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Full text of "The works of Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher"

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RicHAtn Clav ft Son», Limited, 



FRONTISFlECE-^Pottrait of Frauds Beaumont from 
the origiiiftl paiDting at Knote Ftnk, by permission of 
the Rt. Hon. Lord SackviUe, CC.M.G. 


THE MAltyS TRAGEDY. Edited by P. A. Daniel . i 

Facsimile title-page of 'The Maid's Tragedy' . iofaee 3 

PHILASTER. Edilcd by P. A. Daniel . . , . 115 

Facsimile title-page of * Philaster ' tofau 116 

A KING AND NO KING. Edited by R. Warwick 

Bond 343 

FacstmUe title-page of ^A King and No King' to/aa 344 

A SCORNFUL LADY, Edited by R. Warwick Bond . 3S5 

Facsimile title-page of *A Scornful l^dy ' to face 356 


Warwick Bond 47S 


Edited m F. A. DANIEL 

r** W 

Couttfblc- EnLmt fuf [^mr ropin vndci cbc TwnJa of Air 4v«Dr0p Ifodi 
Truiacrfpi, lU, O47-) 

a^d an (u U nr/if df /Hi *-*«* /^n!w rfwr o^aMil tJu frmr A^14 rfaw* tf >Vvfi 
OvrrA, tfir» 410. 

IQv.l r^ Mata< Twajit^it. AtitM^tkfimifditifnttmftAtftdatikiBit^ 

rkii ttfitKi /ntfirri'U^. tJuiern, PnMfd /or J'nnfir (iVIiiafiif. tijid an In ^ 

UKlfnHl flWT EO MnVfT Hnwftint JMr Mti/lirt Tn\gHad. lArtmt IV. nr,) 

[(Jj.J 7**.lfj.jY. Traifdu. At li'n/toi *!- Fratttit BMtHWvml.eMd Ji^ 
FkriMtf Grmtltmiw. Tkt Jbird /mfin'nd^t, yrmiitd arJ itt/mtA. Indm, 
PrinlMty A. J^. fir /Tu^k^nt /f/rw*tMi. 4nd Jn ti> hr i&IiS alksi Sh^tf tm CJutm- 

SiaUonen' l<«sU(art. v<) Mi^r- ^^3^ ^™ Lrnnla HiiwkliiB. Hii1<m or Kkbard 
lUivkUi^ TBfld* over to Muien Mcsul anfl Mi^mltili n nnmbrr ol IiooIb ih« 
properly of bar tfei« hoibaixl* tnioof ihem 7>f Mti^M Tmgtdu. (AfbwlV. 


(Q4.) 71»/ 4iifl^^f TVdifvX^, irr. 7'*/ /hvHA tm^tfuioK^ fifjit^ /t»J 
Jf^mt4. Pnmffi^ M. <i. /jr /f/tiry SJt/^r^, tin/f jrr it* >w W •!/ M' npv r/ 
J4« /Tr^ J4 Country If*, t^J^, ^Iv. 

Ilcw :^^h«ph*rdobiurHilxHEFi[ <ft thig book Ehora h nalliingin (h* St4llcfi«n' 
fttf^Mri Ut thoT. 

SiAttDn^^m' ^ffisun. 15 jAnimry. i&3^ Th« bOi;>ki transf«rrv<L by wld^w 
Hftwldm Ut Mi^ and Mcrvdiih on (ha 19 Maj, 1638, a» by ili«iii mule 0v«r to 
WilUui IaIa [Xrher XV. 4^.] 

iMtd^n Pni^Ied by £. P f^ WilV*Am Im^» ^iJ Jrt lit h taid ^ AL tJkgf im fl 

Ckanttrj-Uitt. ntef* l^e fi-^iri. 1641, 4LOL ^ 

tMitetty by tU OwigfmtL l.Mi-Jo't /*"'»4«/ /ir WiUr^m ijth. #/ /ir Crnm i» 
FUtt ifrtet httim9 s^t^t^ Tfftfii G^ff. it^ ^to. 

IQ7.) AnolliM Bdhioh. »^ uiLloi TAt liMA /mfnunm, Hrviud t*4 C^r- 
rfiitJ 4^Mt/f 6t t/u On^maL Lattdin. Prta/td im fAj fear 1^1. 4I0, 

At] tha M.havc mcnlioHd cditieu. ciccpl the IW« lul, fihn li wotxj cul OB lh» 
lllifi^p>ff< repiucnunjt Amintai ticibUnK AipAlia. 

TM ASiidi Tmjidy i> in Ihc fbim of 1679 : pnniffd iiipftifnily ftem Qd, 


Phe Maidcs Traredy. 


tdiucn times Aftcd ac the Sljcktfritrs by 


ntcd for Fw/if ;/ Qonftablc and are to be fo]^ 

auhcwliiTc Lyon oucra^'ainlhhcercacNonh ^ 

iTc Lyon oucra^ainlttJicgrcai 


IUIti?. kn hit " Atttinpt b> «B<ritdjn ihp iMcr in wtiith rhc playi of 
jtekr«|HArc *«ie vtiixtn' (ilar.. liii. IT. 4S0j. poinicd fiuL ihuF m i6il 
Si G«oi|;« Bu^. Miuicr tit ih< Kcvdi, laJ Liduic liiuj « MS. p!:4y. wliit^i he 
Bcni»o3 in (hoc Aorlt — "Tbu Second Mjuden'i Tncec^x [an il hith oe 
■■Bc imcribtd) may, with tbs nfffrntatJoM, W publickEy kci«d 51 OelobMt 

"Riift MS., itow m lh« [jnidonme CoM«it<m C^>> has no tr(le.paff« ; but 
u riTW hailed, in k btod-vfiiLint dillcTciiI iwm iliu or Iliepby iiietJ. "ITit 
S«ainl Miidto'i TVi^edj-'*' It HOfiin <»idsnt fiom Sir CfflrKC* wo^d^— 
*'fir il kilii no nimc Inscribed "—thAl Ihii hradiaj; rauit Latv bcon idopKd 
taB ihc liceooe mtir. 

Of «drtt Uw iti*cf«rice Milon^r iiriilied ua to dm*— ind which li tlwiun 
6am lhi« Iicrticie*-l* thai Sir ^leorgt hflvinj ihi> untirk-rt trK{c<ly of t. miiilm 
bcAHV htm. ^ml bcariot; in mind TA^ MatJ^i Troffrrfy iif^kUBiont usil 
Fleldlcft wUcb ho mty be mppoKd to ban Itccnseil ihoidy bcforCi ipokc of 
thsM ft cnwvt^ mudcn B (lif^Tdy i^ tLuiin^ftbh ihc wr>c fruib Ihe otW- 

D»^ mile 11 bnf (I, 313) contaMvd Ihal b« hid ^' nothing to oHer cetcept 
tW •noihAii ai Malnrir, ' afFrmmriU "inirlin^ in fn iTi dxE* in 1609" 
(L mi], hot don nnt ^f.ifp mi wJi^i ground*. 

Mf. f . G. Fleay {CA'vn Saa^ i?rD/tt. I, is?) offei* no opinion u ifl lit 
ACiD»l ^Ic. but, viiti jtUtttxx [u MtfloiLc't JTYpolTiaiSf ibfnlu il cvidceiE thai 
7lu Afadfi Tn^^afy "vu ItccfucJxn 1611 c. Oct*' 

Hhc Ihe plftf ^a< ID vtjilvnc* bafcrrv Ma-t l&(J» wq [fan from Mr. CiU' 
rtartam*! f(i^"r'/-r- '*■- *■ — T'r -/ ■*- r--T'\ -*- (^'*** ^.'., tit^O 

A Uh /iMMiAuriFfi 10 Ou,t wark, p. vlill, Mr. CaontiiKhBiD gUa ui cmiy 
lu ll« Book* of the TieuBicn fir ihe ChAmbei, irhich tecoi4t 1 iiuymcni to 
joW HciD}D|:ca "upoQA wnal itMteJ 10 httr ifltj fur brtvntlnuc r^uil«iie 
K'crilt DUr»bffor« At Princ«, the hdrc ElitAbclhand Uio Titncc P»Ut)a)o." 
fa V.jt. J|. p. II] c4 Ibc Skaifi^n itfttfJ// /^/fn, 1845, he lupptirniooU 
thit «pirv wtth c^niin rtTHTti fiom an inTrrlfflvtd copy of Langnlpt, io 
■Wh I!i5lr^¥il bill cnitm! Ur, PiMC>'»rriift»cnp( nf Qldyn'i nCilM, and from 
ibeie atxn it »puc»rt i\at qjw «>f (hi.- " fuurtcne bcrctnU ii(ayt«" wu 7^ 

[]]tfc U au)' be Kmijkwl thAt ilieie /rwrtrfit flaj^ wen? bn 4iliiV<ArA ,- 00c 
«r then, PkiUiirr^ b«&D5 ffivca tvioe, the kcmw lime voder lu iiib-iiElo of 

f bftievp ihrt ia «1] Ih3l an V nfHrmi a« ri-^rrlt ilir flatr of TiU Mkufi 
TVonO' - fVotttbTy «c ilull not be hr ouL in lupiicaiDG the lime of iti pT^ 
dutunt Ki laic becu tomv icn iiiajs cuIjci E-han tli^t of JLi «ciI^T in ibv 
StaiMoen' RwBioi oathe i3 Apiil. 1(19. 

PmWp< il abouJd be added ihai (^vnningh&m (pp. il. ind >ii of fab 
£rtr^fti, etc.) id^ttfin a play called tht Pnttii Afau. amS tha fnmrf Afa^i 
TViV^, f^rfonred Shrtnrc Tunday, 161J, with 7** Af'itfft 7"re^/ of 

l« «nf i4 ih# K<- r*'*!^ <*«nua| Unit Wtrhxriitn't 

■ • ISt S»h*rt< *l*lft#*\ t>t«Aly 
Mk !■ «■» Ant Jp>^'M*3 IB ^eL I, tf Ok 1^^ fn^Ad* iJwmmmt tl**-] . uiu in 
KaiM'«*Awn «* mIi^. V«L JL. iNn, tnrj lEiin A Cteiio And Windi»» million 0I 
T^JWi* ^<^Mv^ C4i^M««. «d- fi- ll.SUi'bwi], t:ji(»Pt«iAc ih» " 1>vuUl<il I'1>r« ^^ 
lfci» laia cdniiH u Un tdl- icrneDce 10 ilie WJ liu kun^riej 11 sitfi 


Iktcmoni tn4 FlKrhrr, vtA T>)ny \^r hf^sote* & MmtiL Vol. 3.1 appflin 'to 
aotepi ihik rifauuuti<m. As ibc liclcof Troud Uwd oooMlKM appl^ ^^ cither 
AyiM VI E*»Ji« iSiU AsipAlf* u ccftunir »« prtnjij, And HvtJru; u itv 
oiidK Vr. f^iiiifiin|TiiTn't idodificAEiuR ^c« nat Bccm rery 4pr , cioETOtcr 

uui-novn, '/!« Mtffi yy^t^ mtatmy* » KiagV Ctnopuir plftf- 

Thk TkxT'^TIic Am oliuoD. iCio. of this |>Ur ii curtiEkd tnd &c- 

nugtc w^nli uirooffboat Ehc piny- Da tbcuthci huid, il Hh komc hklf docca 
liMi not in tul«o)u«DT edirkmiL Tbt HCexid tditioa, t6sj, " N^wlj fi*ni«c<l, 
n^ml^ ittd mlargM." Hornrf* what kf« fl«4rlv fi? nmmioni of ?hf hni^ 
btit hu ■]» mdny trrhul ftltvr«tkr>Ti^ nni bM fJ vTilch cin 1- corulrler«d 
iiuEirTivcfDeau i>n the text of Oi^ UuLL ihcbc aliTuia> tie luiiiarinous. 

Tlic tbini ditivi apfCAfcil ia iCv>. uiJbolh ilic ■uili'jrH^ iiuh:^ appcw fi^r 
the Am lim« OD the tirfc pngc, "It ii kuJ te b« "R<TiK<3 and ltifiacd*( 
bul on wbal Milhontyj Iht (UJionvr, Rrfhvd HA«kt(ii, whu hu pnduticd Ut h 
» fcv Ittiei givny hit "nnniTv ** at thv jil*/, das not tell at. ]|> retiae- 
mmH. however, Are nai muny : lUUe more ihtn a fcnre in HI. » nod fadf f£ 
which iir mrn cmnk* uiU the rat. wilJi three icJicqitiuiLis (luulxml or of vary 
unalt inpOftuco. 

The fliRc c«vr>Lioni Art — 

(ij UL tL 149. rSO^— "dltl ihine ai^er rwJV u hkgh AxMf wtf Amv,"' 
in T^Ace of the "lud thioe ui^tjv «i high Aa trwt^Jat vit^/rj,*' cf Q«. 
I anil X 

(7) nt Ij. zd^. >66.— "I liave chcri»h'd him 7^ n^ Mf /avt,* |a place 
or'-lhtvechcrbh'dhim^jnJ/tff /^tfWUl"orOoi, I «(ht X 

(5) V. iv. 371,— Amiaici'il/hw Uaidetoaqr '* My umu /Ut," ia olacc 

'Oie 'fint iwo " refinemanis " ±ip arv#p|*d fay gJI U^< edit^rf, th« thiid ii 

lejetlfd bj- rhtrn : ThfoJwM^ TnHf»>1, i[V4Lc difrMpeOhitTy ol it, 

QoL 4 uid 5 folltnr Q) thipwhaui. as do OlH) Qik. lUtd 7< Ihou^ ihae 
lufi ti«u hudjit ui tKui4£ " Rcvii«eI dinl CurKcied ciuiiy \jy Lhe Oii|;if iaI. " 

Tho Fo^Id idition it Appokrenttv x rcprijii t£ Qo, ^ 

BeuQwni, the chief uihor of thf pUy, Hied three y«n bofore the AbI 
odJtiOfi ■cpovtd. Mercher lonnTc} \\\\ ibJj, » thai he may h^ve hid a 
haitd la the inbUeif ion of borh '^ 1 und f^o, >; ihough to iteiihef or tliein 
(till b* (ive pU luune. tnrl nriUifff t^f ihem brr«yi Ihn cur* an imlinr might he 
Kppvaed lo giiv in % «oik in whk-b he wu euncvmcd. 

Under ihcie ciicuFUtaocov cFiir rccenvoa of the tcti matt tteceuiTflf be 
eclectic : vc hive no ed&Tion thconthority uf which cm beoooiidcreJiupreme. 
OOP, tftef ihe hni. ihrtc^ uiy Ihil audj re*jtjrrefi 4:an:ii^RUiEm. All, liowever, 
blrt Iwn cfifttuftM, anJ to mif nniM wp iN-lievc we haw MOortJM Jill nri*. 
tiont of Ibe OiK*!"^* im|iDriapcp : »ft th'M the reciter whf> may h* dirtjriil\e<l 
with ihe chfficc we have miJr, will hiie ti in hii panvr ti> cboote for hinurlf 

Oiu chuitx lui, <jr course, htcA lu4;dy JnftucDCcJ t^y ib^l uf prcccdiutt 
cditon, who h*ve itnoothcl our pi.tht luiel ?or vh[>»c Uboun mc nc diilj ^rate- 
Fnl : \V4 do noi prvftiJ thiT in vat IfkI unJl ht (oaod any }^f«-t eidirinc« on 
theiri t it X chieiy in <^ir<are Co m.-ike thertkdfr ftoquimed wi'h thp i^vndi 
on vhJch 11 lE formfd ihAt we make any cldtm ta trD|iniv«raenl an Their worlc. 

Till AtQUMUrr*— The scene 1* IlliodoL A^inDlor. « noble E<nllcnMii, 
il troth pljghl 10 AahIU, daiaghler loCahuait, Lord Cl>AAbar]iUb and Cocb- 
muider of the ClUdd ; A leaty and loolLtli old man. Ky command of tho 
King, Aiolnior braki off hit mitch with AipirU) 4tnd veds Kt«drtM, thr 
flatrr of lUt £reii fr^ciw! MeUndm, the KJnn'' fleieniJ. 



On Acir ««ddin[-Bi|^I EvSilDC impihlcntlT infurmf Amintor ihit khc u Ott 
■Qpi'i i>i ii < ro i| and a«n><4 him her bfH ; (hair nurniev. aha loll* him, ti 
BCWjrM tffi t MA tpCTMCi 14 htT in[ripie wtih her royal lo^r, AmiUMn, 
■hoK *cA4e of Jofilff lo ^1k (overfign oafwftgtii hii larJifCPAticA %t IhU 
oa iiH » to hk bonoDT, nawau fm ■ iSm to 4taArintii« hLt pnUtina : hm hb 
BtliMbolT Utnct>«li« UtatUon oT MfcludhOk vbo ctfom fnniii him nt laK 
ibc todbM MPcnt Nod Ihomvpon nnnY vtUMW^ ^ t}i? Kini;- Ti> ihb. 
howcvcTt AaBdolor vrill not <oriwnT, utA Mcbndiu, Hothlnc; him lilio ihc 
b«lW tliAt «o hm ih^t btfaL ihi Kiog, »»1vti aloa« lo r<v<fiG< J\ii fncod'i 
togviy, iftd Eh* £iBr«c« Twiaght on liii fr«rii hamo. 

Fmt bf v#fci col KwlTir, iinrl Brrhftn hfv into rr[VfiriTin* nrul m nov fr* 
waidk fnt hrr iiiin kn ihe t:dood of her lanoioun am ihu he oukjr brtti([ 
Ui plo( Alioi^t vlih u^[T lo hluucU uid his Crtcndt he txYAtt C«lkim. 
MhtfD h( hu biuki^hi tnio dlwoM wtth ihc Kiog, lo idrrcoikv (o hln the 
rhoilrf Tla ohUiced, hv woda Evidnc (9 nmrdcr Lbc Kiii|£ in bed; whidi 
■k« doOT iind«r ei'mrnitnen «4 JE'*at atrocir j, 

Wbib Ibu i« dmtu Avfaiii, whn fhmiii^iiiii thr plij hti hfvn bevuling 
rbc loM Af her promised hmboJid, toolva un iy\i*s ^Y ^^^ i^und : (o (bli ctfa 
ih« diwivci bc»eU iti Jic l4t>Li uf lici bcvdicr. 4iid yLk> *uJ tuf1>H AninLur 
falo ijpttlRC * ^1^^ vrith her. m which, of counf, ihc tuoD tcocnc* her 

VnUle the lid dviog, E*H]De pmenti henclf frwh frviv tbe murder «f Ehc 
hrr hifidB bJoodf, UHl nth ■ tcnife. Stie imnEica rhiF vlth thoc 
af bfr Moni la rinue Aminior will at once loeetvr hfr ta lii* irm* : 
iwv<r. ydih wEmm Vj^iijr in x [SftioEii c«j«cb hrr iviib incmird 
I OD mfa tho taru tbc koifa Hpoa b«nrif| and dks Ibcn and Lhcce- 


Moff vho hw febo roolnd on widdb oovr prop«av lo Mmvcif bcfon end- 
teg Ui Ufe to well ce< Aipaih, nnd big finffvcnvH of hit breach of faith le 
k«r. Tit* mflfiCiao of her f^m* * Vittlr rr^vft Tha dying Aipntia ; ih' ravfoli 
bffwlf M Mb^ and dW in hk imiB ' AmtntAr rhf^ tfnSi himxrlf, and iaU\ hf 

Trtraliinr. Lbc wutdcf of the Kioc bcmf OiAcgytrrd, hi* brvlhcr Lpipiru* 
li produDicd hii iDcccBDr ; bul McIabIjiu, by hli ponosion erf tb< Cilud. 
W lb« 9mmme( naniite th* kti^om, Badcvi only be brwht to wnmni^i 
hk MHMT bf t fall pardon in himivir Mid ic t]l con«vni«d in hii p1«t ! ttiui it 
traMlf ^aantd, ind the vhcle rompuiy rhm rrpo^n to Amlnror'a hoiv^ 
HtfT iMy fim! Iilm *t ibe lAir U>^I>' Ipf^ brtVKfi ihc Tiodira nf Iijn t«ra 
WDiU-be «itc»: a ftw iaii void*, andbv die* in tlnr imi> d MefAiiUiii, ia4ii> 
ttvaU Ml^w tua in dmhj W 1» restnhivd hi fafooi Thf i>cv King thai 
dechmthBl IhcM vrtnU fth«U Maoh bUn to rule vhb temper, and Ute KCoe 

" Tns 80PiiO»" wpi Oy«(. " fion «rbleh the Encidenit c^ ihli dr«ua were 
4rtv«d« hw not beta divootcrtd. Aiisaiin, rifhiLru; in msJr aititt with 
Anrfoior, baa ■ Mrt of pm<4yp« ui lb* umlot bitlwecu Putiioaia and 
AippUilaL Sfv Sir P. Sidnv/t ^wo^u, Fonlr til/' 

KUTOtr,— To Iho Eatnn in tha StaEtoacrn' RtcUlcn and tht Title puw 
af ih« MvaraJ ^oa/toadilioatwhioHapHNifvd t>rti>rf lU pubhoukm iii iht ro- 
of iflfff j P' *" **^ * Hooeding pagiF---atp fcltcwicg nots mar Eonn a lupplt- 
tflUff ficKay of Uke Play ; tbe;r ^^^ &fian|eed u Qf aji jvuiblc ctiruDo- 

" I1»y«« adod btforv th* Kiagr and Qu^vn* tha prciOTLt r««n of the Loid 
"Tltf >9h of VciPrmber ■[ Hnmpioo Ccuic the Miida Tn^olif." {:^r« 


^Itcn uvfroqunt D^tionifircvBlliidoiiitc ibc Plijin th4 conplJmcuEtJT 
Tfnr* pnfiiDtd tothfl am folio pd,. 1^47. of <w authci;^' worUr 

Tu(y iJfiL iruflir up ffom incac iccnei In which Caliwui U cnfiCJirnrcI, w« 

[mbliaZitftJ bj KoLbiuj, fin\ in 1663. [Sea Sioz- Drum, cd» 1^1^ UL 4I^> 

AAcr (h« Ratvniiixi. fiom « list mode by Siv II. Il«rb«ri or rinyi C3imb[i«J 
tiy iht Klng'fl meDp >i nppcui Uu£ Th« Mud'* Tn^ctljr wu p?rtoriDi^i an tj 

Pt'lT* (Aov^. lis Miiy. 1A61) Tinlfn:— '*Tn thp Th^^rn*, tm! rhct^ mtr rVi? 
l*Hv<Ddofib«*Ma)id*BTnGnly,' which Inevcruw bcforr. ukI mcihinki it It 
loa vd «lHi mdutcbolyH" ^ 

Al »ine UlcrdAtc evidently, Waller nu^c hi« nTtcmtioD of ihc Play ; wTuch 
Allcr^tjon. Of n'Jicr ili new filtb Kt, wxa fiml pnntcd iq *'Tbc ScmncI Tart 
of Mr- Wallffrt Po*im,"#lf I.i^vfii+d m^yt, I6S*. ■' I*iitH*rf fnr Tf»o. 
R«nn«, V Ihf llaJf-Mfion iri *^l f'aulV rhiucrlyMil, ift^*' In ihr l'n?fa«H 
anonymciu^ It ii iiainl ihm "The I'liy wcu tll«i«d la ploiclhr Giurt" In 
(tkp hubc jciif «iu itaiiAl, "Tlie Mmd^k Trt^cdy f'lf, iU (ilLb ilI] alEcml. 
M'ith tome utber p^cK B}" I'^muml ^VnUcr, H>1- Not bcfiarc Prinlcd En 
ibe ETTcral E>liiinnpc of hw Pa*mi. trfrndon. PriDEc^ Tar Tocob Tontoa, lL ibe 
Jiid£?« 11f>44 in Chancer? Lam n«ar Fl«et titmi, 1A90.'' 

Ibefffi^ no prttatt Co cMt nlltlan : onlyibrt^f naEfceioThe cH^ci ihif ilmr 

fiiocfh KcifT never iiiiendnl fur publicnLltin, bai ihtil an imper/cd cupy 
3enn?L\ of cqvih) birioj; E"^ iQpJvaiL vu dccmctt ^:^o|»cr to pcint ihff tnie 

The mun d£7er«iice WiHceA (heie tvo venIon« it in Lhe way Cvadiit 1j 
dkipoird uf ; in l^pdnrt^i (be «ni&n ii ronvcnr or idfl^ra-ify of vciklb ; ia TOfk' 
iOniL the qmli Khi>t]n in niikr ulc \if h'^r lirxnxy m Amurif Lr<HiiTi. Willrr'i 
plai. KiivinL* eni F-r^tlor out nf \he w^y, pr-Kvnlt ih fiillnwt ;— ^Mrlininn 
ha^mt; K^ur^Tihc Clitdct lad th? Army, bikI wubiiii; luffTccL hj> tcujfcaace 
un Ltic Kijjjf witb a> iLiilc dl>ikirb«ncc (0 the S(ai< as po&uUc, ciidcnvt>iij4 u^ 
acCBie tbe co-«pcnU]On of Lyiippun, tht Kin£*i Wufhn ; to iUjs end, aftc^r 
Baeliiii; tn/m him n vow of Hcncy, ha rvvcalt lo him bic plaL and oB«n him 
lh« rrDvn, Lytippnt uill nnt ^rtnvnl, NiE, Ih^iind Sv hit riqlh, rsnnnl r^vc^l 
» Ihp Kmg hK iinnri r be ibfrrTore piop'jiff n linj-icconilur (i> Mebodut, 
titw acapCk 'Hic Klni* fojiuiiitcfy uvci hotrt iJicjr n}okft:in.r: unil kurtuuud' 
iu hiniMlf wJlli a i^uariT, b« c«]U Diphilu, McUnLiu-i' brulhcr. In bii piCKiicc 
and proccoda mlb Him to ihc place bud for (he cymbal. There bt baa 
Mflamini in hit powef, b4r, flooroing to laka advaAta^;* of hi* p«Liitin, be 

KpuiA a doabte c^MnbaT, himaelf and LyirppiK a|-aiiiil Mcfuiiiut and 
Jnloj. : ihey pfQe«d to flf»ht : biji after a lev puvt Mrianiiat and hii 
broibrr (jvFrcomr t'> [he Kiiif>'> gmcTLHiiy t'ASct U[j ihcii hwiitdh ktEhl kneel for 
DBfdtiD, wUich ii i\ <jLii;r f;TAnic^t in (hem- Aminim uid .V^iiaLia aie now lo 
bedispvacd of: the latter, rfaolvcid onsaiddir, rvpun to a wt>od where t^'" 
ecrlals pftjaM),oai bcj ne>i th«c the is on the jwint of rwalloving when Atnintor 
kfiivat, prweniB ibe rub aci and renews hit vowi ot lov«^ llie Kiaif ihen 
appfara nn the tcrne, join; ihcir baml« and. iildtAiUig ihe audience in an 
a^^trptlnlc EpiLogd?. ends (be pUy, 

Ttw above were iwiiUconTy jJifiaiions Waller aticmpfcd : uuthpr Eplttvuc 
it oiaiil wbicji is staled (q bare been "designed npui the first attention «f the 
play, when thr Kinc only was Uh ^ive." (See ^ttiwWMt £tf»rt»n ^ dBTi^. 
JWft^ irai/r/^, fld.lSeH, pp. aaj— Si*-) 

Tbe«thoref th* I'f'-fK^lo'' [><< i^r^nnd Paj^/*«tc. (Bennet'i ed.)*ayt, 

I ^>|iTS ^>hi wiLiifu«1 (he puffUnniim nl ihn Tng*dynnt}it * Hrr' . lUA, >e K'lirp 
tltj, ■&« 1] Aaril ke4v MayiiM: b«1 wt lean notbiac fitcra bii n?ua bc^oAd tU Iki tlkc 
he t^fiuaht It -'a caod hIbt. 



^SmSSMMMf^md JBrdppM #« iBtcaa^a for aula ir. u^d hb 

Inucrjinvi; fehiterani^g em atliciiccDiiQaMwiJofihcfofnior — 

Tffdniw t* Mid bf the ttulhor of tbia PrdA<D« *bo^[ Uk orn^ind ulajr 

icit io Ihff ff/ign. En ^*Thc Live* oni! Chuactcm o( thff 

■ddi, "El Iwt ih>c« bc«Q rcvlv'J by »i. ^^^lIkT» ihc tiii Alt liaviiu Ixca 
vboUr i>lm'<] ta pletsc Ihc Comt. " L^o£l«iiic'K " imcc " kiS cuunc tcictn la 
tht fnJuMfiM oat ■" »^- *-*."— »» '* 
fiuuh DtMaaiic 

tad nbllnneil " Aovn l-> rf-^j^. --ir u doti?^ iTiii " vamM^hn^ m ii i|hc original 
plarl <1i*P''^^l7 ^'"jl ('^f'^'' the ffccoad. II wtttir tomL' Hme fisrbkl f\iinlQj£ 
cc iW ^ra(T, TiJl Mr, Waller RertrJajt ll umI whuUy ^^iciiuc tliv lui Au 
(«ti«(hB riinlctl io hit Pa«vuk fiCl^plHUQt] i,^a ruhhckly," 

n* inniriiMvi EdnDr^'r K«4ibanl brH K]?ichvt ■ riifi^ I7)t, uplhil (he 
pl4^ v*t " by A pniiFt UrJer from t\\^ Coun tll*nc'd. Xbit wu Ehv Kaiaa 
Jlr WRHer uodHtcok ihc jlterioj ihc brier part." ttc. 

i^^9f {A/niBgy, He.. 17-(f\ P' 3>3> nw-miiiin lin prfihlhilinn, '*hyMi Onlrr 
A«tt the Lord Chnnbcrlatii," am t drcuokhuat* "thii ccjuimon Fimc has 
ddbtt''d Jmni to lu." '' Tor wh&t RcaBaa," 1w conliiivfl. " clic I'oEkklu of 
lhMEl>ftpfa«ii« only left 0) toffueu. SomevKid, ihat ihc killkijt ^fibv ^''V' 
in thfl P^, while l^ Irtftied Dc«tb «f Kioi> CAarf^ ibc /Vnf wu ihsn to 
hnsh in }^p»p1*^t MviciMj, «3u in Object trv Hcmtly imfiDUK, for ■ pnbliek 
£aBcftJilDiMfit, WTwr makn rhii Cnrj'rmtv i^^rTit in hnv^ vimr hVuiivlarinn. 
&i thll Uk cekbnted W«lLcr» In CcHnpliinent lo tbr Conn. Attcrd thp lui Aci 

Tiut tIjH '* pn^hibilion " <lid nal immcJutrlj fvltow Ihc Roli^rslEufi h clokt 
froA tht nolicvi i4 porfarmancB in Kaveiabrr i6£oand t'shrtary t^t, ^tcd 
4bo^; Ur. Pepp't t«itimany cf May i6fii, and cb« Qo- «!. of ifiv Hrti« y«r 
(Q7) are ■)» in tuMencv. Thiii u trat nol in ff>rtv ^tinn£ Tb« whole of 
fjikilrft II. "i rt'im icfitu eildent from i{ymi:i*( aiiai^k on lUc pby< in bia 
r^^ifd^J ^ij^ L*tit Afi mriiJcrci, eLi;.i prmtcJ in 167^, Imi IkxtiHcd iii Jul* 
1677, Kimc nine yean bffor* th« end of Chailc^'q rcicn ; and he obvi^miJy 
•pnk* of ihcoiioiiAl plAT fu brine 'l**i ^o pOMtMon ofihi vlffiv. 

A^kivw El^Uli V«ntoit, svfc« iu I739«dit«d Widler'f Pormi, tn hit 06frfT<i- 
titmt, mtt-, tffiiM tahii friiiioii, uyi:— " I hi*F noihing 10 ufd ta whai hu 
aln^riy b*«B taid fif rbr«» aUrminnii in the Prrtirr rci ihc Srcaad FjiI fif Mr, 
Waller's rvnui . . . buc ibMI otity obtcrvc ihh( LuiqEbafnc mitlouk Ui 
d&rmiBC tbU Kinf CbAiiii ]L itmild Pol ta^c ihfl RiT to ippcir f in iu 
•dcfavd ilBlc] oa (be £!■£« : 'i^f* 1 ha^t befn nsvur'd by my f'imd Afr. 
SiVlhiro* {the DnunUlUil, ib^t in tb* lautr end <A iliMt re£gn be Im B«n ii 
•dedal tb# Tbtstr* Rofii, at if wnt Drifinally wriiEfn by MfEditr; hut never 
WJiHr W«)ier\alE«Riion»," 

Chuin n. wL(h ^1 h\t kutti* wu aicaJnly no( dcliclail In n tetttc of 
tiiiniL III f Jiftc (■nuiderfn^ iheic ^uyinsi ttaicmcnii, one isAliitoit icuiptnl 
tolUftk ibat ti hciffacd w order at til ta tbj* tiue, it woitld probably be io 
fnhJbk ihe p«ftinniUMf or Ihi play vi/A Walbr'i iltgnligntj vbicn^-on* 
«tne* to ay tt— «« uwry ilalT. 


Chuin II. dihl 6 F«lnuy. TfRf In e6V& «i «dilioa of Ih? Pkjr *< Ac 
it hftlh bwfi A<1«d U Ib« r^HEiT Karat, I9 lltdr W«|cU|n S^mnti,^' 
VM pilnied " for K lknEl«f aui fi, Mugiwi Ut Rund-itmt io rcivent- 

Anolha oditinv— Hmc tillc u tlut of i68lt-H*«« "riiat«d for Rkbud 
Vvllin^^on fLt iht DoTphia and Ctown «t tbe Wftt End i>f S(, Pjul'i Ch«nh^ 

tOD* Uiree dm before liih il^rsrh. wlucl hapt^itKl li Apti], 171a fltforc 
tbff middle of the fi^htrcn III tcniUJr* IL iIiEl wntJnucd l<> be jjcrbrmnl wiEb 
gnat «^&u«, AS ffppnn fiom Throbftld'i nol«t,* who bccioi bu l^boiri fbi 
ui cdidOfi of ouriulnon In 1749. How long ilt^UiaedpoiKMion of the lU^c 
■Iter tbflt po^Ofl 1 *iEi unable fowy; bt» iilmd been bud luid* m r764t whtn 
Bftlctr'i Hi«n:ihb Dnnntioi [Cchi/iiiith /ti ri* Play^Atviit] nppRfrd, fi^r 
ipTntwin. Wf jfRK . 

" ^ ^iiftTj Trjrrdf. undo ihe Utlc of 7%e Biitfai. i*iih ^iciiiion* bj Iht 
wnlncni tiajccdiin Mi. MicrmJy, uid wilh three cjri4:inil tteuo bj Mt, 
ShcriJan KnonlOv vw tcled nl the Hijiniutict Thcutc m |8)T> "^ ^cry 
ttt'Qiirab])- 'tfO«v>d bj ihv puHtc." DvcK. 

1 In a n«4 An t)v ^UBmltb:^ K«H bAttrtBn MsUnl'ii^ bjA ,^l■^tMo|. h« k*^,"lh4» 
aIvat* <c?n iirnTi^ct *iib iflicQcVl IKiuH. ' HcpcrhiEa^dUuilaDAirtnadionewbii 


Good irine requires no bush, they say, 
And I, no prolc^ue such a play : 
The maken therefore did forbear 
To have that grace prefixed here. 
But cease here, censure, lest the buyer 
Hold thee in this a vain supplier. 
My office is to set it forth, 
Where fame applauds its real worth. 

CirvsURB] i.e. Opinion, jndEtnent. Tfacie lltta, oot In Qi, a, occur «fter 
tbe Dram. Pera,, in Q3 — 7. Omitted in F.; rsCorcd b^ Web. tad Dyce ud 
placed here, 

8 rVktrv} "i. e. Whereas." Web. 




LvsiPFUSt brother to (he King. 

AuiNTOK, a noble genllemanJ 



L-a. J 

brolhen lo EvaDne. 

Caltanax, an old hamorous lord and 

blh«T to ASPATIA' 

Cleon, \ 

> Gentleraen. 

DiAGORASf a Servant. 

Lords, Gentlemen, Serruils, &c 

As?ATiA, tnlh-plight wire to Auin- 


Antiphila,* Wailing gentlewomen 
Olvmpias, / ioAbpatia, 
DULA, A Lady. 

NiCHT, ^ 


4 Winds, 


Scene, RkotUs. 

^ Ahjhtok ii thu cluiAclcrind fint in Q> 





An Apariment in the Palmt^ 

BhUt LvFirru^ Dipuilv*, Clbow, and SxRAxa 

CU. The rert are'making rcftdy, sir. 

Lys, ' So let Ihcni ; 

There i time enough. 

J?^^ You arc the brother to the King, my lord ; 
We'll tako your wonL 

tfs. StmtOk thou hasl some skill in poetry ; $ 

Wh^it ihmk'wt thou of the masinie ? will it be wd! f 

Sxra. As well A5 tnasqucs can be. 

Lj$, As masques can be ? 

Str^ V«s ; they must commend their kin^, and 
speak in prai^ 
or the atcembly, ble^s the bride xnd bridef^room 
In person of some god ; they're tied to rules lO 


Cii. See, good my lord, who \s retum'd \ 

Aer 1. Sc. l.) With the accptHoi cf Sc. i of ihu act* onty the Acti uc 
«>rk«d ia Q. F. Thto. otfrktd « f«w of thv Kva«( ml Aiir lovlitwi 
RdfLTV diacudvd «>h>l lirtU IIim. Ijod dooci Wth, ooDnp]«t«d lk« sski 

i« ft Lr^ Sr . . - fiBHtfA) Qx to f ,, clt>tlf id cirof. ci** tlu> *i>««^ l^' 
7 ■HMu . , , mffpn>\ mtuJft , . . matJtf gj to W«b, 

"* i~ f ul -^hJ. 


, ,*fbK«f^- 



[act t 

E'lter MtLAKTIUS. 

Lys. Noble MdnnttusI 
The Unci hy tm- vvr-lcnttn-* thy virttirs home; 
Thou that with blood abroa^l buyc^t u^t our peac<: ! i$ 

The breath of kings is like the breath of gods; 
My brother wish'd thee here, anil thou art here: 
He will be too-tou kind, and wear>' Ihcc 
With often welcome* ; but the time doth give thcc _ 

A welcome ^buvc his or aU the world's. 30 

Mtl ^iy lord, my thanks ; but thc«c scratched Lifobd 
of mine 
Have »poke my lovt* and Iruih unto my friends^ 
More than m>' tongue e'er could. My mind's the same 
It ever wa:( to ytfu : when: I find wcirth, 
I lov^ the keeper tlU he let it go. 25 

And then 1 follow IL 

Dtph. Hail, worthy brother! 

He that rejoices not at >ouf iclum 
In safely im mine enemy for ever. 

McL 1 thank tlicc. DiphiTun. But thou art faulty : 
I sent for th(« to e>;creisc thine arms 30 

With ire at fatria: thou Citme«t not. DiphiluA; 
'Twa^ ilL 

Difk. My noble brother, my excuse 
Is itty kir^n's ntr-ii^ht coiiiinand, — which you, my lord, 
Can witness with mc 

13, 14 AVA/' . < , iM<1 <^a 14 F. idd *< <o Rhodo." and Ihc adJltictn U 
aDcfplcd by ill ihc cvliltni. Dyoe. noclog the absence of thnc tvorda (ntn 
Ox, MmiMcd, Inii clid na\ aJapf, [lit reKilng «f cur loL U ii lo U notvd 
iW tMV^ $\\ thv trvl Af ihii tr"'^fi ■* iirirlM lu piott in Q. F., a 
•ffpamellrLc !■ given id " Koble MvIpkiIv^ " Thnlvlij amoEtd Hnrl md :*• 
AW/f Mdamttm* f Tht Land 
By mt Wikoma rAt J'l'rfiw Attne h A'iW», 
E<Jd.*7S, WtU, i>nd Pwt faawi- 

KM Mftlaittim, tkt /dv/ ^ >>v 

IS 7S«i . . . /HV'1 Tiiffli /Jar n*^ Wmc cbroadbringxt HJ Mr fMr« «/ 

14 //) Th* vhcle 4( the pncnJiag dlilogu, ln>in (h« cDTimm^emenf of 
ini'Bi'fn^ anii indoiivr ^f ihi* urnrtl, m nrintnl a^ ptote in Q. F-, unl K. coa- 
linuoai pruu iDlhctinl of I, 15. In I ric luin Uic mamoil dimimi boe uivcu 
ii lliU of pivLCdiug (dllorv 



Lyt. Ti; mo>t true, Mclantiu^ ; 

He mi^ not come till the M>lcmnitt>C9 35 

Of thlf great maicli were past 

D^h* Havc you heard of It? 

MfL Vc4» and hav* Riven caii«e to tho«^ th;*t here 
Env>' mj- deeds abroad to call me gamesome ; 
I havr no nthrr bitsintis hcrr at Rhodr^ 

Lys. We have a cnas>qiK to-nij^t, and you must tread 40 
A fioldief's mcasuie. 

Mfi. Th»e soft and »illcen warv are not for me : 
The music must be shriO and all confused 
Tfa:i[ !ttin my blood; and then I dance with amiG. 
But 15 Amintor n^d ? 

Di^. This day, 4j 

Jlf^ All joys upon him ! for he in my friend. 
Wonder not that 1 call a man so young my friend : 
Hla worth is great; valiart he is and temperate; 
And uric Oiat never thtiikn his life hi?* own. 
If his friend reed it Whcr he was a boy, 50 

Ai oft n?i I rctum'd (as, without boa^t, 
1 brought borne eonqucsij, he woutd paiic upon rae 
And view mc roundt to find in what one limb 
The virtue lay to do those things he heard ; 
Then would he wish to see my sword, and feel 55 

The au]ckne«« of the rrdgr. and tn his hand 
Weiffh it : he oft would make me smile at this. 
IIU youth did promise much, and his Hpe yean 
Will see ii all performed. 

RnUr Asp ATI A, /trutiftg wiiJi nturtilanEt. 

Hail, maid and wife \ 
ThoQ fiuV A'^patia, may the holy knot, 60 

That ihou ha^t tied to-day, lost till the hand 
Of a^G undo it ! may'st tbou bring a race 

Vtftf] t riM n tHit . . . mrr Qx 1u F. ifimttiiy . . . tMkti 7li«o> lo W«b. 

mL'tIL Wtb, 41 imMnrr] A lolcoin djviccu 

41 «tM4 A-vitf I om. <Ji, 4i7'MiiiUt/]<^. 7iv vtry day? 

j; ffVt/i] »Vf f Art Qr 59 Fm-?f . . ,J Kn)rr Aipaiii, pirtiDr liy. 

Oi ID F., Crld'jS Emn Aijoik. pLulng vlth Aticndnnii. Thco. Earcr 



f ACT I 

Unto Amintor. ihal may fill the worlii 
Succcssivdy with toJdJcn ! 

As/, My hard fortunes 

Doscn-c not scorn, ibr T was never proud 6$ 

When they were good. [Ji-n/ AspaTIa. 

AM. How'7*Thr»? 

tys. You are cnistakcn, sir ; «hc is not mamcdL 

Mi/. You f^iJ Atniiitiir w^i-s. 

jPyA. 'T IS true; but^ 

Letter? at Patria from iny Aroirnor, 70 

That he ^ihoulJ many her 

/>rfi/t. And fiO it Stcod 

In &H opinion long ; but yoiir arrival 
Madr mc imagine you had heard the change. 

AM, Who ha* he taken then ? 

Ljts^ A lady, sir. 

That beara the li^ht above bcr, and strikCA dead 75 

6^ nr\f9r Qi to Web. "Srr ind^ confomicleji " ia th* igbjcct of jn 
srTirrf (rVIIT.)in S Walbrr't CHti^ticm.^ti^-,, If,, aSp, 

tit Jieht <tlioni Acr Qa< Web, Neitlier flicubfclj fjor ilic EJilora of i;?* 
recom \\tt rcviin^ m Qf. nor hAV« ihej' 4i])r note on lliife pmu*^ Uanck 
MfcBon, ina^jccnl of any kflowJ#dg» of (Ja, r«(nuki — ^* Wlirfhef »« suppn* 
ttiaf ihe pronoun ^^v reren ^'> A(p«r4». or tn KvAjInr htnelf, ir it ti^KcIf 
pQ«lb|* til fiiitti Jin^ itnht from thli pa«iw V It lund*," nad he propoia 
10 re)il'^"TlDii Iim^ Eliir li£kImH/i /mier7* He diet in support i p^ucc 

I htv? DO cyn. 
l7o oKirtil l^blB- trar nriAin InHucoMt, 
istrKn^v vifTauiu li[{fiTAmgiH humin nmunt ttorla At - 
which pM*atfr, it m*^ l*r rthrM-rvtil, i* in Ti*tiru[e cX i-uch hvy*rho]ic*3 cxpim- 
ttMiB u arc DCiv wolifD Kiiuuftfx- Wt'l'i^c^ ^un ij'jI ailnuL Mjuirn'a uriijcciure ; 
tNIOMtk^**'! IMTc pEcrcrTol ((ading ainfta. wilEi qn^rli? i(j6> [jjV. blioiild 
ba lAs^ Oa) vhkh iiUojtl* bciCci kh^ tli&n d^t^f. ^^-iVr evidently it&odi 
tot tiffkfi9ing." I>)VC| who prima 7^t Itmn tht fn-kf d/t^v Atr. remarki'— 
*' Surily, *fwr*n^ to AApalia; CMnpan whai Amimor |ir*^Rllf ftayfr— 

■ihir iht^r 
AcQonipflnlfd wild ^riLca af^mt htr,' (1. 159}^ 
wlrtie LiumhUolic oUiccidln 4iu». iCi^j. iGu TOt, al liinfc, bjr ■ muptiot, 
'alxiut,' " Dvcc thmauppoiliuncili^MfuL itnJihi: Fijr aijuiha doulilful rculiiii; ; 
ttQl hd tc\xy bt Lindcmtood lo inloqiret thv pB-uj^? in the ntnte lliat K-ridDt 
b«4f^ [he light ihoT*, (hnt is « of crMter mcnt or dminctmn ihin A»jia(ii r 
Wchcf, thfti LTB<lrie hrnreorcanleiTigliTTiing oNoui hif", whitfh (nme^ rfl mufh 
the «me ihlnj w Mwon'ii ronjitTitTP- I hivff nlloffcil the rendlnp to ttind 
whlth )uo tlic ^rcaict auiliurity. Imi 1 tdniH>1 Itiivtti with Hy^-e chit "lici " 
rrlvri co Aspotia : 1 m^pect a conoptlon in ^«rf, «Ad tlihl hc thouM reui— 
" Tbax j^rf the hghlAboTtbcr" BwlAe mftkci ilim the very U|bt ofh»wn 
Lh«i b *b«v« brr, ey li«r npcrlor brUUftu^. 

^Jth flashes oT her eye : tbciair Evadn«, 

■ 5 

Peace of heart betwixt ctwm ! 


But this is sbiLnga 

l^s. The Kinjf, my brother, did it 

o honour you ; and thc»c ^Jcmnitics 

at his chaj^c: jEo 

MiiJ, *Th TOyAl, tike hiin^ir But ] am !Kid 
My speech beats so unfortunate a sound 
To beautiful Ast^Alla. There w rage 
Hid in her father's brc&^t, Callanax, 

Bent long agalnht me ; And he should rot think, 3> 

Could 1 but call it back, that 1 would take 
So ha«* revenge*. A-i xn seom thr state 
Of his neglected daughter tlolda he :ttill 
His gicaUic&s with the KingP 

tyj. Vcs< But this lady 

Walks discontented, with her watery eye* 90 

Bent on the cartK The unfrcquonlcd woods 
Arc her delight ; ivhcre. when she .ves a bank 
Stuck full of flowers, ^he with sl sigh will tell 
Hcf :tcr\-ant^ what a pretty pUcc it were 
To burj- lovers fn ; and make her maids 95 

Pluck 'em, aitd strow her over Ukc a corfc 
She carrier with her an infcclicitis grirf, 
That Strikes all her beholden : :^he will ^ing 
The nK>umfur»t things that ever car tiath heard. 
And sif^ and sinf^ afiaiti ; and when the rest 100 

Of oar young Jadt^ in their waiUon blood* 
Tell mirthfbl takt in ccunte, that fill the room 
With Uui^htCT. she will, with ^to sad a look, 
Bring forth a ttory of the sHcnt death 
Of some forsaken virgin, which her in^cf 105 

$t ua^MmaMlmfrwtimatt Qj. ^5 Af) 'a Qi. 

I bit " H " ocrUu Ihc bcnn nmAiat." 

9> trk/^]SkjQi, CI 7^} /fl Qi. 

^1 «4r , . . tt^ Thtm lAt WV >iA iW ti^'A. 4iW AJ/ Qt. 
ji 4^AV-| JArn^acr AtfrQi. lOO li^M] ravjux/ Ql- 

>0f mtf}^mmr Ol. 

Ma 14 '^wl "BHiH lb thair tarVi one at%«r th« othtr, Th# nmf «. 
frcModMifufi m (ILL no.]'* Masitl toijUfl /ftQi- 


[act I 

Will pill in .<uch a phraj^c, th-il, etc i^hc end, 
She'll ^icnd Ihcin weeping; ot\c by mic ^way. 

MtA She has a brother under my command, 
Ukc her ; a Tacc as woniAni,sh ^s hcrii, 
But with a spirit that hath much out-grown 1 10 

The number of his yean!. 

df. ftty lord the bridegroom I 

Me/. I might run fiercely, not more hAAttly, 
Upon my {oc. 1 love thee well, Amintor; 
My mouth ia much too narrow for my heart ; 
1 joy Id IchiIv u|KJn lh<bc tycs of thine ; 1 1 J 

Thou art my friend, but my disordered speech 
Cuts ijfi" my love, 

AtHiM. Thou art Melantlua ; 

All love is »pokc in that. A sacrifice. 
To thank the godi Mclanliu* It return'd 
In safety I Victory sits on his sword* 120 

An i;he wa« wont : may the build ihi^fL- and dwell ; 
And may thy armour be. aft it hath boon, 
Only thy valour -ind tlunc innocence! 
Wh;it endle5:; tre^i^urc^ would our enemies give, 
That 1 tnijjlu hoUl ihcc still thus! 

M^L I am poor I5f 

In wordn ; but credit me, young man, thy mother 
Couf J do no more but weep for joy lo see ihee 
After long ab^nce ; *ill the wounds I gave 
Fetchd not so much away, nor all the cries 
Of widowed mothers. But this is peace, 130 

And thwt was war. 

T I r My trH tit Art\U j r v aip] ThvabiJd followvl hf ill the EdLIwi pi^c^ 
ft mnttna itirr !ttrJ: fh*ri» fc( nnrv in Q. F, 

Gtnl by Dyic4& "iljiuuhclcuut ^liciJaUuij '* ■» yet bvukc[Eii(i4: oHtkC KluJ Kcmii 
nquircu : <^y. would \l he pcrmmiU^ la tVAA &sfirditr'i 

I»5— 137 r^. . tAtt] lh»biLrliVT«ntfv««»> UnH ctid fitm. . . umh 
... Oh Q. r. 

Its /t^i/oor] /*it» tjt/ji6t^ti4 Xft F., Well. Tm ^ttfiiVf Thita, Kdd/?S. 

UT dbl iim. Qi lu Kv 

tt$ jratt] FA, Atitfi Q. r, nnd aH Edilw^ Wc amtaot iQi«fiific McUntiua 
Wtfvpiiig at all for hi« own woundi j buE **c may well inppiHa him l9 hHVe 
fdl lOmc «]^l voflDpancUQn lor ili«sc be nu forvod to gtv«. 




Amm^ I'ardcn, thou holy god 

Of matti^igc-hed. An^l fnnvn nt^t, 1 sun fi;>rccd, 
In answer of such noble tears as tho^c, 
To weep upon my v^^ding-day \ 

MtL \ fear thou art ^oum too Itckie ; for I hear I J5 
A Iftdy moiuns for thcc ; men s^y, lo death ; 
Forsaken of thee; on what tc-fm*; I know not. 

Amin. She had my promise ; but the King forbad it» 
AmJ m;*dr mr maVc rhU worthy rhnngr^ thy sUlffr, 
Accompanied with giaiou above her ; I40 

With whom 1 long to lose my lusty youths 
And grow old in her arms. 

J/rf. Be praspcTQua ] 

EnUr Mciacrtger. 

Mtss, My lord, the masqucn ntgc fcr vqxi- 
i/f. We arc gone. — 

CkoQ. Strato, Diphilus ! 

Amin. We'll all attend you. — 

\B:mint LvsiFKUS Cleom, Strato, Diphilvs, 

We shall trouble you 1 45 
With our solemnitieft. 

Met. Not so. Aminton 

But if yciyx lau?h at my rude carriage 
In peace. III do ai much for you In war, 
When you come thither, Yci I have a mifiltcss 
To bring to your delights ; ruu^h though I am, T 50 

I have a mistre^*. and she has a heart 
She ftay:^ ; but, tru:^ mc, it is atone, no better - 
There i^ no place that I E:aik diallenKc int. 
Butyou stand still, and here my way Ties. {E^uunt stv^raify. 

t«0 aJoh Aa-] dAsH/ M^r Qt, 7. /«r jiBwfv Arr Tb'^A '4 W^tk "The 

Itav^ M glTcri III ifu old FiU^, U nai ilcnocni In mdcdT. \t «n empluuilK 
belialva *bcr/ Cijiu^mkc a tiuc in PkHntttr. V. t. 14^.^*' A* aty tnui hih 
pffvn io wroaif mr.' '* Djw. 

143 &>t4r>^ - -1 Than U no VDtrjr of .IdU^^Hfrr nbrlbcd ia Qi, tsoA tb« 

.fivtWfr. 145 Kieiuu , . -foBL QtToF. 148 ^ffj rfifrtiQt. 

t^ rii\tm£ Or. 

tJ3 rA«^«rr u'O Ot to P.. £<ilil/:3 it) r>r^ tMlmer tantif^un Qt. 
'id£^rr Q>. Ttkcobiud pnotrd— 

"liWv'ttto pJ»« I oui cballertGegcMlG in'l." 

4f Jlew." i^K^bKE . . .\ Tticik lUeUDL Qj. JvkLI. i^txa K- 




A HaU in ike PaiiWf, it'ith a G^kfjfnU &f Spc^faUn, 


C^. Diagoras, look to the doon» better, for »hamc I 
yrw li^ in uU the wurld, arH finc>n thr Kmg wil! r;iil 
at me. Why, ver>' well said. By Jo\t, the King will 
have the show i* th" oourt. 

Di^g. Why do you «wcflr so, my lord ? you kroTi' 5 
he'll liavc it here. 

Cii/> By thi* light, ifhc be wi«:, he will not, 

Diag. And if be will not be u^i.^tc, you Jirc forsworn. 

Oi/ One must *^cst out his heart with swearing, 
and gel thanks on no -lidc I'll be gone, look to't who 10 

Viag. My lord, I shall never keep them oiiL Pray, 
jilay ; your louks will lemfy ihcm. 

C^ My looks terrify them, you coKeombly aas, you I 
I'll be Judged by ail the tom[Mny whclJi<^r ihou hast 15 
not a wor« face than L 

Diag. J mean* because they kfiow you aiid your oflitce. 

Cai. OfBce! I would I could put it off! I am sure 
I sweat quite thiough my oflice. — [ might have made 

ScSKt ILl "C^m^kmSmry I'itf., V. It.-* >C«b* thht wu doubtl«( 
'fffiilisti by Fieidicf." Valkn. 
ft i'ar/«f] **^mgry trntJi Ql, 
t nrjUm^ Dyoc ludoictl qui— -htiTt I bclJuvc, fnr tlic fim imi, iStS. 

10 " wtW Jfttt. In hU eJttioo *>f sAalrjfitAn ht noTQ nuflaeroua inutiLncca. 

4 i'M'jy6,7, F. f"/*Q3"5. r'Mrf#Qr. >, 

9 ^"**w . , . rwtvrtryii] Ortr lutt^ rwfon Ail Mtnrt it*/ vdtA eatmrtrtg Q*'"?- 
Oit* "ttrjr vmr Att jttai^ Mt i"UA rrriwivif, F,, iJycr. Onf *nny nvnr ah/ 

II. tj /ViMjr, f/ti^luut, Oi. t; jtiilff^ Mtt Qt. 

tS, 19 O^t . , . P^r] "The tyllkbic p^ nmindit Ehc XttVf »(fltcavut 
of h^ roW, md 3)0 <jrri?i an lh« imAfc" Cotfridi-^'t ^fviciti, tk 993, 
dud by Dyer. I'erhnpt tomo lOdcn nif n«<l lo br Tpmin^lfil thqr a rat>a 
<if oftiM wL<:Him«(jin«ip'<ktn of A« rile OffifV tiujf r to TrotjivTrt. '/'fmptit I. 
ti.> IikJr^ ulThJii inaL-ic t^ntient. u)i — "Lis Ihvn my iLil." on trhlcti puoAfe 
Sicvrn* Kpily uiiij(?v a sajiiTy vf I/jinJ Guilcieli, wbcvi he t^l ^^fT liik tcv»i ^ 
nighT,— " Lie tbcrc, Lord Trconjrcr" Aj£<un< ui £dv4 A^^ )«v, «c. Ktii, pi 
4M, Hdu]i(t'4 Dod£l«7, voL viL^ SUnk, jnurln^ olT GloAa't dnn, in nbich 
he hail Veen dkWQ^od, flidiUntt— '^'l^re liea Ulster." In Canwnjfit** 
Orifnwry. V. t,, ahi^ poltbg efT hU diiguUa u « coMlible, ap — '*LM 



roocn ftt my daugt^ter^s wedding : they ha' near killed 30 
her amongst thctn ; and now 1 tnmt do service for him 
that haUi forsaken her<^Scr\-c that will I 

[Rrit CauAMAX, 

Z>«i^. He's fto humorous since hu daughter was for- 
?biken! [/^ruxA wre/u'i.] H^rk» h^ik F there, thcrcl so, 
so I codes, codes t What now ? 15 

J/V/. [ct'/M/w] Open the door. 

j?i<m: Who's ihere ? 

M<K [u'if/siit^] Mclantius. 

/3£m; I hope your lordfihip brings no troop with 
yo^; lor, if j'ou do, I mudct return them. 30 

Enur MelaNTiUS (tnda Lady. 

~MiL None but this ]ad>% tir. 

Dia^. Thr ladies arc aH placed ahovc, saw thow 
that come in the Kini^'s troop : the be^t of Rhodes 
lit thcte, and there's room, 

MfL \ thank you, *ir — When I have seen you placed, 35 
madam* I must attend the King ; but, the ma»que 
dont, I'll wait on you ag^tn. 

Diag, [opcTun^ anciJitr dsor^ Stand back there! — 
Room for my lord MclAniiusf [Eri^4fit MilLANtiljs 
and La^.\—VrAy^ bear back — this is no place for such 4O 
youths and tJieir Irnll-t — let llie doors shut again. — 
Not— do your heads itch? I'll scratch ihcm for you- 

thr^-. vtfehmkn " Sn 9^ta in Etcn Jtrntan't hYrk /kr. V. 1,, Ijind 
Frtaipul puZilD{ oir hU di^pibc u eTl? Heat. c&lU to hii icrviat 1— 

''M/. laW Away lamc tii>«i. 
Mf beatd and a|t here fioin r&c, i-ik! fetch in^ Lurd-" 
PItiIqwm, ud prvfttnilT n-cnUn with IjttA Fmnpul'i robM. 

■U K^txk. v^thloj Exiviit (tilt ua^Ec dlrFCt^nn mi the "within" of I. alS 
Uk knocklDC «a4 Qpcnine loni ilmdin^ uf ikurk, i3uwii lu T. 44, bt the work uf 

flSM^I "Aooftin^loivar'godi,'" Ikltcn. 

J4 dfvJ/i^rr'jJrjI'ntJivQl. 

u Ei«ini1 . . JDnv, Fur Milomjua l^j oilier dare. Ql, om, (}£ TOF. 
43 Ai>] / Ql 10 P. 

42 ^ >w j4mA i/.4, ^^.] "So (tic Torui in //nr/7 f'//A, V. i<r. ,— 
'Foch acmikwBor<rftbtf«« »ikv«, ud jlrong Dii« ■ Ih fat uu bill *wildE« 



[act i 

[S^xfJ tA€ d^n) — So, now ihniat nnd hang ! [Ktt(?ch'n^ 
tvMiu.] — Again? who is"t nowj* — I cannot bUmc my 
lord Caltanax for ^'oing away: would he were here! 45 
be would run raging amongst ihcm.and break a <JO£en 
vriMf hcad:^ than hid own in the twinkling of an eye— 
What's the iicws row? 

[ iViM/i,] 1 pray you, can you help mc to the speecfa 
of thi; tnaHtcr-<:(x>k ? $o 

Dxag. Jf I open the door, I'll cook some of your 
calvcs-hcad*, Tcacc, rogues! [KriocMing within^ — 
Again \ — who irt ? 

Mtl [wUAift.] Mel&ntius. 


Oil Let him not in. 55 

£>iag^ Oh, my lord, a' musL—Make room tha« for 
my Ictfdl 

Ri-iHttr Mei-ANTIUS. 

Is your lady placed ? 

Mf!. Yes, sir, 1 thank you. — 

My lord Calianax, well met : 
Vouf cfluscless hate to mc J hope is buried- 60 

Cnl. Ves, 1 do service for yrnjr lister hc^t*, 
That brings mine own poor child to timeless death : 

4O h$ wtaiif run rwiH£, rfc,J Wcbet 0«c*— " Al ili* nliibTltoP 
^irler'i nias4*«> called ibc THomph of F«Mc. at couii in the >cu l4»U ' 
Lord Pcmbfoiic, vha, oJotiE wEih i!k office of CalEBBbi. Ii*(l Oic mmt 
viit]in« ni Cccnper, md wcakocAt of mtdlect, brake hii ittLlT <>vcr lh« 
4k1trnikltfT« of Thnindt May» (h« f^lftml^ pel. Thii tTi^T)' it rflnlHl m 
SmlTcH'i Letirn, ind by Oibcimp In his TrndtiJun^l MrfDnin. Thr liirer 
ute the ici^ vonb cf oar pocti, «t be otdervd tbM ['dobfokc 'did aoi 
fdr^DC', wbilil he WD> diimtierbijic, lu ^mtif md^iiv ifiaW he^a^ Mart AJi 
#vw/*' Djec quotA thi> TiQU, buL ^ucdci LC v b<in[^ by ^if Waltrr SctjtL. 
H« Tcfert to hifl A--*9itni cf Shivi^y, *tc. (prrhwd to Htc (f^vi/), p, «vii , 
vhen h« givM « fbl) eitrut from Ihe SlriNonl corripf ponded^, ■rtd n^tli ttatf 
he pDsKBa acopyoj 410. rfijA, on Ihr unarvtn of whtcti, opp<sLie Uie Dfo^ni 
auMO^C 1% *iillcii mm ulil \ix\\i\ '* Frnil»iJ<e. " tl Kliuiild tie twicA ifial Q| 
loi "» jjucn WHH h{-a<]H ll«n hi»<»wn," Iiau Hiotrlj— " ■dosrn bcadih" 

$4 R4-Qil«r . - - J b>c«. Kntcf Cnlfanai. Q]> EaCer CbJUkiuut 10 
MelontlDi. 4jt1<fr. 

56 tT* MHJl] / muit F. (0 Dttc, Dbgorvi, of coarse^ mrtfiv— he natt 
te let ID. 

57 lU^Ur - - . ) OTO. a F. ^^ 61 *«W1 fl*^ ^5^;o l>jce- 

u //«v£»u] ''vniuoclj. 

43, V, it. $i» etc. BuUcD, 



She loves your friend Amintor; such another 
Fjbe-heafted lord a» you. 

Mti, You do »e wrooE, 

A most tinnuuily one; An<I X am slow 65 

Jo takioff ven|p»tncc : but be well adviifcd 

Cai. It may be ^o, — Who placed the laily tlicTe, 
So near th« prc»nce of the King f 

Mti, I did. 

Cai. My lord, »hc must not sit there. 

Ctf/ Tlic place 

Js kept for women of more worth. 70 

htti. More worth than she ! h misbecomes your age 
AiKJ place to be thus vA^mani.ih : forbear ! 
Whttt j-ou !iav* spoke, \ am content to think 
The palsy shook your tongue ta 

Cal. Why, Ms well : 

If [ ?tand here to place men** wenches — 

Mgl [ 7J 

Shalt quite forfcec thfs place, thy age, my Mfet>'t 
AiuJ, thorough all, cut that poor sickly week 
Thou ha*t to live away from thee \ 

Cat. Nay, I ktlo^v >'ou can fight for your whore. 

Mtl Bate mc the King, and, be he flesh and blood. So 
A' liea that say,i it ! Thy mother at fifteen 
Was black and sinful to her 

Piag. Good my lord— 

Mti. Strtiie (;od pluck tliree?»i;c>rc years frcmi thnl 
fond man, 
That I may kill hini» and not stain mine honour! 
It (s the curse of soldiers, chat in peace $5 

They thai] be braved by such ignoble men, 
As, if the land wen; troubled, would with tear* 
And knees beg succour from "em. Would the blood. 
That va of bkxxl. thar I have lo**! in fight. 
Wen: runninfc in thy veins, that it mij:ht make thee 90 

SJW)<27. vnuff «e hH(\ om. Ql 

1 lu W«b- 

74 IW7I on. Qi. T* p^'d "B*. Q* 

BtimipmM Thco. t« Bvc*. lifv^h O, F. 
mA Ml- QJ 10 F., Edd.'7S, WcK 
Si -^^ J«f F. (oDyw 
as »r*MiJ /nViT Q3-7. drm" 

«> Ad 



Apt to nay tc*t, or able to mairtflir, 
Shou1d*st thou say more ! — This Rliodc^ I sec, is nouglit 
But a place privileged to <lo men wrong. 
CaL Ay, ynu may sayyuur |ilcA!(ure. 


Amin. What vild mjory ^$ 

Has slirrM my wtirthy /riL-nd, who is as slnw 

To Aght with words a^ hc^ is quick of hand^ ? 

Mff^. Thitt heap of age, which t ^%hould reverence 

If it were temperate ; but te»ly years 

Arc most cotitcinptiblc. 

AmiH. Good lir^ forbev. lOP 

CaL There b just such another as >'Our!»clf, 
Amin. He will wrong you, or me. or any man, 

And talk as if he hud no life to lo^^ 

Sincir ihis our fnalch The King i« coming in; 

I would not for mere wcaith than J enjoy lOS 

He tthuuld pciccive you racing : he did hear 

You were at difference now, which hastened him. 

[Ilasti&ifys fitay iciikin. 
Cal, M»kc room there ! 

EnUr K)»G, HVADNE. vVsrATlA, L&rds md Ladus. 

* King. Mclantius, thou art welcome, and my love 
Is with thee Mil] ; but this is not a pUcc IIO 

To brabble in,— Calianax, join hands. 

Ctii, He rfiiU not have mine liand. 

King. This \% no tirne 

To force you to 't. I do love you both : — 
CitlJanAX, ynu look well to your office ; — 
And you, Mclantiu.s, arc welcome home, — 1 15 

Begin the masquc- 

Mti. Sister, 1 joy to see you und your choice; 
You loolc'd with iny eyes when you took that man : 
Be happy in him ! [/frtwwtof. 

95 W^ Thz fanu n'A/ viA r*if vtcn a*ci iadiScrCQlly. 

95 imjury] wrrH£ Qj and ThvQ. 

97 *j«XJ *fl»J tja TO Uyit 109 ny} tky Qt. 

I)? MiHfJ •vQsta I>yce. J13 t^i\*a irThco. loDroe- 


Evad. Oh, my dearest brodter. 

Your prcflcncc ii; more joyiii) than this day 130 

Csui be unto mc f 

Tlu Masqat, 

Night rius w mists. 

Night. Otc ni^ is «tiw ; for in the qtienckin£ sea 
The sun is jfrw^JiV, and tnVA himftU tkf Day. 
Brigid Cynikia^ hear my voice J / am fAe A 'if^, 
F&r wJhm lA^tt heaf^si tUkfttl tf^ borfou^d ttghi ; \ 25 

Appear / Hfi Ung^ tkypaU visa^ sAnntn^ 
out strike tfy uhfr iwms quite thrvn^h a eUmt^ 
AmdsiMda Statu upon my iwarfky faet^ 
By wAie/t I may discover a/t t^ piau 

And ptr^ems^ andA^w mcMy icnptig eyts 130 

Art fvnitf to tvaii m atr M/ewHitUs, 

Ehsst CvTcniiA. 

Hpw dsdl and tiaek am I ! I wutd n&t find 

Tkis ^aufy mtlwtl tAsi, lam so MW.- 

MMinki tksy shtw tike t^ tJms easttrn stnaJu^ 

That tmtm ns kente tef&9x the morning brtaks. 135 

Atfd*. my p^£ servant f for thest tyts knout koxv 

To shoot far tnort and ifuick^r rt^s tJtan thou. 

CynCK Crtat ^nt^n, t/^ ito a troop fir tehom atone 
One of my fie^r^st moem i herxit put on ; 
A troop, that /Offks as if tkysdf and 2 I40 

Had pitu^d oar reins in and onr whip^ iaiJ fy, 
Tagaas i^en theso mortaiSy t/iat appear 
BwQkter than vm. 

%U C^m U KmU jw] tm. <^l, 
ttt fmmekij%f} ^^fnyg? le K, t^dL'^B (0 DyM 

1^1 137, ^/ftnr - « - iUnd} Dfcc naiai :-^"l^Ji patuise (ubta ton- 
tcnulacnc)wu orvbAUyln MiLicm^ rcwlkcrioo whta nt m oi^ 

tJO An/iwJ rut ^Um (Jt. 

tjt fioior . . ^ I "^' '£>Mv<nf Kiehc and NcfiiaDe nu/' U^ce. 

tit omftf) /« Ql, 

ij^*]j7 Jltij MiNy . . . t^am tAeti.] The /4o>m L 134 niwited Ic 

10 fi^jiinii tkclMlt«DOMpleu,IL 136, 7, i3^^k. > . rAtitr, aad IL 154* S« 



[act t 

Night TkmUtmkMp'fmkpre; 

And Htvtr mort oar cAariois drivt away^ 
Bat k^tienrftaas and&nUkhu tkt JMy, 145 

C^nth. GrfdU qU44tt ^slutd^ws, /lw anfiimid ft> 

0/ mo^ than rftny ^ thn^ : wt may n^t ^^eak 

Tkegwi^ dfrrrjts ; hit H}hfn tmr tt*tt^ is fpm^^ 

Mttst driv£ atvay^ and girt tht Day car rvcm, 

Krf, tehiht tmr rngn lists, fet ut sfrfUft tfitr/tnivr 15O 

TV /TtY ctir servants &mc tomi^nted fwur^ 

With such un\k^nt^d s^kmn graa and itatt^ 

As mayf&r €nr aft^r/orct thtm hat4 

Our brotfur'^ g/tjriffHt ^owj, and wwrf tA^ ?^^f^ht, 

Cft^^n'd with a tM^usand stars and ^ur Cfiid /i^/tt : 155 

P/ffr almost all the u^rid thxir scrvia bind 

T& PJiadus, and in xmft tny ii^t f Itnd^ 

Cased on kntif my sffUm^/rvm my riu 

Almost 0/ non< Ivt 0/ nnqmrt ryts. 

Night Th€n shins at ftff,fatr ^tte^n, artd by thy 
pawfT 160 

Produce a h'rth, to Cfvwn this ha/fiy hour, 
0/^yjnfks andshfPhsrds : tti iArir songs discowr, 
£asy and sweet, wA? is a happy f^^r ; 
Or. if th^u nflwV, ihiru oum BrtdymivH 
From the fjMet fio'^'ery bank ht hes upon, l6j 

On LattHKs* ^rtfw, thy fiale bea'as dntu'n away. 
And 0/ his t^g night let htm mahe this d^. 

IJI^I^9 Yif ^ . . fjt$\ (11(1, Of, ZM.^% j:Tve the \\\xk \a ■ noCc unty* 
not o*U*Tirm ihcD to bo by eiOici Bcanmofli <*r Fl^-ichcr ; ihcy^ lupjjJKci ilnon 
\a hftve bnn lint iKU«d I0 (he («i( in Q^, 1630, whcrru ihcy upptiv tn Q^ 
16*1. CaUndgt'i )tidginvDE {Hi^oami, iL ^94), d^ed bj' L>y«i n ihat "the 
fini ri|£hr linn Bre not wone, and thr Ud fouplci ini!4inptnb]y bftrrr, ih^n 

154 niihfhe Ni^Af.^^^X\^\%^^\ fnr*'iviih forlhr NiEhL-" P,>fo4loivod bjrall 
lb( tdlioit) oiiiliif^ the tomma iflcr A7f4r. i<(i #f/M) <)f. mirfU > 

1(4 tSti*t frtjn] M^«» ,'dy//i/«vrfr/if U3E4> F'» EM'jS 10 DyM. 

U», 163a. *rti jjubliatn^i irt KlflcbBTi Ills lime and i* »iid tu h»»e been 
•■ 'S**i\y p*nu*l itigm'Eii^ n.ii<l irlupfd " : n w* h»T» wo. oaly a <*w 
UnM OMVff, II wa» ccrfamly - «i|rmcni*»1 " ; but iti rhjt tttnf \Xk ()ivcr£rnc« 
fhnn <}l i«cnu tF>c r^ull of a bluiidciriJ rcWaioo. TDiubli' LJie inioidcTl 
rvoid^ vu "cdl (hific"ur "tb^" la ilii> duubi **iih ThcobiJJ wc alluw 

b«m£ Bod«ntood b«fon thirt/ t^tj MuJyniiPit, 

idi Mw] A4 <is to Dyr^ 

16; dfkf^ifi. . . thii itiiy] Ed. Aiui »/ kii . . ^tl^^ Ql. Ani^ 



Cynth< TAcu tirram'st, dark quttn: thaf /air hoy 

Xfft uit/tt I dfiiL'ft t& kist Aim. E4U€ nnJ wm 
fape bred tfttsf A^Cl/ taUs : ^u, utMtn tk^ ra^^, 
^mrn gods to mfn, and make an Aptir utt j^. 
'Stif / tirii gr:'/ a gnattr start and ^or^, 
And raisi ie Umt a nobf^r tn^n^ty 
Of what tfUif /tn^rf art. — Risf, rjiu, I st^, 
TkfiM /ffwfr of d^ffis, /A/ surges iatd rfsr-y, 

Tgpsunt, grtat king of ttxjters. and fy trnt 
^A fro$td /D ^ fommand^ f 



NepL Cyntkia, ux. 

Thy u^rd hath fttih'd m4 kitk^r : Ut mi know 

Cynth. Doth tkis ma/^sfu sJt&w 

Gm tfnt no knowitdg€ ytt ? 

Nept. ViS, ntKv I set J $0 

SomHkinr tttimded, Cfntkia, ^i^rthjr tkte. 
Goon; fii^ahiJf^, 

Cynth, Muihu^i/ten. 

'M fkarge the Wtndfiffron kis vwky den. 

tt loose hiS suh/ects ; oitfy Bortas, 
Toofouifar attr intttUion. as Ju utij, iS^ 

SHU ko^ Aim fast eUaind^' av must hat^ none hin 
IvI verna/ hiasis andgznt/e winds a/fiear, 
^Smrh as bt^^/ot^srsp and through tksgfad hugkt 

Jfai^ soft wfUetuss to thi tusfy spring; 

^'kcse an our musk : next^ tf^y watery ra£t 190 

175 '■■^ ■■'■■f] i-^- t^*! UiJf- Mai>:>D. Tut Ati'i/ Scwanl inviwoi, ind 

nd Ead/79, •d«ptsd, jb^, '^ThsWwd fA^:' «r- SflvaKi, '*»i» 

d|pi|^ hb nf«fitiinc'«J pwttDg th« Wiw> *viih hii Tnd«nl i<r givt liiin ■ fre« 

f mjMs^S*' '*^ ^'^ '^^ ^ ^^ ^^'^^ 

I9(^l9a Tlnv . . . f>iiM| Qa t« F. ; and m, uiiaeuiailT, 
Bditon ; v»<vp( 1h*l Ifcer pude w« «n^ fit&MtJ t9 gr^4 T\ii nmr "v^ io 

. fpii^l Qa t« 

•nd M, MiUc»nlall7, *1I ;hr 


(act I 

Tkit nMt nighS^ eaA in tiuir richrst mn^ 

y&Hr tnvn du/s cr /4# hr^ktn W4**/ bringt ; 

Bifirotii^ai, and I &kalib€ai kmJ 

AiuijAitu aifuii ttf^HfOU. 

NcpL Ho. tht wmd- 19S 

C&Mmauding j'Eciiis f [Ent^r /EOLUs auf of a Rock. 
vEol, Grtai Neptmnc / 

Ncpi. Ht, 

Kept, Wi do ofmurarad t^frr€ 

fav^HUU and t^ miidcr tvittds, to wait 
i/prm tmr Cjmikia : Imi iU Bomu strati^ 
He's too nbtiUotu, 

/Eof. I^U<hU, 

Ncpt, Do. [Erif JEoLUS. aoo 

Led OH in f^$^e3, m ^i^ fJtiv 'a 'a gntis 
Tlku ^wWr rtf^i/ a/A iW /i/j^ ritijst lki$t^— 

\ h^ytyt <rat xvkX > the mtili of a bunglrd aitnupt EacorrKl the <«tlA JnJ)i 
COmpl Q], ftTid I wcHiM pmpOK Xo r«ad : — 

Tlinc n/f ouf rattilc : dticl, tliy watt^rr r»ce, 
LcJ vifi in c^^pkk. wc arc ploUcJ tQ (rur« 
Thii aol>]t nJ£bt » 
Bid Ihem dinw near, hcK in Thvir mhvtl ihm^t— 

ShtfuM 1I be ob)ci?ifr3 tliAithe then Ilsc — "Thu noble mghl "— lirdlit lh« 
rrf^lBrity of ifaf r»uple1( m nhirh f Fi# riHKjUf ii writTf n, it may br pcinlefl out 
ibat Ehrrr is rniainTy cmr rirlirr iiii,;3ncr in ihr «hon line — "Al iiijilnighi "— 
f. ll6« Dycc b iLu only tiluoi uhrj nuln tlie rcB^iUH ^^ Qi> ac^I (l^c voul 
,£<<^in the le^ond Ijnc iui>t{0i^ lo tiiiti ihati liaic«d of ^^ Jriii^t'ii tn conplni" 
it would lae jiKiCtraljIt (u rcaJ ^' JlW Ctfi,*' cTt-— tiic word " bflnp" oocuHng 
tn lb* ncx\ i»n» but <fli* jl, 193). I93 iVft^;] i«f »£i tjl. 

195 //]»] ^(#Qi, ^ Qa. /^^r Qj'~^ '?> kum^kM-i iho Mifa buIoM* 
nf N«p(une r«[auinff if^lnt from lh« rocE in which n« i« onnliim iind <lwn 
inuododiw bin lo <5i]ihl* wkh ,— " Sc^,^' cic^ 

'05* 190 WM^^ibiifrHJidW vA«/»r.1 Fjihi liyphcncil by 'JlicoljaM^ «ho 
notes (hat Scwind uid i^]mptcn bad cAch. indcpendcnlly. mnde ibc amoc cor- 
rtcticn : Cdd ';E and W«bor co/cawt, Tbviv !< no p>ini of 4ny Icmd after trtW 
in Q. K, DyoefcillowB the 1711 v\ , m nnnrirtc *' SViod i*"r hii r?«ton hcinp 
itiii i^folut laullol "tlu Wlad"ln I. tS3: not. tioweiv?, w)(haca;>lut " W "^ 
in any tililioM Lui (Iiae of 171 1, Thcobdd'h lod hiii (MU ; «nd u lo [he (wo 
fbnno «K DOlc «t " Fc*i,"ll, il 56. W. Mitfuul. Cane^ JVitftin etc., J856, 
on I>yoc'«cdB •pp4reniljr u«p(» Dy«B (roinlinc ; ^'^'^ coniidurq '^CDniinat>d- 
ii^ <«o]di" (O bee outrginal dirT<<iD!H nbi a put oft.hc tcKt i u D/cf'k ILii» 
uv nOE mcln^ly onuig&l* MiFfi>rd pTobibiy ovrrlool'tf'I the '■fl L^iit b^ 
would lllut Leave I, 1^6 lm]V<Tfpcl- soo lao) am, Qi- 

aeo— Kii Ni*p:. /V . . wonvl Thnhdd*> ijiruiiuo ; falluwtJ bj Edd/jft, 
WeU, Dy«. Qi lii» .- 




MoL [within.] Grtat t/tasUr /ff tfu fi>od and all tdow, 
Tfy /uM i&vtwumd ^as takfn. /A?, /Ar Afain ! 

FaVovIUS and atker Winds, 
Nept, Hert. 

MfA. Be teas fms hrtdi€ kis c^tin^ 

And^ stn^gim^ wifA tUf rtsi, ^asM away, 

J ttfiti Mot long ^ tkmef. Gc ^h^/ o^tH. 

And adi ^tU 0/ thi boUsms cf tht wain 

Bime Pnsuns and the rtst ; ckargt r/vw put art 

TA4tr^ftaUs//^ris, attd tht matt s^r^firrjt: t/artf 

Tkd hfaStn roA hretds; tiiltkis uight is 4oH^ 

B/m^a scUrnn itcncar tfi ihi Mo^n : 


jCol- /aM£t?M. [Ejrit. 

Cyttih. Dark Niihi, 

Strike a ftdi siUnu^ ^ a tk^r^ugit right 
TV ihu grtat ^hcrui^ that aitr music may 
T&urk higk as ksattm^ and tmiiid /A* tost brtab day 215 

Ai midnight. [Mflsic^ 



'' ^^ Hrv (njiiili*r nf l%f> BnnTil (;J/), and all brlmr 
TtiT hll comnund hu Eaken^ 

hlei <^ dfkl Fi^, cictipi tluu in ibc lint ]in« they Juld " f^'Ol * 

*" Gnai auid r>f Th« flood and nil brio*, 

ThT TflU oomnujid tuu calun,"— 

mCnthuw "ilicpeivciTiBiLthawprudi vTllwniiktci wirnli k1 «I lUnijr by 

AaM Jul «« ifcc b«a nid thu, .l^luv, «bo luu not yi\ niumcd Cfou 

tMM^C U» orl«i> crin oul ' JIo> the Mun 1' cW.'' Stwd wculdraid:-* 

"Mtpl, Do, 

a1t»M>R . . .1 rwv. 
7lftfQili>r.. Edd'Tft. W«b, iqS rmt\kmt Qt. 

Ami. . . n^il AmtitJfl^ttJU^iafJ^mt/iAtMaitfQt, 
UMm] AoaV^ Qs^ ^i4^<9 Q6 10 F. "See ^/«- Aw. Z^. u 
, 5*c. ' O^wioiJ, iniitad, cmb««Md. diifl4*cc««4 «Kli gold «> odiv 
lAB HutcnmL' " Kolln. no A^ DjFC*11U«<»eaB}. vbo«a«np«rt« 

ijo In ifcfr irtt Kx« bett>v) fUTQ.MiWtih. 



[act '( 

nwr sovc 

CfudiiA, 10 tkjr power «»d chce 
foj t# thb pwc caapaar - 

Cova wttCKl Ehte rdfhf mwaf, 

Tin Ac n*o d" lore OK ended. 
And iW hmj hhdtenom mf, 
WekuM, %hl, «rall b^icncM ! 

Puc out, JIM waicff poven bcfev. 
Let joorfeci. 

Ukc Ibo ^iJIcyi when thcv rowt 

Lcc 3iour B&knon tMAjiB«i,»c« 
To Ebe vdU wtndi, tdl lo aJI, 

Tl^ (od» are cmii^ imaacrtal, great, 
To MOOBT ihss great »pdAL 


Mdd WIe iby hmirm duk Nifffat* Eill ve liavc donc ; 

HiC D^y AiJ <U»ne too sooe ; 
Vounf: Quids wtU cunc tbev, if tlioa aUaTiC awA>', :); 

Aad IcAvosC tbeir Iovks ofcn to the day : 

Slajr May, and hide 

The blufehc^ vf llic bitdc^ 

Stay, ^mtlc Kifhu and fith thy dirloes^ cora 

Tlickiuiesof her lotcr ; 340 

Slay, aadc<iafoundbci leacsAnd hci thi'll ajditifs, 

I Icr weak deiUobk vow^ ind ofteri'dv'ilgA i 
SU}, ^<lhide^l; 
But help not, though she call 

[Ancther m^juwn. 

116 FiiB7 SoXfi- Dniiii]^ - , , mta.} Dye^. All prpCfti jn^ oilliMu lav« 
mrtdT "So0(." »7JAEf]^4ni<J3^o^' 

33a TTic nmMre.1 Web. kdd»— ^'^r the Sa-godi." 

■34 /»««] MfiiAct Qa to F.—Tlkeobdd rolored ihc leadinc of Ql fot the 
nvfrti thBl Uuikii occvfv in th* aotX IJn« h«t QD«k 

944 ^f"' ^'^ o^t '^W* '''' ">^^J Following thii vMg Qi bOE Iltc Mwc' 
rtirf<(ion — " Maakm dauncvn Krptvoe Teadi if ui^ then p»cc<<U with 
Aolai'i ncxE ip«Ch. I- 7$^. "Ho, Wepttne I "— Whii here (hnotrt, II- S45 
—25^ " Kcpi. ittrta ijvt€n . . . a'fmHike/* WM f«*I prmipd in Qi The 
■U|;i- direct ion ^ o^ilted in Qt. wot (ruiBWtd birTbco. lo (he cod of n«p(iiae'> 
ip^edi. II. MJ— 3^0, which thtrt hfl^l merely '* M«Lnrt>" 



T^ mak€ tkis hour afitUcnt. 

Wkm sfU nnli dan£t u^^m ik^ rissng n^iv. 
And €Ourt me as the sailj. My Trit&ns^ ^ay 
Music e& lay a storm / rU Iroii tht xi^y. 250 

\Ifatqutrs d^n£^; Neptune ItaJs it, 

TobciS.lobed \ Come, Ifymcn, lud the brld^ 
And by ha Viy licr hui^b^ud'iH side ; 

Britig in the virgins cicry one. 

Thai jfricip'c lu lie alotic. 
Tlui they nuy kin *liilc [Fi;:^ ntAy »ay i moid ; 355 

To-mixroiH Hivill be otlici kUi'tl xnd Mid. 

Hc»pcnia, be Ion; i-vbiTiing. 

NepU ^clus ! 

JBA The scag^ ki^ 

AofBV Avfli mixed a slortn : go itnd apply 2(So 

Tf^ trident ; ^ir, / prcrphesy^ en day 
Many a tail ship wtU be oj^f a-way. 

H%, J46 Kfpc Cit^ . . , M^] Thf fwugc iiJVkdi thui in Qi tu F. 
' ' A^ (*rcai QiiwDc vf ut >ei J IteHircii 
H««n vh«l t Hin£ (0 iaa1l« tbin hour* a full otir, 
tf not hcrniMnrc. 

OmtJk. Spt^U Se« KJnft" 
lh« liciH tft i cociptii j rtrilcLni- o»[ ^' If not her meuort,'* 

(Ot. S«md pro^meil to iltfT ro— " If noi fV-mniure^ knd ti MUin Iht 
cc u » fcniiiUitbIc nterrrii::jLl ia^«rcalii[ji>rt. KihV'jH xnd Wfb, follow 
Soorl Droc icFAin* iy i»/ ifr xoiiHrv, [iik3 Ecmj^rkk—'^TliC! iD4?ulJEl|t grf 
E'm *p<«eh U c1«vJt iIm >— ^(»l fiuocn of n) ar^d htdt^Qn heu vrhtC 1 
, •pdanoarifU' lo mfeke Ihl* bmu ■ bill odv. though p«ihapA tth%t I hr^t^ 
fbot oonplcrtly Ml up iMr vaMUK, Ihc uroooan >^ it fr*<|Bae|j 
>M(kdli>ilHrbyc(ureuI]r«[Tit«n." Mr. F. G, Flvay, CiwL ^jv> OnM. 
19^1, I. 19J. AD^oEi ihii ihf wonli la ditpuie tn nrrely a m^arintofa 
lUGC-tlinti-iti— " ^jw/Arr nmuLrc," wbidl ibonkl be pfwcd M [he end of 
(he >4ui>d i^DC. We Lave htciitciL lu* lacccntloo. 

H7—**9 3Tw . , . j^lrf- . . . iAf\ Th», (Sewntiwnj.), Dyct Tiy - . , 
J«0 . . , fAfC^JtoK. l:6d. '7Hsaop1 yXfinh J47. bvi CnlW Q, V, in Jl. 
IIA.9. Wrh a<1(ip1« r^ami lAr \n \t ^47 dorl ^49. tiil rfUlni /ic/ in L 74^ 
w iB»l DycejHntJi, MS. Sot«), J^tt^f Qi to Web. 
AlidSon^] Dyoe. Soqk Qi tu Web. ^miiiKJlrauivQS ^ I^^*7'- 




DgsumdwMttBtJkf gods and iUitJtm-favm-^ 
7> ttnk€ a cmiim. [Exit. 

Cyntb. IVd tJ^tmky^/vr tkis kamr: 

So£rtat a strvia, dbuv at m^ Jesm, 

Yt tkaii koTt mtnf^ Jh^ds, fuiUr tmd kightr 

Than ym^ have wtsh'd f&r ; and rw M sMalt dart 

To lit thi Day s^ ^ffkmjmir dwtUmgs art. 

iV«r ^a£k m^Jt<f T-^ar fffv^mmdnU tm bste^ 270 

LfSt ytn/r J^rrmd r/:iarn sJktmld StJeieU a^ertV tkr ^tfOStf^ 

And win Kf&n the UiamL 

[Nbttune dtwtndt and the Sea-G^. 

CyntiL Hold up shy head, dead Nigkt ; see it fhm not 
The eojt hfgitts t^ tighten : I must dff-am, 
Andgive my br&sher ^a^. 

Night Ok, f£ctUdfr0wn 375 

To Ste the Day, the D^ thatfiings hit tight 
Vp^n t9^ kin^Um and e^atemms 4id Night t 
Im htm gv OH and/tatne t / h&pe tt> tee 
Anther tvUd-/iK in his axietree. 

And aUfali drtnckd. But I forget ; sprat:, ^nten : sSo 

The DaygroufS en; I must no mort be seen, 

Cynth- iiiove up i/^ dn^wsy head again, and sec 
A grtater tight, a greater majettyy 
Between our set and ns ! whsp up thy team : 

jCili^S IK/. , 7rmnU*Stl A tJkamJnf*tt^*v,miUU>nf»lMa,Q9i^ 
nSt an^ vm, Qt to Vtth, l\uxt. io Wtb. niBtkr ui> Lhr lire I7 mtliiif 

»i$iM tot A4fAf. IJO ^VCvmnVMl] ^ITT'iiWJ*.' X^t Xq Wcb. 

971 <4iDw] ■M'ln Qi. m Ntmne dcKmls ... 1 EMoai Mubcn 

Dooad. Qi. NtpcvM to e tn Ji vh6 Prai«iu, etc, fijicimt Pbvanlih ud 
Olhvr Wind*- 070* m ir^fiAmrj ttM^tUma (^ to F. 

™ TiflW'^) An Klliuion M Fh«#ton. Tli#n, 

aSa /airifA!it Qs to F. aSo firra]/?nvf Qj to F., Edd.>& VTeb- 

2S1 A^rir If/] e^r JfA* Ql. ProUUy the lipc oi^clnUly roD,— " cSic« 
tiuTM i(«jiv 00 Ehf (Intv^r beta and mc." 
«B4 J*/l Thtc-, {Scwftpl coni.}^ Wct>., D^ce. jft-^Q, F,, K Jd/T*- — Sewtird 

Ihkl Ihr^ mrii( [p^ il'tvn ; rkll Ihr L.qlt^-r htiiii nur, thAi Ihr^ arr nnly fh^ 
Ktji af Light ihot frarn chc Klne irul Cour?. which ih^f mlsiKick Fa the Diiy> 
limk, Kfntx li'b pbiii. Il ihuuld be wruic — Bawtt^ tar Scl iim/ vj. r'.r. uuf 
Scdiaf, or, gv'itic down." KdJ/fS m)r»^'*Wc a^lmit the juttice o( Mr, 
Scwk^'i cipuiuuon oT the kkvc of tijui piUH^ ^ but (Id no; *^ th« ac««iitj 


Tkt day bttuks hsrt, and y&n sun^fiarirtg itrt&m 285 

Skti/r^m tJkf s^nth. WhitM way Tti'I tfiou ^ ? saj. 

Cynth. / itJto Z^y. 

Finis Maspii, 

King. Take lights there !—Ladf«. get the bride to 
Wc will not Mre you laid ; 'ffipod night, Ainintor ; 
We'll cftM you of that tedious ceremony; 390 

Were It iny Cisc. I i^hould ihink lime run slow. 
If thou be'si noble, youth, kcc mt a boy. 
That rr^ay defend my kingdoiii from my foes. 

Amin. AU bappine^iH to you ! 

Kii^i, Good-night Melanitu^ 


iA|4t, hf «t ninnjpinl canipTitn«n1, fh^E lite bn^hIna« 4l the COvrr imn- 
nan lint of llir Sun, unit li mnrp rfninnitnE fn NLt^hl 4m1 hrntlmiliittt iHan 
«»«o the ^Ifddni (if ihr Dny." On th^v noin Mvpnn commrnfi d« fnlbiri :— 
^Tl»e oviKtIment oLditl^Acd t>y the lCJii(H> [of i;;^! wi 

Isr #07 riUHJttwL- W* h*^ ihcfdW followed tbe oW <opie* 1 wtilch onlf 

b)r fft nlnn^nl canipTitn«n1, *h*l tJw bnuhlna* ol th* COurr Irtn- 
lliat of llir Sun, unit li mnrp rfninnitnE fn NLt^hl 4m1 hrntlmiliittt iHan 

■ttd wil MiD tijr»j<^ tboorh Scwud'i nmdintiil thould be Bdoplol : but il \\ 
inpowdUs thaiC l&c rnidsw&tfiMt ^Hr ut/ori^k/^ can liCin^ ftwnf rwft*atmnl 
U «u A^ IB/ aa>H^«H/r ; tfitr will «qaill]r upcly any oihm m*t,n'ui^ vrtmtu- 
*v«r. Bat, dKmeb 1 tme *iin SfVini In rmdififf fff in^frvrl ot (iv/, ( fanrinF 
iffcnvcofhliapUAliloD:" . , . TfljPtit«lu1Cyiltma"«¥» nor misukfn vlih 
lU|iftU tu (hr tfipiukh vf D«|' ; foe Cyiilliin ki>1l r^ ^id^ dr^nii kitt. ixnbl- 
inc to iIk CuW w^ a( tIJc umr time «hi:A« i^lii Nii-m, tliAi thcic vhiu k 
Isglbt Aot 'n<i the South, vbich »tcwl ]>tiwern vietii tnii their tmlnr «f 
^ I and wAt vU«h w*T' the would (ola Ihit Ji]«mmit ; (o which NigKi 
mit^ iW ilie «1Z1 With in(a Tnnti ; in4 Cynllik i^, /m/^ i£f^, «hid) 
«M Ibn at band." xA^ rj-ij/] Xjr^ Ql. 

185 rM iiiw,|fEir/tf^ uVdHvl ^*4 uMu jtaiAin^ r/rMin. Qs— (, Th«ih, jwv 

i«fM^ Edd.'r8i Web. D^n rvrnjiFk*— " 'timn' hM b<«Q ii«cd h; poeu Fn 
&t wna* tdntytvm tr^tn ih* iimir of Chiiu»r ; 

* Ttiti l<« iKr Mnnrv ttrynut, tnfh tn wp .' 

7A* Menla Tsk. v. I4S7». r*l TjT." 

Wfh .^7. trtJr iUm gtf wAi.'A wayf ThxA. 



[ACT Jl 

ACT n. 

Scene !. 

Ent€r EVAI>N£. AspaTLa, DULA, AiHticfAer Ladies. 

Dntij. Marl;im, *ihal! \vt undrc** yoti tar this figiit ? 
The wam arc nak'd that you must maktr to-ntgbt. 

jSnt^. You are very ricn>% Diila, 

Onia. I should be 

Far merrier, madam. If it were with me 
A« tt is with you. 

£tW. HowN thai? 

J}nia. ThAt I might go 

To bed vritli him wi' th' credit that you da 

Rv&J. Why, how now, wench ? 

i>iub. Come, ladles, will you help? 

Eva^t. I am ftoon uiidone- 

ZJjwiia. And as soon done : 1 1 

GfXJtl store cf clnthcs will tniuble yiiu at both. 

Evad. Art thou dntnlc, Dula i 

D$Ua^ Why, here's none but wc;. 

fivad. Thou think'it belike there ?fi no modesty 
When we're ajjiic. 

J— 43I Down to Aipaiii's fin^ ipwch. 1. 43. the dkalopic Unoitljr in coDpleu: 
cJjLXJuh iliyidc MAtl iciicliw [nil II] \^\t^^x% : lit 0< AuJ y* iv ik prinUd wit^k icrv 
Utile Tc^^rd i4 CEthcr venc 01 rhyme, ThcuLadtl biid '* a Btrooi; lutpidoa ' 
ihDi Dula'i [WO ip««ch« U. J— 5 anil 5, 6 roin3«d ■ ituu* of««tta ddkn^a, 
bftllAd, uid pnntM iha^— 

Dale / f4Hf£/ <»« wurriffj^r, t/ 'tmn 

SmJ. Hv^n llwl? 

S«vant approved, and KdcL'jS AEd VVeb. ■iopiad Th«x'> «m«aiUeiofi. 

9 rta*',i\ t'rtftied ivd^r. wU'/ ind Kat'd in Q, K, lutfrj/ TKkj. , Kdri. *?> 
SklnE7 Wallipr f^^i/j ytrrijfcu/iojt, {w 19JJ fifilr* ihat thr word " n fpi^qn^Btlj 
ConUftCtrtl inu> a iTLinivKrllJtblv l)y inif uhl pccu": he Gt'd many lnst4nca> 

3 ivr^l om. i^i, Thco- 3. 6 EveuJh JVm^j . . . d!f ] am, Qs la l\ 

14 W/«] fcv'm^i, r««tf/«l^loK. 



t>*/ia. Ay, by my troth, you hit my thoughts arijcht. 15 
fix^ad, Yciu prick rrc, iiwiy. 




L Lit^. Tis ateaiiut my wilL 

Dmic. Anon you must endure oiorc and lie still ; 
Vou'rc beal to procti^. 

Ev^ Sure, thi^ wciich i:i mad 

P»J(T. No, faith, thisi i;( a trick that [ hsvc had 
Since I -was fourteen. 

^tvirf TiK high time to l^jave It 

Dmla. Nay, now I'll keep it till the trick leave mc. 
A <IOiBCii wanton wordfi, put m your head, 
Will make >'ou livelier in your husband's bed. 

Ev^. Nay» CaSth, then L«ke il 

Diiia. Take it, madam 1 where } 

We all. I hope, will lake It that arc hcric. 

E-.^. Nay, then, I'Jl give thee o'er 

Duia. So 1 wiU make 

The ablest man in Rhodes or h\% heart ache. 

£i«b/. Wilt lake my f^acc lo-nijEht? 

I>tda. I'll hnld yriiiT ctrdft »gain^r any two 1 knoMf. 

£rW. What wilt thoo do? 

/?jj/fj. Madam, we'll do't, and make *cni leave play 

Evad. Aspaila, take her p^ri. 

Duia. \ will refuse it: 

She will pluck down a Hide; .%he doer^ not unc it, 

Bvcd. Why, dOf I prithca 

Dui^. You will find the play 

Qtitckly, beeauw yoof head llc^ well that way. 

£t^ I thank thcc, Dula. Would thou couldst 
Some of thy mirth into Aspatia ! 

16 r t^T, "T^t . . . uvV/l Thiq ronu the TinE part of DuU'* folluwiiiiE 
Qa to Wtb. 

'"18 iWrf) A oontrtctiwi of iw» rfl^ry. So m Cfithfhtu^ |l[. ii, 70 — 
' UaiUin, jw/// bat cciuldrr/' Ktnion. Qi hu— "Ttebai topnftlic 

JD Aunt) ocn. Qi- ^l Uotii^\ //ivi'/ Q4 1'' F. 

at iteJWJ A<f Ai Qi. >^ ^^W] *rA">ff Thc«. 10 Diroi. 

J3 ftmA dCnw « /Mtl To M/ H^ « m^ mcAM t« bt partiMn Id a ^bm^ i» 
^i^A 0f /ii/r Avw « r^, to <BnM Uu k» of (b« nnr I17 Imwuict or 



31 fHh- >^ Ifritk^l Thoo,,n>cc. 

Av ! prtihn, Qt- >rA/ ^. Qi (o 



[act n 

Nothing but 5dd thoughts in her breast do dwell: 
Mcthinlca, a mean betwixt ycxt u-ould do wclL 

Du/a, She is in lov^i hang me, if I were GC^ 4D 

Birt I could run my counlr>". I love too 
To do thnse things ibat people in lox'c do 

Ai^. It were a timelcisamile should pro^-cm/ check; 
It were a Jitler hour for me 10 laugh. 

When at the ftltar the religious priest 45 

Were iMdfying the ofTcndctl powers 
With szcTi^cc, than now. This should have been 
My rite; and a11 your h.inijs have been employed 
In giving me a apotlcs* offering 

To young Amintoi's bed* as wc arc now 50 

For you. Pardon, E\'adne: would my worth 
Were great aa yours, or that the King, or he. 
Or both, thou^t vol Perhaps he found me worthier: 
But till he did so, in these cats of mine, 
These credulous cars, he pour'd the sweetest words 55 

That art or love could Trame, ii he ;vcrc false, 
Fardoi) It. Heaven ! and. if I did waul 
Virtue, you safely may forgive that toe; 
For i have lost none that I had from you. 

£va<i Nay, lea\'e this sad talk, madam. 

Aj/. Would 1 could ! 60 

Then I should leave the cause. 

Bt^d Sec, if you have not spoii'd all Dul<i's mirth 1 

Ax/. Thou think'^t thy hear: hard ; but, if thou be'it 
Rcmembcf me; thou shalt perceive a fire 
Shot suddenly into thee. 6$ 

Du/a. Thai's not so good ; let 'cm &hoot ajiything but 
fire, and 1 fear *cm not 

Aj/. Well, wench, thou may'st be taken. 

Evad. Ladies, good-night: I'll do the rest myseX 

I}tU€L Nay, let your lord do 5omc. 70 

41 ^mUXQy, ioeulft 43 ri^rUn] Set 1. ii. 61. 

59 yp;/J ifft^ \o¥.-. triih vqMk ImpJjr ihc (0in« (vkh^ wad vt frvqueotlr 
UMl otiv for ihe otbvi ; in rh^ lamc mtxe. I. 3^ ub^re *^\ hu {//t tha UbCT 
edltlcmi h*vf fdiit. »n m NJtni^t^ III. 1. 99, wlicrr iht Qfta, have— -'ihtir per- 
fiiDii Ai//' the F(>s hjivc /<;Y- 



Oftkt dismal J tic — 

Bfnd. Thau's one of your sad M>ng5. madaiiL 
^j^. BdWc iR«. 'tis a vQry ptetxy one. 
£pad. How is it, madam } 



L^ a fforhftd ^$ my h^ru 

0/m dtsmaljrfxv ; 
Mnidsm, iviil^j^-tramkts ^ar; 

Say / ditd inii. 
My Uvr was/tiise, but / tvas^rtn 

Ffvm mjr fm(r 9/ Hrih r 
Uf^n my hurud lh:>dy fie 

LigA^^gtntl^ tart/t f 

Evad. Fk on't, makdam \ the vrorda arc so strange^ 
they Are able to make one dream of hobffoblifu.^* 
ItiuJd ntvcr kmt the ^«*w— «ng thai, Dula, 

Dtiia, / c^id if«vr kai^t Sht f>(*u^r 
Tit icvt on€ aiviV an k^ur^ 
Bitt my kfart "Wemld prontft mime fyt 
On s^mr ^fur man t^fif' 
VgJias^fix utM gyfs/ast. 
Or, f/ rrot.^ft iK€ ait that I shail set at loft/ 

leave me now, 

Na>% vre mu»t see you l&id 
As^ Mridam, good niglit, Mi»y a\\ ihr marrl^ge-joys 
That lonfpng maids imagine in their bcd^ 
Prove !*o unto you ! May 110 discontent 
Grow 'twixt your lo^i* and you ! but, if there do, 
Inquire of me. and I will guide your moA:i; 
Teach yf>u an anif cial way :o griev^e, 
To keep your sorrow waidng. Love your lord 
No wone than 1 ■ but, if you love so weU, 
Ala^. you may displease him ! sodid I, 
Thi* is the list time you *(h.ill ioctU on rae^ 
Ladies, farewell- As soon as 1 am dead, 
Come all and watch nnr night about my hearse; 

Afp^ /d^ - . - i^td. J om. Qf, 








)6 THE XAIirS T1UGEOY (act 

ToMcr at it 

Write at or 


£m^ AU\ I pty thee. I£nr Evai>K£. 

C?»wf. Madam. g>od o^^faL 

1- JU^. CoiDC wcH tct in tbe fandmoocn. 
iUft. Where's roy lord ? 

£«to- AJfCVTOK. 

i.Ztf^. Hm;Uketluil^ 

ZTMEl Hell fiod her m the daxk. 

I. /a^. Vcwr laKljr'9 xucc a'-bed yet ; yuu must 1 1 
help her. 

As^. Go, and be happy in your lad/s love 
May aU the wiones Alt yon hai« done to me 
Be utterlv fergottm in my dcaih ! 
m trouble you no moie ; >'et 1 wni tate 
A parting kiss, and wiil not be denied-— 
Yooll come, m>- lord, and see the vtrgins vrwp 
When r am laid in earth, though you >'oar9df 
Can know 00 pity. Thus I wind my^U 
Into this willcw-cariand, and am proukr 
Thai I v:iii yoiir lo.t.-, though now refused. 
Than U> hs%^ had another inic to me. 
So with toy pcayers I leave yow. and must Uy 
SocDc yet unp<r«ti«d way to grieve and die. 

[£jat ASPATIA. 

/}jtla. Come, ladkfi; wilt ym go ? 

Omnfs. Good ni^t, my lord. 

AfMtn. Much happiness unto you ain— 130 

[Bxcani Ladies. 
I did thai lady wrong. Methmk*, ! feel 
A grief *hcx>t ^.uddcifly through all my veins; 
Mine eyco rain : this i» sttMige at 4uch a time. 

no ^fiMw**)[.G Lymmii »ccM- ica , , _ ^ „^ , 

iKOnuMhll. U4. Qi- 

itJ -^] >?>' <J» ** ^ - ErfA'A Web. 






It was the Kfne fint moved mc to't ; but be 
Has not my wiu in keeping. Why do I 
Pwplex myself ihus > Somethtng whisper* me. 
Go not to bed. My guilt ts not so great 
A* mine own con^ience, ton s^sible. 
Would make me think ; [ only brukc a promi»c. 
And 'twRs the King enforced mc. Timorous fic?ih, 
^Vby shaken thou so f Aw^y^ my idle fears [ 

Yonder »he i:^ the liulrc of wl1o^c eye 
Can blot away the sad remembrance 
Of all these things, — Oh. my Evadnc, spare 
That tender body ; let it not take cold \ 
T\yc vapours of the night shall not fnll here 
To bed, my love : Hj'men will puniHli «.i 
For bctnji: slack performers of hia rites. 
Camest thoa to call me ? 

Bvad. No. 

Amin^ Come, come, my lovc< 

And let us Lose our^lves to one another. 
Why art thou up so lon^ ? 

Bvtui. I am not well 

Amitt. To bed then ; let mc wind thcc in these arms 
Till I h^w banbh'd sickness. 

Evad. Good my lord, 

I cannot sleep. 

Amitt. Evadnc, wc will watch : 

1 mean no sleepic^, 

Bvad. \'\X not go to bed. \$% 

Amin. I pnthc«, da 

Bvad. I will not for the world. 

Amin^ Why» my dear love ? 

Bvad. Why ! 1 haw sworn I wit! not 

AmtH, Sworn ! 

Bivuf. Ay. 

Amin. Hovr ? sworn, Evadne I 



IJ9 Artfifl/nri/rQi. 

Fj Her 


Herv ■* 1 qiiuifi>ylbtjle— Ecii^ciDbrraQCC; and w WeU 

t4& iJLkir 9ffiQ9to F„ CfkL'TS, Web. 
134 ttv W//J TbM. [o \>j »- BwA q^ ¥. 


[act II 

Evad. Yes. sworn, Amirtof ; *nd will swear again, 
If you will wKh lo bear mt. i6o 

Amm, To whom haw )-ou swom this ? 

Evad. If t should n^iine him, the? miittcfr were not 

Amin, Conir. this is hut the coyness of a bride, 

Evad. The coyness of a bride ! 

Amin. How pnrttily 

That frown becomes Ihec I 

EvaJ. Do y-oij like it so? 165 

Amin. Thou can'st not dfC£s thy face in such a look 
But J Ahall like it 

f tvY Wh&t look will Itke you be^t > 

Amm. Why do you ask } 

Ev^J. Tti^it I niiiy abfiw you one less pleasing lo you. 

Ai^itt. How's that? 170 

Evoti. I'h^t I m^y ^how you one less pleading to you- 

AtHttL 1 prithee, put thy jests in milder !ooi^ ; 
It shows as thou wcrt angry. 

Evad. So perhaps 

I am indeed. 

AmttK Why^ who has done thee wrong } 

Name me the man» and by thyself 1 swear, 175 

Thy yct-unconqucr'd >ielf I will rrvrnge thee ! 

Mvad. Now I shall try thy truth If thou dost 
love me, 
Tikou weigh'st not any thing compared with me : 
life, honfiuf, joys eternal, all delights 

This world can yield, or hopeful people feign, iSO 

Or in the life to come, arc light as air 
To a true lover when hi* lady frowns, 
And bids him dc tkU. Wilt thou kill this man ? 
Swear, my Amintor, and I'll kiss the sin 
Off from thy lipA 

100 7'4iiJ J'Af i^t. 1X0, 1S1 rkti\ivf!J . . . tnf\^l rvnllitfrA^ 

fmifitt^/iigH, Or in iht lift le <9mt. TIifuIklIJ prtDlt ihc Iba Itiii^— 
"Thit woriJ tan yiold, tn hrtjirft*) Fcopk ftifin 
Art in [he Ufe to cumc, arc lifht u Air*'— 
I>y«, hawevtr, wha vilb Eddn^S ud W«b. fcpllovti Qa To F.,Evmirhtlh»l 
■•The (*j[i rtq«irei no tnch ftllemtion- tv»dric nieniUin* /nf, kl] (he dcUfMa 
which »rr vicmplly ki hr fonTiri in Th^ wnfUl^ ia-jWA', 'hmr which e^bt tr th« 
imwlziiTioasuf hfijMrful i}r<>p1(, thini(ji. (h<M< ^tj a furanr Mir." 




Aprtin. I vonnot awcar, sweet love. iB$ 

Till I do know the csuie, 

Eva^ } would Ihou ^»xnil<lst 

Why, it i* ibau tli;il wmng'!*! mr ; I hate Ihcc ; 
Thou ahould'st have kiil'd thyaclt 

Amit. Tf 1 fihould know tliat, I should quickly kill 
The man you hated. 

Evae/. Know it. thcn< anJ Mi. 190 

AfHt'n. Oh, no! what look «oc'cr thou shall put on 
To try my f^lth, I sKil] not thmk thcc Ealse ; 
I cannot find oiic blemish in thy face, 
Where falsehood ,ihonid abide Lcavc, ^x\6 to bed 
If you have sworn lo any of the virgins 195 

That were your old companions to preserve 
Your maidenhead it ni|j1it, it may be done 
Without this oicaoa 

Evttd, A maidenhead, Amintor, 

At my yean 1 

AmSn> Sure she raves ; this cannot be 

Her n^cunl temper — Shall I cal] thy maid«? 300 

Eitha Uiy hcaltliful sleep hath left ihcc long. 
Or else some fever rages in thy hlood^ 

EviMtf. Ncicher. Amintor: think you 1 am mad. 
Because I speak the truth ? 

AmtM^ U this the tiuth ? 

Will you not He with me lo-r^ht ? 

Ettuf. To-night I 20S 

You talk AH if you thouf{ht 1 would herepif^er. 

AmiJt, Hcrca^erE yts, I do, 

Eviu/. Vot; arc deceived. 

Put o*r amaicmcnt, and with patience mark 
What 1 shall utter, for ihc oracle 

Know4 nothing truer : 'ti* not for a night 210 

Or two that I forbear thy bed, but ever. 

4bJ am. Qr. 1*7 •wwhu'iiI mv^nftit Qj to F. 

I9D ri«)iKn, Qi, 191 tJktt/t] tlwilftlOi. 193 r^/mtf] raiiHdf QI1 
19B. t9V l^'itAaiS . . . fajiihV^) Si>di>Jdcd byail vdLton . utiirecliaei 

aOO Udr\ T\y <^i tt> Web. 301 .'fniHitr ;} t/ lAtit, wkoi Ql- 

Jdt /f . . . /™/j|J om. <J3 to F-, K-M- 7K, Wflb. 

an /4f]jMtf-Qt. All fCfrJjVrfT'drQftar, Edd/fS, VTek 


[act n 

Antin. I dream. Aiivakc, Amintctt 

Evnd. Vou hcaf right : 

J sooner will find out the beds of snakes. 
And with my >-outhrul blood itirm their cold flc;»b. 
Lelling Ihem curl themselves about my timby, 215 

Than sleep one night with thee. Thi:* » not fc^'d. 
Nor sounds iX lik(? the eoj-nL-ss of a bride. 

Amirs, \a flesh 50 CArtbl>' to endure ^\\ this } 
Are Ihc5c Ihr joys nf marrugc ? — Hymen, (ccrp 
This :)tor>- (that vrill make succeedtDf; >'outh 320 

Neglect ihy ccxcmcnies) from M car* ; 
Let it not rise up, for thy s^ame and mine 
To afier-ages : we will sconi thy Uwfi, 
If thou no belter bleas them. Touch the heart 
Of her that thou hant sent inc. or the world 325" 

Shall know thU: not an altar then will smoke 
tn praric of thcc; we will adopt u^ sons; 
Tlien virtue shall Inherit, and not blood- 
ir we do lust, wx-W take the next we mett* 
Scrvinj^ ourvrlves xt othrrr crcaUirts iln; 2jO 

And never take note of the female more. 
Nnr of her Ksuc- I do rage in vain; 
She can but }eit. — Oh, pardon me, my io\"e 1 
So dear the thoughts aic that I hold of thee. 
That I mu*t break forth. Sadsif)" m>- fear; 235 

It lA a pain, bc>x>nd the hand of death. 
To be in doubt : coniinn it with an oath. 
IfthUbe true- 

Eva^. Do you Invx^rt the (brm : 

Let there be in it all the binding words 

Drvtis and conjurors can put logi^thcr, 24O 

And I will take it. 1 have sworn before, 
And here by all tilings holy do Again, 
Never to be acquainted with thy bed 1 
Is your doubt over now ? 

Amin. 1 know too irueh : would I had doubted i^till 1 345 
Was ever such a marri8ge-niG;ht a* this \ 

llfi; 317 TUf . . . f-^idt\ Qj. du not t}icK Lliia Lcluoi; Lo Aniiittur ? 


Vou powcn above, if >'0u did crcr mean 
ui should be used thus, you havo thought x waj' 
ow he may bear him:iclf, nttd r>^vc his honour: 

Instruct mc in it; fur lo my ^iiiU cyt-s 3jO 

There ia no moan, no m<xicratc course to run; 

I irnisl Hvc scom'cJ. or be a murderer: 

U there a third ? Why h tbU ni|i;ht ao calm ? 

Why docs not Heaven ftpeak in thunder lo i»» 

And drown her voice ? 

Evad. Thb rA^ will do no good. 2SS 

/twr'M. Ev'adnc, h«r me. Thou ha*: ta'cn an oath. 

But such a ra5h one, that to keep it were 

Worse than lo s^'car (t : call it back to thcc; 

Such vows as that nevxr ascend the Heaven: 

A tear or two will wash It quite away 260 

Have mero' on m>' youth, my hopeful >'OUth. 

If Ihuii be pilfful S for, withrjut boiL^t. 

This land was proud of me: what lady was there. 

That mcD called fair and virtuous in this isle. 

That would ha\-e shunn'd my lot'e ? U in in thee 26$ 

To malce me. hold this worth, — Oh. wc vaiti men. 

That trtisi out all our reputiition 

To rc?^ upon the weak and yielding hand 

Of feeble woman ! But thou art not stone ; 

Thy flc^h is *oft> and in thine cycr. doth dwell 270 

The spirit of love- thy heart c;innot be liard. 

CofTW, k«d me from the bottom of despair 

To all the joys xhnn haul; 1 kinjw ihcni wilt; 

And make mc careful lest the sudden chan|*c 

Overcome my spirits. 
£tui< When I call back this oath, 275 

The paina of hell environ me? 

Amin. [ sleep, and am too temperate. Come to bed ! 

Or by thojc hair,^. which, if thou hadst a soul 

Like 10 thy locks were threads for king* to wear 

About thdr arms 

Evad. Why» *o perhaps they arc. 2S0 

Atttifi, I'll dragtheeto my bcd,and make thy tongue 

Undo thU wicked iiath, or on thy (1e?ih 

M» Jiutrtrft mteint/\ /mtant mf wi/Si //Ql, 
^ i*£Bll Thea to Uycv. Uit t^. F. 

J55 i/rI/Ju?>Qi 
■I7 M*f\om. Qt, a. 



111 print A IKqu^'IikI woundn tr^ let out life ! 

£va^ I fear Uiee not : do what thou cUrtet to ool 
Every ill-sounding \\x>rd or threatening look zds 

Thou «Jiev€n to m« will be reveng'd at full. 

^/ruff. It wfll not sure, Evatlnc 

Er-yij/. Do not y<n] HaK^rJ that- 

Afvit. Ha* yc your chiimpions ? 

Et'tuf. A\^% Ammior, thinWV thou T forbear 290 

To »lcep with thee, bccau.-M^ I have put on 
A maldcnS strictness? Look upon these checks. 
And thon shall iind the hot and rising blood 
UnApt for such a vow. No; in tKi» hejut 
There dwells as moch desire and « much will 
To put that wished act in practice as ever yet 
Was known to woman; and they have been shovrn 
i3oth. ]iiil it wris the folly of th>' youth 
To think this beauty, to what hand soe'ex 
It shall be c&U'd. shall stoop to any second. 30O 

I dfi enj<iy the be*t, and in that height 
Have swom to atand or die : you t:uess the man, 

AmiK. No: let me knowthc man that wrongs me M^ 
That 1 may eut his btxly into mote*, 
And scatter it bt-fotx: llie nuilJicrri wind- JOS 

Bvarf. Vou dare not strike hinv. 

AmtH. Do not wron^; mc so : 

Yes, if his body were a poisonous plant 
That it were death to touch, I ha\'c a soul 
Will throw me on him, 

Et'od. Why, 'tis the King, 

Amin. The Kihj^! 

Bt^if. What will you do now? 310 

Afttin. U is not the King! 

Evad, What did he make this match for, dull 
Aminlor ? 

AfHtn. Oh, thou hast named a word, that wipea 

s^ /r/^1 Ji^ fotf Tbeo. ^Mvjfiti EdiL '7S to X}y<t. 

on<^rcoVCT, rrtdlng/rfr for n-rr. Ttm pncu thu linr^^ 

"Tn |fli( rV MJiih'il nl in prarfu^A, tte'tr yrf." 

euj^ of fitlcoruy. Sh; ivia^^ts hendf l« a bank ihat will t^omc oqIv lo 



AU thouffhta rcvcTifiicfulJ In that sacred word, 

"The King," thrnr Hcsa terror: wh^c TraH man 315 

Dares lift his hand aj;aiii;it it f Let the gods 

Sprdk to him when they plcaw? : trll wht-n, let U5 

Suffer and wait 

£vtui. Why :thould you Till yourself ,%o full of heat. 
And ha^tc so to my b^ .* I ain no virgin. 330 

Amim. \Vhat devil put it in thy fancy, then, 
To mztry mt ? 

Evad. Atas» 1 mwst have one 

To father chtldren, and tcj be;ir the name 
Of husband to mc, that my &in may be 
More honourable I 

Amin. What fttrani^ thinff aid 1 1 325 

Evttt/. A miserable one; one that myself 
Am sorry for. 

Ai*tm. Why. show U then in this: 

If thou hast pitVt though thy love be none. 
Kill mc; And all true loven, that shall live 
In aftcf age« cross'd In their desircft, 330 

Shall bleas thy mciuory, and call thee good. 
Because «ticb mercy In ihy heart wa^ found, 
To rid a lingeriug WKtcb. 

£nai/ 1 must have one 

To fiU thy room %ain, if thou wert dead; 
Else, t^ this night, I would 1 I y\iy thee* 335 

Amf/f, These strtnge and audden injuries have fallen 
So thick upon mc, that E lose all sense 
Of what they are. Methinks, I am not wrong'd; 
Nor is k aught, if from the censuring ivorld 
I can but hide it. RepLJt;iLtion, 34O 

Thou art a ivord, no more ! — But thou hnat shown 
An impudcr>ce so high, thiit to the world 
1 fear thou wilt betray or shame thyself 

Evad. To cuvei sthamc. I louk thee; never fear 
That I \rould blate myaelf. 

Amin, Nor let the King 345 

Know I conceive he wrongs me; then mine honour 

314 «mn ««/ Qa 10 P., Bdd. ;E; Wib. 

pfi Kraiijom. <JI. 33* k/art] Arwf/ Ql. 

331 /w/] kafA fiut Qi, A 
—f*.r. to 






Will thruftt m« into miction : that m>' flc^h 
Could bear witb paticrcc^ And it is sotnc case 
To mt in chcM* exlremoi, that I knew this 
Before I touch 'd tl^cc : cUc, had all the sins 
Of mankind ^tood bctivixt mc and the King, 
1 hftd gone through 'cm to hU heart and thire. 
I h&ve Icf^ one deiirc : 'lis not hU crown 
Shall buy mc to thy bed, now t resolve 
He h-A^ dishrinourfl tUoe. Givi? mc thy liand : 
tie caitiful of thy credit, and sin close; 
"Tis all I wish- IFpon thy chamber-floor 
I'll rest to-night, tlu: mornir^K vUiton* 
May think wc did as married people use: 
And, prithee, smile upon me when the}' come, 
And sccin to toy, as if tbou hadat bccl^ pleased 
With what we did. 

Evad. Fear not ; I will do thi^. 

Amin^ Come. let u-i practise; and, as wantont/ 
As ever longing bride and bridegroom met. 
Let's laugh and enter hm?. 

E^'o^. \ am cortcnt. 

Amia. Down all the swellings of my troubled heart I 
When wc \vaik. thus intwined, let ail eyes sec 
If ever lovcr5 better did ai^rec- [Ex^eitnL 

347 Md/1/^'Edd>S, Wflb^ Th». hu no iUHt «r) the ^awitc ; EiiL*jt fl 
r^marlt— '* The sfltv plainly rft(irtr#» /Aa\ ' Tho" tny riAfiir*,' lajn Aminli^r. ^ 
'contil limnk ihr Injuty, mf honour wi>ulrt ohURC m? to reWCTigtf It.'" Web. 
Eulopii wkhoai icmirk' 

Dj<s wMa-^"Vthctct\bcn^uXtkal}in^ki rvtct Lu fU. }«5, M^'h' 

'Kat Iri tire l^^^e 
Knew t wncfitT he wrcnip mt i - 
MdT conceal cD«nt vAMLd «t»M? melo hvat mjr injury with ptti«BC4L* 

3S^iS3 f <!iF . . . ''imj Ci. III. L 3A4— 

Will Wide to my rcvccutc,*'^ 




iT\c dc^Irp /{/t /0 or rrmaininf ^lA mr ; which m 

oftitviK mtard (hat he hu Itfu lo» or dUcaiiied hii ilehjicfoi GrwlnB. 

of Ebii wcn^ 

have E>T\c dc^Irp /r/t /0 or rrmaini 

Thpo., who freover«I //;? from <li, itrnnijly i:rL4lfnUu(|— 1 

2/0 or rrmaininf rniA n\r ; which rn\r at 
uU bccvrfiil of tici credit lai liadoscfl. 356). 

3^ ^"^1 Le. am cmtlccciL 

trM mr ; which nfrr dr^ur ^f cvplainDtl _ 
)ci credit lai iiadosc(1. 3jt6). AnLator ■ 

366 AiPtn-) t»n. Ql. ^^^B 



Scene 11. 
An Apartmtni in iki Hcuu ^Calianax, 

Ent€r ASPATIA, Aktipiiila. and Olympias. 

Asp, Away, ynii aic nni wJ! force it no further. 
Go^ goda, how well you look ! Such a full colour 
young bashful biidc^ put oii: ^urc, you irt* rcw 
married ! 

AnU Yes, miulainH lo your ^icf. 

^^ Alas, poor wenches I 

Go Icarn to love first ; learn to fosc yourselves; 5 

Leam to be flatIcr*J» and believe anj blcs^ 
The douUc tongue that did it; make a faJth 
Out of the mir-icic* of :incieiU lovers* 
Such ZA «pakc tnjth, and died In't; and, like me, 
Believr sll f«iithf»1. ^nd he miserable. lO 

Did you ne'er love yet, wench^ ? Speak, Olympian : 
Thou \\as An easy temper^ (tt to ^tamp. 

Otym. Never, 

A^ Nor you. Antiphita ? 

Am. Nor r. 

Asp. Thcn«my good girl »« be more than women, ivisc; 
At leaat be more than 1 was ; and be Kure 15 

You credit any thing the light gK-cs life to, 
Before a inan. Rather believe the sea 
Weeps lor the ruifi'd merchant* when he roara \ 
Rather, the wind courts but the pregnant sails. 

1 uf] om. Qj. 'i f^>mij^{\^o^,^9ai<^\. 

^^ ^jiiUf tm£m ilM did j^, 

7%tm J^att a mtllfd Itm^, ft for lUm^ 
]nQ>i«K thepuutaCiBdithnft— 

71/ dSutt Mvw llatdidtr. 

Makt ajlaitik anti t^ iiu vairoilti ^ amunt imtn, 

TW dlTivffli tnd irvhpfAiTinn nf thr tinn Piivrn in fhf Tatt wu ftijulft 1:17 
TlMtaM. 9 //s^l Tlito. Edd/rS. D}«c. iAibif Q-J 10 f., Web. 



[ACT rr 

When the strarg cordage cricks; rather, the %mt: 30 

CocQCd but to ki» the fruit in wealthy autumn. 
When nil falls blasted [Fyau needs itiM^X love, 
(Forced by ill fate.j take to your maiden -bosons 
Two dcad-cald aspics, and of ihcLn make lovers : 
The>' cannot flatter nor forswear; ore \\iss 2$ 

Makca a long peace for alL Btit man. — 
Oh, thai bc^t man I Come, let's be sad, my girls: 
That down-cast of thine eye, 01>'mpias, 
Show* A fine sorrow. — Mark, Antiphila ; 
Just such another was the nymph CEnonc's, 
When Pitris brought home Hel<fn. — Now, a tear; 
Arid then thou art a piece expressing fully 
The Carlhage-quect^ when from a cold *ca-rock^ 
Full with her sorrow, she lied fast her e>'es 
To the fiiir Trojan ships ; and, having lost Ihcm. 
Just as thine e>'es do^ down stole a tear. — Antiphila, 
Uliat wouSd this wench do. if she were Aspatla ? 
Here she would sCard, till some mfirc pitying god 
Turn'd her to marble. — 'Ti^ cnoui^h. my wench. — 
Show fnc the piece of needlework you wrought. 
A»L Of A^iadnc^ maditm ? 
Asp. Yes, that piece. — 

This should be Theseus ; h'as a eo»ning face, — 
You meant Iiim for a man ? 
Am. He was so. madam, 

Asfi. Why, the n/tii well enough. — Ncv-nr look back; 
You have a full wind and a false heart. Theseus. — 45 

Docs not the story say, his keel was spJil, 
Or his masts spent, or ^me kind rock or other 
Met with his vessel ? 

An/, Not as I remember, 

Atfi. It should ha' bcco so. Could the ^ods know 
And not, of all their numbert rai?se a storm ? 50 

But they are all as cviL Tliis false amDc 

JUfifiHl by Thf eirl^rr «!«., implin ThuT rEnoiic'i dowiKUi eye wm 

jam «aeh 




^4S wtH exprca^'c! : jost such another CAught tnt.— 
'oa AM not c^ %o,-* 

LtiphUa, in t£is pUcc vork a <^oick3ard> 
And over it a shallow smiling v^tar. 
AAd his ship ploughing it: &(^d then n l*car: 
Do tbai Fear bravicly, wcndu 

^«/. Twill wrofif* the 9toiy. 

Ajf. Twil! make the 5tDr>\ wrung'ilbv wsinlon ]vi«tH, 
Live low and be believed. But whcre's the bdy ? 

Amtr There, mjidam 

Asf. Fie, yoti have misM it here, AntiphiU; 
You ftrc inuch mistaken, wench: 
Tbe^ colours are not dull and pale enough 
To show a soul so full of misery 
Ak thU «Ad ]3id^''s was, Pn it hy mr. 
Do it Afcain by me, the lost Aapatia; 
^And you shall find all true but ihcwiM island. 
Suppose I stand upon the sea -beach now, 
Hine arm!* thus, uikI mine hair blown wiih the "kvind. 
Wild as that desert; and let all about me 70 

Tell that I Mm forj»kcn. Do my face 



HVBt dMn u ui Ota ttxl i io hini n due the cTiiafc f>f if/ lo ,-Tf f la £n( 

tc fh« pkc(tirt<l 1^hf^«ut, mil ihe Tnntlci o1 AnC*^$,'a Eo [be bc^mnlnj of Lbo 
hjl k«. Theo. pdnri^— 

Bui they ur ill u ill- ^^, i1i» fiKr 5milf 

Von tltaaM no! fo #«t 90, Aiit^pttjUj 

lfc» "« Hvfto" Id Ihv tbirU liav wti ^vwniiTi >B££ailbn; %AopXcA aXv>hf 

Sf^57 /nf. . . Fear] Pmi prlnifd ukh oipilat ^la «d. 1711. It ihouLd. 
r, beiraicd Ihii ai iIue limc 1: «u ilic cuiiom to piiriL of/ pmini wUh 
la^Eki*; tb*l <«Mooi ttill ^tc'dlccl in 17^0, the dale uf 7licnLaid'» cd, ; 
ccued ax if^ but ih* t-Idi]or> of Ihe HlIidh af ihut )*«» tnainlmincd tfic 
ftBpiiul ipifiiJ tD ihucaa^T VTah, find JV^cn Mlcir ihdimaiEpIv, 

7 dfiirf. , - A/anh/.Mnif MiiMa^/ybii/d//rrn'.— All m/ 9m W wCd fifanJ. 
67 iiAm/] l«. Nfttot; vbcre, w ThccbaM auto. ThcMUi unifcnnnury 
^|v*« Atiadn* tb« I>rcf^ 

lb< Ko , u« Mriaf>; c«T*ctKl to stuJ-niih hm ln*l. 1711. Qa to K, ji*e iha 

neot to Drot u la tm. 
71 TS/TOdtf /tfoArjAiriilQaioF., &dd'78, J)y«. Be tt^rt> 0/ i^y tfvry 



[act li 

(If thou hadst erer feeling of a mmtow) 

Thu», thus. Antiphlla: strive to make inc Eoolc 

Like Sorrow'f monument; and the trees about me. 

Let ihcm be dry and leaflets; let the rock? 75 

Groan with coniinijal sur^ci; and behind mc. 

Make all a desolfttion* Sec, sec. wcncbcsi 

A miKerablc life of this poor picture I 

Ofym. Dear madam ? 

Asp, I hjive doncL Svt down; ^ind let us 

Upon that point fix ull our eye*:, that poitit there. 
Make a dull silence, till you feci a sudden sadness 
01^*0 u£ new i^uls. 

Cal The King may do this, Atid he may not do it: 
My child U wrong'd, dUgraccd, — Wdl^ how now, hus* 

What, 3t your ea^e I is this a time to idt itill f 
Up, you young lazy ^vhorcs, up. or I'll swinge you ! 

Ofyw Na)% goofi my lord-*- 

Co/. You'U lie down shortly. Get >-ou in, and ^^x>rk ! 
What, are you grown so rusty you want heats ? 
Wc shall have some of the court-boys heat you shortly. 90 

Ant- My lord, wc do no in(He than wc anr char^^ : 
It ifi ihc lady's pleasure we be thus ; 
In grief .nhc is forsaken. 

Cjt/ There's a rogue too. 

It mk^i. howeni'. tw mainTiliieil that M]'» [dii^labk) wis rinht: fcaDui 
late UijLnJ*! /V. jHt, ril^ Bohii If. 3ij| icnioiks oa Ibc i;uHiiffi in many 

la^cU-fil^* I^C""^* ^^ ^ LiEack i^iiitd. dHignrd to etpnai th# tcarBcf *hc 
«*flDlr7 (or tho bn i^f iny rtrwn nf iludnction," Any one who batvuiud > 
Cbaii^Tanl in Kranoe witi h%ve obccrwi] the urae cvUorl To a Hr-n[d 
Aapttias "let mLI About me Dc lean," rItL, niijfhl »ug^l > Cicld ^f(y f^ 

7; Ar. Mr) /,-**, /ft>* Qx to F, , Edd. ^78, Web. 

M)w Dye*. Ml. JC. Dj^ighton {Vo^j/tttirAi A'rj-AwiT. rfr ., 1S94,) would r«.b*f 
T9^\yHt/tt{. Srwora pfopatttf 10 trad ttj.'iii for cWdVn. 

89 AinfjjintfnQi. 1. ^tfrirj Qj— ;, fiim<^6. eofi Q? F. 

99, 9JMMj; /Hgr*$/tX4vfir7akem] Mnon. lAm in pi^^ Ski h fynoAm 

Oi— 5 ^-yi^j JiA^ . _ Q6 Is F. Th#o, lo Web. fcU^w tubiUinttK;!^ 

tfif punrtiiflfion oJQ, P, nycpiTJ«t< eUT puncttinwn. Kxctft Kdd.';St whi> 
foIlDV Il)p divLtiffO of Q. F., til {tivld« the Unrt :i9 lt»«. 


A young dissembling slave I — Well, get you In. — 

I'll have a bout with that boy. Tis high time 95 

Now to be valiant: I confess my 3^uth 

Was never prone that way. What, made an assi 

A court-stale ! Well, I will be valiant, 

And beat some dozen of these whelps; I will 1 

And there's another of 'em, a trim cheating soldier; lOO 

111 maul that rascal; h'as out-braved me twice: 

But now, T thank the gods, I am valiant — 

Go, get you ia — I'll take a course with all. 

[Exeunt Omnes. 

99, lOD And Actff . , . soMitri Divided as in Edd.'^S, Web., Djcc The 
bnt L ends attd therms Id Q. F.; id Tbeo. iJso, but he silenlly dropped oat 
Ibe preceding / vbUL 





EnifT Cleok. Stkato, Diphilus. 

Cinm^ Vour *i?Her I* not up yct- 

D^ Oh, bHdc5 must lake Ihcir mominir's rest; the 
night h troul>lcs(}ine- 

Stra. But not tedious, 

/7j/i. Wliai odds, he ha* not my sister's maidenhead 
to-night ? 

Sira. None: it*i odds against any bridegroom living, 
he ne'er get* it while he liven, 

Dipk. Varc mcrT>' lA-ith my aistcr; youll please to 
allow me the «ame freedom with your mother. 

^tra. She's at your service. 

Dfpk. Then shc"?i mcrtycnongh of herself; she need* 
no ticking. Knock at the door, 

Stm. Wc shall mlcrtupt them. 

DMl No matter; they have the year before them. — 
Good morruw, sister \ Sparc yourself to-da/; the night 
wUI come again. 

Enta- Amintor. 

Amirt, Who*!i there ? my brother ! I am no readier 
ycL Your aiatcr is but now tip. 

Diph. You look as you had lost your eye* to-night: 
I think >t>u ha' not ^Icpt. 

Amin. rfftitl; 1 liavc not 

Dip/i, You have done better, then, 

Amtti. Wc ventured for a boy : when he (s twelve, 
A' shall command against the foes of Rhodes. 
Shall wc be mcrr>- ? 






Stn*, Yoti cumot; you want sleep. 

Amitu 'Ti-1 true;— M-jiiolr,] but iJic, 

A« if sbo had drunk Lcch^;, or had made 
Even with HcAvcn, did fetch ao atill a deep. 
So «w€et and sound 

Di^ Wbafsthftt? 

Amin. Y*wr *wtcT fret* 30 

Thb raornmg. and doci turn her eyes upon mc. 
As people nn their headsman. She dors chafe. 
And km. dind chafe ::{:^n. and dap my checks ! 
She's in another %v^rld. 

Dij^k, Then I had lost: 1 waf ^ibotJt to lay 3; 

Vou n»d not got her m;iidcn1tcad tti-jiight 

Amin. [ustif.y Ha I docs he not mock me^ — Y'ad 
lortt indeed; 
I do not uae to bungle. 

Ck^ You do dcscnc her. 

Amin. [ajtJf.] 1 l^iid my \i^% to hers, and that wild 40 
That was ?^ rude and n»i2h uj me last night. 
Was 5wect a3 April, ril oc ^ilty too, 
Ir these be the efrccts.<— 

//r/ Good day, Amintor; for to me tlie name 
Of brother is too distant : we are friends, 4S 

And that is nearer 

Amtn. Dear MeUnttusI 

Let mc behold thcc— 15 it possible } 

jt/ir/. Wh4t KuJden gajie 1-1 titis } 

Amtn^ Tis wondrons strange ! 

Md. Why doc* ihinc eye desire iw? strict a view 
Of that it knows »o well > There'« nothing:; here 50 

That is not thine, 

Amm, I ^v^nder much, Melantiu*, 

To »ce thodc noble looks, that make mc think 

«^*JJ }'mu- lijiir . . . tcvnVl As ptux, Q. R TnE ba ftrtaMCl bv 
Edd.'A'ollo-ei ^ W«Ik find Dvcc Thoa, ended Itiw /hfi* . . . .4^^- 
mt... MM > . , s«ri/, naming ttf 5^ J»- fW', *' Sha cbw v dwl*." 
I h*t *</Jtf hfdwian* »« I. %i. ini «mru '^iijpin'' m L jj. 

41 wtctB' I'- 



How Virtuous thcui art- *n(\ nn the Mitlifcn, 
'T is St ntng^ to (TIC thou shouldst have worth and honour; 
Or iioi be bEi5c, and fftlsc. and treacherous, 55 

And cvrry ill. But 

Jtf^l SUy, atAy, my friend; 

1 fdir thi« sound wif] not become our loves : 
No more ; embrace me. 

Amrrr. Oh, mistake mc not I 

I know thee to be full of all thofie dced« 
Thai wc frail men call goo<l; but by the course 
Of nature thou thoul<Ut be as quickly ch-ingcd 
As Ate the winda; di,*i^ir1>Uri: n^ the itci,. 
That now wears brows as smooth as vlr^inB' bo^ 
Tempting the merchant to invade his face. 
And in an hour calls his billows up, ^5 

And shoots 'cm at the suriv destroying all 
A" camei on him. — [/IjiV/j*.) Oh, how near am I 
To litter my sick thoughts f — 

Jtff/. Hut wh)% my friend, should I be 50 by natttrv ? 

Amm. I have wed thy sister^ who hath virtuous 70 
Enou^^h for one whole family; and it is strange 
That you sbouM feel no want 

M^. Believe mc, this is compliment too cunning 
for mc. 

/>j/ufr. What should 1 be then by the course of 
They having bolh robb'd mc of so much virtue? 75 

Str^. Oh, call the bride my lord Amintor, 
That wc may see her bluili, and turn her etycs down : 
It 14 the prettiefit sport. 

Amin. Evadne! 

Evad. \wMin.'\ My lord? 

AtHtn. Come forth, my love; 

Your brothers do attend to wiih you joy. So 

55 Hb mffff: f«*rtv/ ■■/] Edd/;a \r\A Wpb. : mnniriH. nf cmii^f,— craw 
Oia rtriBTC cliKoune ojiil emUue aie. Thrre imu puifjt tti^zNamijrt in 
Q. ; fjkJ m y. <ia\f * <uiuiiu>. Tlicv, aiuI Dycc reject lUU cuhkilje, tuiE jj^uc 
ihftt the mlcnEJCD of Mdnntiiu if lo iVthid Ami^ior Id ctnbufc •>i huU ^iend- 
i,bip ffil^ him iny matt- 67 ^'] //i* F- in l>yrt. 

JJ Mfr It ftmfifufifff] fAii {Ompitmrutt «^. 5. Iktt {^mpf^mtfi^ s IJ* 10 
TbfO. ;i(; .aw^tmitit 1 Edrl '75 to Uyce. 



Evad. ]witkm^ 1 am not ready y«t. 

Amin, EixfUgh, cnOQgli. 

Evad. ]wixhin-\ They'll mock mt 

Am$H, Faidu thou sfialt come En. 


jMW. Good morrow, lister tic that understands 
j-ou have w«d, need rot to wish you }Cty; 
Ton have enough : take heed you be not proud. B$ 

DipfL Oh, lislcr, wliat ha^-e you done } 

Efod I done ! why. what have [ done ? 

Stnt. My lord Amintof ^vcan you afc no maid now. 

EfaJ^ I'uah ! 

5/n*> I'faitKhc docs. 90 

Ev<td. [ knew I should be moclc'd. 

Dipk, With a trulh- 

Evad. If 'twere to do ^atn, m faith 1 would not 

^Mu> [rtJiflV.] Nor I. by Heaven W 95 

Df^, Sister, Dula swears she heard yon cry two 
rooms off. 

Bvoit ¥\c. how yo-j talkT 

Dipk. I^t'-s Ncc yiiu walk. Eviidnr. By my tn^th, 
y'u« ffpoil'd. 100 

Jlf</. Amlntor^ 

Amin. Hal 

iWVZ Thou art sad- 

AmtH. Who, n [ thank }'OU for that Shall 
Diphi)u3, thou, and 1. sing a catch? loS 

Mtl MnwT 

Am$H. Prithee, let's. 

AUl Nay, that's too much the other way. 

A»nin. I am to lighten'd with my happiness! — 
How doat thuu. love ? kiM ine. I to 

Evad. I cannot love you. you tell tales of me. 

% 100 DJpb. Z</j . . . ipe^rj] Edi^.'jS and W<t. The same Endov j& 
qwcdt lr*<^^T ftbbrcTUltil ia MS.f being Ukcnu 4 prqlu, itia wordi 

all cditiMt flown lo TiisobiIJ\ mduiivc Uyc* coniniertd ih.^ 
iHCftlo tccr ber, >be euJaiiM-*' llycny iroth. >tjij'ic ipoll^i*'" 



Amifi^ Nothing bol what becomes u* — GcnUcmcn, 
Would you had M such wK'ct, — [Asidc.\ and all ibc 

That 1 might be no wondrri — Y'arc all ^ad: 
What, do you envy me? I wallc, mcthinki, i 

On water, and ncW *iirV, I am so light. 

MrL 'Tig well you arc sa 

Amw. WclM bow can I be ut her, when slie looks 
Ifi there no music there ? Lc;t s dance. 

MeL Why, this i» strange, Amintorl i 

AmtH^ 1 do not know myself; yet I could wish 
My joy were less. 

Dipis. I'll marry too. if il will make one thus. 

Evad. Amintor, hark, 

Awift. What says my love ? — [Asiiit.^ Imustobcy. — t 

B^^iL \asuig io Autitt^ You do it scunrjly^ 'twill be 

CU. My lord, ihc King is Iwxc, 

Amin. Where? 

.^/m. And hL^ brother. 




Bnttr Kjxg and Lvsippusl 

King^ Good morrow, alL — 1 30 

Aminton joy on joy fall thick upon thee ! — 
And, madam, you are altered since 1 saw you, 
(I must salute you) you are now another's; 
How Hked you youf night 9 rest ? 

Uvad. Ill, SIT- 135 

Amin^ Indeed ^he look but lUtle. 

Lf^ You'll let her take more, and thank her too* 

Kin^. Amintor, wert thou inily honest tiU thou wert 
marncd.^ 140 

Amin. Yes, sir. 

KiKi^ TcU inc, then, how ihcw* the sport unto tKcc ? 

Amin. Why. well 

King. What did you do ? 

118 /IjwQt. Jio Amimsw\tm. gt- 

'dm 4^. 1711. Thco, At, Vm/EJiI-^SIo Dyoe. 

¥40 /j4fli>, 4tv} Aav, /Mt Qi. i^ MM»]t*Qt, 

til tM>]0ia^Qt. 




Aftin, No more* nor Jcse^th&n other couples UK ; 145 
You know what 'tis ; Tl has bt»l a coarse namc 

/Ci»^, But, prithee, 1 should think, by her bkck eye 
And her red clicck, the winild be quick juid rttirring 
In thii same business; ha } 

Amin^ I cannot tell; 

I ne'cT tried other, sir ; but I perceive 150 

She U a.s quick u you delivered. 

Kittg^ Wolt you 'II trust me Uien, Amlntor, 
To chu9C a wife for you again I 

Amin, No, never, sir 

KtMg. Why, like yoii this so ill ? 

Amiii. So well I like her, 155 

For this I bow my knee in thankn to you, 
And unio Heaven will pAy my j^rutdul tribute 
Hourly ; and do hope we $bolI drtw out 
A lon||[ contented lifr tijgcthct here. 
And die both, full d^tvy hairt, in one day ; 160 

FcT which the thanks 15 yours. But if the powers 
That rule us please to call her lir^t away. 
Without piidc j^kc, tbjs world holds not a wife 
Worthy tn take her roonL 

King [astde.] 1 do not like this. — 

AH forbear the room, but you, Amintf^r. 165 

And your lady. 1 have some speech with you, 
That may concern your after living wcIL 

£JBrw»i d//^/ /Af King, AminTOR. fl«^ KVADNE. 

Amin. [^idi^ A' will not tell mc that he lie* whh 
If lie do, something heavenly stay my heart* 
For 1 ^al) be apt to thrust this arm of mine 170 

To aets unlawful ! — 

Khtf. Vnu will suffer xitc 

To tali with her, Amintor, and not have 
A jealous pang ? 

Amin. Sir, I dare truMt my wife 

With whom ^e dares to talk, and not be jealous.—* 

\U nM^Mjon. Qr, Theo. J^ A'\itt F. to Dyot. 



[ACT Til 

As 1 did, air. 175 

f^h^^ How do you lik* Amintor * 

Kitt^- Hnw* ih;*i * 

Evad. As one that, to fulfil your vriU and pleasure, 
I liavc given leave to call mc wife And love. 

King. I i;ce there is ro lasting faith in sin ; 
They that Ijreak word with Heaven will break ft^^in iSo 
With «ill the world, and *o dost thou with roa 

Evad, How, air? 

King. This fn:ibt]e woman's Ignontnce 

WiU not excunc >'oij : thou hast tftkcn oath^ 
So great, methought they did not well become 
A woman's mouth, that thou wouldst ne'er enjoy 1S5 

A mun but mii 

Bvad, I never did e}w«ar eo ; 

You do me wrong. 

King. Day and night ha\-e heard it 

Bvad^ 1 swore indeed that I would never lov'c 
A man of lower place ; but, if your fortune 
Should throw you Ciom this hci^'ht, I bade you trust 190 
I would fonake you, and would bend to him 
That won }'0ur throne : 1 love with my ambition, 
Not with my eyes. Rut, if I ever yet. 
Touch'd any other, leprosy light here 

Upun m>' face ! which for jour royally 195 

I would not st^in. 

KtHg^ Why, thou dissembtcst, and it U in me 
To punish thee. 

EvtuL Why, it is in mc, thcr. 

Not to Iwe yoM. which will more afflict 
Your body than >'our purtshmcnt can mine, 700 

King, Hut thou h'^x let Aminior lie with thee, 

EvoiL 1 ha" not. 

A'jff^ Impudence! he ^ys himself «a 

£v«/. A' liesn 

King. A' docs not 

£sw. By thif light, he doe», 

StranffeJy and basely I and 111 prove !t ao -. 

Kti ltd' ifW] Jiat* Hbl Ec1d/7S cu DycC' 
X^i A' . . . A'\Ui . . . I/t T. Xq Drcc. 





] did not tm\y tthun him for a night. 

But toid him I would nevtir cloae with him. 

Kij^^. Speak lower; 'tis false. 

Bvad. \ a.m no man 

To ansiAXf with x blow ; or, if I were. 
You arc the King, Rut «i^ me noi ; 't\% most true. 

King. Do not t kn^jvr the uncontfollcd thou^hti 
Thai youth bring; with hitn< when hi& blood is high 
With expectation diid desire of that 
He long hath waited for ? [1 not hia tpjrit. 
Though he be temperate, of a valiant strain 
As this our age hath known ? What could he do, 
If such a sud<len speech had met his blood, 
Dut ruin thcc for c\er. if he h&d not kiti'd thee ? 
He could not bear it thus^ ; he is as we. 
Of any other wrong'd metn. 

Evad, It i« dii^enibling, 

Kimg. Take hJm* Carcwdl: henceforth [ &na U^.y 220 
And what dinr'^ces 1 can blot thee with look for 

Evoft, Stay, sir! — Amintor ! — You shall hear.-* 
Araintor ! 

Amia^ Whit, my love? 

Ev^ Amintor, thou hast an ingenious took. 
And »hould»t be virtuous : it amaicth mc 235 

Tbat thou canst make stich base malicioua lies ! 

Arnis, What, my dear wife ? 

Evad. Dear wife ! I do despbe thee. 

Why, nothing can be baser than to sow 
DisENention amongist lovers 

Amin^ Lovers ! who? 

Evad. The King and mc — 

Amim, Oh, God I 230 

flOj M^]om- (J4 t«F., tdd/jV, \T«b- KfJ 'fuj jYi>Th«a, t)>ca 

■07 /«■) / Of. 5' fmQtU'V. 

Mf 39^ - ■ - tM I ] So -pnntrd \i7 ^S'cb anU D)-cp on Muon's umcnla^ 
Swf ntim J^i /4rntr t */ ^ *aJ Hifi *t.r,t /krt, <^. !",. Tlico., KOi.'ji. 

■19 ^ 'I tHiftMiiv] yAtt I'j iitmm^hri^ Oi i wlui^b theoi ikiiiiijnc tb 
EK1I ik-tc ipocchot foUawi wi vith 1. 3^4—'* Animor, ibou luutj" ate. 

>3t w/ijea. ^4141'., edd,'^ 

AyCMMir and /V""'!^ *«ic fonntrly lurd for /Ai^rtutfHi ftnil ift^^ncMTOun 
^;^r**T ftoin iBBssiaBiile ^ajcui^ct uf oui emly wrilcnL" 


Ez^d. \V1io should lK<e long, and love without 
Were it not for £uch pickthanks as thyself. 
Did you Uc with mc i swear now, and be puni^h'd 
In hell foT ^isl 

Aftiin. The faithle^ flin I made 

To fafr Aspatia is n-ol yet revenged ; 335 

h follows m& — i wiJI not lose a word 
To this vild woman ; but to yim, iTiy king, 
The an^ifih of my &oul thrusts out ih\6 tnith, 
Y'arc a l/ninl ! and not so much tn wrong 
An honeai man thus, aa 10 take a pride 240 

In talking with him of it 

/:"rv2^. Now, *ir, «e 

I low loud thU fellow lied I 

Amift. You thut can know to wrong, i^hould know 
how men 
Musi right themselves. Whal punishment i* due 
From me to him that shall abuse my bed ? 245 

\% it nui death ^ nor can that satisfy, 
Unle^ 1 send >'Our liv^es through alt the land, 
To shew hiTW nobly I have frcetl myself. 

Kan/^. Draw not thy sword ; thou knowcst I eannot 
A tubject'^ hand ; but thou «hatt feel the iveight i^o 

Of thL«, if tliou dost rage 

AwitL The weight of that ! 

If you have any worth, for hea\-en's sake, think 
1 fear not ^word?: for, as yon are mere man, 
1 dare as cosily kill you for thi^ dcedi _ 

Ah you dare ihiiiW lu do it But tlicrc ih iJS 

Divinity about you, that strikes dead 

*doK de1imct<4, A iccr«i lAlficllci." CoroKAVtf'i Oiitium'y. Dullcn. 

t*7 "/''J t»>0C' 1B^/Q- *"., Th<i>. I'iiB ICda/Tg, Web. 

A4O h fh LdjL'rV t» l>r«c. yr u ii. K, Tim 

}47 iavn\ " To Hnd ihflir /nvj thioti^h all tti« Itftd, ni«itm, trv utid nn 
■croqnt iIifDiij^h th? Undofth^lrvtdoiKTiiodronifr. and errmtruil cnnnrcritTiL'' 
Edd/TG. ^iffJc^iThco,, Web., Djcc fSf iiipiancunj-l ; Uyit nomi^ihaiElLC/^wj 
■nd iAt* uf jIlc old ctU vriu "ibubtleu a lubivdml lV" W/mj/" Muon nlio 
MpwHted SriDpAon*! coDJcdare* Qt omiu " vnd yoDr livci ihmuuh ill iht 
Imad, To";nahiBGeFtl- ^47, a4SoD* lin^— " t^alvM 1 ^brw how nv^btj," 4te. 

955, 356 /^N' fiU'v If Dtvmiiy a^Mti ytu, Jt«,J "&o SbklCf<pcai« «aid, 
bdotc our pwn, In his fiamJn ' 



My riiing paG6tof»: ax you arc my kjfig, 

1 ^1 before you, and present my ?word 

To cut mire oii-n flesh, if it be youf will, 

Alas. J Am nothir^g but a multttudc 36o 

Of vrallcing giiefs^ ! Yet, should I inurder you, 

1 tnigbt before the M^^otld take the cxcus* 

Of m*dnr^^; for, crrmp«ur my injurir*i, 

And they will well appear too aod a weight 

Fo< rc^ifon to ciidure: but, fall ! first 265 

Amongst tny sorrow^^ ere my treachcrotu hand 

Touch holy ihings I But why (I know not whjit 

1 have to ^y), why did you choose out mo 

To make thu^ vrrctchod : there were thousands, fool^i 

Easy lo voiV on, and of scaic enough, 270 

Witbin the Inland 

Bvoif. 1 would not have a fool; 

It were no credit for me, 

Amim, Worse and worse! 

Thou, that darest talk unto thy husband thus, 
ProlcM thyKlf a whore, and. more than so. 

Resolve to be »o still 1 It i^ my fate 27J 

To bear and bow beneath & tliouaand gric&. 

To keep that little credit with the world — 

But there u^rc wiac on» too; you might have ta'cn 


Krir^. No; for 1 believed thee honest. 
As thou wen valiant 

Amin. AQ the happiness 280 

Bcsdtow'd up(m mc turns into di^^racc. 
Gods, take your honcety again, for I 
Am laaden with it f— Good my lord the King» 
Be private in it. 

'L«l him ffOf Otctnide; durol fetriMr w»OQj 

Ttttt iRuon cm bmi p»i> to whai li would, 

AOt liule o( bu will/" ThcvlMU, 

Mil <i7 <o Drof- '" -'iAtfn^ Ql. 

*^ iWteW} Dyem. Mifn O- lo Wf b. D<rc« nota ibil Th», darleivcuK^t 
iDmcii^ Thfi iiKVitiitfncj nf itv tpff^lt (ry priming iSfT in^tnil M wf in Ihr 
Mtt Sm. SUnej WalMr (^Trj/. Aii^n f^r M fiOG^vra many Initkocfi cf 
oottcqaeni on the ccoAuioa at ihc lip&t if Aod baol f. 





Kin^. Tbou mayst Ilvc. Antintor^ 

Free as thy king, if thou wtit wink at this, 
And be a ii^eana that )vc may meet hi secret 

Amin, A bawd I Hold, hold, my breast I A bitter 
SciKC mc. if 1 forgcT not all respects 
Tlut arc rcligicms. on another word 
Sounded like that ; and through a sea of sins 
Will wade to my revenge, though 1 should call 
PAirti her« and after life upon my sou) ! 

Km^. Well, 1 am rcaoluto you Lay not with her: 
Ant] so I lca%e you. [Exit KlNG. 

Evtui, Vou must needs be prating; 

And sec what follows! 

Amitt. Friibeef vex me not : 295 

Leave mc ; 1 am afraid socoe auddcn statt 
Will pull a murthcr on mc;, 

Evad, 1 am gone; 

I love my life well [Bjtii Evadnk. 

Anrirr, 1 hate mine as much. 

This 'tis to break a troth I ] should be glad. 
If all this tide of grief would make mc, [Bxft. 300 



Efitfr Melastius. 

AM. I'll knew the c^iuse of all Amintor's griefs. 
Or friendship shall be idle. 

Enter CauaKAX. 

Car. Oh, Mclanthis, 

My daughter vrill die I 

393 / . . . 4crJ ThfOi Lini]?rTiItii{!!n|j rtialunt ld \\ve KUe of cbCraifi 
mill'—'*! Am molcifc you ^t< utA ynih her/' '.r. 1 ojq dittnniovd ytu j^i/f 
wT Ue with her E'ld.^S (^IIltvi Thro.) tut, u Muod poloKid tvat. lU^Sm^ 
\ita bafE Lhc 9cnsc *>iiffttvii\£eJ,Aa,d Lhc Ukl of couTW UMiU— 1 cm cWTJaMii 
yuD '^/d' 44>f Jio Hii^i licT. ]i mi/ba BoUd iliAt by ft v«ry CDODDUfl «nof of eh« 

394 /J ODD. Q4ta f. iKA/j]om. Q4 10 F. 

:e iiJ the MAID'S TRAGEDY 


3/ti. Trunt mc, 1 am sorry ; 

Would thou hadst ta'cn her room I 

Oi/' Thou art a s!avx. 

A cut-thro4i sb\<c» a bloody treachcrouii iUve ! 5 

J/4-/ Take heed, old man : tbou wilt be heard to ravc« 
And lox thine officcii. 

CM, I am valiant grown 

At a11 the«c yean, and thou ajt but a :<lavc1 

AM. Uave! 
Some ccmpAny will come, and I respect to 

Thy years, not thee, so much, that 1 could vtrixh 
To laugh at thcc alone. 

Cjj/ ril Kpoil vour mirtht 

I mean to li£ht with thcc. There lie, my eloafc 
This was my fathers sword, and he durst fight. 
Are you prepared } 

Me/. Why wilt ihou dote thyself 

Out of thy lifc^ Hence, get thcc to bed; 
Have careful J<j(jkiiiK-tt>, aixd caX Wium things^ 
And trouble not me: my head is full of thoughts 
More weighty than thy life or death can be. 

CaL You have a name in war, where you stand safe 
Amocigst a mukltude; but I will Uy 
What you dare do unto a weak old man 
In single 6ght. You'Jl give g^rourd. I fear 
Come draw- 

jVtf/ 1 will not draw, unlcs? thou pulJ'st thy death 
Upon ihcc with a stjotc- Thn^"*. no one blow 
l^t thou canft give hath strength enough to kill me. 
Tempt mc not so far. then; the power of cailh 
Shall not redeem thee. — 

CnL [oJMfV,] I muat let him alone ; 

Hc*s stout and able; and, to iiay the truUi, 30 

However 1 may act a face and Ulk, 
I am not valJanc. When I was a youth, 
I kept my credit with a testy trick 




} jynAftemr; JtSow] In ji4ftcc of Lhac wrd* Qi h«a 1 ikilik 

»l »tf*///T'H^n.*/]/M'/frm«^(j4 !♦ F. Ym viU pu g'WiMd Edd. 



I had 'moflj^st cowards, bat durst never fiffht. — 
Mfl. I will not promise to preserve your life. 35 

If you do lUy.— 

Cal. {asuit'] I ^^-ould give h^lf my Und 

Th;it I dimt fight u-ith ihat pmud m^n % little : 

If I had men to hold him, I would LkiaI him 

Till he ask'd me mercy.— 

Mil. Sir, will yoii be gone? — 

CaL [4if»aAr.] I dare oot slay: but I xvill go home. 40 
and bc^t 

My servant* all over for thii. [£i;rf CaLIA^vaX. 

M/i. This old fcllaw h-iunts mc, 

But the distracted carriage of mine Arnmtcr 

Takes deeply on m^. [ will find the cause : 

I fear his conscience cric^ he wrong'd Aapatia. 4$ 

Enttr AmiNToR- 

Aftriit. [asif/e.] Men's eyes arc not 50 subtle to 
My inward misery : I bear my 8;ricf 
Hid from the world. How art thou wretched then f 
For aught I know, all huslNmd,% are like inci 
And every one I talk with of his wife 50 

Is but a well di5:^cmb!cf of his woes. 
As I am. Would I knew it! for the rareness 
Afflicts mc now, — 

Aft/- Aminti(»r, we ha^t not enjoy'd our friendahfp of 
late; for wc were wont to chan^ our aouls in talk 55 

Amin. MeUntius I can tell ihce a good jest of 
Strato and a !ad^ the last day. 

Mel How was't? 

Amin. Why. such an odd one t 

Mtl. I have long'd to :^pcak with you; not of an idle 60 
jesi, that's forced, but of matter you arc bound to utter 
to mc. 

54 / htut 'meng>i\ Q^ to P. uid KLld.'78 <tA. L 33 wilb / knJ, and «b- 
ndnn I. u with Am^mpL 
38 ftim}atti. tj4 Tft h, 39 flMVJ *jJi/ ijT, etitf Q; to F. 

40. 41 / liitrr . . ft^ cAii] A? prow Q. Y. Hpfe tUvidi^ ti by Kdd.'^S 

pr ktrintt ttmi Mid cuJh Tiiiit line ifiw/i. 

46 ^^«n*f] Atcnj Q|. 46 m| on. Qj. 

54-6S A7»i^Pr . , , MiM' '<* -M,] Ai piuf Q. M EdtL'TH. Tlw 
tttlempti of Wvhk nrift [7fr« to ndim iri v«tv arv ntM happy. 


Amin^ What is ^z\, my friend f 

JtftL \ have obnctverJ yum words ^11 Ircim your 

v'ildly ; ai>d all your carnage 65 

.ike one thai stroi'c to shotv his tnttry mood, 

kVfaen be *vcrc i[l-dbp09Cd: you yvtit not wont 

To put Muh «com into your speech^ or weur 

Upon >-our face ridiculous jolltt>. 

Some sadness sits hcre^ wliiHi your mtining would 70 

Cover o'er with smiley And 'n^itl not be- What is it? 
Amifk A sadness here 1 ivhat c:duse 

Can fate provide for me to make nie so ? 

Am I not luved ihrou^li all llttii x^lt^t Tlie KInfC 

Rains grvatness on me. Have 1 not received 75 

A lady to my bed, that in her eye 

Keeps mounting fire, and on her tender ctiecks 

lre\'itab!e coloor, in her heart 

A prison for all virtu-e ? Arc rot you. 

lA*bich 13 abo\'e all jo>'3, my constant friend ? 80 

WhAt itabdne^ can I have } No; 1 am light, 

And feel the courses of my blood more warm 

And slirfing than thtry were. Faith. marr>' loo: 

And you will feel :k> oncxprens'd a joy 

In duatc embrsocb, that yoo ivill indeed 8S 

Appear another. 

jvf/ Voti ma>' ^hapc, Amtntor, 

Causes to ooECO the whtM world withal. 

^ 65 /iiipv , , . f4m.^] S(^ ^l- 'F. Thpk add*i], after rvrj^, *'h^ 

e6 tfPVW] stritta Qi. AS or] ^^w t^r, 7a ^nnuj^l /nif^f Qt. 

72 ^ mituu ^rtf\ At^tmi Arrt, Aitlantiws! Dyoc cmj. 

*' fmrm^iMtma sot oftlir an»r«i(Uhl!, but irrf liiiiblo i in Yhich [ou nrnvi 
tlie w^rd B uc<l hd^ So Dijdtn. in hii iaIc of raUmon and Arutc. |1- 

' Hue evm ihu gliinmFrlnv vrvni hica lo docry 
The mrei/d&b claniit iirE^tnil}'/ 
Tfe *cid iwrrdtAiit m lAtin hid ihc unit iirporf. flt we fittd from The foUflw - 

Spuiarr In the lin»I AnnAl uf TscElua: 'Scd M&rtrltum jnilaiultbat 
fasin] Minium do TilHna Mtnioai^i hibuiioa : ntfvitithili frimtN, cum n 
■ori UB pnnd|H< ficcdJisiiDa qiiir<]uc dclicmt acnmjor. objccdrcliut leo.' It 
bwUcBt ia thii pMvaift Ihat tmvtf^f^ rrimft iluts not mean an aCfunEian 
llM ooaU DDI h»Y bMn jireiiaaEhl, boi one Erom which, whrb |>nferrvd, II 
VM hdpcirfbl* to cEvtpa- Masos, 


THE MAID^S TltAGEDY [act hi 

And youneir too; but th not like t friend 

To hide your soul from mc. 'Tis not your nature 

To be thif- idle: 1 Have Hcen you nt^md 90 

An yuu wcic bUslcU "uiidal of all your inJrtJi; 

Call thrice slnud, .nnd then start, fci^^inc jox 

So coldly ! — World, what do I here ? ii friend 

Is nothing. Heaven, 1 would ha' told that man 

My secret sins ! I'll ?^jirch tin unknown land. 95 

And there plant friendship; all is i^'liher'd here. 

Come with a coiTiplitncnt ! J would have fought. 

Or told my friend a" h'ed, ere sooth'd him so, 

Out of my bo3om I 

Amiu. But there is nothing, 

AUl Worse and worse I farewell ; 100 

Frfim this time havx acquaintance, but no Dicnd. 

AmtH. Mclantius, stay : you sh:tll know what that is. 

Mel. Sec, how you play'd with fricadfthip! bcadvi^ved 
How you give c»u^ unto yourscU to say 
You ha' lost a friend. 

AmiH. Forgive what I ha' done; 

J-or 1 am ao o'ei^onc with injuries 
Unheard o^ that I lD»e consideration 
Of what I ought to do. — oh 1 — oh \ 

Mft Do not weep. What isi't? 
May 1 once but know the man llCft 

Hath tunt'd my friend thus! 

Amiit, ] had spoke at firstt 

But that 

M^l But what ? 

Ar/tirt. 1 held it unlit 

For you to know. Faith, do rot know it yei. 

j/tf/ Thou 3Cc'itX my love, thftt will keep company 
With thee in tears; hide nothii^ii, tht^ri, from me; II5 

For when I know the cause of thy di^cmpcr. 

9G» n A0V. CWl Anv, Ctrmf Q. V. <,iy- ^c, Comtil 
9ft an 4tf r. to D/o, 101 aW] iV Tlico, to W<b, 

lOj Sut Miiv ji&u filajt'^l Thffrt aao taanax nftii Stf ED Q. F< 1 
wt (tioul<i rva4— "i)«» lv>w jroti /^," i 4^ ftew«n hour yvn pity Qi fo 

Aow eterif Q] xo Dyct, 1 04 in/urki] miittia Ql- 

109 ^f^oT t»Vl E^lruMit ftiMii Tlicu. lu Oycc ci|uiiiT tu I^^U^ ij if UL<I Luaif 
Fuv? Lu die bcKianiui; gf :ieit line. 



With nunc old armour I'll Adorn my<K;lf, 

My resolution, and cut ihrougb thy foes, 

Unto thy quiet, till 1 place thy heart 

As iKtaatAhlf. as spnt](^?i itinoccncc 120 


Anun. Why, 'lis thiE< it is loo big 

To (tet out — let ray tears make way awhile. 

^/ir/- Funiih mc stiangciy, llcavtu. i(hc scapc 
Of life or Cunc, th^tt brought this youth to this 1 

Amtin. Vour aJstcr— ^ I JC 

j»/>/. \Vd1 ftaid. 

AfHtH^ Vou'U wi.ih't unknowr, when you have heard 

Mii. Na 

Avmin^ Js tnuch t<i hlame. 
And to Uk King has given her honour op, 
And lives in whoredom with hioi. 

M^i. How is this? tjO 

Tbou an run mad with injury indeed; 
Thou couldfit not utter thiii dse. Speak again ; 
For I forei\^ it freely; lell thy gTicfa. 

Amin. She* wanton; I ara loath to say, a whon^ 
Though it be true, 1 35 

Mil Speak yet again, before mfnc anger grow 
Up bc^-ond throwing down : what arc thy griefs ? 

AmtH^ By al! our friendship, thcat 

Mil What, am t tameP 

After raine actions, .ihall the name of friend 
Blot all our family, and stick the bntrd 140 

Of whorc upon my sister, unrcvcngcd ? 
My s-hakifig flesl>, be tliou a witne^ for me, 
With what unwiliingncs* 1 go to scourge 
This raiJer, whom my folly hath caird friend !<^ 
I will not talfc thee basely : thy sword 14J 

Hang^ near thy hand; draw it, ih^t 1 may whip 
Thy rashness to repentance; draw thy sword ! 

ll7«A/]«»mQ3U>F. ll« :^} j^ Web. 

rtj icVJ racaft Q6 lo EiliJ.'7S, D^ec 

IfS— f se Ytmr litttr , , . Aiamt] Hm i» in Q. F. AQ Uu «lIton, riom 

IJO Mim (4 tMu\ Th«o. to Vyct. Hsmf$ Ika Ol— J. tf^v^ t%ls (^ lo K 



Amh^ Not on th«, did thine an^^tr swdl a§ high 
As the wild eur^GS. Thou shouldst do mc ca^ 
Here and clrttially, if thy rinblc h^tnd 150 

Would cut me from my sorrows. 

iVtf/. This IS base 

And fearful. They that use to utter ]ie» 
Provide not blows but word^ to qualify 
The men the^' wrong'd. Thou hut a guilty c:au»e. 

AmiH. Thou plcascit mc; for i»o much more like thiA 155 
Will ratic my anger up above my griefs, 
(Which U ft passion easier lo be bomcj 
And I shall then be happy. 

Mtl Take, then, more 

Tf) miv; thine anger : 'tis mere cowardice 
Makes thco not draw: and I will leave thee dead, 160 

However- But if thou art so muth prc:*s'cJ 
With RUtU and fear as not to dare to fight. 
Ill make thy mcinor>' loath 'd. and fix a scandal 
Upon thy name for ever. 

Ams/r. Then 1 draw, 

A« justly a£ our magii^trates their swords ifSs 

To cut offcrdcrs off. I bnew before 
'Twould grate your ears; but it was hose in you 
To ur^ a weifjhly secret from your fnend. 
And then vage al iL E sliall be at ea^, 
If I be kili'd; and, iiycxi fall by me, 170 

I shall not lung duIItvy: yo\i. 

Mil Stay awhile. — 

The name of friend 15 more than family, 
Or all the world besides : I was a fool 
Thou searching human nature, that didst wake 
To do me wrong. tJiou art iinjui^itive, 175 

And thruuts me upon questions that will take 
My lilcrp iiWiiy! Would [ had died, «e known 
This sad dishonour! — fardon me, my friend. 
If thou wilt strike, here is a faithful heart; 
Pierce it, for I will never heave my hand I&) 

To thine. Behold the power thou hast in me 1 







I do bdSeve my sister U a iwhore, 

A leprous one Put up thy sworci. youDg man. 

Amin. Huw ^Jvould I ticnr it, Ihen^ shc^ ticing m>? 
I fear, my friend, tliat you will lose me shortly; 
Ard I ^b4]] do a foul act on myr^cir 
Tbrough tbeM disgraces, 

MfL Better half the land 

Were buried quick together. No, Aminlor; 
'Thou shalt have case. Oh, thi^ adultcrou:» ^^Z^ 
That dre*' her to*t ; where got he the spirit 
To wrong me ao ? 

AmiM. What is it, then, to me, 

If it be wrong to you } 

MtL \Vhy, not 90 much : 

The credit of our hou^ js thrown awav. 
I)ut from his iron den I'll u\ak(^n Dc^itn, 
And hurl him on this king : my honesty 
Shall atcci my sword; and on ita horrid point 
I'll wear my cait»e, that ihall amaze the eyes 
Of this proud man. and be too gliitcrlng: 
For hitn 10 iook on. 

Amin^ I have quite undone my fame 

Affi- Dry up thy watery eyes, 
And ca&t a manly look upon my face; 
For nothing U so wild as J thy friend 
Till I ha^-e freed thee: still this swelling breast 
I go thus from thcCn and will never ccoae 
Hy vengeance till I 5nd thy heart at p^a 

Amin. It must not be sow Stay^ Mmc e>"o would 
!iow loath 1 am to this; but, love and tears, 
Leave me awhile! for 1 have hazarded 
All that this world calls happy. — ^Thou haat wrought 310 
A secret ftum rac, umlctr n;i[nc ctf friend, 
Which art could ne'er have found, nor torture wrung 
From out my bo»om^ Give it mc again ^ 
For I will 6nd it, ii^beieaoc'er ;t 1ie«, 




•Ddug Cut MM&w, 4iid addiog MfMU t^ler 4m m& iAji\ my Qj t> F> 

■io/M]oa, Q«coF, 

AI3 *v>iM«il^L. 



Hid in the mortar^ pari: im-cnt a way 215 

To gfvr it hsck- 

^Vei. Why would you have it bock? 

I will to death pursue him with rcvcriijc 

Amin. Therefore i caDitbctckfrom thcc; for I \tj\ow 
Thy blood so high, that lliou will sUr in this, 
Ard shame mc Xo posterity. Take to ihy weapon. 330 

^fgL Hear thy friend, that hc^r» more yc*rs ihao ihoa. 

Arttift. ] will not lie^r : but draw, or I 

Mfi. Amintor ! 

Amhi, DrAw, then; for I am full as resohite 
As fame and honour can enforce mc be : 
1 cannot linger Draw! 

Jfrf, 1 do. But is not 235 

My ^nharc of credit equal with thine, 
If I doi£tir; 

Amin. Noj for it will be calVd 

Homiur in thoe to spill thy sister's hlood, 
If :^c her birtfi abuitet and on the King 
A brave revenge; but on me, that have walkM 230 

With patience in it. it will fix the name 
Of fearful cutkokL Oh, that word ! Be quick. 

Mfl. ThcDi join with mc* 

Amm, I dare not do a sin, or else I would. 
Be speedy. 33S 

MeL Then, dare not Rght with me; for that's a sin. — 
His grief distracts him.— Call thy thoughts again, 
And to thyself pronounce the name of friend, 
And sec what that will work. I will not fight. 

Amin. You must- 

J/f/ 1 will be Idird first- Though my 

paa.tions 24O 

OfTcr'd the Uke 10 you, tl* not thts earth 
Shall buy my reason to it. Think awhile, 
pur you arc (I munt weep when I speak that) 
Almost besides your^cir 

Amin. Oh, my soft temper! 

So many sweet words from thy sister's mouth. 345 

Z3/) Arni sAatHt me if />vitfrily\<im,. Ql. 

iX\ Ur^r efir] Hmt tAov fhr Theo. 934 **] ■™>- Q<- 

3l6 tyith IMm\ rJ^tm wtA tintt Thea. wiTJt tAttn mm D7M OOa). 

043 9htU\il<i\. 



1 am afraid would malcc me take her to 
RmliTsiccr. ;iril jMrdun Iter, I 4iii fiVMl indeed, 
And know not what I do. Yet have a care 
Of me in what thou doM. 

3/rf. Why, thinks my friend 

I will for^ hi5 honour? or, to savc z$o 

The bmvery of our hou*i(;, will loie his fame, 
And fear to touch the throne of majesty ? 

Amim. A cur«r wiLL follow that; but rather live 
And suffer with me. 

^M. I will do what «<oith 

Shall bid me, and no more. 

Amin^ Faitli. I &w hick, 255 

And desperately, I hope; yet, leaning t^tic, 
I feel a kind of caac, 

M^ Come^ taker again 

Your mirth aboat you. 

Amhi. I shall never do't 

Afrl J vairant you : look up; we'll \vaLk together : 
thine arm hens; all ih»ll he well :tj^n. 260 

Amim^ Thy lovo (oh, wretched Ij, ay, thy lovo; 
Why, I have nothinf? else. 

MfL Oe merry, iht^n. [ExvtmL 

EhUt Melantius agmn. 

MiL TUa worthy younp mun may do violence 
Vpon himself; bnt I have ch^mh'd hrm 
To my t>eflt power, and ^ent him :ifniling from me^ 265 

To countctfcil dgain. Sword, IiqLI thine edge \ 
My heart will nevrr fail me.— [BnUr DIPHILUS, 

Diphilus ! 
Thou com'ftt as sent. 

±46, 147 inr itf Mm^rma] Uyn 4rr Tt tm^r^* Q F. t^dd."?!, W«^ 4jr 
iam* 7> rwii-vf Thro, %\% >W] 4ur i^t. 

ijr nrj^wr Qr. ^5 dFnriTii urrr] om. Qi. 

a6i HuEcf MeUrkiliu onio.) Re-enicr Mdmiim- Web, D|ve. Pcrhipt 
4 9/ni •cow khijuUl hctc h laukcd, lo nufKCit bpiiic 4ivrl iaLccva] Uurtnc 
vWdi jHMuiCtiii hm coowkd AtninCar. 1 nAn, howin-n, coniidtfroit it utt- 
dainUe r* dkiurb ihr K«n« dmibru, tim imroduecd b; Wab. *ad I>70Ch 
■IllMat abfolure bMfnMv. 

W d«NMO ■<>■*> tf: TnnufnE'Ai li' I TuH t«i)t for Ihw^ Tlinj. M if 
UenealuidBetilToa. Sdd.'rS> A» if younerejcatgapuipgKi Mai«a. 



Di/>k Yonder h&s bin »iich laughing. 

J^M. Betwixt wham? 

Drpk Wily, our sister and the King; 

I thought their spleenB would breAk; they lau^'d 170 

us all 
Out of the room, 

Jfff, They mu*t weep, Diphilus. 

Drpk Must they? 

J/f/. _ They muat 

Thou art my brother; and, ifl did believe 
Thou hadst a base thought^ I would rip it out, 
Lie where it durst 

Dtf^^ You should not; I would ftrrt 37J 

Mangle myself And find it. 

MrL That was spoke 

AcccrJing to our strain. Come* join thy banddp 
And swciir a firmness to what project I 
Shall lay before thee. 

Difk Yoi) do wrong us both ; 

Fcopic hereafter shall not say, there pa^'d JSO 

A bonJ, more ihAn out loves, to lie our lii'e* 
And deaths together 

Mr/. \i h j;s nobly said as 1 would wish. 
Anon ni Icll you wonders : we are wrong'd. 

Difi^, But 1 will tell you now, vrc'M Hght ourselveSn tSs 

Mit Stay not : prepare the armour in my house; 
And what friends you can drsw unto our aidc» 
Not knowing of the cause, make ready loo. 
Hbstc, Diphilus. the time requires it, ha^ic! — 

\Exit DlPHILUS. 
I hope xtiy caiae is just ; 1 know my blood 390 

Tells me it is; and I will credit it. 
To take revenge, and lose myself withal. 
Were idle; and to scape impossible. 
Without I had the fort, which (misery!) 
Remaining in the hands of my old enemy 
Calianax but I must have it, Scc^ 

Thw, fnllonwdQi, "perhjpsngtHly," up :>fn. 


Where he comes shaking by mc ! — Good my Icfdi 
Furypt yuur itplcat U» tni^; I ncrer wnmg'd yiiu, 
But vrould h&vc peace with every man. 

C41J, TU wdl ; 

If I durst 6|2ht» your tonf^e would lie jtc qjict. 300 

jKrf. Vare louchy wJUiout all cause. 

Cal Do, mock me, 

M^i, By mine honour, t speak truth. 

Ca^. Honour I where itft ? 

ifd^ See, wh^t dt^rU yon make 
Inio yoitr idle hatred to my love 

And freedom to you. 30S 

I come? with resolutioa to obtain 
A suit of you. 

CdU. A Miit of mc! 

Tb vciy like It should be grajitcd, sir. 

.V/Z Nay, go not hence: 
Tb thi*; you have the Wreping of the fort, 310 

Aftd I ^'ould wish you, by the love you ought 
To bear unto mc, to deliver it 
Into my handa. 

CaA I urn in ho|ic! t^»u art tr\A<t to tAlV to me thua. 

^t/. But there t^ a reason to move you to it: 315 

1 would km the King, that wrong'd you and your 

GU, Out. traitor I 

3ffl Nay, but rtay: T cannot t<Ap% 

The deed once done, without I have this fort 

Cn/. And should 1 help thee ? 
Now thy ircachcTOitt mind betray* itself- J20 

Mff. Come, delay mc noi ; 
Give mc a sudden answer, or already 
Thy last is ti|Kike \ refuse ntJt ofTcf'd love, 
When it comes clad in secrets. 

Cil [ofi^.] iri«y 

I wiU not, he will kill me ; I do aee't 3^5 

Writ in liis looks; and should J say 1 will, 

JCH yb} on. Q3ioF-> K<ld.'7^ W^ 304 j'it«}^iu^^v Tlica 

3p6 / i0im] / am y-omr <^t. 3IJ 7%^] 7%Ql. DJ JNuI ■*«/ Qt- 

72 THE MAID'S TRAGEDY [act ni 

He'll run and tell the King. — I do not shun 
Your friendship, dear Melantius; but this cause 
Is weighty: give me but an hour to think, 
McL, Take it — \AsiiU\ I know this goes unto the 

King; 530 

But I am ami'd.— \Exit Melantius. 

Col. Methinks I feel myself 

But twenty now again. This fighting fooJ 
Wants policy: I shall revenge my girl, 
And make her red a^in. I pray my legs 
Will last that pace that I will cany them: 335 

I shall want breath before I find the King. \ExU. 





Tk4 Afortmtni of EVADNE. 
\nirr PXAlt^F. and 1-adic*: ia th€m MeLANTTOS. 

Butd. Sa^'c y-ou, sweet brother I 

Mil- In my blunt eye, tnethinla, you look Evadne. 

htad. Come, you ^ould make mc blush. 

Jtfr/ I would, Evadne; 

t sludl disp^M my ends else. 

Evad. Vou shrill, if you commcmd mc; I am bashful. 
Coni«, air, bow do I look I 

Mit 1 would not have your women bcai mc 
Break into comtnendation cf you ; W& not seemly. 

Evad. Go ift&it mc !n ibc g&llco'. — [E^runt Ljulics. 

Now speak. 

Md. ril lock your doora l^rst 

i^^^irf. Why ? 

^/M 1 will Dot ha\'c your gilded things, that dance 
In visjUtloD widi thrir Milsn ^kiitft, 
Choke up my business. 

Evad. Vou are zttrsngely di?^iied, sir 

iW>jL Good madam, not lo make >'Ou merry. 

Evad. No; if you praise mc, 'twill make mc sad. 

Jfil Such a sad commendation I have for you. 




Kiv«dn« and l^nWtt Aitf itvmd. 

Atf Ibc biDilcfa elilaiit [TheU' Lu Wdx), tLrkiii^dy luihu^iJciMlJUJUJujt iIh: Jkoc, 
BbiUl il Ihta^ 

" la mj blnol rrr, mtlliEnlu, vou took, Eviida«~* 

la Jtfiia^ JuMtO Afaln u VsUnTinisin IL £1, menilon it muia M cavrtitrt, 
■faowiih itdr '*EildcJ doulilctt tud Mi'!aK jiiH/," nnacd noble flaltaau. bnt 
■<rc DKve Mnin-cr^bft. Niict ( c?/#jid/ r} buii(jc9ci MjUd ikip«tob«6i>o8loTw 
■—fill 1 11 MtUa. t^ W/ni/ttW/Tbco^ to Dyccn 



[act IV 

Et\td. Brother, U^e court tiA3 mftdc you witty, 
And Icam to riddle. 

Mei. I pniftc the court for't: has it IcArnt you 20 
nothing ? 

tvad, Mc ] 

^i-/. Ay, Evadne; thou art young ard handsome, 
A lady of a sweet complexion, 
And xuch a fowing carriage, that it cannot 
Choose but iQtlam€ a kingdom. 35 

Evad^ Gentle brother I 

AUL Tis yet in thy repentance, foolish wom^n. 
To malcc mc gentle. 

Bvad, How is tlus } 

M</. TU base; 

And I coaM blush, at these yrars, thorough all 
My honoured scar^, to come to such a parley, 30 

Bvad. 1 understand ye not 

Jiff/, You (iare not, fool I 

Thty that cummit thy faults ily the rememhiancc- 

£vAi yiy faults, sir I 1 would have you know, 1 
care not 
If they were written here, here in my forehead. 

Afff/, Thy body is too little for the story; 35 

The luaia of which would fill another woman, 
Though she had twins within her 

Evad- Tills H aaticy: 

Look you intrude no more; there lies your way, 

^ffL Thou art my way, and I will tread U|^n thee, 
TiU 1 And truth ouL 

EvaJ. What truth is that you look for ? 40 

MfL Thy long-lost honour. Would the gods had 
.<(et mc 
Rather to grapple with the plague, or stand 
One of their loudest bolt^ 1 Come, tell mc quickly, 
Do it without enforcement, and take heed 
You swell mc not ^bove my temper, 

Evad. How, sir 1 45 

l3 kici\ hath QS Xu Dvce. 30 ^u r^ AdJ Ql. 

36 jiv] i. «. u a ibnt or pBp« b /UPd or fi^vmd ^th trricin£ i TImq., 
imajidy mliiiDd^niAadiu tbepUHw, r«ad In the nnt lint— 
" At iwioiEii th'iA TwJra wSihin hw." 
1% lAtrr A*j] dUrii Qi. «> ^aM/r . , . nam/} OttL F, 


Where got yoo this report ? 

M^/. Where there w-a^ people. 

In rvcf>' pU«. 

Evad, ncy and the seconds cf it «jc base poopk: 
Bdkvc them not, they \M. 

M*L Do not play with come aDgcr, <fo noc. wretch! 
I come to know that desperate fool that drew thcc 
From thy fair life: be wise, and lay Jiim open. 

Evad, Cnhdndmc, ^nUleAmmannci^! ^uch another 
Forcet1^1ne» forkit« your life. 

M€L Quench mc this mighty humour, and then tell me 
WhcMT whore you are; for you are one, I know it 
Let aL mine honovn pcii^ih but J'U finii him. 
ThcKigh hr lie lock'd up in thy blood 1 Be sudden ; 
There x& no facing it; and be not Ratter*d; 
The biimi air, wJicii tliL- Doj^ rei^in^, i* not fouler 
Than thy contagious name, till thy repentance 
(If the gioilit grant thee any) pufgr^ thy sickness. 

Bvitd. Begone! you are my brotlier; that's your 

Mtt. V\\ be a wolf firtt; 'tU, to be thy brother. 
An miamy below the ^iti of cowaid. 
I am as Ear from bein^ p;iTt of thee 
■Aj tbOQ art from thy vinuc; seek a kindred 
^Vongait scnsiwl br^st";. and make a gnat thy brother; 
A ffoat id cooler. Will ycti tclJ me yet ? 

Evad. [f you stay hcrr^ and tail thus. 1 shall tell you 
rU ha' you whippU Gel you to your commandi 
And there jJicach to your ^cnttnelK. and icll them 
What a brave man you arc: I shall laugh a: you. 

M^L Y'arr grown a gloriouswhore ! Where be your 
fighters ? 
What mortal fool durst raise thee to this daiing. 
And I alive I By my just sword, h'ad safer 
Bcstfid a billow when the angry North 







n^e^l toto,, in illutntEJoQ of ttic w^rd fai^i^ IV. ii 136, qixitM tho 

hllnrinaiiWMpftim Ur T\ 'r^y Tr_T11 f\.— 

**Le»'c/i>i:f, 't«iili not Krre jr™" 
Tlila LUpudfDH becoiPH liif* v^rM than I]tq|^" 




rf^ngh^ op the sea, or trade Hea\'en's fire his foe ! 
Work mc no higher. Wiil j-ou di5co\"cr yet? 

Eva4. The fellow's mad. Sleep, and 5peaJc sense, to 

J/r/. Force my ywoln heart no I'urther; I wculd 
lave thtt- 
Yoiir prcat mainlainers ar« noC here, thcj* dare not : 
Would they vrerc al), and axmcd ? 1 would ^peak loud ; 
Here's one should thunder to 'cm. Will you tell me t — 
Thou hist no hope to sc»pc: he that dare? nu>3t, 85 

And damnft away h[» soul to do thee service, 
Will sooner anatch meat from a hungry Hon 
Than eomc to rescue thee; thou hast death about 

I !c has undone thine honour, poison'd thy vinu^ 
And, oF a lovely rose, kft thee a canker 96 

Evad. Let mc consider. 

^frL Do, whose child thou wert, 

Wliosc honcjur tlioti haat murdei'c!, whose gravt Oiicn'd 
And «o puli'd on the gods, that in their justice 
They muxt rc5torc hiirt f^c^h again and life. 
And raise his dry bone* to revenge this scandal, 95 

Bvoii. I'hc gods are rot of my mind : they had 
Lot 'cm lie sweet stilJ in the earth ; they'll stink here, 

^fet. Do j-fHi r4i*r mirth out of my ca'iinf-'« } 
Forsake mc, then, all weaknesses of nature, 
That make men women! Speak, you whore, speak 

truth, 100 

Or, by the dear sou! of thy slecphig father, 


S(— 90 Thtw tonitr) om. Q|. 

89 f/f *-i'J Ed. ijit, 'I'h(y>., Uy«. At./ Q. h'ei ¥- Wha ha$ Hda.'?S, 
Web. Itlitabenor&l i)iai the whol« nf ihU Jipe«h, IL Si— 90,111 Q, ¥., n 

prinlctl Aj proH; in tvcK Tirtt ju<tj, 17 1 J, 

roM dJ«»U4<l fcikd blighted doc9 roi bcoiiDc a wild dog-rove, lu tiuc ^rioaia^ 

'Once I w«£r>if, 
OncE 1 irulunljri nut & bluwiik£ iwc 
Merc chuielf tA«ct, IJU ihou, ihoaytvf tvw^, 
t&cirQc<t)^dit poison ttxt,'" MlUo^i, 

95 rMJ 4/f Q6 to TI1M. 


Tbh s*^fd shall be thy lover! Icll, or 111 kill Uiec 
And, when thou hast told all, thou wilt deserve it. 

Eva^i, Ycu will 
iW. No: tlsa 


a noble one. 



'o put the light out of such base ofTcndcrft. 

J/^i' By Ihy foul acU, no humsn help shall help thee, 
If thou crirait f Whm I have: killVl ihrt-, Ait I 
H^ve \ow'd to do if ihou confef^ noV nak^d, i lo 

As thou hasi IcA thine horour, will I leave thee; 
That on thy branded 6c!fh the world rnay read 
Thy bUck bhame and my justice. \\'ilt thou bend yet ? 

Etnu^ Yes. 

Jfr/. Up> and begin your story. 

Efod. Oh, I 

Am miflcnblc ! 

Mil TU true, thou art. Speak truth ttill ii; 

Et^oif. I have ofiTeoded : noble sir, for^TC mc I 

jtfittl With wluLt sircurc slave:? 

Eviui Do not ask me, alt; 

Mine own remembrance \$ a mi»:iy 
Too mif^ty for me. 

Mil Do not fall tt&ck again; my swofd'^ unsheathed 
yet. J 30 

Et^^. What shall I do? 

Af/i. Be true, and make your fault less. 

Evad. 1 dare not tell. 

J^fl Tell, or ni be this day a-kllling thee. 

Evad. Will you for^pvc mcj then ? 

MfL Slay: 1 must ^sfc mine honour fir-iL 125 

I ha^'e loo much foolish nature in me: speak. 

RvaJ. Is there nijnc else here ? 

-*/>/. None but a fearful conscience; that's too many. 

Evad, Oh, hear me gently ! It uvaa the Kin^r, 

^/, No more. My worthy father's and my services 130 
Arc liberally rewardt-H ! King, I think thee I 
For All my dansGra and my wcund:^ thou ha:^C paid me 
In my own metal : these am soldirrs* thanks ! — 
How long have you lived thu-t, hlvadne? 


AfAT^om. Qt- 



Ewtd. Too long. 

M€l Too late you find it Can j-ou be jorry > i js 

£fV7rf Would I were half as blamcl«5 1 

MfJ- Evadnc, thou vv-ilt to thy traclc again. 

Evad, First to my grave. 

Mtl Would ^ods thou had«t been so blost I 

Do«t thou not hate this King jt^n^ } pnlhcc h^tc him : 
Couldst thou not curse him f 1 command tbee, cur&e 

him ; 140 

Curse till the gods hear, and deliver him 
To thy juM wishes, Vet I fear, Evadnc. 
You had rather phy j^our game out 

Ev<^, No; I feci 

Tnn TTiany sad confuwons here, to Id In 
Any loo:ae flame herealler. 

Mei. Dosi thou not feel, amongst all thosev one 
brave anger. 
That breaks out nobly and directs thine arm 
To kill this base king ? 

Evad, All the gods forbid it ! 

Mff. No, all the gods require it; ihcy arc 
Dhhonour'd in him. 150 

Ex*ad. 'TU too fearful. 

MH^ Y'arc valiant in his bed, and bold enough 
To be A stale whore, and have yotii ni-tilam's name 
Discourse for groom£ and pagca; and hereafter, 
When his cool majesty hath laid you by, 155 

To he at pension with some needy sir 

W> U5 £nd. r<v iffifg . . . rwT^I Thcv two specfhc 4re glvca ibvs 

**Svmi. Too Idili;. tc» Ulr I findc i^ 
jfri'. Can j-oa bf very Pifiy ? " 

Djror rcitOTri nu^ to Tb« I«r1; rhntcrli tn niher mpMtt hr folhrai^ Vfiotdj, 
Qj, u here. As to ihc propiicTir of Us ratorilioii of wrj- In lU> pluek iN 
Siduet WaLUr't AitRJe XXXIX,, '*Mr/ btetpoUted,"^ CViV. £an. A. 
1. i^. 

tJ7 £so/iu , . . tfj.'mfD.^ in>M«tJt, /^K«f jt^'^ mtt ia Iky /fvJd ^foin^ Qt. 

ijK /.4tfw Am'*/] tk'iitJst yj to Kiid, "jK. 

140 CtnJttil $MoH iKi furrt 4iiv ;) //Ae jvvAr /^ /lAnr n»i//, Qt> Th\t 
taOittg vl Ql oitght be given iu Lhe lexi iD line by lucir, between 1L ijg 
util 140. 

llj rffl/J Ojr, <vif/V? ytft»^ in cAcly cdp,. and thii way ba an iaBtMion of 
*' F^nal </ end fjunl / confomiiJc<l "t the fubjecc of a loag brtiair in Sidney 
Walker's CnK ^rvft. ilf. t|_ Ct. Cf. Ml, L 379 r'^l^^^^^^ "f. ^' t^-^ 


For cneat and coaner cloches : thus (at you know 
No fear. CofDCt yoo ih^li kill him, 

£x>ad. Good six 1 

J/ic/ An twcrc to km h:m dcad> thou'd^ Amotfacr 
Be wise, and kill him. Canst thou live, and know 160 

What noble minds shall make thee, see Thyself 
Found o*it u-iih every linger, made the shame 
Of a)) wucctf^Moii-t, iiiid ill ihis y^v^^i niin 
Thy brother and thy nobk hu&band broken? 
Thou Kh^Jt not Hvcthu^, Kneel, and swear to help mc, 165 
When 1 »haJl call Ihcc to it ; or, by a]l 
Holy ID Heaven and earth, thou shall not live 
To breathe a full hour longer ; not a thought I 
Come, 'tis a righteous oath. Give inc thy handj. 
And, both to ilcavcn held up, *wcar, by that wealth 170 
Th» lustful thici;»tolc from thcc, when J say it» 
To let hi« loul «ouI out, 

Bifod. Here I swear it; 

And, all you splnts of abused Idiiit^, 
Help m« in tiiis perform-'ircc ! 

Mt/. Enough Thi:i must be known to none 175 

But you and I, Evadne; rot to your lord^ 
Though be be m^: ,ind noble, and ^ fellow 
Dares step as far into a worthy action 
Afl the most daring, ay, nx far a^ juatJcc 
Ask me not why. Fare«^lL [£rjV Mel, iSo 

£tW. Would t couLci say &o to my black dbgracc I 
Oh, whrre have I l>ct-n all this time ? how fnended. 
That 1 should lose myself thus desperately^ 
And none for pity shew mc how I w^ndcr'd? 
There is not in the compass of the light lB$ 

A more unhappy creature; sure, I am monstrous; 
Kor I have done those follie£, those mad mischiefs, 
Would dare a woman, Oh. my loaded aoul, 
Be not 90 cniel to mc; choke not up 
The way to my repentance ! 

157 tm<b\ 4WQl- 

ifrtitf ^wawhmrI ■*'].«. Wc>a]d «04r«. wc^uld frigbl her out of 1i«f 
«ritt u cMcmiL" Tbcobdd 




Enur AMi»tX)R. 

Ob, my lord ! t^io 

Amim. How now } 

Bvad. My much-abu»cd lord I [Knals. 

Am£tL Tills cannot be ! 

Epod. 1 do not Imed toHvc; 1 dare oot hops it; 
The wrnc^ I did are gnrateT^ Jjook upon me^ 
Tbough I appear with all my fiuJtft. 

Amin, Stand up. 

This is a new way to bt^ more sorrows : 195 

Heaven knows I have too many. Do not mock me : 
Thougti I am tame, and bred tip with my wrongs. 
Which arc my foster-brothcra, I may lea'p^ 
Like a hand-wolf, into my natural wQdnesR, 
And do an outrage: prithee, do not mock n>c 200 

St^d. My whole life is »o leprous, It Infects 
All my rcpcntorce. I would bgy your pardon, 
Thuui^h at the li^iot set; even witli my life: 
ThaC tligbt contrition, tbat'« no sacriii^MY 
For what 1 have committed 

Amin. Sure, I (tazzte; 205 

There cannot be a faith in that foul woman, 
That knows no god more mightj- than her mischiefs. 
Thou do&t still worse, still number on thy faults^ 
To press my poor heart thus. Can I believe 
There's any seed of virtue in that woman 
Left to shoot up, thai ilarrs go on in sin 
Known, and *hO known a:: thine is ? Oh, Evndne;, 
Would Uicrrc were Jtny safety iu thy sex. 
That I might put a thousand sorrows off, 
And credit thy rcjieiitdncc! but 1 must not: 215 

Thou hast brouj^t me to chat dull calamity, 
To that strange miibclicf of all the world 
And all things that arc In ft, that I fear 

195 «! 10 Qz (0 F. tg$ ierrvm) iprtoiB Qa vo Web. 

199 ii4w/'iiv//~) '* Meui> a tAJiLC<l wvU-" WeU 

ntnjuf i^^, 4. fiM/t «€« tarrifitf Of. Q^. re«d lAc vliole line th 

uepoMd In ihev.'* TbeoL 




t ^}i.\\\ (aW like a tree. Ami fmd my gnivc; 
Only rcmcmbcnng that I grkvc. 

cvoii. My lord. 220 

Give me your griefs * yoa are an innocent, 
A soul as white as Heaven; let not my sins 
Pcri*h your nohltf y^mth. I <lo not f;iLI here 
To ihidow by diascmblmg with my teai3> 

kS All nAy womrn c:tn,) nr tn iteaIcc lesft ^25 

Lt my hot will hath done, whieti Heaven and you 
Kdows to be tougher than the hand of time 
C&D cut from man's remembrance; no, I do not; 
1 do appear the r^amc, the same Evatlne, 
Dmst in the shame« I lived in, the «amc monetor. 230 

But these arc namci of honour to what 1 am ; 
I do prMcnt myself (hi foulest creature. 
Most p(»3onoLis. danseroai, snd despised of men, 
Lerr.a e'er bred or NiIuh. I im hell, 
Till you, my dear lord, shoot your light into mc, 235 

The heam-i ofyimr forgivpne-K; \ am -<u)ul'Sielc, 
And wTt)ier with the fear of one condemned, 
Till I fiavc got your pardon. 

Ams'/i., Evadne. 

Those beav'cniy powers that put this gixjd into tliee 
Grant a continuance of it 1 I forgive thee: 3^0 

Make thyself worthy of it ; and tdkc heed* 
Take heed, Evadnc, this be serious. 
Mock not the powers above, that can and dare 
Giv« thee a great example of their justice 
To all enduing ages, ifthoti play'st 245 

With ihy repentance, the lic^t ^;lcrifice, 

£va^. I have done nothine; good to win belief, 
My life hath been so faithless. All the crciiturcs. 
Made for Heaven's bonoun, have their end:;, and good 

All but the coxening crocodileE, false women ; 250 

Tbcy reign here like thoM plaguea, those killing 30rcA, 
Men pr^y against; and when ^ey die, like tales 
III told and unbelievcd, they pass away^ 

»f 5 ^aj Dm (WetK amy), ttts at ry4i Qh to WeK 

Ml ««-I^Q>. 




And £0 to dust fori^ottcn. But, my lord, 

Those ahoft tfay* I shall number to my rest 255 

(As many ciust not see me) shall, thoa^ too late, 

Though in my evening, yet perceive a wHl, 

Since 1 can do no good, because a woman, 

Resell cotistAntly At something that is near it : 

! will redeem one minute of my age, 360 

Or, like another Niobe, HI weep, 

Till 1 am water. 

Am$H. I am nour dissolved: 

My froxen soul melts. May each sin thou hast. 
Find A new mercy 1 Rbc; 1 am at peace. 
Hadsl thou hcen thus, thus excellently good* 
Before that devil-king tempted thy fraiUy, 
Suic ihoii li^dst made 4 star. Give me thy hand: 
From this lime 1 will kiiow thee; and, as far 
As honour gives me leave, be thy Aminlor. 
When we meet next, I will salute thee fairly. 
And pray the gods to give thee happy days : 
My charity shall go along with thee, 
Though my embraces must be far from thcc. 
I should ha' kill'd thee, but this <we-.^.\ rt|jtfntanee 
Locks up my vciigcance; for which thus I kiaa thcc — 275 
The Ust kiss we must take: an(i wouM to heaven 
1'he holy priest that gave our hands ti^ether 
Had given tjs equal virtues ! Go, Evadne ; 
The gods thus part our bodies. Have a care 
My honour falls no farther ; I am well then, 280 

Evad, All the dear joys here, jind above hereafter. 
Crown thy fair soul I Thtw E take leave, my lord ; 
And never shall you sec the foul Evadne, 
Till she have tried all honour'd means, that may 
Set her In rest and wash her >Atatns away. 285 




363 n^vlom. Qi> 274 kt'1 ^aue Edd.'73 ta Dyer. 




A Hail in tJU PaiaCff. 

Jfati/doys fftry wiikia, 

Bimqu€L BnUr KiKr. cih^CauakaX, 

King. 1 omnnt Id! hnw [ Khntild crrdit thU 
From you, that arc his cticmy. 

Col, I am sQTC 

He »id it to mfi; and I'll justif/ it 
What yr^-^ he dares oppose — but with my sword. 

King. But did he break, without all circuiriEUDce, 
To you, bii fnc, thut he would huve the fort. 
To kill me, and then scape ? 

CW. If he deny it 

111 make him blush. 

Kv^. U sounds incredibly. 

C^. Ay, !»o doe» every thing I say of late, 

Kmg. Not so, Calianvc. 

C^ Yes, I should sit 

Mute vbllst a ropt^ with strong arms cuta your throat 

Kmg, Well, I will try him : and, if this be liuc, 
111 pawn my life I'll f^rid it; if 't be fake, 
Aqq that you clothe your hate In such a lie, 
Vou fhall hereafter dote in your owe houfic. 
Not in the court 

C^. Why, ff it be a He, 

Mine ears arc fain:, for I'll be sworn I beard it. 
Old men are ^ood for nothing: you wcjc best 
Put me to de^th for hearing, and free him 
For meaning it You would a trusted me 
Once, but the tiin« ia aiter'd 

Km£, And will atill. 

Where I may do with Justice to the world : 
You have no witness. 

Cai. Yes, myself 

King;. No more, 

I mean, there were that heard it 




J JWMtf J OfdM 05 do Tbeo. 
»4tdltf' r^Tbco. hoot 


C^' How } no more ! 

Would you have more } why, un iwt I enough 25 

To hang a thousand rogues ? 

King. Bui HO you may 

HaiiK fioncst men too, if you pJcasc 

Cat, 1 nay! 
Tt« like 1 will do so : there are a hundred 
Will iwcar il for a need too, if I say it 

King, Such witnesses we need not. 

CaL And 'tb haixl 30 

If my word cannot hang a boisterous knave. 

King. Enough.— Where's Strato? 

Enur SXRAXa 

Stra, Sir? 

King. Why, whcrc's all the company ? Call Atnin* 
tor in ; 
Evadnc. Whcrc's my brother, and Melantiiia? 35 

Bid htm come coo; and Diphilus. Ca!) all 
That arc without there.— \Bjcii SxRATa 

If he should desire 
The combiit of you, 'tis not in the power 
Of all our Isw5 lo hindrr it, unlcwi 
We mean to quit 'em. 

Cal. Why. if you do think 40 

Tis ^t an old man and a councillor 
To fight for what he say£, then you may grant it. 


Kirig^ Come, sirs I — Amintor, thou «Lrt yet a bride- 
groom . 
And J wi]l use thee 30; thou fihalt sit down. — 
Evadnc> ^it . — and you. Amintoi. too ; 
Thi« banquet is for you, sir. — Who has brought 
A merry talc about him, to raise laughter 
Amongst our winr ? Why, Straio, where art t!iou ? 
Thou will chop out with them unacaaonably, 
W"hen I desirr cm not, 

Stra. Tis my ill luck, sir, so to spend them, then. 



43 Th\ Go Tbco, to Web. 





Ki^g. Resich me a bowl of wine. — Mclantius thou 

MtL t should be, Hir« the incrricut ticrc, 
But I h&' n6*er a &tor>^ of mine own 
Worth telling at this limc- 

A'n^. Gtvc mc the wine — 

Mciailtius, 1 am dow conAidcnng 
How eai^y 'twere for any man we trust 
To pobon one of us in sudi a bowl 

Jf**/ T think it were not hard, sir, for a knave. 

Cai^ [dJMV.] Such as you are. 

King. T'faJth, 'twi-rc ea^y. El becomes us well 
To get p)»in-daiJin^ men about ourselves ; 
SiKh AS >'i]u all arcTwr& — Aniintor. to tlicc ; 
And to thy fair Evadnel {Drimks, 

Mtt- [apart to Oti\ Havc you thought 


CaL VcSt mairy, have 1. $S 

MtL And what's your resolution ? 

C^, Yc shall have it — 

(j^wrtV-J Soundly, I warrant you, 

Kkmf^. Reach to Amrntor, Strato. 

Amin. Hcrr, my love ; 

[Drinks, and then knnds the a*p i4/ KVADNE. 
This wine will do ihcc wrufij;, for it wi![ jict 
Blushes upon thy checks ; and, till thou dost 
A fault, 'twere pity. 

King. Yet I wonder much 

At the strange dcspcuilion of these men, 
That dare attempt «uch acts here in our state: 
He coulJ not scape that did it 

Mei. Were he known, unpo**ibte- 

King. It would be known. Meluntius- 

Mfl It ought to be, I f hr got then away, 
He must wear all our lives upon his sword : 
JIc need not fly the island ; he inu^l leave 
No one alive. 

King. No ; I should think no man 

CouJd kill me, and scape clear, but that old man. 

SUeL) AminL 03 to T. 
«a Dnnitt . . .J Dyer 




7» ^J^Thw- in Hyc^, Of <J. ¥. 


THE MAlirS TRAGEDY {act tv 

Cfii^ But 1 ! hc»vet» blcs.* mc ! 11 shoukl I, my licgc ? 

King. I do noi think thou tvouldst; but yet thou 
For thou hast in thy hAndt the means to scape. 
By keeping of the fort — He has» Mclantius. 
And he h:is kept it well 

McL From cobwebs, sir, 

Tis clean awrpt : I ran find no other art 
In keeping of it now ; 'twos ne'er besieged 
Since he commanded, 

Cai. I shsUI be sure 

Of your good word; but I have kept it ^afc 
From such &« you. 

McI. Keep >-o»r lU temper in : 

1 speak no malice ; had my brother kept it, 
[ 5hould ha' aaid a5 much. 

King. You not merry. 

Brother, drink wine. SJt you alJ stiU. — Calioiiax. 

[Af^art ta Aim. 
1 cannot trust tbf£ : I have thrown out wordn, 
Thai would have fclcb'd warm blood u|>on the cheeks 
or ^ilty men, ;incl he i^ never moved ; 
He knows no !»ucli ihin^. 

OU. Impudence may scape, 

When feeble virtue is accused. 

Kipg. A' must, 

If he were ^i^ty, feci an alteration 
At ihU our whisper, whilst we point at him ; 
You 5CC he does not- 

Ca/^ Let him hang himself: 

What care J what he docs ? thi:* he did say. 

King. Melantjus, you can easily conceive 
What 1 have meant ; for men thai arc in fault 
Can subtly appichcnd when oilier^ aim 
At what they do amiss : but 1 forgive 
Freely before this man, — Heaver do 30 too! 
I will not touch thee, so much as with shame 
Of telling it Let it be so no more. 







Gq 'AfnjnutdlB/TmvintdfbWkr 'Pjeo. Eo Web, 

05 iMA D70C- Mfrj Q. ['> Web. Dm, Ed voppott of bii vscndddon, 
rticn 10 11. [ ud J92 of Thit Kcae— ** I ciaaol I«U tKn" I ihodld orvdit 

tA9i" UitJ '* tAis hn dkl MLV 
104 ftfaJiViHV/ q$ 10 ¥. 

99 A'\ Ht F. lo Uycc 





Cai. Why, this U very Biw I 

Mtl 1 cannot tcU 

What \\% yoti mean ; bat I am apt enough 
Rudely to thrust into ad iirnoraot fault. 
Bat Let mc know it i h;ippjly 'ti^ notight 
But mbconstnictian ; and, where [ am cicv, 
I will not take forgiveness of ihc gods. 
Much less of you. 

Khtg. Kay, \i ycu 5Und ho HtifT, 

I fihall call back my mercy. 

jl/lr/ T want smoothness; 

To thank a man for pardoning of a crime 
I Dcvcr knew. 

KiMg- Noc to Iniuiict your knowledge, but to fthcw 
^y ears are ever>' where ; you meant to kill me, 
And ^ the fort to scapa 

MH pardon mr, sir ; 

^y bluntneia will be pardon 'd. You preserve 
A race of idle people here about you, 
Fawen and talkcm, to cleftime the worth 
Of those thjit do things worthy. The man that uttered 

Had pcriah'd without food, bc't who it will. 
But for this arm, that fenced him from hi* foe : 
And if I thought you ga\x: a faith to thi?, 
The plainness of my nature would speitk mora 
Give me a pardon (for you ought to dot) 
To kill him that spake thi«. 

C^. [iistdx] Ay, that will be 

The end of all : then 1 am faiHy paid 
For all my care and service.^ 

MiL Tb^t old man, 

Who calls me enemy, and of whom 1 
(Though I will never match my hate no low) 
Have no good thought, would yet, 1 think, excuse me, 
Apd swear he thought me wron^^d in this. 

r-rZ Who, I f 

%\% «•{ Th«o- rfi tTO. «*n. Q- F- 

I3n Aiw)) SLtftn <Ji Ki F- " ' FitJtft nnA fatitx are wordinwi hjour 
aabon Ma upnu iXavukii ftopit tnA £0mUf^.' KdJ,j77S,—«( Theobald 
bl«frcMlx»ba«abtbbdUdocu." Dnc Sec IV, L 50, 

%a6 Wf^\ »rA/ <iu 







Thou shameless fcUow E didst thou not «pcak to mc 1 40 
or ft thj-Tidf? 

M^i. OK then, tt came from him ! 

Oil. From me I who shouici it come from but from 

iffl Nay. I believe your mftlice Is enough : 
But I ha' lost my anger— Sir^ I hope 
Yciu Are wdl s.ati!if cd. 

King. Lysippus, cheer 145 

Ammtor •nnd his lady : there's no sound 
Comes from you; I will come and dot mj'scif 

Arnin. [ast^£.} You have done alrcitdy, sir, for mc, 1 
thank yau. 

Kiag, Mclarliu^ I do credit this from him. 
How ^!ight 5t>e'er you malcc't, 

Md. Tis strange you should. 150 

CiiL 'Tis strange he should believe an old man's 
That ncva Ucd in's life! 

Mtl. I talk not to thee— 

Shall the wi!d words of tills diitempcr'd man, 
Frantic with age and sorrow, make a breach 
Betwixt your majcity and mc ? Twa* ttTong 155 

To hearken to him ; but to credit him. 
hs mudi at least as 1 have power to bear. 
But pardon me — whiUl ) '^\yc-,vV only truth, 
1 may commend myaclf^l have bestowed 
My care1c88 blood with you. and should be loath i(jb 

To think an action that would make me lose 
That and my ihanks too. When I wa* a boy, 
1 thrust myself into my country's cause. 
And did a deed that pluck'd live years from time. 
And styled me man then. And for you, my king, 165 

Your subjects all have fed by virtue of 
My arm: this sword of mine hath plough'd the ground, 
And rcapt the fruit in peace; 

167. i££ rkitmcni .^ , ftact\tixn. Qt. 

Tboa- (S<wu^coQJ.}> Scvr. uIec— '* Whcfv bth^ baril of racpiui; tht Wu 
f>r I1K civn nJour? H« would ny iuu the t^j^Xtatf." Edd.^S thiak the 

Alicmfon Judlcboi, b:ir rio nor orlopi it. M^ion mtinialnt the original rctd» 
Ing lad ojnfiinit ll by Ihc fblloKio^ quotaiioa from Tfa dpioin, II. L«^ 



And you yourself have !ii-ed al home In cast 

So terrible I grctt-, tJial without sworda 170 

Hynamr? hath IctchM yiMi conqticM: juid my htr^trl 

And limbs are stiU the same; my will &s (Erfiat 

To do you service Let mc not be paid 

With 5Uch 2 ftnnge dUtnut, 

A'jii^. Mclantiud, 

1 held it great injustice to bdicvc 175 

TUnc enemy, and did not; \i I did, 
I do not; let that satisfy.— What, «tnick 
Widi aadncn oil f More wire 1 

Cat A few fine words 

Have overthrown my tnith. Ah, th'art ;l vill;im 1 

Affl Why. thi>u utit Ijcttcr let nie have ihc fort: l&> 

[Aj>tjrt to him. 
Dotani, I will dfj^mcc thcc thiin for e\«r; 
There ^uill no credit lie upon thy word*; 
Think better, and deliver it 

Cai. My liege. 

He's at me now aET^n to do il. — Spi»k; 
Deny it, if thou can*T. — Examine him i8S 

U'hibt he \% hot, for, if he cool a^in, 
He will forswear it 

Kin^. This 13 lunacy, 

llkjpc. MclauttUii. 

MiL He hath lost himself 

Much, unce his daughter misa'd the hupplnesB 
My sister F^ain'd; and, though he call me foe, 190 

I pity him- 

CaL Y^ f a pox upon you ! 

MtL Iklark hb disordered wordj: and at the masque 
Dtagorax know« he raged and ntil'd at me. 
And c&U'd a lady whore, 30 innocent 
Sbc tndcntood him not But it becomes 1^5 

- — ' ■ iluHC aUb UifK wirar. 

Tb« war vcflTo Ttir Vni . uul Ibe brcid ib^y hI) 
We tov jiud lenp i^io. lu feed tBelr huogci : 
I Ull Ihcm boldly, UI0V Aitf suaUn of 
Itohise bvl whAL w« nftbi for, 

173 dj) ^ r>0 to F, 1 76 nc/] ocn, Qt. 

It^ '93) J° Qt.ftVulIi (b«e Unci tnve the pnliJC "McL'^ m Q3 to F. 
L 19a W dw pcfiK " Kinj^". 4nd L t?j " M«T.'' 



[act IV • 

Both yen And me too to Torgive distracdon: 
Pardon him, as 1 da 

Ca/^ Vi\ not lipc^U for thcc. 

For all thy ctinning.*— If you will be safe. 
Chop off his head ; for there was never known 
So Impudent a lascaL 

JCm^, Some, that love him, 300 

fict him to l)ci1- Why, pity shmili) not let 
Ape make it*iclf contemptible; we must be 
All old J lave him away, 

Mff, CalJatiax, 

The King believes yoa: come, yon >hall go home. 
And teil; you ha" done well. — [Afart ta Arw] You'U 

eivc it up, 205 

When I have used you thus a month. I hope — 

CW. Now, now, 'tin plain, *ir; he docs move rac sdlJ: 
He says he knows Til give him w\> iSc fori. 
When he has used me thu« & month, I am mad. 
Am I nut, still ? 

OmftfS. Ha, hn. ha I 910 

Col I iihall be mad indeed, if you do thus. 
Why should you trvst a sturdy wllow there, 
That has no virtue tn him, (ali'5 in his sword) 
Before me? Do but take his weapons from hira, 
And he's an a^s ; and I am a very fool, 21$ 

Both with 'em and without 'cm, as you use mc 

Omm<j. Ha, ha, ha I 

King. 'Tia well, Calianax: but if you use 
This once again, I shall entreat some other 
To ace your offices be well discharged, — 230 

He merry, gentlemen. — It grows somewhst late.— 
AmiiLtt^r.lhou wouldst be a-bed again. 

Attifi. Vcs, ah". 

King. And you, Evadne. — Let me take 

Thee in my arm a, Metantius, and believe 
Thou art, as thou dcscrvcst to be, my friend 3^5 

Still and for ever. — Good Ohanax, 
Sleep soundly; it wzU bring thee to thyself. 

[Es^Hi all exffft MelaNTIuS rtWCAT.iANAX. 

ail a^/i] a£u 04, s. ms / am} /*« Tlno, to W«b. 

ai6 '**! H . . '«*] D»^, it'n , - . Sim Q. V> W«b. 



Cffi S1c«p soundly! I ^^Iccp ^oundty now, 1 hope; 
J could not be thns else. — How <lare.-tt thou sUy 
AloDc wit!) mc, kiiovnng: how thoa h^at uttcd mc ? 230 

J/^. You cannot bla^t me with your tongue, aod 
The strongest part you have about you. 

C^, 1 

Do look for some great punishment for this; 
yor i begin to forget all my hntc. 

Aikd taket unkindly that mine enemy 33$ 

Should use mc K> extraordinarily scurvtly. 

,!/■</ I shall incU lot\ if you begin to take 
Unkindnesdes: I never meant you hurt 

Cn/, Thou'It anger inc again, Tl)ou wretched rogue. 
Meant me no hurt! diKcraet; mc with the King! 34O 

LoK all my ofHcc^ ! Thi» \» no Imrt. 
Is tC ? 1 pnthee, what dost thou call hurt ? 

Mt^ To poison men, because they love mc not; 
To csJI the credit of mcn'a wives In question; 
To mtirder children betwixt mc And land: 245 

Thb. I l-j11 hurt 

6tf/. All this thou ihink'st is sport; 

For mine i* worse: hut ust thy will wilh me; 
For betwixt grief and aoj*er I could cry. 

iW*/ BewiAC, then, and be safe; thou ma/st revenge, 

Cal Ay, o' the King: I would revenue of thee^ 9$0 

Mei. That you must plot yourself. 

CttA I s^m a fine plotter, 

Sf^l The short i», I will hold ihcc with the Kirg 
!n this perplexity, till peevishness 
And thy dtsgrace have laid thcc in thygrnve: 
But if thou wilt deliver uji the fort. 255 

111 take thy trembling body in my arms, 
And bear thcc over tlangcn; thou Hhalt hold 
Thy wom«d state: 

Ctil U I «houId Icll the King^ 

Canst thou deny *t 2^u ? 

tfi t>W>wMl*«wJg»teaB»afQl. 246 J ^o/rj U ail Qj to Wab. 

150 yj ^' Tbeo. \9 W||^ ajE J ■*•] r** Thco. (o W«b. 


Met Try, and bclicv-e, 

Cnt. Nay, thrr, thou canst bring Any thing abntiL 2ifjO 
Molantius, thou shall h&vc the Totl 

Md. Why.wdL 

Her« L«t our hate be buried; and thfs band 
Shall right 115 both. Give roc thy aged brcut 
To compass* 

CaL Nay, [ do not love thcc yet; 

I cannot w«Il endure lo lcx>lc on thp<^; 
And if 1 thought it were a courtesy. 
Thou shoiild^it not have it. But 1 am disgraocd; 
My offices are to be ta'cn awi-ay; 
And, if I did but hold this foit a day. 
I do beliet-c the King nould cake it from mc, s^o 

And give it thee, things arc so strangely carried. 
Ne'er thank me fot'i; but yet the King shail know 
There was some such thing in*t I told him o( 
And that 1 was an honest man. 

MeL He U buy 

TIjal knowledge tw)* dearly. — {Re-^tnUr DtPltlLUS. 

Diphilus, 375 

WTwi news wfth thcc ? 

Dif*h, This were a night indeed 

To do it in : the Kmg hatli sctit for her. 

Mcf. She shall perjorm it, then. — Go, Diphilui, 
And take from this good man, my worthy friend, 
The fort ; he'll give it ibec 

Difk. Ha' >'Oti got that I sSo 

Cni. Art thou of the same breed } canst thou deny 
This to the King too ? 

Di^. Willi a confidentc 

As great as his. 

^^L Faith, like enough, 

Mei. Away, and o^ him kindly. 

C^ Touch not mc ; 

I hat« Che whole strain. If thou roik>w me 2S5 

sSit a^S Md. Attn/', ami ttit Aim kimfl/^ &&] "Theobald, lo pctCcct tbc 

h(^. Avav, 
And UK htm Irlndly. Cai. Touch nni ine ; f hitip 
Tbe wbolc iriikiQ ^/yvH. It ihuu ToUow nxs, djL" D>'<cc. 



A great way off, I'll give Ihce up the fort ; 
Am hui^ your9d\<cs. 

D^k. He's finely wrought 

\Bxtuni Calianax and Diphilus. 

M^ Thb is a night, apitc of &5tronomcrs. 
To do the deed ia I will wash t)i<; stain 
That rttts tipon our house oHT with his blood 390 

Rt-cnitr AMINT014. 

Amin. Melantius. no^v jusist me; iflhoubc'sl 
That which ihwu say sl^ assisl mc, 1 have lost 
AU my distempers, and have found a rage 
So pleasing I Help mc. 

Mil \a^di.\ Who can see him thus. 

And not swear vengeance? — WhAi's Uie matter, 295 
friend ? 

Amin. Out with thy sword ; and, band in hand with 
Rush lo the chamber of this hated Icing, 
And sfiik him with the weight of all his sins 
To heli for ever. 

MtL *T\i'erc a rash attcmpl. 

Not to be done with safety- Let your reason JOO 

rVrt >-our revenge, and not ^-our pajwion. 

Amin. If ihou rcfusest mc in these extremes, 
Thcu art no fiicnd. He sent for her to mc; 
By heaven, to me, myMcIf ! and, I must tel! y^ 
1 love her as a stranger ; there is worth 30$ 

In that viLd woman, worthy things, Mrlantius ; 
And she repents, I'll do't myself alone, 
Though I li slain. Farewell 

SfeL \astdt\ He'll overthrow 

My whole design wjih madness — Ainiutor, 
Think what thou dost : I dare as much as valour ; 3)0 

But 'tis the King* the King, the King, Amintor, 
With whom thou fightcst! — \Asid4^ I know he's honest. 
And this will work with hinn. — 

jSS tfHt\ i» sput. «ii 10 K 

sis astnm^mtn} Lc. uiroEomi. Dycv^— " IVhtn mfroiiigtt %nA arrvMn- 
mtr began to be diflcmttiftto£ (ba icuudii bctitv«ij ihcm wuh, ni lint, tba 
tut^rtvi of ;lic proMcn unec" 2/^S.Pkr 304 vAytf Bdd'jB le 1>7*«- 

94 THE MAID'S TRAGEDY [act iv 

Amin. I cannot tell 

What thou hast said ; but thou hast charm'd my 

Out of my hand, and left me shaking here 315 


Mel I will take it up for thee, 

Amin. What a wild beast is uncollected man I 
The thing that we call honour bears us all 
Headlong unto sin, and yet itself is nothing, 

Mel. Alas, how variable arc thy thoughts 1 320 

Amin. Just like my fortunes. I was run to that 
I purposed to have chid thee for. Some plot, 
[ did distrust, thou hadst against the King, 
By that old fellow's carriage. But take heed ; 
There's not the least limb growing to a kii^ 325 

But carries thunder in it. 

MeL I have none 

Against him. 

Afnin. Why, come, then ; and still remember 

We may not think revenge. 

MeL I will remember. [Exeunt. 

319 tmU] to 'Rkd. to Web. (Sewnrd conj.). 

319 iutking\notcntTht!f>. (Seward conj.J. Sewaid afterwinb wilbdiew 
Ihii GOaJKtnrc yi$ 77ure's\ Then is Q5 to F. 




scKNE r, 

A Rwm in the Paf.iu^ 

Eniir EVADNE tfm/d Gentleman of the Bed«chAmbcr. 
Ev^ Sir, M the King a-bed ? 
Gfn(. Madam, an hour ago. 

Evaa. Give nic ihc ke\'. then ; and let none be 
Tis Ibe King's pleMurc. 
Gint. I undertt^nd you, madain ; would 'tvrere 
mine 1 
1 must not wish good rc« tinto ytiwr ladyship, 
£tW. Vou talk» yDU talk. 
GfnL Tis all I dare do, madam ; but the Kfng 
Will vreke, and then, merthinlcs^ 

Evml. Sieving yi)Ut imagination, pray, good night, 

Gmt. A good night be it> then, and a long one, 
I am gone; [Bx€unt sa^raii/. 


TUf hd^kamdfr. Tk€ King iiiscm/cr€4 in M tuU^f. 

Evad^ The night ^ro\n horrible ; and all about me 
tike my black purpose. Oh, the conscience 

E»l«r , . . I Dyctf, Hnrvr Efidni uid« Genttrmiu. Q. toWftr. 
9 afttfiiMir) cm. Qi |f> W*b. 

13 Exatmt . . . f Dyn, Exit Oi. a, Edd'TB^ Qj to Tfaco. mnrtc no 
viir.— VVcb., who fi»l iliii>lcd ibii iccoc ffom th«t which folLvwi, liv 

SCSHE n. — t iiriat hnrc itifl ta*L Unv^lhv jjrc»dlDg *c*n< «iid Lhc lint of 


Of a lost virtue, thither wilt thou pull mc ? 

To what things ctif^mal as the: depth of hell 

Wilt thou provoke mc ? Xjd no woman dare 

From thU hour be dislojal, if her heart he fl«*h, 

If !*hc have blocxi, and can fear, 'Tis a daring 

Above that tl^^perxif fool's that left hi* peace, 

And went to sea to Bght : tis so many sina, 

All Hj^ Ciiniiiit fL-jwrnt 'em ; and so gre;it, 

The gods want merc>' for. Yet I must throuiiEh 'em : 

I have begun a slaughler on my honour, 

And I must end it there. — A' sleeps. Oh God, 

V^hy give you peace to this unlcmpetatc beast. 

That hath so lon^ transgrcss'd you ? I must kill him, 

And I wiU do It Bravely ; the mere joy 

Tells me, I mrrit in it Yet I must not 

Thus tamely do it« as He sleeps — that were 

To rock him lo another world ; my vcngeanct- 

Shall take him waking, and then lay before him 30 

The number of his wrongs and punishnieiiLs : 

ni shape his sins like Furies t^l ' waken 

His evil angd, his ^ick ctin^cirnce, 

" £mL a good sijcht be il tbea, vid a 1n£ oas Maiimc^ 
1 am j^n«. £jnf^ 

£tv^. The tiighr gmvf^ bti^nrlhlr, und at! abnvif mp 
hike tnjr hiAcbc pirpcWp O llie coftidcncc JCinj: a^td. " 

Tlie-y tliEJW belief iliiui utf caoluiaikn could ilo ibr liiui^tM uf Ihe oJd 
ilOGc, Thi now twvJtccQa woe W ooc* and Evodnir wxh arm afflhc \tm 
&om th« bfcinnii^^f ihc fitit lohor ndl x\ I. looof thcvfcnnJr In ihcbACM^ 
piouDd Toutd be ■ bed with do«td curubu i ftt L ij, *' And I musE end Lt 
tliHTe/' KvidJic would draw the curuiiu nd woald ihcn proceed.— "He 

JiKo. who oiAtked thr lit^iniunE of tlitr jitt mn—" An ALiLC'chatubertJXlie 
Kiag'« Bcd-chunlKr.'* uiiiiti ifar slu-c dirtciroiL. ''Kiui- ibfd>"Lvt) jllIuic li, 
iuerts " A Door li opcc'd ind ihc Kia{ dinova'd a-bcd,*' 

3 kWji//) fiVfiM Qj ti> Dyot Dyer, ihe oaly e-djlor *ho notice* Ehii 
vuiBljpn At aU, rrer«ty r«mvk«^*' I may ja>t notice ti^nt 410. 1619 hat 

ai least u good a mdjue ai tliar of ihe lalvj* vdiiloiu J luvc rvaoird It to 
Lhc laL i momam] nun (jO tv F. 

G, T Am . . . ditrmjEl Titsl LJiic ciidit liAirf In Q. F. 

frt/ilfi^r Qa— 3. /»/f IJ4, 5. /w/ 06 10 K w"" Qi- Who 
lUi "dnperate fool " wtt precfdlng «iutoit j^^ ftol In/cm uv; nof Am I 
aWt 10 iujjply Ihc rradri with iny accouni of him. 

Ji,/]sQ.'^F. A", Thco. 10 Dye*. 13 ^-i^Vl^WZrArvfiirQiEo Dy«. 
IS ^Ml^df Qi. t^^/tft/lllm. tdD]ne. i^irVQ. F, 



And then 111 strike him dcanJ. Kinp. by wwr I^n-c; 

1 d«rc iKtt trust your strcn^^h ; >'Our grace and I 
Miiit grapple uprMi even terms fi" Inr>^^ 
So. if 5c rail mc not from my tC5oluttoo» 
I ^hall be ?ilrnng ccinogh. — 
My lord the Kii^g !— My lord \—A' sleep*, 
if he mcaot to wtikc no more- — My lofrf ! — 
he not dead alre;td)- ^ — Sir I my lord ! 


Evak. Oh, you deep soundly, tir. 

King, My dear Evadnc, 

1 have bc*n dreaming of th<M* : come to hrd. 

£&■>»/. J am come at Icrgth, :^r; but how wel- 

King. What pretty new device is thie, Evadnc } 
What, do you tic mc to you } By my love. 
This i* a quaint one. Comc, my dear, and kfsfi mc ; 
m be thy Mar? \ to bed, my queen of love : 
us be caught tof^ether, that die goda may see 

id envy our embraces. 

£tii*/- Stay, str, <tay; 

Vou arc too hot, and 1 have brought you physic 
To temper yoiir high veins. 

King, I'rithec, to bed, then ; let me take it warm ; 
There thou shalt know the slate of my body better. 

BviMi. 1 know you have a surfeited foul body ; 
And you mu^t bleed. 

King. Bleed I 

Evoii. Ay, you shall bleed. Lie stMl; and> if tbe 
Your liuU wiU give you leave, repent Thi5 steel 






k«£f it thmf onul) Qa U F. u & Kp&ralc Mm; Qi hu— Jt 
tj^ta mfff, / lUii/j iiwt. AU the gcitlort adopt th« >ddiA£ of the 

«4kwfu \ bit rollowfoc tbff ]«4(! of TTiKbald— lboug;l) Dye* cianf«4«d 

\i not qiuiie ntfafiH wiih Sr— ihvx <^ thi« «Dd the tvmalDbv linn of 

ipccch kti^ , . , Bi«A0 . . . airrat/ji . . . /iW. Theo., norcorici, omiU 

Sr u» lul line ; the othcn nilon It. I Itktz ieUvh the Uaci ai ftxnACed in 

iKv «M cditiocu. 

w^JI^Q. if F^, Thn.. /A- tldd-'jS to Uyce. 

36 jb*rj ^Ariprnl by ThrnbaH ro 'hf.-'— prohahly bcciate the former 
■ordihccan In Use nntlliir bai anr." Dy^v. 



[alt V 

Comes to redeem the honour that you stoic, 

King, my fair name ; which nothing bui thy death 50 

C&n answer to the world. 

A7h^, Hrw's this, Evadnc? 

Evad. 1 am not she ; nor beat I in thit breast 
So much cold spirit tc be c^ll'd a woman '. 
1 am a tiger; J am any thiDg 
That knows not piiy. Stir not ; if ihtiu clo^t, 
ril lake thcc unprepared^ thy fears upoi^ theCt 
That make thy sins look double, And so send ihcc 
(By my revenge, I will IJ to look those torments 
rrcpaiiDd for such black souh, 

King. Thou dost not mean this; *lis impossible; 60 

Tbou art too s^v^ct and gentle, 

E%'^ No, 1 am noC ; 

I am aj foul iX^ thou srt, and can number 
As many such hclU here. I was once fair. 
Once ] was lovely ; not a blowing ro^e 
More chastely sweet, ixW tlioa. iliou, tliuu, fuul canker, 
(Stir not) didst poison me, 1 was a world of virtue. 
Till you cursed court and ytni (HcU biesa you for't 1) 
With your temptations cm icmpiationi 
Mode me ^vc up mine honour; for which. King, 
I am come to kill thee. 

A7«^. No! 

Eva^ \ am. 

Kin^. Tbou art not! 70 

I piit!icc speak not the»4c things : thou art gentle. 
And wert not tneanl thus rugged. 

Bv»L Peace, and hear mc. 

Stir nothing but your tongue, and that for mercy 
To those above ua ; by wlio>c lights I ^-ow, 
Tho*r bkssed ^ta that shot to soc our sin, 
If thy hot soul liad substance with thy bloody 
I would kill thai too; which, bejng past my steel. 
My tongue shall reach. Thou art a shameless villein ; 
A thing out of the overchargt^ of nature. 
Sent, hke 9 thick cloud, to disperse a plague 80 

Upon wcttk catching women ; such a lynmt, 

5^ te /i»>j " Ocfirti «TnimualFy m old pliji for ioai/fw ; and yel llicoW'l 
i«yi \x ii no Emllih npraiinn, *nd r*»di 1^." Webcr- 




ThAt for his lust urouTd sell Away his subjects, 
Ay, all tm Heaveii hcre^ift^ 1 

AVinf. Hear, Evadnc, 

Tboii Houl f)f «u-crtne«, htt^rl 1 urn thy kfng. 

£iW. Thou art m/ ahamc I Lie itill; there's none 85 
about you, 
Within your cricit ; all promises of safety 
Arc bui dcIuJiiij; ilitAiiis. Thus, thus, thou foul iiiaii, 
Thus [ begin my vengeance I [Siai'S ^intr 

King. HoHEvadne! 

I do command thc« hold I 

Bv4^. 1 do not mean, air, 

To pan so flirty with you ; w<^ mui: change go 

Idom of lhc« lovC'lrtcka yet. 

ATn^' Wlut blootly villain 

Provoked thee to this murder ? 

Evad. Thou, thou monster! 

Kin^. Oh! 

£fdi/' Thou kcpt'st me brave at court, ami who*ed 
me, King; 
Then married mc to a young noble gentleman, 95 

And whored me ctill- 

Ktnj^. Evadnc, pity me ! 

Evttti. Hdl talce mc, then I This for my lord 
This for my noble brother 1 and ihU 'I'troke 
For the most wronged of women ! [KOU Aim. 

EvicL Di< all our faults togcuhcrl I forgive thee, too 


EnUr hvc cf the Bi^-cham^r^ 

I. Come, now she's gone, let's enter; tl^e King 
expects it, and will be angry. 

3. Tis a fine wench : we'll have a snap at her one 
of thcw nights au shr gors frcm him. 

J. Content. How quicldy he had done with hcrl 105 
J see kings can do no more that way than other 
mortal people;* 

99 KUu himj Ukt. l^u« 4t E^aJ of Jiiir- 



[act V 

2, How fast he is I I cannot hear him brc^ithc 
1. Either ihc tajwrs give & feeble light, 

Or he looks vcr>- pale. 

3, And so he does : t lo 
Pray Heaven he be wc3l \ let's look- — AUsI 

He's stiff, wounded, and dead ! Treason, treason I 
I. Run forth and call. 

3. Treason, treason 1 [Exii, 

1, Th» will be Uid on us ; vrho caa belicTC 1 1 S 

A woman oould do this ? 

Enttr Cleon aw^LvsiPPVS. 
Cir. How now ! wherr's the Iraitfir f 
[. Fled, fled away ; but there her woAil act 

Lies stil). 
OV. Her act I a woman ! 

Lj'j. Where's the body ? 

K There. I30 

L^j* Farewell, thou worthy man I There were two 

That tied our loves, a brother and a king. 

The least of which mighl fetch a flood of tears; 

But such the mi3CT>' of greatness is, 

They have no time to maum ; thcn« pardon me! 125 


Sirs, which way went she ? 

Sfrti. Never follow ber; 

For she. alas \ was but the instrument. 
NewH ih cow broughl in, that Mciantius 
Has got the fort, and stands upon the wall, 
And with a loLid voice calls tht^se few that pass 130 

At this dead time of night, delivering 
The innocence of this act- 

Lys, Gentlemen, I am your king- 

Sirts, Wc do acknowledge it* 

Lj^s. I would I were not ! Follow, all; for this 135 

Must have a sudden stop. [ExttiMt 

111 lNJVi0ffJT^f J lJ*fM£fll/ Qfi to F, 



Scene hi. 

an tht waUs. 

Mtl If Ihr (Iiillprnplrcitn bclicvr lam amn'd, 
(Be constant, Diphilutfi,; now tvc ha\« time 
Either to bring our bertish'd honoufs home. 
Or create new ones in our cnd«. 

Di^. I fear not ; 

My spirit lice not that way. — Cooraf*c, Calianax I 

C«ti Would I had any [ yo\j shcjuld quickly know it. 

Affi. Speak to the people ; thou art cloquecL 

C<iL 'Tis a Rne eloquence to come to the gBUowa : 
You were born to be my end ; the devil take jmu \ 
Now must 1 hang for company. 'Tis strange, 
I should be old, anct neithrr irisr nor v^ti^^nt. 


Enitr LVSIPPUS, Clkon, Stra70, DlaGOKAS, and Guard. 

Lys. See where he stands, as boldly confident 
As if be had his full comiuajiil about him ! 

Stra. He lookc a« if he had the better cause, air; 
Under your ^racioua pardon, let me speak it i S 

Thovigh he be mighty -spin red, and forward 
To aU great thin^ to all thin^ of that danger 
Worse raen sliak:e at the tclKnj^ of, yet certaJnlj- 
I <io bctlcve him noble, and thi3 action 

Rather pul1*il on than Nr^u^Tit : his mind wa«s ever 30 

As worthy as his hand. 

l^s. 'Tis my fear toa 

Heaven for^K-e all ! — Summon him, lord Cleon. 

Cit, Ho, from the vralU there 1 

M*l Worthy Cleon, wetcome: 

We eould a wlih'd you here, lord ; j-ou arc honest. 

Cal [asidi\ Well, thou art as flattering a knave, 35 
though I dare not tdl thcc 30— 

Ljfs. Meiantiual 

M^. Sir? 

C/s. I am Ttorry that we meet thus ; our old l^sve 

tA a] AdM Q6 t« Djrcc 

*6 tU»\j*n F^Thee. 


[act V 

Never required such distance. Fray to Heaven, 30 

You have not left ytnirrtrlf, iind sought ihis Kifety 

More out of fear than honour \ Vou hav'c lost 

A noble masler ; which your fnaith, Mdantius, 

Some think miglit have preserved : yet you know best. 

ttf/. [asM^.} When time was, 1 was mad ; Aomc that 

cUrcs nght, 35 

] hope vrill pay this rucal 

Mr/. Knyal young man, those teats look lovely on 
Had :hey been shod for a deserving one. 
They hftd been laMirg monuments. Thy brother, 
Whilst he WHS good, 1 cnll'd him King, am! Ha ved him 40 
With that strong faith, that most unwearied valour, 
Puird people ffom the farthest sun to seek him, 
And beg his friendship: I was then his soldier, 
hut since his hot pride drew him to dl^nice me. 
And br^ind my noble actions with his ]«si, 45 

(Tiwt ncvcr-eurcd diahonour of my ^stcr, 
hiisc. stain of whore, and, which is worse. 
The joy to make it still so,) like myself. 
Thus \ have Hung him ofTwith my allegiance; 
And stand here mtnc own justice, to reven^ ^ 

What I have surtcrM in him, and tlus old inan 
Wronged aimoftt to lunacy. 

Ca^. Who, I? 

You would draw me in, 1 bav« had no wrong ; 
1 dodLsclaim ye all. 

Mr^. The ahort h this. 

'Tb no ambition to lift up my^lf 55 

Ur^[clh mt thus ; I do desire again 
To be a subject, so 1 may be free : 
If not, I know my strength, and will unbuild 
This goodly town. Be speedy, and be wise, 
In a reply. 

50 le] an>. Qx |4 Wob- 

J4 SHHitAimA] I'm imi4 Qi. ^ y^ jf JffHtT' l^!t\ om. Ql. 

jj, «( Cal» ftrnvm . . . rMia/] on. Qj. 37 tAfsA k>4jw Qj to WfK 

40 mUt^ li'Jti/^ f^l. 1711 la Wrf], 43 %]^ Q5, 3- ji/<j4 fa^- 

9f tb«<Ha fldt., rend m finl Imc *'iUm of vhorr in Aer." and in thr luE, 
villi 06 top., "Uvc I" fgi "I Uvc." Djc< cwuu^cd tbc Unci, gjulfau: 
ikcmjey . , k rkui / . . . aJUgian^ J3 y«B umijy] }W/l'^Tlic<^ 


Sira, Be siKlden, sir, to \vt 
All Dp Again. Whafs dODc ia paat recall. 
An<l jjosl you to revenge ; an<l there are thousands 
Thftl wait for such a troubled hour as this, 
Throw him the blank. 

Ljfs. Mcl&DtJUii, write in that thy diofce : 

My seal is at (t- 

3f4l It was our honours drew u» to this act, 
Not |f4ii) ; and wc will uidy wt^rk our pardonv. 

C^ Put my name in too. 

j^^. You diiclaim'd ua all, but novr, Calianax. 

r<i/. That's all one ; 
ni not be hang'd hereafter by a trick : 
I'll have it ia 

Mtl, You ihall, you shaiL— 
Cone to the baclc gate, and we'll call you King, 
And five you up the fort 

I^f^ Away» away f 






AnU-r^m U AUlNTOft'S Apartw^nU, 

EnUr AsrATiA in mtin't appard. 

Atf. This b my fatal hour Heaven may forgive 
My rash attempt, that causelessly hath laid 
Gnef» on me that will never let mc fe»t. 
And put a woman's heart into my breast 
It is more honour for you that 1 die ; 5 

For ahc that cun endure the miacry 
That 1 havT on mc, and be patient too, 
May live and laugh at all that you can do. 

Ent^ Servant. 
God itave you, sir ! 

5/A And you sir I What's your business ? 

£1 i^J o(B^ <J* t« R 66 hfiitatfrt) Xmtur 0& lo K 

. . . appBTcL] Dycc EKld»— *'iiDd whh anilidftj nan on h«r 
bn". UiK of coonc^ u aa eipluuiloa «J the "blciAUho** AipiLtU tcfeiv 



[act V 

Atfi. With you. sir, now; to do me the fair office lo 

To help in€ to your lord, 

Stn What, would ycpu wr\< him ? 

A^. V\\ do him ftny service; but, to liable. 
Tea my alTain arc earnest, I desire 
To spc&k with hun. 

Sir. Sir, because you are fn such hast^, I irould be 
loath IS 

Delay yovk longer : you can not. 

Asp* It r.halT become you, though, to tell your lord- 

Ser. Sir, he will sjX'ak with nobody; 
But in [>articulaf, 1 have in charge, 
About ntj weighty miiltct?!. 

Asp, This is most strange. 30 

Art thou gold'proof f thcrc'i for thcc; hcip mc to him. 

[Givis m^Mif. 

S^, Pray be not angry, sir : III do my best [£n>. 

Asp. How stubbornly this fellow answer'd met 
There h a vild dUhonc^t trick in man, 
Morr thiiei in woman All the men I meet 25 

Appear thu3 to mc, arc harsh and rudct 
Anti have a subtiky fn every things 
Which love could never know; but we fond u-omen 
Haibour the easiest and the smoothest Utought^ 
And think al! shall go so. It is unjust 30 

That naen and women should be match'd together. 

£nt^ AmintoR tmJ fits Mar> 

Amin. W^bcre is he? 

Sfr. There, my lord 

Amm. What wou!d you, sir I 

Asp. Please it your lordship to command j-our man 
Out of the room, 1 shall deliver things 
Woitliy your hear in g. 

AmisL Lca^'e us, \Exit Sen'ant. 

IQ /ttSrI cm, Q<S to F. 

16 yon i9f^f\jiu any feaffiir 

19, 90 /'W . , . m*rftri\<im. 

5 to Web, 
1 10 K, 

I ^ iifrau\t\ can:* ThHL 
15 iMtA]ha:AfeQi. 

flj ti'#«a«ijy7, UyM, nweumfji [06, F. to Wtb. 

A4 tO/J vtSf 04 to Wrix 

arr AarrA] arfoJ/ XortA Th^o, to W^h.j Inil a* Dyce nmatkt, " ftppar" 
35—36 ti'&it^ . . . vti£t, iir\ I htve dlvlJcil thcM Una in (he marocg 



A^, [aside.'\ Oh, that KhaX shape jS 

ShoaJd bury faUchood in it \-^ 

Amin. Now your will, sir. 

A^. When you know mc, my lord* you needs must 
Illy business; vk] I nm not h^rd to know; 
For, till ihc clianc<? of war markVl tlus smooth Tace 
With these few bkrmijhcs, people would call mc 40 

My ftbtCT'-^ ptrttirr, iitid hrr minr^ Ifi short, 
I am the brother to the wrone'd Aspatia. 

Amm. The wrong'd Aspatia I Would thou wcrt so 
;Uiito the wrong:'d Amlntor! Let mc k\^ 

[/Cissft k^ hand* 
Th&t hand of thine« tn honour that T bc;ir 45 

Unto the wrone'd Aspatia Here I stand 
That did it Would nc could not \ Gentle >x)oth. 
Lcavi^ mc; for there b socactliiny in Uij- look* 
That calls my sins in a moat hideous form 
Into my mind ; find T have grief cnoti^h 50 

Without thy help. 

■dopAc^ try dt IhccJitoni luL it nuybc r«inEirk«J that Aip«ti4.*t ojjUr 11 Bivtii 
U 4AC liae ia Q, P, ; iKffupt the inotrial unni-cmcnl should fcc— ^ 
Wodlby )twr 1iaiiiii|[. 
Amm. L«4T<c ai. {Rxit 9«rr&Dt, 

Atf< [dn£r.] Ob, ihat tbiU ihtpfl itioaM burr fblfclioDd io it h- - 
Aifim. Haw y&ur will, ijr.— 

■akbw Aipaili's on'^ ■ Itnc wfrhin « Im?- 
39 <XiK/] f An^fT Q6 In P, 39 gur^«0 mark* Q4, 5. 

^ 4? *tff^ fttMtd 

no/ ^rf <A Jf«iy A« ««£/ M//-] llulh (;l^ AWj dtc^ tiy Droel 
poHtttd IQ n«d " Hcr« At ttamdr," tbc 

11» tKltrrdFiua'-" Would be eoold no* l"—«>Lp Weber i* "*vty otucwren" 
aM br lUQfnli; hat vilfaml any conAdnci, llul Ihir wdrilt "may pmibJy 
irfav iDtbrmtjnt Amintor it Jmsoinc ti> mnkr t<^ ih? rllignkwl AiintU to 
la** hiiB, Ai uein( onwIUlrii; to be abwDL from one whone [^aaxie broa^i 
ndb Hilwiihg rtttdlocLiuDJ tu hU miiiil, tiji jrct iccuj^ llie iUllifcr uf llidr 
fMiiUaff tofctba." 

DfCtaiiillnitfiplaiiAtion ^'o>o<( ibfurd 'j *Mh« tp«t," dp b*, "may be 
nrnpEtd; y«E f Q pTvad^ng ptrt «llh« pl*y(lll, li. 4T-49j««l)nilaf>«M(« 
MHDCwtiU aaiiUr— 

* I bou m^ grief 
Hid from (he world. Hufi orf f^Lw wrtldied thtnf 
Tdt ««(lit /kAO#, ^n i)u»buid< vrr Hk« iftf.' " 

■ ■* H™ I ilwd 

4g l^4:MtfJ«A«tfQl> 

Tliaitlldle, W(>ald /could riotl"-p 



[act V 

Asp. \ wonld I cotild with credit I 

Since 1 itas twelve ycant oId> I hid not seen 
My sister tilt this hour I now arrived: 
She sent for nc to !<c her marna^: 
A woful one \ but ihcy that arc ahove 55 

Have cndfi in every thing. She u^d Tew words, 
But yet enough to mnke me undcnttAnd 
The baseness of the injuries you did lier. 
That little training 1 have had is war: 
1 may behave myielf njdcly in peace ; 60 

1 would not, though. I :&ball not need to tcJI yoti, 
1 am but >*<n)ng, and would be loath to lose 
Honour, that is not easily fain'd again. 
Fairly I mran to deal \ the age H strict 
For ningle combats; and we shall be stopp'da Q 

H it be publish'd. If you like your sword, 
Use it^ if mine appear a better to you. 
Chants; for the {ground '\% this, and this the time. 
To end our di^erence. 

A min. Charitable youth, 

If thou be'st such, think not 1 will maintain 70 

So strange a wrong: ard» for thy sister's sake, 
Know, that I could rot think that desperate tiling 
I durst not do; yet. to cojoy this world. 
I would not ^«e her; for, beholding thrc, 
1 am 1 know not what If 1 have auj^ht 75 

That may content thee, taVc it, and bt^Qnc, 
For death is not so terrible as thou; 
Tliine eyes hhoot guilt into me- 

Asp. Thus, she swore. 

Thou behave thyjielf, and give me words 
That would fetch tears into mine eyes; and so So 

Thou dost indeed. But yet she bade me watdi, 
Ljest [ were eoiend, and be sure to fight 
Ere 1 returned, 

AmiH. That nuirt not be with me. 

For her Til die directly; but against her 
Will never hazard IL 

Asp. You must t>e ur^ed : 85 

I do not deal uncivilly with thoac 

JS in/ima] iit/uru Q6 lo Thw. , Hje*. 

6a tMuf] am^ym K. 


That darr to fieht; btit «ucb a one n« you 

Must be UAcd t&4i& [SJi^ strikes kivt. 

Am/n. I prithee, youth, take heed 

,Thy siiter U a thing to me so much 

^Ahove mine honour, that 1 can endure 90 

AU Ihi; — Gcod god»! a blow I can cn<iure: 
But !tUy not* lest thou dnw at timr^Wn de^th 
Upon ih>'«lf. 

Ajp. Thou art some pratine fellow ; 

One that hiB studied out a trick to talk, 
And move ftoft-hcartcd pcopk: to be kick'd, g^ 

[SAr ki£Ji-s Aim, 
Thus to be kick'd — [Ajhft,] Why should he be so alow 
In giving m« my Hr-;ith ? — 

Atntn. A man can bear 

No more, and keep his flesh. I'oTgivc me, ihcn ? 
1 «^ould endure y-et, tf t could. Now shew 
T)ie spirit thou pnrici^dc^u and understand too 

Thou ha£t no hour to live. 

{TAcyfyAf, ASPATIA is woundtti 

What do*i thou mean i 
Thou canst not fight : the blows thou mak'^ft at mc 
Are quite besidesj and those I offer at thec^ 
Thou sprcad'st thine arms, and tak'st upon thy breast, 
AlaK. defcncclcKK! 

Asp. \ have tcot enough* 105 

And my dc«ire, There is no place so fit 
For me to die a^ here. \Faii$. 

EmUr EVADSE, Aer Anuds himdy^ untA a knift, 

Eviut Amintor, I ;im loaden with events, 
That fiy to make thee happy; I ha^^ joys. 
Tbat In a moment can call back ihy wrongs, 110 

And scttk thee in thy £rcc state again. 
It \% Hv^dne ntill that fulltiws tht-e. 
But not her mi«chief& 

101 itfHf-) Hmtmr Q3 to P, lOl - - . Aapula Is uroiriLdtfl.) Wrb . Dyoe^ 

lOL — 10$ Hl^ . , . tttftruticu\ AtriAiHuckCLiUi^iiEAt^'' > . > Ufiifts , . . 

Ektcr , . J <Ji hii golf— £attr £«adn& 


(act V 

Amin, Thcu^t not fool me tc believe ag^n; 
But thou hast lofiks and things so full of ricin, 115 

That i am sta/d. 

Evad. Noble Amintor, put off thy Amate; 
L«t thine eyes loose, and spejik. Am I not fair ? 
Looks not Evadnc beauteous M'ith these n'tcs now? 
Were lh«sL- hour« half *o lovely in thine eyes 120 

When our hands met before the holy man ? 
r was tno fniil within ic lock fair then: 
Since I knew ill, I wfu not free till now. 

Atnin. There is pre&agc ofsoiQc imjx>rlant thing 
About thee, which, it socms, thy ton^e hath lost: 1 35 

Tby lmn<J» are bk>(x]y, m\i\ thau li^t a knife, 

Evad. Id this consists thy happiness and mino: 
Joy to Amintor! for the King is ilead. 

Amin^ Those have most power to hurt us^ that we 
We lay our sloping lives within their arms. 130 

Why. thou hast raised up mischief to his height. 
And fnund one to ouiname thy other faults; 
Thou ha^t no tntcnnission of thy sins, 
T)ut all thy life is a conlinucfcl ill: 

Block in thy cok>ur now, di^^sc thy natur& 135 

Joy to Ainintor ! Tliou hast louch'd a life, 
The very name of which had power to chain 
Up all tny rage, and calm my wildcat wrong:*. 

Evcd. 'Tis done; and» since 1 could not find a way 
To meet thy love so clear as through his Life, 140 

1 cannot now repent it. 

Amin. CoijldsC thou procure the gcda to speak to mc. 
To bid tnc love this woman and forgit-e, 
I think I should ^U out with them. Behold, 
Here Hcsa yottlh whose wounds bleed in my breast, 14$ 
Sent by his violent fate to fetch his death 
From my slow hand ! And, to augment my woe. 
You now are present, statti'd with a king's blood 

13a fiin] tv^fffnQOl^ Tlwo,, Web. 

143 fAtt nvmdivj l^. tktf, mvwtan^ t 
I47^I4V Amd . . . shed] oiu. Qi. 
I4tl ptiitHi. il^in'^ EUiJ.'^fl lt» l>r«. NpcDniiniiQ. fo Tfico. Qy, >>hoal 
the wonb Iw bjrpbciv^J— ^F»/t/-jWii'<^ = fnsIvst^JC^ ? 



lolcntly *lwd This kccfs night here 
And thrown an unknown ^IdcrDCU about mc; 150 

A^ Oh. oh. oh f 

Ami/t. No more; pursue me not 

£vad. Forgive me. then, 

And take mc to thy bod: we may not part. 

Atwi9. Forbear, be wise, and Jet my rage gp this 

Spad. Tis you that I vro^d stay, doc it 

AmiH. Takchcetf; i$$ 

It will return with ro«; 

£vod If it must be, 

shall not Tear to meet it: take me home. 

Ami/9, Thou monster of aU cnielty, forbear I 

Evtuf, For Hcaven*K »l<c [00k more calm: thine 
eyes are sharper 
Than thou canst make thy sword. 

AfMtrt- Away, away I 160 

Thy knees arc more to me than vjolenoe ; 
I am worse than nick to tec koeet follow me 
Fof that 1 mu^t not grant. For ll&ivcti'^ .takc> ntand. 

Svad. Ktccivt mc, then. 

Amin, I dare not stay thy languagci 

In midit of all my anger and my grief^ 165 

Tbou do^t awake something that troubles mc, 

nd says, I loved thee once f darr not stay^ 

is 00 end of woman'3 reasoninji:. [L^^rfet ktr. 

£tMii Amintor^ then r^halt love mc now again: 

149 ^Mitf^] Mfit vtoSjftr\y. TUta. Oy^ atitagt IL i49~liJ iboi^* 
' ■ T^ii Avfi wj:^ hire, mJiAmt 
Am wilwiami tvUdtrrutt dtuf itn, 

tin^ AflMCi A groan— 0-«h f 

VtfvriMir) "Th^ V t warit here ipproprivied hy the poeu 10 sle^llV 

f« froo) (be nrb ^rwf^l^. Miliv^i t^mt (9 lure been pJated ittiLA 

Ub«rtx vf uiai|» it in thii bouc, ab hv hu coinrd it in 1ui /ttra^uf £aA B. 

* Theie p«tfcd imd bowen doubt not bul out joiQt butdi 
Wil] l(oei» (nm K«dMffiK/i with **».'" Thwbjddp— 

"who," ajv 1^". "aFr'an in hurt tttr^ttt rliJiT Shikni|V4rv had uvcl t>ir 
«ord in Ittf Bentr. .Mxu. j^r ^VArj., act Jii, bc, t," 



[act V 

Go; I am calm. FArcwcU. and pcaccfot cwil 170 

Evadnc^ whom thou hate^t^ wiU die for Ui«& 

[A'iUs hiTutf. 

Amin. 1 hava a little human nature v^, 
That's left for tlicc, t3iat bids mc at&y thy band. 


Ev^^ Thy hand was welcome, but it came too latc< 
Oh, I am losi \ the heavy sleep makes banc. [Skt dits^ 175 

Asff. Oh, oh. oh 1 

Antm. This earth of mine drjilj tremble, and 1 feel 
A stark alffi^htcd matjon in my blood ; 
My M>nl grows wciiry of her ht^ir'ic. ami I 
All over am a trouble to my&clf. il^ 

There \% some bidden povcr in these dead things. 
That eaib my fieih unto 'etn; I am cold: 
Be reiolute< and bear cm company. 
There's something yet, which 1 am loath to leave: 
There's man enough in mc to meet the fear* 185 

That death can bring ; and yrt wniild it were done 1 
I can ^vv^ nothing in the whole diitcoLuriC 
Of death, I dur^ not meet the btildest way; 
Yetitill, belM-ixt the reason and the acti 
The wrong I tu A$pali;i did -ttandi up; 190 

I have not eoch another f^iull to answer: 
Though she may justly arm herself with »com 
And hate of me, my ^ul wlM part less troubled, 
When I have paid to her in tears roy SOITOW: 
I will not leave thi$ act unsfittiilied, 195 

If all thaf^ left in me can amwcr tt 

Aj:p^ Wa* it a dream ? there stand* Ammtor still; 
Or 1 dream still. 

Amitt. How dost thou? speak; receive ray love and 
Thy blooti climbs up lo his old pUcc again ; 200 

There's hope of thy recovery. 

A^p. Did you not name Aspatia ? 

Arnrn, I did. 

Asf. And tatlc'doftcar» and sorrow unto her? 

174 if] om, t^f»»i>R 

]S3 &o>jffsA witf] m^ rM ivMvQi. myfich int9 Q2 10 4. S 10 K- 

iQi oflM^crJ uni. Q6 tu F. 1^3 k9rittf\ oai. Q5 (u F, 



AmtM, Tis true; And, till these happy signs in thcc 
J)'id stay my cnurNC, 't-A^-% ihitlicT I u.vs g^uTig- 30$ 

Asp, THou Art tUcro already, and thJ»G grounds are 
Tbo«« tbr«itts 1 brou(;ht with me sought not revenge^ 
Bat came to fetch this blci^ng from tJiy hand: 
1 ^\T\ AHpatu yet, 

Amim. Dare (ny soul c\*cr look abroad a^n? 

As^. \ shall siifr live, Aminlnr; I amwcU^ 
A kifid of hcultlUul joy wanders within mc. 

Atmn. The ^^orld waiUs IJvcs to expiate Oiy lass; 
CoHK, let me bear thee to M>mc place of bclp> 

Aj^. Ainbtor, ihcm muht iit^y ; I inuit rc!it liere; 
My strtngth begins to disobey my will. 
How dOit thou, my bc^t soul ? I would ^\\n live 
Vow, If I could: wouMst thou have loved me, then? 

A mm, Alas, 
All ibat I am'« not woith a hair from theet 

Affi. Give mc thine hand; mine hands grope up and 
And cannot tind thee; 1 am wondrous sick; 
Have I thy ham!, Arnintor? 

Amim. Thou ^rcate^t bk^^in^ of the world, thou hast 

Asp. I do believe thee bettci than my scnsa 225 

Oh, I mum go I farewcEl I [Dm, 

Ami'if. She aoundsv — Aspatia! — Hcfpl for Hcax-cn's 
sake, welter, 
Such as may chain life ever to this frame! — 
Aspaila, spcalc J — What, no help yet ? I fool : 
I'll chafe her temples Yet there's nothing siirs; 330 

Some biddi^n portcr tell Iter, Aininlor calls. 




ACS 'Ap4j) tiw^Qlfl, 

»6 rjff- vil 71 Wf Qi to &1I1J/7I. 

>ll nrr] Ar<^ Qj, 4, dU'TSt Wcb-otn. Qj to K. 

31J Awv * 4^l$att] Th*3. (Snard coo;-. •pprvMd I7 Muon). AW/ tt 

ai /inv] f^ Cm ^u iJjrcc. ^1 mtru Aaiuft frp/tf| ny 4tJM!f itfir 

ihTnlnC pitMtfc in 7%t 

TU f^^rh/tU SJufhtrJw, III. L t\ 14— 

nfl att] jftr nvr 06 Iti F. t^ MtJf^ jji t] J^ t jtri <^. to Umi. 

3JI A«r) Itfr/ltfQAtoF.. 



[act V 

And let her anawcr mcl— Aspatia, specie \-* 

I liavc hc-arcl, if thciT^ he any lifp, but bnw 

The body thu^ and it will ahcw itself. 

Oh, s\\c i5 gone! 1 will not leave bci yet. 355 

Sinc<r ouc of justice we must challeoge nothing, 

I'll call it mcfcy, if youTl pity mc. 

You heavenly powers, and lend forth some few years 

The blessed soul to this fair seal again t 

No comfort comes; the gods deny me too. 340 

I'lJ bow the body once again. — ^Aspatla ! — 

The soul IS fled for ever; and I wrong 

M>'sclf, so long to Jose her company. 

Mcsi T t;tllc now? Here's to be with thee, Iftve! 

[KiUs Jiimstif. 

Enter Servant. 
Strv. This is a great grace to my Ion!, lo have the 245 
new king come to him : 1 mu^t tcJl him he is entering. 
—Oh, God U-nc\\\ help ! 

Enur Lvsippus, Melantius, Cauanax^ CLEON, 


Lys. Where?'* Amintor? 

Serv. O. there, there t 

Lys, How strange is tbLsl 250 

C'?/ What should we do here? 

MeL These deaths ajr such acquainted things with 
That yet my heart dissolves not. May J ataxtd 
Stiff here for evert Eyes, call up your tears! 
This ia Amintor: heart, he was my friend; 255 

Meh ! now it flows. — Amintor, give a word 
To call mc to thcc. 

Amm. Oh! 

Mel. Mciantius calls hi3 friend Amintor. Oh> 
Thy aims arc kinder to mc than thy tongue ! 260 

Speak, speak ! 

Amift. What? 

ftU tmjf\ ocn. 1^ to F. 






J///- That little word was wonh fill lh€ aounds 
That c\%r 1 shall hear a^in. 

/?^ Oh, brother. 

Here lies your sister slain ! you lose yourself 265 

In sorrow there. 

Jf€t. Why, DJfihilus, it is 

A thing to lAugh a1, in rei^iect of ihU : 
Here was my fijstcr. f&thcr, brother, son; 
All that I had, — Speak once again; what youth 
Lies filafn thert by th««? 

jlmiH. Tis A&patia. 

My la*t h *aid. Let mc give up my soul 
Into thy bosora [Dia* 

Cai. What's that? what's that? Aspatial 

Mri. I nc\"cr did 
Repent the greatness of my heart till now; 
Ft wilt not wiTSt at need. 

C*^ My daughter dead licre loo! And you have 
atl fine new UicKS to grieve; but I ne'er knew any but 
direct crying;, 

J/>y, 1 am a prattler: but no more. 

\Offrrs to kiltkhmtlf. 

Di^. Hold, brothcf! 280 

Lj^. Stop him. 

Di^, Fie, how unmanly wju this oflTcr in you I 
Doe% thi* brcomc our Miain ? 

CiU. I know not what the matter \%, but 1 am grou^n 
very kind, and am friends with you all now. You have 285 

ven me that among you will kill me quickly; but 
'U (0 home, and live as long as 1 can. \ExiL 

Jffl Hi« <j)[rit i« but poor that can be kept 
Fiom death lor want of weapons. 

2^\ Jifriattii mUi J^ stm$s /M <ii\oY. ''Tlilb [ihcrtadinic of lUrr 

<4*.] t tiic If) hv. ji SopmnkaiJon vf ibc Plpren, wltouc fond <jf Lbronlo^ 

A :hdr Fofiicat Flcnrcn wb«n Ifecrc b oo OocMf«B f^r ihcni _ . it »«ini Iti 
DC, in AwHmttr'i Ucflth, (Ivl oui Pocti hod a deaice of ImiUitinf thul «f 
jy«H^/ui!ilMXKsrcAi^E,— *TbcrMl uSiincft'" ThcoLatd. 

m Oftn ID kill himsetn Ttkto. lo U'<b. . . , iQb . . . Dycc, am , Q^ )^. 
0C 4// fvw) oni. I'^j i« Web. **0V' Were iii>l thU uid itic iiracdin^ 

a^ £*^'j ^t, %«. ois, Tb« ml- 





Is not my hands a weapon good enough 

To stop tiiy breath ? or, if you tie down ihoae, 

1 vow, Amintofj 1 will rcver eat 

Or drink, or sleep, or have to do with that 

That may preserve life! This [ swear to keep. 

L^j. Look to him, though, and bear those IxkIIcs in, 295 
M^y this ^ fair example be to me. 
To nilc with temper; for on lustful Icings 
Unlook'd-for stiddcn deaths from Heaven are sent; 
But cursed is he that is their instrument. 


apO AaadblSoQl lu 5 ("uJ iiu doubt ij^lir^ KdliBdcil Udc" DjccX 



Edited it P. A. Daniel. 


SliiLlOEKn' Rv«iiKr». lo Jut> t6acL "Thomas WtLkky Eotivd for 1^ 
COpie TDdcr the luuuta of MuId Thubovi uU Maaici Jjikk^i^ wAciJcaA FW 
CftUnl rbUaaUr v|tL'* 

n t^rtiUtitti f^utisi. iiSul 4*. Co itH! UOcpofD a «Dod-«ui nprcwndnf 
•- PhJrlnscer uisfn^c ■ iroaJ. LuvIag on ihc ETOund. wuundvd. "Tlir lunca" 
and ' ■ A Cunirk Genifllman " t sn Act k. k. 3. 

Actrd. df fA# 6'^^ <Tiiti fiittif-^nrn. ty Ax,i AfAuiiiis Stirmsnet, li-'riiifH tjt 

amtmJfd. T^tmttai, t^^trd for Illiumti WMikity^ imd in Fa A* sUdt at kit tk^fft, 
W A/ "X^^ '■■' ^-'^S^ fnd f-AiUU. t« BnUatnii Sttriir. ^ta% 4" 

Siaitnni^ KtsUTirt X Mitrth f^tf, WiJkLny 9As&%Ti.% hln Tiftit in fikOsiUr 
XQ KtoFurd Hitwkiru. [Arbcr IV. 1;^] 

(Qj) FkfUittr. Of. Ijmt It^i a Bitidiiig. Atud 9» £*f GSbU urf BUik- 

J&hmFktA^, GatHtmtm. TJu Tkird Imfrtfitom. t^rtdon. l*r\mt*Aby A^ M. 
Jftthard UoKtkmt. tmdarrtB ^ mU titA*tSM^4fl CA4Ju*fy-^m€. atfliymiiif Sat^' 

Ay W. J , Jar Huhari tiawkiKt, and •jfw /a fir rUd at bit itu^ m CAim^r^Jmu 
a/^tytvimf U S.jrjrtmf* t*nt£i^tt- x^y\- V' 

FDola owr fkiUttir lo Mmhti. Ufliid and M«-«llib. On lli« 05 Jtny 1639, 
Mead aad Mfrcdtlb traufv tluit risht ia PkilaittP lo WlULam LhI&p [Arbtr IV, 
4ao. 45*' 1 

9y £. Grifinfirr WtHiam Lt^A^, atiart IvSt ta!d tl Au ikjf in CAatutri4 
mtfv /** Jteii-iti. ifij^ 4**. 

(Qj ^] Phiiaji<f. clo, 7(&. 01 Q3. TAiJfiA /^ifirtisitm. L^J^t PrinAiJJbr^ 
William U,iJit. ^trd an ff if K>Jd aJ Ait iJuf ,ii £Af lifmt cf itu ^/tam fjv /Viirf 
fJnr/p ttnmn tke twv Tt^fit Cala, 16^ 4''. Tbo Utic f*^ ^**^ for orcn< 
Qcci, Accuplc vf rovi q/iiuU flovrvdc-Us; 1 hitve rwtcdit M<J5 ' u<UjiitipiIA 
It tram 

(05^1 PhiUiltr^tX'i.^K.. anedltioindlilJiKE from die lul TntntiOdAd, bucnJn 
Ulbif TAt /t/tk fwf^nittott. «Dd Uwbiir ibe lUiie Imprint uid date: tbc Only 
notkcAble vufAikn In the t^iJe-paj:c btitit^ [bai for D/nuioiL H lui a cwOQA w 
ci«wii- 1( buAt UcJi bf title Allii of buakjpiluinJ for or labnMld brLcakfe 

(QC^) V'li/djAf . MIL <t4^ 7"^ ><>/% /M^gjjti/f*, TXlc tnd kmpilDi HMntfifljr 
lh« lamc Bi thff lut iq«D(LQiiad uccpt that ii li aTiIuul diiie> nod foroniunaat h>|J 
on InjperUl avwa ia Ikm of the «r«K(. It aIw hoi on bKk of tltlo a Ibt 
laUicH UfikjL lE in conjTcliiTQlly datod In Anf. .l/ar, c'l'j^vHf iMb 

>*Aj/*jftria ill ilicMio of lar^ ; cvJdcndy pruilod lYoio O0» 

dnK— Tji Ujc TwMivto t9 :IiLk nllUmi '^C4''fvpiociiU both hUitcm hj alUd, wfaan 
nollkcF [« qiKiaU^ nvqll'HVil ; «■ thn with tIit f «« q^AfU* }. 



^ Louc Ives a Bli^cdmj. ^ 

Jffd at ibt Qlobehybis Maiffiici Setuants. 

Cl^rdmh B.rymoat 
Written by < an J y (/cik;. 





IMtil— J«hn Dtrla of K^reroM in hb Sipufp t/ Fialljt, jirintAl 
^tt*. Uti cMcvcd id tlic 5tukiii«iB' tUcQMia, dL£ Ocli^ber l6lOh lot 

>< IV Nr *•'; Jm h h W Mr. j«lin llftctw, 

^Mfer Aw« ^dwJVv< ^ ■> *V-u1>I -lit* pruv* 
Hd viiDtjaa nrt la tlHv wliy IE iloih but 

thi fcil' 


roids of tbli col wry liiDeltldblc rotnjvis^tlon an tntnulH ■■ a 

mcmion uf PkiMittr hf St« >eeiAd lIlU the plaj' nLU»t tu^v tceu prixluceil 
Won V Oct. 1610^ hv\ \trrt iim bleeding <iv'nt «■ muc?t in T'it J-'aiiit/mi 

Ai dlvton to iht lalltr it thmbr« n^ u oerUin « »Minc Eo b« (tip|»*«d | ic 
bboiMVtrgffiflmJl^ ac»pi«Tl. ind, If righrry, u it lt)« tint m^nrion «« haw 
Ol /^lUiMfr. Ud ffkvei one liriul u lo Iff ilATf. 
Ifl Qna^iluifi V. ii. i— ^ ^"11 bpRcli 1>r Jjichinfi, Ik thcrDllawifint (juudv— 


AT«rT^itJ|iQQfeB(vn'k,>vr« nbdvcd in« 
1b ny mfeMfiu t '— 

On UiU Sl«cv«n« Dmc» 
Hta^lV. uih 104, 105J: 

'** Tbt ttMught Mcnt td bovs bMO lAllMtd to Itli- 

That* %m w nuiy school of ShaknpqiT in thU j^Jif Vhtt I knclint tr> 
brUfw this 1UT Iwciiv af tbnn, neiii if m PkitatifF mmT fv »r lUrr <ltT« Ihui 

>0<Pcdiln(E very pcV ll* lecnu to Ik unlroiatly iccti^L^. inJ [ kaow no runn 
vfaf il AoaJd bcMJecied; if tbcRforc DjiTici'a l^ciuiam Jlki refer 10 /!ili'<'- 
<tf#p mnA th* dale of C^^^HAfAiw i« oottccIU 1ixe4 «■ 1609, I un aTCg—wily 
Ijrwd t«plu« iN d^I* of cba |>rodac(t^ cf /"^rj^jiffr somtwhcrc od tbt khi- 

Mrianc, whou Anal dcclilon u \q /^AiCai/tr I1 ibal li *' wu rcpirKnied In 

IIAoBqt l6A0t" b niJE cteii t> tu ihii Injhimu 9ticc<.li> tad he lutiLCf'Tacatt 
Sqkwuj he taf* - " Mt. S(T<veiiB lioi latiBcrTcd ^he^l tlteic ii j juui^^c in 
■ . d Flilkflc* whkh bnn a nironi; rnrmbLancc 10 m a^ch of Itc^Lmo," etc., 
bat It wld imt'M4trm bol meielj r^/Wv^wr' that SitfVmK ■iiCG**t*<^> ""'^ 
Mjliaac ]«ftv» oi tn a itnieof uQ«ft&liitjr m to hi* b«rtef lit Irnksiion on «tthcr 
tfdr, attd vrith a nuplckm ihM the tmiiarinn mlshc br i^n the fcirc of ^ihakc- 
•pauT- Dtydn't ivniark in hia S$$^y t/ DtvoHiici-A /War uk to Fi^Ui^Ur 
M^ our uitbor*! ftnl ncuBhl ijlay, and D'AvcDiu^i'i rfolocuc to tha 
JftaHJtHjMiv^boih dtcd by Makne— rfo ikot afford ua aii^ Mp u BKing » 
doiia for our fJ*]*- 



at to ilk dale a> fldubl-ful. ill Ilh Ji^^uiri t-if lit Um. f-Lc-» t/ nui laEfam (L 
■XU.)i KiXpta hJt cfLfWa d^Ec, 16:^ u " iDt^t probiiHjr tbt true oti^'' Hc 
4o«B not f^rt AAf resi»D ; «od b litem u lo ihe C-.i^^Vfw *' kniiAtion'" 

M«r> "'i'* beliem in inuatton ol <'/mM>ih ti^/W ArM,,p. 74*), CI*** ai> 
mow ppe<^it difc for PkOatirr^-^fiA lb«t of cmtrw frtib f^torrtic* to T)>*»M"fc 
Cyiffnoi— tbu thai lEwuutPd b*rnr* S Oo^ l6lO(CilrviiL fv- Z>riuc- L 

Tu< TiBXT,— On die ArrcdilioboflhiipkirDyHhuth^ following nolet — 
** Thii impTVitfaD hie Tto( br^r uh*! ^ uty of the cdii^H Horfa oi Eh« com. 
mmcCTiMnl 4nit %l Ihe em! nf ibc jilaj, Ih* Inr it tn EtimTy >nrl ulnnrdly 
diffEmtf from ihu <if Ebr lurhcirv, u Co Imw no drqihr rluir Ohiw* pnn)on*( 
mosl hate been sapt'lJ^ '^^^^ theaaacc*br»HiiGhudinc-«Fi[er ; and thrtju^h- 
out ali the other ucn« veiy £nM» mjitakiM occof- Vet, notmlihiuaiimg tu 
inkperfccEioas, ihU cdilion It «l MEuidomUff vhIbc^ mod bu enabled mo an 
several filaco to roFac* til* lni« rtadinga^ "* Of ccvr** Dyce^t rckEDratiDnv 
hat* b«r July nftfffl ; tnit fbry hy nn mrmii "aliif^ the r^nrKify Th* ahnvi? 
cote acJtn: a ciuioiUy ^twtly LacnoKd by Mi. Flei^, who \ti\i m (<L',4r0'j. 
£h^. £>ritiu. L 1B9] ^U he Mttpccu ihrv iliturd alEeiiiJuai [u luvr bcra 
njkdc on l3ic Docuifm dT peifbrauiico ae ttniil in l^l^— IJ^ that b*, al a liii>c 
vhraboth oar vtihort varg linn^, I har« thf.r(£]rT dMisavd it devinbU to 
Tcpnst at an ixppvadij. to thne pfeLimii»rf rccnitttu the fuJl tmx of the AnC 
■nil conelnding porticiB ol i^e ^\vy u gtwn m thit tint cpIiiioti. and bB*e 
<otE«tBd li EhroushtMt viih thf luttt nlirinns 1*3 iaa ti th« tcEiud lai Ik cod- 
cctned i hudi oiAlicrt in tlie pribtiac <jf rine » piwe, wvnc m ro^>«, vrimii; 
dutiibutian of tpcechcit cu. etc.* hiTo only thxHiobillv ucm Dottd. 

Wallder, tbc pnUither d thjt £nt <)UUtO| id &a uldr«u to tbe retdfr pr< 
Ax*d iw hii M^cod edition, Jiielajmi for hSmtelf tr<l hn printer ill blaww fo» 
tile NTTupLiun ?f th* lint, mtd Tally claimi fur himtclF the tfrrdlt a| tumog 
rrformfd ih* ii»*miict i b* mint h* nndfrtiood, ho«p*ef, in«el)" To mtMn that 
he had bKFi iiippllrvl nich 1 betrn EejL It; wbom ii It Lmi>Qniri]e Lo HVi 
bul it U t^t be ici»ciiLt<(cil lEiaE I'Eckhcr wu then ^tJI Utiu^, Un^uublealy 
ifai* Oi, IfiU* i> o^ chief KiiaLoiiiy fur the icxi, ulJ I ha>c preferred ix an m 
BoiBHa oeca;kiani. Q5, pqbtiih«l in 163^1, thiccyctirv afler Pletcher's detitb, 
diffifTt hqL itif^htlf iiratn Q^i bill in 1634, in Ih? lirat *'faiuth naprosion ** (Q4 
'34)' '^^ 'f*^ teefrti ro bane b^^n consid^rahry nWT-liaiiled. npediUy n 
regards what tu corsldcred profaniiy, ind [hU revision hns bnn lAt^^ty 
jidiuiEtcJ by my meiltucuu^i i \ luvr, n 1 mulLet (if tuuiic. ifijac tak.k whCQ- 
CTcr po««ib]c t(i * J3 ; iberc ^^ci be no piclencc \o uppcoc ibat ihii nviuon Wti 
Cpild* on (ho Authoriiy of aAy duecliocif lefi by th« aaiJton 

The li^Evr qiiArti> ediriooi ind Eho Folio are of littk or no viliufl ai rc^vd* 
tht ncciuion of tbt teit: «^ usuji] at Ehli time with colln^tfd ediiiont tbe 
tftUn BAd mr»I corru^it, Q6 (realty Eh(» eighth edition], nuiiplicil uipy for ibc 

TitK AEU3t7MU«T. — Tbt Wiiif of Colibrlt lAd unrping luar of Sicily hat 
huta. «dJ Iuu invited to Ui Ooiin Fnace nuratncnd of 

- >P' 

EFharunond, ho>i'c-vcr, i» ntti \c die init uf ific l*rincei^ ihclavM PhiUilCf* her 
love it leEaffLed. and ho, lo lecnrv the mvariE of conrmaaicatiuawith heiiplaeeA 
In her Hmc« B p>^ named J-i?Llano. whoitdwoEodlyaiiic^pd K^him. riurinf 
the micrvml thai muiI c]a|itebFrDfcEhcjrtniLrTij^|%iuunond^bcmtiauspAiicie:, 

□ne fiJf tiaiwhter Arelhuta, 

tb CI 
perMja of 

dues nui br oireii vLulfrnce lup^Mcu Oil UL^mnE of ihc lote the |f«i>pte t>e«u him. 

?siisin Fal4 Vr LranmiT. tiopinfi by tint aliiuwo to Mcnre lo b«e ihc iiiticrituiee 

nf both crnwiH^ for ibfro it 1 ilchtfut h«ir lo (hf thrnne of Sicily in [lie 

a of Fbila&Lcf. who uukEi in the way of bU unhltioiik md him tbc kinE 



b mt lnii%uc vWi Kevrv, o. 1»4r of the Gurr- Artitmu^ EmolnG a knov- 
Mtc of ibit lob^pc; wruirns the Virile Iter ftiilict <ifTiv uJlo motmra Iv 
txpame Uk Inon ; la nrzntt M^i^m urcaact chc PnA«H of inomliiunce mlb 
W fv« B«d]uiob Tha fine "ri^fi^ 4^mbv■ft to dicmiu BvlUrio, Diaa, 


QntaMMi UMI nintiiinv. Sicitmn ]o«d» ^nd Herd nrppon«n of l'hiluT«r, 
beirvlnjifeuhli 1->T« ro AFcrhuijt (£ ft Mnirinw rohlt pnnLilt if hti^Tiiim (o 
ilic crcrvn, tnil rluE Mr£r);\ nccuuiUin U irur« wrti if> wean him fium liU love 
br iMdinn^ him Tiitl rif ihrir mrn kn47Tr1c*It;r II ii Uap. PliilMtct'i |f-ttuDaj 
tfau wooMd b< <tkfC«jtli B4lUni> Mid f'id« ftJvwcJI to ihc Piinccv. Thian 
biinc ^ ^^ podlion Iht king comnuinds ■ gr^ac hunt jn ih« rcicti, «l vhicn 
HtfJ to Jj i« fO bt pH*mI. In the courie of fhe hunt the I'rincrtt Ima hei 
^qr. lotd her hone ftRil w^rvUrf KFonB fn fhfl A^irftF- Bvllirio, who h alta 
— <>Jt jj^; ilonr. lincli hrr iti t fkintlfii; onrlLrion: h^gocs la her auittBna. 
nd wbil« ihtDtfuEVvd Philutn iDpcui on ibe Kcn?. Mil jnl^iaiy i« cga- 
&nttc4 b? i^u *j|;)it, 'I? <l'lvTfc DelUKo tw^. cTcrf hi^ a^ i>rJ ta Ihv MncBB 
Ift4fc«p bcrfpOpat fta end lo hb vrerchcd lif? ; ihc uttjcc^ting he pr4fMH«i lo 
kfll hm^ tfM ■Mitna aad h* dota ActulW ^ound hfr, ^'Uen a couatry-fdlaw nikei 
hmpmmMiaifulbfVthini nff. Kr diuhWrlic coiintryJFllfiw. hiiHii hImiiHr 
■oBOBil, uid ImuIdf die anvowti cif]vo[>lf who ir? vrWing (h« Frioavith* 
ntfou fontcr inlo ^e wowL Here he «4ELln ^ad> BclWi<>. uleep on « baok* 
Mdl»diteft (lie xtientiofiof H* pununwho *ic iticUnc l^^m T>]r his bEOM 
b« ia&cto *ein0 illgbt woan^ on the ikepinc piff i^ nr\Icr E-hiit he tOMy 
■Mwtobav«b««D tbtuailMt oftht Pnncvn^ Uii iTFfin(;ih, baw*v«r, no* 
MHhlmMd bvcuigo 1^ further, Hellano ihni nrnnwl ur^^ hrm m mn- 
cnl Umidf, tnd belpi him tri^ • buth, md. the h^ng with Amhuu md ibe 
[Unucn iiu« 4^fie4iiti^ i^Iytb himacTf up »« (hr ciUpiii. TliU ctucn^ity cvoi- 
ponrco PhJJantffr. frho vir]7« oul of hi< maccBloicut aad arowi hit uwn [uill^ 
Aa both iptmt on b«in( ^Dljr boiTi «rtt iippFchcnd^ e bal Anlbiua, ynth & 
vicv lo Mmng PbUwitr't IVcl obtAhn «■ ■ boon from (ha litnA tb« cvtodjF of 
Ihe rwMoAen. We«xr KDd ATeifaim., Philurer, Mid BelUrlotn thepriion.all 
heued of Their uronndt, tM rernnd!e»| xtui rnAy lo ohejr itie lummotit 10 
i^yrmr btforc tlic Sdn^> The Conn iiseuibm. Artthnui hnin^ in her 
mnoxn ukI iToirt a H(rc. EUinl4£c y'lih PhAmm-t whJIc m her cD^tmlir. 
ne CBMgod kiniE (oiKleinfi) ill three todcLCh ; but newt is bmuEH ibAt ih« 
iWiilH Off lo tOToH lid h*v< *gbw^ Fhuamonii whiH« dMth thev ihrtaian tf 

fflhvm bMUli PhilBi1«r i whoreup^ir iha tin^ oHer* «I1 bxcV to priv^ti 
h* Miditt¥Dufi In (|ii«1] fhf cniiiinT. En Ihit hn ftila^ and. fti a Ivl 
rao M W^ wmh for Pfalluirf. pudaos hJai' uid bees him (o uh- fui ifilliiimE^e 
*ttb tbe ftbelt and r^;iie rhardiiiuiHl- All chia l*hilMbi:r vfTetEt, *ni reluminj: 
to CduvI it recvin:^ tiy (>]C ktnc u hn hin-Jn-!Aw vriih all affection. .Mt iD«fh| 
no* ^ tupfKuAl to ctid hjxpimj-, bcl Mijjra, pruvakfd hy x fflfiTcace 10 he? 
intriffuf mih rhAnmon<l» rvi>?>hli her ac?uuEinn ji[;?mBt Ar*ihij«>- On thii 
ttc&YorlfTf B«lliUio to be stHpfvd und inriurM : IVlhnn k thiu cntik' 
peQedw re«»l the too thiit he U not Bellnj-lo but KtiphTaiu, diuehtcr to 
DfOu, aippOKd by hei bLher to be un a t^t^riinwc -. the l^avji^ i;ciiLcciiredt 
dokaowtt lo him, a h^pelo* nHt^^fi (ot vhWrntt hu lhu» dia^itcd henelf^ 
OMMnI lo admifo ud Mr«v hioi in thii humbU pnAii^n, Mrr^'i accuulion 
thw «4kbMlly <iMifol«d ih«b banEdMd Ihe Coiin, nnd l^hnrAm-^ivI x^^nT bark 
lo JSptfn. AM vauld vith BfllaHo ot EnphrttUto vrek ntiT a hcubAnd worth; 
oTbcr, Ibc kinif himvlF cidcHn^,* her lu am rile dawrj ; but ilie biJ nuulc a vow 
nrm lo niBry* ^1 ber flmbitiqii brin^ ''li> lervc the FmccM. To kc ifae 
vifMM ofberloid tud hvr," To (hlstno Viixicat who ''cjimol be jealoua" 
aod the klof endfl the pJaj bj re*toring lo Philurer hb LTkhiiitAne*- 

Tin 5oviia.^Th« plot of thi< pUjii probably the cobtrivaneo of Ibe 



fcnihnn ihrt»»*lTB ; ax any rate no iDurcc from vbclict Ihey tnaf hare dtrivM 
hU known, WVim— repelled by D y w hn In JcBd o bicr r u l ihu ICuphrula 
djigabed we i p»^ luid Hiinc u a (o-btfiran to fhiUMcr "xl Afttbnu DBf 
}i«fv been ^aec'*(^ ^7 ■ uic in l&c Aoiv of MoiU<in«yor»-/lfi&«HChn ah/ 
Z^on ^>k^> .' bur in other mpeal* Uk posillaQi of the dftmnli lovtrdi tlMJr 
btlonrttl u .i> veiv diflcrcnt tJui BO compsiiMCi cut be hirly LnttiiuteJ : Idr tbc 
n«E of thtf L'cty Wriicrsilinili that le b«« &o lUWLbltaa to ihr liIoi of /^>i/> 
ar^rr. Krliimrr^a— r trirw nnt why, but WrTwr uiri iJycc tall her /WA"- 
nifiia — like tlic JulU of ^' Zkiv (rVAfiVnitji 0/ [Vrivfai ii in punuil ol* « l^nt 
lore, l>u|>tanuk h«i ncti been beloved fcoJ <ii>C9H'l <Ttn deiire ih*i her lov« 
■lioald be knuvn -, in fad it b devotion nut love wUcb 'it tbc DKiliTt or Ktr 
a4ti«a> For FaliiDcsa'i ticey m4 C<iJLi>>r'4 SAai^jj-tarr^t Lihrixrjf, cd. H»ilL(t» 

n. I, »oi. i»p. »?!, 

iTiMtiuT.— Afcw noro In tiMiUoa w <hc "nUei of the QuBrtoaand Uic 
cnliicaiuii tliG StJiIviacnt' Kc^^tcii ([h IJ£] will >unkc« anJci lIlii l;GAdinr* 

Fn>04 (hq At'fftrMij r/ 1^ H^m^i^ elc>t w« h^vr alrrady <«cn [v- 3 <^ lU* 
VoL) Uud PAil^Uf was on4 of " frannn " pU^ asled b«rara ilu Court in 

Aipln iTt Ehel^Gf "n»e«*Cte^befi:imthe Klnfe li4 Qaircne ihls prrvni 
yean of die t^irl 16 j6*' /A^IaMct ocnnu hi vine Ijreu pcrfurDicJ uu Uie^i 

Uiir^ th* tim* of the capt>r«Bion of the thcaUcc ■ "droll" cniillcd Tin 
C/m^ Mtwiy [juule np ol the 4m Scene of Act V., wv perfiarncci ■( ilie Red Itull 
■ntl rlwrwherr. Sfw fiipg Omsn. iSir. vnJ- I, |i. 154 tmdrr "Tra:, Roben." 
AOil ml. ItL p. I44iu3ij«r " Thb Wiia ; or Spun upon Siqit-'' 

Dyct bl hu pidiUklfLtnT runuki \o the pUy ^JUutc> in full a liJUd uftnrltc 
Mtcfi-lioe *l*Aa» osjlcd l*ve in tanj^iAnmi, luuuilcil oa t'kii^Uf, oxtd 
printed in ^ J^ryiiJ ArUr t/ Liyai /Wiw, eie., by Tbot. Jor^n, 1664- *' II 
W3>," he uyi. " <lovhtiH4 u titfon wera] wan xM^not 10 tbit <iiiUf Ett^lvihUe 
rhPArnril mlnTtmineitri; *ete jirohihilrl" 'I'h? piol e« (ABiPwhal allnreil 
[n thi» Inliiul It ]s chiefly iii^creiLing u attotdlnfi proof of ibe pupalarit)^ of 
{be pluv 

lu bift Dijuy, e8 Nov. l6Ci> Mr. iM^n nutrn thai he iDuh hi^ wife "^'to 
th< Thcnlre to mt PMHa/ur, whjch I Dsrff w fc«roret but 1 found it Iw ihorl 
of my ripect»tk»o>-" 

]>rliBf4 >I v«i u a tomenrhM laler i1«Te vhal ihli prav *'vu one of ihni« 
ibti were TepreuTiiei! ai ibc old Th^ire tn UncnIni-inn'ricWi, when ihe 

In Mr. tcppi Diiiy wc lean th«I ui Octcbcr 1664 On vomrn were then 
tc^iaZ Alone - 

Cd lbe30 May 1668 Mr, Pepyi *enE "lothe Kino"! playhume, and ihrre 
M^ Phiioiirt ; where tr 11 pretiy to m hav I muH r^mamTivt alnv&i all 
■Jdn^ ruTF hhicc 1 wma a bi^, Arvthu«a, ih' pan whirh I wa* to huve ACiol 
>1 Sit Kvtxrt CwWi; andiL wmitTry fricoaont \o me. but mole lo Ibink what 
a f jdicoJou ihloc 11 would have bet it ivi mciuliavi: utcil ji bcjiutifitl womui." 

In j695/>i^ibMW,*' RcvLi'daiidtiicTwo lu( Acl* new Written.** by akamJi 
Sellte, wai ptodoecd at ibe Thalrc Rcyal. I hav«, foilcnnttg Dyee. recorded 
a few readifitfi al ihiv vcninn bi my fAoE-notft, 

Arothei Jtemtinn nf i'hiimiur, oJied /Af /'/iMwfBftflp, ptc. , was nrintcd 
in \1\A ^^d fornji pailof Llic LiiE ^cluiue of Oie VVuiki of Gcoive ^ilUnii 
PaVt of iLuckijtfha^ii ; A t>^ hjm le luutC luve becu wriLtc[j befu^e Ue [6th of 
April i&SS, tljc Hiiik of hii cIcAih ^ Ijui, u Dycc Ecninrkt— *' In all prcbabiliiy 
U w^ not unirvn by (he I^ul*, and apptant itrvcr to have b*Qn broi^l opoo 
the iiage, " Thit veiiLon 11 a]» occBiiioQally Trferred lo 10 my noiet. 



Ib 1763, PAUatttr, «AeT btviiiE becD suffered (o lie nunj ycin donauiti 
with some altCTrntuma bj the elder Cokoua (tbc chief editor of the 177& 
«L of BeajiiDODi Ukd Fletcher'i Works snd the writer of its Pn&ce), ftcted 
with gremt appluue at Dnii7 Lane. 

WaMTi tSia, write* : '* Mr, Coloiuo's BlteixtioD hu been n<r« ukl then 
ijnfiauicd on the London itiee, bat being caviare to the molttlnde, it Bcemi to 
hftve becQ Utterij laid atide. 

Pp^ I to 3 and 60 to 66 of Qr. literatim and line for line; 


Enter ai sfUMrail doores Lord Lvon, Trasilins,^/4VW» jI^ 
Clerimon m^eUs t/um^ 


"Well ore tane my Lord. 

Lyon, Noble friend velcome, aod see who encoun- 
ters vs, honourable good Ct^rimon, 
Clb. My good Lord Lyon, most happily met wor^ 
thy Traxiline^ 

Come gallants, what's the newcs, 
the seasoD aflborda vs variety, 
the nouilsts of our time ninnes on heapes, 
to glut their itching eares with airie sounds, 
trotting to'th bune ; and in the Temple waJke 
with greater zeale to hear a nouall lye, 
6ien pyous Anthum tho chanted by Cheiubins- 
TraNS. True Sir : 

and holds set coansels, to veni their braiuc sicke opinions 
with pivsagements what all states shall designe. 
CLE. Thats as their intelligence seiues. 
Lvoif' And that shall seme aa long as inaention lastes, 
there dreams they relate, as spoke from Oiades, 
or if the gods should hold a synod, and make them their secritaries, 
they wilt diuine and prophecie too : but come and speake your 

S thoughts 


3 Pkylasttr. 

thoughts of the intended marriage with the Spanish Prince, 

He is come you see, and hrauely entertainde. 

Tras- Hee IS sOj but not married yet 

CiX^ But like (o be, and shall haue in dowry with the Princesse 

this kingdome of CytHt. 

Leon. Soft and tiire, there is more wiU forbid the baines, theo 

say amen to the marriage : though the King vsurped the kingdome, 

during the non-age of the Prince Phylaster, he must not thinke to 

bereaue him of it quite ; hee is noiv come to yearcs to claime the 


Tra, And lose his head i' the askings 

Leon. A diadem worn by a headlesse King wold be wouderousi 

PkylasUr IS too weake in power. 

CLE. He hath many friends. 

Leon. And few helpers. 

Tra. The people loue him. 

Leon. I grant it, that the king knowes too wetl. 

And makes the Contract to make his faction strong : 

What's a giddy-headed multitude, 

'Hut's not Disciptinde nor tminde vp in Armes, 

To be trusted vnto ? No, be that will 

Bandy for a Monarchie, must prouide 

Braue marshall troopes with resolution armde, 

To stand the shock of bloudy doubtfull waire, 

Not danted though disastrous Fate doth frowne, 

And spit all spightfull fury in their face : 

Defying horror in her vghcst fonne, < 

Ajid growes more valiant, the more danger threats ; 

Or let leane fomine her affliction send. 

Whose pining plagues a second he! doth bring, 

Theile hold their courage in her height of spleene, 

Till valour win plenty to supply them. 

What think ye, would yer feast-hunting Citizens 

Indure this ? 

Tra. No ail-, a fair* march a mile out of town that their wiues may 

bring them their dinners, is the hottest seruice that they 

are trainde vp to. 



CU. I coald Irish ibcir experience OA^weml ihetr )0(ie«, 

TImb thovM the much loo miKh wronfd Pftji^ittrf 

PcBM»e his right in ipight of Don and tb< diudl- 

Tki^ My h>art i« with your wishes. 

Ljx>k, And u is mtae* 

And »o should an that louee their lru« bomc Prince, 

Tlito let \% ^oy*« our Fortd viih our mmdcs. 

In wfuu our power lo ti]{ht thii wronj^ed Ltird* 

And vfttcb sduADtAjcc a* bett may lit (he time 

To stir the fnumiuing people %p. 

Who is alrradj posiest with hit uTOniji, 

Aadcbity would \n rebellion liac, 

Which full veil the )taig duth both know and feore, 

Itai Ikn our teniice wtele proffer to the Prince, 

And wi our ptoiecit at be accepts of vt ; 

B«l Imttfat, the King is coimning, 

Iki Xiitg t*Ut4S Mil tfnU, 

Kiicu reirc Prince, 

Since heaueat c***^ giiJd«T furthon out Lniente^ 
Atid braoght you iriih ufcty here to ordue 
Witbin our Kingdome ^uid Cwui i;tf Cyi^clct 
Wc b>d yea looit welcome^ I'nnE:cly P^rain^n/, 
Aad ihu odT ICingty bounty %\ud\ coniume, 
Cten wbilu the Heauent bold so pcopjcicAJA aipcci 
Wccle crOATic your wisbt dctut* <with our ovne) 
Lc*d ne your hand sve«t I'hn^i hereby enioy 
A full (hiition of your be^l ^OTiteois 
The tMer««i E bold I dee po«*cMe you with, 
Oady B falbem carer And pra>en Ttiaioe, 
That beauen may h«^>e en bleiim^s t.ike her Pnnc«, 
A svcew M ittmse llien the otfTcrod l-an^uo^c of any dame, 

ua ««re 

flMtdlUlMillbuc'p. J, (]iuia3, Sfl.LoToiirtcxttjQieonKe m«> tiOpe Or 
with ibaUbv odd*.] 

[Hvtt TgUow pp. 6a to Mp A«i V. $c iv, to mti of Play, The FirS iwuijrr 

bcmm b«n npriawd In orddr ili^i cha nadcr nuy bow the aeenv eooipleie a» li 
b prlDiKl in Qj. j 



CAr, Come my brauc Mcrmcdons, fol on, let your cafii swaim, & 
your nimbl« tongues for^C your ^brish, of >vhu you Lack, ind fiCC 
your nno[i(hp« ope' childtvn^ till yrmr pAlUti fill fri^hr^ lialfit a 
fklLom pail the cure of biy-ialt &: gioiie pepper ; and then crie Z'^/- 
/Mitr, brauc FAylitsi^r, Lot Pkylajf^ be deep m rcquesi, my ding-*- 
diftgi, my pftlre of de^re lnd«ntvirv« ; King nrdubs. the your cut-wv 
tcr charalets. and your paintlni! : let noi yout haity iiUoei, dcerly be- 
louers of Cuatards & Checacakcs, or your branch cloth of bodkins. 
or your tyrfenies, your robbtn-hood ftcorlet and lohna. tic your af- 
rFr:tions m dnranre to your ibopd| my dainly ducken, vp wtih your 
tbrc« pilM spjrlUt Ebtit rifht v^lounni), utd lei your accuc« colouro 
nuke the Kin^ lo fecle the cncfuure of your miE^huncsic ; PAyl/vUf, 
cry, rayrose noblet, cry. 
Oumcs. Pkjloitir, Pkyiasier. 
Cap. How doe you like tbU, rny Lord piisoner? 
Tho«e are mat! boyes I can tell you, 
These be things thai wilt not ^riloe lop-iayle lo a Foytr, 
And lei a Man of vr^rrc* an Aisoica. 
Sloopc \t> CArry coale*. 

FiiAU, Why you damn'd stanei^dfie you knmv who I am* 
Cap. Yesi uiy pretic Prince of puppits, ac do kno«, and give yon 
l>entle wzLTning, you LiLke no more scicb bugs words, lest ihstX sod- 



d<tL CrowD« should b* fcra^ht with a musket ; dcArc Prince pip- 
ptn, tir hftiir )'Oei ^ ixIIH, let him lcy>w my t.pirt[4, and make 2 ring 
vitfa yonjT b3i my hcoila ; Now let lii« ace wbut thik bnue imo 
4»«« do« ; not* lir, fuiiw at you with thii vubJng bl^w, bcrc I lie, 
d<ie you htrfTc cwcct Prince ^ J could hoi-b yotjr gracOi ;md hang 
>ou cnndc It^d, IJkc a Hare ai hI Poukcn lull : and do tLiDk 
PitAB. GcQtlcmoQ. boDC3t GcntlcmeD - - - - 
■ Sovi. A tpcokci treauon CaptaJne, stul's katick himdowne? 
CxY. Hold. 1 ny. 

2 SOTU Cood Cd|;i^JiQ IcL tiK bauc onc mil 01*1 monrd, 1 Iccic 
■ny (tonuche imngdy prouokfd to boo at his Spanish pot-ncwie, 

Outrss I, kilih^m, kiUli^ni* 

Of. Affftioe I Ay hold 

5 Sovu O bo* ruk« b* lookct, twcete CapUiot Let" * gtld him, 

Wid biA dovrscta for a dt&lj lo iric BurxtclJo. 
,4^^i>vA Not kl^ rather wll themio»oinc wom^n Chvmiai, tluc 

«KtACtioni, riiM might drikw an etccdlcnt prouocaiive oyb from 

nob > ihein, that might be very viffiiEl. 

CaP. Vow »<ei tay scumy Don. how precious yuu arc m citcem a- 
'mofscai v^ had you noi bccnc b<t(er kept ai biTmc, I tlunkc you 

tiMl ■ ipu« you DNdri come amongst vt, 10 haue yoar saffron hide 
12 Caa'd lu wc intend ic : My Doti, Phy(atitr uiuaL suiTer dmth to 
[^Mis6e your mcUncholi} splccnc, he muat uiy IJon* he muat ; but wc 

Itryiitiuii^ hold iX riE ihAl you biwde for it : Come my robu- 
*Akk>, my brauc rr^imcni nf nitt!:^ makeni, l«i'4 cnl a cnmnnon cor> 

cuted coTjnaell, and like grauc Sejutor^ bcarc vp oar brancht 

CrMtc, io fitting \-pan ih« Muerail lortuns we thall put bim 19, and 

vlth as Ifitle vent* a« may bt, put yotir wiIb in cxecutjon. 

Sous ChiCl fiurnc biia. burnc him. 

Omtlta. Hmie him, banx him. iTiWc'' Phylaster. 

Cap. Xo, rather let'« ^ibinade his cocU-heaA, »nd cut him to COl- 

lopi : ihall t brgin ? 

Phi. 5ay your fuiiet my louinjf CountrimcEn. 

OUHifi. /^^^'fuMri* eome, Phy!*uitr^ PAyUuttr. 

Cap. Hy porcupinet of tpite, mak« room? I say, that I may saluie 

nybnue Piiuu: ; (uid i» riiiitc rh>Uic( At hbcity? 

15 PHL I 

I'Mi'^t^ UMlh 10 nukr) I* evEdfltQ]' Out ef la pUee; [l «houl4 covr before 
ciAuf^tfriu A Uw prcoedlog Hot 


Pifl- I am, most louinif cmintrimen. 

C\T. Then giue me thy TVincdy goK, wbidi thus I kiMC, to vhfvm 

I crouch ud bow \ But 90« my ro^ill tparkci this head-^irong 

swarme that follow mc humming Mkc i maftFcr Bee, haue I f«d forrh 

their Hluc^, ofid being ua wing, and inoui hcj^y flight, hauc segued 

him ahall safTcr for thy wron^. 

OviiGes. ], I, let'ft kill hiiti, kill bim. 

Phi. Bui btifc rat, Ctxontrimcn, 

Cm*. Hcarc the Prince, I My, hcftre PkyUiUr. 

Ou)t£S^ ], I, heart the Prince, be^re the Pnnee. 

pHL My romiTTnff iH lo gitie you ihnnk«'<i, my d^Nc Coimrrimen, 

who«e powcifull »wAy cuib'd the pfoasetui in^ fury of my 

OklKSS, W« v/\i\ curb vm^ we will curb vm, 

Pm, 1 finde you mW. 

But if my intreat in your louei he ouch, 

At (he woHd takc« eoike e^ Let me cmue 

You would deliucf /^Aaramon/ to my bjmd, 

And fti>iu nic A^icepi this Gitt^t irm Aisfimru^ 

Testimomc of my looe, 

Which is JL pittiinoe of tho»e ample thanfce*. 

Which hhdll rcdowne wjih showjed couite&ies. 

C\V. Tcike him i<t thee braut rrincCi and we thy bounty tbanke- 

fully 3icc«pT, and wt!] drtnk^ Ihy beatlli, (by peq^eiuaU hea.lth my 

Prince, whlUt meraory Lasts unongit v^, wc aL~e thy Mcrinidons. my 

AMiih ; we arc those Wl follow ihcc, and in thy wiuicc will scowte 

ou nivly muHni and our biU-t>ow-hladc£, most noble Phytasti^^ 

wp will ; Comr my rowiiais let'i r«yer rill occasion calls vi to At* 

tend the noble PhyhtUr. 

Omnes. Pkyt^l4r, PAyJaxf/r, Pkylasifir. 

PHaic Worthy ut, I owe you a tifcf 

For but yoLir ^clfe there^ nought could haue preuiird. 

Put, Tti the least serujce Lhat ] o«e the Kin^» 

Who wm CArcfult to prcseme ye. Srit. 

Tra. I euer thought the Ixiy was houeiL 


Lech. WctI, iif a bnua boy Ccmilemcn. 
QUL Y«t yoo'ld Qoi beteeo« thi^ 

m. A pliiyue on ntjr rorwanlncuv, iihal a viU&ine «-vi 1, co 
«TO£Mt vm 90 ; n miichicfc on my mudd^ bramco. wftt I mad ? 
TltA^ A littk fra&tick in youf nth ;ii(«mp(^ bul iliat wa« your loue 
CO PJ^iastrr^ Kir. 

Lton, A pox OD inch louc, have you any hope my GOtmtin&iicv 
wil ere Mtue me td look« on them ? 
CLE. O very w«n Sir. 

Lsojr. Very i\\ Sir ; vd« death, I cotiJd beatc out my brftines, ot 
kuff nysetf in Kvueng& 

CLfi. There would 1>« titEk gotC«& by ri, en« ke«p« as yci aiv- 
Lktin. Ancxfdlcni boy, GenElemcn bclerve ii^ bitrkcr The Kin^ 
11 comnizbg, Centttt j<mnA, 

£nNrtAt Xing, PrimtMU, GaIXATKA, MCG^A, BeLUJUO, 
a CaUl£WomaHt and otAtr aitfjadMfr 

K. N^ CcwM of hit rciurne, 
Wit] not thit tnble mnliiEud^ ht app^nc'd ^ 
I f«aie tbcif outia^c, lest ii should extend 
With ^tnKcHnjc or Pharftntoni^ tile. 


LXOX. Sec Sir, Phylutcr ia retum'd. 

I>»i, Rdy«U Sir, 

Rrceiue into your howme ynur desired p*a<^c, 

Tbo>c diKonKsud muciQcarcs be appe^adc. 

And this fcntigjit Prince in tifety. 

K. Hnv hipipie im I en ihe Phyl^uier ? 

^1mj»c cKcllciiC >«itucklKK«tb4 work! oflouCi 

t ofu indebted to die for a Kingdome^ 

T hm furreodFT up all Sotr^nigTieci^, 

KAiifne p«&ce/nl]y with ihy r^pouKcd Bride, 

A^me tny Son ic t^e what is thy diien 

Pill How Sii, y«r *on, whit im I th«Qj your Daughter yov glue 

l4 KtNa Dm 


Dtliutrs kis Cr^VM 



KiK Bat h«auen hntfa rriAde uignemeot vnto hhn, 

And hrou^hc youi contiaci to a nulliiy : 

&iT» your caicrtALnmcnt hslh bccnc mott fbi;^ 

Hnd nol your hcU-bred lu«[ <lnde vp th« spring* 

From whencF Aou^d forth (bcH« fauours th^ii you (bund : 

t dm kI^ ;o sec you Mtfct EcC (lib sufBcCt 

Vour sclfe holh crost jroor s«lf& 

Lkok. Thty are mnrried htt. 

Pkak. How iiuriic^l? I hope yuur hi^nesse will not vao mo BO, 

I CAni« not CO be diiguocd, and rctuni« nlonc. 

KlNC- 1 cannot hclpe it cir. 

I.wjN, To rrttimfl Alonn. yrrt» n^ede not sir, 

Hcic JK one wUl bcAic you comptuty, 

You know Ihi8 UidiCA proolo, if you 

Fatl'd not in the uy-Ta^inff- 

Mi:. 1 hold I'DUi vcoiTo m Tildc»t base comcmpt, 

Or la thcfv iftid or done, ought 1 rcpcit, 

But can retort euen to jrour grinning teetht, 

Your wont oTspi^lUhi, ihe Piinc^M lofty stcpn 

May not be trikci, ycl may they tread awry, 

That bov there - - - 

Bki. tf lo mc ye spe^ikc L:ady, 

I mu5; tell yoEi. you h^ue Io^l y^Tur iclfe 

In yonr loo much roTwnrdaefse, and halh forgot 

lloih modpity and initti, with what impudfrnoe 

You hauc Lhiowne most daainable aspcMiutis 

On that noble Pr^nce^se and my aelfc : vritnosc the world ; 

B«ho1d me sir. KtiaUi to Leov, im4 ditfe^n^t Jur Aa^. 

Leon. 1 should know ihb face ; rrjy daughter. 

Deu, The sorike air, 

Pnitr. How, eur sometime Pa^, litU&ri&, EurD^ vponvko? 

Bkl. MftdBme, the ccuse induo't mr to tnm^fnrTTie rny Mift, 

FrocoedfN) from a ce»pr:tiuc modest 

AfToction J bare lo my my Lord* 

The Prince Pfyiasur, to do him *eruic*, 

As Farrc frtmi any Ul-luious thought. 

As that Lady b Cvrc frx^m ^oodncssct 




And if my mi< inimta may be beleeued, 

Ami Croni your Hiichncvic MwJ^unCi lunlcn finUOi 

You luue the irvth, 

FrJv. ] 6oc belc«u« the«i BtHitrto E shall call th«e stili, 

pHr The ^thfUtlnl fteruAnt (hal ruer gai« Aiietidancc- 

LtoOC No* lAdy lull, wlui uy you mT ih boy now ; 

Doe you han^ the hoadi do ye, shame wouM slealf 

Intn yoliir fitrc^ if yn had ^nu^ ro rnceruine ti, 

Do ye sUake svay? 

Erii MSGRA '4^>jf JUr/9<ac 
King. Giue prtitni order the be bani*h( the C<>un, 
AikI ^tfdt^Iitly cuLifiiiiJc uU uur fuitlier 
Plcamrc a knownc. 

FnAft. Hcvn Budi an age of traaifbrmacioD, that E doe not Icnov 
ho* u> inut to my tclf^. He ifct ine jeone lo : Sir, the iJiapftfai^cment 
ro« huie dent, mun be cold in question. 1 hauc power to rig^ht fiiy 
Htfe, vkd will. 


KitiO. We Itaie re Jiot air. 

|*UL LcE a BCror)Z conuoy guard him throiigh the kingdonUi 

With birOf lei'i pari viih all our earefl aod feftre, 

And Cn>«ne vrith loy olit happy liuts successe. 

Kli*o. \Vhich to nakc more fulL L»dy C^/^Uets, 

Let hooour'U C/mw^jv/ accepUAce tude 

In your ehui (houghcft. 

Put, Til my ftutc |poo. 

IpfU M. Soch myall spoke* oiett miui rot be deni'd. 

Cau Nor «ha!] not, MAdamt. 

KiKC Tien UiU3 I loyne your hunda. 

Cai. Out h«ut< were knti Ixtfoie. TAf/ kiix. 

Vm. Bei: lii you Lady, mun make all compleii. 

And gluca a full petod to tonient, 

Ut your loue« cof diftll *£ame i«uiue^ 

K The 


66 PhylasUr. 

The drooping spirits of noble TrasiUiu, 

What says Loni Leon to it ? 

Leon. Marry my Lord 1 say, 1 know she once lou'd hinL 

At Least she mode shew she did, 

But smce tis my Lord PkyiasUri desiTCv 

Jle make surrender of all the right 

A ^ther has in her ; here take her sir. 

With all my heart, and heauen giue yon k>y- 

KiNG. Then let vs in these nuptuall feastes to hold, 

Heauen hath decreed, and Fate stands vncontroLd- 


The fbllowii^ Kit Appean on dw back of Title-page of Qi. 

" The Actors Namei. 

King of Ccttly 

AialhTu« the Princene. 


Phanmoot, a Spanish Prince, 

Leon, a Loid. 


-. .,- V Two Noble Gentlemen. 

Tianlin J 

Bcllaiio a Page, Lconi daughter 

Callatea, a t^Aj of Honor. 

Megra, another Lady. 

A Wutiog Gentlewoman. 

TWO Woodmen. 

A Country Gallant' 

An old Captaine. 

And Sonldien, 

A Messenger-" 

NOTL — Akbthusa, ia stage-directions and prefix always Ptin. or Prin- 
itsu. — Lbon, Bometima Lyon, is the Dion of the later eda.— (71^- 
wnr, BO only in thii list ; CUHhuh^ Clenrrumdor Clerimant through- 
out the play.^BuoABio, ILL] the end of the play always Bey in 
ftage-directLOU and prefix to Bpeecbes.— Callatea, Gtdiaisa through- 
out the play.— A CouimtV GaLLaKT = A ComHry Feihm of later 
edA. — SoULDlEks = Fivi titivtu of later eda 



CouKTVOUS Reader, — Philaster and Arethiua his love have 
bin so loDg a^leeding, \>j reasoii of some dangerous and gaping 
wounds which thejr received in the first impression, that it is 
wcmdeied how they could go abroad so long, or travel so far, as 
they have done. Although they were hurt neither by me nor the 
printer, yet I knowing and finding by experience how many 
weQ^wishert they have abroad, have adventured to bind up their 
wounda, and to enable them to visit, upon better terms, such 
friends of theirs as were pleased to take knowledge of them so 
maimed and deformed as they at the first were ; and if they were 
then gracious in your sight, assuredly they will now fiod double 
favour, being reformed, and sti forth suitable to their birth and 
breedir^^ by your serviceable friend, 

Thomas Walklev, 

' Prefixed to Qa, 1631, odIj^ 



T>115 pUy, «J alT«llonalcly liken and approved by Ihc sedng 
Auditors or heoHni; spccutcrs (of vhich son I take or conceive 
you to be the grccUesI pvt), hath rccirived (as appe&n by th« 
copiotji vent of two editions) no lesi acceptance with improvc- 
aciit of you likewise th? reaiJcis, illjeit ihc firaC imprcEsion 
swarmed with errors^ proving ilscM tike pure golJi which, the 
DDor« )E hath bwci tried and reiined, the belter is esteemed. The 
best pocm( of this kind in ihc 5rsi prietent:itioii resemble that 
■n-temjrt-ing mineml newly dj^ed uf^ ihe ai^iuis bein^ only the 
labouring miners, but jou the skilful triers and refiners: now, 
conudcring how curn^nt this halh passed under the iniaUible 
stamp of your judicious ceneure and ipplaute, and (like .1 g^nfuJ 
office tn this age) c^crly sought for, not only by thoj^ th;ii have 
hcanJ And seen it, but by othcfs that have merely heaid thereof j 
here jrou behold mc acting the mcrchani-advervturer's part, yet as 
well for their aaiisfaGtion aa mine own benefit ; and if my hopes 
(which, I hope, shall never lie like ihit I^ve a^bleeding) do f^Lirly 
arrive at thdr mtEfnded haven, ! shall then br ready lu laJc a new 
bottom, and set forth a^n* to gain the good will both of yon 
and them. To whom rtapectivdy I convey this hearty greeting ; 

^ KichAfd Hiwtunj. Pralii«d to bii firtE f^iionn Q^, r6rit, uid eoatmanlH 
nrlh i<nnt uiunipoTt&Dt ruiftligiu^ ia aJJ the sub^c^wnl qoiulv cdilionE. 



KuiG of CmlibiiB and uarpLDg King 

Phjuistxs, n^tlbl bcii to the atmn 

of Sid];. 
Fhamamoud, pripcc of Spain. 
Dion, alord- 

ClekimonTj ) noble gentlemen bii 
Thusiuhk, i "ociHei. 
Aft oU CrWrfiin. 

Tvo Woocimcn. 

lite KuvG's Guid uid Tiul 

Akthusa, tbe Kino's dAughter. 
EciFHKASiA, daughter of DiOH, bat 
diigniied like k pa^e uid called 


MBGiAf a luctTloaa My. 

GALATBAt A wise modot Eidf alteo^ 
ing the princci^ 

An old wulon I^j or Croite* 

Anotber Ltd^ atteoduig tbc princcHi 

SCKNK, Manita aitdi/j ntifk^ffurkaod. 






S C B M B E. 

Tie Presen€€*CkaMbir in (ht P&larf^ 

C/r, Here's nor 1ord« nor Eadicc- 

Dicm. Credit mc cctitlcmcn, I wojitlcr at it They 
rwxivMjd <;trict cli;irgr from the King tn alicnd here ' 
be^icks, it was boldly publi:fhcd, that no officer 5hould 
forbid any gcntJnnea that desired to Attend and hear. 

Cit. On you ^tsiA the cat:«c } 

Diitm, Sir, it is plain, alx>ut tlie SpaniKh pHncc, that'« 
come to marr>' our kinf^dom's heir and be our sovereif^. 

Tkra. Many* that will seem to know much, *ay she 
looks fict on him like a maid in love, 

DicH. Faith, 5tr, the multitude, that seldom know 
any thing but their own opinion*, tpcak that they 


OB tx)fK i.iiK x.nT^itnrKOJ Thii WMnd tilk ^A fi«t giv«n in trxi» plac« 
tn Qi ud i: 

Act L Sc lO ll« Qiuutai tml Kotiu n\%t\ only ihe Aclx jind ib« lint 
kccibc «T och 4cl i ThcoLaM, eu<|jl thai he niukcif iht fir>t Kflic of ACC L 
b " a Anrichftmber bi ihv P&lnov," maJc no advAn^ (>ii Ihe old CidJIJoiu ^ 
Ihfl Eiliic^ Qr 177K rnA^ ihv Aoticmlj 1 Weber Aral dividi-dif.c Acti Inro^ceQa, 
ftad nuk«4l their loc^ity ; LJjce mule loine ilt^lii jLltprLtiooi it Vi:i XV^lMir'* 

i Mr hr^y mt Jfrli Q* t« F, 4 Mif^] UmUy Thfo. (AcwarI cddJ. ). 

J dbvn<| a^tin 04 

■jS, WcL. 

u/'d//J10Q4 W Dtoc 




would have ; but The prince, before his own approuchf 
received so nnany confident messages fjrom the state, 
that I think she's rc?so1veJ to bo nML 15 

C^^ Sir. it is thought, with her he shall enjoy both 
thCM; kint^doms of Sicdy ard CtlibriA, 

Dii}rt. Sir, it h without conlroverey so meant. But 
'twill be a troublesome Jaboar for him to enjoy both 
these kinfidoms with rafetj-, the right heir lo one of 20 
them Jivinf^, and living so virtuously : especially, the 
people :tc]miring the bravery of his mirid and larnetiting 
lii£ injuries. 

Of. Who, Philastcr? 

I?rtitt. Ves; whose iather, we al! Icnow, was by our 2S 
Idtc king of Calabria unrighteously deposed fionc liii 
fruitful Sicily. Myself drew £omc blond in those wars, 
wtuch 1 would give my hafid to be washed frum. 

(T/f. Sir, my ignorance in state-policy will not let me 
know why, i^hif aster being heir to one of these kingdoms, 30 
the King should ^iifTer him 10 walk abroad with «uch 
free liberty. 

Oiffii Sir, it 9eema your nature \-l more constant than 
to inquire fxfter slate news. But the King, of laic, modo 
a hai-^ard (>f both the kingdoms, of Sicily and hii own, 35 
with ofTering but to imprison Philastcr; at which the 
city was in aims, not to be charmed down by any 
ttate-crder or proclamation, till they ^w Philaac«r 
Tide through the streets pleased and without a guard ; 
at which they threw their hati and their arm* from 40 
them; some to make bonfires, *omc to drink, all for 
hi* drlivrranec : which wise men ^ay U the caiij;e the 
Kinfi: labours to bring in the power of a foreign nation 
to awe his own with. 

AiidfUaft^ at iv/tu* fkey /4*ttii Mltfonl A»Qj- 

44 Enitr Oili^a, i Ijh*^. uuI Mito] Q- F- luvt Entir CaSatett. Jfiy^ 
tmda L«i(f ; nn\i lU Ihr DiJilu^ii?, JL 64--S7, utliUh pKColot the C(;Utitc« of] 
lh? Kinc, Ehcy Aki|;ii t? *' Ul" tfic spcfithn aow pttn to *< Mc^.," and to 
"Met/'^tbow row ^nn to •' Ln.'' 

Th« trantpoiUiDn in or^fi of entry U ntcoMry In «rder to bring il loto 
Off'vtnenf wxh Diaii^id«tcrLpUaaorfhechftncienor(lie "Um," ">eci>T)4,*Uk4, 
"li*:"' of ihae (hrre l*rfica; *inl tlinr of the *'}vn" it elrarty Mc^jru'i. K< 

c(r«ci4<]. Thffcr, lint mud? thc4t chin^u *i i.h« wcfidtloD of Svnri, 
odopti l)i< d>ui£e, ud poJDt* out tfcMC Scwd wm not tiie tol to diicovtf 



£>tWQAUa^\a Lady, ^rfMECRA- 

T^a. Sec. the ladies ! What's the lirst ? 45 

J?im. A wise and modest gentlewoman that attends 
the pnnccas. 

Clf- The tecond 7 

Diffn^ She is one that may stand 5ti]] dbcrectly 
enough, and iTI-fAvmirrdly d^ncr her measure ; simper 50 
when she u courted by her friend, and slight her 

CU. The last ? 

Diiftt. Faitli, [ think alie is one whom the state keeps 
for the agents of ctjr confederate princes ; she'll cog 55 
and lie wHth a whole army, before the league shall 
break. Her name is common through ihc kingdom, 
and the trophies of her dishonour advanced beyond 

of ill* uormimv l^^i ft'^*^ a;si^i.f ^-Aaf At tttamnf ^ itf iftt-htj U M*/^ : 
Ukd ih* aiiinc}T of Tit J^rxtaumtiJin, tnnlliff tlTEnlinb of (he pU}-» mblfllhe 

dncTiption givMi hj [>kin, 11. 54^-^3, *' fmh, I think ihr m one." tic , jpply 

lu (Jic Ibl of '*Tlic Airttnidiroa imfixcd tu Qi Lhconty wuEtAfi. bchHlr« 
AidhuiA and BelUnv^ ctrc '' Cullntn, a Lady of Honor," '*M^pa, Another 
L>d]r,"Bn4 "A Wnitiitg Cr«nll«wanukn," Qahn^no litt ctf /^nwrnJu /W>rmf. 

In 1h« ttit ipfpn ifi Qj, Ht^, anH fnllnvind Ht (Hiid, «■ Uy« mnuka* 
Ici^ i.ficr Baamoni'i AtMh, «ncl Otrw yran alter Vtexchsi't) we And : 

UiiEn. ■ Ibciviuua IjAy- 

AnMhcr Lady atTcTiPJiag tha Priaom, 

TitFluiaf tli««eK«(tiin1vTh« Ldd^ vhov nevthe^d o( UinflMnc,!. 335, 
rnien 10 invllf PbUAdet to *l*h ihff Princ«s, anrl wk igrixn finrt h*r in aMmd' 
U1CC iiL (he fallmvfii^ ic^r- li f««tni qulir imiiro^iHtilc Ehat ihf can be ihr 
Jjdir wWoiUnlitr* vith Galotn aoil XlcgrL Who Oioli is this uoDymouh 
iMdj} I take h«r xo be the "Old w«nioo Lady 01 ciicnt," the "jccwiid" 
whoa Di«o detCrltiM <l^ 49), Hb d««ertpllon I1 not Incooiiucnt wirh Ahat 
«■ N« cd bcr, «^, /^/ l>y<v* ve miy ct<eQ <u^po«4 hor to b« the " rcrerrad 
uathm* vhom PMnmnnd iffirrt in m Act 11. v- li. L J. Throhilrl ilriVei 
tarroaiof ihc I^aJtogcLbu. uul [>vce»uppLi« hrr plan and thai i^f'* Anothei 
Lwlr*" cit-i vriUi *' IVo oiher Lullei," I lta\v rttAinr?! hct un |[>i; liti of 
/>ridM«A£r /ViMtf, ftnd on the uiidcnUDdinc that ihc i> ll;c vivnjrtiigui lujy 
df tUa cnlniTtH; I hA-fc adoprcd the ch«n|<K« made by Thaobald. 

77m Editon of 177S TiJlow tht ^Id *di,, both a> rppirrli ttit crder^ flatrv 
■Ad the dumbnlion f( ape9<hf^ beh^vinft rhii dnonjnflnut Ijiity lo he the old 
cfODCof ihe Utf - u) fclndoca Webcf. and. in adctJrlon, tn the entry hn mak«t 

55 'VJ J- ^ ^**A, '4lH^i e^ott. DfOfr 



[act r 

Hercules' Pillars, She loves to tf>" the sewral consti- 
tutionK oC mm'^ hcxiics ; aekI, irL<lf^ed. hus destroyed \\ie 6o 
worth of her own bodj- by making experiment upon it 
for the gooci of the commonwealth. 

CU. bhe's A profitable member. 

Mfg'. Peace, if you love mc: you shall 5cc thtac 
gentlemen stand their ground and not court u^ 6$ 

Gai. What ifthc> -should? 

La. Whar if they shooM 1 

jW<f; Nay, let her alone— What if Ihcy should! 
why, if they %houUl, I say ihey wirre never abroad: 
what foreigner would do so ? it writes them directly 

(7ii/. Why, what if they be ? 

La, What if they he ? 

Mig. Good madam, let her go on, — W^bai if they be 1 
why, if they be, [ will justify, they cannot maintain 75 
difcoune with a judicioui lady, nor make a leg, nor 
say "excuse me," 

6W, Ha, ha, ha! 

Mejc. Do )'ou tausrh, madam? 

DioH. Your dc^irers \i\voi\ you, Udic^s ! 80 

Mtf^^ Then you must nit beside us. 

Dwst. I chilli *(it near you then, lad>\ 

Mi£. Near mc, pcrhap« ; but there's a lady endures 
no Mrangcr; and to me you appear a very strange 
feUow, 85 

La, Methinks he'5 not so strange ; he would quickly 
be acquainted, 

Thra. Peace, the Kingf 

Enttr King, Piiakamokd, Arethi;^. an^ Train. 

A';'^. To give a stronger testimony of lo\-c 
Than aickly promise** (which commonly 90 

In princes find both birth and burial 
In one: bre;4th) wt- hscvL- dnavii you, worthy nir, 
To make your fair endearments to our daughter, 
And worihy services known to our subjcctii, 
Now loved and wonder'd at ; next, our intent 95 

To plant you deeply oui immediate heir 

76 itg-] I. «- bcv. Dyco, S9 r^TLitAr] jffonj^f Q4 t^ F- 

93 Htr iiau^tr] your Jamffkltw t^^ lo r. 



Both to our blood and Iringdoms. For xhh Vady, 

{The be«t put of your life, u you conlirm cnc. 

Ami I believe,) UiotJt;h her ftw yc^r^ iLrtcl sex 

Yet teach her nothing bat her fears and blushes, 100 

Dc^irc» without dc*iu^ diicounK And 1cnaw1<H3ge 

Only of what hcr^lf i> to hefsclf, 

Make her feel moderate health ; and when she slccpd^ 

In making no 111 day, knowi no ill dreama : 

Think not, dear sir. ihc^f: undivided parts, 105 

That mast mould tip n virjiin, nt^ pi^t on 

To show her »o, as bonow'd omamcnls, 

To sjicak her perfect love to you, or add 

An artificLa! shadow to h&r nature— 

No, sir ; ! boldly dare procl^m bcr yet no woman. 1 10 

But woo her ilill, and think her modesty 

A sweeter mistreat Uian the ofTcf'd langu^e 

Of any dame, were she a *iuccn. who^ eye 

SpCAks common love^ and comforts to her servants. 

Last, noble son (for so I now must call you^ 115 

What I have done thus public, is not only 

To add St comfort In particular 

To you or me, but all ; and to confirm 

The nobles -md the gcntiy of these kingdoms 

By oath to your succension, which shall be 130 

within this month at most. 

T^ra. Thii will be hardly donc^, 

CI^, It must be ill done, if it be done- 

fh'ini. When 'tin at bent, 'twill be but half done. 
Whilst so brave a {gentleman's wron^d and flung off. 125 

TArii. I fear. 

CTr, Whodoctinot? 

Diffti. I Cear not for myself, and yet I fear too : 

101 Juentru ofva i/brt^fw] I \vnEure [a lUfo^eil iKtl here mJ «lHwhftrc 
w^fn dit^vmniU coap^cd wilh « woid «Kprsiivc <if facuJly of ihc mind -m 

chnittcltiXi'lllte taki^ Ihe tchitir Af llir woni Ici which jr i« ■liachcrt. Tb* 
mblei i» iimtoi to ccruiilft GiHWd noi* %ta "duu>«friir tnd muon" tu 
Uiurii^z'i O'romifiiraJ CiXK^. AiX IL ic L, and (be botoi of ihe ictcikI 
<dlt<n [h<H*<<J'> «r'^i&lL>, ''dr. 1821. N>s) on "<]iKOQncof rcMort" in 
H^mift, Art L kf. {',. I. J JO. 1^ f^ijH()/j.'4 f/ <^ 

tia .4 Avar/r miitnji^ «tc-] Wilti ihu lint (^1 cuBMt iDl<j Afivacncntf 
jntPt ar Int rlmr, with ihr tub4ri)ii'nt nlitti^n^ 

114 jfnvnii'O i' f. LoTcn (^he utLr which luljps farmrrly baiawed an Ut«ir 
profeucil 4fbl Author bt4 Adutijcit). D>cc 

ti6 r«-yiviu. Qt, 119 ficH Xfiv^'^j) «*' <J«4^i£»t Ql- 



[act ! 

Well, wc shall MC, wc shall see. No mom 

PMa. Kissing your while ha.nd, mlslress, I take leave 130 
To thank your royal {uther; and thuf Oir 
To be my own free Irutnpct. Utiderstancl, 
Great King, and these your subjects, mine that mu3t be, 
(For yo deserving you have spoke mc, sir. 
And so deserving 1 dare speak my^iU) 135 

To what a person, of what eminence^ 
Ripe expectation, of what faculties, 
Manners and virtues, you would wed your kingdoms; 
You tn me have your wi^he^. Oh I thisi country ! 
By more tiun all the gods. 1 hold it happ^- ; 140 

Happy in their ilciir niernon'cs that have Ix^en 
Ktfigs great and good ; happy in yours that is; 
And from you (as a chionlclc to keep 
Your noble name from eating ngc^ do [ 
Opiue myself moit happy, Gcnucmcn, I45 

Jiclicve me in a word, a prince's word, 
There shall be nothing to make up a kingdom 
Mighty, and flourishing, defcnccd. fear'd, 
li<;ual to be commanded And obc/di 

Uut through the travaiUof my life I'll fin:! it, 150 

And tie it to this country. By all the gods ! 
My reign shall be ko ttxtsy to the subject, 
That ewtry man shall bo his pnnce himself 
And his own law — yet 1 his prince and law. 
And, dearest lady, to your dearest self 155 

(Dear in the choice of him whose name and lustre 
Must make you more and mightier) lei me say. 
You arc the ble»3cd^»t living ; for, sweet prtncc^^ 
You shall enjoy a man of men to be 

Your servant ; you shall make him )-ours, for whom I60 
Great queens must die 

Thra. Miraculous ! 

CU. ThiR i|iei?di calls him Spaniard, being nothing 
but a large inventor^' of hL& own commendations. 

Dion. I wonder what** his price; for ccrtamly 165 

139 KtfHltfArfQ:, _ 140 Mf (*«&1«7 AyeiQ4lffDjr«. 

iH/s/^Q., Cdd '73. 0/tttif 

r, the Antbiry, in m^telf fflon 

145 CVw myttJ^F.. Weh,, Dtovl Ofvm mym 
im jBV^irJ' Tfaco. (Scifird («nj. 1./, Opme iT, the 

happy), HoM in nyi.^Mwon oorij, 

165—174 / DWH»/*r , . , yjMlTBKi/] Ai j^rofO Q- F. ; tcik finl lii fti. 




£»Mc No«tt 

/Mi^ TbcD Um I tBm 
lf7laAi*aaeeti>fOtt,prace; yon, ftweign aunt 
Ne'er xUrc nor pat oa wonder, for you must 
Endtii« me, »m1 yoo sbalL TUa earth yott crctd upon 
(A dowfy, «3 joa hope, with this bir prin o m X 
Bv my dead bther ^ oh. I had a father. 
Whose toemoo' 1 tx=»« to l] vis not kft 190 

To your itihoitancc, and I up tind living-— 

17^174 BtJtaO . . , >»^i«n>f1 Ed. TSm Unn ciuluigMMMM . . > 
Mmr . . . m^wmmt cJ. >7ti. Ibva, Ed-L 'tS. Tw4 ha^ AM fB«if 

A^ a subject. 



tve '"»1 c^ 171 1. A« ihift & th4 fint time th«i Lbi« cgiitn<tu>ii, wh(«h b 
tvTT fcrqucni ia ilu phf'* aocw, il aiAf pMliu b« woHh whib to iwt* ib4t 
s 1^ 4iurt> olL it B nrtrff nlwiyi ^«vn in l« fom ijf «w ; ia lh« KotM 

1S9. 190 ^ . . ^ ^1 Ilirnri^, with tltc coocoinmcv of bb iullvt^euw^ 

■ iBVClMdi 



(ACT t 

Having m>'T*cir about mc and aiy sword, 

The souls of all my name and memories, 

Thc5c aims und some few friends bcaidc the gods — 

To part so calmly with it, and sit iiill igj 

And say. "I might have been/' J tell thec» L'haramond, 

When thou art king, look I be dead and rotter. 

And my name ashes, a^ 1 1 for, hear me, Phoramond ! 

TW* verj' ^»rotind thou goerrt on, this fat earth. 

My father's friends made fertile with Uieir faiths, 200 

Before thai day of sh^me shnW gape acitl swallow 

Thee and thy nation, like ^ hMn^Ty er;M,-e, 

Into her hidden bowels : prince, it ^11 ; 

Ry the jim godi, it shaJl ! 

PAa. Hdi mad ; hcyon6 cure, mad. 

Dion. Hcfr's a feHcw has <;nme fire ir's veins : 205 

The outlandish prince looWs like a tooth-drawer. 

PH Sir prince of popinjays, I'll make it well appear 
To you 1 am not mad, 

Aju^. You d[sp!ease us : 

You aro too bold- 

PAj, No. >ir, I am too lame. 

Too much a turtle, a thing born wiihout passion, 2[0 

A faint shadow^ that every drunken cloud aaiU over 
And makeji nothing. 

Kifig^. I do not fancy this. 

Call our physicians z sure, hp*5 somewhat tainted. 

T^m, 1 do not thinlc 'Iwill prove so- 

Difm. Was given him a ^crcral pur^e already, 21$ 

For all the right he has ; ^nd now he means 
To let bim blood. Be constant, gentlemen : 
By Heaven, I'll nm his hazard, 
Although I lun my n^imc out of the kingdom I 

CU. Peace, we arc all one souL 220 

30S ffmi\NrTtitTtiro. m Dree, 

ju6 fodt ii'Ji/ a tiHilA-Jtaa/r) *' A iiK^verliin] eipnsAJua. Ray ^irtt *Hc 
loc^^lJkr a Too1h-Jnv«r, V. «., tcit thin knil mcwic.* ftavtrvit p, 65, oJ. 
it^" Dy«. 

SSff . , , (tfiti/^ys, rfi\ I. . ^ ftftHtt J yvili <i\. 

313, 3i3/ifvy/4ri, , , . ntnl/niuy /Alt rk^fi* Surv Qi 
itK-'Hg it'll . > . HngdMt] At vvnc Am bv W«b, 

it^ By //tatvm) St- tActe At'Jti Q4 fv Dyn, In thli juht itfemllns lincQf 
liA>— ^ tffuiMnt j,xnfJe itatctMi fif run, ttc 230 dA] Om, Q4 '30 to F. 



Plia. What you have seen in tne to stir o0j?nce, 
I cannot God, unless it be thia lady, 
OiTer'd inlu mtnc armi with tht? rtutxcsaiun ; 
Whkh I must ke«p, (though it hath pica&ed your Aiiy 
To mutiny within you») witboul iJi^pulmg 3J5 

four genealcgiea, or takirg knowledge 

bfftoch you arc -. the King will leave it iric 

.nd I dare make it mine. You have your answer 

Pki. If thou wcrt 9olc inbciitor to him 
That made the world his, and oouHst see no sun 2y> 

,Shice upon anything but thine ; were I'haramond 

iS truly valiant a*^ I fcH hin^ cold, 
And ring'd amcnf^t the choicest of his friends 
(Suth its wuuld blush lo lalk such st^Hous folb'ci, 
Ot back such bellied commendations), 3^5 

And from thi» presence, spite of all these btig:tj 
You should bear further from me. 

King. Sir, you wrong the prince ; 

I gave you not this freedom to brave our be*t friend* : 
iYoQ deserve our frown. Go to \ be better tempered. 

Pki. It mu^l be, sir, when I am mibler u^icd. 240 

Got. Ladies, 
This would have hpr-n a jiattptn of 'iUccie<is»on, 
Had be ne'er met thif miAchief, Hy my life, 
ilc is tlie worthiest the true a^mc of nian 

day within my knowicdgc. 34$ 

Mig. 1 cannot tell what you m^y c^ll your knowledge; 

It the other is the man set in my eye : 
Oh, 't» A prince of wax 1 

M7 tf HHJ iV i« IIW (Jl- 

ijo Tk9t Bt^df IA< wftid ktt\ t. f. Ahvmdir lb* GrcBT. Thoo. 
ay ^jtAdn^ amy tkatt Q^ d^ QA, F. 
33) fMA^f) tumour Q6 lo Djpct^ 

aj6/irj^u«4<d Afj frtsmtt Qi. lAii fi^tnt Qi^ m T. 
ag&iin] L c. Xtwmn (^oUinfe^, Scillf, in hit AhnKLion of Eh«p]«y,«iiMlU£<4 
"b*Ub^ COOMrvioj; thai "hi]4;^"wiih«fvc^ijiva1vn( (o ^'fnvC'WDi^' DjCC^ 

340 mt£r} nMur <U. 

MJ m/^ffrrm ^nMitvn'ffri] Sjraipwn pAjpoovd ttt^rniitwn fijr if^nYfi/ffn ; 1»1 
TWo. ocroAHJcflvf thfil the mi iDlJchC mou *' i pailCfJi l^ fu^idciLing Wn^ "'. 
bfeCf eifaon B««cf4 ThvOi'i c^pkEHUJon. 144 Jif ti] '^'j ii Ql. 

l|4jw] ora, <Jt^ 247 Mf ^Atr it\ fm tun Whrra IJi 

amj} mvOA, f- TtMfl-. Flyer, 
a j*nit.t p/ tauj 1, ( frrrpci. u if iTLOdvlled in wan Eirty one htt 
ttcs bwIg Juuhu wilh ibu |rluuc tD the xQtci ckf djc oiiikaivnuioa OD '** 




Cai. A dog it is* 

King. PhUaater. tcU mc 
The mjurics yDU aim Ed in your ridd1<^ 250 

Pki. \t yiju had my vyv^ sir» itii<l sufff r^ncr. 
My ^ncfa upon you and my broken foituness 
My yj^wXf^ grcAt, and now nought but hopes and 

My wrongs k^outd make ill riddles to be laughed at 

D:ire you be *t\\\ my Idnj^, and right me not ? 235 

A"/i4f. Give uic >'Oiir wrongs in private 

Phi. Take them. 

And case me of a load would bow strong Atiajt. 

[ TA^ wkispiT, 

CU^ He dares not stand the shock. 

Dieft. I cannot hUme h!in; thcrrc'a danger in't^ EvCEy 
man in this age ho^ not a %o^\ of crystal, for all men to 260 
read their actions through : men's hearts and faces arc 
BO far asunder, that they hold no intelligence. Do but 
view yon stranger well, and you shall sec a fever through 

muh of nox^' In /Cemfif and JnHtt. E. lii, 76 : bui ia conotcikin wUh Lc, iiL 
Gftl*iGa*> fotldwinf; ipcccii — " Aiiog it 4-" — Djrcc obvctvci thiLl Ehcc isKtmc 
■lliuion be doci vici anJcntosdf «jw he icfen lo Ben Jdd*^ii'i T^U ^ 4 Ttilr, 
W. ii., wli«i« Tnrft <h**»[#fiiri(; to dap Hilit ia th» iloeU, IlilU rBlorti— 
*■ Vou'Tl dftp a**"^ lyp-flr Bi sooOh it»lrt Wnrt !": on which *]i|irwiii»n, he vdclt, 
GUfonl ^u no nut 

In Sirjchn QlSimiU, II. u, ag. wc hire whh clic pfi^tKHi^JLin : Miirley. lb* 
brewtr of DuniE*blo, bsinj: <ppgmicJ u cubnrl m Lhr rebel ■miy, cstkiini.^ 
'* Will ATilitnnc ^[>(Hcis F^Dtlcn^, cnm* jit my caninr, j^ m ciy biitdin|> ? 
daiiilT my <icAf, they'll «J4 a I'li^- 4^ W4^j ■ hone of cn«w» a pnck aA<t « 
fuddiotf, N0| aa ; ys miitf tppolnt unri* [ord on knight «E Ih«t. to tFut 

SRCf^'^ Bfirnnd X nfiwncPtorhPiMUWtqaotaditMvrfmnthe rd/:^^ rvJ» 
Eilone offen nu fxplaniLlua of ibt ^^vt^^ f AppeniLit Vol, 1). p. 718, 
Mitonc's Saf^UtmnS, «i&4 t73o») llic iriLciiEion of OftliUo'i iponli U 
obvlovi <riiuE]4£h : Lrx>l«>il«f bdng ^^imt *f vmj PhwrnmoDd li baCkjCiy ^ 
W| Bii inticailiunt thioc. Cf. with ihe punfMqaoicrJ aliovfl fram ib< 
7Ur y d JlvJ ud aU:^TjA& the fallowiiiE ln>» TV Mrimfj t/ £nUrcid 
Mtvrta;gt, I. li^VoiiDg SarborodRh l« mH'avnurini lo OCQIV himwlf fmin 
uUng the irilb his Gutrdtan nopcKi co hlm-^ 

/en/. Bui tiie « Jaft^iivj f cuuie kiu nitJ <4LfC?/' file, 
oqnivaltal lo /'«/ «# r« ^h'<, J^nt mtJt^ idk t^nna, or tijinc tudi phnae. 

rssH^oai- Qt. a. 156, 157 Tdi^ . . . Afhtl«pL Q^ 

>;7 Thry wh^bprr] p*ty ^ whiipcf the klTig. g I. They walk apan. Web. 
Tlic\ ulk aiMiti, Dycc, a6o nw^ out Qi. 



all hu bmvcfy, and fed him shaMe like a true tru&nt : if 
he glw no4 b;ick hh crown again upon the report of an 765 
elder-gun, I hjivc no AUgur)', 

A'/;!^- Go to ; 
Be more > ouraclf^ as you respect our favour ; 
Youll Mir us else* Sir. I mu^t have you know. 
That y'are, and shall be, at our pleumre, what ^uhion 

Will put njxm you_ Smooth your hrow, or by the 

P^f. I am deadr sir ; y'arc my Tate. It was not I 
Said, I was wron^d : [ carry all abotit me 
My M-cak ^lai^ Ic^d inc lu, dll my v\cjtk foituiiett 
Whodarc« in all lHi< presence apeak, (that is 275 

But man of flesh, ^md may be morl^l,) tell me, 
1 do not mo^ entirely k>vc this prince. 
And honour hi.-* full virtue* ! 

fCtnj^. Sure, he's possess'd. 

PUi, V«, with my fothcr'9 spirit It's here. 
A d&n$Eerou» sf^rit ! now be telb mc, King, z{$o 

Dycc ^nl noted ibt tr-ddini; of Qi, h» prtdcccuon lJo not ftppcir lo hare 
been AC^uuatnl widi th«l<<iiU?Ji i [ho* Srvtiii canjcv^ithrultv lumciied i-ndnf 
ju tl>fi iniB rtidiFig. In nrlopiiDg ilic iquLd^ of ih« lofcr rIl I^y« &t4«rvB - 
— - [ Am nor iiinftpd iliai 'tenini ' it ihc li^hl rviding : hwi I nm liif frgra 
thiAliing wuh Thftitalil ihat H 'Ui£»rrt,nl nnnvrnc an t^i^r ifv prm wu 
nUiy of: m vtint immcduialf follu*i : ' if hi? [ibitinj/ tike a wit i^tunc^ 
lAc aocvbo Ii4iuji]]r Uaipotut p««CHiaa1/>>v nf/ Amf h» uuwti.' cic," 

I>n lo Dorc Mliaficd ■ Ob ■ * tnu in>utt '^ thu-ii DyL-e i> with *'tnit icaut" | 
but n wfmato authf t«utc4ij«tiEMSBblcFaclin{; df cKiy tuihciriiy : ih< cmiitgEE 
RiUjtkt n^BOt toibvirl rmtfldarat^" Jik*iH-'iiinim'//n'i'7<i,"cii *' hkv 't; (it 
'^ in* MuK ^ jM r^firr-fMv] Pop-con made of f M-?r sood, 

aMAotf iMMifwr?] OCT wdN,orr:yQt. X7ayarv)>PuaKQi, Wck. Dya. 

. . , ^m, Thr«T DjcCi <:ndiji^ a^^df - . . hrmt . . . /aA. 

STJ >rtv« ##] i#j^, "iQl- ^n /v«j]/«fdf iw/Q^ lo F. 

^75- 3?^ ^^ . . . jW twj "A.1 ihii patuge tisndi, tlw ivord f^wU ii 
■aOMmBTtly inwncd. unl Iua tio coiincciJun ntib ihs roi of it - I thcnild 
Iherdbrc dUicr Icatv il out, Of if it u to tUtiJ, irhcri t^c word / bcfotr it. 
Wbo ikfw m Atl Ibu prnvrier, jt ipcak, itut u 
But mu of A«h ui^i moflLl) fell mr. clc> 



f ACT I 

T WAS a king's hcir> bids mc be a king, 

And vfliispcK CO mc, these art all my subjects. 

'Tisi Strang*; be will iM)t let mc a!cep. but dircs 

Into my fancy, an<l there jrive^ me shapes 

Th^t kneel and do iiic service, ciy me king : 3S5 

But I'll suppress him ; he's a factious spirit. 

And will undo mc — [Tif Phak.] — Noble sir. your h&nd ; 

I atn your semODL 

JCinf. Away ! 1 4J0 not like this ; 

I'll make you tamer, or I'll dispossess you 
Both of your life ard spirit For this timt^ 390 

I pardon your wild speech, without so much 
A* youT imprisonment. 
[RxfMtU Kino, Fiiaramond. Arethusa /m-/ Alteodaoia- 

/}ii?H. 1 thanic ycu, sir i ycu dare not for the people^ 

GaJ. Indies, what think you now of tliii brave 
fellow ? 

Mff, A pretty talking fcliow, hot at hand- But eye 395 
yon nrangcr ; Is he rot a fine compleie gentleman ? 
Oh, these str&ngera, I do affect them stranRcI/J 
they do the rare*t home-things, and please the fulif^it ! 
A% I live, 1 could love all the nation over and over for 
hb sake. 300 

Gal Gods comfort your poor headpiece, lady I 'tifi a 
weak one, and bad need of 4 ni^ht-cap. 

[Ex^nt Galatea, Mkgra, a^rf Lady. 

DhfL Sec, how his fancy labours ! Has he net 
Spoke home and bravely? what a dangerous train 
Did he give fire to 1 h'^w he ^hoolc the King, 30S 

Made hi« sou! melt wichin him, and his blood 

t^jvuy] Ql, TfiPa, Hjc*, i^mitled m olhn eJt Uj'ce oj^ tint The^^- 

294 Gal. /.a^iti. ttc^}Qt ^Ua Ehli iipeec^h lo *^Trv" < = ThnsiUneJ, 

" Hue IioEIhtw men, Ijlic honca ^ ^ AottJ, 
Mako (; ihow and promiM of thdr mvtlJr ; 
Hal vhcn Ihe:^ ihould Mdurt Che bluMtr ■pu'* 
The/ tull ih*|r cfrtO, ind, llk« decfirfuL jiule*, 
Hmk 111 th«irUU'' 


JDj, 304 ^ . . . 'fiflifl] « IheoL to Dyct Q,, F. end rtrtl hne ^tdif- 



Run into whey ! it Stood upon his bfow 
!jkc a cold wirilcr dew. 

PAi\ Gontlecncfi, 

Vou havr no »uit to tnc? I aim no minion : 
VoQ fiand, methJnks, like men that would be 

courtiers, 310 

If I could well be ftattcr'd at z price, 
Not to undo your children. V'firc all honest ; 
Gn, gel ynii hnnir agnin, and inake your country 
A virtuoua courlt to which your great ones may, 
fn their diseased agc^ retire and Live recluse. 31$ 

Cfr. How do you, worthy sir ? 

PAi. Well very well; 

And so well that, if the King please, I find 
I mxy live many years. 

Dion. The King muflt please, 

Whilst wc know what you nrc and \vho you arc, 
Vour wrongs iind vinue*. Shrink not, \*orthy sir, 320 

But add vour father to you ; in whose name 
Well WTiIcen ;t11 thr; gnd-S ;tni! a>iijurc up 
The rods of vengeance* the abused people. 
Who, like to raging Corrcnls> sh^ll swdl high* 
And so b^iTt the der± of thc::e M.ile -dragons, 325 

That, throjgh the sUongcsi safely, they shall beg 
For mercy at your sword's poinL 

PAt\ Frienda, no more ; 

Our cars may be cormpted : 'tis sn age 
We dare not tru^t our wilb to. Do you love 

7ArA 1)0 we love heaven and honour ? 330 

311 /I W<fc., Orta (Mttofi ecm].). jv« Qt 10 E^d.'?'. Mnon aoWi— *■! 
Qttnot ditcovtFT any Hnw in Ihti paiugo u I1 ituiili, but benwe v« «)iotU 
Mid. * If / rmM well \ie tiAtEet'd/ IrMtti^ ef, ' Tf >w,' *nf1 ihi^n ihf metoH^ 
wfll bt. ' YoD Lonlc m if jrnii ci>uM hr willing In piy ynur tniirc ta mf. irftto 
CDvld do no wilbuui tufdiog Ebt fonune of yoat fuuilics by ofTcudinu lliir 
kifif."' DTe«Miilii^"Thcc((ci pioUUy iLroscfrvuiibeoc of ibc ansiiw] 
compiNltOF nvUf nuf bl tbv ie^lkl vrmi of ^hc two uteccdloc lioei." 

31! 71u} Sir, iJkt Qi. jr^ »Aaf . . . vht\ wktt . , . stltff Ql, 

JW nt>fB0} iivMnm Ql id Wpb. Dyc^ nola ^bai Ihr author nf 711/ 

JttflWnMtM Ubnlmicd vKT^n Tir fMj'ttri/i. iJi odl/lnir/tjl. 

JJ4 AU(-^^/nu1"3uiJllheu1dDJi>'. willi « IiyLrlicii, RiLluidsun </}Ar, 

in Cij dlM tfa« prc«cnl fflMW •» hn tuunplc of ma£ in Lhi. koik «f mDacti- 

ADt • dc^lff p«rb«.pi I ' mikM-ffriffin ' u an hanldi< term | uid m» Sptnur*! 

Wvil/, ?L J7r,«d.Tad4. A fnend Uflgc^nibaKHj^ihtrt n«ans«cvl '' Dycv. 



[act I 

Pki, My Lord DIort. you had 
A virtuous gentlewoman caird you father ; 
Is 5hc yet alive ? 

Dscn, Mo&t horour'd *ir» she is; 

And, for the penance but of an i<Jk drcAm, 
Has undertook a. tedious pilgrimage. 


Enter a Lady. 

PkL !» il lo me, 
Or any of these gentlemen, you come ? 

Liufy. To yoii> br^vc lord ; the princcsA would entreat 
Your present company. 

Phi, The princes send for me ! you arc miatnkcn. 340 

l,ad^. If you be called Philauer, 'ti* to you, 

Pkt, Kiss her fair hand, and say I will attend her. 

{Exit Lady. 

Dicn. Do you know what you do ? 

Pki. Yc5; go to see a womaa 

£if' Hut do you weigh the danger you are tni 

Pki^ Danger in a sweet face ! 
Uy ftipiter, 1 must not fear a woman ! 

Tkrit, But are you sure it was the princess sent ? 
It may be some foul train to catch your life. 

Phi. I do not think it, gentlemen ; she's robic. 
Her eye may shooi me dead, or tIio»e true red 
And white fricads in her checks may steal my souJ out ; 
There"* all the danger in't : but, be what may. 
Her single name hath arm'd me. [Exit P)itLASTK». 

DwtL Go on, 355 

And be as truly happy a£ th'arC fearless ! — 
Come, gentlemen, let's make our friends acquainted, 
Lest the King prove falsa [lixiunt Gentlemen, 



St £>*ffH\ LyoH Qt- II 14 lolit rrm«m1:crc4 thu throughout Qt th* umv 
IK wfirtnagp it lyirn or f^an, jjfl tk4\ a Qi. 

335 exact . . .) t.WKi a Gentlewonun. Qi^ «.t \, XH. 
33fr fi ii\ J/i Qi, jjti, in h it . . . jwftflnnc ISoc Q. T. 

343 Etii . , .] <«i, Qa to Edd. "79. Eul Ccm, Woo. Qr, 

3U fj|ivtj]/ttfrQ2tn Wtb- nycr> nntm Thil Philentfr hart Jn« uvil Ihal 

356 /^ drO i'W orf 

LJ4 dmgV] uriiwi/ Tbco. tD Welx oinvi^ Djrcr . 




Enttr AUETilUSA and a Lady. 

Au. Comth lie not? 

La^. Madam f 

Art. Will Phil^ttcr come ? 

La^y. Dear madam, you were worn 
To credit mc at first 

Art. Bill didst ihou tell me so ? 
1 am forgetful, and my woman's strcn^h 5 

U so o'tTchiirgcf i wilh d;mgfrrs like to ;m)W 
About my mirriage, Uiat these undcr-ihinga 
Datc noc abide in such a Troiiblctl sea. 
How look'd he when he told thee be would come ) 

Lady. Why, welL 10 

Aw;§. And not a liule fearrul ? 

Lady, Fear, madam 1 sure, he knows not what it ts. 

Ar£, Von all arc of his fac-tinn : the whole court 
I5 bold in praise of him ; whiUt I 

May live neglected, and do noble things, 15 

A* fools in atrife throw pold into the sea, 
Drawn 'd in the doang. Rtit, I kmiw he fean. 

Lady. Fear, madam I mcthought, his looks hid more 
or love than fear. 

An, Of love \ 10 uhom ? to you } 

Did you deliver those plain words I »cnt, A> 

With «>cb a winnin? getlure and quick look 
That you have c&ucht him ? 

Latfy. Madam, I mean to you. 

An. Of lore to me ! alas, lh>- ignorance 
Tj<t5 thrr noi *<e the cro*ses of ocr btrlhs ! 
Nature, that lov-c« noc to be questiooed 2^ 

Why she did this or that, but has her cnda. 
And Imcwfi the does we]], never gave the world 
Two things >o opposite, v> contrary. 

Son tL a,s£bv. . . jfr^ WdL ul Dvec cod Am ter of. 



[act r 

As he and J acr : if a bowl of blood. 

Drawn from thb arm of mine, would poison thee, 30 

A draught of ^s won!d cure thcc. Of love to me ! 

Latfjf, Madam, 1 ihink I hear him. 

Ai^. Bring hfm h. {Exir Lady. 

Vou gods, that would not hnv^ your dooms withstood. 
Whose hfily wisdom* at thla time it i*, 
To make the passion* of a feeble maid js 

The way iiiUo yiniT justice, I obey. 

Rf'fmur Lady wrk Piulaster. 

Lady. Here u my lord Ptiila^ter. 

Art. Oh, '115 wcU. 

Withdraw yonrself- [Exit Lady. 

Pki. Madam, your mc^aengc^ 

Made mc believe you wish'd to speak wttli mc. 

Ar^ *TU true, Fhitattev ; but the words arc: such 40 

t have to say. aiid do so xW l>es*xin 
The mouth of woman, that \ ivish them said, 
And yet am loath to ^-^pcak them, Have you known 
That I have aught detracted from your wonh ? 
Have ] in pcrwn wrong'd you -' or hav'e set 4$ 

My l>a*er instnimcnts to throw disgrace 
Upon your virtues? 

Pki. Ne%'er, madam. yoiL 

Art, Why, Cheo, abouJd you, in such a public 
injure a princess, and a scandal )ay 

Upon my foituncs, famed to be so great, 50 

Calling a great part of my dowry in question I 

Phi. Madam, thi^ truth which 1 shall speak will be 
Foolish : but. for your fair and virtuous s&lf, 
[ could afford myself to have no right 
To anything you wisb'd. 

39 om\ Similar inilnn«4 nf ihc iirc^lAruic pf ihc finE pcnion tini^uLiir fdH 
for on} am fr«qiivnc in our oM <InLmii, Imi btv f^ciiKmlly ailvntlT- '^ cnrtQct*d " 
by moitffffii fdilon \ tlii« iulArioe hat 4Viip«j uiuioLK^d. 

JD ^aMKjotn» Qr it OJ\ om. Ql. 3a KilF tAdyJ Dyw. 

jt AouMjI/axmn Q4 Iq Dycc 36 ni^iA into Qr^ 

36K«-catv . .^DrecL luntci Thil. Q. F. tl 't*Ai'i* Qi, a. 

37 bbUd;.]Wel>,Drc% 41 <A>]JrjQi 


50 /dwdfj /«Vh/ \^\. 


Wm Philavter, know. 55 

I must enjoy these kingdomii. 

Phi. Madam, both? 

Art, Both, or 1 die: by Tate, 1 die, Philastcr. 
\X I not cAlfnIy may tnjoy them both. 

Phi, I would do much to save that noble Ufo: 
Vet would be loath (o have pofSntcTity 60 

Find in oyr stones, that Philaster );av-c 
1 lis right unto a sceptre and a ciown 
To ave a bdy'f longing. 

Art. Kay then.hcar: 

I must and will have them, arid more — 

Phi. What more? 

Arr. Or lose that Uttle life the god? prcpanc^J 65 

Tc trouble this poor pieee of eafth withal. 

Pki, Madam^ what more ? 

An, Turn then, away thy face^ 

PkL NoL 

Art. D<x 

Phi. I can endure it Turn aivay my lacc ! 70 

I oe%-er yet saw enemy that looked 
So dreadfully, but that I thought myself 
Aa great a ba^ilUlc ai he ; or v pake 
So QOTTibl)', but that I thought my tonfiue 
Bore tbimdcr ll^(|pmcA^^» a»i much as hii ; 7S 

Nor bcait that I could turn from : ^ihall I then 
Begin to fear sweet sounds } a lady\ voice, 
Whom I do love ? Say. you would have my life ; 
\ 1 wili give it you ; for it is of itic 

^thing so loathed* and unto you that ask 9o 

Of so poor u.<(C, that I shall m«ikc no price: 
if you entreat* I will unmovcdly hear. 

Art. Yet, for my sake, a linlc bend thy look*. 

PkL I do. 

Art. Then know, I mu^t have them and thee, 

Pku And mc ? 

Aw€. Thy love ; without whieh all the land S5 

17 «r/«Ur]#r /ftbCji. ST/t''! AATf/rf Qi. 

70 €un\ fommt <j3 t« ¥., Weh, <Mt Thco., Edd- '7I 

iHiiuyiu Wcbv. D7C«. »o«;4J%<2i. 



[act I 

Discovcr'd yet will £crvc mc for no use 
Itut lo be buried in, 

PAl Wi possible? 

Ar€. With lU it were too liltk to bestow 
On thee. Now, though thy breath do ftritce me dead, 
(Whkh, kooir. It tn^y,) I ha\x unript my breast 90 

J^Jkf, Madun, you are too full of noble thoughts 
To lay A train for this contemned life 
Which you may have for fKkirg : to suspect 
Were ]m.-^ where I dc-jcrvc no ill Love you ! 
By all my fjopt-s, I do. above my life I 95 

l$ut how this pBiSfiion should proceed from you 
So violently, would amaie ;i mnn 
That would be jealous. 

An. Another soul into my body shot 
Could not hax'e Blled me with more strength and 

spirit 100 

Than thii* thy breath. But spend rot ha«ty time 
In seeking how 1 came thus : 'tis the godSt 
Thr gnd^j that make me so ; and, *^urr, our love 
Will be the nobler and the better blcfil» 
In th^t the .secret justice of the go<U 105 

U mingled with it- Xxt us leave, and kins ; 
Lest 4(imc onweleome guest should fa)! betwixt lis, 
And we should part without it 

P/tL Twill be ill 

I should abide here long. 

Art, Tis true ; and worse 

Vou should come often. How ahali we devise 110 

To hold intelligence that our true Iovc£, 
On Any new occasion, may agree 
What path is beat to tread ? 

P^r. I have a boy, 

Sent by the gods, E hope, to this intent, 
Not yet seen In the court Huutiii^ ihc buck, llf 

[ found him fitting by a fountain's side, 
or which he borrowed some to quench hlH thirst. 
And paid the nymph again as much in learA, 

S9 dfUtn. <^l> dpik 05 to Thco- 9j Mm/] migJk Ql 

tefj uvmiletmtt]vmitu^pm'4Ql, til Ani^O^^x^Q^* ^■ 



A parland !;»>■ him by, made by himMir 
Of many wrvrrriil flowers bred m ihc vale, 120 

Stiictc in thfit mvFtic order that the rArcncsf 
Delighted mc ; but ever when he turn'd 
Hi* lender eye* upon 'em, h« would weep. 
As if he meant to make 'etrt grow *ig;un. 
Seeing %uch pretty helplea^ innocence 125 

Dwell in bb fawr. i asU*d htm all his story : 
Hr told mr thai his p;LrcnU grnilc dirtl, 
X.ea\-tn^ him to the mercy of tlic fields, 
¥^ch gave him rools ; and of ihe crystal springs, 
Which did not atop their co/^nes ; and the »un, 130 

Which still, lie ihank'd hUn, yielded him his light. 
Then took he up hU giHand, and did shew 
What cvcr>- flower, as country- people hold. 
Did signify, and how all, ordered ihus 
'ExprcsVd hin grief; and, to my thoughts, did read tJS 
The pretiicsi jfcture of his counlry-^n 
That could be wish'd ; ^o that mcthouf^ht 1 could 
Have iluditfd il. I glailly enlertAinV! 
Hiro. who was glad to follow; and h^vc got 

i to WU (m tht x*iie\ tttd in tAt vo^it Qj. h^ in t/t4b^^2W Web. 

Mixsit unHJ{a&iQLeJ nilh Qi, mxa:— -** tl ^ppcan to me, ihiLt br fft^in 

likt id/, Philulcr nicani, Wcvca in tl^c eAil&nil. A t»y me*n$ a tflrlan d, tMi 

fcm« or bmtd, u i1 i« now »f«]r, meanft (u tfcave tofcthor. j^n/ n tht 

itiapU of tilt vffb, In iml^, not of, in ^j^t." 

On lUt W«tor fcmarki •.'—" It were (o be withcd EhAi Momh \a^ fumtih«l 

wkb Imiuco wblch vmld bear oni ihoe ImcrprtuiJooi. t belUvf ibu 

E vonli in <)iia(liNi ^atf^ip mcsfi, l<Ed ia (Uc lay, or on Lhc iluJluiv cd^c uT 

iflbc ibBBluOi al which Pniluter feund Bctbrio.' Djoe ch^ncccruct tiie fini 

.wim o# WAbft^t Tomarlu «• "Mnvibli* «noa|>h " f Mli« laiitrr pari m 

of Pkiititew undcT ih? till? o\ 7>f n'/s/awra/roH . . ^ ufrnii lo hive bren 
fbned, like Muou, lo anilenUJii] 'bay' ia ilic kak or j£iu-bnc1 ; for tic 

ThiT 4tc>- TfS»[lJt|«hi]ini thfltni* tvitln i«rei«J ptxcei 
Fill. !U« camprdd. i>( hrynnd ■ riaabt : luwl 

Of m»ay Kvtnd Ito^c n Jj'^ Lq the lay 
Slack/ ttc." 
Dyet ulili !— 
^lUftdnmn. wh^rr lU Ihr arhrf 

loOi 1 aiiiirt-hrnd. il prrmrTve* xhft riebl rmdlnif. 1 oushr lo aid tbiii il 
A* qivutni: '*n>]c'^ whcntc* pcrluiHt by 1 tyw£npbicd crror« ihc 
«dKfl«ciloa, 'bftj/" tat'M]/A«n Qi. 

130 Mc^tfutwiJ /4d fVM-ff Qi. 
1J1 i/<*, . . . iif^ii - . . ii/r€^i. 

■Jv- I J9 ^ fJOb^ . . .Mlfin) Djn's unnefinaic. The speech tt prinlcd 
Jp Ok Qa Co WeU. end Am line wliTi Miit: And Tbco. foUo^vcd |jy 
'ySifiu Wcbu rad la scoaQii Uac "who vudj itSail," 



[act I 

The tnutlcst, loruig'st> tn<l the rentier boy 
That ever master kep<- Him iriil I send 
To wait on you, and bear our hidden lo\^ 

VPf-wt/nrr Lady, 

Ar^, TiR well ; no more. 

Lady. Mirl^tm, the prince is come I0 do hiH ?tcTvice. 

j4^. What wiJl you do, Philaster, with >'ouraelf ? 145 

Phi. Why. that which aU the gods have pointed out 
for me. 

Art. Dear, hi<Ic thyself, — 
Brmg in the prince, \Bxi£ Lady 

Phi. Hide mc from Tharamond ! 
When thundrr Kpcakii, whidi is the xxixce^ of Jove, ijo 

Though I do reverence, >-et 1 hide mc not ; 
And shall a stranger -prince have leave to brag 
(into a foreign nation, that he made 
PbUaster hide him^lf? 

An, He cannot know it 

Phi. Though it should ^Iccp for ever to the world, 155 
It is a simple sin to bide myself. 
Which wili for e:vxr en my conscience lie. 

Art^ Then, good PhiUster, give him ^ope and way 
In what he sayi : for he is apt to speak 
Wh;it ytni Arc loath In he^r : ftir my TCikn^ do, t6o 

PHL 1 wia 

Re^ttttr Lady with pHAEAMOXa 

Phau My princely mistress, as true lovers ought, 
I come to kis4 these fair hand<, and to "^lew, \B^t Lady. 

I4« Kc'CAicr . - <1 D)v«. CnlcT 


iiJ— 140 Dear , . . PkarvmetufX Hr^r it in Weh 

147—^-19 i^Hw > ^ . Pkmmetut} Hrr^r nt in WeK »nd Jij-of f fi^r rfo o« 
MiMigp luirt inccrla]lF> hot p»b*b*j InicnJ J/^ini^ . . . J*Aarn/mmtt as one 
IjDCk Ql li>Edd. *7S piiat in Ivti line llic fu^I ciidiii|£ ^rj'rr^r, I ijii34;iiic 

linet Swimg m tAt /ritK4^ bcmj^Bu mterdlaiorr iitJi mciriciil *imcnc«, In 
ilooM I hftvv nuTDbarvd Ifat paK»f[* u Ihree Imn^ '4^ Ecii l^d^.J Dyoe. 

ipj>i<*) 6WIJ], 151 ^t<<r *v Ncrj (Av Wi?f 4^# M^r^^ 1^1. 

iSSi 154 f^^tf ■ ■ ■ ^ini*if\ on^ Hoc Q, , F. 

<A I5T Au . . ^ ;r*tt4Mi^Q)', levftrt , . . tP'AvAaetJJt 

16s ¥jai UdrJ L^. 





In out^vard ccrcmonics> the dear love 

Writ in my heart l6j 

PAt\ If i Ahall have an answer oo dircctlier, 
1 im ^Jnc 

Pha, To what would he have answer ? 

Art, To his daim unlo ihc kingdom. 

Pka. Sirrah, 1 forbare you before the King^ 170 

Phi. Good »;f, do so £till; 1 wodd iitit talk with 

Pha. Bill now the time is filter ; do but offer 
To ntakc mention of right to any kingdom* 
TbouRh it be scarce habitable, 

Phi. Good sir, let me ga 

Fha. And by the gods — 

PkL Peace, Pharamondl if thou— 175 

An. Leave tu» PhiJaster. 

P^ 1 have done, 

PhA, You are gonel by heaven, MJ fetch you back. 

PhL Vou shall not need* 

Pka^ What now ? 

P^ Know. Pharatnond, 

foathi^ tri brawl with ffuch a Wa»t as thou. 
Who itrt nought but a valiant voice ; but if 1^ 

ThoQ shalt pTiovoke mc further, men shall say, 
" Tbou wcrt," and not lament it 

PhA. Do you slight 

My greatness sa and m the chamber of 
Tne princes ? 

Phi, It Is a place to which 1 must confess 185 

1 owe a reverence; but wcrc'i the church, 
Ay»at (he altar, there's no place so safe, 
Where thoti darcst injure mc. but 1 dare kill thee; 
And for your grcatneK«, kxiow^ nr^ 1 can grasp 

[65 it'^wAlCivQt. 

ita »tUr ttMtA/| vAatf mi^ mvmJJ Qt. 

I« iMviiv|«frwinHr05CoThoA t70/'r^irt1/H^rtfQ4*39l4 F. 

tJJ fiH^y***^ 'ie^ T£c«. Io Web. [74 ^] Ui Qi. 

Jri Pin- yii , - , laiS\ All Ihit irtnaint nfihii <pr«Pi m gi u " i'Jm. 
Te^ AiOUdi-w«il U bolLQOi ofpoEc. chc ncii^pagc bcgiiu wfch ''/'Af. Von 

ifo A^, J/ 'i' '.'/tfH a/ ri« laxh atiar Qi, 


You and your greatness thus, thus into nothing. 190 

Give not a word, not a word back 1 Farewell [Mxii Fhl 

PAa. 'Tis an odd fellow, madam ; we must stop 
His mouth with some office when we are mairied. 

Ar^. You were best make him your controller. 

Pha. I thinkhewoulddischargeitwell. But,madam, 195 
I hope our hearts are knit; and yet so slow 
The ceremonies of state are, that 'twill be long 
Before our hands be so. If then you please. 
Being agreed in heart, let us not wait 

For dreaming form, but take a little stolen 200 

Delights, and so prevent our joys to come. 

Are. If you dare speak such thoughts, 
I must withdraw in honour, {Exit Ar^. 

PJka. The constitution of my body will never hold out 
UU the wedding; I must seek elsewhere. 205 

lExif Pha, 

193, 193 'Tit . . . married] Web. prinU u proi«. 
196 iandt] Aeatis Qi, 198 I/tAati dm i/Qt, 

acofirm]^^ meQs ^0 ^' 3^1 firtf/rn/} u t. ulicipate. Djce. 

Mxi iiuA}yaMrQl. 

303, aoj /f. . . tftrwAert] " So unnged in old «ds. P«h«p«, the uthor 
inteoded the posnge to itand (has : 

*Arv^ If yoa dure ank neb thooghU, 1 mut withdnw 

In hooouT. [Sxit^ 
Pka. The coniKiuiioQ of rajr bodjr 

Will ru'er hold <nt till the wedding; I miut Kek eliewherc.'" Dyee. 





Ah Af^rtment in tfu Palace, 

Enter nULASTCR and Beluuuo. 

PAt, And tlitiu ?ihjU itnd Iwr homiurablc-^ boy; 
Full of rcg*"^ ^'^to thy tender youth, 
Tor thine own modcAty ; anrl, for niy sake. 
Apicr to give than ihou will be to ^Ak, 
Ay, or deserve 

Br/, Sir, you did take me up 

When 1 was nothing; eod only yet am Aomethiog 
By being yourt Vriii tni^ted tnc iinknotm ; 
And that which you were apt to con^tcr 
A simple innocence In me, pcrh^pd 
Mi^ht hnvc been craft, the cunnin;; of a boy 
llArdL-iiM in Was Al^d Uicft; ytt vcnlured yim 
To part my miseries and mc ; for which, 
I never c«n expect to scn-e a lady 
That bears more honour in her breast than you. 

PAi. Ijul* boy, it will prefer thoc. Thou art young. 
And bear*«1 a chitdisih overllowin);; love 
To tfactn that clap thy checks and speak thcc fair yet ; 


^— lO^^Ar . . . A^J TlicoUiM'kiljvyijn, follnwcd by Dycc. IdQ. F., mh 
UMi tttiiai- di.tt7Xt . . ' Hf/iiW • ' - yvurj . . , a// . . . in Ptt . . . 

\4Vi £dd '^Sond Wib. follov <^ 7.,«oopC thM ihcy ^t t KpuaTf line (o 
«^, tfr Ju^nt of our J. 5. In 1» S TKeo, mds — "jff i,p1 U ttnitrui rttv" ; 
lAft'^tfrty™ Ihe nadinu oTl-.. heol tourwe o«atfhii™ui ihtp-i. 1711, a niodmi- 
lifcl mnuE aT F, : ihr fomi " a^ti^rur '' vai liral l^^rEM1l<»^t in Ihat 171 ) '■(1- : 
Edd. "78 arid W«l> aIri siUtjiI it- Thr "nnw" N u^ inwTium uf hi^ oibh 

iiosapf^ ihe metre. (Jn tbii Dyw remifki— " A «onl [icElupfl> hu iropt 
out i but {«m<->Atf odici pui*KCk oi ihit kifiJ which initEhl be clt<il| Cf mpw — 
• V(t, if it \i€ J^>Jf wilk, (arrive [he Ufl 

Upon thi4 mulvm'nding fhilrl of mLn^ r ' " 

Act U. Sa It. 1), 64-66. 
6 MitJ»fffyj9t Am\tmJltim vnfy^rQi. 10 c^jf^ f^^f Qi- 



[ACT n 

Rul whcfi thy jiidj^ment co[n^^i to nile those passions. 
Thou wilt remember best those careful fricnda So 

Thai pUccd ihce in the nohlcst way of life. 
She is a princesa I prefer the© loo. 

Bti. En thjtt small time th;«t I hara seen the world* 
I never knew a man hasty to part 
With a servant he thought trusty ; 1 remember, 
My father would prefer the hoyt. he kept 
To greater men than he : but 6\d it not 
Ti]l they were giown loo SAuey for Mnasclf 

/'/(/. Why, gentle boy, 1 find fio fault at all 
In thy behaviour. 

Btt Sir, if 1 have made 

A fault of ignorance, instruct my yinilh: 
J ^all be willing, if not apt, to team ; 
Ace and cxprricnce wiU aJoni my mind 
With larger knowledge; and if I have done 
A wilful fault, think me not p&st all hope 
For once. What master holds so Htrict a hand 35 

Over hia boy, that he will part with him 
Without one warning ? Let me be corrected. 
To break my stubbornness, if it be so> 
Rather than turn me off; and 1 shall mend^ 

Phu Thy love doth plead so prettily to stay, 40 

That, lni!*t nie, \ c»uld w*?cp lo part with thcc 
Ala9, I do not turn thee oITt thou knowest 
It i^ my business that doth call thee hence ; 
-\nd when thou art with her, thou dwell'st with mc;. 
Think so. and 'tis so : and when time is full. 45 

That thou hast well discharged this heavy truM, 
Laid on so v-'cak a one, 1 will again 
With joy receive thee ; as I live, I will 1 
Nay, weep not, gentle boy. 'Tis more than time 
Thou didst attend the princes?. 

BtL ^ I am ^-one. 50 

Rut Hinee 1 am to part with you, my loid. 
And none knows whether I shall live to do 
More service for you, take this little prayer : 
Heaven \>\GiA your love^, your tights, all your designs t 

e8 ihy] om, QJ. 18 fv\ nf *}l. 

23, i4 / luwr , . , rtiHemitr] Thim, xpd Dytx (oiI f«»l line ^rt mfi, 

40 4^^]dWQl, 54A'^''i'V^Q'' 



,K^ sick men, if tbey hSi\t your wish, be wdl ; 55 

lH^ Heaven hate those you curse, though ! be one ! [Exit. 
Pkt. The love of boys onto their lords is strange; 
I have rcAfl 1,1 oailcfs of ii : yet thl* biy 
For my sake [if d man may judge by lookfl 
And ^iiecchj would out-do story. 1 tnity sec 60 

A day to pay him for his loyalty. \Exit Phl 

Scene I!. 
A Gailiry in thi PaUm, 


Pha. Why .%hou1d these ladies stay so long ? They 
muftt come this way: I know the queen employe 'eoi 
not ; for the reverend mother sent mc word, they would 
aill be for the ^i^rdi?!!. if they should all prove honest 
now» ] were in a fair taking; ; 1 was nc\xr so long witti- 
out Kpnrl in my life, and, in my eonscicncc, 'tis not my 
buJt. Ob, for our country ladies ! 

Shut Galate-v. 

Here's one boJtod; I'll hound at her.— Mddam! 
G<ii. \oat gnce 1 
Piuu Shell [ not be a trouble } 
Gai. Not to mc, sir 

Pha. N&y,nay,youaretcoquick, By this sweet hand- 
G^, You'll be ronworn, air; 'tis but an old glove. 

If you wtU talk at distance, I am for you: 

jBot, good prince, be not bawdy, nor do not brag; 

'Th<»c two [ bar ; 

Atm\ tllen^ I think, I shall have sense enough 

To answer all ihr. weighty ajiothcgms 

Your roydl blood shall manaji^. 

)£ iftwMil Ileavtm Qi, F. SccN£ If. 

J ti4fimtr t mJmalJuA"l.r^ the MDlbrr ofthc MuJti comwtiv Th4 IV^trmt- 




Nnl in 

jIfcAwl "TtU paCfMftfy wonl !■ fan ml nnly tn nt''^. l6lo (gij, 
>p^* Dra- II ]vniin]yvr Or. 

tO-^lS IMUlt . • . HHWVvlThfOlHJd^idJTiiiDDtraLlowodby Dycct u 


■3 tf dKrtMrt] « « dU>Aawr Wc^, 

15 It^\TmiIyUrilU 



[act u 

Pka. Dc&f lady, can you love? 

Gal. Ikar, pnncc! how dear? I nc'«r cont you a 20 
coach yet nor put you to the dear repentance of d 
banquet. Hrre's no 5car!rt, tir. In binsh the sin otit It 
was given for. This wire mine owm hair covers ; and 
this fftce has been so far from being dear to an/i that 
It ne'er cost penny painting ; and, for the rest of my 25 
poor wardrubc, such as you m:c, iL lt:avcs no liand 
behind it, to make the jealous mercer's wife curse our 
good doings. 

PfM^ You mistake mc, lady, 

Gai. Lord, I do *o : would you or f could help it I y> 

Pha. Y'are very dangerous bitter, like a potion. 

Gai. No, sir, 1 do not mean to purge you, though 
f mean to []ur)(e a little time an you. 

Pk^ Do Isdics of this courlr^* Uflc to give 
No more rrspcci to mcr^ of my full bring ? 

GaJ, Full being I I undentund you not, unlew your 
grace mean^ growing to fatness \ and then your only 
remedy (upon my knowledge, princej U, in a morning, 
a cup of neat white wine brewed with caiduus ; then 
fast till fiuppcT ; about eight you may eat ■ u*e cxerci*c, 40 
and keep a sparrow-hawk ; you can ,ihoot in a tilter : 
but, of a)l.your grace must fiy phlebotomy, fresh pork, 
conger, and clarified whey ; they nre all dullerr. of the 
viliil spirits. 

PA4M, Lady, you talk of nothing all this whPe. 45 

Gai. 'Tr.% v^ry true, sir : I talk of you. 

PM4U \asiiU\. This is a crafty wendi ; I like her wit 

31 uatk] atuk Qi. ai. 33 of a hat^ttetl of^fUy ami a 6anfmt Qi. 

aj 7%i/ v^ » > • tvtvrd lAii u *■/ n-t k€4f Qi. 

a; tail ptff^y\ tffft a/^finy <Ji, 

JS fri'frrft»iVj Ql uiA 6 hire the Irjriii manfr^p ; Q5f ^ptntfopt- 

M. Yj »a hamiUkimi ii\mn\\\v,£.\ ^f*^\ttt\t, nfiHrkncwlei!smrn(rifSn<f#tited- 
xWRibbt Ibat ix i&pidil furaudcnwd offiheiDdcrr'tbtxiVt. Mjuim iUix<DK«<f 
th^C for ilaiufwt thould ic^d AaitifJe 4Uil WcL- lulucicJ bit S4t£t>«tioiL. 

•9 KtH Mcntotf] lew wneik KurMir Qi. 

it—}3 Pha- irawt , . - tn^u] In Qi cnl^ of ih* oJd <iIl «id thvrt 
pdntril ai pt(n«. Dftv miorrd il la (lie r»t. u vmej iluriog howevfr 

34. IS ^ ' - - ^wl Ak vvEK Tlivu. uU Py^c ; ^r>4c the icM. 

41 tilirr] Sap|ioK<L here lo m<Bs l <ro««'bow. See Narci Citu. ia n 

44 ^ri/(] atifvuUit Qi. 



»dl ; 'twill be rare to ^i'n up ^i IcAdtrn appetite : she's 
A Duuie, and must be couneti in a shower of goJd. 

Matlam, look here ; all thcac. And mure tliftn— * 50 

Oa/- What have you there, my lord ? gold I now, u 
] live, 'tb Coir ^old ! Vou would have sjlvcr fcr it, to 
pUy with the pages t you could not have taken me in 
A worse time ; but, if you have pruenC use, ray lord, 
I'll send my man with silver, and keep your gold wJe 55 
for you> 1 7~ii^j gci4. 

Phil. LitiyJaJy! 

C^l bhe's coming, sir, behind, will take white 
nionc>'. — 

AtuU\ Vet for all this I'll match ye, fo 

[Exit Gal. behind i/tt Aat^ings* 

Pka. If thore be but two such more in tht* kingdom^ 
and near the court, wc may even hang up our harps. 
Ten such camphirc'canstltuti»ns as thi.t v-ould call the 
i:oldcn afe a;^4in in question, and teach the old yvay 
for every ill-faced husband to gel his own children ; 6> 
and what a muchiet that would breed, let all consider, 

EnUr Megra. 

Here's another : if she be of the same la«t, the devil 
shall pluck her on- — Many fair morninga. Udy \ 
Mfg- A^ rminy mcimiinjs Imrg ^s many days, 
Fair, sweet, and hopeful to your i^race \ 70 

4S. 49 li^*/ tf AwfeWl ihii iAv'H/fVQ[, 49 in a i^0i^r\^th ^ iUmtr Ql. 

54 timti]/imi rir, vi> 

M, 56 afi^fma} So (J| i all MbfleqaMt •djLiOD* omtl ntfi, 

5^ Ti^M golA ] riyce, H«it C^i I>" t* iiaj[«-<ilr«c:rion — '* She tiipt b«fatad 
Ihe Ortti." 

5S— 60 Skt'i »m£^ . . . matrA y*] NoiwEilkitanLliiitf tb« stAgc-dlicctLan in 
Ql ■! L S6> ditf Qa bu Ihe cquitdcDt rjf thi> i<|>k>cIi (bak i— 

WUi ^ l*Jn tvMU me'f^ ^iftr aH tnii. ExiL" 

pMitaably «< oughi i^t rt^d ftwiffA ytv» at G4larrfl iSo^ accuiUlf ttateh Phm> 
BGod, aod mim bchJDil ihi: w:<tic lur Itijit tiurpDA^.'' Dyi:e seIlIm :^*' Svtilc 
b htaftllcWion of the vW z\^'** "^^^^ !'• 


6j «<iq^W><Ht4/AA'/fMr] llfpheMd by Dyc(. Wob. noi<dT— *'cafnpbjn 

a§i In >n cmkntni (jq^rcc. D^A widi ^— *'Sc>c Sir T. liioWDc'i l^t^fdr 
Srrwttt Bk. ii c *il (^ Ml, c<i, lt71>" (Doba 1, JIJh] 




Pka. She gives cood ^vonla yet ; sure, thb wench i» 
!f your more scrioui huiincs^ do rot call you. I^ady, 
Let mc hold cjo^rtcr wllh you ; we'll talk an hoor 
Out quickly. 

J/^, Whtf would )-our grace talk of? ^5 

PMa Of some such pretty subject as )<ouf3eir: 
V\\ go 11(1 further than ynur eye. or lip; 
Thert's Ihcmc enough for one man for an affe. 

iWy, Sir, they stand right, and my lips arc >^t e\^n, 
Smootti, young enough, ripe enough, and red enough, 80 
Or my glass wrongs mc. 

PAa. Oh, they are two twfnn'd cherricn dyed in 
Which thfMfr fair snns above wilh their bright bcams 
Reflect upon and ripen ! Si*x:etC3t beauty, 
linw *Town those branches, thai the longing taste S5 

Of the faint looker-on may meet those bicssinga. 
And lahtv and live, 

Mfg^ Oh, delicate sweet prince I 

She tn^t hatli ,*inow cni>u^h abot^t hci heart 
To take the wanton spring often such lines oflf. 
M«y be 9, nun without probation. — Sir, 90 

You have in such neat poetry gacher'd a kiss, 
That if 1 had but five lines of that number, 
Such pretty h^^gging bUnk*. ! ^huuld commend 
Your forehead or your cliecks, and kiss you too, 

Pha, Do it in prose; you Coin not misa it, madam. 95 

Mfg. \ shall, 1 !thal]. 

P^ By my Ufc. but yow shall rot ; 

ni prompt you first. [ICissts itr,\ Can you do it now ? 

J3 /-*!>■] om. <Jj 10 Dyee. 

7 J Mi/'i/ r jit| n'T veiti taik nycr. »hn priflu Ihn Hnp wirh Ulk. Q6 and F, 

??■ ^ riv, ^f4wM] Dycc, with Ql, onilit <triDiiiD nftcr fivf , ^il coJi I. 
79 wilh ifiiff/k^ %a ami] OA- 64 '39 10 W«b. 

96/auit , , - /idf<] nw-V , , . All^ Qi. Hrv Ql h» n •ln^'difva- 
(i(jn;— "Tirir M«r-- 
B9, go /'w/ (3^, . . . /'f'MrAwl tfwJ, it nay k a mmn^r nitAtmt />bA9- 

9», 91 Mit/ . . . kiiA Sr> di-kiaed Kdd.'rS to Dfcc <ji lo Tlin. end 
fint \in9 /wkj/itiff ud Ttittv In L 9t for/Mv .!«■ hAityeu'zit, TK« tp««icb ii 
pnnieii at pmw in Qi. 

91 /hJ ^ Ql. 93 5iapuh} U «, btiink vptwl 



Mt£. Mcthinki \b easy, now you ha' dono't befon 


Bdi vet should 1 stick at it 

Stick 111) to-moitow ; 
But wc Jose time ; 


III OCTcr part yoo, sweetest. 
Can you to^T mc ? 

JV<X* Lovo yoU| my lord I how would you havo cne 
love you ? 

i'M. I'd teach you In a short sentence, 'cavw 1 will 
not load your rocmoiy; this is ail: love me, and Uc I0> 
with me. 

Mtg. Was it lie with you, that you said? 'tis im- 

Pfui. Not to a willing; naind, that will endeavour : tf 
f do not leach you to do it as easily in one night a« IIO 
youl) go to bed, L'U loi^e my royal blood for't 

Mtg. Why, prince, you have a Udy of your own 
That yet want* teaching, 

Pka^ I'll sooner teach a marc the old measLrcs than 
teach her any Ihitit; belonRing to the fitnctior. She'* 115 
afraid to lie with herself, if she have but any maacujinc 
imagination! about her. 1 know, when we are married, 
I must ravish her. 

Mtg, By my honour, that'n a fuul fault indeed ; 
But time and your f^ood help will wear it out, sir, lao 

Pka. And for any other I see» excepting y^ur dear 
self, dearett lady, 1 had rather be Sir Tim the school- 
master, and leap a dairy-iuaid. 

Mwg, lias your erace licen the court-starj Galatea \ 

Phcu Out upon iicr ! ahe'a a^ cold of her favour as 125 
an apoplex : «hc ^tled by but now. 

3/cfp And how do you hold her wit, *ir? 

ftS iww wn W 4W/ Mtft mA mw / Jd' *ktit Mr^ Qa lo Web. t¥mt'f 

^ tAtK*i / UuJ> at U—\ Kit. ffkwM IttrA af iK t^f 10 I^/Ck 
lOO fwrrj Htf'rr. rvV, or m^*r Qj lo E(1d.'7& 

til, lis H'hjf . . . AafJAvlDrvc'i^vuioD. Ptvk tht ml. 
ni, 117 dw naivHAW imi u ^msi^ m ] my MfXrAAffH* (4<a< mu/'iw Q|. 
ir9, i>o JV»> , H ^f] Divided H In Ql and Dm. ?na< ihc r««L 

til Ti^ fAc] HAvn* d Qt- 

tti kmfi^*^ Ql. Qu^ ^due] ^oeM .VA/d-m the «nd of (lib tpccdi i 
1^ fgmtf kftfr 11 fuU-itw. ih^ Uucr »nTr a ojanmo. 
t>T ^W ifv . . . mtt, $i>\ ;Aw . . < viV 4^1, 


[act n 

If Dcstiry (to whom we dare not «ay. 
' W hy (lit!:*! thrju ihis * T have not decrco! ft h>. 
In lasting leaver (ivhosc smallest charKtors 
Were never altered yet), thi^ match shall bieak, — 50 

Where's the boy ? 
Latfy. Here, madam. 

£mw BeLLARIO rtcJitfy tfrestfJ. 

Ane, Sir, 
You are W) to clian^ your service; Wt fioi set? 

Bti^ Madam, I have not charged ; I wait <mi you, 35 
To do him sBCtvJcc 

Art. Thou disclaim'^t in me* 

Tell mc thy name. 

B€l Bcllarfa 

Art. Thou canst sing and play? 

Bff. \iQt\ctvd\\ give mc leave, madam, f can. 

Are. Alas, what kind of grief can thy years know ? 40 
H;iH^t thotlacu^^t master whefi thou wcnt'st to school ? 
Thou art not capable of other grief; 
Thy browA ftnd checks are smooth as waters be 
When no breath tniubles them : believe me, boy, 
Caic J»ecks out wnnkleJ biows a.\\d hollow eyes, 45 

And buildi h;m«elf cx\-<:^, to abide in them. 
Come, sir, tclJ mc truly, does your Lord love miC ? 

BeL Love, madftm 1 1 know not nhat It is. 

Art. Canst thou know grief, and never yet kncw'^t 
love ? 

^ " Wiij dU^ thm aiiT'\'T\xu^,,Vith. mytJi^HA'JJtUi^Qi |o P., 

10 aJiit^if jMi),l nyce, «fl**f, yir Qi. aUtmiJi/ft, Of lo TTjeo, iUitrtf\jtl^ 
Edd.^ W*l% It Enlcr . . . ] "richly dn-«?il" iddvd bf Dycf. 

j6 7%CM *^4Sitaim' It 19 rw^ T^twtrmtf in wi Qt^ 

j6 i/tiUiiiWir in *h^J " i <. dlKl^mot me. Ttc cxprtnfon Is commoa in 
oar ci/Iy wr«cn.," Uyet- 

No JonU t& liiiclajm in »■ frti^ticnliy lo be tonBiJerflJ u ^ciiiivalarH to Aj- 
tiam, pur* uid limpl* ; the Prmcvei, hriwrvrr, itoffa nn: hvrr mrinuli« EhiLf 
bdJano iliiclaimi <ir miovnori her, but only ibtt hr divelKim-i or rrfhidiain 
tnTtabenni ftsbi tn her toliU^nice ; be waiiton hci not u ber Acrrmt bui 
u *tni«Bt td tu» lonl. 

44 Ir»i4] In prcoF rA l>i« <ifp<*ndrjM:a ^r F. on Q^ it 0117, parhapi, bt 
•OTth notirg Ihiit II lollnwt Mh in mi«ppUiftg thv« m>rrf ^/nd/A r it, how«*pr, 
oioerEtfd the anc word irmiMT, where Qj and C have fauMf. 

4^ A/] QEQ. Qi, 46 'Umufn i^^Ql. 47 dldva] ^tti Ql. 



Thou art dccdvod* boy. Does he spcalt of nw 
A> if be wuh'd me wcJi i 

Bit Ifit belm-e 

To foE^t aJl Tcr;f)cct or his own friends 
In thinking of yf>ur fiice ; if it be love 
To sat cross arm 'd and 3igh away the day, 
Mrnglrd with sMrts, rrj'lng ynur namt^ a* loud 
And hastily 05 men 1' the Atrcet:^ do fu« : 
If it be love Eo wGcp himself Away 
When he but he^rn of any Udy dead 
Of kiird, because it mi|;ht hiavc been your chance ; 
If. when he goc* to fe« (which will not be), 
Twixl every pra>xr he wy^s to name you once, 
A? others drop a bead, be to be in love, 
Then, iradan, 1 dare »wcar he loves you. 

Are. Oh. y'arc a cunning boy, and taught to lie 
For your Joixl'a credit I but thou know'at a lie 
That beam ihN sound is wclcomcr to mc 
Than any truth that saya he Jovea me noL 
Lead the way, boy, — Do >'Oli attend me too. — 
Ti& thy lord's bu&iness hastes me thu&. Awa>- 1 (£im«/. 




B^m^ PharamoniVr M^tng; tH the C&nrt u/tAe 

^f BniiT DiOK, Clerrmont, Thramune. Megra, 
I Galate-v 

^^ />Mnv. Come* ladies »h<tlt we talk a round ? As men 
^H Do ivalk 1 mit>e, women ihould talk an bottr 
^^ After mpfcr; 'tis Ihcir exercise. 
GiU, Tb late. 

61 to J. 

<S /«^J wtfvn Of. 6> e ht^ JiAt.iCrj Qi. 

6J, 64 Tlfli, Mo/'iH, At] " Amae^ ihtu by Th*oUlcJ 1 

■Th»o, Marfam. I rfrre T»**ir he iov«s foa. ^n*, C I 
yVvfTii cunning ^t.' Ax. 
lie nay biie t^cu i^bl ^ bal ' iwai ^ li r«|ja1nJll' wol u 1 (liit>lLa1jU br 
«HCBtljr poetic" D|tt. d+.tiS'tf/tf ^jr>w];«/pHr Q|, 



rACT n 

M^jr. Tisall 
My e^'es will do to IcacI me to my bed- 

6W. I fctir, they arc so heavy, you'I! scarce find 
The way tu your nwn todglng with 'em To-nighL 

Enter Pharauondl 

TA^Hp The prince \ 

Pha, NiJl a-bwl, Indies ? y^are grxxJ sttter*-up: 
What think you of a pICAsaot dream, to laat 
Till moming? 

M4£. I should choose, my lord, \ pleuing wake before 



Enter AkCTUUS.^ arui BCLL.uiia 

Are. Tis well, my lo/d ; y'are courtbig of these 
ladies. — 
1st not late gcntJcfnen ? 

Cie, Ye*, mada-m. 

Are. Wail you there, 

Mtg. \ashi£.\ She's jealous, as ! live.— LodIc you, 
my lord. 
Tlic princess hss a Hyl^s ^n Adonis. 

Pin, His form is angeUltke. 

Ahg. Why. this is ht: Uiai must, when yoM arc wed, 
Sii by your pillow, like young Apollo, with 
His nand and voice btndmg your thoughts in sleep ; 
The princesg does provide him for you and for herself, 

Pka. I find no music in these boj-s. 

jl/i^. Nor I : 

They can do little, and that small they do, 
They liave nut wit lu hidi^, 

Diotu Serves he the princess.^ 

Tkra. Yes, 

Di^n^ 'Tift a eweet boy : how brave she keeps him I 

Pkit. Ladies all, gcx>d rest ; I mean to kill a buck 





14 my i<^il] om. l^i. 

hi^mmt. Quo 

3W^ij tj 4f Miff KI1J/.1 Dycc. Mb bMii/,wiu/Ql. <4ti «J 'Ir* 

F, iMi ii h< mvjf. Th^i*. in ^^'cb■ Tbvo cwnplclal ihcUnc by ec; 
wcond half—" wh*ci yon fl*vi«w«d" | DyM, itwUJ bftMO, m 



momtng ere j-'have done your dreams. 
AJl h^pptncsa attend your grace I 

[hxit PHABAMOWa] 

Gentlemen, )?ood re»t— 
Come, shall we to-bed * 

Gal Ye&,— AU good night 

J}um^ May your dreams be true to >'OU J — 

[£jt£unf GalatKa a»J Megka. 
Whit shall we do. gallants ? 'tis laic. The King 
Is up still : see, he comes ; a goard along 
Witt Jwm. 




EnUr Ki^o, Akkthusa. aW Guard 

ATjj^f. IjcKik yuur iiitelligcricie be true. 

Arf. Ui>on my hfc, it is; and I do hope 
Your highncv^i will not tic me tc a man 
That in the }\eat of wooing throws me offj 
Ard I^kcs another. 

Di^n, What aihould thifi mean ^ 

King. If it be true. 
That lady had been better have embraced 
Curelc^ di^a^ici. Get yoL to your rest : 
You shall be righted. [Ejvuttr Aklthl'sa and BeLLAKIU.J 

— Gentlemen, draw near ; 
We shdU employ yoj. Is young Phur.iinuiid 
Come to hi3 lodging ? 

Diati. I SAW him enter thcrc^ 

A7ji^. Haste, some of you, and cunningly discover 
tf Mcgra be in her lodging. [Jhtt DiON. 

Of. Slr^ 
She parted hence but now, with other ladies* 

/Cvrg, If *he be therc^ we shall rot need to maWe 
A vain discovery of out .^tu^piciun.^ 

4C a#/ #An tftf/r J^t} A f ijcnbuil lorm af eipn 

" Tbon ludil Iwni belief have bc«n bom a doe." 

OsaeJh III irt, 34>. 

at, wtich DitQif [tic »pec<b M pHAc, osUs Am*; ihaX Euedi ■!» u not iD- 

*' Come, ur. jod had htm 1>rtlvt krpt your htd." 

S'ji^in^jA /W^fwr/^, 111. lU- 
Tlk« 1711 <d. of BcMxaioilI Mbd n«tch» »tterei] 1^0 phra« wA^ufmv^A hattr 
hatt; Thox, Ed. ^8 «ad WcL follDwvd tall, bj msrv «i>mi£hc it it 10 he 
FTtwDcd: D]r«c<imin^TotQredailateat. 



33 Cciwclcfli <Ji- 
, a hiDglc illdifntidii 



Yen gcds, I sec that vho unrightcousty 

Holds wealth or autc froin oihcra ^hall be cuised 

In that w^ch meaner cncn arc blest withal : 

Agc:K to cntnc kHhII know nu male of him 

Letl to inherit, and hl» name shall be 

Blotted from earth : if he have ^ny child. 

It »hill be croibftly match'd ; the ^ods themselvci 

Shall HOW wild suKc bctwfxt her lord and her. 

Yet, if it be your wiUii, fnrgivc the sin 

I have coinroitted ; let it not fall 

Upon this utidcf^tanding child of mine f 

She has not broke yontiAws. Bui how cam L 

Loot; to be heard of god? that mun bo ju5t. 

Praying upon ihc ground I hold by wrong ? 

Rf-fnUr Dion. 

Di^n. Sir, I have Askcd. <md her women .i^^'ear she 
Is within ; but tJiey, ! think, arc bawds, I told 'cm, I 
must 5pca]< with her; they laughed, and said, their 
liidy Uy s|>ce<:h!rss, 1 sAJd, my bu^iintfKt waiimpurlimt: 
they said, Ihcir bdy was ftbout it, 1 prcw hot, and 
cried, my business was a matter that concerned life 
and death; they answered, so was sleeping, at which 
their lady wa^. I urged again, she had scarce time 
to b6 so since last I saw her ; they smiled again, and 
seemed to inffttuct me that sleeping was nothtng; but 
lying down and winking. Answers more direct I 
coul3 not get : in short, sir. I think she is not there. 

Kfftg. "Tis then no time to dally. — Vou o" the gtiard, 
Wait at the back door of ihc prince's lodging. 
And see that none pass thence^ upon your lives. — 
Knock, gcnttetnen; knock loud ; louder yet. 
What, has their pleasufe taken ofTthcii hearing ? — 
Ml break your meditations.— Knock again. — 
Not yet ? I do not think he sleep*, having this 

^i tank} tht earth Qi. 

U^,6^ wiMr>Ur$Mng. . . She] VftJcsmtiif thUJ ^ 1^ (^v 

%$ im^rr /it] am. gr M lAtfr , 



tkiir\ytHr, . . VQttr<^i. 



Lamm by him. — Once more; — Pharamond! prince 1 

[Tjiaramoxd tV^mtf. 
Pka. What saucy groom knockt at this <kacl of 90 
nifiht ? 
Whcte be our waiters ? By my vexed rouI, 
He oxceU hi^ death th^t mccU me, for this boldness. 
Kitt^* Prince, prince^ you wrong your thoughts; wre 
arc your friends: 
Come down. 
Pka, The King? 

King. The Aiime, Come down^ sir : 

We have cauae of present counacJ with ycit 95 

Enur Phakamoxd M&w. 

Pka. If your grace please to use me, I'll attend you 
To your chamber, 

Kinn;. No, 'tia too late, pnnoc; I'U make bold with 

Pk<t. I have tome private rea.-tonn to myi^elf 
U^ke me uoiiianiierly, aitd *.ay, you caiinul, — lOO 

Nay, prcis not forward, j'cntiemcii ; he must come 
Through my life Uiat conic:?i here. 

Ki»g. Sir. be rcso!«d J must and wiJ) come,— Enter I 

Pha. \ will not be dishonourM : 
He that enters enters upon hU death. 105 

Sif, 'ti« a sign you make no stranger of me. 
To bring these rejiegatloca to my chamber 

f3 Primf. frfiu^ /Hun Q9 l<> W«h- Thmtiftid, te aa^tt Itw dwItt, jpfV 

^ 7%t tsmt. C*mi JIkwl dt] Ei. 7\s mm, lir. Cvmt ttv* tir Qt, 
I>rei- TV **«, /*r, fVMi d^fvif Qa 10 Wd* 

rem* la/'l 101 jfra/^vnmj nm, Qt, 

103 Ar moAtfi^ I.& In ■BUftit SfAKia, 
f03 Immi^ , . ^iM'a'I Q% 3, Dfcc ^ ■nur rtfnf, am/ atili awmmtir. 

Tbb Im^ wotJ, Enie*t oflh* Winc'i ^pwch, iri Q4'i4by foitii] ucct'ttntof ihc 
pf«u g^ tbin«ct op 10 iL Evv*t with rint lul Imt r^f l^hif unond^i pmedia^ 
weeb umI Ihere tundi. ■ long tpuv from it. u E]\aa|E:h ii wer* 3 ^)^[«' 
vVCCMp tbovsb [jrinicd In Kunun ; ihc ■ncrmUnu qiurl'M nm! f^ktin rrm- 
ti««d|&« orar. Tlw ffiL t;^, rolJuwnl b; Thco. and EiIiT/t^. 6miklT 
■adtf El iato • itace^iroction by i>rinLiiH; in iialki and tchiiiil « IncLcI, 
tkb— (JW^n^ Wflix tiKlruff the word oul «]L«terbcT, crroDcouAly un\a chat 
VlU»— --J man ud wUl enter." 





Al these uiucaiiQn'd hours. 

A'mjf, Why do yo\i 

Chafe yourself so ? you arc not wrong'tl wor shall be ; 
Onty rU search your lodgine^ for some cau«c tlO 

To ouracif knoi^Ti, — Enter, laay* 

PJta. 1 say na 

>Viy, I^ *em enter, prince, let 'em crtcr ; 
[ am up and ready : 1 know their busine^ ; 
^is the \xxyt breaking of a lady's honour 
The>' hunt so holly after ; let 'em cnjoj' it — 
You have your business, gentlemen ; I lay Iicrc. — 
Oh. my lord ihc Km^. ihi£ U not noble in you 
To make public thcwcakncM of a woman! 

Kin^. Come down. 

J/</. 1 dare, my lord. Your vhootingfs and your 

elumours, 120 

Your private whispers and your broad flccrinfif.| 
Oin nn tnnrr vex my houI than cliis base carriage; 
But 1 have x^enjjeiince yet in store for some 
Shall, in the most contempt you can have of me. 
Be joy and nourishiuent 

King' Will >'Ou come down ? 

jW//-. Ye«, to laugh sit 3'our worst ; but E shall wring 
If my skill fail mc not [EjittI (^&vi. 

King. Sir. I must dearly chide you for this looseness ; 
Yoii have wrong'd a worthy lad)' : but, no more.^ 
Conduct him to my lodging and to bed. j 30 

\Rxeunt PharaMOND on^ Al1end;«nls. 


11% wyUt. . . AwtuKTi) to itividfil Thm. ir> njrce. Fint liE« «Ddt 
frimn Q..F. Ql Muka one line of ^ . , » mpi OiTdu c^ti raJy^ ini 
priEia EcM^oTipeecb » proof-. Tbcu.^ it thtnLlJ bc«iJ(kd» tmJk "I J^ Viktk " 
m U 113. II J na/r} i.c^ drcned, Muon. Ii4<i(jd Qi. 

191 Anurn^v^f l~h?o. loi both Knfcind mvlr#, u hv nxuid«ml. 

[£4 net/) Lc^ [rdtnl. Aar KntH> 

ia6 itTHjT] lE'rvftj Q91. ^ F. tn QjA ibcr* u ool ipua Tor «a' 
tf bttvc«i f ui<i ■■», ttcd onJv A tf*ia( iodidMwa of an iL Thja Kgol*! Hnin 1i> 
■qgfst ihiit (he printer «f Q5* tuvJtig the Q$i fof hiicopy con 




CU. Get him Another wcndi. And ycm brii^ him to 
bed indeed. 

Dhn, "Tij -itraTi^e a man cinnot ride a ^tagc 
Or two, to bfi^athc hlm*eir, withouc a w-irranT, 
If this geAT faold> that Lodgings be M:arch'd thua, 
Pray heaven we may lie with our own wivc^ Jn safety, 135 
That they be not 6y aooic trick of state mistaken ! 

Kiit^. Now, lady-of-honoar, whcre'd youj honour 
No mnn can fit j-our pa!ate but the prince : 
Thou most ill-shrouded rotlcnncas, thou piece 
Made by a psiinter and a 'pothecar}', 14D 

Thou troubled sea of lust, thou wildcrncas 
Inhahitet^ by wild thoughie, thou fiwoln cloud 
Of infection, thou ripe mine of ail diticasea;. 
Thou al1-s(n, all-hcIl, and last rdl-deviK lell me, 
Had you none to pull or with your courtesies 14J 

But he lliHi inujit be tninc. and wujn^ my d*tu^htcr? 
By all the (^odfi, all these, and all the pagca, 
Aiid all the couit, ^batl hout tlicc tlimugh the court* 
Fling rotien oranges, make Hbald rhymes^ 
And )ear th/ name with candles upon walls ! i jo 

Do you laugh, lady Venus ? 

M^. Faith, sir. you mu5t pardon me ; 
! cannot rhow hut laugh to see you meiry. 
U you do this, O King [ nay, if you dare do it, 
By all thmr giwls you swon? by, and as irirmy 155 

hf EdiL'Ti and Dycc^ Qi endi Wnr* rn-^ . . . AfiJif . ^ . tit . , . itt not 
• < . mittoMgmr Tflo). gaw firii (wo liijo thuh— 

*' Til «tnQi:Ti 4 Man wnU lida 4 Sucv « (*?, 
TobE«At£; himiclf, without 4 WvTA&t/r'/.'" — 
uid for Ilie vaE Allowed Q> l4 ¥. Web. printed the «]>e«di U F^*^ 

^ttf «). 17 II' Tliir Ft1r3,'7K ihouuH Thrn/a ratnjnrmmJ tmrtxlRllon picfcAblv 
rlfii^ '*bui ihaMrmlnc rr&Ktici; lo ^hu.-i:'V^rr.zne. in thr o«t^ llJjfl"[" I' 
E>yccl Induced Ihev 10 rvudii MTh mltAvn] Ocd Qt. 

156 Enicr . . .] Dyce. Bnicrwiih McrrrL 1^2 itt K. EuCcr Mqfrft- cd, 

"th^foant do*n to ihs King/' IJ7 i.^^-i^-,4^r/apJ O. ^ nui hyph*a*d 

l44A^'w1ds/4rJ^Ql- Nolc Tti? 1iy]ih«isln illt» Unc by UyccL 

154 i<ftr« «(> ^ Qy. (htatfn it m ^o/t ^'l>iW 1/? 155 /J^fr] /iuc Qtf» F. 




More of my own^ 1 will h»vc leltoiivs, and &uch 
Fellows in Lt,«3 ahall make noble mirth 1 
TTi*' prinrc<^ )roiir dear daughter, shall ^tartd by mc 
On ^Mlb, and 5uni; in ballads, anything : 
Urge iiic no more ; [ know her ar^J her haunts, 
Her lays, I^ans^ and outlays, and will discover all ; 
Nay. will diihoAOur her, 1 know the boy 
She keeps ; a hand^me boy, about eighteen ; 
Know what ."^hc doc» with him, where, and when. 
Come, sir, you put me to a woman'^ madness, 
The glory of a fury; and if 1 do not 
Do it to the height- 

King, What boy is this she ravcB at ? 

Mfg. Alas, good-minJed prince, ypu know nnt these 
things I 
I am loath to reveal "cm. Keep thh fault, 
As >'OU would keep your health from the hot air 
Of the conuptcd people, or, by heaven, 
i will not fall alone. What [ have known 
Shall be a^ public as a print ; all tongues 
Shall speak- it as the>- do the language thej* 
Arc born in, ns free and commonly ; I'll set it, 
Uke a prodigious star, for all to gaze at, 
And so high artl glowing, that other kingdoms far and 





173 d fvi«/j Av/r/w/ Qi. iz^o predieiout^i. t. paitciitoiii. Dfcr- 

'SohirHiind |;Ivwlu|:, tliat kin^oN Ur anil lofci|^' 

' Ati^ lA tiifjh and gliminfj^ ibal olhn kitij^lnini 

ThPTC tntty hft unine coTrapJon r Uii compipc 7'** tVcman-Aaiir, III. !. 4. 
•AuJ miirt iiucod," &t" Djrtr- 

MLiford \CmrsB'y J^f^Hift^t* '^l^, p. to) ihinkt ThcobiiMVeLirtJulinent vorj 
Jojidoui, vkd with rcffienM ti> tli* po^BK' in Tkt tVtwim AA^f^- 
" llntvn, if my fiiu be npc, grove Co a hetd. 
And muit iTtcnd yoar vCTi^inc«, 1 he^ net lo djven [iiy Faic, 
Only !ci rf |>ficvr iwhilc !hy pus lish menu*'- — ■ 
he rvouifki ]->'M tbink ihu ma^ Ijf trL h^^l, by (Aiuiilmnif 'lecawn lo ■ 
bad'A»A wkjiu icddiot:, or nurprul ctpkiuttoii, of 'ripc*^ and re*diait— 
UfdVfD, if my tins be np«, %i\A man ill«hd 
Vciir T<nKeaufe, I beg ft*t to riiv«T my fal*. tic. 
Mulikca on*n ocrur rTnm Ttia prinln fo^^ying fiom lh« fmrnuiCTipl ftll th^ 




Shall read it Ihcrc. ray, travel with it, till thc>' find 

Xr> toTigii<! In mnkr it more, nor nn more people ; 

And th^ behold the (ali of your (air princess ! iSo 

King. Ha5 she a boy ? 

Cfc. So piKww your grace, J have seen a boy wait 
oil her, 
A fair boy. 

A'iflfjf. Go, get you to >'OUr quarter ; 

For this time I will study m forget you. 

jtf<f. Do >"ou study to forget me. and III study 185 

To toJget you, [BtrtiJir Kinc;, Mei:ka, an^ Guard. 

O^, Why, her&s a male gpirit fit for Hercules. If 
ever ihcic be Nire Worihiea of Wcinicn, thi« wench 
slull ride astride and be their captain. 

Dum, Sore, she ha^ a garrison of devils In her 190 
toi^e, »he uttered such balU of wild-Are : she hiis 
so nettled ihc King, that all the doctois in the couoUy 
will fcvee cure him. That boy wa£ a i^rangc^found- 
out antidote to cure her infection ; that hay, uiat prin- 
ces*' boy ; that hravc, cha-ite, virtuous Udy"?: boy ; and 195 
a fair ooy, a wdlnpoUcn boy! All these considered, 
can make nothing else. — but there I leave you, gentle- 

TAra. Nay, well go ivandci wilh you, [Ex^unf, 

vatnjth nd ftlunlioM of ■ line, at vhich the mitlmg i' ^^ At^nli^y 
fivhbMl, sod not wpanclas ihe liiul linprov«nmtt| or Hit* hitx, fmn xhr 
Kcood ibougbu." 

ifi nar] vn, Qt. 

IU| 1S5 ^/J^iutf . . , /vVl^J Dru'tcliviaion; Uw fcst mrl L iff Mi>, 

tKi / n^ r/s gt to rAA^'rv 

185, t£6 yjw ^ . . jWy^^Ml /I* tpttrtili'ir/Mty^r^i^i. 
187^189 W^ . . . iqf^j'nl *' TtU ipnch pcrTiAiH ucght loituid ulhm 
lu«lai]1«|tiJftI mrw." Dj'm. 187 «r4^) cjin. iji. 

ttS ,Vmu if W'twr] Dree her* rvfcn to hin note on T^itrrt amd Tirnkftit 
II. iv. 1 cLT« iL bcfc OS ihif if the tvit iii«n1ion of ihcK WonhJH in ihh 
cAlMi ^— "^ rffhips (he rttiler tray fequlre la be tnlurmed thhi ihnt were 
Tarfiut, Jivlfti Murahkuit Divbl* AlniAdnT rhp r-mt^ HrvtrLr, Juliin Cnar, 

Uica, VIL 164.1 ■«£ /fWfUO »W^<i^ Ql. 



Tk€ C^urt Qftiu Paiaa. 

Enter DiOH, CLEREM014T, ami ThrasILIHE. 

Cfr, Nay, doubtless, 'lis Inic. 

Di^. Ay ; and 'tis the gods. 
Thai laised UiU punislinicnt, lo scourge Uic King 
With his own issue. Is it not a ^h.ime 
For us tliat -should write noble in ihc land, 5 

For lis that should be freemen^ to behoM 
A man that is the bravery of his age. 
Philastor, press'd down from hi^ royal right 
By this regardless King ? and only look 
And *ee the ^cpplre ready to be cast 10 

Into the hand3 of that lascivious lady 
That livrs Iti lust with n smooth boy, now lo be married 
To yon strange prince, wrho, but thai people ple;bsc 
To Icl hint be a prince* 1^ born a slave 
In that which should be his mob-t noble part, 15 

His mind } 

T^ra^ That man that would not stir with you 
To aid Philastcr, let the ^ods forget 
That siKh a creature walks jipnn thcr earth ! 

CU, rhilaater Is too backward in't himself, 
The gentry do await it, attd ihL- peuple, 30 

Against their nature, are all bent for him, 
And like a field of standing corn, that's moved 
With a stiff gale, their heads bow all one way, 

Dum. The only cause tli^t diatvs Phifastcr back 

I A'l^] AmiiX % f*'t itf]/t<r aU tit Qi. s thim!^ om. Qt. 
11^14 Thalava . . , f£w] DiviiW vi Uf WcK tmL Dyiv^ UD««cad 

II /fWfljffAffiViMrjmllc, <oniiwy to Ihc rutvft of ihc din^^HaQl nulu^ 
ludt. HAtt^ SI /«a/)otB. ^1. a3 4A^i\nn, ljl< 

34 .^HvrJ ^rwtHth i^l. 



From thi« ^Lttcmpt » the fair prince»* \ov^ 2$ 

Which he aiUmtc», djxt we can now oonrutc 

Tira. Perhaps hc1l not bciiM'c iL 

Z>M>jf, Wh>% gc:nt1cnicf^, *tis without question mx 

CU^ Ay, 'tis past iip©cch» she lives dishonestly; 
But bow shall wc. if he be curious, work 30 

Upon hU faith ? 

Tkra. Wc ail are aatiafied vithin ourselves. 

Di^n. Siticc it i* true, anJ lends to his nwn gnod, 
ni iTjake this new report 10 be my knowledge ; 
yW say 1 know ft : nay, I'll swear 1 saw iL 3$ 

CV'> It will be best 

Tkr^ Twill move him. 

Dwm^ tJere he comes. 

^i*//*- Philaster. 

Good-morrow to j-our honour ; wc have spent 
Some time in seeking you. 

Phi. My worthy friends, 

You that can keep your mcmnncs to k-now 
Your friend in mi^eric:!, and cannot frown 40 

On men disgraced for virtue^a good day 
Attend you all ! What service may 1 do 
Worthy your acceptation ? 

Z>A^. My good lord, 

We come to urge that virtue, which wc know 
Lives in yo\\\ breast, forth. RisCn and make a head : 45 
The noblc?t ^r\^ the people cUc all dulled 
With this itsurpiog King; and not a man^ 
That ever heard the word, or knew such a thing 

96 <tfrt/w^) ttmftwt Qr 

aj— jl r^rkift . . . f^Atkl Ittrc u Id Q, K. TImo. Io Dfoc di»!<k ilu 
tieo >j /A/^vwff . . . :/4nh . . . i4aI7»t . . . fiviJk- 

97 'O ^"^ Q'' y* imri«m\ i- ^- icRipulniiK W«lwr. 

31 C^ JHt/nUk\ m kit ivit^* Qi. ji Itrntj} Lard* Qt. 

JP'-j^ it ^t . ^ - /""^ ^^^ *ppcAr> (u U ihc ^«{»loa of the ffdJton 

from Thve. Ui Dyn i bijl oj lAch only puttcilly Arntngn bii Udca m mttncal 
Conn, Hid th« oiJitnnot n %tl, IhotiT iTit«iituvi m noi alviijv clear, Tbvdjvi- 
•ion »# Q. F. t»m» w li# ftt »«* A*rt . , Jiflrwitr . . . frTtHii!. 

4S #r ImJC^j (o Dr«. JnAKr<ji. 0r i«fv>w (JL rerlup<tJKi»tfMif 
of Qi u« pier* ibjiphnl fitr i4fHw</ ; u —ton torn* tbfti #rijwwr wwld bt ■ 
bMtcr rtadins <^tt tbt "ccifKt^oit " of Qj, 


Aa virtue, bat will second j-otir attempts. 

Pfn- JIow honourable is thi.-^ love in y^u jo 

To me that have deserved none! Know, my friends, 
(Yen, that were bom lo shame your poor Fhiliatcr 
With too much eoorteay,) ! eould siflord 
To melt myocir in thanks ; but my dcsiii^ivs 
Atc not yet ripe : suffice it» that ere long 
] shall employ your loves : but yet the time 
Is short of wh^l [ would 

Oi^n. The time Is fuller, sir, than j'ou expect \ 
That which hereafter will not« pcrhapfi* be icjich'd 
By violence may nov/ be caught. As for the King, (So 
Vou know the people have loni; bated him ; 
Bill now the princess whom they loved 

/*A»; Why. what of her? 

Di&n. la loathed as nuch as he. 

Pku liy what strange means .' 

Dum. SheS known a whore^ 

/*: Thou licstl 

Dipm. My loid 

Phi. Thou Itert, 

\Offtn t^ dmw, and is fuld. , 
And thou «halt feel iti I had tbou^ thy mind 65 

Had been of honour. Thus to rob a lady 
Of her giiod UAfTw, is an infectious sin 
Not to be pardon'd : be it falat: as hell. 
Twill never he rcdccm'd, if it be sown 
Afnon£[st the people, fniitful to increase ^' 

All evil they t^hall hcai. Let me alone. 
That t may cut otf falsehood whiUt it springs 1 
Set hiMs on hills betwixt me and the man 
That utiers chi:^, and 1 will scale them all, 
And from the utmost top fall on his neck 75 

Like tliunder from a cloud. 

Dkn, This ia most strange : 

Sure he does love her. 

51 H^ mt*tO\. S4i(«r4d«irJ Tptkamkt QE- 

55 *Mffi£r wt] mjirimt CJT. jS rlr) am. Qi. 

Sfi afin/) i, r. >inr|xihr cir helkvp- Wc ttXi ibk an Amtti^aiiijm : but 
WBinoa ciKju^h blitl \a the Mi^ilicr cvmiiiT^ 3cc J^mr £jtjg. Ditt. 

^OStH . * .] He Offei* to ^v hii cword, wd « h#ld. Ql, 

66 7»Hf]r,«#ff4^l. 

7o>i>iMf^ J/M'^Hir/ y f 





Phi. I do love fair truth : 

She '%& my mistress, sind 'k\\o injures bcr 
DriiWA x"«ngcartcc from mc Sirs, let go xrsy arm». 

Tkm. Nay, (jood my lord, be pAticnt. So 

CU. Sin remember Ihi* 15 your honour'd friend. 
That cfimes ttidn hi* aervice, ^nd will ^hew you 
Why he utlcj'd this, 

PhL \ :»k you pard^ni, nir; 

My xcal to trutti mad« me unroann^ly: 
Should 1 h'lvc heard dislioncur s|K>kc of you. S5 

Behind your back, tmtruly, I had been 
As mudi Uistcinpc/d and enraged aa now. 

I}t&H. But thifi, my lord, is truth. 

PkL Oh, say not ^o I Good sir. forbear to say « ; 
'Tis then truth that all womankind is false: ^ 

Urge it no more ; jt is imporisiblc- 
Why should you think the pnncce light? 

jE^am. Why, she was taken at it, 

Pki. 'Tia labc * by heavci>, 'tiii fal^ ! it cannot be 1 
Can it } Speak, f*enilcmcn ; for God'< love, speak I 9S 
X^t possible } cnji wonicn nil be damn'd ? 

J>iwi. Why, no, my lord. 

Phi Why, then, it cannot be. 

Dhn, And ahe was t^ken with her boy. 

P/tk What boy? 

ZMml a page, a boy that !tcrve!i her. 

P/tl Oh, good gods \ 

A Tihic hny > 

Diffn. Ay ; know you him, my lord I 100 

PkL Hell and sin kno^v him ! — Sir. you dicdcccircd; 
\'\i reason tt a little coldly with ycu ; 
If she weie Iu>lful, would she lake a boy, 
That Icnows rot yet desire? she would have one 
Should meet her thoughts and know the am he act^ 105 

U-43 ^'^ »'' . . . tri/] lUr* ditiJM n la Qa U^ IMd.'^X W*b. «ad 
pTCacaa hntt jilV w . - . /'w^ , . , <i# mvt . . . /i»t( . . - af»r. 

IVrhap* i^ir firti rwn lyllnblpi "^ I- 9J- '*^/ '^/. ihouM « looowplFl* L53, 
kftTLiu; 91 A ivo jntuiui^ Iti>f iinJy, rhc! >[<ccch li (iruilcd » prose In Ql> 

90M<4/fit/A)/4<f f/it/^ Va'H- '■**'>"''* Q*' 10 to r. j-mfjl /^Im Tbex 

rtljS, F. 9] ilr^lAjQt. >♦ ^] £> Q4 » r.» EdJ"7». Web. 

5)S, 46/<r . , . jkirrMlA'J«(n, Ql. 95 6Aff /tiw] /A^t/jyW't ^4 to Djn. 
97 Dion fi^/ . . fivrfj Qr omiuthkitpHcllftnfl £iv« the q?ii 16 *'TrL** 



Which i% the ECTcat cicli^ht of wickedness. 
Vou arc abused, and sd i« she, and 1. 

/^fi)«i; How you, my lord f 

PU Why, oil Ihc world's abused 

In an unymt report 

7?jxnv. Oti. noble .nir. your virtues 

Cannot Ioo1< \dxo tht subtle thoughts of woman! IIO 

In short, my lordj ] look ihcm ; 1 myself, 

PAr Now. all the devils, ihou didsi ! Fly from my 
rage I 
Would thou hadat ta'en devits engendering pJague«, 
When thou didst talcc them t Hide thcc from my eyes 1 
Would thou hadst taken thunder en thy brTAiJt, 1 1 $ 

When thou didst take them ; or been stnicken dumb 
For ever ; tliat th» foul deed nnght have slept 
In silence 1 

Th-a. I!avc yoti known him so ill-tcmper'd ? 

CU. Nc%*cr before. 

PAi. The wtnd^, that arc let looflc 

From the four several comers of the earth, 120 

AekI spread thcmsetvea all over sea and land, 
Kiss not a chaste one. What friend bear* a sword 
To run mc thoroug^h > 

Dion. Why, my lord, are you so moved at this? 

Pki. When any fall from virtuCn I am distracted \ 125 
I have an interc^ in't. 

Di&H. But, (food my lord, recall yourself, and think 
What'a best to be done 

Phi. \ thanlc you ; I will do it: 

Please you to leave mc ; I'M consider of it, 
TO'morrow 1 will find your lodgmg forth, IJO 

113 J^iii] Djrcadoulili Ihii wmnj; E-binki a may have been caught froB 

n -S^mA Allen tlrin "fnriM." \t% AU/wj^j)«r Ql. 

US ikuttder ctt\iiiacp^> 1" Ql- 

TS3 Xiii Mf/ <i fur/f #fu3 AfttUt m''t ^ /a/f* art Qk 

135—1^ J'a nw . . . mV] Vyc^ divK!*< «i atwtA . . . mftttt. , . >VA 

iri rk'fnmghl Dyf«(rraiEi Qi Mitp^ivJ. eiirfwgk m^tvtu 

137, LaS ^Mf . . . c^f/|W(b., Dye*. Ql t» Edd-'^S divide «( /mrH^ 
, . 4 ^W * ^ . ^U, 




And give you ansi**cr. 

Dion. Ali the gccU dtrtct you 

The readiest way I 

Thra. He wu extreme tinpaticnt 

OV, It wai hi* TJrtue and hli noble mind- 


Phi. 1 had foigot to 4Lik him where he took them ; 
rU Tollov him. Oh, that 1 had a sc-a 135 

WUhtn >ny htcAsu to quench the fire ] feel ! 
MofC circunuitance^ "tAW but fan thi>i fire : 
It more afflicts mc now. to know by whom 
Thlt deed i& done* th^n dimply th:it \\% done ; 
And he that tcll!i me this U honourable, 140 

As far from lies a? she is far frotn trtith, 
O^ Ibat, !ikc bcasf^. we eould not gnevc our^ve* 
WTth tl^at MTti ^eie not ^ Bulls and rams xvill Hght 
To keep their females, standing in their sitrht j 
But ukf! ctw frtim than, anfl you take at uiicc 145 

Their spieens away ; and the}- will fall a^gaJn 
Unto their pastures, growing frciih and fat ; 
And taste the waters of the springs as Eweei 
As 'twas before, finding no start in sleep : 
But miserable man 

EttUr Bellakio. 

Sec, sec, you gods, 1 50 

He wa1k« iilll ; and the face you let him wear 
When he was innocent is Btill the Jiamc, 
Nnl blasted \ U ihi* ju>lke? du yuu tnean 
To intrap mortality, that you allow 

Treason so smooth a braw? I cannot nou' IJS 

Think he ii guilty. 

I|l, 131 DloD, All . . . VJ^y] Q4 '39 (O rd. iTLi pnnled tlilK fpc«ch Vt\ 
tern lirr-*"The fcMflSfiU w*)'- Di. All lUe goji iJif«l yuu, *— thrf«>nr 

aakiw it «ppcu llut "Tlic icaJinl wiv" wjti ilx tjM pui of rhiluttr > 
prVMviiC •pboch. Ttica^ who 11^ Ui>t ''all the pnDUd copjc*^' hate Ihii 
fttkjwJM)— tho^ Qt I0 ^ '34 cive ibc i}wtdi corrtctJj'— Uks Cfvdil to 

ip H«[* Qt Sivrt "&UI itirre G«t.", tnd omiu (he ivo bllovuitt 
^fRbnotf "Tl»3.''u>d "Clr-" 
15s A^Mi]tHi Cd]« OHAt f am of ib« coamaim W] Qi. 
■34 fi«1 Air Qt. 1 J7 viil ^nf/an] mm/Jlta^mt Qi. 

fcn Ihe ftnf liA*." Ip3 EnLvr . . . ) Wtb bcM*— " vrlih « LfdWi" 

153 JKtfMuM^iMf Mti/<jl. 



[act It! 

Bii^ Health to you. my lord \ 

The pTincess doth commend her Iovk, htr life. 
And this, unto yoa [//f gh'tj Aim alitttr. 

Phi. Oil. Bellarifi^ 

Now I perceive ahc loves me ! she docs shew it 
In loving ihcc, my boy : ^hc h;u m^ulc thcc brave. l6o 

Btl My lord, «h« has altired me post my wish, 
Pftst my desert ; more (il foi her sttcrddxit. 
Though far unfit for me who do attend- 

Pkt. Thou art grown courtly, boy. — Ob. let a]l 
That love black deeds, Jcam to dissGinble hero, 165 

Here, by this paper I She doc* wntc to mc 
As if her heart were minezi of od^manC 
To 4I] the lA'oiM besides ; but. uiitu uic, 
A maiden-snow that melted with my looks- — 
Tell mc> my bo>', how itoth the pnn<:cf5 u^c thee? 170 

For I shall guess her love to me by thai. 

Bd. Scarce like bcr servant, but as if I nxrc 
Something allied to her, or had preserved 
Ijer life three times by my hdclity : 

As mothers fond do uste their only sons, 175 

As rd use one that's left unto my trust, 
For whom my life should pay if he met harra, 
So she doe^ use me. 

Phi. Why, this is wondrous well : 

But whAt kind language doe^ ^he feed ihee with ? 

Bei. Why, she docs tell mc she will trust my youth 180 
With all her loving secrets, and doc* call me 
Her pretty servant ; bids mc weep no more 
For leaving you ; she'll sec my services 
Regarded : and such words of that soft strain, 
That I iim nearer weeping when she ends 185 

Than cfc she ^pakc 

Pki. Tlii-s is much better still. 

B^. Are you not ill, my lord ? 

ICS !kH:lv«A . . . I Ot. KolaUc ol. bfti any dirMtiDC tierr 'till D/cc 
nuihsl— ''CjvnftletEcr?' 

i&[ my]cm.Oi. |&| ^^J a/ A>r Ql. l66 ^JnftQr. 

X-n yar . . . tAat\ cm. Ql, 17a tM$ it\ 'Us Ql. 

1B4 ^4fiiMfi1 rmorv'** Ql i «i^iich readme I>fcr|iho'btf belicire* rtr^rdtJ 
<t> be righl, ihink» may juM be DOiior<L 1S6 r/^e] //v^ifi Qi. 



lUI no BclUrio. 

Btl Mcthinl:^ your wombi 
Kail not from off your tongue so cvciil>% 
Not i% there in your looks that quietness 190 

Thit I was wont v> «e. 

Pku Thou art deceived, boy : 

And she strokes thy h^ad } 

Phi. And «hc doc« dap thy cihn^W } 

BtU She doc:(, my lord- 

Phi. And sbc docs kiss tlicc, boy } ha 1 

BtL How» m\' lord? 

Pku She kisses Uioc? 

£*/. Never, my Lord, by Heai.^a I ig; 

PkL Thit'a strange : ] know she docs. 

Bit. No, b>* my lifer 

Phi. Why, then, *lic does not iovc mc. Come, she 
does : 
I bftdc her do it : 1 charred her, by all charms 
Of love txttwtren us, by tfic Ktjjic of i>tact: 
Wc should enjoy, to yield thcc all delights aoo 

Naked as to hcf bed ; I took her oath 
TlKMi should'st enjoy her. TcU me, gentle boy» 
Is she not parallclcss? 15 not her breath 
Sweet o:: Ar;iban wind* when fruits are ripe \ 
Arc not her breasts two liquid ivory balls \ 205 

Is lOie not all a lasting mine of joy \ 

B^L Ay, now I sec why my disturbed thoughts 
Were so pcrplex'd : when f rst I wriit 10 her, 
My heart held nugur>\ Voa arc abui^cd ; 
Soirur villain \\a^ abused yuu : I du m!T^ 210 

Whercic you tend. F3II rocks iifjon hjs head 
Thai put thi* to you ! 'tis some subtle train 
To bring that noble frame of yours to nouj;rht 

fA9 fall. . . rtf»fy]fiUSaMt/timyatirifftt£miotinffifatiy<ii^ 

t99 fui^tmu] fnuMa Qu 

t^ JH^nvr . . . //A>tvMfV/M/<^n^^/Q4l«F,, £dd.'7StoD)i«C. 

SM Stif]lant Qi. 




[ACT ni 

Phi. Thou thirk'st I will be anpry with the«- Come, 
Thou shaU know alJ my drift ; Ihatc her more lis 

Than 1 Ifivc happiness, and plaord thrr there 
To pr>' with narrow eyes into her deeds- 
Hsist thou discovered ? is she fallen to lust. 
As \ would wish her? Speak iu^me coinfort to me. 

Bil. My lorJ« you did iri%tdkc the boy you sent -. 320 
Had she the lust of sparrows or of goats, 
H--id she a sin that way, hid from the world. 
B<*^'ond the name of lust, I would not aid 
ilcr ba5c dcsifca : but what 1 came to know 
As servant to her, I would not reveal, 225 

To make my Jjfc i&st agc», 

PkL Oh, my heart ! 

ThU ifi a dslve worse than the main disease. — 
Tdl mc thy thoughts \ for I wl)] know the least [Drams, 
That dwelU within thee, or will rip thy heart 
To know it; 1 will sec thy ihou^^hts a& plain 230 

A« 1 do now thy face. 

BtL Why, so you do- 

Shc is (for aught 1 know), by all the gods. \Xnfiis, 

As chaste as ice I but were ^c foul as hell. 
And I did krrow it ihu^, the breath of ktn{{s. 
The points of swords, torturer, nor bulla of bmss. 
Should draw it from nie. 

Pki, Then it is no time 

To dally with theis ; I will take thy life. 
For I do hate th«c : I could curse thee now. 

Bti. If you do hate, you could not curse mc worse ; 
The gods have not a punishment in store 
Greater for mc than is your bate 

Pki\ Fie, fie. 

So young and 30 di^i^embling 1 Tel) me when 

217 itiTVji'l ifttmtna Qu xtx pr\amii^i. 

133 v^y, AiJ] tm^hid Qi. SST ■A>f«/f] .ArL-fi> Qt. 

3^ nnw^]Wtb.| Dj^ftdds^'hiifwori" ^39 Kncds.} WcU. Dw. 

336— J38 SAiti/J . . . HAv.j Divided u \rf 'ITieo, %a iJyce; kUrcwIjn^. 
with Qr, ii ii iH/jHf iniiud oi'ftr iB»/Mrof<^3 to f- fji *ncj» lJn«« firm 
mr ^ ^ . a/t . . , Ken; Ql li> 4 mrl lltirnyrtrt bj^ h , , vnth Ikf4 . > . 
AtfV t^ , . . ivTic i Ql 6 iwD linn ending n'j'M Ihit . . . iwvk F, eodi 
Uatt/rvm mt . . . tvifA ikit . . . rmff, 

ajfi Jrvnn) trr^fk Qi. 119 «Um] 'Utf iw Qi, 

141—144 J^i . . . flHT) Di¥id«d u b^ Th«., W^b., Dyea. Liaoi end 
vj|«w - . - «/iM H/ . . , a</Ql, ititumd/imi^ . , . jA^ . . . jwr Q4 to F., 





And where thou didst enjoy her, or let plague* 
Fall upon lac, if ] destroy thcc not I 

fiel, HcAwn know« I never did ; and when I lie 245 
To save my life, inay I live long and loathed I 
Hew mc a.<-under. and, wJiiM I can think, 
III love thoM piecc4 you have cvt away 
Better thajo thooc ih^t grow, and kiis those limbs 
Beeaufic you made 'ero %o. 

PftL Fcar'st thou not death } 350 

Can \>Qy% contemn that ^ 

Bel. Oh. what boy is he 

Can be conlcnl to live to h^ a ttiAn, 
That sees the best of men thus passionate, 
Thus without reason ? 

P^9, Oh, but thou dost not know 

WKat 'tis to die. 

Bei Yes, I do know, my lord : ajS 

Ti» less than to be bom ; a hating sleep ; 
A 4iQiet resting from all jealousy, 
A thing wc all pursue ; I know, besides, 
Ir i* but giving over of a g^tmc 
That muat be Tost 

Fhi. Rut there are pains, false boy, jGo 

For perjured t^ouU : think but on those^ and then 
Thy licact will ludu and thou wilt utter alL 

B4L, May they fall all upon mc whilst 1 live, 
If I be perjured, or have ever tliought 
Of that you charge me with I I f 1 t>c false, 365 

Send mc to suffer in tho^c puni.thmcnts 
You speak of; kill me! 

P/^, Oh, what should I do? 

Why, who can but believe him * he does swear 
So earnestly, that if it were not true. 

The god^ would not endure him,«-^Rise, Bcllano : ^70 

Thy protestations &re so de^, and thou 

±44 ■^HimlQi, Djw. MvwQluF,, B^'T^Wcktfn ^Ur^UThx^ 
44 }ltr« Qi Wthf luea drrtcuon^^' He<lr«w<M kU wcrd.'' 

3S^ t£a n it , . , Asjfj Cf. nmmmoTUl of Hawthofnilen. hU Cypmu 
Cnvf, i6jj i— " To Jjff yvun^r, !« iv tlv lb»l iocne, ani! hi mihic Icwr* liayo, 
wbich caociboa auui d«( i/ tt fiaf thv jtim'nfntfr ttf a Gam* thAr,^Hi\ ncofit 

a6i /iiuif] thtH Q4 10 Dyce, Afrs dW] 4W f'tn 4^1- 





Dost look so tnil/ when thou uttcr'*t them, 
That, though I knew cm Caluc an ^-crc my hopes, 
I carnot ur|:c thcc further. But thou wcrt 
To blame lo Jnjurc mc. for 1 must love 
Thy honcftt looks, And take no revenge upon 
Thy tender youth ; a love from me to Ibee 
U firm, whatc'cr thou dost : it troubka me 
T!iiil I Iwivc calTd ihe lihxjd nut of ihy chi^k^*. 
That did so vreii become Iheo. But, good boy, 
I^ mc not 5CC ihcc mc>rc : something is done 
That will distract me, that will make me mad, 
If I behold thcc. If thou tcndcr^t mc. 
Let me not fice thcc- 

Bfl I u-iU Hy as far 

As there I's morning, ere 1 give distaste 
To that moat honoured mind- Hut thiDu^b thcie teart, 
Shed at my hopeless pining, [ can sec 
A world of treason i>racti9cd upon you. 
And her. and me^ Farewell fur ct^^ermore! 
If you shall hear that sorrow struck me deadi 
And ftftct find mc loyal, let thcic be 
A tear ahed from >'ou in my memory, 
And J ^hall rest iii peace. (/Ltj/ BELLakio, 

PAi. Blessing be with the«, 

WhatcvcrthoudcKTVcatl — Oh, where 

Go bathe this body? Nature too unkfnd. 
That made no medicine for ^ troubled mind 1 

[Ejeit i'HILASTEB. 

375 ff^if] ifi^ttU (}l. Qodmibr s misprint fat irtinrit. v, wrenil itmu 

176 rrvmp mfvm\ f«Hffitfu##n Thm., n]riUJ> ; «nd u tilc&tlr icjntctl by 
hiB flucc4wor». a^7 findtr ^uM] fionnt ■W'/ Qi. 

ft^a JPTVtfKl tfrrvtiwr Q>' 

J9& mmit . , , /rr] nmfit , . . ArQr. 







Scene 11, 
Arethusa'5 Aparem^tt in tAe Paiaa. 

EnUr AltETliUSA. 

Art, 1 n»n-cl my boy oomcfi not back again : 
But that I know my love will (question him 
0^-er and over,— how 1 slept, waked, talked. 
How I rcmcmbcr'd him when his dcAr name 
Was last Mx>ke, and hi:>w when I 5igb"d, wept^ sufig. 
And ten thousand such, — I should be angry at hid ata/. 

ffjir^ KiNu 

Kimg. What, at your meditations! Who attciuis 

Art. None but my "ingle ndf ; 1 need no guard ; 
J do no vrron^, uor Icar none 

A'lflf. Tell me, have ^'ou not a boy ? 

Arc. Yc*» sir. 

KiHg. What kind of boy? 

Art, A page, a waiting-boy. 

KiMg^. A handM^me buy? 

Art, I think he bo not ugly, air: 

Well qualified and dutiful [ know him ; 
I took him not fot beauty. 

Kit^. lie spcak& and sings and pUya? 

Art. Yef, sir. 

Kmg. About eighteen \ 

Aft* I never ask'd his age. 

Khtf. Idhe full of iterviee? 

Art. Dy your pardon, why do you ask ? 

Kitig. Ihit him away> 

Art, Sir ! 

KtM^. Put htm away, I &&y. 

ja <uO'i f*f} Q>< All Ubd <i9f^ oniEi f/, 
Uf /j^)Ql, I, All later cJj. umil. 





[act nt 

H'as done you that good scmcc shames mc to spcalc 

of. 20 

Art. Good air» let mc understand you. 

/C/w^. If yoa fcAf m^ 

Shew It in duty; put away that boy. 

Art. Let me h^ive rcAsnn for it. sir. and thert 
Vour will is my command. 

King. Do you not biLsh to ask it? Ca&t him oflT, 25 
Or I shall do the same to yo\i. Y'are one 
Shame with mc, and so near iinto myself. 
That, by my life, 1 dare not tell myself, 
What you. m>'3elf, have done. 

Art. What have I done, my lord ? 

Kmg. 'Tis rcw lanpiapc, that all love to team : 30 

The common people speak it well Alrcatl^^ ; 
They need no grammcr. Understand me ^vcll ; 
There be foul whispeis stirnng. Cast him oft 
And suddenty : do it ! Farewell [Erit KlNC. 

Ar€, Whcfc may a maiden live securely free, 35 

Keeping lier honour fair? Not with the living; 
They feed upon opinions, errors, dreams, 
And make 'em truths \ they draw a nourishment 
Out of dcfamtnifs, grow upon di3g:races; 
And, whrn they see a virtue fortified 40 

Strongly abo^-e the batter>* of their tongues, 
Ohn how they cast to sink it? ^nd. defeated, 
(Soul-sick with poison f strike the monunenta 
Where noble names lie sleeping, till they awcat 
And thQ cold marble melt. 45 


Phi. Peace to your fairest thoughts, my dearest 

Siir| on. Qt. t4 JiV'I ' Q'- 

yj mtta\<im. Q[. 38 my hfr\ tJuj-mi Qi, 29 my tor^ am. i^\. 

35 wifiiitin\mind<^\. 3<'/*»»'''J x>Vtf Q4 Uj Web. 

y&t'9irh,\i't4/k Qr. ^ttu(\ miHiH^i. 

43 i>»AjA^J/fln/r5iV* Qi. 

M^ ifitfmr} TbfrOv ; "and u p«rhaju the Auittor wnire," ttyi l^yet ; 
tho' (leilho heimr tkeotEKr nlitoik UDpIcu TIicq^'b mdiii^ : Q. T. hifc onl;r 




Art. Oh, my dearest aetvani. I hav« ji wnr within 

PAi. He mu!it be more than man that makes tbcsc 
Run mto rivers. Sweetest fair, the CAtJsc } 
AtxI, iu [ am your sUve, lied to your goocin»it, 
Your creature, made again from what I was 
And ncwiy-sinrited, I'll right your honour. 
Art, Oh, my best love, that boy I 
Fjkt. What boy ? 

I Arv. The pretty boy you (^vc me- 

f ' 






What of him? 
Must be no more mine 

They arc jealous of him. 

Jealous J who? 
The King. 

\Asid£\ Oh, my misfortune ! 
Then 'tis no idle jealousy. — Let him go, 

Art. Oh, cruel [ 
Ate you hard-heaitcd too ? Who tihall now tell you 
How much 1 loved you ? who shall swear it to you, 
AAd weep the tears I send ? who shall now bKng you 
Letter^ nnff^ bnoelets ? lo«e hi^ health in service ? 
Woke ttdioas ni^bts in »toric3 of your prai^ac ? 
Who shall now ting your crying etcgir^ 
And strike a »d soul into senseless pictures, 
And make them mourn ? who shai! Uikc up his lute, 
Aj»d touch it till be crown a silent sleep 
Upon tay cyc-Uds, making me dream, and cfy, 
-CHi, mv dear, dear Phiiaster! " 

PkL \AiiiU\ Oh, my heart ! 

WoBld be hod broken thee, that made thee know 
TUt bdy va3 not loyal !— Mistress, 





39^foOlw'TM, .. I^Arf) I>j«idcd her? ukaTlirt., Weby« Dree. Q^ 

■H*v . . . MV - ' - "^ ■ * ■P9W4 . . ^ tat , . . iv^JUi - . . fkilm* 

6|4te£rMHQl.t>rce' wwjiMr'nico. Q3ioF,,&Jd.'7Sind W«bL 
■Bds- fir flHrn] monw Ql. 6i«/t-iW;] ^^4^04 to Wcb- 



[act ill 

For^ the boy ; Til gd thoe a far better. 

jirf. Oh, never, never such a boy again 
As my Bdlaiio] 

P^i. TIs but your fond alfcciion. 

An. With thcc, my boy, brcwcU (or ever 
All ^creey in 5«rvant«l Farewell iaith^ 
v\nii alJ desire todo well for itdclfl 
I^t all th^l fifuU ^tiocntl thtx lor thy wrongs 
Sell ard betray chaste love I 

PAi. And aM thi» passion for a boy ? 

Ar.\ He wat your boy, and you pat him to me. 
And the lOM of such mu^t have & mouratng for* 

PA$\ Oh, thou forgetful wocnan I 

Arr, How. aiy lord ? 

PAs, False Anrtbu^a ! 
Ha^t thou a medicine to restore my wila. 
When I have lost 'em f If fiol, leave to talk, 
And do thus, 

Arv. Eo wIiHl, sir ? woulil yuu ileep? 

PJri. For ever, Arethusa. Oh, you gods, 
Give me a worthy |jfiticncc ! Have I Mood 
Naked, alone, the shock of many fortunes f 
Have I seen mischiefs numberless and mighty 
Grow like a sea upon me t Have I taken 
Danger as slcm a» dcatJi into my bosom. 
And Irtugh'd upon it, made it Inii a mirth. 
And Hung it by ? Do I live row like him, 
Under this t^'rant Ktng. that languishing 
Hcar£ his sad bell and sees hi:S mourners ! Do I 
Bear all thU bravely, aad amsl ^ink at knirth 
Under a woman's falsehood? Oh, that boy. 
That curbed hoy I None but a vill^irii boy 






77 wrw^J jrr'Kf <Jt. 

iflf-/} ^iiirtt . , . rky )j*t Q|. 

I pcstmn\ i t »rrc)«ruJ eidamAdoTir Dye? 

Si, ^U» . . . /'rl'lTiert ■cemi to be a sliithi oomipllon of tl« lot 
hen : ThvcbfiJil fcA^Lc^jr ntbnutil U thui t 

' Ilfi woj jroui bofr Tou pot hEm Lo mc, bod 
THd Liu of »iuh nu4 hava i inoufiuns for.'" DycO' 
Hid Thon, bftp aci^EiaiiiiTt whh Qi h« trould prcibably, Efjrctiog ami in hotli 
Iinrt, hivf fffod in i^i- *iT\t— 

" lie *■« your boy, yoo pni him unio mfc" 
as tb fJwl JV dbf /Aid Tlioj. 
S9>«f K*^\y*e^^ yt ^odi Qi. 90 &tfr/|>1 ttvdA'Hltr Qt. 




To CAM your li»t ? 

An. Nay, then, 1 am bctray'd : 

I fisci the pbl cast for my overthrow, 
Oh» 1 am wretched I 

Pla\ Now you ir^ay take that littJc ri^bt I has'c lOS 

To this poor kingiTom ■ give it to your joy ; 
For I have no joy in it. Some far place, 
Whett ncvrr womankind dur^t set he^r ftK>l 
For tmrstini; wtih her poisons, must I seek, 
And live to curse you : i to 

There din; a cave, and preach to birds and beasts 
What woman is^ and help to *a%-c them from you ; 
How heaven is in your eye;, bot In your hearts 
More hell than hell ha.-^ -. how your ton^e^, like 

Both heal and poiwn ; how your thoughts are woven I IJ 

With thousand d^angvs in one «ul)ile web, 

And worn fo by you ; how thnt foolish man, 

That reads llie Htory at a wotnan's f;ice 

And dica believing it, is lost for ever ; 

How all the: goo^l ynu have is but a shi^dow, 130 

r the mornrnj.; nith you^ and at nighi behind you 

l*a4t and fofgottcn . how your \ows arc fi"ost*> 

Past for a night, and with the next «un gone ; 

How you arc being taken all together, 

A mere confuision, and «o dead a ch&oe, 135 

That love cannot ditttinpjuh, The^e ,iad texts. 

Till my ta*;! hour, 1 am bound to utlcr of you. 

So, £arewer] all my woe, all my delight ! 

An. Be merciful, ye pod5, nnd strike me dead I 
What way have: 1 c!c^crvcd this ? Make my brea:it 1^0 
Transparent as pure crystal, that the world, 
Jealous of me, may sec the fouleat thought 

£09/4V)a ror fewer tO^/ai»iit}/^tttiQt. lU TiUn) and t^rt Qu 
lit tvtmtM ij'jvff wan art Qx. mamJAtf^. . , /rvtnyou]ota Qi^ 

t/GrmtmdA^/t,t± I>T«, f^ 9»,CoJ. I.)- 

'Fof b*ll'inolidi lympirW [ft their heirt*.*"' Bulled. 

Cft^Nrr T, ftl, 16^. wnTr4, That vrirpiont 'Tt^ing liti to thrir nim wmmilt 
ifacy nuiile. Lhejrcuri- them. At Ji tenenltr kT>oTn/ GiUcii'k uthohiy michi 
WwidDced fa luppin of the iCfkLcmcm." Bu]1<n^ 




[act iu 

My heart holds. Where sh^ll a woman turn her eye*. 
To find out constancy } 

Save me, how black 
Ard guiltily, mcthinks. tli^t boy [ooks now ^ 135 

Oh, thou dis^mbk-r, Uuc, before thou spake*t» 
\N'crt in thj' cradle fiaJac. sent to make lies 
And betray innocents! Thy lord and thou 
May glory in the a»hes of a maid 

Fnol'd by her [>a«ion ; but the conquest \s 140 

Nothing so great as wjclccd, Fly away ? 
IjCt my comtndJid forte Ihet lo thil which shame 
Would do without it- If thou urdcrstood'st 
The loathed ofBce thou Iiast unticr^unc. 
Why. thou woukirt hide thcc under heaps of hilh, 145 

Lest tucn should dig and find thcc, 

BM Oh, wha: god. 

Angfry with men, hatli sent this strange disease 
Into the nobIe*t minds ! Madsm, thb grief 
You add unto me is no more than drops 
Tn ■a-H'i. for which they arc not 5ecn to sv/cW : 150 

My lord hath j^tnick his anger through my heart, 
And ict out all tlie hope of future joys. 
You need not bid me fly ; I came to part, 
To take my latest leave. Farewell for evcf ! 
I durst not ran away in hone&ly 155 

From :tuch a lady» like a bo> that stole 
Or made some grievouA fault- The power of god$ 
Assist you in your sufTcrings ! l[a.%ty time 
Reveal the truth to your abused lord 
And mine, that he may know your worth ; whibt 1 160 
<jfi seek out wime foi^nticn place tu die! 

[£jnf BELLARIO, 

Art* Peace guide thee! Thou ha^t overthrown mc 
Yet, if I had anoihei Troy to lose. 

161 7»oH fiiuf] i/wu' 01 /* flji Qj to F. 


Thou, or anothicr vOlain with thy looks, 

Hi^t Ulk me out of it, and send me naked, 165 

My hair disheveird, thitmgh the fiery streets. 

EnUr a Lady. 

£d^. Madam, the King would bunt, and calls for you 
Widi earnestness. 

Are. I am in tunc to hunt! 

Diana, if thou canst rage with a maid 

As with a oaan, let me discover thee 170 

Bathing, and turn me to a fearful hind, 
That I may die pursued by cruel hounds, 
And have my story written in my wounds ! [Exeunt^ 

|6( talk] takt Qi, 170 a man\ i, e. Actctm. Dfcc^ 





Scene I. 

Enkr King. THABAMONn, Arethu5a.Gamtea, Mecra. 
DluN, Clkkkmont, Tjikasilini^, fTW Attendants. 

King- What, are the hounds before and all the 
Our horses ready and our bows bent ? 

/J»», All, air. 

King. Y*are cloudy, *ir; come, wc hav-e forgotten 

Your venial trespass; lei not that sh hea\-j' 
Upon your spirit ; here's none dare titter it 5 

Dicn. He looks like^n old stirfeited stallion after hi* 
leaping, dull as a dormouse. Sec how he sinka! the 
wench has shot him between wind and water, and, J 
hope, sprung a leak. 

T/tnt. He needs no te«Lchtng. he striken sure enough: to 
his greatest fault ise, he hunts too much in the puHicuii ; 
would he would leave off poaching I 

Diom. Atifl for h^ horn, \\-as left il aI the lodge where 
he Jay late. Oh, he's a prceioiia Ittnehound ! turn him 
loo&e upon the pursuit of a lady, and if he lose her, 15 
hang him up t" tfie slip. When my fox-bitch Jlcauty 
grows proud, I'll borrow hSin- 

KtH^. is your boy tumd away ? 

Ealv. . i AttcrdanttJ Cotcr , . . two Wwdm«n. Qt. 

t iKUd^nlLc. riimtiTDftt. 3 Kw] yMtdnVfth.,Tijtt. 

3 t^mie'l '«»*, *o»[* TlwO, J To PhmiUnnnrl] nytw, 

4 trtjf^\ tttipoLiiti <^1. ^ htn't\ um. Q4 1v E0(I.'7& 

14 limt-hnm^ *'w trntled Ir^m ihe ^a, ot l/mt (lc«>b) 1:^ whkch il waj 
Jtd/' U^cc^ 15 .'dufjem. <^t. 

15 /ttriwr^a}fitr:M tf *my Qj. 



Art. You JicI command, sir, «nd \ obey'd you- 

King. 'Tia wcJi done Harkyc Curthfir. » 

[Tk^ talk opart. 

CU. lat possible ihb rellcw should repent^ cno- 
thmV;^, that were not noble in him ; ^nd yet he Icolct 
like 3^ mortified member, 3ls if he h;id a iiick inan*:^ salve 
in*» moulh. K a woi^c man li^d done ihU fault now, 
«otnc physical justice or other would [>rciM!nily (without 25 
the help of an Almanjick) have opened the obstructions 
of his liver, aiul let hJm blood with a dog-whip. 

i^iM, Sec, sec how modcsCly yor lady looks, as if 
Ae came from churching with htit iK-i^hbour \ Why, 
what a dcvU can a man see in her Ucc but that she's JO 
luHiot \ 

TAm. Faith, no great matter to speak of; a foolish 
twinkUng with the eyr, that sjpoilit her coat : but he 
mu^it be a eunninj; herald that hnda it 

DietL Sec how they muster one another! Oh. thcrc'i J5 
a rank regiment tvhcre the devil carrier the colours and 

ig eM$mamf}^0m/fiaHJttetl. 171 1, Hiea. 19 tf^'l ft^ F,. ed. 1711, 

ig yjUr . . jvM^ H«t i( may b« wmaikcd ihu for (lie mnUc^JfUii i^ 

A aunt4td/ar a vtrn, the mcioduction of (he j^ of cd- \y\\ >ml 'Hica- b> u 

liiprovancnl ; the Mmc rouli uilehu buwcfcr. be utftUicd by mvtuly inuui«i 

■fi^firiaihc end of ihc line. Dyn, vhoK lino Lt aiusE he rcaumbtrfd u« 

jaT^iey alli IfiArL] Wet>. Dycv. 

II jiU ■tfd'j nAir) Ed, 1711 nLUprLaieU :i^vt (ot ioJt^, «i vliich. wilhoiU 
MtiCBU the nadoKof Q- F,, 3cv>dnl lu^^oceJ iml Th?o^ blupied ^^AMi'r 
Tim flmuWit W lluoa poioled out, on mfarmiri^^n tU]>t>liec! lu Um bv 
SlMvvUi tft of c>oi]rH, 14 « wk by Tbomai Becon frequcQlly aJtudca 
to bf eur Mdy dram»tMta, fam priai«d la itfii^ IhFu pvei itv foil tidr 
-'Tl' Jfrif //difj 5iUJ^. iVltfrtin a/JhilfyHi eAria^am mt^ iMim i§iA 

<^ o/^ Ptr^amv/k tv ditfvn tktir ttvtfier^/ ni^. and SmmO^ It //^w 
fJtfw^hv ^rf^ tmd t9^ir .V <^, S«« a^tv by l^M^ {i>*«^V '^' ^-' '^^ 

JoQKia'* Siibi' ^Fmuv, IV. ii IU*d alia menEiow unolhrr work, vitb ^ 
daibr ritk, hy Williim I'rrkitis ^ ui/jrf far 9 SuAman^ crc- 159s- ^ b 
tDdi*i5ed to FMin'i trf/J>rf CAairtt, pnciLert i^ CaTnbri'ltfiif, jtoo. jIW .fit^ 
ailn'f Jti/w b one of ihc tioukt cunUcninnl to tb« fliiact by ibc Biih^ of 
JUcboler m Act IV. Sl it, Ftrit Pufl t/Sir/Mn OUittle. 

a$, 96 BHCidhr/Ar 4f/e p/Mtt aMwMt*] OEii a1n4rucki oonuiovd dirvcrLOCU 
M to lb* miiib]« Uta^ for Nood-lctiina' 

JO « ■HnUim Qi- ]i AenatX \. «. chiiE«- Dy«. 

JJ Tlt^] Clc, Qt, Pha, g4 Ic F- 3* >'*"'*! 3^'*^'^ Q* <* Dy**- 

JJ 1^ 4^'jCr ^ n«^] **Th<]»UuHon 11 14 mull«<t« oritur miruEluceii inEo 

«eWl of Ana*, to djitincu^kh the younCi;f lxuifb«««f 1 famJyi whicli<if coun* 

denote IttSmrritf/' MAfton. 




bbdamdmm-inajor! fiowthcworld and theAesh come 
bdtind with the c^rna^. 

Cie. Surv this lady has a good tnm done h(7T against 
her will ; before she wsis common ta)k» now rone dare 40 
miy cuntharides can ittr her. Her face looks like a 
warrant* willing and commanding all toogucf, a? they 
will an-swrr it, to be tied up and bnltcd when this lady 
means tc Jet herself loose. As 1 live, nbe has ^t her a 
goodly (vroicciion and a gracious; and may use her 45 
body discreetly, for her health's sake, once u week, 
excepting Lent and Dog-days- Oh, if they were to be 
cot for money, what a great sum would come out of 
the city for ihcie licences! 

fCin^. To horse, lo horeet we lose the morning. 50 
gentlemen^ {Extant^ 

Scene 1L 

A F09Ut, 

Entfr nvif Woodmen. 

1 W^cd. What, have you lodged the deer? 

2 W^cd> Yea, tbcy ai« ready for the bow. 

1 W4><^. Who shoots? 

2 Wood. The princess. 

J H^jW. No. shell himt, 5 

2 *r<w/ She'll take a stand, I say. 
I Wtiod. Who else } 

Z IV^tftl Why, the young stranger- prince 
I iVtsod. He shall shoot in a .stone-bo*' for me. I 
oever loved bis bcyond-sca-ship since be forsook the lo 

|], j, '^ Why aH thf cirTis|;f S^aNcriinf hrhmrl ; [he iiu^. fich biiiEing*," rICh 

49 /jifnv^l "Ti w formerly » bnoch of reveooe ID Enm llcvOTts tot 
•fc*fc" Weber. 

5] Exeuntp] HneQi liu 'Ctii Kmcinil L^rda, Muict WoDd-mcti." 


9 fftffi^^Am'J k e^ ■ cpoa-hov, vhii^h nhooit tionei. I)yor. 

10. ti/dTifliuliAf i^^^jii^wj- Wif/^r:;*Vji^l"WlwnfcLl«iiihiiiU«li!onn, 
■ad tv be cui D|^« ii ii 3L ccicmoDT fijr Ebr krcjirt Iv uLTrr hU koifc Id ■ man of 
ibf fini (iiTliiKliw* in the field, thAi lie nnay i^p up the bcflr, ukd lake ui c;jcj^ 
df lit* F'^ichi and fitneu of t)i« ^^me. Bui Lfiu, >> iac W^odoavn uy*! 
PhkrTTn^in^r Jci^lLncid, lo uvc ^^v c^ii^muy fee <if Icn ihLUiagL " 'n)cob4ld. 
^'* 'Out [Knyjlwli] oii^rr.'uyi Tmbffrviir, 'ii, ib>i iht JYincw or ch**f» (if no 



say, for payir^ ten shillings. He was there at the fall 
of .1 dcct, iiml would neetls {out of his mig^tin^*s) givr 
ten Croats for the cJowcets ; marry, hi* Reward would 
have tlie vclvet'hcatl into the bargain, to tuif his 
hit wilhaL I think he should love vener>'; h« s 
an old Sir Tristiam; for. if you be remembered, be 
forsook the stag once to strike a ratcal tniching in a 
meadow, and her he killed in the eye. Who ahoota cbe ? 

fl«we then) d* aliehl and taJct 1*074 of tha Dvut wiLb ■ itiArpc Icnlli, tb« 
•fhlch it Acram in thih ndixr, Th* dHr*' brin^ la^-cj vtiTi hii (isdi*, th* 
FrJQc^ cTiivfr, or tocti t% thpjr thhtl ippobi, coois 10 ft Ard ih« cfaielie 
fauusDua nutccUas. if it be lo ft Frinic) doth bolil the Dew by the fan Toot 
vb{ile» Lbe Frincc «j thicf-c cat 1 dit ilrnvs doopt ihc bmkci of the dcAn, 
wmctil^I lover than the bryaVcI tovjirii* ihc mITt. Thu b ftoat (d kc the 
foodsHiv of ill* l1ffUi> aid hnv thick* ii n-' T'^i' ^TtJ-'/ Ari if Vimri*^ ttc-b 
tWi, p. (jj, ^hern mooiJ-cnT rffpr«*n^t Janrt (br hiTM aho*« l/»iaW rhe mj, 
ftod (w hiinltnian un hit kntet, oflrfin^ thr knife in thr lilng." [>;fCc. 

11 ^rarfffjj " 'Ai fur [fir Jriiiiy ihothcU whkli mjnc AullwK ipetkclb oO 
£01 PrffiGC** ouJ nc [u furcu <oti J Cjulcl >«() W Cn Ukc tiac ubilc, ihc Lon^t 
tl« Vtftti f4/ dQtUitis [h C' iuIh}, thfi toniicrlmf^v Lif hii bead be icndvt) oai 
dw tviHle rul> whjch «4<ae calf the InchpliiQe^ iti a fairc hoitiHiercbvr olio- 
geiter, fof iSt Pnnee or chief/ idl p, I J*" Uyce, 

14 fnlW'Jfoiil *' ' IIU F^hc hui*i| bnd [lvh lioiiuL whvA it cjmmcili 1iT«t 
out, huh 4 ruoei Pytl vhd ii, ibe wh)ch is <AtEcd fWivf, uid biihcuj ualtc*! 
ibvB A tthtthi^y Tic N^U Art of I'at^nc, tU, by Tuibttvilt, 1611, p. 
144. '• Vjco. 

ti^:' which acccvduacly he Iftirrtwl fn ihc tcxi, and U foUawcd by ibf Iwtr 
Mhon. ConpBre ' Cn/J drpubic Ivrftd c«]le<] wckicd cifw.' 17u Kattt 9/iAe 
CuCmw Atffutf, etc. iiS«i &J£, B- ^r<a/j dajblc tmr/eU or ctfckucd c^P*-' 
Tkt /i^la jf M^r.iuubmit, OEC. a. d. Lin the Zxh ytar of Junn lfa< Ftm^, hig. 
C *. The HJii* «t«f£nptkcii occttt* Agim in /"*/ A*J'/r of Miv^Aaniiiut, r«. 
pnaCfd u 1635, Sfff. B, u I am trformtd thif th? rrpiyBion 'Svrpn£% hut/ 
Q ibc leiuie m crwvfing in oE<l hot wlih hnra'i fur or lUl:, wu, jpia h rrccfll 
pcnuil» ncH uiiuHiiiU aciim^ tiAUm-" Tiytr, 

16 HIS eld ^ir TnjttoM] \Triwrmwt *^l. Trutrtm Wtli. md Dytc. } " )- ** 
>« tipcr hunumAn, — tAit Iwro of icniitJKc Wiri|; mmivd ihv pairan of Ihs 
«bjuei u>d tlie Hfci wl.o br««£ltt tnuiMi^ id a Hi«nc«. I)f««^ Sm /ji jV^vT 
1^^/Jjw, «d- WnchE, VM. II C^p^ lit, »d /Atf /ft^ </ A'tll^'f Alf^ni 
[Tittkirtt\wy. Ad, P1ai1f«. p. \t, 

17 (* .'C'At s riuij; MiiJiiv in ii *w)dtrft»] "^ Old odi. *Ja jfrt'A^ « /arm/ 
Du]Vi&f/ ctt. : whjdi 14 doubtlcM * muprbL 'A rami,* Myi Thc<A4ld. ' a 
ft Intfl dnr or dc< ; but vbit Hnv ii there m a deer miHiHg in a meAdOW ^ 
[ hnpa I hifr rvtn«*«d At tnae mLcrinji, mifiAtng, i.e. CTHping, ioIIudt, >jid 
mihdnwn frcnn ibt b«rd.' &iro«*dlnQ rditnr« hivr ndnjiinl Thnnli^'t 
ennidatkMi : onrl h tnay, tM«d. be ibc nght wnJ i Kit <;>. 'wiJkiii42'(w|iidi 
kiDCvet Ihc iTiibcuf iFiG uTd ]etb?»V Ihc onciQAl campuitar hivJ^ijj mitUkco 
M far «< / '* D|^. 

18 'Wif itAtf M'i#o^]*'AiAr(Ajini/' ■■>■ Thro.H ^' 'M HiAiwoond a* a 
Uid AhooW ) jor BlIfiMdcoalevflai ih* Man/' ■■ThfelThio>~tRplMiAiu« 



(act IV 

2 Wood. The lady Gubitca. 

I Wood. That's a good wench, An she would not lo 
chide a» fcv tumbling of her women In the brakca. 
She's liberal. And, by the gods, they ^y »he'» hone«t ; 
ftnd whether that vc a fault or ao, 1 have notbjDg to 
do. Theit^'*ail> 

3 H^Afii' No, one more ; Uc^a. 25 
1 IV&i^d, Thai"'; a firker, iTaith, boy ; there's a 

wench will ride her haunche:; 'xa hard after a kennel of 
hounds as a hitnlin^ SAJdIf. And wht-n she comes liome, 
eet 'cm cUpt, and all b well again. I have known 
bcr loA hcnieir three timci in one drtenioon (if the 30 
woods have been answcnblcj, and it has been work 
enough for one man to find her* and he has sweat for 
tt She Hde» ivell and pny^ vrell. Hark 1 let*^ go, 

tnUr PitlLASTE!;. 
Pki. Oh, that I had been nouri»h'd In thc*c woods 

of ihii phruc is wrvn^, ApMU^ from L>Lb«rpaiM«w in our antbon* pl^p," «rp 

"Kov, now, ffiv? Are- kill ^1m I'lti' efe oow, lady I'.ancl lo Tht C^a/Kti, 
n, i- •■ KiUhim i" tfic wfliiMi eyr,'' fK, He uflcrt ou Fi^tlBaiUna of Ihev 

»f4//1oin. Qj. aj #r («»] om, Q> t9 Ore*. 

31 jImv] iA/lJi, £, F. 31 it kmi i«M| JUr A'a Di. 

33 Hntw FhtlutFfJ Hire 11 h»w •wtit iliuuiJ he mifked; oui Wall, md 
l>ircr, whri firm iltr&lrd Lhr vXxj intn fcmn, riniiitel doing v» ii tWi jjIjc* ' 
w? hiro not (iiiLsrbcd (tidi dituwfl. 

34 rhi. 0\. '4*/, CK-) " TIjis ipnch ^ btiiit^/^ll^ iiiiEutcd fiMtn lUe opcn^oa 
of Juvcnftl'v ^ikUi btUire : 

la rvrrti ifiiatii^a* din, qduiti tn^jLiU pdtvit 

lit [>ecut Fi 4omia<n commu^jj cUudcrci mnbm : 

Frorul^bui ct culmo ricinsfumqui Ff(»unt 
FtflEibui^ h^iud iimilii cibT, Cynlhii* iit< ti^, CDJU* 
Tiirhn»>i uitTlnn cmin-rtu* |*ij«f r ocell-^i, 
Sed polLorli fpreiu lofjintlbub ubfn ma^'^L^ 
Hr W|>c Iturridiut cliAJrin mciialc uuuiui ' 

X pUU£4 from \^< 4 TitfMfMliH : 

'Oh, ihAt 1 W been born »4ine happr BWftln/ «I& 
They fnijht hiwe ciwi ip «ftrl]«t ImMJition of il Crom (JhAaberUyDiTt 

Great (itiacvH. beea, if in Uut bn'dcEree^'ttu. 



With mifV of goats and acrirn% and not known 35 

Tbe nt{hi of crovnu nor the diateinblEr^; tnixu 

Of womcnS kxiks; but tligg'd myjicif a cavc. 

Where I, my fire, my cattle, ;ind my be<i, 

Mighl have been »hut together ui one »hcd ; 

And then bad taken me Komc mountain-^rl, 40 

Itcaten vith tvmd», chaste as the hardened rocks 

Whereon she <Iwdl, that nnight have strew*<i my bed 

With leaver and rccd^. and with the ^Icins of beasts, 

Our ne^hbours^ auid havtr borne nl her big bre:istw 

My large coflfde tesue [ This had been a life 45 

Free from vexation. 

Euur BkllaRIO. 

Sfl Oh. wicked men ! 
An iftnocent may walk liafe amon^ bearcts ; 
NothtOf assaulUi inc here. See, my i^ric^xd lord 
Sit« as hi* soul were searching out a way JO 

To leave his body \ — Pardon me. that must 
Brrak thy Tasi commandment ; for I must speak : 
Vou that arc grieved can pit>- : hear, my lord I 

P^ U thcrv a creature yel so miserable. 
That [ can pity ? 

Bt/, Oh, III)' iicjbJc iiml, S5 

View my strange fortune, and bestow on mc, 
According to your bounty (if my service 
Can merit nothln];)^ so much aif may acrve 
To keep that little piece I hold cf life 
Pot cold and hunger I 

PH U it tbou ? begone ! 60 

Go, *cli tho^r misbr'.ccming clolhL-* rhou wrar'st. 
And feed thyself with them. 

B4/. A]as, my lord, I c^n get nothmg for them I 
Tbe silly eountry-pcople think 'tia treason 
To touch ?iuch gay tliin^ii. 

U vlucL tht Tcnr cjcprvnon «f our tsil, ' laiic couae luuc,' piocMlr 
BO fP t «• Book 11. Cista 5, pp, t&^, 170 (p' fl^itVoL L ^ itf«o> 

^ a/trvt} vrOHt i^i . jtJrfcnt f^i fa h. Horms ol tb« mrd «f whleli Ihe 
A"- f. />iL- ijituLrh ruunplrtduwEt 1i> i68i, 

«« iWAli^lMA Qa 10 Web. 44 y/I <WQi. 

4$ htm\ Ml Qtp 43 iViu*^*/} r'ruwwi fw* F. 

5* /i»^¥iUl/rr/Mmtt 

60— 65 P^i. /li/ , . . ^tyiAmjs] on. Qr, 


Phi, Now, by the gods- this is 65 

Unkindly done to vex mc with thy wght 
Th'arl fallen again to ttiy dissembling trade: 
How shouJdst tbou think to cozcd mc again? 
Rcmalnit there yet a pla^^ue urrtricd for mc f 
Even 90 thou wcpfst, and look'd'st, and spok'sL when 

first 70 

I took thee up : cur*e on the time I If thy 
Commanding tcar^ c^n work on a^iy other, 
Use thy iirt ; I'll rot betray it, 
Whidi way wilt thou take, that I may Hhun thee ? 
For thine eyes are poison unto mine, and 1 75 

Am loath to ^ow in rage, Thi.t way» or that way ? 

B^L Any will serve ; but I will chose to have 
That path in cha^e that I&atis unto my grave. 


Snitr an cm side DlOK. and <m fke ctlur the two 

DUm This ie the nrangesi sudden chance E^Vou, 
woodman \ 

1 Wood. My lord Dion ? 
i}i0n. Saw you a lady come this way on a sable 

hfinw Ktudded with .Htart (tf white ? 
3 Wa^d. Was she not young and tall ? 
Diim, Yes Rode she to the wood or to the plain f 

2 W^oJ. Faith, my lord, we saw none. 
DioH^ Pox of your questions then! — 

\Exfuttt Woodmen. 

71— 7& ^ /*•* - ■ - '^ "^ t\ lleie, ciccpi in IL 7J. 74- t^u . . . ikrt, 
the iliviiion \\ that of Qi ti>F. ^ of LtivK Iwv liDa O. r. cudlhclifii Wkkkvntj/^ 
wh:cfi HfiH* I hire EmnifciTciI :d the bcCtnnini « Ibc itcond : abo io !■ 7} I 
hav^ followed Tli«<^ in vhangLDg th« JV oiQ.F. to hitAi^ 
Tlito. giT< Jioc< 73—75 (hiK :— 

" lite thy 0// bTf . 111 tiar bcrray iT. Whtfli 
W^y wile ilimi (jtke. ilui 1 nu^ iliuri Ihce ; for 
Thine <ye« Jtr^ iwiwn uf/d minr ; »Dd I.*' «tc. 
Web., fallowed hy Dycc, intdt ki»co liatt tndinc «/ - . . ttars . , _ arV , . , 
Mlv ' - ■ ^uw . ^ , Pdjv . , . v^. Edl'TSfoltuw 1^. F, 

7» Enter . . . J Dyj?t Knter Ubawifl the Wt^CMliiifln. CJ. K I1t» »|*iiia 
% new itfcnA itiottld Tie in*r1red - »e« aoie on I- \%. 




What, Is she found? 

CU. Nor wHl be, 1 think. 

IHtm. Lei him seek his daughter hhnscIC She can- 
not stray About a Jinlc nccnflary natural btLftincsft, but 
the whole court must be in arms : when ^hc hiw done. 90 
we shall have peace. 

Cie. There's already a thousand fatherless tftles 
amongst us. Some say, her horse ran away with her; 
some, a ivoU pursued her ; others, 'twas a plot to kiJl 
her, and that anned men were seen in the wood : but 
qucationlewi 5hc rode away willingly. 95 

EnUr King, Thkasiune h W Attendanta. 
King. Where Is *he ? 
Ck. Sir, I cannot teli. 

King, How** that? 

Am^er me so again 1 

Cte. Sir, shall JHe? 

XiHg^ Yes» lie and damn, rather than tell me thal- 

I say again, where ia she ? Mutter not !— 

Sir, speak )H>ti ; vheie is she ? 
DwH. Sir, 1 do rot know, lOO 

Ktng. Speak That again so boldly, and, by heaven, 

It ;'s thy last ! — You, fellows, answer me ; 

Where is she ? Mark me, all ; I am your king ; 

I wiah to see my daughter ; shew her mc ; 

I dn command you aJl,as you are subjects, lOJ 

To shew her me I What 1 am I not your king i 

If ay, then am I not to be obcy'd ? 
i5nNv. Yea, if you command thin^i pouible and hone«. 
King. Things po&siblc and honest ! Hear nie. ihooi — 

Thou traitor, that darctt confine thy king to things I £C 

Possible and honest I shew her mc. 

Or, let mc perish, if I cover not 

All Sicily with blood! 

93 ttm'\rtm Ql. 94 '/vu] // (m/ QjloDiroe. 

95 Gala . . . and AiLcoduiu. ] Vytx^ . < , 4ad otJbtr Lonb. Qi. K!d« 

[O7 /4fwJ tr^ M« yr. 

109 //rar mt, MfA— ) FA Htar «v l/ttn, Q| ("rijEhM^ rci4ii[K" Dyrrj. 



{"act !V 

Diffti. Faith, I cannot, 

Ua1c93 you tell mc where ahe i». 

Kifig^ Von have bctry'd me ; vou have let mc lose 1 1 j 
The jcwcL of my life Go, bring ncr mc. 
And ACC her here before me - 'ti« the Km|^ 
Will have it so; vrho»e breath can titili the vrind*, 
Un^louJ thr sun, charm dovm the swelling ska. 
And stop the floods of heaven. Speak, can it not .' 1 20 

Ditm. Nil, 

Kif^^ No I cannot the breath of kings do this ? 

Durtt. No: nor smcJl «wcct it^lf, if once the !un£» 
Be but corruptMl. 

/Cir^. Is it so? Take heed f 

Dictr. Sity take j'ou heed how you dare the powcn 
That must be just 

fCitiF. ALls, what are ite ktngn E 13J 

Why do you ifods place us Above the rc^C, 
To be served, flattcr"<J, aijd adored, till we 
Belie^'e we hold within our hand« your thunder, 
And when wc come to liy the power wc have, 
Thcre'fi not a leaf shakes at our thrcateningK i 130 

I hare ^inn'd, 'ti9 truer, ^nd here >lai:d to be punish'd ; 
Yet would not thui be punish'd : let mc choose 
My way, and Uy it on ! 

D^n. He artldei with the goda Would somebody 
would dr^w bonds fof the performance of covenants 135 
betwixt them T 

£nt£r PliARAMOND, G\L\TZ\, tirtJ MkoRA. 

Kii^. What, IS she found ? 

PAtf. No ; wc have ta'en her honce ; 

He gallop'd cm|>ty by. There's some trCASOQ. 
You, Galateft, rode wfth her into the wood ; 
Why left you her .' 140 

G^il She did command me. 

lai iMm]a king Ot, mMt t^] tUm^nOt. 193 ft it i$] em. 

114 (Amltdb Jitrr Then, II7 ii:/] SttlJ Qi. 

1^9 wtMn) vi'-lhin^ xst hav< Qi. 

IJf t/vtd\ i Mmt Qt. f 3« /4iif| /AfH Qt. 

I u e^wKanfi] <#wii«n/ Qr. 

iJS 7%fVf}7>irTfjThca. Wall,, Dyot, 


A'ljff. Corntnand 1 yon should not. 

fr^Tvroult! ill become ny fortune* and my birth 
To disobey the daughter of my King. 

fCtftg^, O, y Arc oil curning to obey us for cur hurt ; 
Bui I will hav^ !wr, 

Pka, If 1 have her rot, 145 

By this haniJ, there shall be no more Sicily I 

Pifin. What, will he carry it to Spain in's pocket ? 

Pha.. \ will not leave one man alive, but the King, 
A cook, :m(] a tailor. 

Di&». Yes. ycu may do well to spare yo\xT lady-bed- 150 
fellow ; an<I her you may keep for a <pAwner 

Kit^. I »cc the injurin I have done mu.nt be revenged. 

DifiH. Sir, this U not the way to find her out. 

fCing, Kun all, dl'-persc yournclve!;. The man that 
finds her. 
Or (ifdic be kiird) the traitor, I'll make him i;reat, 155 

Dum, ! knnwsome *in»]d give fivt thousand pnurd* 
to find hex. 

Pha. Come, let us seek. 

Kf^. Each man a several way; here 1 myself. 

Dwi. Come, gentlemen, we here. t6o 

OSr. Lady, you must go :(carch too^ 

Mtg. \ had rather be searched myself, [EximtU omrttt^ 

SCENK ill. 

An^JUr Pari cf ffu F&rtsU 

Enttr ArcthusA- 
Art. Where am 1 now ? Keel, find mc out a way. 
Without llic counwl of my iroubletl head : 
ril follow you boldly about thc«e woods. 
O'er mountains, tTiEircJu^li btamblcv^ pits, and floods 4 

Heavm, I hope, will case mc : I am sick. {Ski 4iis dottftt. 

\4^0.j^^ft\ Kiirf Or to D^M- 144 4jt^] Av^t Or 

151 \ tmJ ki* . . . f/j a Bug) Atn/fif a Sfttutr Qi, 

ic6 /Auw v«/] /, war Ql, 

tbi HonA'^i^ ttarihOx. Tfali (i>K<h tidvcn la "C«L'MnQf. 

EhfeCr . . . ] EntR Piinfrue nolu. <^i. 1 jtbjcm. Qt. 



[act IV 

EnUr Bkixario. 

Bti. Vender's my lady. God knows I want nothing:, 
Bt^oauMf I do T«rt wish to livr ; yrt I 
Will try her charily.— Oh hear, 'you that havt picrty. 
Fmm that flowing store drop some on dry ground* — Sec, 
The lively red U f^ne to gtiard her hc^irt ! lo 

I fcai she faints. — Maddnin look up ! — She breathe not** 
Open once more thotc rosy twirw, ^nd fend 
Unlo my lord ycMir latent farewell! — Oh^^hc stin.^ 
How U it, Madam ) ^fx»k comfort. 

Arc. *Tis not gently done, 15 

To put me in a miserable life, 
And hold me there : 1 prithee^ Jet mc go ; 
I bhall do bc»t without tliee; I am well, 

EnUr PhilasteR- 

PkL 1 am to blame to be so much in rage : 
I'll telJ her coolly when and where I hoard flo 

This Willing truth. I will be temperate 
In speaUng, and as juat in hearing. — 
Oh, monstrous f Tempt mc not, you gods ! good gods. 
Tempt not a frail man ! What's; he, that ha^ a heart, 
But he must case it here \ 25 

Bfl. My lord, help, help the prlnees*. 

Art. I am well; forbear. 

Phi Let me love lightning, let mc be embraced 
And kJAA'd by scorpions, or adore the eyes 
Of luuLli»k^, rather than trust the tonnes jo 

Of hell^bred women I Some good god loolc dcn^ni, 
And shrink thc^ic vcin±i up; stick me here a stone, 

6— M y*^'*'i . - . n^/^i)^\^dtA AE in Qa to EdiL'Tl Pco*e Ql, 
W^b, «ndi Un« m4k%M . . ,. j/tt / . . fAo^ily . . . rfan . . . rW , . , 
. . . Imi . . . it H . , , ififnfor!. Dycp endj hii lint 

three Kdcb uaa^ - - < An . . > A 

md (ur the mi fuLlows Web. 

6 Ytndt^i mJafy\ywititr**yUdj it<^\. 

9 grrimi\ grinds Qi. 1 j ni/*| ooi. Qi. 

to Web. kfJp. At/f ' 7\€t^mtt3 f Dy«, JO i\t\ it Q$ (« F. 

3j 0/ . , . Jm'm] om. Q4 to i\ 31 jpi]p>/f Thift «* Web, 



LaaUng to agc^ in the memory 

Of This d^rnird act \ — Hear me, you wicked one* [ 

You have put hills of fire into tma brcASt, 55 

Not Co be quench 'd wiih tears ; for which may guill 

Sit on your bo^onu ! at your mcab and bedv 

Despair await you ! What, before my face ? 

FoUon of Aspj; between x'our Itps! diseases 

Be your bc3i issix^ I Nature make a curse, 40 

And throw it on you t 

Ar^, Dear Philastcr, leave 

To be coraged, and hear me, 

PAi I have done ; 

Forgive my pawion. Not the calmed sea, 
When JEolvi locks up his windy brood, 
Ii Iru (liHtuTb'd than I : I'll make yuu know it. 45 

Dear Arcthuaa, do but take this sword. 

[O^irn Ais drawn sTV^rd. 
And search how temperate^ a heart 1 have; 
Then you and this your boy may live and rcjgn 
In ]u»it without conuol- — Wilt ihou, BelEario ? 
I prithee, kill mc : tliou art poor, and may'st JO 

NourUh ambitioui thoughts; when I am dead. 
Thy way were freer. — Am I raging now ? 
If X were mad, I shouTrl dr^ifrr^ ro live. 
Sirs, feel my pube ; whether have >-i7u knovn 
A in^i in a more equ^l lune to die ? 55 

Sri Alas, my lord, your pulse keeps madman's time I 
So d09ft your tongue. 

PAi. You wilt not kill mc, then } 

An. Kill you ! 

Bfl Not for ihc world. 

P/u\ [ blame not thee, 

Beliario : ihou hast ikme but thai which gtxb 
Would have transfoi-m'd themselves to do. Begone, 60 

3J wu, M tJit] emu QK J5 *i//j </| /it kt'ih At Q6, F. 

h49 Tiittmtiga^ Utttr^ Qi. 4s f-'J«m- Qi' 

41S dV dnf] oxa, Qi. «( OOcn ... 1 om. Qs Eo Wel>, 

54 S'rj) " h ihovld h« nwUcctcil thif nV ituii L«nu ofaJdicu lo fcodlei 
•« wvtl a* ihtn>" ^>l«r. So k^in V, ii 4a 
j4 «irf4#3 v4tf*¥ ^w Thax 

54, « kMsyoit . . . ■A>'^>^H AdH . ^ . ai*. Qr, Dye*, 
jjdlom- Ql^ s}MrBvrA/]d btfr// Q4 la Dycc 



Lea^« mc v-Hihout reply ; this U the last 

Of all our meetings,— lA-r^r BELI.Alilo.J Kill mc with 

this *word ; 
Be wise or worac will follow ; wc are two 
IC^nh cAiinot bear at once. Keiolvc to do, 
Or suffer. 

Aff. \( my fortune be so good to let mc fall 
Upon thy hand, I rhall have peace in death. 
Vet tell mc thJN will Ihcfc be no sknilcr% 
No jealousies in the other world ; no ill there ? 

I'Ai. No. 70 

Ar^. Shew me, then, ihe way, 

PAi. Then guide my feeble hjind, 
You that have power to do it, for I must 
Perform a piece of justice!— If >'our youth 
Have iiny way offi-nded HftAVeii, let prayers 75 

Short and effectual reconcile you to It. 

SnUr a Counlry Fellow, 

C FM l\) see the King, if he be m the fore« ; I 
have hunted him these two hours; if 1 should come home 
and not *ce htm, my M-itcr?i wimld laugh at in^t. 1 ciin 80 
see nothing but people better horsed than myself, that 
out*niIe mc: I C^n hear nothing but shouting, ThcAC 
kings bad need of good brains ; this whooping t» able 
lo put a mean man out of his wits. — There's a courtier 
WLth his <;word drawn ; by this hand, upon a woman I S$ 
think ! 

PAt. Are ycu at peace ? 

An. With hea^-cn and earth. 

tq/nJnaiu^JralHiiif Qi ly 4, E*Iil, 78. Wcl. 6g i^/} kftt Qi. 

74— 76, ^ jvw .jVH/'t. cic.) "\ rccollcolloa, jKfhapt, of Sbftkupcttn't 

' If TOD bethink jountlfof viy «riiQff/«if^ A«lV. ae. li," Djc«. 

77 Cnitr 4 Ccniiuy Fellow] . . . a>iu»r> GaJliat. Qi. The prcfii (0 him 
iptcihrt in all t^i. prfoi I0 Dycc^i* "Ccva.'* ot "Caanu" 
7i JV/\ J H^;.V yi 79 f^M^J /i^ Ql, 

Hr^*Hf.rr-rVJ(hypAcned !irLlm»d, irn). »i'rrh/<^4 'J9C06. t^JrUff^ 

Sj AM^vm) t/tevmt F. , Thro, 



P^ May they 

Divide th>- sou) and body ! \Wfiunds fur. 

C. FHI^ Hold, diutard ! fttrOcc a woman f Th'art a 
cnvra, I w;irrtint thtfc : Ibtiu w<>uldst be loath to pfay 90 
half-a-doxcn venj^ at wafitcr? with a good fellow for a 
broken head. 

PAi. Leave u^ i^ood friend. 

Art. Whit i]]-brcd man art thou, to intnidc diywlf 
Upcfi our priv;titf sports ^'^^ rccfc^jtions ? 95 

C, FtU. God uds mc, 1 understand you not; but I 
know the rc^c has hurt you, 

Pht. Punuc thy cwD afTaiTS : it wil] be iJl 
To multiply blood upon my head ; which thou 
Wilt force mc ta 100 

C. Feti 1 knijw nm your rfaeioric; but I can lay it 
on, if you touch the woman. 

Pkw. SUvc, take what Ihou dcscrveit \ \ T/try fight 

Are. Heaven guatxl my lord I 

C. Ftil Oh. do you breathe ? 

Phi, I hear the tread of people. 1 am hurt : 105 

The gods take part against mc ; could this boor 
Have held me Ihuc else ? I must shift for life^ 
Tboivl^ 1 do loathe it, I would find & course 
To lose it rather by my will than forec, \Exit Philiuer, 

Ctiii^ I cAnnot follow the rojfue. 1 pray thee, no 
wench, come kiss me now. 


and Woodmen. 

Pha. What Art thou * 

C. FtU, AlmO'tt killed I am for a foolish woman \ a 
knave \\t^ hurt her. 

m^ Woavdii hcf.J W*b,, Dwe. 

St. S4 A&ir < < < *^] ^- <^ line Q. 10 Dycc 

91 tifltm} itiftrm fi/tj* to W*l\ 

91 waif J Si mtsTirj] Le. bniitfi ki cadfirli. " On ttip donTiifiil rryRiof<OT of 

iJkciofy note." Dycc. Sn "skrtt 

»4ifif, TleobUd ht^ * lime iml luu-itS 


til ^^Htf iufj 



[ACT r 

P^J7- The pnncc?«, gnentlcmen I — Where'* the ivound, 

madam > tt$ 

[% it dangerous? 
Arr. He has not hurt mc. 

C FeiL By God. ^he lie^; h'^ hurt her In chebreut; 

/*Air. Oh, :(Acrai spring of innocent Mood ! 

Di^M. I'xA above wonder I who should daro thi» ? 

An. I felt it not. I30 

Pha, Speak, vllUin, who ha^ hurt the prinoei^s } 

C\ I'tii, U it the princess? 

Diim. Ay, 

C. FtU. Then t have seen »omet)\ing yet. 

Pha^ Biit who hai hurt her ? 

C. F€iL \ told >'ou, a rOKue \ I fte'er :aw him before* 1. 

Pkn. Mad^ro, who di«i it? 

Art. Some dUhonc*! wretch; 135 

Alfli, 1 know hJm not, and do Totgivc him! 

C' FtSL He's hurt loo; he cannot go far: I made 
my fjithcr'A old fox fly about hU ears- 

Pka. How will you have me kill him ) 

Art. Not at &l] ; *tis fomc distracted fellow. [36 

Pha, By thi* h^ind, I'il leave ne'er a piece of him bi^jgcr 
than a nut< and bring blm all to you in my tut. 

Are. N^y, grxxl sir, 
If you do take him. bring him quick to me, 
Ani) i will j^tudy for a punishment 135 

Great ait hi» fault. 

Pha. I Mill 

Art. But Awcar 

Pka- By ail my lov«, I v^ll !— 

Woodmen, conduct the princess to the King, 

133 A""^ hrri 49»* a qi, 

laSykxI^'A rimlllDriand my frtminnoM*"" ^^ 1*^ ^^ Ensli^h httMjI- 
nroni'' DyOt 

131 'tf/dflopi. Q[B4to P.. E<]d.'Ttl. ^'«1^ Theo. Lnuupoi«s ihu— *'«11 
in my )u] to jm^il." 

134 ftrj/^] !.«, aliT«. Mnon- 

J37— >14A ifyctt . . . !tetf}^f> (livtri^ hf Jiyrt ; tfhn btlipvs The sfieMh 
wu cvlikdilylnteQCled for vcne, tlto' ■ word vans lo luiv droppnl out of I. 
139. rroM ibe Toi. 




And bear that wounded fcllovir to drc»in?<— * 
Cotne, gcntleraen, well follow the duise close. 140 

[ExaiHt an <mt Jw^ PiURAMOKD. UiOS, CLEKE- 
MONT, ami THRAiiiLINE; fxii tm tht ctMtr^ 
Arethusa atUttMd k^ th4 Firjt Woodman. 
C F^li, I pray you, friend, let mc sec the King- 
2 Wp&d. That you sh^tl. and receive tlianka. 
C. FtU. If I [ict clear of diU, I'll go sec no more giy 
tights. \^BxtmMt. 

Scene IV. 

AmoUur Part cfthe Faresi, 

EnUr BellariO. 

B^i. A hc&vincfts near death 6itd on my brow. 
And I mUHt sleep- Bear mc* thou gentle bank, 
Kor ever, if thou wilt. You sweet oiiea all, \Liis dfwn. 
Ij^ iui: uriwoflhy press you : I could wish 
I rather were ;t corse >trew'd o'er with you f 

ThAn ijuick above you. Dulne^i ahuu mine eyes. 
And I am giddy : oh, that t could take 
So sound a ,ilecp that I might never wake \ [Slafir. 

Bnttr PmLASTER. 

PhL \ have done III ; my conscience calls mc false, 
To strike at her thai would nf>t «n"kc at me, lO 

When 1 did fisht, luelhought I heard her pray 
The gods lo gii;trd mr She vrx^y hr abvsed. 
And 1 a loathed villain : if she be, 
She will conceal who hurt her. He ha;* wounds 
And cannot fellow; neither knows he mc. 15 

Who'^lhifl? Rcllario sleeping! If thou bc'it 
Guiltv, there U no justice that ihy sleep 
Should be io sound, and mine, whom tJiou haat wroo^d, 

[Cry wiikhi. 

140 Kifftifil . . J 1>7cr. Ex. Af«. TFu. Di. Cle. ThfiL and r WoodoMA. 
2 Id Hitd'7B. Etcvni aU bu< trtond Woodmui juvj COaaiiynuj:. TTeb. 
( h» mcnijr Exit, at crir] of Phi/a tpctfh. 


Scixr IV. 

t43/v w]mQi. f»i9wqn^t, eJiI.VS, W«tiL 

IMfflffff Of- 3 LindLMii.) Djrcc- 7 'jttaiD, Qt, 


[ACT rv 

So brofem.*— Hark I I am pursued. You gtxlx, 
ni tike this olTcr'd means of my c^apc : 20 

They haw no mark to know mc but rny blood. 
If she be true ; if fal^ie, )et mischief light 
On all the w'orld at oncct Sword, pnni my wcunds 
Upon this »)ceptn^ t>oy ! J ha* none, 1 think, 
Arc mortal, nor would I lay greater on tbcc. 2$ 

[//> wfuttds him, 

Btl. Oh, dc^-tth, I hope, is come ! Blest be that hand I 
It meant mc well Again, for pity's sake I 

Phi. I hfivc caught myjclf; [V\Xi.faIis. 

The loss of blood hath suy'd my flight. Here, here, 
Is he that struck thoc : take thy full revenge ; 3c 

Use me, as 1 dirl mc^in ihce. worse than death ; 
\'\\ teach thee to revengen This luckless band 
Wounded ihc princess; tell my followers 
Thou didst receive these hurts in staying me. 
And 1 will second ihcc ; gd a reward. ^ 

Bel. Fly, ftyj my lord, and save yourself! 

Phi. How's this? 

U'ould^t thou I should be «afe? 

BcL Else were it vain 

For mc to IJvc. These little wounds [ have 
Ha' not bled much ; reach me that noble hand ; 
ril help to cover you. 

Pki. Art thou then true to me? 40 

Bet. Or let me perish torithctl! Come, my good lord, 
Creep in amongst those bushes ; who docs know 
But that the gods mav save your much-loved breath ? 

Pki. Then 1 shall die for grief if not for this, 
That I have wounded thee. What wilt thou do? 4$ 

Bfl. Shift for myself welL Peace ! I hear 'em come. 

[PiiiLASTER trapi infa a ^usk. 

fli hhc/l oVmh^j Q> to W«h Dycc, whc foUowi Qi, mppcu^ th« printer 
OfQA T« hivt caiiighi BViMcA ft€fta iKe end of I, 13. 
Hlkit . . 6^\liii , . - ft*^Qi. 

W- JO Af**^' ^"''' **"' tiljf'tit ktft. Ufwt ii Oi, 

%%ftUmh\ u c pnmsn. Tbco. J6 S}j»fy] Hitk hiSt QT. 

^ifjmfi^hmi MiuvubutiT' 

46 rhilMt«r creqjt , ^ .] WcU> Djcc uai. tU mt. 



WMin. Follow. Totlow, fQlEow! that way they went 
Btl With my own wounds I'll Woody my own £wo«d- 
! need EWt counterfeit Ui fall; Heaven Udows 
That [ can stand no lorger. {Falls. 50 

Bntir PllAkAMOND, Dlo^, CLekEKQNr, and THKAS1LIN& 

Pha. To thi?4 place we have tracked him by his blood. 

CU< Yonder, my lord, creeps one away, 

Dufn^ Stay, nir ! what iirc jou ? 

£!i!/. A wretched creature, wounded in theae wood^ 
By bcut-i : rcUc^x me, if yo^xv names be men. 55 

Or I shall perij»h. 

DiffH. This IS he, my lord. 

Upon my soul, that hurt her : 'Ui the boy. 
That wicked bo)\ thai served her. 

Pka. Oh, Ihtju damn'd in thy creation ! 
What cause couldst thou ahapc to hurt the ^nnoi^'i 60 

fi4l. Then I ^m bctray'd. 

Vi^H. Belray'd ! no, apprehended. 

B^i, I confess 

(Urge it no more) that, big with e/il thoughts, 
1 Xt upon her, <ftnd did mitkc my dim 
Her death. For charity let fall at once 6; 

The puni-<(hmcrt you mean, and do not load 
This weafy flesh with tonurea. 

PhiL I will know 

Who hired thee to this deed 

B4L Mine own revenj^tt, 

Pka. Revenge 1 feu- what ? 

B4L It pleaded her to receive 

Mc ;l^ her page, and, ivhcn m>' farluiics cbb'd^ 
That men atiid o'er them carelci*. j^he did showtr 
Her welcome grace* on mc, and did swell 
My fortune^ till they overflow'^ their bank;, 
Threatening the men that cnaa^'d cm : when, a:s 9wil\ 
As ^Torms ari5c at sw*, shv? nim'd her e>x?s 
To burning *Mm upon mc» and did dry 
The streams she had bestow d, leaving me worse 

(o rU]«] Drn. Doy AllsiU/wucQi. utu. Qx to WcU 
\x tiv A«*ir]/Qi. iJ'rtVJ/fiVQr 

6V ,tfi'«/J JIty Qi. 71 'J"'>"J fartirttty 1^4 to F. 

74 'tm\ tktm Ql> 76 ttim\ £4nts Qi. 





And more contcmn'd thnn other little brooks, 

Becau^r I h**! been ^irrAi. In short, I ki»cw 

I could not live, and therefore did desire $0 

To die revenged' 

PMa, If tortures c&ji be found 

Long OS tfiy natural life, resolve to fed 
The utmost rigour, 

Citm Help to lead him hence, 

[PhtLA-STF-R rrrr/'t out cf ihc btuk. 

Phi, Turn back, you ravishcrs of uinoccivcol 
Know ye the price of thfit you bear away 35 

So nidely ^ 

/'At, Who's that? 

X>hn~ Tis the lord Philaster 

Pki Tis not the trcAHure of all kirgs in one. 
The wealth of Tagiis, nor the rocks of pearl 
That pave the court of Neptune, ean weigh down 
That virtue, ll wss I that hurt the princess. iK> 

Place mc, some god, upon a Pyramis 
Higher than ImIIh ofc^rUx, 4nd lend a voice 
Loud as your thunder to me, that from thence 
E nmy discourse to oJJ the under-world 
The worth that dwelle In him ! 95 

Pha. Mow's this? 

Bit My lord, some man 

Weaiy of Hfc* that would be glad to die. 

Phi. Leave the^e untimely courtesies, Betlario. 

BiL Alas, he's mad ! Come, will you lead mc on 1 

Phi. Ry all rhe oaths ihat men ought most to keep, too 
And ifOdA do punish mo,it when men do break, 
He touched her not *— Take Iwed, BclIaiH 

■^ PfiEltfUT . . . fh* bbih.) liytt. - , - « bcuh. The roL 
&( fafwnfH] iJvwmtfE Qe. Jit ^'id/]t»i4j Qi, 

94 trivdfav^wW^ "ef. Batttiva IIL iL i— 

' Inud Fun* call* ]v 

Pitch'd on di« to|ri«B Apprnin^. ftnd blovt 

TqaR theimder-wurM,' vtc-" BuUen. 
98 iMiu . . , fMrHrnul IjIlt . . , louftnu Qi- 

M^pKiW4k]A>fmi*AOi, Fvrhtp* right ; ^HfA/«nd*tvtoaa. TltA Edd. 
'78 ihJeo iHd A Kerr, bal wluioui tkOit, and ihej do not •pp4ar t« kav* bfcn 


How ihou doft drown the viriijes ihou hast «hown 

With pcrjuiy.— By all the Gods, 'twas I ! 

You Utiow fihc r^tood betwixt me and my right. 105 

PAa. Thy own tont^jc be thy judge ! 

Clf. U wa* PhiUsier. 

J>i^H. Ts't not a brave boy? 

Well, sirs, I fear me we were all deceived. 

M/ Have I no friend here? 

/J:^w. YcH. 

/'Aa Then shew il ; fome 

Good body lend a hand to draw us nearer. 1 10 

Would you have tears £hed for yotj when you die? 
Then lay mc gently on his neck, that there 
I may weep fio<xl4 and breathe forth my spirit. 
Tia not the wealth of Plulus, nor the gold 

[/:ftt^rrJ^htff Bellarjo. 
Lock'd in the heart of earth, cun buy away 115 

This arm-full fr^jm mc t this had been a ransom 
To have rcriecm'd the great Aufjustus CfeMr, 
Had he been lakta You hartl-lveartcd men. 
More stony than thc% mountains, c&n you «cc 
Such dear [jure bltxxi drop, and not cut your (\ci\i 120 

To stop his Jifc ? to bind whose bitter wound&, 
Queers ought to icar their hair, and with their lean 
Rathe 'em. — Forgive me, thou that art the wealth 
Of poor i'hilasccr! 

^rtfrr K I NG, ARSTHtJSA, 4tJi/J Gu^ird- 

JCutff, H the villain ta'en ? 

PAa, Sir. here be two amfen^ tlie deed ; but Hure 125 
U was rhdaster 
PAi, Question it no more ; it wa*. 

King. The felTov that did t^ght with hJm wDl tdl u» 

Arr. Aye me I 1 Icnow he will. 
XiHff. Did not you know him ? 

teifi rtrj. i/iet m*} //tar mr. nr^fifK omltivtf). itA^Ijoa.ifj, 

ttsam^Qy. aadtAtfrf Jt^^trarAt/&rrA]hT*ih!^arQ^itiEdd.'7^. 

tM*7Vf ■vrlAWoi/Qi. Hi /"/uitu} J^te.-\ Qi 

iMEabmciBc . . ,J Dyes- i3i ii'ff«^J^^Ar Q4 I* F. 



[act IV 

Anf, Sif. ir it wu h«, he vas disguised. 

Pti. I was so. Oh. my 5tar3> that 1 should lire 

etni ! 130 

King. Thou ambitioui fool, 
Thou that hast laid a uain for thy own Ufe \^ 
NViw ] do mean to do, HI leave to talk. 
Bear them to prison. 

--Inf. Sir, thc>' did plot together to take hence 135 

Thii harmUst life; should it pas* tmrrvrngcd, 
1 !4hould to earth go wccpins ; grant me. then, 
Dy all the love a father bears his child. 
Their cu.ttodies, ^nd that 1 may appoint 
Their torture^ aiid ihcii Ueaili*. I40 

yj/>«. Death! 
Soft ; our law ifrill not reach that for this fault, 

King, Tls granted ; take 'em to you with a guard. — 
Come, princely Pharamond, this biMinc65 past, 
Wc tnay with more security go on 145 

To >'Our intended match — 
[EttMitt aU txtept Dios-, Clekemokt, aWTkra^iline, 

Clt. I pray that thU action loae not Philaster the 
hearts of the people 

/>Kvr, Fear U not; their over-wise heads will think 
it but a trick. \Iix€UHt ^mnet, 

is^Si*] ^ftt ■Si'-Thn. IS9 vdf ^j ftvrv *^Qi, 

Ito/Hor »J '*i #. 1 wu, in i AgunliT* tn-m. dttpiittd: Iht ward it iiiLl 
■pplTMliii vul^f tuiniin ir> tho«« who tj« dbordcrM «r<lff)mf?i1 by dnnl." 
Dycc, l^flf«y*/«Qjio WftK 137/^1 oql Ql- 

E )8 t9V€\ tna 61 . 140 dWi^l i/tf^A F. ut Web. 

\^ Evvant ' - O l^r<«- (vn*- lb* r«*t 1 cno'<^i hu '*l;ijt IC^ng uid Phjira- 




SCEfNE 1. 

Before the Paiact. 

Rtttir DrON. ClXftRMOVT. rtWTHRA-SnJKP- 

Tkwtt. Has the KFng sent for him to death } 

Di0H, Vn ; but the King nnu^t know 'tb rot tn his 
power to war with Heaven. 

CU. We Undertime: the King sent for Phiiastcr and 
the he^Uman im hi^tir ago, 

fhra. Arc all his wounds well } 

Dion. All ; they wcm but scratches : but the Icaa of 
h\o(A made him faint. 

Ctt. Wc dally, gciitteincn, 

T^ra. Awayt 

J)um. We'll aculUe hard before he pcrtsh. [EmmhL 


A Prison. 

Ar€. Nay. faith. Philastcr^ grieve rot: we are well 
BtL Nay, good m>' lord, forbear; we are wondrous 

Pfa. Oh, ArcthtiJta, oh, BclUrio. Imvc to be kind 1 

1 ^ball be shut from hca\'Gn, a« now from earth, 

[fyou continue so. I ftm a man J 

FalM to A p;ur of the mo^t trusty one^ 

Tlial evei ciirih boie: c-ui it uh dll * 

Forgive, and leave mc. But the King hath sent 

To call me to my dci4th : oh, shew it me, 

And then forget oic! and for thee, my boy, lo 

I -thai] deliver words will mollify 

SCKKi: 11. 
i/4Vj](/fdrQ4Ear>rer. 3tfA]4>i^qL. 4 MhO 'Jb/ Qi ro Webs 
4 1*1 fwrn from «//*) c;iii. Ql. 6 vt9ii tnisij\ tnut^Qt- 



(act V 

Thcr heartiE of bca«U to iparc Ihy innocpncic?- 

BrL Alas, my lord, my Ufc ia net a thing 
Wdftliy your noWr thmightu • 'tis nol a lifCj 
Tin but a piece of childhood thrown awuy. 15 

ShoulJ [ outlive you, 1 ^ould then outlive 
Virtue and honour ; and when that d^y cooma^ 
If evcf 1 nhaU clone thc;ic cyca but onc^ 
May 1 live fipottcd for my perjury, 
And waatc by time to nothing \ 20 

Art. And I (ihc wofu]*si maid that ever livedo 
Forced with my hands to bring my lord to death) 
Do by the honour of a virgin !iwear 
To tcU no hours beyond it T 

Pki. Make me not hateil jta 25 

Are^ Come from this prison aH jo>itjl to our deaths I 

Phi. People will tear me, when they fird you true 
To ?tuch a lATetch as 1 ; I *hall die loathed. 
Enjoy your kin^loma peaceably, whilst I 
For ever *^lcep forgotten with my faults : 30 

Every juat servant, every maid in love, 
Will have a piece of me^ if you be true. 

Art. My dear lord, ^ay rot so. 

^/ A piece of you \ 

He wa^ not bom of wom&n that can cut it 
AikI UH)k im. 

Pki. Take mc in tears betwixt you. 35 

For my hcurt will break with shame and sorrow. 

Art. Why, lis well. 

Btl Lament no more. 

Pki. Why, what would you have done. 

If you had wrong'd mc ta^clyn and had found 
Your life no price compared to mine ^ for love, 5irs^ 40 

Deal with mc truly. 

t6 £iW] ooi. Qi, 

il t9m€i] f^mtQu 

ii ;iiW,|i*cjj. i^A i4> three 'p th« K malWithtappMb AliitlcniDFtcoUoqtial 

tiy ftading— lUJtifrjwdj, for tk*J A-rrvtis. 

^ky9ud'\ ^kan£{^\. ji jirrax:] l c^ lovrr. BqUbti. icuid^ Qi. 

^^Mar iartf\4iamt Kit. 34 ■vhmii'j} vwcrn Qa xq W«b- 

S.'nHf^ . foe* oh) one Hoc *,». t'. 
;rA>lom, <^Jii., Web, 4©«rjlCf. IV, tiL 54. 

Sifj, iftal wtfk mi truSy. 


B^l 'Twfts roifkiakcn, sir. 

P^u Why, If it were ? 

B^L Then» sir, w« would hiive ask'd 

Fk%. And have hope to enjoy it ? 

Art. Enjoy it! ay. 

PAL Would you ird«d ? be plain- 

5f/. Wc wouR roy lord, 45 

PAi. Forgive me, tlien. 

yf nr. So. so, 

Btl TiK as; it «hould be now. 

Phi. Lead to my d«ath. 

Scene IH. 
y| StaU-rootn itt the Palcj£t. 

Enrtr King. Diok. Cleremomt, andTH^x^xwar^ 

KsH^. Gentlemen, who lunv the prince ? 

C//, So plcjise you, sir, he's gone to sec the city 
And the new platfoim, with some genclcmcn 
Attending on him. 

Kin^^ I5 the princess ready 

To briog her prisotier out ? 

Thra^ She lA'&ita your grace. 

Ki^g. TcU her w« suy-— [firjV Thrasiumc 

t^ to F. btl 

^ lift Mj /nV/, t^mflayj la jean f /^>r Aro< 5Virf. 
y^^ ^'iiA rm rrttiy. 
Out teil, idopioil by Web. antt l>rcr, 1& /cundeil on Mvjn'i ooEiircturt, 
who Buppoio rfiJEuic'i bicaELon 10 £>c la pUcc Atetbuii uid ticlluia ia Ihi- 
poution be occupica la raped l<j Ihon; ne hu wianjtcd them bAsely uiA 
^ntk ijj lift </f fin V3Ju4 u cnmpar«d w^ith tAtifi: ha ^uih«k ihrin lo aqppOAe 
rhft WTiVid hurt tvimr frn?r (h*pi ami Ihrj hart fonn^ M**f hvp**rf nrtralii^ mm- 
pvc<l with i»ij; wlHut WDiId ihty tbn hive done? Muon'i chtiiijc of My 
tifr ]u >'m/ /j/^aad oT^mrj lojifite UdcBri)* niaiiijT i n itilnimTfrniniTiric 
C>7t>t p0JJii«d out thai Muon'i LnknipotiLion lud been mltoAj cbcltil in the 
ftltrrklwn «f ^ViUkjr^ olbd Ti* PttttMrctUH^ where iba puaflfi* *Ud<U 

Pnv UU mr now, If ;<n hid wnn^'d mp bOHJy, 
And fmiul mcUrt nr>pfier rompArd Tn oi/fif, etc 

sct?iB in. 

filflo ...].-, ud ■ Guard, 1^. 



[act V 

Dhn, ^^ng, you may be deceived >-cc : 

The head you aim at cost more ^tting on 
Than to be lost so lightly, (fit muat off; 
I,ikc a wild nvcrflo*", that ?-nop-< before him 
A i^lden stoclc, nnd with it shakes down brid^t, 10 

Cracic? the scixing hi^an^ of pines, whose cable-roots 
Hctd out a thousand storms, d thousand thunder*. 
And, ?«> made ini^htier. t:ikcs whole villig*^ 
Upon his baclc, and ici thai heat of pride 
Chvzo strong towii^, towers castles, palaces, 1 5 

And lays them desolate ; so shall thy head, 
Thy noble head, bury the lives of thousands. 
Thai fnuvt bleed with thee like a sacrifice. 
In thy red ruins. 

Bnitr Arkthu^^a, Phila^tkk, Bellario in a T&h and 

Kittff. How now ? what masque is thi.^ ? lo 

Utt. Kighr royai <.\t. I should 
Sin(; you an eptthals^mium of these lovers, 
Bui having lost nty bc^ airs with my fortunes^ 
And wanting a celesitial harp to strike 

This blcH^d union nn.thu-^ xn gUil story 15 

I fflvc you all. These two fair cedar -branches, 
The nobleM cf the mountain where they grew, 
StTaightcst and talleit, unJer whose atill shade? 
The worthier beasts have m£tde their lairs, and slept 
Free from the fervour of the Strian star 30 

And the fell thunder-stroke, free from the elouds, 
Wl*en iticy were bfg with htiTUoiir, and dehVc:r'd 

9 ttitpt] iiMiyi 1^1, 3\. maojn &L 1711 to Djce^ lOittri] rttrirfQi, 

TS> Kfitcf ,-.](... md ThiuiUne. iddeJ by Djrcc)' Ettler Fhl. 
Phocuv, Bcir, u-ith « j-orland cf flowcn on'n bosd^ Qj' 
31 (itfw/r/J /Ao;^ Or. 
33 4^rid/rjMiMMj Thi( s<iTil («in«to htv* troubled the pnnicrc«f lh« iwo 

i2 »/shlu ibxT/luoL Ql. 2} n] OHL. Ql- 

30 /A//-Ttffcr yj A4M by Djrcc from Oi 1 onliud by Qi ;o Wcl* Th^ 
ftrFu^emnt of llEMi 3^—13 bAlMlNcc'4 \ X^X |irititiv proM ; 4J1 T« KdJ-'fl 
bivt ihfH llAeieDdfTia /Jmuf^v^jm^ - . , Aumntr . . , jorf^ W0I1. four 



Id thousand spouts their issues to the earth; 

Oh, Ihcrr WA-S nnnc but vlrni rjxitPt there! 

Till never -plca;*ed Fortune shoi up abnib», 35 

Base undcr-bramblcs, to divorce these branches ; 

And for a while they did so, and did reign 

Orcr the mouniain. and choke up hU bcjiuty 

With brake*, nictc thorns and thistles till the nun 

Scorch'd them c%xn to the roots and dried them there ; 40 

And row a gctitlr gale hath blown agarn, 

That made these branches meet and twine together. 

Never to he un^rm'd. The god that aings 

Hi£ hoiy numbers over tnarnagebeds 

Hath kml tfidr noble htMrtti ; and here they utand 45 

Vour chkldron, mighty King : and I have done* 

fCir^, How, how? 

Arf. Sir, if you lo\'e It In plain truth, 

(For row there is no masquing int.) tliis gentleman* 
The prisoner that you gave me, is beeome 
My keeper, and through all the bitter dirooa 50 

Your jca!oii)iTei« and hi>i ill fate have wrought him, 
Thu5 nobly hath he strutted, and at len^^th 
Arrived here my dear husbands 

King, Your dear husband !^ 

Call in the Captain of the CiUdel.— 
There you shall keep your wedding. Ill provide 55 

A ma:»qijc shall make your Hymen turn hi» ^laflTron 
tmo a sullen coat, and ang sftd requiem* 
To your departing «oub; 
Blood shall put out your torches ; and, Instead 
Of gaudy flowers about your wanton necks, 60 

An axe vhaM hang like a prodigiuus meteor, 

49 urtit . - . fA*m] rvr4t . . . wn Qj. 
l^t "baa ItiA HD^ommon, buL pwtiApi crcre focitnl word ' ffiurmd-"^ 

4} Haih\Ifiti Qi. 4A«rv^)nvrfi^Qi. 

4twT^}can, i:^\o F-. r^5d/38. ^tArviAtknsaiiQu 

jtf S4fimy "Ht. Wuiw, in hii oot«B on UiUon'i A]]<fti>, hai toIJccifd 
vuIm* UMtaaCM frotn «td *iilhon 10 prav« IhftI Hynan ^vu aLwia appro^ 
prfitaljr ctodiftl In MrtVcm^colMirwl roibei ia ihv ancinil nai^uffh and pigein^ 




Ready to crop your \ovcx ^vicctx. Hear ynu f^ods I 

From this time <iD 1 itake all Ucic oK 

Of father to ihtu womaa this baw wom&n ; 

And what ihcrv Uorveiiffe-incc m a Hon 6$ 

Chafed among dog^ or robb'd of his dear young. 

The *ame, enforced raorc terrible, more mighty. 

Expect from me ! 

/J IV, Sir, hy that little Hffi T havr left to swear by. 
There's nothi 11 j; that can itir me from myseli jo 

\VhAi I have (lone, I have dtn\c witlioul repentance; 
For death can be no boj^car iinto me. 
So loag ad Pharamond is rot my he4d:^ninn. 

Di^. [Asuif,] Sweet peace upon thy soul, thou 
worthy maid, 

Whene'er thou diest f For thJs tfmc I'll excuse thee, 75 
Or be thy pro]<^oe. — 

P^\ Sir, let mc %^Ak react; 

And let my dying words be better witli >'Oii 
Thiui my dull living ^clJorv Tfyon aim 
At the dear hfe of this iweet innocent 
Yoti aic 3 t>'isnt and a savage monster, 80 

That feedK upon the blood you ^ve a life to; 
Your memory shall be as foul bdiind you, 
A? you are living ; all your better deeds 
Shall be in water writ, out this in marble : 
No chronicle shall speak you. though your own, ^5 

Hut for the *hamc oi men. Nn monument, 
Though hi^^h and big as Pelion, shall be able 
To cover this base murder: make it rich 
With bras*, with purei«I giild and shining ja*pc*r. 
LiLce Che Pyramidos ; by on epitaphs 9O 

^3 A]df gi, f& Or i^] ffft ty Qi. 79 A**-) om. Qt 

8j. 84 yovr ^eiur drr^f 

SAa/f hi in OMtrr jf ft/, Ah/ rAu ift iMarWrJ 
Here Thco, die* /ffff Vill. iv, U- 4S — 

^' Mcn\c<il mann^n live is hnn; their virlvcB 
Wf wHlff in w-atff," 

tcuUnfl "likr fj> inc /^mffiAfi/' Cf. IV- ir. q: 



SucK 14 ouilce grmt men gr>d*« ; m}* little marble 

That only clothes my a^es. not my h\i\ti. 

Sha-tl far mit'ihfne? it. And for aflrr-i^^ucs. 

Think not so madly of the hoAvenly wisdoms, 

That they will give you more for your mad rage 9f 

To cut off, un!c«$ it be wmc snalcc, or something 

LBcG youi^Tf, diat Ux hi;! bictli iiball strangle you. 

Remember my father, King *. there was a fault, 

But I forgive it : let tin pcnuadc you 

To Wcihis lady; If you have a soul, 100 

l^ink, save her. and be ^a^xd. For myself. 

I hawr M> long expected thU glad hour, 

So languish'd under you, and daily wither'd, 

Tliat, by thu; ffyd%, \t U a jay to die ; 

1 fifld a recreation int 105 

Sntera Mesfiongor 

If€ss, Where's the King ^ 

King. Here. 

Iritss. Get you to j-our strer^^ 

And rescue the Prince Pharamond from danger; 
He's taken priioncf by the citi£cn£, 
Fearing the Ltml PhiUHlirr. 

Ditm. [Asi^f^ Oh, brave followers t 

Mutiny, my fine dear countrymen, mutiny! i lO 

Now, my brave valiant foremen, shew your weapons 
In honour of your mistresses! 

Enitr an^fnr Mcs-icngcr. 

2 ,1/rjj. Arm, arm. arm, arm ! 

King. A thouMnd duvili take thciaC Cititens ! 

Dicn. \AssiU^^ A thousand blcsiing^ on *cm \ — 11$ 

2 <*/>«. Arm, O King! The citj- ti in mutiny, 

\9% &l<r , . , J . < . A tienlleivan. n)rc4 \ who aIho ehincH pr^Fi to hil 
■p««h«« 10 "Gtni-" icb ir.dfrf'jl fifi4^r fi W«b,, Dyer. 

ii>S/ni)Rm. Oi. 10^ ^m^'n^] "i. t Fcnrlrg for" D>De- rtrQi, 

J ij £[>[<r , , ■ 1. . . 1 Second Gffatk(n«L I^-m- 
w^.irm^ et«.]liirioeonlyQi lod Q^ t* Wtb, 



[act V 

Led by an old (;rc>- Ruflin, who conies on 
In rescue of ihc lofd I'hilastcr 

King. Away to the citadel! — 

[£j*wff/ Ak&, Phi., l&ti^. guarded. 
I'llEoe dvem safe. 
And then cope with ihe^ burghers. Let the ^ud tio 
And fill tbc gcntlcinct^ give strong &ttendanc<^. [Bxtt King. 
\Afantni D:o>', ClEREMOKT, afiJ THftASlLlNE- 

CU. The city up I this was above our wishes, / 

Dicn. Ay. and the marriftgc too. By all the godd, 
Thi4 nobk* hidy hin de^eivwl u* 4IL 
A plague upon myself^ & thousand pl:igue?, 135 

For having Mich unworthy thoughts of her dc^r honour I 
Oh, I couJd beat m}'«elf 1 or do you beat me. 
And rii beat you ; for wc had all one thought. 

Cff. No, no, 'twill but lose time. 

j9ft»j. You say true. Arc your swords sharp? — Wdl. ijo 
my dear coimtrj-tren WTi at -you- lacks, if you continue. 
ajid fall wax back upon the firal broken shin, Til have 
ynu chronicled and chroniclrH, and cut and chronicled, 
ond ail-to-be<pfaJ3cd fknd »ung in ,-«onnct:i, and bawCcd 
In fiew brave ballads ihal ^^ tongues stiall irotil you 135 
in saeuJa sacvJttrvm, my kind can-carriers. 

TAnL VVhal, if a ioy take 'cm V the heel^ ni>w, imd 
they nin all away« and cry, '*the devil take the hind- 

117 It^fiit] Xt^fian gj. 1711 10 Dyn. 

119 BuoBt , . -J KJ. Etit wiih Are. Pbl Btll- Q* to KdA.*yt. on- Ql, 

111 Em King. [Moncot . , .) E^i u^kta Arr-, Thi. fid', tfuordciL \Vclx 
Cuciint Alt cnupi Dl.p Clffi-, 4iiJ Tiii±. Dytc. 

l»3iJj aJ/ tki /^•'\ Sy my /t/t K^tXii?^, EJd.'jS lo D^CC- HW, «> 41' /j^ 
Thco, Will] rhc nccphC'E] uf [hitfiniliac, ibctpciecli ii la proae Qi to Th40* 

131 Wkssy^HliVkf] lyAa/j/ Utii^\ty^t. HHmI yf tarit yt Tft Wet 
(hyphene^I Am by Edd.'jS). A nlckiuime lot ihr>[>^kecpen . " what ilo yon 
lock " bciJi£ itcii uiU'I addicu in piiAKiii-lij. 

tpt tAin]ith'ii:ffil^tta4'i^). (-iin Qi, Dycc. The jJt-tofQj.jPaof D^rc*, a 
pFDbdbly aniHiprmlplocaimgain.inKini«of lh«f](iar;o<i Jo / AdH-WKf V. iv, 8 !■ 

r34 «Ai^hT.^/V4?'M/fdiJtn'4T^J JUi^jiftftH/fijIfyphtiu FVm in Thfo'i ed. Kr, 

135 /»«/] {/rviV'V Qi t> Wflbh], t*fu^4 Ed- 1711 1 A ckiiprini wmdi Thto, 
<^uot« jinrl KUTKCt IE Tho' 11 occDRed. tD the old cd*, 
137 tfy\ "i.t whim/" Djoe. 



DicN, Then ihc eainc devil take the foremost loo, 140 
an<l -soiinc him fcir his brr.ikfjL< ! if thry all pro%v 
cowarde, my curace fty amonK^t them, and be iiiecdtng ! 
May they h^vc munraitis reign to keep the gciitlenica 
at home unbound in cauy frieze I may the moth branch 
llKir velvets- and their silks only to be wonn before sore I45 
cj'c*? may thdr fnl*c Ifghi* undo 'em, and dhcover 
prea^s, holcd, alains, and oldncis in their j^tuffs, And 
nakrlhrm shop- rid ■ nifl.y ihry k'pr-p vvhnrfs and horses, 
and break ; and live mewed up with neek.-t of beef and 
turnips ! may ihey have mary children, ^nd none like 150 
the father I may they knnw no language but that 
l*ibberi>JL ihey praltle to ihcir |jafCeH unless it be thi- 
goatish Latin they write in their bonds — and may they 
write that falaej and lose their debts \ 

JCin^- Now the vengeance of all the gods eonfound 15$ 

141 iMU^I jokjOi. j*fiT<Q*ioTlieo. 

144 mc(h\ ituthti Qj i(j 4, lacth^ 1^5 to Dycc 

144 br^nik'\ \. ix- Lu Fuurf <jt ft^m patlenis 

145 t9r4 iy€i\ One IS n«Tc rcrLiini^iit (4 Tbcnitci' *'Gi«en tvecnct flsp fbl 4 

%4^/4<U* ^'UfJ D^n quoTn ID illuitnirioh > pBAMDf from Middl«t«AV 
Mifk/vim*! Ttrm (I6ft7] L, 1. yr^rrr tlit pueillr waoFlen-^npeT' Quomodo 

' ' Ghj, mikt ruj coanp cuMinio^^IJn lock ttcflk ; 
Witb mbdc ui licguile tlic honest eye ' 
He near lu m^ ifup-wlada'n, nwfiing Fil&«Uj*ht." 

151 r>^'0 iw^"^ Qt- A'^rff^ <,i4 Id >' uaki^k Thm. Ia Wel>. (« railing 

"IdAicwnnt/' uTiThea, *'Uka( J bove rcidcv'J iha Auilicn'nnuiae 
Tou la the ^Vord CW^IrVi ; L c ktrdartu* : Ko cmler ffarh^itnti Iho) in 
£jtB-ijiiiHt. So in Jl'i/ ic^'/AMtf *Uhi^, lll^ {t. 

■^j iwirT i*Kji if^rn, J.'/ TAj'rt^ (Inth poW VimdaL'" 

teitarmu, li the ffeovlae word, thcrr unaoi be ibv sl^ctiLcA dmiU : In 
rimi—imi ^lj[mna we And. ' Tht r^nke nuaar ci «?»'« ii oppUoil 10 Ulcia 
IIhI vili &« tonic out of tberr taufy (u & fcul, bitb«roai1 it^. ■ - ' ynv 
ttri ^tm jmwfAiAA tjeKu^. St£> It vi. cd. 1 5Jo ; luid jc Unjl^n't SUftr 

' WhkCh in the CriiTiit JcUnd ronguc uferp taucIiI ' 
ToJ In hU tfldjlinnt 10 tAhmiiiiii'i i^AiT, Hvpt. ju ;A* j/am^* j//*f #rifj*s/ 
fttnt^ ' GoARiAH- ^- froin fw% Patclinl. uk^ii, dutxi^'L - ■■■■!< ^^'"^ 
naiort tu be wonJcieJ ti. RicbftidMiD id hji vrrir IcArn'^l woik Imi borfiwcd 
JhMP ToU thi< prcwnu uljc^tivc ■nd tbc cuaipra of lu uu. " 




them ! Hew ihcy ^wAnn together! what n hum thcy 
raUcI — DcviUcho^c youru^^ild throats! — If a manhact 
need lo u^ their valours* he must p^y » brokagc for it 
-ind then bring >m on, and they wiU fight Hke ^heep. 
'Th t^hilostcT. none hut J'hilaster, must allay this heat : l6a 
they will not he&j mc ^peak, but flin^ dirt at ine and 
cali mc tyrant Ob, run, dear friend, and brJnt: the 
loH I'hila^er! speak him fair; call bfm prince; do 
him all the courtesy you cuti ; coiniDend me to him. 
Oh, my wit^ my wit*! (/3j*V CLtKKMONT. i6$ 

Dt^n. [Asid^^ Oh, zny brave countr>'meii 1 as I liw, 
I will not buy a pin out of >'Our walb for lliii \ n*)-, j-ou 
shall cozen mc, and I'll thank you, and send you brawn 
and bacon, and noil you every long vacation a brace of 
foremen, th»t at Michaelmas shall come up fat and t/O 

Kin^. What x\^cy vA\\ do wfth thU poor pHncc, the 
god^ know, and I fear 

Dion. [Wit^iT-] Why, -nif, they'll flay him, and make 
churcb'bucket^ or"? skin, to quench rebellion; then 175 
dap a rivet ir'$ »c«incc, and hang him up for a ^gn, — 

^^-/iffrr Ckkrkmont with Philastejc 
Khtg. Oh. worthy sir, forgfvi* me ! do not make 
Your miseries and my faults mc<rt together, 
To brin^ ii greatti tlangur. He yL>ut_%df, 
Still sound amongit di^easc^. \ have wrong'd you ; tSo 
And though 1 find it la^t, and Ijcatcn to it. 
Lei first jour goodness know i:. Calm the people, 
And be what you were bom to : take your lo^x;. 
And with her my repentance, all my wbhe« 

157 tetlJ\wi^f Oi. 

1^ Mfl>]jvuu-Qi, 158 >r . . . /sr U\ wt . . . /Jr'/Qr 

159 'm]om. Ql. Iff^AKiCi am, Q^ mTlirA- 

JwAiMcO Dfoe. i66«««''7**ww|*Vfl''MwQ(, 

T6V — rjl diniT ^f^ . . . Kcfvi^J dW itmi ytM traK'M a^ii Aif#<v jTrry Uw^ 

169 'mO '"Sm/^ to f«Tiei ciimpkttly/ ' Sar//ne. thr !«[ ftUrnina iftoA 
flvrn lu fowls whtn ihcr aiv Inkto up fioni Iht tiocK or b#ni^dijur, ind C9<jpc<l 

l^firfwfH] "t»p ^jr licfviart of «irt nftme fjf £«*«." Dye*, 

i^a f Ail] fiat <^i. ir^tfu/^om, r^i, 174 Aiidi-] Kd. 

T74 nr^om- Ql, a^ rvHiv] 1- f^ hod, riy». 

iA3/fr;r) «f «j], t!ti K'J am. Qi. i&A a^/] d't^Q^ lo Web 



And all my prayers. By the ?;od3, my heart ipcaka this; 185 
And if the Ifra^t fdll from nic not pcrforni'd, 
May I be struck with thunder! 

Phi. Mighty sir. 

I will not do vour greatness no much wrong. 
As not to make your word tratk Free the princess 
And the poor bov. *nd Ice me stand the shocic 190 

Of thU mnd sca-orcitcbH which I'll cither turn, 
Or perish with it 

King. Let youro^vn word fnce thcm> 

Pki. Then thu* I take my leave, kUsing your h^nd, 
And han^ng on ><otir royal word. Be kingly, 
And \jk: not moved, sit : I .nhall bring yf>i] pc»ce 195 

Or never bring m>'sclf back. 

fCiag. Now all ihc gods go with ihec. [Exeunt <rm'us. 

Scene IV. 

EnUr mi M CAptMn apiil Cititcn% wM PHARAHOKD. 

G^^ Come, my brave myrmidon^ let us fall on. 
Let your capsi swarm, my boyi:, and your nimble tongues 
Forgcl your mother ifibbcri^n of " what do you lack," 
And set your mouths ope, chiMrefi, till your palates 

t^farr] on. Ql. 

E9if4'«t) VrQi 

lS% tAtt] all fAii Qu 

t^j^w] jwip- Qa t« F , KcT«1.'rS, Web, TKm,, m^i Dy^t, cave jw froa^ 

SCKnt IV,— For th* rtnt icven-and-thinv l^octof ihia scene [ivrniY.Ml^h\ 
%^n tn Qijlhc vftriiUoniL ur Qi frunn iJh tttar «d^lJ(int vr vcty i^if*\. and 
to a nrpnot cfQi, fromihc CDirnntncantnt of thi« tccne, b eltcd, I tuvf oolj 
ocoulttiAlly b«rc>l Lhon ^ Trom U J7 io cftii of Lh« pUy the diffcfCQc< b 1*0 
gveai 10 Admit ol try kjixl <)f CftllhiloTi* 

XM-iro i'> ihe efiiry jf Pfulairer [L Sr) ihe *1J oSiiioai a« « mixlitra of 
IVDV «n<l vrrtr, rhc laTtff nFfrn aiiit# itninuiM^^ rFn* Kfld/?!, wiwly 
ptrinpi. tirlnl itn; whgU » pruKl Thto, Uru^ltl^^ hinl with ^1, ind Web. 
pc«iCT<icil in the ari«nip| lo icduoe li lo rtitc ; Dycc fullovri Web, for Uic inosl 
pftft- t hav^, vitJisomcinldgiTbu^ irtoptfJ D^e'iiiivulon, 

i-^ Oflv - , - Jt'tti^J'aMgr'} Elfln diviii«d na in Wdi. ah'I Djrcc PrinUd 
in quit* iinpOMibb v«rM tlan (^ lo Thw The wholv tpwdi u proci Qj 

4 ftt] Dytf* from <jj «^- C> *i* ^o Web. 



FaJI frijEhtcd half i fathom put the cure 
Of hay-salt and grow pepper, and then cry 
" Philastcr. brave I'hila.'ircr ! " Let PhPastor 
Be dtKpcr in roi]iic*t, my dmg-<!orgs. 
My pa>r« of dear irdcnture^. ki&ge of clubs. 
Than your co!d Vritcrr camlets, or ynur painting?* 
Spfttcd with copper LeT not your hai!y silks. 
Or your branched dolh of bodkin, or your tiMues, 
Dearly beloved of «pic«d cake and custard. 
You Robio Hoods Scarlets, and Johns lie your affec- 
tion k 
In darkness to your fhops. No, dainty duckcrs, 1 5 

Up with your ihree-piTed spirit*, ynitr MTtiught valours ; 
And let ><our uncut cholcrs make the Kin^ feel 
The measure of your mightinete. Phlla^ter ! 
Crj', my rote-nobles, cry ! 

A/l PhJIantcr! Philastcr! 

Cf^ How <5o you h'ke this, my lord-prince } so 

di/Mv-^invTld!iV<^<ArVjDyMfnjj^iQj. «J»a|7]/cHrQL4 toed, 1711, 
M Sf«WWl ff^/**] NVogld BirpcAito in»a LDlcr«ciT<i), meX/; in iintiu^ 

licv H ittAio mio! viih ^f^^A knd ulver thr«fti^ iW how thi» fouM aiTply 

lO/flAnAifr It ncn dlnr laicH v« w« vc> nrptne /anvAW^ ~ pninted cLothi. 

TfcrAbAlil. follmtd by Edd.';* md Wc^ , iuburituitd ^wta^, I. e iprinklf^d. 

Sn Dyer'* noie. Qi oni^< (hniT WDrrfi. 
11 ^ul7 li^) Misic mcoji. 1 pmnnir. loaded «Sth p«0t« or olbv aoiLRial 

Coffin thtm fitK tabuum. 

Ike Uvit'i BOtr, N<rt»^ Ne* Ear- Uict. . t\c. t. y. ^fltihn <tt Saudiiht. 

14 *W] Ihro^ y>*r(Jl tc F. , fMf1/;H TO l>yew- Tb^n., whikouiW nf»d- 

lea^ calltrv ttimiiao 10 Kobin llarvi. SojiIrT nnil Joliri, in-iVrt tnii durnffe 
wtthodi anj w«nUii^ ] fuTc adopied it ai a ccnnin rciir>raiLoi] ofiht amhott' 

iS^Wf'tf'] 1)]r«ciip]iiia>i— ''t-c ^r|;cn^ bowcn — idludmi: todieirkAKJ- 
jfljf ^boxrin^;) !« cuttcinin." I ktiiak the alldiinn \t mor« probablj lo <Aiwi- 
iiimitt, ■ nvoiirilt tport ol Eh? riiE^fnt, iq wliii^h numcfoui rtf«rfrc« uc 
ntde in CBT old <1runa, ct in Jitjrf^&Mastix. 

(rp- 34. iS- SjTnp*oa'* 

n. I. 

StkMl vf Sh&Jufttty Vol II, )i £ttryJf^rtiM Mi I/umottr. 1. 1. 1 714/ '^MT- 
fir^ <7/V^, II, I. (iiwi Bid of he); B.'oiiic'ii Damtnailt, !!■ i, (p. 4C3, and 
dKwfierc, Vol- r iVftiKuVfcrfint), clCr Mr. Pcprsf^'JO'. -J ^^^f^^i <W*) 
r*(«rd« hit valk Uuoafh the dvcKin? pctftd fjelds at Tthncton. bi nlicrfj 4iii(« 
trii father omed bim tncre to tf^t ohh anJ ale ai the Klng't 1t»d 

iSM'M'/iAi<j"'n»rec-pTle" wai vHvptof ihf firrai qniHtj, heofr rneiAphorie- 
>]1]r tArtt'fiiitil ifaits. S« Naeci CCTj^. in v,}. 

)6 x^ff^'s] '* Another ijuibbJc : vtl»rt EBametiion »pcll MtWv) U vdvcc" 

i7/HW/^]Dytft <v/wrf Qr f4i/'»a Q>,i. iW/^ Q4 Ic F. ^MfrTbco. 

to Wfb. — 'I'll* old- old pun on uJtitrxnA fk^t*, 

J^ rtte-MOtlnzl \ cotn vi oiled fmni iit htinf tUiupKl wfTh a toc«^ iTf 
isIbv l* varifiinly 1ll^*^l jtfrotn ifo. Ic 7; ^ 

ao^imt^/tmfvr ^x ; "iififatlj perbAps," Myi Djcc 



These am mad boys, I icll you ; these are thtngs 
That will not strike their tops^iU to a foist, 
And Icrt A inuii uf war, am ArgOh>\ 
Hull and cry cockles. 

/'Air. Why, yoa rude i^avc, do you know what 
you do? 25 

Co/. My pretty prince of puppets, we do kaow ; 
And give your greatnes* warning that you talk 
No more aucU bugVworda, or that soldcr'd crown 
Shall be Kcraich'd with n muKkct. I^;it prince Pippin, 
Down with your noble blood, or, a^ I live, 30 

I'll ha^'c you coddled. — Let him loose, my spirits : 
Make ua a round ring with your bills, my Hcctori, 
An4l )ci u-H Hcc what ihts tiiin man dmc^ da 
Now, elr. have at you 1 here 1 He ; 

And with lhi^3WA?thingblotv (do you aoe, .sweet prince}) 3$ 
I could hock your grace, and hang you up cross^lcg^d. 
Like a hare at a poulter^, and do thj^ with thU wiper. 

PAjt. You will not sec me murdered, wicked villains? 

I df^ Vcs. indeed, will we, sir; we have not accn oac 
For a great whiifc 

Ca^. He would have weapona, would he? 40 

l4ifH//ui/<^A>r4/rj]Tolj«in&CUv« sad in hue (nlhc Qt hu S^Hjff 
'<• fOjy^rMidi, Ufot niKotlur ACCOtdiBfTn C.rntr iC.'xir. /Kif. ^tJt4 fkCfor 
Tknnwl, "To CTV cockle*" b "to bobjwtl'l - ptr>iP|iB frum ihn ni>iic nuilf 
tttlf>l«inii^inE.^' Stf Ku«»«MujMbv. /b/f|, 

ja%V'wnAl Droe. A«rr^Wri> Q. F. ^J^vw^J Thc»p Eo W«b. 
SviffBriag or Otrri^yine liui^^utge \ ^, « fobUn, ia ggncnlly receivat «t]r- 
■oldCf ( bat lUclift»«on U-''^'- ^ ^ i CMiudtn 5i^waril m^rviy & iatm. oi 
|ii|f«oiiL DfCVL 

a8 nUtr'^ dwam] L & , 1 tuppoM. toldvr'd head i but vhy jitidtr^d I do not 
Incnr. U^tier'it.QuTyy^^ >tf/(^rW Qj (o Thco. ic/^V^f/ lMiL*73. itUtrvt 
W«b.J Th« Qr hM JE«tiV>r. 

aniavkA'ii wiA 4 Mvj^l A dvlicalc way t>t hiaiiog tkiu ha would have 
hii aniiw hlwn odi- iJycD notH i^" 1^ CAptaln i» vtill ^mblic^t — amflw 
(ftaa Bhlch prrbapa rhr ir<apnn hid tt4 iuqm) being ■ trmlF ifmnow-bnlE/' 

Edd/jS anil w«h. pnat MKi^Hrj-. 

JfdIrTw JK. nattt fvi/itt] Oyix. Uviit Qx, lAtf/H knfftmnU P*imf<^i. 
4rjmt rmni, Jt ytv ntrcaf, dr y^n rvr/, oti^ j-mt t^vfr Atiflv^ Q| U> P. A 
V ww«r. AfWT Thfo. to Wtb. 

3ft JM-*IDy« from gi. 't'^/A/ and ^/i*^ (^ lo W«liu 

37 «/rr) L e, ivord. 

39. nii k'ei . . . wAiik.) X>fvt^% ilE^rUiM. FrMoall ^ifccfalkn^ ^t. 

«d fyr] W«k. Drts |M«Mn clii^.)- /« Qa lo P., Bdd.'?^ jtfTluo. 
(SyniBoa oori.^ rauini; abo fooad in 7%t ^<i&irii/v/FVN.| 

4^—47 -J^ iHwA/ - . . /Mf^-ftAZ/l W«b.'> and Dj^t diniioo, Proac lo 
d wAtf i- 46, then Ivo ihort liaca, Am arulins Ak'^/, l^a 10 F. Proaa tba 
ktboU ^M«ch, Th«o., FjUL^S, 




Givp him a broadside, my bnivc boy*, with your 

pikes ; 
Brjcicli uic his skin in Aowcis like & «<&tlr, 
And between every flower a mortal cut, — 
Vo*ir royalty ^halJ ra^'cl ! — Jag him. gcntleiDcn ; 
rtl haw him cut to the kdl» then down the scams. 45 

O for a whip to make him gal loon -I aces ! 
1*11 have a coach-whip. 

PJka. OK spare me. gcnt3cmen ! 

Ctifi HolJ hoW; 
The man bcgirs to fear and know himself : 
Mc shdll for thi> lime only be sccY^ up, fO 

With a feather through his nose, that he may only 
Sec heaven, and ihmk whither he is gi^ng. 
Nay, my beyond-sea »]r, we will procium you : 
You would be king ! _ 

Thou tender heir a^)]:t4rent 10 4 church*ale, 55 

Thou ftltshi prince of Ain^]c sarctncl. 
Thou royal ring-tail, fit to fly at nothing 

45 Pr^:^ otntni'am, "*'riH»n]« Atooi hu |ib« iLut'tj ^ii(h U CAUcd hH 

Mr ThtAMitjtn^ Vfttrrtr, pie. by TBtfaervllr, 161 1. p. »*<-" D>«- 

«iL— 47 dten . . . tftuk-vki/} t dci not uodcnicnd llio caiilJtm'k rwiL, 

^— U £ft}^ . - . i^iTf] Wv IkKV* (boaea I^rve's ^Titian. >ihi<t) difTcfv 

•omcnvbti from that of Ttico. ui't Wek Tbe £iU.'7S icmt ihe vholfl 

ifiecch u ptrtc. <^ F. end lines kimn^ . h . M;f . ■ . tfAr < . . /Htnff > . » 

JO rj///) "j/rf Q. F "Ther* ^fc," uyi Thea. "» Differefic*, wiidi Ih* 
FnQiCR illd nDt kninv, Ihlwii; jh<'V md Mf//f: th« Liftfr ]> a Ttrm in 
PBl09ni7 ; When J Hiwk is fiiiht ttkLcn. & Thrai'l ii ran throQi£h ilk ^rdldi. 
Milhar ahc a^y te< wiy Vmlt. ["oi jioi ii ill " !>tvc1io in*li* hti ihc better 
cndDK lis HlmJ.*'— '■ fee* ?'-4< i^A^ly f/ /-ti'^ffHrit, dt. liy TufbcprilCj X^U, 
pp« 3T, U(, 100. Si>me(jnte?i n kmcill fcAC^irrvdktEkRi for Th» purpose." Djncc, 

51 [T^iM/r] ikitltrr Mftiun conjocium. " Thr nrnrtbffr" vyi %Uv7D, " 1^ 
vc hUI c<jDfine hiit^c* laiacha manner. lIuL hciliall (renotEifnc tnit hcKvcD, 
■Dd ihiak tliAE tic 41 Kuja|;thcrt' If « pjdftccm be iiuod'whikcJ intiULh AmMiacr 

th«t ii (Bn ricei>« nu Itghi ^i^L fnm abot«, ji wjll nn fcrpcmticdlat!)' till ii 

54 nvwAf *f ] (Jy. ihould noi t!ivi« worJi he hyphened ? 

55 Af'T u/futfHt JV d <Ah^c^.iuV] 111 vjfw lit L^ic ciiunoiilo Wd Iff- Slal^ 
tM olbcik T(i be iKrpcinEiJ ii Lbfic fcfiLn«lt iTiiH tnvf be nmhidcfoJ u cqai- 
ir«lHit1tjb«Bf eAllvdabABCariL "(.-aid} Trundle hadhcr miidi^oC unthchiu" 
a oar «di occwion. £h C'vwMy/i, Act 1 . Sc, \. 

^ fnwuf^ »i^ i4rvHif/J O^ '*A kln£ «1 ihrvdt nQd pAlch«." ttanitl. 
lir tr. loa. 

ST rtn^^*/} Ad iufnigr mtitibcr of ihc Falcvnkluc ; t^twoen Hawk ukd 
Bttwd, u tbi proY<rb Hm ii, Mioahneibm define ;'-<"Akbd< of Putiotke 
or Kite, having wbiinh fulbtn nbokii hii uik< u Lt wck a ni>G<" 



But poor men's poaUry, And have «rvcry boy 

Bertt ihcc from that too with hi!* brc;i<3 anri hutt<?rF 
7*//^, Gods keep me from these hell-hounds! 
I Cit. Shall'* gi'M him. captain? 60 

CaP- No, you shaW .^purc his dowcet:(, my dear <lonj:e]9 ; 

Am you resjscci ihe Ladles let them flourish : 

The eunw« of a longing woman kill 

As tiprcdy an a plague, boyK 

1 Or. I'll have a Icgi that's ecrtain. 

2 Cit. I'll have an anr- 65 

3 Cir. I'll have hU no«e, and at mine own charge 

A college and dap't upon the gate. 

4 Cit, V\\ have hU little gut to string a hit with: 
For crrlatrly a rnyal gut will «r>unc1 like silver, 

/^/ft*. Would they were in tliy belly, and I paat 70 

My pain once! 

5 Cit Good captain, let me have hijt liver to feed 

(>A Who U'ill have parcek cJ*c ? speak. 
Pfui, Good godN consider me ! 1 ^hall be loituied. 

1 Cih Captain, I'll give you the trimming of >H>ur 

two- hand swords z J 

And let me have his sWn to make faliC scabbards. 

2 Cit. He had no homs. sir, had he? 
Cofi. No, sir, he'-i a polUni \ 

What wculdat thou do with homs i 

61 liimuti'] i>o/ise^h L>r vi^iili Ql xtt Dree. Vociai; fictiTltAciu XUt tcfoi, 
M Wc-bk. uhl \>ya ]ioini f'U[. m> ptvbLbljr *B|scil4B^y the ft^tnanc^ tmu< 
lflLt«i| into Fj^^IwEi, JS^j— 160], uhiEigrtlu uileulTS/ AAWfu^ c/ A'/tMtkMJ, 
HC , iiL »hi<h pH-kiiffTdtl I'htbc iA<f hi< brnlhcr k<Mh:lnf — t>o(b '^i vrhom ire 

manicneil by Thr ( iptiii> m H. 85 mil ^ of ibis totne—orr the lifTo«£. I'tt^ 
irtcallT AlluJtil tt3 in hue old OramM: r./, Ma^lim'« m! rL ^ AiitMikt aitU 

Th* trat c»*tfiji1c of ibc uuf d ttuoic^ in Ehc Mtw Jia^. AvT. is from N<uh s 

fri M/J r, to Uyce- *»^'f 01 W//J y» to *, 
», ft Tj/ . , ftt) Ai vrtu tlrfl by Wp\ 

66 /if /iirtt kii imt^^ tU;0 An allwUin 10 Hiutn Now Collrvf, Oiiml. 

67 ./a/F]Jd/JTht-y. <At/ 4/ ^d.'y^ to l>f^«. 

^hf^ iik^btJy rrofv tliiL At •ptfttt 1^. ¥., Kda.*?!!. 
7i ft«}(i. gj. J.) (im- (Jltf^F 
77 jUtf - . . i«./] i0j . , , ^ Cdi.1/;«, WHi. 



[act V 

t Cit. OK if bch&c h&d. 

I would ha\^ made ranc hafti and whUtlcs nf 'rm : So 

But his shin-bones, if thc>' be ^und, shaU ^r\T mc. 


AiL Lonp li^-c Philastcr, the bra^"c Prince Philajiterl 

Phi. 1 thank >'oi(. g^cntTcmen, But wh)- arc tlicic 
Kude \veApon!( brouj^ht abroad, lo teach your harids 
Uocivil tntdcs ? 

Citp^ My rD>'al Roiiclcier, S5 

Wc arc thy myrmidons, thy guard, thy fOArcfs ; 
And when thy ntihlr hi)dy i% in duntnce, 
Thu!( do we clap oiir musty murriOQS on. 
And trace ihir streets in terror. Is it pcAce. 
Thou Mars of men ? in tlie Kinf; sociable. 90 

And bid?* thcc live? a*t thou above thy focmen. 
And free as Phabus ? speak. If not, th;* it*nd 
Of ro>'Al b!;K}d &haI1 be abroach, a-tllt, and run 
Even 10 the lees of honour. 

Phu Hold, and be Miti?i6ed: I am m>-:sclf; 9$ 

Free a* my thought* are : by the gods, I am \ 

Cap. Art thou the dainty d*rlinfi of the King ? 
Art thou the HyU'i to our Horculi^'i ? 
Do the lords bow, and the regarded scarlets 
Kiss their gumm'd gotls. and cry " Wc are your 

servant*?" 100 

Is the cflurt navigable, and the presence stuck 
With fla^ of friendship } If not, v/e are th>- cavtld^ 
And thifh man bleeps. 

79 hi tuki \atf\ hi AdY04to Web. Si j4/ii] j4i>i Qi lo 5, 

9t- ^ ^/ ^ ■ ^ iUiiwrlKdd.'jS loDrccvnitlirii Mtkt tt-Cili. 

S, 100 tAirtgeirdiJiaiiai X"J f^^^'»*»'^ ^'^'] Every one knowt UiM 

Gm)^ fj which umc tort of (nm' hoit hnn tpplivd viUi«r for iit f^rfumv w 

UQiientLXkl by rr^an^f %rjir&/j. I t>cUc«v ^uit^tf b here used in Lbe wdw 
ottfiTM/ifi: Ct T%4 J*'i**kin J/u'iT-. IV, iL — "(he wat never /wwwVjrt." 
The f-^u/T^Bi^ frorArt tiku»L 1 ihbkt rgfcc iv ihc JLjd|^ Of oftccn of lUtt aha 
hcivf hMn brib*d 10 pal Philu[« dmvn, (i»t who now kin their oorrupied 
hnnilt anJ prcfen lheiii«cLvf« hit lemPTis Whelhvr rf^r^A^ ibouM b« liueen 
In tliff »Tii« of rftt«rtnf or r*.ffinUit^ L c- ff-Zotf-/. I cjrnnr deUnnlBr- 

T1)eo- prLiiIcd /i^f /nm-^j ,- whu he aicftai hy Ulic ilun nui naf : but KvM 
iiliiiitn il to hia Gtouaryiidsiin hcbituiroiAiltnHiovi-'iiwMriiuvi/,^ ThcQ/i 
/J< VMpiobob^T Edkvn inEidvicrtcntly n^nt the edition of iriii froia irhidk be 
printed. lot tifftkl Urmk Q5 (0 f - 



Phi. 1 am what ] d«sire to be, your friend ; 
1 am what I wa^ bom to be, your pnrcc 105 

Phtu Sir» there ta sonc humanity in you ; 
You have a iiublc soul ; foiy^ct tny riuinr, 
And know my misery : »ct mc safe aboard 
From these vrikl GmmbMU, Mid, a^ I \l\-c. 
ni quit thU land for ever. There U nothing.— 1 10 

rcq>ctua[ prisonmcnt, cold, hun^r, ?icknc53 
Of all $fixxs. all dangers, and all together, 
The "nfovAl company of the lAorst men, madness, age, 
To be a.^ miiny creatures -'»s a womiir. 
And do aa all ihcy do» nay, to despair, — IIJ 

WwX. \ would rathi-r mitkc it a. new Hfitiirc, 
And live with all thoi^c, than endure one hour 
Amongst tbtric wIIeI do^s. 

PJtu \ do pity you,— Friends, dlrrchargc your fear*; 
Deliver me tlic prince: III warrant y<t\i 139 

1 shall be old enough to find m>' j^afcty. 

3 Gt^ Good ?ir, take heed he doc:i not hurt you ; 
He's a 6efce man, I call tcJI you, sir, 

Cafi. Prince, by your leave, Ml have a surcingle. 
And mall you liloe a hawk. 125 

lit ^('"iitfr;] f^r^xA;, Qa 10 £, Th», 

tl« CfAlliirfi, aH Jrn^s.)^ eJi lartr, V W/ v/dl^V^. Qa CO 4, Edd-'^Vv 

III mtf//fitWe^ Dyce. 

I>4, 115 rmmtmturw^M^ anttmai^yott tiit a Amvjk\ KitfiVlEithu tv^odn 
h Ibc rti&n iif the cJltQjt from "nno^ to Dru. fiJundeil on ihe I'i^:9 jh^jSt ; 
ihis ()«•« htWE MOitir. Wclici tuvinc ni|E[e;tteiJ that thausk iMrciH^if feacoUy 
roMOE A ^ith <n jnfdlt, it hon Hignin«a th« hood in which lh« haurk wa* 
inailvd, or ihrcnKltd, D7M DOt«d u fotlawi : — 

"XBrrhtfit could newrr Hgnljy ■ ^bood' tThemronlnfoftFu pmen^liaiKagc 
Is n'klcnily.-'ril litvcft^inhor band, <ntl pinion you. or fMirn iIuha jom 
millet, like a hawk : ' Afas/a 4#B^ a to triAp IwE up in a limiUkcicliicr vt 

HolAt't ^i^ v/ .4'Hfi7, 168^ a. ti. |j. 33:9. The retding of IhtlgJiQ 1674 
i« 1f>prrlt*iT d«T{y |»rel«tahle lo [hnr ot the earlitE erli., 'intk«/ whtft, 
boirever, wu n t«m of (B-icaarv, tuad mcuii to okicTp tuhkvx, rc(Ul«r 

'WbM KN>I<' (loo tan man Jcuic, thjia (it Ili" canmnc «lil1 
S« to rvdaaiiB a hifccud Jhwkf. \i iht i^< biric shall UiXi. 
To MtfAf tod man her kn utch *ctri, aa luuing oitl 1 iraine 
Orbtil Hie Ie*r*, when the i* ■! larfs, 10 wTioup h*r ic ijmne.'' 

' Hovtolwttrv artj aaafif a Fixtcon/ id. V-99- '^° coiiprof ma^* Hiwkr 
«A«t t.iv tufaiojivr Lombafdr.' p. it?' 'Tociunawa Fal^nn and Id ■wfrt'- 



[act V 

PMi. Aw^y, ^\x2y, there is no dan^ in him : 
Alas, he hftd rather alcep to shake hu (it o^! 
Look y<Hi, fncfid«, how gently he leads ! Upon cny 

He's tame enough, he necd^ no further watching. 
Good my fricTids, go to your house*. 
And by me hatve v-our pardons and my lo%-e ; 
And know there shall be nothing in my power 
You may ilcscrve. hul you thall have yrnjr wishes : 
To give you more thanks, were lo flatter you. 
Continue still your love; and, for an earnest, 
Drink this. [Gtws mt^Mty. 

AIL Long miyst ihou Hvc, brave prircc. brave 

prince, brave prince ! [Itxtan! PlTIL. and Thajl 

Ctjp- Go thy Whys, thou art the king of courtesy ! 
Fall off again, my sweet youth*. Come. 
And every man trace to his house again, I40 

Ami hang his pewter up; then to the tavern, 
And bring your wivc5 in muFs. Wc will hftvc musiic ; 
And the red grape shall make u» dance and rue, 

boya [Ejfftxnt. 



■ad mtJkm Njnuc ^pirrowhAvlLe-'ii. 199- 

Ta nun their H»Ia ftnd Tiow ihcr miicfat tc naJe.' 

194, 11$ /ViMet ' . , AfivA] Al tb« «nd of thii ni««Gh the old eds, h«« a 

Tl»c *f>t| follo*ci1 lij «!iion trotn Thro, to Web- haic itiryt: at iiiri. Dyoe 
umilD^ T1]v /A (if cifUfBc rclcn tu FltM'Auuf^u!. uul if |;ircu ai ^^ llic ' Uircv- 
tloo * iboiiH pKcr>3< the 9p«<<h, 

IB9 vfivj!;] w#^ Qi to F. 

109 ud/fjU'^ Mftwrn having utiicd thai *' oncol ihc meam u»<l i^ 'aat 
hflvkt iiu kerp ihcm fotUriuallj awiikf," Vya uh*— "ii f|is« iny iliiuioa 
to&borv?'— Probttl;, 

13a 131 Canf . . . /ml So di*idoJ Edd.'7B to Dyot^ Ai tjrwt Q. F. 
Bit ITIi| Tbco cni Ant line Aat$. tjfi Qjvu mrmc]-.] Dt». 

Ijfi Cv ^ >>^d O"- ^^ <<> ^'- &^-^T^ I^y ii «n>nG ls UAiinc tlui 
ThcD^ a1«o omiU- 

IjCH-j^J Fa!/ , . , icyi] So dividH WctL , X>tot- Four linf t nrliAC maii 
. . . /ir^ftf s. . . Amv . , . 4^<J. F. FionTlKO., F4d,73. 



Aft A^riftuat in thf PaUm. 

Cu:kkmo:^t, Thrasilink, Bi:u.aH]o, itnd Anaidants. 

King. Ib it apj>ca^cd? 

Diiffi. Sir, nlE t^ quiet Ai the <^Cjid of nighti 
As peaceable as sleepi My lord Phllaster 
Bvinp on the prince him«clf. 

Ktng. Kind g^cntlemanl 

1 will not break the Ie&«t word J have givco 5 

In primi.-u^ tu hiin : T Imve he'ip») a. world 
Of grief upon hie head, which yet 1 hope 
To Wfifth away. 


Of- My lord U come. 

King. My son I 

Hl«if t)if ihi^ Itme tliJil I have ]cHve to rail 
Such virtue mine I Now thou art in mine arms, 10 

McthinVs I have a sa\vc unto my brcASt 
For all the HiinRi tlut dwell there. Streams of grief 
That 1 have wrong d thcc. and as much of joy 
That I repent it, issue from mine e^cs: 
Let Ihcm appease thee. TaJcc thy right ; take her . 1 5 
She » thy right too ; and forget to urge 
My vexed m>uI with that I did before. 

Phi. sir, it is blotted from my memory, 
FMt and forgotten, — For you, prince of Spain* 
Whuiii 1 hjiVL- \\\\\i> redcc^m*d, yuii \\A\t^ full leave 30 

To make an honourable vo>'3KC home> 
And if you u-ould (;o ftirni^i'd to your realm 
With fair provi«tcn, ] do £CC a lady, 
Methin)c£, would gladly bear you compar^y : 
Hov tike you this piece? 

M^. Sir. he likes it well, 35 

For he bath trieil it, and hath found it worth 

f MtfJTheo- 10 W<K (Se<nnic<inj'}. iMi Q- Y., Dycc- 

11 ft vwVl Thco. Id Dfcc. wrpitf^ Qa To Ed. jjii^ 

ti 4«i4>Hni/|>w»/Qjta7.,eid/7», Web. AdJ /Mf«/ llico. 



[act V 

His princely Ukin^. Wc were ta'cn a-bcd ; 

I krKJw yxmc tncaTiliig. I am not the fir*! 

Tliat naturx: taught to seek a fellow forth ; 

Ca" sh;(inr rc^m;(i[i iirfi«^uii»IIy in mr., 30 

And not in others ? or have prince* salves 

To cure ill namc^ that meaner people wttnt ? 

Pkr. What mean you^ 

Mf^, You must get aikAIki Mp^ 

To bear the prinoee; and her boy together. 

Dtan. Kow now! 35 

Aft^. OtbcrG took me, and I took her and him 
At that nil ^vomcn may be ta'cn ^omc time : 
Ship us all Tour, my lord ; wc can endure 
Wcothcr tmd wind alike, 

iCiitg. Clear ibutj iUy?<cIf, or kiiuw nc:rt me fov father, 4D 

Are. This earth, hotv false it 't& I What means h Icit 
for me 
To clear my-sclf ? It lies in your belief: 
My lords, believe me ; amJ let all things else 
Stru^le whether to diihOTiour me. 

Bfl. Oh, stop your cars, ^^al King, that I may »pcak4S 
As freedom would 1 then I will call Al* lady 
As ba»c as arc her actions : hear me, sir ; 
Believe your heated blood when it rcbeh 
Againi;! your reason^ sooner than this lady> 

Mt^. By this yood Mghl, Iil- btiirs it handsomely, 50 

Pki, This lady ! 1 will sooner trust the wind 
With fcftthcr», ur the troubled >c-i \Tith pearl, 
Than her with any thing. Believe her not 
Why, think you, if I did believe her words, 
1 would outlive 'em ? Honour caimot take 55 

Revenge on you ; then what were to be known 
But death ? 

AVffl^, Forfcjet her, air, since all is knit 

Brtwwrn u«. Rnl I mast nrquest ofyou 
One favour, and will sadly be denied. 

34Aw)f^W-l^ <&tfR 34 ^/A«Q5^^K^'^<- 

37 tom4 nmt\ tvmtfuifj rj. tPif/tiM/t F. , Theo, 

41,41 J*XF . . . f^Af/j^l, 1711, Theo. aalKrId/7!»tnd tnl Mn itflj 
thif micht have t^nnc InHCf In nmlt /er in rh* lim liot- 

47 dt] VIJ1, 'Hx. h O4 to &]iL'73- 4S AmA/} Antf Qi to P> 

» awV/j4y.> frrrVrnfifl'^inr. Bh4t1 be rfiTionr to b« denied."^ Tlke»U]d> 
All cdiion accept IhJt ciplAiULtion. but <^, t<ft M^ rMd jun^ 7 

sevn V] 


Phi Comm&nd, whatc'cr it be, 

^ifg. Swear to be trjc 

To what you promise, 

Pki. By tht ptTWfTM abosT, 

Let it not be the death of h«r or him. 
And it i« granted I 

Kin^. Bear ftway that boy 

To torture : I will have her clcii'd or buritd, 

Pki. Oh, let me c;ill my ivord back% worthy sir I 

soHDClhinB cUc: bury my life ajid riijht 
one poor ^ravc ; but do not take away 
My life and fame xX oi^ccp 

King. Away with him I Tt stsnd^ fffcvocflblc 

Phi. Turn all your cyc5 on mc ; here ^t^nds a man, 
T\\c (alv^t atK! tht' hrtAP'^r <»f vhvs world- 
Set swords agitin'^t this breast, some honest man, 
For ! have lived till I nim pitied ! 
My former deeds were hateful ; but this la»t 
Is pitiful, for [ unwilling]/ 
Have given the dear preserver of my life 
Unto his torture. Is it in the power 
Of Acwh and blood to carry thiK, and live? 

[OJcrs t6 fiiiUihnsti/. 

An. Dear sTr, be patient yet \ Oh, «tay that band I 

Kin^. Sirri, strip thLit bo>'. 

Dieu. Come, sir ■ your tender flesh 

Wiil try youf constancy. 

BtL Oh, kill me, gentlemen I 

Difin. No, — Help, sirs* 

Bii, Will you torture me ? 

King. Haste there ; 

Wh\- stay you ? 

Mtl Then I !thall not break ray vow. 

You know, ju^ gods* thongh [ discover all. 

fCing. Hnw'a that ? will he amfcw ? 

Di9n, Sir, so 1i« says. 








6j .'iiat\at4 R. Thea 65 twrVl u^rJi Q* to Web. 


jmtr jViVJAid./, ? 

£i//7)i'-f* Vj. 



[act V 

Kim£. Speak then. 

BH. Great king, if you cooimand 

This lord to l^lk with mc alor>c, mv' tongue. 
Urged by itiy luMrL ^^WI uilci all ihc thou^t^i 
My youih bath known ; and ittrangcr things than theac 
Vou bear not often, 

KtK^, Walk aside with him. 90 

[DlOM and BCLLARIO zt/aik a^art. 

Dicn. Why speak'si thou not ? 

Bit. Know j-ou this face my lord ? 

Diim. No. 

BtL Have you rot seen it, nor the like * 

Dwn, Yes, r have seen ibc likr, hut rcaiUly 
I know not where, 

Bei, I hare been often told 

In eourt of one Euphratla, a lady, 95 

And ddut^btcr to you ; l>clwixt whom and mc 
They that wrmld flatter xv\y bad face would swear 
There was such dtran]£C rc^cmbUacc, that we two 
Could nor hr known a^unt^cr, drcst alike. 

Diofi. \iy Heaven, and so there 1^ ! 

Bei. For her felr sake. 100 

Who now doth spend the spring-timc of her Ufe 
(n holy pilgrimage, move Id the King, 
That I may scape this torture. 

Dian. But thou speak'st 

As like Euphrasia as ihou dost look. 
Kow came it to thy knowledge that she IKxs 105 

In pilgrimage * 

BH^ I know it not. my lord ; 

Rut 1 havi- heard it. awd do scarce believe it, 

Dian^ Oh, my shame! is 'X posaibk? Draw near, 
That 1 may ^a7.c upon thee. Art thou »hc. 
Or el:^ hvr murderer? where wert thou bom ? HO 

Bsf. In SjTacum. 

Di<m^ What's thy name ? 

Bti, Euphrasia. 

fO Disa And Bdlario ... J Dyc& 

97 Tk^ . . . nunafi In pAr«iEha«t i;^. t'. 

100 it VJ It ti ThB\ . AVf-h , njY0. 

I FO Or dse itr miad£rrr\ ' ]i wu chc iTCdv^d oclaJon. in some baibiJcxu 
cuiiQuiS) itut ll)« mtjnJcrct wu w itEticiilClieitiuliUci 4od »liA|>? <pf Uic pctwa 
he dcil jij/cd." . MuDCi, 



Dicft. Oh, tU jii*L 'tis she I 
Now 1 do know thcc. Oh, th^t thoti had^t died, 
And I had never seen thee nor cny »hatne ! 
How shall I own thcc f ahali thia tongue of mine 
E'er call thet? daughter more ^ 

£^, Would i h&d diod indeed ! I wish ft too : 
And so T must hsvc doner by vow, cr^- published 
What I have told, but that there wsi^i no means 
To hide it longer. Yc-t I joj- \u tliia, 
The princess is ftll clear. 

Dwft. All is dI»ro\-cr*d. 



What, have you done ? 

Why then hold you mc ? 
frtif fifirs t& stab himifif. 

AJI b dLScovcr*d ! Prsy j'ou. let me go. 

A'j'jiy. Stay him. 

Xrtt What ia discover d ? 

Mm- Why, n»y shame. 

It Is a woman : let her speak tl^e rest. 1 25 

PhL How ? that ttgain I 

i)ilra. It U a woman. 

Phi Blc*s'd be you powers that favour innocence f 

m^g' Lay hold upon that lad)'- [Mkoiea h xtht^. 

PAL It U A woman, air ! — H^rk gentlemen, 
It 7s 8 woman ! — ArT7thu<;i, take 130 

My soul into thy breiwt, that would be gone 
With joy. It U a woman \ Tliou art fair. 
And virtuous stitJ to a^s, in despite 
Of malice. 

Kif^. Speftk you, where lies his shame ? 

Ji€t^ I am hi.i daughter. 13$ 

PAL The gods arc just 

Vitm. \ dare accuse none : but. before you two. 
The virtue of our age, [ bend my Icnee 
Fof mercy. 

Phi. Take it freely; for I knnw, 

Thouflfh what thou didst were undiacrcetly done, 140 

'Twas me^nt well. 

Are, And for me, 

I have a power to pardon »ins, as oii 

i}^//. • , ^]CiTwlo"Di." Q4i9t<.F- 



Ad Any man }ua power to wiong mc. 

r^. Noble and worthy ! 

PU But. Hcllario. 

[For I must call the«*till »o,) tell me why 
Thou didst conceal ihy sex. h was a fault. 
A fiiilt, Belhmn^ though thy other decdv 
Of truth outA'cik'b'd it : Alt the^e jcaloufltcf 
y\-Ai\ flown lo nothing, If thoti hadsi dbcover'd 
What now wc know. 

Bef. My father tj/l u^utild npeak 

Vour worth and virtue ; and, as I did jtow 
Moic diid more apprehensive. I did thirst 
To s^c the m^n so praised. But yet all thtd 
Waa but a maiden- longing, to be lo^t 
A* soon as found : till, skiing in my window, 
I'rinting my thoughU in lawn^ J ?>aw a god, 
1 tbou^t fbut i! wa-v yrni), tnter our ^tes : 
My blood ficw out and back again, as' fast 
As I hiul jiuff'd it forth und suclcVl it in 
Like breath : then wai ! call'd away in ha*te 
To entertain yow- Never was a man. 
Heaved from a sheep-cote to a K:cptre, raised 
So high in thoughts as I : you left a kisa 
Upon theve lips then, which I mcxn to keep 
From you for ever : I did hear you talk, 
Far ahovT ringing. After yaw were gone, 
) grew iicquaintcd with my hc^irt, and «uUi*ci 
^liat stirx'd it so : alaa^ 1 found it love I 
Yet far from lu^ ; for. could 1 but have lived 
In pre>triice vf yf>u. I hail hatl my enii 
For this I did delude my noble father 
With a fefgnV] pilgrimage, and drcw'd my*clf 
In habit of a boy; and, for 1 knew 
My biith no match for you, I was past hope 
Of having you ; and, understanding well 

f ACT V 








151 A/^nkiBiuijj i- 1. iiuick re ajmrclifnil or andfrtffmd- Weber, 
i^l/'iBi«/l "i/iJ Q, r- /V.ti/if wqi* ftm mfroducfd in «1. 1711 : tho* 
SclCic h«i &lr»>lj given ihai leadiac in hL> dtcitLion uf PA^iitutt^ a69S- 
Djroc ugica: '* Old oda, *riU»'ti' eKc U>i Ictiri: of the v^uni hftTJiw ih«pl wtt 
mtR4!to- t4a±"i hut Ihcn i> no it<«cc in l!ic line in that qoiflo front *hich 
A ]c<(0 could havir dropt. The luthnr of /.Ar /r'«^d»pitfa« hh^ 
" Which, at I E^w in o^tev *ncTvd>'d a (hint 
Of urififl ur 1 man jf nau'JattoDi skt nrr/,"— (Qaoied by L>)roe;] 


I So 


That when 1 made dincovpry fif my *ex 

1 could not *toy with you, 1 made a vo«r, 

By all tJir n>o^t rriigwms thingi* a mnid 

Could call together, nev^r to be known, 

WhiKt there was hope to hide me from men's eyes, 

Kor other than I ^eem'd, that I might ^'er 

AbiJe with you. Then %Ai I by tJic fount, 

Where first you took me up. 

A/iTjf. Search out a match 

Within OUT kingdom, where and when ihou will, 
And \ will pay thy do\^Ty ; and thyself 
Wat well deserve him. 

Bfl Ncvcfk sir, wiil I 

Marry ; it m a ihln^i within my vow : 
But, if 1 may have Jeavc to serve the firitieess, 
To see the virtues of her kird and her, 
t !tha1l have hope lo live. 

ytrf. I, rhilahlcr, 

Cannot be jealout, though you had a lady 
Dre^t like a ^sc to serve you ; nor will I 
Suspect her livmg hcre> — Come, live with me ; 
Live free as I do. She that Iovca my lord> 
Cursed be thr wife tliat halc.^ her 1 

PAt. I grieve such virtue should be laid in earth 
Without Au heir, — Hear me, my myul f^thc^r : 
Wronp not the freedom of our souls so much. 
To ihmk to take revenge of that ha^e woman ; 
Hex malice cannot hurt us. Set her free 
A» >hc wa» bom> saving from shame and ?^in. 

Xitt^^ Set her at liberty, — But leave the court ; 
Thi« ia no place for such. — Vou. Pharamond» 
Shall have free passage, and a corduct home 
Worthy so great a prince. When you come there, 
kmncmlK'T 'twi*i your faults ihat lost you her. 
And not my purposed will. 

P^. ! do confeaa, 

Renowned sir. 

Kin^. La^t, join your hand,*i in one I^njoy, Philaatcr* 
This kingdom, which is yours, and, after me, aio 

Whatever I caJ! mine. My blc"ing on you 1 
Ail happy hours be at your miirfi age joys, 

i 96 Urtm] VMufS K to Web- 





242 PHILASTER [act v, scene v 

That you may grow yourselves over all lands, 

And live to see your plenteous branches spring 

Wherever there is sun \ Let princes learn 215 

By thb to rule the passions of their blood ; 

For what Heaven wills can never be withstood, 

[Exeunt omnes. 



EDrTED IT R. Waewick Bond. 


SWion«TV litpw, Avjnit j, t^il. "MulCf BfeUbi Enli«d for faU Copie 
«vdcr Ibr iMndM of te Coorgf Bucbt ud MmM* A^mmi wvd«i A pUy Cfttk^l 

uMu frO mciiiioa d lU inufci «f tbe teeh W Tbonu WaJlikf > vhv puU]»!»d itc 
lirA quvio- 

BHttrm-tma. i4j^ 410. On the tillr-^dc* li ft voadcut vfaKli itiracDii 
AltvDN tUQ^thu: wdbrjMiMJcdunu inijil ■ liilljF hiMUu^ie, « KVfJticTfinK umbr 
flfOODd nrs' TjI> f(tt. mJ 4 ctuwu tAU'knrd Iron bli Tjud tif w jirui t'rioeviiiv 

(0*) ^ King '. 4»i i Mv Ktmf.l Aiit^ «/ ''4* Picikt^Frfan. try tts i UokMa 
Arrutnii.i And nxw «* hibrt^ I'Jfc mntr4. oi^tntiv / J* *** f»™r C^iikj 
IfrifAii f//>tfBe[iJ9UBrfrMdAtf 1' Ahlii fitter, t L^^mj ^imtt4 M TXfm** 

£tvir. rtis/ *^ 

Sratfoncn' Krvtttct. MiKh 1, i4»^-P. ihl« pinr nloiv vlib /'fl/<'tfj-Vr and C?v4t«/A 
ttfmtrrtf Vemi-it a aflAcicd o*fr from Itiomu WaUlry la KrchanJ Htwklitt 

I Art*r iV,f^l 

IOj) a JlCi^g, ^omJ f #/ Kiwg^ AttUet tht irj^tt-^tx**,. fy Att / M^ihm 
Strm^MlHi Afid TttviAt third HmfPr^mt*J.4J4^J*ttc} fa t^t/rviOfit. / IFHOto 

WOL lLid£*» AAd w«vp*. 1* if 'Lw«ft dan* Adaad. 

f^hitopcn' RetiiicTH Mi^ >9^ >^3S, tfeiv piny Ecgcihcrwiili f'Ailturtr, Ort/ttflt tAe 
mfrt e/ yrmi^i, TAt wUJtJti Fr^'^-izt. utd cthci* ti VA^f nfd ai^ imva Ur*ul4. 
lliiwkini widow ol Richtrd Hnwkina {ob, i^j^\ to ^' Mulct Mead tvd ^futEt 
McTtdilh/' who <lo A<rt Kcrii ta bAvr ctriviacJ tii&t ficIje (/ publiEBilon» f« ga 
Jnuiury tj, i^je-^Alt UicK pUn An nuult^nl 'rom than lo "MjuW WllUjun 
LcriJw" Ibc publWMi ol Q^ f Arbcr IV. 4»u(l 4^} 

[Q4) A Kimgi iiinis'nfi A'i<«jr,/ /ftM/^vlc] ^ . /. > Strvtiirt./ And tamr4hi 
fifurSA limr/tittai. itn%riinjt j to tk* tfKt C^fit./ IVrtltrm iy ^Vvwtr Anivtcnf 

timUi/H. J rrtmtrJ fy £. CM Wifii^m Lf^**. 4H4 mtg tv h aU / at JUt tJi^ 
Id Ottinoy-Urf, inrrt mtifv Mf 1 /Cfwtth 1^39 4tO' 

{OsJ A A'itg f iina / no A'tig.f XfA'd'Ccrc.iaUfoieli'. . ^nun/i. And M49f 
iArJi/rA ttmt r/ f TalAtdnf CpfiirJ ^rif/rn iylts httan} . . J 
Tfli Snit^irr !if . . [rauplci ■■ bctoifV Lmdvn* f^nleg/ifr it'iih^m ij^ttd 
art Iff t4 wilt : ,rt kii J^*/jil iAt j^gfit ^iilt C/MN f* FittT'^ifrat. Afl^wn tki i^v 

(OflJ A A'ing, I J*/ < noA'irg-^ A^ud . . [ns before]/ . . Sfn^nPi. Amd mtm 
t/ltfmr»k{^'^tinkt PriHttd.antirdingio.- t/utmiCiftr\ Wrifftm ^ . . . \mA 
bdOrc], Tikt Sttilinftrr . - {fJ bdorc] Levtdon. f^imt/d im tJu Vm, ttM. fta 

IQ7) A Xing f atid / no Kin/./ Attltt itrmi At/ti attki TAtn/tw fff^lj fy f 
His M^Jtiti^J Sm^tn./ Wftrutt fiy Fnntu fk.$Mm»Ht »i*J/ii4 I'ttliAtr Cnt.j 

JMdoH.: PrinrfgtyAtftr.Ctat*,/** WiUiam ^trnd /i>itm trntsttkaf 
iw F/*tram<, t^twut Mr nm Ttm/^r-fforra.f M DC-EJ(XV|, 4Ut. 

U ibc FdbofUTf (Hinted appomtl^frtfiQ Qj, 163 j. 


A King and no King 

AAcd ac the Qloh^^ by his Maic-* 

Prfuttd for rhmAt W^\tr , and trt CO b« fcU 





DaTK.'— [a rvf^ird to rhr dUv of llie pUjr. a ncfaocindiim aoA^ b* Sir 

in i£f [, anl the iiicc ta be looted, 1 Allovcct by Sir 
Kftth LaE iEn Poulc, and hw- (C«rs« Buck.' 

more. J 

Mntoiiff'* ( Tor. i'Afr^ff^jrf - i4li. voMd p *6j.) 

In which ytutt thty lioih wrote commendaiisry vena for Bfn JoniMn's F»tr. A 
King at'i J^^ KittJt muiL Ilivc bc«!ii ^tiudiujcnJciMcetiiltu r^(uidi6i t. The 
&<iE «diiiDQ *pp<4rod JD 1619 -. ii Li entered in ihe Swiaaen^ Ko^ic«r l9 
Cimfd Blount under date Aui^n 7, i^iS, 

AumOMHtr.—TboJr joint AHthonHforii^iMncttfd^kniha tJtI<j>i£r oft)i« 
im uid of All chi'Hfoumi fdilioqi, hii bttn jftntroJt^ iLlowoi. Tht trtribu- 
ttMloBein'nrtnrnf r^tchiuiicC'rof Mtrdonim u Sirt.'eorveLttEe'Sconimenrbi- 
lorj rtr%t U diACounuJ ttf hU tcLn&wfedenient, ininicrUiitd]f UTer. ihiT llie 
ihmt dF*' Fnntit Flcidicrui Jiih» Bcmniani "jLi«iEii|i*tui|EUubi(jk; ^nd, tf 
Oftt mcukftl ftnansBtntfiit vt wmc ^r Marl^nluV ^potcbo be racroii, ii ii Mill 
maet dt&Call to nUriWc ihn thfLracKi loTcly 10 Ff«iimenL Siinilfiitr< John 
£ular««9cpnuioa '* tiiy Bcuu " in hu Liim * * On Mr Ite&rinnoni " ii JLt<xiimEed 
bj hitprwlMi m«nbon of "Ihy PhiUiter indMii'I'i Tnucdf." pln^'i in whidi 
Rffj^hfr unilonlitnllr tliiirvEl, Onrh^nrhnhanil Rnl^rr Hffmdc'tUrift "Irp4n 

Thk hat OTwe mar* lanicular tint] mrn^ prohftble, Wrbcr juclciri Th* KTMiec 
Htt of the TefiC'KeTLC* tu bc Bcnumool'* n [h« Jji noi prcicni the raajlti of 
Fldcbcr't veiufic«lwn. Tlif eUbonte mdrical invctlifui >iit uodciuken Irjr 
oDrr neent Bcholart like Mr. Flay ud Mr, lF>r1^, IhaiiEh never pefhApt 
«tk« cnehnlvt, and virtAtKl in pljhOM br anevrlainiy alwat 1H0 tnis tonn of 
loemt (i>. ortirtVr if ht *pr«)*i p^o**)- 4fr i-vi «nlting nnd ii|piifiiT>nt ta 
be pund ovn, e%p«:ti]l>' when ihelr Indefwndei^T eiimlnailorr yitld« rsiilCi 
M> neatly Idcailcjil, Mi. Goyle nuifni to Flctcliern Aci IV. ncc 1. 1. ): AcL 
V. acu I, J* xad in c.ith fi{ lUc *ccnci tei* «mply Wnif uul by ihe eticmnoii* 
proporlioo or dtnjU(-enJij>f:i nhit^h to unmliitAaMr JjaiEnf-aiihc} Tkieher't 
ttrve from thai of 4ny otb«r u-hi«r. Mr. PlcBy« lUoLiing only parii of IV, 1 
mA V. I t» KI«iehee, Add* ta hii ibue V, 3, nitttakenly, >k ve think Boiyle 
ftuM ft (o BMumnnt on Iht uumpllrn^ th» tbrHCLiiirihi uF rhr 4^f(iF are In 
preMi«tikbFl«d)«ri>rd|r«Mi, Rur«%m whrn ^mnced i1inj>^t rmfrrTy a* 
vCBti ■■ u b by D|«c whou in ibli ci«c we follow, Ihc vctK li iiill ntb«r 
BeAOmont'ithAn Fleiclier't, ud vre ttuak tbe iodjEve biitenuv oF Lygonts more 
reaeublo Ihe farmer torhor, Wc EbcrefcTV Accept Boyle'i M<i[A(neat- 

TfeXT- -T\k tttt edLiion {[(i$], of irbtchtbe BHL Mu. copy Udki the ttil 
thnt Uavei (all xftv " ijuick* sa roa ean." V, 4, lU), to on (be whole the 
tivil, tehiNCing mo« cere in r^fird (0 metre and pieemdng tome InkfinceA of 
poMknl RMdinct lluir tiav« diMppeand onder the pronlc onrnpTJont i>( Ut«r 
edilloin. We luve fOlknfed n fa ftlmoit tmj ax vhcfc Et yMded ttaat i 


T«!ponlfiG \n the itfifu all inMiiicn Of <Lefi«nurv iTocn it, md evriy T^iltiil of 
Ibc dighEot imjHiruncc fdund in iht Mfaa cdiiianL 

Tlw Kcund vdiJon 11615)* while U lapfUci *c>mc trorO* gbrigtitlv onriltnl 
iaQi (umuctkulvtoUHiihilfLKVialll. t, I4^4K And nrrciilifi KVcncrs. 
abo vsblhriU miar «cittUF«1«*- Vet «> ianc^i m w jrcor of yicichtr*! Jei.dt 
MOkC of lU dMn^ miij paiaiw utbOAtf ; u4 lU («frttpliAQfr ttv, m any caie^ 
frir snd wnsl in cevii|i«niOft vilh 11to«« of ili uicoevur 

Tfr Qj pnhliihrifl t^^r Richard ItawkiTT^ ( L6ji)thc ErraiMt nomT'Tf mijW hr 
itfcritil, Tlity feT( f^th rally repijduccd I7 ihe folWwiite cdlUam, Lpfi639. 
itSS i-iLil i6<i[. c*ili iJJjui; .*. Titw i:jo|f L(f mow if. QpS- w ptint ibc Ijiii Act, 
which m pEcccdini; cJk u iIfuujI cAtircly imcnr, uootl cntiicty m pii:pftc. 
Q6, in whicli th* jn<|ititu4; and csfflauncu r«pchat iU hei|qhl, u probacy a 

erai^ vditioai it tMn oo putiltthti'i lunv^ whil« 1^5 iLn<1 <^7 arr b^h *'iw 
iUiitm Ijokt.^ It innotinm tTkH ji "nmv ihrfmmh lime Prim«1"j fct 
i\>^jjztit} imiuiluauf iheoTonuf Q^p uLLli:iiJir?v?L;iurr<io&njp intJepcTiiJeQl 
blur;d(-|. ^Ticw il L(<be|>f!n(cdi>t(llci riuin the Ulta c>1i1h<il. 

Tic HVcnth quitrto (1676) " A> ji u ncv Aclfiat th< Tti^Alic Royft] " 11 tbf 
Am to m%k« Eht vtlcbmv rvtum to Qi, accrptiiw M ih« ume Eint vorne 
obvina* o^rreclicni fnmiCjT. I'otchljrif um printH fron the onffinil rhnTrt- 
CDpjr of the pli}, ppocnal tn mBtiuuript In the hindii ol "Hia Mfl)etTfrt 

Tlic FnlJQ of 1679 cJ'<" 1^ 'J^r infciivf ml. IJWc ttic Qilicr iJiyi nhkh hriT 
ma^< ihrir appMmncr in fof 10 for Iha fim dmc, i[», nilhc Lli^okwllcn' Addrcu 
infonM lU, prinfed *'oul «f 4I0 " Hur the quoflo foUowfd it IJ5 laih^T thui 
(Ji, 94 or 7 ;ind iZrtiiH whik ih« pUv hst twrnptd the con-f niofis cif the "in' 
ffliiaaitnd Hnrthvt;^ilrinBn''nn whfi"f nnqitialcd eojujr nf rV i^j fnlm tbr 
tfnmd fnlin vat ftnTiwlHj yt:\ it aWiirHU la oirrupiigni, iddiag 4 fow of lu 
v^mi and hIiToid Hiae^ticnlnf ihott oi m uioJel. 

AkQUMufT.— A IcdJtui var bctwroi I^c KiHEi of Annrain »id t^eiiii ii 
oodod by the Uttcr's Vni'jrf ovtt thcfoimu In \ing\t ccontrtL The <onqueroi. 
AtheceiH *hccc otpricioui Aio^d preMnii a ideMclv ccMlftai oOipoetUcn be^ 
titccn atbirnuy urDcaftce inil macnuiniit/, olVen nil phmn liNodom if be 
*jI] nwrry hu tiarer rinihea, ^iM«r fa wcimAnbnrrl la iherii during hii long 
■bwncr. Ti|>rnnt^ nJ!rr]iot», hnwrvri. err alr^idj jrMsed to an Annmlu 
Udjri Spe^nia. whuLU lie enjjnei:! to dLbLiiJc ilkc IVincm fiom <bc raetcb. 
BqI tbe «igbt cJ l^lhcH not *>My tbthc* Ti^imwt' fiLilb, but kniiJIo kn uicr- 
«rlic1fKici£ pftjeiop in Arbaca* cwn brcut : aji4 wbdc be jiiJouUy comniile 
Tigmn to priiua, hp conAnot Pinthca, too, i« a cb«k upon h^i pwn illieil 
itrvrei. Siirr-amhmg of Jcr-gih hr r>fi"< h" triH (>id ii^pi^rn wirl mfflfiir, 
Mardooiiw, U> approkch her on ha behalf. MorLloniui refiuct ibe shflinefi^l 
office, kad Afbftcc« findt a dUti^Ec in the vik couljiILiiici: oC Ikiaah. wbuihc 
c^nvirdly AOccpIutcc uf |:«nDnal iruuU. ud thifui^hAlTc Uh ln^dur ^kKouc 
figbtinc, fuminh ibcMimiC relief <if the pi*/- An intviricw b«lHccn r^nLbcn 
■nd Arlucvi ntv^ii a muIaiLl hwod wmoh may never be ^ralUied, A B?)utron 
L( founJ in the wolewiOD by UobriBs, nho has airiefl u nrgmt tince iSe Jute 
lilnp'* deiih, thai Arbefn it trolly Mi tan, afCKtfy edopMd I>y Anne, ihe 
■lurcn- livelier. M a licnc wlitii i3jc ik>iJii-rtJufii4ur lltr ti thcrcAa;ii»r<]iilcU 
to rnn;lica. whu, bunii ij\ yfart ULcr> ^1 the inl buvriciEn «f Ibfri^ T^ 
dnJ&ntioA allans of a amen between the loven i while Tiniancs rrpeciinj 
of tuft infidelii;, adiaotfledgei SpAccnl^ m bU i)uc«a end u rcMorcd lo tbe 
Armenian throne. 

bOI^HCL — In regHjd ii> iheofigin r>f ihe vlot «^ "t wichcut inforaatton. 
pfFfi^eJ l4j liipi nlK^rAtLoo (if TrvfAtt ttmit Crtniiia OiyiJrii uid that v^ A'iiy 

tCL4 IT Kvmi lilttlv tliftl ihr i^nnEi^m wiu wbolLy niif auihon* In (be 

«hmcicr cj Aleiudcr 1^ 

(jTobiblT dciivcil from Ihe noiy of <£^ipLu wilh tbc 
Greet ia bU ctbevifeiKca jtiteo to ArLttCcs^" 







SjmpaoD, cno of TbwIt&ld'iajHalxunlgra lo thv cdkiion of i7<o> fc)>cak»i b 
itJEMdtct that BimrAcftiKO) of'^hBCKOl raitcm Acliilic*.'' Bitl ArlMtca' 
diMClennki Are tuh^ thotc uf the hutonoil TifnuMs, Kbf of Armenia aad 
pppon«BC of LotdEuA. Thdmre uiincdrcuioitLqoH inili«^rq^Udw{{iL 6L 
whet* <iiiT»rTft», Thr nM AtK>ri?n. -iiTpti hit wrvicft ro CyniK— unrnWy hu 
■trovf affvlloh foT fii( »on, hi^ pn^t ai [hf pro^iy^i of mflt7)ir]i; him to Ihc 
Aiajnui KiiMfi Jiufhrci (<;oiipare L^^incs And S[>Ju:oDia V. 7). incl hU pUa 
of noiiinit ?t4kuwa ilnui^ltlci Eo the tucccediiic King cif Any rU— which, Euutdnl 
with ihc ccearrencc in (he Cjn^/i'f'iia *>f a TJcmDca uC Armcninu h PutEMa, 
xE(f a qB*«a-tno[htt who ui call«d Mindana icf- ncAt an thtf />p4m, /V^iwvif}, 
fltQgnt thai «irr aiiihnn lin^ >rno]ihn(i'i u-orL' m mmrl ulien invenru^ Ehctr 
own ptol. Mvuita^ hovcvti, I* alw ]ni:nEioDtJ by HenjiloiLs : ia whose 
Stvonh Book {GtP^ S ULd 5) flutjrrti. ihe fathfi-litb^v of DtfiLU, tnurleii 
Owim' uaivi, Aid nai by Iter « Kin M^nk^iiiu. 

T%*«ib«J'l poiA^fd ODt th4i rfApmhlAncf of Bchu* [a K.%UiAfit though iektutti- 
Itdginc Oiw former't mferii^nty in wii afid hitmfiLir, Thu mfi>nnrtty n indeed 
so IM»H ihll ricepF for llntut' Folll^^iiy ai rh? hp^inni^g oF Ml. >. 'he [tk^ 
i>cMi mlffht hiiv c«April TLClkcr. ruoHei tjp]ina x clo^r ahKin&l, ihoiigh 
WLini: nuricfur, " Ii? ii«'*kiji Hi^vlnld. " a Cu^-int ysi wiiuJiI fain tH'l up 

« Lyar ibrouEhcui, to cuh hu usumcd QuiLUficAtioni i anJ lewdt without mij 
CowuctuukM OOQ Ihe LAdic* to glv* liioi p.n Vrabn^t for je." To tMt (he 
E41t«ri of tTjSsililfd— "heluuxitnnf iSohflEliLtjn tinciuir, icd in ti] pr^ 
ItfUlitj tlu 'tA/'f f^J^Lv/rjur of Plaiilm ind fhrim nf Tftrmr« fiimthpt] 
botb Jotuon and mr ouihon wtih hinti for the rc"iKCiJir? chantcer^ Falsaff 

HiitOKV.^Thc Acccuni* of ili« RcvpEiLl Cmrl (Canmnctiane** AiVroVf, 
^ iiJl rK*:>rd (he pfltioiTDnncc of the plnybrfoic Jamci T " Od Se, Sueicilci 
iritht*" j6ii I vidunOilClhc " PUT"«<t<t before tJic Kinje md 0»ice"i<: tUi» 
fnbcntycore oftheLofJ 16361" ihtfiflecaih in orJcr i« "Tht iwhuf Janijiuy 
■1 HsopKia Court thrKiii^;? md Nik Ki»g<^" the £ider Brtiktr hi^injj Ij^cti 
gifrnon Jinajiry J. rmkr ilaic Marrh 1.1, t66i, FViiy»wriTrt? ** r<i rhc 1 (ipiTre, 
■nddiCTf uw Kinj: and No A/'J,,* wrti acvwl " ; tfhlimnrTpr ilnff S^pirmtwriO 
of (he uuocreu he tayi; " Wuh my wife by^uidi to ihc Lhc«iit, tOhhcA hcf 
JiTm^awHi S'^ AVi^^', il hcui^ vciy iJl fTonc/' 

t«cl)&«c is [b« pLAy'< pDpU&niy both briar* and afLar ihv Roctoratioo \ bur 1h« 
vdtlion of 1771L inffinuK tit That \X " hftt not b«n fierfomed for miDy yean 

OarrJdL.ich wc It^nxUam Djivica' Dm/nalit JWuti^njt a. 41, onlemjiUtod 
m^iinc il viih him^If in ihc tlunvtrroTAtbicMi liul yielded to fail &u of 
«n in rKcpiioh hoih Fof tht Kme'ipAVion for hia aappotcd ibtcr, abd (bt Om 
oowvdice ui4 tntentB of beuui. Dyc« odds thit ui bltervl vonlofi, pro- 
dscod by KkfTK *i Coveai Ciflrden In 17*8, wu coldly recvivpcf- 

Tata'afitfa .4 />iiif 4iu/jV> /^j^/ Ivtrrriwdl only trif rr^rm of ttt riiln from 
ihlt play ^ aor b ih« ancnkm that Drydcc, uhote tdnjiration of the latin U 
Kvml tivet c»pr«Kd« Wiowod Ltt ploi fci hb Xf<v TWhh/^^hv/ luflicLcntty 
bome oui br ■a cwmiwitipp of thai piceev 

A lolcrftbJy ebis Geraufk ulaplalion, innit^tiitig the i«crieta Eni^loivland 
Scoflani! in ?uion timH, wii jAibh^hn] ji [h-tuit -Difi E-«ipii|£ m 1785 onHtr 
the t"lp f-tMm*^ 9tUr *ifr A'»wy A«« Wmi^. Atu ^vAau^fia ft Jbi^ 



Worthy Sir, — I present, ar rather return urio your view, iha! 
vrhtch formCTtyhaih been received from you, hereb/ effecting whAi 
jx>u did deiire. To ronnmend fhe worle in my unlearned niethod. 
were milior xo detratt from ii than tn give ii any la«rc. It suf- 
ficeth it hath your wonhip'^ approbation and piErouge. to ilu' 
commend^tton or the authort. &nd encoun{;ement of their fuither 
bboun; and tltui whully con^inlrting ntyself Jtnd tt 10 your 
worship** diftpOMT, I Ten. ever ready to do you tcmce, not only 
in the like, hut in vtt>t I may, 

1 Sir Htnn iVn/-'/] of Hi[linel>*u, 3«rkt, ion of Sir Hiofy Kttil]«, ih«^ 
caunj«ranid d^ploA4ti4E (i?l> ii>rs.i vb<^ failieF ariirniy Nvi'irr#, tho fritiC«lta- 
(iMiUt ^trr \\^'X^it#)i\^ Threr pojn^c are ncihcmblp >1><>ut ihlc dnlii^^ltui 

pre£xcd anlr'o Qi ^ dl iu ippjircnt kUrcnici^T [hui the MS. had bncc fur-, 
iiiiJwd bjr StE If cniy ; []) lU tifmuurc* ili>( b^ E(1witl! Blount, tu vtiinti it in 
«alMvd in ihc RcEi*^''* tiLit 1>y W&LLtc)', foi vrhnni l^c tJt]c-[uj;T iL<ri it ir«^ 
pnoMd, lGl> Titcfm vnEryuntlFrWaJkler'tnamf iiiiivErd OolCiE^«r \2, l6t84< 
Thcftm 4tooT fhtUffr* It «metr<] 1Q Fum ch Januar}- ro. tf»:>: {3) the [iht«M^ 
Kboni " rh« LUThchftnH th&enE>>nfatttfinfTiiof iheirriirihcrEaltuurv*' Heiunonr 
hid din! m i5i5;>iJ E^u» nuULUadr tg thv pguibEc future |tub]Jcuiori(if otlitr 
of thw pU|^ 

AfiBACU, Kinc ciF Ibvrib. 

TldKAHu, Kju|; of AfiBcniK. 

GoKKtAi. Lord rni^PCioT. Paitvr of AkuAtiU. 

Lvooir«3k, FithcrofSrACOPftA. 

Tvo Gentlrtntn- 

Thfff* Shop- men-'* 

GtniletntD, Aaandani*. «ie. 

AkAWK, [he <^u«ri'Motf»<r. 
Pastkka, hf r DougliUr. 

Two GUxcns' WUei^ ftaoiher W«Qua. cLi- 

' Dmiv^ PKK^ijru.t;! w ^vcn in Qj and snbfMOpnt eds. QQi— » give no 
IbL Th< folLcwinD oiA bfivcn m Q? puU [n 1&7A. "uU u ikawAcied m the 
ThcuEtc Hoyil Ir/ ha>Uj<sik^}£c:rvjAt3i." Ar1ncc< = Mi. (lui ; Ti|;:Aiiu^ 
Mr- KjButon : (r^iFiriai = Mr, Wiatenhall ^ Bicufiui = Mr Li^iIbII ; 
Hudooioi ^ Mr Mohun i ^aaik ti Mr Iacj or Mt- Sliottr^il j Ljr^ciaci ^ 
Ht, Canwrietit, Aranv - Mn. C'ir«7 ■ l'itiuh«« s Mrs Coi : S^moooU = 
Ha. BbrifatTL No oihcr oUiIod giva □.ny cuL 

* SMofi-pftn] TIu* «jjcdru:&ti<m vaiiiuL*iil(i(Alby X^yoe fur **ThiR Men "gf 

' JJfMiviPhi, tfA-.j Aflcr clijf chmcKr thrrr i« JnKrtcd \a all old and rvodera 
ftiMoai, ercvpl inil ol Oj i:?. tlie name " MAndanc, fl w^ltkAg-womiA " ; Ut4 
h«r«Atnnc« Lt further ooEilied ^iih Arimc tnd I*ftafhea bI tn* boglnniag ol 
Act tl- At sh(! xi^jMAn hiiwhrrr rlir afvl hiu nn |iir1 ihaltM Ftrr, Dyri* it 
doabllcH lichE rn umirin^ hvr ^Ili^crttier -, bui ihe occun«ni;e of the name In 
lltOBC pua«i{c> of (he Cyft/fe*fij oj of lleiQiloIyi which om lUirlLon ieeii;i lt> 
luvr b«fl lA rnind, >u£icc«) that it >ur%irci tiere u (hf ffmnut of home 
in«^ilie*nl pud atmek uoi b«for« puhlicalJQt^ 



T^ CatK/ fi/ AruaCES, <fft rkc Prcntitrs ^f Anrunia, 

Enitr Manuonius and BK5^ik 

Mar. Bc-H^uA, the king has niAilc a fair hAnd on't: he 
ha£ cnOcd the wars at a blow, \\'oiild my sword had 
a close baakct-hilt, to hold wiitc. and the bUdc ivotild 
malce knfve^ ! for we shall hav« nothing but eating and 

Bes. Wc thjit are ccmmandcrs «hall do w^l! crotJgh. 

Mar. Faith, Bcs^us, auch commanders aa thou may : 
I had AS Hcv<? BPt thrc pcrdn for s pudding i* the dark, 
as Alexander the Great. 

Bfs. 1 love these jests exceedingly- 

May. I think thou lovcst cm better than auarrciling, 
6«3?iUH ; I'll sny so much i' thy behalf: and yet thou 
art vatiant cnou^^h upon a retreat ; I think thou vrouldst 
kill any m*n that stent thcc, an thou couldsC, 

Bft. Bui was not tni* a brave combat, Mardoniu»? 

Mar. Why. didst thou sec \ ? 

Btr You !tiDod with me. 



Act I. . . . AKHh:<JA] ThiipbrSidWideJ Lmu AcuLnjLttthcolddJldoAlt 
thf &n| sceneofcach bcinc '>>*™ J la Qi ualr, &nJ LyThcobiUl cLriil Colmaa. 
W*b«r, ICIS, complffled ilu nBtDbarino of clid ■c«t»4, and aijirkocl ihtir 

Sjvt^] in RiDbofh, C4n«Ti|;hr» Orsiinvy, i6ji, coniM^a ivrduirt Ij^oe 
out in the Add !□ a fbb balf hidden to* the toiad in vhlcn U b wivel c' 
CordvIE*. vf Lcm'i upnurr, Jt. f. 35. "Ig w^Aich—ijOor iicrJuf— with LirU ibiii 

t^ d ^lUijy) r«i the burJMi^ii* alut^tdtbn of **% puditu^,** cf* 

" /)to«t. Dtd he not teai ni Twice? 



Mar. 1 did so; bui methoiight thou idnkodat e%*ery 
blow they strakc 

Bts, Well, I be!iere there are better *oldiert than I, ^ 
that never saw two princes fight in lists. 

Mar, By my troth. I think so too, He^iiiit, — muiy a 
thousand : but. certainly, all that are worse thao thou 
have seen as much. 

Ues. 'Twa^ bravely done of our King. zj 

M^r. Vcs. if he lidd not ended the wars. I'm glad 
thou darest t^lk of such dangerous bu«mex«s. 

Bu. To tike a ptincc pHioner, tn the heart of hiH 
ovm country, in single combat T 

Mar. Sec hov^- thy blood cruddlea at thb! [ thtnk 30 
thou couldst be contented to be beaten i' this passfon. 

B<s. Shall I tell you truly } 

Mar. Ay, 

Bet. I could willingly venture for 't 

Mnr. Hum; no \'cnturr neither^ gnod Bcwo*. 35 

Bts, Let me not live, if I do not think lis a btarer 
piece of service than that I'm so famed for. 

Mar. Why, art thou famed for any valour ? 

Btt. I Duned ! a> , I warrant jou. 

Mar. Tm e'en heartily glad on't; I have been with 40 
thee ever since thou earnest to the war^, and thb i.-i the 
firxT word ihatevtrr \ heard on'c. Prithee, who fames 

Bts. The Chflstian woild. 

Mar* 'Taa hcathenishly done of 'cm; in my con- 45 
science, thou drtorvesl it not, 

Bti. Ycfi> I ha' done pood service. 

Mtit. I do nnt know how thou may ^t \v\\\ of a man 
in'* ch;imber, or ihy agility in shifting a trencher j but 
otherwise no service, good Bcssua. 30 

Bts. you taw me do the icr^'icc youncelf. 

Mar. Not so hasty, sweet Bcssus : where was it } is 
Iht* place vanijih'd ? 

Bcs. At Hcn,%u5' Detperatc Redemption, 

30 fm-fiWwJ Mo QQt, S. 7. Wch. Dyct : other edi. "(Ufdlrt." Cf- 
fJH ihc liui>pu«kiur] vf the r. Pitrt //jnomtw (E-tat fL aa4K "truddoi 
ftnd crccm," and Th< Cntttm of tht C*Mt"y, In. y "Frubbith" lor 
**fiifte«h/' 3^ //**w/]Qt, Tbeo WtVw; the mt omit " 1/' 

4t /Mit iit^firii\ <Jj, K W noJ, acIl : iht nrt omit *'■»." 

^S aoit if\ 1. e. an. 




Mitr. BcMUs' Desperate Redemption ! there's ihat? sS 

Bts. There, where ! rcdecin'd ihe day ; the place 
bcar^ my name. 

Mar. Pnlher, who chri*tcn'd it> 

B€s. The soldier 

^far, If 1 were not & very merrily disposed ipan, (So 
what would become of thee } One that had but a ^xnin 
of chulcr ill the \\holc comixj^iLiun of his body xvtjuld 
ficnd thee of an errand to the worms for pulling thy 
name upon thai £dd : did not I beat thee tliere, I' ih' 
h«-ad o* the troops, with ^ truncheon, because thou 65 
wou]d«t nccdsi nm away with thy company, when wx: 
should charge the enemy ? 

Bts, True; but 1 did not ran. 

Afur, Riyht, Branui: I Ijciit tht'c out <>i>'L 

Ba, But came not I up wiicn the day was ^n«, and 70 
rcdcrm'd all ? 

Afor. Thou Icnowcst, and so do I, thou meaned»l to 
Ay, and thy fcai making thee miatalcc, thou ranncst 
upon the enemy; and a hot charj^e thou cavest ; av, 
III do ihcc right, thou art furious in running: away; 75 
and I thinlc we owe thy fear for ourvictnr)% If I were 
the King, and were sure thou would^t mbtakc always, 
and run away upon the enemy, thou shouldst be 
genera J, by thiic light. 

Bes. You'll never leayc this till I fall foul. So 

Mar, No more Ruch words, dear Bcsfus; forthough 
[ have ever known thee a coward, and therefore dumt 
never strike thee, yel if thou protcedcst, I will allow 
thee valiantn <ind bc<it thcc 

Btss. Come, come» our Kinc'* a brave fellow, ^5 

jl/ittr. He 13 50. BcAAvis; J wonder how thou earnest 
to know it. But, M thou wert a man of understiinding, 
f would tell thcc, he i* vain-clorioiw and humble, and 
arvgy and pAlirnt^ and merry and dull, and joyful ;md 
sorrowful, m extremiticTt, in an hour. Do not think me 90 

55 jVruwi'l Qi nnd rijcc alon« omit ibp "' At " in Matdrmiu*' wjily, 

if Titt nidiir\ (oUkry. Su QQi, 2. 7, Web. Dycc : rtn *' loldteri-" Ct 
i^ m mrf n t Idsut. \^. t. "3« Lhv itiMici irdkL IxvjULUk*' 

60 aurrriM Qi bIodq ipcllt *' mccrvlr" 

6* €9mfMakH\ QQ5, 4 *' wmptuioa/' 

7t wotfw^] Yt—^t "m«ft*rt" (Jf^s, 3, 7 '*ffi«anT**l." QQ4- J. S 
"mcuu*L'* 85 <^'*«'' '■'iw'-l yi- <>^1- W*b ■ T«T ■■tome" [fffiCcX 



[act I 

Ihy fricn:! for this; for If I circd who knew it, thou 
shoulcl'^t not hear i:, Bcs^ua. Here be Is, with the prey 
in hN fotiL Stne/ FioHrisk. 

EnUr AruaceS, TmftAKtiB, tw& Gentlemen ttnd 

Ar^. Thy sadne»^ brai'V Tigraacs, takes away 
From my full victory ; am I become 95 

Of :(o >iniall fame, that any man «hou!d grieve 
When I c'crcomc him t They ihAl placed me here 
Intended) it an honour, large cmmgh 
For the most valiant living:, but to dare 
Oppose mc sinolc, thtmgli he Iwi the day. 100 

What should anlict ^'Ou ? >-ou are free as 1 ; 
To be my prisoner, is to be more free 
Than >x>u were formerl)' ; and ncvxr think, 
The mafi I held worthy to combat me 
Shall be used servilely. Thy ran^oni U, 
To take my only siitcr to th)- wife ; 
A heav>- one, Tijranei ; for she fs 
A lady that the neighbour-princes send 
Dtarkc to fetch home. I have been too unkind 
To her. Tifi:ranC3 : she but nine y-cara old, 1 10 

1 Irl^ hrr, and nr>r *iaw her since ; your war* 
Have held me lon^, and tau^l^t me, though a youth. 
The way to victory ; she was a pretty cliild ; 
Then [ ^vas hltle belter; but new fame 
Crie^ Unidly \.m her, dTid my mcs^cii^crs 1 15 

Make me believe <hc U a miracle. 
Sbc'l] make you shrink, as I did, with a 3Lrokc 
Btil of her eye, Tigrancs. 

Tigr, \sX the course of 

*ot4, whjdi fclifihll/ fchct* ill* wn&c, wu Tlj«obald't iiuertjon ; who note« 
lur1h*rttiAE " Mflirdoqjmk hflFT hu v^ry ekncE-l^ dccypbcre^ Cb* cturacter of Cl)c 
Krng/' und coivyArvi tht rtoiing line of IhJt ««ne. 

f|9 tkfprfy fjrjUf/WjQi, W«KDyr«: mt 'Mtls|]n*f'*«tc> *^Iabu^<M^" 
if, like & faTcon. 

93 Enter > ' > FlDumlilTlicic WL^nli M<UTTin£ firx ici Q2 ItfJ^l wcnpotci! 
In ill laccftdinf; QQ. ntui Jn K, but umitted hy mwlcra cdiLun, 

dnd AtlCDdflTiiiJ Added b>y W*ber, 

lOi^w /J ^o hH IJIA 1 K " 4J^ frvp P4 ]," 

loe Ak*iiJ111uik tr^ati in which Arliii^« mlglic Iroen hi« own caodLitoiii 




Iberia to utc their pri^ioncr* thu* ? 

H«d fortune throiv-n my name above Arbace^, lao 

I should noi thus have talked ; for in Armenia 

Wc hold it base. You should have kept your temper 

TitI you txw home ag^m, where 'tit the fndiioo. 

Perhaps, to bms- 

Ard. \^c you my witncsSn rarth, 

Need 1 to braj^i Doth not thi^ capti\x: pnnco iz$ 

Speak me sulTicicntEy* anil all the acb 
iWt 1 have urrought uynyn hij: ^ufTcnng land ^ 
Should {, tlicn, b^5t ? Where iic^ thnt fout of ground 
Within h\< whole realm* that I hav^ not pa»'d 
Fighting and conquering * Far, then, from mc 130 

Bo osteniaiion, I could tell the world, 
Ho*' 1 have laid his kingdom desolate 
By thi* 5<>le itrin, propi hy divinity; 
Stript him out of his glories ; and have sent 
The pride of alt his youth lo pniplr graves; 1 35 

And made his virgins lonjcuish for tiuir loves; 
If I would brag. Should I, that have the power 
To teach the neighbour- world humility, 
Mix with vain-gfo(y f 

Afar, [aa'd^] Indeed, thiF i« none I 

Arlf, Tigranes. 110; did I but take delight 140 

To stretch my dcrd^ as othcri^ dn. on words, 
1 could -imaM my hearers, 

Mar. ^isiJ^] So you da 

Ar^^ But he shall wrong hi* and my modesty. 
That thinks me apt to boast : after an act 
Fit for a God to do upor his foe. 145 

A little glory in a »old(cr'5 mouth 
ifi well-becomlflff ; be it far from vain. 

Mar, [fault] Tis pity that valour sliould be thu:i 

Ar^^ I offer you my aislcr; and >-ou anawer, 
I do insult 1 a lady that no suit, Ijo 

Nor treasure, nor thy crown, could purchaae Chcc, 
But thai ihou fought'st t^rith me. 

ll^rinrlSodl vldoltL Colava ncodleu!} 4!t«f«lto "brr/* 
UiMtf*<^, ^r*fl|SoQi. Web- Dy« , the rctt "uHMiirJn." 
tjS fif MA^rfWMv wrrU] i. V. t.h4 vHinlf world of oihcr men tfroLkail me, <m 
notAbty — the ttat ne»al Ic ihif vb(M» }»wrri I oifLd. 




Tigr. Though thut be vrOrtC 

Than that you spoke before, it strikes not mc ; 
Rtil that you ihirtlc to tivrrgrJCL- mc with 
The marriage of your srftter trouble mc 155 

I would givvr worlds Tot ransoms, were ihcy mfne, 
Kftthcr Ihan have her. 

Arb. See. if I Iruult, 

That am the corqucrcir. and for % rAn&om 
Offer nch trCA^urc lo the cf^nqucrcd, 
Which he rcluMrs. and 1 bear hU scorn I i^O 

[l cannot be «;lf-flallcTy to say. 
The daughter* of your country, net by }»er, 
Would sec Ihcir ahamc. run bome, and bJusb to death 
At therr own foutnesn. Yet !*he t^ nn* fait, 
Nor beautiful ; lho*« words express her not : 165 

They say, her looks have something excellent. 
That want* a n;une- Yet vvere she odtoun, 
He/ birlh dcsciv-ca tiic ciiiplic of the world ; 
Sifter to Ttuch a brother, that hath ta'cn 
Victory prisoner, and thrOLghout the earth i;o 

Carries her bound, ard should he let her looflc. 
She durrt not leave him. Nature did her wnsng, 
To print continual conrjueit on lier cheeks. 
And make no man worthy for her to take, 
But me, that »n t[K> near her; and as strangely 175 

She did for me, But you will ihirk I brag. 

Mar. [dj/d^] ] tlo» I'll be sworn Thy valoiir and 
thy pssnons sever'd would have made t\i-o excellent 
fellows in theii kinds, I know not whether E should 
be sorry thou art dO valiant, or !io pai^icnate: would i%0 
one of 'cm were away 1 

Tigr, Do ! refuse her, that 1 doubt her worth ? 
Were she as virtuous as she would be thouf^ht; 
So perfect, that no one of her own sex 

JSJ JiWlirj u«f MfJSo Qi, Vi'cb-: the mi *'iijlltes me not-" "Srrlkei'* 

ibT'f'iM*- >Vf Hv'/J So aP, cxcvpi Qi *<j(i. Wen shff," which W«bci 

r74M**J WM, 7, I'heob W«tLPjc«i Ihe f eH '\m,U.' 

rSJ fi4/J bKcuir. u in CcrManta. W. \\\. VO^ "Wr tuvc tjtvn nlJrrl 

[ihc DiKDf-bc^fld eiallitudf) • , not ih^ tmr lieath u« nmt brova, wya^^ 

bUck - , , Kut M4f aar wiEt arc to iliTtnelr coloured^ 
:S4 Mt] Qi bf misprini " i>*ra." 



Could find a warn : liac! .she so templing fair, 1S5 

That fhe could wi«h it cfT, for damning souLs ; 

I would pay niiy riii(%tnn, twenty live*, 

Rather than meet bcr married m my bed. 

I'crhap^ I have a love, where I have fix'd 

Mine eyei, not to be moved, and she on me ; 190 

I am not ^ckla 

yjr^. Is that All thccaui«^ 

Think you* you ciin ao kritt yourself in love 
To any other, thai her searching Pighl 
Cannot diwolvc it ? So, before ycu tried. 
You thought yourself a match for me (n fight. 195 

Trust me, Tigrane^, she c&n do as much 
In pe4ce as I in war; i«he*ll con4|uer too? 
You ghall sec, if you have the power to stand 
The force of her *wifi looks, 1 f >x>u dislike, 
111 send you home with lo\'e, and name your ransom 300 
Some other w^ty ; but if *)hc be your choice. 
She free* you. To Iberia you must. 

TigT' Sir, I have IcAm'd a prisoner's dufTcranee, 
And will obey. But civc me leave 10 talk 
In private with some triend.'i before 1 go. 2CS 

Arh. Some two await h:m forth, and §ce him safe ; 
Kut let him freely send for whom he please, 
And nime dare lu disturb tn?» anjfcrtfiicc ; 
I will not have him know whjtt bondage is, 
Till he be free from me. 

{Exit TitiRAKLS, 'jfitk Attendants. 

This prince, Mardoniu«, 210 

Is fbll of wisdom, valour, all the grace* 
Man can receive. 

Mar. And yet you conquered him, 

Ar^. And yet I con^tucrd him, and could have donct 
Had**l thou join*d with him, though ihy name in arms 
Be izreat Must all men that are virtuous 315 

Think j» uddenly 10 m^ ich tlicmsdvi^s with mc ? 
I conquer'd him^ cind bravely; did 1 not? 

lS5/ifi>3Attuhfeisniiv«,coiDnicinf])ougY]. QlMt^. A'ifkfi Df9ftmt\.\. \%y, 

|Bft/&r ^mwj(V'"^JTo avoid rfoing w>^iji>J. Qi 

ftio wilb Ailoaduu) Wcbwr'* vddilioii. 



[a<:t t 

B4S. An please yoxit majesty, I was afraid at fint^ 

Mar. When wcrt ihou other? 

Ar^- Of what? JJO 

B€S. That you would net \xavq spied youf bc^t ad- 
vaintages ^ for your maj^ty, in my opinion, lay too 
high ; mcthinka, under favour, you should have lain 

Mar. Like a tftitor at a wake. its 

Bes. And thru if t plca^ your majesty to rpmcmbcr 
at one time- by my trothi 1 wished myself vvi' ycu. 

Mtir. By my troth, thou u^ould^t lu' :iiuiik 'em both 
out o' the tists. 

Arif. What to do * Ji^o 

BiS. To put your majesty in mind of an occasion : 
you lay thus^ ard Tigranes laluBcd a blow at your leg, 
whkh you, by doing thus, avoided ; but, tf >-ou had 
whipped up your \c^ thu», and rtach'd him on ibc ear, 
you had made ihe blood-royd nm abouC hh hea<L 7%% 

Mar. What country fcncc-school dldat tlicu Lcam 
th^t At^ 

Ar^. Puff! Did not I take him robly? 

Mar Why. you did. 

And you hnvt talk'd enough onX 

Ari. Talk'd enough! 

Will you confine my \vord»? By Hcavco ami earth, 
f were much better be a kii>K fjf bc;v-il?i 240 

Than such a pcopk f If I had not patience 
Above n god, i should be calld a tyrant 
ThrouRhout the world t rfwy will offend to death 
Eaeh minute^ Let mc hear thee speak again. 
And thou Art earth a^ain. Why, ihin t^ like 245 

Tigrancs" speech, that needs would say ! bragg'd I 
Bessu5, he said I bragg'<l 

BiJ. Ha, ha, ha ! 

Af^ Why dost thou laugh ? 

22$ Ltkt 9iti&fr, tti.] Aji ■ tsiJof iBjght defend luuiKlfaf^ul luwdlcaKtEh 

^ffh^i /4m /wnr r><f/ ^f] Sogi. iM»—6 "letm'tl Uifll »t}" Q7 
"Icinul r^o1llhiI Hlf" r. '*lnni'Ef thou ac?' 

337 ^!^f\ Wthef'i iltetiftan followed by Dye* tar " Puft" of Ql. T&* 
reri. "VnW^ Sec bcli/w. line jus. «vIa 

nB{il Ttf/i'./tfMffiv^lS^QT.F'^ LbcotbcroU«dkudW4b."teAGDOwti." 

l39/»W1QiftlMk«Teul>-whjU" «39«»»^)SoatlQQ. F.^^oord.'^ 



By al] the world. I'm grown ridiciiloua 

To my own siibjcctv Tic mr to a chair. 

And jest at mo F but I shall make a start. 7J0 

And punish some, that others may lake hcvd 

How they iire haughty. Who will anjcwer me ? 

He said. I boasted. Speak, MaMoniu*. 

Did I ? He will not aniiwcr. Oh, myicfnj)crT 

I ^vc you ihidnks ^bovc, that taught my hcirt 2$$ 

Paticnc*^ : I r^n cnfinrr his silrnc?. What, will none 

Voucb'-^afc to ffive ire anstver ? am i grown 

To such a poor respect? or do you mean 

To break my wind ? Speak, lipeak, some one of you, 

Orelne by Hravcn 

I// 6'tf«/. So please your 

Ard. Monstrous ! 360 

I cannot be heard out ; they ciit me olt, 
As if I u-ere too saucy. I will live 
tn woods, and talk to tr^es , they will allow me 
To end what I begin. The mcancat subject 
Can lind a freedom to di^chai^t; his miuI, 26$ 

And not I, Now it is a time to speak ; 
I hearken. 

Ij/ OVjtf/. May it plcaHC 

Ar6. i mean not you ; 

Did iK>t 1 stop you once ; but [ am grown 
To talk but idly : let another apeak. 

2mJ Gfmi> 1 bojw your aujeny 

Ar^, Thou drawl'itt thy words, ?70 

That \ mu*t wait an hotir, where other men 
Can hear in instaniA : throw your words away 
Quick and to purjKJiC" I have tukl you tliia' ■ — 

B/s. An'l pka^c your majesty^ 

Arfr. Wilt thou devour mc^ Thi^ i« nucha rudeness 275 
A« yet you nerer sben-'d me : and 1 want 

3«9ilp«ri«tf)Q|. TIl Web. Djrct; the K»t "iaftOh«lr." 
M7 wtrnvrl So alt old cdk except Ql * ' Budicncc/' which Webcf 

a6o M^ntfrom] i IricylUblA 

969 7> t^JSr 6vi tJJy : fif\ Sewnrd't «>n\vctnn, priaFfd bv Theobalil. (jt 

tect tat pua.t' Q*— ^ ^^ V^ " T(> balli, tmt I Jcric, let." <J7 umUi " bui 
I «m . ■ . tp^tk '^ bliOiCtlha. 

ami/ra»/j/l OOi. ^ 4, 7- QQ>. S. ^ ^- "J«vr*«." ''Dnttlkg" U 
-Mdin Jlffrr, IVtvt^, ll.T 140. 




Power to command, too ; else, ManioDiui 

Would smV at my request. Were you my king. 

I would n.ivc an?*u-cr'd AC your word. ^!ardoniu5 : 

I pray you, speak, and truly ; did I boast? 2$0 

Afar. Truth wilJ ofTcnd yoa. 

Arb. Vou t»ke all gre^it care 

What will offend cne, when yoti dare to utter 
Such things AS t)]e?(e- 

Miir, You told Tigranes, you (ud won his land 
With that sole arm, propt by dtvmit>' ; 385 

Wi.-L not that bragging, and a wrong to 115, 
That daily ventured lived f 

Ar^. O. that thy name 

Were great as irinc ! would I had paid my \rcalth 
It were ^^ gr^si- aa 1 might combat thcp ! 
I would through all the regions habitable 290 

Search thcc, and. having found ihcc. wUh rny sword 
Drive ihcc about the world, till I had met 
Somt place that yd man's curittoily 
Had mi&s'd of; there, there would I strike thee dead : 
Forgotten of mankind, such funeral ntct 295 

As bca&ts would give thee, thou abouldst have. 

B€s. Ttie King 

Races excrentely: ^a)l we slink away? 
Hell strike us. 

iH^ Grnt Content, 

Arb. There 1 wouM make you kiiow/tw«d tbid sole 

arm. 300 

J grant, you were my instnunentf, and did 
As I commanded you ; but 'twas this ann 
Moved you like wheels ; it moved you as it pleased. 
Whither slip yoj now ? what, are >'ou too ^ood 
To wait on mc ? Puff! I had need have temper, 305" 

That rule ,sucli people ; 1 have nothing Left 
At my own choice : I would I might be private ! 
Mean men enjoy them^lves; but 'tis our curse 
To have a tumult, that, out of their loves, 
WiU wait on us^ whether we will or no. 510 

Go, get you gone ! Why. here they stand like death -, 

tT7ftmmum4, AhJSomII old «dd». eMwi (^t, "Mmmmd ■wf,'' Wrbv. 
'* tumm&nd ye." jtg or m«r, lUjGrcm eQDUfihcodlovdiJkT. nc. 

m -/V^O So Oa. 7. Ql umiU it. QQj-^ piiiil tl m • lUgc diiCLtiuu, 
Sec i[t07«, lice t\J, ovtc 



My urtxda move nothtri^. 

B^. [ \ct\ow not, 

Arif. I pn4/ you, I«ave me. airrE. I'm proud of thb, 
Tbftt you will bo inlrt'atcd frum my sight. 

[Exfun: aii bi4i Arbaces and MaRDONIUS ; as tk€ 
iaiUr is ^iKg ow/— 
Why, now they leave mc all ! — Mardcnttisl 315 

Mar. Sir? 

Af^ Will yoa leave mc quite alone P methJnks. 
CMlity should tench you more than this, 
If I were but your friend. Stay htre, and waif. 

Mar, Sif, shall I speak ? 

Arb. Why, you would now think much 

To be denied ; but I can scarce intreat 320 

What I would have. Do, speak, 

Mar. But will you heir me out ? 

Af6. With mc you article, to talk thus! Wd!, 
I will hear you out 

M^tr. [kt^rlj.l Sir, that f have ever loved you 

My sword hath spoken for mc: that 1 do, 
[fit be doubted, I d^re call an oath, 3^5 

A great one, to my witness ; and were 
Vou not my King, from amongst men I should 
Have cTiosc you out, In k>vrj alnive the rt-tt i 
Nor can this challenge thanks ; for my own sake 
I should have done it, brcau^c I would have loved 330 

The mo3t deserving man, for so you are, 

Ard. Afas. Mardonlu^. rise ! you shall not kneel : 
We all are soldiers, and all venture lives ; 
And where there is 110 difference in men's worths, 
Title* are jcpbi. Who can outvalue thee ? 335 

Mardoniu5. thou ha^t lo^'ed me. and hast wrong ; 
Thy love if not rewarded ; but believe 
U shall be better : more than fricrd in arms, 
My father And \t\y tutor, j^imhI Mardonius ' 

Mar. Sir, you did promise you would hear mc out. 340 

jaa H'itA mi . , . Wi thmfl [.^ ]i k / on wbom 5011 mmld impcne cmi 

■ihtoiu how (o ^QDTCiK [ Cf "Vau«illQ«tutide." Wiim. /Wh , L Ui. \t^ 

3a3lQMli] Added by W«ber. 

323-31 Sir, , . . ifi jtim ti*'i,\ T>i»baU hr%\ pnalod th« pu«if« 1 

Zif^% amrcvnitftt (v^iu^^'^y T^" i^K*') ^ tjirrv followed. 
jSOd^Aw iOSi>Qr, T : Qi "doted/' Qt^a— <i ilmpiy "doae." 


[act I 

Arb^ And so I will : speak (rccly, for from Ihoc 
Nothing can cmnr hut worthy things and true 
JV<Br, Thouj^h you hAve All thin worth, you hold 

That do eclipse your virtues. 

Arh. EclJpAC my virtue? I 

Mar, Ves, 

Your»or>H, which sire so manifold, tluit they 345 

Appear even In IhU r when I commend yoii^ 
Youhugmcforth^ truth; but when I »pe.ik your faults. 
You rn;ike ^1 Htari, and fly the hearing oL 

Arb^ When you eommend mcl Oh, that I £hould 
To need uich commendations I If my deeds 350 

Blew not my praise thcmiidvc^ about the cftrlh, 
I were mo»t wretched- Sp^re yfiur idle praise: 
If thou didst mcaii to flaiicr, and ahouUst utter 
Words in my praise that tliou ihought'st impudence, 
My decd^shculd mftkc 'cm modest. When you praise. 35$ 
T hug you \ 'tis so falsc^ that wrrt thou worrhy. 
Thou :(houldst receive a dcAth, a glorious dcwi, 
From me. Btit tliou shall undent^ind thy Ife*; 
For, shouldsl thou prabc mc into heaven, and then 
I^Mve mr inlhn^nrd, V wcnild dci;ji%c^ thcte though 
As much aa now, which \t afi much a» dust, 
Because I «!e thy envy. 

Mar. Howe\-er you will Uie me after, yet, 
For youi own promi^c-sakc, hear mc the reat 

Atb. 1 will ; And a^er call unto the winds, 36I 

For they shrill Tend as large an car as [ 
To vrhat you utter. Speak. 

Mar. Would you but leave 

Thej*e ha?ity tempers, which I do not say 
Take from you all your worth, but darken 'em, 

U S BiUpii my . . - . , . ht^ting crV] I have rMrrtngcd Tfaci>b4td'« 

orar/ lof ihciet irrecniftt trm, *liiph Dyt* given prnte, tollowia(ftli oid «d^ 

147^'fvjbw. , . /Mi/j/JSac^ga— 7. K. gtainiU"hul~KndiDHna*<cd'" 

^# jififAtfix-ffV.] So I unencJ ThwbftliJ^i "hiaiiuj out" for " hcAriOit 
DW" of i:i<i. " lLC»liO£ biiL" of F. 
^/iA|j*A1 i.e. tbcQ, u in MiilJU Engluli, ttud in SpcaiCT, ThooliaJd 

j69diD'iHi Vm] Ai though " wortlii" h>r1 fxtfccl^d. Thfotflld necdlealf 
OOtrvied lUitlighi gnmmEiLica] prior by prinling "K" fi>r *' 'cm." 



T1>en you woulil shine in^eetl, 

W^ Well 

J/(tr. Yd I would h&vc 370 

Voii keep some passions, tesi men should take you 
For a god, your virtues arc such. 

j4rA Why, fiow you flatter. 

M^r, I never understood the woril. Were you 
No ItTng, and frrr from Ihi^^- wild mnnd<, <liouIt1 1 
Cbowe a componioo for wit and pEeaaure, 375 

li ^ouM be you ; or for honest to intcrchangr 
My boeiom with, it ithould be you; or wii^lom 
To give mc counsel, I would pick out you ; 
Of valour to dcfcod my reputation, 

Still 1 would find out you. For you nrc fit 380 

To fight for all the worl<!, if it could come 
In question. Now I have spoke: consider 
To yourself, fmd out a urn* ; if ao, then what 
Shall fall to mc is not material. 

Ard. Ih nut muterial ! more ihiin ten such Hve^ 3S5 

As mine, Mardonius. It was nobly said : 
Thou has .tiH^kr truth, and boldly sud: a truth 
Afl might offend another. I ha«;e been 
Too passioDatc and idle; thou thaXi sec 
A Mvifl amendment- Hut 1 want tho^e part* 390 

Vou praise me for : I fight for all the world ! 
Give thee a sword, and thou wfilt go as far 
Beyond me as thou art beyond in >"cara ; 
T krjow thou dar'« and will. It troubles mc 
l~hat I should use so rou^h n phrase to thec : 39J 

Impute ii to my folly, what tliuLj wWx. 
So Ihou wilt pardon mc. That thou and 1 
Shuuld tliflct thus! 

Afaf. Why lis no matter, sir. 

ArA Faith* but h is ; but thou doM ever take 
All things I do thus patiently ; for which ^00 

1 never can requite thee but with love. 
And that thou shah he sure of. Thou and I 
Have not been merry lately: pray ihcc, tell me, 

^;o t^m/J] QQf , s, 7 Mh« othf fi '* will/' 

370-84 Krr/vfwAf . . . . wAT^tf^JI hiv<am>i»>1ibn«rTHttiKllr, frvlina 
ccKrtlftttd itui thermc b not veramfd tin iftcr rhtjhc^me *-iiaeTT>/' Unc4C3- 
Umiilttld, wtiilr tcnifyin^ vthfi vpcrchci »f Mj-tilninui^ left ihcv u piDi& 
Sctf note gn HI. i;i, t, ijCi^rrfflQl mt"hontt*(7i" 

^a f wnri'rfnj as uit^llabk- 


Where had^t thou ihai same jewel in thine ear. 

Mar. Wh)v dX. the uking of a toivn. 

Arb. A wencb, 40; 

Upon my Ufc, a vrench, Mardomus. 
Gave thcc that jewel. 

Afar, Wcrch ! they respect not cnc : 

Vm old anit rough, and every limb about mtx 
Kut that which should, grow^ atifTcr. t' those busi- 

I may 5weAr 1 am truly honest ; for I pay 410 

JuKtly for what [ take, and wouUl be glad 
To be at a certaEnt>-. 

Ar^. Why. do the wenches encroach upon thoc ? 

Mar. Ay, by thi* light, do tbej-, 

Ar^. Didst thou 3Jt at an old rent with *cm ? 

Mar, Yw. faith. 

Arb. And do they impro%-c them»elvc« ? 

Afar. Ay, ten \hillin^»^ to me, every new young 
fellow they come acc^uamtcd with. 

Arb. How canst IKi: on't ? 430 

Afar, Why, 1 think I must petition to ywj. 

Arb. Thtju »ha!t t^ke 'cm up at my price. 

BfsUr /av> Gentlemen and BessUs. 

MaK Your price! 

Arb, Ay, at the King's price. 

Mar. That may be mtim than Vxxx worth. 435 

ut GmU U he not merry now? 

2ntl Gmi. I think noi. 

B4S, He is, he i*: we'll shew oiu^elves. 

Ark. Bcs&us! 1 thought you had been In [beria by 
this; I bade you haste; Gobria^ will want entertain- 430 
OQcnt for me. 

404 /fVf/ /h t^tiu HfJ E^ma^ vera "ram b^ nrti A xXvt tjjiur tlU wu 
'mii\^ffa{\^-U). xn\\ c^cn nuL^h Uttf. Stveml <yt Renbr^adc'iportrvlU of 
hlin«el(hav«thffn- Ojrc quoted WychcrUf't /Vjrw ^>irt//* [tcT«dt^4)- U. &■' 
nrhrm MahI/ t.<Ck% Ohvia. "\Vni K ihtf ^unpuwilcr^fuy cm hit hand, or tbs 
Jrwrl in liii rir» rhii jiurchft^ yt>u( hi^Art^" 

4'J7-IJ iVernhf tkey . . . ir-rfjJur^] Aciiiui Jijy pnfricnc? wul lit cdiibcu 
oLit and dcv 1 prini acconliii 10 the taenia^ tcnJcncr I feci in th«4e Uoek 

4t3nt (fr/d/n/H A fiirai ciEc. S« t«low, ^'tU 41 an oU rcol, " 

415 jtV A^ ait >A/mg/l (tick out fur uld ntA- 

417 tmprtmr ih"ntthir!\ kani? Thi^ir rhaip?. " tmivoii^" w*( a tKhnieal 
t«ra fotf niuDG rcau. CL Lyiy'i M^itti Bt?mdft. iv. a. ^^S^/. Vooi wcncb. 

inl of ihe oUe ecdI ; vu^rU one r4ck«» hU ujnmhjtn mj bi^h." 



Bfj. Ant plcAsc youf majesty, I have a »uit. 

^ri^. U't not lou«y, Bc»4Ut ? nh^t Is't ? 

Bfs, I am to carry a lady with mc— 

Ar^. Then ihou hast iwo suka 435 

^^- And if I can prefer her to the iady I'anthea. 
your majosly's sisier, 10 leam fa>hion4, a* her friends 
Icrm it, it will be worth something to mc. 

Arb. SiJ iijitny nights' lodgtrgs as til ihithcr; will't not ? 

Bff. I know not that, ^ir : but i*oid 1 shall be Mire oL 440 

Ar^. Why. thou shalt bid her entertain her from ric, 
so thou wilt revive me one thing. 

Ar&. Faith, "tifi a ver>' ditputable question ; and yet 
I think thoti caaac decide it, 44S 

Bn, Your majesty has a good opinion of my under* 

Ard. I have ^o good an opinion of it : 'tis whether 
thou be valiant. 

Bts. Suincbody ha^ inKluced me to you. Do you 450 
sc« thi« «word. «ir i {DrmM* 

Arb. Yc5, 

BfS. If I do not make my back-bitcr$ eat it toa knife 
within this week, say I am no: valiant. 

Ertur Mes^nger 'wiifi a pa^^tt, 

Mts. Health to your majesty ! 4SS 

Arh. From Gobrias? 

M^i. Yes, sir. 

Arb. How doc5 he ? la he well ? 

Mil. In perfeet health. 

Arb. Take that for thy good news. 

A trustier servant to hi* prince ihwe Itvea not 
Than is f;ood Gobria^ [Rt^id^, 

\s( Gtnt. The King start* Iwck. 

Mar. Hitf blood goes back as fasL 460 

laui G€nK And now it conies a^ain. 

Afar. He altera Htrangcly. 

Ar^. The hand of Heaven is on me ; be it far 
Krom me to straggle I If my secret sin* 
Ha^'C pulVd thifl curse upon mc, lend mc team 
Enough to wash me white; thai I may feel 4G5 

«u Willi « nckctj !n Q? <tn\y. 4^9 Reodi] Webn'i addition. 



[act I 

A chlM-llkc ifinoccnCG within my bt'ca^t: 

Which once perifjrm'd, oh, ^yivc mc Itfave to Ktard 

As fixed as Conitanc>' herself: my eyes 

Set here tinmovcd. T?gardJes« of the world, 

Though thousand fniserics encompass me ! 470 

Mar. Thi?4 is sir^tigc ! — Sir. how do ytm ? 

Ar^^ Mardonius, my mother— — 

Mar^ Is *h<? iliuc!? 

-^f^, Alafi, she's not so happy t Thou doet know 
l!ow she hnth laboured, ,Hince my father itic-d. 
To take by treason hence this loathed life, 475 

I'hat would but be to ?acrve her. I httvc pardon'd. 
And pardon'd. and by that hax-e made her fit 
To pTBctisc new sins, not repent the old. 
Sh*; now had hirrd 4 ilave t<i come frum thence. 
And strike me Jicrc ; whom Gobrias, siftinc out. 480 

Tool:^ and cnndcmn'd, and executed ihcnc ; 
The carcfuli'tA servant ! Heav-en, let me but live 
To pay that man I Nature is poor to me. 
That will not let me have xt many <lcaths 
As arc the tlmca that lie hath ^avcd my life. 485 

That ] might din 'em over all for him- 

Afttr. Sir, let her bear her sim on her own head ; 
Vex not yourself. 

Ar^. What will the world 

Conceive of inc ? with what unnatural stni 
Will they aupposc me laden, when my life 490 

I?* TWJiighl hy her that gavr it to the world ? 
But yet he writes mc comfort here -. my sister, 
JIc stiys, is grown in bcAUty ani.1 in gntcc. 
In all the innocent virtue* that become 
A tender spotless maid : she stAins her checks 495 

With mourning tears, to purge her moiher'n til ; 
And 'mons^it that Mcrcd dew she mingles prayers. 
Her purr ohlatJonK, for my safe return. — 
If I have io^t the duty of a son. 

If any pomp or vaniiy of state 50O 

Made mc for^^ my nalural ofliccs, 
Nay, faiUiL't, if I havr nut every night 
E3cpo«tubtcd with my wandering thoughts, 

4A9 ifif] Le. OD hcitn, but wrhatd hinplr " Kt motioaleu in hU hmd. 


If tv^lt unto my parent they have crr'd. 
And cairj >m back ; do you direct her arm 
Unto this foul diascmblJng hc&rt of mine : 
But if 1 h-AVtt been juKt to her. srnH out 
Your power to compass me, &nd hold mc safe 
From wrarching Ircason T I will use no nrtcAns 
But prayCr : for, rather suflTer mc to sec 
From mine awii veins tssxic a deadly fltx»d, 
Tlian wash my danger oFwiih mother's blood. 

Mar. I ne'er saw such aiudden cxtrcmitink [£4tmii/. 

Afifii/ur Part af tkt dnup, 

Bnitr TlGRANKS and Spacokia. 

Ti/r. Why. wilt thou have mc fly, Spaconia ? 
What should 1 do^ 

Spa. Nay, let mc etsiy ^one; 

And wrhcn you sec Armenia ag^in, 
You ihalE behoU a tctmb more worth than 1 : 
Some fiicitd, thai cither loves me or my c^use, 
Will build me i^omcthmg to dtxtingui^h me 
From other women ; many a weeping verse 
He will lay on, and much lamoit those maids 
That place their lovc^ unfortunately high, 
A* I have done, where they can never reach. 
But why should you go to Iberia > 

Tigr. Ara», that thuu will 4sk me ! Aak tlie iimn 
Thai r^cs in a fever, why he lies 
Dintcinpcr'd there, when all the other youth* 
Are coursing o'et the meadows with thetr loves : 
Cah J resist it ? am 1 not a slave 




To him that conquer'd me } 

That conqucr'd Ihcc 



. 1. 

" Whjr thodid vvu. iW I4VC nidJc nc Mud in W«r,'* Cic (Muaa), 
1 ^1 Wcbcr 1 ^lertlion. wtpiHcd in Muou'i hvIcsh UMnli. "dk-" 

^umfgramart^y JUrA} Sa oM; «iccpt Ijl " aaforciiiuitrijr uw tiehl," and 
Wcbfi <'«Df lucihiieh." 




Tljr*ncB, he has wort buc half of thee 

Thy body ; but thy mind cozy be as free 

A^ his; hi^ will ilid ticvtM^comb^it thin:*, 30 

Atid tuke it priaooer, 

TJjpr. But if he by force 

Coci^-ey my body bcoc«. whAt helps it me. 
Or thoc, to be unwilling } 

Sfa. Oh, Tigrancs \ 

I knoir yoti art to sec a lady there ; 
To srr, and like, I fcar : perhaps th(? hope 35 

Of htr malct-i you for^^Jt me cpc ^^^ part. 
Be Tiappirr than you knour co wish ! farewells 

Tigr. Spaconia, ^tay, and hear me what 1 ^ay, 
In shurt, de^liLcliun meet me, that I may 
Sec [t, and not avoid it, when I leave Jo 

Tu be thy fnithful lover ! I'art with mc 
Thou ^hali not ; there are none that know our lo^'e ; 
Ard I have gi^^n gold unto a CAptain, 
That poea unto Iberia from the kfng, 
That ne would plaec a lady of our land 35 

With the kEng** *bter thai is ofTer'd me ; 
Thitlier &haJl you, and, being once ^ot in, 
PcTsiiActc her, by what subtle mcaniiyou can. 
To be as backward in her love a« I. 

Spa, Can yoLi Ini^inc tliat a Wk^in^ maid, 40 

When she behotdii you, can be puli'd away 
With words from loving you ? 

Tigr. Dispraise my health, 

My honesty, ard tell her I am jcalou.v 

Sfn. Why, [ had rather loose you, Cao my tiearr 
Consent to let my tongue throw out such words ? 
And I, that ever yet *|»ke what I thought, 
Shall find it such a thm|^ at first to liel 

Ti^. Yet, do Ihy h^.<. 

Bis^ What» 13 your majesty ready? 
Tigr, There ?> the lady, captain. ^o 

B^s. Sweet !ady, by your leave. [ could wi^h myself 
movz full cf courtship for your lair sake. 

latellecl 1 haih bv h^cn iij cKinc hcurt > ' 

«6 M*ka]F. "rvftkt" 


Sfia. Sir, I shall feel no want of that. 

Bes. Lady, you must haste; 1 have received new 
letters from the king, that require more speed than I 55 
expected: he will follow me suddenly himself; and 
begins to call for your majesty already. 

Ti^. He shall not do so long. 

Bes. Sweet lady, shall I call you my charge here- 
after ? 60 

Sfia. I will not take upon me to govern your tongue, 
sir ; you shall call me what you please. [Exeunt^ 

59 ioll you my charge\ In accord with ihc courtly ifFccUdon for which 
AiradiAiuird woold b« a betler lenn (hui Eaphuiim: cf. Jonsoa's Cynthitis 
Xatis, ii. J, where Hedon »ijs, " I call Madam Philaatu mj Honour, and she 
callt rae her Ambition." 



ACT 11. 

SCEtfB I. 

TJU Ca^'ta/ <f Ibtritt. An Afartmtnt in {hi 

WatCing-womcn. im^ Attendants 

Oo&. My Lord Bactiriu^. you nnuii have regard 
Unto the queen ; she is your prisoner ; 
'Ti» Ai your ^fcril, if nlie rnakr c:si:a|K^, 

Ba^. My Lord. I knoi/t ; she is my pri^ner* 
From you commiUcd ; yet sUc is a woman ; $ 

And. so I keep her safe, you will not urge me 
To kezp her close. I shall not sh^tmc to my, 
I sorrow for her. 

O'o^. So do I. my lord : 

I scjfTow for her, th^t 4o little grace 

Doth fifovern her, that she should stretch her arm lO 

Agatrst hrr King; so little womanhootl 
And natural goodness, as to think the death 
Of her own son. 

Ara. Thou know'st the reason why, 

Dissembling m thou art, ami wilt iir^t 4pc;tk. 

Gci', There U a lady takes not after you ; 15 

llcT father ii within her ; that good mAn. 
\Vhos>; Tears paid down hi;* i^ins, Mark how she 

How well it dot* become: her ! and if yoo 
Can find no didpositton in yourself 

To sorrow, ye! Iiy gMO^fuInc™ In hrr JO 

Find out the way, and by your reason weep : 
All thift she docs for you, and more she needs. 
When for your^lf you will not lose a tear 
Think how this want ofgricf diaacdil^ you; 
And you will weep, because you cannot weep. 25 

u rtiW] L e^ infeod. 

ij^'dJn^](^t, Web, Dyce: thar«*( "wflirfiM d^>wo." Thffmc»nwj-i8 
the am* in viEhcr quk — out weighed, 



Ar^, You talk to mc, ^s^ havinf; ^t a time 
Fit for your piirpasc ; but yoti know, 1 Icnnn- 
Vou spcftk not what you think. 

PufU I ivoiild my heart 

Were stone, bcforo my sorincss should be ur^^ed 
AgainM my mother 1 A more troubled thought jo 

No virgin btrJir-t about her ■ should I excuse 
My molhcra fault. 1 should act light a life. 
In toniiK which « Irrnilif-r ;ind a King 
Were taKen from me ; if I seek to save 
That life so loved, t lo&c anotlier life, %% 

That gav« me beini*, — i shall lose a mother, 
A wora of such a sound in a chiMs car. 
That it rtrikej; reverence through tt. May Che will 
Of IlejLvcn be done, and if one needs must fall. 
Take a poor virgin's life to answer all J 40 

Ara. But Gobna^, let ua talk. You know, thia fault 
\% not in mc as in another woman. [ They walk apart. 

Cob. I know it \% not- 

Ant. Vcl you make it ?«>- 

GGb. Why. is not all that's past beyond your help? 

Ara^ I know it K 

Gob. Nay, should you publish {l 45 

Before the world, think you Would be believed ? 

Ara. 1 know, it would noL 

G^. Nay, should I join with you, 

Should we not both he torn, imd yet both die 
U acred ttcd ? 

Ara. 1 think wr should 

Gi»b. Why, then. 

Take you such violent couraei ? A^ fijr ujc, 50 

[ do but right in *avirg of the king 
Prom all your plots. 

wf«T, The King 1 

G^* \ bade you re:it 

With patience, and a time would come for me 
To rcconeilc all to your own content; 

32 w/J So all *tfrpr Oi " Id/' 

43 ns««jfj Qi : ilip oU]« uld ol«' "iiio[bor," which Wcbcr riEfaUy dlKlked 
fui the iijitflc AviUi " jaL>[her,'* 

4V'^mJ i.c, tortured or Mm to dc&th. — Dj-m, Tlicobiilil prinUtl oa 
Simpna'B cacEttittni. 'Should w« bolli Is nvm, yatabould *e not bou 4fc 




But by thU way you take awuy my power; 55 

And what was dof)C, unknown, wa^ not by mc. 

But you, ytyxa twging : liring domt", 

] must pr»«rve mine own ; btJt time may brinf^ 

All this to light, and happily for all. 

Afo^ Accuned be thin over-curioufi bnun, 
That ^Avc that plot a birth! accur^rJ thU womb, 
Thai after did conceive to my disgr^e I 

Btzc. My Lord* protector, they !4iy there are divert 
letters come from Armenia, Ihai Bc^sus hfis done good 
dcrvicc, and brought A|^ain a day by hi* pcirtECuUr 65 
valour : receivi-d you any to that effect? 

(7^^. Yes : 'th mo«t certain. 

Rnf. I'm sorry for't ; ncjl thiit the fUy was won, but 
that 'twas woo by hsm. \Vc heJd him here a coward : 
he did me wiong once, at which I Uugh'd, and ya did 70 
all thexvorld ; for nor I, norany other, held bim worth 
my sword. 

EnUr BkSSUS anJ S^ACQtilA. 

li(j. Health to my Lord-prolcclor ! from the king 
these letters, — and to your grace, madam, thesc- 

[T<^ Panthka. 

f7fl5, How docs his majesty? 75 

B^, Ari well ns conquest, by his own means and his 
valiant commandcts, can mkkc him : ytiur letter* will 
tcli you all. 

Pan. I will not open mine, till 1 do know 
My brother's health : good captain, is he well ? So 

Bfj, A* the rest of us that (ought art 

Pan. But how's that } is he hurt ? 

B/s. He's a strange soldier that geta not a knock, 

ParL I do not ask how !itrange that soldier is 

That gets 00 hurt, but whether he have one, 85 

Bfs. He had divers. 

Pan. And is be well again f 

Bfj. Well again, an'tp1eaK;yourgracel Why. I was 
mo twice through the body, and «hot i' the head with 
a cross arrow, and yet am well a^ain. 90 

tfi tuitH ptcnJI. c, fiiUi whfiii my own. — Vifce. 
u pTc«» in ipieeoFthc folio. TKc ti^nAl fer pmic biTitic Ixcn prtn hf the 



Pan, I do not care how thou dost : b be well ? 

S/i, Not care how I do! Let a man, out cf the 
fnightinc:&5 of his apiriti fructify foreign countries with 
h\s blood, for the good of his own.and thti« hr shall be 
ATWwcr'd. Why, I may live to relieve, with ^pcar and 95 
shield, Huch n latiy aa you dlsircss'd 

P^M. V/hy. I will care; Vm glad that thou art wdl ; 
I pritht^, is he M>? 

G^. The King is well, and will b^ here tO'tnorrow. 

Pan. My prAycrsarc hcarcL Now will I open mine 100 

Gph. |}acunu5« 1 must cue you of your charge. — 
Madam, the wonted mercy of the King. 
That overtakes your faulta. liaa met with this. 
And struck it out ; hr has forgiven you freely : 
Vovr own will U your bw ; be where you please. t05 

Ara, \ thank him. 

Ga^. Von will be ready to wait 

Ujxin bvs majesty to-tnorrow ? 

Aro, I will. 

Bac. Madam, be wise hereafter. I am fcUd 
I have lost this office. [Erit Arane, 

Gob, (jood Captain BcTinuN. tell um the discourse 1 10 

Betwixt Tigr^ncs and our King, and how 
Wc got the victory. 

Pan. 1 prithee; da; 

And if my brother were in any danger. 
I^t not ihy talc make him ptbidc there hing 
Before thou bnnpj him off, for all that while 115 

My heart will beat. 

lits. Madam, let what will beat, 1 mu^t tell truth ; 
and ihu» it was. They fought single in liat^, but one 
to onz. Ak for my own part, I wa* dangerously hurt 
but three day» belorc; cbe perhaps wc had been two 120 
to two, — 1 cannot tell, some thought wr had ; — and 
the occasion of tny hurt wa.s this; the enemy had 
made trenche a 

Gob. Captain, without the manner of your hurt 
Be much material i» thi-n buMiteHS, 125 

96 «<>«■] Omitted in Qt. 

110 Jmvrf/J " ttfliuadion, 001 eonvtnslmn," Mviim, whom Wrlwr (tiuHft 

vfth Appn^al- 



Ay, pnthce Ic&vc It. 


We'll h«ar t ftomc other time 


And go on with my brother 

Bf^. I will : but 'twuuld be worth your hearing. To 
the U^ts they camcand single-t^iyord and gauntlet was 
thdr fight 
P^n. Alas I 

y/fj. Wi:h{nil \h< WsXs there 5tood ,^omc doxcn C4p- 
uin* of either sfdo mingled, all which wvrc swom, and 
one of those was I; and "iw^ my chance to stand 
next a captain or the en«ni«7(' <4ide, called Ttrlba^us; 135 
valiant, they said, he was. Whilst these two king:s 
were stretching themcpfvc?;, thi» Tirihasu* caM »nnnt- 
thing a leeomful look on me, and a^lcd me, who 1 
thought would o^i^rcomc. I smiled, and told him. If 
be would f^^ht witli me, he should perceive by the 140 
eip-ent of thiit, whoic king would win, Somctliin^ he 
answered ; and a scuffle wa^ lil^e to grow, when ono 
2[petu« ofTer'd to help him . I 

Pan. All this is of thyself ■ I prithee, Bc5*us. 
Tell something of my brother ; did he nothing ? 

Bts. Wh>'. yet ; I'll it'll yuur grace They wer& not 
to hght till the word given ; which for myown part, by 
my tnsth, I cnnfc-ss, 1 wiL-t not to give. 

Pan. See, for hia own part I 

Aie, I fear. yet. this fellow's abused with a good 

Bfs. Ay, but 1 

Pan, Still of himwlf! 

&/- Cried," Givcthctt-ord!" when, as some of them 
say, Tfgrancs was stooping; but the word wa* no: 155 
git'cn then ; yet one Coirt^c:;, of the enemie;i' part, held 
up hi?i finger tome, which l«>asniuchivkh U3 marlfalist^^, 
a,^, '' J will fight with you ;" t said not a word, nor 
m^c si^ during x\\^ eiimbat ; but that once dune* - ■ ' ■ 

Pan. He slips o'er all the fight I 160 

lies. I called him to me ; " Losrocs/' said I— 



itAAy.frisXa]<:ii^iX"MKyt tprdlw' Drof "I prithee,". 

W. S<£ar, fol. lies, x>- ^y^ '^(h* ^tuntlrt ann*Th tht bud. without whicb 
iiieinh?rno figtil ran f* pfrfi>fm**l." 



Pan. 1 will hear no more. 

Sfs* Nn, ^t\ I lic- 

Sac. 1 dare be swdtti tbou dost 

B€t. "CapUin/' s&iJ 1: so 'twa-s, l6$ 

/'^vr* I tfill thee, I vrtll he^r no further 

Bes^ No? Your eracc will wish you bad. 

Pan, I will not with it. What, is this the lad/ 
My brother writes to mc to take ? 

Bfs. An't please your gracr, this is she. — Chafge, 170 
will you come nearer the princcKf } 

Pan, You'rt welcome from your country; and thi* 
Shall ^h^^w tinU) you all llie kliulric^sses 
That 1 can make it What's your name? 

SftL ThalcstriK 

Pftn. You're very welcome : you have jfot a tetter 1 75 
To put yo\i to mCn that has power enough 
To place mine enemy here : then much more you, 
TlkBt arc BO far from bcins so to mc, 
That you ne'er naw me. 

Bts. Madam, I dare ^A^i my word for her truth, i9o 

Spa- My truth \ 

Pan^ Why, captain, do you think [ am afraid she'll 

Bti^ I cannot tell; servants are sHppery; but 1 dare 
give my word for her and for her botiesty: she came 185 
along with me, and mary favours she did me by the 
way; bul» by thi* l:ght, none but what she might do 
with modesty to a man of my rank. 

Fan. Why, captain, hcrc'it nobody thinks othcrwiM^ 

BfS, Nay, if you should, your grace may think your 190 
picture ; but [ am sure I broLght her from Armenia^ 
And in all th^t way. if ever \ luuchd any b^ic nf bcr 
alKM'e her knee, 1 pray God I may sink where 1 ittand, 

Spa< Above my knee 7 

Aj. No, you know I did not ; and if any man will 195 
aay I did, this sworxi aball answer. Kay» I'll defend 

171-74 Kn'n td^tfitrnt , , . m/tr fw h^I Arrvnged U DMFfC by ThcobiUil- 

174 7l^aU>frit}^Qi. 7= the alliirrpKI *dx "ThaltrttiPt." 

Htf i^ j4/iir4'/}Qt- Ehrce; ilicmlDiuit '*hcf."priatti>ft' fvonifgvlLCTj ^nd 




the reputation of my charge, 1 Hve Vour gr^cc 
abaU understand I am secret in thcK buaincaoca^ and 
Icnnvr htjw la deft^cui n \vdy'^ hniifiur, 

Sfia^ I hope your firace knon's him so welJ already, 300 
I shsll not need to tell yrjiA he's vain and foolish. 

B^s. Ay, you may cat) me what you pica^;, but V\\ 
clcrcnd your good name against the world. — And ?«> I 
take my leave of your crace, — and of ycm, my Lord- 
protector. — 1 am likewise glad to see youx lordship 205 

Bdc Oh, Captaui Bessus, I thank >*ou, 1 would 
itpeak with you anon. 
B^, When ><ou please, 1 wUJ attend your lord»hip. 

Bac. Madam, I'M take my leave too. 

Pan. Good Bacuriusi 3to 

[Exit Dacurius. 

Gc6. Madam, what writca his majesty to you? 

Pom, Oht niy lord, 
The kindest words! I'll keep 'cm whilst I lire. 
Here in ray b(i«om ; there'« ni) art in cm ; 
They lie di^o^de^d ir this paper» just Jij 

As hearty nature speaks 'cm. 

Gc^> And to me 

He writcn, what tears of joy he shed, to hear 
How you were prown in c^'e^y virtuou« way ; 
And yields ^11 th4nk% to me for that dear care 
Which I was bound 1o have in training yoo. 320 

There is no pnnccss living that enjoys 
A brother of that wortli. 

Pan. My lord, no maid 

Ijonf^fi more for anything, or feeU more heat 
And cold within her breast, than 1 do now 
In hope to sec him. 

iich. Vet ] wonder much saj 

At ihFa : he writes, he brings along with him 
A husband for you, that same eaptive prince : 
And if he love you, as he makes a shi>w. 
He will allow you freedom in your choice. 

Pan. And so he wtll, my lord, I warrant yoti ; 130 


He will but nfftfr, and ffive me the power 
To lake or leave. 

fM>A. Tra« mc, were T » lafly, 

I could not Like that man were bar^in'd with 
Before I choose htm* 

Pan. But I am not built 

On iuch wild humours : if 1 find him worthy', 235 

He i* not lesi because he* offered, 

6>w. {asid£). Tis true^ he is not: would he would 
6«tni les^! 

G^. \ think there 15 no lady CAn aflcec 
Another prince, your brother ^kiandlng by ; 
He doth eclipse men's virtues so with his. 340 

Spa. (tisiru:). I know u, ludy nx^y, ixud more, I fear, 
Another lady will 

Pan, Would [ might ^ec him \ 

G^. Wily, ao you shalL My bu*tine*»eft are great : 
I will attend you when it is his ple&sure 
To tee you, madam. 

Pan. I thank you, ^[ood my lord 245 

Gfib. You will be ready, madam } 

Pan. Vej. [E:at GoniUAS wM Attendant,i. 

Sfia. I do beseech yoii. m;tdam, send aw^y 
Your other women, and receive from me 
A fcwr siicl worcU, which, set against your joy». 
May make 'cm shine the more^ 

Patt. Sirs, leave me all. 290 

[ExtuHf women. 

Spa. I kneel, a strargcr here* to beg a thing 
Unfit for me to a«k, and you to grant : 
'Tis such another strange ill-UId request. 
Ak if a beg^T uhf>iild intreal a king 

To leave his aceplrc and his throne to him. 2%$ 

And take hh rag^s to wander oVr the wnrM, 
HungT^- and cold. 

Pan. That wcve a ^tmogc request 

Spa. A« ill is mine. 

Pan. Then do not utter it 

j^i-A TtnU mt . , . ttJUrtfi Mvir; rc-imACcd l^ Tb«obdiJ, 

Jt4 i\i:ivn\ So All old c^ ThcubiLM fiAd " tboie, " 

ty> Sir4\ UA«d not talroqiunrly in apexkiftg iu women, f.^, to XrffhuM ud 
iMbHo in PUlatttr iv. j, " Sin, (*«t my pulv" 



[ACT n 

SM' Alu I 'tb of that i>ttlurc. that it mu,<it 
Be Ittier'd. my, am) gT;tntcd, or I die t 2ta 

I am ashamed to j^-pcak it ; but where life 
I,trs ;<i ihc ^lakc, I canrtot thirk her woman, 
'i hat will rot talk somelhine unred-ionabiy 
To hazard saving of it. I ^hall Mcm 
A strange p^tltkiner. thftt wi&h aJl iU 365 

To ihcrn I beg of. ere they givt? me aught ; 
Y^ so I must. 1 wouJd you were not faif 
Nor wi«e, for in yoar ill con»st« my good : 
If you vrert foolish, you would hfiar my prayer ; 
If fouh you had not power to hinder tnc, — 270 

He would not Jove you, 

Ptm. What'» the meaning of it ? 

5^ Nay, my irqucst U more uithont the bounds 
Of reason yet : for tis rot in Ihc power 
Of you to <Io v/hat I would have you granr 

-Pjw. Why, then, tis idle. Prithee, speak it out, 

Sfct^ Vtjui liKithcr hiings a prince into this }»nd 
Of Kuch a noble ehape, £o sweet a {yrace, 
So full of worth withal, that rvcry maid 
That looks upon him f^vts away herself 
To him for ever ; and for you to have, 
He br4ne» him : and so mad is my demand, 
That 1 deairc you not to have this man, 
This excellent man ; for whom you needs muni die. 
If you should miss him. 1 do now expect 
You should laugh at me. 

/'an. Trust me, I could wtiep 2&$ 

Rather ; for I have found in aW thy wor<l4 
A strange disjointed sorrow. 

Spa. "Tin by me 

His own desire too, thai you would not \ovc him. 

Pom. His own desire 1 Why, credit mc lluilcstru. 
I am no common wooer : if he shall woo me, 390 

His worth may be such, that 1 dare not swear 
] will not love him : but, if he will stay 
To have me woo him. I will promise thee 
He may keep all his grac^rs To himself, 
And fear no ravishing from me. 



j6j m/A} ThcDtitltl'i r«T«eiiaa for " inltr " of ftll ths oliJ «dt. 
370 VW) a^y. M r^} Sq QI, Dfix : the rat "bx" 




Sfia. 'Tt* yet ^95 

>ii» own dcAtrc ; bjt when he jaccs. yotir TjUjc, 
I fear »T will not be. Therefore ] charge yow. 
As you have pity, stop tho^ tender carfl 
From ihU enchsintmg voice ; close up thor*c e>'e3 : 
That you may neither catch d dart froai him, 300 

Nor he from >xiu : [ charge you, as you hope 
To live m quiet; for xvhen 1 am dead. 
For certain 1 ^hall walk to visit him, 
If he brc-ik promUc with me : for as fut 
As oathx witliout a formal ceicmony, 505 

Can make mc, 1 am to him. 

Pan- Then be fearless ; 

For if he were a thing Wixt god and m-in, 
I could fiflic en him, {ff [ knew it sin 
To love h»m,) without pa?isioii. Dry your eye*: 
I swear you sbalJ enjoy him £ti]l for me; 310 

I will not hinder you. Rut I pcrcrivc 
You are not what you seem : riae, n»c, Thalestri^ 
If youf right name be sex 

S/a. Indeed, it is not : 

Spaconia is my name ; but I de^rc 
Not 10 be known to other*, 

y*fj». Why, by rac J15 

[Vou ^hatl rot ; I wilt never do you wrong ; 

hat good I can, 1 will : think rot tny birth 
Or education such, that I shoulJ injure 
A stranger-virgin. You arc welcome hither. 
In comjiany ynu wi^ch to be cniTunandat ; J3D 

But when wt- are alone, I ehaJl be ready 
To be your servant. lEx^v/. 

Fields in ik€ Nei^thenrhood 0/ tfu CUy. A grt^i Crowd. 

EnUr three Shop- Men and o Woman. 

IJ/ Shcp-M. Come, come, run, run. run. 
2nd Shep-M. We *haU outgo her, 
idiif I ^ . . Anv A/n] Ammnf old edt. ibe »ciue h rlghdy Indkuod only 

.b>' V> wbkh pliiio ihcj« wtrrilk m a ptrcalhctia. 

Fi«lilt , . . Citf J Dfcc tbu alien Wotvr'K ^' An omd Flacs ttirDrc lie 

iCi«r/* a. r a* 



[act u 

$ni SA^Sf. One were better be hang'd tban cany 
wttfTcn out fid d line to the«e xhowt. 

HVwf. Is Ihc Kint Hard by ? 

lit Skffjr-Af Vou licard.he with the botiirs ^id he 
Ihoucht wc should come too late. What ^ibunciancc of 
people here is t 

W^m. But w^t had he in thor;« bottles ? 

yd SftcfhM^ I know not. 

2Kd Sh^-M, Why, ink. goodman fooL 

%nISfiefi-M. InW! what to do ? 

Uf Si^Af. Why the Kinji, look you, wriU many 
times call for tho?^ bottlci» and break his mind to hU 

IV^M. Lets lake our place? quickly ► *c ihall hare 
fiio mnm dsr. 

2»4i Sft^M^ The man told ua, be would walk o'foot 
UutHi^ the people. 

jftf ShcP'M. Ay, marr>% did he. 

Iff SAcp-M. Our shop3 aic w^W look'd to now. 

2W Shcf*M, Slife, )'onder'i: my master, I think. 

Uf S^p-M. No. 'tis not he 

£j«//r rtwJ Citizens' Wives, and Philip. 

1st O'A jr. Lord* how fine the fields be? what sweet 
livtiii; 'til in the country \ 

ZnfiCit. W. Ay. poor souls, God help 'ctn, they livt 
as contentedly as one of uk. 

I// (T//. W- My husband's cousin would have had 
me gone into tJie country Laat ycai . Wert tbou ever 

znei CiU IK Ay. poor souls, T wa^ amongst 'em once. 

\tt Cii. W. And what kind nf creatures are they.for 
Jove of God ? 

^wd CiL W. Very good people. God help 'cm- 

Ut Cit W. Wilt thou go down with me this summer, 
when I am brought to b^ i 

^Hd Oi^ \^. Alas, 'tifi no place for oal 

UtCit. W. WI»y. prJtlice) 

^nd Cit. Ji', Why. you can have nothing there; there's 
nobody cric^ brooma, 

\siCu. W. No! 









iMdCtf. W. No, truly, nor milk. 

tst CU. IV. Nor milk I how do ihcy ? 

2iti Cit. W. They are l^tn to milk th^msolvos l' th« 
country* 45 

1st Ct. W. Good lord ! Bm the people there, I 
think, will be very dutirul to one of us. 

ztti/ Cit. W. Ay, God knows, will tlwy; and yet they 
do not fifTedtly care for our husbanda 

1st Cii. W. Du lh(?y not > ido-t ! in \^r^nd faith, T ean* 50 
not bUcne ih«m, for wc do not greatly care for them 
ounelvt^ — Philip, I pmy, chtxjM: 11$ a place, 
. Pki(. There's the best, forsooth. 

Xrt Cit. IK By your leave, good people, a little, 

isr S^&f'M. XVhats the matter f 55 

PfiiL 1 pray you, my friend, do not thni5t my 
mi«tre4i« 40; she's with chikL 

3»m/ SA^P^M. Let her look to heracir then. Hw nhe 
not had ihrui^iing cTinngh yH } if t^hc stay shouldering 
herft, she may bap to 1^0 home with n cake in her bclJy. 60 

^r^ Shof-M. How now. gooJman Mjuillcr^hrccch ! 
why do you lean *o or: me, 

PhiJ, Because I will 

%rd Skop'M, Will you, Sir Sauce-box^ [Strikft Mm, 

lit CiL W. Look, if one ha' not struck Philip 1*- 6% 
Come hither, Philfp; why d(d he strike thee? 

PkiL For leaning on him- 

1st Cir W. Why didHi thou lean on him ? 

PkiL J did not think he would have struck me. 

1st Cii. W. As Gild ^ave m*?. l;i, thfiu'rt ;i* wild as a 70 
buck ; there's no qnarrel, but Uiou'rt at one end or 
other on't 

y4 Skop'M. \\'% at the first end, then, for he'll ne'er 
stay the la^t 

If/ Cit, W. Well, clip-ytring, I shall meet with you. 75 

jvhIIii all but Ql. 

A«*tt™lQi, Web, 

Dyoc: ihf i«il ")iAp«i:o.* 

7< tH^ stnnff\ irvuiL It oocun in Ly)^i MMAff B^inUt, 

Hilljwtll'i IX/hematy ei'naia MS, firighi 170, f, !. 
*' Hm*i tunot away *Tm in \ht -^ftf flick 
Of Lhit d>yc\ buiint^MC : mtli a ili^-vtiinjc trick," etc 
Qlalaoci«»di "Miip1ii>c." 

75 JMHtf w^4] be trt<r\ with. Sa Ata^' ^'VW, i. \, Luichcr 0/ ATeritic 
■^■M vbom M hi« » ft U(lg«, * ' I Anj n«E wlih hfm y«l cr*«i I die/' 



^rdSAafi'M. When you wiU. 
tu €U. W. 11] giv« a croAvn lo mcd with >'oii, 
%r4 ak^M. At a bawd>''hou.«c* 
\si CiL IV. Ay, ypu're full of your roguery ; bul if I 
do meet you, it shaJJ cost rao ft ItU. [/Tnmrii, 80 

£ifArr d Man ntnmiHg. 
J'fan. The King, the King, the ivtng^ the King! 
Now. now. now, now I [FftJttrisJL 


v4i^. God preserve your raftjcstyl 

^jr^, 1 th:ink you all. Now are my joyc at full, 
Whcci 1 behold you ^lafc, my loving subjects Sf 

By you I grow ; lis your united Jove 
That Hfta mc to this height : 
All the account that f can render you 
For ail the love you \\^\^ bestow 'd on mci 
All youi cxpenM:^ Ui maintain my w-ir, 90 

Is but a kittle word : yock will imagine 
Ti* »lcnc]cr payment \ yd 'tis such a word 
As tft not to DC boujzht without our blooda : 
*Ti3 peace I 

aI/. God preserve your majesty! 

Arir. Now you may live securely in your towna, 
Your children round about you ; you may sit 
Under ytiur vinc:i, and make the mi.tcncs 
Of orhcr Idn^doms a discourse for you, 
And lend them sorrows; for yourselves, you may 
Safely forgel there are such things ^s tears : lOO 

And may you all, whose good thoughts 1 have gain'd, 
Hold mc unworthy, w^cn I think my life 
A ^crifice toe gre^i to keep you thus 
In such a calm estate ! 

8a uiJ Sfiditn] Addrd b> WfrWr, 

88-^ ^7/ U^ dCTtfrrvf . . .flitut} Theobald nrrrllniTj Uiit]iciciil vitfa the 
DUlT^ol amtiitmBVDt of Qj, whicii i^ htn CallQwitA. 

^^wiii^if^"] So Qi 1 Qa, 7 "bmiiruh oar'" I QQj— 6> P- "fcnt mih 
ytflit " jaM«>J W "Wood/ 

101-1 Md/ TVM A? , 

*'Tmi miy ill. , . «: 

(W. . .] So QQi,«. }^ QQV4, K. 



^r^, Sre, all good people, J have broufilit the man, lOS 
Who*c very name you fcai^d. a captive home; 
Behold him; 'lis Tij^ranei In your hearts 
Stog son^ of glaJnc55 anil deliverance^ 

Ut Cit IV, Out upon him 1 

2MdC*L W. How he looks I IIO 

Worn Hang him, hang him I 

Man These arc nwccl people^ 

Tigr. Sit, you do inc wrong. 

To render mc a scomed j;pect3cle 
To common })eop1c 

Art. It Wfts for from me 

To mean it so.— If ] have aught deserved. 1 1$ 

My lo\'lng subjects. let me beg of you 
Not to revile this prince, in whom there dwells 
All worth, of which tht natnrr of a maD 
U capable ; valour beyond compare ; 

Thr Icrror of \\\s nainr hii-i Kiri'ich'd it*Hf I SO 

U' berever there is sun : and yet lor you 
I fought with htm single, and ivon him too; 
t made bis valour stoop, and brought that name, 
Soared to so unbelicved a t»ight» to fall 
Beneath mine : thi», inspired with all yair lovcfi, 135 

I did perform ; and will, for your content. 
Bo ever ready for a greater work. 

Ail The Lord bless your majesty I 

Tigr. [nsidr] So, he has made me 

AfDCiids now with a speech in commendation 
Of him^f; I would not be so vain-ghirfouiL 130 

Ar^. H there be any thing in which I may 
Do good to any creature heru, Apeak out ; 
Fori murt leave you: and it troubles me, 
That my occasions, for the goijd of you* 
Arc *uch sls call me from you; else my joy 135 

Wo4iJd be to spend my days amongst you all. 
You diow your loves in ihcsc large multitudes 
That come to meet me. t will pray for you : 

114 u4//drJQQi, J, Jt xaA tiKcA. tA^l. -- the t<M " wuv fkr," 
i^ mj pcibjUhi] Th« nfitEirt of ihnp i« l«R qofupluntii. Pfv^Ablf the 
aarhon inlsidtd m \\\it annouDccd ilt^«nui« ■ frv«h lUnitri&on of lui 
mtloinfa, ct Itl. J, 107. **r^ l>ie ttmt ti ibon, / And mj AflaSri wn 



[ACT n 

HcAvcn prcvpTf you, \hat you may know old yean. 

And Uv« to *ee your children's children 140 

Sit at your boards with plenty I When there is 

A wrant of any thing, let it he Wnown 

To me. and I wpl be & father to yon : 

God keep you ;l]I I 

A^. GodhIe:t:iyourm3LJe9ty,Godble£E9yotirinaje^l 145 
[F/tmrisA, Etfuni Ktrg^ aitd thiir train. 

ut ahpf^M. Come, shall we ^? alf*n done. 

WvmL Ay, for God's salcc; I have not mat^c a fire 

zad Shop-M. Away, away! airMJonc. 

^rJSi^Z-M. Content.— KarewcU, PhiJip, 150 

I// C'V. IV, Away, you haltcr-sack, you ! 

ui S/i€f'M, Philip wiU not 6ghl ; he's afirald oq*« 

Phil Ay, miirry, am I afraid nf my faa? ? 

^rd ShaJ^-:\f. Thou vvouldst be, Philip, if thou sawest 1$$ 
it in a glaiis ; it lorik^ so like- 4 \-iAnr, 

\st CiL IV, You'll be hani::'d, sirrah. \Esr^nr thru 
Shop-Men /I'w' Woman.] Come, Pliilip, walk afore us 
homewATds^— Did not his majeAy say he had brought 
uft home peas for all our money ? t6o 

2nd Cit, W^ Ycs» marry, did he. 

ut CiL W, They're the first I heard on thia year, by 
my trodi : I longfcl for aome of 'em. Did he not say 
wc ihould have >onc } 

2ad Cit. W. Yes, and *io vre shall anon, t warrant i^S^ 
you, have every one a peck brought home to our houses, 


1*1 Sin. So oil, uceptQl "e^" 

I4( Ctd Mb] wv*- mmi/i All «U. but Qf fiirc this Ivic*. 
Ml haU*r-iA'i\ SA«k nCEod with atiinci for hBn|p(t£ up, ut«l m aqulvvtcni 
to •^gillowi bini, ■ here iflH ifi 7^' A'mi^t ^f tkr Htf-mtug ftjttt, i 4. 
ISviwI UntriHl in <Jt ofi\y. 

it. t (n>«e). 

:b»e 1] A KING ANi> NO KING 


ACT in. 

Scene I. 

A Ra^m in t/t* Poiac^. 

Enttr k\^^K\:\& and GOBRIas. 

Ar^. My sifter take it ill ! 






Something unkindly ^he 6ot-K iaIcc it, Air» 
Tu lutvt: hct liUHliaiiJ chosen to her hardsn 

Ar^. Why, Gobria*, let her : I must have her Icdow, 
My weU, and not her <>wm. muni t;;}vcm her. 5 

Whai, will she marry with some slave at home ? 

6W. Oh. ahe is far from any .^tubbornnci:i ! 
Vdj much mistake her ; and no doubt urill like 
Where you will have her : but, when you bchoM her, 
You wilt be loth to u^m with auch a jewel 10 

Ar^. To part with her I why, Gobriaa, ait thou in&d ? 
She is my swicr- 

6^. Sir, I know she h ; 

Out it were pity to make poor our land, 
With Kjch a beauty to enrich another. 

Ard. Viiix 1 will she have him ? 

(M. {asi/U) 1 do hope she will not. 15 

iAUtid) I think she will, sir. 

Ard. Were she my fathrr and my mother too. 
And M the name?: for which we think folk& frienddt 
She should bv forced to have him, when I know 
Tis lit : 1 will not hear her say she's loth. 30 

Ge&. {Aiidej HcAvt.-n, biiny my jmrpose luckily to 

ou know 'tis just^Sir, she'll not need constraint, 
She loves you Sfo. 

Ar^, How docs she love me ? speak. 

Oc6. She loveK you more than people love their 

III tftht^jif ik4 mli met\<i\ [iloft* omii b Jhnc wor* It 



That live by labour ; more than I could love 35 

A miin that tliccl for inc, if iic ccmld live 


Ard. She is not like her mother, then. 

(7o*. Oh, no I When you were in ArmenU. 
I durst not let her know where you ivere hurt ; 
For at the first on e\'eTy little scratch, 30 

She kepi her chamber, wept, and could rot cfit 
Till yn« were well ■ and many timc^ the nei«9t 
Was so long coming, that, before we hc&rd, 
She was a.s near her death a« you your health. 

Art. Alas, poor soul I but yet she must be nilcd : 35 
1 know not how I shall requite her well- 
I long to *ee her : have you i;ent for her, 
To tell her I am ready .' 

G^^. Sir, I have. 

En(£r First Gentleman <T;fc3^Tii;KANe^. 

1st GtnL Sir, here is the Armenian King. 

Arb. He's welcotno, 

GatS, And thcqucrn-mothcrand the prina=53 wail 40 

Ar^. Good Gobrias, bring 'em In. [Exit GobkeaS, 

Tigranei, you will think you are arrived 

In s strange IaikI, where mothers cast to poison 

Their only «onii \ think you, you ^hall be s-afc ? 

Tii;. Too safe I am, ^ir. 45 


Bacl'kius, Mahdosius. Bessus. ««*/ tuw Gentle- 
men, Attendants an<i Guards. 

Ara. \Kit<dj.] As low aa this I bow to >'Ou: and 
A3 low as my gmve, to show a mind 
Thankful for all your inct^ic^ 

Ar&. Oh, ^tand up. 

And let me kneel I the light wiil be tinhdmed 
To see observance done to mc by you. 50 

Ara. Vou arc my King. 

Ath. You are my mother : rise. 

45 AtCendiLnUAnil Cidnbl Added b; Q7. 




A5 Hit be a1] your boltd from ycur on-n houI 
As fmm my memory ' ihcn you shall be 
A* white nj Iiinoci:ncc herself. 

Ara. I oune 

Only to show my duty, and acknowledge 
My sorrow for my %ina : lander t<j ,tt*y» 
Were buc to draw eyes more attcntiveiy 
Upon my ^hamc 1 hat power, that kept you safe 
From nie, preserve you itilU 

Ard. Vour own desires 

Shall be your guide. [Exit Aranc. 

Pan, Nov let mc die ! 

Sinoe ! have seen my kjrd the King return 
In safety, 1 h^v^ seen M iz:ood that life 
Can shew mc: I have ne'er another wish 
For Heaven to grant; nor were it fit I inhould \ 
For 1 am bound to apciid my age to conic 
In giving ihankK that this wax granted me. 

Sob. ft^hy docs not your majc7(t>' speak? 

Arb. To whom? 

Cc^. To the prirccM. 

PoK. Alas, sir^ I &in fearful you do look 
On mc as if i were some loathed thinfr, 
Th^t yiiu were findint; out a w^y to shun 1 

G<>6, Sir, you should spoak to her. 

Ar&. Hal 

Pan. 1 know 1 am unworthy, yet not ill 
Arm'd with which innocence here I w^li kneel 
Till I a.m one with earth, but [ will gain 
Some words and kindness from you, 

Ti^. Will you speak, *if ? 

ArS. [aside] Speak t am 1 what I was? 
What art thou, that dost creep into my breast. 
And dar'st not see my face ? nhow forth thyjclf. 
I feel a paU of fiery wintis disijUy'U 
Hither, from thence. You shall not tkfry there ; 
Up. and bcgtjnc ; if thou bc',<«t luve, begouc \ 







75 '^E'-J t^r^ wii'vl iLl old Sfid modern i'Il gave thii ipe«ii to Gobna*. 

Xa Hui^^./rflmThimif] QQr— 7 anrf mal. rdd, - ijr Alfcuj'julint^ "hem-fi>T 

^' there" >.[ end oi llr^, The r«( i»d " Hilhcr Ittjo hcQt;?- " Tfi» "iHir ii( 

,poaiqt ffFm Cv|ik1'a icfiin^'pUfc in bti ^fcMt' 



[ACT ni 

Or I will tear thcc froin my woun<lod tlesh, 

PuU thy loved down iiv/^y, and with a qi;ill. 

By Oii-i ri^Jiliiirii tliitwu fiuin ihy w^ikUm win^^. 

Write 10 thy laughing mother in thy blood, 85 

That yoti axe powcia belied, and sill yuur dartf^ 

Arc to be blown away by men resolved. 

Like dust J know thou fear^st my words : away ! 

Tijfr. [au'dr] Oh, misery ! why should he be *o 

Tlierc can tig fali«hood come of loving her : 90 

Tliou(;h [ hftvc tfivcn my faith, she ia a thii^c 
Both to be lo%ed and v:r\'cd beyond my faith. 
1 would he would preisent mc to her quickly. 

Pan, Will )-ou not »pealc at all ? aie you su far 
From ktnd wofd« ^ Yet, to nave my modcffty. 
That mu^t talk till you answer, Jo not stand 
As you were dumb : say somcihtng, though it be 
I'oi*or'd with anger, that may ^tnlcc mc dead. 

Afar. Have you no life at all ? for manhood sake. 
Let her not kneel, and talk neglected thus : 100 

A tree would find a tongue to an.^wer her, 
Did she but give it such a loved reaped. 

Wr5- You mran thi« lady : lift her fTom the earth ; 
Why do you let her kneel so lor^ ? — Alas^ 

[T'AryrtlMtf PaNTIIEA, 
Madam, your beauty u&e^ to command, 105 

And not to beg! what ia your suit to me? 
It shall be granted ; ycx the time is short. 
And my affairs ate great. — But whcre's my alatcr? 
T hade she should be brought. 

Alar {asidf) What, is he mad ? 

Ar6. Gobrlas, where Is she? 

G^. Sir? 

Arh. WItere 17& xhe, man ? 1 10 

G9^. Who, sir? 

Arh. Who! hast thou for^t? my ai^ter. 

Gcb. Your siller, sir [ 

%iJ(tjA\ AiIr>pTing with iJywibp WttdLng of <JI. The rcfl luvc "breul,* 
whitii orairfc J"nc llnr* bark, 

84 Bii»v;rH)QQ(> a, Ih 7> uhI nwd. cJd. : ilic rcU "woDttd." 

90 /iW Mv) QQ>— 6, F. haic ''ihu iV tniy. " 

WJytny iimt . ^ - . of^grnt] £« ii. 3, ij4t Aolc 

111 /ersrtl my ai/tr] So potQlcd iD ^r %n6 Uyr* i—'Vh* tttt 'Motgol 117 



Art. Your si«cr sir! Som« one that hath a wft, 

Answer where is *he. 

Do yod not 9ec her there ? 

Awb. Where? 

G^. Thcrt 

Arb. There I where? 

Mar. 'Slight, thcrr : -iir you hlinrJ ? 1 1 J 

^r^. Which do you mean ? that httle one ? 

<?<^ No, sir. 

AHf. No, sir 1 why, do you mock me y I can see 
No other here but that petitioning lady* 

Gob. That's ihe. 

^r^. Away I 

Goh. Str, it h she* 

Arh, 'Tvi fAlflc. 

{;«£. Istt? 

Arh. Ail hell 1 by Heaven, as fotee as bdll I30 

My sUtcr ! — is she dead ? if it be ^a. 
Speak boldly to me, for I am a m;in, 
And dare not quArrcl with divinity; 
And do not think to coxcn me with Thi«. 
1 Acc you all arc mute, and scancl amazed, 12$ 

Fearful 10 answer me : it is too true, 
A decreed instant cuts off every JLfc, 
For which tn m(>ufn is In irpJne : ihe dietl 
A virpin though, more innocent than sleq), 
A^ cV^ir as her own eyes : and bicvicdncs* tjo 

Eternal wait* upon her where she is ; 
I know »hc could not nuke a wtsh to change 
Her Mate for new ; and you uhal) «ee me bear 
Hy crooMS Kke a man. We all must die \ 
And she hath taught as how. 

<ftf^. Do not mistake, 1^5 

And vex yonrvlf for nothing; tor her death 
Is a long hic off ycl. I hope "Wc* she ; 
Ard if my %jK.i.-L-h dt^^t^rw not r^iHi, Lty death 
Upon me. and my latest words shall force 
A credit ftom y»u. 

Ar9, Which, good Gobrisisf 140 

That ladj' dost thou mean ^ 

l>9 lAi^l So Ql AoJ mod. «>ld. l th« tmK ''vhMp/' 

l3r^flr]OBincid, toUicdarnctioiifif nwin, in all but Qi iiTid bimI. «(1H. 


AND NO KING (act m 

She Is yoiir sister ; and she Is your sUtor 
Thftt loves >^ou so ; 'tis she for whom I weep. 
To see you uttc her tbuii. 

Ar^. It cannot be. 

Ti^* iasidx) Pish \ this ts lecttous : 

I cftAnot hold; 1 must present myself; 
And yet the sight of my Spi&coni^ 
TfMidiea me ^ a sudden thurdcr-cUp 
Docs one that is about to sio. 

Arb. Away ! 

No more of this. Here I pronounce him traitor. 
The dtTCCi pTottrr of my <jeaih, that nsme^ 
Of thinks her lor my sister: 'ti» a lie. 
The nio&t malkJoiis of the world, imputed 
To mad your King. He thai will say so next. 
Let htm draw out his sword, and sheathe it here ; 
It U a sin fully as pardonable. 
She U no ktn to me, nor shall v\ic be ; 
If she were ever, I create her none: 
And which of you can question thb ? My power 
Is like Uit sta, rhiil isn to be obey'd. 
And not disputed with ; 1 have decreed bcr 
A* far from having pi=irt of blood with mr 
As the naked Indians. Come and answer me^ 
He that fs boldest now : is that my si[>tcr } 

Mar^ {asidf) Oh, this is 5ne I 165 

Ba^ No, marT>-, she is rot. an'i please your majesty ; 
T never thought &he was ; she's nothing like you, 

Ar&. No ; 'tis true, she is not, 

Afar, (iff BhS^Vs) Thou should^ be hang'd. 

Pan. Sir, 1 will spcAk but once By the same power 
Vou make my blood a stranger unto yours. 170^ 

You may command me dead \ and so mudi love 
A sliangcT may im[uirlunc ; pray yciti, dtx 
If this roqttest appear too much to grant. 
Adopt mc of ?^fmc other fainily 
By your unqucsticjn'd word ; else 1 shall IKt 
Like sinful isf^ucs, that aic left in streets 
By thcif reffardlc£« mothers, and no name 
Will be found for mc- 

U>^ SAtij ^ aIw] Qi ibat anitt Umk liacfc 



Arh. I will hear no more. 

Why should there be such irtasic in 3 voice, 
And &in for me to hear U? all the world iSo 

May lake delight in ihb; and tis damnation 
For me to do *o- — Vou are f;iir and wi^c, 
And virtuoua, I think; and he is blt-tit 
That in so near you iti ymji brnlhrr Is ; 
But you arc nought to me but a diAeaflc, 1 85 

Continual loimenl without hope of ease; 
Such an ungodly ^icknes^ I have got, 
That he lh4t undertakes my cure must first 
O'erthrow divinity, all moral laws. 

And leave mankind as unconfined as beasts 190 

Allowing Them to do all actions 
As freely as they drink* wher they desire. 
Let me not hear you speak ugain ; yet so 
] shall but languish for the want of that. 
The having which would kfll me, — No man here 195 

Offer to speak for her ; for I conBider 
As much as you can say. I will not toil 
My body and my mind too; rest thou there; 

[Sin^ing^ into his ukasr of jUtU. 
Here'* one within will labour for you both, 

PafL I would 1 were past speaking;! 

Gak Fear not, madam; 200 

The Kin^ will alter: 'tis some sudden rage. 
And you will see Ii end some other way. 

Pan. Pray He^iven it doJ 

Ti^r. iiLsult) Tliuugh she to whom 1 swore be here^ 
I cannni 
Stifle my pa.x&ion longer; if my father Z05 

Should rise again, duquictcd with this. 
And charec mc tc forbear, yet it would out, — 
CAI^ud) Madam, a stranger and a prisoner bcgi 
Tc be bid welcome. 

Pitn. You :ifr welcome, ^ir, 

I think; but if you be not, 'tia past mc 210 

iSidiv^Le^ ftadyet. Tlicubtld niUlttuied "^" IDyccl* 

199 9 rfarUmikirt /tfr^ww ^.l] A(Ur«ned lobk bcdj, at, id 

4bvcUom. Cf. bii wfmlhio Muflonlut, t. jit. " Mjr ^t / R«ruiB(a barmy 
bvdj-'* The "npe i^lrTiiri" la hiit niihJ, whidi b >*> lictiuoJ a* Lu IxdDinjc 
^Ue"UbciQriiiE." Cf. ii. 1. 15, " l«^ur ovt Ihii tcnpai-" 


To cDftke yoa .-»o; for I am h^rc a Mr^ngcr 

Greater than you : we know ffom wbeace yo^ come; 

But 1 appear at lost thin^. and by vboot 

la yet uiice^rtHtn ; f<>uiid lierr in the cx>urt, 

And Ofily suffcr'd to walk up and down, 215 

Ai one not worth the ournir^, 

5/0. (asM) OK 1 feai 

Hgraivcs wiTl be caught 1 he looks^ nicihinks. 
As he nxMild cbange his eyci with her Som« help 
There b abo\'c for mc. [ hope ! 

Ti^. Why do yoa turn away, and weep so faai, 220 

And (Jtter thrn^ thjit misbecome your looks i 
Can you warn owning ^ 

5m (Af«<^^} OK 'ti« ecitui so t 

Tj^fr. Ackiiowledige younelfmLne. 

-^ A How now ? 

7*^, And then 

See if yov want ui owner. 

Ar^. {audff) They are Ulking^! 

T^^ Nai*on5 shall own you for their queen. 3 

AH, Tigrane». art not chou my priaoncr ? 

Tigr. [ am. 

Af^^ And who b this f 

TVjpr, She t* yow «ister. 

Af^, She U $0. 

Mar. [ttfide) U she so again ? that*» well. 

Ar^. And how, then, dare you offer to chai^ words 
with her? 

Ttf*-. Dare do it! why, you brought me hither, sir^ 330 
To that intent 

Arfi, Perhaps I lold ytm ^o^ 

[f I had ^wom it, had you 1*0 much foily 
To crwlit it ? The ]eAi( word thai sh(! speaks 
Js worth a Lifei Rule your dUordcr'd tongue. 
Or I will ltfni|Xfr il. 

Sfia. {asiiif) Blest 1>e that breath t 

Tigr. Tcmtirr my tongue! Suth incivililjct 
As tbeM DO t^arbarous people ever knew : 
You fatfcak the law of natuie.and of nations ; 
Yoti talk to me a;t if [ were a priiioner 
for theft My tongue be icmpcx'd ! I mu*t speak. 140 

aji/HUfJO^ji, >,7, vulinod. cdti-i Oc rot "Uc** 



[f thunder check rac, and I will 

Ar/» VouwrnV 

5/(>. {Md£] Ala5, my fortune \ 

Tigr. Do not fear hU frown. 

Dear mAdam, hear m<s. 

Ar^. Fear not my frown \ but that "Iwcrc base in me 
To fight with one I know 1 car o'crcnmc^ 345 

Again thou Tthouldtt be conquered by mc 

-l/rtr. {nsidf) He has one ransom with him already; 
fncthirks, 'twere good to fight double or <[\x\X. 

Arb. AwJiy with liim to priion ! — Now, sir, see 
If my frown be rceardlcsa.— Why delay yoa f 2$q 

Sei'ze him, Bacuriut — Ynu shall Icnow my word 
Sweeps liice a wind, and all it ^rappl» with 
Are ?t5 the chafT before it. 

T»gr. Touch me not. 

Arb. Help there! 

Tigr. Aw8.y ! 

lit Gsni. It is in vain to strui^le. 

Tmd GtnL You must be fbrced. 

Bat, Sir, you mur^t pardon iw ; 255 

We must obcj'. 

Arb, Why do you dally there? 

rag liim away hy any thtng. 

Ba£. Come, flir, 

Tigr. Jii,ntioc thou nught'sl Xv> gi^^ inc strength enough 
To fhake all these off. — This is tyranny, 
Arbaces, ^ubtJer than the burning bull'St 3^ 

Or that famed tyrant'^; bed. Thou mi;;ht'st ai well 
Search x the depth of winter throiijih the snow 
For hfllf'^tar\td people, to bring homr with thee 
To show 'em hrc, and send em back again, 
Ax IL5C me thu& ' J 

Ar6. Let him be clw^c, liacuiiuit. ^i 

{Exit TiGKAWKs, tw"M Bacurius uKd Guards. 

S^ {aside) I ne'er rejoiced at any ill to him 
But Ihi^ ImpriMmment. What ^h^Il become 
Of mc forsaken? 

ate imrmiiy ^itiri] u t. ihe bmrn bull of Phaluli- 
^1 e^rimrtl i. T. riwiutie*, l\ "Til***" 

a60^9V4|QQi, 1. vhc« ftuUtoriiy muai ncl Ifc Jhreciirdfd 
«Ri«cXi«« ndiiie of lji« tttt "tWcp- 

JtiS Arrainr] hm* folloaa in Q? iIm «tf^-4]r«ftiofi, " Eiil S 
ibe oifan old tid*. ntemherttk tU) L 315. 

for the trcre 



G^. You wfll riol let ytiur »tiWr 

Depart thus discontented from yog. sir? 

Ar&. ^yr\tit\\triM\\Ctu\m-x^i [ Havr done hcTwroi^g, 270 
And m«de raysclf believe much of myself 
That is not in mc — You did knccI to mc, 
Wbil^ I tetood :(tubbom and n^;3rd1e«« by 
And, like a god incensed, ^avc no cat 
To aJI your prayers, lioholdn I knee) to yo« : [Kntth. ij\ 
Show a CQr^tcmpt -^ \^^ a:i vtii^ my own. 
And I will suffer it ; yet. at the last, 
Forgive mc. 

Pau. Oh, you tvrontj me mtire in iHi^ 

Than in your n^c you did I you mock mc now, {Ktmis, 

Ar^. Never forgive me, ihcii ; which is the worst jSo 
Can happen lo me- 

Pan^ If vou be in earnest, 

Stand up, and ji^ive me but a (gentle look 
And two kind words, and I shall be in Kcavcn^ 

Ar^. Rise you, then, toa Here I aclcrowlcdge thee, 
[Kising, and rauing PANTifEA. 
My hope, the only jewel of my life, 395 

The t>e5t of »i3ten», dearer than my breath, 
A happirie^s hs high a* 1 coiiM think ; 
And when m>' actions call thee otherwise, 
Penlilicm light upon me ! 

Pan, This is better 

Than if you had not frown'd ; it coiner to me 190 

Like mercy at the block : and when I leave 
To serve you with my life, youi curse be with mel 

Arb. Then, tliua I do salute thee; and again. 
To make this knot the alrongcr.^Paradiac 
]« thcrr ! — It may be ymxi are ytt \n doubt ; 295 

Thii third kiss blob it out — {Ay:dej I wade in sin. 
And foolishly entice myself along ! — 
Take her away; sec her a prisoner 
In her own diainber, clo^^y, GobrJas, 

Pan. Alas, sir, why f 

Arh. E must not stay Uie answer. 

Do it 

fftf*, Good sir ! 

Ar^. No moie * do It, I 4ay, 

aB4A^j#. , . iWrrv/l9oQQi,a,r.udBUKL«dd.!lba riM "Kix^M 


M^r. (asuie) This b Utter and better. 

Pan, Yrt hejir me tpcak. 

Ar^. I will not hear you speak- 

Away with hrrt Let no mftn thfrtk 10 ^peak 
Kor -^uch a croiturc ; for :<hc w a witch, 30S 

A poisoner, ^nd a trailor ! 

6^- Madam, this office gricv^cs me. 

Pitit. Nay, 'tis well; 

The Kinc; is pleased with it 

Ar^^ Bessus. go you too with her. 1 will prove 
AIJ this that t have saiJ, if I may live 310 

So long : but I am desperately sick ; 
For «Jie ha« given me potion in a \dsit, — 
She had it 'twixt her lip, — and with her eyes 
She witches pco^ilr. Go, without a word. 

[E^rtiHr GoBKiAs, Pantiiea, BF-WUS, anJ Spacokia. 
Why should you, that have made me stand in war 31^ 

Like Fate ittelf, cutting what threads 1 pleased, 
Decree sulK an unworlliy end of me 
And aJl my gloric«? What am 1, alaR, 
That you oppocte me ? J f my secret thoughbi 
Have ever harbour'd swellings againic you, 330 

They could not hurt you ; and it is in you 
To give me sorrow, that will render me 
Apt to receive your mercy : rather so 

Ijtt ii bt- r^tthcT sJi, th-iTi {junivh nic ^ 

With such unmanly sma. Inccfit is in mc 33j r'^ 

Dweilmg already: and it mu^t be holy, 
That pulU it thenoe. — Where art, Marcloniui? 

Afar. Here. sir. 

Ard, I prithee, bear me, if thou canfiL 

Am I not thrown a strange Ki:i^ht ^ 

Afar. As you were. 

Ar^* No heavier? 

Afar, NOb «Ir« 

Ar^, Why, my leg* 330 

^14 LLkii SpBCdblml Onitled by Q7, which hu plMsdhcr ckU*! ].368*Uovc 

p^ 1/ muar ^ Afi//. 'i%M ft^s It tkfmf\%. t "•v.c poir«r ihnrt of hdy iti!t 
mhiGm ia€\\*\ \\* iraply^f (lut la pmUdi him by mAklnglilni ociu^Iy com- 
mit "«uchuaniui1|iKin> wiH H'jiUc 1iv!y/' aiid lurnU aTecc tio|>unfiuil>OD' 



[act iti 

Refuse to bear my body. Oh, Manjoajvis, 
llico hast in 6c)d bcfacl<l mc when thou know'st 
I could havif gone, thtiugh I cnuM ni^vrr run 1 

>fivr. And go 1 shall again. 

ArA. Oli^nu. 'lia|ja<i4! 

^far. Pray you, go rett youraeir 335 

Ard. Wilt ihou hereafter^ wbcj» ihcy Udk of inc, 
As thou «halt hear, nothing but infamy. 
Remember some of tho!»c Uimg^ ? 

Mar Yes, 1 will 

Ard. I prithoc, do; 
For thou shalt never see oic so agabi. 340" 

MaK I tt^afrant y^ l£xtMi»/. 

A /£t>pm m the H^usi »/ BESSUS. 


Bts. They talk of fame \ I hnvc gotten it in the wars, 
and will a^ord any man a reasonable pcnnyworttb 
Some will say, they could be content to have it, but 
thai It H to be achieved with danger '. but my 
Opinion is otherwise: for if 1 mi^jht stand itill in 5 
cannnn-prnoC ^^^ havr famr f^ll upnn mr, \ wnuld 
refiive it, My reputation Ciime principally by thinking 
to run away ; which nobody knuws but Mardomus, 
and I think ho conceals tt to ani^er me. Before I went 
to the w;»rs, I cuoie to Ute town « your j; fdlow, without lO 
means or parts to deserve friends ; and my empty ^ts 
pcr*u*r.)cd mc to lie, and abuse people, for my meat; 
which I did. and tliey beat me : then would I fast two 
days, til] myhuciger cited out on mc, " Kail still 1" then, 
methought, I had a monstrous stomach to abuse 'em 15 
a^n ; and did it In this state I continued, till they 
hungmeupby thehccK nnd htiiT mrwith ha7rl-5tick«. 
a^ if they would have baked mc, and ha\-e eown'd 

31^3 T^u ^t' - - - ftftrr ruM] Thaa huF ><cn nkc iiitnonbtc m bftiile, 
MNlrem Iȣk fit i>owPT, liut nf w^ll -. now |]iii a pcvfriwl, 
J4I i Mtfmwf jt] OtiLy fvuiuJ in Q i . TheuU «ml Dyct. 
SctJvft II. 

17 itmt . , Aav/-;ftiAi\ L c. to makB him tender bcfcn Liildti| in the p««Ey. 



somebody wUh mc for ven{*foa After thi^ T nird^ancl 
ate quietly I for the whole t:mgdoni took notice of me 20 
for a bHfiled whi|ft>(l fdlovr. and whAt 1 luid wa-s 
f«m«oiber'd in mirth, but never in a^Ker ; of which J 
woJt gliid, — I would ii weie at that pfiss sgain I After 
this, Heaven call'd :in aunt of mine, that left two 
hundred pourids in a coLihin's band fcr me; who, 25 
taking me to be 4 gAU;int young uprii, ni«cd a cf>mpanv 
for mc with the money, and .^cnt mc into AimcnU with 
'em. Away [ would have run from them, bur that I 
could ^t no company i and alone [ dur?t nol run. I 
«r« nc\*er at battle but once, and there I wa* running, 30 
but MardoniuA cudgctrd mc: >'et 1 got loose at last, 
but was W) afr.iid that I tnvf nr» murt? than myHhnulden 
do, but (led with my whole company amongst my 
enemies, and overthrew Vm, Now the report of my 
valour is come over before me, atid they );ay I was a 35 
rtw young fdlow, but now I ain improved, — a pla^^uc 
of their eloqaencc! 'twill cofit me many a beating r and 
Mardonius mi^ht help thi.H too» if he would; for now 
they think to get honour on me, and all the men I 
have abiLfcd call mc frcjibly to nccount, (worthily ns 40 
they call it,) by the way of diallenge. 

EnUr a Gentleman. 

CfjtfA Good morrow, Captain Bes^Ds. 
B*f. Good morrow, i«ir. 
&mA I come to sjieiik with yott^ 

BtJ. Vou're very welcome 45 

Genf. From one that holdi himself wrong'd b>- you 
»ome three years aince, Yourwonh, he says,Jft famed, 

nk^m] Pimiihtd u « trct^m knLobi by huBini- up T^ Uu liceU. 

" Mr F^ the htt\n him limit; Upon a irce» 
Ami ^(TuM ui, tluL hI] wIuJj pMcd I7 
Ttir j-icLuii* of h» j'unubvKni instil kc" 
Cf. Ciuitn t/ Ccw^ry. kU x, "Kick lad ImAv fH**; uid ib I /rfin7 
IV. "vU n« Titkb »od Z»lUc iM, ' Agu* ia T^brf liffm^i fntr, II. i. rt 

3fr/t^fbf ^ Srt all old ^i-, tiEftpe F, *' plwDC on," Ud Qt " PM ar."' 
«o It mamfMt] Otdj foucid m Qi and caod- oli. 
41 Md Omitted ia OQi, 7* 

4«Cciit.1Ql : ili Uie oilitf Udcib^ «ftcr pnaiine " Enter a Gcat. ' prtfia 



[ACT ni 

ancV he doth nothing douht but 3^011 w\\{ do him ri^H^ 
AS beseems a mldicr. 

Bfi, {tuiWr) A (Kix tm 'crij, sa ihcy cry aIL go 

<7/«A And a &lic;ht note 1 have about me for voq, for 
the delivery of which >'ou tnuM cxcuw: «i<: : it is an 
office ihat friendihip calls upon fne to do, and no way 
offensive to you, since I desire but ri^ht on both sides. 

B^j. Ti< u chalUroce, sir, is it noC^ 55 

G^n/. Tis an tnvitmif to the fidd 

Rfs, An inviiingl Oh. cry you mr^rcy I — {^Asidf) 
What a compliment he dclivcra i: with! he might as 
agreeably to my nacun^ present me poison with such a 
speech- [Reads} Um, um, um— reputation — um, um, 60 
um— call you to account— -um, um, um — forced la this 
— um. urn, um — with my sword — um, um, um — Iltce a 
^cntlcmdn — um, um, um — dear to me — um. um, um — 
satisfaction — 'Tis very well, sir ; I do accept it ; but he 
must «ivait an ^nsi^rr this thirteen weeks, 65 

Gtni. Why, sir, he wculd be glad to wipe off his stain 
as soon as be coutcl. 

Bts. Sir, upon my credit, I xm already engaged to 
two hundred and twelve ; all which muit have their 
striin^ wipoj nff", if that twr thr word^ bcfote him, 70 

6>j9/. Sir, if you be truly engaged but to one, he 
shall st^y a compf^iciil Uirif- 

Bti. Upon my faith, sir, to two hundred and twelve: 
and I ha>^ a ?ipciit budy t<x>. much bruised in bsttlc ; 
so that 1 cannot fights I must be plain with you, above 75 
three combai<t a-day. All the kindness I can show him, 
[$ to sec hint resolvedly in my roll the two hundred 
find thirteenth mar. which is something ; for. 1 tell you. 
I thir^k there will lie more after him than before him ; 
1 think so. Pray you. commend me to him, and tell So 
him thk 

Gfnt. I will, sir. Good morrow to you. 

Bii, Good morrow, good sir. [Exit GenllcmanH]— 
Certainly my safest way were to print myielf a coward, 

60 Um, M, tfAjSo iill but Qi. trhichp^y* "aia'* oolywjw hfflw««n uch 
phru*. 7j »iM hh] Oii]f itt Qt BUid l>y^, 

•7 rv'd/rW/)'] nr alone fttdii "rewlunly." 

&i / tkini; fflj Dycf tuppoapit ihii hfti e»«it Sn from " I \hlnk " in ihe Use 

iliatltjn about jLC^atniif « Bobu' 

«tiUTc i iiui tx^rciivutL' iLui i\t\i fciifacil htiliatltjn about jic^atiuif « Bobu' 



with a discovery how I came by my citdit. And cUp it 85 
upon every post. I havo rcjccived alinvc thJrtj' cHaU 
Icngcs within this two hourt. Marr>'. all but the first 
] pill off wilh cngagemefit : and. by good farionc, the 
lint b no madder of lighting than J ; ^a that thaf» 
rcCcTTt^d : the place when.- it must be ciidc-d is ibur days' 90 
joumfiy o(T, and our arbitrators Arc these; he haft 
chwcn 4 }i;cTit](^n4n tn travel^ and I have a H^iccial 
friend mth a quartan Ague, like to hoLd him this five 
year for mine ; and when hi^ man comes home, wc arc 
to expect my friend's health. If they would send me 95 
challenges thus thick, as long 03 1 lived, [ would have 
no other living : 1 can make seven shillings a-day o* 
the paper to liic groccrsn Vcl 1 Icam notJiing by all 
thcte, but a little sktUin comparing of styles : I do find 
ovidcnil)' that there is some one scrivener in this town, 100 
that ha^ a great hand in writing of challenges, for they 
are all of u cut, and »ix of 'em in .1 hand ; and they 
all cud, " My icputation Is dc^ti to mu and I must 
require wtisfaction;' — Whofi iherci' more paper, [ 
hope. No; tik my Lord 3acuriu,i: I fear all ih not 105 
wtW betwt>ct us. 

Atr, Now, Captain Bessus ; t corner about a frix-olouA 
matter^ caused by as idle a report. Vou know you 
were a coward. 

^/j. Very riKht, 110 

Sa,\ And wiuzi^'d mc, 

Bdt, True, my lord. 

Siu. But now people will call you valiant,— dcstcrt* 
lessly, I think ; yet, for their satisfaction, I will have 
you fight with mc. j j { 

Bfs, Oh, my ^uod lord, my deep engagements 

Sa^^ Tell not me of your engagements, Captain 
Bc^Hus : Tt in not to be jiut olT with an excuse. For 
my own part» I am none of the multitude that believe 
ywjr conversion from coward- i30 

Jifj. My lord, I »eek not quarrels, and thii belongs 
not to mc ; I am not to maintain it. 

$1 t^t$f] Ql hj IbUtAlu ''ihvK." 



[act iu 

Baa Who. ihai. pray ? 

Bfs. Bct<iK the coward wrung'd yoo- 

Bac, Ri^ht- 135^ 

Bn. And thall Itciisas the valiant malnt&in what 
Bc^^u* the coward did } 

Bac. I prithee, leave the^ cheating irlek^ I swear 
thou shall light ivit^ n¥c> or thou «ha(t be beaten 
extremely ;umI kickVL ]^0 

Bft. Since yov provoke nie thus Tar, my lord, 1 wjfl 
fight with you ; ^uid, by my *n^rd, it shall cost mc 
twenty poun<ls but 1 will have my 1^ well a w'eek 
sooner purposely, 

Bac. Your le^ ! why, what ailv your 1^ ? Ill do a 1 35 
cure on you. btand up ! [Ki€Jts him, 

Bf£. My lord, thU $% ml nohir in ynu. 

Bac. What doet thou with 5uch a phnu^^ m thy 
mouth 7 I will kick thee out of all gooti words before 
[leave thee. [/CuJ^f Atm. I40' 

B^j. My lord. 1 take tlib a* i puni&luneni foi ibc 
offence I did when I was a coward- 

Bac When thou werti confcwi thy?&e1f a coward 
still, or by this light, ill beat tbeo into spon^ 

Bi'f, Why, I am one. 145 

Bar. Are you so. *ir? and why do you weof a 
sword, then ? Lome unbuckle 1 quick 1 

Brs. My Ic^rd ! 

Bar, Unbuckle, J say, and give it mc ; or, as I live, 
thy head will ache cxiremcly. 150 

Brj. It ia a pretty hUt ; and if your lordship take an 
affection to it, iwtth all my heart I present it to ycni, 
for a new-year** gift. 

[Gii^^ his JtwW wiik a knt/e hanging fr^m the Mi\ 

Bac. I thanlc you very heartily, Su-eet captain, 
farewell [$5 

B/[. One word more: T beseech your Icrdship to 
render me my knife again. 

Bac. MftTry, by all means, captain. \Givts ^aek tk^ 
kmfi.] Cherish yourself with it, and cat hard, good 

tjj UivfL hia , , - WlJ Tliii ilA^-dirfcCioD wu inL«n»d by Welier, who 
pnnir<H " m ihrt icahhanl "* if\t " tian^iikg fimna th* Krit.' tnd miljmefl in ■ 
noie ihu ihv dagger wax warn * ' ir p thrtib ittichf<l lo rbr Kiibbflrl of lb« 
ntronl*^ SdrIj thedi|!ger was woiq on the flglit iJde. ihtf iword uii the IdL 



captain ; we cannot tell whether \v-e shili have any iGo 
more such. Adieu, dcai capUtn. (Ar^. 

5*x ] will make bcttcni«c of this than oTmy sn-ord, 
A ba^c spirit ha^ this vonta^ of a brave one ; it kccpa 
always at a stay, nothing brings it down, not beating. 
1 remember I promised the King, in a ^rcat audience. 165 
ttui I wouM mik^ my baekbHr^rs eat my ^worvt i«i a 
Icnife: how to get another sword J know not; nor 
knjw any mcan^ tt?l) for inc In in;iinUiii my cmlit but 
impudence : therefore I will outawear him and all his 
followers, that this \s all th^tS left uneaten of tny 170 
sword. [SjhL 

ScKNE in. 

Af* Apartmtnt in tft* Pa/ac/. 

M<tr. V\\ move the King; he is most Mrangcly 
altered : 
1 guesA the e*use, I (car, too right ; Heaven has 
Some i;r;eret end in't, and *tix a scourge, no question, 
Justly laid upon him. He has fotljwed me 
Through twc-nty rooms ; and rvcr. whrn I stay 5 

To await his command, he b!u»hej: like a ^rl, 

T ^dr ti/move. ae] In tpitc of th« vlgarout pro(«i of iht l^iion of tyt^. 
vc Tollo* TtiffiiLfitld ill prfinin^ [liEiariJ ncxtiy nM the fulliming >p<cci'iiu i>? 
Hiuiluiiiiu » *c«tt ; itiuHifhwiiKvm »Jv*pKCC0L>Lra[ bit ■mnKvmciLl, w vvci 
"Uuofir^; DHt." H be did. "here ftad ihcn kqm (qw itlAiiMC moootvlUblet," 
In dflftnc* cf tbc wt&Lnns ihni ifi« bus, u ihiu irjui^vd, («a ofken p(v4«nt, 
tnih En ihii fend Eh« lini tcene (e. 1), «*« tu^y uroe Ihc pr«tiible kUn of Hit 
pUjrwri£hU»TmcrM«Jnuidit/Bnit. pnliap, The»EiJnr<j-tTi1, m WflEingiljiunMllc' 
p(ictiy» nf ihf rflfcf nf iht* lir^ lo thc«ye. Li^hi rndjn^t^ iwkmrd cnjuabc 
nmcj, mid lupertlncpui tjlliLlnnifly be gliJcd urcr ic cifiivny toubowTc Ljul 
■Uobl iupicmwi uf iiir^nkfhyt AiiJ lo utkvcti) k ac*ici «ppioAC^ I0 * nroM 
gMcnec ihe hftrttonvDd »Ott(nilj of morr reralAr putucn : ftod ivclhiixk, in 
eppaiiioQ BpputDllT to BDMAf OUT noclim amluti■1l^ thtt Unn vi i»<h Hujd 
Irrfipilinlyr ar« picttnlbl* to prof«ti<d pfQ*« whwh iLujun^lt f^ifiatul^y ld 
inciriol tUE^ti^iti, and 4^n (n a mofUCTK of bHgtiimnt rmoM'^n br «rrn giiiLL]' 
«f len bbuiii UitA in kuc«cuSan i 1 ojuni^ lUti nambcr m 1 puuKo u Cb< 
Thii4 Ad jl ibjjik) n( M^. Sfdjiey (^imiUy'i 7~A« CrnUK </ T^c^^ «ad 
ibcfbCf ptttiACci clACfhcrc. CbO j1 tK thai tiie CJicliuivc rci^n of tl4 pop{UD 
and th« cn(k«i in flr^maiio JiBlD|riif it nv«ir, ind lEut Ihwur ai« ciq* lo Le 
iappt«f»a(«f1 bj ■ fvfurD to ih« nuiii: Bti^T ih? pwfry ihai h«lpr4 i<^ rntkr 
KnflSili dn/ni otEAT > At Imr in ii^ne of ilit longi of our populir oomic 
o|Kiru itc uujr nope a? ^uk UfLiitied itic oxilii of tuidcuaod ftad lattiM I 


Aod looks upon mc as if modesty 

Kepi in hb buuncn; ito tumit away from me; 

But, if I go on. he follows tnc a^^a 

Enter ArbacCS. 

(Axtdt) Stv, here he is, I do noi uac thia. yet, lO 

I know not how. I cannot choose but weep 

To see him t his vrty crncmTc-ji, I think. 

Whose wourds have bred his fame, if they ^lould see 

him now, 
Would find lc;irs in their eyes. 

ArS. I c^jinot utter It. Why should I keep 15 

A brex^t to harbour thoughts: I dare not «pcak? 
DarkncM is in my boaom ; and there Lie 
A thousand thoughts that cannot brook the Itght. 
Jiow wilt thou vex me, when this deed is done. 
Conscience, that ati afraid to !ri mc name it T 20 

Mar. How do you, sir ? 

Ard. Why, very wdl, Mardoniu^t: 

How dodt thou do ? 

Mar, ])etter than you, I fear. 

Ar6. I hope thou art; for to be plain with thee. 
Thou art in hell cUc. Secret scorching f1amG», 
That far transcend earttdy material 6reft, 35 

Arc crept into mc, and there ia no cure ; 
I* it not strange, M;iTdoniLis, there's no cure? 

Mar Sir. cither J mbtake, or there is something hid. 
That you would utter to me. 

Ar^^ So there is : 

But yet 1 cannot do it 

Mar, Out with it, sir. 30 

If it be dan]^crous« I will not shrink 
To do you service, I shall not esteem 
My life a weightier matter than Indeed 
!t is ! I know tia subject to more chances 
Than it has hours ; and I were better lose it 35 

In my king's cause than with an ague 
Or a fall, or, deeping, to a thief: as all these 
Ar^ pmhahle enough. Let me but know 
What 1 shall do for you. 

Ard. It will not out. Were you with GobriaH, 40 

And bade him give my sister all content 



The pUce aHTord*, and g^vt her leave to send 
And speak to whom she plc^&c ? 

Mar, Yr*, *ir, I was. 

Ar^. And did ycu to Bacurius say as much 
About Ttgrancs f 

Mar. Vm. 

ArL That's all my business. 45 

Mar. Oh, say not so ! 
You had *n answer of all this before ; 
B«ftldc0, I think this business might be ctter'd 
More carelessly. 

Ard. Come, thou shalt have it out. 1 do beseech 
thoc, so 

By all thr love? thuu h^st professed to me. 
To see my sister from me. 

Mar. Well ; and what ? 

AHr. That's all 

Mar. That's strange; shall 1 say nothing to her? 

Ar^^ Not a word ; but if thou lov'st me, find 
Some subtle way to make her understand $$ 

By signs. 

Man But what should I make her understand ? 

Ar6. Oh, Mardonhis, for that I mi:^t be p^rdon^d. 

M^r, You may ; but J can only see her then, 

Afi, Tis irut 

Bear her thifi ring, then ; and, 00 more advice. 
Thou shall ,<i]jcal( to her : tell her I do love 60 

My kindred all : wilt thou ^ 

Mtir. Is there no more ? 

Aril. Oh. yes ! And her the beat: 

Better than an>' brother loves his sister : 
That's ail. 

Mar. Mcthinks, this need not have been 
Dcliver'd wiih ^iich r;itJtir»n. I'll du il, tig 

Ar^, J'hcre is more yet : wilt thou be faithful to m« ^ 

Mar. Sir, if I t^kc upon mc lo deliver it. 
After I hear it, I'll pass through fire to do iL 

Ar6. I love her better tlian a brother ought. 
Dost thou conceive me? 

47 off] Thuwopl, f*iji»itrfl hy rhf mrttr. S*cply in Qt, Thtt^- ami Vyct. 
^ SW vAat Mh^Ukii] <i^i^ 7'. Qi " fiui whil, wliAtibuulJ": QQj^-^F.. 
D>tE"BDi wlwthlijJl.'^ SQ^]QQi,^7- LhcgtbcToJdedi. "ooc" 

6} iwsA ianiwnlQl, DytC: llii; ulLcr uLJ dJil '*»Lidi A<iaUoo-" "OtiiticA" 


A KING AND NO KING [act iti 

Mar, [ hope 1 do not. .nir. 70 

Arb. No! thou art dull. Kne«ldown before her, 
Aj>d nc\'cr rise a^<im, till she will love mc. 

Mar. Why. 1 think she do«- 

^f^- But better than she doc* 

Another iriy ; ax wives love husbands. 

Mar. Why, 

1 ihlrk iherr arc frw wives that love ihefr husbands 75 
Better than ^hc <loe:i you. 

Arb. Tbuu wilt jtot tiftderstand rre. I*» tt lit 
This should be uUcr'tl pl.iinl^-? Take it. then. 
Naked an it is: I would dciiire her love 
Lasciviously, lewdly, inccstuously, 80 

To a sin that rcctU mu^t damr u» both, 
And thee too. Don thou underhand me flow? 

Mar. Yes ; there's your ring a^^in. What have I 
Dblioncstly in my whole life, name it. 
That you should put ^n base a business to m*r? 85 

Arb. Did' St thou not tell me thou wouidAt do it ? 

Mar. Ycs» if I underlook it : but if all 
My hain vrere livw, 1 would not be engaged 
In 4udi a cauftc to save my last Itfe. 

ArL O guilt, how piwr and weak a thing an thou 1 90 
This man thai is m> servant, whom my breath 
Might blow about the world* mfght beat nte here, 
Having hi^ cause ; whiljit [, press'd down with sin. 
Could not resist him. — Dear Mardoniu*, 
It was a motion misbesecming man, 95 

And I am Korry for it. 

Mar. Pray bod >-ou may be sol You mu^ under- 

E/lCjQt, 3. 7, Th. D;. 1 r«t "you." 
tall i£^) TKffOlQld |irtn1vd ^' Uci of Itfc,** Tut Vhcwkt of (tie mrfrv, Uii>a£ti 

9idAf«v1QQi, «, 3, 7, mod. tdi. i rat *'apoa,*' 

97 >V^ ^) Qiji, >, 7 : ^- 1^31 ui4 Um «thfr old ok. rc4d *' HAven 
pULt/' Cp, mvn on iv, 4. 4, v. 4, It I. «(c: The Iifmvr'v tulhnnrr in kudi 
natlM PWtrrt on thf n^ct H' t6o6 (jri Jic- f, c, 3i)p»iHfH "ivr thr pre- 
wnduE And i'uiclin)[ itic Rrtai ibiut of the holr unit ar G«mJ la lU^-pli^i, 
liMluMi m&jr-K^iua, >bc4c* And iilUi tike. ' The le^vviaif tUiciucM Oi 
•orrdlUbfC over the luifuuc^f pTaya li iIEu^1mtcpd brthe Sur ChuBbB*! 
■cli'M io T63J m rvfmrd t« Btn Juiu^n^i ,IA^-n/JiV /«^, vhtnu ttu plajran 
hiui in(*t[inl4ln1 lunrf'f calht afE^r it h^d rrMiVfii rh« Mri<t}on d( ih? MuT*r 
oflhe Kevrli. Sit I1<ii>7 Herbert ir»ib1c in iliucoH \a cLm hlnudf o( All 



stand, nothrnfT that you can utter c:*r remove my love 
»nd -"•cTvk(^ (nun my prince ; but olhcfwUe, I think [ 
shall not love you more, iot you arc sinful ; and, if you too 
do iKis crime, yon ought to Kavc no Iaw5» for. after this, 
it will be great injuitice in you to punish any offender 
for any crime. For myself, I find my heart too big ; I 
f«^I 1 have not paTience to \fjct\c on, whiUt ^'ou run the-tc 
forbidden courses. Means 1 have none but your favour : 105 
and I am ri*lhrr glad th:ir I shall !om^ 'cm both together, 
than keep 'cm with 5uch conditionn. I shall find a 
dwelling amongst some people, where, though our gar- 
cnenti perhaps be coarser, wc shall be richer far within, 
and liarboui jiu jiuch vices in 'cui. God prcMfrvc you, I to 
and mend you ! 

Ar^. Mardoniu-i! stay, Mardonius ! for, though 
My pfCTicnl ^late require nothing but Icnavea 
To be about mc. sMch a-^ are prepared 
For ewry wicked aet, yet who docs know 115 

]3ut that my loathed fate may turn about. 
And [ have use fiir honest men again? 
I hope 1 may: I prithee, leave me not 

S/s. Where b the King ^ 

Afar. There- 130 

Bfs. An't please your majesty, there's tlie knife. 

Ar^. What knife? 

/i^s. The sword is cutcn, 

Mar. Away you fool ! the King is aerious. 
And caiinot nuw admit your vanities. tz$ 

Bfs. Vanities! I'm no honeT;t man, tf my enemies 
have not brought it to ttiis. What, do you think I lie? 

Af^ No. no; 'tis well, Bessus ; 'tis very well r 
Ten glad on't. 

VDoapUcttr : tut ib^ ul^kd QLHion thui indaf^nl uitde falm «lnk« out, In Iaeih 
ld3<,lii«dycjHii!aiioiuiiidju« ^'aLilj/'"tIc4th,"''ilt|tht,"ui Daictiani'iif^, 
Vhkh Bpsn die Utt«> it[>i4«[ to ibc Kjoj^werc prooouncvd bv Ouite* <U' 

"yott" tn*f "mtnd, which Wcbcf riJlniwi, pkdnjiduh Bfter "mend""w 
BUrk in nDliDUTitt] wntnice: Tli. Col. "T1leGuU> prcJCrTc VbJ oicful you" : 

113 nym'v} QQJ| 1, 7 I fcst *' rcqnim'' 



J/or. If your csiccnic* brought it to thjit» your 130 
^ttemlei are cullers. Come, leave the Kini:- 

B€4. Why. may not valour approach him i 

Afar. YtTt; but ht? Iiiut alTiiin^, l>e|^it, or I sIulI) Ijc- 
somctbmg unmannerly with you. 

ArS. No; let him »itay, Mandoniu^ Jet him »uy \ 135 
1 hAve oocajtionH with him very vra^hty. 
And I can spate yoj now. 

3fa*'. Sir ? 

Ari. \\"hy, 1 can spare you oow, 

jRrJ. Mardonius, give way to tbc *;l3tc-affairv- 

Jffir; Jndceid, you Sirc fitter ibr hin prcst^nt purpodc 


Ar^, Bc^u$, J nhoiild employ thee: will thou do'i ? 14Q 

Bet. Dt/l for you t by tliin air, t will <Il> anyt^iint^, 
without exception, be it a good, bad, or indifrcTCftt 

Ar^. Do not sw*ar. 

Bfs. l)y this light, but I wiil ; any thing whatsoever. 14; 

Ar^^ Bui 1 shall name a thing; 
Thy conscience will not suffer tKcc to da 

Bts, I wrrald fam hear ihat thing. 

Arb, Why. ] would have ihcc icct my siatcr for me, — 
Thoii unrlr-nii;ind'Kt mr, — in * wicked manpcr. 150 

Bes. Oh, you would h:ive a bout with her? I'll 6o'\, 
Mldo't, iTaith. 

Arb. Wilt thou ^ do»i thou make no more on't? 

Bet. More! no. Why, la tlicrc any \h\i\^ clac? if 
there be, tell me ; it »h<dl be done too, 155 

Arb. I la^t thou no greater .<(cnsc of nuch a sin ? 
Thou arc too wicktxl for my company. 
Though I have hcl) within me, and mayst yet 
Corrupt me furthLT Pray thee, answer me. 
How do I show to Ihcc after this motion ? 16O 

Bes. Why, ynur m;ijesly looks as well, in myo|>inion, 
as ffver you did since you were bora, 

Ar^. But ihou appcfir'st to mc. after Ihy grant. 
The uglieiit, loathed ^ detcK table thing. 
That ihavc ever met witli, Tliou hast eyes 

iJ9 hU\ So ^\. oicppt g(^s, 6, r. "Tbk 


scStkih] a K!WG AXD no KING 


like flames of :tul}>hur, which, mcthink^ do darl 
Infection on mc; and thou hast a mouth 
Enough to ukc mc in, where there iio stand 
Four rows of iron te«th. 

StJ, I feci no such thin^. Bui Ws no matter bow I 170 
look; ril do your business as well as they that look 
better: and when Ihjs is disjmtch'd. if you hnvc a mind 
to your mother, tell me^^nd you shall see VU set It 

Ar^. Mymolhcrl — Heaven forgive me, to hear thbl 17§ 

J am inspired with horror." Now I hate thee 

Worse than my Hm ; which, tf I oaiUI come by. 

Should fttlfer death eternal, ncer to rJso 

In nny breaat a^tn. Know. I will die 

Languishing mad, as I resolve I shall, 18O 

Erei will deal by ^uch an instrument. 

Thou art too tinful to employ in this : 

Out of the world, away 1 [Sfois Aim. 

fiis. Whut do you mc^in, sirP 

Ar^. Hunfi: round with curses, take thy fearful flight 

Into the def^erts : where, 'mongst all the mon^ti^rs. iS$ 

If thou l^nd'iit one «o boJUtly at thyself, 

Thou &hall be I^IJ &s uinocE^L 

S^~ Good sir 

Ar^. If there were no Auch inrstrumcnt^ a.% thou. 

We kings could never act such wicked deeds. 

Sedc out a man that mock» divinity. I90 

That breaks each prt.-ccpl both of God and maii. 

And nature's too, and doc:^ it without lu«t» 

Merely becaUM? it is a l4w ami g<xx1^ 

And live with him ; for htm thou canat not spoil ; 

Away, I say !— [Bxrr't Drissus. 

I will not do this «in : 195 

I'll press it here tilt it do break my breast. 

It heavcN to c^t out ; but thou art a ftjn, 

And, 5pite of torture, I will keep thee in. [ExtL 

•£6-9 iMifMiir , . jiw fyufk] Tb4 dffcripiion i««na luaimiowt «f Om 
■ili»f3eplaT>. aomutkCiUJI itioo; bof pcAiblyof AAin>(PktfAM;L cu la— 14, 
vbeie ihe tpw of itdh are chi««; 

iSf Bom bunl VVcbci Jnl li^luly lu iiihcd iJiu «iM|ec-(tir(dJUB. Tliii ii ibe 
occmon wfcfftd toimhu intccYicir vUh tbc SiruniinaJi, Aa U. K. 3> IL 13, a^ 






A ROCM in Mtf //«M^ i/GOBRlAS. 

^iv/n^ GoBKiAs, Panthpa, tfi»rf Spaconia, 

Go^ Have you wrrincn, madam ? 

/'a™. Yes, good Gobrias. 

G0^. And wiih a kindncM and *iuch winning word^ 
As may provoke him, at cnc instant, foci 
His double fauli ; yoitr w'ron(t, and hi* own rashn&» J 

Pan, I have sent word^ enough, if words may win him $ 
From hln di9ptcii.Mifc ; ntn} such words I hQ|x-^ 
Ac fihail gain much upon hi^ f*oodoes3, Gobnui. 
Yet fearing, ^^incc they arc many, and a wcimar's, 
A poor belief may fiMlow, I have woven 
As many Uuths within 'cm to ipcak for nic, ro 

That, {{ he be but ?rAcinufi and receive "em 

Gi^. Good lady, be not fcArful: though he should not 
Give you your prewnt end in thi*i» believe it. 
You shall feci, tf >'our virtue can induce you 
To labour out this tempc-Si (which, I know, ij 

1.1 but a poor proof 'gainst your patience). 
All these cEJiiienli your -"qarit will Jtrrlvi^ ^t, 
N«wer and sweeter to you. Your royal brother, 
When he shaW once collect himself and sec 
How hr he has been asunder from himself, 20 

What a mere stranger to his golden temper, 
Must, from those roots of virtue, never dying. 
Though somewhat stopi with humour, ihoot aicain 
IntQ a thousand ylnric*, lK*i*n'ng hiii fair branches 

ACTIV., Sc. I. 

Sttw /- ARooBv«l&)DjM^ODrT«clinn, for Wfbf/i '* IIib Aportrnfa: 
nf th« PnnotH m llw Pttlao*,''a corrvciirjn hf ii[pi>^nt by .^ci ir u, 4. U. 
45^, «rri»ch tbow ItutE CuniltM v«t nor rfntinr^ in thr I'flldcp, anil bv 
Arbicci' *ordi ntir Ihe end, *. t- 171. " One all ilic qii«r (i. *. rtnihaj 
. . . the A ill ('ntjiinB liuuH," S 3tmt\ OutiUsd lu QQ4, V ^1 ^^ 

UnapesE" in hdki I n^p^**, ef "rvilKc on 11," ^l<it cf. m- t. 199 note. 



High as our hopes can look at, straight as justice; 25 

lioadcn vnXh ripe contents. He tovcs you dc&rly ; 
I kmiw il, and I hope I ntse^ nol funhi^r 
Win you to understand it 

Pan. 1 believe It: 

Howsoever, I am sure I love Jiim dearly ; 
So dearly, that if any thing T write 30 

For tny enlarging should beget hU anger, 
Heaven be a witness with mc, and my faith. 
f had rather live: mtombed here. 

6W. You aha]) not feel a worse stroke than youj 
I am -torry' 'ti?i so ?iharp- 1 kiw your hand, JS 

And tlii-H nijiht will liclivci IhU irue sio^y 
With this hand to >-our brother, 

Pam. Peace go with you I 

Vou are a good man, — [Exit Goerias. 

My Spaconia, 
Why are you ever sad thus? 

^. Oh, dear lady ! 

Pan. Prithee, discover not a way to ^adne^ic, 40 

Nearer than 1 have in mc. Our two sorrows 
Wovk, likr- TiAij cagrr h^wkt, whf» shall get highest- 
How shall 1 letisen thine? for mine, I fear. 
Is easier known than oiicd. 

Spa. Heaven comfort both, 

Anc give youn happy ends, however 1 45 

Fail in my stubborn fonuncs. 

PdH. Thii^ but teaches 

How to be morp famitlar with our sorrows, 
That arc too much our ma.ttcrs. Good Spaccniat 
How shall ) doyuu service? 

Spa. Not^e^t lady, 

Vou make me more a slave shIjII io your goodneiw, $0 

AnJ only live to purcha^ thanks to pay you ; 
For thai i% all the business of my life now, 
t will be bold, since you will have it so, 
To ask a noble favour of you- 

Pan. Speak it ; 'tisiy-our*; for from so sweet a virtue 55 

19 //tfVikWtr,] Allvda. bat Ql *nd T>j. prfAn to i>ui irord a ntfiUci* 
'' fevt-" ipoilLnf th« nttrt, 46 TAn^ Thu moo<j of retipt.kL>>ii. 

ii -VivjCoiiRniCEcd with **jva nike uie" in pfc«cdiufl Uae. 




No ill cJcnuii^i ha^ iuuc, 

Sjta. Then. <^vcr- virtuous, Id mc beg your will 
In helping mc to sec ihc Prince Tigrancs, 
With whom [ am equal priwner, if no morc. 

Pa^. Kcjtcrvc mc to a greater end, Spaconia : 60 

Bacoriui caimot want v> much good manncri 
Afi to deny your gentle vi^JtAtioo, 
Though yim cumt^ only with your own cnmmMid. 

Sfa. I know they will deny me^ kt^clous fnidam, , 

Itcing R Mraiigcr, and so liltlc rained. ^5 

So utter empty of thoite cxccllenccx 
That have authority : but In you, awoct Ud)'. 
All thcTC Arc nAtural ; beside, a power 
Derived tmmediate from your royal brother. 
Whose least word m you may command the Wngdom. 70 

/'tf«. More than my word, Spaconia, you ^hall carry. 
For fear It fall you. 

Sfia^ Dare you trufit ^ token ? 

\i^dAin, I Tmr I am grown ton bold a bc^gar. 

Pan. You arc a pretty one ; and, trust nic. lady, 
It ioy^ mc 1 shall do a good to you. 75 

Though to myself I never fthall be happy- 
Here, take thbriTig. and from mc as a token \Git'£S ring. 
Deliver il : I think they will not slay you. 
So, all your o^-n desires go witJi you. lady ! 

Spa. And sweet peace to your gractr ! 

Ait. I'ray Heaven, 1 fmd it ! ^ 


Scene U. 
A Prison. 

TlGKANKS 4iSi^^'erfd 

Tigr. Fool that I ami I have undone my^lf, 
And with my own hand tum'd my fortune round, 

67 -loMlQt i the mt ^'trniG,"! nut Ji»tAtitcof impfoircmciit on the Itntcd- 


A Pruoo) Tliis note of l»^1ily firfi appcu« in ^j—*' £mttr Ti^ramiM in 
fnMfft." k •om«»»h*t r%n lotUiDN *( iDV luch noJ* tn iht oM *dt. 

1 FficJ lAat I Am, r/t^\ Thit nfhrr dlfUmilt Kp?cch rq^mrmi^ the tntiiitkin 
In T1i|r«DC<ftwn A>ienM of th> lUliirt cjf hih pa^ion tot FuilJiet C«bo fc& ip- 

ftCflKF iri 



That was a fair one: I have childt?^hly 

Pla/d with my }iope 40 long, till I have broke It, 

And now loo late J mourn for't. Oh, Spacooia* $ 

Thnij Ha*t fouTid an <-vrn way tn thy fcvc-ngr now ! 

Why didat thou follow oic, hkc a faint shadow. 

To wither my desires ? Bn!. wrel<:hcd fool. 

Why did I pl:)nt thee 'twixt the ^un and me, 

To mako mc frccijc thus? why did I pitfci her lO 

To the fair prmccfi* ? Oh, thoti fool, thou fool. 

Thou family of fooU, live like a nlave -HtilL 

And in th^ bear thine own hell and thy torment ! 

Thou halt deserved it Could'st thou find no lady. 

But she that !ias thy hopes, to put her to, i; 

And hazard all thy peace ? none to ahuae, 

Rut »h<? thiit laved thee ever, p«or Sp^coiiia ^ 

And so much loved thee, that in honesty 

And honour thou art bound lo meet her virtuosi 

^he, that forgot the ^reatne^ of her ^iefs, ao 

And mbcrics that must folio**' such mad passions. 

Endlcfiii and wild as woman's t «he, that for thoc, 

And wilh thee, left her Ubcrly. her name. 

And country 1 You have paid me, equal Heavens, 

And :icnt my own rod to correct mc mxh, 35 

A woman ! For inconsi^iney Til suffer ; 

Lay it on, justice, till my soul melt in mc, 

For my unmanly, bcaitfy, iudden doting 

Upon a new fact, after all my oatha, 

M^ny and Mninjje nnrv Jl> 

I feel my old fire flame aRair, and bum 

So sUong and violent, thfit, should [ sec her 

Ag^kin, the grief and that would kill me. 

Iwpdt^hy "ihc iuD,""lliff Ik]/ , . . thu hm ibj hopci")lo « ic*IUftiion 
UmI a rttvtiLATiCE! of luB Ln^LiilcNlr to SpaconU. Il« dpranv lino altudG Ivlils 
totioik lEi litiiikiiiLU tl]< UlLcr, whoK '* even vay ccihccnrrtiiH"i>«f cooMtba 
iliiiiiinirin rf runlhn frrfnln-hnMm •' PlA]r«d vithnrbopvcotoi^g'' (Ijae 

nvalK^^i^r lit lint 25 " my oivn rnd ' mrgru Paiithn. ihr rod hEtml Uid 
•p«a SpftConia. vthtdi U madr Ih'* rntn^ofhlt imn JEnprUonnivni, 

lO/nffirjprcimE, fecuiuQitncL li ifjOntj inQQj. ^.7* modi odi* 


'mBar ^ . ^ . Bapian'i](^i -. t'.t. hdnt toendloauil wild utlur fere Ja 

QQ>— J, 7i|f\ " a4««ini«ii"!<^"' n iromaft." Theobald, LolmfeO, 

m womm." which 4Jo1iridg«, i|[nnT«(it of Qi, ipprovtd 

J4 ^lUO jtUN 

aa4 WebcF ftll K«a 



Your token 1 acknowledge ; you may pais ; 
There \% the kin^. 

S^. \ thank your lordship for IL [£aiV Bacuelius. %% 

Tigr. She comet, she cotncs ! Shame hide me cv^r 
from her ! 
Would I were buried, or so far removed. 
Light mieht not f nd mc out ! 1 dftre not *cc her 

S^t. Niiy, never hide yourself; for, were you hid 
Where earth hides all her tiche*, her centre, 40 

My wn>n^\ wichrnit mure ^a.y. woulii lighl mr tn you. 
] must speak ere 1 die. Were all your ercatness 
Doubled upon you. youVc a perjured man. 
And cnJy mif^ty ^ the wickedness 
Of wronging women. Thou art falje, false prince ! 45 

I live to ?M>e him ; poor Spuconia lives 
To tcU thcc Ihou art false, and then no more ; 
She live* to lell thee thou an mtirr unconstant 
Than all ill women ever were toother ; 
Thy faith as firm as raging overflows, 50 

That no bank can command ; and a« lasting 
As boys^ ^ay bubbles, blown V llie air 4nf) broken : 
The wind is fix'd to thee ; and sooner shaU 
The beaten maiincr with his :shrjll whi.itle 
Calm ihe loud murmurs of the troubled main. 55 

Ard strike it smooth agam. than thy soul fall 
To have peace in love with anj- : thou an all 
That all good men must hate ; and if thy atory 
Shall tell -sijccmdirg ages what ihou wca, 
Ob. let it spare me in tt, lest true lovers, 60 

In pity of my wrongs, biiiTfc thy black legend. 
And with their curses shake thy sleeping; ashes t 

Tigr. Oh ! oh I 

Sf^^ The Destinies, I hope, have pointed out 
Our cndH alike, that thou mayat die for love, 6$ 

Though not for mc ; for, this assure thyself, 

47 tkim w jwrrj l «. livoi no mtttv, ai Dyce ; ooF " leUi Do iiMtv " U 
ScanTdr Jl di*y)<inJ5 tnQt, Djfri- 

5J/lr'tf^0riH)M«doonpartd 10 ther tDycnl. 
55 iiiiininirf) Qiuid Dj, : ibe fcti "munnab" 


The princr-« Kalt-s thcc ricddly. 2nd will sooner 

Be won to marry witli n bull, and safer, 

TKah !^uch A bca^t as thou afL — (AsitU) I have stiuck, 

I fear, too deep ; bc*hfow me for it ! — Sir, 70 

Thi* sorrow work* inc, like a ctininUE friendship, 

Into ihc same piece with ir — {Asi4ff) He's ashamed : 

Alu, I have keen loo rugged 1 — Dear my lord, 

1 am sorry I have 'ipoken any thing, 

Jndccd ] am, that may add more restraint 75 

To thui tuo E[iuth yuu luve. Go<hI «ir, he jA^asad 

To think it was a fault of love, not malice, 

Ami do 33 I will do,— forgive it, piinoc: 

1 do, and can, forgive the greatcgt mnd 

To mc you can repent of. Pray, believe me. do 

Tif^. Oh, my Spaconia I oh, ihou virtuouft woman E 

5/tt. No more, the King, sir. 

EnUr AkbaCES, BacuRIUS anti MardoNIUS. 

Af^. Have you been careful of our noble prisoner. 
That he want nothing; fitting for his j^reatneu i 

ifftfc. 1 hope his graec will quit mc for my care, sir 85 

Arb. "V\\ well, — Royal Tigranc*, health ! 

Tigr. More than the strictneaj of this place can give, 
] offer back afjain to gre^t Arbaccs. 

Ar^. Wc thank you, worthy prince; and pray, excuse 

Wc have not seen you since your being here. 90 

I hope your noble usage has been equal 
With your own person : your imprisonmenl, 
Jf it be any, I dare say, isoasy; 
And shall not outlast two days. 

Ti^r. 1 thank you : 

My usage here has been the same it was, 9J 

Wcirthy a foy^d conijuf-rur. Fch* my rpstrafnt, 
It came unkindly, becauao much unlook'd-for ; 
But ] must bear it, 

Arb. What lady's that, Kacurius: ? 

70 ««r4-wl tjQj, 4 have ^'bethre*/' 

tn ai clow friondi Lr conic ilikv. 

e2//JOi. Tlico. W«b. Dree, fell '"lb," 




Bat. One of the princefts* wotnen, sir, 

Arb. I reared it 

Why coimc:« the hilbi;r ? 

Bat. To speak with the Prince TiKRUies. lOO 

Arb. Prom whocn, Biicunu^? 

Bafi. From the princess, tin 

Arb. I knew 1 had seen her. 

Mar~ {asrdt) HU fit be^ns to take him notv agTtin t 
*& A strange fever, and 'twUl shake us all anon, [ fear. 
Wmild he wrrc well cured of thill nigingfoHjM Give mc 105 
the wunt, where men arc irad, and m^iy talk what they 
lUt, and held Chtr bravest felk^ws ; thi*^ |>eLting, prattling 
peace 15 good for nothing; drinking's a virtue to't. 

Ard. I MCc lhcrc*H irulti in nn man, no* obrdienoe, 
But for hU own ends. Why did yoti let her in? no 

fiat^ ft wa^ yt>ur own command to bnr none from 
Besides, the princess sent her ring, sit. Tot o'.y wattant. 

Arb^ A token to TIgranes, did she not ? 
Sirrnh, tell tnith. 

Bat. I do not uu? to lie, sir ; 

T>3 noway J cat or live by; and I think rt; 

TTiit if no toWer, sir, 

3fijr. {asidt} Thin combat ha:i undone himt if he had 
been well bcdlL-ij, lie I14J been temperate. 1 shall never 
flcc him handRomc aguin, till he have nn hor«emcin's 
staff puked through hin Ahtnildera, or an arm broke 120 
with a bullet. 

Ar^. I am trifled with. 

Bar, Sir} 

Ar^. I know it, a5 I know thee to be faJsc- 

Mar, {aride) Now the clap comen, 

Bitt. You never knew mc so, sir, 1 dare speak it ; I3S 
And dunti x wonte m;in tell xntr.. though my l)fttter , 

Mar, {asuU) Tie well said, by my «>ul, 

A^K Sirrah, you answer a^ you hail no life. 

Bat. That 1 fear, «tr» to lose nobly. 

Arb, I sAy^ ^r, once again 

103 Uju. TbuUcJI Dycc jjfiiiU Uiii »|>c«d) m feoe ; bai t^ic aidf Ica! iCCcQt 
lao/oM/iifVitfalJgi, D}<v: f«ti "yoked tbrviisli.' 



Ba^. You mxy .^y vf\\x\ you please, t\r. iy> 

Mar^ {asi(ie) Wogld I might do iol 

Ar^^ I will, «ir ; and say openly, 

This woman carrica letters : by my life, 
I know i^hc cArric< Icttorc : th» woman does It. 

Man Would iJcwiia were here, to take her aside ai*d 
search her \ he would tjuickly tell you wlwi *lw Ciirried, 1 35 

Arb. 1 have foutid it out, ihix wnmuii Gtrnirf leUent. 

^far. {txstdt^) If :hii hold, twdl be an ill wotid for 
bdiwd^, chambermaids. and |K»t'bciy>, 1 thank llcavcn. 
I luve none but hi« letters- paten U, thin^ of hi& own 140 

Ai^, Prince, IhiK cunning cannot do't 

Ti^. Do what, iir ? I rc*ch )'OU not 

ArS>. It *hall not serve your ;um, prinee. 

Ti/:r. Serve my turn, iir! 14$ 

Arft. Ay, sir. it *1ull nol ^tv your turn. 

Tigr. Be plainer, good sir, 

Aii. 1h\s wutuaii nhiill carry nu miire leilers back to 
your love, Panthca; by Heaven ghc shall not; 1 ^ayshc 
nhallnt^t. \\0 

Mar, (ast/^) This it^ould make a saint swear Itkc & 
soldier. &nd a iioldier like Tcimagant. 

Ts^, This beats me more, King, ihan the blows you 
gave me- 

Ar^. Take 'em away bothran<t together let 'em be 
pridoners, strictly and cloMJy kept; or, sirrah, your life i%% 
shall anttwrr it; and let nobody speak with 'cm hcreaflcr. 

VVp-, Well, 1 am rsubject to you, 
And (iiu?t (^lulure Jim: ^UitMuiiA. 

i/Va. {assdf} Thi? is Ih" imprisonment 1 have look'd 
for always. 

134 IVtmU Btrtm, Etc.] tPQlMQ pfrlvp* Mlincal^y of Itftnu' taivib v<fm- 
fItMintt, bill more pr«itttlM]r *i ooarH hbrnout l» divvfi Arbtoe*' jmIooi 

tl, I J] *nnil<l hare ■ TanllAf- «;b« "MhippoJ fota'«rdoia# Tniiu|cwii-" 

154 V-H i>f frii9mfi\ Dyce, falle, Qi, " voi b* ft"! ibn r««i "th^n 
prttwwn be" 

15^ Spa^l Sa QQt. 7 ind nxU ods, : tha rvtE pifftt the iiih> Unci 3& Lfac 
«soiituKkm of Tifiucs' spvedk 


And the (kflr place I wouki choose. 

[BxrunI HAClTkU:*v, TiaKANF^ iCffr/SrACONIA. 

Mar, Sir, have j'Ou done well now> 160 

^rit. Dare vow reprove it ? 

JIfar, Na 

/f r^. You iru»t be enuring roe: 

J/tfr. I have no Irtt^-rs, nir , to anger yoo, 
Btit a dry sonnet of my corporal'* 
To ftn old surlef'ii wiff* : and th;it 1'fl bum, sir. 
Tin like to prove a 5re age for the i^Tiorant. 165 

Ar^. How dareai thou soofien forfeit ihy life? 
Thou knowcst it is in my power to take it 

Afnr. YcH, and 1 know you wo'nol ; or if ynu do, 
Youll miss it quickly. 

Ar^. Why? 

MaK WhoshallthenteHyou ofthesechildishfollic*, i;c 
WhcD I Am dead ^ who shall put-to his power 
Tv tlraw those virtue* out of a flood ofbumourf, 
Where tl)cy arc drown'd, and make 'cm shine ii£ain? 
Now ctit tny hrA<1 oflT: 
Then you may talk, and be believed, and stow wofsc, I75 
And have your too self-glorious temper rack^ 
Into a dead !ileep, and the kingdom with you. 
Till fordj;ii swuids U-" in your tlircKiEs, iiud ^1aQ]fhter 
Be e\'eT>' where about you^ like your flatterer*- 
Do, kill me. 180 

Ar^. Prithee, be tamer, good Mardoniua. 
Thou knoVat I love thcc ; ray, I honour ihcc; 
Believe it, good old soldier, \ am kit thine; 
Hut [ am racked clean from myself; bear with me; 
Wo't thou beiir with mc, good Mardomu«? 1&5 

Etir^r GOBRUS, 
JIfar. There comes a good roan ; love him loo ; he's 

1^ fftf^f} c»jiBp-¥KtiaDcr'< ; m lUincvpt Qi, '■«ddlai'i»" 
tyoiAm} Oufy in Qi, DfO^ 
i7i/aM»iif/«w^faOftU. llBSCui -'Hit lo V«rii,"' 

173 Wl*rr3 0l, !!)*■: ml "wh^n,"' 

174 Afvif t^.-] AlWi Ihinc uraidi Qi (aloDc] prinu *'*lo«i kill niCp~«ft wcJIm 
M ibc md 04 ipfccli. wlicrc all the btd edi, h*TT itttm. 

176 wi*^ bcwflid'd <oITC4U^>Q /oj " red " ol *n it* oU cdL 



Vou may live la have need of such a virtue; 
Raf*c \i not still in fashion. 

Ard, Welcome, good Gobrias. 

Go^, My wrvice and this letter 10 your gmce. 

Af^. From whom? 

Gd/L From the rich mme of virtue and ill beaut^\ 190 
Vour moumfuL sbter, 

Af^. She is in prtsun, Gobrias. t^ ^hc* not ^ 

G^^ \htfc/j.] She \s, sir, till your pleasure da crtUr^ 
Which on my knees I beg. Oh, lis not fit 
That j\\ llic iwcclnc*? of ti»c world in one, 19$ 

The youth ind virtue ih^t would tame wild ti^rs, 
And wilder people thfit have known no manners, 
Should live ihus doisicrod up 1 For your love's sake, 
inhere be any in that noble heart 

To htT, a wRTtditd lady nnd forlorn, 200 

Or for her love to you, which is J3 much 
A*i naiiirr and ohrdicncc ever gavi% 
Have pity on her beauties I 

Ard. Prithee, stand up, 'Tis true, she is too fair. 
And al) these commendations but her own : 205 

Would tliou hadst never so commended her» 
Or I ne'er lived to have heard it, GobtiaKf 
If thou but kncw'st the wrong her bcaut>' doe,^ her, 
Thou would'st, in piiy of her. bo a liar. 
Thy ignorance has drawn me, wretched man, 3 10 

Whither my^f nor thou caiiM well lelL Oh my fate? 
I think she loves me, but I fear another 
1« (lerrpt^r in her he;irt : how thrnk'^t thou, Gubrlan ? 

C^. 1 do beseech >'Oijr Rracc. beheve it not ; 
For. let me perish, if it b« not fahc, 215 

Gwjd sir, read her letter. rARBACfis r^a^/t. 

Mar. (£MJir/<r)This luvc.or what a devil it i^Ilvnow not. 
bc^tK more mischief than a wake. I had rather lie 
well beaten, ^-starved, or louay, than live within the air 
ont. He that had»ecnthi« brave fellow chai^<? through 220 
a grove of pike* but t'other da>', and look upon him 
now, will ne'er tjelieve hU eye* again. If he continue 

■gotfffl Only in QQi. 1» 7. Th«o. llree. 
lyj ilS\ Qi mtl mod, «ls [ r<« •* to.' 


thus but rwo day* mrtrr, a tailor may b^at him with 
one hnnd ticil bchird him. 

Ar6. Alas, ^hc would be nt Ifbcrty ! 33$] 

And there be thour>an<t reasons. Gobriu, 
Thousaiid.4, (hait will Jciiy it; 
Which if shm knew, sJm would contentedly 
Be where she im and bk«^ her virtue for it, 
And ine, though * he were closef : she would, Cobrias ; 330 
Good m^r. Indeed she would. 

O'**^- Theii, g^>od sir, for her satUfaciion, 
Send for licr» aiid with reason let her know 
Why she murt liv^ thu« from yow. 

ArA^ I wQI. Go, brin^f her to ine. [Exeunt 235 

Scene 111. 

BmUr BE^SUa ftt^ Sv»^rd Men, am/ Boy. 

B<s. You're very welcome, bfjlh ! — Some atool^i tbcrc» 
And reach a tabic, — Gentlemen o' the mvoixl. 
Pray sit, wUhoui any more compUinent. — Uecone, child. 

[BxU Boy. 
I hAVE^ been curious rn (he searching of you. 
Because i understand you wise and valiant penoni. 
tjf S^'. M. We umUrrstard ounelvr^ sir 
H^s. Nay, ^^entlemen, and my dear fnendii o' the 
No compliment, \ pray ; b*it to the cause 
I hiin|i upon, wbicbf in few, is my honour. 

^35 lAt tuaii/h/J Th/rtSiliT withnnt uttFionly priTi[*(l " *hf h\n would," 
I2y iii'/itf] Qtjii 1, J, I>3'« : ml "T)fliin." 

5cini til. niicobdd and Colidfto fcUcvrcJ Ihe >>]-J edi, Ift pvliuiag tU> 
K«rw ■■ H miittfiic of pioK aixl wnc. Wclicr» Totlowcd by Djce, ajTAnj^cd U 
•11 u n«1rf^ ThoujEh pro** thr«|{hmii mifhT hiv* brrT\ pr^rEnlfl^ Ilie r<n« 
to placM It mutiHiiilafilv^ fi ivob pmhthiy inipndf rt 10 niff^^i ihp mcpk. 
TienttC. *lid The dlftlogue prMcnti no rtasoTi nr vary^nc ihc vehiclt 

Swni ^fm\ BuliJA whv pL'^nl Jt< nui'iEcri ul isu*x 3iiJ in tjunlivn* of 
liwwur. jw>'lQnJy mQQl» 2. 7, Th,, Dy, 

S Amjr] DycV* ahcfaucn l« '^'imc" hrrc, wkI in I- 11, reems ncrtfleu- 

9/«vJ i. «. in Itw wonU, 



2Hti Sw. yr. You cannot l^ang too much, iiir, fof your 

honour, 10 

Bui It* yuur tauw! : Ije wlv;, and H|)cak Uie Crutk 

f^j. My lirst (Joubi is, oiy heating by my prince 

ist Sttj. M. Suy there n littJ^ sir : do you dr»ubt a 
beating ? 
Or hikvc you had a beating by your prince? 

Ba. Gentlemen o" the *word, my prince has beaten 

mc. 15 

iHti S\v. M. Brother, wh^t think you of thiit case ? 

1st Sw. M. If be have beaten liiin. the case ia clear. 

2nd Sw. M, If he have beaten him, I grant the 
c a?g . — 
But how > — wc cannot be too subtle in thU bu^^tnc^a — 
I »y, hut howP 

^^j. Even witli his royal band. M 

Iff Sw^ Jf Was il a blow of love or indication \ 

Bts. "Twas twenty bJows of indignation, ^ntlctncn. 
Besides two blows o' the face^ 

tnd J»cf. M. lliosc two blows o' the face have made 
a new case on't ; 
The rest were but an honourable rudeness 35 

tit Su\ M. Two bltjws o' the face, and given hy a 
worse man, 
1 must confers, as we swordsmen say, had turned 
The business : mark ire, brother, by a wonte man; 
But being by his prince, had llic>' been ten. 
And those ten drawn ten teeth, beside* the haiard 30 

Of his nose for ever, aU tbc^c had been but favours.. 
Thb is my flat opinior, which I'll die in. 

3W Hw M. The King may do much, captain, believe 


For had he cracked your skull through, like a bottle. 
Or bmke a rili or two with tnssing of you, ^J 

Yet you had lost no honour. This is stran^^e, 
Yov may imagine, but this Is truth now, captain. 

Bis, 1 will be f«]ad to embrace it, ^ntlemen. 
But how far may he strike mc? 

II H i**tt . . . inarA] Thtw wnrji UD AauQ«d to Dcuus In *Il but Ol 
(■ad Dyet. n r^^v^Jdndd. 

■4<«nJVt. iJyc*: rttt "einie'- 
t$ AcmatroHf) QQ>, 3. ; ud iriEHf- tdi.: fell '■honilile," 


isi Sw. M. Tliert's another, 

A new cause rising from the tame and distance, 
In which [ will ddtvrr my optnitm. 
He may ^ike, be%t, or cauie to be beaten ; 
For these arc natiiml to man ; 
Your prince^ 1 say« may beat you to far forth 
A5 hb dominion reacheth ; that's for the dUtAncc : 
The time, ten mile* a-day, I take iL 

2Hd Sw. Af. Brother, you err, 'tiat fifteen miles a-d«y ; 
Hii stage Is Icn. his beatings arc fifccCTi, 

lies. Tis the longest, but we foibjccts must 

iji Sw. M. Bt? subject to It : you arc wise and vir- 
Btrs- Obedience ever makes tfmt nubic use ovi't. 
To which { dedicate my beaten body. 
I must trouble you a little further, gentlemen o' the 
znd Sur. M. No trouble at all to us, sir, if we nuy 
Profit ymjr undenttanding : we are bound, 
By virtue of our calling, to utter our opinions 
Shortly and discreetly. 

Bes. My sorest buitine^ is, I have been kfck'd- 
2nd Sw. M, Hi>w far. sir? 

Hes. Not to flatter myself in it. sll over: 

My sword lost, but ikh fuiccd; fur Jiscjcctly 
[ rcndcrd it, to ^ave (hat imputation, 

\stS-a>.M. It »how'd discrelion, the bc5t part of 

znd Suf. M. Brother, this is a pretty case ; pray, 
ponder on't : 
Our friend here has been kick'd 

itr Sw. M. He ha* 40, brother. 

2tf4 Sw, M^ Sorely, he says. Now, had he ait down 
Upon the mere kicfc, 't had been cowardly. 

ist Sw, Af, 1 think it hid been cowardly indeed. 
211^ 5sf. 3f. But our friend has redeem'd it, in de- 







40CaMuv^SualI «lv. uld 4iii modeTD, except Dyoc, who bv x uibukc tctt 
imvithmD (?i»iu Q] m tcbJjnB "cue," ind t^-tAt eHm tiiak^dlf, 

4eAit, Jfffir.v/vrA^T^tntatdVftlT«rA(i>70 (or 'Tpr^fdbut not fcsc," 4f aU 
lU old Ml. 03 «ffj 1^5, 6. K "Cittw." 




Hb sword without compulsion : and thAt man 

Ths! Inok it nf him, I pronrmntc i wcnk one, 70 

And hb kicks nullities; 

He should h»vc kick'd him after the delivery^ 

Which i£ the confirmation of a coward. 

tst Sw. M. Brother, I take It you mbt&ke the 
question ; 
For say, that I were kick'd. 

iH^ -SV M. I must not fay «o; 75 

Nor J fnurit rot hear it npoke by the tongue of mar ; 
Yoii kicked, dthr brother ^ you are tnetry^ 

tst ^w. M- But i>ut the ca.eie. I were kick'd 

2mi Sttf. Af^ Let them pot k, 

That arc thirtgs weary of their lives, ard know not 
llonourT put the were kidc'dl 

lit Sw. M. I do not ^y 80 

1 was kick'd, 

2Hd Stv. M. Nor no silly creature that wears his head 
Without a case, his soul in a skin-coat ; 
Yoo kick'd, dear brother! 

Bis. Nay, gentlemen* let U3 do what we shall do. 
Truly and honrstly \ good sirs, to the question. S5 

ijf SuK M. Why, then, I say ^uppov; your boy 
kick'dn ia]Jta.iTi. 

■ind Sv,". M, The boy may be supposed, he'ic liable : 
But, kick my brt>thcrl 

tst Su: M. A foolfsh, forward zeal, sfr, b^ my friend f 
But to the boy ; suppose the boy were kick-'d. 90 

Bff. I do 4i]ppo?de it. 

tst Sw, Af. Has your boy a sword ? 

ffrs Siivy\y, nn ; 1 pray, suppose a vwnrri too, 

isi Sii/. M^ I do ^uppose ct. You E^ant, your boy 
was kickVIn then 

2nd Su.\ M. By no means, captain; let it benuppOMd 
Hti!l : 
The word " prant " makes not for uu. 

tj/ Sw. M. ] ^ay, this must 95 

6e {granted. 

bttvATTii' Htlliwvtl'i fktHanurjr i^r»^^^y\' ^T\\f ^' ifictary nnr'wk'xn-oMi,'* 
SrJtf'jlQl* Th^Dy, :U]«fat-'li"b7cUipictirnbJ«:(. 





2xd S^\ if. This muM he granted, brother ! 

lU Sw. M. Ay. 

This niusl !« i;niril«l. 

2nd Sw. if. Still, the must ! 

tit Sw. ,1/. I say. 

This must be |;raj)tcd 

2nd Sw. if. G\\K mc the must again I 

Brother, you psltcr. 

isi Sw, M. 1 will not hear you, wasp, 

2nd Sw^ if. Bttithct, I *3ty. you jwltcf ; the must 

three time* lOO 

Together \ I wear as ^harp steel as another man. 
And my fox bites oa decpr musted, my dear brother 1 
llut to tlic cMuac again. 

Bis, Nay, look you, gcntlemei]<— 

2ttd Sttf. M. In a wonl. I ha' lionc. 

1st Sii\ M. A tall man, but mtcm^mtc ; 

Tia great pit>-p Once more, suppose the boy kic^'d. 

2mf Sw. M. Forward 105 

\st 6V. M. And, being thoroughly kjck'd, laughs at 
the Idelcex. 

2nd Sw. M. So much for us, Proceed, 

\xt Sw M. And in this 1>r;itrn KCOTii,a^ 1 rn^iy caII it^ 
Delivers up his weapon ; where lies the error ? 

Bts^ It Hcs i' iht: bcatiii^p sir ; 1 found it four day* 

s^incc. 1 10 

2nd Sw. M. The ciror, and a 5ore one, as ! take it, 
Lfes in the thing kicWng, 

Biiy I undcntand that well ; Hb :tore indeed, air. 

jfT Sttf. M That ijsaccordingloihcman ibatdtd it 

2nd Sw. M. 'I"hcre spring:* a new branch : whose was 
the foot ? 

Bu. A lord'fu 1 1 5 

irr Sw, M. The uue is mighty ; but, h4<1 it been two 
And both had kick'd you, if you laughed, 'tis dear* 

/4r1Ql, DvhI mt *'tkiii.' 
f iW m\ QC 
to« At} a fftnirur trra lot the 0I 


GM -Wl QQSp 6, F. prim " I, zi'n nit" 

'■All Eb> oM fai«i IiDnfea ra Hwir Wo "(apeakLoy of she codcIolidq 

a pmf*)' '"^ iTflui/J r>y*f itfMi to "**■*-" 

104 tA'/'MH] man oTnwtlf^ 




Bis. 1 did laugh ; but bow will that help me, gentle- 

2nd Sw. M. Yc5, It shall help you, If you l;iUgh*J 

Bci. As loud afi a kick'd man could laugh, I laugh'd, 

sir. ] 2Q 

\st Sw. J/. My rcjLion now: the valiant ntan is 
By suffering and contcmring; you have 
Enough of both, and you Htt? valianl. 

2fid Suf. M. If he be sure he has been kick'd 
enoujih ; 
For chat brave suffcranoe you speak of, brother^ t J5 

Coniiata not in a bating and away, 
But in a cudgell'd body, from eighteen 
To eight and thirty ; in a head rebuked 
With pcjts of ;ilJ sue, tlagjjers, stools, and bed-stavex : 
This ^how9 n vaiiant man, 130 

Hrs. Th(-n 1 am valiant, as valiant as the proudest; 
For these are ail familiar things to me; 
Familiar as my sleep or want of money ; 
All my whole bodj-'s but one bruise with beating : 
] think 1 Kfivc been cud^cHM with all nations, 135 

And almost all religions, 

2^ Su,\ M. Embrace him« brother: thli man ia 
I know it by myself, he's valiant 

1st 5*t. M. Captain, thou art a valiani gentleman ; 
To abide upon 't, a very valiant man, 140 

Bcs^ My e(]ua1 friends 11' the sworr], I tnu^t re<|ue-Ht 
Your harL<is to this* 

2n/i Sw. M. "^'is fit it should be, 

l»^u>* Jkatt] Dye* tddtti '*hKd"; Thcobdil addftl 'Mt" iil«t "fCfilcion- 

j)S ^tid ftAatAai, del Sfn^pB'^ ^ucl'rt I'Ltutui' fift^ i J.%: "Ilif coKdO- 
annEuincnl Hum apUtifi^Ijuk^ uf psfiuiict tetleJ '* hv^^hads " t«t:uu* *<^ut- 
iCjRirft tu hiVA ulvnkiU Elirnwn at thrin- 

I3{l ^nt-tlmfi^ WfHfl'n \\\r\\ in ihr iiilf '^f llw* brrlnlmi] Aitr hrtlrling ihe tvl- 
doihn Ui inliUA iNaiMl, 

:40fptf3^«/«i>VlQl«Tb,:r«»t "lob^cuDon/' Dyc< "Abide up«n '1," 
MDirtl«i"t»'' Bind <xpUmeft*'Dcpemi upon ll" iDtiimhU Adii<nil&he ACftpiM 
;lH4JdrM'lit^i;T inUif venM oT " my aliidin^ oijiaion u," uid com|«rc4 M^ffirf'f 



Get me >oir« wine, and pen and ink. vrlthin. — 
Am I ckar, i:T.-hilt:E]i<3i ? 

tst Su\ ^f. Sir, when the world has taken notice vrhat 145 
Wc have done, make intch of your body ; for I'll pawn 
My steel, men will be coyer or their legs 

Bfs. ] must ret^uest van go along, 

And testify to the Lord Bacunus. 
Wliow! ftwjt h;** struclc me, how you find my ea^c. 150 

2rti/ 6uv J/. We will ; and teU that brd he mast be 
Or there be th<Me abroad will rule hiA lordship^ 

Scene IV, 

Ah A/artm^nt in tkt Pa^Mt. 

EnUr Akbacks at ow d^an GODRlAii and Pantjica at 


C^, Sir, here'9 the pncicies& 

Ar^. Leave \xs. then, alone; 

For the main caur>e of her imprisonment 
Mi*at noL bt licdtd by ntJiy but herself — 

[Hxit GOBRUS. 
You^re welcome, tXaXti ; and T would to God 
I could BO bid you by another name t — 5 

If you above love not .*vich sins as these. 
Circle my heart with thought* as co)d as snow, 
To quench the»: rj^ln^ flames that harbour here, 

Pi^u. Sir, doct it please you I «hfnjld ip^tk f 

Ary I'leasc mcl 

Ay, more than all the art of music r-an, to 

Thy speech doth plea^te me ; for it ever »ound» 
As thou broughl'sL joyful, unexpected ncwi : 
And yet it is not fit thou ^houJd^t be beard ; 
I prithee, think sa 

143-1 Boy^ c7/r <tu] The Tiding of QQ4. 5. F-, wbkh mflirr rndnt 111 to np- 
port- Ot*< I 'i. 7» printed « one line, '*lfcr.a^l "»«««." Q$c«ninii*on« 

of llsenLtuilDui ttupLditio— ** JVd^A (ci tome etc*' 

4CWJ<jgt,a.7:<J3"K«veft,'oraiUinB "Md"! Qy^, 5, 6. K **he«*ca,** 
omUling '-1-" bH ttoit on ui. 3, $7, K/il/u}<j7 jUut null "th«.*' 



Pan, Be It SOI I wilL 

] am the first that ever had a wrong 15 

So far Trom bcin^ fit to Havc rcdrc^^. 
Thai *iwas unf^T to hear it : t will baclc 
To prison, rather thar^ diaquicl you. 
And wait lilt it be fit. 

Ar^^ No, do not go; 

For \ will hear yim wilh a scrioin thought ; 30 

1 have coUeeted all that'^ man about ire 
Together strongly, and i am resolved 
To hear thee largely : but I do beseech thee, 
Do not come nearer to me, for there is 
Something in tha-t, that will undo us both. 35 

Pan, Alji4, flir, am I venom? 

Ar^. Ycfl, tome; 

Though, of my*elf, 1 think thee to be in 
As equal a degree of heat or coltl 
As nature enn make : ycXy as unbound men 
Convert the sweetest and the noiirtKhinj^'st meats 30 

Into disca&cfi, bo shall I, di^temper'd, 
Du thee : I jjnthcc. draw no nearer to mc: 

Patt. Sir. this li that 1 ^vould : I am of late 
Shut from the woyld ; and why it should be thus 
U all 1 wish to know. 

Ar^^ Why, credit me, 35 

Panthea, credit me, that am thy brother, 
Thy JovinE Iwothcr, tliat there is a cause 
.SuMcient, yet unfit for thecr to know. 
That might undo thee everlastingly. 

Only to hear- Wilt lliou but credit this? 4D 

My J leaven, 'tis true ; believe it. Jf thou canst. 

Pan. Children and fnoU are ever credulous. 
And I am both 1 think, for 1 believe. 
If you dii^semblc, be it on your head I 

I'll hack unto my prison. Yet, methinks, 45 

I might be kept b-\ some place where you are ; 
For in myni^lf i find, I know not what 
To call it« but it is a nrKat desire 
Tij %re yiiu (*flen. 

Ar^, Fie, you come in a itep ; what do ycu mean } $0 

IS / *«] <^Ji I, 7. Vyct : ral " ±m I " 
KOjDd tioc. QQi-Hi umhctct *'t%y which Q7 ic«fond. 


[act IV 

DeAT fliater, do not do so ! Ahs, Panthca : 
WTwrr I am woulj you be ? why, that's the cuiw 
Vou are imprison'd, that you m^y not be 
Where I am. 

/''vir. Then I mu^t endure it> sir 

Heaven keep >^u ! 55 

Ard. Nay, you »haU hear the cause in ihort, I'ajtUiea ; 
Aod, when tlKiu hear'st [t. thou uilt blush for aic, 
And hanf^ thy h«ad doun, like a violet 
I'uU of the morning's dcw- There is a way 
To gain thy freeednm ; but, 'tU «uch a one 60 

As puia thee in wor^c bondage, and I knovr 
Thnu woulrUt monuntr-r (in;, and make a proof 
Whether the goti:^ have care of innocence. 
RalhcT itun follow it. Know. 1 havt^ ]4>sl, 
The only difference betwixt man and beast* Cj 

My reason. 

J^iiK, Heaven forbid ! 

Ari. Nay, it U gone; 

And I am left a^ far wtthoat a bound 
As the wild ocean, that obeys the winds ; 
Each *utldL-n jja^^ioii throws inc as it Jiitss 
And overwhelms all thai oppose my wilL fO 

I h.ivr tiehdd thai with ii tuslfiil cyK ; 
My heart is set on ^vickednc^, to act 
Such siiis with thcc a» I have been afraid 
To think of If thou dar'^t consent to thif, 
(Which, I beseech tbcc, do not.) thou n^ayst ^n 75 

Th)^ liberty, ^nd yield me a content : 
If not, thy dwcllini: must be dark and close. 
Where 1 may never see thee : for Gad ktiow% 
That laid this puntahment upon my prtde, 
Thy sight at some Ume will enforce my madness 80 

To make a start e'en to thy ravishing. 
Now spit upon me, and call all lepruacfies 
Thou canst devUe together, and at once 
Hurl cm against mc ; for I am a 3ickne?i,n. 
As killing as t^e plague, ready to &eizc thee. 8$ 

/'(iH. Far be It fnam me to revile the King! 

6j f'nnotti^r] So all fxc^pE Q? " innoccnCs.'^ 
&iA'iinr. /jQQi. 3, 7, D>«; *oi "* Kooir /W I." 
6«tb)QQl, a, 3 ; rot "wKc«/' 



But it i^ IruG ihfti 1 shftll rather chorwc 

To search out de^th, that else would search out mt, 

Amt in a ^mve; %Ia;]i with my itiroctrncc, 

Than urelcooic auch a EJn. It h my f&te ; 90 

To these CTOVi acddenta I wa* *jfd,nifiM» 

An<l must luvc patience; and, biit thai my cye» 

Have oQorc of womfiii in 'cm than my heart, 

I would not weep. Peace enter you again! 

Ari, FarcwcU ; and, good ^anihca. pray for m*:, 95 
Ctlty praycTft arc pure,} th-ii 1 imy (ind a dcsith, 
However *oon, before my paasiona grow, 
Thai lht^y fof^'ct what [ desire it* sin ; 
For thilhor they are tcndinfz. If that happen, 
Then T ?il;4ll force lUcc, though thou wcrl a virgin foo 

By vow to Heaven, and ahn-U pull a heap 
Of strange yet- un invented aina upon mc 

Pan. Sir, I will pniy for you ; yec you shall knon- 
ft is a *uiicn fate that governs u» : 

For 1 could wish, as heartily as you, 105 

I were no sister to ycu i I j^hould then 
Embrace your Uwml love, sooner tban healtfa, 

Ard. Couldst tbou affect me, then ? 

Pam. So |x*riectlyt 

That, a.'i it b, I ne'er shall sway my heart 
To like anothcr- 

Ar^^ Then, 1 curse my birth, lio 

Hu^it this be added to my miseries, 
That thou art willing too I in there no «t»p 
To our full happiness but these mere sounda, 
Brother and sister? 

Pan, There is nothins; else ; 

But thi^se, a]a<i! will separate us more 115 

Than twenty worlds betwixt us. 

Ar^. I have livcJ 

To conquer men, and now am overthrown 
Only b>' word^ brother and siatcr Where 
Have those words d^Mrlling } I will 6nd 'em out, 
And utterly destroy 'em ; out ihe>- arc 120 

Not to be jjra-ip'd ; let ein be men or beasts, 
And I will cut 'cm from the earth ; or towns, 
And ] will rH/e ctd, ami tlurn bluA' >m u^}^ 

toa lim] QQi, j^ 7 1 >M ''tin." 



Let 'em be seas, aM I vrlJl drink 'em ofT, 

And yet have unqucnch'tl fire left in my brcist ; 125 

Let *cm be anylhmg but merely voice. 

Pat. But \h no: in the povkcr of Any force 
Or policy to conquer thcin. 

What shall we do ^ dull we «tAnd firmly here. 
And gaze our eyea out ? 

Pan. Would 1 could do 9ot 130 

But I shall weep out mifW; 

Ar^. Accufsexl man I 

1 hou boiight'^t thy reason ait too dear a mtc ; 
Fen i}vm ini^i nW thy actions bounded in 
With curious rules, when e\-cry beast is free ; 
What is there that acknowledges a kindred 135 

But ti-retched man ? Who ever saw the bull 
Fceifuliy leave the heifer that he liked. 
Because they had one dam ? 

Pan, Sifn I disturb you 

And my%elf Ujo ; "iwere better T were gone. 

Ar&, I will not be 50 fooli^ a5 1 was ; 140 

Stay, vrc wilE love just as becomes our births, 
No otherwbe : brothers and sisters may 
Walk hdod in liand toyetlier ; so will wc- 
Come nearer : is there any hurt in this f 

Pan. I hope not- 

Ar^^ Faith, there i& none at all : 145 

And tell me trul>- now, \s there not one 
You love above me ^ 

Fan, No, by Heaven, 

A fir. Why, ytrt 

You 9CDt unto Tigrancs, sLstcr, 

Pan, True, 
Bui for another : for the truth 

Arb. No more : 

ni credit thee; I know thou canst not lie, 1 50 

Thou art all truth. 

Pan- But is there nothing dac 

t34 cMnbwl ftiCT. aiuiDlc. 

Xifi / ^il mrf . . . . um\ Oi ii^^nlk ihkt li^ t» Puitbca't ipcnh, I 
luTt foL]«K«d tbf otbtr old td<, in inctni^ it to 
■Imilv mnark bf low, U. t%y4>. 

147 »'a^J Omiite^ OB'y id Qi. 

AitACcs, whg noktc a 



That wc may do, but only walk ? Methinks 
Brothers and sisters lawfully may kiss. 

Arb^ And so they may, Fanthea ; so will we ; 
And kiss again too : we were scrupulous 155 

And foolish, but we will be so no more. [Th^ embrace. 

Pan. If you have any mercy, let me go 
To prison^ to my death, to anything ; 
I feel a sin growing upon my blood, 
Worse than all these, hotter, I fear, than yours. 160 

Af^. That is impossible : what should wc do ? 

Pan. FJy, sir, for Heaven's sake* 

Arb. So we must : away ! 

Sin grows upon us more by this delay. 

[Ex€uni several wt^s, 

155 wert scrupulous] QQi, 2, 7, Dyce: raL "were too loupiLloia." 
163 Extant , - . wajs]SoQQ3, 4i S,^, ^••- QQl. a, 7wmply ''Exeant." 






Sfar. Stf, the King has eccn your commission, and 

And freely, by this warrant, gives you power 
To visit Triticc Tigranc*, your noble m«utcr. 

Ljfj^^ I thank his grace, and kls^ his hand- 

Mar, l{ut 19 the nuun of all your business 
Ended in ihi> ? 

Lyg. I have another, but a worse ; 

I iim ii^hamrd : il i^ a buninr^*-^^ 

Mar, Vou seem a worthy person, and a stranper 
1 am sure you arc : you may employ mc. 
If you please, without your pur»e ; such offices 
Should ctxi be their own rewards. 

Z^;^. [ am bound 

To your noblcncaa. 

Mar 1 may have need of you, and then thiicourtcsy, 
Ifit be any, U not ill bc^tovr'd. 

But may I civilly detiLire the rest ? T J 

I shall nQt be a hurtcr, if no helper 

/pyjf. Sir, you shall Iciiuw 1 liave lost a foolish 
And with her all my patience; pilfcr'd away 
By a moan captain of your Kxng**. 

Mar^ Stay there, air : 

If he ha\-e reaeh'd the noble worth of captain, 30 

He may well claim a worthy gentlewoman. 
Though fthe wcnc yours and noble. 

Acr v., Sc. L 

t-t> Mv. Sif . . ^ vfitltiurt} A^aiii llic metrial tcncEcn^v nikci hit ihlrik 
tht old *dilionc wror^ m prinlmj; itu an pro**, LhoDgb fr>ili>*cil by nU ill? 
moHpni, The <iDariiK' o^tncoi^^il nw nf AOipUol ^ n wnrri in Ihr mMdlr 
qT d wnifnce bill at the bcgtnnLntr ot a Iltw, lo fbb iod orhcr piuaajcra. ibcwt 
(bu diGiucLiical icEiilcutT n^ uoJ uufch. 

Sjhjh] D^bc't cuicfidAiJun wt Mbhjil'i AuaolW iot ">cr*i:" of tJl ctie 
old td*. Id ^j&-«J<jt nlaaq by mntlktf mtdi *'offica^'* 



Lyg^ I gram M that ton. But thii ivretched fellow 
Kcacocs no funhcr th^n the empty name 
That scruc*^ to feed him . were he valmnt, t% 

Or had but m him any noble naturG, 
That might hcncaftor promise him a good maij. 
My CArcs \^■cre so much tighter, and my grave 
A 4pan yet from mc- 

Sfar. 1 confess, fiuch fcUows 

Be in alt royal camps, and have and musit be:, 30 

To make the sin of coward more dcceatcd 
In the mean soldier that with ^uch a foil 
Set* off much valour. By dc-SLTiiJiion, 
I should now guc;^ him to you; it was tic»«us, 
I Uiitu ;Llm(i'(t with tonlideMct; pronoun a- it. 35 

Lyg^ 'Tie such a scurvy name as Bcssua; 
And now L think 'lis be 

JIar. Captain do you oill him } 

Believe mc. sir, you have a misery 
Too mighty for your age : a pox upon him E 
For that mu;it be the end of all liii service. 40 

Yowr daughter was not raad> sir } 

Lyg^ No ; would she had been \ 

The fault had had more credit, f would do something, 

Jfof. [ would f&in counsel >-ou, but to what I know 
Hc'a so below a beating, th^t the women 
Fin4j him ni^t worthy uf ihcir di.ttuvca; and 45 

To hanf;^ him were to cast away a rope 
Ile^ such tin Airy, thin, unbodied coward. 
That no reverige can catch hlm. 
ril tell you, sir, and toll you truth ; thi^ rascal 
Fears neither God nor man ; ha* been 40 beaten, 50 

Sulfcf&nco has made him wainscot ; he has had* 
Since he was first a !Hiave, 
At lea:»t ttvree hundred da^^ers tet in*s head. 
As littl<? boya do new knives In hoc meat ; 
Theres not a hb in'ic body, o' my coiucience, 55 

j^j in i^ Hfon i^ittfr . . . vtmA vaioar\ in tbc nuxk «]4 h\c, vhoie bnt ery 
i> QCiiv tciapi^voui by cjDiiitst *iili pL^Tuvoucii' In « uuul vf lii^ha rtsL i or 
IIm pAMUO may oitfmy mean dui luiih (ncaci^piiiicJ wLdien u Bctm kI u 
4 [btl to tbt Wovr of ih< mc. 

f3 4M'V'4hiuV*^ . . . k9tmtat\ l& hiL head n « dht* block « vhioh 10 



[act V 





Thai httt not httn thrice broken wieH dry-beating ; 

And now hi5 sides look like to wicker targets. 

Every way bmdcd t 

QbMttn will shortJy lake him for a waU, 

And srt thdr stone-bow^ in his forehead. He 

1ft of «> low a stcnte, 1 onnot in 

A week imagine wUfU ^hculd be <lor>c to him. 

Z,/^- Sure. J have ccmmi tied some great tin, 
That this 5trauigc fellow should be made my rod : 
[ would <ec hiro ; but I thai] have no patlen<:e. 

J/tfr. Ti» no great matter, if you have not- If a 
Ummtng of him, or such a toy, may do you pleasure, 
sir, he ha-? it for you ; and I'll help you to him : 'X\& no 
ricw^ xo him tn hnvK h \t^ hniVrn nr n shoulder vuU 
with being tum'd o* the stones like a tansy. Draw not 
your swotil, if yoii iovc it ; for, on my conscience, hia 
head will break it : we ti«e him i' the wan hke a 
ram, to sh^ke a v^nU wllhal. Here comes the very 
peTW)n of him; do as you shall find your temper; I 
must leave you, but if you do not break him like a 
biscuit, you arc mtjch to blame, sir. [A'riV, 

£M/4r Bks^Vs a»d twc Suord-men. 
Lj^g. Ib yotir name Bcssus ? 

!;iim " drj-Wrair.'' hftnl, wT<!r« W<>w. The priiAx kin[fin*iTT, [Jiflvjjh " dry* 

ibc idea uf ihim li mcTL KJ /*) QQl, 1, 7 : roT "" iwa'* 

^ £i.t-y> ti^r .VtjV.^ i. <. whh MTiaLl lke«ii Ai diffctcni mi^lck ; hdcI l^ 
n|;i!ott)i Ih4 fallan m^ »imjarur>n to A roagb bvilt in«li, vh»f jurling «tOBH 

M> i/^nf-Awj) Crcu-bowi wlilch il]ct tiane;! (Djc<L And ttlikh inlgliil be 
lotaL uo A luw walMup Lu itvadf thai aiu. 

6aj.(m^Qi, Dynirtil-'ttMlI,'' 

6fi-jfi '7ii nt ^r*cfmj/Ur - - - AJsmr, ttr ] At pT*n^iijnM ciii..fTaL, WsIil' 

1 cio fc<1 CD metrical tf ndcncy hcic, ^ud Uic ^jui^Iob adiI Addirioni bj HbJch 
Theubuld ttrovt tv ftLippUTi hn ^ixtj^cmc^ii i^ic t<iu unconidanblc. 

A7 /AvtMrVi i-*- b«liii£. Dyn'h HtigecHliori Cor "lunjft|;" of dl »ld edLl 
uid of til fadl ^^T m V, ^- ir " T(j lAin" and "10 lam*," (rroinil]^ Ih' um#, 

ftrf. J5fi)( 

**jfdtfMA- . . . 1 ani nre I >u ManM 4rt« dfw/ 'ilr jAmhU^t, Ital 
Ic wD Icdr il ihit DitiTiih." 

^UfnrVf' /Ar lUmj fitfa lan$y] M 4 tkarf-tf»k« would W in ih* rrdlin£ 
tAit, NuTi BiT« a mipcfrvm the Chtr^ 4/ XaHh4s. 170& 



Bti. Men cill mc Captain Bts?U3w 

Lyg^ Then. Captain BcMua, you arc a ninlc ra^c&l. 
without more exordiums^ a dirt>', frozen slavi* ! and 
wilh the favour of your fricfid?^ here, 1 will beat you. 80 

ind Sw. M. Pray, uw your pleasure, sir ; you seem 
to be 
A gcnileToan- 

Lyg^ Thus, Captain Be^^us, thu* 1 

Thu« twinge your no?(e,thu<& Icick yoti, \KUks kim.&<.\ 
and thus tread yog> 

£». [ dn t>r-^ccch you, yield your cause, sir qulckly. 

Lfg^ ]nde«d, I should have told >-ou that first 

Bti. I ukc it «. fis 

lit Sw. M. Captain, he should, indeed : he jfi mis- 

Ljtr- Sir, you ^aU have it quickly, and more beating: 
You nave stolen away a lady, Captain Coward, 
And %iich an one \Pfots kitn\ 

iiti. Hold, I beseech you, hold, sir \ 

1 never yet stole any living tiring ^ 

That had a tooth about it 

l^g. Sir, 1 know you dare lie, 

B^s. With none but summer- whores, upon tny lif^ 
sir : 
Mv mean» and mannen never could attempt 
Above a hcd^c or haycock. 

i.yg. Sirrah, that q^\X^ not mt. Where i* thi* lady ? 95 
Do that you do not u=e to do, icl! truth, 
Or, T>y my hand, I'll \^M ynur r;iptii:n"^ brains owT, 
Wash *eni and put *em in a^^m tl\at will. 

Bts. There wa^ a lady, sii, I mu*t contci:*, 
Once in my charge ; The Prince Tigranes gave her lOO 
To my guards for her aafcty. How \ used her 
She may horself report ; ihc's with (he prince now t 
I did but wait upc»n her like a groom. 
Which I will testify, I am sure; If not, 
My brains arc at your service, when you please, sir IC5 
And glad I have em for you 

Sb«lt faimj '\'\>t\ Tfre ilifF-dtH^lon apr^ri m all rilri ftlt. pir«p( Ql . 
liUr ^li\ Sii Dyce, omliTlnc tb« ■*l'^ Elmi fotlgw«4 "wUI'm all die 
old nS&. and much kmpEiiviD|[ ilic >Hur. 



[act V 




I.yg^ This Ift cnoAt likely. Sir, T a^k your pardon, 
And am M>try [ was »o intanpcr&ic, 

fUi. Well 1 ran a<k t*o mofp. Vou wnuld think it 
strange now to have mc beat you at fir^t »if[ht. 

A^f. Imlcefi 1 would ; bni 1 knovr your ^r>odtic4&can 
forj^t twenty beating* ; you miiiit forgis-e me. 

Bti. Yes; there's my hatul Go where jtw will. I 
fihall think yoii a v^ihAnt fellow, for all this. 

Lyg^ Xasuitl My dfturfitc* U a whore ; 
I feci It now too sensible : yet 1 will sec hCT ; 
OiscHttrgc myself of being father to her» 
Ami Th(rn back Ici my countfj-, and there die.— 
Farewell, captain^ 

Hts. Farewrll, .itr, fiin^wdl ; 

Commend me to the gentlewoman* I pray. 

\Exi€ Lygones. 

\5t Stv. M. Hew now, captain ? bear tjpj man, 

Bts^ Gcnilcmcno' the sword, your hands once moic: 
1 have 
Been ktck'd again ; but the foolish fellow la paiitcnt. 
Has asked me mrrcy. and my honmir's *afc- 

2n4 Sw. AL We knew that, or the fooliih fellow had 
Have kick'd his grandsirc, 

Be^ Coiifinn. coiifira^, I pray. 

If/ Sn\ Jf. There be our hands acain. 

l«d Su.\ M. • Now Ici him come, 

And iay he was not sorry, and he sleeps for it. 

Iif4^ Alas, good, ignorant old man ! let him go, 
Let him go; tliesc courses will undo him. [Extuni fit(tr. 130 


Scene \\,—A Pmcn. 

Btiu My kifd, your authority is good, and 1 am glad 
itisao j for my consent would never binder you from 
serine y^^^ own King: I am a miniiitcr, but not a 
governor of this state. Yonder is your King; 111 leave 
you. \Bxi$. 5 

i^-umdd, , . flftr) ^001,9.7. Qj'^wiH, . • HAW." QQa^^^Y. 



Bnttr TlCRANFJ> amd SpACONIA. 

l^g. There Ik is, 
Indeed, and with him my diOoynl child. 

Tig. [U SrACj I do perceive my fault so much, that 


Mcthinks, thcu shouldM not have forgiv'cn ni& 

Lvg. !1c4i]th to your (TiAJcAty t 

Tij^. What, good Lygones I lo 

Wclc<Mne : what business brought tbcc hither ? 

Ij'j^. S€\-eral 

Buamcsscs : my public business will appear 
Hy this; I hav»? m message to deliver, 
Which, if it please yoa so to aiithcriKC, 
Is an rmbassflgc frtim the Armenian stale IS 

Urto Aibaccs for your litwrty : [Hands papif. 

The offer** there set down ; please you lo read JL 

Tigf» There is no altt^-ition happcn'd since 
I cainc thence ? 

Lyg. None, sir ; all is a*; it was, 

Tigr. And all our friends arc well ? prKlKAN?:s nads. 

Ly^. All very well, Jo 

Spa, \ftstd€.\ ThooJgh I have done nothing but what 
was good, 
] dare not sec my father: it wa^ fault 
Krough nol to actitivint Kiin with that ^ouii 

Lyj^. Madam, 1 should have seen you. 

Spa. Oh» good sir. forgive mc ? 

Lyg. Forgive you 1 why, I am no kin lo you, am I ? 35 

Spit. Should Lt be mcajf jrcd by my mean descils, 
Indeed you arc not, 

Ljfg. Thou couldst prate unhappily 

Ere thou couldst go ; would thou couldst do ai* well I 
And how does your custton^ hold out here ? 

Spa. S\T ? 

Lyg, Are you 

In private HlJU, or bow ? 

Spa, What do you mean } 30 

/->y. Do you talcc money ? are you come to sell sir yet ? 

3l-4> Lye- I>9 yfu j^Wt fAr'P>Qi, C^^K prbi the whole fpe«(b 

u p«(w, TVoihcrol*l<t1ii,, iojiowed by (.ot„ Dy., pfim l»»tfnKr]JTi»Mvrrtt : 
Web. ihe lui ftvr linn ; TTicuLjaIcI, whdDi wr fotTow, Ihr »hol« tptcch. 



[act V 

PcfbapA [ can help you to tibeni clients : 

Or has not ihc King ca^t you off yd ? Oh, thou 

Vi!« creature, whone best commendation is. 

Th4t thou art a yuutii: whurc! I wouM thy motlicr ^5 

Had lived lo ^ee this ; or, rather, that l had died 

Ere I hat) sccii it ! Why didst not make mc acquainted 

When thou wcrt first resolved to be a whore ? 

I would have accit thy hot lust ^atj^fled 

More privately : I would have kept a dancer, 40 

And a whole consort of musicians. 

In my nwn house, titily ii> fiddle thee. 

Spa. Sir. I vnras nerer whorc> 

Lj/g. Tf thou cnuldnt not 

Say so much for thyself, thou fthould^t be carted. 

TigT' Lygoiica. I have read it, and 1 like it; 4$ 

Vou i^all ddiver it. 

A^f, Well ftlr. I wfll : 

But 1 have private busine«<T with yon. 

T^. Speak, what is't? 

L^£. How has my ;^c deserved 50 III of you. 
Thai you can pick no strumpet? i' the land, 
Bui out of my breed ? 

Tigr, Strumpets, good LygODeat Jo 

Ly^. Yes ; and I whh to have you kriow, I «com 
To get a whore for any prince alive ; 
And yrl scorn will not help: mcthinks, my daughter 
Mi(;ht have been spared ; there were enow besictet. 

Ti^r^ May ( not pnD3per but flic's innocail 55 

As morning light, for me ! and, 1 daic swear, 
For all the woHd. 

ty^. Why U she with you, then ? 

Can she wait on you better than your man? 
Ha« nhe a gift In plucking ofT your siocktn^?i ? 
Can flhc make caudtcs well, or cut your corns? 60 

Why dtt you keep her with yim ? For ytiur rpieen, 
I know, you do contemn her ; so should I ; 
And every subject else think much at it. 

T^, Let em think much ; but tiA more Itrm than 
Thou see*t thy queen there, 65 

45/jOmillcil ill yi tfDljr- 6t> jvB«]Oi ; tliorai "i," 


SCrae n] A KING AND NO K!NG j'jj 

L]fg. Then have I irude a fair hind : I call'd her 
whore If I siidll speak now a.^ Iict father. J cannot 
choofic but greatly rejoice !hat she shil] be ;> queen ; but 
if ] ?ihall ipealc to you a^ a ^itatcsman. ahc were mere 
lit to be your whcire. 70 

Tig:r. Get you about your businc^kt to Arbaccs ; 
Now you talk Idly. 

Lyg, Yes, sir, I will go. 

And sluUl she be a queen? ihe had more wit 
Than her old father, when she ran away : 
Shall ^he be a t|uccn ? nmv. by my troth, 'ti.i fine- J% 

I'll dance out of all measure at her wedding ; 
Shall] not, sir? 

Tigr. Ye*, many, ahalt thou. 

Lyg. I'll in&kc the5C wither'd kcxcs bear my body 
Two hours together above ground, 

Tigr. Nay, go; 

My bu^lnegs require haste, 

Lyg, Good Heaven preserve you ! 80 

Vou are an excellent King^ 

5/tfH Farewell, good father. 

Aw FarewcTt, sweetj virtuous daughter. 
I never was so jo>'ful in ray life, 
That I remember : shall she be a queen ? 
Now I perceive a man may weep for joy; 8; 

I had thoufcihi ihcy had lied that said so. \Eiit. 

Tigy- Come, my dear love, 

Sfa. But you may ace arothcr. 

May alter that again. 

Ti^r. Ur^ it no more : 

i have made up a new strong constancy. 
Not to be shook with eyes, I know I have 90 

The piwsinn* of 4 man ; hut if I meet 
With any subject that shall hold my eyes 
More firmly than is fit. Ml think of ihcc. 
And run away from it : let that suA^cc. [Bvfunf. 

7jalOiUT InQi uidDyoe. 

de wb, m kcx or cldcr-slidL" 



[act V 

A Rccm m the Hcmst sf HacV'RIUS. 

EnUr BaCURIUS <»>/>* Scfvut 

B^. Tbrtc {gentlemen without, tospcal; with mc7 
Stnr. Yc«, sir. 

B^. Let thetn come in. 
Sirv^ They arc cntcr'd, sir, aTtrady. 

BnUr Biwsus iwVA /A/ /tt^ Sword-meo. 
BtK. Now, fellows, your bu.sincix ?— -Arc thine the 

E«otlem«D ? 
iUs. My lord, ! have made bold to bring thc&c 

My rricnds o* the sword, aloiig with mc. 

Bite. 1 UD 

Afraid you'll iight, then. 

Bfs. My good lord» I will not ; 

Your lordship \% mistaken ; fear not, lonl 

fiar. Sir, I am scirry for't- 

i^«. I TisM no more in honour,— Gentlemen, 
You hear my lurd i* sorry. 

Bac, Not that 1 have 

Beaten yov^ but beaten one that will be beaten ; 
One whose dull body will require a lamming. 
As surfeits do the diet, spring and Tall. 
Now, 10 your «word-inen : 
What come Ihcy for^ good Captain Stockfish? 

Bts. It Bcem* your lordship has frjmoi my name, 

Bac No, nor your nature neither ; though they are 
Thing« fittrr, 1 must confess, for any thing 
Than my remembrance, or any hone-'tt man's : 
What shall tlievc billets do? be: piled up in my wood- 

Bes, Your lordship holds your mirth rtill ', Heaven 
ccntiruc it f 




12 liimmi'v} WctfCf't corrrci ion fur "linifaifi'^ i>f ill (tic oM cOh cvCljit Q> 
M iJnr* ^iiim\ vt l«G«, i^ I. ilic Swofd Men. 




But- for these gentlemen, ihey comp 

lSa€. To swear 

Yfw Atz A coward : spare your booli ; I do bclicrve iL 

B4S. Your lorHfhip still drmws wide ; they come to 
Under thctr valiant handii, I am no coward. 

Bac^ That would be a ,%how. indeed, worth iccinff. 
Sirrah, be wise, and take money for this motloii ; travel 
with it \ &nd where the name of Ifcs^us hfis been known, 
or a gond coward fttirrlng, "fwill yield more than a 
tilting ; this will prove more beneficial to you, if you 
be thrifty, than your captainship, and more natural. — 
Men of most valiant band^, i* this true ? 

2nd Svj. M. U is so, most rcnown'dn 

Bac. Tis somewhat strange. 

ij/ Sw. M. Lwd. it is strange, yet true. 

We have examined, from your lordship's foot there 
To thi-i man','^ head, the nature of t)ic beatings ; 
And we do f nd hi'i honoin- is come off 
Clean and sufficient : thi.% ar; our swords shall hclptu! 

fiac. Vfju ;in^ much bound lo your bflbo-mi^i : 
I atn glad you arc straight again, captain. Twerc good 
Yfiii would think on somit wny to gratify them t 
They have underfforc a labour for you, Bcssus, 
Would have put/Jed ncrcL)Ic5 with all hia valour. 

2ftd S-w. M. Your lordship must understand we are 
tio men 
0* the law, that take pay for our opinions ; 
It ift Huf?icicnt wc have cicar'd our friend. 

B<ic, Vet there i^ *trnnt*thing dnr, which I, as tnuch'd 
In conscience, will dbchar^e, — Captain, Til pay 
This ran for you. 

Hes. Spare yourself, my good lord ; 

My brave fnends aim at DtAliini^ but the virtue, 

Bae. That'll but a cold discharge, str, for their pains. 

2nd Sw. .If. 0, lord *- my good lord ! 

Sac Be rot so modest ; I will give you something, 

Bi/* They f^hall dine with your lordship; tha^s 

aj mMi9ft\ Show, properly puppet ih«w, Stvty JU<<i On/ ^ Mj ffia 
li. I, " ft new EnDiLDD of (he ctif^of yinc«<b.^ 









Bac, SometliinE^in hand thcwhilc. Vouro^c^you 

4pplc-9quircs, 55 

Do you corTK- hither, with your bottled valour. 
Your windy froth, to liinit out my beatings ^ 

1^/ Sw^ M, I do beseech your loniship! 
wd Sw. M. OK good lord f 

B^K. 'Sfoot, what ft radny of bcaicn sIavgs ftic 
Get mc a cudgel, sirrah, and a tough oi^c 60 

[£n/ Servant 
2fid Sw. M. More of your foot, J do be»eoch your 

Bac. You ?ihaJI, >'OU »halt, dofc, and your fdlovr 

itt S^JB, M. O' thht tide, good my lord. 
Saf, OIT with your swords ; for if you hurt my fool. 
I'll have you Head, you r^ftcalt. 

If/ Sw. M. Mine's off. ni>- lord. 65 

ituISw. Af. I besenh your lordthip, stay a little: 
my strap?* 
Tied to my cod*piece point : no^«-. when yon plea^r. 

Bac Capt4tTi, thtr^ jtrc y»ur vnlUrtl fni^nds ! y(iu long 
For a little too? 

Bes. ! am very well. I humhly thank your lordiihip 70 

Sac. What's that in your pocket hurU my toe, you 
Thy buttock* canrot be 40 hard ; out with 't quickly. 

Znd Su^. M. [Tn^^tcfttr a /•ij/af.] Here lia, air; 
A small piece of artillery, (hat a grntleman, 
A dear friend oi your lordship's, «:nt mc with 75 

To get it mended, sii ; for, if you ntarlc. 
The nose is somewhat loox. 

Bac A friend of mine, you rascal !— 

t was never wearier of doing nothing 
Tluui kjckinj^ these two foot^balN, 

55 lUfifjgm'rta] K«p| E>ll*nt>> P>IDpB- Cf. flfr^ Mtn i'm Ail //mM m r, 
59 mnrty] bo Q| ipvlling " ttthny.*' i- 1, "tnan." '* oampuj',*' ai in A' 

71 ^r/Jiq>-/^yrhctcidlne<rfQQl^4, F. QihAJ'*iUue.iuf kejr":Q>.7 



Serv. Here's a good cuHkcI, sir. 

BiU. It com« loo late ; I am weary ; pnthuc, do thou 

bcAt them. So 

2/t^ Sw. M. My lord, this is foul play, rr^ilh, to put 
a fresh man upon us: men arc but men, sir. 

Bac. Th;it jest shall save your bones, — Otpt^tJn. rally 
up your rotten regiment, and begone. — I nad rather 
ihrashlhan hr Ixiund to kick the'ie rascalstill thry nrird 85 
hold ! — Uc»u&, you may put your hnnd to them now, 
aiKl ihen you arc quit — Farewell: as youlike this, pray 
visit me again ; 'x^iW keep mc in good breath, [fijnt 

2Hd Sw, M^ H*4S a dev'ilinh liartl fool ; I i^crcr fdt 
the tJken 

ut Suj. M. Nor I ; and yet, I'm Mire, I ha' felt a 
hundred. 90 

Znd Sxv. M. If he kick thus i' Che dog-days, he will 
be dr>-- foundered. — 
^\liat ctirc now. capiain, besides oil of bays ? 

firs. Why, wi-lt enouyli, \ w^Trant you ; ycni ran gof 

2h4 Su\ M. \^, heaven be thank'd ! but I feel a 
shrewd ache : 
Sure, h'as sprung my huckle-bone. 

ut Sw, M. \ Ua' lost a haundi, 95 

Brs. A little butter, friend, a little butter; 
BuUcr aiid parrdey 15 x sovereign matter : 
Prffbtttitm tit. 

2nd Sw^ M. Captain, we must retjuest 
Your hand now to our honours 

Hfs. Vcs, marr>\ shall yc ; 

And tlitr^ IfC ^dl the wurld t:umc ; we are valiant lOO 

To ourselves, and there* i\,n end. 

lit Sw^ M. Nay, then, we must 

Be valiant Ob my ribs ! 

jKdSw. M^ Oh, my small gut* \ 

A plague upon thejse sharp*tocd shoes \ they are mur- 
dcTci^ \Ex€unt 

mRr.<-TL»ffrSi-ri;i[nt)'J>hu" frsUr S»nniil, Will. Adtintan." 
ig CaptAin, ntiJy ufl ^wwrj W^— J. J. K. Qft pHmt " iij»ftn " tof " up " 
Qi "up with ycm,'^ omliLint: "Cupiiiii,'' iAAv/ti] Qi i rvn '*lio." 

91 ^■^mmikf'if\ Uied at k Jidrtc, wA in Cmtvm ^fiu Cctmtrjf, iii. ^ See 
noU V. f . 56. 



[act V 

Au Afiartnunt rn the Paiact, 

Bnitr Aruaces, with hit tu-crd draum. 

Ar^, It is resolved ; 1 bore it whilst 1 couW ; 
f cui no marr. Hell, opm aH thy eAlrs. 
And 1 will thoroiieh Lbcm : if thc)'^ ^hut. 
rU batter cm, but I will finU ihc place 
Whef« the most dAmn'H h.iv^ dwelling. Ere I end. 5 

Amongst tlicin all ihcy AxxW luit hiivir n *in, 
But I tTiSty caJI it mine : f must bcg^n 
With murder of tny friend, iitid Jio w on 
To an inccsttious ravishing, and end 
My life and ^ins with a forbidden blow lO 

Upon myseir! 


JItfr. Wliai tragedy ts near? 

Tlivt hsnd wiL-« never wont to draw a sword. 
Bat ft cried "dead " to something. 

Ar^. Mardoniu^, 

Have y<iu htd GnT>ri;iv a>ine; ? 

MaK How do you» sir ? 

/frA. Well, h he coming? 

Mar. Why, »tr» are yoy thus } 15 

Why doc^ youi liAnd proclaim a Uwlc^ war 
Aga in tt y ou «el f ? 

Ard. T huu annwerat me one question with another : 
1b Gobrias coming P 

Mar, Sir^ he is. 

Arb. TIswetl! 

I can forbear your questions^ then ; begone. 90 

MiiK Sir, I havi? mark'd 

Ar^. Mark less j it troubles you and me. 

Mar. Vou are 

Mote variable than you were. 

>-7 i/ra^9fn , . . i/«rijf/jTht«*1insBi¥amirt«d in A[toli]«U,bal<}l. 

i6dM].>vfli' AaihOKrAllQQ. F. ''dolour buuU, 



Ar6. It may be sol 

MoK To-day no hermit could be humbler 
Than you were to ua all. 

AHj. And whar of this ? 35 

il/tfr And now yoti take new rage into your eyes, 
As you would look us ;ill out of the land. 

Ar^. £doconf»sit; vriU that satisfy ? 
I prithcr, gPt thre gont?. 

Mar^ Sir, 1 will ;peak. 

Ar6, Will ye? 

MaK It i* my duty, 30 

t Tear you will kitl ycur^df ; 1 am a mbjcct, 
And you shall <lo no wrong in*t ; 'tis my cause. 
And I m»y ,*ipcak. 

Ar^. Thou art not train'd In rfn. 

It seems, Mardoniu5: kill myself! by Heaven, 
T will not do ir yet ; and when t will, 35 

111 toll thee : then 1 shall be such a creature, 
That Ihnu wilt give tur. \r.ii\/r withniit a wii>rd. 
There is a meUvod in man'^ wickedness \ 
It grows up by degrees : I am not come 
So high as killing of myself ; there are 40 

A hundred tJiouaand sins Hwixt me and it, 
Which I must do ; 1 shall come to't at last. 
But, t'lke my oath, not now. Be aatiafied, 
And (jet ihce hence. 

Mar. I am ^orry *ti» so ill 

Ar^^ Be sorry, then : 4S 

True sorrow is alone : g^'cvc by thyself. 

Mnr. I [iray you, let mr see your sword j>ul up 
Before 1 go ; I'U leave you then, 

Arh. [S/katAing his sward.} Why, so. What folly 
U thU in thee ? is it not 

As apt to iniscluL-f A*k ii was before? 50 

Can 1 not reach tt, think'st thou } Thetc ars toys 

" " "J, 

j6 tmh: iAirn\ Thr okl cUw pEncitil eImpcvIoii allcr " Ehen- 

39 h *^**^\ Th«jb*td 4|aolc> JukdaL [Sat, ii. ZjX *'Kcma r«p<nl« tvi\ 



(4CT V 

For children to be pleased witK and not men. 

Now E am %^fc, you think : 1 would the boolc 

Of Fate were here ; my sword is not 90 sure 

But i wnuM get it rut, and iranglr that. 55 

That all the Destinies should quite for{^t 

Their fix'd rlecret^Sy and ha^e to m^ke us new 

Far other fortunes : mire cou^ not be worta 

Wilt thtni tiow Iravc me .* 

Mar. Heaven put into your bosom temperate 
thoughts ! 60 

ril leave you, thouf;h 1 fear. 

Ar^. Go : thou art honest [Exrr MARDO»It;& 
Why should the hiisty erruni of my yijuth 
Be »o unparjoi^able to draw & sin. 
Hetplecs, upon mc* 


Gt>S. [Asidg] There is the King ; 

Now it is rjpc. 

Ar^ Dntw nau, thou guilty man, 6j 

TMt art the author of the Joathed'fll crime 
Five ages have bfoaghl f(irth» and hear mc £peak : 
Curse* incurable, and all the evils 
Man's body or his spirit can rttcivc. 
Be with thee I 

CoS. Why. sir. do you curac mc thus ? 70 

Arfi. Why do I cur*c thee! If there be a man 
Subtle in curves, that exceeds the rest. 
Hi* worst wish on ihee! thou hast broke my heart 

0\^, How. sir! have I preserved you. from a child. 
Froni all tht^ arrows niaHci- or ambtli'on /J 

Could shoot at you, and have 1 this for pay ? 

Arif. Tis true, tliou didst preserve mc, and in that. 
Wert crueller than harden'd murderers 
or infants and their mothers : thou didst save mc. 
Only till thou hadst studied out a way So 

How to destroy mc cannin^ly thj-aelf ; 
This WM a curioiiR way of torturing, 

(7c^> What do you mean ? 

Ar/> Thou IcnoVst the evils thou hast donr tn me : 

J» fiiir)i^i, Th., tol : nt " for-* 
S *j*/iFra*/*fjAlloMn3s. hnt QOi, 3, 7 pttfit "mow.* 
7<i fay] QQj, 6, F. pnrNn " jny."' 



Dosi ihou rt-mcniber all ihcMC wilchlng UrtEcfs 85 

Thou scnVsl unto mc co Armenia, 

Kill'il wiOi the praist of iny Ih'Idvc^c! lister, 

Where thou exlol'cUt her beauty? — what had I 

To do with thai ? what coutd her bcAUty be 

To me? — and thou clidfti write how wcU *he U>ve(l 

Dost thou remember thi* ? — *o that [ doted 
SomcUung before I aaw licr, 

Gi^- This itt true 

Jfi#. U it? and when L w&^ r<-turD'd, thou know'st 
Thou didst j>i]n^ue fi. till thou wound'st me in 
To such a ^tr»nge and unbclievcd aifcction 95 

A5 gocxl mtn cannot think oa 

I7ct^» This I grant : 

I think I wa:i thccau!i£ 

Ard. Wen thou? nay, more, 

I think thou mcantat it 

(?&&. Si*. I hate a lie : 

A5 I love Heaven and honesty, 1 did ; 
It was my meaning. 

Ard. Be thine own sad judf^e ; lOO 

A further condnnnitlnn will rrot need : 
I'repare thyself to die. 

U&d. Why. air. to die ? 

Ar6. Why would'ti thou ]ivc ? wat over yet ofTender 
So impudent, that had a thought of mercy 
After confession of a crime like thi«? 105 

Get out I cannot where thou hurl^^t me :n ; 
But 1 ran lake revenge; ihaT's all the sweetness 
ixft for mc. 

GiTd. [tisid/\ Now \9 the tlm& — Hear mc but speak. 

Ard, Na Yet I will be far more mcrcifjt 
Th;*ii thou werl 10 me: tliou dids( ilcrti inlo mc IIO 

And never gav'st me warning ; so much time 
A9 1 give thee now, had prevented mc 
For ever. Notwithstandinj; all thy rffis, 
If thou ha^t liope that there is yet a prayer 
To save thec» turn and lipcak it to thyself 1 15 

llK jfirf] Thtohiid'i comcfion tor 'MIih " of ihD old edi. 



(act t 

Gpi. Sir, yoQ ahaO know your alcu, bcrocc you do 
"em : 
If you kni mc 

Arh. \ will not *tay, thm- 

G<fy Know, 

Vou kill your &thcr. 

Ar^. How! 

Gob. You Wll your father. 

^''^. My father f Though I know it for a li*, 
Mxc3c out of fcAr, to save Iny ^tJiincd life, t30 

The very revercficc of the word corner 'cmai me, 
.\i>d ttcs mine arm down, 

Go^. I wiH (ell yo4i tbit 

Shall heig:htcn you again : I am thy father ; 
1 charge thoe he^r me. 

Ar^. If it should be 90. 

As 'tis mo5t falw, antJ that I should be foumi 135 

A bottArd irauc, the despised fruit 
Of IftwIcsA lu^it, 1 should no more admire 
All my wild p:issLonK. Hut another tniCh 
Shall be wrung from thee ; if I could come by 
The spirit of pain, it should be [x>ur'd on thee, 1 30 

Tfli thou aIlow*st thyself more full of lica 
Than he that teaches ihec 

£v/jv Arame. 

Ara, Turn thee about : 

I come to speak tc their, thou wicked man ; 
Hear me» thoti tyrant! 

Arh. I will turn tu thee : 

Hear me, thou strumpet ! 1 h^ve blotted out 135 

The name of mother, -i.% thou liast thy shAm& 

Ara, My shame I Thou h^t less shame than any 
Why doist thou keep my daughter in a pri:>on ? 
Why dort thou call her sister, and do this ? 

Arb. Cease, thou strange impudence, and answer 

quickly ! {Drcrws his sw&td. (40 

[f thou contemn 'st mc^ this will ask an arswcr. 
And have it 

T37 ^mift\ tf^ndrr %X. 



Ara, Help mc» paitic Gobriast 

Ar/j. Giirit tlArr. not help guilt : though they grow 

Id doing ill, yet at the punishment 

They sever, ancl each 6ie£ the noi«e of other 145 

Thmk not of hdp; answer f 

Atn, I will; to what? 

Arfi^ To »uch a thm^. n^ if it be a truth, 
ik what a creature Ihou hasr made thyself. 
That djdat not shame to do what 1 must blush 
Only to ask ihet Tell me who I am, ijo 

Whose son I am. without all circumstance ; 
Re thnu as hasty as my Hword will be, 
If thou refusest. 

Arit, Why you arc Wis sofi. 

Ar&. His son t swear, nvear, thou wor^ than woman 
Jamn'd I 

Am. By all that's good, you arel 

Ar^. Then art thou all 155 

Thar over was known bad Now fs the cuvsc 
Of all my ntrani^c misfortunci come to light- 
What n-'%'erpnce eyjiect'^t thou from ^ dilld. 
To bfifig forth which thou ha^t offended Hctvcn, 
Thy huMbaml, ;ir]tl the liind ? Afliiltrn>u?* witdi, l(So 

[ know now why thou ^vouldst have poison'd mo; 
I was thy lust, which xhnu wouIdM have forgot; 
Thou wicked mother of my sins and me, 
Show mc the way to the mhcrilarce 

I have by thee, which ik a spacious world 165 

Of impious acta, that I may soon posses* it I 
Plagues rot thee as thou Wv'^t. and such diseases 
As UK to pay recompense thy deed ! 

f7ffA. Vou do not know why you curse thus. 

Ar^. Too well. 

Vou are a (nir of vipera ; and, Isehohl, 

The serpent you have got I There is no beast, 

But, if be knew it. ha-« a pedigree 

As brave a* mine, for lhe>" have tnore descents ; 

And I 4m every way as bcasll}' got. 

As far without the compass of a law, 

Aj they. 

163 7%*u] Qt, Th. I mt '*Th«n." 





[act V 

Ara^ You spend your rftge and words in vain. 
And rail upon a i;ucxn : hou li,*i \ little. 

Arfi. No, I \M\W never hear, but Ulk away 
My brcath> and die 

Gcb, ^Ahliy. tut you are no bastard. 

Ar^. How's that? 

Ara. Noff child of mine 

Ar^^ Still yoiifo on i8o 

In wrmdrn to mts, 

Go^. Pray you, be more patient ; 

I \j\Ay bring comforl to you 

Art. I wiU kneeJ, [Kiudis. 

And hear with ttic obedience of a child- 
Good father, «peak : I do acknowledge you, 
So yow bring comfort. l8f 

Go&^ Fint know, our last King, your suppoicd father, 
Was ofd and feeble when he married her. 
And almost all ihc Urd, a^ slw, jiasi hope 
Of issue from him. 

Arft. Therefore ^hc IixjW IcAve 

To play the whore, because the King was old : 190 

Is thi'i the comfort } 

Am. What will you find out 

To ^Ive me satisfaction, when you 5nd 
How you have injured mc i Let fire consume me. 
If <:vtr 1 were whore ! 

Goft. Forbear these starts, 

Or I will leave you wedded to despair, 195 

As you are now. If you can ^i\d a temper, 
My breath shall be a pleasant western wind, 
Th^t cools and blasts ttot. 

Arii. Bring it out, good father. 

ni he, i*nd listen here as reverently [Liis dcum 

As to an un^el : if 1 breathe too loud, 200 

Tell mc \ fur [ would be as still as njght. 

Gob. Our King, I say, waj: old ; and thi« our queen 
Dc«ircd to bring an heir, but yet her husband 

iM 4J j4-V /ur/) 5a nil QQ. F, hAh "knd ihini|-hl khe »^ puL*' 
191-} H'Aiit , . . uijiirta uuf^ Cf. l^'txifts TaV, It. i, ^ [lUimiufict— 
"ll»w ml] ihi) cnoc youj 

Wb<n ^n ahfiJ] ome 1<> clmFipr knowted^t, thax 

Vou rhui bkvc pnbliLhed oiv \ CfCriEte my lonT. 

Voo K*r« an rintii mt throuuHy Ihen tc ny 

Yoa <lu1 muEAkc 



She thought was past it : and to be dUhone«t, 

I Ehink ^hc would not: if^bc would have been, 203 

The truth is, she wa^ watch'tl $0 narrowly, 

And had ao slender opportunities, 

She hardly could h;ivc been. But yet her cunning 

Found out this way; she feigned herself with child ; 

And posts were sent in liasfe throughout the liind, 210 

And God was humbly Ihank'd in every church. 

Th^t so had bless'tl Ihe <|ueeiit ^nd prayers wen^ made 

For her s^ifc poing and dchvcr>\ 

She fcign'd now to grow bigger ; and jwrccived 

ThU hope of ia^ue made her fear d, ard broufjht 215 

A far more large respect from cvcr>' man, 

And 4aw her power increaiie, and w;ti resolved, 

Since she believed she could not have't Indeed, 

At lestfit Khc would be thought to have a ehtld- 

Ar^^ Do 1 not hear it well? nay, J will make 230 

No noise at all ; but, pray you, to the point, 
Quick as you can. 

GeS. Now wliL-n the time wis fitll 

She should be brought to bed, I had a son 
Born, which Wiw you. This the queen hearing of, 
Moved mc to let her have you: and such reasctis 325 

She showed me^ as she knew wciuld tic 
My secrecy ; she swore j-ou should be^ ; 
And. to be short, I did deliver you 
Unto he^^ ard pret«idrd ytni wt»re deati. 
And in mine own hoii^c kept a funeral. jyi 

Ard h;id an cmply cr>Rin put in r^rLh. 
That ni^ht the queen letf^n'd ho^tdy to labour^ 
And by a pair of women of her own. 
Whom Hhe had charm'd, she made the world believe 
She was delivcr'd of you, Vou |:n=w up 235 

Ac the King's son, till you were *isc years old ; 
Then did the Kin^ die^ and did Icasx: to me 
Protection of the realm ; and, contrary 
To his own expectation, left thi^ queen 
Truly with child, Jmleed, of the Tair piincess 240 

Panthca. Then she could have torn her hair. 
And did alonr to mt% yel durxt ncjt sjieiik 

atr Gt^mai ItuHfitr tMrU'ifj QQt| I. 7, and tnod. odi- ^ tlii* t9tt "hvmWa 
ttt T%«r . . . ftMH] Ooiltced En «]l oTd cdi, hat <>Qi. h j. 


In ptiblic, for she knew the should be found 

A tfiLttor^ and her talc would have been thou^t 

Madneis, or any thins rather than imih. 245 

This wan the only c&mx v^hy she did 3cclc 

To tmlson you, and I to keep you safe ; 

And this the reason why J sought to ktndle 

Some sparks of love in you to fair ranihca. 

That iihe mighl ^cX part of her nghl again. 350 

Ard. And have > i>u m^dc <in tiid ntjw * b tbih all ? 
If not, I will be still tiU I be aged. 
Till all my hain be :biJvcr. 

G&^ Thig U ^]. 

Ar^ [AiW!f] And b it true, ^y you too, madam? 

Ara. Yes; 

God Wnowss it i-» moot true. 355 

Ard. PaTithc;i, then, h not my hUier? 

Gff^. Na 

Ard. But can you prc»e thin? 

Cff^. Ifyou will give coneenl, 

BIm: who darc» go about it? 

A rb. Give consent I 

Why, T win have 'cm all Ihat know it rack'd 
To get thiK from em, — AU that wait without, 260 

Come in ; whatc'cr you be, coine in. and be 
Partakers of my joy ! — 

Jit-enUr MARDONltJS, wttk Bessus, Gentlemen, d'T^/ ^^r^ 
Ohj you arL- welcmnel 
Mardooius, the best news !— nay, draw no nearer ; 
They all sJiall hear it, — I am found no Kin^ 

Mar. {% that to good news ? 

Arh. Ves, the happiest news 265 

That e'er was heard. 

Mar. Indeed, 'twere well for you 

Uyox;t might be a lilde less obey'd 

Ar6. One call the queen. 

Alar. Why, she Js there. 

Ar^. The queen, 

Mdrcloniu»! Panthea is the quern. 



And I am plAin Arbacc& — Go, some one : 370 

She i> in Gobriai*' houK, [£41/ ist GcjiUcman. 

Since 1 SAW you. 
There are d thouscird things dcliver'd 1c mc 
Yen Utile dream of. 

Mar. So it should seem.— My lord, 

What fur/s this? 

Cfffr, Believe me, 'tis no fury * 

All that he says is ttuth. 

Mar, Tit very strange, a/S 

Ar^^ Why do you keep your habi uK, gcntfemcn? 
U it to rtiP? I swear, it mtist not be : 
Nay, trust mc, in good faith, it muM not be : 
I cannot now command yon ; bur I pray you, 
Kw the respect you bore mc when you look 180 

Me fbr your King, e&ch man dap on hu hat 
At my desire. 

Mar. We will : hut you an* not found 

So mean a man but that you may be co%-cr'd 
As well as we ] may you not f 

Arb. Oh, not here! 

You xx\^y, but not I. for hcic \s my father sd5 

In presence* 

Mar. Where? 

Arb. Why. there. Oh. the whole story 

Would be a wildemcsji. to Xoac thyself 
For ever! — Oh, pard^^n int, dear father, 
For ali the idle and unrcvcrcnt words 

That I have .^jmltc in idlr* mood^ in you 1 — TpgSf 

1 atn Arbacea; we all fellow -subjects ; 
Nor 15 the Queen Panthca now my sister, 

Ba. Why, if you remember, fellow-subject Arbacc*. I 
told you once she wasnolyfmrsislcr; ay, and ahc look'd 
nothing like you, 395 

Arb. \ think you did, good Captitin Bcs^un, 

Bh~ {asidf) Here will arise another (juc^tion now 
Amongst the tword-mcn. whether J be to ciill him to 
account for beating me, now he [s proved no king. 

Enter LygoSES. 
Mar> SiTibtro's Lygonos the agent fcr the Anncnian 
states 300 

aSiiwIlQi Th^, 1)7. oaly. 




Ar^. Wlwfc is hc?-*-I know your buiincss^ good 

Lyj^. ^Ve must have our Kin^ ^^IT^n, and win. 

Ari. I knew tlul wju yfjur bmiiWM. Vou nhxtl hxvc 
Vour King :L(>Ain ; and have him 90 ag&in 
As Dcvcr King was lud, — Go, ijnc of j'ou, 305 

And bid Bacuriiis bring Tigrarw^s hilher; 
And brii^ the lady with him, that Tdnthca, 
The Q^i^^n Panlhea, sent tnc woifd thi* rcomifig 
Wiw bra>x Ttgraiws' mistress. [Bxit 2nd GcntlcrruiD. 

VLx^- 'Tis Spoconia. 

*^f*. Ay, ay, Spaconia. 

Ajy- Shp !* my daughter. 316 

v4r^> 5h« ia so : 1 coold i>ow tell ary thing 
1 never heard. Your King shall go 90 hoine 
As iie%<er man went. 

Mar, Shall be ieo on's head ? 

i^niK He «hall have chariots eai^ier than air. 
That [ will have invented ; and ne'er thtnk 315 

Hr shall pay any rsniom: and thj*self. 
That art the mcMcngcr, nhalt ride before him 
On a horsr cut our of an «^rire diamond, 
That i^^ll be made to go with golden wheels, 
I knfjw n(Jt how yci. 

Lyg. {itstd^': Why, I shall be made 5» 

For ever! They belied Iht* King with u^ 
And said he w-aji unkind. 

Ar^- And then thy daughter; 

She «haJI ha^-e Mxne strange thing : w«'U hare the 

Sold utterly ;*nd ptit mtn a tfty 

Which 5ht^ shall ;vear about her carelessly. 335 

Somcwherr^ or other. 

EtiUr ?ANTIIE.\ and ist Gentleman. 

See, the virtuou.i queen 1 — 
Bdiold the humblest subject that you hav^ 
Kmc) here before you. [Kneelr. 

109 Eul snd Gentleman. IRoDjw.conrfiiBf ■*Eiiiit«o Geik^"«f QQa-6^ 
"Bb«ai EwaGrnr.'QrrThf., W^b,: " Hx. l^o GcoL" K, Col.r Qlluanv 
dagC^direclioii here. 

}l6 tf^J Q7, ahiehunillT folkvi Qi ^ Qf A'.'Qf" An" Mheretl ' Ooc." 


Pan. WKy kneel you lo mc. 

That am your vassal? 

Ar^. Grant mc one request 

Pan, Alas ; what can 1 grant you ? what I can 
I will 330 

Arh. That you will please lo marry mev 
If I can prove it lawful. 

Pan. Is that all > 

More wtUinfi^ly than [ would draw this air. 

Ar^. \^Rising.'\ I'll kUs this hand in earnest. 

Kc-fnUr 2nd Gentleman. 

znd GenL Sir, Tigran^ 

l» coming, though he made it Strang at first 335 

To see the princess any mon* 

Ar^. The queen 

Thou mean'st. 

Enter TicHANts and Spacokia. 

Oh, my Tignmca, pardon me ! 
Tread on my neck ; I freely offer it ; 
And. if Ihou bc'at so Kiven, take revenge. 
Far X iuive iiijiuetl thee; 

Tigr. No; 1 Torgtvc. J40 

And rejoice more that you hftvc found repentance 
Than I my liberty. 

A*'^. Mayst thou be happy 

In thy fairchotce, for ihon art temperate ( 
Vou OMTc no ransom to the state I Knov that 
[ have a thousand jrjyi to tell vou of, 345 

Which >-et 1 dare not utter, till 1 pay 
My thanks to Heaven for Vm. Wil] you go 
With mc, and help mc? pray you, do, 

Tigr. I will, 

Xnd CrtftL Sf> QQ^ 3 and rvmirntnj£ «i1i- Qr miffna ihr tpvch 10 
far," whit hit of comw tK-^n nn ihf *'iUV fir *nmr rim* p«Mt. njrcr 
wffieEii iliBi, in Bccorituuv whb L .vjd " Bid Bacunus brine ^'icrmin hlihn, " 
ihuiHcdi pcdup* beloau mlljr to Bm.. th« anilGtaE cj^iEiiuif i<ia[ bcluw 
frith Ti^nneividSpHDni^ TTi« lUfC'dircctloii iorhit K<ntrj is onl/ found 
in Djcr, prvccJin^oU and mod, c^. Tuving mvnljr th« pMfii *'i Gaa." 
3^5 JiPtf^l A OHCUrof acmplfl. 

A A 

554 A KING AND NO KING [act v 

Arh. Take, then, your fair one with you : — and you, 
Of goodness and of us, oh, give me leave 350 

To take your arm in mine I — Come^ every one 
That takes delight in goodness, help to sing 
Loud thanks for me, that I am proved no King I [Ej:eunt, 



Editbd bv R. Wakwice Bond. 


Srauonm' »ri\utr. MjutIi i^ i«i(k ^' MilM PKinrtw Encnd far hi* 
Copi? TTtder tn> biQuaa M ^r Oecrsr VUdu ftod mwur vudn ?i«rnhow« A 
plaie nllM r*/ KSfmwjuH ti^tt wnii«n br ^rrarcli HMunooi and ]abn FlMHwr 
, . « . k^,' l^jtwr'* rmnvRpi. Ill ^^} 

Wrtttjm^fF'v. HtM^mcnt and io Hjfe**r, CmtJ i^Oml PnmttdJ^AfyUt 
Pmtfi4M, 004 an to h u>id/atik$i S^oTf^ Gmrftmart St DttmMMi/ CJkmn* 

Siatkintn' ftfl^nrr. Mi^S, tttty. Ihtptft)/ iiaMlgnedOiflerht " MltHPMricb'* 
Vt Thnmiu Jann^ vtin In ifitw at IM *■ M. P.' of trie Qlle-piic* miW tiflw bmu 

(<»] fi4iSa,ni^I/lJdi*/ A CtmtiiU At it hi mam ictrfy AcUd 

UrrtlUwfyl Fn.BtatmsmK^miio. FMektrJUtmOtmtwJ t«m^mJPnwtf4/irr 
U. J'^ mmd 9rv t9 St t«fid *f f THem^t Umti. mf l^ Ai4t*t /fmm. tm/tirSTrumd. 

Wntttm f Ify tf^M - fi/rvu^mt. aM^ Ip. /■'iruMfrJ timeirmt<r / TAr tAtrd iSd*Jim./ 

!|ki3it1aiwrt' kfigitlnr. On. *4, 1633. ihr (^y k&uAJgnnt ntfftrl>7 Tlinnui Joiim 
ta " MulBf M»cK«n/ <-/. AugiliTinr McttFiewi. rhe "A M/' of ib« followlnf 
■dItioB. [Aftw IV. yv J 

(Q4l Tlkf f *i£on/tflt : Ldilif/ A Cmu^J AtilV^j nffti, tatff^ Att^ {mUk 

Tkr/iiink£JinM.fijm40m.i/h^M/rJfyA.M,ttf^^ 4ID 

Tbe butiubcrt' R«|f>Ur COdUSu ma B*e«d «f tb« DUitrof of [|i« pUj from 
Aucuflllofi Muhf wi, to K^bvfl WOlQiL 

j<^| T4f / S*,f^/wr <' l^yn A Ctrngiy-t At itwtt AtUd [wuk gnai 

Unm^fty M^tJtj. 4*^ ^tv ft h mU *i 4u S^/ai tAt /Vi4ch Antu in 
SL P^m^ C*tartJk-/4ni. i^ji. 4L0. 

(lld. GJ rke^Si^fHfwUUdf^iACwmtdv^i AtitumnAtitdattktTtmirt 
K*jni,lbyfTM»r Af^j4UitJi ScrvuM*t.f WrUttm h dCJ /*r Sigita JtMtim.f 



^ A Comedie. 

As ic was A(flediCwich great applaufe^) by 
tbe QhtUren tf Her Maiefiet 

Written by . 

f Prmted for Af^ i'^/r«it»indirt(ofce fcW 
^ X txi Shop it Ac G^t oecTc S\ Dtmfim' 


ntend ie u Rri, K. 

J[*id*. y. IlAftHjtf im Si. .yUHim'*-IaMt. W l-nn*. amJ T, j AirJur u C»n^ 

SkiBinj; Six /Vjrf, No cUtc 4,Xa. 

Prvui the Ebcnllon «! "Mat Majaiy'n <'onpHn]i of CcniKtiuu' ihli cAlfoo 
«0«U KCHt LodAif alho before a8 Dec i^i^, vticn i^icen Mmy dkvl, cr vno 
Aooi'* b<«Hivii ia 1700- ll cunuiiu « |m>LEj|;ite nol ^r> «ppf«pii»tt^ jiDil a 
dofipfl ipitctiue " i(iQkcD tir Mr. ?^nk«ihmbt» niuunud oq nn Au ; «k lone ^li>C 
«n Ehc P^n'i ttnul,'^ vMch nve hawir avt Iboi^lil it nccuanfj tv rcproduijc. 81ni:« 
Ihia eiliiiiiii itnenlm loolf nt iHf [tuih, I'lit bUiih truuld nppar lu Ik' Int. cr 
vIm i\K iibtttbai radKNWi] tmoniE imvicui cdiLlunt ihc Pint KoLb (iO<rj^ #bof<ta 
Ihc ^T doM 001 mdljr tppcar. W* r«r«r lo ihJa quuw u ExL ta 

TikttOMpntieMs Jj^y :t A f €*mitfy.i{^tuni /nm i Bmmmmiaid FlttJta^f 
At it iA lumt Ftrfcrmtm^ ttt tJuiJffnt TMratrt-ltmiJ in / Omrrtt-Cwda^ HOC 
im^faocipervBi— /Hot. DaArr Poni-/ Zm^m : / J^mttd fir C. £M/Jy,im Air 

nt/StontfiU Lm^.fA CamtfyJ WrMn t^ t ft^tirmml ttJ 4-:tUMrr.i 



71KXT-— In ■!] thfl old cdtdoru (he pjsy, wriitu (vriih iha ClUVption <i Aat 
I,} almoit vntinlf ia ircrw, u pnnifii Almotl rtitirolf at piott, iW mtrinj 
chandrr k best »«p in cIif «r1iat auinto, hrfcm o:itni]itbiu hire ^fpl in. 

of (In lETuifnEiciit odijjft^ ^c^ficciivcly by HiDjbftld and DtOc. 

Tbc Gni quuto 1i6[5|, putJiihoA W MJIct fNvtrieln. wcicnEa oa the 
wfaale tbe ban ten : i; » tK«i geavNllT followed bjr Wobvr. &n4 almgil 
loVftriAblybr 1>7««*»^*?*>«'^'*<L AjIb«bookvfl«tAufeiTvd J^ay^t^f. 
lo ThotniA Jahrt, ir tn^iiM ±f^p«r (in *pile trfOv " U. F-" ril rhc TjlJ«-piga^'j 
that hr wu ihr tril |iiiM»Tirr "f thv vcnnd ijuLrtii 11625), Tlir riilTuwnii 
uc fev. Ql hoi icincetpjcHi^JDi ill IV. 1 {"11 piayrna 'Jdu." "^la&llNV'i 
in QQft — 5 or in alt «iib»<queat cdjlionx O/ ikn jjtaitioui foxmd In 
aoiu Bre nflcatuy oarrvcdoni, t.^r. "drown'd^' for "dnwn'^ (IL 3, ^5^ 
'•FedTor'-Feftft'tll. 3 36). " nlt'il Tm "mlK" [III. t, 61), ''Smora 
qal«l'' for **Sur« 11 patei (Ihr r^ht i«uUdg u "Such' V, j, i^ij ; «irhilc 
cfthentrc DrOicakEn* r./. "SKvlfmodc* prtflx (I. i. 7]. "beu*'r<>r "b^u" 
[I.« "naLiae" ^r ''uuniii" [IIL i, tiK)i oratiOK. r./; " wtmicri " for 
*Mht womcti" tl, J. t|6k '^wouWlM '^ojald" (IIL I. «9S), "ooi *o 
Biueh" for ■* not much MIV, [,190). 

'rh« (hlrd qumo (ilVjO), pablufiH by nianu JoDtc. It |>rlfil«d Irotft t^^ 
bur pru^nEt mart dcpartarei IVom iT ihtn wrr midc (n ihar rdiitnn fnim m« 
fEi>u Tlicy ttf minor? etianmi. ■Idkhii tl) iiLt^nruKiiJ, h(mi« timilini; krv 
aikd iDcltr, iiid liudEy od? ortliem ui imppjvrDwiit- 

Malh?wi, 10 whom ii b«d been lAEuferft^ 24 Oct 16331 tiltiodiiea iboiil lite 
KiuPB rmnibcrofcomiplLi^iK, peihapt iu (tiw chan[;a (or too batl*r bdof" Cod 
biT Itnnijn" fnr "thr* (;o.1 Wnn»«*' nf i;i3 [l\', r, rAr), F0I. n4Ci/lh* Rrillitt 
Miiv^um fnpy 14 trciilliirff. Thr few dJt«niloni of Qs (i^itfl ^^ nnetsuT 
ftpd imdlLtfciii «Ub ilic nLxt^Uoii uf "lk«(-DMltci*' lof "IkMi'Oui^'' (IV, 
11,^), *nd "I-ayelhcm Lo uihen" ibr '*Lave lolo-rc otLcn*' (ITL I, I13]. 

ThoK of tbc huiH ijuvio '1651) BK more nunictotu Aodvuicdinchanclor: 
many cf ibom art P3ft«Aingi of vxprovioo whiob «an of (;mwiTi£ ivnvtJTODMK 
Eni^M ronddrr pfoTnat. HEaeartnefiToTldJealtEnilioni, p r«w iw r«TOniTlOlU 
of rhe tfup rMihru from Ql. Qfi, iho laii before Ihe foUo of i6jv- i'fiendUf 
Inllowcxl by ilirtHo Iatit nn'^t. of i6vi* and lA^^Pj : ihtJOfh ncli LHajiihlv 
of aa "Ct]L«ii»nat conupLiijn an km own bccovdi, and the utiti nuke* a nn 
nvenjon ['>Qi. 

The number «f iii\we* In which Ihe KoUo i^reea wU^ QQi, j, 3, vbll* 
dlllBtine Inim ih« r«itr th* numbar af olhar pAift9[{« in which ii Ei£rf*4 wit)) 
OOj" J a* a^*'*^*' *J'J'' '1 'bniir Ihar 1*3 wa» iri mnit^l Rarrlyttr^* iT luiftpE 
a acuDjieihat hrii appcaniaQj. u ^'uw" fDr"iH "(tit. t, i»)» in " dow" 
ka "odv'^ {V, j. 10), Lbough ii loiroducd « few «f Uulc mc^mcat on luovi. 

AKc^HtMT.^Tbc dder Lovelou. tcnirnon! by hli mbirTCA to « yau'« 
tratfd m itcriaUf fi^r ^wTuteili^ lirr iw* freely iii public* Irairca bb ajwwtbiifl 
youiiK" br[j<hcr murcr f^f h*> hon^c, viilh 4 <ommi«ion 10 1li« ittiiWlL S ^ 
to check hiQ txtrava(^la«. J«lurnia£kn dmguiuafctr a bncf AbNttoe* A»' 
bin tmbarkvd «1X ■ owine of riot «d<1 dcbaucbory la dliFcganl of Savil'i 


tMOMFrcncn ; anrl hn fri^in! miart fif hii osm rli?44li nrx orJjf (lib to ciuil 
llWttdJiury ctpr««tiniiii of rrcm, W coOTprtt thr <TitiwrtiI Inrn rhc rcmnuinn 
of hli OCBBcsv Tbt atnif Is told Tu theiunrtr Moi(?crift tut thr tmull nam 

widow of toekl uipjmiom, who vukca kniKlithooil«»Ddiibactf hcrujiiocnt. 
IaUt «b lh« «l« 11 iDAdfl void by ihv rvi^m of Loiwlcai in hb own penoo | 
Honcnft ksnu b«lh bi* maofy iiad the vidtrw, who matrln tfc« a»W do- 
«tc| la fplTc arhlK nf^udl lo ilismiu iva piirultM, i bnggurt Ctplain and a 

Knowhib lI» ddvt brmlitfr, TUiiioe hb ininim« in hie dliguiM. dntwi 
Uftnfntm hnbribc rvpoit of hi» d«iLh ; bui hi* coiuvqu«m cUli^q Utcayi 
blm, and he I* pviuihnl by & pari>lc of her a^feoiion tat * yuuflz rivvi, 
WcEfbtd,— thodgh the Uileft wQJoom«l origlitullT with far m^rt coi^Mhy iry 
h<r vUlAc MirthK lAfl waifiiB^wointJi A^enl than hy hviwlf, rvcrivt^, ivhni 
LuiuIum' b«ck ii lamrri. a Inffid dicirnMM^ Th? UlT«r't n«il deri^p li ih« 
Mnciptkifi of lumplElc Ln<Llnerenc« . but br t picieQdtiJ iivoon (he Uuly 
dtoftx ffUiQ Mru ■ iliipUfuf unrvLiutMtc xLuidT. uid Jrivo hin} ioikI •ilinm 
of ridicule from ihc huiuc Hit la^t [v«c ii m'rrc puccctitul» Hcpcrvudc* 
Vf'vlford (a lUKiAta, in wo(ii.\n'« drcv, ih* p^rL nf bU 1r«1roihc<i Th« Lftdjr, 
n&lly dfCtiv«d, vmpbyi pU tier »ri lo Vmch htm tram ihu ii*v lov* i aMi 
wbtD u Length he ihovi ttgrn of nrnLnj, f^oMcnii FQ h\t prapoul of tU 
Imvediate murljae. H«r tiiiei MtttluL, n^uallr dvcdrcd. lakn Ifac «app«Hd 
dantad brid« to bsr own dusbvr for conMkLioiL In \)tc MtDiituns Kmtm 
tlifl lAMnaff IB d^cbied. Wtlfotd 1b mamcd to Muiha i Abt^ikil^ seoioed 
by Welford, rvrani lo her old «dfnir«,<£ir Row (h« duplDin ; UoFMrBA 
wi»fpmr% under Ibe iomcvhai improlubU tnauorettlion oi « llbenkhjutdad 

BMVfW-tMbe*; vtd Savil, diignctd ttncc hja nular't nturr, i> ranend to 

iJATT,— -The dale of th'a cnmedy di^ bt fixod w^tti lolvrabia ntUintj tt 
1609 i>r i6to. Thf Clrv# wan, alludrd In in Art V. %r. hi. 6A, 


brokt out oa 1I10 d«1h <>F tbe tut dvk« in tf09, t>i« qiiculoru In dtbaia nol 
baiaG Mttlad nntil ib^t}. 1609 btmff Ihe vjiwirfl limh. ft da«n«r*rd U 
bifBrrfd fpcnjjlhp ciafMUfTii c(t ih^ tiilr-pifit cd Qi (^61*)^ ihil rhf plii> vu 
perfonneil H the BlicWfrlnn Thutrc by the Children of iht QiMcn'i Rtircli. 
Twijj»Ijiyi, "f *liith ihcfc ill * cuuicuiiji^ruy mic;uLi(>ii la 161 1, — 'N^tbukkl 
FkM > Jf'.u'wiB ij k) Jf'AiMcrtA> «id hi xqud AmertJi //r LaJt^t^, -*<tt 
pr<>iuenl by (he Children jU WbhofriArv > Arid nut pliy, performed si Klhck- 
uim, uuK hire twvn wn(i«ii btfore Iha Iriniftt or their OMaii^miil pCTTntin- 
ancn fa WhiidfrLin, net kifer thfrefrsn thin lAia (Collli^i's Ifiitffrj 0/ 
JJifwiaftiF Avfi7, L 3jg— 24); »nd V\my\ ffi/^rapkfntt Ckrtniek, h iKiO 

AuTifORKitJiv— The |4bil authanhip of Vaumont and PirirVr ii >iaetWd 
on ihc Eltle-paj^c nf lh» firil and all iatiuquair <iuan(n : an uvrtfon of moch 
DKira witi|£lii i!LHit ihi- AmurtiL M^Til^uiitjn orilir pUjr tu Flctdici twly, in \\ve 
OOOUnandZlnrr vrrK of bdcnijud Wallci aud Thnmu ^iaaUj^ Drcc ■£'''«« 
with Wcber'i httnbutii/ii 10 LtcuLiivont of 1^ luE'^ <har« in tlia «mh»dyr 
w h If li r »)-> Weber, ih "foTin'd ^i^^A (hv nod«| Of B«i JoOKm. . . . li It 
wriLtca thmgifhaui wiiii Bnun^onth p»dU«iion far iFie l^iiimtc Hxnedy, 
minilnglMl vdh thiHe trrioiw and plujful hi^Rict wbicK FIrtfhri ba much 
licbgtiifll 10 eii|{nfi on crery pLa^ he produnrd uniely " l^ttr cnikaa, 
liuwfTQ. dlott A pfcpULiicrajmc tu PteicLci' Mi' fioLJco Ba<r« Ai;U I> and 
11 to Baummii, a* being tUicfljr in pr<>vc ^ but A<t IT. ■» aloiiiiK eertaifd|r 



JnlimTfiil m irnr, mil 11 u nd the vctk vi Uauntunl. Mcmtjl fUttj lad 
fio]>l« im^mJ ccIj t- t, Jind V, ^ to BcahitidtiI, and Ihc poal idi^m^I]P of the 
fHttorkUbtr. thhii piLpn, nAJt«ronthcNt«ShBktp*n lHKl4«yiatW6 
47>ttil«AiHf iWo— 1880^ ^o. Kvvti. Mr. Uojk. vho ir Ai^JV^ JAalhfii, 
lS8i, hod (lioikc^r (hit II- I mi^hl aJm be Br^aiocni'i, cDiuidcred thtl hU 
buti] wii "nril il»liEii:tl7 rcuu^^niablc " vti:c|'( ib V. L The tmni>c]iicn( K>t 
II. 3 u 1YI1E rerals the uppowlAUljr of MsiGiiiu it ID Dnmooul* aoJ wc 
U« LJ!(.lEni?dioicKRCU fauoaljr J. i aodV. ^ Then w i itroaeiv^MCloa oC 
Mu&iiiifCT about tbc pll^, WKAwi Mrtup in n> i ind lii. ] ; vor««vtr 
in ^ iV^' '^'"w«N^ lie. JtiOB^f lv34» ^■^toffat wl)9 i« f«ndofjp]a7lii(VHrt*< 
tienuon an old nAlif, HCilktoaw nf rh'' nrntmranmof TV jTiWiiriv/ /a^ 
In Alittlfm'i rrifcucn ud tunktimaii of her lover Aaicnlo, ia fau nrfurn la 
Jjjlpih^ ill IOC (Tll'erjumi vf hU liv*!. jicid (he fiiuluil caottjiion oT his 
aij*lR*i lo bi* luVE- YcL i6io b 4n ailjr divtc tot 3i»aici[n lo b; votbtnc 
with Ptvubtr, «aJi Ihv pnbftbis eompUoa of tli« Enl nnd«n the C«DflTal 
qoctioii of rvtpvcdvt miw oiort Ihu ouulljr la«ol<ibl«. 

SoURCL^Wi lchf>w oC BO loarn fur ihc iitoT. i^vc fhat Iht C>p[sin i« ■ 
poor tnpj of ShikHpHrr't Pittfil^'Viri Ihjil MorrrnJr ti taid io hr mgi fW tfd 
by Iipmcft tn Ifafr Aiktfht of TfTetic«. DT^en. vhrk elvwberv vamim the 
pUy, ob|}ecu kn bb umoui £jjv ^ Moiccrkft'i i^<Hirmkj!n i4 (uprabable: 

vidH d« Tl:«ottUd <vi>!. i p. 364 of hb cdiljua]. Ilw edilon of [^tS, 

peintiu oat !)» mcnbUnot Id tJH ckh of 

poliejrdon* ii «)t«r«d, rot hit mMiv* H« atloplv rtTrtTOf^oot tiKdvt« it 

Domra. iiri^td Ifaat Ihe ivoht'i 

Oil prOTfrfl proFilaMt to Vonog l^Tiele«, wtiik k |fra<prng cciMi*miy hn* only 
bnMgitit Inu apon himvjf {cf. Act X. (c- Ut p. j£^r ; uiL ihc «vkwardnB« 
neccii*4[il> HtKiKUuL uuun hLicli 1 cluuii^ n i&ieciEioiul on dioAuthcm' put. 
The dEfrntc* Wwrvn, 1* moEC in^njoui iKeih DonTindn^ 

ITicobold tn 4 Dote on I. a (toI i. ^ u) uji that Addkon lold him h« 
hml ikotcfaAl th« chuhcT«r of VeLlaa m bu ly^vmmir puoEj fi«in the oiodcl 
ofSuvLL Dy« (Ulr>l- p. ibl) iHnkt IbU uuit bv 9 ouitHcv for AbiflaJl 
(la f4tb«r pwjrK wlio m J^ Dfuntrntr Inm Ehf nlil Kmranl V^llnmt vhll* 
VK li dlveited of licemuDuacB. 

flinrHiv.— *'T1t1 <tt nipprranion of thr ihMlm. n^ S^orytfiiJ Ijt^ cos- 

tlnupl [o be one of the mwi pupuluof our tuthan' driiiku ; and tdroll Ukeo 
Ftvin i\ inJ cdlod TV /labc JlAirr a«/ f^orrmal CVu/j. iruy be found in The 
Witiit9^ Sp*n MpMt Sp'fi' After the Rotonlion It 4funb(CJti&c it*i«1(>plKj, 
•ad Laopdijiio o>«nhon« il« brine * aetBd wiih gond Appldixi* rth in lht«o 
f ImM, U Uk« ThcatR in iJiM^tl-UoMeo'^ /</<-. ^^ tt^. iWw. /W/, p, 3141/'— 
I>V4^t- Pepp iceordi ttltntving It ceveni ttms; on Nov ^7» 166a: on 
JiHh 4. 1661. "Ulcd vrrj wdl" : cqi Frtx S. 1661. *'brcuidi MLbe Thnirt. 
Ud Qlien uw ri« ^ffn^^^v^ ^n^. now done by « won»n, vhicb mpkoi the 
ptovnch belter thuorn it did l9inc"i era Nov. (7, i^v, "noil i>crfarixied" : 
OODM' >7, t6A$H '* wll flciFfl 1 Doll CMiomon doing Ablg&il rvoK ?k«L]entlv, 
and Koipp ihr wWo** vtry well, aod will he an oiccpllmf ■<:tor, I think. In 
fjth^r mm [h^ |iljt]-noT vowrJldiiAr « lUfnl u\ W by tti^ olrlirinfx."" Or S^jil, 
16. iftftjt hr vfent «kh hii wife and Mfrcrr In iw it at rtw Kli^* Sonw, 
" but 11 beloa nov Ihroc ij'dock ihtic wu nu: tHwsoEd in ihepit : whcreop^ni 
for ^hi^mc* »c tuuld nut e" ^^* ^^^ njtaiinl uur willi" rcpairot to loorbct pUf - 
hom', jnd txrummu Tc^ th« Kin^'n hou»e later m Ehfi day '* bw tht^ir flann at 
tht pnil nf thfl v^J- Thv luft titnr he rf-;<ir<1i viTnouitic iT wAj tjn Jan* 9, 
166*! " Tft rhf Krng't hoi»ie. an^t There tiw g-v^l p*rt of A** SV^ffl/mV 
/flfl>. (md [hat dont, wiMild have ijtVen our Knipp. bur iihe »(W engaged-" 
Tl;c tdilutn af J7rAub«c]^re tbal il bju nul '* brcii jn^fc^tinn-] in tl^c courw 
of fii4U)i ycai» pLii i tbi?U|(b< IB the lifttime t>f Mrt, Otdricld. who Kt<d thff 


plot of »Ti O^tn'tau Lady by Sir H\iTcn C'lkiinr, ttj?, wblch may. tr* think, 
owe ■anctbiae ^^ ^^ P'^^y^ '~" I-u^i^ni iccmi olHiinaKrly dr ivimLriHl no[ u> miTiy 

ruppcuB u An Kthiapjan— l.iicarA iBimcdiAKly MU in IcjifG Aod ■)> on the 
poinl of r-loping vrilh him— CArianil hannE rvfl^ctfd on lli» itmL|;entH <^ h«T 
m>lic«tioii, 7omv< tn n mddjn rfcoJutioP of rv^tciinc hfr in h" furn — ni tlie 
<onr!u(lpn nf ihc pfay ht inarhT« Cl^imht^ who hod fi^illowfi] him m hii 
page."— The mcrribUiice ih kCill itlrunj^ET. u t^ujcbninc i«w> liciwccp um 
|iby dJiJ MMaitu*!*! W i^rj' ^fWicn. 

" Ad fthcn^ofi of il tv^de V Cook«i the burtsmif for Mrv H%hiAKt»ii> vu 
IfH^i oar wllh gmt mUotb 4| Cwcni CftnldC TMIrc in i^Sj, uadcr th« 
UtU erf nu CMfru\em Z*^/"— Dvctt, 'I'liTC* odiTiom of Tht Vafrui^t 
ijt^ werr prininl in The ^av of iu hnr apprimrw, U t« pven eniinly 
>» prtiM : ihoueh thf cir]0in«l iliction \t renlnrd rhrt^uchout wiib fru iilijvn- 
tioUt KCid thoK Ja Ibc uirc^joiu of i^riEieme^L uid urcviiy. The pan of 
Sir Rc^i iht Cmatc ik entirely <ui out, mil there i» an nttcmpt 10 infuic 
MOM poiDl and wii intc ibkt of the Pod, The imjiorTnnl chAn^o are rhc 
ODitBOnnf tIlv Ht^r-Marlha-AlitgBiL pin In 11, l, ihf leansuBaai^nl with 
adflitiMi of a inn^ ^i tho fini tifly hnrt <ri W. ^ and tha thoTlvninj; an<l ilijtM 
alLeniion of the ocdiduci of Act V. 



Eldbk Lovkulss, a Suitor to the 

VouNO Loveless, b Fn)dig&l- 

SaviLi Sl«vErd to the Elde> 

Wklfoii>, ft Soilor to the Ltdj. 
Sift Roger, Cmlc to (he Ladj. 
MoRECEAFTt ma urarer. 





P«g«, Fiddlcn, Atuadftnti. 

HiBgen-oD to 
Young Lovelcn. 

LadYi aadi 

^ two Sisten. 
MaetHa, J 

YouNGLOVE, or Aiir>AiL, E vEiting 


A rich Widow. 


Scene, Ltm^on. 

TM* mt/ffrr, etc] Tht livt H Tien Eiven u in all the old vdidou JilW di« fint 
SciKB, L>HH£n(] Fini fddcd by ThwbBld 1750. 




Scene I 

A Room » j^ Lady^ //*j>a«. 

EnUt tA€ ftff& LovkleSjSKS. Savii, M^ SUwani, and a Page. 

f/^. Zcfv. Brother, is your lo&t hope pact, to molUfy 
Morecral^s hcjirt^ibout your mortgage ? 

YcuHg Loi'f. Hopelessly past, (have presented the 
usurer with a rfchcc draught than cvci' Cleopatra 
sw;i1low'd \ he h;ilh ^uclc'd tn ten thoufUMul poiinc!« 5 
worth of my land more than he paid Tor, at a gtlp, 
without iriimpt^tK. 

£. Lova. I have as hard a ta^k to perform in t^is 

y. Lcvt. Faith, mine wait to make an u;tun?r honest, 10 
or to lose my l&nd. 

E. Lt^i, And mine is to pcr«uadc a p2R»iionat« 
woman, or lo leave the land, — Savil, make the boat 

Act I Sc r . . . L4Iiy'» Ii9ttu\ Tlie P[iiy is dividcil inlo Acti, abd Itie 
TiF Kcnc cJ (Ach Ad ii irutrktd in QQ't F» Wtb'r i?i>, canipkl«d (he 
numbpnnB ol (hf «*n-» and inarkf^ Oitfr loc»Jili*i. In bU ih* cnofi, vdi. the 
vhole H«nc It giv«n at prcHf. «>»pl II. ib^— iSf, prFcoliOjj Ih? L^d]r'i«nf. 
whldi IVom the l!m Kppai u vcrv, 

) nfilniC'nn^^f/'f i.c, tiiiliuuLAmdimitiuy l1uLi:iBfa,kg(l]UMCUCD|iu^id 
iMUlb* » ■ city buqiHl iThcD.^, Wfibt, qiKHu Ilsmi^^ I. It. It— 
"The kilLlcdium and (rampcl thut bnr^ul 
Th« iriumph of tkU plcdgcJ^' 
13 StmtU matet\i ^mi itjyl Sa Q| mlowod bv ^Ve^1. Of priMt ^m/, 
001 " P*fl of Ihe diftbjjiir, List a* |irMT Ifi iKf whnfr ipwch .V^t^tf M^ jikul , , , 
VriUiViVaf rwH, thuu^li rT|>i-aUiii.' the uior piciii bcfun (bv out iprvA. 
QQl' 4< S ojoit S*i't/ ^htetthcf. a-iif^iao ihc iih^c sp«^b J/irif . ^ , 
to K Z#i^. F, oiDiti ^nV, bal ng^jUf utl^m tht hk- 

EdA 177S ctv« Lt to K Lrrt. In Ibf fi^uraUve 



[act I 

stay. [Jlxj/ FagcJ— I fear I shall begin my im form- 
natc ynitrtcy iMk nighl, ihoiigh thr H.irknc^-<& of the if 
Di|;ht. and the rouj^hneas of the waters, might easily 
dissuade aii unwilling man. 

Savi/. StT, your father^s old frien<l3 hold It the 
sounder cotir^ for your body and estate to suy at 
home, and marry vid propsg^te — a^nd govern in 20 
your country — than to travel for di-<iCit»c«, and return 
following the court in a night-cap, and die wJrhou! 

£. £/rtv. Savil, you fthall gain the opfnfon of a better 
servant in »«king to execute, not alter, my will, how- 2$ 
Mjever my inteiit?( lucctod. 

y. L&ve. Yondcr's Mibtrc^s Younglove, brother, the 
grave mbbcr of your mistrcM* toej. 

E^ Lcvf^ Mistress Youngiove 

Atifoil Master Lovcle,^s< truly wc thought your 30 
safis had been hoist: my mtetre^ la persuaded you 
are ^a-flick ere Ihiv 

B. Lp^v. I-ove* ^e her i11<tuken-up resolution so 
dearly? Didst thou move her for mc? 

A^ig^. By ihi-i light rhiit ■fihinr-sthrrrr* no removing 35 
her, if she get a stiff opinion by the end. [ attempted 
her to-day, when they «ay a woman can deny nothing. 

E, Z^tv. Whnt eriticAl minute wzi that ? 

A^^. When her Mnock wa^ over her ears ; but she 
wu no more pliant than if it hung about her heels. 40 

£, LtJiY. ] prithee, deliver my *crvicCi sind say. I 
de«ire to see the dear cause of my banishment : and 
then France. 

A^^. I'll do t Hark hither ; Is that your brother ? 

3) yffmr) So iHtl QQ. v«ccpl Q6 veHrtvm; F. ™r, 

» frctKl ^ Mttaiu . . - vn'lMnu tune] Stt Ml, t. la Qi Ihe wofdi 
/tr^ueattx . . . ntghttaf ^^cox^y cmcdy one line ; hcn« tbcy w?rv pntHbly 
tHBiLia] unisloncionuly bj* thr coiDpn^ifnr ol Q3i *^^ ^ i° ^^1 ninc-iu^nt 
«d». until Dycv'i, 1%* rravHErr Inllovt ih« ^ourt h k tijJEor, bi« own 

Eaprrly betTig ilL «rn»iTricd, a.nd tn a migkUa^ becnue he Is ■ dlrOQlC 

17 Miitrtti KainfjVtv) So DQi. ^ 3. F'* lmc» niJ i" the tro^'JimtioD, 
uid JEL £, l,4T«lna'0mjn|f i die «thci oM cdo. /f^JcwVin »ll ibrcc 
34 jW Hv] QQi , %, E'i. lo. Dyce t tht rtsl /«« it^ 
40 a^iJSct All old «dii,. vhlui Colmui tjid Wehei AlUftd W a^tw. 



£. JLovt. Ve* \ have you losl your memory > 45 

Abig. As 1 live, hc'a a prclty fellow. [BjnL 

K Zitw. Oh, thi* is a ^wwt brach ( 

E. Lcvf. Why, she know* not you. 

K Z,<m^. No, but she offer'd mc once lo Icnow her. 
To this day she loves youth of eighteen. She heard a 50 
t&lc ho^' Cut>id struck her in love with a threat lord tii 
the Tilt'yard, but he never saw her ■ yet she. in kind- 
ness, would needs wear a willow-gar Innd at hi* 
wedding. Shel<>ved al! th:? pUyci^ in the last quocn* 
tinic once ovci ; she was struck when they acted lovers, 5 S 
and forsook some when they pliiy^d tnurtherer*. She 
h&3 nine «pi]r-royaJ5, and the servants ^ay »hc boards 
old gold ; and she herwlf pronoun <res angrrly, (hat the 
Tarmer's eldest son (or her miatreKt' husband*;! derk 
that shBll be) thai marries her. «hatl make her a JDinture 60 
of fourscore pounds a year. She tcl)« taies of the 
scTvi ng- men 

B. L^Vfi, Enough ; 1 know her, brother. I shall 
entreat you only to ^luCc my mtstrcM^and take leave: 
we'll part at the stairs. 6$ 

RnUr I-ADV and AbigaII, 

Lady. Now. sir, thif first pan of your will b perform 'd: 
whaVs the rest ^ 

£. L0v€^ Virsx, let mc beg your notice for thii 
genttemAn, my brother: I «hal1 take it a« a favour 
done to mc^ 70 

fjtdy. Though the gr<nt1rman hath recriVE^ri hut an 
untimely grace from >'ou, yet my charitable disposition 
would have been ready to have done him freer courtesies 
ai a Ktranger, than upon thojie cold commendations 

^ k**r4\ So alJ oLrl e-ii. qr ^ A*/, 

56 ■iiwfimrjjLKJi, », 5, K ]^<Il H, 10; QQ5, 4. V. KtrHk^i. 

57 i p t f 'n j rtJai Gold toiofc, worth x^i. #uh, » nll*d bccaaw Ih* iCu Cfi 
the TBVflji* ivinnblfiil ihr mwi^t at ■ tpur, 

Jq viirHiaj iA«fF ^] Q<^i, 2, Web diiJ Oycc : roJ nmlt/4d.'. 
ij, AviUAi L^ So Droe- AU QQ. ff '4Trfy4^^^'"c"< ^< nvH^'iff^'U<*a>« Jblbwc^ 

KM Ihit M Itw rfrvnlnc ytrfr^t of the l^dj*! Mlowmg t^cK- W? fellow 
cc Id utlipkTriiF it to K- Lote. 



[act I 

K Z(7t-f. Lad>*, my ealutationa crave acquaintflnoc 75 
and Icavr at once. 

Jltf/^. Sir, I hope you are the nuutcr of your own 

[/ixruiit Yousc Loveless a«4f Saviu 

B.L^vt. Would I were »>\ Mblrc^ for mc to 
praJM over again that worth, whkh all th^ world and 80 
you >-oursctf can sec 

La^. It's a cold room thb. servant 

£, Zitv. Mifitrtss 

Laify. What think you if [ have a chimney for'tjOUt 
here f 8$ 

/?, /,ir£V. Mistress, another in my place, that wrrc 
not tied tobelievealiyoQT' actions just would apprehend 
hloisctr wrong'd ; but 1, wfao«c virtues arc ooa»taiKy 
and obedience 

Lt$tiy, Vounglove, make a good 6re above, to wann go' 
me after my servant** exf>rdium*, 

E. £tftv. 1 have heard and seen your affability to be 
si)ch. that thr servant* you give wages to may -^peak, 

LiHfy. 'Tis tiuc, 'tis true ; but they sp^ to the 
purpose. 95 

t, Lffvt. Mistress, your will leads my speeches from 
the purpose But a^ a tnan 

taJf. A simile, genant ! This room was built for 
honest meviner^, that deliver thcmsdvrs hastily and 
plainly, and ar« gone- Is this a linie and place for 100 
exordiums, and Mmilcs, and metaphors ? If you have 
aught to Miy, bieak into 't: my answers ^aJl very 
reasonably meet you. 

£. /jnv. Miirre^*, 1 came to «e you. 

La^'^ That's happily de^palch'd : the next? 105 

E^ Ltnv. Tc ti^kc leave of you. 

iMdy, To be pone ? 

R. A(w. Yes. 

Lady, Vou nftod not have dc^>air'd of that, nor have 
used so many circum^tarccn to win me to give you 110 
leave to perform my command^ !s there a third ^ 

E. Lovt. Yes : I had a third, had you been apt to 
hear it. 

90 ymiV±>vv} QQt, 9^ i F. and mod. «dL; QQ4— fi^ Edi. S, 10 MigtH. 




Lady. W nc\'cr apter. Fait, (cood Mnant, fast 

E. Loi'^, Twas \o entreat y*m lo hrrnr reason. 

Lady, Moflt wUiifif^ly : have you brouf[ht one can 
stpcTiik it ? 

B. L{n-^. Lastly, it is to Idndlc in that barren heart 
love and ftir^ivcnc-^i. 

Ljuiy. You would stay at home? 

E. Lave. Ye5« l.-idy. 

Lady. Wh>v you msy, and doubtTc3<;ly will, when 
you have debated lluit your commnindcr i^ but >^ur 
roistre-s\ a womari, j\ weak one, wildly overborne with 
passions ; but the thing by her commanded is, to »co 125 
HovrA drtMdfiil rliff"; |)ax>irg. in a prior watcr-hmi^e, 
the dangers of the mercilea* chaimeJ 'twixt that and 
CaUKfivc long hours'sdi I »wilh three poor week V victuals. 

£, Love. You wTon^; ma 

Lady. Then to land dumb, unable to enquire tor an 130 
English ho*t. to remove from city to ci^ by most 
chaif^blc posC'horse* like one that rode m quc^t of 
t^s mother-tongue, 

E, Lc%'<, You wrong me much. 

Lady. And all th<rsc (almost invincible) labours pcf- 135 
Eorm'd for your mistress, to be in danger to forsake 
hrr, and tii put on new d-IIe^^iancc^ to some Fiench tatly, 
who is content to change language u'lth you for 
laughter; and. iiftcr your whole year spent in tennis 
ara broken speech, to stand to the hazard of being I40 
laugh'd at. on your return, and have talcs made on 
you by the chamber- niaid«, 

M. Lei-f. You wrong mc much. 

L<tdy. I.nudrryet- 

£, ^t^^- You know your least word is of force to 145 
make ire seek out dangers ; move mc not wilh toys. 
But in this banishment, J must take leave to say you 
art unjust. Wa:* one kiss forced from you ir public 


lit^, ^it9jWB«ft!f-4««)QQi— 4,^- TIic<o.,Co1-, Web. plAce 

Ebc *cidlLo1dii xi " ABfcihuuK," ib^ only m cciiiniA lit "dilT", turipic thf 
FollDieiiti^ hvH«tiviL[ivri pcTLclfthl, Dycc'q tfumfstrnco cf the Kinkoloot^*' clifT" 
nai Ajid^ifAEcd by Edi. S» to^ which ha did not tiainlnr- 

1^ WfM >«.>«-i»^Af/rJQiji, J, Wfh., Iiyw- nil «iher «dL in'.'A ytw 

mflbn! her." ^ 



[act I 

b>' m<r so unpardonable? why. all the faouTs of day 
and night h;«vr stxn u^ k\%%. 150 

Z^i£^. 'T 19 true, and w> >'OU satbficd the compaxi/ 
that heard mr chide. 

£. L^uf. Your own eyes were not dcamr to you 
than I, 

L^r, And so you told 'em. 155 

£. LffVf. I did ; yet fioMgn of disgrace need to hav*r 
sUin'd your check : you yourself knew your pure and 
simple heart to be mo>t unspotted, and free from the 
Lca^t bareness. 

Latfy. I did ; but if a maid's heart doth but once 160 
thin^ that £be b aiupected, her own face will write her 

i^. /^iv. hut where lay thi* HtKgraoc? The warid» 
that knew u^ knew our resolutions well : and could tt 
be hojicd ihnt I should give away my freedom, and 165 
venture a perpetual bonda$^ with one I never kissfd } or 
could I. ill strict wbdooi, lake luii much love ii\Hm me 
from her that ebosc me for her husband ? 

I.4idy. Believe me, if my wedding-^^mock ^-cre on \ 
Were the gloves bought and ^ven. the licence come : 170 
Were the rosemary -branches dipt, and all 
The hippocras and cake« eat and drunk off; 
Were these two arm:s cncompass'd with the bands 
Of Irat^hr-'lort, ttj Iciiil lut lu the churth ; 
Were my feet m Ihc door ; were " 1 John ' AJd ; 175 

If John should boa^t a favour done by me, 
I would not wed tliat year. And you, 1 hope, 

1^1 j«A>/W| W«b. mlored the rtadlnj^ of QQl* Si ^1 ini<ivcmb£ c>i9> 

i 4. whsra V0nttireH«1l iiiegciti rot \ wMdiBjf-reur '*± ffoail piece of h««f 
atnrlt virh roirniiii^r *' which WrU nrt wq« tj^d u im ^rnhLffm of irn^n- 
bnnoe At wri'ltnp U veil ti faa^L 3« tht fixM iU{{i>diivciioA in Tkt 

whidi WcUi i)iui9 Rudolph'i Miikmci^s £filUUmm^ 
" Ujw qpicklv trail the bm* mty be 

17a hif/*tmi\ OQ5, 6, ^L H, to; Qi ffi/ftAnHts QQj, 3. 4. F- //<>*" 
lAr^it; win* vpicvA and itmiaH IbrcM^ a Acfirtvl-biig, tn nuoH r«auc«l al 
wp<fr1ini;c. vik«s v(<^ • >Uch ft icninlfig-bfl^ being fulled b; tpotneevlM 

■■Hlppocruo'ile*T«" [Tneo,}. 




WliCTi you liavc apcnt thts >t:ar commovliouaty. 
In achieving languages, u-ilJ, at your r«tum. 
Acknowledge mc more coy of parting with mine eyes. 
Than such a frknd. More talk I hold not noiv : 
If you dftre, go. 

£. Lijve. I dare, you know. First let me 

Lady. Farewell, sweet servant Vour task pcr- 
On a new ground. a£ a beginninf; suitor, 
I shall be apt to hcu* you. 

E. Lovi. Farewell, cmel mUtreti, 

\Ex€iint Lady and h'm^hXL. 


)', Lovt. II rothcr, you'll ha;[ard the losing your tide 
to Gravesend ; you hiive a long half-mile by Land to 

E. Coi'i. [ ga But. brother, what yet-unheard -of 
course to live Joth imagination flatter you with ,' your 
ordinaiy fnearw arc dcvour'd. 

K /<»w. Course! why, horse- couritng, I think. 
Consume no iftne In this ; I have no estate to be 
mended by meditation : he that busies him^lf about 
my furtunen, may properly be said to hu^^y himself 195 
about nothing. 

E. Lovt. Yet jtome coarse you must take, which, for 
my flatisfacdon, resolve ard open. If you will shape 
none, I must inform vou. that that man but pcr^uiOcs 
himself he meann to live, Uiat imagines not the mean». lOO 

K. L^vi. Why, live upon others, oa othcni have lived 
upon mc. 

E. Lovt. 1 apprehend not that You have fed others 
and consequently disposed of >in ; and the «vimc 
mciuure mu^t you expect from your maintiiners, 
which will \x too 1i;eavy aw a.1ti?Tation fur you lu bear. 



17H /iuJ.SaiJI. at 

iilQQl, J 4£i. 

'Au\ >aiJi. acriii yi^Jit ^ «u. 

its mnd A»ICA1L) \AAtA bj Unco "£rif L^ty" of >IJ precedLfl^ «rlK. 
beinc 10 *'rhiiiL'^" * «' iwidr in ^prrixt iSxtt*' Ghii^)^ 




[act I 

y. L§ve- Why. HI par^ ; If ih^i rtne roc not. ni 
bet ftt bowlti^alleys. or man whores: 1 would fain 
live by utberx But lit \x\^ whiUl I max unhxng'd, and 
after the thought's taken. 210 

E, Lovt^ \ ice you an; tied to no partkutar employ- 

K LffV€. Faith, I may choooc my covr»c ; they say 
Nature farritjn forth none bot she provide* for them ; 
111 try bcr Ubcrality. :iS 

E, Z^ntf. Wd), to keep your feet <mx of base ai>d 
dai^croiu paths. I hav-c resotred you shall Lvc A5 
master of my house. — ft shall be your tsiv, Savil. to 
soc hicn fed and ciothcd, not according to hb prcacnt 
estate, but to ht!i birth and fonaer fortunes. 120 

K Lv^^ If it be refetred to him, if 1 be not found 
ni carnation Jer3C>--3tcx:k[n^%, blue de^iU' breeches, 
with three guards down, and my pocket V the ilecves, 
V\\ tkV look you V the face again. 

5irc^/. A oomelier Ki^ear, I wus, it ts than tho«e 225 

daoglifie slops. 

ao7 fmt»< . - . «Mit vilfwl Take punea or tvn bollj mwoi>. Mm% 
bbttu^d or CK«L " Uasb'J, bonot ml wnoJ " 1 /fr«^ /H. I. iL $0l 
Owvowlr L«^* CftJltfini. I. W. tMSBl ' wdl mad ', u i:ond H<T-k<. 

S3i/«pf^MttrJMf*jOf iroi, comnjtrt la Tic W-mm /Rtftf, HT. U. u 
dMqi«nd iBf(vkv, laitb ihoM of lOk. ta i^iCua |4i( ^ lilk uocklaA ««■ 
BM^aUd to Efcahcta — » norrtiT' (3uiMt*> .liCftmr] oW CWniViKj. iiL &7.I 
OvmU lair, Iw.aiL i7tb4'*Ut^v«nMii-*M«ki^ tMm'' b«t k 
fitabb«'^ii«Wafrf^^«-dw(t5t3Mbcn U wMioaor •■ octWr.«io0ki . . . 
■at «< cloth ... CM thfti it tbe^iM 10 \mt^ bat of Jifa*«r *«nt*d. tilk, 
thrvd.BMlMchttvi*' vttv ■> ■■>» ■« tfQfi w 91 la OoouMt't /^Ikcuiv/ 

"Tbcw wufV^ iiucLcs uf biAimt ite, 


Aal Hikes ikiTcn Stm^A villi coltL 


l«««ch«« arc doi^fittiDc hw< cfc f» Hw iW bajnr ipmmr n vtaidi ««« who 
b*d ir> pU; ibe drvfl la a Tnictdc or monJIn' mtgliz «^cue Us ko. td vtdi 
ajpuucni Uie |«ckc( unEd eo( be {>laced iJui« Ibc I4- ''uttwih' ajc 
InmBii v^ £icinc* • conput ^<wla«f ^ f Mo:. 11. Il 104 : 

Uon gouded Ihan hb MIovT." 
T^tm u ihe nifUng of QQi^ ^^ Ufoc ^alp: tbe tvfl /Ac TV caange 
(tott ihr clou-AiTlof f«r]if?f orvwoi to (he looat amKn knldur-bocaoK or 
truL-lwaf k nioMiiipfd in Hi« tfiwoit bctwMs ^'flvflt-brinbn >«1 Cloch- 
braeAos ia GncDc'i Qt4p Ar air ^MnFT Ctmrtitr^ 159a i te M& HuL 980 
■■71 the fomtr were alHAjaocd w catl^ u r5tf< 

215 /ttvj] i.«. / m;. !» Q(JI. >, 3: K. MWr; Q4 mentg QQS< ^^ 



E, LfiV€. To krcp you ready to do him all service 
peaceably, and him to comniand you rea^onabJy, J 
leave thc^ further directions in urritiiig* whldi, at your 
best leisure, t^ethcr open and read. 330 


Se**nCer ABIGAIL fff r^ftn with a Jewtl 

A^, Sir» my mUlrc^^ commctidfi her luve io you m 
this token ftnd these word* : it i» a jewel, she says, 
which, u a £avour from her. vhc would request ycu to 
wear till youT year's travel be perform 'd ; which, once 
cxpjrcd, she will hastily expect your happy return. 

a. L&vf. Relurr my service, with such thanks as she 
may imAi^inc the heart of a suddenly ovcrjoy'd mar 
wcnilcl wiJliu^V ^^'f*^' ■ """d you, 1 h(H>c, I shall, with 
slender arg^jmcnts, persuade to wear this dmmond : 
that when my mistress «hall, through my long abbcncc 240 
and the approach of new suitors, offer to foi^et me, 
yoj may call your eye do^i to your finger, and 
remember and upeak of me. She will hear thee better 
tlian tliosc allied by birth to lict ; aa wc »ec many men 
much ^way'H by the grooms of their chambers, — not 245 
that they have a greater part oflhcir fovcpr opinion on 
them than on others, but for they know their secrets- 

^^ig- 0' my credit, 1 swear 1 think twos made for 
me. Fear no other suhom. 

E. L^vt, \ shall not need to teach you how to dia- 
Ciedit their beginnings : you know hnw to lake 
exception at their shirts at washing, or to make the 
maids swear they found pidstcrs in iJicir beds. 

Abij^. I know, 1 know; and do not you fear the 

B. Lcvt. Farewell : be mindful, and be happy ; tfie 
night calls me. \ExcHnt omnts prtzter AuiGAlL. 

Abig The gods of the winds befriend you, sir! a 



sjo Auf;jUL] Sa lit Aid edt. actpi QQl, 11 3. F Ytnu^toft. 

Z%^ Jk^M'fy] QQi-^ F.> D^CE. Juid Ihrcclul tAA. i./. impaiim/y: THm. 
uid rot J^m^ifyf Mt C4*'/\ QQi— 5 ; ^m (tut. 

X47 4W tJttin fkait i>n«shdrt\ So P. (>Qi— 4^ Ed. Sm ;Jav* uenitfArrv; 
VA, JO tft\im f-lM *lhr*u 

2^ iunjfmi\ QQ[, f. J, F-, Thro*, W«b., Djc« : tb« mt.y«B toi. 



constant and a liberal lover thoo art : more «tch God 
send us! 2O0 


Wtt. [To stntitni ivitktmt} Let >cn not 4Und stfll; 
wc bavc rid bard- 

A^ig. [AiuU.} A auitor, t know, by bb tiding hard : 
ni not be seen, 

IVtL A pretty hati this: no servant m't? I would 36s 

A^. [AtuU.l Vouhavc dclivcr'd your cnand to roc 
then, Tbere'v no danger in a handuxne young 
Idlow I 111 abcw myxM [Advmnus*] 

WW Lady, may it please ynw to bestow upon a 370 
stranger the ordinary fr^ce of salutation } are you the 
laJy of thU house ^ 

A^tg. Sir, 1 am worthily proud to be a servant of 

Wgi. Lady, 1 should be as proud to be a Mrri-ant of 375 
><ou3, did not my so late acquaintance aiakc toe 

A^ig* Sir. tt tfl i>ot 90 hard to achieve, but nature 
may Mn^ ix about. 

Wtl. Per these comfortable words 1 remam your 380 
glad debtiir, 1% >-(iur lady at hcvne } 

A^. She is DO 5trafS;ler, »r. 

WtL May her oocasiona admit mc to ^cak with 

A^ig. If you come m the way oT a suitor, no. 265 

It^^ I know your af&ble virtue will be mo\'ed to 
persuade her. that a gcntkman, benighted and ^tray'd, 
oflen to be txyuod to her for a night s lodging. 

A^ij^. I will commend this message to her; but if 
yoD aim at her body, yo^ will be deluded. Other 290 
women the bouse holds, of good carriage and govern- 
ment ; u|Hin any of which if you can cast your affcctiun, 
they wlLJ perhaps be found 03 Uithfvi, and not so coy. 


aCa kmrd\ Ouhr in QQl i. 

agi Altf kmm itUi\ So I>r«, tillowwQt, wheat dlp^ fntur^i «n««« Cftr 
iUMUA, M QQa. 3, 4, 10 priiri «< /!# iMMpM*, <Wb «^ 
km nh^ ^K F.S/at iwiwJidrf, falfon^ t7TbM.ukfl W«k, whUa Cdbna 



IfV. Whiit A skinful iif luri b this! I thoi^ht I 
bad come a-wooing,&n(J I am the courted party. This 395 
b right court- fashion 1 men, women, and all, woo; 
catch that catch may. If thf « soft-hearted woman have 
infused any of her tenderness into her lady, iherc is 
hope uhe will be pHanl. Bui who's here? 

Eni4r Sir Rogcr tA€ CumU. 


save you, sir! My lady )et* you know, 
she desires to be acquainted with your name* before 
nhe confer with yrm, 

Wril Sir, my name calb me Wclford- 

Rcg. Sir, you are a jfentlcman of a good name. 
[Aside.\ I'll try hi.^ wit, 

iV^t. 1 will uphold it as good as any of my ancestors 
had this two hundred j-ears, *ir. 

Reg. I knew Ji worMiipfLl and a religiou^s gentleman 
of your name in the bishoprick of Dufham: call you 
him cousin * 

Wif. I am only allied to his virtues, sir. 

Rog. It lA modestly said, [ should cany the badge 
of y»ur Chri4iianity with me toa 

W^L What's that ? a cross ? There's a tester. 

JEV^. 1 inr;in the name which ynur gfidfalhert and 
godmothers Uuvc you at the font 

I*V/ Tis Harry. But ynu cannot proceed orderly 
now in your catechism ; for ycm have told me who gave 
mc thdl ndinc. Sliall I bc^; your naine^ 

Hcg. Roger, 

WtL What room fill you in this house? 

Rcg^. More rooms than one. 

WfL The more the merrier But may my bo1dae» 
Wrow why your Udy hath sent you lo decipher my 







J99 Sjk] Thii caatlcsT^tillc uf clcrvyoicii. ■ mnaTxilun erf iTie unJeivie 
"Dofninot" fbi oat ttholMifThiiure£ DctOsno iiluifaiion. 

309 tkt UiJkU^^ fff ^'■i*m] Poubf^ Sir It.»a mfiRii ibttttit lirin^ in 
ibpl dioc«i& S^ WeUoid cv« fncnl or ilii^ced the *e^ thou(^ Wdfoj^'i 
ftruv«r wdn fo provide anlnKt IBq UlUt contingiwy. 

J14 ^onf . . . //f/jT J Uuiy coirtft bors x rtam en ant (kcr, the nrlgiD of 



[act I 

R&£, Her own words were thcae: to fanow whether 
yoo wvre a fornicrly-<)cnicd ^uitor^ disguised in this 
iDCMagc; for J can assure yoo she dd^hts not in 
ikaiamo ; Hymen 4xid she are at variance. I ^lall 
return with much hutei 330 

IVtl Arnl much «pced. sir, I hope {R^i ROGER.] 
CertaiDly I am an:ved araoof^ a nation of newfottod 
fools, on a land where no navigator has >-et pUittciI 
wic if I had foreseen it, f woold have Jaded my 
breeches with bells^ koives. copper, and fl&ues, to trade 335 
with the women for their rirginities; yet, I fear, I 
should have betray'd myself to a aeedlcas charge then. 
HercB the walking nighi-cap again. 

Re-^Ur Roc;CR. 

R^. Sir, my Jad/s pica^tirc U to sec you : who hath 
commanded mc to acknowledge her ?iormw th^t you 340 
muxt take the pains to come up for so bad entert^n- 

Wti^ I fthall obey your lady that sent it, and aeknow* 
lo^e you that brought it to be youi art's master 

R^r. \ am but a bachelor of art, $ir ; and i have the 345 
mcDdint; of all under this roof, from my lady on her 
down-bod to the maid in the pease-sirAw. 

W^ A cobbler, sir.' 

Rffg. No, sir; I inculcate divine service within these 
walU. 3S0 

WtL Bui tlie inhabitants of this hou-v: do often 
ennptoy you on errands, without any scrapie of con- 

^i*^^ Yes, I do take the air many moroinf^ on foot, 
three or four miles, for eggs. J)ut why move you that ? 355 

iV^L To know whether it might become your func- 

339 in thftlama] K4, lo(r«£l«ve4 b j aJ oaodcrn «tiOt &nt outvfltiof im 
thafsmi or all tarlinr «Ja- -. Col Sir Ko^r't Ldtic emty be *t bL«II- 

J3& rAt whm) All ««c*pr Qi cuntt fAi. 

317 a] Omxlf6 tn QQ5, 6. tA^ 8, iix 

339 n^lr-f^] ror vhidi wv II. L 37- 

145 *rt] orti, Ebc ruiliii|£ or Colmao tod Weber, b omiipporUd hj nnj 

3^ / imtukatt dipint HiWf J So all bal Q6, lUu V, lo, / Jfi mntimt 

351 b^AmT . . . <WHi-frw«]Daiihle»!nie,"ouald«rDurre]1{iouiVDarl(m,'* 

BPd ''nuke no coMcitacc oftcndinc ]roa oa«mDdi." 




tlfin to hid my iDan to neglect hi* hortc a !ittt«, lO 
attend on mc, 

Rog. MnsI |jfniirrl)'j sir 

W^L I pray you do ^, then, and whilst J will attend 360 
youy lady. You direct all this house in the true vay f 

Itof;. 1 do, dr. 

Wei. And thl5 door. 1 hope, conducts to your l^y ? 

R^g, Your understanding i« ingenious, [Exiunt stx^traiiy. 


ScEN£ tr 

A room in tkt houst fi/ titf Eldkk Lovelbks. 

Enter YoUNG LovelEk^s and Savii-, xviik a ^vriting. 

Sav. By your favour, Kir, j-ou «hall pardon mc, 

K £<w*- 1 shall beat your favour, air. Crou c 
more: [ .-lay they shall come in. 

Sav. Sir, you forcet me, who I am- 

WLove. Sir, IJoiiol: Uiuu Aiimy biotlier'^^itewurd, 5 
hw cast off mill-money, hin kitchen -an th met ic 

Stnf. Sir, 1 hope you will ntjt make »c) little of mc ? 

K. Lew. I make thee not so little as thou art : for 
Indeed there izpc^ no more to the making of a steirard 
but a fair imprimis, and then a reasonable item infbsed 10 
into him* and the thing is done. 

Sa^. K'Ay. then, yo\x stir my duty, and I must tell 


V, iurvK What wnuld^t thou tc^l) me ? hour hopft go ? 
Of hold dome rotten di^oune of sheep, or when Lady- IS 

3^ dW v^kiiit\ and mnnwlill^'. K- tl<nc rtirU tkt fohiit, 

el a!f\ Qmfllcr] b Ed, lOfinlj'. 
t^K I!,] Givciti tQUTelr a» p[»< W «!] oH c<it- Col'. Web. ThtQ. 

\^V ha*^ iijded 11, 93. i4, *o— 65, 117— 1»3. 

9 ^d/J Ql The r««E ^jdr. orvrlLXiking th4 pun Jn/lMwr. 
J f«*rf tm] F<1« A, in nmii in 

4 J^^jT^ !«/, »'*» / afji] Dytr <Mtffci^*»w of QQi^ *" ■' Q*» Erf. S, 
follovtd bj Colflum lind Webci/priW, /4«, a^fnClc &t io, F. fgUgwwl by 
TUeo. /ff'gvf wk9 / am. 

6 i*itcff\ KJ. H, followed by nil oodRfi edjL, ifrtertt % bypfaeo, alterio^ the 
■vntf, «vtii(nii "cut v//^ ''fflckan tip." 

10 impriml* . . , ntm\ Cym^im* I. tt, ?, "Though thf c«ribgii« rtf hw 
eodownieiiti hid befn ul^lcd by hli ildc. and I W penuc bim by lieroi.*' 

M tv] QQJ' ^ Web,. Uycc j-& tell: (be ttJt.grmi. 



(act I 

^y Cilb ? Prithee, Em wcU, tnd entertain my friends ; 
be drunk, and bum thy ubk>bo(^ ; &nd, my doir 
9pftrk of velvet, thou and I 

Sav. Guul «ir, remem ber. 

y. Lava. I do remember thcc a foolish fdlow ; one ao 
that did pQt hU tfUAt in tilm^nacs and horse-fairiKk ami 
rOM by boncy and poc-bvtter. Shall they cooc io >*» ^ 

5av. Nay, ibcn, 1 must unfold your brothcr'a 
pleasure, Thefte be the le«»on», «ir, he feA behind him. 

K L^x. Prithee, expound the firat 15 

Sav. [ffads.y I itaty^^ut ktfp myk&3tse,thrt^ ktmJrtd 
ftmmds a-ycatt atui my brother to diip^s^ c/ ti 

K Amor. Mark that, my vickcd steward,— and I 
dispose of it. 

Sav. [rmds^'\ WkUst he htars him^if Hkt a ^mtlf 30 
MOM, and my cndii fa2U net in kim^—^^xk that, my 
good young sir, rn^uk th^L 

K. Ljrt^. Nay. If \i be no mote, 1 shall fulfil it : whilst 
my leg?* vfill c^irry mc. I'll bear fn)'«lf gentleman-Iikc, 
but when I am dniiik, let them bear me that can. 55 
Forward, dear steward. 

Sav. [n^uis\ AVrr. it is my xtnit tkat ke bf fiimuh'd, 
as my ^tktr, miA atUHdandy apparel, and tht obcdtcnce 

K Lffpf. Steward, this is a5 plain xl& your old mini- 40 
kIn-brcccKcs. Your wisd<j<Ti will relent now, mill it no; ? 
Be mollified, or You undcr«tarKl mc,«ir Proceed. 

Sat: \rtads.\ Next, thai my ii^xcard kttp kis p/aet 
and pow^, and $^nd my br&tiut't wtfdntrt wUA Aif 

v. LtrtM, I'll hear no more of this Apocrypha ; bend 
it by itself, steward. 

l^/anvBdi\i.^ UrcrttdT(MA»a). 

IT Ad^f-JMj] ucmonuiduui-lfUoKj. Ct PolonEu In iTBH/r/, IL H. ij6. 


36 ^J S« all gQ. ; T. mmmUdM, 
41 miuiMm'Mtirkn} 

miPiWin " i< 'tinriLn^tivv ti "tniri/' O.M.G. mtmt^ 
"anUnt." Cf "nklmkic moutli/' /j^^. EIL si. 43. SArtJ ti wnTtfij ihv did* 

JJftji] So alJ, c««|rt QQ4— 6, Ed S/tf, 
w lurr f//iif i^MVf7/tdJF, followed by Thca, WetiL 
— 5 omit y. y6» Kdi X icv foTlo^ctf hj Colifn*fi, no rj 

4ti fiiTiT a fy iiuif] ibc Douay. mntl The AulboriBixT, Vfnjoni vnvt hdng 



S/Tv. This i« your brother'* witl; nnd, an 1 taloe itj 
he makc3 no mention of such company a^ you would 
draw unto you, — captains of S'^Wry-foists, jiiich as in $o 
a clear day have seen Calais ; felJows that have no 
more of God than their oathH come to; they wear 
sword* to roach fire at a play, and C'Jl there ihc oil'd 
end of a pipe for their guerdoii ; then the remnant 
of your regiment arc wealthy lobaccomerehants. that 55 
Kt up with one ounce, and break for three : together 
with a forlorn hope of poets; and all the^c look 
like Carthusians, things without linen. Arc these fit 
company for my mii*ter"i brcither ^ 

K. Lifvc I wilt cither convert ihec, oh« tbou pagan 60 
itteu'arH I 
Or presently confound thee and thy reckonincs. 
Who's there ? Call in the gentlemen ! 

Sav. Good sir I 

K Lov€. Nay, you shall know both who I am aod 
where f am. 

Sav. Arc you my master's brother ? 

K. JLifVfi, Arc you the *age mastcr-Meward, with a 65 
face Like an old ephemerides r 

diicau«il t6at. and cnmplcLfil lAio iFleny'i ^^. Clnuv. L c8l). The 
Apcjcrr^lu] fiouk*. fml '|W.1tcE^I tuiEclLfr iii Cotr^Klalc't BiU- *'*' 

Apcjcrrplu] fiouk*. fml '|W.1tcE^I tuiEclLfr iii Cotr^Klalc't BlUe IU5- vov 
pabduhvd wpimldjr 1^ 'jbvo Dcy uid WillUm $est»t Loiul- tU^ 9\ tn 
ISSB Affihliithop Whilflift mftd« order to A* Siuioit«n ihM oc tibl* thmld 

be tiovtid wilhoui Ihen, fend Ihtv held Ih?ir pliLOt Till iSa6. 

4S Tiftri tf ^^fMr i^^A^i itiil; eic^J The i-rTong lEKTricil undeney In iUb 
Ud urftit l«ti?r tfiHfbi^ eiiptidjiKy Iji^vHtfu'. W- II7 ir^^i,. danoiwunni u«ln 
■rmoKuv; ^ht vhulc fii:i:nt u vfrac, lUcucIl w< b»vc ^jhuIcJ vvno in « &ir 
plion*rn<ie il nu Kpanblt. 

jf> i^ey-/fiiiii\ b«r|>fa wLih 0A13. Dulch /HJf«, bvfv. ^ W^t ftr 9 
JAh/I» v., *■ triinm«l «;i U1« a fUle>-(oi«," 

cj rflfr-i ^ . , . ^avf/m] In onlPr To lnjht Their plPM ihty •*>uU! difl thft 
Wiinl nf thpir iwnivl IqEo a plro* of ihi* jiini]>rf.«Ei:tr1» lirjil tmnuldrring in 
Chf pkybnuvfor this and oihcr fuaiiifiiioi)- puipnTL In T)u AkiumiifSl^ \ 
*'fiiv of JuQipcf " d put of the tulijiLLHjjijiL'i iIlkIl Li*<[iidc' On the Idt of 
•food (Iwv michi dupn la foA ihc «il initirnnarcd icbaccu pulled cral of the 
boUnm of fhe pipe of tooiv ^ntokc r wh;> htdlul u>eJ il- 

66 *fiA/ntt'hift] Aii«rtd by ThfcihiM tnd C<^im&n E» tjtktmtrii, la ■Imaoac 
ndi u t u«wiu4l vnuM bt fEimltkr viih. c-?nitiniii( mrfdo^kml utd oihtr 
lofbrambcL £nvir« r*ce lugi^eitt ii> V^ Lcw«Jm ih« cn*ied afld ycUow cover 
of uith ui iitii»[uc. uf cite iltc frntrbed j^ciujc «f ■ {*CE thcrojo. Cviii- 
put IV, i, 1j9 "a iWcc At old hi Km l^cr*" The coApibticim in 
liu Und of rn« ■it/ologvTi William IJU7, ir* of Ui«r dtU, from iboui 1&40 







EnUrkis C^mraJis, OipUtn, Travdkr, Foci, amd 

S^oK Then God btlp all, I &ay t 

r. £^w. Ay, and \i^ vrcll sAid, vny old peer of 
France — Wclo:>me, K«ntlem«ii, vrelconu, i^ndemea; 
mine own dc^r Udii, you're rkhly wclcocne. Know this 
old Harry-groat, 

Ca^^ Sir, I will taJcc your love 

S*xr. [Asidt.) Sir! you will take my purse. 

Cit/V. And study to continue It. 

Sav. I do believe you 

Trtiv. Your honourikblc friend and master'* brother 
Hath given >'Olj tu u.t fur a worthy feUovr, 
And 80 we hug you, alt. 

Sav. [Asidc^ H'as g'^^'i himscK into the hands of 
But to be can-ed out.— Sir. arc these the pieces : 

K, Lovi. They are ihe morals uf the age, the virtues^ 
Men made or cold. 

JwKT. [j^Tf^^!] Of your gold, you mean, *(r. 

K L^, Thts 19 a man of war. and erica '* Go on." 
Anrt wear* hU colours 

Sav. [Asi<U.\ In's noM. 

K A(^v. In the frdgrartt field. 

This is a traveller, ttr, knows men and manners, 

66 rwl, oWTabuco-oiDnJ Not tpedfieJ n Ukff O'ti t^ IIm Tobacco 
u no F«n u4t£nF<L him eltlier ben or nbatqatflktlv, dioueb h« ii tJJud*! 
Sdril't l(Mi|- ijxtc}] ]uE klMif< ind by V L^vc f 96. Like Shift fcn ifwrty 



hu no nn u4t£nF<L him tkiha ben or ■ubvtqatflktlv, dioufib h« ii tJJud*! 1j^ io 

by Y Ijytt. i 96. 


IruQiLt in "*hc j.racil 

71 iibm^vH^ <mn of Hcniy VIII,, OA kbleh, uj^ Wflh>«r. ttul king 11 
r«pr*Hpl*d with foriG htii uiil loni- bc«. It o«cun idfo ia 7^ Wta^rit 
/WV, HI, ti 

&> /'■/ fip H e^r^id furj As 10 much doih or nmt or wine ifiii»bi be 
HUE uii die fluuiei'h bchUf fui j4^Eil>diJ<:iu aiuuiu the KiruiU of a KoumIm]^ 
"Bui** n Dvcc'» cmciKlaibti Tdi ''KoC'Df nil the old cdi,, which Cotouia 
«nd Wabvvinplrcimitifti' 

Sq /4f ^tfKAji.t. the Hum of wlue, in «|]iiftion to !b» cv>nf*ni[»tUAiu lem 
**lliiFTy'fre«1''iiiil Applied to hlraietr. In 7>mm t>f AJi^f, UL ti. ^3, "a 
thniLvnil p&dqm" it a large turn, 

Sj triu^Ctfrn" , . ./'ivTiwf^jCflCuaiiarc " my *jU pee; of FnftCe." 
4bov«. V. Lottleii^ nock^hciok utk ia aochi frvna the Cip^n, who bbudf 
borrewtfriun PliioL 





And h» plougfi'd up the %ex fto fsr, till both 

Tbc poles have knocked ; has necn the sun Uke coach, 

And can distinguish ihr colour of hh horecs. 

And their kinds ; nnd had a i- landcra marc Icnp'd there* 

SaiK 'Tis much. 

Tt^av. ] have seen more, sir. 

Sat'. Ti^ even enough, a' con-Hcicnce. Sit dowr, 
and rest you : you are at the end of the world already. 
-^Would you had u ^^ood a living, air, as this follow 
could He you out of [ h'ai a notable gift iii*t I 

K L^v^. This ministcra the smoke, and this the 

Sav^ And you the clothes, and mcaln and money. 
You havi^ A goodly gcnrTation of 'em ; pray, Irt thrm 
multiply ; your brother'^ house ifi big enough ; aridn to 
sAy truth, h'as too much land. — hang h. diit I 

K L^ve, Why, now thou art a lovint* stinkard. Fire 
off thy annotations and thy reril-bookN; ihoii hast a 
weak brain, Savil, and with the next lon^ bill thou wilt 
run mad- — Gentlemen, you arc once more welcome 
to three liundrcd pounds a->'ear. We wUl be freely 105 
merry; shall wc not? 

Ca^L Merry as mirth and wine, my lovely Lov^ett, 

Po€t. A serioua look ahall be a jury to excom- 
municate yiwy mftn from niif cvimpany, 

Trav^ Wc will have nobody talk wisely netthcr. 

Y. Lavf. What think you. gentTemcn. by all tbts 
revenue in drink? 

Gi^t. I am all for drink. 

Trav. [ am dry till it be £0. 

Po€i. He thai will not cry " amen " to thb. let him 
live sober, seem wise, and die o' tbe ocrum. 




U Hit heik iM p6hi Aciv twatk'dX I.a. «adL«d comufn vlt^ie ihe wlldeftr 
inuofaiUtitwi aiT facu Commit Tlnoo^ ipotuoplK Xn ^iM-''*x\\%i 

89 «Mr« lm£JiAirt\ l e. bf cov o\ K\\t hono uf Ihc lun. 

TOI Firt f^/fr vtnct^Hfmi, etc.] A> a mimcciipEbi hti fotf llnf-pJooc bcl»r« 

iia tVtmfJ^dm . . . mtitJuv} SnQQi.a.}: QQ4. 5, Cdr A, la woi<f 
mittiiA ntin^ lUtlAtr ; F- the lune v/\th k noieof inivtronilon. lUlovfid bv 
TUtvbuU tiA Ctfloixa, Q6 oi^dUiO} ib uUiiisxcccr foi iu^puiudc, leadinic IVtl/ 
JVM not t^tk ndttiy mtiiiurf 

116 '' /'i/ A*niMi] ^Q all QQ'i A o»Tuption of yMvif »— di« ■ jiulba«, P.^ 
followed by TliCQbald, rt«di c' /ih' Oris*, Col. . W«b , <^ U' ^utr^m. 



[act 1 

y. Z^v. It ihall be so; we'll have it al! in drink ; 
Lm fncal and kxlging go ; they're transitory. 
And sbow m«n incixly mortal. 

Tlieri well lutit; wcndte^ every one hb vrench, iso 

And every n'cclc a fresh one, — we'll ke^ 
Ncj jx>ift'*3et\-l flcNh- All these we have by wirnant, 
UrKlcr the litle of '^thinffs neccdsary " ; 
heir upon this place I ^oimd it, "the obedicacc or my 
people and all nccesnaries." Your opinlom gentletnen P ia$ 

O^ 1u plain and cvklcot that he meant vrcoche». 

Sav. Good «r, let n>e expound ic 

rq^V. Here be u lound men u yourvelf, dr 

Z'^/. This do I hold to be thr Interprctstdon of ft: 
in this tvord *' neccusuy " Ia concluded Alt that be helps I30 
10 iTiAii : u-oiTiJOi was inAde the fir*E, aiid ihcreforr l«rc 
the chic feet, 

K Z^nv. Believe me, 'tb a leanicd one : ;iiid by these 
words, "the obedience of my people," you, steward, 
being one, are bound to fetch u^ wenches. TJf 

Ct^ He is, he U. 

K Lvvt. Steward, attend ui for instiucticns, 

S^v. Bitf will yon keep nr> hoiwc., sir? 

K. L^rv€. Nothint: but drink ; three hundred pounds 
in drink. 

Sav. Oh, miserable house, and miserable 1 140 

That live to see it J fvood sir, keep some meat. 

K Z.IKV. Get us good whores \ and for your pait, I'U 
board y<Hi 
In an alc-hojKc \ you shall have cheese zt\6 onioni;. 

Sixv, [^W/.J what shali become of me. no chimney 
smoking ? 
Well, prodigal, your brother will come home. [EMt 145 

K hnv. Come, lad*» I'll wanant you for wenche**. 
Throe hundred poaoda in drink, {Bjeeunt ^mtus. 

tn'tiM Hvi lnil)« Mma "Kati poirdcr'd bml, rBmj|iand 

\ J9 iirimk] QQi ^ a r ihr rr *: <iW«*, Sir. 

144 iw rite«cr ja^'dv] Thii lu^x^sU tli4E the itevrud bu b««fi vent to 

14T ^vni l£gi«aai ttnna] Thv Biktb vul T«o nl»«it)«i qd&rlM tAA^ 
alUr LohIm^ Ua word, "Oimui. O brtvt LoTcUMf" Knd aZI th« nvdcrti 
•dilori *ic«pt Vfc* t«U«r th«m -, 1ml iht uEhonij of Q« it ^ai(t inBdftjUAtc 




A Bfd'ckami^r in rk^ Lady's ficust. 

Bnttr Lady, Wblford, andSJK Roger. 

La(fy^ Sir, now you mc your bad lodging* I must 
bid you Roodnifjht 

iVtrL Lady, if there be any want, 'tb in want of you. 

Lady. A little fileep will eafte that compliment. 
Once more, good-night. 

HW. Once mon^r <le«r lady, and then, all swoat 

Lady. Dear sir, be short and sweet, then. 

Wtt. ShaiJ the mcrrov 

Prow better to mc ? shall I h3pc my suil 
Happier by this night s rest ? 

Lady. U yinir -luil -%u >ickly, llwl rest will help it' 
Pray yo, let it rest, then, till I call for it. 
5)f. dA a stranger, you havx had all my welcome ; 
Bat bad I known your errand ere you came, 
Voiir passage had been ^traltCf. Sir, good-night 

Wd, So fair and cruel! Dear unkind, good-nighc 

[£aV/ Lady. 
— Nay. sir, you shall stay with me; 111 press your 

Ri^. Oh, Lord, sir 1 



Setrim L] WholEr u pr)«« in all old «^, Col.. Web. Tb*o. ««nifi*l«clf 
^4nr H If— p. to— III, 119— eo<l [acepi *»er»«ni'» fifth fcewhv Uacc 
VtnlAcdlb* vhfilr iHMfinpi II 118—77. iti— 115, 119— end We (olf^w 
Drcealmo*! innriiM)', iu]i^ini to Ihr Tcnr-piin U. 7< — 77, 1^7—^38. 

Er^ttr LiJy. iVti/^t 9n.i Sir /foetr] Thntdld*! MnWlloa tft tht oU 
tlM^-diiettJirD, SfT/tf L^, Ail uMr Afa'fJtmt Ift^^n^ I'liMMrA^f «W #fi(tf>j, 
for «Ma ¥A. to fcdil, iftcr mi/fr^, J^ca^ *iU /*<*^ 

10 iW//fi^ tt\ AlluBion lo whin. «hieh uintef tlie Mme of "tniajp" or 



[act u 

Wil Do you l<M^ tobacco ? 

^Ai^. Suf^y 1 love xt, but it Icnxs noC mc ; 
V«t, with your rcvcrcticc, I will be boW. 

liV/ ['ray, light it, sir. How do you tike it ^ 

^4!f. I promise you. it b notable ftinging gear so 

Indeed, It U wtrt.sir: Lord.bow itbfflf^sdo^-n rhtum! 

W^l Handle it agun» sir; >-ou have a warm text 
nf ii 

R^. Tlunlcs ever premiMMJ for It. I promise you. 
It b very powerful, ftn<). by a iropc, spiritual ; 
For ccft;unly it mc\-ed in ^uixlry places. 35 

WeL Ay. ft docs 9o, sir ; and mt. capeciaUy, 
To afikp sir, why j'ou wear a n^bt-cap t 

R^£. Aaaurcdly I will speak the tnith unto y<m. 
You shall iindct*tand. w, that my head U broken ; 
And by whocn ? even by that vixble beast, 30 

The butler. 

IV^l The butler ! Certainly 

He h-ul jill hi-<i (iiink ^lx>ut liiin wlicn he JiiJ it. 
Strike one of j-our grave cassock I the offence, dr ? 

/i>^g, Kcproving him at tray-tiip> air, fof ancarini^ 
You hax-e the total, surely, 35 

h^tl Von toird him when his rage was xt a^tilt. 
And so he crack'd your canons : I hope he has 

31 Hamdit xt ^fviJi) Th« pnclial Mn«t of Wttlcfil'a pan d thu Rcgtr 
ibctttd ffofk rbe i»b«oar bcrvfci hh Aiwen. 

33 /r»«0«0 Q'' HD^ modtfii edi. : tbc real MnutMsL 

30 Hii5jk Jaut] Obviuu Wm, with poaublG Hr](>tuiil ftllutioe to "ihe 
Ban of the bput" (PfotV Tbwtnld ntDted, on 5tsip*ob'i twratko. 
'■ ruAIv *< in tbe Mim of " riduttloM." 

11—79 l^^tt^tr i O^jMh^ . . , W^fi(WH.)TlMOb«MudftJ1c<li(on 
b*io« 1^« pdinied 1 hii *t pr«& 

J4 tn^rtfi "ThciV can," tty< WrVr OS13), "be Dodcmbi Lhu il nfdi 
pivciiclr (b« guof vtill luiwa gn (he tcniLnmt u ttii-tr^i, whkfa <ko am 

KCBllj <Ufl^T drmd '"■"'irmrfti 1" AAd b« adda a aot* fipoa Le Cnnd'i 
ilA^iu'to ibov iiildcad9»Uithc«]djBUMor««MM,pliVid tikh dkc> 
Nani' Qirntrj i|ikOt«a Iron MackwBtiri Jjttgf to thO« iKal «DM«>4 Itt U 
depaii!«d Da tb« throwing of Jft^vl Sir T0E7 mcmkuu il, T^i'f>fri ^if^t 
IX. V. 196. 

rt/fWttf- Wcl£ird puiu <xi the old M,£, atok U hV/.'^w, ie lirim, or piU; 
tbc aL>Uoa cf kound, (Icnred {rem iU iiMocUlioii wiih « bctl-Kif<, tctot ^uile 
■fcondvj. Thi huLltr't ratf** ^'"C ^^n^'^y rUi«d lika n auk, orfcnowt 
irith ■ pall. Ct Mi^^tl^ElCiii « W.rww A^von J*>Hrv^ V. i^ *'Now cotnM 
nT fi^ *^ ^^^ 1>1™ biihcr/' 




Not hurl your gertle rffodlng- Bui fhdU wt see 
These gcntlcwomcr* tooight? 

Until our fdlow Nicholas be ctcccascd, 40 

Th*t ia. juJcep ; for so the word is Ukcn i 

" To sleep, lo die ; to die, to sleep ; " a very figure, sir. 

We/. Cftnnot you CA^t another for the gentlewomen ? 

Rcj^. Not till the man be in hts bed, hi*; grave; 
His gmvc, Kis bed : the veiy same ^:a:n. dr. 45 

0»r comic pf*t give* the reason <wrrtly ; 
PUnus rimantm <si ; he is full of loopholes, 
And will discovrf to ouf patroness. 

Wti. Your comment, ^ir, hn:; mttde me underrtftod 

Eftur Martha, tht Lady's sisUr, end Abi<;.ul 9o 
them wilk a fiassft, 

R<^. Sir. be addrcis'd ; the Gfacc:^ do salute you jo 

With the full bowl of plenty. 
— la our old enemy cjitomb'd? 

Ahig. He'ft fast. 

J&ijf. And docs he snore cut supinely with die poet? 

Mar. No, he out 'Snores the poei. 

Wei Gentlewoman, thi? courtcay 

Shall biod a stianger to you, cvci youi jicrvanl, 55 

Mar. Sir, my sister's strictne&a makc$ not ub forgtt 
You are a stranger and a gentleman^ 

Ahg. In sooth, sir, were I changed into my lady, 

3K jrtur gmiU n«tfmg\ Stt ni>1r on IV. i. 34. 

4j CofT ^nathtf] i.t. figuffi. Hrtlda Ihe jtitn>LD{^c«l ifnu^ Ihm Mvmft 10 
be* pan im a fiFlim^-iaBt. 

45 Bn ifrffjv . . » ii$m4 4Xmim, iir\ The owdcru oLlon bivc rwu^^ both 
Ihb And L 4^ 41 An 4lfuiIon lo iUnlcl'f fanioiu lolitoqu^i bvt tlu*UDC «U«da 
tuthtt (0 Hftnilct's woTili abAui Foft*nb«i' loldiert, 

" TUb( tor 1 rviiiHi^. ft EricW of fvns, 

47 Pltfna rkifumia nl) Tlicub&Id vixrv Ehe rrfer«acv to TcttOM^i RummA 

44 po«Kl] hoi milk mrdlffd Vj wmc irrong mfaiioa. Tha won! ii of Ctltic 
cfkeu (Sk«fti> 

1) ,*M*« , , . ^^ Dyce rflfcr» db to Hof. S4f. t. 5, t% "ifgniuivo 




A gciitlcmftO 90 well Indued vrilh p^rU 
Should not be lo«t 

ii'^f, i thank yoti, gcntlcu-onun, 6o 

And rc9l boand to yon. 

l/iridc.] See how thi» foul familinr chews the cud ! 
From thee and three-and -fifty gooJ Love deliver rod 

Mat'. Will >-ou sit down, sir, and take a spoon ^ 

HV. I Ulce tt kindly, Udy. 6$ 

Mar, It is our beat banquet, sir 

J^^. Shall wc give thank«? 

WVi I have to the (^ntlewoman already, sir. 

Afar. Good Sir Roger, keep thai breath to cool 
your part o' the por»et; you may chanoe have a 
scaldi^e £cal el»c: an you will need^ be doing, pray. 70 
tell ynur twenty to yourself.— Would you coitld like 
thb. sir I 

IVt/. I would your sfstcr would Ifke me as well, 

Mar. SuTe.sir.ihewouldnoteAtyou. Butbani^ithat 75 
Imagination : she's only wedded 
To hcrK:lf. lien with hemdf, and Uncy herself; 
And for another husband than herself, 
He may knock at the gate, but ne'er come in. 
Be wls^rir: she^ft a uoman, and :l trouble, Sq 

Andhaahcr many faults, the least of whieh ts 
She cannot tore ytm. 

AbtE. God pardon her ! she'll do worse; 

Would I were worthy his least grief. Mistress Martha I 

Wd, \Ati4t.\ Now 1 must osvrhear her 

Mur. Faith, would thou }iad?»l tlicui all, with all my 85 
heart I 

62 Su ktm . . . tia^t tkt €wi\ £ p- rttpcau wliU Mulhft hta Jul Mi± 
t c^lIuioI fiod lh«I Uiii >ct»ri vn ittnbuicd [q vitchc* or enl i^U ja 

Kaerftl i but Iht Lcfuic*! uwKJdEicn of \\ vith a diridod hoof ib«]r ponCbly 

66 Mnfwrj The Eli^bcllii^ ktm Ii thai of ■ dcaen or tlight tvFHtion 
fDj-cil. Cf Cmtom o/tJtt t'^mnery. III. IL 1 : f/.^Kuf Mtm^t FMimm. V- Ui ; 
f^]^Frir*Js,\\\.\\ In /fflw mrf /■>'.. T, ». isj.sihI 7»imo^^/lrtJ, T 
iLi6d.'*b Lrldli]2lijollibb«DqiM:E"uu] ^'ao idle Unquci'' ■r«ollnd(o Udin 
who hxtn Iccft diflda*. 

6r itftiifwoa^tm] QQi, 1, Ed*. S, to^ «Ad Weber, All Othci ed«> jvWJr 
&VM^. CT' WcO/ord'< lui ipHch, 

71 n// ^irr /nwTur^I i e 'inpr ynnr rhildiih nrp^tiiiont. Cf. I'^lf'* f^f* 
mttkaffiUfJMr, Pl 17 (Pceherjrp'i KeprintK 'thcDmie of ^iibunecaa itil 
t«?Qik'|u]»h «Ub. I iliinl:, tonic reference tv Loitdt. 



I do not think they would make thcc a d^y older, 

Adrg. Sir, will yon put m deeper? 'tis the sweeter, 

Mar, Well said, Old-sayings. 

Wrl [Asu/t.\ Shp lontcH like- one indeed.—' 

Gentlcwomftn, you keep your word : your tiwect self 
Ha:* made the boltom sweeter. 90 

Adif[~ Sir, 1 begin a frolic : dare you chAnf^, sir ? 

IVffL Myacif for you. su ^Ica^sc you. — 
[As$dtJ\ Th^t Kmile has tUTU'd my stomach. Th]« is 

The old emblem of the moyle cropping of thistles. 
Lord, what *i hunting head »hc carries 1 sure* 9 j 

She has been ridden with a martinpalc. 
Now, Lovc> deliver met 

Jiog. [Asu/f.^ Do 1 drvfun, or do I wake? surely I 
knotv not. 
Am I rubb'd off? is this the way cf all 
My mominjt prayers ? Ob, Rof:er, thou art but griiK^ lOO 
And woman as a flower ! Did 1 for thia 
Concufne my quarters in meditation, vows, 
And woo'd her in UctvicaJ Bf^iitUs ? 
Did I expound TA* Otv/P 
And undertook, with labour and expen^te, 105 

'99 OUfjj^^]Ci nt. i.43"«Mftaftg«k"Mid '■S«itciio«>"u4rickiuBie 

for lie piuient Cterlraoni in /^'kt A\fNf iifnfJtmaH, V. i., mUndii^ to ntch 

(CptlHtioni fjf pfcrhy ilirta u ihe Snettiiftit /Wri//L, Sna/nfitt jYvtier^taffi, eic- 

^ mayie] mule: Wclfrfnl wrmk lo he rtmlntlcd of ft by Alii£Ail*t tioo|ririji 

uttt the bnwl i KT vbai fulJows. 

96 twrfif^x"^] ^A i''^" ki^d, 1 [ti»[tiD|^U li B iliw fanning a io<;iLi over a 
b«ie'«rLcd( Mid »h<>i]Mi:ri Hf^J ULnic*! iduug t« the flna oodcncAib (A iUcp the 
Mddl« ftttnx »lippiii^ b)u:kttiT(tL Jho j^rvMAl fiUMfl* Mdcna t& imply wxihtt 
ioin«<rtiip to lurpththtfofl dovn Cf MuuTtj[»r'(i aAOi^ ^ /Aiiuvr, J. iL JO, 

" Hold in fout hmd. 
Or jvii mukt lu^G a inartlngRL" 

IcdTbeolMJd To rod "oircHu/' tnoucli Uier «diior» fcturAC>d l« ibc lr\c end- 
ing. CoUnii|;« ■Q:|;j:vE«d '*<|uirt«" (t-tpAprr), nppotiuj *'t|au1«R"(ohftv« 
Mpn iDbtntnrtd by rhv pliyert, who tailed to recwtiH the ptLHigv At hink 
wne. PoBilily '^quanrn" nieuu the Iniervxli ^hr(« houn) heivten the 
f«rlMU iloun.— jiilme. icta, wjii, ncJTic. ctc^. nl which (he dm^sltjii would 
hvn lorcpett uofBc«; lh« pbtuanvmLnE the muni. 

lOS iMfttt tfi iwi) QQr, t, Ji F., 4n4 dJ modern <dd cxcvpl DjCf^^wbc reads 
inch di« nM fWAnWifW. 

t03 HefoLal lipntla . . . 'ITia Owl] '*Theal)uiiOB ti hew to ih* Mem* ol 

Ipub, J^97] kJid TiA^ CM"— a utira, Ani piiUMica in % quartQ pampMei. 

c c 


t ACT n 

OTltatt o«r hoMvr'd ITngBrhMiB, N>dt Bmoo ? 
H«veld<»etkn,«Rdm I done Uws Id .' 

I vill okl wtih tfar wte iBftH. aad ^r, i to 

" He tkut holds ft voAui has an ed bf Ae tafl.* 
J/inr. Sir, ^tii K> l^ti^ and onr cutaiaconKSl (mean* 
poaa e t] bythtf itgro«s to cold that twt aa 
pajt kngcr to ooU yo^ hoo j^ouf Rst* 
Let irtut the botae hu be ax yovr oommaad, ^. 115 

IIVZ Swtrt reatbc withyo<^hdy5 aadtoyoo 
What yxitx dcate toa 
^^^. ItslioaldbcaocDcsodiCDCMltbiBClilBcytMiracK 

[Exmmi Uaetua m^ Abicaiu 
HW Hc»ai Icnp tnc Craa that ODnc* and all my 

Good aSEht, Antiqait>'. 120 

AAf. [AsuU-} SfiUmfif mistrHs s^om JM wu drioHg: 
But falonc 

Wii. Learned >ir. wiU yoo bid my man oooe to me? 
and. reqyctting a mater racsMuc <ji yoar learning 
good-n^it, ffood Master Rog^, l^j 

j^i"^. Good sir, peace be wiih yew ! 

iVH. Adiru.flr»T Ocimine. [nrtl Rocul] Half:^* 
doien njcfa 
In a fcin^doin would make a man forswear concession ; 
For who, that had hut half his wits about him, 
Would commit Oic ct>ua««l of a acrkius sin 130 

To «tich a cfcird nigkT-caip ? 

AneMi'i caden pfabe b teed im ; W «v MM «CKi>| « Ihc tHae ol lUi 
pWa piQ^cdoa titi09— iCtol uf to Ae^fct i» b«e «oJ E* t«a«. 

fit Ao^MiA . . - 'ii -' 'iTtiij I Tt rni r I n^'fl ■ !■!■; 

I> ■■ Bt» 10 )»id M u elc 17 tlw c^^ ; q»c«d £mfAma (EC Arik, p. 97^ 

l*T SoAuMS, «tc-j The k9t K ai mfrtktrU. aot ciMncal, ongtiL U 
Cl W rt-rtc a— '1 Kj MM f f Tk^ t92, *« te«* * For Mia ilnvwH love Ifi 
bi^oe/To tew blf Una to pcTM ud dtoot \ <« wfckk PmC 



A J^. L J»B. rad th» Abl* 4^ lh* F«i vlto htt! lOtf UmH" 



EnUr SERVANT, drunk. 

Why, how now ? 
Shall we have an anCic? Wh(>^ hl^ad clo J'ou carry 
Upon your shoulders that you jowl iC 6o 
Agaljist the post ? is*l for your cAsc, or have 
You Men the cellar ? where are my ftlippera^ ur? j 35 

S^nf^ Here, air, 

Wfl. Where, sir ? have you got the pot vordsgo } 
Have >ou seen the honc», six ? 

Srrv. Yc5. sir. 

Wfl Have they any meat? I40 

Sfnf Faith, sir, itwy have 3 kind of wholesome 
nuhc3; hay I cannot cftll it 

JiV/ And ro ^>roveiK!er? 

Sifv. Sir. 30 I take it. 

^r*/ You are merry, sir ; and why so ? 145 

Strv. Faith, »ir, here are no cats to be cot, unless 
you'll h^vc 'em in porridge; the people ait so mainly 
gfiven to >tpoon'nie;it^ Vender's a cast of coAch-marod 
of the Eentlewoman'i, the strangest cattle ! 

WfL Why? 150 

Sav. Why^ they are transparent, air; >'ou rr>ny »ec 
through them : and wch a house I 

Wfi. Come, sir, the truth of your discovery. 

Stn*. Str, they are in trtbes like Jew-s ■ ihe kitchen 
and the dairy make one tribe, and have their (action 155 
iind ihcir Tom i cat ion within thpmsdvr-"*; thr huttr-ry *nd 

lU jv»^ Old tAuM<t Dm/fJi. h h the vmcwvid, Bicoine "Ibrow," 
*'duh," AA m At YoH Lii* It, r m. (9. *'Jovl b»m« Xa^'sihtar," &n<i 
Aain^p V. t. K^ *' jDiv:i 11 to the fround, ' 

t^f ffii ivrtiu^J Sfi «ll Eh« (lUl nit- rifrpl F/l. to, vhi^h, Ifillowcd by 

^wotnltl. OjI,, WFli,,rrac]^ " T'ot^Trr'-i^ri/' /.r ilrj-ziiiru rniin ilrinL l^trihtf% 

which \Vct}?r noifi] mnxniTtiiif ^u i prepn (wincl in Tkt iVomaH't Priu, IV, L, 

I ft SpAabh wuril cneuuDic "c&^^^iLiionci" j nhkih l«J Norn U> tbc forced 

t4l Mtf] coupU, pmJT. t:r. V, ir, Jf7, 

" tht \ml ctil nf 
SdTf [Adiei I' Ihe hSnicdoD." 
151 f/n v/Qrfn/l t)c<au4e ill'lei}, 

1^ Jv, /4i^ dn M iriUj, U^ /ntj) Thcolitld tJrinLi thb »pccch, *ml the 
iTCaudcdc* of Lh« iccna, u vent. W< iKirik I>y« ^oct bcUei to Veep Jt in 
tpnse, ttimtacndiiw that Ihit irnl nom* oih«f partiooi cf iIm K«nF irhicb li« 
lADd *e) Va^ Itvf (In proie " w«c onuirmltT in v*ne. but thjrt thr lot hew, 
ta in min-r fstbirr pbce* of thit comedy, |i lilgMly KnrnpTfd." 


[*CT n 

tJie hmmdky an aaoifacr, nkd thav'a ao low knt ; the 
^unfaen tuv entire; aad vlBl'ft done Acn b HMBewfiat 
faigbcr tfaan my knovlcdfe; but thift I aim ssre, b e ljwj e u 
dieic oofNiLuknu^A onuiGCf b kept nitoocia* that b, 160 
tetSK B«t of ftD this, the dhck. sir 

HV2 Wlato^tbat,ttr? 

Sfr. Faith, sir, I vID handle h as the thiia and yoor 

Pticocc will give rackaivt; TUi dnDk.€rlh« ooolxng 
ap, of whioi ihree yoonfiib Idlb the cat e mui e, a 165 

pint broodj the cold palsy 

IV4I Sk, yon faeUe the hoox. 
Str. I wiMild I d*d,sif1 Bvt as 1 an a tmc naa. 
If twm fast one dcgrre aider, ooUimg bat an ajvt's 
boof voold hold it 170 

RW I UD gUd €n*t, iJr ; for ir h had ptov^ 
Vuu hftd bt^ toagtic-tM of Jiesc coouocndatiocu. 
Light mc the candle, tir : IH bear no caore. [Bxtmmi, 

^ mnpv in ilu k^mu </ />ltf ELDER LOVELCSS- 

£ft/^ You If G Loveless Md ku Comndee^mi^ Weachee 
aW two Hddkfs. 
K Aittqr. Coo^e, my brave man of w^, trace out thy 
And you, my learned council, sit and turn boys; 

I&S *«''^3 So ill o]4 cdL . wUch Coliua B««[l«Bir ^«4 tA i^A 

druMCic iMprvphelT oTpikUjiig wadk '■■^''^ xotD ihc uhA of a fcrruu 

Ml. S^ntttien id Ansdiii vc of « ccUneu BorUl Iv ihc diin^, *nd *blc lo 
«nc(n<« cwryllBiip vutpt a bont'i boof— m riaiarch uid .KIUb mr la'i 
bW^: tn Amia» Pliny trvl ViTmviDi t, muli^'i : in v^TtrirTiti rutiim, »aei^%. 

&.1AK IljWholij In prue, cuxpt a t— is* IntllolAciU, C<lmfli >4ded 
to the fcTM p*rt ooljr U, St— A liieobdrl vtalfi«d«ll evcept oar tt^ J9— S4« 
t*0-i|j, I44^14T«I(«— 1^161— 16s; WcbciftllcKcpl 11, |6--15« j^-«|. 

«-j6, iM-ur <6i-i*it t>r« *i» "otpiii. 4»-j4, 68—j*, i-H-Mr 
« (dIJov Df cti vLth vtfy triflmi' tihipge, acid Ihe AddMioD to tns v«n* ma 
or II 48-54. 

3 rit and fnrn A^rl Hi \% ibF rAulrnfl nf K; alE QQ. «a; Theo, rnd 
iiir aw/miic* A»rit ana tlw comna ibiu Jnantcd wki rcpiodncvd «tdi twra 
tj inbitqaflDi cdd. Id i^ ik»iiualoa of tbv tciue. 


Kiss till the cow cotnc home ; ld»$ dose, kiss close, 

My modem Poet, thoo shalt Iciss (n couplets 

EnUr it^tt^ IVimf. 

Strike Up. you mcrr>* varJcts, and leave your peeping ; 5 
Th" is no piiy ftir fiddlers. 

Cafit. Oh, my dear boy, ihy Hercules, thy Cjiptain, 
Makes thcc his Ilylas, his delight, his I 
Love thy bnive man of war, and Jet thy bounty 
Clap him In shimoU : let there be deducted lo 

Out of our main potation, live marks 
In hatchments to adom thb thish, 
Cramp'd with this rest of peace, and I will fight 
Thy battle*. 

v. Love. Thoii shalt have't, boy, and fly in feather. 
Lead on a march, you michcrs. I5 

^nUr SAVtL 

Sop. Oh, my head, oh, my heart ! what a douc and 
ehange is here I 
Would I had been coM i' the mouth before thb day. 
And ne'er have lived to see thiK diiiT^oLuUon ! 
He thAt livci within a mile of thiJi place, 
Had as good flecp in the perpetual ac 

4 mtittrn /Vf] nniiiiAfy, m Djnse uyt, quotlpc III. iL. vhMO Y. Love Udi 
th« C&p^»Lin '*TuU yiiat udaU Poet tvllli joa. Ip Uh iL 35 th< Opi^Q 
Bpij>Iick ihc Kiuic ct>Ubct Eo [he Poc!- Cotapite "nuJcm lumcnucion.'* /f^m- 
ami/MJ., Ill- Li- fio. 

4 Mill BM .-/>t»/ifis] i,t. wiih two womm, or cIk tb« Po«t ulo fowiLlml 
tuv u.<] r>t coni«n( tvith amltiaij hii thynn pftLr. 

5 ^M*g\ t c- ip^flfi <^ tIia erii3e±tTnpnu in progicsL 

II Jht mark! in itc/^&mm/i to athm tkit thi^K Cnamfd f^vT^t /Afi fui 
^/^OTfl Ad 0,E, nnTl = iv. ^p Dycv quolct R. Holme'* Aiio^mt of 
Armrryt i^S^B. ill. ^ 91 1 "/ja^Ai^, it 10 ijlTTr 01 gild fhvhill wid pofofll 
of a »wor<tof huigtr. Sctt«nJ (oftfolWed] WHOfcd !*> rrtd "™j'of hhc," 
am! aivd«if40d chv C^pUin fc dwr* hit rvitrmrJ nfurbuhrd, WcIhIicvf 
Ihai *' hiarthni<'ni«" 11 ii«M in lh« nior^ gen^nl ttnt* fi it^nrnnirtil {whifli 
Djrae BMint I0 n^sni) ; nnd ili>i ■hai the Cipudn mllf ^v ^rcn it pl^niy of 
(0M-l«C« Cuin^ oj: "fttanlb" on bU acw br?mhci< hj> Icici hnviDg been 
ifini^ of fAtir eratf if\'mJaur &y ^k ef tmfl/ymtitt. 

14 Jfy irt fiatker\ VVjbff mpnofft u iillodati 10 the pnvftlBaL ^hioik«i 
wtwjiig fHtiifn. Mcnc probably ii » usvd gtfiMrall^ i>r l4»kiD|E nutrt' 

If «»i->*r;J -lUfWrn. ■kufken— knutci" lDy«). 

U4, erf A<W, ptcj Kr<)m thti po^nt aowuili the old ed^ e^ve ifac scene 
u prow. IE wiu fini nmuigod u metre by TlieclmJd. We hftvc rullovr^, 
tbo^ch ODl ifilb ^bvuluk n^cTilf, [b« ftrtanccmcnt vf Dye*. 





Noi«e of an Eron cntH. Thne'f a dead loesi 

Of drink i' the cellar, tn which goodly vcascb 

lie wrack'd ; and In th? middle of thh ddtige 

Appear tfw tops of flagons and blackiAcks, 

Like churches drowti'd T the marshes. 2J 

KJUvtv. What, an thou cofne? myswoctSirAiniaa. 
Wdoomc to Troy ! Come thmi ^ulx ktx» my Hckai, 
And covrt her tn a dance. 

Strv, Good sir, coDsidcf- 

K Lctv. Shall we consulef , gentlemen ? hovr say 

C^^ Consklcf ! that were a simpk^ toj', V &iUi ? 
ConwdcT ! whose moni's tfa4t ? 
The man that cries "conntder" i* omrfoe: 
Let my steel know him. 

K LoTv. Stay thy dead-doing hand; he must not 
die yet: 
Pnthec lie calm, my Hector- 

Cafit. Peasant ilavc I 35 

Thou groom composed of grudging:^, live, and thank 
This ({[cntleman : thou Itadst seen Pluto else : 
The next ''consider'* kills thcc- 

Trjiz'. Let him drink down hh word again in a gallon 
Of sack. 

Po^r 'Tis but a snufT: make k ixh> gallon«« <40 

And let him do it kneeling in rcpcntanoe. 

Sm\ Nay, rather kill me ; there's but a layman lost 
Good Cftptairu do your office. 

K /.^^^ Thnu shult drink, rOeward; drink aitd 
dance, my sleward,^^ 
Strike him a hornpipe, squeakers I — Take thy ^iver, 45 

11 OH irrm miH) A^uo in Tlbf IF^nuj /VtK, IV. y. xj. JYttn «m 
IlitU aBftdhmtiT m EfifiUad bcfon the cighc««Dih ccntBi^t b«l Mr. TnUl 

iSiitU/A<^glm^, wl. ,1. p. IMJ. oaiDini>iilLi]{-oii thc«pftauaB«ftnAel»lbe 
int fbiTy jvan of the i«Yvai«tQit, b»t«« lb« odtiaaev ix * M-aUJ foe mttJH- 
|n|{ HtEh pit fnvl, jinil ■ gnat Iftnm tnibllog one peton to da l«e acg^ 

jA Sir Ami^] EAt, fi, id. Sir ,£n«Jj. 

43 tktw/t Uu ' Xo;"»4ff ^/] Prcv4rbial «xprfaioii rtninilcaAt ot «itHr 
dati vihfn the EJIiuroli vqi Iliet(il« fiMiniam of riutractioo, uiil ioai« form of 
■flilUclon tfl hcf iJitf naiiiraf [ivti of iflvuiCcmeikL 

4) ifittfr] TLcutjaJil't cincniluiuji Tut irrttrrofal] tbculil edi. "^tifC,'* 
fcc«»jiu it an obwIeEf urm fi^f iU«i. Ffovi vhtdi "ktitet," a Jlnimpcl- la 


And pfioc her till she stew. 

Saxf. Sure, sir, 1 cannot 

Dance with jrour gentlewomen ; they arc too light for 

Fray, break my hea^l, and let one go. 

Ca^r He shall danc«, 

He shall dance, 

y. I.<fve He t;hall d&ncc and drlnk^ and be 

dnink and danee, 
And be dfunk ag^ifi, xiid sh^l <>ee no me^t to a year 50 

Post. And three quartcrSn 

K JU^iv. And three quartci^i be it. 

\Knt>tking UfitMn, 

Csfii. Who 1cnock> there i 

Let him In. 

Sov. l^Asiiii^] Some to deliver me, I hope, 

Entfr ELDER Loveless, disguistd. 

E. Lczv. Gentlemen, God save you all ! 
My bustne:is i» 10 one Master Ijoveie^s. 

Cafit^ Tills Is the ii:cntleman you mean ; view him, 55 
And take his inventory ; he* a ri^ one, 

E. Lov€, He prombca no leas, txz. 

Y, /•OCA Sir, your business? 

E. Love. Sir, I :^houJd let you know, — yet I am 
loadi, — 
Yet E am «worn to \ — would some other tongue 
Would speak it for me! 

y. L^vt, Out with it, i' God's name I &> 

E. Lovt. All I desire, sir, is the patience 
And suAerance of a man ; and, good lir. be not 
Moved more 

y. Lot't, Than ;i pottle of tack will do \ 

Here is my hand, I'dthec, thy huiilnc»? 

R. Ijmt. Gtxid sir, excuse mc; and whatwcver 65 

You hear, think mui^t hnve been known unto >'0U \ 
And be yourAcLf discreet, and bear ft nobly. 

Ji an/ tkrt4 ^tKtrffft 6a fij Y. Ixtcl^i* tftfdenlr KccpAi %.Uc "null 
Pttm** pomilcu feddirEon. 

mttif Amftffn ^wmn r.i fWit] i ', vtanrr nr litrr yav muiT hirr hmd 

«r ii. 



[act n 

K. L^V€. Prithee, despatch mc- 

R, L^tv^ Votir bfothc r*4 d^ail. str. 

K Lew. Thou dost not mcftn — de^d dnink f yo 

R. Ijrvt. Ncj, no; ilntd «ii»t dniwiiM ^l >c4, Mr. 

K jC^w'^. Art sure he's <tcad ? 

£- AoTTf, Too Mj»c, sir 

K itfw. Ay, bui art thou vtry certainly sure of \x ? 

£. Ztftv. As sure. sir. as I tell il. 75 

K £^Ev. But art thou mre he came not up af^ain ? 

£. Lavt. He may come up, but ne'er to call you 

K Ltrvt. But art sure he had water enoug^h to drovn 

E> LtfVi, Sure> «ir, he w^inted none. 

K /,<rtv. I m>uld furt Iwvc him want; I kivod Hro 
better- ^ So 

Here I forgive thee ; and, i' laith, be plain ; 
How do I bear It? 

& LoV€~ Very widely, :»ir. 

K Ztfcv. Fill him some uHne. — Thou dost not nee 
oie moved ; 
Theie trannitoiy tn>'« ne'er troubles me ; 
He's in a better place, my friend. I know 't 85 

Some fellows would have crit^ now, and have cnrsed 

Ard fAlIm otil with their me^t, and kept a pudder; 
But All this helps not. He w« too good for us ; 
And let GtjJ keep him I 

There's ihc right use on % friend. Offwilhthy drmk ; 90 
Thou ha*t a *pice of sorrow makes thee dry. — 
Fill bim another. — Savll, your master's dead : 
And who am 1 now. SaviJ ? Nay. Ict'i^ all bear it well : 
W!|>e, Savil, wipe ; tcart ire but thrown away, 
\Vc shall have wenches now ; shall wc not* Savil } 95 

Suv. Vei, Kir. 

87 f^tdJ$^^ OI4Fr rorm of ^^nHfur," ud the md^nf^f rhe FF. la Km^ 
Imr, UL li. so. 

' ' the freikt |k4» 
Which knp Ihij dnudful pqdilcr o'er curlindi." 
ProT. Sk«Ai qi4o1«t M. k'- /HVf*v4, la poko iboul, fmii lliv Amnm Ank 

95 ik^ n» met, Satr/ ^J Aft'^ thmt wiw\t QQt, 9 iium " Unnke lo my 

96 ii>]OnlyiDQQi. J, 6, tih.Bk m Dyn, 



y. Xtfw. And drink innumerable ? 

Sav. Yes, forsooth, sir. 

K /^fiv> And you'll strain courtesy, and be drank a 

i^^nr. 1 would be glad, sir, to do my weak cnde;ivour 

y. Lcvf, And you may be brought m time to love a 
wendi too ? 

Sav. In lime the sturdy oak, sir 

K. Zmv, Some mere wine lOO 

For my friend there. 

E. Lovt. \^Andt.\ \ shall be drunk anon 
Kof my good news : but 1 bavc a loving brother, 
ThalS my com fort. 

Y. L^€. Here's to you. air j 

Thi* i» the worst 1 wish you for your news : 
And if [ had another elder brother, 105 

And say tt were his chance to feed more FLnhes, 
I diould be Ktill the same you see me now, 
A poor contented gentleman- — 
Marc wine for my frJend there ; he's dry again. 

B. Love, [Aiidf.] £ shall be, if] follow thin beginning, tio 
Well, my dear brother, if I sca^^e this drowning, 
'Tis your turn next to sink ; you shall duck twice 
Dcfoic J help you. — Sir, I earukot drink more; 
Pray, let mc have your pardon, 

r- LtnM, Oh, Lord, sir. 'tis your modcrty! — More 
wine; 115 

Gn-c him a bigger gla». — Hug him. my Captain : 
Thou shalt be my chief mourner. 

C^t. And tliii my pcnnoa — Sir. a full carouiC 

TOO /r fittu tht ttU'Jy AtJ) Ta i]lufel(iil« ihc proverb SavQ li litttfaiuniEt 
DjrcB fdcn u* 1*3 Wtthiii'i //t.nJaiHpiirJuii. Sutiuci 47 — 

"Id timi ili< |3u]J ih bii-iufihC 10 wcarc the Toakc ; 
In lim* 4II hp(gr*4 lUwkciwill >loop« Ine Lars; 
In rime inntr wedgcwill tlmie (he trvHipH OaVt ; 
In llmr ihf MiftJf WfHtn with vnk«T ^rwm.^' 
Kyd'iSfHtm'A Tra£fdy, ttL l i, miiii;uofc4l the IhirJ Un?'-"ln lime mmU 
wcdvodtauo iba hwdat Ookc'*^; Don FttUo [MuJk Ado, T. L 26)} mi*' 
^ualoiibv Ant— *'laUnc the Hnue bull dotb tw (ho yoka " j and a v«rM 
^iTA4F*Si^ Antvftff -Old Ba/Jadi, HEted for tlw fW Socirtr by Colliir, 
p' S9. bu. "The iTurdyokv >.^ krythp^^ «lc, CT Orid. 7>*r/. IV., b. 

tO& /WHun/EiA/rJSAQi, Wi-h ind Dyer l ill a^iia tdt./t^ ffadtSeettS. 

liS /ij> o^/Vjaim] El^t'^ln^ an mipiy tJadi^juk, ■«hiclt lie ptoi>uKk lu 

BH u ■ UtatraX plum*. Tlie orisbtl cf Ihc vord 11 that of ibc primiiivc 


[ACT n 

To you, and to my lord of larKt here. 

£. Lovf^ \Aiid*-] Ifecl&buuingiQmybr^ins; pray 

God %io 

The^ bear thie out, and I'll ne'er tvoubk them. 
So iv agauL-^l IcTc's to you, sir, 

>'. X^Y, To my dear «teward. 

Down o* your kree^, >'ou infidd, you p^tnf 
Be dnink, and penitent. 

S4iV,. Forgive mc. 3tf. 

And nt be anything. 

Y. L4rtf. TlKo be a bawd ; iij 

II] have thee a brave bawd. 

£. Lcix. Sir, t must take 

My leave of you. my bu^ncss is so urgent 

Y. JLav^, Let'K have a bridling cast before you ga— * 
Fill'ft a new sloup. 

E. /-wv. I dare not, fir, by no mean^. 

y. Love, tiave you any mind to a wench ? I would 1 30 
Fain gratll>' you for the pains you took, sir. 

E. Lcvf. As little t^ to the t'other. 

K JLtfr^< If you find any stirring, do bujt say 40- 

E. Lifff. Sir, you are too bounteous: when I feel 
lh;«t rtebing, 

You shall assuaf:e it, sir, before anothet. 13$ 

This only, and fkrcncll sir : 
Your brother, ^^-hcn the *torm wa* most extreme, 
Told all about htm, he left a will which lic^ do9c 

r J T, fnmtt • ftmm trnt tn fcq] viu "» KTm-T plume oi hnnrh nf A0ithri«"LFLeri6)| 

iiH ecnwrf] S^ in all old edk, ciupEQl rrwu 

Til 7^\ L •, bit hnEn r to <J<Ji> 9^ 3. ¥, Tht olhtr old cdi. foltonvd 
bjr Thea pnaied /, mliundfntitidiiif; th« rercrrncr of ih^y^ 

130 tf MfflHg eaj^ WrtL rtghtly wilalni ii u equintcot 10 Lb? Itirhluid 
Itru "dour^rink," i. & tlrnuii OLif. Bal Skeltuu auplio il rtdwi <o oke, 
" WLiAt, loo, RiAi>, «ech<rcof<ljec a nle ! 
A bryddnift ooit for th«i ■• in thy mdi/' 

Itt tiH In iVimfm mtAtt^. II- vU, " 111 n« tw long ; a bridlm^ ckC, asd 
•v»T. weni:h/' U iadtADiic ; Inil \>ya{a^ ikv, nT) iiuulo uwther dM i^ll 
ift KTejcEic? (Ei)*9iiiii^ ifsn^ D. IMcuifr'i /Auu But^pii iii unuiMfr' — '^ 
<^.Ftf mtmnd ttrnt n^. i6rS. Sig. D. 3, 

Ai HutrrrViiu v4fU Muecno bridduu cut** 




Behind ft chimney in the malted chamber. 

And so, as well, sir, ^u you have m^a tnc able, 14O 

I take my leave. 

V Lotf. Let us embrace hfm all. — 

If you grow dry before you end your bu:iincu. 
Ptay, take a bait here ; [ have a fresh hogshead for you. 

Sav. [DrTdnM] You shall neither will nof chtKfse, sir 
My master is a wonderiul fine gentlctiiim; hns * fine 145 
BtatC, a ver}' line statc» sir : I am his steward, sir. suid 
his msLTi. 

E. Love. [Asidi:\ Would you were ycf^r own, tlx^ as 
I left you! Well, 
I mu«t east about, or all sinter 

Sav^ Farewell, gentleman* 

Gentleman, gentleman 1 

E. L&vc. What would you with me. *ir? IJO 

Sav. Farewc!l, gentleman t 

B. Laiv£^ Oh Hleep, ^ir, ^leep ! \Exii £l„ LOVELESS, 

K Lw€, WcU, boys, you sec wlial's fallen ; let's fn 
and <lrink. 
And give thanks for it 

Sav. Let's give thanks for X 

K Lovt. Drunk, as 1 live I 

SatK Dnink, as I Ifvr, boj'sl 

K Love. Why. now thoii art able to di^harge thine 
office, 155 

And cast up a reckonins: of some weight— 
1 will 1>P kmghtrd, for my sUtc will hear it; 
Tis sixteen hundred, boys. Off witli your hu^tu; 
I'll skin you all 111 satin. 

C^pt. O, awcet Lovelcfsl 

Sm.\ All In satin 1 Oh, sweet Loveless! 160 

1 to tk€ Biat/^ thiimtf^l, An itltciaiit t^ muulaiuLiiic orpcU in Eittlu^ *U 
RiAOc m the rci^ rrf ITcnry VllJ.. nod fOlOMKd «I MablAkc uiidci fiAc* I. ; 
bqt ch^ufru'l mLUinL- vv^ jn jfcixnl vm about th« fi^^cnch CMtarr. an<S tHt 
ciLpVMiob *'kcBrpcl'fcnl^t" uooninDn Al end of t A« BitCflnlh. 

146 rftf/fj Ut e«&tfc 

i;j Sftr, ^/i*! gitn tAoikx far !>) QQi— S' 1^- *ll'>[ '^^i* ftfcedi r« ihc 

pftolifia woidi *McC'9 Ilk AnddiJnk," WetKr, follonknc M4foe'i nuntiiM. 

M piinl«d u Abo'c- 

ts6 rf*f/ fc;^) » pun — vonil s r^peaiad Ifum Lyly's .V*l*^r ^pm*(*, V, i 5, 
ip rffiMH iujudrvfj L<L M incontr. MamrKJl eOvrt htm C^OOCiiatm 

lana Indf, vtiitb U ol covnt br bcloiv iu pmpcr valuc- 

1S9 m M» j^ mliin taeim] AlUutoi Co b Itkh«rd LofdiCe'i pofOi 'On 



{ACT tl 

K i>£¥. M^irch in, my noble cocnpccre ; 
And this, my counter sball be led by two : 
Afid »o pnx^cd «v to the will 


ScevK 111. 

>l nwM jjt MoKkeKArr's Amu. 

SmUr MOftECAArr .m^ Widow, 

Morr And. widow, ^ 1 &iy, be your own friettd - 
Yoni buaUtnd left yt>u wealthy. i*y, and wiw ; 
Coodnuc so, sweet dock, continue so. 
Take bccd of young smooth vai Lets, youngcf brothers ; 
Thej' arc \ty>mi!i that will eat through your ba^ ; 
1 hey arc \<ry U^htntn^* tKftt, with a flash or two. 
Will melt your money, and never singe yowr punc- 

They arc coft\ wench, colts, beady and dangerous. 
Till we take "em up, and m^ikc 'cm fit for bonds- 
Look up^«i mc ; I lirtvc hiwi, *ricl Ii4vc >'ct, lO 
Matter of moment, girl, matter of moment : 
You mmy meet with a worse batlt ; I'll not commend it 
Wi^i. Nor I neither, *ir. 
Mtfrt. Yet thus far, hy your favour, widow, 'tis 

Wid. And thGrcforc not for my diet ; for I love a 

tender *>ne, ij 

Mere, Sweet widow, leave your frumps, and be 
You know my Estate : 1 «dl no p^pecttves, 
Scaifs. gloves, nor hangers, nor put my trust in shoe* 

Suinuv't bdai bonvumi viiJi 6co dui^kctk b^ the QAjWokl oi Vcniot ' (B4.^ 

''Von thil Ho auck f^r iHinl rout b^ck ^uil'l bind 
Anil ctnw your l«ho>trM pnprvi ir\r jMtf fcort^ 
] vill likfbrni you how ani vtui to finbr, 

(CaaiinLiaUalvl bf Mr. C. ThomDnfT). 
BODia ni.) Wldlj *■ prMC in all old vdli. ud Vfdm. Caiman Ti n i M 'J 

«» nJlov, all «u«p( II. 1(6—105- 

■7 Ar^xfrvi) 1- p- If''^*^'* "t to (iiutuf r opiiral drlmlon. « ukdcmed 
pictom with ihr amr HTfcl- 

16 Ad«,^Tj] L V- vrnaiDauLot loopi, en fttipi. vhJdi i*i>« MUdxtl (4 iLe 



And where yoitr hu^Utntl h\ nn n^ wjl% rhing 

By burnt ^^i, drcdf^d with meal anJ powd^^f'd auf^JU', JO 

Sanders stnd graLins. worm-«;cd, and rotten raisins 

And such vile tobacco that made the footmen in^gy; 

L in A year, h&vc put up hundreds; 

Incla^ed^ my widow, 

Those pleasant mcidows, by a forfeit mortgage; 35 

For whicb the pixir kniyht tak*-^ a Iotip chamber, 

Owes for hi& ale. and dare not beat his hostess. 

Nay, more 

iVii^. Good sir, no more Whate'er my husband was, 
1 know what 1 am ; and. if you marry me, jo 

Vou must bear it bravely off", ?ir. 
Mart. Not with the head, awcct widow. 

Wid, No, sweet sir. 

But with your shoulder:^ : 1 iiiu*t have you dubb'd ; 
For under that I will not siooij si feather, 
My husband was a fellow loved to toil, 5J 

Feil ill, iniule i^ain his exercise, and m> 
Grew costive ; which, for that I was his wife, 
1 gave way to, ant^ spun mint^ own smoclis coarse. 

And, sir, so little but let that pai« : 

Time, that wears all things out. wore out this husband ; 40 
Who, In penitence of i;iich fruitlejts five years narnagc, 
Left mc great with his wcalch : which, if youU be 
A worthy go«)iip to, be knighted, sir 

EnUr SaVIL. 

More. Now, sir, from whom conie you ? whose man 

are you, sir ? 
5flv. Sir^ I conic from yuuiig Master Lovele**. 
Mcwt. Be »ilent, sir ; 45 

SI &mdtirt\ "Satidm, SnoXat, Sanddus" iCcla'l DMX An Indiui 
vroiitd, of vhirlt Ih^p tfv wvrnil hindt {iJyce). 

36 iaA^t d Anv} Tlico. {ti«»HJD niuhioif other mllenLluiiB ml (hit ipvtcb) 
prinlcJ, r^T ihf ineli-r, 'Vji/f him«/m. 

33 A'.v f/rf /4rf ^«fl The old joke •boot "hofni." 
J4 Ai/J Umillrd from <JQ| " J. 

3ft f-fif] So ill Mc^t Ox/^nU, 

34 n i^EOfr— 1 MuuD ifaiaki tlut iBc Maienc« ii hoe im»ritci. inS eIue ir 
«BJEbltonftd*'^AVfjSr." Ilcdidnol percdfr diM ibc Wlduw iindi hoi^df 



[act II 

1 hftve no money, not s penny for you : 

He's sunk, your maMcr*^ sunk i a pcri^'d mAH, sin 

i>at\ indeed, hiit brother's 5unJc, sir; God be with 
hiin 1 
A pwifih'd man, indeed, and drovm'd « $ea- 

ifffrt. How uidst thou, (food my friend P hb brother 

drowit'd } $o 

-StfT. Untimely, air, at »ca. 

Jfpnt. And thy young master 

Lefi sole bctr ? 

Sav. Ye*, air 

>ftfrv. And he wants money ? 

,V«WA Ve*; 

And sent me to yovi, for he is now to be kntghied. 

Mert. Widow, be wise; tbcrc'^ mote land coming, 
widovr ; 
Be vcjy wise, and give thanlcs for me, widow. 55 

tt^id. Be you vrry wi<c, and be knighted, and then 
l^ivc thanks (or mc, air. 

Sat'. What say4 your wnr^hip to this money ? 

Afffft, t say. 

He may have money. If he please* 

Sav. A thousand, aw ? 

Mere. A thousand, sir, provided any v^lftc, ^Ir, 60 

Hia land lie for the payment ; othcn*-ific 

EMtrr VouNc LovEtEJ*^ tittJ Comrades r& tkrm. 

Sav. Mc'ft here himself, sir, and can belter tel! >"0u- 
Morc My notable dtar fticiiil, aUii woitliy Master 
And now right worshipful, all jc^- and welcome ! 

y. Lox't. Thanks to ray dear incloser. Master More- 
craft; 65 
Prithee, old angcl-gold, salute my family ; 
III do aB much for youra. — 
Thi«, and yowr own desires, fail gentle worn iin. 

\Km^ Widow, 

gmr^ry\ ^Qt— 4, F, Bfid nifld. *dt.! t!i« tcai tit memMjr^ 
dw/l Jim. Mlowod ih« nadins: «f Q6, KJi- G, 1^ wr. 
64 rjgil uvrrilMtt} Morfcrtfl alutf-i htm n jlnvdj t knlghl. 
66 «Bvrit.fwAO Tbeo^ choie la prim <jvt/ a' gvU. An aN|tf wu 1 [otd 
cdn Tonh iboui loi. 

66 /nu'^) i. «. hh eompaniaDL 



Wid. AnJ yours, an if you mean well— (/! jmSpJ Tis 

K Z^tv. Sirrah* my brother's dead. 

Affffr Drad f 70 

K /,<s-i'f. Dcud ; and by this time tK>u9cd for cmbcr- 

MifTf. Dcjidl 

K /-^j'*'. Dmwn'd, (Iro^¥n'd at aca, man : by the nuxt 
fresh conger 
That comes, we shall hear more, 

Mttrf. Now, by the failh of my body, 

It moves mc much, 

V. Lcvt. What, wilt ihou be an as*, 73 

And weep for the dead? why, I thought nothing but 
A general inutidatioa wuiild have moved thcc 
Prithee, be quiet ; he hatli left his Jand behind him. 
nMort, Oh, has he iso ? 
yi Lcz't. Vc9t, f;Lith. 1 thank him fori; I have all* 

boy. 60 

Hast any ready moneys 
Mcrt. Will you sclt sir ? 

K ^4nY. No, not outright, good Gripe ; marry, a 
Of Boch a a%hi security. 

M^n. \ have 

No money, *ir, for mortgage ; if you will aril, 
And all or none, I'll work a new mine for you. 85 

Sav. Good »r, look afure you ; he'll work you out of 
all eUe. If you sell all your Urd* you have sold your 
country; and then you must to 5ca. to seek your 
brother, and there lie pickled in a powdeiinjj-tub, and 
break your teeth with biscuits and h^rd bccC tliai 90 
mu« have watering, *ir : and whcre's your three 
hundred pounds a year in drink^thcn.* If you'll tun up 
the S1^ai1?^ you may; for you have no calling for 

71 lemnJ fi?r fw^r-Tvn'/l J. c, tiliirJ u \l foi flUng [hfD. CC IV. t IfA ; 
*' a bog*! £i<c BouBcH. " Wclx underaiMd it u mc*mn£ " atcn b/ fisli whh:li 
WMld lli«ou«lv«t be cAien lo emUr v«L." 

KA mfm/ i— nr/jftji)) which w^uld hirt mJtowad up Mor«cnk'< lud . 
"'I QQ'- '- J« ''■I "**' "**' ■^*-= "^ A' 
8&<-lui (Uod ur . . . jai^iAMWii/] Ai prodc in all cdk 
<ia r«*i| Set OQf, ^3, F, Lc the <^nl/ tliiak ygull ^ei aril] bculi wiier 



(ACT n 

drink tber« bat with a cvsaofi, nor cm> fconog but on 
jroor shtp^s bmIcs; ukd thca, if yon sc^k with lifi% 95 
and Uke a bggDC-bau and ft bottle of asgttc b a tt gh, 
CQCDC home, poor man, Uke a type of T1unie»^stject, 
fdnUae of pteh and poor- John- I cannot nU, sli ; I 
woold be kMth to see It. 

Cafe. Steward, you ^nr an a5s« s focasled raoogrd ; lOO 
and, were it i>ot a^iut the peace of my Kn^ereifn 
friend beiru I would bi:«ak yaar fucecaatiBg caxcumb, 
dog, 1 woold, e^^«n ^th thy ctafT of otfot tfav^ tl^ 
pen and lokborrL— Noble hoy. the god of gold here lua 
aid thee well : 105 

Take money for thy dirt. Hvk, and believe : 
Tbc» art coU of coostltinkn, xhy teat unheahhftd ; 
SclLand be wiac: we afc th/ec that will adora thee. 
And live accDfdtng to thtne mm heart, diOd ; 
Uirth shall be only cun, and only ours 1 JO 

Shall be the bUck-e>xd beauties of the tlnxL 
Money makeff toen eternal 

Ptjti. Do what you will, it u the noblest courae : 
Then yoa may lire wtthoat the dur^ of people ; 
Only we four will make a Cuntly ; 1 ts 

Ay, and an age that ^halJ beg«i r>cw annU». 
In which rU write thy lilc, my 9an of ideawrCt 
E^ual with N^To or Caligula. 

K l^nv, VrT»t men were they. Captain ? 

Citfif- Two roaring boya of Rome, that made all cplEt, lao 

>MT.M.ii.«.iMkE,>di<>i>»idD<dii>f»w a:nM»ML«.«i. 

r«w MNrfH ihMic^ Srvwd pr«ra««d «AiM^ M liMfl Ibi t«9 lot «^^ 


mm rt w *0 P^**! ** «crM tf Df co. 

to6^ltJ 7%A« 
107 Htf) i. f, hnw- 
m /Inid Cr. L ML tir/fiir. i,(LiBClndiDe LorrlcB. Eitbct the TobUOft- 
Uaa or llK TrMcikr bu cluppcKre^ i ihc ktma kft» au i^afl uaifacd bo^ 
til abnoO So all. «uepl Q<^ Bdt. S, t^immmrtaL 
113— IA4 ZbvAW. . ./M< J^]Fiat«•vanttlr'nw»- 
tl6«M1SoQQl, ^ Dfc^i r«<t«iK 
riS <r) SaQQf, a, Dfor ^ rnx «■/. 
119 wrrrM^ SoiJL cuvptQi mtmiU^^ 
IWnvifvA^il "In a ainem tnO. va^'-t^ Tht Wtmigrimi/wm, l6«3 
(bat vriUwi ac «n evlkcdttoli b iW ftanwiiy dociipciok af ■ rowers *A 
CtUlBt ftU in Soffbc • . • . » bn*t wfta, u « k«^ hnnc— ii* Coat {w 



K f-avr^ Come, sii, what dare vxju give? 
Sav. You will not sdl, sir ? 

y. Lm}f. WTio told you so, sir ? 
^1'. Good sir, hftvc ft care. 

K i^ffw- Peace, or Til tack your loiigue up to your 
roof. — 
Wlut m^Hicy ? .*ipeak. 

i/^r;. Six thousand pound, air. 

Capu Take it ; h' as overbidden, by the sun 1 125 

Dfnd him to bis bsirgain ^tiicltly. 

K Lcv<^ Come, strike mc Iwck with cAfncit, and 

draw the wrUiriffH- 
Mcrt. There's a Coas penny for thcc 
Smi. Sir, for my old maj:tcr\ wikc, let my fiinn be 
excepted : 
If I become his tenant, I ari undone, 130 

My children beggars, and my wife God knows what 
Consider mc, dcAr Air. 

Mcrt^ ril have all in 

Or none; 

K Umi, All in. all in Despatch the wntings, 

{Exit -with Comrades 
Wid^ [Asiiie."] Go, thou art a pretty fore*haaded 
rdlow ! would mou wcrt wi«cr I 155 

fuwij iMlicr) dotvu 1u hii licdi, lUub'iI ihickv vritli £u1il Levc; c liun 
alhcr in hit fLpanj^lcd Hii, a Ijcck Co hi* >b(iii1i)fn pljijiri^ with the WJntU, 
% Si4«lvU0 hwiffiiif oi hii GirdLf ; Btli \aA Rnoril T<qibrtcin|{ bit Uklj i «nd 
th* tiiu of D«llfl you bHTv, trc hu (pri^lmc Cnibrnn^wtwet* ipurO ll« 
ERHCt^ H^ ; ' I nn * nun ol Ihp ?!Jworf1 ^ a baltoob OilUnr. cte «l our 
Dunmtck t tHumdng Bay, a Idcker of Biwdei, « t;rmn( am FuiK^ki^ a 
tcrrvu^T 4d F^ttccir, & Ri«wcr of f Im^'ck a inrct vf rvot«, ■ |E«Uuii iwl-fliiijpir. 
in Rtfgni EdeIhH, a R-'^'u^ Sis. JL" (Dycv, *bo aIm oUib tha tJabonklc 

C«pUln dc*CVtb» hiuitdf U A " PNwnf.' 

ISO maJi^9pitl\ ItctuiXtix^ Tiolvnl tetioa. tlAtToin {Muimmmtr Ni^f t 
Ihtam, Z- ii. >S) ifM^in ^a |>an in Irar i mi m, to mikt hII i^ii " In 
TAt IV^m^n t tfitt. IV, ill 19, ■' Tbou sbolt be doM , , , or *ll vtuU ipht 

taj SmJky^itr, elc] u<. onJI it ic the nof ofy^UT ntoulh. 

1*7 SMk4mthifb] //uJitrm, \L i S39. 

"Itlil llttM't ftll you iTADd Mpott. 

JI«iv, icHke me ludc. l( ihiU be dooc^'* (t<ttc<,| 

133 fH| OoiKied in 4II but Qi. 




[ACT 11 

Sat'. Now Jo 1 ssttibly begCo to fieri 
My»lf A nscal Woold 1 coold teacfa a £choot 
Or beg, or lie well I I un utterly undanc. — 
Nowt bit thftt Uught thee to decetvc aod coseo, 
Take tbcc to hb mcr^! «o be it 1 [firvlr. 140 

J/^rt, Cocoe, widow, oome, never fluid upon a 
knighthood ; 
TU a mere paper hoDOtir, vkI not proof 
Enoti^ for « AcrgeuiL Come, come HI make thi 

H^fii To answer in short, *tj« thk, sir, — no knight, 
no widow. 

Tfyou make rn« anything, it must be 4 Udy ; 14$ 

And so 1 take my leave. 

Mffft. Farewell, ?twcct widow. 

And think of it 

WiJ. Sir. ] do more than think of St ; 

It makes me dveam, sir, [Exit, 

M^rt. She's ricK and sober if this itch were from 
And say 1 be at char^ to pay the footmen, 150 

And the trumpetfi, ay, ;ind the horsemen too. 
And be a knight. «nd she refuse me then; 
Thcti am T hoisi into the siilwid)', 
And so, by consequcnee, should prove a coxcomb : 
rn have a care of thaL Six thous-tinl pound, 155 

And then the land is mine: there's aome refreshing yet 

IJT ■ rma^XK A v^^abooJ ; he uilid^vi be|vuT. Ad ackDOMkdg mt 
of rcfMnrvMM W bappropruu bov, vbcA bclutjiui 4acM «ll bf coiM t» 
p«iff*«nc ifw wU. 

149 Jiff > fwfijf tw>^fk fir tf um49t\ I. p nor cnoagli to SMblMh noA, u t 
Mr|MST'ii-'L>w. Altfl- H«bry VIII haJ krughfAi x i«rp«Bt<4t [*« >JI bM 
tiToihvr MTq^evita dumcd v^aIiIt w-.iii kn^hti'tacbrlon- la Todar ^inui. 
wbfn k bc^ 19 b« bttftcmc^ foi o(Ti<r itun military icrricei. ihe boWNU AU 
InLo cocapainllTC 4i>rvpvl«> EliuUich £■*< t«o m^^\ik m ruMD of ft 

]50ar fiv3^]SoQ<^, 9; Eb* rout df £b-fA«7«L 

JJO jiv ''*' fitimm , . ftwj Til* M11I17 tif ■ Kntglii of itip G«t*c, oa 
lllTcna^ etc., on tbtot^vt^n <i hn "nd?" 10 be tnubllfil at Wicukar, bid 
boeccDtf to hoiTv thm /uua I. fuund li dcccumt to limit ll UDdtt « Aiw, 

kaj^u. In L^fy'i Mttktf AiWi^ II, v. i^ ^ hf iHai h«4 ■ cvp of r«d fri 
r« but ofiun, *ki hopttd ic tli* Qo«*nH tvbtidw bookb' 





Scene J. 

A rocm in t^ t^DV's Mmrt, 

Enter Abigail, <m4 drcp^ fUr ghw, 

Ahif^. If he but follow mc» o^ qU my hopes 
Tell mc he's man cnoughj up goes my rest, 
And, ] know, I shull draw him. 

EnUr WelfoRD* 

WiL \Ande,\ Tt^d is the stranf^cst pamper'd piece 
of flesh towards fifty, Ihat ever frailty coped wJthaL 5 
What a trim ftn^'oy here she has ptit upon me ! The* 
wumcn&rc ^i pruad kind ofLalllcanJ love thj!i whore- 
son doing so dirc<tly, that they wJ!J rot stick 10 make 
thezr very skins bawds to their ilesh. Here's dc^-nkin 
and «torax sufficient to kill x hawk : what to do with 10 
it, beside nailing it up amongst Irish hea<Js of tccr, 
to shew the mighilne^ of her palin, I know not- 

SCBHC Lj In the old cdi. ofilr R t6 — »i, "Good An^rr ihirifC - - ■ ihot^ 
tcji fct hoEDc." 4ad lonie BCtttcTod linei in the Bp«« of the lubKqucni Gfir, 
»re fKint«<L u vcrw. The rftrii«ii vcrtifidlaa of ihe renioiDtJcr b 14 be 
ippoTijfmBd u follow* 1 Thtoh»l«l, II. t— 3, tc~j6, t4— i*. 503— ap. 356— 

330, Mi-'JM' Dr^t II- 5^— W' Drcci imagemCQE ii brrr Icllowed vlib 

1 una drjpA ]i?r glvvt) £0 aU (di. cXMpl Qt. DvcpC omiu the irorcla, 
npf-i; " t1 u evident thai Abigbl tut dropE it bcfon hat cninAOr" Th« 

J ■»/ xivj my trti} L& 1 muii piMj the ^takt oiil, *' Ti> tel np4 ft^i," 
al prjiiir^u or oihcr E'^mc, mcmi to ituid upon ude'b piticDt hvid of iimk^ 
■ad Ukelhcu^Luiuc*: liciiec il mmc Ivmnci " be leu^lved." IVfMttm J*lfanif, 
V, L, 

■* ■ Hy fwt it vp iiow, mtdam.' 
' Ihen play ii cunmnglyV" 

6 ^fin^] 1 pOBiiCrlpr u^r vf/A a prvm, «. g. inofhed to ihc PrDvnif«| 
btlUilr, En n]ii«i tbs moni coricivly. 

Lo t/tfTtijJ a ijion v( pln»DL kucII xnd tqtUi tju(c from a Irn f£«^iuif» 
itfUtf ff|nfff/*a)£rowIn2 IP Vif^^iou, Louiiianiaod Mcxi<o- 

lUcobtld. U the Itiih pronnacuitiOD of " drtr." The homt Udiit are ffc«t« 
oT IhanMi Triih tile. lAnnil in ih* pMt ; ind the^jM I4 tbo flu brotd pift 
&oai wbich the Lnodi^ ipna|£ (Muod)> 




There Ae b ; I maft coter into diitof^oe.— L^y, >*oa 

have lost yoBTgknrc 

Abir. Not, ctr, ir ^-ou luve fo«i>d tL 1 $ 

Wu, It vm3 my mc&nu^, lady, to futocc Ic 
^dr^. Twin be vncK-il Ja lac to talc« tuck 

A iftvour fortune hath 90 wdU bcstow'd. ^r : 

Pray, wear k for mc 

^€1 \Andt.\ I h«d r»Aerwcu & belL— B«t, bark 

Wbat hidd«a virtue is tbcrc in this glovt, 
Tbat you would havo me wear it ? \% it good 
Against fofe «>-», or wilJ El charm the tooth-acfae } 
Or these rod topSv being 5tcep'd id whHc viae; sotubk. 
Wllt't kill the itcb ? or h;u it so coooeaTd 35 

A providence to keep my haad from boods I 
If it h^i^-c rtone oC these; aiKl pvore no iiioi« 
Bot a bane |t:10Te of half-a-croift-n a pair, 
TwEI he but halfa courtesy ; I %-ear I'ko alvaiyi. 
Faith, let's draw cuts ; one will do me no pleasure. 30 

Aifig. [AiuU-\ The leikdeme^u of his yciTS keeps him 
as vet in ignorance : 
He's a wdl-tnottkied fellow, and I wonder 
His bk)od shouklstir no h^jfaer; but *Us his waat 
or company ; I must grow nearer to him. 

BnUr Elder Loveless, di^tUstd, 

E* L^vc. God save >-ou both! 35 

Ah^. And pardon >^u, sir 1 diis is somewhat rtide : 
Hovr came you hithei ? 
E^ L&it€. V^Tiy, through the doors ; they are open. 
Wti, What arc you^ and what business have you 

B* l^w. More 1 believe, than you have* 

» « JbO] *' '- ^ ■ pM^Hw-t Fool {Wtk^y 

u fr tkmi ndif^.iiin£ . . . MtSTi kOtt^ iuitl So the oH cop«a, 
JMMltfMr caouch. Kmmo propoved. 'An iUit rvi <Wf, Atimg ^t<ff'J in 
mM$r W£^ «nbU;' (WcboV For loutu lo»c Krumiu d FldCber't 

" VTfth «pMlH baWon tpotUn brMtt 
! poi tkiir AtHi, ta ffin ibce rot - 

ymdtk clll A hoi it>4 ih«Tv will bU^' dc. <Dyoe). 

J» ihw aaI «%• oT pmr. whew oomutl Iwth a hidtko Itob tb< 
dnwTt. W«Afdrd pfw«»<i cha BKLkftd oT deddiiw «&tte he i* Co hiv« «ftc 



At/ig^ Whowciild thi.4 fellow ipeak with ? Art thoo 

E. Lczv. Ves ; I come not here to <]ecp, 

Wtl Prilhcc, what art thou ? 

£. Lm'^. Aa much, gay man. as thou an ; 

I am a gcntkmart. 

tVt/. Art thou no more ? 

E. L^ve. \ti% more than thou dAT^t be, — aaoIdlCT. 

^4^/>. Thiiu (lost mjt ctjftit to quarnrl ? 

£. Z«^, No, not with women. 45 

I come to itpmlc here wfth a gcntlc:wumaii, 

Atig. Why, I am on& 

E. Jjyvt. Dut not with one ao gentle 

HW, Tht^ :*s a fine fdlow, 

£. L^vc. Sir, I am not Anc >-ct ; I am but new come 
I>ircct mc with your tictcct to your tailor, 50 

And tlicn I ^bitll be fine, sir — Lady, if there be 
A better of v-our sex within this house, 
Say \ would >>ee hcr. 

Abi^. Why, am not I eood enough for you, air? 

B. Lxnr^ Your Wfiy, you'll lie too good. Pray, end 
my biiaincaa>^ 

\Aud<\ Thia is another suitor \ oh, frnil woman ! 55 

Wtl. \Asi(i<\ This fellow, with his bltintiiess, hopes 
to do 
More than the long Mitts of a thoutand could \ 
Though he be sour, he's quick ; I must not truat htm. — 
Sir, thii lady iji not to *pcak wTrh you ; 
She iti more ner^ouH^ You ^melJ an if 60 

You were new calked : ^o, untJ be handsome, and then 
You may sit with her scrvjng-mcn, 

£. Latit. What arc you, sir? 

46 i»$f«aik WrJQQi, a, 3, F , Dye*: iIk toI htrt ta iM^. 

47 MM//rJ AlhtdW Eo bvr ctMnplaiuDn to WcUord. Lompm L 54 b«lew. 
j6 7%it /teeta, with kit Uvm/ntii^ «lc.) Thn* ik mnr much pmnl in th« 

CDinpBrin*. onBih b/Cilmu'i oUuon, viih Comvrvir't lLn«i on Ituolmte la 

ihcgnivorhcaiQty. AVoTJ^'* II- l^94- 

'*Th» ik were rdlow. 
Who, hiiir[r|> been praj'd foj Wunlnna," etc. 

rJd/lf, Wflfnrrt sJliirif* to "ths itraftg pircrt'pprluiDe" «( the JiiiguA*^ 

aL Cmnf] To iha void Q6h Eob. <» lO prtfa 7>ipeA. 
t Ab^. //#v ««7 tim*p «tc] TV Editon of I77> sccJUmIv taMl« 

Tr 4^m^^itfm}k c Mlwi (W«lv). la/nA^j Om,v. |V. dL 13^ Brum 

■7 iMril)O«iin0liaF. 

I9 «//,ywii/iV4/rtf«r rklivf] TL« pUy ia Lotflon' tahd n 7\«^4 ^VK 

fo /Af^-- nf. w^ttt /fnATrf ^^«^ So hJl QQ ocec* Q^ ftr $mJ^, cU. 



Runa in your noK, and mftkcs you snufTAt aD 

Bui thrce-pll*?d people, I do IcI you know, 

He that begot your wonhip's saiin suit, 

Can makf! no mrn^ sir : I will srr thU lady. 

And, with the reverence or>-our silkcnnhip. 95 

In these old omatncnts. 

Wgl You will not, *ure ? 

£. Ltn/e. Sure, air, I nhall. 

Wd/>. Vou would be beaten out? 

B^Lovt. Indeed, I would not; oTi if I would be 
Pray, who shall beat mc ? this good ^ntlcman 
Look^ MS he wr^ro o' the pcacc. 

Wtl Sir, you shall 3CC that. lOO 

Will ytfju get you out ^ 

£, Linft. Ves; that, that »halt correct 

Your boy's tongue Dare you fight ? I will stay here 
ittill. f Tfuy draw. 

A^^ Oh, their things aic outt — Help, help, for 
God R itake ! — 
Madam 1 — Jcsud ! they Tom at one another ! — 
Madam I why, who is widiin there? \Exii 105 

EnUr Lady. 

Lady. Who breeds this rudeness } 

WtL ThJ3 uncivil fellow: 

He Kays he comes from sea ; where, I believe, 
H'a^ pur^d away his mannersL 

Lad}/. What of him? 

KV/ Why, he wiU rudely, without once " God bless 
Press to your privacies, &nd no denial 110 

MuHt slant! betwixt your pciaon and hia buiinen» ; 
1 let go his ill lan^^uage. 

L^u^. Sir. have you 

•pirick, jrour ffmnphi vaimin" iqinjttri ^•y TJ^frJ i dui [lie pfcvcm h«o^ is 
b<(;vi ptuaUclcJ br "puilc'tl dujciu" in TU Mad Lrmr^Vi.i. x% i^t* 
rupKUbJc kXK ia Aac ilulicd Uviib^ctt- 
X^fmn\ thriot- 

105 Hul} Fint lupfilwd by Djot- All iba old tdL hHt« Bnttr AhigaJt 
ttkim ]£ liEv J1A 

106 ffj4a^)QQi,a; (he nsi. and nkodtra edd Gxce|tc Dyce, " WlirBAdf-" 



wtth mc> 


Madxn, ■o«Pe I loam 

Batao(»9Jcriovtopft«D my fiiefbfV 

Sttdi Kfl«M3 </ ae Sn u tiu3 u. to <)rfy 
Men of ggi p ipywent toyOK, joo najr Bw; 

Botin wfaAt iuac? 




Pray, «ay, «■: lAo lot wna^d yo» ? 

£. ZtfPC* Wrot^ CDC be camoc, tbDagh iDcmUy 
He flaog fab nld «onb 4t mc : Int lo yoo, 
1 dmlt, he did oo bonour, to deny 
The hftstc I come witlul a parage to yoo. 
TbooEb 1 sccQ coajve. 

Ztf^. Excuse mc gentle mt; 'twss &o(d coy know- 

Aod sfaftD have no protection.— Ai>d to yott, iir,— 

VoQ Raw niewii moi^ beet onn wtt. uw non ^sonnf 

HaTebonow'd po«vr 1 omcr^nm vo«i btR, 

To do tfaeae v3d unsmtly things Hy how 

Is no bind stfttt to swsi^igcr iii ^ i0d n^ uvons 

Ngc doting yet on yoor nnknoim deaots 

So ^, thai 1 tbooAd nuke joii master of my bttttnest: 

Hy credit >'ct itaods fairer with the people 

Thaa to be tried viA rvords; and they dkat come 

To do IDC acrvkc aucst oot tfabk to win okc 

Vikh haaard of* onnSer: If your 1am 

Cotutat ID foy, carry it to the onpw 

Aod tbew, m hoooor of ww oomnon otiftvcJU^ 

SlkoncD your >*oath. I pny, be better tempered; 

And gm me Irarc a vme, str. 






rMel'il Lam iM. 
Eidrflr -^TWinrmr of 

.. . TWliMfO»<ffi»aiTD-J»»JKi^hma, 
li iBalia ta ^yi ki MMp. V. tv, ^ ( tlycH 

X«BiH,ii rriMTi ■iMiTiil iJrt !■■ ilaaii iif 
■54 AtAafMnriTi^ vi&wlsHm 

«4 r* 




Wil You mu« have it. {Exit. 

La^. Now. ^ir, your busiDc-s^? I40 

E. Lcve. First, 1 thank you for schooling this youn^ 
Whom his own follies, which he's prone cnouf^h 
Daily ti) fait Into, if you but fniwn. 
Shall level him a vvay to his rcpenian«. 
Next, I should rail at you; but you are a womailr t45 

And anger's lost upon you. 

LaUy. Why at me, sir? 

I never did you wrong ; for, to my knowledge, 
Thi.s L5 the htsX sight of you. 

E. Lm-'c. Voji have done that, 

I must confess, 1 have the kuut ojttfc tn, 
Because the least ac^uatikUuci-v but Lhrre be IJD 

(If there be honour in the minds of men) 
Thou-tand-v when tlicy sliall know what I deliver, 
(As all good men mutt share In'i), will to »bam« 
BU«t your black memory. 

Lady. How is this, ^od tir } 

£, Ltn/f^ 'Ti» that, that if you have a soul, will 

choke it: 155 

You've kill'd a gentleman. 

Lady. I kiUM a gentleman ! 

E. L<ft't. You, and ><our cruelty, have kiU'd hiin, 
woman I 
And such a man (let me be arfrry in't) 
Whooe least rtorth wcigh'd above all women "i virtues 
That arc; I spare you all to come too: gve^shimnow. I60 

Arf^. [ am so innocent. I c^nnot^ wr. 

E. L&tf^ Repent, you mean. You are a perfect 
And. a< the first was, made for man'< undDing. 

Latiy, Sir, j-ou have missM your way; I am not she. 

£", AoTflr, Wnuld hr had mis^^'d hi* way t™i, thuu^h 

he had wandered 165 

FarthcT than women arc ill-spoWcn of. 

14a I/'] So K. only, QQi, a. SImpIr *r; QQa. 4. 5* 5. Ei. «^ «rt; 

149 havf Ikt Mb/ t9n4 im[ un tiut caned by, itiFa Icut t^. Q6h 
Bdl. I, 19 Vfflkcn It to I*M§ Mdfv t<r 



[ACT in 

So he had miw'd ihis mi^ty,— ycxi^ lodyl 

/^adj. How do you do. nirf 

E. !Mi-t. WcU coouglu I hope 

While I can keep myself rrccu cuch temptatioiis. 

I^j, Pray, leap into tfu» matter; wliitl:<u would 
you? 170 

E* Lavt, Vou h^ & scn-ju)t, that your pceviihnesj 
EnJoJn'd to irarel- 

l^y. Sueh a one I have still. 

And should be grieved it wt^re oth^rrwrist'. 

M. L^vf. Then have youf asking, and be grieved ; 
hc'« dead ! 
How you will answer for his vtorth 1 know noc ; 1 7$ 

Byt tht» I aoi wife, either he, or yoa, or both. 
Were «Urk mad, el«e he might have Ihred to have 

A wronger tcrtimony tr the world 
Of what he might have been. He won a man 
f knew but In his evening ; ten svn^ after, iSo 

Forced by a tyrant stortn, our beaten bajk 
Bulged under m : £r whidi sad parting blow 
He C3ll'd ui»n his saint, but not for life, 
On ytVQ, unhappy vmcn^ui - and, whjht all 
Sodght to prtter\-e their souls, he desperately IS! 

EmbrBCCd a wave, crying to all that saw ii, 
" If any live, fjo to my Fate, that forced me 
To thii untimelj' end, and make her happy/' 
Hit name wa« IjovdetK ; and I neaped the %tcrm ; 
And now you have my business. 

La/fy. TiK too much. 190 

Would [ had been that itorm I he had not perished, 
tfyoull rail novt', I will forgive you, sir; 
Or if you'll caII in more, if any more 
Come from tlii» ruin. I ahttll justly liufTei 

il ft iKo 

ilnngety mlKiivldlu^illPg ih« JLne, p>nnl ^t iTiu : 

by iSeobald mad Coiaua, nno. *' oui /nvn timfitoMiu " i Q6 ' ool A™ 

iJO Awrl OmilEcd In F. only, 
ltd /AulQfjl, 1. J. r, udmod. •<]*.: Cba ml fAf. 
tS6 fflwjQu^-^. I'jii. R. la K: QQi, a, 3, <m 
I9« Mi<) QQi, 1, 3. f.. Dim: thvmi4^f. 



What they can lay : I do confess myself I9S 

A {{uilty cause in thJ*. f wouEd ixy more, 
But grief is grown too ^at to be delivered, 

^- /j?T't [Asifff.] I like thi* wHI : thp*;c womt'fi ari* 
strange thinga.— 
'Tis somewhat of ihc laicst now 10 weep ; 
You should b^ive wept when he was goinc from you, 200 
And chained hitn vviih t}iusi^ tear?) at [loinc. 

Z^<v^', Would you had told me then so I these two 
Had been his sea. 

£. Love. TniAt me, ycu move me much : but say he 
ThcAC wen: forgotten things a^aJn. 

La^ \Asid*\ Ay, «ay you 1(0 ? 205 

Sure, 1 should Icnow that voice: this ia knavery; 
I'll fit you for it. — \Aioud^ Were he living, sir, 
] itfould persuade you to be charitable. 
Ay, and confess we are not all «> ill 

As your opinion holds uk. Oh, my friend, 2IO 

What penance shall I pull upon my fault, 
Upon my most unworthy y^\i for thU ? 

£, Lm>t. Leave to love: others ; 'twa5 some jcalotisy 
That turned hfm desperate. 

Ltidy \A5idf\ I'll be with you straight \ 

Are you wrung there > 

Bo Love. \Aitd£\ This works amain upon her 31$ 

iAtdy. 1 do conlcs« thcrr is a gcntlcin-tn 
Has borne me long good will. 

E. Lmi€. \Aiidt\ I do not like that. 

Ladjf. And vo^t^'d ;i thousand »ervicci to me ] 
To me, rcgardlcas of him ; but since fate. 
That no power can withEtand, has taken from me 220 

My first and best lovc, and to weep away 
My youth is a mere folly. I will fhcw you 
What I determine, sir ; you shall know alL— 

197 But gritf ij £nwm tea grtaf ttf bt driivn'^ Th«h»ld quOM* " Oum 
lem lr>mmri[ir, ingr^nir^ ihiprnr " (r^vnKa. Nififot. fcfjl {Tiyct). 

sn y'-Z/jQQ^ ^ i. 4- ^i QQ5.t,v:^iL a, io/«/- 

>I3 Imvt t^ Ut* athiri]iKli—\, Ed, to^Y.; (Jt^j, 6, Rd, S. /-mw fA*w i> 




[r# m SirvmrnX imOm)— 

Can Umct Wdfaffd, t^ 

I nwafl to mate the oradd of ray fat t aoca, 225 

And b Eu9 dute oDbnccs keep aim 
The cnnnor)- of my lost lovrty Lordca r 
He a j om c ii fa at tike hhn toa 

£. /^t^. Ttm yoQ can love .* 

L^, yca,ccftala,«ir; 
Thoogb k pleav yon to tfank tac hard and cnid. 230 

I hope I Ahall peniade 7«« oibiTwtse. 

£. Z#tv. [^JM^J f have maile m>'7clf a fioc feoL 

Ft-mur WELFOfta 

IfV/, WoaU >'ou have spoke with etc madam } 

i.4i4y Vr^, Ma^ict Welford : and I ask yoor pacdorir 
Before thi> gentleman, for bcinf ffoward ; 235 

This kias, aod henceforth more alfertion. 


£. Zack. \An^\ So; Tt n better I were drown 'd 

WtL \Asui€^ This is a wddcn passSon; God hokj tt t 
This UXticNt, ctit of hU fear, sure, has 
Penoaded hcf : 111 give t^n a oew suit on*t 240 

£(V^, A partii^ kU* ; and, good «r. let me pray yon 

[a uj«v WelFORD again. 
To wait me in the gallen-. 

WiL 1 am m 

Another world f Madam, wbete you pfcasc. \Exiu 

B. L&vt. (/Ix/jVJ 1 wiiJ to sea. 

And 't ^uU j^u hjtrd but I'll be drtivm'd indeed. 

La^. Now, sir. yon sec I am no ^uch hard creature 245 
But time ma/ wm me. 

^, i^^iv. Vou have forgoi your lost love ? 

Ltufy. Alas, sir, what would you have mc do ? 
I cannot call him back again with sorrow : 

sas maki rAe m^JtJ 9f my f^eTfmeii Le. I«( tli lonDDC* mooU mj v«m, 
•fa«n burcttimai 

flag ^^rfitml QQi, f, DfC*; Ibr mC Hwt^mfjr, 

aj3 (A*! QQi— 4- J'-, ThfA, Djwi 111 nrbn *d». vhdM. 

ijfl Tku is d n^dtfVi /uu^M. cu.] '*! ihiok ic dsta to nodcc ibai tnch Ei 
tbc neirtui urant-aueat uf tbU»|jc«b ift cTt*y our ^MlhcoUcdL" (Djccl> 

ft45 4id<'^ Ogi, 1, 3, F.ilbc rot iarW^idwft./, fiilloiFCil V ^^v^**^ t\atiZ 
«nDn|[ ihc modem cdii«nL 


I'll love thiK m»n a« dcurly ; and, be^ihrow me^ 
rii keep him far cnouch from »Qa. And 'twa^ told me, 350 
Now 1 rcmrmbpr mc, by an old wisr woman, 
That my Arst love :ihould be drown'd ; and see, 'tk 
come about 

£. L^iff. [AsitJ^A I would the had told >'Oii yoiir 
second should be hoiig'd too, 
And let that come about! — [Afouef.] But thi« is very 

Lad)i. Faith, sir, <x»nsidor all. and then I knov 255 

You'll be or my mind : if weeping would rcdcccm him, 
I would weep 4ttll- 

E. L^ve- But, sa/. that I were Loveless, 

And ;4cappd Che stnrm ; how would you answer thift } 

Lady. Why, for that gentleman 1 would leave all 
The woflJ. 

B* L^vfi* Tht« young thing too i 

La^y. That young thing too, 260 

Or any young thine cUe : why, I would ioKc my st^ite. 

£, L^njt. why, then, be lives still; I am he, >x>ur 
Lovcleft^, { Thrtsws cff his disguise. 

ia^, Alas, I knew it, »r, and for that purpose 
Prepared thi?i pa^ant I Get you to your ta^k, 
And leave these players' tricks, or I shall leave you ; 26$ 
Indt^d, I shall. Travd, tir know me not. 

£, Love. Will you then marry } 

tadjf. \ will not promise; taJtc your choioe, Fare- 

E. Latif. [Asi4c-*\ There is no other purgatory but ft 
I must do something;. {ExU. 


WiL Mistiest I am bold. 270 

Ladv. Vou are, indeed. 

Wia, You liavc so o^xTJo/d me, lady 1 

tady^ Take heed, you surfeit not ; pray, [a»t and 

Wrt By thi* lifil^^ you love me cxlrcmdy. 

»Ao Thai\ Tha KdiLori of C?}l Jind W*Ur niw, «ilh Q6, Thig. 

i6r itait] i t. mail? 

17 c >dv/jOn]y foiind (n Qi, and omkitcd by TbetiCt^^ ind CMnun. 



L^y. By this, and to-oiorrow's tight, I Cftrc aot for 

WtL Come, comc^ you cannot hid« it 375 

La^. Indeed I can, whcic you shall never find It 

WtL \ like tbU fTurtb well, lady. 

l^y. You ah&I] have more on'C 

l(V/. 1 mutt kiFi« you. 

Ztf<^. No, air 

ir^/. Indeed. I must 

Za^. What must bc^ must be [^^ toy«/ A^J 1 
tt-ill ulce my leav*: 
You have your parting blow. 1 pray, ccmmend mc sSo 
To Ihnitr frw frimds you h^vc, that icnl ytnj hither. 
And tdl them, when you travel next Iwere 6t 
Vou brought less biavery with you juid more wit; 
Voull never ^t A wife eUe. 

WtL Arc you In earnest ? 

Lcdy. Ye^s fattK Will you cat, sir? yoor hor*« 2$$ 
urill be rady Mraij^ht : you shall have A napkin l^d tn 
the buttery for you. 

WtL Do not you love mc^ then .* 

tjufy. Yes, for that face. 

wA It ifl a ^ood one, ]«dy. 390 

Lttsfy. Yes, if it were not wjtrpt; the fire in time 
may mend it. 

WfL Mcthirk*. >"Our* is none of the best, lady, 

Losty. No, by my troth, sir; yet o' my conMience, 
you could make ^hiH with U, 295 

Wit. Come, P^^yi ^^ more of this. 

Lady. I will not ; fare you well. — Ho ! who's within 
there* Bring out ihe gentleman '? horses; he's in 
haste , and "mX .*Eomc cold meat on the tabic. 

Wit I havff too much of that, I thank yoii, lady: 500 
take your chamber when you plca^^^ there goes a black 
<jne with ytru, tady. 

Lady. Farewell, young man. \EMi$. 

991 i»i>^; ritf^f^'tctc] The drptanoliMi li lobcfcundlndieoeoiptmportjj 
»u dI /A-r for \\\o fa^t rA % hnuid Cf Kaki<l ili. 14^ " lb* brMuUh «( Th« 
fu* of Thr hniiv-" "Ihfy v-riv nf|^ nf wwl, rlchljr ormL IpVtlfbrri'i &c« 
ihv Ufi iioTLly fit for bumtng, vttidi wUl odv day nodoubl be iufiitl 

»gS itfuAO 0'> D^i^c^ die n»t iwoiuL 

)fri Aftlr^vttr] Cdoua ud Wfb«raMd1onljtaiCTt«i fff. 


li^fl You have made mc one. Farewell ; and may 
the curse of a great houM fall upon thee, — 1 mean* the 305 
builer ! Tlic devil and al} hh works are in these 
women. Would all of iny sex were of my mind I I 
tvould make >m a new Lent, ;m(] a long one, that fle«h 
miebt be in more reverence with them. 

Rt-trtt^r Abigail. 

Abig. I am aony. Master Welford JIO 

HW So am I, thai you arc h^rc. 

Atig. How doc3 my lady use yoti ? 

Wtt As I would uw yoii, scurvily, 

Ab^. 1 should "txrkxc been more kind, air. 

HW I should have been undone Uicn. Pray, leave 
me, 315 

And look to your swecL-meats. Hark, your lady calls. 

Adig. Str, I shall borrow so much time, without 

WrL You're nothing but offence; for God's love, 
Icnve mc 

AHg, Ti* arrange* my lady should be luch a tyrant. 

WtL To aend you to mc. Pray, go stitch; good, 

do: 330 

You are more trouble to mc than a term. 

A6ig. I do not know how my good will. — if I said 
love, riied not — should any way deserve this. 

Wei A thousand ways, a thousand ways, Swoct 
Lei me depart in peace. 525 

A^ig. What creftiurp, *ir ? I hope I am a woman, 

Wrf- A hundred, I think, by your noise. 

Ahig. Since you are angrj-, sir, \ am bold to tell >ou 
tliat 1 am a woman, and a rib — 

W<1 Of a riiiL^lrd hurse. 33O 

304 Vrtf hm^ m^4 «H Mw] L ^ Vfiu have rnftdf ni< t youQg ouEt— 4 dapv* 

117 tf^nNDnvl QQ'> '1 faJlnwed hy Weber Md Djroe. AP other «(1l 

3JQ rtoittif Ju>rii\ ibirnrDn itiufih ind okl : bul il it c<|ainlcat tg 4 )rcl 
TliriVt hmiHlpah fw wirh hoiinrfi;"' 



A^F. Coofter cne that. 

Wd. A dog can do it better. F^reifti:!!, Couatcas; 
and cooimend mc to your tad)'; tcU her she's proud 
and scurv)-; and !Sq I commit >'OU both to your 
tempter 335 

Abijr^ Swc«t Master Wdfbrdr 

Wti. Avoid, old Satanaa I Go daub yo«r mint ; 
Your face looks fouler than a atorm: 
The foEitfrian Mayi you m the lobby, lady. 

Ahf^, If you were a fli^ntleman, I should kno^v it by 
your gentle ooiiditions. Arc the% fit words to give a 
gentlewoman ? 

H'*^ As fit ai they were made for you, — 
Sirrah, my horcc* ! — Farewell, old adacc I 
Keep your noac warm; the rheum will make it bom 

dw, {Exit. 345 

Abig^ The blcsang^ of a prodii^ young heir 
He thy companion*. Wdford! Marry, come up^ ray 

Arc >ijur numi grown sa ttmder they cannot bile * 
A skittish tilly will be your fortune. Welford, 
And fair enough Tor such a p^ck-saddle: 550 

And I doubt not, if my aim hoki. 
To »cc her made to amble to yo«ir hand* [£r£f. 

SctNB II. 

A rewM in fht hcuse of(ht El.DF.R I-OVPLESi. 

ffnw- VouNG Loveless, Capufn, Poet, Mokecraft, 
Widow aKd Savil. 

C^. Save thy brave shoulder, my young puissant 
knight I 

J%X CMtitr\ cf. FfltiaiUr. i\. l, aft tv ttmtir, i,f- c<i1ibIiUc, vrbuli uuikJii 
- e*«pi D>te mini heir, Alw in LyVi M^htr fi^miity I. iu. 
339 j/*/j fi'h] Theobild eitvc, «ith fJio 1679, "i/4/j fvt^fn" (Djvay 
341 fmm^m:\ i. v. i]tibiiUb, disutliJisTu, hLUtt 
350 /af^^atiiil/] vnt tueidc to be 1di4«1- 

jjr 1^ fcyrtjm i)/yf] H<-f aim mii»T f* Tr>«iirkupo& Mul^i^t EncUlUllan, utd 
brni; ilhjut 1 maich wEikli nil] be a bad rjtic (m WcilTuiiL 

^imnc IE.| I'uH piLJuieJ u Kucby Tbcg,, wboM uiajiccmiiLi jtfoUovcil 
by Dycc And ity ouekIvci, ni(b b few fiicqMku DMtd tu moir [>IbcC' 



And may thy baclc-sword bite them to the bone 

That love thcc not E Thou aTt an errant man ; 

Go on ; the circumcised ^all fall by ihce : 

Let land and labour fill the man that Cilia; { 

Thy aword mu^t he tliy pTough ; and Jove h apeoj I 

Mecca shall sweat, and Mahomet shall fall, 

And thy deal ramp fill up hi* monunirrt, 

K. LffV4. It t^hall, Captain ; 1 mean to be a y/crthy, 
Capt. One worthy is too little ; thou «haU be all. 10 

M&rt. Captain, [ shall deserve some of your love too, 
C^pL Thou ^halt have heail and hand too, fioblc 

If thou will icnd mc money. 

r am a man of garrison , be ruled, 

And open to mc those infcmal gates, tj 

Whence none of thy evil angels paik<4 again, 

And 1 will style thcc noble, nay, Don Diego ; 

I'll wuo thy infanta fiw thee?, and my kruj^ht 

Shall feast tier with high meats, and make her apt 
Mort^ Pardon nic, Captain, you're beaide oiy mean* 

infi-. ao 

K L^t, No, M&atcr Morccraft 'lis the Captain's 

1 should prepare her for you. 

Citpt, Or provnke- her, 

SpeaK, my modern man ; 1 say, provoke her. 
Pott^ Captain, I say so loo; or stir her to it ; 

So uy the critics. 3$ 

J «ak tmtmi mohJ L r a km^ht «rr»ctl ; ^i io conilisl jcwi ar ^ahcccs^ 

9 c \wrffky\ titr^ ihr mmrtin^ GrHHrpy di* FtoniUniir AtThiir siil Cluu^ 
oi^p^c *prT thv othtr iwo CThriiiifn WonhLn, 

15 inftr^ai fiuul L c. lilh pjfK-ktrtanh, ciotctl u U>i a* [be ^iia «f hell 
apoo IM Idbl 

1( «/ oVf^l '<^ btcanto Ill'Mtncd. An tngtii wu worth nbovi ten 
thilHon fDjrM). 

(to?, Inctrnlol ir hln fdSiiflii ofWrVUr: '■ There ame Tmc ont Dondejro loco 
(^njEluil kilt] lit mmla: all Piari Uink ni^in," Cimi|4tr ^faiti $m /At Mr!/, 
IJ. ii., "Oh EHcKD 7 [hr Di^ji KA4 ud: w >v«l nhcn he ^icrrmiial the 
•■•vplf ^(dio Caffadn,lll^ i^.ii,avf'tCafrt,ULi.a,knA IV. il 6. ThittJrt- 
irtme pfnan'« dlj^biUnt ivchicvcawniMcn* 10 have Appe^IcA Imtlifibtj (4 
(be Klmbflihuu. It U r«aivet«d, asp Dfea, in a lettAt unong ihc CoIlonlJLit 
MSS- wrlti^n almui 1h^ hrginnin^ of rj^?, 

t^ ■TtvCcTH] oj^inury, poorcreiitacv ; ad epilhct Applied to tbc Fotf la Il< 
ti. 4, whcic KIT dvLe. 

•5 -rl Q*. Hdi- S, 10^ r. i QQI--J -«**. 

R t 


K L9Vi. Bat howsoever you expound it, %\t. 
She'll very urdconie ; vxl ihU ^^hall ncrvr for wiinc^s.'^ 
Andt widow, ^ncc you're come so lu^ily, \KwtJ Wid. 
You shall dcll^'cr up ihc keys, and free 
Po^tsexsion of thi« house, whilst 1 stand by 30 

To ratify. 

Wid^ I hid rather give it hAck ^^^^. belki/e mc; 
Tis a misery to say, you had it. Take heed. 

K Lfftt. Ti9 pa^t that, widow. Come, sit down.-* 
Some wine there !— 
There ki a *curvy baiu]uet, tf we had i(.*— 35 

All this fcur house is yours, sir- (7* MORECBAPT.]— 

Ssv. Ycf^ »r. 

Y. L^%. Arc your keys ready } 1 mu$»t ease yoat 

iS'tff. I am fcady, sir. to be undone, when you 
Shall call roc to *t. 

y. L^t». Come, come, tbou shalt live better. 

S^o^ \AsyU!\ I shall have les< to do, that's all : 40 

Theie'fl na]f*&-doieD of my friends i' the fields. 
Sunning against a bank, wfth half a breech 
Among *em ; I shnll be with 'cm shortly. — 
The cHre ami cjvjiuniUii] vex^tiuii 

Of being rich, cat up this rascal 1 45 

What chilli become of my |»oor family .* 
Tliev are no sheep, and they mtut keep themselves. 

Y. Lovt. Drink, Master Morccraft. I'ray, be merry 
Nay. an you will not drink» there's no society. 
Captain, speak Icjud, and drink. — Widou/, a worcl. jo 

\Rctirei with Widow. 

Caft. Expound her thoroughly. knighL — 
Here, god o' ^old, here's to thy fair pofisessigps ! 
Be a tarun. a^ a bold one ; 
l.eave off yo«ir tlckting of young hd« like tronts, 
And let thy chimneys smolce ; feed men of war; 55 

Live, and be honest, and be saved yet. 

36 AlttAnSairAtm$Ufe^%,Ur\Oi\.9a^A^€nK rolk««il QQtf> S» ID Xt. 

47 9mitho\ QS, Cda. 8; 10 9^f*t tktf, Tt^lcb l(tl CoL ud IVvb. to nsd 
yrt tkfy. 



J/orr. [ th^ink you, worthy Captain, for your ccmiucl. 
You keep your cliinificyi snioltTng ihcre.yout no&tHls ; 
Andi when you can, you Jcc<i a man of wtu- ; 
Tliia itiaIcch yuu ntit a lir-imn. but ;i bate one ; 6o 

And how or when you shall be saved, let 
The clerk a the company you h^ve commanded 
Have a just care of^ 

Pijft, The man is much moved. Dc not angry, air; 
But, ai thepoei ^ingn, let your diapleaiUfc 65 

Be & short Itiry, and go out. You have Apokc home. 
And bitterly to him, sir, — X^ptain, lake truce ; 
The miser 13 a tart and a wilty whorc^n. 

Cf*^- Poet, you frrgn, perdie ■ thr wir of thi# man 
Lie£ in his fingers' ends ; he mu^t tell ;U1 ; 70 

His tongue tills but hi^ iiiuuth like a hcaI's tongue. 
And only serves to lick his hungry chap* 
After a purcfuinc : hu brain> and biimatunc are 
The dcvirs diet to a fat usurer's head- — 
To her, knight, to her! clap her aboard, and stew her— j$ 
Where's the brave steward ? 

Sat'. Here's your poor frtcnd and Savil, sir, 

Ctipi. Away, thou rt rich in tfmamcnts of nature: 
First, in thy face : thou h&sl a scrioui face. 
A l3cttling. bargaining, ar<l %aving focCj 
A rich face,— pawo it to the usurer* — 80 

lb Tlttlark^ fiUf0ifl/di^.«fc,J I.e. th««liap1iinor rhtt mjrititcalforoe- 

64 it mmk^ Xh/s two B«rl'C>t 4tu> hit ye ii mmtA ii JWhA- 
63 ^ /At /cet it/i^ , etc.] Thca. f^unto 

«v/. n>/ (Jf^. Edi. ^ to tif rfj Sir-^ Sallifvai hf TTiro. and CoL, tvtia oturvn. 
" Wc a/c icdineil Uj T>cliFvr thti ihi% fine ^iicccli wu inlcmlcJ for three, unci 
ihtl Ihc CiFiaiq klioulil hare Oi« Hoidt ' Voij bmro ip^ko hone. <ukJ Ullf rJr 
to cnr, Si'-' Mr, Sevud tl^^ilHTLpI to tdL Led. 1750) wohU read 'Actd 
bitUrlf/tv, «Wjtfr'"(l>r-^) 

70 J»En i, «. eounl. rrcltnn (ritcr), 

7J ^ OmiitTd in all bai QQi. 1. aciJ bv ibp ino4rn] «OeI rtccpl Djm, 
bui rfMLJred' lU un inilceiKi DKfEV uk «f fvli toarue ihu v n. 
J4 nf <f^V*f yjir/] I. c, hit lirkicit ure anJv fivea ttioi to Nrre at » Mvourf 


*(f, iTj>^) propnd to 

«4Ju>Kt when Etic Jevll crrmci ic line off fail 

^h /ntrnJ art J Sivi/j Stvufd (Poittgripl t* vol. *- ■- r , . 

tf»d/ri/ibf 4«Y HT^inf. SoPtf; wnich m> kIi^jiTnI (t^ ilii< FVbinn of 177^ 

Kcri|]1 to ihli ^ny punvuuucil "* mir J <rf oiuiJi iiicrcc luoigur aw] ^tfVpiiely," 
«jtd vhiirh Cd- prtnloJ, KrJ, lOffAfM/H/. 



A fac« CO kJTuile the compassion 

Of the mo«t ^oruit and frozen justice. 

Sflf. Tis such. I dare not sSow it shotily, tir. 

C;^ fie blitiic and boony, steward— Master More- 
DHnk to this man of reckomng, 

Mfftr [tifiitks] Here's c'cn to hifn. 85 

Sav. [AtiiU.] Th« devil f^uide it downward f would 
there Ht:fc in 't 
Ar acre of the grc;it brooinfielJ he bought. 
To sweep your dirty conscience, or to choke you t 
'Tw al! one to mc, uiurer. 

K. /.^». [t^ Widow] Consider what 1 told you ; >'OU 

are young. 93 

Unapt for worldly bustnc^. lit it At, 
One of such tenderness, so delicate. 
So con:rar>' to things of care, should »tir. 
Ami brciilt hct better mf^itAtionH, 
In the bare brokagc of a brace of angels f 95 

Or a new kiitla though it be ofsatin } 
Eat by the hope of forfeili, and be down 
Only in expectation of a morrow. 
That may undo «om<: c;iL»y -hearted foot, 
Or reach a ^^ idow'fl curic* ? let out monc/, loo 

WhosT u^ic rt*(urns the prificipa] > and get, 
Out of these troablcJ^, a coiuumtng heir; 
For such a one must follow noccssarlly ? 
Von shaU die hated, if not oJd and miserable ; 
And tlmt [iti«%ev('<l wt^lth, tliat you got with piiitng, 109 
Live to see tumbled to another's hand£. 
That ts no n\oTc a-km to you than you 
To his cozen^e. 

H^ui. Sir. you speak well ; would God, that charity 

aj / Aiv Mf Jin] 06, Ed^ e^ 10 / lAalf net dawe 4s ihf^\ cec. 

S? Mf gnai hvrmJtMtkt fcitfifl ^)t iiJcuc icj^l^ ^fvt,(\i, Tlic drrll'i 
]>Vfcl»M oF • broom-nisld fa plutl wmciiiuu uKd for beaaink, wbciiK t^ii 
oih«r Q«mQ) nut h«T« }tt«D wiih a vicvt- to tha proper f-rcvinm of vritdia ; 
Of ht nkhj nfvr T« £- Lov». 

9^ br'M^Xltk ibdtnu ofhrlbe. llanicr'A fimyfia^Jtr iMitMmcryt^oij^ 
Ijunliudv'ft fjvw^rfid, d;, vl, "M^rfirntuU be ni«t!c Jitutice dfihppncr for 
uty icifi, bfoa>|[0. t^ivat ui «d«liuii." Ai^«l •qulft nbcui iWi 

90 ^ Om^ucil In ■!] old edk «i«pt QQr> 3. 

^7 ffrfntt] \Veb, &i:«f>ted tbk carR<ttoD, pnposcJ by Hutft U hb Coqi' 
mcnEMie*. fjr iwrftih. [hr feiJiqc of lU thfl oW «Ii. «w of Thco^ ui>l CoU, 
pomijiv out haw #]uly Ihc loni^/cniKhl b« 4Ubi»imtvd far the ohgliul/. 



Had first bct*un herd 

V. LtfiH. 'Tifi yet lime. — Be nnefry ! 1 10 

Methinktt. you want wine there ; there's more T the 

Capt;un, where reits the health ^ 

t^L It ah&ll so round, boy. 

Y. L^v*. (/fl WiiJow,] Sa/. you can suffer thii, be* 
CAUAC I he cn<{ 
Points at much profit. — can you so far bow 
ikiow your bloixl, below >oLjr too-much beauty. 1 15 

To be a jMirtner of this fellow's bed. 
And lie with his diseases ? If vou can, 
T will nirt jirewi ynu fvirthrr. Vrf look upon him : 
There's nothing in that hide-bound usurer, 
Thai mxx\ of mat. IhM ^H'dccjiy'LV hut aches, IM 

For you to love, unlesfi his pcri^h'd lungs, 
His dry cough, cr his scui vy ; this is truth. 
And so far I dare speak it : he has yet, 
Past cure of physic, spaw. or any diet. 
A primitive pox in hi^ bonru; and, o' my knowledge, i^s 
Hchns beeri ten times rowcll'd; — you may love himj" 
He had a bastanl, liis own toward issue, 
Whipped and then cropp'dj 
For Wishing out ihe rose* in three farthings, 
To make em pence. 

113 y*u aiin] AiUrvd by CvL vtd Web. to tan y^m. 
lao W"f o/mutl i. D, of •!»« or ru>b, wiihout uiliJrt^. 
i^J it\ Col/t comcdon for jvtf oE xW th« old «dj(, <«ic#pt Kd, 10 J'| and of 
Th#a» m miitakp 'rir^f, or b)r toritnunri vifh Iti* fnl lowini^ ^tf 

ia« {fnrj Gencf tl tmn, ilrudr, ^m ih« minenl iprliun cif Sn bi Bd' 
Ktain. Cf. Duk, £'A V. 

" Funoui Sp*w 
TtiU linDolly froni Rock of fnrci^iuB mioa 
It«nv« liiniHlf." 
anfl Fatrtf Qu^me, I. IL ja, "The G*rmnli Spiu,'* 

jaA fvaw/A/^i. p. Furl « trif>n aiipliccl, 9 tuitfinil method 1^ pmdurLrii u 
■riificial i*fcut ijS f-rf/Z/J i. c. hii t«f» cut oH 

5r%:^ Cfdiu^ Sni^UHif. p. 399, rtcmJi ibe t>sa« in 1561 of pk«e> ciF Ihrtc- 
pvncv, thie«-fiAlfp«iMe, aiid ihtc«tf&rthjn|n ; ihe tA9[-namv<] hiLvinu pcvcr tofn 
oitiicfl in iny rtira before Of iiroo. All ITik* «jini »«t rfi*«intmiitd in 15SJ, 
The il[uM rm^fin fpi, xxivL Nn- 4tfl)cfs rlmw-fiirthiin' ^\r<r ni ij6j ti tJmn^i 
idcaUcdiouK with Ehc penny o7j«mn I. ij'l uxvii. Kc^ 463). bm hu nni, 
<D dUMt obf. 01 rcf.. tk« «Me lliM cf[<a miuked [be Tuiliir cuiin. Keirlnri i) ji 
In&d on the ibtee-bflklnp oi 1561 fPL uit. Kil 449;, bui mij have 
ippfrftfed oa vome ot (hc«« kwjed b^ofe 1 5ltf . 


IP'uf. 1 ilo ret like thctc rT>oral$, 

y, Lavt^ You muAt not Like him, Uien. 

EnUr Eldbk Loveless. 

E. i^tv. By yo«r Ichvc, gcatlcmcn. 

y. L^^^ By my troth, air, you are wcloome; weL- 
cooiCv faith. 
Lnird, what X stranger you are grown ! I^ray, kitow 
Thia ifcntlcvAxnaQ ; aod, if you please thcac ^ei>ds 

We are merry ; you ^tx the irorst on's ; 
Your house has bc^n kept warm, sir. 

£, Zrinv. I am g]ad 

To hear it, brother ; pray God., you arc wiite buo I 

K. Xtfc^. Pi^y. Master Morccraft, know my elder 
brother ; — 
And, CapUin, do your complimctiL— SavU. 
] dare swear* is glad at heart to sec yoo. 
Lord, we heard, air, you were drown'd at *ea, 
And ace hov luckily thio^ come about 1 

3f<ifv. Thit money must be paid agatn, sir 

y. Ltnw. No, sir; 

Pray, keep the snle ; 'twill make good tailors' measures : 
I am well, I thank you. 

Wui^ [AiiJe.] By my trotlu llie |£enUirm,w 

HassteWdhim in his own sauce; I shalllovc him for't 

Sav. I know not where I am, T am no glad 1 
Your worship ti the wcloom'st man ali^'c: 
Upon my knees I bid >-oa welcome home. 
Here has been such a hurry, such a din. 
Such dismal drinking, swearing, and whonng;, 
*T has a]mo!&t madc^ me mad: 
Wc have all lived in a continuai Turnbalt -street. 






iti— U6 Jfy^atflvrr . . - inn Mm/irr't] Thh piHWC, and x tern llius 
in ih« pi«cdtfi]i uid foUaiflria^^ wcrt Ttni piinieJ aa rtnt uj Col- 

Ij6 »«/«* - ' , trwf<4l TTifO- dies ■ provcrbwl ci pr m lon, "I/you or 
M>f, kMp jQuniir losm.'* u>d iUtotnia by .1Ak4 ^i^ r. i. 6o, *<Wit 
flfiMgh to km himtfflf wttrm; " and T'dtfMtf AT/jif ^Um, II. 16S, '*Aib [ not 
wiwf YWj twp fou wartn." He m'njhi hive utdcii /jar, fTl. \r. 81, 
" ThJ* cdd nlflki wLlI lam lul aTI id fouls ia<t midnicn.'^ 

134 /nrl Qi uuir : the it«t j/tf>w lampitHHftf. 

i^^fiautmU] Q6, Ed»- S, 10 Ktd/oh/^iMifi- 

144 ftfi^] dMd <f talt, tsj ',L/) OiiutI«d in Q6, Kdt. 8, to. 



Sir, b1c«c be heaven, tlut sent you safe acsaJn I 

Now .shall [ rat, and go tci bc<] ;ig;un. 15J 

E. Lov€^ Brother. dt»nnL&5 tboc people. 

K A^v, Captain, be gone a wWI«; 

Meet roe At my old rcndczvouit in the evening;; 
Take your small poet with yoti. 

\Estuni CftptaJn and Poet 
Mai^ter Mnrecrxf^ 
Yon were be«t go prattJe with your lesiniecl couDsel; 
t bhall prcscnc your money: I was co£cn'd 160 

When time was; we are ^uit, sir, 

Wid. {Asid(\ Better and better still- 

E. Lwi, Whkt IS this fellow, brother? 

Y. Lov4, The thinty tiaurer 

That -lupp'd my land off 

E^ Love. What does he tarry for? 

K //I7.V'. Sir* to be landlofd of your house and state: 
I was bold to make a little mIc, sir. l6S 

Man^ Am I uver-rcachy ? If tlicrc be law. TH 
hamper ye. 

£. Aotjc; Prithee* be f^ne, aiid rail at home; thov 
So buc a fool, I cannot Uugh at thcc, 
Sirr^hn this comes of coicrirg: home, and spare; 
Eat raddish till you raLsc your sums again. 17O 

If you i;tir f;tr in this^ I'll have y^n whipped. 
Your car* nail'd for intellif;cndng o' the piiloo'. 
And your goods forfeit. You are a stale cozener: 
Leave my house. No more! 

Afert, A pox upon your house 1 

Come, widows I shall yet hamper this young gamerter. 175 

well. UyccuiinttuTi A'lruA/tf^iAtf ^MrWtfjf /Vf/^, III. lv.» ■*herCrkftd> a 
Tambull f^rut," CL MUJletoii'i Ch^U Mmd mi CAca^Hdt, JL Ll., " A kk&d 

rill«wonuii in TombuU Street-" The ramf Hra« T»haiuly nrrtllvn. NmIi 
Pirn* t'fmUitt ti^mmifn'ti Thv i]ti«ri of TLrmhuU Sirfit ro r)w piTnnige 
oTihe OevlT (Colman). 

156— i6t fi'-prirr. Jiimfii . - , evit^ lir] Plot u tcoc hy Dyoc 

157 itWVuvju] QQi, *, J AWiHtntfHtf-- QQ*, 5,6> /I rfin fawr oc Am^ 

•64 Jfn'l UraUtcd tri Qfi, &lt. », to. 

171 imitfJ^frmini] K"^^Jt f^hc wici tlcfioiMuiv iDluEinalkjtu. 



[act m 

WU. Good twelve i' the hundred, keep your way, 1 
am not 
For your diet : nwTr>* in your owm tribe, Jew, 
And get a broker. 

K i«v. TIs well aid, widow. — Will yo« Jog <m^ 

Men. Yea, 1 will go; but His no matter wliJEher: 180 

But when I trust a wild fool, And n woman, 
Mmv I lenil ^4li^ juuI builii hospit»Ul [Exit. 

Y. L^'j. Nay, good sir, make all evtn: 
Here is a widow WAnxn ytjur good word fi>r mc ; 
She's rich, atid may renew me and my fortunes. 1S5 

£, Loi-i, [ aoi glad you look before you. — Genlle- 
Here ts a poor distressed yoting^er brother, 

Wxd. You do him wrong, cir; he'« a knight 

B. L&vt^ I aik you mercy: yet, 'tis no matter; 
His knighthood \s no inheritance, 1 take it: 190 

Whjit^ocver he i^ he's your servant, or would be. I&dy. 
Fjiitli, bt iiul incrcHe^A, bol make « in»n: 
He's young and hand^crne, ihrjcgh he be my brother, 
And ni» ob?vtvaiicc» may deserve yuut love; 
He shall not tail for fneansL 1^ 

Wid. Sir, you ?peAk like a worthy brother: 
And so much I do credit your fair language. 
That I flhail love yotir brother; and so love him— 
But ] lihall blu-'ch tu ^y more. 

B. Lifve- Stop her mouth. [Yh Love, kiijtj ktr. 

\ hope ynu ^WaW mit live tn know that hour, 200 

When this shall t>e repented. — Now, brother, I should 

But ri) ^vc no distaste to your fair mistress, 
I will in-itruct her in 'l, and she shall do 't; 
You have been wild and ignorant; pray, mend it, 

y. Lt}V€. Sin every daj% now spring comes on. 205 

E. L<n'f. To you, good Master Savil, and your 

Mf «iwfMfiivrJ So all, boi Kd, 10 M w rwrttf -' •iTcnd ti7Co1m« mA W«h. 

m/air\ F„tollowCTt bj TTw.. Wtb., uJ Dt«, All the QQ^ fi^. bUoWrd 

by GJflNUI, 

ao5 jm* iffit^S <*m*> «t] When [round Jcft wild t&d burca tbrou^b tbe 
winlw i> brava^I nuAa cutiivaiion ngktn. 



ThuEt much 1 have to ^y- Vou'rt, frcm my steward, 
Pocomr-, firtt your own <lfunkard> thor* hi* bawd ; 
Thfiy s&y, you're excellent grown in both, and perfect: 
Give me your key*, Sir Savil 

Sat\ Good sir, consider whom you left mc to. 

£ Levf. I left yon as a curb fur, not to provoke, 
My brother's follies. Where's tlie best drink, now'! 
Comc» tcli mc, Savil, whcfc's the soundest whorc5 ^ 
Vou old hc-goat, you dried ape, you bme stallion, 
Must you be leaping in my house ? your whores. 
Like fairies, dance their nighi-roiindA» without fear 
Either of king or conittable, within my waJla? 
Arc all my hangings safe ? my sheep unsold yet * 
I hope my plate is current; 1 ha' loo much on 't 
What s^y you h> three hundred poundii in drink 

SiTv. Good lir, forgive ine. And but hear me apeak. 

£. LffVi, Methinka, thou ^ouJd&t be dnink istiir and 
not speak ; 
TIs the more pardonable. 

Sai\ I v^ill, str, if you will have it 30. 

B- Lavt. ! thAnk yout ycf, e'en puraue it, sir. Do 
you hear ) 
Grt a whore soon fur your rrcrration ; 
Go look out Captain Broken- breech, your fellow, 
And ijudrrL^I, if you dare. [ sh^l deliver 
The*u key* to one shall have more honesty, 
Tliough n(it ^o much fine wit, sir. You may walk. 
And gather cresses, sir, to cool your liver; 
There's something for you In bi^in a diet. 
You'll have the pox else. Speed you well, Sir Savil \ 
You may cat at my house to preserve life ; 
But keep no fomicatums in the stables. 

\Hxtunt E. trW V, LOVELESS and Widow. 

S<nh Now must I hang mysrlf; my frienilH will look 







>i6 /hi/*«fj f^, fide, N, lo, Thtn-i L^oian. anH Dyco; the r«U pjuI W«^ 

his ttifSttg" Cr. 1. IE, of tbtfc pk/< '■ bad m Fkndcn marc Icnp'd ibttr/' 
U6 Ar tflTlie murlsiQ cdJl^it q^c^ijI I>yix |Jtiul, fwi ibc vieUd iit^ jvf u* 
iji tir] ThtoUi.J printed, mth folio iSffl, Jif. 
•J5 /*™"VWcwr] QQi— J. 0[hrr old ^%. /trm.-*ivK* 

426 THE SCORNFUL LADY [act iu 

Eating and sleeping, I do despise you both now : 

I will nin mad tirst, and, if that get not pity, 

rU drown myself to a most dismal ditty. [Exit, 

13S / wiU run mad . . . dttiy] Reed, TxottDfthe nambcr of " SAtirial 
■neen'' igunit Sluikopewe id Itui plijr, s*j% "That caDctadioi* linei very 
plainly were iatended I0 ridicnle the alutrophe of Oph«lu;" uid Muos 
ivpties, very propedf, thtX dlosiori 01 pvodf doct Dot pectWiLiEy itnplf 




Scene [. 

A rmwr in iht LaDY'.S hmt^. 
Bnur Abigail. 

Abig. Alas poor gcnilewoman, to what a misery 
hath af^ brought thcc. to what a scurvy fortune! 
Thou, that hail been a comp-mion fiir rmWcmcn, iiiid, 
at the vrorst of those tinica, for ^ntlcmcn, now> like a 
broken ?ccrvi ng- ma n, must brg for favour to thosr, that 5 
would have crawl'd. like pilj^nu, to my chamber but 
for an apparition of mc. 
You that be coming on, make mtich of fifteen. 
And so till fivc-and-tw/cnty: use >*our time 
Witli reverence, that your profits may anwe; lO 

[t will not tarry with you ; t<€( signnm / 
Hrrr waft a fac T 

But Time, that like a t^urfeit eats our ymith, 
(Plague of hii iron tccth» ami draw *cin for 'l !) 
Ha* been a little boEder here than welcome; IS 

And now, tt> say the truth, I am fit for no malt. 
Old men i' the house, of fift>\ call me ^frannam; 
And when they are drunk, cen then when Joan and 

my lady 
Arc all one, not one will do me reason. 
My h'ttle Invite hath foruken me : 20 

Hi3 silver sound of eitteir: quite aboliah'd ; 
Hit doleful hymns under my chamber>wmdow 
Diluted into tedious learning, 

SCtK* I.lTtia ddcdkprlni lb« AOfnu *> press, rrt drop LfilOTvnc whcr^vu 
t^ ^Ig^aBii brokaiaiD qufiv ihoit ipcKhn. TheoiWU^w undouUedly 
MM la vint^riiig aU bat ■ Ct« than laicfioMf yei Wrbtr leapt rha vbole 
aatofUbMWMtt llofvt »ad Ab^e^l m proK, ■» w«ll u th« Un iwclrv Unvt 
oT th* intM- W* hnp |r«nrn1ly f^^llnwi^il tlyu't ArT»iierfln«nt- 

I J Tbw* thai UU a f$rftU r*ii) L r- ihni iLirfciu liim«cir wi cur jrtkutti, 

II 4iUrm\ WtU we ao- oil— cniur; ■«« lf«wkiM'> iK^. tf Minit, 


[act it 

W«il, ldol,yoa leapt a haddock when yoQ left hnn: 

HeS a ckAo aun. «od 4 (^ood cdificr, 35 

And twenty Qot4ci is his itate dCr dSsrv. 

Bevdes hu pts:« imp^su. 

To this good homilist 1 have be«n c%w fitabbom^ 

Which Cod for^vc n>c for, and mend my mumcn! 

AtMl Love, ff <rvtr thoa had&t cur of forty, 30 

Of tocb apiece of t»' grotmd. hear my prayer. 

And lire hu zeal vi ni fofth, th«t my wilts. 

In Iht9 rcncw'd impressioQ of mr lov«, 

Hay shew corrected to oor gentle reader I 

Emtir Roger. 

Msijir,] f« how ncgkclingly be pii^Jca b>' me I 35 

Whh what an c^uipaco canook*!. 
Ah though he had broke the heart of Bcllarmm, 
Or added tooiethb^ to the tbigiiif brethren 1 
Ti» KofR. ! know it, and deacrvc h.— Master 

R4!g^ F&ir scntlcwocaan, ray name b Roger. 40 

ASig Then, gentle Roger 

Rfi£. Unirentte Aba^il I 

A^g. Why, Master Roger, will you *ict yo\ir wit 
To a weak wonKm's? 

Ri^. Vou are weak, tadecU ; 

u J^«li^^i1 •'ThmWpl««bfi^''oeanHlUrvood'iJVrtvri(j, 

IH l« > wkilii^ LJL M M i4) u oniarlBinfT-'' AtanI fabatiiDtca hftddocl: 

36 mMmII c foU ate wwth 6c U CMb. 

aC aOmV « dtml ^ c U* net lacoi>t« Aran prtr>ic loareei. 

JJ fqp ia pOMcJ i. & dibe-piflk «rfc^ he AOa ■ Utik 

Jl in\ SvafK^ieDRselnafcr XMr «ribvcU«JL,^ribdika»d<nite a 
wiifWit far iayt. It id«u* Uov, offlowbtd. 

3«jmA MUh-JcC "Vovftnlef«Ai5s,'- ILLift. TtenronMi«Bi 
4cftak«torlc1fifarddftmuycaaRa?,MDdpali«Bli beutowttne 

■tOM io tbc Prrbcc ui Ldciscr'i S a m am (IS49>-" Rccdvc tbulfuUr* 
SCbIIg nxd«r, iktm •emou." Cp> JEUv ff'Mktr, It. u. 35— 

*' 7 vkl] noi 111** • i^otet in vy ho«i« 
Abcm 4 fe«tli fii^W.'' 

37 fiwIflQQj.ft: l^mlAnlBi. 

ar A ttirmu il CudfaMl Robtrt Bdlumiiir US4i—t^>U Atdibuhtjp ct 

lutwmliigtna^BrdiMjaiL tS. IM, Kcb. 9. ui4 Dec », t6oa 
PomMi cdfmniiclaL 


For so the poet sings. 

Aitsg. I do confess 

My wcftkncsA. sweet Sir Roger. 

Rf^. Good my lady's 45 

Gentlewoman, or my good lady's gentlewoman. 
(This trope is lost to you now,) lenve your pmting. 
You have a season of your first mother in you: 
And, surely, hiicJ l\\tt devil \ytttx in love, 
He had been abused too. Go, DalJda; 50 

Vou mAkc men fool^, And wc-ti f^'brccchcs, 

Ai^il^- WcJl, well, hiirdhearted man, dilate 
Upon the weak Infirmities of women ; 

These are fit texU: but onoe there was a time 

Would I Had never seen those eyes, thaie eye>. 55 

Those orient eyes! 

Rif^. Ay, ihcy were pearls once with you, 

A^. Saving your reverence, ^ir, «o they are mill. 

KojT- Nay. nay, 1 do beseech you. leave your 
What they are, they arc ; 
They serve me without ,'*pcctaclc*, I thank "cm. 6q 

Ah'g. Oh, will you kill me? 

Ro^. 1 do not think I car; 

Yoa'ro like a copyhold, with nine lives in 't, 

A^i^. Vou were wont to bear a Christt&n fear about 
Kor your own wonhip's sake 

Rog, \ was a Chrttlian fool then. 

Do you remember what a dance you led me ? 65 

How I grew qualmVl in love, and was a dunce ? 
Could expound but once a quarter, and then was out 

And then, ai prayers once. 
Out of the stinking Mir you put me in, 

r' DtlitU] !io th« S*« «4rllnt 410*. Olhdr wU AiATtf uid D^Hi^f 

Tail, t*, l«^, ^. Tyrvhiitl, Mellon {iViO' fw"' jft mt tt Coirtt, t. SoB. 
pi Dtcc], ciCt vi<.> uxd ofouloniiljr b^ ftiitbonoTft modi hxm dK« (Umji. 

51 wAfr /f-ArtteJiu} Lt. to var« etc. Xht dAtc of Uic B(D«ho-Bibk 
Is IS79. 

51 diMtf)Q€, Kdk I, loand l^mut n^A j/t* mcy Ji/Mt. 

Cmtj^iu/iwhJ <j4, J14jl S. 10 tnd Colmon. Cou/d not v/fftntd. 
at^roftfi 9mt\ Oaly Ln Ql uul refiond by WeU 



(act IV 

I tliaok you for it: 

I pf»/d for my own royal issiw ? You do 70 

Remember all this? 
A^s Oh, be AA then you were ! 

SuTi:ly, I will be wiser, Abigail; 

And AH ihc cthnick pnct %\nz% 

I will not lose ray oil And labour toa 75 

You'it for the worshipful, I lAkc it, AbigaiiL 

A^i^. Ob. take it to, aod then [ am lor tbee ! 

XpX'. 1 like thoc tears well, and thb humbling alao; 
They are «ymptoai« of ccnuitifin, jl^ a fcither saith. 
If I should fall into my lit i^ain* 3o 

Would you not shake me into a quotidian coxcomb f 
Would you rot u« ire ncurvily again, 
And ^ive iiic [xihAct^ with purging comlits in 't? 
1 tell thee, gentlewoman, thou hn&t been harder to me 
Th<tri a !on^ chapter with ^ pedigree. 8$ 

A^j^. Oh, curate, cure me I 
I will love thcc better, dearer, longer; 
1 will do any tiling; l>erray the secreta 
Of the main household to thy rcformfition. 
My lady «hall look lovinyly on thy learring; 90 

And when true time shall point thcc for a parson. 
I will convrn thy eggs to pmny-cu*itardit, 
And thy tithe-goo^je shall ^roxe and multiply- 

Hu;^. I am inollificrd, 
As n-ell shall testify tKis faithful ktu: 95 

And have a great care, Mistress Abj^il, 

79 ift^d\ Ell. to jiufftt bd«r« rhii ''' ifiiE««d ofpnTfiigfor chekhkc." 

74 cUnv/iJ p*fE«i, Uirp-ien. Cf. EV. ii. jg an^ Btq |f«Ufi'> /n^'r JCbAtv 
lammrni-— "Kf:iinc anytf4rUi-,t ritv 

Id (hu Lmulilctl (tmplc.** 
The poet a PliLtm i Tbeo^ quoin the line frum the /V/mJv— 

74 /ii*f fl^p) A wonf bu cndenlly :lr«pppd vat- GiITdrI c^atiin, "^tH 
tmtHiy titwp'l M& iKHf ftn EH. 177R {l>jtv). 
7ft /4^] Q> hu an. 

I» «f A^wJtfr MA41 Onlr b Q91. D, Edt. S^ ic: «aJii«d by Tbeo. 
I HfiiiWfcJiiiif aaoH^ A quolidiu fcva being dk vbuH panajnoi irOifDcd 
lUlv. tb« v«inl c4Sia to mouk u ffib««bw <i(|;toa of uif^ua^ Ai Yat» IJlu 
It, llJ. iL aSj, "ihfovAAidiwi cJ Lot*." 
S5 fk^ff m!k A\OmntA id all old «4l ^tcqilQQ'- ^> £d*- ^> i^- 
91 fFK] Q4; Ed*, Sv io<^hW. ro||LMivdbjCQ]iDUiu)d Webu JOm/cmM^ 

96 ^Wl Q6, Ed«. t, 10 i«bJ Bmt, fuLlowoJ by Tb». mJ Colmu, 

scraE I] 


How you <]epre»i the spirit any more 
With your rebukes and mocks; for cert^nly 
The cdgt of such a folly ctits itscIT 
^^t/r- Oh, sir, you have pierced mc thorough I Here 

] vow lOO 

A recantation to those malicious faults 
[ ever did against you. Ktvcr more 
Will I despise your Icdrnirg; nevermore 
Pin cards and cony-Uib upon your ca«»ock; 
Never again reproach your reverend nighi-cap, t05 

And call it by the margy name of murnn i 
Never j'our rcvfTPnd jwrr.ton more, zn6 say, 
Vou look like one of Baars prtestj* in a hanging ; 
Never agnin^ whim ym) say grace, laugh at you, 
Nor put you out at prayers; never cramp you more 1 10 
W^lh ihc grtrat Book of Martyis; nor, when you 

Get sodp and thiMlcs for you. No, my Roger, 
These faults shall be corrected and amended. 
A» by the tenor of my tears appears. 
Hc^. Now cannot I hold, if I should be hang'd; I 

must cry too. ii; 

Come to thine own beloved, and do even 
WHat thou wilt with mc, sweet, sweet Abigail ! 
I am Thine? awn for ever ; here's my hand : 
When Ko^cr proves A recreant, han(- him i' the bell- 


hkaetaltoiaBndto Mur/uf*, nhUh WeU fj^bu. 'rhr^. ta^ Coinaaa 

107 yttif r^wtrtwui /•ertft} Sofart Lli«( wanli, the practding "»p<oacii'* i> 

Kit dtu y Saafr /ritjti tM Adf^i^ Le prctablr tli« wrfl« on Ml. 
V^FitwX in ume vrkft iv\ uprsiila llbuinnnf *»" 1^« *^ HI^IUl, «« ih«e *i 
H«ai|KUD Cvan HiuXraU (&e life vt Abrihvn. Cf. 7^ XM Ct^Ukman. 
IV. jr. 71, *'yvix hucbifltof NcbuL;luJn<ui.^ /ir ^ ^ofwi^ifii ^'^v nbdJnE 

in H'uktk^^rMt Baak^ AfafTfr:] GmrtfeJ [ntU th<oM*di,«Crtt OQl, 
0> Bdk S. to It mtMrntliAi ilirwifl nciIcrowEl l|i hit iIaII Tnllit cfaspci WHnlt, 

I i] Gtl (Aj/ Luv^ MfkfAjl 4^ EcmcHlm Lor lorrnns* JmpTjtnc Ibal ti« onitd 
not iie«. Cf. IUjk"» .V*»/-S Bfifrv— 

'■ The boly tliiiHc i|U«ndic« fever*! tig*/" 

ri5 iwy ter\ W« follow u\ ihtf td&on. trlTliotft fadtBg ccrtAia ih*t '17 ftf 
10 tfa« MOM of bo^kio I0( vha iMdli^of QQr, S^ ia QOl bvliti^ 



[act IV 

EmUr LaDV ^satd MaKTHA. 

Loify V^y. how now, Maxtor Roger, no mycre 130 
dvwQ wJih you t^ni^ i did you bear the bdl m% I 
You a/c courftng ; your flock shall fat well (or Jt 

J7«>^. 1 humbty ftftk >x>uf pftfdoD. — [lld^uppraycra^ 
But Ktay a little^ and be vrtth yoo agi&tn. [£sat 

£ji«rr CLDER LO^'CLCSS. 


Lady. How dare you, being so unwonhy a fellow. 
Pfcsume to cofoe to inov« coe any CDOn ? 

£. t4K^ Ha. ba, ha ! 

£d^. What ail> the felKow? 

£. Z^^*. The feUow comcn to Uii£^ at >-ou. 

I teU you, lady, I itooW not, for your land, 
ik such a coxcombs such a nhlning aM, t30 

A» you deCT««d me for when I was Uvt here 

L4f^. I joy to hear yo« uc wise sir ; 'tifl a rare 

In 4A elder brother: pny, be wiser >-et. 

E. Ltrvt^ Methhiks I am ^^cry wt&c : I do not come 
Indeed, ril tnovc no uKirc love to your ladyship^ 

/..adr^ Wliat make ^'ou here, thc^ ? 

E. Love. Only to »cc >'OU, and be mcrr>\ lady ; 
That's all mv budncsf. Faith, let's be very meny, 
Where'd Itttie Roger ^ he U a good fellow : 
An hoof or tw<\ well spent in whotcvome oMi, 
Is worth A thouJBDd of these puling pe&sions. 
Til an ill world for loverL 

La^. They were nc^vr fewer. 

E. Lavi. I thank God, there b ooc Icsa for mc, lady. 

Lq^. You were never an>-, sir. 

B. Lov€^ Till now \ and now 1 am the prettiest fellow ! 14s 

LadjF. You talk like a t^lor, sir 

MX ^0^m K*/i Mr) L «. itt fsar nuafc-mmlnni fcoolL 
ifjf£u]QQ5, & EdLft, lOfAiy; OiOaved b? Col, 
151 n>] Onlj la QQl, i, Droe. 





^ /riitfrinfjUERvJ L ft, iodfiSmwi lo ilu« 11 tb« **f to vn 




E*Ltn}t. Mcthinluv your faces &rc noauch fific thlo^ 

Lady. Why did you tcli mc you i^vre wLsc } IjOtxL, 
what a lying age ik this 1 Whrrc will yDu mend tht-vr 
bco? ISO 

£. Lmu. A li(^;( face sooscd is worlh a hundred of 

l^iiiy. Suic. you had some ?iow to your motlucr. 

E. Lcv4^ Sh€ brought such fine white pigs u you. fit 
for none but pftraons, l&dy. 

£a^. TU well you will aUowu« our cler^ yet. 1$; 

£. L^V€, That snail not mvc you. Oh. that I were 
In love Sf^in w£th a wi^h I 

L4t4y. ijy thi.'; light, >'ou are a scurvy fcUow 1 ptay, 
be tfunc 

£. LifVf. You know, L ftm » clcanskinn'U man. ifo 

Ixidy. Do 1 know il ? 

E. Lffve. Come. come, you would know it \ that's as 
good : but not a snap, never long for 'K. not a snap, dear 

tiuiy. I^ark yc, sir. hark ye, ^ct you to tlie suburbs \ 165 
There's horse-nesh for auch hounds^ Will you go, 

B. Lovr. Lord, how I loved thi* woman! how I 
This pretty calf with the while f^ce here! As [ live. 
You were the prettiest fool to play withal, 
The witlLcat little varlet I It would talk \ 1^ 

Lord, how it talWd ! and when 1 angcr'd it. 
It would cry out and scratch, .and cat no mcati 
And U wouid say, *' Go hang I "* 

IJf it^'i/aettattnd^ T]i0'ich«cl(Ulrnl: " nuvnl for «mbcr.wv4k, "£1.^01 Jt, 

15» uinrj QQt, s, W«^h, nw: th^ rnt a. 

'Si ^^W^f ^"''^J ^QS> ^> ^<U. S, 10 haw brvHj^ forth yvA. wbich b 
(Ik niuu;!^ in jat £■■<, i. c r^r luiXbcri waiUicigA. 4i;<Jj3ruu a lUbcfH£ 
lOa nod E>r pr^iK Far uv but nliciou mo. 

136 tidjf QQ5, 6, KdL S, 10 *7i£ 

156 Ok> ru/ / b^ . . . 4>«Vi] i «. 1 'Id com* li> lb« ntr^ if [ «m^ 
vnrtiv thai pASlAg fanqr ^ t>^' 

i6q r^iAiPi-iiliAiii'jfJ Q5 (JCifQ) (doiw radl dffrr-$Mta^d. 

1$) fvfr»r«j1 ihc i«wil or lutlMi. Cf. ffam. limt., t L ^j Fftfih 
/Wif. IV. ». 47. 

WMi Abigail u " roultd horv*'* fit for ■ dog. and Bpia V. iv. tfi^ 



[act IV 

Z«^ It wiU my bo <till, if you anger it 

E. LMft. And wnen ! axk'd it, if it vouki be msmcd, 175 
It sent nw of an errand inio France ; 
And would abuic mc, and be gUd it did «x 

Lady. Str, thb is most unmvily ; ^r^iy^ be gone. 

E, L^w, And «wau [even when it twiitcr'd to be at 
I w«3 iinban<bomc, 

L^w. Have ynu no mannrr* in yxm ? ifio 

E, Lave^ And siy ray bade m-ftj mdted. vbcn, the 
gods know, 
I kept it at a chstge, — four Flanden mares 
Woult! have becii caniCT Id cnc, and a fatcer, 

La^. Vou think all this n true now i 

E. Z^MV- Faith, whether it be 0* no. *tia too good for 

>*ou. J 85 

But »o much for our mbth : now have at >^ou in 

L^ui)'. There is enough, ar: I desire no more, 

£, hffvf, Ye«, faith, wr'11 havr a ca<t ^t y<iur haX 
And Ihen the devil taJrc ihc wnrst ! 

Lady- Pray^ sir, no more ; 1 am not much affected 190 
With your commcndalions. lis almost dinner : 
1 know ihe>' stay you at the ordinary, 

£. i,ev€. E'en a short grace, and then I am gnne^ 
You are 
A woman, and the proudest that ever loNixd a ooadi ; 
TTie 9Corafu]lest, scurviest, and most senseless tvomai) ; 
The greediest to be praised* and never moved. 
Though it be grt)^^ Aud open ; the mtist envious. 
That, at the poor fame of another's lace, 
WoukI eat your own, and more than is your own. 
The paint belonging to it ; of such a self- opinion, 200 

i3i kuk TLW.- tKt£lei\ Eljabpchih icmltiTCnai ga thte hnd b iboncUntly 
iUiuUMci m bui uiiliuii. CC V^ I. 18, Lowlcu' jcduu^ oT "Ihoc »Mcf' 
cbmcd rmsdJa, " culen uid cnufaaicn. 

■tti /Jir ft4i kmto/\ W«:b>'t cDiveiioa of the rrailin^ i^r Qi ik* m4i kimtatu 

Cms Af kmamf ; Q6. eo& Cl<^ O-L t»km a^tiw tvwj. 

iS^ a feitiif'i AlSuilon ta ibr doable vaMt of it^ittgtst L Q- Ag, "had m 
FluiJcr^ nu.'c Intiii lljcrv ."^ 

191 j/tf/yTttJQQt, a» 3, Web, DyccL the ttsUft^Jbr/Mi 

sens T 


That you think no one can dcacfVcyouT glove; 
And lor your malice, yav. arc w excellent, 
Vou might have been your tempter's tutor* Nay, 
Ncvrr cry, 

Latfy, Yotir own heart know» you wronK me. 
I cry for yoi] ! 

£. Lovf, Vou Khall^ before I leave you. 305 

La^. U all Oils spoke in earnest ? 

£. Lorn. Yen, and more, 

As soon as I can get tt out. 

Lady. Well, out with X 

E. Love. You arc lei mc ^^lee 

Lady. One that has used you with too much re»peCL 

h. Lov<^ One that hath u^d mc, since you will have 

il so, JIO 

The basest, the most foot-boy- like, without respect 

Of what 1 was, or what you might be by me; 

Vou have ti&cd me as I would uae a Jade, 

Ride him olT 's legs, then turn him into the commons ; 

Vou ha\'e used me with discretion, and I thank you. %\% 

If you ha^x many more such pretty servants, 

Pray^ build ^r ho«pii^], andj when they are old, 

Keep 'cm, for shame. 

La^. 1 carrot think yet thi^ is scriouA. 

£. L^ovt. WiU you hsivc more on 't i 

Lady. No, faith, there's encnigh, 220 

If it be true; too much, by all my part 
Vou are no lover, then ? 

E. Li?vs, No. I had rather be a carrier. 

Lady. Why» the gods amend all ! 

£. Z^tv, Neither do I think 

There can be such a fclJow found i' the world, 
To be in love with such a froward woman : 235 

if ^crc be such, they're mad ; Jove comfort 'cnn I 
Now you hHve iCli ; ;tnd I ah nrw a m^n^ 
A* li^ht and spirited, that I feel myself 
Clean through another creature. Oh^ 'tis brave 

aOi iv tffM}Co].'t iltvrftlion ■H/'i'jfpA^ for fMth of iht old odL 
»4 turn Mim im/t] Qi, Wtb., Vj^. Qa /ww dt 1^ Th< 
Alia JIA 
fliS Kmfl QOx, I. ThDQu, Dpv : Ujc rcvi t^ htfi. 
£tt d larritrjl, v. luy Irmilcu vubM be loft. 





To be onc'^ own nutn t 1 can se>o you now 

A-s f woiiM %ct^ 4 [lictofr ; «it %ll (Uy 

By you, and tiKver ki&s your luftd ; hear yoa n'ng. 

And never fall backward ; buU with asset n tonper 

As I VFOold hear a Addler, nve and thank yoQ : 

I can now keep my money in my pome. 

That H^IJ m^t gadding out for scarfo and waistcoats ; 

And keep my hand from mercers' sheep-skins Andy : 

I rAn pat miitton now, 8nd foist myscu 

With my two fihillin^ and can »ce a play 

For ctght«en-peticc aga£n : t can, my lady- 

LaJ_/. lAsidf,] The carriage of this fellow vexca 
mc — 
Sir, pny, let roe speak a little private with you.— 
{AsidtJj I mu?J not i-LifTcr tbi-A. 

E. Lot^. Ha, ha. ha t What wvxild you with me } 
Vou will not ravish mc ^ Now, your set speech. 

Ladjf^ Thou perjurtd man ! 

£^ J>tv> Ha. ha, ha \ this is a fine 

Exoniium : and why. I pray you, perjured ? 

La^. Did yoti net swear a thousand thouand 
You loved me besi of all things ? 

E. Lffot. i d(] eK3nfc» it : in^ke ytittr h»t of tliat 

LaAf. Why do you say you do not, then f 

B. tav^ Nay. Ill nwear it, 350 


aji irfrifittrgJAtennDiiMllyawnci^KtlvlThufupaei^Ajf. in die Wmun^ 

thli Momacber a« bodkc «■■ soni alsa b^ [ulics <- ^^ XV. a, 14, applwl br 
ihc Cftfrtiia to tlic ^tdoit. 

AJT 'iAi^t'vwf] SlUt uiel for (lovvt, 

3^ n^'tm-/^4] Flit, li, lolT^Oi. 16^$ ^J uibflFitiiif /J^-a-OniW. Coltkr 
(JV^ff. ^r#H. /tw,.Oi, 347JfLiioti-q eTi' irpjlnciiei*^ Mjynr'ii ChA'jtfiftAifiigt led 
the ptotoffM ED HftMoifUHi'i Ciui'W f/ Arrajyn, i6«0> u cvldfon Etnt at IboM 
dMo taw ji»AlBvt na paid aE ilic Uli^nau, " pfobablrlor diaboc plaiocn'' 
The pnsent pMun oy which be codcntoun lo iqppOfl lUi, ntkcr wtuci 
tliAt murf ihfcn rrditt<nEJtfLOt i*tw pud f?T Uw bol (^fi<c«i la t*09^ thacifftk 
pDAihly not iK the llLackfiun^ W#b. rvffn l4 iH/wfVAMr Afflmj, t-L, "n- 
loUrd jog In the half-cravn twir*/' vh^rp hr^iuotri (ho Inituctioa to S^ 
ikfiimtw Far {1614). "if tSflJl 1>r tiwfEjl (a an) iulil lo Juder bb ikpebbf 

lnj[«. wf-A- 

wtttili, lii» iwelTriKHtiy i«viLb, *u n» ha eiittiicaiijcftay. E*^> 
croKfi, to the ^aLue oTMt pUc^" 

»40 /<*Mv'*^JQ*Wlowedb¥Th»ei. »dCoL / r«iv, »/ Ai^, /au. 



And give sufficient rccuson,— -your own uuigc 
Lady. Do you not love me novif, then i 
E. Lgv€^ No, Taith. 

Im^. Did you ev«r think 1 toved you dearly ? 
E. Lovt. Yes ; but I sec but rotlcn fruits on *t 
L{t4y. Do not deny your h^nd, for 1 muwt ki^s it, 

And tAkc my liist farewell. Novr let mc dic> 

So^'ou be happy \ 

njn too rooliah. — Lady ! »pfiiik» dear 



Olii mv lister] 
Help, help! 

Run for some roja 4ciis.' 
the fine ass I — Bend hex 



Ln/c. I 
La^, No, l€t me die. 

^^^f. Oh, my lady I 

E, Lopf. I have played 
body-— Lady. 
Be*t, deareit, worthiest lady, hear your servant I 
I am not as 1 ihcw'd. — Oh. wretched fool, 
To fling ;4W»y the jrwcl af ihy life thnu !— - 
G:ve her more a:T- See, she begins to *tir. — 
Sfcxcl mUtrcss, hear mc 1 

Litdy. Is my servant well ? 

£- Lavt, III bciiit^ yours, I ami so. 

Lady. Then I care rot. 

£, Lqv€. How do you? — Reaeh a chair there. — 1 
My fault not pardonable, in pumiin^ ihu*, 
Upon such tr^tideme^w. my wilful error; 370 

but had I known it would have wrought thus with 

Thus stran^^ely, not the world had won mc to it : 
And let not, my bc*t lady. 9>x\y word. 
Spoke to my end, disturb your quiet peaee \ 
For sooner ^hall you know a £;cncral ruin 275 

Than my faith broken^ Do not doubt thit, mUtress ; 
For, by my life, I cannot live without you. 
Come, come, you shall not grieve : rather be angry, 
And heap intiiction on mc ; 1 will sulfcr- 
Oh, I could curse my**^If f Pray, smile upon mc. 280 

Upon my faith, it wa* but a trick to try you. 

*J9 I'l^iV^dHj QQl, *, J, F.,0>l,, Web, D)r««[ ibc /c*l '^^«h. 



Koowiog yon knrad toe dearly, mnd yet 
That yoo would ftcvcr vhcw k, thoogh wif 
W23 aJI humility, 

£. Ztfcv; How Qor? 

Ladjr. I dunk yom &>c loot for your moett fioe plot: 
This was a nbUt one, a ctiff device 
To have csogfat dottcreb witfa. Good jcnidcw sit. 
Coald yoD Icaagtoe 1 sboold swooti for yoo. 
And koow ytwsdf to be an arrant ass, 
A>% a discfivQr'd one ? Ttsouk; 1 thaitk you, lir. xoo 
Ha. ha, ha I 

i/Wr. Take heed, w ; ihe may f**Ff*^ to noOQ 

A/l Ha. ha. ha I 

v4^>. Step to her, sir ; Me how she change* ook»irf 

E. Lffi^. I'll go to h^U fifst and be betto weioococ. 295 
I am fbol'd, I do oonfeu it, finely fool'd ; 
Lad>'-lbofd. madam ; and I thank ytw for it 

tody. Faith, 'tis not 90 moch worth, ^r: 
B«t if I know when you oome next a-birdit^ 
111 hMve a stmnj^rr noo§e to hM Ihe wocxkock- 300 

A& Ha. ha, ha ! 

£. Lovt. 1 am gbd tx> 9tc you merry ; pray, laugh 

J/or. H'ad a hard heart, that coukJ not laugh at you, 
Ha, ha, ha! 

Lady. Pray, sisitcr. do not bugh ; >^oa11 anger hun ; ^;' 
And then he'll n^it hkc a rode cootcnnoofcr. 

■a< iwnU>)5»kU oU«diw. abica CoL e*pUkied ■> Or^ I matd Ot 
kumiiut — M Sm AiA^ tffw. Tbco. pnolcd ln—Viv 
~ 4twn6] SkKk |m«cf«Ml^ tUly. 10] «id to ilbw AhmaIvb to b* 
«h£kc ibrv Imliau (be actkHU of ibs fovler fDrccK *(i»i L)iiJjrtc« 


m; l-aJf-^ia^itl bnlMB rfj|tNly iBvrted b^ Ttie^ lAd Dret Coi. awl 

■9P iwi^ Q)l^ ii^ I>,*^ [ t^ f*** '<"^' 

300 WMribcil Drtt itr«n ;c Zrr«^ M^^, IV. (t.— 

Atid tbnM 700 bcftd i* iht aooM.' 



That school-boys h^ cozen'd of hxa appl», 
A* loud aiid scniclciv 

£. Xottf. f wili not ruil 

Mar. l"-aiih, ihtn, let's hear him, sister, 

E. L&vi. Yes, you :ihall hear me. 

L&d^^ Slmll wc be the better for k, then > jio 

£\ /,£»£«. No ; he that makci a woman better by his 
ril havr him sainted blows will not do U, 

Lady. B/ this light, hc'U beat u^k 

£. ifwf. You do dcacTvc it nchly.and may Urt 
To have a beadle do it* 

Ladjf. Now he rail^ 31$ 

£. Lq^§. Come, scornful foHy^ if thia be railing, you 
Shall hear me rait. 

La^. Pray* pat it in f^ood word», then. 

a. L^t. The worst arc good enough for such a trifle. 
Such a proud piece oi cobxveb'Uwr. 

Lady. You bite. sir. 

E. l.m^t, I would till rhc bones craclc' I had my 

wilK 520 

Afar, Wc had best muzzle hin ; he grows mad. 

E. Lent. 1 would 'twere Lawful in the next great 
To have the dc^i^ spared, thoM* harmless creatures. 
And knocic i' the hc^d thc^ hot continual plaguen, 
Women, that are more infectious, I hope 335 

Thc5Utc will think on 't 

Lady. Are you well, sir } 

Mar. He looks 

A?v ihuuj^h lie had a ijrli^WJiia fit o' the culic 

£. Levt. Grccngingcr, will you cure mc? 

Ahig. VW heal 

A trencher for him* 

ito>r]QQj, J, Web. uul Dra: the ka ^. 

SI} Km tit i^/d f/u#A/1 Killed b pldcuc dae, ai the chkf aniOT cf 
WUiffion or ioTrat'Di Ij) SU T. Qrownci Lmikgiciiry tolkcdoo ol nrilic* 
CBllcd^VWMVHtCrifauvrtR (Tract vii)}, the thi^lithcfhunfcPidiu^ in— "An 
UMlBpd pDp«r dMlincBliaEi of jUI lorttof don oponocajion df th4 imdicr 
of Sultan Achni«t i whu in m grf nt f la^a^ ai CnntLanrlnnpIr, imvooni^ t It 
the dap ibcreln void (%n, anil fnoia ihaioe bto > Utile iiUnd, mieie thtf 
pctbhnl at lul 1/) fiiniuc." 

u8j«m] Oiaatcfl by dl cdj. bul QQl, S uul l>yce. Tht *pcKh b 
ad J i^ M d to Mutlu. 



E. L<nre. Dirty December, do ; 

Tboa with a face as old as Etta Pater, 330 

Such a pfognostkatinig dosc; thou thine- 
Tbat ten y^yixt «inee hu kft to be a woman, 
Otit-vom the expectation of a bantl; 
Aim) thy dfy bocie« can reach at nothing XKrtr, 
But gordA or nlne-pins; pray, ^o fetch a iteiKbcr, go, 335 

L^. Let him alone; he'scrack'd. 

A¥^. ni see htm hang'd first : he's a bcasUy fellow. 
To use ^ wouLim of my brtMrdinj; thus ; 
Ay, marr^'i is he. WcHJki I ^'crc a man, 
I'd make him cAt hbi ktuvu's wcrds^ I 340 

E. £^^> Tic >-our she-oltef up^ fiood Lady Folly, 
She stinks worw: than a bcar*baJting. 

Lady^ Why urill you be angry now ? 

E, Lfitf€, Ga paint and purge; 

Call in your fcennri with you. You a lady ! 

W^r- Sirrah, look to't against the quartcr-»c»BOtis: 34$ 
If thcrr N* gnrx^ brh*v>niiT in the world, 
111 have thcc bound to it 

E. Love. You musl not ?*eek It fn your Ud>''« hotisc, 
Pray, send thi« fcrrd homc-^^^nd tptn^ good Abigail -- — 
And, mad^m, that your laclyiihip may know 350 

In what base manner you have used my Acrvicc, 
I do from thU hour hate thoc heartily; 
And though your folly should whip yoo to repentance. 
And waken ynu ;»t length to ve my wronn 
Tb not the endeavour of your life shall win me. — 355 
Not all thr fTJCndt you havn in intcnrrssion, 
Nor your .^iubmissivG letters, though they spoke 
As many lean a^ words; not yy^ur knrc« grown 

330 £rra P«irr\ SoT4« old wtFolo^rr taihor fi\ the black-IciiiM met, «l 

im jtrf tv m tmj t *i*f PhiniJit. ite. An Hrnt-Faftw Bonietimcs mcwii bb 
ilmiu^ SMGroT'i nur* titkNuJilnUt PL i.r. i- llO(DjceX Covnarr Ji^ier 
BfvtAtr. I. H-. " And iftrr xii limiix' LMufprctict wiilt the lUin. iJr->^ irkh 

L ii- 6AcJ (hb pl*T, 'Mk<c< IjIlc in old cphcmcridcS'" 

[5 /vn£r] ia&a di«, wirh a cunc<&Iod avi^ Ibotlov IjW « inn'^ tStcdtg 


is4 jmt idH rjv j;iirrru;rAii] QQl, 3, Wctk, Dm Q). .N*' 'tax 'itftf^ 
4W«it>». F. ^h hai't. inimtiiivm. QQ4^^ Ed«^ S, to JH Anv Bill^ 
tmfrrojwf. Tlicvb»ld ugd C^oaan pHatc4 >#ir AoMi nor tiii1env/fi»M. 



\. If! 

To the ground in penftence, nor all your state,— 

Tc kills you: nor my pftrdoii, nor will 360 

To give you Christian buna), if yoii <]ir thus; 

So rarcwcll 

Wli^Ti 1 am marritrd Ami made sure, V)\ come 

And visit you ft^nin, and vex you. lady; 

hy a\] my hojjc^, I'll be ^ torment loytiu, 565 

Worse than a tedious winter, I know you will 

KccAnt and auc to mc ; but save theit Uboui : 

I'll rather love a fever and continual thirst, 

Rather contract my youth lo drink, and safer 

Cote upon <]uarrd«, 370 

Oi take a dravffi whore from an hospital, 

That time, rti?^eases, nr\t\ mercury h;id catcn, 

Than to be drawn to love you. 

Lot^. Ha, ha, ha ! Pray, do; but take heed thouglu 

£. Left, From thoc, false dice, jades, cowards, and 

(ilii^uy suinmcT^, 375 

Good Lord, deliver me I [£jnt, 

Loify, But hark you, scn'ant, hark yc ! — Is be gone .* 
Call him againn 

A^r, i iang him, paddock ! 

La^. Art thou here still? Ay, Hy, and caQ my 
servant : 
Fly, or ne'er sec me more. 380 

A^. [AsifU^] 1 had rather knit again than see that 
fiut 1 must do it [RxiL 

lAUfy, ! wouJd be loath to anger him too much* 
at fine foolery is thi« in a woman, 
To uftc those men most frowardly they love moat ? 385 
If I should loae him thus, I were righily served. 
1 hope he's not so much himself to tidte it 

>6f) r^«rZW/jr^T»9, Web., Dvce^ Olhei Otd«>di.ji«<fn^«, which ii »«<)»' 

37s pmUoi£\\,^^ IchJ, tho bTnilim trflhi Third Wllch in ^«fAini L L 
3DI Mf 4^^| be iIctEmJcd 10 hci eviic poildiu) of needlewoniAiL 

jS^ hdt met tf mtifA ktmni^\ i-C- I hujv thu 4h(>w of u^i* 11 aol •» 
|[rntiinp at ihil 1i« T«alljr lakr% if 10 htvn. 



[act TV 

R€'€Mi£r Abigaiu 

How nmv } will he come hack > 
A^r. Never* he siK'cara, while he c»n hear men ny 
There* any woman l£ving: he iwort he wtwld ha* me 

first. 390 

Lady. DiUit thou mtreat him, wench? 
Abig. Aa K^ell as I could, m^ilam. 

But thiA b fftill your way, to k>vc being absent, 
And when he'a with yoti, launch at him and ^lue him. 
There is another way> if >'o« could hit ont 

Lady. Thou saytl true - get me paper, pen, and ink; 39$ 
111 write to him: I'd be loath be should &lcep in '« 

Women are most fools when they think they're wisest 



A Stnag, Musk. 

BnUr YOUKC LOVELESS and Widow, ^ing t9 ^ 
married.- wM tJkem Jkis Comr^dei 

PVid. Pray, sir, cast off these fdlows, as unfitting 
For your b^re knowlcdgc.dnd (av mure your company. 
Is 't fit such r^amutfinii iis these arc. 
Should bear the name of friends, and furnUh out 
A civil house? you're to be married now; 
And men, th<it love >-ou. ma.n expect a course 
Far from your old career. If you wil! Iceep 'em. 
Turn "em to the suble, and there make "cm G:roocn5: 
And }'et, now [ cnm^ider it, such beggan 
Once Mt o' horsc-badc >'0u hAv*c bc&rd. will ride-*^ 
How far, yutt had best to look ta 

C*^. Hear >"ou, yoti 


Gct>tt U.| Gjfta VBlEnly in {irooc in aU Ibfi old eih; bv Thotnld aad 

t Itit CoturbJa) So old cdv > ifacugh froin t\, 53, 99> '^ I* cIcvdiM oalsr 
% lift/] i. c lobcr, fiivilieed, bj oppowi lo wiLL The mbic imfnwfion n 



That mu^t be lad)*: pnj^, content youn&dr, 

And rhtnW upon your C4rrta^<; soon at aliflit, 

What dressing will be«l taVc your knight, what waist- 

What cordial will <lo well V the morning for him. 15 

What triers have you ? 

Witi^ What do you mean, sir ? 

Cafi^* Tho5c that must switch him tip- If he ftart 
Fear not, but cry, " Saint George," and bear him hard; 
W'hm you |Jcrceivc his wind grows hot and wanting, 
Let him a little down: he*» Aeet^ ne'er doubt him, 23 

And alftnds KJund. 

Wid. Sir, you hear the9;e feltowftf 

F. Ltrve. Merry compaiuon^. wench, merry oom* 
pan ions. 

H^tt£ To one another let 'em be eompanions. 
But. good sir, not to you : you shall be civil, 
Ard rJip ofTthc^c ba^ trapping, as 

Oifi. He -^lial) not need, my mo»t sweet Lady 
If he be civil, not your powdered su^ar. 
Nor your raifiins, shall persuade the captain 
To live a coxcomb with himi let him be civil. 
And eat i" the Arche*, and *ee what will come on 'i. 30 

Pt?ft, Let him be civile do: undo him; ay. Ihatd the 
next way. 
1 will not take, if he be civil once, 
Two hundred pounds a year to live with him, 
Ke civil ! there's a trim persunsion. 

Ci^f If thou be'^t civil, knight, (as Jove defend it I) 35 
Get thee another nose; that will be jmWd 
Off by the angry boys for thy conversion. 
The children uiou shalt get on this civilian 

U svuA'dtf ] tiec note IV. i. 9j6 ino\«). 

t6 trio't] I'pJDi ihn conWxl w* (mrher lltfct ihe nume waa luoi of thoic who 
ibtved off a h<TrM'i p«cm at a laJf . 

■9 (kit a tv^enU with ki»\ \dm him Id t Bnof ravpaeubld lih- 

30 lir ArtAif\ VtK}\a^\y hgmc U'Tiii, frc^dcnltd 1^ itfNr dlUcUp near (lie 
Ccort of An;ha, which wn> held under the 4Pvhoa «J llw ^ &>w Churcli. 
Kn findi ia " citll " a pun dr * ' civilian- " 

IS dtfim^ i. *, rmtflil, 

j7 Oiyvy ^y^\ Th« mhu v *^arm^ iejit, or rrorfn : Mt note on 1 1. Lil. iw. 




Cumot inli^nt by the law; tlicy'rc cthnaclOt 

And all thy gport mere moral Icch>cr>' : 40 

When tbcy «rc grown, h^rinfr but little in 'cm. 

Thp)' may pro^-c hab^rdashi^rs, or ffrosa grocer*. 

Like their dear dam there. E'rithec, be civ-J. koight : 

In time thou ma>-st read 10 thy houftebold, 

And be dnmk once a-yetr : tm^ would diew firteiy. 45 

V. Aav. I wonder, Mircethr*art, yon will ofTrr 1^5; 
You do not understand these f^eDttemen. 
I will be short and pithy; I had rather 
Caft you ofT, by the way of charge. These are 

That nothing goes to the maintenance of 50 

But com ana ¥ratcr. I will keep these fellows 
Just bi the cocnpetcfKy of two hcn& 

li^ui If you can ca»t it so, sir, ><qu ha\x my liking; 
If they cat less, I should not be oHended- 
But how xhaCy sir, ean live upon so little $$ 

Aa corn and water, I am urtbelieving. 

K ^fivt^ Why, prithoc, £w<cetbe4rt, what's your ale ? 
Is not 
That com and water, my sweet widow? 

H'^. Ay; 

But. tny nveet knight, where'» the meat 10 this, 
And clothes, that they must look for ? 60 

K Z^cv, In ihis s^hort sentence, ale, is ali included ; 
Meat, drink, and eJoth. These are no ravemng foot- 
No fellows that at ordinaricte dare eat 
Their eiBhiccn-pcEicc thrice out before they rise, 
And yet go hungry to a play, and crack 6$ 

More nuU than would surace a doicn itqubrels, 
Besides the din, which is damnable! 
r had rather rail, and be confined to a boat-maker. 

4d wn/ISoaU, occfM Q6, Col. W«b. " mnuL* 
44 rw/1 Dt«* MvdlMy navts >A«t ihm ih« wvrd I''pr&ir«i"L ikjof-h 
MbTl«H nmt M the MOifc 

of WG auiltemc at uar oiljr iHcatmk. 

iltemc at uar oiljr iHcatmk. 


Tb^n live amonf; »ucH t^caIsw. Ttic»c «ic people 

Of such a clean drscr^tJon in their diet. 70 

or such a rroiJcraCc sLi,*itc:nancc, that they »wcat 

If they but sm^^U hoi meat ; porridge is poison ; 

They hate a kitchen a.'* they hate ^ counter; 

Ancf ihew 'em but a fcaiher-be<I, ihey swountJ, 

Ale is tbdr eating and their drinking surely. 75 

Which ke<?p« ;hf^ir b*idif;^ rJcar and «c>luble. 

Bread i* a binder, and for that abolished, 

Even in their ale, who^e lost room filU ao apple. 

Which it more 3iry% and of subtler nature. 

Thc rest they lake h little, and that little 8d 

Afi little City ; for, like utriet men of order, 

They do correct their bodies wttli a bench 

Or a poor stubborn table; if a chimney 

OITcr itself, with some fe^v brolccn ru^he^, 

Tliey are in down: when they are sick, that's drunk, 85 

Thc>' may have fresh straw; else they do despise 

ThtHc «rtjrldly |j;iini>eriiins- For tlvdt pooi appaid, 

Tis worn out to the diet; new they seek none; 

And if » man should ofTcr, they itrc angry. 

Scarce to be reconciled aj^ain with him : 90 

Vou shall not bedr *cm ask ore a doublet 

Once irt a year, which ia a modesty 

Bcfiltine: my poor fricndi: you sec their wardrobe. 

Though slender, eom[ieicni; for shirts, I Lake il, 

They arc tbinf[3 worn out of tlicir remembrance. 93 

E.A>uBy tlic)' will be when they list, anfl mangy, 

Whidi shews a fine %-ariety; and then, to euro 'em, 

A UnncA Ume-pit, which ls little cliargc; 

Two dogs, and thcae two, may be cured for tlirecpence. 

73 tPHHitr] L<. ptitttn lD)Xpe}. 


Sg mrr] "AJI itie iJiaHca tofh-^'r, CjiKClfid itt lh< folio ' (W«b«r). 

38 HWrtt *wf w *Af rfif/J « p tri ortimpond vif S (hprr thia and tpuv rfiiL 
91 mh] Sfi all Qcepi fj6, HaIi- 4, la Dtc* mt. 

90 /4 /dniffr'i Awr-^i/l tliilo tic i(?cpvii tn ft lol^ition of Uiiic tiul WfXd LO 
lo»cn Oie hi^i «nd cp^diiuiU. 


Wid, Yoa have half persuaded me ; pray, use ymr 

pkasdFC : — too 

And, my good friends, siDce I do know your diet, 
111 take an order meat shall not offend yon ; 
You shall have ale. 

Ct^t. We ask no more; let it be mighty, lady. 
And if we perish, then our own sins on ns I 105 

K Lffue. Come, forward, gentlemen ; to duircb, ngy 
When we have done, 111 give you cheer in bowisL 





A Rc^H im tki k&use 9f tkt Elder Loveless. 
Ent^r Elder Loveless. 

E. L&^. This scrscJcss woman vexes me to the 

She will not from my memory: would %\yft were 
A man for one two houis that I mi^ht beat Iwf I 
If I had been unhandsome, oJd, or jealous, 
T had beer an even lay she mi^ht have acom'd me; 
Bui to be young, and, by \\\U light, 1 think, 
As propCT on the proudctit; inadc as clean. 
As straight, and ^uong-back'd ; mcaus and manners 

With the be?it clocIi-of-«ilver sir V the kingdom^ 
But these arc things, at some time of the moon, 
Bc1»w the cut of canva^vt. Sure, fhe has 
Some meechtoj; rascal in her house, some hind, 
That she hath seen bear. IJIic another Milo, 
Quanert of malt upon hit back, and ting with *t ; 
Thrash all day, and i' ih' evening, in h^'a stockings, 
Strike up a hornpipe, and there stink two hour*. 
And ne'er a whit the wonc man: these jire they, 
TbcM* steel-chined ra^ral^, that undo us all 
Would 1 had been a carter, or a ooachman I 
I hacJ done tJtc deed ere Ihis time. 




SCRMK 1- J Given rfilLrfily m pTtiH in e1(l td*. Th»btlr1 eonf nd 1h« pi04e 
to thff lini xmrrVf llnri a^rr AUigflll't rntrincT; Tilman ro II. toj njj 

iritb Ibe **dkiib of •liver " juaj nicj!ili««e^ i IbcK ■dtttnUfci Afv ChiipifaaJ, if 
iIk vhira lakH ■ worrutin, vj F«IJdwi of iHc conncBr moke 

11 mM<kt$t^\ i.t, Idrkiiw, ikuJkin^. wirh lun&iooi purpou^ u oflvn 
MMr iiniiittAn. I. \i.. "Ob. mjiDrrching uirlet." 

18 uttt-tAtMe-i\ Lovclcu' KDiJUtTMBoa ihti poknt wm iDuitnLcd by IV. L 
181 ; and Ul Mjuid^s^ M^tfUtatmr. 1. ii. 46— 

^' dream nol 
C ih' itfvnctb «f mj bM^r ih^i^h a «riU b««r 4 butdaa 
Wj(h oar porur,'' 




Bmttr Servant 

Strv^ Sir, tbcrc'9 e ^atlcoian without would ipeak 

with y^)u, 
B. Lfif€. Bid him ccmc in. [Eht Scnnuit 

Entir W£LPORD. 

HW, B/ yotir \cmvc sir. 

£. £^tv. You ar« wekoow ; 

WhM'a your will, sir ? 

Wti. Hav* you fnrgottm me? 

B, LffV€^ J do QOt much rcriKcnbCT you- 

l*V. Vou roust, dr. 

I am that gentleman you pleu«d to wroofr 2% 

In your disguise ; \ have inquired you out. 

£, /^tv. 1 wat di^iiUed indeed, sir^ if 1 wrong'd 
Pray, where and ^^iien ? 

WrL In »ich a lad/a hoU3e> »r. 

I need not name her 

£. Z^tv, I do remember >'ou : 

You fteeiTi'd to be a suitor to thai Iidy^ JO" 

HW. Jf you remember this, do not forget 
How scunily you uw-<1 me: thai w*.w 
No place to quarrel tn ; pray you, think of it ; 
If you be honest, you diire (rght with me, 
Without moT« tir|ring; ebe I rau»t provoke ye. 3; 

E. Love. Sir, 1 dare fight, but never for a woman ^ 
I wi]I noC have her in my cause; she's mortal, 
And 90 u not my «n|i:er If you have broiieht 
A nobler subject for our swords, 1 am for yon; 
In this 1 would be loath to pricic my finger: 40 

And where you say I wrong'il you» 'tis so far 
From my profession, that, amon^t my fear«, 
To do wrong i< the gn^alc^l. Credit me. 
We hai,"e beon both abused, not by ourselves 
(For that 1 hold a ?^p1ccn, no sin of maJiccv 45 

And may, with man enough, be left forgotten), 

IS lit) i.iilv tiL <iQi, a. U>w. 

37 mortal] tn clu»iu| *<uc<>f(IcadlT, filil flltfNi). 




But by that wilful* scornful piece of hatred, 

Th;i( miich-forjJt^tfui Uily: (at who*r s^ki^ 

It we should leave our reason, and run on 

Upon our ficnsc, like rAm5, the little world ^Q 

or ^od men would lauph xi u», and despite us, 

Fixint; upon our desperate memories 

The nevcr-wom-out njimes of fooU and fencers. 

Sir. 'tia not fear, but reason, makc^ mc tcU you. 

In ihis ! had rjithrr hrip ytin. wr, thiin hurt yon, 55 

And you ahAll hnd it, though you throw yourself 

Into as many dangers <is she offers, 

Though you redeem her lost name every dayi 

Arul hncf hi^r out ntw honours with your aword, 

You shall but be her mirth, as [ have been. 60 

IVfl i ask you merc>-, sit; you have ta'cn my et^ 
Yet I would fain be even with thi^ Udy. 

E. L<n*c. In which I'll be your helper: we are two; 
And they are lwo» — two aistcrs, rich alike. 
Only the rldrr has the prnudrr dnwry, 65 

In troth. 1 pity thia disgrace in you, 
Vet of mine own I am senseless. Do but 
PoJlow my counsel, and I 'U pawn my .*ipirit, 
Wc'l] tivcr-rcach 'cm yet; the means La ihia^^ 

Rt'tHUr Servant 

Strv. Sir, there's a gcnllcwoman will needs speak 

with you ; 70 

I canrot keep her out; she's cntcf'd, «r 

E. Love. It is the waiting^wtjinart : pray, be? not 
Sirrah, hold her in discourse a while. \Exit Servant. 
Hark m your car \iokispers\i go, and de^atch it 

When I come in, Til tell V'ou al) the project. 75 

WtL I CATC not whidi 1 havc> 

B^ Lttvi. 
She must not see you. 

Awayi "ti* done: 
[lixis WklfoRD. 

riiSt tiili^ ^'Mnbi, boib ofiiLvni rich, not, or[0^]r«»" |Uu»d)< 





BaUr Abigail, 

Novr, Lady Gulncrcr, what rx:w» with >-t>iJ ? 

Abig. Prayjr^vc these frump^sjr, and rrcrive thk 
kttcf, {Giv^ i€fter, 

E. Latv- From vAom, good Vamiy ? So 

A^. TU frocn my Lady, at: ^u, good soul, 
She cries vid tak^ on ! 

£. Lo%f. Docs she M>, good souJ f 

Wottld she not have a candle ? Doe« mhc ncnd you 
With your line oratory, goody TalJy. 
To tic mc to bdicf ac^in?— Bring out ibc cat- 
hounds I — S5 
J']] make you take a tree, whore; then with my dllcr 
Britw down yattr gihnhipv and then have ycu cased. 
And nupg up i' the wutrcn. 

A&iff. 1 am no beast, sir : urouki yo\i knew it \ 

B. Z(n« Would i did I for i am yet vcr>- doubtful ^ 
Whdl will yiA) snjy oow ? 

^^>. Nothing, not I, 

E. Z^tw, Art ihciu a woman, and say nothing ? 

^^/. Unless you'll hear mc with more modefation. 
1 can Apeak wise enough. 95 

E. £tfcv. And loud oiough. Will your lady love 

Ahig. It eeemii so by her letter and he^ lamentations; 
But you arc 5uch another man \ 

E. L^te. Not ^uch another as 1 was mumps; 
Not will not be. I'll read her tine epistle. {Reads. lOO 

] U, ha, ha ! is iiol thy mbtrcsa mad ? 

A^g, For you ahc wiU be. Tis a »hamc you should 

7§ C«ww] Lcidcn JDtcDil* AD (raak«l coapvboD witK ba bctatj 
*Mb« dtfo ft UMcn ooa vith bn ff«aiy. 
79/iiwyf}i.a, mod;!, Aooti (Pjnl^ 

tt titkr\ Lft fr«1 bow, oc «nw bow. «;» I>rc«. ilttDdo^ SkfaMC^ 
Eljmtianm *ijcc " Arau cumu. |«c«citi>Ei uvui br«JULw chaI>tco jiBUvdv^** 
uid/V/AuiVr, IE, ii, 4(X **V(iu an ulioot ,0 jt lillei.'* 

^ t^hlA GtborGIJbcrtifhcUfiuE no/nv for a uJ, Cbunr, Jttmaamttf 
Ak AVmv -- 6«a4. " OJbb« nr «t. " 

87 ftfin/) gc^, <h CdL. V, to fd/if loJtowd br uodRfi «dd, Q^i— 4^ r., 
Mif. Ir ninni HkiQti'd. An/d ; u im Lav/i r^frim, 11. IL. " Eke h«i1 il^f 
ckkkI IPC like » ^^itiT. loa" 

9S iinA M PtAt/ mmn] i. ^ iD Aacb duDe>d- ^ 

99 Bun^j) Ttrm faipl]rint mlMnes, hvtt the lUncM f« ntmcd 



VviC a poor gtrntlcwomnr mi unlovrArtlly : 

She love£ the f^rouncl you tread on ; and you, h^d 

Because she jesicd with you, mean to kill her. lOS 

'Tis a ftnc conquest, as ihcy ii/, [ flV^yu, 

K. /^oj^r. Mait thou 'in mufh iroftture 
In ihy whit-lcaihcr hide yot, that thou canat cry? 
I would havr swnm thou hadst been touchwood five 

year :;inc& 
Nay. let it fain; thy face chops for a shower, t lO 

Like 9 dry dunghill 

A^iff. ]']] not endure 

This ribaldry. Farewell, i' the deiriVs namcl 
tr my Udy die, I'll be sworn bcl'orc a jury, 
Thou an the cause on t. 

E. Z«v. Do. roaukin, da 

Deliver lo your lady Trom me this: 115 

I mcnn to sec her, if 1 have no other business; 
Which bcforr 111 w;int, to romc In her, 1 mran 
To KO seek birds' nests. Vet I may come, loo; 
Bui if I come. 

From thi;; door till I itee her, will I think tJO 

How to riiil vildy at hcr^ liuw to \xx, her. 
And make her cry *o much, that the physidan. 
If 5hc lall %ick upon it, flhall want urine 
To find the cause by, and she remediless 
Die in her heresy* Farewell, old adage 1 125 

I hope to 9ce the boys malce pot-guns on thee. 

teft Ujr vif/.XnrtfrJ F- tlwit mAx tJu U>t tkr. Whit-lnthn ivan Itubtr 
Bftde roiiuzh tiy d wcullir draBlaf, "Girdle mm of tbr wliiiUfilirr ^buns " 
(US, Lwisl Mt). 

*■ Afl f«r tbe wcoti] ri] not putt wItTi tvr, 
Till ac* hu rcDdcr'd hvr wtiJtlcElivr, " 

H^mtr A Lt Mfdf, T665. 
iiA f Jut/it] iXpp ifirt /hiifi nre van«iii» i.i \\t ume w^H, iPfOTiina 11) cul, 
<j> jip* open F(rom i cut) tSLcni)- If we of erchund cmcked I^y dr»ia|thu 
114 «4*e>ih1 "A liiily feluveolj wumu*' IGnotc'i /Vn. Cio^* Ed. iSj^J. 

\iA rfU»l So jUI ^ul DTCflfltitrU* "h*iir*'7 Contptfa IV. L jji. 

f»i t>i^) Id tp4le cif L>vC€ ( iv't^fLif imJttenDt on viUfy^ w« can lee ro 
WiLbHi For not mclfmiuns the «prfl>ng ti tn otbor HordL 

l>j /^i^ wtiif iirrv r» fOU f'l' f'diu4 ty\ .Se ill QQ rxiTrpT QQi, r vhich 
have '^ i^ai! um/ ufnu /mit tAt leatt be,'* «pd P.. Hhkth hu "j{i//.;hK/ 

K4rf« 1)0010 A>aiAv;ar#r, 15S5, ''SdoinB 




AHf, Thou *rt A vile man: Gcd blc^ my isHic from 

£ Lov<^ Thou hut but one, and that's in thy left 
Thftl makes thcc hobble so: you must be ground 
V ilif^ br«-ch lil:*- a top; you*!! never spin well else. I JO 

Farewell, fytchock ! [Bx^uni uvtraify. 


A Kccm m tM* LadT^ Hp^st. 

Enttr Lady, 

Lady. I» tt not strange that every n'oman's will 
Shoukl irMk out new ways to dts4urb her«df ? 
If E should call my reason to account. 
It c4T)i)oi Answer why I korj) my?«lf 
From mine own wU^aod Btt^ dM can I lov« 
From his ; ami cvciy bour repent igvn. 
Yd stiU go on. I know 'tis like a man 
That wants his natural sleep, and. growing dalL 
Would gladly give the remnant ofhb Hfe 
For two hours' rest; yet, through hi» frowardneu; ro 

Will raihrr chorKc to watc:h another man. 
Drowsy as he, than take hit own repOM. 
AUtbh I know; yet a st ran i^c peevishness; 
And sneer not to have the povrer to do 
Things unexpectecL carries me away 15 

To mitvc own nun: I had rather die 
Sometimct than not di:»gr%cc in public hiia 

bftpct c*B ■M^ ^<> <UafM teidk or ImBov 
dn«<ap«Mr.' LowliM»Mat Uflrilfcw^ 

w bMu o ut U*nik0«t 

WebH'i wm Am A*a«c* 


wi| Tm sm Hf^Aaaa ii vf rvo sm^ ««& adwsd 
faBVM laa Mf ta«a*ctWr: "«ttvtt±~BM pcrituptiie 



Whom people Ihtnk 1 love; and <Jo 'I with oaths^ 

And am in earnest then. Oh. wtial aic wc? 

Men, you must answer thic, that dare obey 30 

Sucb thing?> as wc command. 

How now f what new*? 

A6i^, Fdith, madam, rone worth bearing. 

Lady. Is he not come ? 

A^ig. No. truly* 

Liidy. Nfif ha* he writ ? 

A&iff. Neither 1 pray Go<l you hevc not undone 25 

Lady. Wh>-, but what s^yn he? 

^/ijf. Fdiih, he talks strangely. 

Lady. How strangely? 

A&ig;. Firat, at your letter he laughM extremely. 30 

Lady. What, in contempt? 

A6ig. He Uiugh'd moTL3trou» loud, as he would 
die; — and wheii you wrote it. I think, you were in no 
such tncrry mood* to provoke him that way; — and 
havin}{ dnne, he cried, "Ala« for herl" and violently JS 
lAQC:h'(l fig&in, 

Lnriy. Iliil he } 

AiHj;. Yes; till I was anKiy. 

Lwiy. Angry 1 why? 
Why weft thou angry? h« did do but well; 40 

I did lIl;^clve tt ; he hftd bccu a fool. 
An unfit man for any one to love. 
Had he not bugh'd thu:^ at me: You were angry I 
Thai shew'd your foOy ! t^hall love him more 
For that, than all that e'er he did before, 45 

But said Iwr nothing el^ri 

AHg. Many uncertain things- He said^thouj^h jx>u 
had tnock'd him. hecati^e ynu were a wi>m;Ln, he tWd 
wish to do j'ou 90 much favour as to sec you: yet, he 
said, he knew you lash, and was loath to oflcnd you $0 
with the «i;:ht of one whom now he wait bound not to 

Laihf. What one waft that t 

Abt^. I know not. but truly I do fear there is a 
making tip there; for I heart] the s»ervant.<> aK 1 pasft'd 55 



[act t 

by Bomc. whbpcr such a Ehioif: ^nd as I cune back 
through (St? ItaII, ihrrtr wen; Iit-o or thrcr? claiey; wtiling 
RTtat conveyances in hjiste, which, they oaid, were for 
tbcir mistress' jointure. 

La^K Tit very like, and fit it shouEd bt to; 6d 

For he docs ihiiik, and reasonably lhtnk» 
That I Khoa^d kcrp him, with my tdic tricks, 
For ever ere he married. 

A^^. At last, he sstid it should go hard but he 
Would *cc yoti, fur your ttAtiTLfftCtion. 6$ 

Lii/fy. A\l we, rhat ire call'd women, knoH' ^ wdl 
As men, it were a far more noble thing 
To jjrace w!icrc; wi: are yr.icetl, find give re^jicet 
There where wc Are reapocted : yet wc practise 
A wilder coume, And nrvcr bend nnr ryes 70^ 

On men with pleasure, till tl^ey find the way 
To give us a neglect; then we» too late. 
Perceive the Icitis of what we might have had. 
And dote to death. 

Snur Maktua. 

Mar. Sister, yonder *5 your scnant. 

With a gentlewoman with him. 

Lady. Where ? 

JWw. Cln^e at thr door. 75 

J^d(^. AIa3, 1 am undone ! I fear he it bctroth'd. 
What kind of wornan is she ? 

Afar, A matt ill f;ivour'd one, with her mask 00; 
And Ww hci (acc should mend ihc \t^sK I know uoL 

Lady. But yet her mind is of a milder etulf &> 

Than mine waa. 

EnUr Elder Lovel£3s, tfw/ Welford in wamM^s 


{Aside.] Now 1 see him. if my bcvt 
Swell not again — away, thou woman's pride ! — 
So that I cannot npeatc a (gentle word to him. 
Let me not livt- 

E. Lovt. iJy your leave here 



Lady. How now } what new tfick invites you hith«rf SS 
Ha' you A fitw: device -i^i^iii ? 

£, jt^iv. Faith, this U the finest device 1 have now. — 
How dost thou, 5wccthc<irt ? 

Wii. Why. very wcU, so lonp as I m»y please 
You, my dc^r lover : f nor can nor will 90 

Be ill when yuu arc well, well when you are ill. 

B. L^^. Oh. ihy sweet tcmpei f What would I 
havr giveti, 
That lady had been like thee \ Sec'^t thou her? 
That face, my love, join'd with thy hunible mind. 
Mad made a wench irdoed. 

Wti. Alas, my love, 5^5 

What God hath done 1 dare not think to mend ] 
I ii.<ic no paint nor any diugn of ait ; 
My hands and face will shew it 

Lady. Why, what thing have you brought to 9how 
us there ? 
Do you take money for It ? 

n, Ltme. A godlike thing, loo 

Not to be bought for money ; 'lis my mfsiroas, 
[n whom (here Is no passion, nor no scorn \ 
What 1 will is for law. I'ray you, salute her. 

Lady. -Salute her ! by this good light, ! would nol 
kiKK her 
For half my wealth. 

B. Ltrvi^ Why } why, pray you ? 105 

You shall Ncc me dot afore you ; look you, 

\KinfS Welfobd. 

Lady. Now fie upon thee! a bca.n would not ha\v 
f would not kiss Ihcc of a month, to gain 
A kingdom. 

B. law. Marry, you shall not be troubled. 

La/fy. Why, was there ever such a Meg as this t 1 10 

Sure, thou art mad. 

101 ^ fm\ Tbc<h ud Col. followed Q4, Eda, B, to b rtvlkc ^ 2m, 

tofi f/ a mtmtJkj tW» ■ BOnlh. 

1 10 riwi « M*g} A b%U%ii of LdDf Mm of WfnEminileT vu rUvrod cti the 
SlaTionvn' hack* in T594. T\w vin^o 4Lw i^ivrt 4 [hie ta « pby nf [h«( riiitp, 
iigataia ui AQliaimiiw ia Ben Jomos't Firrfima:i AiVf, tnd h vrry ofuit 
■iludcil i<Jt In Afftid/aifm Af^fajna Angiif4tta (iS(i6) fan Z^ U VOpdolVfll 
from AO edilloa ^led ll^^S. uf ka old |4m[>hir(, whoae l^lc noorai liei 



H- L<n>€. 1 was mad once, when I k>ved pictures ; 

For whdt fiic alutpc and colours c\^c bm pictures ? 
In that Uvmv hide there lie< an cndle«s mas« 
Of virtues. When all your red vid whttc ones wmnt iL 

L^f. And this U the yoti arc to msrry, Lt't not } 1 1 ; 

£, Za«. Yes. indeed, i*'t. 

Laify. God give >ou joy I 

E. Lffw. Amen, 

WtL ! thxnlc you, as unknown, for yuur ^rood winh. 
The like to vou. whenever y<f\x sh^ll wed, 

£. Zj:^«, 6h, gcnllc spiril ! 

Lo^. You think me 1 I pray. 

Keep your breath nearer you ; E do not like it. 120 

Wti. I u/ould not willingly offend at all; 
Much Icaa a lady of your vvorthy parta. 

B, Lavf. Sweet, iweet ! 

Lady. I do not thmk this woman can by nature 
Be thu^, thds ugly ■ Mirc. *hp'* w>nic common fitmmpct, 1 25 
Deform d with exercise of sin. 

WiL [kfutiing.] Oh. sir. 

Believe not thisE ] for I leaven so comfort me, 
An \ am free from Toul pollution 
With any man ! my honour TAcn away, 
I am no woman. 

B^ iflTtf, Arise, my dearest aoul ; 130 

I do not credit it Ala^ [ fear 
Her tender bean will break with ibis reproodi I— 
Fie, that you know no more civility 
To a weak virgin \ — 'Ti.s mi matter, sweet ; 
Let her say what she i*iil> thou art not worsfr 135 

To me, and therefore not at all , be carclc^w, 

WtL For all things dse I would ; buc for mine 

£. Lovt. Alai* thine honour is not stain'd \ — 

Is ihf'5 the business that you sent fnr me 

Mar. Faith, sister, you are much to blame 
To U3C a woman> what,-ioe'cr .nhe l>e, 

*' iitrfn'mtiEig luthlr/ miitrtclit irilh diners nif^u^i Jtboul Lonioil ± bat 

ThtiSp I'll salute her. — You are irekocDe hittwn 

WV/ I humbly thank yoa 

E. L(n^. Mild still aa the <lovc. 

For all ihMc injurie*. Come, sh*ll m^ go ? 
1 love thcc not do ill to keep thee here, 145 

A jcsling-Mock. — AdicB, lo Ihc world's end f 

Lady. Why, whither now? 

E^ Liiv<. Nay, you ahall never kiiow. 

Because you shall not ^nd mc; 

Lady. I pniy, let tne speak with you. 

B^ Lo^*€, Tis very well. — Come. 150 

La^. \ pray you. let mc »pc<ik with you. 

B^ Lofff. \t%, for another mocV. 

Lady^ By hcovcn, [ have no mocks: f^oodsir.a word. 

E. Lovt. Thouj^li you de^^vf? not »o much at my 
hnnds, yet, if you be in such earnest, HI ^pcak a ft^rd 155 
with ynu : but, f br*ierch you, bc^ brirf ; for, in gnntl 
faith, there's a parson and a licence stay for us \ the 
churcli all this while ; and. you know, tis nights 

Lady. Sir, i^ive me hearing; pnticrtly, and whahtocver 
I have hcretofoic apokc jcitinply. forget ; 160 

For, AA I hone for mercy any where, 
What I shall utter now is from my heart. 
And as f mean. 

£. L&ve. Well, well, what do yoa mean ? 

Lady. Was not I once your mistress, and you my 
ficrvant ? l65 

E. Love. Oh. 'tis about ihe old matter. \Goi^g. 

Latfy, Nay, [*ood sir, stay me out : 
I would but hc:ar yow excuse ynurwlf, 
Wlw you should take thi* woman, and leave mt 

E/Lm^ Prithee, why not? dc3cr\'cs she rot aa much 170 
As you? 

Lady, 1 think not, tf you will look 
With an indTfTrrrnry itpon n^ both. 

E. L<nfe. Upon your faces, 'tis true ; but if iudicially 
we shall caM our eyes upon your mind^, you arc a 
thou%nnd women off her in worth. She c^innot swound 175 

(■(bvr <^ *(I» h»ve^;ThML, Weh., Dy«, op. Col. tfo/ker. 



[act V 

in )«t, nor mc her lov«f ta»k«. to shew her peevishness 
and III) affection ; ror cross what he says, thou^ it 
bccanonic;4. She's z good plain u-ench, thai will <lo 
ft3 I will have her, and brfn^ me Ituty bo)*^, to throw 
the tiiedgc, and lil^ at pig« of tead And fbr a wire, 180 
shc'^ far beyond you : what can you do in a household 
to pfoiriilc for your issue, but Ho a-bcd and gel Vni7 
your businc^ is to dress you, ond at idle hours to eai ; 
when nlie can do a thousand pmAt^ble tilings ; — she 
can do pretty well in the pa&try, and knows how pullen 18$ 
should be CTAinnicd; ^hc cut^ cambric at a thread, 
weaves bone- bee, and quilts balls: and what are >'0U 
good for? 

Lijdy. Admit it true, that she were Tar beyond me in 
All respect^ does thftt give you a license to forswear 190 

£^L^v^ Forswear myself I how? 

La<^, Perhaps you have for^t the innumerable 
oathts >-<ou have utter'd, in disclaiming: all for wives but 
inc : ['Jl not icmcLLibcr you. Gad ^\\k you )oy 1 195 

£. /.ott, N^y, but conceive me ; the intent of oathft 
is ever understood. Admit 1 should protest to sud> a 
friend to sec him at his lodgir^ to-morrow; divines 
would never hold mc perjured* if 1 were struck blind, 
or he hid htm where my dilligent search could not find 300 
him, 30 there were no cross act of mine own in *L Can 
tt Ixr irnaijined I meant to force >-oii to marriage, and 
to have you, whether you will or no? 

tSo AU AA^f*! Modim addition of A^imrter ia pltcamiie. The vocd ii 
hnm A.S. ifmt,pp. ^It.'Mtwr, i4HnU.«, iky, 

18a pip/fill^ When mrrJEra rneul h tBlrpnl. ihrmiSn chtriDflffito which 
it la ran h Allvd iW "inv/' and thr ■mnllcr (Tucd thai nao <nil <rf ihn v ri^fii 
Ui(l« uc " ptg^" fuckbg thcii liam (WcdkEw^^'odK 

1V6 .Tilj P-dvr.^iV at a /ktMMf} Thli csfi bkMlx rTct Co sOprc WSTinC ftt a 
huhi-Iaam, av.\ oiiimq ib« th^nn or Ioqm tfidt cf iIk va¥«ii thna£ Et 
wgntm rathflr ihr fiitTiTiB nF tumhrir ic a paitpfii ; th« cmbrir. or pittmi, 
bo^ irmcJicd on fome iiantcwork c^Wed ihc MndjC 

t'landcr», wiwcjirticiluKin(he(rLidUuinlBut}Leniciounlica«Brwn thcHxtfico^ 

ceatuij. Thp i^mr ha« jqftrvaa la Eha daif-n ^ th« Um nuntiff ctutflj of 

borlert Aott* la iriiAiati':>ri &f ih* Venrtmn m^/jifTB a/i'im^ami {£mfy/i BriM,). 

1^ f bi/'f ^/fjj ^. l^f. K. to jiw/rr AdA'f admtmWj; «nj m TfiM and CoA, 

190 tht inttm\ Tlji: •cntc. ituL ibc Ictls, bi luiiiliu[, 

ra mt^nfj QQi, Bi6|« (o ; ti« nvt «rMfi; and eoihc modern cdiicn 



Lady. Alas y^^ need nt*E I 1 make already lender 
of m/Klf. <ird thcfi you arc forsworn, 205 

B. LoVi. Some Bin, I sep, indeed, must necessariiy 
Fftll upon mc ; a^ whosoever dcala 
With women shall never utterly avoid iL 
VcE I would choose the least itl, which U to 
Forsaiic you, thill hjvc done me nil ihc abuAC^ jto 

Of a maliijtiant woman, contemn'd my service, 
And would h^vc held xnc pjattiig about marriage 
Till I had hccn paiit ffcttins of children 
Than her, that hath ^raook her family, 
And put her tender body In my hand, 215 

Upon my word, 

L^y. Which of U4 swore you firet to? 

h, Lcv^, Why, to you. 

Latfy^ Which oath is to be kept then ? 

B. Lcf^. I prithee, do not urge my «in« unto me; 
Without I ciiuld .iiTicnd 'cm. 

L^y. Why, you may. 

By wedding me. 

E. Lcvt. How will that satisfy jjo 

My word to her ? 

Lady. It it not to be kept, 

And occda no satbraction : 'tifi an error 
Fit for repentance only. 

B, Lffi^. Shall I ln-c 

To wrong that tender-hearted virj^m »o? 
It may not be. 

Lady^ Why inay it not be ? Z2% 

S. Lovt. 1 swear 1 had rather marry thee than her; 
BLit yet mine honesty 

Lady. What honesty? 

Tis more preserved this wa)-. Come, by thia light. 
Servant, thou ihatt : I'll kiss thee on't 

U. Lqv€, This kiss. 

Indeed, \\ nveet : pray <irxl, nn •/aw lie under it ! 330 

La^. There is no sin at all ; try but another. 

Wtl, Ob. my heart E 

a04 ^irmd^ tmitr\ Alund by IWx \t • PM^ftv^- 
it3 fAtl^nl AfUf IhU wDTii Hicc*, r«rlh« viita%^ iueHvd r^htr; wkidi 
ii ncecuon, iiipp«Biu It to be found Id Ibc aid t^^., reUibed (Ujoc?- 




Mar^ Help, aster ! thU bdy swoons. 

P.. Lffi'f. How *in jTiu ? 

*ftf/. iVTiy. wr>* ^<H. if you be sa 

^> Z^tf. Such a quiet mind lives not tD ftny womaiv 
I tbalJ do a irost ungodly tbmt;, 335 

Hear me one wrord Tn-jrc. »likh, by all my hopes* 
1 will not Alter. I drd make ^r oath. 
When you dela/d mc ao. ihat this ^-cry xii^aX 
I would be irtarrird ^ now iTyou will go 
Without delay, suddenly, a» late as it is, 240 

With your own mlrri«er, lo yo«ir own chapel, 
111 wed you. and to bod. 

Loiiy. A match, dear servant 

£, t^*f. For if you ihould forsake me now. 1 care 
She vrould not tl^ough, for all her injuries ; 
Such 13 her spirit If [ be not ashamed 24j 

To kiss her now I part, may I not live ! 

Wfl t see you (Ho, as slily as you tiunk 
To sTral away: y*'t 1 wi!l pniy for you ; 
Ail ble^singa of the world iieht on you two, 
That you may live to be an agi-d pair! 
All cur?%R on mc, if I do not ^pcak 
What r dowiiih indeed! 

E. Levi. If I can fipcak 

To inirpoftc to her, 1 am a villain, 

£ady. Servant, away I 

AfaK Sister, will you marry that inconstant man ? 255 
Think you he will not cast you off to-morrow ? 
To wrong n lady thu5, look'd she like dirt. 
Twiis ba%ciy <lcjr«--. May you ne'er prD<peT with htm ! 

J(W. Now God foibid! 
Alas. 1 was unworthy! so 1 told him. 2G0 

Mitr. 1 hat waa your mode::ty ; too ^ood for htm. — 
I would not sec >-our wedding for a world. 

vhj^h occupy ;nti otic liae le ^'^t— 3. arc om^iud in all nTnoqueat QQ. 
G| hu Stiftit^uut . - . fPtfAafT. 74(7.4 QQ>4 iSviKV nftfitt - . . vhma: 
/tie. ; F, U *^^>» f tt\ti%^i!Mrng 4 rnntma Inr 1 fO\^^ ■! ■uardw. followed 
bw Ttieo.. Col., LDd Weber. Oya vu f>ke Ani to kh ihi-i ifae Cclon of 
QQi— 3 foiUtik Uk inJifL^ Stmt, mad lu ititerjJiei ilic tniiiixiul uf Qi ii|:hU|r 



Lady, Choose, choose.— Come, Vounglovc- 

\Ex€Hnl LadV, E, Ixivr. and Svtxc^ 

Mar. Dryupyourcyes.fortooch; you shall not think 
We arc all uncivil, aU luch htAsx^ a^ these. 265 

Would I knew how to give you a rcvcmpr I 

Wti^ So would not I : no. Icl mc Buffer mily; 
That I rieiirt 

Mar^ Pray, walU in with mc; 

Tis vt-ry latp, and yoH %hiill sti*y all night : 
Vour bed shall be no worw than mine. I wiah 270 

f could but do you right. 

IfW. My humble thanks: 

God grant I may but tivc to quit your love ! \Ex€imt^ 

SCEN E lit. 

A rocm in the ktmsf of iht F.I,nF-R T^VKI.IESS. 
EnUr Young Loveless and Samu 

Y. tov€. Did yotfr master send Tor mc, Savil \ 

Sav. Yc-fi, he did *«id for your worship, »ir. 

y. L^vc Do you know ihc business ? 

Scv, Alac, Mr, I know nothing 1 

Not am empTo/d beyond my hourft of eaiinf. 
My dancing days arc done, srr 

y. L&t'c. What art thou now, then * 5 

Sav. If you consider mc in little. I 
Am. with your worship's reverence, uir, a rascal ; 
One that, upon the next anger of your brother, 
Must raise a sconce by the highway^ and sell switches. 
My wife is leamtng new, 9tr. to weave inklc. 10 

nyc*'! nrTMifirranl, n<iirl| rt |Hnrfaoc4 

373 ^ufl\ i e. rci|mle. 
SriMi llr,] X\ pMw m old «rtt. 
hrre. fdlowi itiiefly TbeDtnkl. 

9 »£rthf| fliucKen civt^ **&iimit. a mr »1 vJic kidc uf ilic fifcuUtc iu 
the otd Iai£e Ljpcn cUainert— A *hvrl |4c[iliuji ncu the Eire upOdwhiJi tXi tbc 
bfight ttUwib ID II cDtthEfl iLiv iuhp0ail«d" \CiMu if Ne*ik Catmifj Wtrdi"^ 
In our TRl'T^wri'rinKFaEDpan inm* lOft ofiutlaa whicFi lA* " iwilchn " *cr« 

10 NWV,ffr}Q4, I', and mod. cdAi QQi— jiww.rfr; the icii if mply «*» 
to /ffaUl "/Mi>:r (Uf^c)-"— Curn'i J^M/- Iu Tht AMti tf tfu Cuir*im 

JtfHfi ffl«.f t5Sd, ve liiiii, *'/fv:<^ vn^vToneHt cAltcd wbiM ItiruJ tlaglfl or 




K /.iTv. Whjit doft thou metn t& do with thy 
chilli rcr, Savil ? 

5tft'. M>- c^dett boy b half ji rcgoe alr&idy ; 
He iraa bom bixr»tca ; iind, your worship koows. 
That is a prctt/ step to men's compft«ionfi. 
My younscat boy I purpose, asr^ to bind 15 

For ten yr^n to a gaoler, lo draw under him, 
That he mtiy shew us mercy in his function. 

y. /-tK*. Your r4mily n quarttrM wilh dt&crctlon. 
You arc resolved to cant, then ? where, Savil, 
Shall yuut scene Ik i 

S^v, Beggars must be no dioo6er« ; 20 

Id every place. 1 take it, but the stocks. 

y. Ltn^^ Thi» ii >'our drinkir^ and your whorif^, 
1 told you of It : but )^out heart was harden'd. 

Smp, 'Ti« tme, >-ou were the lirsl that told me of h ; 
I do rrmcmbcT yrt in trars, you loW tne, 7% 

You would haii-e whores ; ai)d in that pais^on, sir. 
You biokc out thus ; '" Thou mbcr^le rnaji, 
Repent, and brew three strikes more in a hogshead : 
Tb Doon ere we be drunk now, and tJie tirae 
Can tany for no man." jO 

K Laix. You're i^rown a bitter ^ntieman, I »cc 
Misery' can clear your head better than mustanL 
I'll be a Kuitor foe your keys ^aJa, sir 

Sav. Will you but ht so gmJous to me, sir, 
1 shall be bouwl 

Y. IjTVf. You shall, sir, to your bnnch a^ain ; 55 

Or I'll misa foully. 

t > 

11 iUA^tf fww . . . Am i«*T4r*J " Bjr t ngm* Strtl mam % 
[H»bp qixNad hy Dyca) i dok hrjUm May ^■v'V owan ' u r^&. ■ haaoi— 

14 Artq^tanifii«i] QQt --4 rmMuitmi. 

lienn Lotvl««k' pm^h^ wjdindw. 

19 tad] Lr, tvq biQV 


10^ feUo««d br CoL > tdd the <vil »«A^ 

qoata an imfT^rt <i it* hoc b dij newiCt a~ 

" Sc0W mn and mMHit ndi and lobC; bor**, 
fitwMlttkabsdfcvorwpaoR irrik« of evAe* 




Mcr4. Save you. gentlemen, save you \ 

Y. LtfV£. Novr, polecat, whit young i&bSit'fi nest 
have you to draw ? 

Mttn. Coonc. prithee, be ramiltar, knight 
K Lmti^ Away, fox \ 

J'll send for tciricn for you> 

Men, Thou art wide yet ; 

ru keep thcc company, 

K. L<nje. I am about some business. 40 

iDdentures, if you follow mc, Til beat you : 
Take heed ; as I live. III cancel your coxcomb. 

Mi^r*. Thou art oo2en'd now ; I ;ini no usurer. 
What poor fellow'^ this ? 

S41V. f am poor Indeed, sir. 

Af^rt. Give him money, knight 

1'. L<n't. Do you begin the o^erlng. 45 

Mt^e. 1 here, poor fclEciw ; here's an angcJ for tface. 

y, Ltntf. Art thou in earnc?*t, Morecraff ? 

Mfftr. Vcs, faith, knight; I'll follow thy example: 
Thou h^d^t Und .ind thoujundn; thou spcnt'^t. 
And llun^' i^t away, and yet it f1ow« in double : 50 

I purchaaed. wning. and wirC'drawU fur uty wealth, 
Loftt, and was cocen'd ; for which I make a vow^ 
To try all the way* above t:round, but Til find 
A constant meant* to riches without eurses. 

K. Love. I am glad of your convcfsiont Master 
Mort^ffaf^ : 55 

You're in a fair course ; prny. pursue it still 

Afffrr. Come, wp Jtre all g-.dlant;i now ; V\\ keep llice 
company. — 
Here, honest fcU«w, for this gentleman's sake, 
There'* two an^^ls more for tbtv, 

Sav, God quit yoUpMr.and keep you long Jnthb mind! €o 

K Lavf. Wilt thou persfver ? 

M&n, Till I have a penny- 

I have brave clothes a-riaktng, and two horKeft : 

49 ilfoHsamt} . tksti] Col. Ut (he nkc of mctn pruilcti ikouMndr^ whiJk 
iknu Vi'rli. l^fLri \tikhiLj) AAAciti duC "no vene hab otci ihoofhl <iVt 
Tvtiftni'tU Qy>-^ti ^' n«d .(/VifiA/, 60 tfM/] i.e. n<|uilc. 




Caibt thou not hdp me lo a mauh, knight ? 
nj Uy A thousand pound upon my crop-ear. 

y. Atfur. 'Foot, this is suftngcr than aa Afric 
There will be no mortr talk of tbc Ckvc wiin 
WhUai thi» UsU. Cocnc, HI put thee into blood 
5fff. (Wj^.J Would ail hu danin'd tribe were ^5 
tender -hearted ! — 
I bcaecch you. let this gentleman join vritb you 
In the rcoivcrj' of ny k^"*; 1 like 
Hi» good bcKinnini* sir : the vrhiifit* I'll pray 
For both your vroa^'pv 

K l4>%^. Hedtallslf, 

M^rr, Shall we go, nobk: knight ? 1 would fain be 
y. Lff^ rU be yotif scrrant, air. \ExatKL 




A rty>m in tkt Ladv'S htmst^ 

BmUt Eldek Lovt:LE&s &nd L^Dv. 

B, Lo^4. FaiUi, my swG«t Lady, I ha\-c oiught you 
Hangre your 5ubtU6es and fine devices. 
Be coy again now. 

La^. F^thee, sweethean, tdl tnte. 

£. Uve. By this li^bL 
By all the plr^.ttire^ 1 have had this night, 
By your lodt tnaidet^-head, you arc coien'd meidy; 

aS7Mn1"Tfac«»k«4ltoded lo were c 
[o(iD Waiiui« daLc «( OcTv. vilhaii ben. in ibc )w l&a Jalkn* 

■an hcfealtodcd lo were omjl br thedvudi cf 

raiiuD* dab rf ' ' 

ia hift demiBKKu, wv uLa in t6a*i b)r Ac marqoi* of EtpiiHk i «ai4 
tbc ftvl K«(tlcniv«i «^ th* dnit* WW not co&olvAtd dl tb« pcM* of tbc 
FyrvibHi iri \h^^ " (WefvrX M Ike T^Uixifwn' Kepot** cnicn Iba foBog 
iRf under dftic f«b> t4, ti^ " A *b«t diwcttn of mhtA imtM hipyraiJ m 
lb* liad of CIvuv flnd Ibe caaEAT thaweKwra tiact jelm ut Aaiaat 159* 
am tb» l]m by d» Sptawbt \mfua diat cuouc Ibitbfr, lbcl> cre«Ky lowwil 
ofOniu Ui>d ftud their CHknwh«auBe thej hiivei&k«o u ^oanka <4 


Ihe Kitre of SpsfD^ 

Compue \\ tw. 

So«n« cut Oeve cBpUnL ' 

pmng iBln akft4«l BBiIiattOU 
■ficr the cnlry cf Y- Lovdnk We Mtow D^cc 
6 iH^r^'l ^e< abooiBKlri omiptecdr. 


I have cast beyond your wit : that gentlewoman 
Uyour tctaiaer Wdford. 

LMfy. It cannot be 50. 

E, L<nv. Your iislcr tu^ friunci it mi, fir T mLxtFOic : 
Mark how she biushcs when ycu sec her oext, 10 

Ha, ha, ha t ] jshall not travel naw ; ha, ha, ha ! 

Latfy. Prithee, sweetheart. 

Be quiet : thou hast angcr'd mc at hearL 

£. LiK>t. I'll pleai^e you 1GO0A again. 

La^y. Welfoid I 

E. Lovff, Ay, Welfordi He's a young bajidsomc 
Well-bred, and landed : your sister can instruct you 1 5 
In hJH izood parts better than I, by this time. 

Lady. Ud'ji fuot, ain 1 fetcb'd ovej tiiUi ? 

£- iwf. Yes, i'failh; 

And over shiiU be fctch'd a^ain, never fear iL 

L^y. I mufit be patLcnt, though it tonur« me. 
You have got the sun, sir, 

E. LGve^ Andthemoontoo; In which I'll be the man. 

L^y. But had I known thif, had [ but surmised it. 
You should ha\-e huntcti three train.H more, before 
You Iiad come to the course ; 
You Khmild have hank'd o' thr hridic, *ir, i* faith. 

&. Lot'c. I knew it, and mined with you» and so 
blew you up. 
Now you ma)' i^ee the gentlewoman : :«tand eJose. 

[ Thty roint. 

ErUcr WELroRD in kis cu^tt appartt^ and MaKTHA. 
Mar. For God'« *altc, sir. be private in thh bunLncs* ; 
You have undone me el»e. Oh, God, what bavo I 
W^. No harm, 1 warrant thee. ^ 

Mar, How shall I look ui>on my friends again ? 
With what face } 

WH. Why. e'en with that \ 

*Ti5A gtx)d one, thou canst not find a better. 



Ql bu TkM gtm.i iht 

7 taaf\ i.b JfTacd, plodcd. 

7 gt9.itnpeman\ St> Th*o, unci aaccdcdjiifi cdtS. 

II n 



[act t 

Look upon nil the fjicca thou shah ux there, 

And you shaJl find 'crn smooth scill, fair stlil, sweet 

And. to your ihmktnt;, hunnT : tItOHc have ilone 
A« much AS you have yd, or dare do, miitrcw ; 
And ycl they kec]] no ^lir, 

Jt/f»>'. Good sir. go in, and put your woman's clothes 
on : 
If you be seen thus, 1 am lo*i for ever. 40 

H^tl Lll watch you forthAt,mutrc9S; I am no fool ; 
Here vriU 1 tarr^' till th<! houKc be up, 
And witness with me. 

Afar. Good drar frirnd. go in ! 

Wal To bed a^in, if you please, el:te 1 am ftx'd here 
Til! there br j^oiicc taken what I am, 45 

And what J ha\<e done. 

If you could JukrIc inc into my wi:imanhood a^rain. 
And *o cog mc out of your company, 
All this would be fomworn* and I again 
An esincgo, as your sister l^fi me. 50 

No; ril have it known and publish'd: then, 
If you'll he a whfwi-s forsake me, and be shamed ; 
And. when you can hold out tio [onfer, marry 
Sume ca.1t Clirvr t^aptain. and sell >jnttlp-^te- 

Mar. 1 dare not stay, ur : use me modesdy ; 55 

I am your wife. 

H^//. Go in; I'll make up aJl {£xif Mavtha. 

E, L^w. [«vmf'fv^ /arwarxf wiih Ladv.J I'll be a 

witne^ of your naked truth, tir. 

This b the gentlewoman ; prithee, look upon htm; 
Thi* is he that made me break my fstth, »wcel ; 
But thank your sbtcr, she hath snicicr'd iu 

Latfy. What a dull a« was I, I could not sec 
This wcncher from a wench ! Twenty to one^ 
If I had been but tender, like my Hitter, 
He had served me such a slippery trick too. 

IVti. Twenty to one I had. 

4S Afd J-r dm-i- 

^0 oiitttxA i-?- »ll' feUow, fvcil fRefFDpi by let^ooKF^P^*** t^ /WAV.) 

54 Cinj :efiam\ S*a nnir, V, tii. 66. 

jfi F.tir Mariua] t)vr« tint, Hr* ftbvDce it infertMs Crom (}>■ «nnls£ 
dlaJosue no leti rhoc from chtt pJao. 




£ L^tff 1 would luivc watch'd you, nr, by your 
good pailOTcr, 
For IcrrctiDg in my ground, 
I^a/fy. Yitv h4vc been with my sislcr? 

IVrl Yes; to brine. 

E. Lfftft. An heir mU> the world, he mcanK. 

Lady. There la no chafing now, 
WW- ] have had my pan on \ ; 

t h;ive been chafed this three hours, that's tlie least : 70 
I am reasonable cool now. 
Lady. Cannot you tare well, but yt>u mUMt cry roast 

Wf/. He that farw: wdl, and will not blow iTic 
Is either surfeited, or ill taught, lady. 

For mine own part, I have found *o «wcct a diet, 75 

I can coitiTncnd it, thoui;h [ caiinoL ipore it. 
£, L^f. How lilce you this dish, Wdford ? 1 
made a supper on't, 
And fod so heartly, I could not sleep. 
La4y^ By this light* had 1 but nccntcd out your 
You had slept with a bare pillow in your arms, So 

And ki^Vd that^ or else thr licd-jKwt, ftjr any wife 
You had ^ot this twelvemonth yet: 1 would have 

vcx'd you 
More than a tireti post-horse, and been longer bearinj; 
Tliiiii ever afU'i'f^ALtic at lil^h wa^. 

Lord, that 1 were unmarried again ! 85 

j£. Lo^x^ Lady, I would not undertake you. were 

6S to A-iiv] ^ *l^ ^^ «^ 'Hv Tii«1«m edd, ei»pt DyM print t^ Jn v— - 

ntp fbllMtEnjt Iflo iitffATitci fjuetsd by Wy^ Iolvv the moftnlnf tf^U nnovtAin ■ 
Oafi^tiCfymst. IV, \. jof a r?eiM) "I know tiim U bri«|^" ind ,&> C^twnM 
•mi Sir Cla'»W*'' 

*' VXi dme vriEh Btyuk UU I have ;;oiUn the lEiLii^; 
llui hi^ TiAlh piciabed mc, trad Ihea Til W w4h h^m \o fanne-" 
7j ^»r Mil ftumiitri) An AlIaftLon 10 ihc prtfcri utuaJJy vid in Cicholk 
cv«utrir« bt ihr tuul^ uf lIic {uiiuJcj> uf L-hatilict, uuuibt(rki« «jji] collBgct 

noae fv(«intil Ing tnicWjtirimfm^ rh<< haTd*«t ptrt of which h» Uit " Afftr-gsmt " 




AfTftin t haf^Ard. for the bc5t cast of 
Sore Udies V the kingdom ; you were ever 
Tickle- fcotcd, and would not truu roynd, 

HW U she r«n ^ 

£. Xmv. She wu aII ntght lock'd here, boy. qc 

ir// Then you may lure bcr. without fear of looting: 
Take ofT her creance. — 

You haii-v 4 ticlicatc let^^tlcwocaan lo yuur sifter : 
Lord» what a pretty fury she waa in, 

^Hicn fthe perccivcj I vra^s a man ! 95 

But I thank God, I Mtislted her scruple, 
Without the pflrvoo o* the town. 

E.l^^, What did y«? 

IV^, Madam, can you tell what wc did ? 

^, Amv. SJic his a shrewd gum ut it, I *cc by her. 

1,0^/. Well, you may mock ui; but, my luge 

gcntlcM-oman^ 100 

My Mary Axnbrce, had I but »een into >'ou, 
You should have had another licd^fellowr. 
Fitter a great deal for your itch. 

A rnfftn rlm^Kf ^P^fittF 

«vkm "a cut it faalown,* neaoinc • p<ur «f fahoi^ 


wean n & linlc 

«ut|ii IJf^oi, uEPii file rpiTh?!. " J^^h /fdirl » Inmi tSfl fin tvikiu of Iwr 
fttm tbe Minr. <ill Hm tenf ratind ha fioAknt'' (LMbamV Fmk^^y 

S9 ^ftu] " TVun^v ^ when « tUvk ntifib n fcywl dol^ ftoJ k ^ovod- 
eth daitii vidi ii lo u« groaml" id. tHd. **To A^^ (ia havkagj^ pnalua 

K. Itotnr'i A<. of A 

tA8S, IL U. p. £41 

91 JWr] *^ tj^t H tbit mbcnLo Faulcuien call tbcu ifluic tJA«4^ bj 
ttiiint t( Bp U lb* airct bci4)jt duJc «f fcitbcn n J TotbcTt io inob tni« tbu 
ia tbc modoQ k Uoks dm ■alii* 9. fowl" Loiham'i FmJ^m^ (Sifimt, 
tf Wt^dt ^ Jwf} {Uyc«|^ TU *«t> wLlI Dan ia Laote th« ymnn hamk to 
ttnkr ii. 

91 t^nttHtf] Old «d^ fpovf.— '* CrvoKT h a fin* ttiull lodf liar of «fcng 
aod even twoufid Psckilircad, vbLth u CuLoavd tu Lfac lisMtA t^uh. ■ben 
jbcc a fim larol-^'/J: I'W. (Uycc). 

tot /Jt»>:r ^n^'J P«rcy'K J?*/, ffAm. £mg'J'***<^ ^vtK^ll., bMkii- r9 ki 
lb« balUrt ffilillH iM4 lu^iiWHi dffr frrfotmtd at ttj^ml fy fJu Jrow Anw/ 

fmilauify. Tbc Jxcc ii 1 iJ^ 



H^fl ] thank you, lady; 

Methought it wa^ wdl You arc so curious I 
£, ^^y. Get on your doublet ; here ootnes my 

brother. 105 

£nUrYo\JNG Loveless, his Lady, Morkcraft, 
SAVfL, and Scrving-mcn, 

y, Lcvf, Good'ftiorrow, brother; and all f^ood to 

your lady \ 
Mtrt. God B&vc you. and good morrow to you atl t 
E. /.<ruf. Good morrow, — Here's a poor brother of 

La4^. Fie. hew this shames me 1 

Mart. Prithee, (rood fetlouTfhelp me toa cupoftxer, ito 
FirU Serv^ I will, sir, [Exi/, 

y. Lfftit. Brother, what malce you here? will tWs 

lady do? 
Will she } H she not nettled still ? 

£, Lcvt. No, I have cured her — 

MaMcr Wclford. pray, know this gcfitleman ; he Is my 

Wti. Sir, I ihftll long to We Iiim, ttj 

Y. Lcvf. 1 ahAll not be your debtor, sir — But bovr 

is't with you ? 
E. L&^t. As wcU as may be, man : I am married 
Your ncwBcquaintftncc hath her sister : and all i well, 
y /-our I am ghd on't. — Now, my pretty lady 

How do ynu find my hrothevT l2o 

L^}\ Almost ai wild as you are. 
Y Lazif. He'll make the better husband : you have 

tried him * 
L&dy. Against my will, sir 

105 Sflnrtne-mrnl OM Ha. Mvt .fjrtijvf^nfv : Tiui Mawcrhft prttmi jy [hf* 

109 A/, Aiw tkit sAamii Mtf] The catfy of Vciuiie LovdIcb refninds herof 
lb: ynr't ddle to wUch th« Elder ht4 bf«D kbIcoM mi ih« «c<utoft wko 
^ iDlroduoed hit brdhvr Ut t. L 6^ 

IV. L 136.' 

•14 Ar U] So QQs, 6, Edd. 8, 10 ud Tlica QQl— 4 fVMA&w"' ^ «tr 
IriCirr {Ar LMjalutd, M often). F- GrMUftun it myinthrr^ Tiit Ivi tbm 
«dilCT> Vj, 




fe«f 5«iT. Boi^s b«» Bar y«, «r. 
Mtn. And kesc'i far yoa «a 

Pmr, b«jr aa had ; >«ffi ncwr pnxfKr. dr. 
£. ^^w. How'* tU> ? 

Y. Uot. BkM yiM. jad 



K Z«M. Air, nOMit. sad 

in Mt. He's mnt'd 




111 •afonajna st 

HV Oh, toed lir. fet a>c Vaom bia protatiy. 
K Lov*. Yoa Aall hog oae aaotliB. 







Cutting MarOTafi, 

Faces Abovt ; I oiiut proent anotbcr. 
Mmrt. As nun/ aa yun wall, «tr : I «n Cor 
Wgl. Sif. 1 Uyill do you ccfvk& 
if^fv. I ilul] loolc lor X m eooct futh, sir. 
B Levi. Pritbee, good swwhcart, kts^ Wcl 



Wbo^ ilul idlow! t40 

^tftp. Sir, wDI b fk&eftie you to nfla^mbo' me? 

Hy leeya. (ood «rl 


til do ii pre«entiy. 

£. ^^Ev, CocBe, thou sbah kiM him for our sptirt- 
Ladf. Let him cocnc oo, then; and, do yoa hear, do 

117 'Von UniliflllMi 
lfftMBf«>]H««ih Afa-^MnMriStamJ- 

ijtf Aflrra0rfvf)L e- itbf«L ninininl rim ■■ ■nuilnf mtliin 




1 n§truct mc in ihcsc uicks for you may rcpcnl Jt. 14$ 

£. /,t^'/- That ai m>' periL— Luaty Master More- 
Here is a lady would salute you, 

Sft^t. She shall not lose her lon^'in^:, sir. What Is 

£. iiTfr. My wifc^ *ir 

Mtir^^ S^*e must be, then, my mlstrws. 

Ltufy. Must!, sir? \K14sts kin*. 

B. /-<WA Oh, yC5^ you inusL 

^^rv. And you must take igo 

This ring, a poor pawn ofKJinc fifty-pound. 

E. L&vff. Take ft, by any means \ 'ti« lawful pHso. 

Z^ti^, Sir. I shdii caII you servant. 

.^fort. 1 ihall be proud on *t.-^What fellow's that? 

Y. Love^ My lady's coachinan» 155 

M»rt. Thtfrc'*; w^mcthing, my friend, for you to buy 
whips ; and for you, air \ and you, sin 

e, thL£ '\% the strange fit 
E ever hearJ of 
M^t^ What, shall we play, or drtnk ? what shall we 

do? 160 

Who wJlJ hunt with me for a hundred pounds ? 

Wd^ Stranger and stranger t— Sir, you »halL find 
After a day or two. 

K, Lovt. Sir, f have a *uit unto you» 

Concerning your old servant SaviL 

P.. f.mft. Oh, for hia keys; I kaaw iL 165 

S^v. Now, sir, strike in- 
M^rt Sir, I must have you giant me. 
£. !,eve. 'Ti* done, sir. — Take your kcj*« again: 
But haik you, Savil; leave off the luutions 
Of the fle^h, and be honest, or else you shall graxc 

a^ain: 170 

III try you once mora 

Sav. If ever I be taken drunk or whoring. 
Take off the bi^gc^t key i' ihc bunch, and opeo 
My hc;id with it, sir- -J humbly thank your worships. 
E. Lov(. Nay. Uico, [ see we mu:«t keeji holiday : 175 




Here's the las: couple in hell. 

Rfig. Joy be amoflgst you all ! 

LAify. Why, how now, sir. 

What IS the crcaning of this emblem i 

An 't like your worship. 

La^. Arc you mairicd ? 

R^. Aft well da the next priest could do ii, mftdano. tSo 

E. L^v^^ J think the sign *% in Gemini, here's such 

Wti^ Sir Roficr, what will you take to lie frocn your 
swert heart tn- night ? 

H^. Not the best benefice in your wor^ip's fift, 

Wti. A whoreK>n, how he swells ! X%% 

K Lvxf€. How omny times lo-nigbt. Sir Roger? 

Rc^. Sir, 

Yoo i^ovr Kumlous. What 1 shall do; I ahall <k> : 
J shall not need your help. 

K L^vc. For hnrse-flcah, Roger. 

176 tkt lasttCMftt fjf AcAl "An illuilon to ihr emnr ai bftrkj-bmlc. "nw 

w plnel hf m people (three ol neb kx), who wvtc coupled bj lot A 
pi«e< of [roHiid ivaa Ui^n cho*tBi Had divided into Lhecs compA/UDcat^ of 
■hich Ifat virddtt oat wu ctllcd h<IE- If un< (Ki* :>bj«c1 r^ rhr raufire ««■ 
dcnanl U> ihtt dlvMon, lo Mteh \Vx or1)rn wh'i adi/infvH ftcnn chr \wt 
eumxtttn; trivhlchcueaclMUitpcof KUatUoaiook ilue. ind ticll vu filled 
by Ibccmi^le wliu wst atludcilk t'j piv-ixtuimiivu, lium ibcutlici |iUio, la 
ina <atchi(i£, hvvorT) Ibcic wai tome difficoirj, u, try the ruultliani of tbe 
fjuiM, tfie otiddle ««iipta ver* >ioi (c Kei^iau h«fbrv thtybid mcoMdvL 
ir||d« tik« Otfacn mighl bmk hmdi when«y«r Ihty teund lhMnt*tv«i tiM 
rvHbHf WhHialJ Eld bwn tAkrn tn inrn. cht JntT cnuple ww ujd Ji#iitf I!* 


Atti. juiJ tlir vxmv nidrd' \\v\. i. 104. ril. [IljjkT— ^Wcbcr.) Tht ■ibore 
(jithir K**"' J* ciiifftj' JcivTii intm a pnjoi in Sit P. Sidue/fe 
Dyce-) Tht fimme wf Wmwa* rtJl pUjifd ^ K*iooMio]r\ a ft 
modtBi eiUDklon «f iL Compvt MldiUcLon'fl C^j^^^, V. LiL, vbftv D* 
FIo» 014 it drc^^of hinuelCuiil Beurlce — 

'* Yn : uid rht whlla I oodpM wiili ytvtt miCft 
A( tarlff-bfrjik ; now we in? left in hfiL*' 
\7% fnMrK] A|)LKlln£ Lo ihe custom, borionicd b^ S]X!ntrT frotii Muol* of 
ct^nttddin); a uutUJiil puciu with M^uc Jn4t c)jii[]di»]jiatk Myuif orMa(aiGC> 
iSt »>n'j]5;od]U/MV wouldU belts *mc,buL Ihc oprraicn j» intvlK 

giblB and ncccurt la T^^b .VoiV ■<« f^f MtiJ^ TV, li. 

rJU >rf*Tr-fl>MlC*>oimrtn rvpr^winri lor t/nvT'to m a r^^rlmici 
L. J30, IV. i. i<i& 

ipret. Cf-Tll. 


E. Lovt. Come, prithee, be not angry ; 'tis a day 
Given wholly to our mirth. 

La^, It shall be so, sir, 190 

Sir Rc^^ and his bride we shall intreat 
To be at our chai^. 

E. Lovg. Welford, get you to the church : 

By this light you shall not lie with her again 
Till y are married. 

Wei. I am gone. 

More. To every bride I dedicate, thb day, 195 

Six healths apiece ; and it shall go hard 
But every one a jewel. Come, be mad, boys ! 

E. Love. Thou'rt in a good beginning, — Come, who 
leads } 
Sir Roger, you shall have the van ; lead the way. 
Would every do^ed wench had such a day t 200 


199 lufi; iaidtkt vo;'] QQl'-4t F., Th», tnd D^cc: but QQ5, 6, Edi, 

1^ 10| Col- ud Web. van, rndteadtJu wajr. 


Tfu Cnsiom of the Country. 
In the Folios 1647, 1679. 


T»*K Tkat— 'Thr trxi of ihf foUot U (Oddn r«vn in tin DHltsT of meCllCBl 
■rrfcriuaEiH'^i, ft joinE ■» wliiuS niwili mrdiMIHi* » Mpp^nnl ffi lorao id Iha fil^ft 
i.>n Thr vbn^" fhni *Ff<^nci rn|i<> it hff* m h* fitQr^iT*'t Ji nukft 4hMr « tcoretf 
currt^hjua uid uccdiM LutiaiKAiiluEik uf the Lcn vf l}lc ijreiacidiiit fudlv^ 4l>d 
corn^pif It h tinly t^i i^4>«i, wbtlv aharln|£ iti nmalQliu cfTorii ftbvul ivd^e la 
PUTnlm- Wt Ajivr cnmctPrd Thnv romiplJDnt utifl onglml ariTVi: inrl luv« 
tesicftd tome till f-dozan Rmliuiti nocdleuly BlLcrn] l>r Tlivt>UiLC v Ulcr cdilum 

TlIK AficDMKNT— Oum C^oiIUIh an iMlulti gDwmor»^o cimmi Ihe rtfht ti 
ihednt DJuhi wlLh flrcrv bndc bniior iDCbuliio^silAUiEbicr£«n«la j buifl^riai 
bs fjtlbcr^ oilvice fllie ptvffn Amolda, The ^Dtinner of two br^Ebcn qd their Uarda^ 
•kL nfuf tier murtti^t 'i-c (lif oppoii? taitfi ^nt^oat C'li>i]|o t tTtrn^pl to fiicl 
bb Cucom. knil ^hrci Hmt nuiv w ihr pen- Clrallrf rmbukk tn [nmoii : hiu, 
«v lie can DvcrUiu ihcii- (hnr ftrc niiackerJ by Leopold, «r**lf* "^ * F«tUl(Uae 
*?^c«r, mm vtio** hJL«u)« Jmaru u\h. vhiXf ihaa hrnrh«t«l«ap ovarbsHd ud tvtn 
10 Uie ixdu; fc In^uc ditiain. ,'\il uutio nrrl/t >r}iHmiflr lU UMoa^ Zcaodi b 
pU«d ^ LvQpold mibv HrTtcffOf tho t4«uilfal HlppoUiA. irith innnifliiDCiiift rar> 
mnl h^lnit 10 h*t HippoltU. howWBr, htoCDnnJ«nl± puaiun it^ »f ilcM^v. 
AiiuliloL KalllntflnAD vndaivaar lo icdacehlm. >lip hu hko mirauil oa achvue 
ef Ihcft ; btji mlcnti, »nd mtertfiiles ro mvL^ hhii from (Ik d«aih lo whidi he li 
RnicTvtd. AmnMr) o>4<rT|n| /^noclA in hrrv^m^ny. tnrlnLVcuri lo chovh ha, 
Einil an Lncrviirv tiwEvii i^tc p*ir u wiciRWil liy ihcj^^autHippoltto. who eiRtan 
bcr riThl lu be JtCnnflv^^ Ihia imicU^ it prcveoLe^ bf ibe ariti'dl oi UiuikMl. Uic 

Knriborcpf Li«t»nH xa wlmin CEodJa. unmnw now by mor* tiaoobnibl* InitbiieiiK 
iMPfillcitfor/fnotU^itcleuc- T!i« ImSM Hiptmla bumoonc lo Uiebftwd 
Md «(Hb SuLpltiA, mho uiuHK Kcnofili to VMlo AwtjT b|r nvtcliw « max im*^ of 
Nr bfforvihv fiiBT but .XrnuEdiii'i hvAllh Cftdlft ID tympMlif wllli ntfli : Aiui U kiil 
nippoUu. movHl lo r?iiii>rw. iinauli ibe oham. rolcnlag Amotdo iy ffsodap fv 
vliofn dodiD klio rcaouocA hn pttuaiL. pnKD&iin|{ lunlier la «l<uidoa bciwefoftfi 

Thr undcrjitot t% mppflnrt l>y t^ ndnftiiiro of Ihe dilcT IiiDtbo. RuMUu, vbo 
■Act *pptrVfilT> UlU'it tl^r Kovrrnork itrtO|E&nt n«p]te<r. Duane. id k lutt^ h 

VKtCti a A caiupLri.[or, riDunifil by Milnliii on tiie <DDWt\an ot rsndairti her 
lainpou* u>d dHiwUnir »rnicii» cvk^moit fromihiaby ih* eoeMcedNEdrBpeDUar 
DoM«^«fi4 ttBan4«cpr«l u ■ bintiaad by GmofBAr tfTita ilw lafnitfim W wjt 
hH DOC raaUy psmhed, 

DaTil-Aq qpwvd ILcnir f« tb* dale c( rU Ciih»*i#/M# CmM^ Waipp^ifld 
byirw lari ihti ih« Bn^lAN Tranilinan Df CrfvifiMi' /,4d Ttn^^fi^Ji /Vrriltf / 
/ifrMH,/.;, ihc cUioi of whic:!!. inih(;( than cf iIk wijriHl, to be Ibe aoum M 
our pUy <W4 noi bdnll of ■ ddubi, it dnicd rfif. If wu alu «nl>r*d «« th« 
StarlAflm' tCj*£HWron I'nn, «nf thM ynr Kiidnitf Tor ilu f]owrt**Fd Lbnkl to 
9ur>l^li«! hy ■'' rglluntlat tottj In llic OnLLc-1>»k of ^r tJcorr llrriarl . — "The 
bnntt «f <S* vlni^n Aty, bvUf ih* lacond (Un of *n old ptay oJIhI Tl/ 
rmtau i^Ar rta/w. r^iiir< 10 t^l. im. od. rhfi n i7f Nor. tuA rram tbe 

llw cntrica la Herltf^i OfliL.-fi-Bwk comnxnev Mk^ 14. i«*i , bil our plap U 
iKn in#ftiH>AVd itinfl^n fviarn iAqpi, vhfn 11 » "oldr^ Ihinnf ih* ilifr« ynn 
1619 t6tj tlnivfon ki iilual luktc boea ojeiivo«hL. 

AimiOPtmp.— 'bcrh iTokigi*** ■pmli <>< "jbep^rt"' m itw plimJ, Ih^dnUnT 
ftniitt 4ti4 S^rmwda, jng (the Sijmikftb irt^itiat aviwed In 1617)1 P^iU 

novuBoiie leb i6tO «ul «f Ifv wffi&Ei- In jJl pKibftlailflr Fltfdw'i alUbenler 
Bun be uBflit In MusiFif n 'nitt u trie t(fw uk^ ty MAm I'Ich *»il Boyt^ 

Ptdcfair'feAci I, I. h; UL 1. «b^; JV ^ 4J V. 5. «diI u MmiIb(V «, Ad- IL 
».^ J- < : I'J ^. S ' ^V I, a; r 1. » 3, t- ihfirul* diti>mai bntif th«r >T#bi^ 

MvuUe u> quale IrwnUi, Uvrkis^pCE !» tht Tru^M^TAuff ^MciVnr^idi^Mrv 
Sk*!^. 1U&-6 faa ufiK « pauwc eiUibiiiiig At govnal stoiidAb «a oMe^ hi 
fBM bA iileniHn>*tf d t>i*t ADiiior^ vnrk : diul mvi^. in ih?c««ol ikbpLtr, 
ilv <h|«f wallfl tmwMtfi' in MuHdn^n't cnnlautioJ tflnra. which taaj fotto at 
rcvdci lift »nn>«iB«rflnu jodfnmio'ih* valueol ih« wMrou thu oAcrvtf, 

hL* iciEcDcB . luid ihcutrn be bm a Utek k^A^e uf itx 4r*ni«iic (ubHT llsaa 
KlMi^cv, fir «viii ihiu 3Hun»t. ho it food of rttsisnal dia^hn. «Dd oAea 
tnckJffrtiq long dfttpApUtc qieecliei tolhe detriment allbttctim HiKhnmOv* 
«|ie Ukt UwiiiDoniV IQ rhriv ffv^iHUii rvnteiCT to imttauie tbabODnmfDi. Itto 
lidcaan^ Kdv^^'FT, far non c^mpl iIad hb P-aut^iOfa'. FleKbc* juid Ueinnroet 
Ue tiOlh fiw jkJiif Iv "Ti^v m thpir rrmn^ifAn ciF Irtnai^ hcfnrf' ~I Ti#)t lA#4e« dlen 
alkOOBIMlr UbeiippUE imnoit but tUu owficsaaibuliftTful, vliciA»Mualanf'* 
«Ofnpl ftviaSe lUimt «rf to gmib. TV vtavi nuved frcuUifliy. hovim. ia 
Muauwfr n htt rontiniuJ nt»iiijaB af hkimlf- I h«H, tn eIh papm 1 haw 
ftDotteiTto In ibe Ay^wjlr .SAriOPiL «ullec«d *tiout one ihoviwl pin^d pMan— 
fraon «n hu wortBa. nn tnking tha man nmulBhl* rtt>«in>3b ta ttUMtvovlMlfed 
vroffci u»] ibtn ci^nnvlni tb««»iii4lh paiHics in thr pHts I fiSFrlbe ta hA «i iht 

ic«Ji« VD Biorknl p«JAUel. I haw ■Unloilfd itKh xcnc^ oo thi; .turngth of ihc mtn 
akne. ia Nflnvngpr, whrn -n f%hK wnr^ol mp ameiiTap nmcvntly wvLI'inarktil 
jwndlrtl ocoir lo Aow lili b;LiiO- Maut uf lIiob puvEld jBUai^v nv m 
mmAcilifMh ifaaibOMHiq tticnccr ihv mon Oie^ tten tr>«vlc«a t&. Moitmbe 
(notci in itwir iciufHa in torn* cUbUmpomy or pfwjwuior, Qf eouiw ih* Dinpla 
ocnirmuY of kUuTi apaaaurelBxIiaulnhilirfaj urould le il» ftigunect Iv oifrihlniK 
pan or II 14 UuaiiiMr. But vbea vrc Hud nar^y aiKfa pj ■■![>< BOC*^^. •ni>n 
ibnn aay <i(htr tulEor ij In ikm babll of it^ing, and wbtn »■ bad iba metd^ 
cbaracicr of (he <kiuUiful fijy ibnrlnK i^ic nnw laiURs in rnuiih iba Hine defire 
ai Majknf«r'a unlDuliIed pLi«^ ibe upcu^nent Ihat he «ai pirL auLhor Hrr i tm 
vvy Mnifig iiuT**^ ^f, lio*w>n, Ebt tutbTH pua»4*t«ca«bMriiyina ibep«c«]lar 
wntual chamclfT of fitt ^idlr^ <jr itie rcirmkniF ul ao liDponnnt rauiiitloD cm tbt 
put bt hd qwn. which it nJ^aji AH«inpAiiir4 h): a niaikvl hcallalioQp W caii 
hardly doubl ihM w fuvc ■ piwvcd MKUtnocriiBork b*^jr« ui. Hit ntnaiv ihi 
Ticilmi of □« tenuUng pasLon in moot Iiiei«iqh, olicQ lb n lUie Ot laCiplcM 
ttadhoB. ahonatdf nifiiw and ncUKholjr' Hii "^r-^-n 1 — li"'intijlTmliTTrfr 
jonUa of ■■ paJan - «r« hear ibr niillMiff '^^ ^^*^' lilbep ErajU u ib«y •(fitotciL 
Dit rTiry iLt irriti 19 tin*** ^tnvn vip t& a bbthuEJar : ihrr« I1 fioi a bmlthy fi^^iat 
aboul one □( iheriu If iTiFf ur JfiOpCMd 10 IuU]riaiJon» tlxT kW >" ^1"^' '^■^■' 
laai virru*. oi li 1h*w wi* ibiame nv^rloai m 1 wnrM of ft*«chjr>£ vit^.~ Mr 
Haylr 4di]« inj«i " l^tc u wlib Mkuj^iitcr dihcr mnvetnlonal ar fruuiit, nntr 
Ideal." Hi9Wvu<ei ht? ^r4ra(«1 " flrrucn^t ta Icn^ a> llit^ icl'i'iM fii^m ^uuiiv 
Vhmrcorrijfit (hougHuanraaci" . thef "TiuThv bEii;ui(;E <jf afnUuadtDlnpUarT, 
jisi] ^c b.u <:ollr\i:t] a vrrt laic? numtirr of [>uuic». pui loio (be mouthi OC 
Maulr>£4i'i tf^M heroine), which opriM tbeii lobjmf tas ttiMthutt }vf%, « Toa|[lnc 
MApo^ br IbcfTfrellul Hnae llul they wighl t» valt ijui1 "Hfoicfi" hu awjo 

ThiL> f[ii fur MnuIiitfEt'i r=Bcr*] chuQAtorbUi:!^ 2?ijvc:lii. ii omtE be QVtwd. ha* 
tOmvihinc »' i^ic oidnEaiHiiu ^r^Btty ; ihoii^h rtit tciu^ ■Ahifit it ti niaairvoWt» 
AcUl I IV 111. [jnil ct Guloniai IhV ■,),MVftDi tu 1 Ite intrE cEaiOinl fiw Muoiifw 
For thU |iUf Mr. baj\e h«a AOl tabubud hla DMhui reatilu . Uif ihe iviuiii*! 
ponlM fimnflai fiom IdHiBfa^t undoobtod work on which ht nhot atv bin 
livot fkorn £«f Air^f Sfu^un (foL to, pL ats compared wltFi rhe pnredlBi: r^pcr. 




•hiK i^lAtmed fiTf MuUhfpf It IL t, t. % 41 HlTf^^V^^^^^^^^^^^B 

^H '' 

». 3- 



Cun. cpt CotrrfT. 

MAUimaJi {lUkoowLodipl vcnk). ^^H 

^K I'- 

. 1. 

*'AadnHap jwjidmr^" : 

Sk ibiUbm of " VMdv ^ appllfld ic « ^^^M 

penon. ^^^H 

^^H " 



bring ImjoMt in M. ^^H 

^^^H " 


" I oouU dbftch Ovid courl- 

Ct /^or/f ^ /^v. 1, 4. ^^1 


(hip" ' 

" WliTt one that, for ffpcri^ncc, covid ^^^H 

mcli Ovid ^^H 

T«wr1ie4 beitEt WdjrTiii Art of Lor?." ^^^| 

Whidi l!ii*nt Oidil if Ii* livMi again ^^H 
Would wuEi woidi la eij^rnSh" ^^^| 


^'T8wiMrtflBPiPy<toor» 10 


/^//, f/ jtdifp iv. "Th«H bra £ ^^^| 
ihtyinfid doon 10 l»i out iifp/' ^^^1 



" In (hftt ^Utat aU ntmiBiuv 

Svt«n or tighl huuriMi wlun on* ihing ^^^| 


li vpoken cf ai tjelng uvhoUr "coin- ^^^H 
probtwEcd " ia tofnoihiiig qlm ^^^H 

^B ^. 


" And ihat whtcb pnncn !«*« 

J^VHt-. l\. 4- 'Which aJl QUI cutimi ^^^| 

inrrk'<i for m vain" : 

kino h«tc koHl'd in vain for." ^^^1 



■'Tomptn? ffli*Arl£At"-. 

Quim cvnimuEi, ^^^H 

, V- 


" r»# »-i(i-/'rofoijrn*i.lOft" 

S«# 4h04P. ^^^H 



'■ Tivtt tJuJl fu Wt" i 

Coranotk ^^^1 



"AM with thr InaM of ifn 

Common. ^^^| 



ftf« above ^^^1 

^H ^ 


SfeabOTA, ^^^1 

^^^1 " 


**Abew Jill kioci t>m(h wuK 

CC Mndt^itmemr, I 3. ^^1 

" ihMgti A\ <hK lairaat ^^^1 


Alt fCBpts'd iDunvctti of our ««u«tn ^^^H 
Wflwnmlii virhyni , . you alfhiw ^^^H 




Sbvulc] ti«r iliF MiuUud,*' ^^^1 



rn took up IJCPt-' 

CT. f-Y /i*i' 'f' J^^ . 111. ^^1 


">h1iai fou <Jellvcr 10 xae iHaJH bv ^^^H 


lo<li'il up ^^^H 




Tn $. ttronff cabtut. or uTiich wil yoUN ^^^H 

ShaU k«p (hckw,'' Le. haKcnvdull ^^H 
noi T* bftniTd, ^^H 




^^H. " 


'■ WhK ft fronFft «w Ihor* 1 * 


Cf- ittit^f., tt. 1. "What a frvtraww ^^H 
ihatl^ ^^H 

J/4J^ #/Mw., L. J (ond}, ^^1 

-' Wluti a rnifrtt h« Lhra« ^^H 

Ai hia depjifiurv." ^^^1 

Pury^t. '* Wbal a frown ^^| 
Ai tiff drpartura thrcv/' ^^^| 



iDch voaa ht ilw Mnmoel and PMdtfr 





denfot timi ibe toul dfcot of Ac vrtdeno* MBUHdaioA 
mncb ^IffU lt\*ivMaf Ifrtty nntof. l^mcukoc And ibe carnal ^ftfaf of ill Ihc 

fistibUoli ibr oDDcfliuaottB U) vtiljiA b« bw bam M : Uit v* us Im lo c on fow llu 
ooi o«^ I«i|[<<c1[ nlucteM* to Acecpt ihoe iw*cl «ieiiic«l tau of fcbihonki^ wbkh 
Mr. VUmf «■» Ibr Ant «» m>^. t>W Nn wy audi vnaktMCl bt tte dcnoBita' 
lloaofmr canvvandnMB.uiMCftMof MMftln(tf,iiMihoibackai1|iaQQfiilBlile 

THE »cd:>rt,.-ln imnl lo touKH— Wpbrr (iKii) avlgnfcl Ibr HtiTiUikltufiK 

1^ ^iatf^4t fi4twtn (iBi^ followed bLm, 1 1 fejiipAUi lo luve bm LMvtiC^I *rho> 
m th* Mbit t4 bit Cm»n imndatkn of llunkip [>Bs>^ ^^ ind^oUd CfrmM' 
notd u ihe more ImmeOinic *ciui« of our pU^, wtiidi b« mU wu " rompaitd of 
dtflknot penbju 9^ f'^attt amd Sigiimmmms" At AtDttHf of fuiilut« bicamTjr 
■ftjtbiPf ID ibew ihil OLLf Ut^on conEUfnl C|nlhh> m All. The fJj!/ pOAiCi ntf 
rtiifto polai vf ^BCld nsMBbluct U tbtf InUm nml; oikn hh^ be lOKigfiL Hi ibr 
daiajplioB ef MomcI (Act IL in 414) ■* " « gwowr U Ibc freai Idnc in 
Llitain,'' vbMfi iMijrvKft'a th* iwvrnnnv «f <M I^x^hu^i ;ui1ei»rrii in miMoE^ 
■ppoil bj Ibc hIjfliB nuihuLiiy vi Pru«(«r<j CoLoom, iulU in v ccfUiii ^iktom Jd 
KuUlia'i fepp*«l ta Guloni4' m Act V, v. (p 5^^ 10 (>>4C wliKli Ciittliio pvu iriio 
tbff niirdarc^t noutb iil «i Murlkr Ua^ to vn* Importonl parbaJm iW toibn 
diArvcoilRljrboUl nm CtfWiUi mUtom [bt ptajr ; Ok qokml.lOr laiiuui. 
IS Onibioi aroB iiboai ■ nwyinnii, doC out of uwo^ait oo*d«ct «a thf fui cf 
LMft'ftBOA: udLI*U^iatth>**adlnm;«HHiao«theniu«lErTTftbelrtiJr harrwd 
UQ (b«p«iniof adopitacUnihi f^sa pf Lb«>odhfl hu kiUnl. >aiJ iMnf wd tum 
M Fo4dl1«tForn, *4 Wcb«r}tillbctdailh, nAeu «be lowi bim bcr bIc k|pi«K 
Jlul in |^f l^iigluh tmiKlBtlon of f^miin nmJ Mg*am^m.-iis \\^e/f»6tM, tfrt^) v* &b4 
not ciptv t^p iLvno Itlpiialjru. Zobalan thcjcw. Godia, ArnoUo. Rntilio. bUonci 
dc K«4, Alon^:. ^^ncciA. but &l*o Leopold, |i. 174. And iboM o4 "Cwioo/'f^ 
n6. & " LhHi niurU. " p, 153. tnd ''Gabmir ofSoo." p 354, wMd Ur. fnw 
WUH Arr noi (0 be foonc] iIieTvfn^ Su1p1i>i'« ■■me iR du Hot ft&d : lid pluait 
ukcn liyA ' Juluk" The lultciAd pMiv^ra in the fialtawlB( cidffcilnm DL b. 
cii, fr, pp. i5T-s«r« v«rtHliy fif cifncu v^rbiiJIy rruilfnfil to tiuH«t«# tfa«pbf 
{Act 11. fc. Jv.K ami MimtaUir lUiuinw ouf aAUbon' debt >» fu u Uw nadtr 
fdetlioOfietnBcd. A " PBlDftiiiti''nl*tqboirott the mitbtof ba«rivIinlAboB> 
■ttwt^Mtfiil o oc m wd t ae iwi >i>m and in un^ifli "iwalMd Fonu^ "(A«tL 
I. \7o). Don Dmutc. wboin hr Irfi F^r dai]. fl^rri fev min btta ■ nflcbnaunac 
h«iH-^"I found «pth »n hhil will furrkkhirj. frum *1b<noel HMedinlOAcbvaber 
b«<lar »dOr»d, And laUcivtug i^a ijjfhr uppranng jq umxIibt cfaambor. I loqod kn « 
rldi bed 4 L^7. wlio miiniE uf> u onf wholly In imBtctnot Miced aha I wtK 
irbal 1 iioufht. vhjihcir I went, and who h*d rlato pm< 14MB« iP^ to Huk 
rrrrrrnfr t-r e^m/ i't/a t^ /htolrr 1 iin<wer<y] hfr* MndilBM. / tnmmrt uii^ 
jpu in to maty titnumii, ht it Kip-or chit a ttnAif*^ vho aa \ tidiik. AiW 
i^t* mar* d*u^ in Hu j/'fti raJter tArfV^k Jkri pjiiffrttmt 9JiJ ^Jt, itiBi bfBBf 
finll ol mlnvL I bvwKh ran lor (jOlU uk«^ and hf ilitl whkh 5OD U^ \t> uv« &e 
torn tlw/ufiu, vittatA / nitfiairftiltviili .ifi^ mt- Af^ma flattiJuM * bJrIthr 
In ber ISjiiukLl ipc^ch : 1 onmvrcdt pVV, AfjJi^H, I am • Jtmocc. A « vrqi 
*3y hancc fidlhU Coulry, TAcr^jnm vn j Cjjii/iam ■fi*jj—rf 'i«^f. uid 
iFir Acalj]«. /HM^HHf^A ^/niJifAj. Eina wlU uue>i:iu If ICMr. Get ycm tii oa 
Thia bed. /ii^ t/ Mc 'tiiv'r^v^, und Atiidr inco j Mt>/iinii /^rv *Kicb ygu tbaU inerc 
Hndt, nnd j/im «#//a»«i f*4/tai; firr tf/hf fi*,r'4tt^^t. hi atiiJvtirvt^ikn^ftrt. 
and Mmt wkti I thctt utt kirn. >f^fD>nfr (ihr comralpd ttua nvmniaien 
triih iicwi «I Lbc lUuxbtcr vT " I>^a Dubtc " licr ton, uid ihul "Acbikl ivd. |hu 
h« BW A mm fionw tunnJnif mlo Ihli hokUa" (Avi it. Iv. 6j^ Tbc onliy «tf ihi 
dad bodr dulf fClkwi Wnm >hc rui duiMtlGhHl Ibir flAon la tmrch rev ttw 
murdriv* th< •»!«■» (or ulUuilc "beuiue tbee «u tuMsMMt ^{vmffri. cad 
ta no Alt MUMlooUaniln* hfr/^fin/tAAy^lioQtJlu*' |9>-5V Wbon oil w (oh, 
thn nru up Ihe npemy "oodfu I ihounht) put ber IiuhTob mfbevi: imUhH 




Sn my Ucui, nuuje htt knave vIlc 'out «ti«vwiib I «■•» cavSicocd'' 
Slv vAioiiit him w ccvfT hU fuv (ro)^ 4ik4 iitttD\9Ht Uai wllb "an 
oOttiu (iia); Ana Ik "Trt flfne of itumkhilMK oiMi iipon my hmc* 
kkMd h«r b*ds fool (11^' ftWiUMd lo Ul tun be kuu thai hea nunc b 
At "ImAj Quiwras t>t Sam," Ht cmbiirlu tTw Davt diij for tha Eui India; but 
Ibc DOI Adivnriiiv o( TCaiilttt in Thr p^jy Is nr Irftn sug^fMl tiy tFie Ruillla oT the 
n£nvl^ nho rvUteik pji- 3&-V, hii ifitve It^ib rhc "bale" in wtajdi. uacDCuntuiicm 
ot MU* *Bi>iir. h* u* ttoto e4ionD«d» by a witch wha ii In love wtU it'ua tad 
w/boa ha "uvnwl not w a wnofmu. bin rni Al^£rU vm from Itm-rn <i> 
ik1iiHTbiiB^'(l]- R ««| IV. LV. lulliocj- TIk TuUirWltiK nfcicbco WJM ckluUil ibv 
novi^t* >i>ta»on 10 lb* uain pt«t 

Ar II (jiS. Clodlo «a!ecia 10 dlidiiuiltf hm rtnl Amildo tmn pUFfukt o[ ihv hrrOLiiR 
Aufi9WU iiht £nod« of tb« pibrl- 

Ai pfL 144-7 2cn«K ft Spfthitb (DchtnirtM, oukct Icm io vVnthony. Alftnug 
hkn ffirui unlih 4n4 not inturjnF on mtjma^, Anthony dpTrndi himvH «|ilnit 
n^tufAcbi kiy K thjJi frfiiu hi* (fuw, wludi. loiabift Zanod*. iivaaCtJin ^iitL kJlU 
CladfVvtiQ lutppMii 1(1 «n|rr r^i <.hamt->r— "4 vCetAf punUivWDl f6r Lli faulu'^ 
'fill* btrrr Inj^liJ^nl ■ppmn in l^ i\\f. giTHi ni I- li. 

At pi i&/h IVlttikdcf {hLo «iMTtiWAMl> Ui AiGoldo in ttiv |iLiy} juid Imiuppuvnl 
tS/Mt. AmlflU^ ar* OApEumd by a kcwr («f , Aa ir lI). 

Al p^ |EK iqq,, EiftBT ihe iHlrrtmi hiire rHi^td Hanie, " /jibmon iJi« Jnw 
tedUDM IWtuitJirlUi vl«U ' HypoTitH gf I^pini;^«lil<^li <irtJCin(!4)f (balAlicstwuhta 
of Iby^," who *uid -ieeft him in ifcp iTf«i" (cf. A*t U- iii u-^^aiid coTiWJW&i a 
piMltm fofhirn ^hf rmivptriiin in a mnipiijcniili-f^miifieJhouv^AEbdwocifttikni 
m In ihc play- reriaitcScr vti ha cxH " Icfi tii3 cbkc in Lhc luuirb of %hn new 
l^mUM" [of- Art lit l¥. y\ Sha 1hi^r«upon ChUuj^ hita ^ttili ihcrt, biiE aDsr 
■art* caoMBoi Ij^rvfl In Iha Wfottg ami tH^ TUh aiuihsirgr. (h>< fnirfnnr ihAifily 
rdnoUac ber- In th« f(jtU>viiijc <ihapi^ (LV. 11 L <b. B), -' mujujujc lu Jiei iivuc 
niih snaur confuaiui than rvptnlaBcv/' ibt eoployi l^lmloii't w\^ lo mtlte 
Amuitlaitck b; (mchaDTiwad : bui » dlftpCD tc. wing Pmaddtri liealih f«a- 
Ins te nmpBihy mlh Adhi»la\ ■hentaibB Jei^iv la unJo ihr chunk. All Oifi 
b oactlr repf<4liie*d iu iti* pity : aDdZanoeia'iJulouijpf Arnolda'tM^uunftwldi 
llJppolyia {Ml IV >r- III )ufn[ly %iiut«j^ in clupl^r A. Hiii nflilin tn Mtiluo^ 

■^C^'"^*^^' ID Sulpilm, nor cf n pcnkin banJVHn Mm intl ^juhcnuu. 

Hivroir.— Tlir |iu}ni}.trL(r tjr ihr pUy It hLwmihI bjr iTu fiicL ibai Sir Hoory 
Hc«beft'( fectlpii tt^m ri, ai Ehia t«ocid of bu t*r* amual bCDdha En j6aCk hcr 
oomtdvmbly gTBii«r ihnn imm unyplif hwt?ct«d for any drmlar OGMJtoa. 

Sauuel rvpyx havira a wte ihpjai und a bud bc»rl one "Lord'* ilay/' 
t^ipiUubcr a> jA&t» "wseiE notta bburtb fani ^aai all iIh d»iii1ii£ madlog of 
T-U J/arfrf /«<#«. a vtry fftoA play." and "anothef pl*iy TA- Cu^mk o^yA/ 
G>a«^. kblcb It a wr^MT ont, mffMBkL' 

On ttie 3ri3 Jnniurjp i«67, be vcpi " alone lo ihe Kin^'i Hoiuf» «nd iNfiit lav 
TXf Cb''M> ^ Mtf f~j>«jin7, 111* *«r«n4 time «! Mh hrina Mtetf, vbaftin Knip^ 
don the ^kkjw wcil : bui, oi aLl \lie piayi iliai e>cr I «lLd w. iht worn— tmtlDc 
neiiitefl plov Unf-uac?. nor Anjihlnc in itie aanb ihat b aovptablc i valy Koipp 
nnipi a amj )ilmmt>ly ' Hr 4* ihir pl^y ayaiQ at Ih* Mm* ibcair* «a Aagut 
tiL iCOy: " The bouse inlifEiEy etnpiy-nwri! ihau e«vr 1 »« K-^«ni1aA Hi [ur-" 
Tkii afTCT It he lock iJm faKinatLng KnippauE foia mni lo Lhc Nul Ifeuo. "my 
trilt otil«f ^ull'Oll^. ultie tlmrnyiH. vbcn ihh itkonifin la by," 

"AdfQJL Dvhli u(i from Hk cmcr ponbjns «f ih)3 nmnly. aftd caDed Tlr 
SttUitm^ whhih vM aeied dairia^ tbv tappieaiiun vl ihrChealfai, Dnbalnuid lo 
ItNkman^i eallHlKHiH TJn tVmr, tr Sfert hfam J*firr. J^art ftfit. t^t. & 3D{*** 
iroL L aooof Dyve'ioJ.). For wme ume oner the RekiontLjijii, TtuCuSim^tMf 
C^mntty ma EkM DnfimttaaLly fwrAateHd " t^^ycc^ 

*'ln 1709, Collty Dobcr Took ear e( ih* ploia, and, combining n Tlib thai «f 
neiGboT'i £M>r Am^AfT, fcnnciS hJit ccrn«<ir or Aav ntj4u d .lfdj|» #« ntf l^i 
^fHu9t . - - and. la tyij, Clujla Joh&aon look the othrr p1ot» ud eHMlknlL 
into blire«an'^ /jiiW. «■ f*f I'mum t^lAi ^r^m.-w" iWebcTj. 



So free thu wotk it, gentleiMn, Ironi offmct^ 
That, we are confnlcnl, it nrvrils iid ilHVnce 
From at or Irom the poets. Wc dare look 
On %ny man that brings hu t^l^boolt 
To vrilc <|awii what agiiii lir iitay reput 
Al fiome gi«jU table, to deserve hi& bueat : 
Ixi tuf^h come sw?l!"(S with inAl)c«, to apply 
WTidt U miilh hcfe, there for ah iiijut;. 
Nor lord, nor Lidy, wc have tax'd : flor itates 
Korany private person ; th^r poor hate 
Will be stMved here ; for Envy shall noc find 
One touch that may be wre«t«d to her mind. 
And yet ileipair not, gentlemen ; the play 
Ik qaick tad witty ; so the pocu say. 
And wo bcticv« Ihem ; the plot noAt and n«w ? 
FashiunM like thrjse thit ujc »p(jrovtiI by ytm : 
Only, iwrtl cr*vc attcnlion in the moal, 
B«cittsc, one point unmirk'd, ih« whole ifl lost. 
Hew Irrsnt. then, and judge ifccr, and be free ; 
And, OS our caiuc is, Ut cur censure be. 



/4# /WrJ I «- l-lvtchcr tAd (pntbablyk MkHinfrr. 

cicmpc fi«ni fibulJrtuj jnfc OriuiLi^k iiulJhJccl' ; ■l»/bn>.Lfraiftp(PrD].K 
and jrnanrCi I^iJuI. J^^nr (FroL), 'wiihcut pArlJcuh 
ptatJiI of any prirald min/ 

Lar «ri»t{, Or jail com- 



Foa Mv Sos CtAiK^. 


We wiihj if it were pouibki fou knew 

What w« would give for thi« niglit'« book, if n«w ; 

li [wing our amliitJtm uj dtlighi 

Our kind spcctnCcT^ with whAi's ROod and righu 

Yet £0 fa.r know, and credit me, tvua inAd« 5 

By yuch Ai wcfc held workmen m their tfade; 

Ai A tjinc, tooj when they, ju J drvioe, 

Were truly m^ny, and drink lii*ty winc^ 

The iiecUr of the Muie^^ Some are here, 

I dc^rc prctunnc, to vhon) it did Appear 10 

A vHl-dnirn pirrcr, which give x lawful birlh 

To pAssionitc nccEien, mix'd vrith no vuIgAi mirUi. 

But unio such CO vhom 'tis known by fame 

From nlhcTs, iwrihajKi cnly l»y the nime. 

I am & suitor^ thai they voutd prepare 13 

Sound palaitt, and iheri judge their bill of fare. 

It were itijusricc Uj c\errf this ntiw, 

Fw being liked before : you may allow 

(Your candour safe) whafs taught in Ihe old sehooK — 

All such aft livc-d licfore you were not fooU. 20 

F<r m^-Stm ClanU]-- in Ful- laF iC^f only. //iif4 Obvff u one «f ihe 
who >rjni (he DeJicBiioia pidincd to th»( edition- {Dy<«— AcIHcnda.) 
Ipgribvl «A the (uw. fit f»4«ie diiciplt or ih« vnliAnvti aulhor of ifau 

> Adn>] Dyce't pabahlt «DifjidAiloa For ^m># xbA /mI of th« bUoL TheobaM 



CousT Clodio, GoTenioi, and ■ dis- 

boDounblc pmsDcr of Zknocia. 
Manuel du Sosa, Gorcmor of 
Lisbon, and Brother to Guiomar. 

Abnoldo, & Gmtlemui cmtnctcd 

to ZiNOCIA. 

RUTiLio, a merry GeatlemtQ, Brother 

lo Akmoldo. 
CHAEiNOt Fuher to Zenocia- 
DUAKTK, Son 10 Gdiohar, h Gcnile- 

mail wcUifiulified, but Tun-gloricnA. 
Alonzo, ayoiu^ Pofftogn] GentJeman, 

enemy to DuAKTE. 
LVOPOU), a S«a Captain, Enunoui'd 

on Hif^xtlytL 

The ScBNE sometimes 

ZaiuloN, a Jew, Mmnt to Hippo- 

JaqukS) lervant to SULmiA. 
Doctor, Chinirgeon, Officers, Gaard, 

Page, Btvvo, Knaves of the Mde 
Stews, Semnls, [SailcHi^ 

Zbnocia, MkKlrea to ARifOLl>0 and 

■ chaste wiie, 
GLriOHAR, H liitDOos Ladyi Moths 

lo DUARtX. 
HiPPOLVTA, a rich l^/Aj, notooly in 

love with AvNOLDa 
SULPlTtA, a Bawd, Hutteu of the 

Male StewA. 

Lisbon, sometimes Itaiy^ 

Tkt ^me^ml Aettrt 
DKph TiLTlor- Robert B^jifeiU, 

iahD Lowin. 
John Uqi^nvtwd. 

WlUiun Efflcuone. 
Thamu Holcomb. 

Fol. i6i^ 
somttimts Italy] \, e, in the Fhst Act only. 



ACT 1. 

Scene J. 

W /ozen in Italy, A $truL 

EnUr RUTILIO and A%}liOlJiCL 

RuL Why do >-oa grieve thus still } 

Am. 'T would melt a marble. 

And t^mc a ^avnge man. to feci my Tortunc. 

Ritt What fortune ? I have lived thi* thirty years, 
And nin through all these follies you call fortunes. 
Yet never fix'd on any gnod and constant, j 

But what I maJc myself: why should I gncve, then, 
Af that I may mould any ^vay ? 

A rn. Vou arc wide J^till. 

Rul. Vou tovc a g:ent1cwoinan,a youii|£ handsome vroman : 
I have loved a thou^nd, not so few. 

Am. You arc disposed* 

Rut. You hope to marr)- her ; 'tis a lawful caUinf^, 10 
Ard prettily estccm'd of; but t<tkc heed then, 

Tht CatTttm tif tki Coumrj^ Throluld, l^^ The aiiThohty of M< int. TbTlv. 
telb u> Ibatt viv\ « cuiEutih mx Ih Ihr iimLlvc of tlii« comedy actijjt1!y |jrCTt£ltd 
fji uni« thnc in ILaIv ^ khJ aIipi in S<«L]and, tlxi or^nvic* vf Eugfniui III 
(uctf'ifil 4-r, 5j;) -iW ihc \vaA ihonild h&vc ihcfinl nifdit'« lodffU)^ irilli hit 
Uftfinl ca boadiQAii's ttiidc tmjig abropLnJ by Mhltolfo lllf «hM« r^ign began 
A^D roM. tU ELitceiicc li» bi>i*crcF,il«nied ; ud Weber cooudrn ii n fane 
trailllian, Qrlgjmijng \i\ Ehr fnidul eai imjwviiJ i>n the tiiHrrlJife iif it re nunt or 

Ao [ . . k ^ strcti] TtkU pb; ii dMdfd itkio Acti in PF, but di« ie*<ir*} 
KCfics an mfcikftl unly In tht TMrd A<t. Wcbei, iSil, vovptele^ Ibe 
auffibcr^Bfi r>f ihe ii^rnci and ffiATkod (hcir f<ic&«. 

Mmtf, V iv, and /rfF*/j ZoAmr'j Xw/, IX L : "Coae; U> our Mt\t1aDi 


Take heed, dear brother, of a stranf-cr fortune 

Tlui) vt'cr you felt yrl ; f&rtMiu my ftff U -t fnctnl lo iL 

Am. "Tis Injc, I tore, dearly and tmJy Iw^ 
A noble, virtuous, and mo&t beautcoiu maid ; T 

And am beloved again. 

RuL That's loo moch, o' conjcfencc: 

To Jove all thc«^, would run mc out o' my wit*, 

Arn. Prithee, give car- 1 am lo inarr)" her. 

Rut, Pc^patch it. chcn. and 111 go tall the piper. 

Arn. Hut, oh. the wicked custom of thb countryl 20 

Tlic barbarous, mn«i inhuman, damned custom \ 

Rut, Tis true, to marry is (a-; dfimn'd] a custom 
[A^ iifiyl in the wtirlii \ for, Itnik yuu, brutljcr. 
Would any man stand pluckinf^ for the ace of hcartt. 
With one pack of cards, all day» on ':* life * 

Am. Vou do no: 2^ 

Of else you purpose not to, understand me. 

Rnt, Proceed ; 1 will give ear. 

Am, They have a eostom 

In ihtK mrwt hracilv country — out upon'l 1 

Rnt. Let's hear it first. 

Arn. That whcr ^ maid is contrscted. 

And ready for the tie o' the church, the goveinor, JO 

He thai commandN in diieC must have her inaidcnhcad. 
Or rantoin it for money, at hi» pIcAfure. 

Rui. liow might a man achieve that place? — a rare 

\% d itrftn^ fertMmi\ "rudujldmn" iThcftlald)' 

1,1 KuiTurjc EUf fvc) ilic (jpciiiiig ■iiitb vf % luiv iliJcctcil tQ be nnw by 
VforuKwcfl in 7%t Knifht af thr Btr*niitg; /kffU, V, \il D^ foond llu 
•ont- in t co1]«cboii of Baliafh, «(c- (Br Mvt^t*-}m.).un'ht iht uric ''AAWcrt 

K&vntLr . . . Tht Tnne h, Korrune. taj Toe." The ^Tit cif kt it ttums 
w imcHcil liy MmIuqc from 71^ Maydfi MtttmprfJtiOiu l6a\ tig, C J, vid 

" Fofiiinc ay f«, why d*»( thou frown cm n« ? 
And wiTi ihy bivoun u«vti b«n« b«? 
Vrilt tEiott» 1 M^, I'lr fet ^rtt*i my pain f 
And will ihc^ m*T mtfir my toy* >0tiri ? " 
Mr. Biillm i^^* httr ih«E i\ wn\ Vntwn ai t\f "rutiigiriji vunc*" beooic ibv 
condvinn^ ipriion^n mnt; U on thrk vfl> lo T^baTii. 
i6 t^ tonMtfihf\ Vt u ivfiniffHi. 

Bt it \iU WaHiv'i'l , , - "wWl AJ-jpliuj Dx"'" CftCnduSofl, *faidk Hli^c* 
uQic bcTUrr, ind duturbi the cent Ivu, ih^n llHrolpaild't— 

"h rhi* fnnit mhiifnui 

Duiin'd raflDTfi m rht world.** 


An admirable rate cti«t04D I— And none excepted ? 

Am. Nqhcp none 3$ 

Jittt. The farcr still I hovr could I lay about tne 
Ir this rare oflicc ! — Arc they bom lo it, or chosen ? 

Jlrti. Both equal dAmnftble. 

^Af/. Metliinks, both excellent : 

Would I were the next heir ! 

Am. To this msd forttine 

Am I nnw come ; my marriflgc is prrkclAim'd* 40 

And nothing cvn redeem me Trom thi:t mifchiel 

Kul. She's very yt^un^ — 

ArtL Yc& 

RuJ. And fxir 1 dxre ]>roc)aim her, 

EUe mire eyee fail. 

^/n. Fair a» the bud unbla«ted< 

Utit. I cannot bbme him, then : if 'twere mine own 

I would not ^ An ace leu. 

-4rfr. Fie. RutiHo, 45 

Why do you tn;ike your brother^ misery 
Your *port and ipumc ? 

^tf/. There is no pastime like it. 

Am. I look'd for your advice, your timely couns^cl, 
How lo av(}id tlii^ blow ; not to be mock'd at, 
And my afflictions jeer'd. 

Hat. I tell thee, AmoMo, 50 

An thou wort my father, as thou art but my brother 
My youneei- brother too, 1 must be merry : 
And where there i* a wench i' the case^ a young weiKhf 
A handsome wench, and «> near a good turn too, 
An I were to be h^ng'd, thu.v miixl I b»nille iL 55 

But you shall sec, sir, I can change this habit. 
To do you any service : advice \*hat you pleaM, 
And !«e with what devotion I'll attend it : 
Dut yet, mcthink^, I an ukeu with this custonij 
And could pretend to the place. 

Am. Draw ofl'a little; 60 

Here comes my mistress and her father [T^^ ntirr^ 

4£ ^Mt Aiv/#Jr] Bniea lingle potoii. CT Wtman't Pnu, H, vl. 
\l f ihti^m} Tlieotalilicerrfrtlnn-^Ti&finiT Fcdb hu J/ Am ; (hetfcond 
^r«r ton. 



Rut. A dainiy wcndi I 

Would I might farm his ctiscom ( 

Char. My dear dftughtcr. 

Now to bethink yourself of niMn' advice, 
W jtl be too fate ; iatcr, this timclcM mutow ; 
No pTJC*? nor pnyers can infringe the fate 65 

Your beauty halh cait on you, My best Zcnocia, 
Ri= nilr<l tiy m« ; a fathc;r'« c^ir. liirrcfci yt? ■ 
Look on Ihc count, look chccrfally and sweetly. 
What though he have the jKiwrr to possess yc. 
To pluck your m^iiden honour, and then Hli};ht ye, 70 

By custom mncsistiljlt: lo cnjuy you ? 
Yet, my sweet child, *o much your youth and goodness 
The bckuty of yotir soul, And Mint-fike modesty. 
Have won upon his wild mind, so much chairri'd him, 
Thftt, all power laid aiidc what law itIlow?i him, 7S 

Or <iudden Hrc«, kindled from those bright eyes, 
He sue:? to be yoiir servant, fairly, nobly; 
FiiT L*vL-i to he tied yimr faillifut husband- 
Considct. my best child 

Ztn- I have cnnsidcr'd. 

Char. Tlie blessedness that this breeds too, consider : 80 
Besides your father'^ honour, your own peace. 
The banis^fnent for ever of tbU cuxtom, 
This base and barb&rous use \ for, after once 
He has found the happtne« of holy mamagc; 
And what it is to e^tow up with one beauty, ^5 

How he will Sforn and kick at such an heritage. 
Left him by lust and iewd pro^^cnitors \ 
An viivlns too ^all bless your name, shall saint it. 
And* hKO so many pilgrims, go to your shrine, 
When time hn-i tumM your beauty into a^bes, 90 

Fill'd with your pious memory. 

Ztn, Good Father, 

Hide not that bitter pll! 1 loathe to swallow 
[n such sweet words. 

64 l-iitA !*>t Ihli pricvCfir'a vnor Mt- Hoilga lUfj^ntA Umk iA<m or la gt; 
bal <if7i^if, whrdi iniu tim*itis arid cauU mgn ««vlyb« buhbuIba ta^. 
74 9iU(mti^1i So F|. ¥1 «*/-> mimi^ 
76 ^ >»*lm . . . *yiii H4lh iMS. noieij uppawd UlM tlli» Udg duwld 


Char. The count'n a handMimc gcntlc-man ; 

And. having him, /arc certain of & fortune, 
A high nnd noble fortune to attend you 
Wh^r*, if you fUng your love upon thl^ stranger, 
This young Amoldo. nc»t knowing ftom what pUcc 
Or honour^hk .*&trairi of blood he i^ i;pning, you venture 
All your own swoels. and my lorf: cares, to nothing : 
Nor an* you certain of hk fAJih ; ivhy may not that 
Wander> as he do«, everywhere * 

ZfH. No more. Atr; 

I rniiu not hear, I dare not hear him wronged thus : 
Virtue is never wounded, but I -luflcr, 
"Ti* an ill ot^ce in your age, a poor one. 
To ju<lge thus weakly ; aiKl believe youradf too< 
A uTftkrr to betray ynur Jnnocenr daughter 
To his intcmp'rate. rude, and wild embraces. 
She hate* as Ht^aven haWs fAi'tehood. 

Rui. UisriU to AknolIK)] A good wench f 

She xtklcK dosBe to you, 4ir 

Z^^ His faith uncertain ! 

[The nobleness his virtue jipring:* from doubted \ 
D'ye doubt 'tis day now ? or, when your body'i perfect, 
Vour stomach'^ well disposed^ your pulses temperate 
X^ye doubi you are in health } 1 tell yon, father, 
One hour of thi^ man** gocxlncas, thia man's nobleness. 
Put in the scale against the count's whole being, 
(Forgive his lust* loo, which arc half hi:* life,) 
He could no more endure to hoJd weight with him. 
Amoldo'a very took» dre fair examples ; 
HU common and inifiHerent acliuns, 
Ru1e« and strong tie^ of virtue : he has my fmt love; 
To Him in sacred vow [ have given lhi% body ; 
In him my mind inhabiu^ 

Rut. Good wench stili 1 

^^ii. And till he fling ric off as unddterving, 





1 1 


96 H-a/r^lKv >fT4frWJ, W<ber. 

loj Virim , . . '"^l Theobald compftfvi PkiiMtt^— 

" Whrn sav Itlli rrom nrtiir. t am flucrflCTad ; 
\ havi' ar ircml mil,' 
wtaiiy: am/Arfieifermnt(fit9,} So Bouuied br the Fclb: ^/Aiw^iwr- 
f, meAoljifi SeoJiamJ. Dyoc raid* mnk^, av^ mn* yt^^tr!/ St* ; «Wdi 

icni with I. iSfl. 
llfl /HJiNrJ Fa •* polKV" 


Which 1 confers I am of such « blowing, 
But tvoukl b« loath to find it «> 

Arn. [Cffmi^j(^/t*nmtrd] Oh, never, i3$ 

Never, my happy fnifitr«89, never, never f 
When jfsur poor servant lives hut in your fAvoiir, 
One foot i' the i;r*vc, the other ^hall not linger. 
What sacrifice of thanks what age of service; 
What dancer of mofe dreadful look thui death, t}0 

What wilJmtf martyrdom to crown mc constftnt, 
Miiy mnit such a gooHnrs\ such a «vi-eeincss ? 
A love !K> nobly ^rcait no power can rutn : 
MosI bk"ssed m^id, go oti : the go<is that gave thls^ 
Thai pur<; unr^potlcd lovc, thc child of Heaven, 135 

In ihdr own ^iwHintvi rnutt jircK-Tve aiid nave it. 
And raise you a reward beyond our recompense. 

^^ir, I mk but you, a pure maid, to posaesi^ 
And then they have crown'd my wishes : if 1 fall then. 
Go seek ^omc better love ; mine wi)} debase yoa 140 

Xuf. [or^^] A pretty innocent fool! Well, (governor. 
Though 1 think well of your custom, and could wish 

Kor this night in your place, heartily vr'nh it. 
Yet ifyou play not fair p1ay> and atxAV-board loo^ 
I have a fooliih gin here [Laying Mis hand mf^m fu$ rw^rd\ 

1 say no inore \ 145 

111 tell you what, find if your honour's guts 
Arc lujt c[ichA;itcd— — 

Am^ I should now chide >x>u, sir, for so declining 
The goodness and thc grace you have ever ahcw'd mc. 


to bfc trmjpctdt tad 

" Vk if yon p\n not r^f, Abov«-bov4 tao» 
111 ipII jtv whta^ 

rvt n fonZJUi engine here j— 1 tmy na nunc— 
But if jmur Imiiuiii'i ^<il)i uc uul eudutited "— - 

tu lofl happy, inuUT^>n of iHp rbjiJini t^f aniin4tT<i Ulk in t«l UTa thiin 

Ihitila, iiiiT t»o-ih»rdi uf i Un^, •hlfh B. anil V. 

io4 frooi thp EiaIIui 

MoHUiger'b ~ ctill It U mule vane UiaD li ivJJy x \rf ipvtnn» *i itiv hiilr 

umI SEunt«h ilnmAiiPLfv— ^n1i*rii]^r'k Kimnim, ii. X(|7- Itui I3>ce it ^J^iio&iJjr 
ri^l Ilk pTotfAiinG WAiittt GukiKlL'c't cUimk fix*n E^l'Ivr uf thc richL "ta 
liuuposuDuiof mil kindh mi J to [ivt a fr" tfmiasiora*' 

MS f"] ^' ^- n^^unc, cHjiiir (t>y"|. 
146 4Hl/ if\ te. 4U ^j JkA oricn. 


And your own virtue loo, in secldnf: rashly 1 50 

To violate that iovc Hca\^n has Appointed, 
To wrest your daughter'* thoughts, part that afTeciion 
l^hat both our hearts h^vc Etcd, and 5cck to f^ivc it ■ 

RvL To a wild fellow, that would worry her; 
A cannibal, that fctd^^ on the hc^du o( m^idj, \$% 

Then flJngTi their bfitics snd bodies to the devfl. 
Would any man of difcrettc^n venture ssuch a gristle 
To the mde claws of such a cat-o'-mountain * 
You had better tear her between two oaks; a town-bull 
is 1 mere ^loic tu tlii:4 fclluw. a grave philowiphcr ; 160 

And a Spanish jennet a most virtuous gentleman. 
Am. Ooci this ?ccm handsome, sir } 
Rat. Tliough I confoi* 

Any man would desire to have her, and by any mcana, 
At ^ny mte too, yet that this common hangman. 
That hath whipt off the hcadt of a thousand maids 

already. 1 65 

That he should gJcan the harvest, sticks in my 

stomach : 
This rogue, that breaks young wcrche* 10 the saddle, 
And teaches Uicm to atuoiWc ever after. 
That he should have her I For my brother now, 
That ia a handaomc yount: fellow, and well thouj^ht on, 170 
And wfll rfcal tenderly in thr bu^iurs^ ; 
Or for myneir that have a reputation. 
And have ^.tudicil Ihc concTusion of these causes. 
And know the perfect manage — Til tell you, old sir, 
(If I should ail! you " wi>c sir/' I sliould belie you,) 175 
That thing you study to betray your ehild to, 
Thifl maiden- monger, when you have done your best, 
And think you have fix'd her in Uic point of honour, 
Who do you think you have tied her to ? a surgeon ; 

ijH aivrvl ThcoUid'i cajwcticpiiH Ft". " wcafy." 
■57 r^*^^'\ Subsutficc to b*groiiiul tforulied, diaimuuv«Qf *'t>Tii[." 
159 YfiH Aa^/^ffrr ffar A** Ktrtvnt fvo fMjyiTifobtLMtgkn* horn l^nkinutj 
the Hury ai Ehr ^Wfil %nnlt. <:i]Jrd Ibp Ptnf-ErcdfW* tfha dnriijyrjl Eliuft the 
tfmvcElcn whtmi ht! L:iuchl inimLiii; tfir irahmu^ a! Vth>i'Hiaiirt'H\, iind wu 
hanacU pVl Iv dcalli br Thcicai in Ihv luu? ai«niicT» Git']>jn, ii iv, tvima 
CCrem Voph(«Lo< 7) bow Oic cmpvor Aurdun once infllcit*! 4 tuiillur puitiih'' 
Micnt DO* lolilfrtvhohtd violAV^ his rule* cidUcipline- Ci I'lut, i'/A^^^, 


I foufU conifess, an exccllcmt disvctor, 180 

One ttut hn$ cat up mere young tender t«mb-pka 

Ckar. Whnt I ijiake, ifcnclciitcn, w«-h men: cumpul- 
No fiilScr's free v.-\\\ ; nor did I louch )'oiif person 
Witli any edfic of spite» or strain your loves 
With any base or hiird persuasions ; 18$ 

WitncKi thcw te^Ln, h(>w well 1 wiih'd yoar fortunn t 


Hut, Thrre'* %omc grace m thee yet,— 'You are 
To marry this count, lady ? 

J^fM. Marry him^ Kutilto 1 

^ha Marry him, and He with hiin, I trc^n. 

ZiH. You cannot mexn that; 

If yvu be a true F:ent]cman, y^u d^re not. 19O 

The brother to this man, and one diat towtt hEm. 
I'll maro" the devil first. 

Jiur A better ehoFce ; 

And* lay his horns by, a handw>mcr bcd-fcllow : 
A cDoJcFj o' my conscience. 

Am. Pray, lei me aik you ; 

And, my de^^r mi^trcM^ be Ttot angry with mc 
For what I shall propound. I am conlideot 
No pronnise, nor no power* can force your lo\*c. 
I mean, in way of marriage never ^tir you ; 

Nor, to forget my faith, no stale can win you ; 

But, for thifi cLi«tom, with which ihis wretched country aOO 

Hath wrought into a law, and mxal be 3ati.<iBed ; 

Where all the plea* of hfinoiir arr bin Uiigh'd ai. 

And modesty regarded as a May-game ; 

WliAl shall be here conaider'd f Power we have nooe 

To make resistance, nor policy to cto»« it : 

Tix held religion toc^ to pay this duty. 

Zm. VU die an alhcbt, then. 

Ant. My noblest mistress. 

(Not that I wi«h it so, but say it were sov) 

181 lant^fia] Dckkci, In hii ff/!mam ./ L^mfert, uLIa "I^m^/r*. « 
mett Tpcm a tabic*" Ol lili. etc (W<bcr|- 

1K4 i/raiw] ■■* I. f, con^mir or iorc* Af^inid iheii ntlunl b«nl " (M» 
RjUhrr "rltttort," " mufTprc^cnr/" llwrthairt im! Smrwnn 
tg9 sMJ Theohbkl'i civiertlon for fthnittf o^ (he fw 



Say you did render up part of your hor^our, 

(Kor, whilst your will is clear, M carnnot pcnah,) ito- 

S^y^ for <iinc! iii^lit you cnte^Uiu'd tliin imsQHtcr ; 

Should I estcom you v/orec, forced to this render f 

Your mind» I know, \s pure; itml full ^> beauteous. 

After tbif short eclipse, you would rUe again, 

And. shaking off that cloud, spread all your lustre. 215 

Zfrr. Who made you witty, to undo yourself, sirp 
Or die yoo loadcn wUh the iovc I bring you* 
And fain would fling thai burden on another ^ 
Am 1 grown common in your cyc^ Arnoldo, 
Old, or unworthy of your fellowship P 230< 

D' ye think, bccauKic a woman, I mu^t err ; 
And UtcTcfoic lather wi.ih Lliil fall UcftTc-huiid, 
Coloor'd with custom not to be rousted f 
Ty ye love, as paintenb do, oEily ftcnnc piecesi. 
Some certain handsome touches of your mistress, 235 

Am] let the mind aas^ by you vncxamuicd? 
Be not abu»ed : with what the maiden vessel 
li icaaon'd first you understand the proverb, 

Xh/. r^uf£i!r] I xm afraid this ihing will make me 

J?/>f. Should you lay liy the ittiv^t part uf that fove ^y}- 
Ycivcswomismine, your youth and taith has given me, 
To entertain another, nay, a fairer. 
And,— make the ca^c thun deftp'rate, — she must die 

else ; 
D' ye think I would givu way, or count this honest f 
Be not deceived ; thcjc cyci :»hovild ncxct ^c you moiCi 255. 
This tongue forget to name you. and thi*i hcau 
Hate you> as if you were boim my full Antipathy. 
EmpEre; and mor^ imperious love, alone 

'^ Qih} icncl c4 iQibula txcti^%, Krvibh odorcm 

lUll(lftlJ}inil(^— "Tll«<ull uvouri ot tTif hrilhll' 

J17 ^n^v^^J AamurpabhwimCfromcJEwsuiurc'nflJnKtitict. Tki^fwy 
sntfTHrvr. I. i :— 

* ' L<1 hirn Ijc t<i ihn Vi knii|n^}, . 

ai& Emftrt , . . fwrrtWf] [>^» ia his Ad<ItfidA<^uoUs*Vw. rVNMi/, i.^ 
L ''l»ve iod high fulr illow oo iivol*, ^mahei i" Mid W'uner'E fita kti 

:fyrtmi or />iff (n tl. lif. I5S4) «^ P. 4, " VbU tM QQl, I UOW, 10 IcBm 

lAkl louc mil |iiLndpa^i)c Lnokc EiOGi>'pai1ncr4," 


RiUc and admit no rivals : tbc purest sprinca. 

When tl>ey are courted by lafciviotif lu)d*Aood&, 240 

Their maiden purcncsa and their ccolnets perish ; 

And ibough ihcy purgir again to ihcir fir^t beauty. 

The »wcetnc» oS their ta^tc 15 clean dcpurtcd : 

1 must have all or none ; and am not ivorthy 

Longer the noble name ol wife. Arnoldo, 345 

Th4t I t-m brinj; it whole hL-jrl, pure and haiwIsomcL 

Am. I never ^all de$eT\^ you ; not to thank you I 
Vou arc m> hea^vnly goixl, no tnan can reach you. 
f am sorry [ spake so rashly, twos but to try yoo. 

JittL You might ha^-e tried a thousand women ki, 2(0 
And nine hundred fourscore and nineteen should ha* 

follow*d )<our counsel : 
Take htrcd o cbjipin^ ^mn to liuch free cattlr, 

Arit. We tnuat bethink u^ suddenly aitd coTiatantly. 
And wisely loo ; wc expect no common danger. 

^m. Be mojft asmred I'll dk ttfst, 

Jint, An 't «:omc to that uncc, 255 

The devil pick hU bores that die* a coward ! 
rU jog alon^ with you. — licre comes tlie ^itzllion : 

Emtrr ClODIQ and Guard. 

[Asidf M AKSOLitd] How smng he lo(>Ws upnfi the 

Of what he hojie* to act I — Pox on your Vidoeys. 
Mow ihcy bc^in to mch I^How big he bear^ ! 2160 

Sunf, he will Ictp before us all What a »wo(:t cofn- 

Of rogues and pandcis wait upon his lewdness I — 
Plague of your cliops ! >ou ha' more handsonac Wts 
Than a hundred honcstcr men, and more dcaennng.— 
How the dog leer* I 
Chuf. [T0 Aknoldo] Vou need not now be 

jealous : 265 

1 5pcak at distance to your wife ; but when the priest 

hati done, 

i^jttn/litt^imJtytt^] Though Co ny *^|jilat thon of u toki 
an> Mam tSg ht 0wr| How \\f iv?]|s Knd nniu 


Wc ahall gmw nearer and moic familiar. 

JiuL [tJxiiU] ril watch you Tor that trick, baboon ; 
1 II smoke you. 
TKe rogue sw(^at$, as if he haA cnion gr^ln;; be 

broils ; 
If I do come 10 the ba&ting of you-^~ 

Am. Vour lordship 370 

Miiy happily ^jie^ik tlii-s to frighl a wlr-iiif;cr; 
But 'tiB not in your honour to porform it- 
Thc cuMom of this pUcc, if Jiuch there be. 
At bcAt mo^ <Unifub]e, may ur|;e yon to it ; 
But. if you be an honcil man, you hate ii> 275 

However, I will preiiently prepare 
To make her mine ; and most undouMcdly 
itelievc you an? abused ; ih\< custom fcign'd too ; 
And what you now prelendi nno5t fair and virtuous. 

CUd. Go, and believe; a good belief does well, 

*ir ;— 280 

Atid you, sir, efear the place ; — but leave her here. 

Am, Vouf lordship's pleasure. 

Gt^i^. That anon, Arnotdo; 

Thtt is but talk. 

A$$r. Shall we go oFf? 

Am. By ^ny meant : 

I know she has pious thoughts enough to guard her ; 
BeHide«» here'n nothing due to him till the tie be done, 285 
Nor dare he offer 

f^ui Now do I long to worry him^ 

Pray, have a care to the main chance, {/'c ZEffOCJA, 

Zm. Pray» >ir, fear not [Extn/it Akn. am/ RuT. 

Cf^^ Now, what »ay you to me ? 

Zrrr, Sir, it becomes 

The modesty Chat maid« are ever bom with, 
To U7IC few words- 

Ct&^^ Do you see nothing In me ? 290 

169 j^r/uMr] T^r dnlT or nitmt cf tiuh mti^i fjwwD^, giva M pin uid 



Nothii^ to catch your eyes, nothii^ of woD^er, 

The common iDonld of men coinc sJiort, and wAnt in ? 

Do you read no future fortune for y<mx9C[i hero ? 

And what « h«.ppmca3 it may be to >'ou, 

To have htm honour you, all women aim at? 

To have him love you, Jady. that mun love you* 

The best and the ino*i beiauleous tuvr nin mad for ? 

Look, an<l be wise ; you have a favour offer'd you 

[ do rtoX every d^y pfoiH>iind Ut wfBiicn, 

You arc a pretty one ; and. tfiough each hour joo 

T am ghitted with the Micril^cc of beauty. 

I may be brouj^ht, aj» you may handle it, 

To cast so good a grace and liking on yon 

You underi:tand. Come, lcit« me, and be joyful : 
I {five you leave. 

J^fft. Faith, «tr, 'twill not ihcw handtome ; 

Our sex \n blushing, full of fear, unskiii'd too 
In these alariims. 

C£^^ Learn, then, and be perrecL 

^m. 1 do beseech your honour, [htrdoit me. 
And take some skilful one can hold you play ; 
£ am a fool. 

CM. 1 tell thee, maid, I love thee ; 

Lc: that word m.ikc ihcc happy ; *o far lo\-e thee. 
That, ihout;li 1 may enjoy thee without ceremony, 
I will descend so low to marry theC' 
Methink;(, 1 «ee the r;tce th;it %hM spring IVom ua: 
Some, princes ; dome, |:reat »oldierB. 

JUfK. I am afraid 

Your honour's cozened in this calculatiort ; 
Foi, ccrtajn, I shall ne'er have a chilJ by you. 

OW. Why? 

^cn. Because I must not think to marry you : 
1 dare not. sir ; the itep betwixt your honour 
And my poor humble staler— 

Cfotf. I wHl de«end to thee, 320 

And buoy thee up, 

^rfw. V\\ sNik to the centre firsr 

Why would your lordship marry, and confine that 

307 mAi^aO Sowdt h Fi (t&47)t u rcqnrad b^ vcDe. Fa (t6T9)'i 



Vou ever have had freely ci«t iipoo you f 

Tii\r. hrrd, my lord ; lhi?k maftyiTifr i» a m^d matter : 

Lighter a pair of sliackles will ban}; on you, 535 

And quieter a quaft&n fever find you. 

If you wed me, 1 tnuit enjoy you only : 

Your cyca muht be called home; ycur thoughta in 

To sint: to no Ciira then but mine ; your heart bound ; 
Thr rustfim^ that your youth was ri-cr niinird in, jjy 

Mu^t be lor^t; i nhall forget my duty cix. 
And how that will appear 

Ciod. We'll talk of that r»ore. 

J?^M- Besides, f tdl you, I am raturAlly, 
As all young wom^n are that shew like handsome, 
Exceeding proud ; being commended, monntrou* ; 335 

Of ar unquiet icmpcr. seldom plea:>ed. 
Unless it k with infinite observance. 
Which you were ntvtr bred to : once well anger'd^ 
As cvcjy cro»3 In ua provokes that paaaion. 
And, like a -^r;*, I roll, tciss, and rhafr a wrek after - 3^0 
And then ull mischief 1 can think uj^on. 
Abusing nf your l>eM the least and poorest ; 
\ tell you what youll find : and in Iheie fits, 
Thi-i little beauty you an^ |>lL*4Ht:d to huiicur. 
Will be so changed, so allcrd to an uglincfcA, 345 

To nuch a viiard— 'ten to one, [ die tt)o; 
Take "t, then, upon my death, you murder'd mc* 

cud. Away, away, fool ! why dost thou proclaim 
To prevent Chat in mc thou hast chosen in another ? 

^^n. Him 1 havr chosen I can rule atuI maiter, 350 

Temper to what 1 please ; you are a ^rcat one. 
Of a strong will to bend ; ] dare not venture. 
Be wise, my lord, and say you were well eounscll'd ; 
Take money for my random, and forifct inc -, 

336 fit4rlamjiavr] Hcoinuff cvcrf fwth day, thai v, iJUvAaivtamJ of 
titvwutf-tvro hourL 

n% mtmiirvut] " Thr<jlc1p<t trUki hit thf Ja|l<niRitt iMffpoiU dirKtMWL b^r* 
— '■Bu> iradT fat the Scofc^ ' ; vlucfa prove* ihai tnc pky wm prtPAed from 
the \ii\iiinflKi\ luuk ^' (Wtibei) 

341 ^H^ /4ni W mi>eAte/\ (^? --And /kn dt BaKb|«f," ^1 ZcnOOA 
■pnlu m uoc hurty of vchcnmcc. 


TiA-iU be both «afe and noble for >-our honour ; 355 

And whereaoever my fortunes ahaU conduct mc. 
So worthy- mentions t fhall render of you, 
So virtuoui And so fair 

Ocif- You will not marry me ? 

2ffn. I do beseech your honour, be not ^nZTV 
At wbal I say, — 1 cannot low yc, (Urc noC ; 360 

But *ct a rarsom for the flo-axr you cr^xt. \Kiu*is. 

CM. Nt* nioney, imr iiu prayer*, ,Nhall redeem that, 
Not all the art you bavc- 

^rt- Set your own price. »r, 

CM. Go to your wedding ; never kneel to rae : 
When that's done, you arc mine : 1 will enjoy you : 365 
YouT teane do nothing; I will not loie my euftom. 
To cast upo«i myself an emptrc'a fortune. 

^tn. My mind uhall not pay thi« custom, cruel 
man ! 

CUtf Your body writi content me : 1*11 look for 

Scene II. 
A htd-^iamher in Chakino^s Aaut*^ 

Entn' CHARmo okJ Servants in dla^ks, £&v^rmg tkt pUi€ 

^ik ^iaiJrs. 

Char. Strew al! your withcr'd flowers, your autamn 

By the hot sun ravifh'd of bud ^nd beauty. 
Thus round about ber bride-bed ; hang those blacks 

The emblems of her honour loott i all joy, 

361 /tf]!iollitr ir'^nd folii,— Hie firM falb hm4,— «Udh n&r be rigftt, L 
tv« «U|]prw CJoriio W inromipt h« {tx ^vtv/^— ) [Dy»}- 

Biadki tat " uuhimiiiiE ipinDciati " oceuib in ri/ M4^ in ih J/W/, IV. IL ; $ii§Ut 
for ''aunRiiiu hunginp" occvn in Z^rr^d Cn'e, 1, i^ 

■.ad "vfn^-" d prln(«fl ta botb foli.^ ]u« «ft«r C1<kUc>'« mnUDV fmm Oiu 

It ts to TnecE hli tutiwqupnT aa\{ lut drink- 





That leads a virgin to receive her lover, 

Keep from thin place ; nil fcUow-maids th^t bless her. 

And l>]u>)i]ii^ ^lo unloose her Kcnic, ktxp fmm tier; 

No merry noUe, nor lusty songy*, be heard hero, 

Nor full cup?* ciownM with wine mskc the rooms 

giddy : 
Thi* is no mAflque of mirth, but murdered honour. 
Sing moumrully that sad epithalimion 
1 gave thcc now ; and. prithee, let ihy lute weep. 

Song- /rn^ dan ff. 


Rh/, How now I wliat livery^a thU ? do >t>u cjill this 
a weddint; ? 
ThU l^ more like a funcrAl. 

C/iitK It Js one, 

And my poor d^mghtcr going to her grave- 
To his moit loaih'd em^a<:cs that gape^ for her.— 
Make the carina bed rcad^.— ts the marriage done, 
RuL Ves, they are knit But must this alubberdc- 
Have her maidenhead now? 

hC^K There's no avoiding it 

JimL And there'« the K^alTold where she must \otc 
CJkar. The bed, sir, 

/itu. No w&y to wipe hii mouldy chapd ? 
CAaK That wc know. 

Hht. To any honest wctMescrving fellow. 
An 'twere but to a tncrry cobbler, I could sit still 
I now, 

I love the game so well ; but that thi> puckfiHt, 

Thi* universal nittcr Faro yt well, air; 3> 

iS jAiM«r^M//>[*nlWcb«r oiniw«>^'uucfdefQftlU^H''derivafra3D''iliib^ 

qiu>t«B ^idUnu, Pl I. c HI BW, -' Hue thbl^cf^qllloo.^' 

19 C^r,] In b>>th folios *^ pi^hx ta ihi« &nfl th4 nv«t apMch but a>«, i« 

•■ Ara.i" CCTTrtledby CoJmtn 
■ E mf^iCr HVMi/^r '4^1 Ournpfcsikio ";q vlpe* penon'tor*" TfCiliu 

thg vuiv Miiaa of wilidiiai iud. 
14 ^»t^tt] poff-biill 



And if you hare any g<Hx! praycr^tput >m forward, 
Tbrrc may lie yd n remedy. 

Cka^, I wish it ; 

And all my best devotions offer to it [Extt RUT. 

EmUt ClodTO and Guard. 

CM, Now, is this 60 dcspalch'd ? 

Ckar. I think it be, wit, 

CM. And my bed ready ? 

Char, Tlicrc you may quickly find.sjr, 30 

Such a loath'd preparation^— 

CM. Never gnimble. 

Nor fling a diironimr upon my pleaiiur? : 
it must .-uid shall be done. — Give me some wine, 
And fill It till it leap upon my lip* — l^Winr. 

Hercfl to the foolish maidenhead you wot of* 35 

The toy I [nviat lake jwiins for. 

Char. I beseech your lordships 

Load not a father's love. 

CM. PJedge It.CbaHno; 

Or. by my life, t'll malce thcc pledge thy last : 

And be auie ilie be a maid, a perfect vir^n, 

(I will not li&vc my expectation duli'd,) 4O 

Or your (iM pate goes ofT ; I am hor and fiery. 

And my blood bcflta alarums through my body. 

And fancy high. — You of my guard, ictire, 

And let me hear no noijW About the lodgings 

Bui music and sweet am [Ex. Guanf],^NoMf fetch 

^yonr daughter ; 45 

And btd the coy wench put on all her beautic^t, 
All her enticements ; out-blush damask roses. 
And dim Ihc breaking ca^t with her bright crystals. 
I am all on fire ; away \ 

'Cimr, And J am frozen. [Exit xvrtA Servants. 

Enl^ ZESOCIA with fiffof and guwer^ am arrvw tint i 
ARKOUXJ and RUTIUO a/ttr htr, arm€d. 

Zen, Come fearless on. 

Rut. Nay, and I budge from Ehe«, 

Beat me vrilb dirty sticks. 


Ood. What masque U this } 

What pfctty fancy to provoke mc high ? 
The beauteou* hunirci-t, faircT far and sweeter ! 
IDiana shews an Ethiop to this beauty. 
Protected by two virgin kntghi^;. 

Rut. \^idi\ That's a He. 55 

A loud one, if you knew as much as 1 do. — 
The yard's dinpemed. 

Am^ Forlunc. 1 hope, Invites ua. 

Clo(L 1 can no longer hold ; fthe pulU my heart 
ftoin mc. 

Ztn. Stand and stand fix'd ; move not a foot, nor 
speak not ; 
For. [f thou dost, upon tW* point thy death sit*. 60 

Thou miscrftbic.b4gc.nnd sordid lecher, 
Thou sciiri of nubler bluud, rcf^ent^and ^jieedily ; 
Repent thy thousand thcfti from helpless viri^ins, 

Their innncrncp hrtriiy'd In thy rnibrar-cs 1 

Am. The baiie dishonour that tliou dost to stratiifen. 65 
ffi glorying to abuse the laws of marriage ; 
The infamy thou hast rtunjf upon thy countr>', 
In nouri^Mrit: tins bUck anti barbarous custom 1 

Chd, My guard ! 

Am. One word morc,and thou dtcsL 

Rut, One syllabic 

That tends to any thirg.but " J beseech jxpu/' 70 

And "as you're g^nclemftif tender my ca*e/' 
And rij thrust my jav-cLin down thy throat Thou 

Thou— pox upon thee.what should J call thee? — 

Thou kiss my lady? thou scour her chamber-pot 1 
Thou have a maidenhead? a. moclcy coat, J% 

You great blind fool \ I^arewell and be faang'd to yc — 
Lo:9c no time, lady. 

Aril. Pray, take your pleasummr; 

And ^o, we'll take our leaves, 

Zm. Wc arc dctennmcd. 

Die, before yield. 

53 Tht Arih/MUH He, J, I'hflcx prtaivd Tkit ^uf«*uf, ind tnuoipot^^ <hi» 
v1t6 The fulliMinr Tine- 67 Tki\ Uwh tbe faUoi jV' 


Arti, Honour and a Tair etavc— 

2£tt. RcToFc A luHtful bed So^ for our romincs f 
Huf. Du cat a trA*-^, good count? cr>\pnlh«e-cry j 
Oh, wh^ d wench hasl thou lost * ciy, you grcdt booby I 
\Exfttnt Zt:K^ AKN^ and RUT, 
Qod, And ia ahc ^cnc, then ? am I dialnnour'd 
Cozcn'd and baffled ? — My s^iard there! — No roan 

My ^ard, i say I 

Sirrah, you Icncw of tfain plot- — 
Where arc my guard? — \\\ ha\-c your life, you villain* 
You politic old thieft 

C^r, Heaven send her far enou^» 

And let me paythe random ! 

Rf-initr Guard, 

Guards Did your honour call us \ 

Ciod. Post every way, and presently reco\«r 

The two ntiai>^ gentlemen iim! the m\x lady. 90 

Gnai^ Thfld Awf wag married, air t 
CM. The »ame 

Guard. We saw >m 

Makine with all main speed to th' port 

CUd Attay vlllainaJ 

Recover bcr. or 1 shall die- [Hx, Guard].— Deal truly ; 

Didst not thtiu know ? 

Char. By all thal's goCKl, I did not. 

If your honour mean their fifghi, to s»y I grieve for 

Uiat, 9S 

Will be to lie ; you may handle mc h^ yoa plca^. 
Cfcv/- Be uure, with all the cruelty, with all the 

For thou hast robb'd mc, villain, of a treasure. 

fti Dm toi 9 whtA The wcnb^ which occuc i^ajn in Mfmntur T^A^mst 
uid io 'i%4 f/'ifif- IVAikrr^ AFP X comipt jcn oT ih« WfJih />>■■> -'^.te tMn^ 
Coil tilrti rir prv^Knr jviii |J>pi>)^ 

St Vm fo/i^i fJd tii^ ^ t'lmted bf mlsuke m Ki w pui of OiariDe'* 


Re-enUr Guard. 
How now ? 

Guard They're all aboard ; a bark rode ready for 
And now are under sail, and past recovery. 100 

Clod. Rig mc a ship with all the speed that may be ; 
I will not lose her, — Thou»her most false father, 
Shalt go along ; and if I miss her, hear me, 
A whole day will I study to destroy thee. 

C^ar. I shall be joyful of it ; and so you'll find me, 105 


104 ^]oin. Fi, 



scBK£ r 

£Jsicn,~^A rifi&m in th^ katitt of Guiohar. 

JfiM. I hear uid sec too much af him, and that 
Compels mc. madam, thoug:h unwilUngly, 
To wish 1 had n« uncle's |>an in him : 
And much 1 fear, the comfort of a oon 
You win ni>t iiirg cnjtiy, 

f;*/. Tis not my fault, J 

And therefore from hw guilt my inntxcncc 
Cannot be tainted. Since hJK falhcr's deAth, 
(Peace lo hl% soul!) a mother's prayers and care 
Were never wanting in hii; education \ 
Hift childhood E |>a%i o*cr,as being brous^t up lO 

Under my wing ; and growing ripe for ftudy, 
I o>xrcamc the tenderness and joy 
I had to luok upon him, and provided 
Tlic choicest mft.^lcr5, nnd fif greatest name, 
Of S^bm;iEic;<, in ;dl liberal 4ns tf 

To train bia youth ujx 

Max. I muTtt witnc?^ that 

Gmi. How there h« pro»per'd,to the admiration 
Of aU that knew him. for a general scholar. 
Bcin^ one of note before he was a man, 
!?( ntiil rcmcmbcr'd in that acadimy, JO 

From thence I sent him to the empcfor'i^ courts 
Attended like hi^i fathcr'i :;on ; .ind there 
Maintain'd him in %uch bravery and hefght 
As did become a courtier. 

Mnn. 'Twrt»i that TipoilVI him ; 

My nophcw had been happy [but for that|> t\ 

Id 9'fr\ om. Fl- 

i6 To t'niri Ai* jfitth ufi\ Thae vtmli. aAifn^d ia felt- to Haanel. wm 
ricliilT joined lo {juionui't i|>«cfL by Thro., lu whom Y^ftt to til Addoo^ 
»Ci:«tte<I. t\ ^*tnrery\ Fine ojuipmcft:. 

95 i^t^ /AoTj '^Th««e tt«nU h^vn htm irur^iddCvd b* aaodsm ffditon, 
uuJ Eh«ir inwrtioTL tMffu lo b« BbftoLuEtlr nM««urx' (WfW)- B«Ui W«> 


The cfturt** a school, indeed, i» tvhich <ome few 

I^um virtuous pnndpk:) ; but most tor^ct 

Whfllcvcr ihry hroughl ihhhrr good And honest : 

Tnfting h there in practice ; i^cnou:; actions 

Arc obsolete and out of use. My nephew 30 

Hftd been a happy man. had he ne ci known 

Wh«LtS there in grace iird fikjhion, 

Gu4. I have heard ye*. 

That, while he lived in court, the emperor 
Toole notice of bit carriage and good paru ; 
The grandees did not scorn his company ; 3s 

And of the greateiit l;ulie« he was held 
A complete gentleman. 

.Van, He, indrrd, danced well • 

A turn o' th" toe, with a lofty tnek or two. 
To argue nimblencss and a strong hack, 
Will go far with a madam, Tis most true ^O 

That iit'a iin cxL-clIcnt scholar, and he know?i it ; 
An exact courtier, and he knows that too ; 
lie ha5 fought thriccand come off Ail) with honour. 
Which he forgets not 

Guf\ Nof have 1 much fcuon 

To grieve hia fortune that way. 

Man. You arc mistaken : 45 

PrtKprrily doc* nearcH a gtrntlf^man'^ Ii:m|)rr 
More than his adverse fortune. I fiave known 
Many>and of rare parts, from their success 
In private duel!^ raiRcd up to Kuch a pride, 
And so transform'd fiom what lliey wcic, that all 50 

That loved them tndy wish'd ihcy had fallen in them. 
I ncicd not write cxamplca ; in your :(on 
"TU too apparent ; for ere Don Duartc 
Made trial of hi'» vaIour,hc, indeed, was 
Admired for civil courtesy ; but now 55 

He's swoln 90 high, out of his own assurance 
Of what he darrn do, thiit he seeks occ^»ions 
Unjust occasions, grounded on blind paasion. 
Ever to be in quarreU ; and this makes him 
Shunn'd of all fair societies 

Gmi Would it were 6 

pint '7V«/ SA^ . . ' ^^y u ■ ^f^l£L' ^^'^*f lM*^n£ Um prK«diBg Um 


in my w«ak power to hdp it I 1 wUl tuc. 
With my entreaties, th' autiioiit)' of « mother, 
Afl you may of an Ufict<7» Jind enlarge it 
WiOi your comnuind, i*-i being a governor 
To the great king if) Lt3bon> 

^f»r. Here he cookCfl : 

We are unseen : obwen-e him. 


Enter DUARTE antic's Tagc 

/hi. Boy. 

/'tf/y. My lord? 

/?M, Whoit Miith the SjAnish cApt^un, thut I ntnick. 
To my bold challenge ? 

/V/r. lie refused to read it. 

/>«. Why didst not leave it ibcrc ? 

Pa^^ i did, my lord ; 

But to no purporte, for he ^eem.H more willing 
To sit down with the wrong*, than to repair 
His h**nf3ijr hy the sword. He tcnaw^ too wellj 
That from your lordsHip notliirp can be got 
But more blow^ and disgraces 

l>u. He's a wretchf 

A iiibci4b]e wTctcK and al) my fury 
Is io^t upon him. Holds the masque, appointed 
r th' honour of IlippolyU ? 

Pa^. TJs broke ofT 

Du. The reason ? 

PaFr. Thi?* vas one ; ihcy heard your lordship 

Wa^by the ladtcs'ehofix^to lead the dance; 
And therefore thf-y, I(K> well a-«ureil Tiow far 
You would outshine "em, gave it o'er, and said 
They would not serve for foils to set you off. 

I)u. They aX their be^ are luch, and ever shall be. 
Where 1 appear. 

-V-Tw, [Asidtt0Q\i\O^k\C[ Do you note hi* modesty? 

Du. But w.-Ls there nothing else pretended ? 

Pfigf. Yes 

Youn^ Don A1on£0,the great captain's ncplicw. 
Stood on oompari&ons, 

/Im. With whom } 





Pa£t. With you J 

And opL-n!yprfifes*'d that all precedence, 
His birth and state eoD.Hidcr'd, wai due to him ; 
Nor were your lordship lo contend with one 90 

So far flbovc you. 

Dh. \ look down upon him 

With such contempt and scorn as on my slavtt; 
HeS a luunc <jn1y, and ^11 gixid in him 
He must derive from his great jprandsires' a&hea j 
For, Knd nol their victoiious acts bcqucath'd 95 

Hii titles to him, and wrote on hn forehead, 
"This t3 a lord." he had lived unobserved 
By any man of mark, and died as one 
Amone the common rouL Compare with mc i 
Tiii giant-likr ambitJcn ; I know him, iqo 

And know my:«c]f : that man b truly noble, 
And he may justly call that wortt* his own, 
Which hiA deserts have purchased, I could wish 
My biith MLtrrt miitt! olncuic, my frfciiLlH 4ml kinninc^n 
Ofle^er power, or th^t my provident father IC5 

Had been like ti^ that riotous cmpetcr 
Thai choM his belJy for iiis only heir ; 
For. being of no Camily then.ajid poor 
My virtues, whereftoe'er I liv^d, should make 
That kingdom my inheritance, 

Gui. \asiii/\ Strange self-love 1 i lO 

Du. Per, if 1 studied the country's lawa, 
1 should so easily sound all their depth. 
And rise up such a wonder, th^t the pleaders. 
That now arc in most prncdce and esteem. 
Should starve for want of clients ; if 1 tnivdl'd, r 1 5 

Idj iaL»WjAn*/Kfr44jA^ Thiw, quolcd J|oi.> C- 111. Jo* tfi 
''Suiu i«p<rbuiii 
OuwJtAiD meruit. 
He might fuvc aJd«l Juv, .^o/- ilfi- 6A— ?□ 

" CrKo Ut rattFinur (e, uon TU) prinva aliqiud 4si 
Qdo4 pobim iJiulfi U«iilc(f hmIct honor*! 

tot lJk4iri$tom ^m/frrr, cLc] SoHonlu* doc« oot aItv U»k In hie I1tc« of 
rili£>Lla, VitrlJitii. nr Doniiiun, HallDsBfadDi i* ■ lifctff ctulidAf ; IvMi U 

nm AninrtK ^^'^ rlr^iili |irr«rrv*<l l>;r I JJDpndlut, or mh«r wrllsi. IjED^jriflioi 
mft, tiGverer. c. 14, "Idem Tiumjiuoi luijiu) C H 5. cortuirllH Iw CM 
w^C^tbiik LiiifiulL AEtLiUAAila ALU«ui UjLut jjiilllLiuk II Sf'cUAvlii Qjiislib«> 
Mmotatii quiE imi>eDiliN COnos i-C(4 & VticUii it Ajij^ licil j" ani otr 
Miliar nay aL««v]y moui that ba tpcnl hU whole n*«Bd« on i^liUumjr, 


Like vriM Uly5w3,to 30C men nncl manners* 

T would relurn in &cx more knowing ihan 

Homer could farcy him : Ifa physician, 

S» oft ! wiiuld rt-itofi^ (kdlh-woutuktl ricn, 

That,ivhcrc I Uvcd, Galen shoiUd not be named ; t20 

And he thill join'd igAtn the ^caltcr'd liitib* 

Of torn Hippolyiu* ^liould be forj|;otien : 

[ could tc^ch Ovid court^bip^how to win 

A Juli;t.and enjoy be Mhough her dower 

Were all the 5un gives li^ht to; and Tor anns, 

Were the PerKJAn host, thsi rf rank up rlvcns added 

To the Turk'» present powen. I could direct 

Comnidnd.and marshal them. 

J^OH. [ikhwna'ftff] And yet youkrvow not 

To niitt yuursirlf ; yua would nut u* a boy d»e. 
Like Plautiis* braggart, boost thus. 

Dm. AU ! 5pea1c. 

In act ] can make good. 

OttL Why, then, being mastci 

Of &iich and «o good parts, do you destroy them 
With self-opinion; or, Ukc a rich miser. 
Hoard up Ihe trcoiirre* y*>u poiKei;^, imparting. 
Nor to y^ur^cir nor others, the use of tfaem ? 1 55 

They arc to you hut like cnchanied viand«. 
On which you seem to lecd^yct pine with hunger ; 
AntI thfiNr m> rare |>i.'f recifoii^ in tny son, 
Which wouM make others happ>'. render mc 
A wretched mother. 

Mark\ You are too inaoleat; 140 

And tho»c too many excclkncics, that feed 
Your pride, turn to a plurfsy, and kill 

Von wronri nAfnrrt. ihtT from ynnr E^nr mhirfr 

116 the JWrm/t ^ait\ Tlic«ui7 uTXcikq (IliLL. yiL i^y}. 

m rwi'r] "flowohouUtondodbEodlrrcwJ, uutiHt 7Wjb\ ThcGnwd 
&fTLi<>rvHC<nnmanljcalUdtb)rUivtill«4flhffGr««lT«dt, orio4««f|rlbcTink*' 
tWcbvr), In ipilt uSthr Trcftlf with Auvini bf which n 160A Ihe Turks pt« 
up tbe Hunganin irltJUtt, the? itill loociH very 1»ge irt tke rytt ol Wmuis 

14J «^A«nij|>-] L«.BiLpvnbandftncc-— 5«thefitit CdU«l— IV tDODnd faUe 


liz COU; 



Tfi^t which should Dounsh virtue. Dare you thtnh. 

All blcMJngs are cunfcfi'd oii you ;iloiic^ ? 

You're gro»}y ooten'd : there s no food in you 145 

Which others have not. Ar«- you ;i ijcholar ? 90 

Arc muDy, and as knovrinc : arc you valiant ? 

Wa^c not thai courage, then, In brawU, but ftpcnd it 

In the tvars, in service of your king and country. 

Du, ] might be general : no m&n Uvc^ 150 

That'£ worthy to command mc: 

Man. Sir, in LL\bQn, 

am; and you shall Vnow it Every hour 
I am troubled with complaints of your behaviour 
Prom men of all conditions, and all ^cxes : 
And my auihority, which you presume 15^ 

Will btsir you out, in that yau urt: my nephew. 
No longcf shall protect you ; for I vow, 
Though all that's past I pardon, f will punish 
The next fault with as much severity 
A* if you were a stranger ; rest as^unrd on't, 160 

Ciit\ And by that love you should bear, or that duty 
Vou owe a mother, once more I commmid you 
To ca?it thit haughlrnc«« oflT; which if you dO» 
All that i^ mine it yours : if not, expect 
My prayers and vows for your conversion only, lC% 

But never means nor favour. \i£xfuni Man. attdQ\}i. 

Dm. T am tutor'd 

A5 if I were a child stilL The base peasants. 
That fear anf! envy my great worth, have done this : 
but 1 will fmd thorn out ; I will aboard. — 
Get my disguise, — I have loo long been idle ; 17O 

Nor will I curb my spirit ; I was bom free, 
And will pursue the course bcM likctli me. [£jr«jr^ 

flruriiir" ; w Thri>hikl, %ni\ in ihf FJilmi <rf iJJ% ''plfari^* 
{Dkc)- Bojrlt v^yum TiM Notii AViuvun, V. I. 64 ^— 

- 'rhtlhfmlV«S[hbtood 
The cMlii whta El ji tick, imi cur'tt the wotli 
O' ii»c pluFdy of people." 
l§o mJ prc>vii]Hl ihfti, 

I5f ^itdati »in1 i.f. uidyVAH «11 ■«««« CWeberK TlwobiiM.on S|mpBM*< 
Lion reul " ircii." 

aintfti] Sv Vii Ft "<]^ tjui>iil." DbjLfu iji hu iikjuq OcEctiniK* ¥> 
iTtvtl] A pTojcd which u hicilcfvil fij hit ^acl viih Rutilio, Fpcc«4^ «dd> 
jldgplvd Spa]Wfi'< rniHn^ *' abtwJ," which W«b, f€mwtt\j iOTcqmlcd ft4 



ScRKi; ir 

EnUr LEOfOLD, Sailors, ami Zekocia. 

L/^. 1»idc the spnil among^ jvw ; this fair capcfve 
1 only chaJlcnge for m>-sGlf. 

Sail. You have won her. 

An<l wcU deserve her. Twenty year* I ha\'c hrtd 
A bui^<;,v% of the vcjl. 4ntl b^vc been present 
At many a desperate fight, but nc^^er saw 
So small a b<irt with >uch incrcdibk valour 
So long dereikded. and acfatnat such oddd ; 
Ami by two men scarce arm'd too, 

Lti>f. Twai a nxind«" t 

And yet the couracc they cxpress'd, being taken. 
And tht-ir contempt nf desih, wan more upon me lo 

Than all they did when they were free. MethinkiE 
1 sec them yet, when they vrcn; broviyht *iboard us^ 
Dii^armd and ready lo be put in fetter*; 
}Iuw on llie hUtltltn.iu* if they had sworn 
Never to ta^^tc the bread of servitude, ij 

Hoth -cnatching up their iword*. and from this vir^'n 
Taking a farewell only with their eyes. 
They leaped into the »ea. 

Sail. Indeed, 'twas rare. 

Lto^. It wrought so tntich on me> that, but I fcar'd 
The gre^t ^hip that piirtued «n, nur tiwii !Bafcty ao 

Hinitencig my charitabk ptirpoac lo 'cm, 
1 would have Look cm itp» and nith their lives 
They should have had their liberties 

Zttt. Oh. too ]atc ! 

For they are lost, for ever Io«t. 

Ltcp. Take comfort ; 

'Tis not impossible but that they live ^'et ; 35 

For, when they left the ^ip^ they were within 

4 A ^twjm ff Ike ^f^li.^ "tax lUior.'cr •« haneoa iftesM.*" tt 
£>fm^ .Vtfui^t, It- L, "llvffluog bJLic «c been SnlnUtaat* «l >e« hetr^*— ^ 
** Sottc fowtecu ron' *o r^ftV/mSfn/^ Fi " tfac c«nt«iBf<, " 

10 nwff] Atlvrtd Jfy Wabtr i« " w»n/' u Jn III, r, 66. 



'A league o' th' shore, and with such stren[*th and 


Thcy^ liwJmTnmg, did delude the ming billows, 
Willi tine h&iiil making; way, aitd with iKc other. 
Their bloody swords AdvarKx^d, thre.itcmnj* the sea-goda 30 
With wsr, ualc:is the/ brought them -Htifcly qK, 
Thar I am almost confident they live. 
And you again may ace them. 

^^rt. In that hope 

I brook a wretched being, till I am 

Mftde certain of i!wir fortune* ; b«t, they dead, 3S 

Dcalh has so many doors to let out life, 
I will not lot^ »urvi%*c thEfin. 

/-ro/. Hope U>c best ; 

And let the courteoi^s usage you h»ve round* 
Not UKual in men of war, pentuadc you 
To tell mc your condition. 

2Vvj- You know it ; 40 

A GAptivc my fate and >-our power ha%-e made mc ; 
jSuch [ rtm now : hut what 1 was, it sWitU not, 
'or.thcy being dead in whom I only live, 
T daro rot challenge- fannily or country ; 
And thcrcforc.tiif, inquire not. Let il suffice, 4S 

I am your ncrvafit, ^nd a thankful Mfnant 

ilfyou will call that &9, which is but duty) 
ever will be; and, my honour ^fc. 
(Which nobly hltliwto you have presen-ed.) 
No slavery can appear in such a forni. SO 

Which, with a masculine constancy. I will not 
Boldly look on and auflcr. 

Aivyu You mUtakc mc : 

That you arc made my prisoner, may prove 
The birth of your good fortune. 1 do find 
A winning Lingua^ in yoitr ton^e and looks, J5 

Nor can a suit by yun intivcd be denied ; 
And. cherefofCfOf a prtRonef >-ou must be 

SS YfAfift'J Mock, Atfy. 

Jo 71k/ir 6/fVify rwtir^t .lAviiur'f] I>yn LlEtuffilPi hy Jtrcm^^ '- P' 4* y-^- 
ij^a, whrrt P^rodr* oft iltc msJi nf (he wrrcU w»VM nil iword, *"»* tIiou^ 
far ifold thmi?ii \\vs wi^rlJ in ih*t csticmiiir." 

jfi Dt^Aik A^f io m^mf itten t<f lit mi V'l ThflCk qaoLcs VlixQ'-^'Milk 
rim morti*." a. Hufha' .V«>rf««/*/Jri*w ^sSSf, I. iiL, ■'X thouMiid 
frBft do [Uidc u (o vur cm*c*," ^7 */ ^ /tjwr] tic npll««v 


The rlcxofs ad\<oc&te. 
2!tH. To whom } 

In whom a}\ graccs.that can perfect beauty^ 

Are fnendly met, I grant thai you arc fair; 6o 

And, had 1 not 9ccti her before, perhaps 

I might hftvr sought lo ycu. 

Zrrt. This 1 hear gladly. 

Lififi. To this incomparable lady ] will ^\\t you ^ 
(Y^tt being minCr yon arc aLte-idy hen ;) 
And to serve hei it more than to be free, 6{ 

At least E think so - and when you live with her, 
ffyou will please to think on him that brought you 
To such a happiness^ (for so her bounty 
Will maltc you think her service,) you shall ever 
Make me at your devoiion, 

Zfn, All I can dc^ 76 

Rest you aJHUTrd of. 

Lfif. At nit;ht I'U pre«cnt you ; 

Till when, I am >'Our guard. 

Zf*t. Evtit your servant. [£avirjM/. 

A Srrwi 

Enur AtiNOLDO and Rutilio. 

Am. To what are we reserved ? 

RuL Troth, 'lis uncertain : 

Drowning we have scaped miracukusly, and 
Stand fair, for aught 1 Know, for hanging ; money 
We !)ave none, nor e'er are like to have, ^tis to be 

ReiiideKr wr are ?^tranger(, wnndfous hup^^ry ^ningent ; j 

ii. 1% P7M)- 

7n at futif AwAh) "yunr drmlH invginL" hoj^ cooipms Jlt^Jr 
M^rritgit, t L, ''Tbfti kpc >t hit devailLin,'' /mv*! Cmn, L L, "To brn 
hii dEtoiitii;," 

4 ^tfM^\ OmilloJ by TbcD- And Oit EdJtHtof IH'- 


And charity Rowing cold, And miracks ce&stng^ 
Without a conjuror** help [1] cannot find 
When we ahall eai ai^ain. 

Am. Thcftc arc no wantfl. 

If f>ut in balmicc with Zenocij^'.s Icmc ; 
In that alone all mi^scrics arc spoken : JO 

OK my Rutilio. when I ihinlt on her. 
And that which the may suffer. bc%n^ a captive. 
Then I could mise myself , dlmo^l thoic powers 
Thai send me from the fury of the occAn t 

Jiul. Vou liavc lost a wife, indeed* a fair uiid cbaAte 

one; 15 

Two bICvAsings not found often in one womAn> 
Bwt she may be recover'd : questionless, 
The ship that took us was of Portugal : 
And here in Li*lvin, by some mt'ans tir other, 
Wc may hear of her. 

Afk. En that hope 1 live, ?0 

^M/. And £o do 1 : but hope i£ a poor ^al^d 
To dinc and sup wlth» after a two - days' fa&t 

Have you no money left ? 

ArtL Not a denier. 

Ubif, Nor any thing to pawn ? 'tis row In fa.*hion : 

Having a mt^tres*, sure you should not be 
Without a neat historical shirt- 

Am. For ^anie. 

Talk not »o poorly. 

y^A/. 1 muHt lalV of tliat 

Nccc^ity prompts us to ; for bc|: I cannot; 
Nor am I made to creep in at a window, 
To filch to fce<t me. Something mutt be done. 
And suddenly ; resolve on'L 



UjTMftdoplfd Svwardi pnpoal "av'tl.'' 

9d J^tion/iMf] L t_ wuh ftiorlH workf4 on H. Sympan i44iitmtm 10 Thtfl-'t 
EL l7£o. vol. Vu) dicx Mavnc'ii Ctfy-MAttk — 

" She wono tclvovB MtlicnLi ; Toi Ai>«cn 
Shell make <tivreh ciilonn » hvr n«iUc Aa&x 
So mnz^\h my tuihincitt I ^' 

lUDdtWb OS/J^r. be. 351, tut vd.) 

of if 

L 1, 


Enirr 2.\BUL0K and a ScrvanL 

Am. Wlut&rc these? 

Rnf. One. b>' W» habit, h a Jew 

^<»*, No inore : 

Thou ait sun Uiat's he i 

S^rv. Most ccftaia 

Zab. How long is it 

Since ftf ft ^c saw him ? 

JSWt'. Sotnc Ni-o hoon. 

Z^. Btgooe; 

Let mc Alone to work hiro. {Exit ScrvanL 

Rat. Horn he eye* yod I jj 

Now he movc3 t<vwArds bb : ui the devil's iiMBe, 
A\lul would he n-hh ia ^ 

Arm. lonoctncc u bold ; 

Nor can I fear. 

«?<i^. ThAt >-ou ue poor, And ttrvij^rt. 

I easily pcf cci%^. 

Rut. But that >'0u'll help tu« 

Or any of your bibe, we dare not hope. sir. 

^41^, Why think you so ? 

Rmi, Because >-ou are a Jew, w ; 

And awncfles come sooner ftttm die devil 
llian any of j-our nation. 

And have, like >'ov, conpa«sio4i. irhcti vc 6nd 

l^t ^ubjcct-« for our bount)-; and, for proof 4J 

That i«-c dare give, and Ervaly— (not to >i^u. &tr; 

\To RlTTlUO. 

Pray, spare }Y)ur paiQ3>*-lbere's ([oJd : ftaod not 

*Tb current, [ ait«ure you, 

RuL Takeitoua: 

Sure, thy good angel U a Jeu-, and comes 
In hiu own shape £0 heJp thee, 1 coatd wish oow, (0 

Mine would appear too, like a Turk. 

4a arnrs} " QpMa* tbU vonJ Fi hat the mtdffmJi dtoociioa— ' Tiwri 
milf.' And in ilv ncxi crd^tt 0(|iMilv RaliiD'^ ^ndl* befbsocEW. Tr Ar 
dCqmk^ w jM «rv, dc— 'L^Eh>* flcalr'* 'TVr»« liMfc m mM (be 
praapKi t» wdo oudle» 1^ ibc «QHfa( fCtfv * jWcbcrV 

5c Xbdriwfla&pAialbqpoadlhepuMftMiQrtfiMeBlAppcw^rilkBM 



Arn. I thank yctn ; 

Biit yet must tell j-ou. if this be the prolocfuc 
To Any bad act you would Iiavc mc pr^li»; 
E must not take it, 

^nd. Thia I) but the earnest 

Of that which h to folIoH' ; an<i the bond, 55 

Which you mu^t seal to for 't, is your advancement. 
Fortune, with all that's in her power to give, 
Offers herself up to you - entertain her : 
And thflt whtch pTinct-* Jiavc knCT*l'd for in vain, 
rrc:icnt3 itself to j-ou. 

Ant. Tis above wonder. Co 

Za^. But far beneath the truth, in my relation 
Of wlut you shall posscw, if you embrace iL 
There tn an hour in each mar'ft life appointed 
Ti> make h\^ happinc^^. if tlicn he aeUc it ; 
And this (in which, bc>"ond all CKpcctation, 6$ 

You an: invited to your good) ii youra. 
If you dare follow me, 50 ; if not. hereafter 
Expect not the like offer, [Sjnf^ 

AriL Th no viJon. 

/Cmt. Tib gold. I'm aurc. 

t. We muKt like brothcm share ; 

rre'a for you, 

RhL By this light, Vm glad 1 have It 1 ?0 

There arc few jjallanw (for men may be *uch. 
And >ct want ^Id, yea, and somcltmc:^ silver) 
But would receive Mich favours from the devil, 
Though he appcar'd like a broker, and demanded 
Sixty i' th" hundred, 

yf rw. Wherefore ahouLd t (ear 7$ 

Some plot upon my life ? 'ih now to me 
Not worth the kccpinfj, I will fellow him- 
F.ircwcll : wish tnc Kix>d fortune ; we ?vhall meet 
Af^in, i doubt not. 

KKf. Or I'll nc'ct trust Jew more, 

Kor Chriatbn, for his sake. [£«> AkMOLOO. 

Plague o" my start, 3o 

How loo|r might I have walk'd without a cloak, 

6j i'^tnt 'r tfff A&ur m fo^M Piav t /t/'f oMPtniMt Mr] Then, 4^ci4>1jn lh« 

tEdvlQlhenfTAlnnf inisn,"ft!0R)7«£ dri. (V. ill. xi6, 

&9 \tn.] Thb im) T^ie nett prcuue omkud t>y raisukc In th« AnitlolitK 


ficfonr I ihonld luvc met with »uch n fortune F 
We elder brothers^ thouffh we itre proper men, 
fliinHtkt imk; ha* too much bc^rJ : that spoils us; 
The tinooth chin canic* all,— Whufs here to do now ? ftj 

EfUir DUARTE, ALONZO^ and I'agc 

Du. I'll ukc yoo AS I find you. 

Ahtt^ That were ba«e ; 

Vou 90t I am unaim'd 

Dn, Qui with your bo^ktn, 

Vour pocket'da(£^r, your rtilctto ; out with it. 
Or, by tbUhand, V\\ kHT yoxy Such as you are 
Have studied the undoing of poor cutlet^ 
And tn^lr all iridnly w^Jipori^ out of fji?vhion : 
Vou carr>' ponUrdg to murder men, 
Vet dare not wear a ^wurd to guard your honour, 

Rut. [asidi\ TTiafs true, mdeedn Upon my 
thb gaJlant 
U bribed to repeal bsnbh'd swords. 

Dfi. V\\ ^hcwyou 

The diffen^ncc nnw lietween a Spanish rajwer 
And your pure Pisa. 

AUfL T-rl mc fMch a *word I 

Upon mine honour, I'll return. 

Du, Not so, sir. 

AUn. Or lend me yours, I pray you, and take this, 

I4 Ur not the luck) i)i« inlfa icevi lo mdioae Mskc pnvutWJ cknaei 
19 Ml^JkC-UDAtl dtgg*i: jV«.«^, 111, i, - 




«5 MVof fB r^^m/ Awrj 


icsuUtlon uf Juno l> whoMudlrd to pui ik>wQ dudNit^; biu the wmi)^ 

Boyle {J^. SA, 


, iBSoT 

no. xnvi.} ; MM, SnfA. V. L :-^ 

Anfl vMjnitljr, thtrr at f/mt ««Iliing velvet clnaJo, 
TTuE weiu- nc ivords to gnuft Vm, yei deKiVe k " 
■bd Tkv //lidtt /T^mtm, V ii. SS-J :— 

That doM eomm«od n]r npkr ftvm my hipi 
Tbdaaole'i iv myhwid?" 


Toleoo.* The lerm, ihnuflh imp "I }wi.ike, \& nirvcirhrlru ninl ifraiicallf I7 
Duuic u Miuuu «bacr*«^ T1)ni> ^uitfij * ' |>wi '\ JimlCvJhCipUiied "pew 



RuL T<> be fiisgratcd a* you iifc? no, I thank yon, 100 
Spite of the fafihion, ivhilG 1 live, I am 
[nstnictcd to go artn'd. What folly 'da 
For you, that arc a man, to put yourself 
Into your cncm/s mercy I 

/>»- Yield it quickly. 

Or I'll cut ofr)'our haod, and ncm^ disgrace you \ f05 

Thii* WicV and hafflr ynii {kirks kim]. As you Hkc 

Vou may again prefer complaini*) against me 
To m>' tmclc and my mother, and then think 
To make it g«>f>d with a {lomard 

Al^n. \ am paid 

For being of the faahion. 

Pv, Getasti'ord; no 

Then, if you dare, redeem your reputation : 
Yoiu know I am entity found. I'll add thU to it. 
To put you in mind, [Kk^^Mtm. 

Kui. Vou arK Iik> indolent. 

And do inauU too much on the advantus^ 
Of that which your unequal weapon gave you. tlj 

More than your valour. 

Da. This to mc. you pca^aiil? 

Thou art not worthy of my foot, poor fellow ; 
Tis Mom, not pity, makes mc gk-c thcc life : 
Kneel down and thank me for'i. How ! do you state ? 

Rut. I have a sword, iir ; you shall find, a good 

one; 120 

This is no stabbing B:uard. 

Dh. Wrrt thou thrire arm'd. 

Thus yet I dur^t attempt thca {Stnk^4 kirn. 

Rut, Then have at >'ou ; 

I f^eom to take blows. [Fi/^i. 

Dh, Oh. I am 8la!n I [FMs, 

Pagi^ Help! murder! murder! 

AUtt. Shift fm- jTjurscIf - you are dead el»c; 

You have ktli'd the goveriior'a nephew. 

io6 y^^ Ticor ifn\h ifpi0EninT ; pnptflyajHnlBhEiicnt of r«cr«ut LniehUi 
incLuditUF biaeinfi up br the hii\^ Cf. I fumy /f, I, iJ, n i, **C4U ma 
MUUn and lmlHeine''T A Kiifg tmi m tC*mo, III. It., -4 lBiri«1p »hlpp«t 

Ui fu itmAdinf fncrtt\ i. e. ivj wxrtl uch u inl|^ ht abtnw4 iji •fa£gtr- 


P^^gX' Rat!ie the streets, there I isj 

AUm. If ooce you Are beset, yOu cuiftot scape : 
Will you bclr*y yourself* 

Ruf, Undone for ev^r ! 

[Ejreun/ RUTILIO ajid ALONza 

£iit/r OfTicers. 

Firsf (^ Who make:; this outcry ? 
/'^frf. Oh. my lord is mtirdcr'd I 

This way he took ; rai^kt after htm,— Help, help there ! 

Sft. Off. Tit Don Duaftc. 

FtM 0^ Pride ha-: y^oi ix fall : 130 

He U&5 still in qusireb, M:om*d us pc^cc-in^kcis 
And all our bill-authority ; now h'a^ paid for't ; 
You ha' roct with your match, jar, now. Bring off liis 

And bear it to the ^ovcnior Some pjmtc 
Thf murdcret ; yet, if he scape, ft *ikilU not : i J5 

Were J a prince, I would reivard him for't : 
He has nd the city of ^ luibjient bca^t. 
There's few will pity him : but for hie mother 
) truly grieve, indeed ! ^he^H a )JikhI lady- [£nr«jv/ 

Sci-Nt: IV. 

£nUr GuiOMAK tittii Servants. 

Gvi. He'* not i' the houie? 

Sftv, No, madam- 

GmL HtKte and »eelc him ; 

Go all, and every where ; Dl not to bed 

Till you return him. Take away ihc lights too ; 

The moon lend^ mt too much, to find my feara ; 

And thoftc devotions ] am to pay, 5 

Are written in my Hcart> not in thi« book ; 

And I shall read them there without a taper. 

[SJt/ kHffis. Bxmnt Servants. 

d. Tht Ctittfm^. I, vi-, " (iWc tot i1i« UU. fvi YW be Ok Kitauii " (DrnV 


rcusTOM or 



/ini. I am pursued ; atl the porU arc t^opt too ; 
Not any hope to«capc ; bchifid, before n>c. 
On either side, I am bes^ — curbed fortune! 10 

My enemy Oin the sca» and on the land loo ! — 
Redeemed from one ^fTticticin to another. 
Would 1 had made the greedy waves my tomb, 
And tViei] tiUscurrt and iunaccnlJ not, ii.% Nriu, 
Smear'd o'ci with blood. Whither have my ftara 

brought me ? 15 

I am got into a hou«e ; th« doers all oper^ ; 
This, by the largeness of the room, the hangings. 
And other rich adomnnents, glislnng through 
The aabic ma^k of night, says it belong! 
To one of means and rank. No servant stirring f 20 

Murmur nor whisper? 

C:tl Who's that ? 

liu/. [asidg] By the voice, 

This is a wmTiATi, 

Cui\ Stcphano, Jasper, Julia I 

Who waiu there? 

^ur. [asi'tie] Tift the lady of the hou4c; 

I'll fly to her protcctioi^ 

Cm. SpeaJc, what arc you ? 

^ar. Of all that ever breathed, a man most 

wTctcbed. 25 

Ctn\ 1 am sure you are a man of mOftt ill manncrH ; 
Vou tfould not with so Jltile rcvcrenri? cl*c 
J'ress to my private chambci. Whither would you ? 
Or what do yuu «felt for ? 

Kfit Graeiouic woman, hear mc : 

I am a >tni(igcrH and in th^i! T iinswcr 30 

An your demands ; a moflt unfortunate etrangcr, 
That, call'd unto it by my enemy's pndc; 
Have left him dead i the atresia. Justice pursues me, 
And for tliat Hfc I took unwillingly. 

And in a fair (kfrrce. I mu^t !<wc mine, 35 

Units? you, in your charity, protect me; 
Your house is now my c^nctuary ; and the altar 

8 «& rk4 0trtt\ Lv. 

c^" u in Tlfrf Df^^ JAtm^n, V. L. ^Tlic 

ifoM Alt oursi" ThoobtlT, iMV. gn. "drt^nll, rte." 


] gladly would tftl:e hoUl of. your ^irc^ oKfcy. 

B>' all thftt 's dc&r unto you, by your vtrtucif. 

And by yoor mrtoccnce ch&t needs no lorgivenen. 40 

Take pit>^ on mc ! 

Gm£, Ar« you a CAfttUiin * 

RuL Not madam \ Italy daima my butfa, 

GuL 1 ask not 

With purpoee to betray yoo ; if you were 
Ten thoiisuid tinu^ a SpaDUTd. tbc nation 
W^e PortuffaU most bate, I ytt i^-ould save you, ^ 

If it Uy in my power. Lift up these haa^Dgi:^ ; 
Behind my bed :& head thcre'^ a hollow place. 
Into which enter. [RUTIUO c^mttit£s kitnsi^,] So; 

but fmm thi>; strr not : 
li the officers come, a^ >'ou expect they will do^ 
I know they oi** ?iijch reverence !o my lodglngSp 
Th-il ihcy will GAciE)' p^^ credit to mc 
AtkI -v^rch no futtlt^r. 

i?M/. Tlie blest saints pay for me 

The tnfinite debt I owe you \ 

OuL Hou- he c^tiakes 1 

Thus far I feel lib heart beat— Be of comfort ; 
Once roore I ^ve m)- promi^ for your ufety. 35 

All men arc subject to audi accidenbi, 
Kspccially the valiant : — and who knows not, 
Hut that the chartty I afford this stnuigcr. 
My o\\\y itttn elsewhere may stand In need of? 

Enter Page, Officers, and Servant*, with tie Ic^ </ 


F%t^ Serp, Now, madam.if your wi»dom ever could 60 
Ratce up defences ajzairvl flcmd'* of linrrow, 
1 hat haste 1o ovcru-hclm you. make true ii»c of 
Your great discretion. 

Su^ ^en\ Vour only son, 

My lord Duarre, '% slant 

First Off. HtB murderer, 

Pununl by us, was by a boy dl-scovcrM 65 

Kntcring j-our house, and that induced ua 

Sa Spaniard . 

JWnrgit,'i Mfit A^ff\ I'aniigftL un«i«d io Spofo 


To press into it for his apprehension. 

GkI Oh! 

Pirtt S^rr^ Sure, her heart is broke. 

Offittr. M«<i4tni ! 

Guu Sundoff: 

My sorrow i» do dear and precious to mc. 
Thai you must nnt partake? it ; lUlTer it, 70 

Like woutida thai do bleed inward, to despatch me, — 
MrjrtS-j Oh, my Duijrtc, such ah tnd *t thh 
Thy pride long 3inee did prophecy ! thou art dead ; 
And, to increase my misery, thy :iad mother 
Mu«t make a wilful shipwreck of her vow, 75 

Or thou fall unrevenged. My soul's divided ; 
And pfety to a son, and true performance 
Of hospitable dutic?^ to my gucAt. 
That arc to others angels, arc my Fade* \ 
Vengeance knocks at my heart, but my word gixxn $0 

Denit^ the entrance. U no medium Itrft, 
But that I must protect the murderer, 
Or ^suffer in that faith ht? tnadr hi?( altar ? 
Motherly love, s;i\^ place ; the fault made this way, 
To kocp a vow to which high Itcavcn i* witticsi, 85 

Heaven may be pleaded ti.i pardon. 

£M/^rMANUKL l>U SasA, Doctors, and Surgeons. 

Mm. Tii too late; 

He** gone, past all rccovcrj' : now my reproof 
Were but unseasonable, when 1 ithouEd give comfort ; 
And yet remember sister 

Gni. Oh, forbear! 

Search for the murderer, and remove the body, 90 

And, as y<iu think fit, give it burial. 
Wretch that I am, uncapable of all comfort ! 
And thercfon: I entreat my friends aiid kii^afotk. 
And you, my lord, for iwme space to forbear 
YotJr couTteouA viMtatioiia. 

JftfM. Wcobeyyot:. 95 

[Rx^umt cfftrt€s with iiu ifotfy, Marct GuiOMAIt 

ri Ma^ Tbtolalil** coimtroa tat "brocd" uf the TnticK, whidi mar. 
fim ^\o hu ft tLkce-diredloA, ** tTold « pone tttAy,"^ i. r^ ior GtuotOMt'i 


Rut. [asitli] My ApiHts come back, And noir flespkir 
Her place again to hope. 

6'0^ UliBlc'cr thou art. 

To whom I have given mean* of Hfe, lo witnecK 
With what rcii|i:]oa I have kept tny profntw. 
Come r^ar'icss fcnth : but let ihy face be covct'i). 
That 1 hcfCfliftcr be not forced to know thee ; 
Put tnutherly aileclkxi ivuy leturii, 
My vow oftcc paid to HoAveti. 

jRUTJUO aruus/orik^ tffrf his/act aivfrtd, 
Thoo ha^ taken fnMD me 
The rc^fation of my heart, the light 
Of my «ii-oln eyei. in ht4 life ihat snsuln'd me t 
Vcl nay wo«J given to save you I make pood, 
Hecatt«c what yon did wat not 6<^^ "vMh malice^ 
You are not knowr^ ; there is no mark about you 
That ran i!iM:nvrr yn\i ; Irt not fear bdray yott t 
With atl convenient fpced you can, Hy from me, 
That I ma>^ never ace you ; and that waju 
Of mcjtn}* may be no lei unto your journey, 
There arc a hundncd crown?!. Vou are at the door 

And 50. farewell for ever. 

UmL Let me firs: fall 

Before your feet, and on them pay the duty 
I owe your goocineM ■ nest, all hles*ing^ to yrnu. 
And Hcawn restore the joys 1 have bereft you. 
With full incnca'4e hereafter! IJviog, he 
The j;oddc:(9 stylod of hospitality? [ExeUKt srvrralfyu 


I to 


Thank ye : 
You are peevish. 


ACT ]l). 

A haU ru thr koust 0/ HirrOLYTA. 

Bnftr Leopold ^w^/Zehocia. 

Ltcp. Fling ofT these ^llen doud5 ; you arc cntcr'^ 
into a house of joy and happiness; 
t have (jrcp^rcd ^1 bl&wing for yc. 

My 5tdtc wouM rather ask a cuise. 

And know not when ye arc friended: 1 haw used 

thCKiC means, 5 

The lady or thia houac, the Doble lady, 

lit take yc a* her own, and usr yr grarionsly 

ake much of what you are mi^lrc^ of. that beauty^ 
And cxptwc il not t<" such bclrayirg sorrows : 
When yc are old, and all those Fweets hang withcr'd, 10 
Then lit atid si^h. 

Zin. My autumn is not far off, 

Enur Servant. 

ttt^p. Have you told your lady ? 

Htpv. Yes. sir; I hav<e told her 

Both of your noble service, and your ]ire«ent, 
Which ghe accepts^ 

Uop. 1 should be blest to sec her. 

Serv. Thai now you cannot do : ahe keep^ her 

chamber, IS 

Not well disposed, and has dented all visits. 
The m&id 1 nave in Gbar^c to receive from you. 
So please you render her. 

St'iTCK 1.] In the oa>e«f this TMrd Aci (lotyli lh» focnmniefmnir of thv 
•eveni tcenci kpcufidl&n thcfolEat— "kcciUp xvunda, icnU. t^t.^" 

4 A^ itaif ^utaiti ruTAtr tiA a tttfit} ' ' lia the fiJ>( fcjiiu shoe wanb wci^c 
fniT|Ju«T (to «B (« &1I tfOifrc?ii Ihc Rlui *ii(l litlh linen of our Totl^, whitli 
miiitikf WAi fKtifird in ihl tvcCDd " (W«h«ri, 

II iij^} So ih« lecciMS f«lia— Tlte Am toJio *'viBhT/ *htch Mr Hdl^-n 
irik n»e i« * c«dnm«i nrltm : tbougb I recall. «ad sIr«Ai qtioie^ no liuimce- 


Le^p. With all my service : 

But fAin I urouM h^xe w^Tt 

iS'^rrv Tis but >'cur pitCieQCe ; 

No dofibu ^hc cannot bat rtincmbcr nobly. 20 

14^ The** three yc^x% \ have loved this scomrul 

And Ibllow'd h«r with ^1 the truth of service ; 

to all whkh timc< but twice she hu honoured me 

With sight of her alcit beuiTy. — Wlien you plea^, *ir. 

Vou xoAy recci\-c your chfti^ : and tcU yow lady, 25 

A gentlerun, vt\\^ life it tvtiW dedicailed 

To her commands, kisaca her beauteous hands. — 

And. fair onr, ru>w ^tir hrip : ynti nviy remember 

The honest courtesies, since you are mine. 

T ever dkJ ytmw modesty : you f\iJt\\ be near her; 

Andt if «onietime« you name my £er\-ice to her, 

And tclJ bcr wjili v^hat nobIcnc» I love her. 

Twill be a gratitude I shall remember 

Ztn. What in m>- poor power lies. 90 it be honcA — 

L€^. I a^k no more. 

Sifv. You must along with me, fair. 3$ 

£a^. And 10 I leave you two ; but to a fortune 
Too happy for my fate : you shall cnjo>' her, 


A rccm in tfu same, s^tndidiy fumUhid. 

iinUr Zabulon a«^ Servants- 

Zab. Bet^utck, Ijecjuick; out witli the banquet there! 
Thc»c scenta arc duD ; cast richer on, and fuller ; 

31 thtt4f*Qn^ Mcj Mr. bulltn ccmHJs Aotoow in A I'rry li^Hua, IV* 

'■kmedU ! li>R thiih hdr. 

3O AhT * J jWfvrf/] Fa oni» ** /»" E «vUcfc ltd Sympuo to ■«««■, aad 

Th.eob«1d to pdnt» * b«n "£>f " bcr " («I boih folJ-) tviU «ad cf iheloU*irii« 


I Aiv/Mff) L. r [IfivrT, after dinnn bad been takm in another rrMm 
Cr.S(#"r. /^.tL J., ittmfst Ham'i /flirtKiu, V. til., ud n# fttii^ fvm^^ 
lU. l\. In 7V«ftff< ofAtAtH.. Act L ^- ii. l6o» nod /h^^mtd/niitt. Ad L 
ic V. IM, "na jJlclwiqLuI" iinii '*& CBfliiv fooliili buoDCt " nRoOoed lo 
UdUi whi> tav< lawn dkcciu, Fl r^ndt "butUC." wfiebTkcob«Hnpljin«d 
ai to hoUl ib« ptrhunK 


Scent every place. WhcrC Have you plflceil the munic ? 

J-'irst St^n\ Here thej' ^tand ready, sir. 

ZaS. Ti5 wrclL Be sure 

The wmrs be lusty, high, and full of apirU, 
And ambcr'd all, 

Firji Strv. They art 

-Za^. Give fair attcndanoe : 

Vn Ihc lie^t Uim uiid hVaIc make ready alt. 
1 shall come presently again, 

Su, Strv^ Wc shall, sit. 

[Banqutt set fifrik. Bxii ZAtiVLOK. 
What preparation's this ? aomc new device 
My Udy ha« in hand. 

Fint Srrv Oh. prosper It, 

A* long as ft rarric* good wire in the mouih. 
And £Ood meat with it I Where fire all the rest P 

Sfc. Sfnf. They are ready to attend. [Music 

First >V«T', Sure, some great person ; 

They would not make lliis hurry H.-n; 

Su. Strt\ Hark, the muac I 

It will appear now, certain ; here it comc«p 
Now to cur placc^H 



Rt'enUr Zauulon with ARNOLDa 
Am. \jua^\ Whither will he le^id me? 

What invitation's this ? to what new end 
Arr these fair preparations ? a ridi tuntjuet, 
Mu^ic, and every place ^tuclc with adornment, 
rit for a prince's wclcoicie ! What new game ZO 

Ha* Forture now prepared, to shew rnc happy. 
And then again to sink me? TiH no illusion; 
Mine eyes arc not deceived, all these arc real r 
What wealth and state.' 

Zab Will you sit down and cat, m ? 

llie^ cany little wonder, they are usual ; 35 

But you shall sec, if yinj be wiw: U> t»tj?icne it, 
That that will strike indeed, strike with amai^cment: 

it «WAAr/^'i/) i, c. iKutcJ «iili pml^FCivrb, a wrttbo of ill* tp4)Bi«ffli 
vhide found floAliii^ en the tea in tr^tm wiEudti. ood n >appQfted porontiv*. 

i Banqucl set Irprtf] iTii* ili|;'-t1irrciu>n, ai>r1 rhni* nrhlch ceaKem ite 
Bade* MTf H t¥. Tbc rsl Art ra)<ptJol by Wcbcr u luml. 

For willingly I wouhJ die in this drcini Pray, whose 

Arc M these thM attcrd here ? 

2ad. They are yours ; 

They wait on >*ou. 

Am. I never yet remember 

I kept such f&cc», nor that 1 wa3 cv-cr able 
To mafntAm so many. 

2!ai~ Now you vc, and ^hftjl be. 

^m. Youll say this hou^ h itiine too ? 

-2'fl^. Say itl swear it 

^nv. And all this wealth > 

Za^ ThU is the lease you $ee, sdr 

Am. Wiy^ where ha» thi^ been hid these thirty 
For certainly 1 never found 1 wa5 wealthy 
T(ll thN fiour ; never dream d of home and ?aer\-ants : 
I had thoucht I had been a younger brother, a poor 

33 inr ^iv) Theobald pruned, '* irtf bat Aviv/' 

jt ffM/tm*m\ Fob- "GcaL." t <loulX t&B ablirt«iilion in /^Mtfi. 


Then, if yon be a man — dus foir hcoJth to you. 

Am. What shaU [ see M pledge ye, iir. [DhptJts.] 
I was never 
So burled In amazcfncnc 

Za^. Vou arc ao still : 

Drink freely- 

Am. The vcr>' wines arc admirable. 

(kmkI m, give me Iea\t^ to jl-Jc this qtie^Tion, 
For what prcat worthy man ar« theie prepared ? 
And why *lo yovt bring inc hither } 

Zab. They are for you, sir ; 

And undervalue not ihc w^orth jxjc carry. 
You are that worthy man : think well of thc£e, 
The>' ^all be more and greater. 

Am. Well, blind Fortune, 
Thou hadt the prettiest changes, when thoti art pleased 
To play iSy gaine out want only 

Zcif- Come, be lusty. 

And awake your -npirits. \C^Bst munc 

Am. Good sir. do not wake roe. 






I may tsX boldly, then ? 
Za&, Tifl pcepftTod for ye^ 

[ArnoLIK} stn Ofui tait. 
Am. The taste iH pcifcct aiul xxmvsX delictle t 
But why for mc ? — GK'c mc some wine ; — ( do drink. 
I fed it :ien!ubly -, And 1 atn hcrc> 
Here in thfs glorious place : ( am brav'cly used loo.— 
Good gentle ^ir, give tne Icavc to think a little ; 

" For either I am much abused 

I Zad. Strike music ; 

I And ling th^tt luity ^pong. [^fusic, and a S^ng 

I Arti. Bewitching hanoony I 

I Suie. I am turn'd loto anotlicr creature, 


Happy and bTc^it ; Afnoldo was unfortunate. — 
Hi\ bletw mine cyci ! what precioua piece of nature 
To jrtj^c th^: wurlii ? 

Z<i^. I told you, you would sec thai 

Would darken dic;>c poor preparatioiu : 
What think >'e now ? Kay, rise not ; 'Xh no dsion. 

^nv. 'Tis more; 'tis miiaclc. 

ffif. Vou are ivelcome, «Jr. 

^nv. rt speaks, and entertains me; stiU more 
glonouH ! 
She t9 warm, and this \a Acsh here: how she stin 

Bleid me, tvhat ^tAr» are there ! 

//^. May [ stl near ) c ? 

j4nv. No, you are too pare an object to behold, 
Too excellent to look upon and live ^ 
I muinl remove. 

Za^. She 'fs a woman, sir : 

Fie. what fainc heart Is this 1 

Am, The house of wonder I 

Za^ Do you not think yourself now iru!>' happy * 
Yen have the abstract of ail fiwectnesf; by yc. 
The precif)U4 wealtli youth labuuri U> arrive at : 
Nor la ahe less in honour than in beauty ; 
Fenmra'ft royal duke tn proud to call her 







His1>ctl, hl-i miblctit. aad moot happy ^tcr ; 
Fonunc ha^ made her m titn w of herself, 8o 

WciiUhy ach] wiw;, wiiboul a power to *way her ; 
WofuJcr cf [taly, ofaH heons mtgtress. 

^w. And all this i« 

J?(3^. Hippolyia, ihe beaittMMbL 

/^^, Yon ajc a poor rclatcr of my fortunes, 
Too wrjdc a chronic1«^ iti ^peak my blesstng^, Sj 

And leave out that essentuil part of ^-tory 
] am most high And happy in, mtat fortunate, 
The acquaintance and the noble fdlow«htp 
Of this fdir (;:cntJe(nAn, — Pmy yc, do not A-onder, 
Nor hold K fitrangc to hear a haadi^nic lady 90 

Speak &ccl>' tc yc. With your fair lea^-c and 

J will »t by yc. 

Arn. T know noi what to answer. 

Nor where I am, nor to what end, consider : 
Why do yuu mc thu«? 

Hip. Arc y« angry, str, 

Hcchum: yc arc entertained with all humanity ? pj 

Freely and nobly tided ? 

Ant. Na gentle lady. 

That were uncivil ; tmt \\ much amues me, 
A stranger, and a man of no desert, 
ShouM find nuch floods of CQuncsy. 

Hip. I love >'C, 

I honour yc. the first and be«it of all men ; too 

And, where thai fair opinion leads, 'tis luual 
These Iriilcs, thai but Jicrve to net off, follow. 
I would not have you proud now, nor difidainfol, 
llccausc I sAy I iovcr yc^ thou^^h I 3wcai it ; 
Nor think it a italc favour I rttng on yc : lOJ 

Though yc be h^nd^omc, and ihc only man, 
I must confer, I ever fix'd mine eye on. 
And bring along aJI promiacs that please us. 
Yet I fthotild hate ye then, dc^ptw yc *com ye, 
And with XLt much contempt puntie your person, 1 to 

As now I do witti love. Hut you are wiser, 

93 N9T ^Xtrt . , . ;Aiu /} So prtntnl ia foK h^J>>wal b}r Djxt* CHr< 



At least* I think* more master of your fortune : 
Am] Ml I ilrink your ticiLlth* 

Arti. laside] Hold (asi, f;ood honesty! 

I am A lost man else. 

//#)». Now you may km me ; 

'Tii the first kiss I ever a^k'd, 1 swcaf toyv- 115 

Ant. That I dart do, sweet lady, [Kisses hiw, 

Hip^ You do It wdl too; 

Vou arr a iTLa^ter, %\t ; that m^ilccK yo^i coy. 

Am. Would you would fiend your people off! 

//iji. Well thought on. — 

Wait all without. 

^a^. [andf] I hope she ift pleaM^tl ihroughly. 

[En'f ZAfi. ^fvv/ Servants 

ffr/. Why stand yc rtJU ? hcrc*9 00 man to detect 
ye; rao 

My people arc gone oH. Come, come, kAVC conjuring ; 
The spirit yon would riiise l*t here already ; 
Look boldly on mc. 

Ant. What wniikl you have me do? 

/fifi. Oh, mo9t uninflnly question ! have you do ? 
In't possible your year» should wani a tutor ? 1 2$ 

I'll teach ye : come, embrace me. 

Arit. Flc. stand off; 

And give mc leave, more now than e'er, to wonder, 
A baildiu^ of so f:ood]y a proportion, 
Outwardly all exact, the fnmc of heaven, 
.Should hide; within ^o ba,-« mhabttiuit^ 1)0 

Voti arc as fair as if the moming bare ye ; 
lmA$:;ination never made a sweeter; 
Can it be ]H»*iblc, thi^ fT4iinj nhoulil suffer, 
' '.nd. built on slight affections, fright the viewer? 

excellent in aIL -vt you ate outward, [35 

worthy mistre^ of those many blessings 
Heaven has bestow 'd; inake 'cm appear Mill nobler, 
Because they are trusted to a weaker keeper 

ttt laifrr} Theotttld, al SfH^uKl't mjgvnion. priawt '* tolttr,'* which rac' 
corafiif fAd. heduic^ to folfow. |e »« pfthap worth whl|<^ l» rtAll Af^^ri. 

158 a HVdJ^ ^^*^'l "i' <- ^kvcpcf wlto th n»L drmiij tif uraikiio*,— Lhric 
I'cinfi, pciUpL, a^ Thcotnld nuf^jwc ^ «A 4llgj»ii W the ivfaW^t^* i7i«£Hi 
thr'irtftlci vHBclt'ol Scrfptajvfi V^, iii. 7^ Sewiud pnpoacd U ic»d '« 
■nliAj ttf^uv * : And Muon defend* hi* oMtjwrcrc" iVyct). 


Would yc have me Icn'c yc^ 

Not for >'0«tr beauty. 

Though. I confer, it blows the first fire in u§ ; 140 

Time, as he passes by. puts out tbac spirkle : 

Nor for your w-caltt although the world kncd to it. 

And make it All addttton to a woman ; 

Fortune, that rains alt, makes that his conquest : 

Be honrsi, and he vntiioit*. HI adtnirr yc ; 

At least, be wi» ; and where y^ Uy theie nets, 

Strow over 'cm a Utile inrxicsly ; 

Twill well become >*our cau«e, and c&tcb moro foots. 

Hip. CoukI any one, that loved thxt wholemne 
But love the ?ivcr more ? You make me fonder ; 
You have a vTrtuous mind ; I want that ornameiu. 
Is it a sin I covet to cri)oy ye ? 
If ye imagine I am Too fr^fe a lo^-er. 
And act that part belongfs to you, [ am »knl : 
Mine cyr^ *hall t^ipak, my hliiihf?t paclry uith ye ; 
I will not touch >-our handn but lA-ttb a tremble 
ritting a \x'sta1 nun ; not long to kiw yc, 
But gently a« the air, and undittcem*d too, 
I'll steal it thus : I'll walk your shadow by ye. 
So «till and »t1enl, that it ^11 be equal 
To put mc offa^i that : and when [ covet 
To give such toys as these [Giving jiwti^. 

Arm, [^mV] a new temptatioa ! 

Hip, Thus, like the laiy minutes, wDI I drop 'em. 
Which post once arc foi|^tten. 

Am. {andi\ Excellent vice \ 

Hip^ Will )'e be won ) Look stcadfaAtly upon me, 165 
l^ak manly, take a man's affeccfons to y^yc \ 
Young womcn^ in the old world, were not wont, sir. 
To liang out gaudy bu^hff* for ihrir tteautic^. 
To talk themselves irto young men's alTections : 
How cold and dull you are \ 

Am. [ajitff] How I stager 1 170^ 

la antfl Rfkts i;;8 |>ff>piii«d "ml" I 

M dttsiit\ Alludine to [he IvV'both over ■ uvem-^ooi- Droe eunniMi 

**On]f iha BJen cf A man ; ihc bcuh pull'dtloiini, 
Whuh ihcwi the hcuv oued* cnptj." 


She fs wise as fair ; but "tu a wicked wisdocn ; 
I'll choko before I yield. 

Hip^ Who waits wiUiifi there ? 

Make ^^^a^Iy ihc green chamber. 

2*41^, \wiihin\ tt ith;il1 be, 

Am. \asid€'\ 1 am afraid she will enjoy mc iudocd, 

Hif. What music doyc love? 

Arft. A modest tongue. I7S 

Hip. Well have enough of that. Ffc, fie, bou' 
In a young lady's armi thu& dull ? 

^rw. For Heaven sake, 

Profrss A little gocidne?t«. 

Hip. Of what country ? 

/4nv. I am of Rome, 

//i>. Nay. then, I know you mock me ; 

The Italians arc not fritted with such bugbears. e8o 

Prithee, go in. 

Am. I am not wcti. 

Hip. I'll makcthop; 

111 ki«» thee well. 

Arn. I dm Tict sick of that sorix 

Hip. Upon my conscience, I must ravtfih thee; 
\ ^all be famous for the fir^t exam[)k : 
With this I'll lie ye first, then tr>' your strength, sir \%% 

Arn, My strength ! ;Lway, ba»e woman, I jiohor thee ! 
I am not caught with stales : <3iscaAe <lwcll with thee I 


ffijp. AT«yeso<iukk? and have Host my wishes?— 
Ho, Zabulon I my servants ! 

Ri'gMtfT XaBULOK and Servants. 

^«^. Call'd ye, madam? 

Hip. [asid€\ Is all tliat beauty scum'd, so many 
sued for^ 190 

So many princes ? by a stranger too } 

1S7 tiaksl KxpUirH b^ Wrhpf— ilrtiinpeU i w in Shabx^Mue - 
'' I iUiid dLvtionouiM, ihHi }itv« gmcfthoul 
Tu tliik II!) Jcu fuciHl (Oft coiitiDci^ itaU-^' 

^fmk Ai£f 9i*mi A^iinx- Act tV, k. L. 
But h«« more pfotoMr "Bllani^ dtvioM,'' 'Mmr*-'' 5«o ^tf ■' jiw^/ 
H'M/mr, ILii— ''lb«il>letocKKh ■fwltur bird with." 


Mmt I cndufCthU? 

Zch. Wherc'fi the gmtlevnan? 

Hifi. Go prcscniiy, pur<4JC the r^trangcr, ^bukm; 
He hiix bfnki^ frtim mc. Jmvek I luivc givtfn hint t 
Cbarfiic him with theft; he hu stoln my love, my 

freedom : \^^ 

Draw him berore the goxemor. Imprison hkttL 
Why dost thou sUy ? 

Z«^. I'll teach him a iww dance. 

For playing fast and 1oo»g wiih Auch a lady> — 
Cone, feltows. come. — I'll execute your anger, 
And to the fulL 

H^^ HFa scorn shall Icet my vengeance. 200 

A Srrfer. 


SuL Shall I never ace a Itn^ty man a^ain ? 

Jo. F^th, mistresa, 

Yo do so over-Iubocir em when you have 'cm. 
And MJ dry-founiler 'ctii. they cannot laaL 

SuL Where* the Frenchman? 

Ja. AUn he's all to fitters. 

And lies, taking the height of hi« fonunc with a 

^yrJrge ! 5 

He'a chined, he's chined^ good man ; he U a moumef. 

iV. What's become of the Danc^ 

/«. Who, goldy-locks? 

Hc'a foul i' the touch-bole, and rccc^b again ; 
Thr main-*ipring*i; wraVcmM That hold* up his cock ; 
He lies at the ;:i^n of the bun, to be new breech*d< 10 

5 dfy-f»tmdir\ To in«k up n licrtc. the prdii tfry* bnnc iaUO)Jv& See 

iu«d Mfeln & V. Ul, 91 of ihti pky. U a J/, /K, A\ U, 39, FaUaT bu 
"fduDOCMd ninc'«ean *n<] ■:^ p>iiil" 
4 aff UjUtfrA "i *>. all ifi jiii-rp^ fntmiTfift** (WA|. 


5«tA The Rutter, too, is ^onc 

/a. Oh. iliat vru s bnve rmscal ! 

He would labour like a thresher : but, aUf» 
\Vha( thing can ever l^ut ? he hjis been itl-mew'tl. 
And dniwn too snon ; [ ha\'c won him in the hoipjtAL 

SmJ. There was mi Knelishman. 

/a. Ay, ih^re ^va^ An Rngluthman ; l( 

Vou'll scant find any now to maWc that oaine ffood. 
There wcic those English, thai were rncn in<lcixi. 
And would perform like men ; but now they are 

vanbh d : 
They are :io taken up in their own country, 
And so beaten off their ?^|>ccd by their own wfomcn. SO 

When they come here they draw their legs like 

hackneys : 
Drink and their own devices hAve undone 'cm. 

Sirl I must have one tbAt'9 strong;.— no life in Lisbon 
else, — 
Perfect and young ; my custom with young ladies 
And high-fed oity-damci will f^ll and break cl*e ; t$ 

1 want m)'seTr, too, in mine age to nourish mc : 
They arc all sunk I maintained. — Now, whftt's this 

busine>^ ? 
What goodly fellow's tbet? 

EMtrr RUTILIO and OfFkcm. 

Rui, Why do you drag mc ? 

Pox o' yourjuiidcel let mc loose, 

FiTse Of, Not »o. sir. 

^vr, Cannot a man fall into one of your drunken 

cellars, }0 

And venture the breaking €>n\ neck, your tra|>-douT» 

But he ntu»t be UACd thU4 rascally ? 

First Off. What made >"wj wandering 

So late i' ^' ni|cM ^ ycnl know, that li tmprivofUIWIlL 

Rut. May be, 1 walk In my uleep. 

ti Rmii*r\ L& <Vn«titrMo|Wr|t«aip,fVB6«1 (WriL^ A« Iv /!« Vt^m^g 
Pntt^ I- nr, 

I J nf iiiiQ"! I [iHwfllrlrnrti rTJmiiinil trni tp Aa ifMn fta» 


Sfc, Off, May be, well waJk ye 

What nuidc ><ou wttixJcrii^. sir, into th^ vault, 3$ 

Where all the ctty-^torc- and the rnuniTlon lay ? 

HuL 1 fell into it by dunce; I brokemy ^ina fof't; 
Vour wor^hiiM (re! not that : [ knock'd my Head 
Against a hundred posu; woold yon bad h^d \X\ 
CafuhiI I break my neck in my own defence * 40 

Se€. Off. Thb will not serve ; you cannot put it 
on so: 
Yoor coming thither u-af to play the villain, 
To fire the powtkt. to blow up that part o' the city. 

Rut Ve«, with my no«e- Why were the trap-<kx>r« 
Might not yoo Tailor )^oii, had you gone that way? 45 

1 thought ycuT city haid :iunk. 

First Off. You did yoor best, sb, 

We must pferaroe, to help it into th' air, 
Ifyou call that sinking. We have tuk) you what's the 

lie that is taken there, unle« a mA^^ittate 
And hav*e oonnmand in that place* pfe>endy, 50 

If there be nothing fotiTKl apparent near him 
Worthy hi« torture or hU present death. 
MuM cither pay bts line fof his pvcsumptioo, 
(Wbirh i« «i^ hundred ditcatV) or for dx vear« 
Tuff at an oar i' th' galley:). Will ye walk, sir? 55 

For, we prciiutnc, you cannot pay the penalty. 

RuL Row in the galleyv^ after all thi^ mis<hief ! 

Sec Off, May be, you were drunk : they'll keep you 
sober time. 

RuL Tug at an oar ! >xiu are not airant raacab. 
To catch mc in a pit-fall, and betray me ' 60 

SuL A Iu6ty>ininded man. 

J4L A wondrofts abl& 

yL-mfnwagtm\ S^ felt,, wUcb ThwUM on^lmlr «li««d to "vate/ 
tAvwvd by Weber wid DyoL 
41 iif^ «/] ^ ^^ ^f unpiv *- Uc^-' 

tm«BaM«Mbb«nua, - A kind of ;np|i«c]r. IJSS tDj^). 

Jl JlwW tffmf/mf uMr Aim] smp tn «■■!« va«p 'V iimaoe ta Av- ^b/ 
/>£ L *. & ; **caM MH 70&" Cr«. IV. L 3M 7 *' If Li nsdi mc «■ i 

$4 Avaal neVcMtkadncitip i6eS tn« «Rr.h 4^ JUl 



Su/^ Pmy. gentlemen, allow mc but that liberty 
To -%])C-ik .1 frw worcK with your ptisf>ncr, 
And I shall ihank you. 

Firjt Off", Take your pleasure, Jady. 

Sul What would you give that woman should 
redeem yc, 65 

Redeem ye from this slavery? 

/fW. Ucaidca my service. 

I wmitd gtve her my whole ^elf; I would br her vat^^aL 

Ci/i/. She ha.-i reason to expect aa much, eonfiidennf^ 
The great sum ihc pays for'i ; yci take comfort : 
What ye shall do to merit thi«, i« eciKy, fo 

Aiut I will he the woman ^h^ll bcfrie^ml yc ; 
Tit; but to entertain fiooie handsome ladici 
An*l youriK fntT gentlewomen : you guess the way ; 
But giving of your mind 

/iitt. I am excellent at it ; 

Ycu cannot pick out »ueh another living. 75 

I understand yc: iVi not thus? [If^w^rx 

Stt/. Ye have it, 

Mtif. Bring me a hundred of "em ; ni de^atch em. 
I will be none but yours: should another offer 
Another way to redeem me^ ] should jcom it. 
What women you shall please: I am monstrous lusty, 80 
Not to be taken down ; would you have children ? 
ril j[et you ibow aa fast and t^ck a^ f1y-blow». 

5a(/ 1 adtnire him, wonder at htm. 

XkI- Harkyc, lady; 

You may require sometime* — [Wiisftrt. 

Snl Ay. by my faith. 

Rtif. Aiitl ytm hKhII Have it, by my £aith, and 
handsomely. — 85 

[Wjrl/r] This old ciit will suck shrcwiJIy. — You ha^c 

no daughters >— 
I iy at all — [AstW^] Now 1 am in my kingdom. 
Tug at an oar! no ; tug in a feather-bed. 
With good warm caudles; hang your bread and 

water !— 
I'll make you young again, believe that, lady ; 90 

Mijfy'SitKvyjfy'ttaMj. TruiC(ikj{7>«<|^ir, V. 3B4),4ftn the "iiJcVtc" uf 
A* pc«I, Myv, *'t iluU not for ftjr-Unnirie.^' Soi ihc vont nay «^ilE]p 


I wHl 30 rnibbifh you 1 

Sh/. Com^, Tollow, olKcer» ; 

Thts ^Qticnun is O'cc ; 111 pay the diic&ts. 

ftttt. Anri when you catch me m your city* 
Again, bojl itic uitb cabbage 

fi'rsf Off. You are both ^-am'd and arm'd, sir. 



A WW in HlPPOL\TA*3 A^wr. 

Enitr HippOI.VTa anJ T.r.'HQClk, t.cOFOrn Sthind, 

Z^. Will >'Our Iad>*ship we^ thb dresaini; ? 

^i)>. I-cd*^ ihy prating ; 

[ care not what I wear. 

ZcH. Yet 'tis my duly 

To know j'our plcft*urc, and my worst affliction 
To »cc you discontented 

Ni^ Weeping, too? 

Pnthcc, Ibrmnc mc : [am much diatcmpcr'd, 
And ipeak 1 know not u^at: to make thee atiwiKb, 
The gown that 1 wore v-cstcrday is thine. 
1^ it ^Intip A whilc 

Lfcp. Novr you perceiva 

And taste her bounty. 

Zfft. Much above my meriL 

l^iitf. But have }'ou rot yet found a bappy time 
To move for me? 

Ze^n. 1 have watdi'd alt occasions ; 

Bui hitherto ivithoui succds •- j^trt dotibt not 
But MI cmbr&CG Ihc first mcan«p 

Ltffp. Do, and prosper 

Excellent creature, who»: perfections make 

En-ch sorrow lovely, if your frown* thus take mc, 15 

9( fi-iiUfiA] Ut of ftturie, * tuJnr camipi-iai of—" furbbiL" CI A Adv 
mU n^ A'ittg, i. I jfi i '*cnidd[(3 for ''ciirilA* 

n* wtra'd— W *nn"rf." 
3 *fflfi-rf«] So ft and r)jT:c. Fl has *• flflcclioa/' follcnrfd bj Webei, vflo 

■tp U nw often vtwJ /pi " [uaalou." wid *' pwiitm ** /w "(ritl 


WliAt woufd your ^TiiilcH do^ 

//i/. Vox o' thi« ^talc courtship t 

U I have any powers— 

Ca>^. I am commanded ; 

Obedience U the lover's iiAcriliC4:. 
Which I pay gladly. [/fe retire. 

Hip. \asidf\ To be forced to wroo. 

Being a woman, could not but torment tx\^ : TO 

But bringmg for my advocates youth and beauty, 
Set off wfth wealt)^, and tlien to be ilenicd too, 
Doea comprehend all tortures. They flattered me 
That said my look-i were cha^m*^ my tnuches feiterev 
My loclci AOlt chuins to bind the amid of princes, tS 

And make them* in that ^^i&h*d-for bondage, h^ppy. 
I am, like other* of a oodr»er feature. 
As weak to allure, but in my dotage Mmnger : 
1 am no Circe; he, more than Vly^^^^ 
Scorns all my o/Tery bounties, flight* ray favours. 30 

And. as [ were 4ome new Egyptian, flfe^ me, 
Leaving no pawn, but my own shame behind him. 
But he --^hall find, that in my fcll w\"efige 
I am a woman ; one tliat never pardons 
The rude contemner of her pn)ffrrVj Avrcetnctf. 35 

Bnur Zauvlok. 

Za^, Madam/tisdonc, 

/ftp. What's done? 

2iS. The uncivil strar^r 

1« nt your suit arrested. 

f/ip Tfs well handled, 

ZtfA And under ^ard icnt to the yovernor ; 
With whom my testimony, and the favour 
He henn yuur I^tdyship, have *u prevailed, 40 

That he is sentenced — — 

//rA How? 

Za^, To lose hi* head. 

//j> Is that the cneaAs to quench the scorching heat 
Of my enn^cd dcftire* ? must innocence suffer, 
XTausc I am faulty? or [a my \ovc ao fatal, 

p »mt WW J^pT^Mft . . . ttfpomt} tvn lJk« Jne^ katnnic hi* £Uin«nt 


That of DeocMtty it noat destroy 45 

The oticct h most )or^ for ? Dull Htppolyta, 
To think that injurks OHiJd m»kc way for love. 
When coufteaci wrrc dofKial * that by his tkadi 
Tboo shottldst gain that, whkfa ooly thoa canst hope 

WUa ha Is fiviniE f My honour's ai the ciake now, 50 
And caanot be pttacnol. ualev be pcrUh. 
The enjoying of the tfah^ 1 tove, J cva 
Have pnjxd above my fame : wliy doubt I no«r« then t 
One onVy vay i« lelt me to redeem all — 
Make ready my caroch t 

Z^. What wfn yon. fBadam ? 

Htfi^ And yet 1 am Impatient of sodi atay. — 
Bind np nty hair^'fie. tie. while that b doni|f . 
T1»e law taay cease his life! Thus as i acMhcn, 
Not like Hip]H>]yta, but a bacchAiud, 
My frantic love tjanfiporu me. [MjnL 

L/gf. Sure, she's dtstribCtocL Co 

Zab. Pray yo«, follow her ; I will aJong with jtxj : 
[ more ihaJi guess the cause. Women that lox« 
Are movt uncertain ; and one minute crave 
What in another they rcfiiac to have. \ExtamL 


Bnttr CLODIO om-/ CiiakIKO, dUg^td. 

Clod. Assure thyself, Charino, I am alirr'd 
j'rom what J waj ; the tcmpcjts wc ha^t met with 

49 /wW] SollHWDadfbtiA^TW&MUB-'p*^-" 

55 ttrtik\ ooach. 

^ fmu Mt t^\ I fanv, vim W«hCT, |iii««nv«4 ""c^aa,** iV •mUu cf 
Fi. iluEi vnb bd«c ■jiniiiiij meA hi ui «cuw vimt (glaoleie ty 1^^ 
uin Timem^ Atktn^. ILL 16:'^ 

Wiib il^ dnki, nor tlwi «an«d, «c«.- 
Pi t«t4i " HM," mA Uw <|>ai«f^ is faviMt <i tiM, tW IoIIwMh oh<^ow 
■itphm o* Bifc»ftsa Of fi IP Act V, i«. u.^ 

Fust rMjVwn ha ? " 
6i iVy jwl Addf— Jipbaih Z^odaand Uppoid. See not 
^itc^J Added \ff Wcbc', 


In our uncertain voyage, were smooth ealeii 

Cofiipaicd toihosc the mcinor> ofmyTuil* 

RaircH in my conscience : and, if e'er again 5 

I live lo sec Zcnocla, I will sue 

Antl Mxk to her as a lover and a servant ; 

And not command affection like n tyrant. 

C^r. In hearinif this, you make me young again ; 
And Heaven, it seems, favouring this good chanj[c in 

ycHi. 10 

In sottinc of a period 10 our dangers, 
Gives us fair hopes to find that here in Lisbon, 
Which hitherto in vain we Ion;; have nought for 
I have ictcivcJ assured intelligence. 

Such strangers have been seen here ; and, though yet 1$ 
] c^nn^ ledm their fortunc^i nor the place 
Of their al>ode» I h;tve a soul pressges 
A fortunate event here. 

Odd. There have pasi'd 

A mututl interchange of courtesies 

Be t ween me i^nd ihc governor; therefore, boldly 20 

We may presume of him and of his power. 
If we find eau«c to use them ; otherwise, 
I would not be known here ; and these disguiws 
Will keep me from tli&covciy. 

£nt^ MaSUEL DU So^, Ihtr&r, ArNOLDO, amf Guard. 

Char. What arc the«? 

Ciod. The governor; with htm my rival, bound- 3$ 

Char. For certain. \\^ ArnoJdo. 

Ciod. Let'* attend 

What the auccew will be. 

Man. Is'i possible 

There lUiould be hope of his recovery, 
Hifi A^und<k !M many and ao deadly? 

D^L So they appear'd at 6r^ ; but, the blood ftopt, 30 
Hia trance forvxik him, and, <in better ,N=Jirch, 
We found they were not mortal. 

Man, Use all care 

7 jj*i ^ \ir\ S« iiciic ir. J,. |x sia Oodia's hope «» ^io 2«eodA hy 
hinudiHblE wil iRiRt to i^ihiic licr picviouft nturkfit to hModAtK 

jy JHHUJ) nuccHtioa, )ici)ueU«ii ofLcn,&c, Wiiti. T^, V li. 3^'*p4nDts 
. . . in who** maw * wtt art gtnite/' 


To perfect tbb unhoped-for cure ; that done* 
Propose youf owd nwards; and. till you sfa^ 
Hear farther fro<n mc» for soinc cods I haw, 
ConccTAl it rmm Iiik mother, 
/Ji9^. We'll not TjuL mt, [£ji^ 

//(M Vou still stand confident on yovr innocence? 
Ant. It k fny bttt and lu^ CUArd, ^hich I w\U 
LcftW. to rely on yodr nnccnain n>erc)-. 


Stier HtrPouvTA, ZABUt^K, Leopold, Zrnocia. 


folion- me ^ ^ 


Ma [/^Zlnoc) Who bade 
home : — and you. sti. 
As yog respect me, go with h«r. 

And in her house a ^ervaotl 

CWr. Tw my dat^htcr. 

[ZCMOCIA ywjffr/ avtr tk^ trag^, and exif itv'fJt 
Zabitlon aud SctvatntjL Leopold niir^s. 

Clod. My Uiw ]^ To Chari!VO] Contain j-our joy : 
obBcn'c the EcoucL 

Man. Fir, maiiam, hnv und^cent "tiv fivr )xm, 
So far unlike yourself, to be seen thui 
In th' open streets! why do >'0ii bnocl? pray you, 

1 am acquainted with ihc wrong and low 
You have sustained, and the delinquent now 
Standi ready fcr hti puni^hmcnL 

Hip. Let it fall. sir. 

On the offender : he \% innocent. 
And mo*t unworthy of ihcne boivl* he wears ; 
But 1 made up of guilt. 

Mam. Whal ^tnuige turn's this ? 

L4pp. \as%df\ This waa my prisoner onc«, 

//f>, Ifcha^tit)- 

In a young man, and tempted to the height too. 
Did c*cf deserve rcwaid oi ajdmiratiun^ 
He justly may clafm both. Love to hii person 
(Or, if you pIcaM:, ^ve it a fouler name) 
Compell'd me first to train hfm lo my hcusc; 






All engines J r^isf-d there lo fihake his virtue, 

Which tn the as^^uH were atetessj he Lnmovcd stilJ, 60 

As if he had no part orhuman frailty, 

Ag^iinst the nature of my kcx, almost 

J piky'd the ravinher. You misht have wen, 

In ouf comeniion, yourg Apollo fly, 

And love-sick Daphne Mlow: all art» failing, 65 

Py flight he wan the victory, breaking from 

My scom'd cmbraccfl. The repulse (in women 

UiiHufleratjlrfi iiiviltil iTie to practise 

A cneane to be revenged ; and from this grew 

Hi* accu^Ation, ;ind the sbuic ;o 

Of your stitlequal justice. My rafte ever 

Thanks heavers, though vranton, I found not myseir 

So far cngaj^ to hell, to prosecute 

To the death what I had plotted ; for thai love. 

That made me first dc«irr him, th^n urc«»;e him, 75 

CommUTida mc, wiUi tlic hazard of myself, 

Fir^T to entreat his pardon, then accpjit him. 

Mart. [Jo ArnoldO) Whatc'cf you are, so much J 
love your virtue, 
That I desire your friendship. — Do you untooM him 
From those bonds you arc worthy nf. Your repentance 80 
Make« par of satisfaction ; yet I mufit 
Severely reprehend you. 

Le^J*. [asidt-] I am ri:idc 

A stale on all parts ; but this fcilow shall 
Pay dejirly for her favour. 

Am, [ojidt] My life's so full 

Of varintK change*, that I now despair ^5 

Of any oertatn port ; one trouble ending, 
A new, and worse» succeeds it : what should i^cnocia 
Do in this woman's house? c*in chastity 
And hoi lu*^t dwell top^ethcr wiUjouI infection? 
[ would not be or Jealous or secure : 90 

Yet something must be done, lo sound the depth ont. 
That she lives ia my bliss; but living there, 

66 wot} So in IL iL ig. A.S> vitmartt put ^arm, f^it. wwiaai, Itw^- 
Uldpiinttil "won." 

J I tner TA'i/tJ^j ^itfnj So boih lilt, iniiili^ibl^ «fic>ughi but Th<*jbald 
0»*d hy The frthn cJd iJlcl^ » to " wy rttgt ttfr. {TAitmi y/flflp'^i 
tJttaagh wvfflHt /" tic, 
£j fTaJr] Dvcoy tocaichaiwbfrbinl, hrrr Who in ihc lenw uf " loot." 


A hell of toTmenU : chere's no way to her 
In whom I lii'C, but by this door, through which 
Tci me "tN dciith tii enter ; yet I must 
And will make trial. 

Sfan, Let mc hear no more 

Of these de^'icea, lady; thU I pAMon, 
And, at your Intercession. 1 forgive 
Your in«irumcnt the Jew too. Get you home. 
The hundred thousand cro^^oa )'Da lent the city. 
Toward* the ^JCtting forth of the last navy 
Bound for the l5)and*i. n-as a fcood then, which 
I balance with >'our 111 now. 

CAan [ Ttf CLODIO) Now» sir, to him ; 

You know my J;iughter ncedtt it. 

/fifi. I*et m« take 

A fArcwcll with mine eye, Mr, though my Eip 
Be barr'd the ceremony courtesy, 
And custom too^ allc^vs of 

Ara. G«ntLe m&dam, 

I neither em so cold nor to ill-bred. 
Bui that { diirc receive it Vou arc unguarded ; 
And let mc tcU you, that I am ashamed 
Of my laic rudeness 4nd would i^iadly therefore. 
If you pleue to accept my ready aen-icc. 
Wait on you to your housc- 

ffifi. [ast'di] Above my hope I 

[A/aktl] Stz, if an ftngcl were to be my convoy. 
He should not be more tvelcome. 

[&at with Arnouxx 

CM. Kou' you know mc- 

MafL Yes, «ir, snd honour you ; cvier rciTicmbcn'ng 
Your many bounties, betng ambitious only 
To give you cause to say, oy some one scrvioe, 
Th;»t I -am niA ungrateful. 

Ciod- 'tis now ofler'd : 

[ have a suit Co >'0u, and an easy one. 
Which ere lon^ you shall know. 

Man. When you thinlc Cit,$tr; 

And then m a command 1 will receive it : 







Till when, most welcome,— [7(J Charino.] You are 

welcome too, sir ; 
'TIS spoken from the heart, and therefore needs not 
Much protestation. — At your better leisure, 125 

r will inquire the cause that brought you hither ; 
In the mean time serve you. 

Clad, You out-do me, sir. [Exeunt, 



Scxnc I. 

A racm im the Doctor s kamu. 

Enter DUAATE dugpustid^ md Doctor. 

J)m. You have bcstoVd on me ft second lite. 
For which I ]xw your creature ; artd have bctter'd 
What nature framed unpcrfcct ; roy f-rd being 
Fnfoleni pride mad4* mon«rrou<i ; hoi xhh later 
In Icamini; mc to know cnyscU, hadi taught me 
Not to wrotf^^ others^ 

Iha. Then we live intktd. 

When wc can ^a to reit m-ithaut ^Umm 
Gtveo every mioute to a f^uill-fiick conscience. 
To keep u» waking, and rise In the morning 
Secure tn beir>E iROOceot : hut when. 
In the rcmcin^nce of our wonci aaiona, 
We e\«r bear about ua whip* and fuHeft 
To make the day a night erf' sorrow to U5, 
Even lifrX a burden, 

/?H. I have Toimd and felt it ; 

But wi\] cncEeavour, having first mode peace 
With those intestine enemies, my rude poscbons. 
To be M> with mankind. But, worthy doctor. 
Pray, if yon can, rei^Kx me, — wa*i the pcntlcman, 
That icn mc dead, e'er brought iinio his trial ? 

Av/. Nor known, nor apprehended. 

Ihi. That:! my grief, 

Dpct. Why, do you wifth he had been pucUh'd ? 

ft«. No; 

The fttriMrr of mv iTwoln lormw ninx not that tray ; 
For could I lind him« a.^ I s-ow to Heaven 
]i ^hall be my first care to ^eck him oiit, 
1 wou]<l with thank^'^ aclinowJcdge that his swoid, 

■Jw-itcl] Abided tj Uyrt^ 

4 ^.'ifi'lSolcJi. Thi»bAML!idihfi«nftltcn4ilto"lMltri*' 

7 oJWmwJ Fit tliend ic "abum' ta Fa. 



!Y 5« 

In oj>cnmg my veins v^hich proud blood poison'd, 
Gave the nr«t symptomi of true bcahh. 

DffC£. Ti9 m you 

A Chniitian rc^nJiition, That you live 
Is by the covcrnor'»H your uncIcV charffc 
As yet conocar<! ; ami ihough a tori's toss never 30 

Wa* solemniicd with more tear* of true sorrow 
Than Iidvc been p4i*l hy yuxir \n\Ci\ud]\\\ inuUier 
For your apposed death, «hc's not acquainted 
With your recovery, 

I>it. For tome few day*, 

I'ray, Jet Iicr so continue. Thus dhgiii«cd, JS 

r may abroad unknown, 

Dact AVtthout suspicion 

Of bcint{ discover'd- 

/>«. I am confident, 

No moisture sooner drie^ tban women's tears ; 
And therefore, though 1 know my mother virtuous. 
Yet bang one of that fiail sex, J purpose 40 

Her farther triflJ. 

/?«A That as you think fit ; 

I'll not betray you. 

Dm. To find out Ehi« stran^r. 

This tni* physician of my mind and manners, 
Were ^uch a blessing ! l-lc »ecm'd poor, and may, 
Peihaps be now in want : would I could find Wm I 45 

The inns Til search first, then the public «tews : 
He Wiis of Italy^ ^nd that country bieedH not 
Precisianfi thnt way, but hot libcflinefl; 
And such the mast are; 'tis but a little travail. 
I am unfurni^^'d too: pray, maitter doctor, 50 

Can you supply n^ ? 

Av/. With what «um you please. 

Du. [ will not be lon^ absent. 
Daa. That 1 wUb too ; 

Kor, till you have more strength, E would not have you 
To he iDo bold- 

Ih/, Fear not; 1 will beca;cftil [Esftfnf. 

jB .^'/j) So THrnbiM twifti«l, *i *hc tu^cr^tian of S jm uMin. — But* L'lC 
frjlmi hi«r "itiMi" whirfi Oilmtn irni wTwr r*ttiivrt tftiirTr'n allrjftil 
inuon for ranmlmcni li odf n( vTvn] mitaiico in [he iiky wtipre ^ht imlKn 
tkiive fnilcJ iu kccuic a[]c^u>ir> uT uiutlic iu ujppjit like iaLrfcudci uT ihdii pU*. 
"Hk Concnlrncnl, of cuuitc, ■> ruHy rc()mint 10 fjr>*iiTd thcibrtunauT RollUih 


Sczn IL-^ 


Afl dM^gcom En PortugaJ ; t hf ice vm ytmn 
KcHKd i» tte 0»Uey«» for tfanc«veimi mawkp ; 
Thmfb I ja oMMo e thai he h&i Axte « K ^j i^^tiI, 
AM scaped vtpmBmk'A. 

Yob Mt ktm odTso vdL— *Wbat vfU i^oa cake. «; 
To beat A klloir Cor mc, tbat db«s wnx^d mc? 
^nL To bat hhn^ «S]r yon > 

To art Im ^« or n^ ofiT; aoy lUvg 

Br^ Let nc flonadc* : 

Five h u pdred piitolrts im mxch a strvice, 
I tfunfc, vdc DO o^kr |jcnQ} wtvtiL 

Zs^, F1t« hu pdt eJ ! 

^Igr, :hcre arc of yocr brotbobood is tfe dty. 
in BttdCTUte. iball Idll ft aua for vwmty, 

S^ KOI bim ! I dMDk w ; IH JdQ 1115^ oua 



For half the money. 

L^^. And will you &s1c hiore 

Vox a sound beating thui a murder? 

Bra^ Ay, ?tir, 25 

And with good rcEuion ; for a dog that's dead. 
TIic Sp&ni^ih proverb "^^y^. will never bite ; 
But should [ beat or hurt him only, he may 
Recover, »nd kill me. 

Lecp, A good conclusion, 

I/Ij/i^J The obduracy of U^b rascal make? mc tender: 30 
Vll rtm Aome wilier couwc.— There's yoar reward, 
Without the employment \_Gtvcs m^n^. 

Bra. For that, a* yuu p1rei*i:, *ir. 

When you have noed to kill a man, pray, use me ; 
But I am out at beating. \Jlxit 

Z&b. What's to be done, then ? 

Lt^p^ ni tell thcc, Zabulon. And make thcc privy 35 

To my most dcAr designs. This stranger, which 
Hippolyta so dotca on, was mv prisoner 
When the last virgin 1 bestow d upon her 
Wa:* made my pn« ; bo^v he escaped, hereafter 
ni let thcc know; and it mny be. the love 40 

He bears the ^servant maEces him scorn the mistress, 

ZoJ>^ 'Tia not unlike ; for. tlie firal time ho ^aw tier. 
His looki exprcss'd *o much ; and. for more proor, 
Since be came to my lady 'a hnu:^, th<:mgh yet 
He never knew her, he hath practi^d with me 45 

To help him to a conference, without 
The knowledge of Hippolyta; which I promfied 

Leop. Andbya11mcar»j;>crformit, fortlicirmeotlnc;; 
Bui work it W3, (hat my diMhiinfid miHtraut 
(Whom, nolwithataiiding; iitl her injiLrics, ya 

*TJ> my hard fate tn love) may !<cc and hear them. 

Zttb^ To what end, sir? 

Ltop^ Thb, ^abulon : when ahc 90c» 

Who is her rival, and her lovers baseness 
To leave a princess for her bond-woman, 
The ttght will maki- her scorn what now she dotes on. JS 
I'll donbk thy reward. 

yr.*^. Yoti are likp to speed, then : 

Far, I confeiSt what you will soon beheve, 

55 v/ti!\ Sv ts, omiUcd in Ft, 


We serve Ihcm best thai arc moit apt to give. 
Fcjf yoa, ni pUcr ynu whrrr you ^hall see aU, 
And yet be unob«er\<ecl. 

tiif^ That I tlcsire toa [HtYiorii i^ 

scE»E itr 

,-1 r»7*« *W Hipi^i.vtVs kavu, witA « gfiiltty. 


AtH. \ cannot 5ce hrr yet. How it afflkts roc. 
The poison of this place ibould mix itself 

With her pure thoughu! Twos :^c Uut vras 


Or my C)-C3 fail'd me gro^ly ^ that >^uth, thai (ace. 
And al) that noble sweetness. M^y she not live here^ 
And yet be honcnt itiU ? 

Enifr /KHiCKlA, Mind. 

Z€n. [asidf] It is An»ldo. 

From all hb danger* free ! Porlure, I blcis ibcc 1 
My Aoble hnaboDd ! how my joy dwlls in me f 
Birt tvhy in thiK pUci^? what hu><inr«« hath he here? 
He cannot hear of me ; 1 am iK>t known here. 
I left him vntiK>iUL how I ^Sakc to thittk ituw, 
And how that jo>' I had cools aj>d foi^akes me \ 

Enifr, tthaw, Hifpoi.Vta and KARUfi>N. 

This lady U but fair ; I have been thought so^ 
Without compare admired She hjL% bewitched him. 
And he forgot 

Am, Tis she again ; tbc same. 

The SLome Zenocia \ 

Zab. There they arc together ; 

Now yini may mark, 

Htp. Pence ; let 'cm porky. 

Ant. Thai you arc well, Z^nocia, and once more 
Bless my despairing eye* with your wish'd presence, 
I tliank the godii; but l}iat f tncct you hcrr 

Hif. They arc acqMJnted- 

ZiA, I found that >ccrct, madam 





When you commanded her g»> home, I'ray, hear cm, 
/Ctn. That yfiu meet inc here! nr'cr bluth at ih^tt, 

Your coming comes too late: I am a u-oman ; 

And on« woman with another may be tnuted. 15 

Do you fear the houw ? 

Am. More iban a fear, 1 Irnow \t -, 

Know it not (food, not honest. 

Zrn What do yoii here, then \ 

V the name of virtue, why do you approach it? 

Will yoit confc:>s die doubl, ^nd yt^t pursue 11 f 

Where have your eyes been wandering, my Arnoldo } )0 

Wliiit cunsUncy, wiwi faith, da ytm call LhU? Fie. 

Aim at one wanton mark, and wound another 1 

LKOJ'OMi //diTw itttnsfl/utiieett ffeitnp. 

I do confess the Udy fair, moKt beauteous. 

And able to betray a strong man'& liberty : 

\\\i\ v'ou that have ;i love, a wife yoM do well 35 

To dca! thu4 wisely wiifi mc. Yet, Amoldo. 

Since you arc ptea*cd to <tuHy a new heaut}\ 

And think thb old and ill, beaten with misery, 

Study a nobler way. for ^harne, to leave me : 

Wrong not her honcjily 

/f m, Vuti have confirmed mc- 40 

iT^ji. Who, though she be your wife, will never 
hinder you ; 

So much I rc^t a servant to your vrlfihes, 

And love your loves, though they be my destructions. 

No man lihall know me, nor the share [ have fn thee ; 

No eye auspc<:t I am able to prevent you : 45 

For xinre I am a slave to thi« great Ifidy. 

Whom I perceive you follow 

14 t^/tiinigl 1 Iavc latufcd ilic ici»liri|; of the TiIl. wtiii'.Ti 7*1ic(iUiIi! pcinlcd 
(ttiQiEiflh ho tu£R?t^ **<ioining[ *' iri » twit), DfdirTnng Lhc simplicity of 
''oominE ooans^^ tc* iht ir^^icnev of CvlrurK jilimiinn, ''(vnnin^, M 
vhich he icvlu tuppor in'Mnl thai wiHiy vithin«,"l. j6, Mmin Tkini>lenJb 

btotpma "Dimiinf u '' jow prrtfrfm ot Lniii^ailoTt xK mrclinc mr her* 
comet loo bio 10 docdvc mC'" 

13 Aim ef , . . v^/i/ff OfvfAf] fi^ timJnc %i vuioa love vith lltppolyta 
jr«u wound LFi^her wtto^itn, 

3^ /ATtH mj) Sa Theobald. HI Sewttd'B ■untMion, foil I7 UdcL 1778 and 
l^ycp, r»r '* Ifivf iBf " of rliff fuU. W«l-n. '■ low btr/' 


Am. B« not blinded. 

Zm. Forttinc ahall make nte uMful to your service : 
] will i;peak for yoa 

Am, Speak for mc \ yon wrong me. 

Z*/!!, f will endeavour all the way« 1 am able, 50 

To make he* think well of you ; — will ihat p)ea^ ? — 
To make her tloie upon you, dote to miclncis. 
So far against myficlf I will obey you ; 
Rat when that'K done, Mtd I havr ^hrw'd thtt duty, 
This Rrcat obcdtcnoc (few will buy it at my price), 55 

Thu?i will I shjikc hand.^ with yoD, wish you well, 
Bnt never sec you more, nor receive comfort 
From any ihint:, Ainoldo. 

Arm. You are too tender; 

i neither doubt you. nor desire longer 
To be a man, and live, than I am hoocBi, da 

And only your:! : our infinite afTcctioni 
Abused us both. 

^a^. Where an: your favours now > 

The cottrtraie?! you ^1lew'd thtn stranger, ina<bun ? 

//j^. Have 1 now found the cau^ ^ 

Ztf^. Anend it further. 

Z^M, D7d she invite you, do you aay ? 

Am, Most cunningly ; 65 

And with a prepa