antonio J. hostler, b. 50 William 
Borjerson Andrew, wireworker, house 93 

Borjeson Andrew, laborer, b. 28 Arch 
Boshart Albert C. {Blodget d> Boshart), 10 

Washington square, bds. 15 Maple 
Bosley Annie E. widow of Joseph E. house 

62 Southbridge 
Bosley Joseph E. H. waiter, 2 Foster, bds. 

62 Southbridge 
Boson Olof, wireworker, boards 148 Main 
Boss Clayton W. clerk, 116 Front, b. 66 do. 
Bossidy James F. laborer, 12 Grove, boards 

81 Winter [69 Piedmont 

Bosson Fletcher S. machinist, 72 Central, h. 
Bostic William S. driver, 896 Main, house 5 

Liberty [bridge 

Boston Abner, spinner, b. Lewis n. South- 
Boston Francis, engineer, Pakachoag Mill, 

house 14 Holmes 

Central.— fi'ec page 586 
Boston & Worcester Despatch, 8 Foster 
Bostrom William P. machinist, house 64 

Bos well Anna E. bookkeeper, 66 Grafton, 
boards Grafton near Plantation 

"ftTTCTI j6L pa 'C convitiok powders are well known iir wobcesteb 
oyjou. (K \jV. u as a reliable tonic jroB all i>omb8TIC animals. 



Bos well Arthur H. clerk, Post Office, b. 59 
Orange [Grafton n. Plantation 

Boswell Elizabeth A. widow of Henry, h. 
Bos well Emily A. widow of Fred. W. house 
59 Orange [Kilby 

Boswell George A. clerk, 492 Main, h. 11 
Boswell John, tailor, 425 Main, h. 45 Sum- 
mer [Orange 
Boswell Wilbur F. clerk, 408 Main, bds. 59 
Bosworth Carrie, dressmaker, bds. 24 Salem 
Bosworth Timothy, cook, Union depot 

restaurant, h. 80 Bowdoin 
Bosworth William J. rem'd to Boston 
Bottom John, helper, bds. 2 Burnside ct. 
Bottom William, blacksmith, 128 Chandler, 

house 2 Burnside ct. 

Bottomly Charles S. machinist, 23 Webster, 

house 8 Lowell [Lowell 

Bottomly Frank, machinist, 129 Gold, b. 8 

Bottomly James T. carpenter, 100 Prescott, 

house 27 Laurel 
Bouchard AchiUe, woodworker, 81 Mulbury, 

house rear 118 Front 
Bouchard Chas. hairdresser, Waldo House, 

b. 45' Mechanic 
Bouchard Eli, blacksmith, rear 84 Thomas, 

house 450 Southbrldge 
Bouchard Frank, painter, bds. 45 Mechanic 
Bouchard John, farmer, h. 45 Mechanic 
Bouchard Joseph, blacksmith,* 82 Exchange, 

h. 58 Beacon 
Bouchard Mary, paster, b. 110 Union 
Bouchard Medard, boards 28 North 
Bouchard Nellie, paster, b. 110 Union 
Bouchard Nelson, wlreworker, h. 28 North 
Bouchard Bosina, married to Alexander 

Boucher Alfred, slater, h. r. 16 Cypress 
Boucher Marcel, painter, h. 91 Mechanic 
Boucher Usebe, saloon, 47 Mechanic, h. do. 
Bonder Joseph W. harness maker, 85 Ex- 
change, b. Burt 
Bo'jdrean Treffle, planer, 25 Union, h. 68 do. 
Boudreau Florence, weaver, b. 62 Madison 
Boulay Alfred, waiter, 2 Foster, b. 26 Her- 

Boulay Emma, rem'd to Manchester, N. H. 
Boulay Francis, rem'd from city 
Bouley Nelson, carriage maker, rear 207 
Pleasant, h. 81 Mason [dale ct. 

Bouley Zepherim, carpenter, h. 8 Blooming- 
Boulger Edward, tailor, 171 Main, house 85 
Hanover [house 127 Washington 

Bourdelais Ephraim, blacksmith, 67 Jackson, 
Bourdelais Louis, rem'd to Canada 
Bourgard Joseph, boarding-house, 58 Cen- 
tral [Chamberlain's, b. do. 
Bourgeau Benjamin, farmer at Martha W. 
Bourgeois John, blacksmith, 52 School, h. 
15 Home [h. 81 Ward 
Bourget Ernest A. interpreter, Union depot, 
Bourget Jeremiah, car inspector, B. & A. 

B. B. repair shop, b. 81 Ward 
Bourget Joseph, rem'd to California 
Bourget Phileas (Smallridge db Bourget)^ 

rear 64 Thomas, b. 58 Central 
Bourk Eliza, boards rear 4 Lamartine 
Bourk Serville, laborer, house 8 Houlihan pi. 

Bourque Placlde, salesman, 484 Main, bds. 

15 Lincoln [ry, li. 64 Suffolk 

Bousquet Toussaint, shoemaker, 10 Molber- 
Bousquett Levi, shoemaker, h. 4 Ltangdom 
Boutell G. Samuel, rem'd to Boclidale 
Boutelle Adelbert D. turner, 19 UdIoii, h. 

24i Orchard [Ctok, 

BouthiUier Chas. C. E. rem'd to Montreal, 
Boutillette Wilbroe, machinist, 81 Mulberry, 

bds. 7 Lamartine [Bloominsdale 

Boutle Peter, laborer, Putnam lane, h- 
Boutwell Chas. H. pattern maker, house 41 

Laurel [Q. h. 119 Vernon 

Boutwell Greorge S. foreman at wireworks, 
Boutwell Granville, farmer, bds. May near 

June [Main, h. 165 Foster 

Bouvier Adolph, agent Le TravaiUenr, 802 
Bouvier Geo. E. machinist, 100 Exchan^, b. 

29 T^achusett 

BOWDEN ALBERT H. blacksmith and 
hortfeshoer, 85 School, h. 112 Union. — 

See page 572 
Bowdoin Augustus H. salesman, 484 Main, 

h. 12 Dewey [sonet 

Bo we John, laborer, 110 Green, bds. 14 As* 
Boweo Adolph, rem'd to West Boylston 
Bowen Alfred, teamster, 27 Lagran^, b. 

112 Beacon [West Boylston 

Bowen Andrew, carpenter, 196 Union, h. at 
Bowen Edward, heater, h. 15 Dorrance 
Bowen Eliza A. dressmaker, 44 Green, b. do. 
Bowen Ella E. domestic, bds. 82 Clifton 
Bowen George, machinist, b. 216 Main 
Bowen Harriet N. died Feb. 20, 1888, age 78 
Bowen Herbert S. wlreworker, 85 Union, 

bds. 216 Main 
Bowen lone, dressmaker, b. 15 Dorrance 
Bowen L. Preston, bootmaker, h. 26 Hawlej 
Bowen Mary M. teacher, Adriatic school, b. 

15 Dorrance 
Bowen Patrick J. mason, bds. 208 Main 
Bowen Sarah H. Mrs. nurse, h. 251 Park av. 
Bowen Smith, farmer, h. Lincoln n. Melrose 
Bowen Stephen G. grocer, 71 Canterbury, 

boards do. [16 Mechanic 

Bowen Sybil, widow of Theodore, house 
Bowen Thomas, laborer, b. 71 Canterbury 
Bowen Wm. E. clerk, 428 Main, b. 27 

Chatham [8 Mott 

Bowers Charles A. fireman, B. & A. K. R. b. 
Bowers Frederick U. machinist, 81 Ex- 
change, b. 8 Mott 
Bowers Geo. M. O. mason, h. 46 Newbury 
Bowers Greo. W. moulder, 77 Foster, bds. 

7 Mott 
Bowers Henry N. leather cutter, h. 21 Queen 
Bowers Henry W. woodworker, 196 Union, 

house 822 Park av. [b. 86 Trumbull 

Bowers Herbert E. bookkeeper, UN. Foster, 
Bowers John, farmer, at J. F. Prentiss', Plea- 
sant, Tatnuck [7 Mott 
Bowers Lyman W. foreman. 77 Foster, h. 
Bowes Andrew, laborer, 100 P*rescott, h. 

Southgate near Hacker 
Bowes John, laborer, b. 14 Assonet 
Bowes Kate, nurse, Hammond, n. B. R. 
Bowes Lawrence, laborer, Pakachoag Mill, 

h. 82 Assonet 






Bowes Wm. laborer, bds. 8 Harrison 

Bowker Charles H. sec. and treas. Mallea- 
ble Iron Co. house 8 Harvard pi. 

Bowker Charles W. ft Co. (C. H, Prentice), 
produce, Washington sq. c. R. B. h. 18 
Merrick [ 12 Claremont 

Bowker George L. bootcntter, 70 Winter, b. 

Bowker Margaret D. rem'd to Boston [do. 

Bowlby Charles G. hostler, 28 Thomas, bds. 

Bowler Alexander (Bwiler Broe.), ooards 
82 Oread 

BOWLER BBOS. (Alexander and John 
BowUrJf ale brewers, Qalnslgamond av. 
cor. Lafliyette. — See page 648 
Bowler John (Bowler Bros,), h. 82 Oread 
Bowler Margaret, widow of Patrick, honse 
24 Ellsworth [ 1 76 Pleasant 

Bowles Ann, widow of Andrew E. boards 
Bowles Frank F. driver, 20i Pleasant, h. 
175 do. 

BOWMAN ALBERT L. A CO. awning and 
tent mannfli. 488 Main, h. do. — See page 
Bowman Flora R. dressmaker, h. 819 ^ark 

BOWMAN HENRT A. ft CO. (C. D. Pedro). 
npholsterers, tent and awning manuf^. 

112 Front, h. 819 Park av.—S'^tf pa^« 581 
Bowman James A. painter, 88 N. Foster, h. 

410 Southbridge 
Bowman Joseph H. driver, h. 65 Mechanic 
Bowman William T. b«l8. 410 Southbridge 
Boy John, laborer, h. 189 Cambridge 
Boyce Andrew, grocer, 436 Southbridge, h. 

do. [line, b. do. 

Boyce Emma 8. dressmaker, Webster n. city 
Boyce Franklin J. farmer, house Webster n. 

city line [Southbridge 

Boyce John, laborer, 86 Central, boards 436 
Boyce John R. farmer, b. Webster n. city line 
Boyce Margaret Mrs. h. 18 Ellsworth 
Boyce Mary, housekeeper* 81 Temple 
Boyce Mary J. clerk, 486 Southbridge, b. do. 
Boyce Sarah, weaver, b. 486 Southbridge 
Boyce Sophia, widow of John F. h. Webster 

near city line 
Boyce Walter, gardener, house 81 Temple 
Boyce Warren I. machinist, 89 Exchange, h. 

Locust av. near W. & S. R. R. 
Boyce William C. civil engineer, 492 Main, 

b. Webster n. city line 
Boyd Asahel C. salesman, h. West Boylston 

n. Greendale [17 Freeland 

Boyd Catherine, widow of Henry, boards 
Boyd George, finisher, Leicester, house Ar- 

mandale cor. Apricot 
Boyd George H. inspector, 1 Coes sq. h. 

May wood c. Florence 
Boyd Hiram C. real estate, h. West Boyls- 
ton n. Greendale [son 
Boyd James O. shoemaker, house 84 Hud- 
Boyd John, boot treer, 619 Main, h. 18 Gold 
Boyd John A. removed ft'om city 
Boyd Lucille, wire annealer, house rear 48 

Eastern av. [28 Mason 

Boyd Richard J. cigar maker, 409 Main, h. 
Boyd Robert J. bookkeeper, First National 

Bank, 410 Main, b. Armandale c. Apricot 

Boyd Sarah A. teacher. Ash street school, 

boards 82 Orange 
Boyd Walter A. puncher, 11 Cypress, bds. 

Forest n. Grove 
Boyden Angelia, bozmaker, bds. 17 Coral 
Boy den Carolina E. bookkeeper, 805 Main, 

boards 89 Austin [Orange 

Boyden Charles A. clerk, 41 Park, boards 84 
Boyden Charles O. house 49 Park 
Boyden Cyrus, removed to Auburn 
Boyden Daniel, artist, 898 Main, house 278 

Pleasant [Home 

Boyden David, bookkeeper, 816 Main, h. 6 

den), architects, 406 Main, house 14 

Harvard. — Seepage 675 
Boyden Ellen M. teacher. South Worcester 

school, bds. 9 Chelsea [Pleasant 

Boyden Frederick B. telegrapher, bds. 199 
Boyden George, carpenter, h. 23 Clinton 
Boyden George D. carriage painter, r. 82 

Waldo, house 9 May wood 
Boyden George E. (E, Boyden A Son), 406 

Main, house 19 John 
Boyden Henry W. expressman, hJ 571 Main 
Boyden Henry W. Mrs. dressmaker, 571 

Main, h. do. 
Boyden Ida F. teacher, Lamartlne street 

school, bds. 24 Portland 
Boyden John, machinist, 20 Manchester, h. 

199 Pleasant [mont 

Boyden John A. baker, b. Pleasant c. Pled- 
Boyden Lewis, house 9 Chelsea 
Boyden Lewis A. carriage painter, 81 Cen- 
tral, house 84 Orange 
Boyden Lila S. teacher, bds. 28 Clinton 
Boyden Martha P. widow of David, house 5 

Home [h. 14 Harvard 

Boyden Mason A. civil engineer, 406 Main, 
Boyden Sarah, boards 1 College 
Boyden Sylvia A. widow of Ellas, h. 17 Coral 
Boyden Walter R. shoecutter, Hamilton, b. 

199 Pleasant 
Boylan Charles, assistant pastor Church 

Immaculate Conception, b. 47 Prescott 
Boyle Ann, widow of Paul, house 29 Charles 
Boyle Bridget, widow of George, h. 82 Pond 
Boyle Catharine, widow of Wm. h. 20 Gold 
Boyle Daniel, shoemaker, 152 Southbridge, 

house 28 Pond 
Boyle Henry M. pnlnter, h. 28 Howard 
Boyle Isabella, widow of James, house r. 44 

Boyle James, laborer, bds. r. 44 Thomas 
Boyle James, laborer, house 6 Foyle 
Boyle James, machinist, Ashworth & Jones' 

Mill, house r. Leicester n. Apricot 
Boyle James W. foreman, boards 9 Taft 
Boyle John, candy maker, 620 Main, bds. 

468 Southbridge 
Boyle John, fireman, 648 Southbridge, house 

41 Washburn 
Boyle John, machinist, bds. 65 Prescott 
Boyle John B. moulder, 65 Jackson, house 

69 Bloomingdale 
Boyle Mary, house 18 Foyle 
Boyle Mary, widow of Thomas J. h. 5 Lunelle 
Boyle Mary 0. h. 29 Winter 






Bojle Michael, painter, rear 18 Fleastani, h. 

9 Hawley 
Boyle Michael H. painter, bds. 9 Hawley 
Boyle Patrick, boot bottomer, hoose 112 

LamartiDe [hooae 8 Lamartioe 

Boyle Patrick, shoemaker, 1 Boyle's coart, 
Boyle Patrick F. wire drawer, h. 15 Taylor 
Boyle Patrick F. machinist, 38 N. Foster, h. 

47 Hanorer [95 CaDterboiy 

Boyle Patrick J. moalder, 65 Jackson, house 
Boyle Peter, spinner at Jamesville, house at 

Aabnm [29 Charles 

Boyle Bobert H. machinist, 88 N. Foster, b. 
Boyle Thomas, laborer, hoose 161 Grove 
Boyle Thomas F. painter, bds. 9 Hawley 
Boyle Thomas F. woodworker, 54 Jackson, 

boards 5 Lunelle 
Boyle Wm. laborer, house 9 Taft 
Boynton Edwin N. (BayiUon d Plummer), h. 

60 Leicester 
Boynton Geo. Y. boot treer, 82 Aastin, bds. 

62 do. [bds. do. 

BoyDton L. W. Mrs. dressmaker, 56 Grove, 
Boynton Newell M. removed to Boothbay, 

Boynton Sewell W. machinist, b. 5 Walnat 
Boynton Wm. £. watchman, Worcester 

Lnnatic Hospital, Belmont, bds. do. 

and O. Plummerjt drill mannfactorers 
and machinists, Lagrange opp. Junction 
depot — See page 672 
Brabrook Charles P. removed to Chicago, 
111. [Shrewsbury, h. do. 

Brackett Qeorge H. veterinary snigeon, 54 
Brackett Joshua H. tinsmith, h. 48 Franklin 
Brackett Sarah N. honse 976 Main 
Brackett Sidney, engineer, W. & N. B. B. 

bouse at Nashua, N. H. 
Bradbury Edwin, machinist, h. 29 Highland 
Bradbury Samuel W. tinsmith, 458 Main, 
honse 9 Ash [School 

Braddtsb Addison S. cabinetmaker, house 15 
Bradford Byron, varnisher, house 288 Main 
Bradford Edwin W. manager W. U. Tele- 
graph, 444 Main, house 88 Newbury 
Bradford Fred, cutter, 60 King, h. 85 South- 
bridge [land 
Bradford Jeremiah B. mason, h. 41 High- 
Bradford John L. shoemaker, b. 182 Front 
Bradford Joseph C, U. S. Navy, house 8 

Bradford Joseph E. insurance, 826 Main, h. 
8 Lancaster [Newbury 

Bradford Lewis R. clerk, 88 Front, bds. 88 
Bradford Wm. driver, house 19 Fruit 
Bradford William B. wire finisher, house 120 
Austin [87 Laurel 

Bradi:»b Alfred C. machinist, 19 Church, h. 
Bradlsh Ellsha W. removed to Upton 
Bradlsh Elliott E. clerk, b. 67 Portland 
Bradlsh Mary A. clerk, b. 1 Austin st. place 
Bradley Frank, removed to Woodstock, Vt. 
Bradley Henry A. woodworker, 86 Central, 

bds. 10 Bigelow court 
Bradley Henry O. CO. Bradley 4b Sons), 21 

Grafton, house 29 Elizabeth 
Bradley John, dyer, b. Lewis n. Southbrldge 

Bradley John E. grocer, 80 Ward, h. do. 
Bradley John £. clerk, 21 Grafton, bds. 29 

Bradley Margaret, widow of Peter, bds. 80 

Ward [Walnut 

Bradley Merritt B. clerk, 888 Main, bds. 16 
Bradley Osgood, Jr. (O. Bradiev S SomJ^ 21 

Grafton, house 84 Oread 

O. BradUjftjr.Jt car mannfiM^torers, 21 

Grafton, h. 44 Front.— /Sm jM^r^ 677 
Bradley Susan, widow of Daniel B. hoose 9 

Taylor [2 Langdon 

Bradshaw Arthur, helper, 51 Green, boards 
Bradshaw Austin, machinist, 86 Foster, bds. 

22 Columbia 
Bradshaw Patrick, laborer, 96 Thomas, h. 

22 Columbia [Colombia 

Bradshaw Patrick, jr. shoemaker, boards 22 
Bradshaw Bichard, removed to Philadelphia, 

Pa. [Langdon 

Bradshaw Walter, carpenter, boards 2 
Brady Ann, housekeeper, h. 47 Millbniy 
Brady Ann, widow of Patrick, boards 218 

South bridge [Cross 

Brady Catharine, widow of Charles, h. 18 
Brady Edward, honse 78 E. Central 
Brady Emery G. foreman, h. 59 West 
Brady George W. agent, W. & N. B. R. h. 

22 Lincoln square 
Brady Henry F. cook, 809 Main, b. 18 Cross 
Brady James, laborer, h. 15 Prescott pi. 
Brady James, laborer, house 9 Beach 
Brady John, driver, 82 Green, h. 9 Lunelle 
Brady John G. master mechanic, W. & N. 

B. R. repair shop, h. 10 John 
Brady John T. wireworker, b. 156 Prescott 
Brady Joseph, plumber, 609 Main, boards 10 

Brady Lizzie, at Asylum Chronic Insane, 

Summer, boards do. 
Brady Martin, laborer, h. 10 Lunelle 
Brady Mary, widow of Thomas, b. 22 Briden 
Brady Michael, laborer, bds. 22 Briden 
Brady Michael A. tinsmith, 609 Main, honse 

6 Lunelle 
Brady Patrick, laborer, h. 22 Briden 
Brady Patrick, shoemaker, bds. 9 Lunelle 
Brady Patrick, shoemaker, 11 Water, h. 47 

Brady Patrick, laborer, P. & W. R. R. 

ft^lght house, house 15^ Plymouth 
Brady Robert W. pres. College Holy Cross, 

boards do. 
Brady Thomas, carpenter, h. 96 Mechanic 
Brady Thomas F. switchman, P. & W. R. R. 

fjreight house, house 16 Plymouth 
Brady Wm. mason, house 7 Foyle 
Brady William H. clerk, P. & W. R. R. 

ft-eight yard, bds. 16i Plymouth 
Brandon Benjamin L. removed ft'om city 
Bragg Albert £. lawyer, 12 Front, house at 

Bragg Alexis F. & Son ( W, W. Bragg), fruit, 

&c. 568 Main, h. 90 Portland [do. 

Bragg Clement P. sorter, 82 Austin, h. 198 
Bragg Edward A. fireman, P. & W. R. R. 

freight yard, bds. 8 Kllby 




Brair^ Henry W. organ-action maker, 19 

Union, house 67 Lincoln 
Bragg John G. weaver, 17 Sonthgate, house 

58 do. [Layard place 

Bragg Lena Mrs. clerk, 76 Front, boards 9 
Bragg Walter W. (A, F. Bragg dbSon), 568 

Main, boards 90 Portland 
Brainard Wilson E. engineer, b. at James- 

vUle [West 

Brainerd Walter A. printer, 47 Main, b. 88 
Braley Wesley Q. printer, 476 Main, house 

288 Pleasant 
Braman Ada B. teacher, b. 27 Mason 
Braman, Dow & Co. gas and steam pipe fit- 
ters, 198 Front fl Ely 
Braman Herbert D. printer, 392 Main. house 
Braman Martha A. h. 246 Pleasant [Kendall 
Braman Sarah, widow of Bradish, boards 6 
Braman Wm. A. clergyman, b. 186 Austin 
Branagan James E. removed to Millbury 
Branagan Peter J. removed to Millbury 
Brandes Hilda, removed to North Adams 
Brandt Herman W. gardener, Mt. Vernon 

near Cbannlng, house 22 Orchard 
Brannock Michael, laborer, h. r. 18 Cross 

BRANNON HE9BT, cabinet ware, window 
screens and carpenters' finish, 21 Cy- 
press, h. 485 Southbridge. — See page 592 
Brannon Margaret E. clerk, bds. 88 Irving 
Brannon Philip, removed to Eden, Yt. 
Brannon Sadie, clerk, bds. 88 Irving 
Bransfleld Thomas, boot sider, 152 South- 
bridge, house 24 Cross 
Branson L. A. agent, bds. 56 Myrtle 
Branstadt Ludwlg A. pattern maker, 44 

Central, boards 79 Hanover 

Brason William, machinist, 62 Jackson, h. 

101 Austin [May, h. 8 Clifton 

Brastow James B. organ-action maker, 9 

Braudigam Frederica, widow of Ludwig, h. 

2 l^ngdon 
Braudis Frederick J. blacksmith, 152 Union, 
bds. 9 Elliott [Elliott 

Braudis John, helper, r. 179 Union, house 9 
Brault John, machinist, h. 18 Howard 
Brantigam Louis, bartender, b. 5 Thomas 
Bray Lucy A. widow of Edmund W. boards 

888 Main 
Bray William, spinner, b. 47 Soathgate 
Brayman Fred. A. telegraph repairer, 444 

Main, hoase at Auburn 

Brayton Theodore E. carpenter, house 29 

Woodland [8 Walker ct. 

Brazeau Adolphe, bootfltter, 9 Barton pi. h. 

Brazeau Napoleon, bootmaker, 13i Austin, 

house 9 Hibemia 

Brazeau Xavler, bootmaker, 9 Barton place, 

h. rear 105 Washington [Cambridge 

Brazile Bridget, widow of John, boards 207 

Brazile Michael, duster, Pakachoag Mill, 

house 207 Cambridge 
Brazile Michael J. spinner, Pakachoag Mill, 

boards 207 Cambridge 
BrazzlU John, driver, bds. 5 Hudson 
Brazzill Patrick, currier, 195 Front, house 

rear 9 Charles 
Breard Charles A. machinist, h. 68 West 
Breck August, laborer, bds. 145 Central 

Breck S. Josephine, clerk, Worcester Luna- 
tic Hospital, Belmont, bds. do. 
Breed William C. clerk, 528 Main, b. Lincoln 

near city line 
Breen Howard M. rem'd to Portland, Me. 
Breen Michael, laborer, b. 124 Mechanic 
Breen Patrick, carpenter, r. 28 Austin, bds. 

28 do. 
Breen Patrick, laborer, house 81 Temple 
Breen Patrick, laborer, 60 Bloomingdale, h. 

82 Temple 
Breen Peter, laborer, house 56 Temple 
Bregola Eugene, carpenter, 8 Norwich, bds. 

80 Central [Lafayette 

Brehm Albert, laborer, 88 Hermon, house 78 
Brehm Andrew, confectioner, h. 6 Lunelle 
Brenan Patrick, blacksmith, 87 Market, h. 

54 Winter 
Brenn Thomas M. removed ft'om city 
Brennan Daniel, reeler, h. 165 Millbury 
Brennan Daniel, laborer, Canterbury comer 

Hammond, h. 18 Gk>ld st. ct. 
Brennan Edward, laborer, h. 858 Cambridge 
Brennan Elizabeth, widow of Henry, boards 

69 Water 
Brennan Henry J. bootcutter, 28 Mulberry, 

h. 69 Water [Southbridge 

Brennan James, laborer, 100 May, bds. 114i 
Brennan James, laborer, house 9 Cross 
Brennan James A. machinist, 566 Main, h. 

15 May [b. 87 Orange 

Brennan James F. organ maker, 54 Hermon, 
Brennan Lawrence, saloon, 42 Millbury, 

house do. 
Brennan Michael, rem'd to Pawtucket, B. I. 
Brennan Michael, teamster, h. rear Millbury 

near R. R. 
Brennan Michael, removed f^om city 
Brennan Michael Mrs. bds. 185 Millbury 
Brennan Patrick, blacksmith, h. 57 Winter 
Brennan Patrick, clerk, 84 Foster, bds. 52 

Brennan Robert, watchmaker, HopevlUe 

Mfg. Co. bds. Sutton lane near Sutton 

road [Greenwood, b. near do. 

Brennan Thomas, laborer at tripe works, r. 
Brennan Timothy C. machinist, 161 Union, 

house 10 Cullen ct. 
Brennan William, loom fixer, h. Hamburg 
Brennan William T. machinist, 54 Jackson, 

b. 188 Southbridge [2 Providence 

Bresby Arthur J. wireworker, 20 Union, h. 
Breslau James, servant. College Holy Cross, 

boards do. 
Bresley Margaret, domestic, 5 Tufts 
Bresnihan Cornelius, wireworker, house 178 

Grove [Winter 

Bresnihan Ellen, widow of Timothy, h. 48 
Bresnihan John, laborer, bds. 7 Pink 
Bresnihan Mary, widow of Cornelius, house 

54 Bowdoin [81 Temple 

Bresnihan Patrick, driver, 24 Mechanic, h. 
Bresnihan Timothy, gardener, house 7 Pink 
Bresnihan T. laborer, 21 Park, b. 27 Vine 
Bresnihan, see Brosnihan 
Brewer Arthur D. manager Am. Rapid Tel- 
egraph Co. 416 Main, bds. 15 Penn ave. 
Brewer Bei^. H. machinist, h. 53 Summer 

BUSH k CO., 





Brewer ElleD, widow of Warren, boards 9 

HoDchla ave. [North Ashland 

Brewer £. Avery, clerk, 56 Front, honse 5 
Brewer James H. Jr. cutter, house 6 Home 
Brewer John, farmer, hoase Jane near Mill 
Brewer John G. asst. foreman, 94 Qrove, h. 

226 Main 
Brewster Dwight T. clerk, house 19 High 
Brian Michael, laborer, bds. 40 Winter 
Briard William H. moulder, 77 Foster, house 

28 Jefferson [46 do. 

Brick Francis, physician, 48 Pleasant, house 
Bride Rufts W. machinist, house 6 Chrome 
Briden Ann, widow of John, h. 6 Newport 
Briden Charles, brakeman, bds. 6 Newport 
Briden Dennis, wireworker, bds. 6 Newport 
Briden Frank J. plumber, 6 Exchange, bds. 

6 Newport 
Briden James, saloon, boards 6 Newport 
Bridge Joseph, weaver, Brussels, h. 8 Taft 
Bridgeford £. Frank, bookkeeper, 240 Main, 

house 10 Merrick 
Bridgeford Joseph, tailor, house 28 Gates 
Bridges Joseph £. driver, 480 Main, h. 607 do. 
Bridges Sumner, house 8 Congress 
Drldgman Mary L. teacher, high school, b. 

16 Catharine [Kingsbury 

Bricrly Anna E. music teacher, boards 41 
Brlerly Aramantha S. attendant for Dr. 

McClearn, 271 Main, house do. 
Brlerly Benjamin F. machinist, 54 Hermon, 

bds. 29 Mason [10 Grosvenor 

Brierly Daniel H. machinist, 181 Central, h. 
Brierly Dennis, machinist, b. 853 Cambridge 
Brierly James, house 191 Austin 
Brierly James, machinist, Hammond n. R. R. 

house 858 Cambridge [Auburn 

Brlerly James L. machinist, 77 Foster, h. at 
Brierly John T. bookkeeper. Ash worth & 

Jones' mill, house Leicester n. Apricot 
Brierly Joseph, machinist, h. 41 Kingsbury 
Brlerly Joseph F. engineer, City Hospital, 

boards do. 
Brierly Moses F. machinist, b. 41 Kingsbury 
Brlerly Samuel, peddler, house 85 Mlllbury 
Briggs Anthony T. coal, house 28 King 
Brlggs Charles, fiirmer, boards 4 Mountain 
Briggs Charles E. L. clerk, Post-Offlce, bds. 

110 Thomas 
Briggs Charles S. carpenter, h. 110 Thomas 
Brings Cornelius W. machinist, h. 15 Hawley 
Brig$;8 David E. harness maker, r. 161 Main, 

house 9 Newport [7 Otis 

Briggs Edgar W. H. wire straightener, bds. 
Briggs Elenor P. widow of Ebenezer, house 

15 Hawley [Prescott, h. 7 Otis 

Briggs Frederick W. woodworker, 100 
Briggs Horace S. Insurance, 852 Main, bds. 

19 Maple 
Briggs Job H. farmer, house 4 Mountain 
Briggs Lyman P. (Briggs A Morrison )y 317 

Main, house Windsor c. Harrington ave. 

W. Morrison )t dry and fancy goods, and 
cloak manufs. 317 Main. — See page 625 
Brigham Alfred A. machinist, 161 Union, h. 

4 Lee 
Brigham Ann ice T. Mrs. house 77 Chatham 

Brigham Arthur F. CJ"- W. Brigham dt Co.), 

house at Boston 
Brigham Augustus, carpenter, h. 46 Salem 
Brigham Charles, scissors grinder, bouse 80 

Brigham Charles A. bookkeeper, 27 Wash- 
ington sq. h. 29 Penn av. [34 Orange 
Brigham Charles H. salesman, 862 Main, h. 
Brigham Chester, carpenter, house Melrose 

n. Bumcoat [bds. 17 Mason 

Brigham Clifford H. Japanner, 290 Park ave. 
Brigham C. Augusta, cashier, 116 Front, b. 

r. 4 Denny [b. 9 Falton 

Brigham Dexter E. clerk, 82 Shrewsbarj, 
Brigham Edward L. honse 28 Portland 
Brigham Ellen W. widow of Edward, house 

14 Edward 
Brigham Elliot F. Mrs. house 17 Mason 
Brigham Elliot W. varnisher, 290 Park ave. 

bds. 17 Mason [8 Elliott 

Brigham Frances £. widow of Frederick, h. 
Brigham George A. carpenter, house Qrove 

cor. Park avenue [110 Union 

Brigham Oeorge C. clerk, 146 Main, house 
Brigham George G. teamster, r. 156 Main, 

bds. 169 do. 
Brigham George H. painter, b. 8 So. Rnssell 
Brigham George H. wire plater, bds. Grove 

cor. West Boylston 
Brigham Geo. L. driver, bds. 16 Cutler 
Brigham Geo. W. moulder, 100 Prescott, b. 

at Holden [110 do. 

Brigham Harrison F. finisher, 19 Union, b. 
Brigham Harry S. varnisher, 290 Park ave. 

house 17 Mason [bds. 208 do. 

Brigham Hubbard, harness maker, 144 Main, 
Brigham John M. f&rmer, house Grove oor. 

Park ave. 
Brigham John S. bookkeeper, 20 Salisbury, 

boards Grove cor. Park ave. 
Brigham John W. jr. (J. W. Brigham d 

Co.), house at Newton [cbanic 

Brigham Joseph, wireworker, bds. 47 Me- 
Brigham J. Augustus, carpenter, r. 11 BCa- 

pie, house 100 Summer 
Brigham J. W. & Co. (J. W, jr. and A. F. 

Brigham), boot manufls. 162 Southbrldge, 
house at Boston 
Brigham Lucius L. house 82 Providence 
Brigham Mary A. widow of El^ah P. b. 26 

Fruit [Melrose 

Brigham Mary G. Mrs. house Lincoln near 
Brigham Nathaniel S. house 77 Chatham 

BRIGHAM OBRISON W. groceries and 
provisions, 104 Southbrldge, boards 87 

Portland. — See page 651 
Brigham Rebecca M. widow of William R. 

house 87 Orange 
Brigham Samuel C. blacksmith. Grove cor. 

West Boylston, house do. 
Brigham Sarah Mrs. teacher, Winslow st. 

school, boards 97 Pleasant 
Brigham Sarah M. teacher, Edgeworth st. 

school, b. Grove c. Park av. [Portland 
Brigham Walter A. grocer, 68 Myrtle, h. 87 
Brigham William Henry, bookkeeper, 26 

Salisbury, boards 180 Main 
Brigham William H. plalter, h. 216 Main 

BUSH & CO., 




Bri^ham Willie F. riveter, 15 UjiIod, boards 

Orove cor. West Boylston 
Bright Catharine T. house 9 Belmont 
Bright Mary J. dressmaker, 9 Belmont, 

house do. [bridge 

Brimhall Caleb, plowmaker, h. 170 Sooth- 
Brimhall Lorania, h. Fowler n. city line 
Brimhall Silas J. woodworker, 84 Prescott, 

hoase 6 Linwood place 
Brinck Charles F. laborer, house Byron n. 

MlUbrook [Ashland 

Brinkworth Jeremiah, carpenter, h. 19 No. 
Brion Charles M. cornice maker, 150 Union, 

h. 81 Millbury [bridse 

Brisk! Jacob, peddler, house 424 South- 
Brisaette Azarie, fitter, 57 Jackson, h. r. 66 

Salem [Bell pond 

Briaaette Felix, laborer, h. 121 Belmont n. 
Brisaette Moses, laborer, 57 Jackson, bds. 

rear 66 Salem 
Brisaon Joseph, rem'd to North Grafton 
Bristol Aaron F. carpenter, 196 Union, h. 14 

Castle [20 Woodland 

Bristol Edwin F. organ tuner, 9 May, house 
Bristol Viola L. Mrs. house 18 Trumbull 
Britt Alice, house 68 Madison 
Britt Andrew, machinist, 95 Thomas, b. 87 

Mechanic [Belmont 

Britt Bridget, stitcher, h. Shrewsbury near 
Britt Joseph R. bookbinder, 868i Main, bds. 

66 Lamartine [Lamartine 

Britt Margaret, widow of Bichard, house 65 
Britt Mary, laundress, b. 68 Madison 
Britt Patrick, laborer, Harrington ct. house 

189 Bloomingdale 
Britt Thomas, blacksmith, house 18i Green 
Britt Wm. painter, house 84 Suffolk 
Brittan Sarah M. widow of Josiah, h. Lin- 
coln n. Burncoat [Burncoat 
Brittan Simeon A. ftirmer, house Lincoln n. 
Britton Edward F. moulder, h. 42 Woodland 
Britton George D. boot bottomer, bds. 174 

Britton James D. (Heald ^ Britton), 92 

Thomas, house 42 Woodland 
Britton Lewis B. carpenter, h. 5 Henchman 
Britton Mowry L. laborer, house 174 Wash- 
ington [ington 
Britton Thomas F. bootmaker, b. 174 Wash- 
Broad Aaron G. boarding-house, 19 Maple 
Broad J. Astor, died April 14, 1888, age 87 
Broad Wm. M. removed to Uxbridge 
Broadbent Fannie, widow of Jeremiah, h. 5 


BBOADBENT JAMES, ftirniture and house 
Airnishing goods, 826 Main, house 5 
Denny. — See page 577 
Broadhurst Benjamin V. bartender, Waldo 

House, boards do. 
Broadhurst Mary, clerk, bds. 44 Trumbull 
Brobston George H. painter, h. 59 Highland 
Brock John C. removed to New Bedford 
Brockwood George, machinist, boards 66 

Broderick Bartholomew, laborer, 60 Bloom- 
ingdale, h. 29 Barclay [115 do. 
Broderick Edward £. clerk, 118 Main, bds. 
Broderick Ellen T. boards 84 May 

Broderick James, laborer, bds. 18 Milton 
Broderick James, laborer, bds. 9 North 
Broderick John, wire drawer, h. 18 Milton 
Broderick John J. boot treer, b. 50 Green 
Broderick Michael, laborer, h. 15 Conlln ct. 
Broderick Patrick, wire drawer, h. 9 North 
Broderick Patrick S. boot treer, 70 Winter, 

house 12 Vernon [lln court 

Broderick Stephen, painter, boards 15 Con- 
Broderick Timothy, coachman, 47 Harvard, 

b. 15 Conlln ct. [Cypress 

Brodeur D^sir^, laborer, 196 Union, h. r. 16 
Brodeur John B. carpenter, 8 Norwich, h. 

79 Lamartine cor. Langdon 
Brodeur Joseph, removed to Keene, N. H. 
Brodeur Joseph, carpenter, 196 Union, b. r. 

16 Cypress [artlne 

Brodeur Josephine, dressmaker, b. 79 Lam- 
Brodgen Daniel, farmer. West Boylston n. 

Millbrook, boards do. 
Brodmann Frederick, armorer, 20 Manches- 
ter, boards 87 Mechanic 
Brogan Thomas, hostler, 97 Temple, bds. 65 

Franklin [68 Belmont 

Brogan Thomas, woodworker, 15 Union, h. 
Brogan William, laborer, house 188 Grove 
Brogren P. August, wireworker, boards 25 

Broma Hermon, picker, bds. 28 Endicott 
Brommels Johannes, wireworker, boards? 

Carbon [house do. 

Bronner Julia Mrs. hairworker, 27 Thomas, 
Bronner Victor, machinist, h. 27 Thomas 
Bronson Harvey, clerk, 896 Main, house 86 

Bronson Sarah, widow, bds. 60 Orange 
Brooking Olney W. removed firom city 
Brookings Lizzie P. attendant, Worcester 

Lunatic Hospital, Belmont, bds. do. 
Brooks Agnes A. clerk, Worcester Lunatic 

Hospital, Belmont, bds. do. [616 Main 
Brooks Albert W. reedmaker, 112 Front, b. 
Brooks Antoinette P. copyist. So. Court 

House, bds. 8 Lancaster 
Brooks Arthur A. student (at Cambridge), 

b. 54 Queen [157 Washington 

Brooks Beaumont E. machinist, 122 Gold, b. 
Brooks Catharine, cook, h. 81 Spring 
Brooks Charles E. librarian and treasurer 

Horticultural Society, 18 Front, house 

54 Queen [Garden street court 

Brooks Charles N. machinist, 94 Grove, h. 
Brooks Eli A. carpenter, h. 68 Southbridge 
Brooks Elizabeth Mrs. housework, house 

67 Central 
Brooks Ezra, whltewasher, 42 Abbott, h. do. 
Brooks Fred. A. asst. teller, Wor. National 

Bank, 9 Foster, bds. Garden st. ct. 
Brooks Fred. N. boot treer, 82 Austin, bds. 

40 Portland [Washington 

Brooks George, laborer, 88 Water, h. 157 
Brooks George A. cabinetmaker, 26 N. Fos- 
ter, h. 4 Leonard [26 Merrick 
Brooks Geo. F. bookkeeper, 81 Hermon, h. 
Brooks Geo. W. clerk, bds. 24 Crown 
Brooks John H. blacksmith, Holden near 

Grove, h. Nelson pi. c. Grove [Grove 
Brooks John H. jr. farmer, h. Nelson pi. c. 






Brooks John S. clerk, 809 Main, h. 802 do. 
Brooks Joseph, machinist, 20 Salisbury, h. 

5 Denny 
Brooks Joseph B. truckman, h. 17 Austin 
Brooks Louis, carpet cleaner, bds. 311 Main 
Brooks Lyman, depot master, Union depot, 

h. 108 Pleasant 
Brooks Mary Mrs. house 15 Beaver 
Brooks Mercy W. widow of El^ah F. house 

24 Crown 
Brooks Philip, laborer, house 24 Elliott 
Brooks Solomon, spinner, Pakachoag Mill, 

b. 287 Cambridge [54 Queen 

Brooks Walter F. clerk, 426 Main, boards 
Brooks William E. moulder, h. 8 Jefferson 
Brooks Wm. F. supt. 26 Southbridge, b. 58 

Brooks Wm. F. beer manuf. Exchange c. 

Waldo, house 89 Hermon 
Brooks Wm. H. derk, 480 Main, b. South- 
bridge [Lancaster 
Brooks Wm. N. clerk, 885 Main, boards 1 

Brooks Mrs. widow, h. 148 Mechanic 

Brophy Charlotte, nurse, Hammond n. R. R. 

boards do. 
Brophy James, finisher, Hopeville Manuf. 

Co. h. Sutton lane c. Sutton road 
Brophy John, boot crimper, 82 Austin, h. 

851 Cambridge 
Brophy John, laborer, b. 25 Gold st. ct. 
Brophy Joseph, carpenter, B., B. &. G. R. R. 

repair shop, h. 199 Shrewsbury 
Brophy Joseph, machinist, 75 Beacon, bds. 

199 Shrewsbury [12 Winter 

Brophy Wm. boot repairer, 19 Green, house 
Brophy Wm. supt. fire alarm telegraph, 10 

Bigelow ct. h. 18 Eastern ave. 
Brophy Wm. B. rem'd to Norfork, Va. 
Brosnan Aloysius, professor, College Holy 

Cross, b. do. 
Brosnan John, grocer, 57 Grafton, house do. 
Brosnan John C. brakeman, B. & A. R. R. 

h. 82 Shrewsbury 
Brosnan Michael, stonecutter, b. 26 Ledge 
Brosnan Thomas, stone yard, 88 Water, b. 

65 Franklin [8 Beach 

Brosnan Thomas, stonecutter, 88 Water, b. 
Brosnlhan Catharine, widow of John, bds. 

15 Lyon [14 S. Irving 

Brosnihan Catharine, widow of Timothy, h. 
Brosnihan Charles T. varnlsher, 16 Union, 

house 78 Water 
Brosnihan Cornelius, removed to California 
Brosnihan Jeremiah, laborer, bds. 8 Beach 
Brosnihan Jeremiah, removed to California 
Brosnihan John J. carpenter, h. 171 Shrews- 
Brosnihan John J. laborer, house 15 Lyon 
Brosnihan John J. laborer, bds. 54 Grove 
Brosnihan John J. hostler, 502 Southbridge, 

b. 18 Washburn 
Brosnihan John J. Jr. laborer, b. 15 Lyon 
Brosnihan John T. machinist, 66 Grafton, 

house 112 Salem [78 Water 

Brosnihan Mary, widow of Thomas, boards 
Brosnihan Michael, laborer, 58 Hermon, h. 

70 Shrewsbury 
Brosnihan Michael, b. 15 Lyon 

Brosnihan Patrick, stonecutter, h. 26 Ledge 
Brosnihan Patrick, laborer, h. 18 lAwrence 
Brosnihan Thomas, laborer, h. Wilson near 

Seward [c. R. R. b. 112 Salem 

Brosnihan Thos. H. machinist, Lagrange 
Brosnihan, see Bresnlhan 
Brostrom John E. wireworker, h. 97 MOlbniy 
Brothers Joseph, carpenter, 196 Union, b. 16 

Cypress [43 N. Ashland 

Brothers Mary, widow of Christopher, bds. 
Brothers Nelson, carpenter,, h. 13 Fojle 
Brothers Stephen, carpenter, b. 604 Main 
Brouillard Joseph, wireworker, house 68 

Thomas [h. 13 Portland 

Brouillet Joseph, pastor Notre Dame Church, 
Bronillette Joseph, carpenter, h. 47 Mason 
Brouillette Saraphln, carpenter, b. 47 Mason 
Brousseau Joseph, blacksmith, 8 Warren, 

h. at Boylston [Park are. 

Brow Edward, laster, 60 King, house 26B 
Brower William, horse clipper, h. Alvarado 

ay. n. Anna [9 Merrick 

Brown Aaron B. architect, 17 Chapln blk. h. 
Brown Adin C. finisher, 18 Mechanic, h. 207 

Chandler [Beacon 

Brown Adin £. yamisher, 9 May, boards 48 
Brown Albert E. steamfltter, 80 Foster, bds. 

at Holden 
Brown Albert H. weayer, Jamesyllle, h. do. 
Brown Albert S. house 21 Elm 
Brown Alfred M. machinist, 81 Exchange, 

house 42 do. [b. 18 Newbury 

Brown Allison S. lastmaker, 92 Foster, 
Brown Almira, widow of Jeremiah, house 

16 Chandler 

BROWN ALZIBUS, feed stable and truck- 
man, 28 Thomas, house 688 Main.— jSSse 

page 570 
Brown Andrew J. hairdresser, 107 Main, h. 8 

Palmer [16 Proyldence 

Brown Anna Mrs. stitcher, 70 Winter, bds. 
Brown Anne E.' widow of John W. house 8 

Douglas St. ct. 
Brown Annie, teacher, E. Worcester school, 

boards 17 High 
Brown Annie, domestic, 840 Cambridge 
Brown Annie M. boarding-house, 68 Salem 
Brown Arthur F. clerk, 619 Main, house at 

Brown Arthur H. carpenter, h. 6 So. Russell 
Brown Arthur B. student, b. 25 Bowdoin 
Brown A. Jane, widow of Dayld, h. rear 22 

Elliott [house 110 do. 

Brown Benjamin F. machinist, 95 Thomas, 
Brown Capen, foreman, b. Continental Hotel 
Brown Charles, bartender. Bay State House, 

boards do. 
Brown Charles, bds. 514 Main [h. 8 Myrtle 
Brown Charles C. "Woodworker, 227 Main, 
Brown Chas. E. hostler, City Hospital, bds. 

do. [b. 4 Palmer 

Brown Charles F. upholsterer, 327 Main, 
Brown Charles J. rem'd to Hayesyllle, Ohio 
Brown Clara E. clerk, 827 Main, boards 19 

Portland [246 Pleasant 

Brown Cordelia, bookkeeper, 148 Front, b. 
Brown Dan A. remoyed to Holden 
Brown Dayld P. house 10 Valley 






BrowD David W. machinist, 70 School, h. 

100 Malberry 
Brown Dennis L. carpenter, bds. rear Mill- 

barj opp. Whipple, Q. 
Brown Eben P. died Aug. 1888 
Brown Edward, laborer at gasworks, b. 165 

Millbnry [artine 

Brown Edward, watchman, hoase 105 Lam- 
Brown Edward A. connty treasurer. South 

Court Honse, house 81 Harvard 
Brown Edwin, treas. T. E. Earle Manufac- 
turing Co. 66 Grafton, h. Edward c. Glen 
Brown Edwin E. bookkeeper, 162 Front, b. 

51 Providence 
Brown Edwin W. organ maker, 19 Union, 

house Brittan near Lincoln 
Brown Elmer F. machinist, junction shop, 

house 118 Sontbgate [ton, house do. 
Brown Emily C. dressmaker, 71 Washing- 
Brown Emma F. teacher, Lamariine street 

school, boards 17 Piedmont [58 High 
Brown Ervin H. carpenter, 196 Union, bds. 
Brown Eugene F. machinist, 57 Jackson, h. 

168 Southbridge 
Brown Frank, mason, b. 128 Chandler [b. do. 
Brown Frank A. porter, Waverly House, 
Brown Frank B. machinist, h. 110 Thomas 
Brown Frank P. engineer, B. ft A. U. B. h. 

19 ^tna [Main, h. 6 West 

Brown Freeman, reporter. Daily Spy, 444 
Brown George, carpenter, Muskeego corner 

Albany, h. 1 Blaisdell ct. 
Brown George, farmer, h. Fowler, Tatnuck 
Brown George, teamster, 27 Lagrange, h. 

18 Madison 
Brown George, rem'd to Manchester, N. H. 
Brown George, pattern maker, h. 4 Blais- 
dell court 
Brown George A. boards 16 Walnut 
Brown George A. butcher, 69 Shrewsbury, 

honse 40 Salem [Elm 

Brown Greorge E. clerk, 94 Grove, house 8 
Brown George P. bootmaker, house 246 

Pleasant [Worcester 

Brown George T. horse dealer, h. 42 East 
Brown Greorge W. removed ft'om city 
Brown Gideon, laborer, h. 58 N. Ashland 
Brown Harry, rem'd to Providence, R. I. 
Brown Henry A. painter, 100 Prescott, h. 

at Ayer Junction 
Brown Henry J. supt. Wor. woolen mills, 

17 Southgate, h. 455 Southbridge 
Brown Henry R. supt. 18 Coes, h. 52 Mill 
Brown Henry S. bookkeeper, Lagrange 

opp. Junction depot, b. 85 Pleasant 
Brown Henry W. teacher. State Normal 

school, bds. 17 High 
Brown Herbert E. woodworker, 196 Union, 

h. 58 High [Austin 

Brown Howard N. clerk, 226 Front, b. 206 
Brown Hugh G. removed Arom city 
Brown James, driver, h. r. 172 Prescott 
Brown James A. clerk, Post-Offlce, house 7 

Brown James A. woodworker, 196 Union, b. 

6 Clinton ct. [28 Assonet 

Brown James C. machinist, 22 Cypress, h. 
Brown James D. calciminer, h. 42 John 

Brown James J. stucco worker, house 58 

Myrtle [h. 106 Washington 

Brown James M. pattern ipaker, 23 Hermon, 
Brown James S. removed to Chicopee 
Brown Jeremiah, laborer, house 81 North 
Brown John, laborer, house 847 MlUbury 
Brown John, boot finisher, 68 High 
Brown John, mason, house 26 Larkin 
Brown John C. mason, bds. 128 Chandler 
Brown John E. engineer, 78 School, house 

rear 102 Thomas [158 Union ave. 

Brown John H. engineer, B. So A. R. R. h. 
Brown John K. boots and shoes, 14 Front, 

h. 17 Benefit [house 18 Foyle 

Brown Joseph A. boiler maker, 57 Green, 
Brown Joseph W. boiler maker, rear 179 

Union, house 77 Madison [Chandler 
Brown Joshua A. foreman, 2 Allen ct. h. 70 
Brown Josiah, machinist, 95 Thomas, house 

21 Arch [Auburn 

Brown Josiah W. supt. 827 Main, house 20 
Brown J. Stewart, water registrar, 5 City 

Hall, h. 89 Orchard 
Brown Kate Mrs. domestic, 257 Main 
Brown Leonard W. died May 5, 1888. age 48 
Brown Lewis T. died April 27, 1883, age 52 
Brown Lucy A. widow of Leonard W. house 

5 Hollywood [Chandler 

Brown Margaret, widow of John, house 128 
Brown Margaret J. (E, T. Schofield & Co,), 

194 Front, h. 86 Mendon 
Brown Mary A. widow of Francis £. house 

18 Madison [60 Chandler 

Brown Mary A. widow of Patrick H. bds. 
Brown Mary A. widow of Lewis T. h. 17 

Brown Mary E. dressmaker, h. 128 Chandler 
Brown Mary J. h. Fowler near city line 
Brown Mary W. widow of Amos, house 75 

Pleasant [Q. 

Brown Michael, heater, h. r. MiUbury n. R.R., 
Brown Michael J. laborer, boards 27 Suffblk 
Brown Michael J. laborer, bds. 8 Assonet 
Brown Moses W. machinist, 57 Jackson, h. 

21 do. 
Brown Nellie, dressmaker, house 15 Beaver 
Brown Orpha D. boarding-house, 9 Davis 
Brown Patrick, mason, house 16 Bluff 
Brown Peter, presser, 107 Main, b. 27 

Carbon [186 Pleasant 

Brown Phylonzo, trunks, 20 Front, house 
Brown Prentice W. rem'd to Westmoreland, 

N. H. [11 Washington 

Brown Rebecca B. widow of Chauncey, h. 
Brown Reginald, farmer, h. Fowler, Tatnuck 
Brown Richard, boiler tender, 14 Blooming- 
dale, house 8 Assonet [Mendon 
Brown Robert C. cutter, 619 Main, house 42 
Brown Robert E. hairdresser, 102 South- 
bridge, house 8 Liberty [b. do. 
Brown Robert F. waiter. Bay State House, 
Brown Rosanna, widow of Archey, house 7 

Brown [Main 

Brown Samuel, shoecutter, 68 High, h. 883 
Brown Samuel (Walker A Brown), 166 

Front, h. 108 Chandler 
Brown Sarah A* widow of Theophllus, h. 

212 Lincoln 






Brown Stephen, boiler maker, r. 179 Union, 

h. 116 Salem 
Brown Stephen S. rem'd to Holden [Salem 
Brown Stephen W. boiler maker, b. 115 
Brown Theodore P. bookkeeper, 9 May, h. 

2 Charlotte 
Brown Thomas, rem*d to Boston 
Brown Thomas, house 85 Park [9 Merrick 
Brown Wendell P. teacher (at Millbury). b. 
Brown Willard A. attendant, Worcester 

Lunatic Hospital, Belmont, b. do. 
Brown Willard Z. rem'd to Holden 
Brown William, upholsterer, 2 Central Ex- 
change, h. 4 Palmer 
Brown William, heater, house 27 Suffolk 
Brown William A. clerk, 814 Main, bds. 60 

Brown Wm. C. student, bds. 10 Lancaster 
Brown Wm. D. Janitor, 20 Exchange, h. 16 

Brown William F. truckman, h. 84 Southgate 
Brown Wm. F. laborer at gasworks, h. 47 

Millbury [4 Newbury 

Brown William H. hairdresser, 5 Mill, bds. 

BROWN WM. H. machinist, 81 Mechanic, 
boards 80 Myrtle. ~i9ee page 685 
Brown Wm. H. clerk, 484 Main, bds. Park 

n. Salem [116 Salem 

Brown Wm. J. boiler maker, r. 179 Union, b. 
Brown Wm. L. reedmaker, 9 May, bds. 7 

Brown Wm. N. (Brovm A Nash), house 206 

Austin [Main, h. 212 Lincoln 

Brown Wm. T. (W, and T. Broton), 42i 
Brown Wm. W. foreman, 155 Front, house 

6 Merrick 
Brown W. & T. (W. T. Brown and F. H. 

E stabr ookJ, merchant tailors, 424 Main 

BROWN A NASH r W. N. Brown and H. H. 
Nashjt blacksmiths and horseshoers, 
Foster c. Bridge. — See page 568 
Browne Harry E. armorer, bds. 7 Cristy 
Browne Henry L. bootmaker, h. 7 Cristy 
Browne Jennie L. bookkeeper, 187 Front, b. 

76 Pleasant 
Browne John P. machinist, h. 7 Cristy 

BROWNELL GEORGE L. twisting ma- 
chinery manuf. 82 Foster, house 28 

Main. — See page 642 [Barclay 

Brownell Henry M. driver, 20 Grafton, h. 18 
BrownhiU Charles, carpenter, h. 11 Kllby 
Browning Charles G. asst. mall agent. Union 

depot, boards 76 Pleasant 
Browning Edgar A. clerk. Union depot 

restaurant, house 88 Shelby [George 
Browning Edward F. clerk, 204 Main, h. 12 
Browing Henry H. rem'd to Haverhill 
Browning James E. rem'd to Hard wick 
Browning J. engineer, bds 6 Chatham 
Browning L. Herbert, restaurant, Union 

depot, house 62 Providence [age 48 

Browning Phllena H. died Sept. 11, 1888, 
Broxap Isaac, machinist, 110 Green, h. 2 

Bruce Alvln C. clerk, 842 Main, b. do. 
Bruce Hollls E. clerk, 80 Front, boards 16 

Windsor [h. 8 Alden 

Bruce Horatio, foreman, 152 Southbrldge, 

Bruce John, Jr. scrap iron, h. 68 Hanover 
Bruce Joseph S. cutter, 70 Winter, h. 87 

Cutler [Hospital, Belmont, b. do. 

Bruce Ulmer S. attendant, Worcester Lnn&tic 
Bruce William, clerk, bds. 45 Salem 
Brflmmer Mary M. widow, bds. 90 Salem 
Brtimmer Philip, watches, Jewelry, 4bc 74 

Front, house 90 Salem 
Bruhstrom Aaron, laborer, h. Taylor, Qp 
Bruhstrom Carl W. laborer, h. S26 MiUbury 
Brule Didace, machine operator, 82 Austin, 

house 180 Salem 
Brule Joseph A. grocer, 187 Washington, 

house do. 
Brunelle Clarence, skatemaker, 81 Mulberry, 

bds. 548 Main [son, h. 6 Myrtle 

Brunelle Frank X. pattern maker, 62 Jack- 
Brunelle John, driver, 620 Biain, b. Mechanic 
Brunelle Josephine, widow of Moses, h. 89 

Prospect [ter, h. 27 Lyon 

Brunelle Philaise, carpenter, 10 E. Worces- 
Brunette Thomas, finisher, house 18 Spring 
Brunette Wm. laborer, bds. 18 Spring 
Bruninghaus Richard, Jr. hairdresser, 891 

Main, h. 70 Belmont 
Brunnell Paul, rem'd from city [Laroartine 
Brnnnell Peter, beltmaker, 187 Front, h. 84 
Bruno Joseph, sawyer, 5 Sargent, hoose U 

Brunsel Carl, wlreworker, b. 2 Pink [Lake 
Bruso Charles, machinist, 28 Webster, h. 11 
Bruso Charles E. polisher, 4 Leicester, h. 84 

Mill [Coes cor. BuAira 

Bruso Edward, watchman, 1 Coes sq. house 
Bruso Edward, 2d. machinist, 4 Leicester, 

bds. 84 Cambridge [Cambridge 

Bruso John, finisher, 4 Leicester, house 84 
Bruso John E. machinist, 140 Union, b. 142 

Bruso John F. plumber, b. Coes c. Bufltam 
Bruso Joseph, laborer, h. 84 Cambridge 
Bruso Joseph, Jr. machinist, 50 Lagrange, 

house r. 86 Benefit 
Bruso J. Edward, machinist, b. 142 Pleasant 
Bruso Mary, widow of John B. b. 20 Spruce 
Bruso Moses, woodworker, b. 84 Cambridge 
Bruso Paul, painter, house 2 Tirrell 
Bruso Paul, saloon, 88 Shrewsbury, h. do. 
Bruso Peter, machinist, 28 Webster, house 

Webster, BamardviUe [9 Hollls 

Bruso Peter, machinist, 50 Lagrange, house 
Brusoe Joseph E. machinist, 57 Jackson, h. 

65 Salem 
Bruya Frank C. carpenter, house 5 Douglas 
Bryant Charles H. milkman, house Holden 

cor. Smith lane [h. 85 Liberty 

Bryant CbrLstopher, carpenter, 196 Union, 
Bryant Edward A. cabinetmaker, 25 Union, 

house 28 John [Boylston n. Grove 

Bryant Frank, driver, 91 Central, bds. West 
Bryant George R. wlreworker, h. 59 Orchard 
Bryant James T. agent Adams Express Co. 

896 Main, house 22 Lincoln square 
Bryant John H. removed to Maine 
Bryant J. Edgar, farmer, boards Holden cor. 

Smith lane [202 Pleasant 

Bryant Matthew, tinsmith, 51 Main, house 
Bryant Robert T. mason, house 17 Lily 





fbncy goods, trimmiDgs, &c. 88 Front, 

hoDse 127 Beacon. — See page 526 
Biyant S. A. Mrs. dressmaker, 202 Pleasant, 

house do. 
Bryant Waldo C. student, boards 17 Dix 
Bryant Walter A. hostler, 41 Foster, house 

86 Sommer [202 Pleasant 

Biyant William D. bookbinder, 887 Main, b. 
Bryden Benjamin F. died September, 1888 
Biyden Charles K. bookkeeper, 858 Main, 

bds. 76 Pleasant [Jacques 

Bryson Ellzabetb L. boards Webster comer 
Bryson Walter D. machinist, 28 Webster, 

house Webster comer Jacques 
Buchanan Gilbert J. removed from city 
Bnchanan Havilah, woodworker, 100 Pres- 

cott, bds. 9 Dix [Wellington 

Bnchanan Henry A. woodworker, house 48 
Buck Charles, foreman, 82 Austin, house 91 

Chandler « [Austin 

Buck Chas. £. clerk, 876 Main, boards 101 
Buck Charles H. clerk, 88 Front, house 91 

Chandler [Oxford 

Buck Charles P. cutter, 82 Austin, house 49 
Buck Charles P. carpenter, h. 74 Piedmont 
Buck Chester, insurance, bds. 15 Maple 
Buck Franklin £. died Aug. 27, 1888, age 46 
Buck George P. bookkeeper, 19 Church, b. 

22 Portland [Wyoming site 

Buck George W. orguinette maker, bds. 22 
Buck Harvey T. ft Co. (H, L, Savage), 

Worcester Moulding Works, 19 Cypress, 

house 88 Queen 
Buck Henry E. card writer, h. 70 Chandler 
Buck Horace B. carriage maker, 68 Chandler, 

honse 71 do. 
Buck Jennie M. Mrs. removed to Westboro* 
Buck Lizzie F. Mrs. removed from city 
Buck Maria Mrs. cleaner, h. 115 Park ave. 
Buck Patrick C. watchman, honse Beacon 

near Jackson [Southbridge 

Buck William A. moulder, 92 Thomas, b. 208 
Buck William N. machinist, 57 Jackson, h. 

at Westboro' 
Buckard Charles, shoemaker, Hanover near 

Arch, b. 9 Orchard 
Buckard Charles, jr. wire drawer, house 9 

Orchard [h. 144 do. 

Bncke Charles O. marble cutter, 181 Central, 
Buckingham George B., Arcade Malleable 

Iron Co., Washington sq. h. 10 Oread 
Buckley Abel, laborer, bds. 189 Cambridge 
Buckley Charles I. driver, 129 Main, boards 

6 Arch [69 Temple 

Buckley Daniel, machinist, 110 Green, bds. 
Buckley Daniel, died Jan. 24, 1883, age 65 
Buckley Elizabeth A. clerk, bds. 6 Arch 
Buckley Ellen, widow of Daniel, house 67 

Grafton [6 Arch 

Buckley Emily J. widow of William, house 
Bockley Emma, teacher. Woodland street 

school, bds. 6 Arch [42 Bellevue 

Buckley James G. boot treer, 60 King, house 
Buckley Jeremiah, boot closer, 82 Austin, 

honse 4 Ascension 
Buckley Jeremiah, brakeman, b. 108 Thomas 
Buckley Jeremiah, laborer, h. r. 44 Thomas 

Buckley Jeremiah, moulder, 51 Green, house 

190 Southbridge [190 Southbridge 

Buckley Johanna, widow of Daniel, boards 
Buckley John, polisher, 4 Leicester, house 

26 Lake 
Buckley John, laborer, house 71 Millbury 
Buckley John W. wire drawer, Pitt, boards 

484 Southbridge [168 Chandler 

Buckley John W. machinist, 57 Jackson, h. 
Buckley Margaret, widow, b. 58 Union ave. 
Buckley Mary, grocer, 67 Temple, house do. 
Buckley Michael, teamster, h. 6 Seymore 
Buckley Patrick, hostler, Curtis c. Leicester, 

bds. 8 Mill 
Buckley Thomas, weaver, house 22 Temple 
Buckley William, laborer, bds. 22 Temple 
Buckley William J. foreman, Putnam lane n. 

Shrewsbury, house 4 Nebraska 
Bucklin Edgar, laborer, bds. 16 Providence 
Bucklln Qeorge H. wireworker, h. 69 Grove 
Bucklin Lawrence, removed to Boston 
Bucklin Maria Mrs. house 16 Providence^ 
Bucklin Rollin M. carpenter, house 20 Salem 
Budding Lucie A. widow of Bepj. Q. bds. 19 

Hanlngton ave. 
Buell Alpeus 8. propr. Southbridge express, 

869 Main, h. at Southbridge 
Buell Lura C. Mrs. bds. 155 Pleasant 
Buell Samuel K. grindstones, 48 Waldo, b. 

155 Pleasant [100 Front, h. 9 Kilby 

Bufflngton Chas. L. (Bvffington d OoodellJt 
Buffington Ellsha D. apothecary, 800 Main, 

house 4 William 
Buffington & Goodell (0. L. Buffington and 

W. H, Goodell), wall paper, 100 Front 
Buflhm Seth W. wireworker, h. 58 Fountain 
Bugbee Annie M. house 19 Bowdoin 
Bugbee Chas. E. boards 8 Myrtle 
Bugbee Elmore, boot bottomer, Hamilton, 

house at Webster [Mechanic 

Bugbee Elsie M. widow of James, house 16 
Bugbee Mary T. widow of Lyman, house 45 

Bugbee Thomas L. house 7 Cottage 
Bugbee Walter S. fkrmer, house Brattle, 

North Worcester [Castle 

Bugbee Walter T. cutter, 872 Main, house 8 
Buggy John J. machine tender, house 60 

Oxford [5 do. 

Bulah Charles W. painter, 8 Palmer, house 
Bulah William, coachman, bds. 81 Liberty 
Bulger Edward, varnisher, 7 Eaton place, li. 

84 Assonet [place 

Bulger Hugh, wireworker, house 7 Prescott 
Bulger John, melter, house 86 Suffolk 
Bull Eugene T. clerk, 128 Front, house 8 

Trumbull [Conn. 

BuUard Arthur H. removed to Bridgeport, 
Bullard Charles, carpenter, 15 Market, h. 8 

Tufts [58 Pleasant 

Bullard Charles E. salesman, 184 Front, b. 
Bullard Charles ^. engineer, P. & W. R. R. 

heuse 82 Plymouth [Vt. 

Bullard Charles E. rem'd to St. Johnsbury, 
Bullard Chester U. hostler, 88 School, bds. 1 

George street court 
Bullard Edgar M. baggage man, Union de- 
pot, house 94 Washington 




A good a»9ortment at 841 JUAJK ST. 



Bollard Eleazer, iceman, bds. 57 Grove 
Ballard Francis R. foremaDi 100 Prescott, h. 

38 Harrison 
Bnllard Franklin N. bookkeeper, 57 Union, 

h. 221 Sammer 
Ballard Qeorge C. stitcher, 68 High, house 

2 High street court 
Ballard George H. boiler tender, Bridge c. 

Foster, boards 88 Belmont. 
Ballard Gilbert, switchman, B. & A. R. IL b. 

35 Grafton [822 Park ave. 

Ballard James H. engineer, 137 Front, h. 
Ballard Perry, painter, house 24 Church 
BuUard S. Gilman Mrs. music teacher, h. 

424 Main [81 Salem 

Bnllard T. Clinton, stitcher, 103 Front, h. 
Bollens George R. house 1 Ashland 
Bull man William, laborer, Rural Cemetery, 

boards 167 Grove 
Bullock A. George, pres. and treas. State 

Mat. Life Assurance Co. 240 Main, h. 

48 Elm [15 Ashland 

Bullock Elvira H. widow of Alexander H. h. 
Bullock Frances, widow of Richard, bds. 16 

Webster [So. Russell 

Bullock Frank O. clerk, 584 Main, house 22 
Bullock Harriet £. boards 27 Elm 
Bullock Henry A. clerk, 8 Pearl, h. 1 Mason 
Bullock James D. clerk, 214 Front, boards 9 

High [do. 

Bullock Mary A. dressmaker, 46 Bowdoin, b. 
Bullock Richard, house 46 Bowdoin 
Bullock Sylvanus G. policeman. City Hall, 

house 6 Mason 
Bulstrode Arthur H. farmer, b. 66 Salisbury 
Bump LeForest J. tinsmith, 458 Main, h. 22 

Wachusett [Central 

Bundy Eliza A. widow of George, house 73 
Bundy George L. coachman, b. 73 Central 
Bunker Julia A. teacher, £a«t Worcester 

school, boards 145 Summer 
Bunnell Henry, weaver, Brussels, house 

Lyman, Barnard vllle 
Bunnell Mary L. widow of Cyrus B. boards 

Lyman, Barnardville 
Burbank Abijah F. watches and silver ware, 

341 Main, house 6 John 

BURBANK ASA L. Jewelry and sporting 
apparatus, 341 Main, h. 335 do. — See 
foot lines under B 

BURBANK CHARLES W. civil engineer, 
335 Main, house 1 Portland place. — 

See page 686 
Bnrbank Daniel E. engineer, 181 Central, h. 

137 do. [219 Pleasant 

Bnrbank Edgar D. painter, 8 Slater court, h. 
Burbank Frank F. foreman, Hose No. 6, 224 

Pleasant, house 226 do. 
Burbank James L. estate of, apothecary, 376 

Main [1 Denny 

Burbank John E. bookkeeper, 341 Main, h. 
Burbank Lydla O. wido^ of George G. h. 

109 Lincoln 
Burbank Nathan G. & Co. (C, L, OatesJ, 

produce, 1 Allen court, h. 31 Richards 
Burbank Persis S. widow of James L. bds. 

Lincoln House [n. Upland 

Burbank Samuel H. flirmer. h. Greenwood 

Bnrbank Silas D. wire mattress maDUf. r. 

116 Elm, house 116 do. [West 

Burckel Anton, carver, 26 N. Foster, bds. 2 
Burdett George A. shoemaker, 10 Mulbeny, 

h. 165 Front [165 Front 

Burdett George H. clerk, 1 Foster, boards 
Burdett Louis F. carpenter, 5 Sargent, h. 5 

Harris ct. [b. 51 Salem 

Burdick Albert C. woodworker, 171 Union, 
Burdon Leviua W. nurse, b. 17 Bellevne 
Burger Charles, removed to Boston 
Burgess Alvin T. mason, 38 Myrtle, b. do. 
Burgess Arabell E. teacher. Summer street 

school, bds. Salisbury n. Forest 
Burgess Chas. F. & Co. hardware, 516 Main, 

house 33 May 
Burgess Daniel J. printer, 8 Maple, house 

28 Kendall [deuce 

Burgess Daniel S. mason, house 38 Frovi- 
Burgess Elizabeth, bds. 33 Providence 
Burgess EUory C. removed to Boston 
Burgess Geo. E. iasarance, b. 887 Main 
Burgess John B. laborer, 122 Gold, hoose 99 

Burgess John W. mason, b. 80 Lagrange 
Burgess Joseph A. mason, b. 38 Providence 
Burgess Leonard S. tinsmith, bds. 20 Biaple 
Burgess Lizzie, clerk, bds. 33 Providence 

BURGESS SILAS A. lawyer, 8 Brinley 
Hall block, 344 Main, house Salisbury 

near Forest. — Seepage 497 
Burgess Tristam, cutter, house 16 Coral 
Burgess Walter F. machinist, hoose 105 

Burgess Willard F. machinist, 161 Union, h. 

23 Carbon [5 Thomas 

Burgess Wm. M. tobacconist, 41 Main, bds. 
Burke Bridget, b. 44 Canterbury [18 Ash 
Burke Bridget, widow of Sylvester, house 
Burke Catherine, boards 72 Madison 
Burke Christopher, laborer, h. 25 Ellsworth 
Burke David, laborer, 63 Washington sq. 

house 20 Temple 
Burke Edmund, laborer, house 6 Meade 
Burke Ellen, widow of Mathew, house 12 

Burke Francis F. machinist, Lagrange opp. 

Junction depot, boards 5 Barclay 
Burke Frank, laborer, house 13 Pond 
Burke Garrett, laborer, bds. 24 Briden 
Burke George W. machinist, 110 Green, h. 

173 Millbnry 
Burke Henry, laborer, 138 Mechanic, bds. 

12 Pond [b. 5 Barclay 

Burke Henry L. skatemaker, 31 Mulberry, 
Burke Isaac, rem'd firom city 
Burke James, driver, 23 Manchester, honse 

12 Pond 
Bnrke James, laborer, house 2 Kane's ct. 
Burke James, laborer, house 25 Gk)ld st. ct. 
Burke James, mason, house 45 Exchange 
Burke James, wire cleaner, house 4 Riley 
Burke James J. bartender, 230 Mechanic, b. 

17 Conlin ct. 
Burke .Tames J. wire worker, 85 Union, bds. 

39j| Canterbury 
Burke James J. coremaker, Hammond near 

R. R. bds. 44 Canterbury 





Barke James J. machinist, 58 HermoD, bds. 

48 Ezchani^e [coart 

Barke James J. wire drawer, b. 5 Boylston 
Burke JohaDna, widow of Michael, house 

Chamberlain court 
Barke John, blacksmith, h. S9h Canterbury 
Barke John, printer, boards 17 Conlin ct. 
Barke John, removed fVom city 
Borke John, laborer, 68 Washington square, 

hoase 6 McFarland's ct. 
Borke John, laborer, bds. 12 Brlden 
Barke John, machinist, 64 Jackson, bds. 28 

Barke John, wire drawer, house 22 Slgel 
Barke John, laborer, 92 Thomas, house 15 

Tremont [5 Barclay 

Barke John £. bleacher, 284 Pleasant, bds. 
Barke John J. laborer, h. 17 Conlin ct. 
Barke John M. moalder, 149 Washington, 

hoase 18 Bradley [Conlin court 

Burke John M. compositor, 418 Main, b. 
Burke Joseph, laborer, house 6 Liberty 
Burke Margaret, widow of Matthew, house 

34 Brlden [17 Cross 

Burke Martin, boot bottomer, Hamilton, h. 
Burke Mary, widow of John, h. 7 Douglas 
Burke Maurice, moalder, 149 Washington, 

house 17 Bradley [Shrewsbury 

Burke Michael, polisher, 75 Beacon, bds. 178 
Burke Michael, carpenter, house 49 Winter 
Burke Michael, screwmaker, 1 Coes sq. bds. 

Sutton lane near Sutton road 
Burke Michael D. removed to Milford 
Burke Michael J. removed to Webster 
Burke Patrick, watchman, 82 Southgate, h. 

77 Grand [Gold 

Burke Patrick, laborer, r. 179 Union, bds. 42 
Burke Patrick, removed to North Adams 
Burke Patrick J. hostler at Jail, house 179 

Summer [1 Chamberlain ct. 

Burke Patrick J. machinist, 186 Union, bds. 
Burke Richard, laborer, house 5 Beach 
Burke Thomas, dyer, boards 78 Grove 
Burke Thomas, carpenter, h. 44 Canterbury 
Burke William, painter, house 27 Ellsworth 
Burke Winift'ed Mrs. house 5 Barclay 
Bnrkhardt Henry C. hairdresser, 228 Front, 

house 10 Warren [do. 

Burkholder Anna Z. nurse. City Hospital, b. 

BUELEIGH CHARLES H. patents, 448 
Main, house 27 Oread pi. — See page 508 
Burleigh Elizabeth Mrs. dressmaker, boards 

6 Gold 
Burleigh Wm. asst. bookkeeper, People's 
Savings Bank, 452 Main, h. 80 Chatham 
Burlin Oscar, blacksmith, 51 Green, boards 

89 Endlcott 
Ballard George, engineer, b. 88 Belmont 

gines. 22 Cypress, and (8, W. Neleon & 

Co.), h. 52 Fountain.— i9<eiNi^e 672 
Borllngame Asa W. machinist, 22 Cypress, 

hoase Fales, Greendale 
Borllngame Harris, trackman, 22 Cypress, 

h. 106 Summer [31 Carroll 

Borllngame Sarah A. widow of Harris, h. 
Borllngame Sheldon F. foreman, 22 Cypress, 

hoase W. Boylston, Greendale 

Burllngham Esther A. nurse, b. 161 Austin 
Burn James, laborer, 17 Southgate, house 

Canterbury [Chatham 

Burnap Edward 11. clerk, 426 Main, bds. 27 
Burnap Battle M. bookkeeper, b. 45 Lincoln 
Burnell Arthur, plater, 44 Central, house 60 

Penn avenue [Mechanic 

Burnell John H. driver, 620 Main, boards 16 
Burnell Joseph, laborer, h. 14 Layard place 
Burnett Emeline, boards 80 Orient 
Burnett George M. carpenter, 10 E. Worces- 
ter, house at MlUbury 
Burnett John, carder, h. 84 Canterbury 
Burnett Louisa E. nurse, h. 87 Shelby 
Burnett Lucy A. nurse, h. 80 Orient 
Burnett Thomas, laborer, 7 Eaton pL hoose 

Spring; n. Front 
Burney Wm. machinist, 84 Prescott, boards 

Steamer No. 8, Prescott 
Burnham Arthur W. machinist, Hammond 

n. R. R. bds. 1 Howe 
Burnham Chas. E. clerk, 428 Main, boards 

1 Howe [70 Pleasant 

Burnham Fred. A. clerk, 825 Main, boards 
Burnham George, machinist, h. 850 Main 
Burnham Lyman, woodworker, Hammond 

n. R. R. h. 7 Davis 
Burnham Wm. H. laborer, Putnam lane, h. 

Marshall n. W ilson [ant, h. 1 Howe 
Burnham Woodbridge, shoemaker, 8 Pleas- 
Bum ham Wright £. clerk, 428 Main, boards 

1 Howe [b. 88 William 

Burns Alice £. Mrs. stamping, 291 Main, 
Burns Annie £. housekeeper, Plantation n. 

B* & A. R. R. 
Burns Bessie, bds. 78 Water 
Burns Bridget Mrs. house 887 Main 
Burns Catherine Mrs. nurse, h. 61 MlUbury 
Burns Catherine, housekeeper, 180 Beacon 
Bums Catherine, widow of James, house 188 

Burns Daniel F. W. painter, h. 28 Union av. 
Burns Dominlck, laborer, h. 6 Seymore 
Burns Edward, moulder, 68 Washington sq. 

house 20 Spruce 
Burns Frank, stone layer, h. 98 Ward 
Burns James, helper, W. & N. R. R. repair 

shop, house 27 Church 
Burns James, foreman, b. 23 Blackstone 
Burns James, laborer, 17 Southgate, boards 

7 Armory ct. 
Burns James, laborer, h. 14 Ward 
Burns James, laborer, Hammond cor. R. R. 

house 47 Temple 
Burns Jeremiah D. student, bds. 91 Green 
Burns Johanna Mrs. h. 42 Gold 
Burns John, laborer, bds. 10 Brlden 
Burns John, laborer, boards r. Mlllbury near 

R. R., Q. 
Burns John, laborer, h. 15 Grosvenor 
Bums John, laborer, bds. 228 Southbridge 
Burns John, bootmaker, 155 Front, house 91 

Green [mond, h. Blgelow c. Ellsworth 
Bums John, laborer, Southbridge c. Ham- 
Burns John, stonecutter. Summer cor. R. R. 

house 29 Eastern ave. 
Bums John J. laborer, house 5 Boland ct. 
Burns John J. laborer, h. 89 Ellsworth 





Burns Joseph S. teacher, Highland MilUary 

Academy, Salisbury, bds. do. 
Bums Julia, widow of Bryan, h. 88 Ward 
Burns Kate, cook, 881 Main, bds. 90 Ward 
Burns Maggie J. bozmaker, bds. 88 Ward 
Burns Marcus, laborer, house 26 Larkin 
Burns Martin, boot slder, 162 Southbridge, 

house r. 57 Winter 
Burns Martin, roller, h. 118 Washington 
Burns Mary, dressmaker, b. 61 Millbury 
Burns Mary Mrs. boarding-house, 180 Front 
Bums Michael, laborer, b. 88 Bridge 
Bums Michael, laborer, 7 Redding ct. 
Burns Michael, laborer, h. 90 Ward [bridge 
Burns Michael, wire drawer, b. 228 South- 
Burns Nellie, heelmaker, b. 191 Mechanic 
Burns Nellie, widow of Francis, h. 179 Mill- 
Bums Owen F. cutter, house 48 Columbia 
Burns Patrick, laborer, 65 Jackson, house 

17 Burt 
Bums Patrick, spinner, Hopeville Manuf. 

Co. h. Sutton lane n. Sutton road 
Burns Patrick, laborer, Putnam lane, boards 

90 Ward [107 E. Central 

Burns Patrick, laborer, r. 51 Main, house 
Bums Patrick, laborer, bds. r. 17 Garden 
Burns Penelope, music teacher, boards 27 

Burns Peter, laborer, b. Greenwood, Q. 
Bums Phebe, cook, 115 Main [15 do. 

Burns Robert, blacksmith, r. 64 Thomas, b. 
Burns Roger, boot bottomer, 7 Washington 

sq. house 188 Washington 
Burns Sophia Mrs. domestic, 56 Central 
Burns Thomas, laborer, b. 6 Seymore 
Burns Thomas, wireworker, h. r. 17 Garden 
Burns Timothy, boot treer, 155 Front, house 

8 Burt 
Burns Timothy B. died May 12, 1888, age 24 
Bums William £. bootmaker, bds. 91 Green 
Bums Wm. H. gilder, 5 Maple, bds. 11 do. 
Burns William H. bootmaker, h. r. 2 Blossom 
Burns William H. (Baker <fi Burns), 98 

Front, h. 198 Pleasant c. N. Merrick 
Bums, see Bymes 

Burnside Elizabeth D. Miss, h. 17 Chestnut 
Burnside Hattie P. F. Miss, h. 17 Chestnut 
Burpee Pierson T. K. turner, 196 Union, b. 

81 Salem 
Burr Catherine T. Miss, b. 2 Oxford place 
Burr Ellisons, hackman, house 98 Elm 
Burr Frederic A. wireworker, 195 Front, h. 

191 Lincoln [10 Walnut 

Burr George, eating-house, 2 Foster, house 
Burr Hannah S. widow of Joseph, bds. 28 

Newbury [Piedmont 

Burr Henry A. machinist, 62 Jackson, b. 8 
Burr Reuben R. machinist, 161 Union, house 

79 Hanover [Merrick 

Burr Sanford E. clerk, 576 Main, house 18 
Burr Wm. H. P. tinsmith, r. 16 Union, b. 68 

Main [side ct. 

Burrell Charles A. teamster, boards 8 Buru- 
Burrell Horace M. foreman, 70 Winter, h. 

8 Portland [70 Washington 

Burrill Frank H. chair finisher, 15 Union, b. 
Burrill Frederic, painter, h. 70 Washington 

Burrill Lily, dressmaker, 70 Waahingtcm, h. 

do. [Hollis 

Burroughs Charles F. carpenter, boards 42 
Burroughs Fred. A. P. house 42 Hollis 
Burrows Charles, carpenter, 21 Grafton, h. 

71 MiUbury 
Burrows Edward H. rem'd to Oxford 
Burrows Emanuel, carpenter, 21 Grafton, h. 

71 Millbury [b. S Denny 

Burrows Frank T. compositor, 47 Main, 
Burrows H. Chauncey, salesman, 94 Grove, 

boards Bay State House 
Burrncker George J. wireworker, bouse 10 

Elliott [Chatham 

Burt Albro A. machinist, 19 Charch, bds. 8 
Burt Charles H. clerk, boards Mlllbary opp. 

Stebbins [do. 

Burt Daniel W. laborer, 821 Kain, boards 
Burt George P. music teacher, Collesr® Holy 

Cross, h. 72 Washington [Goddard 

Burt James 0. bootmaker, 22 Gold, boose 18 
Burt William H. foreman at wireworks, Q. 

house Millbury near R. R. 
Burt William H. painter, h. 26 Plymouth 
Bnrtelle Arthur, bookkeeper, Citizens Nat. 

Bank, 425 Main, boards 989 do. 
Burtis George H. clerk, house 29 King 
Burton Arthur H. salesman, Manchester c. 

Union, house 15 Grold 
Burton Clarence F. watchman, 60 Bloom- 

ingdale, house 5 Silver 

BURTON HENRT W. second-faand cloth- 
ing, 1 Central, house 80 Dewey n. Par- 
ker. — Seepage 574 
Burton James, teamster, honse Belmont n. 
Bell pond [Green 

Burton Mary A. widow of Daniel, hoase 55 
Burton Thomas, machinist, 100 Prescott, h. 
85 Highland [FoonUln 

Burton Thomas H. carrier, P. O. boose 11 
Busfleld John (Bailey A Butfield), 88 Water, 

house 40 Fox 
Busfleld Mary, widow of Thomas, b. 9 Ash 
Bush Augustus L. sawyer, 162 Union, house 
16 Wachusett [87 Orange 

Bush Herbert E. cutter, 82 Austin, boards 
Bush Joseph W. machinist, 85 Mechanic, b. 

Salem near Park 
Bush William (Bush A Co.), house 7 West 

BUSH & CO. ( William Bush), druggists, 
66 Front. — See foot lines under B 
Bushee Samuel, spinner, 17 Southgate, bds. 
47 do. [145 Mechanic 

Bushey Alexander, carpenter, 196 Union, h. 
Bushey Henry, died, 1888 
Bushnell Fordis O. clerk, 20 Pleasant, house 
182 Chandler 

ists and press manufs. 129 Gold, house 

11 Beneflt.—i^ee pa^6 684 
Bushnell Oscar P. machinist, 129 Gold, b. 

40 Oread 
Buss Charles D. carpenter, h. 4 Orchard 
Buss Chas. H. wire inspector, b. 4 Orchard 
Buss Frank, brakeman, h. Sackyille n. B., 

B. & G. R. R. 
Buss Frank F. hostler, boards 215 Summer 
Buss Frederick, packer, house 8 Orchard 

BUSH & CO., 




Bii«9 Sarah B. hoase 8 Shepard 

Bosflell AdoDiran J. engineer, boards United 

States Hotel [28 Charlton 

Buswell Charles E. clerk, 80 Front, boards 
Bii8W€ll Charles H. picture firamer, 19 Cy- 
press, h. 1 Green lane [267 Main 
Buswell Horace £. conductor, 15 Market, h. 
Boswell Mary £. widow of Horace, bds. 28 

Charlton QCamp 

Batcher Edwin, weaver, Brussels, house 20 
Butler Argalls P. machinist, 110 Qreen, h. 

87 Gold 
Butler Betsey Mrs. house 87 Portland 
Batler Bridget, widow of James, boards 77 

Butler Bridget, widow of Michael, house 89 

Salem [Southgate 

Butler Catharine, widow of Michael, b. 52 
Butler Charles A. laborer, 57 Jackson, h. 4 

Butler David, boot crimper, h. 18 Assonet 
Butler David, removed to Turner's Falls 
Butler David, jr. laborer, h. 7 Wood sq. 
Butler Edmund, house 14 So. Irving 
Butler Edward J. laborer, b. 14 So. Irving 
Butler Edward P. moulder, 77 Foster, b. 72 

Madison [ave. h. do. 

Butler E. Henry, hulled corn, Packer c. Park 
Butler Frank, removed from city 
Butler Frank J. rem'd to Hartford, Conn. 
Butler George F. turner, 25 Union, house 22 

Orchard [Portland 

Butler George S. clerk, 546 Main, boards 87 
Butler Henry K. baker, 11 Austin, bds. do. 
Butler Henry W. toolmaker, 44 Central, h. 

82 Wachusett [ant, h. do. 

Butler Hephzibah, music teacher, 285 Pleas- 
Butler James, carpenter, h. 71 North 
Butler James, wlreworker, h. 159 Grove 
Butler James F. armorer, 42 Gardner, b. 72 

Butler James J. machinist, bds. 40 Gold 
Batler James W. fireman, house 19 North 
Butler John, wlreworker, h. 8 Nashua 
Butler John J. house 40 Gold 
Batler John T. driver, 55 Central, house 28 

Butler John T. grocer, 157 Grove, h. do. 
Butler Joseph, removed to Turner's Falls 
Butler Lester S. clerk, 84 Millbury, boards 

4 Richland 
Butler Lucien B. agent Hunt's Mill, Leices- 
ter, v. F. house Leicester 
Butler Mary, widow of John, h. 159 Grove 
Butler Mary, widow of John, h. 72 Madison 
Butler Michael, laborer, 94 Grove 
Butler Michael, laborer, house 21 North 
Butler Michael, cutter, 81 Mulberry, bds. 8 

Ward [Ward 

Butler Michael W. cutter, 81 Mulberry, h. 8 
Butler Olive M. teacher. Quinsigamond 

school, boards 83 Green 
Butler Patrick, skatemaker, 31 Mulberry, h. 

93 Belmont [Canterbury 

Butler Patrick, laborer, 42 Gardner, h. 88 
Butler Patriae J. machinist. Ledge corner 

Water, boards 40 Gold 
Butler Richard, laborer, house 173 Grove 

Butler Richard, laborer, house 27 North 
Butler Simeon D. house 98 Park 
Butler Thomas, fireman, house Milton n. 
Edgeworth [Pleasant 

Butler Thomas, pattern maker, house 285 
Butler Thomas F. filer, bds. 80 Columbia 
Butler Thomas W. teacher, bds. 13 Assonet 
Butler William, boot crimper, h. 13 Assonet 
Butler Winnif red, widow of Daniel J. house 

11 Wade 
Butrick George, machinist, h. 29 Wachusett 
Butterfield Geo. V. removed to Boston 
Butterfield Hiram, lumber, h. 26 Newbury 
Butterfield Waldo E. shoddy maker, Trow- 

brldgeville, b. Webster n. cemetery 
Butterfield William H. machinist, 26 Salis- 
bury, house Lincoln cor. Cushlng 
Butterworth Elizabeth, widow of John, h. 

10 Columbia 
Butterworth George H. removed fk'om city 
Batterworth James, rem'd to Hartford, Conn. 
Butterworth James Mrs. grocer, 198 South- 
bridge, house do. 
Butterworth Jonathan, weaver, h. Hamburg 
Butterworth Joseph, wire drawer, Pitt, h. 
9 Sheridnn [Hanover 

Buttrick Aaron G. paperhanger, house 88 
Buttrick Albert C. (BuUrick dt PraU), 464 
Main, h. 175 Lincoln [bds. Lincoln 

Buttrick Alvin D. civil engineer, 464 Main, 
Buttrick Clarence G. clerk, 427 Main, bds. 
38 Hanover [8 Chatham 

Buttrick C. Oscar, clerk, 413 Main, boards 
Buttrick Joel M. driver, r. 155 Main, bds. 51 
Hanover [Hanover 

Bu ttrick Samuel D. woodworker, house 51 

BUTTRICK ft PRATT (A. C. BuUrick and 
H. A. Pratt J i civil engineers, 464 Main. 

— See page 505 
Buxton Alfred F. machinist, bds. 95 Salem 
Buxton Arthur H. clerk. United States 

Hotel, bds. do. [Central, h. 50 Cedar 
Buxton Azro L. D. fE. Buxton dh SonJt 40 
Buxton Chapel £. rem'd to Nashua, N. H. 
Buxton Edward & Son (A. L. D, Buxton), 

iron, 40 Central, house 109 Summer 
Buxton Edward E. tuner, 25 Union, bds. 27 

Shelby [31 Shelby 

Buxton Frank E. clerk, 94 Grove, boards 
Buxton Frank H. woodworker, 54 Jackson 
Buxton Frank W. moulder, h. 6 Orange [78 
Buxton Humphrey W. died Jan. 8, 1883, age 
Buxton Jennie E. clerk, bds. 95 Salem 
Buxton Joel, house 4 Sunnyside [Shelby 
Buxton Lewis D. cutting blocks, house 27 
Buxton Mary E. married to R. W. Robinson 
Buxton Susan N. widow of James W. bds. 

6 Orange [37 Carroll 

Buxton William, shoemaker, 36 Central, h. 
Buxton Wm. H. machinist, Hammond cor. 

R. R. b. 27 Shelby [b. 39 Salem 

Buzzell Albert S. moulder, 149 Washington, 
Buzzell Charles C. carpenter, house r. West 

Boylston near Barber's crossing 
Buzzell Josiah M. carpenter, house 58 Queen 
Buzzell Mary A. widow of John P. house 16 

Buzzell Wm. F. baker, house 15 Hudson 

BUSH & CO., 






Bye Martin, house 165 Sonthbridge 
Byne Wm. H. mafion, house 401 Millbary 
Byrne Edward, painter, h. 816 Park avenue 
Byrne Frank, canyasser, 8 Wa8hinji:ton sq. 

house 25 Spring 
Byrne John, packer, Putnam lane, house do. 
Byrne Patrick, waiter, College Holy Cross, 

boards do. 
Byrne Wm. saloon, 100 Mechanic, house do. 
Byrnes John, salesman, 827 Main, b. 98 do. 
Byrnes John, laborer, W. A N. R. B. fi-eight 

house, house 24 Briden 
Byron Henry L. removed to Chicago, 111. 
Byron Joseph, porter, 98 Main, bds. do. 
Byron Louis, shoemaker, r. 155 Front, house 

r. 189 Grafton [56 Exchange 

Byron Sophronie L. widow of Thomas, h, r. 

Cabaeo John 8. peddler, house Belmont n. 

Plantation [18 Bartlett pi. 

Cabana Alfk'ed J. polisher, 44 Central, house 
Cabana Andrew, died July 14, 1888 
Cabana Emma, widow of Andrew, boards 

54 Ward 
Cabana Francois, Janitor, house 56 Salem 
Cabana Joseph, mason, house 6 Norfolk ct. 
Cabana Michael, shoemaker, house 9 Bloom- 

ingdale court 
Cabana Victor, screwmaker, bds. 56 Salem 
Cadieu Hermon, removed to St. Paul, Minn. 
Cadieux Joseph, blacksmith, 161 Union, h. 

18 Central 
Cadman Lizzie, dressmaker, 288 Main, b. do. 
Cadorath Joseph, boot bottomer, 68 High, 

bds. 43 Exchange 
Cadoret Edmund, shoemaker, bouse 61 Wall 
Cadoret Emma, widow of Alexie C. house 

97 Lamartine 
Cadoret Joseph, laster, bds. 48 Exchange 
Cadotte Henry, slater, house Foley's court 
Cadwell George H. machinist, 161 Union, h. 

at Boylston Centre [at Grafton 

Cady Almond C. paperhanger, 284 Main, b. 
Cady Charles H. yeast, 897 Park ave. h. do. 
Cady Cloy, dressmaker, house 1 Oxford pi. 
Cady David, clerk, bds. 607 Main 
Cady Harriet, widow of David, b. 7 Linden 
Cady Hartweil fCady, JSendrick db Co.), 584 

Main, house 128 Austin 
Cady, Hendrick & Co. (H, Cady and H, W, 

Hendrickjf grocers, 584 Main 
Cady I. Davis, driver, 555 Main, b. 548 do. 
Cady Newton C. Mrs. stitcher, 88 Front, b. 

67 Myrtle 
Cafferty James H. machinist, bds. 128 Main 
Cahalin John, hostler, 121 Lincoln, bds. do. 
Cahalln Mary A. bds. 86 Park avenue 
Cahill Bridget, widow of Patrick, house 158 

Mechanic [n. Mulberry 

Cahill Catharine, widow of Daniel, h. Fulton 
Cahill Daniel, bricklayer, h. 146 Southbridge 
Cahill David, removed to Boston 
Cahill Dennis, laborer, house 6 Milk 
Cahill James, carpenter, house 61 Millbury 
Cahill James, teamster, rear 155 Main 
Cahill Jeremiah, wire drawer, house 97 East 

Central [6 Milk 

Cahill Jeremiah J. painter, 57 Jnckson, bds. 

CAHILL JEBEMIAH T. plnmber, 16 Pearl, 
house 8 Pattlson. — See page 594 
Cahill John, laborer, 1 10 Green, boards 55 

Cahill John, cutter, 68 High, bds. 00 Oreen 
Cahill John, machinist, 110 Green, boarda 

70 Shrewsbury 
Cahill John D. laborer, bds. 70 Shrewsbury 
Cahill John J. machinist, 110 Green, bdti. 61 

Millbury [60 Oxford 

Cahill Martin, machinist. Junction shop, b. 
Cahill Mary M. widow of Farrel, h. rear 70 

Cahill Maurice, bootmaker, 108 Front, h. 

Wabash ave. cor. Granite [18 Winter 
Cahill Michael, plumber, 16 Pearl, boards 
Cahill Michael, wire plater, house 4 Milk 
Cahill Michael P. laborer, 195 Front, bds. 70 

Shrewsbury [5 Colombia 

Cahill Thomas F. machinist, 110 Oreen, h. 
Cahill Timothy, wire tinner, bds. 6 Milk 
CahtU Wm. wireworker, bds. 158 Mechanic 
Cahill William J. plumber, 6 Exchange, h. 

81 Vernon 
Cain Andrew, moulder, h. 9 Lafkyette 
Caine, see Kane 

Calsse Henry, removed to Millbury 
Caisse Joseph, polisher, 54 Jackson, bds* 

at Millbury 
Caldwell Andrew, painter, h. 41 Plymooth 
Caldwell Augustine, clergyman, house 24 

Wellington [ton, b. do. 

Caldwell Fred, hostler, Grafton n. Hoogh* 
Caldwell Homer M. toolmaker, 81 Hermon, 

house 48 Woodland 
Caldwell Nellie J. Mrs. dressmaker, 519 

Main, bds. do. [28 Hollywood 

Caldwell William O. printer, 444 Main, h. 
Call Carrie A. bookkeeper, 84 Southbridge, 

b. 24 Grand [Chatham 

Call Edward R. machinist, 110 Green, b. 27 
Call Everett R. machinist, b. 27 Chatham 
Call Martha J. boards 50 Irving 
Call Mira Mrs. house 82 Mulberry 
Callaghan James J. tailor, 16 Mechanic, h. 

8 Conlln court 
Callaghan Michael, wool sorter, b. 15 Green 
Callaghan Michael C. mason, h. 47 Barclay 
Callaghan Patrick, laborer, bds. 5 Worth 
Callaghan Peter C. tailor, 16 Mechanic, bds. 

8 Conlln ct. 
Callahan Anastasla, weaver, b. 56 Millbury 
Callahan Ann L. boards 40 Chatham 
Callahan Barney, wire drawer, bds. 2 Nashua 
Callahan Catherine, weaver, h. 56 Millbury 
Callahan Charles E. machinist, junction 

shop, boards 87 Gates 
Callahan Daniel, laborer, b. 158 Mechanic 
Callahan Daniel, moulder, 188 Mechanic, h. 

24 Lafayette 
Callahan Dennis D. butcher, Putnam lane, 

house Shrewsbury n. Seward 
Callahan James F. brakeman, N. & W. R. R. 

bds. 124 Salem 
Callahan James J. cardmaker, 19 Washing- 
ton sq. h. 124 Salem [n. Marshall 
Callahan Jeremiah, laborer, h. Shrewsbury 
Callahan Jeremiah, laborer, b. 144 Foster 


JEfTELnr, Ac, AT 841 MAIN HT. 



Callahan Jeremiah J. laborer, b. 60 Temple 
Callahan Jeremiah W. tinsmith, 51 Main, h. 

49 Vernon 
Callahan John, laborer, b. 158 Mechanic 
Callahan John, laborer, h. Kdgeworth near 

Callahan John, botcher. Plantation n. W. & 

S. B. R. honse Wilson c. Marshall 
Callahan John, laborer, h. 127 Mechanic 
Callahan John, laborer, h. 174 Shrewsbury 
Callahan John, lal)orer, house 17 Burt 
Callahan John, quarryman, bds. Ballard 
Callahan John, painter, h. ]2.Conlin ct. 
Callahan John, tailor, 17 Carlton, house 124 

Callahan John, Jr. brakeman, P. & W. R. R. 

b. 106 Soothl)ridge [10 Winter 

Callahan Joseph E. plumber, 12 Foster, bds. 
Callahan Julia, weaver, bds. 56 Millbury 
Callahan Julia, widow of Joseph, house 10 

Callahan Lizzie, housekeeper, 56 Millbury 

CALLAHAN MABTIN, liveif stable, 97 
Temple, h. 41 Grafton. — See page 575 
Callahan Michael, removed flrom city 
Callahan Michael, machinist, 161 Union, h. 

4 Ward [87 Gates 

Callahan Michael, machinist, 54 Jackson, h. 
Callahan Michael J. laborer, house 101 East 

Central [b. 56 Millbury 

Callahan Michael J. laborer, 62 Jackson, 
Callahan Nellie A. bookkeeper, 401 Main, b. 

41 Grafton [Mechanic 

Callahan Patrick, machinist, house 168 
Callahan Patrick, carpenter, h. 88 Columbia 
Callahan Patrick 8. laborer, h. 2 Na8hua 
Callahan Peter, laborer, h. 16 Assonet 
Callahan Philip, die reamer, b. 2 Nashua 
Callahan Thomas A. clerk, 184 Front, b. 10 

Callahan Thomas F. cabinetmaker, 19 Union, 

h. 55 John [19 Ward 

Callahan Timothy, bootmaker, 11 Water, h. 
Callahan William, blacksmith, Water corner 

Vernon, h. 88 Lamartine c. Langdon 
Callahan, see O'Callahan 
CaUan Ann, widow of Michael, h. 68 Grand 
Callan James, laborer, 54 Jackson, house 10 

Armory ct. 
Callan John, laborer, house 15 Tremont 
Callan Patrick, wire annealer, h. 26 Colton 
Callan Peter, laborer, bds. 10 Armory ct. 
Callery James, wireworker, bds. 45 North 

Ashland [Ashland 

Callery Thomas, laborer, house 45 North 
Calling August, machinist, 180 Gold, house 

49 Ward 
Calvano Mary B. music teacher, boards 82 

Pleasant [grange 

Calvert John, harness maker, house 21 La- 
Calvey Gustavus W. steward. Bay State 

House, bds. do. 
Calvin Frank N. removed from city 
Cameron Frank, machinist, 110 Green, bds. 

183 Austin [North Grafton 

Cameron Geo. M. clerk, 415 Main, boards at 
Cameron John, rem'd to Woonsocket, R. I. 
Cameron John W. piano mover, h. 48 Dewey 

Cameron William P. telegrapher, 444 Mnin, 

bds. 66 Front 
Camp Arthur, rem'd to Providence, R. I. 
Campbell Charles, machinist, Junction shop, 

house 7 Benefit ct. 
Campbell Edwin A. teamster, b. 41 Foster 
Campbell Felix, carder, h. 121 Ward 
Campbell Frank, brakeman, B. & A. R. R. 

house 18 Clarkson 
Campbell George, coachman, 19 Harvard, h. 

r. 5 Dlx [do. 

Campbell James A. clerk, 90 Shrewsbury, b. 
Campbell John,'hackman, h. 82 Lamartine 
Campbell John, rem'd to Ireland 
Campbell John, laborer, 88 N. Foster, h. 7 

B. Worcester pi. [116 Ward 

Campbell John, coremaker, 92 Thomas, h. 
Campbell John, jr. machinist, 18 Cypress, b. 

7 E. Worcester pi. [h. 10 Woodland 

Campbell John W. picture IVamer, 5 Maple, 
Campbell Mary Mrs. washerwoman, h. 147 

Millbury [ter pi. 

Campbell Michael, laborer, b. 7 E. Worces- 
Campin Richard, laborer, 65 Jackson, h. 218 

. Canavan Hugh P. cutter, 66 Grafton, bds. 

24 Bartlett place [h. 34 Bartlett pi. 

Canavan James, blacksmith, 100 Prescott, 
Canavan Thomas A. clerk, b. 24 Bartlett pi. 
Candlin John, laborer, house 875 Millbury 
Candlln Patrick, laborer, h. r. Millbury n. 

R. R. , C^. 
Candlin Philip, laborer, h. 865 Millbury 
Candon Mark, boot treer, 9 Barton place, h. 

7 Union av. 
Candon Thomas, boot treer, b. 81* Winter 
Canfleld Catherine Mrs. laundress, h. 124 

Canfleld John, carpenter, bds. 604 Main 
Canfleld Penelope S. Mrs. house 58 Elm 
Cannell John, screwcutter, 75 Beacon, bds. 

91 Portland 
Cannon Anthony, laborer, house 6 Ingalls 
Cannon Dan, boxmaker, June near May, b. 

n. do. 
Cannon James, brakeman, h. 8 Hawkins 
Cannon John, laborer, h. 120 Shrewsbury 
Cannon John, wire drawer, h. 82 Ward 
Cannovan Cornelius C. painter, W. & N. R. R. 

paint shop, b. 140 Bloomingdale 
Cannovan Mary, widow of Edward, h. 140 

Canton! Lewis, laborer, 14 Bloomingdale, h. 

61 Suffolk [94 Chatham 

Capen Ebenezer S. foreman, 62 Jackson, h. 
Capen Elida M. teacher, Millbury st. school, 

bds. 60 Coral [Leicester, V. F. 

Capper Ellen M. widow of John, boards 
Capron Luther M. house 97 Pleasant 
Capwell Winfleld S. rem'd to Norwich, Conn. 
Carberry David J. shoemaker, 10 Mulberry, 

bds. 61 Laurel 
Carberry John, boot treer, house 161 Salem 
Carberry John, died Feb. 28, 1888, age 24 
Carberry John, laborer, house rear 97 East 

Central [Salem, bds. do. 

Carberry Margaret, music teacher, 161 
Carberry Mary, widow, house 188 Green 





Carberry Patrick, mason, house 894 South- 
bridge [208 do. 
Carberry Patrick, laborer, 221 Mechanic, b. 
Carberry Patrick, blacksmith, 21 Grafton, 

h. 169 Summer 
Carberry Peter, laborer, bds. 894 South- 
Cardin James, laborer, house 15 Liberty 
Cardin Michael M. rem'd to California 
Cardinal Alfred (Cardinal & JRichford), h. 

Lyman, BarnardvlUe 
Cardinal Edward, soapmaker, Oakland, h. 

Lyman, BarnardvlUe 
Cardinal John, teamster, b. 7 Pembroke 
Cardinal Josephine, dressmaker, 99 Madison, 

h. do. 
Cardinal Martha, dressmaker, b. 99 Madison 
Cardinal & Richf ord (A. Cardinal and A. jRicA- 
fordjy soap manufs. Oakland, Barnard- 
ville [Union, h. 129 Exchange 

Carew William R. collar manufacturer, 189 
Carey Ann, widow, boards 19 Charles 
Carey Bartholomew, laborer, 63 Washing- 
ton sq. h. r. 70 E. Central 
Carey Candace A. Mrs. boards 5 Silver 
Carey Catharine Mrs. house 22 Assonet 
Carey Charles, rem*d from city 
Carey Daniel, stitcher, bds. 22 Assonet 
Carey Dennis J. boot sider, bds. 185 Wash- 
ington [Crown 
Carey Elliott W. clerk, 484 Main, house 7 
Carey Isaac H. soapmaker, 554 Main, h. 10 

Carey James, shoemaker, house 1 Burt 
Carey James, cutter, boards 288 Main 
Carey John, driver, bds. r. 80 Lincoln 
Carey John, boot sider, 155 Front, h. 86 

Carey John, driver, b. 22 Assonet 
Carey John, grocer, 70 Lafayette, house do. 
Carey John, jr. shoemaker, h. 86 Lamartine 
Carey John W. armorer, 42 Gardner, h. 79 

Carey Maurice, laborer, h. 88 Washington 
Carey Michael, helper, 62 Jackson, house 42 
Grafton [h. 20 Pond 

Carey Michael W. horse clipper, 42 Waldo, 
Carey Mitchell, wire drawer, h. 4 Henry 
Carey Nancy N. boards 10 King 
Carey Patrick, boot crimper, h. 5 Lunelle 
Carey Patrick, boot sider, h. 185 Washington 
Carey Patrick, pipemaker at James Dra- 
per's, h. 19 Charles 
Carey Patrick E. painter, bds. 22 Assonet 
Carey Sarah J. Mrs. dressmaker, 245 Main, 

house do. 
Carey Theodore C. watchman, h. 10 King 
Carey Thomas, laborer, house 87 Assonet 
Carey Thomas, laborer, 57 Jackson, b. 81 
Washington [sq. 

Carey Thomas, collector, b. 16 Washington 
Carey Thomas, laborer, h. 108 Lamartine 
Carey Walter C. clerk, 417 Main, house 69 
Portland [20 Kendall 

Carey William P. clerk, 26 Shrewsbury, bds. 
Cargnian Levi, woodworker, 21 Grafton, b. 
r. 71 Millbury [Southbridge 

Carleton Edward C. peddler, 511 Main, h. 446 

Carleton Mary, widow of Joseph, b. 446 

Southbridige [Greenwood, Q. 

Carlgren Olaf G. laborer, b. r. Millbury n. 
Carlin Edwin C. wire drawer, b- 27 Wyman 
Carlin William H. clerk, 480 Southbridge, 

boards 27 Wyman 
Carlon Bridget T. principal Grafton street 

school, bds. 105 Washington 
Carlon Nellie J. teacher, Salem street 

school, boards 105 Washington [mer 
Carlsjon Axil Y. wlreworker, house 6 Sum- 
Carlson Amelia, attendant. City Hospital, b. 

do. [near Hemaos 

Carlson Andrew P. wire drawer, h. Daley 
Carlson August R. armorer, 44 Central, h. 

19 Falton 
Carlson Carl, clerk, 184 Front, b. 11 Fulton 
Carlson Carl G. laborer, boards 8 Glen 
Carlson Charles, sinker, h. Greenwood near 

city line [MiUbuiy 

Carlson Gustaf, laborer, hoase Stebbins n. 
Carlson Gastaf, laborer, 51 Green, house 35 

Slgel * [HemaiiA 

Carlson John, wlreworker, house Daley n. 
Carlson John, laborer, h. 2 Summer 
Carlson John, armorer, 44 Central, boards 

59 Grove [14 Walte 

Carlson John F. armorer, 44 Central, house 
Carlson J. Gustaf, laborer, h. 214 Millbury 
Carlson Kondrad, laborer, bds. 18 Orchard 
Carlson Ludv R. farmer, bds. 14 Pink 
Carlson Peter, heater, house 8 Whitney 
Carlson Peter, laborer, h. 165 Millbury 
Carlton George, carpenter, bds. 25 Fulton 
Carlton Moses, marble worker, house 49 

Eastern ave. [b. 594 Main 

Carman Robert C. machinist, 96 Thomas, 
Carmell Augustus, spinner, b. 47 Southgate 
Carmlchael Mary, student, bds. 24 Mason 
Carmody John, laborer, h. 181 Exchange 
Carmody Mary, widow of Thomas, h. 73 

Blackstone [181 Exchange 

Carmody Michael, armorer, 44 Central, bds. 
Carmody Patrick, armorer, 44 Central, bds. 

181 Exchange [Blackstone 

Carmody Thomas J. wire drawer, boards 73 
Carney Bernard W. laborer, h. 56 Lamartine 
Carney Bridget, domestic, 93 Main 
Carney Bridget, widow of Thomas, house 10 

Bartlett pi. [sq. b. 10 Bartletc pi. 

Carney Edmund J. moulder,* 68 Washington 
Carney Ellen, domestic, 98 Main [61 Market 
Carney Frank J. laborer, 95 Thomas, bds. 
Carney John, painter, house 28 Langdon 
Carney Margaret J. widow of Francis, h. 

15 Bridge 
Carney Martin, laborer, b. 122 Mechanic 
Carney Patrick, laborer, h. 165 Washington 
Carney Thomas, switchman, P. & W. R. R. 

h. 184 Salem 
Carney Thomas, fireman, h. 80 Douglas 
Carney Thomas, laborer, 54 Jackson, house 

208 Southbridge 
Carney Timothy, died July 24, 1888, age 89 
Carney Walter, cook, 9 Mechanic, b. 11 do. 
Carney William, painter, bds. 28 Langdon 
Carney Mrs. widow of Timothy, h. 

186 Shrewsbury 






Carney, see Kearney 
Camlcelll Matteo, removed ft'om city 
Caron Clovis, carpenter, h. 23 8prace 
Caron John B. musician, bds. 22 Sprace 
CaroD Joseph, skatemaker, 81 Mulberry, b. 

22 Spruce [68 Wall 

CaroD Louis M. woodworker, 8 Warren, h. 
Carpenter Albert B. shoemaker, bds. 8 Vine 
Carpenter Albion, carriage trimmer, rear 82 

Waldo, house 14 Claremont 

CARFEHTEB ANTHONT E* carpenter and 
Jobber, 14 Layard pi. h. do.^Seepage 590 
Carpenter Barbara Mrs. house 66 Belmont 
.Carpenter Betsey, widow of Preston, boards 

17 Fruit [h. 2 Nashua 
Carpenter Catherine, widow of Anthony £. 
Carpenter Charles, laborer, h. r. Blooming- 
dale n. Ascension [858 Main, h. 96 Park 

Carpenter Charles H. CJ. H. Clarke dk CcJ^ 
Carpenter Charles W. cutter, 68 High, bds. 

at Auburn 
Carpenter Dennis, driver, house 7 BuffUm 
Can>enter Edward Y. carriage trimmer, 81 

Central, house 897 Main 

CABFENTEB EDWIN P. organs and or- 
gan actions, at Foxcroft, He,:— See page 

Carpenter Elvira B. widow of Lewis, boards 

80 Lincoln [h. 54 Suffolk 

Carpenter Eugene, shoemaker, 68 High, 
Carpenter Eugene C. b. Waverly House 
Carpenter Fred. E. beltmaker, 187 Front, b. 

11 Salem 
Carpenter George A. carpenter, house 40 

Ellsworth [175 Washington 

Carpenter James, laborer, 61 Pearl, boards 
Carpenter James, laborer, bds. 14 Tremont 
Carpenter John A. machinist, 140 Union, h. 

86 Millbury 
Carpenter J. Edward, carpenter, house 185 

MiUbury [h. 86 Norfolk 

Carpenter Joseph, shoe bottomer, 68 High, 
Carpenter Nettle, bds. 8 Laurel [6 Qeorge 
Carpenter Seba, shoemaker, 152 Main, h. 
Carpenter Susan L. died Sept. 11, 1883, age 

57 [b. 86 Millbury 

Carpenter Thomas A. machinist, 161 Union , 
Carpenter Thomas J. clerk, 10 Washington 

sq. b. 180 Front [bury 

Carpenter Wm. A. wire drawer, h. 86 Mill- 
Carr Albert, weaver, Brussels, b. 8 Cheever 
Carr Augustus E. (Chandler A Cavr)^ 480 

Sonthbridge, house 189 Beacon 
Carr Catharine, widow of Patrick, house 15 

East Worcester pi. [186 Austin 

Carr Charles, leather roller, 68 High, house 
Carr Clarence A. embroiderer, house 428 

Sonthbridge [5 Bigelow ct. 

Carr Don C. butcher, 128 Front, boards 
Carr Edward C. foreman, ft. Kansas, b. 456 

Sonthbridge [Church pi. 

Carr Edward H. cutter, 60 King, house 8 
Carr Frank A. paperhanger, 680 Main, bds. 

86 Pleasant 
Carr Frank J. varnisher, bds. 16 Liberty 
Carr Fred, roofer, boards 4 Barton pi. 
Carr George A. machinist, 57 Jackson, bds. 

18 Chatham st. place 

Carr Geo. W. (Bichards(m db Carr), roofers, 

b. 4 Barton pi. [Beacon 

Carr Henry, engineer, 54 Hermon, house 56 
Carr Henry H. rem'd to Providence, R. I. 
Carr James R. cutter, bds. 16 Liberty 
Carr John, bootmaker, b. 8 Church place 
Carr John J. slater, b. 15 E. Worcester pi. 
Carr John J. clerk, 480 Sonthbridge, house 

456 do. 
Carr Mary A. widow of Francis, house 68 

Southgate [burn 

Carr Michael, weaver, Brussels, h. 6 Wash- 
Carr Michael, woodworker, h. 5 Howard 
Carr Patrick, laborer, house 16 Liberty 
Carr Patrick H. boot bottomer, 155 Front, 

h. 48 Temple [Clinton 

Carr Robert S. paperhanger, 480 Main, bds. 
Carr Wm. weaver, Brussels, house 127 Cam- 
Carr Wm. G. wire drawer, h. 182 Prescott 
Carr Wm. G. watchman, 548 Sonthbridge, 

h. 48 Canterbury 
Carr Wm. 8. died Feb. 5, 1888, age 23 
Carrico Be^Jamin, packer, 68 High, house 

29 Myrtle [29 Myrtle 

Carrico Edward F. printer, 187 Front, bds. 
Carrico Walter H. machinist, 186 Union, b. 

29 Myrtle [Lamartine 

Carrier Henry, pattern maker, house 11 
Carrier Henry, Jr. machinist, b. 11 Lamartine 
Carrlgan Chas. wire drawer, h. 1 Moran's ct. 
Carrigan Frank J. moulder, 68 Washington 

sq. bds. 9 Harrison 
Carrlgan James, laborer, bds. 1 Moran's ct. 
Carrlgan Margaret, widow of Bernard, h. 10 

Carrlgan Maria Mrs. cook, United States 

Hotel, house 158^ Chandler 
Carrlgan Michael, wire drawer, boards 1 

Moran's court 
Carrigan Simon, laborer, house 8 Harlem 
Carrigan Wm. boot bottomer, h. 60 Lam- 
Carroll Andrew, coachman, 24 King, b. do. 
Carroll Ann, widow of Henry, h. 27 A.ssonet 
Carroll Annie, folder, boards 229 Front 
Carroll Bernard J. grocer, 80 Water, house 

78 do. [Sonthbridge 

Carroll Bridget Mrs. boarding-house, 114i 
Carroll Catharine Mrs. house 50 Winter 
Carroll David, wire drawer, house rear 97 

East Central 
Carroll David, carpenter, h. 128 Central 
Carroll Dennis, laborer, B. & A. R. R. 

ftrelght house, bds. 74 Market 
Carroll Edgar J. machinist, 100 Exchange, 

bds. 29 Wacbusett 
Carroll Edward M. clerk, 569 Main, bds. 85 

Summer [b. 182 Front 

Carroll George A. teamster, Putnam lane, 
Carroll Helen, folder, bds. 229 Front 
Carroll Henry M. laborer, b. 27 Assonet 
Carroll Hugh, shoemaker, h. 12 Vernon 
Carroll James, carpenter, h. 29 Spruce 
Carroll James J. carpenter, bds. 29 Spruce 
Carroll Jeremiah H. marble worker, 131 

Central, h. 94 Grafton 
Carroll John, laborer, bds. 153 Millbury 

BUSH & CO., 





Carroll John, laborer, b. Millbury opp. Steb- 

blDs [Pond 

Carroll John, laborer, 188 Mechanic, h. 82 

Carroll John B. tinsmith, 240 Front, bds. 82 

Carroll John E. boot bottomer, b. 45 Winter 
Carroll John F. painter, bds. 161 Summer 
Carroll Jnlia E. dressmaker, 128 Central, h. 
do. [14 Union aye. 

Carroll Lncy M. widow of Lotty M. house 
Carroll Maggie A. dressmaker, 128 Central, 

house do. 
Carroll Mary, widow, bds. 118 Washington 
Carroll Mary A. widow of William, boards 

15 Conlin ct. 
Carroll Mary E. C. teacher. East Worcester 

school, boards 29 Spruce 
Carroll Michael, laborer, bds. 126 Front 
Carroll Michael, fireman. College Holy 

Cross, boards do. 
Carroll Michael, rem'd to Middle town, N. Y. 
Carroll Michael, laborer, 62 Jackson, house 

125 Green 
Carroll Nicholas, carpenter, h. 114 Canter- 
bury [h. 161 Summer 
Carroll Owen J. saloon, 35 Washington sq. 
Carroll Patrick, rem'd to Carlingford, Ire- 
Carroll Patrick, laborer, h. 158 Millbury 
Carrol] Patrick, wire drawer, Pitt, house 18 

Carroll Patrick, laborer, h. 6 Brackett ct. 
Carroll Patrick H. driver, house 26 Vernon 
Carroll Peter T. lawyer, 410 ^ain, bds. 161 

Carroll Thonias, laborer, W. & N. R. R. re- 
pair shop, house 161 Exchange 
Carroll Thomas, farmer, Salisbury near 

FlajTg, house do. 
Carroll Thomas, grocer, 66 Water, h. do. 
Carroll Thomas E. boxmaker, 26 N. Foster, 
h. 128 Central [Winter 

Carroll Timothy J. laborer, 51 Qreen, h. 10 
Carroll Wm. boot bottomer, 68 High, house 

1 Summer st. court 
Carroll Wm. carpenter, boards 9 North 
Carroll Wm. machinist, 18 Cypress, bds. 210 

Carroll Wm. H. stone layer, b. 225 Main 
Carroll Wm. J. organ maker, 25 Union, bds. 

85 Summer 
Carroll Wm. T. machinery manufacturer, 

100 Exchange, house 29 Wachusett 
Carroll Winiflred, domestic, 58 Front 
Carrs Thomas, peddler, bds. 224 Pleasant 
Carson Albert, weaver, bds. 4 Lamartine 
Carson Ellen, widow of John, h. 10 Chelsea 
Carson Frank, removed to Millville 
Carson George W. brakeman, W. & N. R. R. 

house 19 Assonet 
Carson Samuel, dyer, house 4 Lamartine 
Carson Walter, dyer, boards 4 Lamartine 
Carson Wm. laborer, house 57 High 
Carter Abijah W. removed to Clinton 
Carter Amory, house 4 Abbott 
Carter Annie, stitcher, bds. 887 Main 
Carter Byron P. teacher, Highland Military 
Academy, Salisbury n. Forest, bds. do. 

Carter Eleazer W. stair builder, rear SS 

Mechanic, house 98 Chatham 
Carter George (A. Jf. Potoell S Co,h ^^ 

Union, h. 14 So. Russell [16 May 

Carter Geoi^^e A. roofer, 492 Main, house 
Carter Geo. D. clerk, 849 MaiD, boards 16 

Jackson [16 Jackson 

Carter G^eorge H. salesman, 166 Front, h. 
Carter I. Frank, beltmaker, 187 Front, house 

109 Grafton 
Carter John C. hairdresser, 5 Anstin, h. do. 
Carter Joseph, moulder, 92 Thomaa, house 

2 Elizabeth [3 Decatur 

Carter Lewis P. machinist, 57 jackson, h. 
Carter Milton T. photographer, 506 Main, 

house 21 Oread place 
Carter Ruftis, house 46 Orange [34 Arch 
Carter Samuel, machinist, 140 Union, house 
Carter Sarah, cook, 50 Orange, b. do. 
Carter S. Lizzie, teacher, Nevr Worcester 

school, bds. 10 Sycamore [dale 

Carter William, Tamisher, b. 182 Blooming- 
Carthy John, hammersman, house Bf tUbary 

opp. school-house, Q. [c. Milton 

Cartier D. Jacob, blacksmith, h. Edg^ worth 
Cartieir Joseph, beltmaker, 187 Front, house 

45 Chandler 
Cartier Peter, machinist, B., B. & G. R. R. 

repair shop, bds. 4 Henchman ct. 
Cartier Zoel, bootmaker, 68 High, hooae 76 

Carver Thomas F. (JUcMahon db OcurverJ^ 

Water c. Ledge, h. 46 Columbia 
Cary William B. bookkeeper, 69 Shrews- 
bury, bds. 76 Pleasant 
Cary Wm. H. farmer, house Pleasant near 

Mill, Tatnuck village 
Cary, see Carey 

Casavan Chas. wood moulder, b. 192 Front 
Casavan Charles, truckman, h. 56 Central 
Casavan Charles A. hostler, r. 18 Piedmont, 

bds. 56 Central [Central 

Casavan Phebe Mrs. boarding-house, 56 
Casavant Charles, carver, 26 Foster, boards 

192 Front [58 Central 

Casavant Jacques, carpenter, 25 Union, bds. 
Case Clara F. clerk, 184 Front, boards 10 

Case Ellas, salesman, house 886 Main 
Case Herbert B. clerk, 87 Newbury, house 

148 Chandler [Millbury 

Case Joseph, polisher, 54 Jackson, house at 
Case J. WinniAred, clerk, 20 Pleasant, house 

96 Piedmont 
Case Martha J. Mrs. house 18 Maple 
Casey Bridget, widow of James, h. 9 Winter 
Casey Daniel, student, boards 22 Hill 
Casey Dennis, laborer, 110 Green, h. 22 Hill 
Casey Edmund D. assistant priest St. Anne's 

Charch, bds. 112 Shrewsbury 
Casey Edward, laborer, Lagrange oor. R. R. 

house 15 Washburn [bds. 22 Hill 

Casey Ella A. teacher, Thomas st. school, 
Casey Johanna, dressmaker, bds. 1 Worth 
Casey John, carder, 17 Soutbgate, h. 51 do. 
Casey John, laborer. Junction shop, boards 

15 Washburn 
Casey John, laborer, bds. 155 Mechanic 

BUSH & CO., 





Casey John, monlder, 63 Washington sq. b. 

122 Mechanic 
Cftsey John, 2d. laborer, b. 15 Waehbnm 
Casey John D. shirt mannf. 127 Park, b. do. 
Casey John J. salesman, 476 Main, b. 22 Hill 
Casey Lake, laborer, bds. 79 Main 
Casey Mary, widow, h. Mlllbury c. Vernon 
Casey Mary, widow of Patrick, h. 107 East 

Casey Mary A. died March 17, 1888, age 87 
Casey Michael, driver, 207 Southbrldge, h. 

67 King 
Casey Michael, bootmaker, h. 4 Honlihan pi. 
Casey Michael, moolder, 62 Jackson, house 

10 Union avenue 
Casey Michael J. packer, 10 Mnlberry, bds. 

6 Lovell conrt 
Casey Patrick, carpenter, h. 896 Soathbridge 
Casey Patrick, laborer, 17 Southgate, house 

1 Adriatic court 
Casey Patrick, carpenter, house 11 Fox 
Casey Patrick J. professor, College Holy 

Cress, boards do. 
Casey Roger, mason, house 4 Lovell court 
Casey Thomas, wire drawer, house 7 Carbon 
Casey Thomas F. crimper^ 60 King, bds. r. 

212 Southbrldge [64 Ward 

Casey Thomas J. machinist, 110 Green, h. 
Cashell George, laborer, junction shop, h. 

61 Lafayette [898 Southbrldge 

Cashen Edward, machinist, 62 Jackson, h. 
Cashman Daniel, laborer, 170 Mechanic, b. 

Mechanic n. Church 
Cashman Dennis, bds. rear 71 Mlllbury 
Cashman Hannah, house r. 71 MiUbury 
Cashman John, helper, 100 Prescott, boards 

66 Market 
Cashman John, laborer, house 6 Boland ct. 
Cashman Michael, wireworker, b. 4 George 

street court [71 North 

Cashman Thomas, laborer, 100 Prescott, h. 
Cassady Charles, laborer, bds. 15 Taylor 
Cassady John, laborer, house 16 Taylor 
Cassady John, bricklayer, h. 25 Gold st. ct. 
Cassady Patrick, mason, house 57 Bridge 
Casserly Wm J. clerk, 486 Main, boards 30 

Pleasant [76 Canterbary 

Cassidy Bridget, widow of Patrick, boards 
Cassidy Charles, bricklayer, house 6 Meade 
Cassidy Hugh, laborer, 60 Bloomlngdale, b. 

182 Washington 
Cassidy James H. laster, h. 66 Mlllbury 
Cassidy Patrick, blacksmith, house 51 North 
Cassidy Patrick, driver, 89 Washington sq. 

bds. 25 Penn avenue 
Cassidy Wm. clerk, bds. 82 Pleasant 
Castanis Rutha H. widow, bds. 50 Orange 
Caswell Almon, laborer, 64 North Ashland, 

h. 87 Summer [87 Summer 

Caswell Arthur L. clerk, 46 Main, boards 
Caswell Lewis W. packer, 11 Water, hoase 

86 Salem [Summer 

Caswell Walter B. clerk, 12 Lincoln sq. b. 87 
Caswell William E. physician, 86 Salem, 

boards do. 
Gate Frank T. painter, house 68 Vernon 
Gate Lancellotte N. painter, b. 68 Vernon 
Gate Olive H. died Dec. 26, 1882, age 90 

Gather Charles, machinist, 140 Union, bds. 

244 Main [18 Assonet 

Gather David F. polisher, 54 Jackson, bds. 
Gather James, polisher, 4 Leicester, h. 1016 

Gather Margaret, widow of William, house 

18 Webster court [Main 

Gather Mary A. widow of David, house 244 
Gather Rosanna. boards 18 Webster court 
Gather Samuel E. laborer, 4 Leicester, h. 47 

Gather Wm. died June 4, 1888, age 69 
Gather William J. polisher, 64 Jackson, bds. 

18 Webster ct. [Myrtle 

Gatinaud Victor L. hatter, 815 Main, h. 60 
Gatineau Peter, polisher, 81 Mulberry, h. r. 

116 Washington [56 Salem 

Gavana Victor L. screwcutter, 76 Beacon, b. 
Gavanaugh Dennis, laborer, h. 6 Prescott 

Gavanaugh Patrick, laborer, h. 80 Belmont 
GavanaUgh Patrick J. laborer, b. 49 Winter 
Gavanaugh Thomas, removed fk^m city 
Gavanaugh William, machinist, 186 Union, 

house 49 Winter 
Gavanaugh, see Kavanaugh and Kavanagh 
Gavaney Edward, laborer, h. 2 Nashua 
Gavanough Anna T. teacher, Edgeworth 

street school, b. 19 Vine 
Gavanough John, tailor, 466 Main, h. 19 Vine 
Gavanough John W. machinist, b. 19 Vine 
Gawley George, laborer, b. 422 Mlllbury 
Gawley John, laborer, house 6 Foyle 
Gawood Charles, house 58 Belmont 
Gawood John, boot treer, bds. 8 Church pi. 
Gaxiani Annibale, baker, 87 Mlllbury, b. do. 
Cecelia Mary, Sister Superior, h. 46 High 

— Seepage 470 
Gerf Oscar, operator, 26 Southbrldge, h. 46 

Grove [place, h. 108 Lamartine 

Ghabbotte Edward, boot bottomer, 9 Barton 
Ghabot Joseph W. painter, b. 115 Main 
Ghabot Toussaint, harness maker, 197 

Front, house 81 Orange 
Ghabot Victor, boot bottomer, 82 Austin, h. 

Chandler near Abbott 
Ghace Horace L. clerk, B. & A. R. R. freight 

house, b. 10 Dewey [547 Southbrldge 
Ghace James H. machinist, 67 Jackson, h. 
Ghace Laura B. H. Mrs. house 10 Dewey 
Ghadbourne Alonzo H. & Go. nurserymen, 

129 Beacon, house do. [Main 

Ghadbourne Horace A. moulder, bds. 689i 
Ghadwick Charles, removed to England 
Ghadwick John F. (Kenworthy A Chadwiok), 

11 Mill, boards Leicester, V. F. 
Ghadwick Mary Mrs. h. Leicester, V. F. 
Ghadwick Milton E. coachman, Wor. Luna- 
tic Hospital, Belmont, boards do. 
Ghadwick Willard H. (Ghadwick A Fay), r. 

36 Grafton, house 68 Grove 

GHADWICK & VkY(W, H. Chadvoick and 
p/. P. Fay), trucking and furniture mov- 
ing, rear 35 Grafton. — Seepage 670 
Ghalfee Albert H. worsted mannf. 32 South- 
gate, h. 919 Main [86 Beacon 
GhaflTee Ellis H. foreman, 80 Shrewsbury, h. 





Chaffee Hannah M. widow, Ms. 64 Wash- 
Chaffee James H. condactor, N. & W. R. R. 

house at Norwich, Conn. [Cambridge 
Chaffer Elizabeth, widow of James, b. 279 
Chaffer James, died May 1, 1883, age 39 
Chaffln Catherine D. widow of Moore M. h. 

Melrose n. Bnmcoat [Bnrncoat 

Chaffln Edgar O. farmer, bds. Melrose near 
Chaffin Lewis O. blaclcsmith, rear 24 Waldo, 

b. 149 Grafton [Pearl 

Chaffln George B. clerk, 480 Main, h. 34^ 
Chaffin William A. machinist, 62 Jackson, 

house Alvarado ave. n. W. ft S. R. R. 
Chaffln Winslow, hulled com, h. Bnrncoat 
Chagnon Joseph, qnarryman, h. Belmont n. 

Bell pond [Southgate 

Chalifkun Ovello, boot bottomer, house 60 
Chalmers George, dyer, 110 Grove, h. 586 

Clialmers Lydia Mrs. house 586 Main 
Chaloner William V. organ maker, 17 Her- 

mon, house 6 Castle 
Chamberlain Agnes H. removed to Boston 
Chamberlain Edmund H. agent, news depot, 

347 Main, house 22 Channing 
Chamberlain Edwin A. farmer, boards 802 

Pleasant [Pleasant 

Chamberlain Ephraim F. farmer, house 802 
Chamberlain Frank Mrs. h. 4 Winslow 
Chamberlain Frederic H. student, bds. 802 

Pleasant [b. 55 Park 

Chamberlain Herbert W. clerk, 404 Main, 
Chamberlain Ida M. married Don C. Carr 
Chamberlain James W. removed to Boston 
Chamberlain Joseph, house 828 Pleasant 
Chamberlain Margaret, h. 1 So. Russell 
Chamberlain Martha W. widow of George 

A. house Salisbury near Flagg 
Chamberlain Nancy S. h. 271 Pleasant 
Chamberlain Robert H. supt. of sewers, 11 

City Hall, house 80 Shelby 
Chamberlain Salem, supt. of mails. Post 

Offlce, house 87 Harrison 
Chamberlain T. D. removed fkrom city 
Chamberlain Wm. B. physician, 17 Elm, h. 

19 do. [h. at Keene, N. H. 

Chamberlain Wm. P. news depot, 847 Main, 
Chamberltn Alice O. music teacher, house 

18 Maple 
Chamberlin Augustus L. h. 8 Wachusett 
Chamberlin Charles, dyer, b. 115 Main 
Chamberlin Charles E. clerk, 428 Main, h. 

10 Bowdoin [Newbury 

Chamberlin Charles L. musician, house 11 
Chamberlin Chas. R. (Chamberlin A Beach)^ 

18 Mechanic, h. 9 Charlton 
Chamberlin Charles W. (Copeland and Cham- 
berlin ), 72 School, house Pleasant cor. 

South Russell 

and horseshoer, 78 Exchange, house 40 
Newbury. — Seepage 667 
Chamberlin Edward M. clerk, 94 Grove, 

boards 6 Linwood place 
Chamberlin Frank, foreman, 12 Shrewsbury, 

house 56 Salisbury 
Chamberlin Frank W. student, b. 15 Merrick 

Chamberlin George W. wood tamer, 15 

Union, h. 6 Linwood pi. rUammond 

Chamberlin Henry H. 11 Pleasant, house 15 

CHAMBERLIN JOHN L. cashier Qolnslg- 
amond Nat. Bank, 241 Main, boards 8 
Wachusett. — Set page 471 
Chamberlin John V. foreman, W. & K. R. R. 

repair shop, house 218 Summer 
Chamberlin Mary, died Sept. 14, 188S, age84 
Chamberlin Samuel A. house 18 Mason 
Chamberlin Sanford E. blacksmith, 73 Ex- 
change, h. 40 Newbury [2 IS Suouner 
Chamberlin Sarah L. widow of John, hoose 
Chamberlin Stillman J. blacksmith, 227 
Pleasant, house 15 Merrick C<^^ ^ 

Chamberlin Susan A. died Not. 17, 188d« 
Chamberlin Susan N. widow of r«ynian, h. 

8 Bellevue 
Chamberlin S. Cornelia Mrs. teacher, FroTi- 
dence st. school, b. 26 Abbott [Hoose 
Chamberlin Wm. P. carpenter, bds. Waldo 
Chamberlin Willis B. agent, b. 26 Abbott 
Chamberlin Woodbury O. rem'd to Boston 

tin and W. Beachjt sheet-heelings and 

seam welts, 13 Mechanic. — See page 667 
Chambers Adolphus B. asst. foreman, 94 

Grove, h. 175 Lincoln [175 Liincohi 

Chambers George F. foreman, 94 Grove, h. 
Chambers J. dyer, boards 22^ Pleasant 
Chamecin Leon F. rem'd to Boston 
Chamecin Mary £. widow of Ulysses, house 

84 Elm [58 Market 

Champagne George, wireworker, house 
Champagne Joseph, spinner at Jamesville, h. 

Webster n. city line [h. 83 Kansas 

Champagne I^ouis, boot bottomer, 155 Front, 
Champagne Louis Xavier, shoemaker, 18 

Mechanic, b. 47 do. [bridge, b. do. 

Champeart Louis, cigar maker, 216 South- 
Champion Reuben, deputy collector, 7 City 

Hall, h. 35 Oread [20 Shelby 

Champlin Allen B. machinist, 77 Foster, h. 
Champlin Charles, clerk, bds. 50 Lincoln 
Champlin Jeremiah, photographer, 289 

Front, h. 4 Canal 
Champlin John W. planer, 19 Union, house 

Coburn av. n. W. &. S. R. R. 
Champlin Robert, conductor, b. 50 Lincoln 
Champlin William, brakeman, b. 50 Lincoln 
Chancellor David W. salesman, 827 Main, h. 

2 Lincoln pi. [ing 

Chandler Benjamin, wireworker, h. 18 Gould- 
Chandler Charles S. wireworker, 85 Union, 

b. 6 Myrtle 
Chandler George, house 24 Chestnut 
Chandler George M. brakeman, W. & N. R. 

R. freight yard, house 50 Lincoln 
Chandler Herbert E. salesman, 181 Central, 

house 120 Front [b. do. 

Chandler John, farmer. Granite n. city line, 
Chandler Nathan H. (GhandXer A Carr)^ h. 

484 Southbridge 
Chandler & Carr (N, H, Chandler and A. S. 

Carr), grocers, 480 Southbridge 
Chandley George B. policeman. City Hall, 

house 20 Washington 
Chandonnet Lea, talloress, b. 21 Spring 





Changnon Mellnda Mrs. dressmaker, 604 

Main, b. do. [Sever 

Chant Charles A. printer, 418 Main, house 7 
Chant Charles R. machinist, 66 Qrafton, h. 

88 Orange [h. 26 do. 

Chapel Henry C. wire packer, ft. Kansas, 
Chapin Albert W. bookkeeper, 20 Grafton, 

h. 64 Austin 
Chi^^ln Alfred, foreman at J. Draper's, h. 

Plantation near Bloomingdale 
Chapin Alice, teacher, Summer st. school, 

bds. 29 Prescott [69 Salem 

Chi4>ln Betsey, widow of Daniel E. house 
Chapin Charles N. driver, at James Draper's, 

boards do. 
Chapin Charles N. rem'd from city 
Chapin Charles S. bookkeeper, 80 Foster, b. 

61 Park [69 Salem 

Chapin Charles S. teacher, high school, b. 
Chapin Edwin, died March 10, 1883, age 66 
Chapin Ellen, widow of Edwin, h. 8 Gardner 
Chapin Henry W. (Ohc^in A CoOt 18» Front, 

h. 108 Pleasant [h. 141 Mahi 

Chapin Isaac B. bookkeeper, 15 Market, 
Chapin Jason, brass foundry, 219 Summer, 

h. 221 do. [Shrewsbury 

Chapin John 0. driver, 214 Front, house at 
Chapin Lizzie E. teacher, Adriatic school, 

b. 98 Woodland [Linden 

Chapin Louisa T. widow of Henry, house 12 
Chapin Luthera M. dressmaker, 598 Main, 

house do. 
Chapin Moses S. real estate, h. 146 Pleasant 
Chapin William C. engineer, 18 Coes, house 

Chapin & Co. (8. Newton and H. W. Cha- 
pin') ^ flour dealers, 189 Front 
Chapleau Alfred, blacksmith, Leicester near 

Mill, h. 648 Park ave. 
Chapleau Charles, woodworker, 100 Prescott, 

h. 30 N. Ashland 
Chapleau David J. carpenter, bds. 15 Thomas 
Chapleau Gregory, blacksmith, h. 8 Howard 
Chapleau John B. woodworker, 100 Pres- 
cott, h. 15 Thomas [land 
Chapleau John B. woodworker, b. 56 Port- 
Chaplean Joseph, woodworker, 100 Prescott, 

boards 15 Thomas [av. b. do. 

Chapleau Josephine, dressmaker, 648 Park 
Chapleau Peter, fireman, h. 9 Eastern av. 
Chaplin Chas. A. machinist, 128 Chandler, 

boards 21 Queen 
Chaplin George, moulder, bds. 55 Lamartine 
Chaplin Henry B. machinist, 54 Jackson, h. 

88 Lamartine [Thomas 

Chaplin John C. painter, 18 Madison, h. 58 
Chaplin Wm. machinist, 128 Chandler, h. 21 

Queen [don 

Chapman Alfred, weaver, boards 2 Lang- 
Chapman Alice, stitcher, bds. 45 Salem 
Chapman Anna, widow of Isham S. h. 11 

Thomas [Webster opp. cemetery 

Chapman Arthur, fiQler at Jamesville, bds. 
Chapman Charles, paperhanger, 284 Main, b. 

88 Wachusett 
Chapman Charles, laborer, b. 2 Columbia ct. 
Chapman Elbridge W. compositor, 442 

Main, bds. 82 Pleasant 

Chapman Eugene B. atl^^ndant, Wor. Luna- 
tic Hospital, Belmont, b. do. [Ashland 
Chapman George £. clergyman, house 8 No. 
Chapman Herbert E. clerk, 462 Main, bds. 

26 West [do. n. Park 

Chapman James W. clerk, 484 Main, house 
Chapman Joseph, tailor, house 107 Thomas 
Chapman Nancy R. widow of James D. h. 6 

William [Summer 

Chapman Sophie Mrs. boarding-house, 210 
Chapman Thomas W. machinist, 95 Thomas, 

house 210 Summer [18 Hammond 

Chapman Wm. A. teamster, 10 Trumbull, b. 
Chappie G. Henry, laborer, 17 Southgate, h. 

9 Adriatic ct. [Adriatic ct. 

Chappie John, laborer, 17 Southgate, h. 5 
Chappie Thomas, laborer, 17 Southgate, b. 

5 Adriatic ct. [Grafton 

Chaquette Louis T. millwright, house 85 
Chaquette Peter, laborer, 54 Jackson, h. 115 

Lamartine [sq. h. 5 Agawam 

Charbonneau Augustus, blacksmith, 1 Coes 
Charbonneau Augustus, Jr. blacksmith, 18 

Coes, house 7 Agawam 
Charbonneau Bruno, bootmaker, 82 Austin, 

house 140 Southbridge [r. do. 

Charbonneau Charles, slater, 74 Prescott, h. 
Charbonneau Charles, machinist, 19 Church, 

h. 77 Orange [19 Sycamore 

Charbonneau Felix J. clerk 418 Main, house 
Charbonneau Lavlna Mrs. dressmaker, 77 

Orange, h. do. [ton sq. b. do. 

Charbonneau Oliver, physician, 16 Washlng- 
Cearbonneau Treffle (PMllips A Charbon" 

neaujj rear 84 Thomas, bds. 15 do. 
Charbonneau Wm. H. blacksmith, boards 5 

Charctte Clrente, house 166 Washington 
Charette Edward, machinist, 62 Jackson, h. 

160 Washington [ton 

Charette Ida, dressmaker, b. 166 Washlng- 
Charland Louis, carpenter, house 127 Wash- 
ington [45 Austin 
Charles James T. Japanner, 290 Park av. b. 
Charles Mary, widow of James, house 45 

. Austin 
Charon Ambrose, wire drawer, h. 27 Wall 
Charon Dolor, lastmaker, b. 68 Suffolk 
Charon Harmldose, brakeman, h. r. 58 Wall 
Charpentier Joseph, laborer, bds. 51 Norfolk 
Charron Alft>ed, carpenter, b. 15 Thomas 
Charron Frank J. hairdresser, IS Green, b. 

128 Park [Green cor. Franklin 

Charron John, lastmaker, 19 Church, house 
Charron Xavier, chopper, bds. 10 Green 
Chase Achsah, widow of Henry P. boards 7 

Chase Albert B. salesman, h. 28 Chandler 
Chase Albert N. woodworker, 19 Union, h. 

58 Belmont [coin, b. 11 Winslow 

Chase Albert Y. asst. bookkeeper, 66 Lin- 
Chase Augustus J. driver, b. 4 N. Merrick 
Chase A. A. carpenter, 16 Norwich, boards 

15 Myrtle 

CHASE CHAS. A. treasurer Worcester 
County Institution for Savings, 18 Fos- 
ter, house 15 West. — See page 476 
Chase Chas. E. rem*d to Philadelphia, Pa. 





Cbitfte Edgar F. hostler, 18 Pearl, b. do. 
Chase Edward I. Woodworker, 57 Jackson, 
boards 11 Winslow [10 Dewey 

Chase E^bridge A. floisher, 11 Water, bds. 
ChaseElwloI. boot finisher, 11 Water, h. 

10 Dewey 

Chase Fred W. clerk, PostOffice, h. 40 West 
Chase Hannah G. widow of Anthony, hoase 
29 High [1 Dover 

Chase Henry, cabinetmaker, 476 Main, h. 
Chase Henry M. machinist, bds 4 Penn ay. 
Chase Horace M. machinist, £7 Jackson, h. 

11 Winslow [Belmont 
Chase Ida Frances, mnsic teacher, boards 63 
Chase Lacy N. widow of Olney B. house 1 

Chase Minnie, teacher, bds. 1 School 
Chase Otis J. hostler, house 13 Mason 
Chase Bafhs H. painter, house 114 Austin 
Chase Susan C. widow of Peter, b. Oakland, 

Bamardyille [h. 17 Bellevue 

Chase Theodore L. Junk, 2 Blgelow court, 
Chase William C. picture Aramer, 1 Pleasant, 

h. 11 Congress [94 Austin 

Chase Will. D. action maker, 25 Union, b. 
Chase William M. foreman, 2 Cherry, h. 94 

Austin [Fruit 

Chase Willie A. electrician, 28 Pearl, h. 10 
Chase Willie H. machinist, 72 Central, bds. 

1 School 
Chase, see Chace 
Chaverian Garabed, laborer, 57 Jackson, b. 

58 Beacon [b. 58 Beacon 

Chaverian Havhannes, laborer, 57 Jackson, 
Chee Ping, ironer, 264 Main, boards do. 
Cheever Charlotte, bds. 62 Summer 
Cheever Delia A. bds. IH Lagrange 
Cheever Ellen, bds. 62 Summer 
Cheever Frank L. removed to Eutland 
Cheever Frank W. clerk, bds. 6 Cottage 
Cheever George A. clerk, 94 Grove, boards 

6 Cottage [6 Cottage 

Cheever George H. salesman, 141 Front, h. 
Cheever Henry T. clergyman, house 8 State 
Cheever Nellie £. housekeeper, 145 South- 
Chenery Esther G. teacher, Belmont street 

school, bds. 10 Hanover 
Chenery John A. bookkeeper, 84 Foster, h. 

16 School [Shelby 

Chenery Mary T. widow of Cyrus, bds. 15 
Chenery Phebe A. house 10 Hanover 
Chenery William D. clerk, 452 Main, house 

at Holden 
Cheney Charles A. reedmaker, b. 82 Pleasant 
Cheney Charles S. carpenter, h. Lincoln ave. 

near Brittan 
Cheney Edson D. house 695 Main 
Cheney E. Morris, woodworker, 100 Pres- 

cott, house 27 Arch [2 Austin 

Cheney Frank C. cabinetmaker, 9 May, h. 
Cheney George W. clerk, boards 6 Newbury 
Cheney Harvey S. driver, 19 Church, house 

rear 18 do. 
Cheney Joseph P. Jr. agent grocer, 9 Pleas- 

sant, house 6 North Ashland 
Cheney Leonard, carpenter, h. 54 Houghton 

near Union avenue 

Cheney L. Warren, carpenter, house 53 

Houghton near Union avenue 
Cheney Mary K widow of Jonas 8. boards 5 

Pattison [2 Laurel 

Cheney Roval, engineer, W. & N. &. B. h. 

CHE5ET WHEELOCK A. printer, 418 
Main, h. 15 Bowdoin.— /Sse poffe 510 
Cheney Willard, carpenter, h. 120 Ldncoln 
Cheney Willard, Jr. carpenter, h. 12 King 
Cheney William A. compositor, 442 Main, 

house 6 Newbury 
Cherubi Angelo, laborer, bds. 61 Snffolk 
Chesbro William B. painter, h. 32 Hanover 
Chesley Isaac B. laborer, h. 565 8oathbridge 
Chessman Etta, cook. City Hospital, b. do. 
Chevalier Amable, organ maker, 25 Union, 

house 11 Meade 
Chevalier Francois, cabinetmaker, I^a^nrange 

near R. R. bds. 11 Meade 
Chevalier Gotthard, laborer, b. 3 Ascension 
Chevalier Joseph, carpenter, b. 217 Mechanic 
Chew Charles C. wireworker, h. 83 Grove 
Chick Isaac, machinist, 122 Gold, bds. 57 

Austin [Minn. 

Chickering Fred. 8. rem^d to Minneapolis, 
Chickering John, house 55 Piedmont 
Chicoine Marie B. dress miU^er, boards 181 

Southbridge [24 West 

Child Elizabeth H. widow of Elisha N. h. 
Child Frank S. cutter, Hamilton, boards at 

Oxford [b. 29 Clinton 

Child Fred. £. (EvereU & Childj, 393 Main, 
Child H. Walter, salesman, bds. 24 TV'est 
Child Josiah H. clerk, 246 Main, b. 24 West 
Child Llewellyn T. bookkeeper, 817 South- 
bridge, h. 9 High [927 Main 
Child Merrick M. foreman, 5 Sargent, house 
Childs Annie E. boards 88 Cedar 
Chllds Benjamin F. farmer, h. 16 Wachosett 
Childs BenJ. W. (CmUds, j^ith d Cfo^J, 17 

Mechanic, hoase 88 Cedar 
Childs Charles F. clerk, 3 Thomas, b. 5 do. 
Childs Charles 8. foreman, h. 28 Orange 
Childs Edward R. former, b. 16 Wachnsett 
Childs Edward S. clerk, Adams Express Co. 

rear Union depot, bds. 58 Front 
Childs Elmira, married to Tracy Murdock 
Childs Emeline M. Mrs. h. 88 William 
Childs Gardner, cabinetmaker, 19 Union, h. 

87 Orchard 
Childs Henry W. teamster, h. 228 Chandler 
Childs Mary P. Mrs. dressmaker, 228 Chand- 
ler, house do. 
Chllds, Smith & Co. (B. W. ChUda and H. 

E, Smith), boots and shoes, 17 Mechanic 
Childs William B. agent, Boston ft Wor. 

Despatch, 8 Foster, h. 2 Shelby st. pi. 
Childs William S. car builder, 21 Grafton, h. 

24 Laurel [house do. 

Childs Wm. S. Mrs. dressmaker, 24 Laurel, 
Chllson Frank A. painter, 138 Main, bds. 18 

Chinkey James T. & Co. (Chin Bing and 

Yeung Ouong OU), teas, 220 Main, h. do. 
Chipman Edward S. blacksmith, h. Clover 
Chipman Eugene F. blacksmith, b. 180 Front 
Chittenden Collins W. tinsmith, 609 Main, 

house 19 Chandler 





ChoUar John. hoDse 88 Oxford 

CHOUiAB JOHN D. ftirnltare and ophol- 
stery, 476 Main, boase 88 Oxford. — See 
page 598 [88 Oxford 

Chollar John H. salesman, 476 Main, boards 
Choquet Delflls, shoemaker, b. 82 Grosvenor 
Choqact Edward, laster, 68 High, hoase 88 
Lamartlne [29 Qrosvenor 

Choquet Edward, shoemaker, 68 High, h. 
ChoroD Frank, teamster, house 6 Norfolk ct. 
ChoroD George, carpenter, house 4 Ward 
Choobier Henri, shoemaker, bds. 140 South- 

Christian Joseph, laborer, house Lyman, 
Barnard ville [Abbott 

Christian Louisa J. widow of John, bds. 89 
Christian Olaf, laborer, bds. 18 Carroll 
Christiansen Charles, wireworker, h. Sack- 

▼ille near Byron 

Chriatiaosen Edward J. laborer, 161 Union, 

b. r. 48 Orchard [h. 1 HoUis 

Christiansen Gunerius, armorer, 42 Gardner, 

Christianson Daniel, wireworker, house 29 

£afltem ave. [Summer 

Christianson Herman, machinist, house 69 

Christianson Thorvald, armorer, 44 Central, 

bds. 31 Hanover [Central 

Christie Peter, laborer, 95 Thomas, bds. 144 

Christopher Henry, machinist, Lagrange 

opp. Junction depot, h. 60 Myrtle 

Chnrch Edward L. clerk, B:iy State House, 

boards do. [4 Quincy 

Church Edward M. carrier, Post-Office, bds. 

Chnrch Moses, carrier, Post-Offlce, house 4 


Church R. Howard, embroiderer, 566 Main, 

bds. 4 Quincy [b. 10 Wellington 

Church Sarah F. Mrs. bookkeeper, 129 Gold, 

Church Seth H. carpenter, h. Millbury opp. 

schopl-house, Q. 

Church William A. gilder, 5 Maple, house 

12 Hudson [168 Chandler 

Churchill Ezra (ChurchUl A Bedding), h. 

Churchill Geo. B. clerk» 8 Washington sq. 

bds. 168 Chandler 
Churchill James H. student, bds. 88 Park 
Churchill James K. capt. of police. City 

Hall, house 9» Park 
Churchill John S. & Co. blacking manufs. 88 
Southbridge, h. Plantation n. Division 
Churchill Mary, stitcher, bds. 48 Austin 
Churchill & Bedding (E. Churchm and C. S. 

Bedding), rags, 8 Washington sq. 
Chute Avard P. machinist, Lagrange opp. 

junction depot, b. 26 Newbury 
Chute Bnrple £. organ-action maker, 54 

Hermon, bds. 26 Newbury 
Chute Darius, wood, house 6 Smith ct. 
Chute Ellas Mrs. house 26 Newbury 
\J —See page 4:72 
Citron Selig, peddler, 270 Main, boards 48 

City Hospitfi, Jaques avenue n. Queen 
rirrr national bank, 406 Main.~5ee 
V page 474 

City Stables, 166 Salem [Assonet 

CUffey Hubert, moulder, 51 Green, house 22 

Claflin Adeline P. widow of John, house 101 

Claflin Albert E. removed to Hopkinton 
Claflin Charles L. 188 Union, h. 100 Summer 
Claflin Charles R. B. photographer, 877 

Main, house 22 Oread 
Claflin Charles R. B. Jr. instrument manuf. 

405 Main, bds. 22 Oread 

dealers, 188 Union and 415 Main, h. at 

Hopkiutou. — See foot lines under C 
Claflin Oliver W. plumber, h. 270 Pleasant 
Clancey John E. bookkeeper, 100 Prescott, 

boards 12 Charles [12 Charles 

Clancey Margaret, widow of Patrick, house 
Clancey Patrick, helper, 95 Thomas, house 

44 do. [150 Prescott 

Clancy Andrew, wireworker, 94 Grove, h. 
Clancy Edward, wireworker, boards rear 56 

Hanover [8 Columbia 

Clancy James, carpenter, 110 Green, house 
Clancy John E. stove blacker, 458 Main, b. 

22^ Pleasant [14 So. Irving 

Clancy Michael, blacksmith, 5 Canal, boards 
Clancy Micliael, hostler, 42 Waldo, house 

75 Central 
Clapp BeuJ. G. rem*d lo Providence, R. I. 
Clapp Caroline K. widow of Levi, boards 26 

Clapp Charles H. salesman, house 8 Laurel 
Clapp Edward, driver, 110 Green, b. 5 Mott 

CLAPP EDWARD B. gents' fhrnlshlng 
goods, 865 Main, house 26 Benefit.— 
See page 520 
Clapp Eliza, widow of Harvey, b. 88 Wash- 
Clapp Ellen R. dressmaker, 189 Main, b. do. 
Clapp Elliott D. salesman, 484 Main, house 
99 Elm 

SmUh), hat8, caps and furs, 871 Main, 

house 40 Richards. — See page 521 
Clapp Geo. currier, bds. 47 Suffolk 
Clapp Geo. F. electrician, 28 Pearl, boards 

6 Gouldlng [18 Lagrange 

Clapp Hiram B. painter, 57 Jackson, house 
Clapp James, house 8 Waverley [Piedmont 
Clapp Martha, widow of Albert B. boards 2 
Clapp Mayfleld C. carpenter, h. 28 Townsend 
Clapp Maynard B. baker, house 4 Crown 
Clapp Sophia A. widow of Enos L. h. 189 Main 
Clapp Warren W. farmer, house r. Pleasant 

near Olean 
Clapp William G. clerk, bds. 8 Waverley 
Clark Albert H. clerk, 6 Norwich, boards 

Salem square 
Clark Albert L. laborer, bds. 2 Crescent 
Clark Alfted H. bookkeeper, 190 Front, h. 

82 Cutler [do. 

Clark Alfred W. coachman, 25 Elizabeth, b. 
Clark Allen, driver, 269 Main, b. 15 Irving 
Clark Allen, woodworker, h. 185 Beacon 
C4ark Andrew P. clerk, bds. 184 Front 
Clark Ann Mrs. house 81 Millbury 
Clark Anthony F. Janitor, 492 Main, h. do. 
Clark Arthur, woodworker, 19 Cypress, bds. 

181 Summer 
Clark A. Monroe, bds. 4 High street court 

C. W. CUFLIN & CO., 

DMAZJBB8 Iir COAIi AJfn wooi>,i8a usioir, 



Clark Benjamin F. carpenter, b. 8 High st. ct. 
Clark Bernard, painter, bds. 195 Mechanic 
Clark Betsy R. Mrs. physician, 15 Myrtle, 

honse do. [and shoes, 182 Front 

Clark Bros. (W. B. and G, F, Clark), boots 
Clark Charles, picture firames, 5 Central, h. 

181 Summer 

CLARK CHARLES A. soap (A. W. Towne 
& Co.'s), 80 Sargent, bds. 45 Piedmont. 

— See page 545 
Clark Charles D. (G. JET. Clark <fc Co.), 6 

Norwich, honse 88 Portland [School 
Clark Charles H. clerk, 129 Main, boards 6 
Clark Charles J. helper, 161 Union, house 

10 Palmer [87 Oxford 

Clark Charles L. printer, 187 Front, house 
Clark Chas. R. canvasser, b. 16 Washington 
Clark Charles W. removed from city 
Clark Charles W. hostler, 122 Gold, house 

r. 271 Cambridge [189 Main 

Clark Christianna C. widow of Alonzo B. h. 
Clark Edward P. painter, 247 Main, boards 

88 Clifton 
Clark Edwin S. clerk, 529 Main, b. 6 KIlby 
Clark Elbridge, carpenter, house 578 Main 
Clark Eugene, farmer, Worcester Lunatic 

Hospital, Belmont, b. Plantation n. do. 
Clark Fannie M. bds. 1 High street court 
Clark Elavil, boards 16 Water 
Clark Francis M. removed to Holden 
Clark Frank E. bootmaker, bds. 21 Abbott 
Clark Frank E. soapmaker, 80 Sargent, bds. 

120 Front [Hermon, h. 185 Beacon 

Clark Frank H. supt. Taber Organ Co. 54 
Clark Franklin A. foreman, 619 Main, house 

16 Merrick [street court 

Claok Franklin A. carpenter, house 8 High 
Clark Franklin C. laborer, house 1 Coral 

CLARK FREDERICK M. dressed meats, 
190 Front, h. lOh West.—See page 558 
Clark Fred. M. Jr. bookkeeper, 190 Front, 

boards 10^ West 
Clark Fred. S. bookkeeper, bds. 189 Main 
Clark Gardner P. counter maker, h. 10 Mill 
Clark George, laborer, 60 Bloomingdale, h. 

12 Suffolk 
Clark George, peddler, house 5 Home 
Clark George B. removed to Fall River 
Clark George E. porter, 809 Main, b. 811 do. 
Clark George F. (Clark Bros.), 182 Front, 

house 16 Salem 
Clark George H. & Co. (C D. CZarJfe^, paints, 

&c. 6 Norwich, house Salem square 
Clark George L. steward, Wor. Lunatic 

Hospital, Belmont, boards do. 
Clark George W. melter, 188 Mechanic, h. 

27 Providence 
Clark Henrietta V. Mrs. h. 887 Main 
Clark Henry G. clerk, b. 27 Providence 
Clark Henry H. conductor, P. & W. R. R. h. 

48 Wellington [6 Kilby 

Clark Hiram, engineer, 82 Southbrldge, h. 
Clark Horace G. moulder, 52 Jackson, h. 

208 Main 
Clark James, wire drawer, h. 245 Millbury 
Clark James, umbrella repairer, house 404 

Southbrldge [4 Bowdoin pi. 

Clark James H. machinist, 199 Chandler, h. 

Clark Joel C. pattern maker* h. 15 Ifyrtie 
Clark John, boot finisher, 70 'Winter, hoose 

8 Spruce 
Clark John, removed to New York ci^ 
Clark John, laborer, 14 BloomlDgdale, h. 52 

Clark John, wire drawer, h. 14 Taylor 
Clark John A. machinist, 110 Qreen, hoaaeT 

Clark John B. removed to Sprf n^^eld 
Clark John S. & Son (S. ClarhJ, floar, 287 

Front, boards 6 West 
Clark John W. packer, h. 8 Chelsea 
Clark Jonas G. h. 89 Elm [155 Grove 

Clark Joseph S. supt. Rural Cemeteiy, hoose 
Clark Jotham A. removed flroro city 
Clark I^wls C. h. Wayne n. Baker 
Clark Lorenzo N. watchman, 94 Qrove, b» 

80 Paine [47 Mill 

Clark Lorin S. carpenter, 86 Central, hoose 
Clark Lydia C. widow of Daniel, house 50 

Lincoln [Main 

Clark Margaret Mrs. boarding-house* 208 
Clark Maria, widow of William J. boose 15 

Beach [85 Chestnot 

Clark Marion M. widow of Henry O. hoose 
Clark Mary, widow of Patrick, b. 14 Taylor 
Clark Mary, boards 66 Water 
Clark Mary, widow of John, b. 66 Water 
Clark Merrill B. flramemaker, 19 Cypress, 

boards 14 Auburn 
Clark Milton W. (Clark A Knight}^ 142 

Union, boards 128 Main 
Clark M. Ella, teacher. New Worcester 

school, boards 5 Cambridge 
Clark Nathaniel H. dressed meats, 190 Front, 

honse 45 Providence 
Clark Oliver P. removed flrom city 
Clark Orus, bookbinder, 82 Front, house 88 

Clifton [185 Beacon 

Clark Oscar C. organ maker, 54 Hermon, b. 
Clark Patrick, laborer, bds. 245 MiUbory 
Clark Patrick, machinidt, W. ft N. R. B. 

repair shop, house at Ayer Junction 
Clark Patrick, laborer, b. 404 Southbrldge 
Clark Patrick, laborer, 14 Bloomingdale, b. 

66 Water [Front 

Clark Philip H. machinist, 77 Foster, b. 66 
Clark Robert M. foreman, 108 Front, h. 85 ^ 

Houghton [Pi^r^ 

Clark Samuel, tinsmith, 16 Pleasant, h. Ill 
Clark Sarah R. widow of John, b. 80 Irving 
Clark, Sawyer ft Co. (T, A. Clark, S. Saw- 
yer, E, W. Ball and George Bichardson), 

crockery, 480 Main 
Clark Selwyn B. teacher. Highland Military 

Academy, Salisbury, boards do. 
Clark Stedman (John S, Clark A Son), and 

(M. 3f, French <fc Co.)^ 287 Front, h. 10 

Clark Stock well, canvasser, b. 165 Pleasant 
Clark Thomas, wood, 4 Hudson street ct. b. 

181 Summer [Irving 

Clark Thomas, salesman, 484 Main, bds. 45 
Clark Thomas A. (Clark, Sawyer A Co.), 

480 Main, house State cor. Harvard 
Clark William, bell boy. Bay State House, 

boards do. 





dark Wllllam B. (Clark Bros.), 182 FroDt, 
house 45 Park 

Clark WUUam C. 405 Main, h. 82 Cedar 

Clark William H. carpenter, h. 4 High St. ct. 

Clark WUUam L. honse 9 Walont 

dark William M. former at Highland Mili- 
tary Academy, boards do. 

dark William S. wool dealer (at Boston), 
hoQse 2ft John 

Clark , printer, boards 115 Hain 

OLABK A KSmBT (M. W. Clark a^id 
JS. O. JSnightJt machinists and steam 
eDgine bailders, 142 Union. — Seep. 659 

Clarke Ella M. stitcher, bds. 887 Main 

Clarke Elmon C. finisher, 108 Front, h. at 
Shrewsbury [117 Thomas 

Clarke Frank O. shoe treer, 18 Mechanic, b. 

Clarke George F. carpenter, W. & N. R. R. 
repair shop, honse 117 Thomas 

Clarke Henry Mrs. widow of Henry, physi- 
cian, house 9 Chestnut 

Clarke Jennie E. Mrs. dressmaker, 182 
Pleasant, boards do. 

Clarke John H. portrait painter, 98 Main, b. 
82 Pleasant [Lancaster 

darke Joseph A. printer, 418 Main, h. 15 

CLABKE JOSIAH H. & CO. (H. A. John- 
son and C. H, Carpenter J ^ dry goods, 
858 Main, house 50 Elm. — Seepage 527 
Clarke Louise, forewoman, 887 Main, h. do. 
Clarke Minnie D. telegrapher, Union depot, 
b. 8 Linden [Oread 

Clarke Samuel, compo:sitor, 442 Main, b. 85 
darke Sarah J. Mrs. dressmaker, 11 Pleas- 
ant, house do. 
Clarke W. Hawes, bookkeeper, 78 School, 
h. 74 Lincoln [square 

darkin Michael, laborer, honse Jamesville 
darkson Frank, fireman, b. 7 Elizabeth 
darkson James, removed flrom city 
darkson John L. carpenter, h. 7 Elizabeth 
Clarkson John W. machinist, 110 Oreen, h. 
927 Main [29 Dix 

Clarksou William, shoemaker, 287 Main, h. 
Claiy John J. brakeman, bds. 47 Temple 
Clary Samuel H. asst. sec. Wor. Safe De- 
posit & Ti-ust Co. 448 Main, bds. 85 Ox- 
Clash Theodore B. upholsterer, 827 Main, 

h. 71 Central 
Clason John, wire drawer, b.* 148 Main 
Classon Edward, polisher, 44 Central, bds. 

rear 20 Church 
Clavln James F. machinist, Hammond near 
R. R. bds. 58 Southbrldge [58 do. 

ClsTln Patrick, spinner, 17 Southgate, house 
Clay Urbane, moulder, 87 Gold, b. 59 Wash- 
ington [Portland 
Clayton Geo. H. solicitor, 492 Main, bds. 91 
Clear Patrick, boot crimper, h. 9 Hill 
Cleary John, laborer, bds. 155 Mechanic 
Cleary Michael, blacksmith, r. 40 Exchange, 
b. 155 Mechanic [55 Green 
Cleary William C. machinist, 77 Foster, h. 
CleaTeland Charles H. collector, 6 P. O. 

block, bouse 464 Main 
Cleaveland Charles V. f Cumminga A Cleave- 
land), 414 Main, h. 287 Pleasant 

Oleaveland, see Cleveland 

Clegg John, weaver, h. Leicester, V. F. 

Clegg Sarah, weaver, b. Leicester, V. F. 

Clegg Wm. H. polisher, 44 Central, house 
at Millbury [6 Chandler 

CleUand George, paperhanger, 284 Main, b. 

dem George W. attendant, Worcester Luna- 
tic Hospital, Belmont, l>ds. do. 

Clemence Addison B. chemist, 94 Grove, b. 
816 Park avenue [b. 25 Laurel 

Clemence Geo. H. draughtsman, 492 Main, 

CLEMENCE HENBT M. auctioneer and 
real estate agent, 14 Pearl, b. 209 Main. 
— See page 616 
Clemence James A. clerk, 409 Main, h. 810 
Park ave. [816 Park ave. 

Clemence Ruth D. widow of Wm. C. P. h. 
Clemence Walter 8. blacksmith, 82 Ex- 
change, bds. 816 Park ave. [Wall 
Clement Arthur, cutter, Hamilton, honse 61 
Clement Euphemie, widow, bds. 20 Spruce 
Clement Sarah £. widow of Luther W. h. 11 

Clements Carrie R. teacher, Woodland st. 
school, b. 46 Beacon [Hancock 

Clements £11, engineer, 25 Union, house 19 
Clements Emily, housekeeper, h. 46 Beacon 
Clements John, laborer, h. r. Millbury near 

R. R., Quinslgamond 
Clements Sarah W. teacher, Sycamore street 
school, boards 46 Beacon [Stebbins 
dements Wm. laborer, b. Millbury opposite 
Clements Wm. A. boards 46 Beacon 
Clementson Earl, wlreworker, b. 78 Grove 
Clemmons Mary A. widow, h. 215 Chandler 
den nan Edward, currier, 246 Southbrldge, 
house 25 Vine ' [28 Cedar 

develand Anna R. widow of Edwin C. h. 
Cleveland Aruenah B. foreman, house 27 

Cleveland Charles, mason, b. 208 Main 
Cleveland Charles A. engineer, W. & S. R. 

R. h. Plantation n. Bloomingdale 
Cleveland Charles H. cardmaker, 246 South- 
bridge, house 10 Queen 
develand Genie, at Asylum Chronic In- 
sane, Summer, bds. do. 
Cleveland George H. machinist, 161 Union, 
b. 29 Salem [bridge, b. 850 Main 

Cleveland Horace F. currier, 246 South- 
Cleveland Hubert H. machinist, 47 Hermon, 

boards 88 do. 
Cleveland James R. machinist, Lagrange 

opp. junction depot, b. 59 Piedmont 
Cleveland John, conductor, 15 Market, b. 1 

machinery manufs. 54 Jackson. — See 

pages 616 and 617 
Cleveland Seward H. millwright, 95 

Thomas, bds. 85 Summer 
Cleveland, see Cleaveland [Beacon 

Clifford Alfred, music teacher, house 109 
Clifford Anson, planer, 171 Union, house 70 

Clifford Daniel, laborer, b. 6 Seymore 
Clifford Dennis E. marble cutter, 181 Central, 

house 127 Shrewsbury 

C. W. CLAFUN & CO., 

7 ' 

AJrn 416 MAIN 8TBBXT, 



Clifford Eugene, heater, h. 127 Shrewsbury 
Clifford Harriet M. bookkeeper, 878 MaiD, 

bds. 5 Kendall place 
Clifford Herbert, clerk, 154 Chandler, bds. 15 

Belle vue [14 Laurel 

Clifford Hermon W. clerk, Post-Offlce, house 
Clifford James, laborer, 48 Grafton, house 

71 Temple 
Clifford Jeremiah, died Mar. 19, 1888, ago 64 
Clifford John, laborer, bds. 71 Temple 
Clifford John, laborer, 60 Bloomingdale, h. 

126 Shrewsbury 
Clifford Joseph M. clerk, 4 Washington sq. 

b. 14 Laurel [Shrewsbury 

Clifford Mary, widow of Eugene, house 127 
Clifford Mary A. widow of Jeremiah, h. 19 

Howard [h. 84 Myrtle 

Clifford Bobert W. upholsterer, 476 Main, 
Clifford Warner, boards 10 Lagrange 
Cllnkard Wilbur F. printer, 442 Main, house 

18 Valley 
Clinton Hattle C. Mrs. bds. 21 Piedmont 
Clinton Peter, laborer, bds. 251 MlUbury 
Cllsh Edward, boot bottomer, 11 Water, h. 

146 Prescott 
Cllssold Walter, machinist, 62 Jackson, h. 

6 Queen [Cross 

Clocker Joseph, laborer, bds. College Holy 
Clogston Sylvan us, driver, rear 155 Main, 

bds. 149 Southbrldge 
Close Oscar, nurseryman, house Green - 

dale ave. 
Clossey Thomas, mason, house 165 Washing- 
ton [ton, b. do. 
Clongh Anna £. ladies' hairwork, 7 Hough- 
Clough Augustus W. porter, b. 7 Houghton 
Clough A. Arlngton, upholsterer, 827 Main, 

boards 7 Houghton 
Clough Benjamin, Jr. removed to Boston 
Clough BenJ. F. physician, 6 Myrtle, h. do. 
Clough Benj. H. porter, b. 7 Houghton 
Clough Charles A. Instructor, Worcester 

Free Institute, b. 22 Lancaster 
Clough Francis A. hairdresser, 838 Main, 

h. 7 Houghton [12 Front 

Clough Frederick L. engineer, 440 Main, h. 
Clough George S. carpenter, rear 28 Austin, 

house 21 Mason 
Clough Jacob M. machinist, b. 618 Main 
Clough Jennie C. teacher, Thomas street 

school, boards 7 Houghton 
Clough Theodore W. hairdresser, 888 Main, 

boards 7 Houghton [Penn. 

Clouther John B. rem*d to Wilkesbarre, 
Cloutier Henri, boot bottomer, 108 Front, 

bds. 140 Southbrldge 
Cloutier Moise, wire drawer, h. 26 Liberty 
Cloutier Napoleon, shoemaker, 108 Front, 

h. 48 Suffolk [Grafton 

Cloutier Paul, shoemaker h. Hamilton c. 
Cloyes Henry, shoemaker, bds. Bridge c. 

Cluchey Hubert, carpenter, h. 8 Meade 
Cluchey Paul, shoemaker, Grafton near 

Orient, h. do. 
Cluchkey Paul, bootmaker, h. 47 Suffolk 
Clute J. Leslie, carpenter, boards 15 High 
Coahn Jacob, peddler, bds. 20 Water 

Coakley Cornelius, eng^eer, Hollls, h. 47 

Coan Alfred S. painter, house Illinois 
Coan John, laborer, h. Thome n. Wall 
Coan Patrick, blacksmith, 63 Grafton, house 

61 Water ^ 

KJ CO. (Q- H. Coates), horse clipping ma- 
chines, 287 Chandler.— i8^eejKi^« W^ 
Coates George H. (CoaUs Clipper Mannf. 

Co. ;, 237 Chandler, h. 235 do. 
Coates James P. blacksmith, h. 4 Hudson 
Cobb Franklin B. jr. wire packer, h. 41 

Catharine [b. 41 Catharine 

Cobb Franklin B. 8d, clerk, 12 I-incoln sq. 
Cobb George P. & Co. (9. R. Aiwoodjy fish, 

186 Front, h. 24 William 
Cobb Harry W. engineer, b. 41 Catharine 
Cobb HoUis W. lawyer, 9 Chapln block, b. 

at Shrewsbury [Thomas 

Cobb John J. sawyer, 196 Union, bds. lOS 
Cobb Lewis A. machinist, 140 Union, h. 6 

Cobb L. A. Mrs. dressmaker, 6 Fmit, h. do. 
Cobb Marshall E. engineer, 21 Grafton, h. 

184 Union av. [46 Salem 

Coblelgh Nancy J. widow of John R. house 
Coburn Alvarado A. boatu, Quinslgamond 

lake, h. Alvarado av. n. W. & S- R. B- 
Coburn Azro A. salesman, b. 27 Woodland 
Coburn Cyrus E. shoemaker, 10 Mulberry, 

h. 58 Eastern av. [Chandler 

Coburn Florence R. Mrs. stitcher, boards 25 
Coburn Helen A. valentine maker, boards 6 

Chatham [27 Woodland 

Coburn Henry H. clerk, 40 Central, house 
Coburn Jehial C. engineer, house Coburn av. 

near W. & S. R. R. [av. n. Belmont 
Coburn Jesse J. real estate, house Alvarado 
Coburn John B. laborer, 15 Market, house 

811 Main 
Coburn Lemuel, machinery, h. 27 Woodland 
Coburn Peter, machinist, 77 Foster, bds. 189 

Shrewsbury [844 Pearl 

Coburn Peter, jr. machinist, 77 Foster, h. 
Coburn Samuel J. stable, 502 Southbrldge, 

h. 504 do. [h. 45 Shelby 

Cochrane Albertina G. widow of William A. 
Cockell Mary, milliner, 812 Main, b. 84 Port- 
land [514 Main 
Cody Harry E. machinist, 38 Hermon, bds. 
Cody John, blacksmith, 58 Grafton, b. 8 Bart 
Cody Maurice, laborer, house 96 Mechanic 
Cody Michael, machinist, 54 Jackson, house 

O'Rourke n. Sutton road [96 Beacon 
Cody Richard, clerk, 26 Shrewsbury, bds. 
Coe Elizabeth B. H. widow of William, h. 

57 Pleasant [do. 

Coe Jefferson, waiter, Bay State House, bds. 
Coe S. Hamilton, city editor, Daily Spy, 444 

Main, house 11 Benefit [682 Main 

Coe Stephen T. machinist, 62 Jackson, house 
Coe William, clerk, bds. 85 Pleasant 
Coes Abbie W. widow of Aury G. boards 

Bay State House 
Coes A. G. & Co. (John H. and Frederick L. 

Coes), wrench manufs. 2 Leicester, 

Webster sq. 





Goes Chester E. B. stndent, b. 1049 Main 

Goes Frank, engineer, bds. 58 Austin 

Goes Frederick L. (A, G, Goes A Co.Jt 2 

Leicester, h. 18 Mill [Main 

Goes Jennie, widow of Frank L. R. h. 1049 
Goes John H. (A. O. Goes db Co.), house 

1058 Main 
flOES LORING ft CO. (M. 0. WhiUier), 
U shear blades, &c. 1 Goes sq. house 1049 

Main. — Seepage 646 
nOBS L. A CO. (MeMn 0. WhiUier), 
\J wrench manufacturers, 1 Goes square. 

— Seepage 626 
Goes M. A. Mrs. bds. 11 Benefit 
Goes Wm. W. shoemaker, S45 Main, house 

54 Portland [27 Ellsworth 

Coffee Bartholomew, wire cleaner, house 
Coffee Ellen, widow of Edward, house 78 


Coffee James, helper, bds. 86 Green 

Coffee Mary, widow of Patrick, boards 200 

Coffee Michael, laborer, house 24 Howard 
Coffee Timothy, boot sider, h. 107 E. Cen- 
tral [b. 78 Shrewsbury 
Coffee Timothy, laborer, 14 Bloomingdale, 
Coffee William, driver, 84 Foster, bds. 186 


Coffey Edward E. laborer, 14 Bloomingdale, 

bds. 6 Sullivan ct. [Front 

Coffey James G. cutter, 66 Grafton, h. 229 

Coffey Jeremiah, laborer, 28 Manchester, h. 

8 Swan ct. 
Coffey John, laborer, bds. 6 Sullivan ct. [ct. 
Coffey Mary, widow of John, h. 6 Sullivan 
Coffey Wm. E. clerk, 90 Front, h. 44 Franklin 
Coffey Wm. M. laborer, bds. 24 Howard 
Coffin Ghas. H. salesman, 9 May, boards 5 

nOFFIN EDWASD W. driver, 207 Main, 
\J and show cases, 1 Bismark, h. do. — See 

Coffin Enoch, grocer, 4 N. Ashland, house 
27 Orchard "[105 Summer 

Coffin George W. driver, 207 Main, house 
Coftky Alfkid, carpenter, house 66 Ward 
Cofeky Edward, carpenter, h. 9 Taylor 
Coft^ John, cabinetmaker, 26 N. Foster, h. 
56 Wall [165 Pleasant 

Cogan Charles, elevator conductor, boards 
Cogan Joseph P. moulder, bds. 4 Green 
Cogan Mary Mrs. house 48 Spring 
Cogan Michael, clerk, boards 8 Blossom 
Cogan Patrick, teamster, b. 434 Millbury 
Cogavan Catherine, grocer, 26 Vine, h. do. 
Cogavan James, laborer, house 26 Vine 
Cogger A. Francis, blacksmith, 209 Mechan- 
ic, house 74 Harrison [b. 5 Thomas 
Coggeshall Andrew J. salesman, r. 156 Main, 
Coggeshall Etta, stitcher, bds. 9 ^tna 
CogglDs Bartley, vrireworker, house McGor- 
mick's ct. [Byron 

Coggins Bridget, widow of Thomas, bds. 2 
Ooggins Michael, laborer, 65 Jackson, h. 
66 Lamartine [n. Grafton, h. 47 Barclay 
Coggins Thomas, signal man, B. & A. R. R. 
CoggBhall Lucius D. machinist, 77 Foster, 
boards 147 Main 

Cogswell George S. clerk, Main n. City 

Hall, bds. 4 Lynn 
Cogswell Mason, painter, house 4 Lynn 
Cogswell Rufkis H. overseer, house 94 South- 
Cohen John J. rem*d to Providence, R. I. 
Cohen Simon, peddler, h. 9 Winter st. ct. 
Gohn Dora, sewer, boards 29 Thomas 
Goker Geo. L. hairdresser, 289 Main, h. 88 

Washburn [Mitchell 

Golangelo Rocco, wire drawer, Pitt, h. 24 
Colbert Edmond, laborer, h. 11 S. Irving 
Colbert John P. pressman, 444 Main, house 

82 Elm [5 Denny 

Golbrook Charles W. clerk, 826 Main, bds. 
Golburn Alfred, clergyman, house 21 John 
Colbnrn Alice, music teacher, bds. 21 John 
Golburn Calvin, carpenter, h. 25 Grown 
Golbarn Ghas. A. carpenter, h. 7 Mason 
Golburn Henry P. clerk, 60 Grafton, h. 27 

Golburn Mozart, house 46 Providence [do. 
Golburn Samuel H. physician, 2 Tirrell, h. 
Colby Alonzo (Colby S Porter), 92 Foster, h. 

12 Wellington 
Colby Isaac, driver, boards 88 Dlx 
Colby Leslie, driver, boards 88 Dix 
Colby Reuben M. inspector of police, City 

Hall, h. 27 Russell 

OOLBT & PORTER (A. Colby and S. Por- 
ter), last manufs. 92 Foster*^ See page 

Cole Alonzo W. machinist, Hammond n. R. 

R. b. 189 Beacon [Freeland 

Cole Ann Mrs. widow of Henry, house 15 
Cole Augustus, moulder, 87 Gold, boards 

586 Main 
Cole Augostus M. farmer, bds. 15 Freeland 
Cole Betsy Miss, housekeeper, b. 5 Cottage 
Cole Charles M. drugs, 285 Main, house 29 

Bowdoln [Portland 

Cole Eliza A. widow of James, boards 44 
Cole E. Warren, shoemaker, h. 14 Bartlett pi. 
Cole Francis, machinist, 11 Cypress, bds. 10 

Cole Frederick, driver, 85 Central, bds. do 
Cole Geo. E. salesman, 858 Main, h. 16 Dlx. 
Cole Geo. T. litter, 57 Jackson, house 45 

Cole Henry F. boards 15 Freeland 
Cole Henry T. machinist, 57 Jackson, house 

7 Fulton [Ayer Junction 

Cole James, woodworker, 100 Prescott, h. at . 
Cole John, Jr. mason, 81 May, h. 79 do. 
Cole Maria, widow, bds. 50 Orange 
Cole Maria P. teacher. Ledge street school, 

bds. 19 Madison 
Cole Martin, died Oct. 27, 1888, age 48 
Cole Martin Mrs. widow, house Locust ave. 

near W. & S. R. R. 
Cole Richard, stonecutter, Prescent, house 

Gn^n cor. Harrington 
Cole William E. physician, 554 Main, h. 18 

Cole William H. clerk, 82 Green, house 12 

Hammond [Robinson pi. 

Cole Winslow A. driver, 15 Market, house 8 
Cole W. Frank, removed to Mlllville 

BUSH & CO., 




Colebrook Chas. laborer) Brassels, boards 8 

Colegrove Catherine W. bds. 1 Linwood pi. 
Colejfi'ove Geo. D. telegrapher, 426 Main, h. 

52 May [9 Jefferson 

Coleman Bridget A. widow of James, house 
Coleman Ellen, dressmaker, b. 48 Beacon 
Coleman E. Laroy, woodworker, 54 Jackson, 

bds. 50 Beacon [12 Belmont 

Coleman George L. turner, 72 School, house 
Coleman George 8. reed-board maker, 25 

Union, house 9 Clinton 
Coleman James P. marble cntter, 181 Cen- 
tral, b. 16 Thomas [21 Eastern ave. 
Coleman Mary D. widow of Geo. B. house 
Coleman Susan M. widow of Charles C. h. 

10 Oxford [h. 1 Sigourney 

Coleman Timothy, asst. foreman, 94 Grove. 
'Coleman Wm. P. trunkmaker, 494 Main, h. 

181 Salem [Cambridge 

Coley Henry, weaver, Brussels, house 127 
Coley William, weaver, Brussels, b. 2 Taft 
CoUamore Elbrldge P. cooper, Putnam lane, 

house Shrewsbury near Putnam lane 
Collamore Sarah D. widow of Elbridge G. 

boards Shrewsbury near Putnam lane 
Coliard Theophile, shoemaker, 4 Thomas, 

house 29 Charles 
Collemer Edward, driver. City Farm, b. do. 
CoUemer Wyman, porter, American Express 

Co. rear Union depot, b. 1 Maynard pi. 
CoUer Asa R. carpenter, house 20 Dix 
Coller Sarah A. Mrs. dressmaker, 48 High- 
land, house do. 
CoUes William £. supt. Washburn Iron Co. 

14 Bloomlngdale, house 48 Portland 
Collester Eliza J. music teacher, 989 Main, 

boards do. [8 Bloomlngdale ct. 

Collette Adlord, lastmaker, 19 Church, house 
CoUette Charles, blacksmith, 28 Webster, h. 

Mill near Bufltim [53 Woodland 

Collie Joseph, carpenter, 199 Union, nouse 
Collier Abner W. carpenter, h. 89 Salem 
Collier Charles R. driver, bds. 68 Vernon 
Collier Eliza, widow of Francis A. house 28 

Kendall [67 Beacon 

Collier Geo. A. carpenter, 54 Jackson, house 
Collier George W. student, bds. 28 Kendall 
Collier Louisa, widow, bds. 50 Orange 
Collier Major C. hairdresser, 127 Main, bds. 

57 Fountain 
Collier Narcissa B. widow, b. 18 Lagrange 
Collier Sarah B. music teacher, h. 20 Maple 
Collier William F., National Manuf. Co. 179 

Main, h. 28 Kendall [Northville 

Collins Austin, carpenter, h. 2 Mlllbrook, 
Collins Bridget, widow of Bartholomew, h. 

12 Mott [19 Ward 

Collins Catharine, widow of Michael, house 
Collins Charles H. sawyer, 46 Union, house 

rear 59 Blackstone [h. 7 Temple 

Collins Cornelius P. boot finisher, 70 Winter, 
Collins Daniel C. driver, 85 Central, house 

rear 9 Charles [1 Chandler ct. 

Collins Daniel H. teamster, 22 Front, house 
Collins Ellen, widow of Daniel, house 72 

Madison [do. 

Collins Frank £. clerk, 285 Main, house 288 

Collins Hannora, widow of Comellaa, houo 

184 Washington 

Collins H. Bingham, cook, boards 9 Vine 
Collins Jnmes, compositor, 442 Main, bds. 

22ik Pleasant [Cross, bds. do. 

Collins James W. professor. College Holy 
Collins Jeremiah F. engineer, 140 Union, b. 

126 Front [680 Park avrane 

Collins John, blacksmith, 1 Goea square, h. 
Collins John, painter, 57 Jaclcson, hoose 75 

Central [72 Madison 

Collins John, polisher, 44 Central, boards 
Collins John, laborer, Hey wood d. Houghton, 

boards do. 
Collins John, laborer, house 29 Franklin 
Collins John J. shoecutter. 68 Hl^h, boards 

60 Chandler 
Collins Joseph A. mason, boards 78 May 
Collins Margaret, seamstress, boards 184 

Collins Martin, bootmaker, 11 Water, boards 

185 Washington 

Collins Mary, died May 6, 1888, a^e 63 
Collins Mary A. boards 114i Soathbridge 
Collins Mattie A. teacher, Belmont street 

school, boards 20 Auburn 
Collins Michael, gasfltter, h. 7 Prescott pi. 
Collins Patrick, bootmaker, h. 1 Moran's ct. 
Collins Thomas,. laborer, h. r. 15 Prescott pi. 
Collins Timothy J. finisher, 68 High, boards 

7 Temple [484 Soathbridge 

Collins Walter, gunsmith, 81 Hermon, house 
Collins William, machinist, h. 12 Crompton 
Collins William, laborer, bds. 72 Madison 
Collins William, tailor, 47 Exchange, h. do. 
Collins William H. carpenter, house 29 

Washburn [Sonthgate 

Collonan Patrick, laborer, 178 Union, h. 82 
CoUope Thomas, laborer, b. 61 Soathbridge 
CoUoty Daniel, laborer, house 2 Harlem 
Colloty John, laborer, house 2 Spring 
CoUoty Margaret, domestic, 155 MlUbary 
CoUupy Bol^rt H. carpenter, h. 14 Winslow 
Cologne Henry, laborer, house 55 Winter 
Colony David, engineer. Mill near Chandler, 

house Mill n. Chandler [2 Summer 

Colson John, blacksmith, 100 Prescott, h. 
Colton Ann K. widow of Samuel H. house 

28 Queen 
Colton John B. sec. Bay State Shoe and 

Leather Co. 68 High, bds. at N. Y. cl^ 
Colton Joseph J. moulder, 92 Thomas, house 

28 Jefferson [Highland, b. 28 Queen 
Colton Reuben, asst. librarian. Main corner 
Colton Samuel H. former, bds. 28 Queen 
Colvln Caleb, foundry, 87 Gold, h. 892 Main 
Colvln C. Henry, clerk, 87 Gold, b. 892 Main 
Colvln Edwin R. moulder, 87 Gold, boards 

892 Main [bam 

Colvln Henry W. wire plater, h. 11 Wash- 
Colvin James A. iron founder, 52 Jackson, 

house 888 Main [Benefit ct. 

Colvln James B. supt. 52 Jackson, house 6 
Colvln John T. weaver, Brussels, boards 11 

Washburn [Benefit ct. 

Colvln Louis A. moulder, 52 Jackson, bds. 5 

COLYDf MICHAEL B. gasfltter, 8 Foster, 
house 80 Harrison.— /See page 581 





Comarord Timothy, filecatter, 88 Ontral, b. 

Hose No. 7, Lamartlne 
Combs Charles 8. driver, Hose No. 6, 224 

Pleasant, boards 219 do. 
Combs Flora H. honse 589^ Main 
Combs John, weaver, Brassels, hoase 584 

Combs Royal, honee 28 Salem 
Combs Simon £. chief engineer, flre dept. 

10 Bigelow coart, house 17 School 
Comeao Clement, soap, J>oards 5 Curtis 
Comeaa Iionis, carpenter, h. 68 Wall 
Comeford Dennis, grocer, 5 Gold street ct. 
bo^se do. [106 Souihbridge 

Comer Lawrence, fllecntter, 79 Beacon, b. 
Comer Michael, file grinder, 79 Beacon, h. 44 
Cambridge [Front, h. do. 

Comerford Philip (Comerfard <ft DalyJ^ 102 
Comerford Richard, boot finisher, hoase 5 
Ix)vell conrt [court 

Comerford Walter, wireworker, h. Powers 
riOMERFORD A DALT (P. Comerford 
\J and J. Jf. Daly), tea store, 102 Front. 

— See page 562 
Comford Catharine, widow of Kyran, bds. 7 
Union ave. [John 

Comfort John H. clerk, 858 Main, house 88 
Comins Edward I. house 46 Wellington 
Comins Irving E. woolen manuf. (at Roch- 
dale), boards 46 Wellington 
Comins Penelope, widow of Danford B. h. 
102 Thomas [Cross 

Comisky Mary, widow of John, honse 9 
Comisky Michael J. laborer, b. 9 Cross 
Comrie Alexander M. polisher, 81 Hermon, 
h. 88 Ellsworth [Main 

Comstock Arthur B. carpenter, boards 689 
Comstock DeWitt C. foreman, 619 Main, b. 

8 Vine 
Comstock James E. house 74 Pleasant 
Comstock Robert F. carpenter, h. 689 Main 
Comstock William H. jr. b. 1 Pleasant pi. 
Conant Clarissa P. widow of William, b. 67 

Conant Edward D. house 52 Queen 
Cooant Edwin, house 12 State [Newbury 
Conant Mary P. widow of John, house 18 
Conaty Bernard, removed to Spencer 
Conaty James, boot treer, 154 Front, house 

80 Ellsworth 
Conaty Peter, clerk, bds. 840 Cambridge 
Conaty Thomas J. pastor Church of Sacred 

Heart, house 840 Cambridge 

Condon David J. bootmaker, 82 Austin, h. 6 

Pattlson [Gates 

Condon James, carpenter, honse Illinois n. 

Condon John, carpenter, Webster ct. h. 84 

Condon John, quarryman, b. Ballard 
Condon John J. gearcutter, 28 Hermon, b. 

Condon Patrick, laborer, honse 78 Madison 
Condon Richard, machinist, 161 Union, h. 
186 Washington [28 Winter 

Condon Thomas, laborer, 51 Qreen, h. rear 
Condon Thomas £. clerk, 204 Main, bds. 186 
Washington [Washington 

Condon Wm. H. clerk, r. 29 Waldo, b. 186 

Condon William H. agent, bds. 1049 Main 
Coudy Eliza A. widow of Alexander, h.'9 

Grosvenor [shop, h. 80 Orange 

Condy John, machinist, B. & A. R. R. repair 
Condy John F. machinist, 62 Jackson, b. 9 

Grosvenor [Grosvenor 

Condy William A. machinist, 140 Union, b. 9 
Cone AliVed H. clerk, 138 Front, boards 42 

Portland [South bridge 

Cone George E. driver, 188 Front, h. 161 
Cone J. Henry, clerk, 185 Front, h. 8 Summit 
Congdon Caroline L. widow of Samuel G. 

boards 22 Grove 
Congdon Fidelia, died Feb. 18, 1888. age 79 
Congdon Samuel B. boarding-house, 10 Sud- 
Congdon Welcome A. boards 5 Lancaster 
Conger Harrison G. shoemaker, house 165 

Pleasant [Hamburg 

Conger Noel H. engineer, Jamesville, house 
Coniban Patrick, hostler, h. 16 Winter 
Conkey Ellen L. widow of John S. bds. 14 

Conkey Wm. £. woodworker, b. 65 Salem 
Conklin George H. clerk, 566 Main, h. 140 

Austin [Oxford 

Conklin Henry W. painter, 15 Market, b. 84 
Conklin Henry W. Jr. finisher, b. 48 Foun- 
tain [Oxford 
Conklin John O. driver, 24 P leasant, h.84 
Conkling Wm. H. boot finisher, 70 Winter, h. 

8 Plymouth 
Conley Edward, diemaker, 170 Mechanic, b. 

Bridge c. Mechanic [Orchard 

Conley Margaret M. widow of Michael, h. 26 
Conley Michael J. cutter, 619 Main, boards 

Brackett court 
Conley Thomas £. supervisor, Wor. Lunatic 

Hospital, Belmont, boards do. 
Conlin Ann, widow of Patrick, b. 71 Temple 
Conlin Ann T. widow of James, house 408 

Southbrldge [2 Harlem 

Conlin Annie M. ( Conlin d Sullivan), bds. 
Conlin Bernard, laborer, bds. 2 Harlem 
Conlin Bridget, widow, boards 11 Wade 
Conlin Bridget, widow of Patrick, house 17 

Conlin ct. [20 Pond 

Conlin Bridget, widow of Timothy, honse 
Conlin Bridget Mrs. saloon, 185 Cambridge, 

house do. 
Conlin Bridget M. bds. 87 Ward [Carbon 
Conlin Ellen, widow of Thomas, house 9 
Conlin James, laborer, house 48 Harlem 
Conlin James, clerk, boards 17 Winter 
Conlin James, laborer, 11 Cypress, bds. 19 

Beach [Southbrldge 

Conlin James, doormaker, 5 Sargent, b. 40e 
Conlin James, laborer, 207 Southbrldge, h. 

28 Langdon 
Conlin James A. laborer, b. 48 Harlem 
Conlin James £. wire drawer, h. 115 Park av. 
Conlin John, laborer, boards 875 Millbnry 
Conltn John, driver, bds. 28 Langdon 
Conlin John, laborer, house 11 Wade 
Conlin John, laborer, b. 289 Cambridge 
Conlin John, wireworker, house 90 Ward 
Conlin John, laborer, Putnam lane, bds. 114 






Conlin Kate, widow of Patrick, house 95 

CoDlin Lawrence, plasterer, b. 244 Front 
Conlin Michael, laborer, bds. 19 Beach 
Conlin Owen H. teacher, Belmont st. school, 

b. 90 Ward [48 Harlem 

Conlin Patrick, laborer at gasworks, bds. 
Conlin Patrick, laborer, bds. 11 Wade 
Conlin Patrick, laborer, 8 Granite, h. Granite 

near Heywood 
Conlin Patrick, porter, h. 109 Ward 
Conlin Patrick, laborer, Putnam lane, bds. 

r. Shrewsbury n. Seward 
Conlin Patrick, wire drawer, house Byron 

n. Millbrook 
Conlin Patrick A. laborer, house 17 Winter 
Conlin Patrick C. laborer, house 21 Carbon 
Conlin Patrick C. lamplighter, house 166 

Conlin Patrick F. laborer, h. 19 Beach 
Conlin Patrick J. butcher, house Waite near 

Conlin Patrick J. laborer, bds. 2 Harlem 
Conlin Patrick J. shoemaker, bds. 289 Cam- 
Conlin Patrick T. timekeeper, b. 109 Ward 
Conlin Peter, heater, h. r. MiUbury n. R.R.,Q. 
Conlin Peter, laborer, Putnan lane, bds. 26 

Winter [b. 17 Conlin court 

Conlin Peter A. teacher. North Pond school, 
Conlin Thomas, laborer, bds. 19 Beach 
Conlin Thomas, driver, Southbridge cor. 

Hammond, h. 4 Foyle 
Conlin Thomas, laborer, boards 12 Ward 
Conlin Thomas L. boot treer, bds. Granite 

near Heywood 
Conlin Timothy, diemaker, h. 11 Wade 
Conlin Wm. A. machinist, 62 Jackson, bds. 

408 Southbridge 
Conlin & Sulliyan (Annie M, Conlin and 

Mary E. Sullivan), dressmakers, 98 Park 
Conlon Andrew A. student, bds. 9 Pond 
Conlon Catharine, widow of Martin, b. 225 

MiUbury [Harlem 

Conlon Catharine, widow of Patrick, bds. 2 
Conlon Daniel E. machinist, bds. 9 Pond 
Conlon Hugh, finisher, 17 Hermon, bds. 52 

Conlon John, roller, house 225 MiUbury 
Conlon John, laborer, 96 Thomas, house 24 

Conlon Michael, laborer, h. 18 Larkin 
Conlon Patrick D. boot bottomer, house 9 

Conlon Thomas, laborer, h. rear 25 Winter 
Conneail Joseph, laborer, house 84 Barclay 
Conneely Martin, finisher, h. 25 Gold st. ct. 
ConneU Bartholomew, laborer, b. 48 Winter 
ConneU Bridget, widow of Bartholomew, h. 

48 Winter [7 Temple 

ConneU Charles, tailor, 10 Thomas, house 
ConneU Daniel, marble cutter, 181 Central, 

boards 21 MiUbury 
ConneU Daniel, carpenter, b. 168 Front 
ConneU Daniel, boiler maker, 51 Green, bds. 

106 Southbridge 
ConneU Edward M. rem'd from city 
ConneU John, driver, 84 Foster, b. 52 Green 

ConneU John, driver, 287 Front, house 9 

Hibemia [24 Wild 

ConneU John, marble cutter, 181 Central, h. 
ConneU Patrick, laborer, h. 102 B. Central 
ConneU Patrick, laborer, 112 Shrewsbuiy, 

b. do. [h. 16 Washington sq. 

ConneU Patrick J. harness maker, 219 Front, 
ConneU Richard W. hairdresser, 419 Main, 

bds. 21 Tremont [bds. do. 

Connell Wm. laborer, MiUbury n. gristmill, 
ConneUyEUen, widow of John, house 8 

Brackett ct. 
ConneUy Frank H. mason, b. 13 Lyon 
ConneUy Hugh, mason, house 18 Lyop 
ConneUy James F. boot treer, b. 13 £yon 
Connelly James L. qpitter, bds. 208 Main 
ConneUy John, laborer, house 9 Brown 
ConneUy John H. plumber, 6 Exchange, b. 

9 Brown 
Connelly Mary, widow of James, h. 82 Ward 
Connelly Mary Mrs. cook, h. 9 Tremont 
Connelly Michael J. cutter, b. 8 Brackett ct. 
Connelly Thomas £. carpenter, 5 Sargent, 

b. 18 Lyon [ct 

ConneUy Thomas F. armorer, b. 8 Brackett 
ConneUy Wm. mason, bds. 18 Lyon 
ConneUy WiUiam, wire drawer, h. Chamber- 
lain court [h. 207 Chandler 
Conner Frederick H. plumber, 51 Pleasant, 
Conner George A. driver, 28 Thomas, h. r. 

85 Orchard [61 do. 

Connery Maurice, bartender, 11 Green, bds. 
Connery Michael J. (Moran 4b Co, J, and mar 

chinist, h. 82 Fox [buiy 

Conniffe Catharine Mrs. h. rear 170 Shrews- 
ConnoUy Bridget, widow of Patrick, bds. 

145 Central 
Connolly Dominick, laborer, h. foot Harlem 
Connolly Jeremiah, laborer, 110 Green, bds. 

215 Summer [dry n. Warren 

Connolly John, laborer, 77 Foster, b. Foun- 
ConnoUy John, laborer, house 165 Front 
ConnoUy John, laborer, 125 Gold, b. 9 Beach 
Connolly John B. moulder, 52 Jax^cson, b. 

Sutton lane opp. Fremont [9 MitcheU 
Connolly Michael, foreman, 94 Groye, h. 
Connolly Patrick, carpenter, h. Sutton lane 

opp. Fremont 
Connolly Patrick, laborer, h. 107 Ward 
Connolly Patrick, laborer, house 77 Madison 
ConnoUy Patrick G. driver, Groton, h. 18 

Connolly Peter, laborer, 56 Exchange, b. do. 
Connolly Peter, stone layer, b. 418 South- 
bridge [b. Sutton lane opp. Fremont 
ConnoUy Thomas E. moulder, 52 Jackson, 
Connolly WlUiam, moulder, 68 Washington 

square, house Groton place 
Connolly Wm. mason, boards Shrewsbury 

near Belmont [Lafayette 

Connor Bridget, widow of Roger, house 6 
Connor Bridget Mrs. house 1 Hawkins 
Connor Charles, laborer, house 62 Temple 
Connor Charles J. mason, b. 80 Canterbury 
Connor Daniel, laborer, B. & A. R. B. 

Areight house, house 1 Foley's ct. 
Connor Daniel, helper, 81 Mechanic, house 

9 Milk 





Connor Daniel, laborer, b. 41 Saffolk 
Connor James, batcher, boards 9 Milk 
Connor James, liquors, &c. 134 Front, h. 

182 do. [Front 

Connor James, batcher, 117 Park, bds. 168 
Connor James, mason, boards 208 Mechanic 
Connor James, overseer, Fakachoag Mill, h. 

49 Camp [9 Milk 

Connor James C. laborer, 110 Oreen, boards 
Connor Jeremiah, bartender, 281 Front, h. 

7 Waldo [b. 229 Cambridge 

Connor Jeremiah, spinner, Pakachoag Mill, 
Connor Jeremiah, masoa, b. 80 Canterbury 
Connor John, driver, b. r. 182 Exchange 
Connor John, boot bottomer, h. 91 Wash- 

Connor John J. machine operator, 68 High, 

bds. 84 Spring [r. 182 Exchange 

Connor Margaret, widow of James, hoase 
Connor Mary, widow of John, h. 69 Bridge 
Connor Mary A. dressmaker, 180 Soath- 

bridge, boards do. [bary 

Connor Michael, wire drawer, h. 875 Mill- 
Connor Michael J. packer, hoose 2 Pink 
Connor Patrick, mason, house 6 Endicott 
Connor Patrick, tinsmith, Brackett ct. house 

72 Shrewsbury 
Connor Peter W. finisher, 10 Mulberry, bds. 

I Hawkins [h. 5 McFarland's ct. 
Connor Thomas, laborer, 68 Washington sq. 
Connor Thomas B. butcher, Putnam lane, 

boards Shrewsbury near Seward 
Connor Thomas S. finisher, h. 50 Chandler 
Connor Timothy, laborer, h. 104 Shrewsbury 
Connor, see Conner and O'Connor 
Connors Bridget, widow of Thomas, house 

II Beach 

Connors Bridget Mrs. house 41 Blackstone 
Connors Cornelius, laborer, b. 49 Washing* 

ton square 
Connors Daniel, hostler, house 67 Orange 
Connors Daniel W. helper, 161 Union, bds. 

66 Canterbury [Canterbury 

Connors David, moulder, 87 Gold, boards 56 
Connors Frank, removed to Boston [85 do. 
Connors John, blacksmith, 21 Grafton, bds. 
Connors John, laborer, boards 97 Water 
Connors Mary, widow of John, house 41 

Blackstone [Central 

Connors Mary A. machine tender, boards 47 
Connors Michael, laborer, h. 56 Canterbury 
Connors Morris, driver, 195 Union, house 1 

Foley's ct. [Central 

Connors Nellie, envelope maker, boards 47 
Connors Patrick, laborer, b. 41 Blackstone 
Connors Patrick, laborer, 21 Park, bds. 16 

South Irving [77 Water 

Connors Terence, laborer, 110 Green, house 
Connors Timothy, wire drawer, bds. 154 

Connors Timothy, removed f^om city 
Connors William, boot bottomer, 11 Water, 

house 81 Ellsworth 
Conolly Jeremiah J. moulder, 149 Wash- 
ington, h. 21 Ledge [ton, tK>ards 59 do. 
CoDoUy Patrick W. moulder, 149 Washing- 
Conroy Daniel D. plumber, 541 Main, bds. 

170 Front 

Conroy James, bricklayer, h. 118 Lamartine 
Conroy Margaret, dressmaker, 89 Temple, 

house do. [8 Southgate 

Conroy Michael, laborer. Junction shop, h. 
Conroy Thomas, laborer, house 25 Kansas 
Conroy Timothy F. laborer, rear 29 Waldo, 

boards 20 Goddard 
Conry Charlotte, boards 50 Orange 
Conry Thomas, weaver, Brussels, bds. 829 

Consin Gulttam, laborer, h. 1 Wood sq. 
Consin John, junk dealer, 1 Plum, house do. 
Constantine Robert, machinist, 161 Union, 

house 22 Maple [house do. 

Contant Julie, dressmaker, 41 Exchange, 
Contois Edward, laborer, r. 25 Hermon, b. 

I Meade 

Contois Hermides, moulder, r. 25 Hermon, h. 

II Meade [7 Houchin ave. 
Contois Joseph, finisher, 9 Barton place, b. 
Contois Paul, shoe bottomer, 68 High, bds. 

82 Millbury 
Convent Notre Dame, 32 Vernon 
Converse Albert, driver, 4 Barton pi. b. do. 
Converse Brigham, teamster, h. 47 Orchard 

OONYEBSE EDMUND, machinery and safe 
mover, 16 Mulberry, sad f Worcester Fer- 

rule Co,), 181 Central, h. 85 Prospect. — 

Seepage 562 [189 Austin 

Converse Edmund A. grocer, 555 Main, h. 
Converse Etta, widow, house 118 Park 
Converse Frank H. driver, 20 Market, b. do. 
Converse Frederick S. teamster, house 74 

Belmont [h. 67 Laurel 

Converse George W. machinist, 164 Union, 
Converse Harrison, finisher, 25 Union, h. 

41 Bowdoln 
Converse Julius C. machinist, 62 Jacluon, 

h. 594 Main [h. 101 Austin 

Converse Lebbeus T. provisions, 602 Main, 
Converse Luman D. driver, 476 Main, bds. 

101 Austin 
Converse L. Gertie, bookkeeper, 555 Main, 

house 189 Austin [225 Main 

Converse Noel E. clerk, 7 Pleasant, boards 
Converse Pliny M. cutter, 70 Winter, house 

20 Kendall [bds. 118 Park 

Converse Walter E. hackman, 68 Exchange, 
Converse Wm. R. baker, 11 Austin, h. do. 
Convery John H. machinist, 181 Central, h. 

rear 128 Chandler 
Convery Mary E. teacher. Providence street 

school, boards rear 1 28 Chandler 
Convery Thomas, machinist, Hammond n. 

R. K. h. Dryden n. Hemans [Summer 
Conway Catharine M. widow of John, h. 211 
Conway James, machinist, bds. 28 Winter 
Conway James, machinist, 54 Jackson, bds. 

at Oxford 
Conway John, painter, h. 26 Winter 
Conway John J. moulder, boards 211 Sum* 

Conway Lawrence, shoecutter, 18 Mechanic, 

h. 82 Barclay [Brown 

Conway Margaret, widow of PatricK, h. 21 
Conway Mary, weaver, b. 405 Southbrldge 
Conway Michael, died Aug. 4, 1888, age 82 
Conway Nora, house 405 Soathbrldge 






Conway William, fireman, h. 175 Washington 

Cook Aaron L. helper, 198 Front, house 36 
Abbott [Maple 

Cook Amelia R. widow of Ichbord, house 16 

Cook Bertha J. attendant, Worcester Luna- 
tic Hospital, Belmont, boards do. 

Cook Charles C. gardener, 60 Leicester, b. 
44 do. [b. 49 Park 

Cook Charles H. brakeman, B. & A. R. B. 

Cook Charles S. student, b. 11 Lancaster 

COOK CLARENCE B. laundry, 18 Me- 
chanic, bds. 4 Lynu.— See page 628 
Cook Daniel, carpenter, house 84 Orchard 
Cook Dwight F. canvasser, 18 Norwich, b. 

109 Thomas 
Cook Eben K. carpenter, house 179 Pleasant 
Cook Elizabeth A. widow of William J. h. 

41 School 
Cook Francis W. wireworker, 179 Main, h. 

Burncoat n. Lincoln 
Cook Frank E. operator, 26 Southbridge, b. 

6 Chatham [bds. do. 

Cook Frederick J. former at O. K. Cook's, 
Cook George, shoemaker, boards Grafton n. 

Hale [Green 

Cook Harriet P. widow of Daniel P. h. 88 
Cook Harry A. clerk, Southbridge c. Madi- 
son, boards 88 Green 
Cook H«nry C. machinist, 488 Main, bds. 2 

Portland place [Main 

Cook Isadora J. widow of George S. h. 808 
Cook James, upholsterer, 15 Union, h. 28 

Cook John, gardener, bds. 4 Henchman 
Cook John, wire drawer, b. 81 Prescott 
Cook Kate, widow of Thomas, house 81 

Prescott [land 

Oook Leroy, draughtsman, house 81 High- 
Oook Mary A. tailoress, bds. 81 Prescott 
Cook Norton L. machinist, h. 2 Portland pi. 
Cook Oliver K. farmer, h. Olean, Tatnuck 
Cook Phebe A. widow of Lewis, h. Hinds ct. 
Cook Robert J. foreman, h. 142 Lincoln 
Cook Sumner, farmer, house Fowler 
Cook Walter S. removed to Whitinsville 
Cook William F. helper, bds. Burncoat n. 

Lincoln [89 Abbott 

Cook William H. hostler, r. 18 Piedmont, b. 
Cook William H. bookkeep,er, 184 Front, h. 

28 Highland 
Cook William J. died Aug. 80, 1888, age 82 
Cook William W. florist, Loudon u. Main, 

house do. 
Cooke David W. mason, house 57 Austin 
Cooke Emma J. dressmaker, 508 Main, b. do. 
Cooke Fred. N. manager Mut. Union Tel. 

Co. 426 Main, boards 695 do. 
Cooke Henry P. (S, W. Cooke db Son), 508 

Main, boards do. 

dentists, 508 Main, bouse do.— ^66 p. 506 
Cookson Susan, widow of William, bds. 58 
Southgate [10 Lafayette 

Cool George H. coremaker, 100 Prescott, h. 
Cooley Charles B. clerk, h. 16 Goulding 
Cooley Fanny T. widow of Wra. S. bds. 16 

Cooley Hattle M. Mrs. nurse, b. 12 Crystal 

Cooley Henry B. machinist, 129 Gold, b. 117 

Front [Brittan 

Cooley Henry P. tinsmith, 161 Main, h. 5 
Cooley John,' laborer, house 80 Suffolk 
Cooley Maria A. grocer, 14 ProTidence, h. 

19 Waverley 
Cooley Marius S. engineer, bds. 216 Main 
Cooley Ovid L. watchman, h. 19 Waverley 
Coolldge Albert, canvasser, h. 98 Chatham 
Coolldge Albert B. clerk, 588 Main, h. 15 

Chandler [Main, h. 17 Chandler 

Coolldge Augustus (Ooolidge A TaylorJt 554 
Coolldge Edward, driver, bds. Lakeside av. 

n. Coes sq. [o. Goes sq. 

Coolldge Frank A. driver, bds. Lakeside av. 
Coolldge Fred. W. engineer, B. & A. B. B. 

house 49 Harrison 
Coolldge George £. h. Winfleld n. Tafts 
Coolldge Henry L. clerk, American Express 

Co. rear Union depot, h. 10 Shelby 
Coolldge Walter W. teamster at trlpeworks, 


idge and J. M, Taylor), Are inaorance 

agents, 554 Main. — See page 494 
Coombs George W. wool, h. 80 Richards 
Coombs John P. carpenter, 196 Union, h. 57 

Oxford [MiUbury av. n. Harrington 
Coombs Lydla M. widow of Albert F. bds. 
Coombs Nathaniel P. painter, 18 Madison, 

house 57 Woodland 
Coonan Edmond, laborer, h. 8 Colambla 
Coonan Edward, removed to New York 
Coonan Ellen, widow of Martin, h. 15 Ash 
Coonan James J., U. S. Army 
Coonan James J. Mrs. inspector, honse 6 

Wade [MUlbury 

Coonan John F. machinist, 125 Gold, b. 145 
Coonan John J. machinist, 57 Jackson, b. 18 

Coonan Mary, widow of Patrick, honse 145 

Coonan Mary A. cook, Waverly House 
Coonan Mary £. dressmaker, 8 Columbia, 

boards do. [188 do. 

Coonan Michael, clerk, 181 Pleasant, boards 
Coonan Nellie, servant, Waverly Honse 
Coonan Thomas, machinist, 57 Jackson, b. 

18 Burt 
Coonan Thomas, laborer, house 94 Temple 
Coonan William, engineer, house 18 Burt 
Coonan William E. machinist, 100 Prescott, 

boards 18 Burt 
Coonan William E. laborer, bds. 94 Temple 
Coonan William H. blacksmith, 57 Jackson, 

boards 145 Mlllbury 
Coonan William J. machinist, b. 8 Columbia 
Cooney Ann, widow of Daniel, boards 218 

Cooney Daniel, moulder, boards l4 Henry 
Cooney Daniel, laborer, b. 6 Adriatic court 
Cooney Daniel J. steamfltter, 198 Front, h. 

168 Washington 
Cooney Edmund, laborer, h. 96 Canterbury 
Cooney Francis, boot treer, house 25 Vernon 
Cooney James, saloon, 16 Shrewsbury, h. 

218 Summer [b. 14 Tremont 

Cooney James E. moulder, 149 Washington, 





Cooney James F. weaver, 17 Soathgate, Ms. 

96 Canterbury [College n. city line 

Cooney James L. moalder, 65 Jackson, house 
Cooney Johanna, widow of William, house 

99 Grafton [10 Adriatic court 

Cooney John, laborer, 17 Souths^ate, house 
Cooney John, Worcester Iron Foundry Co. 

56 Gold, boards 218 Summer [56 do. 
Cooney John, laborer, 17 Sonthgate, house 
Cooney John F. laborer, 17 Southg&te, bds. 

10 Adriatic court [10 Hacker 

Cooney John H. boot crimper, 60 King, h. 
pOONEY MICHAEL B. tinsmith and 
\J plamber, 8 Green, house 68 Mendon. 

— See page 581 
Cooney Owen, laborer, Canterbury comer 

Hammond, b. 29 Sargent [14 Henry 
Cooney Patrick, moulder, 100 Prescott, h. 
Cooney Patrick, moulder, 65 Jackson, bds. 

lUh Southbridge [94 do. 

Cooney Patrick, dyer, 17 South srate, house 
Cooney Patrick, jrl removed to PItchburg 
Cooney Patrick J. removed to Webster 
Cooney Thomas, died May 7, 1888, age 64 
Cooney Wm. M. finisher, 7 Washington sq. 

boards 25 Vernon 
Cooper Charles, dresser, b. 16 Cambridge 
Cooper Charles, masbn, house 47 Chandler 
Cooper Elmore, woodworker, 21 Cypress, 

house 8 Laurel [bds. 1 18 Beacon 

Cooper George P. engineer, 152 Southbridge, 
Cooper John, boot crimper, 60 King, house 

17 Home [Hancock 

Cooper John A. clerk, 428 Main, boards 11 
Cooper John T. boot crimper, 82 Austin, h. 

4 Richland 
Cooper Joseph £. laborer, house 7 Cheever 
Cooper Prescott L. engineer, N. & W. R. B. 

house lis Beacon [house do. 

Cooper Samuel G. taxidermist, 71 Hanover, 
Cooper Thomas, weaver, Brussels, house 9 

Parlin place 
Cooper Watie T. house 9 Downing 
Cooper William, engineer, 128 Chandler, h. 

28 Hawley [b. 147 Main 

Cooper William F. organ tuner, 25 Union, 
Cooper William H. cutter, 70 Winter, bds. 

17 Home [2 Decatur 

Copeland Aroasa A. machinist, 77 Foster, h. 
Copeland Avery C. woodworker, 5 Sargent, 

boards 6 Newbury [b. 6 Newbury 

Copeland Edward F. woodworker, 5 Sargent, 
Copeland John W. carpenter, 5 Sargent, h. 

6 Newbury [72 School, h. 2 Wachusett 
Copeland Salem (Copeland A Ohamberlinjj 
Copeland Thomas, carpenter, rear 28 Austin, 

boards 28 do. 
Copeland & Chamberlin (8, Copeland and C, 

W. ChamberHn), machinists, 72 School 
Corbett George H. bookkeeper, boards 4 

Snnnyside [Foster, h. 4 Sunnyside 

Corbett Henry M. carriage maker, 17 North 
Corbett John, laborer, 110 Green, house 18 

Corbett John E. mason, house 12 Winslow 
Corbett Joseph, machinist, 62 Jackson, h. 

19 Lamartine [house do. 

Corbett Margaret, dry goods, 19 Lamartine, 

Corbett Michael, laborer, house 28 Bradley 
Corbiere Thomas K. bookkeeper, 22 Front, 

boards 29 Chatham [4 Grand st. pi. 
Corbin Albert H. boxmaker, 26 N. Foster, b. 
Corbin Bez^amin, boxmaker, boards 4 Grand 

street place [Wachusett 

Corbin Cynthia, widow of Abiel, boards 22 
Corbin Fidelia, widow of John W. house 

267 Park avenue 
Corbin John E. removed to Springfield 
Corbin John W. machinist, 62 Jackson, h. 

89 Benefit [4 Maple place 

Corbin Levi G. bookkeeper, 47 Main, bds. 
Corcoran Cornelius, laborer, b. 60 Belmont 
Corcoran James, carpenter, h. r. 50 Beacon 
Corcoran Martin W. steamfltter, 198 Front, 

boards rear 50 Beacon 
Corcoran Mary, widow of Daniel, house 180 

Corcoran Thomas, house 2 Sullivan court 
Corcoran William, laborer, 95 Thomas, bds. 

89 Summer [Waldo House 

Corey Benjamin F. P. clerk, 412 Main, bds. 
Corey Edward J. woodworker, 9 May, house 

228 Pleasant [Bloomlngdale 

Corey Eliza, widow of Bernard, house 189 
Corey George G. carpenter, h. 828 Park ave. 
Corey Margaret L. nurse, boards 9 Main 
Corey Patrick, laborer, b. 189 Bloomlngdale 
Corey Wallace A. removed to Lowell 
Corkum D. Wellington, teamster, Washing- 
ton square corner R. R. bds. 120 Front 
Corless Nura Mrs. house 96 East Central 
Corless Patrick, laborer, h. 62 E. Worcester 
Corliss Ella M. at Asylum Chronic Insane, 

Summer, boards do. 
Corliss John, moulder, bds. 62 E. Worcester 
Corliss John, teamster, h. 178 Shrewsbury 
Cornelius John A. machinist, 44 Central, h. 

28 North Ashland [225 do. 

Cornell Henry D. machinist, 550 Main, house 
Cornell James, milkman, bds. Millbury av. 

n. Blithewood [19 Lyon 

Comellier Charles, bootmaker, 68 High, b. 
Cornellier Oliver, bootmaker, 11 Water, h. 

19 Lyon 
Corning Hiram B. mason, h. 18 Waverley 
Cornish Carlos H. foreman, B., B. &G. R. R. 

repair shop, h. 88 Paine [86 Belmont 
Corn well George J. teamster, 167 Union, h. 
Corrlgan James, foreman, house 28 Camp 
Corrlgan Thomas, laborer, 60 Bloomlngdale, 

boards 182 Washington [8 Sunnyside 
Corriveau Arthur J. currier, 82 Hermon, h. 
Corriveau Peter, currier, 82 Hermon, house 

8 Sunnyside [ster 

Corser Frank P. machinist, boards 8 Web- 
Corson Stephen F. heeler, 68 High, house 29 

Cosgrove Catherine Mrs. boards 26 ^tna 
Cosgrove Francis, blacksmith, h. 9 Brown 
Cosgrove Francis, moulder, h. 8 Slgourney 
Cosgrove James, telegrapher, Bay State 

House, bds. 16 Suffolk [Lafayette 

Cosgrove James F. boot finisher, house 84 
Cosgrove John, servant. College Holy Cross, 

bds. do. [b. do. 

Cosgrove John, farmer, College Holy Cross, 





Cosgrove John B. veterinary sargeon, 40 

Pond, bds. 9 Brown [52 Hermon 

Cosgrove John J. machinist, 54 Jackson, h. 
Cosgrove Kate C. teacher, East Worcester 

school, bds. 9 Brown [9 Brown 

Cosgrove Marcns F. clerk, 14 Front, boards 
Cosgrove Owen, servant, College Holy 

Cross, bds. do. 
Cosgrove Thomas, laborer, house 6 Nashua 
Cosgrove Wm. T. clerk, 858 Main, bds. 8 

Costalo George R. cook, h. 2 Bowdoin pi. 
Costello Charles ( Costello A Shaw), 144 

Front, h. 41 Oxford 
Costello Dennis, laborer, h. 28 Union ave. 
Costello John, driver, house 15 Hill 
Costello Mary, laundress, 98 Main 
Costello Michael, laborer at tripeworks, r. 

Greenwood, boards n. do. [do. 

Costello Robert, hairdresser, 488 Main, h. 
Costello Thomas D. carpenter, h. 129 Me- 

Costello & Shaw fC. CosUllo and B, E. 

SJiaio), tobacconists, 144 Front 
Cot6 Alphonse, wiredrawer, bds. 177 Grove 
Cot6 Edward, slater, 74 Prescott, h. r. do. 
Cot6 Euclide, clerk, 80 Arch, b. 29 Glen 
Cot 6 Felix, grocer, 80 Arch, house 29 do. 
Cot6 Gaspard, quarryman, house Belmont 

n. Bell pond [Houchin av. 

Cot6 George, shoemaker, 68 High, house 8 
Cold Joseph F. litter, 57 Jackson, h. 28 do. 
Cot6 Louis, laborer, house 94 Lamartine 
Cot6 Mary Mrs. house 51 Ward 
Cotey George A. varnisher, h. 77 Piedmont 
Cotey Godfrey, laborer, h. r. 25 Briden 
Cotey Julia A. teacher, house 77 Piedmont 
Cotinelli Guiseppi, laborer, h. 4 Wood sq. 
CotlnelH Nicholas, peddler, h. 87 Suffolk 
Cotter Bridget Mrs. eating- house, 16 Wash- 
ington square, house r. do. 
Cotter Daniel, died Nov. 2, 1888, age 90 
Cotter Henry, laborer, 84 Prescott, h. 88 

Eastern ay. 
Cotter Jeremiah, removed to Millbury 
Cotter John, laborer, house 42 Canterbury 
Cotter Julia, widow of Garrett G. house 

Seward near Wilson [em ave. 

Cotter Mary, widow of Henry, house 88 East- 
Cotter Patrick, laborer, h. 94 Canterbury 
Cotter Patrick, laborer, house 14 Walte 
Cotter Wm. H. finisher, 15 Union, boards 

182 Bloomingdale [boards do. 

Cotton Catherine A. dressmaker, 28 Jackson, 
Cotton James, painter, h. 28 Jackson 
Couch Orrln W. removed to Concord, N. H. 
Couchon Alexander, reed maker, 25 Union, 

house 9 Grand st. court 
Couchon Fanny, housekeeper, 62 Madison 
Couchon John, Jr. reedmaker, 25 Union, h. 

62 Madison 
Coughlan Daniel Mrs. house 144 Southbridge 
Coughlan NorahJ. bds. 144 Southbridge 
Coughlan Henry, moulder, 68 Washington 

sq. boards 8 Goddard [87 Park 

Coughlln Hannah J. widow of James H. h. 
Coughllu John, foreman, house 52 Ward 
Coughlln John, laborer, boards 36 Ledge 

Coughlln Kate A. teacher, Walnot street 

school, boards 37 Park 
Coughlln Michael, laborer, bds. 86 Ledge 
Coughlln Wm. H. machinist, 14 Blooming- 
dale, boards 87 Park 
Coulahan Ann, house 189 MiUbary 
Coulahan Martin, laborer, house 486 South- 
bridge [boards 486 Soathbrldge 
Coulahan Michael J. laborer, Brussels, 
Coulahan Michael M. painter, B., B. & 6. B. 

B. repair shop, boards 189 MUlbory 
Coulahan Thomas A. laborer, Bmasels, bds. 

486 Southbridge [12 do. 

Coulson John, gardener, 10 Highland, house 
Coult George, carpenter, 77 Foster, house 59 

Counihan Daniel, laborer, P. & W. K. B. 

boards 11 Foundry 
Counihan John, blacksmith, r. 50 Exchange, 

house 40 Market 
Counihan Michael, blacksmith, rear 40 Kx- 

change, boards 40 Market [62 Temple 
Counihan Michael, laborer, 77 Foster, house 
Counihan Nora, widow of Patrick, boards 

82 Harrison 
Courchene Adolphus, removed to Oralton 
Courchene Onesime, removed to Grafton 
Courchene Wm. carpenter, h. 71 Lafayette 
Cournyan Frank, wire drawer, h. 8 Briden 
Coumyan Frank, Jr. wire drawer, b. 8 Briden 
Conrtemanche Adelore, carpenter, house 9 

Taylor [United States Hotel 

Conrtemanche Chas. clerk, 427 Main, bds. 
Conrtemanche Gteorge, Jr. envelope cutter, 

20 Salisbury, h. 6 Glen 
Conrtemanche Margaret Mrs. b. Walker ct. 
Courtney Annie J. domestic, 274 Main 
Courtney Daniel, laborer, h. 108 £. Central 
Courtney Daniel, painter, boards 4 Pink 
Courtney Daniel, tailor, 425 Main, bds. 180 

Courtney Daniel, laborer, h. 84 East Central 
Courtney Daniel T. laborer, 91 Foster, b. 87 

Courtney Dennis H. wire drawer, h. 4 Pink 
Courtney Francis, driver, h. 66 £. Central, 
Courtney Fred, laborer, b. 155 Millbury 
Courtney James, laborer, b. 25 Burt 
Courtney James, laborer, house 57 Franklin 
Courtney Jeremiah, laborer, bds. 87 Spring 
Courtney Jeremiah, finisher, b. 244 Front 
Courtney Jeremiah, laborer, h. 14 Union av. 
Courtney Jeremiah, jr. laborer, h. 12 Union 

Courtney John, laborer, bds. 84 Hanover 
Courtney John, laborer, 28 Webster, house 

84 Cambridge [229 Front 

Courtney Margaret, widow of Dennis, bds. 
Courtney Mary, at Asylum Chronic Insane, 

Summer, bds. do. [Orange 

Courtney Mary, widow of Patrick, honse 85 
Courtney Owen E. laborer, B., B. & G. K. R. 

freight house, house 7 Carbon 
Courtney Patrick J. painter, house 4 Blake 
Courtney Thomas, house 87 Spring 
Courtney Thomas H. clerk, 827 Main, bds. 85 

Courtney Timothy, laborer, house 4 Pink 





ConrtDey WilUam J. machinist, 54 Jackson, 

bds. 85 Orange [689 Park av. 

CoQsinean Oliver A. machinist, 1 Goes sq. b. 
CoQSinean Samnel A. millwright, 1 Goes sq. 

honse 689 Park av. 
Couture Francis F. beltmaker, 187 Front, h. 

O'Roarke n. Sntton road 
Gontare Hermenegilde M. clerk, 858 Main, 

honse 1 Hemans 
Contnre Joseph M. slater, h. 84 Orchard 
Cove Martin, provisions, 50 Millbury, h. do. 
Cove Martin, Jr. clerk, 50 MiUbnry, bds. do. 
Covell Gharles H. clergyman, h. 23 Wjman 
Covell Gharles J. machinist, 54 Jackson, b. 

28 W jman 
CoveU Mary G. dressmaker, b. 28 Wyman 
Covran Herbert, rem'd to St. Paul, Minn. 
Cowan Martha J. widow of Augustus, h. 14 

Goulding [Maywood 

Cowan Thomas B. farmer, h. Lovell near 
Cowan William H. farmer, boards Fowler 
Cowden Mirick H. lawyer, 5 Front street 

Exchange, house 41 Benefit 
Cowdin Putnam F. machinist, 57 Jackson, 

boards 10 Davis 
Gowee Frances £. dressmaker, b. 58 Main 
Gowen Nelson, house 12 Gongress [h. do. 
Go wen Serah M. dressmaker, 12 Gongress, 
Gowles Emma L. teacher, Ledge st. school, 

boards 86 Orange [b. 42 Austin 

Gowles Frank 0. civil engineer, 18 Gity Hall, 
Cox Alfred S. bookkeeper, 95 Thomas, h. 11 

Dix [freight house, bds. 26 Elliott 

Cox Jefferson T. laborer, B., B. & 6. R. R. 
Cox John, weaver, Brussels, h. 851 Gam- 
bridge [bds. 66 do. 
Cox John 8. (Cox dt Staples), 154 Front, 
Cox Louisa, housekeeper, 10 Robinson pi. 
Cox Michael, laborer, house 26 Liberty 
Cox Rebecca, cook, Gity Hospital, bds. do. 
Cox Thomas, laborer, b. 199 Millbury 
Cox Washington, laborer, house 26 Elliott 
Cox & Staples fJ' S. Cox and' T, B. Staples), 

boot manufs. 154 Front 
Coxon William H. machinist, 199 Ghandler, 

house 4 Charlotte [h. do. 

Coyle Catharine, confectionery, 88 Spring, 
Coyle John, laborer, house 6 Edgeworth 
Coyle John, laborer, h. Millbury n. R.-R., Q. 
Coyne James, hostler, h. Shrewsbury near 

Coyne John, laborer, h. 9 Kansas 
Coyne Luke S. machinist, 130 Qold, h. 110 do. 
Craffey Ann, boards 22 Gross 
Graffey Bridget, boards 22 Gross 
Graffey Mary, boards 82 Gross 
Graffey Matthew, moulder, 68 Washington 

square, house 22 Gross 
Graft Gharles F. propr. Spencer express, 

440 Main, boards at Spencer 
Graft William, brakeraan, h. 78 Temple 
Grafts George, fireman, N. & W. R. R. bds. 9 

Salem [Lafayette 

Gragan Cornelius H. clerk, 82 Austin, b. 26 
Gragan Edward J. boot finisher, 70 Winter, 

b. 105 Washington [r. 125 Washington 
Gragan i^ancis J. boot sider, 155 Frout, h. 
Gragan John, laborer, house 28 Lafayette 

Gragan Stephen, boot treer, h. 105 Washing- 
ton [105 Washington 
Gragan Stephen B. cutter, 128 Ghandler, b. 
Gragin Lngene M. machinist, 10 Harris ct. 
h. 42 Hermon [Glover 
Gragin Luther T. carder, house Ludlow c. 
Graig Isaac W. hairdresser, 102 Southbridge, 

b. 8 Liberty 
Graig Joseph H. rem'd to Sudbury 
Gram WiUiam G. hostler, h. 47 Waldo 
Gramer Patrick, laborer, h. r. 146 Prescott 
Cramer Patrick, galvanizer, b. 179 Millbury 
Gramer, see Greamer and Greemer 
Grandall Fannie, laundress, bds. rear 52 Ex- 
Grandall Lila, married to John G. Gilbert 
Grane Edwin M. boot bottomer, h. 1 High 
street court [ h. 82 Gastle 

Grane Elijah G. machinist, LaiO'ange c. R. R. 

OBAHE ELLEBY B. & CO. lumber, 12 
Shrewsbury, Washington sq. opp. Union 

depot, h. 19 Benefit. — Seep^e 611 
Grane Henry G. (McCloud, Crane A Minter), 

57 Union, house 49 Lincoln 
Grane John G. cutter, r. 155 Front, house at 

W. Millbury [7 Gharlton 

Grane Mabel, teacher. Ash street school, b. 
Grane Mary A. cook, 558 Main, h. 586 do. 
Granston Everett L. mason, bds. 47 Waldo 
Graven Ellen, widow of Lawrence, honse 2 

Graven Mary A. weaver, boards 2 Lyon 
Graven William T. finisher, boards 2 Lyon 
Grawford Anna E. dressmaker, b. 102 Elm 
Grawford Elias B. woolen manuf. bds. 892 

Grawford Henry, wireworker, b. 74 Market 
Grawford Jay B. bookkeeper, h. Brattle near 

R. R. station [811 do. 

Grawford Jehu J. hairdresser, 488 Main, bds. 
Grawford Lorinda W. widow of Samuel, h. 

102 Elm [Merrick 

Grawford Ossian T. clerk, 24 Front, house 8 
Grawford Samuel, removed to Millbury 
Grawford William H. (S. PraU A Co.), 22 

Front, h. 99 Austin [Orchard 

Grawshaw John, driver, 46 Union, house 80 
Grayton Frank H. painter, bds. 80 Jackson 
Greamer Abbie, widow of John, boards 6$ 

Lafayette [187 Washington 

Greamer Daniel, teamster, 21 Grafton, house 
Greamer John A. machinist, 62 Jackson, b. 

187 Washington 
Greamer Michael, laborer, h. 8 Edgeworth 
Greamer Michael, laborer, 5 Sargent, h. 68 

Lafayette [Summer 

Greamer Roscoe D. clerk, 104 Front, b. 79 
Greamer Thomas, bootmaker, 11 Water, h. 

15 Lafayette 
Greamer, see Gramer and Greemer 
Grean Gornellus, laborer, house 81 Sigel 
Grean Patrick, machinist, 180 Gold, h. 251 

Gredit Galiste, carpenter, house 19 Lake 
Gree J. Thompson, machinist, 57 Jackson, h. 

88 Washington 
Greelman Adam, carpenter, b. 18 Ghatham 

St. place 





Creemer Lizzie M. nurse, City Hospital, 

boards do. [Madison 

Cregin Wm. machinist, 161 Union, bds. 66 
Oreroin John, laborer, house 28 Howard 
Cremins James, laborer, b. 2 Columbia ct. 
Cressey Austin F. coachman, 22 King, b. do. 
Crevier Louis G. hairdresser, 100 Park, bds. 

98 do. 
Crierie Edwin P. painter, h. 4 Clinton ct. 
Crierie Ellen, widow of Archelaus, boards 4 

Clinton court 
Crimen John, laborer, house 17 Burt 
Crimen Josephine, dressmaker, boards 24 

Portland [18 Charles 

Crimmins Daniel, laborer, 48 Grafton, house 
Cristy Austin P. lawyer and assistant clerk 

Central Dist. Court, City Hall, house 2 

Agricultural [Main, h. 7 Piedmont 

Critcherson George P. photographer, 826 
Croake Bridget, widow of William, house 97 

Croake De^is, died Oct. 14, 1888, age 44 
Croake Dennis F. machinist, 54 Hermon, b. 

28 Grand st. ct. [b. 97 Madison 

Croake John, moulder, 68 Washington sq. 
Croake Patrick, shoemaker, 162 Southbridge, 

h. r. 196 do. [Madison 

Croake Wm. coremaker, 62 Jackson, bds. 97 
Croaker William, hostler, Putnam lane, h. 

Wilson near Seward 
Crocker Clarence H. propr. North Grafton 

express, 420 Main, bds. at N. Grafton 
Crocker Harris L. farmer, Gates lane near 

Mill, b. do. [roon, h. 85 Piedmont 

Crocker Henry A. organ regulator, 17 Her- 
Crocker Judson, carpenter, bds. 65 Salem 
Crockett Charles M. (Smith A CrockeUJ, 148 

Grafton, boards 145 do. 
Cromb George O. grocer, 87 Newbury, h. 

169 Chandler [h. 28 Houghton 

Cromb Simeon E. Jr. canvasser, 281 Main, 
Crombie James E. wire worker, house 89 

Crompton Chas. student, b. 121 Providence 

CBOMPTON GEORGE, loom builder, 110 
Green, and propr. Star Foundry, 149 

Washington, house 121 Providence. — 

Seepage 645 
Crompton Loom Works, 110 Green 
Cron John, die reamer, house 81 North 
Cronan John, moulder, 65 Jackson, h. 206 

Cronan Margaret, house 183 Southbridge 
Cronan Michael E. carpenter, house 180 

Cronin Ann Mrs. house 14 So. Irving 
Cronin Bridget Mrs. h. 70 E. Central 
Cronin Cornelius T. machinist, h. 4 Clarkson 
Cronin Cornelius W. marble cutter, 181 Cen- 
tral, boards 24 Bartlett place 
Cronin Dennis, watchman, house 5 McFar- 

land's court 
Cronin Ellen, widow of Cornelius, bds. 164 

Southbridge [court 

Cronin Ellen, boarding-house, 2 Columbia 
Cronin Honora Mrs. washerwoman, house 

104 E. Central 
Cronin James, laborer, boards Swan ct. 

Cronin James, laborer, house rear 115 East 

Cronin James, coremaker, 87 Gold, house 

52 do. [Wasbbnm 

Cronin James M. weaver, Brassels, lioase 8 
Cronin Jeremiah, laborer, 77 Foster, boards 

88 Bridge 
Cronin John, removed from city 
Cronin John, laborer, boards 165 Mechanic 
Cronin John, laborer at gas works, house 9 

Dorrance [8 Seward 

Cronin John F. moulder, 188 Mechanic, h. 
Cronin John P. moulder, 219 Sommer, bds. 

146 Shrewsbury [59 Barclay 

Cronin Joseph, switchman, B. ft A. B. B. h. 
Cronin Lawrence, laborer, W. & H. B. B. 

repair shop, house 6 Houlihan place 
Cronin Marcus D. grocer, 147 Slurewsbiiiy, 

house do. 
Cronin Margaret, widow, boards 62 Gold 
Cronin Martin, laborer, b. 24 Bartlett place 
Cronin Maiy, widow of John, h. 6 Brackett 

court [Seward 

Cronin Michael, laborer, h. Shrewsbury n. 
Cronin Michael, laborer, h. 805 Cambridge 
Cronin Michael, teamster, bds. 138 Soath- 

bridge [Summer c. Charles 

Cronin Michael, hostler, 26 Salisbury, bds. 
Cronin Michael F. removed flrom citj 
Cronin Michael J. brakeman, N. & W. B. R. 

house 24 Bartlett pi. 
Cronin Patrick, laborer, house 14 Larkin 
Cronin Patrick, helper, 5 Canal, b. 1 Cherry 
Cronin Patrick, hostler, 776 Main, house 41 

Orange [bury 

Cronin Patrick, painter, house 127 Shrews- 
Cronln Patrick H. removed to New Market, 

N. H. 
Cronin Timothy, helper, 161 Union, house 4 

Columbia ct. 
Cronk Isaac A. cardmaker, 66 Grafton, h. 

58 Providence 
Cron vail Peter' J. presser, 410 Main, house 6 

Gates [Chatham st. pi. 

Crook Lester T. clerk, 888 Main, boards 11 
Crook Lucy, widow, house 12 Hancock 
Crooker Henry M. Mrs. house 88 Prescott 
Crooks Charles, shoemaker, 222 South- 
bridge, h. do. [222 Southbridge 
Crooks Charles, Jr. moulder, 65 Jackson, h. 
Crooks John H. moulder, 65 Jackson, house 

141 Southbridge 
Crooks Wm. removed to Boston 
Croome Eliza, widow of James H. h. 17 Dix 
Crorey Samuel, removed to Southbridge 
Crosby Arthur A. farmer, bds. Holden near 

Crosby Caroline P. housekeeper, 9 Orange 
Crosby Charles D. clerk, 578 Main, house 

Crosby David, asst. foreman, 94 Grove, h 

81 Shelby [8 Valley 

Crosby David, C. clerk, 87 Southbridge, h. 
Crosby Edwin, cabinetmaker, h. 6 Cristy 
Crosby Isaac B. carpenter, 55 Southbridge, 

h. 6 London 
Crosby James H. foreman, W. & N. B. B. 

repair shop, house 578 Main 






Crosby James P. (WebHer dt Cfrosby), 99 

Foster, hoase 100 Summer 
CroBby Jostln D. clerk, boards 81 Shelby 
Crosby Mary C. widow of Uberto C. house 

9 Hermon 
Crosby Patricki wire worker, b. 27 Church 
Crosby Samuel B. nurse, h. 80 Newbury 
Crosby 8. Albert, eugiueer, h. 80 Newbury 
Crosby Thomas, laborer, 5 Sargent, house 

f^ Spruce 

Crosby Thomas F. organ -reed maker, 2o 

IJDlon, bds. 5 Spruce [John 

Crosby William K. cashier, 94 Orove, h. 17 

Crosier Robert, laborer, 48 Thomas, house 

41 School 
Cross Edwin L. baker, house 79 Market 
Cross Elgin E. cabinetmaker, 172 Union, b. 
180 Front [Prospect 

Cross Eli A. engineer, 95 Thomas, house 88 
Cross Franklin M. brackets, 22 Cypress, 

house West Boylston, Greendale 
Cross Henry, laborer, house 69 Laroartine 
Cross John, bootmaker, house 80 Grafton 
Cross John F. machinist, h. 19 Wachusett 
Cro8s Leonard D. woodworker, house 88 

pR088 LYMAN D. agent Wor. CoQper- 
\J ative Association, 576 Main, house 27 

Hawley. — See page 547 
Cross Merrill J. pressman, 47 Main, boards 
170 Front [milage ave. 

Cross Nelson A. woodworker, house Her- 
Cross Susan, died May 29, 1888, age 82 
Crossland Geo. removed firom city 
Crossley Herbert M. removed f^om city 
CroBsman James B. painter, 181 Union, h. 

68 Orange 
Oroesman Llnneus M. cabinetmaker, 196 

Union, h. 8 Sever 
Crosson David M. coremaker, 65 Jackson, 

b. 474 Southbridge 
Crosson Patrick, moulder, 65 Jackson, h. 

474 Southbridge 

Crosson William H. moulder, 65 Jackson, b. 

474 Southbridge [h. 127 Shrewsbury 

Croteau Bartholomew, laborer, 196 Union, 

Croteau L. Edward, clerk, 150 Front, bds. 

9 Sever 
Crotty Dennis, laborer, b. 2 Columbia ct. 
Crotty Edward, laborer, bds. 167 Salem 
Crotty Honora, v^dow of John, house 10 
Sonthgate [Green 

Crotty James, driver, 26 Shrewsbury, h. 68 
Crot^ James, wireworker, h. 59 Highland 
Crotty John, moulder, 100 May, h. 88 Can- 
Crotty John, boards 68 Green 
Crotty Maurice, weaver, bds. 195 Mechanic 
Crotty Maurice J. armorer, 42 Gardner, bds. 
88 Canterbury [Salisbury pond 

Crotty Michael, driver, boards Grove near 
Crowe Andrew, boot bottomer, 11 Water, h. 
141 Shrewsbury [Winter 

Crowe Henry, clerk, Putnam lane, bds. 28 
Crowe John P. wireworker, 179 Main, bds. 
97 B. Central [97 E. Central 

Crowe Mary, widow of Patrick, house rear 
Crowe William, laborer, b. 141 Shrewsbury 

Crowell Diann C. widow of Lorenzo, bds. 

5 Farwell 
Crowell Edward S. baker, 8 Providence, h. 

16 Plymouth [5 Farwell 
Crowell Florence L. copyist, 844 Main, bds. 

CROWELL JOHN F. insurance agent, 844 
Main, h. 5 Farwell. — Seepage 494 
Crowell Sarah F. nurse, boards 70 Laurel 
Crowley Andrew, helper, 161 Union, bds. r. 

75 Temple 
Crowley Arthur, laborer, house 4 Liberty 
Crowley Cornelius J. boot crimper, 619 

Main, h. 11 Dorrance [b. 180 Front 

Crowley Daniel, moulder, 149 Washington, 
Crowley Dennis M. crimper, 82 Austin, b. 

11 Dorrance 
Crowley Edward, foreman, house 68 Green 
Crowley James, dyer, house 4 Wesby 
Crowley Jeremiah, laborer, 82 Green, house 

17 Lamartine [b. 46 Norfolk 
Crowley Jeremiah E. tinsmith, 156 Main, 
Crowley John, brakeman, b. 61 Green 
Crowley John, moulder, 77 Foster, boards 

180 Front 
Crowley John, stonecutter, 71 Shrewsbury, 

house 4 Wesby [dale, h. 46 Norfolk 
Crowley John, timekeeper, 14 Blooming- 
Crowley John, dyer, 110 Grove, h. 2 Milton 
Crowley Margaret, housekeeper, h. 68 Green 
Crowley Mary B. widow of Timothy, bds. 

5 Chandler ct. 
Crowley Mary E. clerk, bds. 46 Norfolk 
Crowley Michael, laborer, h. 7 Winter 
Crowley Michael, grocer, 80 Lafayette, h. do. 
Crowley Nora T. bozmaker, bds. 126 Blooov- 

Crowley Patrick, bootmaker, h. 22 Beach 
Crowley Patrick, laborer, house 21 Burt 
Crowley Thomas, stonecutter, 226 Summer, 

bds. 4 Wesby [Worth 

Crowley Timothy, driver, S2 Green, house 9 
Crowley Timothy, removed from city 
Cruikshank William, florist, h. 18 Florence 
Crumley Thomas, plumber, house 11 East 

Worcester pi. [change, b. 62 do. 

Cudney Spencer, harness maker, 25 Ex- 
Cudworth Clarence W. fireman, boards 48 

Cutler [bridge, b. Si2 Cutler 

Cudworth Frank H. plumber, 80 South- 
Cudworth Hiram, toolmaker, junction shop, 

boards 607 Main [dale, h. 82 Cutler 

Cudworth John B. foreman, 60 Blooming- 
Cue James, machinist, 110 Green, h. 58 High 
Cuff James, coachman, 10 Highland, b. do. 
Cuff Michael, laborer, 51 Green, boards 45 

Winter [R. R., Q. 

Cuff William, teamster, h. r. MlUbury near 
Cuineff John, mason, h. 384 Cambridge 
Cull Henry, removed to Hopkinton 
Cull Patrick, laborer, boards 123 Thomas 
Cullen Daniel E. bootmaker, 89 Temple, b. 

22 MiUbury 
Cullen Hannah, widow of John, h. 11 Charles 
Cullen James F. clerk, N. & W. E. R. 21 

Park, boards 89 School 
Cullen John, died Dec. 1882, age 41 
Cullen Martin, grocer, 68 Green, h. 84 Winter 
Cullen Michael, laborer, bds. 122 Mechanic 







Callen Michael, laborer, 86 Sottthbrldge, b. 

95 Park 
Callen Michael, laborer, bds. 25 Brlden 
Callen Miles, laborer, boards 25 Temple 
Callen Patrick, driver, 78 School, h. 89 do. 
Calllnane Edward, weaver, Hopeville Manaf. 

Co. h. 117 Canterbary [58 Front 

Calross Wm. J. J. clerk, 66 Grafton, boards 
Culver Austin L. Janitor, hoase Coburn av. 

n. Anna [house 18 Richards 

Culver George E. blacksmith, 42 Gardner, 
Camiskey Bridget, widow of John, house 1 

CoDlln ct. 
Camiskey Mic:iael, laborer, b. 261 Millbary 
Cumlskey Michael, finisher, 9 May, boards 9 

Cross [89 Ellsworth 

Cammlngs Ann, widow of Michael, boards 
raJMBIIKGS CHARLES A. electric bells, 
\J speaking tubes, &c. 414 Main, hoase 122 

Austin. — See page 660 
Cummings Charles B. clerk, 104 Front, h. 

79 Summer 
Cummings Charles E. (Oummings A Cleave^ 

land), 414 Main, boards 170 Austin 
Cummings Chas. S. salesman, 196 Union, h. 

58 High 
Cummings David & Co. (S. JB*. Hurlhut and 

/>. E. Spencer), boot manuf^. 60 King, 

house at Somerville [Southbrldge 

Cummings Edward, machinist, boards 456 
Cummings Francis W. janitor, house 42 

Cummings Frank J. machinist, h. 68 SajflTolk 
Cummings Herbert R. reporter, 444 Main, 

house 2 Davis ct. [chanic 

Cummings Hugh, mason, b. Bridge cor. Me- 
Cummings James W. rem'd to New Haven, 

Conn. [sq. h. 82 Market 

Cummings Jennie R. waiter, 8 Washington 
Cummings John, machinist, 1 1 Cypress, h. 

17 Kingsbury 
Cummings John O. wire drawer, b. 54 Grove 
Cummings John T. clerk, 24 Front, house 

72 Portland 
Cummings Jonathan B. eave troughs, 197 

Union, house 51 Eastern ave. 
Cummings Kate, clerk, boards 44 Green 
Cummings Lizzie Mrs. house 9 Charles 
Cummings La man H. carpenter, 5 Sargent, 

house 8 Newbury 
Cummingfl Mary, widow of James, h. 176 

Prescott [Mlllbury 

Cummings Mary, widow of Peter, bds. 822 
Cummings Mary A. stitcher, b. 19 Mason 
Cummings Mary A. widow of Benjamin, h. 

19 Mason [h. 24 Vernon 

Cummings Michael, bootmaker, 154 Front, 
Cummings Michael, laborer, house 8 Bluff 
Cummings Patrick, driver, 207 Southbrldge, 

house 89 Ellsworth 
Cummings Patrick, laborer, h. 10 Grace 
Cummings Sarah Miss, missionary Central 

Church, bds. 28 Maple 
Cummings Sumner, bootcatter, h. . 84 New- 
bury [cott 
Cummings Thomas, laborer, house 176 Pres- 
Cummings Thomas, boot treer, 82 Austin, 

h. 80 Spruce 

Cummings Thomas C. wiredrawer, house 

Powers ct. 
Cummings Thomas F. machinist, 72 School, 
bds. 20 Waverley [Orange 

Cummings Willard, peddler, boards 68 
Cummings William, died Jane, 1888 
Cummings William, boot treer, 619 ICain, h. 

11 Wade 
Cummings & Cleaveland (C. S. Gummings 
and C. F. Cleaveland)^ locksmiths, 414 
Main [Powers coort 

Cummings Thomas C. wire drawer, house 
Cummlskey Matthew, finisher, SO Shrews- 
bury, house 8 Mechanic st. ct. 
Cnmner John T. sewing machines, 281 Main, 

house 18 Diz 
Cunningham Alfred W. cardmaker, 66 Graf- 
ton, h. 1 Union pi. 
Cunningham Alf)red W. Mrs. dressmaker, h. 

1 Union pi. 
Cunningham Annie A. domestic, b. 81 Mason 
Cunningham Arthur A. printer, 8 Maple, b. 
170 Front [ler 

Cunningham Catherine, widow, b. 52 Chand- 
Cunningham Catherine, widow of Patrick, 

house 95 East Central 
Cunningham Charles T. teamster, h. 9 Lin- 
wood pi. [Pleasant 
Cunningham Clara J. dressmaker, house S6 
Cunningham Daniel J. machlni£;.t, 54 Jack- 
son, boards 44 Mlllbury 
Cunningham Edmund, flagman. Green street 

crossing, house 8 Cullen ct. 
Cunningham Edward D. skatemaker, 31 

Mulberry, boards 27 Fulton 
Cunningham Elliot E. band saw manuf. 28 
Hudson, h. do. [son, b. 44 Millbary 
Cunningham Qeorge E. machinist, 54 Jack- 
Cunningham George F. machinist, 161 

Union, house 55 Blackstone 
Cunningham Harvey H. attendant, Worces- 
ter Lunatic Hospital, Belmont, b. do. 
Cunningham James, conductor, B. & A. B. 

R. house 972 Main 
Cunningham James, laborer, h. 70 Suffolk 
Cunningham James, boiler maker, hoase 27 
Ward [court 

Cunningham James, laborer, h. 8 Columbia 
Cunningham John, fireman, W. & N. R. R. 

boards 95 East Central 
Cunningham John, laborer, 17 Soathgate, 
bds. 51 do. [41 Canterbury 

Cunningham John, laborer, 82 Southgate, h. 
Cunningham John A. laborer, h. 44 Mlllbury 
Cunningham John M. machinist, 122 Gold, 
house 9 Winthrop [terbary 

Cunningham John P. laborer, bds. 41 Can- 
Cunningham John W. laborer, 161 Union, 
h. 2 Carpenter ct. [Hudson 

Cunningham Leila O. bookkeeper, boards 28 
Cunningham Martin J. sawyer, 196 Union, 
b. 21 Tremont [b. 121 Thomas 

Cunningham Mary A. widow of George H. 
Cunningham Mary B. widow of William, h. 

5 Milton 
Cunningham Michael, machinist, boards 41 
Canterbury [Summer 

Cunningham Michael, laborer, house 25 


AliL niBBCTOBIMSpublUh^inthe 

United States fumiehed at rttbHehen* 



Cannlngham Michael B. machinist, bds. 41 

Canningham Michael W. grocer, 62 Lamar- 
tlne, house do. [b. 178 do. 

Cunningham Patrick, clerk, 171 Shrewsbury, 
Cannlngham Patrick, died Oct. 9, 1888, age 
87 [b. 8 Callen ct. 

Cannlngham Peter, telegrapher, 444 Main, 
Cannlngham Thomas, blacksmith, W. & N. 

R. R. repair shop, h. r. 95 E. Central 

Cannlngham Thomas, wire drawer, boards 

21 TremoDt [Callen ct. 

Cannlngham Thomas F. laborer, boards 8 

Cunningham Thomas F. machinist, 54 Jack- 

pon, boards 41 Canterbnry 
Canningham Thomas J. laborer, boards 17 

Prescott place 
Cannlngham WUllam C. J. gasfltter, 8 Fos- 
ter, bds. 180 Front 
Cannlngham Wm. H. machinist, 110 Green, 

boards 70 Snflfblk 
Cnrley Ann B. fancy goods, Canterbury c. 

Grand, house 45 Grand 
Carle J John, bootmaker, 11 Water, house 18 
Soffolk [b. 14 Groton place 

Carley John F. moulder, 68 Washington sq. 
Curley John T. pegger, bds. 18 Suffolk 
Carley Owen F. bootmaker, 11 Water, house 

12 do. 
Carley Peter, laborer, b. 21 Washburn 
Corley Wm. J. laborer, boards 18 Suffolk 
Cumin Peter, laborer, house 112 Lamartlne 
Carran Catharine Mrs. grocer, 142 Foster, 

house do. 
Carran Dennis H. driver, MUlbury n. grist- 
mill, bds. MUlbury n. Greenwood 
Carran Edward, machinist, 1 Coes square, 

house Mill 
Cnrran Florence, laborer, house 5 Cross 
Curran James J. steamfltter, 198 Front, b. 
185 Salem [89 Barclay 

Curran John, fireman, B. & A. R. R. house 
Carran John, fireman, house rear MUlbury 

near Greenwood 

Curran John, laborer, 65 Jackson, house 22 

Orand st. ct. [Greenwood 

Cnrran John F. laborer, b. r. MUlbury near 

Curran Joseph, fireman, bds. r. MiUbury n. 

Curran Julia, widow of Patrick, b. 51 Gold 
Curran Margaret, widow of Patrick, house 

167 Grove 

Curran Maurice, laborer, h. 889 Southbridge 
Carran Michael, laborer, P. & W. R. R. 

freight house, bds. 16 Winter 
Curran Michael, laborer, B. & A. R. R. 

freight house, house 1 Columbia 
Curran Michael, laborer, 65 Jackson, house 

168 Salem 

Corran Morris, laborer, b. 8 Redding ct. 

Corran Morris, Job wagon, h. 57 Union ave. 

Curran Patricl^ laborer, B. & A. R. R. 
Areight house, house 185 Salem 

Carran Patrick, laborer, Canterbury c. Ham- 
mond, boards 51 Gold 

Cnrran Thomas, removed from city 

Corran Thomas G. laborer, 619 Main, house 
142 Foster 

OUBRIEB AUGUSTUS N. general agent 
Lancashire Insurance Co. 492 Main, h. 4 
Harvard. —See page 485 
Currier Charles A. machinist, 57 Jackson, h. 

87 Chandler 

Currier Edna, teacher, Quinslgamond 

school, b. 16 Newbury [Newbury 

Currier Ephraim, armorer, 81 Hermon, b. 15 
Currier Forrest J. boards 492 Southbridge 
Carrier Frank T. machinist, 181 Central, b. 

492 Southbridge [4 Harvard 

Currier Herbert A. insurance, 492 Main, b. 
Currier John P. miller, 82 Southbridge, h. 

15 Newbury [Main 

Currier John W. watchman, 94 Grove, h. 544 
Currier Timothy J. (Currier A Snyder), 181 

Central, house 492 Southbridge 

CURRIER ft SNTDER (T. J. Currier and 
J. E. Snyder), Iron drills and machin- 
ists* tools, 181 Central. — See page 658 
Curry Alexander, moulder, 59 Jackson, h. 

56 Beacon [MUton 

Curry Bridget, widow of Thomas, house 1 
Curry David, farmer, h. Ararat n. Brooks 
Carry David A. moulder, 52 Jackson, house 

at Boylston 
Curry Honora, died Sept. 24, 1883, age 60 
Curt in Bridget, grocer, 68 Bloomingdale, 

house do. [Southbridge 

Curtin John, laborer, 52 Jackson, house 206 
Cartln Mary, stitcher, house 8 Myrtle 
Curtin Mary, grocer, 119 Meclianic. h. do. 
Cartin Patrick, laborer, h. 4 Chandler ct. 
Cartls Abbie F. (Knowles A Curtis), Stafford 

near Heard, house do. 
Cartls Addie M. bookkeeper, 9 Mill, boards 

58 Pearl 
Curtis Albert, treasurer Curtis Manuf. Co. 

82 Webster, and (Curtis db Marble), h. 

38 Webster [pond 

Curtis Arthur, driver, b. Grove n. Salisbury 

CURTIS CHAS. F. MRS. vapor baths and 
electric treatment, 58 Pearl, hoase do. 
— See page 508 
Curtis Clarissa B. widow, bds. 50 Orange 
Curtis Daniel H. engineer, B. & A. R. R. h. 

88 Cutler [218 do. 
Curtis Edward, carpenter, 55 Southbridge, h. 
Curtis Edwin P., Richardson Manuf. Co. 84 

Prescott, house Burncoat n. MiUbrook 
Curtis George A. armorer, 65 Beacon, b. 85 

Clifton [h. 11 Coral 

Curtis George H. conductor, B. & A. R. R. 
Curtis James P. machinist, 2S Hermon, b. 7 

Winter street court 
Curtis James P. sand, h. Stafford n. Heard 
Curtis John D. foreman, 94 Grove, house 

210 Lincoln 
Curtis John H. carpenter, house 45 Austin 
Cortls Joseph H. hairdresser, 488 Main, 
Curtis Louis, bootmaker, house 82 MUlbury 
Curtis Louis H. shoemaker, b. 82 MUlbury 
Curtis Louise B. dressmaker, 66 Madison, 

boards do. [Maple 

Curtis Lydla M. widow of Beriah, house 18 
Curtis Manufacturing Co. woolen goods 

manufti. 82 Webster 
Curtis Marcus, boot treer, h. 85 Clifton 






Curtis Mary F. norse, boards 48 Piedmont 
Curtis Morrlft, laborer, boards 10 Briden 
Cartis Bandall, pattern maker, 28 Hermon, 

house 13 Mechanic 
Curtis Richard, painter, house 128 Thomas 
Curtis Samuel G. farmer, h. Plantation neai* 

hospital [City Farm 

Curtis Tyler P. farmer, house Lincoln near 
Curtis William C, bookkeeper, 85 Union, b. 

Lincoln near City Farm 
Curtis William R. policeman. Station 2, 

boards 216 Main 

CURTIS k MARBLE (Alhen Curth and 
Edtoin T, Marble), woolen and cotton 
finishing machinery manuf)9. 82 Web- 
ster. — See page 620 
Cnsbing John, wire drawer, h. 12 Sigel 
'Cushing Thomas J. wireworker, b. 12 Sigel 
Cushing William H. moulder, U9 Washing- 
ton, house 46 Myrtle 
Cushman Hiram, house 86 Washington 
Cnshman Mylon N. machinist, 110 Green, b. 

26 Salem 
Cusson Albiua, tailoress, bds. 88 Liberty 
Cusson Ida, married to M. Delorme 
Cusson Julia, widow of Job, h. 88 Liberty 
Cuthbertson Edward, wood, 46 Union, h. at 
Holden [Orchard 

Cuthbertson Lizzie, clerk, 18 Glen, bds. 80 
Cutler Aaron T. cardmaker, 19 Washington 
square, house at Holden 

CUTLER CHARLES, truckman, fhmiture 
and piano mover, 27 Lagrange, house 21 

do. — 8ee page 661 
Cutler Charles R. laborer, 65 Jackson, house 

28 Grand 
Cutler Charles W. engineer, B. & A. R. R. b. 

United States Hotel 
Cutler Ebenezer, carpenter, h. 5 Mendon 
Cutler Ebenezer, clergyman, h. 49 Chatham 
Cutler Frank, cook, 81 Pleasant, boards r. 

172 Front 
Cutler Fred. A. removed to Webster 
Cutler Mvron L. watchmaker, 268 Main, b. 

14 Oxford 
Cutler U. Waldo, instructor, Worcester Free 

Institute, boards 8 Boynton 
Cutler William, farmer, Bloomingdale opp. 

Fairview ave. boards do. 
Cutler William W. woodworker, 5 Sargent, 

h. 86 Grafton [82 Edward 

Cutter Chas. N. gunsmith, 20 Manchester, h. 
Cutter Elizabeth H. widow of Andrew, h. 

Central ave. near Bro«ks 
Cutter Ella F. stitcher, bds. 1 Austin st. pi. 
Cutter George F. woodworker, 19 Union, h. 

Brooks avenue, Greendale 
Cutter Nathaniel F. plowmaker, 100 Pres- 

cott, house 8 Newport 

Lincoln), copperas roanufs. Lafayette c. 
Quinsfgamond avenue, and Venetian red 
manufs. Canterbury corner Hammond, 
house 10 Linden. — See page 656 
Cutting Alonzo S. shoe treer, h. 607 Main 

CUTTING AMOS P. architect, 464 Main, 
house Pleasant corner Howe avenue, 
Tatnuck. — See page 505 

Cutting Edward E. printer, 392 Main, houM 

244 do. [h. B2 Newbury 

Cutting Edward P. bookkeeper, 70 Winter, 
Cutting Ella J. dressmaker, boards Pleasant 

corner Willard, Tatnuck 
Cutting Elmer J. olerk, boards 84 Belmont 
Cutting Frank W. bookkeeper. Mechanics 

Savings Bank, 811 Main, boards Waklo 

House [Pleasant c. Willard, Tatnnck 
Cutting George B. clerk, 81 Central, boards 
Cutting George H. (CutUng d Biahop), SI 

Central, h. Pleasant c. Willard, Tatnnck 
Cutting Lois W. widow of Caleb, house 28 

Richards [670 Main 

Cutting Mary A. widow of Darius, boards 
Cutting Mary E. widow of William A. house 

87 Main [h. 6 Crown 

Cutting Nathan H. truss manuf. 844 Main, 
Cutting Warren J. carpenter, h. 7 Snnnyside 
Cutting William J. clerk, 546 Main, boards 

6 Crown 

J, W, Bishop), builders and contractors, 
81 Central. — See page 590 
Cyr Edward, painter, 110 Green, b.9 Spmce 
Cyr Joseph T. draughtsman, 57 Jaclcson, h. 
9 Silver [9 Spmce 

Cyr Theophilus, grinder, 110 Green, honse 

Dadmxtn Frank J. bookkeeper, 207 South- 
bridge, h. Castle cor. Ely [st. pL 
Dadmun Hiram D. salesman, h. 18 Chatham 
Dadmun Jeduthan, boards Castle comer Ely 
Dadmun Lilla, clerk, boards 9 Charlton 
Dadmun Weltha, widow of Albert, boards 9 
Woodland [849 Main, h. 14 Shepard 
Dadmun William S. (Dadmnn 4b Putnam), 
Dadmun & Putnam (W. S. Dadmun^ H. E. 
Putnam and C. JSl Heywood), boots and 
shoes, 849 Main [4 Canal 
Dagg Joseph, shoemaker, 68 High, boards 
Daggle Joseph, shoemaker, h. r. 4 Lamartine 
Daggle Margaret, widow of Cain, house 158 

Dagnon John, laborer, h. Chamberlain court 
Dagnon Michael, laborer, b. Chamberlain ct. 
Dahlberg Gustaf, compositor, 195 Front, b. 
126 do. [press, b. 81 Market 

Dahlberg Ollf (Dahlberg A Noe), 22 Cy- 

DAHLBERG ft NOE (0. Dahlberg and ff. 
Noe), machine and iron forgers, 22 Cy- 
press.— 56e page 659 
Dahlin Alfred, foreman at wireworks, Q. 

house Millbury, Quinsigamond 
Dahlqvist Adrien N. machinist, b. 20 Central 
Dahlqvist Frank O. clerk, Perry, h. opp. do. 
Dahlqvist Jacob, diemaker. h. 7 Agricultural 
Dahlstroro Arvid, laborer, h. 8 Oswald 
Dahlstrom Gustaf, laborer, bds. 8 Oswald 
Daignault Louis, painter, 110 Green, boards 

at Millbary 
Daigneau John, bootmaker, house 12 Lodi 
Dailey Andrew, rem'd to E. Melrose, Iowa 
Dailey Libbie T. clerk, boards 7 Davis 
Dailey Thomas, rem'd to E. Melrose, Iowa 
Daily Daniel, bootmaker, 60 King, honse 18 

Daily Daniel, moulder, bds. 20 Goddard 






Dally £dward, wireworker, hoase 6 Byron 
Dally James, tailor, h. 45 Temple 
Dally James, jr. boot maker, b. 45 Temple 
Daily JohD, laborer, house 124 Salem 
Daily John, marble worker, house 74 Wall 
Daily John, bootmaker, boards 45 Temple 
Daily John F. painter, 626 Main, boards 28 

Dally Mary, widow of John, h. 20 Harrison 
Dally Mary A. widow of Daniel, hoase 48 

Dally Michael, laborer, hoase 24 Brlden 
Daily Michael J. foreman, Groton, h. n. do. 
Daily Patrick, laborer, house 4 Fallon's sq. 
Dally Patrick, laborer, bds. 859 Cambridge 
Dally Patrick, laborer, h. Sackville n. Byron 
Dally Timothy L. armorer, b. 20 Harrison 
Dally Wm. stonecutter. Summer cor. R. R. 

house 80 Columbia 
Dalsey Frank, currier, 82 Hermon 
Dajenais Wilft^d, painter, b. 115 Lamartlne 
Dakln Charles P. Airmer, bds. Winter Hill 
near Chester [So. lining 

Dakln Frank O. driver, 100 May, boards 18 
Dakln Frederick £. machinist, 140 Union, b. 
5 Orchard [Chester 

Dakln Levi, farmer, house Winter Hill near 
Dakln Ijevi, Jr. machinist, house 5 Orchard 
Dakln Luther, laborer, house Forest near 

Dakln Thomas, wireworker, b. 5 Orchard 
Dalbeck Mary H. dressmaker, b. 86 Salem 
Dalbeck Octave, musician, 25 Union, house 

122 Central 
Dalbeck Peter, musician, bds. 84 Portland 
Daley Hannah, domestic, 216 Main 
Daley John, boot treer, 619 Main, h. 15 Ward 
Daley John P. hostler, 85 Central, house 8 

Chamberlain court 
Daley Michael, laborer, bds. 66 Madison 
Daley Patrick, laborer, Madison cor. N. & W. 

R. R. house 40 Nashua 
Daley Patrick, carpenter, house 112 Gold 
Daley Thomas, blacksmith, 191 Union, h. 

19 Waverley 
Daley Thomas, carder, Hopevllle Manuf. Co. 

house Sutton lane near Sutton road 

Dalligan Thomas, laborer at tripe works, r. 

Greenwood, house n. do. [Russell 

Dally John H. foreman, 409 Main, house 27 

Dalrymple Edward A. clerk, 407 Main, bds. 

18 Trumbull 
Dalton Alfred, removed to Ithaca, N. T. 
Dalton Walter, blackMmlth, W. & N. R. R. 

repair shop, house 180 Front 
Daly Cornelias, laborer, house 47 Temple 
Daly Daniel, butcher, Plantation opposite 

Hamilton, b. 12 SulTolk 
Daly Daniel, Jr. butcher. Plantation opposite 

Hamilton, b. 12 Suffolk 
Daly David, laborer, 840 Cambridge, house 

Sutton lane n. Sutton road 
Daly David C. professor. College Holy Cross, 

bds. do. 
Daly Bdward, plumber, 12 Foster, h. 26 Glen 
Daly Frank J. fish, 89 Main, house 20 Ash 
Daly James, heater, h. 4 Cambridge place 
Daly James, laborer, bds. 8 Lovell court 

Daly James M. (Comerford <0 Daly), 102 

Front, house do. 
Daly John, finisher, 68 High, b. 45 Temple 
Daly John, laborer, house 4 Milk 
Daly John A. laborer, 91 Foster, b. 1 Cherry 
Daly John G. bds. 26 Glen 
Daly John J. laborer, 60 Bloomingdale, h. 70 

£. Central [20 Ash 

Daly Joseph C. skatemaker, 81 Mulberry, b. 
Daly Maria, dressmaker, b. 185 Exchange 
Daly Martin, boot bottomer, 7 Washington 

sq. house 18 Ward 
Daly Mary, housekeeper, 4 Milk 
Daly Michael, laborer, house 147 Mechanic 
Daly Michael, laborer, house 1 Plum 
Daly Michael, laborer, b. r. 17 Ellsworth 
Daly Michael C. grocer, 114 Shrewsbury, h. 

116 do. 
Daly Michael F. laborer, h. 861 Mlllbury 
Daly Patrick, laborer, Putnam lane, h. do. 
Daly Patrick, laborer, house 7 Boland court 
Daly Patrick, hairdresser, 198 Front, bds. 1 

Plum [near Slgoumey 

Daly Philip, wireworker, house Edgeworth 
Daly Sarah, boards 24 Vernon [h. do. 

Daly Sarah, dressmaker, 185 Exchange, 
Daly Thomas H. telegrapher, 444 Main, bds. 

185 Exchange 
Daly, see Dalley, Dally and Dally 
Dam Albert H. machinist, 128 Chandler, 

house 69 Piedmont [Piedmont 

Dam Martha E. widow of Ben]. S. house 69 
Dame Dennis, clerk, 22 Mechanic, house r. 

16 Cypress 
Dame Henry, carpenter, h. Walker court 
Damlan Vlto, laborer, h. 7 Wood sq. 
Damon Charles B. clerk, 7 City Hall, house 

29 Chestnut 
Damon Charles E. carpenter, h. r. 21 Home 
Damon Charlotte E. Mrs. nurse, b. 88 Austin 
Damon Cornelius, plumber, 51 Main, bds. 

Ill Chandler [h. 5 Elliott 

Damon Frank £. woodworker, 171 Union, 
Damon Harry, wireworker, b. 208 Main 
Damon Henry S. hackman, 118 Southbrldge, 

bds. 8 Church pL [48 Irving 

Damon Jonas S. driver, 8 Foster, house 
Damon Milton O. rem'd to Jacksonville, 

Fla. [5 Elliott 

Damon Sophronla A. Mrs. housekeeper, b. 
Dana C. Henshaw, died Feb. 5, 1883. age 86 
Dana George, farmer, house Plantation near 

Division [27 Carroll 

Dana Harriet, widow of Ebenezer, house 
Dana John A. lawyer, 852 Main, house 46 

Cedar [Plantation n. Division 

Dana Lucy J. widow of E. Beaman, house 
Dana Mary L. house 129 Pleasant 
Danahy Catharine, widow of John, house r. 

97 East Central 
Danahy Daniel, finisher, boards r. 97 East 

Central [Endlcott 

Danahy Daniel E. driver, 165 Front, bds. 25 
Danahy Edmund, tailor, 14 Foster, house 25 

Endlcott [Worcester 

Danahy Edward, tailor, 488 Main, h. 17 £. 
Danahy Janus, laborer, h. 2 Kane's ct. 
Danahy John, laborer, h. 49 E. Worcester 







Danahy Michael, laborer, 60 Bloomingdale, 

boards 88 Bridge 
Danahy, see Denehy [r. 128 Exchange 

Dand James C. machinist, 95 Thomas, house 
Dandrow Louis, cooper, h. 184 Southbridge 
Dandrow Louis, Jr. cooper at tripe works, 

h. Greenwood 
Dandrow Moses, laborer, Canterbury c. 

Hammond, b. 184 Southbridge 
Dane BedeG. widow of John, h. 641* Park av. 
Dane George O. machinist, 28 Webster, h. 

648 Park ave. [h. 127 Mechanic 

Dane Haul, printer, 11 Central Exchange, 
Dane Wallace L. japanner, 22 Mill, house 

641 Park av. [Mechanic 

Daneke J. Edward, cigar maker, boards 87 
Daniel Antoine, tailor, 852 Main, h. 14 Penn 

Daniel Prederick H. asst. physician, Wor- 
cester Lunatic Hospital, Belmont, b. do. 
Daniel John, polisher, 81 Mulberry, house 

128 Chandler [108 Lamar tine 

Daniels Alexander, bootmaker, 68 High, h. 
Daniels Alvin J. bookkeeper, Wor. Safe 

Deposit and Trust Co. 448 Main, b. 16 

Hanover [Austin 

Daniels Arethusa, widow of Asa, boards 98 
Daniels Austin F. photographer, 888 Main, 

house 98 Austin 
Daniels Dorcas Mrs. house 18 Bellevue 
Daniels Fred. H. draughtsman, 94 Grove, h. 

61 Pleasant [bds. 16 Hanover 

Daniels Horace L. bookkeeper, 82 Foster, 
Daniels James, grocer, 180 Chandler, h. 18 

Daniels James, laborer, h. 51 Norfolk 
Daniels John B. clerk, 180 Chandler, h. 18 

Bellevue [mont 

Daniels John M. wrap manufr. h. 97 Pied- 
Daniels Joseph, farmer, h. 16 Hanover 
Daniels Josephine, artist, 888 Main, bds. 98 

Austin [18^ Harvard 

Daniels Maria M. widow of Joseph D. house 
Daniels Mary J. clerk. Court House, bds. 18 

Daniels Pliny A. house 15 Larch [84 do. 
Daniels Thomas, grocer, 86 Assonet, house 
Daniels William T. painter, h. 8 High st. ct. 
Danielson Jacob, compositor, 885 Main, b. 

Danielson Lars, laborer, h. 4 Seymore 
Dann Jacob, peddler, bds. 7 Charlton 
Dann Ray L. cashier, 848 Main, b. 7 Charlton 
Danow Mary, widow of Fred. h. r. 54 Camp 
Dansereau C. H. Alfred, clerk, 259 Main, h. 

47 North Ashland [Otis 

Dansereau John E. wire worker, house 7 
Danue John, boot bottomer, 155 Front, h. 

Lodi n. Lafayette [Exchange 

Daoust Leon, shoe laster, 68 High, b. 48 
Darche Frank, blacksmith, 101 Union, bds. 

80 Central 
Darling Albei*t W. supt. Darling's Mill, 

Leicester, h. Apricot n. Leicester, Valley 

Falls [bds. 84 Shelby 

Darling Alexander C. boxmaker, 66 Foster, 

DARLING CA8SIUS H. physician and sur- 
geon, 267 Main, bds. do. — 8m page 508 

Darling Charles F. cigar-box: mannf aetarer, 

66 Foster, house 84 Shelby- 
Darling Frederick A. machinist, 25 UdIoii, 

h. 20 Lancaster 
Darling Genery T. rem'd from city 
Darling James F. carpenter, 23 Webster, b. 

Armaudale [Glen 

Darling John £. nailer, 86 CentraU hoase ^ 
Darling Newton, clerk, bds. 1030 Main 
Darling Susan C. boards 100 Chatham 
Darling William, gardener at Asylum 

Chronic Insane, house 31 Orchard 
Darney Daniel, laborer, house 6 Bolaod ct. 
Darney Daniel, jr. painter, B.,B. &G. B. 

R. repair shop, bds. 6 Boland ct. 
Darney James H. painter, 84 Prescott, boose 

148 Cambridge 
Darney James J. plumber, b. 6 Bolaod ct. 
Darney Mary E. waiter, boards 410 Main 
Darrah Eunice H. dressmaker, 13 Fralt, 

house do. [Fruit 

Darrah Frank J. weaver, 515 Main, bds. IB 
Darrah George, house 18 Fruit 
Darrell Robert G. wlreworker, h. West 

Boylston, Northvllle 
Darrow Oliver, carpenter, house 53 High 
Dart Alvin W. coachman, 778 Main, b. do. 
Dart Catherine L. widow of Erastas F. h. 6 

Dasen Andrew, peddler, b. 19 Grosvenor 
Dasen Joseph, wire drawer, house Bremer 

near Whittier 
Davenport James F. (Davenport A Long), r. 

155 Front, house 84 Fralt 
Davenport John L. machinist, h. 8 Arch 
Davenport Oliver G. bootcntter, house 167 

Pleasant [U Water, h. 6 Ripley 

Davenport Samuel D. (J- S. d> Q. M. Walker J, 
Davenport & Long (J, F, Davenport and A. 

W, LongJt shoe roannfls. r. 155 Front 
Davern Timothy J. dyer, bds. 1144 Sontli- 

David Emerle, mason, house 10 Meade 
David Fardina, carriage maker, 52 School, 

boards 15 Bridge 
Davidson Eugene A. wood yard, 288 South- 

bridge, house 1 Madison pi. 
Davidson Francis A. pattern maker, house 

18 Harrington avenue 
Davidson Frank B. carpenter, h. 34 Orange 
Davidson James M. salesman, 327 Main, h. 

199 Pleasant 
Davidson John C. carpenter, h. 38 Irving 
Davidson Mary, boards 9 Gates 
Davidson Olive G. teacher, Oxford street 

school, house 84 Orange 
Davidson Theodore E. fireman, P. & W. R. 

R. bds. Madison pi. • [13 Dlx 

Davidson Walter, salesman, 827 Main, bds. 
Davidson Walter, driver, r. 155 Main, bds. 

159 do. [12 Benefit ct 

Davie Deborah W. widow of Joseph, boose 
Davie Rebecca H. teacher, New Worcester 

school, bds. 12 Benefit ct. 
Davies Elizabeth Mrs. feathers, 338 Main, 

house do. [338 do. 

Davies John W. W. Jeweler, 359 Main, h. 
Davis Abbie A. widow of John W. b. 1 Paine 






Davis Abble J. widow of Albert E. h. 208 

Davla Abble S. teacher, boards 10 Allen 
Davis Albert S. plctnre tnme manufacturer, 

62 Foster, house 18 Richards 
Davis Alpha E. condacter, N. & W. R. R. 

house at Norwich 
Davis Angellne, housekeeper, 600 South- 
bridge [Oxford 
Davis Arthur E. boot treer, 1 Hamilton, b. at 
Davis Arthurs, clerk, 286 Main, bds. do. 
Davis A. N. newspapers, bds. 12 Front 
Davis Benjamin J. foreman, 51 Green, b. 41 

Davis Catherine, widow of Joel, house 14 

Charlton [63 do. 

Daviit Chas. A. woodyard, 4 Vernon, house 
Davis Charles C. wire drawer, house 42 

Park ave. 
Davis Charles E. clerk, house 94 Elm 
Davis Charles G. engineer, N. & W. R. R. h. 

127 Southbrldge 
Davis Charles H. house 48 Cedar [do. 

Davis Charles H. physician, 61 Lincoln, h. 
Davis Charles Sedgwick, salesman, bds. Bay 
9 State House 
Davis Danforth, teamster, h. 85 Endlcott 
Davis David G. house 41 Fruit 
Davis Dwight A. (Putnam db Davis), 889 

Main, house 1 Paine [Waldo House 
Davis Edward H. salesman, 327 Main, bds. 
Davis Edward H. upholsterer, 112 Front, b. 

224 Pleasant 
Davis Edward L. president Qulnsigamond 

Nat. Bank, 241 Main, house 71 Elm 
Davis Edward M. wire finisher, house 42 

Park avenue 

DATIS ELIZA A. MISS, dress and cloak 
maker, 37 Main, h. do. — See page 518 
Davis Eliza E. Mrs. dressmaker, 53 Thomas, 

boards do. 
Davis Ella C. b. 152 Chandler [Lincoln sq. 
Davis Eveline, widow of Wm. R. house 1 
Davis Fielder C. carpenter, 171 Union, h. 

1 William St. ave. [Riverside 

Davis Francis Y. weaver, Brussels, house 8 
Davis Frank, conductor, B. & A. R. R. h. 

40 Oread 

Davis Frank, laborer, house 86 Abbott 
Davis Frank G. carriages, bds. Upland 
Davis Fred. G. clerk, 22 Front, boards 76 

Pleasant [34 Cutler 

Davis George, laborer, 2 Manchester, house 
Davis George D. house 45 Pleasant 
Davis Geo. D. Mrs. dressmaker, 45 Pleasant, 

house do. [Bowdoin 

Davis George H. salesman, 327 Main, h. 48 
Davis George S. clerk, 841 Main, b. 335 do. 
Davis Gilbert G. bookkeeper, 889 Main, b. 

41 Fruit 

Davis Harley A. foreman, 94 Grove, h. rear 
8 Lexington [13 Harvard 

Davis Harriet D. widow of Francis A. house 

Davis Hattie N. Mrs. seamstress, house 528 
Main [9 Hawthorn 

Davis Helen M. widow of Harrison B. h. 

Davis Henry E. engineer, B. & A. R. R. h. 63 

Davis Henry W. farmer, h. Chester n. Grove 
Davis Herbert L. clerk, 542 Main, bds. 68 

Vernon [h. 27 May wood 

Davis Howard R. action maker 54 Hermon, 
Davis Ira & Co. fJ- P- Smith), fish and oys- 
ters, 624 Main, house 28 Newbury 
Davis Isaac, died April 1, 1888, age 83 
Davis Isaiah H. hairdresser, 58 Southbrldge, 

b. 22h Pleasant [b. 216 do. 

Davis James B. fancy dry goods, 155 Main, 
Davis Jennie L. dressmaker, boards Chester 

n. Grove 
Davis John, flirmer, h. Chester n. Grove 
Davis John, salesman, 476 Main, boards 8 

Church place 
Davis John A. (Davis, Beid A Co.), 170 Me- 
chanic, house 88 Summer 
Davis John F. flagman, Green st. crossing, 

b. 8 Myrtle 
Davis John J. driver, boards 80 Charlotte 
Davis John R. machinist, 186 Union, house 

at Auburn [boards do. 

Davis John W. chair bottomer, 49 Beacon, 
Davis John W. wireworker, bds. Millbrook 

near Grove [avenue 

Davis Joseph, wireworker, house 3 Eastern 
Davis Joseph E. 245 Main, house 25 West 
Davis Joseph L. (S. Putnam 4k Co,)% 90 

Green, house 6 Gold 
Davis Joseph M. machinint, b. 48 Endlcott 
Davis Joseph M. boot bottomer, 11 Water, 
Davis. Jullett P. widow of Zenas, bds. 95 

Chandler [26 Wachusett 

Davis J. Clarence, watchman, 94 Grove, h. 
Davis J. Edgar (Davis, Lytle A Co.)* 286 

Main, house 25 do. 
Davis J. Walter, carpenter, house 80 Grove 
Davis Kurt G. moulder, 149 Washington, h. 

29 Salem 
'Davis Leroy W. tuner, boards 15 Sudbury 
Davis Levi M. painter, bds. 8 Church place 
Davis Lovis B. farmer, house Grove corner 

Chester [h. 48 Thomas 

Davis Luke E. woodworker, 100 Prescott, 
Davis, Lytle & Co. (J. E. Davis and W, A, 

Lytle), clothing, 286 Main 
Davis Maria M. Mrs. boardlng-hoase, 38 

Washburn [Prescott pi. 

Davis Martin J. dyer, 110 Grove, house 2 
Davis May, stitcher, boards 519 Main 
Davis Nathaniel, driver, 34 Foster, boards 

Central near R. R. [269 Park ave. 

Davis Omer P. machinist, 287 Chandler, b. 
Davis Otis H. cardmaker, 34 Southbrldge, 

bds. 23 Clinton 
Davis Peleg P. machinist, 77 Foster, house 

132 Front [17 Elliott 

Davis Porter, carpenter, 48 Thomas, house 
Davis, Reid & Co. (J. A, Davis, T, Beid and 

O. M. Savels), diemakers, 170 Mechanic 
Davis Rhoba, widow of Joseph, house 109 

Green [Belmont 

Davis Rodney H. clerk, 542 Main, boards 88 
Davis Samuel, boards 85 Endlcott 
Davis Samuel, h. r. Belmont opp. Elizabeth 
Dav4s Samuel A. hackman, 83 Washburn, 

house do. [opp. Elizabeth 

Davis Samuel E. farmer, house r. Belmont 






Davis Sarah £. widow of Lorenzo D. house 

10 Allen 
Davis Scott F. moalder, boards 58 Orange 
Davis Solon W. machinist, 75 Beacon, h. 5 

Davis Thomas W. messenger, house 5 High 
Davis Thomas W. salesman, 827 Main, bds. 

28 Bowdoin [over, h. 18 Elliott 

Davis Wallace A. (Davis A Smith), 65 Han- 
Davis Walter B. station agent. South Wor- 
cester depot, house do. [Harvard 
Davis Walter C. clerk, 218 Main, house 18 
Davis Walter H. (S. Bryant <& Co.), 88 Front, 

boards 29 Harvard 
Davis Walter W. clerk, bds. 20 Jefferson 
Davis Wesley, physician, 42 Pleasant, house 

1 High [Winter 

Davis William, bookbinder, 887 Main, h. 29 
Davis Wm. attendant, Worcester Lunatic 

Hospital, Belmont, bds. do. 
Davis Wm. £. diemaker, 170 Mechanic, h. 

87 Carroll [Main 

Davis William F. clerk, 151 Front, house 590 
Davis William H. driver, 84 Foster, boards 

288 Main 

DAYIS WILLIAM L. apothecary, 579 
Main and 17 Southbridge, b. 80 Orove. 

— See page 541 
Davis William S. carpenter, h. r. 78 Salem 
Davis Zerviah £. widow of Stephen R. bds. 

182 Front 
Davis & Smith r^. A, Davis and Z>. H, 

Smith )y grocers, 65 Hanover 
Daw Chas. machinist, bds. Millbury opposite 

Stebbins [Millbury 

Daw Edward, laborer at gasworks, bds. 64 
Daw John, laborer, house Mill n. Chandler, 

Daw John, driver, house 154 Mechanic 
Daw Michael, laborer, house 64 Millbury 
Daw Patrick, laborer at gasworks, boards 

64 Millbary [214 Millbury 

Daw Samuel, gasmaker at wireworks, Q. b. 
Dawe Robt. T. plumber, 12 Foster, house 

8 Summit [Tatnuck 

Dawless Mary L. b. at £. Tucker's, Pleasant, 
Dawless William H. foreman, 26 Southbridge, 

bds. 17 Irving [h. 84 Benefit 

Dawson Henry, machinist, 246 Southbridge, 
Dawson John Albert, machinist, 110 Green, 

b. 44 Arlington [school, b. 44 Arlington 
Dawson Louise A. teacher, Lamartine street 
Dawson Robert, superintendent, Pakachoag 

Mill, house Brussels [n. Chester 

Dawson Thomas A. ftruit grower, h. Holden 
Dawson William H. machinist, 110 Green, h. 

44 Arlington [9 Salem 

Day Alflred A. bookkeeper, 88 Water, bds. 
Day Alonzo S. removed to Boston 
Day Charles B. pressman, 892 Main, house 

28 Richards 
Day Charles H. woodworker, house 58 High 
Day Charles 8. (Day A Morse), 824 Main, h. 

14 Allen 
Day Edward A. salesman, house 29 Carroll 
Day Edward S. wheelwright, City Stables, 

house 48 Mill [b. 28 Lincoln sq. 

Day Eliza J. teacher. Sycamore st. school. 

Day Ellen L. music teacher, 16 Fruit, h. do. 
Day Emeline C. widow of Jonathan* house 

28 Lincoln square 
Day Frank C. boxmaker, hoase 26 Bowdoin 
Day Frank E. foreman, 18 Mechanic, boards 

50 North Ashland [8 Queeo 

Day Henry J. woodworker, 25 * Hermon, h. 
Day Herbert C. woodworker, 38 N. Foster, 

house 55 High 
Day Honora, died December, 1882, age 78 
Day Horace, boot crimper, 108 Front, house 

50 North Ashland 
Day James, laborer, house 8 Blake 
Day John B. agent, house 16 Fralt 

DAT JOHN E. lawyer, 2 Chapin block, h. 
125 Pleasant. — See page 501 
Day John L. bouse 40 Kingsbury 
Day Mary, housekeeper, house 177 Grove 
Day Patrick, laborer, house 59 Biackstone 
Day Patrick W. machinist, 22 Cypress, bds. 

86 Liberty 
Day Samuel H. machinist, 28 Hermon, h. 

46 do. [17 Queen 

Day Theodore H. machinist, 28 Hermon, h. 
Day Thomas, coachman, house 86 Liberty 
Day Walter, wire roller, house 177 Grove 
Day William, wool sorter, house 889 South- 
bridge [Belmont 
Day William A. clerk, 576 Main, honse 81 
Day Willie F. boot finisher, 82 Austin, h. 53 

Day Zachariah, boards 120 Vernon 
Day & Morse (C, S. Day and J. N. Morse, 

jr.), hats, caps, &c. 824 Main 
Dayton Horace H. house 12 Crown 
Deady Edward, bootmaker, 60 King, bds. 

158i Chandler [Warren 

Deady James, blacksmith, 6 Canal, honse 10 
Deady Maria E. tailoress, bds. 84 Clifton 
Deady Michael, policeman. City Hall, house 

22 Cherry [Cherry 

Deady Nicholas J. plumber, 51 Main, bds. 22 
Deady Philip J. fireman, h. 84 Clifton 
Deady, see Deedy [at Oakdale 

Dean Albert E. shoemaker, 10 Mulberry, h. 
Dean Alexander H. boot and shoe stock, 2 

Cherry, h. 14 Cedar 
Dean Amasa H. b. 12 Lin wood 
Dean Anderson £. rem'd to Boston 
Dean Anthony, laborer, 14 Bloomingdale, b. 

20 Mendon 

DEAN BEN J. W. building mover, 18 Pied- 
mont, house do. — Seepage 678 
Dean Charles F. driver, boards 21 Abbott 
Dean Charles H. died Feb. 1888 
Dean David, machinist, 180 Grold, house 18 

Dean Edward, farmer, house 48 Orchard 

DEAN EDWARD N. heel manufacturer 
and leather dealer, 30 Shrewsbury, h. 
107 Lincoln. — See page 666 
Dean Ellen, widow of Jeremiah, h. 86 Benefit 
Dean Eugene, foreman, 11 Water, h. 17 Ward 

DEAN FRED. P. sign painter, 898 Main, 
h. 27 Wachusett. — See page 585 
Dean George W. wire inspector, house 12 
Linwood pi. [Main 

Dean Hannah A. widow of John, house 1017 






Dean Henry £. bookkeeper, 170 Austin, bds. 

140 do. [b. 9 Carlton 

Dean Hezeklah H. bootmaker, 18 Mechanic, 
Dean James M. boiler maker, 51 Green, h. 

Dean John A. machinist, bds. 48 Orchard 
Dean John M. tinsmith, 224 Front, bds. 50 

Green [140 do. 

Dean Lewis, wire works, 170 Austin, house 
Dean Nathaniel, engineer, h. 20 Mendon 
Dean Oliver M. clerk, 57 Jackson, bds. 140 

Austin [17 Ward 

Dean Patrick H. boot bottomer, 11 Water, b. 
Dean Patrick H. boot treer, 82 Austin, h. 

6 Elizabeth [Austin 

Dean Perlej, boot bottomer, 619 Main, h. 59 
Dean Peter, blacksmith, 152 Union, house at 

MlUbury [17 Ward 

Dean Thomas F. bootmaker, 11 Water, bds. 
Dean William H. shoecutter, b. 20 Mendon 
Dean William R. supt. of carriers, Post 

Office, house 8 Washington ave. 
Dean William K. building mover, boards 18 

Piedmont [Pleasant 

Dean Zelotes H. driver, h. No. Merrick near 
Deane Francis, rem'd to Marlboro 
Deane Frederic B. rem'd to Marlboro 
Deane John A. machinist, 161 Union, h. Lee 
Dearborn Eudora, teacher, b. 17 Oak ave. 
Dearborn Jennie L. teacher, Belmont street 

school, bds. 14 Kendall [Park 

Dearborn Joseph W. clerk, 484 Main, bds. 71 

contractor, 17 Oak avenue, house do. — 
See page 598 

DEARBORN WM. F. ft CO. masons and 
contractors, 14 KendaU, house do. — 8ee 
page 598 
De Arman Peter G. carpenter, b. 17 Fountain 
Dearth Alvin S. clerk, 84 Shrewsbury, h. 66 

Dearth Henry, house 96 Washington 
Dearth John, shoemaker, 68 High, h. 17 
Congress [79 Myrtle 

Dearth William E. cutter, 68 High, house 
Deay Mitchel, jr. finisher, h. Leicester, V. F. 
DeBlois Joseph, clerk, 18 Glen, house 85 

DeBlois Peter, wireworker, h. 50 Hanover 
BeBois Ellas, driver, 65 Jackson, h. 78 May 
Debrldge £11, carpenter, h. 4 Boyle's ct. 
BeCamp Felix, carpenter, 57 Jackson, h. 17 

Decatur Arthur C. freight conductor, house 

3 Henchman 
Decatur James B. rem'd to Putnam, Conn. 
Decatur William J. rem'd to Putnam, Conn. 
Decelle Basil, moulder, 65 Jackson, house 
100 Lamartine [7 Lamartine 

Decelle Cyrille, machinist, 31 Mulberry, h. 
^ Decelle Louis, died Aug. 27, 1888, age 86 
Decker Spencer M. boot turner, bds. 1 So. 
Russell [161 Mechanic 

Decoteau Adolphus, polisher, 81 Hermon, h. 
Decoto Louis, rem*d to Francistown, N. H. 
Decoto Moses, carpenter, h. 4 Lily 
Dee David, watchman, 84 Prescott, h. 9 Pink 
Dee James, laborer, house 11 Lamartine 

Dee John, bootmaker, house 98 Madison 
Dee John, laborer, 95 Thomas, h. 10 Carroll 
Dee John, weaver, 88 Water, b. 8 Harrison 
Dee John, laborer, b. 60 Belmont 
Dee Margaret, washerwoman, h. 106 Salem 
Dee Mary, died Apr. 26, 1888, age 73 
Dee Mary, widow of Patrick, house 2 Pres- 
cott place [h. do. 
Dee Mary A. Mrs. dressmaker, 215 Front, 
Dee Michael, carpenter, h. 8 Boylston ct. 
Dee Michael, laborer, 125 Gold, h. 215 Front 
Dee Michael, laborer, bds. 81 N. Ashland 
Dee Michael J. machinist, h. 215 Front 
Deedy Ann D. widow of James F. house 119 

DEEDY JOHN F. ft CO. plumbers, 541 
Main, house IS Columbia. — See page 581 
Deedy, see Deady [grange 

Deenihan Margaret T. domestic, 12 La- 
DeForest Arthur U. woodworker, Lagrange 

cor. B. R. house 192 Austin 
Defose Charles L. roofer, house Grafton n. 

Defose Francis, wire finisher, h. 86 Belmont 
Defose Frank E. roofer, house Grafton near 

Harrington [h. 28 Lyon 

Defosse Hubert, carpenter, 10 E. Worcester, 
Defosse Wensloss, carpenter, h. 196 Shrews- 
bury [h. 5 Emmett ct. 
De Foy Napoleon, carpenter, 17 Southgate, 
De Foy Philip, printer, 27 Mechanic, h. 618 

Main [Manitoba 

De Gagn6 Charles, removed to Winnepeg, 
De Gagn6 Henry, compositor, 460 Main, b. 

21 Spring 
Degan Thomas S. supt. Mass. Safety Fund 

Assoc. 492 Main, boards Waverly House 
Degardln Joseph, wireworker, h. Lovell n. 

Degnan Catharine, domestic, 286 Millbury 
Degnan James, laborer, h. Millbury near R. 

R., Qninsigamond 
Degnan James, laborer, boards 24 Arch 
Degnan James, wireworker, house 25 Brlden 
Degnan James W. armorer, 42 Gardner, b. 

Southbrtdge [58 Thomas 

Degnan Jeremiah, machinist, 161 Union, b. 
Degnan John, laborer, boards 25 Briden 
Degnan John, clerk, boards 86 Green 
Degnan Michael, saloon, 28 Winter, h. do. 
Degnan Patrick, laborer, h. 17 Briden 
Degnan Patrick, laborer, b. 828 Millbury 
Degnan Patrick, machinist, house 88 Sigel 
Degnan Thomas, laborer, house 828 Millbury 
Degnan Thomas, hostler, 28 Thomas, bds. 

118 do. [Canterbury 

Degnan William, armorer, boards 56 
Degnan, see Dignan and Dulgnan 
Dehals Joseph, Ironworker, bds. 10 Litch- 
field n. Hacker [n. Hacker 
Dehais Mitchell, laborer, h. 10 Litchfield 
Dehais Mitchell, Jr. filler, Darling's Mill, h. 

Leicester, V. F. 
Deitmer Bernard, rem'd to Norwicli, Conn. 
DeJordan Joseph, wire drawer, 17 Lincoln, 

house Lovell near Maywood 
DeLacy William A. bookkeeper, 492 Main, 

h. 9 Belmont 



S»seneeM, Martraeta, Celluloid Tmeses and 

Abdominal Supporters. 41 1'JJBLK STUJBBT. 



Delage Aleck C. machinUt, 86 Foster, b. at 

Aubarn [Stafford near James 

Delahanty Edward, watchman, James, h. r. 
Delahanty, see DelehaDty 
DeLand Ebenezer H. physician, 1052 Main, 

house do. 
DeLand Esther £. boards 1052 Main 
DeLand John, stationery, 377 Main, honse 

16 Abbott [48 Main 

Deland Walter H. printer, 20 Salisbury, bds. 
Delaney Alexander, stonecntter, 226 Sam- 

mer, boards 82 Ellsworth 
Delaney Daniel, died Aug. 2, 1888, age 22 
Delaney Eliza, widow of James, boards 82 

Delaney Eliza, died Aug. 2, 1888, age 91 
Delaney George T. machinist, 110 Green, b. 

18 Richland [129 Exchange 

Delaney James, machinist, 88 N. Foster, b. 
Delaney James, truckman, house 17 Grand 

street court 
Delaney James, stonecutter, h. 82 Ellsworth 
Delaney James, 2d. carpenter, boards 81 

Winter [10 Litchfleid 

Delaney James F. boot treer, 9 Barton pi. h. 
Delaney James J. supt. St. John's Cemetery, 

honse 72 Cambridge 
Delaney James W. removed to New York 
Delanev Jeremiah, laborer, house Nashua n. 

Delaney John, laborer, house 100 Ward 
Delaney John D. rera'd to Olneyville, B. I. 
Delaney Martin, cutter, 82 Austin, house 25 

Delaney Mai-y, house 82 Grand 
Delaney Marv A. dressmaker, 21 Green, b. 

10 Goddard 
Delaney Michael, laborer, Ash worth & 

Jones' Mill, house Leicester, Y. F. 
Delaney Patrick, laborer, 62 Jackson, b. 94 

Portland [47 do. 

Delaney Thomas, sorter, 17 Southgate, bds. 
Delaney Timothy J. (McMahon & Delaney ), 

20 Washington sq. house 10 Goddard 
Delaney William J. boot treer, 165 Front, h. 

r. 15 Green [21 Winslow 

Delano Elestine C. paper ruler, 887 Main, h. 
Delano John, mason, h. 42 Kingsbury 
Delano Rose E. widow of Chauncey O. h. 

21 Winslow [Main, house 12 King 
Delano Ward P. (Fuller & Delano), 452 
Delany James, stonecutter. Summer near 

R. R. house 82 Ellsworth 
Delback Peter, cabinetmaker, 25 Union, b. 

45 Mechanic [ington 

Delehanty Bridget, housekeeper, 188 Wash- 
Delehant'v Michael, bootmaker, 68 High, h. 

186 Southbridge 
Delehanty Patrick J. telegrapher, 444 Main, 

b. 186 Southbridge [181 Washington 
Delehanty Thomas, laborer, 57 Jackson, h. 
Delehanty, see Delahanty 
Delman Adam, boot bottomer, 108 Front, b. 

40 Gold [Pleasant 

Delman Henry, boot bottomer, boards 22^ 
Delman John J. boot bottomer, 108 Front, 

h. 88 Lamartine [Austin 

Delong Charles H. engineer, 68 High, h. 182 

Delong Wiilard E. masic teacher, boards 

182 Anstin [16 Thomas 

Deloriea George N. machinist, 161 Union, b. 
Delorroe Ida Mrs. bookkeeper, 80 Arch, fa. 

^^ Liberty 
Delorme Loois, remoyed to Webster 
Delorme Misa^l, clerk. 80 Arch, house 38 

Liberty [Front, h. 82 Harrison 

Delorme Narcisse D. boot bottomer, 103 
Delorme Narcisse D. Jr. halrdresi<er, 80 

Grafton, honse 24 Barclay 
Delorme Thomas, laborer, hoase 6 Milton 
Delne Edward, removed to Oxford 
Delnte Carl, hairdresser, 25 Church, b. 144 

Front [Soothbridge 

Delvey Arthur N. clerk, 404 Main, bds. 179 
Delvey Charles F. died Dec. 9, ISdS, age 68 
Delvey Chester W. boards 179 Southbridge 
Demarco AchiUe, confectioner, 8S2 Main, 2l 

rear 18 Church [R. L 

Demers Ambrose, removed to Woonf^ocket, 
Demers Camille, switchman, B. & A. R. B. 

house 48 Wall 
Demers Frank J. rem'd to Woonsocket, B. L 
Demers Lewis, grocer, 97 Lamartine, h. do. 
Demers, see Dumas [86 BoyntoD 

Deming Julius R. packer, 110 Grove, honse 
Demond Charles B. farmer, house Flagg o- 

Demond Joseph, house 8 Jefferson 
Demore William H. finisher, bds. 21 Burt 
Demonchelle Louis F. carpenter, 196 Union, 

house 140 Southbridge 
Dempsey Daniel J. bookkeeper, 54 Jackson, 

boards at Millbury 
Dempsey John, gardener, h. 59 Washington 
Denault Francis, carpenter, h. 88 Union 
D6n6chaud AmM6e L. clerk, 186 Front, b. 

29 Chatham 
Denehy Cornelius 8. painter, h. 14 Brown 
Denehy, see Danahy [Main, h. 10 West 

Denholm Wm. A. (Denholm A McKay), 484 
Denholm & McKay (W. A. Denholm and W. 

C. McKay), dry goods, 484 Main 
Denneault John, foreman, 8 Norwich, honse 

66 Central [Lafayette 

Dennen John, laborer at gas works, honse 2 
Dennen Patrick, laborer, honse r. Millbuiy 

n. R. R., Q. [ville n. B., B. & G. B. B. 
Dennen Terence, wire temperer, h. Sack- 
Dennen Thomas F. wlreworker, bds. Sack- 

Tllle near B., B. ft G. R. R. 
Dennis Arthur E. bookkeeper, 1 P. O. block, 

bds. 28 May [55 Highland 

Dennis Charles, clerk, 2 Lincoln square, h. 
Dennis Daniel M. machinist, Hammond c. 

R. R. house 28 Wyman [Pa. 

Dennis David N. removed to Philadelphia, 
Dennis Geo. engineer, boards 12 Shelby 
Dennis Henry, gents' fhrnlshlng goods, 2 

Lincoln sq. house 55 Highland 
Dennis Henry W. salesman, h. 16 Maple 
Dennis James E. manager, 16 Front, house 

15 Gold 
Dennis Jennie S. removed f^m city 
Dennis Joseph, machinist, 20 Salisbury, b. 

58 Highland 
Dennis Joseph, house 28 May 






Dennis L. Sasreue, machinist, 164 Union, 

boards 13 Mendon [Beacon 

Dennis Mary B. widow of John C. house 50 

Dennis Samuel B. (Dennis d iL^eJ, 164 

Union, house 122 Pleasant 
Dennis William H. machinist, 20 Salisbury, 

house 58 Highland 
Dennis & Lee fS. B, Dennis and H, A, Lee), 

pattern makers, 164 Union 
Dennison Albert E. machinist, 77 Foster, 

boards 514 Main 
Dennison John, wire drawer, h. 1 Milton 
Dennison Julia, widow of Edward, house 

Milton near Edgeworth 
Dennison Michael, wireworker, hous^e 1 
Redding conrt [court 

Dennison Patrick, laborer, house 8 Moran's 
DennLsson Dominick, laborer, h. 21 Briden 
Denny Charles A. (Bisco A Denny )^ house at 
Lreices>ter [house 65 West 

Denny Daniel E. postal clerk, B. & A. R. R. 
Denny Edward & Co. (0, Denny )^ dry goods, 

308 Main, house 207 Pleasant 
Denny Elizabeth D. widow of Edward W. 

house 68 Highland 
Denny Henry A. house 2 Charlton 
Denny H. Walford (H. W. Denny A Co,)* 

553 Main, house 978 do. 
TVEHNT H. W. k €0. fbmitnre and uphol- 
U stery, 568 Main. — Seepage 577 
Denny Orville (E. Denny & Co.), 808 Main, 
bds. Waldo House [Richland 

Denny Susan, widow of Philip, house 2 
Densmore John, miller, June n. Mill, house 

Mill corner June 
Densmore Wm. H. removed t# Petersham 
Denubila Angelo, ft'uit stand, 164i Front, h. 

17 East Worcester place 
Denubila Francesco, h. 17 E. Worcester pi. 
Denubila Joseph, removed to Lowell 
Denubila Toney,ii peddler, boards 17 East 

Worcester place 
Der Bogosian Sarkis, laborer, bds. 16 Qlen 
Derbon Louis, laborer, h. 89 Ellsworth 
Derby Abbie F. artist, 419 Main, boards 88 
Coral [60 Orchard 

Derby Addie T. widow of Augustus, house 
Derby Charles H. upholsterer, 484 Main, h. 

West Boylston n. Barber's Crossing 
Derby Eliza D. widow of Geo. A. h. 88 Coral 
Derby George A. died Sept. 6, 1888, age 64 
Derby Henry, rem'd to Orange 
Derosier Joseph, finisher, 25 Union, boards 
58 Central [den, b. do. 

Desantell Edward S. butcher, Grove c. Hol- 
Desautels Louis, blacksmith, 124 South- 
bridge, house 98 Madison 
Deschamps Joseph, beltmaker, 187 Front, 
bds. 82 Pleasant [h. do. 

Deschamps Narcisse, feathers, 1 Waldo, 
Deschamps Phllomene, feather curler, 1 
Waldo, boards do. [West Boylston 

Deschler Robert, armorer, 42 Gardner, h. at 
Deshamas Elzear,- laborer, W. & N. R. R 

engine house, house 51 Gold 
Desilet Frank, trimmer, 68 High, boards 12 

Washington sq. 
Desmarais Noe, bookmaker, h. 30 Wall 

Desmarteau Wilftred Birtz, carpenter, house 

52 Wall [19 Queen 

Desmond Timothy, cutter, 82 Austin, house 
Desourdi Francois E. bootmaker, boards 18 

Desper Henry A. ( Wm. E. Desper A Co.)f 

22 Cypress, house 40 Shelby 
Desper Wm. E. & Co. (H. A. Desper), water 

meters, 22 Cypress, house 87 Shelby 
Desper Wilton H. teacher, bds. 87 Shelby 
Desroches John, finisher, 619 Main, house 

115 Lamartine [Douglas 

Desrosiers Amos, laborer, 25 Union, h. 27 
Desrosiers Hercule, finisher, 25 Union, h. 

26 Douglas 
Dessirault Hermidace, rem'd to Montreal, 

Canada [berry, b. 18 Temple 

Destramp Raymond, skatemaker, 81 Mul- 
Detto Frank, boot bottomer, 9 Barton pi. h. 

24 Vine 
Devaney Chas. laborer, boards 861 MlUbury 
Devaney John, clerk, 801 Main, house Madi- 
son n. Portland [15 Prescott pi. 
Devaney Patrick, laborer, 100 Prescott, h. 
Deveaux Charles, boot bottomer, 619 Main, 

house at Auburn [88 Piedmont 

Devereanz John B. tailor, 408 Main, house 
Devereaux William, wireworker, h. Powers 

court [Powers court 

Devereaux William J. wire drawer, boards 
Devereux Edward F. woodworker, 25 Her- 

mon, boards 89 Austin 
Devereux James, laborer, h. 89 Austin 
Devereux Margaret A. clerk, b. Powers ct. 
Devinc Daniel, laborer, h. 20 Waverley 
Devine Elizabeth M. clerk, boards 19 Dix 
Devine John, weaver. Ash worth & Jones' 

Mill, boards Leicester, Y. F. 
Devine John A. file cutter, 10 Mill, boards 

Sutton lane cor. Cambridge 
Devine John E. laborer, boards 48 Ward 
Devine Julia, widow of John, house 19 Dix 
Devine Patrick, laborer, 82 Green, boards 

84 Lafayette [Ward 

Devine Patrick, laborer, 87 Gold, house 68 
Devine Sarah, widow of Patrick J. house 

Leicester, V. F. 
Devine Thomas, laborer, house 48 Ward 
Devitt Nancy, dress and cloak maker, 161 

Eskchange, house do. 
Devlin Bella F. dressmaker, 53 Water, b. do. 
Devlin Catherine, widow of Henry, boards 

58 Water 
Devlin Daniel, machinist, b. 171 Washington 
Devlin Felix, laborer, Canterbury cor. Ham- 
mond, h. 171 Washington 
Devlin Henry F. boot sider, 152 Southbridge, 

h. 77 East Worcester 
Devlin James, blacksmith, W. & N. R. R. 

repair shop, house 6 Conlln ct. 
Devlin James C. screwcutter, 75 Beacon, b. 

171 Washington 
Devlin James W. boot sider, h. 58 Water 
Devlin John, grocer, 141 Exchange, h. do. 
Devlin John H. salesman, bds. 28 Bowdoin 
Devlin Patrick, dyer, 110 Grove, boards 11 

Wall [Exchange 

Devlin Thomas, machinist, boards 141 


TBVsaEa ANn truss fitting a specialty. 




Devoe Charles H. clerk, 66 Graftou, house 

14 ClaremoDi 
Devoe John, saw flier, 18 Charch, b. 20 do. 
D'Ewart John, foreman, 94 Grove, boards 

176 Main [h. 38 Penn ave. 

Dewey Edward A. dispatcher, B. & A. R. R. 
Dewey Francis H. pres. Wore. Mechanics 

Savings Bank, 811 Main, h. 28 Chestnut 
Dewey Francis H. Jr, lawyer, 898 Main, h. 

124 do. [18 Howard 

Dewey George A. beltmaker, 187 Front, h. 
Dewey George T. (Kent A Dewey), lawyer, 

811 Main, boards 28 Chestnut 

DEWET JOHNC. patent lawyer, 811 Main, 
boards 23 Chestnut. — Seepage 601 
Dewey Wendell P. lather, boanls 547 South- 

DEWHUR8T GEO. C. carriage repository, 
22 and 24 Foster, house 46 Woodland.— 

8ee page 568 [46 Woodland 

Dewhurst William A. salesman, 24 Foster, b. 
Dewing Charles P. machinist, 42 Gardner, 

boards 12 Chandler 
Dewing Hattie, dressmaker, bds. 148 Main 
Dewing Henry C. lastmaker, 92 Foster, bds. 

81 Benefit 
Dewing Joel, machinist, house 81 Benefit 
Dewing William H. machinist, 42 Gardner, 

boards 81 Benefit [Cedar 

DeWitt Alexander, house Agricultural near 
Dewyer Frank E. finisher, HopeviUe Manuf. 

Co. b. 40 Cambridge 
Dewyer Thomas F. painter, h. 8 Winslow 
Dexter Edwin C. r H^t{«, Fevey A Dexter), 

201 Front, boards 88 Providence 
Dexter Frank, hairdresser, 81 Main, house 

79 do. [h. Maywood c. Florence 

Dexter Richard, carpenter, 548 Southbrldge, 
Dexter William H. real estate, 554 Main, h. 

8 Charlton [h. 8 Mill 

Dcyette Theodore, polisher, 4 Leicester, 
Diamond Charles H. hairdresser, 45 Wash- 
ington sq. boards United States Hotel 
Dick George, dyer, 110 Grove, house 103 

Belmont [depot, liouse r. 123 Chandler 
Dick James, carpenter, Lagrange opp. June. 
Dick James, Jr. machine operator, 68 High, 

boards r. 123 Chandler [128 Chandler 
Dick Robert, machinist, 95 Thomas, bds. 
Dickey Albert W. removed to Norwich, Ct. 
Dickey Enoch, removed from city 
Dickie James H. salesman, 476 Main, house 

Plantation near B. & A. R. R. 
Dickinson Frank E. helper, Coes near Coes 

sq. house 8 Mill [ter, house 11 Lake 
Dickinson George W. machinist, 4 Lelces- 
Dickinson Mary J. seamstress, b. 658 Main 
Dickinson Olney, machinist, 23 Webster, h. 

7 Cambridge 
Dickinson Samuel F. treas. Worcester Felt- 
ing Co. 91 Foster, h. 258 Mnln 
Dickinson Thomas A. cardmaker, 246 South- 
bridge, h. Plantation cor. Belmont 
Dickinson Ursula H. widow of Loyal G. b. 

824 Main 
Dickinson William, treasurer Merchants and 

Farmers Mut. Ins. Co. 240 Main, house 

274 do. 

Dicks Ann T. widow of John W. bds. Har> 

ington ave. n. Grant sq. 
DicksJohnH. attendant, Worcester Lunatic 

Hospftal, Belmont, boards do. [986 Main 
Dickson J. Edgar, paper (at Boston), house 
Diemar Frank, armorer, 42 Gkirdner, house 

61 Madison [Orchard 

Difley Hugh, engineer, 94 Grove, hoose 31 
Difley Michael, marble worker. 181 Central, 

boards 109 Thomas 
DIggins John M. wire drawer, b. 186 Main 
Diggins Patrick, policeman. City Hall, h. 20 

Mulberry [Main 

Diggins Thomas £. wire drawer, boards 136 
Diggs Robert R. hairdresser, 1 Trambnll, b. 

5 Liberty 
Dlghton Abraham, finisher, Ashworthand 

Jones' Mill h. Leicester, Y. F. 
Dlghton Fred, dyer, Ashworth & Jones' 

Mill, boards Leicester, V. F. 
Dignan Owen, boot crimper, 82 Austin, h. 

82 Richland 
Dignan Peter, laborer, h. 28 Briden 
Dignan, see Degnan and Duignan [b. do. 
Dlgneault Emeri, bartender, 72 Mechanic, 
Dike Augustus, blacksmith, 100 Frescott, 

h. 61 do. [h. 7 ainton 

Dillingham Sarah L. widow of Charles T. 
Dillingham Susan B. Mrs. clerk, 40 Front, 

boards 6 Chandler 
Dillon Austin, laborer, h. 68 Bloomingdale 
Dillon Austin, Jr. laborer, bds. 68 Blooming- 
dale [£. Central 
Dillon Bridget, widow of John, house 105 
Dillon Edward, laborer, bds. 26 Sargent 
Dillon John, mason, house 8 Cross 
Dillon John, hostler, 42 Waldo, hoose 66 

Dillon Luke J. mason, boards 8 Cross 
Dillon Michael, moulder, 87 Gold, house 44 

Lamartine ^ 

Dillon Michael, laborer, bds. 251 Millbnry 
Dlmond Arthur W. trunkmaker, 20 Front, 

boards 58 Woodland [Woodland 

Dlmond Geo. M. compositor, boards 58 
Dlnlocker Henry, removed from city 
DInsmore Delia A. (Dinsmore & Stovoe), 548 . 

Main, house do. [10 Gertrude ave. 

DInsmore Everett S. clerk, 185 Main, bds. 

DINSMORE GEORGE F. druggist, 41 
Park, house 4 Portland. — See foot lines 

tinder D 
DInsmore Silas, druggist, 185 Main, house 

10 Gertrude avenue 
DInsmore Sumner, house Castle corner Ely 
DInsmore & Stowe CD. A. Dinsmore and if. 

A, Stowe), dressmakers, 548 Main 
Dinsmore, see Densmore 
Dion Alexander, carpenter, b. 7 Bartlett pi. 
Dion Arthur, armorer, 65 Beacon, house 187 

Washington [Portland 

Dion Edward, armorer, 81 Herroon, bds. 85 ' 
Dion Fred, removed to Millbury [Union 
Dion John, currier, 60 Bloomingdale, h. 110 
Dion John Mrs. dressmaker, 110 Union, h. do. 
Dion John, removed to Mlllbury 
Dion Joseph, armorer, 42 Gardner, boards 

187 Washington 



^SMBHoes, E9Dtraet; Celluloid Trussea and 
Abdominal Supporters, 41 PAMK STMJBBT* 



Dion T6able, widow of Amable, boards 118 

DIREOTOBT OFFICE, 452 Main.— ^^e 
front colored page 
I>l8bro^v7 George, cigar maker, 898 Maio, b. 

66 Front 
Disney Charles A. painter, h. 4 Smith court 
DiBney Elizabeth Mrs. honse Perry 
Disney Frank N. clerk, house 81 Edward 
Dlstemps John, laborer, boards 18 Central 
DlYlney John, bartender, house 66 Madison 
Divoll Chas. 0. plumber, boards 1 School 
Divoll John, clerk, boards 19 Austin 
Divoll lionis E. painter, 24 Foster, house 48 
Bowdoin [Bellevne 

Dixon Ann L. widow of George, house 4 
Dixon Charles H. Jr. bootmaker, 60 King, 
boards 17 Mason [Clover 

Dixon Dwlght, spinner, Jamesville, boards 
Dixon £dna Mrs. widow of Samuel, boards 
14 Piedmont [h. Mill cor. Chandler 

Dixon Francis, spinner, Mill near Chandler, 
Dixon Frank B. finisher, 60 King, boards 17 

Dixon George, machinist, house 34 John 
Dixon George S. & Co. oils, 87 Southbridge, 
house 14 Piedmont [84 John 

Dixon George W. cigar maker, 898 Main, h. 
Dixon Henry J. bookkeeper, 182 Front, bds. 

644 Main 
Dixon John A. house 15 Garden [Boston 
Dixon Lewiii 8. physician, 492 Main, h. at 
Dixon Philip, laborer, house Clover 
Dixon RuAis S. bookkeeper, 87 Southbridge, 

house 8 Valley 
Dixon Solomon, laborer. Clover, h. n. do. 
Dixon Susan A. widow, of Dwlght J. house 
Clover [146 Beacon 

Doane Amos L. moulder, 65 Jackson, house 
Doane Corren & Co. (W. H, Stone), fish- 
market, 614 Main, house 221 Chandler 
Doane Daniel M. paper bags, b. 19 S. Russell 
Doane Edwin, boot treer, h. 144 Chandler 
Doane Fannie, removed ftom city 
Doane Frank, removed to Boston 
Doane Philip S. driver, 104 Front, b. 120 do. 
Doane William F. jr. engineer, 70 Winter, * 
house 29 Coral [Salem 

Dobey Charles H. clerk, 596 Main, bds. 26 
Dockham Daniel D. foreman, 56 Foster, h. 

4 Elizabeth 
Dockham Edwin C. cutter, h. 92 Piedmont 
Dodd George T. clerk, bds. 2 Oxford place 
Dodd John W. machinist, 122 Gold, boards 
60 Austin [clianic, h. 2 Oxford pi. 

Dodd Joseph H. (Towne A Co.), 81 Me- 
Dodge Adella M. proofreader, 811 Main, b. 

42 Exchange 
Dodge Andrew, harness maker, 4 Austin, h. 

Chandler corner June 
Dodge Benjamin J. foreman, C. Hamilton's 
printing office, 11 Central Exchange, 
house 18 Congress 
Dodge Carrol] W. jr. removed to Brookfleld 
Dodge Chas. died March 10, 1888, age 56 
Dodge Charles L. engineer, 8 Warren, house 
2 Piedmont court [5 Silver 

Dodge Edward W. clerk, 452 Maiu, boards 

Dodge Enoch, brakeman, h. 71 Eastern ave. 
Dodge Flora E. married to J. R. Newell 
Dodge George H. shoecutter, 68 High, house 

at Oxford 
Dodge Harriet C. nurse, house 11 Mendon 
Dodge Henry F. organ maker, 25 Hermon, 

house 5 Silver 
Dodge John A. hackman, house 11 Mendon 
Dodge John H. removed to New York 
Dodge J. Monroe, carpenter, 196 Union, h. 

21 Sycamore [Piedmont 

Dodge Lauretta E. widow of Chas. house 22 
Dodge B. B. collector, bds. 80 Orange 
Dodge Simon, brakeman, B. & A. B. B. bds. 

40 Salem [766 Main 

Dodge Thomas H. lawyer, 48 Park, house 
Dodge Wallace W. foreman at tripe works, 

house rear Greenwood, Q. [do. 

Dodge Walter E. clerk, 212 Chandler, b. 210 
Doe Charles H. foreman, 70 Winter, house 

70 Bridge 

DOE CHARLES H. k CO. proprietors 
Evening Gazette and M%\& and Gazette, 

890 and 892 Main, house 87 Irving.— 

8et page 490 
Doe Charles W. clerk, boards 70 Bridge 
Doe Frank E. removed to Maine 
Doe Geo. L. cutter, boards 70 Bridge 
Doe Wm. J. wireworker, house 70 Bridge 
Doescher Frederick T. farmer, bds. Moore 

near city line 
Doherty Albert, mason, house 17 Lunelle 
Doherty Ann, widow of Hugh, house 17 Ash 
Doherty Bridget, h. 91 East Central 
Doherty Catherine, widow of Patrick, h. 

18 Briden [bridge 

Doherty Cornelius, laborer, h. 899 South- 
Doherty Geo. H. laborer, 178 Union, bds. 17 

Doherty Hugh, wire drawer, h*8 Edgeworth 
Doherty James, carder, Hunt's Mill, Leicester 
Doherty James H. machinist, 178 Union, b. 

17 Ash 
Doherty Jane, widow of James, h. 76 Water 
Doherty John, wire cleaner, h. 826 Mlllbury 
Doherty John, machinist, 44 Central, bds. 91 

E. Central [19 Worth 

Doherty Martin H. policeman, Station 2, h. 
Doherty Michael, laborer, 149 Washington, 

h. 9 Lunelle [Wilson 

Doherty Michael, moulder, 92 Thomas, h. 3 
Doherty Michael J. farmer, h. 20 Goddard 
Doherty Michael J. armorer, 44 Central, b. 

91 East Central 
Doherty Patrick, teamster, h. 822 Mlllbury 
Doherty Patrick, died Aug. 20, 1888 
Doherty Patrick, stonecutter, 226 Summer, 

h. 284 Park av. [Beach 

Doherty Patrick, janitor, City Hall, house 7 
Doherty Stephen, boot treer, 82 Austin, h. 

12 Brown [Brown 

Doherty Stephen J. plumber, 16 Pearl, b. 12 
Doherty Thos. laborer, house 88 Columbia 
Doherty Thos. wiper, P. & W. R. R. engine 

house, h. 4 Bigelow 
Doherty Thomas, laborer, bds. 22 Spruce 
Doherty Thomas, hostler, 28 Thomas, b. 12 







Boherty Thomas H. armorer, 44 Central, b. 

91 East Central [ler 

Doherty Wm. marble polisher, h. 51 Chand- 
Dolan Catherine, widow of Patrick, h. 18 

Carbon [shop, b. 279 Cambridge 

Dolan Chas. laborer, W. & N. R. R. repair 
Dolan David, car inspector, B. & A. R. R. h. 

2 Plum 
Dolan Edward, rem'd to Quincy 
Dolan Edward F. laborer, b. 13 Carbon 
Dolan Farrell, laborer, h. 20 Colton 
Dolan Felix, laborer, boards 188 Grove 
Dolan Frank T. grocer, 9 Suffolk, bds. do. 
Dalan James, laborer, house Edge worth n. 

Sigourney [Southbridge 

Dolan James, hostler, r. 85 Austin, bds. 29 
Dolan James, laborer, 32 Green, bds. 8 La- 

Dolan James, laborer, bds. 9 Myrtle 
Dolan James, wire drawer, h, 18 Colton 
Dolan James, laborer, boards 18 Carbon 
Dolan James P. laborer, h. 42 Eastern ave. 
Dolan John, laborer, h. 279 Cambridge 
Dolan John, laborer, 110 Green, h. 28 do. 
Dolan John, laborer, bds. 188 Grove 
Dolan John, laborer, bds. 20 Pond 
Dolan John, laborer, 82 Greeu, b. 9 Water 
Dolan John, wireworkcr, house 156 Prescott 
Dolan John, driver, 817 Southbridge, house 

81 Camp [Lyon 

Dolan John, cutter, 7 Washington sq. b. 21 
Dolan John, laborer, house 9 Myrtle 
Dolan Jobn, laborer, 77 Foster, b. 4 Green 
Dolan John, grocer, 12 Foyle, house do. 
Dolan John T. died Mar. 1888, age 28 
Dolan Kate, servant, 215 Main 
Dolan Lawrence, laborer, house 15 Oak ave. 
Dolan Margaret, widow of Michael, house 

27 East Worcester [Southbridge 

Dolan Martin W. laborer, 122 Gold, h. 399 
Dolan Michael, driver, h. Putnam lane near 

Shrewsbury [son 

Dolan Michael, hostler, 770 Main, h. 75 Madi- 
Dolan Michael, laborer, house 20 Pond 
Dolan Michael, moulder, 87 Gold, h. 4 Green 
Dolan Patrick, laborer, house 51 Gold 
Dolan Patrick W. chairmaker, 15 Union, b. 

18 Carbon 
Dolan Peter J. truckman, 64 Madison, h. do. 
Dolan Philip, bootmaker, 11 Water, house 7 

Dolan Terence, shoemaker, house 21 Lyon 
Dolan Terence, wire drawer, bds. 9 Suffolk 
Dolan Thomas, laborer, 52 Jackson, house 

146 Shrewsbury [sonet 

Dolan Wm. moulder, 77 Foster, h. 48 As- 
Dollen Archibald N. hostler, 216 Summer, h. 

163 Cambridge [bridge 

Dolleu John M. C. engineer, h. 414 South- 
Dolllver Edward B. (A. \V. Giford & Co, J, 

75 Beacon, h. 180 do. 
Dolphin Mary Mrs. stitcher, b. 84 Mendon 
Dominns William H. machinist, 62 Jackson, 

h. Lincoln sq. depot 
Donaher Dennis, died Aug. 22, 1888. age 39 
DonahtT John, laborer, bds. 96 Ward 
Donaher Mary, widow of Dennis, h. 96 Ward 
Donaher Patrick, carpenter, house 53 Ward 

Donahue Daniel, laborer, h. r. 59 Bridge 
Donahue Daniel, moulder, 149 Washington, 

h. 88 Winter 
Donahue Daniel, laborer, h. r. 73 Market 
Donahue Dennis, boot sider, 108 Front, b. 

88 Mechanic 
Donahue Dennis, laborer, boards 10 Fink 
Donahue Ellen, widow of Florence, house 1 

IngaUs Ih, 16 Fox 

Donahue Florence L. collector, 134 Main, 
Donahue Hugh J. laborer, N. & W. R. B. 

round house, b. 24 Bartlett pi. 
Donahue James, helper, 77 Foster, house 41 

Penn ave. 
Donahue James, rem*d from city [ton 

Donahue James, teamster, b. 172 Washing- 
Donahue John, laborer, b. 861 Mlllbary 
Donahue John, boot bottomer, 82 Austin, h. 

8 So. Irving [mer 

Donahue JohntC. vrireworker, bds. 6 Sam- 
Donahue John F. painter, W. 4b N. li. R. 

paint shop, b. 126 Bloomingdale 
Donahue John J. laborer, h. 56 Gold 
Donahue Maggie, envelope maker, bds. 21 

Donahue Mary, envelope maker, houso 21 

Donahue Maurice H. boot bottomer, 9 

Barton place, boards 50 Qreen 
Donahue Michael, boot treer, 60 King, house 

182 Chandler 
Donahue Michael, saloon, 7 Pond, h. do. 
Donahue Michael, clerk, 84 Foster, hoa^e 16 

Fox [h. 168 Washington 

Donahue Mortimer J. burnisher, 68 High, 
Donahue Patrick £. driver, h. 6 Summer 
Donahue Richard, laborer, 207 Southbridge, 

boards 82 Kansas 
Donahue Robert, laborer, bds. 82 Kansas 
Donahue Thomas A. hairdresser, 14 Wash- 
ington sq. boards 170 Front 
Donahue Thomas £. painter, W. & N. R. R. 

paint shop, bds. 126 Bloomingdale 
Donahue Thomas J. walchman, house 126 

Donahue Timothy, gardener at J. S. Bal- 

lard*s, house 404 Mi 11 bury 
Donahue Timothy, machinist, 10 Harris ct. 

boards at Saunders v Hie 
Donahue, sec Donoghue, Donohoe, Dono- 

hue and O'Donoghue [Mechanic 

Donake John, cigar maker, 409 Main, b. 87 
Donaldson John M. rem'd to Toronto, Can. 
Donaldson Niles I. died Feb. 4, 1888, age 41 
Donaldson Susan F. widow of Niles I. house 

18 Larch 
Donegan Augustine, cooper, Qulnsigamond 

ave. cor. Lafayette [Fallon's sq. 

Donelly Bridget, widow of James, boards 8 
Donelsou Carl, wire worker, house 11 North 

Ashland [ave. n. Catharine 

Donelson John J. machinist, house £a.Htern 
Donlan John, clerk, 15 Winter, boards 62 

Donnelly Bernard, laborer, house 2 Nashua 
Donnelly James, laborer, house 6 Scott 
Donnelly James, machinist, 110 Green, bds. 

2 Fallon's sq. 






Donnelly John, laborer, h. 8 80. Irving 
Donnelly John, laborer, b. 44 Thomas 
Donnelly John, wire drawer, house 80 Ells- 
worth [12 Meade 
Donnelly John A. machinist, 178 Union, bds. 
Donnelly John £. machinist, 83 N. Foster, 

house 12 Winter 

Donnelly Martin J. diemaker, 81 Mechanic, 

hoQSe 9 Milk [Lafayette 

Donnelly Mary, widow of John, house 26 

Donnelly Michael, wire drawer, honse 145 

Donnelly Patrick, laborer, h. 5 Prescott pi. 
Donnelly Patrick H. machinist, 110 Oreen, 

hoQse 12 Meade 
Donnelly Peter F. machinist, 161 Union, b. 

86 Lafayette 
Donnelly Sarah, twister, bds. 12 Orompton 
Donnelly Wm. laborer, house 157 Exchange 
Donoghae Andrew, machinist, b. 9 Charles 
Donoghoe Daniel, laborer, 62 Jackson, h. 11 

Donoghne Daniel, machinist, h. 24 Ward 
Donoghae Florence, mason, house 15 Hill 
DoDO^hoe Henry J. clerk, house 1 Patch 
Donoghne Jettie, boxmaker, bds. 52 Main 
Donoghae Nancy Mrs. house 9 Charles 
Donoghne Patrick, laborer, Putnam lane, 

boards 181 Shrewsbury 
Donohoe Michael, laborer, house 1 Larkln 
Donohue Catherine, widow of Thomas, h. 

188 Shrewsbury 
Donohue Charles, died Jan. 4, 1883 
Donohue Florence, laborer, bds. 4 Beach 
Donohue Hugh, laborer, b. 24 Bartlett pi. 
Donohue Humphrey, engineer, 20 Manches- 
ter, house 16 Assonet 
Donohue Jeremiah, laborer, 14 Blooming- 
dale, boards 4 Beach 
Donohue John, laborer, boards Swan ct. 
Donohue John M. laborer, bds. 187 Shrews- 
bury X [Lodi 
Donohue Julia, widow of Daniel, boards 11 
Dooohue Mary, widow of Michael, house 9 

Donohue Maurice, boot bottomer, b. 50 Green 
Donohue Michael, laborer, b. 64 Thomas 
Donohue Patrick, laborer, b. 70 Shrewsbury 
Donohue Patrick, laborer, h. 155 Millbnry 
Donohue Patrick £. teamster, h. 6 Summer 
Donohue Thomas, laborer, 48 Grafton, h. 

162 Shrewsbury 
Donohue Thomas, dyer, house 25 North 
Donohue Timothy, laborer, W. & N. R. R. 

engine house, boards 4 Beach 
Donohue Timothy O. grocer, 177 Mechanic, 

house 19 Tremont 
Donohue William, polisher. Grove n. ceme- 
tery, house 165 Salem 
Donohue, see Donahue and O'Donoghue 
Donovan Bartholomay F. painter, h. Burnett, 
* Jamesvllle 

Donovan Daniel, laborer, Groton 
Donovan Daniel, laborer, h. HI E. Central 
Donovan Daniel J. machinist, 161 Union, 
boards 9 Charles [st. court 

Donovan David, laborer, house 5 Mechanic 
Donovan Dennis, laborer, h. 12 Br i den 

Donovan Dennis, driver, Groton, house 65 
Blackstone [Brlden 

Donovan Dennis, jr. wire drawer, boards 12 
Donovan Elbridge, machinist, 100 Prescott, 
bds. 58 Grove [cott, bds. 87 do. 

Donovan Ellsworth L. machinist, 100 Pres- 
Donovan Henry S. foreman, h. Lakeside av. 
Donovan James, foreman, 548 Southbrldge, 

h. 11 Washburn 
Donovan James, plasterer, h. 54 Oxford 
Donovan James D. clergyman, h. 58 Grove 
Donovan James O. woodworker, 100 Pres- 
cott, house 87 do. 
Donovan Jeremiah, house 78 Green 
Donovan Jeremiah, boot bottomer, 103 

Front, house 7 Columbia 
Donovan Jeremiah, brakeman,. P. A W. R. 

R. boards 18 Madison 
Donovan Jeremiah, dyer, house 20 Camp 
Donovan John, laborer, h. r. 17 Ellsworth 
Donovan John,, Crescent, house 

19 Howard 
Donovan John, foreman, bds. 81 Orchard 
Donovan John A. boot bottomer, 108 Front, 

house 8 Water 
Donovan Joseph, brakeman, house 8 Burt 
Donovan Margaret, finisher, h. 10 Southgate 
Donovan Mary, boards 10 Southgate 
Donovan Mary, boxmaker, b. 27 Bartlett pi. 
Donovan Mary, widow of Jeremiah, b. r. 8S 

Donovan Michael, carpenter, h. 81 Orchard 
Donovan Patrick, sorter, 68 Washington sq. 

house 15 Foundry 
Donovan Patrick, teamster, 84 Prescott, b. 

Summer near Belmont 
Donovan Patrick T. baker, 166 Pleasant, b. 

12 Brlden 
Donovan Thomas, laborer, b. 15 Foundry 
Donovan Thomas, laborer, boards 208 Me- 
Donovan Timothy, laborer, h. 66 Norfolk 
Donovan William, harness maker, 25 Ex- 
change, boards 62 do. 
Doody John J. wool sorter, Pakachoag MilU 
boards 492 Southbrldge [Franklin 

Doody Patrick, sawyer, 86 Central, house 59 
Dooley Annie, domestic, 9 King 
Doon James W. salesman, h. 191 Summer 
Doon Thomas, carpenter, house 5 Beach 
Doone Thomas, removed to Boston 
Doran David, car inspector, house 2 Plum 
Doran James H. machinist, Hammond near 

R. R. boards 25 John 
Doran Margaret, widow of Owen, boards 

Leicester, V. F. 
Doran Mary, widow of Neil, house 25 John 
Doran Michael, wireworker, h. 18 Denny 
Doran Michael E. polisher, 75 Beacon, b. 18 
BIgelow [John 

Doran Thomas F. machinist, 122 Gold, b. 25 
Doran William, clerk, 800 Main, boards 25 

Dor6 Israel, rem'd to Quebec, Can. 
Dorman Albert B. printer, 25 Washington 

square, house 17 Coral 
Dorman Daniel W.. bookkeeper, boards 24 






Dorman Frederick C. machluist, h. rear So. 

Coart House 
DormaD George, mason, house 14 Tremont 
Dorman George, Jr. cutter, 162 Sonthbrldge, 

house Bleeker near Orient 
Dorman Henry £. machinist, bds. 208 Main 
Dorman Lathrop, clerk, 27 Washington sq. 

h. 24 Bowdoin 
Dorman William A. cutter, 7 Washington 

square, boards 14 Tremont 
Dome Gilman A. carpenter, h. 18 Belmont 
Dome Gilman £. rem'd to Laconia, N. H. 
Domes Frederick L. hairdresser, 12 Sonth- 
brldge, house 4 Jefferson 
Domes Jacob, clerk, 14 Mechanic, bds. 122 
Washington [low n. Clover 

Dorr James, woolen goods manuf. h. Lad- 
Dorrington John W. sashmaker, 196 Union, 
h. 94 Piedmont [Fountain 

Dorris John W. hairdresser, 218 Main, b. 57 
Dorsay Bernard, laborer, b. 17 Prescott pi. 
Dorsay Hugh, hostler, 2ft Elm, b. 19 Pres- 
cott place 
Dorsay James, wire drawer, h. ftft Market 
Dorsay James, wlreworker, boards 19 Pres- 
cott place 
Dorsay Matthew, laborer, boards 180 Front 
Dorsay Patrick, watchman, house 19 Pres- 
cott place [Sackville cor. Byron 
Dorsay Timothy, laborer, W. ^ N. R. B. h. 
Dorsey James A. supt. Brassels, h. Lewis n. 

Dorsey John, laborer, house 95 £. Central 
Dorsey Thomas F. wool sorter, Brussels, 

b. Lewis n. Southbridge 
Dostie Edward D. removed to (Gardner 
Doty Henry, laborer, boards 80 Highland 
Douaire Edward, painter, b. 115 Lamartine 
Doufi:all Hutchinson, weaver, Brussels, b. 8 

Dougans John, dyer, Brussels, h. 16 Wash- 
burn [801 Cambridge 
Dougans Matthew, foreman, Bmssels, house 
Dougherty Bridget, widow of Martin, house 

60 Ward 
Dougherty B. Maria, milliner, b. 98 Park 
Dougherty John, laborer, house 48 Gold 
Dougherty John, grocer, Mlllbury cor. Ver- 
non, Q. house do. 
Dougherty John, laborer, house 66 Franklin 
Dougherty John J. clerk, Mlllbury c. Ver- 
non, Q. b. do. [26 SIgel 
Dougherty Mary, widow of Patrick, house 
Dougherty Michael, wire drawer, bds. 20 

Dougherty Michael J. laborer, b. 60 Ward 
Douglas John E. engineer, 42 Gardner, h. 

11 do. 
Douglas Julia A. attendant, Worcester Lu- 
natic Hospital, Belmont, boards do. 
Douglass C. Benjamin, removed to West- 
port, N. T. [House, b. do. 
Douglass Edgar S. bookkeeper, Bay State 
Douglass Franklin P. clerk. Bay State 
House, b. do. [So. Russell 
Douglass George G. clerk, 10 Front, h. 14 
Douglass Georgle C. Mrs. compositor, 11 
Central Exchange, house 62 Exchange 

Douglass James, driver, b. 204 Southbridge 
Douglass Spencer H. hackmau, house 68 

Douty Benjamin F. (DotUy Jb Streeter), 891 

Main, house 94 Elm 

DOUTT A STREETEB (B. F. Dovty and 
W» H. Slreeterjf Home sewing machines, 

291 Main.— 506 p<ige 618 
Dover Albert, boot bottomer, b. 74 Mlllbmy 
Dow David, cigar maker, 409 Main, bds. 16 

Mechanic [85 Salem 

Dow Blwood W. clerk, 158 Sonthbrldge, h. 
Dowd Andrew F. loommaker, 67 Jackson, 

boards 45 Summer 
Dowd Charles, machinist, 57 Jackson, hoose 

45 Summer 
Dowd Daniel L. gymnasium, 38 Pearl, h. do. 
Dowd Domlnick, died July 29, 1883, age 52 
Dowd James, weaver, 17 Southgate, b. 118 

Canterbury [45 Summer 

Dowd James J. lawyer, 877 Main, boards 
Dowd John, mason, bds. 61 Sonthbrldge 
Dowd John, removed to Boston 
Dowd John, laborer, 159 Front, b. 36 Green 
Dowd John J. rimmer, bds. 861 Mlllbujry 
Dowd Kate Mrs. dressmaker, bds. 45 Pied- 
Dowd Martin, wire drawer, h. 34 Union av. 
Dowd Mary, widow of Domlnick, house 361 

Dowd Mary, widow of Michael, h. rear 85 

Winter [Canterbury 

Dowd Mary, widow of Michael, boards 118 
Dowd Michael, died March 18, 1883, age 46 
Dowd Michael, carpenter, h. 112 Canterbury 
Dowd Patrick, boot treer, 619 Main, house 

22 Lodl 
Dowd Thomas, laborer, 34 Southbridge, b. 

61 do. [bury 

Dowd Thomas, wire drawer, h. 861 Mill- 
Dowd Thomas A. clerk, 440 Main, house at 

Dowd Timothy, laborer, 317 Southbridge, h. 

13 Larkln [13 Mason 

Dowe Jennie E. T. widow of Wm. H. house 
Dower John, bootfitter, 70 Winter, house 77 

Austin [Green 

Dower Patrick, boot treer, 60 King, h. 52 
Dower Thomas, Uilor, 410 Main, house 10 

Dowley Darwin G. removed from city 
Downes Andrew, harness maker, 20 Foster, 

house 5 Columbia court 
Downes Anna M. widow of Oscar, house 1 

Elliott [Park 

Downes Carrie M. boards Salem square cor. 
Downes George G. machinist, 26 Salisbury, 

b. 1 Elliott [b. 6 Columbia ct. 

Downes James, harness maker, 20 Foster, 
Downes Lizzie M. b. 1 Elliott 
Downes Thomas A. shoe finisher, 10 Mul- 
berry, house 8 Hudson 
Downes Thomas H. harness maker, 18 Cur- 
tis, house 7 Mill 
Downes William E. painter, bds. 589^ Main 
Downey Daniel, salesman, 412 Main, bds. 42 

Downey John, laborer, house 18 Briden 






Downey John H. plQmber, 12 Waldo, bds. 

Hall Dear Sonnyside 
Downey Martin P. removed to Boston 
Downey Mary, widow of James, house 42 

Downey Michael, mason, house 50 Temple 
Downey Michael, tinsmith, Brackett court, 

honse Hall near Sunnyside 
Downey William, painter, b. 42 Piedmont 
Downey T. Francis, wood turner, 72 School, 
boards Sunnyside [82 Salem 

Downing Maurice J. tailor, 587 Main, bds. 
Downing Willard L. clerk, 596 Main, bds. 48 
Portland [R. I. 

Downing William H. rem'd to Providence, 
Downs Edwin E. rem*d to Saratoga, N. Y. 
Downs J. Henry, machinist, 110 Green, bds. 

67 Portland 
Downs Loren N. removed to Lowell 
Doyle Andrew, wire drawer, h. 21 Tremont 
Doyle Anthony F. moulder, 149 Washington, 

boards 5 Winter 
Doyle Daniel, hostler, 12 Trumbull, boards 
86 Temple [court 

Doyle Daniel, laborer, boards 2 Columbia 
Doyle Daniel, wire drawer, h. 20 Waverley 
Doyle Dennis, hackman, h. 17 Blackstone 
Doyle Dennis, moulder, 68 Washington sq. 

boose 5 Winter 
Doyle Edward J. teamster, b. 12 Lexington 
Doyle Eliza J. weaver, h. 118 Southgate 
Doyle Honor, widow of John, b. 157 Qrove 
Doyle James, helper, B. & A. R. R. round 

house, boards 14 Cherry 
Doyle James, laborer, 91 Foster, house 88 
Bridge [Winter 

Doyle James J. clerk, 186 Front, boards 5 
Doyle James J. melter, Hammond n. R. R. 
honse 241 Pleasant [241 Pleasant 

Doyle James J. Jr. printer, 195 Front, bds. 
Doyle James N. boards 12 Lexington 
Doyle James T. clerk, r. 29 Waldo, bds. 112 
Washington [do. 

Doyle Jeremiah, hostler, r. 15 Benefit, b. 81 
Doyle Johanna, died April 25, 1888, age 88 
Doyle John, driver, 817 Southbridge, house 

158 Canterbury 
Doyle John, truckman, 12 Lexington, h. do. 
Doyle John, laborer, house 16 Worth 
Doyle John, laborer, boards 22 Spruce 
Doyle John, laborer, bds. 861 Millbury 
Doyle John, painter, 186 Union, boards 2 
Chandler ct. [Temple 

Doyle John, hostler, 12 Trumbull, bds. 86 
Doyle John, laborer, bds. Seward n. Wilson 
Doyle Margaret, clerk, bds. 15i Plymouth 
Doyle Margaret, widow of Thomas, h. 191 


Doyle Mark H. hairdresser, 412 Southbridge, 

h. 408 do. [house, h. 1 Boland ct. 

Doyle Michael, laborer, B. & A. R. R. engine 

Doyle Michael, Janitor, '240 Main, house 18 

Doyle Michael, boxmaker, 86 Central, h. 112 
Washington [188 Exchange 

Doyle Patrick, boxmaker, 167 Union, house 
Doyle Patrick, wire drawer, house 41 Wash- 

Doyle Patrick, teamster, Millbury opposite 

' Greenwood, bds. do. 
Doyle Patrick, mason, boards 97 Water 
Doyle Patrick, laborer, house 2 Chandler ct. 
Doyle Patrick, laborer, house 86 Temple 
Doyle Peter, saloon, 90 Millbury, house do. 
Doyle William, laborer, house 45 North 
Doyle Wm. J. hairdresser, 807 Main, boards 

58 Front [bds. 57 Temple 

Doyle William J. screwmaker, 75 Beacon, 
Drake Arthur, organ tuner, 19 Union, bds. 

54 Grove 

DRAKE AZEL H. carpenter and con- 
tractor, 212 Austin, h. do. — Seepage 589 
Drake Daniel, wheelwright, 29 Cypress, b. 
84 Irving [h. 8 Bellevue 

Drake Jeremiah W. salesman, 18 Mechanic, 
Drake William £. driver, 117 Main, house 5 

DRAPER CHARLES H. truckman, 228 
Main, h. rear 80 Lincoln.— ^See page 570 
DRAPER JAMES) nurseryman, and cement 
pipe manuf. Plantation n. Bloomingdale, 
house do. — See page 618 
Draper Lizzie A. Mrs. bookkeeper, 107 Front, 
bds. 55 Myrtle [bds. n. do. 

Dreghom Andrew, spinner at Jamesville, 
Drennan James M. deputy sheriff, 6 P. O. 

block, house 115 Austin 
Drennan John B. asst. pastor St. Anne's 

Church, boards 112 Shrewsbury 
Drennan Martin J. teamster, 14 Blooming- 
dale, house 98 Grafton 
Drennan Patrick, laborer, house 4 Nashua 
Dresser Albert J. photographer, 826 Main, 
h. 158 Summer [house do. 

Dresser Nellie F. Mrs. dressmaker, 1 Crown, 
Dresser Rebecca B. removed to Barre 

DREW. ALLIS ft CO. r^- C. Drew and 
O, 8» Alliajj directory publishers. Direc- 
tory Office, 452 Main. — See front coVd p. 
Drew Charles C. (Drete, AllU & Co.), 452 

Main, boards 29 Harvard 
Drew Charles W. carpenter, h. 168 Chandler 
Drew Elizabeth, widow, boards 275 Pleasant 
Drew Jerry E. hostler, 5 Fruit, bds. 4 Seaver 
Drew John G. clerk, 290 Main, b. 5 Walnut 
Drew Lewis, yeast, 85 Hermon, house do. 

Drew , armorer, boards 607 Main 

Driscoll Alonzo M. news depot, 78i Front, 

house 76 do. 
Driscoll Annie, dressmaker, b. 27 Chatham 
Driscoll Charles P. clerk, 180 Front, b. 76 do. 
Driscoll Florence, laborer, h. 1 Foley's ct. 
Driscoll Jeremiah, wlreworker, boards 8 

Lin wood place [47 do. 

Driscoll John, weaver, 17 Southgate, bds. 
Driscoll John D. moulder, 77 Foster, house 

114 Mechanic [114 do. 

Driscoll Mary Mrs. saloon, 112 Mechanic, h. 
Driscoll Michael, dyer, boards Grove near 

Salisbury pond 
Driscoll Michael J. cutter, 7 Washington sq. 

b. 24 Church 
Driscoll Wm. painter, 626 Main, b. 28 Austin 
Driscoll, see O'Driscoll 
Drisko W. Bentley, removed from city 
Drohan Frank, laborer, house 79 Market 



Basences, Extracts, Celluloid Truaaea and 

Abdominal Supportera, 41 JPAJfK STBJBJBT. 




Drohan Hannora, widow of Nicholas, house 

15 Beach [at Millbary 

Drohan John, laborer, 100 Fresco tt, house 
DrohaD Johu, laborer^ house 182 Lamartine 
Drohan Margaret, widow of Walter, house 

61 Winter [Lovell court 

Drohan Martin, fireman, 196 Union, house 12 
Drohan Martin J. salesman, 480 Main, bds. 

12 Lovell court [81 Market 

Drohan Michael, laborer, 84 Prescott, bds. 
Drohan Nicholas J. rem*d to Montreal, Can. 
Drohan Patricia, laborer, bds. 51 Winter 
Drohan Patrick, laborer, house 79 Market 
Drohan Thomas, laborer, house 81 Market 
Drohan Thomas, 2d, laborer, h. 14 South 

Irving [Lamartine, h. 17 Ash 

Drohan Walter N. policeman. Station 2, 
Druoney Patrick, mason, house Shrewsbury 

near Walte 
Drown Emma L. stitcher, bds. 209 Main 
Drown Rosa A. stitcher, boards 209 Main 
Drown Sylvanla A. died Mar. 28, 1888, age 58 
Drugan Charles, laborer, 25 Union, house 15 

Conlln court [8 Brown 

Drugan Matthew W. clerk, 8 Trumbull, h. 
Drum Frank, sashmaker, bds. 84 Portland 
Drury Admon C. sawyer, 5 Sargent, house 

8 Dudley place 
Drury Austin C. teamster, house Plantation 

n. Division 
Drury Charles B. died Jan. 12, 1888, age 82 
Drury Edson A. foreman, 199 Front, house 

85 Clifton 
Drury Elizabeth, nurse, City Hospital, b. do. 
Drury Ella L. bookkeeper, 492 Main, boards 

55 Kingsbury [Chandler 

Drury Enoch P. printer, 892 Main, house 88 
Drury Ephralm L. died August 16, 1888 
Drury Frank H. civil engineer, b. 4 Denny 
Drury Fred. L. woodworker, 9 May, boards 

25 May wood [h. 16 Hancock 

Drury Geo. W. reed-board maker, 25 Union, 
Drury LeanderM. boarding-house, 66 Front, 

house do. 

DRURY LTMAN, subscription books. 460 
Main, house 5 Kingsbury.— ^66 pa^6 492 
Drury Maria H. widow of Ephralm L. house 

4 Denny [57 Myrtle 

Drury Marshall L. painter, 12 Austin, house 
Drury Mary, widow of Alvah, b. 88 Chandler 
Drury Michael, removed to Northboro* 
Drury Owen, steamfltter, 198 Front, house 

85 Ellsworth [23 Benefit 

Drury Thomas A. machinist, 90 Gold, house 
Drury Willard B. house 548 Main 
Drury Willard £. machinist, b. 94 Piedmont 
Drury Wm. A. organ maker, 17 Hermon, h. 

25 Maywood [Main, h. 4 Ripley 

Drury Wm. H. (Jerome Marble <fc Co.;, 440 
Dryden George, machinist, house 28 Glen 
Dryden George W. machinist, h. 23 Glen 
Dryden Martin F. engineer, Putnam lane, h. 

89 Shelby [Langdon 

Dube Mary, widow of Antoine, house 9 
Dubois Edmund, laborer, r. 25 Hermon, h. 

11 Meade 
Dubois Emlle, painter, house 9 Langdon 
Dubois Jennie, boards 1 Meade 

Dubois Joseph, laborer, 82 Green, house 

42 Franklin 
Dubois Mary, boards 1 Meade 
Dubois Oscar, carpenter, h. 1 ftf eade 
Dubois Zotlque, boot bottomer, S^ Doug- 
las, house do. 
Dubreull Freeland, polisher, 170 Meclianlc, 

boards 19 Sycamore 
Dubreuil George A. clerk, B., B. & 6. B. R., 

Union depot, b. 20 Clinton 
Dubreuil Louis (Dubreuil <ft FontaineJt 4 

Langdon, house 184 Washington 
Dubreuil & Fontaine (L, Dubreuil and P. 

Fontaine J, bakers, 4 Langdon 
Dubuc Rosanna Mrs. removed to Canada 
DuCett Edward, quarryman, h. Belmont n. 

Bell pond [^5 Fulton 

DeCett Frank H. carpenter, 81 Central, h. 
Ducey Thomas, laborer, h. 12 Nashna 
Duchalneau Joseph, mason, h. 9 Langdon 
Duckworth Clara S. widow of John C. li- 

60 Woodland [Milton n. Northvllle 

Duckworth Richard, machinist, 7S School, h. 
Duclos Edward J. hairdresser, 807 Main, b. 

188 Washington [Mechanic 

Duclos Victoria Mrs. dressmaker, bds. 47 
Duclots Charles, stonecutter, b. 188 Wash- 
Duclots John, house 188 Washington 
Ducy John, removed to Boston 
Dudley Charles E. foreman, Norcross Bros. 

10 East Worcester, h. 3 Dudley pi. 
Dudley Geo. F. foreman, 94 Grove, h. 8 Otis 
Dudley Mary B. teacher, Ledge st. school, 

b. 8 Otis [fit ct. 

Dudley Preston C. woodworker, b. 7 Bene- 
Dudley Sidney B. janitor, house 7 Benefit ct. 
Dufault Augustln, shoemaker, 82 Austin, b. 

116 Lamartine [tal, Belmont, bds. do. 
Duff Maggie, attendant, Wor. Lunatic Hospi- 
Duffy Catharine, widow of Michael, boarids 

180 Washington [b. 126 Front 

Dufly Edward, moulder, 68 Washington sq. 
Duffy Edward B. helper, 95 Thomas, bds. 

45 Hanover 
Duffy Francis, laborer, B., B. & G. R. B. 

freight house, bds. 81 Summer 
Duffy James, dyer, 110 Grove, h. 45 Hanover 
Dufl^^ John, machinist, 95 Thomas, boards 

45 Hanover [Eaton pi. 

Duffy John, boot treer, 82 Austin, house 16 
Duffy Margaret, widow of Peter, house 12 

Douglas [Temple 

Duffy Margaret, widow of Thomas, house 41 
Duffy Michael, blacksmith, 195 Sonthbridge, 

h. 20 Lunelle 
Duffy Michael J. wlreworker, b. 41 Temple 
Duffy Michael J. machinist, b. 12 Douglas 
Duffy William A. wlreworker, b. 41 Temple 
Dufrane Dennis, driver, Oakland, Barnard- 

vUle, b. do. 
Dufrane Leander, shoemaker, h. 57 Chandler 
Duft-ene Joseph, laborer, house 61 Orient 
DufVene Oliver, house 8 Ascension 
Dufresne Joseph, plpemaker at James Dra- 
per's, h. 6 Norfolk ct. 
Dugal Ernest, removed ttom city 
Dugar Alvln A. cutter, house 574 Main 






Dagnrd Thomas, weaver, Bnissels, house 6 

Dugard W. George, weaver, b. 8 Cheever 
Daggran CorDelios W. moalder, 65 Jackson, 

house 170 Washington 
Daggan Daniel, boot bottomer, 7 Wash- 
ington sq. h. 57 Temple 
Dnggan Dennis W. boiler maker, 51 Qreen, 
boards at Mfllbnry [bridge 

Daggan John, laborer, house 403 South- 
Daggan John, compositor, 8 Maple, boards 

IMedmont n. Austin 
Dnggan John, laborer, boards 19 Carbon 
Dng^an John, laborer, bds. 1 Woodward ct. 
l>ogff&n Marcns, boot bottomer, 82 Aastin, 
h. 186 Shrewsbury [65 Thomas 

Dnggan Thomas, laborer, Pntnam lane, b. 
Duggan Timothy, janitor, 43 Park, h. 59 

Duggan Walter H. machinist, 180 Gold, h. 
192 Sonthbridge [boards do. 

Dnggan William H. grocer, 192 Sonthbridge, 
Duham Joseph, removed to Oakland, Cal. 
Duignan John, driver, 82 Green, honse 8 
Seymore [86 Green 

Dui^i^naii John C. clerk, 512 Main, boards 
Duke Isaac N. machinist, 75 Beacon, house 

7 Mt. Pleasant 
Duke Philip, laborer, house 861 Mlllbnry 
Dulligan James, wire drawer, Pitt, house 1 

DumalDc Alfred, painter, b. 5 Lunelle 
Dumas Barney, laborer, Hope Cemetery, h. 

Oakland, Barnardville 
Dumas Edward, painter, 18 Madison, bds. 

Mechanic cor. Carlton 
Dumas Frank, polisher, 81 Hermon, house 

50 Madison 
Dumas Gilbert, bootmaker, 619 Main, house 
at Auburn [at Auburn 

Dumas Octave £. moulder, r. 25 Hermon, b. 
Dnmas, see Demers 

Dumonte Samuel, bootmaker, 11 Water, h. 

865 Park ave. [894 Sonthbridge 

Dumphe Charles H. chair bottomer, boards 

Dumphe Ellen M. widow of Elijah, h. 894 

Soutbbridge [bridge 

Dumphe William E. laborer, h. 894 South- 

Dunbar Albert B. clerk, 48 Thomas, b. 43 do. 

Dunbar A. M. moulder, 77 Foster 

Dunbar Edward H. watchmaker, 528 Main, 

h. 1 01 Chandler Newport 

Dunbar Emma L. music teacher, bds. 8 

Donbar Mary, widow of John, h. 25 Winter 

Duncalf John, machinist, 110 Green, bds. 97 

Water [Melrose 

Duncan Andrew J. cooper, honse Lincoln n. 

Dimcan Charles H. farmer, boards Lincoln 

near Melrose 
Dancan Eliza Mrs. house 8 Goulding [ford 
Duncan Frank B. clerk, 566 Main, b. 84 Ox- 

DUNGAN, GOODELL ft GO. ( H. P. Dun- 
can and J, B, Qoodell), hardware, cut- 
lery and mechanics' tools, 404 Main.— 
8«e page 601 
Dimcan Harlan P. (Duncan^ Qoodell & Co.), 

404 Main, house 84 Oxford 
I^pcan Patrick, laborer, house 7 Camp 

Duncan Wendell P. shipper, 26 Sonthbridge, 

boards 12 Chandler [Goulding 

Duncan William, machinist, 178 Union, h. 8 
Duncan William H. E. foreman, 85 Union, 

bds. Lincoln n. Melrose [Gold st. ct. 
Dunford Patrick, laborer, 82 Green, h. 25 
Dunham Edward M. iceman, h. 16U Grove 
Dunham Frank J. rem*d to Saratoga, N. T. 
Dunham Harford P. farmer, b. Plantation 

n. Division 
Dunham William L. painter, h. r. 8 Spring 
Dunkerton Charles B. blacksmith, Burnside 

court, house 141 Austin 
Dunkerton Joseph H. blacksmith, Burnside 

court, bds. 85 Hermon [188 do. 

Dunlap John, laborer, 207 Sonthbridge, bds. 
Dunlap Richard C. Mrs. ladies' furnishing 

goods, 276 Main, h. do. 
Dunlavy James, machinist, h. 4 Sigel 
Dunlavy John, laborer, Putnam lane, bds. 

Hunt n. Shrewsbury [183 do. 

Dunlavy John, laborer, 207 Sonthbridge, b. 
Dunlavy Mary, widow of Jeremiah, house 

178 Shrewsbury [bury 

Dunlavy Timothy, laborer, h. 171 Shrews- 
Dunn Ann, boarding-house, 94 Portland 
Dunn Daniel, laborer, 82 Green, h. 20 Har- 
rison [Columbia 
Dunn Edward, machinist, 57 Jackson, h. 7 
Dunn Edward F. clerk, boards, 59 Temple 
Dunn Frank E. plumber, 51 Main, bds. 96 

Portland [h. 85 Orange 

Dunn George W. pattern maker, 28 Hermon, 
Dunn Irving A. milkman, h. 1 Hall 
Dunn James, house 59 Temple 
Dunn James, laborer, 317 Southbridge, h. 

83 Lamartine [Camp 

Dunn James, shoemaker, 11 Winter, b. 6 
Dunn James, jr. machinist, bds. 59 Temple 

DUNX JAMES D. furniture and house- 
ftimlshlng goods. 42 Lamartine, house 

40 do.—See page 615 
Dunn James H. boot finisher, h. 82 Orient 
Dunn James J. plumber, house 124 Salem 
Dunn Johanna, housekeeper, h. 7 Columbia 
Dunn John A. foreman, B. & A. R. R. car 

service, house 11 Spruce [Park 

Dunn John H. laborer, 139 Front, h. r. 49 
Dunn John M. machinist, 77 Foster, h. 105 

Millbury [105 Millbury 

Dunn John M. jr. machinist, 110 Green, b. 
Dunn John R. cutter, 7 Washington sq. h. 37 

East Worcester 
Dunn Kate, nurse, boards 14 Millbury 
Dunn Luke, laborer, house 86 Ward 
Dunn Margaret, widow of Michael, house 

14 Millbury 
Dunn Mark, laborer, h. r. 212 Southbridge 
Dunn Mary A. house 87 E. Worcester 
Dunn Michael, laborer, h. 212 Southbridge 
Dunn Michael, died Nov. 26, 1882, age 58 
Dunn Michael, machinist, 57 Jackson, h. r. 

196 Southbridge 
Dunn Peter, tailor, bds. 79 Main 
Dunn Robert, carpenter, house 1 Wyman 
Dunn Robinson P. Mrs. boards 21 Chestnut 
Dunn Stephen D. machinist, 125 Gold, bds. 

14 Millbury 

PHOTOGRAPH ALBUMS, '*'*''""'' '"'''*rft?/S^jSf«^rrir:*^?«i««.5. 



Dunn Susannah, widow of Franklin, bds. 1 

Dunn Timothy, weaver, Brussels, h. 112 

Sonthgate [7 Columbia 

Dunn William H. wlreworker, 20 Union, b. 
Dunn William J. carter, 91 Foster, house 28 

Dunn William J. clerk, b. 94 Portland 
Dunn William J. rem'd to New York 
Dunnell Horace L. woodworker, 100 Pres- 

cott, h. at Millbury 
Dunphy Robert, blacksmith, Bridge c 

Foster, house 2 Fallon's sq. 
Dunsmore Andrew M. rem'd to Brimfleld 
Dunster Ellen Mrs. dressmaker, h. 1 1 Camp 
Dunster John, rem'd to New York city 
Dunster Michael W. solecutter, 60 King, h. 

1 1 Camp [ 1 4 Lovell ct. 

Dunster William, carpenter, 84 Prescott, h. 
Dunton Ann 8. teacher, Woodland street 

school, b. 4 Sycamore [b. 80 Myrtle 

Dunton Benjamin A. wlreworker, 85 Union, 
Dunton Charles H. paperhanger, 100 Front, 

h. Shrewsbury near Putnam lane 
Dunton Frank £. machinist, h. 207 Chandler 
Dunton James M. clerk, 817 Main, h. 27 Haw- 
Dupont Albert, bricklayer, h. 15 Lafayette 
Dupont Augustus, stonecutter, boards 26 

Lafayette [Lafayette 

Dupont Clement, stonecutter, house 26 
Dupont Margaret, rem'd from city 
Dupre Alexander P. truckman, house 55 Wall 
Dupr6 Alfred, stair builder, 22 Cypress, h. 

Park av. n. Pleasant [84 Richland 

Dupre Alfred, wood moulder, 17 Hermon h. 
Dupr6 Francis, bricklayer, bds. 98 Bloom- 

Dnpr6 Frank, boot bottomer, 9 Barton pi. 

h. 9 Wood sq. 
Dupr6 Joseph, laborer, house 7 Ascension 
Dupre Joseph, tailor, li. 10 Gold st. ct. 
Dnprey Clement, hairdrettser, 81 Laroartine 

c. Langdon, boards 90 Lamartine 
Duprey Joseph, bootmaker, house 90 Laro- 

artluo [house 66 Thomas 

Duprey Joseph, clerk, 27 Washington sq. 
Duprey Joseph T. baggage master, B., B. ft 

6. R. R. house 57 Mechanic 
Duprey Leon, hairdresser, 81 Lamartine c. 

Langdon, b. 90 Lamartine 
Duprey Rosanna, clerk, b. 82 Harrison 
Duprey William, painter, 18 Madison, house 

49 Austin 
Dupuis Alphonzo, carpenter, h. 265 Park av. 
Dupuis C. Eugene, carpenter, h. Dwight 
Dupuis Gaspard, machinist, h. 6 Douglas 
Dupuis Julius H. blacksmith, 57 Jackson, h. 

Millbury av. n. Blithewood 
Duquet Frank, laborer, h. Lovell n. Coes sq. 
Dnquet Israel, laborer, 18 Coes, h. 58 Lake 
Duquet Joseph, wlreworker, boards Lovell 

near Maynard [Carlton 

Duquette Emma Mrs. boarding-house, 8 
Duquette Louis, removed fVom city [b. do. 
Durant Fred. A. clerk. United States Hotel, 
Duraway Chas. J. hostler, b. 22^ Pleasant 
Durfee Benjamiu, engineer, house 45 Irving 

Durfee Frank B. clerk. First Nat. Bank, 410 

Main, boards 45 Irving [n. Sammlt 

Durfee Wilbur H. bootmaker, bda. Brooks 
Durgln Thomas S. pattern naaker, 66 Jack- 
son, h. 11 Queen [Academy, bds. do. 
Darkee Elsie, matron, Highland Military 
Durkee Frank L. salesman (at ProTidence, 

R. I.), l^ouse 87 Chandler 
Darkee Jerry N. carpenter, b. 8 Blossom [do. 
Durkee Orln P. student. Wore Academy, b. 
Durkin Miles, laborer, b. 9 Bedding ct. 
Durkln Patrick H. salesman, hoase 88 Union 
Durning Abbie, nurse, City Hospital, b. do. 
Duming Hugh C. machinist, 75 Beacon, b. 

53 Irving [sq. house 58 Irving 

Duming William, moulder, 63 Washington 
Duruing William, Jr. machinist, 75 Beacon, 

boards 58 Irving 
Durocher Mary, tailoress, boards 21 Spring 
Durrell Joseph B. wlreworker, h. 84 Grove 
Dusenbury Joseph, machinist, 18 Coes, h. 8 

Stafford [Can. 

Dussault Henry, removed to St. Hjacinthe, 
Dussault Hyacinthe, shoe bottomer. 68 

High, house 98 Lamartine 
Dustin Lydia £. Mrs. house Mlllbory a v. n. 

Harrington [h. 15 Laurel 

Dutton (George H. provisions, 61 Hanover, 
Dutton Sarah L. widow of Solomon H. h. 

18 Chatham st. pi. [do. 

Duval Louis N. collector, 476 Main, b. 115 
Duval Thomas, laborer, boards 123 Thomas 
Dwight Elizabeth H. widow of Simeon, h. 

80 Pleasant [shop, bds. 103 Thomas 
Dwight Geo. foreman, W. & N. R. R. repair 
Dwyer Anthony, student, b. 9 Harlem 
Dwyer Catharine, widow of John, house 54 

Dwyer Daniel J. removed fi*om city 
Dwyer Edward, died Nov. 9, 1883, age 52 
Dwyer Edward, marble worker, b. 169 Orove 
Dwyer Ella L. principal Oxford st. school, 

boards 83 William 
Dwyer James, boot crimper, bds. 13 Foundry 
Dwyer James, laborer, house 9 Harlem 
Dwyer James, supt. 186 Union, house 99 

Salem [r. 72 Cambridge 

Dwyer James H. machinist, 23 Webster, b. 
Dwyer John, laborer, house 26 Sargent 
Dwyer John, removed flrom city 
Dwyer John, clerk, 39 Washington sq. bds. 

9 Harlem [sq. b. 132 Front 

Dwyer Michael, boot turner, 7 Washington 
Dwyer Michael, laborer, h. 74 Market 
Dwyer Patrick, boot bottomer, 7 Washing- 
ton sq. house 13 Foundry 
Dwyer Patrick H. painter, h. 41 Fountain 
Dwyer Peter, laborer, 63 Washington sq. b. 

25 Winter 
Dwyer Thomas, house 4 Chandler ct. 
Dwyer Thomas, laborer, house 17 Foundry 
Dwyer Thomas F. painter, 18 Madison, h. 8 

Dybeck A. Frederick, sinker, h. Perry 
Dybeck Charles A. engineer, house Perry 
Dybeck John 0. blacksmith, house Perry 
Dyer Bartholomew, boot sider, 154 Front, 

boards 123 Washington 






Dyer CaWIn, derk, hoase 9 John 

Dyer Charles F. cooper, hoDse Marshall n. 

Wilson [Foster, bds. 8ft8 Main 

Dyer Charles J., Qlasgo Thread Co., 82 
I^er Charles I. porter, 10 Front, h. 8 Howe 
Dyer Clinton M. insurance agent, 852 Main, 

hoaae 858 do. 
Dyer Sdward F. painter, 21 Qralton, h. 28 

Union aTe. [Ashland 

Dyer Eliaahetb, widow of Ira, house UN. 
Dyer James, mason, house 28 Union ave. 
Dyer James, waiter, 809 Main, b. 811 do. 
Dyer James F. painter, 15 Union, boards 28 

Union are. [Millbury 

Dyer John, operator, 80 Shrewsbury, h. 20 
Dyer John, tailor, 509 Main, h. 5 Union ave. 
Dyer John P. leather cutter, 1 1 Water, b. 20 

MiUbuiy [Lily 

Dyer Joseph E. laborer, 454 Main, house 5 
Dyer Martha, widow of Samuel, boards 60 

Dyer Martin J. cutter, 68 High, b. 101 Green 
Dyer Michael J. clerk, 85 Washington sq. 

house 4 Union ay. 
Dyer Oliver H. blacksmith, 18 Goes, h. 4 do. 
Dyer Patrick, boot slder, h. r. 128 Washing- 
Dyer Sybil A. Mrs. house 7 Lily 
Dyer William U. blacking, house 80 Dewey 
Dyson Joseph, piper, b. Millbury opp. Steb- 

bins [h. 1 Stafford 

Dyson Joseph M. state inspector, City Hall, 

Baqak John, bootmaker, h. 21 Blossom 
Eagan John, gardener, house 8 Water 
Eagan Morris, hostler, h. rear 59 Blackstone 
Eagan Thomas F. machinist, 72 School, h. 

20 Waverley 
Eager Abbie E. widow of Oeorge L. house 

81 Summer [h. 22 Trumbull 

Eager Ellwood M. engineer, rear 155 Front, 
Eager Elmer E. cutter, rear 155 Front, bds. 

22 Trumbull 
Eager John, laborer, h. 94^ Shrewsbury 
Eager Oliver M. machinist, 110 Qreen, bds. 

22 Trumbull [Trumbull 

Eager Perils, widow of Stephen, house 22 
Eaklns John, drlvKr, boards 186 Main 
Earoes Arista R. organ tuner, 9 May, h. 17j| 

Benefit [248 Pleasant, h. do. 

Eames Arthur A. (Benjamin JSames i Oo.Jf 
Karnes Benjamin & Co. CA. A, Eamea)^ gro- 
cers, 248 Pleasant, h. at North Reading 
Earoes Benjamin W. cutter, h. 15 Tirrell 
Eames Bertie W. clerk, 841 plain, boards 

Plantation near Hale 
Barnes David W. hostler, 50 Pearl, b. 4 Dlz 

EAMES D. H. & CO. clothing, 427 Main 
cor. Front, boards Bay State House. — 

See hack cover [Maple pi. 

Barnes Frank E. clerk, 517 Main, boards 2 
Barnes George P. hackman, h. 9 Bellevne 
Barnes George W. farmer, h. Gteendale ave. 
Barnes G. Wilbur, machinist, 26 Salisbury, 

h. 37 Highland [Mountain 

Bames Luther R. farmer, house Rice near 
Barnes Valdo W. farmer, boards Rice near 


Eames William, driver, 110 <}rove, bds. 11 

Gardner [n. W. & N. R. B. 

Eames William, former, h. West Boylston 
Eames Wm. F. foreman, 8 Norwich, house 

Plantation near Hale 
Earl Amos B. stable, rear 72 Mechanic, h. 

5 Mason [Shelby 

Earl Wm. W. machinist, 25 Union, house 86 
Earle Ada J. boxmaker, boards 15 Denny 
Earle Ann B. widow of Edward, house 40 

Summer [b. Lincoln House 

Earle Antipas F. deputy Jailer, 116 Summer, 
Earle Caroline C. Mrs. trustee T. K. Earle 

Manuf. Co. 66 Grafton, bouse Edward 

cor. Reservoir [88 Summer 

Earle Charles G. machinist, 26 Salisbury, h. 
Earle Charles M. rem'd to New York city 
Earle Charles S. cutter, 9 Barton place, h. 

15 Denny 
Earle Charlotte G. widow of George, bds. 

18 Wachusett [h. 108 Park 

Earle Clark^ carpenter, 10 East Worcester, 
Earle David M. deputy sheriff, h. 14 Lincoln 

square [son, h. 21 Woodland 

Earle Enoch (P, Blaieaell dt Co.Jt 62 Jack- 
Earle George W. clerk, 12 Lincoln sq. bds. 

14 do. [Home 

Earle Harriet C. widow of Thomas, house 8 
Earle Henry C. machinist, 195 Front, bds. 

Ararat near Brooks 
Earle Joel, wireworker, bds. 87 Summer 
Earle Lavlna E. Mrs. house 15 Denny 
Earle Morris, student, bds. 21 Edward 
Earle Myron A. machinist, 199 Chandler, h. 

Piedmont place 
Earle Ralph, gardener, 17 Oread, bds. do. 
Earle Sarah B. widow of Oliver K. house 21 


EARLE STEPHEN G. architect, 492 Main, 
house 22 Kendall.~i96s page 504 
Earle Thomas, cardmaker, bds. 8 Home 

card clothing manufacturers, 66 Grafton. 
— See page 622 [Lincoln sq. 

Earle Walter H. clerk, 26 Shrewsbury, b. 14 

EARLE WM H. seeds and agricultural 
tools, 2, 4 and 6 Washington sq. house 
1 Sunny side. — Seepage 556 
Earle William W. machinist, 25 Union, 

house 86 Shelby 
Earle & Prew's Express, 18 Mechanic 
Barley Michael, rem'd to Manchester, N. H. 
Earley Thomas A. removed f^om city 
Early Catharine, nurse, bds. 18 Plymouth 
Early Frank, wireworker, bds. 115 Main 
Early James, helper, W. & N. R. R. repair 

shop, house 19 Gold st. ct. 
Early James, grocer, 99 Park, h. 16 Vernon 
Early James, moulder, house 49 North 
Early John E. manager, 118 Main, bds. do. 
Early Mary, widow of Patrick, h. 6 Charles 
Early Michael, moulder, house 66 Union 
Early Patrick, laborer, house 21 Briden 
Early Patrick F. bottler, r. 29 Waldo, h. 

8 Boylston ct. 
Early Patrick H. wireworker, hoase Cham- 
berlain ct. [Main, h. do. 
Eastman Addle A. Mrs. dressmaker, 460 






Eastman Alphonso, shoe sorter, 68 High, h. 
20 Merrick 

EASTMAN CHABLE8 H. copyist, collec- 
tor and laborer, boards 4 CllntoD coart. 

— Seepage 686 
Eastmnn Charles W. died Nov. 18, 1888, age 

28 [Chatham 

Eastman Eliza F. Mrs. nurse, boards 8 
Eastman James C. painter, h. 8 Hudson ct. 
Eastman Jeremiah, boards 75 Summer 
Eastman J. Austin, teamster, 440 Main, h. 

75 Summer [Southbridgc 

Eastman Mary A. widow of Peter, bds. 565 
Eastman Moses L. removed to California 
Eastman True, machinist, 100 Prescott, bds. 

80 Lincoln [h. at Boston 

Easton Fergus A. news depot, 8 P. O. block, 
Easton William B. removed to Holyoke 
Eathington Frank, removed from city 
Eaton Amos M. house 807 Main [Harrison 
Eaton A. Jones, real estate, 410 Main, h. 71 
Eaton Charles B. & Co. paper warehouse, 

505 Main, bds. 695 do. 
Eaton Charles S. carpenter, h. 10 Hudson 
Eaton Edward H. policeman, City Hall, bds. 

Waverly House 
Eaton Ella, dressmaker, bds. 48 Wellington 
Eaton Fred. C. at Asylum Chronic Insane, 

Summer, boards do. [n. Grafton 

Eaton George S. laborer, boards Harrington 
Eaton Hollis, manager for Wm. Eaton, h. 

Bloom ingdale near Plantation [place 
Eaton James, cutter, 108 Front, h. 8 Union 
Eaton James, machinist, 110 Green, house 6 

Eaton James H. machinist, 11 Cypress, bds. 

Alvarado avenue near W. & S. R. R. 
Eaton Jefferson, painter, 26 Salisbury, house 

19 Hawley [5 Chandler st. ct. 

Eaton John H. machinist, 84 Prescott, house 
Eaton Lcander, watchmaker, 568 Main, h. 

582 do. 
Eaton Martha A. clerk, 76 Portland, b. do. 
Eaton Mary, clerk, boards 184 Main 
Eaton Mary, tailoress, bds. 665 Southbridge 
Eaton Mary, widow of James, boards 24 So. 

Irving [bds. 76 Portland 

Eaton Mary S. teacher. Ash street school, 
Eaton Rodney W. died Feb. 8, 1888. age 69 
Eaton Sally F. widow of Thomas B. house 

18 Crown 
Eaton Sarah C. bds. 184 Main [2 Crescent 
Eaton Sarah L. widow of Rodney W. house 
Eaton Thomas E. N. professor, Free Insti- 
tute, house 26 Boynton 
EATON WILLIAM, brick manuf. Bloom- 
ingdale near Ascension, house Planta- 
tion near B. & A. B. R. — See page 59S 
Eaton William N. 410 Main, bds. 22 Lincoln 

Ebbitts William H. H. hallman. Bay State 

House, h. 41 Abbott [88 Harrison 

Eccles Robert M. foreman, 110 Green, house 
Eccles William P. machinist, h. 88 Richland 
Eddy Charles H. clerk, boards 7 Ashland 
Eddy Charles R. machinist, h. 60 Orchard 
Eddy Charles R. bookkeeper, Hammond n. 

R. R. bds. 42 Chatham 

Eddy Eliza N. widow of Levi, house 160 

Eddy Frank F. clerk, 817 Main, b. 7 Ashland 
Eddy Frank N. grocer, 154 Chandler, house 

15 Bellevue 
Eddy Frank W. mason, boards 24 Portland 
Eddy Henry, farmer, house Fowler cor. Mill 
Eddy Henry W. carpenter, 8 Norwich, house 

7 Ashland [House 
Eddy Joseph, clerk, 817 Main, bds. Waverly 
Eddy Lorin, foreman, 196 Union, bouse Ilk 

Eddy Lucy >f . boards 28 King 
Eddy Walter E. removed to Taunton 
Eddy Wm. H. machinist, 81 Exchange, b. 6 
Orange [8 Agawam 

Eddy Williain J. bookkeeper, 1 Goes sq. h. 
Edgecomb Samuel M. bookkeeper, 157 Sum- 
mer, house 27 Shelby 
Edgerly Parker M. removed iVom city 
Edgerton Almon, sashmaker, 171 Union, b. 

44 Trumbull 
Edgren Andrus, laborer, house 68 Ward 
Edmands Mary F. widow of Chauncy, house 
582 Main [at Cherry Valley 

Edmunds Arthur L. packer, 1 1 Water, bds. 
Edson Frank B. weaver. Mill near Chandler, 

house Pleasant near Chandler 
Edson J. E. engineer, W. & N. R. R. boards 

8 Portland place 

Edson Robert C. foreman, 48 Thomas, b. do. 
Edstrom Axel M. wire worker, bds. Illinois 
Edward Marie Sister, removed to Montreal, 

Canada [14 CarroU 

Edwards Alfired, hostler, 41 Foster, house 
Edwards Charles M. clerk, 110 Green, bds. 

21 Houghton [r. 27 Liberty 

Edwards Daniel, painter, 62 Jackson, bouse 
Edwards Ella M. boards 7 Buifbm [688 do. 
Edwards Frank P. engineer, 619 Main, bds. 
Edwards Frederick C. engineer, 50 Lagrange, 

house 27 Mason [Clinton court 

Edwards Frederick C. jr. engineer, house 2 
Edwards John L. painter, house 20 Arch 
Edwards Joseph H. machinist, b. 87 Portland 
Edwards Robert, helper, bds. 5 Parlin place 
Edwards Robert B. engineer, h. 5 Orchard 
Edwards Robert J. waiter, 809 Main, boards 

2 Hinds court 
Edwards Rose E. boards 78 May 
Edwards Samuel J. cabinetmaker, 7 Eaton 

place, bds. 20 Arch [285 Pleasant 

Edwards Vashti M. widow of Michael R. h. 
Edwards William, laborer, h. 81 Liberty 
Edwards William, laborer, b. 5 Parlin place 
Edwards Wm. A. clerk, 624 Main, house U 

Denny [Washington sq. 

Egan Daniel, laborer, 51 Green, boards 49 
Eger Emil, shoemaker, 8 Pleasant, b. 224 do. 
Eggleston Flora Mrs. dressmaker, 618 Main, 

house do. [Winter 

Egleston Bridget, widow of John, house 28 
Eidt Henry, shoemaker, 11 Mechanic, bds. 

28 William [sigamond avenue 

Eidt Jacob, saloon, 10 Waldo, house 9 Qain- 
Eidt Philip, died Dec. 17, 1882, age 42 
Eisentraut Charles F. photographer, 383 

Main, boards 180 Prescott 






EiseDtraat Henry, wire drawer, house 180 

Ekenxren John Erik, laborer, b. 898 Mlllbury 
Eken^ren Neilson Mrs. h. 55 Eastern ave. 
Ekins George, removed to Grafton 
Ekins John, finisher, 619 Main, h. 6 Lafayette 
Ekins John, clerk, 228 Main, b. 186 do. 
Ekins Thomas C. machinist, 110 Green, bds. 

6 Lafiayette 
Eklnnd Alexandre M. laborer, 156 Union, 

house Sonnyside near Lee 
Eklnnd Carl F. machinist, h. 18 Endicott 
Eklnnd Charles G. laborer, b. 7 Thenias 
Eklnnd C. August, advertising agent, 410 

Main, boards 18 Endicott 
Eklund Oscar F. wireworker, b. 18 Endicott 
Ekroan John U. wire drawer, h. 25 Thomas 
Ekstrom Andrew W. wireworker, house 44 

North Ashland 
Ekstrom Gnstaf, laborer, boards 7 Oswald 
Ekstrom William, laborer, house 7 Oswald 
Ela David H. pastor Grace M. E. Church, h. 

54 Lincoln 
Ela Paul F. student, boards 54 Lincoln 
Eloock AlAred, jr. armorer, 81 Hermon, h. 

81 Newbury [Whipple 

Eld Carl, laborer, 51 Green, house rear 

ELBRED EDWIN k CO. (L. E. Eldred), 
insurance agency, 82 Front, h. 40 Lake. 

— See page 489 
Eldred Lncias E. (E. Eldred & Co,), 82 

Front, h. 40 Lake [Chatham 

Eldred Mary A. widow of Fred. A. house 49 
Eldred William H. carpenter, 8 Norwich, h. 

16 Hollywood [4 Branch ct. 

Eldredge Deborah, widow of Hezekiah, b. 
Eldredge Josephine, widow of Oliver N. b. 

58 William [Holden n. Brattle 

Eldridge Lewis £. machinist, 77 Foster, h. 
Eldrldge Elmer, removed to Franklin 
Eldridge Erastus M. painter, h. 16 Salem 
Eldridge Joseph, painter, h. 456 Southbridge 
Eldridge Oscar F. removed ft*om city 
Eldrldge Walter H., United States Navy 
Eliasson Anin,wire roller, h. McCormick*s ct. 
Eliasson Nils, carpenter, h. 89 Mulberry 
Elklns George W. (Elkina d> Howe), 550 

Main, house 19 Woodland 

ELKIN8 & UOWE (Q. W, Elkins and E, 
P. Howe), watches and Jewelry, 550 

Main. — See page 517 
Ellin wood AlAred C. carver, 15 Union, house 

45 Belmont [48 Main 

Elllnwood Charles A. driver, 15 Market, h. 
BlllDwood Daniel W. mason, 10 Winslow, 

house do. [Piedmont 

EUinwood Eugene, dentist, 886 Main, h. 88 
ElUot Joseph D. (Elliot A Hall), 54 Her- 
mon, house at Newton Centre 
EUlot & Hall (J. D. Elliot and E. Hall), 

cloth folding machines, 54 Hermon 
Elliott Alexander, soap manuf. Parker cor. 

Park ave. h. do. [101 Green 

BUlotl Edward, barber, 1 Mlllbury, boards 
Blliott Elizabeth, widow, boards 50 Orange 
BUiott Francis G. machinist, h. 86 Portland 
£Ulott Frank, machinist, 110 Green, boards 

94 Grafton 

Elliott Gustavus, intelligence office, 845 

Main, b. do. 
Elliott Hai'rlet, died June 20, 1888, age 81 
Elliott Henry L. engineer, 122 Gold, h. 84 
Jackson [rison 

Elliott John, tailor, 424 Main, h. 84 Har- 
Elliott Michael H. tailor, 408 Main, house 12 

So. Irving 
Elliott Nancy, stitcher, boards 216 Main 
Elliott Sydney H. machinist, boards 80 Me- 
chanic [nuck, h. do. 
Elliott Thomas D. engineer. Maple av. Tat- 
EUlott Wilbur, plumber, boards 67 Thomas 
Ellis Abbie M. widow of James F. house 9 

Layard place 
Ellis Asher, soap, boards 66 Front 

ELLIS BENJAMIN F. carpenter and cabi- 
netmaker, 162 Union, house 11 Sunny- 
side.— ^eepa^e 595 
Ellis Charles S. removed to Boston 
Ellis Dean S. physician, 42 Austin, bds. do. 
Ellis D. Parker, carpenter, house 88 Clifton 
Ellis Edmund S. machinist, 161 Union, b. 5 

Ellis Edward, moulder, b. 218 Southbridge 
Ellis Edwin O. agent Am. and U. S. & C. 

express, 80 Front, house 16 Windsor 
Ellis Francis, flagman, Jackson st. crossing, 

house 218 Soathbridge 
Ellis George W. machinist, h. 20 Kendall 
Ellis George W. B. overseer, 94 Grove, h. 9 

Auburn [12 Front 

Ellis Georgian n a E. widow of Wm. A. h. 
Ellis James, teas, 545 Main, h. 41 Oxford [do. 
Ellis John, bartender, 10 Southbridge, b. 218 
Ellis John, moulder, b. 222 Southbridge 
Ellis Joseph C. (Baker db Ellis), 86 Park, h. 

46 Orange [16 Jackson 

Ellis Lewis, moulder, 149 Washington, h. 
Ellis Thomas, moulder, 65 Jackson, bds. 218 

Southbridge [Soathbridge 

Ellis William, moulder, 65 Jackson, h. 270 
Ellis Wm. C. & Co. pianos, 476 Main, house 

148 Beacon [court 

Ellis Wm. F. cook, 809 Main, b. 1 Central 
Ellison Lora C. boards 27 Clinton 
EUsbree Isaac, clerk, 600 Main, b. 47 Irving 
Ellstr^^m Gastaf, armorer, 44 Central, h. 2 

Normal [h. 81 Beacon 

Ellsworth Charles H. fancy goods, 820 Main, 
Ellsworth Harriet L. music teacher, 82 

Chatham, boards do. [Forest 

Ellsworth J. Lewis, farmer, h. Salisbury n. 
Ellsworth J. Warren, farmer, h. 8 Granite 
Elschlager John, helper, 88 Central, b. 100 

Mechanic [147 Chandler 

Elwell Edwin A. machinist, 88 Hermon, h. 
Elwell Jane L. house 59 Myrtle 
Elwell Lizzie, strop maker, bds. 59 Myrtle 
Elwell Sarah F. Mrs. fish, 8 Coral, house 9 

Waverley [Waverley 

Elwell William H. clerk, 8 Coral, house 9 
Elwell, see Ewell 

Elword James, blacksmith, h. 4 Columbia 
Elword James H. died Feb. 7, 1888, age 28 
Elword John T. galvanizer, b. 4 Columbia 
Ely Lyman A. city assessor, 12 City Hall, h. 

24 Benefit 






Ely Mary E. widow of Nelson, b. 24 Benefit 
Emanaelsson Andrus, laborer, h. 68 Ward 
Kmelienne Mary, Sister Superior, Notre- 

Dame school, 81 Park, bds. do. 
Emerick Abraham J. professor. College 

Holy Cross, boards do. 
Emerson Charles F. clerk, 90 Green, boards 

206 Pleasant [b. 149 Qrafton 

Emerson Ella J. teacher, Qrahon st. school, 
Emerson Florence K. cashier, 480 Main, b. 

9 Hermon 

Emerson Frank P. rem'd to Jersey City,N. J. 
Emerson Frank W. cutter, 152 Soathbridge, 

house 1 18 Beacon 
Emerson George H. clerk, 166 Front, honse 

10 Davis [bridge 
Emerson Hiram P. finisher, bds. 180 South- 
Emerson John N. foreman, Washburn Ma- 
chine Shop, boards 101 I>ix 

Emerson John W. blacksmith, 278 Sooth- 

bridge, boards 282 do. 
Emerson Loender C. machinist, 26 South- 
bridge, b. 60 Myrtle [Hermon 
Emerson Mary J. cashier, 188 Main, bds. 9 
Emerson Nathaniel, house 7 Bufftim 
Emerson Reuben, boards 180 Sonthbridge 
Emerson Walter G. C. died Dec. 9, 1888, 

age 68 
Emerson William, gardener, h. 9 Hermon 
Emerson W. Byron, clerk, 20 Salisbury, b. 

118 Beacon [William 

Emerson W. Fred, clerk, 94 Grove, honse 26 
Emery Annie R. widow of J. R. b. 808 Main 
Emery James R. died May 12, 1888 
Emery Nathaniel A. removed f^om city 
Emery Parker A. porter, r. Union depot, h. 

73 Eastern avenue 
Emil Otto, wireworker, bds. 12 Carroll 
Emmons Chas. H. hostler, 40 Foster, bds. 

24 Waldo 
Emory Edward F. produce, h. 8 Richland 
Emory John, bookkeeper at tripe works, Q. 

boards rear Greenwood near do. 
Emporium of Fashion (A. S. LowfiU), 804 

and 806 Main 
Emsley John W. machinist, 110 Green, bds. 

44 do. [idence 

End Daniel F. hostler, 16 Cherry, b. 16 Prov- 
Engberg Charles A. removed to Sheldahl, 

Engberg Chas. T. machinist, bds. Perry 
Engdahl August F. wireworker, honse 18 

Engel George, machinist, h. 5 Belmont 
Engel Henry, wireworker, bds. 4 Glen 
Engel John, laborer, boards 4 Glen 
Engel Susan E. widow of Jacob, h. 4 Glen 
Engelbrektson Anders, pistoLmaker, 44 Cen- 
tral, h. Coburn ave. n. W. & S. R. R. 
England Oscar, watchmaker, 894 Main, 

boards do. 

ENGLAND WILLIAM A. optician, watches 
and stationery, 894 Main, boards do. — 
Seepage 516 
Englen John £. rem'd to Fozcroft, Maine 
Engley James N. boarding-house, 8 Vine 
English Charles, sashmaker, 196 Union, bds. 
86 Salem 

English John, shoemaker, 26 Waldo, house 

21 Charles [28 Spring 

English Michael, shoemaker, 11 Water, h. 

English Michael J. marble cutter, 68 Central, 

house Brackett ct. 
English Newell, carpenter, b. 36 Salem 
English William H. sashmaker, 196 Union, 

b. 86 Salem 
Englund Martin J. pastor Swedish Bv. Lath. 

Church, house 188 Summer 
Engqvist Clans J. machinist, 110 Green, h. 
168 Washington [Fox st. place 

Engstr^m Bengt, porter, 41 Water, house 
Engstrom John, heater, h. 86 Winthrop 
EngstrOm John B. upholsterer, 855 Main, b. 
Fox St. place [Union are. 

Eng8tr()m Stina M. widow of Manos, b. 12 
Enochian Aaron, laborer, honse 16 Olen 
Enochlan Paul, laborer, house 16 Olen 
Eno Joseph, shoemaker, bds. 4 Canal 
Ensworth Andrew W. machinist, 19 Chnrch, 

house 95 Chatham 
Entwistle Alexander, laborer, b. 4 Princeton 
Entwistle Edwin, weaver, Brussels, bds. 4 

Entwistle John, removed to New York 
Entwistle Smlthson, machinist, 57 Jackson, 

house 4 Princeton 
Entwistle Thomas, removed to England 
Epstein Edward (Osherwoaky db EptUin), h. 

24 Water 
Epstein Sorn, peddler, house 24 Water 
Erickson Alblan, armorer, bds. 18 Pink 
Erickson Andrew, laborer, h. Whipple 
Erickson Carl, laborer, honse 145 Central 
Erickson Peter, wire drawer, b. 68 Ward 
Erickson Victor L. bookkeeper, b. 208 Main 
Ericksson Joel, wireworker, b. 15 Milton 
Ericson Albert F. clergyman, h. 29 Richards 
Erikson Anna Mrs. midwife, h. 255 Mill- 
Eriksson Andrew, carpenter, honse Sack- 

ville near Byron 
Eriksson Andrew G. sinker, house Green- 
wood near city line 
Eriksson Andrew P. sinker, h. 6 Whitney 
Eriksson Axel, laborer, b. Whipple 
Eriksson Charles J. laborer, b. 897 Millbury 
Eriksson John, driver, bds. 1 Thenlns 
Eriksson John, laborer, h. Vernon, Q. 
Eriksson John E. wire drawer, h. 25 North 
Eriksson Olof Peter, laborer, house Green- 
wood near city line 
Eriksson Peter, laborer. Pitt. h. 21 SIgel 
Erler Charles M. machinist, 57 Jackson, b. 

1 Brigham 
Erler Dora, widow of Louis, h. 1 Brigham 
Erler Louis M. machinist, 57 Jackson, bds. 

1 Brigham 
Erler Maggie O. clerk, bds. 1 Brigham 
Errell Eusebe, laborer, h. 116 Bloomingdale 
Erwin Edward W. clerk, B., B. & G. R. R. 

freight office, bds. 85 Summer 
Espelln Arne O. tailor, bds. 28 Abbott 
Estabrook Aaron G. painter, 18 Madison, h. 
8 Decatur [ton, h. 105 do. 

Estabrook Alphon.«o D. cardmaker, 66 Graf- 
Estabrook Arthur E. house 8 Lagrange 






Bstabrook Bros. (T,L. and W. W. JSMa- 

hrook), masons, 8 Dewey 
Bstabrook Charles G. painter, 17 Madison, 

bds. 208 Main 
Kstabrook Charles W. driver, h. r. 18 School 
Sstabrook Charles W. dentist, 838 Main, h. 

24 Hollywood c. May [h. 107 Pleasant 
Sstabrook D. Francis, dentist, 26 Pearl, 
Sstabrook D. Franklin, clerk, 265 Main, h. 

6 William [h. 105 do. 

Sstabrook Sdson F. cardmaker, 66 Grafton, 
Bstabrook Bdward W. rem'd from city 
Bstabrook Eliza R. widow of George, bds. 

86 Park are. 
Bstabrook Ella J. copyist, b. 52 William 
Bstabrook Frank G. painter, 18 Madison, h. 

6 Decatnr TMain, b. 52 William 

Bstabrook Frank H. (W.A 7. BrownJ^ 424 
Bstabrook Frederick, cardmaker, 66 Graf- 
ton, b. 105 do. [19 May 
Bstabrook Fred. W. painter, 18 Madison, h. 

ESTABBOOK GEO. H. claim agent and 
sec. Wor. Agricnltaral Society, 844 

Main, h. 86 Park ave. — See page 498 
Bstabrook Harry M. painter, b. r. 18 School 
Bstabrook Henry £. bookkeeper, 181 Union, 

b. 52 WUliam 
Bstabrook James E. lawyer, h. 8 Lagrange 
Bstabrook Jane B. widow of Ebenezer R. h. 

52 William [24 King 

Bstabrook Kate C. widow of Jones E. hoase 
Bstabrook Lewis C. clerk, 44 Southbridge, 

bds. 127 do. [h. S Dewey 

Bstabrook Mary A. M. widow of Samuel P. 
Bstabrook Rebecca B. widow, b. 8 Lagrange 
Bstabrook Susan, widow of Albert, boards 

Piedmont place [ton, h. 121 do. 

Bstabrook Sylvester B. cardmaker, 66 Graf- 
Estabrook S. Adelle, copyist, b. 86 Park ay. 
Bstabrook Theodore L. ( Sstabrook Bros,), 

h. 8 Dewey [h. 1 Coral 

Bstabrook Walter, brakeman, K. & W. R. R. 
Bstabrook Walter W. (Estahrook Bros, >, h. 

3 Dewey [127 Sonthbridge 

Bstabrook William, grocer, 26 Myrtle, h. 
Estes Charles, cardmi&er, 34 Southbridge, 

house 30 Benefit [b. 80 Benefit 

Estes Nathan C. cardmaker, 84 Southbridge, 
Estes William W. student, bds. 38 William 
Bstey Agnes G. Mrs. artist, 492 Main, h. 

Pleasant n. Flagg [h. at Lancaster 

Estey Arba, pres. Rice & Griffin Mannf . Co. 
Bstey Caleb B. packer, 11 Water, h. 266 

Pleasant [266 Pleasant 

Estey Edward S. watchman, 1 1 Water, h. 
Estey Geo. L. machinist, 3 Cypress, h. 27 

William [change, h. 27 William 

Estey James L. printer, 11 Central Ex- 
BsteyWm. J. foreman, 11 Water, house 

Pleasant n. Flagg 
Bnstace Patrick D. rem*d to Clinton 
Brans Alfred H. teacher, Worcester Acade- 
my, Providence, b. do. 
Erans Arthur H. clerk, Central National 

Bank, 452 Main, b. 24 Trumbull 
Steds Arthur M. {SvansACo.J, 181 Central, 

b. 10 George [b. Ill Beacon 

Bvans Byron F. cardmaker, 84 Southbridge, 

Evans Geo. C. foreman, bds. 53 Main 
Bvans Geo. W. wireworker, h. 14 Dil 
Evans Henry O. student, bds. 17 Dix 
Evans Holland P. machinist, 81 Mechanic, h. 

163 Austin 
Evans Horace F. heel ganger, 68 High, h. 

Shrewsbury c. Putnam lane [Bradlev 
Evans John J. machinist, 122 Gold, h. 19 
Evans Mina J. widow of Henry N. house 8 

Denny [tral, h. 44 Richards 

Evans Robert A. (Evans A Co,)^ 181 Cen- 
Evans Thomas, laborer, bds. 9 North 
Evans Thomas M. laborer, 95 Thomas, house 

78 Market 
Evans Waldo A. died Oct. 8, 1883, age 84 

ETANSib CO.M. if. andB, A, Evans), 
steam marble and granite works, 181 

Central.— i6^es page 596 
Evans, see Evons 

£v6 Thomas, bootmaker, h. 88 Bridge 
Everett Abram, janitor State Normal School, 

h. 47 Shelby [Maple 

Everett Albert, carrier, Post Office, h. r. 22 
Everett Edward A. clerk, 17 Southgate, b. 

11 Woodland 
Everett Edward S. & Co. (F. E. Wheeler), 

provisions, 147 Front, h. 42 Kingsbury 
Everett Frank O. (Everett A Child), h. at 

Manchester, N. H. [Woodland 

Everett H. M. carpenter, r. 28 Austin, h. 11 
Everett Leonard F. bds. r. 22 Maple 
Everett Oliver H. physician, 51 Pearl, h. do. 
Everett Otis W. foreman, 81 Mulberry, h. 

Salem sq. c. Park 
Everett & Child (F, 0. EvereU and F. E, 

Child), photographers, 898 Main 
Everleth Geo. P. pressman, 425 Main, bds. 42 

Exchange [iugton 

Evons Isaac E. clerk, 417 Main, h. 83 Wash- 
Ewart John D. foreman, bds. 176 Main 
Ewell Charles W. wire finisher, h. 60 Orchard 
Ewell Wm. F. woodworker, 25 Union, h. 32 

Ewen Emma C. widow of John, h. 464 Main 
Ewen John B. clerk, 436 MaiD, b. 464 do. 
Ewings Albert H. farmer, bds. Greenwood 

D. Cityline [n. city line 

Ewings Frank H. farmer, bds. Greenwood 
Ewings Kimball, house rear 7 Langdon 
Ewings Ralph, farmer, house Greenwood 

near city line 
Ewins Laura Mrs. house 82 Hanover 

Faber Charles, machinist, 110 Green, h. 

391 Southbridge [h. 161 Mechanic 

Fagen Charles J. reed- board maker, 25 Union, 
Fager Gustaf , laborer, bds. Greenwood near 

city line • 
Fager Lars A. laborer, b. 4 Seymore 
Fagerqvist Henning, laborer, b. 43 Hanover 
Fagerstr5m Andrew G. sinker, house 11 

Fagerstrom Lernad, armorer, b. 8 Whitney 
Fagerstrom Peter, laborer, h. 8 Whitney 
Fahey Garret, gigger, h. 12 Adriatic ct. 
Fahey John, house 18 Ellsworth 
Fahey John, laborer, h. 72 Madison 
Fahey Michael, laborer, bds. 155 Mechanic 






Fahey Michael, laborer, b. 261 MlUbnry 
Fahlander August, tinsmith, 57 Southbridge, 

h. rear 29 Diz [n. Bell pond 

Faignant Narcisse, quarryman, h. Belmont 
Falrbank Harry O. wlreworker, 170 Austin, 

bds. 42 Portland 
Fairbanks Abigail, died April 1, 1888, age 81 
Fairbanks Alonzo P. carpenter, 19 Union, 

house 16 Elliott 
Fairbanks Alton W. painter, house 9 Sprace 
Fairbanks Asahel, shoemaker, h. 48 Austin 
Fairbanks Asenatb, widow of Orator, bds. 

10 Bowdoln 
Fairbanks Charles, bds. 8 Burnslde court 
Fairbanks Daniel H. at Asylum Chronic 

Insane, Summer, bds. do. [85 Arch 

Fairbanks Edson, policeman, City Hall, h. 
Fairbanks Eli B. carpenter, h. 20 Wasliburn 
Fairbanks Fred. W. clerk, bds. 28 CaiToll 

FAIRBANKS GfiOROE E. apothecary, 10 
Front, house 182 Pleasant.— /9e6 foot 
line8 under F 

FAIRBANKS GEORGE L. machinists' 
tools manuf. 89 Exchange, house 180 

Austin.— iS'e^ page 678 
Fairbanks Geo. W. driver, bds. 7 Layard pi. 
Fairbanks Harriette S. widow of J. H. bds. 

Millbrook near Burncoat [17 Irving 
Fairbanks Harry B. clerk, 161 Union, bds. 
Fairbanks Harry H. clerk, 10 Front, boards 

182 Pleasant [h. 28 Carroll 

Fairbanks Herbert H. bookkeeper, 566 Main, 
Fairbanks James, machinist, 57 Jackson, h. 

9 Abbott [h. 8 So. Russell 

Fairbanks Joseph J. finisher, 9 Barton pi. 
Fairbanks Lewis T. machinist, 81 Hermou, 

house 98 Washington [28 Carroll 

Fairbanks Mary B. widow of Henry M. h. 
Fairbanks Orrin, carpenter, house 8 Myrtle 
Fairbanks Ruftis A. machinist, 89 Exchange, 

house Locust avenue near W. & S. R. R. 
Fairbanks William H. brakeman, B. & A. 

R. R. b. 208 Main [h. 5 Llnwood pi. 
Fairbrother Thomas, foreman, 15 Market, 
Fairclough Robert, boot treer, h. Division 

near Plantation 
Fairfield Albert, died Mar. 22, 1888, age 52 
Fairfield's A., Sons (H, W. and W. B. Fair- 

field), clothing, 255 Main 
Fairfield Daniel C. millwright, 95 Thomas, 

house 20 Wyoming site 
Fairfield Frank S. rem'd ftom city [age 26 
Fairfield Frederick S. died June 26, 1883, 
Fairfield Geo. W. treasurer Taylor & Farley 

Organ Co. 17 Hermon, bds. 58 Pleasant 
Fairfield Herbert W. (A, Fairfield'e Sons), 

255 Main, bds. 8 Llnwood place 
Fairfield Rebecca D. widow of Albert, house 

8 Linwood place [8 Llnwood place 
Fairfield Walter B. M- Fairfield's Sonsj, b. 
Fairfield Wm. C. woodworker, 95 Thomas, 

bds. 20 Wyoming site [cor. Lovell 

Falardeau Anthony, bootmaker, h. May wood 
Fales Fannie C. widow of Marshall N. house 

9 Crown [South Court House 
Fales Frank, driver, 227 Main, boards rear 
Fales George M. brakeman, N. ft W. R. R. 

b. Lewis n. Southbridge 

Fales Henry A. boot treer, 28 Mulberry, b. 

528 Main 
Fales Joseph E. house 82 Irving 
Fales Milton E. removed to No. Wrentham 
Fallon Bridget M. domestic, 18 Claremont 
Fallon Bridget, widow of Bernard, boards 

14 Bartlett pi. [bds. 22 Orient 

Fallon Charles H. boot bottomer, Hamilton, 
Fallon Edmond, laborer, B. & A. H. R. 

freight house, h. rear 48 East Worcester 
Fallon James, boot treer, 162 Southbridge, 

house 42 Winter [18 JeffemoD 

Fallon James, machinist, 95 Thomas*, boards 
Fallon James M. fitter, bds. 42 Winter 
Fallon Kate A. teacher. Ash street school, 

boards 78 Salem 
Fallon Michael, machinist, 161 Union, bds. 

170 Front [26 Temple 

Fallon Michael, moulder, 51 Green, boards 
Fallon Michael F. student, bds. 42 Winter 
Fallon Theodore P. student, bds. 42 Winter 
Fallon Thomas, driver, 1 Park, b. 86 Green 
Fallon Thomas, wire drawer, boards rear 18t 

Prescott [Worth 

Fallon William, clerk, 121 Mlllbury. bds. 1 
Fallon William, laborer, h. rear 182 Prescott 
Fallon William J. Janitor, boards r. 43 East 

Worcester [opp. Whipple 

Fallstrom Andrew, laborer, bds. r. Mlllbury 
Fallstrom Fritz, armorer, 44 Central, boards 

89 Mulberry 
Fallstrom Gustaf, laborer, house 27 North 
Fallntrom Magnus, laborer, house 71 Ward 
Fallstrom Nils, laborer, h. Cambridge place 
Fallstrom Otto, armorer, 44 Central, boards 

89 Mulberry [r. 45 Summer 

Falvey John, laborer, 100 Prescott, house 
Falvey John, laborer, N. ft W. R. R. 21 Park, 

bds. rear 21 Harrison 
Falvey John, laborer, house 7 Boland court 
Falvey Mary, died July 22, 1888 
Falvey Michael J. laborer, 21 Park, house r. 

21 Harrison [78 Shrewsbury 

Falvey Patrick, laborer, 100 Prescott, house 
Falvey William, laborer, bds. r. 21 Harrison 
Faneuf J. B. butcher, boards 98 Beacon 
Fanning Corset Co. 26 Southbridge 
Fanning David H. propr. Fanning Corset Co. 

26 Southbridge, house 92 Woodland 
Fanning Ellhu H. engineer, W. ft N. R. R. 

house 17 Fruit [court 

Fanning James J. wlreworker, b. 8 Bennett 
Fanning John, hostler, house 24 Howard 
Fanning William B. clerk, B., B. ft G. R. R. 

freight office, house 17 Austin 
Farley Benj. F. house 18 Lancaster 
Farley Charles A. organ tuner, 17 Hermon, 

boards 4 May 
Farley Edwin R. clerk, 580 Main, h. 10 Alden 
Farley Elizabeth L. widow of John A. house 

860 Main [Co. 17 Hermon, h. 4 May 
Farley I. Alvin, agent Taylor ft Farley Organ 
Farley John, laborer, house 15 Prescott pi. 
Farley John A. organ maker, 17 Hermon, b. 

4 May [house do. 

Farley Lucy S. N. clairvoyant, 62 Austin, 
Farley Mary L. teacher, 424 Main, boards 18 






Farley Monroe, boots and shoes, 288 Front, 

house 165 Foster 
Farlin Catherine, teacher, boards 78 Salem 
Farmer Mary, widow of Hugh, house 89 

Suxnnier [15 Spruce 

Farmer Mary, widow of William '£. boards 
Farmer Nahum H. pegger, rear 155 Front, 

b. 21 Prospect 
Faman John, laborer, h. 6 Cambridge place 
Famham Cortes L. teamster, 27 Lagrange, 

boards 112 Beacon 
Farnham Elisha, varnisher, 7 Eaton pi. h. 8 

Tramball [Trumbull 

Farnham Stella, clerk, 7 Eaton place, bds. 8 
Famham William A. driver, 116 Front, bds. 

168 do. [Suffolk 

Famon John, dyer, 110 Grove, house 19 
Fams worth Abbie S. widow, b. 84 Chatham 
Famsworth BenJ. F. driver, house 1 Hale 

rUtNSWORTH GAL YIN, baggage express 
and parcel room, Union Passenger Sta- 
tion, house 22 Benefit. — Seepage 566 

Famsworth Charles H. music teacher, 879 
Main, boards at Westboro' 

Famsworth George B. clerk, parcel room, 
Union depot, boards 22 Benefit 

Famsworth James, conductor, W. & N. R. 
R. house at Nashua 

Famsworth Joseph W. organ maker, 25 
Hermon, house 10 Gardner 

Famsworth Mary J. widow of Abel A. bds. 
42 Exchange [York city 

Famsworth Wendell L. removed to New 

Famsworth William A. clerk, 492 Main, h. 

5 Everett [Orchard 
Famsworth William H. wireworker, bds. 5 
Faranm Charles M. clerk, 446 Main, bds. r. 

6 King [h. 141 Main 
Faroum George 8. bookkeeper, 15 Market, 
Famum, see Famham 

Faro Mary J. widow of Nelson, boards 57 

Chandler [12 Alden 

Farr John R. policeman, City Hall, house 

Farr William T. Mrs. widow, house 148 

Farrar Edward (Farrar & Agry), 863 Main, 
b. 58 Front [Northville 

Farrar Edward H. driver, b. West Boylston, 
Farrar Frederick J. former, h. West Boyls- 
ton. Northville [b. 42 Portland 
Farrar Fred. S. machinist, 20 Manchester, 
Farrar Henry T. removed to Chicago, 111. 
Farrar & Agiy (E, Farrar and G. Agry^ jr.), 

druggists, 868 Main 
Farrell Francis, driver, house 55 Wall 
Farrell Frank, machinist, 54 Jackson, b. 55 
Wall [18 Howard 

Farrell Henry K. machinist, 178 Main, bds. 
Farrell James, boiler maker, 51 Green 
Farrell Johanna, widow of Thomas, h. 72 

Farrell John, laborer, b. College Holy Cross 
Farrell Lawrence, laborer, b. 72 Madison 
Farrell Martin, laborer, house 11 Union av. 
Farrell Michael, removed to Ireland 
Farrell Thomas, laborer, house 80 Grafton 
Farrell William, spindle maker, 76 School, 
house 1 Carroll 

Farrell Wm. H. boarding-house, 109 Thomas 

Farrell, see OTarrell 

Farren George F. machinist, 62 Jackson, b. 

24 Waldo [burg 

Farrington George W. removed to Fitch- 
Farrington Robert, removed to England 
Farris Isaac P. F. grocer, 816 Main, house 

28 Queen [Bell pond 

Farrow Amos, laborer, house Belmont near 
Farrow Ann, widow of William A. boards 

288 Main [129 Exchange 

Farry Joseph, laborer, rear 179 Union, bds. 
Farwell Almedea, tailoress, b. 40 Exchange 
Farwell DeWitt C. finisher, 82 .Austin, h. 77 

Farwell Frank A. tailor, b. 16 Mechanic 
Farwell Lizzie, dressmaker, 122 Central, 

boards do. [boards do. 

Farwell Newman J. hostler, rear 29 Waldo, 
Fassler Jacob, gunsmith, 81 Hermon, b. 208 

Southbrldge [bridge 

Faucher Arthur, helper, boards 121 South- 
Faucher Edward, mason, bds. 22 Lodi 
Faucher Frank X. carpenter, h. 127 Shrews- 
Faucher Joseph, carpenter, boards 548 Main 
Faucher Joseph, mason, house 22 Lodi 
Faucher William, mason, boards 22 Lodi 
Faughner John A. mason, 51 Green, h. 88 

Lamartine c. Langdon [26 Langdon 
Faughner Michael, laborer, 82 Green, bds. 
Faulkner Francis L. bookkeeper, 9 May, h. 

6 Hammond 
Favreau Anthony, wiredrawer, h. 16 Norfolk 
Fawcett Arthur P. clerk, 458 Main, bds. 41 

Chatham [41 Chatham 

Fawcett Charles E. machinist, 110 Green, b. 
Fawcett Edwin A. house 41 Chatham 
Fawcett Jonathan, house 41 Chatham 
Fay Abigail, widow of Abraham, house 12 

Summit [5 Allen 

Fay Albert H. civil engineer, 492 Main, bds. 
Fay Amelia B. widow of Appleton, house 96 

Fay Bernard, laborer, house 5 Cross 

FAT BROS. ( W. J. and J. E. Fay), under- 
takers and coffin warerooms, 19 Tem- 
p\e,— Seepage 672 

Fay Charles B. truckman, 19 Lagrange, 
house do. 

Fay Delia, b. 422 Millbury [Chandler 

Fay Dexter L. cutter, 82 Austin, house 80 

Fay Edgar E. clerk, 94 Grove, b. 5 Allen 

Fay Edward F. clerk, 188 Prescott, b. 68 do. 

Fay Eugene A. woodworker, h. 51 Myrtle 

Fay Forbes B. Jeweler, 886 Main, boards 96 
Mulberry [807 do. 

Fay Frank S. bookkeeper, 240 Pleasant, b. 

Fay Franklin, painter, 7 Ascension, h. do. 

Fay Frederic E. (Fay db Stone), 75 School, 
house 17 May 

Fay George B. proprietor Marlboro* stage, 
849 Main, house at Marlboro* 

Fay Grace, bds. 12 Summit 

Fay Hamilton B. & Co. boot manuf s. 9 Bar- 
ton place, house 125 Pleasant 

Fay Hannah, widow of John, b. 21 Union av. 

Fay Hattie A. teacher, boards 86 Jackson 





Fay Henry C. house 86 Jackson [do. 

Fay Hiram £. grocer, 240 Pleasant, b. 807 
Fay Horace, rem'd to Boylston [h. 80 Orient 
Fay Icelus, watches, jeweky, &c. 226 Front, 
Fay James, farmer, house Ludlow near 

Leicester, V. F. [10 Brackett ct 

Fay James, moulder, 77 Foster, house 
Fay James E. (Fay Bros, J ^ 19 Temple, house 

17 do. 
Fay John M. wire drawer, bds. 68 Frescott 
Fay John P. ( Chadwick dt Fay), r. 85 Grafton, 

h. 68 Exchange [Orange 

Fay Lewis G. foreman, 196 Union, bds. 68 
Fay Lincoln,, boards 86 Irving 
Fay Lucy M. widow of John P. h. 127 Beacon 
Fay Lydla B. widow of Charles H. h. 127 

Fay Mary, widow of Peter, h. 169 Summer 
Fay Mary, widow of John, h. 68 Prescott 
Fay Merrick J. photographer, 419 Main, b. 

807 Pleasant 
Fay Moses H. house 5 Allen 
Fay Patrick, mason, b. 169 Summer 
Fay Sarah 0. widow of Lyman, b. 94 Austin 
Fay Thomas, moulder, 100 Prescott, house 

14 Prescott place 
Fay Thomas J. blacksmith, 118 Green, h. 

68 Exchange [don, h. 69 Washington 
Fay Thomas J. saloon, Lamartine c. Lang- 
Fay William J. (Fay Bros,), 19 Temple, 

house do. [Maynard place 

Fay Willis M. driver, 18 Mechanic, house 1 
Fay Winthrop B. (Ooddard, Fay 4t Stone), 

80 Austin, house 85 Irving 

FAY & STOKE (F, E. Fay and J, V, Stone), 
lumber dealers, 76 School,— See page 5S2 
Fayerweather Henry E. truant officer, 464 

Main, h. 137 Summer 
Fearan Owen, laborer, 129 Gold, h. 42^^ As- 

sonet [gate 

Feather Holdsworth, weaver, bds. 47 South- 
Fee George, dyer, 110 Groye, b. Apricot, V.F. 
Fee John, dyer, boards Apricot, V. F. 
Fee John, laborer, house 7 Brown 
Fee Patrick, farmer, house Apricot, V. F. 
Feehan PUlen, widow of James, house r. 69 

Blackstone [Canterbury 

Feehan John, laborer, 161 Union, house 160 
Feehan Michael H. spinner at Jamesville, b. 

160 Canterbury [h- 8 Brown 

Fecne Cornelius P. machinist, 140 Union, 
Feeney Ellen, widow of Peter, bds. 86 Pond 
Feeney John, laborer, house 36 Pond 
Feeney Margaret, widow of Patrick, h. 875 

Millbury [r. 59 Bridge 

Feeney Patrick, laborer, B. & A. R. R. bds. 
Feeney Patrick, hackman, h. 189 Millbury 
Fcgraus Christian, laborer, h. Stebbins c. 

Thenlus [Thenius 

Fegraus Gustaf C laborer, bds. Stebbins c. 
Fegraus Harold, laborer, bds. Stebbins cor. 

Thenius [Exchange 

Feiga Max, plaiter, 270 Main, house 48 
Feingolds Abraham, peddler, b. 424 South- 
bridge [bridge 
Feingolds Gerson, peddler, b. 424 South- 
Felch Fred. B. rem*d to Ayer Junction 
Felicity Mary Sister, rem'd to Oswego, N. Y. 

Felion Charles, laborer, 41 Water, house II 

Felix John, watchman, house 9 I«angdon 
Felix Joseph, brakeman, house 19 Franklin 
Felker Lizzie, attendant, Worcester Lunatic 

Hospital, Belmont, b. do. [b. 245 do. 
Fellman Charles B. tobacconist, 249 Main, 
Fellows Daniel F. blacksmith, 150 Union, 

house 21 Prospect [115 Summer 

Fellows George W. driver, 896 Main, house 
Felt Calista £. Mrs. dressmaker, h. 14 Bow- 

doin [Merrick 

Felt Hannah L. widow of Elijah, boards 24 
Felt William E. W. printer, 892 Main, b. 14 

Bowdoin [line 

Feltman Frederick, farmer, b. Bailey n. city 
Felton Arthur I. bookkeeper, 10 Washington 

sq. b. 49 Park 
Felton David W. machinist, h. 52 Oxford 
Felton Nancy S. R. widow of Oliver C. bds. 

74 Portland 
FendeloQ Patrick, laborer, b. 127 Millbury 
Fenley Hubert, provisions, house 9 Fox 
Fenley Hugh, loom repairer, house 60 Har- 
rison [rison 
Fenley Lewis P. clerk, 90 Front, b. 60 Har- 
Fenn Clifford E. pressman, 444 Main, bds. 

58 Front [Southgate 

Fenner Benjamin S. truckman, house 83 
Fenner Chas. watchman, 110 Grove 
Fenner Chas. H. fireman, boards 25 Lyon 
Fenner Han ford W. engineer, h. 10 Reser- 
voir [10 Reservoir 
Fenner Henry W. machinist, 54 Jackson b. 
Fenner James H. teamster, 18 Mechanic, h. 

110 Southgate [188 Southbridge 

Fennessy James, woodworker, 5 Sargent, b. 
Fennessy James, miller, Canterbury c. Ham- 
mond, h. 889 Southbridge 
Fennessy Mary Ann, clerk, 119 Salem, b. do. 
Fenton David, machinist, Brussels, house 1 

Cheever [Checver 

Fenton Henry, machinist, 88 Hermon, bds. 1 
Fenton Michael, carpenter, b. 228 Mechanic 
Fenton Patrick, laborer, house 20 Charles 
Fenton Thomas, boot turner, 155 Front, h. 

50 Gold [b. 50 (Jold 

Fenton Timothy, boot bottomer, 82 Austin, 
Fenwick Emma J. housekeeper, b. 8 Gould- 

ing [cester pi. 

Ferguson Austin, laborer, house HE. Wor- 
Ferguson Daniel, laborer, h. 1 1 Langdon 
Ferguson Ellsworth, organ tuner, 9 May, b. 

5 Piedmont [Central 

Ferguson Frank, boot treer, house 66 East 
Ferguson George, machinist, 178 Union, h. 

158 Exchange 
Ferguson McCarry, laborer, house 12 Cross 
Ferguson William, machinist, 178 Union, h. 

146 Exchange [Madison 

Ferigo Francis, wireworker, 179 Main, b. 89 
Fermln John C. clerk, bds. 6 Chatham 
Fernald Charles P. attendant, Worcester 

Lunatic Hospital, Belmont, bds. do. 
Fernald George H. machinist, h. Burncoat 

near Mountain [h. 58 YernoD 

Fernald James W. moulder, 149 Washington, 
Fernald Sophronia, widow of Wm. b. 25 Coral 





Femane Mary A. dressmaker, bds. 6 UdIoii 
fivenae [6 UdIod ave. 

PerDane Thomas, laborer, 110 Green, house 
Femlnnd Oostaf, laborer, hoase 88 North 
Fernon John, dyer, 110 Qrove, house lU 

Ferren Joseph M. blacksmith, Hammond n. 
R. R. h. 47 Canterbury [Main 

Ferrin Marion II. widow of John O. h. 62i 
Ferritor James, removed fh>m city 
Ferrltor John J. laborer, boards 12 Mott 
Ferritor Nicholas, laborer, house 12 Mott 
Ferrltor Richard E. laborer, bds. 12 Mott 
Ferry George W. provisions, h. 196 Austin 
Fesette Fayban C. laborer, h. 47 Summer 
Fissenden Emeline S. widow of Seth W. b. 
at S. Cook's, Fowler [h. 58 Salem 

Fessenden Jennie M. widow of Walter W. 
Flckerty Alexander, died Aug. 18, 1883, 

afi^e 69 
Fickerty Theresa, widow of Alexander, bds. 
4 Whittler [92 Elm 

F\eld A. Carey, teacher, high school, house 
Field Charles H. removed to Leverett 
Field £dwln Q. (Field A Jngrahamjy 11 

Pleasant, house 92 Elm 
Field Edwin H. bookkeeper, 8 Allen court, 

house 18 Hancock 
Field Harriet, widow, boards 50 Orange 
Field John A. spindle maker, 76 School, h. 

at Auburn 
Field John W. machinist, house 85 Shelby 
Field Rose E. bookkeeper, 11 Pleasant, bds. 
92 Elm [Chrome 

Field Samuel L. boot treer, 60 King, house 
Field Warren W. former, house Burncoat 
Field William £. carpenter, W. & N. R. R. 

repair shop, house 745 Main 
Field & Ingraham (JE. G, Field and JS, P, 

IngrcLJuim), insurance, 11 Pleasant 
Fielding James, removed to England 
Fielding Thomas, lather, b. 88 Hermon 
Fields James J. screwcutter, 75 Beacon, b. 

49 Washington sq. 
Fields Michael, screwcutter, 75 Beacon, bds. 

49 Washington square 
Fifleld Alice M. removed to Newton Centre 
Fifleld Anna L. teacher, high school, boards 

689 Main 
Fifleld Levi W. woodworker, 57 Jackson, 
h. 17 Piedmont [69 Hanover 

Fillmore BenJ. L. engineer, 100 Prescott, h. 
Fillon Charles, potter, house 11 Langdon 
Finch David M. machinist, 88 Hermon, h. 
Coburn avenue n. W. & S. R. R. 

FiDch , printer, boards 126 Front 

Fingleton John, truckman, b. 71 Beacon 
Finn Cornelius F. beltmaker, 187 .Front, b. 

Hose House, 224 Pleasant 
Finn Frank B. boot bottomer, 155 Front, b. 
10 Bartlett place [Water 

Finn James, laborer, 95 Thomas, house 16 
Finn James, boot bottomer, b. 1 Russell ct. 
Finn James, flagman. Exchange street cross- 
ing, h. 12 Cullen ct. 
Finn James, laborer, bds. 85 Franklin 
Finn James P. boot bottomer, boards 1 Rus- 
sell court ' 

Finn John, truckman, b. r. 16 Washington 

Finn Kate, cook, 58 Front 

FINN PATRICK, building mover, 85 
Franklin, house do. — See page 578 
Finn Thomas J. laborer, bds. 85 Franklin 
Finne AlAred, gasmaker, bds. 7 Oswald 
Finns Andrew, heater, house 7 Perry 
Finne Carl, laborer, house 9 Oswald 
Finne Gustav, laborer, house rear Millbury 

opp. Whipple 
Finne John, laborer, house 9 Oswald 
Finne, see Feene 
Finnegan Catharine, widow of John, boards 

5 SulTolk 
Finnegan Cornelius, flagman, B. & A. R R. 

h. 89 Orafton [b. 7 Mill 

Finnegan Daniel, wrenchmaker, 4 Leicester, 
Finnegan Dennis, carpenter, 52 Southgate, 

house do. 
Finnegan Eugene, laborer, b. 178 Front 
Finnegan James, mason, house 5 Suffblk 
Finnegan James, moulder, 68 Washington 

square, house 7 Grace 
Finnegan James, laborer. Hunt's Mill, house 

Ludlow n. Leicester, Valley Falls 
Finnegan James, jr. laborer, b. Ludlow near 

Leicester [Lyon 

Finnegan James J. h. r. E. Worcester near 
Finnegan Jeremiah M. melter, 77 Foster, h. 

74 Oreen [age 78 

Finnegan Jeremiah M. died Jan. 81, 1888, 
Finnegan John, laborer, house 14 Ward 
Finnegan John J. rem'd to Providence, R. I. 
Finnegan Julia Mrs. house 7 Mill 
Finnegan Mary, at Asylum Chronic Insane, 

Summer, boards do. 
Finnegan Mary, widow of James, h. 25 Burt 
Finnegan Michael, laborer, Lincoln House, 

bds. do. [74 Orange 

Finnegan Michael J. grocer, 74 Temple, b. 
Finnegan Patrick, removed firom city 
Finnegan Patrick, slater, h. r. E. Worcester 

near Lyon [near Lyon 

Finnegan Peter J. slater, b. r. E. Worcester 
Finnegan Sarah, widow of Charles, h. 18 

Finnegan Thomas J. moulder, b. 89 Grafton 
Finnegan Timothy, moulder. 68 Washington 

square, house 5 SulTolk 
FInnerau Andrew F. moulder, 65 Jackson, 

boards 196 Shrewsbury 
Finneran Bernard, laborer, 77 Foster, house 

65 B. Worcester [187 Shrewsbury 

Finneran Bridget, widow of Patrick, house 
Finneran Bridget Mrs. h. 55 E. Worcester 
Finneran Catharine, widow of John, house 

48 East Worcester 
Finneran Catherine Mrs. laundress, house r. 

18 Cross [cester 

Finneran James, mason, boards 48 E. Wor- 
Flnneran James F. laborer, b. 187 Shrews- 
bury [E. Central 
FInnerau John, watchman, 44 Central, h. 95 
Finneran John, hostler, 44 Front, boards do. 
Finneran John, laborer, 77 Foster, house 55 

East Worcester 
Finneran John J. removed to Fltchburg 






Finneran Margaret, envelope maker, bds. 55 

East Worcester [Worcester 

Finneran Mary, wiremaker, boards 55 East 
Finneran Marj F. house r. 119 E. Central 
Finneran Matthew, rem*d to New York city 
Finneran Matthew, laborer, house 91 East 

Central [E. Worcester 

Finneran Michael, laborer, 156 Main, h. 64 
Finneran Patrick, teamster, h. 28 Colton 
Finneran Patrick, teamster, house 27 East 

Finneran Thomas, removed to Boston 
Finneran Thomas, laborer, 92 Thomas, h. 

196 Shrewsbury [55 E. Worcester 

Finneran Thomas F. moulder, 65 Jackson, b. 
Finneran William, policeman. City Hall, h. 

48 E. Worcester [Worcester 

Finneran William, shoemaker, h. 19 East 
Firmin John C. clerk, 56 Front, boards 6 


See page 476 
CO* 410 Main.--^«6 back cover 
Fish Charles A. removed to Lynn 
Fish David A. blacksmith, house 8 Bismark 
Fish Frank E. butcher, boards Orove near 

FISH HENRY C. blacksmith and Iron rail- 
ing raanuf. 152 Union, house Forest n. 

Qrove.^ See page 616 
Fish James E. gearmaker, 81 Mulberry, h. 8 

Fish James R. carpenter, h. 84 Piedmont 
Fish Jonathan, house 90 Summer 
Fish Jonathan A. rem*d to Newport, R. I. 
Fish Rosie H. music teacher, bds. Forest 

n. Orove [h. do. 

Fish Rufbs A. blacksmith, Grove c. Forest, 
Fish Rufus H. farmer, b. Grove c. Forest 
Fish Thomas R. machinist, 11 Cypress, h. 

186 Central 
Fish Walter W. packer, house 56 Grove 
Fish William H. laborer, boards Grove near 

Forest [Hanover 

Fisher Albert F. butcher, Putnam lane, h. 76 
Fisher Almon H. boots and shoes, 885 Main, 

house 1 Lancaster 
Fisher Alvin B. machinist, 22 Cypress, bds. 

Brooks, Greendale [n. Prioulx 

Fisher Andrew G. wire drawer, h. Whlttier 
Fisher Charles, laborer, 101 Yemon, bds. 

rear do. 

FISHER CHARLES H. news depot and 
circulating library, 211 Main, house 68 

Hanover. — See foot lines under F 
Fisher Charles P. treasurer Munroe Organ 

Reed Co. 26 Union, bds. Lincoln House 
Fisher C. Ellis, clerk, 484 Main, boards 76 

Fisher Daniel C. salesman, house 7 Quincy 
Fisher David, carpenter, house 51 Salem 
Fisher Edgar E. wheelwright, 149 Front, h. 

4 Oberlin n. Park ave. [17 Orchard 

Fisher Edward A. wlreworker, 179 Main, b. 
Fisher Elizabeth, dressmaker, boards 100 

Summer ' 
Fisher Elizabeth S. Miss, boards 21 William 

Fisher Emily R. Mrs. b. Adams n. Belmoui 
Fisher Frank E. embroiderer, h. 2 Aostiu 
Fisher Frank E. weigher, hoose 27 Laurel 
Fisher Frank O. clerk, boards 41 Fnilt 
Fisher Frederick, mason, h. 56 Canterbuiy 
Fisher Frederick D. messenger, b. 51 Salem 
piSHER GEORGE, coal, 195 Union, house 
4- 41 YtxxW,,— Set page 540 
Fisher George F. machinist, h. 6 Jackson 
Fisher George W. E. skatemaker, 81 Mul- 
berry, boards 22i| Pleasant 
Fisher Henry D. soapmaker, h. 10 William 
Fisher Henry E. embroiderer, 88 Front, b. 
10 William [h. 160 Lincoln 

Fisher Henry E. boots and shoes, 201 Main, 
Flsber Henry J. clerk, 600 Main, hoose 11 
Trumbull [Sycamore 

Fisher Herbert J. foreman, 108 Front, b. 14 
Fisher Jacob, wlreworker, house Whlttier 

near Prioulx 
Fisher James B. machinist, b. 12 Benefit ct. 
Fisher James H. manager, house famishing 

goods, 45 Main, boards 2 Austin 
Fisher John E. wheelwright, h. 28 Merrick 
Fisher John W. gardener, boards Green- 
wood near Upland, Qninsigamond 
Fisher Laura, teacher, boards 9 Orang^e 
Fisher Louisa B. widow of Waterman A. h. 
10 William [29 Laurel 

Fisher Mary A. widow of Washington K. b. 
Fisher Nettie J. Mrs. house 30 Jackson 
Fisher Robert, carpenter, h. 229 Chandler 
Fisher Robert D. carpenter, b. 18 Assonet 
Fisher Simon E. fkrmer, house Holden near 
Brattle [29 Laurel 

Fisher Theodore F. machinist, 65 Beacon, h. 
Fisher William H. painter, 12 Norwich, h. r. 
170 Austin [Laurel 

Fisher Willie E. clerk, 18 Lincoln sq. b. 27 
Flsk Andrus, laborer, bds. 8 Thenius 
Fisk A. Eugene, boot treer, 82 Austin, b. 
267 Park ave. [78 do. 

Flsk Fred. A. clerk, 18 Thomas, house 
Flsk George E. embroiderer, h. 179 Austin 
Fisk George W. carpenter, 171 Union, h. 

Coburn avenue near W. & S. R. R. 
Flsk Harrison L. clerk, 876 Main, h. Green- 
wood, Q. [Millbory 
Fisk Jan F. laborer, house Greenwood near 
Fisk Mary B. widow of Galaclns, bds. Hey- 
wood n. Granite [154 do. 
Flsk Sewell A. foreman, 82 Austin, house 
Fisk Wilbur G. clerk, boards 16 Maple 
Fisk Wilhelm, laborer, house rear MiUbury 

opposite Whipple 
Fisk William, laborer, boards Perry 
Flske Almlra A. Mrs. h. 7 Chatham st. pi. 
Fiske Alonzo H. collector, bds. 88 Orange 
Flske Cclia, dressmaker, bds. 56 Coral 
Fiske Charles D. grocer, 99 Grafton, boards 

56 Coral 
Fislce Charles H. driver, house 38 Foster 
Fiske Daniel, house 56 Coral 
Fiske Edward Richard, clerk, 415 Main, b. 
54 Pleasant [6 Cottnge 

Fiske Edward R. printer, 476 Main, house 
Flske Edward S. bookkeeper, 416 Main, h. 






FIske Sdwin E. clerk, 24 Front, h. 10 Char- 
lotte cor. Clifton [Pleasant 
Fiske £Hza R. widow of Richard, boards 54 
Fiske Bmerson C. glazier, 181 Union, h. 585 
Main [85 Pleasant 
Fiske George E. bookkeeper, 88 Front, bds. 
Fiske Harrir E. clerk, 4 Washington sq bds. 

35 Cntler 
Fiske Isaac, masical instraments, 18 Me- 
chanic, house 75 Piedmont 
Fiske I^aban B. & Co. billposters, 29 Me- 
chanic, honse 234 Chandler 
Fiske Liucy 6. attendant, b. 54 Pleasant 
Fiske Roger W. billposter, 29 Mechanic, b. 
1 John St. ave. [76 Harrison 

Fitch Addison M. machinist, 186 Union, h. 
Fitch Charles A. Mrs. h. 28 Washington 
Fitch Charles H.' & Co. (Frank E, Fitch), 
boot roannfs. 23 Mulberry, h. 18 Oread 
Fitch Charles S. bookkeeper, 28 Mulberry, 
bds. 13 Oread [Auburn 

Fitch Charles T. filler, 57 Jackson, house at 
Fitch Dana K. insurance, boards 55 Park 
Fitch Edward D. student, b. 89 Edward 
Fitch Eunice H. widow of Newton, boards 5 

Benefit court 
Fitch Frank E. (Charles H. Fitch A Co.), 23 
Mulberry, bds. 18 Oread [Austin 

Fitch Julia E. Mrs. dressmaker, 67 
Fitch Laurin M. widow of Edwin G. bds. 89 
Edward [Park 

Fitch Melinda W. widow of Dana H. h. 55 
Fitch Minna Y. Mrs. rem'd to Chelsea 
Fitch Susan H. widow of James H. bds. 64 

Fitch Thirza J. bds. Nelson pi. n. Grove 
Fitch William H. salesman, 484 Main, bds. 

39 Edward 
Fiiman Ann, widow of John, h. 80 Charles 
Fitman John, died Jan. 14, 1883, age 70 
Fitman Robert, laborer, honse 19 Charles 
Fitman Thomas, laborer, 100 Prescott, h; 

Chamberlain place 
Fitman William, laborer, b. 80 Charles 
Fitton Alfred, foreman, ft. Kansas, house 17 

Fitton Edward, machinist, honse 26 Glen 
Fitton John R. weaver, house 9 Winthrop 
Fitton Joseph W. jr. foreman, P. & W. R. R. 

freight house, house 82 Gold 
Fitton William H. photographer, 845 Main, 

boards 84 Park 
Fitts Abraham (FUts, Bice & Co,), Lagrange 

cor. R. R. house 82 Castle 
Fitts Benaiah, mechanical engineer, 88 Her- 
mon, honse 12 Jackson [11 Vine 

Fitts Frank, fllecutter, 1 Washington .«q. b. 

FITTS HOMER L. dentist, 492 Main, bds. 
12 Jackson. — Seepage 506 
Fitts James A. pressman, 444 Main, house 

165 Pleasant 
Fitts Jotham. removed from city 

FTTS, RICE & CO. (A, Fitts, H, M. Bice 
and A. E. Blanchard), hydraulic eleva- 
tor manuf^. Lagrange cor. N & W. R. 
B.^ See page 648 
Fltz David M. stonecutter, Crescent, house 
84 Grove 

Fitz Frank M. printer, 892 Main, house 87 

Chandler [boards do. 

Fitzgerald Andrew, porter, Lincoln House, 
Fitzgerald Catharine, widow of John, house 

8 Burt [bds. 85 do. 

Fitzgerald Charles, machinist, 28 Webster, 
Fitzgerald Charles J. rem'd to New York city 
Fitzgerald Daniel, laborer, 77 Foster, hon^e 

24 Fox [b. 24 Fox 

Fitzgerald Daniel F. moulder, 65 Jackson, 
Fitzgerald David, mason, honse 8 Cheever 
Fitzgerald Edward J. painter, b. 65 Vernon 
Fitzgerald Edward P. moulder, h. 76 Ward 
Fitzgerald EllzaT. dressmaker, 24 Fox. b. do. 
Fitzgerald Ellen, widow of William, h. 228 

Fitzgerald Frank H. painter, h. 14 Lnnelle 
Fitzgerald James, wire drawer, h. McCor- 

mick*s court 
Fitzgerald James, hostler, 888 Main, b. do. 
Fitzgerald James, laborer, Millbury ave. n. 

city line, boards do. 
Fitzgerald James, wire drawer, h. 11 Sigel 
Fitzgerald James F. laborer, b. 85 Hermon 
Fitzgerald James H. cutter, h. 65 Vernon 
Fitzgerald James H. physician, 1 Green, h. 

do. [14 Groton pi. 

Fitzgerald Johanna, widow of Thomas, bds. 
Fitzgerald John, wire drawer, house 116 

Fitzgerald John, laborer, 4 Leicester, house 

Sutton lane n. Sutton road 
Fitzgerald John, laborer, 196 Union, boards 

129 Exchange 
Fitzgerald John, wire drawer, h. 7Blackstone 
Fitzgerald John D. rem'd to New York city 
Fitzgerald John F. removed ft'om city 
Fitzgerald John W. tobacconist, 284^ Front, 

bds- rear do. [Endicott 

Fitzgerald Joseph W. salesman, boards 87 
Fitzgerald Lawrence, collar maker, 28 

Waldo, b. 89 Beacon 
Fitzgerald Maggie G. trimmer, 248 Main, 

b. 223 Front 
Fitzgerald Mary E. teacher, Thomas street 

school, boards 4 Shelby place 
Fitzgerald Maurice, painter, 82 Exchange, 

bds. 65 Vernon [h. 65 Vernon 

Fitzgerald Michael, bootmaker, 82 Austin, 
Fitzgerald Michael R. blacksmith, rear 40 

Exchans:e, house 4 Shelby place 
Fitzgerald Patrick, house 184 Salem 
Fitzgerald Patrick, polisher, h. 37 Endicott 
Fitzgerald Patrick, Jr. watchman, 52 Jack- 
son, house 10 Gold street court 
Fitzgerald William, laborer, h. 2 LUchfleld 
Fitzgerald William, laborer, house 11 Sigel 
Fitzgerald William, laborer, 48 Grafton, h. 

4 Suffolk [106 Southbrldge 

Fitzgerald William, laborer, 50 Lagrange, b. 
Fitzgerald William, laborer. College Holy 

Cross [40 Austin 

Fitzgerald Wm. H. foreman, 2 Cherry, bds. 
Fitzgibbon M. Eaton Mrs. dressmaker, 24 

So. Irving, h. do. [106 Southbrldge 

Fitzmorris Peter, laborer, 11 Cypress, bds. 
Fitzpatrlck Alft*ed T. bookkeeper, C. V. 

R. R., Shrewsbury, bds. 29 Crown 





Fitzpatrick Christopher, helper, 77 Foster, 

house 80 Harrison [h. 24 Cross 

Fitzpatrick Cornelius, laborer, 95 Thomas, 
Fitzpatrick Edward, h. 10 Bloomingdale ct. 
Fitzpatrick Edward, boot bottomer, house 8 

Union avenue [Shrewsbury 

Fitzpatrick Edward C. moulder, boards 169 
Fitzpatrick James, laborer, 28 Manchester, 

boards 144 Foster [Lamartine 

Fitzpatrick James R. clerk, 82 Front, bds. 42 
Fitzpatrick John, driver, 82 Green, house 

17 AsBonet 
Fitzpatrick John, laborer, house 51 Gold 
Fitzpatrick John, machinist, 110 Green, h. 

15 Vernon cor. Jefferson 
Fitzpatrick John, machinist, 186 Union, bds. 

81 Washington 
Fitzpatrick John T. plumber, b. 42 Lamartine 
Fitzpatrick Joseph H. machinist, 161 Union, 

bds. 159 Main 

; goods, 810 Main, b. 257 6o,—See j>. 525 
Fitzpatrick Matthew G. machinist, Lagrange 

opposite Junction depot, house 8 Sliver 
Fitzpatrick Michael, laborer, house 112 

Lamartine [house 25 Winter 

Fitzpatrick Phillip, watchman, 44 Central, 
Flizpatilck Phillip M. cutter, 199 Frontv bds. 

25 Winter [house do. 

Fitzpatrick Thomas, shoemaker, 82 Temple, 
Fitzpatrick Thomas J. salesman, boards 15 

Vernon cor. Jefferson 
Fitzpatrick William, teamster, h. 81 Wall 
Fltzslmons John, polisher, 1 Coes sq. house 

4 Essex [Sutton lane n. Sutton road 
Fltzslmons Matthew, grinder, 1 Coes sq. b. 
Fix Wilhelmlne, widow of Paul, boards 87 

Mechanic [Mlllbury ave. 

Flagg Albert D. milkman, bds. Grafton near 
Flagg Algernon S. removed to Mlllbury 
Flagg Angle, widow of Oliver, h. 6 Milton 
Flagg Arthur (Flagg & Blanchard), 218 Main, 

house 255 Park avenue 
Flagg Carrie B. widow, house 14 Newbury 
Flagg Charles, engineer, house 11 Orchard 
Flagg C. Addison, tlsh, 158 Main, house 61 

Flagg Edwin B. physician, 2 Austin, h. do. 
Flagg Elizabeth, widow of Marshall, house 

Flagg near Salisbury [avenue 

Flagg Eilen M. bds. Grafton near Mlllbury 
Flagg Ellen M. widow of Thomas M. boards 

80 Glen 
Fl(^g Emily, widow of John, b. 9 Webster 
Flagg Everett (Hubbard A Flagg), 90 Park, 

house 28 Washington [Bridge 

Flagg Francis, driver, 82 Green, house 15 
Flagg Flank H. wlreworker, 179 Main, h. 

6 William 
Flagg Fred. H. cutter, 11 Water, b. 48 Coral 
pLAGG FREDERICK W. stable, wood and 
JD coal, 157 Grafton, house 83 Cutler. — See 

page 570 
Flagg George H. clerk, 89 Main, b. 267 do. 
Flagg George W. house 159 Main 
Flagg Henry, house 25 Trumbull [Coral 

Flagg Henry C. foreman, 11 Water, house 48 
Flagg Henry K. clergyman, h. 825 Park ave. 

Flagg James E. former, b. Clark n. Bumcoat 
Flagg Jennie, stitcher, boards 4d4 Main 
Flagg John, foreman, 11 Water, honse 129 

Grafton [Gouldlng 

Flagg John T. clerk, 158 Main, house 18 
Flagg Jonathan, lumber, boards 9 Webster 
Flagg Joseph, leather cutter, 11 'Water, bds. 

8 Milton [Winter 

Flagg Joseph, engineer, 11 Water, boards 67 
Flagg J. Nelson, messenger, U. 8. & C. 

express, 80 Front, house 19 Portland 

FLAGG J. WALTER, broker, 406 Main, 
boards do. — See page 499 
Flagg Levi, carpenter, honse 19 Wachosett 
Flagg Mary D. honse 554 Main 
Flagg Mary B. Mrs. wire weaver, h. 906 Main 
Flagg Milo B. cabinetmaker, 5 Sar^^nt, h. 

161 Southbrldge [Mlllbary are. 

Flagg Nahum, fleu'mer, honse Grafton near 
Flagg Nathaniel, fish peddler, bds. near 

Shrewsbury [6 Newport 

Flagg Nelson, machinist, 26 Salisbury, h. 
Flagg Oliver, died March 6, 1888, a^e 65 
Flagg Robert W. house 141 Chandler 
Flagg Sabln L. wlreworker, h. 15 School 
Flagg Samuel, physician, house Lake av. n. 

Flagg Samuel H. house 24 Trumbull 
Flagg Samuel H. died Mar. 18, 1883, ag^e 78 
Flagg Waldo, machinist, W. & N. R. R. re- 
pair shop, boards at West Boylston 
Flagg Waldo H. cabinetmaker, 25 Hermoo, 

h. 2 Piedmont 
Flagg Ward N. painter, house 1 Vinton 
Flagg Wm. J. clerk, 858 Main, boards IS 

Flagg & Blanchard (A, Flagg and G. C 

Blanchardjy provisions, 218 Main 
Flaherty Bridget A. saloon, 12 Water, bouse 

do. [84 

Flaherty Catharine, died Sept. 28, 1888, age 
Flaherty Edward J. shearer, Brussels, h. 68 

Grand [ton, bds. 19 South Irving 

Flaherty James £. moulder, 149 Washing- 
Flaherty John J. finisher, 25 Union, house 

2 Lyon 
Flaherty Margaret A. teacher. Woodland 

street school, boards rear 86 Benefit 
Flaherty Michael, laborer, h. 18 Brlden 
Flaherty Patrick, laborer, bds. 88 Bridge 
Flaherty Patrick W. driver, 145 Main, bds. 

rear 86 Benefit 
Flanagan John, painter, 71 Mechanic, bds. 

26 Church 
Flanagan Thomas H. lalJorer, h. 26 Church 
Flanders Geo. C. wire plater, b. 225 Main 
Flanigan Bernard, laborer. College Holy 

Cross, boards do. 
Flanigan James, treas. Wore. Iron Foundry 

Co. 56 Gold, house 26 Langdon 
Flannagan Bridget, widow of John, boards 

48 Winter [bds. 78 Myrtle 

Flannagan Daniel F. machinist, 110 Green, 
Flannagan Edward, moulder, 6S Washington 

sq. h. 7 Columbia 
Flannagan James, laborer, h. 226 Mlllbury 
Flannagan John, laborer, Groton, honse 48 







FUmnaf^an Lawrence, laborer, house Camp 

near railroad 
Flannagan Patrick, laborer, b. 26 Lafayette 
Flannagan Martin, hostler. 817 Sonthbridge, 
house rear 100 Lafayette [167 Exchange 
FlaDnagan Patrick J. wire drawer, boards 
Flanna^an Thomas J. laborer, 188 Union, h. 

8 Temple st. ct. 
Flave Maurice, laborer, honse r. 7 Colambia 
Flavin John, laborer, 26 N. Foster, boards 
104 Ijamartlne [manuft. 147 Front 

Fleischmann & Co., compressed yeast 
Fleming^ Andrew, laborer, h. 137 Shrews- 
Flemln^^ Catherine, honse 212 Sonthbridge 
Fleming: David, car recorder, B. & A. R. R. 

ArelghC house, house 5 Houlihan place 
Flemings David, laborer, house 9 Cross 
Fleming Dennis, wire drawer, boards 116 
Shrewsbury [Barclay 

Fleming Oarrett, bootmaker, 11 Water, h. 25 
Fleming Honora. boards 805 Cambridge 
Fleming James, brakeman, B., B. & G. R. R. 

boards 208 Main 
Fleming; John, blacksmith, house 12 Beach 
Fleming John, laborer, 817 Sonthbrldge, h. 

13 Lunelle 
Fleming John J. driver, bds. 18 Eaton pi. 
Fleming John W. armorer, 44 Central, bds. 
128 Thomas [Temple 

Fleming Margaret, widow of Thomas, b. 81 
Fleming Michael, laborer, W. & N. R. R. 
repair shop, b. 4 Beach [18 Temple 

Fleming Michael, laborer, 82 Green, house 
Fleming Paralta, weaver, Brussels, house 

10 Washburn 
Fleming Patrick, laborer, h. 55 Franklin 
Fleming Patrick, house 9 Lunelle 
Fleming Peter J. removed fh>m city [Laurel 
Fleming Peter P. driver, 24 Mechanic, b. 69 
Fleming Pierce, driver, 817 Southbridge, h. 

105 Lamartine 
Filing Thomas, laborer, boards 18 Lunelle 
Fleming Thomas, mason, h. 164 Mechanic 
Fleming William, laborer, 817 Southbridge, 
house 9 Lunelle [sq. h. 72 Temple 

Fleming William, laborer, 68 Washington 
Fleming William, Jr. laborer, b. 72 Temple 
Fleming William, removed to Hartford, Ct. 
Fletcher BenJ. W. carpenter, honse 1 Gold 
Fletcher Calvin T. cutter, h. 124 Central 
Fletcher Catherine £. folder, 887 Main, h. 
r. So. Court House [20 Chandler 

Fletcher Charles A. salesman, 480 Main, h. 
Fletcher Edward F. fBemis A Fletcher), 18 
Mechanic, boards 6 Walnut [Me. 

Fletcher Frederick M. removed to Fozcroft, 
Fletcher Joel, house 2 Charlotte [do. 

Fletcher Lois I. dressmaker, 82 Chatham, b. 
Fletcher Sherman, woodworker, h. 15 Bel- 
mont [city 
Fletcher William H. removed to New York 
Fleury Arseue, wire drawer, boards 217 
Mechanic [Mechanic 
Fleury Nazarre, wire drawer, boards 217 
Fllbotte Simeon, shoe bottomer, 82 Austin, 
house 122 Mechanic [lington 
FUnn John B. cutter, 501 Main, h. 10 Wel- 

Fllnn Martin, marble cutter, 181 Central, b. 

16 Thomas 
Flinn M. Bonner, physician, 80 Pearl, h. do. 
Flint Charles F. sawyer, 25 Union, house 8 

Denny [Agricultural 

Flint Chas. W. cutter, 70 Winter, honse 2 
Flint Franklin, boards 22 Piedmont 
Flint Fred, larmer, boards Plantation near 

Flint Frederick A. truckman, h. 11 Hudson 
Flint Henry H. Janitor, Post Office block, h. 

9 Davis [2 Agricultural 
Flint Joseph H. policeman. City Hall, house 
Flint Orrin F. laborer, h. 27 Laftiyette 
Flint Solomon S. reed-board maker, 9 May, 

h. 6 Riedl pi. 
Flinth Erick, laborer, house 5 Worth 
Flodin Nils L. armorer, 44 Central, boards 

48 Hanover 
Flodman A. .Gustaf, machinist, house 826 

Flood Edward, assistant physician, Wore. 

Lunatic Hospital, Belmont, bds. do. 
Flood Eugene E. finisher, 11 Water, boards 

98 Mechanic [Mechanic 

Flood Hannora Mrs. boarding-house, 98 
Flood Stephen, carpenter, h. 4 JBellevue 
Floury Frank, bootmaker, b. 2 Hawkins 
Floyd Chas. boot bottomer, 155 Front 
Flynn Ann, widow of Cornelius, house 68 

Fljmn Bridget, boards 178 Front 
Flynn Catharine, widow of Robert, h. 228 

Southbridge [Ledge 

Flynn Cornelius, laborer, 110 Green, bds. 86 
Flynn Daniel, laborer, h. 141 Shrewsbury 
Flynn Daniel C. laborer, 92 Thomas, house 

11 Prescott pi. [Engine House, Prescott 
Fljmn Edmund, machinist, 84 Prescott, bds. 
Flynn Ellen, widow of John, h. 195 Cam- 
Flynn Ellen, widow of John, h. 42 Chandler 
Flynn Ellen, widow of Patrick, boards rear 

172 Prescott [127 Exchange 

Flynn Francis, polisher, 19 Church, house 
Flynn Frank J. machinist, 77 Foster, b. 170 

Flynn James, saloon, 195 Cambridge, h. do. 
Flynn James, laborer, b. 181 Canterbury 
Flynn James, rem'd to New Haven, Conn. 
Flynn James, laborer, house r. 17 Ellsworth 
Flynn James, laborer, h. 45 Bellevue 
Flynn James, painter, bds. 72 Green 
Flynn James, laborer, house 32 Diz 
Flynn James, moulder, 65 Jackson, h. 887 

Cambridge [68 Green 

Flynn James R. machinist, 161 Union, bds. 
Flynn James W. painter, 71 Mechanic, h. 48 

Vernon [6 Lunelle 

Flynn James W. jr. painter, 15 Millbury, b. 
Flynn Jeremiah J. armorer, 44 Central, h. 

10 Pink [182 Washington 
Flynn John, bootmaker, 11 Water, house 
Flynn John, laborer, h. 46 Eastern ave. 
Flynn John, car Inspector, B. & A. R. R. h. 

10 Oullen ct. 
Flynn John, laborer, h. 11 South Irving 
Flynn John, laborer, bds. 168 Prescott 






Flynn John, laborer, bds. 17 Summer 
Flynn John, boot sider, house 185 Salem 
Flynn John, clerk, 327 Main, b. 61 Market 
Flynn John, laborer, h. 26 Ellsworth 
Flynn John, truckman, bds. 215 Summer 
Flynn John, wire drawer, h. 8 Bluff 
Flynn John, wire drawer, h. r. 172 Prescott 
Flynn John E. machinist, 10 Harris ct. h. 

167 Washington 
Flynn John F. painter, h. 26 Ellsworth 
Flynn John J. junk, h. 131 Canterbury 
Flynn John J. student, boards 42 Chandler 
Flynn John J. tlusmith, house 25 Hawley 
Flynn Joseph T. machinist, b. 131 Canter- 
bury [Temple 
Flynn Malachi, boot treer, 103 Front, b. 46 
Flynn Mary, clerk, 37 Mlllbury, bds. 387 

Flynn Mary A. tailoress, b. 27 Fulton 
Flynn Michael, boot crimper, h. 56 King 
Flynn Michael, laborer, 125 Gold, house 404 

Southbridge [bury 

Flynn Michael, laborer, 21 Park,b.70 Shrews- 
Flynn Michael, compositor, 392 Main, b. 29 

Church [Tremont 

Flynn Michael, cutter, 82 Austin, house 11 
Flynn Michael, laborer, b. 25 Briden 
Flynn Michael, jr. shoemaker, b. 11 Tremont 
Flynn Michael, junk, house 20 Cherry 
Flynn Morris, laborer, b. 131 Shrewsbury 
Flynn Myles, rem*d to Gardner [Hacker 

Flynn Nicholas, laborer, h. Litchfield near 
Flynn Patrick, laborer, house 5 Cross 
Flynn Patrick, laborer, boards 172 Salem 
Flynn Patrick, boot bottomer, 10 Mulberry, 

bds. Shrewsbury c. Brackett ct. 
Flynn Robert H. machinist, 110 Green, bds. 

26 Ellsworth [Vernon 

Flynn Samuel, painter, 110 Green, bds. 48 
Flynn Thomas, hackman,21 Lafayette, h. do. 
Flynn Thomas, laborer, house 173 Front 
Flynn Thomas, slater, house 61 Market 
Flynn Thomas A. switchman, B. & A. R. R. 

h. 18 Coral [Litchfield 

Flynn Thomas J. weaver, Brussels, bds. 1 
Flynn Timothy, grocer, 45 Mlllbury, h. do. 
Flynn William, teamster, house 172 Salem 
Flynn William, foreman, 7 John, bds. do. 
Flynn, see Flinn and O'Flynn 
Fobes Arthur A. civil engineer, 13 City Hall, 

bds. at Holden 
Fobes Hiram, house 53 Chatham 
Fobes Hiram, 2d. student, b. 53 Chatham 
Fobes Richard, civil engineer, 11 City Hall, 

bds. 56 Providence 
Foell Adolph, house 17 Congress [Austin 
Foell Gustavus, laborer, Putnam lane, b. 145^ 
Foell Julius, salesman, b. 17 Congress 
Fogarty John J. engineer, B. & A. R. R. 

machine shop, h. 18 Mendon 
Fogerty Albert H. cabinetmaker, 21 Cypress, 

bds. 51 John [615 Main, b. 51 John 

Fogerty Clarence M. fJ, Fogerty db Son), 
Fogerty Dennis, laborer, 161 Union, house 

reaV36 Winter [h. 9 Vine 

Fogerty Edward J. woodworker, 19 Union, 
Fogerty John & Son (C. M, F6gerty)^ tailors, 

615 Main, h. 61 John 

Fogerty Mary, widow of John, hoose 47 

Fogerty William C. physician, 12 Front, b. 

61 John [Wyoming site 

Fogg Francis S. machinist, 72 School, h. 20 
Fogg Fred. W. armorer, 81 Hermon, b. 101 

Chandler [fayette 

Foibert Mitchel, laborer, 75 Beacon, b. 64 La- 
Folan Barbara, widow of Morgan, h. 25 

Gold St. ct. [Spruce 

Folan John, boot crimper, 155 Front, b. 10 
Folan Martin, boot crimper, 68 High, bds. 

10 Spruce 
Folan Patrick, boot crimper, h. 10 Spnzce 
Foley Ann, widow of Wm. H. house 161 

Foley Catherine, housekeeper, 5 Goddard 
Foley Daniel, laborer, 17 Southgate 
Foley Daniel, card stripper, Pakachoag Mill 
Foley Daniel, laborer, h. rear Mlllbury near 

R. R. [LaneUe 

Foley Daniel, laborer, 62 Jackson, boards SO 
Foley Daniel, policeman. Station 2, Lamar- 

tiue, house 20 Lunelle 
Foley Daniel, laborer, boards 86 Temple 
Foley Daniel P. wire drawer, bds. 5 Cross 
Foley Edward, laborer, Junction shop, bds. 

16 Groton place 
Foley Edward, laborer, bds. 26 Lafayette 
Foley Ellen, widow, house 42 Gold 
Foley Frank, house 855 Cambridge 
Foley Frank, jr. wireworker, boards 855 

Foley James, laborer, boards 122 Mechanic 
Foley James, wireworker, house 7 North 
Foley James, laborer, 1 Coes square, boards 

Hacker n. Southgate [School 

Foley James, laborer, 104 Lincoln, hoose 41 
Foley James, boards 36 Canterbury 
Foley James, laborer, 60 Bloomingdale, h. 

15 Groton place 
Foley Jameb, jr. removed to New York city 
Foley James H. boot treer, h. 56 Camp 
Foley Jeremiah, removed to Providence, R. I. 
Foley Jeremiah, grocer, 67 Temple, house 

2 Penn avenue [near R. R., Q. 

Foley Jeremiah, laborer, house rear Mlllbury 
Foley Jeremiah S. laborer, bds. 2 Penn ave. 
Foley John, watchman, Brussels, h. 19 Camp 
Foley John, laborer, house 28 Eastern ave. 
Foley John, laborer, 77 Foster, b. 76 Temple 
Foley John, marble polisher, 131 Central, h. 

80 Wall 
Foley John, laborer, boards 4 Lovell court 
Foley John, laborer, 82 Green, h. 66 Madison 
Foley John, heater, house Mlllbury opposite 

Taylor, Qulnslgamond 
Foley John, removed from city 
Foley John A. armorer, 42 Gardner, house 

7 Armory court 
Foley John D. salesman, bds. 18 Larkin 
Foley John J. clerk, 166 Front, b. 2 Pennav. " 
Foley John J. music teacher, b. 26 Mulberry 
Foley John W. clerk, 134 Front, boards 161 

Foley Julia, widow of Michael, h. 58 Temple 
Foley Lawrence H. moulder, 68 Washington 

square, house 20 Winter 






Foley Lizzie, dressmaker, 5 Goddard, b. do. 
Foley Mary £. domestic, 98 Woodland, b. do. 
Foley Micbael» laborer, boards 4 Lovell ct. 
Foley Michae4, laborer, hoase 94 Soathgate 
Foley Michael, laborer, bouse 15 Ward 
Foley Michael, harness maker, 189 Union, 

bds. 129 Exchange 
Foley Michael H. conductor, bds. 5 Taylor 
Foley Michael J. policeman, City Hall, house 

19 Camp 
Foley Morris, house 26 Mulberry 
Foley Morris, finisher, bds. 47 Southgate 
Foley Patrick, house 7 Camp 
Foley Patrick, laborer, bds. 16 So. Irving 
Foley Patrick, laborer, Greenwood opposite 

Upland, bds. do. 
Foley Patrick, laborer, bds. 12 Lexington 
Foley Richard, painter, house 168 Mechanic 
Foley Thomas, bootmaker, 619 Main, house 
47 Chandler [sq. b. 5 Goddard 

Foley Thomas, coremaker, 63 Washington 
Foley Thomas, laborer, house 5 Carpenter 
Foley Thomas, laborer, house 4 Lovell ct. 
Foley Thomas, died July 81, 1888, age 70 
Foley Thomas, boards 66 Madison 
Foley Thomas J. moulder, 92 Thomas, bds. 
97 Madison [19 Camp 

Foley Thomas S. machinist, 42 Gardner, b. 
Foley Timothy, umbrella repairer, rear 48 

Temple, house do. 
Foley Timothy, machinist, 62 Jackson, h. 

164 SoQthbridge 
Foley William, hostler, 97 Temple, house 5 

Foley William, laborer, house 4 Henry 
Follansbee Charles P. driver, h. 87 Beacon 

FLLAirSBEE JAMES M. real estate and 
loan agent, 288 Main, b. 6o.—See p. 496 
Follansbee Wm. F. driver, bds. 87 Beacon 
FoUett John W., Worcester Plating Co. 199 

Front, house 8 Ripley street place 
Follett Martha S. died July, 1888, age 76 
FoUelt Richard E. removed to Windham, 

Connecticut [67 Providence 

Follett William K. clerk, 287 Front, house 
Follows Mary, picker, bds. 851 Cambridge 

FLSOM JOSIAH G. auction rooms, fur- 
niture, &c. 580 Main, house 7 Eilby.— 

See page 514 
Folsom Mary J. widow of William H. house 

6 Kilby 
Fontaine Ella C. milliner, bds. 58 Main 
Fontaine Felix D. physician, 82 Salem, h. do. 
Fontaine Nazarre, laborer, h. 6 Norfolk ct. 
Fontaine Pierre (Dnbreua d Fontaine), 4 

Langdon, boards rear do. 
Fontaine William, removed to Minnesota 
Fontaine William F. dentist, 460 Main, b. do. 
Foote Charles W. produce, 57 Main, house 

148 West 
Foote James A. rem'd to Waterbury, Conn. 
Foran Martin J. finisher, 19 Union, boards 

rear 20 Church [rear 20 Church 

Forao Michael, teamster, 88 Providence, h. 
Foran Michael, laborer, bds. 25 North 
Forbes Jane, house 54 Chatham 
Forbes John, farmer, h. 1 Highland st. ct. 
Forbes John W. clerk, boards 41 Laurel 

Forbes Mary L. widow of Ebenezer W. bds. 

85 Wellington [Laurel 

Forbes Mary T. widow of John W. house 41 
Forbes Nellie W. corsets, bds. 54 Chatham 
Forbes Nettie M. corsets, bds. 54 Chatham 
Forbes Percy Q. embroiderer, 88 Front, bds. 

15 May 
Forbes Susan W. widow, house 80 Diz 
Forbes Susan W. teacher, Dix street school, 

b. 80 Dix [Winter, b. 84 Endicott 

Forbes Walter H. (C, H, Puinam A Co), 74 
Forbes, see Fobes 

FORBUSH EDWARD H. k ^. (W. 8, 
Perry), taxidermists, 424 Main, house 
29 Benefit.— /S^fe page 512 
Forbush Joseph W. house 79 Lincoln 

Joslyn), doors, sash and blind manufs. 

181 Union, house 1 Hale. — See page 582 
Forbush Lizzie A. bds. 1 Hale 

Forcey George W. bleacher, 802 Main. h. do. 
Ford Arthur H. woodworker, 196 Union, b. 

11 Dix 
Ford Bridget, widow of Miles, h. 8 Nashua 
Ford Charles, cutter, h. 1 Washington av. 
Ford Charles A. coachman, 48 Elm, bds. do. 
Ford Frank, driver, 57 Main, b. 8 Nashua 
Ford Frank, machinist, h. 63 Eastern ave. 
Ford Jerrold, laborer, boards 44 Thomas 
Ford John, laborer, h. 15 Prescott pi. 
Ford John, laborer, b. r. Millbury n. R. R., Q. 
Ford John C. carpenter, bds. 582 Main 
Ford Leuville W. cutter, 88 Frout, bouse at 

West Brookfield [h. do. 

Ford Mary A. Mrs. grocer, 424 Southbridge, 
Ford Michael, cutter, house 424 Southbridge 
Ford Michael, removed from city 
Ford Sylvanus, carpenter, boards 8 High 
Ford Terence, laborer, b. Sack vi He n. B. R. 
Ford William J. boot crimper, 108 Front, h. 

81 Vernon 
Ford Willoughby, planer, 196 Union, house 

182 Pleasant 

Forde John, mason, house 11 Layard pi. 
Forde Patrick, laborer, boards 11 Layard pi. 
Forehand Frederick W. clerk, 42 Gardner, 

boards Continental Hotel [12 Valley 
Forehand Sarah A. widow of Walter, house 
Forehand Sullivan (Forehand db Wadsworth), 

h. 5 Wyman 

Forehand), firearms manufts. and nickel 

platers, 42 Gardner.— /S^eepa^e 641 
Forest Peter E. removed ft*om city 
Forhan Edmund, laborer, h. r. 16 Cypress 
Forhock Chas. woodworker, b. 45 Pleasant 
Forney Almira S. boards 20 Belle vue 
Forney Henry, gardener, house 17 Millbury 
Forney Henry, Jr. cutter, boards 27 Church 
Forrest James T. hackman, 7 Central, b. do. 
Forrest Joseph, engineer, 60 King, house 

11 Blossom [ington 

Forrest Thomas, bartender, house 57 Wash- 
Forsberg Alfred, laborer, b. 9 Whitney 
Forsberg Carl F. laborer, b. 6 Whitney 
Forsberg Charles E. laborer, h. 8 Oswald 
Forsberg John F. laborer, house 12 Oswald 
Forsberg Oscar F. laborer, h. Whipple 






Forsberg Wllhelm, laborer, h. r. MiUbnry n. 

Forslund Sven A. laborer, h. 8 Oswald 
Forsman Aagust, laborer, 100 Preacott, bds. 

39 Eastern av. [Hant n. Shrewsbary 
Forsman Charles, monlder, Mnskeego, bds. 
Forss Anders G. died Feb. 17, 1888 
Forss Anifust, laborer, house 84 Ward 
Forstedt James, draughtsman, 94 Grove, h. 

6 Henchman ct. [city 

Forsyth Albert H. removed to New York 
Forsyth Thomas, razor maker, 128 Chandler, 

hoase 8 Stiver 
Fortier Estross, laborer, boards 178 Front 
Fortier Eli, removed flrom city [173 Front 
Fortier George, blacksmith, 100 Prescott, h. 
Fortier Joseph, machinist, .57 Jackson, h. 

86 Lamartlne 
Fortier Mazsim, machinist, bds. 178 Front 
Fortin Jules, carpenter, house 84 Norfolk 
Fortln Zeflrin, carpenter, h. 68 Canterbury 
Forward Frank Z. machinist, h. 9 Plymouth 
Fosbay Benjamin F. machinist, 110 Green, 

h. at Millbury [Water c. Green 

Foshay Thomas E. machinist, 110 Green, b. 
Foskett Eben, compositor, 11 Central Ex- 
change, b. 6 Chatham 
Foskett Ella W. principal East Worcester 

school, house 57 Eastern av. 
Foskett Hattie E. widow of Harlow, house 

at Greendale 
Foskett James, removed to Trenton, N. J. 
Foskit Lorin, moulder, 65 Jackson, house 

446 Southbrldge [19 Wyman 

Foss Alice £. bookkeeper, 158 Front, boards 

FSS THOMAS B. stoves, ftirnaces, 
ranges, etc. 158 Front, house 19 Wy- 
man. — See page 594 
Foss William H. salesman, 827 Main, house 

88 Irving [Austin 

Fossett Fred. R. baker, 172 Front, bds. 60 
Foster Abbie K. widow of Sephen S. boards 

100 Chatham 
Foster Adeline, boards 11 Belknap 
Foster Alfred, wlreworker, house 22 Vine 
Foster Alia W. teacher, b. 100 Chatham 
Foster Amos L. glazier, 24 Southbrldge, b. 

at Oxford 
Foster Belle, dressmaker, boards 594 Main 
Foster Bridget, widow of Peter, h. r. 166 

Pleasant [406 Main, h. 18 Chestnut 

Foster Calvin, president City National Bank, 
Foster Calvin C. classical school, 476 Main, 

hoQse Brattle n. Holden 
Foster Calvin C. Mrs. asst. princlpah 476 

Main, house Brattle near Holden 
Foster Charles, machinist, 161 Union, h. 

Ingalls near Fox 
Foster Charles F. removed from city 
Foster Charles H. draughtsman, 54 Jackson, 

boards 88 William [94 Summer 

Foster Charles M. bootcutter, 70 Winter, h. 
Foster Eddy F. machinist, 178 Union, house 

77 May [77 May 

Foster Edward P. machinist, 178 Union, h. 
Foster Ellen Mrs. washerwoman, h. 28 Burt 
Foster Elroy D. clerk, 284 Main, b. 288 do. 
Foster Frank, mason, boards 208 Main 

Foster Frank A. removed flrom city 

Foster Frank H. clerk, 516 Main, b. 88 ICay 

Foster George H. foreman, 187 Front, house 

107 Grafton [Fl^tSBT 

Foster George T. farmer, h. Salisbary near 
Foster Hannah C. widow of Daniel W, k. 

88 William [246 Pleasant 

Foster H. Wm. carriagesmith, 10 Canal, h. 
Foster Irving C. driver, house 65 Grove 
Foster John J. hairdresser, 198 Front, h. 10 

Cherry [84 Norfolk 

Foster Louis A. nailer, 9 Barton pi. boards 
Foster Lydia S. widow of AlAred D. hoose 

21 Chestnut [n. Moreland 

Foster Nathan F. farmer, house Salisbory 
Foster Reuben B. machinist, 100 Prescott, 

house r. 17 Garden 
Foster Thomas R. boards 54 Leicester 
Foster Wallace B. finisher, 9 Barton place, 

bds. 50 Beacon [15 Sndbaiy 

Foster William, carpenter, 8 Norwich, hoose 
Foucher Davis, laborer, 82 Green, hoase 85 

Franklin [bds. 15 Inrln^^ 

Foulds Alexander, organ maker, 17Hermon, 
Fouracre James A. carpenter, 861 Park are. 

boards do. 
Fournler Edward, watchman, B., B. & G. R. 

R. repair shop, house 174 Lincoln 
Fowler Herbert S. driver, Steamer No. 2, 

Beacon, boards 112 do. 

patent causes, 75 Hanover, nouse do. — 
See page 508 
Fox Anthony, laborer, h. Mill n. Buffhm 
Fox Burnham F. removed to Maine 
Fox George, tinsmith, 51 Main, bds. 84 Can- 
terbury [Canterbury 
Fox James, armorer, 42 Gardner, boards 84 
Fox John C. gigger, 17 Southgate, house 84 
Canterbury [Austin 
Fox John T. machinist, 57 Jackson, h. 211 
Fox Joshua, grinder, 128 Chandler, house 8 
Queen [Honchln ave. 
Fox Michael T. shoemaker, 68 High, bds. 8 
Fox Patrick, laborer, house 16 Suffolk 
Fox Thomas, machinist, 18 Cypress, bds. 58 
Irving [Chelsea 
Foxall Samuel, loom fixer, Brussels, bds. 8 
Foy Daniel M. orgulnette maker, h. 8 Denny 
Foy Edward J. wire drawer, house 61 N. 

Foy Isaac H. laborer, 51 Main, b. 10 Pink 
Foy James, laborer, house 10 Mitchel 
Foy James, laborer, boards 10 Mitchel 
Foy Wm. removed from city 
Foye Frank W. bookkeeper, 14 Cypress, b. 
5 Lancaster [bridge, b. do. 

Frahm Louie F. cigar maker, 216 South- 
Frame Henry L. shoemaker, b. 24 Pleasant 
Francis Albert B. cardmaker, 19 Washing- 
ton sq. b. 58 Orange 
Francis Alden S. removed flrom city 
Francis Convers, mason, house 58 Orange 
Francis Frank, organ maker, b. 208 Main 
Francis George E. physician, 51 Pearl, h. 

79 Elm 
Francodur Edward, laborer, h. 4 Langdon 
Francosur Edward H. armorer, b. 4 Langdon 






Frank Jnlins M. peddler, h. 10 ProvideDce 
Franklin Abby M. widow of Edward A. h. 

14 Hollywood [LI d wood pi. 

Franklin Bdgar H. clerk, 408 Main, hoose 7 
Franks Isaac, manager, 195 Front, bds. 45 

Fraser James, cabinetmaker, 82 Foster, bds. 

12 Larch [Qolncy 

Fraser William, moolder, 52 Jackson, bds. 2 
Frawley Catharine, widow of John, boards 

Lewis near Soathbrldge 
Fraaler Catherine, widow of Thomas A. h. 

28 Bowdoln [Exchange 

Frazier Ijonisa C. widow of Wm. boards 52 

FRAZIEB WILLLUft, taUor and clothing 
cleaner, 49 Main, house 28 Bowdoln. — 
See page 519 
Frasler William F. laborer, 149 Washington, 
boards Millbnry [Ashland 

Freaberg Peter, wire drawer, boards 52 N. 
Freberg Charles, carpenter, h. 48 Hanover 
Frechette Peter, laborer, 18 Cypress, bds. 85 

Fred John, wlreworker, b. 174 Lincoln 
Fredani Glogochini, laborer, b. 61 SofTolk 
Frederic Marie Sister, removed to Canada 
Frederich J. Herman, weaver, 648 South- 
bridge, house 67 Lafayette 
Frederick John, machinist, 110 Qreen, house 
44 do. [Ill Summer 

Fredericks Fred. A. music teacher, house 
Fredrickson Johanna, widow of Gustaf, h. 

Oreenwood near Millbury 
Freed Charles, removed fh>m city 
Freeland Anna C. Mrs. drawing teacher, 18 

Pearl, boards 19 Elm 
Freeman Carrie B. domestic, b. 62 Exchange 
Freeman Charles E. machinist, 77 Foster, h. 
56 Mason [b. 88 Myrtle 

Freeman Charles H. machinist, 54 Jackson, 
Freeman Elisha, kindlings, house 2 Dover 
Freeman E. Robie, organ maker, 9 May, b. 

44 Woodland 

Freeman Frank D. carpenter, 50 Lagrange, 

bds. 10 Alden [bds. do. 

Freeman Henry W. teamster, r. 72 Mechanic, 

Freeman Josiah G. machinist, 50 Lagrange, 

house 10 Alden 
Freeman Otis A. rem'd to Providence, R. I. 
Freeman Parker E. woodworker, 196 Union, 

boards 8 High 
Freeman Simeon, pictures, h. 44 Woodland 
Freeman Theophilus D. laborer, 4 Vernon, 
h. Yernon c. Millbnry [Mechanic 

Freeman Warren A. carpet layer, boards 16 
Freeman William, armorer, 81 Hermon, h. 
42 Canterbury [Pink 

Freeman William H. brakeman, boards 5 
Freeman William M. clerk, 827 Main, house 

9 Ripley c. Ripley st. pi. 
Freeman William T. switchman, h. 5 Pink 
Free Public Library, 18 Elm 
French Charles E. carpenter, house Jacques 

av. near Piedmont 
French Charles J. mason, house 8 Mendon 
French Cornelius, policeman. City Hall, h. 

1 Castle 
French Cyril F. engineer, h. 25 Wyman 

French Elmer H. foreman, 7 Washington sq. 

house 86 Summer 
French Frank K. wlreworker, b. 6 Edward 
French Hiram K. clerk, Post-Office, house 

81 Portland 
French John M. laborer, h. 10 Ellsworth 

FRENCH JONATHAN C. carpenter, 578 
Main, house 21 Portland. — Seepage 575 
French Lucy J. waiter, 225 Front, boards 28 

Clark), hides and skins, 237 Front, h. 

Nelson pi. n. Qrove. — Seepage 669 
French Mary J. Mrs. boards 7 Barclay 
French Mary L. widow of Hiram, house 81 

French Oscar E. machinist, bds. lOi Dix 
French Richard, blacksmith, h. 71 Grove 
French William H. moulder, rear 25 Her- 
mon, house 7 Barclay 
French William S. solecutter, 60 King, h. 

176 Chandler [R. h. Millbury 

French WiUiam W. moulder, Hammond n. R. 
Frenier Henry E. rem'd to Abercorn, Canada 
Friberg John, laborer, house 222 Mulberry 
Friberg Otto, removed to Salem 
Frlde John, wlreworker, boards Sigourney 

near North 
Frieberg Andrus, laborer, boards 71 Ward 
Frieber^ August, laborer, h. 214 Millbury 
Frieberg Gustave, laborer, h. 99 Mulberry 
Frieberg John, shoemaker, 11 Water 
Friedman Isaac, dry goods, 5 Millbury, h. do. 
Friend Mary, widow of Matthew, house r. 

81 Summer [1 Piedmont 

Friendly Louis & Co. clothing, 417 Main, h. 
Friguglietti Donato, laborer, h. 8 Clarkson 
Frisbie Austin E. machinist, 161 Union, h. 

184 Pleasant 
Frisbie George A. clerk, 417 Main, b. 448 do. 
Frisbie George E. dlemaker, 81 Mechanic, 

house 448 Main 
Fritz Conrad, wlreworker, h. 78 Lafayette 
Fritz John, machinist, Junction shop, house 

51 Lafayette [8 Leonard 

Frizell Henry C. machinist, 42 Gardner, b. 
Frodig August, laborer, boards 148 Main 
Frodigh Charles R. foreman, 94 Grove, h. 13 

Belmont [Clinton 

Frohock Charles W. planer, 196 Union, b. 29 
Frollo Angelo, laborer, boards 6 Wood sq. 
Frollo John, laborer, h. 4 Wood sq. 
Froom Mark, asst. foreman, 94 Grove, h. 

86 do. 
Frost Archie C. removed from city 
Frost Charles H. truckman, 247 Main, h. 269 

Park ave. 

FROST EDWARD £• dentist, 6 Elm, bds. 
Lincoln Kouse.-^ See page 507 
Frost Edward H. lastmaker, 92 Foster, h. 7 

Frost George W. moulder, house 6 Salem 
Frost Herbert E. carpenter, 171 Union, bds. 

216 Main [154 Austin 

Frost Howard, draughtsman, 452 Main, bds. 
Frost James H. apothecary, 399 Main, house 

15 Lancaster 
Frost John II. machinist, house 154 Austin 







Frost Marshall F. agent, apothecary, 62 

Grafton, house 188 Lincoln 
Frost Mary E. Mrs. boarding-house, 6 Salem 
Frost Thomas O. blacksmith, 33 Central, h. 

216 Main 
Frost Wlllard A. removed to Boston 
Frost Wlllard F. machinist, Lagrange opp. 

Junction depot, boards 6 Salem 
Frost W. Herbert, rem'd to Cleveland, Ohio 
Frye Harry G. bozmaker, 20 Salisbury, b. 99 

Elm [Lincoln 

Frye Louisa E. widow of Ellsworth, h. 128 
Frye Walter B. clerk, 878 Main, b. 99 Elm 
Frye Weston E. finisher, 25 Union, h. 128 

Frye William F. driver, house 99 Elm 
Fryer Patrick, laborer, rear 179 Union, bds. 

129 Exchange 
Frykholm Alfk*ed, laborer, bds. 8 Thenlns 
Frykholm J. Gustaf, laborer, h. 8 Thenins 
Frykholm Olof, laborer, boards 8 Thenlus 
Fuchs Christian F. sausage maker, 160 

Front, boards 122 Washington 
Fuller Abble D. Mrs. housekeeper, 7 Mott 
Fuller Abbie H. widow of Caleb S. bds. 670 

Main [h. do. 

Fuller Adele, dressmaker, 16 No. Ashland, 
Fuller Amos W. physician, 460 Main, b. do. 
Fuller Arthur W. chairmaker, 15 Union, b. 

180 Front [180 Front 

Fuller Caroline E. widow of Marshall, h. 
Fuller Charles A. farmer, honse Bllthewood 
Fuller Charles B. organ maker, 17 Hermon, 

house 22 Kingsbury 
Fuller Charles B. machinist, 77 Foster, b. 68 

Salem [96 Salem 

Fuller Charles C. bookkeeper, 609 Main, b. 
Fuller Clara H. Mrs. seamstress, boards 18 

Harvard [Chandler n. June 

Fuller Clarence E. carpenter, 43 Waldo, h. 
Fuller C. Everett, ciirpenter, 22 Cypress, h. 

6 Lynti 
Fuller Daniel T. boards 6 Lynn 
Fuller Edward A. clerk, 460 Main, b. Web- 
ster n. cemetery [Merrick 
Fuller Edward C. clerk, 482 Main, boards 21 
Fuller Edward F. cutter, 108 Front, house 44 

Salem [21 do. 

Fuller Edward L. machinist, 81 Exchange, b. 
Fuller Edward W. carriage maker, rear 82 

Waldo, boards 58 Front 
Fuller Edwin J. carpenter, house 7 Elliott 
Fuller Elf eta, dressmaker, b. 3 Hancock 
Fuller Eliza T. widow of Charles L. house 

96 Salem 
Fuller Elizabeth M. Mrs. dressmaker, b. 22 

Fuller Elmer, driver, 15 Market, b. Ill Main 
Fuller Eustis R. carpenter, 48 Waldo, h. 648 

Fuller Fannie J. canvasser, house 648 Main 
Fuller Francis H. fiancy goods, 212 Main, b. 

1 George st. court 
Fuller Frank, driver, 15 Market, boards HI 

Main [527 Main 

Fuller Frank L. ferrule maker, 70 School, h. 
Fuller Frederick L. clerk, 26 Lincoln sq. h. 

84 Cutler 

Fuller F. Eugene, hostler, 8 Carlton, bds. 1 

George st. court [Main 

Fuller George F. clerk, 4 Mechanic, b. J 47 
Fuller George H. clerk, 20 Union, boards 

Fuller Godftrcy, carpenter, h. 59 Orchard 
Fuller Harry M. machinist, 8 Cypress, b. 

Chandler [Willlaiii 

Fuller Henry A. dentist, 425 Main, hoai^e 64 
Fuller Homer T. principal Worcester Free 

Institute, house 18 Boynton 

FULLER JAME8 A. ft GO. machinists, 8 
Cypress, h. 25 Chandler. — See page €78 
Fuller James E. (Fuller A Delano)^ 462 

Main, h. 81 Chatham 
Fuller Jay C. teamster, h. 40 Belmont 
Fuller Jerusha, widow of Aaron, bds. 815 
Cambridge [Pleasant c. N. Merrick 

Fuller John, boxmaker, 42 Southbrldge, b. 
Fuller John A. rem'd to Omaha, Neb. 
Fuller Joslah L. died Sept. 8, 1888, age 48 
Fuller Mary E. tailoress, b. r. 78 Chatham 
Fuller Melvin G. foreman, 81 Mechanic, h. 

6 Cutler 
Fuller Orrin A. hostler, b. 22i Pleasant 
Fuller Rufus, woodworker, b. 664 Main 
Fuller Samuel H. heel ganger, h. 21 Merrick 
Fuller Sanford, provisions, 56 Main, b. 11 
Thomas [Grove 

Fuller Sarah B. widow of Josiah L. h. 79 
Fuller Susan E. clerk, boards 8 Hancock 
Fuller Susan M. widow of James, honse 8 
Hancock [h. 6 Crown 

Fuller Theodore F. machinist, 77 Foster, 
Fuller Theo. S. money deliverer, Adams Ex- 
press Co. 896 Main, house 670 do. 
Fuller Wlllard, student, b. 1 Lincoln sq. 
Fuller W. messenger, bds. 49 Park 

FULLER & DELANiO (J^ E, Fuller and W, 
P. Delano), architects, 462 Main. — See 

page 505 
Furey Dennis, laborer, h. 62 Lamartine 
Furey Thomas, laborer, b. 396 Southbrldge 
Furey William, wire drawer, h. 21 Washburn 
Furfey Ann, housekeeper, 474 Southbrldge 
Fuzzard Frederick C. boiler maker, rear 179 

Union, house 188 Shrewsbury 
Fyler Roman B. organ tuner, 17 Hermon, 

h. 4 Gates [Bllthewood n. Grafton 

Fyrberg Andrew, pistol maker, 44 Central, h. 
Fyrberg Gustaf, pistol maker, h. Mulberry 
Fyrberg John, pistol maker, 44 Central, h. 

Bllthewood n. Grafton [Beach 

Fyrberg Jonas, machinist, 51 Green, h. ii 
Fyrberg Magnus, pistol maker, 44 Central, h. 

22 Beach 

Gablkr Albert H. bds. 594 Main 
Gabler Henry H. dentist, 614 Main, bds. do. 
Gabree Victor, burnisher, bds. 62 Austin 
Gabriel Geo. W. bookkeeper, 162 Front, h. 

18 Sever [Ashlanc 

Gadsby George W. baker, 216 Main, b. 62 N. 
Gaffey John F. plumber, h. 5 Winter st. ct. 
Gaffhey Andrew, driver, 82 Green, house 84 

Columbia [Camp n. R. B. 

Gaffiiey Chas. laborer, 17 Soutngate, honse 69 
Gafibey Hannah, rem'd to Millbury 






Gafltaey James, laborer, house 12 Ward 
Gaflbey James, laborer, h. r. 16 Cypress 
Oaflfbey James, laborer, house 4 Beach 
Oaflhey John, laborer, 48 Grafton, b. rear 15 

Prescott pL [Vine 

Oaihiey John, laborer at J. Draper's, bds. 28 
Gaffiiey John H. printer, 877 Main, h. 4 Lily 
Oaflhey Lawrence, teamster, 196 Union, h. 

18 Cross [4 Lily 

Gafltaey Lawrence S. machinist, 73 School, b. 
Gafltaey Lizzie, died June 9, 1888 
Gailtaey Martin, laborer, b. 866 MiUbory 
Gafltaey Mary, widow of John, h. 22 Beach 
Gafltaey Michael, laborer, 82 Green, bds. 25 

Gafltaey Michael, laborer, house 4 Lily 
Gafltaey Patrick, laborer, b. r. 15 Prescott pi. 
Gafltaey Patrick, wire drawer, b. 4 Beach 
Gafltaey Thomas, laborer, house 89 Franklin 
Gafltaey Thos. F. machinist, h. 46 John 
Gagan James, laborer, 149 Washington, b. 

129 Mechanic 
Gage Charles £. woodworker, 28 Webster, 

h. 14 Montague n. Leicester [18 Hawley 
Gage Eliphas S. real estate, 16 Mechanic, h. 
Gage Elliott C. paperhanger, 480 Main, h. 84 

Redmont [versity), b. 60 Pearl 

Gige Homer, student (at Harvard Uni- 
Gage Thomas H. physician, 60 Pearl, h. do. 
Gage Warner B. salesman, h. 28 Piedmont 
Gagne Louis, stonecutter, Crescent, h. 27 

Wachusett [lern. Mill 

Gagner Edward, picker tender. Mill, h. Fow- 
Gagnon Fabien, carpenter, 10 E. Worcester, 

h. 112 Lamartine 

GA6N0N FERDINAND, publisher Le Tra- 
vaillenr, 802 Main, house 1 Agawam. — 
Seepage 511 
Gagnon John, laborer, house 82 Norfolk 
Gagnon Joseph, carpenter, h. 46 Lafayette 
Gagnon Louis, clerk, 484 Main, b. 7 Fulton 
Gagnon Louis, carpenter, house 81 Lodi 
Gagnon Maxim, cook, 2 Foster, house 189 
Shrewsbury [90 Mechanic 

Gahan Michael, salesman, 179 Union, house 
Gaige William H. rem'd from city [sq. b. do. 
Gaines Daniel G. hairdresser, 1 Washington 
Galbraith Thomas, baker, 130 Southbridge, 
house r. 46IryiDg [High 

Gale Caroline E. widow of Amory, boards 84 
Gale Elisha, carpenter, house 40 Portland 
Gale George W. clerk overseers of poor, 9 

City Hall, house 15 Elizabeth 
Gale Henry M. moulder, 188 Mechanic, h. 4 
Belknap [10 Sudbury 

Gale James F. machinist, 18 Cypress, bds. 
Gale John, moulder, 77 Foster, b. 94 Grafton 
Gale Jonathan G. model maker, 110 Green, 
bds. 66 Front [Belknap 

Gale Lewis H. moulder, 188 Mechanic, b. 4 
Gale Martha, widow of Franklin, house 94 

Gale William C. assistant editor Evening 

Gazette, 892 Main, house 6 Downing 

Galey Peter, rem'd from city 

Gallagher Bernard, laborer, h. 18 Ellsworth 

Gaucher Chas.CAmold, Oallagher A Pierce), 

Hammond near R. B. h. 48 Endicott 

Gallagher Charles, mason, h. 8 Union ave. 
Gallagher Chas. cook. College Holy Cross, 

bds. do. [mill, bds. do. 

Gallagher Edward, laborer, MiUbury n. grist 
Gallagher Felix, gasfltter, 8 Foster, bds. 13 

Ellsworth [tine 

Gallagher Francis, carpenter, h. 79 Lamar- 
Gallagher George,rem'd to Colorado Springs, 

Gallagher George, carder, b. 65 Grand 
Gallagher Jane S. housekeeper, 81 Sigel 
Gallagher Jeremiah, carpenter, house 40 

Ellsworth [repair shop, h. 65 Grand 
Gallagher John, blacksmith, W., N. & R. R. R. 
Gallagher John, wireworker, b. 8 Union av. 
Gallagher John B. turner, 21 C3rpress, h. 9 

Suffolk [av. 

Gallagher John E. civil engineer, b. 8 Union 
Gallagher John H. wireworker, b. 12 Brlden 
Gallagher Margaret, widow of Michael, bds. 

1 Ingalls [18 Ward 

Gallagher Mary, widow of John, house rear 
Gallagher Michael, laborer, bds. 17 Brlden 
Gallagher Michael, wireworker, boards 98 

Mechanic [Cherry 

Gallagher Patrick B. laborer, house rear 22 
Gallagher Patrick J. wire cleaner, house 12 

Gallagher Peter, carpenter, h. 2 Union ave. 
Gallagher Peter, laborer, rear 29 Waldo, h. 

4 Columbia court 
Gallagher Robert T. student, b. 8 Union av. 
Gallagher Thomas F. machinist, 110 Green, 

boards 74 do. [Grand 

Gallagher Thomas J. wire drawer, boards 65 
Gallagher William, screwcutter, 57 Union 
Gallagher Wni. laborer, house 9 Taylor 
Gkillagher William, laborer, 95 Thomas, h. 

28 MiUbury [Church, h. 88 High 

Gallen Patrick H. assistant priest St. PauFs 
Galligan Hugh, shoemaker, 87 Franklin, h. 

127 Washington . [h. 88 Mechanic 

Galligan James, boot sider, 152 Southbridge, 
Gallivan Cornelius, laborer, b. 64 Thomas 
Gallivan David, laborer, h. 17 E. Worcester 
Gallivan Mary, widow of Michael, house 186 

Gallivan Michael, died October, 1888 
Gallivan Thomas, skatemaker, 81 Mulberry, 

bds. 125 Washington [Worcester 

Gallivan Timothy, laborer, house 17 East 
Gallivin Patrick, laborer, house 75 Temple 
Gallup Charles H. machinist, 25* Union, h. 

86 Shelby 
Gallup Joseph J. foreman. Grove near Salis- 
bury pond, house 18 Newbury 
Gallup Lovell C. salesman, h. 105 Belmont 
Galvin Cornelius, laborer, bds. 60 Oxford 
Galvln James F. assistant priest Church of 

Sacred Heart, bds. 840 Cambridge 
Galvin Margaret, wireworker, b. 10 Bartlett 

place [Bartlett place 

Galvin Mary A. slipper maker, boards 10 
Galvin William, wireworker, h. McCormlck's 

court [b. 61 Suffolk 

Gambogl Paclflco, laborer, 14 Bloomlngdale, 
Gamlln Charles, boot bottomer, 108 Front, 

house 124 Salem 






GaniliD Hannah, widow of Wm. house 1 

Ganilin Wm. died Au|;ast 7, 1883, ag^e 88 
Gammell Bert A. clerk, bds. 15 Chandler 
Gammell Henry W. organ maker, 9 May, h. 

at West Boylatou [Chandler 

Gammell John A. clerk, 583 Main, boards 15 
Gannett Walter F. cutter, Hamilton, boards 

Trnmbull near Front [Washington 

Gannon Delia Mrs. boardlng-hoase, 172 
Gannon Michael J. laborer, house 6 Vernon 
Gannon Rosauna, widow of Michael, house 

rear 81 Canterbury 
Gannon Thomas, foreman, h. 172 Washington 
Gannon Thomas J. rem*d to Woodstock, Md. 
Gannon Wm. professor, College Holy Cross, 

boards do. [72 Pleasant 

Gant David, barber, 11 Mechanic, boards 
Gant Harriet Mrs. housekeeper, 72 Pleasant, 

boards do. [Exchange n. Waldo 

Gant Harry E. hairdresser, 25 Church, bds. 
Garaventa Frank, nut stand, 10^ Washington 

square, h. 42 East Worcester 
Garaventa Louis, nut stand, Pearl cor. Main, 

house 8 Wood square [square 

Garaventa Stephen, nut stand, bds. 8 Wood 
Gard Thomas D. jeweler, 845 Main, house 

57 Lincoln [h. 187 Shrewsbury 

Gardella Charles, nut stand. Main c. Central, 
Gardiner Frank, carpenter, 196 Union, bds. 

24 Portland [R. I. 

Gardiner James H. removed to Providence, 
Gardiner Thomas W. lastmaker, 92 Foster, 

house 88 Chandler 
Gardner Ann M. laundress, 65 Central, h. do. 
Gardner Benjamin, brakeman, b. 94 Temple 
Gardner Carrie A. dressmaker, boards 88 

Piedmont [8 Ellioit 

Gardner Charles F. polisher, 19 Cypress, h. 
Gardner Edward, wireworker, h. 88 Central 
Gardner Edward E. clerk, 404 Main, boards 

60 Coral [Coral 

Gardner Enos A. moulder, 87 Gold, house 60 
Gardner Francis A. packer, h. 6 Agricultural 
Gardner Frank, carpenter, house 96 Bloom- 

Ingdale [88 Piedmont 

Gardner Fred. E. clerk, 17 Mechanic, boards 
Gardner George H. upholsterer, h. 117 Austin 
Gardner Gilbert, fruit, house 56 High 
Gardner Isaac W. hairdresser, 107 Main, b. 

28 Bowdoin 
'Gardner John, laborer, bds. 74 MiUbury 
Gardner Lucia, dressmaker, b. 88 Piedmont 
Gardner Octave, wire plater, h. SS Central, 
Gardner Roland, driver, 215 Main, boards 19 

Elizabeth [h. 68 Southbridge 

Gardner Seth, carpenter, 10 E. Worcester, 
Gardner Sophia A. widow of Volney, boards 

West Boylston near Grcendale 
Gardner Thomas, laborer, bds. 74 MiUbury 
Gardner Thomas M. polisher, 19 Cypress, h. 

57 Lincoln [h. 6 Grand st. ct. 

Gardner William H. machinist, 62 Jackson, 
Garfield Alona Mrs. nurse, boards 28 Queen 
Garfield Elizabeth M. bds. 10 Bowdoin 
Garfield Hiram B. farmer, h. West Boylston 

near city line [167 Lincoln 

Garfield Joel, foreman, 100 Prescott, house 

Garfield Moses M. (OarJIeid ^ Saninfftonj^ 
96 School, house 21 do. [bds. do. 

Garfield Sarah B. dressmaker. 818 Main, 

Garfield Silas (Washburn A C^rfiMh 30 
Foster, h. 10 Bowdoin [Gardner 

Garfield Silas, diemaker, 81 Mechanic, b. 8 

Garfield and (7. A, Harrington)^ dealers 

in Quinsigamond Lake ice, and tracking 

and street sprinkling, 98 SchooL-^Set 

page 588 
Garland Charles A. policemaoy City Hall, h. 

87 Prospect [87 Prospect 

Garland Frank H. compositor, 442 Main, b. 
Garland Joseph B. (Garland A ZAncoln)^ 20 

Grafton, house 174 Chandler 

and F. A, Lincoln)^ flour, hay aiid grain, 

20 Grafton. — See page 589 
Garner Henry, cigar maker, 409 Main, bds. 

19 Thomas 
Garrett Thomas, wireworker, b. 57 School 
Garrity Charles, currier, 60 Bloom ingdale, 

house 29 Cutler [Laurel 

Garrity James J. tailor, 171 Main, hoase 24 
Garrity Margaret, widow of John, hoose II 

Conlin court [boards do. 

Garrity Thomas, waiter. College Holy Cross, 
Gartland Michael, wireworker, h. 48 North 
Garvel Oliver, finisher, 9 Barton place 
Garvey Daniel, laborer, house 12 Harrison 
Garvey David, polisher, 110 Green, boards 

12 Harrison 
Garvey Frank J. plumber, bds. 12 Harrison 
Garvey Johannah £. clerk, hds. 12 Harrison 
Garvey John, moulder, 65 Jackson, boards 

rear 12 Cross [1 Ingalls 

Garvey John A. machinist, 54 Jackson, bds. 
Garvey Mary £. dressmaker, 16 Harrison, 

bds. 12 do. [1 Ingalls 

Garvey Michael, polisher, 110 Green, house 
Garvey Michael, polisher, boards r. 12 Cross 
Garvey Patrick H. wireworker, h. 4 Glen 
Garvey Peter, wire drawer, Pitt, house 2» 

Garvey Richard, machinist, h. 18 Union ave. 
Garvey William, fllecutter, b. 12 Harrison 
Garvey William, grocer, 24 Washburn, h. do. 
Garvey William, laborer, house r. 12 Cross 
Garvin James, foreman, boards 159 Main 
Garvin Joanna, widow of Richard, h. Illi- 
nois near Gates 
Gary Horace, machinist, house 171 Austin 
Gaskill Francis A. lawyer, 8 Chapin block, 

house 11 Auburn 
Gaskill Ida L. teacher, Washington street 

school, boards 101 Austin 
Gassett Curtis W. salesman, h. 18 Belmout 
Gassett Mary Mrs. b. 15 Spruce [58 Front 
Gassett Merrill, boot treer, 68 High, boards 
Gassett Varnum, h. 18 Belmont [Bellevue 
Gatchell Harvey R. embroiderer, honse 26 
Gately John, laborer, house 16 Suffolk 
Gates Albert D. wireworker, b. MiUbury, Q. 
Gates Aubyne H. attendant, Worcester Lu- 
natic Hospital, Belmont, bds. do. 
Gates Augustus S. carpenter, house Florence 

near Maywood 






Gates A. Frank, beef, 107 Front, h. Planta- 
tion cor. Belmont [Elm 
Gates Betsey W. widow of John, house 81 
Gates Charles, batcher, honse 9 Carlton 
Gates Charles A. honse MiUbury, Q. 
Gates Charles B. (John Gates' Sons), 179 

UnloD, house 81 Elm 
Gates Charles H. grocer, Mlllbury, Quinsig. 
h. opp. do. [Grand st. pi. 

Gates Charles H. snpt. 42 Gardner, house 4 
Gates Charles L. (N. G. Burbank & Co,), 1 
Allen ct. house 2 Alden [b. do. 

Gates Charles T. harness cleaner, 10 Sever, 
Gates Daniel C. house 28 Crown 
Gates Dulcena C. widow of Henry, house 49 
Bowdoin [bridge 

Gates Eklgar 11. wire drawer, b. 518 South- 
Gates £dward B. salesman, bds. 28 Crown 
Gates Bdwin L. supt. Worcester Wire Co. h. 
513 Southbridge [Portland 

Gates Emma D. bookkeeper, 317 Main, b. 4 
Gates Emma L. married to Alexander 
StewflSrt [ton 

Gates Etta, artist, 845 Main, b. 48 Welling- 
Gates Frank, carpenter, boards 86 Green 
Gates Frank B. clerk, 128 Chandler, bds. 69 

Gates Franklin A. driver, h. Illinois c. Grand 
Gates Frederick L. stable, 1 Sever, house 
20 So. Russell 

GATES FBEDEBICK 8. stair builder, 172 
Union, bds. 84 Orange. — Seepage 579 
Gates Creorge A. lumber, 179 Union, house 

31 Lincoln 
Gates George W. rem'd to Philadelphia, Pa. 
Gates Hannah, widow of Asa, honse Mill, 

Tatouck [bds. 29 Harvard 

Gales Harriet Miss, copyist, Court House, 
Gates Harvlin T. farmer, house Gates lane 
Gates Battle G. teacher, Edge worth street 

school, boards 81 Lincoln 
Gates Horatio, pattern maker, r. 19 Church, 

boards 15 Clinton 
Gates Jerome W. hulled corn, h. 42 Cutler 

0ATE8 JOHN'S SONS (C, B. Gates), lum- 
ber dealers, 179 VnXon.-^See under Cal- 
Gates John B. medicine, 81 Elm, bds. do. 
Gates Joseph, shoemaker, Mlllbury, Quin- 

sigamond, house do. 
Gates Joshua E. razor-strop maker, 128 

Chandler, house 69 Piedmont 
Gates Julia M. housekeeper, h. 26 Wachusett 
Gates Larkiu N. house 800 Main 
Gates Leonard, batcher, house Pleasant n. 
Hadwen lane [opp. do. 

Gates Lilla F. bookkeeper, Millbury, Q. bds. 
Gates Margaret, married to Charles H. Hall 
Gates Maria, widow of Ephralm, b. 2 Allen 
Gates Maria M. widow of Samuel F. house 

Plantation n. Belmont 
Gates Mary, finisher, 897 Main, b. 48 ^Vell- 
Ington [Tatnuclc 

Gates Nathaniel P. farmer, house Pleasant, 
Gates Otis A. gardener, b. at Leonard Gates' 
Gates Robert E. salesman, 128 Chandler, b. 

69 Piedmont 
Gates Samuel W« car inspector, h. 8 Kilby 

Gates Sarah A. clerk, bds. 26 Wachusett 
Gates Sarah A. widow of Thomas, house 8 

Gates Sarah N. B. widow of David B. bds. 

Gates lane n. Mill [chusett 

Gates Simeon D. wireworker, house 26 Wa- * 
Gates Walter, salesman, 87 Summer, house 

30 Providence 
Gates William, boards 1049 Main 

GATES WILLIAM H. lawyer, 2 Chapln 
block, bds. 800 Malu.^^«e pa^e 501 
Gaucher Calls, carpenter, house 274 South- 
bridge [b. 4 Canal 
Gaucher DesirSe, honey, 1 Washington sq. 
Gaucher Mary, boarding-house, 4 Canal 
Gauchct Joseph, carpenter, h. 38 Laraartlne 
Gaudette J. B. Hector, bootmaker, 108 

Front, boards 140 Southbridge 
Gaudette Napoleon, bootmaker, 108 Front, 

house 84 Lamartlne 
Gaulin Francis, laborer, boards 29 Wall 
Gaulin George, currier, house 29 Wall 
Gaunt Henry, supt. Wicks Manuf. Co. 548 

Southbrldgef house 265 Cambridge 
Gaunt James, machinist, 186 Union, house 

16 Crompton 
Gauren Bernard, farmer, house 23 Orchard 
Gauren Mary A. teacher, Summer st. school, 

boards 23 Orchard 
Gaut A. L. removed from city 
Gauthier Alexander, blacksmith, 11 Cypress, 

house rear 16 do. 
Gauthier Arthur, painter, boards 21 Spring 
Gauthier Charles, carpenter, h. 20 Temple 
Gauthier Gaspard, machinist, 122 Gold, h. 7 

Lodl [Lunelle 

Gauthier Victor, helper, 68 Hermoh, h. 17 
Gavett Edward, conductor, N. & W. R. R. 

boards at Norwich, Conn. 
Gavin James, laborer, boards 1 Kansas 
Gavin John, laborer, house 18 Prescott pi. 
Gavin Patrick, wire drawer, house 1 Kansas 
Gay Alice D. clerk, bds. 6 Chatham [h. do. 
Gay Anna L. Mrs. dressmaker, 14 Maple, 
Gay Calvin, h. 14 Maple [Portland 

Gay Chas. D. stenographer, 48 Park, h. 64 
Gay Elizabeth S. Mrs. boards 60 Elm 
Gay George E. miller, 82 Southbridge, bds. 

61 do. [Prospect 

Gay Geo rg] anna, tailoress, 203 Main, bds. 35 
Gay Josiah, farmer, City Farm, boards do. 
Gay Nellie A. cleric, boards 6 Chatham 
Gay Patrick, woodworker, 100 Prescott, h. 

59 Black.stone 
Gay Timothy E. boot cutter, house 2 Valley 
Gay William H. (Gay & Hood), 41 Waldo, b. 

Waldo House 

GAY & HOOD r W. B. Gay and H. F, Hood), 
flour, grain and hay, 41 Waldo. — See 

page 548 
Gaynor Alexander H. waiter, Lincoln House, 

boards do. 
Gaynor James, peddler, house 6 Blake 
Gearen Katie, tobacco stripper, b. 31 Spring 
Gearen Patrick, blacksmith, Southbridge 

opp. Hammond, h. 892 Southbridge 
Gear in Michael, machinist, 54 Jackson, bds. 

133 Southbridge 



68 JACKHOir 8T. cor. 80UTSBBI1>GE. 



Gearon Dennis, laborer, bouse 2 Milk 
Gearon Dennis, Jr. laborer, boards 2 Milk 
Geary Edward, tobacconist, b. 368^ Main 
Geary Ellen, stitcber, boards 19 Queen 
Geary James F. coacbman, 10 Asbland, bds. 

15 Irving [65 King 

Geary Jobn J. bootmaker, 9 Barton pi. b. 
Geary Margaret M. teacber, Ledge street 

scbool, boards 65 Kinp: [Grafton 

Geary Mary, widow of Tbomas, bouse 88 
Geary Mary, widow of Jobn, bds. 65 King 
Geary Tbomas, bottler, 86 Sontbbridge, b. 

95 Park [b. 12 Burt 

Geary William, moulder, 68 Wasbington sq. 
Geary William J. bootmaker, 9 Barton pi. b. 

65 King [Layard pi. 

Gee Edward, bostler, 85 Central, bouse 14 
Gee Lucinda, boards 24 Coral 
Geer Frank J. wire banger, b. 59 Summer 
Geer George A. clerk, 885 Main, boards 146 

Pleasant [Piedmont 

Geer Henrietta, widow of George, bouse 78 
Geer H. Gertrude, cashier, b. 78 Piedmont 
Geer Walter E. student, 476 Main, bds. 78 

Piedmont [Uolden 

Geeser Cbarles P. farmer, bouse Brattle n. 
Geezer James A. blacksmitb, 100 Prescott, 

bouse at Ayer Junction 
Geiger George, provisions, 20 Tbomas, b. 

41 Market [son 

Geintner Cbarles L. salesman, bds. 5 Hud- 
Geiutner Rudolpb, boot bottomer, 60 King, 

house 5 HudsoQ 
Geldert Edward B. rem'd to Dayton, Ohio 
Geldert Leonard D. rem'd to Dayton, Ohio 
Gelinas A. Felix, ticket agent, 51 Washing- 
ton square, boards 15 Myrtle 
Gelinas Joseph, carpenter, b. 18 Lafayette 
Gelinas Luc, carpenter, house 18 Lafayette 
Gendron Alpbonse, bootmaker, Hamilton, 

h. 58 Wall [h. do. 

Gendron Joseph E. physician, 86 Trumbull, 
Gendron Joseph T. carpenter, 22 Cypress, 

house Grand cor. Carson court 
Gendron Narcisse, currier, 82 Hermon, b. 91 

Gendron Peter, carpenter, house 58 Wall 
Geneau Clephas, tailor, boards 9 Salem 
Genin Claude, machinist, 199 Chandler, bds. 

27 Mason [n. Lyon 

Genin John B. machinist, b. E. Worcester 
Genin Rosanna, boards 20 Spruce [Park 
Gentry Edward, engraver, 852 Main, bds. 71 
George Austin W. removed to Farley, Vt. 
George Carrie A. principal South Worcester 

school, b. 5 Irving [111 Main 

George N. Albert, conductor, 15 Market, b. 
Geras:hty Thomas P. porter, 827 Main, b. 1 

Geranson Charles, blacksmith, 44 Central, 

h. 88 Hanover 

and midwife, 5 Bigelow court, house do. 
— See page 508 
Germain Alft'ed, removed to Canada 
Germain Frank, mason, house Southgate n. 

Germain Frank, driver, boards 115 Main 

Germain Henry, carpenter, 57 Jackson, b. 

Germain Hercule, carpenter, h. S2 Liberty 
German Alexander, driver, bds. 5 Curtis 
German Frank, laborer, house 19 Lake 
German Henry, mason, bouse 2 Curtis 
German John, mason, bouse 19 Lake 
German Joseph, teamster, Lafayette cor. 

Quinsigamond ave. house 106 Lafayette 
German Samuel, removed to Canada 
Gernhardt Edward F. machinist, 100 Pres- 
cott, boards 24 Pink 
Gernhardt Joseph, machinist, h. 24 Pink 
Gernhardt Joseph H. removed to Norwicli» 

Conn. [Coes sq. 

Gero Frank H. driver, bds. Lakeside ave. n. 
Geronard Simon, removed ft-om citj 
Gerould Dolly A. widow of James H. house 

rear 1st Unitarian church 
Geroux John B. blacksmith, 84 Prescott, b. 

20 Central [Central 

Geroux Louis, boot bottomer, boards 20 
Geroux Napoleon, helper, 84 Prescott. h. 99 

Madison [Central 

Geroux Pauline, widow of Antalne, bds. 20 
Gerrety Charles, currier, house 29 Cutler 
Gerrity James, clerk, 208 Front, bds. 5 Mul- 
berry court [6 Mulberry ct. 
Gerrity Michael, pawnbroker, 203 Front, h. 
Gervais Frank, carpenter, h. 48 Norfolk 
G^rvais Joseph, brakeman, B. & A. R. R* b. 

81 Suffolk 
Gervais Louis, tailor, 509 Main, bouse do. 
Gesselberg Aaron, armorer, 44 Central, bds. 

209 Main 
Gessner David, press manuf. h. 976 Main 
Gettings James, wire finisher, h. Edgewortb 

c. Whittier 
Gettings Michael, weigher, boards r. Mill- 
bury n. R. R., Q. 
Gettings Patrick, laborer, 52 Jackson, bouse 

15 Lafayette [h. 45 Grand 

Gevrie Ephraim, laborer, Hammond n. R. R> 
Ghegen James, laborer, bouse Sutton lane 

n. Sutton road [n. Sutton road 

Ghegen Joseph, spinner, boards Sutton lane 
Giard Alexis, shoemaker, 108 Front, house 

64 Lafayette [bridge 

Giard Alfk-ed, solecutter, boards 121 South- 
Giard Alpbonse, machinist, 199 Chandler, b. 

165 Austin [cbanic, b. 5 Pond 

Giard Frank COiard A MorHseUe), 22 Me- 
Giard Napoleon, clerk, 22 Mechanic, boards 

5 Pond 
Giard Saul S. cutter, 68 High, h. 101 Greenr 
Giard Zoe, widow of Joseph, h. 5 Pond 
Giard & Morrisette (F. Giard and J. H. Mor- 

risette), billiards, 22 Mechanic 
Gibb Susan S. Mrs. nurse, h. 49 Scbool 
Gibbins Jobn, grinder, 18 Coes, boards r. 6S 

Camp [r. 56 Camp 

Gibbins Patrick, blacksmitb, 18 Coes, bds. 
Gibbon John, ft-eight agent, b. 58 Pleasant 
Gibbons Barnard J. removed ft*om city 
Gibbons Frank B. wireworker, b. 80 Market- 
Gibbons John, paver, bouse 95 Madison 
Gibbons Katie, clerk, bds. 27 Bartlett place 
Gibbons Mary Mrs. boards 2 Temple st. cU 






Gibbons Mary, widow of James, house r. 66 

Gibbons Michael J. removed fi'om city 
Gibbons Patrick, mason, h. 2 Temple st. ct. 
Glbbs I>alphon L. machinist, 22 Cypress, h. 
21 Glen [4 Orchard 

Gibbs Delight W. widow of Joseph S. hoase 
Gibbs Eiyah, cleric, bonse 24 Florence 
Glbbs BUen Mrs. wireworker, 209 Main 
Glbbs George E. driver, house 4 Orchard 
Glbbs George W. removed to Spencer 
Glbbs Ivers, pattern maker, 57 Jackson, h. 

18 "VTalnut 
Gibbs John P. sawyer, boards 18 Walnnt 
Glbbs Lfonisa P. Mrs. boards 18 Crown 
Glbbs Mary E. widow of Tyler, house rear 
1st Unitarian Church [ Leicester 

Gibree Thomas, mason, bonse Ludlow cor. 
Gibson Anna, widow of George, boards 20 

Gibson Charles A. lather, bds. 95 Chandler 
Gibson Edward G. clerk, 187 Front, boards 

95 Chandler 
Gibson George M. attendant, Worcester Lu- 
natic Hospital, Belmont, b. do. 
Gibson Isaac J. painter, r. 64 Thomas, honse 
95 Cbandler [Grafton 

Gibson James, bootfltter, Hamilton, b. 119 
Gibson James H. machinist, 54 Jackson, h. 

119 Grafton 
Gibson John, masic teacher, honse 7 Maple 
Gibson John Mrs. dressmaker, 7 Maple, h. 
do. [Wood sq. 

Gibson Loren, clerk, 214 Front, house 9 
Gibson Minnie A. copyist, Coart House, b. 
95 Chandler [h. 21 Harrison 

Gibson Mory J. boot bottomer, 1 1 Water, 
Gibson Peter, laborer, 91 Foster 
Gibson Kobert, rem'd to Minneapolis, Minn. 
Gibson William, laborer, 99 Foster, bds. 27 

Gibson William, laborer, house 29 Abbott 
Giddings Alice W. teacher, Dix st. school, 

bds. 42 William 
Qiddings Isaac W. clerk. Evening Gazette, 

890 Main, house 1 Dudley pi. 
Giddings 8. M. widow, boards 103 Pleasant 
Gidney J. Wallace, wireworker, h. 16 Carroll 
Qifford Albert L. removed to New York' city 
Gifford Albert W., Wore. Machine Screw 

Co. 75 Beacon, house 9 Benefit 
Gilford A. W. & Co. (E. B. DoUiverj, hard- 
ware mannfs. 75 Beacon 
Gifford Geo. D. clerk, 827 Main, h. 4 West 
Gifford Silas B. machinist, 75 Beacon, house 

141 do. 
Gigaolt Charles, died Dec. 14, 1888 
Giguere George carriage maker, 107 Union, 
li. 134 Mechanic [h. 154 Mechanic 

Giguere John, wheelwright, rear 64 Thomas, 
Giguere Joseph, brickmaker, bds. r. Norfolk 
D. Ascension [ter, h. 17 Hacker 

Giguere Joseph, carriage maker, 17 N. Fos- 
Qigaere Joseph O. shoemaker, 10 Mulberry, 
house 96 Bloomingdale [ingdale 

Giguere Louis, laster, 68 High, h. Bloom- 
Gilbert Charles, carpenter, house 10 Bloom- 
ingdale ct. 

Gilbert Charles L. clerk, 195 Front, boards 

16 Mechanic 
Gilbert Charles W., Gilbert Loom Co. 88 N. 

Foster, h. 78 Hanover [b. 78 Hanover 
Gilbert C. Walter, ticket clerk. Union depot, 
Gilbert David W. driver, 8 Foster, house 85 

Austin [b. 6 Newbury 

Gilbert Francis E. woodworker, 5 Sargent, 
Gilbert Fred. W. clerk, 546 Main, bds. 108 

Austin [26 Coral 

Gilbert George P. driver, 162 Front, house 
Gilbert Jacob, tailor, 288 Main, h. 18 Layard 

Gilbert John A. removed to Denver, Col. 
Gilbert John C. machinist, 70 School, house 

81 Oak av. [honse 82 Chatham 

Gilbert Joseph A. pattern maker, 178 Union, 
Gilbert Joseph H. driver, 151 Front, boards 

2 Orchard 

GILBERT LOOM CO. loom manufs. 88 N. 
Foster. — Seepage 644 
Gilbert Orson, carpenter, b. 11 Leicester 
Gilbert Perrigrine B. pattern maker, house 

45 Chatham [48 Cutler 

Gilbert Sophus, moulder, 92 Thomas, house 
Gilbert Walter H. moulding maker, 10 East 

Worcester, h. 40 Providence 
Gilbert Xavier, removed to Chicopee 
Gilbride Frank, boot treer, 82 Austin, bds. 

52 Green 
Gilbride Mary Mrs. second-hand clothing, 

76 Southbridge, h. do. 
Gilbride Patrick, boot treer, h. 11 Conlin 

court [Queen 

Gilchrist Catherine M. J. stitcher, bds. 19 
Gilchrist James, died April 7, 1883, age 40 
Gilchrist Mary, widow of James, house 8 

Nashua [h. 29 Ward 

Gilcrist Thomas, laborer, 149 Washington, 
Gilda James, laborer, honse 17 Lafayette 
Gile William A. lawyer, 425 Main, house 185 

Pleasant [chanic 

Giles Fred. O. clerk, 424 Main, bds. 16 Me- 
Qilcs James H. waiter, house 811 Main 
Giles Samuel J. machinist, Brussels, house 

9 Cheever 
Gllfillan John, removed to Scotland 
Gilflllan Joseph, tailor, 410 Main, house 8 

Boyle's court 
Gllfillan Lucius £. peddler, h. 161 Chandler 
Gllfoyle James, laborer, house 11 Burt 
Gllgan Frank, stove blacker, 458 Main, bds. 

125 Summer 
Gilgan James, wireworker, h. 5 Garden 
Gilgan John H. wireworker, h. 7 Nashua 
Gllgan Patrick, laborer, h. 125 Summer 
Gilhooly Andrew, laborer, h. r. 28 Briden 
Gilhooly Thomas, laborer, 196 Union, bds. 

21 Tremont 
Gill Ann, widow of Mark, boards at E. Had- 

wen's, Hadwen lane [20 Water 

Gill Austin W. canvasser, 184 Main, boards 
Gill Bridget, widow of Peter, h. 4 Nashua 
Gill Charles S. finisher, 25 Union, boards 42 

Gill George P. carpenter, house 87 Highland 
Gill James, wireworker, house 51 North 
Gill Lois, house 51 North 


ALL DTBECTORTES publUhed in the 

United HtaieB furnimhed at Publiehen' Bolef* 



Gill Mary A. widow of Jonathan, hon^c 8 

Lowell [Wellington 

Gill Sarah, widow of George W. house 82 
Gill Sophia Mrs. cook, 47 Mechanic 
Gill Theodore B. machinist, 81 Hermon, b. 

89 Salem 
Gill Thomas, boot treer, house 87 Highland 
GiUan Hannah D. laundress, h. 6f> John 
Gillchrisc Owen, diemaker, h. r. 84 Ward 
Gillchrlst, see Gilchrist and Gilcrist 
Gillespie Agnes £. stitcher, b. 27 Chandler 
Gillespie John, removed to Elizabeth, N. J. 
Gilliard Helen S. P. widow of Jacob D. h. 

48 Highland 
Gilliatt Thomas, carpenter, b. 9 Ilcrmon 
Gillick James, wire cleaner, h. 87 Orient 
GiUigan John, mason, h. 2 Cambridge place 
Gilligan Patrick, blacker, bds. Steamer No. 

8, Prescott 
Gillis Elizabeth, tailoress, bds. 182 Front 
Gillis Neil J. at Asylum Chronic Insane, 

Summer, boards do. 
GlUmore Bros. (J, M. and G. W. Gfillmore), 

photographers, 204 Front 
Glllmore Edwin B. coremaker, 65 Jackson, 

house 25 Piedmont 
Glllmore George W. fGaimore Bros,), 20i 

Front, house 52 Providence 
Glllmore Henry R. stitcher, h. 590 Main 
Glllmore James, laborer, house 18 Larkin 
Gillmore James M. (Gillmore Bros. J ^ 204 

Front, house 48 Coral 
Gillmore Sarah E. Mrs. h. 22 Wyoming site 
Gillmore William, removed from city 
Gillmore William, machinist, 110 Green, h. 

182 Washington [terbury 

Gilloley Bridget, widow of John, b. 84 Can- 
Gillooley James, spinner, bds. 47 Southgate 
Gillooly Mary, domestic, bds. 15 Bridge 
Gilloran Michael, butcher, Putnam lane, b. 

25 Winter 
Gillaley Ellen, house 188 Southbrldge 
Gilman Albert D. machinist, 25 Union, bds. 

146 West 

GILMAN ALBERT L. carriage maker and 
blacksmith, 101 Union, h. 192 Lincoln.— 

See page 571 [b. 8 Austin 

Gilman Chandler G. blacksmith, 101 Union, 
Gilman Charles A. removed f^om city 
Gilman Frank E. driver, 86 Park, boards 85 

Salem [58 Woodland 

Gilman John & Co. real estate, 12 Front, h. 
Gilman Mary P. widow of Franklin, boards 

19 Crown 

GILMAN MOSES D* confectionery manuf. 
207 Main, h. 45 Prospect. — See page 541 
Gilman William F. dentist, 838 Main, house 

19 Crown 
Gilmartin John, wlreworker, bds. 79 Main 
Gilmore Caroline R. widow of Henry, bds. 

Salisbury n. Forest [boards do. 

Gilmore Carrie N. dressmaker, 15 Lancaster, 
Gilmore George A. died June 7, 1883 
Gilmore John, fireman, 167 Union, house 5 

Brown [899 Southbrldge 

Gilmore John C. laborer at gasworks, house 
Gilmore Susan B. boards 71 Washington 
Gilooly Miles, laborer, boards 79 Main 

Gilooly Wni. wool sorter, Pakachoag Mill, 

bds. 12 Crompton 
Gllrain John J. clerk, 858 Main, b. 86 WlDter 
Gilrain Mary, widow of Terence, house 86 

Gilrain Mary E. domestic, 31 Trambnll 
Gil ruin Michael, laborer, 242 Shrewsbory, 

house 1 15 East Central 
Gilrain Owen, laborer, 242 Shrewsbarr, bda. 

1 15 E. Central [79 Market 

Gilrain Patrick, machinist, 73 School, house 
Gilrain Patrick, laborer, b. 160 Prescott 
Gilro Michael, coupler, bds. 14 Cherry 
Gilson Eleazer, pattern maker, h. 9 Shepard 
Gimby Edward B. hairdresser, 81 ^V'ashiDg- 

ton sq. house 51 North Ashland 
Gimby Henry E. hairdresser, 81 Washinir- 

ington sq. bds. 51 North Ashland 
Gingras Victor, bootmaker, 60 KId^, b. 36 

Ginn Percival M. foreman, 10 E. Worcester, 

h. 47 Kingsbury 
Glnnie Timothy, laborer, h. r. 16 Cypress 
Glrard Alexander, boot bottomer, h. 64 La- 
fayette [n. Ascension 
Girard Hubert, brlckroaker, h. r. Norfolk 
Glrard Mitchell, house 92 Lamartine 
Glrard Oneslme, carpenter, h. 82 Wall 
Girard Oneslme, jr. rem'd to Fayvllle [son 
Girard Phllimene, married to Timothy Hud- 
Glrardln Adrien D. salesman, 827 Miain, h. 

1 Belknap 
Glrardln Albert S. bootmaker, h. 5 Grace 
Glrardln Albert S. Mrs. dressmaker, 5 Grace, 

house do. [10 George 

Gird Adeline A. widow of Joseph W. boards 
Gird Elizabeth L widow of Henry H. house 

145 Summer [Fruit 

Glrouard Harriet, widow of Flavin, h. 15 
Glrouard Mlsael, rem*d to Canada 
Glroux John, bootmaker, 9 Barton place, b. 

7 Central [R. R. h. 18 Foyle 

Glroux John B. machinist, Hammond near 
Glsman Rosle, dressmaker, b. 3 Spring 
Glus James, laborer, h. 7 E. Worcester pi. 
Given William, harness maker, 228 Main, b. 

301 do. 
Glvens Mary Mrs. boards 8 Water 
Gladwin George R. professor, Worcester 

Free Institute, and studio, 877 Main, h. 

16 Harvard 
Glancy Martin, bricklayer, b. 71 Canterbury 
Glancy Mary, clerk, 96 Front, b. 85 Summer 
Glasgo Thread Co. thread manuf. 82 Foster 
Glasgow Catharine, widow of William M. h. 

181 Salem [Lincoln House 

Glasgow Edward B. lawyer, 10 Pearl, bds. 
Glaven Daniel, laborer, h. 223 Mechanic 
Glaven Dennis, laborer, W., N. & R. R. R. 

freight house, bds. 48 Hanover 
Glavln Jeremiah, laborer, 77 Foster, h. 4 

Harrison [Harrison 

Glavin Jeremiah, machinist, 62 Jackson, b. 4 
Glavln John D. tuner, bds. 4 Harrison 
Glavin Patrick, music teacher, 4 Harrison, 

bds. do. [North 

Glazier Almlra J. widow of John, house 88 
Glazier Elmer L. rem*d to Boston 






Glazier Henry, farmer, Ms. 66 Salisbury 

Gleason Alonzo A. driver, h. 6 Bennett ct. 

Gleason Charles M. farmer, h. Nelson place 

Gleason IDaniel, hostler, 12 Trumbull, b. 57 

Franklin [h. 16 Harrison 

Gleason David, engineer, 149 Washington, 

Gleason Dollie, widow of Philander, house 

Salisbury near Moreland [Richards 

Gleason £dwin, clerk, 446 Main, house 15 

Gleason Bdwin A. upholsterer, 21 Grafton, 

b. 46 Lincoln [ton 

Gleason Sllen, widow of David, b. 35 Graf- 

Gleason £roscho S. teamster, 101 Front, h. 

3 Riedl pi. [n. Brooks 

Gleason Franklin C. milkman, bds. Ararat 

Gleason Frederic A. rem*d to Fitchburg 

GleaAon Frederick F. clerk, 28 Manchester, 

b. 15 Richards [39 Lincoln 

Gleason George H. upholsterer, 227 Main, h. 

Gleason Harris, brakeman, b. 161 Summer 

Gleason Hubert, rem'd from city [Grove 

Gleason Ida M. dressmaker, b. Nelson pi. n. 

Gleason James, laborer, bds. 124 Mechanic 

Gleason James, laborer, 60 Bloomingdale, 

house 18 Groton place [Milk 

Gleason James D. painter, 21 Grafton, h. 9 

Gleason Jedidiah F. steamfltter, 30 Foster, 

boards 28 Lincoln sq. [58 Franklin 

Gleason Johanna, widow of Daniel, house 

Gleason John, driver, 82 Green, house 8 

Norfolk [h. 229 Front 

Gleason John F. coremaker, 65 Jackson, 

Gleason John H. wire packer, h. 85 Highland 

Gleason John H. woodworker, 171 Union, h. 

55 Myrtle 
Gleason Joseph H. carpenter, h. 1 1 Winslow 
Gleason Lucy R. boards Salisbury n. More- 
land [Ararat n. Brooks 
Gleason Mary A. widow of Benjamin F. h. 
Gleason Maurice, laborer, b. 8 Norfolk 
Gleason Michael, laborer, b. 8 Norfolk 
Gleason S. Sophia, widow of Charles C. h. 
5 Blgelow ct. [ington 
Gleason Thomas, shoemaker, h. 171 Wash- 
Gleason Thomas, painter, house 72 Water 
Gleason Walter F. milkman, b. Ararat n. 
Brooks [n. Grove 
Gleason William F. farmer, house Nelson pi. 
Glenn Michael, laborer, h. 80 Lafayette 
Glenn Patrick, laborer, b. Millbury n.R.R.,Q. 
Glennan John J. rem'd to Auburn 
Glcnnin Catharine £. weaver, boards 7 £. 

Worcester pi. 
Glennin Ellen, widow of Bernard, house 7 
£. Worcester place [cester pi. 

Glennin Ellen S. weaver, boards 7 E. Wor- 
Glennln Mary T. b. Grove c. Holden 
Glidden James O. rem'd to Springfield 
Glinnen Elizabeth, widow of Patrick, bds. 
69 Beacon [Beacon 

Glinnen John F. casemaker, 9 May, house 69 
Glinnen Lucius, casemaker, 54 Hermon, b. 

69 Beacon 
Glitting Frank E. conductor, W. & S. R. R. 

h. Alvarado av. n. W. & S. R. R. 
Glover Alma, bds. 76 Portland 
Glynn Charles, wire drawer, h. 161 Grove 
Glynn John, bootmaker, 60 King, b. 55 do. 

Glynn John, shoemaker, 154 Front, bds. 8 

Glynn John, blacksmith, 37 Market, b. 74 do. 
Glynn Michael, laborer, 65 Jackson, bds. 80 

Lafayette [h. 8 Henry 

Glynn Mortimer, shoemaker, 154 Front, 
Glynn Patrick, laborer, house 9 Larkln 
Godair Jerome, mason, house 60 Lamartine 
Godbout Arthur, boot bottomer, 82 Austin, 

house 100 Lamartine [26 Langdon 

Godbout Joseph T. armorer, 42 Gardner, h. 
Goddard Abigail, house 58 Mill 
Goddard Alice, teacher, high school, boards 

493 Southbridge 
Goddard Asa, machinist, house 3 Clifton 
Goddard A»a H. chairmaker, b. 68 Hanover 
Goddard Benjamin, boards 11 Blossom 

Goddard J, coal dealers, 68 Jackson, h. 

at Charlton. — See foot lines under G 
Goddard Calvin L. machinist, 23 Webster, 

boards 1059 Main 
Goddard Charles A. clerk, 588 Main, house 

84 High [80 Austin, h. 88 Irving 

Goddard Chas. 8. (Goddard, Fay A Stone), 
Goddard Daniel, house 84 High 
Goddard Dorra^ce S. removed to Spencer 
Goddard Dwlght, removed to Holyoke 
Goddard D. Berkley, carpenter, house 306 

Park avenue [21 Hawley 

Goddard Edwin N. cutter, 82 Austin, house 
Goddard Ella E. teacher, Winslow st. school, 

boards 806 Park avenue 
Goddard, Fay & Ston^ (Charles S. Goddard, 

Wintkrop B, Fay and Arthur M. Stone), 

boot man n Hi. 80 Austin 
Goddard Frank C. removed from city 
Goddard Frank H. ticket clerk. Union depot, 

boards 4 Portland 
Goddard Frank W. bookkeeper, 80 Austin, 

b. 88 Irving 
Goddard George A. cutter, 82 Austin, bds. 

88 Irving [12 Catharine 

Goddard Henry, foreman. 94 Grove, house 
Goddard Isaac Mrs. boards 28 Cedar 
Goddard John, bakery, 59 Washington sq. 

house do. [514 Main 

Goddard John E. puncher, 11 Cypress, bds. 
Goddard Joslah, farmer, house Chester near 

Winter Hill [Hi Bellevue 

Goddard Leander, shoemaker, 148 Front, h. 
Goddard Lucius P. printer, 425 Main, house 

40 West [Jackson, b. 4 Portland 

Goddard Luther (B, F, Goddard A Son), 68 
Goddard Luther (P. A. Thompson A Co.), 

557 Miln, house 156 Beacon 
Goddard Luther D. advertising blotters, 341 

Main, house 50 High 
Goddard M. Rosalie, teacher. Woodland st. 

Hchool, bds. 306 Park avenue 
Goddard Nahum P. removed to Boston 
Goddard Nellie Mrs. bds. 12 Franklin 
Goddard Samuel B. I. lawyer, 245 Main, h. 

110 Thomas [Granite n. city line 

Goddard Sextus P. real estate, 28 Pearl, h. 
Goddard Silas W., Cleveland Machine 

Works, 54 Jackson, house 6 Oread 
Goddard Sylvia, house 53 Mill 

. Tt aUUiFAuU <K OUDI^ 6« JACKBON st. cor. BOUTSBBIl>GE, 



Goddard William £. baker, 40 Soutbbridge, 

house Grafton beyond Plantation 
Goddo Israel, machinist, 161 Union, house 

rear 60 Salem 
Goddu Joseph, removed to Southbridge 
Grod6re Joseph N. removed to St. Hyacinthe, 

Canada [66 do. 

Godfrey Berthe, pressman, 187 Front, bds. 
Godfrey Madison G. cooper, Putnam lane, 

house Shrewsbury corner Marshall 
Godfrey Thomas, clerk, Waldo House, b. do. 

GODINSKI JACOB & CO. dry and fancy 
goods, 848 Main, house 7 Charlton. — See 

page 525 
Godinski Samuel, peddler, h. 27 Piedmont 
Godoin Arthur, skatemaker, 81 Mulberry, h. 

10 Franklin [Md. 

Goeding Francis B. removed to Woodstock, 
Goen Charles, carpenter, h. 161 Chandler 
Goff Frank B. canvasser, 8 Washington sq. 

bds. Southbridge near Main 
Goflfe Charles N. machinist, 122 Gold, house 

65 Orange [Orange 

GofTe Laura A. widow of David E. house 65 
Goggin David, painter, h. 89 Washington 
Goggin Delia, widow of Patrick, h. 24 Ward 

GOGGIN EDWARD F. pictures, frames, 
&c. 836 Main, house 60 HarTison.—See 

page 518 
Goggin James H. clerk, 16 Foster, house 818 

Park avenue [22 Charles 

Goggin Margaret, widow of Pliny, h. rear 
Goggin Thomas, painter, bds. 24 Ward 
Golbert Robert L. (S, Mawhinney db Co,), 19 

Church, house 96 Elm 
Goldberg Elizabeth, house 19 Yine 
Goldberg Michael (Goldberg dt Simmons J j 19 

Vine, bds. do. 
Goldberg Samuel (Goldberg <ft Simmons J, 19 

Vine, bds. do. 
Goldberg Simon, rem'd to New York city 
Goldberg & Simmons fS, and M. Goldberg 

and J. Simmons), dry goods, 19 Vine 
Golden John J. gardener, house 46 John 
Goldman Simon, peddler, b. 9 Winter st. ct. 
Goldsmith Nathan, clothing, boards Waldo 

House [street court 

Goldstein Barnard, peddler, boards 9 Winter 
Goldstein Simon, peddler, b. 424 Southbridge 
Gomant John, laborer, 149 Washington, h. 

9 Lunelle [18 Grand st. ct. 

Gondoens Ellen, widow of John, house 
Gong Chung, laundry, 289 Front, bds. do. 
Gonyeo Benjamin, chairmakcr, 15 Union, b. 

86 Kendall [65 Grove 

Goodale Alice E. widow of Daniel R. house 
Goode William H. miller, 87 Gold, house 62 

Southbridge [Austin 

Goodell Benjamin H. machinist, house 209 
Goodell Emily F. widow of Norman H. bds. 

7 Bowdoin [Main, h. 84 May 

Goodell John B. (Duncan^ Goodell d Co.), 404 
Goodell John M. boards 88 Elm 
Goodell L. Judson, machinist, h. 25 Cutler 
Goodell Wm. H. (Bvffington & Goodell), 100 

Front, bds. 4 Portland 
Goodhue John M. teacher, Highland Military 

Academy, house 56 Park avenue 

Gooding John, machinist, 84 Sonthbrid^e, 

house 19 Bowdoin [b. 15 Lancaster 

Goodman Edwin B.machinlsc,20 Manchester, 
Goodman Frank, removed Arom city 
Goodman John S. organ-reed maker, 26 

Union, house 46 Irving 
Goodman Sarah, house 5 Congress 
Groodney Charles, grinder, 1 Coes sq. h. 5 

Litchfield [119 Canterbury 

Goodney Charles A. laborer, 52 Jackson, h. 
Goodney Frank, bootmaker, b. 5 Litchfield 
Gk>odney Joseph D. sashmaker, 196 Union, 

house 119 Canterbury 
Goodney Nelson, filecatter, 10 Mill, b. Web- 
ster ct. [Webster ct. 
Goodney Peter, carpet duster, Curtis, house 
Goodney Solomon, galvanizer, bds. 5 Litch- 
field [Bank, 410 Main, h. 6 Oak 
Goodnow Edward A. prest. First National 
Goodnow George A. bootfitter, 103 Front, h. 

at Shrewsbury [mer 

Goodnow Joseph, board ing-honse, 195 Sooa- 
Goodnow Mary, fancy goods, 8 Spring, h. do. 
Goodnow Mary, widow of John, bds. City 

Poor Farm [Front 

Goodnow Rose, widow of George, bds. 211 
Goodnow William, boards 8 Chatham 
Goodnow William L. pattern maker, 56 Her- 

mon, boards 8 Chatham 
Goodrich Dexter L. switchman, B. & A R. 

R. freight yard, h. Plantation n. Thornc 
Goodrich Harriet, widow of Calvin G. bds* 

74 Elm 
Goodrich Harry C. rem*d to Chicago, 111. 
Goodrich Martha A. widow of Henry O. h. 

22 Maple 
Goodrich O. B. shoemaker, b. 18 Trumbull 
Goodrich Samuel, tailor. 286 Main, bds. 15 

Goodrich Sole Co. boot soles, 19 Church 
Goodrow Alexander, boot bottomer, 619 

Main, house 108 Lamartine 
Goodrow Alphonse, boot bottomer, 619 

Main, boards 108 Lamartine 
Goodspeed Edward B. foreman, house 88 

Washington [i«q. h. do. 

Goodspeed Helen A. physician, 14 Lincoln 
Goodwill Edgar S. engineer, W., N. & R.R. R. 

repair shop, house 11 Washington 
Goodwin Abby R. widow of William S. h. 

149 Chandler [h. 18 Clarksou 

Goodwin Alfred S. stair builder, 166 Union, 
Goodwin Benj. H. clerk, W., N. & R. R. R. 

ft'eight ofilce, house 161 Lincoln 
Goodwin Calvin L. turning, &c. 166 UnioD, 

h. 24 Clarkson [58 Cora] 

Goodwin Catherine N. widow of John L. b. 
Goodwin Charles, fruit, &c. Main n. City 

Hall, h. 58 Coral [62 Fountain 

Goodwin Charles, polisher, 44 Central, b. 
Goodwin Charles L. carpenter, b. 638 Main 
Goodwin C. Otis, physician, 10 Pearl, h. do. 
Goodwin Edward J. removed to Gardner 
Goodwin Edwin B. carriage painter, bds. 58 

Front [line 

Goodwin Edwin H. house Hope ave. n. city 
Goodwin Elliott B. carriage painter, bds. 58 







Good'w^lD Emma O. teacher. Lake View 

school, b. 149 CbaDdler 
Goodwin Frank £. boots and shoes, 582 

Main, house 143 Austin 
Goodwin Frank I. machinist, B., B. & G. R. 

R. repair shop, house 8 Auburn 
Goodw^in Frank T. clerk, 864 Main, bds. 4 
George [Austin 

Goodwin Frank W. hackman, boards 205 
Goodwin George F. clerk, boards 6 George 
Goodvrin Ira F. driver, b. 153 Southbridge 
Goodw^in Martha W. Miss, b. 116 Summer 
Goodwin 8. Foster H. clerk, 404 Main, b. 26 
ProTidence [George 

Goodw^ln Theodore F. machinist, house 6 
Goodwin Wells, hackman, house 205 Austin 
Groodyear Rubber Co. 294 Main 
€r5ran88on August, laborer, b. 38 Hanover 
G^ransfion Carl, blacksmith, h. 88 Hanover 
Goransson Otto, laborer, b. S8 Hanover 
Gordon Albert A. foreman, 110 Green, h. 40 
Richland [Conn. 

Gordon Arthur M. removed to Southington, 
Gordon Fred. M. hairdresser, 289 Maiu, b. 

11 Exchange 
Gordon George, clerk, 512 Main, b. 6 Salem 
Gordon George, hairdresser, 601 Main, bds. 
14 Cherry [94 E. Central 

Gordon John, blacksmith, r. 40 Exchange, h. 
Gordon John, shoemaker, house 548 Main 
Gordon Joseph, machinist, house 204 South- 
bridge [pital, Belmont, b. do. 
Gordon Lila J. matron, Wor. Lunatic Hos- 
Gordon Luthera Y. at Asylum Chronic In- 
sane, Summer, boards do. 
Gordon Lyman F. (Wyman A Gordon)^ 
Worcester Drop- Forging Works, Brad- 
ley, boards 40 Richland 
Gordon Orange S. bookkeeper, 480 Main, h. 
9 Lancaster [Southbridge 
Gordon Sarah, widow of Joseph, house 204 
Gore Alvin B. butcher, h. 2 Hudson st. ct. 
Gore Sarah B. widow of John, boards 82 

GORE WILLIAM) paver and railroad con- 
tractor, 9 Plymouth, house do. — See 

page 596 [b. Piedmont 

Gorguson John, reed-board maker, 9 May, 
Qorham Chas. L. & Co. music store, 454 

Main, h. 87 Pleasant [802 Main 

Gorham Frederick L. flour, 6 Green, boards 
Gorham Laura N. widow of Joseph W. bds. 

22 Kingsbury [North 

Gorhey Michael, laborer, h. Sigoumey near 
Gorley Charles, laborer, house 199 Millbury 
Gorman James, currier, 60 Bloomingdale, h. 

74 Wall 
Gorman John, laborer, house 49 Winter 
Gorman Joseph P. carver, 9 May, house 49 

Kingsbui7 [74 Wall 

Gorman Martin, laborer, 60 Bloomingdale, b. 
Gorman Michael, laborer, b. 8 Linwood pi. 
Gorman Michael J. removed to Framingham 
Gorman Thomas, laborer, house 28 Austin 
Gorman William, hostler, 18 Pear^ b. do. 
Gorman, see O'Gorman 
Gormley Patrick, nurseryman, 224 Main, h. 

Fremont cor. Cambridge 

Gorrow Joseph, shoe bottomer, 10 Mulberry 
Gorton Harry J. boot bottomer, 9 Barton 

Gosling Wm. rem'd to Newport, R. I. 
Goss Bridget, widow of Peter, h. 71 Madison 
Goss Brigham, farmer, house W. Boylston 

near Barber's crossing [h. do. 

Goss Fannie A. ( Oobs d HalleU) , 53 Pleasant, 
Goss Franklin M. machinist, h. 75 Thomas 
Goss Geo. F. helper, W., N. & R. R. R. re- 
pair shop, b. 75 Thomas 
Goss James, boards 75 Thomas [75 Thomas 
Goss James L. driver, 12 Lincoln sq. bds. 
Goss John, rem*d from city [Oxford 

Goss Mary S. widow of Samuel A. house 11 
Goss Thomas F. armorer, 65 Beacon, bds. 

71 Madison 
Goss William, farmer, house Upland 
Goss & Hallett (F, A, Ooss and S. A, HalleU), 

dressmakers, 53 Pleasant [Prescott 
Gouch Adam, teamster, 94 Grove, house 192 
Gouch Frederick, rem'd to Princeton [ct. . 
Goudreau Frank, laborer, h. 9 Bloomingdale 
Gough Herbert D. (Green d Goughjj 51 

Main, h. 22 Windsor 
Gou^h John B. h. Boylston beyond city line 
Gough Philip G. driver, h. 5 Sigoumey 
Gough Robert L. carder, b. 34 Chandler, 
Gough Thomas, teamster, 100 Prescott, h. 

8 Linwood pi. 
Gough Thomas, stonelayer, bds. 79 Main 
Gough Walter, weigher, b. 11 Greenwood 
Gough Wm. E. (Maynard, Gough db Co.), 187 

Front, h. 54 High [West 

Gould Aaron M. compositor, 442 Main, h. 88 
Gould Abram K. carpenter, house 14 Larch 
Gould Albert F. carpenter, 23 Webster, h. 

Ball cor. Baker 
Gould Alonzo J. building-mover, h. 8 Wayne 
Gould Austin K. physician, 161 Austin, h. do. 
Gould A. Wendell, compositor, 442 Main, 

bds. 38 West [h. 5 Belmont 

Gould Benjamin F. engineer, 20 Salisbury, 
Gould Benjamin T. engineer, 57 Jackson, b. 

37 Beacon 
Gould Chas. B. rem*d to Grafton 
Gould Charles F. lather, h. 89 Harrison 
Gould Charles F. moulder, h. 39 Salem 
Gould Charles M. sup't tannery, 60 Bloom- 
ingdale, house 52 Providence 
Gould Edward, sup*t, house near Leicester, 

V. F. 
Gould Elmira, widow of James, house 4S 

Beacon [15 Home 

Gould Fannie L. bookkeeper, 104 Front, bds. 
Gould Frank H. rem'd to Sterling Junction 
Gould Geo. H. clergyman, house 873 Main 
Gould Geo. M. baker, 166 Pleasant, b. 187 do. 
Gould Gilman N. clerk, 55 Main, h. 674 do. 
Gould Jesse W. carder, h. 7 Freeland 

GOULD JOHN W. dentist, Lincoln block, 
368i Main, h. 9 Maywood.— /S^e€paflre507 
Gould Joseph, fireman. Steamer f No. 2, Bea- 
con, bds. 84 Portland [Main 
Gould Lucetta, widow of Marvin, h. 597 
Gould Lucy F. widow of Ransom M. house 

7 Bowdoln 
Gould Lydla A. house 51 Lake 






Gould Manfred E. boot aider, GO King, h. 109 

Gonld Mark, clerg3rnian, h. 18 Townsend 
Gould Martha S. H. widow of Hiram, h. 57 

Gould Mary A. widow of Joseph, b. 61 Lake 
Gould Noyes B. machinist, 186 Union, b. 81 

Summer [9 Fruit 

Gould R. Homer, paperhanger, 284 Main, h. 
Gould Sophia A. widow of Geo. b. 674 Main 
Gould Susan W. widow of Moses, bds. rear 

18 School [91 Portland 

Gould Ulysses B. driver, 287 Front, boards 
Gould Wm. H. weaver, bds. 58 Southgate 
Gould Wm. M. died Mar. 10, 1888, age 57 
Goulding Alfred, machinist, 181 Central, h. 

26 Chandler [185 Exchange 
Goulding Bridget, widow of Bernard, house 
Goulding Charles F. derk, 596 Main, house 

67 Austin [over 

Goulding Charlbs H. machinist, h. 82 Uano- 
Goulding Charles W. rem*d to Lowell 
Goulding Damietta, widow of Clark, boards 

67 Austin [b. 47 Temple 

Goulding David, laborer, 14 Bloomingdale, 
Goulding Edward E. fireman, b. 27 Shelby 
Goulding Edward P. {Goulding dt Murphy J , 

405 Main, boards 14 Wyoming site 
Goulding Edwin, machinist, junction shop, 

h. 23 Piedmont 

GOULDING FRANK P. lawyer, 898 Main, 
house 44 Harvard. — See page 500 
Goulding Frederick, tailor, 501 Main, house 

27 Carroll [10 Lagrange 
Goalding Isaac D. lawyer, 4 P. O. block, h. 
Goulding John, wire worker, h. Edge worth 

opp. Sigoiuney 
Goulding John C. reedmaker, b. 56 Myrtle 
Goulding John H. machinist, junction shop, 

b. 67 Hanover [Wyoming site 

Goulding Martha, widow of Kll, house 14 
Goulding Michael, wire drawer, h. 6 Nashua 
Goulding Peter, h. 67 Hanover 
Goulding Sarah R. died Nov. 17, 1888, age 75 
Goulding William H. 300 Main, h. 26 Harvard 

GOULDING & MURPHY ri^. P. Goulding 
and J. J. Murphy )^ pawnbrokers and 

loan agents, 405 Main. — See page 492 
Goumond John, laborer, house 9 Lunelle 
Gour David, cabinetmaker, 9 May, ods. 15 

Gouslaw Nelson, carpenter, h. Litchfield 
Gouslaw Seymore, carpenter, h. Litchfield 
Gove Txionard M. driver, 88 School 
Gowell Abbie Mrs. seamstress, Worcester 

Lunatic Hospital, Belmont, bds. do. 
Gower Samuel E. shoemaker, 18 Mechanic, b. 

55 Austin 
Goyette Ferdinand, carpenter, h. 61 Wall 
Goyette Moses, clerk, 18 Glen, h. 9 Palmer 
Goyette Victor, laborer, h. 218 Shrewsbury 
Grace Chas. F. asst. priest St. John's 

Church, boards 44 Temple [Chandler 
Grace James F. cutter, 82 Austin, boards 56 
Grace John D. boot crimper, 82 Austin, b. 

126 FBont 
Grace Patrick M. Mrs. h. 56 Chandler [rison 
Grady David, laborer, 110 Green, h. 16 Har- 

Grady Edward, laborer, h. 19 Howard 
Grady Jeremiah, coachman, 17 Hammond, 

house 11 Bluff 
Grady James, sorter, 17 Southgate, h. 49 do. 
Grady John, gigger, Ash worth k Jones* 

Mill, house Apricot n. city line, V. F- 
Grady John, laborer, b. 212 Southbridge 
Grady John, laborer, boards 15 Foundry 
Grady John C. laborer, 51 Green, boards 226 

Southbridge [Grafton 

Grady John J. cutter, 154 Front, boards 28 
Grady Mary, widow of Jeremiah, h. 2 Sol- 

llvan ct. [Shrewsbury 

Grady Patrick, machinist, 77 Foster, h- 184 
Grady Stephen G. removed fi*om city 
Grady Thomas, laborer, bouse 14 Cherry 
Grady Timothy, laborer, 188 Mechanic, bds. 

25 Burt 
Grady, see O'Grady 
Graff Charles H. asst. supt. Met. Life Ins. 

Co. 492 Main, boards 70 Washington 
Graham Bridget, widow of Peter, boards 48 

Ward [Southgate 

Graham Catherine, widow of Daniel, h. 6 
Graham Catherine, widow of John, house 

Leicester, V. F. 
Graham James, cook, Waldo House, b. do. 
Graham John, skate maker, 81 Mulberry, b. 

88 Fox [CoUen cU 

Graham John, boottreer, 70 Winter, h. 6 
Graham Patrick J. clerk, 195 Front, boards 

5 Cullen ct. [Jefferson 

Graham Samuel, machinist, 110 Green, b. 8 
Graham Thomas, boot slder, 28 Mulberry, 

house 88 Fox 
Graham Timothy, cutter, bds. 88 Fox 
Grains Michael, tailor, boards 20 Water 
Granat Carl, wireworker, h. 84 Hanover 
Gran field Robert C. canvasser, 476 Main, 

b. 2 Austin St. pi. 
Granger Arthur, 2d. woodworker, 5 Sargent, 

b. 7 Taa [36 Grand 

Granger Arthur Y. sashmaker, 196 Union, b. 
Granger Elizabeth, widow of Edward, b. 868 

Cambridge [36 Grand 

Granger George H. carpenter, 196 Union, b. 
Granger Henry N. teamster, 5 Sargent, b. 

at Auburn 
Granger John, shoemaker, h. 17 Union av. 
Grander Joseph, woodworker, 9 May, house 

86 Grand [Cambridge 

Granger Joseph H. wire bundler, house 868 
Granger Mary, widow of James, h. 86 Grand 
Granger Moses, woodworker, h. 7 Taft 
Granger Moses, Jr. weaver, Brussels, house 

49 Camp 
Granger William R. straightener, ft. Kansas, 

h. 863 Cambridge 
Granger Zephirln, woodworker, house IS 

Fountain [Perry 

Granquist Adolph W. fireman, h. Millburyn. 
Grant Benj. attendant, Wor. Lunatic Hos- 
pital, Belmont, bds. do. 
GRANT CHABLKS E. insurance ageocy, 
852 Main, b. 40 Harvard.— iSe« page 488 
Grant Edward F. freight agent, house 78 

Grant Francis, laborer, house 7 Nashua 






Grant Horace, sewing machiDes, 550 Main, 
b. 8 I«inden [36 Kendall 

Grant Joseph H. packer, 20 Salisbury, b. 
Grant X*onls, helper, h. 89 Madison 
Grant Ltoaitt, jr. boot bottomer, 108 Front, 

boards 89 Madison 
Grassle Mary M. Mrs. h. 58 Prospect 
Graton Henry C. treasurer Graton & Knight 
Manaf. Co. 187 Front, h. 37 Providence 

leather belt manufacturers, 187 Front, 
— See page 667 
Gravel Oliver, bootmaker, 9 Barton place, 

h. 6 Washington 
Gravel Ulric, glner, 25 Union, h. 57 School 
Graves Ambrose, farmer, Worcester Luna- 
tic Hospital, Belmont, bds. Plantation 
n. do. [b. 7 Union pi. 

Graves Arthur, conductor, W., N. & R. R. R. 
Graves Arthur C. laborer, house 6 Summer 
Graves Arthur W. died Feb. 1, 1883, age 28 
Graves Charles A. brakeman, B. & A. R. R. 

boards 16 Washington 
Graves Charles H. watchmaker, 98 South- 
bridge, b. 22j| Pleasant [6 Summer 
Graves Frances, widow of Gustus H. house 
Graves Frank W. watchman, bds. 98 Main 
Graves Henry S. farmer, Worcester Lunatic 

Hospital, Belmont, h. Plantation n. do. 

Graves Minnie L. widow of Charles O. bds. 

73 Austin [house at MiUbury 

Graves Parley W. machinist. Junction shop, 

Graves Sophia N. Miss, matron. Asylum 

Chronic Insane, Summer, boards do. 

Graves Walter D. salesman, 358 Main, bds. 

410 do. [410 do. 

Graves William B. printer, 47 Main, boards 

Graves William B. painter, 100 Prescott, h. 

8 Home [h. Piedmont u. Pleasant 

Gray Adelbert E. paperhanger, 84 Front, 

Gray Arthur E. salesman, 10 Trumbull, b. 15 

Oread pi. [lane cor. R. R. 

Gray Charles, grinder, 10 Mill, bds. Sutton 

Gray Charles W. salesman, 66 Grafton, h. 

14 King [bds. 72 Hanover 

Gray Cornelius & Co. grocers, 1 Prospect, 

Gray Edward A. paperhanger, house 94 


Gray Ellen, servant, house 199 Mechanic 

Gray Frank, salesman, house 105 Austin 

Gray Frank L. Jeweler, 841 Main, boards 72 

Hanover [94 Piedmont 

Gray Fred. S. paperhanger, 84 Front, boards 

Gray George A. grocer, 52 Myrtle, house 184 

Austin [b. 25 Wachusett 

Gray George E. skatemaker, 81 Mulberry, 

Gray Hannah S. Mrs. dressmaker, house r. 

22 Maple [10 Gardner 

Gray James M. machinist, 54 Jackson, house 

Gray John, dyer, 110 Grove, house Dryden 

n. Edgeworth [88 Hermon 

Gray John F. boiler maker, 51 Green, bds. 

Gray Joseph, yardman, W., N. &R. R. R. b. 

68 Salem [Lagrange 

Gray Joseph W. clerk, 14 Front, house 20 

Gray Martin, stonecutter, 88 Water, house 

22 Charles [15 Oread pi. 

Gray Mercy S. widow of William, house 

Gray Nathan H. varnlsher, 19 Union, house 

63 Austin 
Gray Patrick, wire drawer, h. 8 Grosvenor 
Gray Samuel S. wire drawer, 94 Grove, h. 16 

Lancaster [49 Park 

Gray Thomas, eating-house, 518 Main, bds. 
Gray Thomas, wire drawer, h. 81 Ellsworth 
Gray William K. Junk, house rear Kendall n. 

Grealiyh Dennis, porter, 152 Front, h. 88 

Harrison [Water 

Grealish Michael, cutter, 587 Main, bds. 20 
Grealish Stephen H. policeman. City Hall, 

house 158 Exchange 
Greaney Edward, laborer, bds. 60 Belmont 
Greaney Kate, widow of Thomas, bouse 60 

Grove [bds. do. 

Greany Henry, Jr. grocer, 25 No. Ashland, 
Greany Lucy, widow of Henry, house 25 

No. Ashland [h. 62 Southgate 

Greaves William, foreman, Pakachoag Mill, 
Greeley Jonas E. peddler, h. 171 Lincoln 
Green Abraham, hostler, h. 4 Woodland 
Green Addison W. woodworker, house 21 

Green Alfred, finisher, house 9 Curtis 
Green Andrew J. carpenter, b. r. Leicester 

near Apricot 

GREEN CHANDLER J. truckman, 84 
School, h. 89 do,— See page 566 
Green Chas. A. machinist, 77 Foster, house 

5 Grand st. place 
Green Chas. C. finisher, 619 Main, house 88 

Newbury [86 Cutler 

Green Chas. E. carpenter, 8 Norwich, house 
Green Chas. E. ferrule maker, 70 School, b. 

9 Shepard 
Green Chas. F. & Co. (Augustus Bice), arti- 
ficial stone, 122 Lamartine, h. 9 Shepard 
Green Charles G. harness maker, 65 Ex- 
change, house 42 do. 
Green Charles G. Jr. salesman, 80 Exchange, 

bds. 42 do. [st. place 

Green Chas. H. machinist, boards 5 Grand 
Green Daniel, brakeman, B., B. & G. R. R. 
Green Dennis, laborer, house 85 Lamartine 

near Lunelle 
Green Edward, hammersman, h. MiUbury 

opp. Stebbins [Shepard 

Green Edward F. clerk, 57 Jackson, bds. 9 
Green Elbridge, farmer, boards 88 May 
Green Elden E. milkman, bds. Grove near 

Park avenue 
Green Elizabeth, widow of John, b. MiUbury 

opp. Stebbins [12 Harvard 

Green Elizabeth S. widow of James, house 
Green Eseck C. carpenter, house 582 Main 
Green Eseck C. Mrs. dressmaker, 582 Main, 

house do. [Hancock 

Green Fred, foreman, 17 Southgate, b. 12 
Green George A. clerk, b. 42 Exchange 
Green George E. stable, 5 Central, h. 26 

Green George H. laborer, Harrington, bds. 

MiUbury avenue n. Harrington 
Green George M. hostler, 12 Washington, 

house 84 do. [Bowdoin 

Green George M. machinist, 77 Foster, h. 52 






Green Gideon, driver, 12 Tramball, h. 182 
Front [1 Edward 

Green Harry S. machinist, 20 Salisbury, b. 

Green Harvey J. ferrole maker, 70 School, h. 
28 Lincoln sq. [r. Leicester n. Apricot 

Green Henrietta £. widow of Edward W. h. 

Green Henry A. f Smith dtOreenJt 84 Shrews- 
bury, house 2 Allen 

Green Henry B. stable, 8 Carlton, h. 28 Salem 

GREEN JAMES, lawyer, public adminis- 
trator and real estate agent, 2 Post- 
Offlce block, house 61 Elm. — Seepage 
500 [10 Arch 

Green John, woodworker, 166 Union, house 
Green John, teamster, house 187 Grove 
Green John, machinist, h. 47 Union ave. 
Green John M. 840 Main, bds. 16 Walnut 
Green John M. Mrs. milliner, 840 Main, bds. 

16 Walnut 
Green Jonas U. & Co. boot and shoe manuft. 

7 Washington sq. house at Spencer 
Green Joseph, shlngler, h. 16 Greenwood 
Green Joseph, card maker, 66 Grafton, house 

41 Pleasant 
Green Joseph, gunsmith, 81 Hermon, bds. 61 

Southbrldge [Summer, bds. do. 

Green Josle, at Asylum Chronic Insane, 
Green Linus D. packer, b. 28 Wachnsett 

GREEN LUCIUS M. apothecary, 8 Pleas- 
ant, h. 4 Ripley st. pi. — See page 575 
Green Martin, house Green lane 
Green Meltlah B. house 7 Oak 
Green Samuel F. physician, h. Green lane 
Green Samuel S. librarian. Free Public 

Library, 18 Elm, house 12 Harvard 
Green Sarah A. Mrs. boarding-house. Mill- 
bury opp. Stebblns 
Green Sarah E. house rear 51 Austin 
Green Sarah M. died Dec. 4, 1888, age 78 
Green Stella A. dressmaker, 858 Mala, bds. 

30 Glen 
Green Thomas, laborer, house 88 Mechanic 
Green Thomas A. bookkeeper, 61 Green, h. 

18 Greenwood 
Green Thomas P. wlreworker, b. 187 Grove 
Green Waldo E. wood worker, boards Grove 

n. Park avenue 

Green Walter L. stable, 7 Central, house 188 

Main [h. at Shrewsbury 

Green Wellington 8. paperhanger, 284 Main, 

Green William A. milkman, house Grove n. 

Park avenue 
Green William H. wire drawer, h. 59 Grove 
Greene Benjamin P. bookkeeper, 68 Wash- 
ington sq. bds. 38 Newbui*y [77 Myrtle 
Greene Charles A. moulder, 87 Gold, bds. 
Greene Charles W. bds. 85 Washington 
Greene Clarence P. machinist, 180 Gold, b. 

Steamer No. 2, Beacon 
Greene Curtis B. foreman, 28 Mulberry, h. 

8 John [Downing 
Greene David A. pork, 8 Trumbull, h. 42 
Greene Edward L. bookkeeper, 9 May, bds. 

15 Orient 
Greene Emma A. canvasser, b. 408 Park ave. 
Greene Frances, widow of Israel, house 77 

Myrtle [West 

Greene Helen J. widow of Willard, h. 146 

Greene Herbert, died July 28, 1888 

Greene Horace W. clerk, 462 Main, h. If 

Larch [May 

Greene James H. plumber, 51 Main, hoase 28 
Greene Jennie S. house 4 Clinton 
Greene John C. organ tuner b. 45 Prospect 
Greene John E. &*eman, 82 Foster, h. 68 

Greene John R. Mrs. h. 16 Crown [h.88 May 
Greene John W.(Oreene A Oougk)^ -51 Main, 
Greene Joseph K. lawyer, 10 Pearl, bds. 88 

Park [h. 94 Lincoln 

Greene J. Evarts, editor Dally Spy, 444 Main, 
Greene J. Hayden (Greene A Son), 352 Main, 

h. 38 Orange 
Greene Laura, bds. 9 Sever [b. 6 William 
Greene Marshall S. policeman. City HaU, 
Greene Mary T. widow of Smith, house rear 

16 John [Harvard 

Greene Phebe, widow of Daniel, boards 7 
Greene Richard W. clerk, 10 Pearl, bds. 

Cedar c. Sever [90 Elm 

Greene Samuel L. plater, 18 Mechanic, bds. 
Greene Stephen E. 15 Foster cor. Norwich, 

h. 4 Hammond [bds. 10 Arch 

Greene Willard H. ferrule maker, 70 School, 
Greene William B. dentist, 425 Main, house 

928 do. [Main, h. 85 Washington 

Greene William E. (Greene A Son), 352 

GREENE & GOUGE (J. W. Greens and 
H. D, GoughJt stoves, furnaces and 

plumbing, 51 Main. — Seepage 602 
Greene & Sonf William E, and J. H. Greene j, 

jewelry manuf s. 352 Main 
Greenhidgh Maria, boards at L. J. KendaH'Sy 

Pleasant, Tatnuck 
Greenleaf Charles H. fruit, h. 81 Portland 
Greenleaf G. Lewis, polisher, 72 School, b. 

288 Main [Hanover 

Greenleaf Hartley K. clerk, 94 Grove, h. 8 
Greenleaf John A. varnisher, 19 Union, b. 9 

Plymouth [Conn. 

Greenough Charles R. rem'd to Meriden, 
Greenwood Adeline, widow of Aaron, house 

18 Wachusett [n. Forest 

Greenwood Charles, gardener, h. Salisbury 
Greenwood Charles C. carpenter, boards 84 

Myrtle [b. 2 Langdon 

Greenwood James, blacksmith, 128 Chandler, 
Greenwood James R. boot treer, 70 Winter, 

bds. 16 Providence [26 Bellevue 

Greenwood Joseph H. embroiderer, house 
Greenwood Julia E. teacher, Edgeworth st. 

school, b. 8 Lancaster [b. 85 Orange 
Greenwood Lewis R. woodworker, 196 Union, 
Greenwood Lucy, widow of Simeon A. h. 

14 Vine [sett, h. do. 

Greenwood L. Addle, dressmaker, 18 Wachu- 
Greenwood Richard, weaver, h. 2 Langdon 
Greenwood Silas N. finisher, 70 Winter, h. 

27 Penn ave. [lotte 

Greenwood Thomas B. mason, bds. 4 Char- 
Greer Michael, laborer, b. 122 Mechanic 
Gregoirre Gulsseppi, laborer, h. 6 Wood sq. 
Gregory Joseph, moulder, 68 Washington 

sq. h. 98 Lamartine [b. 68 Bloomingdale 
Gregory Mitcliell A. finisher, r. 155 Front, 
Gregory Peter, laborer, h. 66 Bloomingdale 






Gregory Peter J. rem*d to Lowell 
Oregson George A. machinist, 4 Leicester, 
h. 2 Lowell [2 Lowell 

Gregson Thomas, beltmaker, 187 Front, h. 
Gregson William H. butcher, boards Grove 

cor. Holden 
Grell Andrew G. sinker, h. Perry 
Grenl6r Frank, carpenter, b. 11 Lamartlne 
Grenier John B. clerk, 484 Main, bds. do. 
Grenier Joseph, lastmaker, h. 84 Norfolk 
Grenier Mathilda, dressmaker, 11 Lamar- 
tlne, bds do. 

Grenier Mrs. h. 6 Norfolk ct. 

Grenon Clement, moulder, h. 50 Hanover 
Grenon Clement, hostler, 85 Central, h. 8 
Walker ct. [9 Douglas st. ct. 

Grenon Ferdinand, moulder, 87 Gold, house 
Grenon Kate Mrs. grocer, 16 Hacker, h. do. 
Grenon Louisa, widow of Alexander, bds. 
16 Hacker [Hacker 

Grenon Marcus, moulder, 65 Jackson, h. 16 
Grenon Telesphore, blacksmith, 88 North 

Foster, h. 67 School 
Gresty George, machinist, b. 9 Hermon 
Giiffln Annie, envelope maker, boards 181 

GrifQn Bridget, widow of Thomas, h. 11 Lodi 
Griffin Cornelius, moulder, 80 Sargent, b. 11 
Lodi [Pleasant 

Griffin Daniel J. driver, 805 Main, bds. 22ib 
Griffin Frank J. clerk, 555 Main, boards 58 

Griffin Frederick A. mason, h. 8 Agricultural 
Griffin Henry, auditor, 7 City Hall, house 48 
Cedar [84 Benefit 

Griffin Howell R. sashmaker, 5 Sargent, h. 
Griffin James, laborer, B. & A. R. R. bds. 68 

Union ave. 
Griffin Jeremiah Mrs. house 61 MiUburry 
Griffin Jerrold, rem'd to Palmer 
Griffin Johanna, housekeeper, 68 Union ave. 
Griffin John, boot bottomer, h. 128 Exchange 
Griffin John, laborer, 68 Washington sq. h. 
6 Temple st. ct. [Salem 

Griffin John, stitcher, 82 Austin, house 167 
Griffin John, laborer, 121 Providence, b. 68 
Union ave. [Shrewsbury 

Griffin John, heel presser, 68 High, h. 120 
Griffin John, shoemaker, 264 Southbridge, h. 
Illinois c. Grand [Illinois c. Grand 

Griffin John A. plumber, 458 Main, boards 
Griffin John J. bookkeeper, 145 Main, b. 238 
do. [ton sq. b. 128 Exchange 

Griffin John R. boot bottomer, 7 Washing- 
Griffin Margaret, widow of Dennis, h. 181 

Griffin Mary, widow of Patrick, b. 167 Salem 
Griffin Mary £. domestic, 274 Main 
Griffin Michael, laborer, house 91 Millbury 
Griffin Michael, laborer, h. 122 Mechanic 
Griffin Morris, blacksmith, 18 Curtis, h. 46 
Cambridge [Ellsworth 

Griffin Morris, currier, 2 Sargent, bds. 25 
Griffin Robert S. treasurer Rice & Griffin 
Manuf. Co., Sargent cor. Southbridge, 
house 82 Portland 
Griffin Sophia N. widow of Alexander, bds. 
West Boylston near Barber's crossing 

Griffin Thomas, pastor St. John's Church, h. 

44 Temple 
Griffin Wm. carpenter, b. Illinois c. Grand 
Griffin Wm. E. tailor, 456 Main, h. 58 Oxford 
Griffin Wm. H. painter, boards 62 Austin 
Griffin Wra. J. tailor, 515 Main, h. 58 Oxford 
Griffith Charles W. rem'd to Boston [N. Y. 
Griffith George W. removed to Little Fails, 
Griffith Wm. H. roll turner, h. 6 Union place 
Griffiths Wm. T. baggageman, Union depot, 

house 2 Ash [u. Eastern av. 

Grigg John H. wire worker, house Catharine 
Griggs Carrie E. teacher, boards 7 Oxford 
Griggs John S. rem'd to Pittsburgh, Pa. 
Griggs M. Gertrude, teacher, Oxford street 

school, boards 7 Oxford 
Griggs Salem, cutter, 68 High, h. 7 Oxford 
Griggs Sarah, widow of Joseph, house 121 

Grimes Alvah E. removed to Hague, N. T. 
Grimes Fred. W. driver, 26 Shrewsbury, h. 

28 Mulberry [58 Temple 

Grimes John, blacksmith, 78 Exchange, h. 
Grimes Lizzie, domestic, 61 Pleasant 
Grimes Michael, boiler maker, r. 179 Union, 

house 188 Shrewsbury [12 Bluff 

Grimley Frank, laborer, 2 Allen court, house 
Grimshawe Henry, finisher, 25 Union, house 

78 Summer 
Griswold Hermon A. driver, Southbridge 

c. Madison, h. 84 Dewey fb. 66 Front 
Griswold John M. N. cigar raakeV, 898 Main, 
Grogan James, driver, 195 Union, b. 24 Ward 
Grogan James, laborer, house 78 Temple 
Grogan Michael, painter, h. 212 Southbridge 
Grooms Addle L. boards 51 Salem 
Gross Alexander, peddler, 888 Main, house 

8 Castle [Union 

Gross Anton, saloon, 76 Thomas, house 98 
Gross Fritz, laborer at tripe works, house 

Gross Geo. F. butcher, b. 8 Carlton 
Gross Henry A. clerk, 462 Main, b. 8 Castle 
Gross John, laborer, 17 Southgate, boards 

28 Endicott 
Gross Joseph, house 145 Austin 
Gross Moses, clerk, 888 Main, h. 8 Piedmont 
Gross Raphael (Gross, Strauss db Co.), 888 

Main, house 806 do. 
Gross, Strauss & Co. (B. Chross and L. 

Strauss), fancy goods, ZSS Main 
Gross Vito, ft'uit, &c. 204 Front, boards 84 

Shrewsbury [Hermon, b. 8 Alden 

Grosvenor Cyrus P. water-meter maker, 88 
Grosvenor David B. carpenter, h. 8 Alden 
Grosvenor J. Prescott, slipper manuf. 18 

Mechanic, house 88 Piedmont 
Grosvenor S. Avery, clerk, 14 Front, house 

80 Bowdoin [do. 

Grout Frank W. former, Vernon near Q. h. 
Grout Geo. L. provisions, 40 Chandler, house 

26 Piedmont 
Grout John N. wireworker, h. 178 Austin 
Grout Mary J. widow of Jonathan, house 7 

Grover Abby, widow of John, b. 19 Bellevue 
Grover Edward Irving, flagman, Washington 

street crossing, bds. 9 Belknap 






Grover Elmer B. clerk, N. & W. R. R. 21 

Park, boards 9 Belknap 
Grover Fred. £. bootmaker, house S Mott 
Grover Frederick G. clerk, 109 Maiu, boards 

45 Lincoln [4 Smith ct. 
Grover John, boot treer, 28 Mulberry, house 
Grover John P. clerk, 881 Main, h. 144 Beacon 
Grover Lucinda Mrs. house 9 Belknap 
Grover Preston H. stenographer, 48 Park, 

boards 607 Main 
Groves Austin G. removed to Georgia 
Gruff Chas. H. solicitor, 492 Main 
GmndstrOm Carl, laborer, house 25 North 
Gnind8tr5m Charles, wireworker, house 8 

Crescent [Millbnry 

GrundstrOm Gustaf J. wire drawer, h. 226 
GrundstrOm Olof D. sinker, h. 224 Millbury 
Grnndstrt^m Olof E. armorer, 44 Central, h. 

8 Crescent 
Gubber Paskel, laborer, house 265 Park ave. 
Guerin CamiUe, laborer at Jamesville, house I 

JamesviUe square [Shrewsbury | 

Guerin Catharine, widow of Michael, h. 154 
Guerin Flora, weaver at Jamesville, bds. do. 
Guerin James F. clerk, 236 Front, boards | 

154 Shrewsbury 
Guerin Joseph, carder at Jamesville, b. do. 
Guerin Nelson, measurer, h. 4 Central ct. 
Guerrin Louis (MarchessauU <fc GuerrinJ, 8 

Warren, h. 10 do. [128 Southbridge 

Guertin Adeline, widow of Prosper, house 
Guertin Felix, bootmaker, 11 Water, boards 

84 Spring [72 Mechanic 

Guertin Geo. compositor, 811 Main, boards 
Guertin John, removed to Warren 
Guertin Joseph, removed to St. Paul, Minn. 
Guertin Leopold, removed to St. Paul, Minn. 
Guertin Louis, removed to Spencer [court 
Guertin Mary, widow of Joseph, b. Walker 
Guertin Napoleon, propr. Montreal House, 

72 Mechanic, bouse do. 
Guertin Napoleon T. removed to Boston 
Guertin Peter, shoemaker, house 34 Spring 
Guertin Peter, shoemaker, h. H2Lamartine 
Guertin Samuel, shoemaker, bds. 84 Spring 
Guertin William H. boards 128 Southbridge 
Guess Daniel J. removed from city [court 
Guider James, helper, 161 Union, h. 2 Cullen 
Guilberson Otto, laborer, 44 Central, boards 

47 Eastern avenue [h. 67 Providence 
Guild Calvin, machinist, 19 Washington sq. 

GUILD DAYIS, naphtha laundry, Hollis, 
house 261 Pleaisant.— i^ee page 624 
Guild Ezra P. planer, 25 Union, h. Piedmont 

place [Providence 

Guild H. Webster, brakeman, boards 67 
Guild Wm. G. boards 45 Pleasant 
Guile Wm. teamster, 66 Foster, boards 4 

Guilfoyle Daniel H. gulvanizer, boards 154 

Mechanic [164 Mechanic 

Guilfoyle Hannora, widow of William, house 
Guilfoyle John, bootmaker, 103 Front, bds. 

46 Winter 

Guilfoyle John H. carman, house 10 Milton 
Guilfoyle Mary, widow of Dennis, house 68 

Guilfoyle Thomas, laborer, h. 85 Canterbury 

Guilfoyle Thomas D. laborer, b. 68 Prescott 
Guillow Chauncy A. removed to Maine 
Guimont Thomas, screwcutter, boards 108 

Guinan Cornelius, carpenter, h. 24 Spring 
Gui!4ti Eglsto, laborer, h. 1 Wood square 
Gulstl Pletro, laborer, boards 61 Suffolk 
Gullberg Edward, wireworker, 20 Union, b. 

28 Ellsworth 
Guilberg Gustaf, laborer, b. 28 Ellsworth 
Gullberg Johanna, widow of Fredrik, bds. 

28 Ellsworth 
Gullberg John, laborer, h. 10 Oswald [Oranjse 
Gullbrandsou Karl A. clerk, 41 Park, bds. 80 
Gulliver Charles H. foreman, r. 155 Front, 

house Greenwood n. Upland 
Gulliver William L. dentist, 671 Main, h. 

May wood corner Florence 
Gullroes Matteen S. woodworker, 100 Pres- 
cott, b. Crescent [Southbridge 
Gundersou Carl, armorer, 42 Gardner, h. 171 
Gunn Francis G. rem*d to Woodstock, Md. 
Gunn Fred. H. carpenter, bds. 49 School 
Gunn Walter, overseer, 94 Grove, boards 1 

School [Henry 

Gunnlgle Bridget, widow of Bernard, h. 12 
Gunther Alexander, clerk, b. 20 Newbury 
Gunther Julius, clerk, 898 Main, house' 20 

Gurney Albert H. finisher, 543 Southbridge, 

h. 675 do. [Fountain 

Gurrell William, driver, 215 Main, house 53 
Gustafson Larantlus G. machinist, h. MIU- 

bury, Qulnslgamond 
Gustafson Olaf E. wire drawer, h. 9 Kansas 
Guth Jane A. widow of Israel J. boards 86 

Gutke Andrew, sinker, house 7 Oswald 
Gutke John, laborer, house 898 Mlllbury 
Guy Eudora, widow of John, b. 5 Leicester 
Guy Henry M. wood turner, 166 Union, h. 

35 Richards 

GUYETT GEOBOE, agent T. C. White, 
liquors at wholesale, 21 Washington sq. 
bds. 65 Green. — See page 642 
Guynan Henry P. wireworker, b. 80 Market 
Guy nan Willhim, tailor, 410 Main, house 80 
Market [21 Wyman 

Gyngell James, machinist, 17 Southgate, h. 

Haas Daniel, foreman, 548 Southbridge, h. 

78 Southgate 
Haas John, machinist, 180 Gold, house 1454 

Austin [Exchange 

Haas Sebastian, clerk, 14 Mechanic, h. 57 
Haas Wm. machinist, boards Grove near 

Salisbury pond 
Haban Oscar, laborer, boards 10 Briden 
Haber Geo. C. boards 66 Vernon 
Haberdler Joseph, blacksmith, 110 Green, 

house 49 Myrtle 
Haberllu Philip H. removed fk-om city 
Hack Peter, laborer, house 11 Perry 
Hacker Maurice, policeman, City Hall, h. 

55 Mechanic 
Hackers Susannah, widow of John, house 

418 Southbridge [Wall 

Hackett Edward, painter, 100 Prescott, h. 11 






Hackett James, laborer, b. 39 Sargent 
Hackett James, macbinist, 110 Oreen, b. 49 

Hackett James A. clerk, bouse 1 Mott 
Hackett James P. macblDist, 125 Gold, bds. 
11 Wall [Lafayette 

Hackett Jobn, pollsber, 44 Central, bds. 61 
Hackett Jobn H. moalder, bds. 11 Wall 
Hackett Julia, dressmaker, bds. 11 Wall 
Hackett Margaret, widow of Michael, bonse 

27 Winter 

Hackett Patrick, engineer, 44 Central, b. 

10 Arcb [11 Bort 

Hackett Tbomas, painter, 100 Prescott, b. 

Hackett Tbomas, bootmaker, 60 King, bds. 

55 do. 
Hackett William F. flnisber, 60 King, b. 49 
Bellevue [10 George 

Hackett William H. grocer, 806 Main, boase 
Haddock James E. removed to California 
Haddock Justin £. macbinist, 122 Gold, bds. 

88 Benefit 
Hadgely L. boards 176 Main 
Hadley Anette, waiter, boards 514 Main 
Hadley Charles W. driver, Soutbbridge cor. 

Madison, bouse 208 Austin 

Hadley George E. driver, 15 Market, boDse 

44 Beacon [boose do. 

Hadley Gilbert 8. carpenter, 17 So. Rassell, 

Hadley Jobn H. C. clerk, 800 Main, bonse 17 

Hadley Jobn W. policeman, Station 2, La- 

martlne, bonse 152 Chandler 
Hadley Moses M. foreman, b. 4 High st. ct. 
Hadley Wm. G. produce, house 26 Hawley 
Hadwen Mary R. widow of Charles, boards 
78 Elm ' [May 

Hadwen Obadiah B. farmer, b. Lovell near 
Hadwen William E. ftoner, h. Hadwen lane 

near Chandler 
Haifey Bernard, saloon, 79 Temple, h. do. 
Haifoy Terence B. laborer, b. Maple avenue, 
Tatnuck [Summer 

Hagan Bridget, widow of Owen, house 161 
Hagan Hattie S. teacher. Sycamore street 

school, boards 27 May 
Hagan Henry W. pressman, 11 Central Ex- 
change, boards 82 Pleasant 
Hagan Jobn H. shoemaker, r. 155 Front, b. 

161 Summer 

Hagan Mary, widow of Patrick, bouse 94 

Shrewsbury [do. 

Hagan Michael, saloon, 280 Mechanic, house 

Hagan Peter J. plumber, 240 Front, bds. 161 

Hagar J. Warren, wood worker, 100 Pres- 
cott, h. 7 Eastern ave. [4 do. 
Hagar Wm. S. hostler, 6 No. Merrick, bonse 
Hagarty Daniel, car inspector, b. 60 John 
Hagarty Daniel, Jr. brakeman, b. 60 Jobn 
Hagarty James, plasterer, house 184 Salem 
Hagarty Mary, widow, b. 896 Soutbbridge 
Hagarty Michael, laborer, Soutbbridge cor. 

Hammond, house do. 
Hagarty Patrick, driver, Soutbbridge cor. 

Hammond, bonse 282 Soutbbridge 
Hagarty Thomas, laborer, 817 Soutbbridge, 
house 896 do. 

Hagas Samuel, machinist, 110 Green, b. 59 

Hagbcrg Jacob, laborer, h. 88 Washburn 
Hagelien Andrew G. tailor, 410 Main, h. 49 


HAGEB FRANK A. bakery and restaurant, 
172 Front, h. 60 Au8t\n.'-See page 557 
Hager Samuel, baker, house 18 Orange 
Hagerstrom Andrew G. laborer, h. MiUbury 

n. CliiT [MiUbury 

Hagerstrom Charles, sinker, bouse 898 
Hagerstrom Friden, laborer, boards Steb- 

bins c. Thenius 
Hagerstrom J. William, house 895 MiUbury 
Hagerstrom Lars P. sinker, h. Stebbins cor. 

Hagerstrom Mary P. Mrs. h. 828 MiUbury 
Hagerstrom Per E. laborer, b. 802 MiUbury 
Hagerty Catharine, widow of Jeremiah, h. 

78 Temple 
Hagerty Daniel D. died Oct. 26, 1888, age 28 
Hagerty Dennis, fireman, boards 29 Temple 
Hagerty Jeremiah, boot finisher, Hamilton, 

house 72 Green 
Hagerty Jeremiah, engineer, 7 Washington 

sq. b. 78 Temple [Wilson 

Hagerty John J. laborer, 92 Tbomas, bds. 8 
Hagerty Patrick, laborer, 100 Prescott, h. 

65 Blaclcstone 
Hagerty Stephen, wood worker, W., N. & B. 

B. B. repair shop, house 29 Temple 
Hagerty William, backman, h. 15 Conlin ct. 
Hagerty WiUiam A. teas, 124 Front, bds. 72 

Hagerty, see Hagarty 

Haginiam Martyr, wtreworker, b. 188 Oreen 
Haglund Charles G. wire drawer, boards 40 

Hagman Clas, removed firom city 
Hagstrom Gustavus H. cabinetmaker, 110 

Green, h. 10 Endicott [h. 6 Princeton 
Hague Henry, rector St. Matthews Church, ' 
Hahir Matthew, laborer, b. 124 Mechanic 
Hahir Patrick, laborer, boards 124 Mechanic 
Haigh John W. removed to England 
Hair Andrew (Hair Bro»,J, 1 Maple, house 

Westminster near Harrington ave. 
Hair Bros. (A. and Wm. Hair J j plumbers, 1 

Maple [h. 94 Austin 

Hair Charles N. deputy sherifi; 6 P. O. blk. 
Hair George A. heel presser, 68 High, b. 19 

Hair Martin, boot aider, house 8 Ward 
Hair Matthew, laborer, 48 Thomas, h. 122 

Mechanic [Decatur 

Hair WiUiam (Hair BrotJ, 1 Maple, house 7 
Halre George W. boot treer, 80 Shrewsbury, 

b. 47 Hanover [Astiland 

Hakanson Carl J. wireworker, bouse 9 No. 
Hakanson John P. wireworker, h. McCor- 

roick's court 
Hakes Gertrude, assistant bookkeeper, 858 

Main, b. 146 Central [146 Central 

Hakes Henry B. foreman, 100 Prescott, b. 
Hale A. Calista, teacher, Winslow st. school, 

b. 80 Shelby [b. 102 Elm 

Hale Charles S. bookkeeper, 128 Chandler, 
Hale Charlotte W. Mrs. house 102 Elm 

6. F. HARWOOD, D. D. S. 




Hale Edward A. wire inspector, house 13 
Eaatern nve. [b. 102 Elm 

Hale Frank L. bookkeeper, 128 Chandler, 
Hale George S. (Hale db Halej, 166 Front, 
h. 12 Vine [ct. h. do. 

Hale Jane P. Mrs. clairvoyant, 8 Russell 
Hale Joshua, clerj^yman, house 24 Csinip 
Hale Rollo. removed to Winchendon 
Hale Seth, patterns, house 8 Russell court 
Hale Sumner P. died July 26, 1883 
Hale Wm. B. (Hale dh Hale), h. at Milford 
Hale William 0. wireworker, 179 Main, h. 

West Boylston, Greendale 
Hale & Hale (Geo, 8. and Wm, B, Hale), 

tobacconists, 166 Front 
Haley George H. cutter. Brattle near rail- 
road station, b. Holden c. Smith lane 
Haley, see Healey [Houghton 

Hall Abble G. widow of James K. bds. 81 
Hall Albert L. Mrs. house r. 16 Cypress 
Hall Alfred, heelmaker, 164 Front, house 87 

Hall Alvin D. driver, house 18 Goulding 

HALL AMOS B. & CO. canned fruits, 
pickles, hops, malt, <&c. 1 and 8 Warren, 

house at Boylston. — Seepage 556 
Hall Augustus D. wire tester, h. 10 Belmont 
Hall Belle, stitcher, boards 267 Main 
Hall Charles £. removed to Mansflcld 
Hall Charles H. vamisher, 7 Eaton pi. b. 85 

Salem [Layard pi. 

Hall Charles H. beltmaker, 187 Front, h. 18 
Hall Charles S. clerk, 94 Grove, house 498 

Southbridge [690 do. 

Hall Cora K. telegrapher, 426 Main, boards 
Hall D. Willis, machinist, 19 Church, bds. 6 

Chatham [b. 41 Kingsbury 

Hall Edwaid (Elliot A ^aZZJ, 54 Hermon, 
Hall Elizabeth, widow, house Plantation n. 

B. & A. R. R. [493 Southbridge 

Hall Elizabeth T. widow of Elbridge G. h. 
^Hall Ella, clerk, boards r. 16 Cypress 
Hall Elliott M. cutter, 88 Front, boards 6 

Hall Emanuel, laborer, house 96 Norfolk 
Hall Frank E. water commissioner, 5 City 

Hall, house 16 Diz [ct. 

Hall George, fireman, Brussels, b. 7 Armory 
Hall Grace, clerk, boards 82 Orange 
Hall Henry £. butcher, house Birch near 

Maywood [Lincoln 

Hall H. Hermon, driver, 15 Market, house 1 
Hall James, gardener, boards 12 Crompton 
Hall James E. machinist, 54 Hermon, house 

5 Merrick 
Hall James P. house 15 Woodland 
Hall Jennie M. teacher, bds. 21 Queen 
Hall John D. clerk, 82 Front, b. 91 Chatham 
Hall Joseph B. boards 8 Houghton 
Hall Judson W. machinist, 42 Gardner, h. 

15 Gates [892 Main, h. 18 John 

Hall J. Brainerd, reporter Evening Gazette, 
Hall J. Emil, laborer, bds. 8 Oswald 
Hall Katie A. at Asylum Chronic Insane, 

Summer, boards do. [87 Laurel 

Hall Lydia L. widow of Richardson, house 
Hall L. Gustav, laborer, house 800 Millbury 
Hall Marcus L. carpenter, h. 78 Eastern av. 

Hall Martha B. boards 7 Mason 

Hall Matthew, blacksmith, 77 Foster, house 

175 Mechanic 
Hall Nellie M. stitcher, boards 62 Orange 
Hall Samuel, teamster, Hope Cemetery, b. 

Webster opp. cemetery 
Hall Stephen C. milkman, house Ararat near 

Brooks [h. Perry 

Hall Thomas, blacksmith, rear 179 Union, 
Hall ThoH. H. gents* furnishing goods, 82 

Front, h. 91 Chatham 
Hall Willard M. & Sons (W. FT. Hallh 

wood and granular fuel, 56 Foster, h. 4 

Elizabeth [Foster, h. 146 West 

Hall WUliard W. ( W, M, Hall A Sons), AS 
Hall William, boot finisher, b. 4 N. Merrick 
Hail William B. farmer, b. Brooks n. Ararat 
Hall William H. farmer, h. Brooks n. Ararat 
Hall William P. ciarpenter, h. 23 Prospect 
Hallensteln Alexander, cigar maker, 166 

Front, b. 19 S. Russell 
Hallett Sadie F. boards Stebbins 
Hallctt Sarah A. (Oosa & HalleUJ, 58 Pleas- 
ant, h. do. 
H alley James, coachman, 21 Cedar, bds. do. 
Hallcy Mary, widow of Patrick, h. 168 Salem 
Halley Michael, hostler. City Stables, house 

174 Salem [h. 53 Camp 

Halllhan Lawrence F. finisher, 82 South^ate, 
Hallin Gustaf, tailor, 852 Main, b. 84i Pearl 
Hallock Gerard J. carpeuter, h. 19 Orange 
Halloran Bridget Mrs. house 48 Temple 
Halloran Dennis, machinist, 180 Gold, b. 8 

Halloran Edward, died Jan. 1883 
Halloran Ellen, dressmaker, b. 89 Beacon 
Halloran John, machinist, b. 22 Cherry 
Halloran John, blacksmith, b. 8 Ingalls 
Halloran John, jr. machinist, 110 Green, b. 

8 Ingalls 
Halloran Joseph, painter, b. 8 Ingalls 
Halloran Kate, dressmaker, bds. 28 Coltoo 
Halloran Lewis, machinist, 110 Green, bds. 

8 Ingalls 
Halloran Mary, widow of Thomas, house 84 

Columbia [house do. 

Halloran Michael J. physician, 112 Park, 
Halloran Thomas, dyer, house 28 Colton 
Halloran Thomas F. moulder, Mnskeego c 

Albany, bds. 23 Colton [8 Ingalls 

Halloran William, machinist, 62 Jackson, b. 
Hallowell Catherine, widow of John, house 

184 Canterbury [82 Abbott 

Halloy Alexis, watchmaker, 859 Main, house 
Hally Daniel, collar maker, 28 Waldo, b. 89 

Hally Kate, domestic, 51 Sonthgate 
Hally Lawrence, horse collars, 28 Waldo, h. 

39 Beacon 
Hally Margaret, cleaner, h. r. 16 Cypress 
Hally Michael, laborer, 51 Green, house 2 

Taylor [15 Burt 

Halpin Edward, heater, 14 Bloomingdale, h. 
Halpin James, heater, h. 857 Millbury 
Halpin James, 2d. rem'd to Pawtucket, R. I. 
Halpin James E. machine operator, 68 High, 

boards 15 Burt 
Halpin MaryE. housekeeper, house 15 Bart 






Halpin Morris, laborer, bds. 8 Lovell ct. 
Halpio Patrick, laborer, 12 Shrewsbury, h. 

3 Lovell ct. 
Halpin Thomas, removed Arom city 
Halpine Thomas A. clerk, r. Union Station, 

house 89 Highland 
Halstead Emilie M. private school, 27 Chat- 
ham, boards 28 Qaeen [A7 Camp 
Halstead George, weaver, Brassels, hoase 
Ham Alexander J. teamster, 49 Grove, bds. 
13 Denny [7 Silver 
Ham George £. reed-board maker, 9 May, h. 
Ham Henry A. removed from city 
Ham Samoel Y. wireworker, h. 18 Denny 
Ham Sosie H. clerk, boards 8 Belle vne 
Hamant Annie L. removed to Brookfleld 

HAMANT GEORGE B. druggist and 
apothecary, 498 Main, house at North 

Brooktield. — Seepage 641 
Hamant Richard, inspector (Custom House, 

Boston), h. 81 Chatham [at Boston 
Hamblin Frank H. salesman, 195 Front, h. 
Hamer Enoch 8. machinist, 110 Green, b. 6 

Belknap [Sever 

Hamil James, carpenter, 14 Norwich, bds. 9 
ELamil Joseph, laborer, boards Ballard 
Hamil Judson, teamster, Bloomingdale opp. 

Fairview av. h. 189 Bloomingdale 
Hamil Peter, teamster, Bloomingdale opp. 

Fairview av. b. 139 Bloomingdale 
Hamilton Amelia, widow, bds. 50 Orange 
Hamilton Andrew, foreman, Muskeego cor. 

Albany, h. Locust av. n. Anna 
Hamilton Augustus J. machinist, 54 Jackson, 

b. 58 John 

HAMILTON CHARLESt printer, 9, 11 and 
12 Central Exchange, 811 Main, house 

8 Cottage. — See oppotUepage 540 
Hamilton Charles H. compositor, house 68 

Hamilton Chas. R. stonecutter, b. Granite c. 

Cliff [2 Portland pi. 

Hamilton Charlotte Miss, dressmaker, bds. 
Hamilton Cheney, boarding-house, 58 Front 
Hamilton C. Willard, house 87 Oak av. 
Hamilton Edward B. clerk, Worcester Co. 

Institution for Savings, 18 Foster, bds. 

87 Oak av. 
Hamilton Eugene, tinsmith, h. 16 Brown 
Hamilton F. Walter, civil engineer, boards 

8 Cottage [h. 27 Penn av. 

Hamilton Geo. S. engineer, N. & W. R. R. 
Hamilton George S. advertising agent, 11 

Central Exchange, house 1 Howe 
Hamilton Hannah, widow of Sidney, bds. 27 

Penn av. [Exchange, b. 8 Cottage 

Hamilton Harry W. compositor, 11 Central 
Hamilton Henry J. wirepacker, house 86 

Penn av. [180 Front 

Hamilton Horace A. engineer, 408 Main, h. 
Hamilton James, laborer, boards Millbury 

opposite Stebbins 

HAMILTON JAMES P. cashier Worces- 
ter National Bank, and treasurer and 
clerk Worcester Gaslight Co. 9 Foster, 
house 85 Fruit. — Seepage 469 
Hamilton John A. clerk, 162 Front, bds. 9 

Hamilton Matthew, moulder, 52 Jackson, h. 

164 Southbridge 
Hamilton Merritt L. engineer, W., N. & R. 

R. R. house 88 Penn avenue 
Hamilton M Ida M. widow of Wm. J. h. 14 

Auburn [95 

Hamilton Nancy H. died March 16, 1883, age 
Hamilton Patrick, removed from city 
Hamilton Patrick, laborer, b. Millbury opp. 

Stebbins [h. 11 Winslow 

Hamilton Thomas, bookkeeper, 484 Main, 
Hamilton Thomas, laborer, b. 55 Blackstone 
Hamilton William H. propr. Hotel Pleasant, 

58 Pleasant, house do. 
Hamlin Frank, salesman, boards 70 Pleasant 
Hammar Axel H. clerk, b. 176 Main [b. do. 
Hammell Delia M. dressmaker, 30 Orchard, 
Hammell Joseph, machinist, 84 Prescott, h. 

80 Orchard [bds. do. 

Hammell Mary, dressmaker, 80 Orchard, 
Hammell Owen, laborer at Jamesville, house 

James vi lie sq. [h. 80 Orchard 

Hammell Wilfred J. machinist, 84 Prescott, 
Hammerback John E. sinker, bouse Millbury 

opp. school-house 
Hammerback Lars Peter, laborer, h. Perry 
Hammerbacker Ann M. widow of Christian, 

house 8 Dover 
Hammerbecker J. George, wireworker, h. 9 

Milton [Sackville n. Byron 

Hammerstrom Carl P. wireworker, house 
Hammerstrom Chas. laborer, bds. Millbury 

opp. Whipple 
Hammerstrom John, laborer, h. 4 Tbenius 
Hammerstrom Magnus, sinker, house Steb- 
bins near Thenius 
Hammerstrom Olof, blacksmith, 100 Pres- 
cott, h. 50 Hanover [41 Austin 
Hammond Aaron, provisions, 596 Main, h. 
Hammond Andrew H. & Co. organ-reed 

manufs. 9 May, h. 9 Claremont 
Hammond Benjamin T. asst. treas. W., N. & 

R. R. R. 30 Shrewsbury, b. 15 Kendall 
Hammond Chas. H. clerk, 94 Grove, bds. 8 

Hammond Edward H. locksmith, 18 Church, 

house 20 do. [Salisbury 

Hammond Elijah, farmer, h. Morelaud near 
Hammond Frederick A. storekeeper, Wor- 
cester Lunatic Hospital, Belmont, b. do. 
Hammond Frederick H. farmer, h. Highland 

near Park avenue 
Hammond John, removed Tvom city 
Hammond Joseph P. farmer, h. 13 Lancaster 
Hammond Lemuel H. physician, 12 High, 

house do. 

HAMMOND LEWIS W. cashier Citizens 
National Bank, 425 Main, b. 15 Kendall. 

— See page ^72 
Hammond Nellie C. artist, boards at Elijah 

Haromond*s [n. Park ave. 

Hammond Otis S. Mrs. widow, h. Highland 
Hammond Robert, laborer, b. 7 Parlin pi. 
Hammond Thomas, removed from city 
Hammond Timothy W. treas. W., N. &R. R. 

R. 80 Shrewsbury, house 15 Kendall 
Hammond William H. removed to Daniel- 

sonville. Conn. 






Hammond W. Henry, engineer, house 10 

Lawrence [h. 989 do. 

Hampson Harriet C. dressmaker, 288 Main, 
Hampson Mary A. widow of Henry F. house 

989 Main [406 Southbridffe 

Hanaver John W. F. ftiller, Hunt's Mill, b. 
Hiuiayer Patrick E. laborer, h. 406 South- 
bridge [85 Summer 
Hancock Charles A. teamster, 96 School, b. 
Hand John, sorter, bds. 47 Southgate 
Hand John S. bookkeeper, 186 Union, honse 

184 Pleasant 
Handlin Catherine, widow of Michael, h. 14 

Jefferson [h. 60 Harrison 

Handlin Michael W. upholsterer, 568 Main, 
Handy Charles W. salesman, 484 Main, bds. 

1 Eden 
Handy Daniel, carpenter, b. 12 Southgate 
Handy Ebenezer, removed to Millbury 
Handy Edwin, lather, house Clover [court 
Haney Bridget, widow of ^osiah, h. Powers 
Haney Michael, laborer, house 29 Sargent 
Hanff Jacob, eating-house, 1 Lincoln, h. do. 
Hauff William H. clerk, 1 Lincoln, bds. do. 
Hang Wah, laundi7, 620^ Main, house do. 
Hanigan Dennis, laborer, house 18 Bluff 
Hanigan Francis, laborer, h. r. 10 Elizabeth 
Hanley Ellen, boarding-house, 405 South- 
Hanley James, laborer, house Powers ct. 
Hanley James, Jr. spindle maker, 76 School, 

boards Powers court [Sheridan 

Hnnley James A. cutter, 68 High, house 9 
Hanley John E. die rimmer, b. 9 Sheridan 
Hanley John H. foreman, Lagrange c. R. R. 

h. 60 Gold [Powers ct. 

Hanley John J. spindle maker, 76 School, b. 
Hanley Patrick, gardener, 728 Main, house 

12 Lovell ct. [Central 

Hanley Patrick, laborer, house rear 97 East 
Hanley Richard, slater, h. 128 Summer 
Hanley Thomas, wireworker, h. 4 Milton 
Hanlon Catharine, fancy goods, 87 Ward, 

house do. [28 Arch 

Hanlon Edward H. clerk, 17 Exchange, bds. 
Hanlon Hugh, laborer, house 10 Howard 
Hanlon Kate, widow of Thomas, h. 28 Arch 
Hanlon James, moulder, 77 Foster, house 48 

Hanlon James M. bartender, 86 Grafton, 

boards do. [28 Arch 

Hanlon John, plumber, 240 Front, boards 
Hanlon John, machinist, bds. 48- Assonet 
Hanlon Mary, Sister Superior, 46 High, 

house do. 
Hanlon Mary T. dressmaker, 28 Arch, b. do. 
Hanlon Patrick, rem'd to Philadelphia, Pa. 
Hanlon Patrick H. machinist, 88 N. Foster, 

honse 18 Howard [b. 10 Howard 

Hanlon Thomas F. photographer, 405 Main, 
Hanlon Thomas J. finisher, 15 Union, bds. 

28 Arch 
Hanly James, laborer, b. 155 Millbury 
Hannaford Abial A. (KeUh db Bannqford), 

205 Pleasant, h. 99 Piedmont 
Hannagan James, house 5 Worth 
Hannan James, ironer, bds. 66 Front 
Hannan Jeremiah, concreter, h. 9 Elliott 

Hannant Frank M. bootcntter, 11 Water, b. 

67 Harrison 
Hannant Henry D. driver, 145 Maiii, boards 

176 do. [67 HaniaoD 

Hannant Richard L. porter. Union depot, h. 
Hannigan Catharine, widow of DaTid, h. 85 

Wall [Nashua 

Hannigan Elizabeth, widow of Thomas, h. 5 
Hannigan James, wire drawer, honse 85 

Hannigan John, foreman, honse 60 Temple 
Hannigan John, sashmaker, 5 Sargent, b. 18 

Hannigan Thomas, laborer, bds. 60 Temple 
Hannigan Wm. J. carriage triBmer, 52 

School, bds. 21 Burt 
Hannon James, laborer, bds. 2 Columbia ct 
Hannon John, laborer, h. 64 Thomas 
Hannon Lawrence, laborer, b. 64 Thomas 
Hannon Patrick, laborer, boards 18 Aasonel 
Hanratty Patrick J. shoemaker, 886 Cam- 
bridge, h. 106 Washington 
Hanscom Edward, moulder, 149 Washingtoa, 

h. 60 Vernon 
Hanscom Leander, basket maker, h. 8 Cross 
Hanscom Nathan, basket ^aker, fa. 8 Cross 
Hanscom Sarah A. widow of Cfaaa. 6. b* 99 

Hansen Lars, rem'd from city 
Hanson Agust, wire drawer, h. 9 Carbon 
Hanson Andrew, machinist, 42 Gardner, h. 

48 Hanover [Grore 

Hanson Annie C. widow of John, h. 59 
Hanson Charles, painter, h. 9 N. Ashland 
Hanson Charles, wireworker, b. 29 Eastern 

avenue [h. 12 ElUott 

Hanson Chas. F. & Co. music, etc. 242 Main, 
Hanson Charles R. policeman. Station 2, 

Lamartlne, b. 229 Cambridge 
Hanson Christian, armorer, 44 Cen^vl, h. 

22 Camp 
Hanson Edward, reed-board maker, 8 May, 

bds. 40 Benefit 
Hanson Frederlka E. clerk, bds. 69 Qrort 
Hanson Hans P. laborer, b. 2 Thenlna 
Hanson Hogbert, armorer, 44 Central, h. SI 

Hanover rwstaut 

Hanson Lauritz, armorer, 44 Centra], bds. 5 
Hanson Martin, wireworker, h. 41 N. Ash- 
land [Summer 
Hanson Olaus, armorer, 44 Centrid, h. 129 
Hanson Sven E. musician, 242 Main, bds. M 

Qrove [28 Bowdoin 

Hanson Waldemar F. porter, 480 Main, b. 
Hanson William, cooper, Putnam lane, h. 

Hunt [18 Chatham st. pi. 

Hanson Wm. G. toolmaker, 81 Hermon, b. 
Hapgood Charles A. foreman, 108 Front, 

h. 22 Blossom [12 Clifton 

Hapgood E. Augustine, clerk, 8 AUen ct h. 
Hapgood Geo. laborer, Rural Cemetery, b. 

Grove n. Salisbury pond 
Hapgood George E. (L. B. Hapgood S 8<mh 

office 10 Front, h. Belmont [moot 

Hapgood Henry R. pattern maker, h. 81 Bel- 
Hapgood Jonathan, hack stand, 410 Main, h. 

341 Park av. 
Hapgood Leander R. surveyor, b. 574 Main 

G. F. HARWOOD, D. D. S. 




HAPGOOD L. B. & SDH (Geo. E, Bap^ 
goad J 9 elder and vinegar mannfs. office 
10 Front, works Belmont, one mile east 
of Lake Qalnsigamond. — See page 556 
Hapgood Nahnm B. surveyor, houne 80 Glen 
Hap^ood Bobert V. driver, 66 Foster, bds. 4 

Hapgood Walter J. assistant cashier Central 
National Bank, 452 Main, h. 15 Auburn 
Happoldt Harry P. clerk, Brussels, h. 12 

Haradon Arthur C. machinist, 122 Gold, h. 
18 Castle [land 

Haraghy Patrick, moulder, h. 89 N. Ash- 
Haraghy Patrick, laborer, b. 179 Millbury 
Harbnch Fred H. rem'd to Oxford 
Harbison Frederick A. rem'd to Gloucester 
Harbour George W. shoemaker, 84 Thomas, 

house do. 
Harbour Wm. A. machinist, bds. 84 Thomas 
Hardaker John, carpenter, bds. 159 Main 
Hardaker Joseph J. carpenter. 31 Central, 
h. 24 Wachusett [24 Wachusett 

Hardaker Margaret, widow of Jonathan, b. 
Hardaker William H. miller, b. 24 Wachusett 
Harding Betsey A. widow of Chas. L. house 

146i Austin 

Harding Chas. W. rem'd to Brockton [deuce 

Harding Sdwin B. carpenter, h. 20 Provi- 

Harding John, house 60 Myrtle 

Harding Samuel D. house 26 Providence 

Harding Sidney P. bookkeeper, 827 Main, b. 

145^ Austin [94 Elm 

Harding William B. Uwyer, 898 Main, bds. 

Hardy Alonzo £. organ maker, 19 Uniou, h. 

r. 31 Orchard [Front, h. 5 Cambridge 

Hardy Charles A., American Awl Co. 195 

Hardy Charles E. artist, 515 Main, house 27 

Mason [b. 80 Leicester 

Hardy Charles P. clerk, Leicester c. Mill, 

Hardy Frank C. traveling merchant, house 

20 Abbott 
Hardy Frank E. mason, bds. 15 Maple 
Hardy George H. machinist, 186 Union, h. 
87 Piedmont 

HAHDT L. ft CO. (B. A. Boyt), machine 
knives and die cutter stock manufs. 9 

Hardy Warren 8. machinist, W., N. & R. K. R. 

repair shop, house 157 Summer 
Hardyman Michael, laborer, 51 Green, b. 106 

Harford Thomas E. heeler, h. 29 Cutler 
Hargadon James, laborer, bds. rear Millbuny 

near B. R. 
HargadoD Owen P. laborer, bds. r. Millbury 

near R. R. [near R. R. 

Harpulon Thomas, laborer, h. r. MlUbary 
Harget Benjamin, laborer, 62 Jackson, bouse 

11 Lily 
Hargreaves Geo. died May 1, 1888 
Uaryreaves Geo. Jr. machinist, 110 Green, 

house 5 Worth [b. 561 Southbrldge 

Hargreaves John T. machinist, 161 Union, 
Harfirreaves Mary, widow of George, house 

O'Rourke near Taft 
Hargreaves Thomas, machinist, 110 Green, 

boards O'Rourke near Taft 

Hargreaves Wm. machinist, 140 Union, h. 

College n. city line [Southbrldge 

Harkins John, machine agent, boards 61 
Harkins John B. machinist, 100 Exchange, 

bds. 29 Wachusett [4 Sycamore 

Harkness Elizabeth N. widow of Nathan, h. 
Harland Stephen N. harness maker, h. 14 

Carroll [58 Thomas 

Harlow Charles A. machinist, 22 Cypress, b. 
Harlow Elmer, farmer, Harrington ct. b. do. 
Harlow Flavel L. driver, 91 Central, house 

West Boylston, Northvllle 
Harlow George W. watchmaker, 841 Main, 

house 9 Kingsbury 
Harlow G. Herbert, U. 8. deputy collector, 

898 Main, boards 58 Pleasant 
Harlow James, teiimster at tripe works, 

rear Greenwood, boards near do. 
Harlow Louis R. watchmaker, 200 Front, 

boards 42 Portland 
Harlow William T. assistant clerk courts. 

Court House, house 89 Oak avenue 
Harmois Hector, grinder, 57 Jackson, house 

7 Lajnartine 
Harmon Patrick, peddler, house 74 MlUbary 
Harney James, laborer, house 124 Salem 
Haruey Mary, widow of Michael, house 10 

Charles [120 Salem 

Harney Mtohael, coachman, 678 Main, house 
Harney Patrick, laborer, 100 Prescott, house 

42 Gold [h. 16 Plymouth 

Harney Thomas F. moulder, 188 Mechanic, 
Harper Alfred, cutter, 619 Main, b. 56 Salem 
Harper Andrew, policeman, City Hall, bds. 

86 Salem [86 Salem 

Harper Augustus, finisher, 81 Mechanic, h. 
Harper Charles, teamster, 27 Lagrange, h. 

62 Salem 
Harper Edwin H. rem'd to Biddeford, Me. 
Harper Harvey A. cook, house 12 Fronr 
Harper Israel, driver, rear 172 Front, bds. 

86 Salem [26 Gardner 

Harper James, laborer, 57 Jackson, house 
Harper Joseph, hostler, house 86 Salem 
Harper Joseph, weaver, Brussels, boards 18 

Crompton [12 Kilby 

Harper Julia G. widow of James C. boards 
Harper Lizzie, domestic, 9 Mechanic 
Harper Louis N. bootmaker, bds. 62 Salem 
Harper Lucy, widow of Henry W. b. Perry 
Harper Oliver, stable, rear 172 Front, house 

86 Salem [89 Madison 

Harper Oliver, Jr. hojitler, Parker court, h. 
Harper Peter N. clerk, 201 Main, house 20 

Lancaster [do. 

Harper Thomas, hostler, rear 100 Main, bds. 
Harper Thomas, weaver, Brussels, house 18 

Crompton [Langdon 

Harper William, driver, 162 Front, house 28 
Harpln Julia, widow of Francis, h. 95 Park 
Harpin Lea, dressmaker, 95 Park, bd:<. do. 
Harrahy Andrew, milkman, b. 167 Shrews- 
bury [do. 
Harrahy John, grocer, 167 Shrewsbury, h. 
Harridon Rebecca, cook, 9 Mechanic, boards 

18 do. [n. Slgonrney 

Harrlgan David, wire packer, h. Edgeworth 
Harrigan David, milkman, boards 7 Hudson 





Harrigan Frank, laborer, bds. 158 Prescott 
Harrigan John, patent medicines, 12 Front, 

house 7 Hudson 
Harrington Ann, widow, h. 284 Southbridge 
Harrington Augustus J. carpenter, boards 8 

Norwood [Harrington ct. h. do. 

Harrington Benjamin F. & H. A. farmers, 
Harrington Charles A. (Garfield <fc Harring- 
ton), 96 School, bouse 16 Winter 
Harrington Charles C. paperhanger, h. 141 

Beacon [n. Moreland 

Harrington Charles W. farmer, b. Salisbury 
Harrington Chauncey G. house 16 Portland 
Harrington Clarissa, widow of Daniel, house 

Harrington court [b. 988 Main 

Harrington Cornelia B. widow of Henry H. 
Harrington Cyrus P. driver, 15 Market, h. 

40 Lincoln 
Harrington Daniel, laborer, house 15 East 

Worcester place 
Harrington Daniel A. (Harrington db Bro,)j 

85 Central, house Harrington court 
Harrington Daniel L. salesman, 484 Main, 

boards 12 Dewey 
Harrington Daniel S. salesman, b. 12 Dewey 
Harrington David, Worcester Leather Bleach 

Co. 554 Main, 'boards 79 Portland 
Harrington Eben, cashier, h. 85 Harvard 
Harrington Elizabeth C. widow of Waldo 

M. house 8 North Ashland 
Harrington Elmer W. bookkeeper, 187 Front, 

bds. 16 Windsor [81 Trumbull 

Harrington Frances J. widow of Francis, h. 
Harrington Francis A. (Harrington dt Bro»)j 

Metropolitan stables, 85 Central, house 

8 Wachnsett 
Harrington Frank H. foreman, 81 Hermon, 

h. 5 Ripley st. pi. 
Harrington Frank W. stationer, 875 Main, 

house 22 John 
Harrington Frederic O. clerk, boards 86 

Edward [h. r. 4 Denny 

Harrington George A. reedmaker, 25 Union, 
Harrington George A. died Aug. 9, 1888, 

age 84 [92 Orange 

Harrington Geo. H. boot aider, 70 Winter, b. 
Harrington Gilbert H. (Harrington <0 Bich" 

ardsonjj 81 Hermon, h. 988 Main 
Harrington Halloway, machinist, house 9 

Harrington Henry N. clerk, h. 8 Church pi. 
Harrington H. Augustus (B, F, and H. A. 

Harrington), Harrington ct. house do. 
Harrington Isaac E. clerk, 525 Main, boards 

8 Vine 
Harrington Isaac 8. salesman, h. 62 Orange 
Harrington John, fireman, P. & W. R. R. 

bds. 42 Portland 
Harrington Lauson G. brakeman, h. 17 Fulton 
Harrington Leonard, carpenter, b. 58 Elm 
Harrington Loammi, grocer, 521 Main, h. 

679 do. [N. Ashland 

Harrington Louisa A. widow of Levi, bds. 8 
Harrington Lucretia, widow of Benjamin, 

boards Harrington court 
Harrington Maria F. widow of William H. 

house 109 Chandler 
Harrington Mary A. boards 58 Elm 

Harrington Mary A. widow of Lfiicleii, h. 86 

Edward [diatham st. pL 

Harrington Mary E. Mrs. dressmaker, h. 7 
Harrington Mary F. Mrs. teacher, Oxford 

street school, boards 11 High 
Harrington Michael, laborer, 57 Jackson, h. 

95 Austin [bury 

Harrington Michael, laborer, boose 880 Mill- 
Harrington Nancy, widow of Adana, h. 37 

Leicester [Portland, h. do. 

Harrington Nathan S. fishing rod manaf. 72 

agent, 492 Main, house 8 Norwood. — 

See page 494 
Harrington Patrick, laborer, 14 Blooming- 

dale, bds. 15 East Worcester pi. 
Harrington Robert, laborer, bds. 106 Soatb- 

brldge [h. r. Court House 

Harrington Samuel N. engineer, 86 CeDtral, 
Harrington Samuel P. house 58 Elm 
Harrington Sarah, widow of Charles S. bds. 

68 Providence 
Harrington Sarah P. house 215 Chandler 
Harrington Stephen, sewerage contractor, 

h. 8 Church pi. 
Harrington Theodore, boards 35 Harvard 
Harrington Thomas, cutter, Hamilton, b. 31 

Harrington Thomas, magnetic goods, 492 

Main, house 8 Norwood 
Harrington Timothy, laborer, house 55 East 

Worcester [35 Harvard 

Harrington Tryphenia, widow of C- A. h. 
Harrington T. Merrltt, cutter, 70 Winter, 

boards 31 Houghton 
Harrington Wilbur F. clerk, 269 Main, h. 

15 Congress [change, b. 514 Main 

Harrington William E. machinist, 89 Ex- 
Harrington William H. woolen mannf. h. 

834 Main 
Harrington William T. cardmaker, 19 

Washington sq. house 16 Newbury 
Harrington Wlnslow M. machinist, 70 Win- 
ter, house 92 Orange 
HARRINGTON & BRO. (F. A, and D. A. 
Harrington) y Metropolitan livery sta- 
bles, 85 Central. — See page 560 
Harrington & Richardson (Q. H. Harrington 

and W, A. Bichardson), firearms manaf^. 

81 Hermon 
Harris Abble T. dressmaker, 46 Dewey, b. do. 
Harris Agnes, housekeeper, house 53 Union 

Harris Almira, widow of Allen, h. 28 Elm 
Harris Benjamin F. boot trecr, 619 Main, h. 

9 Hollls 
Harris Calvin L. carpenter, house 21 Glen 
Harris Charles W. coachman, 68 Woodland, 

house 5 Bowdoin pi. 
Harris Clarendon, prest. Worcester Five 

Cents Savings Bank, house 88 Elm 
Harris Edward A. clerk, 8 Chapin block, b. 

18 Cedar 
Harris Edwin C. removed Arom city 
Harris Ella, stitcher, house 58 Union ave. 
Harris Emma D. Mrs. music teacher, h. 31 

Lincoln [Newbury 

Harris Ezeklel, coachman, 81 May, house 4 






Harris Floyd H. bootcotter, h. 83 Caller 
Harris Frank M. & Co. (James M. Harris) , 

apothecaries, 814 Main, h. 5 BeneQt ct. 
Harris Fred. T. bookbinder, 887 Main, bds. 

Waverly House 
Harris F. Edwin, clerk, 427 Main, bds. 88 

Cotler [Suoimer 

Harris Gideon, cotton manufacturer, h. 76 
Harris Henry, armorer, boards 72 Portland 
Harris Henry, hairdresser, 85 Main, house 9 

Myrtle [Lincoln 

Harris Henry F. lawyer, 898 Main, house 31 
Harris James B. foreman, 94 Orove, house 

15 Westminster 
Harris James M. fF. M. Harris & Co.), 814 

Main, h. at Amherst f 15 Lily 

Harris James T. laborer, 28 Pleasant, house 
Harris John L. dentist, 368j| Main, h. do. 
Harris Julia, seamstress, b. 53 Union ave. 
Harris Lizzie W. Mrs. fancy goods, 8 

Webster, house do. 
Harris Mary, boards 244 Main 
Harris Moses H. pastor Uniyersalist Charch, 

house 6 King 

HARRIS OLITEB F. dentist, 476 Main, 
house 7 Hancock.— /See page 507 
Harris Susan B. widow of Luther, house 100 

Orange [4 Hancock 

Harris Warren D. machinist, 57 Jackson, h. 
Harris Wesley, carpenter, house 46 Dewey 
Harris Wm. machinist, 246 Southbridge, h. 

at Auburn 
HarrisoD Charlotte, domestic, 616 Main 
Harrison Oeorge A. clerk, 158 Front, bds. 

37 Prospect 
Harrison James H. moulder, 77 Foster, h. 

37 Endicott [7 Salem 

Harrison John F. machinist, 54 Jackson, h. 
Harrod James, blacksmith, 152 Union, h. 

at Ayer Junction 
Hart Anna, tailoress, boards 18 Gold 
Hart Bailey, waiter, house 39 No. Ashland 
Hart Bernard, boot treer, h. 18 Jefferson 
Hart Bridget, widow of Michael, h. 11 Foyle 
Hart Catharine, widow of John, house 122 

Hart Charles, laborer, h. Ludlow n. Leicester 
Hart Charles F. machinist, Junction shop, b. 

122 Washington [avenue 

Hart Dominick, boot bottomer, h. 1 Union 
Hart Dominick, crimper, h. 26 Union ave. 
Hart Edward, wood, 98 Cambridge, h. do. 
Hart George O. woodworker, 100 Prescott, 

h. 58 Highland 
Hart Geo. R. moulder, 52 Jackson, house 98 

Beacon [3 Bennett ct. 

Hart Henry W. laborer, 66 Lincoln, house 
Hart James, machinist, 180 Gold, house 199 

Han Jeremiah, salesman, boards 11 Vine 
Hart John, boot treer, boards 18 Jefferson 
Hart John, truckman, house 1 Conlin court 
Hart John A. cardmaker, 246 Southbridge, 

bds. 122 Washington [Union ave. 

Hart John H. boot treer, 82 Austin, house 26 
Hart Kate, dressmaker, b. 122 Washington 
Hart Mary, widow of Mark, b. 9 Union ave. 
Hart Patrick, died Sept. 9, 1888, age 48 

Hart Patrick, laborer, b. Millbury c. Vernon 
Hart Susan, widow of Patrick, h. 28 Ward 

HART WILLIAM^ files, hardware and 
shoefindings, 1 Washington sq. house 5 

Kilby. — See page 676 [Hermon 

Hartford Essie Mrs. boarding-house, 88 
Hartford John, laborer, house JamesviUe sq. 
Hartford John S. engineer, 52 Jackson, h. 

66 Lamartine 
Harthan D. Irving, rem'd to Southbridge 
Harthan Frank E. machinist, 62 Mechanic, 

house 17 William [9 Davis 

Harthan Frederick L. turner, 9 Mtiy, boards 
Harthan Marion A. dressmaker, h. Hermitage 

avenue [chanic, h. 55 High 

Harthan S. Emerson, electric lights, 62 Me- 
Harthan Warren P. machinist, 156 Union, 

house 27 Wachusett 
Hartigan John A. clerk, 805 Main, b. 11 Fox 
Hartigan Patrick, watchman, house 11 Fox 
Hartigan Wm. F. student, boards 11 Fox 
Hartman Alexander, butcher, Putnam lane, 

house Shrewsbury near Hunt 
Hartman Henry L. cigar maker, 249 Main, 

boards 80 Mechanic 
Hartnett Jeremiah, laborer, 95 Thomas, bds. 

56 Union 
Hartnett Michael, laborer, h. 5 Temple st. ct. 
Hartnett P. Arthur, carpenter, b. 5 Fulton 
Hartnett Thomas, boot bottomer, 7 Wash- 
ington sq. house 9 Richland 
Hartshorn Calvin L. farmer, h. May n. June 
Hartshorn Lydia A. widow, house 23 Clinton 
Hartshorn Newton T. removed from city 
Hartt Oramel H. glazier, 196 Union, house 

36 Irving [h. 5 Newport 

Hartung Andrew £. cigar maker, 166 Front, 
Hartung Fred, cigar maker, 8 Newport, h. do. 
Hartwell Alfred (Hartwell A Whitney )y 322 

Main, house 13 Home 

HARTWELL CHARLES, agent Travelers 
Life and Accident Insurance Co. 452 

Main, b. 12 Wellington.— /S^ee page 497 
Hartwell Geo. woodworker, 100 Prescott, 

house 8 Laurel [b. 8 Laurel 

Hartwell Geo. A. woodworker, 19 Cypress, 
Hartwell Henry E. carpenter, house West 

Boylston, Greendale 
Hartwell James H. Jr. woodworker, 5 Sar- 
gent, house 87 Oread 
Hartwell Lew, sawyer, boards 5 Fulton 
Hartwell & Whitney (A, Hartwell and G, H, 

Whitney )y watchmakers, 822 Main 
Harty Cornelias, blacksmith, h. 24 Hudson 
Harty Cornelius, jr. laborer, bds. 24 Hudson 
Harty John, moulder, 149 Washington, bds. 

61 Green 
Harty Mary, widow of Dennis, h. 67 King 
Harvey Ann F. widow of John, h. r. 12 Sever 
Harvey Bernard H. boiler maker, W., N. & 

R. R. R. repair shop, house 21 Mendon 
Harvey Charles H. cutter, 456 Main, house 

24 Crown [12 Sever 

Harvey Frederic B. glazier, 196 Union, h. r. 
Harvey Owen, laborer, house 58 Thomas 
Harvey Peter, paver, boards 208 Mechanic 
Harwood Charles W. physician, 84^ Pearl, 

boards do. 

6. F. HARWOOD, D. D. S. 





Harwood Ephralm A. & Co. farnltare re- 
pairers, 528 MalD. hoase 25 Wyman 
HARWOOD GEORGE F. dentist, 887 Main, 
hoase 1 Benefit. — See foot lines 
Harwood Lucius, woodworker, 171 Union, 
hoase 8 No. Ashland [50 Lagrange 

Harwood & Quincy Machine Co. machinery, 
Haselden Henry S. printer, h. 182 Austin 
Haselden Mary L. teacher, bds. 182 Austin 
Haskell Ann, widow of Hiram, h. 54 Grove 
Haslcell Austin D. driver, 157 Summer, bds. 

100 do. 
Haskell Cbas. E. evangelist, h. 11 Mondon 
Haskell Chas. L. compositor, 195 Front, b. 
11 Mendon [5 Lagrange 

Haskell Ellen M. teacher, Normal school, b. 
Haskell H. Spencer, student, 7 Chapln block, 

boards 54 Grove 
Haskell John G. wire drawer, house 18 Arch 
Haskell Lettie L. clerk, 12 City Hall, boards 

18 Arch 
Haskell Nelson E. painter, bds. 80 Jackson 
Haskell Tarble P. removed to Sterling 
Hasklns Amos, boot bottomer, r. 155 Front 
Hasklns Daniel W. lawyer, house 85 William 
Hasklns Lansford B. engineer, h. 464 Main 
Hasklns Marcena, carpenter, Bridge c. Fos- 
ter, h. 184 Prescott [76 Hanover 
Haslop George H. machinist, 140 Union, h. 
Haslop James B. machinist, 142 Union, h. 

27 Prospect 
Hassam Charles M. hose driver, Steamer 

No. 8, Prescott, b. do. 
Hasselmann Chas. cigar maker, 409 Main, b. 
18 Fountain [b. 27 Thomas 

Hassenferder Paul L. clerk, 14 Mechanic, 
Hassett Daniel, laborer, b. 11 Foundry 
Hassett HanniLh, widow of James, house 

U Foundry 
Hassett James, wheelwright, h. 1 Central ct. 
Hassett James, hostler, 12 Trumbull, bds. 11 

Hassett James, laborer, house Powers ct. 
Hassett Michael, laborer, 86 Central, b. 11 
Foundry [Foundry 

Hassett Patrick, laborer, 86 Central, bds. 11 
Hassett Patrick, wheelwright, 5 Canal, bds. 
1 Central ct. [h. 50 Madison 

Hassler Antonia, widow of Christopher H. 
Hassler Christopher H. died June 14, 1888 
Hassler Robert E. weaver, h. 12 Colton 
Hastings Albert E. driver, bds. 168 Front 
Hastings Charles W. woodworker, Park av. 
c. Grove, h. 21 Home [n. W. &S. R. R. 
Hastings Edmund T. cutter, h. Cobum ave. 
Hastings £. O. & Co. (H. JB. Hastings), pro- 
duce, 98 Main [22^ Pleasant 
Hastings Henry L. beltmaker, 187 Front, b. 
Hastings Henry W. supt. 7 Washington sq. 

h. 171 Grafton 
Hastings Herbert C. draughtsman, 195 

Front, b. 26 West 
Hastings Herbert R. (E. 0. Hastings db Oo,), 

bds. 98 Main 

Hastings JaneL. housekeeper, 51 Providence 

Hastings John E. provisions, 117 Park, h. 81 

William [Lincoln 

Hastings Joseph E. cutter, 11 Water, h. 29 

HASTINGS LEANDER A. harness manuf. 
and dealer, 25 Exchange, h. 16 Oxford. 

-^Seefoot lines [Pleasant 

Hastings Lucy H. widow of Gveorge, b. 61 
Hastings Lyman E. foreman, 70 Winter, h. 

at West Boylston 
Hastings Silas D. produce, bds. 98 Main 
Hastings Thomas J. & Co. machinist, 84 

Southbridge, h. 28 John [b. 186 Lincobi 
Hastings T. Fay, beltmaker, 187 Front, 
Hastings Wm. A. beltmaker, 187 Front, h. 

825 Park ave. , 

Hatch Ada, clerk, bds. r. So. Court House 
Hatch Albert F. organ maker, h. 28 Laurel 
Hatch Anna, widow of Benjamin F. h. 71 

Portland [Bowdoin 

Hatch Arthur S. plater, 44 Central, h. 46 
Hatch Benjamin F. laborer, 181 Central, h. 

1 John St. av. 
Hatch Charles C. clerk, house 8 Madison 
Hatch Edward, carpenter, 10 E. Worcester, 

h. 68 Thomas [Austin 

Hatch Emellne, widow of William G. h. 218 
Hatch Frank A. organ maker, 17 Hermon, h. 

21 Laurel [h. 198 Austin 

Hatch Geo. stair builder. Bridge c. Foster, 

HATCH GEO. 8. heel manuf. and leather 
remnants, 164 Front, h. 25 Queen. — See 

page 679 
Hatch Henry D. died July 6, 1888, age 54 
Hatch J. Randolph, trimmer, 19 Union, h. 

57 Eastern av. [Queen 

Hatch Lucretia S. widow of Wm. boards 35 
Hatch Mai7 E. widow of Henry D. b. 25 Queen 
Hathaway Allen B. clerk, 827 Main. b. 9 John 
Hathaway Caroline A. artist, h. 22 Lincoln sq. 
Hathaway Charles B. rem'd from city 
Hathaway F. Walter, salesman, 88 Front, b. 

48 Portland 
Hathaway Harriet M. nurse, b. 14 Plymouth 
Hathaway Isabelle D. boards 50 Orange 
Hathaway Mary A. teacher, Oxford st. 

school, b. 15 Maple 
Hathaway Susan S. h. 11 Lily 
Hathome George H. boot finisher, 28 Mul- 
berry, h. 151 Southbridge 
Hatton Richard A. roller, h. Whipple 
Haven Chas. M. carpenter, Bridge c. Foster, 

h. 85 Salem [886 Main 

Haven Charles U. engineer, 65 Jackson, h. 
Haven Daniel D. farmer, h. Howard lane 
Haven Emily Mrs. grocer, 78 Southgate, h. 

do. [62 Elm 

Haven Frances W. widow of Saml F. house 
Haven George II. turnkey at jail, house 816 

Main [85 Salem 

Haven Hannah W. widow of Stillman, bds. 
Haven Hollis J. bootmaker, Hamilton, house 

Grafton near Hale 
Haven James, saloon, 73 Southgate, h. do. 
Haven Maria P. widow of George H. b. 816 

Main [Grafton n. Hale 

Haven Nancy, widow of Jubal H. house 
Haven Napoleon, bartender, 78 Southgate, 

bds. do. 
Haven Virginia S. bds. 21 Woodland 
Haverd Francis, laster, h. 108 Lamartine 
Havey Bernard, laborer, h. 180 Prescott 

G. F. HARWOOD, D. D. S. 

887 MAIS ST., 


Adtniuiatered for JSaUrmdiug IVaCft. 



Harey Bernard W. died April, 1888, a^e 28 
HaTey Kate N. widow of Bernard W. bds. 2 

Harey Thomas, bootmaker, h. 5 Wood sq. 
Hawes Aaron, boards 27 Russell 
Hawes Annie, attendant, Wor. Lunatic Hos- 
pital, Belmont, bds. do. [bds. do. 
Hawes CHiarles A. hostler, 1 Pleasant place, 
Hawes Charles B. machinist, b. 17 Harrison 
Hawes Clara N. widow of Artemas, house 
692 Main 

HAWES FRANK B. pictures, frames, fine 
art ^oods, etc. 47 Park, h. 45 do. — See 
page 512 
Hawes Frederick, carpenter, h. 17 Harrison 
Hawes Fred. A. salesman, 827 Main, b. 464 
do. [Austin 

Hawes Frederick W. Jeweler, house 129 
Hawes Julia A. widow of Lafayette, house 
464 Main [many 

Hawes Sasle F. Mrs. rem'd to Dresden, Qer- 
Hawes William, carpenter, h. 26 Coral 
Uawkes Edwin, cabinetmaker, 7 Eaton pi. h. 
18 Trumbull [b. 1 Lincoln pi. 

Hawkes Frank £. cornice maker, 150 Union, 
Hawkes Gilbert M. cornice maker, 150 
Union, b. 1 Lincoln pi. [Lincoln pi. 

Hawkes 8arah C. widow of Alonzo A. h. 1 
Hawkes Wm. B. cabinetmaker, 7 Eaton pi. 

house 22 Newbury 
Hawkin^^ Wm. H. laborer, b. MlUbury opp. 
Stebbins [14 High 

Hawkins Daniel A. constable, 410 Main, b. 
Hawkins Frank A. removed f^om city 
Hawkins Frank 8. moulder, 52 Lagrange, b. 

7 Woodland 
Hawkins James, mason, bds. 6 Temple at. ct. 
Hawkins Lewis K. engineer, B., B. ft G. BR 

R. house 68 Summer 
Hawley George M. removed to California 
Hawley Richard, skatemaker, 81 Mulberry, 

bds. 105 Washington 
Hay Arthur, principal Lamartine st. school, 
b. 15 Chatham st. pi. [h. at Boston 

Hay Clarence E. music teacher, 897 Main, 

HAT HENBTy propr. Waverly House, 
117 Front, house do. — Seepage 558 
Haydeii Charles B. mason, h. A Belmont 
Hayden Charles J. dlemaker, 81 Mechanic, 

boards 81 Salem 
flayden Frank D. butcher, h. 19 Bellevne 

HATDEN FRANK R. jewelry and materi- 
als at wholesale, 898 Main, house 151 

Pleasant — Bee page 516 
Hayden George L. removed to Waltham 
Hayden George M. watchman»h.24Clark8on 
Hayden (}eorj;e W. machinist, 109 Chandler, 

hoQse 10 Dewey 
Hayden Henry G. (George Hinman *b Oo,)^ 

880 Main, b. Lincoln House 
Hayden James, carpenter, b. 127 MlUbury 
Hayden Julia A. Mrs. grocer, 85 Lamartine, 

bouse do. 
Hayden Samuel W. carpenter, h. 46 Shelby 
Hayden Walter B. butcher, bds. 46 Shelby 
Hayden William, laborer, house 66 SuflToIk 
Hayes Annie E. Mrs. domestic, 100 Main 
Hayes David, laborer, boards 17 Summer 

Hayes David D. boot treer, 9 Barton pi. h. 

9 Jefferson [Canterbury 

Hayes Edward, driver, 82 Green, house 89 
Hayes Elizabeth, widow of Wm. house 14 

Hayes George, wireworker, h. 8 Nashua 
Hayes George D. laborer, house 14 Hawkins 
Hayes James, laborer, boards 17 Summer 
Hayes John, laborer, h. 66 Lamartine 
Hayes John, laborer, bds. 5 Blsmark 
Hayes John, mason, house 84 Ward 
Hayes Joseph J. printer, 66 Grafton, boards 

159 Exchange [82 Providence 

Hayes Maria F. widow of Elfjah D. boards 
Hayes Michael, mason, house 51 Gold 
Hayes Michael, carpenter, b. 8 Boylston ct. 
Hayes Michael, laborer, boards 17 Summer 
Hayes Michael, laborer, boards 81 Spring 
Hayes Nicholas, laborer, house 18 Ward 
Hayes Nicholas, laborer, house 54 Camp 
Hayes Patrick, laborer, h. 4 Temple st. ct. 
Hayes Thomas, painter, 148 Main, boards 48 

Hayes Thomas, engineer, W., N. ft E. R. R. 

engine house, house 159 Exchange 
Hayes Thomas, laborer, house 2 Hlbernla 
Hayes Timothy, laborer, boards 17 Foundry 
Hayes Wm. laborer, house 104 Lamartine 
Hayes, see Hays 
Hay ford Thomas H. foreman, Manchester 

c. Union, house 16 Hollywood 
Haynes Benjamin, weaver, Brussels, house 

15 Dorranco [house 86 do. 

Haynes Chas. B. painter, rear 30 Newbury, 
Haynes Charles T. principal Washington 

street school, h.42 Wellington [Bowdotn 
Haynes Eugene O. coachman, house 52 
Haynes Frederick L. painter, r. 86 Newbury, 

boards 86 do. [86 Newbury 

Haynes Herbert W. finisher, 619 Main, bds. 
Haynes Ira F. boot bottomer, 70 Winter, h. 

at Boston 
Haynes John C. laborer, b. 8 Brittan 
Haynes Luther F. engineer, rear 80 Front, 

house 18 Mechanic [bds. 147 do. 

Haynes W. Herbert, bookkeeper, 286 Main, 
Hays Edward, laborer, boards 18 Richland 
Hays Josephine E. housekeeper, houst* 20 

Arlington [Harrington n. Grafton 

Hays William, provisions, 160 Front, house 
Hay ward Carrie M. music teacher, 108 

Chandler, boards do. 
Hayward Edward A. machinist, h. Slgour- 

ney c. Edge worth [16 Allen 

Hayward Francis D. produce, 189 Front, h. 
Hayward Mary A. teacher, Summer street 

school, boards 103 Chandler 
Haywood John R. machinist, 77 Foster, h. 

at Mlllbuiy 
Hazard Charles C. removed to Fall River 
Hazard Roswell B. carrier, Post^Offlce, h. 

8 Agricultural [Elliott 

Hazard Warren T. hostler, 28 Thomas, h. 20 
Uazeltlne Chas. B. R. paints, oils, &c. 556 

Main, boards 14 Lincoln sq. 
Hazclton Charles H. mason, house 19 Ward 
Hazen Charles, removed from city 
Head Patrick, truckman, house 26 Colton 






Head Patrick, laborer, h. 169 Millbury 
HeadmaD Edward H. foreman, 16G Front, b. 

40 Exchange [sane, Summer, b. do. 

Heal Ella, sapervlsor at Asylum Chronic In- 
Heal Samuel R. teamster, house 87 Grove 
Heald Carmi, foreman, boards 690 Main 
Heald Caroline M. widow of Simpson 0. h. 

Ripley c. Ripley st. pi. 
Heald Frank A. bookkeeper, b. 16 Piedmont 
Heald James N. student, b. 19 Lancaster 
Heald Mary, widow of John, b. 50 Irving 
Heald N. Loring, civil engineer, 492 Main, 

boards Ripley c. Ripley st. pi. 
Heald Simpson C. civil engineer, 492 Main, 

bds. Ripley c. Ripley st. pi. 
Heald Solomon O. engineer, 82 Austin, h. 86 

Newbury [h. 16 Piedmont 

Heald Wm. (Heald A BriUon), 92 Thomas, 

HEALD & BBITTON C William Heald and 
James D, Britton), Wheeler foundry, 92 

Thomas. — See page 662 
Healey Bernard, laborer, 110 Green, bds. 18 

Healey David, laborer, boards 8 Burt 
Healey Fred. E. teamster, 86 Central, bds. 

141 Summer 
Healey George B. machinist, 54 Jackson, 

house Litchfield near Canterbury 
Healey Henry H. road master, h. 167 Austin 
Healey Henry W. engineer, 57 Union, house 

26 Wachusett 
Healey James, laborer, b. 172 Washington 
Healey Jeremiah, machinist, h. 14 Grosvenor 
Healey John, plumber, 6 Exchange, boards 

Orange [Portland 

Healey John, laborer, 52 Jackson, boards 94 
Healey John F. machinist, 86 Foster, house 

4 Linwood place [r. 20 Church 

Healey John H. polisher, 287 Cbandler, bds. 
Healey Kate, domestic, 66 Front 
Healey Mary, house 27 Hudson 
Healey Mary, stitcher, bds. 88 Washburn 
Healey Mary, widow of Daniel, house 85 

Orange [bridge 

Healey Michael, grinder, 9 Mill, h. 119 Cam- 
Healey Richard J. boots and shoes, 881 

Main, boards 678 do. [opp. Stebbins 
Healey Thomas, laborer, boanls Millbury 
Healy Daniel, house 10 Lovell court 
Healy Daniel A. cutter, 199 Front, boards 

50 Chandler 
Healy Dennis J. rem*d to Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Healy Edmund, servant, 58 Front, bds. do. 
Healy Elizabeth, widow of James, house 28 

Healy Ellen, widow of Daniel, b. 79 Temple 
Healy Henry, laborer, boards 159 Millbury 
Healy James, laborer, 171 Union, boards 55 

Healy James, laborer, boards 27 Ward 
Healy James, boot treer, 70 Winter, house 

98 Mulberry 
Healy James, died June 1, 1888, age 39 
Healy James F. machinist, 140 Union, house 

rear 56 Thomas 
Healy James H. boot bottomer, 7 Washing- 
ton square, house rear 59 Bridge 
Healy Jane Mrs. house 52 Hanover 

Healy Jeremiah F. cotter, 82 Aastin, h. 50 

Healy Johanna, boards 77 Au-stin 
Healy John, laborer, bds. 27 Ward 
Healy John, carpenter, bds. 84 Union ave. 
Healy John, mason, house 8 Pattlson 
Healy John, blacksmith, 17 N. Foster, bds. 

182 Union [Harrisoa 

Healy John, boot treer, 70 Winter, house 88 
Healy John, laborer, house 208 Mechanic 
Healy John, removed to Pittsfleld 
Healy John £. hostler, 159 Pleasant, house 

167 do. [76 Harrison 
Healy Lucretia P. widow of John W. boards 
Healy Margaret, widow of Francis, house 

182 Union 
Healy Martin, laborer, house 20 Vernon 
Healy Maurice 8. boot finisher, 11 Water, 

boards 28 Columbia [44 Millbury 

Healy Michael, boot treer, 11 Water, house 
Healy Michael, hackman, h. 285 Pleasant 
Healy Michael, laborer, 110 Green, boose 

159 Millbury 
Healy Michael J. moulder, bds. 20 Vemou 
Healy Miles, laborer, boards 55 Market 
Healy Patrick, blacksmith, 78 Exchange, b. 

82 Spring 
Healy Patrick, laborer, house 120 Prescott 
Healy Peter, shoe treer, b. 185 Washington 
Healy Peter, shoe treer, 11 Water, bds. 74 


HEALT RICHARD, cloaks, suits and diy 
goods, 512 Main, bds. 46 Austin.— iSM 
page 527 
Healy Rose, widow of Edward, h. 27 Ward 
Healy Samuel N. painter, 188 Main, house 

168 Chandler 

"Healy Thomas, stonecutter. Crescent, h. r. 

218 Southbridge [129 Graftoo 

Healy Thomas, boot treer, 11 Winter, h. r. 
Healy Thomas F. plumber, b. 8 Pattison 
Healy Timothy, boarding-house, 155 Mill- 
bury [Union ave. 
Heaphey Daniel, melter, 57 Green, house 82 
Heaphey Michael, moulder, boards 50 Greeo 
Heaphey Patrick, boot crimper, 155 Front, 

house 18 Winter 
Heard Nathan F. collector, h. 18 Belmont 
Heard Rachel W. widow of Nathan, h. 18 

Hearn Bridget M. domestic, 8 Mill, bds. do. 
Hearn Catharine, widow of Maurice, house 

14 Lovell ct. [51 Cambridge 

Hearn Daniel, hostler. Main n. Tlrrell, b. 
Hearn David J. cutter, bds. 14 Lovell ct. 
Hearn James, carpenter, 14 Norwich, house 

Illinois n. Grand [5 Goddard 

Hearn James J. bootcutter, 68 High, boards 
Hearn Julia, widow, b. Illinois n. Grand 
Hearn Lawrence, laborer, 141 Central, h. 

101 East Central 
Hearn Maggie E. dressmaker, 5 Gkxldard, 

boards do. [Lovell court 

Hearn Patrick, driver, 195 Union, house 4 
Hearn Pierce, house 5 Goddard 
Hearn Terrance, laborer, house 17 Gold st 

court [Richland 

Hearn William, boot crimper, house 82 





Heath Elijah C. physician, 571 Main, h. do. 
Heath Fnmk G. bds. United States Hotel 

HEATH FRANK M. & CO. house and sign 
painterH, Burnside ct. hoase 55 Qaeen. — 
See page 585 
Heath George H. removed to Lynn 
Heath Joseph M. rem'd to New Hampshire 
Heaton James, machinist, 110 Oreen, house 
6 Millbury [Apricot, V. F. 

Heaton William, watchman at reservoir, h. 
Hebbard Charles £. (Hebbard A Co,), bds. 

29 Chatham 
Hebbard William W. physician, 8 Aldrich 
pi. honse do. [850 Main 

Hebbard & Co. (C, E, Hebbard), dry goods, 
Hebert Arthur, polisher, 81 Mulberry, bds. 
58 Central [ter, house 12 Montreal 

Hubert Frank X. carpenter, 10 E. Worces- 
Hebert Ledus, flsh, house 17 Orient 
Hebert Louis, bookkeeper, 159 Front, h. 

70 Suffolk 
Hebert Pierre, provisions, 56 Wall, h. do. 
Hector Asa £. paperhanger, house 58 North 
Ashland [N. Ashland 

Hector George F. paperhanger, boards 58 
Hedberg Charles J. wireworker, house rear 
182 Prescott [North 

Hedberg Christian B. wireworker, house 29 
Hedden George M. Japanner, 290 Park ave. 

bouse 281 do. 
Hedden Horace M. (Hedden & Hill), Park 

ave. near Pleasant, house 2 Ashland 

Hedden & Hill (H M. Hedden and C. A. 

Sill), ferrotype plates, Park ave. near 

Pleasant [24 Lafayette 

Hedengren Adolph, armorer, 44 Central, h. 

Hedge Homer W. clerk, 154 Front, boards 9 

Hedge James, blacksmith, h. 6 Dover [b. do. 
Hedge Louisa Mrs. dressmaker, 6 Dover, 
Hedlnnd Erik J. laborer, h. 99 Mulberry 
Hedland Johan H. laborer, h. 8 Eastern av. 
Hedland Oliver G. wire drawer, house 59 

Hedlnnd Peter, wireworker, b. 59 Orchard 
Hedstrom Charles, grinder, 10 Mill, boards 

Hedstrom E. Johan, sinker, house 8 Perry 
Heenan John, laborer, 77 Foster, house 8 
Boland ct. [19 Spruce 

Heffernan John W. driver, r. 29 Waldo, h. 
Hefferuan Patrick, driver, Groton, house 16 
Charles [71 Millbury 

Heffernan Thomas F. carpenter, house rear 
Hefl^'eu James, brakeman, bds. 189 Shrews- 
Heflten Michael, laborer, house 8 Suffolk 
Ueffren Michael K. wireworker, 179 Main, b. 

46 Columbia 

Heffren Peter, laborer, B. & A. R. R. round 

house, house 46 Columbia [b. do. 

Heinzle Ulric, professor, College Holy Cross, 

Hellstrom Charles A. wire drawer, bds. 115 

Main [bds. 5 Cresent 

Hellstrom Gnstaf W. moulder, r. 25 Hermon, 

Hellstrom Sofi, laundress. City Hospital, b. 

do. [st. school, bds. 64 Orange 

Hemenway Abbie F. teacher, Lamartine 

Hemenway Alexander F. hairdresser, 158 

Chandler, bds. 2 Bowdoin pi. [Beacon 
Hemenway Alpha H. carpenter, house 96 
Hemenway Carrie M. clerk, b. 4 Portland 
Hemenway Ebenezer, cutter, h. 64 Orange 
Hemenway Fred, sawyer, 72 School, boards 

Grove n. Salisbury pond [May 

Hemenway Hannah Miss, cakemaker, h. 79 
Hemenway Merritt, driver, boards Grove n. 

Salisbury pond 
Hemenway William A. coachman, 2 Howe 
Hemphill Orson, machinist, b. 65 Franklin 
Henchey Felix H. beltmaker, 187 Front, h. 

Grafton c. Millbury av. [h. 6 Winter 
Henchey Nicholas, beltmaker, 187 Front, 
Henchman Russell B. removed to Boston 
Henchy Thomas, removed f^om city 
Henderson Allen A. woodworker, 10 East 

T^orcester, house 8 Union pi. 
Henderson Angus, shipmaster, h. Leicester 

cor. Apricot 
Henderson Clara H. Mrs. bds. 251 Park ave. 
Henderson Eliza L. widow of William, bds. 

6 Fruit 
Henderson James D. salesman, b. 887 Main 
Henderson Thomas H. carpenter, house 88 

Lincoln [584 Main, h. 44 Newbury 

Hendrick Henry W. (Cody, Hendrick & Co), 
Hendrick Jerome A. organ tuner, 9 May, h. 

88 Woodland [Newbury 

Hendrick Maria B. widow of Horace, b. 44 
Hendrickson Charles L. wire drawer, house 

23 Carbon [Wachusett 

Hendrickson Olaf, wire drawer, boards 84 
Henebry Thomas, laborer, Pitt, house 20 

Mitchell [Main 

Hennessey Emma A. dressmaker, boards 405 
Hennessey Frank, wire drawer, honse 80 

Grafton [bds. 120 Salem 

Hennessey John, moulder, 68 Washington sq. 
Hennessey John, moulder, 65 Jackson, h. 44 

Hennessey Julia, housekeeper, 120 Salem 
Hennessey Michael, hostler, 658 Main, bds. 

120 Salem [Central 

Hennessey Patrick, wireworker, boards 80 
Hennessey Thomas, carpenter, b. 120 Salem 
Hennessey Thomas, laborer, h. 10 Langdon 
Hennessey William, mason, h. r. 70 E. Cen- 
tral [Foley's ct. 
Hennessey William, hostler, r. 42 Waldo, h. 
Hennessy Jeremiah, grocer, 151 Central, h. 

128 Summer [60 do. 

Hennigan Maurice W. grocer, 62 Temple, b. 
Henrich Jacob, armorer, 42 Gardner, h. 168 

Washington [12 Hacker 

Henrich John, armorer, 42 Gardner, bouse 
Henrich Margaret, widow, boards 4 Dewey 
Henrickson Christian F. pattern maker, 161 

Union, h. 6 Assonet [Elm, h. 90 Elm 
Henry Albert H. stable, 6 N. Merrick near 
Henrv Bridget E. widow of Walter, house 

887 Main [18 Fulton 

Henry Catharine H. widow of Michael, h. 
Henry Charles, farmer at Elijah Hammond's, 

boards do. [do. 

Henry Charles F. stable, 10 Sever, house 14 
Henry Edward F. removed to Boston 






Henry Edwlu H. moulder, 87 Gold, boards 

1 15 Main 
Henry Erastua, died Aug. 2, 1888, age 64 
Henry James, laborer, h. 174 Shrewsbury 
Henry Jaincs J. saloon, 86 Bloomiugdale, h. 

167 Summer 

Henry John, clerk, h. 174 Shrewsbury 
Henry John, farmer, house Whipple 
Henry John J. laborer, boards Whipple 
Henry John J. clerk, 48 Washington sq. h. 

168 Shrewsbury [house do. 
Henry Lawrence, saloon, 148 Shrewsbury, 
Henry Lydia M. widow of Kichard, boards 

666 Main hi Pond 

Henry Margaret, widow of John £. house 
Henry Mary H. widow of Erastus, house 216 

Henry Patrick, melter, 100 Prescott, house 

SackvlUe n. R. B. .[Main 

Henry Patrick, laborer, 26 Salisbury, b. 116 
Henry Paul, eating-house, 48 Washington 

square, h. 28 Bartlett pi. [169 Summer 
Henry Paul, laborer, 26 Salisbury, boards 
Henry Paul J. boards 887 Main 
Henry Peter F. bds. 48 Washington sq. 
Henry Thomas, laborer, house 54 Oxford 
Henry Thomas, laborer, bds. 861 MiUbury 
Hensel Elizabeth, widow of Conrad, house 

21 Orosvenor 
Hensel Henry, clerk, 2 Foster, boards 21 

Grosvenor [n. do. 

Hensel Philip, coachman, 88 Webster, house 
Heushaw Charles B. cutter, house 5 Allen 
Henshaw Edward, machinist, 110 Green, b. 

18 Plymouth [102 Austin 

Henshaw Emily, widow of Austin F. house 
Henshaw Josiah, farmer, h. Fowler n. city 

Henshaw Sarah Mrs. stitcher, h. 18 Plymouth 
Henshaw Sarah A. boards 8 Loudon 
Hentz Daniel, armorer, 20 Manchester, h. 

17 Garden [Gkirden 

Hentz Daniel, Jr. wireworker, boards 17 
Hentz Jacob, foreman, 94 Grove, house 66 

Belmont [Garden 

Hentz Margretta, widow of Jacob, house 15 
Heppler John, butcher, b. 26 Eastern ave. 
Hepworth Walter, carpenter, boards 61 

Herbert Henry, laborer, boards 27 Church 
Herbert Henry S. polisher, 42 Gardner, h. 

889 Southbridge 
Herbert James A. policeman, City Hall, h. 

49 Hanover [24 Fox 

Herbert P. Henry, moulder, 65 Jackson, h. 
Herlahy David, 2d. polisher, b. 25 Lyon 
Herlahy Jeremiah, laborer, house 25 Lyon 
Herley John, card stripper, Pakachoag Mill, 

boards 49 Camp 
Herllhy Bartholomew B. boot bottomer, 68 

High, h. 25 Vine [Irving 

Herllhy Bridget, widow of John, h. 8 South 
Herllhy David, laborer, h. 1 Summer st. ct. 
Hermans Charles, wireworker, bds. Dryden 

near Hemans 
Hermon Max, peddler, house 12 Water 
Heron Brothers (F, S. and <A W, Heron), 

tobacconists, 1041 Front 

Heron David, shoemaker, house 50 Temple 
Heron Frauds, laborer, house 6 ikllsworth 
Heron Frank H. (Heron Bro».), 1044 FTfmt, 

boards 86 Winter 
Heron Frank H. laborer, b. 6 EllMWorth 
Herou James W. (Heron Bros, J , 1044 Front, 

h. 29 Vernon [Winter 

Heron Patrick, clerk. 1044 Frout, liouae 86 
H^roux Catherloe, boardlug-house, SO Cen- 
Herpst Susie, widow of Frledericb, h. 122 

Washington [Bridge 

Herr Daniel, machinist, 110 Greeu, hoQae 12 
Herr Martin, boot aider, house 8 Ward 
Herrlck Charles M. clerk, 551 Main, house 

67 Orange 
Herrlck Leander F. clerk,. 11 Water, boards 

at Mlllbury [1 Ashland 

Herrlck Mary A. widow of Benjamin F. bda. 
Herrlck William A. clerk, boards 5 Mason 
Herrmann Charles, machinist, b. 180 Can- 
terbury [Caoterbuiy 
Herrmann Christian, machinist, hoaae 180 
Herrmann Fred, removed fh>m city 
Hersey Andrew J. machinist, 57 Jackson, h. 

10 Queen 
Hersom Wm. B. laborer, h. 97 E. Central 
Hervey James F. shoemaker, 845 Main, h. 

98 Washington 
Hervey Marcus L. shoemaker, r. 155 Front, 

h. at Auburn [bury 

Hesliny Frank J. machinist, b. 116 Shrews- 
Hesliny Rose, widow of Thomas, house 116 

Heslor Blrney J. (J. Heslor ^ Co.)^ 551 

Main, h. 12 Crown 
Heslor Jacob & Co. (B, J. Heslor)^ produce, 

551 Main, house at Marion, N. T. 
Hesselton Daniel H. woodworker, Bridge c. 

Foster, house 88 Belmont 
Hesselton William D. clerk, 22 Cypress, 

boards 88 Belmont 
Hessian James, laborer, bds. 422 Mlllbury 
Hesslons Cecelia, widow of Patrick, b. 184 

Foster [184 Foster 

Hesslons John H. laborer, r. 179 Union, h. 
Heth Mary A. boards 1 High 
Hewes John C. switchman, bds. 5894 Main 
Hewes Julia, canvasser, b. 45 Exchange 
Hewett Charles H. painter, h. 4 Barbour 
Hcwett Eliza, widow of Elbridge, b. 8 King 
Hewett George C. carpenter, 11 School, bds. 

159 Main 
Hewett Gteorge E. job wagon, h. 7 Fulton 

HEWETT GEO. F. soda water manuf. and 
liquors, 84 Foster cor. Waldo, house 8 

King. — See pages 584 and 585 
Hewlns George W. machinist, b. 79 Hanover 
He wins John, laborer, boards 148 Main 
Hewlns Mary E. house 18 Home 
Hewlns W. Henry, cutter, h. 4 Union place 
Hewitt Elmer, mason, 7 Pembroke, h. do. 
Hewitt John, clerk, 484 Main, h. 8 Aldrich 

place [h. at Providence, B. I. 

Hewlett Geo. W. L. messenger, 18 Mechanic, 
Hey Abraham, removed fh>m city [gate 
Hey Esther Mrs. boarding-house, 47 South* 
Hey wood Benjamin F. Mrs. h. 9 Catharine 

G. F. HARWOOD, D. D. S. 

887 MAIN 8T., ETMBB A.NI> BA8 

Administered fsr JSaoirmeHmg Tseih* 



Heywood Charles H. CI>od'nun 4b Putnam), 
849 Main, b. 571 do. [b. 29 Main 

Heywood Cbas. H. machinist, 20 Salisbniy, 
Heywood Edwin C. machinist, h. 50 Lincoln 
Heywood Frank £. (S, B. Heywood A Co,), 

70 T7 inter, boards 41 Oak avenoe 
Heywood Henry A. clerk, boards 12 Arch 
He ywood John G. hopse 9 Catharine 

. lips and F, E. Haywood), manafs. Wa- 
cbosett boot, 70 Winter, house 41 Oak 
aTeone. — See page 652 [h. 15 do. 

Heywood Walter W. clerk, 18 No. Ashland) 
Heywood William H. house 928 Main 
Heywood, see Hayward 
Hey worth Alf^d, machinist, 23 Webster, h. 
Leicester n. Apricot [n. Apricot 

Heyworth Elizabeth, weaver, bds. Leicester 
Hlbbard Charles D. wireworker, boards 6 
William [19 Austin st. pi. 

Hlbbard Fred. L. salesman, 566 Main, bds. 
Hlckey Daniel, needle maker, 62 Foster, b. 

8 Penn ave. 
Hlckey Daniel B. wire drawer, h. 167 Grove 
Hlckey James, blacksmith, r. 40 Exchange, 

house 17 South Irving 
Hlckey James, card stripper, 548 South- 
bridge, boards 18 Washburn 
Hlckey James, wireworker, h. 18 Howard 
Hlckey John, truckman, h. 10 Washburn 
Hlckey John, laborer, house 5 Bismark 
Hlckey John, teamster, house 169 MlUbnry 
Hlckey John, heater, house 12 Penn ave. 
Hlckey John, laborer, Brussels, boards 18 

Hlckey John J. moulder, b. 10 Washburn 
Hlckey John P. baker, house 8 Blossom 
Hlckey Biargaret, widow of Patrick, house 

18 Washburn 
Hlckey Mary, died May 18, 1888, age 48 
Hlckey Matthew, house 9 Cross 
Hlckey Michael, engineer, 94 Orove, house 

rear 182 Prescott 
Hlckey Peter, laborer, house r. 49 Summer 
Hlckey Thomas, coremaker, 188 Mechanic, 

boards 9 Cross 
Hickey Thomas, laborer, b. 251 Millbury 
Hlckey Thomas, wire packer, h. 28 North 
Hickey Thomas W. machinist, boards 10 
Washburn [11 Spruce 

Hickey William, truant officer, 464 Main, h. 
Hickory Phosbe, shirtmaker, 419 Main, b. 2 
Austin [Richland 

Hicks Haley, painter, 558 Main, boards 14 
Hicks Hugh, stable, 857 Park av. h. 855 do. 
Hicks James £. grocer, 84 Millbury, house 
12 Richland [Richland 

Hicks Lorin L. clerk, 84 Millbury, house 14 
Hicks Margaret S. widow of James 8. bds. 
855 Park ave. [Richland 

Hicks Royal L. clerk, 84 Millbury, house 14 
Hicks Samuel P. millwright, b* 12 Richland 
Higglns Ann, widow of Michael, house r. 69 
Bloomlngdale [Temple 

Higglns Catharine, widow of Thomas, h. 45 
Higglns Charles A. died Oct. 21, 1888, age 84 
Hig^ns Charles H. clerk, 14 Pearl, boards 
28 Ash ^ 

Higglns Delia L. domestic, 85 Pleasant 
Higglns Edward L. paperhanger, 284 Main, 

boards 20 William 
HIggins Edwin C. real estate, house 28 Ash 
Higglns Elb ridge O. woodworker, 57 Jack- 
son, house 4 Carroll 

Hieems eloh b. a go. cf. e, mff- 
gin9)y paper hangings, window shades, 

etc. 284 Main, house 20 William. —iSes 

page 598 
Higglns Florence, widow of Charles A. h. 7 

Lancaster [tin, h. n. do. 

Higglns Francis W. paperhanger, 184 Aus- 
Higgin^ Frank A. stndent, boards 154 West 
Higglns Frank E. (E, Q. Higgins A Co,), 

284 Main, boards 20 William 
Higgins George F. student, boards 154 West 
Higglns James, switchman, B. & A. R. R. u. 

Oralton, boards 96 Shrewsbury 
Higglns James A. solicitor, 492 Main, h. 48 

Thorne [bi 80 Mechanic 

Higgins James E. blacksmith, 78 Exchange, 
Higgins James H. stove blacker, 458 Main, 

house 15 East Worcester 
Higgins James P. brakeman, B. h A. R. R« 

b. 80 E. Central [Home 

Higgins Jane, widow of Leonard G. h. 15 
Higglns Jennie L. teacher, Woodland street 

Fchool, boards 184 Austin 
Higgins Jeremiah J. switchman, B. 4 A. R« 

R. boards 96 Shrewsbury 
Higgins John, removed Arom city 
Higgins John H. engineer, 11 Water, bds. r. 

69 Bloomlngdale [Mechanic st. ct< 

Higgins Julia, widow of Patrick, house 5 
Higgins Leander F. machinist, 199 Chand- 
ler, house 4 Tufts 
Higgins Leonard, carpenter, house 4 Carrol] 
Higglns Lily, cardmaker, boards 67 Thomas 
Higgins Martin H. wood turner, 72 School, 

boards r. 102 Thomas [Shrewsbury 

Higgins Mary, widow of Patrick, house 96 
Higglns Michael, hackman, h. 17 Summer 
Higgins Michael, laborer, 125 Gold, house 1 

Woodward ct. [50 Chandler 

Higgins Michael F. boot treer, 82 Austin, h. 

HIGGINS MILTON P. sup't Washburn 
Machine Shop, Worcester Free Insti- 
tute, house 154 West cor. Salisbury. — 
8ee pages 682 and 688 
Higgins Minnie, clerk, boards 42 Oread 
Higgins Morris, switchman. Union depot, 

house 80 East Central 
Higgins Orlando M. pattern maker, Wash- 
burn Machine Shop, house 10 Boy n ton 
Higgins Patrick, laborer, boards Millbrook 

near Burncoat 
Higglns Patrick, wireworker, h. 188 Grove 
Higgins Russell H. hostler, 20 Lincoln, h. 

48 Abbott 
Higgins Sarah A. widow of John C. h. 662 
Main [Bloomlngdale 

Higglns Thomas, machinist, boards rear 69 
Higgins Thomas J. student, b. 80 E. Central 
Higgins Whitman F. wireworker, 195 Front, 
house 22 Winslow [28 Clarkson 

Higglns Will fi. paperhanger, 284 Main, h. 
Higglns William F. removed to Allston 


A BTMOVB, nUMABLM MABNM88 can fr« botiffhi fw a little 

MMMey, at 25 Bmchange Street* 



Hlggioson Geo. laborer, Lafayette corner 
QaiDsigamond avenue, b. 16 Grosvenor 

Higgs Joseph, machinist, Hammond near 
R. B. house 26 Colton 

Highland, see Hyland [114 Union 

Hilbert Baptiste, foreman, 38 No. Foster, h. 

Hildreth Andrew G. ( ERldreth Bros,), house 
582 Main [overall manufs. 582 Main 

Hildreth Bros. (A. G. and W, Hildreth), 

HILDBETU €HAS. H. livery, boarding 
and sale stable, 20 Market, house 14 do. 
■^See page 564 
Hildreth Charles H. brakeman, W., N. & R. 
B. B. house 6 Elliott [h. 7 Newbury 
Hildreth Charles H. 2d. hackman, 20 Market, 
Hildreth Fred. A. hackman, 20 Market, bds. 

19 Fulton [wood pi. 
Hildreth Fred. L. watchman, house 12 Lin- 
Hildreth Geo. F. bookkeeper, 20 Market, h. 

at West Boylston 

HILDRETH OEOBGE G. coffin ware- 
rooms, and undertaker, 36 Foster cor. 

Waldo, house 82 Oread. — See page 562 
Hildreth Henry A. removed from city 
Hildreth Isaac, coffin maker, 86 Foster, h. 

12 Merrick [19 Fulton 

Hildreth Mary F. widow of Nelson J. house 
Hildreth Samuel £. (P, Blaisdell dt Co.), G2 

Jackson, house 81 May [Main 

Hildreth Walter (Hildreth Bros.), boards 582 
Hllgrove Louisa W. widow of Alfred, house 

12 Norfolk 
Hill Addle M. boards 111 Park [Foley's ct. 
Hill Adolph, polisher, 81 Hermon, house 
Hill Alfred L. extracts, house 81 Clinton 
Hill Byron D. (Hill A Pollard), 10 Pearl, h. 

20 Chandler [n. Pleasant, h. 89 Queen 
Hill Charles A. (Hedden & Hill), Park ave. 
Hill Charles H. machinist, 28 Webster, house 

5 Leicester [at Holden 

Hill Charles B. loomfitter, 57 Jackson, house 
Hill Charles B. removed from city 
Hill Cornelius H. organ-action maker, house 

7 Hammond 

HILL DRTER GO. clothes dryers, and 
boot form attachments, 26 North Foster. 

— See page 652 
Hill Edward K. (Hill A Tolman), 195 Front, 

boards at North Brookfleld 
Hill Edwin H. house 2 Channing 
Hill Elizabeth, widow, house Plantation n. 

B. & A. B. B. [n. Harrington 

Hill Enoch H. laborer, house Mlllbury ave. 
Hill Frank W. shoemaker, bds. 6 William 
Hill Fred, blacksmith. Bridge cor. Foster, 

house 17 Home [Clinton 

Hill Fred. E. clerk, 17 Mechanic, boards 81 
Hill G«o. woodworker, boards 604 Main 
Hill George A. B. wire drawer, h. 22 Carbon 
Hill George B. driver, 10 Washington sq. h. 

9 Fulton [90 Washington 

Hill George W. steamfltter, 198 Front, bds. 
Hill Halsey, died Sept. 7, 1883, age 88 
Hill Henry, wire worker, h. West Boylston, 

Northville [Main, h. 60 William 

Hill Henry E. (J, Henry Hill <fe Hill), 344 
Hill Henry W. supt. Mill n. Chandler, house 

Chandler near Mill 

Hill Horace J. engineer, 20 Union, hoase 

rear 20 Arch 
Hill James B. removed to Princeton 
Hill James W. cabinetmaker, 5 Sarg^ent, h. 

20 Houghton 
Hill Jeremiah B. rem*d to Langhome, Penn. 
Hill John, paver, boards 203 Mechanic 
Hill John B. machinist, 54 Jackson, hoase 

2 Queen [Webster 

Hill John E. turner, 110 Green, hoaSQ 11 
Hill John J. blacksmith, 180 Gold, house 519 


HILL JOHN Q« fancy goods, pictures, 
engravings, etc. 384 Main, h. 4 Everett. 

— See foot lines 
Hill John B., National Manafactnring Co. 

179 Main, house 84 Woodland 
Hill Joseph, removed from city 
Hill Joseph, polisher, 44 Central, boards 90 

Hill Joseph P. manager Hill Dryer Co. 26 

North Foster, house 286 Pleasant 
Hill Joseph S. Mrs. widow, h. 67 Providence 
HUl J. Henry & HIU (H S. HQl), lawyers, 

844 Main, house 99 Salisbury 
Hill Leander M. died Mar. 11, 1888, age 89 
Hill Ophelia, died Sept. 5, 1888, age 78 
Hill Ophelia T. dressmaker, 1050 Main, bds. 

11 Webster [h. 68 Woodland 

Hill Wade H. envelope manuf. 66 GrafU>Q, 
Hill William A. painter, house 40 Bowdoin 
Hill William B. treas. National Manuf. Co. 

179 Main, house 82 May 
Hill Wm. H. japanner, boards 89 Queen 
Hill & Pollard (B. Z>. Hill and J. G. Pollard), 

billiards, 10 Pearl 

HILL A TOLMAN (S. K, HUl and E. F. 
Tolman), mechanical engineers and 

draughtsmen, 195 Front. — See page %^ 
Hillard John, house 55 Prescott [16 Maple 
Hill man Frank B. clerk, 899 Main, boards 
Hill man Wm. S. carpenter, h. 14 Newbury 
Hills J. William, weigher, boards MUlbary 

opposite Stebbins [12 Fruit 

Hillstraud Charles J. tailor, 410 Main, house 
Hillyer Geo. E. Mrs. confectioner, 161 Main, 

boards 147 do. 
Hilt George E. clerk, 534 Main, b. 66 Front 
Hilton C. Eugene, farmer, 9 Catharine, bds. 

45 Lincoln [h. 182 Pleasant 
Hilton George A. Jr. machinist, 10 Harris ct. 
Hilton Samuel A. boards May near June 
Hinchley David, machinist, 77 Foster, house 

53 Grove 
Hinchley David E. machinist, b. 24 Hemans 
Hinchley Eleazer, foreman, 94 Grove, house 

46 do. 

Hinchliff Fergus, machinist, 548 Southbridge, 
h. 820 Cambridge [14 Langdon 

Hinckel Edmund C. armorer, 42 Gardner, b. 

Hinckel Frederick, machinist, 110 Green, h. 
14 Langdon 

Hinckley Henry H. machinist, 57 Jackson, 
h. Lincoln [Charlotte cor. Park ay. 

Hinckley Wm. S. planer, 171 Union, bds. 

Hindley Solomon K. bookkeeper, h. 2 Ne- 

Hinds Alanson G. bootcutter, h. 84 Bowdoin 

J. Q. HILL, 





Hinds Calvin P. clerk, 145 Main, h. 225 do. 
Hinds Cornelius, bds. 124 Mechanic 
Hinds George, shoemaker, 88 Exchange, b. 
140 Central [Main 

Hinds f lenrj P. reedmaker, 25 Union, b. 257 
Hinds James, laborer, h. 124 Mechanic [Vine 
Hinds John J. bottler, r. 29 Waldo, house 18 
Hinds Sarah, widow of John, b. 140 Central 
Hinds Terence J. boot crimper, house 158 


Uine Willie M. machinist, 246 Southbridge, b. 

24 Jackson [15 Lyon 

Hines Austin H. screwmaker, 75 Beacon, b. 

Hines Bridget, widow of Michael, bds. 16 

Hines Bridget, domestic, b. 16 Mitchel 
Hines Henry £. grinder, 10 Mill, b. at Cherry 
Valley [penter ct. 

Hines James, stone breaker, Salem, h. 2 Car- 
Hlnes John, fireman, Pitt, h. 16 Mitchell 
Hines John, fireman, bds. 17 Summer 
Hines John, laborer, h. 12 Hawkins 
Hines John, laborer, Pitt, b. 859 Cambridge 
Hines John, boot sider. b. 61 Southbridge 
Hines Margaret, widow of John, h. 17 Bridge 
Hines Matthew, mason, house 12 Hawkins 
Hines Matthew, jr. carpenter, h. Charlotte 
n. Park ave. [Lafayette, h. 6 Wade 

Hines Michael, laborer, Quinsigamond av. c. 
Hines Michael, laborer, house 15 Lyon 
Hines Patrick H. wire drawer, h. 50 iEtna 
Hines Robert, clerk, bds. 801 Main 
Hines WiUiam H. hostler, 23 Fountain, b. do. 
Hinkley Adelbert H. machinist, 10 Harris 
ct. bds. 113 Beacon [mon, h. 113 Beacon 
Hinkley Andrew J. pattern maker, 23 Her- 
Hinkley Dennis, finisher, Jamesyille, house 
Webster [n. city line 

Hinkley Ephraim, picker tender, b. Webster 
Hinkley Geo. filemaker, 10 Mill, h. at Lees- 
vUle [city line 

Hinkley George, laborer, house Webster n. 
Hinkley Joseph, weaver, Jamesville, house 
Webster n. city line [at LeesviUe 

Hinkley Napoleon L. fllecutter, 10 Mill, h. 
Hinman Albert H. commercial school, 424 

Main, h. 16 Maple 
Hinman George & Co. (H. O, HaydenJ, fan- 
cy goods, 830 Main, h. at Boston 
Hinman Hattie L. dressmaker, h. 8 Elliott 
Hinsley Charlotte, widow of George, bds. 
526 Southbridge [Jefferson 

Hirbour Joseph, carpenter, 8 Norwich, h. 15 
Hirst Jofteph, blacksmith, house 4 Crescent 
Hlscox Andrew J. file manuf . 10 Mill, h. 7 
Kilby [h. 1050 Main 

Hiscox Benjamin W. bookkeeper, 10 Mill, 
Hitchcock Adaline A. widow of Dayid, h. 
151 Summer [bds. do. 

ffitchcock Anna J. masseuse, 10 William, 
Hitchcock Charles N. clerk, 57 Jackson, b. 

22 Portland 
Hitchcock Dexter, armorer, 81 Hermon, b. 
49 Irving [son, h. at Warren 

Hitchcock Jonathan M. loommaker, 57 Jack- 
Hitchcock Laura A. boards 61 Park 
Hitchcock William A. cook, house 6 Pond 
Hixon Adln A. florist, house 6 Gates lane 

Hixon Francois W. woodworker, 23 Web- 
ster, h. 13 Montague [bury 
Hjelm John, laborer, h. Greenwood n. Mill- 
Hjelm Pierre Adolph, rem'd to Sweden 
Hjelm Walfrid, laborer, bds. Greenwood n. 
Millbury [16 Lake 
Hoadley Clarence W. polisher, 9 Mill, house 
Hoage Luther J. teamster, house 1 Coral 
Hoar George F. lawyer, 9 P. 0. block, h. 34 

Oak avenue 
Hoar Hiram, boards Grove n. Forest 
Hoar Joseph, laborer, boards 3 Ascension 
Hoar Morris, laborer, house 3 Ascemsion 

HOAR ROCKWOOD, lawyer, 9 P. O. block, 
bds. 34 Oak ave.— i8'c« page 500 [North 
Hoar Thomas, laborer, house Sigpumey n. 
Hoar Thomas F. painter, 84 Prescott, bds. 3 

Hobart Anson L. physician, 42 Green, h. do. 
Hobart Charles C. painter, house 20 Gold 
Hobbs Charles E. coachman, 9 Claremont, 

bds. do. 
Hobbs Eliza, died May 18, 1883, age 69 
Hobbs Horace, examiner of titles. South 

Court House, house at Auburn 
Hobbs John F. hostler, 40 Foster, b. 99 Main 
Hobbs Mary, dressmaker, 71 Grove, bds. do. 
Hobbs Sarah H. widow of Marcus, h. 23 

Charlotte [h. 13 (Chandler 

Hobbs S. Warren, machinist, 81 Mechanic, 
Hobbs Wilber W. bookkeeper, Wor. Safe 

Deposit and Trust Co. 448 Main, b. 18 

Chandler [h. 173 Lincoln 

Hobbs William H. clerk. South Court House, 
Hobson George, grinder, 128 Chandler, b. 

11 Hudson . 
Hoddinott George, hostler, h. 5 Pink 
Hodgdon Alvin, straightener, h. 82 Grove 
Hodgdon Edward E. wire roller, b. 82 Grove 
Hodgdon Fred. B. bookkeeper, 65 Jackson, 

h. 4 Kingsbury 
Hodge Eliza, widow of Jacob, b. 862 Main 
Hodge Lynn, driver, City Farm, bds. do. 
Hodge Mary £. Mrs. asst. matron. City 

Farm, bds. do. [h. 311 Main 

Hodge Theodore, waiter. Bay State House, 
Hodges Abby A. widow of Preston, h. 27 

Hodgins John N. laborer, h. 19 Piedmont 
Hodgkins Daniel, machinist, h. Alvarado 

ave. n. W. & 8. R. R. 
Hodgkins Lewis, clerk, Lincoln House, h. 

19 Orange 
Hodgkins Walter W. machinist, W., N. & R. 

R. R. repair shop, house 136 Central 
Hodgman Hattie F. packer, 184 Front, bds. 

186 Main [Main 

Hodgman Sarah, widow of Samuel, h. 136 
Hodgman Simon T. mason, house 153 South- 
HodsoD John Henry, house 40 Orieut 
Hoey Hugh, shoemaker, b. 114^ Southbridge 
Hoey James M. salesman,480 Main, house 15 

Larch [change, b. 1 Patch 

Hoey James T. pressman, 11 Central Ex- 
Hoey Richard M. machinist, house 1 Patch 
Hoflfiman Peter, foreman, 68 High, hoase 47 






HOFLIN HEVRT e. A GO. masons and 
contractors, 9 Jacques, house 6o.-^See 

page 598 
Hogan David, weaver, b. 64 Canterbury 
Hogan Dennis, packer, h. 895 Sonthbrldge 
Hogan Frank, brick layer, bouse 15 Beaver 
Hogan James, laborer, boards 60 Belmont 
Hogan Jeremiah, gardener, h. 40 Summer 
Hogan John, rem*d to Philadelphia, Pa. 
Hogan John, laborer, boards Swan court 
Hogan John, horse shoer, 101 Union, h. 7 

Hogan John, tailor, house 77 Madison 
Hogan Joseph, carpenter, h. 107 Summer 
Hogan Lawrence H. carriage painter, 58 

School, boards 92 Cherry 
Hogan Matthew, moulder, 149 Washington, 

house 7 Endicott 
Hogan Michael, boot turner, house 7 Burt 
Hogan Nancy, widow of Timothy, boards 

10 Cherry 
Hogan Patrick, carpenter, h. 17 Barclay 
Hogan Patrick, stonecutter. Crescent, house 

90 Washburn 
Hogan Patrick, laborer, house 8 Pink [ler 
Hogan Patrick H. machinist, h. r. 207 Chand- 
Hogan Patrick J. dresser tender, 82 South- 
gate, and tobacconist, 64 Canterbury, 

house do. 
Hogan William, laborer, h. 81 N. Ashand 
Hogan William, farmer, Salisbury c. Flagg, 

boards do. [Ingalls n. Fox 

Hogg Samuel, machinist, 95 Thomas, h. 1 

HOtiG WILLIAM J., Worcester Carpet 
Co. carpet manufis. Brussels n. Cromp- 

ton, house 941 Main.— 5e« page 664 
Hoglund Hannah, domestic, 11 Benefit 
Hoit Lora B. Inrentor, house B8 Wellington 
Hokanson Charles A. wireworker, house 1 

Holbrook Amos A. farmer, h. 20 Clarkson 
Holbrook Caroline M. widow of Micah, h. 

70 Orafton 
Holbrook Charles E, clerk, boards 4 Sever 
Holbrook David, steam fitter, 80 Foster, b. 

216 Main [place 

Holbrook EHphalet, machinist, h. 29 Oread 
Holbrook Ervin D. moulder, 87 Gold, house 

65 Orange [Front 

Holbrook Hattle L. stropmaker, boards 120 
Holbrook H. Maria, b. 8 Carroll 
Holbrook James F. laborer, B. & A. R. B. 

freight house, house 78 Thomas 
Holbrook Laurtnda B. widow of Sylvester, 

boards 15 Coral 
Holbrook Lewis, house 8 Church place 
Holbrook Martha L. widow of Pliny, house 

8 Carroll [Lincoln n. Lincoln ar. 

Holbrook Miriam N. widow of Joseph W. h. 
Holbrook Robert, gasfitter, bds. 216 Main 
Holbrook Samuel D. driver, b. 54 Chatham 
Holbrook Sarah W. widow of Charles A. h. 

. 4 Sever 
Holbrook Sewell, carpenter, house 10 Crown 
Holbrook S. Frances, milliner, b. 4 Sever 
Holbrook William, moulder, 87 Gold, b. 65 

Orange [10 Crown 

Holbrook William B. clerk, 8 Allen ct. bds. 

Holbrook William D. & Co. flour, 62S Mala, 

house 12 Benefit 
Holbrook William E. C. conductor, P. k W. 

R. R. house at Uxbridge 
Holbrook Wm. N. hackman, 42 Waldo, h. 

879 Main 
Holcomb Delia A. Miss, boardln^^^boase, 8 

Church place [288 do. 

Holcomb Oscar, collector, 408 Main, hoase 
Holcombe ArdlUa L. Mrs. mflllner, 376 

Main, b. 288 do. fS West 

Holden Alfred & Co. tea store, 278 Main, h. 
Holden Amory C. miller, grist-mill, Q. bds. 

near do. 
Holden Caleb M. nurse, house 28 Wachosett 
Holden Celena J. Mrs. house 84 Park 
Holden Charles H. gardener, b. 179 Lincoln 
Holden Charles S. ( Walters db Hoiden J, 148 

Main, house 167 Lincoln 
Holden Clara E. cashier, 162 Front, boards 

84 Park [24 Channlng 

Holden Cyrus B. rifle manuf. 62 Foster, k. 
Holden Edward W. clerk, h. 141 Chandler 
Holden Emma E. widow of Orrin C house 

10 Fruit 
Holden E. Burritt, rem'd to NorthamptoD 
Holden Frank E. qutter, 68 High, boards 10 

Fruit [b. 24 ChanniDg 

Holden George C. wire dealer, 492 Main, 
Holden George L. peddler, h. 27 Wachusett 
Holden Hannah, widow of Patrick, house 

Prioulx near Hemans 
Holden Henry C. watchman, 161 Union, h. 

Central avenue near Brooks 
Holden Howard, clothes dryers, 6 Lincoln 

square, house 172 Lincoln 
Holden Jacob, clerk, 891 Main, h. 96 Elm 
Holden John, carpenter, house 22 Maple 
Holden Jonah L. signalman, house West 

Boylstou near Barber's crossing 
Holden Mary Mrs. house 410 Main 
Holden Michael, laborer, house 2 SuJTolk 
Holden Michael, laborer, house 6 Meade 
Holden Michael, Jr. laborer, b. r. 22 Ward 
Holden Milton, driver, 154 Main, house? 

Llnwood place 
Holden Nathan, collector, h. 51 Providence 

HOLDEN NATHAN W. grocer, 162 Front, 
hovLne 51 Providence. — See page 546 
Holden Parker & Co. (8, B. Bobbins), floar 

and grain, 684 Main, h. 48 Providence 
Holden Thomas, laborer, boards Prioulx n. 

Hemans [Lincoln 

Holden Walter J. clerk, 286 Main, bds. 167 
Holden William, died April 22, 1888, age 23 
Holden William (Wilson d SoldsnJ, 154 

Main, house 8 do. 
Holdsworth Henry, died Aug. 80, 1888, age66 
Holdsworth Kate, widow of Henry, house 

46 Chandler [Dwight 

Holdsworth Mary, widow of David, boards 
Holdsworth William H. foreman, house 40 

Providence [19 Curtis 

Holihan Michael, machinist, 1 Coes sq. h. 
Holl GuHtave B. tuner, boards 87 Mechaoic 
Holland Albert R. machinist, 140 Union, h. 

at Millbury [h. 55 High 

Holland Augustus fi. washer, 1 Pleasant pi. 






HoJland Clutries D. new* depot, 158 ^ront, 

h. 9 FaltoD [b. 19 Chandler 

HollADd Charles H. machlniat, 88 N. Foster, 

HollaDd Frank H. carpenter* boards 89 

Holland Henry, machinist, hoase 7 Shelby 
HoUand Heory W. derk, 1 Prospect, h. 72 

Holland James, laborer, boards 169 Mlllbory 
Holland John, boards 81 Lake [Water 

Holland John J. driver, 13 Trambnll, h. 20 
Holland Jonathan Q. physician, house 121 

Holland I«ewiB W. iceman* Sonthbridge cor. 

Madison, h. MUl n. Chandler, Tatnock 

Holland Lincoln, clerk, 198 Front, hoase 21 

Ijanrel [BloomlngdiUe 

Holland Patrick, bootmaker, boards 118 

Holland PanU boot crimper, 80 Shrewsbury, 

h. 189 Sonthbridge [fiioomingdale 

Holland Thomas, bootmaker, house 118 

Holland William N. removed to Boston 

HoUender Louis C. tnmer, 64 Hermoo, h. 

86 Mason [78 East Central 

Holley John, laborer^ 28 Manchester, house 

HoUiday William R. machinist, 95 Thomas, 

honse 146 Central 
HoUinrake James H. machinist. 110 Green 
Hollins John, packer, boards 27 Chatham 
HoUls Henry A. foreman, 152 Southbridge, 
honse 82 Piedmont [bridge 

HoUis John, weaver, Bmssels, h. 154 Cam- 
HoUoway Mary, widow of Tlioreas H. h. 48 

Holly John, laborer, boards 26 Sargent 
Holm Charles A. laborer, house 99 Mulberry 
Holm Erik T. laborer, 149 Washington, h. 

4 Whitney 
Holm Oustave, laborer, h. 7 Whitney 
Holm John B. filecutter, 10 Mill, house 4 

Holm Lars J. laborer, boards 7 Whitney 
Holm Lars M. laborer, house 7 Whitney 
Holm Nils, wireworker, house 9 Milton 
Holman Abbie F. widow of John B. house 
18 Dix [boards do. 

Holman Addle, music teacher, 86 Belmont, 
Holman Arthur A. plumber, 88 Southbridge, 
boards 14 Newbury [14 Newbury 

Holman Edwin M. clerk, 78 Front, boards 
Holman Frederick, wood worker, 77 Foster, 
house 22 Wachusett [66 Hanover 

Holman Henrietta Mrs. wireworker, house 
Holman H. Ralph, physician. 594 Main, 

boards do. 
Holman Luther W. cardmaker, 246 South- 
bridge, house 14 Newbury 
Holman Moses, honse 17 Fruit 
Holman Samuel M. baggage master, bds. 
28 Lincoln sqnare [19 John 

Holman Sophia P. widow of Oliver, boards 
Holman Stephen, treas. Holyoke Machine 
Co. 95 Thomas, b. 1 Everett [square 
Holman Sullivan L. clergyman, h. 28 Lincoln 
Hohnberg John, laborer, b. 88 Washburn 
Holmberg P. Em. laborer, bds. 12 Belmont 
Holmes diaries D. photographer, 405 Main, 
house do. 

Holmes Daniel A. conductor, B. 4 A. B. B. 

h. 86 Grafton [Cambridge 

Holmes Dianna P. widow of Pitt, boards 257 
Holmes Dora 0. (M. E, and Z>. 0. Bolmes), 

7 Highland, boards do. 
Holmes Erastns N. carpenter, h. 80 Orient 
Holmes Erford A. engineer, b. 851 Highland 
Holmes Srmina E. bookkeeper, 407 Main, 

boards 6 Bismark [12 Franklin 

Holmes Ezra B. laborer, 100 Prescott, bds. 
Holmes Frank L. {B. S. Bdlfne$ d Sans), 22 

Shrewsbury, house at Milford [888 do. 
Holmes Geoive, salesman, 484 Main, house 

TaUUeT)^ soap and fertiliaer manafhe- 

turers, Lyman, house 47 Webster. — 8^ 

page ^45 
Holmes Henry D. laborer, W., N. & B. R. R. 

Areigfat honse, b. 6 Bismark [6 Bismark 
Holmes Henry W. derk, 87 Summer, honse 
Holmes James W. painter, house 16 Elliott 
Holmes John, driver, 82 Oreen, house 19 

Gold St. ct. [W. 4 6. E. B. 

Holmes John, tailor, honse Cobum av. n. 
Holmes John L. cutter, 26 Southbridge, b. 

216 Main [boards 16 Elliott 

Holmes J. WlUiam, machinist, 161 Union, 
Holmes Loring A. soapmaker, Lyman, b. 47 

Holmes Martin D. steamfltter, h. 59 Thomas 
Holmes Mina E. bookkeeper, b. 6 Bismark 
Holmes Minnie E. 4b D. O. stamping, 7 

Highland, boards do. 
Holmes Oscar J. engineer, h. 85} Highland 
Holmes Bufhs B. (B, S. Holmes 4b Sons), t2 

Shrewsb ury, bo ards at Holyoke 

B. B, Bolmes), dressed beef, 22 Shrews- 
bury, h. 7 Highland.— iSSss page 548 
Holmes S. Alice, bookkeeper, SI9 Shrews- 
bury, boards 7 Highland 
Holmes Wesley I. soapmaker, Lyman, h* 

Webster, Bamardvllle 
Holmes William, removed to Jacksonville, 
Florida [boards 11 Fox 

Holmstrom Charles, shoemaker, 11 Water, 
Holt Almira P. Mrs. nurse, boards 216 Main 
Holt Charles G. machinist, house McCor- 
mick's court [216 Main 

Holt Edwin M. woodworker, 57 Jackson, b. 
Holt Elbert H. cutter, house 548 Main 
Holt Frank E. machinist, house 186 Lincoln 
Holt Frank W. woodworker, bds. 216 Main 
Holt George, died March 20, 1888, age 83 
Holt Gustaf, machinist, b. McCormick's ct. 
Holt Isaac B. boards 55 Queen 
Holt James, cloth printer, house 6 Pond 
Holt John, laborer, boards 9 North 
Holt John S. (W, L. Haisted d Son), 215 
Main, bds. do. [ton av. 

Holt Lucius E. wireworker, h. 2 Washing- 
Holt Olive H. widow of Hamilton, hoase 15 
Larch [176 Southbridge 

Holt Bichard, machinist, 28 Webster, house 
Holt Sarah £. copyist. Court Honse, boards 
184 Main [Hanover 

Holter Peter, armorer, 44 Central, honse 57 
Holton Andrew, diemaker, h. 2 Powers ct. 




Xkmnd at J, Q. MILL'S, S84 MAIN STRMBT* 



Holton Charles H. laborer, b. 189 MlUbary 
Holton Eugene C. carrier, Post-Office, hoase 

84 Wachasett [h. 17 Lodi 

Holton Freeland E. machinist, 110 Green, 
Holton George, removed to Boston 
Holton Henry H. drivei', h. r. 165 Pleasant 
Holton John, armorer, bds.' 188 Central 
Holton Lucius C. hackman, h. 12 Dewey 
Holton Lucius N. hack stable, 162 Pleasant, 

house 160 do. [Millbury 

Holton Mary, widow of Charles, house 189 
Holton Nancy, widow of Albert, h. 17 Lodi 
Holton William J. burnisher, 11 Water, bds. 

189 MlUbury 

See page Q29 
Home for aged women, 60 Orange 
Homer Adaline R. widow of Lyman, h. 157 

Pleasant [h. 28 Clarkson 

Homer Amasa C. boot finisher, 70 Winter, 
Homer Charles A. clerk, 462 Main, h. 157 

Homer Mary C. house 152 Pleasant 
Homer Sarah M. nurse, boards 22 Coral 
Homoeopathic Dispensary, 18 Mechanic 
Honan James, laborer, 51 Green, house 95 E. 

Honan Wm. carpenter, boards 155 Mechanic 
HOnig Jacob, armorer, 42 Gardner, boards 

415 Southbridge 
Hoobler Emanuel, vegetables, h. 1 HoUis 
Hood Caroline L. Mrs. boards 17 Irving 
Hood Henry F. r(7ay db Hood), 41 Waldo, h. 

17 Irving 
Hood Peter S. porter, 827 Main, h. 5 Palmer 
Hook John, engineer, 94 Grove, house 44 N. 

Ashland [ 4 Riverside 

Hook Mark, foreman, 548 Southbridge, h. 
Hooker Charles, laborer, boards 23 Clinton 
Hooker Cornelia L. widow of Frederick G. 

house 209 Main [Col. 

Hooker Ed ward E. rem'd to Colorado Springs, 

HOOKER EMMA M. crayon artist, 209 
Main, bds. do. — See page 512 
Hooker Herbert B. removed from city 
Hooker Joseph £. grocer, Leicester c. Mill, 

house 8 Crystal [10 Webster 

Hooper Andrew J. clerk, 1 Webster sq. bds. 
Hooper Michael J. D. asst. supt. Met. Life 

Ins. Co. 492 Main, bds. 87 Myrtle 
Hoosac Tunnel Line, 14 Pearl [Benefit 

Hopcraft Elizabeth, widow of Henry, bds. 8 
Hope Joseph, finisher, Mill, boards Mill n. 

Hope, see L'esperance [2 P. O. block 

HopevlUe ManufiEUsturing Co. woolen goods, 
Hopkins Ann, widow of Thomas J. house 16 

Vernon [bds. 15 Maple 

Hopkins Bradford S. cutter, 70 Winter, 
Hopkins Frank W. machinist, Hammond n. 

R. R. b. 8 Davis [6 Loudon 

Hopkins Fred. F. insurance, 852 Main, h. 
Hopkins Fred. S. messenger, 9 Foster, bds. 

6 Loudon [105 do. 

Hopkins Henry L. clerk, 95 Summer, boards 
Hopkins Herbert P. conductor, B., B. & G. 

R. R. bds. 6 Loudon 
Hopkins Hugh, spinner, house 26 Richland 

Hopkins John, lawyer, 859 Main, house at 

Hopkins John T. clerk, boards 16 Vernon 
Hopkins Mary R. boards 16 Vernon 
Hopkins Nellie, boards 48 Main 
Hopkins Orrin d. carpet upholsterer, house 

6 Montague [Anbiini 

Hopkins Samuel, clerk, 890 Main, bds. 18 
Hopkins Thomas, clerk, 66 Water, b. 65 do. 
Hopkins William S. B. (Bacon, MfpkingS 

Baeonjy 7 Chapln blk. h. 65 Elm 
Hopper James, laborer, b. 26 Gardner 
Hopper Thomas J. carpenter, b. 26 Gardner 
Hoppln Charles A. house 47 Kingsbary 

HOPPIN GEO. 8. A 00. flour, 94 Me- 
chanic, h. 19 Harvard. — See page 549 
Hopson Amy E. teacher, Winslow street 

school, b. 7 Chatham st. pi. 
Hopson Charles R. h. 7 Chatham st. pi. 
Hopwood Catherine, widow of Robtn, bds. 

60 Oxford [R. R. h. 29 Mason 

Hopwood Daniel, machinist, Hammond n. 
Horace Iverson, laborer, house 51 Mason 
Horan James, wire drawer, h. McCormlckli 

Horan Jeremiah, laborer, b. 6 Temple st. ct 
Horan «fohu, finisher, 60 Kintc, h. 24 Newbuiy 
Horan John, laborer, house 28 Green 
Horan John, 2d. laborer, boards 28 Green 
Horan John J. wireworker, h. Edgeworth n. 

Horan Michael, laborer, boards 28 Green 
Horan Patrick, laborer, b. 28 Green 
Horan William, helper, 161 Union, boards 

28 Green 
Horgan Catherine, house 2 Boland ct. 
Horgan Dennis, laborer, b. 187 Summer 
Horgan James, laborer, b. 2 Boland ct. 
Horgan John, house 95 Austin 
Horgan John J . saloon, 184 Mechanic, b. 95 

Austin [h. 78 Green 

Horgan John J. stonecutter, 71 Shrewsbury, 
Horgan Mary E. teacher. Woodland street 

school, bds. 95 Austin 
Horgan Michael, helper, 77 Foster, boards 

Fulton n. Mulberry [9 Hawthorn 

Home Martha J. Mrs. milliner, 870 Main, b. 
Hornlck George, clerk, 806 Main, b. 15 Maple 
Horns Eliza, removed firom city 
Horr Edgar A. removed to Boston 
Horsman Johnson W. C. printer, 11 Central 

Exchange, house 153 Exchange [76 do. 
Horton Charles, machinist, 48 Grafton, h. 
Horton Edward R. finisher, 18 Mechanic, b. 

19 Blossom [Main 

Horton George H. varnlsher, 15 Union, bds. 
Horton William, peddler, h. 4 Blossom 
Hosmer Albert C. painter, bds. 15 School 
Hosmer Frank C. painter, h. 9 Chandler 
Hosmer John C. machinist, B. & A. B. R. re- 
pair shop, bds. 519 Main [17 Wllliazn 
Hosmer John G. boot treer, 82 Austin, bds. 
Hosmer Louis P. removed to Stockton, Cal. 
Hossack Joseph, books, house 81 Harrison 
Houbat Mary A. widow of John, b. MUlbnry 

avenue near Blithe wood 
Houck George, carpenter, bds. 66 Vernon 
Houde Honors, machinist, b. 140SoQUibridge 

G. F. HARWOOD, D. D. S. 





Houde J. ESmlle, boot bottomer, 108 Front, 

bouse 140 Soathbridge [Piedmont 

Hoagh Frederick, solicitor, 492 Main, b. 79 

Hoagh John, fkrmer, bonne West Boylston, 

HOUGH WM. snpt. Metropolitan Life In- 
surance Co. 492 Main, honse 79. Pied- 
mont. — Seepage 495 
Houghton Alba, honse 66 Elm 
Houghton Albert, rem'd to So. Framingham 
HoQghton Annie E. seamstress, b. 5 Dover 
Houghton Betsy G. widow of Samnel H. b. 

2 Hammond 

Hoaghton Charles C. & Co. f IF. E. Warren), 

boot mannfs. 108 Front, bouse Orafton 

near Houghton [school, h. 188 Austin 

Houghton Edward B. Janitor Winslow street 

Houghton Emma J. teacher, Oxford street 

school, bds. 22 Portland 
Houghton Frank, steamfltter, b. 216 Main 
Houghton Frank N. cntter, 108 Front, bds. 

Grafton near Houghton 

Houghton George M. machinist, bds. Nelson 

place near Grove [64 do. 

Houghton Henry, grocer, 62 Millbury, house 

Houghton Henry £. driver at tripe works, 

bds. Greenwood near Upland 
Houghton Henry H. (Houghton dt Pearson), 
592 Main, h. 17 Shepard [la Wachusett 
Houghton Herbert O. cutter, 108 Front, h. 
Houghton Jennie A. clerk, bds. 118 Austin 
Houghton Josiah P. city assessor, 12 City 
Hall, h. 118 Austin [15 Chapin blk. 

Houghton Laura, widow of James J. house 
Houghton Lewis T. carpenter, house 44 
Kingsbnry [Greenwood n. Upland 

Houghton Mary A. widow of Eli, boards 
Houghton Mary E. teacher, Thomas street 
school, bds. 118 Austin [b. 118 Austin 
Houghton Miranda, widow of George W. 
Houghton Nellie, artist, boards Grafton near 
Houghton [Orange 

Houghton Nellie J. corset maker, boards 62 
Houghton Philip J. clerk, 62 Millbury, boards 
64 do. [h. 22 Portland 

Houghton Samuel, city weigher, Salem sq. 
Houghton Samuel D. house 10 Claremont 
Houghton Still man, house 61 Prescott 
Houghton William A. boards 66 Elm 

ton and Geo, A. Pearson), flour, grain 
and hay, 592 Main. — Bee page 558 
Houle Edward, carpenter, h. 96 Bloomingdale 
Houlihan Bartholomew, laborer, 28 Man- 
chester, house 2 Swan court 
Houlihan Catherine M. widow of Daniel M. 

house rear 18 Washington square 
Houlihan James, laborer, boards 8 Ward 
Houlihan John, plumber, 51 Pleasant, boards 
15 Spruce [18 Washington sq. 

Houlihan Michael D. student, boards rear 
Houlihan Michael J. carpenter, 14 Norwich, 

house 15 Spruce 
Houlihan Patrick, laborer, house 12 Cross 
Houlihan Patrick F. finisher, 9 May, house 

12 Cross 
Houston Andrew, milkman, house 9 Taylor 
Houston Catherine, housekeeper, h. 8 Winter 

Houston Cornelius, machinist, 125 Gold, b. 

2 Richland 
Houston Edward, laborer, house 7 Foyle 
Houston Edward F. machinist, h. 16 Foyle 
Houston Elinor, finisher, bds. 80 Millbury 
Houston Francis, city teijimster, house 29 

Houston Isaac E. machinist, 161 Union, h. 

Bnrncoat n. Mountain 
Honston John A. asst. physician, Worcester 

Lunatic Hospital, Belmont, boards do. 
Houston Mary, widow of Patrick, b. 8 Winter 
Houston Michael, engineer, h. 8 Winter 
Honston Peter, laborer, house Sigonrney n. 

Edgeworth [29 Orchard 

Houston William A. hostler, 85 Central, h. 
Hovey Francis W. medicines, h. 76 Piedmont 
Hovey Frank, removed to Amesbury 
Hovey Henry A. saloon, 20 Mechanic, house 

87 Chandler 
Howard Albert H. (Howard Bros.), 19 

Washington square, honse 8 West 
Howard Albert S. druggist, h. 14 Windsor 
Howard Axel H. varnisher, 7 Eaton place, 

boards Waverly Honse 
Howard Benjamin, blacksmith, 100 Prescott, 

boards 28 Lincoln square 

HOWARD BROS. (C.A,, A. H and J. P. 
Howard) s card clothing manufb. 19 
Washington square. — See page 685 
Howard Charles A. (Howard Bros.), 19 
Washington square, honse 8 Norwood 
Howard Chester, farmer, house 6 Abbott 
Howard C. Frank, carpenter, h. Hermitage 
avenue [1 Madison ct. 

Howard Daniel, driver, 15 Market, honse 
Howard Eddie A. packer, 7 Washington sq. 

boards 4 Queen 
Howard Frank S. student, boards 5 Loudon 
Howard Hattle A. dressmaker, 6 Chatham, 
boards 6 Abbott [Trumbull 

Howard Helen D. Mrs. teacher, boards 44 
Howard Henry A. finisher, bds. 90 Mechanic 
Howard Henry L. cntter, 68 High, boards 1 
Madison court [Eastern ave. 

Howard Hugh, machinist, 95 Thomas, b. 75 
Howard James H. woodworker, h. 4 Queen 
Howard John, finisher, boards 18 Gold 
Howard John, laborer, boards 28 Winter 
Howard John P. (Howard Bros.), 19 Wash- 
ington square, honse 11 Warren 
Howard Julia, h. 19 So. Irving [Summer 
Howard Margaret, widow of Peter, h. 169 
Howard Mary Mrs. h. 18 Gold street court 
Howard M. A. kindergarten, 5 Loudon, h. do. 
Howard Oren H. wireworker, 179 Main, bds. 

28 Washington 
Howard Richard, machinist, 110 Green, bds. 

18 Lafayette 
Howard Samuel H. cardmaker, 19 Washing- 
ton sq. h. 5 Loudon [98 Belmont 
Howard Samuel I. carpenter, 11 School, h. 
Howard Sarah J. widow of Gilbert, house 90 
Mechanic [Providence 
Howard Susan A. widow of John F. bds. 88 
Howard Thomas, peddler, h. 9 Endlcott 
Howard Thos. F. woodworker, 19 Cypress, 
boards 169 Summer 





woBonrcB [H] DntvoroKT. 

Howanl Timothy F. organ tiimmer, 9 liay, 
house 18 Montague near Baker 

Howard Thoa. J. baker, 40 Sonthbrldge, b. 
r. 28 Winter [Soathbridge 

Howard Tom, armorer, 81 Herroon, b. 540 

Howard Warren, woodworker, Lagrange n. 
B. R. hoQfie 89 Hollywood 

Howard William, wire worker, h. 47 Bommer 

Howard William B. driver, b. 89 Summer 

Howarth George B. boot treer, 7 Washing- 
ton square, house 19 Union ave. 

Howarth James, finisher, r. 156 Front, h. 
86 Mlllbury [81 Bdward 

Howarth John A. bookkeeper, 178 Union, h. 

Howarth Richard, weaver, hi 18 Lalkyette 

Howe Albert I. annealer, house Mlllbury 
opposite school-house, Qnlnslg. 

Howe Anna, widow of George 8. honse 41 
Harvard [18 Auburn 

Howe Anner H. widow of Phlneas, boards 

HOWE ABCHELAU8 M. cutting dies and 
chisels, 81 Mechanic, house 48 Harvard. 

— iSSm page 674 
Howe Augusta R. widow of Lyman B. house 

182 Pleasant [b. 15 Laurel 

Howe Carrie £. teacher. Ledge st. school, 
Howe Charles M. clerk, 576 Main, h. 96 Elm 
Howe Charles M. embroiderer, 566 Main, b. 

49 Portland [1 Hanover 

Howe Charles N. foreman, 94 Grove, house 
Howe Charles 8. salesman, h. 19 Fruit 
Howe Delphus B. woodworker, 196 Union, 

b. 87 Banlett place 
Howe Ebenezer W. extracts, h. 170 Austin 
Howe Edgar P. (Elkins A HoweJt 550 Main, 

boards 168 Chandler 
Howe Edgar R. candy maker, 907 Main, h. 

17 Sever [b. at Holden 
Howe Edward B. woodworker, 19 Cypress, 
Howe Edward F. music teacher, 170 Austin, 

house do. 
Howe EUiei D. machinist, 161 Union, house 

58 Hanover [coin 

Howe Frances A. house Green lane n. Lln- 
Howe Frank, policeman, Station 8, Lamar- 

tlne, house 1 Grand st. pi • 
Howe Frank H. machinist, 42 Southbrldge, 

house 10 May 
Howe George, pension agent, boards Waldo 

House [Oakdale 

Howe Geo. A. foreman, 155 Front, house at 
Howe George E. machinist, 62 Jackson, h. 

10 Curler [Orchard 

Howe George R. driver, 66 Lincoln, h. 61 

HOWE GEO. S. A A. J. roanQfi&ctarers* 
supplies, 15 Foster, house 59 Chatham. 
— Seepage 664 [5 Lagrange 

Howe Harriet C. widow of William B. h. 
Howe Harriet M. widow, bds. 50 Orange 
Howe Battle, stitcher, boards 48 Portland 
Howe Henry A. salesman, 827 Main, house 

18 Auburn [h. 20 Blossom 
Howe Henry E. boot-tree maker, 19 Church, 
Howe Henry M. stitcher, b. 27 Bartlett pi. 
Howe Herbert M. shoefltter, 68 High, bds. 

95 Elm [10 Denny 

Howe Hiram, wood worker, 100 Prescott, h. 
Howe Israel, clerk, 160 Front, h. 126 do. 

Howe James H. 10 Pearl, h. 18 Aahlmad 
Howe Joel, firult, house Bloomlttgdale near 

PkmUtlon. [88f Main 

Howe John C. model maker, 48 Gftrdiier, b. 
Howe John W. boxmaker, 168 Dnioo, and 

National Maaaf. Co. 179 Main, house 40 

Howe Jonah, boards 184 Austin 
Howe Joseph O. house 8 Benefit et. 
Howe Leander, carpenter, houBu 17 Svwtr 
Howe Mary J. widow of John, b. 97 Bartlett 

place [1S4 LiDcohi 

Howe Mattle, teaoher, Dlz at. aehool, bda. 
Howe Milton K. carpenter, h. 158 ChaBdler 
Howe Nathan, supt. Olasgo Thread Go. 82 

Foster, house 184 Lincoln 
Howe Nathan C. houae 80 Maa<Hi 
Howe Nellie E. widow of John, b. 6ft 8aleai 
Howe Pattle, widow of Stephen, bciards 21 

Howe Persia B. widow of Wm. J. booae 58 

Hanover [18 Hancock 

Howe Pliny M. machinist, 1 Goes sqaare, k. 
Howe Silas W. paperhanger, 288 Main, h. 

1 78 Austin r54 Chatham 

Howe Stedman W. driver, 668 Malo, boose 
Howe Susan, widow of Lyman, h. 6€ Grove 
Howe Walter B. croakery, 854 Main, h. 141 

Howe Walter F. coachman, 186 Pfeaaant, b. 

19 Fruit [bridge, b. 170 Aoatin 

Howe Walter M. bookkeeper, 26 South- 
Howe William, bootcutter, h. 16 Providence 
Howe William, packer, h. 2 Davis court 

HOWE WILLIAM B. carpenter and eon- 
tractor, bds. 17 Sever. — 8ee page 689 
Howe Wm C. derk, boards 16 Provldeaoe 
Howe Wm. J. machinist, 110 Green, boose 

41 Thome 
Howe Wm. J. policeman. City HalL hoase 5 

Concord [Benefit 

Howell Augustus F. clerk, ft. Kansas, b. 25 
Howell John F. bookkeeper, 420 Main, h. 

25 Benefit [b. 26 Benefit 

Howell John H. civil engineer, 18 City HalL 
Howes Albert P. electrician, h. 2 Aastin st. pL 
Howes Edward 8. fhrmer, house Uplana 
Howes George F. clerk, W., N. A R. B. B. 

80 Shrewsbury, house 14 Auburn 
Howes Geo. W. cabinetmaker, 947 Main, h. 

49 Belmont [2 Austin st. place 

Howes Harry C. lineman, 416 Main, boards 
Howes Isaac, farmer, house Upland 
Howes John, water filters, h. 204 Pleasant 
Howes William C. clerk, Wor. Safe Dep. 

and Trust Co. 448 Main, bds. 2 Austin 

St. place [West 

Howland Asa A. dentist, 887 Main, house 27 
Howland Esther A. house 68 Summer 
Howland Frances E. artist, boards 9 Sliver 
Howland Frank H. student, 887 Main, b. 27 

West [llton, h. 169 Grafton 

Howland George G. (L. Stowe A Oe)^ Ham- 
Howland Henry J. publisher and printer, 877 

Main, house 9 Silver 
Howland John G. salesman, boards 27 West 
Howland John T. carpenter, 81 Central, h. 6 

Union pi. 


•r. Q, HMIiL, PriM reduced from M to xae. jP«r it«. 



HOWLAHD JOSBPH A. sopt Wor. Frog 
and Switch Co. house 8 Loudon.—- i9e« 

Howlmnd Mary M. widow of Levi A. bds. 25 
Benefit [Washington 

Howley Ann, widow of Richard, house 106 
Howlej Edmund J. boot bottomer, 7 Wash- 
ington sq. b. 106 Washington [ington 
Howley John M. boot crimper, b. 106 Wash- 
Howley Michael, driver, Groton, h. n. do. 
Howley Patrick B. skatemaker, boards IDA 

Hozle Eben W. 187 Front, b. 9 Lancaster 
Hoy James, laborer, h. 7 Boland ct. 
Hoy James, laborer, h. 158 Exchange 
Hoy Patrick, laborer, b. 169 Millbury 
Hoy Richard, laborer, b. 169 Millbury 
Hoyes Richard M. machinist, 88 N. Foster, 
h. 1 Patch [R. freight house, b. 27 Ash 
Hoyle Alonzo F. bookkeeper. B., B. & O. R. 

HOTLE CHA8. E. painter, 9 Woodland, 
honRe do. — 8ee page 684 [h. 27 Ash, 

Hoyle Francis, provisions, 100 Washington, 
Hoyle Harrison B. moulder, b. 27 Ash 
Hoyle Henry, engineer, City Farm, b. do. 
Hoyle Otis F. rem'd to Shrewsbury 
Hoyle Robert, weaver, Brussels, house 18 

Crompton [bridge, bds. 27 Ash 

Hoyle Sanford B. cardmaker, 246 South- 
Hoyle William, machinist, 4 Leicester, h. 10 

Hoyt Annie, widow, b. 71 Central 
Hoyt Charles E. driver, h. 18 8. Irving 
Hoyt Frank 8. armorer, bds. 8 Davis 
Hoyt Henry A. (L. ffard^ 4b Co.), 9 Mill, h. 

Gates lane cor. Leicester 
Hoyt Jared, heater, house 10 Milk [Fulton 
Hoyt Thomas, laborer. 14 Bloomingdale, b. 
Hoyt Thomas O. watchman, b. 7 Fulton 
Huatte Peter, laborer, h. 4 Douglas 
Hubbard Abbie W. widow of Henry B. h. 

19 Charlton [668 8onthbridge 

Hubbard Albert H. (Hubbard Bros.), house 
Hubbard Andrew D. foremsn, 94 Grove, h. 

18 Wachusett [44 Trumbull 

Hubbard Arthur £. carpenter, 171 Union, b. 
Hubbard Bros. (Q, M. and A. H, Hubbard), 

carpenters, 86 Hollywood 
Hubbard Charles, laborer. City Farm, b. do. 
Hubbard Charles, carpenter, h. 6 Riedl pi. 
Hobbard Charles A. hackman, bds. 12 8ever 
Hubbard Charles £. laborer. City Farm 
Hubbard Clara , co rset finisher, b. 67 Austin 

HUBBARD CTRU8 K. real estate agent, 
460 Main, house 42 William.— 5!e^ j)a^« 
498 [Charlton 

Hubbard Dorcas W. widow of Harry, h. 19^ 
Hubbard Edward B. B. clerk, h. 19 Charl- 
ton [b. 11 Thomas 
Hubbard Emerson, stair builder, 166 Union, 
Hubbard Emmons J. grocer, 121 Park, h. 
696 Main [Main 
Habbard Frank H. clerk, 121 Park, bds. 696 
Hubbard Fred. M. carpenter, 48 Waldo, bds. 
6 Houchin av. [bury 
Habbard Fred. W. carpenter, bds. 12 Kings- 
Hubbard Geo. G. bookkeeper, 121 Park, b. 
696 Main 

Hubbard Geo. M. (Hubbard Brotu), house 86 
Hollywood [Chandler 

Hubbard* Geo. W. driver, 611 Main, h. 168 
Hubbard Gilbert E. rem*d to Holden 
Hubbard Hammond W. house 91 Blm 
Hubbard Henry M. hackman, h. 12 8ever 
Hubbard Ira B. foreman, 78 8chool, h. 16 
Shelby [Park, h. 17 Orange 

Hubbard Joseph M. (Hubbard A Flagg), 90 
Hubbard Lorenzo D. carpenter, h. 24 Jack- 
Hubbard Martha J. rem'd to Holden 
Hubbard Martie E. music teacher, 42 Wil- 
liam, b. do. 
Hubbard Martin, teamster, h. 1 Houchin av. 
Hubbard Martin J. policeman, City Hall, h. 

16 Castle 
Hubbard Nelson, rem'd from city 
Hubbard Orville, hostler, 229 Pleasant, b. do. 
Hubbard Oscar A. foreman at wireworks, Q. 

h. 6 Riverside 
Hubbard Sarah A. dressmaker, h. 18 Newbury 
Hubbard Wm. A. rem*d from city 
Hubbard & Flagg (J, M, Hubbard and JF. 
J^ogg), grocers, 90 Park [Exchange 
Huber Charlotte, widow of Henry, boards 67 
Haber Goddlieb, armorer, 42 Gardner, b. 28 
Endicott [fayette 

Huber Nanette, widow of Charles, h. 89 La- 
Hubley Alexander (HubUy Bros,), 106 E. 

Central, bds. 19 Harrington av. 
Hubley Amos. Junk, 106 E. Central, bds. 19 
Harrington av. [dealers, 106 £. Central 
Hubley Bros. (A, and Z. A. Hubley), Junk 
Hubley Caleb, rem'd to Black Point, N. 8. 
Hubley Daniel, harness maker, b. 216 Main 
Hubley Hibbert, rem'd to Black Point, N. 8. 
Hubley Z. Albert (Hubley Bros.), and (Hub- 
ley dt Co.)t Brackett ct. h. 19 Harring- 
ton ave. 

HUBLET A GO. rags, and peddlers' sup- 
plies, Brackett ct.^8eepage 669 
Hudon Timothy, carpenter, 196 Union, h. 2S 

Hudson Charles E. clerk, h. 76 Hanover 
Hudson Edward, laborer, 16 Union, bds. do. 
Hudson George N. attendant, Wor. Lunatic 
Hospital, Belmont, bds. do. 

HUDSON HORACE 0. & €0. belt manuf s. 
148 Front, h. 24 CoTaX.—See page 667 
Hudson Leonard R. farmer, h. Grove near 

Park av. [Bellevue 

Hudson Walter H. clerk, 462 Main, house 8 
Uufeld Henry W. tailor, 862 Main, boards 

82 Pleasant [166 Summer 

Hughes Aleznnder, reedmaker, 84 Union, h. 
Hughes Ann, widow of Peter, house rear 20 

Hughes Ann, widow of Patrick, h. 6 Brown 
Hughes Bridget, widow of Michael, house 

48 Assonet [9 Elliott 

Hoghes Edward, laborer, r. 179 Union, h. 
Hughes Edward B. removed to Nyack, N. Y. 
Hughes Henry, moulder, house Wilson near 

Hughes James, mason, bouse 26 Spring 
Hughes James J. salesman, 484 Main, b. 86 







Hughes John, carpenter, 21 Grafton, hoase 
34 Winter [R. boards 6 Brown 

Hughes John J. machinist, Hamrodnd n. R. 
Hughes Michael, boot bottomer, 82 Austin, 
b. 46 Winter [5i Austin 

Hughes Michael J. finisher, 581 Main, bds. 
Hughes Rose Mrs. dressmaker, 165 Summer, 
house do. [Batchelder 

Hughes Samuel, boot treer, 70 Winter, h. 2 
Hughes Walter, dyer, b. Lewis near South- 
bridge [5i Austin 
Hughes William H. finisher, 476 Main, house 
Hughes, see Hnse [Washburn 
Hugo Charles, foreman, Brussels, house 8 
Hnlbert James, machinist, 95 Thomas, b. 125 
Chandler [125 Chandler 
Hulbert Joseph, machinist, 95 Thomas, bds. 
Hulbert William, machinist, 95 Thomas, h. 
125 Chandler [Linwood pi. 
HuUng Henry P. printer, 47 Main, boards 2 
Hull George, machinist, 110 Green, bds. 21 
Ward [452 Main, h. 40 Fruit 
Hull Qeo. H.Jr. manager Mercantile agency, 
Hulst Gustaf, laborer, house Perry 
Hult Adam, laborer, bouse Millbury, Q. 
Hult Charles, laborer, house 7 Thenius 
Hult John, armorer, 44 Central, b. 188 do. 
Hult Olof, laborer, house Whipple 
Hult Sven, clerk. Perry, house do. 
Hultman Bror, clerk, boards 7 Elliott 
Hultman Olof, wire worker, b. 98 Belmont 
Humes Clarence A. driver. Hose No. 8, Web- 
ster, h. 18 do. [60 Grove 
Humes Lucien T. engineer, 84 Prescott, b. 
Humes Willard J. clerk, 444 Main, bds. 156 

manuf. 42 Southbridge, h. 209 Pleasant 

cor. No. Merrick. — Seepage 681 
Humphrey Frank A. 42 Southbridge, house 

28 Salem 
Humphrey Lumen W. cutter, 152 South- 
bridge, h. at Oxford [ave. 
Humphrey William S. student, bds. 6 Park 
Humphreys Cecilia, widow, h. 8 S. Irving 
Humphreys Chas. H. helper, b. 55 Highland 
Humphreys George I. engineer, Washburn 

Machine Shop, house 55 Highland 
Humphrys Augusta £. widow of Richard 

G. E. boards 1 Harvard place 
Hunnewell Eugene M. removed from city 
Hunt Abigail Mrs. boards 824 Main 
Hunt Alice, domestic, 14 Queen, b. do. 
Hunt Amy E. seamstress, 476 Main, boards 

8 Linden 
Hunt Anna F. A. teacher, b. 210 Pleasant 
Hunt Arthur B. rem'd to Waterbury, Conn. 
Hunt Charles F. moulder, 52 Jackson, h. 800 

Main [406 Main, b. 11 S. Russell 

Hunt Charles P. messenger. City Nat. Bank, 
Hunt Daniel £. machinist, 77 Foster, house 

84 Orange 
Hunt Eben P. laborer, Ash worth & Jones' 

mill, boards Leicester, V. F. 
Hunt Edward L. driver, 94 Grove, b. 79 do. 
Hunt Fannie C. widow of Luther M. h. 464 

Main [^tna 

Hunt Frederick P. cutter, 619 Main, h. 26 

Hunt George A. flirmer. City Farm, b. do. 
Hunt George C. clerk, 259 Main, bouse 27 

Fountain [85 Highland 

Hunt George E. derk, 1 P. O. block, boards 
Hunt Henry A. machinist, 28 Cypress, h. 81 

Columbia [tine, b. 20 Clarkson 

Hunt James, policeman. Station 2, Lamai^ 
Hunt James W. money order clerk. Post- 

Office, boards 191 Pleasant 
Hunt John, laborer, house 8 Redding coort 
Hunt John A. woolen mannf. h. lielcester, 

V. F. [Gleir 

Hunt John E. yeast, 7 Pleasant, hoase r. 26 
Hunt Jonathan A. machinist, 122 Gold, h. 19 

Gardner [school, b. 210 Fleasant 

Hunt Josephine A. teacher, Wlnslow street 
Hunt Julian A. finisher, Leicester n. Lud- 
low, boards Leicester, V. F. 
Hunt Lizzie M. married to Louis H. Medbnry 
Hunt Lewis A. overseer, 31 N. Foster, b. 6 

Hunt Marcus B. driver, house 14 Crown 
Hunt Martin, laborer, house 18 Ellsworth 
Hunt Mary 8. widow of David, hoase 210 

Pleasant [caster 

Hunt Nellie F. seamstress, boards 14 Lao- 
Hunt Phillips ( Sogers, SouthgaleA Co.jy 588 

Main, house 11 South Russell 
Hunt Walter J. wireworker, 94 Grove, h. 

68 do. [27 FottoUin 

Hunt Walter L. teamster. 2 Cherry, boards 
Hunt Warren £. machinist, 62 Jackson, h. 

19 Sycamore 
Hunt William N. mason, boards 15 Maple 
Hunt William N. Mrs. house 6 Wlnslow 
Hunt William T. removed to Auburn 
Hunter Bellville R. barber, 1 Millbury, bds. 

101 Green [change 

Hunter John, wire drawer, house 128 Kz- 
Hunting Fred. M. removed fkx>m city 
Hunting Leonard, wood carver, 15 Union, 

house Central ave. near Brooks 
Huntington Alice, artist, 492 Main, boards 

at Cambridge [Pearl 

Huntington William R. clergyman, house 61 
Huntley Charles R. clerk, 188 Main, house 

192 Lincoln [r. 178 Chandler 

Huntley James, moulder, 57 Green, boards 
Huntley Robert, removed to Leicester 
Huot Elwin S. clerk, 97 Lamartine, house 

60 Penn ave. [house 48 King 

Huot F. Benjamin, machinist, 28 Webster, 
Huot Napoleon P. produce, 159 Front, house 

^ 24 Orient 
Hnrd Charles, laborer, house 18 Larkin 
Hurd Charles W. mason, house 8 Goaldlng 
Hurd Hannah, widow of Thomas J. boards 

Union ave. cor. Houghton ave. 
Hurd Joel B. confectionery manufkcturer, 

620 Main, house 468 Southbridge 
Hurd Nathaniel F. collector, 650 Main, house 

18 Belmont [house 146 Union ave. 

Hnrd William J., Grafton st. omnibus lloe, 
Hurford Jesse, carpenter, house 14 Ward 
Hurlburt Fred. W. clerk, W., N. & R. R. B. 

bds. 176 Main 
Hurlburt George W. supt. W., N. & R. R. B. 

80 Shrewsbury, house 29 Glen 






Horlbnrt William F. fireman, h. 7 Townsend 
Harlbat Charles B. salesman, 480 Main, h. 

68 Providence 
Horlbnt Edwin H. (D. Cummings db Co.) 9 

60 King, honse 176 Chandler 
Horley Cassie C. milliner, boards 15 Irving 
Harley Pornelins, polisher, 110 Green, house 

12 Foyle 
Harley Cornelius, laborer, house 46 Belle vue 
Hurley Daniel, boot bottomer, 11 Water 
Harley Daniel, laborer, honse 4 Ascension 
Horley Ellen, tailoress, boards 60 Chandler 
Horley James, laborer, 17 Soathgate, house 
68 do. [51 Chandler 

Harley James J. stove blacker, 458 Main, b. 
Horley Jeremiah, laborer, house r. Millbury 

n. R. R. 
Horley John, laborer, house 85 Canterbury 
Horley John, janitor Worcester Free Instt- 
tate, house 56 N. Ashland [R. R., Q. 
Horley John, laborer, boards r. Millbury n. 
Hurley John, driver, 20 Grafton, h. 17 Beach 
Harley John, haclcman, house 9 Slgel 
Harley John F. plumber, 458 Main, boards 
61 Chandler [Summer 

Horley John J. baker, 215 Main, boards 41 
Harley Lawrence, laborer, h. 51 Chandler 
Harley Mary, widow of William, house 18 
South Irving [Millbury 

Harley Michael, laborer at gasworks, b. 155 
Harley Patrick, hostler. Main c. Ripley, h. 
Illinois n. Ripley [boards Cross 

Hurley Patrick, clothing cleaner, 17 Carlton, 
Hurley Patrick, laborer, house 8 Ascension 
Harley Patrick, Jr. bartender, 99 Mechanic, 

boards do. 
Hurley Thomas, coachman, h. 18 Blossom 
Harley Thomas, boot treer, 82 Austin, b. 60 

Hurley Thomas, laborer, bds. 228 Mechanic 
Hurley Wm. saloon, 89 Mechanic, h. 98 do. 
Hurley Wm. died Oct. 29, 1888, age 48 
Horley William F. laborer, 196 Union, bds. 

56 N. Ashland 
Hurlin Peter, removed to Boston 
Hursen William, teamster, 27 Lagrange', h. 

£. Central 
Hursbman Jacob, brass finisher, 42 South- 
bridge, boards 6 Chatham [28 Hawley 
Hurst Charles D. reedmaker, 112 Front, h. 
Hurst Thomas, laborer, 17 Southp:ate, bds. 
47 do. [at Boylston 

Husband Wm. beltmaker, 87 Front, house 
Huse Charles A. physician, 186 Austin, h. do. 
Huse Geo. W. woodworker, 77 Foster, h. 
32 Newbury [28 Chatham 

Huse Scott W. woodworker, 196 Union, bds. 
Huson Charles C. carpenter, b. 19 Congress 
-Huson James A. carpenter, house 1 Sever 
Huson Samuel, boards I Sever 
Hutcheson James, salesman, 484 Main, bds. 
12 Dewey 

HDTCHINS C. HENRT & CO. tape and 
suspender and garter web manuf^. 2 
Allen ct. house 885 Main. — See page 678 
Hutchlns Elastic Fabric Co. 2 Allen court 
Hutchins Frederic L. clerk, W., N. &R. R. 
B. 80 Shrewsbury, bouse 23 Highland 

Hutchlns George F. supt. Knowles Loom 

Works, 57 Jackson, house 12 Woodland 

Hutchlns J. Gertrude, bookkeeper, 2 Allen 

court,, boards 21 Benefit 
Hutchlns Lucretla B. widow of Sam'l, bds. 
Woodland place [21 Benefit 

Hutchlns Oliver C. supt. 2 Allen ct. house 
Hutchlns Wm. S. carpenter, b. 42 Portland 
Hutchinson Andrew, saloon, 8 Thomas, h. 

5 do. [Burncoat 
Hutchinson Anna R. widow of John C. house 
Hutchinson Benjamin E. harness maker, 161 

Front, h. do. 
Hutchinson Benj. W. salesman, h. 4 Castle 
Hutchinson Charles H. machinist, 26 Salis- 
bury, boards 9 Clinton 
Hutchinson Eleazer L. baggage master, B. 

6 A. R. R. house 70 Chandler 
Hutchinson Elizabeth R. widow of Gerry, 

h. 4 West [120 Austin 

Hutchinson Hannah, widow of Timothy, h. 
Hutchinson Henry B. teamster at tripe- 
works, house Greenwood [Irving 
Hutchinson John, laborer, boards 11 South 
Hutchinson Nelson Mrs. dressmaker, 9 Clin- 
ton, house do. [85 Cambridge 
Hutchinson Robt. gardener, 1049 Main, h. 
Hutchinson Walter, machinist, h. 4 Prloulx 
Hutt Charles, removed troia city [Lunelle 
Hutt John F. carpenter, 54 Jackson, house 6 
Hutton John, cook, Bay State House, b. do. 
Huxley Ellen, widow of George, house 409 


Huxley Geo. laborer, 65 Jackson, honse 80 

Lafayette [Southbrldge 

Huxley John, laborer, 65 Jackson, bds. 409 

Huxley William, bootmaker, 11 Water, h. 

80 Lafayette 
Hybennet Napoleon, dentist, 387 Main, h. r. 

Court House 
Hyde Albert W. agent, h. 8 Lfncoln place 
Hyde Amos S. machinist, 199 Chandler, bds. 

4 Tufts 
Hyde Arthur S., Washburn Car Wheel Co. 

48 Grafton, boards 58 Pleasant 
Hyde Cbas. blacksmith, h. 262 Pleasant 
Hyde Daniel H. carpenter, h. 6 Downing 
Hyde D. B. carpenter, house 171 Austin 
Hyde Emma M. widow of James R. house 

61 Myrtle 
Hyde George M. clerk, boards 61 Myrtle 
Hyde Jennie E. attendant, Worcester Luna- 
tic Hospital, Belmont, boards do. 
Hyland Daniel, laborer, 77 Foster, house 2 

HTLAND WILLIAM, mattress manufac- 
turer and feather renovator, 18 Park, h. 

20 Townsend. — See page 699 
Hylund John T. clerk, 104 Front, boards 79 

Summer [do. 

Hynd Robert Y. salesman, 484 Main, b. 801 
Hynes Catharine A. widow of John, house 8 

Hynes Dennis, heater, house 7 Blackstone 
Hynes John A. wire worker, b. 8 Spruce 

IDE Eleanor F. Mrs. boards 5 Crown 
Igoe Patrick, helper, b. 80 Market 






Irolfth Peter O. clerk, 817 Main, Ms. Waldo 

Ingalls Charles H. rem'd to Plattsbarg, N. Y. 
Ingalls C. E. mason, honse 182 Chandler 
Ingalls Dmmmond, ftirmer, b. 100 Vernon 

F GALLS eUSTATUS W. & CO. organ- 
reed manofs. 25 Hermon, honse 816 
Main. — See page 688 
Ingalls M. G. Mrs. boards 12 Hancock 
Ingalls Walter G. organist, h. 816 Main 
Ingell Fred. L. rem'd to Ayer Junction 
Ingham 8. Annie, boards 8 Cottage 
Ingraham Albert W. organ toner. 17 Her- 
mon, house 6 Kingsbury 
Ingraham Chester D. machinist, Hammond 

near railroad, honse 690 Main 
Ingraham Edward A. removed fh>m city 
Ingraham Edward F. (Field db IngrahamJ^ 

11 Pleasant, boards 18 Lagrange 
Ingraham Emory D. organ toner, 64 Her- 
mon, hoose 18 Lagrange 
Ingraham Louis A. organ toner, 64 Hermon, 

boards 221 Pleasant 
Ingraham Nathaniel H., Taber Organ Co. 64 
Hermon, honse 862 Main [bory, b. do. 
Ingraham Nellie L. mosic teacher, 6 Kin&rs- 
Ingraharo Sewell S. cabinetmaker, 64 Her- 
mon, h. 6 Valley [28 John 
Ingram Nelson 8. machinist, 11 CypreHS, b. 
Inman Elias W. machinist, 67 Jackson, h. 

146 Aostin 
Inman Francis H. (Pratt A Inman) ^ 17 Wash- 
ington sq. h. 6 Pattlson 
Inman John L. removed to Potnam, Conn. 
Inman Wm. H. (PraU d Inman), 17 Wash- 
ington sq. hoose 6 Pattison 
Insorance Fire Patrol, 4 Barton place 
Irish Annie, boards 15 Irving 
Irish Henry 8. farmer, boards Plantation n. 
Division [Mill, Tatnock 

Irving John, picker tender, h. Pleasant near 
Irving John, gardener, h. 78 Central 
Ihahson Peller, wire plater, hoose Dryden 

near Hemans 
Isaksoii Carl, wlreworker, bds. 88 North 
Isakson Isaac, wire drawer, h. 182 Prescott 
Isham Lyman A. dresser tender, 82 Foster, 

b. 29 Coral 
Israel Abram, removed to Texas 
Israel Lools, peddler, house 50 Winter 
Ittel George, saloon, 55 Union, hoose do. 

Jack Wm. regolator, 64 Hermon, b. 16 Irving 
Jackson Aaron D. driver, h. 16 Pearl 
Jackson Addison C tmckman, hoose 64 

Jackson Alice, laondress, hoose 811 Main 
Jackson Amos F. machinist, Hammond cor. 

railroad, hoose 6 Newbury 
Jackson Amsted, machinist, 62 Jackson, h. 

39 N. Ashland [h. 24 Elliott 

Jackson Andrew, watchman, 100 Prescott, 
Jackson Annis, widow of Charles, boards 9 

Warren [141 Sonthbrldge 

Jackson Charles, cotter, r. 155 Front, hoose 
Jackson Charles L. driver, b. 219 Pleasant 
Jackson Dillman 8. painter, 1524 Main, h. 

42 Downing 

Jackson Dwight 8. boiler ooTering, rear M 

8oothbridge. h. 18 Congress [h. do. 
Jackson Ellen F. dressmaker, 27 Bmselt 
Jackson Emma Mrs. washerwoman, b. r. 8 

8pring [Maple 

Jackson Frank P. carpenter, boards If 
Jackson George M. baker, boards 6 Denny 
Jackson Geo. W. foreman, 94 Grove, hoiiae 

84 Wachnsett 
Jackson Homer W. clerk, 827 Main, bds. 14 

Dix [DiJt 

Jackson H. Bradley, clerk, 827 Main, b. 14 
Jackson H. E. removed fh>m city 
Jackson James H. machinist, 62 Jackson, h. 

24 Winter 
Jackson Jane, laundress, h. 60 Mechanic 
Jackson John, mason, honse 26 Winter 
Jackson John T. tobacconist, h. 41 Ben^t 
Jackson Joseph, principal Woodland street 

shcool, honse Woodland cor. Klngnbaiy 
Jackson Joseph P. lanndryman, 16 Waldo, 

honse 1 Eden 
Jackson Julia Mrs.boardlng-house, 168 Front 
Jackson Julius W. blacking maker, honse 80 

Jackson Louisa, laundress, b. 60 Mechanic 
Jackson Margaret, corset maker, b. 6 Denny 
Jackson Martha M. widow of 8imon, honse 

6 Denny 
Jackson Mary, widow of John, h. 19 Larkin 
Jackson Mary, widow of William, h. 9 Lily 
Jackson Michael, bricklayer, b. 26 Winter 
Jackson Michael, clerk, 68 Bloomingdale, 

boards do. 
Jackson Reuben, porter, 420 Main, honse 8 

Howe [13 Vernon 

Jackson Thomas, boot treer, 108 Front, h. 
Jackson William B. clerk, 868 Main, house 

11 Goulding 
Jackson William E. carpenter, 196 Union, 

h. 10 Fruit 
Jacobi Otto, hairdresser, 418 Main, bds. 84 
' Newbury [85 Benefit 

Jacobs Arthur I. machinist, 57 Jackson, h. 
Jacobs Asa K. salesman, b. 1 Harvard pi. 
Jacobs Benjamin, rem*d to Providence, R. I. 
Jacobs Clarissa, widow of Simon T. house 

15 Congress [17 Queen 

Jacobs Henry, machinist, 67 Jackson, house 
Jacobs John H. h. Lincoln c. Lincoln ave. 
Jacobs Mitchell, laborer, h. 86 Blooming- 
dale [Conn. 
Jacobs Nathaniel 8. removed to New Haven, 
Jacobs Reuben, peddler, h. 50 Winter 
Jacobs William, printer, bds. 65 8alem 
Jacobs William, painter, boards 78 Park 
Jacobs William R. rem'd to 8prlngfleld, Vt. 
Jacobson Carl, removed fk'om city 
Jacobson Chas. G. laborer, house Stebbtns 

c. Thenlus [North 

Jacobson Enoch, wlreworker, boards 16 
Jacobson Jacob, laborer, b. 10 Briden 
Jacques Charles, machinist, 122 Gold, bds. 

165 Foster [r. 176 Chandler 

Jacques Henry, bootmaker, 60 King, house 
Jacques John, machinist, 28 Webster, honse 

45 do. 
Jacques Joseph, laborer, house 85 North 

PAMPHnP irr inTinXI for chapfmd HAUVHt tan, sunbubn, 

\jA,mill\J]X 1\jCj L\)\ lUIN, far taieby JT, Q. HILL, 834 MjUN 8T. 



Jaeqaes Hapoleon, physician and apothe- 
cary, 186 Front, b. 87 Park [Harrison 
Jaeqaes Napoleon L. bookkeeper, boards 89 
TAtXtDES UR6EL9 carpenter and contrac- 
O tor, Sa Cypreest hoaae 22 Orient.— i9e« 

poffm 501 
Jaeqaes William B. machinist, 76 Beacon, h. 

7 Clinton 
Jaeque9^ sse Jaquts [Orchard 

Jaderberg Andrew G. wireworkert bds. 65 
James Arthur, fbrmer at Elizabeth Flagg's, 

Plasg near Salisbnry, bds. do. 
Janaes Benjamin, woolen mannflsotnrer, at 

JamesTlUe, h. Clover 
James Charles, Airmer, bds. Pleasant cor. 

Mower, Tatnnck 
James Charles E. boot treer, 7 Washington 
aqoare, boards 26 Washington [Anstln 
James Clark W. shoecntter, 68 High, h. 165 
James John K. machinist, house James 
James Thomas, fltrmer at W. Lincoln's, h. 

May c. Chandler 
Jaoies Walter B. fkrmer, boards Clover 
Jameson Albert J. toolmaker, 86 Foster, b. 
80 Lincoln , [totion n. B. & A. B. R. 
Jameson Hagh, laborer, Putnam lane, h.Plan- 
Jameson John, weaver, bds. 97 Water 
Jameson Julia, widow of Thomas, boards 85 
Sllsworth [h. 125 Chandler 

Jamieson Thomas H. painter, 95 Thomas, 
Janes Annie 8. stitcher, 88 Front, boards 84 

Janea Charles A. truckman, h. 45 Piedmont 
Janea Edward L. packer, h. 2 Lin wood pi. 
Janes Wm. A. clerk, 409 Main, b. 147 do. 
Janea Wm. B. steamfitter, 80 Foster, house 
78 Austin [55 Prospect 

Jankins Wm. H. hairdresser, 488 Main, h. 
Jannery Alfred J. clerk, 70 Front, bds. do. 
Jannery J. Robert, apothecary, 70 Front, 
boards do. [41 John 

Janaen Christian, packer, 15 Union, house 
Janson Andrew P. wire drawer, h. Prioulz 
Janson Augusta, boards 255 MiUbnry 
Janson Augnstin, carpenter, h. 68 Suffolk 
Janson Charles, wireworker, b. 40 Hanover 
Janson Erick, wireworker, 85 Union, h. r. 

5 N. Ashland 
Janson John, machinist, h. 2 Prioulz 
Janson John, laborer, house 214 Millbury 
Janson John P. galvanizer, b. 4 Onwald 
Janson Lars Anton, laborer, h. 40 Hanover 
Janson Nils, laborer, boards Taylor, Q. 
Jansson Andrew O. organ maker, 9 May, b. 
Ill Beacon [b. 28 Lodi 

Jansson Andrns M. laborer. Junction shop, 
Jansson Carl, wireworker, bds. 116 Lincoln 
Jansson Ernest J. tuner, 25 Union, b. 11 Fox 
Jansson Gustaf, laborer, house 5 Crescent 
Jansson Oliver M. moulder, 92 Thomas, h. 
55 Eastern av. [h. 11 Fox 

Jansson Oscar W. organ maker, 25 Union, 
Jansson Peter, removed to Boston 
TAQUE8 BENJAMIN C. carpenter and con- 
U tractor, 4 Winslow, h. 5 Ao.— See page 

Jaques Noble E. machinist, 26 Salisbury, h. 

Jaques, ^ee Jacques [Lanartine 

Jardine Oeorge H. weaver, Brussels, h. 132 
Jarl6n Gustaf, laborer, house 68 Ward 
Jarman Fred, weaver, Brnssels, boards 10 

Jarman Oeorge, watchman, b. 12 Crompton 
Jarpe Jacob, mason, boards 5 Worth 
Javert Peter Frederick, heater, house 82 

Belmont [Boylston ct. 

Jay Herbert, machinist, 110 Green, house 8 
Jefferds Charles H. removed to Providence, 

R. I. 

JEFFERDS JOHN ^. trlpeworks, rear 
Greenwood n. P. & W. R. R. house 

Greenwood opp. Upland. — Set page 555 
Jefferson Adolphus D. armorer, 81 liermon, 

bds. at MiUbnry [Franklin 

Jefferson Ann, widow of Thomas, house 11 
Jeiforson John H. finisher, bds. 11 Franklin 
Jefferson Lewis N. armorer, 81 Herraon, b. 

101 Chandler [den^, h. 14 Oak ave. 

Jefferson Martin V. B. woolen mill (at Hol- 
Jefferson Patrick H. removed ttom city 
Jefferson Thomas W. finisher, b. 11 Franklin 
Jeffrey John, extract manuf. house near 

Summit station 

J EFTS ARTHUR W. photographer, and 
calcium lights, 852 Main, house 281 

Pleasant. — See page HO^ 
Jefts Elmer F. bookkeeper, 10 £. Worcester, 

b. 5 Townsend 
JeA^ Emma A. clerk, 189 Pleasant, boards 

6 Hudson fh. 5 Towusend 

Jefts Frederick, sash mannf. 10 E. Worcester, 
Jefts Mary P. teacher, high school, boards 

5 Lagrange 
Jefts Wheelock, carpenter, house 6 Hudson 
Jenin John B. machinist, house 100 East 

Worcester [76 do. 

Jenison Henry S. engineer, 66 Grafton, h. 
Jenison Otis £. woodworker, h. 77 Chandler 
Jenison Otis E. Mrs. dressmaker, 77 Chand- 
ler [Shrewsbury 
Jenkins Alice E. artist, 492 Main, boards at 
Jenkins Charles L. salesman, h. 16 Oak ave. 
Jenkins Edwin, driver, 896 Main, house 5 

Jenkins Elijah, weaver, Worcester Carpet 

Co. house at Auburn [86 Cutler 

Jenkins Frank S. peddler, 22 Wall, house 
Jenkins George M. baker, house 2 Dewey 
Jenkins George W. cutter, h. 8 Merrick 
Jenkins Henry, overseer, Worcester Carpet 

Co. house 168 Cambridge [9 Hermon 
Jenkins Henry U. engraver, 65 Beacon, bds. 
Jenkins James, teacher. Wore. Academy, 

Providence, boards do. 
Jenkins William, weaver, Brussels, house 

Leicester near Gates lane 
Jenkins William T. laborer, b. Mill, Tatnuck 
Jenkinson Thomas, laborer, bds. 8 Foyle 
Jenks Ellen A. widow of Wm. N. house 88 

Woodland [17 Tlrrell 

Jenks Frank L. machinist, 28 Webster, h. 
Jenks Had win B. clerk, 4 Waldo, house 21 


JENKS HORACE L. concrete paver, bds. 
17 TiTTuW.—See page 578 






Jenks T. Spencer, foreman, 103 Front, house 

14 Crown [188 Austin 
Jenks Walter H. cntter, 108 Front, boards 
Jennings Elizabeth B. widow of John, house 

8 Lin wood place 

JENNINGS HENRT J. nickel plater, 18 
tl Mechanic, h. 5 Sycamore. — See page 676 
Jennings James F. card maker, 246 South- 

bridge, boards Hose No. 7, Lamartine 
Jennings John P. laborer, b. 8 Linwood pi. 
Jennings Peter T. boot treer, 60 King, house 

rear 176 Chandler [b. 8 Linwood pi. 
Jennings William J. machinist, 95 Thomas, 
Jennison Catharine A. house 14 William 
Jennison George, flsh, 84 Green, house 40 

Jennison Hobart N. driver, house 1 Earle 
Jennison Lucia N. teacher, Thomas street 

school, boards 6 Kilby 
Jennison Phebe A. boards 19 Oxford 
Jennison Samuel S. (Wood^ Jennison A Co.)^ 

Hammond comer B. B. house 6 Kilby 
Jeppson John, supt. 41 Water, house 82 Fox 
Jeppsson Peter, coachman, 274 Main, boards 

66 Thomas ' [62 Exchange 

Jepson Lyman B. engineer, 81 Mulberry, b. 
Jem berg Andrew, blacksmith, 110 Green, h. 

18 Endlcott [chine Shop, h. Sunnyside 
Jernberg John, blacksmith, Wsshburn Ma- 
Jernberg Per Elias, wireworker, boards rear 

182 Prescott 
Jernberff Peter A. laborer, house 8 Oswald 
Jerome Edward, hostler, boards 60 Union 
Jerome Edward, machinist, 110 Green, house 

22 Lagrange [Gouldlng 

Jerome Henry, foreman, 149 Front, house 12 
Jerome Joseph, hostler, 20 Market, house 50 

Union [h. 18 Columbia 

Jerome Nelson, blacksmith, 170 Mechanic, 
Jerome Paul, driver, 5 Franklin, house rear 

15 Gold [18 Columbia 
Jerome William H. machinist, 110 Green, b. 
Jerrold, see Gerould 

Jesiljus Per A. galvanizer, bds. 5 Thenlus 
Jette Joseph, wheelwright, 278 Southbrldge, 

house 118 Lamartine [27 Houghton 

Jewell Frank B. foreman, 9 Barton place, h. 
Jewell Blchard L. lamplighter, house 21 

Jewett Albert D. telegrapher, b. 51 Salem 
Jewett Eben, foreman, 94 Grove, h. Uolden 

near Ctiester 
Jewett George A. overseer, h. 3 Chandler 
Jewett John H. business manager Evening 

Gazette, 890 Main, house 62 William 
Jewett J. H«nry, wire drawer, house Holden 

near Chester [Chester 

Jewett Warren C. farmer, house Holden n. 
Jillson Clark, Justice First District Court, 

Southern Worcester, house 9 Garden 
Jillson Cyra M. machinist, 57 Jackson, house 

159i Southbrldge [9 Salem 

Jillson Eva O. Mrs. corsets, 508 Main, house 
Jillson Frank, stioecutter, 68 High, house 

9 Salem 

Jillson Franklin C. student, bds. 9 Garden 
Jillson Orison, machinist, 57 Jackson, house 
163 Southbrldge 

Jodoin Arthur, painter, house 12 Franklin 
Jodoin Ernest, wireworker, b* 7 Lamartiue 
Jodoin Peter, moulder, rear 25 Hermon, h. 

28 JeiTerson 
Johannes Olsen, wireworker, house 18 Pink 
Johansen Olayes, armorer, 44 Central, house 

66 Thomas [29 Eastern avenue 

Johanson Anton, laborer, 44 Central, boards 
Johanson Charles, armorer, b. 9 N. Ashland 
Johanson Harry, armorer, 44 Central, h. 

188 Summer 
Johanson Johan A. laborer, h. 228 MUlbury 
Johanson Katrina, domestic, 14 Qneen 
Johansson Arvid, armorer, 44 Central, house 

165 Washington 
Johansson Carl O. shoemaker, bds. r. 29 Dlx 
Johnson Albert S. finisher, 108 Front, house 

8 Blossom 

M Wilson), whitewaahers' and carpet 

cleaners, 26 Elliott and 69 Central, house 

69 Central.— ^ee page 588 
Johnson Alice E. teacher, Diz street school, 

bds. 12 John [House, bds. do. 

Johnson Alphonso D. waiter, Bay State 
Johnson Andrew, carpenter, h. 4 Illinois 
Johnson Andrew, laborer, W., N. & R. R. R. 

house 4 Leland ct. [r. 45 Prospect 

Johnson Andrew, machinist, 44 Central, h. 
Johnson Andrew P. laborer, h. 21 Washburn 
Johnson Ann L. widow of Moses 8. house 

19 Merrick 
Johnson Anna S. domestic, 184 Main 
Johnson Anton E. wireworker, b. 80 Elliott 
Johnson August, laborer, house 6 Ellswortii 
Johnson Benjamin C. junk, h. 165 Millbnry 
Johnson Carl, laborer, boards 228 MlUbuir 
Johnson Carl, wire drawer, boards Whittier 

near Prioulz 
Johnson Carrie M. L. weaver, b. 70 Chandler 
Johnson Charles, laborer, h. 891 MUlburj 
Johnson Charles, galvanizer, house Stebbins 

cor. Thenius [ave. 

Johnson Charles A. milkman, bds. 296 Psrk 
Johnson Charles C. coachman, h. 1^ Davis 
Johnson Charles C. machinist, bds. at L. L. 

Johnson's, Tatnuck 
Johnson Charles E. wireworker, house 5 

Eastern ave. [Whipple 

Johnson Charles J. laborer, b. MUlbury opp. 

JOHNSON CHARLES P. stair builder, cab- 
inetmaker and turner, Foster c. Bridge, 

house 8 Oberlin. — Seepage 579 
Johnson Charles R. lawyer, 8 P. O. block, 

house 12 William 
JohuHon Charles W. driver. Steamer No. 1 

Hose, 10 Bigelow ct. house 120 Front 
Johnson Christian, laborer, h. Chamberlain 

Johnson Christian N. wireworker, house 

Sigourney n. North [Mill, Tatnuck 

Johnson Clark, farmer, hou^e Pleanaut cor. 
Johnson E. Helen, copyist, b. Salisbury near 

Park avenue [Greenwood 

Johnson David, laborer at gristmill, Q. h. 

JOHNSON DAYID, teas, produce, butter, 
cheese, etc. 1 Summer, bds. 175 Lincoln. 
— See page 551 






Johnflon David H. clerk, b. 22i Pleasant 
Johnson Edward, tailor, 410 Main, boards 7 

Layard place 
Johnson Edward £. agent, B., B. & G. R. B. 

freight house, hoase 5 Ooolding 
Johnson Edward £. student, b. 88 William 
Johnson Edward P. salesman, h. 13 Layard 
place [Crystal 

Johnson Edwin, clerk, 17 Leicester, bds. 8 
Johnson Edwin £. machinist, 19 Church, b. 
8 Chatham [Pleasant 

Johnson Eli, watchman, house Mill near 
Johnson Elmore F. clerk, 420 Main, boards 

1 Cottage 
Johnson Brick, removed f^om city [land 
Johnson Ernest M. teamster, house 41 High- 
Johnson Eugene E. machinist, 1 Coes sq. h. 

57 Mill 
Johnson Eunice, widow, boards 50 Orange 
Johnson Evaline 8. seamstress, b. 24 Crown 
Johnson £. Baxter, farmer, h. Mower near 
city line, Tatnuck [h. 6 Belknap 

Johnson Frank B. moulder, 149 Washington, 
Johnson Frederick, boards 19 Fulton 
Johnson Fred, laborer, boards Mlllbury, Q. 
Johnson Fred. A. removed from city 
Johnson Frederick D. driver, 96 School, h. 
81 Summer [22 Portland 

Johnson Fred. W. clerk, 41 Park, boards 
Johnson George A. Japanner, h. 20 Abbott 
Johnson George A. laborer, b. 7 BnffUm 
Johnson George E. removed from city 
Johnson Gustaf, laborer, boards Millbury, Q. 
Johnson Gustaf, armorer, 44 Central, b. 110 

Johnson Gustave F. laborer at Jamea Dra- 
per's, house Hunt near Shrewsbury 
Johnson Hannah M. widow of Nathaniel k. 

h. 296 Park ave. 

Johnson Hannibal A. (J. H, Clarke <£ Co.j, 

858 Main, honse 24 Fruit [22 Portland 

Johnson Harrison W. stitcher, 82 Austin, h. 

Johnson Hattie L. attendant, Worcester 

Lunatic Hospital, Belmont, boards do. 
Johnson Henry, carpet cleaner, h. 64 John 
Johnson Henry, weaver, Brussels, house 167 
Cambridge [bridge, b. 16 Maple 

Johnson Henry B. bookkeeper, 548 South- 
Johnson Ida W. honse 78 Hanover 
JOHNSON IYER & CO. pistol manufs. and 
nickel platers, 44 Central, house 27 
Catharine c. Windsor. — Seepage 651 
Johnson James, wire inspector, h. 6 Wade 
Johnson James J. helper, rear 64 Thomas, 

boards Sutton lane 
Johnson James J. jr. coachman, h. 72 John 
Johnson James M. provisions, 17 Leicester, 
h. 8 Curtis [Summer 

Johnson James T. watchman at Jail, b. 185 
Johnson Johan F. blacksmith, 42 Gardner, 
h. 55 Eastern ave. [Hunt n. R. R. 

Johnson John, butcher, Putnam lane, house 
Johnson John, wlreworker, house 12 Carroll 
Johnson John, wlreworker, 85 Union, house 
29 Dlx [56 Central 

Johnson John A. tailor, 476 Main, boards 
Johnson John C. medicines, bds. 68 South- 

Johnson John C. wlreworker, h. 80 Elliott 

Johnson John E. fireman, house 78 Green 

Johnson Jonas, machinist. Junction shop, h. 

51 Lafayette [b. at Shrewsbury 

Johnson Joseph B. machinist, 26 Salisbury, 

Johnson Joseph H. teamster, 55 Central, b. 

69 do. [Curtis 

Johnson Jotham, clerk, 17 Leicester, bds. 8 

Johnson Julia M. Mrs. nurse, b. 4 Clinton 

Johnson Julius P. (L, Johnson A Son), 838 

Main, boards 12 John [Belmont 

Johnson Karl, foreman, 94 Grove, boards 

Johnson Lars F. laborer, h. 412 Mlllbury 

Johnson Levi & Son (J, P. John eon J, 

watches. Jewelry, etc. 888 Main, house 

12 John. [Mill, Tatnuck 

Johnson Levi L. machinist, 64 School, house 

Johnson Lorentz, gardener, h. 40 Hanover 

Johnson Louis, wlreworker, b. 1 Slgourney 

Johnson Louis, polisher, 44 Central, boards 

29 Franklin 
Johnson Ludwlg, wlreworker, b. 58 Main 
Johnson Luther, painter, 222 Main. bds. 56 
Union [Sutton lane n. Fremont 

Johnson Margaret, widow of Peter, house 
Johnson Mary H. Mrs. laundress, 71 Cen- 
tral, h. do. [57 Hanover 
Johnson Mauritz, upholsterer, 855 Main, h. 
Johnson Moses S. died April 17, 1888, age 56 
Johnson Nathan S. house 25 Queen 
Johnson Nils C. wlreworker, h. 88 Union 
Johnson Nils P. wlreworker, h. 186 Prescott 
Johnson Olaf, wlreworker, bds. 86 Lincoln 
Johnson Olaf, sinker, h. 2 Oswald [12 Larch 
Johnson Oren A. policeman, City Hall, h. 
Johnson Otto, wlreworker, b. 59 Grove 
Johnson Peter, organ maker, 9 May, b. 51 

Johnson Phila, died Feb. 16, 1888, age 84 
Johnson Prudentia, h. 4 No. Merrick 
Johnson Richard, liquors, 29 Spring, h. 5 
Columbia [Mechanic n. viaduct 

Johnson Robert, laborer, 151 Main, boards 
Johnson Robert H. truckman, h. 2 Howe 
Johnson Samuel E. car Inspector, W., N. & 
R. R. R. h. 81 Orient [201 Summer 

Johnson Samuel S. clerk, 162 Front, house 
Johnson Sarah A. clerk, 290 Main, bds. 15 

Johnson Selma, domestic, 238 Main 
Johnson Theodore S. lawyer, and clerk of 
courts. South Court House, b. Bay State 
House [nut, h. 828 Pleasant 

Johnson Theodore W. coachman, 17 Chest- 
Johnson Theodore W. farmer, h. Salisbury 
n. Park ave. [h. 15 Stafford 

Johnson Theophilus B. foreman, 25 Union, 
Johnson Thomas, farmer, Bumcoat n. Mill- 
brook, b. do. [h. 85 Cambridge 
Johnson Thomas H. machinist, 1 Coes sq. 
Johnson Thomas R. beds, b. 28 Merrick 
Johnson Wallace C. student, bds. 40 West 
Johnson William, sea captain, h. 18 Mendon 
Johnson William, shoemaker, 68 High, bds. 
2 Hinds ct. [b. 21 Gardner 
Johnson William A. machinist, 26 Salisbury, 
Johnson William D. N. clerk, 148 Grafton, 
b. 6 Wall 







Johnson Wm. H. policeman, City Hall, h. 

9 Frnlt [10 Barton pi. h. 80 Piedmont 
Johnson William M. (Johnson ^ Knibbsj, 
Johnson Wm. P. boot packer, 82 Austin, h. 

18 Congress [408 Main, h. 80 Chatham 
Johnson William W. ( Ware, PraU A Co,)* 
Johnson & Bassett (Joseph M. Baasett), 

machinery, 186 Union 
Johnson & Knibbs ( W. M. Johnson and J. 

FT. Knibbs), stable, 10 Barton pi. 
Johnson, see Janson, Jansson, Johanson 
Johnston Benjamin F. machinist, 18 Cypress, 

h. 88 Hollywood [4 8. Rnssell 

Johnston Fred. E. loom fixer, % Allen ct. h. 
Johnston Margaret, nurse, b. 5 Benefit 
Johnston Wm. H. foreman at W. W. Cook's, 

h. 9 Woodland 
Jollins Edward, fireman, Worcester Lunatic 

Hospital, Belmont, bds. do. ^ 
Jollins Joseph, baker, Worcester Lunatic 

Hospital, Belmont, bds. do. 
Joly Alexander, laborer, 17 8outhgate, h. 

22 Millbury [22 Millbury 

Jolly Peter, painter, 71 Mechanic, boards 
Jolly Alexander, jr. painter, 18 Madison, h. 

5 Lunelle [Washburn 

Jones Albert, weaver, Brussels, boards 5 
Jones Albert A. driver, 27 Myrtle, bds. do. 
Jones Alpheus H. driver. Hook & Ladder No. 

2, bds. Prescott 
Jones Alvin J. driver, 15 Market, b. 208 Main 
Jones Benjamin F. rem'd to Providence, R I. 
Jones Catharine Mrs. nurse, h. 271 Millbury 
Jones Charles B. boot sider, 60 King, h. 21 

Larch [186 Prescott 

Jones Dnniel F. engineer, 94 Qrove, house 
Jones Edward (Ashworth A Jones), Leices- 
ter, h. Leicester near city line 
Jones Edward, carpenter, 68 High, h. 20 

Piedmont [88 Prospect 

Jones Edward 8. clerk, 542 Main, boards 
Jones Emeline E. widow of William, bds. 9 

Jones Frank A. clerk, b. 14 Piedmont 
Jones Frank B. sawyer, 19 Cypress, house 8 

Houchin ave. [Kendall 

Jones Frank R. clerk, 550 Main, boards 29 
Jones Fred W. fireman, boards 9 Cutler 
Jones George, weaver, Brussels, house 9 

Cheever [h. 14 do. 

Jones George R. stable, rear 18 Piedmont, 
Jones George W. carpenter, h. 149 Grafton 
Jones Hannah, widow of Luke, b. 76 Front 
Jones Henry P. mason, h. 54 Ward 
Jones Herbert A. subscription agent, 886 

Main, h. 156 Park ave. 
Jones Horace A. moulder, 65 Jackson, h. 

8 Houchin ave. 
Jones Isaac N. rem'd to Florida [rick 

Jones Isaac N. cutter, 566 Main, h. 15 Mer- 
Jones James, burnisher, 68 High, bds. 46 

Winter [man 

Jones James H. engineer, Pitt, h. 81 Sher- 
Jones John C. armorer, 81 Hermon, h. 640 

Jones John D. E. supt. of agencies, State 

Mutual Life Assurance Co. 240 Main, h. 

104 Providence 

Jones John P. (P, BUMMl A Oo.)^ 61 Jadk- 

son, h. 9 Benefit 
Jones Joseph, moulder, 149 Washington, h. 
2Batchelder [161 Pleuant 

Jones Josiah N. blacksmith, 178 Union, h. 
Jones I^vi J. asst. snpt. fire alarm tele- 
graph, 10 Bigelow ct. b. 57 Waslilogton 
Jones Lyman A. boards 188 Summer 
Jones Maggie, attendant, Wor. Lunatic Hos- 
pital, Belmont, b. do. [Uotl 
Jones Mary, widow of George, h. r. 22 Sl- 
Jones Mary, widow, h. 57 Gold 
Jones Mary E. laundress, h. 28 Elliott 
Jones Mendel, clerk, b. 18 School [Fro^»ect 
Jones Miriam P. widow of Willard, honse 88 
Jones Myron P. machinist, 54 Jackson, b. 
50 Beacon [Ellsworth 
Jones Nathaniel, machinist, 110 Green, h. 28 
Jones Nelson W. stable, 81 Waldo, bds. 906 
Main [29 Kendall 
Jones Rachel, widow of William B. bds. 
Jones Ralph F. machinist, 57 Jackson, bds. 

9 Hermon [school, h. 88 Prospect 
Jones Rebecca, teacher. State Normal 
Jones Robert, engineer, 149 Washington, h. 

2 Batchelder [cott 

Jones Robert, laborer, h. Millbury c Endi- 
Jones Samuel A. house 188 Summer 
Jones Samuel P. laborer, b. 271 BCiUbnry 
Jones Scott B. rem'4 to Sutton 
Jones Sylvester, moulder, 65 Jackson, house 

56 Myrtle [Myrtle 

Jones Sylvester Mrs. boarding-hoose, 56 
Jones Thomas, weaver, Brussels, house 16 

Jones Timothy, laborer, house 46 Winter 
Jones William, boltmaker, 11 Cypress, bds. 

10 Charles [88 Orange 
Jones William, machinist, 186 Union, house 
Jones William, moulder, 77 Foster, boards 

2 Batchelder [25 Houghton 

Jones William E. canvasser, 184 Main, h. 
Jones William H. canvasser, 291 Main, h. at 

Millbury [R. boards 208 Main 

Jones William H. engineer, B., B. & G. B. 
Jones William H. fireman, B., B. & Q. R. B. 

boards 174 Lincoln 
Jones Winifred, clerk, 62 Front, b. 19 SIgel 
Jordan Alexander H. tinsmith, 609 Main, h. 

48 Portland [1 School 

Jordan Andrew J. moulder, 87 Gold, boardu 
Jordan Arlnda A. widow of Alonzo P. h. 46 

Lincoln [h. at MlUbory 

Jordan Frank, wrenchmaker, 4 Leicester, 
Jordan Fred. A. bookkeeper, 198 Front, b. 

810 Park ave. [house do. 

Jordan George A. physician, 46 Myrtle, 
Jordan George W. machinist, 161 Union, h. 

4 Wayne [house 22 Liberty 

Jordan James E. waiter. Bay State House, 
Jordan John 8. woodworker, 15 Union, bds. 

98 Main 

JORDAN JOHN W. stoves, tinware and 
gas fixtures, 609 and 611 Main, house 98 
Woodland. — See page 612 
Jordan Joseph, brakeman B. & A. R. B. h. 

9 Grand st. ct. 
Jordan Mary Mrs. house 20 Jefferson 

WOMCJB8TJBBB DIMBCTOMT ABBOAJ>. The Worcester 2>lre0tory in hepi en fiie f^ 

conattltati^n 6y the pubiie in all the large eMes of the eomtlnr. 



JorduB P. Henry, wool Boiter, BniMeU,bd0. 

8 Chelsea 
Jordan 8amoel» currier^ 19 Wathlogton sq. 

h. SO Clarkson [8 Bloasom 

Jordan William A. machinist, 19 Charch, h. 
Jordan WlUlam 8. agent, Worcester Steam 

and Gas Pipe Woite, 198 Front, house 

810 Park aTe. [16 Thomas 

J orneiao D Christian, armorer, 44 Central* b. 
Joseph John, tailor, house 77 Madison 
Joaley Kose B. widow of Joseph G. boards 

686 Main [at Aobnm 

Joalin Heiekiah C. machinist, 77 Foster, h. 

JmSHUH LCTI 9. k GO. (H. J. KmdMh 
woolen rags, 8 Bigelow ct. b. at N. P. 

Gates', Pleasant, Tatnnck.-*jS!MiNi^< 668 
Joalyn Ansel W. (L. P. Forlmah A Co.), 181 

Union, h. Grand c. Cristy 
Joalyn Bei^Jamln F« inventor, h. 89 Clifton 
Joalyn Bei^amln F. Jr. derk, 818 Main, bds. 

88 Clifton 
Joalyn Bertha* heelmaker, boards 198 Front 
Joalyn Milton H. model maker, 88 Webster, 

bds. 89 ailton 
Joslyn Sumner R. foreman, h. 1 Agricultural 
Joalyn Warner H. carpenter, h. 886 Chandler 
Jonrdan Chas. E. clerk, 866 Main, house 20 


JOURBAll WM« H.. Green street coal 
yard, office, 866 Main, b. 778 do.— i90e 

flrant caver [772 do. 

Jonrdan William 8. derk, 866 Main, house 
Joy Anna M. milliner, 812 Main, boards 24 

Joyce Ann, widow of John, house 10 Briden 
Joyce Ann E. widow of Martin, h. 18 Cross 
Joyce Bridget, widow of James, house 8 

Fallon's sq. [Ward 

Joyce Catharine, widow of Peter, house 17 
Joyce Christopher, laborer, 171 Union, h. 

4 Slgonmey 
Joyce Edward, laborer, h. r. 116 E. Central 
Joyce Edward W. armorer, 44 Central, bds. 

r. 116 E. Central 
Joyce Frank, laborer, house 9 Hlbemla 
Joyce James, laborer, 48 Grafton, boards 8 

Fallon's sq. 
Joyce James, died Dec 6, 1888, age 70 
Joyce James, boot treer, house 89 Vernon 
Joyce James H. soda and mineral water 

manuf. 86 Southbrldge, house 95 Park 
Joyce John, carpenter, house 18 Eodlcott 
Joyce John, laborer, boards 97 Water 
Joyce John, hostler, house 16 So. Irving 
Joyce John, laborer, house 20 Heory 
Joyce John, machinist, 84 Prescott, boards 

106 Southbrldge 
Joyce John F. died Jan. 18, 1888, age 88 
Joyce John F. packer, 866 Main, house 18 

Joyce Kate, widow of James, h. 89 Barclay 
Joyce Maggie, cook, boards 16 Bridge 
Joyce Mary, teacher, boards 18 Eudicott 
Joyce Mary M. domestic, 9 Mechanic 
Joyce Michael, driver, house 199 Shrewsbury 
Joyce Patrick, laborer at tripe works, h. r. 

Greenwood n. do. 
Joyce Patrick, laborer, boards 8 Fallon's sq. 

Joyce Patrick, laborer, honse 17 Cross 
Joyce Richard F. carpenter, house 88 North 
Ashland [bridge 

Joyce Thomas, bootmaker, boards 61 8ouu« 
Joyce Thomss, laborer, h. 66 E. Worcester 
Joyce Thomas, laborer, b. 106 Southbridge 
Joyce Thomas W. polisher, 44 Gentral« bds. 

r. 1 16 E. Central 
Joyce Timothy, stralgbtener, 14 Blooming- 
dale, h. 4 Winter [17 Ward 
Joyce Walter J. machinist, 161 Union, bds. 
Joyce William J. moulder, 66 Jackson, bds. 
18 Cross [Ascension 
Joyce — — Mrs. firult canner, honse 8 
Juch Joseph, armorer, 48 Gardner, h. 484 
Southbrldge [boards do. 
Jodd Henry B. hostler, 608 Southbridge, 
Judge Andrew, machinist, 88 N. Foster, h. 
8 Pqnd [Temple 
Judge Catharine, widow of James, house 17 
Judge Domlnick, laborer, house 89 Ward 
Judge Eliza, boards 89 Ward [Newbury 
Judge Eugene, moulder, r. 86 Hermon, b. 49 
Judge James, laborer, b. r. Mlllbury n. B., 
B., Q. [Q. 
Judge John, laborer, h. r. Mlllbury a. B. R., 
Judge Maiy Mrs. boards 10 Brown 
Judge Mary, widow of Martin, h. r. Mlll- 
bury n. R. R., Q. 
Judge Mary E. boards 8 Pond [Pond 
Judge Michael, helper, 96 Thomas, boards 8 
Judge Michael, removed to St. Louis, Mo. 
Judge Patrick H. watchman, h. 88 Ellsworth 
Judge Patrick J. printer, 47 Main, b. 18 Dlz 
Judge Thomas, boot treer, 88 Austin, h. 10 
Brown [8 Pond 
Judge Thomas, laborer, 96 Thomas, boards 
Judge Thomas, laborer, boards 89 Ward 

JUNCTION FOUNDRY 00. 66 Jackson.— 
See page 667 
Junction shop, between Jackson and Her- 
mon n. railroad [Salem 
Juneau Cleophas, tailor, 484 Main, bds. 7 

Kablet Arnold, foreman, 66 Jackson, h. 

7 Allen [bds. 7 Allen 

Kabley Charles A. photographer, 845 Main, 
K%elber Frederick J. baker, 78 Lamartlne, 

boards do. 
Kahle Gottlieb, removed fjrom city 
Kalaher Helena M. teacher, Quinslgamond 

school, bds. 77 Austin 
Kalaher Thomas, driver, h. 5 Houlihan pi. 
Kalat Gustavus, botcher, Putnam lane, house 

rear Plantation corner B. & A. R. R. 
Kaleher Ellen, widow of Michael, h. 11 Hill 
Kaleher Michael, died Dec. 31, 1888 
Kaleher, see Kellher, Kelleher and Kelllher 
Kaller Eric J. wire worker, h. 184 Prescott 
Kalling August, machinist, house 49 Ward 
Kampe Edward R. bellows maker, boards 

267 ParkJivenue 
Kane Andrew, shoemaker, h. 41 Penn ave. 
Kane Ann, died Sept. 16, 1888, age 76 
Kane Bernard F. cutter, 108 Front, house 

855 Cambridge 
Kane Bridget, house 11 Lodl 
Kane Bridget, boards 164 Mechanic 





WOBOBSTER ' [TT] dUkeotobt. 

Kaue Catheiine Mrs. hone^e 28 Lodi 

Kane Charles, machinist, 1 Coes sq. boards 

Lovell near Coes square 
Kane Daniel, removed to S6. Framlngham 
Kane Ellen, widow of James, h. 54 Oxford 
Kane Frank J. laborer, 77 Foster, boards 42 

East Worcester [10 Union ave. 

Kane George B. machinist, 110 Green, house 
Kane James, brakeman, h. 2 Moran's court 
Kane John, laborer, house 24 Douglas 
Kane John', laborer, houe}e 17 Suffolk 
Kane John, wiredrawer, house r. 81 Slgel 
Kane John, laborer, 60 Bloom ingdale, bds. 

9 Lafayette 
Kane John, removed firom city 
Kane John, moulder, 100 May, house 101 do. 
Kane John, blacksmith, 1 Coes square, house 

Lovell near Coes square [Union ave. 
Kane Lawrence, grading and sodding, h. 44 
Kane Martin, engineer. City Works, Salem, 

bds. 85 Canterbury [avenue 

Kane Martin, moulder, 100 May, h. 874 Park 
Kaue Martin, laborer, 87 Gold, house 58 do. 
Kane Mary, heelmaker, 18 Mechanic, house 

46 Trumbull 
Kane Mary, cook, 9 Mechanic, b. 54 Oxford 
Kane Mary, widow of Timothy, b. 28 Lodi 
Kane Mary A. teacher, Providence street 

school, b. 9 Grace [E. Worcester 

Kane Michael, laborer, 77 Foster, house 42 
Kane Michael, roller, house 14 Norfolk 
Kane Michael F. clerk, boards 128 Summer 
Kane Michael H. clerk, Worcester Gas Light 

Co. 11 Foster, boards 44 Union avenue 
Kane Michael J. carpenter, 171 Union, bds. 

78 Canterbury [128 Summer 

Kane Michael J. clerk, 151 Central, boards 
Kane Morris, farmer. Main c. Ripley, house 

Illinois opposite Ripley [do. 

Kane Owen, fancy goods, 87 Lamartine, h. 
Kane Owen M. house 2 Kane's court 
Kane Patrick, boot bottomer, 7 Washington 

square, house 2 Wood square 
Kane Patrick, laborer, 68 Washington square, 

house 14 Groton place 
Kane Patrick, laborer, boards 11 Suffolk 
Kane Patrick, laborer, 87 Gk)ld, house 66 

Lamartine [Belknap 

Kane Patrick, machinist, 140 Union, boards 4 
Kane Patrick, doormaker, 171 Union, house 

96 Canterbury [96 Canterbury 

Kane Patrick F. carpenter, 171 Union, bds. 
Kane Robert, removed ftom city 
Kane Thomas, laborer, 87 Gold, h. 6 Gold 

street court [n. Orient 

Kane Thomas, driver, 82 Green, h. Thorne 
E^ne Thomas F. blacksmith, B., B. & G. 

R. R: repair shop, house 17 So. Irving 
Kane Timothy, moulder, 149 Washington, b. 

20 Winter 
Kane William F. laborer, bds. 18 Assonet 

Kane Mrs. widow, b. 892 Southbrldge 

Kane, see Caine [6 Coes 

Kanouse George H. varnisher, 22 Mill, house 
Kanouse Jacob, Japanner, h. 241 Chandler 
Kasparlan Harootuln, ftruit stand, Front near 

viaduct, b. Brown cor. Grace [Lodi 
Kauke Ernest, laborer, 57 Jackson, house 81 

Kavaliagh Daniel, monlder, 77 Foster, hoane 

14 Brackett court 
Kavanagh James, machinist, b. 46 Arllngfeon 
Kavanagh John S. wireworker, 86 Union, b. 

89i Canterbury [46 Arliogton 

Kavanagh Mary, widow of Michael, house 
Kavanagh Mary E. teacher, Lamartine street 

school, boards 46 Arlington 
Kavanagh, see Cavanangh and Cavanou^ 
Kavanaugh Dennis, wireworker, 85 Union, 

boards 6 Armory ct. [6 Armory d. 

Kavanaugh Geo. picker, Pakachoag^ Mill, h. 
Kavanaugh Geo. J. weaver, b. 6 Armory et. 
Kavanaugh Peter, wireworker, boards 6 

Armory court 
Keables Harris N. removed firom city 
Kean Appleton, machinist, 14 Union, house 

at Holden 
Kean Charles, file grinder, b. 4 Fallon's sq. 
Kean Charles M. carpenter, boards 9 Bluff 
Kean Grace, widow of Wm. h. 4 Fallon's sq. 
Kean M&rla, widow of Michael, h. 9 Bloff 
Kean Mary A. married to James Early 
Kean Sarah E. Mrs. nurse, bds. 1 Leicester 
Kean William J. foreman, house 8 Blnff 
Keaney Bartholomew, blacksmith, W., N. & 

R. B. R. repair shop, house 95 E. Central 
Keaney Bartholomew, laborer, . boards rear 

Mlllbury near R. R. 
Keaney Henry, moulder, 188 Mechanic, bds. 

50 Green 
Keaney James, wireworker, hoase rear Hill- 
bury n. R. R. [B. B. 
Keaney John, laborer, h. r. Mlllbury near 
Keaney John, laborer, b. r. Mlllbury n. B. R- 
Keaney Michael, laborer, house r. Mlllbary 

n. R. R. [n. R. R., Q- 

Keaney Patrick, laborer, h. rear Millbniy 
Keaney Patrick, laborer, boards r. Mlllbury 

near R. R., Quinsig. 
Kearin Cornelius, butcher, Putnam lane, b. 

Hunt n. Shrewsbury 
Kearney Bridget, widow of Michael, bds. 1 

Woodward court 
Kearney Catherine, widow of John, boards 9 

Lafayette [Central 

Kearney James, helper, 161 Union, house G8 
Kearney James, laborer, h. 9 Lafayette 
Kearney John, laborer, 57 Jackson, house 68 

Kearney Michael, laborer, bds. 68 Central 
Kearney Michael, laborer, 82 Green, house 8 

Kearney Mortimer, coachman, 98 Lincoln, 

bds. do. [18 Ellsworth 

Kearney Thomas, machinist, 110 Green, h. 
Kearney, see Carney 
Kearns, see Kerns 
Keating Arthur E. attendant, Worcester 

Lunatic Hospital, Belmont, bds. do. 
Keating Daniel, laborer, 110 Green, house 2 

Brackett court 
Keating Edward J. machinist, boards 80 

Mechanic [b. 89 BeacoD 

Keating Edward P. collar maker, 28 Waldo, 
Keating Honora, widow of Thomas, boards 

244 Front 
Keating James, removed to MiUbnry 


coirsxrLT ran 




Keating^ James, wire drawer, hoase rear 196 
Soathbrldge [187 WashlDgton 

Keating^ John, bartender, 102 Portland, h. 
Keating John, laborer, house 62 Wall 
Keating^ John, laborer, 188 Mechanic, house 

57 Salem 
"Keating^ John, removed to Millbnry 
Keating Michael, boot bottomer, 68 High, 
b. 81 Temple [Bellevne 

Keating Michael J. packer, 60 King, bds. 44 
Keating Patrick, boards 57 Salem 
Keating Timothy, boot crimper, 60 King. h. 

44 Bellevne 
Keaty Patrick, wire drawer, h. 12 Milton 
Keavnejr John, laborer, b. 7 Redding ct. 
Kee Chin Chong, laundryman, 220i Main, 

boards do. 
Kee Hop, laundry, 4 Southbrldse, house do. 
Kee Qoong Chung, laundry, 220i Main, h. do. 
Kee Tun, laundryman, 179 Front, bds. do. 
Keef John, removed to Cambridge 
Keef John, hostler, 40 Foster, boards do. 
Keef Wm. E. clerk, b. rear Court House 
Keefe Chas. mason, boards 58 Front 
Keefe Cornelius, removed from city 
Keefe Daniel, laborer, boards Foley's ct. 
Keefe Dennis, moulder, house 1 1 Milton 
Keefe John, removed flrom city [1 Fox 

Keefe John T. melter, 149 Washington, h. 
Keefe Sarah Mrs. house 161 Summer 
Keefe Thomas, brakeman, b. 161 Summer 
Keefe, see O'Keefe 

Keegan Bridget Mrs. house 101 E. Central 
Keegan Edward, house 25 John 
Keegan George M. butcher, 84 Shrewsbury, 
b. 9 Fulton [Fulton 

Keegan Henry, clerk, 82 Shrewsbury, b. 27 
Keegan James, laborer, h. McCormick's ct. 
Keegan James, boot treer, h. 22 Assonet 
Keegan John, bootmaker, 11 Water, bds. 18 
Harrison [Qold st. ct. 

Keegan John, moulder, 87 Gold, house 11 
Keegan John, laborer, house 42 Gold 
Keegan Michael, laborer, b. 93 Mechanic 
Keegan Michael, stonecutter, h. 20 Briden 
Keegan Patrick, boot bottomer, 82 Austin, 

house 18 Harrison 
Keegan Peter, laborer, boards 9 Wall 
Keeler Edwin E. machinist, 199 Chandler, 

boards 210 do. 
Keeler James, laborer, bds. 861 MiUbury 
Keeler Joseph A. draughtsman, 95 Thomas, 

house 9 Lancaster 
Keeler Truman P. machinist, h. 686 Main 
Keelty James H. moulder, 149 Washington, 

house 19 Bradley 
Keenan Catherine, widow of Thomas, h. 64 
Green [209 Main 

Keenan Hugh, marble cutter, 181 Central, b. 
Keenan James A. laborer, h. 14 Grosvenor 
Keenan James F. screwcutter, 75 Beacon, b. 

186 Sonthbridge 
Keenan James J. armorer, bds. 64 Green 
Keenan James P. Mrs. h. 186 Sonthbridge 
Keenan Jeremiah, Janitor Adriatic school, 

house 87 Canterbury 
Keenan John, wire drawer, boards Cham- 
berlain ct. 

Keenan Owen D. cutter, 70 Winter, bds. 64 

Keenan Patrick, laborer, h. Chamberlain ct. 
Keenan Peter, laborer, boards 82 Pond 
Keenan William, wire drawer, house 6 Pres- 

cott place 
Keeney Maria L. widow, b. 6 Hammond 
Keevan Edward T. laborer, 51 Green, house 

4 Blake 
Keevan William, laborer, h. 18 Adriatic ct. 
Kegwin Eunice, widow of Daniel A. bds. 68 

Kehler Sophia, widow of Gustavus, h. 7 Ash 
Keighley Jeremiah, machinist, houle 82 

Canterbury [Canterbury 

Keighley John, laborer, 62 Jackson, bds. 82 
Keith Albert S. (Keith db Hannaford), 205 

Pleasant, boards 21 Townsend 
Keith Andrew J. cutter, h. 16 Cambridge 
Keith BenJ. F. carpenter, h. 7 Freeland 
Keith Charles F. clerk, 20 Salisbury, bds. 58 

Keith Clayton I. laborer, 60 Bloomingdale, 

bds. 165 Foster [Cambridge, h. do. 

Keith Ella C. Mrs. painting teacher, 16 
Keith Henry B. salesman, 817 Main, h. 12 

Keith John, driver, 88 School, boards do. 
Keith Joseph C. boards 1 Blossom 
Keith Lillian, stitcher, b. 1 Austin st. place 
Keith Orlando L. S. painter, h. 19 Benefit 
Keith Robert S. machinist, 181 Central, bds. 

89 Salem [428 do. 

Keith Walter C. clerk, 442 Southbridge, b. 
Keith Walter J. student, bds. 1 Sunnyside 
Keith William E. weaver, Hunt's Mill, 

Leicester, h. Leicester n. Apricot 
Keith & Hannaford (A. 8. Keith and A. A. 

Hannafordjn grocers, 225 Pleasant 
Keleher Daniel, rcm'd to West Boylston 
Keliher Julia, widow of Maurice, h. r. 28 

Keliher Maurice, laborer, b. r. 28 Glen 
Keliher Thomas, wire drawer, h. 4 Hanover 
Keliher, see Kalaher and Kelliher [Summer 
Kellaber Thomas J. packer, 25 Union, h. 89 
Kelland Henry J. rem'd to New York [I. 
Kelleher Daniel F. rem'd to Woonsocket, R. 
Kelleher Michael, fireman, 161 Union, b. 4 

Belknap [h. 48 Ward 

Kelleher Timothy, moulder, 149 Washington, 
Kelleher, see Ejilaher and Kelliher 
Keller Theobald H. hairdresser, 418 Main, h. 

174 Washington 
Kelley Abner, house 14 Merrick [mont 

Kelley Anna M. clerk, 285 Main, b. 72 Pied- 
Kelley Anna T. teacher. East Worcester 

school, bds. 28 Orange 

KELLET ABATUS M. carpenter and con- 
tractor, 45 Pleasant, h. do. — See page 588 
Kelley Bernard, laborer, house 7 E. Worces- 
ter place 
Kelley Bridget Mrs. h. 94 Southgate 
Kelley Bridget, widow of Hugh, house 169 
Summer [Worcester 

Kelley Bridget, widow of John, h. 55 East 
Kelley Catharine, widow of Martin, b. 49 






Kelley Charles, mason, h. 6 Harrison [conrt 
Kelley Charles, coremaker, bds. 8 Brackett 
Kelley Charles A. mason, bds. 6 Harrison 
Kelley Charles £. wire drawer, bds. 9 Rich- 
land [Bowdoln 
Kelley Charles L. hostler, 5 Fmlt, honse 26 
Kelley Daniel J. clerk, B. & A. B. B. freight 

office, b. A Harrison 

Kelley Edward, slater, bds. ISS Front 

Kelley Edwin A. (Bemit db Oo,), 428 Main, 

h. 14 Merrick [Orange 

Kelley Elisha, spring beds, 609 Main, b. 28 

Kelley Frank, embroiderer, 88 Front, b. 192 

Chandler [Merrick 

KeUey Frank A. clerk, 17 Mechanic, bds. 14 

Kelley Frank Q. bottler, r. 29 Waldo, h. 267 

Main [House 

Kelley Frank H. phjrsician, bds. Bay State 

Kelley Frederic B. spring bed maker, 509 

Main, b. 28 Orange [Austin 

Kelley George H. clerk, 8 Allen ct. house 44 

Kelley James, laborer, h. 869 Cambridge 

Kelley James, laborer, 14 Bloomingdale, b« 9 

Kelley James, laborer, house 166 Summer 
Kelley James A. died Dec 20, 1682, age 81 
Kelley James E. machinist, 88 Hermon, h. 
52 Chandler [ave. 

Kelley James H. clerk, 242 Front, b. 12 Fenn 
Kelley James P. rem*d from city 
Kelley James S. currier, 60 Bloomingdale, 

h. 82 Pleasant 
Kelley Jane, widow of Edward, h. 22 Cross 
Kelley John, laborer, 180 Oold, h. 80 Lunelle 
Kelley John, plumber, 8 Green, b. 61 E.Wor- 
cester [217 Pleasant 
Kelley John, boot bottomer, 82 Austin, b. 
Kelley John, machinist, 110 Green, b. 169 

Kelley John, laborer, b. r. 11 Carbon 
Kelley John, rem'd to Boston 
Kelley John, laborer, B. ft A. R. R. freight 

house, h. 12 Penn ave. 
Kelley John, wire drawer, bds. 22 Cross 
Kelley John^ wireworker, b. 9 Richland 
Kelley John, plumber, 51 Main 
Kelley John, flagman, h. 100 Lafayette 
Kelley John, laborer, h. 18 Lunelle 
Kelley John, laborer, h. 12 Conlin ct. 
Kelley John F. painter, 6 Maple, h. 64 Ward 
Kelley John F. heel ganger, 68 High, bds. 1 
Worth [N. Ashland 

Kelley John F. wireworker, 179 Main, b. 29 
Kelley John G. gardener, h. 29 N. Ashland 
Kelley John J. driver, 84 Green, b. 166 Sum- 
Kelley John J. wireworker, h. 146 Prescott 
Kelley John P. driver, b. 29 North Ashland 
Kelley John P. clerk, bds. 6 Providence 
Kelley John T. gasfitter, h. 45 Chandler 
Kelley Joseph, student, b. 55 Lamartine 
Kelley Julia, domestic, 171 Front 
Kelley Lawrence, city teamster, house 11 
Grosvenor [Lodi 

Kelley Margaret, widow of John P. h. 28 
Kelley Maria, widow of Oran A. h. Lincoln 
n. City Farm [Water 

Kelley Maria A. widow of Patrick, bds. 58 

Kelley Maria C. widow of Nathan C. h. 13 

Kelley Martin, teamster, h. 17 Lalkyette 
Kelley Mary, widow of John, h. 6 Brackett 

Kelley Mary, widow of Thomas, li. 106 Ward 
Kelley Mary, widow of Thomas, b. 80 iBtna 
Kelley Mary B. widow of Patrick, hoiiae 9 

North Ashland 
Kelley Mary J. speeder tender, b. 49 CaMp 
Kelley Mary V* seamstress, bds. 9 Blefalaad 
Kelley Michael, removed to Boaton 
Kelley Michael, laborer, 68 Waeblafftoo sq. 

honse 6 Brackett conrt 
Kelley Michael, laborer, Brusaela, bonee 11 

CheeTer [aq. b. 92 Cross 

Kelley Michael F. moulder, 68 Waabingtoo 
Kelley Michael H« bartender, 169 Ffont^ k. 

212 Southbridge 
KeUey Michael H. laborer, 46 Offafton, h. U 

Burt [Mafai 

Kelley Morrison O. bootcntter, boords fil7 
Kelley Nathan E. machinist, boorda 72 

Piedmont [City Farm 

Kelley Oran A, fkrmer, house Llneoln near 
Kelley Patrick, removed from city 
Kelley Patrick, laborer, 67 Jackaon, boose 

16 Colton 
KeUey Patrick, hostler, honse 46 Sommer 
Kelley Patrick, laborer, bouse 1 Worth 
Kelley Patrick, laborer, 161 Union, boose 65 

Kelley Patrick, stonecutter, b. 20 Goddard 
Kelley Patrick, truckman, h. SH Anstin 
Kelley Patrick, wire drawer, b. 9 Blchland 
Kelley Patrick H. laborer, 92 Thomaa, bds. 

1 Worth 
Kelley Philip, honse 76 Miarket 
Kelley Robert, driver, house 72 Soutbbrklge 
Kelley Sarah, Widow of Jamea, boards 15 

Kelley Stephen, laborer, Sonthbridge comer 

Hammond, honse 68 Winter 
Kelley Sasan Mrs. house 9 Richland 
Kelley Thomas, boiler maker, 61 Greon, bds. 

Main J^<^^ Shelby 

Kelley Thomas, machinist, 96 Thomas, b. 2 
Kelley Thomas, laborer, bds. 166 Summer 
Kelley Thomas, moulder, 87 Gold, house 20 

Kelley Thomas, laborer, b. 406 Sonthbridge 
Kelley Thomas, teamster, 179 Union, h. 22 

Cross [rear do. 

Kelley Thomas, teamster, 26 Sallsbniy, h. 
KeUey Thomas F. laborer, 48 Grafton, bds. 

12 Bart [h. 29 N. Ashland 

Kelley Thoe. U. nickel plater, 42 Gardner, 
Kelley Thomas O. & Co. liquors, 8 Sooth- 
bridge, h. 6 Providence 
Kelley Walter, removed trom city 
Kelley Wm. moulder, honse 81 Sigel 
Kelley William, laborer, 77 Foster, house 

61 East Worcester 
Kelley William, moulder, 68 Washington 

square, house 62 East Worcester 
Kelley William F. salesman, b. 61i Austin 
Kelley Wm. J. machinist, 54 Jackson, bds. 

50 Oxford 






Kelley Winnelbrd, widow of Patrick, house 

61 B. Worcester 
Kelllber Thomas, drirer, 28 Manchester, h. 

6 HoQlihaD place 
Kellogg William 8. removed to Charlton 
Kelly Alice, widow of Thomas, h. 28 Ells- 
Kelly Aonle, domestic, 66 Front 
TTSLLY A. J« veterinary sargeon, Sloan's 
JjL stable, Leicester, h. 87 Lake. — Seepage 
M5 [Austin 

Kelly Chas. B. baker, 172 Front, boards 60 
Kelly Ck>nielias, laborer, b. 12 Lovell ct. 
Kelly I>elia Mrs. honse 192 Chandler 
Kelly I>enni8 A. professor. College Holy 

Cross, boards do. 

Kelly I>onald, monlder, 68 Washington sq. 

h. 62Gh>ld [Hemans 

Kelly Francis, wire drawer, house Daley n. 

Kelly Henry, loom fixer, 648 Southbridge, 

hoDse O'Rourke 
Kelly Hugh, mason, boards 4 Canal 
Kelly James, grocer, 196 Cambridge, h. do. 
Kelly James, boot bottomer, bds. 46 Winter 
KeUy James, fitrmer, Worcester Lnnatic 
Hospital, Belmont, b. Plantation n. do. 
Kelly James, laborer, 89 Washington sq. b. 
26 Penn ave. [10 Montague 

Kelly James H. machinist, 28 Webster, h. 
KeUy Jeremiah, laborer, 77 Foster, h. rear 

Foley's ct. 
Kelly John, polisher, 68 Central, h. 24 Cross 
KeUy John, laborer, bds. 82 Ellsworth 
Kelly John E. flagman, Plymouth st. cross- 
ing, house 100 Lafkyette 
Kelly John F. machinist. Water cor. Ledge, 
b. 48 Gold [26 Sigel 

Kelly John H. boot bottomer, 60 King, h. 
KeUy Kate, milliner, boards 147 Main 
Kelly Katie, domestic, 14 Cherry 
KeUy Maurice S. bootmaker, 11 Water, h. 

12 Lovell court 
KeUy Michael P. weaver, 648 Southbridge, 

bouse O'Rourke near Taft 
KeUy Peter, wool sorter, Pakachoag MU1, 

boards 12 Crompton 
KeUy Richard D. picker tender, Hunt's MiU, 

honse Ludlow cor. Leicester 
KeUy Thomas, currier, 2 Sargent, bds. 187 

Kelly Thomas, boiler maker, bds. 614 Main 
KeUy Thomas D. carpenter, h. 28 Kansas 
KeUy Timothy, laborer, house 100 Ward 
Kelsey Millard F. carpenter, Worcester 
Lunatic Hospital, house Belmont near 
Kelton Edward, removed from city 
Kelty EUen, boards 229 Cambridge 
Kelty Martin J. screwcutter, 76 Beacon, b. 
10 Sudbury [16 Harrison 

Kemmerer Peter, polisher, 81 Hermon, h. 
Kemp Charles E. boarding-house, 6 Chatham 
Kemp Frank A. clerk, 229 Main, boards 6 

Kemp George, machinist, 67 Jackson, b. 214 
Southbridge [Wachusett 

Kemp James, foreman, 70 School, honse 22 
Kemp Wm. E. boarding-house, 147 Main 

Kempf Andreas, painter, h. 23 Endlcott 
Kempf Joseph, waiter, 87 Mechanic, b. do. 
Kemptner Selig, gents' fbmishlng goods, 

167 Main, house 8 Sever 
Kempton Alfred, helper, 198 Front, boards 

182 do. [Myrtle 

Kempton Frank W. machinist, boards 27 
Kempton Hiram, wood worker, 81 Mulberry, 

bds. 196 Summer 
Kempton Lillian D.clerk, bds. 6 Congress 
Kempton Melbourne, removed to California 
Kempton Walter C. machinist, Lagrange e. 

R. R. boards 21 Lagrange 
Kenaway Peter, spinner« Mill, h. MUl near 

Chandler [Washington, h. 28 do. 

Kendall Albert Q. pictures and frames, 17 
Kendall Anna L. clerk, bds. 9 Orange 
Kendall Uela O. removed to Clinton 
Kendall Caleb, clerk, Salem sq. h. 9 Orange 
Kendall Charles H. bookkeeper, Qninslga- 

mond wireworks, house Stebbins 
Kendall Dana C. clerk, 406 Main, house 112 

Kendall Edward, honse 8 KendaU place 
Kendall Edwin M. machinist, house 89 

Highland [28 Washington 

Kendall Eugene W. salesman, 16 Front, h. 
Kendall Frank P. asst. sec'y Wore. Mutual 

Fire Insurance Co. 877 Main, bds. 90i 

Kendall George, spinner, bds. 68 Southgate 
KendaU George E. (Kendall A Longle^J, 462 

Main, house 20 Bowdoin [Vernon 

KendaU George E. clerk, 61 MUlbury, b. HI 
KendaU George H. clerk, 94 Grove, h. 20i 

Kendall Henry G. student, b. 26 Wachusett 
Kendall Henry J. fL. G, Joslin db Co.)y 2 

Bigelow ct. house 166 Chandler 
Kendall Herbert E. milkman, bds. Pleasant, 

Tatnuck [81 ainton 

Kendall Horace, auctioneer, 848 Main, house 

KENDALL JOHK, hats, caps and ftors, 816 
Main, h. 60 Chatham. — See back eoter 
Kendall John H. driver, 61 MiUbury, house 
111 y^mon [Chatham 

Kendall John N. clerk, 816 Main, boards 60 

KElfDALL KILBURN G. propr. Franklin 
House, 614 Main, h. do. — Seepage 644 
Kendall Louis J. milkman, house Pleasant, 
Tatnuck [Main 

Kendall Maria, widow of Smith, boards 29 
KendaU Mary C. b. 29 Laurel fill Vernon 
KendaU Mary J. Mrs. fish, 61 MiUbury, h. 

KENDALL OLIVER S. is CO. stoves, fur- 
naces, etc. 468 Main, house 16 Fruit.— 
See page 601 
Kendall Robert N. rem'd to Ayer Junction 
Kendall Sanford C. clerk, h. 68 Hanover 
Kendall Sanford M. house 86 Chatham 
Kendall Sylvanus, painter, 247 Main, honse 
81 CarroU [Vernon 

Kendall Wm. painter, 18 Norwich, bds. Ill 
Kendall Wm. R. boarding-house, 22^ Pleas- 
and E, E. Longleyjj insurance agency, 
462 Main. See page 487 







Kendrick Edward H. bookkeeper, WiDter c. 

Water, boards 19 Trumball 
Kendrick George A. (Q. P, Kendrick A Co.), 

12 Tnimball, boose 26 do. 
Kendrick George P. & Co. (O. A. Kendrick), 

stable, 12 Trumbull, house 19 do. 
Kendrick John A. farmer, house Brooks n. 

W., Iv. & R. A. R. 
Kendrick Maria, talloress, h. 28 Washington 
Kenerson Edward W. peddler, boards 161 

Chandler [6 Westminster 

Kenerson Virgil D. foreman, 94 Grove, h. 
Kenison Charles F. carpenter, 10 E. Wor- 
cester, h« 80 Lincoln [13 Oread pi. 
Kennan Elizabeth W. widow of Isaac, bds. 
Kennan Stillman H. woodworker, house 1 

Piedmont ct. [1 Piedmont ct. 

Kennan Willis S. machinist, 86 Foster, bds. 
Kennard Clarlnda, hairdresser, 392 Main, h. 

28 Bowdoin 
Kennard James, rem'd to Westerly, R. I. 
Kennard W. Brewer, hairworker, 892 Main, 

b. 28 Bowdoin [do. 

Kennary John, weaver, 17 Southgate, b. 112 
Kennary Mary, widow of Michael, h. 112 

Southgate [Prescott 

Kenneally John, glazier, 181 Union, bds. 146 
Kennealy Daniel, laborer, h. 21 Blossom 
Kennedy Bernard, laborer, bds. 100 Ward 
Kennedy Catharine, widow of David, h. 21 

Barclay [8 Washburn 

Kennedy Catharine, widow of Patrick, h. r. 
Kennedy Cornelius S. grocer, 19 Hill, h. do. 
Kennedy Daniel, boot turner, 108 Front, h. 

6 Assonet [Barclay 

Kennedy David, laborer, 66 Jackson, bds. 21 
Kennedy Edmund, laborer, h. 19 So. Irving 
Kennedy George R. agent Worcester Silk 

Co. 91 Foster, house 26 Laurel [Temple 
Kennedy James, laborer, 36 Union, boards 3 
Kennedy James, laborer, boards 79 Main 
Kennedy Johanna, widow of John, bds. 66 

E. Worcester [house, h. Brackett ct. 
Kennedy John, laborer, B. & A. R. R. freight 
Kennedy John, printer, 8 Maple, h. 10 Cherry 
Kennedy John, Jr. plumber, 16 Pearl, boards 

Shrewsbury c. Brackett ct. 
Kennedy John £. wireworker, 179 Main, b. 

6 William [Waldo House 

Kennedy Joseph, saloon, 31 Mechanic, bds. 
Kennedy Luke, laborer, house 6 Brown 
Kennedy Margaret, grocer, 68 Temple, h. do. 
Kennedy Martha 0. Mrs. boards 10 Walnut 
Kennedy Mary, widow of Patrick, boards 6 

Brown [Summer, bds. do. 

Kennedy Mary A. at Asylum Chronic Insane, 
Kennedy Matthew, boot crimper, house 86 

Kennedy Maurice, mason, house 71 Millbury 
Kennedy Maynard A. at Asylum Chronic In- 
sane, Summer, boards do. 
Kennedy Michael, rem*d to S. Carolina 
Kennedy Michael, laborer, 60 Bloomingdale, 

bds. Leicester, V. F. 
Kennedy Michael, rem'd Arom city [tine 

Kennedy Michael, mason, house 62 Lamar- 
Kennedy Michael, gigger, Ashworth & Jones' 

Mill, h. at Cherry Valley 

Kennedy Michael G. laborer, h. 3 HudsoD 

street ct. [Ill Main 

Kennedy Michael P. bartender, 3 Centnl, b. 
Kennedy Patrick, laborer, h. 861 MUlboiy 
Kennedy Patrick, shoemaker, 146 Grafton, 

boards 24 Spruce [tngton, b. 35 Suffolk 
Kennedy Patrick H. coremaker, 149 Wash- 
Kennedy Patrick J. boot aider, 103 Front, b. 

6 Assonet 
Kennedy Richard, clerk, boards 61 MiUboiy 
Kennedy Rose, widow of Michael, h. Leices- 
ter, V. F. 
Kennedy Thomas, laborer, h. 60 LAmaititte 
Kennedy Thomas, mason, house 6 S. Irving 
Kennedy Thomas, laborer, B. & A. B. B. 

freight house, house 66 E. Worcester 
Kennedy Thomas, wire hanger, boards 21 

Kennedy Thomas, laborer, Ashworth 4 

Jones' Mill, boards Leicester, V. F. 
Kennedy Thomas F. bootcutter, house 6 

Assonet [18 Ash 

Kennedy Timothy, coachman, 9 Chestnut, b. 
Kennedy Timothy, driver, 26 Spring, boards 

Brackett court 
Kennedy Walter S. vocalist, 1 Elm, h. do. 
Kennedy William, moulder, b. 21 Barclay 
Kennedy William, laborer, h. 8 Boland ct. 
Kennedy William, Jr. laborer, b. 8 Boland ct 
Kennedy William, laborer, h. 8 Kane's ct. 
Kennell John, screwcutter, b. 91 Portland 
Kennelly Dennis, wireworker, boards 14€ 

Prescott [r. 70 E. Central 

Kennelly Patrick, bootmaker, 11 Water, h. 
Kennelly Patrick F. removed to Boston 
Kennelly Timothy, wireworker, boards 146 

Prescott [146 Prescott 

Kennelly Timothy, 2d. wireworker, boards 
Kennen Charles F. driver, Hose No. Si 

Grafton c. Providence, boards do. 
Kennen Clarence A. hostler, r. 174 Main, b. 

98 do. [98 Main, h. do. 

Kennen El^ah L. propr. Exchange Hotel, 
Kennen Ella A. copyist. South Court House, 

boards 98 Main 
Kenney Charles A. teamster, 86 Lafayette, 

house 16 Lodi [Minn. 

Kenney Edward S. removed to Minneapolis, 
Kenney Emmons S. car builder, 21 Grafton, 

h. 61 Austin [h. 28 dintOD 

Kenney Frank clerk, M. Winter cor. Water, 
Kenney Hugh, mason, house 12 Lodi 
Kenney Ida A. E. teacher. Sycamore street 

school, boards 61 Austin 
Kenney James, laborer, house 64 Canterbury 
Kenney Jefferson D. hairdresser, 689 Main* 

boards 690 do. 
Kenney John, moulder, 61 Green, h. 6 Scott 
Kenney John, carpenter, house 26 Ward 
Kenney John, punter, 41 Waldo, house? 

Ingalls [school, b. r. 8 Foyls 

Kenney Kate E. teacher, South Worcester 
Kenney Michael, laborer, h. 199 MUlbury 
Kenney Michael, laborer, house r. 8 Foyle 
Kenney Michael, mason, house 26 Colton 
Kenney Michael, shoemaker, h. 88 Jackson 
Kenney Patrick, bottler, r. 29 Waldo, h. 146 






Kenney Peter, maaon, house IS Lodl 
Keaney Bachael, stitcher, house 8 Myrtle 
Kenney Thomas, grocer, 1 Blacks tone, h. do. 
Kenney, see Kinney 

Kennin^^n James E. cardmaker, 19 Wash- 
ington square, boards 10 BIgelow court 
Kennington John W. lineman, b. 67 Park 
Kennin^ton Mary, widow of Moses H. h. 

16 Vine 
Kennison Chas. W. rem'd to Middletown, Ct. 
KennisoD Randall A. salesman, 291 Main, b. 
2 Sever 

KENT CHABLE8 F. card clothing manuf. 
84 Southbridge, house 571 Main.— 

Seepage 686 
Kent Clarissa W; widow of Samuel W. h. 88 

Kent £zra, expressman, house 82 Laurel 
Kent Prentice J. house 4 Valley 
Kent Prescott G. cloth manuf. h. 1 Grown 
Kent Samuel W. died Dec. 12, 1888, age 76 
Kent Samuel W. estate of, machinists, 84 

SoDthbridge [boards 85 Chestnut 

Kent Thomas O. (Kent i Dewey), 811 Main, 
XTENT A BEWET (T, G. Kent and 0. T, 
A. Dewey J, lawyers, Central Exchange, 811 

Main. — Seepage 600 
Kenworthy Oeorge J. CKenvoorthy A Chad- 

vfiekj, 11 Mill, boards 19 Lake [Eng. 
Kenworthy James W. rem*d to Rochdale, 
Kenworthy John, student, boards 19 Lake 
Kenworthy Mina A. clerk, 284 Pleasant, 

boards do. [Co. h. 19 Lake 

Kenworthy Wm. engineer, Hopeville Manuf. 

. vfoHhy and J. P, Chadwick), coal and 
wood, 11 Mill. — See page 640 
Kenyon George H. carpenter, h. 69 Summer 
Kenyon Nelson J. collector, 16 Mechanic, b. 
41 Pleasant [Front 

Keohan Daniel, machinist, 86 Foster, b. 172 
Keough Thomas W. wire inspector, h. 165 
Millbury [h. do. 

Kerber Catharine, saloon, 7 Bartlett place, 
Kerber John L. saloon, Belmont near lake, 
house do. [Cross 

Kerby Austin, pegger, Hamilton, boards 19 
Kerian Anthony S. driver, Walker ct. b. do. 
Kerin James, laborer, house 4 Houlihan pi. 
Kerin Mary, waiter, 98 Main 
Kern Charles H. butcher, 20 Thomas, house 

rear 161 Summer 
Keman Thomas, coremaker, 149 Washing- 
ton, boards 222 Southbridge 
Kerns Dominick, laborer at tripeworks, rear 

Greenwood, Q. boards near do. 
Kerns Edward, machinist, 178 Union, house 
188 Bloomingdale [wood, Q. b. n. do. 
Kerns John, laborer at tripeworks, r. Green- 
Kerns Joseph J. boxcutter, bds. 188 Bloom- 
ingdale [dale 
Kerns Mary E. boxmaker, b. 188 Blooming- 
Kerns Patrick, laborer, boards 46 Winter 
Kerns Thomas F. blacksmith, 67 Jackson, b. 

68 Summer 
Kerr Catharine, widow of John, house 8 
Qoddard [Crystal 

Kerr Dayid S. machinist, 77 Foster, h. 20 

Kerr James, dyer, 110 Grove, h. 2 Milton 
Kerr Joseph, driver, h. rear 4 Lamartine 
Kerr William £. bookkeeper, 10 Trumbull, 

boards 29 Clinton 
Kerrigan Andrew, wire drawer, b. 9 Suffolk 
Kerrigan David, moulder, 52 Jackson, h. 94 

Kerrivan Mary, widow, house 42 Assonet 
Kerrivan Michael, laborer, bds. 42 Assonet 
Kerrivan Patrick, laborer, bds. 42 Assonet 
Kerrivan Thomas, laborer, bds. 182 Wash- 
ington [Millbury 
Kershaw Benjamin, laborer, 110 Green, h. 46 
Kershaw John, carpenter, h. 416 Millbury 
Kervick Daniel, laborer, 179 Union, bds. 106 

Kervick John, driver, boards 188 Pleasant 
Kervick Mary, widow of Patrick, house 188 

Kervin James, laborer, boards 14 Assonet 
Kervin James, laborer, boards 60 Belmont 
Kervin John, laborer, boards 15 Foundry 
Kerwick John H. saloon, 110 Southbridge, 

h. r. 26 Jefferson [52 Beacon 

Kerwin Edward, laborer, 67 Jackson, house 
Kerwin Edward W. clerk, 602 Main, boards 

4 Barton place 
Kerwin John, finisher, 75 Beacon, b. 62 do. 
Kerwin John, laborer* b. 106 Southbridge 
Kerwin Margaret, widow, house 168 Salem 
Kerwin Michael, laborer, h. 81 Canterbury 
Kerwin Michael, laborer, bds. 86 Grafton 
Kerwin Thomas, clerk, 602 Main, boards 52 

Kessell Eliza, widow of John, h. 664 Main 
Kessell Joseph T. salesman, 484 Main, bds. 

664 do. [near Garden 

Kester Geo. A. wire packer, house Margin 
Kettell Hannah P. boards 18 William 
Kettell Harriet A. widow of James S. house 

28 Fountain [h. 28 Oread pi. 

Kettell James F. speed indicators, 5 Maple, 
Kettell Thomas J. whitewasher, h. 2 Tufts 
Kettner Charles, laborer, house 9 Gold 
Keuran Frank, machinist, 110 Green, boards 

84 Chandler [528 Main 

Kevan John T. laborer, 171 Union, boards 
Kevlan James, machinist, bds. 10 Sudbury 
Kewley William H. blacksmith, 95 Thomas, 

house 12 Bridge 

KEYES CHARLES A. florist, 49 Highland, 
house 64 North Ashland. — Seepage 509 
Keyes Charles A. finisher, 164 Front, house 

8 Fruit 
Keyes Charles E. machinist, b. 18 Abbott 
Keyes David B. finisher, 91 Foster 
Keyes David D. 120 Central, h. 88 Harvard 
Keyes David H. clerk, boards 27 Fulton 
Keyes Fred A. clerk, 94 Grove, boards 28 

Charlotte [7 John 

Keyes Fred. E. gardener, 64 No. Ashland, b. 
Keyes Geo. C. wire packer, house 9 Denny 
Keyes George N. 86 Central, house Brattle 

near Holden [88 Harvard 

Keyes Henry L. bookkeeper, 120 Central, b. 
Keyes Herbert W. rem'd to Portland, Me. 
Keyes Irving K. finisher, 82 Austin, house 

111 Chandler 






Keyes Israel N. k Co. planing mill, 120 C«ih 

tral, h. 88 Hanrard 
Keyes John, bootmaker, 18 Mechanic, house 

19 Blossom 
Keyes John A. tinsmith, house 18 Bismark 
Keyes John F. boot finisher, 82 Austin, bds. 

Ill Chandler [Qoulding 

Keyes John L. foreman, 86 Central, house 12 
Keyes Mary R. ^idow of Leonard W. boards 

111 Chandler [88 Harvard 

Keyes Sibley H. machinist, 64 Jackson, bds. 
Keyes Thomas, heater, house 27 Fulton 
Keyes Warren C. wire tester, h. 148 Main 
Keyes Wm. J. cigar maker, 409 Main, boards 

27 Fulton 
Keyes, see Kyes 

Keyser Edward J. collector, b. 8 Penn ave. 
Keyser Maria H. boarding-house, 8 Fenn av. 
Kibbe Eugene H. machine operator, house 

24 Salem [school, b. 108 Washington 
Kickham Hannah M. teacher. Ledge street 
Kickham William, moulder, 68 Washiugton 

sq. house 108 Washington [Bismark 
Kidd Elisabeth, widow of William, house 9 
Kidd Harry H. bookkeeper. Mechanics Nat. 

Bank, 811 Main, boards 9 Bismark 
Kidder Albert M. shoemaker, b. 87 Thomas 
Kidder Alvah H. pattern maker, 28 Hermon, 

bds. 229 Chandler [Pleasant 

Kidder Betsy M. widow of Daniel, bds. 249 
Kidder Dora J. clerk, Worcester Lunatic 

Hospital, Belmont, boards do. 
Kidder Forest, boards 84 Portland 
Kidder Fred. C. fruit, 41 Thomas, h. 87 do. 
Kidder Horace C. carpenter, bds. 60 Austin 
Kidder John, flsh, 26 Lincoln square, house 

191 Lincoln 
Kidder Martin, packer, house 60 Orchard 
Kidder Melvin W. stair builder, house 11 

Kidder Moses, house 267 Park avenue 
Kidder Pliny E. packer, 17 Mechanic, boards 

28 Wachusett [h. 1 Branch ct. 
Kidder Richard B. shoe finisher, Hamilton, 

KIDDER RICHARD £• modefand pattern 
maker, 28 Hermon, house 120 Front. — 

See page 660 
Kidney Wm. removed to New York city 
Kiellberg John J. woodworker, b. 11 Hancock 
Kiernan Daniel, house 87 Winter 
Kierse Thomas, laborer, h. r. 68 Franklin 
Kies Adfer A. musician, bds. 208 Main 
Kies David D. harness maker. Leicester cor. 

Mill, bds. 10 Coes [h. 10 Lovell ct. 

Kievenaar Henry A. cigar maker, 409 Main, 
Kihlman Andrew, wireworker, b. 65 Orchard 
Kilbom Wm. H. carpenter, h. Holden near 

Kilburn John M. Mrs. h. 26 Qrove [Green 
Kilcoine Bridget, widow of Patrick, h. 101 
Kilcoine John, mason, house 10 Brown 
Kilcoine Patrick, mason, house 42 Suffolk 
Kildea Catherine Mrs. house 14 Lunelle 
Kildea Martin, laborer, 82 Green, house 17 

Kileen Michael, wire drawer, bds. 79 Main 
Kiley Anastatla S. dressmaker, b. 81 North 


Kiley Dennis, laborer, bouse 284 Front 
Kiley Fannie, widow of Hlchael, house H 

South Irving 
Kiley Henry, moulder, bds. 12 Beserrolf 
Kiley James, mason, house 16 BlnlT 
Kiley James W. mason, house fiO OoM 
Kiley John M. clerk, 29 Spring, b. 81 North 

Ashland [12 Reservoir 

Kiley Margaret A. widow of Mk^ad P. h. 
Kiley Mary C. widow of Martin, h. 81 Nofth 

Kiley Mary G. clerk, bds. 12 Beserrotr 
Kiley Michael, laboreri h. 8 Lovell coori 
Kiley Nora, widow of John, house 61 Gold 
Kiley Patrick, laborer, bdsi 61 Qold 
Kiley Patrick, laborer, bds. 8 Lovell isoaft 
Kilgour James C. removed to Sprln^eld 
Killelea Dominick, boiler maker, boards IM 

Killelea Michael, laborer, Lafkyette conier 

Quinsigamond avenue, h. 66 LaiDAritBft 
Killelea Thomas, policeman. Station 8, La- 
martine, house 104 do. 
Killen Daniel, removed fh>m city 
KUligrew Edward L. polisher, 11 (^ypftm^ 

boards r. 16 Washington sq. 
Kilrain James J. picker maker, b. 44 Oreen 
Kilroy John, moolder, 149 Washlnitton. h. 

20 Winter [88 Fruit 

Kilton Rebecca B. widow of George W. b. 
Kimball Alonzo S. professor. Wore Free 

Institute, house 28 Boynton 
Kimball A. Harvey, fkrmer, boards Mill- 
brook n. Bumcoat 
Kimball Chas. F. shoemaker, 66 Higli, h. 

Litchfield n. Canterbury [h. 6 Merrick 
Kimball Charles H. machinist, 81 Mechanic, 
Kimball Daniel, fartt^er at Heaekiah Adams', 

boards do. [h. 86 Hollywood 

Kimball Edward F. woodworker, 6 Sargent, 
Kimball Ellen Mrs. boards 88 Orange 
Kimball Francis £. bookkeeper, 16 Union, 

h. 8 John 
Kimball Frederic, teller, People's Savings 

Bank, 462 Main, house 86 Cedar 
Kimball Geo. A. books, 28 Pearl, h. 78 Elm 
Kimball Geo. W. brakeman, B. ft A. R. B*, 

house Plantation n. B. & A. R. R. 
Kimball Henry W. boot treer, bds. 62 Mill 
Kimball Herbert A. salesman, 868 Main, h. 

7 Dix 
Kimball John H. car builder, W., N. & B. 

R. R. repair shop, house at Millbury 
Kimball Maria L. Mrs. widow of Elbrfdge, 

h. 604 Main [at Ozfbid 

Kimball Marvin D. heelmaker, 108 Front, h. 
Kimball Rosannah, widow of Albert, bds. 88 

Kimball Samuel H. mason, 81 May, h. do. 
Kimmell Chas. F. machinist, 20 Salisbuiy, 

boards 86 Kendall 
Kimmell Ernst, removed to Hungary 
Klncaid Clara, bookkeeper, bds. 17 Benefit 
Kincaid Frederick, conductor, 16 Market, 

boards 80 Summer [n. Piedmont 

Kindred Amos, carpenter, h. Jacques ave. 
Kindred Amos W. removed to Tombstone, 







KiMired C. W. machlnlat, h. 98 Piedmont 
Kindred Heniy, machinist, Janction shop, b. 

96 Austin 
Kindred James E. machinist, Lagrange opp, 

JoncUon depot, boards 96 Austin 
Kindred Newton I. machinist, Junction shop, 

boards 60 Myrtle 
Kindred Fhoebe, widow of John, h. 96 Austin 
Kin^ AlHred. hairdresser, 8 Bridge, b. 16 do. 
Kin^ Anthony, Japanner, 22 Mill, house 52 
Canterbury [Piedmont ct. 

King: Arthur C. clerk, 84 Front, boards 1 
Kin£^ Caroline A. married to Chas. F. Hunt 
King Catharine, widow of Peter, boards 6 

Armory court 
Kin^^ Charles A. carpenter, house 16 Wayne 
King Charles A. salesman, 26 Shrewsbury, 
hoQse 51 Belmont [98 Main 

King Charles A. conductor, 15* Market, bds. 
King Charles F. clerk, 100 Front, boards I 
Plcsdmont ct. [ Wyman 

King Doris P. widow of Ellas P. house 18 
King Edward P. bookkeeper, Brussels, h. 

18 Wyman 
King KUen Mrs. house 15 Sudbury 
King Frances R. Mrs. dressmaker, 6 Elm 
King Francis L. lawyer, h. Beacon c. Ripley 
King Francis W. removed to Paxton 

KIHG FRANK J. boarding and livery sta- 
ble, r. Piedmont Church, boards 5 Pled* 
mont. — See page 569 
King Frederick A. farmer at H. R. King's, 

Pleasant, Tatnnck, boards do. 
KIngGeo. B. carpenter, house 6 Abbott 

Kura HKNRT W. lawyer, 452 Main, bds. 
at North Brooktield.~/S^e« page 501 
King Homer R. farmer, h. Pleasant, Tatnuck 
King Hugh, machinist, 44 Central, house 28 
Barclay [180 do. 

King Hugh, beltmaker, 148 Front, boards 
King James, carpenter, l>oards 14 Assonet 
King James H. piano repairer, 454 Main, h. 

82 John 
King James M. gardener, h. 829 Cambridge 
King Jam^ M. moulder, 149 Washington, 

boards 18 Orange 
King Jessie, student, b. 1 Mason [86 Winter 
King John, bootmaker, 11 Water, house rear 
King John, laborer, house 145 Central 
King John, slater, house 87 Hanover 
King John 8. clerk, h. 48 Lake [Suunyside 
King Joseph, currier, 82 Hermon, boards 8 
King Joseph, bootmaker, 108 Front, boards 
18 Yine [Houchln ave. 

King Joseph, shoemaker, 68 High, house 8 
King J. Edward, hairdresser, 177 Main, b. 
45 Winter [Cambridge 

King Katie E. music teacher, boards 229 
King Lawson H. rem*d to Matteawan, N. Y. 
King Lizzie D. Mrs. eating-house, 49 Wash- 
ington sq. h. do. 
Khig Lucy, clerk, boards 4 Davis court 
King Lucy R. widow of Daniel, house 17 
Madison [school, b. 17 Madison 

King L. Elizabeth, teacher, Mlllbury st. 
King Mary, saloon, 79 Canterbury, h. 77 do. 
King Mary £. D. teacher. Ledge st. school, 
boards 58 Water 

King Michael J. carpenter, boards 60 Anstln 
King Nelson, boot bottomer, 9 Barton place, 

house 6 Wood sq. [Congress 

King Persis H. widow of William H. h. 6 
King Peter, carpenter, house 80 Harrison 
King Peter, teamster, house 7 Houchln ave. 
King Peter, Jr. hackman, r. 155 Main, house 

897 Main [1 Piedmont ct. 

King Ruftis C. paperhanger, 84 Front, house 
King Simeon E. clerk, 5 Front st. Exchange, 

h. at West MlUbury [h. 12 Beach 

King Thomas, clerk, 49 Washington square, 
King Thomas, moulder, house 58 Temple 
King Thf>mas C. moulder, b. 58 Temple 
King Thomas N. finisher, 60 King, house 48 

Kipg Wm. Junk, boards 94 Canterbury 
King William A. canvasser, 550 Main, bds. 

86 Chandler 
Klngdon Sarah A. domestic, 58 Southgate, 

bds. do. [Wachusett 

Kingsbury Edwin H. carpenter, house 88 
Kingsbury Elvira M. widow of Ellsha, h. 6 

No. Ashland 
Klngsley Sylvanus B. removed ttom city 
Kingston Charles H. carpenter, house 46 

Piedmont [Chandler 

Kingston George, carpenter, house 144 
Kingston John G. boards 182 Chandler 
Kingston John P. carpenter, h. 182 Chandler 
Klnlff Thomas, laborer, h. 25 Endicott 
KInne Kffle F. teacher, DIx street school, b. 

24 Oxford 

KINNET ALBERT B. F. broker, 12 Front, 
house 5 Westminster cor. Harrington 
ave. — Seepage 499 
Kinney BenJ. H. sculptor, bouse 81 Laurel 
Kinney Bei\). W. student, bds. 31 Laurel 
Kinney Daniel, laborer, bds. 10 Langdon 
Kinney Frank J. nursery, Clean n. Holden 

line, Tatnuck, house do. 
Kinney Geo. H. clerk, 7 Pleasant, boards 258 
Park ave. [bds. do. 

Kinney Herbert R. fiftrmer at F. J. Kinney's, 
Kinney John, fireman, h. Chamberlain ct. 
Kinney Lorenzo F. farmer at F. J. Kin- 
ney's, boards do. 
Kinney Timothy, laborer, house 188 Shrews- 
bury [258 Park ave. 
Kinney William P. machinist, 57 Jackson, b. 
Kinnlcutt Caroline B. widow of William, 

house 16 Bowdoin 
Kinnlcutt Francis H. (KinnicuU dk Co.), 420 

Main, house 5 Chestnut 
Kinnlcutt Harriet B. house 9 Linden 
Kinnlcutt Leonard P. instructor, Worcester 

Free Institute, bda. 5 Chestnut 
Kinnlcutt Lincoln N. clerk. 400 Main, house 
Cedar cor. Agricultural 

KINKICUTT ft CO. (F. H, KinnicuU and S. 
Woodward), hardware, paints, oils, etc. 
420 and 422 Main.— i9«6 page 600 
Kinnlery David, laborer, h. r. 17 Mlllbury 
KInnlery Edmund, truckman, house 67 Can- 
terbury [h. do. 
Kinnlery John J. saloon, 108 Canterbury, 
Kinnlery Patrick, boards 108 Canterbury 
Klnnlley John, laborer, boards 169 Grove 






Kinnlth Thomas, laborer, h. 119 Mlllbary 
Elnosian Hargag H. bds. 58 Beacon 
Kinsley Daniel, messenger of courts, house 

rear Court House 
Kinsman Annie, widow of John, boards 165 

Foster [Mechanic 

Kinyon Frank, upholsterer, 476 Main, b. 87 
Kirby Austin, shoemaker, house 19 Cross 
Kirby Charles R. rem*d to Yineland, N. J. 
Kirby Edward, teamster, house S North 
Kirby Fred £. reedmaker, 25 Hermon, bds. 

Parlin place 
Kirby George £. whip manuf. 520 Main, h. 

27 Beacon [180 Front 

Kirby James, machinist, 81 Mulberry, bds. 
Kirby Lawrence, marble worker, 181 Cen- 
tral, house 9 Mill 
Kirby Maria J. waiter, 98 Main 
Kirby Thomas, laborer, h. 27 No. Ashland 
Kirby Thomas, Junk dealer, h. 19 Lyon 
Kirby William, driver, bds. 159 Main 
Klrkland Wm. laborer at J. S. Ballard's, b. 

Ballard near Vernon 
Kirkpatrick Joseph W. die rlmmer, b. 7 Otis 
Kirwan John, laborer, bds. 60 Belmont 
Kitchin Elon 8. attendant, Worcester Luna- 
tic Hospital, Belmont, boards do. [45 
Klttredge Albert T. died March 6, 1888, age 
Kittredge Anstin L. lineman, 425 Main, bds. 

607 do. [b. 68 Portland 

Kittredge Charles H. casemaker, 19 Union, 
Kittredge Edward, laborer, h. 4 Nashua 
Kittredge Frank G. removed from city 
Kittredge John J. marble cutter, 58 Central, 

boards 9 Howard 
Kittredge Manson H. laborer, b. 277 Pleasant 
Kittredge Sarah M. widow of Albert, house 

68 Portland 
Kittredge William E. cutter, bds. 62 Anstin 
Kittredge Patrick F. dyer, 110 Grove, bds. 

54 do. 
Klvlan Charles, helper, 95 Thomas, b. 16 do. 
Klvlan James, machinist j 88 N. Foster, bds. 

58 Summer 
Kivlan John, carpenter, boards 58 Summer 
Kivlehan Anthony, mason, h. 8 Kane's ct. 
Kjellberg John, organ maker, 9 May, bds. 11 

Hancock [95 Madison 

Klatte Henry, confectioner, 6 Pleasant, bds. 
Klatte Joseph F. rem'd to Sing Sing, N. T. 
Klefbttck Carl M. tailor, 424 Main, house r. 

51 Kingsbury 
Klen Sven L. laborer, house 29 North 
Klindt Henry, organ tuner, 9 May, bouse 88 

Klindt Oswald, wireworker, h. 51 Kingsbury 
Kline John P. tailor, 14 Foster, b. 115 Main 
Klingele Andrew, brushmaker, 558 Main, h. 

4 Assonet [bds. 4 Assonet 

Klingele Herman F. draughtsman, 110 Green, 
Klinkert Wm. removed from city 

KNAPP CHABLES H. carpenter and con- 
tractor, 5 Baker, h. do. — See page 591 
Knapp Elvira W. widow of John M. house 7 
Diz [cultural grounds 

Knapp Fordyce M. jr. fhirmer, house Agrl- 
Knapp Geo. W. & Co. plumbers, 12 Foster, 
boards 689 Main 

Knapp Melvin 8. removed to Feeding EQBs 
Kneeland Andrew H. laborer at Darling's 

Mill, boards Leicester, V. F. 
Kneeland Asa L. (Toung d Kneeland J, 28 

Pearl, house 806 Park ave. 
Kneeland GrenflU W. clerk, h. 142 West 
Kneeland James C. finisher, bds. Leicester, 

Valley Falls 
Kneeland James H. laborer, h. 19 Brown 
Kneeland John A. carder, Ashworth & Jones' 

Mill, house Leicester, Valley Falls 
Kneeland Jonas G. foreman, 196 Union, h. 

26 Clifton 
Kneeland Patrick, laborer, house 71 Grove 
Kneeland Patrick E. file manuf. 88 Ceotral, 

h. Maywood n. Park av. 
Kneeland Sylvia G. widow of Leonard, bds. 

806 Park ave. 
Kneeland, see Neeland and Neylon 
Knibbs John W. (Johnson db Knihhs), 10 

Barton place, house 8 High st. ct. 
Knickerbocker John, toolmaker, 81 Hermon, 

house 46 Beacon 
Kniifen Martin, wireworker, h. 875 Mlllbury 
Knight Abel S. iceman, house 8 Lexington 

ct. [674 Main 

Knight Addison M. bookkeeper, 189 Front, b. 
Knight Adelbert L. trunkmaker, 494 Main, 

house 7 Chandler 
Knight Albert, former, h. Bumcoat 
Knight Albert B. brakeman, bds. 43 Grove 
Knight Alden B. farmer, house Bumcoat n. 

Clark [School 

Knight Alfred H. clerk, 129 Main, boards 6 
Knight Arthur F. farmer at W. S. Knight's, 

Fowler, bds. do. 
Knight Arthur O. bookkeeper, b. 7 Qain<7 
Knight Azro S. carpenter, h. 29 Wall 
Knight Benjamin W. watchman, 566 H^n, 

house 9 Mendon 

Libbey), lumber dealers, Madison cor. 

N. & W. R. R. house 1 Oxford place.— 

See page 582 
Knight Charles £. carpenter, house Oreen- 

dale [cor. Park ave. 

Knight Charles S. real estate, Agricnltoral 
Knight Charles S. Jr. clerk, b. Agricultural 

near Sunnyslde [house 10 Salem 

Knight Charles Y. polisher, 44 Central, 
Knight Charles W. farmer, bds. Bumcoat n. 

Mountain [William 

Knight Charles W. clerk, 94 Grove, bds. 62 
Knight Clarence W. died Oct. 18, 1888, age 20 
Knight Edgar A. clerk, 12 Front, house 58 

Mason [62 William 

Knight Edward L. clerk, 440 Main, boards 
Knight Edwin A. farmer, house Bumcoat n. 

Mountain [depot, h. 17 Harrison 

Knight Est us, ass't baggagem aster. Union 
Knight Ethel O. (Clark A Knight), 142 

Union, h. 70 Hanover [ h. 85 Salem 

Knight Franklin H. salesman, 18 Mechanic, 
Knight Fred, clerk, 877 Main, h. 114 Austin 
Knight Fred. E. rem*d to Putnam, Conn. 
Knight Geo. A. attendant, Worcester Luna- 
tic Hospital, Belmont, bds. Coburn ave. 

n. W. & S. R. R. 





Knight George £. fanner, bds. Buracoat n. 
Mountain . [Groye 

Knight Geo. E. wlreworker, h. Holden near 
Knight Geo. W. blacksmith, b. SS Prescott 
Knight Harriet Miss, teacher at Orphan's 

Home, 821 Main, boards do. 
Knight Henry A. (Mann d Knight), Groton, 

hoQse 18 Hanover 
Knight Henry 8. physician, 15 High, h. do. 
Knight Herbert B. milkman, house Burncoat 

n. MlUbrook 
Knight James, trackman, boards 5 Walnut 
Knight James H. photographer, house 74 
Sonthbridge [1 Coral 

Knight Janette, widow of Charles L. house 
Knight Joseph A. president Graton & Knight 

MTg Co. 187 Front, h. 810 Main 

Knight Julias F. clerk, P. & W. R. R. honse 

June near Chandler [198 Austin 

Knight Lota A. clerk, 212 Main, boards 

Knight Lyman, carpenter, r. 28 Austin, bds. 

15 Myrtle 
Knight Martha, bds. 5 Congress [7 Qulncy 
Knight Mary H. widow of Orvilla D. house 
Knight Nathaniel N. attendant, Worcester 

Lnnatic Hospital, Belmont, b. do. 

Knight Pbylinda C. widow of Wm. house 5 

Fnlton [Mountain 

Knight Prentiss, carpenter, h. Bdrncoat n. 

Knight Robert A. collector, 452 Main, b. at 

N. Brookfleld [sq. b. 18 Trumbull 

Knight Roth W. bookkeeper, 19 Washington 

Knight Thomas £. salesman, 827 Main, h. 7 

Go aiding [Mountain 

Knight Walter F. painter, boards Burncoat n. 

Knight Willard, machinist, 156 Union, bds. 

24 Waldo 
Knight William, machinist, B. & A. R. R. re- 
pair shop, house 18 Mulberry court 
Knight William A. physician, 54 Pleasant, 
honse do. [Knight's, Tatnuck 

Kn^ht Wm. H. carpenter, boards at W. 8. 

KNIGHT WU4LIAM S. real estate, 12 
, Front, house Fowler, Tatnuck.— ^ee pa jr« 

Knight Wm. W. finisher, 100 Prescott, bds. 

159 Main [Chandler 

Knight Wm. W. printer, 187 Front, h. 222 
Knittel Teresa A. widow of Joseph, bds. 88 

Knopf Jacob, tailor, 105 Main, b. 5.B do. 
Knowles Abbey L. Mrs. boards Stafford 
Koowles Alice C. teacher, boards 80 May 
Knowles Annie A. at Asylum Chronic In- 
sane, Summer, bds. do. [210 Pleasant 
Knowles Ellsha S. art rooms, 492 Main, h. 
Knowles Francis B. CL. J. Knowles dtBro,)^ 

57 Jackson, h. 842 Main [6 Benefit 

Knowles Frank P. machinist, 57 Jackson, b. 
Knowles Hanson L. boards 1048 Main 
Knowles James O. pastor Webster sq. M. E. 

Church, h. 1048 Main [Stafford 

Knowles Lewis L. filemaker, 10 Mill, boards 
Knowles Lucius J. (L. J. Knotoles & Bro. )^ 

67 Jackson, honse 888 Main 
FKOWLES L. J. & BRO. (F. B. Knowles), 
iV. fancy loom and power press builders, 

57 32icksoi\,^ See pages 618 and 619 

Knowles Mary A. widow of Geo. II. house 1 

Austin St. pi. 
Knowles Wm. sewer builder, h. 12 Portland 
Knowles Wm. H. removed to Springfield 
Knowlton Alralra, widow of Edward, boards 

Knowlton Charles, wood yard, r. 51 Main, h. 

8 Lexington 
Knowlton Daniel, student, bds. 9 Kllby 
Knowlton Daniel H. cutter, 152 South- 
bridge, h. 74 Portland [8 Blossom 
Knowlton Daniel W. grocer, 87 Pleasant, h. 
Knowlton Edward H. salesman, h. 25 Ken- 
dall [868i Main, b. 54 Salisbury 
Knowlton Frances A. painting teacher, 
Knowlton Frank A. watches, etc. 822 Main, 
h. 25 Sever 

KNOWLTON FRANK C. livery and board- 
ing stable, 5 Fruit, h. 110 Austin.— 5«e 

page 664 [h. 8 Clinton 

Knowlton John A. bookkeeper, 247 Main, 
Knowlton John S. C. Mrs. widow, h. 54 

Salisbury [ter, b. 170 Front 

Knowlton Joseph P. carpenter, 10 E.Worces- 
Knowlton Kate E. Mrs. ( Stevens (& Knowl- 
ton), 261 Main, h. 22 Portland 
Knowlton Lucy, widow of Levi, boards 1 

Knowlton Lucy E. music teacher, 868i Main, 

bds. 54 Salisbury [depot, h. 28 Charlton 
Knowlton Samuel, baggageman, Union 
Knowlton Swan, died Nov. 27, 1888, age 79 
Knowlton Wm. F. driver, r. 51 Main, bds. 

8 Lexington [Kllby 

Knowlton Wm. F. carpenter, 5 Sargent, h. 9 
Knowlton Willis E. clerk, Post-Office, bds. 

22 Portland 
Knox Cyrus H. conductor, h. 8 Henchman 
Knox Daniel R. peddler, house 2 Tufts 
Knox George 0. cutter. Brattle n. railroad 

station, h. 34 Benefit 
Knox Henry F. strawworker, b. 48 Norfolk 
Knox Henry W. laborer, h. 43 Norfolk 

KNOX JEROME B. tinsmith, 156 Main, and 
stove pipe thimble and ventilator manuf. 
82 Jackson, h. do. — See page 665 
Knox Joseph B. salesman, Worcester C6r- 

set Co. 566 Main, h. 12 Charlton 
Knox Louisa, widow of Luke, b. 26 Mason 
Knox Samuel A. pattern maker, 100 Pres- 
cott, h. 1 Otis [cott, b. 1 Otis 
Knox S. Harrison, woodworker, 100 Pres- 
Knox Walter D. fish, house 217 Chandler 
Knox-Russell William H. solicitor, h. Lee 
Knutsson Eric, wlreworker, b. 116 Lincoln 
Kobelt Warner, cook, Bay State House, h. 

225 Main 
Koenig Earnest, machinist, 110 Green 
Kohan Lawrence, boards 26 Ward 
Kohawn Denis, farmer, house 9 Fruit 
Kohen Jefl^ey, laborer, house 51 Gold 
Kohler William, machinist, 42 Gardner, h. r. 
7 Carbon [mans 

Kohlstrom A. Frederick, heater, h. 26 He- 
Korp John, laborer, h. 3 Thenlus [bridge 
Kovenskl Solomon, peddler, house 414 South- 
Kraft George, brakeman, N. & W. R. R. b. 
7 Salem 






Kraft John, teamster, 110 Green, h. 19 Ward 
Kraf ve Carl F. laborer, bds. 899 Mlllbary 
Eraf ve John, laborer, house 899 MlUbury 
Kran Charles, carpenter, 186 Union, b. 9 Blaff 
Kran William, foreman, 186 Union, h. 8 Bluff 
Krueger Wm. F. finisher, 15 Union, bds. 98 

Enfler Michael, laborer, Mt. Vernon near 

Clianning. b. do. 
KUhl Frederick, saloon, 207 Front, h. 205 do. 
KUhl Frederick, jr. dentist, 571 Main, b. 205 

Ktihl Henry, clerk, 207 Front, bds. 205 do. 
Kuehner Gustavus L. rem'd from city 
Kuhn Fritz W. cigar maker, 409 Main, h. 10 

Spruce [h. 62 Fountain 

Eupfer Hermann F. machinist, 161 Union, 
Eurlbanm Frledrich A. teacher, 12 Chapin 

block, bds. 7 Winthrop [b. 1 Lancaster 
Evestead H. Olaf , armorer, 44 Central, b. 18 

Eyes John F. (Kyes A Woodbury), 852 Main, 

KTBSft WOODBURT (J. F. Kyes and J. 
C. Woodbury), wood engravers, 852 
Main. — Seepage 514 

Labarqe Edward, shoemaker, h. 51 Norfolk 
LaBarge Edward, shoemaker, 82 Shrews- 
bury, bds. 98 do. [Lafayette 
Labarge George, painter, 110 Green, bds. 82 
LaBarge Theophile, bootmaker, 82 Shrews- 
bury, h. 98 do. [Lunelle 
Labb6e Louis, machinist, 110 Green, bds. 20 
Labb^e Thomas, machinist, h. 20 LaneUe 
Labelle Felix, baker, h. 21 Grand st. ct. 
Labelle Godfrey, compositor, 802 Main, h. 9 
Douglas [b. 9 Douglas 
Labelle Godfrey, jr. compositor, 802 Main, 
Labelle Louis, wire drawer, h. 7 Bennett ct. 
Labelle Mary A. widow of Vansar, boards 9 
Douglas [house, 7 Salem, h. do. 
Lablue Israel, painter, 9 May, and eating- 
LabontS Adolph, rem'd to Springfield 
Labont6 Godfrey, armorer, 65 Beacon, h. 86 
Salem [School, b. 80 Orchard 
Labossi6re Abraham, spindle maker, 72 
Labossi^re Edward, machinist, 81 Exchange, 
bds. 80 Orchard [Orchard 
Labossi^re Em61ie, widow of Peter, h. 80 
Labossi^re Vertume, blacksmith, 74 School, 
h. 24i Orchard [2 Glen 
Labre Felix, reedmaker, 25 Union, house 
Labre Louis, janitor Notre Dame Church, h. 
13 Portland [h. 8 Langdon 
Labreck Louis, blacksmith, 278 Southhridge, 
Lacaillade Alfred, polisher, 44 Central, b. 90 

Lacaillade Homer, carpenter, b. 175 Front 
Lacaillade Louis C. harness maker, 228 Main, 

h. 176 Front 
Lacaillade Louis O. carpenter, b. 175 Front 
Lacava John Baptiste, nut stand, 264 Front, 
h. 11 East Worcester pi. [ter pi. 

Lacava Nicholas, musician, b. 1 1 E. Worces- 
Lacey 'Barbara, widow of Thomas, house 87 
Temple [Temple 

Lacey Dennis, dyer, 110 Grove, boards 87 
Lacey John B. laborer, h. r. 15 Prescott pi. 

Lachance Thomas, feather manuf. 5ff4 ICaiii, 

house do. 
Lachapelle John, carpenter, h. 81 Spring 
Lachapelle Joseph, lastmaker, 19 Chardi, k. 

16 Norfolk [h. 76 lAnuuttne 

Lachapelle Joseph C. machiDlat, 57 Jackson, 
Lachapelle Mitchell, laatmaker, 19 Chureli, 

house 84 Norfolk [h. 66 Soathbrldge 
Lachapelle Moses, boot bottomer, 82 AustiA, 
Lachapelle Onesime, boot bottomer, 82 

Austin, bds. 85 Portland 
Lachapelle Phillaa, boot bottomer, 82 Anstiii, 

house 47 Chandler [b. 86 Porilaad 

Lachapelle Xavier, boot bottomer, 82 Austin, 
Lackey Edwin J. machinist, 19 Chnrcli. bds. 

8 Gold [Gold 

Lackey Emeline, widow of Joshua, faooBe 8 
Lackey Fred, painter, boards 16 Nevrbaiy 
Lackey Jerome E. shoefltter, 68 Hlffb, bds. 

8 Gold 
Lackey BufUs A. carpenter, h. 14 Shepard 
LaCroix Adolph D. machinist, 161 Union, h. 

2 Central court [ster, h. 80 Sprooe 

LaCroix Adolph D. Jr. machinist, 28 Web- 
LaCroix Joseph, printer, 892 Main, bds. SO 

LaCroix Nelson, laborer, h. 27 Langdon 
LaCrosse Cyprian, moulder, 92 Thomas, h. 

20 Liberty [Liberty 

LaCrosse Cyprian, Jr. machinist, house 18 
LaCrosse David, moulder, bds. 20 Liberty 
Lacy James, wire drawer, house Powers ct. 
Lacy John, wire worker, boards 79 Main 
Lacy Michael, teamster, hoase 24 Colton 
Lacy Patrick, driver, 215 Main, b. 24 Ooltoo 
Ladd Albert, foreman, 94 Grove, house 21 

Ladd Edwin, laborer, house 66 Suflblk 
Ladd George A. carpenter, h. 28 Washington 
Ladd George M. teamster, 149 Washington, 

h. 108 do. 
Ladd Henry C. clerk, 407 Main, b. at Auburn 
Ladd Nathaniel W. teamster, h. Vernon near 

MiUbury [Lincoln c. Green lane 

Ladd Rebecca G. widow of Randolph E. h. 
Ladd RoslUa H. widow of Vernon A. house 

11 Salem 
Ladd Willis E. moulder, h. 28 Green 
Ladebeauche Arsene, machinist, honse 118 

Ladebeauche Arthur, removed to MlUbury 
Ladouceur Alfred, machinist, 84 Southbridge, 

h. 6 Columbia court [92 Grafton 

Ladonx Louis, laborer, B. <& A. R. R. house 
Ladoux M. Louisa, widow of Ezra 8. house 

92 Grafton 
Ladoux William J. laborer, bds. 92 Grafton 
Laduc Alfred, carpenter, house 217 Pleasant 
Laduc Augustus, gardener, h. 67 Grove 
Laduc Houore, driver, house 19 Douglas 
Laduc Oliver, laborer, house 28 Camp 
Ladue Henry, canvasser, 550 Main 
Lafaille Edward, shoemaker, 89 Green, h. 

86 Richland 
Lafaille Matilda, dressmaker, b. 86 Richland 
Lafayette Henry I. clerk, 12 Lincoln square, 

bds. 25 Summer [65 School 

Laferriere Felix, Japanner, 81 Mulberry, h. 






lAferrier^ Peter, blacksmith, 81 Molberry, 

hoase 18 Central 
lAfford Joseph, laborer, h. rear 45 Summer 
I#allaine Loalse, domestic, 85 Pleasant 
Iiafleor Oleophas, carpenter, b. 78 Mechanic 
liafleur Mary L. widow of John B. hoose 8 
Grosvenor [Waldo, h. 18 Ellsworth 
liafiin Anthony, carriage painter, rear 82 
I«aflln James K. died Sept. 8, 1888, age 85 
liaflln Jennie !K. Mrs. saloon, 8 Central, house 
111 Main [Northbridge 

LafliQ John, cutter, 619 Main, house at 
Lafood Bei^amin, laborer, h. 22 Spruce 
Lafood Joseph 7. armorer, 42 Gardner, bds. 
22 Spruce [Main 

Iiaforce George H. clerk, 90 Front, bds. 542 
Ijaforce Joseph D. clerk, 428 Main, h. 548 do. 
LaFoye Julian, laborer, h. Mill n. Buflhm 
Lafk*auce Frank, carpenter, h. 20 Washington 
IjaArance Frank Mra, dressmaker, 20 Wash- 
ington, house do. 
I«a£^arde Hilalre, removed fh>m city 
lAicanitrom Lars G. laborer, h. 1 Oswald 
Lagor Edmund, laborer, Canterbury corner 

Hammond, bds. 8 Ascension 
Lagosse Henry, carpenter, 21 Grafton, house 

94 Blooralngdale 
Lahale Frank, moulder, h. 69 Lamartine 
Lahais Alphonse, wireworker, h. Eastern 

avenne n. Belmont 
Lahey Ellen Mrs. h. 21 Charles [Assonet 
Lahey James, planer, 21 Grafton, house 87 
Lahey John, laborer, h. 85 Canterbury 
Lahey Michael, wire drawer, h. 70 Belmont 
Lahey Michael, helper, 62 Jackson, house 4 

Lahey Philip, blacksmith, h. 70 Belmont 
Lahey Philip, laborer, 22 Cypress, house 70 

Laing Francis, clerk, 166 Pleasant, h. 156 do. 
Lair Georges, teacher of languages, 12 Cha- 

pln block, house do. 
Laird Charles F. rem'd to Providence, B. I. 
Laird Margaret, widow of John, boards 86 

Lajoie Abraham, carpenter, house 29 Wall 
Lajoie Andr6 G. (Lajoie Bros,), 84 Blooming- 
dale, house do. 
LAJOIE BROS. (D. and A. G, Lajoie), 
groceries and provisions, 84 Bloomiug- 
dale. — See page 546 
Lajoie Damase (Lajoie Bros,), 84 Blooming- 
dale, house do. [court 
Lajoie John, planer, 110 Green, h. 8 Carpenter 
Lijoie Joseph, shoemaker, 10 Mulberry, h. 
11 Coral [45 Norfolk 
Lajoie Louts, clerk, 84 Bloomlngdale, house 
Lake John A. bookkeeper, 476 Main, boards 

Plantation near B. & A. B. R. 
Lakin Daniel C. bookkeeper, 140 Main, bds. 
80 Jackson [h. 28 Newbury 

Lakin Frank H. cabinetmaker, 21 Cypress, 
LalLin George B. foreman, 68 High, house 
191 Austin [b. 58 Central 

Lalancett Nelson, bartender, 78 Exchange, 
Lalibert^ Benjamin, boot bottomer, 154 

Front, b. 155 Mechanic 
Lalibert^ Geo. W. finisher, b. 155 Mechanic 

Laltberl^ Joseph, carpenter, house 82 Wall 
Lalibert6 Louis, lastmaker, h. 18 Norfolk 
Lalime Alfk-ed G. salesman, 484 Main, house 

15 Lincoln 
Lalime Charles, died July 4, 1888, age 65 

LALIME CHARLES, N. B. passenger 
agent. Central Vermont B. R. line, 

Washington sq. cor. W., N. & B. B. E. 

house 20 Oak avenue.— ^«6 page 499 
Lalime Lucy, widow of Charles, h. 20 Oak av. 
Lally Michael C. boot crimper, 60 King, h. 

rear 50 B^^on [28 Arch 

Lalone Lavinous, laborer, 95 Thomas, bds. 
Lalumi6re Napoleon, laborer, r. 25 Hermon, 

b. 1 Meade [boards 28 Millbury 

Lamabeaux Clement, laborer, 17 Southgate, 
LamarchS Josephe, quarryman, h. Belmont 

n. Bell pond 
Lamb Albert, farmer, h. Pleasant c. Willard, 

Tatnuck [Oxford 

Lamb Chas. sashmaker, 5 Sargent, house at 
Lamb Clara E. attendant, Worcester Lunatic 

Hospital, Belmont, b. do. [27 Myrtle 
Lamb Clifford O. tinsmith, 18 Park, boards 
Lamb Edward, removed flrom city 
Lamb Edward M. gardener, 1058 Main, bds. 

10 Webster [Portland 

Lamb Fred W. clerk, 815 Main, boards 82 
Lamb Harriet, house 66 Hanover [Hanover 
Lamb Jane E. widow of Edward, house 66 

LAMB JARIUS B. tin and sheet iron 
worker, 18 Park, house 82 Portland. 

— See page 671 
Lamb John B. removed to Europe 
Lamb Laura A. widow of Thomas M. house 

21 Clinton 
Lamb Mary J. house 66 Hanover 
Lamb Mary L. at Asylum Chronic Insane, 

Summer, boards do. [12 Princeton 

Lamb Matthew B. policeman, City Hall, h. 
Lamb Pierce, hostler, 50 Millbury, bds. do. 
Lamb Sarah E. died Dec. 29, 1882, age 48 
Lamb Wm. L. shoemaker, house 9 Orient 
Lambert Edmond, carpenter, h. 27 Highland 
Lambert Ellen, nurse, boards 81 Prescott 
Lambert George A. foreman, 94 Grove, h. 

24 Orchard 
Lambert James, died Nov. 2, 1888, age 83 
Lambert Joseph, mason, house 43 Wall 
Lambert Patrick, laborer, h. 6 Bennett ct. 
Lamberton Charles T. finisher, 68 High, h. 

18 Bluff [Lincoln av. 

Lamond Thomas M. wire drawer, house 4 
Lamonia Arcbilld, removed to New York city 
Lamonia Chas. confectioner, b. 5 Wood sq. 
Lamoutagne Louis C. rem'd to Waterbury, 

Lamort Leander, painter, bds. 47 Mechanic 
Lamothe Anthony, carpenter, b. 72 Mechanic 
Lamothe Augustin, carpenter, boards 72 

Mechanic [86 Lamartine 

Lamotte Adllor, armorer, 20 Manchester, h. 
Lamotte Jerome, brlckmaker. Bloomlngdale, 

house 84 Norfolk [h. 65 Blackstone 

Lamotte Jo!<eph, boot bottomer, 108 Front, 
Lamotte Lester, carpenter, h. 59 Souihbridge 
Lamotte Nicholas, carpenter, house Lovell 

n. Maywood 






Lamoar Filipe, laborer, B. & A. R. R. house 

118 Bloomingdale [house 97 Lamartiue 
Lamoureux Antoine, shoe bottoiuer, 68 High, 
Lamoureux Cjrille, carpenter, bds. 58 Wall 
Lamoureux Jacob, shoemaker, 68 High, h. 

108 Lamartine 
Lamoureux Pierre, lastmaker, h. 10 Green 
Lamphere William A. engineer, B., B. & Q. 

R. R. house 174 Lincoln 
Lamson Chas. M. pastor Salem Street 

Church, house 15 Catharine 
Lamson David R. h. 27 Austiif [Kendall 
Lamson Eliza A. widow of Merritt, h. 20 
Lamson Henry H. clerk, 166 Pleasant, house 

20 Charlton [bridge, b. 27 Austin 

Lamson Madaline M. bookkeeper, 86 South- 
Lamson Sophia B. widow of Lambert, house 

85 Shelby [Florence 

Lamson Tyler A. wood worker, house 24 
Lamson Wm. G. clerk, 411 Main, boards 24 

Lancaster Frank £. house 5 West 

freight agent, 14 Pearl, b. 88 Prospect. 

—See Bailrocids in Index to Contents 
Lancaster John £. clerk, Winter c. Water, 

b. 5 West [Walnut 

Lancaster Sarah, clerk, 14 Pearl, boards 16 
Lancaster Walter A. coachman, h. 63 Central 
Lancaster William, bookkeeper, 404 Main, 

h. 48 Bowdoin 
Lanciault Antoine, laborer, h. Webster ct. 
Lanclault Antoine, jr. laborer, Hope Ceme- 
tery, house 1 Jacques 
Lanclault Arthur, machinist, 28 Hermon, b. 

Webster ct. [10 Walnut 

Lander J. Henry, compositor, 877 Main, b. 
Landers John, saloon, 10 Southbridge, h. 

42 Chandler 
Landers John C. salesman, b. 182 Pleasant 
Landers John F. salesman, h. 182 Pleasant 
Landers Joseph B. manager, books, 271 

Main, b. do. [Davis 

Landry Edward D. reedmaker, 9 May, b. 7 
Landry Emile, clerk, 9 May, boards 7 Davis 
Landry Eric, carpenter, house 7 Davis 
Landry Napoleon, rem'd to Ferrona, N. Y. 
Landstrom Charles E. roller, h. 12 Lawrence 
Lane Benj. H. pastor Dewey Street Baptist 

Church, house 202 Pleasant 
Lane George H. blacksmith, Lincoln near 

Burncoat, house 178 Lincoln 
Lane George J. rem'd to Providence, R. I. 
Lane Harry, removed Arom city 
Lane Henry F. pantor Pleasant Street Bap- 
tist Church, h. 27 Kendall 
Lane James, laborer, house 8 Lovell ct. 
Lane Jeremiah, driver, boards 15 Bridge 
Lane Margaret, widow of Daniel, boards r. 

57 Bridge [228 Pleasant 

Lane Preston P. bookkeeper, 218 Main, h. 
Lane RufUs K. clerk, 9 Pleasant, house 148 

Chandler [Lovell ct. 

Lane Thomas, helper, 54 Jackson, house 10 
Lane William, marble cutter, 131 Central, h. 

1 Houlihan pi. 
Lang Henry M. carpenter, 26 Salisbury, h. 

28 Kendall 

Lang Herbert M. wood worker, house 18 

Lang James, removed to Boston [Foyle 

Langan Stephen, helper, 161 Union, bds. 6 

LANGE HERMABN F. A. florist, 376 
Main, and Mt. Vernon n. Channliig, h. 

do. — See page 609 •. 
Lange Matthew, cutter, 566 Main, bds. 66 

Langley Alice M. stitcher, h. 57 Anstin 
Langley Arthur N. clerk, B. & A. B. R. 

freight depot, boards 6 Penn av. 
Langley Etta M. bds. 57 Austin 
Langley George W. dispatcher, B. & A. R. 

R. house 6 Penn ave. [b. 6 PenD ave. 
Langley Geo. W. Jr. fireman, B. ft A. R. R. 
Langley Stephen, machinist, b. 41 Millbnzy 
Langlois Adeline, clerk, bds. 189 Green 
Langlois Adelphlne, clerk, bds. 189 Green 
Langlois Hugh D. removed fVom city 
Langlois Napoleon L. blacksmith, 191 Union, 

boards 189 Green [h. 139 Green 

Langlois Paul H. carriage maker, 191 Union, 
Langlois Rosa £. dressmaker, 189 Green, b. 

Langton Peter F. finisher, bds. 14 Eaton pi. 
Langton Thomas, laborer, b. 47 Mechanic 
Langton Timothy, hostler, 15 Market, house 

14 Eaton pi. [lin 

Langton Timothy, Jr. laborer, h. 89 Frank- 
Langurand Jean Baptiste, shoemaker, 68 

High, h. 45 Norfolk [bds. 47 do. 

Lannegan Patrick, spinner, 17 Southgate, 
Lannigan Edward, carder, Hopeville Manof. 

Co. house Fremont n. Sutton lane [ct. 
Lanois Leon, bootmaker, h. 9 Bloomingdale 
Lanpher Horace Y. blacksmith, 74 School, 

h. 11 King 
Lanpher Theresa H. boards 11 King [b. do. 
Lanthrop Geo. laborer at Wm. Goss',UplaDd, 
Lapham Mowry A. woolen manufacturer 

(at Millbury), house 658 Main 
Lapiere Joseph, painter, bds. 5 Pond 
Lapierre Louis, wood worker, h. 8 Douglas 
Laplante Henry, carpenter, b. 175 Front 
Laplante Antoine, machinist, h. 3 Hacker 
Laplante Beni, h. Webster n. city line 
Lapoint Eli, polisher, 4 Leicester, boards 

Fremont n. Cambridge [b. r. 108 Salem 
Lapoint Eugene, boot bottomer, 82 Austin, 
Lapoint Frank, laborer, Hope Cemetery, h. 

1 Oakland, Barnard vl He [ Barnard ville 
Lapoint Frank, Jr. laborer, bds. 1 Oakland, 
Lapoint Joseph, house r. 58 Salem 
Lapoint Joseph, blacksmith, h. 11 Salem 
Lapoint Joseph O. carriage maker, 15 Mar- 
ket, house Alvarado av. n. Anna 
Lapoint Peter, laborer, 11 Cypress, house 

12 Douglas St. ct. [108 Salem 

Lapolnte Vital, boot bottomer, 68 High, h. 
Laporte Chas. A. engineer, 9 May, b. 7 Davis 
Laporte Joseph, laborer, house 7 Mill 
Laporte Joseph H. reed-board maker, 9 May, 

house 7 Davis [King 

Lappin Jaine8, laborer, 50 Lagrange, h. 57 
Lapr^dc Henry, nplnner, Jamesville, house 

Webster cor. Hope ave. [Lafayette 

Larange Joseph, laborer, r. 25 Hermon, h. 64 



in ths United Slates ofSOOO or nutre 

infuibitantB, eontuU the DireeiMrp, 



Abraham, woodworker, 25 Union, b. 

170 Washington [city line 

Frank, teamster, h. Greenwood n. 

Henry, machinist, 19 Charch, house 

170 Washington 

Peter, blacksmltl), h. 51 Canterbary 
Peter, laborer, boards 11 Doaglas 
XATclie Frank, removed Arom city 
Larch e Joseph, removed from city 
LiaBeaQ Israel, painter, Prescott n. Lincoln 

sq. hoDse 196 Shrewsbury 
LAT^ess Joseph, removed to Canada 
LAi^ess Peter, hairdresser, 6 Webster, h. do. 
Xiargess Peter M. moulder, 92 Thomas, bds. 
6 Webster [bury 

lAriar Joseph, laborer, house 70 Shrews- 
Xjarkin Delia, tailoress, 286 Main, bds. r. 26 
Jefferson [h. 7 Oreen lane 

IjarXin Ferdinand P. upholsterer, 15 Union, 
Larkln James, laborer, h. 51 E. Worcester 
Xtarkln James; laborer, Lafayette c. Quinsig- 
amond ave. h. 14 Grosvenor [Temple 
Xjarkin John, helper, 57 Jackson, house 89 
LiarklD John J. saloon, 242 Front, house 85 

Penn ave. 
Larkfn Michael, laborer, h. 150 Prescott 
Larkin Patrick H. butcher, bds. 162 South- 
LATkin Richard, painter, h. 162 Southbridge 
Larkin Samuel E. millwright, 15 Union, b. 
Exchange Hotel [26 Jefferson 

L*arkinWilliam, tailor, 286 Main, house rear 
Larkin William H. laborer, Pakachoag Mill, 
bds. r. 26 Jefferson 

LABKI5 WM. H. & CO. hats, caps, etc. 
895 Main, h. 1 ATMngUyn.—See page 521 
Lamard Frank, shoemaker, b. 100 Summer 
Larned Abbie F. overseer, 88 Front, bds. 85 
Pleasant [Machine Shop, bds. 10^ Dix 
Lamed Charles G. wood worker, Washlinrn 
Lamed £. Minnie, milliner, bds. 24 Portland 
Larned Francis, bottomer, 68 High, boards 
100 Summer [R. R. b. 16 Mechanic 

Larned George C. machinist, Hammond n. 
Larned Hezekiah C. machinist, 161 Union, 

boards 11 Exchange 
Larued J. Edward, cardmaker, 246 South- 
bridge, house 67 Orange [183 do. 
Lamed Lucian W. clerk, 294 Main, boards 
Lamed Pitts A. house 16 South Russell 
Larned Stephen H. boolckeeper, 246 South- 
bridge, house 27 May 
Larned, see Learned and Leonard 
Lamer Michael, saloon, 48 Millbury, h. do. 
Laro Prosper, carpenter, bds. 167 Front 
LaRock Joseph A. blacksmith, 9 Mill, house 
51 do. [Thomas, h. 89 Shrewsbury 
LaRose Fred, carriage painter, rear 84 
Larose George, bartender, 7 Bartlett place, 

house do. 
LaRose Joseph, lather, h. rear 108 Salem 
LaRose Napoleon, lather, boards 86 Salem 
Larowe Exor L. painter, 188 Main, bds. 48 
Exchange [81 Canterbury 

Larsen Andrew, organ maker, 9 May, house 
Larsen Hans, removed to St. Louis, Mo. 
Larsen J. Herman, finisher, 196 Union, h. 6 

Larsen Peter, carpenter, 9 May, h. 76 Can- 
Larsen Peter C. removed from city 
Larson Andrew, armorer, 44 Central, bds. 9 

No. Ashland 
Larson August, wire drawer, bds. 184 Pres- 
cott [n. North 
Larson August, wireworker, h. Sigourney 
Larson August L. reed-board maker, 9 May, 

house 182 Chandler 
Larson Carl, wireworker, bds. Daley near 
Hemans [avenue 

Larson Charles, laborer, boards 46 Eastern 
Larson Chas. sinker, house 224 Millbury 
Larson Charles W. removed IVom city 
Larson Christian, laborer, b. 41 Washburn 
Larson Cornelius, armorer, 44 Central, h. 47 

Eastern avenue 
Larson Hans, carpenter, 44 Central 
Larson Peter, laborer at S. H. Burbank's, 

Greenwood, boards do. 
Larson Sven J. wireworker, h. 184 Prescott 
Larsson Andrew, armorer, b. 87 Eastern av. 
Larsson Carl A. wireworker, h. 6 Henchman 

Larsson Emil, laborer, house Greenwood n. 
Millbury [cent 

Larsson Erick, wireworker, house 11 Cres- 
Larsson Gottfried, wireworker, b. 1 Lincoln 
Larsson Hannah, domestic, boards Stebbins 

corner Thenlus 
Larsson Hans, laborer, boards 92 Union 
Larsson Hans, wireworker, house 92 Union 
Larsson John, laborer, house 8 Glen 
Larsson John, wireworker, bds. 1 Lincoln 
Latch Patrick, helper, 51 Green, house 67 

Latchford Mary, widow of Patrick, bds. 4 
Suffolk [r. 49 Summer 

Latham Joseph, carpenter, 26 Salisbury, b. 
Lathe Martin Mrs. widow, house 20 Cedar 

and E, A, Thvoing), machinists* tools 

manufs. 180 Gold. — Seepage 689 
Lathrop Alvah C. blacksmith, boards 121 

Lathrop Aroasa H. carpenter, h. 14 Cottage 
Lathrop Edward (E, <fc J. W. Lathrop), 42 

Southbridge, h. 6 Mt. Pleasant 
Lathrop Elias, blacksmith, 87 Market, h. 

121 Pleasant [bridge 

Lathrop E. & J. W. needle manufs. 42 South- 
Lathrop Imogeue E. boards 410 Main 
Lathrop James W. (E. <ft J, W, Lathrop), 42 

Southbridge, house 13 Shepard 
Latour Camille V. blacksmith, 87 Gold, h. 2 

Boyle's ct. [79 Chandler 

Latour Frank X. D. salesman, 462 Main, h. 
Latt Charlotte, boards 69 King [Main 

Laugher Annie P. (Laugher <fc Co.J, h. 586 
Laugher William, upholsterer, 581 Main, h. 

586 do. [era, 581 Main 

Laugher & Co. (A, P. Laugher), upholster- 
Laughlln Garrett, polisher, 62 Jackson, h. 

88 Ellsworth 
Laughlln Morgan, laborer, Canterbury cor. 

Hammond, house at Auburn 
Laughlln, see Loughlln and McLaughlin 






Lauziere Moise, laborer^ 74 Prescott, h. r. do. 
La valine Alexander, laborer, h. 116 Bloom- 

ingdale [16 Cypresa 

Lavallle ClemeDt, solicitor, 492 Main, h. r. 
LavalMe Gilbert, boot bottomer, 70 Winter, 

house 1 Leland court 
Lavallle Regis, boot bottomer, 154 Front, 

boards 155 Mechanic 
Lavell James, laborer, Lagrange opp. Junc- 
tion depot, boards 68 Southbridge 
Lavellc Alfred A. machinist, 161 Union, bds. 

14 Maple 
Lavelle Austin, removed to Malone 
Lavelle Austin, Jr. laborer, Hope Cemetery, 

boards Lyman, Barnardville 
Lavelle Boswell, laborer, Hope Cemetery, 

boards Lyman, BarnardyiUe 
Layelle John, laborer, 100 Prescott, house 

89 North Ashland 
Lavene Alfred A. machinist, b. 14 Maple 
Lavene David, machinist, B., B. & G. R. R. 

repair shop, bouse 158 Summer 
Lavene Frank, section master, house 5 East 

Worcester [14 Maple 

Lavene James J. machinist, 84 Prescott, h. 
Lavene John B. machinist, 84 Prescott, h. 

12 Arch 
Laverty Alexander, laborer, h. 25 Kansas 
Laverty AlAred A. laborer, 66 Lincoln, bds. 

79 Main [14 Slgel 

Laverty Andrew 8. laborer, 65 Jackson, h. 
Laverty Chas. A. laborer, h. r. 17 Mlllbury 
Laverty Edward, reed-board tiller, 25 Union, 

house 61 Lafayette 
Laverty James F. laborer, h. 61 Lafayette 
Laverty John, laborer, house 22 Lodl 
Laverty Maria, widow of John R. house 26 

Laverty Mary, house 21 Worth 
Laverty Nancy, boards 21 Worth 
Laverty Robert F. carpenter, h. 51 Mlllbury 
Laverty Robert M. boot bottomer, 82 Aus- 
tin, house 8 Union avenue [tine 
Lavery Dennis, boot crimper, h. 68 Lamar- 
Lavery Wm. removed to Boston 
Lavigne Jacques P. carpenter, Coes near 

Coes sq. house Cambridge c. Hacker 
Lavljrne John B. polisher, 44 Central, bds. 

208 Main 
Lavigne Joseph, laborer, h. 45 Norfolk 
Lavigne Joseph Agarle, armorer, house rear 

172 Front [Front 

Lavigne Louise, widow of Joseph, b. r. 172 
Lavigne Napoleon L. carpenter, 28 Webster, 

house 182 Cambridge [55 Wall 

Lavigne Narcisse, lastmaker, 19 Church, h. 
Lavigne Xavier, Jr. carpenter, h. 70 Wall 
Lavin Bartholomew, roller, h. rear Mlllbury 

near R. R., Qulnsigamond 
Lavin Bridget Mrs. house 11 Pond [Meade 
Lavin Bridget, widow of Patrick, house 11 
Lavin Catharine, boarding-house, 45 Winter 
Lavin Catharine, widow of Thomas, boards 

r. Mlllbury n. R. R., Q. 
Lavin Dominick, laborer, house r. Mlllbury 

near R. R., Qulnsigamond 
Lavin James, heater, house 28 Colton 
Lavin John, laborer, house 16 So. Irving 

Lavin John, laborer, house Perry [U Pond 
Lavin John E. machinist, UO Oreen, liowrds 
Lavin John J. solecutter, GO Kiii£, b. 45 Win- 
Lavin Luke T. clerk, boards 45 Winter 
Lavin Mary Mrs. grocer, 53 Lafayette, b. do. 
Lavin Michael, laborer, 77 Foster, hooae 22 

Lavin Michael J. machinist, La^ran^^ gj^, 

junction depot, h. 58 Lafayette 
Lavin Miles, h. 17 Waverley 
Lavin Owen, laborer, bds. 375 KiUbary 
Lavin Patrick, died June, 1888 
Lavin Patrick, laborer, h. r. MiUbu ry n. B.B. 
Lavin Patrick, laborer, bds. 22 Spruce 
Lavin Patrick, teamster, h. 5 Whitney 
Lavin Peter, laborer, b. Vernon n. MiUbaiy 
Lavin Peter, boot treer, 7 Washington sq. 

boards 52 Green 
Lavin Thomas, hostler, MiUbory c. Taylor, 

h. r. Mlllbury n. R. R. 
Lavin, see Olavin 

Lavine C. Henry, coachman, 248 Main. b. do. 
Lavine Gilbert, baggage man, house 68 Wall 
Laviolette Adolphe, boot crimper, 60 King, h. 

2 Bradley 
Laviolette George, carpenter, b. 85 Portland 
Lavole Henry G. hairdresser, 601 Main, bds. 

8 Chatham 
Lavole Moses, woodworker, h. 8 Bams ct. 
Lavouice Osten, coachman, 18 Ashland, 
Lavrie Peter, boards 1 1 Douglas [h. do. 

Law Hezekiah D. tailor, 8 William st. ave. 
Lawler Eliza J. teacher, Mlllbury street 

school, b. 84 Grafton 
Lawler John, confectionery, 99 Green, h. do. 
Lawler John, laborer, house 81 Market 
Lawler John, laborer, bds. 7 Redding ct. 
Lawler Lawrence, job wagon, h. 6 Grace 
Lawler Margaret, bds. 8 Carpenter ct. 
*Lawler Michael, laborer, h. 5 Carbon 
Lawler Patrick, engineer, 480 Main, h. 1 

Washburn [Grafton 

Lawler Thomas, boottreer, 68 High, h. 84 
Lawlor Washington I. rem'd to New York 
Lawrence Aiidrew, h. 4 Abbott 
Lawrence Bruno, carpenter, 21 Grafton, h. 

140 Southbridge [Harrington, b. do. 
Lawrence Chas. A. teamster, Mlllbury av. n. 
Lawrence Charles F. rem'd to Oxford [lane 
Lawrence Charles W. salesman, h. 8 Green 
Lawrence Cornelius F. (C F, Lawrence A 

Co.), 410 Main, h. 88 Austin 

LAWRENCE €. F. & CO. printers, 29 First 
National Bank building, 410 Main.— 5e0 

pa^e 510 
Lawrence Daniel T. blacksmith, 84 Prescott, 

b. 15 Thomas [b. 88 Fountain 

Lawrence Edmund J. machinist, 22 Cypress, 
Lawrence Edward R. bookbinder, 887 Main, 

h. 14 Goulding [bridge, h. 40 Cutler 
Lawrence Edwin B. cardmaker, 246 South- 
Lawrence Edwin P. carpenter, h. 46 Newbury 
Lawrence Everett C. designer, 855 Main, h. 

91 Elm 

LAWRENCE FRANK, photographer, Jonas 
G. Clark block, 492 Main, h. 1 1 Wood- 
land. — See page 522 


C0y8Ul,T TM. 




lAwreiAce Frank P. student, Salisbnry near 

Porest, bds. do. 
Lawrence George C. clerk, 476 Main, bds. 7 

Ko. Ashland [13 Richards 

lAwrence (George C. salesman, 555 Main, h. 
Lawrence (George F. wood worker, 95 

Tbomas, h, 28 Mulberry 
Lawrence Gnstayns C. rem'd to Boston 
Lawrence Ivers W. provisions, 180 Front, 

h. 28 Chatham 

LAWREHCE JOSEPH B. furniture, up- 
I holstery goods, etc. 855 Main, h. 11 
HtLtnmond.^ See paffe 567 [84 Shelby 
Lawrence Lewis C. foreman, 28 Mulberry, h. 
Lawrence Mary A. bds. 11 Woodland 
Lawrence Mary £. widow of John G. house 
62 Grafton [Front 

Lawrence Mary P. widow of Aaron, h. 180 
Laimrence Melville S. provisions, h. 12 Gates 
Lawrence Oltvef A. bozmaker, 86 Central, 
b. S87 Pleasant [57 Woodland 

Lawrence Oscar M. packer, 855 Main, house 
Lawrence Philip, painter, h. 128 Washington 
Lawrence Samuel £. foreman, 100 Prescott, 

b. 7 No. Ashland 
Lawrence Wm. laborer, b. 284 Pleasant 
Lawrence William, policeman, City Hall, h. 
84 Park [venor 

Lawrence William F. teamster, h. 15Gros- 
Lawrence Wro. H. cutter, b. 84 Park 
Lawrence WiUiam H. rem'd to Kewbur3rport 
Laws Mary A. laundress, h. 26 Elliott 
Laws Sidney J. tinsmith, 28 Pleasant, h. 27 
Mason [Henchman court 

LawBon Christian, asst. engineer, house 4 
LawBon G^eorge, rem*d from city 
Lawson Margaret, died April 25, 1888, age 84 
Lawson Patrick, laborer, b. SackviUe rear 
Bjrron [22 Diz 

Lawton Charles A. foreman, 19 Union, h. 
Lawton Christopher P. dentist (at Webster), 

h. 141 Main 
Lawton Gteo. plumber, h. 109 Canterbury 
Lawton J. Judson, fllemaker, 79 Beacon, h. 

14 Clifton 
Lawton Mary M. teacher. Woodland street 

school, b. 5 Kingsbury 
Lawton Susan £. Mrs. music teacher, 141 

Main, h. do. 
tayden James, laborer, bds. 859 Cambridge 
Layden James, wire drawer, h. 11 Union av. 
Layden Patrick H. laborer, B. & A. R. R. h. 

1 Conlin ct. 
Laydon Edward, helper, b. 58 Central 
Laygrus L. M. laborer, 57 Jackson, bds. 60 

Layng George, machinist, 54 Jackson, h. 170 
Chandler [67 Beacon 

Layng James H. machinist, 51 Green, house 
Lazell Daniel, paperhanger, 284 Main, h. 11 
Diz [12 Diz 

Luell James A. foreman, 94 Grove, house 
Lea Thomas S. foreman, 161 Union, house 

Leach Ann Mrs. boards 8 Boylston court 
Leach Catharine J. widow, boards Mill cor. 

Leach Epicurius, painter, b. 8 Boylston ct. 

Leach Frank H. compositor, 442 Main, b. 

Forest avenue 
Leach Frederick M. collector, h. 18 Arlington 
Leach Humphrey S. watchman, 94 Grove, h. 

1 Forest ave. [Spruce 

Leach Michael J. saloon, 5 Green, house 12 
Leach Patience, died Oct. 5, 1888, affe 68 
Leach Richard, blacksmith, bds. 5 Hudson 
Leader Ida A. widow of Charles £. house 25 

Houghton fdo. 

Leahy Catherine Mrs. grocer, 48 Ward, h. 
Leahy David, flagman. Market st. crossing, 

house 79 Market 
Leahy David, Jr. slater, house 14 Colton 
Leahy Frank, moulder, r. 25 Hermon, house 

48 Lamartlne [Brackett ct. 

Leahy Hannah, widow of Michael, house 6 
Leahy James, laborer, Junction shop, boards 

5* Grace 
Leahy James, planer, house 87 Assonet 
Leahy Jeremiah J. painter, 24 Foster, house 

158 Prescott 
Leahy John, brakeman, h. 112 Canterbury 
Leahy John, laborer, house 26 Winter 
Leahy John, wire drawer, house 150 Prescott 
Leahy Lawrence W. saloon, 221 Front, b. 8 

Leahy Mary, housekeeper, 847 MlUbury 
Leahy Mary, widow of Thomas, h. 5 Grace 
Leahy Michael, laborer, house 4 Boland ct. 
Leahy Patrick, laborer, boards 168 Salem 
Leahy Patrick, laborer, boards 5 Grace 
Leahy Patrick, died Oct. 8, 1888, age 88 
Leahy Richard, carpenter, h. 4 Union ave. 
Leahy Thomas, blacksmith, 110 Green, h. 61 

Lafkyette [62 Austin 

Leahy Thomas, painter, r. 16 Pleasant, bds. 
Leahy Thomas, laborer, boards 5 Grace 
Leahy Thomas, laborer, h. 6 Houlihan pi. 
Leaman Collin A. removed to Waltham 
Learned Charles H. carpenter, b. 4 George 

street court 
Learned James M. removed fh>m city 
Learned Jeremiah (Learned, Newton A Co.Jt 

8 Allen court, house 22 King 

LEARNED. IfEWTON ft CO. CJ. Learned 
and G, L. Newton), wholesale grocers, 8 

Allen covLTt,^ See page 554 
Learned Romeo D. carpenter, h. 59 Salem 
Learned Thomas G. carpenter, 18 Norwich, 

house 4 Diz 
Learned, see Larnard and Leonard 
Leary Arthur, spinner, Daniels' cotton mill, 

West Boylston, Northville, house do. 
Leary Catherine, widow of Jeremiah, b. 805 

Cambridge [John 

Leary Catherine, Widow of John, house 45 
Leary Cornelius, teamster, 23 Manchester, 

house 78 East Central 
Leary Cornelius, removed trom city 
Leary Daniel, laborer, 14 Bloomlngdale, h. 

66 East Central 
Leary Daniel, laborer, h. Chamberlain ct. 
Leary Daniel, marble polisher, house 18 

Leary Dennis J. carpenter, boards 45 John 
Leary Dennis T. carver, 19 Union, boards 1 







Leary Elizabeth, widow of Michael, h. 21 

Union ave. 
Leary Humphrey, porter. Continental Hotel, 

boards do. [h. do. 

Leary Johanna Mrs. saloon, 14 Norfolk, 
Leary John, driver, boards 45 John 
Leary John, shoemaker, house 45 Norfolk 
Leary John, wire cleaner, h. 17 Ellsworth 
Leary John, laborer, 1S8 Union, house 84 E. 

Leary John, laborer, boards 144 Foster 
Leary John, laborer, 14 Bloomlngdale, house 

78 Wall [Concord 

Leary John P. clerk, 117 Main, boards 5 
Leary Julia, widow of Dennis, house West 

Boylston, Northvllle [bury 

Leary Mary, widow of Frank, h. 180 Shrews- 
Leary Patrick, laborer, bds. 17 Ellsworth 
Leary Patrick, armorer, 20 Manchester, h. 

88 Orange 
Leary Patrick, machinist, 100 Prescott, h. 

41 N. Ashland 
Leary Patrick J. machinist, boards 45 John 
Leary Patrick T. armorer, 20 Manchester, b. 

88 Orange [bury 

Leary Thomas, laborer, bds. 181 Shrews- 
Leary Timothy, printer, 128 Chandler, b. 8 

Brown [ingdale 

Leary Timothy, laborer, house 189 Bloom- 
Leathers Elliott G. provisions, h. 888 Main 
Leaurler John B. painter, bds. 20 Bradley 
Leaurler Joseph, painter, house 20 Bradley 
Leavens Sarah J. Mrs. boarding-house, 128 

Leavenworth Fannie W. widow of Nathan, 

bds. Worcester Academy, Providence 
Leavitt Charles, machinist, 178 Union, h. 16 

Mechanic [Harrison 

Leavitt Fred. W. plumber, 609 Main, h. 84 
Leavitt J. Sullivan T. watchmaker, 894 

Main, boards 8 Linden [Temple 

Leavitt Margaret, widow of John, bds. 47 
Leavitt Thomas W. carpenter, boards 80 

Summer [h. 10 Langdon 

Leblanc Alphonse, boot bottomer, 108 Front, 
Leblanc Dolor, clerk, 56 Wall, b. 68 Suffolk 
Leblanc George, compositor, 460 Main, b. 9 

Salem [164 Mechanic 

Leblanc Germain, carpenter, 22 Cypress, h. 
Leblanc John, cabinetmaker, boards Mon- 
treal near Wall 
Leboe Clifford, died Feb. 15, 1883, age 87 
Leboe Emily E. dressmaker, 188 South- 
bridge, boards do. [place 
Leckberg Charles L. laborer, h. Cambridge 
LeClaire Isaac B. clergyman, h. 100 Elm 
LeClaire John, blacksmith, h. 66 Madison 
LeClaire John, quarrier, house Belmont n. 

Bell pond ' [Lafayette 

LeClaire Peter, laborer, 57 Jackson, h. 64 
Lecours Charles, carpenter, h. 21 Spring 
Lecours Eugene shoemaker, bds. 21 Spring 
Lecours Joseph, rem*d to So. Framlngham 
Leddy Patrick, laborer, 51 Green, boards 82 

Leddy Timothy, laborer, h. Crescent n. R. B. 
Ledouz Joseph, weigher, boards 10 School 
Ledstr5m Peter G. wlreworker, h. Illinois 

Leduc Peter, driver, 18 Grand Bt- court, h. 

Lee Albert, machinist, 28 Webster, boards 

15 Myrtle [ant, h. 811 Main 

Lee B. Frank (C, B. PraU dt Cd.J, liB Pleas- 
Lee Carrie, bookkeeper, 20i PleaBant, bds. 1 

Church place 
Lee Chandler S. h. 19 Clinton [b- ^ Myrtle 
Lee Charles £. telegrapher, 80 Shrewsboiy, 
Lee Chung, removed to Boston 
Lee Dorcas B. Mrs. house 978 Main 
Lee Edward, laborer, house 60 CaDterbary 
Lee Edwin B. armorer, 65 Beacon, hoiiae 

28 Arch 
Lee Elizabeth, seamstress, 821 Bfain, b. do. 
Lee Francis, wlreworker, bds. 79 Main 
Lee Francis H. laborer, bds. 65 Prescott 
Lee Frank N. beltmaker, 187 Front, house 

19 Clinton 
Lee George H. carpenter, b. 18 So. Irving 
Lee Geo. L. moulder, b. Alvarado ave. near 

W. & S. R. R. [do. 

Lee Han, laundry, P. O. blk. (basement), b. 
Lee Harry O. clerk, Lincoln House, b. do. 

LEE HENRT A. moulding machine manat 
and pattern maker, and (Dennis 4b Lee), 

164 Union, h. 4 Crown. — Seepage 672 
Lee Henry J. removed ttom city 
Lee Henry W. carpenter, h. 70 Chandler 
Lee James, fireman, 94 Grove, h. Sackville 

n. B., B. & G. B. R. 
Lee James, boot treer, house 6 Camp 
Lee James, watchman, 15 Market, house 

Wachusett near Dix 
Lee Jane Mrs. boards Trumbull square 
Lee John, wood worker, 54 Hermon, house 

Alvarado ave. near W. & S. R. R. 
Lee John, cardmaker, 19 Washington sq. b. 

22 Brown 
Lee John R. Iron worker, 154 Front, h. 126 do. 
Lee Jonathan M. teamster, 120 Vernon, b. do. 
Lee Michael, wire drawer, house 8 Brlden 
Lee Michael, driver, house 161 Mechanic 
Lee Michael, laborer, house 5 Nashua 
Lee Moy Han, laundry, 179 Front [Elliott 
Lee Noah A. machinist, 100 Prescott, h. 10 
Lee Pardon A. carpenter, boards 19 Maple 
Lee Peter, laborer, b. rear Bloomlngdale n. 

LeeRlnaldo W. (MowreALee)t 2 Blgeloir 

ct. house Mill cor. Pleasant, Tatnuck 
Lee Rosa, widow of John, h. 172 Prescott 
Lee R. Thomas, hostler, 14 Edward, house 

27 Liberty 
Lee Sam, laundry, 124 Front, boards do. 
Lee Thomas, laborer, house 22 Brown 
Lee Thomas, fireman, h. 19 Prescott place 
Lee Wah, laundry, 5 Washington sq. boards 

179 Front 
Lee William, truckman, h. 7 Lamartlne 
Lee William, laborer, house 12 Foyle 
Lee William E. polisher, 44 Central, boards 

126 Front 

LEE WILLIAM J. gravel and sand, house 
7 Lamartlne. — See page 586 
Leech James, cardmaker, 66 Grafton, house 
2 Union pi. [Millbury n. R. B. 

Leese John, teamster at wlreworks, Q. h. 






TThoroafl, sinker, house 847 Mlllbary 
X«efloe Joseph, removed from city 
Hfeftrldice Percy, hostler, 18 Chestnut, honse 

51 Korth Ashland [8 Rledl pi. 

L»egacey Alexander, machinist, 101 Front, h. 
Ijegasey John, policeman, Station 2, La- 

martine, honse 85 Sonthbridge 

Joseph, boot bottomer, hoose 8 

Central ct. [honse r. 50 Beacon 

r«e£^sey Samuel, wheelwright, 29 Cypress, 
L*efcer Joseph, hairdresser, 14 Washington 

sqnare, boards 80 Central 
Tt^SfZ Charles A. finisher, city dye house, 12 

Ltayard place, honse 8 do. 
I^eKsr Geo. removed from city 

LCQ6 JAMES & CO. (John Legg), Wor- 
cester Woolen Mills, 17 Soathgate, h. 
Mapleville, R. I. — See page 680 
Lfeg;^ John (James Legg & Co.), 17 South- 
gate, house 7 Ripley [Clinton ct. 
r«egg John, eating-house, 22 Pleasant, bds. 4 
Les^ LiUther D. brakeman, B. & A. R. R. 

bouse Alvarado ave. cor. Anna 
Tiegs William H. bookkeeper, 17 Southgate, 

bouse Ripley st. place 
Lieg^g William L. h. Alvarado ave. c. Anna 
I^eg^ett John, laborer at tripeworks, rear 

Greenwood, Q. house do. 
Lieheney Ann, widow of Bernard, b. 24 Ward 
Liebeney Dennis J. laborer, 146 Prcscott 
Xjeby John F. teacher. College Holy Cross, 
bds. do. [Wachusett 

I^igh James, watchman, 15 Market, h. 10 
X<eSgh Stephen, laborer, h. 174 Lincoln 
Lieland Chas. A. machinist, 161 Union, h. 

11 Gonlding 

Iceland Cynthia E. boards 66 Austin 

L ELAND EDWIN J. electrician and elec- 
I trie batteries, 424 Main, h. 25 Bowdoin. 
— See page 504 
liCland Edwin N. removed to Boston 
Leland Elisha S. awl maker, 195 Front, bds. 

12 Chandler [Main, b. 658 do. 
Leland Frank A. (S, B. Leland A Son), 446 
Leland Geo. R. carriage maker, 82 Exchange, 

house 12 Clifton [21 Dix 

Leland Henry F. engraver, 845 Main, house 
Leland John, machinist, house 16 Gold 
Leland John H. asst. baggage master. Union 

depot, house 26. Richland 
Leland Joseph, house 12 Hancock 
Leland Richard F. machinist, house Ballard 

near MiUbury 
Leland Samuel R. & Son (F, A, Leland), 

music store, 446 Main, h. 118 Lincoln 
Leland Thomas J. house 186 Main 
Leline Eliza H. widow of George, house 


LEILAT AMEDE, carpenter and contrac- 
tor, 158 Washington, house do. — See 

page 670 
Lemay Augunte, carpenter, house 78 Wall 
Lemay Charles A. machinist, 161 Union, b. 

r. 86 Trumbull 
Lemay Henry E. printer, bds. r. 86 Trumbull 
Lemay Joseph, boot bottomer, 108 Front, h. 

61 Lafayette [123 Washington 

Lemay Louis, boot bottomer, 68 High, bds. 

Lemay Peter A. blacksmith, house r. 36 

Trumbull [Trumbull, h. do. 

Lemay Peter A. Mrs. dressmaker, rear 86 
Lemay Seraphln, dressmaker, boards rear 86 

Trumbull [60 Mechanic 

LemSre Augustus, laborer, 19 Foster, house 
Lemleux Alderic, bootmaker, 70 Winter, h. 

78 Lafayette 
Lemieux Alexander, skatemaker, 81 Mul- 
berry, house rear 16 Cypress 
Lemieux Clafforce, laborer, house 9 Bloom- 

ingdale court [house 1 Meade 

Lemieux Godfrey, moulder, rear 25 Hermon, 
Lemieux Louise Mrs. tailoress, b. 58 Central 
Lemieux Nelson, music teacher, 58 Central, 

b. do. [Mill n. Leicester 

Lemire Joseph, laborer, 4 Leicester, house 7 
Lemire Joseph, Jr. spinner, Jamesville, bds. 

7 Mill n. Leicester [315 Cambridge 

Lemoine George, engineer, Brussels, house 
Lemond Samuel, laborer, house 132 Bloom- 

ingdale [Union, h. 25 Maple 

Lemont Bertwood A. wood worker, 171 
Lemoureux Clement, laborer, b. 17 Langdon 
Lemoureux Francis, carpenter, boards 17 

Lendy Mary A. machine tender, b. 63 Grand 
Lennen Delia, widow of Edward, boards 44 

Leno John, laborer, boards 88 Spring 
Lenox Edwin S. salesman, 94 Grove, bds. 

Bay State House [Southbridge 

Leonard Ann, widow of John, hou.^e 282 
Leonard Ann, widow of Lawrence, bds. 22 

Leonard Annie, cook, 80 Pleasant, b. do. 
Leonard Anthony, laborer, house 7 Foyle 
Leonard Betsey M. stitcher, b. 19 Bowdoin 
Leonard Catherine, widow of John, house 48 

Winter [Chandler 

Leonard Charles D. truckman, house 87 
Leonard Chas. S. clerk, 227 Main, b. 53 do. 
Leonard Charles W. wire inspector, h. 68 

Orchard [94 do. 

Leonard Denis C. provisions, 70 Green, h. 
Leonard Edward, driver, bds. 15 Myrtle 
Leonard Francis D. armorer, 31 Hermon, h. 

212 Austin [b. 544 jdo. 

Leonard Frank L. cigar maker, 563 Main, 
Leonard Frank P. finisher, boards 48 Winter 
Leonard Fred. C. bookbinder, 868i Main, b. 

15 Myrtle ^ [court 

Leonard James, wire draw*er, h. 7 Redding 
Leonard James, laborer, house 8 Foyle 
Leonard James, driver, Southbridge c Ham- 
mond, h. 76 Canterbury 
Leonard James, laborer, 161 Union, house 

Waite near Shrewsbury [28 Austin 

Leonard John, boot bottoZner, 68 High, bds. 
Leonard John, stonecutter, 181 Central, h. 

21 Carbon [182 do. 

Leonard Lyman E. butcher, 128 Front, bds. 
Leonard Martin J. boot treer, 82 Austin, b. 

44 Green [Blackstone 

Leonard Mary Mrs. washerwoman, house 29 
Leonard Michael, boot bottomer, 68 High, 

b. 24 Suffolk 
Leonard Patrick, laborer, b. 7 Redding ct. 





W0RCE8TBR [Lj l>rftBCTORr. 

Leonard Patrick, polisher, 54 Jackson, h. 17 

Ellswortii [544 do. 

Leonard Rlcliard, painter, 626 Main, house 
Leonard Roger, helper, 161 Union, h. 129 

Leonard Samuel H. rem*d to West Newton 
Leonard Samuel 8. died May 22, 1888, age 81 
Leonard Thomas, stonecutter, Crescent, b. 

Carbon [Redding ct. 

Leonard Thomas J. wire drawer, boards 7 
Leonard William, currier, 2 Sargent, house 

80 Columbia [19 Charlton 

Leonard Wm. H. glazier, 5 Sargent, boards 
Leonard, see Learned [lOAsAonet 

Lepage Pierre, shoemaker, 68 High, house 
Leplre John B., W., N. Jb R. R. R. passenger 

agent, 25 Washington sq. house 60 

Penn ave. 
Leplre John W. moulder, b. 60 Penn are. 
LePoer R. Miles, printer, 195 Front, boards 

126 do. 
Lesage Eliza, widow of Joseph, h. 20 Cherry 
Iiesage J. Alonzo, woodworker, b. 20 Cherry 
Lesage J. Peter, packer, boards 6 Newport 
Lesage Peter, currier, 60 Bloom ingdale, h. 

189 Green [Austin 

Leseur Mary M. widow of Francis, bds. 1 15 
]Jesieur Leon J. blindmaker, 196 Union, bds. 

7 Waldo [7 Waldo 

Lesieur Paul, carpenter, 196 Union, house 
Lesieur Telesphore, carpenter, 22 Cypress, 

h. 141 Qreen [8 Austin 

Leslie David L. varnisher, 54 Hermon, bds. 
Leslie Henry A. engineer, 566 Main, house 

87 Penn ave. [Greendale 

Leslie John, farmer, bds. West BoylHton n. 
Leslie Maggie, attendant, Wor. Lunatic 

Hospital, Belmont, b. do. 
Leslie Susie, attendant, Wor. Lunatic Hos- 
pital, Belmont, b. do. 
L'Esperance Alphonsine T. teacher. Walnut 

street school, bds. 121 Southbrldge 
L'esperance Isaac T. - boarding-house, 121 

L'esperance Napoleon T. skatemaker, 81 

Mulberry, boards 121 Southbrldge 
L'esperance Raoeul I. tinsmith, 224 Front, 

h. 18 Spruce [20 Clinton 

L'esperance William T. clerk, 14 Front, h. 
Lessard F. Antoine, carpelter, 8 Norwich, 

bds. Morse n. Lovell [68 Suffolk 

Lessard John, shoemaker, 10 Mulberry, h. 
Lessard Louis, shoemaker, 10 Mulberry, 

house Suffolk 
Lessey Esther, widow, h. 574 Main 
Lessord Leopold, boot bottomer, 155 Front, 

boards 12 Washington sq. [Ellsworth 
Lester John, gardener, 6 Ripley, house 84 
Lester John J. moulder, 149 Washington, b. 

11 Meade 
Lester Walter, boards 71 Park 
Lesure Herbert, wireworker, 94 Grove, b. 

9 Main [89 LafiEiyette 

Letcher Louis, brakeman, P. ft W. R. R. h. 
Letendre Fred. L. hairdresser, 418 Main, h. 

24 Vine 
Letestu Zo6, widow of Algard, boards 10 


Letournean John B . boot aider, 70 Winter, 

h. 128 Chandler 
Letourneau Regina, dressmaker, 128 Chand- 
ler, bds. do. [h. 11 JjBjaia pL 
L6veill6e Michelle H. painter, 12 Norwich, 
Leveque Fhlllus, sawyer, 5 Bai^s^iit, hoofle 

11 Langdon 
Levitt Clara, cook, 265 Main, bds. 267 do. 
Levy George, hairdresser, 1 Tramball, bds. 

17 Hollywood [place 

Levy Nathan, tailor, 286 Main, h. 9 Layard 
Lew Hartwell, sawyer, 171 Union, b- 5 Folton 
Lewin Albert C. inspector, 548 Soatfabrldge, 

h. Lewis n. Southbrldge [Merrick 

Lewis Ann O. widow of Daniel L. b. 2 North 
Lewis Arthur B. clerk, 412 Main, b. 69 do. 
Lewis Arthur G. principal Belmont street 

school, house 89 Edward 
Lewis Benjamin, house 8 Sycamore 
Lewis Bei^Jamin H. machinist, hoase 2 Lin- 
coln ave. 
Lewis Benjamin R. house 75 Portland 
Lewis Carletto F. student, boards 5S6 Main 
Lewis Charles A. bartender, 40 Waldo, h. 

5 Central court 
Lewis Charles M. salesman, h. 1 Leicester 
Lewis Elias, baker, 215 Main, honse 64 No. 

Lewis Fernando F. laborer, h. 86 Winthrop 
Lewis Friend W. clerk, 4 Washington sq. 

house 85 Cutler 
Lewis George, ganger, house 14 Hancock 
Lewis George G. boards 89 Edward 
Lewis George H. carpenter, h. 586 Main 
Lewis George S. removed firom city 
Lewis James, vapor stoves, 270 Midn, bouse 

80 Dix 
Lewis James E. machinist, Hammond near 

R. R. house 6 Davis ^ Myrtle 

Lewis James E. B. machinist, 180 Gold, bds. 
Lewis John, teamster, h. Bloomingdale near 

Ascension [h. 11 Belmont 

Lewis Joseph H. wood worker, 196 Union, 
Lewis Joseph W. clerk, 94 Grove, boards st 

Clinton [18 Hawley 

Lewis Lucy W. widow of Joshua O. house 
Lewis Mary, widow of Charles, honse 286 

Park avenue [bds. 27 Mason 

Lewis Mary F. teacher, NorthviUe school, 
Lewis Nellie E. Mrs. boarding-house, rear 

South Court House 

LEWIS N, H* vapor stoves, 270 Main, 
house 30 Diz. — See page 594 
Lewis Sarah A. tailoress, boards 101 Paik 
Lewis Sarah A. boards 70 Chandler 
Lewis Thomas C. shoe bottomer, 68 High, 
boards 9 Myrtle [Hancock 

Lewis Will W. clerk, 505 Main, boards. 14 
Lewis Wm. A. machinist, boards 208 Main 
Lewis William E. foreman, Cleveland Ma- 
chine Works, 54 Jaclsson, h. 97 Beacon 
Lewis William H. driver, 201 Front, honse 

28 Salem 
Lewis Willie A. clerk, 876 Main, h. 84 Orange 
Lewis W. Dean, clerk, boards 5 Crown 
Lewlsson Lucy, teacher, Winslow st. school, 
boards 95 Elm [n. MlUbary 

Lextrom Chas. blacksmith, bds. Greenwood 

WOBCJBSTBM DIMXOTOBT ABBOAJO, The WoreeHer ntreetary U kept on fiU fifr 

eoneultatian hy the public in all the large eUiee of the country. 



Lextrom Edwin, blacksmlUi, b. Greenwood 
near Millbary [19 So. Rassell 

Ley Fred. W. cigar maker, 409 Main, lioase 
Leyden Edward, laborer, h. 22 Ellsworth 
Leyden Mary Mrs. house 27 Church 
Leyden Owen, Uborer, house 18 Foyle 
Leydon Fr&nlc, laborer, 77 Foster, boards 
178 Washington [26 Winter 

Leydon Michael, machinist, 77 Foster, bds. 
L'Heareaz Frank X. polisher, 31 Malberry, 

bds. rear 66 SIzchange 
L^Henrenx Leon, removed firom city 
Libbey Charles E. f)uiner,b. Holden n. Brattle 
LIbbey Gteo. A. fhrmer, b. Holden n. Brattle 
Libbey Henry C. (C. B. Knight db Co.)* 
Madison, hoase at Alder Brook, N. H. 
Libbey James L. Airmer, h. Holden n. Brattle 
LIbby Albert W. laborer, bds. 62 Salem 
LIbby DrusilU Mrs. hoase 62 Salem 
Llbl^ Herbert A. paperhanger, 284 Main, h. 

180 Washington 
Libby Lavine L. servant. 66 Front 
Liberty George, blacksmith, 88 No. Foster, 
house 69 School [bds. 4 Ghites 

Liberty George H. machinist, 60 Lagrange, 
Liberty Magloire, died [bds. 4 Gates 

Liberty Napoleon, machinist, 60 Lagrange, 
LibertTt see Lalibertd 
Liboof Jerry, blacksmith, h. 100 Lamartine 
Lichtenfela George, confectioner, house 28 
Cherry [Thomas 

Lichtenfela Wm. G. wire drawer, boards 19 
Liddle Geo. boiler maker, 61 Green, house 

1 Albert 
Lidstrom Johan, laborer, h. 4 Seymore 
Light Gardner, Aruit, house Bloomingdale 

near Plantation 
Light Joseph F. house 86 Portland 
Lightbonrn Catharine J. (MU$m Ughtboum), 

8 North Ashland, bds. do. 
Lightbonrn Fannie T. (MIsms UghtboumJ^ 

8 North Ashland, bds. do. 
Lightbonrn Frank P. clerk, 109 Main, bds. 
8 No. Ashland [b. 8 No. Ashland 

Lightbonrn Harriet, teacher, Dix st. school, 
Lightbonrn Louisa, h. 8 North Ashland 
Lightbonrn Misses (C. J. and F. T. Light- 

boumjt shirt manufs. 8 No. Ashland 
Lilley Andrew J. eating-house, 118 Front, 

house 77 Park 
Llmney Rose, boards 7 Mill 
Lincoln Cliarles A. house 87 Ozfbrd 
Lincoln Charles £• printer, 47 Main, house 
4 Denny [b. 6 Park ave. 

Lhiooln Charles H. draughtsman, 462 Main, 
Lincoln Charles H. machinist, 26 Salisbury, 
bds. 81 Wachusett [18 Maple 

Lincoln Edward B. salesman, 484 Main, bds. 
Lhicoln Edward W, chairman com. public 
grounds and sec'y Horticultural Society, 
18 Front, house 6 Oak 
Lbcoln Frances M. Miss, bds. 86 Chestnut 
LincoUi Fred. A. (Chrland <ft Lincoln)^ 20 

Qrafton, house at North Brookfleld 
Lincoln Horatio B., Sargent Card Clothing 
Co. 246 Sonthbridge, house 22 May 

LnOOLN LETI9 flour, grain, etc. 106 
Front, house 108 Elm. — Bet page 664 

Lincoln Lucius G. cooper, hoase 6 Park av. 
Lincoln Moses, machinist, 26 Salisbury, h. 

81 Wachusett 
Lincoln Sanford W. removed to Millbury 
Lincoln Seth W. printer, 426 Main, h. 6 No. 

Lincoln Stephen C. carpenter, h. 8 Waverley 
Lincoln Waldo (W. E, ChUter A Co.), Lafay* 

ette c. Qninsigamond av. h. 49 Elm 
Lincoln Warren P. supt. 149 Washington, h. 

46 Yemon 
Lincoln William S. fkrmer, 208 Main, house 

Chandler c. May [cor. May 

Lincoln Winsiow S. farmer, house Chandler 
Lind August, died Nov. 18, 1888, age 21 
Lind Carl, wireworker, boards 6 Crescent 
Lind Peter E. laborer, house Greenwood c. 

MUlbnry [foot Harlem 

Lindahl John, machinist, 110 Green, house 
Lindberg Andrew G. wire plater, house 6 

Crescent [Whitney 

Lindberg Anna, widow of Peter, boards 9 
Lindberg August, wire drawer, b. Dryden n. 

Hemans [Whipple 

Lindberg Carl E. laborer, h. Millbury opp. 
Lindberg Charles W. laborer, b. 12 Oswald 
Lindberg C. Isak, laborer, boards rear Mill* 

bury n. Greenwood [opp. Whipple 

Lindberg Jacob A. sinker, house Millbury 
Lindberg John A. galvaniser, house Steb- 

bins near Thenius 
Lindberg J. Alfred, sinker, house Millbury 
Lindberg J. August, sinker, house Perry n. 

Lindberg Otto, laborer, boards 9 Whitney 
Lindberg Otto A. wireworker, l>oards 84 

Lindberg W. Charles W. laborer, house 261 

Millbury [coin 

Lindblad Gustaf, wire plater, bds. 179 Lin- 
Lindblad John, laborer, boards 89 Mulberry 
Lindblad John R. bootmaker, 11 Water, h. 

84 Harrison [6 Davis 

LInder Olof, blacksmith, 10 Mill, boards 
Lindfors Erick M. machinist, 110 Green, h. 

14 Endicott 
Lindgren Carl F. laborer, b. 7 Oswald 
Lindgren Charles, armorer, 44 Central, h. 26 

Orchard [Edgeworth 

Lindgren Eric, wireworker, h. Sigourney n. 
Lindgren William G. laborer, bds. 6 Eastern 

avenue [Milton 

Lindholm John, laborer, bds. Edgeworth c 
Lindquist Andrew, sinker, h. Greenwood n. 

city line [North 

Lindquist Chas. wireworker, b. Sigourney n. 
Lindqnlst Charles, wireworker, lK>ards 174 

Lindquist John, laborer, house Perry 
Lindquist John, laborer, boards 40 Hanover 
Lindquist Nils, sinker, house Greenwood n. 

city line 
Lindquist Oscar, laborer, h. 802 Millbury 
Lindsay Charles A. conductor, h. 18 School 
Lindsay Henry G. provisions, 102 Canter- 
bury, h. do. 
Lindsay Nellie F. teacher, bds. 86 Pleasant 
Lindsey Ed ward, carpenter, b. 8 Mulberry ct. 







Lindsey E. P. Mrs. boards 14 High 
Llndsey George J. driver, 827 Main, house 

87 N. Ashland [8 Mulberry ct. 

Llndsey Henry I. carpenter, 61 Green, bds. 
Llndsey Talbert, carpenter, h. 46 Abbott 
Lindsey Wilson K. bookkeeper, h. 9 Harvard 
Lindstrom Andrew, wireworker, h. 11 Milton 
Lindstrom Knut, salesman, b. 116 Lincoln 
Lindstrom Olaf, wire packer, foot Kansas, 

house 83 Washburn 
Lindwall Charles W. removed fl:om city 
Linehan Mary, widow of Michael, house 5 

Gold St. court [court 

Linehan Michael, laborer, h. 19 Gold street 
Linehan Timothy, removed from city 
Linnehan Patrick, moulder, 87 Gold, boards 

5 Gold street court 
Lingley John H. (Amidon 4b Lingley), 88 

Southbridge, house 94 Piedmont 
Lingquist Otto, laborer, beards 8 Perry 
Linnell Benjamin F. canvasser, 281 Main, h. 

50 High [High 

Linnell Walter F. clerk, 895 Main, boards 50 
Linnott Margaret M. cook, b. 14 So. Irving 
Llnscott Louis A. worsted manuf. 548 

Southbridge, boards 492 do. 
Linsted John G. machinist, 57 Jackson, bds. 

28 Chandler 
Linton Arthur H. removed to Springfield 
Linton George E. clerk, 420 Main, boards 25 

Fulton [worth, h. r. do. 

Lipshitz Isaac, drv goods, MiUbury c. Ells- 

LISGOMB IfATHANIEL S. hats, caps, 
furs, gents' fhrnishing goods, etc. 418 
Main, hoase 88 Elm. — See front cover 
Litch Aaron K. boards 7 Oread place 
Litcher Louis, wiper, P. & W. R. R. engine 

house, house 89 Lafayette 
Litchfield Orin E. foreman, Crescent, b. 128 
Lincoln [Norfolk 

Little Anthony, baker, 166 Pleasant, h. 14 
Little Eli A. baker, house 2 Newbury 
Little Frank, boards 14 Norfolk 
Little George, removed to Boston 
Little George E. removed tvom city 
Little James, laborer, boards 6 Layard pi. 
Little James A. wire temperer, 94 Grove, b. 

9 Newport 
Little John, slater, boards 82 Wall [h. do. 
Little Joseph, driver, Lyman, Barnardville, 
Little Robert, mason, house 20 Cutler 
Little Russell M. teacher. Highland Military 

Academy, Salisbury, boards do. 
Little William, shoemaker, house 15 Hudson 
Little William, compositor, b. 12 Washing- 
ton sq. [15 Hudson 
Little William, Jr. machinist, 54 Jackson, b. 
Little William F. clerk, B. & A. R. B. freight 

house, boards 9 Newport 
Littlefleld Cora L. milliner, b. 102 Thomas 
Littlefield Henry H. machinist, 19 Church, 

house 29 Benefit 
Littleton Bridgets. clerk,b. 175 Washington 
Littleton Stephen, farmer, h. 10 Riverside 
Livermore Ansel G. proprietor, Millbury ex- 
press, 8 Front, house at MiUbury 
Livermore Arthur H. butcher, 154 Chandler, 
house 25 Mason 

Livermore Charles G. house 19 Oxford 
Livermore C. Frank, fancy goods, 552 Main, 

h. 68 Austin [20 Wlnslow 

Livermore Edwin F. clerk, 154 Chandler, h- 
Livermore E. Edward, woodworker, 10 B. 

Worcester, house 81 Clinton [80 Pearl 
Livermore George W. dentist, 886 Main, h. 
Livermore Hiram B. wire drawer, house 15 

Livermore Lorenzo D. removed to Spencer 
Livermore Lydia, widow of Elisha, house 49 

Irving [63 Austin 

Livermore Walter F. clerk, 584 Main, bds. 
Liversage William E. machinist, h. 29 Clinton 
Livingston Florence A. bookkeeper, 458 

Main, b. 88 Newbury 
Livingston Frank, armorer, 42 Gardner, b. 

208 Southbridge 
Livingston Fred, machinist, house 15 Denny 
Livingston George, laborer, h. 284 Park av. 
Livingston John, foremsn, h. 10 Home 
Livingston John C. confectioner, 511 Main, 

bds. 19 Austin [889 Southbridge 

Livsey Robert, machinist, 62 Jackson, house 
Llzotte Antolne, clerk, 27 Washington sq. 

house 9 Eaton pi. [b. 59 Piedmont 

Ljungberg Charles, polisher, 128 Chandler, 
IJungberg John, razor maker, 128 Chandler, 

house 59 Piedmont [bniy 

Ljunggren Audrus G. laborer, h. 165 Mill- 
Lloyd Eliza Mrs. second-hand clothing, 216 

Front, house do. [16 Mechanic 

Lloyd George E. cutter, Hamilton, boards 
Lloyd Hattle A. boards 15 Irving 
Lloyd John E. messenger, U. S. & Canada 

Express office, boards 49 Park 
Lloyd Philip, machinist, 57 Jackson, house 

148 Chandler [bds. 18 School 

Lobam Bei^amin S. clerk, 1 P. O. block, 
Lobben Charles, wheelwright, 149 Front, b. 

55 Eastern ave. [Thomas 

Lobben Jens, armorer, 44 Central, bds. 16 
Lobben Peter, armorer, 44 Central, boards 

55 Eastern av. [Lovell n. Coes aq» 

Lobdell Francis L. machinist, 1 Coes sq. h. 
Lobdell Thomas J. Jr. engineer, h. Lovell n. 

Coes sq. 
Lochner John, tailor, 58 Water, house do. 
Lochner Margaret, widow of John, boards 

58 Water 
Locke Alfred E. driver, American Express 

Co. r. Union depot, house 16 Irving 
Locke Amos R. machinist, 161 Union, bds. 

71 Hanover [18 Assonet 

Locke Charles, boot sider, 108 Front, hoase 
Locke Geo. £. physician, 428 Southbridge, 

boards 189 Beacon 
Locke Henry, baker, h. 98 Southbridge 
Locke Henry, iceman, h. 6 Wachusett 
Locke Loyd P. (Locke db Bobinaon), 99 

Central, house 59 Thomas 
Locke Thomas M. wireworker, h. 88 Edward 
Locke William L. driver, 18 Mechanic, k. 

259 Grove [Bowdoln 

Locke William M. driver, 7 Denny, h. 64 

LOCKE & BOBINSOlf (L. P. Locke and 
B. W, JRo&insonj, scrap iron, stoves, etc 
99 Central. — Seepage 697 






Lockhart Hibbert, clergymaD, house 1 Agrt- 

Lof John Gnstaf, laborer, h. 84 MlUbury 
Lof Nils P. sinker, house foot Harlem 
Lof blad Jacob, laborer, h. 2 Oswald 
Lofgren John, laborer, h. 4 HeDchman ct. 
Loftas Anthony, laborer, h. 15 Lafkyette 
Lofbns John, laborer, house r. MUlbary near 
B. B., Q. [Hanover 

Loftus John L. helper, 161 Union, boards 81 
Loftos Michael, cooper, Patnam lane, hoase 
so Hanover [Holy Cross 

Loftas Michael, laborer, boards College 
Loftns Patrick, laborer, house r. Millbury n. 
B. B., Q. [opp. Stebblns 

Loftns Patrick, 2d. laborer, bds. Millbury 
Loftns Patrick H. removed from city 
Loftas William, machinist, h. 81 Hanover 
Logan David W. agent Wheeler & Wilson 
sewing machines, 684 Main, b. Waverly 
Logan James, sec. Whitcomb Envelope Co. 

20 Salisbury, h. 80 John 
Logan John G. carpenter, house 161 1| Grove 
Logan John J. laborer, 19 Foster, boards 17 
Fountain [h. 5 Mechanic st. ct. 

Logan Lawrence, laborer, 28 Manchester, 
Logan Mark T. produce, house 9 Barclay 
Logan Miles H. laborer, house SIgourney c. 

Logan Oscar A. clerk, 864 Main, b. 147 do. 
Logan Patrick F. painter, b. 50 Green 
Logan Bapert J. carpenter, h. 17 Fountain 
Logan Thomas, laborer, house 5 Nashua 
Logan Thomas, laborer, h. 100 Mechanic 
Logan Timothy, sorter, 17 Southgate, bds. 

47 do. 
Logee Simon, machinist, house 2 Quincy 
Lohoar Alex, wireworker, boards 77 Water 
Loisean Antonin, carpenter, h. 78 Wall 
Loiselle Alexander, painter, Shrewsbury c. 

Lyon, house 18 Lyon 
Loiselle Alick, removed to Montreal, Can. 
Loiselle Joseph, carpenter, h. 15 Jefferson 
Loiselle Louis, clerk, house 15 Jefferson 
Loiselle Nelson S. skatemaker, boards 15 

Loiselle Peter, hairdresser, b. 15 Jefferson 
Loke Axil, laborer, 51 Green, h. 102 Lafayette 
Loke George, laborer, 110 Green, bds. 102 

Lombard Belle K. rem'd to N. Brookfleld 
Lombard Edward K. supt. 78 School, h. 21 
John [Columbia 

Lombard Eneas, policeman. City Hall, h. 84 
Lombard Ida E. Mrs. bds. 176 Southbridge 
Lombard Jackson, woodworker, 86 Central, 
house 87 Thomas [Blackstone 

Lombard John, laborer, 181 Union, house 48 
Lombard Minnie M. widow of Samuel W. 

house 61 Summer 
Lombard Nathan A. (N. A, Lombard A Co,), 
78 School, house 59 Hanover 

LOIBABD N. A. A CO. woolen machinery, 
I 78 SchooL— iS'e6iHi^6 672 
Lombard Bichard, laborer, h. 184 Shrewsbury 
^^^bard Sarah P. Mrs. nurse, h. 17 Home 
Winery James, spinner, b. 47 Southgate 

Londergan John, laborer, 12 Shrewsbury, h. 

86 Canterbury [h. r. 86 Benefit 

Londergan Patrick, laborer, 48 Shrewsbury, 
Loner Thomas, boiler maker, r. 179 Union, 

boards 16 Thomas 
Lonergan Edmond, laborer, h. 167 Grove 
Lonergan James E. machinist, 178 Union, b. 

51 Union av. [ing, h. 6 Lovell ct. 

Lonergan John, flagman, Franklin st. cross- 
Lonergan Patrick, gardener, h. 51 Union av. 
Lonergan Thos. J. engineer, 19 Washington 

sq. house 119 Grafton 
Lonergan Thomas S. removed to Boston 
Long Alflred W. (Davenport db Long), r. 155 

Front, house at Oxford 
Long Charles B. machinist, h. 29 William 
Long Charles B. machinist, 287 Chandler, b. 

285 do. [28 Mason 

Long Edward M. machinist, May, house 
Long Horace B. bellows maker, boards 8 

Queen [Ellsworth 

Long James, wire drawer, Pitt, boards 24 
Long James T. machinist, 110 Green, bds. 

5 Taylor 
Long Jane E. Mrs. h. 4 George street court 
Long John, boot sider, h. rear 77 Madison 
Long Joseph A. salesman, 558 Main, house 

105 Austin 
Long Mary A. Mrs. b. 235 Chandler 
Long Michael, laborer, bds. 40 Millbury 
Long Patrick, laborer, house 5 Taylor 
Long Patrick, wire drawer, h. 80 Millbury 
Long R. Webster, lastmaker, 8 Harris court, 

house 25 William [40 Millbury 

Long Thomas F. machinist, 110 Green, house 
Longfellow Clarence H. tobacconist, 125 

Main, boards 58 do. 
Longfellow Frank W. rem'd to Augusta, Me. 
Longley Alfred H. bookkeeper, 400 Main, b. 

88 William [452 Main, h. 160 Austin 
Longley Edward E. (Kendall A Longley), 
Longley Elijah A. farmer, h. Lovell n. May 
LoDgley Granville A. (Bigeloio dt Longley), 

888 Main, house 19 Crown 
Longley James O. machinist, h. 824 Main 
Longley Julia A. widow of Henry, boards 
' 160 Austin [Mechanic 

Longteau Thomas, laborer, 87 Gold, boards 
Longval Henry, casemaker, 9 May, bds. 56 

Myrtle [Perry 

Lonnroth Chas. F. laborer, h. Millbury near 
Looby Edmond, machinist, Water c. Ledge, 

house 14 Millbury 
Looby John, brakeman, h. 10 Gold st. court 
Looby John T. clerk, 805 Main, b. 14 Millbury 
Looby Lawrence, boards 91 Millbury 
Looby Lawrence, plumber, bds. 14 Millbury 
Looby Michael, machinist, house 181 Salem 
Looby Michael, machinist, 110 Green, house 

91 Millbury 
Looby, see Luby 

Loomls Susan A. Mrs. nurse, house 14 Vine 
Looney John, saloon, 1 Suifolk, house 70 

Looney Joseph, wiper, W., N. & R. R. R. 

round house, h. 4 Boland ct. 
Looney Patrick, laborer, house 2 Milk 
Looney Patrick, removed to Boston 






L'Orange Alflred, carpenter, 196 Union, boase 

at Mlllbury [bridge 

L'Orange Bmno, carpenter, h. 186 Sootb- 
liOranger Frank, bootmaker. Pink cor. Lily, 

house 15 North Ashland [do. 

Lord Aaron G. clerk, Waverly House, ods. 
Lord Augustine E. moulder, h. 15 Valley 
Lord Beiy. L. cigar maker, h. 818 Main 
Lord Charles, wire packer, h. 14 Lancaster 
Lord Charles E. clerk, 420 Main, boards 1 

Church place [h. 180 Austin 

Lord Charles H. finisher, 7 Washington sq. 
Lord Daniel P. eating-house, 281 Main, h. 1 

Church place [Church place 

Lord Everett A. cutter, 501 Main, boards 1 
Lord Frank M. clerk at wireworks, Q. house 

27 West 
Lord Fred. H. rerooyed firom city 
Lord Henry T. lather, house 8 Tufts 
Lord James, solderer, house 85 Webster 
Lord Louis, boot bottomer, 155 Front, bds. 

22h Pleasant [Austin 

Lord Mary T. widow of Andrew H. bds. 159 
Lord Rand, foreman, 7 Washington square, 

h. 58 Austin [15 Stafford 

Lord Robert, machinist, 28 Webster, boards 
Lord Thomas B. salesman, house 879 Main 
Loring Edmund W. clerk, 416 Main, bds. 

180 Beacon [4 Harrington ave. 

Loring Elmer H. organ maker, 19 Union, h. 
Loring Henry A. painter, h. 44 Bowdoin 
Loring John W. supt. Loring & Blake Organ 

Co. 19 Union, house 45 Prospect 
Loring Wm. H. rem*d to Leavenworth, Kan. 

Woodford, sec. and treas.), 19 Union. — 

See page 654 
Lorion Albert, bootcutter, 82 Austin, house 

10 Assonet 
Lorion Albert C. clerk, B., B. & O. B. R. 

office. Union depot, bds. 10 Assonet 
Lorion Delphine, clerk, bds. 88 Orange 
Lorion Vital, shoecutter, 10 Mulberry 
Lorrett John S. C. coachman, 842 Main, bds. 

850 do. [15 Maple 

Loud Jacob R. compositor, 442 Main, bds. 
Loud William S. canvasser, h. 9 Clifton 
Loudon Benjamin, coachman, bds. 887 Main 
Loudon John B. coachman, 1049 Main, house 

7 Mill 
Lough Thomas, wire tester, h. r. 8 Sunnyside 
Loughlin James, laborer, Hammond n. R. R. 

bds. 72 Shrewsbury 
Loughlin James, laborer, boards 2 Milk 
Lougblin John, laborer, house 89 Grafton 
Loughlin John, boards 409 Southbridge 
Loughlin John, laborer, boards 17 Summer 
Loughlin John, laborer, boards 11 Wade 
Loughlin John, truckman, 182 Washington 
Loughlin Margaret, widow, bds. 409 South- 
bridge [Southbridge 
Loughlin Margaret, washerwoman, h. 409 
Loughlin Michael, mason, h. 81 Market 
Loughlin Patrick, saloon, 186 Cambridge, 

house do. 
Loughlin Peter, Jr. laborer, h. 20 Henry 
Loughlin Stephen, laborer, 19 Cypress, bds. 

2 Columbia court 

Loughlin Thomas, laborer, h. 87 CantertMiiy 
Loughlin Thomas, stonecutter, Sammer oor. , 

R. R. house 24 Orchard 
Loughlin, see McLaughlin 
Loughman James M. blacksmitb, BeUevne 

comer Chandler, boards 16 Bloff 
Loughnane John, Jr. coachman, b. 50 John 
Loughnane John C. wirepacker, b. 32 Pink 
Love Gnstave, wireworker, b. 148 Main 
Love James, mason, h. Byron n. MiUbrook 
Love James H. machinist, honse 17 Spruce 
Love John F. polisher, 199 Front, h. 515 

Main [n. MiUbrook 

Love John R. polisher, 44 Central, b. 8 Byron 
Love Matthew D. machinist, b. Ill Beacon 
Love Richard, overseer, 17 Soutbgate, h. 58 

do. [log 

Lovejoy Chas. E. wire packer, b. 15 Gould- 
Lovejoy Delno £. machinist, 22 Cypress, b. 

28 Prospect f Pleasant 

Lovejoy Herbert W. veterinarian, bds. 224 
Lovejoy Josiah P. packer, h. 54 Groye 
Lovejoy Josiah S. engineer, W., N. ft B. B. 

R. h. 92 Summer 
Lovell Albert A. carpenter, h. 88 Lafayette 
Lovell Albert A. rem'd to Medfield 
LoTcU Albert Y. machinist, 110 Oreen, b. 

88 Orange 
Lovell Augustus, lather, b. Brooks n. Ararat 
Lovell Austin C machinist, 20 Union, h. 267 

Park ave. 

LOTELL A. BEAMAH. maaon, cement 
drain pipe manuf . and sand dealer, 100 

May, h. 682 UaXn^Seepage 608 
Lovell Bernard P. driver, 550 Main, boards 

109 Chandler [MiUbniy 

Lovell Charles £. clerk, P. & W. R. B. b. at 
Lovell Cyrus A. fanner, h. Mountain near 

city line [Brooks n. Ararat 

Lovell Dorothy G. widow of Epbraim, h. 
Lovell Edward, foreman, 11 Water, bouse at 

West Boylston 
Lovell Edwin H. h. 12 Lagrange [Orange 
Lovell Elmer E. clerk, 579 Main, boards 88 
Lovell Frank, rem'd from city [Chandler 
Lovell Frank R. clerk, 184 Front, bds. 15 
Lovell George A. farmer, h. Mountain near 

city line 
Lovell Geo. W. mason, 40 Clifton, h. do. 
Lovell Harrison, cutter, 152 Southbridge, h. 

at Holden 
Lovell Helen, bds. 20 Kingsbury [land 

Lovell Henry, carrier, P. O. h. 12 No. Asb- 
Lovell John A. mason, house Bumcoat near 

Lovell John D. house 774 Main [sett 

Lovell John E. clerk, 61 Main, h. 9S Wacha- 
Lovell Joseph, clerk, house 682 Main 
LoveU Luther M. teller, Worcester Co. Inst 

for Savings, 18 Foster, h. 25 Harvard 
Lovell Manuf. Co. 184 Main [buiy 

Lovell Wm. H. painter, 414 Main, h. at Mill- 
Lovely Frank, sawyer, 19 Union, bouse 24| 

Orchard [sigamond are. 

Lovely Fred, laborer, Lafayette c Quin- 
Lovely George, machinist, 110 Green, bds* 

19 Ward [Southbridffe 

Lovely Jennie Mrs. washerwonum, bds. 500 





Lorely Jobn, watdunan, 31 Grafton, h. 8 

Liarkln [Bichland 

LoTely I«eviy carpenter, 110 Green, house 8 

Lovely Maxim, painter, 52 School, house U 

Lorely Oliver, carpenter, h. 19 Ward 
Loverin Albert H. boot finisher, 60 King, b. 

15 Hudson 
Loverin Hannah A. nurse, house 15 Hudson 
Loverin Horace, carpenter, h. Leicester 
LoTerin^ Amasa F. derk, h. 42 Newbury 
LoTering Francis M. salesman, 484 Main, h. 

2 (Moulding 
LoTerins Ira J. shoemaker, h. 16 Gold 
Lorering John R. fish peddler, h. 47 Lake 
Loverin^ Joseph F. pastor First Parish 

(Old South), house 98 Elm 
LoTering Mary J. house 2 Goulding 
LoTerlng Bebecca M. widow of Freeman, 

b. 877 Pleasant 
Low Kverett M. machinist, 81 Hermon, bds. 

89 Chandler 
Lowder Francis, laborer, house 10 Grace 
Lowe Charles H. laborer, b. 82 Grove 
Lowe Eliza J. widow of John K. boards 61 

Lowe Greorge H. rem'd to Boston 
Lowe Henry R. physician. Greenwood, b. do. 
Lowe John A. butcher, house 51 Lincoln 
Lowe John A. shoenudcer, 680 Main, house 

640 do. 
Lowe Mary M. milliner, b. 29 Cutler 
Lowe Moses H. teller. Mechanics Nat. Bank, 
811 Main, house 81 West 

of Fashion j, millinery and fancy goods, 

804 and 806 Main, h. 986 do.— /S'tf^ page 

585 [Qulncy 

Lowell Charles C. clerk, 12 Pearl, house 9 
Lowell Geo. M. machinist, 20 Union, h. 18 

Wachusett [h. 56 Shelby 

Lowell Henry C. baggageman, Union depot, 
Lowell Wm. J. machinist, 161 Union, h. at 


LOWELL WRENCH CO. 19 Chxach.—See 
page 675 [pair shop, b. 26 Winter 

Lowney Daniel, laborer, W., N. & R. R. R. re* 
Lowney Ellen, domestic, bds. 7 Beaver 
Lowney Wm. B. harness maker, 25 Ex- 
change, h. 10 Belmont 
Lowry Michael, laborer, house 24 Sigel 
Loynd Richard B. weaver, 110 Green, h. 19 

Assonet [freight yard, h. 78 Green 

Loynd Thomas, engineer, P. & W. R. R. 
Loynes Charles N. blacksmith, 95 Thomas, 

h. 80 Summer 
Lozan Simeon, bootmaker, h. 12 Bluff 
Lozean Jean Baptiste, boot maker, 60 King, 

h. r. 176 Chandler 
Lnbey Daniel, harness maker, 219 Front, b. 

216 Main [Summer 

Loby James C. stoves, 240 Front, h. 187 
Laby Timothy, boot sider, 103 Front, h. 188 

Laby, see Looby [15 Gates 

Lucas Harry E. organ-action maker, house 
Lucas James, tinsmith, 591 Main, house 12 


Lucas Wm. & Son ( Wm. H. Lucas), stoves, 

etc. 591 Main, boards 47 Centrid 
Lucas Wm. H. fJVm. Lucas A Son), 591 

Main, bds. 802 do. [Woodland 

Luce Frank B. photographer, 492 Main, b. 11 
Luce Mary A. widow of Thomas W. house 

15 Home 
Lucett John, rem'd from city [Belmont 

Luchay Wm. D. wire drawer, house 64 
Lucier Alexander, boot bottomer, house 70 

Lucier Chas. N. musician, h. 103 Thomas 
Lucier Frank X. carpenter, 10 £. Worcester, 

house 27 Wall [ingdale 

Lucier Hermlne Mrs. sewer, bds. 84 Bloom- 
Lucier John B., French agent, B.. B. & G. 

R. R. , Union depot 
Lucier Joseph R. musician, b. 108 Thomas 
Lucier Louis A. carpenter, 10 E. Worcester, 

h. 139 Green 
Lucier L. Alfred, carpenter, h. 51 Norfolk 
Lucier Peter, wire drawer, h. 108 Thomas 
Lucier Marie Rose, musician, b. 103 Thomas 
Lucitt Edmund E. bartender, 208 Mechanic, 

h. 9 Fox [Goddard 

Lucitt Mary, widow of Richard, house 10 
Lucitt Wm. F. bookkeeper, 26 Spring, and 

saloon, 208 Mechanic, b. 10 Goddard 
Lucy Patrick, laborer. 23 Webster, house 81 

Ellsworth [126 Front 

Luddy Thomas J. plumber, 12 Foster, boards 
Ludwig Rose, dressmaker, 98 Park, boards 

40 Lincoln 
Ludy Catharine, laundress, 13 South Irving 
Ludy Timothy, laborer, h. 8 South Irving 
Ltlcke Herman, watches, jewelry, etc. 281 

Main, h. 90 Salem 
Lufkins Daniel, laborer, boards 36 Mason 
Lufkins Simon R. canvasser, 134 Main, h. 36 


LUGBIN HICKS, physician, 387 Main, 
house do.See page 506 
Lumazett Charles H. removed from city 
Lumb Fred. H. (T, Lumb & Co,), 29 Wash- 
ington square, h. 85 Washington 
Lumb Thomas & Co. {F. H, Lumb), saloon, 

29 Washington sq. b. 33 Washington 
Lund A. Herbert, watchman, boards 93 Main 
Lund Charles, painter, house 99 Mulberry 
Lund Ebenezer, helper, boards 8 Davis 
Lund Joel I. clothes wringers, 18 Norwich, 

h. 216 Main 
Lund J. I. Mrs. boarding-house, 216 Main 
Lund Lars J. laborer, house 236 Millbury 
Lund Peter, laborer, boards 29 North 
Lund Theodore, painter, 110 Green 
Lundberg Fred, carpenter, h. 41 School 
Lundberg Gottfried O. R. supt. Worcester 

Malleable Iron Co. b. Lincoln House 
Lundberg Paul, mason, h. 96 Belmont 
Lundblad CUina M. b. 326 MUlbury 
Lundblad Lars J. gardener, Worcester Lu- 
natic Hospital, Belmont, h. Belmont n. 
Shrewsbury [Belmont n. Shrewsbury 
Lundblad Sarah, widow of Andrew, boards 
Lundeval Oscar, armorer, 44 Central, boards 

43 Hanover 
Lundgren Carl I. carpenter, 23 Sigel, h. do. 






Lnndgren Gnstaf , wireworker, house 44 N. 

Ashland [Eastern ave. 

Lnndgren John, wireworker, boards 37 
Lnndgren John A. wireworker, boards 9 N. 

Lnndgren John G. boards 51 Kingsbury 
Lundgi'en P. Arvld, reed-board maker, 9 

May, h. 1 Winfleld [28 Fox 

Lundln Lewis, shoemaker, 686 Main, house 
Lnndstrom John F. laborer, h. 192 Chandler 
Lundstrom Ludwlg L. tailor, 410 Main, h. 

Tufts n. Winfleld 
Lundstrom Peter G. machinist, h. r. 397 

Lund well Carl, wlreworker, b. 216 Main 
Lungren Charles, wlreworker, h. 65 Orchard 
Lungren Eric G. wlreworker, h. 167 Grove 
Lungren Gustaf 0. wlreworker, h. 2 Harlem 
Lungren John W. wlreworker, h. 63 Orchard 
Lunn Richard E. grinder, 10 Mill, boards 12 

Montague [Spring 

Luplen Joseph, presser, 410 Main, boards 21 
Luplen Octave, polisher, boards 21 Spring 
Lutgarde Marie Sister, teacher, 81 Park, 

boards do. 
Luther Chas C. evangelist, b. 28 Crown 
Luther Henry A. jr. painter, 18 Madison, h. 

210 Chandler [h. 28 Crown 

Luther Jonathan, patent rights, 12 Front, 
Lybeck Andrew G. laborer, boards 4 Pitt 
Lybeck Charles, wlreworker, b. 25 Thomas 
Lyford Ella J. teacher. Providence street 

school, boards 63 Portland 
Lyford J. Chauncey, principal Wlnslow 

street school, house 165 Austin 
Lyle Bei\J. F. cook, 881 Main, h. 8 Sudbury 
Lyman Irving C. W. clerk, 60 Trumbull, b. 

at Waverly House 
Lyman Joseph L. woodworker, 100 Pres- 

cott, boards 9 Linwood pi. 
L3mch Andrew Mrs. boards 628 Main 
Lynch Andrew B. porter, 801 Main, b. do. 

LYNCH BERNARD, liqpors, ales, &c., 39 
Washington square, house 25 Penn ave. 

cor. Harrison. — See page 642 
Lynch Catharine, house 18 Spruce 
Lynch Catherine M. widow of Patrick H. 

bds. 18 Eaton place 
L3nich Christopher A. clerk, Worcester Gas 

Light Co. 11 Foster, b. 12 Jefferson 
Lynch Cornelius, blacksmith, 100 Prescott, 

house 48 Union 
Lynch Cornelius, wire cleaner, h. 9 Dorrance 
Lynch Daniel, laborer, boards 16 Foundry 
Lynch Daniel, moulder, 87 Grold, house 78 

Lynch Dennis, bartender, 14 Howard, b. do. 
Lynch Dennis, laundry, 26 Pleasant, h. 40 

Chatham [28 Grand 

Ljrnch Edward, blacksmith, 28 Webster, h. 
Lynch Ellen, widow, house 5 Lovell court 
Lynch George, peddler, h. 112 Lamartlne 
Lynch George E. removed to Orange 
Lynch James, laborer, boards 13 Blossom 
Lynch James, tailor, 898 Main, house 6 

Providence [Chandler 

Lynch James, gasfitter, 458 Main, boards 44 
Lynch James, laborer, boards 18 Howard 

Lynch James A. clerk, 817 Main, boards IS 
Jefferson [Mill, b. 4 Carson court 

Lynch James F. card stripper, Pakachoag 
Lynch John, machinist, 110 Green, boards 
31 Winter [school, b. 12 Jefflsrson 

Lynch JohnE. teacher, So. Worcester 
Lynch Margaret Mrs. house 12 Jefferson 
Lynch Margaret, widow of Owen, boards 25 
Penn ave. [18 Howard 

Lynch Margaret, widow of Dennis, house 
Lynch Mary Mrs. house 69 Bridge 
Lynch Mary Mrs. honse 60 Winter 
Lynch Mary, widow of Thomas, h. 77 East 
Worcester [Columbia 

Lynch Mary, widow of Michael, boards 1 
Lynch Mary £. clerk, boards 25 Winter 
Lynch Michael, laborer, 52 Jackson, bouse 
68 Gold [h. 84 Colambia 

Lynch Michael, marble cutter, 5S Central, 
Lynch Michael, helper, W., N. & R. R. B. re- 
pair shop, h. 19 Howard 
Lynch Michael J. blacksmith, 152 Union, h. 

34 Church 
Lynch Patrick, laborer, house 9 Carbon 
Lynch Patrick, laborer, boards 6 Summer 
Lynch Peter, stable, r. 159 Pleasant, b. 159 do. 
Lynch Philip, laborer, house 6 Howard 
Lynch Richard E. rem'd to Providence, R L 
Lynch Susie E. housekeeper, 840 Cambridge 
Lynch Thomas, farmer, h. Brattle near city 
line [Jefferson 

Lynch Thomas, Jr. clerk, 541 Main, h. 12 
Lynch Thomas J. laborer, b. 18 Howard 
Lynch Thomas J. bartender, 8 Southbridge, 

house Mechanic 
Lynch William, paperhanger, b. 5 Lovell ct. 
Lynch William, laborer, h. 17 Conlln ct. 
Lyne Michael, carpenter, house 4 Beach 
Lyon AlAred S. driver, h. 78 Piedmont 
Lyon Catharine M. widow of Joshua B. b. 

5 South Russell [h. 686 Main 
Lyon C. Emerson, organ tuner, 17 Hermon, 
Lyon Eben, attendant, Worcester Lunatic 

Hospital, Belmont, boards do. 
Lyon Eveline P. widow of Jonathan, boards 

Lovell near Maywood 
Lyon George S. hostler, 40 Harvard, b. do. 
Lyon Henry P. clerk, 40 Chandler, h. 24 do. 
Lyon James, laborer, b. 178 Shrewsbury 
Lyon John, laborer, boards 86 Temple 
Lyon John W. foreman, Pakachoag Mill, b. 

6 Gardner 

Lyon Swift B. organ tuner, 17 Hermon, bds. 

686 Main [School 

Lyon William E. wlreworker, boards 57 
Lyons Bridget, widow of Michael, h. Scott 

near Lafayette 
Lyons Christopher, laborer, bds. 19 Ward 
Lyons Cornelius, laborer, h. 25 Gold st. ct 
Lyons C. Edward, driver, 215 Main, house 

29 Chandler 
Lyons Edmund, cook. College Holy Cross, 

boards do. [28 do. 

Lyons Jeremiah, laborer, 110 Green, boards 
Lyons Joanna E. Mrs. h. 41 Bellevue 
Lyons John, machinist, 122 Gold, boards U 

Lyons Martin, laborer, b. 181 Shrewsbury 






X«y OD8 Mary A. widow of Johu L. house 867 

I«yons Mary T. dressmaker, 8 Blake, b. do. 
Ijry CDS Michael, rem'd to ThoropsoDville, Ct. 
ILtyoDS Michael, laborer, b. 186 Washington 
Z^yoDS Patrick, laborer, house 161 Grove 
IL«yon8 Patrick, laborer, h. MiUbury n. R. R. 
XiyoDS Thomas J. armorer, 42 Gardner, bds. 

38 Ellsworth [Madison 

liyoDs Timothy, laborer, 62 Jackson, b. 89 
Xayons William, laborer, house 18 Mitchell 
IL.ytle Rock, driver, 526 Main, b. 12 Benefit 
Uytle William A. (Davis, Lytle A Co.), 286 

Main, house 18 Oak ave. 

BAaag Hsnbi, machinist, 161 Union, house 

208 Southbridge 
Mabbett William L. foreman, 548 Sooth- 
bridge, house 1 14 Southgate [Main 
Mabray James J. burnisher, 68 High, b. 222 
Mabray Timothy, laborer, house 24 Cross 
Mace George W. removed to Florida 
Macfarland Ella M. teacher, Walnut street 

school, bds. 19 Maple 
MacFarlane J. loom manuf. 42 Gardner, 
bds. Continental Hotel 

MMlNNES JOHN C. dry goods and fancy 
goods, 462 Main, boards 8 Linden. — See 

foot lines under M 
Mack Mary, domestic, Waverly House 
Mack Mary J. Miss, principal Ash street 

school, boards 35 Chestnut 
Mack Patrick J. helper, 609 Main, house 55 

Lamartine [h. 7 Lamartine 

Mackay George, boiler maker, r. 179 Union, 
Mackin Ann, widow of Stephen, house 82 

Mackin Daniel F. books, bds. 109 Thomas 
Mackin Sarah, bookkeeper, 90 Front, bds. 

Mackin Stephen, machinist, Hammond cor. 

R. R. boards 82 Ellsworth [b. dp. 

Mackin William J. clerk, 48 Washington sq. 
MacKinnon Martha, dressmaker, 7 Lawrence 
Mackintire George £. removed to Boston 
Mackintosh John, clerk, 41 Main, boards 5 

Macklin Robert, fireman, house 15 Colton 
Macnamara George R. shoemaker, 589 Main, 

b. 8 Church pi. [Hall n. Sunnyside 

Macomber Abigail F. widow of John, boards 
Macomber Andrew B. clerk, 558 Main, bds. 

4 Tufts [60 Austin 

Macomber Arthur W. clerk, 2 Silver, bds. 
Macomber Calvin D. carpenter, house Hall 

near Sunnyside [9 Barbour 

Macomber Calvin L. foreman, 155 Front, h. 
MaComber Charles, orguinette maker, 25 

Union, h. 45 Mechanic 
MaComber Charles Mrs. dressmaker, 45 

Mechanic, h. do. [Mason 

Macomber Charles J. pattern maker, h. 27 
Macomber Clarence R. steward. Asylum 

Chronic Insane, Summer, boards do. 
Macomber Edward A. heel presser, 68 High, 

house 71 Washington 
Macomber Frank P. cabinetmaker, 658 

Main, h. 554 do. 

Macomber George W. cutter, 286 Main, b. 16 

Macomber Joseph W. mason, h. 60 Austin 
Macomber William W. messenger. Central 

District Court, City Hall, b. 21 Portland 
Macullar Addison (Maeullar A Son), 872 

Main, h. 805 do. [Main, b. 805 do. 

Macullar Frank R. (Macullar 4b Son), 372 

MACULLAB & SON (A, and F. B, Macul- 
lar), merchant tailors and ready made 

clothing, 872 and 874 Main.—- 566 page 528 
Macy Herbert, rem'd to San Francisco, Cal. 
Macy Julia E. widow of Franklin, boards 21 

Macy Sarah E. Mrs. house 21 Gates 
Madaus Charles, gardener, 121 Providence, 

h. 90 Union avenue 
Madaus Charles T. moulder, 149 Washing- 
ton, boards 90 Union avepue 
Madaus Lewis, moulder, 149 Washington, 

boards 90 Union avenue 
Madden James, wire drawer, h. 27 Ward 
Madden James F. machinist, Junction shop, 

boards 89 Beacon 
Madden James F. carpenter, h. 5 Chandler 
Madden James H. machinist, 62 Jackson, h. 

71 Providence 
Madden John, lal>orer, house 16 Suffolk 
Madden John, machinist, 62 Jackson, house 

114 Ward 
Madden John A. removed tcom city 
Madden Martin, laborer, bds. 199 Millbary 
Madden Martin, laborer, house 86 Temple 
Madden Mary, talloress, boards 159 Main 
Madden Michael J. wire drawer, house 57 

Eastern ave. [ave. 

Madden Thomas, wire drawer, h. 59 Eastern 
Madden Thomas, machinist, 110 Green, bds. 

74 do. [164 do. 

Madigan James, grocer, 166 Mechanic, h. 
Madigan James, laborer, boards 11 Spring , 
Madigan John, laborer, house 11 Spring 
Mftdlng Louis, laborer, 110 Green, house 81 

Madison John, carpenter, boards 86 Summer 
Madley James, hairdresser, 198 Front, bds. 

Madley Joseph, hairdresser, 80 Grafton, h. 1 

Plum [bds. do. 

Maes Aloysius, professor. College HolyCross, 
Magdefrau August, blacksmith, 110 Green, 

house 6 Scott 
Magee Arthur, helper, 161 Union, b. Fulton 
Magee Francis, screwcutter, 75 Beacon, b. 8 

Magee James M. A. laborer, h. 81 Spring 
Magee Jennie E. milliner, boards HI Main 
Magee Johnson, farmer, house 88 May 
Magee Patrick, laborer, 75 Beacon, h. 8 Sigel 
Magee Roger, laborer, house 82 Lafayette 
Magee WUliam B. baggagemaster. Union 

depot, house 85 Edward 
Maglnnus Thomas, machinist, 186 Union, b. 

78 Blackstone [4 Washburn 

Magnall John, foreman, 548 Southbridge, h. 
Magner Thomas, carpenter, bds. 49 Wash- 
ington sq. [place 
Magnon John, laborer, boards 24 Bartlett 

JOHN C. MACINNES, '''^^*^*""'*"^'^^*'^^4SJ^5^-«Mr. 



Magnus Charles J. moulder, 87 Gold, house 
27 Piedmont [Seward 

MagnusoD £. watchman, house Wlldon near 
MagnuMon John, carpenter, house 5 Davis 
Magnuson Peter, removed to Holden 
Magnnson Peter Mrs. house 25 Piedmont 
Magone Maggie E. teacher, East Worcester 

school, boards 21 Beach 
Magone Peter (Boston Marble db Granite Co.Jt 

58 Central, house 41 Market 
Magone Phillip, laborer, house 21 Beach 
Magone Stephen, marble cutter, 181 Central, 

boards 586 Main 
Magoon Alfred N. machinist, 57 Jackson, b. 
86 Chandler [86 Chandler 

Magoon James A. machinist, 57 Jackson, h. 
Magoon Jesse S. canvasser, 584 Main, house 
Stafford near James [78 Myrtle 

Magoon John N. coachman, 187 Pleasant, b. 
Magoon Vina, paster, boards 8 Vine 
Magonn Charles, moulder, 100 Prescott, h. 

8 Wesby 
Magoun Isaac W. mason, h. 62 Exchange 
Magrath Abigail F. boards 161 Chandler 
Magrath Edwin J. woodworker, 25 Hermon, 

house 161 Chandler 
Magrath Frank C. cabinetmaker, 17 Her- 
mon, boards 161 Chandler 
Magrath James W. cabinetmaker, 17 Her- 
mon, boards 161 Chandler 
Maguire John B. solicitor, boards 48 Irving 
Mahagan John F. plumber, bds. 186 Wash- 
ington [60 do. 
Mahagan Robert J. saloon, 58 Millbury, h. 
Mahan Dallas P. removed to Newark, N. J. 
Mahan James F. moulder, h. 58 Thomas 
Mahan John, bootmaker, house 8 Water 
Mahan Patrick, hostler, house 19 Carbon 
Mahar Johanna, dressmaker, h. 88 Grafton 
Mahar William, conductor, b. 18 Webster 
Maher Cornelius, boot crimper, 108 Front, 

house 41 Bellevue 

Maher Edward, ferrule maker, 70 School, b. 

159 Main [70 

Hifaher Edward P. died March 22, 1888, age 

Maher Ellen, widow of Patrick, house 74 

Maher John E. machinist, bds. 179 Summer 
Maher John J. engineer, 88 Water, boards 8 
Harrison [179 Summer 

Maher Margaret, widow of Edward P. h. 
Maher Mary, widow of Edward, boards 10 
Meade [Washington 

Maher Patrick, boot sider, 619 Main, h. 175 
Maher Peter S. removed to Boston 
Maher Timothy, engineer, 17 Southgate, h. 

1 1 Adriatic court 
Maher William, machinist, house 26 Lodi 
Maher William F. machinist, h. 181 Salem 
Mahlert Albert F. removed to Boston 
Mahon Bridget, widow of Frank, house 22 
Briden [Foster 

Mahon Bridget, widow of Thomas, h. 188 
Mahon Frank, moulder, 92 Thomas, house 8 

Mahon Frank, jr. wire worker, b. 8 Liberty 
Mahon Patrick, laborer, house r. 20 Arch 
Mahoney Ann, housekeeper, 106 Mechanic 

Mahoney Cain, wire annealer, honae Sack- 

viUe n. B., B. & G. R. R. 
Mahoney Cain, laborer, Hammond n. B. E. 

house 70 Lamartine [66 Grand 

Mahoney Catharine, widow of Dennis, 1l 
Mahoney Chester S. organ maker, b. 89 Her- 
mon [Prescott, b. do. 
Mahoney Clifford L. driver. Steamer No. 8, 
Mahoney Cornelius, hackman, h. 58 Grove 
Mahoney Cornelius, wire drawer, b. 18 Cherry 
Mahoney Dennis, machine tender, 91 Foster, 

honse 16 Endicott 
Mahoney Dennis, laborer, h. 119 Canterbury 
Mahoney Edward, armorer, 42 Grardner, h. 

19 Assonet 
Mahoney Eliza Mrs. bds. 82 Temple 
Mahoney Ellen, housekeeper, bd