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Full text of "The Works of the Poets of Great Britain and Ireland"

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ROSCIUS deceased, each high afpirmg pl''y'r • 
Poih*d al! his int'reft fi»r the vacant chai:. 
The buflcinM heroes of the mimic ftagc . 
Ko longer whine in tove, and tant in rage ; 
The monarch quits his throne, and condefcenJs 
Humbly to court the favour of his friends : 
For pity^s fake tells undefervM midiaps. 
And, their applaufe to gain, recounts his claps. 
Thus the victorious chiefs of ancient Rome, 
To vnn the moby a fuppliant^s form afllime, 
In pompous ftrain fight o*er th* extinguJib'd war, 
And fliew where honour bled ia ev*ry fear. 

But though bare merit njight in Rome appear 
The ftrongeft plea for favour 'tis not here ; 
We form our judgment in anodicr wjy j 
And they will bdt fucceed, who beft can pay : 
Thofc, who would gain the votes of Britifli tribes, 
Mttft add to force of merit, force of bribes. 

What can an aStor give ? in ev'ry age 
Caih hath been rudely baniih'd foom the ftage ; 
Mooarcbs themfelves, to grief of ev'ry player. 
Appear as often as their image there : 
They can't, like candidate for other feat. 
Pour feat of wioe, and mountains raife of meat 
Wine ! they could bribe you with the world as foon, 
Andof roaft beef, they only knowthe tune : 
But what they have they give, could Clive domore. 
Though for each mlUioo he had brought home four ? 

Shoser keeps open houfe at Southwark fair. 
And hopes the fiiendtof humour will be there } 
In Smlthfield, Yates prepares the rival treat 
For thofi: who langhter love, inftead of meat ; 
Foote, at Old Houfe, for even Foote will be^ 
In felf-conceit, an ador, bribes with tea ; 
Which Willdnfoa at fecond-hand receives. 
And at the New, pours water oo the leaves. 

VpL. Vill. 

I The town divided, each nms fev*ral ^yU 
Aspaffion, humour, int*lreft, party fwajrs. 
Things of no moment, colour of the hair, 
Shape of a leg, complexion brown or fiir, 
A dreft well chofen, or a patch mifplac'd, ^ 
Conciliate favour, or create diftafte. 

From galleries loud peals of laughter rail. 
And tliundcr Shuter's pnufe»-^he's fo dro/1, 
Emhox'd, the ladies muft have fomethlng fmorty 
Palmer! Oh 1 Palmer tops thejanty part. 
Seated in pit, the dwarf, with aching eyes, 
Looks up, and vows that Barry's out of fire ; 
Whilft to fix feet the vig'rous ftripling grown. 
Declares that Garrick is another Coan. 

When place of judgment is by whim fupply'J, 
-And our opinions have their rife in pride ; 
When, in difcourfing on each niimicelf, 
We praife and cenfure with an eye to fclf 5 
All muft meet friends, and Ackman bids as fair 
In fuch a court, as Garrick, for the chair. 

At length agreed, all fquabbles to decide, 
By fome one judge, the caufe was to be try'd ; 
But this their (quabbles cii afrefh renew, 
Whofhould be judge ia fuch a trial : Who ? 

For Johnfon fume, but Johnfon, it was foarM, 
Would be too grave ; and Sterne too gay appeared : 
Others for Fran'cklin voted ; but 'twas luuAira, 
He ficken'd at all triumphs but his owii : 
For Colman many, but the peeviih tongue 
Of prudent Age found out that he was young s 
For Mui^hy fome fiifrirg wits declar'd, 
Whilft Folly dappM her hands, and Wifdom (br'd. 

To mifchicf train'd, e'en from his mother's womb, 
Grown old in fraud, tho' yet in manhood's bloom. 
Adopting arts, by which gay villains riic. 
And reach the heights which honeft men defpife ; 
iVfute at the bar, and in the fenate loud. 
Dull 'nx>ngft the dulleft, proudeft of the provd ; 
A pert, prim, prater of the nor them race. 
Guilt in his heart, and famine in hi^ face, 


Stood forth ;— and thrice be wavM hji lllly hand— 
And thrice he twirlM his tye— thrice llrok*d his band.— 

<< At lnendfliip*fl call (thus oft with trak*nNis ma, 
Men, void of ^th* ufurp faith*s facred name) 
^* At Friendihjp*s call I come, by Murphy fent» 
** Who thus by me developet his intent. 
^< But lefty tran^Cd^ the fpirit (hoold be lofty 
*« That fpirit which in ftorms of JUet'Hc toft, 
*' Bounces about, and flies like bottled beer, 
^' In his own words his own intentions hear. 

<< Thmks to my ftiends.— But to vile fortunes bom, 
" No robes of fur thefe (boulders mttft adorn. 
** Vain yoorapplaufe, no aid from thence I draw ; 
•* Vabi alt my wit, fbr what is wit in law f 
** Twice (cursM remembrance !) twice 1 ftrore to gain 
^* Admittance *mongft the law-inftruded train, 
** Who, in die Temple and Gny*s-Inn, prepare 
** For client! wretched feet the legal fnare t 
^* Dead to thofe arts which poliih and refine, 
'< Deaf to all worth, becaufc that worth was mjtif 
** Twice did thofe blockheads fbrtle at my name, 
** And foul rejeAion gave me up to fhame. 
« To laws and lawyers then I bad adieu, 
** And plans of hr more lib*ral note putfue. 
« Who will may be a judge— 1^ kindling bieaft 
** Bums fbr that chair which l^ofcius once poflefi*d. 
** ^rrr give your votes, your }nt*reft^e exert, 
<< Artd let fucceft fbr 9tice attend defert.** 
4 With (leek appearance, and with ambling pace. 
And, type of vacant head, wnth vacant face, 
The Proteus Hill put in his modefl plea,— 
«< Let'Favour fpeak fbr others, Worth fur me.** 
For who, like hun, his various powen could call 
Into fo many (hapes^ and (hine in all ? 
Who could (6 nobly grace the naotley lift, 
Affert hifpiffor, doffttf hotamft t 
Knows any one fowttl— fure no one knowsr— 
At once to/Ar;, frefniU, cmpotmdf etmpcft f 
Who can— but Woodward came,— Hill flipp*d away, 
Melting, like ghofts, before the rifing day. 

• With that /np Cunning, which in fcnlsfuppUes, 
And amply too, the place of being wife. 

Which Nature, kind, indulgent parent, gave 
To oualify the blockhead fbr a knave \ 
Wim ^axfuMtk Falfliood, whofe appearance charms. 
And reafoo of each whollbme doubt difarms, 
Which to the loweft depths of gtiile defcends. 
By vileft means purfues the vilcft ends. 
Wean firiendfhip*s maik fbrpurpofet of fpite, 
Fawns in the day, and butchers in the night ^ 
With that msBgnanf Envy, which turns pak, 
And fickens, even if a friend prevail. 
Which merit and fuccefs purfues vnth haie> 
And damns the wordi it cannot imitate ; 
With thec«/i/Catttioa of a Goward*sfpkiefl,* 
Which fbn not guilt, but always feeks afcreesy 
Which keeps this maxim ever b her inew-^ 
What*s hajify done, ibould be done ftfify too } 
With that </«//, rtoiedf caiiotu Impudoice, 
Which, dead to ihame, and ev*ry ni^ fimfe, 
Ne'er blufh'd, unlefs, hi fpreading Vice's fbares, 
She blundered on fome virtue tmawara i 

* This fevere character was intended fbr Mr. Fid- 
patrick, a perfonwhohad rendered himfelf remarka- 
ble by his adivity in the play-houfe riots of 1763, 
relative to the taking half prices. He was the hero 
•f Gairick's Fribbleriad« £. 

Widiall diefe bleffings, whkh we Arldom find 
Lavifh'd by nature on «w happy mind, 
A motley figure, of die Fribble tribe, 
M^ch heart can fcarce conceive, or sen defkrfber 
Camefiup^rmg on ; to afcertain whole fex 
Twelve, fage, impmmelPd matrons would perplex. 
Nor wude^ noftfmalt \ neitker, and yet both i 
Of tu^er genicTt though of Irj^ growth ; 
A fix •foot fuckling, mincing in ks gait j 
AfTefbd, peevifli, prim, and delicate j 
Fearful it feem*d, tho' of athletic make. 
Left hmtal brtnei (hould too roughly (hake 
Its tender form, uAfavage motion fpread, 
0*erfVi pale cheek, the horrid manly red. 

Much did it talk, in frr own pretty phnie, 
or genius and of tafte, jof play'n and plays ; 
Much too of writings, which irfe/f had wrote. 
Of fpecial merir, tho* of litde note j 
For Fate, in a ftrange humour, had decreed 
That what it wrote, none but irfe/f ihould read ; 
Much too it chatterM of dramatic laws, 
Misjudging critics, and mifplac'd applaufe. 
Thai, widi a felf-complacent jutting air, 
It fmN, it jmrk*di it writgUd to the cAarr 5 
And, with an aukvmd bri/knefs not its own, 
Lookuig around, and ferl^ on the throne, 
Triumphant feemM, when that ftrange favage dame. 
Known but to few, or only known by nnme, 
PIsfn Common Senfe appeared, by Nature there 
Appointed, with plain Truth, to guard the chair. 
The pageant faw, and blafted with her fh>wn, 
TofTi foft ftate of nothing melted down. 

Nor fhall the Mufe (fbr even there the pride 
Of diis vain mtJiittg fhfll be mortified) 
Nor fhall the Mufe (ihould Fate ordnn her rimes^ 
Fond, pleafing thought I to live in afber-times) 
With fuch a tnfler*s name her pages bkit ; 
Known be the charaAer, the ri^ (on^ % 
Let it, to dilappoint each future aim, 
JJvexvitkout jexf and die witimt a mame ! 

Cold-blooded critics, by enervate fires 
Scarce hamraer*d out, when Nature's feeble fires 
Glimmer'd their isA ; whofe fiuggiA bkiod haJ£ 

Creeps laboring thro* tiEe veins ; whofe heart iie*cf 

With fancy-kindled heat ;— a fcrvUe race. 
Who In mere want of fault, all merit place ; 
Who blind obedience pay to ancient fchods. 
Bigots to Greece, and (laves to muffy rules $ 
With fblemn coniequence declar*d that none 
Could judge that caufe but Sophocles alone. 
Dupes to thdr fancied excellence, the crowd, 
Obfequkms to the fibred dictate, bow'd. 

When, from amidft the duong, a youth fh>od^ 


Unknown his perfon, not unknown his worth } 
His look befpoke applaufe ; alone he flood. 
Alone he fbeinmM the mighty critic flood. 
He talk*d of ancients, as the man becme 
Whopris*dourown, but envied not their fame) 
With noble rev'rence fpokeof Greece and Romcy 
And fcora'd to tear the laurels from the tomb. 

** But more than juft to other countries grown» 
** Muft wetum bafe apofUtes to our own ? 
« Where do thefe words of Greece and Roiac 

<< That Eoghod nay not pleafe the or » wtU ? 


" Whii nugiitjr magic'i in the place or air, 

« That all perfeftion needs muft centre there ? 

<* In ftate*, let (bangers be preferred ; 

" Id ftate of letters nierit ihould be heard. 

*' Gemos is of no country, her pare ray 

** Spieads all abroad, as general as the day ; 

** Foe to reftramt, from place to place ihie fUeSy 

** And may hereaiter e*en in Holland rife. 

" May not (to give a pleafing fancy lcope» 

^ And chear a patriot heart with patriot hope) 

** May not (bme great extenfive Genius raife 

** The nvne of Britain *bove Athenian praife ; 

*< And, whilft brave thirft of fame his boforo warmsy 

*< Make England great in lett^r^ as in anhs } 

« There may — there hath — and Shakcfpeare^s mufe 

** afptres 
" Beyond the reach of Greece : with native fires 
" Mounting alof^, he wings his airy flight, 
« While Sophocles below fbnds trembling at hb 
" hdght. 
«* Why fhould we then abroad for judges ibam^ 
*' When abler judges we may find at home ? 
" Happy in tragic and in comic pow'rs, 
*' Have we not Shaktfpeare ,? — ^Is not Jonfon ours ? 
'* For them, your natural judges Britons, vote j 
*<They*ll judge like Britons, who like Britons 
He faid» and c(mquer*d— Senfe refum'd herfway> 
Aad cfiiappointed pedants ftalk*d away. 
Shakefpeareand Jonfon whodcferv*d applaufe^ 
Jotnt.judges were ordainM to try the caufe. 
Mean-time the (banger ev'ry voice employed, 
To aflc or tell his name— Who is it .*— Lloyd. 

Thus, when the aged friends of Job ftood mutCi 
And, tamely prudent, gave up the difpute, 
Elibn, with the decent warmth of youth. 
Boldly (tcod (atth the advocate of truth ; 
Coofbted faUehood, and difabled pride, 
yfhM baffled age ftood fnarUng at his fide. 

The djy of tryaPs fix'd, nor any fear 
Lett day of tryal (hould be put off here. 
Caniea but feldom for delay can call 
In courts where forms are few, fees none at all. 
The momtog came, nor findl that the Sun, 
As he on other great events hath done, 
Pat on a brighter robe thin what he wore 
To go hb journey on the day before. ^ 

FftU m the centre of a fpacioos plain, ^ 
Oo plan entirely new, where nothing vauii 
Nothing magnificent appeared, but Art 
With decent nwdefty performed her part^ 
Ro(ea tribimal : frcun no oth^r court 
It borrowM ornament, or fought fupport : 
No juries here were pack*d to kill or clear, 
No bribes were taken, nor oaths broken here i 
No gownfinen partial to a client's cauie, 
To their own purpofe tun*d the pliant laws. 
Each judge was true and fteady to his truft. 
As Mansfield wile, and as old Fofter * juft. 
In the firft feat, in robe of various dyet^ 
A noble wUdnefs fia(hing from his eyes. 
Sat Shakefpeare.-— In one hand a wand he bore. 
For mighty wonder ^mi*d in days of yore } 
The omer held aglobe, which to his will 
Obedient tum*d> and own'd the maftcr*s (kill : 

* Sir Michael Fofter^ jone of the Judges 9f the 

Things of the nobleft kind his genius drew, 

And look'd thro' Nature at a (ingle view x, 

A loofe he gave to his unbounded foul. 

And taught new lands to rife, new feas to roll ; 

Call'd into being fcenes unknown before. 

And, pafiing Nature's bounds, was fomcthing more. 

Next Jonfon fat, in ancient learning train'd. 
His rigid judgment Fancy's (light reftrain'd, 
Corrc^ly prun'd each wild luxuriant thought, 
Mark'd out her courfe, nor fpar'd a glorious faul^ 
The book of man he read with niced arti 
And ranfack'd all the iecrets of the heart j 
Exerted penetration's utmoft force. 
And trac'd each paflion to its proper fource j 
Then ftrongl^ mark'd, in liveUeft colours drew. 
And brought each foible forth to public view. 
The coxcomb felt a la(h in ev'ry word, 
And fboh, hung out, their brother fix>ls deterr'd. 
His comic humour kept the world in awe. 
And Laughter frtghten'd Folly more than Law. 

But, hark ! — the trumpet founds, the crowd give 
And the proce^on comes in juft array. 

Now (hould I, in fome fweet poetic line^ 
Offer op incen(b at Apollo's (hrine | 
Invoke the Mufe to quit her calm abode. 
And waken mem'ry with a (leeping ode. 
For how (hould mortal man, in mortal vcrfc. 
Their titles, merits, or their names rehearfc ? 
But give, kind DuUnefs, memory and riiiie> 
We'll put off Genius till another time. 

Firft, Order came, — with folemn ftep, and (low. 
In meafur'd rime his feet were taught to go. 
Behind, from time to time, he caft his eye. 
Left This (hould quit his place. That ftep awry. 
Appearances to fave his only care { 
So things fccm right, no matter what they are. 
In him his parents faw themfelves renew'd> 
Begotten by Sir Critic on Sahtt Prude. 

Then came dntmp trumpet y hautlxiyy fiddle^ fiutt \ 
'^txtfnuffcrt fwteffft Jhifiery foidiert mutt : 
Legions of angels all in w/iite advance ; 
Furies, aU/re, come forward in a dance $ 
Pantomime figures then are brought to view, 
Fools hand in hand with fools, go two by two. 
Next came the treafurerof either houfe j 
One with full purfe, t'other with not a fous. 
Behind, a group of figures a^^^e create, 
Set off with all th* impertinence of ftate ; 
By lace and feather confecrate to fame. 
Expletive kings, and queens without a name. 

Here Havard, all ferenr, in the fame (farains. 
Loves, hates, and rages, .triurophs, and com^ 

plains ; 
His eafy 'vacant face proclaimed a heart 
Which could not feel emotions, nor impart. 
With him came mighty Davies. On my life, 
That Davies hath a very pretty wife :-^ 
Statefinan all over !•— In plots farooui grown !— • 
He mouths a fcntcnce, as curs mouth a boni*. 

Next Holland came.— -With truly tragic 'ftalk, 
He creeps, he flies.— A hero (hould not walk. 
As if with heav'n he warr'd, his eager eyes 
Planted their batteries againft the (kics ; 
Attitude, a^^ion, air, paufe, ftart, figh, groan, 
He borrow'd, and madeufe of as his own. 
By fortune thrown on any other ftage, 
He might, perhaps, J^ave plea&'d m f afya^e ^ 


But now appears a copy and no roorcy 
Of fomcthing better vrc have fccn before. 
The aGtor who would build a folid fame. 
Mud imitation^s fervilc arts dlfclaim j 
Aft fromhin^fclf, on his own bottom ftind $ 
I hatee*en Garrick thus at fecond-hand. 

Behind came King.— Bred ^p in modeil lore» 
Bafliful and young he fought Hibernians (horc y 
Hibemla, fam'd, 'bove ev'ry o.hcr grace, 
FormatcWefs intrepidity of lace. 
From "her his features caught thegen'rous flame. 
And bid defiance to all fcnfe of fhame. 
Tutor*d by her all rivals :o furpafs, 
•Mongft Drury's fons he ccme., and fhlnes in Brafs. 

Lo Yates ! — Without the lead finciTc of art 
He gets applaufc — I wifli he'd get his part. 
When hot impat'ence is in full career, 
How vilely «* Hark'e ! Hark'e !" grates the car ? 
Wh^ aftive fancy from the br.iin is fent, 
And flands on tip-toe for fome wiftj'd event, 
1 hate thofc carclcfi blunders which recall 
Sufpended fenfe, and prove it fidlion all. 

In characters of low and vulgar mould, 
Where Nature's coarfcft features we behold, 
Where, deditute of ev'ry decent grace, 
Unraanner'd jcfts arc blurted in your face, 
There Yates with juflice ftrift attention draws, 
Afts truly from himfelf, and gains applaufe. 
But when to pleafc himfelf or charm his wife. 
He aims at fomething in politer life. 
When, blindly thwarting Nature's ftubbom plan, 
He treads the ftage, by way of gentleman. 
The clown, who no one touch erf" breeding knows. 
Looks like Tom Errand drefs'd in Clincher's 

Fond of his drefs, fond of his perfon grown, 
Laugh'd at by all, and to himfelf unknown. 
From fide to fide he Itruts, he fmiles, he prates. 
Aw* fccmt to wonder what's become of Yares. 

Woodward, cndow'd with various tricks pf face. 
Great mafter in the fcience of grimace, 
From Ireland ventures, fay'rite of the town, 
Lur'd by the pleafing profpeft of renown ; 
A fpeaking Harlequin, made up of whim, 
He tvrifts, he twines, he tortures ev'ry limb. 
Plays to the eye with a mere monkey's art. 
And leaves to fcnfe the conqueft of the heart. 
We laugh indeed, but on rcfledllon's birth. 
We vwwider at ourfelves, and curfe our mirth. 
His walk of parts he fatally mifplac'd. 
And inclination fondly took for taite j 
Hence hath the town fo often feen difplay'd 
Beau in burlefque, high life in mafquerade. 

But when bold wits, not fuch as patch up plays. 
Cold and correct, in thefe infipid davs, 
3ome comic charafter, ftrong featur d, urge 
To probability's extremeft verge, 
Where modett judgment her decree fufpends. 
And for a time, nor cenfpres, nor commends^ 
Where critics pan': determine on the fpot. 
Whether it is in Nature found or not, 
There Woodward fafcly (hall his pow'rs exert, 
Nor fiul of favour where he flie^ys defert. 
Hence he in Bobadil fuch praifes bore, 
3uch worthy praifes, Kitely fcarce had more. 

By turns transform'd into all kinds of fliipes, 
Qwnltant to none, Foote hu^hs, cries, ftruts and 
fcrapes } 

Now m the centre, now in van or rear, 
The Proteus (hifts, Bawdf Parfon^ AuEl'vyneer, 
His (Irokes o{ humour, and his burfts o^ ^port» 
Are all contain'd in this one word, Dtfl^t, 

Doth a man ft utter, look a-fquint, or h'ilt f 
Mimics draw humour out of Nature's faulty 
With perfonal defers their mirth adorn, 
And hang misfortunes out to public fcom. 
E'en I, whom nature caft in hideous mould, 
>Vhom, having made, (he trembled to behold^ 
Beneath the load of mimicry nuy groan. 
And find thnt Nature's error are my own. 

Shadows beliind of Foote and Woodward cazn4 
Wilkinfon this, Obrien was that name. 
Strange to rebte, but wonderfully true. 
That even ihadows have their fhadows too ! 
With not a fingle comic pow'r cndu'd. 
The firil a mere mere mimic's numic flood^ 
The laft by Nature fbrm'd to pleafe, who ~ 
In Jonfon's Stephen, which way Genius gnyws j 
Self quite put off, affe^, with too much «rt» 
To put on Woodward in each mangled part \ 
Adopts his fhrug, his wink, his flare ; nay. 
His voice, and croaks j for Woodward croak. *« 

When a dull copier fimple grace negle^. 
And rcfts his imitation in defe£b, 
We readily forgive } but fuch vile arts 
Are double guilt in men o( real parts. 

By Nature form'd in her perverfcfl mood. 
With no one rtquifite of art endu'd. 
Next Tackfon came.— Obfcrve that fettled glare* 
Which better fpeaks a puppet than a player j 
Lifl to that voice— did ever Difcord hear 
Sounds fo well fitted to her untun'd ear ? 
When, to enfbi:ce fome very tender part, 
The right-hand fleeps by indtind on the hearty 
His foul, of every other thought bereft. 
Is anxious only where to place die left} 
He fobs and pints to foothe his weeping fpoufe* 
To foothe his weeping mother, turns and bofws« 
Aukward, embarrafs'd, ftiff* without the (kill 
Of moving gncefolly, or ftanding ftill. 
One leg, as if Aifpicious of his brother, 
Defirous feems to r\m away from t'other. 

Some errors, handed down from aee to age. 
Plead cuftom's force, and ftill pofTeJs the ftage. 
That's vile — Should we a parent's faults adore. 
And err, bccaufe mir fathen err'd before ; 
If, inattentive to the author's mind. 
Some adors made the jeft they could not find. 
If by low tricks they marr'd fair Nature's miefi« 
And biurr'd the graces of the fimple fcepe* 
Shall we, if reafon rightly is employ 'd, 
Not fee their f mlts, or feeing not avoU ? 
When Falftaffftjnds dete£led in a lye. 
Why, without meaning, rolls Love's glafTy eye f 
Why ? — ^There's no caufe — at leaft no caufc we 

It was the fafhion twenty years ago. 
Faihion, a word which knaves and fods may ofe 
Their knavery and folly to excufe. 
To copy beauties, forfoits all pretence 
To famc^-to copy faults, is want of fcnfe. 

Yet (tho' in fome particulars he fails. 
Some few particulars, where Mode prevails) 
If in thefe hallow'd times, when fobcr, (ad, 
All gentlemen ar; nKlancholy mad, 


1^ not deem*d fo grtat a cnme by half 
Toviolite a veftal, as to laugh, 
Rb^ mlrdi may hope pxefuxnptuoas to engage 
An a£taf Toleration for the tlflgc, 
Asl caortiers will, like reafonable creatures, 
Ss%»i vzm faihJoa, and unTcrew their features, 
<^ Fil&aff, playM by Love, llull pleafe once more, 
Aai hamror fex the audience m a roar. 

Adors Tvc (ecn, 2nd of no vulgar name, 
Wbfr, being trom one part podefs'd of fame, 
^^l^ther they are to laugh, cry, whine, or bawl, 
S£l iatroduce that ^'ritc part in all. 
Here, Lore, be cautious — ne*er be thou betray *4 
T» cjH ia th^ wag FalftaiTs dangerous aid i 
LStc Gochs of old, howc'er he fceras a friend. 
Hell Coze that throne, you wiih him to defend. 
Is a peculiar mould by Humour caft, 
F«r Falftjir fram'd — Himfelf, the firft and laft— 
He ftands aloof from all'— maintains his (late, 
Aad fcoms, like &afmrftf to adunilate. 
Yaa all dUguiic— too plain we fee the trick, 
Tbo' the Knight wears the weeds of Dominic, 
Aad Booif jce, difgrac'd, betrays the fmack, 
Is Afloo Domini, of FalftafTs fack. 

Arms CTofs'd, brows bent, eyes fix*d, feet march- 
tog (low, 
A 'bond of nialecoQtents with fpleen overflow ; 
Wrapt In cooceit*s hnpcnetrablc fog, 
Wtech pside, like Phoebus, draws from eT*ry bog. 
They corfe the Managers, and curfe the Town, 
Whde partial ^vours keeps fuch merit down. 

BfA if Ibtne man, more hardy than the reft, 
SlKnld dare attack chefe g/tatimgs iQ their neft 3 
At oBce they rife with impotence of rage, 
Whet thdr (mall ftings, and buzz about the ftage. 
** Tis breach of privilege ! — Shall any dare 
<* To arm fatyric truth againft a player ? 
** PrcfcriptiTe rights we plead time out of muid \ 
** Adors, unlaih*d therofclves, may lafh man- 
«< kind.*' 
What ! (hall opinion then, of Nature free 
And liberal as the vagrant air, agree 
To raft in chains like thefe, imposed by things 
Whici&y leii than nothing, ape the pride of kings j 
Ko— chough half-poets with half-players join 
To curie dbe freedom of each honeft line ; 
Thoqgh rage and malice dim their ^dcd cheek ; 
What the mufe freely thinks, fhe'll freely fpeak. 
Wkb juft d*5fdain of ev*ry paltry fneer, 
Suain^cj alike to flattery and fear, 
la pwpofe ftxM and to herfelf a nile. 
Public cootempt (hall wait the public fool. 

Aoftin would always gliften in French (ilks, 
Adunan would Norris be, and Packer Wilks. 
For who, like Ackman, can with hunxmr pleafe ; 
Who can, like Packer, charm with fprightly eafe ? 
Higher than all the reft, fee Branfby ftrut: 
A Bs^ty Gulliver in L*llipu( ! 
Lodsooos Nature ! which at once could fhew 
A man (b vety high, fo very low. 

If 1 fiirget thee, Blakes, or if I fay 
Aught huitfiil, may I never fee thee play. 
Let cridc, with a fupercilious air. 
Decry thy various merit, and declare 
Tiavhmaa is (till at cop ;— but fcorn that rage 
Which, in attacking thee attacks the age. 
Fieach follies, univerfally embraced, 
M ^oce profoke our xpitth, and form our taft^. 

Long, from a nation ever hardly us^'d. 
At random cenfur'd, wantonly abus'd. 
Have Britons drawn their fport, with partial view 
Formed gcn'ral notions from the rafcal few 5 
Condemn d a people as for vices known. 
Which, from their country banifh'd, feekourowa. 
At length, however, the flaviih chain is broke. 
And Senle awakened, fcoms her ancient yoke ; 
Taught by thee, Moody, we now leam to raifc 
Mirth from their foibles, from their virtues, praife. 
Next came the legion, which our Sunmer Bayes, 
From alleys, here and there, contrived mraife, 
FluHi'd with vaft hopes, and certain to fucceed 
With Wits who cannot write, and fcarce can read. 
VecVani no more fupportthe rotten caufe, 
No more from Elliotts worth' they reap applaufe j 
Each on himfelf determines to rely, 
Be Vates dift>anded, and let Elliot fly. 
Never did play*rs fo well an author fit. 
To Nature dead, and foes declared to './it. 
So Ijudeach tongue, foempty was each head, 
30 much they talkM, fo very little faid, 
Sowond*rous dull, and yetfowond'rous vain. 
At once fo willing, and unfit to reign. 
That Reafon fwore, nor would the oath recadl« 
Their mighty mafter*8 foul infbrm'd them all. 

As one with various difappointments fad. 
Whom Dullnefsooly kept fiom being mad. 
Apart from all the reft great Murphy cam&— 
Common to fools and wits, the rage of fame. 
What tho' the fonlof Nonfenfe hail him Si«i, 
Auditor, Authob, Managsi, and S<tviBS, 
His reftlcfs foul^s ambition ftops not there. 
To make his triumphs perfed, dub hun PLAYZt. 

In perfon tall, a perfonform'd to pleafe. 
If fymmctry could charm, deprived of cafe 5 
When motionlefs he ftands, we all approve. 
What pity 'tis the TMngw^s made to move. 

His voice, in one dull, deep, and vari«d fpond. 
Seems to br^dc forth from caverns under ground. 
From hollow cheft the low fepulchral note 
Unwilling heaves, and ftruggles in hie throat. 
Could authors butchcrM give an a^or grace* 
All muft to him reiign the fbrcmoft place. 
When he attempts, infome fav'rite part* 
To ape the feelings of a manly heart. 
His honcft features the difguife defy. 
And his face loudly gives his tongue the lye. 

Still in extremes, he knows no happy meaa« 
Or rav'ng mad, or ftupidly ferene. 
In cold-Mrrought fcenes thelifelefs ador flags. 
In paiTion, tears the paffion into rags. 
Can none remember ? — Yes — ^I Icnaw all muft— - 
When in the Moor he ground his teeth to duft. 
When o'er the ftage he Folly's ftandard bore, 
Whilft Common-Senfe ftood trembling at the door. 

How few are found with real talents blefs'd. 
Fewer with Nature's gifts contented reft. 
Man firom his fphere eccentric ftartt aftray ; 
All hunt for fiime j but moft miftake the way. 
Bred at St Omer's to the (huffling trade. 
The hopeful youth a Jefuit might have made. 
With various readings ftor'd his empty fkull, 
Leam'd without fenfe, and venerably dull ; 
Or, at fomc banker's deflc, like many more* 
Content to tell that two and two make four, 
I His name had ftood in City Annali fair« 
An6,i>ru4lfKt Dullnef* mark*d him for a Mayor. 


What then could tempt tliee In a critic age» 
Soch blooming hopes to ibrfeit oo a fbfe f 
Could it be worth thy wond*rous wafte of paifM 
To pobli/h to the world thy lack of brains ? 
Or might not reafon e*en to thee have (hewn 
Thy greateft praiTehad been to live tmkmttm t 
Yet l^ not vanity » like thine, defpair s 
Fortune makes FoUv her peculiar caie. 

A vacant throne nigh placM in Smithfield view. 
To facred Dullneft and heryErff-iom doci 
Thkbcr with hafte in happy hour repair^ 
Thy birtb-right claim> nor fear a rival there. 
Shuter himielf (ball own thy jofter claim» 
And venal JLedgirrs poff their Murphy*fl name, 
Whilft Vaughan * or Dapper, call him vrhich you will. 
Shall blow the trumpet, and give out the bill. 

There rule (elcure from critics and from (enie, 
Kor once (hall Genius rife to give offence ; 
Ztemal peace (hall blefs the happy (bore, 
And little Fallens break thy reft no more. 

From Oovent-Gardcn crowds pronifeuous go, 
Whom the Mufe knows not, nor defires to know. 
Vet*nns they feem*d, but knew of arms no more 
Thanif, till that time, arms they never bore : 
like Wcftminfter militia trained to fight. 
They feaicely knew the left hand feom the right 
AfltunM anaong fuch troops to (hew the head. 
Their cbiefe were fcatterM, and their heroes (led. 

Sparks at his glafs fat comfortably down 
To lep*rate feown from fmilc, and fmile from frown \ 
Smith, the genteel, the airy, and the fmart. 
Smith was }uft gone to (chool to fay his part \ 
Rofs (a misfortune which we of^ meet) 
Was feift afleep at dear Statira*s feet } 
Statin, with her hero to agree, 
Stood on her feet as faft aAcep as he ; 
Macklin, who largely deals in half-fbrmM ibundst 
Who wantonly tnnfgrefles Nature*s bounds, 
Whofea^ng*s hard, aflfeded, and CQnftrain*d> 
Whofe features^ as each other they difdain'd> 
At variance fet, inflexible and coarfe> 
Ne*er know the workings of united fbrce^ 
Ne^er kindly foiten to each other's aid, 
Kor (hew me mingled pow'rs of light and (hade, 
No longer for a thanklefs (bge concem*d. 
To worthier thoughts his mighty genius tum*d. 
Harangued, gave ledures, made each (imple elf 
Almoft as good a fpeaker as himfelf \ 
Whilft the whole Town, and with miftaken leal, 
An aukward ragefer Elocution feel \ 
Dull Cits and grave Divines his praife proclaim, 
And join with Sheridan*s tbdr Macklin*s name } 
Shuter, who never carM a (ingle pin 
Whether he lef^ ootnonfenfe or put in, 
WhoaimM at wit, dio' levellM in the dark, 
The random armw feldom hit the marky 
At lUiqgtoa, all by the placid fbeam 
Where City fwains in lap of dullnefs dream. 
Where, quiet as her ihains their ftraim is flow» 
That all the patron by the bards nuy know. 
Secret as night, with Rolt's experience aid, 
The plan of future operations laid, 
Projehed fehemes the funimer months to cbear. 
And fpio onth^py Folly through the year. 

* A gentleman fHll living, who publKhed^ at this 
juaAurcy a Poem entitled, « ThcRctorti'* £. 

But think not, though thefe dailard-chiefe m 
That Corent-Garden troops (hall want a head t 
Harlequin comes their chief I— See froni afar» 
The hero feated in fantaftic car ! 
Wedded to Novtbyy his only arms 
Are wo9den fworw, wands, talifmans, and charms } 
On one fide Fdly fits, by feme caird Ftso, 
And on the other, his arch*patron Lun. 
Behind, for liberty a-thirft in vain, 
Senfe, helplefs captive, drags the galling chat. 
Six rude mif-(hapen bea(h the chariot draw» 
Whom Reafen loaths, and Nature never law $ 
Monfters, with tails of ice, and heads of fire | 
Gorgons, and Hydras, and Chimaeras dhre. 
Each was beftrode by full as m onflro u s wigiit» 
Giant, D^srf, Genius, Elf, HcrmaphroditB. 
The Town, as ufual, met him in full cry ; 
The Town, as ufual, knew no reafon why. 
But Faihion fe dire^, and modems raife 
On Fa(hion*s monld'ring bafe tfieir tranftent praile. 

Next, to the field a band of fenoalcs draw 
Their force ; for Britain owm no Salique law s 
Tuft to their worth, we female rights aJmit» 
Nor bar their claim to empire or to wit. 

Piril, giggling, plotting chamber-maids arrive^ 
Hoydens and romps, led on by Gen*ral Cliw. 
In fpite of outward bksuflies, (he (hone 
For humour fem*d, and hnnoour all her own. 
Eafy, as if at home, the iUge flie trod. 
Nor fought the cridc*s praife, ner finrM his rod» 
Original in fpirit and in cafe, 
She pleasM by hiding all attempts to pkafe. 
No comic a^refs ever yet could r»fe. 
On Humour*8 bafe, more merit or more praife. 

With all the native vigour of (ixreen. 
Among the nterry troop confpicuoos feen. 
Sec lively Pope advance m//^ and trify 
Corinna, Cherry, Honeycomb, and Snip. 
Not Mrithout Art, but then to Nature true. 
She charms the Town with humour juft, yet new. 
ChearM by her promife, we the lofs deplore 
The fetal time when Clivc (halt be no more. 

Lo ! Vincent comes with (imple grace arrayM, 
She laughs at paltry arts, and fcoms parade. 
Nature through her it by reflexion (hewn, 
Whilft Gay once naore knows Polly (br his own. 

Talk not to me of diflidence and feaiw* 
I fee it all, buc muft fergive it here. 
Defe^ like thefe which modfft tenors caufey 
From impudence itfelf extort applaufe. 
Candour and Reafon ftill take Virtue's part ; 
We love e'en ^nbles in fo good an heart. 

Let Tommy Ame, with ufual pomp of fBIe, 
Whofe chief, whofe only merit's to compile. 
Who, meanly pilfering here and there a bit» 
Deals mufic out as Murphy deals out wit, 
Publiih propofals, laws for talte prefcribe. 
And chaunt the praife of an Italian trite ; 
JLet him reverfe kind Nature's firft decrees. 
And teach e'en Brent a method not to pleafe | 
But never (hall a truly Britifh age 
Bear a vile race of eunuchs on the (bge. 
The boafted work's call'd Narional in vain. 
If one Italian voice pollutes the ftrain. 

Where tyrants rule, and (laves urith joy obey. 
Let (Uvifti minftrcls poor th* enervate lay \ 

Churchill's piixms. 

T0 Bdnot £« mare noble pkafures rpriog» 
Ii Mon aota wbSUt Beard and Yiacest finf; 

Might figure give a title unto famcy 
Wkc riral iboold with Yates difpute her claim $ 
Etf jnftkx nay not partial trophies raife, 
Koi fiafc the aftrds in the woman^s praife. 
StBlbod 01 hand her words and adiooa go, 
Aari die heart feds more than the features (hew : 
F«, dwn$h the r^ions of that beauteous facey 
Wcaa varietur of paffions trace ; 
Voi to the fofi emotions of the heart, 
>«o daubed foftnefs can thofe eyes impart ; 
The brov, ftin fiz*d in fiMTOw*s fuilen firame, 
Vflid of diiHadion, marks all parts the fame. 

What's a fine peribn, or a bomteous face, 
I'aldi deportmeot gives them decent grace ? 
Be&*i «kh all other reqnifites to Dles^Cy 
Soae wt the ftriking elegance of^eafe J 
Tkcarieos eye their aokward m oftment tntsj 
Taej ktm Vkt puppets led about by wires. 
Otbos, Uke fbtnca, in one pofture ftill, 
G«t {teat Ideas of the worltman*s /kill ; 
Wdd'nng, his arc we praife the more we view, 
Aaiooly griere he gave not modon too. 
Wok of themfclves are what we beauties qdl, 
fr is die manner which gives (bength to all. 
T^ teaches eT*ry beauty to unite, 
Aad hciqgs them forward in the noblefl light. 
B^ in thb, behold, amidfl the throng, 
Ti)\ tonfient gleam of grace. Hart fwceps along. 

If an the woodcss of external grace, 
Apoion finely tuni*d, a mould of hcCf 
Vkte, union rare, cKpreflion^s lively force 
Vidibeanty^s kiteit magic holds difcourfi;, 
innft the eye ; if feelings, void of art, 
^wselbe quick paffions, and mfiame the heart} 
If asafic, fweetly bfeathing from the tongue, 
Cftivcs the ear. Bride muft not pafs unfung. 

Whea fear, which rank ill-nature terms conceit 
Bf tine and cnftom conquered, fhall retreat| 
V^ jodgment tutorM by experience fagc, 
^ ftoot abroad, aal gather fbength from »gt ; 
Vben beav'n in mercy ihall the flage releafe 
Flam die dun fhtnnbers of a ftiU life-piece $ 
^Vka (bme fble flow'r, difgracefiil to the walk, 
W^ loQ| ii^ttii hung, tho* withered on the ftalk, 
ftd kiodly drop, thai Bride fhaU make ho* way, 
AaA aoit find a paflage to die day i 
^«|htiaiD adioa, fhe at once fhall raifc 
^•«a renown, and juftify our praife. 

F«aa*d ht the tragic fcene, to grace the fhgty 
Vidt rival excellence of love and rage, 
WE^of each fbft art, with matchlefs fkill 
^•c«a and wind the pafBons as fhe will $ 
"• aek the heart with fympathedc woe, 
A^thefigh, and teadi the tear to flow ) 
]«Vttai fraty's wild diftraded glare, 
^freese die fool with horror and defpair | 
7^^ defiETt enrolls in endlefs frame, 
^*w of worth fuperior, Gibber came. 

Wbca p9or AIkia*i maddening brains are nck*dy 
^^osgly icD^M grieft her mind diibaa$ 
|?*2^^ her grief, I catchthe madnefstool 
j^brastiaas round, the headle6 trunk I view I 
^nofaacks, fhaket and &1U U- New honon 


Nobly difdainfttl of each fWvifh arty 
She makes her firfl attack upon the heart! 
Pleased with the fumroons, it receives her I1WS9 
And all is filence, fympadiy, applaafe. 

But when, by fond ambition drawn a£de. 
Giddy with prake, and puflPd with fenrule prid^ 
She quits the tragic fcene, and, in pretence 
To comic merit, breaks down Nature's ^oe{ 
I fcarcely can believe my ears or ^es. 
Or find out abber through the dark difgujfe. 
Pritchard, by nature for the fbge de%n*d^ 
In perfon gracefiil, and in fenfe refin*d ; - 
Her art as much as Nature*s fiiend beaime» 
Her voice as free finom blemifh as her Ame. 
Who knows fo well in majefty to pleafe, 
AttemperM with the graceful chamis of eafe? 

When Congreve*s favourM pantomime to graoey 
She comes a captive queen of Moorifh race; 
When love, hate, jealoufy, defpair and ragcy 
With wildeft tumults in her brad( engage j 
Still equal to herfelf is Zara feen { 
Her psiTions are the paffions of a queen. 

When (he to murdier whets the timorous Thane^ 
I feel amb'tioo nifh through every veia } 
Perfuafion hangs upon her daring tongue, 
My heart grows flint, and ev*ry nerve's new fbung. 
InComedy—^ Nay, there,'* cries Critic, «< inld^ 

"* Pritchard*8 for comedy too fat and old. 

*' Who can, with patience, bear the gray coquette^ 

'* Or force a laugh with over-grown Juktt f 

*' Her fpcech, look, adion, humour, all are joft ; 
** But then, her age and figure give difgufl.** 
Are foibles then, and graces of the mind. 
In real life, to fixe or age confin*d ? 

Do fpirits flow, and a good breeding placed 

In any fet circumference of waift ? 

As we grow old, doth affection ceafe» 

Or gives not age new vigour to caprice f 

If in originals thefe thmgs appear, 

Why ihould we bar them in the copy here .' 

The nice pundilio mongers of this age. 

The grand minute r e f orm e r s of the fbge. 

Slaves to propriety of ev'rykind, 

Some ftjndard-meafure for each part ihould find* 

Which then the befl of adon fluU exceed. 

Let it devolve to one of fmaller breed. 

AH a£lors too upon the backfhonld bear 

Certificate of lurth ; d me| when ;—— place* 

For how can critics rightly fix their worth, 

Unlefs they know the nnnute of their birdi ? 

An audience too, may find too late 

That they have dappM an adoroot of date. 
Figure, I own, at fiift may give offence. 

And harfhly fbike the eye*s too curious fenfe i 

But when perfrdioos of the mind break fivth. 

Humour's chafte (allies, judgment's folid worth ) 

When the pure genuine flame, by Nature taughc» 

Springs into fenfe, and ev'ry axon's thought $ 

Befiare fuch merit all obje^jons fly ; 

Pritchard's genteel, and Garrick's fix feet high. 
Oft have I, Pritchard, feen thy wond'rous fkill« 

CoofefsM thee great, but find thee greater fBll. 

That worth, which fhone in fcatter'd rays befbre, 

Colleaed now, breaks fiirth with double pow'r. 

The Jealaat Wife ! on that thy trophies raife, 

lofenor only to the aiMlMr't piaife. 

C H UtR C H I L L & P O K M 8* 

From Dublin» famM in legends of romance 
For mighty magic of enchanted lince. 
With w^ch her heroes arm'd vi^orious prove, 
And like a flcxxi ruih o'er the land of bve, • 
Moilbp and Barry cime — names ne'er defign'd 
By f;iit in the fame fentcnce to be joined. 
RaisM hy the breath of popular acclaim. 
They mounted to the pinnacle of fame ; 
There the weak brainv mide giddy with the height, 
SpurrM on the rival chiefs to mortal fight. 
Thus fpordve boys, around fome bifon*s brim. 
Behold the pipe-drawn bladders circling fwim: 
But if from lungs more potent, there arife 
Two bubbles of a more than common fize, 
Eager for honour they for fight prepare, 
bubble meets bubble, and both link to air. 

MoiTop, attached to military plan. 
Still kept his eye fixM on his right hand man. 
Whilft the mouth meafures words with feeming iklll, 
The right hand labours, and the left lies ftill ) 
For he refolv'd on fcripture-grcunds to go. 
What the ri^ht doth, the left hand -fliall not know. 
With ftudied impropriety of fpecch. 
He foars beyond the hackney critic's reach $ 
To epithets allots emphatic ftate, 
Whilft principals, ui^acM, like lacqules wait ; 
In ways firft trodden by himfelf excels. 
And (lands alone in undeclinables ; 
Conjundion, Prcpofition, Adverb join 
To ftamp new vigour on the nervous line t 
In monofyllablcs his thunders roll, 
Hk, she, it, and, we, tx, they, fright the ibul. 

In perfon taller then the conmion fire. 
Behold where Hurry draws admiring eyes ! 
When laboring pofiton^, in his bofom pent, 
Convulfiv^ rage, and ftruggting heave for vent ; 
Speflators, with imagined terrors warm. 
Anxious expert the buHling of the ftorm : 
But, all unfit in fuch a pile to dwell. 
His voice comes forth, like Echo fn>m her cell. 
To fwell the tempeft needful aid denies, 
And all a-downthe ftage in fireble murmurs dies. 

What man, like Barry, with fuch pains, can err 
In elocution, action, character ? 
What man could give— if Barry was not here. 
Such well-applauded tendemefs to Lear f 
Who elfe can fpeak fo very, very fine. 
That fcnfe may kindly end with ev'ry line ? 

Some doxen lines before the ghoft is there, 
Behold him for the folemn fcene prepare. 
See how he frames his eyes, poifes each limb. 
Puts the whole body mto proper trim.— - 
From whence we leam, with Qo great ftretch of art. 
Five lines hence comes a ghoft, and, ha ! a fUrt. 

When he appeanmoft pexMt, fiill we find 
Something which jars upon, and hurts die mind. 
Whatever lights upon a part are thrown, 
We fee too plainly thfcy are not his own. 
No flame fitom Nriture ever yet he caught $ 
Nor knew a feeling which he was not taught i 
He rais'd hit trophies on the bale of art. 
And connM his paflions, as he connM his part. 

Quin, firom *fv, lurM by the fcent of 6ime> 
A fbge Leviathan, put in his claim. 
Pupil of Betterton and Booth. Ak»ne, 
Sullen he walk'd, and deem'd the chair his own. 
For h<^ fhould modems, mulhroonuof the day. 
Who nt'ertbofc mailers kJiew, know bow to play i 

Grey -bearded vet'rans, who,with partial toognet 
Extol the rimes when they themfclves were yoong ; 
Who having loft all relifti for the ft age. 
See not their own Hefe^, but laib the age» 
Receiv'd with joyful murmurs of applaufe. 
Their darling chief, and I'ln'd his fav'rire cauie. 

Far be it from the candid Mufe to tread 
Infulting o'er the afhes of the dead. 
But, juft to living merit, (he maintains. 
And d;)res the teft, whilft Ganick's genius rdgm ; 
Ancients in vain endeavour to excel. 
Happily prais'd, if they could a£t as welL 
But though prefcription's force wc difallaviry 
Nor to antiquity fubmilBve bow ; 
Though we deny imaginary grace. 
Founded on accidents of time and place ; 
Yet real worth of ev'ry growth fhall bear 
Duepraife, normuft we, Qum, forget thee there. 

His wordt bore fteriing weight, ncn'oxu and ftrong 
In manly tides of fenfe they rotPd along. 
Happy in art, he chiefly had pretence 
T> 'ceq) up numbers, yet not forfeit fenfe- 
No a^lor ever greater heights could reach 
In all the hbour'd ardficeof fpeech. 

Speech ! Is that all ^— And fhill an aaor found 
An univerCil fame on partial ground f 
Parrots themfclves fpeak properly by rote. 
And, in fix months, my dog fliall howl by note. . 
I laugh at thofe, who, when the ft.ige they tread, 
Negled the heart, to compliment the head i 
With ftrift propriety their care's confin'd 
To weigh out words, while paflion halts bchlrul. 
To fyllable-diflfeaors they appeal. 
Allow them accent, cadence,— fools may firel j 
But, fpite of all the criticifing elves, 
Thofe who would make us feel, muft fcelthenaftJvr* 

His eyes, in gloomy focket taught to roll, 
Proclaim'd the lullcn habit of his foul. 
Heavy and phlegmadc he trod the ftage. 
Too proud for tendemefs, too dull for rage. 
When Hedlor's lovely widow fhines in tears. 
Or Rowe's gay rake dependant virtue jeers. 
With the fame caft of features he is fecn 
To chide the libertine, anu court the queen. 
From the tame fcene, which without paflion flowr. 
With juft defert his reputation rofe $ 
Nor lefs he pleas'd, when, on fome furly plan» 
He was, at once, the a^or and the man. 

In Brute he fhone unequall'd : all agree 
Garrick's not half fo great a brute as he. 
When Cato's labour'd fcenes arc brought to view» 
With equal praifc die ador labour'd too j 
For ftill you'll find, trace paflions to their root. 
Small diflf 'rence 'twixt the Stoic and the brute. 
In fancied fcenes, as in life's real plan. 
He could not, fi>r a moment, fink die man. 
In whate'er caft hischarader was laid. 
Self ftill, nice oil, upon the furface play'd. 
Nature, in fpite of all his fkill, crept in : 
Horado, Dorax, FalftafF,— ftill'was Quin. 

Next follows Sheridan— a doubtful names 
As yet unfetded in the rank of fame. 
This, fondly lavifli in his praifes grown. 
Gives him all merit : That allows him none. 
Between them both, we'll fleer the middle courfe. 
Nor, loving praife, rob Judgment of her force.* 

Juft his coocepdons, natural and great: 
His feelings ftrong, his words cnfurc'd wkh weigbC* 


Wai fyetch'Cun^d Qui^ hatnOtlf to hear him fpeaky 
Ea»y would driTc die colour from his cheek : 
But ftep-dame Nature, niggard of her grace, 
DeayM the Ibdal pow*rs of voice and face. 
Fix*d in one frame of features, glare of eye, 
Paffom, tike chaos, in conilifk^ lie : 
In Tarn the wondert of his ikill ate try*d 
Toibnn diftindions Nature hath deny*d. 
Hit voice no touch of harmony admits, 
Incgnlariy deep and (hrill by fits : 
Thetwo extremes appear like man and wife, 
Coupled together for the fake of ftrifc. 

His ad^n^s always ftrong, but fometimet fuch, 
Tbat candour mud declaim he a& too much. 
Why muft impatience /all three paces back f 
Why paces three return to the attack ? 
Why is the right-leg too forbid to ftir, 
Unkfs in motion femicircular ? 
Whynuftthe hero with the Nailor vie. 
And hurl the cIofe-clench*d fill at nofe or eye ? . 
Ill royal John, with Philip angry grown, 
I dioaght he would have knockM poor Davies down, 
labaman tyrant ! was it not a (hame. 
To fiight a king fo' harmlefs and fo tame ? 
Bat, ^teof all defeats, his glories rife $ 
And Art, by Judgment foraiM, with Nature vies: 
Behold him found the depth of Hubert's foul, 
Wlttlft in his own contending paflions roll $ 
Vinr thewdx^e focne, with critic judgment fcan, 
A>j then deny him merit if yov can. 
Wlttit he MU flwrt, *tis Nature's feult alone 5 
Where he fucceeds, the merit*s all his own. 

Laft Gairick came.— >Behind him throng a trato 
Of fnarling critics, ignorant as vain. 
One finds out — « He*s of ftature fomewhat low,— 
" You Hero always foould be tall, you know.— 
" Tree nat*ral greatnefs all confifts in height.** 
Produce your voucher, Criric— " Seijeant Kite." 

Aaocfaer can*t forgive the paltry arts 
By which he makes his way to (hallow hearts $ 
Mere pieces of AnefTe, traps for applaufe>— 
** Avaont, unnat*ral ftart, afiTeded paufe.** 

For me, by Nature fimn*d to judge vrith phlegm, 
lcai*tac^it by wfaole(ale, nor condemn. 
The beftdiings carried to excels are wrong : 
Theftart may be too frequent, panfe too long ; 
k^ only os*d in proper time and place, 
Scfcreft judgment muft allow them grace. 
If bunglers, form'd on imitation's plan, 
M in the way diat monkies mimic man, 
Tbrirco^ed fcene with mangled arts difgrace, 
Aad fmie and ftart with the fame vacant ^e ; 
We join the cridc laugh $ thofe tricks we fcom, 
WUchfpoil the fcenes they mean them to adorn. 
Bat when, from Nature's pure and genuine fource, 
Thefc ftrokes of a£ling flow with generous force. 
When in the features all the foul's pourtray'd, 
Aadpafioos, foch as Gartick's, are difplay'd, 
To ax they ieem finom quickefl feelings caught : 
Bach ftat is Nature $ and each paufe is Thmight 

When naiba yields to paffion's wild alarms* 
And (he whole ftate ci man is up in anns $ 
What but a Cittic could condenfm the Play'r, 
^ pnfiag here, when Cool Seofe paufes there f 
What, workbg firom the heart, thefire I trace, 
Asd aa^k ftroogly flaromg to the face ; 
Whilft, in each found, I hor the very man ; 
lcan*t catch words, and pity thofe who caa 
TOL. VUli 

Let wits, like fpiders, from the tortiir'd brain 
Fine-dnrw the critic-wcb with Curious pain ; 
The gods,— a kindnefs I with thanks muft pay,—* 
Have fbrm'U me of a coarfer kind of clav $ 
Nor fhmg with envy, nor Mrith fpleen di/easM, 
A poor dull creature, ftill with Nature pleas'd | 
Hence to thy praifes, Garrick, I agrte, 
And, pleas'd with Nature, muft be pleas'd with thee. 
Now might 1 tell, how filence reign'd throughooi^ 
Aad deep attention huih'd the rabble rout : 
How ev'ry claimant, tortur'd with defire. 
Was pale as a/hes, or as red as fire : 
But, loofe to fame, the Mufe more fimply ads, 
Rejeds all fiouri(h, and relates mere h£ts. 
The judges, as the feveral parties came, 
With temper heard, with judgment weigh'd each 

And, in their fcntence happily agreed. 
In name of both, Great Shakefpeare thus decittd. 
" If manly fcnfe ; if Nature Unk*d with Art } 
** If thorpugh knowledge of the human heart ; 
** If pow'rsof a£Ung vaftand unconfin'd ; 
" If feweft fimlts wTth greateft beauties johi'd ; 
" If ftrong expreflion, and ftrange pow'ri which lie 
** Within the magic circle of the eye j 
** If feelings which few hearts, like his, can knov% 
** And which no face fo well as his, can fbew ; 
•* Deferve the prerrcncc j— Garrick, take the thair | 
** Nor quit It— till thou pl;^e an equal there." 

T M X 

A P O L G T 



LAUGHS not th€ hwrt, whengiaots Wg irith 
• pride, 
ne the pompous port, the martial ftride ; 
0*er arm Herculean heave th' enormoUs fliield, 
Vaft as a weaver's beam the jaVelin wield 5 
With the loud voice of thund'ring Jove defy. 
And dare to fingle combat— What ?— A fly. 

And laugh we lefs, when giant natoes, vAxkk 
Eftabliflk'd, as it were, hy rigkt divnai 
Critics, whom cv'ry captive art ^ores. 
To whom glad S(tience pours fi>rth all her fbrts ; 
Who high in letter'd reputation fit, 
And hold, Aftraea-like, the fcales of wit ; 
With partial rage rulh forth,— Oh ! (hame to tcU ! 
To crufli a bard juft burfting from the fliell ? 

Great are his perils in this ftormy time 
Who raflily ventures on a fea of rime. 
Aroundvaft furgesroll, winds envious blow> 
And jealous rocks and quickfands lurk below i 
Greatly his foes he dreads, but more his friendf j 
He hurts me moft who laviflily commends. 

Look thro' the world^n ev'ry other trade 
The fame employment's caufe of kindnefs made^ 
At leatt appearance of good-vrill creates. 
And ev'ry fool puflfs off the fool he hates. 
Coblm with coblers fmoke away the night. 
And ia the «omni(m caufe e'en play'rs vnits. 
C ^ 



Authdr* alone, urithmore than favage rage^ 
Unnatural war with brother-authors wage. 
The pride of nature would as loon idmit 
Competitors in empire as in wit t 
Onward they rulh at Faroe*» impeiious call, 
Andy lefs than greateft, would not be at all. 

Smit with the lore of honour)— or the pcncey 
0*er-run vnxh wit» and deftitute of fenfey 
Shotild any novice in the riming trade 
With lawlefs pen the realms of Ycrfe invade ; 
Forth from the court» where fceptred fages fity 
Abus'd with praife, and AatterM into wit i 
Where in leuargic majefty they reign. 
And what thev won by dulnefsi ftill maintain i 
Legions of fa&ous authon throng at once ; 
Fool beckons fbd, and dunce avrakens dunce. 
To Hamilton*s * the ready lies repair :— 
Ne^er was lye made which was not welcome that— 
Thence, on maturer judgments anvil wrought^ 
The polifliM falihood*s into public brought. 
Quick-circulating flanden mirth afford. 
And reputation bleeds in ev*ry wocd. 

A Critic was of old a glorious name, 
Whofe fandion handed Merit up to Fame { 
Beauties as well as faults he brought to view : 
His lodgment great, and great his candour too. 
No iervile rules drew fickly Tafte afide ; 
Secure he walked, for Nature was his guide. 
But flow,. X)h ftrange reverfe I our Critics bawl 
In praifeof candour with a heart of gall. 
Confcious of |uilt, and fearful of the light. 
They lurkenihrouded in the vdl of night { 
Safefipomdetedidti (ieise th* unwary prey. 
And fbb, like bravoes, all who come that way. 

When firft my Mufe, perhaps more bold than wife. 
Bad the rude trifle into light arife, 
Uttle (he thought fuch tempefb would enfue | 
Lefs, that thofe tempefb would be rau*d by you. 
The thunder*8 fViry rends the tow'ring oak $ 
Rofciads, fike flmibs, might ^fcape the £ital (hoke. 
Vain thought ! a Critic*! fury knows no i;ound $ 
Dnwcanfir-Iike, he deals deftrudion round | 
Nor can we hope he will a (hanger fpare. 
Who gives no quarter to his friend Voltaire. 

Unhappy Genius j placM by partial £ite 
\yith a fire fpirit b a flaviih fbite $ 
W^^evv the reludUnt Mufe, opprefsM by kings. 
Or droops in filence, or in fetters fings$ 
In vaitf thy daontlefs fortitude hath borne 
The bigL>t** fiirious seal, and tyrant's fcom. 
Why didfl thou fafe fiom home-bred dangery fleer« 
ReiervM to p^nlh more ignobly here ? 
Thus, when tiV JuKan tyrant'spridc tofwell 
The vanquifh'd chief efcap'd firom C«far'i hand 
To die by ruffian's in s foreign land. 

How could tbefe felf-eleaeJ mooarchs raiie 
So large an empire on fo fhsall a bale ? 
In what retreat, inglorious and unknown. 
Did Genius fleep, when Dulloeis iH»*d the throne ? 
Whence, abfolute now grown, and free firom awty 
She to the fobica world difpenfes Uw. 
Without her licence not a letter ftin» 
And all the captive cxifs-crofs-row is her*s. 
The Stagyrite, who rulet from Nature drew^ 
Ofinkmsgave, bat gave his reafont too. 

• Printer of the Critical Reraw. 

Our great Dilators take a ftorter way— 
Whofhall difpute what the Reviewers fay ? 
Their word's fufficient ; and to a(k a reafoa. 
In fuch a ftate as theirs, is downright treafbn. 
True jttdgoKnt now with them alooe can dwell i 
Like Church of Rome, they're grown in^dlible. 
Dull fuperflidous readers they deceive^ 
Who pin their eafy faith on Critic*s fleeve. 
And, knowing nothing, ev'ry thing believe ! 
But why repine we, that tfaefe punv elves 
Shoot into giants ?— We may thanK ourfclvet i 
Fools that yft are, like Ifrad's fools of yorcy 
The calf ourfelveshave faihionM we adore. 
But let true Reafon once refume her reign» 
This god (kail dwindle to a Calf again. 

Founded on arts which (hunthe ^e of day. 
By the fame arta they ftill maintain dieir fway. 
WrappM in myflerious fccrecy they rife. 
And, as they are unknown, are faifc and vrUe. 
At whomfbever aimM, howe'er fcvere • 
Th' envenom'd (landers flies, no names appetr. 
Prudence forbids that fbp.— Then all might know 
And on more e<iual terms engage the foe. 
But now, what Quixote of the age would care 
To wage a war wiui dirt, and fight widi air ? 

By int'reft join'd, th' expert confederates ftand, 
And play the game into each other's hand. 
The vile abufe, in turn by all deny*d. 
Is bandy'd up and down fixnn fide to fide : 
It f)ies---hey !-^reflo-!— like a juggler's bally 
'Till it bekmgs to nobody at all. 

All men and things they know, them&Ives | 
And publifh ev'ry name»-except thdr own. 
Nor mink this fhange— fecure from vulgar eyoa 
The namelefs author pafles in difgnife. 
But vet'ran Cridcs are not fo deceiv'd, | 

If vet'ran Critics are to be belicv'd. 
Once feen, they know an author evennore» 
Nay fwear to hands they never faw before. 
Thus in theRofciad, beyond chance or doubt. 
They, by the writing, found the writers out. 
** That's Lloyd's— his manner there you planly ta 
** And all the A&or ftares you in the face. | 

" By Colman that was written.^-On my lifey 
« The fhongeft fymptoms of the Jealous Wife. 
** That little difingenuous piece of fpite, 
« Churehill, a wretch unknown, pciiups might wri^ 
How doth it make judicious readers fmUe^ 
When aathon are detected by their ftUe j 
Tho' ev'nr one who knows this author, knows 
He fhifb his ftile nuicb ofhier dian his doaths f 

Whence could arife this mighty critic fpleeni 
The Mufe a trifler, and her theme fo mean ? 
What had I done, that angry Heav'n fhould fend 
The bitt'reft foe where mofl I wifh'd a fnend f 
Oft hath my tongue been wanton at thy name» 
And hail'd the honours of thy matchlefs fome. 
Forme let hoary Fielding bite die gnraad^ 
So nobler Pickle fbnds fuperbly bound. 
From Livy's temples tearth' faifbric crowOf 
Which whfa more juflice blooms upon dune own. 
Compar'd with thee, be all life-writers dumb, 
But he who wrote the Lifo of Tommy Thnmb 
Who ever read the Regicide, butfwora 
The anthor wroOe as manne'erwrote before-^ 
Others for plots and under-plots may cally 
Here's the tight inethod*i^4uve no plot it alK. 



Wbcinib often lo Kis cauie engage 
The tiay pathos of the Grecian ftage, 
WhilfllKwronriiey and tears fpontaneous flow> 
At tragic Ha! and no leCs tragic Oh ! 
To praiic hb nerroua weakne(s all agree $ 
And tha for fwtetnefs, who fo fweet as he ! 
Too big fer utteraoce when forrows fwell> 
The too big forrows flovnng tean muft tell : 
Bot when thofe flowing tean (hall ceafeto flow» 
Wli]r— then the voice muft fpeak again, you know. 

Ruae aid unikilful in the Poet*s trade, 
I kept no Naiadi by me reath-made ; 
Ne^erdid I coloon high in air advance^ 
Tom ftaoi the bleeding ibpperies of France $ 
No flimfy Imfey-woolfcy fccnes I wrote, 
Wkh patehes here and there like Jofeph*t coat. 
Me hambler themes befit : Secure, fbr me, 
Let playwr^s finuggle nonfenfe, duty fnt : 
Secure, fbr me, ye lambs, ye lambkins bound, 
Aod fiiflc, and frolic o^er the fairy ground : 
Secure, fbr me, thou pretty little fnvn, 
Lkk ^lTia*s hand, and crop the fIow*ry lawn : 
l-ocenTurM kt ttie eentle breezes rove 
Thro* the green unxbrage of th' enchanted grove ; 
Secure, (of me, let fbppifh Nature fmile, 
And jd^ the coxcomb in the Defart Ifle. 

The ftage I choie— *a fufaje^ fur and fitc 
Tn yoora— ^ mtnfr— 'tis public property. 
AU commoo exhibitions open lie 
Fvprufeor cenfure to the common eye. 
Hcoce ard a thoufand hackney writers fed ; 
Heacc raoothly critics earn thdr daily bread. 
This is a general tax which all muft pw. 
From thofe who fcribble, down to thofe who play. 
Adon, a venal crew, receive fupport 
Frem public bounty, fbr the public fport 
To clap or hrls, all have an equal clahn, 
Thecobler*s and his lordflup's right the fame. 
AHjoin for their fubfiftence ; all exped 
Frteleavetopraile then- worth, theb faults corre^ 
When aAWe Pickle Smithfield fbge afcends. 
The thiee days wonder of his laughmg friends { 
Each, or ai judgment, or as fmcy guides. 
The livdy wittHng pr^fcs or derides. 
And whereas the mighty diff'rence, tell me where, 
Betiiixt a Merry- Andrew and a Player ? 
The ftroUiAg tribe, a defpicable race. 

Like wandering Arafaa, fhift from place to place. 
Vagranb by law, to juftice open laid, 

They tremble, of the headless lafh afiraid. 

And ftwiung cringe, fbr wretched meam of life. 

To Madam Mayore6, or his Worihip*s wife. 
The nnghty monarch, in theatric fack, 

Cinies his whole regalia at his back ; 

His royal <;onfbct heads the female band, 

Aodkads the heir-apparent in her hand ; 

ThepamierM aft creeps on with confciou; pride, 

BeaiiBg a fktore prince on either fide. 

No choice muficians in this troop are found 

Tovanifli nonfenfe with the dmms of found ; 

No fwordt, no daggers, not one poifonM bowl \ 

Nolightning flafbes here, no thunders roll ; 

No guards to fwdl the monarch's train are fiiewn; 

The monarch here muft be a hoft tf/off^. 

Nofblempomp, no flow proceffions here \ 

No Amnion's entry, and no Tuliet's bier. 
By need compdPd to profutute his art, 

Thtnricd i^ |5ei 6ofli part tapart ) 

And, ibrange difgrace to all theatric pride \ 
His chancer is fhifled with his fide. 
Queftion and Anfwer he by turns muft be, 
LUce that fmall wit * in Modem Tragedy $ 
Who, to patch up his fame,— Kir fill l^s purfe,— - 
Still pilfers vrretched plans and makes them worfe; 
Like gipfies, left theftolen brat be known. 
Defacing firft, then claiming for his own. 
In ihabby ftate they ftrot, and tatter'd robe { 
The fcene a blanket, and a bam the globe. 
No high conceits their moderate wifhes raife, 
Content with humble profit, humble praife. 
Let dowdies fimper, and let bumpkins fbre. 
The ftmlling pageant hero treads in air : 
Pleased (ot his hour, he to mankind gives law. 
And fnores the next out on a trufs of ftraw. 

But if kind Fortune, who we fometimes know 
Can take a hem from a puppet-ihow. 
In Boood propitious fhould her fav'rite call 
On royal ftage in royal pomp to bawl. 
Forgetful of himfclf he rears the head. 
And fcoms the dunghill where he firft was bred. 
Gmvernng now w*th well-drefs*d kings and 

With gods and goddefTes behind the fcenes. 
He fweats beneath the terror-nodding plume. 
Taught by mock honours real pride t* affume. 
On this great ftage the world, no monarch e'er 
Was half fo haughty as a monarch play V. 

Doth it more move our anger or our mirth. 
To fee thcfe Things, the loweft fons of earth, 
Prefume, with felf-fuffident knowledge grac*d» 
To rule in Letters, and prefide inTafte > 
The Town's declfions they no more admit, 
Themfelves alone the arhiten of Wit j 
And fcom the jurifdidlion of that court. 
To which they owe their being and fupportt 
ASton, like monks of old, now (acrnl growoj 
Muft be attacked by no fools but their own. 
Let the vain tyrant fit amidft his guards. 
His puny Green-room Wits and Venal Bards, 
Who meanly tremble at the puppet's frown. 
And fbr a playhoufc freedom lofe their own j 
In fpite vf new-made laws, and new-made king^ 
The fiee-bora Mufe with liberal fpirit fings. 
Bow down, ye flaves j before thefe idols fall ; : 
Let Genius ftoop to them who've none at all ; 
Ne'er will I flatter, cringe, or bend the knee 
To thofe who, (laves to All, are flaves to Me. 

A€tany as adors, are a lawful game j 
The poet's right, and who flull bar his claim ? 
And if, o'er-weeniQg of their little flcUl, 
When they have left the ftage, they're aftors ^ } 
If to the fubjed world they ftill give laws. 
With paper crowm andfceptres made of ftraws ; 
If they in cellar or In garret roar. 
And lungs one night, are kings f9t evermore \ 
Shall not bold Truth, e'en there, purfue her theme, 
And 'wake the coxcomb from his golden dream ? 
Or if, well worthy of a better fate, 
They rife fuperior to their prefent ftate j 
If, with each focial virtue grac'd, they hiend 
The gay companion and the faithful friend ] 
If they, like Pritchard, join in private )XU 
The tender parent and the virtuous wife j 

• Mr. Foote. 



C H U R C H I L l's P O K M 8. 

Shall notour verfe their praife with pleafure fpeak, 
1 hough mimics bark, and Envy fplits her cheek f 
No honeft worth*s beneath the Mufe's pndie j 
No greatnefs can above her cenAire raife ; 
Station and wealth to her are trifling things ; 
5he ftoops to a£tor&, and ihe foart tu kings. 

Is there a man, in vice and folly bredy 
To fenfc of honour as to virtue dead { 
Whom ties nor human, nor divine can bind j 
Alien to God, and foe to a!l mank'nd } 
Whofparea nochant£ier ; wbofe ev'ry word, 
Bitter as gall, and (harper than the fword. 
Cuts to the quick j whofe thoughts with rancour fwell 
Wbofe tongue, on earth, performs the work of bell 
If there be fucb a monftcr, the Reviews 
Shall find him holding forth againft abufe. 
" Attack profiiflion !— 'tis a deadly breach !— 
«* The Chriftian laws another leflon teach :— 
** Unto the end fhall charity endure, 
" And Cardour hide thofe faults it cannot cure.** 
Thus Candour's maxims flow from Rancour' 

As devils, to ferve their purpofe, Scriptuir quote. 

The Mufe*s office was by Heav'n defign'd 
To pleafe, improve, inftru£l, refbnn mankind } 
To make dcje^ed Virtue nobly rife 
Above the tow'ring pitch of fi)lcndid Vice ; 
To make pale Vice, abafli'd, her head hang down. 
And trembling crouch at V]rtue's awful fnwn. 
Now arm*d with wrath, flie bids eternal fhame, 
With fbi^teil juflice, brand the villain's name : 
Now in the milder garb of ridicule 
She fports, and pleafes while fhe wounds the fool* 
Her fhape is ofben varied ; but her aim, 
To prop the caufeof Virtue, fBU the (am^ 
In praife of mercy let the guilty bawl, 
When Vice and Folly fbrcorredion call. 
Silence the mark of weaknefs juflly bears. 
And is partaker of the crimes it fpares. 

But if theMuffc, too cruel in her mirth. 
With harfh refleAIofis wounds the man of worth | 
If wanb>nly fhe deviates from her plan. 
And quits the Adlor to expofe the Man ; 
Afham'd, ihe marks that paiHige with a blot, 
And hates the line where C^ndourwas forgot. 

But what is Candour, what is Hymoqr'sveiny 
Tho' Judgment join to confecrate the flrairi. 
If cunoifs numbers will not aid affbrd. 
Nor chdceiV mufic play m cv'ry word f 
Verfes inuft run, tq charm -^ modem ear^ 
From all harfh, rugged interruptions clear. 
Soft let them breathe, as Zephyr's bajmy breexe | 
{Smooth let their current flowt as ff^mmer feas | 
PerfiEd then only deem'd when they difpenfe 
A happy tuneful vacancy of ienfe. 
Italian fathen thus, with barb'rous rage. 
Fit helplefs infants for the fqneaking ibge. 
Deaf, to the calls of pity. Nature wound, 
And mangle vigour for die fake of found. 
Henceforth farewell then fcv'rifh third of hxnei 
Farewell the longings for a poet's name; 
Perifh myMufe }— <i wifli 'bovc all fcvere 
To him who eyer held the Mufes dear— - 
Jf e'er her labours weaken to refine 
The gen'roos roughnefs of a nervous line. 

Others affeft the ftiff and fwclKng phrafe } 
yri^ir Mufe mufl walk in ftilts, an) ftnit m ftayi : 

The fenfe they murder, and the words tnnfpodi 
Left poetry approach too near to profe. 
Scetortur'dReafbo howtfaey pare and trim. 
And, like Procrufles, fbetch or lop the limb. 

Waller, whofe praife fucceeding bards rcheaiij^ 
Parent of harmony in Englifh vex^, 
Whofe tuneful Mufe in fwceteft accents flowi* 
In couplets firft Uught ftri^ling fenfe to clolew 

Inpioliih'd numbers, and majefBc (bund. 
Where fhall thy rival, Pbpe, be ever found ? 
But whilft each line with equal beauty flows^ 
E'en excellence, unvaried tedious grows. 
Nature, thro' all her wo^, b great degrees 
Borrows a blefling from Variety. 
Mufic itfelf her needful aid requires 
Torouxe the foul, and wake our dying fires. 
Still in one key, the Nightingale would tdxe s 
Still in one key, not Bieot would always pleale. 

Here let me bend, great Dryden, at thy ibgiht% 
Thou dearefl name to all the tuneful Nine. 
What if fome dull lines in cold order creep, 
And with his theme the poetfeems to fleep^ 
Still, when his fubjed rifes proud toviewy 
With equal fbength the poet riles too. 
With fboog invention, noblefl vigour frangfaty 
Thought Mi fprings up and lifes out of thought s 
Numbers ennobling numbers m their courie ; 
In varied fweetnefs fbw, in varied force i 
The pow'n of Genius and of Judgment jotn^ 
And the whole art of Poetry is thine. 

But what are numbers, what are bards to ZDitf 
Forbid to tread the paths of poefy? 
<< A (acred Mufe fbould confecrate her pen j 
« Priefb muft not hear nor fee like other meo | 
*< Far higher themes fhould her ambition clnm ; 
« Behold where Stetnhold points the ivay 
Whilfl with miftaken x^ dull bigots bum* 
Let Reafbn for a moment tike her turn. 
When cofiee-fages hold diffourfe with kingSy 
And blindly walk in paper-leading firings. 
What if a man delight to i^ his time - 
In fpinning Reafon into hs^rmlefs rime ; 
Or lometimes boldly venture to the play ! 
Say, W)iere'« the crime ?— great Man of Prudent 

fay ? . 
No two on earth in all things can agree ; 
AU have fome darling Angularity ; 
Women and men, as well as girls and boys. 
In gew-gaws take delight, and figh for toys. 
Your fceptreS| and your crowns, and | (i|ch HI 

Are but abetter kind of toys for kings. 
In things indiff 'rent Rea(bn.bids us chufe. 
Whether the whim's a Monkey, or a Muiew 
What the grave triflers on this bufy fceoe. 
When they make ufe of this word Rciibn, mean, 
I know not; but, according to my plan, 
'Tis Lord Chief-Jfuftice m die Court of Man, 
Equally furm'4 to rule in age or youth, 
The fKend of Virtue, and the guide to Truth, 
To Her I bow, whofe facred pow'r I feel ; 
To Her decificm make my lafi appeal ; 
Coodemn'd by Her, applauding worlds mvali^ 
Should tempt me to take np the pen again : 
Bv Her abfolv'd, my courfe I'll fliU purfu^ t 
If Reafoq^s for me. Cop ta fiv me too. 








^yy In pity's ftraim, the worft of infolcncc, 
OftvitiidKe, Lloyd, IftealanhoorfixMngrief, 
Aai in tfay fixclalxonvede find relief. 
The mind* of iol icude impatient growny 
loramy SommM rather than her own. 

Let flaves to bufinefsy bodies withoot foul, 
Inportant blanks in Nature*s mighty roily 
Sokauixe noolenfe in thedav*s broad glare. 
We KiGBT prefer, which heals or hides our caic 

Rflfoes joftified, and by fuccefs made bold, 
I^ £nb aad coxcombs Cmdificd by gold, 
Fndymay baflcln Fortune's partial ray, 
.And fpccaJ thdr /eather's opening to the day { 
lat iirai/-A«ir Merit dares not ihew the he^ 
TTU vain ProTperity retiics to bed. 
Ibfistnnes, like the owl, avoid the light} 
The Sam of Care are always Ions of NighL 

T^ wretch bred up in Method's drowfy (chool, 
Wkakaaij merit b to err by rule, 
Who oe'r thro' heat of blood was tripping caught, 
Nargoatty decm'd of one eccentric thought, 
Whoife loul direded to 00 ufe is feen, 
Cilefi to move the body's doll machine, 
Wkkhv clock-work like, with die fame equal pace, 
$c3l tnvds 00 thro' liie's infipid fpace i 
Tmtm op his eyes to think that there ihould be 
AavBg Cod's creatures two fuch thbgs as wr ; 
Then lor his night-cap calls, and thanks the pow'rs 
Which kindly gave him grace to keep foo«/ ioto^ 

Gtodkmn Fine words !— -But was it ever fcen 
The ail am could agree in what they mean? 
Fkrio, who many yean a courie hath run 
Indoworigfatoppofitioatodie fun, 
Expatiam oo^gM iaHTs, their cauie defends 
Widi m much vigour ^soarfntJtrt friends. 
Th' ■atemin tenn no fettled notion brings, 
Boi ftill in diflf rent mouths mean diff'rent things. 
Each takes die phrafe in his own private view. 
With Pra^ence it b ten, with Florio two. 
Goes, yelbolst who talk for talking fake, 
WkhoK diftiqguiihiog di/linftioos make. 
Shine Saak m native folly, native pride, 
Mdce youticlves rules to all the world befide) 
>Bifen^ coUeAed inherfelf, difdains 
Theflavifli yoke of arbitrary chains $ 
Seeady and cme, each drcumftance (he weighs, 
%m IB hare wonls inglorious tribute pays. 
Ma of (enfi; live exempt from vulgar awe. 
And RcafiMS to herielf alone is law. 
That freedom fhe enjoys wsfa lib'ral mind, 
Which Ae as fteely gnntstoall mankind. 
Hsidol titled name her rev'reoce ftirs, 
Ko hoRV fhe blindly to the refl pref^ $ 
AI SKaCkc, if they're alike employ 'd. 
And aU aregood if virumjly eiyoy'd. 

Let the fife Dodor (think hun one we know) 
Wchficnps of ancient leacning overflow, 
b all ihedigmty of «oi^ declare 
The fatal co ofequ ence of midnight air, 
HavdaBpsaodvapoony at it were by ftealth» 
VakammMs, aadfaptl^waUiof hesatb, 

For me let Galen moulder on the /heir, 

L'll live, and be phyficianto myfelf. 

While foul is join'd to body, whcdier fate 

Albt a longer or a fliorter ditc ; 

ril make them live as brother (hould with brothei^ 

And keep them in good-humour with each other. 

The fureft road to health, fay what they will. 
Is never to fuppofe we (hall be ill. 
Moil of thofe cvih wc poor mortals know. 
From dodors and imaginadon flow. 
Hence to old wtmien with your boafted rulcs^ 
Stale traps, and only ficred now to fools ; 
As well may fons of phyfK hope to find 
One med'cinc, as one hour, for all mankind. 

If Rupert after ten u out of bed, 
The fool next nxmiing can't hold up his head. 
Whatreaibn this which me to bed mud call, 
Whofc head-(thank heaven) never aches at all ? 
IndifTrent courfes dJfTrent tempers run, 
He hates the Moon, I /icken at the Sun. 
Wound up at twelve at noon, Ait clock goes rigbt| 
Mine better goes, wound up at twelve at night. 

Then in Oblivion's grateiiil cup I drown 
The galling fneer, the fupercilious frown. 
The flrange refcrve; the proud affe^ed ftatc 
Of upftart knaves gro%ia) rich, and fools grown gretti 
No more that abjeft Mrretchdifturbs my reft. 
Who meanly oyerlooks a friend diftreft. 
Purblind to poveity the wordling goes. 
And fcarce fees rags an inch beyond his nofe : 
But from a crowd can fiogle out hb grace, 
And cringe and creep to ^Is who (but in lace. 

Whether thofe daffic regions are furvcy'd 
Where we in earlielt youth together ftray'd. 
Where hand in hand we trod the flow'ry (hore, 
Tho' now thy happier genhis runs before. 
When we confpirkl athinklefs wretch to raife. 
And taught zfiump to (hoot with pilfcr'd prai(e> 
Who once for Rev^rendmcrit famous grown, 
Gratefully ftrove to kick hb Maker down'i 
Or if more gen'ral arguments engage. 
The court or camp, the pulpit, bar or ftage ; 
If half-breJ furgeoos, whom men dodors call. 
And lawyers, who were never bred at all, 
Thofe mighty Ictter'd monfters of the earth. 
Our pity move, or exercife our mirth 5 
Or if in tittle-tattle, tooth-pick way. 
Our rambling thoughts with eafy freedom fbay ; 
A gainer flilJ thy friend himfelf muft find. 
His grief fufpended, and iinprov'd his mind. 

Whilft peaceful (lumbers blefs the homely bed, 
Where Virtue, fclf-approv'd, reclines her head '% 
Whilft Vice beneath imagin'd horrors mourns. 
And Confcience plants the villain's couch with thorns 5 
Impatient of re({raint, the adtive Mind, 
No noore by fervile prejudice confin'd. 
Leaps firom her feat, as waken'd from a trance. 
And darts through Nature at a (ingle glance. 
Then we our friends, our foes, ourfelves, furvey, 
And fee by Night what fools wc are by Day. 

Stript of her gaudy plumes and vain difguile. 
See where Ambition mean and loathfome lies ; 
Refledion with relentlefs hand pulls down 
The tyrant's bloody wreath and favi(hM crown. 
In vain be tells of batdes bravely won. 
Of nations conqoer'd, and of worlds un3one : 
Triumphs like thefe bat ill with manhood fuit^ 
And fink thjc coo^^eror beneath the bnitet 



But if, 10 fearchijif round ^ world, wc find 
Some gen'rout youth, the fricfxl of all mankind, 
Whofe aogcr, like the bolt of Jove, U fpcd 
In terrors only at the guilty head, 
Whufe mercies, like Heaven's dew, refreflung h\l 
In gcn'ral love and charity to all. 
Pleased we behold fuch worth on any throne. 
And doubly pleasM we find it on our own. 
Through a folfe medium things arc fhewn by Day, 
Pomp, wealth, and titles, judgment lead aftray. 
How many from appearance borrow ilate, 
Whom Night difdains to numb^ with the Great ! 
Muft not we laugh to fee yon lordl'mg proud 
SnufF up vile incenfe from a fawning crowd ? 
WhiJft in hisbeim furrounding clients play^ 
Like infers in the fun^s enlivening ray, 
Whilft, Jehu-like, he drives at fiirious rate, 
And feemi the only charioteer of ftate. 
Talking himfelf into a little God, 
And ruling empires with a Angle nod \ 
Who would not think, to hear him l.'.w difpenfe, 
That he had intVc.ft, and that they had fenfe ? 
Injurious thought ! Beneath Night's honeft (hade, 
MTbenpomp is buried and falfe colours fade. 
Plainly we fee at that impartial hour 
7hm dupes to pride, and ^m the tool of pow*r. 

God help the man, condemned by cruel fate 
To court thcfeeming, or the real great 
Much forrow (hall he feel, and fuffcr more 
Than any (lave wou labours ^ the oar. 
By flavi(h methods mu(\ he learn to pleafe, ' 
By fmooth-tongu'd flalt'ry, that curft C9urt^feaftf 
Supple to ev'ry wayward niood ftrike fail, 
And fluf^ with (hif^ing humour's peevi(h gale. 
To Nature dead, he muft adopt vile Art, 
And wear a fmilewith angui(h in his heart. 
A fenfe of honour v<(ouW de(boy his fchemes, 
And Confcience ne'er would fpeak unlefs in dreamt. 
When he hath tamely borne for many years 
Cold looks, lorbidding frowns, contemptuous fneers ; 
•When he at laft expdSh, good eafy nuui, 
To reap die profits of his laboor*d plan. 
Some cringing Lacquey, or rapacious Whore, 
To Avours at the great the fureft door, 
Some Catamite, or Pimp, in credit grown, 
Who tempts another's wife, or fells his own, 
Steps cxofs his hopes, the promis'd boon denies, 
And for fome Minion's Minion claims the prize. 

Foe to reftraint, unpra^is'd in deceit, 
l\)o refolute, ^m Natures aAive heat. 
To brook affronts, and tamely pafs them by \ 
Too proud to flatter, too fincere to lye. 
Too plain to pleafe, too honeft to be great ; 
Give me, kind Heaven, an humbler, happier ftate $ 
Far from the place where men with pride deceive. 
Where rafcals promife, and where fools believe } 
Par from the walk of fblly , vice and ftri fe. 
Calm, independent, let me fteal thro' life. 
Nor one vain wi(h my fteady thoughts beguile 
To fear his lord(hm's frown, or court his finile. 
Unfit for Greatnefs, I her Inares defy, 
And look on riches with untainted eye. 
To others let the glitt'ring bawbles fall. 
Content (hall place us fiir above them all. 

Spcdators only on this buftling fb^. 
We liec what vain defigna mankind engage \ 
Vice after vice with ardour they purfue, 
JiXiA ooeold fbiry bdn^i fbrdi twenty new. 

Perplei'd with trifles thro* the rale of Cfct 
Man ftri ves 'gainft man, writhout a caule fbr fbift ) 
Annies embattled meet, and thoufands bleed 
For fbroe vile fpot where fifty cannot feed. 
Squirrels fbr nuts contend, md, wrong or righty 
For the world's empire kings aunbitious fight; 
What odds >— To us 'ris all the felf-fame chio^ 
A Nut, a World, a Squirrel, and a King. 

Britons, like Roman fpirits fam'd of old» 
Are Cift by nature in a Patriot mould 5 
No private joy, no private grief they kno«r» 
Their foul's ingrofs'd by public weal or woe. 
Inglorious eafe, like ours, they greatly fcom : 
Let care with nobler wreaths their brows adorn. 
Ghdly they toil beneath the fbtefman's pains. 
Give them but credit for a fhitefman's brains. 
All would be deem'd, e'en frnm the cnMUe> fit 
To rule in politics as well as wit 
The grave, the gay, the fbpling, and the doocei 
Start up (God blefs us !) ftateimen all at once. 

His mighty charge of fouls die prieft fbrgetSy 
The court-bred lord his promifes and debts, 
Soldiers their fame, mifers fi>rgct their pelf. 
The rake his miftiefs, and the fop himfelf; 
Whilft thoughts of higher moment claim tfadr caret 
And their wife heads the weight of kingdomt bear. 
Females themfelves the glorious ardour fed. 
And boaft an equal, or a greater seal \ 
From nymph to nymph the (hite-infbCHon fOes* 
Swells in her breaft, and fparldes in her eyes. 
O'erwhelm'd by politics lie malice, pride> 
Envy, and twenty other ftultf befide. 
No more their litde flutt'ring hearts confeft 
A paftion fbr applanfe, or rage fbr drefs \ 
No more they pant fbr Ptiblic Raree-fliowi, 
Or lofe one thought on monlieys or on beans. 
Coquettes no more purfue the jilting plan. 
And luftful prudes fbrget to rail at man, 
The darling theme C4:c ilia's fdf will drnfe. 
Nor thinks of fcandal whilft fhe talks of news. 

The CiT, a Common-CoonciUMan by pUce^ 
Ten tlMMifand mighty nodiings in his hiatf 
By fituation as by nature great. 
With nice precifion parcels out the ftate \ 
Proves and difproves, afHrms, and then ilenicft 
Objeds himfelf, and to himfelf replies j 
Wielding aloft the politician rod, 
Makes Pitt by turns a devil and a god $ 
Maintilins, e*en to the very teeth of powYt 
The fame thing right and wrong in half la hour. 
Now all is well, now he fufpeSs a plot, 
And plainly proves, WHATtVBK is, tt mot. 
Fearnillywife, he (hakes his empty heady 
And deals out empires as he deals out thmKi. 
His ufelefs fcales are in a comer flui^, 
And Europe*s balance hangs upon his tongue. 

Peace to fuch triflers } be our happier plan 
To pafs thro* life as eafy as we can. 
Who's in or out, who moves this grand machinea 
Nor ftirs my curiofity, nor fpleea. 
Secrets of ftate no more I wiStk to know 
Than fecret m ov em e n t s of a Puppet-fbow ; 
Let but the poppets nwve, I've my defire, 
Unfeeen die hand which p^a the Mafker-wire. 

What Vt to us, if taxes rife or fall. 
Thanks to our fbfione we pay none at adl. 
Let muckwonm, wbo in ditty aieres deal, 
Lamcflt tbolb hartfupt which we caaflot ibet 

C R V & C H I l.I.*S POSMS. 


H« Gface who fimrtsi may bellow if he pleafe^ 
B(tf naft I bellowtoo, who fit ate£!j ? 
Bf coftom /afe> the poet*s numben flowy 
Ficeu the light and air Tome years ago. 
N» ftarfman eV vnJl find it worth his pains 
Totix oar laboarS) and excife oar brains, 
lotfaemlikcthelc vile earthly buildings bear^ 
Nbtribole*! laid on caftlis in the air. 

Let then the ilames of war deftniftive reigOy 
Aid Eagtand^s terrors awe w^erious Spain j 
Let er'ry venalclan and neutral tribe 
Lara to receive cooditionsy not prefcribe ; 
La ach new year call loud for new fupplieSf 
AalCtt <a tax with double burthens rife : 
Exempt we fit, by no rude cares opprefty 
Afldi kmng l)ctle» are with little bleft. 
Ail real ills in dark, oblivion lie, 
Aid joys, by fancy fbrm*d» their place fupply, 
!6gbt*f langhing hours unheeded flip awjy, 
Korofle doll thought fbretells th* approach of Day. 

Tbii have welrv*d,and whllft the fates afford 
Pliii »teaty to fupply the fiiigal board, 
WUi Mirth with Ckccncy his lovely bride, 
Aad Wioe*s gay God, with Temp'rancc by his Ade, 
Tbetrwdcone vifit pay ; whilft Health attends 
Tbcaoraw circle o£ our chofen fiiends, 
VUft frank Good-Huoiour confecraces the treat. 
Aid Woman makes fociety complete, 
Tte will we live, tbo* in our teeth are hurPd 
ThoTe hadauy fnmpetSf Prudence and the World. 

Pradnce, of old a facred term, impIyM 
VtitK, with godlike Wifdom for her guide. 
Bit now in general nfe is known to mean 
TW ftalkiog-horfe of vice, artd iblly^s fcreen. 
Tbe ienCe perverted we retain the name, . i . 

H^fQcrify and Prudence are the fame. 

A TftoroQCc, more read in men than books, 
A kiad of crafty knowledge in his looks, 
I^envdy fly, with high preferment bleft, 
Hn&?*riie pupil in thefe words addreffed : 

W«aU*ft thou, my Ion, be wife and idrtuous decm*d, 
Bf an onkind a prodigy efteem*d ? 
^thitthyrole) be w£at men /rWimf call; 
Pndnce, aloughty Prudence, gives thee aU. 
1^ i^appeanaces, there lies the teft, 
Tke wrid win give thee credit /or the reft. 
^^tnA be £ur, however foul within $ . 
^ if dm wilt, but then in fecret (in. 
1lii|Daxini*8 ioCo common favour grown, 
^Keii Bokqgcr vice^ unlefs *tis known. 
^B^ indeed may barefacM take the field | 
^ vice is virtue when 'ris well concealed. 
^^»U nging paffions drive thee to a whore, 
Let Pndace lead thee to a /^em door j 
It? WiU night, but take efpecial care 
^Pcndence bring thee back to early prayer. 
I* Mcwith watdiiqg and with ftudy faint, 
^isadrankvd, and reel outa (aint. 

^Ajoy the youth this ufeful leftbn heard, 
yjalmmem^ry ftorM each precious word, 
^foMi^ poriuMthe plan, and mrw^ 
* ^MB Army Loniy— Virtue ftand by and bow.** 

Aid kthti all— it this the worldings art, 
^^'■■^ botiiot mend a vicious hevt? 
w hkewam caodon and deme an or grave 
g[J ^«id good ftaoosp ev*ry fupple knave ? 
^ wictcheswbMB no real virtue warms, 
^£<vdb«r iHpea a^d Mesvrith empty Ibnflif 

Whilft Virtue fecks in vain the wifli*d-fbr prize, 
Becaufe, difdaining ill, ihe hates difguife ; 
Becaufe fiie frankly pours forth all herftore. 
Seems wdiat fhc «, and fcoms to pifs for more ? 
Well — be it fo— let vile diflemblers hold 
Unenvy'd pow*r, and boaft their dear-bought gold. 
Me neither powV ihall tempt, nor thirftof pelf. 
To flatter others or deny myfclf ; 
Might the whole world be phcM within my fpan, 
I would not be that Thing, that Prudent Man, 

What, cries Sir Pliant, would you then oppoif 
Yourfelf, alone, againfl an hoft of foes ? 
Let not conceit, and pceviih luft to rail. 
Above all fenfe of intereft prevail. 
Throw oft* for ihame this petulance of wit. 
Be wife, be modeft,. and for once fubmit : 
Too hard the cafk 'againft multitudes to fight, 
Tou muft be wrong, the World is in the right. 

What is this World ? A term which men have gol 
To fignify, not one in ten knows what ; 
A term, which with no more precifion paflfes 
To point out herds of men than herds of ajfes ; 
In common ufe no more it means, wtf find. 
Than many forfls in fame opinions join*d. 

Can numbers then change Nature's ftated laws ? 
Can numbers make the worfe the better caufe ? 
Vice muft be vice, virtue be virtue ftill, 
Tho* thoufands rail at good and praAice ill. 
Wouldft thou defiind the GauPs deftrud^ive rage 
Becaufe vaft nations on hb part engage ? 
Tho' to fupport the rebel Caefar's caufe 
Tumultuous legions arm againft the laws, 
Tho* Scandal would o$tr pattht*% nameimpeachy 
And rails at virtues which flie cannot reach, 
Whait honeft man but would with joy fubmit 
To bleed with Cato, and retire with Pitt ? 

Sted^ and true to Virtue's facred laws. 
Unmoved by vulgar cenfure or applaufe. 
Let the World talk, my firiend j that World «( 

Which calls us guilty, cannot make us fo. 
Unaw'd by numbers, follow Nature's plan, 
Aflfert the rights, or quit the name of Man. 
Confider well, weigh ftriftly right and wrong ; 
Refolve not quick, but once refolv'd be ftrong. . 
In fpite of dullnefs, and in fpite of wit. 
If to thyfelf thou canft thyfelf acquit. 
Rather fbuid up aftur'd wi^ confcious pride 
Alone, than err with millions oo thy fide. 





1 N S C*ft I ■ < D TO 


WHEN Cupid firft inftruds his darts to Af 
^ From the fly comer of fome cook-maid*! ey% 
The ftiipling raw, juft entered in his teens. 
Receive! the woudf and wonders what it means ; 





His heart like dHppIngt melts» and new defire 
Within him ftirs, each time (he ftirs the fire ; 
Trembling and blushing he the fair one viewsy 
And faih would fpcaky but can't*— ^thout a Mufe. 

So to the facrcJ mount he takes his w^nr , 
Prunes hi« young wings, and tunes his infant lay. 
His oaten reed to ruraJ ditties frames, 
To flocks and rocks, to hills and rills proclaims^ 
In fimple(t notes, and all unpoUfh*d ftrains. 
The loves of nymphs, and eke the loves of fvrajnt. 

Clad, as your nymphs were always clad of yorc^ 
a ruilic weeds— a cook- maid now no more— 
Aeneath an aged oak L irdella lies. 
Green mofs her couch ; her canopy the ikies. 
From aromatic (hrubs the roguj/A gale 
SiKzis young perfumes, and wafts them thro* the vale. 
The youth, ^um'd Twain, and fkIU*d in ru(Uc lays. 
Fad by her Ade his amorous defcant plays. 
Herds lowe, flocks bleu, pies chatter, ravens fcream, 
And the ftill chorus dies a- down the ftream. 
The (hoams, with mufic freighted, as they pafs, 
Prefent the fiir Lardella with a glafs, 
And 2Lephyr, tu compleat the love^fick plan, 
Waves his light wings, and fcrvcs her for a fan. 

But, when maturcr Judgment takes the lead, 
Thcfe childlffi toys on Reafon*s altar bleed ; 
Formed after fome great manp whofe name breeds awe, 
Whofe ev' ry fentence Fafhion makes a law, 
Who on mere credit his vain trophies rears, 
And founds his merit on our fervile fears ; 
Then we difcard the workings of the heart. 
And Nature's biniftiM by rre harik Art ; 
Then, deeply read, our reading muft be (hown \ 
Vain is that knowledge which remains unkno%vn. 
Then Oftentation marches to our aid. 
And lettered Pride ftalks forth in full parade | 
Beneath their care behold the work refine, 
Pointed each fentence, polifhM ev*ry line : 
Trifles are dignified, and taught to wear 
The robes of Ancients vnth a Modem air, 
Nonfenfe with cUfffk ornaments is graced. 
And paiTes current with the ftamp of Tafle. 

Then the rude Thcocrite is ranfackM o'er. 
And cwrtii Maro ca]l*d from Mincio*s (bore \ 
SkWum Aiuja on our mountains roam, 
Eafyandftxeasif they were at home : 
Nymphs, Naiads, Nereids, Dryads, Satyrs, Fauns» 
Spoct in oar floods, and trip it 6*ct oor lawns \ 
Flow^n, which once flourifliM fjk in Greece and 

More fair revive in Englands meads to bloom | 
Skies without cloud exotic funs adorn $ 
And rofes blufh, but blufh without t thorn | 
Landfcapes unknown to dowiy Nature, rife. 
And new creatkxis fhike our wondering eyes. 

For bards like thefe, whoneither fing noriay, 
Grare without thought, and^wicfamit fedtng gay, 
Whofe numbers m one even tenor flow, 
>*nnrV to pleafure, andtffftm^Jtowoe, 
Who, if plainCommon Senfe her vifit pays* 
And msrs one couplet in their happy kys, 
AsatloioeghoftaflMghted, fbrtandffare. 
And aflL the roeanbg of her commg there; . 
For btf^ like thefe a wreath dull Malbn bring, 
Iin*d vritfa the fbfteft down of Folly*s wing $ 
InLore^ Pagoda ihall they ever dose. 
And Giftil kindly rock them to repofe 3 

My lord^-to letten uto fthi mofi tnie-^ 

At once their patron and example to(^— 

Shall fua'mtly ht^on his love-Iabour*d dreams, 

Sigh with fad winds, and weep with weeping fbeams, 

Cwioits in grief, (for real gritf, we know. 

Is curious todreis up the ule of woe) 

From the green umbrage of (bme DtukTs leiC, 

Shall his own works in his own way repeat. 

Me whom no Mufeof heav'nly birth infpiRS, 
No jndgnoent tempers when rafh genius fires | 
Who booft no merit but mere knack of rime. 
Short gleams of (tnftf and fatire out of tiooe. 
Who cannot follow where trim fancy leads 
^y praetrn^^ttmvio'et Jlofo*r^fmpurfled meads | 
Who often, but without fuccefs, have pray'd 
For tf^r Alliteration's tfrf/^f/W; 
Who would, but cannot, with a mafter^s fkill. 
Coin fine new epithets ^oJ^h mtsm mill i 
Mef thus uncouth, thus ev*ry way unfit 
For padng pocfy, and aaJfUng wit, 
Tafte wiUi contempt beholds, nor deigns to place 
Amongft the lowtft of her favoured race. 

Thou, Nature, art my gnddeis — to thy law 
Myfelf I dedicate.-'Hirive flavifh awe 
Which bends to fiifliion, and obeys the rules. 
Imposed at firft, and fince obferv*d by fools. 
Hence thofe vile tricks which maf fair Nature's hoe. 
And bring the fober matron forth to view. 
With all that artificial tawdry glare, 
Which Virtue fcoms, and none but ftrumpetswear. 
3ick of thofe pomps, thofe vanities that wafte 
Of toil, which critics now miflake for tape. 
Of falfe refinements fick, and laboured cafe. 
Which Art, too thinly veil'd, forbids to pleafe. 
By Natore*s charms (inglorious truth !) fubdu'd. 
However plain her drcfs, and *haviour rude. 
To mrtkern climes my happier courfe I fteer. 
Climes where the goddcis reigns diroughout the 

^^ yw. 

Where, undiihirb*d by Art's rtheUms plan. 
She rules the leyaliairj, zudfaUAfil clan. 

To that rare foil, where virtues cluft*ring grow, 
What mighty blefiltngs doth not England owe ? 
What waggon'loadx of courage, w^th and fenie. 
Doth each revolving day import from thencf ? 
To us flie gives, difinterefh^l friend, 
Faith without fraud, and Stuarts without end. 
When we profpcrity's rich trappings wear, 
Comenot her generous fons and take a (hare ? 
And if, by fome difaftrous turn of £ite. 
Change flKMild enfue, and ruin feite the ibtc. 
Shall we not find Oife in thathallow*d ground. 
Such refuge as the Holy Martyr fimnd ? 

Nor lefs our debt in Science, tho* deny*d 
^ the weak flaves of prejudice and pride. 
Tkeme canoe the Ramfays, names of worthy note* 
Of whom one paints, as well as t'other wrote ; 
Tkemt, Home, dUbanded fifom the fons of prayV 
Forfovingpl«|rs, tho* no ^i/ Dean was tfaerei 
Tiowriflbed forth, at great Macpheribo^s caU, 
That «/i, nrto, e^ pafitralf Fingal \ 
TkacrMalloch, friend alike of Ck^nk miStgtt^ 
Of Chrifl and Liberty, by grateful Fate - 
RaisM torewards which, in tfims rdgn. 
All icnfiag mfideh ihould feek m vain | 
TAmct fii^le bards, by fio^e prodcoct taoghtf 
To tfatt w^ town by fimpk pitxoiis farofgfa^ 

CHUR chill's POBlttS< 


k) fin^k VKUt/ntT utter /unple Itysy 

And ttkcy widi Ample pcnfionsy fimple pra!fe. 

Waft me iotat Mufe to Tweed*i inTpiring ftrsai^, 
Wine all tbe little lores and graces dreuny 
Where Oowlj winding die dull waters creep, 
Aod leem thcmleWes to own the power of fleep. 
Where o« die furface lead, like feithers» fwims. 
There let me bathe my yet unhallowed Iimbs> 
Asooce a Syrian bath*d in Jordan^s flood* 
Wafh cflT my native ftains» correA that blood 
Whidi motinies at call of EfgJl/i pride* 
And, deaf t9 prudence* rolls z patriot tide. 

From foleom thought which OTeihangs the brow 
Of patriot care> when things are--^God knows 

bow * 
iaax nice trim points> where HooouTy flare to 

In compliment to FoUy, plays the fool $ 
From thofe gay fceoes vrhere Mirth exalts his powV, 
Aod eafjr Humour wings the laughing hour $ 
From thofe Mt better moments, when defire 
Bats high, and all tbe world oif man's on fire, 
Wbeo mutual ardours of the melting fair 
More than repay us for whole yean of care, 
kLfntmd/Kift fuminoos will my Wilkes retreat, 
Aadfee, tmct fetu hdlarei that «iar»r feat, 
Tlm^aetavr feat, wfiere m^efty difplay'd 
Ker enfigns, long htfore tJk ^oorld wot n^e I 

Mean narrow maxims, which enflave mankind, 
NeVfrom its bias warp thy fettled mind. 
^ diip*d by party, nor opinion*s (lave, 
Thoie faculties which bounteous Nature gave, 
Thy heoeft fpirit into praAice brings, 
Kor courts the fmHe, lior dreads die ftowos of 

lA rtit ticattiem Engliihmen comply 
Wttb tumult's voice, and curfe they know not 

^^ J 
UawiUing to condemn, thy fiml difd^ns 
To wear rile faftion*s arbitrary chains. 
And ftiidly weighs, in apprefaienfion clear. 
Things as tfaey are, and not as they appear. 
With diee Cood-Humour tempers lively Wit, 
£athtai*d with Judgment, Candour loves to fit. 
And Nature gave thee, open to diftrefs, 
A heart to pity, and a hand tP blefs. 
Oft have I hetfd thee mourn thewretcbed lot 
Of tbe poor, mean, defpisM, infulted 5ref, 
Who, might calm reafon credit idle tales. 
By raocoor fbrg*d where prandice prevails, 
0^ ftarves at home, or pra&fes, thro* fear 
Of ibrviog, arts nvhich damn all confcieoce here. 
^fhmSariUkn, to the charge by int*reft led. 
The fierce NorrJk-Bntdn foaming at their head, 
PoorMh nnredives, deaf to candour's call, 
Aad ii^urM by one idien, rail at all $ 
On Ntrtkn Ptfgak when they take their (land. 
To mak the weaknefs of that Holy Landf 
With needlefs truths their libels to adora^ 
And haqg a nation up to public fcom, 
Thy gcn^ous Ibol condemns the firantic rage. 
And hates the faithful but ill-natur*d pa|e. 

Tbe&oTiare poor, cries furiy Engli£b pride ) 
Tnieis the charge, aorby themfelvesdeny*d. 
Are they not then in ftri^beftreaibn clear, 
Who w^y come to mend their fortunes here ? 
If by low fupple arts Ibcceisfbl grown, 
Tbey (app*d our vigour to kicieafe thdr ovtOf 

VOL. Vllt 

If, meafi in want, and infolerft in pow^r. 
They only fawn*d more furcly to devour, 
Rous*d by fuch wrongs fliould Rea£>n take alarm^ 
And e'en the Mu& for public fafety arm \ 
But if they own ingenious Virtue*i fway. 
And follow where true Honour points the way^ 
If they revere the hand by which they're fed. 
And blefs the donors for their daily bread. 
Or by vaft debts of higher import bound. 
Are always humble, always grateful found. 
If they, direftcd by Paul's ^ly pert. 
Become difcreetly all things to all men. 
That all men may become all things to them. 
Envy may hate, but JuiUce can't condemn. 
" Into our places, (lates, and beds they creep ;'* 
They've fenfe to get, what we want fenfe t0 
Once, be the hour accurs'd, accvn'd the place, 
I ventur'd to blafpheme the chofen race. 
Into thofe traps, which men c€U*d Patriots laid. 
By fpecious arts unwarily betray'd. 
Madly I leagu'd againfl diatfacred earth, 
Vile oarridde ! which give a parent birth. 
But (hall I meanly Error's path purfue, 
When heavenly Truth prefents her fr cndly cluei 
Once plung'd in ill, (hall I go Ardier in f 
To make the oath was ra(h, to keep it, fin. 
Backward I tread the paths I trod before. 
And calm reflcdion hates what pafRon fwore. 
Converted, (blefTed are the fouls which know 
Thofe pleafures which from true converfum flow. 
Whether to reafon, who now rules my breafl. 
Or to pure faith, like Lyttleton and Wert) ' 
Part crimes to expiate, be myprefentaim 
To raife new trophies to the Scotti(h name. 
To make (what can the proudeft Mufe do more ?) 
E'en Faction's ions her brighter worth adore. 
To make hergkiries ftamp'd with honeft rimeSf 
In fiilleft tide roll down to lateft times. 
« Prefumptuoos wretch ! and (hall a Mift tkn 
<' An Bmifi/k Muft^ the meaneft of the nine, 
« Attempt a theme like this ? Can her weak 

*' Expod indulgence fiom the mighty Thane ? 
" Should he from toils of government retire, 
*« And for a momedt fan the poet's fire, 
" Should he, of fciences the moral friend, 
<< Each atrkust each htfortant feareh fufpoid, 
«< Leave ujuffijlfj HiU of heriM to tell, 
" And a/i tke toonden rf a cuklt-fltell^ 
<< Having the Lord's good grace before his eyes, 
« Would not tki Home ftep forth, and gam th*^ 

" prixe? 
« Or if this vrreath of honour ndght adore 
« The humble brows of one in ^glani born» 
" Prefumptttous ftill thy dariog mu(V appear $ 
" Vain all thy tow'ring hopes, whilrt 1 am here." 

Thus fpake ayomr, bv fUken fmile and tone 
Dull and unvaried, fbr die Laureat known. 
Folly's chief friend, Decdnim's eldeft fon. 
In ev'ry party found and yet of none. 
This mryfuiftmicet ^U Mfiafttiai J^Je, 
Aba(hM I heard, and with rcfpeaobey'd. 

From themes too lofcy for a bard fomean, 
DUcntht beckons to an humbler fcene. 
The reftlefi finrer of ambitkm laid, 
Cilm I retire, and feek the fylvan (hade. 


CHUR chill's poems. 

Now be the Mit/t iIifrobM of all her pride, 
Be all the glace of Terfe by TnaJk fupplied. 
And if plahi Nature pours a fimple ftrain, 
Whkh Bute may praife, and Oflian oot difdaifl, 
Oflian, fubGm^y fimfl^ bard of all, 
'Whom BngB/i tifdtii Macpheribn m//. 
Then round my head ikall honour*s eniigni ware. 
And penfioositiark me for a williDg flave. 

Two boys, whoie birth, beyond all queftion fprings 
from great and glorious, tho* forgotten, kings, 
Shepherds of Scitt]/k lineage, bom and bred 
On the (ame bleak and bamn rooantain*s heady 
By niggard Nature doomed on the fame rocks 
To fpin out life, and ftanre tbemfeWes and flocks, 
Fre(h as the morning, whkh, cnrob'd in njift. 
The mountain*s top with ofiial dulnedr kiisMy 
Jockey and Sawney to their labours rofe $ 
Soon clad I ween, where Nature needs no doaths, 
Vn»ere, from their youth enor*d to winter-ikief, 
Drefi and her vain refinements they defpife. 

Jockey, whofe manly high-bonM checks to crown 
^rh freckles fpotted flam'd the golden down, 
With mikle art cooldoo the bagpipes play, 
£*en from the rifmg to the fetting day ; 
Sawney as long without remorle could bawl 
Home*s madrigals, and ditdes from Frngal. 
Oft at his ftrahis, all natural tho* rude. 
The HigUMnd Imfs forgot her want of food, 
And, whilft ^fermulfd her lorer into refl, 
SunkpleasM, dio* hungry, ooherSawoey*sbreaf(. 

Far as the eye could ruch, notree was feen. 
Earth, clad in ruilet, fcom*d the lively green. 
The plague of locuf^s tkey fecure d^, 
For In three hours a grafbopper muft die. 
No living thing, whatever its food, feafts there. 
But the Caroeleon, who can 6aft on air. 
No birds, except as birds of paf&ge, flew. 
No bee was known to hum, no dbve to coo> 
No fbeams as amber fmooch, m amber clear. 
Were feen to glide, or heard to warble here. 
]Ubdljon*s faring, which through the country ran, 
FumifhM with bitter draughts, the fteadv clan. 
No flow*rt embalmed the air, but one white rofie. 
Which 00 the loth of June by inftinA blows, 
By !nftin£t blows at mom, and, when the fhadet' 
Of driszly eve prevail, by inflbft fades. 

One, aind but one poor folitary cave, 
Too fparing of her favours, Nature gave ; 
That one aloae (hard tax on Snttijk pride !) 
Shelter at once for man and beaft fupplied. ' 
Thdr fhares vMkma entangling briers fpread» 
And thif^les, arm*d againft the mvader*s head. 
Stood in dofe ranks all e n tr an ce to oppofe, 
Thiftles now hdd more predous than the rofe. 
All creatorei whTch, on Nature^s earliefl plan, 
IVere form*d to loath, and to be loath*d by nan, 
Which owM their birth to naftineis and ffrfte. 
Deadly to touch, and hateful to die fight. 
Creatures, nvhich when admitted in the ark. 
Their Saviour (hunn*d, and rankled m the daik, 
Found place 'antkm : marking her noifbme road 
With poifon*s Crail, Atr* crawl*d the bloated toad | 
TAere webs avere spread of more than coomion fite. 
And half.ftarv*d.fpiders prey*d onhalf-fbrr*d flies ; 
In -quefl of food, efb ffaovein vain to crawl $ 
SKigs» plndiM- with hunger, ihNir^'d the flimy wall j 

The cave around widi hiifing fcrpenti rang i. 
On the damp roof unhealthy vapours hung < 
AndFAMtMB, hy AereMUren ahtm known f 
Ai frmid M f$or^ Aerr flxM her Mtfftwr dirone. 

Here^ fat the fullen fky was overcaf^, 
And fonrnter (hrunk beneath a wint*ry blaft, 
A nadve blaft, which, arm*d with hail and fain. 
Beat unrdenting on the naked fwain, 
The boys for flieltcr made ; behind the fl^ep 
Of which thofe fliepherds every day takt kerp^ 
Sickly crept on, and with complaratnjp rude. 
On Nature feemM to call, and bleat for food. 

J o c K 1 T. 
Sitk to this cave, by tempcfl, we*re eoofln*d» 
And within kv our flockf, under the wmd. 
Safe from the pelting of diis perilous ftora^ 
Are laid rmofff yon diil^les dry and warm. 
What, Sawnev, if by ihepherd*s art we try 
To mock the ngour of this cruel flcy } 
What if we tune fome merry mtndelay f 
WeU dofl diou fing, nor ill dodi Jockey pky, 

S A W N X Y. 

Ah, Jockey, ill advifes thou, /ton. 
To diink of fongs at fuch a time as this. 
Sooner (halt herbage crown theie barren rodb» 
Sooner fliall fleeces doath thefe ragged flocks^ 
Sooner fluU want feisefliephenbof the foatk» 
.And we forget to live from hand to mouth, 
iThan Sawnev, out of finfon, fliall impart 
The ibi^of gladnefs with an aching heart. 

J o c X < T. 
Still have I known thee for a (illy fwain ; 
Of thhigs pafl hdp, what boots it to complain ? 
Nothing but mirth can conquer fortune's ipite \ 
No flcy IS heavy, if the heart be light : 
Patience is forrow'sftlve; what can*t be cur^d^ 
So Donald right «rvd!i, maSt be endur*d. 

S A W N K T. 

Full filly fwain, / wof, is Jockey now ; 
-flow didfl thou bear thy Maggy^s fiilfhood ? liov# 
When with a fbrdgn loon flic ftole away, 
Didfkdiou fbrfwear diy pipe and fliepherd'a Uy ? 
Where w^ diy boaftcd wifJom dicn, when I 
Applied thofe proverbs, which you now apply ? 

J c K t Y. 
OfliewasW/ All die Highlands round 
Was there a rival to my Maggy found 1 
More precious (tho' that predous is to all) 
Than the rare medVine which we Brimfleoe calT^ 
prthat dwice plant, fo grateful to the nofe. 
Which m 1 know not what far countiy grows* 
Was Majgy unto me ; dear do I rue, 
A lafs Ui nor ihould ever prove untrue. 

S A W M X Y. 

Whetherwith pipe or Ibi^ to charm the eir# 
Thro* all die land did Jamie find a peer ? 
QunM be that year by ev'ry boneft Scot, 
And in the fliepherd*s calendar forgot, 
that fatal year, when Jamie, haplels fwabia 
Ip evil hour fbribok the peaceful plab. 
Ja'nie, when our young Laird difcrcetly fl«d, 
Wat fds*d and hang*d dU he was dead, dea 



J O C X t T. 

Fun (ardy may we aUlament that day; 
ForaUwerelofersin the deadly fray. 
FiTt brothers had I, on the Scottiih p]aim» 
WcU doft thou kiiow were Dooe more hopdful iwains I 
Fhe brathers there 1 lofty in manhood's pride^ 
IVioia the Bddy and three on gibbets died s 
Ji I fiUy fwaiasy to fbUow war*« alarms ! 
Jt ! what hath ihcpherd*s life to do with arms ! 

S A # M < T. 
Meadoo it aot-*There faw I ftrai^en dad 
la all the honours of our ny'tOi'd ^asd, 
Siv the Fcrrara too, our nation's pride, 
UnwiUiog grace the aukward vigor's fide. 
There (dl our choicest youth, and from that day 
Hiti never Sawney tune the meriy lay } 
IScfsM thoie which fell ! cursM thole which (till fur- 

To mottra Fjftetn ieaew*d in forty-ffve. 

This pkinM the Boys, when from her throne of 
Witb boils embofsM, and overgrown with fcurfy 
vaehamoiirsy which, in lifers corrupted well, 
MixM at the birth, not abitinence could quell, 
Pale Famini rearM the head t her eager eyes» 
Where hunger e^en to madnefs feemM to rife, 
Speakbg aloud her throes and pangs of heart, 
StninM to get loofe, and from their orbs to fbut } 
Her hollow checks were each a deep-funk cell, 
Where wretcbedneis and horror lov*d todwell \ 
With double raws of ufelcfs teeth fuppUed, 
Her Booth, firom ear to car, extended wide. 
Which, when for want of ^Md her entrails pin*d, 
She op*d, and curfing fwaUowM nought bntwind ) 
AU fliiivdrd was her ikin, and here and diefe» 
Makmg their way hy force, her bones ky bare \ 
Soch filthy fight to hide from human view, 
0*crhafoul limbs a tatter*d plaid Ae threw. 

Ceafe, cried the goddefs, ceafe, defpaiiing fwams, 
And from a parent hear what Tore ordains I 

Pent m this bairen comer <» the ifle. 
Where partial fortune never ddgned to (mile { 
Like Nature's haftards, reaping forour ihtte 
What was i^aaed bv Che lawful heir } 
Unknown amuugfl, the nations of the earth. 
Or only known to raiie contempt and mirth ) 
Long free* becaufe die race of Roman braves 
Thoi^tit not worth their while to make us flaves I 
Then nMo bondage by that nation brought. 
Whole rain we forages vainly fought J 
Whom ftillwith onflackM heat we view, and (till, 
The pow^r of sm^chief loft* rttain the will ) 
GtoofidcrMai the refufe of mankhid, 
A mafs till the lafl moment lef^ behmd, 
Whkh firapl Naane doubted, at it lay. 
Whether to fbmp with life, or throw away ; 
WUch,^ &rm*d in hafte, was planted in this nook> 
Bat never enter*d in CreBtion''s book; 
Bnoi^Dd as tnitars* who for love of 1^ 
Would fell their God, as once their King ^fbld \ 
Long hatfc we borne thismighty winght of ill, 
Tl|j^ vile iniurioas taunts, and bear them ^1. 
But times of ha|ppier note are newat haad^ 
Aid dK &U pfonUb cf a better laod : 

^there^ like the &m «/* J^W, having trod, 
For the fix*d term of years ohlainM by God, 
A barren defert, we fhall feiee rich plains. 
Where milk with honey flows, and plenty rdgns. 
With fome few nadves joinM, fomc fViant few. 
Who worfhip bt'reft, and our track purfue. 
There ih'all we, tho' the wretched people grieve, 
Rarage at large* nor afk the ownen leave. 

For us, the ear^ ihall briilg forth her increafe ; 
For us, die flocks fhall wear a golden fleece ; 
Fat beeves fhall yield us dainties not our own, 
And the grape bleed a nedar yet unknown ; 
For our advantage iludl their harvefts grow, 
And Scatfmen reap what they difdainM co fow ; 
For us, the fun fhall climb theeaflern hill ; 
For us, the rain fhall fall, the dew diflil ; 
When to our wifhes Nature cannot rife, 
Art fhall be tafkM to grant us freih fupplies. 
His brawny arm fhall drudging Labour itrain. 
And for our pleafure fuffcr daily psun \ 
Trade ihii] for us exert hor utmoft powers, 
Her*s all the toil, and all the profit, our*s | 
For us, the oak fhall from his native ftcep 
Defcend, and fearlefs travel thro' the deep \ 
The fail of Commerce far our ufe unfurled, 
Shall wafc the treafures of each diftant world ; 
For us, fublimer heights fhall Science reach, 
For us, their Statefmen plot, their Churchmen 

Then- noblefl limbs of coonfel we^ll disjoint. 
And, mocking, new ones of our own appoint ; 
Devouring War, imprifonM in the north. 
Shall, at our call, in horrid pomp break forth. 
And, when, his chariot wheels with thunder hung. 
Fell Difcord braying with her braien tongue. 
Death in the Tan, with Anger, Hate, and Fear^ 
And Defolation flaking in the rear. 
Revenge, by Juflice guided, in his train. 
He drives impetuous o*er the trembling plain» 
Shall, at our bidding, quit his lawful prey 
And to meek, gentle, gen*rons Peace give way. 

Think not, my fons, diat this fo blefs*d tSam 
Stands at a diftance on the roll of ^e ; 
Already big with hopes of future fway, 
£*en fimn tliis cave I fcent my deftinM prey. 
Thiqk not, that this dominkm o*er a race, 
Whofe former deeds fhall Time*s laft annuls grace* 
In the rough ^e of peril fought, 
And with the lives of thoufands dearly bought ; 
No— 'fbolM by cunning, by diat happy art 
Which laugh*s to fcom thie blundering hero*s heart. 
Into the fiuu!e fhall our kind neighbours £dl 
With open eyes, and fondly ghre us all. 

When Rome, to prop her finking empire, bore 
Thdr choiceft levies to a foreign fhore. 
What if we feisM, like a defHoying flood, 
Their vridowM plauK, and fillM the realm with bkiQd. 
Gave an unbounded loofe to manly rage. 
And fcoming mercy, f^*d nor fex nor age | 
When, for our int*ieft too mighty grown, 
Mooarchs of warlike bent po&fsM the throne» 
What if we ftroTc divifions to foment. 
And fpread (he flames of civil difcontent, 
Affifled thofe *gainft their king made head, 
And gave the traitors refiige when they Red $ 
When reftlefs Glory bad her fom advance. 
And pitch*d her fUndard in the fields of Ftance ; 
D z 



What if, ^(Avmn$ osths» and empty fimndf 
By which our nation never fluU be bound, 
Bravely we taught Unmuzxled war to roun 
Thro* the weak land, and brought cheap laureb 

\ home $ 
When the bold traitors leaguM for the defence 
Of Law, Religioo, Liberty and Senfe, 
When they againft their lawful mooarch rofc. 
And dar*d the Lord*s Anointed to oppofe. 
What if we ftill rever'd the bai^M race, 
And ftrove the Royal Vagrants to replace. 
With fierce rebellions fliook th* unfettled ftate, 
And greatly dorM, tho* crofs^d by palt]a^ fa!e ; 
Thcfe laas, which might, whete wifdom held the fway , 
Awake the very ftoncs to bar our way, 
T^fre (hall be nottiing, nor one trace remain 
In the dull region of an Engliih brain. 
BIcfsM with thatyifiri, which mountains can remove, 
Fuil they fhallJW/er, next fa'mtSf laft Mvtjrrs prove. 

Already ia thi< game of fate begun 
lender the fandlion of my darling fon : 
Thatfon of nature royal as his name. 
Is deftinM to redeem our race from (haroe ; 
His boundlefs pow*r, beyond example great. 
Shall make' the rough way (booth, the crooked 

Shall for our cafe the raging floods reftrain. 
And (ink the moufttain levd to the plain. 
Difcord, whom in a cavern under ground 
With mafiy fetters their late Patriot bound, 
Where her own flcfh the furiou? hag ought toary 
And vent her curies to the vacant air, • 
Where, that fhe never might be heard of more^ 
He planted Loyalty to guard the door. 
For better purpofe fhall our Chief releafe, 
Pifguife her for a time, and call her Peace. 

Lur^d by that name, fine engine of deceit. 
Shall the weak Englifh help themfelves to cheat ) 
To gain our love, with honours (hall they graca 
The old adhereno of the Stuart race, 
Who pointed out, no nutter by what name, 
Tories or Jacobites are (till the fame. 
To foothe ouF rage, the temporifing brood 
Shall break the des of truth and gratitude, 
Againft their SaWoi^ venomM fUiehoods firame. 
And brand with calumny their William's name ) 
Tp win oor graee, (rare argument of wit) 
To our untainted faith (hall they oommit 
(Our fiuth which in extremeft perils tried, 
PifdainM, and (Ull difdains, to change her fide) 
That facied Majefty they all approve, 
Wlm taoft envoys, and beft defervet their love. 



A MONGST the fon5 of men how few are known 
r\. Who dare be juft to merit not their own I 
Superior Tirtne and fuperior fenfe 
To kiuTW and fools will always ^ve offnice ; 

Nay, men of real worth can fcarccly bear. 
So nice is Jtaldofv, a rival there. 

Be viricked as tboo wilt, do all that^s bde. 
Proclaim thyfelf the monfbr of thy race i 
Ut Vice and Folly thy black fool divide. 
Be proud with meamefs, and be meaa vnA pride i 
Deaf to the voice of faith and honour, &U 
From fide to fide, yet be of ooneat all ; 
Spurn all diofe charities, thofe facicd cicst 
which Nature in her bounty, good as wile. 
To work our fafety , and enfure her plan. 
Contrived to bind, and rivet man to man i 
Uft againft Vntue powr*s oppreffive rod. 
Betray thy country, and deny thy God ; 
And, in one gen'ral comprehcnfive line. 
To group, which volumes fcarccly coold define, 
WhateVr of fin and dullnefs can be faid, 

Jointoa F ^'s heart a D— = *e head { 

Yet may*ft dwi pais nnnotic*d in the throog. 
And free from envy, fafely fneak along. 
The rigid famt, by whom no mercy's (hewn 
To faints whofe lives are better than his own. 
Shall fpare thy crimes j and Wit, who never once 
Forgave a brothef , (hall forgive a dunce. 
But (bould thy foul, fbrm'd in fome Inckleia hour. 
Vile int'reft fcom, nor madly grafp at powV { 
Should love of fame, in ev'ry noble miod 
A brave difeafe, with love of virtue Join'd, - 
Spur thee to deeds of pith, wherecoorage, tried 
In Reaibn't court) is amply juftified ; 
Or fond of knowledge, and averfe to ftriie, 
Should'ft thou prefer the calmer walk of lif^ i 
Should*ft thou, by pale and fickly Study led, 
Pttriue coy Science to the fountain-head ; 
Virtue thy Guide, and Public Good thy end. 
Should ev*ry thought to our improvement toid. 
To curb the pafBons, eoenlarge the mind. 
Purge the fick weal, and honnniae mankind t 
Rage in her eye, and malice in her bieafty 
Redoiibled horror grinning on her creft. 
Fiercer each fiiake, and (harper ev*ry dart, 
Qdck from hereell (hall maddening Envy ftaft. 
T&en (halt thon find, butfindalas! too late, 
How vain is worth ! how (hort isglory*s date! 
Then (kak thou find, whilft friends with ftei cM 

To give more proof than virtue would defive, 
Thy danger chiefly lies in a^ng well ) 
No crime's (h great as daring to excel. 
Whilft Satire thus difdaining mean controul, 
UrgM the fVee dictates of an honeft (bol. 
Candour, v4io, with the charity of PW, 
Still thinks the beft, when'er (he thinks at all. 
With the fweet milk of human Idndnefs ble6*d. 
The furious ardour of my seal reprefk'd. 
Can'ft thou, with more than ufual wamth, 

Thy malice to Indulge, and feed thy pride, 
Can'ft tlMMi, fevere by Nature as tfaou art. 
With all that wond'rotts rancour in thy heat. 
Delight to torture Truth ten thoufand ways. 
To fpin detrafftion forth Bnm themes of praifif, 
To make Vice fit fbr pwpofes of ftriffe. 
And draw the hag much larger than the lifk, 
To make the good (eem bad, the bad (eem worie, 
And reprefent our nature as our cutfe ? 
Doth not humanity condemn that seal 
Which tends to aggra?ate and not to tol ? 




M not difdcdoa warn thee of difgnce, 

Afld4afigergiiaiiing ftare thee in the iice ; 

Loud as the dreiDy which fpreadbig terror round 

Fremcnpdiieli acquires the pow*r of (bund ? 

Doc^aotthevoioeof Norton ftiike thy ear» 

Aad tbep^ Mansfield chUl thy ibul with fear f 

IXttdMii, ibnd man, believe tfayfelf iecuicy 

leadt tfaoa*rt hooeft, and becanfe tbou*ct poor ? 

Dot thou OS law and Gbcrty depend f 

Tm, tamtfay cyesy and view thy injur*d friend. 

Alt dm bejfDnd the ruffian gripe of powV f 

WbeaWilke*, frtjmt^^dt u lentenc*d to theTow*r? 

1^1 (hoi by pririjege exemption cla!m» 

WhcD priTilege is little moR than name ? 

OrtD perogatiTe (that glorious ground 

Oa whidi ftate-fcoundrels oft hare iaiety fbivid) 

I>>*ft dm pretend, and there a iaoQion find, 

lip3fliAi'd« thus to libel human kind ? 

WbcD poverty, the poet's conftant crime, 
OraipdlMthee, all unfit, to trade in rime. 
Hid ootromancic notions tum'd thy head, 
Had'i thoooot valuM honour more than bread, • 
{UiK'reft, pliant iitt*reft, been thy guide, 
AfldUoot pnidence been debauched by pri^e, 
h hOKxj^ ibeam thoo would*ft have dipp'd thy 

Afpied BO great, and not to honeft men, 
Korftoddcoovidioiilunre fednc*d thy heart 
Totakcdte weaker tha* the better pait. 

WbatbatmktoUy, for thy curie decreed, 
Cadd intD Satire's barren path miilead, 
Wio, open to thy view, before thee lay 
Soa]4ba^ing Pan^ric*s flow*ry way f 
Tkie ttight die Mule hare launterM at her eafe, 
Aid, pkifing others, leam*d herlelf to pleafe | 
l»ii iMid have liften'd to the fugar*d treat, 
Aad Itin, iop*ring, own*d it vaftly fweet $ 
*pOi io thy pmdent verfe with virtue grac*d, 
fiMf aark'd by thee as prodigies of tafte, 
Mift htie ibfbid, pouring preferment down, 
^Wit, tech Truth as thine to quit the gown. 
Thy fned brethren too (for they no lels 
TbahjTBen, briqg their offerings to fuccefs) 
M hard thee good if great, and paid the vow 
SiKBie dtft they pay toGod, whilft thou 
himihadft wfaifperM toa Deeping croud, 

AiWlaiR , and half as proud. 

PtKt, Caidoor I— Wifely had'fk thou faid, and 
OnUtaticft m this fareaft one moment dwell, 
^U^ with profped of fuccefs, oppofe 
Tie faiieiblvet which from convidion rofe. 
1 ooMt trackle to a fool of ibte, 
N« tike a ^vour from the man I hate, 
^knehave others I7 fuch means toihine j 
IfcaadwrpiafBce, they may laugh at mbe. 

^ia this chaige, fbigetful of thyielf, 
ThM hsft aihm*d the maxims of that elf, 
^'^Cod in wrath for man*s difhooour firam*d, 
C>>H| in fleav*n, amongft us Prudence nam^d, 
^iMlrPradence which! leave to thofo 
''^^■^■othe my friends, can*t be my foes. 
^A 1 vidi end and oppieffive rimes 
M*d, lidtBroM masfwtnnet into crimes | 
™* l» «hai Virtue gafping lay and low, 
J>i*^tyrwV5ce, and added woe to woe $ 
^^ I aide Modeily in bldhea fpeak, 
hiA«nmd)gtnr dofVB Betnty*! focred chetki 

Had I (daron*d then) in thought debasM my lays. 
To wound that fox which honour bids me praife ; 
Had I, from vmgeance by bafc views bemy'd. 
In endlefs night funk injured Ayliif's (hade | 
Had I (which Satirifts of mighty name, 
Renown*d in time, reverM for mora/ fame. 
Have done before, «rhom Juftice ihail purfue 
Infoture r^t) brought forth to public view 
A noble friend, and made his foibles known, 
Becaufe his worth was greatcrthon my own ; 
Had I fpar'd ihofe (fo PruJeree had decreed) 
Whom, God fo help roe at my greateft need, 
I ne*er will fpare, tkofe vipers to their King, 
Who fmooth their looks, and flatter v^iilft they 

Or had I not taught patriot zeal toboaft 
Of thofe, who flatter leaft, but love him moft ; 
Had I thus {inn*d, my ftubbom foul (hould bend 
At Candour^s voice, and take, as from a friend. 
The deep rebuke ; myfelf ihould be the firft 
To hate myfelf, and (ttmp my Mufe accurs*d^ 

But (hall my arm — ^forbid it manly pride. 
Forbid it Reafon, warring on my fiJc— 
For vengeance lifted high, the flroke forbear. 
And hang fufpended in the defart air, 
Or to my trembling fide unnervM fink down, 
Palfied, fbrfooth, by Candour's half-made ftown ? 
When Juftice bids me on, (hall I dday 
Becaufo infipid Candour bars my way ? 
Whenflie, of all alike the puling friend. 
Would difappoint my Satire's nobleft end. 
When flie to villains would afandion give. 
And flielter thofe who are not fit to live, 
When ihe would fcrcen the guiltv firom a blnft* 
And bids me fpare whom Reifonbids me cniih. 
All leagues with Candour proudly I refign ; 
Shecannot be for honour's turn, nor mine. 

Yet come, cold monitor, half ibe, half friend. 
Whom Vice can't fisar, whom Virtue can't com- 
Come Candour, by thy dull indiflT'rence known. 
Thou equal-blooded judge, thou lukewarm droacy 
Who, fafoion'd without feelings, doft expe€t. 
We call that Virtue which we know Defed | 
Come, and obferve the nature of our crimes. 
The grofs and rank complexion of the times, 
Obiffve it well, and then review my plan, 
Praife if you will, or cenfure if you can. 

Whilft Vice prefumptuous lords it as in fpoct* 
And Piety is only knowm at court $ 
Whilft wretched Liberty expuing lies 
Beneadi the fatal burthen of Excife $ 
Whilft nobles a^ without one touch of fhame. 
What men of humble rank would blufli to name ; 
Whilft Honour's plac'd b higheft point of view, 
Worfliipp'd by thofe, who juftice never knew } 
Whilft bubbles of diitinaion wafte in play 
The hours of reft, and blunder thro' die day. 
With dice and cards opprobrious vigils keep. 
Then turn to ruin empires in their deep ; 
Whilft fodien, by rdentlefs paflion led. 
Doom worthv injur'd fons to beg their bread. 
Merely widiUl-got, Ul-fav'd wealth togracn 
An alien, abjea, poor, proud, upftart race | 
Whilft Martin flatters only to betray. 
And Webb gives up his dirty foul for pay ) 
Whilft titles ferve to hufli « villain's fbin ; 
Whilft pecn are age^tn&ade^ and i^geati p«n | 



Whilft bafc httncytn are themfeWes betny'd. 
And makers ruin'd by the thing they made ; 

Whim C , falfe to God and man, for gold. 

Like the old traitor who a Saviour (old, 

To ihame his mafter, friend » and father gives ; 

Whilft Bute remains in pow'r, v^ilft Holland lives ; 

Can Satire want a fubjea, where Difdain, 

By Virtue fir^d, may point her fharpcil ftrain } 

Where doathM with thunder^ Truth may roll along, 

And Candour juftify the rage of fong ? 

Such things ! fuch men before thee ! fuch an age ! 
Where Rancour, great as thine, may glut her i^e, 
And ficken e*en to furfeit^ where the pride 
Of Satire, pouring down in fulleft tide, 
May fpread wide vengeance round, yet all the while 
Juftice behold the ruin with a iimle $ 
whim I, thy foe mifdeemM cannot condemn^ 
Nor difapprove that rage I wifh to ftem, 
Wilt thou, degenerate and corrupted, chufe 
To (oil the credit of tlw haughty Mufe ? 
With fallacy, moft infamous, to (lain 
Her truth, and render all her anger vain ? 
When I beheld thee incorrect, but bold, 
A various comment on the (bge unfold $ 
When play*rs on play*rs before thy fatire fell, 
And poor Reviews confpirM thy wrath to fwell $ 
When ftatesand ftatefnoen next became thy care, 
And only kings were fafe if thou wa(V there ) 
Thy ev'ry word I weighed in Judgment's fcale. 
And in thy ev*ry word found truth prevail, 
Why dofb thou now to Mhood meanly Ay ? 
Not even Candour can fi>rgive alye. 

Bad as men are^ why (hould thy frantic timet 
Traffic in (lander, and invent new crimes ^ 
Crimes, which exifting only in thy mind. 
Weak fpleen brings forth to blacken all mankind. 
By pleafing hopes we lure the human heart 
To pra^K virtue, and improve in art j 
To thwart thefe ends, (which proud of hootA. fame, 
A noble Mufe would cheriih and enflame) 
Thy drudge contrives, and in our full career 
Sick lies our hopes with the pale hue of fear } 
Tells us that all our labours are in vain ; 
That what vre fcek, we never can obtain ; 
That dead to Virtue, loft to NatureVplan^ 
Envy pofTefTes the whole race of man y 
That worth is criminal, and danger lies, 
Danger extreme, in being good and wife. 

*Tis a rank folihood $ fearch the world around, 
There cannot be fo vile a monfter (bond. 
Not one fo vile, on whom fufpidons faU 
Of that grofs eui]t> which you impute to all. 
Approved by mofe who difobey her laws. 
Virtue firom Vice icfelf extorts applaufe. 
Her very foes bear witnefs to her ^te j 
They will not loye her, but they cannot hate. 
Hate Virtue for herfelf, with fpite purfue 
. Merit for mentis fake ! Might this be true» 
I would renounce my Natune with difdain. 
And with the beafts that perilh graze the plain : 
l^ght this be true, had we fo nr filPd up 
The meafitrc of our crimes, and from the cup 
Of guilt fo deeply drmk, as not to fuid, 
ThirfUng for Gnp one drop, one dreg behind. 
Quick i^iin mnft involve this flaming baUy 
And Providence m juftice cru(h us siL 
None but the damnM^ and amoiuift them tfaeivwft^ 
Thofb wfab for donUc guUt anwhl/ €iin*<l^ 

Can be ib loft } nor can the worft of all 
At once into fuch deep damnation fall ; 
By painful (bw degrees they reach this crime. 
Which c*en in hell muft be a work of time. 
Ceafe then thy guilty rage, thou wayward lan» 
With the (bol gall of ^content o*er-run. 
Lift to my voice ■ b e hooeft, if you can» 
Nor (lander Nature in ber finrMte Man. 
But if thy fpirit, fefblute in ill. 
One having errM, perfi^kt in error (HII, 
Go on at large, no longer worth my care. 
And freely vent thofe Uafphemies in air* 
Which I would ftanop as falfe. tbo^ on the t 
Of angels the injurious (isaStr hung. 

Dup'd by thy vanity (that cunning elf - 
Who (hares the coxcomb to deceive himfclf) 
Or blinded by that rage, did*ft thou beficre 
That we, too, coolly, would ourfelves decehrc^ 
That weasfh^ng falfhood would admit, 
Becaufe 'twas (eafbn'd with fome little wit ? 
When action rifcs pleaftng to the eye. 
Men will believe, becaufe they love the lie ; 
But Truth herfelf, if clouded mth a frown, 
Muft have fome folemn proof to pafs her down. 
Haft thou, maintaining that which muft difgnce 
And bring into contempt the human race» 
Haft thou, or can*ft thou, in Truth^s facred couit^ 
To fave thy credit, and thy caofe fopport. 
Produce one proof« make out one real grovmd 
On which fo great, fo grofs a charge to found I 
Nayy do'ft thou know one inan (let that appear 
From wilful falfhood Til prodaimlchee clear) 
One man fo loft, to Nature fo untnie. 
From whom this general charge, thy rafhoefs drew ? 
On this foundation (Mt thou (land or fall*- 
Prove that in One, which you have charged on AH. 
Reafon determines, and it muft be done { 
*Mongftmen» or paft, or prefcnt, name me One. 
Hogarth — I take thee. Candour, at thy word. 
Accept thy profier^d terms, and will be heard i 
Thee have 1 heard with virulence declaim. 
Nothing retained of Candour but the name } 
By thee have I been chargM in angry fh^uro 
With that mean falfhood which my foul difiiauis— 
Hogarth (land fordi— Nay hang not thus aloo^— 
Now, Candour, now thou (halt receive fuch proof. 
Such damning proof, thathencefbclh thon (halt fear 
To tax my wrath, and own mycondu^ clear- 
Hogarth ftaod forth— I dare thee to be tried 
In that great court, where Confdeoce muft prcfidc j 
At that moft folenm bar hold up thy hand $ 
Think before whom, on what account you ftand— • 
Speak, but confiderwell — ^fromfirft to laft 
Review thy life, %veigh ev^ry adion paft— 
Nay, you (hall have no reafon to complain-^ 
Take longer time, and view thera o*er s^gain-^ 
Can*ft thou remember from thy carlieft youtby 
And as thy God nuft judec thee, fpeaktbetrttth« 
A fingle inftance where, jfejf laid afide. 
And juftice taking place of fear and pride. 
Thou with an equal eye did^ft Genius view* 
And give to ment what was ii|ijerit*s due ? 
Genius and merit are a iure offence, 
And thy (bul (ickens atthtnameof ttoSt, 
Is any dbc fb fbolifh to focceed, 
On Envy^t altar he is doomM to bleed ) 
Hogarth, a guilty pleaforein his cyes» 
ThepUceof c ie ctttwiict iTuppUcs. 



See ham\at glotes» enjoys the facred feafty 
Aad proves himielf by cniclty a pricft. 

Wiiilft the weak aitiftto thy whims aflaTe» 
Would bury all thofc pow*rs wnich Nature gave. 
Wo«M ftxfiwr blank coDcealment to obfcure 
Tksfe rays, thy jealoufy could not endure ; 
To feed tfay vanity would ruft unknown. 
And to fecure riiy credit blaft his ©wn, 
1b Hofirth he was Aire to find a friend ; 
Heoottid not fear, and therefore might commend. 
But when his fpirity roused by honeft {hame. 
Shook olF tfiat lethargyi and roar*d to fame, 
When, widi the pride of man, refohrM and fhong, 
He lcom*d thoTe fears which did his honour wrong. 
And, eo hifflfelf determinM to rely, 
Btoo^ forth his labours to the public eye» 
!9e friend mthee, could fuch a rebel know ; 
Hchad defisrt, and Hogarth was his foe. 

Soals of a dm^rous cafl, of petty name 
la Eavy*s court, not yet quite dead tofhame. 
May feme remorfe, fome qualms of confdence feel. 
And faScT boooTir to abate their zeal ; 
Bat the msn truly and compleatly great, 
Albws no rule of adion but his hate j 
ThiD^ev^rybar he bravely breaks his way, 
Piffioo hb principle, and parts his prey. 
M e diMttS in vice and virtue fpeak a mind 
Wkhia the pale of temperance confined ; 
The dariag fptrit fcoms her narrow fcheraet, 
AaAf good, or bad, is always in extremes. 

Maa*t praaiccduly weighM, thro' ev*ry age 
Ok the CoDe plan hath Envy formed hrr n^ : 
tSabft thole wbom fortune hath our rivals made 
la way of Sdcace, and in way of Trade, 
Staag with mean jealoofy (he arms her fpite, 
r«d works, then views their ruin wirii delight. 
Oar Hogarth here a grand improver (hines. 
And eoUy op the gen*ral plan refines f 
He I*ke hin^f oVrleaps the fecirile bound ) 
Worth is his mark, whercverworth is found. 
Sfeold pMBters only his vaft wrath fuffice ? 
GesQS inev'ry walk is lawful prire. 
*rB a gnA iniult to his overgrown fbte { 
ffii lowe Id merit it to feel his hate. 

When Wilkes, our coontrymao, oar common 

Avde, hh king, his counoy to defend. 
When toob of pow'r he bar*d to public view, 
iaifmn their noles the Cnaktng cowards drew, 
Wlttn Raocoor fboodit fu beyond her reach 
TefiflQ his honottTy and hit truth impeach, 
WkftoooU induce thee, at a time and olace, 
Whoc maaly Ibet had bluihM to ihew that hctf 
T* make diaft e6fbft, vrbich mufl damn thy name, 
Maiitk, thee deep, deep in thy grave with (hame ? 
DU ti i iu c u w ve thee ? No, 'twas pride, rank pride, 
Aadif thoo h^ft not done it, thou hadft dy'd. 
Mrike (who, difappointed of her end, 
Whether to work the baneof foe or firend, 
Pldiia herielf, and driven to the ftake, 
Gn«t ViitBe tlut revenge fhe fcomt to take) 
Had kO'd thee, tnct'ring on life's utroofl verge. 
Bad wakes and Liberty efcap'd thy fcourge. 
When chat great Charter, ^ch our fishers 

WIAtber beft Mood* wai into qoeftion brooght i 
Via, hig whli mill* o'er each Engliih hepd 
Vi ibf 'fy hnog f«fpeodcd by a thread s 

When Liberty, all trembling and aghafl, 
Fcar'd for the future, knowing what was pafl ; 
When ev'ry brcaft was chiird with deep defpair. 
Till reafoo pointed out that Pratt was there $ 
Lurking, moft ruffian-like, behind a fcreen. 
So plac'd all things to fee, himfelf unfeen, 
Virtue, with due contempt, faw Hogarth ftand. 
The mord'rous pencil in his palfied hand. 
What was the caufe of Liberty to him, 
Orwhat was Honour ? Let them fink or fwim. 
So he may gratify without controul, 
The mean refentments of his fclfifli fool- 
Let Freedom perKh, if, to Freedom truc> 
In the fame ruin Wilkes may peri/h too. 
With all the fymptoms of alTur'd decay. 
With age and ficknefa pinch'd, and worn away, 
Pale quiv'ring lips, lank cheeks, and ^It'rlng 

The fpirits out of tune, the nerves unfhung. 
Thy body (hrivell'd up, thy dim eyes funk 
Within their fockets deep, thy weak hams ihntnk 
Thy body's weight unable tofuftain. 
The ftream of life (carce trembling thro' the vein. 
More than half-kiird by honeft truths, which fell. 
Thro' thy own fault, fiom men who wifli'd thee 

Can'fl thou, e'en thus, thy thoughts to vengeance 

And, dead to all things elfe, to malice live ? 
Hence, dotard, to thy clofet, fhut thee in. 
By deep repentance waA away thy fin. 
From haunts of men to ihameand forrowfly. 
And, on the verge of death, learn how to die. 
Vain exhortation ! Wafh the Ethiop white, 
Difchargethe leopard's fpots, tura day m nigh^ 
Controul the courfe of Nature, bid the deep 
Huih at thy pigmy voice her waves to fleep. 
Perform things paffing ftrange, yet own thy art 
Too weak to work a change in fuch a heart. 
T^t Envy which was woven in the fhune ^ 
At firft, will to the laft remain the fame. 
Reafon may droop, may die, but Envy's rage 
Improves by time, and gathers (Irength firom ag^ 
Sonoe, and not few, vain trifiers with the pen» 
Unread, unpra^'d in the ways of men. 
Tell us that Envy, who with giant (bide 
Stalks thro' the vale of life by Vhtuc's fide. 
Retreats when ihe hath drawn her lateft breadi. 
And calmly hears her praifes after death. 
To fuch obfervers Hogarth gives the lie i 
Worth may be hears'd, but Envy cannot die i 
Within the maofion of his gloomy breaft, 
A manfion fuited well to fuch a gueft. 
Immortal, ummpajr'd ihe rears her head. 
And damns alike the living and the dead. 
Oft have I known thee Hi^garth, weak and 

Thyfelf the idol of thy aukward fhraui, 
Thro' the dull meafure of a fummer's day. 
In phrafe moft vile, prate long long hours aw^, 
Whilft friends with friends all gaping fit, and gaze 
To hear a Hogarth babble Hogarth's praife. 
But if athwart thee interruption came, . 
And mentioned with refoe^t forae ancient't naree« 
Some ancient's name, vmo in the days of yore 
The crown of Art withgreateft honour Wore, 
How have I feefi thy co^^ cheek turn pale» 
And blank coafufioa feizethy mangled ule ! 



Houfhath thy Jealouiy to nudncfi grown» 
And dcemM his praiCe injurious Co chy own ! 
Then wichout mercy did thy wrath make way> 
And Arts and Artiiis all became thy prey ; 
Then did'ft thou trample on e(labliih*d rules. 
And proudly levellM all the ancient TchooIS) 
Condemn^ thofe works, with praife through ages 

Which you had never feen, or could not taftc. 
•* But MTOuld mankind have true perfection (hewn, 
•* It muft be found in labours of my own. 
'< I dare to challenge in one (ingle piece* 
«« Th' united force of It^Oy and Greece/' . 
Thy eager hand the curtain then undrew. 
And brought the boa(led mailer-piece to view. 
Spire thy remarks— f.iy not a fmgle word— 
The pifturc (ecn, why is the painter heard ? 
Call not up ihnme and anger in our cheeks } 
Without a comment Sig'fmunda fpcaks. 

Poor Sigifmunda ; what a fate is thine ! 
Dryden, the great High-Prieft of all the Nine, 
KeyivM thy nime, gave what a Mufe could give. 
And in his numbers bade tliy mem'ry live ; 
Gave thee thofe fofi fenfjtions, wh'ch migot move 
And warm the coldcft anchorite to love ; 
Gave thee that virtue which could curb deiire, 
define and confecrate love*& headftrong fire ; 
Gave thee thofe griefs which made the ftoic feel. 
And caird compaffion forth from hearts of fteel ; 
Gave thee that firmnefs which our fex may flume, 
And make Man bow to Woman*s jufter claim. 
So that our tears, which from compaiSon flow. 
Seem to debafe thy dignity of woe. 
But O, how much unlike ! hoi(r fallen ! howchangM ! 
How much firom Nature and herfelf eftraog*d i 
How totally depriv*d of all the powers 
To ihew her feelings, and awaken ouni 
Doth Sigifmunda now devoted ftaad. 
The helplefs victim of a Dauber's hand ! 

But whyt Ji*y Hogarth, fuch a progrefs made. 
So rare a pattern for the fign-poft trade, 
lo the full force and whirlwind of thy pride. 
Why was Heroic painting laid afide ? 
Why IS it not refum'd ? Thy firiends at court. 
Men all in place and powV, crave thy fupport i 
Be gratefiil then for once, and thro' the field 
Of polidcs, thy Epic pencil wield, 
Maintab the caufe, which they, good lack I avow^ 
And would maintain too, but they know not how. 

Thro' ev'ry Pmmel let thy virtue tell 
How Bute prevail'd, How Pitt and Temple fell ! 
How England's fons ^whom they conft>ir'd to blefa 
Againft our will, with infolent fuccefs) 
Approve their fall, and with addreflTes ran. 
How got, God knows, to hall the Scotrifh fun ! 
P^nt out our fame in war, when vengeance, hurl'd 
From the ifarong arm of Juflice, (book the world | 
Thine, and thy country's honour to encreafe. 
Point oottfae honours of fuccecding peace | 
€)iu mod€rationf chriftian-like, difplay. 
Shew what we got, and what we gave away. 
In colours, dull and heavy as the tale. 
Let a Srofr-chaot thro' the whole prevail. 

But, of events regardlefs, vrbM the Mafe* 
Perhaps with too much beat, her theme purfues | 
Whilft her quick (pirits roufe at Freedom's call» 
Aad ev'r^ drop of blood it tum'd to gall| 

Whilft 9 dear country, and an injur'd fritstdt \ 

Urge my ftroog anger to the bitter'ft end } 
Whilft honeft trophies to revenge are r^'d» 
Let not one real virtue pais unprais'd : 
Juftice with equal courie bids Satire flow. 
And loves the virtue of hcrgreateft foe. 

O ! that I here couTd that rare Virtofc mean. 
Which fcoms the rule of Envy, I^ride, and Sp1eeO| 
Which fprings not from the labour'd works of Art, 
But hath its rife from Nature in the heart. 
Which in itfelf with happinefs is crowi^'d. 
And fpreads with joy the bleflbg all around ! 
But Truth fbrbidf, and in thefe fimple !ays» 
Contented with a difi^'rent kind of praife, 
Mufl Hogarth fland : that praife which Cemu 

In which to lateft time the u4rtifl live*. 
But not the Man ; which, rightly unHcrflood, 
May make us great, but cannot make us good ; 
That praife be Hogarth's ; fircely let hire wear 
The wreath which Genius wove, and planted there. 
Foe as I am, (h<Juld Envy tear it down, | 

Myfelf would libour to replace the crown. 

In walks of humour, in that cad of fHle, 
Which, probing to the quick, yet makes us ihule t 
In Coniedy, his nat'ral road to fame. 
Nor let me call it by a meaner name. 
Where a beginning, middle, and an end 
Are aptly join'd ; where p<rts on pirts drpeod. 
Each made for each, as bodies for their foul. 
So as to form one true and perfed whole. 
Where a plain ftory to the eye is told. 
Which we conceive the moment we behold, 
Hogarth unrivall'd ftands, and fliall engage 
Unrivall'd praife to the moftdifbnt age. 

How could'ft thou then to (hvne perverfcly ma. 
And tread that path which Nature bade thee fhun ? 
Why did Ambition overleap her rules. 
And thy vail parts become the fport of fools ? 
By diff'rcnt methods dtfT'rent men excel. 
But where is he who can do all things well ? 
Humour diy province, for fome roonftrous crime 
Pride fhuck thee with the phrency of Subttme. ^ 
But, when the work was finifli'd, could thy mind 
So partial be, and to herfelf fo blind. 
What with contempt all view'd, to view with awe, 
Nor fee thofe fiiults which ev'ry blockhead faw ? 
Blufli, thou vain man, and if deiire of fame. 
Founded on real Art, thy thoughts iniUmaef 
To quick deftrufUon Sigifmunda give. 
And let her mem'ry die, that thine may live. 

But fhould fond Candour, for her mercy fake. 
With pity inew, and pardon this miilake ; 
Or fliould oblivion, to thy wifhrooft kind, 
Wipe off that (bin, nor leave one trace behind \ 
Of Arts itjf>ydy of Artifls by thy frown 
Aui*dfromjuf koptiy of ryhtg wort A kept doWHt 
Of all thy meannefs thro' this nxittal race, 
Can'il thou the living memory eraic ? 
Orihall not vengeance follow to the grave. 
And give back juft that meafure which yoa gave f 
With fo much merit, and fomuch fuccefs. 
With fo much power to curfe, fo much to blefs, 
Woul4 he have been man's friend inflead of fbv 
Hogarth had been a little God below. 
Why then, like £ivage giants, ^im'd of old. 
Of whon^ in fcripturs £boiy we are told> 



Ppk diM IS crncjty uutt ftrcpgth txofHojf 
Whkh Nature meant to fave» not to deffaoy ? 
Vby doft dwQt all in Iwrrid pomp arrayM, 
Sk gnontng o*er the ruins thou haft made ^ 
Mfdk rank Ill-nature muft applaud thv art 9 
, Bat even Candour muft condemn thy heart. 

For met who warm and sealoui for my friendy 
la (pjtr of railing tbottiands9 will commend* 
AnA, Bolefi warm and xeaJout *galnft my fbeS| 
f pice of commending thoufands, will oppofe^ 
Idait thy Worft, withfcom behold thy rage» 
Bat with aneyeoif pity view thy age ; 
TbyfteUeagey in which, atmaglaft. 
We lee how men to diflblation pa£u 
Thoa nmttcAal Bevigf whom, on Reafon^s plaUy 
Sochanf*d, fo laft» I cannot call a man, 
What could perfuide thee, at this dme of life. 
To Lnoch afteih into the fea of ftrife ? 
Bectrr for thee, fcarce crawling on the earth* 
Almoft as much a child as at thy birth. 
To htft refign*d In peace thy parting breath> 
Aod fink unnocicM in the arms of Death. 
Why would thy grey, grey hairs refentment brave, 
Thu to go down with forrowto the grave ? 
Now, by my ibol, it makes me blufli to know 
Myf^ts could dcfcend to fuch a foe. 
Whatever canfc the vengeance might provoke, 
It fcewa rank cowardice to give the ftroke 

Sort *tis a curfe which angry Fates impoie. 
To inac6fy man's arrogance, that thofe 
Who*re AftionM of lome better fort of cUy» 
Mochlboner thai> the conunon herd decaj. 
What bitter pangs muft humble Genius feel, 
lo their laft hoars, toview a Swif^ and Steele? 
Hov mnft ill-boding hoirors fill her breaft. 
When ihc bdiolds men, markM above the reft 
For qualities moft dear, plung*d from that height. 
And f«nk, deep funk, b fecond childhood^s night ? 
Aie men, indeed, fuch things, and are the heft 
More M]je6k to diis evil, than the reft. 
To dcivd out ^mhole years of idcoC breath. 
And it dte mooumenti of living death f 
0, galling ctfcumfbnce to human pride I 
Abaiog thought, but not to be denied I 
Widi curious ast the brain too finely wrought, 
Prejrson herfclf, and is deftroyM by thought; 
Canftant attentioa wears the affive mind. 
Blocs out her pow'n and leaves a Uank behind. 
Bit let not yootlb to iniolencealliedt 
la hat, of Uood, in full career of piide, 
pQftis*d of Genius, with unhallowM rage. 
Mock the mfimuties of reverend age. 
The patdt Genius to this fate may bow $ 
BeyMlds, in dme, may belike Hogarth now. 


T M B 




B^O O K L 

TTTITH eager (earch to dart dtt fiml» 
VV Curioufly vidD> firvftipok topok^ 

And from the planets, wandering fpheres 

T* extort the number of our years, 

And whether all thofe years (hall flow 

Serenely fmooth, and free from M^'oe, 

Or rude misfortune (hall deform 

Our life, with one continual ftormj 

Or if the fcene ihall modey be. 

Alternate joy and mifery ; 

Is a deHre, which, more or lefs, 

All men muft feel, iho* few confefs. 

Hence, cv*ry place and ev*ry age 

Affords fubfiftence to the fage. 

Who, firee from this world and its cares, 

Holds an acquaintance with the ftors. 

From whom he gains intelligence 

Of things to come fbme ages henct. 

Which unto friends, at eafy rates. 

He readily communicates. 

At its firft rife, which all agree op. 
This noble fcience was Chaldean, 
That ancient people, as they fbU 
Their flocks upon the mountains head, 
GazM on the ftan, obfervM their motioni« 
And fuckM in afbologic notions. 
Which they fo eagerly purfue, 
As folks ate apt whatever is new. 
That things below at random rove, 
Whilft they're confulting things above i 
And when they now to poor were grown, 
That theyM no hoofesof their own. 
They made bold with theur friends the fbrs» 
And prudently made ufe of theirs. 
To Egypt from Chaldee it tnveird. 
And Fate at Memphis was unravell d : 
Th* exotic Science foon fbuck root, 
And fIourifh*d into high repute. 
Each learned prieft, O ftrange to tell ! 
Could circles make, andcaft a fpell $ 
Could read and write, and taught the nation 
The holy art of Divination. 
Nobles themfeWes, for at that time 
Knowledge in Nobles was no crime. 
Could talk as learned as the prieft. 
And prophecy as much at leaft. 
Hence all the fortune-telling crew, 
Whofe crafty ikill mars K'ature^s hue. 
Who, in vile tatters, with fmirchM fact, 
Run up and down from place to place. 
To gndfy their friend's defires. 
From Bampfield Carew to Moll Squirai» 
Are rightly term*d Egyptians all j 
Whom we, mifbking, Gypfiet call. 
The Grecian Sages borrowM this. 
As they did other fciences, 
From fertile Egypt, tho* the loan 
They had not hcinefty to own, 
Dodooa's oaks, infpirM by Jove, 
A learned and prophetic grove, 
Tura*d vegetable Necromancers, 
And to all comers gave their anfwen : 
At Ddphos, to Apollo dear. 
All men the voice of Fate might hear { 
Each fubtle prieft onthree-legg*d floolf 
To take hi wife men, play'd the feoL 
A myftery, (o made for gain, 
E*en now in fefliion muft remain. 
Enthufiafts never will let drop 
What brings fuchbufineis to (heir fhqp^ 


cnvRCHiL l's ? O X m s. 

And that great faint we Whitfidd call» 
Keepi up the Humbug Spiritual. 

Among the Romans, not a bird 
Without a Mopbecy was heard ) 
Fortunes of einpiret often hung 
On the magician magpie*s tongue. 
Ander^ry crow was to the ftate 
A fure interpreter of Fate. 
Prophets, embodied in a Cotlege, 
(Time out of mind your feat of kiiowIedge» 
For Genius nertr fruit can bear 
Unlefs it firft is planted there, 
And (olid learning neirer falls 
Without the verge of College walls) 
Infallible accounts would keep 
When it was beft to watch or deep, 
To eat or drink, to go or ftay. 
And when to fight or run awray ; 
When matters were for a^oo ripe, 
By looking at a dmbU trife ; 
When Emperors would live or die, 
They b an Ms^$fmU could fpy j 
When gen*rals wouM their ibtion keep, 
Or turn thdr backs, m ktMrtt of fiitp. 
In matters, whether fraall or great. 
In private families or fbte. 
As aoMingfl us, the hohr Seer 
Officioufly would interfere. 
With pious arts and reverend fkill 
Would bend Lay KgoCs to his will, 
Would help or i^re foes or fiiends, 
J uft as it ferv*d his private ends. 
Whether in honeft way of trade. 
Traps for virginity were lad, 
Orif, to make their party great, 
Ckfigns were formed againf^ the State. 
Regardlefs of the comman wed. 
By int*feft led, which diey call seal, 
Into the fcales was alwaHrt thrown 
T«he will of Heav*n to back tknr own. 

EQglan(L a hj^>py land we knowy 
Where fblliiea naturally grow; 
Where widKWt cultare they arile. 
And towVabove the common fice ) 
England afortune-teUhig hoft. 
As numerous as the fbufi, coiUd botf( | 
Matrons, who lofs the cup, and fee 
The grounds of F«e m gronadsof Tea $ 
Who versM in ev*ry modeft lore. 
Can a loft maidenhead reftore, 
Or, if their pupils rather chufe it. 
Can ihew the readieft way to k>fe it § 
Gypl^, who ev*ry ill can cure. 
Except the ill of bdng poor { 
Who charms *gainft Love and Agues fell. 
Who can in hoi-rooft feta fpell, 
PrcparM by aits, to them beft known. 
To catch all feet except their own ; 
Who as to fortune can unlock it. 
As eafily as pick a pocket $ 
Scotchnoen who, b their ooQairy*s right, 
PoOefs the gift of yimu/^ir. 
Who (whoi their bamn beatha they quit> 
Sure argument of pndtm wit. 
Which reputation to maintain, 
They never venture back agito) 
By lies prophetic heap up riches. 
And boaft (be havj of bieechet. 

Amongft the reft, in fbimer ycaRy 
Campbell illnfhious name, appears 
Great hero f^ futurity. 
Who htmd could every thing prtfetf 
Who isM^ could ev*ry thAAffiretg/If 
Who, Fate with equity toftil. 
Always dealt out the will of Heaven 
According to what price was given. 

Of Scottifh race, m Highlands bora, 
PoflefsM with native pride and fcom. 
He hither came, by cuftom led, 
Tocurfe the hands which gave him breaJ. 
With want of truth, and %rant of fenfai 
Amply made up by impudence, 
{A pKcedaneumt which we find 
In common ufe with all mankind) 
CareisM and favourM too by thofe, 
Whofe heart with patriot feelings glfwt ; 
Who fboliihly, where'er difi>ers*d. 
Still place their native country firft ; 
(For Englifhmen alone have fenfe. 
To give % granger preference, 
Whilft niodeft merit of their own 
Is left in poverty to groan) 
Campbell foretold jnft what he woa*d» 
And left the fbrs to make it good \ 
On whom he had hnprefsM fuch awe. 
His didates current pafsM for law \ 
Submiffive all his empire ownM \ 
No ftar durft froile, when Campbell frown*^. 

This Sage dece|s*d, ftar all muft die. 
And Campbell's no more fafe than I, 
No more than I can guard the heart. 
When Death (hall hurl the fatal dait. 
Succeeded, ripe in ait and yean, 
Atntker ^*rke of the fpheres ; 
AHmker and tmiktr came. 
Of eoual fkill, and equal fame; 
As white each wand, as black each gown. 
As long each beaul, as wife each frown { 
In ev'ry thing fo like, you*d fwear, 
Campbell himfelf was fitting there. 
To «// the happy Art was known, 
Totell mcr fortunes, make r4rir o«0«. 

Seated m garret, fi)r you know. 
The nearer io the ftars we go. 
The greater we efteem his art. 
Fools curious flock*d from ev*ry part. 
The rich, the poor, the msM, the married. 
And thofe who conld not walk, were canicJ. 

The Butter, hanging down Us he»d» 
By chMmber-mmd ot nok'HuU led. 
Enquires^ if fVom his friend the Moon» 
He has advice of pilfer*d fpoon. 

The Court-bred Womn of Cooditioa 
(Who to approve her difpofirinn 
As much fufjerior aa her birth 
To thofe ^omposM of common enth. 
With double fpirit muft 9a§i^ 
In ev^ ftiUv of Uie age) 
The Aptmrallt atts would bay, ^ 
To pack the cards, and o^ a die. 

The Hero (wh» for brawn and hem 
May cUim right honourable place 
Anoongft the chiefs of Butcktr^JUmp 
MHio might fome thirty years «go. 
If we may be anow*d to guefs 
At bi» employnwit by fail dicOt^ 

Churchill's poems. 


fit gn^dses m ntm cirt or fti^y 
Tbe giaid Tckmo of the »gtf 
Ori^sfat abmtdie coontries gOy 
Hi|k-Sttimd of a poppct-fliew, 
St m grJ aad ^tvw44^ moS meet, 
fw ^ lamo f^ffts mver emt i 
WkatMOBkl be thought, (tho\ (ave the mark, 
TWt pobc it iome^Mg in the dark) 
rkMMMtfHmmr, one like thofe 
fteB0VB*d m Aory, who lofv^d blows 
Beaer than viduals, and would fight, 
lisely kr Ijport, fiom morn to night j 
Who tceadi like Mavors firm, whofe tonigue 
h wA the triple thunder huag \ 
Wb dies to Fear— Stand off— aloo^ 
kd tiOts as he were cannon-proof; 
Wadd be deem'd reaay^ when you lift, 
Wskftmd and piftol, ftick and fift, 
Cack6 of poinl% baUt, bnitfes, knocks, 
AcoKetoleoce, fire, cudgel, box, 
Btf «tbe fame time bears about, 
Vidmhiafelf, fome touch of doubt. 
Of /raiaf doubt, which hints— chat fame 
is aoduag bat an empty name ; 
T^laStu lightly underftood 
Ir dl to be a real good s 
Tbc, cfcn in a Htn*t heart, 
Mneiaii the better part ; 
T^ dbis lame Honour may be woo, 
M yet BO kind of danger run) 
Lie Dragger comes, that magic pow*rs 
Mififeertan his /«r^ hours, 
lor E fame hours the fickle dame 
Wbon Fortuae properly wc name, 
Wbsae'cr oanfiden wrong or right, 
Ika wanfeed moft plays leaft in fight. 
Aid, lace a modem Cm^-hredjUt, 
lant her chief ^*ritet in a tOt. 
SooK bouts there are, when finom the heart 
Canp into feme other part, 
K» antter wherenve, m ak es retreat^ 
Aad lear afotps the vacant ieat ; 
^l^aetfimmt-frmck we often find 
kom and Sackvillies of mankind. 
FdKT he*d know (and by his art 
itasparcr caft that impart) 
Wke^ politer it is reckonM 
Tobaie or not to have a (econd, 
T& 4^ the friends in, oratooe 
T» nke the danger all their own $ 
^VWdcr icpletion is not bad, 
Aaii^btm with full ftomachs i^d \ 
Vkber befere he leeks the plain, 
twRMtwuU to breathe a vein ; 
^^bober a gcnde ialivation, 
^Mi iiUy widi leputadon, 
Mfkaotof predottsuie be found, 
^ to peicor indeed a wound, 
^tofRvcm the confequence 
VUcbvlientimesanfes thence, 
7^ ievos, which the patient ur;^ on 
Tdgttes of death, by help of fuigeon ; 
Vhdber awmd at eaft or weft 
^im giaaiwoundt accounted belt ; 
^'Wier (was he to choic) his mouth 
^^id poaiittnwardi the north or fouth J 
^Ucr more (afidy he might ule, 
^tbrfeocUfipoii pomps or ftoei j 

Whether it better b to fight 
'%^ [un-flme, or by candle'ttgkt ; 
Or (left a candle ihould appear 
Too mean to ftiine in fuch a fphert. 
For who would of a candle tell 
To light a hero into hdl, 
And left the &II ihould partial rife 
To daxzle one or t'other^s eyes. 
Or one or t^ other^s brains to fcorch) 
Might not Detme Luna hold a torch } 

Theie points with dignity diicufs'd. 
And gravely fijc*d, a taflc which muft 
Require no little time and pains. 
To nuke our hearts fHends with our brains. 
The Man ofJVar would next engage 
The kind afliftance of the Sage, 
Some previous method to dire^. 
Which fluwld make thcfe of none efte^l. 

Could he not, fxom the myftic fchool 
Of Art, produce fome facred rule, 
By which a knowledge could be got. 
Whether men valiant, were, ornot. 
So he that challenges might write 
Only to thofe who would not fight ? 

Or could he not finne way difpanfe. 
By help of which (without offence 
To HoftouTf whofe nice nature*s fuch. 
She fcarce endures the flighteft touch) 
When he for want of t* other rule 
Miftakes his man, and, like a fiM>l, 
With ibme vain fightmg blade gets in. 
He fairl V may get out again ? 

Or, Oould fome Daemon lay a fcheme 
To drive him to the hdl extreme, 
So that he muft confefshis fears. 
In mercy to hit nofe and ears. 
And like a prudent recreant knight. 
Rather do any thing than fight. 
Could he not fome expedient buy 
To keep his ihame from public eye ? 
For well he held, and men review, 
Nme in ten hold the maxim too. 
That Honour's like a wuaden-ieaJf 
Which if m private brought to bed. 
Is none the worfe, but walks the town. 
Ne'er loft, until the lofs be kmiwn. 

The Parfontoo (Ibr now and thm 
Parfons are juft like other men» 
And here and there t grave Divuie 
Has paffion's fuch as your'sor mine) 
Bummg with My luft to know 
When Fate preferment will beftow, 
Traid of detection, not of fin. 
With cIrcumfpe£lion fneaking in 
To C9nj*ror, as he does to H^Aore, 
Thro' fome bye-alley, or back-door, 
Witli the fame caution orthodox 
Confults thcfiarst and gets a fox. 

The Citizen, in firaud grown old. 
Who knows no Deity but Gold, ' 

Worn out, and gafping now for breath, 
A med'cine w;ints to keep off death ; 
Would know, if That he cannot have. 
What coins are current in the grave ; 
If, when the ftocks (which by Jtis pow'r, 
Would rife or fall in half an hour. 
For, though unthought of and unfeen, 

IHe work'd the fprings behind the fcrcrn) 
E 2 


C H U R C H I LL*« 


By i« direaions came abont. 
And rofc to/tfr, he flurtild fell oat} 
Whether he fafcly might, or no, 
Replace it in the K^ods Mow, 

By all addrefs'd, believM, and paid. 
Many purfu'd tjje thriving trade, 
And, great itx reputation grown, 
SuccelHveheld the Magic throne. 
FaTour*d by n^ry darling paflion, 
The love of novelty and fiiihion, 
Ambition, Av'rice, Luft, and Pride, 
Riches pour*d in on ev^ry fide. 
Bpt when the /rWn,r laws thought <t 
To curb tl)js bfolenceof Wit ; 
When Senates wiiely had provided, 
Decreed, enafted, and decided, 
That no fuch vile and upftart elves 
Should have more khowlcdge than themfelvet 5 
When fines and penalties were laid 
To ftop the progrcls of the trade, 
And ftars no longer could difpenfe. 
With ^oMw, farther influence. 
And Wizards (which muft be confeft 
Was of more force than all the reft) 
No certain way to tell had got, 
Which were informers, and which aot ; " 
Aflrighted SagQi were, perforce, 
Oblig'd to ftcer fome other courfe. 
By various ways, thefc Sms of CAance 
Their fortunes labourM to advance, 
WeU knowing, by unerring r»lei, 
Knaves ftarve not m the Land of Foo/s, 
xJ?^' .^* high titles and degrees. 
Which wife men bonow when £ey pleafe, 
Without or trouble or expence, 
;Phyficians inftantly commence. 
And proudly boal^ an equal fklll 
Widb thofe who claim die ririt to tiil. 

Others about the countries roam, 
ifjJ't"^-^*' thought of going hmi) 
With piftol and adopted leg 
prepared at once to rob or beg. 

(Who felt fome touch of coward grace, 
Who Tyburn to avoid had wit. 
But never fcar'd dcferving it) 
Came to rhtrtbrofker SmoUet's aid, 
4»»d carried on the Critic trade. 

Attached to Letters and the Mufe, 
Aw^verfcs wrote, andyciw wrote news j 
T^/r each revolving month are ittn^ 
The herDes of a Magazhu ; 
Jmtt ev'ry rooming, great appear 
In Ledger, or in Gaaetteer; 
« Spreading the falfehoods of the day 
By turns for Faden and for Say $ 
Like Swifs, tlidr force is always laid 
On that fide where they beft are paid. 
Hence mighty prodigies arife, 
Aad daily Monften ftrikc our eyes j 
J^wsrffn, to propagate the trade. 
More ftrange than ever Baker made, 
A« hawked about from ftreet toftre^t, 
And Fools believe, whilft Lian eatl 

Now ariqics in the air engage, 
To flight a fuperftitious age ; , 

Now comets through the aether range. 
In govcminqits f ortaoding chan|e \ 

Now rivers to the ocean ily 
So quick they leave thdr cbannds dry I 
Now monftrous whales on Lambeth flwre 
Drink the Thames dry, and thkft formoict 
And ev^ry now and thim appears 
An Iridi favage numbering yean 
More than thoTe happy fages cou*d. 
Who drewtheir breath before the Flood. 
Now, to the wonder of all people, 
A tkuxi is left withonta/A^ ; 
A fit^t now is left in lurch. 
And mourns departure of the clmrck^ 
Which borne on wings of mighty wind, 
RemovM a furlong oflf we find. 
Now, wrath on cattle todifchaige, 
Hail-flones as deadly fall, and large 
As thofe which were on Egypt feat. 
At once their crime and poniihnient \ 
Or thofe which, as the Prophet writM, 
Fell on the necks of Amorites, 
When, ftruck with wonder and amaic. 
The &v fufpended, ftay*d to gape. 
And, from her dutv longer kqpt. 
In Ajalon his^rr fiept. 

But if fuch things no more engage 
The tafle of a politer age. 
To help them out in time of need 
jfnotkw Torts muft rtnhitt breed* 
Each pregnant female trembling hetn. 
And, overcome with fpleenand fears, 
Conlblts her faithfol glais no noore. 
But madly bounding o*er the floor. 
Feels hairs all o*er her body grow. 
By Fancy tara*d mto a dte. 
Now to promote their private ends. 
Nature her ofoal courfe fufpends. 
And varies from the fbfted plan, 
Obferv*4 e*er fince the worid began, 
Bodia (which fbofiiUy we thought. 
By cuih>m*s (brvile maxima taught. 
Needed a regular fupply. 
And without oouriihment muft die) 
With craving appetites and fen(e 
Of hunger eafily difpenfe, 
And, pliant to tAeir wood*rous fkiU. 
Are tiught, like mtfcAtf , to fUnd fttU 
Umrrjur^df for a month or more ; 
Tien go on as they did before. 
The novel takes, the tale fucceeds, ^ 
Amply fupplies its author*s needs. 
And Betty Canning is at leaft'. 
With Gafcoyiie*s help, a fix moiidi*s feafU 

Whilft in contempt of all our pains, 
The tyrant Superftition reigns 
Imperious in the heart of man. 
And warps his thoughts from Natiire*s plan | 
Whilft fond Credulity, who ne'er 
1 iie weight of Mrholefome doubts could bear. 
To Reafon and herfelf unjuft. 
Takes all things blindly up 00 truft ; 
Whilft Curiofity, whofe rage 
No mercy fhews to fex or afe, 
Muft be indulgM at theexpance 
Of Judgmtnti TrutAf and Cemmm Senfe % 
Impofhiros cannot but prevail. 
And Mfhen old miracla grow fble, 
"Jugglers will ftiU the art puriue. 
And enteitain the world with mnm 



faTliaii, obediene to dsdrwill, 
AiltRnbCD; at thctr mighty ikUl> 
Sad Spirits, runifDoaM from thetoisby 
Guk glabg gfaafti J thro* the gloom, 
h all the oftol pomp of ftonnt, 
AWolf,aBear, aHorfe, an Ape, 
As For aod Fancy give them fbqpe 
Tflmoted irith <ic^air and paioy 
TVfiov, thqryelly and dank the chaio. 
Wlj«adGmlt(forGoilt, hoive*er 
Tk ^ of coonge it may weary 
liflittacoward at the heart) 
Atior-cicated ^^n^frm fbrL 
TkcPrieft, that very word impliet 
Tklie*s both innocent and wife. 
Yet te to tiavd in the daricy 
lile6 dcoited by his Cleik. 

BitfktnoteY*iy bongterdcem 
TNEgbdyof fo deq»a ichcme % 

^baftBoft ad a proper part, 
Owm Dttsran*! needful grace, 
^b^the lawiof rhm and ?^, 
«««b«^, with happy Tariacion, 
HoMoenwithhis Btuation; 
Wk«m tbecoBotry might pafs doiWB, 
^•M be impertioent m town, 

^tbiBkof hRtding awe and f«r, 
TwiU fern the purpofc more by half 
2™ketl»e wogregatioo Uugh. 
fivncaoenfigm of forprite, 
Jfkiftiff with gore, and fawoer eyet { 
^Aaentettaimng S^ke^ 
Code, faaOiar, and folil^, 
^vbo appears mfoch a fbtm 
*««i|bt an holy hermit warm, 
^«booB fonner ichemes refiHoea^ 
^■ly tUkiby idonda and figm, 
*» will aot to the eye appear, ' 
« ply? her vifits to the ear, 
^"Jkoockiib gently, *two«»ld not fnght 
A bdjr io the darkeft night. 
^bi^Fannt, whofe good-will, 
?*^«w«in the grave lie fliU, 
nil ber on earth to entertte 
fifffiieadsand lovcn in Cock-iane. 




A tACRED ftandard r«k we find, 
i\%poeiihdd time oucof mmd. 



Tho* ev'ry cauie which th^ confpirM 
To make it pra£ib*d and admired, 
Yielding to timers deftni&ive couric. 
Forages paft hath loft its force. 

With andmt bards, an invocation 
Was a tnt w& of adoradon. 
Of worflip an eflential part. 
And not a formal piece of art. 
Of paltry reading a parade, 
A dull fblemnity in trade, 
A pious fever, taught m bom 
An hour or two to ferve a turn. 

They talkM not of Caftalian Springs, 
By way of faying fretty tAhtp^ 
As wf dreis out our flimfey rimes j 
*Twa8 the Religion of the fima. 
And they bclicv'd that^^ftre^m 
With greater force made Fancy teem. 
Reckoned b v all a true fpecific 
To make the barren brain prolific : 
TAmRomiih Church (afchemewhich bean 
Not half fo much excufe as theirs) 
Since Faith mptidtly hath taught her. 
Reveres the fprcc of Holy Heater, 

The P^n Syftcm, whether true 
OrfiUfe, itsftrength, Vikt hwldingSi drew 
iFrom many parts difpos*d to bear. 
In one great Whole, their proper ihare. 
Bach Ood of emnent degree 
Tofome vaft beam compared might be \ 
Each OodliHg was a/igr, or rather 
A cramp J to keep ^tbtami together : 
And man as fafcly might pretend. 
From 7ove the tjinder-hit to rend. 
As vntn an impious pride afpire 
To rob Apollo of lis fyn. 

But why (hould We, iiriio cannot fcol 
Thcfe glowings of a Pagan zeal. 
That wild etttht/u^ie force. 
By which, above her common conrfe. 
Nature in extacy up-borne, 
Look*d down on earthly things with fcom ) 
ff^jio have no more regard, 'tis known. 
For r^Wr religion than oprowrt. 
And feel not half fo fierce a flanse ' 
At Glio*8 as at Filher*s name $ 
ff% know thefe hUM&tdfacredJheami 
Were mere romantic idle dreams, 
That Thanoes has water clear as thofe 
Which on the top of Pindus rofe. 
And that the Fanc^ to refine, 
Water^s not half to good as wine { 
M% hof09 if profit ftrikes our eye. 
Should we drink Helicon quite dry, 
Th* whole fountain would not thither left 
So ibon as one poor jug from Tweed j 
M^, if to raile poetic fire. 
The pow*r of htaiity we require. 
In any 'public place can view 
More than the Grecians ever knew i 
If ffHt into the fcale b thrown. 
Can boafi a Lennox of our own ; 
Why ihould vh fefvilecuftomschufc. 
And court an amtquated Muje t 
No matter why— Co afit a rtafm^ 
In Pedant Bigotry is treafon. 

In the broad, beaten, tumpike-rodMl 



No Modem Poet dares to ride 

Without Apollo by his fide, ^ 

Nor in a Somtet take the air, 

Uolefa hJs Lady Mufe be there. 

She, from fome Amarantianf grove, 

Where little Loves and Graces rove. 

The laurel to wy Lor4 '""ft hear, 

Or garlands make fi>r nvhora to wear \ 

She, with M. elegiac verfc, 

Muft grace fome mghy vH/idii^n hearie y 

Or for Comt infant^ doom*d by Fate, 

To walloivin a large eftate, 

With limes the cradle muft adorn. 

To tell the world zfiol is bom. 

Since then our Critic Lords cxped 
No hardy Poet fliould rejed 
EflabliihM matiros, orprefume 
To place much better in their room. 
By nature fearful, I fubffiit. 
And in the dearth of Senfe and Wit» 
Withii0f^ii^^#, smiHttUftttdf 
(By wild excurfive Fancy led. 
Into a Second Book thus far, 
Like foTM Mnvnry traveller f 
Whom varied icenes of wood and lawn. 
With treacherotis delight, have drawn j 
Deluded from his purposed way, 
Wliom ev*ry ftep leads more ^ny i 
Who gazing roxuid can no where ipy> 
Or houfe, or friendly cottage mgh> 
And refolutioa feenu to lack 
To venture forward or go back) 
Invoke fome Goddels to defcend, 
And help me to my journey 'i end. 
Tho* confciotts Arrow all the while 
Hean the petition with a fmile. 
Before theglafs her charms unfbldt. 
And in Aerjelf My MMfe beholds. 

Truth, Goddefs of celeiHal biitfa, 
But little Iov*d, or known on eaith, 
Whofe pow*r but feldom rules the heart, 
Whofe name, with hypocritic art. 
An errant ftalking-horie is made, 
A fnug pretence to drive a trade. 
An inftrument convenient grown 
To plant, more firmly, Falihood*s throne. 
As rebels vamiih o*er their caufe 
With fpecious colouring of laws, 
And^jna traitors draw the knife 
In the King'i name againft his life i 
Whether {ham cities far away, 
Whenfrand and falJeAeod (com thy (way) 
The futhfial nymph*s and fliephcrd*s pride, 
V/ith Love and Virtue by thy fide. 
Your hours in harmlefs joys are fpent 
Amongfl the children of Content i 
Or, fond of gaiety and fport. 
You tread the round of £ngland*s Court i 
However my Lord may frowning go. 
And treat the Jh-itnger as ifie. 
Sure to be found a welcome gueft 
In Geocge*s and in Charlotte's breaft } 
If, in the giddy hours of youth, 
My conftant foul adhered to Truth ; 
If, from the time I firft wroteMan, 
I (till purfuM thy facred plan. 
Tempted by iiitocft in vain 
To wear mean F^Ubood^s golden chain } 

If, for afeafondrmmMMT, 
Starting from Virtue's path aftray. 
All Idw difguife I fconiM to try. 
And dar*d to fin, but not ttf lye j 
Hither, O hither, condefcend. 
Eternal Truth, thy (heps to bend. 
And favour Matt who ev*ry hour, 
ConfefTes and obeys thy pow*r ! 

But come not with that eafy micBy 
By which yo« won the rtve/y Dean» 
Nor yet afTume the ftruaipeC air. 
Which Rabelais taught thee firil to wear» 
Nor yet that arch ambiguous face. 
Which with Cervantes gave thee grace^ 
But come in facred vefhire clad. 
Solemnly dull, ami truly (ad ! 

Far firom thy feeinly matron train 
Beideot Mirth, ami Laughter vam ? 
For Wit and Humcmir which pretend 
At once to pleafe U3 and amend, 
7iey are not for my prefent turn. 
Let them remain in Frame with Sterne^ 

Of nobleft Gtytareats bora. 
Whom wealth and dignities adorn. 
Who (Hll one conftant tenor keep. 
Not quite awake, nor quite aficcp. 
With Thee, let formal Dullncis come> 
And deep Attention^ ever dumb. 
Who on her lips hey fingers lays, 
Whilfl every circuiit(bnce fiie weighs* 
Whofe down-caft eye is ofbn found 
Bent %rithout motion to the ground* 
Or, to (bme outward thing confined. 
Remits no image to the mind, 
No pregnant mark of meaonig bears. 
But (hipid without vifioo ftares $ 
Thy (Icps let Gravity attend, 
ff^tjdm't and TViri's uaerring fiseod. 
Tor oite may fee vrith half an eye. 
That Gravity can never lye j 
And his archM brc<w, puU*d o*cr his cyca.' 
With folenui proof proclaims him w^. 

Free firom all w a gg erie s and fports, 
The produce of lux:urious Cotats^ 
Where floth and hft ft enervate youth, 
Comeryicar, a down -right Ci(y Tnidii 
The City, which v^c ever find, 
A fober pattern for mankind \ 
Where many in equilibrio hung. 
Is feldom old, and never young. 
And from the cradts to the grave* 
Not Virtue's friend , nor Vice** (lave ; 
As damen on the ««rr we fpy. 
Hanging between th e earth and (ky. 

She comes— I fee her finom a^ 
Bending her courfe t» Teoiple-Bar : 
All fage and (ilent izi her train, 
Deporteoent grave, smd garments plaia. 
Such as may fuit a farfaC% wear. 
And fit the head-pkceof a Maytr, 

By Truth infpur*d, oht Bacon*s force 
OpenM the way to L eaming's fborce i 
Boyle thro* the %«orks of Nature ran \ 
And Newton, ibmethhig more than mait 
Div*d into Natore*8 hiddes fpriii|S9 
Laid bare the principles of lliiags» 
Above the eaidi ou^ fpirita bore, 
And gave OS worlds nikamm Mpe. 



By Troth i«fptr*d wfaeo Lauder^ fpight 
O'erMUtoo caft the veil of nighty 
Doi^hs znky and thro* the maze 
Of incricate and winding ways, 
Carae where the fabtle traitor lay. 
And dragged him trembling to the day ; 
WhUft He (O flume to nobler paits> 
DiAoaour to dse lib'ral artSy 
To traffic in ib rile a fcheme !) 
WhUH He, our tttter^d Polypheme, 
Who had Comftd*rate forces join*dy 
Likeakafecowardy ikulk*d behind. 
By Troth infpir^dy our Critkt go 
T« track Fingal in Hmklmid (how, 
Tofimn their Ofwn and others eretd 
From Mamfnifti they cannot read. 
By Trvth infpir*d, nve numbers fee 
Of each profeffioa and degree, 
Geodeand Simple, Lord and Cit, 
Wit without weadtfa, wealth without wit. 
When Punch and Sheridan hare done. 
To Fannt^s GkcfilyLeHurnvm, 
By Truth and Fann y now infpir*d, 
lied mf glowing bofom fir'd ; 
Defire beats high in t:w''rf rein 
To 6ng the Spirit of Cock-Lane ; 
Totcll (juft as the meafure flows 
lo halting rime, half verfe, half profe) 
With more than mortal arts efidu*d, 
How/kuoitcd force withftood, 
And proudly gave a brave defiance 
To fFk and Dulnefs in alliance. 
This Appakition (with relation 
To ancient modes of denvatm^ 
Tlif we may properly fo call, 
Ahhoogh it ne*er appears at all. 
At by the way oi Imundof 
Imm is made i wn btctndo) 
Superior to the vulgar mode, 
N(My difilaimthat fervile road, 
Wbich coward ghofts, as it appears, 
Have walk*d in full five thoufimd years. 
And fog reftrawt too mighty grown, 
Scrflccs out a method oif her own. 
Others may meanly hast away, 
Aw*dby the herald ef the day, 
Wiihfinil6es too weak tobear 
The ftcifaneis of the moming air, 
May vanifh with the melting gloom, 
And glide m filence to the tomb ; 
Ske dm the fun*s moft piercing light. 
And knocks by day as well as night. 
Othertf with mean and partial view, 
Tbeir vifks pay tooMfor fcoo \ 
^ great in reputation gtown, 
Ivttiit thebeft company in town. 
Ar aftiire enterprifing Ghofl 
Aa large and fplcndid routs can botf^ 
Aitbofe which, rusM by Pride*8 command. 
Block up the pfflage thro' the Strand. 
Great adepts in the fighting trade. 
Who fefve their time on tht farade ; 
Sbe-Sainu who, true topleafure*s plan. 
Talk about God, and lufl for man ; 
Witt, who believe nor God, nor Ghoft, 
Aad fools, who woriWp cv'ry poft ; 
Coward*whofc lips with war arc hung ; 
Men tnily brave, vHao hold then: tongue ; 

Courtiers, who laugh they know not why, 

And Cits, who for the fame caufecry $ 

The candng Tabernacle-Brother, 

(For one rogue fHll fufpe^ another) 

Ladies, who to a Sfirk fly, 

Rather than with tneir Jhi/hands lie ; 

Lords, wrho as chafMy pais their lives 

With otAer women as their tmvs; 

Proud of their intelleds and doatht, 

Phyficians, Lawyen, Parfons, Beaux. 

And, truant from their delks and fhops. 

Spruce Temple clerks, and *prentice fbps» 

To Fanny come, with die fame view. 

To find her falfe, or find her true. 

Hark ! fomething creeps about the houfe ! 

Is it a ^liritt or a Moufe T 

Hark ! foniething fcratcAet round the room ! 

A catf a raf, *JMb*d bhrch-broom. 

Hark ! on the wainfcot now it knoch ! 

If thour*t a Gkoif cried Orthodox, 

With that aflfeaed /o/m»mir 

Which Hypocrites delight to wear. 

And all thofe foma ofamft^ence 

Which fools adopt tnflead oifenfe $ 

If thou*rt a Ckfi^ who from the tomb 

Stalk*fl fadly fient thro* this gloom. 

In breach of Nature's fbted laws. 

For foot/, or tad^ or fbrno caufe. 

Give MOW nine knocks: like Priefb of old. 

Nine we a [aered manber bold. 
*Pfha, cries Profound, (amanofpart% 

Deep reiid m all the atrhui arts, 

Who to their hidden fpriqgs had tracM 

The force of numbers, rigMy placed) 

As to the Number, you are right. 
As to thtform, mifbdcen <iuite. 
What's Nine > Your Adepts all agree* 

The virtue lies in tArte times tkree» 
He faid, no need to iay it twice. 
For Thrice fhe kmck^df and Thrice, and Thrice. 

The crowd, confounded and amaa'd. 
In fileiKe at each other gas'd, 
From Celiacs hand the fiiuflf box fell, 
Tinic), who ogled with die Belle, 
To pick it up at t e m p t s in vain, 
Hefloops, but cannoC rife again. 
Immam Pompofo was not heard 
T* import one crabbed foreign word . 
Fear ftiaes Heroes, Fools, and Wits, 
And Plaufible his pray'rs fi>rgets. 

At length, as people juft awake. 
Into wild diflbnance they break ; 
All talk'd at once, but not a word 
Was under ftood, or plainly heard. 
Such is thenoiCb of chattering geefe, 
Slow failing on the Summer breeae ; 
Such is the language Difcord fpeaks 
In JFItUh'Women o*er beds of Iteks ; 
Such the confusM and horrid (bunds 
Of bj/(k in potatoe-grounds. 

Butrir'd, (or even C *s tongue 

Is rK)t on iron hinges hung. 
Fear and Confufion found retreat, 
Reafon and Order take their feat. 
The h£t confirm'd beyond all doubt. 
They now would find the caufes out. 
For this a facred rule we find 
Among the niceft of mankind. 


Churchill's poims. 

Which never ought exemption brook» 
From Hobbes e*cn down to £olingbfalce> 
To Houbt of fiifts, hov .«crtrue» 
Unlds they know the ^^u&t too. 

Tri6c, of whom *twa9 hard to tell 
When he iatended ill or well, 
Who, to prevent all farther pother. 
Probably meant not one nor t* other» 
Who to be filent, always loth. 
Would fpeak on either fide, orboCh, 
Who, led away by love of fame. 
If any new idea came, 
Whate*er it made for, always faid it* 
Not with an eye to Truth, but Catdit ; 
For Orators /r^, *tis known, 
Talk not hr our fake, but their own } 
Who always fliew*d his talents bed 
When ferious things were tum*d to jeft* 
And, under much impertinence, 
Fo(Iefs*d no conrnxM ihare of fenfe ; 
Who could deceive the flying hours 
With ch^t on butterflies and fl(^*rs i 
Could talk of powder, patches, paiatt } 
With the fame f eal as of a faint } 
Could prove a Sjf^U brighter far 
Than yenus or the Mornhg Star ; 
Whilft ibroething ftjll (bgay, fo new* 
The fmile of approbation drew, 
And females eyM the charming man, 
Whilft their hearts fluttered with their hn } 
Trifle, who would by do means mifa 
An opportonity Dke this. 
Proceeding on his ufual plaay 
SmiPJf Jlrok'J JtiseAmf and thus began. 

With^«w, mfciffors, /word or kmfk^ 
Whpi the Fates cvtthe thread of fife, 
(For if we to the grave ate fent. 
No matter with wbit h^irumait) 
The bo^ in fome lonely fpo(^ 
On dunghill vile, is laid to rof^ 
Or fleeps among more holy dead. 
With pray*rs irreverently read \ 
The foul is fent, where Fate ordains^ 
To reap rewards, or fuflfcr pains. 

The virtuous to thofe manfions go. 
Where pleafuresunembitter*d flow \ 
Where, leeidit^ up a jocund band, 
Vigour and Youth dame hand in hand, 
Whilft Zephyr, with karmomoiu %7\ith 
pipes fofteft aeu/tc thro* the vales. 
And Spring and Flora, gaily crowned. 
With nfehet carpets fpread the ground ) 
With titfelier hluji where rofes bloom* 
And ev*ry flmib exfira perfume % 
Where erfid ftreams mand^rmgrRdif 
Where wMi^/W flows the amber tQe ; 
Where other Sum dart brighter beams. 
And light thro* purer ettker ftreams. 
Far other feats, fur diflf *rent fbce 
The (bos of Wickednefs await. 
TufHce (not that old JLur 1 mean, 
Who*s nightly in the Gardem feen« 
Who lets no fpark of urn rife 
For crinMS* iywtieJk men kft tkar <fef ) 
Nor Her who, with an equal hand, 
Weighs tea toi/ugar In the Strand $ 
Nor Her who, by (he world deem'4 mfj/tf 
Dnf fo the ii^dow*ipiacim crieit 

Steerd *gainft the ftarving orphan*s tonip 
On fa%»ms her bafe tribunal rean $ 
But Her who af^ death prefides. 
Who facred Truth unerring guides { 
Who, free from partial influence* 
Nor finks nor ralfes ev'tdemee. 
Before whom nothing's in the dark. 
Who takes no bribey and keeps no derk^ 
tttftice with equal fcale below 
In due propoction weighs out woe* 
And always with fuch lucky aim 
Knows punKhments fo fit to frame. 
That (he augments their grief and pain. 
Leaving no reafon to complain. 

Old Maids and Rakes are joined together* 
Cojuetta Ukdpntdeip like y^^ weather. 
fra^s fbrc*d to ehtm with Commm'Senfcf 
And Lifi is yok^d to Impotence. 
ProMbet (Jufke fo decreed) 
Unpaid mon conftant LeSuru read | 
On earth it ofbn doth befal. 
They're pady and never read at all, 
Farfom muft praAife what they teach* 
And Bi/hops arecompeird to preach. 

She who on earth was nice and prim* 
Of delicacy full, and whim, 
Whofe tender nature could not bear 
The nidenefs of the churlifli air, 
Isdoom*d, to mortify her pride. 
The change of weather to abide. 
And fells, whilft tears with liquor mix* 
Burnt brandy en the flwre of Styx. 
Avaro, by long ufe grown bold 
In ev*ry ill which brings him gold. 
Who his Redeemer would pull down* 
And fell his God for half-a-crown 4 
Who, if fome blockhead ihould be willing 
To lend him on his foul a flillling, 
A well-made bargain would efteem ir. 
And have more fenfe than to redeem it | 
Jiiftice flull m thofe fliades confine* 
To drudge for Plutus b the mine. 
All the day long to toil and roar. 
And curfing work the ftubboni ore. 
For coxcombs here, who have no brsmt. 
Without a fixpence for his pains. 
Thencet with each due return of night, 
CompelPd, the /«//, rim, half-ftarv*d fpritfr 
Shall earth re-vifit, and furvey 
The place where once his treaforc lay \ 
Shall view ihejiall, where boly Pride 
^th lettered Ignorance allied, 
Once haiPd him mighty and ador*d* 
Defcended to another Lord. 
Then fliall be fcreaming pierce the air. 
Hang his lank jaws, and fcowl defpair ; 
Theft fliall ir ban at Heaven's decrees* 
And, howlfaig, finlt to hell fur eafe. 

Thofe who on eaith thro' life have paft 
With equal pace, flrom firft to laft. 
Not vexM with pafllioos nor with fpleen* 
Infipid, eafy, andferene; 
Whofe heads were made too weak tobctr 
The weight of bufine(s> orof care | 
Who widhoot Mcrtf , without crisw* 
Contrive to while away thdr time* 
NorOood, nor Bad, nor Fools* norWflH 
AfiV Jofttce widi a inik penoiia 



JtaQtopoKbe thetr darling plaoy 
Aaiiri iMo fcincartowf they can. 

Tbe Beai, m gaoaieft plumage drcft 
Wkh locky laney, o*er the reft 
Of ifr « cuiiottt mantle throwty 
AaddMb «Dong hit htvther Beaux j 
Oti if thewother^s fine and dear» 
Ne%i«f ninor tempcft nutt 
lDemtg*i by the ckmdlefs day» 

SoMr all, ib gay» Ibbiiflc, 
hat6cfj»tter,jhat, and/rji. 

TW Bdk (what mortal doch not knowi 
Bdksalcrdadi admire a Beau >) 
^'^'"Wy f»ce »»»»• her art, 
T« B^ be Coxcomb^s wand>*rhig heart 
hi^itMh, aiwfailft they lire, 
A beat it ^ which Beaux can give. 

hioBKftiU, felemn, facred ihade, 
UoUa imip of Authors laid, 
ArvT^i^' Wits, and Sonneteers, 
OaAma Bwda, and rwrng Peers, 
KopaHKXf while w«id*nMS worth 
li^ace renember'd noir on earth, 
Vlxm f^eUu^'tJ^mmoar led aftray, 
Aid l£«if«r Fops, debaadi*d by Gray, 
Aiila^ aid prattle, write and (ii^. 

(bfaisfmwwlu, with i^inr/ crownM, 
fiejf mi il^mfykmmif 
{fetia iiMr of many roles 
^wiAmlM^ and iWarvwr Fcoist 
Aai vUch&r ever rauft lucceed 
^A ukrlMds who cannot rt^d^ 
"^^KTaraabtme or wrt, 
% ab iheir works lor Book-tafe fit) 
AdiMUrd aafter of thole IcMS, 
Qkr Ui A^^May OdW icpeata. 

ViditnHiph apw pofleft that fear, 
^ iMnph ano thy Odes repeat, 
^^Kd vigik piMAy keep, 
*ttcf^ hevef*t IttUM to fleep % 
•ckrnv, tOifnm Bvl, wben Faff, 
^Sl^ ffiH pwfecitliy Mme with hato, 
pe^yi/i^c/btaAs which now 
^«BdKphdd Wliitchead*s brow» 
^^H wweiBi tfay prise and nune, 
Aai Obkr^s be tki fecoad name, 
^<kRTdlecong|iM(ftr tmMtg^SiSl 


{■'ii^ftinthaSpiaidoi trade 

^faoild by them fMiXr aMir^ 



«» Tiiic caagb'd, here MM*d-4Nit while 


*|;>^ttao9li*d o*«r the knOtt hnrt, 


5* « dbgl^i Mdaodioly, . 

*^^iiilk|iief, dieBocidfeol 


2 JtK Why Whim away. 



Were we with padence here to fit, 

Dupes toth* impertinence of >Vit, ' 

Till Trifte his harangue flioold end, 

A GnenUnd nightwe might attend, 

Whnft He, with fluency of fpcech. 

Would various mighy noihmgt teach, 

(Here Trifle, ftcmly looking down. 

Gravely endeavour*d at a frown. 

But Nature unawares ftept in, 

And, mocking, turned it to a grin) 

And when, b Fancy*s chariot hurl d. 

We had been carried round theworU, 

Involved in error ftill and doubt, 

He*d leave us where we firft fct out. 

Thus^</i«rv (in whofe exercife 

Material ufe with grandeur vies) "^ 

Lift up their legs with mighty pain, 

Only to fet them down again. 

Believe ye not (yes/ all like t 

In found belief concur with me) 

That Providence, for worthy ends. 

To us unknown, tils Spirit fends ! 

The* fpeechlefs lay the trembling tongue* 

YaarfaitA was on your features hung, 

Yoar/akA I in your eyes could fee. 

When all were pale and ftar*d like me» 

But fcruples to prevent, and root 

Out ev*ry (hadow of dil^tei 

Pompofo, Plaufible, and I, 

With Fanmy have agreed to try 

A deep concerted fcheme-^This night 

To fix or to deftroy Her quite. *" 

If ^ be true, before we>re done, 

W^*ll make it glaring as the fun { 

ir it beySijf^, admit no doubt. 

Ere morning*! dawn we*U find it oa^ 

Intothe vaulted womb of death. 

Where Fanny now, deprivM of breath, 

LiesAf?*rMg, whilfl her troubled j^r 

Adds horror to the gloom of night, 

Willww defcendi and bring from thence 

Proofs of fuchfofce to CommopSenle, ^ 

Vain Tri/Un fliall no more deceive. 

And Atheifb tremble and believe. 
H^fald, andceas*d; the chamber rung 

With due applaufe from every tongue. 
The mingled found (now Itt me fee. 
Something by way oijimiii) 

Was it more |f ke Stfymon'uui crantt^ 
Orwndh hw wuinmurmgi wAtnitrahu^ 
Otdrvwh kum of cl$t/l*ru^ heesp 
Or the Juarfe nor •fOfVty/eai f 
Or fHll to heighten and explsdn, 
Forelfeour ^n/rbvain) 
Shall we declare it like alt four ^ 
Afcream^ a MMrwutTf kum and roar t 

Let Fancy now in awful ftate 
Prefent this great Triumvirate, 
(A method which receivM wc find 
In 0^(<r cafos by nunldnd) 
BUBed with a joint confent| 
AXlfiels in town to re^/ent. 

The ctock ftrikes twelve— M—eftartsan4 fweaWj 
Iir«tfr^ we know, atwcll as prayers. 
Religion lies, and « CJiarci brother. 
May ufe at will or one or t* other. 
Plaufible fimn hn caflbck drew 
A holf mimnif feeming new | 


Churchill's posms^ 

A book it was of fmratt prayer. 
But not apin the worfe for ^^•t9r i 
Fori as we by the buy may fay. 
None hvtfmali faints ia private pray. 
Religion^ faireft maid on earth, 
. As meek as good) who drew her birth 
From that bleft union, when in heaven 
Pleafure was bride to virtue given j 
Keligion, ever pleased to pray» 
PofldTsM the predous gth one day ^ 
Hypocrify, of Cunning boni» 
Crept in and ftole it ere the mom, 
W h re d, thatgreateftof all Dints, 
Who always prays and never faints, 
Whom. She to her cwn hrdHtert bore, 
Rapine and Luft, onSevem^s (bore. 
Received it from UtithmntTng dame > 
Fmm k'm to Plaufible it came, 
Who, with unufual care opprc^. 
Now tremblh^, pulled it from his breaft. 
iXnibts in his boding heart arife. 
And fancied fpcOret blaft his eyes. 
Devotion fprings from abjed/ror. 
And fbmps his nray^n for imct fincere* 

Pompofb (inioleot and loud. 
Vain idol of zJMSrmg crowd, 
Whofe very name infjJrcs an awe, 
Whofe ev^ry word is fcnfe and law. 
For what his greatnels hath decreed. 
Like laws of Perfia and of Mede, 
Sacred through all the realm of f^it, 
MuSt never c^ repeal admit i 
Who, curfing flattery, is the tool 
Of ev*ry ^nrning, flattering fool , 
Who wit withje^ous eye furveys, 
Anl fickens at another's praife j 
Who proudly feiz*d of Learning's throoe« 
Now damns all learning but his own $ 
Who fcoros thofe common wares to trade iq^ 
Rtai^ornngf CsirMMrmf and PerptaSng^ 
But makes each (entence current pus 
WithP»/*», C^xcmbi Scwndrel^ ji[s i 
For *tis wim him a certain rule, 
The folly's proved when he calls fool ; 
Who, to increaie his nadvc ftrength» 
Draws words fix fyllables In length. 
With which, affilled with a frown 
By^wiy of club, he knocks us down j 
Who *bove the vulgar dares to rife> 
And (enfe of decency' Atfm \ * 

For this fame dtfency is made 
Only for bunglers in tke trade. 
And like the cotwet laws, is fUU 
Broke thro* by great ema when they will)— 
Pompofb, wmfirong fenje fupplied, 
SapfNMted and conhmi'd hy fruUp 
Hu comrades* terron to bqguile, 
GrhaCd korrihfya gktfilyfmte : 
Features lb horrid, were it light, 
Would put the Devil himfelf to flfght. 

Such were the thte in name and worth, 
Whom Uhl and Judgment fingled forth 
To try ttne/prite on Reaibn*s plan> 
Whether it was of God or Man, 

Dark was the nighti k was that hour 
When Terror reigns in fullcft pow*r. 
When, as the Leam*d of old have C4i» 
ytfi yawning grave gives up her dead. 

When Murder, Rapine by her £ile^ 
Stalks o*er the earth with ^iMf fbide | 
Owr Q^'xotes (for that ^gir of old 
Was not in truth by half fo hcU, 
Tho* Reafoa at the fame tune cries* 
(9»r Quixotes are not half fo «o)/r. 
Since diey, with other fblljes, boaft 
An expedijtion *gainft a Crigfi) 
Thro* the dull deep furrounding gloaos. 
In clofe array, tow*rds Fankv*s losnb 
Adveotur*d foith.^-^2aution befofu» 
With heedfol f^, the /aMJtorm borc» 
Pointing at graves } and m the rear, 
TremlTmgt and taJUng JmuI, went Fear. 
The church-yard teem*d— th* uofettled | 
As in an ague, fliookanmnd i 
While in fbme dreary vauU confin'dt 
Or riding on the Aauew vfindf 
Horror, which turns the heart to ftooe, 
Tn dreadful founds was heard to groan. 
All (taring, wild, and oat of breath. 
At length they reach tbeplace of death. 

A Vault it was, long time apply*d 
To hold the lafl remains,of fheU t 
No heggar diere, of hiunbk nce« 
And humble fortunes, finds a place } 
To reft in poa^ as well as eafe. 
The only way's to pay ihitf$4u 
Fools, Rogues, and Whores, if nek wad gftm% 
Proud e*en in death. Here rat in ftait* 
No thieves difrobethe «d/.JSrv^Uead> 
No plumbers fteal ^(acrtd lead j 
Quiet and fafo the bodies lie* 
No {t%tosafellf no fuifeens htf* 

Thrice each the pond'rous kcnt appiy*4» 
And tkriee to turn it vainly try*^ 
Till taught by pnideme to unite^ 
And fhraining with coUeded mightt 
The fhibbom wardt scfift no more» 
But open fliet ^grno^ 6oot. 

Three paces back they fell anas'd, 
UkejftffMt ftood, like vM^iiM* gas*d $ 
The frighted blood fbiiakea tW foce* 
And fecks the heart with quicker pice t 
The throbbing heart itt fear* dcdases» 
And upright ftand the brifUed hain i 
The head in wild diftradioa fvri«is| 
Cold fweats bedew thetrembUnf Umbi i 
Nature, whilfl fisars her bofoi» chill» 
Sufpends her pow*rs, and Ufofbndt ftill. 

Thus had they fhwd till mm, but S\wmt 
(Anufefol, tho* neglefted daii, 
4y Heav*ndefign*d thefriendof M<B» 
Tho* we degrade her all we can. 
And flrive, as our firil proof of witt 
Her name and nature to forget) 
Came to their aid iohappvhour. 
And with a wand of mi^yty po|r*r, 
Struck on their hearts ; ri^fianfvbiid$^ 
And baffled, leave the &ld to Ptide. 

ShaU They, (fbri>id it Fam) fkaU Tbey 
The diaaCes of vile feir obey ? 
SJiall They, xhckkitoi^^ Towq, 
To btig^ean Fancy faniCd boW dewa? 
Shall They, whogreateftcfMilexpiBfti 
And undertook for all the «efit- 
Mfhofe matchlefs courage «lt .idaurfi 
loiglorioai foom thi Ui& n^re ? 



the widh/ oMs rejoice, 
Aaiii^UAexaltCfadr voice, 
tf 14-< aa4 nnOrfe were fimndt 
%>bdb«t nr'4 eo ^ tfaetr gnnind ? 
flov vomU ^M laugh, ihould it appear 
hoBpsfe wat the flare of iear ? 
" VtA the thougltt ! Tho* to oor eyes 
h aa b terms 4«tffliould riie, 
** Tho* ttoaimid Chatts, in ilread-amy, 
■ Wkh glarm; cye-lwdli, crofs our way, 
" Tlo* CadoQ, tieiiililing, Ibnds aloof, 
"Staiwevillaa, and dare the proof.** 
Tky Aid, ttd without Arther hsdt, 
Do^kfi aardi*d onward to the vault. 

WIk noctat men, who e*er drew breath, 
&£ ktak tnio the hoofe t^ Death, 
With fat ta/^OmfJ, and from diencie 
Tkayft'iiesof that ftate Sfycnte, 
Vy^Aeff wkhdoerites, prepare 
"7^ vakcr ienfis fuch fights to bear, 
Mi gaia Mfiniffisn from the Start, 
iiaardiaar jounal to relate f 
Ha dioqfehref, iritliont a crime, 
pmitmtaifi k e*en in rime, 
walvays, on inch grand occ:kfion, 
ftefMt zfkma iwMatfiMr, 
' /v ^^^ PhitD weave, 
Aadn faMXh mnnben hBk. hit leave. • 
h vlqr this caution? Why prepare 
faes tuHtdk nam f for tAHct in air 
tk ipiiit of the ITight hath/jtrraV, 
hi tbkt haifa clapped his wings wdl-pleas*d. 

Dfefecnd tiKS, Tnith, and goard thy fide, 
% itji, ny Pstmufif and G*2(/^! 
K edicn at utreotion aim, 
^Isfff wants not at this time, 
&Ka aid/v^Mms in rime : 
lihaep|aia£ifts ; be brief and bold ; 
M let the Ptoets, tam d of old, 
Uc, vi^ oar artlefs tale we tella 
hraatofind a Parallel % 
fctsT AtL THa«E wiKT Ik, abovt 
AuTitiK Tva«*DSn.BiffT, andCams Oiit. 


BOOK m. 

C'vAi TIB HouB, whenifj^ttj^r Morn 
^tkfttrlnd tmen hangs each thorn, 
abappj^ Bards, who can regale 
"vllaie with country air and ale 
JvMeiield, to bnofcs and bow*n, 
*J|«k wf fa^man vAfivw^rt \ 
"n4ipaii 'Squires from hennel fly, 
jjl' k|i «i finnert^it their fty ; 
"ki^ l4ri lilb to the chacc, 
^ may Chapl^ takes his place. 
TWfeiii^ti, or bad or good, 
■ Qcy ant Q^tfly mderftoodf 
g^w jodai BMift aUow, 
^4iBii a iIk cooQtry now J 

fFor obfefvations molUy ri(e 
Fromobje^juft before our eyes, 
And ev*ry Lord in Critic Wit 
Can tell you where the piece was writ. 
Can point out, as he goes along, 
(And who fliall dare to fay he*s wrong ?) 
Whether the warmth (for Bards we know 
Atprefent, never more than glow) 
Was in the town or country caught. 
By the peculiar turn of thought 

It WAS THE HovR— tho* Critics fo>wn. 
We now declare ourfdves in town, 
Nor will a rtK>mfent*s paufe allow 
For finding when we came, or how. 
The man who deals in humble profe, 
Tied down by rule and method, goes ? 
But they who court the vigorous Mufc, 
Their carriage have a right to chufc. 
Free as the air, and unconfin*d. 
Swift as the motions of the mind, 
The Poet darts from place to place. 
And inflant bounds o*er time and fpace ; 
Nature (whilft blended fire and fkill 
Inflame our pa/lions to his will} 
Smiles at her violated laws. 
And crowns his daring u-ith applaufe. 

Should there be flill fame rigid few. 
Who keepfrtfriitj in view, 
Whofe heads turn round, and cannot bear 
This whirling paf&ge thro* the air. 
Free leave have fuch at home to fit. 
And write a rf^^nmni for wit ; 
' To clip our pinions let them try. 
Not having heart thcmfelves to fly. 

It was tmb Hour, when devotees 
Breathe fms cur/a on then- knees, 
Whenthejr with pray'rs the day hpgin 
To fanaiiy a night of fin 5 
When rogucsof modefty, who roam 
Under the vril of night, fneak home, 
That fiee finom all rcftraint and awe, 
Tufl to the ¥rindward of the law, 
.efs modefl rogues their tricks may play. 
And plunder in the face of day. 

But hold— whilft thus we play the fool^ 
In bold contempt Of ev*ry rule, 
Thi^ of no confequencc exprefliog, 
Defcribing now, and now JlgreJ/htg, 
To the difcreditof our flcill. 
The main concern is ftaading ftiU. 

In PAiyx indeed, when ftorms of rago 
Tempeftuous ip the foul engage. 
Or when the (pints, weak and low. 
Are funk in deep difhefs and woe. 
With 1!tn€t propriety we hear 
Defcription ftealing on the ear. 
And put off feeling half an hour. 
To tiatcA M cot, orfmnt aJow*r ; 
But in theie/m'Mt works, defign*d 
To mend the morals of mankind, 
We rooft for ever be difgrac'd 
With all the nicer Tons of Tafte, 
If once, the fhadow to purfue. 
We let the fubftance out of view. 
Oitr means mufl uniformly tend 
In due proportion to their end. 
And ev*ry paflage apdy join 
To brbg about the om dcfign. 
F a 


CHuiicHii.L'8 poms. 

Our fnendt tfaemfielYes cannot admit 
This rambling, wild, digrefltve Wic» 
If o— «ot tboCe very fKcndsy who found 
Thdr credit on the felf-fame ground. 

Peace, my good grumbling Sir— for once. 
Sunk in the folemn, formal dunce, 
Tliii Coicomb (hall your foars beguile 
We will be dull, that you may fmile. 

Come Method, come in all thy prid«, 
Dullnefs and Whitehead by thy fide, 
Dullnefs and Method ftill are one. 
And Whitdiead is theirdarling foo. 
Not He * whofe pen, above controul. 
Struck terror to the guilty foul. 
Made Folly tremble thro* her ftate. 
And villains Uuih al being great, 
Whilft be himfelf with ftcady face, 
Difdaining roudefty and grace, 
Could blunder on thro* thick and thin. 
Thro' cv'ry mean and fcrvile fin. 
Yet Avear by Philip and by Paul, 
He nobly rcom*d to blufli at all ; 
But He, who in the Laureat Chair, 
By Grace not Merit planted there> 
Jn aukward pomp is feen to fit, 
And by his patent proves his wit { 
For fovours of the Great, we know. 
Can wit as well as rank beftow. 
And th^ who without one pretenfion, 
Can get for fools a place or pcnfioo, 
Muft able be fuppos*d of courfe 
nf retfon is allow'd due foKc) 
To give fuch qualities and grace 
As may equip them for the place. 

But He— who meafures as be goet» 
A mongrel kind of dnkllng profc. 
And is too finigal todlfpenfe 
At once both Poetry and Senfe ; 
Who, fifom amidlt his fiumfrwi guards, 
Deals out a Charge to fiijtff Bard^ 
Where couplets after couplets creep- 
Propitious to the reign of deep. 
Yet ev*ry word imprints an awe. 
And all his di^tes pafs for law 
With Beaux wbofiinperall around, 
And Belles, who die ac ev*ry found. 
For in all things of this relation. 
Men moftly judge fnm/tiiatmt 
Nor in a thoufimd find we one 
Who really weighs what*s faid or done. 
They deal out cenfure, or give credit, 
Merdy from hifh who did or (aid it. 

But He— who, kapfity (trentf 
->Means nothing, yet would feem to mean \ 
Who rules and cautions can difpenfo 
With all that humble infolence, 
Which Impudence in vain would teach. 
And none but modeft men can reach \ 
Who adds to Sentiments the grace 
Of always being out of place, 
And drawli out Morals with an aTr 
A gentleman would blufh to wear \ 
Who, on the ek^dt^ f^^'P P^^l 
As cluftt% as fimpu as the man. 
Without or riifriff^, ox pUt^ 
N^pire unknown* ai^ Arc forgot, 

* Paul Whitehead. 

Cifl, with andi rackiqc of the braiA 
And years ooaTum'd ia lettered pains*. 
A http of wofds liiiifdiiii lay. 
And, fiturkiog, call the thtnga Play f 
Who champion fwom b Vifttte*8 ^mkt 
*Gainft Vice his t'nj hMm draws. 
But to no paitof fnJtaei ftraofer, 
rnrft bhsats the point for fov of daoger. 
So aurfot Cage, as caitieo works. 
When children firil ufo knives and forks* 
For foar of mifchief, itis known. 
Toothers fingers, or their own. 
To take the edge off wUely chufo, 
Tho* the fane ftroke takea off the ufe. 

Thee, Whitdiead, Thee I now invoke. 
Sworn foe to Sacire*s gen*rous ftroke. 
Which makes nawilUng Co nf cir n ce foel* 
And wounds, but only wounds to heaL 
Goodonatur*d, eafy creature, mild. 
And gentle as a new-bom clUld, 
Thy keart would never once admit 
E*en vfMtfm* rigour to thy wit | 
Thy i^, if Confoiencefikould comply. 
Its kind affiftancc would deny. 
And lend thee neither force, nor «t. 
To drive it onward to die heart. 
O may thy facred pow*r controul 
Each fiercer working of my foul. 
Damp every fpark of genuine fire. 
And langours like thine own io^hcj 
Trite be etch thought, and ev*ry line 
As inartf/, mAudHiU as Thine. 

Pois*d ia mid-air— (it matters not 
To afcertain the very fpol. 
Nor yet to give you a relation. 
How it eluded grstntatim ) 
Hung a Wittck' T wwtt b y Vulcan planaM 
With fudi rare ikill, by Jove*s command* 
Thatev*ry word, which whifper*d here 
Scarce vibrates to the neighbour ear* 
On the ftill bofom of the air 
Is borne, and heard diftindly there. 
The palace of an ancient dame. 
Whom men as well as gods call Fame. 
A jfrattlhtg gofpt on wbofo tongue 
Proof of perpetual motion hung } 
Whofe lungs m ftrength all lungs furpais* 
like her own trumpet made of bra(s; 
Who with an hundred pair of eyes 
The vain attack of deep defies \ 
Who with an hundred pair of wings 
News fiom the fintheft quarters brings } 
Sees, hears, and cells, untold before, 
All that (he knows, and ten times moie- 

Not all the virtues which we find 
ConcenterM in a HujiKr*s mind, 
Can make her fpare the ranc*rous tale. 
If in one point ihe chance tofidl i 
Or if, once in a thoufond years, 
A perfoA charader mears. 
Such as of late with pyf and pride 
My foul pofiUs*d, ere Arrow died { 
Or fuch as. Envy muft allow. 
The world e^|oys in H now \ 

This hag, who alms at all alike. 
At virtues e*en like theirs will ftrike. 
And make fimlts, in the way of trade. 
When file can*t find themrndy made- 



JUIdua|slKtaketiii» {mall aid grot. 
Talks c^ Mttf-JkpaxA a/«i/} 
0( wkt mdjobih ofiautmdkkigtp 
0( i^run, /mrh tai iea^u^-frv^i 


^y^ , 

Of cmrt$, of MMfy and(fr-wip] 
Of Aavraod /^;Ktfsi:t daocaqgjigs j 

Laaimg tot/kum on tbtnktmrf 
Wldt bws iKtiMer'dii^fx in liaftc» 
Aai Jmi^mut Ucrific^d to Tafte $ 
or wSttijtftJdkm^ Imm/kivaf 
Aai God*i is«/^ nade zdem^ Uitvtt ; 
Offim'r^lfmftt where daiDimn liung^ 
Aai &s*d dHgnwe on ev^ry tioague» 
WUi Safe and Older UuiiM tofee 
/Ufa witbouc itonaoity } 

Wkk bbkA npcvnety boteapvt) 
iXtSty Mk^ wheicElegance 
Wa fmm\Ma coloiift toadvaocey 
AadCliHWf, mconuaoa cafey 
Coi*d only (ct the iccond place } 
Of aw « wa V pUlan in tbe Aate* 
Vb OMft W good as beiog great s 
ajmUm^ on whkh Honours -fit 
Hmtk M thmShf m fflt i 
Of dnfiTjHbi^ifi, whan rif /«s pka(e» 
lataot me payment of ^fea i 
Of kSwtSf whither ev*ry rool 
fe/kiWcifA<4Mf goes to fchool ; 
Of gn^-httyjs deaf eo Reafon*i callt 
hm ha ff Cemrt^ or Gty HtU, 
Wkn ymhfol appcdtfls cnlUvey 
Wi!h one fcot 6irly in the grafe» 
wj help of crutch a ocednil broChcTy 
IcsiM^ of Hart to dance with t'other \ 
m JtBtn rtgMioHykrtd 
TefiHdiennnfieQSof thedead ; 
or fudb (for quacks dwy muft be ftill 
Wha £nc when forms requite to klli) 
Vholifey and healthy and vigour gire 
TslfiBy not one would wifh to live } 
Ora«|ftirrfK>y wfthnobleft new 
TWaiiiti il plans purfuey 
r«tBBBMnf worth the ladder raliey 
Aalaak-ootthe alccnt to pniic { 
or Jku aid Sdtmtttt where meet 
Mufy fr^mmd, aid aUcowfUm^ 
A Sd (tHnn at ibne fitter time 
Tke Mafe ihall cmtftcrsf b riar) 
Wbe hamble Arcifts to OBt-do 
A £t mare Bk*rmi phnforfoey 
Aid let their a«tfva4V Premiums faU 
Qi chafe who have no wotth at oU $ 
0(fp^ EMjmtimih rais*d 
Hr fai^Kcr mote than to be prats*d 
(Tin* by the way we cannot fee 
Wky fr^ and Uagkur nuy*nt agree) 
Where fiennr Homoiwi ram to ¥rafte» 
Aa^ioftly chidci our wantof taftey 
Ceofcr'dy like other thmgsy tho* good, 
**raff tfary are not undernood. 

To higher fuhjeatjnw She feariy 
Aad cdki of foRAn and a4r«i 
(li 10 your nice aid chaAerears 
Tic teiai infeAmc app«art| 

Script|ife/0/tfcjffliaU I 

And mdt it into rMcuAow) ; 

In the feme breath fpreads Bourbon*s ieagUf 

And publiihes the gr0$id mtripu i 

In Bruflcb or mr wwm Gaaette * 

Makes anniei fight whkh never mtty 

And circulacii the poc or pl^ne 

To Londony by the way of Higue ) 

For all the lies which flhere appear 

Stamp*d with tfatAtfrtfycomeheie | 

Borrows as freely from the gabble 

Of (cmt rode leader of a rabUoy 

Or from the fMo'jtf hwangues of thofe 

Who lead a nation by the nofe» 

As feom thoTe/onM whichy "void of aty 

Burft from our kon^ Patriot*s hearty 

When Eloquence and Virtue (late 

Remark*d to live in mutual hate) 

Food of each otber*s friendflup grown» 

Claim ev'ry fentence fbr their own; 

And with an equal joy recites 

Performed by heron d fmr we^Jker, 
Merely by dint of isce andJtatJktr, 
As thofe flare a^ which fMoour taught 
Ourdaring fens where Granby fbught» 
Or thofe whichy with fuperior 4uU» 
Sackville atchievM hfjUmAigfiiL 

This Hag (the curious if Ocy pleafe 
May fearch from earlieil times to thefe. 
And Poets they wiU alwayt feey 
With j^ and x«^^ make firee* ^ 
Treating them ally esceptthe Male, 
As fcarcely 6t to wipe their ihoeiO 
Whohad beheld, fnxn firft to laft» 
How our Triumvirate had palt*d 
Night*s dreadful ktervaly and heard 
With fbia attention every wor d . 
Soon as ihe faw return of lighty 
On founding Anions took her flight. 

Swif^ thro* the regions of the fkyy 
Above the reach of human eye. 
Onward (he drove the furionsblafty 
And r^id as a whirlwind paft 
0*er cmarm^ once the fieatsof Ti;/!^, 
By Tune and Ignorance laid wafte f 
O'er landfy where former ages few 
Reafm and Trwtk the only law ; 
Where A^taiidArm^ and Fwkik htm 
In generous emulation fboare \ 
Where in^ were prond of Ugd fway. 
And fubj^ kiffy to obey» 
Tho* now in flav*ry funky and hsoke 
1ofiiperft'aUm*% galling ydM | 
Of JbrtSf of ^mtf no more they tell. 
Or Frtdm, which with &Mrf fidl. 
By tyrants aw*d, who never find 
The paflage to their peopk^s ndnd. 
To whom the joy was never knaim 
Of planting in their heart the thronet 
Far from all orofpeft of relief. 
Their boun m fruitlefs prayers and gfief. 
For lofs of bleffingt tkif employ, 
Which We unth^lfy aijoy. 

Now is the time (had we the wiU) 
T* amaae the reader with our fkOl, 
To pour out fuch a flood of knowledgfl^ 
At might fhffice iv a wk4e PDU«g*f 


CHUJtCHIL L^8 Tonus. 

Whili^ With a true poetic font 
We tncM the Goddefs in her coiiric» 
Stvettfy deknhiagf m our flighty 
Each cmmmtad miammam fight. 
Making our joiihul gay and pleafnt^ 
With things long p^» "» tfaingt bm 
S hf t n once N)rmpfa»— (arrMj^raMriM 
Is mighty pretty in relation) 
From grut makarkia rm know. 
Will matter ktzule beftow. 
To make the obfervation clear» 
We gnre our fnends an inftance heve* 

The Day (that never is ibrgot) 
^Vaa vtfy^Mtf nit vttf Mtt ^ 
The Nyn^ (another gen*cal role) 
Enflam*d with heat» laid down to cool \ 
Her kmr (we no exceptions find 
HFVvV carthftJUtitkiw m the nud \ 
Her Meavh^ irMtsf like fimmar frm. 
Seemed gwCrma of the pltnffutmxti 
Should y«W Defcriptkm tmieourlays 
In cUkyi accents to her pfaiie» 
I>efcriptioo we at laft Ihonkl find. 
Baffled and weak» wouM halt behind. 
Nature had rann*d hcf to lu^di'c 
■ In er'ry bofom loft oan Wf 
Piffim to rmftjk tmU mtt fed, 
Wmli H asfbff A ^^mUi m knl 
A God (his name iii no great matter* 
Perhaps a JoTc, perhaps a Satyr) 
Raging with A^» a god0be Bame* 
By chance, mufiiotf thithercamc } 
With gIotiq|eyci.the-fair-«ne«iew*d9 
Defir'd her fiift, tn^tfatn purfuU 
Ske (fer what other canfte do ?) 
Muft fly— or how can He porfic ? 
The Afmfe (fo cuAom halh decreed) 
Now provesher fpirit by her ipecd. 
Nor nraft one bi^i^ Iwe difgrace 
The life and rigovrof therace. 
Shx tvKB, AND Hb toNS, Mil at lengthy 
Quite defKtnte of breach and fbengtfa, 
To Hemf'u (for there we mil apply 
For help, when there's no other nigh) 
She offers np her nmjim pnyV, 
\Can vw^uu pray unpitied there ' 
And when die God thbks he hat caught her> 
Slips thro* hit hands, and runs to water. 
Becomes a pmm, m which the Poet, 
If he has any wit, may ihew it. 

A aty once for pow*r renowned. 
Now leveird even to the gfoond. 
Beyond all doubt itadjicdioa 
To introduce famtfrnt nB o fti on. 

^, vjocfutmt ! jik, vmfid mm ! 
Miwoefil ail! doaiiwami 
Who can on evthly things depend 
From one to e*other moment^s end ? 
Honour, Wit, Genins, Wealth and Glory, 
Gted iMk ! ned iMk I aie tranfitory ^ 
Nothing is iure and ftablt found. 
The very emtk itfclf turns round. 
Monarchs^ nay Minifters nraft die, 
Mttftfv/, rm^fhik^Akml ahmfjt 
Cides thnnfclTes hi time decay, 
If citirs thus— yA, weff^-dsf t 
If hrkk and Mm0S0 haw an end. 
On whstcan/yf jiid iMdcpoii ! 

Akf tooefid me ! jtkj wt^ man ! 
Aif wefid sill do oil we csn I 

England (for that's at lafl the fcene, 
Tho* worlds on worlds fhoold rife betw^ 
Whither we muft our cowrie puifue) 
England fhould call into rcriew 
Times long fince pail indeed, butnoc 
By Engliflunen to be fwfot, 
Tho* England, mt^ fb dear to Fame* 
Sinks m Great Britain's dtmrr mmt. 

Here could vie mention eM of old. 
In plainand rugged honour boU, 
To Virtue kind, to Vice fevere. 
Strangers to bribery and nnv. 
Who kept novrretched</4iu in awe. 
Who nerer broke or vwrfVthe law ; 
PdtriotSf whom, in her Mr/<r days, 
OidHome might hare been proud to raife { 
Who, fkeady to their Country's claim, - 
Boldly flood op in Freodom*t name, 
E*en to the teeth of Tjpvirf Pride, 
And when they could no more, thky nixs. 

There (Jhikmi coittrefi !) might we place 
A lemle, mean, degenYMe race, 
HtreSngSf who valued nought but gold. 
By the beft bidder bought and (old $ 
Truants from Honour's faercd laws, 
Be t iayei ' s of their Country's caufe i 
The dupca of party, tools of pow'r. 
Slaves to the mmom of em homr \ 
Lacqu i cs , whowatch*da/tf«««n«r'anod. 
And took a/i;^ for thetrC^flJ. 

Sincere and honefl in our rimes. 
How might vre praife thefe isffier timtt ! 
How ought the Mufe exalt her lays* 
And vranton m aMonarch't praife! 
Tell of a Prince in England bom, 
Whofe vutue's England's crown adorn i 
In youth a pattern unto age, 
Sochafte, fb pious, and fo lege; 
Who true to all thofe £icred bands 
Which private happineft demands. 
Yet never lets them riie above 
Theftronger ties of public k>ve. 

With conidous pnde fee England Hand, 
Our ketf Ckmrter in her hand. 
She waves it round, and o'er the iile 
See -^^^ and Courage fmile. 
No motfCVm mourm her treafures hnrl'd 
In /Mb/!dies to all the world } 
No more by foreign threats difeiay'd. 
No more dcceiv'd with foreign aid. 
She deals out fums to /»rry States, 
Whom Homur fcoms, and Reafbn hatet; 
But, vrifer bv experience grown, 
¥mi» fafety m herfelf alone. 

WhiMoius, fbe cries, my cUldren flaad. 
An honefl, valiant, motive band, 
A train'd Militia, brave and linK, 
True tothdrlUog, and tme tn Me, 
So fireigu hirofiogs fhall be known. 
Nor need we hiratingt of mt owit* 
Under a juft and pious reijgB 
The Statefman's fbphifby it viin { 
Vain is each vile comipt pretence, 
Thefe are my M/wv/defoKe; 
Their Faith I know, and they Aall prove 
The bulwark of the Kinr «bqr love- 



Tbcfe, iod a diottfand things befide» 
JXd vecoofnlt a Pioet*s pride, 
Soaie^v iboaefcrkmi, might be faid» 
Bat ten to one theyM not be read ; 
Or were they by fome curioos few, 
Koc even thofe wMild think them firue. 
For, trom the time tfaar Jubd firft 

• Sweetditties tDtheharprehean*d, 
fsett have always b^en fufpeded 
Of harxog truth in rimenegleded» 
Than Sani except, who Awn his youtL 
£fully £un*d Uxfmtk and tnth^ 
Bt pnidcnce taught, \nfnrtly chmt 
Tocaurth eon brtkught Truth m Rlmf, 

But tfao* to Poets we allow. 
No matter when acquirM or how, 
From Tradi unbounded deviation. 
Which cuftom calls Bughuuimf 
Yet cant they be fnppos*d to lye 
One half fo faft asFame can fly. 
Theicfere (to folve the O^rdian knot, 
A poiotwe had afanoft forget) 
To oouTteous readers be it known. 
That/bod of verfe and falfliood grown, 
Whnft we m fweet digreffion fang, 
Fai&e check*d her fltght, and held jier tongue, 
Aad now purfues with double force 
And double fpeed her deftm*d courfe ; 
Korftopt, till ihe the place arrives 
Where Genius ftarves, and Dullnds thrives $ 

Where riches virtue are efteem*d. 
And craft is traeft wiiHom deem*d ; 

Where Commeice proudly rears herthfooe 

In ftate to other lands unknown ; 

Where to be cheMed, and to cheat, 

Scraogen from ev*ry ^uaittr meet ; 

Where Ckriftiam, Tews, and Turks Aike 

United in cnuMrrui/ bands, 

All of one fakAf and that, to own 

Mo God but Intmft alone. 
When gods and goddeffts come down 

To look about them here in town, 

(For chaiige of jdr iSunderAood 

By feosof Phyfieto be good, 

la ^ proportion ndwr and ffacn 

For thde lame gods as well as men) 

BycuteBrolM, andtMtaPoet 

Seveiydall, but he muflr know it, 

In order to remain t«re|^* 

They ahvajrs travel in a fog. 

For if we Majefly expofe 

To vulgar eyes, toe cheap it grows ; * 

The face is loft, and free fromiwe. 

We ^ and cenfure ev*ryilaw. 

B« wtU prefiervM fiom publk view, 

kalwa^ breaks fntb frefh and new { 

fierce at the Sun m all his pride, 

Itftinei, andnotafpot*sdefcried. 
Wai Jove to lay has tfannder ty. 

And una Us brethren of the fky 

Defcend tt>earth, and friik about, 

L4e chattering N*»», from rout W tout, 

He wMld be found, whhall his hoft, 

A aioe days wonder at «ht qwf^ 

Would ^ in trim our honours wear, 

Wc OBfk^pfdervm theft fiomdte'aif f 

What is tamliar, mmnegMi ^ 

»•««»» worthy of refped. 

Did thev not find a cettain Mend 

In ncve/ty to re c o mm end, 

(Such we by fad experience find 

The wretched fblly of ftankind) 

Venus might unattmaSve fhine, 

And H»** fix no eyes but m'me. 
But Fame, who never car*d a jot 

Whether (he was admh-M or not. 

And never bluih*d to fhew her f^ 

At any dme m any place, 

Inherownfliape, without dlfgnif^. 

And vifible to mortal eyes. 

On ^Change, exaft at fcven o*cldck, 

I Alighted on the weatAtr-cockf 

Which, planted there time out of mind, 

To note the changes of the wind, 

Might no improper emblem be 

Of her own mutability. 
Thrice did^ found her Trump (the fame 

Which from the firft belonged to Fame, 

An oid i//-/avoiir*d hiftrument 

With which the goddefs was content, 

Tho* under ifoHter race, 

Bag^fipet mi^t well fupply its place) 

And thrice jwaken*d by the found, 

A gen*ral din prevail*d around, 

Confiifion thro' the City paft, 

And Fear befhode theckradful M;^. 

Thofefr^aMtatmrttt, whfihwemert ' 

Dtftilling foft thro* evVy Anet, ^^ v * 

Aflrightcd from the ufaaTcourfe, '' 

Ran wvm*mf upwards to tlirirf^ufce; ' , " 

StatttavKpt tears of Wood, as fjft ' 

As when a Oefar breath*d hU l:lft'f ' 

Hories, uMch always os*d to go' * 

Afoot-piue in mfLa^J Bfayot't Sheiot 

/w/rftiwa from their fhiHe Broke, ' 

And Aldermen and Oxen fj^ke. 

HaUs felt the forces f«m;*/» fhook'anwnd, 

AaAfieepla nodded to the ground, 

St. Paul himfelf{ftrangef^ht!) Was fcflp 

To bow ai humbly as the Dean. 

The Manfim^Hmfti forever placed ' 

A monument of Gtjf Tafttt 

Trembled, and feem*d aJoudto groan 

Thro' all that hideous weight of fKme. 

ToftiUthe found, or flop herean. 
Remove the caufe or fenfe of fears, 
F9iyfic, in M//m feated high, 
Would any thlnrbati««/'fwe try. 
No more in Pewt*rers-Hall ♦ was heard 
The proper force <^ t^^ty wonl j 
Thofe feats were defohte beconi^ 
A haplefs Elocutkm dumb. 
Fbrm, Citv^ioni, atDACty-bred^ 
Or ftria J^cwMv ever lc<^ 
Whothreefcore years had known the grace 
Of Mr, Ja//, /irf, tm/arieJ paCt !> 
Terpor prevailing over Pride, 
Was fcen to take a larger flride ; 
Worn to the bone, and cloath'd hi jags, 
Sde Av'riceclofbr hug his ba^ ; 
With her own weight unwieldy gWvi»P* 
S4e Credit totter on her throne j 

• Where Mr. Sheridiir at this peri ♦** Wd tec* 
tulcs 00 Elocutioa. 


Churchill's fobms. 

Virtue alone, h^ (he been diocff 

The mighty feund, wtmcrr*6, couU bear. 

Up firocn the gorgcovs bed, where Fate 
Doomi annual ipolt to fleep ta ftate, 
Tofleep fo found that not one gleam 
Of hncy can prairoke a ditanit 
Great Dullman ftaited at the Iboai, 
Gap*d, rubb*d hia eyet, and ftar*d aroood. 
Much did he wi(h to know, much Icar 
Whence ibunds fo horrid ftruck hi»ear» 
30 much unlike thgfe peaceful oMet, 
That equal harmony which ftoata 
On the duU wing of Cky air, 
Grave prelude loa feaft or fiur ; 
Much did he inly ruminate 
Concemhig the decreet of Fate» 
Revolving, tho* to little end. 
What this (ame trumpet might portend. 

Gould the French— no— chafi could mX be 
Under Bute's affivi miniftry, 
To9 watckfitl to be (b decdvM« 
Have ftolen hither unpcrcetv*d ? 
To Newfoundland, indeed, wcknow^ 
Fleeti of ¥rar unobferv'd may go \ 
Or, if obferv*d, may be fuppotM^ 
At intervals when Reafon doe*d, 
Koother point In view to bear 
Butpleafure, health, and chaMeof air. 
But Reaibn ne*er cooJd deep ib lonnd 
To let an enemy be (bund 
In our Land*a heart, cm it waa known 
They lad departed fitxn their own. , 

Or could hUfucceffor ^ambition 
Is ever haunted wilS fiifpieion) 
His daring ftutejiirefeff. 
All cuftoms, rules, and forms rgeft> 
And afan, rqgardlefs of the crime* 
To ieise die chair before his time h 

Or (deemh^ this the lucky hours 
Sedng hit tmntrymni hi powVf 
th^ cmarytitm^ who, from the firft* 
In tumults and rAtlTm nurs'd, 
How*cr they urear the maAL of art* 
mi Iwt Stuart m tkAr imit) 
Could SeottUh Ch yles — 

That mentil Ignis Fatous, 

Led his poor brainsa weary dance 

from France to England^ hence to France* 

'Till Information (in the fhape 

Of OiapUm learned, good Sir Cnpe» 

A lasy, lounging, ptfoperM Mieftt 

WeU known at ev*ry Cftv fcaft» 

For he was Icen much ott*nerthere 

Than In the Houie 6f God at Pray*r ; 

Who always rtady in his place, 

Ne*er let God*s creatures wsdt fbr grikce* 

Tho*, as the beil hifbrians write, 

Lefs fam*d fbr Faith than Appetite, 

Hitdifpofition to reveal* 

The grace was ihoft, and long the naali 

Who always would oKefs admi^ 

If Anrati or T«rf/r came wkii i^ 

And ne*er engaged in the defbte« 

Of fclf-denyfaigabftiaeiioe* ■ 

When he could fbrtuwttty nig 

Wljth anyjMng be ttk*d tof^Tk 

Who knew that Wine, on Scripture plaor 

Was mside to chear the heart of man; 

fCnew tooj by long experience taught. 

That chearfulnrfs was klU*d by thoofht | 

And from thoic premifb coliefted, 

(Which few perhaps would have fuipeaed) 

That none, %rho withdue fharcof me 

OblcrvM the ways of PronAence, 

Could with fafi! conTcicnce leave off drtnktog» 

*Till they had loi^ the pow*r of thinking } 

With eyes half-ckM*d came tM^/nif m* 

And, having ftrok*d his double dim* 

(Thattilm, whole credit to auntain 

Againfl the fcoA of die profane, 

Had cof( hhn more than ever State 

Paid fbr a fmt Ele&tmtt 

Which after an the coft and root , 

It had been bettet much without) 

Briefly! [far hreskf aft , you muflkpow* 

Was w«dng all the whUe beknr) 

Reh<ed, b(mtng to the ground. 

The caufe of that uncommon feond) 

Related too^ that at the door* 

Pompofo, PlaufiUe, and Moore*, 

Begg*d that Fame might not be aMo«*'d 

Their flume mpublifli to the crowd I 

That fbmfcuewlawshe would providt^ 

(If old could not be mifapplied. 

With as much eafe Mid fafcty there. 

As they are mifapplied tijnokere) 

BywkicMix might be confbued treate 

In Man to esercifehis reaibn I 

Jf^Mck might mgpiymfy devife 

One punUhment fbr truth and lies % 

And nurly prove, when they had com* 

That Truth ^ Falihood were but one > 

f9^Kck Juries muft mdeed retain* 

But thdr cfieft fl^d render vam* 

Makiqg all real pow*r to reffc 

In micmrMfted ntteu hrufif 

By vihaikfatje fhfi die v^ Bible 

Might be inter pret ed mBM, • 

Moore, (who, Ms rev*rence4o ibvc* 
Pleaded the Fool to fcreen the Knave* 
Tho*a]l, whowitnefsMonhispart* 
Swore fbr hit ieA/ agaanfb hit iMrr) 
Had taken down, fiom firfk to laft* 
A juf( account of all that pafl | 
But, fince the gracious will of F^f^ 
Who markM the child fbr weakh and ibtt 
E*en mthe cradle, had decreed 
The wagAty Dollmaa M*er (houU read* 
That office of J^set to bear 
The ^M9r4-%V PlauTible was these. 
From H««»«» e*en to ClerkenweU 
Who knows not/*potfA.%V Plaufibk ? 
A preacher deem*d of grnteft note* 
For preaching that which otfacra wrote. 

Had DuUman now (and fbolt we (be 
Seldom want curiofity ) 
Confented (but die awurmyflM^ 
Of Gafcoyne fhaftenM tohb aid* 
And in his hand* what could he flMi«>f 
Triumphant Canaing*t pitftoit boK) 

•^Clergyman, who uahickll]r kvolft4 bSflftIf k 
die Cock-Lane Qhoft hi^QftiiB, 



That MfT tint Uenes ibould adrance* 

Aoi read their cmika/ rtaiunce. 

How rich a feaft, what royal fare 

We for our readers might prepare '. 

So tkhf and yet fo iafe a /eady 

That 00 tmefirogn bhtam^ bea^y 

Wklun the pturlieos of the tteaf 

ShoQ*d dare thereon to lay his paw, 

And, gntoTn^, erf, with furly toiie» 

Keep ^^~fiis feafl h all my own. 
Bending to eartn the downcaft eye 

Or planting tt agiinft the (ky. 

AsMv imoicnM in deepeft toought> 

Or with fome lu>Iy vifion caught» 

His hands to aid the traitor^s art, 

PevQotly folded o*er his heart, 
I Ufre Moore, in /iraud well ddllM, (hould go, 
^jpStifit, with folemn ftep and flow. 
A) that Religion's facred name. 
Meant to infptre the purcil flame, 

A proftjtnte Aould ever be '^ 
To that archjUnd Hypocrify, 
Where we find cv'ry other vice 
Crowned with datmCdfneaioHt cowarSce I 
Bdd fin rcclairo*d is often £en ; 
Fif heft tkat msn, %uAo dares he wtean. 

There fiiU of ^5^, and full of grace. 
With thatyffff mind mmuamnvfact 
Which Nature gives to fons of earth 
Whom (he defigns for eafe and mirth, 
Shoold the frim Plaufible be feen, 
Obferre his fliff affe^ed mien; 
'Gainft Nature, arm*d by Gravity, 
His features Coo in buckle fee \ 
Sec with what fanflity he reads. 
With what Devotion tells his beads ! 
Now Prophet, (hew me, by thine ftrt, 
What*s the Religion of his heart ; 
Shew there, if truth thou can'ft unfold, 
Religioivcentcr'd all in gold x 
Shewiav, nor fear corredicn*smd. 
As hiit to frieMd/hip, as Xm God. 

Horrid, unwtldj, without form, 
Sarm, as ocean m a ftorm, 
Cf^fneBgh&s, m the rear, 
fiat fit of hamur, (hould appear 
Poopoto \ Fawte around fliould tell 
How be a flave to int*reft fell \ 
How, ^ atf^|rtfy renowned, 
Which bookfSkrs have of^ found. 
He fotj^rihtrs baits his hook. 
And takes their cafli — but whereas ti^: book ^ 
No natter where— M^f fear, wekn6w. 
Forbids the robbing of^a foe ', 
Bat what, to ferve our private ends. 
Forbids the cheating of our friends ? 
No man alive, who would not fwear 
KXxitfe, and therefore hemdt there. 
For (pite of all the learned fay, 
if we to trudi attention pay. 
The word Dt/lm^y is meant 
For notfabg elfe but pum/hunt. 
Fame too'ihould tell, nor heed the threat 
Of rogues, wiso brother rogues abet. 
Nor tremble at the terrors hung 
Aloft, /• wiake her hold her tongiu. 
How to all principles untrue, 
Notfix'd xooid fiieods, aor t/>nn^ 
VOL. Via. 

He damns the penfion which he takes#. 
And loves the Stuart he fbrfakes. 
Nature (who juftly regular 
Is very feldom known to err. 

But now and then in ffortive mood. 

As foitie rude wits have underftood. 

Or through much work required in ^aflct 

Is writh a random fbroke difgrac'd) 

Pompofo, fbrmM on douhtfu/ plsai. 

Not quite a heaft, nor quite a man, 

Ukx^~^od kumoi wh^t-^for never yet 

Could the moft fubtle human wit 

Find out a monfler, which might be 

The dudow of a /tmile, 
Thkse Thru, this* Great, thes* 

Nor can the Po<'i*s truth agree, [michttTmree, 

Howe*cr report hath done him wrong. 

And warp'd the purpofe of his fong, 

Amongll the refufe of their race, 

The fons of infamy, to place 

That open, generous, manly mind 

Which we with joy in Aldrich find. 

Thefc Three, who now arc fmntly ihewni 

Juft flretch'^d, and fcarcely to be known, 
f Dullman their requeft had heard. 

In ftronger colours had appea;-*d $ 

And fi'iendi, tho* partial at firft view. 

Shuddering, had own*d the pi^re true< 
But had their journal been difplay*d. 

And the whole procefsopen laid. 

What a vaft unexhaufted 6eld 

For mirth muft fuch a Journal yield ! 

In her own ariger fhongly charmM, 

^Gainft hope, *gainft ^ar, by confcienctf arm'dy 

Then had bold Satire made her way, 

Knights, Lords, and Dahes, her deftinM prey. 
But Prudence, ever facred name 

To thofe who feel not Virtue's flame, ^ 

Or only feel it at the beft 

As the dull dupe cS mtereji, 

WhifperM aloud (for tliis we find - 

A cuftom current with mankind. 
So loud to whifper, that each word 
May all around be plainly heard. 
And Pnidence fure would never mifs 
A cuftom fo contrivM as this 
Her candour to feCure, yet ainv 
Sure death againft another^s ^me) 
Knights, Lords, and Du he »^ ma d wretch^ forbear* 
Dangers unthought of ambuih there ', 
Confine thv rage to weaker flaves, 
Laugh zx jmali faok, and \i£ti fmali htmm, 
fiut never, helflcfs, mean, mi poor, 
Hufh on, where laws cannot fecure ; 
Nor think thyfelf, mifUken youth. 
Secure in principles of tnrthi 
Truth ! Why, ihall ev'ry wretch of letters 
Dare to fpeak /tkM againft his hetters ! 
Let ragged Virtue flaod aloof. 
Nor mutter accents of reproof ) 
Let ragged Wk a mnrte become. 
When wealth and pow*r would hate her dumb. 
For who the devil doth hot know. 
That titles aod efbtes beftow > 
An ample fbck, when*er they fall, 
Of graces which we mental call ^ 
B^gars, in ev*nr «ge and natkw, 
Are rogues and fools by fit«ation ; . . . J 



enVRCHILL'S TO %us. 

The rich and (leat are nnderiHtod 

To be of contfe both wife and good. 

Confult then iat*reft more than pride» 

DikntXlj take the ftronger fide ; 

Defint in titne the fimple few. 

Who yirtue*t barren path pQrfae ; 

Adopt my roaximi— follow m e 

To Baal bow the pmdent knee i 

Deny thy God, betray thy friend. 
At Burt altars hourly bend ; 
So (halt tboo rich and great be feen ; 
Tobe great noWf you muft be mean. 

Hence, Tempter, to fome weaker (bvlf 
Wfakh fear and intereft cootroul } 
Vahily Ay precepia are addref«*d, 
Where Virtue fteels the fteady Weaft. 
Thro* nieannefi wade to boafted pow*r. 
Thro' tuik repealed er'ry hour 5 
What It thy gain, when all it done. 
What mighty laureb haft thou won ? 
Dull crovnlt, to whom the ]ieart*t uaknowsy 
Praife thee for Yirtues not thy own 5 
But will, at once man*t fcourge and friend. 
Impartial Gonfdence too commend > 
From herrsproachet can*ftthou fly ? 
Can*ft thou with worldt her iilence buy ! 
Beliere itno&-4Kf ftingtihall find 
A padage to thy coward mind. 
There (hall (be fix her iharpeft dart. 
There (hewthce truly, at tkommty 
Vwhmtm to tJkft hy wkem tkotTrt frm^J | 

Theman wbt> wedt the (acred Mule, 
Difdaint all mercenary views. 
And he who Vtrtue't throne would retf, 
Laughtat the phantMDt nda*d by i«ar. 
Tho'.Fo/!^, robM b purple, iUBet, 
Tho* Vice exhauftt Pontwam mldet, 
Yet (hall they^tremble, andtum pale. 
When Satire vridds her mighty flaU } 
Or (hould they, of rebuke afiraid. 
With Melcombe feek hcU*t dcepeft (hade. 
Satire, (tilt mindful of her Km, 
Shall bring the cowardt back to(kaae. 

Hated by many, k>v*d by few, 
Above each little private view, 
Hooeft, tho* poor, (and whofhall imt 
*to difjfpoint my boalting riiere }) 
Hanly and refblute, tfao* weak. 
The diaates of my fae«t to fpeak. 
Willing I bend atSatire*t thnoe } 
What pow*r I have, be all her «wb. 
Nor (hall yon* lavaytrH foccSoua «t, 
Coofdout of a^HTuplM 

. Create imagkiary fear. 
To damp us in our bold c« 
WhyfhouMwefbrr Mdwhat? TbeliNPrt? 
They all are arm*d in VIrtue*s auiib ) 
And aiming at the (elf-fane end. 
Satire is always Virtoe^s friend s 
Nor (hall that Mufe, whofthooiftr^rt.' 
In a Corrupt degen*nie ag^ 
(When dead to ev*ry vkmoAt 
Deep funk in vie* and i ndol en c e . 
The foirit of old-Rooie was bralit 
Boieath the tjraatUilw^t yoke)- 
BaiiUh'd the rofe f&m W<r>*a chwk. 
Under a BraifiHck fbwco Iptik. 

Drawn by Coacot from Reauo s plaff. 
How vain is that ^Mrmwrw, Mai 
How pkas*d u ev'ry paltrv elf 
To prate about that tfang himfelf 1 
Af^ my pvomi(e made in time. 
And meant meameft at thattime. 
To jog, accoidfaig to tlie mode, 
In one dull pace, b one dull nwd. 
What but that curfe of heart and beirf 
To this mgf^boa could nave led, 
Where ptung*d, in vab I look about. 
And can't (by b, nor well get out* 

Could I, whilft A«aaaar held the fiiBl 
Could I dirrefs with half that (kill, 
Could I with half that (kill return. 
Which we fo much admire in Sterne ) 
Where each dtptffioa (eemlngvain, 
And (mly fit to entertain. 
It found on better recoUedion, 
To have a juft and niceconneQioii, 
To help the whqle with wond*rout art 
Whence it feems idly to depart \ 
Then (hould our readers ne*er accufc 
The(e wild excurfions of the MuCe^ 
Ne*er backward turn dull pages o*er 
To recoiled what went bdbre \ 
Deeply iropreis*d, and ever new. 
Each image paft (hould (hut to view, 
Aod we to Dullman now come b, 
At if we oe*er had abfent been. 

Have you not feen, whendaqger*s near. 
The coward cheek turn m/Ute with (ear f 
Have you not (een, when danger s (fed. 
The felf-fame cheek with joy turn red f 
The(e are /otv fymptoms which we find 
Fit only (or a vulgar mind. 
Where honcf( (oatuves, void or art. 
Betray the feelings of theheartt 
Our Pullman with a face waa blefsM 
Where no one paffion was exprefs*d } 
His eye, b a^^a^ caught, 
Imply*d a plenteous lack of thought ) 
Nor was one line that whok foce feen b. 
Which could be juftly charged with meami^ 

To Avarice by hirtk dly*d. 
Debauched by aMrriMr into/rNfit, 
In age grown fond of youthful (portly 
Of pomps, of va m ri et , andooufts. 
And by fucceft too mighty made 
To love hit country as hit trade. 
Stiff in opinion (no rare cafe 
With blockheads b or outof plaee) 
Too weak, and inMent of ibal> 
To fuffer ReafQn*s yak controul. 
But bending, or nis own accosti , 
TothatfriHfirwglliMrfaf, My Lord} 
The dupeof Scots (antal race, 
Whoo Ood uk wwf 4 cuntilv d to pince, 
To fcourge our crimes, MdgaBourpiid^ 
A con(bnlthocn b £i%lani*B fide s 
Whom ficK, cor greatueu tooMNie, 
He bhb vengeance markM forces } 
Tncn, move to lerve his wiwiiul cnda. 
And mrt to €mft «, mark'd ktfiiaA) 
Dttpuk oie State^ if uic givecfent 
To 4iBi, for no one dfe c*cr fiid k i 
Swotn nMnds of great 0001 nota wftt^ 
Thn* he tbtirtlto «d(y kKWt 



B uk -' w oi' m have chargM to want of readui^) 

MerdytoftevUmfelf p»lite» 

He oiver ivoold pronounce aright ; 

Aa Ortfir wkli whom a hoft 

Of tfaofe wfaidilloaie and Athens boaft, 

bdl didr pride might not contend i 

Who, withno pov*n tonoommend* 

Whaft Jackejr Hume, and KUy Whieefaead» 

Aad Dickey Gkifer fat delighted, 

Cbold (peak whole dart in Nature*! fpite^ 

Joft « tfaofe ^iU y^p^mm wnte, 

Great Dolloun fixun hit bed aro&— 

Tkicedid he fpit— 4faiioe wip'd hit oofe— 

Tbrioc itxmt to fmiJe— thrice ftrore to frown— 

Aad thrice look*d up-— and thrice lookM d own ' ■ 

Tba filence bioke---Ctape9 who am I ? 

Dipe bow*d, and fiail*d^ arch reply. 

Am I not. Grape— lam, youkoow* 

Above all thoCe who are below. » 

Have I not knowledge ? and for we, 

Mmej will alwayt purchafe it $ 

Kor, if it needful ihould be found, 

WUl I grudge ten, or twenty pound. 

Far which Ae whole ftock may be bought 

uf^wUHrc/ wtfi not worth a groat. 

Bat left I fliDuM pioceed too £r, 

rU fed my firiend tke^mfitr, 

(Great men, Cnpe, mnft nothe neg k Aed ) 

Kowhein diis point ia afielQed \ 

For, as I ftand a nu^giftrate, 

Toierve him firfty »d next the State. 

Pcffaapt he may not think it fit 

ToKt in HMgiftrates mwc irit^ 

Boaftlnot, at thu very honr^ 
Thofe large efiedt which tioop with powV ? 
Am I not mighty in the land ? 
Do not I fit, whilftodkeitftaad? 
Am I not with rich gaimentB grac'd^ 
ia (at of honour alwayt placed ? 
And do not CSri of chief degro^ 
Tho* prowl to ochera, bend to me? 

Have I not, at a Juftice ought. 
The laws fiich wholeibme rigour taught^ 
That Tmwkttm, in difgrace. 
Is bow afraid to fiMW her foa«9 
Aod notone whoie theie walls approucheSf 
Uolefr they ride tnourown coaches ? 
And iuU/iH Fame, ansAZ/tferftrumpet, 
Without oofwliccneefiiund her trumpety 
And, cBvmaa of «sr City's ^iet, 
la bnad day-light blow up a riot ? 
If iflfiiknoe like dus we bear» 
Wheicbourftate? our office when? 
/WvwKZf all hoopwt of our re^gn, 
Famoell the Mck^^motDiig Chain* 
Freedom's ibwfiw badge o*er all the globe» 
fMnweHthefi/ami'ffreadk^ Robe, 
TmtwtU ^Zwor^^smoill the Mace^ 
FiCBrwd/aU Title, Pomp* apdPIace. 
IUaov*dfiwnminof high^egiee, 
(A ]o6 to timf Crape, not to me) 
BaoifiiM to Ch^pfiaham, or to Frome» 
DuUman once more flaall ply the Loom. 
Cnpe, IHiing up has hands and eyes, 
DuUnan the Lta m at Cbippenham>-<iksy 
If thirt be Fofw'rtwluch grcabiefr l9ve« 

Thofe Pow'n united all ihall j^ 
To contradi^ the ndh defign. 

Sooner ihallftubbom Willlay down 
His oppofition with his f9ctw» 
Sooner ihall Temple leave tl^ road 
MHiich leads to Virtue's mean abode. 
Sooner (hall Scots this country quit. 
And England's foes be fricodsto Pitt, 
Than EKillman from his grandeur thrown. 
Shall wander out-caft, and unknown, 
Sure as that cane (a cane there ilood 
Near to a taifie, made of noeodf 
Of dry fine wood a table made. 
By fome rare artifr in the trade. 
Who had enjoy'd immortal praife 
If he had liv*d in Homer's days) 
Sure as that cane^ which once was ieen, 
In pride of life all freih and green* 
The banks of Induf to adorn ; 
then, of its leafy honours ihom. 
According to exa^eft rule, 
Was faihion'd by the workman's tool* 
And which at prefent we behold 
Cunaufiy poliih'd, crown'd with pU^ 
With gold ^oell'wnttgkt | fure at that com 
Shall never on its native plain 
Strike root afreih, ihall never moce 
Flouriih in tawny India's ihore, 
So Sure (hall Dullman and his titsfi 
To lateft times this ftadon grace. 

Dullman, wiu> all this while had kept 
His eye-Uda dos'd as if he (kpt« 
Now looking ftedfrfUy on Crape, - 
As at fome God inhuman (hape ■ « ' 

Crape* I proteft, you foem to me 
To have difcharged a prophecy ) 
Te% — from thefuft it doth appeari 
Planted by Fate, the DuUmana ^ 
Have always held a quiet rdgn* 
And here ihall to the laft remain. 

Crape, they're all wrong about this (7i^-« 
Quite OQ the wrong fide of the poft«** 
Bftckheads, to take it in their head 
To be a meflagt from the dead. 
For that by m^on they defign* 
A word nothalf fo good at mine. 
Crape ' A cre k i»— ^rt not one doubt— > 
Aplot'~^9ifiot^-^Virt firand it out. 

O God !<A-cries Crape, how bleftthe natioo. 
Where one fon boaftt fuch penetration 1 

Crape, I've not time to tell you new 
IVhcn I difcover'd this, or kow $ 
To Stentor go— if he's not there* 
His place let Buiiy Norton beai^ 
Our Cirizent to council call- 
Let all meet— *'tit the caufe of alh 
Let the three witneflet attend 
With allegat'tmt to befriend, 
To fwear juft fo much, and no more* 
As we inftrudthcm in before. 

Stay— Crapo-^ome back-*what* doii*t yog i« 
Th' eflfe£b of this difcovery ? 
Dullman all care and toil endures-* 
The profit. Crape, will all heymirs, 
A Alifre (for, this arduous tafic 
PeifMin'd* they'll grant what'er I aflt) 
A Mitre (and perhiqps the beft) 
^hallthio* my bttireil make thee Utft. 1 

« i| 



And at this dme, when proems Fate 
Doonu to the &or the reins of Statr^ 
Who is more fit (and for your ufe 
We could feme inlbnces produce) 
Of England's C^M to be the Heai^ 
Than you, a Pnfiyterian bred ? 
T*\\t when thus mighty yoit are inade» 
Unlike the brethren of thy trade» 
Be grateful. Crape, and let me not, 
Uke old NewcaiVle, be forgot. 

But an affair, Crape, of this fixe 
Will aflc from Condud vaft fuppUes \ 
It muft not, as the vulgar fay. 
Be done in ^ugget'inuggir way. 
Traitors indeed (and uat*s difcreet) 
Who hatch the plot, in private meet 5 
They (hould in public go, no doubt, 
Whofe bufinefs is to find it oat. 

To-morrow^ — if the day appear 
pkely CO turn out fair and dear—* 
Proclaim a grand ProcfffJoKadf^" 
Be all the City pomp difplay'd. 
Let the trair,'baKdi'-^n^ fliook his head—* 
They heard the trumpet and were fled— 
Well — cries the Knight — if that*s the cafe, 
' My ffrvants ftiall fupply their pi ice— 
Mv fcrvants— m^* g / ow r ■ no more 
T nan what my fervants did befiNT— - 
"Doft not remember. Crape, that day. 
When, Dullman's grandeur to difplay. 
As all too fixpple, and too low. 
Our City friends were thrud below, 
Whjlft, as more worthy of our love, 
Courders were entertained above ? 
Tell -me, who waited then ? and how ? 
My fervmts— 1».*»<^— and why not now ? 
In hafte then. Crape, to Stentor go- 
But fend up Hart, who waits below \ 
With him, till you return again, 
(Reach me my/fuffsdes and emu) 
ril make a prooif how I advance in 
My new accompliihment of datitmg. 
Not quite fo faft as lightning flies, 
Winged with rtd anger, thro* the ikies ) 
Not quite fo faft as, fent by Jove, 
Iris defends on wings of Love \ 
Not quite fo fiift as Terror rides. 
When he the chafing winds beftrides ) 
Crape hobbled—* but his mind was good— 
Cou*d he go fafterthan hecouM ? 

Near to that TVwV, which, as we^re told* 
The mighty Julius rais*d of old. 
Where to the block by Juftice led. 
The rehtl Scot hath often bled, 
Where arms are kept fo clean, fo bright, 
^Twere fin theyfliould be foiled in fight, 
Where brutes of fottign race are (hewn 
9y brutes much greater of ottr vum \ 
Fail by the crowded TAames, is finind 
An ample fquare of facred ground. 
Where artlefs E/o^ence pteRdeSf 
And Nature ev^ry fentence guides. 
fiere Female Parliaments debate 
About Religion, Trade, and State s 
Here ey*ry Naiad's patriot's foul^ 
Difdainingy0r«/g>ff bafc controul, 
Defpifing Frenehy defpifing Erfe^ 
foiin forth ihtfleuHtldBtiflj^curiei 

And bean aloft, wkfa teiton himg, 
The honoun of the vmigdr ttngne. 

Here Stentor, always heard with awe^ 
In thundering accents deals out law. 
Twelve fijrlongs off each dreadful word 
Was plainly and diitindly heard, • , 

And ev'ry neighbour hill around 
Retum'd and fwell*d the mighty found. 
The loudeft Virgin of the ftream. 
Compared with htm^ would filent feen 9 
Thames, (who enragM to find his courfo 
Opposed, rolls down with double force, 
Againft the Bridge indignant roars. 
And laihes the refounding fhores) 
Compared with^imr, ar lowefl tide. 
In fofM whifpers feems to glide. 

Hither direOcd by the noifo, 
Swtird with the hope of future joys, 
Thro* too much zeal and hafte made InKy 
The reverend flave of Dullmon came. 

Stentor — with fuch a ferious air, 
With fuch a face of folemn care. 
As might import him to contain 
A ip'ion's welfare in his bnun— 
Stenror— cries Crape— Pm hither font 
On bufinefs of moft high intent. 
Great Dull man's orders to convey \ 
Dullman comm.^nds, and I obey. 
Big with thofe throes which patriots feel» 
And laboring for the common weal. 
Some fecret which forbids him reft, 
Tumbles and toffies in his breaft. 
Tumbles and toffet to get free \ 
And thus the chief commands by me. 

To-morrow, if the day appear 
Likely to turn out fair and cleai^^ 
Proclaim a irrand Proceffmadf^ 
Be all the City pomp difplay'd— 
Our Citisens to council call— 
Let all meet— *tis the caufe of all, 




COXCOMBS, who vainly make pretence 
To fomething of exalted fenfo 
*Bove other men, and, gravely wife^ 
AflFe^ thofe plealViree to defpife. 
Which, merely to the eye confined, 
Bring no improvement to the mind, 
Rail at all pomp : They would not go 
For millions to ^ puppet-Jknoy 
Nor can foigive the mighty crime 
Of countenancmg fanumamt \ 
No, not at Covent-Garden, where. 
Without a head for play or play*r. 
Or, could a head be found moft fit, 
Without one play'r to fecond it. 
They muft, obeying Follf% call. 
Thrive by mere fliow, or not at all. 

With thefe grave fi>ps, who (blefs tkeir brains) 
Moft cruel to thenfolves, tdce pains 



f« vRtcfaeioefty and would be tbought 

Ifidi mSa than a wife man ought 

Ftfln own happinefs to be ; 

Wbo, wtuttfaey hear, and what tbeyiee> 

AM what they faadlf and tafte, and tccl, 

K^reft» do Reaibn, fets her Teal, 

And, hj kng trains of coniequences 

Isisr'dt pm iaadion to the Sn^a i 

Wbo vooU not. Heaven forbid it ! wafte 

Obe hourin what the worid calls Tafte» 

?wr iaodHj deign to laugh or cry, 

I'slefi they know kmc reafoo why $ 

^tk €be££^avt fops, whofe fyftem feems 

To pie sp ccitainty for dreams, 

TW £^ of Man is underftood 

Ai^noodier purpofe good 

Than as a door, thro' which of courfe 

T^eirp^Iage Clouding obj^sibrce, 

A dvimrigfat uflier, to admit 

Nev^osnen to the court of ff^tf, 

(Gflod Grarity, forbear thy fpleen, 

W)icB 1 fay /^, I Hnjikm mean) 

Vhoe (foch the pradice of the Court, 

Which kgal precedents fuppoit) 

Kflt ooe idea is aUow*d 

Topafi onqueftionM in the crowd, 

BstcR it can obtain the grace 

Of faal£ng b the braina place, 

Be^ the Chief in coogregatioa 

Moft ftand a JHfi examaaatvM, 

Not foch as tkofe^ who Phytic twirl, 
Ftn firao^ with death, from er'ry curl \ 
Who prove, with all becoming ftate, 
Tbcir voice to be the voice of Fate ; 
Fitpar'd with liftnce^ Drop, and Fitt^ 
To be another Ward, or Hill, 
Bdbrethey can obtab their ends, 
To fign death-warrants for their fiiends, 
Aad cdeats vaft as thcir*s employ, 
^nWoi tffoi to deftroyy 
M^ pi6 (or laws their rage reftrain) 
Bdbre the Chie6 of fTarwick-Lsm. 
Tbnce h^y Lamtf where uncontroul'dy 
h fn^r and laJkarvf grown old, 
Msftfittotake, in this bleft land, 
Tbridfls which foU from Wyndharo*s handy 
Herbvfol throne g^«ac Dullnefs rean, 
HlfBorcherfelf as more in yean j 
^fhAtitt (and whoflull dare deny 
Kcr right, wheal Reeves and Chauncy*s by) 
Caiiqgto miady is ancient dme, 
Ofee Gsidi who err*d in wit and rimei 
C^nsiM fiDtDueucefoiUi to admit 
Ktt if the rebel Soos of Wit, 
Aai Bakes it her peculiar care 
TkacSchooherg never ihall be there. 

Nat inch as ti$ftf whom Folly trains 
Ti IfittTSy d)D* unblefs'd with brains ; 
Vb deftknteof powV and will 
Taion, are kept to learning flllf; 
Wkde beads, when other methods foily 
Kocve inti u Qi cn from thetail, 
■tcasfo their files, a c omm o n cafe 
Whkh beings the children to difgrace, 
hopat k a certain rule* 
They never could beget a fool, 
MqAnaAy or waokcttrnfMndftry ere 
IVObf^y AOlof beef and p«ay*f^ 

Will gTvc his reverend pern tt 
Announcing them for Orders ^t, 
So that the Prelate (what's a name ? 
All Prelates now are much thcfime) 
May with a confcienc*? life and quict^ 
With holy handi lay tfn that fiat. 
Which dotli dli fjcultics difpenfe, 
Alljtmfl'ityy ali faith, ail jerjr, 
Make^Madan qu'tc a faint appear. 
And makes an oracle of Chetre. 

Not Aich as in that folcmn feat* 
Where the Nine hold retreat, 
ThcZWiVi i^'^/rr, *vho, aswe^retold. 
Scorning thofe haunts they lov^d of old* 
The banks of Ifis now prefer. 
Nor will ohe hour from Oxfbrd ftir. 
Are held for form j which Balaam's afi 
As well as Balaam's fclf might pais. 
And with his mailer take degrees. 
Could hccontjive to pay the fees. 

Men of found parts, who, deeply read. 
Overload the flar^houfe of the head 
With fiimitupc they ne'er can ufe. 
Cannot forgive our nunblirg Mufe 
This wild excorfion ; cannot fee 
Why PAf/ic and Di'vin'uy, 
To the furprizc of all beholders, 
Are luggM in by the head and fhoulders ; 
Or how, in any point of view, 
Oxford hath any thing to do ; 
But men of nice and fubde learning. 
Remarkable for quick difceming. 
Thro* fpedaclesof critic mould* 
Without in (Irudion, will behold 
That we a method here have got. 
To fhew what is, bv what is not* 
And that our drif^ [farentiefis 
For once apart) is briefly this. 

Within the Brain^s moSt ferret cells 
A certab Lord Oaef Jufiet dwells 
Of fov^reign powV, whom one and all. 
With common voice> il^ Reafon call | 
Tho* for the purpofe of fatire, 
A name b truth is no great matter, 
Jeflferies or Mansfield, which you will. 
It means a Lord Chief Jtfice KM. 
Here, fo our great proje&on fay» 
The Senfes all mufl homage pay 9 
^M^ they all mnfl tribute bring. 
And proftrate fall before their King. 
Whatever unto them is brought. 
Is carry*d on the wbgs of Thoi^ght 
Before his throne, where, in fijil ftate. 
He on their merits holds debate. 
Examines, crofs-exambes, weighs 
Their right to cenfure or to praife | 
Nor doth his equal voice depend 
On narrow views of foe and firiend ) 
Nor can or flattery or force 
Divert him from his fleady courie; 
The channel of enquiry^s clear, 
tHoJham exammation*% here. 

He, upright Jafticer» nodoab^ 
M return puts in and out, 
Adjufts and fettles in a trice 
What virtue is, and what is vice* 
What is perfbaion, whatdefed, 
Whatwct^uflchttfc;« aqd whatK^jcdy 


Hetaka vMoliuii to cxptua 
What pleaiiut b» aod ^Hut ii Mm; 
Whilft wti obediencto the whim. 
Aim rcfting au our raiai en hmif 
True members of the Mr weal, 
Maft leam to think, and cealetoieel. 

Thb glarioM fyftem fermM, lor Mao 
Topfa£Hie when and how he can. 
If the five Senfetin afliaDce 
To R e a fon hwl a pravd deoanee. 
And, tfao* oft OQoqiier*d, yet oohroke, 
Sodeavonr to tfaiow off that yoke. 
Which they a greater flar^ry hold. 
Than Jeiriih bood^fe wai of old ; 
Or if ney, fcmethmgtottchM with flnae> 
Allow him to ictaia die name 
Of Royalty, and, at in (port. 
To hold a mimic Ibnnal court s 
PefBiiUed, no wnco fluw o n oMog, 
Tobe a kind of Poppet KJng, 
And hSer'd by the way of t^, 
To hoM the globe. Sot not employ | 
Omfy fi m m m mrri p ftrock with iur, 
Pmgnoflicatc dcftmuMQ near ) 
AB tlungit to anarchy moft ran | 
The little world of Man*t oodooe. 

Nay flMmldthe JSfr, that niceft Scnfe, 
Nc^bd to lend Mfeenigence 
Untothe Brain, diftina and dear. 
Of all that pafo u her fphere ; 
Wio nM ibe prtfumptoooe joy recove, 
whhuut the Underflandwg'a leave, 
Thqr deem it rank and dving treafim 
Agwaft the moottchy of RcaiSn, 
Not thinkbg, tho* they're wmJ'nus wife» 
That iew have JlMjlW, moft have i^) 
So that the pleaibret of the Mind 
To a finall circle aie confined, 
Wbilft thoie which to the Scnftt All, 
BocQoiethe pfwerty of alL 
Befidea (and thtt is fore a cafe 
Not omch at prcAntont of ^ace) 
Where Nitnre Reafim doth dny. 
No art can that deleft fiipply S 
BoCif (fiiritiaowrbtent 
T airnr to ftate me argumcat} 
A man IhooM want an eyete two^ 
The remedy it fure, tho* new { 
Thecnre'tathand n oneodof fear— 
ror pr oof be hol d the Cheralieff— 
Aa well prepar*d, beyond aU doubt, 
Topiitcyetin, at put them ovt. 

Bat, argument apart, which tends 
TVmbitter feet and fep*rate fricndt, 
(Nor, turn*d apoftate lor the Nhm, 
Would I, tho * bred up a divine. 
And fee of courfe to R«afen*s wed, 
Widen that breach I cannot heal) 
By hit own fenfe and feelings taught. 
In fpeech at lib*ral as in thmaght. 
Let ev*ry Man o^hit whim | 
WhaftHetoMe, orltoHhn^ 
Might I, tho* never fob*d in wimw, 
A matfcT of thit weight oatenBiiief 
No penaldet Iboold fettled be 
To ferce men to hypociwr, 
To make them ape an anicward foal^ 
^ttdf feniog nfl^ pntoBd to wtL 

I would not have, mightl 
Finaily fix*d within my bnai:, 
£*en Annet cenfurM aod oonin*^ 
Bccaufe we*re of a diff*flBnt inntf. 

Nature, who in her aft moft feea^ 
Herfelf delightff in Libetty, 
Profefeinlove, and, wilhoot bouni^ 
Poon joy 00 ev'iy creature sound $ 
Whom yet, wasev*ry bounty feed 
In doable portions 00 our heod, 
We could not truly b o un t eu us caB, 
If Freedom did net crawn tnem all* 

By Providence ferbid to ftray, 
5ntfrf never can miftake their way ; 
DeterminM ftiU, they plod aloog 
By mflinft, neither ngbt nor wro^g) 
Bat Man, had he the heartto ufe 
Hisfeeedom, hatharighttochufe) 
Whether he afts or well or iU, 
Depends entirely on his will: 
To her left wock, her fev*rito Man, 
It gty*n on Nadire*s belter plan 
A piivi]^ in powVto err. 
Nor let thb phrafe refentmeat Air 
Amongft the grave ones, feice indeed. 
The little merit Man can plead 
Indoiqgwell, dependeth ftill 
Upon hit pow*r of doing ill. 

Opniiooe Ihould beliceaiair $ 
No man, wfaat*cr his rank, whate*cr 
Hit qualities, a claim can feund 
That my opiniQii muft bebound. 
And Iquare with lus{ fnch llavifechanBi 
From fees the liberal fepldHBaim, 
Nor can, tho*trMto Aiendlhip, bend 
To wear them even from a Irksid. 
Letthofe, who rigid Judgmtet 
Submiffive bow at Judjpnent's t 
And if #iey of no value hold 
Pleafure, till pleafore is grown cold* 
PaUMandinfipid, fercMtowait 
For Judgment's rtgolar debate 
Togiveitwamnt, letthemfeid 
Dull fubjeftt fttited to their mini { 
Their'sbeflowwifdomt Btaiyplaa 
To live atmeny as I can, 
R«ardlefi as the fefeioas go. 
Whether there*! eeafen fer *t, or no { 
Be my eo^Ioymant here on earth 
To give a lib*ral feape to miith, 
Life*s barren vale wkh flow^ tTudoi^ 
And pluck a ipfe feom ev*ry tfaam. 

Butif, by Error lad aftray, 
I chanceto wamder feom my way. 
Let no blind guide obferve, infpke, 
Tm wrong, who cannot fet me right* 
That Doftor could I neV endure* 
Who feund difeafe, and not a cure { 
Nor can I hold thtt man a Iricnd, 
Whofe aeal a helping hvid ifaall lend 
To open happy Folly*t eyes. 
And, making wretched, sukenRwifei 
For next, a troth whki| can*t odmit 
R^roof RomWiidomor feooi Wit» 
To Mu^ happy here below. 
Is to Mrve that we am fe. 

Some few m immimU§ fen 
I place my confett it Ay. 



Seat iat RtsBiy aaj caD> 
Tacytoioe isidl m all. 
Am^mtm, thro* the trick 
OfDoaocst often imlLet«tficki 
Aadwbjf kt any Sophift tdly 
Utf it not likeiirile make us weU ? 
Thii am I fore, wliate*crovr vieWy 
Wlaftertr (hadowi we pwfacy 
Foroorpaiibith be wliat they wQlp 
Aie Gtde more than fluidofws ftilly 
Toofwift they fly, too Iwift andftra^t 
For ma to ckchy or hold them loog. 
B«tjo]rt which in the Fancy fire* 
ExK nomBnt to each man nay givck 
Traetohnnldfy aadtnietDe^ 
He6Aeoi Fate*s fereredecreety 
And (en a mortal unfli hr more ?) 
Crntes, and maket himielf newo*er» 
Mecb boafted Tain itMfiry» 
Aad Jtf whate'er ke wana to Be. 

Hail, Fancy— to thy poirVIoire 
I>eijv*niice fiomthe gripe of Woe ) 
Tothee I owea mighty debt, 
Wbich Gratitnde flnU ne*cr Ibtget, 
Wliilft Mcm*nr can her Ibive en^loy» 
A biyfncirafcof er^ry joy. 
Woea at my doortf too ftroogly bais df 
AiUmity had placM a gnaidy 
A uifo^ giMrdf orvan d by liSir 

*lMtrttyy Kvcreand fiemt 

To i Bin ncpt my wim*d icCnre \ 

^nea Foes gicw proviy and Fncndf grew C00I9 

And faoghter ieb*d each fiiber feol I 

When Cndour uattsu m amaaei 

Aaiy meaning cennney niiitw penoe { 

Worn Pnidencef lunngi^ her eyes 

Aadhmdi, thnakM Hear*n, thatlKwaiwifei 

When aU aronnd me, with m air 

Ofbepdeftibemw, hnk'ddc^dr} 

WhmtheycrfiM, orfeem*dtD&y, 

Aacre is b|it oncy one only way 

Better, and be advisM hy nsy 

N«beatd» duntobethMt 

W)KnViftQeAami*dtheflwck, aidPride 

Dittkd, lay hy Vtrtne'i fide» 

'weucniy fwBed fow to dwarf 

^nackcoaldnotlMpe» yet woald notlear } 

Hahh inher melioib the wild giwe 

Of PkiAue ^caddi^ m her Ac^ 

I^Rcrdaiity tfaimm by» 

Aad Coafertbeaniag ran hercyti 

FiDcy, in richeft lofaea arrayM, 

CiBKfiid&iglbith, Mdbioogfatme^p 

Cnae fiiiifiiY0*er that dreadittl lime, 

Aal, more ta hleft me, camehiriM. 

Her it her pow^ to Me confined, 
fe»«ii, Jtcwnprdi gaUMa Abd. 

Vbea (to the Ipiiit'Wiriag mmd 
^ tnnpeti arcaUimg co> r^ ge ranndt 
AM ttb, «dl mingled toicirMH 
Aad brim thiC «oan«edown «gaia, 
Or n the mdaKholy kneU 
Oftbednll, deep, MddolaMbeU, 
^Khaeofhtothejood AmtA** 
Malea, to moitiiy the pride 
or dade, iriMH Bi^bnd foile lomil^ 
i^dMir fUt|MDi«t to <k Stol» 

Where AfgiU hdd theibicflyoft pbce, 
Whilft my Lord figured at a race) 
.P^ocj^Gms (*tie not worth debate 
Whether they an of St^or State) 
Move 00, ib very very Mw, 
*Tm doobtful if they move or no i 
When the Peribrmen aD thewfaile 
Mechanically ftownor finile. 
Or, iritha doU and ftnpid ftare, 
A vacancy of icnie declare. 
Or, with down-bendiog eye, leemwna^ 
InCDaUbyrind&of thoi^sht. 
Where Rcalbn wanden Hill hi doobt. 
And, once got m, cannot get ont \ 
Whit caaie foffident can we ted 
To latiify a tUnldi^ mind, 
Why, dup^dby fndi vain faacei, Mna 
I>rfcends to aft on fnch a plan ^ 
Whythey, who hold themfehretdiTine* 
Can in foch wretched IbOiei ioin, 
Stnattbg like peacocks, orlifceciowi» 
tkmfihm and NtHmt toezpofe ? 
What canie, butthat (voo*ll onderftaid 
We have oar remedy at lamd. 
That if perchance we ftart a doiAt, 
EreitisizM, wewipeitont. 
As iaigeoos, when they lop a lhnh» 
Whether for profit 6me, or whhBt 
Or mere experiment to try, 
Moft ahaays have a )f|^ by) 
Fancy aepa in, and tept that m^ 
Which, ififffaBo, uide^ 

Can noneremember, yet, I know. 
All moft remember that rare Aow, 
When to the coBHtiySenfe went iluw% 
And Fools came flocking op to town. 
When KmiJks (a wodt which aH admit 
To be ^ JtsvAidift/mnchwifit) 
BaUt booths iorhhe J when Pa^ play*d, 
Jn robes MD«nnM/array*d, 
And, fiddling, jom*d the &rit^Wd«H^ 
The price of rickets toadvanoe} 
Or, onto tapftert tnra*d, dealt oat, 
Rnoniog ran booth to booth ^bont. 
To ev*xy iboondrel, bvretail, 
Thiepcanyworths of beef aadafe, 
ThenfifftpiaparM, bybrif^baora^ 
For preunt grand AMSnMwaw } 
When fftrdUSr, rmwng aU ibont 
TobriqgfaiOider, tun*dlt«nt{ 
When, by the /radbrJI&Qters carer 
Left the rade popnfaKe iwald iare. 
And with ohaBow-deyea pntea 
Gay pnppcts of patikian ftrrin. 
The whole procdian, asinfidli^ 
Unheard, nnfecn. Me off fay n^K} 
WhenonrkfvMMoMRh, Mthh^loil^ 
Solemnly took dMt iaemdotfk. 

Betwhtt dK &i^ and dtt jay^ 
By which. In otittl oManer arawnM, 
Hbdn^, hisdMrr, hisd«iAh0hiM4» 
ApfeftdBi^, iiialii^ 
The leaft propcnnty to err, 
AgaM aU)U», who miL 
Or open hit, or Uddan Inare,' 
That nsHsBs Charter to mainbii^ 
4f «>W mtfirvi, mi»m^h^ 



Then Fancy, with unbounded (vmy, 

Revcird folc miftrcfs of the day. 

And wrought fuch wondcrt, as might make 

Egyftian forccrcrs ^rfake 

Their baffled roockerie5, and own 

The palm of magk her*8 alone. 

A Knight (who m the filken lnj^ 
Of lazy Peac: had livM on pap, 
Who never yet had dar'd to roam 
^Bove ten or twenty miles finom homey 
Vor even thati wilcfs a pvUt 
Was placed to amble by his Hde, 
And troops of flavrs were fpread around 
To keep his Honour fafe and found i 
Who could not fufl^cr for his life 
A point to fword, or edge to knife* 
And al A'ays l^ted at the figtit 
Of blood, tho* *twas not ihed in /ight. 
Who diiinherited one fon 
For firing off an e/<ier gun, 
And whipt another, fix years old, 
Becaufe the boy, prefuinptuous, bold 
To madnefs, likely to become 
A very Swifs, had beat a drum^ 
Tho' it appeared an inftrumcnt 
Moft fnaccable and inauoity 
jHavipffffbm firft been in the hands 
And fervke of the City Bar.eU) 
Grac'd^lth thofe enfigns wl^ich were meant 
To fiirther i^piour*s (Mn interft, 
The minds orwarHori to inflame. 
And fpur them on to deeds of fame. 
With little fword, large fpurs, high fcither. 
Fearful isf ev'ry thing but weadier, 
(And all mull pwn, who pay regard 
To charity, it had been hjrd 
That in lus very firft camta'tgn 
Hhhenours fhould be (bird with rain) 
A hero all at once became. 
And (feeing others much the fame 
In point of valour as himielf. 
Who leave their courage on a Aelf 
From year to year, till fome fuch rout 
In prq>er feafon calls it out) 
Strutted, lookM big, and fwagger*d more 
Than ever hero did before \ • 
XookM up, look'd down, looked all around* 
likeMavors, grimly fmiPd and frowned ; 
SeemM Heav*n, and Earth, and Hell to call 
To fight, that he might rout them aU > 
And perfonated VakrarV ftile 
So long, fpe£tators to beguile* 
That pafiing flrange, aad wond*ious true, 
Himfelf at laft believM it too. 
Nor for a time could he difcem, 
Till Truth and Darkneft took their tunii 
So well did Fancy play her part, 
That Coward (Ull was at the heart. 

Whiffle (who knows not Whiffle^t name* 
By the impartial voice of Fame 
Recorded firft, thio* all this land* 
In Vanity's iUdftzions band ?) 
Who, by all-bounteous Nature meant 
For offices of hardiment* 
A modem Hercules at loift. 
To rid the world of each %vild beaft* 
Of each wild beaft which came in view* 
VThetfaer on fnsr legi gr oo tw^ 

Degenerate, delights to prove* 

His force on xht parade of Love* 

Difclaims the joys which camos aflbnly 

And for the diftaflf* quits the (word $ 

Who fond of women would appear 

To public eye, and public ear* 

But, when in private, lets them know 

How little they can truft to (bow \ 

Who fports a woman as of courie* 

Juft as a jockey (hews a horfe* 

And then returns her to the fbtble* 

Or vainly plants her at his table. 

Where he would rather Venus find, 

(So paird, and fo depraved his mind) 

Than, by fbme great occafion led* 

To fciae her panting in her bed. 

Burning with more than mortal fires* 

And melting in her own defires ; 

Who, ripe in years, is yet a child. 

Thro* fiih >on, not diro' feeling wild ; 

Whatever in others, who proceed 

As Scnfe and Nature have decreed* 

From real pafllion flows* in him 

Is mere eftl^k of mode and whim \ 

Who laughs, a very common way, 

Becaufe he ndthing has to lay. 

As your cAoice Spirits oaths difpenfe 

To Jill up vacancies of fcnfe \ 

Who having Tome fmall fenfe, defies it. 

Or, ufuig, alw.iys mifapplics it; 

Who now and then brings fomething fortb^ 

WhJcii fccms indeed of fterling worth. 

Something, by fudden ftart and /it* 

Which at a di (lance looks like wit* 

But, on examination near* 

To his confufion will appear 

By Truth's fair glafs, to be at beft 

A threadbare jefter's threadbare jcfl : 

Who frifks dnd dances thro' the ftrcet* 

Sings without voice* rides without feat. 

Plays o'er his tricks* like JESoft afs* 

.\ gratis fool to all who pals $ 

Who riots, tho' he loves not wafte. 

Whores without luft, drinks without tafte* 

Ads without fenfe, talks without thought* 

Does cv'ry thing but what he ought ; 

Who led by forms, without die pow'r 

Of vice, is vicious \ who one hour* 

Proud without pride* the next will be 

Humble without humility * 

Whofe vanity we all difcem* 

The fpring on which his adk>ns turn } 

Whofe aim in erring, is to err* ^ 

So that he may be fii^Iar* 

And all his utmoll wiflies mean. 

Is, tho' he's laugh'd at, to be feen ; 

Such (for when Flattery's foothing &raio 

Had robb'd the Mufe of her difdain* 

And found a method to perfuade 

Her art to fofben ev'ry (hade* 

Juftice enrag'd* the pencil Ihatch'd 

From her d^;en'ra^ hand* and icratch'd 

Out ev'ry trace \ then, quick as dioughr* 

From life this (hiking likenefs caught) 

In mind, m manners* and in mieo* 

Suck Whifile came, and fuch was feen 

In the World's eye \ but (ftrangc to tell !] 

Milled by Fancy's magic fpell* 

cBrtfiteHii.&'s potiits. 


Chened, b«i kapfy in che clter» 
WnnreduoliimaB in htttwoy 
0km, tow aU at Tmkj^s thtongf 
Wlttfe povV could make fo Tile an Hf 
^Hk pKieacc bear dut thing, ^ttf. 

Bit, nilbtfi of each art to pleafet 
Oar tv Fancy, what are theCe^ 
7M pi|eaat*s of a triAer's pen, 
T*'«bt thy power effe^ed then f 
Faalar with the haman miod, 
As fwift aod fabric as the wind, 
Wliidm all find, yet no one kAowi 
Or w^acek comet. Or whence it Soes» 
Faacy jtMcr in et'ry part 
hi^'^theeye, theh^id, theheait» 
Aai m a tbod&nd forms array *dj 
A :Wi&nJ varsoos gambols play*d. 

Bmr, ba hcc which well onghtilk 
Tie yrivikge to wear a maSk ' 

h <piGr of law, and Juftice teach 
for^tiic good t* excofethe breach^ 
VlcUa the 6mow of a wrinkle 
Tvizccyes, whith coald not (hine but tm^nkle^ 
UcoadneU i* th* ftarry way, 
,^a« wait for the icrora of day^ 
J^tmUbmHoutf and feemto keep 
"tkvtntdi, like ibidleri, in their fleepv 
<^Cke (hofe laAps iwhieh, bythcpowV^ 
W lav, maftborn fhrni hour to hoar, 
CQ^tfaey, without redemption, ^I 
taAer the terronof that Hall, 
y^ach, oQce ootoffioof lor a Ao^ 
2[»»bccoine M JtJSce-^cfi) 
pU SR ib manag^, togoout 
>i«inB the time coittes ronnd ibout, 
^tkb yet thio* cmabtian ftrite 
T« keep their dyhis ight alive, 
^(aBtimcomnon, aswfefii»d> 
^■oait the children of mankind) 
^^gnw weaker, would fteiil fl«oO|(tv 
Mi Wm a Tittle, tittle hsnger | 
'■cj, bctwiit ibch eyes ei&rb*d» 
^•Wdhtodnbi ito ttiH to grhid, 
^nncewMr'd her wand atimnd, nthdkhnt 
CW^ in m ioA^M N«me\ couHe. 
MK bally dolble hiriffle» 
>hi«riyiM*d, b«tcaU*d4>ackTtmf. 
JWfioe rf er'ry i^ttakle ckat'd, 
I^Mk aiihe loadag ftttam ^oear'd^ 
I^ the neck skates fpftad their fhikiei 
i^ Mck adnirim whence they dunfe } 
(^(he 4ck*d Iro* Ike CrtM pl^*d { 
^AefcMbefa>qytf told; 
^» wi tinr pr^er orbits ntftt» 
■K«K 6r eyes a fappkmeBt $ 
l^ vkiii at wem ncte evdr fees 
^^dfcmthfchilid df GtteM*, 
JM, kicgilarafrtfy 
**TWnUnii M« gHtai Iteld-day, 
jg ^fMM, whtek urooid hairt M» 
J^ '^■■MBgy MMiM mim Hftdtttored^ 



was tkk wkftle illi(8liliie» 

WM fifteen. 

1 lordly tirtipitt rife 

■^tbc|iNi DaftwMd'l eybi. 

Templet which huilt tioh to air, 
May fervc for (how, if not ft¥ pray'r 5 
In folemn form herfelf, before, 
Array 'd like FaitAf the BUf/e bore. 
TJiart over Melcomb*8 feath«r*d head* 
MTho, quite a man of gingerbread, 
SavourM in talk, yi drcfs, and phyt, 
Moie of another world than this,' 
To a Jwarf M^» a Oiattt Ptfff , 
The laft grave fiipdf the laft age,- 
In a fuperh and foather'd hearfe, 
BefnttcAmrd and httagr^^ with verfe# 
Which, to beholdcrsTrom afar, 
AppearM like a triumphal car, 
She rode, m a r^;^ rjinbow clad j 
Tkere, throwing off }htkallow'dfimdi 

VflHnc it tnH ptriod* 

Frenay had perfcfled a rape, 

Flrft brought her forth, before her dme, 

Wild witnefs of her (hame and crime. 

Driving before an idol band 

Of driv*luig Stuarts, hand In hand. 

Some, who to corfe mankind, had wore 

A crovim they ne*er muft think of more. 

Others, whofe baby brows were grac*d 

With paper crowlu, and toys of pafte, 

Shejigg*d, and playing on the fldte 

Spr^ rapt u res o*er the foal of Bote. 

Big with vaft hopes, fome mighty plarii 
Which wrought the bufy fool of man 
To her foil bent, the Civil Law, 
Fit code to keep a world in awcf. 
Bound o*er his brows, fidr to behold^ 
As Jewijkjrmtltn were of oW, 
The fomous Charter of our land. 
Defaced, and mangled in hn hand ; 
As one whom deepeft thoughts employ^ 
But deepeft thoughts of troeft ky. 
Serious and (low he ftrode, hefbflc^d. 
Before him troops of heroes walkM, 
Whom heft he lov*d, <li heroes cnnvn'd^ 
By Tories goartled aH around, 
Dull folemn pkafure in hit hety 
He f^w the honoon of his race, 
He faw their lineal glories rift, 
And touched, or feem*d to touch the ikhi. 
Not the mod diftant mark of foar, 
No ftgn of axe J wfemffdd near. 
Not one cursM thought, to ero<s his w(U^ 
Of fuch a place as Tower-Biff. 

Curie on tWs JMSr/<r, a Alppant )ade, 
A ihrew, like ev*ry other maid 
Who turn the corner of ftineteen. 
Devoured with peeviflinefs and fpleen. 
Her tongue, (for as when boottd for liftf^ 
The hufoand fufiersfor the tvife. 
So if in any works of rime 
Perchance there blundbrs oiit a crime. 
Poor culprit bards muft altirays rue it^ 
Altho* it is plain the Mufes io it) 
Sooneror later cannot fail 
To fend me headlong to a )ail. 
Whate'r my theme (pur themes we chufc 
In modem days without a At^Cf 
Juft at 4 father win provide 
To join a bridegroosu and a bride, 


A« i£, tho' they muft be the play*n» 

The game was wholly Msf not tkitn) 

Whate*er my theroe, the AfW«» who ftiU 

Owns no dircdioa but her Wmf 

Flies ofT, andy ere I cooU expe£ly 

By ways oblique and in<lire£ty 

At once quite over head and ears, 

lo fatal poTttks appears. 

Time was, and, if I aught difcem 

Of fyte, that time (hall foon return. 

When decent and demure »t leaft. 

As grave and dull as any prieit, 

I could fee yxe in robes arrayed. 

Could fee the game of Foi/i^ pl'y*^ 

Successfully in Fortune*s fchool. 

Without exclaiming rogue or fool j 

Time was, vfhcn nothing loth or provd, 

I lacquied, vnth the fawning crowd. 

Scoundrels in office, and would bow 

To cyphers great in place ; but now 

Upright 1 ftand, as if wife Fate, 

To compliment a ihatterM (late. 

Had me, like Atlas, hither fent 

To (boulder up the firmament, 

And if 1 ftoopM, with gen*ral crack 

The HeaVens would tumble from my back { 

Time was, when rank and fituation 

SecurM the great ones of the nation 

From all controul ; &rirf and Letw 

Kept only little knaves in awe } 

But now, decorum loft, I (Und 

Bemus'df a pencil in my hand. 

And, dead toev'ry fenfeof (hame, 

Carelefs of (afety and of fame. 

The names of fcoundrels minute down, 

And libel more than half the Town. 

How can a Statefioun be fecuie 
In all his vilhunies, if poor 
And dirty authors thus (hall dare 
To lay his rotten bofi>m bare ? 
Mu/a (houldpafs away their tune 
In dreffing out the poefs rime 
With bills and ribbands, and array 
Each'line mharmleft ts^e, tho* gay. 
When the hot bumiog fit is on. 
They (hould regale their refUefs fon 
With fomething to allay his rage. 
Some cool Caftalian beverage. 
Or fomefuch draught (thu* fJ^f *tis plain. 
Taking the Mufes name in vain, 
Know nothing of their real court. 
And only fable from report) 
As makes a Whitdiead*s Ode go down. 
Or flakes the/everetu of Brown : 
But who would in his fcnfes think 
Of Mufes giving gall to drink. 
Or that thdr folly (hould afford 
To raving poets gun or fword ? 
Poets were ne*erdefign*d by fate 
To meddle ^th afl^urs of Stau, 
Nor (hould (if we may fpeak our thought 
Truly as men of honour ought) 
Sound policy their rage admit. 
To launch the thunderbolts of wit 
About tho(e heads, which, when they *re (hot, 
Can*t tell if *twu by wit, or not. 

Thefe things well known, what Devil ia (pite 
Quk have fcduc'd me thus to write 


Out of that roMi, which nrafthtve Ie4 
To riches, without hciit or head, 
Intothatroad, which, had I won 
Than ever poet had before. 
Of Wit and Virtue, in difgrace 
Would keep meftiU, and out of pUce, 
Which, if foroe ^im^ (youMl undcrftand 
One famous, funon$ thm* the Und 
For maiing law) (hooM ftand my firiend. 
At laft may in a f^Vrj end. 
And all this, I myfelf admit, 
Without one caufe to lead to it.— 

For inftance now— this book— the Gwost— 
Methinks I hear ibme Critic Poft 
Remark moft gravely— «« The firft word 
«< Which we about the Ghost have beasd.** 
Peace my good Sir— not quite (b faft— 
Whatuthefirft, maybethelaft. 
Which is a poistt, all mnft agree. 
Cannot depend un you or m& 
Faknt, no Ghoft of common mould* 
Is not by forms to be controord i 
To keep her ftate, and (hew her fkUl, 
She never comes butwhenfhe wilL 
I wrote and wrote (perhaps you dosbt. 
And (hrewdly, what I wrote about. 
Believe me, much to my difgrace, 
I too am in the felf-fame cafe) 
But (till I wrote, tiU Fahmt came 
Impatient, nor could any fhame 
On me with equal jufUce fall* 
If (he had never come at alL 
An underlif ig, I could not ti't 
Without thecue thrown out by her. 
Nor from tlie lubjeft aid receive 
Until (he camet and gave me leave. 
So that (ye Sons of Emditioa 
Mark, this is but a fuppofition. 
Nor would I to ib wife a nation 
Suggeft it as a rvor/tfriwr) 
If htencefMiduUy turning o*er 
Page after page, ye read no mofc 
Of Fanmt, who, infeaorair, 
Maybedeparted God knows whese. 
Rail at jilt Fortune, but agree 
. No cenfiire can be laid, on me. 
For fure ^the caufe let Mansfield try). 
FANNTisinthefautt, not L 

But to return— and this 1 hold, 
A fecret woith its weight in gold 
To thofe who write, aslwriteoow. 
No t to mind where they go, or how* 
''^""IThro* ditch, thro* bog, o^ortedge and IBIe ; 
Make it but worth the rMder*t¥^ik» 
And keep a paflage fahr and plilin 
Always to bring Urn back ^^ain. 
Thro* dirt, who icruples to appr»acli» 
At Pleafure*s call, to take • ooach ? 
But we fhould think the man a clows 
Whom the dirt fhooldfel us down ? 
But to retum—if Wit, whoDe*er 
Thefhackles of refbamt could bear. 
In way ward homour ibould refiife 
Her timely fuccour to die Mufe, 
And toiiorulesandorde«atied» 
Roughlydeny to be her guide, 
She mull renounce deem-iim*$ plan. 
And get back wbeiiA «q4 how As OB 



kiFsrJem, who, without pretext, 
Ai6qq as xDcadooedy quit their text, 
Aal, e» promoce ifeep^s genial powV, 
dope in the dark ibr half anbour, 
Ghe 00 more reaibn (for we know 
ia£a is vulgar, mean and low) 
Why diey onoe back (ibould it be/al 
Thtterer they cotne back at all) 
laio the n»d, to end the rout. 
Hub they can gire why they went out. 

fiMtD rcturiH— this book---the GHOiT— 
A nxre aiiniemen|^ the moft, 
A trifle^ fit to we^j^y 
Tbe boRon of a moy day, 
A ffi^ftot filk, for fummer wear« 
hft as our modem ftate(men are. 
If rigid booefty permit 
Tkc 1 fiir once purloin the wit * 
Of him, who, were we all tofteal, 
Isonch too rich the theft to feel. 
Yet m thk book, where £afe Ihould join 
Wkh Mirth to ya^^ir cv'ry line, 
What k ihould all be mere cMt-dkat, 
lifdy, good-huiDoor*d, and a/I tkat^ 
Whoe kuufi Satire, in difgrace, 
SbanU not (b much as (hew her ftcc, 
The Anew, o*erle^ing all due bounds, 
BroJu mto Laughter's facred grounds, 
hAy b contempt, plays o*er her tricks 
bjoorr. Trader wAPolitku 

Bot why (hould the diftemper*d fcold 
AsoDpt to blacken mtn enroU*d 
k Power's dread book, whofSe mighty (kill 
Cao twift an empire to their will \ 
Whofe Toice is Fate, and on their tongue 
law, IMtrty, and Ufi are bung ; 
Whom, on enquiry. Truth /hall find 
Widi Stoarts /tful V, time out of mind 
, Sttperior to their Country*s laws, 
I>efiadcr» of a mant^ caufe $ 
Uea, wbotbe ume damn*d maaiffli hold 
iWUf , which thqr avow*d of old ; 
Who, tho* by diflrrent means, purfue 
The end wfuchthey had firft in view, 
Ani, ioKt found Tab, now play thdr part 
With much lels honour, mtch more art ? 
Why, at the comers of the ftreets, 
To ev'ry pttriot drudge ihe meets, 
Kaown ornokoown, with furious cry 
Shottld tbtt wild clamours vent ) or why. 
The floinds o€ mtrndlrngs to inflame, 
A DaOnvood, Bute, and Wyndhamname ? 
Why, having not to our furprize 
The fear of death before her eyes, 
Bemag, and that but now and then, 
Koecfacr weapon but her pen, 
ShoBld (be an argument attbrd, 
Forhlood, to men who toear m fawJ ; 
Mc% who can nicely trim and fan 
Apoiotef honour to ahair 
( H oDour— a word of nice import, 
A petty trinket in a court, 
^Klach ai;y LerJ cjuitc in rapture feels 
Dagliqg and ratding widi his Seals-* 
Hovar— a word whkh all the iVaw 
Woald be much puksled to define— 
Hoaovv-^ word whi^ torture mocks, 
&ai might coofottfid a thoo&nd Locke^i* 

Which (for I leave to wifer heads. 
Who fields of death prefer to beds 
Of down, to find out, if they can. 
What Honour is, on their wild plan) ' ' 
Is mt, to take it in their way, 
And this we fure may dare to {jy 
Without incurring an offence, 
Courage, Law, HofKjh, or SerffeJ ', 
Men, who all fpirit, Ufe and loul. 
Neat butchers of a button-koU, 
Having more /kill, believe it true 
That they muft have more courage too \ 
Men, who without a place or name, 
Their fortunes fpeechlefs as their fame. 
Would by the fword new fortunes carve. 
And rather die in fight than ftarve ? 
At Coronations, a vaft field 
Which food of ev*ry kind might yield, 
lOf good found food, at once moft fit 
For purpofes of health and wit. 
Could not ambitious Sadre reft. 
Content with what ihe might digeft } 
Could ihe not feail on things of conrfei 
A CAampiott, or a Champi<m*s hwfe f 
A Champion*s Jhrfe-^So, better fay, 
Tho* better figurM on that day— 
A Aprfi, which might appear to us. 
Who deal in rime, a Pegafus ; 
A riJir, who, when once got on. 
Might pafs for a Bellerophon, 
Dropt on a fudden from the ikies. 
To catch ard fix oar wond*ring eyes, 
To witch, with wand faiftead of whip. 
The world with mbU horiemanihip. 
To twift and twine, both horfe and man. 
On fuch a well-concerted plan. 
That CM/4vr-like, when all was done. 
We fcarce could think they weie not one > 
Could ihe not to our itching ears 
Bring the new-names of fim;-co^V peers. 
Who walked, Nobilihr ibrgot. 
With ihoulders fitter for a knot 
Than robes of honour $ for whofe fake 
Heralds in form were fbrcM to make, 
To make, becauiie they could not find. 
Great predeceilbrs to their mind ? 
CouM ihe not (tho* *tis doubtful fince 
Whether he Plumher is, or Prince) 
Tell of a fimple Knight*s advance 
To be a doughty Peer of France ; 
Tell how he did a Dukedom gain. 
And Robinfon was Aquitain * ; 
Tell how her City-Chiefc difgracM, 
Were at an empty table placed ? 
A grofs negle^, which, whilft they live. 
They can*t forget, and won't forgive ; 
A grofs negled of all thoib righis 
Which march with City appetites ; 
Of all thofe canons, which we find 
By ginttory, time out of mind, 
Eftablifh'd ; which they ever hold 
Dearer than any thing but gold i 

Thahks to my ibirs-— 1 now fee ihore— 
Of Courtiers, and of Courts ao more— 

• At the Coronation Sir Thomas Robinfon walked 
as the reprefentative of the Duke of Aquitain. 
H z 



Thus ftombring on my City (neoAi, 
Blind Chance my guide, my purpofe bends 
In line dire^V, and (hall puiiuc 
The point which I had fird in view. 
Nor more lliall with the reader fpoit, 
Till I haye fern him fafe in port 
HuA'd be each fear-— no more I bear 
Thro* thcMfcioegioQs of the air 
The readerteofted, no more 
Wild Occan'i horrid pathsxxplore. 
Be the plain track from henceforth mine— 
Crojs-roads to Alien • I refign 
Allen, the honour of this nation, 
Allen, himfclf a cvpvatkrif 
Allen, of htc notorious grown 
For writings none, or all his own, 
Alhn, the iirll of lettered metit 
Since the good Bifliop holds his pen. 
And at his elbow takes his ftand 
To mend his head, and guide his hand. 
But hold— once more Digreffton hence- 
Let us return to Camtmn Senfe \ 
The car of Phoebus I difcharge. 
My carriage now a Lord Mayor's barge, 

Suppofe we now-— we may. fuppofe 
In veife, what would be fin in profe— 
The Iky with darknefs overfpread. 
And ev'ry iVar rctir'd to bed ) 
The gew-gaw robes of Pomp and Pride 
In fome dark comer thrown afidc \ 
Great Xjords and LaSes giving way 
To what thev fecm to fcom by day. 
The real feelings of the heart* 
And Nature taking place of Art i 
i>5/(rY triumphant thto' the night, 
And BifiMty panting with delight ; 
Ckafiitf^ Woman's haxc^ crown, 
TiU the return of mom laid down. 
Then to be worn again as bright 
As if not fuUied in the night \ . 
Dull drmonyy bufinefs o'er. 
Dreaming b form at Cottrell's door ; 
Pneamiim trudging all about 
To (cc the candles fafely out. 
Bearing a mighty ma^er-htf^ 
Habited like dec^omy, 
Sbunpiqg each kick with triple (bis. 
Mean AvVice creeping at her heels. 
Suppofe we too, like iheep in pen. 
The fAaya- and Omrt of ^dermen 
Within their ^arge, which thro' the de^ 
The rowers more than half afieep, 
Mov'd (low, as over-chaix'd with ftate $ 
Thames groan'd beneath ue mighty weight, 
' And felt that bawbU heavier hx^ 
Than a whole fteet of men of war. 
Sleep o'er each well-known £uthfu] head 
With lib^ hand his poppies flied, 
Sachhcad, by Dulhiefs render'd & 
$leep and his empire to admit. 
Thro* the whole paflage not a word, 
Notone fiunt, weak, half (bund was heard ; 
Sleep had prevaii'd to ovemi^lm 
The (Icerfnvui npddij^ ot'e^ t^e heha \ 

* Ralph Allen, j^(|; of Prior Park, near Bath, 
the corrcfpondent of Pope» of whom Allwoithy io 
Tom Jones is fai4 tct have ^i^eii therepxcfeatatiYe. 

The aowen, without force or(kiUt 

IjA the dull barge to drive at will j 

The (luggi(h oars fufpended hung, 

And even Beardmore f held hi* tonguA. 

Commerce, regardful of a freight 

Qn which depotded half her State, 

Stepp'd to the helm, with ready hanJ 

She (afely clearM that hank of faod. 

Where, (banded, oor Wc(^-coimtry ieae 

Delay and dangeroften meet ; 

Till Neptune, anxious (or the trade. 

Comes in full tides, and brings them wA. 

Next (for the Mufes can funrry '^» 

Objeas by night at well as dayj <>«. 

NoduQg prevents th«ir taking aim, 

Daiknefs and light to them the fame) 

They pa(( that building, which of old 

^tteeu'MotAers was dcfign'd to hold i 

At pre(ent a mere lodgbtg-pt/t, 

A palace tura'd into a den. 

To barracks tvn'd, and (bUien tread 

Where Dvwag^i tunre hud their head. 

Why (hould we mendoo Sure^'Strut, 

Where ev'ry week grave judges meet. 

All fitted out with him and Atf , 

In proper form to drawl out law. 

To fee all caufes duly tried 

'Twixt knaves who drive, and fools who ride? 

Why at tlie Tmp/e (hould we (by ? 

What of the Tem^e dare we fay ? 

A dangerous ground we tread on there* 

And words perhaps may anions bear. 

Where, as the brethren of the feas 

For fara, the lawyers ply fcr (fees. 

What of that i?rw^r, moft wi(ely made 

To ferve the purpofes of trade. 

In the great mart of all this nation. 

By (hipping up the navigation. 

And to that fand-bank adding wei|^t» 

Which is already much too gre^ N-r- 

What of that BHdlfe, which, vo^dof feoft^ 

But well fupplied with tmpuJcncc, 

Engrt^menf knowlQg not the GuUd^ 

Tmwght they might lyif^ a claim to boHdW 

Till Patcrfon, as white at milk^ 

As fmooth as oil, i^S ^9^^ filk, 

In folemn manner had deqved^ 

That OB the other fide the Twi^kI, 

Art, bom and bred, and fully grown, 

Wu with one Mylne |, a man unknown* 

But grace, prefemient, and renown 

Deferring, juft arriv'd in town $ 

One Myhic, an artift perfed quite. 

Both in his own and couatzy'i right. 

As fit to make a bridge, as he. 

With glorious Patavhntj, 

To biiild infcriptions wocWT &>Wo4 

To lie (or ever Qoder groun^. 

Much more, iirDithQb(ervat]ODtQ^ 
Was this a feafon Co purfue 
The theme, ourMu^n^tteU is tiifie: 
Thewi(b(hehath, butno^thettipfj 

t An Al _. 
pofed to have ^ 
« The Monitorl 

X The Af«;liitoa9f 9UcMKj|»mid|«. 

^-Cqonpn-Afan, i 
affi(^if« ^ ttmd 



Far, iwii ^ tkab, from Indian boW| 
(ABdvhen a Goddcfs coraesy weknoWy 
Sur p a fl ia g Nacmeads preY«I» 
Aad bocs want neither oar nor iajl] 
Hk 'vcflcl pail, ai^ reached the Ihoir 
So ^ick» that TwHight was fcarce before. 

Saypofewe now our Cty-Caurt 
%tSAj ddirer'd at the port, 
Aaif of theb ftate rrgardleis guitei 
Laaded, like finuggle^ goods, by lUf ht ; 
TIk ibiemD BdagiftnCe laid doiro. 
The Agnkj of robe and gown 
Widi ev'iy other enfign ^one» 
Sc^ofe the woollen liight-cap on t 
Tbe/gtf-iri^ us'd with decent ftate 
' To make the fplrits circulate, 
(A fenn, wkach, to the fenfes true, 
Tbe liq^ridk ChapJaix^ ufes too, 
Tba% fcmfthing to iwprove the plan. 
He takes the Maid inftead of Man) 
Svadl*d, and with flannel covered o*er 
Ta&ew the Tigonr of thxceppre, 
TfaeTigottr of thiteicoreandten 
Abote the proof of youi^er men, 
Sifpofe the mighty Duli^an led 
Bfctvizt two (laves, and put to bed j 
Sippoff the moment he lies down, 
No aarade in this g:peat (own, 
Tbediaoe at faft afleep as he 
Mwtt m the cooiie of Nature be, 
Wbo, tnath for our Ibundatlont^, 
When up, is never half awake. 

There kc him ilcep, whilft we funrey 
The prepiaratjons for tJse day, 
Tbt day, on which was to be (hewn 
Cmrt^fnde by Oty-po4i outdone. 

The jealous mother fends away, 
Asooly fit for chiidlih play. 
That daog;fatier, who, to gall her pride, 
ShsBti up coo ibrward by her lUe. 

T^wrttckf €xf Cod and Man acci^rs^d. 
Of an Hell's i nft r un ient s the vfot^, 
Iknn Atthhia^KTwas^ and for the day 
Stnts in fene ijpoidthnit^s vain array i 
Amaad his ankwaid doxy ihine 
The trafiires of ColfODda*s mine i 
lack neighboor, >Mtli a jealous gla^e, 
Beholds her ftJly publiifc^d there. 

Gmwah, ivcU-ffvM (<in anecdote 
Wbkh we can prove, or vyould not ^uote) 
Gwnents well-layM;! whi^ |m^ were made, 
When taylors, to promote their trade, 
Ajsioft the Piffi ia fin« irofe, 
Aal diDve them oiit, pr ma^ them cloaths a 
Gflwoft, tnunocb], vdthp«iteo^» 
UKnames, rn^li^ w^Oehdffcend 
Secceffivdy rram n^ to tipfi y 
Gmrnntt, nnlefs fiqiewacki«do|ie 
Of nofie, not fuller*^ to af^car 
IbsecBee at moft in eT*iy yeWt 
licRaow, hki^Uamf^'iBh l^tdbare 
To take the benefit 0^. air, 
Aad, ere they caoye to be en^lpyM 
On dUa feiemiuty, toinid 
Tb« Icaatt i|E^:f(H0^'s le#fr gave 
FfOB vile»4 miqpM fnp^ ^ ^^^ 

iKhkead «|R^>ifyi and pichhr^ 
b rRpantko boit • part 

Running together all about, 
The icrvants put each other out. 
Till the grave mafier had decreed, 
Tie nwt Aafiif tn^r tke worfi fpccJ l 
Mijh with her little eyes half-clos*d, 
Kim a fiauggled toilet dos*d ; 
The ff^aitmi'tii^t whom ftoty notes 
A very Seni in petticoats, 
Hhr*d forOnework» but doing all, 
Influmbers leaned againft the wall ; 
Miltwtn, fummon'd from afar, 
ArrivM in ihoals at trnple^har, 
StriAIy commanded to import 
Cart-loads of ftppery from Court ; 
WHh UbovMvifibledefign 
Art ftrove to be jttperhly fine ; 
Nature, mocc pleafing, tho* more wild^ 
Taught otherwife \indartin9 child, 
And cried, with fpiritcd difdaio, 
fie H— elegant and plain. 

Lo ! from the chapibers of the £aft, 
A welcoine prelude to the feaft, 
In ftffr<m'-<9lour''d robe arrayed , 
High in a car by Vnlcan made, 
Vfho worked for Jove himfelf, each lltcd 
High metded, or cc|c(lial breed, 
Pawing and pacing all the way, 
Aurora brought the innlhM-lbr day, 
And held her empire* till out-nm 
By that brave jolly groom the Sun. 

The trumpet— hark !— It fpeaks—It ^elli 
The lood full harmony— It tehs , 
The time at hand, when Dullman, led 
By fi)rm, hitCitjaens muft head| 
And march thofe troops, \vhic)i at his oM 
Were now afF4.ibled, to Guild'Hgll, 
On matters of importance great 
To CsKrf and City, CMtrcA and Stare, 

From end to end the foui^ makes waj, 
All hear the fignal and obey I 
But Dullman, wSvo, his chai^ge forgot. 
By Morpheus /etter'd, heard it qqt ; 
Nor could, fo found he Hept and faft, 
Hear any trumpet^ Isut the lif^ 

Cnme, evertrtie and Crufiry know a. 
Stole from the mild '2 brri to hiij uwa^ 
Then in the fpirirn th «f pride. 
Planted himfdf at Dullm^^ &dc. 
TMice did the evcr-falthfuI nivc, 
With voice which mighE h;ive r^cii'd thegtaye, 
And broke death' j ad^mannni: chiin. 
On Dullman call, but calL'd in ViilTi j 
TJkrke with an arm» which ml^ht have n)a4e 
. The Theban boxer turfe hia tradf, 
The drone he ihwkt who reared the head| 
And tMee fell backward on hist bed. 
What could be dooc f Where force hath fajl*<f, 
Polky often hath pxcvall^d j 
And what, an inlertncc moil [tta^ri, 
Had been, Crape tfaoughc mi^ Kt be ^sis^ 

Under his pillow (if 111 in mind 
The proverb kept, Fttjl hlrj^ fifffbd) 
Each bldTed night the kej^ were Ivd, 
Which Crape to draw awjy ilTay^d. 
What not thepow^roC vqIcc or irm 
Could do, this did, jnd broke tht cl^^na { 
Q^ck flarted he with ii^y'id (Liic, 
For all hlc little foul was there. 


Churchill's posms. 

BchoU hdttkf taken upi nibbM doiro» 

la dbcm chair, and morning- gown ; 

BehoIdhiiDy in hh latter bloom. 

Stripped, wafli*dy and fpriDlded with perfume 9 

Behold him bending with tlie weight 

Of robes and trumpery of ftate $ 

Behold him (for the maxim^s true, 

Whatever we by another do. 

We do ourfelTes ; and Chaplain paid. 

Like flaves, in ev'ry other trade. 

Had mutterM over God knows what, 

Something which he by heart, had got) 
■ Having, as ufual, faid his pray'rs, ^ 
* ^ Go titur totttr to the ftairs j 

Behold him £or defcent prepare, 

"With one ibot ^embling in the air 5 

He Jlartif he faufes on the brink. 

And, hard to credit, feems to tMnk ; 

Thro' his whole train (the Chaplain gave 

The proper cue to ev'ry flavc) 

At once, as with infeAion caught, 

IxhJiarteJ, faia*Jf and aim*d at thought ; 

Hetums, and they turn j big wi^ care. 

He waddles to bis elbow-chair, 

Spiats down, anid*, filent for a feafon. 

At laft with Crape begins to r^on : 

But firft of all he made \pgp. 

That ev'ry foul, hu^t);it D'nAtte, , 

Should quit the room i in him, he knows,. 

He may all confideocc xe|)ofe. 

C ra pe tho* Tm yet not quite awake>r- 

Befbre tfaif awfiil ft<^I take. 

On which my (u\uit all depends, 

I ought to know my foes and friends, . 

By Sxt and friend^ .oblerve me flill, 

I mean not thofe who well or ill 

Perhaps mav wiih me, but thofe who 

Have *t in their power, to do it too. 

Now if, attentive to the State, 

In too much hurry to be great. 

Or thro* much teal, a motive, Crape, 

Deferviog praife, into a fcrape 

I, like a fool, am got, no doubt, 

I, like a wife man, fliould get out. 

Not that, remark without repIiesV 

I fay that to get out is wife. 

Or, by the vtrf filf-ltmt rule 

That to*get in wac like a Ibol ; 

The marrow o( tJiis ajgiiTTjeM 

Muft vrbolly reft tm thtevtnt ; 

And therefore, wK^ch is ttAly hard, 

Againft event; too J mult guard. 

Should thing«( tontioue ai lAiry^and^ 

And Bute prcull thru^ aXl cbe lind 

Without i rivdlf by his at(f, 

My fortunes in a ttKc are tiad^ i 

Nay, honotirs on my zc4l iruy fmlk,. 

And fhunp me Earl of fome greatifle : f 

But if, a matter of mtich doubt» 

The prefent Minifter goes out. 

Fain would I know on what pretext 

I can fUnd fairly with the next ? 

For as my aim at ev*ry hour 

Is to be well vnth thofe in pow*r, 

And my material point of view, 

Whoever*s in, to be in too, 

I (hould not, like z blockhead, chuf<^ 

To gain tAeft fo as tAaft to lofe : ' 

•Til good in ev'jy cafe, you know^ 
To have two fbings unto our bow. 

As one in wonder loft. Crape view*d 
His Lord, who thus his fpeech purfuM. 

This, nqr good Crape, is my grand point. 
And as the times are out of joint, 
The greater caution is requirM 
To bring about the point defir*d. 
What I would wifh to bring about. 
Cannot admit a moment's doubts 
The matter in difpute, you know. 
Is what we call the fuamdo. 
That be thy tafk.— The rev>aiJ flavc. 
Becoming in a moment grave, 
Fix*d to the ground and rooted ftood, 
Juh like a man cut out of wooj i 
Such as we fee (without the leaft 
Reflexion glancing on the Priefl) ■ 
One or more, planted up and down, 
Almoit in ev*ry church in town ': 
He ftood fome minutes i then like one 
Who wifh'd the nutter might be done. 
But could not do it, (hook his head, 
And thus the Man of Sorrow faid ; 

Hard is this tafk, too hard I fwear, 
By much too hard ftr me to bear ; 
Beyond expreflion hard my part. 
Could mighty Dullman fee my heart. 
When he, alas ! makes known a will. 
Which Crape's not able to fulfil. 
Was ever my obedience barr'd 
By any trifling nice regard 
To Senfe and Honour ? Could I reach 
Thy meaning without help of fpeech^ 
At the firft motion of thy eye 
Did not thy faithful creature fly f 
Have I not faid, not vrhat 1 ought. 
But what by earthly mailer taught ? 
Did I e'er weigh, thro' duty flbrong. 
In thy great biddings, right and wrong ? 
Did ever int'reft, to whom thou 
Can'ft not with more devotion bow. 
Warp my found faith, or will of mine 
In contradidion run to thine f 
Have I not, at thy table plac'd. 
When bufinefs call'd aloud for hafte, 
Tom myfelf thence, yet never heard 
To utter one complaining word. 
And had, till thy great work was done, 
AU appetites as havmg none ? 
Hard is it, this great plan purfu'd 
Of v^untary fervitude $ 
Purfu'd without or fhame or fear. 
Thro* the great circle of the year ; 
Now to receive, in this grand hourj 
Commands which lie beyond my pow'r { 
Commands which baffle all my fkhl. 
And leave me nothing but my wtll : 
Be that accepted $ let my Loid 
Indulgence to his flave aflfbrd ; ' ' . 
This tafk, for my poor ftrengdi unfit,' 
Will yield to none but Dullman^s wit. 

With fuch grofs incenfe gradfied, 
And turning up the lip of pride, 
Poor Crape — and (hook his emp^ h^id— i> 
Poor fftnasled Crap^, wife Dnllflttn faid. 
Of judgment Weak, of ienfe cohfin'd^ . ' 
For things of lower note defiga'd. 



F^tyqpvkhmtlie vulgar reach» 
TonB^anods» and tt> preachy 
Wdlbfttboa jodgM, that heads like mine 
Caaot want help fntn heads like thbe ; 
Wdlhaft thou jodgM thyfelf unxoeet 
Of uokbi^vgnafptto tcpat i 
TvaibattDtrytheethatlfpoke, , 

NdrdiinkaJQkcy Crape> a diigrace 
(ktotof perion, or my i4ace $ 
TIk m^of the fiwa of men 
Hue ddgn'd to nie them now and then : 
TVoBlycaBtioQ, doyoofeey 
l^nadcd by oar dignity^ 
FiQD conmoD ofie and men exen^>ty 
h, tbtftfaey may not breed conteropC 
Cnt vk they fam, when in the hands 
OftBtf UkenKy f^onderftands ; 
VbsQfderftaDds the time and place, 
Tk pofensy manoer, and the grace, 
inydfeobnegka; ibthtfwefind». 
If aQ the reqaifites are joinM, 
Fnm whence a perieA joke muft fpringy 
A joke's a very ierious thing. 

Biitt»cv knfinda*— My defign, 
Wluchga?cfi> rough a ihock to thine, 
To By opacity at made 
Ai taij u a ftaod in trade, 
Wlicfa like broad-cloth, lean, witheaie, 
Oitoatia any Ihape I pleaTe. 

W» in my circumftance, foipoc^ few, 
) Aye, sad thole men of geniut too, 
! (Wam, who, without lore or l^t^ 
^Mier they early rife or late, 
^^ amies uncrackM, and credit found, 
^vortfaa handled thoufand poui^, 
^tkttdUrt ways and meam would try 
To bev their point i ib will not J. 
KewBdhodsihall my wifdom find . ^ 
To fiat ifaele matters to my niiodt 
So tbtthe infidels at court, 
Wba Mkc oar City Wits their fport, 
SUl b&the honoan of my reign, 
Aad ewB that DuUman bead a brain, 

^, in my place,, togain their ends, 
W«U live rdatians up, and fiiend^} 
W«M kad a wiJis, who they might fwear . 
^^, was none the worfe for wear i 
W«i]d iee a daughter, yet a maid, 
htoaStHcfinan*! arms betray*d ; 
^f ftndd the girl prove coy, nor know 
^« daagfaters to a Ather owe, 
^^■xrthan ichemes h nobly planned 
ftaikl half ihcatfdves would lend a hand ; 
V«U vote OQ one fide, whilft a brother, 
'^■iperiy taught, would vote on toother j 
W«Idar»,y petty band forget j 
P* pAtk eye be with Mt iet, 
l* imaie vrith a ^oW herd, 
^ fcsty piwcy vnth a tMnl 5 
]^(fikea4fc» of whomlread 
^e scfaer day— ^ber name is fled— 
«>Mt (where, together bffund, 
^'^■uiagiui and his Cat I found, 
A ak mtA trae, and fiee from art, 
^VUiB Urd-Maymsihould have by heart] 
^^fot (O nnght thofe davs begin 
^4 wka OgBcot woBkl ImD to fpio) 

Who wrought, ^wnoght, but for fome plot,- 

The caufe of which Tve now forgot. 

During the abfence of the (un ^ 

Undid what (he by day had doi^ 

Whilft they a double vifage wear, 

What*8 fwora by 3ay, by night unfw^. 
Such be their arts, and Cuch perchance . 

May happily their ends advance : ^ ' 

From a new fyftem mme fiiall fpripg> 

A LaaaH'Tettens is the thing. 

That's your trae plan.— To obligate 

The prefent Minifttrs of State, 

My^adom (hail our Court approach, 

And bear my pow'r, and have my coad \ 

^y fi'** ft<*f^ coacif fuperb to view, 

Afinejiatccooch^ and paid for too i 

To curry favour, and the grace 

Obtain, of thofe who're out of place : 

In the mean time /-—that's to (ay — 

/proper, / myfclf— ^r« ftay. 
But hold— perhaps unto the natioiv 

Who hate the Scot's adminiftratioa, . 

To lend my coach, may feem to be 

Declaring for the Miniftry \ 

For where the City-coach is, there, . 

Is the true eiTence of the Af»ayor ; ^. 

Therefore (for wife men arc intent . 

Evils at difbnceto prevent, . , . , . , 

Whilft fools the evils firft endure, . ." 

And then are plagu'd to feek a cure) 

No coack^^ JMi-^aod free from fca)r. 

To make our A^^iy appear, ^ 

Fp* on his back fhall he be tied. 

With two grooms marching by his fide : ^ 

ThenfbraioHi^-^ro' al^ the l^od* 

To head our folemn City4)and,« \ .^ ^n^ ' 

Can any one fo fit be found^ ^ .' i ,' 

Ashe, \iho in ArtiWry 'ground^ , 

Without a rider, noble ^kt, .. 

Led on our braveft troops to fight,- ^ 
But firft. Crape, for my ))ooour^s fake, , 

A tender point, enquiry noake 

About that Aorfe, if the dUpute \ . 

Is ended, or is.ftill in fuit. 

For whilft a caufe (obferve this plan • 

Of juftice) whether iorfe or man 
The parties be, remains in dpubt, 
J'ill *C]s determin'd out and out^ 
That pow*r muft tyranny appear. 
Which fhould, fre-jtuigmg^ Interfere, 
And weak faint judges over-awe 
To bias the free courfe of law. 

You have my will — now quickly mo. 
And take care that my will be done. 
In public. Crape, you muft appear, 
Whilft 1 in privacy fit hen ; 
Here fhall great DulUnan fit alone. 
Making this elbow-chair my thivpe. 
And you, performing what 1 hid, ' 
Do all, as if I nothing did. 

Crape heard, and fpeeded on his way { 
With him to hear was toobey. . 
Not without trouble, be aflur'd, 
A proper proxy was procur'd 
To (erve fuch infamous intent. 
And fuch a Lord to repreient \ 
Nor could one have been found at ali 
On c*ochcr fide of Ua dn t- ^ i M ^ 


tu^ti tm Lt'9 PbtUB. 

The tnmipet roaiiil$^->l«!emn md flow 
BeKold the grJiid ptoceffion go* 
All Aioring on, cat after klod. 
As if for raotkiD ne*«r deflgn'd. 

C<m/lMsp whom the laws adnve 
To Iteep the peace hy brtaking it } 
BraMet, who hsAd the (kond place 
By virtne of a fihrer ihice, 
Which ev*i7 Saturday is drawn. 
For ufe of SmkUy^ out of paMm ; 
Treafurtrtf who with empty key 
Secure an empty Treafury ) 
. CMurckuMtdinSf who their cotirfe porftie 
In the fame Hate, as to thehrpew 
ChmkvMrdem of Sshit Mar^nt go. 
Since Peirfoa taught them pnde and flnwy 
Who in ihorc tranficnt pomp appear. 
Like Almanacka changed ev*ty year. 
Behind whom. With unbrafcen teckst 
Charity carries the ?w^t Box, 
Not knowing that with prmte keys 
They ope and fliut it when they pleafe ; 
Overfctn^ who by frauds enfure 
The heavy atrfes of the poor { 
Unclean come flocking, Bmfh aod S^art, 
Like bealh into the ark| by pairs.' 

Porte n tous flaming b the van 
Stalked the .Prrfefir Sheridan : 
A man of toerr, a mere PoMthte, 
A downright Mhnaf mackim^ 
He knows aloiie in proper mode 
How to take vengeance on an OJe, 
And how to butcher Anmion*s kn 
And poor Jack Dtyden both in one. 
On all occafiom nett the Chair 
He flands ht (crrke t^ the Mayor, 
J^ni to ioftruA him bdw to ufe 
His d*s and ^*s, and p*% and q*t. 
0*er littttSf into taltecf worn. 
O'er fyliahUsf de^*d aM torn, 
0*er noordt disjointed, aiid x^ttjenjt 
Left deftitutt of all deftnre. 
He ftrides, and all the wry he goes, 
Wadei, deep in blood, o*er Cr^f-C^-i^nv. 
Before him, ev'ry Caiifimam 
In agonies ia feen to pant ) 
Behind, in forms nut to be known. 
The ghofts of mitur'd ^«tnr/i groan. 

Next Hart and Duke, well worthy gfate 
And City hvwtt in place. 
Ho children can their toils engage, 
Their toils are tum'd to reverend ^t. 
When a Cemi*Dame, tn grace his brOrn 
Refolv*d, is wed to Cky fpoufe. 
Their aid with JIMsm*a mi mnft join 
T^^aukward dotard to reAie, 
And teach, whence troeft glory flow:. 
Crave Sxtjf to tutHoiKhis toes. 
Each bore in hand a kit, snd each 
To fltew how fit hewas to teach 
A Gtt an AUitmMt a Mltytrt 
Led in a ftring a Janc^hear. 

Since the revival of Finga/^ 
Cuflonv and CuAom*t all hi all, 
Commands that we ihoold have r^^. 
On all high feafbns, to the Bard. 
Great a£U like thefe, by vulgar ttfAgtid 
Piofnn'd, Aould not be Mi, but M%^ 

This place to fin> renown*^ fh fSme, 

The high and mighty Lodumn • came ^ 

And, ne*er forgot in-DuIlmad's reign. 

With rmper wder to mufrtaln 

The unfirmity &f pride, 

Bmught ^f«ri<r Whitdieid by hit fid«. 

On borie, who proudly paw'd the ground^ 
And cafl hit fiery eye-balls round. 
Snorting, and champing the rude bit,' 
As if, for warlike purpoft flt, 
His high and gen*rous bkx>d dHHain*^ 
To be for fportt and pafHmes rein*d. 
Great Dymock, in his glorious fbrioni 
Paraded at the Coronatioo. 
Not fo our Cky Dymock came. 
Heavy, difpirited, and tame { 
No mark of finle, Us eves half-ctos^d. 
He 00 a mightv. drty-hrfe^ *d. 
Fate never couM a hoiib pmvide 
So fit for fuch a man to tide } 
Nor fbd a man, with ftriOeft car^, 
Sq fit for fuch a horfe to bear. 
Huog round whh infhuments of death 
The fight of him would fttrp the bhratfa. 
Of braggart Cowardice, and maldr 
The very Cmatt Drawcanfirt^tiAJt* 
With dirksy whkh, in the hands of fpitc. 
Do their damoM bufineis in the nigh(. 
From Scoflaad fimt, bur here difplay'd 
Only to fill up the parade ; 
Wxiifwordt, uft^eih^d, of maiden hue. 
Which rage or valopr never drew ( 
With kUmdaiaJtSy tjoght to ride, 
UktftcketpjflJs, by hb fide. 
In girdle IhKk, he f^em'd to be 
A little moving armvy. 
One thmg niiich warning to complete 
The fight, and make a pcrftaf treift, 
Wat, that the ho^ (a coiirtefy 
In horib found of M^ degree) 
Inflead of pmi%firward On, 
All the way hoAoatd fliould have gOite. 
Hvrfa^ unlefsthey breeding lack^ 
Some fcruple make totuirfi theirbacki 
Tho* ridersy which plain truth detltre^ 
No fcruple make of turnhg CHeirs. 

Far, ft^aitert ftam jI) tH^ x^^ 
Fit only for a fbndhig j^ft, 
The btdepatdmt (can you get 
A better fbitcd epithet) \ 

The mdafekJkm Amyand cittie. 
All burning with the Ibered flafne 
Of Liberty, which well he know! j 

On the great fbck of SUv^ry grvwt. 
UkeSparraW, who, deprived of ftoote 
SoatchM by the cruel hiNd of Fate, j 

From fpray to fpmy nd mure will bop* 
But fits alone on the he«fe»top. 
Or like himfelf, when all alooe 
At Crtydm^ he was hard ko pbtni 
Litmg kotk hamh in the defence 
Of Intereft ntd ComiiMai-Se«fe i 
&<i hands, for as riO other man 
Adopted aoi purfuM his platVi 

• jdUlLodtriUn, Secretary to tl»MtlflllftrtltJ 
Fifhery, Author of Malty fbkgotten l>bemsy » 
Tmflitor of Icvtral w^oiIm frttn Ml^^coHi* 



The Itfi-hwd had been loneibme qoitCf 

If be had not held up the rhit, 

Apan be came, and fix'd bis ejres 

With r^tuie co a diftanc prize, 

Oq which in letters worthy noCe, 

There " Twenty Thouland Pound*** was wrote » 

Falie Q^, iar credit fappM is fsund 

Ij getUDg twenty thou£u)d pound. 

^if, look not thus on rae, and ftare, 

Doobdng the certainty. — To fwear 

ia (ocb a cafe 1 ihould be loth- 
Bat Perry Cuft • may take bis oath. 
In plain and decent garb anay*d, 

With the prim quakcr Fraud came Trade 5 

Coonirance to improre the plan, 

Habited like a Jury-mant 

Jw^TO as tntercft prerails, 

Cime next with meafurcs, weights, and fcales } 

£«Brtioo next, of helliih race, 

A cub moft dimn*d, to ibew his fiice 

Forbid by fear, but not by flume, 

Ttini*d to a yetot like —- ^— . came $ 

Cbrropdoo, Mldas-like, behold 

Taming whatever flie touched to gold j 

iopoftnce led by Luft, and Pride 

Strotting with PootoD I7 her fide j 

H]rpocrify, demoie and iad, 

h garments of the Priefthood clad, 

60 well difgubV, that you might fwear^ 

Ifedv'd, a very Prieft was there ; 

Ihakniptcy, full of eafe and health, 

Aad wallowing in xoetl-Jav'd wealth, 

Cvae fiieeriog thro* a ruin*d band. 

And bringing B in her hand j 

Vidofy hangiqg down her head, 

Wai by a Highland ftaJUon led ; 

fetctf cIotfaM in (ables, with a fact 

Which witneft*d fenfeof huge difgraoe, 

Which fpake a deep and rooted fluune 

Bathcf hcricif and of her name, 

Uoaning creeps on, and bluihing feels 

War, grim War treading on her heels ^ 

faii Credit, fliaken by the arts 

Of men with bad heads and worie hearts^ 

Tjkiog no notice of a band 

Which near her were ordain*d to ftand, 

Wdl oigh deftroy*d by fickly fit, 

laiCi viftful all around for Pitt $ 

Free d um J t that mofl hallowM name 

My fpiriti moant into a tbanc^ 

IxhpuUe beats high, and each nerve ftrains 

l*en to the cracking ; thro* my veins 

The tides of life mote rapid run. 

And teQ me I am Freedom*s fon— 

Fxeeiom came next, but fcarce was feen, 

Wbeatfae flcy, which appear*d ferenc 

And gay befijre, wasovercaft; 

Honw beftrode a fortigm Uafl, 

And fitto the fnjtm of the Norths 

To Ffeedem deadly, ftorms burfl fbi|b. 

Aec^Ukethofe, in which, we*rc told, 
Ov viU fbreAchers wanr'd of old, 
Loaded with death, fix horfes bear 
Thro* the blank region of the air. 
Too lerce for dme or art to tame, 
T^fO«r*d fbith mingled fmokc mi flyne 

* See North Britn, Vol OL 
VOL vin. 

From their wide noftrils j ev*ry ftced 
Was of that ancient favage breed 
Which fell Geryon nurs*d ; their food 
The flcfli of man, their drink his blood. 
On the firil horfes, ill-roatch'd^pairj 
TMh fat and flcek, that lean and bare, 
Came ill-matchM riders fide by fiJci 
And Poverty was yok*d with Pride. 
Union rooft ftrange it muil appear, 
Till other unions make it clear. 

Next, in the gall oi bittcmcfs. 
With ngc which words can ill exprefs. 
With unforgiving rage, which fprings 
From a falfe aeal for holy things. 
Wearing fuch robes as prophets wear, 
Falfe prophet's placed in Peter's chair j 
On which, in chancers of fire. 
Shape i antic, horrible and dire,' 
Inwoven fiam*d j where to the vie^ 
In groups appeared a rabble crew 
Of fainted devils where all round 
Vile re/ifues of vile men were found. 
Who, worfe £han devils, from the birth 
Pcrfbrm'd the work of hell on earth, 
JwIerSi Jn^ifitori, and Popcit 
Pointing at axest toAeehy and ropni 
And engitusf framed on horrid plan. 
Which none but the dcftroyer Man 
Could, to promote his felfUh views. 
Have heads to make, or hearts to ufe j 
Bearing, to confecrate her tricks. 
In her left*hand a Crucifix^ 
Remembrance of our dying Lord, 
And in her right a tvfo-^dg^djioord J 
Having her brows, in impious fport, 
Adora*d with words of high Import, 
Om eartAPezce amon^ tmatf Good«will, 
Love bearing, andjorlearing ftill. 
All wrote m the ktart^s-bloodpf thofe 
Who rather death than falfehood chofe ; 

On her breaft (where in days of yore. 

When God lov*d Jewi, the High-prieft wore 

Thofe oracles which were decreed 

T* infhud and guide the chofm iced) 

Having ynxh glory clad and ftrengih. 

The Virgin pi^r'd at/*// lergtA, 

WhiW at her feet, in fmall pourtray'd. 

As fcarce %vorth notice, Chrift was laid ; 

Came Superflition fierce and fell. 

An imp deteiled, e'en in hell ; 

Her eye inflam'd, her face all o'er 

Foull V befmear'd wi(h human gore. 

O'er heaps of naangled Smuts fhe rode $ 

Fail at her heels Death proudly flrode. 

And grimly fmil'd, welUpleas'd to fee 

Such havockof mortality. 

Clofe by her fide, on mifchief bent. 

And urging on each bad intent 

To its full bearing, lavage, wild. 

The mother fit of fuch a child. 

Striving the eapise to advance 

Of fin and death, came Ignorance< 

With looks, where dread comiijand was plac'd, 

And fov'rdgn pow'r by pride difgrac'd. 

Where loudly M^itnefltng a mind 

Of favage noore than human kind, 

Notchufing to be^lov'd, but fiear'd, , 

Mocking at right) Mifrule appeor'd; , ^,, 

5$ € H U & C H 1 

With eyeballs ghrmg (Icfyred 
Enou^ to ftrike beholden dead, 
Giuflung hu teeth, and in a flood 
Potirii^ corruption forth and blood 
From hit chat *d jafrt ; without rcmorie 
Whipping, and fpurring on his horfc, 
Whoie fides, in their own blood cmbayM, 
£*en to the bone were open laid, 
Came Tyranny i difdainiog awe, 
And trampling orer Senfe and Lsw, 
One thing and only one he knew. 
One (bje^ only would purfue, 
Tho* lefs (fo low doth paflion bring) 
Than man, he would be more than King. 

With ev'ry argument and art 
Which might corrupt the head and heart, 
Soothing the frenzy of his mind, ^ 
Companion meet, was FI«tt*ry jom^d. 
Winning his carriage, er'ry look 
Employ M, whilft it concealM a hook ; 
W}^ fimple mod, moft to be fearM ; 
Moft crafiv when no craft appearM ; 
His Ulcs no man like him could tell. 
His xmrds, which melted as they fell, 
Might c*en a hypocrite deceive. 
And make an infidel beliere, 
Wantonly cheating o'er and o*er 
Thofe iimo had cheated been before ; 
Such Flatt*ry came in evil hour, 
Pois'ning the royal ear of powV, 
And, grown by /r^i/arfmt great. 
Would be firft Minifter of State. 

Wtthm the chariot, all aione, ' 

High feafcd on a kind of throne, 
With pebbles graced, a figure came, 
Whom Juftice would, but dare not, name. 
Hard times when Jufttce, without l^ar^ 
Dare not bring forth to public ear 
The names oi thofc, who dare ofi«nd, 
'Gainft Juftice, and pervert her end : 
But, if the Mufe afford me grace, 
Dcfcription (hall fupply the pUce. 
In fornpt garments he was clad : 
Sage ermine o'er the glofly ptaid 
C& rev'rend honour ; on his hearty 
Wrought by the curious hand of art, 
In filver wrought, and brighter far 
Than heav'nly or than earthly flor^ 
Shone a fVKte Rofti the emblem deai* 
Of him he ever muft revere ; 
Of that dread Lord, who with his hoft 
Of faithful native rebels loft, 
tikf. thofe black fpirits doom'd to hells 
At once from pow'r and virtue fell \ 
Around his clouded brows was plac'd 
A homutf moft fuperbly grac'd 
Wkh mighty thiftUi, nor forgot 
The facred motto, TcucA me mt. 

in the right haiid a fword he bott 
Harder than adamant, and more 
Fatal than winds, which from the mM&k 
Of the rough North iitvad* die South : 
The rt rking blade to view prefenCs 
The blood of hclplera innocents ; 
And 00 the hilt, as meek become 
As lambs before the fhearen dumb. 
With downcaft eyei and folemn (how 
Of dccp'QOuttenible woe,. 


I Mooraing the time whcsi Frtcdom t^'d, 
Faft to a rack was JufUce chain'd. 

In his left-hand, in wax tnprefl* 
With bells and gewgaws idly dreft. 
An im^ef caft in habj mould, 
H". hcta, and feem'd ovegoy'd to hold. 
On this h|e fix'd his eyes, to this 
Bowing he gave the loyal kifii, 
And, for cebellioo fuUy ripe, 
Seem'd to defire the Antitype. 
What if to that Vretemdtf'% fbes 
His grtatnefs, nay, his li^ he owes. 
Shall common obligtflons bindy 
And (hake hts confbmcy of mind f 
Scorning fuch weak and petty dudns. 
Faithful to James he ftill remains, 
Tho' he the fnend of George appear : 
D'^/hmilstrm^i Vtrtuehere, 

Jealous and mean, he with a frown 
Would awe, and keep all merit down. 
Nor would to Truth and Juftice bend, 
Unlefs OKt'MM by his /rfrmf : 
Brave wkh the coward, with the bcavc 
He is himlelf a coward Have \ 
Aw'd by his fears, he has no heart 
To take a great and open part ) 
Mines in a fubtle train he fprings. 
And, fecret, faps tlic ears of kings | 
But not e'en there continues fhm 
'Galnft the refiftance of a worm t 
Bora in a country, ^vAere tke wUl 
Of IK it law /f tf//, he ftill 
Retain'd th' infe6Hon, with fbll aim 
Tu fpread it wherefbe'er he came \ 
Freedm he hated, Uew defied, 
The profKtute of pow'r and pride : 
Law he with eafe expUnrn tway, 
And leads bewUder'd Senfe aftray \ 
Much to the credit of his brson 
Pussies the caufe be can't mainhdn, 
Proceeds on moft familiar grounds. 
And, where he can't convince, confounds y^ 
Taints of rareft ftamp asid fixe, 
To Nature fidfe, he mifapplies. 
And turns to poifoo what was fent 
For purpofes of nourifhxnent. 
PaUmfif not fuch as on his wings 
The roeftcnger of ficknefs brings, 
But fuch as takes its coward rife 
From confcious bafenefs, confcioos vice, 
O'erfpread his cheeks j Difdain and iVJi/r> 
To upftart fortunes ever tied, 
Scowl'd on his brow { within his eye, 
Infidious, lurking like a fpy 
To Caution principled by Fear, 
Not daring open to appear, 
IMf^A cafttlMiJckief\ Fagicnhwil 
On his lip quiv'ring j on his toqgue 
FrMud dwdt at laige : within his brttft 
All that makes-'^ain found a Aeft» 
All th^t, on hell's campleateft plan^ 
E'er join'd to damn the heart of man. 

Soon asthecar reachM land, he toA^, 
And with a k>ok which might have hott 
The heart's beft blood, w^cl^ was eaooi^ 
Had hearts been made of ftetner ftuff 
In cities than elfewheee, to make 
The very ftoutelt quail ibd qudte,.. 



He oft hat halefal eyes around* 

Fa'd «aha«t motkm to the ground, 

Far wHthig on ftmirbe, all ftood» 

Aatf korror cfaOIM then* cnrdled blood : 

No Biore they thought of fomp^ no more 

(Ftirtbey had Iccn his face berare) 

Of Liv they thought ; the caufe ftrgoty 

Whether it was or Ghoft, or Plot, 

Which drew then there. They all ftood more, . 

Like ftatoes than they were before. 

What cooM be done ? Could art, tootd force, 
Qt both £rcA a proper couifc 
Toimke thh fnragc monfter tame, 
Qi ieaA him back the way he came ? 
Wbat nekherart* nor force, nor both. 
Cnid do, a Lord of foreign growth, 
JUritoJiat hafe wretch allied 
ji coaoby, noC ni Tice and pnoe, 
Ificaed : from tiie felf-fame land, 
(U news for our Ua^heming band 
Offcribblen, hut deferring note) 
tie poiJbo came, and antidote. 
i»M the nionifter hung his head ; 
iM Gke an empty Tifioa fled ; 
lb train, like virpn ihows which run, 
Kifs'd by the bmoiBg bawdy fbn, 
to krack fireamt* diflbhrM in air ; 
Isf I who nom DKnce fcem*d more fair, 
CaBefiniCng, freed from fliviih awe 3 
UfzltT, Liberty, and Law, 
papacsit of tbe galling chain, 
Jbiyoke of powV, rcfumM dieir reign ) 
M borniac with the glorious flame 
or ^k TUtne^ Mamfield came. 




SKACE fidd in fenn* vAikh Sceptics m 
idKy acetddthat grtcewitfUdby me; 
The fifvHKa |poe« to break the fburry jdl 
OiAepM^ bttdtord, and his threadbare guefl $ 
TkKflf aneroond, my Lady too withdrawn* 
% loi, Ib oflul Ci6^ begad to yawn, 
tei bOk^ bKkw«4> Ims dbow-chair, 
Wa an In^pd khw or fttaMd ftaiey 

thb tKtky twkliof hit leale about— 
m, yn kite a pcMB coo^ out. 
TMNtMlcftvifteti but IicaUy fear 
TarlMR hirKiat a too feme i 
Hhr^ fltei Iter kt*refltD 0MKiCe» 
Aiditet is ttftn ooe fiiad, makes 

C Tw Uamfi lc«t Ike jiift» r feel 
IW MB ^rfb M^^Mtt a»U ei««|e 

At his firfl fetdng forward ought to know. 
That er'ry rogue he meets muft be his foe ; 
That the rude breath of fatirc will provoke 
Many who f^l, and more who fear the ftroke. 
But (hall the partial rage of felfifli men 
From fhibbora juftice wrench the righteous pen, 
Or ihall I not my fettled coorfe purfue, 
Becaufe my foes arc fbes to Virtue too ? 

L. What is this boafted Virtue, taught in School;, 
And idly drawn from antiquated rules ? 
What is her ufe ? Point out one wholefome end : 
Will fhe hurt foes, or can Ihc make a friend ? 
When from long fafts fierce appetites arife, 
Can this fame Virtue IHfle Nature's cries ? 
Can fhe the pittance o( a meal aflfbrd. 
Or bid thee welcome to one great man's board > 
When northern winds the rough December arm 
With firoft and fnow, can Virtue keep thee warm ? 
Can'ft tlwrn difmifs the hard unf>cling dun 
Barely by faying. Thou art Virtue's fon ? 
Or by bafc blund'ring ftatcfmcn fent to jail, 
Will Mansfield take this Virtue for thy bail ? 
Believe it not, the name is in difgrace, 
Virtac and Temple now are mit of place. 

Quit then this meteor, whofe dclufive ray 
From wealth and honour leads thee far aftray. 
True Virtue means, let Reafon ufc her eyes. 
Nothing vrith fools, and int'refl with the wife. 
Would'ft thou be great, her patronage difclaim, 
Nor madly triumph in fo mean a name : 
Let nobler wreaths thy happy brows adorn. 
And leave to Virtue poverty and fcom. 
Let Prddeoce be thy guide ; who doth tifit know 
How Icldom Prudence can with Virtue go ? 
Td be fuccefsfiil try thy utmoft for^c, 
And Virtue follows as a thing of courfe. 

Hifco, who knows not Hirco ' ftains the bed 
Of that kind mafler who nril gave hlih bread. 
Scatters the feeds of difcord thro* the land. 
Breaks ev'ry public, ev'ry private band, 
Beholds widi joy a trufting friend undone^ 
Betrays a bcoraer, and would cheat a fon : 
What mortal in his fenfes can endure 
The nanie of Hirco for the wretch is poor I 
** Li;t him hang, drown, flarve, on a dunghill ror, 
<« By all detefled live, and die fotgot i 
** Let him, a poor return, tn ev'ry breath 
** Feel all death's pains, yet be whole years io 

Is mtw the gen'ral cry w^ all purfue : 
Let Fortune change, and Prudence chaqges too ; 
Supple and oliant a new fyfletn feels. 
Throws up her cap, and fpaniels at his heels j 
Long lite great Hirco, cries, by int'reft taught. 
And let his fbes, tho' I prove one, be nought. 
C. Peace tu fuch nien, if fuch men can havf 

Let (heir poffefliions, let their ftatoincreafe i 
Let their baie fervic<;s m Courts ftrike root. 
And in the feafon bring fbrth goI4en f^uit i 
1 envy not : let thofe who h^vc the will. 
And, unth fo little fpirit, fo much (kill. 
With fuch vile inftrumeots their foctunca carte ; 
Rogues mav grow iA, ab hooe^ man dares ibnce. 
L. Thefe fbde tooceiu thrown off, let u» »d^ 
For onct to real life, and quit ro^vic^ 
1 X 


Churchill's poemp^ 

Starve ! pretty talking 1 but 1 fain would view 
That man, that honeft nun* would do it toa 
Hence to yon mountain which outbraves the iky. 
And dart from pole to pole thy ftrengthen*d eye. 
Thro* all that fpace you (hall not view one man. 
Not one* who dares to ad on fuch a plan. 
Cowards in calms will fay, what in a Itorm 
The brave will tremble at, and not perform. 
Thine be the proof, and) fpite of all you*ve faidy 
YouM give your honour for a cruft of bread. 

C What pruof might do what hanger might cf* 


What fami/h*d Nature, looking with negled 
On all ihe once held dear^ what fear, at ibife 
With fainting Virtttc for the means of life, 
Might make this coward fleih, in love with breathy 
Shuddering at pain, and ihrinking back from deathy 
In treafon to my foul, defcend to bear, 
7*rufting to Fate, I neither know nor care. 

OiKe, at this hour thofe wounds afre{h I feel, 
Which nor profperity nor time can heal, 
Thofe wounds, which Fate feverely bath decreed. 
Mentioned or thought of, muft for ever bleed, 
Thofe wounds, which humbled ail that prjde of 

Which brings fuch mighty aid to Virtue's plan ; 
Oaccf awM by Fortune^'s mod opprcflive frown, 
Py legal rapine to the earch bow'd down. 
My credit at lail gafp, my ilite undone, 
Trembling to meet the (hock I could not fhun, 
Virtue gave ground, and black defpair prevail'd j 
Sinking beneath the ftorm, my fpirits failed. 
Like Peter's faith } 'till one, a friend indeed, 
May all diihcfs find fuch in time of need. 
One kind good nun, in aft, in word, in thoughti 
By Virtue guided, and by Wifdom taught. 
Image of him whom Chriftians fliould adore, 
Scretch!d fonb his hand, and brought me Uf^ t9 
Smctt by good fortune into notice rais'dt 
And for fome little merit largely prajs*d. 
Indulged in fwervtng from prudential rales. 
Hated by rogues, and notbelovM by fools, 
Plac'd above want, (hall abjed thirft of wealth 
So fiercely war *gainfl my fours deareft health. 
That, as a boon, I fhould bafc (hackles crave. 
And, bom to freedom, make myfclf a flive: 
That I (hould in the train of thofe appear. 
Whom Honour cannot love, nor Manhood fear ? 

That I noJonger (kulk firom ftreet to ftreet, 
Afiaid left duns alTail, and huViSs meet } 
That I from place to place this carcafe bear. 
Walk forth at large, and wander free as air j 
That 1 no longer dread the aukward (ricnd, 
Whofc very obligations muft offend. 
Nor, all too forward, with impatience bum, 
At foff *ring favours which I can't return } 
That, from dependence and firom pride fecure^ 
I am not placMfo high to fcom the poor, 
' Nor yet (o low, that I my Lord (hould fear. 
Or hefitate to give him fneer for fneer ; 
That, whilft fage Prudence my purfuits confirm^ 
I can enjoy the world on equal terms ; 
That* kind toothers, to myfelf moft trae. 
Feeling no want, 1 comfbrt thofe who do. 
And with the will have power to aid difhefs j 
1 hefe, and what other bleiTings I po(refii| 

From the indulgence of the Public ri& { 
All private patronage my ibol defies. 
By candour oaore IncIinM to favc, than damOf 
A generous Public made me whar I am. 
All that 1 have, they gave j juft Memory bears 
The gratef\il ftamp, and what I am is theirs. 

L. To feign a rtd-hot seal for Freedom't cade. 
To mouth alood for liberties and laws. 
For public good to bellow all abroad. 
Serves well the purpoies of private fnod. 
Prudence by poblic good intends her ownj 
If you mean ocherwife, you ftand alone. 
What do we mean by Country and by Court ? 
What is It to Oppofe, what to Support ? 
Mere words of couriie, and what is more abford 
Than to pay homage to an empty word f 
Majors and Minors difller but in name. 
Patriots and Minifters are much the dune i 
The only difference, after all their root. 
Is, that the one is m, the other <mt. 

Explore the dark recefles of the mind. 
In the fours hooeft volume read mankind. 
And own, in wife and fimple, great and finaU, 
The fame grand leading principle in alL 
Whatever we talk of wifdom to the wife^ 
Of goodnefs to the good, of public tiet 
Which to our country link, of private bands 
Which claim moft dear attention at our hands. 
For parent and for child, for wife and friend. 
Our firft great Mover, and our laft great End, 
Is one, and, by whatever naoK we call 
The ruling tyrant. Self is all in alL 
This, which unwilling Fadion ihall admit. 
Guided in dift**rent ways a Bute and Pitt, 
Made Tyrants break, made Kings obferve the Isv 
And gave the world a Stoart and Na0au. 

Hath Nature (ftrange and wild cOiKeit of pride] 
DifHngt)UhM thee from all her ions bcfide ? 
Doth virtue in thy bofom brighter glow, 
Or from a fpring more fmt doth •6tif» (low ? 
Is not thy fool bound with thofe very chains 
Which (hackle os ; .or is that Self, which reigns 
0*er kings and beggars, wfakh inidl we fee 
Moft ftrong and (ov*reign, only weak in thee ? 
Fond man, hslieve it not j experience telb 
*Tis not thy virtue, but thy pride rd>els. 
Think (and for once lay hf thy lawkfs pen) 
Think, and confcfs ihyfelf like other men ; 
Think but one hour, aind to thy confcicoce led 
By Reafbn^s hand, bow (lown and hang thy head 
Think on thy prhrate life, recal thy joiitb» 
View diyfelf now, and own with ftrideft trodi, 
That Self hath drawn thee from far Virl 

farther than Folly would hate dar*d to flray, 
Aiid that the talenta liberal Nature gave 
To make thee free, have made thee moica flave. 

Quit then, in prudence quit, that idle train 
Of toys, which have (c long abusM thy brain, 
Ind captive led thy powers } with boimdkis wil 
Let Self noainuin her ftate and emphe HiO, 
But let her, with more worthy objefis caoght. 
Strain all the faculties and fbm of tfaoog^ 
Tothings of higher daring $ let her nagt 
Thro* better pafhires, and leam how to change { 
let her, no longer to weak hSdon tied, 
Vifely revolt, and join oor fbooger fiifo. 




C Ah ! wktf f my Lor«l> hath private life to do 
Wjtb dungs ci public nature ? Why to view 
Wflild yoo ch«s cnidly thpie (ceiet unfold, 
WUchv without pcdn and horror to behold^ 
Moft rpfak BBC (omething more or lefs than man \ 
Which /nends may pardon, but I never can ? 
Uok back ! a tfaoiigbt wi^ borders on defpab, 
Wbkh human nature muft» yet cannot bear. 
Tk OBttbe b^M>Ui« of abufy world, 
Whese pnile and crafure arc at random hurrd, 
Whicb can the meaneft of my thoughts controul, 
C^ ftaice one (Settled purpofe of my foul. 
Free and at large might their wild curies roam. 
If aO, if all, alaa ! were well at home. 
No->*tk the tale which angry Confcience tells. 
When ihe with aM»c than tragic honor fwells 
Eachdscumftaaceof guilty when flem but true, 
5&e brags bad a^oos forth into review ; 
And, like the dread hand-wridng on the wall. 
Bids bfie Rcmorfe awake at Reafon^s call $ 
Ara^d at all points bids fcorpion Vengeance pais. 
And to the mind holds up ReAedion glafs ; 
Tbe mind, which ftartlng, heaves the hftrt-felc 

And hates that form /he knows to be her own. 

rianit,ti of this-^let private iorraws reft--* 
As to the t^ablic 1 dare ilaod the teft $ 
Dast psoodly boaft, 1 feel no wiih above 
The good of England, and my Country*s love. 
Soaflfcr to party -rage, by Reaion's voice, 
L'oerrinf ^uide, direded in my choice, . 
KoCall the tyrant pow'rs of eoith com|iin.*d, 
Ko, aor o^ hell, mall make me change my mind. 
Wh«t ! 'faesd with vatn my hooeft £>ttl di^iains. 
Men wfaoy with fervile 2e4l» are forging chains 
Fer FreedoB^s neck, and lend a |tdping hand, 
T* %(cad deftnadion o'er my native lanfl- 
What ! ikAll I not, e*ento my lateft breath, 
in tihe full £ice of danger and of death, 
EsBSt thjt little ftrengui which Natiue gave,. 
And boldly ftem, or petUh in the wave ^ 

L. Whien I look backward for fome fifiy yean. 
And fee frrat^Hmg Patriots turn to Feer^- ; 
Hem tmn moft loofe, ior decency declaim. 
And taDc of character without a naipe j 
Ve ioAdels afieit the ciufe of God, 
And meek divines wield perfccution's rod } , 
See aea cians&rm*d to brutes, and brutes to men. 
See W}>itefaead* take a place, f Ralph change hit 

Imffh cfae 2cal, and deem the men in fport, 
WC ^a at MlpiAers, and curfe a Court. 
TWry Jsjoighty'as thou art, and proud in rime« 
Shall focne preferment, offerM at a time 
Whea Virtue /leeps, fome facrifice to pride. 
Or (aaic to viAim, move to change thy fide. 
Thee Ihah thefe eyes behold, to health rcftorM, 
\jfm^ m Prudence bids, bold Satire*s fword, 
Ga]&igdqrP'<eient friends, ani praifing thofe, 
Vhook sow diy fteaey holds t^y ^^reateft foes. 

C Mmj I (can woiic difgra^e on manho6d|,fall }) 
Bt hoia a Whitehead, and ba^tis'd a Paul \ 
Mmf I (the* to his fervice deeply ded 
By Cttadoiehs, and now by wiU allied) 

* Pal WUtefaead. 

J'JvKsRalph. See Lord lIeIccmbe*s4<Diafy.* 

With falfe fcignM eeal an injor'd XjoA ddbid. 

And ufe his name for ((xnt bafe private end \ 

May I (that thought bids double horrors roll 

0*ct my tick fpirits, .and unmans my foul) 

Ruin the virtue which I held moft dear, 

And ftill muft hold; may I, thro* abjefl fear. 

Betray my friend \ may to fucceeding times. 

Engraved on plates of adamant, my crimes • 

Stand blazing forth, whilft marked with envious Uot, 

Each little a£i of virtue is forgot ; 

Of all thofe evils which, to ftamp men cursM, 

Hell keeps in Aore tor vengeance, nwiy the worft 

Light on my bead, and in my day of woe. 

To make the cup of bitternefs overflow, 

May 1 be fcorn'd by ev*ry man of worth. 

Wander, like Cain, a vagabond on earth. 

Bearing about a hell in my own mind. 

Or be to Scotland for my life confined. 

If I am one among the many known. 

Whom Shelbiirnc fled, and Calciaft blofhM to own. 

Zr. Do you reflect what men y<Mi make yotir foes ? 

C. I do, axuJ that's the reaibn 1 oppofe. 
Friends. I have made, whom £nvy muft commend. 
But not one foe, whom I would wifh a fneod. 
What if ten thouiand Butes and Hollands bawl, 
One Wilkes hath made a large' amends for all. 

*Ti8 not the title, whether handed down 
From age to age, or flowing from the crown 
In copious dreams on recent men, who came 
From ftcms unknown, and fires without a nameP 
*Tis not ihej^ar, which our great Edward gave 
To mark the virtuous, aiyl reward the brave. 
Blazing without, whilft a bafe heart within 
Is rotten to the core with filth and fin ; 
*Tis not the, ti{ifel grandeur, taught to wait> 

At cujhjm^ IS^I.^ °^^^ ^ ^^ ^^ ^^^^ 
From ^H^oft j^r note, that foul can awe 

ideis iveafon, whofe defimce is Law. 
)(ic;J^a(f(hing fcarce poffible in art, 
cue to play a common part j) 
Suppofe thy writings fo well fencM in law. 
That Norton % cannot find, nor make a flaw. 
Haft thou not heard, that *mongft our ancient tribeSf 
By puny warpt, or lull'd afleep by bribes. 
Or trembling at the ruffian hand of Force, 
Law hath fufpended flood, or changed lb courfe ? 
Art thou afTur'd, that, for deftruAion ripe. 
Thou may'ftnot fmart beneath the felf-fame gripe ? 
What fan^m haft thou, firantic in thy rimes. 
Thy life, thy freedom to fecure ? 

C. Thetimci- 
'Tis not on law, a fyftem great and good. 
By wifdom penn'd, and bought by nobleft blood. 
My fil til relies : by wicked men and vain, 
La\^, onc6 abused, may be abused again.— 
No, on our great Law-giver I depend. 
Who knows and guides her to her propqp ead ; 
Whofe royalty of nature blazes out 
So fierce *twere fin to entertain a doubt- 
Did tyrant Stuarts now the laws difpenfe, 
(Bleft be the hour and hand which fent them 

For fomething, or for nothing, for a word. 
Or thought, I might be doomM to death, miiord. 

X Sir Fletcher Nortao, Atlomey-GciMral; 



life we fliigbt alt reTign to lawleft mwV, 
Kor think Jt worth the purchaft or an hear t 
But Enry ne'er ihall 6x <b feul a ftain 
On the fair anoals of a BrunTwick't idfn. 

Ify flare to paity, to revenge, or pride, 
Iff by firall human «ror drawn afidc, 
I break the Law, kA€t rigour let her wear } 
^U her*8 to puiiiih, and *ds mine to bear i 
Nor bf the voice of Juftice doomed to death. 
Would I aik mercy with my tatelt breath. 
Bat, anxious only for my CoMtry't good, 
In which my King*i, rf rMn^, b underilood ; 
Form'd on a plan with tome itw patriot friends, 
Whilft by juft iDMAs I aim at noUeft endtf 
My fpirits cannot (ink ; iho* from dio tomb 
Stem Jeflfries flioeld be plac*d in Mansfield's room $ 
Tho' lie ihould bring, his hak defigna to aid. 
Some hiack Attontfy itm hit porpofe made. 
And (hove, whilft Decency and Law rstreit, 
The modeA Norton from hit maiden feat \ 
Tho* both, in iU confederates, ihould ^lee. 
In damned league, to torture law and me, 
WhiUI Oeorge is ICing, I cannot fear endure ; 
Not to be guilty, is to be ftcore. 

But when, mafter-thnes, (be far remorM 
That day) our monarch, glorious and beloved, 
Sleeps with his futhers, fhould imperious Fke, 
Invengeanee, wkh frdh Shiarts curfe our fUto ; 
Should they, overleaping er'ry fence of Uw* 
Botchev the brave to keep tame fbohin awe ; 
Should they, by brutal and oppreffive force, 
Divert fweeif Juftice fiwm her erencourfe ; 
Should they, of ev'ry other means bereft. 
Make mv righNhand a Witnefs 'gainft my left 5 
Should they, abroad by InquiAtions tau^ht^ 
•Search out ihy foul, and damn mcJjPit diougfat ; 
SdU would I k^ my couTfc,»«Hil*>(rtft, ftiU 

Till de«h hid phmgM me in the'lH^^ WU^t. 
Thou Ood of Tnakf thou great*; Kit -Searching 

To whom our thoughts, our fpirits open lie. 
Grant me thy fbtngth, and In that needful hour, 
(Should it e'er come) when Law (bbmits to PowV, 
"With firmtefolve my fleady bofom fteel, 
Bravely^tolbfTer, tho* I deeply feel. 

Let me, as hitherto, ftill draw my breath, 
. In love with lifb, but not in fear of death 5 
And, if Oppieffion brings me to die grave. 
And marks me dead, (he ne*er fhall mark a flavew 
Let no unworthy marks of grief be heard. 
No wild laments, not one unfeemly word j 
Let fobcr triumphs wait upon my bier, 
I won't fhrgirt that friend who drops one tear, 
Whether he*sraviih*d in life's early mom. 
Or, in old age, drops like art ear of com, 
Full ripe he foils, on Nature's nobleft plan. 
Who lives to Redbn, and who dioi a Man. 


T ff » 


ACCURS*D the man, wfaeai Ftte ( 

And crael parents teach, to Read aid Write t 
What need of lettete > Whoefbie ihoidd we fpell f 
Why write our namrt } A mark will do as well. 

Much are the preekms hours of youth auf-fpotf. 
In climMng Leanw^'s rugged fteep areent | 
When to the top the bold adventurer's gat» 
Hereigm> vain nXMiarch, o'er a barren fpot, 
Whilft in the vale tf JgrnroKt below, 
Folly and Vice to rank luxuriance grow ( 
Honours and weakh poor in on ev'ry fide. 
And proud Pi e feiiiiq* rolls her golden tide. 

O'er crabbed author* life's gay prime to wifte. 
To cnunp wild genius in the chidns of tafte. 
To beartbt flaviii drudgery of fchoob. 
And tvnely floop to ev'ry pedant's ruks. 
For feven long ye«s debanr*d of lib'ral eatcy 
To plod in coR^ trammels to Jtgrea, 
Benettkthe wei^tof folenn tovs to groao, 
Sleep over books, and leave manldnd unknown; 
To praife each feiiior bhxkhead's thread-bate tale, 
And laugh (01 reafai bhilh, and fpiiits £al. 
Manhood «Mi tile fbbmiffioo to difgrace, 
And ri^tbe fbdl, whefe merit is hit pbcc | 
Vice-OHne^ont whofe knowtedge is hot fimll. 
And ChMCellors, who aothmg know at alli 
IH-btookMthe gen'rmt fpirit m thofe days 
When learning was t9ie certain roadto pr^uft. 
When- nobles, with a love of faencebfeft'd, 
Approved in others whaj 6iemfd¥es p6fft5^d. 

But iMttr, when Punne6 rears aloft h^ tknafp 
When Lordly Taflals her wid» empire o«vn. 
When Wk, fedoc'd by Envy, ftatts afide« 
And bafely leigues with Ignorance aU Fride, 
What iveiv ihould tempt us, by fidft Ivpes ttiOtit 
Learning's unfiAiofiable pariis to tteftd ; 
To bear thofb labours, which our fkhershfalc^ 
That crown with-hdd, which they hi trhid^ woR 

When with much pMM this hoafted leamlqg^ got, 
'TIS an aflfront to thofb who hm it nor. 
Inibmekcaufeshate, mothers fear, 
InftivAy oar foes to rail, oar fHoida to fise*. 
With prudent hafte the worldly-nunded IhS 
Forgets the little which he learaM at ibhofll I 
The elder brother, to raft fbrtobss hom, 
Looks on all ftience with an eye of iborti ; 
Dependent brethren the fame features wevy 
And younger fbns tac fHipSd at thehdr, 
InSenates, at the Bar, in Church addSttte» 
Genius is vUe, and Learning out of d«fe. 

Isthls*-OdeKhtotfauik! is thittheUbd 
Where Merit and Rewanl went hand ill liitaily 
Where heroes, oatoit.llke, the Poet ^fcw'd. 
By whom thejr iW tbjrir glorious deeds reofe^d ; 
Where ^oett, true' to honour, tan*dtki&-I«y6« 
And by their Mtrod Caai^d tbci^priufe f 
Isthisthelabe, whitre, oiiourSpeiifet*steigiie» 
Eoamour'd of his vpice, defcfiptkn hno^ } 


c au K c HI z. l's fox M.S. 


VbcR NAire lift^ufa^ ftood, wiulft Shakcfpcare 

Aid vrndcr^d at the work het^elf had made ? 
Jitbutbehnd, where, mindful of her chaigtf 
Aad office Mgh, fair Freedom walk*d aft hrge^ 
Wbnt, fiadifl^ in oar laws a fore defimce, 
SksMdt'dat all reftraints, but ifaofe of (ienle ; 
Wkie Hnkh and Hmour trooping by her fidei 
& Ipftil her 6cred eanpire fe and wide ; 
Nad die vajr AiBi^on to beguile, 
And hde the face of Sorrow wear a fmtle $ 
HWet^, iriM dare obey the gea'tauscaU, 
£a|oy her bkffingft, which God maaot for ait ? 
Is tUs the land, where in fome tyrant*a reign, 
Wknamui, vxkedf mm/UriaJ tmth 
TW knU of pow*r, die flavct of int^teft, pbnn'd 
TbarCoontiy'a rain, and widi bribea unmannM 
T^ wretches, who, ordain*d in Freedom^s caufe, 
Garenp their liberties, and fold our lawi i 
^^ Pair*r was taught by Meannefs where to go, 
>W(hr'd tolore the Tirtue of a foe { 
Vhea, like a lep^rons plague, from the foul head 
To &e 60] heart her fores Corruption ipread, 
ner iroQ am when ftsem Oppremon reared, 
^Viitoe, fromher brojd bale (haken, fear'd 
' 'Htt ficouge of Vice $ when, inapotem and Tain, 
^or FredonbowM the neck to Slavery's chahi ; 
Iit^dieland, where in thofe woHt of times, 
"He bdy Poet raia*d his boneil rimes 
To ktd rebuke, and bade cootroulment fpeak 
hfilty bidhes OB the iriltam*s check, 
'"^pow** torn pale, kept mighty rogues In awe, 
•Aid ade them fisar the Mule, who fear*d not Law ^ 

Hov dal laugh, when menof narrow fouls, 
^^^ folly guides, and pRJudice controufs $ 
^ one dall drowfy track of boSnefs trod, 
^oHUptittir Mammon and negled their God ; 
^IH veathing br one mufly fet of rules, 
^ 600 the birth, and are by fyftem fools; 
^^ ibiri*d to duOnefs finm tlmr very youth^ 
1« of tbc day prefer to Gofpel truth, 
^■p their fittk knowledge from Reviews, 
AaiUj oat aU their ibodc of futh in news : 
*w*» 1 hogh, when creatures, fbrm'd likethefe, 
^Vhaoi hedan fcorns, and I ihould bluih topleafc, 
^tfiO ]ib*ral arts, deem verfe a crime, 
^ heU not truth as truth, if told in rime > 

Hw^ol laugh, when Publius, hoary groan 
^ni£irScadand*swel6re and his own, 
•% Ab* 'l^rees, and courfe of office, dnwn 
h wati and figure at the helm to yawn, 
Twaem (the woril of curfes Ffcar'n can fend) 
T*bie a fee, too proud to have a friend, 
^'^ hy fbnB, which blockheads facrad hold, 
We'd B^jug new faults, and ne*er mending old, 
^<^s By feirit, Hdt the daring Mufe 
^ftiJieVqual toherweaknefschufe ; 
"^he^frcqoeot ^ haunts of humble fwaim, 
»jr4«ctDtnffdt in ambitious ftnuns; 
«h k r, Indalghig die poetic whim 
*^*-wioo|Jt Ode, nr Sonnet jMnrtly trimj 
^^ tbe diBtch-way path complain vnth Gray, 
<^^ce«khMafim on the firf^of May? 
II Ail ^aedls the name and powV of Kings, 
" AQ Scttei and Statefmen are thofe mighty dungs 
** ^ ud^ howlbe*cr they out of courfe may roll, 
** ^(ztHfernidfcfbr Poeti to cootrovl.*' 

Peace, peace, thou dotatt!> nor thus vildy deem 
Of (acred numbers, and thetrpow'rbbfphemet 
I tell thee, wretch* fearch all creadon round* 
In earth, in heanr*n, no (vbjeSt can be fbond 
(Our God alone except) above whofe weight 
The Poet cannot rile, and hold his ftate. 
The blelTed Saints above in numbers f{>eak 
The praife of God, tho* there all praife ia weak i 
In numbers here bdow the Bard ihall l^ch 
Virtue to foar beyond the viliaim reach $ ^ 

Sh.'Ul tear his laboring lungs, fbain htshoaiA threat. 
And raife his voice beyond the trumpet's note. 
Should an affiided Omntry, aw*d by mett 
Of flaviih principles^demaod his pen. ^ 

This is a great, a glorious point of view* 
Fit for an Engl^ Poet to purfue, 
Undaunted to purfue^ tho' in fetura. 
His writings by the common hangman bum. 

How do 1 kmgh, vrhen men, by fortune piac'A 
Above their betters, and by rank difgracM, 
Who found their pride on titles whkh they ihun. 
And, mean themfidves, are of their £uhers vain ; 
Who would a bill of privilege prefer. 
And treat a Poet like a creditor, 
The generous arioor of the Mufe condemn* 
And curie the fbrm they know muft break on them. 
« MThaC, fhaU a reptile Bard, a wretch unkniMn, 
« Without one badge of merit, but his own, 
« Great Nobles lafl>, and Lordsj like common 

" Smart ^oin the vengeance of a fcrrbbler's pen ?•' 

Whac*s in this name of LorJt that I ihould fear.^ 
To bring their vices to the public ear ? 
Flows not the honeft blood <^ humble fwains 
Quick as the dde whtch fwtlls a monarches veim f 
Mooarchs, who wealth and titles can beftow. 
Cannot make virtues in faccefBon flow. 
Would'ft thou, pnoud man, be falely placed above 
The cenfure of the Mufe, dcfcrvc her knre, 
A€t as thy birth demands, as nobles ought ; 
Look back, and by thy vmttfay fjther taught. 
Who eam*d diofe honours, thou wert b^n to \vear. 
Follow his Heps, and be hh Virtues* heir. 
But if, regardlefs of the road to ^me, 
Youfbrtafide, and tread the padis of fhame; 
If fuch thy life^ that fhould thy fire arife, 
The fight of fuch a ion would blaft his eyes. 
Would make him curie the hour which gave thee 

Would drive him, (hndd*ring, from the fice of 

Once more, with ihame and forrow, *moog(l the dead 
In endlefs night to hide his rev'tend head j 
If fuch thy Kfe, tho* Kings had made thee moi^ 
Than ever King a fcoundrd made before ) 
Nay, to aHow thy pride a deeper fpring, 
Tho* God in vengeance had made thee a King, 
Taking on Virtue's wing her diring flight. 
The Mufe fhould drag thee trembling tothe fight* 
Probe thy foul wounds, and lay thy bofbm. bare 
To die keen queftion of die fearching sdr. 

Gods ! with what pride I fee the titled flave. 
Who fmarts beheatfi the fboke which Satire ^rrfe* 
Aiming at eafe, and wlkhtliftDnefl ait. 
Striving to hide the feelings of hu hc»t ! 
How do I hugh, when ^h aflle^ed air^ 
(Scarce able thio^^^He to keep his chakj 




P O X If 9i 

Vhilfton his trembling lip pile anger fpeiks. 
And the chaTd blood Sies mounting to his cheeks) 
He talks of confcience, wrhlch good men fecttres 
From all diofe eril moments guilr endures. 
And feemt to laogh at tfaofC) who pay regard 
To the wild ravings of a fi^ntic bsu^. 
** Satire, whilft envy and ill-humour fway 
** The mind of man, murt always make her way $ 
*' Nor to a boibm, with difcrerion Iriught, 
** Is all her malice wordi a Tingle ch<nighc. 
** The Wife have not the will, nor Fools thepowV 
^** To ftop her headftrong courfe ; within the hour, 
/< Left to herfelf, Aiedics $ oppofing (hife 
** Gives her finelh vigour, and Jllalongs her life. 
** All things her prey, and ev*ry man her aim, 
^* I can no patent for exemption cl.nim, 
*< Nor would I wiih to ftop th<^t hntnlefs dart 
** Which plays around, but cannot wound my heart ; 
** Tho' pointed at myfelf, be Satire free } 
<* To her 'tis pteafure, and no pain to me.** 

DiflTembling wretch ! hence to the Stoic fchool. 
And there amongf^ thy brethren play the fool j 
There, unrebulc'd, thefe wild, vain dodrines preach ; 
Lives there a man, whom Satire cannot reach ? 
Lives there a man, who calmly can (land by. 
And fee his confcience ripped with fteady eye ? 
When Satire flies abroad on Falihood*s wing. 
Short is her life, and impotent her fting ; 
But, when to Truth allied, the wound (he gives 
Sinks deep, and to remoteft ages lives. 
When in the tomb thy pamperM fleih ihall rot. 
And e*en by feiends thy memory be forgot, 
Still (halt thou live, recorded for thy crimes, 
Live in her page, and ftink to after-times. 

Haft thou no feeling yet ^ Come throw oflT pride, 
And ownthofepaffions which thou (hale not hjde# 
S , who from the moment of his birth, 
Made human nature a renroach on earth ; 
Who never dar*d, nor wilhM behind to ftay. 
When FoUy, Vice, and Meanneft led the way, 
'Would bluih, ihould he be told, by Truth and Wit, 
Thofe adions which he bluih'd not to commit $ 
Men the raoft inferoous are fond of feme, 
And thofe who fear not guilt, yet ftart at flame. 

But vfhither runs my seal, whofe rapid force. 
Turning the brain, bears Redbnfeom her courfe ; 
Carries me back to times, when Poet^, blefsM 
With courage, gracM the fciencethcy profefs'd ; 
When they, in honour rooted, Armly ftood 
The bad to punifli, and reward the good j 
When, to a flame by public Virtue wrought. 
The foes of Freedom they to juftice brought. 
And darM expde thofe (laves who dar*d fopport 
A tftmt plan, and call'd thcmfelves a Court ? 
Ah ! what are Poets now ? As flavUh thofe 
Who deal in verfe, as thofe who deal 'm profe. 
Is there an Author, fearch the kingdom round. 
In whom true worth and real fpirit's found ? 
The (laves of bookfellers, or (doomed by Fate 
To bafer chains) vile penfioners of State i 
Some, dead to (tuune, and of thofe (hackJes proud 
Which Honour fcorns, for flay'ry roar aloud i 
Others kalf-palJUd only, mutes bccoox. 
And what makes SxaoUet write» maket Johnfun 

Why turns yon villab pale ? Why beods his eye 
)Inwvd, aba4>*4^ whea Murphy fa^ by ? 

Doft thoa fage Murphy for a btockhead Cifer, 
Who wages war with Vice for Virtue's fake ? 
No, ncv— like ofther tportdiifigh you will flod 
He fliitts his fdJs, and catches ev*ry wind. 
His foul the fliock of int'reft can*t enduic : 
Give him a peniion then, and foi fccure. 

With laurell'd wreaths the flitt'rer's brews sdora, 
Rid Virtue crouch, bid Vice exalt her horn, 
Bid Cowirds thrive, put Honefty oo flif bt. 
Murphy (hall provs, or try to prove it right. 
Try, thou State- Jug^er, ev*ry paltry art, 
Ranfack the vnoMO^ clofet of my heart, 
Swear thou'rt my (ami i hy that bafeoatb mab 

Into my breaft, and flatter to betray; 
Or, if thofe tricks are v^, if whokfeme doubt 
Dcteds the fraud, and points the vill^out, 
Bribe thofe who daily at my board arc fed, 
And make them take my life who eat my bread i 
On authors for defence, for praife depend { 
Pay him but well, and MjiPpHy is diy fiieod. 
He, he ihall ready ftand with venal nrocs. 
To vamKh guilt, and confecrate thy crimes ; 
To make Comipdoo in falfe colours (hinc, 
And damn hia l»wn good name, to refcue thine. 

But if thy niggard hands their gifts v^ith-hold, 
And Vice no longer rains down (how'rs of gold. 
Expert no mercy j feds, well grounded, teach. 
Murphy, if not rewarded, will impeach. 
What tho* each man of nice and jufter thought. 
Shunning his flepsy decrees, by Honour uughty 
He ne'er can be a friend, who ftoops to low 
To be the bafe betrayer of a foe | 
What tho*, with thine together link'd, his nose 
Muft be with thine tranfmitted down to (hamf. 
To ev*ry manly feeling callous grown. 
Rather than not blafb thine, he'll blaft his own. 

To ope the fountain whence fcdition ffniqgs. 
To (lander Government, and libel Kings, 
With Freedom's name to ferve a prefent honr, 
Tho' bom and bred to arbitrary pow'r. 
To talk of William with infidious art, 
Whilft a vile Stuart's lurking in his hearty 
And, whilft mean Envy rears her loathfoooc bead, 
Flatt'ring the living, to abufe the dead» 
Where is Shebbeare ? O, let not fbul rq>raKb, 
Travelling thither in a City coach. 
The pill'ry dare to name $ the whole intent 
Of that parade was Fame, not Punifhment, 
And that old ftaunch Whig Beardmore ftandn^ by 
Can in foil Court give that report the lye. 

With mde unnat'ral jargon to fupport. 
Half Scotch^ half Engh/Ji, a declining Courtj 
To make moft glaring contraries unite* 
And prove, beyond dUpute, that black is wllite i 
To make firm Honour tamely league wkfa Shtmet 
Make Vice and Virtue differ but in name ; 
To prove that Chains and Freedom are but 00% 
That to be fav'd muft mean to be undone* 
Is there not Guthrie ? Who, like him can cil 
All oppoiites to proof, and conquer dl ? 
He calls forth living waters from the rock * 
He calls forth children from the bames) ftock i 
He, for beyond the fprings of Nature led> 
Makes women bring forth afeer they are dead ^ 
He, .on a curious, new, and happy plan* 
In wedl t .'s facred bands joiat^BMn ^J'^ i 

C H U R C H 1 L t* 8 POtiSS^ 


And, to complete the wKoIe, npftannge, but true, 
Bvibne rare magicy makes them fruitful tooy 
WbJIft ftoro thdr loins, in the^ue courfc of years, 
flows the rich blood of Guthrie*t EagB/lk Peers, 

Ooft thou contrire fome blacker deed of (hiroe, 
Sooetfajng which Nature (huddert but to name, 
Sooedting which makes the foul of man recpeat. 
And die life-bk)od run backward to her feat ? 
DoA diott contrtre for ibme bafe private end, 
Soaie feifiih view, to hang atrufting friend. 
To lore him oo, e^en to his parting breath. 
And pnNnife life, to work him furer death f 
Grawq oM in. villainy, and dead to grace, 
Hdl io hb heart, and Tyburn hi his face j 
Bebdd, a Pariba at thy elbow ffauids, 
Lovr'ring damnation, md with open hands 
Ripe to betray his Saviour for reward j 
Tbe Atfaeif^ Chaplain of an Atheift Lord. 

Bird to the Church, and for the gown decreed. 
Etc it was known that I fhould leam to read ; 
Tho* that was nochmg, for my friends, who knew 
What nughty Dullneis of itielf could do, 
Nerer de%n*d me for a working Priefi, 
Batbop*d, libonld have been a Dean stleat ; 
0)odcna*d (like many more, and worthier men. 
To whom I pledge the lervice of my pen), 
CooSeonM (whUfl proud and pamperM fans of lawn, 
Cnnn'd to the throat, in laiy plenty yawn) 
In fomp of rt^reni hegrary to appear, 
To pray, and ftarve on h>rty pounds a year ; 
My ft ends, who never felt the galling load, 
LsiTKOt that 1 fbribok ttie packhorfe road, 
Wlnlft Virtue to my coodud witnefs bears 
h chfowing off that gown which Francis wears. 
What ci«ature*s t^, to very pert and prim ; 
So very full of fbppery, and whim ; 
Sogeadc, yet (o brifk j fo wood*roos fweet, 
So& to prattle at a lady*s feet, 
Whokoks, as he the Lord*s rich vineyard trod. 
And by his garb appears a man of God ? 
Tmft not to k»ks, nor credit outward fhow j 
T)% viUatn larks beneath the cafiek'dhtaa i 
Thaf s an infivmer ; what avails the name > 
So£ce It that the wretch from Sodom came. 

His tongue is deadly— from his pieience run, 
Unk&thy rage would wi/h to be undone. 
No ties cm bold him, no affeaion bind. 
And far alone refb«ns his coward mind | 
Free him from that, no monfler is Co fell. 
Nor is lb (me a blood-ho^ found m heU. 
His filkea fii^ks, his hypdcridc air, 
Ks meek demeanor, plaofible and Air, 
Are only worn to pave Fraud's eafier %wiy. 
And make gull*d Virtue fall a furer piey. 
Attend his church— hit plan c^ doAxine view*- 
ThePreachertsaChriflian, doll, but trues 
Bat when the haIlow*d hour of preaching's o*e^ 
That plan of dodrine't never thought of more $ 
Chaft is laid by negle€M onthe fhelf. 
And the vilePrieft is Gofpel to himfel£ 

By Oeland tutor'd, and with Blacow bred, 
(Blacew, whom by a brave refentment led, 
Oxford, if Oxford had not funk in fame. 
Ere this, had damo'd to evcrlafting flume) 
Their f^ps he follows, and their crimes partakes, 
To Virtue loft, to Vice alone he wakes, 
I Moft Inicioai^ derlams *gatnft lufcious themes, 
And, wfailfl he raiU at bUTphemy, bbfphencs. 

Are thefe the arts, which poficy fupptics ? 
Are thefe the fteps, by which grave Churchmen rife ? 
Forbid it, Heaven ; or, (hould it turn out (oi 
Let me and mine continue mean and low. 
Such be their arts, whom intercft dNitrouls j 
Kidgell and 1 have free and honeft fouls* 
We fcotn preferment which is gained by fui. 
And will, tho' poor without, have peace v^tbin. 





THE clock flruck twelve, o'er half the ^lobe 
Darkneff had fpread her pitchy robe i 
Morpheus, his feet with velvet (hod. 
Trending as if in fear he trod. 
Gentle as dews at even-tide, 
Diftiird his poppies far and wide. 

Ambition, who, when waking, dreamt 
Of mighty, but phantaftic, fchemes. 
Who, whm afleep^ ne'er knows that reil 
With which the humbler foul is bled. 
Was building caftles in the air, 
Goodly to look upon and £ur. 
But, on a bad foundation laid, 
Doom'd at return of morn to fade. 

Pale Study, by the taper's light. 
Wearing away the watch of night. 
Sat reading; but, with o'ercharg'd head, 
Rememb^'d nothing that he read. 

Starving 'midfl plenty, with a face 
Which might the Court of Famine graces 
Ragged, and filthy to behold, 
Grn Av'rice nodded o'er his gold. 

fealoufy, his quick eye half-dos'd. 
With watching! worn, relud^ant doa'd^ 
And mean difhuft not quite forgot, 
Slumber'd as if he flumber'd not, 

Stretch'd at his length on the bare grot^d. 
His hardy offspring ileeping round, 
Snor'd reftJefs Labour; by his fide 
Lay Health, a coarfe, but comely bride. 

Virtue, without the dolor's aid. 
In the fo^ arms of Ceep was laid, 
Whilft Vice, wkhin the guilty breaft. 
Could not be phyfick'd into rci^, 

T^Mt bloody Mat! ! whofc ruffian knilc 
Is drawn agiinfl thy neighbour's life. 
And never f^niples to dclcend 
Into the bofom bf a friend. 
A firm, faft fnend, by vice allied, 
And to thy fecret fcrvicfctied, 
In whom ten murders breed no awe, 
If properly fccur'd from law. 
Tieu man of LuJI ! whom paflion firei 
To fbuleft deeds, v^'hofe hot defires 



0*er hooeft ban with ea/e nuke way-y 

Whilft uiiot beauty falls a preyt 

And to indulge thy brutal flamcy 

A Lucrece mud b« brought to (hame } 

Whodofty a brave, boldiinner, bear 

Rank inceil to the open air. 

And rapes, full blown upon thy crown. 

Enough to weigh a nation down. 

Tkoufmidar of Lufi I vain man, 

Whofe reftleis thoughts ftill fbnn the pla» 

Of guilti which wither*d to the root. 

Thy lifelefs nerves can't execute, 

WhiUl in thy manowleit diy bonet, 

Defire without enjoyment groans. 

Tkou ferjur^d fFittch I whom falihood cloaths 

£*en like a garment $ who with oaths 

Doft trifle, as with brokers, mtant 

To fcrve thy tv'ry vile intent, 

In the days broad and fearching eye 

Making Cod witnefs to a lye, 

Blafpheroing Hea? *n and £arth for pelf^ 

And hanging /n(m/« !o fave thyfelf. 

Tkoufm of CAane ! whofe glonous foul 

On the four aces doomed to roll, 

Was never yet with Honour caught. 

Nor on poor Virtue lo(t one thought ; 

Who doft thy vrifff thy cAi/dren fct, 

Thy tf//, upon a ftngle bet, 

Rifquing, the defp*rate ftake to try, 

//irrr, and ktnafttr on a die } 

Who, thy own private fortune loft, 

Doft game oft at thy country's coft, 

And, grown expeit in ftiarping rules, 

Firft fool*d thyfelf, now prey*ft on fools. 

TkmmkU Gamier f whofe high place 

Gives too much ^redit to difgrace $ 

Who, with the motion of a die, 

Doft nuke a mighty iftand fly. 

The fums, I mean, of good F)remi gold 

For which a mighty iiland ibid $ 

Who doft hetr^ 'mtetligfwct^ 

Abufe the deardi cmfidenctt 

And, private fortune ro create, 

Moft ialfely play the game of State ; 

Who doft within the AUe^ fport 

Sums, which might beggar a whole Coort, 

And make us bankrupts all, if Care, 

With good £tfr/ Talbot, was not there. 

T4M dsrit^ bfdtl I whom pride 

And fin have drawn from ReaibnU fide \ 

Who, fearing his avengeful rod, 

Doft wiih not to believe a God { 

Whofe hope u founded on a phn. 

Which flKmlddifb«d the fool of man, 

And make him coiie his afejed birth i 

Whofe hope is, once retumM to eaith* 

There to lie down, for worms a feaft. 

To rot and perifli, like a beail $ 

Who doft, of pontfhment afraid. 

And by thy crimes a oowrara made. 

To cv^iy genYoQS fiml a coife, 4 

ThjB hdl and all her t o r ni a m worfc, 

When crawling to thy latter end. 

Call on dcftruction as a nieod, 

Chufing to cnunble mto duft^ 

Radserthan life, tho* lUe you moft. 

^km ihfmt0t / woo doft prophane, 

Asd take ifae p^tnotTt 1 

Then moft thy Coantry's foe, whennoft 
Of love and loyalty you boaft ) 
Who for the filthy lovt of gold. 
Thy friend, thy Ring, thy God haft fold. 
And, mocking the juft claim of HcU, 
Were bidders found, thyfelf wouldft fcU. 
Te ydU'.m ! of whatever name. 
Whatever rank, to whom the claim 
Of Hell is certain, on whofe lids 
That worm which never dies, forbids 
Sweet fleep to fall, come and Mo/df 
Whilft envy makes your blood run cold, 
Sikoldy by pitilefs Confcience led. 
So Juftice wills, that holy bed. 
Where Peace her full domioioo keeps. 
And Innocence vnth Holland fleeps. 
Bid Terror, poftiog on the wind. 
Affray the fpirits of mankind. 
Bid earthquakes heaving for avent* 
Rive their concealing contineqt. 
And, forcing an untimely birth 
Thro* the vaft bowels of the earth. 
Endeavour in her monftrous womb 
At once all Nature to entomb \ 
Bid all that's horrible and dirt. 
All that man hates and fean, coofpire 
To make night hideous, a» they can $ 
Still is thy fleep, thou virtuous man. 
Pure as the thmights, which in thy brcaft 
lnh;«bit, and infure thy reft $ 
Still (hall thy AvlifF, taught, dm* late. 
Thy friendly juAice in his fate, 
TumM to a guardian angel, fpread 
Sweet dreams of comfort round thy head. 

Dark was the night by Fate decreed 
For the contrivance of a deed 
More black thaacununon, which might make 
I Thb land from her foundations fhake 
I Might tear np Freedom from the rooty 
Deftroy a Wilkes, and fix a Bute. 

Deep Horror held her wide domain i 
The iky in fulkn drops of ram 
Forewcptthe mom, and thro' tbeair* 
Which, opening, laid its bofbm bare. 
Loud thunders roird, and lightnmg ftream^d \ 
The owl at Freedom^s window fcream*d, 
Thefcrecch-owl, prophet dire, whofe breath 
Brings ficknefs, and whofe note is death ; 
The church-yard teem*d, and fiom the tomb. 
All fad and fiient, thro* the gkwm. 
The ghofb of men, io fi>rmcr times 
Whofe public virtues were their ctiiiaesy 
Indignant fbdkM ; ferrow and rage 
Blanked their pale cheek; in hn own 1^ 
The prop of Freedom, Hampden there 
Felt afbr death the generous care ; 
Sidnev by grief firon Heav*n was kepty 
And for his brather patriot wept : 
All friends of Liberty, when Fate 
Prepared to fl|octen Wilkes*s date» 
HeavM, deeply hurt, the heait-felt groan. 
And knew that wound (Dbetheirown. 
Hail, LiBxtTT! a glorkms wovd. 
In other coontiies fcaroely beard. 
Or heard but at a thmg of oouife, 
^^uMMt or energy or foice y 
HtrtfdX^ CBioy*d, adar*d fhe fpriqgt. 
Far, fivbey<QndtlwiCKho^lE^<>ih 




Fitib Uooauag fitxn our mother eiith : 
Wkfa pride aad joy &e owns her birth 
UHif'd trotn nsy and in return 
Kds mourbreafts her genius bum ; 
Kdi us with all thoie blpflii^ live 
Which Liberty alone can gfrey 
OrooUy with that ipirit die. 
Which makes death more than vidory. 

Hail thofe old patrioeit on whofe tongue 
I Vffm fiun in the Senate hung* 
Whilft they the&cred canii: maincain'd ! 
Ha] tfaofe old Mchf to honour tnun*d» 
Who fpread, when other methods fuVdf 
W«*s bloody banoer, and prevailM ! 
Shall men like theic unmrnrion^d Deep 
Praaufcooos with checommon heap» 
Afld (gratitude fbrtid thecnme) 
Be cvned down tbe Aieaui or time 
lafcoilsy iwnotic*d and lbrgot» 
Qd Lethe*s ftreamy like fl^, to rot ? 
Ko— they ihall lirey and each fair umey 
Recorded in the book of Fame, 
Foioided on Hoiioar*t bafis, Aft 
As the round enrtn Id 4ges laft* 
SooK virtues yaniui with our breathy 
Virtue like this lives after detth. 
OMThnekiairclf; his fqrthe thrown by* 
Himfelf kft inct^nity, 
Aacferlaftrng crown ihall twine 
To make a Wilkes and Sidney JMn. 

Botihould Ibfiife flave-got villain dare 
Oaias for his Country to preparey 
Aad, byhisbhtbtoOav^rybrake, 
Make her to leel thegalhng yoke, 
Mijr he be e f erm or e accnrs*d, 
Aonigft bad men be ranked theworft ; 
May he be ftitt faimfidf, and fliU 
Go on in vice* and perfed ill $ 
Mayhisbroad crimes each day incieafey 
Tillhecan*t live, nor die in peace } 
May he be pl«ng*d Ibdeep in ihame 
That Satin may *Bt endure his tamtt 
And hear, Aarce enroling 00 the earth. 
Mil children curie him for their birth { 
May Liberty, beyond the grave, 
Ordato him to be ftill a flave, 
Gntt him what here he moft icquifM, 
Aad danm him widi hM own defires ! 

But ftouU lone villain, in fupport 
And seal for a deTpiiring Court, 
■ ucing m craft Us conndcsce, 
And nsking honour a pretence 
To do a deedof despeft flMme, 
Whilft filthy lucre is his aim $ 
Shoald fiich a wretch, with (Vvord or knlie, 
Contrive to pradilc *gahift the lift 
Of one, who liQnDur*athsD* the land, 
ForFicedora made a glorious ftand ; 
Whoieduef, perhaps his onlv crime. 
Is (if plain Truth at (ncha tm>e 
May dareheriSoitimnts to tell) 
That he his Country loves odo well } 
May he— hut words aie all too weak 
The feelings of my heart to %eakp— 
May h»— O ftir a noUe curie 
Whkh might his wy manowj 
the general contempt engage^ 
Aad be the Martin cf his age. % 




DEEP in the boioro of a wood. 
Out of the road, a Temple ftood $ 
Andent, and .much the worfe for wear, 
It callM aloud fer quick repair, 
And, tottenng from fide to fide, 
Mcnac'd defbuftion far and wdc. 
Nor able feemM, unlefs made ftronger. 
To hold out four or five years longer. 
Four hundred pillars, from the ground 
Rifing in order, m^ uofound, 
Some rotten to the lieart aloof, 
Seem*d to fupport the tott*ring roof, 
But to infpedion nearer laid, 
Inftead of giving wanted aid. 

The ftnMfhire, rare and curious, made 
By men moft faok-js in their trade, 
A work of years, adnur*d by all, 
Was fuf}er*d intodnft to fidl ; 
Or, juft to make it hang together. 
And keep off the effeAs of weather. 
Was patch*d and patchM from time to time 
By wretches, whom it %vere a crime, 
A crime, which Art would treafon hold, 
To mention with thofe names of old. 

Builders, who had the pile furveyM, 
And thofe not Ftttcnfit • in their trade, 
£>oubted (the wife hand in a doubt 
Merely fometimes to hand her out) 
Whether (like churches in a brief. 
Taught wifely to obtain relief 
Thro*Ghaoc^, who gives her fees 
To this and other charities) 
It muft not, in all parts unfound. 
Be ripped, and pullM down to the ground ; 
Whether (tho* afbr-ages ne'er 
Shall raifea building to compare) 
Art, if they ihould their art employ. 
Meant to preferve, might not dcftroy \ 
As human bodies, worn away, 
Battered and halting to decay. 
Bidding the pow*r of Art defpair, 
C'innot thofe very medicines b«ir. 
Which, and whkh only can reftoie, 
And niake them healthy as before. 

ToLiBiBTY, whofe gracious fmile 
Shed peace and plenty o*er the iflcy 
Our grateful anceftors, her plain 
But faithful children, raisM this fane. 

Full in the firont, fHetch'd out in length. 
Where Nature put finth all her ftrength 
In fpring eternal, lay a plain. 
Where our brave fiither*8 us'd lo train 
Their fons to vms, to teach the art 
Of war, and fleel the infiuit heart. 
Labour, their hardy norfe, when young, 
Their joints had knit, theirnerves had ftruog \ 
Abftinence, foe declared to death, 
Had, from the time they firft drew breath. 
The heft of dodors, with plain food, 
Kept pure the channd of Oteir blood ; 
Health in their cheeks bade colotir rife. 
And Glory fparkled in her eyes. 

* Henry Flitcrofb was the architect of St. Giles 'a 
in the Fieldsy St. Olave Southwark> tct. 
K 2 


Churchill's poems*^ 

The inftruments of hulbaiidry, '' 

At in centetnpty were all thrown hjt 
And, flattering a mao)y pride, 
War*& keener tooU their place fupplied. 
Tfteir arrows to the head they drew : 
Swift to the point their javelins flew » 
Thev graTp'd the fword, they (hook the fpear 9 
Their hfhen felt a pleaflog iear ; 
And eren Coorage, ftanding hjf 
Scarcely beheld with fteady eye. 
£xh fhipling, leflbnM hy his fire. 
Knew when to doTe^ when to retire. 
When near at hand, when from a£u 
To fight, and w» hiojlelf a War^ 

Their wive^, their mothers all arotfnd, 
Carelcfs of order, 00 the ground, 
BreathM forth to Heav*n the pious vow. 
And for a fon's or bufl»nd*s br. •*•, 
With eager fingers laurel wove j 
Lnurel, which in the facred grove. 
Planted by LlJiiiTT, they find. 
The brows of con<juctw8 to bind. 
To give them pride and fpmt%, fie 
To make a world in arms fubmit. 

What raptures did the bofom fire 
Of the young, rugged« peafant fire, 
When from die toil of mimic fight, 
Rcttiming witfaretuni of night, 
He (aw his babe lefign the breaft. 
And, fmilbg, ftroke thoie tms in jeft. 
With which hereaf^ he ihlJl make 
The proodefi heart in Gallia quake ! 

Gods ! with what joy, what hooeft pride. 
Did each fimd, wifiun|, ntftic bride 
Behold her manly fwain return ! 
How did her love>fick bofom bum, 
Tho* on parades he was not bred, 
Nor wore the livery of red. 
When, PleafuR height 'ning all her charms. 
She ftrain*d her warrior in her arms> 
And begg*d, whilft love and glory fire, 
A fon, a fonjull like his fire ! 

Such were the men in formert times, 
Ere luxury had made our cngm 
Our bitter punifimaent,^ who>^iprie 
Their terrors to a foreign (tii^ i 
Such werethe men, who fite fiiom dread, 
By Edwards and by Henries led. 
Spread, like a torrent fwellM with rains, 
0*er haughty GaJIia*s trembling oUins ; 
Such were the men, when luft of pow'r. 
To work him woe, in ey>l hour 
D^bauchM the tyrant frafk thofo ways 
On which a King (hoold fannd his praife { 
When ftem Opprefikn, hand b hmd 
With Pride, ftalkM proudly thro* the land s 
When weeping Juitice was mifled 
From her faircoorfe, and Mercy dead j 
Such were the nnen, in virtue ftmng. 
Who dar'd not fee their Country's wrong j 
Who left the mattock, and the fpade. 
And, in the robes of war arrays, 
|n their rough armi, departing, took 
Their helpless babes, andwithakwk 
Stem and determine, fwore lo foe 
Thofc babes no more, or fee them firee ; 
Such were the men whom tyrant Piid^ 
CoHl^ftcv^r hikn to his fide 

By tiifcatB or bribes j who. Freemen wtKitf 

Chttot, tho* of gold, beheld with fcon | 

Who, foee horn ev*ry forvUe awe. 

Could never be divorced finm Law, 

FhMn that broad general Law, whichScnfo 

Made fot the geimal defence'; 

Could never yield to partial ties 

Which from dependent ftatioas fife $ 

Could never be to fiiv*ry led. 

For Property was at their bead ; 

Such -were the men in days of yore. 

Who, caira by Liberty, befim 

Her Temple on the facred green. 

In martial paftimes oft were feen*» 

Now fcen BDh>n ger —-tn thdrfteed. 

To lit tnefs and vermin bred, 

A rjce who, ftrangers ID the caafe 

Of Freedom, live by other laws. 

On other motives fight, a prey 

To imereft, and flaves fiir pay. 

Valour, how $Moa» on a plan 

Of Honour fi^nded, leads tbeirvw $ 

Difcretion, ftee ftom taint of fear. 

Cool, butrefolv'd, brings op their leer, 

Difcretion, Valour's better half; 

Dependence hdd's the General's ftaflT. 

In plain and home^fpungarb airay'd. 
Not for vain fiiew, bat fervice made, 
in a green flourifliing <M age. 
Not dannn'd yet with an equipage. 
In rules of firUragt ontaught. 
Simplicity, not worth a greet. 
For years had kept the Temple-doorf 
Full on hit breaft a glafe he wore. 
Thro* which his bofom open lay 
To ev'ry one tliat pafe'd that way. 
Now tum'd adrift— with humbler foee 
But prouder heart, hia vactat place 
ComipcioD fills, and beirst)wkey$ 
No entrance now without a fee. 

With belly round, and fiill fitt fece. 
Which on the houfe refleded grace. 
Full of good fere, and honeft glee, 
TY^fiewm^d Hofpitality, 
Old Welcome (roiling by his fide, 
A good old ferrant, ofcentiied. 
And feithfol fi>and, who kept in viHr 
Hb Lady's feme and int're^ too. 
Who nude each heart with joy rebottod. 
Yet never run her ftate a-groond, 
Was tum'd off, or (which word I find 
Is more in modem ufe) rg%»V.v 

Half-ftarv'd, half-ftarvang othen, bred 
In beggary, with carrion fiid, 
Detcfted, and detefting all, 
Made up of avarice and gall, 
Boafting great thrift, yet waiting more. 
Than ever fteward did befiire. 
Succeeded 0M, who, to engage 
The praife of an exhaufted age, 
Aflum'd a name of high degree. 
And call'd himfelf Ocoooomy. 

Within the Temple, fiill in fight, 
Where, without coifiag, day and night. 
The workmen toil'd, where Labour bar*d 
His brawny arm, where Art prepar*d. 
In regular and even rowt. 
Her types, a Frkflmg-Fr^ anfe % 


lack voricnuB katw his talk, and each 
W« iMoeft ad expert as Leach. 

Hnce Lexmog ibuck a deeper foot. 
Aai Sdeace bnmgbt fbctfa riper £ruit | 
Hotr Lofafey KceiTM fapport, 
£»ei when banUh*d fipom the Covrt ; 
Heaa Gorexnaent gainM ftreogth, and JUnce 
Rd^ fiwght* and found defence ; 
Mtau lo^utd^t hirdk hme arofe, 
AmA Btaty fobdu^d her files. 

Ob a ]om, fimple, turf-made throne 
Rai*d bf jtU^aactp Icaiceljr known 
FfEND her atteodanu» glad tote 
hsma of that equafity 
Sbe inih*d to all, fo ^ as cooM 
S^ coofift widi ibcial goody 
HKGaMefifjty around her head 
A cksioJ radiance Glory fpread { 
Covnge, a youth of royal raccy 
lonlilyftem, pofleisM a place 
Oa ker left-haad» and on her right 
S< HoDoor, cloadi*d with robes of Ugf^i 
Bdoe her Magna Charta lay, 
^^Udk fime great lawyer, of his day 
Tk PtMty was affic*d to explain, 
Aaj snake the bdss of her reign : 
fioce, ommM vith olive, to her breaft 
T«» finiliog twia-bom in^ts preft ; 
i^ ber feet couching. War was laid, 
Aarf with a brindled lion play*d $ 
j^soii Mercy, hand and hand, 
jut tnsrdians of the happy land. 
Together held dtetr mighty charge, 
Aai Trech walk*d all about at large>{ 
Heiltb ibr the royal troop the feaft 
Pir^d and Yirtoe was High-Prieft. 

Such was tbe £uDe our G^fi bore, 
Ha Tea^ fuch ta dajrs of yore. 
WlutchMiges rudileis Time prefienCs ! 
^AM her nitB*d batdements. 
Her vaDs decayed, her noddfaig fpires, 
Her ikn broke, her dying fiies. 
Her nsBK deipU*d, her piiefts deftroy*d, 
Herftiends ^gnK^d, her ibes employed, 
B^ ijbj mmjfier'uU arts 
%«nr*d e'en m the People's hearts, 
^^dft they, to work her furer woe, 
'^ her to monarchy a foe) 
^i by grief, felfHkwm'd to dwell 
^>^ not poor henait in a cell, 
^ t^ retiicmenc tedious grown, 
tffce w alks ibctfa, ihe walks unkmmtt 
'^B**^ and pointed atwithfcom, 
A> oat in ibme ftrange country bonk 

Behold a rude and ruffian race, 
^ ^»d of fpoilers, feiae her place: 
^4 looks, which night the heart dif-ieat, 
^ sake life ibund a ^k retreat, 
~»npbe from the cradle bred, 
A ^«i^ .A/ MM^L^bim/ at thetr head, 
^^ (nt 6om virtue and Aom awe, 
J^cw Booe but the bad part of law, 
^^ rav*d at large $ each on his breaft 
'f«k*d«khagrvy.>{wa«/, ftood confeft. 
Cvttodacnt waked oo their nod, 
ii|b.wielding Paibcotion's rod \ 
C«Mb ibOow'd at dietr heels. 

Thofc feals, (or which he dear /hall pay. 
When awful Juftke takes her day. 

The Printers faw— they faw and flcd«— 
Science declining, hiing her head. 
Property in defpjir appeared. 
And fbrherfelf delhrudion fear'd ; 
Whilft under foot the rude flaves trod 
The works of men^ and word of God | 
Whilft clofe behind, on many a book. 
In which he nerer deigns to look. 
Which he did not, nny— could not real, 
A bold^ had man (by pow*r decreed 
For tYut bad end, who in the dark 
Scom*d to do roifchief ) fc^r Iiis maik 
In the fuH day, the mark of Hell, 
And on the Goipd ftamp'd an Li 

LiBzaTY fled, herfhends withdrew* 
Her friends, a /aichful, chofen few ; 
Honour in grief threw up, and Shame^ 
Cloathing herfelf with Honour's name, 
Ufurp'd hisftation; on the throne 
Which LiBKRTY once call'd her own, 
(Gods, that (iich mighty ills (hould ^ri^jg 
Under fo great, lb good a King, 
So lov'd. To loving, thro' the aits 
Of Sutefmen curs'd with wicked heart9<l^ 
For cv'ry darker purpoie fit, 
Behold in triumph State-Cra& fit 

BUS or TMX 9XC01ff» SOOS. 

B 9 O K 


AH me ! what mighty perils wait 
The man who rneddles writh a Stats^ 
Whether to ftrengthen, or oppofe ! 
Falfe are his firieods, and firm his /bes. 
How muft his foul, ooce ventnr'd in. 
Plunge blindly on from fin to fin ! 
What toils he fuffers, what difgrace. 
To get, and then to keep a place ! 
How often, whether wrong or rights 
Muft he in jefi or eameft fight, 
Rifquing fi>r thofe both life and limb, 
M^o would not rifque one groat (ot him!v 

l^er the Temple lay a 6ave, 
Made by fome guilty, coward (lave, 
Whofe a^Hons fear'd rebuke, a mate 
Of intricate and winding ways. 
Nut to be found without a clue | 
One paflf^e only, known to few. 
In paths direct led to a cell. 
Where Fraud in fecret lov'd to dweH* 
With all her tools and flaves about her. 
Nor fearM left Honefty fhould rout her. 

In a dark comer, (hunnii^ $ght 
Of man, and fiirinking from 1^ Hght* 
One dull, dim taper thro* the ceil 
Glimm'ring, to make more horrible 
The face of darknefs, Iha prepares. 
Working unfe«p, all kinds of fiitfv^ 



With curkmi, but deftrudive trt : 
^Hertf thro' the eye to catch the heart. 

Gay fiars their tinfel beams a^rd. 

Neat artifice to tnp a Lord j 
» TirtY, fit for all whom Folly bred, 

Vfvrc plumes o( feathers for the head $ 

Garters the hag contrives to make, 

Which as it feems, a babe might break, 

But which ambitious madmen feci 

More firm and Aire than chains of fteel $ 

Which, flrpp'd juft underneath the knee. 

Forbid a Freeman to be free i 

Purjes ihe knew (did ever curie 

Travel more fure than in a purfe ?) 

Which, by fome ftnmge and magic handa 

Enflave the foul, and tie the hands. 
Here Flatt-ry, eldcft-bom of Guile, 

Weaves with rare /kill the filken (mile. 

The courtly «ringe, the fupple bow. 

The private fqueeie, the levee vow, 

With which, no ftrange or recent cafe, 

Fools m deceive fools wt of place. 
Corrupdon (who, in ft^moer times. 

Thro' fear or flume cooceal'd her crimes, 

And what flie did contrived to do it 

So that rh» public laight not view it) 

Prefumptuout grown, uftfit wm held 

For their dark councils, md expclPd, 

Since in the day her bufincfs might 

Be done as fafe as in the night. 

Her eye down^^eadiog to the ground. 
Planning fome dark and deadly wound, 

Holduig a dagger, on %vhich ftood. 
All frefli and reeking, drops of blood. 
Bearing a lanthom, whWi^f yore, 
By Treafon borrowed, Guy Fawkes bore. 
By which, fince they improv'd in trade, 
Exdjemen have their lanttionis madeji 
Aflaffinadoo, her whole mind * 
Blood.thirfting, on her arm reclin*d. 
Death, grinning, at her elbow ftood. 
And held forth inftruments of blood. 
Vile inftruments, which cowards chofe. 
But men of honour dare iy)t ufe \ 
Around his Lordfliip and his Grace, 
Both qualified for fuch a place. 
With many a Forbes*, and many a Dunf, 
Each a refolv'd, and pious foo. 
Wait her high bidding ; each prepared. 
As ihe around her orders fliar'd, 
Proof *gainft remorfe, to run, to fiy, 
And bid the deftin'd vidim die, 
Pofting on Villainy's black vnng. 
Whether he Patriot is, or Kmg. 
Opprefiion, «iUling to appear 
An objeft of our love, not fear. 
Or at the moft a rev'reod awe 
To breed, ufurp'd the garb of Law. 
A book flie held, on which her eyes 
Were deeply fixed, whence icemed to lUt 
Toy in her breaft; a book, of might 
Moft wonderfol, which black to white 
Could turn, and without help of laws, 
Could make the worfo the better caiife. 

• A Scotch oftcer who challenged Mr. WUket. 
t A poor Lunadc, who was charged with aa in- 
tention to aflafiiMfie Mr. Wilkes. 

She read, by fiatt'ring hopes deceSv'd, 

She wifli'd, and what ihe wiih'd, bcliev'd> 

To make that book for ever ftand 

The rule of wrong through all the hnd { 

On the back, feir and worthy ntfe. 

At large was Magna Charu wrote, 

But turn your eye within, and read* 

A bitter ledbn, Norton's Creed. 

Ready, e'en with a look, to nm, 

Faft as the courfers of the i«n. 

To worry Virtue, at her hand 

Two half.ftarv'd greyhouods took thetr ftttd. 

A curious model, cut in wood. 

Of a moft ancient caftlc flood 

Full in her view j the gates were barr'd. 

And foldien on the watch kept guatd } 

In the front, openly, in bbck 

Was wrote, " the Tow'rj" but on the b«k, 

Mark d with a Secretary's feal. 

In bloody letters, the Baftille." 

Around a ubie, folly bent 
On mifchiff of moft black intent 
Deeply determin'd, that their reign 
Might longer laft, to work the bane 
Of one firm patriot, whofo heavt* tied 
To Honour, all their pow'r defied* 
And brought tiK>fe aaioos into %fat 
They wlfli'd to have conceal'd ia Mghr, 
Begot, bom, bred to infemy, 
A Prfvy.Coundl fat ef Threes 
Grwt were their names, of high repute 
And fiivour thro* <^ land of Bute. 

The Firft (entkled to the place 
Of Honour both by G«wiiaiid Cncc, 
Who never let oecafioo flip 
To take right-hawl of ftrUmSta^ 
And was fo proud, that ihould he owet 
The twelve ApofUes ia the ftivet. 
He'd turn hisaofe up at dMB all. 
And fliove his Saviour from die w»l! J 
Who was fo mean (Meanaefe and ftide 
Sail go together fide by fide) 

And hdd a ftmup for the De^ 

If in a journey to his mind. 

He'd let him mount and ride behind : 

Who bafely fawnM thm' aU hit life, 

For/tfrnwtfiift, then for atv^j 

Wrote Dedicatkm whkh mttTrndtr 

The heart of ev'ry Chritonj. qwfc | 

^ade one man equal to» or aofc 

Than Cod, then left him^ at befot* 

His God he left, and dr«wn by pfide. 

Shifted about to t' other fide) 

Was by his fire a pvfon amkp 

Merely to give the boy a trade i 

Buthchimielf was Aatto diawn 

By fame famt omens of the lawn. 

And on the truly Chriftian plai 

To make himielf a Gentlemn, 

A title in which fimn amy'd himi 

^^! ^*^ »«'« thought on't when fte mads hts. 

The oaths he took, 'tis veiy tnse^ 
But took them, as aU wife men do» 
With an intent, if things ibonld (am. 
Rather to temporise, than bom. 
Oofpel and Loyalty WB» made 
Toferve the pucpgfet of txade i 



Irfjgii are but piper tftt, 
Wlkfc bind d»e fool, but which the wife, 
Sidk idle oodoiM hr tbovey 
Dm oa and off, jaft lilce a glove ; 
AUGeds, all Kii^s (let his great aim 
Ee atfWer*d) were Co him the fame. 
A Cwate firft, he read and re^, 
Aadlsd in, wfailft he ihouU have kd 
Tkiboh of hit negleaed flock. 
Of feadbg foch aroighty ftock, 
Tht he o*ercharg*d the wearjr Brain 
WA more than ihe could well contain, 
Msethan ihe was with fpirits fraught 
Tfttam, and methodise to thought, 
Aarf«hich, Cke iUwiigefled food, 
T» fauMurs tnm*d, and not to bkwd. 
Imfk «p to Loadoo, from the plow 
Aai fnifkt how to make a bow 
Be 07*d to Icnm, he grew polite, 
Aai «■ the Poet's panfite. 
Wtk Wks coorerfiiv (and Wits then 
Woe as be band *mMgft Noblemen) 
Beca^ght, or would have caught the flame, 
Aad veold be Bochiaf, orthefiune} 
ft ^ari: wick dradUrds, liv*d with finners, 
jBoded with ifldidels for dinners ; 
I Wkfafoch an wnphafis and grace 
l^bem^d, that Potter kept not pace i 
8e, ia the higiheft reign of noon, 
kTd bawdry fongs toa Pialm tone; 
Jlk^i with men innmous and vile, 
Wk*d his CUvation for a finile, 
^otich their humour caught their plan, 
AsilaghM at God to laugh with man { 
Ni'dthem, when liviog, in each breath, 
^imm*d their memories after death. 
To prove hk foith, which all admit 
Ji<kaft equal to his wit, 
ialmake himfolf a man of note, 
^ B dcfriKC of Scripture wrote ) 
Sikof be wrote, and long about it, 
^ e*ca believers *gan to doubt it t 
Be«MetDO«f the Inwvd Light, 
Tb* ao «ae knew how he came b]r*t, 
^«f that Inflncnriiy Grace, 
Vkkb in his lifone^er found a placet 
BewBie loo of the Holy Ghoft, 
V uboQ no move than doth a poft 
ft kacw i nor, ihould an Angel fliew him, 
*«U be or know, or chafe to know him. 

Km (for he knew *twixt ev'ry fcience 
TWc was a natural allisice) 
Bevwte, t* advance his Maker's praifo, 
^^■■ots on rimes, and notes oo plays, 
Wd kim(df 'm the Critic's chair, 
C£vp*4 «*cr Reafoo foil dominion, 
*"• favtm d merdy by opinion. 
^ k^h detfaroo*d, and kept m awe. 
^ «r plain fimple Men of Law*, 
ft Aoi'ddead fiticDds f* to vengeance true, 
T'Adetbenan they never knew. 

lamim tridly all mankind, 
M chHaften are mix^d, we find; 

Edwards, Efq. See CanoQS of Criti 
t See lkceit»^*efe. 

And Vice and Virtue take their turn 
In the fame breaft to beat and bum. 
Our Prieft was an exception here. 
Nor did one fpark of grace appear, 
Not one dull, dim fpark in hn foul ; 
Vice, glorious Vice pofleis'd the whole. 
And, in herfcrvice truly warm. 
He Mras in fin mr>ft uniform. 

Injurious Satire, own at leaft 
One fnivelling virtue in the Prieft, 
One (hivelling virtue vdiich is plac*d. 
They fay, in or about the waift, 
Caird Chaflity ; the prudiflidame 
Knows it at large by Virtue^s name. 
To this his wife (and in thefe days 
Wives feldom without reafon praife) 
Bears evidence— then calls her child. 
And fwears that Tom was vaftly wild. 
Ripen*d by a long courfeof years, 
He great and perfod now appears. 
In ihape fcarce of the human kind $ 
A man, without a manly mind ; 
No hufoand, tho* he*s truly wed ; 
Tho* on his knees a child is bred. 
No father $ injorM, without end 
A foe $ and tho* obliged, no friend ; 
A heart, which Virtue ne*er difgrac*d i 
A bead, where Learning rens to wafte $ 
A gentleman well-bred, if breeding 

Refts in the article of reading ; 

A man of this world, for the next 
Was ne'er included in his text ; 

A judge af genius, tho* confoft 

With not one fpark of genius bleft ; 

Amongft the flrft of critics plac*d, 

Tho* free from ev'ry taint of tafte ; 

A Chriftian without frith or works, 

As he would be a Turk *mongft Turks i 

A great divine, as Lords agree. 

Without the leaft divinity ; 

To crown all, in declining age, 

£nflaro*d with church and party rage. 

Behold him, foil and perfrd quite, 

A falfe Saint, and true Hypocrite. 
Next fat a Lcmyer^ often try*d 

In perilous extremes j when Pride 

And Pow*r, all wild and trembling, flood, 

Nor dar*d to tempt the raging flood ; 

This bold, bad man arofe to view, 

And gave his hand to help them through. 

Steerd *gainfl compaffion, as they paft. 

He faw poor Freedom breathe her laft $ 

He faw her ftruggk, heard her groan, , 

He faw her helplcis and alone, 

Whelm*d in that ftorm, which fear*d and prais'd 

By flaves lefs bold, himfelf had rais*d. 
Bred to die law, he from the forft 

Of all bad lawyers was the worft. 

Perfrdion (for bad men maintain 

In ill we may perfr^on gain) 

In others is a work of time. 

And they creep on from cnme to crime ; 

He, for a prodigy defign*d 

To fpread amazement o'er mankind. 

Started fuH ripcn*d all at once 

A perfe£l knave and perfc^ dunce. 
Who will for him may boafl of fenfe. 

His better guard ia Impudence. 



Ifi> front with ten-fold plates of braft 

Secur*d» Shame never yet cooU |«f»y 

Kor on the furface of hit ikin 

Blofh for that guilt which dwelt within. 

Hoiv often in contempt of lawsy 

To found the bottom of a caufe^ 

To fearch out ev^ry rotten party 

And worm into its very hearty 

Hach he ta*cn brief^ on faUe pretence^ 

And undertaken the defence 

Of trufting fcxiil^, whom in the end 

He neant to ruin, not defend f 

How ofleny e*en in open court » 

Hath the wretch made his ihame his fport^ 

And Iaugh*d off, with a vilLin^s eafc* 

Throwing up briefs, and keeping fees f 

Such things* as» tho* to roguery bred. 

Had ftruck a little vil'.a n dead. 

Caofesy whatever their import. 
He undertakes* to ferve a court ^ 
For he by heart his rule had got, 
- Puw*r can affed, wlut law cannot. 

Fools he fbigivesy but rogues he fean y 
If Geniusy yok'd with Worth. appear»y 
His weak foul fickens at the 6ghty 
And ilrives to plunge them down in night. 

So loud he talksy fo very loudy 
He is an Angel with the crwwdy 
Whilft he makes juftice hang her head. 
And Judges turn from pale to red. 

Bid all that naturey on a plan 
Melt intimatey makes dear to many 
AH that with grand and genVal ties 
Binds good and bady> the tool and wife* 
Knock at his heart j they knock in vahiy 
No entrance there tbch fuitors gain. 
Bid kneeling Kings (arfake the throne ^ 
Bid at his iait his Country groan } 
Bid Liberty ftretch out her hands ; 
Religion plead her Wronger bands ; 
Bid parentsy children, wife and friends y 
If they comcy *twhart his private ends, 
Uomov'd he hears the gen'ral cally 
And bravely tramples on them all. 
Who will for him may cant and whiney 
And let weak Confcience with her line 
Chalk out their ways ; fuch ftarving rule* 
Are only fit ht coward foolsy 
Fellows who credit wbuK Priefh telly 
And tremble at the dxmghts of Hell i 
His fpirit dares contend with grace. 
And meets damnation face to face. 

Such was our Ltnuytr \ by his fVie, 
In all bad qualities allied y 
In all bad cuunfdsy fat a tUrd^ 
By birth a Lord. O facred word t 
O word moft facred y whence men get 
A privilege to run in debt ; 
Whence they at large exemption claim 
From Satirey and her fervant Shame ; 
Whence they, deprivM of all her force, 
Forbid bold Truth to hold har courfe. 
Confult his perfony drefsy and airy 
He feemsy which ftrangers well might fwear. 
The Mafler, or by ttwrr/y. 
The Captain of a Colliery. 
Look at his lifage, and agree 
f laU-h^n^'d he fccms, }uC from the tree 

EfcapM ; a rope may ibmettflws I 
Or mcQ be cut down by miftake. 

He hath not Tirtuey (in tlie fchool 
Of Vice bred up) to live by rule, 
Kor hath he feme (which none can 
Who know the man) toHve without. 
His life is a continued fcene 
Of all that*s infamous and mean % 
He knows not change, unleis grows naoe 
And delicate* from vice to vice ) 
Nature defign^d himy in a rage. 
To be the Wharton of his age. 
But, having giv*n all the Any 
Forgot to put the Virtuct in. 
To run a horicy to make a nMtch, 
To revel deep, to roar a cuch. 
To knock a tottering watchman 4own» 
To fweat a woman of the town, 
Cy fits to keep the peace, or bitak it. 
In tum to give a pox, or take it. 
He is, in faith, roofl e<cellenty 
And in the word*s moil full intent, 
A true Choice Spirit vre admit \ 
With Wits a Fool, with Foob a Wit t 
Hear him but talky and yoo would Ukb 
Obfcenity herfelf was there \ 
And that Prophanenefs had made choke. 
By way of trump, to ufe his voice { 
That, in all mean and k>w things ^eat. 
He had been bred at BlUingfgatt \ 
And thaty afcending to the earth 
Befbi% the fealbo of hu birth, 
Blafphemyy m4ung way and room. 
Had marked him in his mother's womb \ 
Too honeft (for the wodlof men 
In forms are honeft now and then) 
Not to have, b the ufual wayy 
His bills fent m ) too great, to pay $ 
Too proud to fpedc to, if he meets. 
The honeit tradefman whom he chnts \ 
Too infrnMus to have a friend. 
Too bad for bad men to commendy 
Or good to name i beneath whole vretght 
Barth groans ; wIm> hath been fparM hj Ft/bt 
Onlytofhewy on Mercy*s plaoy 
How far and k>og God bears with man. 

Such were the Threey who, mocking ilecp. 
At midnight fat, in counfel deepy 
Plotting deftruftion *gatefl a head, 
Whofe wiidom could not be mifled ; 
Plotting deftruaion 'gainfl a heart. 
Which ne*er from honour would depart. 
*' Is he not rankM amongftour fuc% f 
** Hath not his fpirit dar*d oppofe 
'* Our deareil meafures, made our name 
" Stand forward on the roll of ihame > 
" Hath he not won the vulgar tribes, 
" By fcoming menaces and bribes, 
'* And provingy that his darling caufe 
« Itof their Liberties and Laws 
** To iland the champkm F In a wocd, 
** Nor need one argumept be heard 
*< Beyond thisy to awake our zcaly 
<* To quicken our refolves, and fteel 
** Ourileady fouls to bloody bent, 
<* (Sure ruin to each dear intent, 
<« Each flattering hope) he, without fear, 
« HathdarMtomakethcTmii 

HU RC H I i 1*8 POKM 



iVf mAf iftuy wf fCKUiiueot twghty 
ExiiceitTaige employed his thoughts 
Exhi kflt oo miichiefy racked his brain , 
To Iker foil fbetch, but ncJcM in rain \ ^ 
Sckme^terichanetfaeybrooghtto view} 
AH were aamm*d» none woold do. 
Vben Fraod, vith pleafure in her ^ce« 
Foitk i&*4 fivni her hiding-place^ ^ 
Aftl<dK table where they meet, 
Fid haring bkft them, took her feat. 
** No trifling caufe, my darling bojn, 
" y w pre^ thoughts and cares employs | 
" Nocaaunon ibare, no random blow 
" Can work the bane of fuch a fee : 
: " Bf Katuit cautious as he*s hrwrt, 
** To JiiRKair Qoly he's a Have $ 
" In thx weak part without deienoei 
" We moll xa Honour make pretence : 
" Tbt lore ihall to his niin draw 
" Tlevrecdi, who ftaods fecure b law. 
*> Kvtbiok that Ihave idly planned 
I " Tlut fon-ripe fchemc; behold at hand* 
^ " Wk&tkree months training on his head» 
' " Aa iiftnment, whom | ^re bred, 
" BoraoT diefe bowels, fur from fight 
" Of Viftae's frlfe, bat faring light, 

* % fpogeft-bom, ray deareft joyi 
"UDftOemyielf, my darUng boy. 

■ He, oevtr fioochM with vile remorfe, 

• WJf'd and crafty in his couHe, 

*&afl work our ends, complete oar fchemes^ 
'^■w, whenmoft heMiN«r*s(;eems) 
' Kar caa be Rrand, at home, abroad, 
" Sofirm sod fiill a flave of Fraud.** 
Ske lad, and from ea^h envious Ion 
it^ootEoted nmrorar i;iui 
Anoddtetiblej aU m place 
^^"^ his fulLpraiie their own disgrace, 
*«d riif what ftnu^er ihe had got, 
5J» bid one vice that they had not. 
"Wb toak the portals open flew, 
H dad in armour, to their view 

« , TAr Dmein/ly came ibrth j 

f bar, andaU conlefthis woith, 
^ ^fified, with fmiles amy*d, 
^ ^r7 choice their dam had made. 



1 n 




'A& «ff (oo ffltter whether £af or ir^, 
Afci coMtry, or one made tojeft) 
^m by aodem MadcvUka difgrac*d, 
"c> ^^^hMh" wittchcdly mifplac*d| 

' OL YDI. 

There lies an Ifiatidf neither great nor fmall. 
Which, for diilioaioo-fake, 1 Gotham cill. 

The man who finds an unknown country oui^ 
By giving it a name, acquires, no doubt, 
A Gofpel title, tho* the people there 
The pious ChHltian thinks not worth his care. 
Bar this pretence, and into air is hurPd 
The clahn of Europq to the JV^am World, 

Caft by a tempeft on the (avage coaf^. 
Some roving buccaneer (et Lp a poft \ 
A beam in jftoper form tranfveriely laid. 
Of his Redeemer's CroTs the figure made, 
Of that Redeemer, with whc^ laws his Iife« 
Fmm firft to laft, had been one fcene of ftrife \ 
His royal mafter*s name thereon engraved. 
Without more proceft, the whole race endav^d^ 
Cut off that Charter they from Nature drew. 
And nude them fiaves to men they never knew. 

Search ancient hiftories, confult recordl. 
Under this tide the moft Chriftian Lords 
Hold (thanks to cooTcieoce) more than half the 

O*erthrow this title, th«>' have none at all. 
For never yet might any Monarch dare. 
Who liv*d to Truth, and brtathM a Chriftian air» 
Pretend that Chrift (who came, we all ^lee, 
To blefs his peoplei and to fet them ftte) 
To make a convert ever one law gave. 
By which converters made him firft a flave. 

Spite of the glofles of a canting Prieft, 
Who talks of charity, but means a ieaft } 
Who recommends it (whilft he fcems 09 feel 
The holy glowings of a real seal) 
To all his hearers, as a deed of worth. 
To give them heaven, whom they have robbM od* 

Never fliall one, one truly honeft man. 
Who, bleft with Liberty, reveres her plan, 
Allow one moiAent, that a favage fire 
Could from his wretched race, fm childifli hire* 
By a wild grant, thdr All, their Freedom pals. 
And iell his Coontry for a bk of glals^ 

Or grant this barb*rotti right, let Spam and 
In flav'ry bred, as purchaftrs advance. 
Let them, whilft Confcience is at diftance hurrd, 
With fome gay bawble by a golden world j 
An Englishman, \nclwter*i Freedom bom^ 
Shall fpuro the flavifli merehandiae, fliall fcom 
To teke from others, thro* bafe private views, ^ 
What he himfelf Would rather die, than loie. 

Happy the favage of thofe terly times 
Ere Europe's Tons were known, and Eun>pe*s 

Gold, curfedgold ! flept in the womb of eaith, 
Unfielt its mifchiefs, as unknown its worth \ 
In fiiU oootent he fbund the trueft wealth \ 
In toil he found diverfion, food, and healdi ; 
Stranger to eafe and luxury of Courts, 
His fports were labours, and his labours sports \ 
His youth was hardy, and his old age green; 
Life*s mom was vigorous, and her eve ferene \ 
No rules he held, but what were made for u^ ) 
No aits he leam*d, nor ills which arts produce \ 
Falfe lights he fbllow*d, but beltev'd them true| 
He knew not much, bat Iiv*d to what he kneWf 
Happy, thrke happy i«9w the favilge rKe> 
Since Europe took thdr^o^f, and gave them ^mt / 



Paftors (he fends to help them in their needy 
Some who can*t write > with others who can't read. 
And on fure grounds the Gofpel pile to fear^ 
Sends tmjponary felons cv'ry year j 
Our vices y with more ceat than holy prayVi, 
She teaches them, and in return takes thcin ; 
HeV rank oppreflions give them cauiie to rtfef 
Her want of prudence mcansy and arms/uppliesy 
Whilft her brave rage, not fatisfied with lifey 
Rifing in bkx>dy adopts tH^e fcalph^'kiifet 
Knowledge flie gives, enough to make tnem know 
How abjed is their Itatc, hsm deep their woe $ 
The worth of Freedom rtrongly (he explains, 
Whilft (he bows down, and toads their necks with 

chains ; 
Faith too (he plants, for her own ends impreft, 
To make them bear the wodt, and hope the beft $ 
And whilft (he teaches on vile Int*reft*s plan. 
As laws of God, the wild decrees of mans 
Like Phari(ces, of whom the Scriptures tell. 
She makes them ten times more the fons of Hell. 

But whither 60 thcfe grave refledions tend ? 
Are they dcfign*d for any, or no end ? 
Briefly but this — To prove, that by 00 aft 
Which nature made, that by notqual paft 
^wixt maa and m^, which might, if Joftice 

Stand good, that by no benefits conferr*d 
Or purchafe made, Europe in chains can hold 
The Tons of India, and her mines of gold. 
Chance led her there in an accurfed hour, 
She faW, and made the country her*s by pow*r{ 
Nor drawn by virtue^s love from love of fame. 
Shall my nfh folly controvert the claim. 
Or wiih in thought that title overthrown, 
•Which cmncides with, and involves my own. 

Europe diicoverM India firft } 1 fojind 
My right to Gotham on the felf-fame ground t 
I iirft difcoverM it, nor (hall that plea 
To her be granted, and denied to me. 
1 plead pofleflton, and *till one more bold 
Shall drive me out, will that pofleftkm hold t 
Wkh Europe*! rights my kindred rights 1 twine } 
Her^t be the Weftem world, be Gothafti mint. 

Rejoice, ye happy Cothamhes, rejoite ; 
Lift up your voice on high, a mighty voice» 
The voice of gladneis^ and on ev'ry tongue, 
In ftrains of gratitude, be praifes hung, 
The praifes of fo great and good a King ; 
Shall Churchill reign, and (hall not Gotham^ ? 

As on a day, a hi§^ and holy ^y. 
Let ev^ry inftrumentof mkiftc play, 
Ancient m^ modern I thofe which dfew thdr birth 
(Pun£lilio*s laid afide) from Pagan tas&it 
As well as thofe by CMftian hiMe and Jew { 
Thofe known to many, and thofe known to f^ $ 
Thofe which in whun and finolic lightly float, 
And thofe which fwell the (low ind folemn note $ 
Thofe which (whilft Reafbn ftands b wonder by) 
Make fome complexions laugh aiki others cry } 
Thofe which by fome ftrange faculty of Iband, 
Can build walls op^ and rase them to theigvound $ 
Thofe which can tear lip fbrefts by the roots, 
And make brutes dance like men, ahd mea'like 

bratet I 
Thofe which whilft Ridicule leads up the duticei 
Make clowos of Monttoath «^ ihe ^ of Frtoce 

Thofe which, whese Lady Dulkefs «dth M 

Prefides, difdainlng light and trtiUng sirs* 
HaUow the feaft with /yo^a^fi and thofe 
Which , planted ki onr churches to dif^e 
And lift the mind to Heav*n, arcdifgncM 
With what afoppUhorganift calk 74^c t 
All, from the fiddle (00 which ev*ry(bol. 
The pert fon of dull fire, dUcharg*d fram (cbool, 
Serves an appreotfoediip \h College eafe, 
And rifes tliro* the gawutt to degrees) 

To thofe which (tho* lefs common, not le(s (Weet) 
From fun*d Smm CjUm% and more fun'd Fa^ 

(Where Heav'n, the utmnft wHh of man to grant, 
Gave me an old houie, and an older aunt) 
Thornton, whilft Humour pointed out the road I 
To her arch cub, hatfa hitch*d into an Ode * j \ 
All iqiruments (attend ye lift*ning fpbetes 
Attend ye (but of men, and hear with ears) 
All inftrumcnts (nor ftiall they icek one hand 
Impreft from modern Mu(ic*s coxamk band) 
All inftrumcnts, felf-a&edt at my name 
Shall pour forth harmonyy and loud procbon, 
Loud but yet fweet, to die accoiding globe, 
MV praifes { whilft gay Nature, in a tube, 
A coxcomb Do8or*s nbe^ to the full (bund 
Keeps time, like Boyce, and the woiid dances rta 
' Rejoice, ye happy Gothamites, rejoice ; 
Lift up,your voice on high, a n^hty vdce, 
The voice of gladnefs, and on every tongue, 
In ftrains of gratitude, be praifes bong* 
The praifes of lb great and good a King ; 
Shall Churchill reign, and (hall not Gotham (ing 
Infancy, (bsining backward from the breaft, 
Techy and wayward, what he loveth beft 
Rcfuiing in his (its, whilft all the while 
The mother eyes the wrangler with a fiinle» 
And the fond father fits on t* other (ide, 
Laughs at his moods, and vievri his ^leea 

Shall murmur forth my name, whilft at his haw 
Nurfe ftands t nteipr s tei , thro* Gotham^s land. 
ChUdhood, who like an Af>rU mom appears, 
Sondune and rain, hopes clouded o*er vHth fi»rs^ 
Pleased and dIfpleasM by ftarts, m paffion wirmi 
In reafbn weak ; who, wrought into a ftocm, 
Like to the fretful bullies of the deep, 
Soon fpends hSs n^, iaid cries hlc^fetif afleep : 
Who, with a fisv*ri(h appetite opprefs^d. 
For trifles (ighs, but hates them when po(!e(s*d 1 
His trembling laJh '(ufpeniled in the air. 
Half-bent, and ftroking bxk his long lank h^ 
Shall to his mates look up with eager glee, 
A|id let his top go down to prate of me. 

Vouth, who, fierce, fickle, info&ift» and>^ 
Impatient urges on to Manhood*s reign. 
Impatient urges on, yerwith a caft 
Of dear regard looks back on Chil<lhood paft. 
In the M'cUjjkf mfun the hot Udbd fans higl^ 
And the quick fpnits mount into his eye, 
When pleiforey which he deems his greateft wC 
Beats m his heart* ahd ^bints hia cheeks 
health, | 

* A bmlelqaeOde on St C«cit{a(*sdHyi by! 
Thorntod, ^<sribtttSBd at Rtdftligili* 

C^UR C H ILI.'8 POflftS. 


WW the dof *d Aeed tags proudly at the reini 
And CIV be (larts» hath run o'er half the plain, 
When, wingM with fear, the ftag flics ftill in vicw> 
Aod in full cry the eager houods purfiie, 
Shall fliout my pralfe to hills which (hont agajo. 
And e*en the kuntj'mait ftop to cry Amen, 

Manhood^ of form ere£l, who would not bow 
Tho^ worlds fhould crack around hicn j on his brow 
WilUom (erene» to pailioo giving law, 
Befpeakix^ lore, and yet commanding awe j 
Dipiitymto grace by mildncfs wrought ; 
Cour^ attempered and refinM by thought ; 
Virtue (uptenoe enthroned y within his breaft 
Thr image of hi? Maker deep jnjprcl^^d j 
lord of this earth, which trembles at his nod. 
With rea^M bleC*d, and only leis than Cod \ 
XIaahood, tho* weeping Beauty kneels for aid, 
TW Honour calls in Danger's form array'd, 
Tho' ckith*i with fackcloth, tufticc in the gatcs» ^ 
By wicked Elders chained, redemption waits, 
Manhood /hall fteal an houir, a liltJe hour, 
(lit not a little one ?.) to hail my powV. 

OU Age, \jKond ckild% by Nature curs'd 
With more and greater evils than the firft. 
Weak, fickly, full of p^ins \ in ev'ry breath ^ 
Rating ^ life, and yet a/i-aid of deatli j ^ 

pQtxii^ thiz^ o£ with fage and folcmn air. 
From day to day, without one day to fpare } 
Witfaoot enjoyment, covetous of pelf, 
Tseibcae to niends, and tirefome to himfelf ^ 
Ifii Scultieis iropair*d, his temper four'd, 
Hit memory of recent things devoured 
£*ea with the ailing on his ihatter'd brain, 
Tho' the falfe rcgifters of youth remain \ 
Fmm mom to evening babbling fi>rth vain praile 
Of thofc rare men who liv*d in ftiofe rare da^s. 
When he, the hero of his tale, was youi\g \ 
DbD repetkioos faltering on his tbneue, 
Ptajfing grey hairs, fure pwk of WifiJom's fway, 
Tea iriiilft oc curfes toe which made him gray \ 
Scoffiz^ at youth, ^tfi whilH he- would a^rd 
AU but hli gold to have his youth reflor'd \ 
Shall far a moment, ^om himfelf (ct free, 
Lran on hu crutch, and pipe ^rtb praife to me. 

Rejoi(c» ye happy Got{iamites, rejoice j 
lift op your voice on high, a mighty voice* 
The voice of gbdiurfs, and on ev'ry tonguey 
In ftrains of gratitude, be pralfes hung, 
The pruies of lb great and eood a King ; 
Shall pmrchill reign, and ftall not Goh^m fing ? 

Things without nfe fhall in this chorus join. 
And, dumb to others' proife, be load in mine. 

The &ww-</rc/, who, in habit white and plain. 
Comes on, the herald of fair Flora*s train ; 
The coicorob Crocus, flowV of fimple note. 
Who by her hde ftruts in a Aerald*$ coat i 
The TW^, idly glaring to the view, 
Whoy thy no clown, nis birth from Holland drew. 
Who, ooce fall drt£i*d, fean from his place to ftir, 
The Sap of flow'n, the More of a parterre ; 
The fFlttd-khre, who her Elm in marriage meets, 
And bnn^ her dowiy in furroonding fweets $ 
The LiJjs filvcr miftrcfs of the vale $ 
The i2^< of $haron which perfumes the gale $ 
They^amaif writh which the Queen of Flow'ra 
To charm her G<^ adorns his fav'rite bow'rs. 
Which brides, by the plain hand of Neatneis dnH, 
Vncovied nv^i urtar upqD ({icir bteaf^s 

Sweet as the incenfe of the mom, and chafte 
As the pure «onc which circles Dian's waift ; 
All flow'rs, of v.-.rious names, and va|(ous forms. 
Which the fun into ftrength and beaut)' warms, 
From the dwarf /)tfj^', which, like infants, clings. 
And fears to leave tlie cnrth from whcrxc it fprings. 
To the proud giant of the garden race, 
Who, madly rulhing to the fun'5 embrace, 
O'crtopi her fellows with afpirlq^j 'm, 
Demands his wedded love, and lie.\rs his name ; 
All, one and all, (hall in this chorus join, 
And, dumb to others* praife, be loud In mine. 

Rejoice, ye happy Gothamitcs, rejoice ; 
Lif^ up your voice on high, a mighty voice. 
The voice of gladnefs, and on ev'ry tongue. 
In drains of gratitude, be pralfes hung, 
The prai fes of Co great and good a King ; 
Shall Churchill reign, and Aoll not Gotham fing ? 
Forming a gloom, thro' which to fpleen-ftruck 
Religion, horror. damp'd, a paffjge finds. 
The I%y crawling o'er the hallow'd cell, 
Where fome old hermit's wont his beads to tell 
By day, by night j. the Myrtle ever-green. 
Beneath whofefiiade Love holds his rites unfeen } 
The fyUIanv weeping o'er tho fatal wave 
Where many a lover finds a wat'ry grave } 
The Cyprefs facred held, when lovers mourn 
Their true love fnatch'd iway j the Laurel worn 
By Poets in old time, but deftin'd now 
In grief to wither on a Whitehead's brow ; 
The Ftgf which, large as what in India grows, 
Itfelf a grove, gave our firft parents cloaths. 
The yinef vvhich, like a blufhing new-made bride, 
Cluft'ring, empurples all the mountain's fide : 
The Ycvf^ which, in the place of fculptur'd (lone, 
Marks out the reiling-place of men unknown ; 
The hedge-row £/»i, the Ptne of mountain race. 
The F'tTy the Scotch fTtr, never out of place ; 
The Cedary whofc top meets the highcft cIou4> 
Whilft his old father Lebanon grows proud 
Of fuch a child, and his vail body laid 
Out many a mile, enjoys the filial Ihade ; 
The Oakf when living, monarch of the wood j 
The Engli/h Oak^ which dead, commands the flood ; 
All, one and all, Ihall in this chorus join. 
And, dumb to others' praife, be loud in mine. 

Rejoice, ye happy Gothamites, rejoice \ 
Vift up your voice on high, a mighty voice. 
The voice of gladnels, and on ev'ry tongue. 
In flrains of gratitude be praifes hung, 
The praifes of {o great and good a King ; 
Shall Churchill reign, and £all not Gotham fing ? 
The 5Jow*ri which make the young hills, likft 
young l;imbs, 
Bound and rebound ; the old hills, like old rams. 
Unwieldy, jump for joy j the Stream which glide> 
Whilft Plenty marches fmiling by their fide, 
And from their bofom rifing Commerce fprings $ 
The Pf^iKdt which rife with healing on their wiqgs» 
Before whofe cleanfing breath contagion flies j 
ThtSurif who, travelling in eaflem Ikies, 
Frefli, full of ftrength, juft rilen from his bed, 
Tho* in Joye's paftures they were born and bred. 
With voice and whip, can fcarce make his fteeds ftjr> 
Step by ftep, up the perpendicular; . 
Who, at the houf of eve, panting for reft. 
Rolls 00 amain, and gallops down the wefl^ 



At faft u Jehu, t£V6 for Ahab*s fin. 
Drove for a crown» or fcfi-bo^s for an ino ; 
The A£xw, who holds o*er night her filler rdgn* 
Regent of tides > and miftrcTs of the brain » 
Who to her fons, thofe fons who dwn her pow'r, 
And do her homage at the midnight hour> 
Gives madncfs as a blefltng) but difpenies 
Wifdom to fools, and damns them with their fenfet } 
TRe Stars^ who by 1 know not what ftrangcrighty 
Prefide o*er mortals in their own defpitey 
Who without reafon govern thofe, whomoft 
(How truly, judge from thence !) of reafon boifl, 
And, by forac mighty magic yet unknown, 
Our actions guide, yet cannot guide their own ; 
All, one and all, duW in this chorus join. 
And, dumb to others' praife, be loud in mine. 

Rejoice^ ye happy Gothamites, rejoice \ 
1-lft op your voice on high, a mighty voice. 
The voice of gladnefs, and on ev'ry tongue, 
In ftraini of gratitude, be praifes hung, 
The praifes of fo great and good a King ; 
Shall Churchill reign, ^d ihall not Gotham fing } 
The Mcmtnf, Mifiute, Uoutf Day, fVtik, Mont A j 
Afornmg and £tr, as they in turn appear ; 
Akments and Minutes which, vtnthout a ciiroe, 
Can*t be omitted in accounts of time, 
Or, if omitted, (proof we might afford) 
Worthy by Parliaments to be reitor*d } 
The Hoursi which dreft by turns in black and white* 
OrdainM as handmaids, wait on Day and Night ; 
The DaXi thofe hours I mean when light prefides, 
And Bunoefs in a cart with Prudence rides j 
The Nightt thofe houn I mean with darknefs hong, 
When Scnfe fpeaks free, and Folly holds her tongue \ 
The Mcm^ when Nature routing from her iWfe 
With death-like Sleep, awakes to fecond life ; 
The Evct when, as uneoual to the ta/k, 
She mercy from her foe defbends to afk ; 
The fyedit in which fix days are kindly given 
To diink of earth, and one to think of heaven ; 
The Metithf twelve fitters all of difTerent hue, 
Tho* there appears in all a likenefs too ; 
Not fuch a likcncfi, jis, thro* Hayman's works. 
Dull mannerift, in Chriftians, Jews) and Turks, 
Cloys with a famcncfs in each female face, 
Bat a flrange fomething, bora o£ Art and Grace» 
Which fpeaks them all, to vary and adorn. 
At different times of the fame parents bom \ 
All, one and all, fhall in this chorus join. 
And, dumb to others^ praife, be loud in mine. 

Rejoice, ye happy Gothamites, rejoice; 
Lift up your voice on high* a mighty voice> 
The voice of gladnefs, and on every tongue. 
In llrains of cratitude, be praifes nung, 
The praifes of fo great and good a King ; 
Shall Churchill reign, and (hall not Gotham fing } 

Frore January, leader of the Year, 
AfhK*d-fut in van, and cahva-fuadt in the rear ; 
DuH February, in whofe leaden reign 
My mother lH>re a bard without a brain ; 
March various, fierce, and wild, with «nnd-cn(k*d 

By wilder Welchmen led, and crownM with leeks ! 
Aprfl wnth fools, and May with baflards blef( | 

June with white rofcs on her rebel bread ; 
uly, to whom, the Dog-ftar in her train, 
^'«r James gives oyilen, and Sgint Switfain nuo ) 

Aognfty who, haniih*d from her SmtiJUld fhod^ 
To CMfea flies, with Doggetin her hand* ; 
September, when by cuftom (right divhie) 
Geefe areordain*d to bleed at Michaers fhrtne, 
Whilft die Prieft, not fo full of grace as wit, 
Falls to, onblefs*d, nor gives the Saint a Ut ; 
October, whothe caufe of Freedom j(iin*d. 
And gave zficmd George to blefs mankmd i 
Novonber, who at once to grace oor eaith, 
Sa'mt Andrew boafts, and our Aofofta^t f birth j 
December, laf( of months, hot befl, who gave 
A Chrift to man, a Saviour to the flave, 
Whilft falfely grateful, Man, ar the fiiU feafi. 
To do God honour, makes hioofclf a heafl ; 
All, one and all, (hall in this chorus join. 
And, dumb to others* praife, be loud in mine. 

Rejoice) ye happy Gothaantes* rejoice 9 
Lift up your voice on high, a mighty v^ce* 
The voice of gladnefs, and on ev*ry toogue* 
In (Irains of gratitude, be praifes hung. 
The praifes of fo great and good a King $ 
Shall Churchill re<gn, ahd (hall not Gotham fing * 

The Seafirts as they roll ; Spring, by her 6dc 
LculCry and Lent^ Lay^Folly, and Omrdk-Fridt, 
Bn^ rank nxmk to copulation led, 
A tub of ^tmre</ falt-fi/h on her head y 
Summer, in light, traofparent gawte arrayed. 
Like Maids of Honour at a mafquerade. 
In bawdry gawse, for which our daughters leave 
The Fig, more modeft, firft brought up by £ve» 
panting for breath, enflamed with luftnil 6res, 
Yet wanting ftrength to perfed her defires. 
Leaning on Sloth, who, fainting with the beat. 
Stops at each ftep, and flumben on his feet i 
Autumn, when Na(^, who with fbrrow fecli 
Her dread fbe Winter treading on her heels. 
Makes up in value what (he wants in lei^th> 
Ezeits her pow*rs, and poti forth all her fbength. 
Bids com and fruits in full foMtkix rife» 
Com fairly taz*d, and firuits without Exdfe : 
Winter, benumbed with cold, 00 longer known 
By robes of fiir, fince fiirs became our otum ; 
A hag, who loathing all, by all is loathM, 
With weekly, daily, hourly libels doath'd. 
Vile Fa^KMi at her heels, who mightv giowflw 
Would rule the Ruler, mAfwechJe the throne) 
Would turn all Sute-adffairs into a trade. 
Make laws one day, the next to be unmadcf 
Beggar at home a people fear*d abroad 
And, force defeated, make them flaves by fraud | 
All, one and all, ihall in this chorus join. 
And, dumb t6 others* pnufe, be loud in mine. 

Rejoice, ye happy Gothamites, rejoice; 
Lift up your voice on high, a mighty voice. 
The voice of gladnefs, and on ev*ry tongue. 
In (trains of gratitude, be praifes hung. 
The praifes of fo great and good a King ; 
Shall Churchill reign, and (hall not Gotham fing ' 
The TVtfr, grand circle, in whofe ample round 
The feafbos regular and fix*d are bound, 
(Who, in his courfe reoeated o*er and o^er. 
Sees the fame things which he had feen bdfbre ; 
The (uatJUn keep their watch, and the fame h 
Runs in the^track where he from firft hath van \ 

* Dogget the celebrated Comediao*s Badge, rov 
fiir on the firft of Auguft. 

t Princeft Dowager of WHes, 



The tee moon rules the night ^ tides ebb and 

ifin h a poppetf and this vrorid a {bow j 
Tbrr old dull fblUes old dull fools purfue, 
Aad fke m nothing but in mode is new ; 

He , a Lord (now fair be^dUhat pride. 

He BfTJ a ^nUaim^ hut a Loid kt dkf) 
DaAvood isfnM, htTkc\cffx^dasfate*y 
Sairfmch (thank Hear^n!) firft Muriftcr of State ; 
And, tho* hj/et^ defpUM, hy faints unblefs^d, 
Bf /in^ neglededf and bjr y^x opprefsM, 
ScoraiBg die fendle arts of eich court el/t 
FouBied oo Honour, Wilkes is ftill Mmfe/f) 
The Temr, encircled with the various train 
Which waks, and fills the glories of his reign, 
Sbil, t^ng up this theme, in chorus join, 
Aad, domb to others* praiiis, be loud in mine. 

JUjoicr, he happjr Gothamkes, rejoice ; 
iJit op your voice on high, a mighty voice. 
The loice of gladneis, and on ev'iy tongue, 
Jo trans of gratitode, be praifes hung, 
Tbe^n^ of fo great and good a King ; 
^^ Chozchill rdgn, and {hall not Gotham ling ? 

Thas lar in fporU-^^nor let our critks hence, 
Who fen oat monthly tralh, and call it Senfe, 
Too lightly of our prefent labours deem, 
(k JBdjge ac random of Co high a theme ; 
K|^ is oar theme, and worthy are the men 
T»6el the ibarpeft ftmkeof Satire*s pen; 
I W when kind time a proper fealbn brings, 
I hfaious naood to treat of ferious things. 
Thai fliafl they find, difdaintng idle play, 
1W I can be as grave and dull as they. 

Tbai hr m fport— nor let half patriots, thofe 
Vho ikriflk 6mn ev*ry blaft#f pow> which blows ; 
Wb» with tame cowardice familiar grown, 
Wodi bear my thoughts, but fear to fpeik their 

own ; 
Wba, (kll bold truths, to do fage Prudence fpke, 
SmoU borft the portals of their lips by night, 
Tsahfe to trull themfetves one hour m fleep) 
Cmiaem oor courie, and hold our caution cheap. 
^K^bsB beawc occafioD bids, for ibme great end 
Wben Hofmir calls the Poet as a fnend, 
Ibeaiiaa they find, that, e''en on danger^s brink, 
Ht imn to ijpciUc, what they fcarce dare to think. 



HOW ffloch miftaken are the men, who think 
That all who will, without reftraint, may 
Ua^ Im^y drink, e*en 611 their bowels burft, 
^Va&ig no right but merely that of thirfl, 
Ac the pore waters of the li vbg well, 
Bcide whofe ifacams the Mufes love to dwell ! 
Vait is with them a knack, an idle toy, 
A oele plded o*ery oo whidi a boy 

* A pfarafe ufed by Lord Bottetourt, then Nor- 
«ie Bcikeky, io m addftft to his elc^ion. 

May play untaught, whilft, without art or force. 
Make it but jingle, Mufic comes of courfe. 

Little do fuch men know the toil, the pains. 
The daily, nightly racking of the brains. 
To range (he thoufhts, the matter to dtgeft. 
To cull fit phrafes, and rejed the reft ; 
To know the times when Humour on the cheek 
Of Mirth may hold her fporcs j \Then Wit ihould 

And when be filent ; when to ufe the pow*n 
Of ornament, and how to place the flowers. 
So that they neither give a tawdry glare. 
Nor wafte their fweetnefs in the defart air; 
To form (which few can do, and fcarcely one» 
One CritTc in an age can find, when done) 
To form a plan, to rtrike a grand outline. 
To fill it up, and make the pidure fhine 
A fulV^uid perfed piece j to make coy Rhime 
Renounce her follies, and with Senfe ke^ tinse ; 
To make proud ^enfe againft her nature bend. 
And weir the chains of Rhime, yet call her firiendj 
Some fops there are among the fcribbling tribe^ 
Who make it all their bufincifs to tUJcrUe, 
No matter whether in, or out of place ; 
Studious of finery, and fond of lace. 
Alike they trim, as coxcomb Fancy brings. 
The rags of b^gan, and the rubes of Jdngs. 
Let dull Pfx^iffir in ftate prefide 
0*er her dull children, nature is thdr guide. 
Wild Namre, who at random breaks the finica 
Of thofe tame drudges. Judgment, T^, and . 

Nor would forgive herfelf the mighty crime 
Of keeping terms with Perjotif Piacty and Tmtt. 

Let rt(pdd gold emblase the fun at noon. 
With borrow'd beams let fHyerfale the moon. 
Let furges Aoarfe lafb the furrounding fhore, 
Let ftreams meandier, and let torrents roar. 
Let them breed up the melamioly breexe 
'^^fii^ txntk Jiglang, fob ttfitk Jobbing trea, 
ttt wlcs fmbrwtry wear, let flow'rs be ting'd 
With various tints, let clouds be lac'd or fringed. 
They have their wiA ; tike idle monarch boys, 
Negle^Ung things of weighty they figh fot toys ; 
Give them the crown, the fceptre, and the r6be. 
Who will may take the pow*r, and rule the globe. 

Others there are, who in one folemn pace, 
With as much seal as Quakers rail at lace, 
Railii^ at needful oiliament, depend 
On Senfe to bring them to their joumey^s end. 
They would not (Heaven forbid !) their courie 

Nor for a moment ftep out of their way. 
To make the barren road thofe graces wear, ^ 
Which nature would, if pleased, have planted 
Vain men ! who blindly thwarting Nature's plan. 
Ne'er find a paifage to the heart of Man , 
Who, bred *mongfl fogs in Academic land, 
Scora cv*ry thing they do not underffaull ; 
Who deftitute of humour, wit, and tafle. 
Let all their little knowledge run to wafte. 
And fruftrate each good purpofe, whilft they wtar 
The robes of Learning with a floven*s air. 
Tho* folid reasoning arms each fterling line, 
Tho* Truth declares aloud, « This work is mine,^ 
Vice, whilft from page to page dull morals croep. 
Throws by the bocdcj «nd Virtue falls afleepT 


chi^rchill's poems. 

Senfe» mtre^ iulU formal Senfe, in this gay town 
Muft have fomt vehicle to pals her down» 
Nor can (he for an hour enCure her rdgn} 
Unlefs ihe brings fair Pleofure in her train. 
Let her, from day to day, ^from ytar to year» 
in all her grave folemnities appear^ 
And, with the voice of trumpets, thro'* the ftreets 
Deal leAures out ti; ev^ry one (he meetSi 
Half who pafs by are deaf, and t* other half 
Can hear indeed, but only hear to laugh. 

Quit then, ye graver fons of lettered Pndey 
Taking for once Experience ai a guide^ 
Quit this grand error, this dull Coliege mode ; 
Be your purfuits the fame» but chaise the road ; 
Write, or at lead appear to write with eafe. 
And, if you mean to profit, learn to pleafe. 

In vain for fuch nvftakes they pardon claim, 
Bccaufe they wield the pen in Virtue*s name. 
Thrice (acred is that name, thrice blefsM the man 
Who thinks, fpeaks, writes, and lives on fuch a 

This, in himielf, himfelf of courfe muft ble&y 
But cannot with the world promote fucce(s. 
He may be ftrong, but, with cfieA to fpeak. 
Should recollefl his readers may be weak } 
Plain, rigid truths^ which faints with comfort bear. 
Will make the (inner tremble, tod defpair. 
True Virtue ads ftom love, and the great end 
At which (he nobly aims, is to amend } 
Now then do tho(c mi(lake» who arm her laws 
With rigour not thdr own, and hurt the caufe 
They mean to help, ^hilfl with a zealot rage 
They make that Ooddefs, whom they M have engage 
Our dearcft love, m hideous terror rife ! 
Such may be honed, but they can*t be wife. 

In her own foil, and perfod blase of light, 
Virtue breaks forth too (bong for human fight : 
The daxzled eye, that nice but weaker fenfe» 
Shots herielf up in darkneis for defence. 
But, to make (hong convidioQ deeper fink. 
To make the callous foel, the thoughtle(s thhik. 
Like God made man, (he leaves her glory by. 
And beams mild comfort on the raviih'd eye. 
In eameft moft, when moil (he feems in jeftt 
She worms into, and winds around the breaft } 
To conquer Vice, W Vice appears the fiiend, 
And feems unlike heHelf to gain her end. 
The fonsof Sin, to while away die time 
Which lingers on their hands, of eachhlack crime 
To hu(h the painfol memory, and k^p' \ 
The tyrant Confcience in delufive ficep. 
Read on at random, nor fufped the dart, 
Until they (ind it rooted in their heart. 
'Gainil vice they give their vote, nor know at 6x9t 
That, cutfingthat, themfelves toothey havecunMj 
They fee not, ^till they fall into the fnares, 
Deluded into virtue unawares. 
Thus the (hrewd dod<«> in the fpleen-(huck miod 
When pregotfit horror fits* sind broods o*er wind, 
Difcarding dnigs, and ftrivlog how to pleafe, 
Lt)res on in(enfiUy, by flow degrees. 
The patient to thofe manly fporti, which bind 
The flackenM finews, and relieve the mind j 
The patient feels a change as wrought by ftealth, 
And wonders on demand lo find it health. 

Some ftm, whom Fate ordaln*d to deal in rimes 
4n other landi, and kertf in other tioicSj 

Whumy waiting at theirbirth» the mdmft Mufe 
Sprinkled all over with Cailalian dews, 
To whom true Genius gave his magic pen. 
Whom Art by juft degrees led up to men ; 
Some few, extremes wcU (bunn*d, have fteerMbe- 

h tween 
Thefe dangVout rocks, and held the golden mean t 
Senfe in their works maintains her proper (bte> 
But never fleeps, or labuun with her weight \ 
Grace makes the whole look elegant and py. 
But never dares from Senfe to run aftray ; 
So nice the mafter*s touch, fo great his cafCt 
The colours boldly glow, not idly glaze \ 
Mutually giving and receiving aid. 
They (eteach other ofif, like light and (hade, 
And, as by Health, with fomuch fofbncfs bl^ 
*Tis hard to (ay, where they begin or end : 
Both give us charms, and neither gives offence j 
Sen(c perfeds Grace, and Grace enlivens Senfe. 

Peace to the men who tlicfe.high honours claim. 
Health to their fouls, and to their noem'ries fifflK \ 
Beit my ta(k, and no mean taik» to teach 
A rev*rence fbr that worth I cannot reach : 
Let meatdidance, with afteadyeyc, 
Ob(erve« and mark their pa(rage to the (ky i 
From envy ^ee, applaud fuch rifing worthy 
And praife their hcav'n^ tho* pinioned down to eaitiu 

Had I the pow>, \ coukl not have the ^imc^ 
Whilft fpirits Bow, and iiic is in W p^imey 
Without ^ fin ^gainft Pleafurc, to defi^n 
A plan, to methodize each thought, each line 
Highly to finifh, and make ev'ry grace. 
In itfelf charming, take new charms from, place. 
Nothing of books, and little known of meQ, 
When the mad fit com«s on, I feize the p$^» 
Rough as they run, the rapid thoughts fetdow;i)» 
Rough as they run, ^ifchafge them on the ToY^ : 
Hence rude, unfiniih^d brats, before th^ ame. 
Are bom into this idle wwld pf Riro^, 
And the uoor^Urn Mufe is brought to bp4 
Withall her ynpcrfij^Uonson her b^ 
Some, as no liife appears, no pulfps p]ii|y 
Through the dull dubious maiiy Qp. hrpad^ vaik3{ 


Doubt, greatly doubt, *till fbr a glafs tftey c^^y 
Whether th^ child can be baptized at all : 
Others, on the grounds, objedions firame. 
And granting that the child may have a namey 
Doubt as the (ex might well a mid^if^ pofe, 
Whether they (hould baptize it, Verfe or Profe. 

£*en what my mafters pleafe; Bards mild, met 
• men. 
In love to critics ftumble now and then. 
Something I do myfelf, and fomething too, 
^ they can do it, leave for them to do. 
In the fmall compafs of my carelefs page 
Critics may find employment for an age } 
Without my blunders they were all undone ; 
I twenty feed, where Maton can feed one. 

When Satire ((oops, unmindful of her iU|e» 
To praife the man I love, curfe him I hate i 
When Senfe^ in rides of pafiion borne aloogy 
Sinking to frofe, degrades the name of long $ 
The Cenfor (miles, and. whilft my credit bleidii 
With as high relUh on the carrion feeds 
As the/roniEari fed at a turtle fisaft, 
Who^ tumM by gluttoiiy to vfv^ ^ b^afi^ 



U, "tfllbti bowels guih'4 i^onthe floory 
Yetftm eatOQ} and dying caird for knore. 

Wbm i»(e IXgngmtf likl a colt unbrokcy 
Sfoning Ctneifwtt ^d her formal yoke» 
Bou4s thro* the fbreily wanders far-aftray 
hm^ iatmn path, and loves to loTe her wtf, 
TsafuU feaft to all the moogrel pack 
Toniathe rambler down, and bring her back. 
^ffhaiff Defcrtptlon, Fancy *s ^iry child, 
WUJ «fithoat art, and yet with pleafure wild, 
Wiiuof with Nature at the morning hour 
Tothelaik*! call, waUu o*er the opening flowV 
Wbich hrgdy drank all night of hearen*s fitih deW] 
And like a moontain nymph of Dian*s crew, 
SftGghcly walks, fhe not one mark imprintf, 
Korbniihes off the dews, nor foils the tints } 
Wkathns Defcription fports, e*en at the time 
7h< dnuns ihould beat, and cannons roar in rime, 
Cnracao IItc on fuch afault as that 
f no ooe mootb to the other, and grow fk. 

Te mighty Mmokly Judges, in a dearth 
Of lettered blockheads, confcious of the worth 
Ot jny materials, wtiSch againft your will 
OitfM*fe coofefsM, and &all confefs it llill ; 
Mxtriali rich tho* rude, enflamM with thought, 
TIa' aoie by Fancy than by Judgment wrought ; 
Take, oietfaem as yoor own, a wrork b^gin, 
VLkhfnJts yourgenitM well, and weave them in, 
FrsoM fiv the cridc loom, with critic art# 
Till thread on thread depending, part on part, 
Cobor with colour mingling, light vrith fkade, 
T« your doll tafte afbrnul work is made. 
Aid, hsriog wrought chem into one grand piece, 
hart k forpafles Rome, and rivals Greece. 

Nortlunk this much, for at oOe fingle word. 
Son as the mighty critic Ftor^s heard, 
^cJeact attends their call ; their pow*ris ownM \ 
Older takes place, and Geniusb dethron'd ! 
l<tei dace into books, defiance hurPd 
AtneaoB, as atoms dancM into airorid. 

MehigJxrbttfifiefii c^ls, a greater plan, 
Wonhy inan*i whole employ, the good of nan, 
TbcfODd of man committed to my charge : 
I^aflcFiocy rambles forth at large, 
CiTdds of Aich a ftuft, thefe hannleft lays 
M17 Ffieadfhip envy^ and ma^ FoUy praife ; 
"Hie dtfwB of Gotham may fome Scot afTume, 
Aad npnt Stuarts reign b Churchiirs room. 
ny poor people, O thou wretched earth, 
To vhofe dear tore, tho* not engaged by blrdi, 
% bem is ftx*d, my ferrice deeply fwom, 
Hov (by the father can that thought be borne, 
H mdoarchs, would they all but think like ]ne, 
AitOBlyfalfaers m the befl degree) 
HowMft thy glories fade, in ev'ry land 
"^ sane be langhM to fcoro, thy mighty hand 
^toea'd, and thy seal, by foM coofels*d, 
Kt&'d in diyW, to make thy ne&ghboms bleisM, 
^nobb'd of i%Dor ! how moft Freedom*s pile, 
^bosft of iges, which adorns the Hie, 
AaAittkcsltgreit an^glorioos, fearM abroad, 
^^rr^kome, lecve from force aid fraud ! 
^ Biftlhat pile, by ancient wi£lom raised 
^stentk, 1^ friends admir*d ftndpraii*d» 
W* by foes, mA wOnderM at by all» 
^^ Aoct monttt Into ruins fall, 
*"dd any flip of Sttiart*s tyrant raocy 
^ ^>iM or la^finico, "^ace 

The royal (eat of empire 1 But what car«. 
What fbrrow muft be mine, what deep defpair 
And felf-reproaches, fhould that hated line 
Admittance gain thio* any fault of mine ! 
Curs*d be the caofe whence Gotham*s evils fpring, 
Tho* that cursed caufe be found in Gotham*s Kung. 

Let War, with all his needy, ruffian band. 
In pomp of horror flalk thro* Cotham*8 land 
Knee-deep in blood \ let all her (lately tow*rs 
Sink in the dull ) that court which now is our*fi 
Become a den, where beafts nuy, if they can, 
A lodging find, nor fear ivbuke firom man \ 
Where yellow harvcft rife, be brambles found t 
Where vinos now creep, let thiftles curfe the ground \ 
Dry in her thoufand vallies foe the rills ; 
Barren tlie cattle on her thoufand hills ; 
Where Pow*r is plac*d, Itf tygcrs prtuwl for prey \ 
Where JufUce lodges, let wild alTcs bray ; 
Let cormorants in churches make their oefl. 
And on the fails of Commerce bitterns reit ; 
Be all, tho* princes in the earth before, 
Her merchants bankrupts, and her marts no more \ 
Much rather would 1, might the will of Fate 
Give me to chufe, fee Gotham's ruin*d ftate 
By ills on ills thus to the earth weigh*d down. 
Than live to fee a Stuart wear a crown. 

Let Heav*n in vengeance arm all Nature*s hoft, 
Thofe fervants who tiheir Maker know, who boaft 
Obedience m their glory, and fulBl, 
Unqueflion*d, their great Maftcr*s facred will \ 
Let raging winds root up the boiling deep. 
And, with deftruflion big, o*er Gotham fweep ; 
Let rains ruih down, *till Faith with doubtful eye 
Looks for the fign of mercy in the iky j 
Let Peftilcncc in all her horrors rife \ 
Where*rr I turn, let Famine blaft my eyes ; 
Let the earth yawn, and, ere they*ve time to think, 
In the deep gulph let all my fubjeds iink 
Before my eyes, whilft on the verge I reel ; 
Feeling, but as a monarch ought to fed. 
Not for myfelf, but them, 1*11 kifs the rod. 
And, having own*d the jufticc of my God, 
Myfelf with firmnefs to the ruin give. 
And die with thofe for whom I wi(h*d to live. 

This (but may Heaven*s more merciful decreet 
ffe*er tempt his fervant with fuch ills as thefe) 
This, or my foul deceives me, I could bear ; 
But that the Stuart race my Crown (hould wear. 
That Crown, where, highly cheriih*d, Freedom flxme 
Bright as the glories of the mid-day fun \ 
Bom and bred (laves, that they, with proud ■kif- 

Should make brave, free-born men, Hke boys •( 

To the whip crouch and tremble— O, that dioughtl 
The lab*ring brain is e*en to madnefs brought 
By thedread vifion ; at the mere fumriie 
The thronging fphits, asiotumok, rife} 
My heart, as forapaAige, loudly beats. 
And, turn me where I will, dilha^ion meets. 
O my brave fellows, great in arts and arms. 
The wonder of the earth, whom glory warms 
To high atd^evemeats, can your fpirits bend 
Thro* bafe controul (ye never can defcend 
So low by choice) to wear a tyrant*s chain. 
Or let in Freedom's feat a Stuart reign ? 
If Fames ^bo ^uuh for ages far and wade 
Spread in all realms the cowardice, the pride, 


GHURCHIL L 8 V O % U is 

The tyranny and filfehood of thofe Lonh> 
Contents you not, fearch England's fair records ; 
England* where firft the breath of life f drew, 
"Where next to Gotham, my beft love is doe ; 
There once they rul'd, tho* cruA'd by W)lliam*s 

They rwl'd no more, to cntfe that happy land. 

The JSrflf who, from his natire foil remov'd, 
Held £ngl»d*s fceptre, a tame tyrant provM : 
Virtue he lack'd,' cursM with thofe thoughts which 

Jn fouls of vulgar ftamp to be a Kmg ; 
Spirit he h:M not, though he laughM at laws. 
To play the bold-fec*d tyrant with applaufe ) 
On prafVices moft mean he raisM hii pride. 
And crat'b oft gave, what wifdom had denied. 

Ne'er could he feel how truly man is bleft 
In bleffing thofe around him } in his brca((. 
Crowded vrith ftilties, Honour found no room j 
MarkM for a Coward in hrs mother's womb, 
He was too proud without aflionu to live, 
'Cpo timorous to puniHi or forgive. 

To gain a crown, which had in courfc of time. 
By fair defcent, boen his without a crime. 
He bore a mother's exile ; to fecure 
A greater crown, he bafely could endure 
The fpilling of her blood by foreign knife. 
Nor dar'd revenge her death who gaVe him life ; 
Nay, bv fond fear and fond ambition Ifd, 
Struck hands with thofe by whom her blood was (hed. 

Caird up to pow*r, feared warm on England's 

throne, - 

He f!U*d her Court with beggars from his own : 

Turn where you would, the eye with Scots was 

Or Erigr^ knaves who would be Scotchmen thought. 
To vam expence unbounded loofe he give,' 
The dupe of minions, and of flaves the flave $ 
Oii falfe pretences mighty fums he rais'd. 
And danon'd thofe Senates rich, whom, poor, he 

praisM : 

Prom empire thrown, and doomM to beg her bread, 
On foreign bounty whiltt a Daughter • fed, 
He lavifh'd fums, for her receiv'd, on men, 
Whofe names would fix diihonour on my pen. 

Lies were h'ls play-mings. Parliaments his fport, 
Book-worms and Catamites engrofs'd the Court : 
Vain of the Scholar, like all Scotfmen fince, 
The freJant Scholar, he forgot the Prince, 
And having vnth fome trifles ftor'd his brain, 
NeV leam'd, or wifb^d to learn the arts to reigo. 
Enough he knew to make him vain and proud, 
Mock*d by the wife, the wonder of the croud ; 
Falfe Friend, falfe Son, Me father and falfe Kmg, . 
Falfe Wit, Me Statefhian, and faHe ev'ry thuig. 
When be fhould ad, he idly chofe to prate, 
And pamphlets wrote, when he ihould fare the fUte. 

Religious, if Religion holds in whim, . 
To talk with all, he let all talk with hhn. 
Not on God's honoor, but his own intent. 
Not for Religion's fake but argument} 
More vain, if fome fly, artful, HfA-DutcA flave. 
Or, from the Jefnit fehool, fome piffcions knave 
Com^Aion ^ign*d, than if, to peace reftor'd 
By Iv* W foldierflup, worlds hail*d him Lord. 

* The Q^eeo of Bohwty grandmother of Gtorge 


Pow'r was his wifli, onboonded as his w^f 
The pow'r, without con^rovl, of doing ill 

But what he wifh'di what he made .^/th^ pcetdt^ 
And State/men warrant, hung viithin his reach 
He dar'd not fieite : Fear gate, to gall his pride. 
That Freedom to the realm his will dcnud. 

Of trearies fond, o'erweening of hti parts. 
In ev'ry treaty of his own mean aits 
He fell the dupe : Peace was his coward carc^ 
E'en at a time when Juftfce cill'd for wart 
His pen he'd draw, to prove his lack of wit. 
But rather than nnfheatfa the fwnrd, fubmit. 
Truth furly muft record, and, pleas'd to live 
In league with Mercy, Tuftke may forgive 
Kingdoms betray *d, and worlds refigoed to Spain, 
But never can forgive a Raldgh flain. 

At length (with white let Freedom mark that year) 
Not fear'd by thofe, whom nwrt he wifli'd to fair, 
Not lov'd by thofe, whom moft he wiflwd to love. 
He went to anfwer for his fauhs above ; 
To anfwer to that God, from whom alone 
He claim *d to hold, and to abufe the throoe ) 
Leaving behind a curfc to all his line, 
The bloody legacy of Right Divine« 

With many virtues which a radience fling 
Round private men ; with few which grace a King* 
And fpeak the mooareh i at the time of \tk 
When PaflioQ holds with Reafon doubtfVtl ftri^ 
Succeeded Charles, by a mean fire undone. 
Who envied virtue even in a Ion. 

His youth was froward, turbulent, and wlA i 
He took the man uo, ere he lefb the child j 
His foul was eager for imperial fway. 
Ere he had leam'd the leflbn to obey. 
Surrounded by a finfiming, flattering throng# 
Judgment each day grew weak, and humowr ftroeig : 
Wifdom was treated as a noifbme weed. 
And all his fi>llies let to run to feed. 

What ills from fuch beginnings needs nufl fpring^ 
What ills to fuch a land from fuch i King ! 
What could flie hope ! what had flw not to fear! 
Bafe Buckingham poflb'd his youthful ear; 
Straflfbrd and Laud, when mounted on die throne, 
Engrofs'd his love, and made him all their own; 
Straf^rd and Laud, who boldly dar'd avow 
The tratt'rons do£hines taught by Tories now : 
Each flrove t* undo h'm, in his turn and hour, 
The firft withpleafure, and the laft with pow'r. 

ThinlSng (vain thought, diigracefiil to Uie throne 
That all mankind were made fi>r Kings alone, 
That fubjeds were hot flaves, and what was whim 
Or worfe in common men, was law in hlro : 
Drunk with frenrariw, whioh fate decreed 
To guard good Kmgs, and tyrants to miflead ; 
Which in a fair proportion, to deny 
Allegiance dares not ; which to hold too high 
No good can wifli, no coward King can dare. 
And held too high, no Etigii^ fu^eft bear i 
Befieg*d by men of deep and fubtile arts. 
Men void of principle, and damn!d widi parts. 
Who faw hts weaknefs, made their King tbesr too 
Then mofl a flave, when moft he feemM to mUt ; 
Taking all public fbps for private ends, 
Deceiv'd by favourites, whom he called fritDds, 
He hid not ftiength enoughof foul to find 
That monarchs, meant as blefllngs to mankiodt 

ISink their great ftate, and ihimp their fuxit ondoti 
Wboi what was B^t for all they give to one i 



Lef^oiag sxoriooSy wbQil a woinan*s fmtt 
lioddTi! the Church, and parcelled oat the Siatftf 
VhDft (m the State not more than vromen read) 
%h-chiirch«eD preacVd, and tuni*d his piooi 

bead y 
TsiDr'd to fire wnth nunifterial eyes; 
FaM cobear a lojral natioo*s cries ; 
Made to beUere (what can't a favorite do) 
1^ heard a nadon hearing one or two f 
Tu^ hj State-Quaclcs hjmfclf fecnre to thinkf 
Asd oat if danger r*en on danger's brink ; 
^htitl pow'r was daily cnunbfing from his handy 
WHtt monmirs ran thro* an infulted land» 
As if to fandion tyrants Heav'n was bound, 
fieptoodly (baght the ruin which he fbupd.^ 

Twehe yean, twelve tedious and inglorious years, 
I^ Esgkeid, croihM by pow> and aw*d by fiears, 
W'<sSt prrad Opprdfion ftruck at Freedom's root, 
Umt her Seaaces loft, her Hampden mute. 
i £sal taxes and oppreffive loans, 
I" ^ of all her pride, call'd forth her groans ; 
Pxwace was heard her griefs aloud to tell, 
AcdC^ry was te m p t e d to rebel. 

Each day fKw ȣU of outrage (hook the State, 
Sew CoMts were rais'd tn give new do£lrines weight 5 
Jtate-Inqaiikions kept the realm in awe, 
Aad con'd Star^CAambers made, or rurdtfaelaw; 
.^riio wctr pack'd, and Judges were unfound j 
Tim* the whole kingdom not one Pratt was found. 

Fromtbe firil moments of his giddy youth 
«ktfcd Senates, for they told him trudi, 
i: kngtk agaioil his will compell'd to treat, 
T>Jk wfaoin he could not fright, he fhxjveto cheat, 
Wldi bafe ififlembling e?*ry. grievance heard, 
Aarf, often giving, often broke his word. 
wbcie ihall helplefs Truth for refuge fly, 
i/Ktfgs, who ihould protea her, dare to lie ? 

Tbofis who, the general good their real aim, 
Soo^ in thdr Country's good thdr Monarch's 

fame } 
Tbofe who were anxious for his fafety ; thofe 
Vl» were ioduc'd bv duty to oppofe j 
TYor troth fufpe^cd, and their worth unknown, 
Het^das foes, aiyl traitors to his throne \ 
*^yt feoad his fata] error till the boor 
<X fitvkf him was gope and paft ; dU pow*r 
Hid flaited hands, to blaft his haplefs reign, 
Udtiag thdr faidi and his repentance vain. 

Hence (be the curfe confin'd to Gotham's foes) 
Wvy dread to mention. Civil War aroCe $ 
AH ads of outrage, and all a£h of fhame, 
^alk'd fbfth at large, difguis'd with Hoooor's 

Rf^Okn, raifing high her bloody hand, 
^ficad ufUverfal havock thro' the land \ 
Wkh fc^ for party, and with paflion drank, 
la paUk r^ all private love was funk $ 
>Bead ^iiA friend, brother 'gainf( brother fh)od, 
Aai ifae laa*t weapon drank the fuher's blood \ 
VAse, aghaH, and fearful left her reign 
SknM laft no longer, bled in ev'ry vein. 

Unhappy Stuart I harfhty tho' that name 
Gcates oa my ear, I (hould have died with (hame, 
Tofee ny King befbre his (ubjefts ftand, 
And sK their bar tu>ld op his royal hand } 
At tber commaidi to hear t^e monarch plead^ 
Iv ihdr decrees to fee that monarch blMd. 


What tho' thy faults were nuiny, anJ were greatj 

What tho' they fhook the bafis of the State, 

In royalty fecure thy perfon ftood. 

And facred wis the fountain of thy blood. 

Vile Minifters, who dar'd abufe tbcjr tnift. 

Who dar'd feduce a King to be unjuft, 

Vengeance, with Juftice leagu'd> with pow'r madd 

Had nobly cru/h'd : ^he King eoulJ do no wtopg. 
Yet grieve not, Charles, nbr thy hard fbrtonet 
blame ; 
They took thy life, but they fecur'd thy fame. 
Their greater crimes itude thine like fpecks appear. 
From which the fun in glory it not clear. 
Had'ft thou in peace and years refign'd thy breath 
At Nature's call j had'ft thou laid down in death 
As in a fleep ; thy name, by Juftice borne 
On the fbur winds, hid been in pieces torn. 
Pity the virtue of a cen'rous foul, 
Sometimes the vice, nath made thy mcm'ry wholes 
Misfortunes gave what Virtue could not ^ve. 
And bade, the Tyrant fliin, the Martyr live. 

Ye Princes of the earth, yc mighty fiw, 
Who, worids fubduing, can't yourfelvcs fubdue ; 
Who, goodncfs fcom'd, wiih only to be great, 
Whofe breath is blaiting, and whofc voice is fate ^ 
Who own no law, no reafon but your will. 
And fcom reftraint, tho' 'tis from doing ill ; 
Who of all paflkins groan beneath the worft. 
Then only blefs'd when they make others curft j 
Think not for wrongs like thefe unfcourg*d to live ; 
Long may ye fin, and long may Heav'n forgive : 
But, when ye leaft expc^, in Sorrow's day. 
Vengeance (hall fall more heavy for dehy j 
Nor think that vengeance heap'd on yoh alone 
Shall (poor amends) fbr injured worlds atone : 
No ; like fome bafe diftcmper, which remains^ 
TranCmitted from the tainted father's veins. 
In the fun's blood, fuch broad and gen'ral crimes 
Shall call down vengeance e'en to lateft times. 
Call vengeance down on all who bear your name> 
And make their j>ortion bittemefs and Ihame. 

From land to land fbr years compell'd to roam# 
Whilft Ufurpatioo lorded it at home. 
Of Majcfty unmindful, forc'd to fly. 
Not daring, like a King, to reign or die, 
Recall'd to repoffeis hb lawful throne 
More at his people's feeking than his own. 
Another Charics fucceeded. fn the fchool 
Of Travel he had leam'd to play the fool. 
And, like pert pupils With dull tutors fenc 
To fhame their Country on the Continent, 
From love of England by long abfence wmn'd^ 
From ev'ry Court he ev'ry folly gl6m'd. 
And was, fo cbfe do evil habiu cling. 
Till crown'd, a Beggar; and whta ^rown'd, oa 

Thofe grand and gen'ral pow'rs which Heav'n de^r 

An inftartce 6f his merCy to mankind. 
Were loft, in ftorms of diffipatbn hurl'd. 
Nor would he give one hour to bicfs a world I 
Lighter than levity which {^ides the blaft. 
And of the prclent fond, forgets the paft, 
He chang'd and chang'd, but ev'ry hope t» 

Chaiig*d only from one folYv to a ttorfe ; 
M ^ 



State he rcfignM to thofe whom ftate couia plei&y 
Carelefk of majefty, hit wifli was eaie | 
Plcafure, and pleafure oal j was his aim i 
Kings of tefs wit might hunt the bukble'fame } 
Dignity, thro* hit reign, waa m^de t fport, 
Nor dar*d Decorum (hew her face at Court $ 
Mortality was held a landing jeft, 
And Faith a neceflary fi^ud at beft ; 
Courtiers, their monarch ever in their view, 
l^oiTefs^d great talents, and abus'd them toof : 
Whatever was light, impertinent, and vainy 
Whate*erwasloole, indecent, and profane, 
(So ripe was Folly, Folly to acquit) 
Stood all abfoWM in that poor bauble, Wit. 

In gratitude, alat ! but little read. 
He let his father*s fenranu beg their bread, 
his father*! faithful fervants, and his own, 
To place the foes of both around his throne. 

Bad counfi^ he embracM thro* indolence. 
Thro* love of eafe, and not thro* want of fesfie { 
He faw them wrong, but rather let them go 
As right, than tike the pains to make them fb. 

Women rurd all, and Minifbn of State 
Were for commands at toilettes fbrc*d to wait i 
Women, who have, as naonaicbs grac*d the land. 
But never govem*d well at fixood-hand. 

To make all other erron flight appear, 
In mem*ry f!x*d Hand Dunkirk and Tai^ier } 
In mem*ry fix*d fo deep, diat time in vain 
Shall ftrive to wipe tboTe records from the brain, 
Amboyna (lands— -Gods, that a Kins (hould hold 
In fuch high eftimate vile paltry gold, 
And of his duty be (b carelefa found. 
That, when the blood of fubjeds fit>m the ground 
iTor vengeance caird, he (hould reje^ their cry. 
And, brib*d from honour, lay his thunders by. 
Give Holland peace, whilft Eogliih vidims groan*d. 
And butchcr*d fubje^ wander*d unatotCd I 
O, dear, deep injury to England's fame, 
To them, to us, to all ! to him deep (hame ! 
Of all the paffions which from frailty fpring, 
Av*rice is that which XM becooKs a King. 

To crown the whole, fcomiog the public goody 
Which thro* his reign he little underftood. 
Or little heeded, with too narrow aim 
He rea(rum*d a bigot brother's claim \ 
Add, having made tiroe-ferving Senates bow. 
Suddenly died, that brother beft kxie^hvtv. 

No TsafXss Juw^-^hit flept amongft the dead. 
And James his brother ragned in his ftead. 
But fuch a reign— fo glaring an offence 
In ev*ry ftep *gainft Freedom, Law, and ^Senfe, 
*Gainft all the rights of Nature*s gen*ral plan, 
*Gainf( all ^ch conftitutes an £ngli(hmaii. 
That the relation would mere fi^Hon (bem. 
The mock creation of a poet*8 dream. 
And the poor bard*s would, in this fccptic i^. 
Appear as falfe as their hUbrian*t page. 

Ambitious Folly fel<*d the feat of Wit, 
ChrifHans were fbrc*d by bigots to fubmit $ 
Pride without fenfe, without religion seal, 
^ade daring hiroads on the common-w^ \ 
Stem Perfecution rais'd her iron rod, 
And caird the pride of Kings, the power of God | 
Confcience and Fame were (acrific*d to Rome, 
And England wept at Freedom's facred tomb. 

Her laws ddrpis*d, her conftitudon wrencli*d 
From its due nat\al ftio^, her rights ntiaich*d 

Beyond a coward's fuflf'rance, coDfciencc fbrc*^^ 
And bcaUng jufHce 6om the prawn ^Worc*d, 
^ach moment pregnant with vik a^ of pow*r| 
Her fftrm Biibops (entenc'd to the TowV, 
Her Oxford (who yet knres the Stuart name) 
Branded with arbitrary marks of (Kame, 
She wept— but wept not long \ to arms (he flew, 
At Honour's call th* avenging fword (he dre^ 
Tura*d all her terrors on the tyrant*s head, 
And (eot him in ddpair to begins bread ; 
Whilft (he (majr ev'ry State in fuch djftrr(s 
Dare with (uch seal, and meet with fiich ruccc(s) 
Whilft (he (may Gotbtm, (hould my abjed mind 
Chafe to enflave rather than free mankind. 
Purfoe her fteps, tear the proud tyrant down. 
Nor let me wear if I abu(e the crown) 
Whilft (he thro* ev*ry age, in ev'ry land. 
Written in gold let Revoludoo (bod J 
Whilft die, fecur'd in Lihertj^aoA Law, 
Found what (he (ought, a faviour in Naftau. 




CAN the food mother from herfcif depart. 
Can (he fbcget the darling of ber he^Xy 
The little darling whom (he bore and bred, 
Nurs*d on her knees, and at herbolbm (cd ? 
To whom (he fcem'd ber cv*ry thought to give, 
And \n who(eTife alone (he (eem'd to live ? < 

Yes, from hericlf the mother may depart, 
She may forget the darliiw of her heart. 
The little darling whom (he bore and bred, 
Nurs'd on her knees, and at her bofbm fed. 
To whom (he feem*d her ev*ry thought to gi^ 
And in who(e life akme (he feem*d to live i 
But I cannot forget, whilft Life remains. 
And pours her current thro* thefe fwelling vcibs, 
Whilft Mem'ry oiers ap at Reaibn's (hrins. 
But I cannot forget that Gotham's misie. 

Can the (bm modier, than the brutes more wiU, 
From her diihatur'd breaft tear her young child i 
Flefh of her flefh, and of her bone the booe, 
And da(h the fmiling babe againft a (histe } 
Yes, the ftem mother, than the brutes moreviW, 
From her difnatur'd breaft may tear her child } 
FIc(h of her fiefh, and of her bone the booe« 
And da(h the fmiling babe agunft a ftone ; 
But I, (forbid it Heav'n) but I «can ne'er 
The love of Gotham from this bofixn fiesr; 
Can ne'er {[> far true Royalty pervert 
From its fair courfe, to do my people hurt. 

With how much eafe, with how much confident 
As if, Cuperior to each grofler (enfe, 
Reaion had only, in 641 pow'r array'd. 
To manifi^ her will, and be obey'd. 
Men make refblvei, and paft into decrees 
The motions of the ound! With bow much caie 
In fuch relblvet 4)otb Paffion nukea flaw. 
And bring to Dodiing ichat was raia'd to law I 

IiuiBpue young, (carce wann oaOothamI thito 
The dangers and Oe fwcets of pow'r unkaowQ, 
Pleai'd, dio* I fcarce know why, lUsolbciie yvu^ chil 
Whole litik fenfet each new toy tHfm wild. 
How do I bold fweet dAlliance with my crowq. 
And wwtOQ with dominion ! bow lay down. 



"iuMlit OR MBCuflBOr S ppOOMCBtf 

Roles flf Boi laife sad aUbbte aeent$ 

Ues, wUch ficm fenfe of pnbli« Tirtoe fpriog^ 

And iUk OQce co mmriMre a Patriot King. 

ic, 6rthe<bj of trial is at handy 
Ad tk whole tortantt of a mighty land 
iR(hi*dooa)e, and all their weal or wot 
Uuihmmf gwd or evil cooduA flow, 
Wifll, orcn i> on a lair reriewy 
AildbsK that name, defirrre it too ? 
Bml «ca «cigh*d the great, the noble part 
fa Biv (D play f Hare 1 cxpIorM my heart, 
T^Ubyriath of fraud, that deep dark cell. 
Where, oafafpedcd c*en by me, tnay dwell 
7c&dni&)d ib!Ket ? Hare I Ibond out there 
Wl^ I n fie to do, and what to bear f 
Hnel traced tj*tj paffiontf its rife* 
^ ^d one larkiog iced of treacherous Tice ? 
Hnclftnaiiarwith my natttre grown, 
Aai ami fairlr to myfelf nude known ? 

A Psdnt Kng-— Why, *ds a name which bears 
^ttKinmediace ftampof Heav'n ; which wears 
Tie outtkf beft reiemblancc we can ihew 
(yCodibofttfai^^all his works below. 
Ttttaithefoiceof diTcord in the land, 
Toubveak FafiUoa*a difconcented band, 
leaded, weak, and cmmbllng to decay, 
Vtithn|cr pinck*d, m their own vitals prey ) 
iie hohren in the felf-laroe bt*refts warmed, 
^ tf^icat bodies with one ibul infenn*d, 
7»iqb a atfieo, noUy rais*d above 
^ laaer thooghty gryw up in common lore { 
"^^jivetbelaws due vigour, and to held 
^IxRdbalnce, tempentt, yetboldy 
Vihikhaieqnalhand, that thofe who iear 
^ J^^fnni and oMm my jMct clear | 
" te I abnaMB ntncf 9 tolecufe 

^lokfrMB violence, Aoai pride the poor { 

; ^'ceaibcrfaBtobnidiindiigraBe, 
^« nb Cormptioa drend m ftew her fiice } 
^•WiiiQei Virtue takenew ftate, 
A3^ W «M acqoabted with the great $ 
^Icthcrpriefts be made a ftandlog jeft ; 
''vikkr worth with fib*fal hand tocarve^ 
^*li>tAe«tB, aorlettheaitiftsftarve; 
^'»b fm fkatf through the realm increaTe, 
^ hae ia war, and, happineis m peace ) 
^*^ «f peopk virtaona, great and free, 
^ bMrte dl thofe blcffiags flow from me } 
^'^ijdytoocn]uUitey atfaougfat 
J[^ttt«s Nature rooiv than flatt*ry ought $ 
;">|Rt, gkrioMtaik, Ar man too hard, 
«i>tli6pcat, kfs glorioos the reward, 
i^ bd ivward which here to man it giv*n, 
'>«Mtfa«cailh, andlittkftortof heav'n; 
5^ (if feck compatilbn may be) 
^^iaonre, dtf *rfa|g b^egree^ 
^^vhichGod, on whom ihraid IcaU, 
'^'^vMicift, a*dyetperfi)rmttoall. 
Jj«»|»di do they nriftake, how little know 
J*>%>if kbgdomiy and the paons which flow 
[^"•fdlft who laacy that a crown, 
{!P^t|QAett, nteft be lin*d with down ! 
^ «<fidt ftow and Viin appearance caugfaty 
i^ULBiftrther, m^, by Folly taught, 
r*t«|htbiiysof tbooci, brt MVcr Aid 
**>« ^wpy cam whidiluik behind. 

The gem they worihip, which a crown adoTns, 
Nor once fufytCt that crown is lin*d with thorns. 
O might Reflection Folly's place fupply. 
Would we one moment uie her piercing eye. 
Then fliould we know what woe ftom grandeny 

And Icam to pity, not to envy kings. 

The villager, bora humbly and bred hardy 
Content his wealth, and Poverty his guards 
In adion firaplyjuft, in cpnfcience clear. 
By guile untainted, nodifturb^d by fear. 
His means but fcanty, and his wants bat icw» 
Labour his bufinefs and his pleafure too. 
Enjoys more comforts in a fingle hour. 
Than ages give the wretch condemned to powV. 

Called up by health he rifes with the day. 
And goes to work as if he wrent to play, 
Whiftling off toils, one half of which might makfe 
The floatdt Atljs of a palKc quake ; 
''Gabft heat ami cold, which make us coward* 

Hardened by conftant ufe, without complaint 
He bears what we Ihoold think it death to bear $ 
Short are his meals, and homely is his fare ; 
His thirfl he flakes at fome pure neighboring brookg 
Nor aflcs for fauce where appetite ftands cook. 
When the dews ^I, and when the fun retires 
Behind the mountains, when the village fires. 
Which, wakened all at once, fpeak fupper nigh» 
At dtfhmce catch and fix his longing eye. 
Homeward he hies, and with his manly brood 
Of raw-bon*d cubs enjoys that clean, coarfe Ibod, 
Which, leafon*d with good-humour, his fond bride 
*Ga;nft his return is happy to provide { 
Then, free from care, and free from thought, h« 

Into his ftraw, and *till the morning fleeps. 

Not fo the Kmgi— With anxious cares oppteft'd^ 
Hisbofom labours, and admits notrefl. 
A glorious wretch, he fweats beneath the weight 
Of Majefty, and ghres up eafe for ftate. 
E*cn when his fmiles, wfuch, by die fools of pride. 
Are treafur'd and preiiervM from fide to fide, 
Fly round the court, t*en when compelPd by form. 
He feemt moft calm, his foul is in a florm ! 
Care, like a fpedre, feen by him alone, 
With all the ncft of vipers, round his throne 
By day crawls full in view 5 when Night bids Sle«|| 
Sweet nuric of Nature o*er thefenfes creep. 
When Mifery herfelf no more complaint, 
Andflavet, If poflible, forget their chains, 
Tho* his fenfe weakens, tho' his eyes grow dlmg 
That rtfk which conaes to all, comes not to him. 
E*en at that hour. Care, tyrant Care, fbrbSds 
The dew of fleep to fidl upon his lids ; 
from night to night flie watches at his bed | 
Now, asone mop*d, fits broodmgo'er hfs head ; 
Anon flie ftarta, and, borne on raven's wings, 
Croaks forth aloud— •« Sleep was not made fjr 
Thrice hath the Moon, who governs this vaft ball, 
Who rules moft abloluteo'er me, and all ; 
To whom by full conviCHon taughr to bow. 
At new, at full, I pay the duteous vow ^ 
Thrice hath the Moon her wonted courfe porfuM, 
Thrice hath flie loft her fbnn, and thrice renewM, 
Since (bleiM be that feaibn, for before 
~ wnf a mere, mere mortal, and nomoM» 



One of the herd, a lamp of common cla]^^ 
JnfbrmM with life to die aod pa(s away) 
Since I became a King, ar^ Gotham's throne» 
"With fiiH and ample pow'r became my own } 
Thrice hath the Moon her wonted courfe puriu*d, 
Thrice hath ihe loft her form, and' thrice re- 
Sinee Sleep, kind Sleep, who like a friend fupplies 
New vigour for new tml, hath dos'd thefe eyes. 
Nor, if my toils are anfwer^d with faccefs. 
And I am made an inftrument to bleis 
The people whom 1 love, Hull I repine ; 
Thein be the benefit, the labour mine. 

Mindful of that high rank in which I ftand, 
Of millions Lord, fole ruler in the land. 
Let me, and Keaton foall her aid afford. 
Rule my own fpirit, of myfelf be lord. 
With an ill grace th it Monarch wears hii crown, 
Who, ftem and hard of nature, wean a frown 
*Gainft faults in other men, yet all the while 
Meets his own vices with a partial fmile. 
How can a King (yet on record we find 
Such Kings have been, fuch curfet of mankind) 
Enforce that law *gainft fome poor fubjcd elf. 
Which Confcience tells him he hath broke himfolf ? 
Can he fome petty rogue to ju^ice call 
For robbing one, when he himfelf robs all ? 
Muftnot, unlefs extingui(h*d, Confcience fly 
4nto his cheek, and blaft his fading eye, 
To fcourge th' oppreflbr, when the State, diftre(t*d 
^ind funk to ruin, is by him eppre(s*d f 
Againft himfolf doth he not fentence give ? 
If one muft die, t* other's not fit to live. . 

Weak is that throne, and in itfolf unfoond. 
Which takes not folid virtue for its ground $ 
All envy pow'rin others, and complain 
Of that which they would periih to obtain. 
Nor can thofe fpirits, turbulent and bold, 
Not to be awM by threats, nor bopght Math goId» 
Be hufh'd to peace, but when fair legal fway 
Makes it their real int'reft to obey 5 
IVhen Kings, and none but fbols can dien r«bel. 
Not lefs in virtue than in pow'r excel. 

Be that my objc£^, that my conftant care» 
And may mv foul^'s beft wiihes center there. 
Be it my taik to feek, nor feekin vam. 
Not only how to live, but how to reign ; 
.^ad« to thofe virtues whicK ^n>m Reafon fpring. 
And grace the man, join thofo which grace the King. 

Ftrft (for ftrid duty bids my care extend 
And reach to all, who on that care depend^ 
Bids me with fervantskeep a fbady hand. 
And watch oV a!l my proxies in the land) 
Ftrjt (and that method Reafon (hall fuppoit) 
Before I kx>k into, and purge my Court, 
Before I cleanfe the liable of the State, 
Let oie fix things which to myfelf relate. 
That Aone, and all accounts well fettled here. 
In refolution firm, in honour clear* 
Tremble, yeflaves, who dare abufe your truft, 
"^hodareU villains, when your King is jufl. 

Are there, anoongil thofe officers of Sute 
To whom our facred pow> we delegate. 
Who hold our place and office in the realm, 
Who, in our name conuniffioaM, guide the helm ^ 
Art there, who, trufting to our love of eafo, 
ip|>prefs oi^r fub)e^| witft o^*^ dtoxm^ 

And make the laws, warp'd ficom their foir iateflt, 
To fpeak a language which they never meant ; 
Are there fuch men, and can the fools dqwod 
On holding out in fafety to their end ? 
Can they fo much, from thoughts of danger free. 
Decdve themffelves, fo much mifdeem of rk. 
To think that I vtrill prove a Statefjofian'c too^ 
And live a fbanger vdiere I ought Co rale * 
What, to myfelf, and to my State mjuft. 
Shall I from Minifters take things on tnaftf 
And, finking low the credit of my throne. 
Depend upon dependants of my own } 
Shall I, mofl certain fource of fotore cares. 
Nor ufe my judgment, but depend on t bar's ? 
Shall I, true puppet-like, be mock'd with ftaie. 
Have nothing but the name of bdnggreat ; 
Attend at councils which I muft not weigh ; 
Do what they bid : and what they didate fry ; 
Enrob'd, and hoifled up into my chairy 
Only to be a royal cypher there ? 
PerHh the thought— 'tis treafon to my throne— 
And who but thinks it, could his thoughts be knom, 
Infults me noore, thte he, who kaguM with Nell, 
Shall rife in arms, and 'gainfl my crown rebeL 

The wicked Stalefiiian, vrfaofe foUe heart purfocs 
A train of guilt'; who a£b with donUe Tiewst 
And wears a double foce ; whofe baie defigrn 
Strike at his monarch's throne ; who o rt de rm i n rr 
E'en whilft he feems his wifhes to fopport $ 
Who feiaes all departments, packs a court. 
Maintains an agent on the judgment-feat 
To fcreen hit cximes, and make hit firaods con- 
pleat { 
New-models amucsy and around the throne 
Will fofl^ none but cr e a t ur et of his own ; 
Confcious of fuch his bafoneis vreH may try, 
Againft the light to ihut hismafter't eye. 
To keep himcoop'd, and forremov'd firomtfaofef 
Who, brave and hodeft, dare his Crimea difokle. 
Nor ever lethim inone pUce appear. 
Where Truth, unwelcome Truth, may woood h» 
Attempts like thde, well velgh'd* chearfclvet 
And, whilft they publiihi banlk their author's lim. 
Kings muft be blind, into fuch fnares to run { 
Or worfe, with open eyes muft be undone. 
The Minifter of honefty and#orth 
Denoands the day to bring hbadions forth } 
Calls on the fun to (hine with fiercer rays. 
And braves that trial which muft end m prafe. 
None -fly the day, and fedk the ihades of nightt 
Bat thole whofe anions cannot bear the light ; 
None wtih their King in ignorance to hold. 
But thofe who feel ^ knowledge muft unfold 
Tbdr hidden guih, and that dark mift difpell'd 
fiy vrhich their placet and their lives are hcUi 
Confiifion wait them, and by Juftice leily 
In vengeance fall on ev'ry traitor's head. 

Aware of this, and caution'd 'gaiaft the pit 
Where Kings have oft been loft, fhall I fuba^ 
And ruft m chains like thefe ? Shall I give wayt 
And whilft my helplefs fubjeas foil a prey 
To pow'r abus'd, in ignorance fit down. 
Nor dare aflerttbe honour of my crown? 
When ftera rebellioo (if thatodiioaa ama 
JuftlybcMngsfiotfaQijp, vvbofo oqhr aii|i 



h tDpvfirrvc thdr Coontry $ who oppofe^ 

Is iuiioar leagued* oooe but their Country*! foes ; 

Who only ieek thdr own, and found their caufe % 

h doc regard far Yiolated laws) 

Wka ftan Rebellion, who no longer feels 

^'ar icarsrebukey a National her he^ls, 

A Naden op in arms^ tho* ftroog not proud^ 

Kaocks ac tbe palace>gate» and, calluig loud 

For dae redreist prefentSy from Truth*^ fair pen, 

A&ftof wroQgSy not to be borne by men y 

Horn matt that King be humbled » how difgrKc 

All thath fxiyal in hn naxne and placcy 

Who, tfam caird forth to anfwcry can advance 

XootberpkabotthatoT Ignorance ! 

A vile defence, which was hit All at fbdce, 

Tke neaaeftrubje^i v.-ell might bluOi to moke $ 

A mdiy fiMucc, from whence ihame ever fpriogs j 

A ftab fD all, but naoft a fbin to Kings. 

The ibal, with great and manly feelings warmMy 

Fadqg for knowledge, refts not tiit informed : 

Aai £bU not I, fir'd with the glorious zeal. 

Fed fhoCt brave pafBons which my fubjp^feel ? 

0^ cjfi a joft ezcuTe 6tmd ignorance flow 

To me, whoie fini, great duty i»— To Know ? 

Htncelgotnnce— thy fettled, dull, blank eye 
V««*dkBtme» tho* I knew noreafon why— 
Hemf \immu\tr fhy lltviA (hackles bind 
Tbe litB bora foul, and lethargy the nund— 
Of thee, begot by Pride, who lookM with fconi 
Oa eT*ry meaner match, of thee was bom 
7^ gave mflesibtlity of foul, 
Vhack Rcaiba can*t convince, nor Fe:ir controul ? 
Which neither argumenU nor pray*n can reach, 
AM aothing lefs than utter ruin teach— 
Heaoe Ignocance — hence to that depthof night 
W^cfc tfaoo wafl born, where notone gleam of light 
May wound thine eyo---heoce tofome dreary cell, 
WkeK Monks with Superftition love to dwell i 
<k- inCbflK College feothe thy lasy pride. 
And vidi the Heads of Colleges reGde j 
Tk nyle far Royalty thou can'ft not be ; 
And if no mate ibr Kings, no mate for me. 

Cone Study, like a torrent fweird with rains, 
WUcb, rujhing down the mountains, o*er the plains 
Spreads borror wide, and yet, in horror kind, 
Lenes ieeds of future fruitfiilnefs behind ; 
CsaeStady— fainfiil tho* thy courfe and flow, 
Tby real worth by thy effe^s we know«- 
^nBt of Knowledge, come ! Not theel cally 
Who, grave and dull, in College or in Hall 
Dbftft, an ibicfnn (ad, and moping weigh 
TlMDgs, which when found, thy labours can*t repay— 
Kor, in one hand, fit emblem o£ thy trade, 
AnJi in t* other gaudily arrayM 
Aiwi^tat, ^It wl lettered ; call I Thee, 
Who do* Ml fixm prefide o*er A B C— i 
5ir (firen tho* thou art, and thy ftrange charms. 
As >rerc by nu^ lure men to thy arms) 
DbIc^ Thee, who thro* a winding mase, 
A Uynnth of pozzUng, pleafing ways, 
IM kid OS at the laft to thofe rich plains, 
Wkoe, in f«ll glory, real Science rrigns : 
Fairiho* tfaoo art* aiid lovely to mine eye, 
Tho* fall rewards in tby ^oikBon lie 
ToaD«naaa*swiih, and do thy lav*ntet grace, 
Tho* (was I ftatMMi*d b an humbler place) 
1 caald be ever happy in thy fight, 
T«l«idi thee aU the day, and cfarmigh tbe iHght 

Tal on from watch to watch, biddi:^ n^ eye, 

Fait rivettcd on Science, /kq) defy ; 

Yet (futh the hardihips which from empire flow) 

Muit I thy fwcclfocicty fore^, 

And to (iitnc happy rival's arms rc/ign 

1 hofe charms, which con, alas ! no more be nyne/ 

No more, from hour to hour, (mm day todav. 
Shall I purfue thy ftcps, and urge ray way 
Where eager love of Science colls ; no more 
Attempt t^fe paths which man ne*er trod be/ure: 
No more the nooontain fcal*d, the defirt croft, 
Lofing myfelf, nor knowing I was loft, 
Travel thro* woods, thro* wilds, from mom to m^ht^ 
From night to mom, yet travel with delight. 
And having ^Hind thee, lay me down content. 
Own all my toil well paid, my time well fpciic 

Farewell ye Mufes too— for fuch mean things 
Muft not prefuinc to dwell with mighty Ki^i— 
Farewell ye Mufcs — tho* it cuts my heart 
E*en to tlie quick, we muft forever part. 

Wheo the frcfh morn bade lofty Nature wake ; 
When the birds, fiveetly twitt'ring thro* the brake, 
Tun*d their foft pipes ', when fixNU the neigbb'rli^ 

Sipping the den-, each Zephyr ftole per&me ; 
When all things with new vigour were infpir*d. 
And feem*d to fay they never could be tir*d , 
How often have we ftray'd, whiUt fporthrerime 
I>eceiv*d the way, and clipp*d the wings of Time» 
0*er hill, o*er dale ! how often laugh'd to Ifce, 
Vourfclves made vifible to none but me, 
The clown, his work fufpended, gape and f^aic. 
And fecm*d to think that I conven*d with air i 

When the Suny beating on the parched foiI« 
Seem*d to proclaim an interval of toil | 
When a faint languor crept thro* ev*ry breaft. 
And things moft us'd to labour, wiih*d for rcft^ 
How often, undemetth a rev*rend oak, 
Where die, and fisarlefs qf the impious ftrokc^ 
Some facred Dryad livM, or in fome grove. 
Where with capricious iingen Fancy wove 
Her fairy bow*r, whilft Nature all the while 
Look*d on, and view*d her mock*ries with a fmiU^ 
Have we held convcrfe fweet ! how often laid, 
Faft by the Thamci, in Ham*s infpiring (hade, 
Amongft thofe Poets which make up your train, 
And, after death, pour forth the facred ftrain. 
Have I, at your command, in verfe grown grey* 
But not impair*dy heard Drydeo tune that lay, 
Which might have drawn an angel from his fpherc* 
And kept him from his office lift*ning here. 

When dreary Night, with Morpheus In hat 
Led on by Silence to refume her reign. 
With darkqefs covering, as with a rube. 
This fcene of levity, blaok*d half the globe ; 
How oft, enchanted with your heav*nly ft rains. 
Which ftole me firom myfelf, which in foft chains 
Of Mu(ae bound royfbul, how oft* have I, 
Souods more than human floating thro* the (ky. 
Attentive faty whilft Night, againft her will, 
Tranfported with the harmonyy ftood ftill ! 
How o(V in rapturesi which man fcaKe cmuld bear. 
Have I, when gone, ftill thought the Mufits there f 
Still heard their muficy an4> as mute as death, . 
Sat all attendon, drew in ev*ry breath, 
Left, breathing all too rudely, I (houkl wouniL 
And iQtf xhnX nu|i< vs^^c of ^vod -, 


dtORCRlLL'S l>OtMS. 


Then, SenferetnTnifig with reeurn of day, 
Have chid the Night, which fled fo M away. 

Such my purfuits, and Tuch my joys of yore. 
Such were my mates, hut now my mates no more« 
Plac'd out of Envy*s walk, (for Envy fure 
Would never haunt the cottage of rixt poor, 
Would never ftoop to wound my homefpun lays) 
With foroe few friends, and (broe finall ihait of 

Bene;ith opprei!ion, undiftnrbM hr thnk. 
In peace 1 trod the humble vale of life. 
Farewell thefe fcenes of eafc, this tranqnU Ibtef 
Welcome the troubles which on empire wait. 
Light toys firom this day forth I difavow. 
They pleasM me once, bt% cannot fuit ne now | 
To common men all common things are fVee, 
What honours them might fix difgrace on one. 
Caird to a throne, and o*er a mighty land 
OrdahiM to rule, my bead, my heart, my hand 
Are all engroftM, each private view withft«od. 
And ta(k*a to labour for the public good ) 
Btf this my (hidy, to this one great end 
Mtf$^*ry thought, may evVy adiontend. 

Let me the page of Hiftory turn o*er, 
Th* infhuflive page, and heedfolly explore 
What faithfo] pent of former times have wrote 
Of former Kings ; what they did worthy n^te, 
What worthy blame { and from the f acred tomb 
Where righteous Monarchs fleep, where lautels 

tJnhurt by Time, let me a garland twine, 
Which, robbing not their ^e, may add to nJnfc. 

Noi* let me with a vain and tdie eye 
Glance o^er thefe fcenes, and in a hurry fly 
QjiicJc as a Poft which travels day and night ) 
Nor let me dwell there, lor*d by folfe delight* 
And, into barren theory betny*d» 
Focget-that Monarchs are for aftion made. 
When amorous Spring, repairing all his charmt, 
Calls Natare forth fipoin hoary Winter*s arms. 
Where, like a virgm to fbme letcher fold. 
Three wretched months (he lay benumb*d, and cold ; 
When the weak flow>j which, fhrinkiog from the 

Of the rude North, and dmorons of death* 
To Its kind mother Earth for fhdter fled» 
And on her bofbm hid its tender head, 
Peept forth afrcfh, and, chearM ^ milder fkiet* 
^ids in fun ^endor all her beauties tife } 
The hi?e is up m arms— expert to teach. 
Nor, proodly, to be taught nnwillmg, each 
Seems from her fellow a new teal to catch : 
Strength in her limbs, and on her wings difpatcb. 
The Bee goes forth; from herb to hetb (he flies, 
From flow'r to flow'r, and loads her lab*ring tWghs 
With'treaforM fweets $ robbmg thofe flow*rs/ v^ch 

Fiid aotthemfelvet nude poorer by the thefl, 
Their fceoti as lively, and tSietr looks as fair* 
As if the pillager had not been there. 
Ne*er doth fhi flit on Pleafure^s filken wing, 
Ne'er doth fhe, 1oit*ring, let theUoom of Spring 
Unrifled pafs, and on the downy breaft 
Of forae fair f!aw> indulge untimely refl. 
Ne'er doth fhe, drinkiqg deep of thofe rich de^ 
Which Chymifl Night prepared, that fakh abafe 
Due t* the Mve» aod felflfh in her toils, 
ToherowDfrivMettftcwveitUKl^ttUa, ] 

Love of the dock fifft eall*d her fbfth tD foolr, 
And to the (tock fhe brings her booty home. 
Be this my p attein A s becnroes a King, 
Let me fly all abroad onReafao*s wing { 
Let mine eye, like the lightnbg, thro* the esth 
Run to and fro*, nor let one deed of worth. 
In any place and time> nor let one man 
Whofe anions may enrich dominion's plan, 
Efcape my note t be all, from the fiift day 
Of Nature to this boor, be all my prey. 
From thole, whom TitO€ at the dcfirc of Fane 
Hath foar'd, let Vhtne catch an e^ual flame) 
From uiofe, who not in mercy, but in ragCt 
Time hath repriev'd todamn from age to age, 
Let oie take warning, leflbn'd to difHU, 
And, imitating Heav'n, draw good firtxn ill. 
Nor let thefe great refearches in my bicaft 
A nwnument of ufelefs labour reft $ 
No— let them fpread— th' efieds let Gotham ftsic» 
And reap the harveft of their Monarch's care t 
^ other times and other countries known, 
Only to givfrfrefh UeAngs to my own. 

Let me, (and m»r that Ood to whom I fly. 
On whoin for needfm fuccour I rely 
In this great hour, that glorious Cod of tmdif 
Thro' whom I reign, in mercy to my vooth 
ABA my weakneu, and diredme right $ 
From et'iy fpeck vAikh hangs upon die fight 
Purge my mind's eye, nor kt one cloud rwMfit 
To fpread theihades of error o'er my brain) 
Let me, impartial, vrith unwearied thought 
Try men and things } let Me, as Monarchs Mgl4 
Examine well on what my pow'r depends i 
What are the gen'ral priiKiplei and ends 
Of Government | howemphe Mt began } 
And wherefore man. was rais'd to reign o'er mstk 

Let me confider, as fVom one great fouret 
We fee atboufand riverstake their couil^, 
Difpers'd, and into diflP'rent channels led. 
Yet by their parent ftiU fupply'd and Mp 
That Government (tho* branch'd out far «id wide^ 
In various modes to various lands apply'd), 
Howe'er it difnrs in its outward frame, 
In the main groundwork's ev'ry where the faoK $ 
The fame her view, tho' diflereiit her ^an. 
Her grand and gtn*nd view the good of qiiao. 
Let me find out, by Reaibn's facred baoUt 
What tyftatk in itfolf moft pakCt feems, 
Moft worthy man, moft likely to condooe 
To all the ptirpofet of gen'nd vfe i 
Let roe find, too, whoe, by finr Reaibn tfy^y 
It Ails when to particulars apply'd { 
Why in that mode all natkms do not join, 
And, chiefly, why it cannot fiiit widi mme. 

Let me the gradual rife of empires traee, 
Till the^ feem firanded on Perfedion's b^ ( 
Then (for when human things have made their way 
To excellence they haflen to decav) 
Let me, whilft Obfervatian lends her clae> 
Step by ftep to their quick decline potfoey 
Enabled by a chainof fa^ to tell. 
Not only how they rofe, but how they ktL 

Let me not only the diftempers kmyw 
Which in all States fifom cemmosi canliis ffow. 
But likewiie tfaofo which, by the will of Fate, 
On each peculiar mode of empire wait ) 
Which in its very conftittttion lurk, 
Too iiue tf hdl to do Ui ^efoM ««fk% 

Churchill's boxms. 


letinei Aftmni^dy caclii^» tach fyftem> lo«m» 
Tbat J tof pcople^s danger may difcenif 
Ir *ds too late wUhM health to re-aflarey ' 
Aai, if it can be Ibund, find out acure. 

Let met (dio* great grave brethren of the gown 
Prodi an Faith up, and preach all Reafondown, 
Making thofe jar whom Reafon meant to joby 
Ami Tcftmg m themfelves a right dirine) 
Let ne thro* Rcafim^s glals, unth feardung eye > 
Into the depth of that rtligioa pry 
Which law hath fanaion*d ; let me find out there 
Glut's form* what's efl*ence ; what, like vagrant air» 
We well may change } and what, without a crime* 
CffiTst be changM to the laft hour of time i 
Nor let me fnfTer that ontra|eous seal 
Which without knowledge nirious bigots /ec1» 
fair in pretence, tho* at the heart unfoundy 
Tbe& fep'rate points at random to confound. 

The times have been when prielU have dar*d to 
proud and infnlting, on their monarch*s head ; 
When whilft they made religion a pteteocey 
Ootff the world they baniih*d common fenfe ; 
When iome iiiit King* too open to deceit, 
iaff md onfQ(pe£bng joinM the cheat, 
^*i by mock piety, and gave his nam* 
To fmt the vileft purpoies of ihame. 
Fevoot, my people ! where no caufe of fear 
Caa jnilly nfe — your King fecures you here $ 
VoorlCiog, who fcorot the haughty prelate's nod, 
NordecuM the voice of priefts the voice of God. 

let ae, (tho* lawyers may perhaps forbid 
Tbor monarch to behold what they wiih hi4« 
AiW Ar the pnrpofes of knaviih gain, 
WmU have thdr trade a myftery remain) 
Let me, diidaining all fuch flaviA awt, 
Kve tB the very bottom of the law } 
Let mc (the weak dead letter left behind) 
Sorch out the principles, the fpirit find, 
Tnifiaa the parts made maftcr of the whole* 
I &e the Conftitutk)n*i very fouL 

Let ae, (dio* Ratefinen will nodonbc refift, 
Aad to By eyes prefcnt a fearful lift 
Of men whoie wills are oppof^.te to mine, 
Of inen, grfit naen ! determin*d torefign) 
tetne (inch firmnefs, which becomes a KJng» 
Coniciaas finm what a fource my aiftions fpring, 
Dcftmin'd not by worlds to be withftood, 
^^ha my grand objeA is my Country's good) 
Uanvd all kiw mtnifterial fcenes, 
I>dboy thehjobs, lay bare their ways and tnegpSy 
And trap them ftep by fbp ; let me vrell know 
Hpw placet, penfions, and preferments, go f 
Why Gtd(t*s provided for when Worth is not. 
And why sne man of merit is forgot ; 
l^ae in peace, in war, fnpreme prefide. 
And dare to know my way without a guide. 

Let me, (tho* Dignity, by nature proud, 
Kctiits fnim view, and fwells behind a cloud. 
As if thefiufhooe with lefs pow*rful rty, 
l«6 grace, lc£i gk)ry, fhintng ev'cy day, 
Tbo* when (he comes forth into p>iblic fight| 
UnbeoJbg at a ghoft (he ftalks upright* 
With,fiich an airs we have oflen feen* 
And ofba la«g^*d at in a tragic queen, 
'^ A her preience, tho* bifc myriads crook 
^^ %(lc kiiw» voychO^cs ifingle M;} 

Let me (all vain pande, ^ empty pride^ 

All terrors of dominion laid afide. 

All ornament, and needlefs helps of art. 

All thofe big looks which fpcak a little heart) 

Know (which few Kings, alas ! have ever kno«^) 

How affability becomes a throne, 

Defhoys all fear, bids love with rcv*rcncc live. 

And gives thofe graces pride can never give. 

Let the f^em tyrant keep a dtftant ft^re. 

And, hating all men, tear return of bate, 

Confcious of guilt, retreat behind his throne. 

Secure from all upbraidings but his own: 

Let all my fubje^s have accefs to me. 

Be my ears open as my heart is free ^ 

In full fair tide let information flow | 

That evil is half cur^d whofe caufe we kr»w. 

And thou, wherc*er thou art, thou wretched thing ! 
Who art afraid to look up to a King, 
X«ay by thy fears— make but thy grievance plam* 
And, if i not redrefs thee, may my reign 
Cbfe up that very moment— To prevent 
The courfe of Jufticc from her fiiir intent, 
In vain my neareft deareft friend ihall plead. 
In vain my mother kneel— my foul may bleed. 
But mud not change— When Juftice draws die dart, 
Tho* it is duom*d to pierce a favourite*s hearty '* 
*Tis mine to give it force, to give it aim--> 
I know it Duty, and I feel it Fame 



ENOUGH of d^ffory— let them play the play't. 
And, free from cenfure, fret, fvreac* ftntt, 
Garrick abioad, what motives can engage 
To wafle one couplet oil a barren ftage ? 
Ungrateful Garrick ! when thefe t^y days. 
In juftice to themfelves, allowed thee praife ; 
When, at thy bidding, Senfe, fur twenty yean* 
Indulged m laughter, or didblvM in tears ; 
When, in return for labour, time, and h^th. 
The Town had giv*n fome little (hare of wealthy 
Could*ll thou repine at being ftill a Have ? 
Dar*ft thou prefume t* enjoy that wcilth (he gave ? 
Could*ft th<Mi repine at hnvs ordab*d by thefe. 
Whom nothmg but thy merit nvide thy foes i 
Whom, too fefin*d for honef^ and trade* 
By Need made tradefmen, Pride had bankrupts madef 
Whom Fear made drunkards, and by modem rliles. 
Whom Drink made wits* tho* Nature made thea 

With fuch, beyond all pardon is diy crime* 
In fuch a manner, and at fuch a time. 
To quit the (hge ; but men of real foife. 
Who fieitl)ier lightly give nor tike effctce* 



P O K M S. 


Shall own tW clear, or pa(s an ad of grace» 
Since thou haft left a Powell in thy place. 

Enough of y^tfhn~-'Why, Mrhen fcribblen fail» 
Muft other fcHbblers fpread the hitefii! tale ? 
Why muft they pity, why contempt expreft. 
And why infult a brorher in diftrefs ? 
Let thofe who boaft th* uncommon gift of braint» 
The laurel pluck* and wear it for thdr pains ; 
Freih on their brows for ages let it bloom, 
And, ages paft, ftill ftouriih round their tomb. 
JUetthofe, who without genius write, and write, 
Verfemcn or Profemcn, all in Nature** fpite. 
The pen laid down, their courfe of Folly nm 
In peace, unread, unmention^d, be undone, 
"Why fhouli I tell, to crofs the will of f \te. 
That Francif • once endeavoured Co tranflatc f 
"Why, fweet oblivion winding round his head, 
Should I rccal poor Murphy from the dcaj ? 
Why may not Langhome, iimple in his Ijy, 
M-fuftcn on Ffvfofi pour nway f ; 
Wi;h FriaiAj/.'jt and with Ft^cy rr:fle here, 
Or fteep m Pufioral a: Itlvcdere % ? 
Sleep let them all, with DullneC on her throne, 
Secure from any malice but their own. 

Enough of Cr.t'ki — let them if ihcy jrteafe. 
Fond of new pomp, each raionth pafs new decrees \ 
Wide and cxtenfive be their infmt ft ire, 
Their fobjc^h many, and tbofe fubie^ great, 
Whilft all their mand ites as found hw fucceed. 
With fools who write, and greater f«x>ls who read. 
Whit tho* they lay the realms of Ceniui waftcy 
Fetter the f-incy, and debauch the ta!le ; 
Tho* they, like doftors, to approve thdr dulli 
Confult bot how to cure, but how to kill \ 
Tho* by whim, envy, or reiimtmeot led. 
They djmn thofe authors whom they never read j 
Tho*, other rules unknown, one rule h^y hold, 
To deal out fo much praife for fo much gold } 
Tho* Scot with Scotf in damned clofe intrigues, 
Aganft the Commonwealth of Letters leagues $ 
1 ^occnrur*d let them pilot at the helm. 
And rule in letters, as they ruPd the realm. 
Ours be the curfe, the mean tame coward*s curfe, 
(Nor could ingenious Malice make a worfe. 
To do mir Scnfe and Hoooar deep defpite) 
To credit what tlicy fay, read what they write. 

Enough of ScotlatiH — let her reft in peace, 
The caofe renaov'd, eftfeOs of courfe (hould ceafe. 
Why ftwuld I tell, how T-wr*//, too mighty grown. 
And proudly fweird with waters not his own> 
Burft o*er his banks, and by dcftru^Hon led, 
0*crour faint England defolation fpread, 
Whilft riding on his waves, Ambition p1um*d 
In ten&Id pride, the port of Bute afrum*d, 
Now that die River Cod, convinc*d, tho* late. 
And yielding, tho* rcludantly, to fate. 
Holds his fair courle, and with more humble tides, 
lo tribute to the fea, as ufual, glides. 

Enough of Stataf and fuch like trifling things ; 
Enough of Kingllngs, and enough of Kings ; 

* Dr. Philip Francis, the tranflator of Horace and 

f See the Eflfbfions of Friendftup and Fancy, by 
Dr. Langhome, « vols. laroo. 1763. 

t See the Eaiargesaeflf of the MkiJ, kanghone*s 

Henceforth, fecurr, let ambu{h*d ftatefmen He, 
Spread the Court web, and catch the patriot fly ; 
Henceforth, unvriiipt^f Jultice, uncontrottl*4 
By fear or (hame, let Vice, iecure and bold. 
Lord it with all her ions, whilft Virtue's groa 
Meets with compaffion-only from die throne. 

Enough of Painots~-^\ I aik of man. 
Is only to be honeft as he can. 
Some have deceiv*d, and fome may ftlll decdve ; 
'TIsihe fooPs curfe at random to believe. 
Would diofe, who, by opinion plac*d on high. 
Stand fur and ^cchCt in their Country's eye, 
M intain that honour, 'Kt me in their car 
Hint this eflential doRnoe^Perfevfre, 
Should they (which Hcav*n forbid) to win the grace 
Of fome proud courtier, or to gain a p^ace, 
Their Ki-jg and Country fell, with cndlefs fltame 
Ih' avenging Mufe flull mark each traitoroos ncme j 
But if, to Honour trye, they fcorn to bend. 
And, proudly huncft, hold out to the end. 
Their gratefiijl Country fhall their ftmc record* 
And I myfelf defccnd to praife a Lord. 

Enough of /^i/iM— with good and honeft mei 
His anions fpcak much ftrongcr than my pen. 
And future ages flull his name adore. 
When he can ad, and I c in write no more. 
England may prove ungrateful, and uniuft. 
But fbft'ring France fliall ne'er betray her tnA ; 
'Tis a brave debt which godsonrnen impofc. 
To pay with praife the merit e'en of foes. 
When the great warrior of Amilcar*s race 
Made Rome's wide empire tremble to her bafe. 
To prove her virtue, tho* it galj'd her pride, 
Rome gave that fame which Carthage had deny '4 

Enough of Sflf^-thtt darling lufcious theme, 
0*er which philofophers in raptures dream ; 
Of which with fceming difregard they write. 
Then prizing rooft, when nwft they feem to ff%ht i 
Vain proof of folly dnftur'd ftrong with pride 1 
What man can from himfelf divide ? 
For me, (nor dare I lie) my leading aim 
(Confcience firft fatisfied) is love of fame. 
Some little ^une deriv'd from fome brave few. 
Who prizing Honour, prize her vot'ries toou 
Let all (nor fliall refentmcnt flufli my cheek) 
Who know me well, what they know, freely ^etk 
So tbofe (the greateft curfe I meet below) 
Who know me not, may not pretend to know. 
Let none of thofe, whom blefs'd with parts above 
My feeble genius, ftill I dare to love. 
Doing more mifchief than a thoufand foes, 
Pofihmous nonfenfc to the world expofe. 
And call it mine, for mine tho* never known. 
Or which, if mine, I living, blulK'd to own, 
Kmw all the vnrld, no greedy heir (hall find« 
Die when I will, ore couplet lefl behind. 
Let none of thofe, wh«m I defpife tho' great. 
Pretending fnendfliip to give malice weight, 
Publifli my life 5 let no filfe fneaking Peer, 
(Some fuch there are) to win die publk ear. 
Hand me to flume with ibme vile anecdote. 
Nor (bttl-gaird Bifliop damn me with a note. 
Let one poor fprig of bay around my head 
Bloom >K^ft I live, and point me o«it when de^ 4 
Let it (may Heav'n indulgent grant that pFiy*r} 
Be planted on my grave, hor wither there $ 
And when, on travel bound, fome riming gdeft 
Roomi thro' tbtchorch-jard whilft his dioDcr' ' 




Irt it hq|d op thit comment to hUeyes ; 
•' life to the aft enjoy'd, /f«-f Churchill lies }'* 
WMft (O, what joy that pleafing flatt*ry gives) 
Reading my WorJu, he cries — " Hert Churchill 

Enough of 5a/ir<^— In Icfi hardcnM times 
CrcaJ was her fbrce> and miglity were her rimes. 
t Vfctud of ment hcyood man's daring brave, 
I Wio yd have trembled at the iHokes flie gave, 
f Whofc fouii iiave £y { ujorc terrible aliurms 
from her one line> than from a world in arms. 
Wiira, in her faithful and Immortal page. 
They fiw tranfmitted down from age to age 
Recorded villains, and each fpotted name 
Bnoded with marks of everlaftiAg (hame, 
^ucfeedlag villains fought her as a friend, 
Aai, if not really mended, feigned to mend. 
Bst h an age, when anions are allowM 
^Vhichiirike all honour dead, and crimes avowed. 
Too terrible cofuifer the report, 
Avaw'd and prals*d bv men who ftain a Court 5 
J'ropp'd by the arm of Pow'r, when Vice, high-bom, 
H^h-^red, hIgh-llntion*d> holds rebuke in fcom 3 
When (he is loft to ev'ry thought of fame, 
Aod, to all virtue dead, is dead to (hame ; 
Wbm Pntdeoce a much eafier taflc muft hol4 
To make a new world, than reform the old $ 
S^dre throws ^y her auxows on the ground, 
Asd if ibe cannot cure, (he will not wmind. 
Come, Panegyrick— tho* the Mufc difdains^^ 
I Fcunded on truth, to proftttute her ftrains 
^ Atdxbaie jnftaoce of thofe men, who hold 
f No aigument but powV, no God but gold $ 

Vet, miodiul that from heaven /he drew her birth, 
' Sbefcoros the narrov^ maxims of this earth, 
VntDoos heriHf, brings Virtue forth to view, 
Aod knres to praife, ^vhere praife is juftly due. 
t One, Panegyrick — in a former hour, 
My Ibiil with pleafure yielding to thy powV, 
Thy ihrine I fought, 1 pray *d-— but wanton air, 
Before it reachM ihv ears, d'lfytn'd my pray*r > 
£*ca at thy altars whillt I took my ftand, ^ 
The pen of Truth and Honour in my hand, 
Fvt, n)editating wrath *gainft me and mine, 
CaJ4 ny food seal, and thwarted my deHgn, 
VHlft, Hayter * brought too quickly to his eod, 
Ilafta fubj(^, and mankind a friend. 

Cook, Panegyrick— bending at thy throne, 
^^ and thy pow*r my foul is proud to own. 
Be tha» my kind proteAor, thou my guide, 
-i^ lead me fafo thro* pafles yet untry*d. 
iW is the rcud, nor difficult to find, 
^^luchtD the houfc of Satire leads mankind ; 
Narrow and unfrequented are tlie ways', 
^rce feood out io an age, which 1^ to praife. 

What tho* no theme 1 chufe of vulgar note, 
^'of wiih to write as brother-Bards have wrote, 
^>) Quid, fo meek ia proifing, that they feem 
Afraid to wake their patrons from a dream ; 
What iho' a theme I chufe, which might demand 
Tbciuccft touches of a mafter*shand } 
Vet, if the inward workings of my foul 
Deceive m^ not, 1 ftiall attain the goal, 
Aod Envy fluU behold, in triumph raised, 
T^ Poetpnifing, and the Patron praU*d. 

* Dr. Thomas ^a^ter^ Biihop of Loadon. 
,««J>«iary9, 176^ 


What Patron fluU I chufe ? Shall public voice 
Or private knowledge Influence my choice ? 
Shill 1 prefer thcgnm^ retreat of Stowe, 
Or, fceking Patriots, to friend Wildman*3 f go ? 

To VVildnun's I cry'd Difcretion, (who had heardj 
Clofe-ftandlng at my elbow, ev*ry word) 
To Wildman*8 ! Art thou niad > Ciii'rt thou be furo 
One moment there to have thy head fecurc ? 
Are they not all (let obfervation. tell) 
All mark'd in charafters as black as hell, 
fn Doomfday book by Miniftcrs fet down, 
Who ftilc their pride tlie honour of the Crown ? 
Make no reply— let Reafon ftand aloof— 
Prefumptions here muft pafs as fo'emn proof. 
That fettled faith, that love whichever fpringj 
In the bcft fubjcas for the bell q( Kings, 
Muft not be mcafur'J now, by what men think, 
Or fay, or do— by what they cat, and drink } 
Where and with whom, that qu«ftion's to be try'd. 
And Sutefmen arc the Judges 10 decide ; 
Vo juries call'd, or, if xall'd, kcj^t in awe, 
They, fj^s confeft, in thcmfclves teft the law. 
Each diih at Wildraan*s of fedition fmacks j 
Blafphemy may be gofpel at Almacfc's. 

Peace, good Difcretion, peaee— thy fears ate vain# 
Ne'er will I herd with Wil Jman*s fa^ious triin. 
Never the vengeance of the great incur. 
Nor, without might, againft the mighty ftir. 
\ft from long proof, my temper you diftroft. 
Weigh myprofeflion, to my gown be juft ^ 
Doft thou one Parfon know fo void of grace 
To pay his court to patrons out of place ? 

If ftill you doubt (tho* fcarce a doubt remains) 
Search thro' my alttf M heart, and try my reins j 
There, fearching, find, nor deem me now in fporty 
A convert made by Sandwich to the Court 
Let madmen iqllow error to theeod, 
I, of mlftakes convinced, and proud to mend. 
Strive to aft better, being better taughtj 
Nor blufh to own that change, which Reafon wrooghli 
For fuch a change as this, muft Juftice fpe^k ; ^ 
My heart was hooeft, but my head was weak. 

BigoC to no one man, or fet of men. 
Without one felfifti view, I drew my pen } 
My Country alkM, or fecmM to aik my aid* 
Obedient to that call, I lef^ off trade \ 
A fide I chofe, and on that fide was ftrong, 
•Till time hath fairly proved me in the wrong | 
Convbc'd, I change (can any roan do more ? 
And have not greater patriots changed befbre ?) 
Changed, I at once (can any man do lefs ? 
Without a finglc blufli, that change confefs: 
Confofs it with a manly kind of pride. 
And quit the lofmg for the wiooing fide; 
Granting, whilft virtuous Sandwich holds the rem. 
What Bute for ages might have fought m vam. 
Hail, Sandwich— nor (hall WUkcs rcfentmenf 
HearW the prolfcs of fo brave a foe— 
Hmlf Sandwich—nor, thro* pride, fhalt thou refofo ' 
The grateful tribute 0/ fo mean a Mufe— t 
Sandwich, all /i«/A-whcn Bute with foreign hand. 
Grown wanton with ambition, fcourg'd the land, 
When5ro/#, or flaves xoScotJmin, ftecr'd the helm, 
When peace, inglorious peace, difgrac'd the realm, 

t Maftcr of the Tavern where the thoq Oppofotf 
of Adminiftration ufod to meet. 



DUbnfty and general diicoatene mrail*^ $ 

But when (he beft knows why) hit fpiritt ftSVd j 

When, vith a fuddeo panic ftnicky he fled, 

Sneak*d out of powVi and hi^ hit recreant head | 

When like a Man (fbr ordered to ittrcat) 

We Taw thte nimbly vault into hit (^t» 

Into the feat €if pow'r, at one bold ieap» 

A perfefi coonuiiTcur in Statefmanfliip { 

When, like another Machjavel, we faw 

Thy fbgers twifting and untwifting law, 

Straining, where godlike Reafon bade, anduliere 

She wananted thy merrr, pleat'd to l^arc | 

Saw thee refblT*d, and fU*d (come i^rhat, come night) 

To do thy God, thy King, thy Country right | 

All things were changed, fufpence remain*d no more. 

Certainty reign*d where doubt had ieign*d before. 

All fik thy virtues* and all knew their ofe, ' 

What virtues fuch as thhte moft needs produce. 

Thy ^s (for Honour ever meets widi fbes) 
Too mean to prsife, too /earful t» oppofe. 
In fullen fitence fit { thy friends (feme feW, 
Who fnends to thee, are friends to Honour too) 
Plaud ^y brave bearing, and the Commen-wcai 
Eipefis her (afety from thv fbibbom teal. 
A place amoogft the refl ttie Mufes claim* 
And bring this finec-will ofTring to thy fiunei 
To prove their virtue, snake thy virtues known, 
And, holding up thy fame, fecore their own. 

From hk youth upwards, to the prefent day, 
When vices more than yean have mark'd him grey. 
When riotous ezcefs with wafleful hand 
Shakes JJfb*s frail glafs, and haftes each ebbing fadd, 
Unmmdful from what flock he drew his birth. 
Untainted with one deed of real .worth,. 
Lothario, holding Honour at no price. 
Folly to folly added, vice to vke. 
Wrought fin with greedinefs, and fought for fhatne 
With greater seal than good men,leek for fame. 

Where (Reafim Uh without the leaft deftnoe) 
Laiigkcnr was Mhth, Obfcenity was Senfe* 
Where Impudence made Decency f\ibmit. 
Where Noiie was Hurooitr, and where Whfan 1»a^ 

Where rude, uu te mpei M Licence had the merit 
Of Ubetty,^tnd Lunacy was Spirit, 
Where the beft things were ever held the Mrvrftj 
Lotharb wan, with juitice, always firfl. 

To whip a top, to knodcle down at taw. 
To fwing upon a gate, to ride afbaw, 
To play at pufh-pin with dull brother Peen> 
To belch out catches hi Q porter's ears. 
To reignthe mooareh of a midnight cell, 
To be the gaping Chairman's orade, 
Whilft, in mofl bleficd union, rogue and mbion 
Claphmds, husaa, and hiccup out Eocore^ 
Whilft gm Authority, who flumben there 
Inrobes of watchman's fiir, gives up hh chair} 
With midnight howl tobay th* affrighted mtftm. 
To walk with tmches thro* the fbeets at noon. 
To fbtre'pUin Nature from her ufual way. 
Each nights vigil, and a blank each day ; 
To matdi fur fpecd one feather 'gamft anddieri 
To mike one leg run races with Jus brother $ 
*Gainft aU^the reft to take the northern wind, 
Bute to ride firft, and he to ride beUnd $ 
To coin new-togled wagers, and to lay 'eoa. 
Laying to kk, »d k6ns 9tKt»ftf^cmi 

Lothario, on that ih>ck which Natmc ffiirth 
Without a rival ftands, tho' March ^ yet livei. 

When Folly, (at that name, hi duty bound, 
Let fobjeft myriads kneel, and kifs the ground, 
Whilft they who, in the prefence, upright fbodf 
Are held as rebels thro* Uie Joyal land) 
Queen ev*ry where, but moft a Queen in Cemtr, 
Sent forth her heralds, and proclaim^ her f|^» 
Bade fool with fool on her behalf engage, 
And prove her right to reign firom age to age $ 
Lothario> great above the common itie, 
With all eagag'd, and won from all the priae{ 
Her cap he wears, tiliich from his youth he woiVi 
And ev'ry day deferves it more and more. 

Nor in fuch Umltsjrfb his foul ronflird } 
Folly may flure, but can*t engro6 his nuod \ 
Vice, bold fubftantial Vice, puts in herclaini« 
And fUmpt him perfbd in the books of fhaoM. 
Ofa(c(ve his follies well, and yo« would fwcs 
FolIyRVl been his firft, his only care; 
Obferve his vices, yOu*ll that oath difowfli 
And fwear that he was bora fbr vice alone. 

Js the foft nature of fome haplefs maid 
l^bnd, eafy, full of faiA, to be betray'd ; 
Muft fhe, to xirtue bft, be loft to fame, 
And he %vho wrought her guilt, dfdare hcrftame ! 
Is feme brave friend, who, men but little koowsy 
Deems ev*rv heart as honeft as his own, 
And, free himfelf, b odiers feats noguiki 
To be enfnar'd, and ruin'd with a fnnle f 
Is Law to be peivcrt ed from her courfe f 
Is abje£l firaud to leaaue with brutil force I 
Is Freedom to be crumM, and ev'rv fbn. 
Who dares maintain her caofet to be undone f 
Is bafe Corruption, creeping thro* the landf 
To plan, and Work her ruin, underhand. 
With regular approaches, fure tho' flow ? 
Or muft (hepcrUh by a finale blow ? 
A«e Kings, (who tnift to lervantat and dttcnd 
In iervants (tond, vain thought) to findafnendi. 
To be abos'd, and made to draw their breadi 
In darknefs thicker thafl the ftiades of death? 
Is God's moft holy name to be profaned. 
His word njeded, and his laws arraign'd. 
His fervants fcom'd, as men who idly dreain*d| 
His fbrvtce laugh'd at, and his Son bla^hem'df 
Are debauchees in morals to pitfide f 
Is Faith to take an A thrift for her guide t 
Is Science by a blockhead to be led ? 
Are States to tatter on a drunkard's head t 
To anfwer all thefe porpofes, andmoic. 
More blade than ever vill^ plana'd bc^re» 
Search earth, fearch hell, theDetUcaanttfinl 
An agent, like Lothario, to his nhid. 

ItthliNobifity, whiclh, Ipnmg fromKiolif i 
Was meant to fwtll die powY htm nHieirti it 4pM 
Is this the glorious produce, this the fitiiKr 
Which Nature hop'd fbr fiomfb rich a iMif 
Were there but two Cfearch idl tbe woild ilMli4 
Were there but two fuch Nobles to btfoaft^i 
The very name would fink bto a term 
Of fcom, and man wooM rather be a woNii 
Than be aLord $ but Nature* f«U ofpWh 
Nor meaniiy birth and titkt to be bait^ 

* AAexwardf Didbe of Qg^edhaiy* 



lUkoBijcoB I and, karu^ made hiin» fwore, 
Iq notj to mankind, to make no more. 
Nor AofpM ^ there, but like a gcn*rous friend, 
Tbe ins which error canard, ihe ftrove to mend } 
And, having Uou^t Lochario forth to viaw. 
To Cne her credit brought Ibrth Sandwich too. 

Godi ? with what )oy, what honeft joy of heart, 
Blut as I am, and void of ev*ry art, 
Of cT*ry an which great ones in the State 
Pnttie on knaves they fear, and fools they hate, ' 
Todtlet widk rdo^ance taught to bend* 
Nor ftame tothksk that virtues can dekeadf 
Do I btheM ( a fight, alas ! more rare 
Thu Honefty could wiih) the Noble wear 
Ha father*! honours, when his life makes known 
They *ic hia by virtue, not by birth akuie, 
WbenhcrccJla his father fiiom the grave, 
Aad pays with int*refl back that £une hfgave. 
CBr*d of her fpleitetic and fulkn fits, 
Tofach a Peer my willing foul fubmits, 
Aad to foch virtue is more proud to yield, 
Thjn *gainft ten titled rogues to keep the field. 
Soch {far that truth e*cn Bnvy ihall alloiv) 
Sacfa Wyndham « was, and fuch is Sandwich now. 

fettle Montague, hi blefled hour 
Vttt tbott ftart up, and climb the ibirs of PowV { 
E^landof all her fears at once was eas*d, 
K«, *moagft her many fot$f was once difpleas*d. 
fvmce hnvd the news, and told it Coufin Spain i 
Spia hMnI, and told it CwfiM France again j 
Tbe Hellaodtr nlinquiihM his dcfign 
Of addiqg fpice to fpice, and mine to mine. 
Of Indian villainies he thought no moic^ 
Ooniait to rob us on our native (hore i 
Aw*d by thy fame, (which winds with open mouth 
Shall bkfw ftom Baft to Weft, from North to South) 
The Weficra World (hall yield us her increafe, 
Aad her wild fbns be ibfUn*d in(o peace j 
Rkh Eallem Monarchs ihall cxhaoft their ftores. 
And pour unbounded wealth, on Albion^s fhoras i 
U nb o unded wealth, which fiiom thofe golden fcenes, 
Aad ^ 0c^r^d h hmmrahU mtmu, 
Some 4M«r«A/e C^ ihaU hither fteer, 
To pay our debts, and fet the nation clear, 

Nshobs themfiUvcs, allurM by thy renown, 
Sbatl p^doe homagp to the Eoglifh crown, 
Shan freely as their King our lUng receive ■ 
PMvided flb t)v*8wipvt them kivi. 

Union at home fhallmark each riling year, 
Kor taxes be complained of, tho* Cnrere $ 
£avy her own deftfuyerflull become, 
And Faftion with her thoofand mouths be dumb \ 
With the mcdt man thy mcekneis flull prevail. 
Nor with the (ptritcd thy fpirit fail : 
Some to thy force of reafon fhall fubnut. 
And fane be cooveits to thy princely wit ; 
IUv>Bacc6r thee ihall ftill a Nation's cries, • 
A graid coocnirence crown agrand csciie | 
Aad Qibclievcrt of d»e firft degree. 
Who hwc no £uth in God, haye finth b thee« 

When a ftrange jumble, whimfical and vain, 
nnn*d the r^ion of each heated bnun | 
Whnn figmt were fools to cenfuity iofseto ptaife. 
And aO were mad, bat mad in diflF*rent ways \ 
When CiwiinnpsilriiVmen, fUrtiog at the fhnte 
Which in didr own wild fimcy had Wen madCs 

*£«lfirB|ra»aQt HediedAv^ IT^I)* I 

Of tyrants dreamM, who wore a thorny crown. 

And with State-bloodhounds hunted Freedom down | 

When others, ftruck with fancies not lefs vain. 

Saw mighty Kings by their own fubje€ls flaio. 

And In each friend of Liberty and Layty 

With horror big, a future Cromwell faw ; 

Thy manly teal fteppM forth, bade difcord ceafe. 

And fung each jarring atom into peace ; 

Liberty, chearM by diy all-chearing eye. 

Shall, waking from her trance, live and not die } 

And, patronif *d by thee, Prerogative 

Shall, Itriding forth at large, not die, but live | 

Whilft Privilege, hung ^etwixt earth and fky. 

Shall not well know, whether to live or die. 

When on a rock which overhang the flood. 
And feem*d to totter, Commerce ftiv'ring ftood \ 
When Credit, buildij^ on a (andy ihore» 
Saw the fea fwell, and heard the tempeft nex^ 
Heard death in ev*ry blaft, and in each wave 
Or faw, or ^cied that (he (aw her grave ; 
When Property, tramferr*d from hand to hand. 
Weakened by change, crawPd fickly thro' the land } 
When mutual confidence was at an end. 
And man no longer could on inan depend ; 
OpprefsM with debts of more than common weighty 
When all men fearM a bankruptcy of State ; 
When, certain death to honour, and totradcf 
A fponge vras talk*d of as our only aid. 
That to be favM we muft be more undone, 
And pay off all our debts, by paying none } 
Like England's better Genius, bom to bleisy 
And ihaMh his finking Country from difbefs, 
Did'ft thon ftep forth, and without fail or oar 
Pilot the &atter'd veiTel fafe to ihore } 
Nor ihalt thou quit, till anchorM firm and faft. 
She rides fecure, and mocks the threat'ning blaft ( 

Bom in thy houfe, and in thy fervice bred, 
Nurs'd in thy arms, and at thy table fed, 
By thy fagc counfels to reflc£^ian brought. 
Vet more by pattern than by precept taught* 
Oeconon^ her needful aid fhall join 
To fiirward and compleat thy grand defign. 
And, waiTO to fave, bat yet with fpirit warm^ 
Shall her own condu£^ from thy condud^'^mu 
Let friends of prodigals fay what they will, 
Spendthrifb at home, abroad aw fpeodthrifts AilU 
In vain havefly and fubtleSophiils tried 
Private fifom public juftice to divide ) 
For credit on each other they rely. 
They live together, and together die« 
*Gaiiift all experience *tis a rank ofience, 
High-treafon in the eye of Common Senfe^ 
To think a StateiJnan ever can be known 
To pay our debts, who will not pay his own.. 
But now, tho* late, now may we hope to U» 
Our debts difcharg'd, cnx credit fair and free^ 
Since rigid Honefty, fair fall that hour. 
Sits at the helm, and Sandwich is in powV. 
With what delight I view thee, wond'rous man^ 
With what delight furvey thy flerling plan, 
That plan which all with vronder muft behold. 
And fhuop thy i^e the only age of goldt «. 

Nor reft thy triumphs here-«That Diftord fled. 
And fbqght with grief tbe hell where fl^ was bred.} ' 
That Fa^on, *g«nft her nature forc*d to yield, 
Saw her rude rabble fcatter'd o'er tiie field* 
Saw her beft fri^ids a fbnding jeft become, 
HerfboUtain'44»^«n> and her wits fb^k dumb.}; 
N 7, 


That our moft bitter foes (ibmach depends 
On men of nanne) are tumM to cordial friends ; 
That ouroffeixled friends (fuch terror iiows 
Trom men of name) dare not appear our foes } 
That Credlty gafping in the jaws of deaths 
And ready to expire with cv*ry breath. 
Grows ftroQger from difeife ; that thou hailfaY*d 
Thy drooping Country ; that thy nameengrav'd 
On plates of brafs defies the rage of dme ; 
Than plates of brafs more firm, that facred rime 
Embalms thy memVy, bids thy glories live. 
And gives thee what the Mufe alone can give ; 
Thefe heights of Virtue, thcfe rewards of Fame, 
With thee in common other patriots claim; 

But that poor fickly Science, who had laid 
And droop*d for years beneath Negled*s cold (hade> 
By thofe who knew her purpoTely forgot. 
And made the jeft of tboic wl«> knew her not. 
Whilll IgnorarKe in powV, and pamperM Pride, 
Clad like aprieft, pafsMby ont* other fide. 
Recovered from her wretcned ftate, at length 
• Pats on new health, find cloaths herftlf with (Ircngth, 
, To thee we owe, and to thy friendly hand, 
Which raJsM, and gave her to pofTcfs the land. 
This praife, tho' in a Court, and near a throne, 
This praife is thine, and thine, alas ! alone. 

With what fond rapture did the Goddefs (mile. 
What bleffings did ihe promife to this iHe, 
What honour to herfelf, and length of reign f 
Soon as ihe heard, that thou did*fi not difdain 
To be herfteward ; but what grief, whatihame, 
What r;^e, what difappointment ihook her frame, 
When her proud children dar*d her will difpute. 
When youth was infolent, and age was- mute. 

That young men (hould be fools, and (bme wild 
* fPo wifdom deaf, be deaf to int*refl too, 
IMovM not her wonder $ but that tMn grown grey 
Jn fearch of wifdom, men who ownM the fway 
Of Reafon^ men who ftubbomly kept down 
£ach rifing pafllon, mtn who wore the gown, 
That they ijiould crofs her will, tluit they fltould 

Agamft the caufe of intVeft to declare, 
That they (hould be fo ahje€t and unwife^ 
Having no fear of lofs before their eyes, 
Kor hopes of gain, fcom^ the ready means 
Of being Vicars, Report, Canons, Deans, 
With a)I thofe honours which on Mitres vnit. 
And mark the mtuous favourites of State} 
That they fhould dare a Hardwicke to fupporti 
And talk wlthia the hearing of a Court, 
Of that vile beggar Confdoice, who undone, 
And ftarv*d herlelf, ftarves ev'ry wittched fon f 
This tum'd her blood to gall, this made her fwrear 
No more to throw a«'ay her time and care 
On wayward fons who fcorn*d her love, no motv 
To hold her courts on Cam's ungrateful ihore. 
Kathf r than bear fuch infults, which difgrace 
^er royalty of nature, birth, and place, 
Tho* DuUnefs there unrivallM ftate ^iotA keep, , 
Would flic at WmcheiUr %iritb Burton • fleep ; 
Or, to exchange the mortifyiog fcene 
Fqr fomcdiing ftill more duU, afid ftill noore mean. 
Rather than bear fuch infults, ihe^ould fly 
iTar, f^ beyond the (carch of JEngif/i eye, 

^ Pr* JP^n BpitpBy Mafterof Win^hefierSchool. 


And reign amongft the Scots s to be aQueeo 
is worth ambition, tho* in Aberdeen. 
O, Iby thy flight, fair Science! Whattks* fem^ 
Some ba(e-bom chikliren rebelt are become} 
All are not rebels ; fome are duteous iWl> 
Attend thy precepts, and obey thy will ; 
Thy bt'rcft b oppos'd by thofe alone. 
Who either know not, or oppofe their own. 
Of fhibbom virtue, marching to thy aid, 
Behold in black, the liv'ry of theirtnde, 
Mar(haird by Form, and by Difcredon led^ 
A grave, grave troop, and Smith is at thdr head. 
Black t Smith of Trinity ; on Chrifliaa greoad 
For faith in myfteries none mart renown'd. 
Next (for the bcft of caules now and then 
Muft beg afMance from the wocft of men) 
Next (if old flory lies not) fprung from Greece, 
Comes Pandarus, but conies without his niece. 
Her, wretched mtid ! committed to his traft. 
To a rank 1etcher*s courfe and bloated luil, 
The aich, old, hoary hypocrite had fold. 
And thought hirafelf and her well damn'd fbrgoM.I 
Cut (to wipe off foch traces from the mind, 
And make us in good humour with mankind) 
Leading on men, who, in a College bred. 
No woman knew but thofe which made their bed, 
Who, planted VifginS on Cam*8 virtuous ihorc. 
Continued ftill Male Virgins at threefcorc. 
Comet Sumner t , wife, and chaftc as chafte can W 
With Long §, as wife, and not lefs chaftethm he. 
Are there not friends, too, entered indiy canfc, 
Who, for thy fake, defying penal laws. 
Were, to fupport thy honourable plan. 
Smuggled fiom Jerfey and the Ifle of Man-? 
Are there not Philomaths of l^sgh degree 
Who, always dumb before, (hall fpeak for thee I 
Arc there not Pro6ors, faithful to thy will. 
One of full growth, otheri in embryo ftill. 
Who may, perhaps, in fome ten yean, or mow. 
Be afcertainM that two and two make fbur. 
Or may a ftill more happy method find. 
And, taking one from two, leave none behind ? 

With fuch a mighty pow*r on foot, to yfcW 
Were death to manhood; better in the field 
To leave our carcafes, and die with ftune. 
Than fly, and purchafe lifir on terms pf fluoDe. 
Sacltvilles alone anticipate de&at. 
And, ere they dare the battle, ibundretieaL 
^ But if perfuafions inefllefhial prove. 
If arguments are vain, nor prayers can mOie, 
Yet in thy bittemefs of frantic woe, 
Why talk of Burton ? Why to Scotland go ? 
Is there not Oxfi>rd ? She widi open arms 
Shall meet thy wiih, and yield up all her channti 
Shall for thy love her former loves refign, 
And jilt the baniih*d Stuarts, to be tluoe. 

BowM to the yoke, and foon as ihe could mdt 
Tutor*d to get by heart the defpot's creed, 
She, of fubje^Uon proud, fhall knee thythnae. 
And have no prindples but thine alone } - ' 

t Dr. Robert Smith, Mafter 0/ Trinity-CoDq 

} Dt, John Sumner, Ptoroft of Kkig^Cofiq 

§Dr. Ro^erLoDg^ Mafter of PexDbiofceCoIl^ 
Cimbfid^ ' * 

C H V R C H I L L 8 P O S M S. 


tte kO dty will impUckly recdTey 

Nor aft, nor fpeak, nor dunk, without thy leart. 

Wbor b the glory of imperial fway. 

If k\je€ti none but joft eomnundi obey f 

Tncn, nd nicii ouy is oocdieoce leen, 

Whesa by command, they dare do all that*s mean. 

Hidn- then wiqg thy flight, here fix thy ftand, 

Kor &B to bring thy Sandwich in thy hand. 

Gods, widi what joy (for Fancy now fupplies. 
And lajs the f«tttre open to my eyes) 
Go^ with what joy I (ee the worthies meet, 
Aad brother Iitch6eld * brother Sandwich greet ! 
Bktbeytmr greetings, bleft each dear embnce, 
Beft to yoorfdves, and to the human race. 
Sdi*atDg at virtiies which ibe cannot reachy 
Which fcera ber bder nature to impeachy 
LctEary, in a whirlwind*! bofom hurPd, 
OvaafEoos, learch the comers of the world, 
TjobA the prefent timesy look back to pafty 
Rip op the fatuiey and confefi at laft, 
NociiKSy paft, prefent, or to come, could e*er 
Ptodoce* and blefsthe world with fuch a pair. 

PbilU^ f y Che good old Phillips, out of breathy 
iibp'd ftom Monmouth y and efcap*d from deathy 
Sull kail ha Sandwich, with that virtuous real, 
Tbtt iJonooa ardour for the common-weal. 
Which wvmM hit loyal heart, and UeisM his 

Vben OB bis Ijn the cauic of rebels hung ; 
WkBft Womanhoody in habit of a nun. 
At Mcdnam lies, by backward monks undone ; 
A aKion*t reck^niDgy like an alehoofe fcore, 
Wbllft Paul tJke ^^a/ chalks behmd a door, 
CoDpcird to hire a foe tocafl it up ; 
Daftwttod X ihall pour, from a communion cupy 
LiMioas to the goddefs without eyesy 
Aad M or f(9^ in Cyder and Excife. 

From thofe deep fludesy where Vanity, uokttowff, 
Di^pcnnce for hes;^ride, and pines alone } 
OinM ia bericlfy by her own thoughts undoncy 
WHere ihe lees adly but can be feen by none -, 
Where flse no longer, mifbefs of the Schools, 
Bevs praiie loud pealing from the mouths of fbolSy 
Or ban it at a diftaoce ; in deihair 
To joia the croud, and put in tor a (hare, 
TvilBag each thought a thoufand different waysy 
For his new friends new-modelling old praife, 
Whoe frugal iienfe fo very fine is fpuny 
k ierves twelve boon, tho* not enough for oney 
^Kiag iwU ariicy and burfting from the deady 
&3fl hurl lus fittaU Latin at thy head. 

BuftDA (wbilft aokward Aflfedation*s hung 
h fwnt wd labour*d accents on his tongue, 
Wba *gatiifl their will makes junior blockheads 

lvs*nat of bothy new Latby and new Greeky 
KttMi as was fai Greece and Latiom knowoy 
^af a modem cnty and all his own } 

*Tbe Earl of Utchfiddy then High Steward of 
t Sv Jobn PUlfipi. At this jondure he was fo 
r as to exdte the rage of a mob at Monmouth 

V/ho threads, like beadsy loofe thoughts on fuch a 

They*rc praife, and cenfure ; nothing, ev'ry thing ; 
Pantomime thoughts, and ftile fo full of tricky 
They even make a Merry Andrew fick ; 
Thoughts all fo dully (b pliant in their growth^ 
They*re verfc, they're profe, they're neithery and 

and they're both 
Shall (tho' by Nature ever loth to praifej 
Thy curious worth fet forth in cunous phrale { 
Obfcurely fliff*, fliall cruih poor Senfe to death* 
Or In long periods run her out of breath ; 
Shall make a babe, for which, with all his fame^ 
Adam could not have fbun^ a proper name ; 
Whilft, beating out his fixtures to a fmilcy 
He hugs the baftard brat, and calls it Stile. 

Huih'd be all Nature as the land of death ; 
Let each iheam fleep, and each wind hold his breath; 
Be the bells muffled, nor one found of care, 
Prefltng for audien/:e, wake the flumb'ring air ; 
Browm comes— behold how cautioofly he creeps*- 
How flow he walks, ao(| vet how f^ he fleeps-^ 
But to thy praife in fleep he fhall agree ; 
He cannot wake, but he fliall dream of thee. 

Phyficky her head with opiate ooppies crown'dt 
Her loins by the chafte matron Campfiire boundy 
Phyfick, obtaining fuccour from the pea 
Of her foft fon, her gentle Heberden. 
If there are men who can thy virtue koowy 
Yet fpite of virtue treat thee as a foe* 
Shall, like iScMar, flop their rebel bfeath. 
And in each Recipe fend C/afftcdnih, 

So deep in knowledge, that few lines can found 
And plumb the bottom of that vaft profound* 
Few grave ones with hich gravity can think» 
Or follow half fo ^ as he can finky 
With nice difHn^ions gloflii^ o'er the texty 
Obfcure with meaning, and In words perplext» 
With fubtlcties on fubtlcties refln'd. 
Meant to divide, and fubdivide the mindy 
Keeping the fbrwardnefs of youth in awey * 
The fcowling Bhckftone H bears the tram of law. 

Divinity, enrob'd in College fur. 
In her right-hand a New Court Kalendsr ' 

Bound like a book of pray'r, thy coming waks 
With all her pack, to hymn thee in the gates. 

Loyalty, fix'd on Ifis* alter'd fliore, 
Aftrai^long, but ftranger now no more» 
Shall pitch her tabernacle, and with eyes 
Brim-full of rapture, view her new allies. 
Shall with much pleafure and more wonder viear 
Men great at Court and great at Oxford too. 

O (acred Loyalty I accursed be thofe 
Who feenung friends, turn out thy deadlieil foes ; 
Who-proftitute to Kings thy honour'd name. 
And foothe their pafllons to betray their fame s 
No^prais'd be thofe, to whofe proud nature cluigt 
Contempt of Government, and hate of Kings j 
Who, willing to be free, not. knowing howy 
A ftrange intemperance of seal avowy 
And flart at Loyalty, as at a word 
Which without danger Freedom never heaid. 

Vain errors of vain men — wiW both extrenoea. 
And to the State not wfaolefome, h'kc th^ drcaosy 

\ Sk Fnuids Dafltwood, Lord Le Defpenier. 

I E^ pJBgy Principal of St ^iry ^aHy Ox- 

J Sir William Blsckfbme, af^crwu^ ov ^ the 
Judges of (he Gomroon Pleai. 


Fron iti ridi ftem ten thoulafxi rirtuet fpritif » 
Ten thoufftod Utfllngt on its branchci ding i 
Yet iathe circle of revolving years » 
Not one nusfortnne) not one vice appean. 
Hence then* and what you Reaibn call adoiv ) 
Thi», if not ReafoiH muft be fomething more. 

Buty' {for I wiih not others to condne^ 
Be their opinions uoreftrainM as mine) 
Whether this love*s of good or evil growth^ 
. A viecy a virtuty or a /pice of both» 
Let ntenof nicer argument decide : ^ 
If it is virtuous* fooche an honeft pride 
With liberal praiie , if ficious* be content, . 
It is a vice I never can repeat ; 
A vioe which, weigVd in heav*n» fliall noore avail 
Than ten cold virtues in the other fcale. 

F. This wUdy untemperM seal (which after all 
Wc, Candour uniropeach'd, might madncfs call) 
U it a virtue } That you fcarce pretend t 
Or can it be a vice» like Virtue*s friend. 
Which djraws us off fro^ and diflolves theibrce 
Of private tici» nay ftops us in our courfe 
To that grand obje^ of the human foul, 
That nobler loyc which comprehends the whole ? 
Cooped in the limits of this petty ifle. 
This nook, which fcarce defervesa frown or fmile. 
Weighed with Cseation, you, by whim undone. 
Give alLyoor thoughts to wh^ is fcarte worth one. 
The generous Soul, by Nature tanght to foar. 
Her ftrength confirmed in philofophic lore. 
At one grand view takes in a world with eafe. 
And, feeing all mankind, loves all (he fees. 

P. Was it moft fure, which yet a doubt«ndures» 
Not found in Reafon's creed, tho' found in yours. 
That thefc two fcrvices, like what we*fc told 
And know of Cod*s and Mammon's, cannot hold 
And draw together J that however loth, 
Wc neither (erre, attempting to ferve both 5 
I could not doubt a moment which to chufey 
And which in conrnxm reafon to refute. 

Invested of^ for purpofes of art. 
Bom of the head, tho* fathered on the heart» 
Tfiis grand love of the world muft be confeft 
A barren fpeculation at the beft. 
Not one man in a tboufaod, ihould he live 
Beyond the uiiial term of life, could give. 
So rare occafioo comes, and to fo few. 
Proof whether his regards are fcignM or true. 

The love we bear oor Country, is a root 
Whkh never fails to bring forth golden fruit $ 
''Tis m the mind an everlafting fpring 
Of glorious adkMis, which b^me a King, 
Nor lefs become a fubjeO; *tisadcbt 
Which bad men, tho* they pay not, can*t forget ; 
A duty, which the good delight to pay, 
And «v*nr roan oan pradifeev'ry day. 

Nor, formy life (fo very dim my eye, 
Or dull your argument), can I defcry 
What you with faith afibt, bow that dear love 
Which binds me to my Country can reroovev 
And make roe of neceility forego. 
That general love which to the world I owe* 
Thofetiet of prince nature, (mall exxenty 
In which the Auad of nant»w caft b pent, 
Are only Acpt on nrhich the generous foul 
Mounts by de^nes *tiU ihe indndet tlie whole. 
That fptii^ of love, whkh in the human naind^ 
ffwd$^ on felf, (Liwt mnow and €onfin*d| x 


Enlarges as it rolls, an^compfebctfdf 
The fecial charities of bk)od,^and friemfff 
*Till fmafler (beams included, not o*crpaftr 
If rifes to our Country's lore at laft ; 
And he, with lib*ral and enlarged mind. 
Who Iqves his Country, cannot hate mankinds 

F, Friend as you would appear to Common Senief 
Tell me, or think no more of. a defence, 
Islf aproof of love by choice to ran 
A vagrant from your Country ? 

P, Cnnthcfon, 
(Shame, fhame, on all fnch foos] with ruthkii 

And heart more patSent than the flint, iUnd by. 
And by fome ruffian, from aH (hime divorc*dt, 
All virtue, fee his honoured mother fbrcM \ 
Then, rio, by Him that made me, not e'en thoir 
Could I with padence, by the vrorft of men, 
BehoM my Country plundered, beggar'd, loft 
Beyond redemptioo, all her gfories ero^M 
E'en when occafion made them ripe, her fime 
Fled like a dream, while fhe aw.ikes to flume: 

F. Is it not more the oflicc of w Snead, 
The office of a patron, to defend 
Her finking ftatr^ than bafcly t> (KVine, 
So great a caufe, and in defpair refign ? 

P. Beyond my reach, alas ! the grievance I'^Sf 
And, whilft more able patriots doubt, fhe dies. 
From a fnul fource, more deep than we fappolcr 
Fatally deep and dark, this grievance flows. 
*Tis nor that Peace our glodous hopes defeats, 
•Tis not the voice of Fadioo in the ftrects, 
*Tis not a grofs attack on Freedom mode, 
•Tis not the arm of Privilege difplay'd ! 

Againft the fubied, whilft fhe wears no fting 
To difappoint the purpofe of a King ; 
Thcfe arc no ills, or trifles, if compared 
Withthofe, which are contriv'd, tho'ootdedar'fy 

Tell me, Phllofopher, is it a crime, 
To pry into the fccrct womb of Time 5 
Or, born in ignorance, itiuft we defpair 
To reach events, and read the future there ? 
Why, be it fo— ftill 'tis the right of roan, 
Imparted by his Maker, where he tan. 
To former tiroes and men his eye to caft. 
And judge of what's to come, by what is pafh 

Should there be found in fome not diftant year 
(O how 1 wifh tobeno prophet here), 
Amongft our Britifh Lords fhould there be found 
Some great in pow*r, in principles unfbund. 
Who look on Freedom with an evil -eye, 
In whom the fprings of loyalty are dry } 
Who wifh to foar on wild Arobition^s wings, 
Who hate the Comnxms, and v/hu love not ICing«i 
Who would divide the People and the Throne 
To fet up fep'rate int'refts of their own ; 
Who hate whatever aids their wholeibroe gvowtb. 
And only Join with, to deftroy them both ) 
Should there be found foch men in afbr-^iflBBS, 
May Heav'n in mercy to oor grievous crimti 
Allot fome milder vengeance, n<)r to them 
And to their rage this wretched land condrtnn.. 

Thou God above, on whom aU States depend* 
Who knoweftfrom the firft their rife and end. 
If there's a day maik'd in the Bcbkof Fnte 
When ruin mob involve our equal Stats ; 
When law, alas I muft beoo more, and wir. 
To Ficedom born, muft be no longer free i 



Lft oot a (Dob of tyrants faze the helm» 
Nor Bcled upttarts league to rob the realm : 
Let ooty whatever other ills afTall, 
A damned Ariftocr«cy prevail. 
If, aU too (horty our courfr of Freedom run, 
Ti$ thy good pleafure we /hould be undone. 
Let OS, fome comi'urt in our griefs to bringy 
Be flxres to onct and be that one a King. 

F. Pnets, accu(h>ro*d by their trade to feigny 
Oft fabilitute creations of the brain 
For real fubftancc» and, themfelvec deceiT*d» 
Would have die fk^ion by mankind believ'd. 
Such is jour cafe.— But grant, to foothe your pride. 
That you know more than all the world befide, 
Why deal in hints, why make a moment*! doubt ? 
ReiolvM, and like a man, at once fpeak out, 
Shsv ae our danger, tell us where it lies, 
Aad, to enfure our fafety, make us wife. 
P. Rather than bear the pain of thought, fools 
ftray ; 
The proud will rather lofe than aik their way ; 
To men of fenfe what needs it to unfold 
Aad tell a tale which they muft know untold f 
In the Bad, infreft warps the cankerM heart. 
The Good are hood-winked by the tricks of art; 
Aod wfailil arch, fubtle hypocrites contrive 
To keep the flames of difcontent alive, 
Whilft they, with arts to honeft m^ unknown. 
Breed doubts between the People and the Throne, 
Making us fear, where Reafon never yet 
Allow'd one fear, or could one doubt admit, 
Themfelves pafs unfufpedted in difguife, 
And *gatnft our real danger feal our eyes. 
F. Mark them, and let their names recorded 
On Shame's black roll, and ftink thro* all the land. 

P. That might fome courage, but no prudence be ; 
No hut to them, and jeopardy to me. 
F. Leave out their names. 

P. For that kind cautk>n thanks; 
Bat may not Judges fometimes fill up blanks f 
F. Your Country's laws in doubt then you rejcft? 
P, The laws I love, the lawyera I fufpe^ : 
Amoogft twelve Judges may not one be round, 
(On bve, bare poffiUlity I ground 
This wholeibcne doubt) who may enlarge, retxench, 
Cre«e and nacreate, and from the bench, 
Wkh winks, fmiles, nods, and fuch like paltry arts, 
May work and worm into a Jury*s hearts $ 
Or, bafBed there, may, tuthulent of foul. 
Cramp their high office, and their rights controul ; 
Who may, tbo* Judge, turn Advocate at large. 
And deal replies out by the way of charge, 
Making intorpretatkm all the way, 
b fpite of fahs, his wicked will obey, 
Aod, leaving law irithout the leall defence. 
May damn his confdence to approve his fenfe ? 
F. Whilft, the true guardians of this cb2rter*d 
lo foil and perfe^ vigour, Juries ftand» 
AJodgeinvvnihall awe, cajole, perplex. 
P. Suppofe I fliould be tried in Mtddlefex f 
F. To pack a Jury they will never dare. 
P» Thae*s no occafion to pack Juries there. 
F. *Galnft peejudice all arguments are weak," 
Kea&n herlelf without cffed muft fpeak. 
ny dxn thy Country, like a coward fly, 
Raioancehcrint*rcftj and horUws defy. 

But why, bcwitch'J, to India turn thy eyca ? 
Cannot our Europe t! y vaft wrath fufHce f 
Cannot thy m'fbegotten Mufeby bare 
Her brawny arm, ^nd play the butcher there ? 

P. Thy cnunfel t.ikcn, wh it Pi. Mild Satire do > 
Where could f?ic finU an obj O: is new ? 
rhofe travell'd youths, whom tender mothers \vean^ 
And fend abroad to fee and to be fecn. 
With whom, left they fhould fornicate, or worfc, 
A Tutor's fent, by way of a dry nurfe, 
Each of whom juft enough of fpirit bears, 
Toihewour follies, and to bring home their*?. 
Have made all Europe's vices fo well known, 
They feem ainnoft as nat'ral as our own. 
F, Will India for thy purpofc better do ? 
P. In one refped at Icaft— there's fomcthing new< 
F. A harmlefs people, in whom Naturr fpeaks 
Free and untainted ; 'mongft whom Satire feeks. 
But vainly fecks, fo limply plain their hearts, 
Dne bofom where to lodge her poifon'd darts. 

P. From knowledge fpcakyoG this, or doubt on doubC 
Weigh'd and refolv'd, hath Reafon found it out f 
Neither from knowledge, nor by Reafon taught, 
Vou have faith ev'ry where but where you ought. 
India or Europe— What's there in a name ? 
Propcnfity to vice in both the fame, 
Nature alike in both works for marl's good. 
Alike in both by man himfelf withftcwd. 
Nabobs, as well as thofe who hunt them down^ 
Dcferve a cord much better than a crown. 
And a Mogul can thrones as much drbtfe 
As any polifli'd Prince of Chriftian race. 

F. Could you,, a talk more hard than you fuppofif^ 
Cou'd you, in ridicule whilft Satire glows. 
Make all their follies to the life appear, 
'Tisten to one you gain no <;redit here. 
Howe'er well -drawn, the pidhire after all, 
Becaufewe know not the original. 
Would not find favour in the public eye. 

P. That, having your good leave, I mean to tryi 
And if your obfervations fterling hold. 
If the piece fliould be heavy, ume, and cold. 
To make it to the fide of Nature lean. 
And, meaning nothing, fomething feem to mean^ 
To make the whole in lively colours glow. 
To bring before us (bmething that we know. 
And from all honeft men applaufe W win, 
ril groupe the Company, and pdt them in. 

Ft Be that ungen'rous thought by ihame fupprels'ds 
Add not diftrefs to thofe too much diftrcfs'd. 
Have they not» by blind zeal, mifled, laid bare 
Thofe fores which never might endure the aif ? 
Have they not brought their myftcries fo low. 
That wh u the wife fufpe^ed not, fools know ? 
From theh" firft rife e'en to the prcfent hour. 
Have they notpwv'd their own abufe of pow'r j 
Made it impoflible, if fairly view'd, 
Ever to have'rous pow'r renew'd ; 
Whilft unfedtic'd by Minifters, the Throne 
Regards our intereft, and knows Its own ? 

P* Should ev'ry other fubje^ chance to fail, 
Thofe wrho have fail'd, and thofe who wifli to fail 
In the laft fleet, aflJTrd an ample field. 
Which muft beyond my hopes a harveft yield. 
F. On foch Vile food Satire can never thrive. - 
P. She cannot flarve, if there was only Clive. 

SKD $T inu rAi:swt;.fc. 


C H V R 

e H 1 1, l's ,r oim 8. 



THE time hath been, a boyUh, bidhing tune, 
When modefty was fcarcely held a crime ; 
When the moft wicked had Come touch of grace^ 
Ani trembled to meet Virtue face to fiice i 
When thofe, who, in the caufe of Sin grown grey, 
Had fcrv'd her without grudging day by day, 
Were yet fo weak an aukward ^aroe to feel, 
And ilrove that gk>rious fenrice to conceal ; 
We, better bred, and than our fvet more vnCcf 
Such paltry narrownefs of foul defpile. 
To Tirtuc er'ry mean pretence difclaim. 
Lay bare our crimes, and glory in our (hame. 

Time was, ere Teitiperance had iled the realm $ 
£rf luxury £it guttling at the helm 
From meal tonocal, without one moment's fpace 
Referv*d for bufinefs, or aHow'd for grace $ 
Ere Vanity had fo far con^oer*d Senfe 
To make us all wild rivals in expence. 
To make one fool ftrive to outvie another. 
And e:very coxcomb drefs againft his brother j 
Ere baniihM Indtt(!ry had left our ibores, 
And Labour was by Pride kickM out of doors | 
£re Idlenefs prevail *d fole, Queen ia CourtSy 
Or only yielded to a rage for fports ; 
Ere each weak mind was with externals caoghty 
And diflipation held the place of thought ; 
Ere gambling Lords in vice Co far were gone 
To cog the die, and bid the fnn look on i 
Ere a great ^nation not left juft than fitty 
Was made a beggar by economy ; 
Ere rugged honefty was out of vogue, 
Ere Fafliion ftampM her CanOwn on the rogue ; 
Time was, that men had coofcicncey that they 

Scruples to owe, wha^ never could be paid. 
Was one then found, however high his nanty 
So far above his follows damn*d to (hamey 
Who dar*d abufe and folfify his tnift, 
Who, being great, yet dar^d to bjC unjuft ; 
^hunn*d like a plague, or but at diftance view'd, 
He walk'd the crouded ftreets in folitude. 
Nor coutd his rank, and ftadoo in the land, 
Bribe one mean knave to take him by the hand. 
Such rigid maxims (O, might fuch revive 
To keep expiring Honefty alive) 
Made rogues, au other hopes of fome deny *«ly 
Not yxSt thro* principle, but juft thro* pride. 

Our times, more polUh^d, wear a different foce $ 
Pebts are m honour $ payment a difgrace. 
Men of weak winds, high-plac'd on Folly's lift. 
May gravely tell us trade cannot fubiifty 
Nur all tbofe thoufands who*re in trade empIoiy*d# 
If foith *t%rixt man and man is once deftroy^di 
Why — be it fo--We in that point accord j 
But what istrade and tradeimen to a Lord ? 

Faber^ ftom day t4 day, from year to year# 
Hath had the cries of tradefmen in his ear^ 
Of tradefmen by his villainy bctrayM, 
And, vainly fookta^ jufttcey ^iMikfupts made. 

^l^atis'ttoFaber ? Lordly at befoiTy 
He fits at eafe, and lives to ruin more. 
Fix*d at bis door, as modonlefs as ftooe. 
Begging, but only begging for their own. 
Unheard they ibnd, or ooly heard by thofe, 
Thofc rtavcs innvery, who only mock their woes. 
What is't to Faber ? He continues great. 
Lives on tn grandeur, and runs out in ftate. 
1'he helpIfM widow, wrung with deep defpairy 
In bitterneff of foul, pours forth her pray*r. 
Hogging her ftarving babes with ftreanilng eyes, 
And calk down vengeance^ vengeance fioa t] 

What is*t to Fabcr ? He ftands fafo and dear, 
Heav*n can commence no legal adion herry 
And on his bread a mighty plate he wears, 
A plate more firm than triple brais, which bean 
The name of Privilege ^gaintk vulgar awe ) 
He feels no Colifcience, and he fears no Law. 

Nor think, acquainted with fmall knaves alone* 
Who have not ihame outlivM, and grace outgrownj 
The great worid hidden from thy reptile view, 
That on fuch men, to whom contempt is due. 
Contempt (hal) fall, and their vile author*s nsm 
Recorded (land thro* all the Land of Shame* 
No— to his porch, like Perfbns to the fun, 
Behold contendmg crowds of courtiers run ^ 
Sec, to his aid what noble tioops advance. 
All fwom to keep his crimes in countenance. 
Nor wonder atit^-They partake the charge^ 
As fmall their coofcience, and their debts as lai^ 

Propped by fuch clients, and without controul 
From all that*s honeft in the human foul, 
In grandeur mean, with infolence unjufl, 
Whilft none but knaves can praiie, and fbob « 

Carefs -d and courted, Fabcr feems to (bnd 
A mighty pillar in a guilty knd. 
And (a fad truth to which fucceeding times 
Will fcarce give credit^ when *6s told in rimes) 
Did not AnSt Honour with a jealous eye 
Watch round (he Throne, did «ot true Piety 
(Who, rmk*d with Honour, for the nobleft end^ 
Ranks none but honeft men amongfi her firiendk) 
Forbids us to be cra(h*d with fuch a weight, 
He miglil in time be Minifter of State. 

But why enlai^ I on fuch petty crimes f 
They mijjit have fhock*d the faith of fwxfter Aae 
But now are held as nothing.— 'We begin 
Where our fores ended, and improve in foi. 
Rack our invention, and leave 
In vice and folly for our Tons to do. ' 

Nor deem this ccnfure hard ; there's not* pW 
Moft confecrate to purpofa of grace. 
Which Vice hath not polluted j none fo h^ij 
But with bold pinion foe hath dar*d to fly, 
And build there for her pleafure $ none fo lov# 
But ihe hath crept into it $ made it know. 
And feel her pow*r ; in courts, in campa fl* ^8*1 
0*er fober citizens, and £mple fwaioa^ 
E*en in our temples fhe hath fix*d her thraoCf 
And *bove God*s holy altars plac*d her own. 
More to increafe the horror of otlr Stattf 
To make h^ empire lafting as *tis great, 
To make us in fall -grown perfe^ion foel 
Curfes which neither Art nor Time can heali^ 
All fhame difcarded, all remains of pride, 
^cannefs fits crswn'd, and triuxnjphs by bct'^de > 




Metnnefty who glcaas oat of the human mind 
Thofe few good feeds which Vke had left behind, 
Thofe ieeds which might in time to rirtue tend, 
And letves the foul without a powV to mend ; 
Measneft, at fight of whom, with brave difdaia 
The bftaft of Manhood fwclls, but fwells in vain, 
Be^ whom Honour makes a forced retreat. 
And Freedom Is compellM to quit her feat | 
Meaooeis which, like that mark by bloody Cain 
BodK tn hb forehead for a brother flain, 
God, in his great and all-fubduing rage, 
Oritam the ftaoding mark of this vile age. 

The venal liero tracks his fame for goId| 
Tbe patrioc*s virtue for a place is fold, 
The ftateihian bargains for his Country's Ihame, 
Aad for prefrrrocnt prielh th^ir God difclaim. 
Worn oat wth luft, her day of lrt:h'ry o*er. 
The mother trains the daughter which (he bore 
Ifl her own paths ; the father aids the plan. 
And, when the tnnocent is ripe for man, 
^s her to fnme old letcher for a wife, 
Aod mikes her an ndulterefs for li/e. 
Or la the Papers bidi his name appear. 
And ajvertiles for a L } 

Hn^md and wife (whom Av*ricemufl applaud) 
Agree to fare the charge of pintp and bawd j 
Tkfe para they play themfelves, a frugal pair. 
And flare the infony, the gain to (hare 5 
Wdl-plcas'd to find, when they the profits tell, 
That they have play*d th^ whore and rogue fo well. 

Norare thefe things (which might imply a fpark 
Of ihame ftill left) tranfaf^d in the dark. 
Ko— <o the public they are open laid, 
Afid carried on like any other trade. 
Scorning to mince damnation, and too proud 
To work the works of darknefs in a cloud, 
la fuUeft vigour Vice maintains her fway 5 
Free are her marts, and open at i^oon-day. 
Meannefs, now wed to Impudence, no more 
h dxrknefs ikulks, and trembles, as of yore. 
When the light breaks upon her coward eye ; 
Boldly ihe ftalks on earth, andtotheflcy 
Lifts her proud head, nor fears left time abate. 
And turn her ho(band*s love to cankered hate, 
Since Fate, to make them more fincerdy one, 
H^ crovm^d their loves widi Montague their fpn ; 
Aktafo like his dam, (o lik^ his (ire, 
Wdi an the modier's craf^, die fadier's fir^, 
An faiqge lb txprefs in every part. 
So fike hi all bad quafities of heart, 
That, had they fifty chOdren, he alone 
Would ftand as heir apparent to the thrope. 

With oar own tfland vices not content. 
We rob our nesghboara on the continent. 
Dance Europe round, and vifit ev*ry Court, 
To ape their follies afid thor crimes import. 
To different lands for difF'rent fins we roam, 
And, ricUy freighted, bring our cargo homei 
Nob^ iadnftriotts to make vice appear 
la hor foil ftate, and perfed only here. 

To Holland, where Polfteoeis ever reigos^ 
Where primi^ve Sincerity remains, 
Aad mdccs a ftaod, where Freedom in her coqrfe 
Kath left h^ atofy^t thd* fhe hadi loft her fbrc^ 
la that, as other lands, where fimple Trade 
Wat never in die garb of Fraud array*d. 
Where Avarice never dar*d to fhewhis head, 
JffhaCf 'fD^ aiiiiUiii( cherab, Mercy, |e4 

I By Reafon, bleiTes the fweet-blooded race. 
And Cruelty could never find a place. 
To Holland for that Charity we roam. 
Which happily begins and ends at home. 

France, in return for peace and pow^r reftorMy 
For all thofe countries, which the heroes fword 
Unprofitably purchased, idly thrown 
Into her lap,, and made once more her 0^*01 ; 
France hath aflfbrded large and rich fupplics 
Of vanities full-trimm*d, of polilh'd lies, 
Of foothing flatteries, which thro* the ears 
Steal to and melt the heart of flavifli fears 
Which break the fpirit, and of abjefl fraud— 
For which, alas ! we need not fend abroad. 

Spain gives us pride— which Spain to all the earth 
^fay largely give, nor fear berfelf a dearth — 
Cives us that jealoufy, which, bom" of fear 
And mean diftruft, grows not by nature hcr»— 
Gives us that fuperftition, which pretends 
By the worft means to fcrvc the bcft of ends— ? 
That cruelty, which, flranger to the brave. 
Dwells only with the coward, and the flave ; 
That cruelty, which led her chriftian bands 
With more than favage rage o>r favage lands. 
Bade her without remorfe whole countries thin, 
And hold of nought but mercy as a fin. 

India, nurfe of evVy foftcr art. 
Who, feigning to refine, unmans the heart. 
Who lays the realms of Senfe and Virtue uofte, 
Who mars whilft flie pretends to mend our tafte ^ 
Italia, to coBJpleat and crown our ihame, 
Sends us a fiend, and Legion Is his name. 
The farce of greatncfs without being great, 
Pride without pow*r, titles without eftate. 
Souls without vigour, bodies without force. 
Hate without caufc, revenge without remorfe. 
Dark mean revenge, murder without dekncCf 
Jealoufy without love, found without fenfe, 
Mirth without humour, without wit grimace^ 
Faith without reafon, gofpcl without grace, 
Zeal without knowledge, without nature art. 
Men without jnanhood, women without heart, 
Half-mttiy who, dry and pithlefs, are debarred 
From man*B beft joys— no fooner made than marr'd-^ 
Half -merit whom many a rich and mbU dame, 
1*0 fervc her luft, and yet fecurc her fiune, 
Keeps on high diet, au we capons feed. 
To glut our appetites at laft decreed i 
ff^omaif who dance in poftures fo obfceoe. 
They might awaken ihame in Arctine j 
Who, when retired from Ac day's piercing light. 
They celebrate the myfteries of night. 
Might make the Mufes, in a comer placM 
To view their monilrous lufts, deem Sappho ^hafte 4 
Thefe, and a thoufand follies rank as tlicfi;, 
A thoufand faults, ten thoufand fools, who pleale 
Our paird.and fickly tafte, ten thoufand knaves, 
Who ferve our foes as fpies, and us as flaycs. 
Who by degrees, and unp^rceiy't), prepare 
Our necks for chains which they already wear. 
Madly we entertain, at the eypence 
Of Fame, of Virtue, Tafte* and ComoMn Scnie. 

Nor ftep we here— the loft luxurious Eaft, 
Where man, bis foul degradetj, from the b^ 
In nothing different but in fhsne we view. 
They walk on four legs, and he walks on two. 
AttraAs our eye j and flowing ffom that fourcc^ 1 
Sioi of ^ blackeft cbaraaer, fins worfc ^ 



Than all her plagues, which truly to unlbli 
Would make the bcrt blood in my veins mn cold, 
And ftrikc .ill manhood dead, which but to name 
^^ (Aild call up in my checks the marks of fliame ; 
Sins, if fuch fins can be, which Ihut out grace, 
Which hr rlic guilty leave no hope, no place 
EVn ir GoJ'8 mercy, fins 'gtinft Nature*« plan 
PolTefs the»1 at hrge, and man for man 
Bum in thofe fires, which Hell alone could raife 
To make him more than danu'd, which, in the 

Of puniihment, when guilt becomes her prey. 
With all lier tortures (he can fcarce repay. 

Be grace (hut out, be mercy dc af^ l et God 
With tcr.r 'Id terrors arm thak^rtiflmT nod 
Which fpcoks them lo(l, and fentenc*d to defpalr ; 
Piftendirg wide her jaws, ^et Hell prepare 
For thofe wlio thus oft'pnd among(l ma^^kind, 
A fire mofe fierce, md tortures more refin'd ; 
On earth, which groans beneath their monftrous 

On earth, alas ! they meet a <JIff 'rent fate ; 
And whilfl the law., falfc gruce, falfe mercy (hewn. 
Are taught tu v^-ear a foftncfs not theirown, 
^en, whom the beads would fpum, (hould they ap- 
^mongft the boneft herd, find refiige here. 

No longer by vain fear or (hame controuPd, 
From long, too long fecurity grown bold. 
Mocking rebuke, they brave it in our ftrcets. 
And Lumley e en at noc i hismiftrcfs meets : 
3o public in their crimes, fo daring grown. 
They almoft take a pride to have them known } 
And each unnatural villain fcarce endures 
To make a fccrct of his vile am^ufs. 
<5o where we will, at ev*ry tlmt and place, 
^odctm confronts, and ftarc; us in the face 'y 
They ply in public at our vcr)- doors. 
And take the bread from much more honed whores. 
Thofe who arc high paramours fecurc. 
And the rich guilty fcrcen the guilty poor ; 
The fin too pioud to fffl from reafon awe. 
And thofe who pradifv ii too great for hw. 

fVoman, the pride anJ hap;>inefs of Man, 
Without whofc foft endearments Nature's plan 
Had been a Ihnk, and Life not worth a thought $ 
fVomoHy by all the Loves and Graces taught. 
With foffccftarts, and fure, tho* hidden Hcill, 
To huqianiee, and n)ouId us to her will j 
JVomany witH more than common grace foriQ'd here^ 
With the perfuafive language of a tear 
To melt the rugged temper of our ifle. 
Or win us to herpurpofe with a (mile ; 
iVmany by fate the quickeft four decreed. 
The faireft, beft reward of ev*iy deed 
Which bears the (lamp of honour $ at whofe name 
Our ancient heroes caught a (quicker flame, 
And dar'd beyond belief, whilft o*^r the plain. 
Spuming the carcafesof Prince^ (lain, 
Confofion proudly ftrode, whil(i Horror blew 
The fiital trump, and Death ftalk'd fiill m view ^ 
Wman is out of date, a thing thrown by 
As having loft its u(fe j no more the eye * 
With/mtf/^ beauty «ught, in wild amaxe. 
Gates entranced, and could forever ga«e j 
ftlo more the heart, that feat where love rdWes, 
{a^h ^reath dnwo ^uick and (hort, in ftiljqr tides 

Lifir poftjngxhro* the veiat, each puUe on &Cf 
And the whole body tingling with defire, 
Pants fi>r thofe charms, which Virtue might engage 
To break hit vow, and thaw the froft of Age, 
Bidding each trembling nerve, each roufde ftfaio» 
And giving pleafure which is almoft pain. 
Women are kept ^ nodung but the breed ) 
For pleafure we muft have a Ganymede \ 
A fine, frefti Hylas, a delicious boy, 
To ferve our purpofes of beaftly joy. 

Faireft of nymphs where ev'ry nvmph it fair, 
Whom Nature form'd with more than common care, 
With more than common care whom Art impfbv'd, 
And both declared naoft worthy to be lov'd, 
-^— negleded wanders, whilft a croud 
Purfue, and consecrate the fteps -b 

She, haplefs nuid, bom in a wretched hour, 
Waftes Life's gay prime in vain, like ibaae ^ 

Sweet in its fcent, and lively in :t&hue. 
Which Withers on the ftalk from whence it grew, 
And dies uncropp'd ; whilft he, admir'd, care(s'd, 
selov'd, and ev'ry where a welcome gueft. 
With brutes of rank and fortune plays the whoie, 
For thrt unnat'ral luft a common fewer. 

DinevMth Apicius—at his fumptuout board 
Find All the world of dainties can afford—* 
And yet (fo much diftempcr'd fpirits pall 
The fickly appetite (amidft them all 
Apicius finds no Joy, but, whilft he carvef 
For ev'ry gueft, the landlord fits and ftarvec 

Tho fi>reft haunch, fine fat, in flavour high, 
Kept to a moment, fmokes befinre his eye. 
But fmokevin vain x his heedlefs eye runs o*er 
And loaths what he had deified before ; 
The tuTtle, of a great and glonous fise» 
Worth its own weight in gold^ a mighty prize 
For which a man of tafte all rifquet would ron, 
Itfelf afeaft, and ev^ry di(h in one ; 
I ' ' tunic in luxurious pomp comes in, 
Kept, kill'd, cut up, prepar'd, and ^xt&^i \ 

Quin : 
In vain it comes, in vain lies full in view ; 
As Quin h^th drefs'd it, he may eat it too, 
Apicius cannot.— When the glafs goes round, 
Quick-circling, and the roof with mirth refiMind, 
SoLer he fitt, and filent: — All alone 
Tho' in a g:oud, and to himfelf fcarce knsfwn, 
On grief he feeds, nor friends can cure, nor wiae 
Sufpend his cares, and make him ceafe to pine. 

Why UKMims Apicius thus ? Why runs his eye, 
Heedlefs, q'er delicates, which from the iky 
Might call down Jove ? wherp now hit gcooc 

That, to invent a new and better diih, 
The world might bum, and all mankind o^ire. 
So he might roaft t Phcenix at the fire ? 
Why fwims that eye in tear«« which, thro* a race 
Of fixty years, never ihew'd one fign of grace .^ 
Why fi»ls that heart, which never felt bdbre? 
Why doth that pamper'd glutton eat no more, 
Who only liv*d to eat, hit ^omach palPd, 
Amj drown'd in floods of fotrow ? Hath FatcciU' 
His father from the grave to fecond lifis } 
Hath Clodius on his handt retom'd his wife | 
Or hath the law, by fbideft juftice tangfat, 
^Compeir^hiffi toreftorethe doifpr (be ^to^' 



ftth fine boU creditor againfl his inll 
ftoBgitf io, aod fercM him to dUchaige a billy 
Wise eadag had no fliare ^ H^ fome vun wench 
itssouc lut wealthy and ibrcM him to retrench ? 
Ehth any rhral glatton got the ftart» 
iad beat him in his owa luxurious art ; 
Bo6|)tf caces /or which Apicius could not pay^ 
Otitdt old dainties in a newer way ? 
Htit JBi cook, worthy to be fhan with rodsy 
Spil'4 a dj/h fit to entertain the gods $ 
Or bth (bene variety cro(s*d by cruel £itey 
Thnvn (lows the price of empires in a plate? 

^Toae, aooe of tbef»— his ferrants all are tryMy 
So &re they walk on iccy and never ilidej 
Ki cooky anac^uifitioQ made in Francey 
)%k put a Chke out of countenanccy 
Hv, 60* old Holies ftill maintains his ftaady 
Bah he one rival glutton in the land $ 
Womb are all the objeds of his hatey 
%icbts are all unpiddy and yet his ftate 
h fall fecurity and triumph held, 
lak&fer once a knave fliould be expellM $ 
Hb wifeis ftiU a wfaoRy and in his powVy 
IVwmangoiKy he ftill retains the dowV ; 
^oodin the grave (thanks to his filial care 
'Vhkh miz*d the draught, and kindly fent him 

BB^chcr (kept, andy *tiU the laft trump (hake 
T^comexs of the earthy fliall not awake. 

Whence Amts this forrow then ? Behind the chair 
ftd*ilthon aoC fee, decked with a folitaire, 
V^ Qo his bare breaft glittering played, and graced 
Vich niceft or na m en ts, a tripling plac*dy 
ACaocth, iiiHigy ttripling, in life's faireft prime ? 
ftd*ft thou not mind tooy how from time to time 
Tke moaftroos letcher, tempted to defpife 
AH other daintiet, thither tum*d his eyes ? 
He«hei(Bem*d inly to reproach us all, 
Wbo trave his fix*d attention to recall, 
A.^ bow he wiih*d, e*eo at the tinK of graccy 
Uec Jnusy to have had a double face ? 
Ha caofe cmT grief behold in that fair boy ; 
Apiciai dotes, and Corydon is cov. 

^ain and unthinking ftripling ! When the glafs 
Mietithy toocnriottt ejrey and, as you pais, 
^atfmg, preients in imiles thyhnagetherey 
^ daft thou blefs the gods, who made thee fair ? 
BsK their large bount^y and with reafon blame j 
Cade, curie thy bcautyy for it leads to ihame. 
Whea thy hot Lordy to work thee to his endy 
Eii ibovr*n of gold into thy breafl defcendy 
^B^ed his gifby nor the vile giver truft ; 
Tyf*n baaofor virtue^ and imell ftrong of luil. 
Oodiofegayy gaudy trappings which adorn 
'^ temple of thv body, look with fcom, 
^e« them with honor ; they pollution meany 
Aaddeepcflratn: tbon haft often feeny 
^'nv^gft theherdy the £unA and the befl 
Cr^ fii«Ied out, and richly dreft, 
Vkh grandeur mock*d, for (acrifice decreed, 
<^riB grettr pomp at laft to bleed. 
Be vsa'd iatime, the threatened danger Qamt 
'^«ftiy aaoaieotis tobcundone. *" 

^^tho% tnaptatSon proof , thy virtue fhine, 
)^ faiibei caa move, nor arts can (mderminey 
Al sifaer mediods feilingy one refburce 
MfiD b^jndy iQd thomiMifk yield tp for^e. 

Paint to thyfelf the hoivors of a rape, 

Molt llrongly paint, and, whiift thois cn^fi^ 

Mind not his promifes— ihey*re made in fport-^ 
Made to be broke — ^Was he not bred at Court ? 
Truft not his honour, he's a man of biith $ 
Attend not to his oaths — they're made on earth. 
Not rcgiftcr'd in Heav'n— «he mocks at grace. 
And in his creed God never found a place- 
took not for Conrcience>— for he knows her not» 
So long a ftranger, (he is quite fbrgofr— 
Nor think thyielf in law fecure and firm— > 
Thy mailer is a Lordi and thou a worm, 
A poor mean reptile, never meant to think, / 
Who, being well fupplied with meat and drink. 
And fufFcr'd j aft to crawl from place to place, 
Muft ferve his lufts, and think he does thee grace. 
Fly, then, whilft yet 'tis in thy pow'r to fly i 
But whither can'ft thou go ? on whom rely 
For wUh'd pratedion ? Virtue's fure to meet 
An arm'd hoft of foes in ev'ry ihcet. 
What boots it, of Apicius fearful grown. 
Headlong to fly into the arms of Stone ? 
Or why take refiige in the houfe of pray'r. 
If fu^ho meet with an Apicius there ? 
Tnift not old age, whicn will thy faith betrayp 
Sainf Socrates is ftill a goat tho' gray ; 
Truft not green youth j Florio will fcareego down, 
Aod, at eighteen, hath furfeited the town ^ 
Truft not to rakes— 4las ! 'tis all pretence— 
They take up taking only as a fence 

'Gainft.commoa fame — place H in thy view } ' 

He keeps one whore as Barrowby kept two ; 
Truft not to marriage— T—<ook a wife. 
Who chafte as Dian might have pafs'd her lifi;« 
Had fhe not, far more prudent in her aim, 
(To propagate the honours of his namcy 
And fave expiring titles) taken care 
Widiout his knowledge to provide an heir ; 
Truft not to marriag;, in mankind unread { 
S—'s a married man, andS n ewwed* 
Would 'ft thou be fafe ? Society forfwear. 
Fly to the defart, and feek fhelter there. 
Herd with the bcute^— they follow Nature's plan— 
There's not one brute to dangerous as man 
In Afric's wilds— 'mongft them that refuge find^ 
Which luft denies thee here among mankind , 
Renounce thy name, thy nature, and no more 
"Pique thy vain pride on manhood $ on all four 
Walk, as you fee thofe hooeft creatures do. 
And quite forget that once you walk'don two. 

But if the thoughts of folitude alarm. 
And focial life hath one remaining chanv* • 
If^ fttll thou art to jeopardy decreed 
Amongft the monfters of Augufta's breed. 
Lay by thy fex, thy fafety to procure ; 
Put 00* the man, from men to live fecure $ 
Go forth a woman to the public view, 
And with their garb affiime their manners too. 
Had the PtgAt -footed Grtck of Chiron's fchod 
Beei^ %rife enough to keep this (ingle rule. 
The maudlin hero, like a puling ^y 
Robb'dof his play-tfamg on the plains of Trof 
Had never blubber'd at Patrodus* tomb^ 
And plac'd*-his minion in his miftrefs* room. 
Be not in this than catamites more nice,* 
Do that for virtue^ which vbcy do for vice* « 


e U (7 R c itr I L I'S F O X M s. 

Tb«t fluJt diou paft tmtatnted Ufe*t gay bloom^ 
Tbos ftand ancourted in tW drtwing-rooma 
At midnight thus, untempM, walk the ftreety 
And ran no danger b«t of beii^ beat. 

Where it the mother, whofe oAcieat teal 
Diforeetly judging what her daitghtcn i«el 
By what (he felt heifelf indayt of yore, 
Againft thatletcher Man makes hit the door ? 
Who not permita, e*ca fer the iake of pray'ry 
A prieft, ttncallraced, to enter there, 
Nor (could her wiAea and her care prerait) 
Woold fuflTer tn the houfe a fly tfaat'i male f 
Let her diicharge her carta, throw wide her doors, 
Her danghtan cannot, if they woold, be whores ; 
Nor can a man be found, at tiroes now goy 
MTho thinks it worth his while to make diem fo. 

Tho* diey more /reih, more lively than tke morn. 
And brighter than the noon-day iun, adorn 
The works of Nature ; tho* the mother*s grace 
ReriTes, improT*d, in every daughter's hot ; 
Undtfdplin'd in dull Diicrction^s rules. 
Untaught, and undebanchM by boarding-fi:hools, 
free and unguarded, let them range the town. 
Go ibrth at random* and run Pteaibre down, ^ 
Start where flie will, diicard £d taint of fear, ^ 
Nor think of danger, when no danger's near. 
Wadch nbt their ft c ps T hey're fafe witfaoitt thy 

Uttlefs, like jennets, they conceive by air. 
And ev'ry one of them may die a nun, 
Unlefsxhey breed, like carrion. In the fun. 
Men, clead to pleafore, as they're dead to grace, 
Agvnft the law of Nature let their ftce. 
The grand primeval law, and feem combhi'd 
To ftop the propagation of mankind ; 
Vile Pathicks read the Marriage A€t vrith pride. 
And hncy that the Law is on their fide. 

Broke down, and ftrength a ftranger to his bed. 
Old L , tho' yet alive, is dead $ 

T-^— live* no more, or lives not loour ifle s 

No kMiger VMk with a Cs *s fmlle 

T is at P difgrae'd. 

And M ' grown gray, perforce grows chafU } 

Nor> tn the credit of our modeft race, 

Ri<b one ftalUon to fuppty dieir place. 

A maidenhead, which, twenty years ago, 

In mid December the rank Dy would Mow 

Tho' clofiely kept, iww, when tho Dog-Star's heat 

EnAames the marrow in the very ftrcet, 

May lie unbMch'd, left for the worms, by tho& 

Who daintily pais by, and hold thdr nofe. 

Poor, plain Concupifcenct is In difgrsce. 

And Ample Lctch'iy dares not (hew her face. 

Left ihc be feot to Bridewell t bankrupts made, 

Tofave their fortunes, bawds leave off that trade. 

Which firft had lef^ off them} tomUtUeSfumt 

Fine, firefh, yOung ihiiropets' (for DoM preaches 

Thremg forfuWtfbnce ) ptmps no longpr thrive, 
And penfions only keep L aHve. 
. Where is the mother, who thinks all her pakif 
And all her jeopardy of travel, gam. 
When ^man-child is bora $ thii^ ev'ry pray'r 
paid tt> the full, and anfwer'd in an heir ? 
Short-fighted woman ! little doth fhe knoif 
What fbeams of forrow firom that foorce may flow ; 
Little fufpeft, while fhe furveys her boy, 
Her youn^ NatcliTus, with an eye of joy 

Too fun for condnence, that Fate eeioM fjcn 
Her darling as a cmfo ) that Ae may live. 
Ere nxtcen winttis their nort cowfe have mny 
In agonies of fo«l, to cvrfo thit fon. 

Pray then for danghters, ye wMe AM^en, pny ; 
They Ihall reward yourtove, not makeyoo gray 
Before your time wkh fenow they fkall ^rit 
Ages of peace and comfbit, whilfl ye five 
Make lifo meft truly worth your care, and Uftf 
In fpite of death, your mem'riea fkni fhe grave. 

That fenfe, «dth more than manly v^ 
That fortitude of fool, that firetch of thought. 
That genius, great beyond the narrow bound 
Of earth's low walk, that judgment perfoft found 
When wanted moft, that purity of tafb 
Which Crkks mendon bvthe name of Chafle 
Adom'd with elegance, that eafy flow 
Of ready wit which never made a fot^ 
Thatfiicc, that form, that dignity, thateafo, 
Thofe pow'rs of pleiAng, widi that will to pbafir. 
By which Lepd, when in her youthM days. 
E'en from the cnrrrifh Pope extorted praife, 
We fee, tranfmitted, in her daughter fhiacy 
And view a new Lepel in Caroline. 

Is a fbn bom htto this world of woe ? 
In never-ceafing fbeams let forrow flow; 
Be from that hour the honic widi fhblce h«f. 
Let lamentations dwell upon thy tongue, 
£*en from the moment that he firft began 
To waJI and whine ) let him not fee a man ) 
Lock, lock Um up, for from the public eye. 
Give him no opportunity to buy. 
Or to be bought : B — --, tho' rich, w« fold, 
And gave his body up to flume for gcM. 

Let it be bruited all about the town. 
That he is coarfe, indelicate and blown, 
Aa anddote to lofl, his face deep fcarr'd 
With the fmalUpoK, hia body maim*4 and n«fr*d, 
Eat up with the King's-evil, and hia blood. 
Tainted throughout, a thick and putrid flood. 
Where dwells Corruption, making him all o'er. 
From head to foot, a rank and ranning fore. 
ShouId*fl thou report him as by NKuremade, 
He is undone, and by thy praife betray'd $ 
Give him out fidr, letchers in number more, 
Mora brutal and mote fierce, than tbro^^d t)l 

Of Lot in Sodom, flialt to thme repair. 
And force a paff;i^| tho* a God is there. 

Let him not have one (itfvant that Is male { 
Where Lords are bafOod, fofvants oft prtvaal. 
Sofne vices ^!toy propofe, to all agree | 
H was guilty, but was M m ■. fieeF 

Give him no tutor— throw hhn to a punk. 
Rather than truft his monds to a monk-— 
Monks we all know ■ w e , who have Uv'd at ham^ 
From fUr raporty and travellers,, vrho roam^ 
More feelingly->-aor truft hhn to the govn, 
'Tis oft a covering b this vile town 
For bafedefigns $ ourfolves have livM to foe 
More than one parfon hi the pillory. 
Should be have brothen, (image to thy view 
A icene, which, dw' not public made, it trae) 
Let not one brother be to f other known. 
Nor let his father it wkh himalonp. 
Be all hia fervants fomak, young, and foftrt 
And If die pride of Nature four thy he^ 



Toleeds of rmaj^ iff bot and wU4f 
He chance toget iocne fcore of mads with child, 
QuAt, hot forgive him | whoredom 19 a crime» 
Which* more at this dum any other time» 
CalbAr indulgences and, ^moogft foch a race, 
Toba?eabs£adis fomelignof grace. 

Bom io ftich timet, flwuld I fit tamely down, 
SuppidsmyragCf and (aunter thro* the town 
Asooe who knew not, or who fhar^d theiccrimes ? 
Should I at lefler evilt point my rimes. 
And let this giant fin, in the fiill eye 
Of obfisrvadon, pids onwounded by ? 
Tbo* our meek wives, paffive obedience taught, 
Padcntly bear thofe wrongs lor which they ought. 
With the braive fpirit of thdr dams poflefsM, 
To plant a dagger in each hufl>and*s breaftt, 
To cat off male increase firom this fiurifley 
And turn oar Thames into another Nile $ 
Tho*, 00 his Sunday, the imag pulpiteer. 
Loud *gainft all other dimes, is filent here, 
And thinks himfelf abfolv*d, in the pretence 
Of decency, which meant hr the defence 
Of teal Virtae, and to raLfe her price. 
Becomes an agent for the caufe of Vice i 
Tho* the Law flecps, and thro* the care they take 
To drug her well, may never more awake $ 
Bom in foch times, nor with that patience cucft 
Which Amtt may boaftof, I muft fpeak, or burft. 

Bistif, too eager in my bold career. 
Haply I wound the nice and chafter ear. 
If all unguarded, all too rude, I ^eak. 
And call up Uofhes in the maiden's cheek, 
Foigive, ye fidr— my real motives view 
Aad to fbfgivcncis add your pratfes toow 
For you I wri t e n or wiih a better plan. 
The caulis of Woman is moft worthy Man-* 
For yoo I ftill vdU write, nor hold my hand, 
Whilft there*e oae flavc of Sodom in the land. 

Let them fly ftr, and iiolk fion place to placc> 
Not darky tomect manhood face to fece. 
Their ttept VU track, nor yield them one ittreat 
Where they may hide their beads, or reft their feet, 
TiU God in wrath ihaU let his vengianre iOl, 
And make agreat exam^e of them all, 
Biddiqg in one grand pile this town eipire. 
Her towers in dull, her Thamea a lake of fire ; 
Or they {matt wmtfa our wifh) convmc'd, tho* late. 
Of dMir paft Climes, and dangenxiseftalie. 
Pardon of women widi repentance buy. 
And kan to honour them» as mochas L 




APP Y the Bard (tho* few fuch BarM we find) 
Who, *bove cootTOttlment, dares to fpeakhis 

Dares ttnabafh*d, ifiev*iy place appear, 
And nodufig ^ean* but what he ought to fear. 
Him FaOuon caonot tempt, him ak^ Need 
CaaaoccosD^, Um Pridt cannot miflead 

To be the flave of Greatnefs, to ftrike fail. 
When, fweeping onward with her peacock's tajl» 
Quality, in fall plumage, paiTes by ; 
He views herwttji a fix*d, contemptuous eye. 
And mocks the puppet, keeps his own doe fbte. 
And is above cooveding with the great. 

Periih thofe flaves, thofe minions of the qiuU, 
Who have confpir*d to feize that facred hill 
Where the Nine Sifters pour a genuine ftrain. 
And funk the mountam level with the plain $ 
Who, with mean^ private views, and iervile ait. 
No fpark of virtue living in their heart, 
Have bafely tum*d apoftttes, have debased 
Their dignity of office, have difgrac*d. 
Like £li*s fbos, the altars where they ftand. 
And caus*d their names to ftmk thro* all the Isnd^ 
Have ftoop*d to praftitute their venal pea 
For the fiipport of great but guilty men. 
Have made the Bard, of th^ own vile accord^ 
Inferior to that thing we call a JUrd, 

What is a Ltrd T Doth that pldn fimple word 
Contain fome magic fpell ? As ibon as hnrd. 
Like an alamm-beli on Night's dull ear, 
Doth it Ibike louder, and more fhong appear 
Than other words ? Whether we will or no, 
Thm* Reaibn's Court doth it unqueftion*d go 
' £*en oh the mention, and of courfe tranfinit 
Notions of ibmething excellent, of wit 
Pleafing tho* keen, of humour free tho? chaflct 
Of filing genius with (bund judgment graced. 
Of virtue & above temptation*s reach, « 
And honour which not malice can impeacn ? 
Believe it not— -*twas Nature''s firft intent. 
Before their rank became their puniOiment, 
They ihould have pafs*d for men, norbluik*4 to 

The bleffings (he beitowM.— She gave them eyes. 
And they could fee fee gave them ears— they 

The bfbumentS'Of fUrring, and theyftirr*4— > 
Like us, they were defign*d to eat, co drink. 
To talk, and (ev*ry now and then) to think s 
*Till they, by pride corrupted, for the £ake 
Of (ingularity, difclaim*d that make \ 
*Till they, cUfdaining Native's vulgar mode» 
Flew off, and ftruck into another road. 
More fitting ^««%> and to our view 
Came finth a fpecies altogether new. 
Something we had not known, and could not kaoifv 
Like nothing of God*s making here below ; 
Nature exclaim'd with wonder— Loriilt are ThingSy 
Which, never made by me, were made by Kings^ 

A Lord (nor let the honeft and the brave 
The true, old noble with the fool and knave 
Here mix his fame ; curil be that thought of mine^ 
Which with a B — and F—- ihould Grafbon join) 
A Lord (nor here let cenfure raihly call 
My juft contempt o^ fome, abufe of all. 
And as of lattt when Sodom was my theme. 
Slander my purpofe, and my Mufe Uafpheme* 
Becaule fhe ftops not, rapid in berfimg. 
To make exceptions as ihe goes along, 
Tho* well (he hopes to find, another year, 
^ whole Minority exceptions here) 
A mere, mere Lard, vrith nothing but the name. 
Wealth all his worth, and title all his fame. 
Lives on another man ; himfelf a bhnk, 
Thankleft he lives, or muil fome grandfire thank 



For fmugglcd honours, and ill-gotten pelf ; 
A Bafd owes all to Nature and himfelf. 

Godsy how my foul it burnt up with difdainy 
When 1 fee men, whom Phcebus in hit train 
Might view %vkh pride* lacquey the heels of thofe 
Whom Genius ranks annongft her greateft foes ! 
And what's the caufe f Why thefe laiiie ibos of 

No thanks to them, were to a title bom. 
And could not help it j by chance hither ieoty 
And only deities by accident. 
Hard fortune on our getting chanc*d to (hine. 
Their birthright honours had been jrawr's or wAif. 
*Twas amere random ihoke \ and (hould the Throne 
Eye thee with favour, proud and Urdly grown, 
Thou, tho* a Bard, might'ft be theh* fellow yet, 
But Felix never can be made a WiL 
No, in good faith — that's one of diefe few things 
Which Fate hath placed beyond the reach of Kings. 
Bards may be Lords, but 'tis not in the cards. 
Play how we will, to turn Lords into Bards. 

A Av<^— a i<or£^Why let them hand in hand 
Co forth as fnends, and travel thro* the land } 
Obferve which word the people can digeft 
Moil readily, which goes to market beft, 
Whichgetsmoft credit; whether men will trail 
A Bard becaufe they think he nruy be jufl, 
Or on a Lord will chufe to riik their gains, 
Tbo' Prkniege in that point ftill remains. 

A Bitrd^^^Lord'-AtX. Reafon take her fcalcs, 
And fairly weigh thofe words $ fee which prevails. 
Which in the balance lightly kicks the beam. 
And which by finking, we the vidtor deem. 

'Tis done, and Hermes, by command of Jove, 
Summons a iVnod in the facred grove. 
Gods throng with gods to take their chairs on high. 
And fit in f^ate the Senate of the flcy ; 
Whilfl, in a kind of parliament below. 
Men ftare at thofe above, and want to know 
What they're traofa£ting. Reafon takes her fbnd 
Tuft in the midft, a balance in her hand. 
Which o'er and o'er (he tries, and finds it true. 
From either fide, conduced full in view, 
A man conaes forth, of vigour ftrange and queer; 
We now and then fee fomething like them here. 

The///? was meagre, flimfy, void of ftrength, 
fiut Nature kindly had made up in length 
What fhe in breadth denied. Erc€l and proud, 
A head and ihoulderf taUer than the croud, 
Ht deem'd them pigmies all : loofe hui^ his fkin 
O'er his bare bones } his face fo very thm. 
So very narrow, and fo much beat out. 
That Phyfiognomiib have made a doubt. 
Proportion Ibft, exprcilion quite forgot, 
Whether it could be call'd a face or not ; 
At end of it howc'er, unblefs'd with beard, 
. Some twenty fathom length of chin appcar'd : 
With legs, which we might well conceive that Fate 
Meant only to fupport a fpider's weight. 
Firmly he fbove to tread, and with a ftride 
MThich ihew'd atooce his weaknefs and his pride, 
Shaking himfelf to pieces, feem'd to cry, 
** Obferve, good people, how I fliake the fky." 

In his right-hand a paper did he hold^ 
On which, at large, io chani£brs of gold, 
Piftinay and plain for thofe who run to fee, 
Sgim Aichibald had wrote Lt 0> Rf D. 

'this, wiih an air of fcorn, he from afar 
Twirl'd into Reafoo's fcales, and on that btf, 
Which from his foul he hated, yet admir'd. 
Quick tum'd his back, and u he came retir'd. 
The Judge to all around his name dedar'd } 
Each goddefs titter'd, each god laogh'd, Jove ftarV 
And the whole people cried, wkh one accord, 
« Good Heaven blefs us all, b that a i>^ /'* 

Such was they&^L—the /iMm/ was a maa, 
Whom Nature built on quite a difPrent plan j 
A 6ear, whom from the moment he was bora, 
His dam defpu'd, and lef^ taiiick*d in foom ; 
A BaSe/f which, the pow'r of Art undone. 
She could not finifh when fhe had begun ; 
An utter CAaoty out of which no might 
But that of Ood could ftrikeone fpark of light. 
Broad were his (boulders, and from blade to Unk 

A H might at full length have laid j 

Vaft were his bones, his mufcles twiiled ftrong ; 
His foce was fhort, but broader than 'twas loog ; 
His features, tho' by Nature they were large. 
Contentment had cootriv'd to overcharge, 
And bury meaning, fave that «re might fpf 
Senfe low'iing on die pcnthoofo of hn eye ; 
His anns were two twin oaks ; his legs fo ftont 
That they might bear a maniioo-houfo about { 
Nor were they, look but at his body diere, 
Deiign'd by Fate a much kfs weight to betlr. 
0*er a brown Caffock, which had o«ce 
Which hung in tatters oo his brawny back, 
A fight moft flrange, and aukward to behold» 
He threw a covering of t/at and go/d. 
Juft at the time of life, when man by rule, 
rhe fop laid down, takes up the graver fboly 
He ftarted up a fop, and, fond of fhow, 
Look'd like another Hercules tum'd Utit. 
A fubjed, met with only now and then. 
Much fitter for the pencil than the pen j 
Hogaith would draw Uim (Envy muft allow) 
E'en to the life, was Hogarth living now. 

With fuch accoutrements, with fuch a form. 
Much like a po^fe juft before a ftorm. 
Onward he roll*d t a laugh prevail'd around, 
E'en Jove was feen to fimper. $ at the found 
(Nor was the caufe unknown, for foom his youth , 
Himfelf he ftudied by the glafs of Truth) 
He join'd their mirth, nor (hall the godscoodoon^ 
If, whilft they laugh'd at him, he laugh'd at thtaj 
'Judge Reafon view'd him with an eye of .gract, 
Look'd through his foul, and quke forgot his f^i 
And, from his hand receiv'd, with fair regard 
Plac'd in her other fcale thenanne of S^. 
Then (for (he did u Judges ought to do* 
She nothing of the cafe bcf<;piehand knew, 
Nor wifh'd to know J (he never ftretch'4 the U«s* 
Nor, baiely to anticipate a canfi:. 
Compell'd Solliciton, no longer foee^ 
To fhewthofe brieft (be had no ri|^ m foe) 
Then (he with equal hand her fcalet held out» 
Nor did the caufo one moment hang tn doubt } 
She held her fcales out fair to pubw vkw. 
The Lsrdy as fparks fly upwards, opwaidt (lew. 
More light than air, decetnul in the wcigfat i 
The Bardf preponderating, kept his ftatt. 
Reafon appiov'd, andwidb a voice wiMfo found 
Shook eathy (hook htiven, «o tiit^skucft gfooaii 



^noodaciof ftr the BartU a full decree 
Cried— «< ThoTe muft honour /ion, whohonoara 
*' They from this prefent day, wherever I retgn, 
" In tbdr own right, precedence fluUobtdn : 
** iliertf rales here i be it enough that J?frf>i 
'* lofeoikttcs, and fways the iools of earth.** 

Nor think that here, in hatred taa Lord^ 
I've Arg*d a tale, or altered a record $ 
Search when you will (I am not now in fport) 
VoQ*!] ftidit regifterM in Reafon*s Court. 

Nor think that Envy here hath ftrang my lyre. 
That I depreciate what I mofl admire ; 
AjdA k»ok on titles with an eye of fcom, 
Becaie I was not to a title bom. 
By Him that made me, I am much morepixiudy 
Mare mly iadsfied to have a croud 
P«at at me as I pais, 4od cry,— «« That's he— 
*< A poor, but hooeft Bard, who dares be free 
" Amidft corruption,'* thaja to have a train 
Of flickering levee-flaves to make nae vain 
Of dungs I ought to blufh fiu- ; to run, fly. 
And live bot in the mocioa of my eye ; 
When I am lels than man, my faults t* adore. 
And make me think that I am Something more. 

Recall paft times, bring back the days of old, • 
When the great Noble bore his honours bold, 
And m the Ace oi peril when he dar'd 
Things whkh his legal baftard, if declared, 
Af%ht well dlfcredit j faithful to his trufl, 
hi die extreiseft points of juftice juft, 
Wdl-knowing all, and lov*d by all he knew, 
Trae tohis King, and tohis Country true \ 
Hooeft at Court, above the baits of gain, 
Pbm in his dreis, and in his manners plain j 
Moderate in wealth, gen'rous but not profufe. 
Well worthy riches, for ]ie knew their ufe j 
Pofleffii^ much, and yet deferving more, 
Defisrving thofe high honours which he wore 
With eafe to all, and in xctum gain'd fame. 
Which all men paid, becaufe he did not claim \ 
Wben the grim war was placed in dread array. 
Fierce as the lion roaring for his prey. 
Or liooefs of royal whelpfr fbredone, 
k peace, as mild as the departing fun, 
A general Uef&ng ivhertfoc'er he tum*d, 
Pitenof learaifig, nor himfelf unlearn*d ; 
Ivcr awake at Pity's tender call, « 
A&ther of tbepoor, a friend to all $ 
Recall fiich times, and from the grave bring back 
A wocth like this, my heart fhall bend, or crack, 
M7 ftubbom pride ^ve way, my tongue proolaim. 
And ev*ry Mufe coofpire to fwell his fame, 
*Tdl Eovy ihall to, him that praife allow, 
Wbichflie cannot 6tny to Temple now. 

Thb juftice claims, nor Ihall the Bard forget> 
Ddigfated with the tafit, to pay that debt. 
To pay it likea man, and in his lays, 
SoBDdiag foch worth, prove his own right to pnife. 
Bat let not Pride and Prejndice mifdeem. 
And think that empty titles are my theme \ 
TMo, with me, are vain, and nothing worth, 
I rtv'icBce Virtoe, but I laugh at Birth. 
Give ne a Locd that's beneft, frank, and bnve, 
1 am his friend, but cannot be his Have ; 
Tho' noae indeed but blockheads would pretend 
To sake a flave, where they may make a friend. 
Ikfve his fiftoti, al^ will make them known, 
Cofllcft hiiraok, baft cant fbfgetmy own. 


Give me a Lord, who, to a title born, 

Boafts nothing clfct I'll pay him fcom with (com. 

What, fhall my pride (and priJc is virtue here) 

Tamely make way, if fuch a wretch appear ? 

Sh^ll I uncover'd ftand, and bend my knee 

To fuch a {hadr>w of> nobility* 

A fhred, a rcmnint ? He might rot unknown 

For any real merit of his own, 

AnJ never had come forth to public note, 

Had he not worn by ch.uice his father's coat 

To think a M worth my lead regards. 

Is treafon to the Majefly of Bardi. 

By Nature fbrm'd (when for her honour's fake 
She fonoething more than common drove to make. 
When, overlooking each minute defed. 
And ail too eager to be quite corred. 
In her full heat and vigour Ihe impreft 
Her (lamp maft ftrongly on the favour'd breaft) 
The Bard (nor think too lightly that I mean 
Thofe little, piddling, witlings, who o'erween 
Of their fnull parts, the Murphysof the ftage. 
The Mafons and the Whiteheads of the age, 
Who all in rapturei their own works rehearfe. 
And drawl out meafur'd profe, which they call verfe) 
The real Bari^ whom native genius fires. 
Whom every Maid of Caftaly infpires, 
Let him ccmlider wherefore he was noeanC, 
Let him butanfwer Nature's great intent. 
And fairly weigh himfelf with other men. 
Would ne'er debafe the jglories of his pen, 
Would in full ftatc, like a true Monarch, lirei 
Nor 'bate one inch of his frtrwattve, 

Methinks I fee old Wingate frowning here, 
(Wingate may in the fcafon be a Peer, 
Tho' now, againil his will, of figures fick. 
He's fbrc'd to diet on AntkmetiCi 
E'en whilft he envies ev'ry Jew he meets. 
Who cries old cloaths to fell about the fbeets) 
Methinks (his mind with future honours big. 
His Tyburn bob tum'd to a drefs'd bag wig) 
I hear him cry— <«^ What doth this jaigon mean ? 
'< Was ever fuch a damn'd dull blockhead feen } 

Majefl y B ard Prerogat'rvt ^Difdain 

** Hath got into, and turn'd the fellow's brain j 

*« To BethUm with him — give him whips and flraw— 

** I'm very fenfible he's mad in law. 

** A fancy groom who trades in reafon, thus 

" To fet himfelf upon a par with us ; 

*« If this here'% fuftcr'd, and if that thfrt fool 

*< May when he pleafes fend us all to fchobl, 

*< fyky then our only bufinefs is outright 

" To take our caps, and bid the world ^bod night. 

*< I've kept a Bard myfelf tkU twenty years, 

" But nothing of this kind in himappean. 

" He, like a thorough true-btedfpamicl, licks 

*< The hand which cuffs hi«, and the foot which 

kicks ; 
** He fetches and he carries, blacks my {hoes, 
<* Nor thinks i; .1 dlfcredit tor his Mufe ; 
** A creature of the right Cameleonhue, 
" He wears my colours, yellow of true-bine, 
" Tuft as I wear them ; 'tis all one to htm, 
«« Whether I change thro' confcience, or thro"' 

« Now this is fomething like ; on fuch a pfan 
« A Bard may find a frtend4n a great man) 
« But thlsproud coxcomb-*-Zounds, I thought that aU 
u Of this queer tribe had been like my O^d Paul." 


CHtriK^HfLL^S FOEttS. 

Injunmu thoueKt ! accurfed betheCMigae 
On which the Tile infinuation hung. 
The heart where ^twas engcrtderM ! Cnrft be tfaofe» 
ThoCc Bardif who QOC themfelves alooe expofet 
But Me* but ytUf and make the Very name 
By which they*re call'd, a Handing mark of fludbe* 

Talk not of Cuftom-»*tis the coward's pleai 
Current with ^ools, but paftes not with mej 
An old ftale trick, which Guilt hath often trkd 
By numbers to o*d^pow*r the better fide. 
Why tell me, then, that firOm the birth of Rime, 
Ko matter when, down tothe prefent dme, 
As bv di* original decree of Fate, 
Bgrds have proteaion fought anongft the great j 
Conftioils df weaknefs, have appHed to them 
As vines tD fclms, and twkung round their ftemy 
FlouridiM od high ; to gain this wifli*d fuppoiti 
^B*en Virgil to Maecenas paid his court | 
As to the cuftom, Vis 8l ftoint agreed. 
But *tWas a fodiih difidence, not need. 
From which it rofe : hid Bards Imt truly known 
Thatftnaigth, which is mort properly their own. 
Without a L»J, unfr^ffd^ thev Itiight havt ftood» 
And overtoppM thole giants of the wood. 

But why, when prefent tihics my cafe engage, 
Muft I go back to Uie Augvfan age } 
Why, anxious for the living, am 1 led 
Into the manfions of the ancient dead } 
Can they find patrons no where but atRome, 
^d moft I feek Maecenas id the tomb ? 
Name but a Wingate, twenty fools of note 
Start up, and irote report Miecenas quote $ 
Under tiud cok>urs Lurd* are proud to fight, 
Fof^etting dial Maecenu was a Kmght \ 
They mention him, as if to ufe his name 
Was in fome meafurt to {Partake his fame, 
Tho* Virgil, were he living, in the ftreet 
Might rot for them, or perBh in the Flnt. 
Sec how they xtedden, and the charge dlfclalmH-* 
Virgil, and in the Flett /.^-Forbid it. Shame. 
Uenctf, ye vam boaders, to the Fleet repair, 
Aod.aik, with bluihtfs aik, if LloVo isthere*< 

Patrons, in days of yore, were monof fisnfe, 
Were men of tafle, and had a fiur pretence 
To rule in letters.— Some of them were heard 
To read off-hand, and never fpcU a Word 3 
Some of them too, to fuch a moofbous height 
Was learning rifea, foit themfetves .could write. 
And kept their Secretaries, as the great 
Do many other fboliih things, fbrftatet 

Qurpatioocareof quite a different fbrain. 
With neither fenfe nor taftc, againii the gndof 
They patronise for fidhion lakc>--aQmore— 
And kiera a B^df juft as they ke^ a W^korit 
Melcombe f (on fuch oc«afioo I am k>th 
To name the dead) was a tare proof of both^ 
Some of them would be pntcled e*en to read. 
Nor coufd deferve their Cltrgy by their Cntd \ 
Others can write, but fuch z pagan hand, 
A Waies{ ibould always at our dbow ftand j 

* Mr. Lloyd died In die Fleet, Dec 15, X764, 
ihoitly afbr the pubUcatioo of this poem. 

t George Bttbb Dodii^gton, Locd Mdcottbc He 
died July 28, 176a. 

} Dccyphererto the State. 

Many, if befg*d, a CkimcO^t, fit <^, 
Would order into keeping at Mt fight. 
Thde who ibnd faireft to the public view, I 

Taketothemfelvesthepraifetoothendue} | 

Thev rob the ^trfjfital^ and make free 
With thofe, alas ! who've leaft tofpaie.— Wefo^ 
hath dbt had a word to fay. 

Since winds and waves bore SinglefJ>eecfa away. 

Patrons in days of yore, like patrons now, 
Expeded thatthe Bard fiwold make his bow 
At oombg in, and ev*ry now and then 
Hint to the world that they were more tfaaa men ; 
But, like the patrons of the prefent day, 
They never bitk'd the poet of his pay. 
Virgil lov*d rural eafe, and, far finom harm, 
Maecenas fix*d him id a neat, fiiag fem, 
Wheft he might, firee finom trouble, pafi hit dsp 
In his own wtj*, and pay his rent in praife. 
Horace lovM wine, and thro* hk friend at Court, 
Could buy it off the key ui ev*ry port } 
Horace lov*d mirth, Maecenas lov*d it too, 
They met, they laugh*d, as Coy [| and 1 nay d^ 
Nor in thofe moments paid the Icaft regard 
To which was Mit^ery and which was Bmi* 

Not fo car patron s "grave as grave can be, 
Chey hnm tken^ehtSi they keep up dignly^ 
Bards are a forward race, nor is it fit 
That men of fortune rank with men of wk ; 
Wit, if familiar made, will find her (boogtfi-v 
*Tis beft to keep her weak and at armt-kngth. 
*Tis wAl enough for Bardh if patrons give, 
From hand to mouth, the feanty means to live. 
Such is their language, and their pra^&e ihcfa, 
They promife little, and they ghre not mudi. 
Let the weak Bardt with proftituted fbahl, 
Praife that proud See*, whom all good men dUilaiB 
What*s his reward ? Why, Us own fimeuadoBei 
He may obtain a patent for the run 
Of his Lofd*s kitchen, and have ample titoQ 
With oflfal fed, to coortthe cook in rime | 
Or (if he ftrives true patriott-to dlfgrtce) 
May at the/ecM^table get a place. 
With fomewhat greater flaVlb allowed to dint^ 
And play atcrai^ o*er his gill of wme. 

And are there Bard$^ who on Cleatkai*afife 
Stand ranked as men, who bieathe in tfah tiur ifle 
The ah* of Freedom, with !b little gall, 
So low a fpirit, proftrate thus to fidl 
Before thefeidols, and witfaovt t graaa 
Bear wrongs might call fivth mwrnurs fifOto a fi« 
Better, and modi more nobis, to abjure 
The fight of men, atfd hi ibdae caVe, feews 
From all theoutnges of pritle, to feift 
On Nature*s fafta^ and be fieeat leifr. 
Better (tfao* that, to (ay the truth. Is 
Than almoft any other niodeni curfe) 
Difcard all feofe, dhorce the diank!efi liMfi 
Critfcs tommence, and write hi the Jl»«Mt| 
Write widiont tremor, 0nflkha cmiot leif { 
No fool can ^, v^tere'Langhonie<aalbccerf. 

But (not to nake m hrtve aftd honeft PiSde 
Try thofe means firf^, ihe moft ^Uitakl-wlMtttrie^ 
There aremthoMfaod wiyt, a tboafirifei arti| 
By which, and fidrly, ineiiof ieal pttM 

|AFieaclin», SKUtirytolliri'WBlMi. 

€ BO A6H ri. I,^» POX MS. 


Uif gahalmogt fab what Nature cnfci ; 
Let tbofe, who pine fat iDore« Utc, and be flavet. 
Our rta] waoti in a (mall compaTs lyt> 
Bitf lawlelt Appetite with eager eye, 
Kept in a oonftanr fever, mart requires, 
Aad «r are burnt up with our own defiret. 
Hence our dependence, henoe our flav*ry Ipriogf ; 
MarJsf U contented, are as great as Kings. 
Ooiftf ici are to ouHekru the canie of iU $ 
We may be indepeodeot, if we wiJl. 
Tbe nan who fuits hia fpirit to hb ftate» 
Soak Qo an equal £Botiog with the great $ 
Mtfgoli themielves are not more rich, and he 
Wbo rales the Engndt nation, not more ftee. 
CittiiK wcse not foig*d more durable and ftroQg 
Fw BarJs than othera, but theyWe worn them long, 
Aid iherefi>re wear them ftill ', they*ve quite forgot 
Wbat Freedom it» and therefore prixe her not. 
Coald they, tbo* in their fleep, could they but 

TbeUefitngs which from Independence flow ; 
CnUd they but have a (hort and tranfient gleam 
Of Liberty, tho* *twaa but in a dream j 
Tbey would no more in bondage bend their knot. 
Bat, once made Freemen, would be always fine. 
TbeMnfe, if Ae one avxneat freedom gains, 
Cai never more (ubmit to foig in chains. 
Bnd in a aigt^ far firom tbe fieatherMthroiVf 
Tbe bird repays hia keeper with his ioog. 
Bat if Ibioe playful child fets wide the door. 
Abroad he fli«s^ and thinks of home no more^ 
With knre of liberty begins to bum» 
Aod r4her ftarves th»to his cage ratom. 

Hm/f Independence*— by true reafoo taughtf 
Ham few have known, and pria'd thee as they 

Sone ^ve Cbet up for riot ; iome, likf boysj 
Re%n thee, in ^etr childiih moods, for toys ; 
Ambidon iboae, fomc avarice miileads, 
Aa4 in both ca^ Independency bleeds; 
A^toad, inqtMftof thee, bow many roam, 
Kor know they had thee in their reach at home ; 
Some, «itt* abiout their paths, their beds about. 
Hate never had the (cnfc to find thee out $ 
Oinn, who know of what they are pofl*eisM, 
Like iearfnl nuiexs, lock th^ in a chefl, 
N« have the refiUution to produce 
la tbeie bad times, and bring thee forth for uCb. 
HtHf Indfpendmct.^>tho* thy name's fcarce kooiVOj 
The* then, alas ! art out of fafliion grown, 
Tbo*aU dcfpUe thee, I wiU not delpife. 
Nor live one mnmmr longer than I prise 
Thy preience, «id eiyoy : by angry Fate 
Bflw'd down, and almoft cn)i9i*d, TAm caro'A, ^' 

T4ocam*ft upon me, like a fecond ftith, 
And made me know what life was truly worth. 
iU^ I n d ep end ence n ever may my cot, 
Tm I fbrgec thee, be by thee forgot ; 
Tbkfaer, O thither, ofbntimes repair } 
Cotei*, wbem thou ]ov*ft too, fhall meet thee 

All thoughts, bnt what arifcfVota}oy, give o'er} 
?9^c iwdUifnthin, and Law ihall goaid the doot^ 

t ^om^h^ 90(91, 

O'erweeoing Bard ! Law ^ard thy door, what 
Law ? 
The Law of England ?— — To controul, and awe 
Thofe (aucy hopes, to Arike that fpirit dumb. 
Behold, in ftate, AdminKlration come. 

Why let her come, b all her tenors too { 
I dare to fuflFer all ihe dares to do. 
I know her malice well, and know htr pride, 
I know her flrength, but will not change my /ida 
This melting mafs of flefli (he may controul 
With iron ribs, Hie caunot chain my foul. 
No— to the laft refolvM her worft to bear, 
Vm fHll at large, and IndependettttHtien* 

Where is this Minifler ? Where is thp band 
Of ready Haves, who at his elbow ftand 
To hear, and to perform his wicked will } 
MHiy, for the firft time, are they ikiw to ill? 
When fome grand ad 'gainit Law is to be done» 
Doth deep } doth bloodhound n ran 

To L \ and worry thofe fmall deer, 

When he might do more precious mifchief here ? 
Doth Webb turn tail ? Doth he refofe to draw 
Illegal warrants, and to call them Law ? ^ 

Doth Webb, at Guildford kickM, from Coildfbr4 

With that cold lump of unbak'd dough, his fon. 
And, his more hooeft rival Ketch to cheat, 
Purchafe a burial-place where three ways meet } 
Believe it not; .^— ^is— ftill. 
And never fleeps, when he ihould wake to ill ^ 

»' dothleiferitiifchieft by the bye, 
Tlve great ones 'till the Term in^ro lie \ 
Webb lives, and to the ftrideft juftice true. 
Scorns to defraud the hangman of his due. 

O my poor Cou n C iy *— weak and overpower*d 
By thine own fons eat to the bone ■ idevoor'd 
Byviperty whioh, in thin^. own entrails bred. 
Prey on thy life, and with thy blood are fed. 
With unavailing gtieA thy wrongs I fee. 
And, formyfelf not feeling, fbel kittkte, 
I grieve, but can't dafpatfw^, fo, at hand 
Freedom prefems a ehmce, bit foithful band 
Of Icyal patriots, men who greatly dare 
In fuch a noble eaufe, men fit to brar 
The weight of empires ; Ftrttmef Rani, aaci 

yktue and KtmMge^ leagu'd wkh JS/apoms, 
March in their ranks \ Freedom firom file to ftle 
Darts htr delighted eye, and wkh a fmilo 
Approves her honeft fons, whiUt down her cheeky 
As 'twere by ffealth (her heart too full to fpok) 
Oof tear b fiknce creeps, one l^aneft tear. 
And (bema to fay, « Why is not Granby here H* 

O ye hxKft fruff in whom we fHll may fiad 
A love 9$ Virtue, Freedom, and Mankind, 
Go forth, in majefty of woe anray'dy 
See* at your feet y^r Country kneela for aid. 
And (imny of her children traittnrs grown) 
Kneals to Ihofe fons (he ftUl can <all her own | 
Seeming to brcadie her Hft ia of'ry breath. 
She knee^ fbrfoeedom, or (he begs for death— r 
Fly then, each duteous fon, each En£li(h chief. 
And to your drooping parent bring relief. 
Go for^-'^-nor let the fnvn voice of Eafe 
Tempt ye to fleep, whU(t tempetb fwdl the foas £ 
Go forth — nor let Hypocrify, whofe tongue 
With many a fjir, iiKc^ fanl art is hung, 
P % 


churchtll'8 poems: 

Uke Bethcrj Awning prophet croft yow way, 
When your great errand brocks not <k delay \ 
Nor let vain Fear, who cries to all {he meet9» 
Trembling and pale — " A lion in the ftreets"— 
Damp your free fpirits ; ]et not threats affrighty 
Nor bribes corrupti nor flatteries delight. 
Be as one mai>--G>ncord fucceft enfures— >• 
There*s not an Engliih heart but what is yoqrs. 
Go fbrth— and Virtucy ever in your Aghty 
Shall be yuur guide by day, your guard by night— v 
Go forth — the champions of your native land. 
And may the battle profper in your haqd— 
It may, it rouft^Ye cannot be withitood— 
Be your Hearts hooeft> as your Caufe is good. 



SOME of my/iiewtb (fx friends I muft fuppoft 
All, who, not daring to appear my foes, 
Jeign great good-will, and, not more full of ipifip 
Than full of craft, under falfe colours fight) 
Some of my friends Tfo laiviflily I print) 
As more in ferrow than in anger, hint 
(Tbo* that hideed will fcarcc admh a doubt) 
That I ihall run my llock of genhiaout, 
My no great flock, and, faft, 
Muft needs become a bankrupt at the laft. 

« The hulbandman, to (pare a thankfbl foil, 
** Which, rich in difpofition, pays his toil 
f * Mote than a hundred fold, which fwells his fbrt 
** £*entohis wiih, and makes his bams run o*er, 
** By long experience taught who teaches bcft, 
**. Foregoes his hopei a while, and gives k reft. 
** Theland^ allowMitslofies to repair, 
'< Refireih^d, and full in< ftrength, delights to Wcaf 
'' Afecond'yoQth, and to the farm^*s eyes 
<' Bid^ richer crops and double harvefts ri(e. 
. ** Nor think this pradice to the earth vonfia'd, 
<< It reaches to the culture o( the mind. 
f< The mind of man craves reft, and cannot bear, 
** Tho* next In pow'r to God's continual care. 
f< Genius bimlelf (nor here letGemus frown) 

Thanks to each corral, each advifing friend. 
And am, if not too late, refelvM to mend, 
RefoIvM to give (bme refpite to my pen, 
Apply myfelf once more to books and men, 
View what is pirfent, what is paft rcvkw. 
And my old fl»ck exhaafted, lay in new. 
For twice fix moons (let windt, tum'd porttrt 

This oath to Heaven) for twice fix moorn, I ffreir, 
No Muie fhall tempt me %rith her firen lay, 
Nor draw me nt>m Improvement s thorny way j 
Verfe I abjure, nor will forgive that fnend. 
Who in my hearing (hall a rime commend. 
It cannot be— Whedier I will, or no, '■ 
Such as they are, my thoughts in meafnreilov. 
Convinc*d, determined, I in profe begin. 
But ere I write one lentence, verfe creeps in, 
And taints mt thro* and thro* : by this good fight) 
In verfe I talk by day, I dream by m^t ; 
If now and then I curTe, my curfes chime, 
Nor can I pray, unlefs I pray in rime, 
£*en now I err, in fpite of common fenfe, 
And my tonfeflion doubles my ofience. | 

Reft then, my ynM^s— fpare, fparc yow pred* 

And be your (lumbers not lefs found than death , 
Perturbed fpirits reft, nor thus appear ^ 

To wafte yourcounfels in a fpendthrifk*! ear, ' 
On your grave lefTons I cannot fubfift, | 

Nor e*en in verfe beccnne tee o n o m ^ \ , 
Reft than, mjfiiendsy nbr, hatefbl to my eyes, 
Let Envy in the (hape of Pity rife 
To blaft me ere my time ; with patxenoe wot, 
(*Tis no long interval] propitious Fate 
Shall glut your pride, and ev*ry fom of phlegm 
Find ample room to ceofure and condemn. - 
Read fooie three hundred lines, (noeafy taflc $ 
But probably the laft that I (hall aik) 
And give me up for ever $ wait one hoar,* 
Nay not fo much, revenge is m your pcm'o ' 
And ye may cry, " Ere Thne h^Hum*d 

« Lo ! what w prophefied as come to pafi.** 

Let thofe, who poetry in poems claim. 
Or not read this, or only read to blame ; 
Let thofe, who are by fi^on*8 charms c»flav*d, 
Return me thanks fi>r half-a-crown well fav*d ; 
Let thofe, who love a little gall in rime, 
Poftpone their purchafe now, and call next time; 
Let thofe, who, void of nature, look fi>r aft : 
Take up their money, and in peace departs 
Let thofe, who energy of di Aion prise. 
For BilJingfgate quit Flexncy, and be wife s 
Here is no lie, no gall, no art, no force j ! 

Mean are the words, and fuch as come of cooiicij 
The fubjed not lefs fmiple than the lay | ' ! 
A plain, unIabour*d Journey of a day. 

Far from Mc now be ev*ry tuneful Mdd^ 
I neither a(k, nor can receive their aid. 
Pegajus turn 'd into a common hack. 

•* Muft, to enfure his vigour, be laid down, _ ^ _^ 

w And fallowed weU : had Chutchill known bud Aloiie I jog, and keep die beiten track, 

this, — 

<< Which the moft flight obierver fcarce couM mift, 
** He might have ftoari(h*d twenty years or more, 
*f Tho* now, oUt i poor man! worn out in four.** 

Reco]rer*d from the vanity of youth, 
I feel, alas ! thb melancholy tnith. 

Nor would I have the Siften of the Hill 
Behold their Bard in fuch a difhabille. 
Ablent, but only abfent for a time, 
Let them carefs fome dearer fon of time { 
Let them, as hx as decency permits. 
Without fufpidoo, ^f the fbd withVitiyi 

c »tr R <5 IT I L l'1^ p o X k s. 


'Coift fbds be gtiarded ; *tis a certdn rule, 
Wki ift^e thiftgsy there*s danger in a fbol. 

Let them, tfao* modeft. Gray more modeft wooe i 
Lettbem «^ Maibn bleat, and bray, and cooe ; 
Ut diem tntfa Franklin, proud of fome fmall 

M^ Sophocles diiguisM, in Engliih fpeak ; 
Let dm with GloTer o'er Medea doze ; 
La diein wfth Dodfley wail Cleone's woet, 
watt he, fine feeling creature, all in tears, 
Mdti attfaey floelt,' and weeps with weeping peers ; 
Lettbem witlTfimple Whitehead; taught to creep 
Sikot and foft, lay Fontenelle aflcep * ; 
Uctbem n^ Browne coatrire, to rnlgar trkk, 
Tocoiethe dead, and noake the living fick f ; 
La diem b charity to Murphy give 
SometM French piece, that he may fteal and 

Ut tbcar with wtfiek FooCe fubfcriptions get, 
Afid adfirtiie a Sunroer-houie of Wit. 

Thai, orb any better way they pleafe, 
Withtheie great men, or widi great men like 

Itf dttn thor appetite for laughter feed ; 
I« my Journey all alone proceed. 

If iiftiaiiable grown, and fond of pow*r, 
WjA km^nm Scots let them difport their hour : 
Let than dance» ^ry-like, rxmndOflian'stoiiib \ 
Let tbcm fiyrge ht%^ and H^mes for Hmne ; 
Lettbem widi Home, die very prince of Terfcy 
Uab ibmethmg like a Tragedy in Erfe % 
I'tt^ ilaric Allegory's flimfey veil 
Ut ibem with Ogilvie fpin out a tale 
Of ncfbl length ; Let them plain things obfcure^ 
IHafewhai^ truly rich, and what is poor 
UaicepooRrfttlll^ jargon mofi uncouth; 
Wirfi ev'ry pert, prtei pretdneTs of youth 
Boo of fidie Talle, with Fancy (like a child 
Kflt kBowing what it cries for) runmng wild, 
Wid&>lflaiedfti]e, by affe£ht3on taught, 
' Vtb Back falfe oolouring, and little thought, 
Vid) phradcs ftrange, and diale<l decreed 
Bf Rsfim never CO have pafs'd the Ttvrr/, 
Widi noids sHiSch Nature meant each other's fbe> 
Forced to compound whether they will or no ; 
With fbch materials, let them, if they will, 
To prove atooce their pleafantry and fidll, 
kad 19 a bard to war'gunfl Common Senfe, 
Bj «iy <^ complinaent td Providence ; 
Ut them with Armfboog, taking leave of Senfe, 
Xadaoty lectures 00 Benevdenct^ 
Or COB the pages of his gaping Dajt 
^'boe aU his former fame was thrown away, 
^lat lU bat bjrren labour was forgot, • 
Aad die vain fHffhefs of a Uttered Scot j 
Ut than wkfa Annf^rong pafs the term of light, 
^■C one boor of darkoefs 5 when the night 
^i^peads this mortal coil, when Memory wakes, 
^^ for oor paft mifdoings Confcience takes 
A 4eep irvcnge, when by Reiledion led, 
Sbrdnws hb cuitainsy and looks Comfbrt dead. 

• See The School for Lovers, by Mr. Whitehead, 
t See Tfilf^bf of Snl, by Dr. Biowne. 

Let cv'fy Mnfe be gone ; in vain he turns 

And tries to pray iot fleerp ; an i£cna bums, 

A noore than i£tna m his coward breafl. 

And Guilt, with vengeance arm'd, forbids him 


Tho' fofl as plumage from young xephyr's wing. 
His couch feems h»rd, and no relief can bring. 
Ingratitude hath planted daggers dierc. 
No good man can deferve, no brave man bear. 

Thus, or in any better way they pleafe. 
With thefe great men, or widi great tnen Cke 

Let them thdr appetite for laughter feed \ 
I on my Journey all alone proceed. 




JJEALTH to great Glofter— >from a man «•- 

•^ known, 

Whoi holds his health as dearly as his own. 

Accept this greeting— 4)or let moduli fear 

Call up one maiden blufh— 1 mean not here 

To wound with flattery — 'tis a villain's art. 

And fuits not with the franknefs of my heart. 

Truth befl becomes an Orthodox Divine, 

And, fpiteof hell, that chancer is mine: 

Tofpeadc e'en bitter truths I cannot fear j 

But truth. Iffy Lord^ is panegyric here. 

Htaltk to great Glofter — nor, thro' love of eafe. 
Which all Priefts love, let this addrefs difpleafe. 
I afk no favour, not one note I crave, 
And when this bufy brain refts in thegrave> 
(For till that time it never can have n5) 
I will not trouble you with one bequeft j 
Some humbler fnend, my mortal journey donet 
More near in blood, a nephew or a fon. 
In that dread hour executor I'll leave ; 
For I, alas ! have many to receive. 
To give but little — ^To great Glottcr ketdtk \ 
Nor let thy true and proper love of wealth 
Here take a falfe alarm — in purfe tho' poor. 
In fpirit I'm right proud, nor can endure 
The mention (^ a bribe^thy pocket's frefc, 
I, tho' a Dedicator, fcom a fee. 
Let thy OMm offspring all thy fortunes (hare { 
I would not Alloi rob, nor Allen's heir. 

Think not, a thought unworthy thy great foul, 
I Which pomps of this world never could controulj 



"Which nevtt oArM op atPower*! vab ihrine* 
Think not that pomp mi pow> cm wodc da 

*Tit not thy nami, tbo' that indeed it great» 
rrit not the tinicl trampery of ftate, 
*Tia not thy title» Doaor, tho* thoa art» 
*TSs not thy mitrcy which hath won mv heart. 
State b a farce, names are hot empty mioci* 
Degrees are bought> and* bv miftaken kinos, 
Tkles art oft mifplacM j mitits, which ihuM 
Sobri^ m other eyes* ate dull in mine, 
Unleft fet off" by Virtue t who deceives 
Under the facied fanaionef Lmm Sisevth 
Enhances guUt, commiu a double fin | 
So ^r without, and yet (b foul within. 
*Tis not thy outward form, thy eafy mien, 
Thy fweet complacency, ihy brow ferene. 
Thy open front, thy love-commaadinf eye^ 
Where fifty Cupids, u in ambuih, lie, 
Which can firom fixty to fixteen impart 
The force of love, and point his blunted dart 3 
•Tis not thy ftce, tho* that by Nature's made 
An index to thy fbnf , tho* there difphy*d 
We fee thy nund at large, and thro* thy ikin 
Peeps out that couitefy which dwells withm ; 
'Tis nottby birth, for that is low as mine, 
AcBund «ur heads ao lineal g^es fliine*- 
But what is buth— when, to delight mankind. 
Heralds can make thofe arms they cannot find $ 
When thou art to thyfelf, dsy fire unknown, 
A whole Welch genealogy aloiu f 
No, *tis thy inwtfd man, thy proper worth, 
Thy right juft eftimation hevt on earth, 
Thy mmi doarine unifbimly join'd. 
And flowing fWun that wholefome fource thy mind. 
Thy known contempt of perfecution*s rod. 
Thy charity for man, thy love of Ced, 
Tiky ^th in Chrift, lb well approved 

Which now give life and utterance to my pen : 
Thy virtue, not thy rank, demands my lays { 
^is not the Bifhop, but the Saint I praife. 
RaisM by that thcnie, I foar on wings nrare ftroog, 
And hakt forth into praife with>hela too long. 

Much did I wifh, e'en whilft I kept thofe iheepi 
Which, for my curfe, I was ordain'd to keep i 
Ordain*d, alas ! to IcMp thro' need, not choice, 
Thofe fheep whkh never heard their ihepherd's 

Which did not know, yet would not leam their 

Which ihay*d themfdves, yet grievM that I (hould 

Thofe fheep, which my good Father (on his bier 
Let filial duty drop the pious tear) 
Kept well, yet flarv'd himfelf ; e'en at that time, 
Whilfl I was pure, and innocent of rime, 
Whilfl facred dullnefs ever in my view. 
Sleep at my biddbg crept fbm pew to pew. 
Much did I wi/hf tho' little could I hope, 
A friend in hun who was a friend of Pope^ 

His hand, faid 1, my youthful fleps dull goidcy 
And lead me fafc where thoufands fall befide 3 
His temper, his experience ihall controul. 
And huih to peace the tempeflof my ibul j 
His judgment teach me, from the publtC; fchool^ 
How not to tsTf and how to err by nde } 

Infhvd me, i|iii^ profit widi delightf 

Where Pope was vrroag, where Shakffpfarewas act 

Where they are juftly praia'd, snd whve tins* 

How little's due to them, how much to him. 
RaisM 'bove the ilav'ryof coomoa rules, 
Of common fenfe, of modem, ancient fchoola^ 
Thofe feelings baniih'd, which mifi^ us aUt 
Fools as we are, and which we Nature caU» 
He^ by his great example, might impart 
A better fomediing, and baptise it Alt I 
He, all the kxXmn of my youth forgot. 
Might (hew me what is taAe* by what is not ^ 
By him fupportedt with a proper pride, 
I might hold all joaakind as tools befide $ 
He (fhoold a world perverfc and peevifh gfcmh^ 
Explode his maxims, and aflbt their own) 
Might teach me, like himfelf to be content. 
And let their foHy be their puniihmeat 3 
Might like himfelf teach his adi^ted ioo, 
'Oainft all the world, to quote a Warbuiton. 
Fool that 1 was, could I fb much deceive 
My foul with Ivmg hopes $ could I believe 
That lie, the lervant of his Maker ^vomt 
The fervantof hi« Saviour, would be torn 
From their embrace, and leave that dear employ^ 
The cure of (buls, his duty and his j<^» 
For toys like noine, and wafte his precious tine, 
On which (b much depended, for aiime ? 
Should he fbrfake the talk he undotook, j 

Defert his fiock, and break his paft'ral crook ^ 
Should he (forbid it Heaven) fo hidi io place. 
So richm knowledge, quit the work of Onetp 
And, idly wand'ring o'er the Mufes' HUI> 
Let the falvation of mankind ftaod ftiU f 

Far, fiv be that ftom th^e-^iycs, £u firom thee 
Be fuch revolt fiaom Grace, and finr (ton me 
The will tothink itMOilt is inthe thought-* 
Not fo, not fo, hath Warborton been tanght, 
Not ib leam'd Chrill— Recall that day^ wel^ 

When (to maintain God's honour 1 and his own) 
He call'd blafphemers furth— Rethinks I now 
See ftera rebuke enthroned on his brow, ^ 
And arm'd with tenfold terrors-^finom fius toqgue, 
Where fieiy seal and Chriftian fury huug» 
Methinks I he» the decp-ton'd thunders roll. 
And chill with horror ev'ry finner's fbul-« 
In vam they ftrive to fly*-flight cannot finre* 
And Potter trembles even in his gtavA— 
With all the confcious pride of innocence, 
Methinks I hear him, mhlsowndefimce. 
Bear witnefs to himfelf, whilft all men Jcnew, 
By gofpel rules, his witnefs to be true. 

O glorious man, tlw seal I mu& commend, 
Tho*^ it depriv'd me of^ my dearefl friend. 
The real motives of thy anger known, 
Wilkes muft the juftice of that anger own. 
And could thy bdbm have been bar'd^ to view. 
Pitied himfelf, in turn had pitied you- 

Bred to the law, you wifely took the gowq« 
Which I, like Dmat, fboliihly laid down. 
Hence double ftrength our Hcfy Mstker drew \ 
Me fhe (»t rid of , andmade prise of you. 
I, like an idle truant, fpnd of play, 
Dot'mg on toys^ and thromng gems awfl^ 



Ca(SlCitMoi*9, let the jQibftance flip i 

Wkbbrttaporpoley and more noble aimy 
AaiviidypIayM a more iubftantU^game. 
N«fid l4w moam^ blefsM in her younger iaa> 
FflrHanield docs what Glofter would have done. 

iVflsr, DuMf ^/hft Gl^9 andA^ IWy 
If hi^ thde high dtlet may accord. 
Wkli tiy oaajp fpiril^ if the barren ioond 
Ofiiaedf^phrithcey to the topmoft rouDd 
Of Fa(HK*8 ladder get, dtfpife not^one, 
finr laatof (mooch hypocriry undone. 
Who, bs beloir, turns up hit wondering eye, 
Aad, vritboot cmry, lees thee placed fo high j 
ieCBOtthy brain (as brains left potent migh^ 
Diny, coofoonded, pddy unth the height, 
Thb mod, and lofe dtftioaioii, lofe her IkiU 
Aai TCoted powrert of knowing good from ill. 
Of fifting truth Irom wifehood, friends ftom fees { 
I/tGkier well remeBibcr, how he rofe, 
K^tov hb bade oojan who fliade him great $ 
lit Um not, gorged with pow*i« and drunk wHh 

Forget what once he Niiras^ the* now (b high; 
4iow4ew, hew Ann, and ML. as pooc^ X 

Caftera defont f 

f It is prefomed the fudden death of the Author 
will fufficiently apologiser for dte Dsoication re- 


BM9 ev CaOKCIIlLL*C ?0EM8. 




qugijue tple mirerriroa ▼idiy 

Bt quorum panxnagiu fiii. 

ViiG. JEn. Ub. II. 



gmcal Jefrr^im of Memory^Affeal toker Af- 
Mance^TJU ftory bepm^Rttrejpea of tke firmer 
part <f tkt 'wyago-^rkeJMp arrruit at Can^^^ 
jfvdtntftatt of that iJUmd^Vrefent fate of the ad- 
jacent i/Us of Greece-^rhi jeajm of tke year-- 
CharaRer of the mafier and his egker$F^ory of 
Palimon and jima^Ewmng deJeriM-^Midmight 

Tht flap weighs anchor and d^artt from the 

haven'^tate of the vfeather^^Mormtg-^-'Sttiation 
of the ne'tghlionring Jhoret-^peratica of ta^ 
the fwrs a»wmth~^eJcrtptioa ff the nf^ as feen 
from the land. 

The fcene itjieir the cityof Candii; md the time 
•bout four days and a half. 

The fcene ^ the Second Canto lie* in the fea, 
between Cape Frefchin in Candia, and the Ifland of 
Falcooeta, whidi ii nearly twelve leagues northward 
of Cape Spada.— The time is from nine in the room- 
log till one o*c1ock of the following morning. 

'W T THILE jarring interefts wake the world to arms. 
VV And fri^t the peaceful vale with dire alarms } 
While Ocean hears irindi^ire thunders roll 
Along his tremUiog wave from pole to pole ; 
Sick of the fcene* where war^ with ruthlefs hand. 
Spreads defolation o*erthe bleeding land ; 
Sick of the tumult, where the trumpet*s breath 
Bids ruin fmile> and drowm the groan of death ! 
•Tis mine, retired beneath this cavern hoar. 
That ftands all lontly oo the fea*beat ihore. 

Far otiier themes of deep difbefs to fing 
Than ever trembled from the vocal Oring. 
No pmnp of battle fwells th' exalted ftraiiif/ 
Nor gleaming arms ring dreadful on the plain : 
But, o'er the fcene while pale ren»embrancewe«p5» 
Fate with fell triumphs rides upon the deeps. 
Here hoflile elements tumultuous rife, 
And lawlefs floods rebel againfl the ikies 5 
Till hope expires, and Peril and Difroay 
Wave their black enfigns on the vwtery ^. 

Immortal train, whoguWe the roaae of fong> 
To whom all fc'ience, arts and arms bekmg i 
Who bid the trumpetof eternal fomc 
Exalt the warrior's and the poet's name ! 
If e'er with trembling hope I fondly Ihray'd, 
In life's fair mom, beneath your hallow'd flxadc, 
To hear the f%veetly mournful lute complain, 
And melt the heart with ecflafy of pain? 
Or liften, while th' enchanting voice of kive. 
While all Elyfium warf)led tiiro' ti»e grove i 
Oh ! by tiie hollow Waft that moans around, 
That fweeps die wild harp witii a pl«ntive found ; 
By the long fuige that foams thro' yonder cave, 
Whofe vaults remurmur to the maiing wave ; 
With living colours give my verfe to gViw, 
The fad memorial of a tale of woej 
A fcene from dumb oblivion to reftore. 
To feme unknown, and new to epic lore \ 

Alas ! oegleacd by the facred Nine, 
Their fuppliant feels no genial ray divme I 
Ah ! will they leave Pieria's happy (hore. 
To plow the tide where wintry tempefts roar ? 
Or (hall a youth approach their hallow'd hntf 
Stranger to Phabus, and tiic tuneful train'— 
Far from the Mufes' academic grove, 
'Twas his the vaft and trackkfs deep to rove. 
Alternate change of cVmiates has be kaown» 
And felt the Berec extremes of either «one I 
Where polar fides congeal t^' eternal foow. 
Or equinoftial funs for ever glow. 
Smote by die fifeesing or the icorching hlaft, 
" A (hip-boy on the high and giddy maft •,- 
From regions where Perovian billows roar» 
To die bleak coafb of ianrage Labrador. 

• Shaki^eare. 

tX£CdM>R*8 9 0KUS. 


FfOB where i^ma/ka^, pnde of Afiai ^aint ! 

SWipl Mr pRMM ISCX bCMSul CyiMWC Cnlllltf 

to iAkr Ae Ifthmtis •, hrM by WferictMet» 

AdBiieand Padik (as diTides. 

But vhOebe neafiir^d o'er the pabfiil fieti 

U FortujK*! wild inimitable ehace, 

^3teffit]r, compaoioa of hit way ! 

Sdll o*er the yn&im hung with iroQ (Way j 

Bade oew diftreflea CT*ry tnftant glow, 

Marking each change of pla^ vSth chnge'of woei 

Ja ngioni where the Almighty*! chaftcnng hind 

Widilrrid peil9eqceafflSat the land $ 

OrwhtR pale Famine blafts the hopeibl yetf| 

PvCBtof want and milety ttvett ! 

Otwbm, ali drendfbl io th* embacded line, 

Theboftnefhipt ID flaming combat join; 

Where the torn veflel wind and wave aftul» 

TiUo*cr her crew dtihels and death pcevail-M 

Where'er hewaiid^*d, thus viadiaive Fate 

IWued hit weary fteps with lafthig hate ! 

RomM hy her mandate, Kormt of bladcarfay 

Wbter*d the momof INe*f adrancingday { 

Jtelai'dthe fincws of the Kviag lyre, 

Aad^oeikeh the khidliog fpark of Tttal fire«— 

^uBi while lOi gotten or unkiiown be wooes. 

What hope to win the coyfrioftaot UmSt 1 

Thai let not Cenlure, wkh wwlignanr joy> 

The harveft of his htnoble hope deftroy ! 

Hit wrK no hmiel wreath attempts to cbnm, 

Kor ftulpQtr*d braft to tell the poet's name* 

if terns uncouth, and jarnng phrafes, wound 

The Ibfter fenie with inhamiomoiii Ibund, 

' et here let lidemng lympothy prcratl. 

While coofeioua Truth unlblds her pitet^ talc ! 

Aadfol the P»wer that wakes th'erentfblloQgt 
Hates hither from Lethian banks along s 
She fweeps the gloom, and ruAihig on the fightf 
Spreads o*er the kindTing ibene propithMS light ! 
la her right hand an ample roll appean, 
r noght with long annals of preceding years | 
With every wife and noUe art o^ man, 
Stocefirftthechding hoars their coorie began t 
Ft left a fiver wand oo high difplay*d, 
^^Vhofe m^ tooch diipels obUvfon*s ihado. 
Pafivc her look; oa radiant wfaigs that glow» 
like JoBoH birds, or Irb* flamhy bow, 
SheUs; aodlwiftertfaaDtbecoufieof fight» 
TXn&i beriapid intelleaiial flight. 
The fugitive ideas fliereAares, 
Aad calls the wanderng thought from Lethal flmea* 
Ta tbogs long paft a lecood date Am givcBy 
And hoary Time rrom her nefli youth locaivits* 
Congenial fifter of irni i mt a l Fame, 
She fcares her power,* and Memary Is her namtt 

firft-bon djughcer of pnmevu Time ! 
By vnMXB tranuntted down in every clinKt 
The deeds of ages long elapa*d are known, 
And Uas«a*d glorfes q>read from aooeto tone ; 
Whole breach ^flUves the gloom of mental night* 
And o*cr th* oblcur*d idea pours the light ? 
Whofewing unerring glides thro* time and fUrne^ 
Aad trxkleft lc«urt th*<immenflty of fpace I 
Say ! an what icasy Ibr tkMi aknecanft teUy 
What dke fluAap a fitted uup barel, 
AfiirdbytempeAs, gktwithhaflUeflnres?-^ ' 
Aiifetspproaeh! nriQckthytrcifiir*d iUm ! 

VOL. Via 


A ihip from Egypt, o*er the deep iitB^*^ 
Jlf gnidii^ wiada her oourib for Venice held i 
Of ftm*d Britannhi were the gallant crew. 
And frooa th* tfle her name tte veflel drew; 
The wayward flaps of Fortune, that deUsde 
Full oft to rohi, cadger they potiu*d« 
And, daaskd by her viflonary gjar^, 
AdvaDc*d meautious of each fatal foare ; 
Tho*\rara*d full oft* the flippery tracks ihiin» 
Yet Hope, with flattedng voice, betray*d them on* 
BeguiPd to danger thus, they left behind 
The fcene of peace, and fecial jov rdign'd. * 
Long abfent they firom friends and native home# 
The cheerlels ocean were iimr*d to roam v 
Vet Heaven, in pity tofeverediftrefs. 
Had crown'd ^h pahiful voyage with (ucccfs} 
Still, to atone for toils and haurds oaft, 
Reflar*d them to maternal plains at laft. 

Thrice had the fiu, to rule the varying yctfi 
Acntfs th* equator roird his flaming inhere. 
Since laft the veflel ^read her asn^ fail 
From Albiofi*s coaft, obfeqoious to the gale. 
She o*er the fpacious flood, from fliore to flioccr 
Unwinrying wafted her commercial Aore. 
The richeft ports of Afric Ak had view*d» 
Thence to fiUr Italy her courfe purfu*d ; 
Had left behlttd Trina<ria*s burning ifle. 
And vifited the margin of the NUet 
And now, that winter deepens round die polei 
Thedreling voyage haftens to its goal. 
They, blind to Fate*s fawvitable law, 
Ko dark event m blaft their hope fbreiinr ; 
But from gay Venice foon expeft to fleer 
For Britain*s coaft, and dread no perils ne^. 
A thttifand tender thoughts their fouls em^» 
That fondly danee «o Ibenes ot future joy. 

Thus time elapc*d, while o*er the pathlefstidd 
Their fliips thro* Grecian fbas the pilots guide. 
Occafloa caU*dtD mnda at Candia*8 Aore» 
Which, Ueft with ^nmning iviads, they tai «s« 

Plowi ^^ 

The haven enter) home bemre the gsic, . 
Difpateh their c om m a icc , and prepare to CmI; 

Sternal Powcn ! what ruins from anv 
Mark the feU track of defblatug itu} 
Here Art and Commerce, with anf^ciotia reigOf 
Once breath*d fweet influenoe on the happy plain ! 
Whileo*er the lawn, with dance and feMve ko§^ 
Young Pleaiure lad the jocund hoaia along^. 
In gay luxuriance Ceres too was leen 
To crown the valfica wkh etmlal green* 
For vreaduii for ▼anr, conrtedy and rewrMf 
WhatAlbienis, fair Caadk than appeBr*4^ 
Ah! who the flti^ of agel can revoke f 
The free-born fpirit of bar Ions is brake ; 
They bow to OttDman*s iropenous yoke 1 
No longer fine the drooping heart infpirfes. 
For rude oppreffion ^ocnch*d its genial fires. 
But ftiil her fields» with gdden harvefts crD«ii*d» 
Supply the barreii fli^res of Greece around. 
What pale diftrefs aflUas thofe wretched iflet ! 
There hope ne^er dawns, and pleaAne never fmilair 
The vaflal wretch obfiequious drags his chaby 
And hears his faitaifli*d babes lamem in vain. 
Thefe eyes have feen the doll reluftant foil 
A fevunth yearfcom the weary lab*rer*s tosL 
No bloo mi gg Venus, on the delart fliore. 
Now liewsi with tiigaph, captive gods adoit. 



fALCdMia'a Fomicf* 

No loreW RelaM now, with fatal duniit» 
Call fofth tfa^areiigifis chw6 of Gitcce to ima. 
No fair Penelofflt incnaiit the ejre. 
For whom contendbg kings mc pnwd ts fie. 
Here fullea Bcaatj Iheib a twiligfat njr^ 
While (brrow bidt her vcml hloom decay. 
I'hofe charmsy (a kag renowii*d in (\dic ftrafao, 
liad dinUy (hone on Albion*! hmier phini ! 

N0W9 in thb ibuthcm hemi^beie the fiia 
Thmi' the bright Virgin and the Scalca h«d nui} 
And on the ecliptic wheerd hit winding way, 
*Tt]l the fierce Scorpion felt his Aamuig ray. 
The (hip wai moor*d befide the ¥raTe wo rn ftraod $ 
Four days her- aochon bite the golden land t 
For fickening vapoon loll the »r to fleep> 
And not t bnei e awaket the filcnt deep; 
'This, when tfa* aotoronal equinox it o*efV 
AikI Phoebui la the north dedinei no nvire» 
The wacchnil nanncTy whoin heaven i n ui mw y 
Oft' deems the p#rittdc of approaching ftocmt. 
Troe tphis truft whe»racreddunr caUf« 
, No brooding ftorm the mate*! uml appals t 
Th* advancing ieaion warns him to the iftain { 
A capdvey fctCR^d to the oar of gain ! 
His anxious heart, impatient of ddiy> 
Expels the wbds to fail ixo»Candia*a bay | 
Determined) rron whatever pointthey riic# 
fTo truft his fbrtooe to the feas and flaek 

Thou Dvhig ray of inrrlleftual fiic, 
Whofe voluntary gleams my vcris iafpire ! 
Ire yet the deep*ning bcidents pievai]» 
*TiIl roused attndon l«el onr plaintive tofef 
Record whom, chief among the galhult cre(W» 
Th* unblcft purMt of fbitnne hkhtr drew ! 
Can ions of Nrptiine» gtncnmsy brave and boldt 
In pain and hatard toil for ibcdid gold f 

Tncy can I wot gold too oit*f with magic aitf 
Subdues each nobler imptdic of the heart ; 
This ciowm the prolpemus vsUam with apfda«fii» 
Tawhotoy m1ndn» Ad Merit pleads her canirt 
This ftrcWs with rofes Iife*s peiidexiog road» 
And leads the way to Plalfiue*s bkft abode | 
With flMighter*d viftims fills the fwoMng plaiuf 
And frooothsthe fiMrmwt of thetreacMraus turn* 

0*erthegayveflelt and her daring baod* 
Experiene'd Albert hcM the chief cammaiid § 
TIm* tniaM in boifteio itt ckmctii his nuad 
Wa«yet by feft hmiwdty icfri*d. 
Each joy of woddod love at home he knew I 
Abroad confeft the fi^Iieref his ckw ! 
Bravcy liberal* joftf the calm dwufjic fecne 
Had o*er Jhittomper, bicathM a gay feren^ 
Hhn fdeMe taaiJtt by myftic loic to tiaca 
The planets wheeliqg in etotnal race | 
To mark the firip b Hearing briaoce held*' 
By earthatthiaed and by feas repeU*d| 
Orpoint her devkms trade, tfara* dimea uakaowB, 
That leads to every fiaore and every aooe. 
He fiw the moon thro* heaven's bhtf coBcavt glMc» 
And into motion charm th* eapaadiag tide ; 
While earth impetuous rcamd her azk fOUs» 
Exakiher watery sone^ aodfink the pales* 
Light and, attraftiao, ftom their genial feufce* 
He faw ftiU wandering with diminifliM force | 
While on the mar^ of dediniag day^ 
Night's fliadowy oorte rdadant melts away.«» 
Inur*d to peril, wfth uacoaquer'd feol, 
Ti>c duef ht h al^ tMnni ttom gceantiaM > 

His gebbit mr ftr theavent pafir*d« 

RoiewkhtheAonBt and all its daogers AarU 

ThitfeoMd powers and o6ke Rodaaond bocti 
A hardy fbn of £nghaid*8 ^itrthcll ihore! 
WhereblealLNctllMmbria paors her iavaga train 
In lable fquadrons p*er the northern aaain | 
That, with her pitchy catraOs Aor*d, rdortf 
A Iboty tribe ! to fair Augaaa*s port. 
Wheie*er in amhaA lark the fttal fandsy 
They claim dto danger I pioadof firiUalbmh^ 
For aduk wilii daikBog cunrfethdr vcflcls fmetf 
The windii^ fliare» or pkaigh the faithlcft deep, 
0*er bar • and iMlf the watery path thqr fewdf 
Wkh dexterous arm ) <agactoas of the ground t 
Fearieis they oaiabtt every hoAile wind. 
Wheeling in many traeks with cauffe iacfia'd. 
Expert tomaoi, where terrors line the rood } 
Or win the anchqr itom its dark abode ;-«• 
But drooping, and laloK^d in climes aiart 
Tumuktious and undifciplki'd in war. 
Such Redmond was { by laeming anrefin*dt 
That 0/^* enlightens to comapc the mind: 
Boideroos of manners | trained faieaily youth 
To fceMtthatihMne tkeoonicious cheek of tratk; 
To fcenes that Natart*s ftniggling voice ccntioal, 
And 6ceae caeapiffan rifing in tha foul ! 
Where the grim heU-hooads, prmriing round d 

With feuUment the ilranded bark explore*- 
Deaf tothevaiaeof woe» herdecksthcy board, 
While tardy Juftioe Aambfrta'er her (woid— 
Th* bdignanc M^, Ccverely taught to feel, 
Shrinks feom a theme Ah bMses to reveal ! 
Too oft* exampla, affm*d with potions fell, 
PoUmis die flirine whcae merey lovet to dwell *. 
Thus Rodmondt train*d by tUs unhallow*d cacMri 
The feaed fecial pa6kns never knew : 
Unfiuird to aifne | hi di^^uto yet loud j 
Bold without caatian 9 witfaoat honours pioad i 
In art npfrhaal*d» each veteran rule he prix*dt 
And all impiovcaant hai^htily daCiiis*d ; 
Yet tho* iatt aft* to Ibtare rerils bfind. 
With ikill fufisriar glow*d his daiii^ mind, 
Thro* (haiag af dotttheneling Urk toxuide, 
When ipUflight ftatoimrotve Iha ragmg ode. 
To Redmond neat, in order of cninii ii n i l i 
Succeeds the youngeft of our naaal bandi. 
But what avails it to itooid a name 
That courts no rank among the fern of Fape ^ 
While yet a tripling, oft* with fend alanns, 
His boibm danc*d to NaDire*s bo«ndle£i chann ; 
Oa himftdr ScieaM dawn'dm happier hoar» 
Awakeniiy into blqaaA youag Fancy*e fiouKr i 
But fenvning Foitaae math aatimely hlaft 
The bloflbai wiriMfM, and the daam o*cKatt. 
Foriom of heart, and by fevot decree j 

Condemn*d rthsAant to the Aithlefe fea» 
Widilai«i«rewaUhakftthe Wc«Igi«n» 
Whffe IfiwMin and<fae tanefiri Siften 
Anriqiaitiea of nariens nonr na moni 
To penetm^eachdiftaniaiakD afteQ<ra> 
And rage eflcarAvB 0% th! «nKr«aeU*4 aQOti 

• AbfitishMnw faihjBifMpphy. to,W«a^ 
canhor;f»pd«olMed by^gfiitciorthaib, «fl 

entrance of a river or haven | lb as to reader the a 
vlgadoQ dlfficolt, M ' ' 

rAxeaiirsR^ ' ro-xitcs. 


^mikttmi/kiQi eadi hmcm l»l, 
Wkfa nrdeadiif lie his ftcps 0Ppo8*d» 
Aai every fate df )io|>e tgaiilft hifil cloi*d« 
Vowkwifrtttt, yt hldk Plcritn train, 
T« ciO Aiioo dm m-lttte« fwSBO t 
r«»ibilMthafdafiln|>f»y, on hh head 
MipMtAaM Cfadr hoUUeiiUlueooe fttd, 
UHiilnMtfQ^amb<n» oVtiied«qp» 
WkboooftloM m^mUk taught the harp t» w^ i 
Aii boikihe lagiMg fQi^ in falety bore 
AsJ^dbetton pMtiog tothefliore. 
"^ i^ocrtn%k Aary from the %rave 
O' i«k obSvkm haply yet may Ave { 
V^|c«iK ^rmpathy may yet con^jifoy 
VUe UraMtaihraocebleedt at crery tela. 

M «ae the piloct { tator*4 to divine 
Tl*Hiimi*4 (OitHe hy geMMtric line { 
MriMBBHtti, and range the vanetf! iatl* 
^^wioM Ibrce coofbrms to every gale.— 
<%'J iMi tfie c na im et c e, hiiihcridfo camt 
ApUtytMh, mieroon^ms his name: 
* ■■at Mm MRntmeiit doomed to prove, 
Beaai» ihe vkHm of unhappy love ! 
Bi ^ttrt fer Albevt^t beauteous daughter bkd | 
hr W a tett 4aiae his bofim fed. 
K^kt die wretched fityet of Folly icom 
7b Seaaiae paffioo, N«ttre*s ddeft-bom ! 
"^vn Ulttllh lafting ai^tUK to complan» 
^^Itendqg Anna mtHira'd the caufe tn vain. 

CoceAU of Ibrm, Ij Nature taught to pleafe, 
V p«« l» ndt the female breaft with eafei 
T'itt PdeoMn iDld hit tender tale, 
W itdbe voice of i«tDffer*i evening gile. 
^ejiy'd, he Om ber lovely eyes relent 5 
ik UaAiat maiden fnuIM with Tweet cdnfent 
K" ia the meaet of a neighbouring grovcy 
H^eH, tfaaybieachM alternate vows of love : 
l^&Qd Mny their paffiongVew, 
» die youflg bMfan fed with vernal dew. 
■c*^ Mr lh* eflftdotts tongue of Fame 
Krif *4 dbefapct of thdr mutual flame. 
*<^ picf and aafv ftmggling in his breaft, 
Mala«^»£cher keard the tale confeft 
I«g had he MenM with Suipicton's ear, 
Aallanii, ^gadout, this event to fear. 
^•ell, fidr youth ! thy liberal heart he knew i 
i^ortta lfKuu*t warmhnpreflions true ! 
Fd iftr Us wifdqtt ftiove, with froitlefs toll, 
^ mnce to poUote that generous foil : 
TU faa, impegiMted with nobler feed, 
^'i fht cukvre of fb rank a weed. 
Ett «kh wcahfa« in afllve co mmerce won, 
Aa} b^aag fn the finik of Pbrtune's fun, 
Wi'^fcem th e pa tent ey*d fl>e lowly fhadc, 
TWvoTd the beauties of thb chamung maid, 
hipaithe lehiHtM tn* enamour'd boy, 
TklMkA^ttoaaifenf hk future joy ! 
fii (Bodi*4 id qffnacM, anxious to rechdm 
^nifeofsu panon, oe divert its aim • 
Oi U the yoads wbeit eircliiv joys deRght 
'^ndMftal^ or beauty charms the Aghf. 
Vch iS hffpoMcntadnniing Mufic failM, 
Aid Pk^a *t lyten^voice no mace prevailM. 
pK Hth s B t, Unffing then with proud dlfdab, 
■ hokeai vyace aftmM an haifher (Mn. 
^ i^cace iMr hh aniy hope iemain*d ; 
M fiKh Ac f^ decree his will 9idaia*d< 

n'd, 3 


IVep angntih, Wthic Pnettion hearaoit Q06m, 
prcJv oVrMs lovely fiice a fiddening gloom, 
^n vain with bitter forrow he repin'd, 
^0 tender pity tooch'd that fordid mmd | 
To thcc, brave Albert, was the charge confign' 
The (lately (hipi fbrfaking England*s fhore, 
To regions fn remott Pdcnwn bore. 
Incapable of change, th* uHhappy youth 
Still lov*d fair Anna with eternal tnidi : 
J'rom clime to d^me an exile doomM to roamy 
His heart flili panted for its fecret home. 

Th2 moon had drcled twice her wayward sone. 
To him fmce young Arion firil was known $ 
Who, wandering here thro' many a fccnc renown*d. 
In Alexandria's port thevefTel found ; 
Where, anxious to review his native fhore, 
'He on the roaring wave embarkM once more. 
OfV, by pale Cynthia's melancholy light. 
With him Palemon kept the watchof night} 
In whofe fad bofom manv a (igh fuppreil. 
Some painful fecret of tne foul conreft. 
Perhaps Arion foon the caufe divln'd, 
Thn^ thunnhig ftlll to probe a wounded mind : 
He felt (he chafHty of filent woe, 
Tho* glad the balm of comfort to beftow; 
He, with Palemon, oft recounted o'er 
The tales at haptefs love in ancient loxe, 
Recaird to memory by tb' adjacent /hore. 
The fceoe thus prefent, and its ftory known. 
The lover figh'd for forrows not his own. 
Thus, tho' a recent date their frienddiip bore. 
Soon the ripe metal own'd the quick'ning ore} 
For in one tide their paflions feem'd to roll. 
By kindred-age, and fympathy of foul. 

Thcfe o'er th' inferior naval train prefide. 
The coorfe determine, or the commerce guide : 
O'er all the reft, an undiftinguiib'd crew ! 
Her wing of decpefl fhade Oblivion drew. 

A fallen langour ftillthe Ikies oppreft, 
And held th' unwilling fhip in flrong aireft. 
High in his chariot glow'd the lamp of day. 
O'er Ida flaming widi meridian ray. ' 

RelaxM from toil the failors range the fhore, 
Where fannne, war, and florm are felt no tUDie t 
The hour to focial pleafure they refign. 
And black remembrance drown in generous wine* 
Ondeek, beneath the fhadfng canvas fpread, 
Rodnvmd a rueful taleof wanders read. 
Of dragons roaring on the enchanted c(»ft. 
The hideous goblin, and the yelling ghoft— 
But with Arion, from the fultry heat 
Of noon, Palemon fought a cool retreat. *. 

And b ! the fhore with mournful profpe^ crownM^'i 
Theramparttomwithmany a fatal wound} ■ 
The ruinM bulwark tottcringo'cr the fbrand $ * 

Bewail the fhokc of War's tremendous hand. 
What fccnw of woe this haplefs ifleo'erfpread ! 
Where late thrice fifky thoufand warriors bled. 
Full twice twelve fummen were yon towers aflaii'd, 
'Till barbarous Ottoman at laft prevail'd } 

• The Intelligent reader will readily dlfcovcr, tliat 
ihefe remarks allude to the ever-memorable fiege of 
Candia, which was taken from the Venetiam by tf. 
Turks in 1669 ; being then confidercd as impregna* 
ble, and eftccmcd the moft formidable ^brtrefs in the 



While tf wiiiilw; riifri the Umit pMw tWwa^d, 
While befoe» 611, aa4 ^ooks Md templet bomU 

But now before them happiei iccaet erilcf 
ElyEan tales f^irte their ntidbM eyes t 
0|:ve and ceilar (ona'd a gnteful ihadet 
Where Itght with fay mnaatic error ftnyM, 
The nyitleshere w^Aod pveflet Mfine } 
Tbere^ rich with nedary melts the pre|iMiit tme. 
Andlo! theftieami reQ0Wii*4 hi daiBclbn(9 

SadLethe, gUdet the (Ueat tale aloof. 
On moOy banks beneath the citron greve» 
The youtbfol wanderers found a void alcove i 
Soft o*er the ^uiy region langgnrftolei 
And with fxreet iceUncboly charmM the IbuL 
Here firft Palcrooo, while tiis pcnfivc mind 
For coniblationon his (rieod reclinMy 
Jn pity*s bleeding boTom poured the theaip 
Of loTe*s foftanguiih, aod of grief fupreme-^ 
Too true thy wordi !<— by fweet rcmembraoce taiight» 
My heart in fiecret bleeds with tender thought i 
|n vaki it courts the folitsry (hade, 
3y every aaion, every look Utray'd ! 
'1 he pride of p«»etcus woe diiiiaini appeal 
To hearts tliac nmcltiring frofts congeal; 
Yet lure, if rigii: Pakmoi can 4ivinB| 
The fenfisof g^e pity dwells hi thine. 
Yes! all his caresthy fympathy ihalljuow* 
Aim! pfove the kind companion of his «,oe. 
' Albeit thou know*fk with fltill and fcieace gracMi 
In humble ftackm tho* by fortune plac*4. 
Yet never feaman mote ferenely biave 
Led Britam*s con<iu*ring fquadroof o*er the ware. 
Where full in view Augufla's fpiroi arefeen. 
With flow*ry lawns, and waving Woods between« 
A peacel'ul dwelling ftands hi modcft pride, 
Wher^ Thames, fkiw-windrng, rdu hit ample tide. 
There Ihre the hope and pleafurcof his lile> 
A pious daughter, with a faithful wife. 
For his return, wkh fond officiou« care, 
Still every grateful oUe^ thcfc prqnrc s 
Whatever can aUure me (mell Or fight. 
Or wake the droopbg fp'irits to dehgfaL 

This blooming maid in virtue's path to guide, 
Her anxious parents all their cares apply*d. 
Her fpotkfs foul, where fbft comp^flionreigaVi 
Vo vice untun'd, no fickenini^ iblly fUin*d, 
No fidrer grows the lily of the vale, 
Whoie bolbm opens to the vcmal gale f 
Her eyes, unconfcious of their 6tal charma» 
ThrillM (Very heart with cxfiufite alarms : 
Her fans, in besnty*s fwcet attraaion dreft, 
t^iefiBwof mttdenioaocenceexprefl } 
While health,, that liies with the new-born day, 
BicathM o*er her cheek the foiM Uufh of Miy* 
^till in her look c om p l ace nc e (mil*d ferenei 
She rnovM the charmer of the rur^ fccne. 

*Twas ac that iea(an when the fields refume 
Their lovelietihua, arrayM in vernal hkiom { 
Yon fhip, rich-fxcighted from th* Italian ihore. 
To Thvnes* fajr banks her coftly tribute |m»p s 
While thus my father faw his ample board. 
From this.retura, with recent treafure fbr'd | 
Me, with affwrsflf ojmmerce charged, he (one 
To Albert*s humble manfion } fboo 1 went, 
Too ibon, alas ! unconfcious of th* event— 
The^ftrock withfwcet furprise and filent «ve, 
theliitk imftitfs of ny hopes I faw 3 

Theie, w«ondodfMbylMfc*fftfi«dsaftta, 
My glowing boCMn throbb*d with ftrwige alaw. 
Uy ever-charming Anna t who jtoe 
Can all the fhMvm of cruel £ifee aWM $ 
O ! while all-confckma memonr holds her power. 
Can 1 forget that fweetly-panml hour. 
When from thofeeyes, with bvely fig^tning fiaagbl 
My flutteiiiv fpiria firft th* mfeftiea canght t 
When, as 1 gis*d, my fintlteriqg tsnguebeOiy^d 
The healths ftkk tuniults, or i«f«i*d ice di i 
While the dim Cgbt my ravifh*d eyes Mbok, 
And everv limb unftruM with tanor Aoek ! 
With all her powers diflemiogeeafian irove 
To tame at firil the kindling fUne of hwe | 
She fhove in vain t fttbdu*d by charms divhM, 
Mr Ibula vi^m fell at beaoty*s ihrine. 
Oft from the £n of buftHng USt I Anf^d, 
In happier Icenes, to fee my lovely mi^ 
Full oft, where Thames his 

We rov*d at evenbg hour thro* 6ow*ry i 
There, while my hea>t*s fbft anguifh I cevcd*4. 
To her with tender fighs my hope oppeaTd. 
While the fweet nymph my fakhful t^ believ*d» 
Her fbowy breafl wkh fecsct tomuk heav*d { 
For, train*d b rural fccnce from Mriieft yenih, 
Nature was her*s, and innoGonoe and tniL 
She never knew the city damfel*s art, 
Whoie fro0iy pertnefs charms the vacant heirtW 
My fuit prevai|*d ; for love tnfbrm*d my ^ipsf/ih 
And on his Totary*s lips perfualwn bung. 
Her eyes with conlcioos fya^iathy withtew^ 
And o*er her cheek the roiy cnrr^ flew.** 
Thrice happy hours ! whcve, with mi darkaUajn 
Life*s faireft funfhine gilds the voipal day ! 
For here the figh, thit fbft affD^^km heaves. 
From fBngs of fharper woe the fb^ reliefcs.^ 
Elyfian fcenef, tpo happy Uxm to laft !--» 
Too fboo aflorm the fmilbg dawn o'ereaft ! 
Too fbon (bme demion t^ my ^uher bore 
The tidings that his be^ with anguifh «ore-» 
My pride to Undle, with ^fliiafive voiee. 
Awhile he laboor*d to degrade my choicet 
Then, In the whirling wave of pkafuae, iba|kl 
From iti loy*d objeA to divert gay thought 
With equal hope he might attepipc eo bind. 
In chains of adamant, the lawMs wind 1 
For kwe had ajm*d the fttal iiaft too fiue : 
Hope ftd the wound, and abfence knew m eve. 
With alienated look, each art he few 
Still baflkd by fupcrior NatuK*t law. 
His anxious mind on various fcbnaes itvolv'd | 
At lafl on cruel exile he reMv*d. 
The rigorous doom was fix*d | aiae ! howvaiB 
To him of teaderanguifh tucomptain! 
Hu foul, that never love*s fweet influence felt, 
By focial fympatfay could never melt { 
With fkem cooimand m Albert^ cha«e he gme, 
To wift Palemon o*er the dtfbnt wavc.^ 
The fhip was laden and peepar*d fofid^ 
And only waked now the leading gale. 
*Twas ours, m that fad period, firfttoffOft 
The heart*felt torments of defpairiQg lovft 
Th* io^patient wiih that never feels aepofet 
Deftre mat with perpetual curlcnt flows ^ ' 
The fluduadng pangs of hope and fear | 
Joy diftaot ftill^ and fertow ever near t 




1W| «Uk die paofnof thoni^kunxgstw. 
The ^4«D kcctes inaufpicious Ucw^ 
lUteug tke laonent of our laft adko. 
Ik icfid parted oa the faUJng^ tide ; 
Yet doeeat Cautd hosr to love fvpf^yM. 
Tk^gk was filtott aoJy advandi^ fifty 
Tbe Bxoi o*er Tlumet her filTer mantle caft. 
Jafitiat iMfe fkt wAdnight path ezplorM* 
Aaiki ae to tlw oymph my ibul ador*d. 
&»kr flick ftodbepa ftmck myJifteoi^g ear ! 
Skonecedcft 1 theloViely maid drew near ! 
In ab ! what fcecc of language can impart 
tl' iaopetiioaa Jojr that gkMrM in either heart ! 
0!ye» whole ndtti^beartB are fonn*d to pmTC 
Tk twmhlingedbfiea of genuine love t 
Vk% with dcficioue 9goay« the thought 
li to tk verge of high delirium wrought } 
Yoir fentt iy^pathy alone can tell 
Wkt npcam tfaen dke dirobbing k»(bm fweU : 
O'er all die wrvct what tender tumults roU* 
WUelofcvkb fwoetinchantmenc melts the ibol ! 

hdaalpoft loft* by tiemUing hope impreft» 
Tk Ua&ing virgin lunk upoonnr breaft i 
^^^ her*s coqaenial beat with nmd alarms : 
IHblviiigfbftMtt 1 jiaradiieof charms! 
f^*4 firara om eyes* in wrarm tnmsAifion flew 
Owbkadk^^piiica} that each other drew ! 
Ohttfopmne ! wlwre vntue*s felf can mek 
VIA joys ^acgvihy pleafure never felt f 
Fsoi'd to ic6ne the thoughf with chafte defire^ 
Ab4 karilt Iwccc aflfeftion*s pureft fire ! 
Ah! wh ucfose flwuld my hopdefs love» (he criesy 
Wbic ikrow bocft with interrupting fighsy 
f«e«erdeftitt*d to lament in vajn> 
Sacb flatteringt ftod ideas entertain ? 
My beat tfaio* Icenet of fm illufion ftrayMy 
to joys decreed fot fane fuperior maid. 
Tnnfi to leel the Aarpeft flings of gricf» 
'Vboe «vcr gcntk hope afibrds rtlief> 
Go dm, dear xoRth ! diy fidier*s rage atone; 
Aad lotlhb feOftiir*dbo(bm beat alone ! 
Tkboiepag anger yet thou may*ft appeafe } 
Gothmv ^«r youth ! norteippcthe nutblefs Caa ! 
Rsi ant lone happier daughter of the fown» 
Vi(h (animt*i fmr joys thy love to crown i 
VkR faiB^g o*cr theey with Indulgent fay, 
'n^CRty flia|l hail each new-born day. 
Too wdl dmt know*ft gfMd Albert*s npggaid fate, 
a fillii to Mmo diy ftther's hate ^ 
Gothn, I charge thee* by thy geaemos lorcy 
Tkt fitol i» ay Ather thus may proye f 
Qi totekw kt dadt aflUaion fiOl ! 
Wboftheart, Ibr diee» wUl gladly fuffer all. 
tiaihiftitbeeheacey Palemon» ereCpokte» 
Koroidy hope t» brave oppoflng Ate ! 

Shsceto*d} wlttkaogiufliioherangel-6c« 
0*0 dihcr headeofliower*d celeftial grace. 
I«fldcn, mher bridal charms anny*d, 
W«half (a kvely as this gendenudd, 
OfadifdlfliywifiKt! Ireply^d, 
Ctotefaftttric iem imaiaa't dde ? 
C«fldM» fikemblrmof cx4ttdtrudi ! 
T^fcnNrdnmthelbnaKrof thy youth i 
Aai^ padUMS ! all diat fweetneis fee 
fi^ptfd toMMi^aMferyfarmef 
ktovdds MOBcot may the e(em4 doom 
^>faBn k die fl)ot <>rthcAtomb jl 


.widL tmim 

Attefldwaaoom imKngegi^ ihttSfi^t 
Whole luftre fickens at this moumfid fight| 
By all the pangs divided lovers ieely 
That fweetpofleflka only knows to heal! ■ 
By all the horrors brooding o*er the deep ! 
Where fate and ram fad dominion keep; . „ 
Tho* tyrant duty o*er me thieateokg ftandi. 
And claims obedience to her ftctn ^^mmindi % 
Should ibrtttne cruel or auipiciqus prove* 
Her fmik or fimva flull never cha^ my kv«! 
My heart* that now muft every joy cal^^ 
Incapable of change* is only tlune !— 
Oceafelnweepl this Aormvril] yet decqFt 
And thele fad clouds of Arrow melt away« 
While thro* die rugged padi of liie lee go» 
All mortals tafte the hitter draught of woe. ' 
The fam*d and greats decreed to c^oal paia» 
Full oft in fpleadid wtrtchrdneft ''"Tpliin. 
For this prolperity, with brigbier ray* 
la fmiling contrafl gilds our vital day. 
Thou too, fweet maid ! ets twice tea moDths ate 

Shalt hail Palemoa to his nedve flmt^ 
Where never intereft fliall divide us moi 
Her ftruggliag ibul* overwhelmed 

Kow jbund an interval of Ihort relief : 
So mrks the furface of the fraien flresnit 
Beneath the wintry foa*s d^atting beam. 
With warning hafle the fludesof night udthdiaw, . 
And gave the fignalof a (ad adieu. 
As on my neck th* aflfiaed maiden hai^* 
A thoufand racking doubts her (pint wrui^ g 
She wept the terrors of the ftarful wave. 
Too ofc, alas ! die wandering k>ver's grave ! 
Widi fofc perfuafion 1 difpeUM her lear* 
And from her cheek beguil*d the falling tear. 
While dying fbndnels languifli*d in her eyes* 
She poiir'd her foul to heaven in fuppliant figha-^ 
Look down widi pity* oh ! ye powers above* 
Who hearthe fad coo^aint of blaodmg love 1 
Ve, who die fcctet laws of Ate exploie*. 
AloMcan teU If he returna no more « 
Or if the hour of Ature ioy rerosdat 
Long-wifliM atonement of Iang-fufler*d paiat 
Bid every guardian minifter attend. 
And from all ill tbe much-lov*d youth definKl ! 
Whh grief o'erwhekn*d %ve parted twitt ia 
And, urg*d by ftnmg attnaion* met ^gaia. 
At left* by cruel fortune torn jq>art. 
While tender paflion ftream*d in either heart* 
Our eyes transfixed with agoniiing look* 
One fad firewel* onelafl embf^e we took. 
Forlorn of hope the lovely maid I lef^* 
Penfive and pale j of every Joy bcrcfL 
She xo her filent couch retir*d Co weep, 
WhUe her fad fwain embarked upon the deepb 

His tale thus dos*d* firom fynlpachy of grie( 
Pakmon's bolbm fdt a fweet relief. 
The haplefs bird, thus ravifli*d from the flues« 
Where aU ibrlomhis lov'd companion flies* 
In iecretloog bewails his crael fate* 
With food remembrance of his winged mate t 
Till grown familiar with a foreign train, 
Composed at length* his fadly-warbling ( 
In fweet obUvion chaons the f ' 

his winged mate t 

breign train, ^ 

iy-W3rbIing flnm > 

Bfeni^off^^V ^ 


FA^tV>^KJl*« PO^IiS. 

V c CEfwcr niffii) HI vfuuH. pAueciL hnui 
ComptffittiH ttcfed ftteun ijn|>etuoos rallt } 
VfhoCt wsrm affcAkmt exooifitcly fed 
7be Mcrct wbtmd you ttonblc to ttveal $ 
Ah! inaysiowftndererof thefsuthHiim^ 
Pour throiigh your bfcift the fofb delkioin bine ! 
Mty never ml ttndemefs approve 
The food eAtifiom of (heir anient lore. 
O ! wirnM bv ftkiiflhipHcouQfel, learn tO ftnn 
The hHi pttlk whire thoitiands are undone ! 

Now as tke.f«Mtht» ret u rnin g o*er the pi Joy 
Approach*d the lonely margin of the main» 
fieftf with i < ftiiUuu roos*d, Arkm cy'd 
The graceftd lover, f&rmM m Nautc's pride. 
His iraose toe hippieft lynunetry di^lsy d j 
And locks of KrAing gold his neck arrjyNL 
In every look tbe Paphian graces ftine* 
Soft- bt e atU n g e>Vr hie theek thdr bloom dhin^i 
With lighoenM heart he Tmifd ferenely gay, 
Like young Adonh or the fan of May. 
IfotX^ytberea'^ftom a iUrer (wadn 
Received her apple on the Trojan plain ! 

Thefun^ibHlhtoi^y declining -all ferexft, 
itow glanc'd obn<|oely o*orthe woodland fceoe. 
OfCMfcafoQrs troood % on every fjiray 
The warbling birds exalt their evening lay. 
Blithe ikipping o*er yon hill, the fleecy craia 
Join die deep chonis of the lowing plidn: 
The golden lime and orange there were feen. 
On finighiOr^yranches of perpetual green. 
Thecryftal ftreams, thft v«vet meadows lave> 
To the greeffOc^anroO vrkh chiding vrave. 
The gldTy-ocein hufli'd^ forgets to roir, 
But trembling mittmurs on me Tandy fltore : 
And lo! Us firftcc, tovelv to behold ! 
Glows in the weft» a fea of living ^Id ! 
While» iH above, a thonftnd liveries gay 
The ikies widi pomp ineffable amy. 
Aiallin fweets perforoe the happy plains : 
Abovfa beoeathy aroond inchaifOoent reigns ! 
While yet the fhades, on Time*s eternal fcale» 
With long vibrate deepen o*er the vale i 
While yetthe fongfters of the vocal grove 
With djring numbers tune the fool to love » 
with' joyful eyes th* attenthre mafter fees 
Th* aufpicioas omens of an eallem breete.— 
Now radiant vefper leads the ftarry train, 
yiai night flow draws her vtil o*er land and main f 
Round the charged bowl the failon form a ring ^ 
By turns veconnt the ^MTOhd^ronsttle, orfiogs 
As ioveor battle, hardA^ps of the main, 
Or genial wine, awake their homely ftrain t 
Then fonie the watch cf night alter.iate keep. 
Hie reft lie buried in oblivious fleep. 

Deep midnight now involves the livid (Ides, 
While infant breezes from the (hore ariib. 
The waning moon, behind a wdtety Oiroud, 
pale^glthunerM o*erthe tong*protra£ted cloud. * 
A ntigiity rhsg around her fitvef throne, 
Wkh parting meteors croft, portentous ihohe. 
This in the troubled iky full of^ prevails ; 
Of^ deenlM a fignal of tempeftoous pics.— 
While young Arion flceps, before his fight 
.Tumultuous fwim the viHons of the night. 
■ Now blooming Anna, with her happy fWaloi 
ApprodMMlthe facred Hymeneal ^e : " 
Anon ^^Rdous lightnings filfti between \ 
And ftt^^pomp, and weeping loves are feen ! 

l>low wfth Pakaion «f « fodhr ftedp, 
Whofe fqmmit trembles oVr the roaring 4eefr 
Withpainfolftephecfimb'd; while Ar above 
Sweet AnnacharmM them vritfc the v^icc<if love. 
Then fudden from the ftippcry height they fHH 
While dreadfo] yawnM beneath the }aws of hetl.^ 
Amid this fbarfol trance, a thundering fbui^ 
He hears-'Wid thrice the hollow 4ecks rcbouad. 
Upftaiting from hb oooch, on deck ht f^r«ag ) 
Thrice vridi fhriH note the boacfWafai** wMUlO fM|« 
Ati Amidt wrmnor I proclAiM » b d< ft erO u a cry i 
jIU kmndx unmoor^ Uie cavern rocks ttp If ! 
RousM Aom repofe, aloft 1^ fidlort AmmI, 
And whh their levers feon die whidlils* orm. 
The order given, np-Qiringing with a bOMid, ] 

They lodgethe ban, and whetltheeng<neiD«Adi 
At every turn the cbngingpaolsrefoaiiA. J 

Uptom reludant fiom its ooiy cave, ''^• 
The pondefous anchor riles oVrthe wA«i 
Along their flippery mafb tike yards aflcoRly 
And high in idrtbie canvas wtogs extend V 
Redoulmng cords the lofty canvas guide* 
And thro* inextricable mates glide. 
The lunar rays with long l ef l e O ion gleMB* 
To light the veflel o*er the fih rer flr e a m t 
Along tiie glaffv plam flerene ftie glt4ea> 
While asure ra£ance trembles on hSr Mil. 
From eaftiO north the trannent biecaespftiy \ 
And in the Egyptian quarter fbon deehy . 
Acalmenfbes; they dfc^ th* ndjacbit IhOfO f 
The boats with rowers armM are HentbcAit : 
Mrin) Oordage faften d to the lofty pftiw. 
Aloof to fea the fbtdy ihip they tow f* 
The nervous crew Aeir fwceping oars«xtend \ ' 
And pealing (hoots the (hore of Candi*rend. 
I Succefsuttendsthehikill; dKihnger*ao*ers 
The portfis doubled and beheM no more. 
Now mom, her lamp pale gUmmeilog oo ^ 
Scittar*d befote her Yan reluAant n^. 
She comes not m refulgent pompairtvyM, 
But flemly fiownmg, wr«ptktfuUenfl«iide. 
Abov ein cu m be n t vapohrs, Ida^sheig^t^ 
TremendoQs rock ' emerges on the fight. 
North-etft the guar^an U)e of Staodia flea> 
And w e ft w ar d FreichinH woody capes trile. 

With winning poihires, now the wmton fiAi 
Spread all their fnares to chaitn th* hKOofbritg^o* 
The fwelUng ftu*n faHs f «^ tlieir wmgs Mttild, 
Then ftay.lSOs ftdelong to the breete ofoeodf 
While all to tourt die vrtnderinf bfOtee alt pbc"^ > 
With yards now diwardag, now obfi^pitfy Vite*d. 

•The vrindlaft is a fort of largte TCllcr> dftd c 
wind in the cable, or heave up die antbOf* 1^ * 
turned about vctticany; by a number of lol< ^s o 
leven 5 in which o perad on It is prevented ftomittw 
log, bythepanls. ^ ^J 

f Towiqg is the operation of drawing* <Wp W**^ 
by nxans of ropes, extehding from her fbce»pM % 
one or more of the hoots rowing before hsir. 

X Studdlng-foih are long, narrow f^s, >»hkli •» 
only ufed in nne weather and fair winds, t|^w^ff^* 
fide of the larger fquare-fsdls. Stay-fidls are ibxtt* 
cornered faHs, which are hoiffced up oa ^.^/ 
when the wind crof!b the fWp^s chorfo dtherdijicfl-i 
or obli^ely. 

t4^^.Q0|Nj|»'# ?Q,4M<. 


kfimi^fant yet ftrwgglmfm the cloud t 
Tbo*(tewideatinofphac» cooikns*d with base^ 
Jfjifhnmtfb csittt a Iflp^ttiae bbxe. 
ThepOotsqqwitlinrnsles^Jf artJi{>ply» 
Thengiftic oeeAe^s devious aiip to ti^. 
The etmfA fUc'd to<catch the riling ray % 
Tbe^Minitt** JMiJOMft ftudlous they iiinrey I 
Alof tbtflch die padual index flidesf 
WhSePWasdoMi th« iwrtic circle gUdet. 
Nov, fea CO oceM*t vtmtftTeige to fifvisiy 
He l«Rf9Jt vibnot with his ne£er limb. 
TUr£^ cspenence thus explores the height 
AidyQlvdHbDoeof the Ibiwce of light x 
Tket dm* the chiliads triple maze^ they trace 
Tl'ioakgy that proreatbe magnet*! place. 
Ik wtfwtfd fteely to truth thus recoocil*d» 
KoBBR the attentiTe pilot's eye beguil*d. 

7leaacifCi» whikthe Aip departs the hnd, 
Aipe vriiadminrion gating tbnd. 
l^cttcaUyflpWy befiiie the bvecse* 
h flat pomp ihe marches on diefcas. 
ReriBilk-vhite bottom caft a lofter gleam» 
VbiletianbUqg duo* the greintranflticrnt ftream. 
Tknlaf* that cloie abore in cootraft flnoet 
(34 dK long fibnc wid) a jetty sopc. 
BaoBiiat ri^g aw^ oa mtpnvf, 
Cv"i a^er the vaffid-wave that roUM below : 
Wboe*erAttmo?*«i9 the vailal-wavcs were lean 
Tft yield oUeyuottt nd coafeTs their ^ocen.' 
Tk* iaperial trident gFac*d her dexter-handy 
Ofpgwertof«letfaeliii9e» like Idofies* WMd* 
Th*0Biial«anireof the mab to keep* 
Aai pakhm vfU i h Qm o*er the tremhliqg deep, 
HerieftprQpitiqDa boreaniyfticlhiehiy ^ 

^Anod whole iBavgin rolls the wat*ryfidd. 
Tkere her bdd genliiiy in his floatiiig car» 
0^ die wild billow hurls die ftoiBi of war— 
Aiik! dMbaalla, that oft with jaaloiu rage 
ieUsDdyeoBhatiiiety fiQmag^to;^ge« 
Twi^d iaia UaioB, yclt*d in fTiendaap;*s chahit 
IWUi mid chan^t mond ^ vaa^ttiihM nuib. 
fna tbe btoad aiargpQ CO tha csptrr.gnw 
Adfcs, ipcka» and whirlpools* hideous to die 

n*iaHrtai Oield ftam Neptune ihe receiv*d» 
V^ M her head above the waters Keay'd. 
I^ioaiid oi*ar her lifldn an asure Teft $ 
^k^4 fevidiaoQ ^itter'd'oo her bceaft i 
TW, fttm ant parent ibil» ihr ever yo^i;ig» 
''^Uililvg vale and hardy thilUe fprung. 
AniaJ her head an oaken wieath was (eeq» 
^«ie ladi laarels of unMiflJi green. 
^Ms the Cpiilpcur*d peow Jn tg van t? rear> 
^'ncifay Aowai*d« a Uack tremendeusder ! 
^Wai*dwidieMatg«aA, ab9vediewaire« 
%M^ig4Uet a yeUow radiMce^ave. 



of tafcuig. the fian^ aaimndty in 
the eataner weAem variatioB of 

^^,^ .jm dladed , tob are an aflnnblay 
luiki wId d iepfekipediekwreryMtofthc 
tAwritt (key aie bipader and thicker th^ 
' ~Wf iennw^^ like a range of heaps 
tditbotton aendie Hf** v«iki. 


with many a 

On the broad ftern* a pencil warm and boldy 
That never fervile ml^ of art contn>ul*d> 
An allegoric tale on ^h portray*dy 
There a young heio, herea royd mild. 
Fair £nghuid*8 genius, in the youth exprefty 
Her ancient Ibe, but now her friend eonfefty 
The warlike nymph wilh fond regard furvey*d : 
No more hiahoftile frown her heart diripay*d. 
His look, that once ihot terror from a^,. 
Like youM Akidesi or the god of war, 
"Seiene as uimmer*s evening j^ies flie hw ; 
Serene yet firm ; tho* mild, unprelfin^awe. 
Her nervous arm, inur*d to toils fevere, 
Brandifh*d th* unconquer*d Caledonian fpear. 
The dreadful ^Ichloo of the hilf s (be wore. 
Sung to the harp in many a tale of yore. 
That oft her rivers dy*d with hoftile gore. 
Blue was her rocky Aield j her piercing eye 
PIaih*d, like the meteors of her native iky ; 
Her creft, high-plum*d, was rough with 


And o'er her helmet gleam*d the nofthem ftar. 
The warrior youth appeared of noble frame | 
The hardy ofl^ring of fome Ronlcdame. 
Loofe o*er his ihoulders hong the (lacken*d bow, 
Renown*d in fong, the terror <tf the fbe ! * 

The fword, that oft the barbarous North defy*d» 
The fcourge of tyranu ! glitter*d by his fide. 
Clad m refiilgent arms, in battle won. 
The Geoige imblaaon*d on his corfelet (bone. 
Faft by his fide was feeo agolden lyre, 
Pregnant with numbers of eternal fire ; 
Whofii fbiqgs unlock the witches* midnight fpell | ' 
Or wafk wrapt fancy dirough the gulphsof hell— 
Struck with contagion, kindling Sncy hean " 
The fongs of heaven ! the mufic of the Ipheres ! 
Borne on Newtonian wing thro* air flie fiies. 
Where other funs to oAer fyftems rifel-*- 
Thefe front the fcene confpicuous— Kwer-he^ 
Albion*s proud oak his filial branches ^read s 
^hile on the fea-beat fhore obfequious fhxH), 
Beneadi their feet, the fittherof die floods 
Here, the bold nadve of her clifili above, 
Perch*d by the mardal maid die bird of Jove ] 
There 00 the watch, fagacSoos 6f his nrey» 
With eyes of fire, an Eoglifh mafUflT lay. 
Yonder fair conmierce ftretchcd her winged fail i 
Here frown*d the god that wakes the living gal6-» 
High o*er the poop, the flattering winds un^irTd 
Th* imperial flag that rules die wat*ry world. 
Deep-blu(hiqg armors all the tops inveil ; 
And warlike trophies either quarter dreft t 
Then tower*d the mafts { tfie canvas fweil*d on 

And waving ftrea mers floated Ih the Iky. 
Thus the rich vefTel moves in trim array^ 
Like fome fair vixghi on her bridal day. 
Thus, like a fwan (he cleaves the wat*ry pjain | 
The pride apd wonder' of the ^^gean mam! 

«N» Of THK riaST CAJCTO.' 


•t A L CONk Jt*6 pomUi. 

CA N T O n. 


ktjkn'm M ttavmg tJk IsrJ^Tie gsle 

S Mtr-ffntl'^Bimty tf a djing dfJphwh^tht 
jHfrPr^nfs alot^ the ^e^ff^wd Jlrengthew>^ 
Tie y«/» rtd^td-^A Jk9d rf fvfnfa^Laf ap- 
ptgrmmt of C4^ Sfado^^a rtftt—A kuall^ 
rkt JmU furtJkr dimw^d^MainJaU Mu^Shif 
httn Moaj heftrt tht wn^U^jirdn lault tifom 
the nomd^Anatker mMmfaU fitted to tie jwwi— 
TA# pile fiU tmreafet^lafJ^Us fur/ed^To^ 
malhM-yrdi ha dowH^Sut enlatjtP-^'Sim'fit 
-'-Omtfi re^ed^Fmr feawun to» off the lee 
mabt-yard-'etrm-'AitxieP^ of tkt filots fitm thtir 
dangerous fituMtm^^Rc flute bekavkur ^ tAefmhn 
-—Tir JIuf Ubomt m gnat difrej^^Tke artillery 
tirowH overtoard^DiJmal afpear^e of tke wa- 
tktt'^ery MgA M daageroia fta-^-'Severe faugite 
0f tke erevh-^CoHfttltatiom and refolntkn of tie effi- 
|fl>— ^rA and adwce of Albert to the erew^ 
rfec^ary dif^ion to 'oeer More tkt tcW — V^- 
^fSument m tke fropofed efia^Nevf difpofaiont 
opiallj nnfoetefifid-^Tke mhun-maft cat awaj. 

ADIEU, ye pkafttres of the ntral fcene» 
Wbeic peace and calm co pt c ntm fnt AmUl fie- 
icoc ! 
To me 10 Tarn, oneirth*s pioUfic foil. 
With fommer crownM the Elyfian rallies fmile ! 
To me thofc happier fcenes no ^oy impart. 
But tantalisewkh hope my achmg heart. 
For thefe, alas ! reludUnt 1 forego. 
To Ti6i*ormt«d elements of woe! 
Ye tenipeib, o*er my head congenial roll. 
To foil the tooumful mufic of m^ foul I 
In black progreffioa, lo I they hover near} 
H«l focial b(vro0, like my ^«e (ctrael 
Old Ocean hail. Beneath whofe acurc tone 
The fccreet deep Kcs imexplorM, unknown. 
AppnMch, yc brave compamons of the fea. 
And fearleis view this awfiil fccne with me ! 
Ye nttive goardianf of your country*! laws ! 
Ye bold aflerton of her facred cauie ! 
The Mnfe mvites you } judge if Die dep»t, 
UB^pnl, ftom the precepts pf your art. 
Is prance trainM, and confcious of her power. 
Her fteps intrepid meet the trying hour. 

OV the (mooth boibm of cfaefuthlefs ddes, 
PnpeUM by gende gales, the veflel glides. 
Rotoond exulting feltth' auipidous w'md. 
And by amyftic charm its aim coofin'd.— 
ThedMmghts of home, that o*er hisfaocy toll. 
With tfcmbling joy dilsle Palemon^s ibol t 
Hope Ofts his heart, befve whofe vivid ny 
IM^fs recedes, and danger melts away. 
Alicady Britiin*s parcAt-cliit arilc. 
And in idea greet his kngkig eyes ! 
Each Mnnroos failor loo, with heart elate. 
Dwells on the beaudes of his gentle mate. 
£*en theyr th* in^preffivc dart of love can fed, 
VfhfSt ftubbom foisU ire Aestth'dio triple ftccL 

Nor left o'erioy'd, periupe vrkh e^ MH, 
Each ^tMiil maid expe£b th* approaching yoidS f 
In difbot bofems equal ardon glow. 
And mutual paffioos mutiMl jo^ belbw^-^ 
Tall lda*s fummit now more diiftant new. 
And Jove*s high hill was raifingontbe view ; 
When, from the left approaching, dwy^efery 
A liquid column towering Aoot OB high. 
The Ibaming bafe an angry whirlwind fwceps, 
f Where curling faiOows raole the fearftl deqps. 
Still round and round the fluid voctez flies. 
Scattering don night and horror thro* the fltan. 
The fwiK volution and th* e niamous trab 
Let fages versed in nature's lore ei^hdn ! 
The honM apparition ftill draws n^, 
And white with fcam the whirling forges fly!— 
The guns were primed } die vefia aprthwa^ 

Till her black battery oo the column beam 
The nitre fir*d $ and while the dreadlul ' 
Omvulfive, fliook the flumbering air ar w w d. 
The wat*ry volume, trembliog to the Iky, 
Burft down a dreadfUl deluge from on high? 
Th* affrighted furge, recoUing as it fell, 
RoUing inhilUdifckMM th* abyfsof heU. 
But foon, this tranfient unduladon o*er. 
The fea fub&des } the whirlwinds cage 00 more. 
While fouthwarl now th* incnafing breeaesveer. 
Dark clouds incumbent on their wtogs appear. 
In front they view the confecnCed grove 
Of cyprefs, 6cred onceto Cretan Jove. 
The thirfty canvass, all around fupplied. 
Still drinks unr|ueneh*d the full Krial tide. 
And now, approaching near the lofty flem, 
A (hoal of fportive dolphms they difcem. 
From burmfliM fcaks diey beam refulgent iay% 
Till all the gk»wing ocean feems to blaic. 
Soon to the fport of deadi the crew repair. 
Dart the loQg lance, or fpread the baited fiMie. 
One in redoubUng mases wheels atoog. 
And glides, unhappy ! near the triple prong., 
Rodroood unerrfaig o*er Us head iufpeiids 
The barbed ftcel, and every turn Mnds) 
Unerring idm*d, the mUBk weapon flew. 
And, plunging, ftruck the feted vi<Hm tfaro'^ 
Th* upturning points hkpooderous bulk fnflainv 
On deck he ftruggles wkh convulfive pain. 
But while his heartthe feed javelin thrills. 
And flitting lifeefcapes in fengnine rilk, 
What radiant changes fttike th* afleniai*d fight ! 
What gWwing hues of mbgled fliade and light * 
Not equal beauties gild the lucid weft. 
With pardng beams all o*er ptduiely dreft. 
Not lovdier colours pabt die vernal dawn. 
When orient dews impesrl di* enamel*d lawn. 
Than fiolif his fides mbn|^ fufiufionflow, 
That now wfth goM cmpyxtal feem toglMr { 
Now in peUucid fepphires meet die view. 
And emulate the foft celeftiallitte i 
Now beam a flamMg crimion oa the eye i 
And now allume die pufple*s deeper dyt. 
But here deferipdoa clouds each flnnog nr I 
Whi* terms of irt can nature's powcisdi%U7? 

Now, while on high die fteflttiiar file i« m 
The fliip beneath her lofty preflbre reela. 
The auailkriailsdMft court a gende breew» 
From dKtr high ftadootflnk by flMrdefms. 

#AICD14KR*8 PdSMS. . 


Ti^ wstcbful niler of the helm no roore, 
Whh fix*d attentioa, ryes the adjacent ifaore ; 
Bat bjr die oncle of truth below, 
The wond^nms magnet, guides the wayward prow. 
The wind, th^t ftill the impreilive canvas fweU^dy 
Swift and morr fwift the yielding bark impellM. 
Impatient thus {he glides along the coaft. 
Till for behind the hill of Jove is loft : 
And while aloof from Rett mo flie fteers, 
Mabcha's foreland tfbll in front appean. 
Wideo*er yon ifthmos (bnds the cyprefii-grove 
Tb< ooceenclosM the hallow*d fane of Jove. 
Hot too, memorial of his name i is fbimd 
A tomb, in marble ruins on the groimd. 
This gloomy tyrant, whole triumphant yoke 
The trembling ftates aitmnd to flav*ry broke, 
Thro' Greece for murder, rape, and tnctA known. 
The MoTes raised to high Olympus* throoe.— 
For oft, alasj their venal ftnins aiom 
The prince whom bhiihing virtue holds in fcom. 
Sdll Rome and Greece record hu endlefs fame, 
Aod hence yon* mountain yet retains his name. 
Bot fee '. in confloeoce borne before the blaft. 
Clouds roird oo clouds the duiky noon o*erca^ j 
The black*ning ocean curls ; the winds ariie { 
And the dark feud * in fwift fucceiBon flies. 
While the fwoln canvas bends the mafts on high. 
Low in the %vaves the leeward cannon lie f . 
Thefaikmnowy to give the fliip relief, 

I lUdoce the topfails by a fingle reef}. 

I Exh lofty ]rard %vith flacken*d cordage reels, 

' Xxde the creaking bk>cks, and ringing wheels. 

I Down the tall mafh the topfails fink amain j 
And, (boo redqc'd, afTume thdr poft agiin. 

I More diftant grew receding Candia*s Omn ; 

: Aad feodiwaTd of the weft Cape Spado bore. 

: Four hours the fun his high meridian throne 

^ Hadkft, and o*er Atlantic regkms (bone; 

I Sdll blacker clouds, that all thefkies invades 

i Drawo*er his fullied orb a difmal (hade. 

I A A^oall deep-k>w*ring bkts the fouthem ikyy 

i Before whole bmfterous breath the waters fly. 

' b weight the topfails can no more fufbin, 
Reef topCiils, reefy the boatfwain calls again ! 

* Send is a name given by feamen to the loweft 
cloads, whitb are driven widi great rapidity ah>ng 
the itmofphero, in fqually or tempeftuous weather. 

f When the wind crofles a fhip*s courfe, dther 
w€t\j or obliquely ; that (ide of the fhip upon 
which it a^, is called the weather-fide ) and the op- 
pofite one, which is then preffed down-ward8» u cal-' 
^ led the lee fide. HenCe all the rigging and furniture 
«f the flup are, at this time, f iftinguifbed by the 
fide oo which they are fituated : as the lee-cannon, 
the ke-bracety the weather-braces, ice 

I The topfsnls tit large fqaare fails of the fecond de- 
PK b height and magnitude. Reefs are certain divift- 
«■ or f^aces by which the principal fails are reduced 
*hen the wind increafes ; and again enlarged proporti^ 
•aUy when Its force abates. 


The haliards • and top^bowlincs f foon ate goo«,v 
Tm clue-lines aod reef-tackles % next they run : 
The (hivering fails defcend } and now they fquapo 
The yards, while ready failors mount in air. 
The weather-earings and the Ice they paft || ;. 
The recft enrol rd, and every point made f»R, 
Their ta/k above thus finifti'd, they defcend. 
And vigilant th* approaching f(]uall attend. 
It comes refiftlcfs, and with foaming fwccp 
Upturns the whitening furfice of the deep. 
In fiich a tempeft, borne to deeds of de:^th. 
The wayward Sifters fcour the bhftcd luath; 
With ruin pregnant now the clouds impend i 
And ftorm and cataradi tumultuous blend. n 

Deep on her fide the reeling veflTel lies- 
Brail op the mil en quick § ! the mafter cries, 
Man the clue-garnets ^ ! let the main (heet fly ^ !-* 
The boifterous fquall ftill preiTes from on high. 
And fwift, and fatal as the lightning*s courfe, 
Thro* the torn main-fails burfts with thundering 

While the rent Canvas flurtcr'd in the wind. 
Still on her flank the ftoopipg bark inclin*d.— 
Bear up the helm ** a- weather 1 Rodnwnd cries ; 
Swift, at the word, the helm a-weather flies. 
The prow with fectet inftin^ veers apace ; 
And now the fore-fail right athwart they brace : 
With equal fheets reftrain*d, the bellying fail 
Spreads a broad concave to the fweeping gale. 

* Haliards are either fingle ropes or tackles, by 
which the fags are hoifted up and lowered when thd 
fail is to bt extended or reduced. 

f Bow-lines are ropes intended to keep the wind- 
ward edge of the fail fteady, and prevent it fioni 
fluking in an unfavourable wind. 

X Clue-lines are ropes ufe4 to tnifs up the clues 
or lower corners of Ate principal fails to that ref- 
pedHve yards, particularly when the fail is to b^ 
clofereeffed or Airled.— Reef-tackles are ropes em- 
ployed to facilitate the operation of reefing^ by con- 
fining the. extremitjes of the reef clofc up to the yard, 
fo that the interval becomes flack, and is therefore 
eafily rolled up and fattened to the yard by the pobts 
employed for this purpofe. 

I Barings are fmali cords, by which the upper 
comers of the pfincipal foils and alfo the extremities 
of the reefs are fattened to rJie yard-arms. 

^ The mlsen is a large fail of an oblong figurd 
Extended upon the mixen-maft. 

^ Clue-garnets are employed for the fame pur- 
pofes on the main-fa'l and foro-fail as the due-lines 
are upon all other fquare fails. 

4. It is neceflary in this place to l^mark, that the 
Iheetsj which are univerfally miftaken by the Engliflt 
poets and their readers for the fails themfelves, are 
no other than the ropes ufed to extend the clues, or 
lower comen of the fails to which they are attached^ 
To the rhain-fail and fore-fail there is a flieet and 
uck on each fide; the latter of which is a thick 
rope confine the weather-clue of the fail 
down to the fliip*s fide, whilit the former draws out 
the lee-clue or lower comer on the oppofite fide^ 
Tacks are only ufed in a fide-wind. 

** The hdm is faid to be a-weather, when tfa« 
bar by which it is managed is turned to the fide of tU 
fliip next the mad* 




Whll<io*er the ibam the ihip impetooui fUetf 
Th* attentive timoneer * the heun applies. 
As io purfuit along th* aerial way» 
AVith ardent cye» the hlcoa marki fau prey^ 
Each motioQ watches of the doabtful chace^ 
Obliquely wheeliog thro* the liquid fpace $ 
So, govemM by the fteerfinan*s glowing hands> 
The regent helm her motion ftill comnMnds. 

But now the tranfient fquall to leeward paft» 
Again ihe rallies to the follcn blaft. 
The helm to llarboard f turns ; with wings inclined 
The fidelong canvas claCps the iaithlels wind. 
The misen draws i ihe fprbgs aloof once vacrc, 
While the fore ( balances before. 
The fore-fail bracM obliquely to the wind. 
They near the prow th* extended tack confined i 
Then on the leeward (heet the feamcn bend, 
And.baul the bowline to the bowfprlt end. 
To topfails next tbty hafte ; the buatlines gone* 
The cluelinet thro* their wheeled machinery run i 
On cither fide below the fliects are mann*d ; 
Again the flattering fails their fkirts expand. 
Once more the topfails, tho* with humbler plume. 
Mounting aloft their ancient poft reiiime. 
Again the bowlines and the yards are bnK*d | | 
And all th* entangled cords in order plac*d. 

The fail, by whirlwinds thus fo lately fcnt* 
In tatter*d ruins fluttering is unbent. 
With brails i reflx*d another foon prepar*d, 
Afcending, ipreads along beneath the yard. 
To each yard-arm the head-rope ^ thty extend. 
And (bon their earings and the roebins 4> bend. 
That taflc performed, they flrft the braces •* flack, 
Then mits ftation drag th* unwilling tack { 
And, while the lec-clue-gamet*s lowered away. 
Taught afl the (heet, they tally ank beLiy f f . 

* Timoneer (fiom rimonnifr, Fr.) the helmimao 
or ftetrfman. 

•f tht helm, being turned to ftarboard, or to the 
right fide of the fhip, dire^ the prow to the left, 
or to pott, and Vice veria. Hence the helm being 
^ut a-flarboard^ ifrhen the (hip is running northward, 
direds her prow tovtob the weft. 

$. This fail, which js with more pcopriehr called 
the fbi^ ftmmaft-ftay-lall, Is a triangular (ail that runs 
upon the pjtt topmaft-ftaqr* o^er the bowfprit. it is 
tued to command the Ibce part of the (hip, and coun- 
terbalance the fails extended towaids the flem. See 
alfo the laft note of this Canto. 

I A yard is iiud to be braced, when it is turned 
about the maft horitomtally, either to right or Itf^ : 
the ropes employed in thisferviee an called braces. 

^ The ropes uied to trufs up a fail to the yard or 
maft whereto it ii attached, are, in a general fenfc) 
tailed brails. 

^ The head rope is a cord to which the upper 
part of the (ail is fewed. 

4> Rope-bandi, pronounced rodiins, are fmali 
cords, ufed to faften the upper edge of any fail to its 
'tcfpe£Hve yard. 

•* Beeiittfe the lee-brace confines the yard fo that 
the tack will not come down to its place till the braces 
are caft looH*. 

ft Tat^ht implies ftiff, tenfe, or extended 
ftraight : and tally is a phrafe particularly applied to 
the operation of hauling aft the (hcets, or drawing 
them towards the (hip*s fEfm. To bcliyy Is t9 faftcB. 

Now to the north, from Afric*k burning Ib/Oft^^ 
A troop o( porpoifes their courie explore : 
I n curling wreaths they gambol on the tide. 
Now bound aloft, now down the billow ^Ude } ' 
Their tracks awhile the hoary waves retain. 
That bum m fparlding trails along the main. 
Thefe fleeteft courfers of the finny race, 
When threat*ning clouds th* aetherial vault de^ej 
Their route to leeward ftill fagacious fima. 
To (hun the fury of th* approaching fhirm. 

Fair Candia now no more, beneath her lee, 
Proteds the vefielftom th* bfulting (ca: 
Round her broad arms, impatient of coopDouI, 
Rous*d from their fecret deeps the billows rolL 
Sunk were the bulwarks of the friendly (hore, 
And all the (cent an hoftile afpcd wore. 
The flattering wind, that late vrith promis*d aid 
From Candia*s bay th* unwilling (hip betray *d, 
No longer fawns beneath the fair diiguife. 
But nkc a ruffian on his quarry flies. 
Tofs*a on the tide (he fixls the tempeft blow. 
And dreads the v e n ge anc e of fo fell a foe; 
As the proud horfe, with coftly trappings gay. 
Exulting prances to the bloody fray $ 
Spuming the ground,, he gloncs in his might. 
But reels tumultuous in the (hock of fight) 
Even fo, caparifon*d in gaudy pride. 
The bounding veflel dances oo the tide.— - 
Fierce and more fierce the fouthem demon blew, 
And more incensed the roaring waters grew. 
The (hip no longer can her topfails fpread» 
And every hope of hint flcies u fled. 
Bowlinesand haliards are relax*d again; 
Quelines hauPd down, and (heets let fly amab j 
Clued-up each lopfail, and bv braces fquar*di 
, The feamen climb aloft on other yard. 
They furVd the (ail, and pointed to the wind 
The yard, bv roHing-tacklet * then confio*d. 
While o*er the (hip the gallant boatfwain flics, 
Like a boarfe maftiff thro* the ftorm he cries: 
Prompt to dire& the unflcilful ftUl appears $ 
Th* expert be praifet, and the fearful cbeen. 
Now wme to ftrike top-gallant yards f attend ; 
Sometnvcllert } up the weather backfbys | (end | 
At each maft-bead the top-rapes § others bend. 

* The rolUng-tackle is an aflEmoblage of pullj 
ufed ta> confine the yard to the weathcr-(ide of J 
maft, and prevent the former from rubbing agii 
the latter by the fluduating motiod of the (hip i' 
turbulent f(U. 

f k is ufucl to (end down the tDp<-gaUant ya 
on the approach of a (hurm. They are the high 
yards that are rigged in a (hip. 

X Travellers are (lender iron rbgs, encircling | 
backftays and ufed to facilitate the hoiitiflf or kw 
ing of the top-gallant yards, by coodiui^ then 
the backftays. in their afcent or defcen:, ifo asto p 
vent thcmnosn fwoiging about by the agiutiooof I 
veflbl. I 

II Backftjnrs are long ropes, extesidiqg from ' 
right and left fide of the mip to the topmaft-bes 
which they are blended to (ecure, by coonteraft 
the eflfort of the wind upon the (ails. 

§ Top-ropes are the cords by which the top*| 
lant yards are hoifted up from the dtck, or lows 
agaia in ftonny weatheri 



Hk joaagdl failors from the yards aborre 

Tbdr parrels *t lifaf* and braces (bon refnove ; 

Tha tope M-end| and to thft trarellen tied, 

Cb|*d wkb their iails, they down the backftajs 

Thtjtiidnn along the booms | reclm^d ; 
Wliie tboe the flying cords aloft confinM.— 
TWir(aib redoced and all the rigging clear, 
AifeTetie aew relax from toils fercie. 
Atiirie their fpirits, with fatigue opprefty 
liTM apeft th' alternate hour of feft i 
latvidi redodbliflg force the fempeft blow, 
Aad vttiy hilb in fell fuccefitm flow. 
A£fanl flude o*ercaih the frowning flues; 
; Iw twUcs grow 5 new difficulties rife. 
Kd^doQ this ftoffl duty to deicend !<— 
ABh&i ondeck, th' erentual hour attend. 

Rti nee performed, the facred lamp of day 
,Xw£ptiawcftem clouds his p^irting ray. 
i&kIc*biog fires, half-loft in ambient haxe, 
X(^ alo^ the dufk a crimfon bitce ; 
[^ ^ inmeigM the languid orb declines, 

E'^ apw locheeriefs night the fky rt6gm ! 
msiai'shour, how diffierent from the paft 1 
9bgiarag poop, no blofliing glories caft. 
Jny rf ftinidly light is fcen anwnd j 
pc rxm and (tat m hopelefs (hade are dro%MiM. 

Tite ilup BO longer can her courfes || bear : 
Timf die omrfes is the mailer's care : 

K iitlars fiunmonM aft, a daring band \ 

^ th* cttfel^fing brails at his cormnand. 

t hoe die doubtful officers difpute, 

^ 4ni aid judgment prejudice confute. 

^stni^ whoie genius nerer foar'd beyond 

* ssTov mlcs of art his youth had coon*d, 
■ ^ tothe hoftile fury of the wind 

ka'i the flieet, and kept the tack conim^di 
^i«{-triedpnaice obftioately warm, 
^^nki cnrriAion, and relies oo form. 
F*^ ^ nafter his advice dedmes ; 
p »howi Arion in opinkm jinns.-^* 
m vitchftl (eaman, whofe fagacious eye 
P^ eapeiienc c may with truth rely, 
PV> 6oai the rdgnrag caufe fbretels th* eStBt, 
^ ^auos praaicc; erer will rejeft. 
h, fiatteting loofe in air, the rigid fail 
vi fin to niias in the fiinious gale { 

* The psrel, wiuch !s ufually a moveable band of 
'^t s cnple^ to confine die yard to its refpe^ve 

t lifb are mpes extending from the head of any 
^^thecxtremkiet of its particular yard, to fup- 
y*^!^ weight of the latter; to retain it in balance ; 
*^niie one yard-arm higher than the other, which 
"Kwiagly called topping. 

t Thi booRH in dift place imply anv maftt or 
T^bi^gQQthcdcckinreienre, to luppfy the place 
••Jwwhidi may be carried away by difmt of 

Jj^ fouta are generally anderihiod to be the 
^>Hd> MaO tod iniaeii, which are the largeft 
Jj^l^ Ws on theb- fereral mafts : the tern? is 
I taken fai a larger fenfe. 

And he who ftrives the tcmpeft to difarm. 
Will never flrft cmbrail the lee yard-arm. 
The maffter faid ;— obedient to command. 
To raife the tack, the ready lailors ftand 4-— 
Gradual it loofens, while th* involving clue» 
Sweird by the wind, alof^ unruffling flew. 
The fheet and weather-brace they now ftand by * }- 
The lee clue-garnet and the bunt-lies ply. 
Thus all prepar*d, Let gothejkeetf he cries; 
Impetuous round the ringing wheels it files ; 
Shivering at firft, till by the biaft impeird. 
High o*er the lee yard-arm the canvas fwell*d : 
By fpilling lines f embracM, with brails confin*dy 
It lies at length unihaken by the wind. 
The fbrefail then fecur^d, with equal care 
Again to reef the mainfail they repair.—- 
While fome high mounted over-haul the tye, 
Below the down -haul -tackle { others ply. 
Jears §, lifts, and brails, a feamao each attends. 
Along the maft the willing yard defcrnds. 
When lower'd fuffidentthey fecurely brace ; 
And fix the rolling-tackle in its place ; 
The reef-lines •• and their tarings now prq}ar*d. 
Mounting on pliant (hrouds ^, thej^ man the yardr 
Far on th* extremes two able hands appear, 
Arion there, the hardfboatfvvain here ; 
That in the van to front the temp^ hung ; 
Tkii round th^lee yard-arm, ill-omenM \ clung. 

4- It has been remaiked before, that the tack 19 
always ^ened to windward: accordingly as foon as 
it is caft loofe, apd the clue-garnet hauled up, th^ 
weathrtrdoe of the fail immediately mounts to K\tfi 
yard ; and this operation inuft be carefully perfurmcd 
in a ftorm, to prevent the fall from fpUtting, or be» 
ing torn to pieces by fhivcring. 

* It Is neceflaiy to puU in the weather-brace 
whenever the (hect is caft-oflT, to preferve the fall 
from (baking violently. 

t The fpilKng-lines, which are only ufed on par- 
ticular occafions in tsmpeihious weather, are em- 
ploy^ to draw together and confine the belly of the 
fail, when it is inflated by the wind over the yard. 

J The violence of the wind forces the yard fo 
much outward from the maft on thefe occafkms, that 
it cannot eafily be lowered fo as to veef the fail, with* 
out the application of a tackle to haul it down on the 
maft. This is afterwards converted into rolling- 

§ Jears are the fame to the mainfail, forefatl and 
miffcn, as the haliards are to all the inferior Ciils. 
The tye is the upper part of jthe jears. 

** Reef^lines are only ufed to reef the mainfail 
and fbrefail. They are paflM in fpiral turns through 
the eye-let holes of the reef, and oyer the head of 
the fails between the rope-band legs, -riU they reach 
the extremities of the reef, to which they are firmly 
extended, fo as to lace the reef clofe up to die 

^ Shrouds are thick ropes, ftretchmg-from the 
maft-heads downwards to the outfidc of the (hip, 
ferving to fupport the mafts. They are alfo ufed aa 
a range of rope-laddere by which the feamen afcen^ 
or defcend, to perform whatever is oecefTiry abot^c 
fhe fa^ls and rigging. 




Each earing to its ftadon firft they beod $ 
The reef-band % then along the yard extend f 
The circling earings, round th* extremes entwinM 
By outer and )>y inner turns ^ they bind. 
From hand to hand, the reeN-linef» next receiv*dy 
Thro* eye-let holes and roebin-Iegs were reev*d. 
The ree? in double folds involv*d they lay } 
Strain the firm cord, and either end belay. 

Hadft thouy Arion 1 held the leeward pofty 
While on the yard by mountain billows to&t 
Perhaps Oblivion o'er our tragic tale 
Had then for ever drawn her duflcy veil. 
But ruling heaven prolonged thy vital diXtf 
Severer ills to fufFcr and relate ! 

For, whil^ their orders thofe aloft attend^ 
To fitrl the mainfail, or on deck defcend, 
A fea^yMip-furging with tremendous roily 
Toinftant ruii) (cems to doom the whole, 
O friends, fecurc your hold ! Arion cries •.— 
It comes all -dreadful, ftcoping fi^m the ikies ! 
Uplifted on its hoiVid edge, (he feels 
* The (hock, and on her hde half-bury *d reels : 
The fail, half-burvM in the whelming wave, 
A fearful warning to the feamen gave : 
While from its niargin. terrible to tell ! 
Three fulors with their gallant boatfwain felU 
Tom with refiftlcfs fury frora their hol<f, 
In vain their ftruggling arms the yard unfold : 
In vain to grapple flying cords they try } 
The cords, alas ! a folid gripe deny ! 
Prone on the midnight furge, with panting breatk 
They cry for aid, and long contend with death. 
High o*er their heads the rolling billows fweep ; 
And down they fink in everlaking fleep.^- 
Bcreft of power to help, their comrades kp 
The wretched vidims die bene<^th the lee y , 
"With fruitlefs forrow their loft ftate bemoaq j 
Perhaps a fatal prelude to their own ! 

In dark fufpence on deck the pilots ftandy 
Kor can determine on the next conmiand. 
Tho* AiU. they knew t^ vefTeVs armed fide 
Impenetrable to the clafping tide ; 
Tho* ftill the Witters by no fecret wound 
A pafTage to her depp recciles found $ 
Surrounding evils yet they ponder o^er^ 
A ftorm, a dangerous fea, and leeward fhore ! 
Should they, tho* reef d, a^ain their fails extcndy 
Again in fluttering firaginents they may rend $ 
Or fhould they ftand, beneath the dreadful ibain 
The down-prdl (hip may never rife again i 
Too late to weather f now Morea*s landy 
Yet verging faA to Athens* rocky ftrand.— r 
Thus they lament the confcquence fevcre| 
Wl^^rc perils uoalIay*d by ht^e appear. 

I Long in thdr minds rrvdving eaeh eveoty 
At ua to furl the couries they coofent 
That done to reef the miren next agree* 
And try * beneath ity fidelong in the fea. 

Now d&wn the nuift the (loptng yard decrin*dy 
Till by the jeers and topping-lift' f coafin*d. 
The heady with doubling canvas fenc*d aroundy 
In balance* jiear the lofty peak, they bound. 
The reef unwrapty th* infi^rted knitdes ty*dy 
To hoifl the flic»ten*d fail again they hied. 
The order given* the yar^ alof^ they fway*d ; 
The brails relaxed, the extended (heet belay 'd. 
The helm its poft fbrfook* and, laih*d a-lee ^ 
Inclin*d the wayward prow to f^ot the (ea. 

When (acred Orpheus, on the. Stygian coafty 
With notes divine implor*d his confort loft ) 
Tho* round him perils grew in fell array. 
And fiites and furies ftood to bar his way} 
Not more advent*rous was the attempt to move 
The powers of hell v^th ftrains of heavenly brey 
Than mine to bidih* unwilling male expkte 
I The wildemeis o^rude noechanic lore. 
Such toil th* unweaned Daedalus endur*dy 
When in the Cretan labyrinth immur*d } 
Till Art her falutary help beftow'd 
To guide htm through that intricate abode. 
Thusy long entangled in a thorny way. 
That never beard the fweet Pierian lay* 
The mufcy that tun*d to barbarous (bunds her ftno£ 
Now fpreads like Daedalus a bolder wing j 
The verfe begins in fofter ftrains tp fk>Wy 
Replete with fad variety of woe. 

As yet amid this elemental war^ 
That fcatten deflation from a^ry 
Nor toily nor haxardy nor difbefs appear 
To fink the feamen «nth unmanly fear 
Tho* their firm hearts no pageant honour boift. 
They fcom the wretch diat tzembles ukhispofty 
Who from the ^e of danger ftrives to tnray 
Indignant from the fiicial hour they fpum. 
Tho* now full Qft they felt the raging tide 
In proud rebellion climb the veders fidey 
No future ills unknown thdr- foql* appall y 
They know no dangery vr they fcom it all j 
But ev*n t^e generous fpirits of the bravcy 
Subdu*d by toily a friendly refpite crave $ 
A ftx>rt repofe alone their Uioughts tmplorey 
Their harrds*d powers by flumber to reflore. 
Far other cares the mafter*8 mind enoploy i 
Approaching perils all his hopes deftroy. 
In vain he fpreads the graduated charty 
And bounds the di^bnce by the rules of «tf 

} The reef-band is a long piece of canvas fewed 
•crofs the (ail^ to ftrengthen the canvas in the place 
vrhere the eye-let holes of the rcpf are /ormed. 

^ The outer turns of the earing ferve to extend 
^he fail along the yard 5 and the inner turns are cm« 
ployed to confine its head-rppe ^ofe to its furface. 

• A fea is the general name given by failors to 
^ fingle wave or bjlIo\Y ; hence when a wave burfls 
over the decky the veflel is faid to have (hipped^ fa, 

f Tp weather a fliorey is to pafs to the windward 
of it, which at this time is prevented by the violence 
of the fkofm. 

• To try, is to lay the ftiip wkh her fide M 
in the diredion of the wind and fea, with the | 
ibnoewhat inclined to the windward i thehdoi b 
laid a-lee m retain her in that pofition. See a fn^ 
illuftration of this Sn the laft note of this Canto. 

t The topping-lift which tops the upper end o| 
miken-yard. This line and the fix following defj 
the opoation of reefing and b Jandng the m^ 
The reef of this fail is towards the lower end, 
knittles being (hull fhort lines cfed in the rooj 
pomts for this purpofe i they are accordingly kocl 
under the fuot-rope, or lower edge of the fail. 

§ Lifbeda-leey is Men^ fiothelee fide. 



P O B M 8. 

unodnnrt tbe mimic feas ezpiads 
Thecoopaflei to drcumjacenC lands. 
I'ogncrfultaik*. for no afyloin tnc'd» 
Apa% opcnM from (he wafry wafte. 
FisfcoD^dtogaardy with adamantine moundy 
The path to every friendly port around. 
Wble Albert tfaosy with fecret doubts di{may*dy 
The geonetnc diilancea funreyMy 
Ob ^ die watchful Rodmood ctks aloud, 
Secore jour tiresy — gtafp every man a (hroud!— > 
Rou'd fran hit trance he mounts with eyes aghaft $ 
Wben o'er tbe flup^ in undulation vaft^ 
AgtitKrorgedownrafbes from on high, 
AslioRni afr diflever'd ruins lie- 
As vfaeo, Bdtannia*s empire to maintain^ 
Crt£ Havke defcends in thunder on the main $ 
Anind die brasen voice of battle roars, 
Aad £itil lightning blaH thelxittile (hores i 
Boudithe ftorm their lhuter*d navies groan, 
TkocsBbling deeps recoil from cone tu zone : 
Hxstbetoroveflelfeltth* enormous ftrokej 
Tbe boiti beneath the thundering deluge broke ; 
Foni).ft]rted from their planks the burlting rings, 
Tl' extended cocdage all afunder Tprings. 
Tbe ^*s fair machinery ftxews the deck, 
Aai cads and needles fwim in floating wreck. 
Tbe bilaac*d fflisen, rending to the head, 
h fttemag rains fhmi the margin fled. 
Tbe fides convnlfive ihook on groaning beams ; 
Aarf Rat w^ labour, y awnM the pitchy feams. 
Tbej jound the well *, and terrible to hear ; 
fife ficet umners*d along the line appear. 
At either pump they ply the dankmg brake f , 
Aad imn by turn th* ungrateful office take. 
KoiiflAod, Arioo, and Falemon, here, 
Attbfifadtafk, all diligent appear. 
Aifanefittrcaftle, (hook by rude alarms, 
Offofe loqg th* approach of hoftile amis i 
0^ war around hn- plants his black array, 
Aadde«h and ibnow mark his horrid way | 
Tminlbae deftin*d hour, again^ her wall 
h teafrU rage the 6tal thunders faU ; 
Tbe noiparts crack, the folld bulwarks rend i 
AadboftUe troop» the (hatterM breach afcend i 
BernEaot inmates ftill the foe retard, 
^Aifi till death their facred charge to guard t 
^tbe bnve mariners thev pumps attend, 
Aadbe^ inceffiuit by roCatkio lend $ 
B«d in viii,i far now the founding cord, 
Uadnwn ad aodiminiih*d depth ezpIorM. 
Kwdiis fcvere dilbef^ is found alone $ • 
Tbei&s oppreft by ponderous cannon groan.— 
^ nOiag from the wat*ry voIume*s height, 
TbetatnrM fides feem burfting with their weight. 
J*KdiPdoras, with comrulfive throes, 
WbesB his vctas the burning earthquake glows ; 
Bode tbo* his eotnils roars th* infernal flame, 
Aad caotral thanden rend his groaning frame— 
^<c>Btliled mifckiefr thus arife, 
ABdr«TiBdidiTe all ;heir (kill defies. 



* Tkc «d) is an apartment in the (hip*s hold, 
^*i|tlainckde the pumps. It is founded by drop- 
g^aacafiwed iron rod down into it bv a long line. 
"BKe the BCfcafe or dimination of the^ lealfs are 

t The brake is ^lc?er or handle ^f th^ p«wp> 

One only remedy the feafon gave ; 

To plunge the nerves of battle in the ware : 

From their high platforms thus th* artillery thro^, 

£as*d of their Io|d, the timbers lefs (hall groan i 

But arduous is the taik their lot requires i 

A talk that hovering Fate alone incites ! 

For, while intent the yawning decks to eafe. 

That ever and anon are drench*d wth feas. 

Some ht^ billow, with recoiling fweep, , 

May whirl the helplefs wretches in the deep. 

No feafon this for counfel or delay ! ' 

Too fooo the eventful moments haf^ away ! 
Here perfeverance, with each help of art, 
Muft join the boldeil cfr'orts of the heart. 
Thefe only now their misery can relieve { 
The(e only now a dawn of fafety give !<^- 
While o*er the quivering deck, • from van m teary 
Broad furges roll in terrible career, 
Redmond, Arion, and a chofen crew. 
This office in the face of death purfue. 
The wheeled artillery o'er the deck to guide, 
Rodnx>nd defcending claimed the weather-fide. 
Fearlefs of heart the chief his orders gave ; 
Fronting the rude afTaults of every wave. 
Like fome frrong watch-tower nodding o*er the deep, 
Whofe rocky bafe the foaming waters fweep, 
tJhtam*d he ftood \ the l^era aerial war * 

Had roaik*d his hooeft face with many a fear. 
Meanwhile Arion, traverfing die. waift *, 
The cordage of the leeward guns unbrae*d. 
And pobted crows beneath the metal plac*d. 
Watching the ml J, their forelocks they withdrew. 
And from their beds the reeling cannon threw. 
Then, from the windward battlements unbound, 
Rodmond*s alTociates wheel th* artillery round i 
Poinced with iron fangs, their bars b^uile 
The ponderous arms acrofs the (teep defile ; 
Then, hurPd from founding -hinges o*er the fide> 
Thundering they plunge into the flafhing tide. 

The (hip thus eas'd, fome little refpitefrnds* 
In this rude cooflid of the feas and winds. 
Such eafe Alcides felt, when, clogg*d with gort, 
Th* envenomM mantle from his fide he tore j 
When, ftung with burning pain, he fbiove, too1ate« 
To flop the fwlfr career of cruel 6tfe. 
Yet thien his heart one ray of hope procor*d» 
Sad harbinger of fevenfold pangs endurM I 
Such, and (b fhort, the paufe of woe flie found ! 
Cimmerian darkncfs fhades the deep around, 
Save when the lightnings gleaming on the fight^ 
Flaih thro* the gloom a pale difaftzous light. 
Above all aether, fraught with fcenes of woe» 
With grim deftndion threatens all below. 
Beneath the florm-laIh*d furges fu.ious rife. 
And wave uproU'd on wave ailails the fkies; 
With ever-floating bulwarki they furround 
The (hip, half fwallow*d in the black profound I 
With ceafelefs hazard and fatigue opprefl, , 
Difmay and anguifh every heart pofleft ; 
For, while with boundlefs inundation o*er 
The fea-beat (hip, th* involving waters roa^. 
Difplac*d beneath by her capacious womb. 
They rage their ancient ftation to refome | 

* The waifr of a (hip of this kind is an hollow 
fpace, of about five feet in depth, contained between 
the elevations of the quarter deck and fbrecaftle^ and 
having the upper deck for its bafe or platform. 



By (cent ambuflies, their force to proTCy 
Thro* many t winding channel ^jfk they rove; 
Tilly gathering fury> liki the icver*d blood* 
Thro* her dark veins they roll a raM flood. 
While unrelenting thut the leaks they found» 
The pnmps with cvcr-daoking ftrpkca refound. 
Around each leaping valve, by toil fubdu*dy 
The tough^ bull -hide muft ever be renewed. 
Their (inking hearts nnufual horron chiH $ 
And down their weary limbi thick dews diftil. 
No ray of light their dying hope redeems ! 
Pregnant %rith fome new woe each moment teems ! 

Again the chief th* inftmdive draught ex(eiidsy 
And o*er the figured plane attentive bends ; • 

To him the motion of each prb was known» 
That wheels around the fun*i refulgent throne c 
But hcre» alas ! hiff fcience nought avails ! 
Art droops unequal, and experience fails. 
The diflferent traverfes» Hnce twilight made. 
He on the hydragraphic circle laid $ 
Then the brood angle of ke-way * explored. 
As fwept Acrofs the graduated chord. 
Her place dilcoverM by the roles of art, 
Unufual terrors ikoolt the maller*s heart > 
"When Falconera*s rugged ille he /bund 
Within her drifl, with ibelves and breakers bound $ 
For if on thofe deftrodive (hallows toft. 
The helplefs bark with all her crew are loft v 
As fatal ftill appears, that danger u*er, 
The (bep St George, and rocky Gardalor. 
With him the pilots of their hopdefs ftate 
In mournful confultation now debate. 
Not more perplexing doubts her chiefs appall, 
When (bme proud city verges to her fall $ 
While ruin glares around, and pale affright 
Convenes her councils in the de^ of night- 
No blaxonM trophies o*er their concave fpAady 
Nor Aoried pillars raisM akifttfee head: 
But here the queen of (hade around them threw 
Her dragoo-wing, dtfafbous to the view ! 
Dire was the fcene, with whirlwind, hail and 

(bower; ' 
Black melancholy ruird the fearful hour ! 
Beneath tremendous roUM the flafhing tide, 
Where fate on every billow feem*d to ride.— 
Inclos'd with ills, by peril unfubdu^d, 
Cr^ in diftrefs the mafter-feaman ftood : 
SkillM to command i deliberate to advife^ 
Expert in Adion; said in council yiiCt i 
Thus to his partners, by the crew unheard. 
The dilutes of his foul the chief referrM *. 

Ye faithful mates, who all my trouble ihare, 
ApprovM companions of your ma(br*s care ! 
To you alas ! *twere fhiitlefs now to tell 
Our fid diftrefs, already known too well ! 
This mom with favouring gales the port we lefb^ 
Tho* now of every flattering hope bereft s 
No (kill nor long experience could fbrecaft 
Th* unfeen approach of this dcftru^kive blait. 
Thefe feas, where ftorms at various feaibns bIow> 
No reigning wiii4s nor certain omens know^ 

* The lee- way, - or drift, which In this place 
lue fynonymotts terms, is the movement by vrhich 
a fliip is tiriven (ideways at the mercy of the wind and 
tn, when (he is deprived^ the go y cmi n ent of the 

The hour, th* occafion all your (kill 4emin^ ) 

A leaky (hip embay*d by dangerous lands. 

Oar bark no tranfient jeopardy fummnds ; 

Groannv Ikt lies beneath uommiberM woiiods. 

*Tis ours the doub t ^ remedy to find | 

To (hun the fury of the Aa»aod wind. 

For in this hollow fwell, with labeve (bie. 

Her dank can bear the burftiqg (loods no iMre: 

Vet this or c«hcr ills Ae muft endure ; 

A dire difeafe, and defperate is the core I 

Thus two expedtents oAcs*d to your choice. 

Alone require your counfd aad your voice. 

Thefccnly in our power ire Wfk to try ; 

To perKh herei or finom the (brm to fty. 

The doubtfiil balance m my judgment caA» 

For various reafbns I pitfer the laft. 

'Tis true, the veflel and her coftly firdght. 

To me coofignM, my orders only wait $ 

Yet, (ince the charge of every life is mine. 

To equal votes our couatfds 1 refign i 

Forbid it, heaven, that, in this dreadful hour* 

I claim the dangerous reins of purblind power 1 

But (hobkl we now reiblve to bear a^y» 

Our hopdefs ftate can fuflcr no delay. 

Nor can we, thus berelt of every fail. 

Attempt to fteer obliquely on the gale. 

For then, if broaching fidewaid to the fee* 

Our dropfy*d (hip may founder by the lee $ 

No more obedient to the pilot^i power, 

Th* o*erwhelmhig wrave may (boo her firane devour. 

He faid the liflening mates wi^ fised regard. 
And filent reverence, his opinion heard. 
Important wras the queftion in debate. 
And o*er thdr counfels hung impendii^ fke, 
Redmond, in many a fcene of peril try*d. 
Had oft the mafter*s happier Ikill defcryM. 
Yet now, the hour, the fceoe, th* occafioii kno«l» 
Perhaps with equd right prefcrr*d his vwa. I 

Of long experience in the navd art. 
Blunt was bis fpeech, and naked was hit heaft| I 
Alike to him each climate and each blaft i 
The (irft in danger, in retreat the laft : 
Sagacious balandng th* opposed evenUy 
From Albert his opinion thus diflents. 

Too true the pails of the prefent hour. 
Where toils exceeding tdls our fbength o*erpo«ier t 
Yet whith^ can we turn, vrhat rotd purfue. 
With death before ftill opening on the view f 
Our bark, *tis true no (belter here can find* 
Sore (hatter*d by the ruffian (eas and wind. 
Yet with what hope of refuge can we flee, 
Chac*d by this tempeft andootn^eous fee! 
For while its vidence the tempeft keeps. 
Bereft of every fail we roam the deeps t 
At random driven, to prefent death we haile | 
And one (hort hour periups may be our laft. ' 

In vabi the gulpb of. Corinth oo our lee, 
Now opens to her ports a iMdIage (tee $ 
Since, if before the blaft the veiicllUes, 
Full in her track annumber*d dangers rife. 
Here Falconera fpreads her lurking (hues { 
There difhuA Greece her ragged (belfs prepares. 
Shduld once her bottom (bike that rocky Ihorea 
The fplitting bark that hiffamt were DO more i 
Nor ibe done, but with her all the crew 
Beyond rdief were doom*d to periih too. 
Thus if to (cod coo raflily we coafbtfy 
Too late in Aital hour we may re|eiie. 



Then of our porpoTe this ippean the tcopct 

To wdgh the <Uoger with the doubtful hope. 

ThoD^ (bitly buffeted by every fea^ 

Our hull unbroken long may try a-lee. 

The ciewy tho* hana£i*d long with toib feverey 

Stfll at their fvmp$ perceive no hasarda near. 

Shall we» incaatiousy then the danger tell» 

Ac ooce their covnge and their hope to quell ? 

Prudence ibrbida !— This fouthem tempeft foon 

May chai^ its quarter with the changing moon. 

Its ragCy tho* terribley may (boo fubfide» 

Nor into moont^^ns kdh th* unruly tide. 

Tbefe leaks ihall then dccreaTe s the (ails once more 

Dirafi owcoorie to fome relieving ihore.— - 

Thus while he fpoke> around ^m man to man 
At dtber pump a hollow murmur ran. 
For while the veflel» thro* unoamberM chinksy 
Above, be]ow> th* invaduig water drinkfy 
Souodiflg her depth« they ey*d the wetted fcale> 
Aaid lo ! the ]eakso*er all their powers prevail. 
Yet in their poft» by terrors unfubduM^ 
They with rwtoubltng fiwce their talk purfued. 

And now the fenior pilot fcemM to wait 
Arioo's voice to dofe the dark debate. 
Tho* niny a bitter ftonny with peril fraught^ 1 
la Neptun8*8 fcbool the wandering llripliog / 
tanghty r 

Not tmce nine fAmmers yet matured his thought. J 
Soofthebledbyibitttiie*scruelda7t» ' 
It ^1 at laft innoxioos oo his hearty 
His fliiod ftilJ ihuaniog care with fecreC hate^ 
hi patient indolence r^gn*d to fate. * 

But now the homes that around him roily 
Thus nmsM to afti^ his rekindling foul. 

With Sat'd attendon» pondering la my mind 
The dark diftrefles oo each fide combtnM } 
While here we linger in the pafs of fate^ 
1 lee no moment lef^ for (ad debate. 
For (broe decifioa if we wilh to ibrmy 
Ere yet our ve£B (ink beneath the ftofm* 
Her Cbatter'd ftate and yon dcfponding crew 
At once (iiggeft v^iat nteafures to puifue. 
The hboGring hull already (ecms half BUM 
Wkh waters thro* on hundred leaks diflill*d } 
As in a dropfyy vraUowiog with her fieight, 
Half-drown*d Btt lies» a dead maftivc weight ! 
Thasy drench*^ by every wavey her riven decky 
Stript and de(encele(sy floats a naked wreck y 
Her wounded flanks no longer can fulUin 
Tbeie ieli imrafions of the burfting main. 
At every pitshy tb' o*erwhelmiog billows bend 
Beneath their hiady the quivering bowfprk-end. 
A fearful warning 1 fincc the mafts on high 
On that fuppoit «nth trembUng hopt-rely. 
At ekher pump our (enmen pant fat breathy 
la dark difiaiay anticipating death. 
Sdll all our powers th* inomifing leaks defy : 
We fnk at (ea, no fhorey no haven nigh. 
One dawn of hope yet bleaks athwart the gloomy 
To UAc and (kvt us from the w>atery tomb. 
Thathidt us flwn the deathimpendinghere $ 
Hy horn the fblkwing hlafty and fhoreward (leer* 
*TiiiRf*d indeedy the fury of the gale 
Preclides the help of every guiding fail $ 
And driven before it on tliewat*ry wafby 
Te locky (horea and fcenei of dead) we haibb 
Buthapljr Fakonera we may ihun s 
Aoflfv B» Qttdm coafts is yet tha nm i 

Lefs harraA*d then, our fc«ddii^ (hip may bear 
Xh* adaulting fuige repelPd upon her rear; 
£v*n then the wearied ftorm as foon (hall dtey 
Or le(s torment the groaning pines on high. 
Should we at laft be driven by dire decree 
Too near the fatal mJu>gin of the feay 
The hull difmaited there awhile may rldcy 
With lengthened cables, on the raging tide. 
Perhaps kind heaven, with interpoiing powery 
May curb the tempefl ere that dread^l hour. 
But here ingulfd and foundering while we llay« 
Fate hovers o*er and marks us for her prey. 

He faid $— 'Palcmon faw, with grief of hearty 
The florm prevailing o*er the pilot*s art j 
In filent terror and diftrefe involv*d. 
He heard their leaft alternative refolv*d. 
High beat his bofom j with fuch fcv rubdu*d» 
Beneath the gloom of fome enchanted woody 
Ofc in old time the wandering Twain explor*dy 
The midnight wisards, breathing ntes abhorr'd ; 
Trembling approac)\*d their bcantadons fell, 
Andy chiird with horror, heard the fongs of helli^ 
Arion faw, with fecret anguiih mov*dy 
The deep afflidion of the friend he lov*d { 
And, all awake to fHendfhip*s genial heaty 
His bofbm felt coofebring tumults beat. 
Alas ! no feafon this fbr tender love y 
Far hence the mufic of the myrtle grove !— 
With comfi>rt*s foothing voice, from hope deriv*d> 
Palemon*s drooping fpirit he reviv*d. 
For confolatkmy ok with healing arty 
Retunes the jarring numbers of the heart— 
Now hb»^ rhe pilots all th* events revolved. 
And on their final refuge thus refi>lv*dy 
When, like the faithful fhepherdy #ho beholds 
Some prowling wolf approach his fleecy folds 4 
To the brave crew, whom jracking doubts perplex. 
The drcadfiil purpofe Albert thus dire^ : 

Unhappy partners in a wayward fate I 
Whofe gallant fpirits now are known too late j 
Ye ! who unmoved behold this angry ftorm 
With terrors all the rolling deep deibtm $ 
Who, patient m adverfityy ftill bear 
The firmefl Aront when givatefl ills are near ! 
The truth tho* grievous 1 muft now revealy 
That long in vain I purpos*d to conceal. 
Ingulfdy all helps of art we vainly tryy 
To weather leeward (hores, alas I too nigh. 
Our crazy bark no longer can abide 
The feas that thunder o*er ho- batter*d fide i 
And, while the leaks a fatal warning gtVCy 
That Ia this raging fea (be cannot livey 
One only refuge (ram defpair we find y 
At once to wear and feud befbrethe wind *. 
Perhaps ev*n then to ruin we may ftoer {. 
For broken (bores beneath our lee appear | 
Bat that*s remotCy and inllant death is here t 
Yet there, by heaven*s afllftance we may gain 
Some creek or inlet of the Grecian main; 
Or, fhelter*d by (bme rocky at anchor ridey 
Till with abating n^e the blaft fubfide. 

But if determin*d by the will of heaven* 
Our helplefs bark at laft :^ore is drivcoy 
Thefe counfeU followed, from the wat*ry grave 
Our floating (allocs in thefutf aaay (avc. 

• For an explanation of thefe manoruvresy the 
reader is referred to the laft ]y)te of this Canto. 




And firft let all our ixh be fccur'd. 
To Cttt the mails and rigging from aboard. 
Then to the qoart^ bind each plank and oar. 
To floa^ between the veflel and the Aore. 
The )ongeft cordage too mufl be convey M - 
On decky and to the weather-rails belay*d. 
So they who haply reach alive the land, 
TV extended lines may faften on tl»e ftrand. 
Wficn*er, loud thundering on the leeward (hore, 
' While yet aloof we hear the breakers roar. 
Thus for the terrible event prepared, 
Brace fore and aft to ftarbo^^rd ever)- yard. 
So ftall our mafh fwim lighter on the wave. 
And fitMn die broken rocks our Teamen fave. 
Then weftward turn the '.cm, that every maft 
Way ihoreward fall, when from the veflel call.— 
When o*er her fide once more the billows bound, 
Afcend the rigging till fhe ftrikes the ground : 
And when you hear aloft th* alarming fhock 
That ftrikes her bottom on fomc pointed rock, 
The boldeil of oar fiilora mud defcend. 
The dangerous bufinefs of the deck to tend : 
Then each, fecur'd by fome convenient cord, 
Should cut the fbrouds and rigg:ng from the board. 
Let the biwid axes next aiTail each maft ; 
And bdomt and oars and rafts to leeward cafl. 
This, while the cordage ftretch'd aihore may guide 
Our brave companions thro* the fwelling ode. 
This floating lumber fball fuftain them, o*er 
The rocky fhelvcs, in fafety to the fhore. 
Bvt as your firmeft fuccour, till the laft, 
O cling fecorely on each ^thful mail ! 
Tho' great the danger, and the talk fevcre. 
Yet bwr not to the tyranny of fear ! 
If once that flavifh yoke your fpirits miell. 
Adieu to hope ! to life itfelf farewell ! 

I know, among you fome full oft have vtew*d. 
With murdenng weapon^s arm*d, a lawlefs brood. 
On England*t vile inhuman (hare who ftand, 1 

The fbul reproach and fcandal of our land ! > 

To rob tlw wanderers flredc*d upon the flrand. j 
Thcfe, while their favage office they purfue, 
Oft wound to deith the bclplcfs plunder'd crew. 
Who *ftap*d from every horror of the main. 
Implored their mercy, but implor'd in vain. 
But dread not this !— a crinoe to Greece unknown ! 
Such blood-hounds dl her circling ihores difown: 
Her fons, 4>y barbarous tyranny opprefl, 
Can fhare afHifiion with the wretch diftreft : 
Their hearti, by cruel fate inurM to grief, 
Ofl to the fi^endlefs flrai^r yield leHef. 

With confckms horror llruck, the naval band 
Detiefted for awhile their native land. 
They curt^d tbe fleeping vengeance of the laws. 
That thus hrgoit her guardian failures caufe. 
Mean while die mafter*s voice again they heard. 
Whom, at with filial duty, all rever'd. 

No more remains— but now a tnifly band 
Af ull ever at the pomp indufbions fland { 
And while with os the'refl attend to wear, 
Two ikilfttl ieamen to the helm* repair !— > 
O feurce of life ! our refuge and qur (lay ! 
Whofe voice the warning elements obeyv 
On thy fnpremeafliflaoce we rely j 
Thy mercy fupplicatet if doom*d to die ! 
Perhaps this ftonn is fent, with healing breath. 
From neighbouring fhorcs to foourge difcafe and 

*Tis ours on diine anertuig laws to troff ; 

With thee, great Lord ! '* whatever is, is joft" 

He fajd ; and with can£»tting reverence fraagk^ 
The Tailors joined his prayer in ftlent thought. 
His inrelle^al eye, ferenely bright ; 
Saw diilant objeds with prophetic light. 
1 hus in a land, that laflirtg won opprefi. 
That groans beneath misfortune anid diftfefs ; 
WhoTe wealth to conquering amdet falls a prey j 
Herbolw rks finking, as hertroops decay; 
'Some bold fagacious flatefman, frcm die helm, 
Sees drfolation gathering o'er his realm s 
He darts around his penetrating eyea. 
Where dangen grow, and hofKle nmons rife ! 
With deep attention marks the invading fbe ; 
Eludrs their wiles, and f ruftrates every blow i 
Tries his laft art the tottering flate to fave. 
Or in its ruin: finds a glorious grave. 

Still in the yawn'rg rrou^ the veffcl reda^ 
IngulTd beneath two flu^ating hills : 
On either fide they n(e } tremendous fccne ; 
A long dark melancholy vale betwc^ *. 

* That the reader who is unacquainted widi the 
manoeuvres of navigation, may conccire a clearer 
idea of a ih<p*s flate when trying, and of die chai^ 
of her fituation to that of fcudding, I have quoted 
a part of the explanation of thofe articles m they ap- 
pear b the Di^onary of the Marine. 

Trying is rhe fituation in wfiich a (hip De$ nearly 
in the trough cr hollow of the fea in a tempeft, par^ 
ticularly vdien it blows contrary to her coorfc. 

In trying as well as in fcudding, the fails ar e al w a ys 
reduced in proportion to the increafe of the fhxni, 
and iff either flate, if the florm is exceffive, fbe may 
have all her fails furled ; or be, accordij^ to tfat 
fea phrafe, under bare poles. 

The intent of fpreading a^ fail at this time is to kerp 
die fhip more fleady, and to prevent her firoon roiling 
violently, by preffing her fide down in the water ; and 
alfo to turn her head towards the fource of the wind, 
fo that the fhock of the feas may £d] more obliquely 
on her flank, than when fhe lies along the trough of 
the fea, or in the interval betwe e n two wires. 
While fhe lies ui this fituatkm, the helm b fiiftettd 
clofc to the lee-fide, to prevent her, as niuch as 
pofllible, firom ^ing to ■ leeward. But te the ftip 
is not then kept in equilibrio by the operatioo of her 
fails, which at other dmes counterbalance each other 
at the head and ftem, fhe is moved by a flow but conn- 
nual vibrarion, which turns her head alt e iua idy ta 
windward and to leeward, forming an angle of 30 or 40 
degrees in the interval. tW part where fhe flt<ps 
in approaching the diredkm of the wind, is ca21ed 
her coming to i and the contrary excels of the angle 
to leeward is called her filing off. 

Veering, or wearing, as ufed in the pfrtfeot fesfe, 
may be defined, the movement by which aAip 
changes her ftate from trying to that of fcudding, or 
of running before the direOion of the wind and fea. 

It is an axiom in nattnal philosophy, << That eve- 
ry body will perfevere in a ftate of reft, orif moviog 
uniformly in a right line, unlefs it be cooopeOel ta 
change its flate by forces imprefled : and thtf the 
change of modon is proportkmal to the rooviog fixce 
impirfTed, and made acording to the right lias Jm 
which that fbcce a^** 

»AtdONSIt'ft P0SM6. 


tWbI«M4f, lovftrward, aotrbehiiid> 
SItitth* inpcdbn of the wave 
AadtDderigkioa left by turns i 

Botf behiiw> g 
ret and windy > 
i inclined. J 


Heite k H eafy to coo<d?t bovr a dup is Conpelled 
k tm MD SBjr diieaiQn by the force of the wind, 
ifii^ ipoa my part of her length in lines pvallel to 
^ntotthehontMMu Thus in the ad of vieering, 
v^jch h I oecd^ cnnfeyience of this fanrariable 
jnK^, the objed of the feaman is to reduce the 
idjay (he wind 00 the flup*s hind party and to re- 
crreiBitino^exertian on her ibce party fo that the 
iorsuybtpdhedtokeward. Thuefieaiscidier 
P't^cc^bytbeoperMiaoof the iailsy or by the im 
fsinof the wind on the mafts and yards. In the 
^ofe the (ails 00 the hind-poit of Che fliip we 
o^Medor smnged nearly parallel tothe di- 
ftftiBflfAe windy which then glides ioeffedually 
^dieir (krfjces; at the fame time the fbremoft 
^9t(fnd abcuady ib as (0 receive the greateft 
o«*>ai of the wivL The fbre-part accordingly 
JvUi a» this inpoUey and is put in motion i and 
i^wioa, aeceflirily cosifpiring with that of the 
**^ Hki the fliip about as much ai is reqi 

^«iMa the tempeft is ib violent as to preclude 
« ^ <f ttlsy the eflfbft of the wind operates 
McfttOy en the oppa^ ends of the ihipy be- 
^ the nafts and yards fitnated 1^ the head 
■^ tern ier?e to countcrtfakmce each other, in 
^°«af ks isprdfioa. The eflfea of the helm Is 
* tsofiieraWy diminiihed, becaufe the head-way 
*^ pes Ijfe and vigour to all its operationsy is 
> :b one ktbk and inefl&^aL Hence it be- 
*a secefiry to ddkvoj this equilibrium which 
w ktwcen the maib and yards before and be* 
■'••^ to throw the balance forward to prepare 
wweria|. If thb cannot be effeded by the arran- 
^flf the yards on the maftsy and it becomes ab« 
■ttlj aecefiry to veery in order to (ave the ihip 
^Mnaion (ice line 17, p. I29.)y the mieen- 
■* ■A be cut away, and even the main-maft, if 
*fffl Runias incapable of anfwering the helm by 
■jljff plow to leewjrd. 

^U^l is tbat movement in navigatioo by which 
i%itc«ried precipitately before a tempeft. 

^ > ftip iies yndk amaaing rapidity through the 
,•^1 vheaevcr this expedient is put in pnftice, 
'saeiaxieuipted in a contrary windy nnlefs when 
r""*^ renders her incapable of fuftaining ^e 
*<ri Arte/ the wind and waves any longer on 
* Me> vkfagQt being expofod to the moft immi- 

Alffkher folds with a faU extended en her 
^"^ tr* if the ftonn is exceflivey vrithout any 
***^ iu the fea phnfo is called icnddinig under 

JW fOMipal hasards Inddeot to fcaddii« are, 

i; the difficulty 

to the danger 

fnfficaent fea- 

violeatly may 

... . «»«* weiitolhr 

r;^ lybtonchint-i» faddenly* fte is tfartflt- 
rl*T "t <M »« iMi» md fa»lt» or being im- 
r^jmiiMtmii andforwantqffcn-ioomy ihe 


But Albert fiom behind the balance ditWy 

And on the prow its double eftbrtsthrew.-^ 

The order now was given to bear away j 

The order giveuy the dmooeers obey* 

High o*er the bowfprit ftretchM the toltur*d M, 

As onthe racky diftends beneath the gale. 

But fcarce the yielding prow its imoulfe knew^ 

When in a thoufand flitting (hteds it flew !«-• 

Yet Albert new refources flill prsparesy 

And, bridling griefy redoubles all his cares. 

Away there ; lower the roisen-T«^ on deck ! 

He calls, and brace the foremaft yards aback 1 

His great example every bolbm fiiri ; 

New Ufo rekindles, and new hope infptres ; 

While to the helm onfoithfol ftill (he lies> 

One defperate remedy at laft he tries.— 

Hafte, mth your wopou cot the ihrottds and fta^ $ 

And hew at once the mixen-maft sway ! 

He faid ; th* attentive failors on each Rdtt 
At his coRunand the trembling coMs divide. 
Faft by the foted pine bold Rodmond ftands ; 
Th* impatient axe hung gleaming in his hands ; 
BrandiOi^d on high, it f^ with dreadfol found ; 
The tall maft groaning, felt the deadly wound. 
Deep gaih*d %rith fores, the tott*ring tbudute rings» 
And cradling, thundering, o*er the quarter fwings. 

Thus when fome limby convulsed with pangs of 
Imbibes the gangrene*s peftilendal breadi ; 
Th* experienc*d artift (torn the blood betrays 
The latent venom, or its courfe delays ; 
But if th* info^Uon triumphs o*er his arty 
Tainting the vital ftream that urarms the hearty 
Refolv*d at laft, he quits th* unequal ftrifo» 
Severs the membery and prefcrva the life. 


C A If T o m. 

A X 6 U SI X N ^. 

*rAf ttefipi €md uifluence rf pottry^Afptttd h tie fJb* 

ftrent jUtimis of the ^ctrP^Apfemrsmct rftJk 'fijud 
of Fakmirm^Excurfim n tie ^JMcnt mnitm of 
Greece f r e mwm d h\ iimjiiif; fdi m 7 ii |W Si 


Hda ■■ S oi eet 


i€»^lmM ^ of Xerieet'-^lyeurgM O ' ■ B fmmmondst 
^■^Medern affegrame^ArcaJio'^Itt firmer ktf'^ 
fineft 0tid fertiht^Ftefent J^h^t^ tkeegea^fU" 
'very^Ithma^Uijffit mui Pen^ef^e^jtrgoe and 
Mjetnee^ Ag im e mm t Mmmj/h^L tmM ■ r «/« 
OM mid f^emi$-^Deith^4/)oUo eutd Duinm» Tr^-^ 
Mo^i^Lamder mid HerO'-^Deipkm-^remf^ tf 
AoU^^Pmrm^M^rkeMuiiai^Tiefubjea rt/^- 
ei ^ ^ >aH d mi of th fteh^ro£gmt temp^t «- 
emnpeiatd vntk rsm, Ami emd meteen^^Dtrhitfs^ 
^kmi md i^ptder^j^ffemk^ dsj-^nPj^m^fy 



^f UmJ^^ke JMp in great danger fafcs fJkiJUnd 
qf St. Gcorfe-^Tum ktr hrtadfde to tke Jkort^^ 
Her bviofpnty f^remafi and ma'tn'top'mmfi earned 
a^vay-'-^e firiket a rx)ck-»»S^tttt aJundar^^Fate «/ 
the erew. 

The Scene (Irefches from that part of the Archi- 
pelago which lies ten miles to thd northward of Fal- 
coneray to Cape CoIonna» in Attica.— The time li 
about (even hours, being from one Till eight in the 

"^TTHEK In a barbarous age, with blood defiPd, 
Vy The human favage roamM the gloomy wUd ; 
"When fuHen Ignorance her flag dtffliyM, 
And Rapine and Revenge her voice obeyed ; 
Sent from the Chores of light the Mufes camei 
The dark and folit^ry race to tame. 
*Twa8 their*8 the hwlcfs paflioni to controuli 
And melt in tender fymphthy the foul ; 
The heart from rice and error to reclaim, 
And breathe In human breafts celtflial flame. 
The kindling fptrit-caught th' empyreal ray, ^ 
And glowed congenial with the fwclling Uy. 
RousM from the chaos of primteval night, 
At once fair Truth and Reafon fprung* tonght*— 
When great Maronidas, in rapid fong, 
The thundering tide of battle rolls along, 
Each ravifhM bofom feels the liigh alarms) 
And all the burning pulfcs beat to arms. 
From earth upborn, on Pegafean wings. 
Far thro* the boundlefi realnn of thought he fprings } 
AVhile diftant poeU,* trembling as they view 
His funwtrd flight, the dasaling track pur^ 
But whci; his ftringt, with mournful magic, tibll 
What dire^dtft)^ I^Jiertes* ibii be^l, 
The ihains, meiind 'ring thro*'tHe maze of woe, 
Bid facred fympathy the heart Overflow. 
Thus, in old time, the Mufes* heavenly breath 
With vital force diflolv*d the chains of^ death: 
E^ch bard in epic lays began to fing. 
Taught hy the mafter of the vocal ftrlng.-r* 
*Tis mine, alas ! thro* dangerous fcenes to ftray, ftom the light of his unerring ray ! 
While, all unu8*d the wayward path to tread, 
T>irkling I wander'^with prophetic dread. 
To me in vain the bold Mxonian lyre 
Aw<tkes the numbers, fraught with living fire !r- 
Full oh indeed, that mournful harp of yore 
Wept die fad winderer loft upon the (hore ; 
But o*erthat fcene tV impatient mmibers ran, 
Subfenrieotonly to a nobler plan. 
•TisjAie, the unravel*d profpe^Vto difplay, 
. A^^ni th* events in regular array. 
TflHod the talk, to fing in vari^ flra&is, 
WhiWall unchangM the tragic theme itanaias ! 
Thrice happy ! night the fecret powers of art 
Unlock the latent windings iff the heart! 
Might t fa^jfei numben draw conipaflion*s tear 
For kinflBhiferies, oft beheld too near: ' 
l^r.kiril^^iTrctches, oflmruincail 
On Albion*$ f^Mnd> beneath the wnt'ry blafts 
' For ill the pangs, the complicated woe, 
fkrjtfaveft fons, her faithful fftlon know ! 

■h^'uflung o^ereach Britifli breafi, 
iiWlyrapathifd frhk Bdttm*t <b«s diftrcft s 

^ X M 8. 

For thif, my theme thfo* mafes I piiribr, 
Which nor Maeonidas nor Maro knew. 

Awrhile the mafl, in ruins dragg*d behind, 
Ba1an9*d the imprcffion of the helm and wind ; 
The wounded fopent, agooif *d wnch pain, 
Thus cralh his mangled volume on the plaiflf 
But now the wreck diflbvcr*d from the rear. 
The kmg reludant prow began to veer; 
And iNfhHc around before the wind it falls, 
.Squasc all the yards ♦ f the attentive mafter calliJ 
Yoo, timoMers, her motion (fill attend ! 
For on your 0eerage all our lives depend. 
So, fbddyt ! meet her , watch the bUft beland. 
And fteer her right *uef%re the fea^ and wind ! 
Staihoard agiin! the watchful ptUt cries } 
Starboard, the obedieut tiimonter ^epliet. 
Then to the left die ruling helm rctmns | 
The wheel % revolves {the ringing axle hums f 
The (hip no longer* foundering by the leCf 
Bearson her fide th* invafions a€ the feai 
AU kunty o*er the defart wafte fhe flies, 
Scourg*don by furges, ftcirm and borfUng fkies.- 
As when the maflcn of the lance afTail, 
In Hyperborean ieas, the fkjmberiitf whale ; 
Soon as the javelins pierce his fcaly hide, 
With ;ingtii(h ftong, he cleaves the downward tide 
In vVn he flies ! no flrfondly refpire found ; 
His life-blood guflies thro* th* inflaming wound. 

The wounded bark, .thus finarting "widk her pa 
Scuds from purfuing waves along the mata ; 
While, da(h*d apart by her divldisig prow. 
Like burning adamant the waters glow. 
Her joints forget their Arm elaflic tone ; 
Her long keel trembles, and her timbers groan. 
Upheav*d behind her, in trennendous height, 
The billows firown, with fearful radiance bright ! 
Now fhlvering, o*er tho topmoll wave fhe rides. 
While deep beneath th* enormous gulf divides. 
Now launching headlong down the horrid vak. 
She hears no more the roaring of the gale ; 
Tiir up the dreadful height agan (he flies, 
Trembling beneath the current of the Ikies. 
As that rebellious angel who from heaven 
To Ttgions of eternal pain was driven j 
When dreadlefs he forfook the Stygian fhoie, 
The dirtant realms of Eden to explore | 
Here on fulphureoiis clouds foblime upheav*d. 
With darint? wing th* infernal air he cleav*d; 
There, in fome hideous gulf defcending prone. 
Far in the raylefs void of night was thrown : 
Even fb fhe fcales the briny mountun*s height. 
Then down the htack abyfs ptedpitatcs her flight. 
The mafts, around whofe tops the whirlwinds (b^ 
WitKlong vibration round her axle fvyif^. 
To guide the wayward courfe amid the ghwoii 
The watchful pilots difiierent pofb aifume. 
Albert and Rodmond, ftation*d on the reaff 
With warning voice dlreA each timoneer. 
High on the prow the guard Arion keept. 
To fhun the craif^ wandering o*er the dc^s : 

* To fquare the yards, In this place is m 
arrange them dirediy athwart the fhip^sleng^ 

t Steddy, Is the order to fleer the fldp^ aceord 
to the line on which fte idvancet at tliat hrfh 
wlthont devbting to thei^ght or led cfaAeof. 

I I» all lvg« fiiipgthe hdm h mma^ ^ 

I . 



Whac*ir he iDoret M«inoa din atteads^ 

As if «a bun his only how tiependt t 

Wlifle Rodmond, kuM ai feme neighboiMfiiig 

Cnot ever and anao» X3«l mifsfitti 
Foot boors thos (e«d<Kng (« the dde die flew, 
Whoi FJc«iien*t reeky height they view. 
High 0% its iaxBtakf thm* the gloom of flight. 
The grimmefing wicch-tower utt% a iDoani^l light. 
la dirt amatemeat rivetted they lUndy 
And ht^- the bieaken lalh the rugged ftraad t 
Bat foua beyond this ihoiv the veiftl ^Hes, 
Sva u the npid eagle cleaves the /kiet. 
So iiMH the laogs of her infatsate ibe, 
O'ertbc broad champain feuds the trembling roe.— 
Tbr danger pail, reflcOs a feeble joy \ 
But (aoo recuming fears their hope deftroy. 
Thus, in th* Atlantic, oft die fiilor eves, 
Wkije mcldag in the rdga of ibfter 4ies» 
Sotoe Aip of ice, firom pohv regions bla|;wn, 
HaiJ the glad influence of a warmer cone t . 
Its cDfcA clifFsatflempcr^tf gales fupply i 
la ctwling fticam the aerial billowi fly \ 
Awidk deliver d from the fcorcliing heat, 
lo sender tidst the fieverifh palfes beat. 

^ when their trembltng veifel paft this ifle, 
Sacb viiaruMry joys the crew beguile ; 
Tb* iUofivc meteors of « lilelels 6re t 
Too fi)oo tbey kfaidle, and too ibon expire ! 

Say, Menoiy ! thou firnn whofe unemng tongue 
laftrodive flows the animated long ! 
What regions nam tht flowing fhip funmiiid } 
RcpoQi of old, thro* all the world renown*d | 
Toat, once the poet*s theme the mufes boaft, 
Now lie in rains \ in obltirion \o^ ! 
Did dicy, whode fad difbefs diefe lays deplore, 
t*aiD8*d in Gfeciao or in Roman lore, 
lacaofidoni pafs each famous circling fhore ? 

Tbey did j fiir, hlafM in the barren fhade, 
Hoey all too fixNi, the buds of fcience. fiade % 
Sad ocean*s genus, in undroely hour, 
Widien the Uooa of every fpringbg flower. 
Here 6ncy droops^ while fullen tloud and ftorm 
The gencroot climate of the feul defbrm. 
Then tf, ammg the wandering naval train, 
Oae iMpling, esilM fbm tb* Aooian plain, 
Had e*cr, cotianc*d in 6ncy*s fbothing dream, 
Appioach*d to tadb the fweet Cafblian ftream, 
(Since thole ialubrioas fbcMBt, with power divine^ 
To pqigr fcnik th* attempered foul refine) 
Hti heart, with liberal coonmerce here, unblefl. 
Alien to ioy! fincertr grief podeft. 
Yeton the yo«thfq) mini th' impreffion cafk 
Of andiitt glory, fhall for ever laft* 
There, all unfMchM by cruel fbttune^s ire, 
it glows whh inexdngoi&bk fire. 

hMMrtal AtfatfH &rft, in rain fpread, 
CoMlgnont Iks at PortiJoao's head. 
Gmt fimroe of fciencP. whofe immortal name 
Standi fbiemafthi the glotion roU of fame. 
HqegniHIfc Snorates and-Plamfhoae, 
Aad, fhntotraeh, eanml honoiv woo, 
Tht ifft'oi VirtK*s canie his lift refignM^ 
Bjr Heat *n praMnae'd dm wiiett of mankind s 
Thelaft fomahlthe f^of vital fire. 
The fo«l*s fbe cfibnca, mvtr could acfdr^^ 
Hire Sofam dwelt, dit philodbphic fage^ 
Tlw fied Plfiftmiii* vindi^ve ra^e. 


Juft Arif^dei here nnlntalaM the catifb, 
>Vhore facred precepts fhine thro* SoIon*s Jawt. 
Of all her toweriiig flru^res, noW alone 
Some fcacter*d columns (bnd, with weeds oVtgrowii. 
The wandering fbanger, near the port, defcries 
A milk-white lion of fhipendous fixe.} 
Unknown the fculptor s marble is the frame : 
And hence th* adjacent haven drew its name. 

Next, 'in the |^h of £qgta, Corinth lies, 
Whole gorgeous fabrics feem*d to fti;ike the fkief \ 
Whom, tbo* by tyrant vSdors oft* fubdu*d, 
Gre^e, Egypf, Rome, with awf^l wonder view*d> 
Her name, for Pallas* heavenly art renowned *, 
Spread like the foliage wliich her pillars crowned. 
But now, in fatal dcfolation laid, 
OblivibA o*cr it draws a di'fmal /hade. 

Then further wefbvard un Morea*f land. 
Fair Mifitra 1 thy modem turrets ftaod. 
Ah 1 who, unmov*d with fccret woe, can teH 
That here great Lacedannon*s glory kll ? 
Here once fhe f}ourtio*d, at whofo trumpet's found 
War burft his chains, and nations fhoo^ around. 
Here brave Leonidas from ihorrco fhore 
Thro* all Achaia bnde her thuilders roar : 
He, whe4 imperial Xerxes, from afar, 
Advanc*d with Perfia*s funrfefs troops to war. 
Till Macedonia ihrunk beneath his fpear. 
And Greece diffaiay*ii beheld the chief draw near ; 
He, at Thermopylae's immortal plain. 
His force repelPd with Sparta*t glorious train.. 
Tall Oeu faw the tyrant*s conqiier*d bands. 
In gafping millions, bleed on hoftile lands. 
Thus van<|oifh*d Afia trembling heard thy name* 
And Thebes and Athens ficken'd at thy'fimei 
Thy fbce, fnpported by Lycuigus* laws, 
Drew, like thine arms, fuperlative applaule^ 
Even great Epaminondas ftrove in vain 
To curb that fplrit with a Theban chain. 
But ah ! bow low her free-born fpirit now I 
Her abjed fbns to haughty tyrants bow i- 
A falfe, degenerate, fupolUdous raee 
Infell thy regkm, and thy name dlfgrace ! 

Notmfbntfir, Arcadia's blefk domains 
Peloponnefiis* circling fhore contaois. 
Thnce happy foil 1 where ftill feienely gay, 
Indulgent Flora breadi*d perpetual May } 
Where buxom Ceres taoght th* obfe^uious field, 
Rich without ait, fpantaneous gtfb to yield. 
Then with fbme rural nymph fapremely bleil, 
While tranfport glow*d in each enamoured breaft. 
Each ^hfttl fbepherd told his tender pahi* 
And fung^of fylvan fports in artkia flraiiu - 
Now, fad revcrfe,! Opprrffion*s iron hand 
Enflnret faernadvts, and defpoils the land. 
In lawlels rapine bred, a (anguine train ^^ 
With midnight-ravage fcour th* unculturM ^^B 

Weftward of thele, beyqnd die Ilthmus, Mr 
The kiv-lofl ifk of Idiacos dia wife j 
Where fab Pcnekpe her abiimt lord 
Full twice ten years with faithful love dM|0r*d« 
Tho* many a princely hi«t her beauty £ 
She, guarded on^ faw her fbipling (on J 
Each bold atteinpt of fuitor-kings repelP 
And undefird tht nuptial contriift held. 
With various arts to win her love they toiPd^ 
But all their wiles by virtuous fraud fbe itiXit ' 

* Architecture. 




F A Z. CO 


F O K M S. 

Tree tohervovn, aad reibttitely chaAe, 
The beauteous princeit triunph'd at the laft. 
Argoiy in Greece /brgotteo and unknown^ 
SciU Ceens her cruel fortune to betnoan } 
Argos, wbofe moiMrch led the Grceaan hofts 
Far o'er the iEgean main to Dardio caafts. 
Unhappy prince ! wb(>» on a hoftHeihocc, 
Toil,jerU, anguUb, ten long winters bore. 
And «^ to native reaUm reftorM at laft> 
To reap the hanreft of thy labours paft $ 
- A perjured fnend, alas ! and faithleTs wife. 
There iacrificM to impious luft thy life !— 
f aft by Arcadia ftretch theie-delart plains. 
And o'er the land a gloomy tyrant reigns. 

Next the ^r lAe of Helena • is Teen* 
Where adverie winds detab*d the Spartan <{ttecn } 
For whom In arms combinM the Grecian hofti 
With vengeance fir*d, invaded Phrygians coaft i 
Tor wboin\ib long they laboured to deftroy 
The fKred turreti of imperial Troy. 
Hfre» driven by Juno's rage, the hapleis dame,' 
Forlorn of hesrt, from minM llion came. 
The pMt an im^ge bears of Parian ftone, 
Of ancient fabric, but of date unknown. #- 

Due eaft from this appears the immortal iboi^ 
That iacnd Phcebos and Diana boret 
Delos, thro* all the iCgean Teas renOwn*d ! 
(Whoie coait the rocky Cyclades ftutound) 
By Phcebus bonoar*d, and bv Greece rever*d ) 
Bcr hallowM groves even diftant Periia frar*4. 
But now, a filent unfrequented land ! 
No human footftep marks the tracklefs fand. 
Thence to the noith, by Afia*s weftem bound. 
Fair Lemnos ftands, with rifing marble cn>wn*d | 
Where, in her rage, avenging Juno hurl'd 
Ill-^tted Vulcan fnin th* KthenaL world. 
There his eternal anvils iirft he reared $ 
Then, fbrg'd by Cyclopean art, appeared 
Thunders, that fliook the 4ues with dire alarms. 
And, ibrm*d bv ikill divine, Vulcanian arms. 
There, with this crippled wreuh, the foul difgrace 
And living fcandal of th* empyreal race. 
' The beauteous queen of Love in wedlock dwelt* 
In fires pro£me can honrenly bofbms mek ? 

Eafhvard of this appears ^ Dardan Aore, 
That once th* imperUl towers of Ilium bore. 
Jlluftrious Troy I renownM in every dime. 
Thro* the long annals of onfbldbg time ! 
How of^, thy royal bulwarks to defend. 
Thou faw*ft thy tutelar |ods in vain defcend ! 
Tho* chiefs unnumbered in her caufe were flain, . 
Tho' nations perifhM on her bloody plain. 
That refuge of perfidiouft Helen's fliame 
'^^oom'd at length to fink in Grecian fiamet 
J^Bbw, by-time's deep pkmgfa-ihare harrow' 

TlKat of facred Troy is fotind no moft, 
Ko trace of all her glories now remains} 
But com and vines enrich her cuhur'd plains. 
SilTerSMunder laves the verdant fhore ; 
Scam^^Bft* o'erflowed with hoftile gore ! 
NdHpnnovM from Ilion's fionoue land, 
Jn coonSrview appears the Thracian ftrand ; 
Where beauteous Hero, fro^ the turret's height, 
'"" ' y'd her crefcent each tevolfteg night f 


* ffow IpMWB by the name of Macronifi. 

Whoie gfeaardUroaed k»v*4 Lender o*cr 
The roUJng HeUefpoot to Afia's Ihore i 
Till, b a fitted bMir, on Thrada's ceaft 
She faw her k>ver*s lifrlcis body toft t 
Then felt her boibm agony fcvere I * 
Her eyes fad-gating pew'd the inccflant tear ; , 
O'erwhelm'd wkh anguidi, fnnlic with dcTpir, 
She beat her beanteoos breaft and tosc her hai^- 
On dear Lcaoder'sname in vain fbe cry'd { 
Then headloi^ phmg'd into the parting tide. 
The partii^ tide rccdv'd the lovely wnghr. 
And proudly flow'd, exulting in ks fitngbt. 

Far weft of Thnce, beyosid the Mgan makk 
Remote from ocean, lies the Delphic phMb 
Thelacitdorackof PhsboailMre 
Hidio'er the mount arafc, dhrindy futt 
Achaian marble fbnii*d the gorgeoos pile : 
Auguft the fiibric ! elegant its ftile ! 
On brasen luqges twnad the fiber doors. 
And checquer'd marble p«r*d the pdift'd fieon. 
Thenwfs, where fiotied tabUdures appear'd. 
On columns of Coriathiaa mouM were rsar'd : 
Of ihining porphyry the fliafb were firam'd. 
And round the hollow done bright jewels fiam*<t 
Appllo's fu|»pliant priefb, a blanrkft train! 
Fram'd their ohladoos osi the holy fane : 
To front the fun*s 4r^Umf^ ray *twas plac'd | 
With golden harpS and livfaig laurels grac'd. 
The fcicnces and arts around the ihtine 
Cooipicuotts ibone, ongravM by hands divine ! 
Here /Efculaphis' fnake difpl»)rcd hii cieft. 
And burning glories fparkkd on his bieaft s 
While fmm his eye's infuSiFrable fight 
Difeafe laid Death recoil'd in l»KlkMig flight 
Of this great temple, thro* all time rcoowo'd, 
Sunk in oblivion, no itmatns are found. 

Contiguous hoe, with hallow'd woods o'crfprl 
Pamafltis lifb to heaven ita hooowr'd haad|^ 
Where, finom the deluge fav'd, by heaven's cao^ 
Deucalkw leading Pyrrba hand in han4» [b^H 
Repeopled all the deiolatsrd land. 
Around the fcene unfrded laurels gpow» 
And arpmadc flowers fi>r ever blow. 
The winged choirsy on every tree abovcy 
Carol fweet numbcn thio' the vocal gnavt i 
While o'er th' eternal (jpring that fmilff bcneatb) 
Young tephyrs bone on rofy pistons breathe. 
Fair daughters of the fan 1 the facred Nioct 
Here wake to ecftafy their ioogs divine $ 
Or crown'd with myrtle, w fomc fweet akove 
Attune the tdider firings to blcedmg k>ve. 
AU f<Mlly fweet the halmy cunrcnta roll. 
Soothing to fisfbft peace the toit«r*d foul. 
While hill and vale with choral voice around 
The nuific of immortal harps refoimd. 
Fair Fleafure leads in dance the happy hc^tfs. 
Still fcattering where ihe moves Elyfiao floneisl 
Even now the ftrains, with fweet coittagioo ft^ 
Shed a delicious languor o'er the tboogfat.«<" 
Adieu ye vales, that fitniling peace bdAow* 
Where £den*s bbflbmaevcr-vefaal Mow ! 
Adieu ye ftseoms, that o'er iochanied ground 
In lucid mase th* Aonian hlUfttrnMnd ! 
Ye fidry fcenes where Fancy loves to dwell* 
And young Delight, for ever, O farewell ! 
The fiml with tender fauniry yoii fill. 
And o'er the fcQfeL«haRflcwt difHX! 



kwktt Memwy, fran tb* ksforiow 
Witk bnzcA longs tdimie the kindling cfaeme 1 
CcUedthy powen ! tttMire thy vital fire ! 
Teipirks of the Aonn, my raCt taTpire ! 
HNrie ai the iHiiihvtBds that efingc the manly 
b lantDts pour along the fwelling ftntn ! 

No, borne impetDoot o*cr the botlo^ deept» 
Her cou4 to Attic Aoics the ve^ Imp* t 
Vittfikth » the w^ves behind her fwell> 
5ciB widi the wfaeeliag Hern their force repcL 
fardusaflault Should either quarter * leel, 
Afan to Hank the oempeft Ibe might reel. 
lUe fleoiiiien erery Udden turn apply $ 
Torishtaod left the fpokcs alternate fly. 

, Has «beB £>ine cooq^terM hoft retreats in fear» 
'He bnveft leaders guard the broken rear} 
higoat they retire» and kog oppoiie 
Sfoiar vmies that aioand them clofei 
StiQ JbieU the flanks } the loaicd ^uadrooi job } 
Aadgwk the flight in one embodied line : 
Si deydiied the flying bark before 
Tb* iafelliqg floods that Ufh her to the flMie. 
Astebeaightedtrawdler, thru* the ihade» 
^tei die dcvioospath with heart di£nay*d } 
^^ prawliag £nragea behbd him roacy 
iad yawMog pks aid qaagmires hirk belbr&— 
^ o'ertbe poop th* audacious ieas afpire* 
l>nir4in bills of fbiaoating fiie. 
Ai fcoe feu coofoerar* fiandc with faoceis> 

^SWdio^er die naboos ruin and difbeisi 
So, «faik the watery wiUereefs he roarosy 
iBceoi'd to Cerenfbld rage the tempeft loams) 
Asd o*cr the bcmbling pines* above, beloWy 
SbdH tfan* the ovdage howls, with notes of woe. 
Ksvdtoadersy wafted ftom the burning aane» 
Qmi, hamttuf a d«af and hollow groan ! 
neiip*sbigh battkmentst toefther6de 
For eicr locking, drink the briny tide : 
^JMlsaahiag*d, in pakM languors play» 
At Kt diflblns beneath the noon-dde ray. 
Tbe ftiei, afendcr torn, a deluge pour ; 
1^ iaipetnaBs hail deicends in whirling fhower. 
^oathemafts, with pale and livid raysy 
Avid the gloom portentous meteors blaae. 
^atbcrsdHome, in mournful pomp arrayM. 
^Ms behind impenetrable fliade $ 
^1 la&iag aouad iotokrable light, 
^cMks aHthe terrofi of the night. 
^temrSina's quaking hill o'ofpread, 
^^ beavn^slond trumpet founded o*er hb head. 
KfcoB'd, the wrathfta Ai^I of the wind 
Had all die bflfion of the fltiea corobin*d s 
^boe, to one ilUfi«edfliip opposed, 
^«Kc the dreadful magaaine difcles^d. 
;^ lo! tremendous o*er the deep he fpriags^ 
^' ^iwa i H Wphur flafliing fiom his wings !— 
U«fc! Us fbong -voice the diftnal filence breaks ; 
|w cbaos ffOB the chains of death awakes ! 
^ «< more loud the tolling peaU enlarge, 
^|°^Uoe on deck thdr biasing 6des difcharge t 
2**» * ^ghaft, the flMvering wretches flood, 
3^ cbil fhfjpence «id jear congealM their blood. 
Knr b a ddoge borib the living flamt, 
^ ^icad coneafikin rands th^ Ktheiial ftama $ 

* The qaaster it the hinder port of a fhip*s fide y 
^ ^ P«t which is near titf itenw 

Sick earth convolfive giO«$ from fbore to ibocc^ 
And nature fhuddeiing feels the horrid roar. 

Skill the fad profpcA rifes on my fight, 
RcvcaPd in all its mournful fhade and light. 
Swift thro' my pulfes glides the kindling fire. 
As lightning glances on th' ele£lric wire. 
But ah ! the force of numbers ibivee in vaio» 
The glowi|^rcene unequal to fuftajn. 

Eoc lo ! at laft, from tenfold darknefs bom. 
Forth ilTiies «'er the wave the weeping mom. 
Hail, facred jrifion ! who, on orient wing. 
The cheerin^^iiwn of light propitious bring I 
All nature fmtling hail'd the vivid ray, 
That gave her beauties to returning day : 
All but our (hip, that, groaning on the tide. 
No kind relief, no gleam of hope defcry'd. 
For now, in fimtf, her trembling inmates fee 
The hills of Greece emerging on the lee. 
So the loft lover views that fatal mors. 
On which, ftir ever fifom his bofom torn. 
The nymph ador*d refigna her bloomiog charms* ' 
To blefs %rith love fonw happier rival's arms. 
So to Elisa dawn'd that cruel day. 
That tore iCneaa from her arms away I 
That faw him parting never to return, 
Herfelf ih funeral flames decreed to bum. 
O yet in doude, that genial fource of light. 
Conceal thy radiant glories from our fight ! 
Co, with thy fmile adom the happy plain. 
And gild the fcenes where health and pleafiirerdgn: 
Butlet not here, in fc«m, thy vfantunbeam 
Infult the dreadful grandeur of my theme ! 

While flkoreward now the bounding vcflel flies* 
Full in her van St George's clifl^ arife : 
High o'er the reft a pointed ciag is feen. 
Thus hung projcding over a A^oiTy green. 
Nearer and nearer now the danger grows. 
And all their ikill relentlefs fates oppofe. 
For, while more eaftward they dire^ the prow* 
ErKiiroous waves the Quivering deck overflow. 
While, as ihe wheels, unable to fubdue 
Her failles, ftill they dread her broaching-to *. 
Ataiming thought ! for now no more a-lee 
Her riven fide could bear th' invading fea j 
And if the following furge flie feuds befbre, 
Hcidlong flie runs upon the dreadful fhore i 
A ihore where fhelves and hidden rocks abound* 
Where death in fecret ambufli lurka around.— 
Far Icfs difmay'd, Anchifes* wandering fbo 
Was feen the ftraits of Sicily to ihun : 
When Palimirus, firom the helm, defciyM 
The rocks of Scylla on his eaftem fide ; ^ 
Whll^ in the weft, with hideous yawn diiSclos*d* 
His onward path Charybdis' gulpb oppos'd i 
The double danger ak by turns he view'd. 
His wheeling bark her arduous track purfu'd. 
Thus, while to right and left deftru6tioo lies. 
Between th' extremes the daring veflel flies. 

* Bronching-to, is a fudden and bvoluntary move- 
ment in navigadon, whera'm afliip, whilftfcudding or 
failing betbre the wind, unezpededly turns her fide 
to windward. It is generally occafioned bv the dif- 
ficulty of Peering her, or by ibme difalter happening 
to r.^,* mrvchincry of the helm. See the laft note of 


V A t C O N E K^$ FOE MS. 

WithboMDdlerslfivottition, koHBAgVer 
The marble diA* lond-dailiing fwfet roer. 
Hoarfe duo* each windh^ crrek the temped ravcty 
And hollow rocks repeat the groin of wavei. 
DeftrufHoR round th* faiiadtCe coaft prepare^ 
To cni(h the trembling flupy nimuinber^d (hires. 
But haply now ihs Tcapes the fattl ftrand, 
Tbo* fcarce ten fathoms diftant from the laod. 
Swift as the weapon iflblng from the boW| 
She cleaves the baming waters with her prow ; 
And forward leaping, with timmlctious hafte» 
Asootbetempeft*swing, the ifle flie paft. 
Wid) kngiqg eyes, and agony of roindy 
The Tailors view this refuge lefb behind s 
Hmy to birbe, w^ Indians richeft ore» 
A ufo acceAon to that barren (horc ! 

When in the dark Peruvitti mine coftfin*d» 
Loft to die chearfttl eommerce of mankind, 
The groaning caodTe wafles his lift away, 
For ever exird from the realms of day i 
Not equal pangs his boTom agonite. 
When fir above the Ciored light he eyesy 
While, alf forlorn, die viAim pines in vai% 
For fccnes he never (hall podeTs again. 

But now Athenian moontalni they delay. 
And o*erthe (bige Oolonna frownson high. 
Befide the capers projeaing vet^e is plae*d 
A range of columns, long by dme doftc^d ; 
Firft »laated by devodoo to Aiftaln, 
Itldder times, Ttitonb*sfacred fvie. 
Foams the wild beaehhelow with hiad*9ing rage. 
Where waves the rocks a droidfiil oonybat wage. 
The fickly heaven, fermendng wlthks fiuigli^ 
Sdll vomits o*er the maht the hifttm weight t 
And now, while wlngM with rub from on high. 
Thro* the rent ck>ttd the n^ed lightoiogsfly, 
A flafh, quick-glancing on the nwes of lighr. 
Struck the jnle helfflfman with eternal nights 
Rodmond, who heard a piteous gioan bchbd, 
Tooch*d with companion gaa'd* upon tlie blind { 
And while aroundhis fad companions croud. 
He guides th* unhappy vt€Um to thefbroud. 
Hietheealoft, my gallant fHend ! hecries} 
Thy only fucoMir on the maft relies !— 
Thehelm, bereft of hidf its vied force. 
Now fcarce fubdu*d the wild unbridled courie: 
Quick to th* abandon*d wheel Ark» came, 
TEc iliip*s tempeftuoos falOcs to reclaim. 
Amas*d he iaw tier, o*er the (bunding foam 
Upborn, to right and left diftraded roam. 
So gas*d young Phaeton, with pale difmay. 
When mounted on tlie flamiqg car of day. 
With ralh and In^ions hand the Ibriplfaig try"^ 
Th* hnmortal oouHers of die fun to guide.— 
The ndbl, while the dreadevcnt dnrars ntgh» 
S«ems moreirapatiento*er the waves to fly : 
Fate f^urs her on.— Thus iffbbg from afiv^ 
Advances to the fnnlbme biasing Aar f 
Andy as it fisels di* attraakn's kindling (bice. 
Springs onward wkh acceletated courib. 

Wldi mournful look the ioameney'dtheftraidi 
Where death*sinexorahle jaws expands 
Swift from didr mtods elaps'd aU dang^ paft» 
As, dumb wkh «mor, diey beheld die iaft. 
Nowoo the trembling fhrouds, faefbre, behind. 
In mute fufpence they mount into the ^snndv-* 
The Genhss of the deep, on rapid wl^g, 
The Mack eventful moment ftan*d to bfing. 

The 6ca1 SMUrt, on die fufge hefbiv^ 
Yok*d thrfr tnfemal haries mthep i et t. ■ ■ 
The ft eeri h icn now receTV*4 their Iaft fmnmmd 
To wheel die veOel iidfcloiv to die ftrand. 
TwelvoCsUors, on the fbtomaft who depend^ 
High on the olatfbcm of the top alcend i 
Fatal retreat! for while the pluQghig flow 
'mmerges headlong in the wave bdow» 
lA>wn*preft by wat*rjr weight the bowfpnt bcoiftii, 
And from abo^ the ftem deep cra(Ung reods. 
Beneath har beak the fkiatiqg roim lie $ 
The fbremaft totters, uafuftaio*d on higli i 
And now the fldp, fbre^lfM by the (ca. 
Hurls the tall fiibric backward o*er her tee | 
While, ii^ the general wreck, ^ Aichful ftay 
Dngi the aain-topmaft ftom its poft away. 
Flung from the maft, the leameo ftrive in vain 
Thro* hoftile floods tlieir veflU tn rtfain. 
The Wives they bufllet, till, bereft of ftrengdn 
0*erpowerM they yield to cruel tee at leogdh. 
The hoftile waters ckie around tbefa' head, 
Thqr fink for ever, narobcr*d widi the dead ! 

Thoie who remain their nfaiflil doom await^ 
Nor kmger swum their loft companon*a ftibt. 
The heart that bleeds with (<irrow alt its own. . 
Forgets the pangs of fnentUhip to hfm>'H>>"» 
Albert and Rodmond and Palemon here» 
With young Arion, on the maft appear { 
Even they* audd th* uofpcakable diftrola» 
In every look diftrafting diooghts eonftft s 
In every vain the refhient blood oongeaby 
And vmy bofom ted temrfecls. 
Inclos*d with all the demom of the malo, f 
They view*d th* a^ent flKMt, but viewM io tvn. 
Such torments in the drear abodea of hell. 
Where fad dafpairlamenu with rueful yelly 
Such torments agoniae the damned breaft» 
While fancy views the raaofkim of the Ueft. 
For hea«an*s fweet failp tfaeu fupfUant cms in 

But heaven, relentJeft, deigns tohelp no snore! 

And now, lafli*d on by deflinv feveroa I 

Wtth horror fraught, the dreadfU fceor drew near^ 
The fliip hangs hovering on the veife of dooth, 
HeU yawns, rocka rifea and brcakocB torn h 

In vain, alas ! the (bcred fludes of fon 
Would arm die snind with pluloCiphic kK!»( 
In vam thay*d teach us, at the lateft boead^ 
To fmik (bene amid the paogs of dcnriu 
Even Zciio*s (elf, andfipidetuaoUy 
This fell aby(s had (hndderM to bekoU. 
Had Socrates* for ntdlike viitiia fam*ay 
And wifeftof die fins of mm pnodainn*d» 
BeheU dib feene of plvtnay and difti«^ 
HitfbulhadtmBhIidtoitsiaftreeefr!-. . 
O yttoonfim my havt, ye powers abavc» 
Tht»laft WM iii d a n s dipck of fate to pww»> . 
The totieristg frame of raafcn yet fuftM ! 
Nor let this total ruin whirl my bnbl | 

In vain the cords and aces were pcepar*d 
For now di* tuiadons te^ infiik the y«4 ) 
High o*er dii flyp they diioiw a honid iMdoy 
And o*cr her burft» hi teniUB caflaideu 
Uplifbd on the forge, to heaven (he fliiets 
Her flMttr*d top half borfad in die fl^cw 
Then headkMis plnHpbg thonden OB thn gpcHMidy 
Bnth groauT air CEwnUei ! and the dt^ refoui 



Aid qoirering writh the woondi ip tonoentf reels. 
So ndi) coarulsM with agonifiog thnety 
The bkafing bull beiAr^ the murd*rer*i blowt.*- 
Apiofteptofifetl hark' afeooodihock 
Tor her ttto^ bottom on the oiarbk rock ! 
Donoa the rtle of death, with diCcnal cries, 
lV6td viduns Aoddering roll their eyes 
h viU Jdpair ; while yec another ftroke* 
Whh deep coovalfiooy rends the iolid oak t 
TiQlikttfae moie, in whofe inlemal ccR 
Tklofkiag demons of deftroOkm dwell, . 
Atlagtbafissder torn her frame divides, 
AodcnAidf fpseads in mio o^erthe tides. 

wese it mine with tonefiil Maro*s art 
To idte to fympathy the feeling heart ) 
Lib hiiD the fmooth and moymful verie todrcla 
biDihe pomp of exquxfite diftrefs ! 
Umb, tooftvtrely taught by cruel ^te 
Tsiseiaallthe perils I relate, 
llesaigitt 1 with tanrtvaird ftnuns deplore 
A' iupcnrioos horrors of a leeward ihore. 
Ats^the fuife the ftooping nsain-roaft hong » 
Sifi oa the rigfbg thirty ieamen clung : 
hne» iniggliqg, on a broktn crag were caft^ 
Aiitkre by oecy tingles grappled faft: 
Aflide dMy bore th* o*eni^lming billows rage> 
^■il combat wkh then* fitfe to wage) 
TidBbeoamb'd Md fteUe they fbiego 
^fippery hold, and fink to ftades below. 
W, ftooithe matn-yard-arro bnpetnous thrown 
%vibk ridges, die without a groan. i 

\^wA Palemon on their fldU depend, 
Mfroa the wreck on oars and rafts defcend. 
^«dK mouatatn-wave on high they ride, 
^ imnmi plunge beneath th* involving tide { 
^Btt, vhoieemainagonytoftiive, 
^vhMngbctakets btavc on flKMt alhre I 
^Ktsfpeedierend of ai^uUhknew, 
^MtMllony beach, alifeleftcrew! 
Hm, onhappy chief! th* eternal doom 
■ bavta decreed thee to the briny tomb ! 
^fccacs of mifiery torment thy view ! 

' crew I 


. -f . . .w- w.^ human blood ! 

pi^i wA aaguifli hoary Ptiam gas*d, 
~ Tiiy^s fanpcrid domes in ruin blaa*d | 
W, fesereft ibrrow doomM to feel, 
Wneaih the viaor*s murderii^ fteeL 
sitb bis belptelfl partners till the laft, 
^ p! Albert hugs the floating mafl; 
fisald yet fuftain the mortal blow, 
yS) iln! beneath foperior woe : 
kk nature's fympatbetic chain 
I^Uijcamfa^ heart with powerful ftcain; 
si mit fyt cw Joom*d to mourn 
aha! who never flwll remm ; 
timttf*9 aMoach enos*d, 
\mi hai<dfllfes unlbfeHen endoiM : 
^mghsv left without a ftiend, 
■Neva fcccour and defcndf 
iHlMigance utt lorth a prey 
b|uk, thac flatten to betray— 
^f#ftiuM rack hU Mbg mfaidr 
~' lhaham bcfide, hk gcafp raflgn'd \ 

■teaUii^ waters o'^ktm mU'd, 
'^^i^am the maftcr*! legs €iifol4«<» 


vfecacs of mifcry torment thy 1 
RtpdaM iraggWa of thy dying c 
If M^d hopes all buried in the i 
^Rl«fdthceriea! red with hui 

[-Sad Albert ftds the dSfiehitioa neir« 
I And ftrives in vain his fettered limba to dear ( 
I For death bids every dhiKhinj; joint adhere. 
All-iaint, to heaven he throws his dying eyei» 
And, <* O proteft my wife and child !** he criess 
TbiguAktt flicams roll back th* Nnfintih*d feund I 
He gafps! bodies* and ttenUes tt> the ground I 

Fiveanlylcftof all theperifli*d throng, 
Vetride the pine which flwreward drives along; 
With thefe Arioo ftUI his hold ftcures. 
And all the aflaultt of hofttle waves endures. 
0*er the dire profpefi as for life he ftrives. 
He looks if poor Palemon yet furvives. 
Ahwherefbre, trofting to unequal art, 
Didftthou, incMtdous! from the wreck depart? 
Alas ? thefe rocks all human (kill defy. 
Who ftrtkes them once beyond relief moft dies 
And now, fore wounded, thou toft 
Ontheie, orJnfomeooaycaveraloft. 
Thus thought Arion, anxioosgaaingmund 
In vain, his eyes no more Pakmoo found. 
The demons of deftm^Uon hover nigh. 
And thick their mortal flufb commiflkn*d fly. 
And now a breakii« furge, wkh forceful fivay. 
Two next Arion funoos tears away. 
Horrd on the cr^, behold, they gsfp! tl^ 

bleed ! 
And, groanhig, cling upon th* doflve w«ed !— 
Another billow borfts in boundIcA fo«! 
Arion finks { and Memory vtevrs no mate ! 

Ha! total night and horror here prefide! 
My ftunn*d ear tingles on the wUaanig tide ! 
Ic is the funeral kndl ! and, gliding near, 
Methinks the phantoms of the dead appear ! 

But lo ! emerging 6om the watery grave. 
Again they float incumbent on the unive 1 
Again the difxnd profpeA opens round, 
The wreck, thefliores, the dymg, ssidthe4mim*d! 
And ieot! enfnehled by repeated fliocks, 
Thofe two who fcraroble on th* adjacent rocks. 
Their fiOthleis hold no longercan retain. 
They fink o'erwhelm*d, and never rife again I 

Two with Arion yet the maft upbore. 
That now above the ridges readi*d the fboeet 
Soil trembling to defcend, they downwaitl gaze. 
With horror pale, and torpid with amaie : 
The floods recoil ! the ground appears below ! 
And ljfe*s fabt emben now rekindling glow t 
Awhile they wait th* cxhaufted wave*s retreat. 
Then climb flow up the beach with hands and feet. 
O Heaven ! delivered by whoTe fovereign hand. 
Still on the brink of hell they fliudderiog ftmd, 
Receive the languid incenfe tliey bc^hnv. 
That damp with death appears not yet toglow. 
To thee each Ibul the warm oblation pavs. 
With tictnhling ardour of unequd praifc ; 
ia every heart lUfmay with wonder fbives. 
And HofMB the ficken*d fpark of Ufe revives $ 
Hac magic powers thehr exilM health reflore. 
Till horror and defpair are fidt nu more. 

A troop of Grecians who bhabit nigh^ 
And of^ thefe perilsof the deepdefcry, 
Rous*d by the bksftoring tesBpeft of the night. 
Anxious had clfan*d Colittna^ neighbouring hdght $ 
Whan gating d ow n w aid on th* adjacent flood. 
Full to their view the fcene of niin flood $ 
The fhrf with mMgtod bodies ftitwM around, 
|Aq^ thiihytt bitithini on the rea*wafli*d ground ! 


Tho* loft to fcieoce and die nobler trti. 
Yet nature*s lore informM their Ming betrt» : 
Stnit down the vale with htft*ning i|ept they hied> 
Tb* unhapy fufFeren to aflift and guide. 

Mean while thofe three efcap*d beneath- explore 
The fiift adirettt*roas youth %vho reach*d the flan t 
Panting* with eyes averted fitora the day* 
Prone* helpkis* on the tangly beach he lay— 
It it Pakin(Mi>-^s what tiumilts roll 
'With hope and t enor in Arion*t fool t 
If yet ti|ihurt he livet again ^ view 
Hit friend and this fole remnant of our crew ! 
With u» to travel thro* thif foreign cone, 
And ihare the future good or ill unknown. 
ArioA^faua{ but ah! fad doom of fate ! 
That bleeding Memory fomywi to relate, 
Vniile yet aAoat on Ibme reftfting rock, 
Mil ribs were daAi*d M fra£hired with the fliock ) 
Heart-piercing fight ! thofe cheeks fo late array*d 
In beauty*! bloom* are pale with mortal ihade ! 
Oiftilling blaod his lovely breaft o*erfpready 
And cloggM the golden treiles of his head ! 
Nor yet the lungs by this pernicious ftroke > 
Were wounded, or the vocal organsbroke. 
Down from his neck, wkh biasing gemt array*d» 
Thy image, kifdy Anna 1 hung portrayed $ > 

Th* unconfdous figure fmiliog idl ferene, 
Sufpooded in a golden chain was feen. 
Hadft thou, ibftmaiden ! in this hour of woe^ 
Beheld him writhing from the deadly blow. 
What force of art, what language could exprefs 
Thine agony ! thine exquifite diftrefs ? 
But thou, alas! art doom*d to weep in vaia 
Fok" him thine eyes fhall never fee again ! 
With dumb amasement pale, AriongasM, 
And cautbttfly the wounded youth upraisM | 
Palemoo then, withcniel pangs oppreil. 
In faulteriflg accents thus his friend addrefsM : 

" O refcu*d from deftroftioQ late fo nigh 
** Beoeath wfaofe fatal influence doom*d 1 lie ; 
** Are we then exil*d to this laft retreat 
** Of life, unhappy ! thus decreedto meetf 
^' Ah I how unlike what yefto'-mom ei^y*d» 
'< Inchanting hopes, fix ever now deftroy'd ! 
** Fpr wounded fu beyond all healing power, 
** Palemon dies, and this his final hour t 
** By thofe fell breakers, where in vain I fb<ove> 
** At once cut off fitom fortune, life and love ! 
<< Far other fcenes muft foon prefent n^ fight, 
*^ That lie deep-buried yet in tenfold night. 
•< Ah ! wretched father of a wretched foo, 
" Whom thy paternal prudence has undone ! 
« How will remembrance of this blinded care 
•< Bend down thy head with anguiih and defpair ! 
«' Such dire efie&s from avarice arife, 
** That, deaf CO nature*s voice, and vainly wife, 
** With force fevere endeavours to controul 
*' The nobleik paffions that infpire the foul. 
** But O, thM fiKved Power ! whofe law conned 
" Th* eternal chain of caufes and efifedt, 
«< Let not thv chaffcening minittert of rage 
« AffiAwittiharpfeflaodehisftabkagel 
«< And you, Anoo! who wkh thefo the lafl 
«< Of aU our eitw fonmra the Shipwreck pafo— 
« Ah! jceafietDnoaml thofe frindly tears icfbam! 
«< Nor give my dying aoaMotaktenerpaml 
«< Since heaven may iboo thy wandering ftept itflaie» 
** Wh«o parted bcMy toBogMl^t dUbtttee} 

f A t C O M I &'S POI M8^ 

« Shouldft thon, tb* onwilfiag meffcoger of ^ 

" To him the tragic ffavy fit* rebde, 

" Oh! friendfhip*s generous aidoor then fuppfcfi^ 

** Nor bint the fotal caufe of ray difbeA; 

*< ^nr let each horrid mcident fufbia 

« The lengtfaanM tale to a^ravate bis pflp. 

** Ah I that remember well my laft rr^ift. 

" For her who rdgns for everin my breafb | 

" Yet let him prove a father and a fiiend, 

** The hclplefs maid to fttccour and defend. 

*< Say, I dik fuit implor*d with patting breath* 

<* So heaven Kefiriend him at his faoor of de«h ? 

" But oh ! to lovelv Anna fhouldfl thou teQ 

" What dire untimely end thy friend befd, 

*• Draw o*er the difmal fcene (ok pity's veil, 

*' And lightly touch the lamentable tale i 

" Say that my love, inviolably true, 

** No change, no^minutkm ever knew, 

'< Lo ! her bright image f^t^mt on my neck» 

" Is all Palemon refcu*d from the wreck } 

** Take it and fay, when panting in the wave, 

** 1 ftruggled, life and this alone to fave! 

<* Myfoulthatfhittertnghaftens tobefree, 
** Would yet a train of thoughts import (d thee, 
" But fhives in vain ! — ^The chilling ice of death 
« Congeals my blood, -and cfaoaka the Ibom of 

** Refign'd (he quits her corafiNtiefs abode, 
*' To courfe that lon^ unknown, cfienalraad.— 
" O facned Soufte of ever-living fight ! 
" Condn^ the weary waodeser in her fU^ I 
" DireA her onward to that peaceful flwire, 
** Where peril, pam and death are felt no more ! 

« When thou feme tak of haplefa love ihak heir* 
*' That fteabfinam pity's eye the melting tear, 
« Of two chaftc hearts, by mutual paffioojoio'd, 
** To abfence, fonow and defpair coafig&M, 

Oh ! then, to fwell the tides of fodal woe» 

That heal th* afflided bofbm they o'erflow^ 
«< While Memory didates, this fad Shipwreck tell, 
« And what dtfbeis thy wretched friend befel ! 
«< Then, while m Areams of foft comptiifioo 4nm% 
** The fwains lament, and maidena weep around ) 
#( While lifping children, touched widxtnfnt fear, 
«< With wonder gase, M drop th'uocoalciottS tear; 
<< Oh ! then this moral bid their fools rctab. 

All thoughts of happioefe on earth are vain *." 

The laft feint accents trembled on his toaguQ* . 
That now ioaftive to the palate clung | 
His bofom heaves a mortal groan— he diet I 
And (hades eternal fink upon his eyes ! 

As thus defac'd in death Palemon lay, 
Arion gas 'd upon the lifelefs clay ; 
Transfixed he flood, with awful terror fUPd, 
While down his chedc the filent drop diftilPd. 

Oh, ill-flarr*d vot'ryof uafpotted truth! 
Untimely periih*d in the bloom of yootfa. 
Should e'er thy firieod arriveon Alb«n*s laod^ 
He will obey, tho* painfiil, thy demand t 
His tongue the dreadful ftocy fMl difpUy^ 
And all the horrort of thb difbal day I 
Difaftrutt$ day ! what min liafi thoo baed 1 
What anguiih tt> the Uviqg and the ^eid I 

Expeftandadiethominis *< dkiqoe beatas 
Ante obituai BOBofvpiantiiie fonera debet.** 

QtmL i0maau lib. ] 

9A£C0HS&'S POBM8* 


Hsr kalte left tfaewidev aU fbrton, 

Aidmrdooin'dthe ocpluui child tomooni ; 

Tin' lift's M jcRiney hopcldt to conplain ! 

CaiJcredjuflice tfaefeerents ordain ? 

ht, Omyknll ivoid that woiid*rous roasCf 

Wbnreiin, kftincndlefs cnor, fbaysl 

Anbo'diil cborajr rals of Ijie w ntn^ . 

Cnt Caafe of aU effeas, « Thy wiA be done r 

Nov bd the Grecians on the beach arrivM^ 
ToiU the belpkfi &w who yet furvhr'd s 
WUe pfing ther behold the wares o*eripread 
Vd &atttr'(! rafts and cories of the dei^, 
Tliee ftillaUTe, benombM and faint they find, 
boonnfiil filoicc on a rock reclin*d. 
T1)e|aaousi)ati7es» mov*d withibcial pain. 
The fteUe ftnufers in their arms foltain ; 
Wsfa pkyiqg (ij^ their hapleil lot deplore, 
fidJtad diem trembling from the fatal iboie. 


^HE Asene of death la closM, the moomful 

Kfibe b dying lan^oor on the ears 
^((pitjiiecpi, yet fympathy complains, 
^diflBbfttfpence awaits o*erwfaelm*d with fear. 

^tbe&d Miiiies with prophetic eye 
At oDoe the fatore and the paft explore s 

TUr hups oblirionH influence can defy, 
Aadwift thereto th* eternal ftore. 

TkopOPakann! if thy ihade can hear 
Tk met of Friendfliip fBll lament thy doopi j 

Tt to die U oMtfjona brad thine ear, 
Tkirile i9VQc«l incenfe o*cr thy tomb. 

^*«>, a)as ! tl)e gentle maid ihall weep, 

^^ fc^m vigniih nips her vital blo^m, i ^ 
^o^f^ frame (hall ftem difeaies creeps 
p Aaign« the lovely viaim to the tqtab. 

^^a^A phrensy fliaU the Fadier fting» 
JJ«ttHlht in Virtne's fchool diftrefs to bear J 
wtitiorie hfl$ tortur'd foul (hall tirring, 
Tn bisto gnoan and perifli in defpair. 

^'bftconpaniimof diftrefs, adieu! 

Y«»aiU and pons ^md dangers are no mer? ! 
^Teapet nowflull howl unheard by you, 

^^ oopo fin^^ in rain the trembling (hore. 

"Kor hopdefs Love impart undying paSo, 

When ht £rom fcenes of (ocial joy you roam. 

No more on yon wide wat*iy wafle you ftray. 
While hunger and diieafe your life tonfume ; 

While parching thirft, that burns without allayt 
Forbids the hltSbtd rofe of ^th to bloom. 

No mone yon feel Contagion^s mortal breath. 
That taints the realms with mifery fevere? 

No more behold pale Famine, fcatteiing death» 
With cruel ravage defolate the year. 

The thundering drum, the tnimpet^s fwelling fbaio^ 
Unheard (hall from the long embattled line : . 

Unheard, the deep foundations of the main 
Shall tremble when the ho(tiIe fquadrons join^ 

Since grief, fatigue and haeards ftill moleft 
The wandring vafTals of the faithlefs deep« 

O ! happier now efcapM to endlefsref^. 

Than we who (till furvlve to wake and weep, 

What tho* no funeral pomp, no borrowed tear. 
Your hour of death to gastng crouds (hall tell | 

Nor weeping friends attend your fable bier. 
Who fadly liften to the pafling bell ; 

The tif tor*d figh, the vain parade of ^foe^ 

No real anguilh to the foul impart { 
And oftf alas ! the tear that frioids be(low9 

Belies the latent feelings of t||e hearti 

What tho* no fcnlpti^rM pile yo^r naqne difplay^^ 
Like tho(e who peri(h in their country^ caufc | 

What tho' noepicMpfein living lays 

Records your dreadful daring with applaqfe t 

Full ofi the flattering marUebids renown 
With blazoned trophies deck the fpotted. name s 

And of^, too oft, the venal Mufes crown 
The flaves of vice with neyer-dying fame. 

Yet (hall Remembrance from Oblivion's veil 
Relieyc your fcene, and figh with grief finc^rc | 

And fbft Compaflion, at your tragic tale. 
In ^lent tribute pay h^r Ipndred te^ar^ 

^y^the Malt, forchaig'd wi^i r»n andfnp>v, 
is niotor^s ^ODal nights no roorefliall beat^: 

tifek by yo^ the vcrdc fun may glow, 
Aai (cQidi lie pan6hg eaith with binefnt heat 


^MRthe jojfnl Mdd, thjefprighdy. (bain, I 

P O E M^ ^ 




r And 


^ viketbe tece to ^Te yon wdcpm^ komr} 
'vL V1|L 

OM the big horror of war's hoarfc alarms,^ 
And the tremendous clang of cla/hing arms» 
■nd, my Mufe ! a deeper fcene to draw 
(A fcene will hold the lift'nlng world hi awe*) 

* By twe, hcre> is meant atteqtiofv 



Iimyinteqt: Melpomene infplrey 

While, with fad notes, I ftrike the trembling lyre ! 

And may my lines wldi eafy motkm flow. 

Melt as they move, and fill each heart with woe : 

Big with theforrow it dcfcribes, my Tong, 

In folemn pomp> majeftic, move along. 

Oh ! bear me to fome awfiil filent glade 
Where cedars form an unremitting (hade ; 
Where never track of human feet vras known; 
Where never cheerful light of Phoebus (honej 
Where chirping linnets warble tales of love, 
And hoarfer winds howl murmuring thro* the grove j 
Where fome unhappy wretch ay mourns his doom, 
Deep melancholy wandering thro* the gloom; 
Where Solitude and Meditation roam, ' 
And where no dawning glimpfe of hope can come: 
Place me in fuch an unfrequented fliade. 
To fpeak to none but with the mighty dead : 
T* aflift the pouring rains with brim^l e)cs, 
Und aid hoarfe howling Boreas with my fighs. 
When Winter*s horrors lef^ Bfitanni9*s ifle. 
And Spring in blooming verdure gan to fmile ; 
When rills unbound, began to purl along. 
And warbling larks renew*d the vernal fong ; 
When fprouting rofes, deck*d in crimfon dye. 
Began to bloom, 

Hard fate! then, noble Frxd*ric, didft thou die : 
Doom*d by inexorable Fatc*s decree, 
Th' approaching fummer ne*cr on earth to ice j 
In thy parch'd vitals burning fevers rage, 
Whofe flame the virtue of no herbs aflwage j 
Ko cooling med*cine can its heat allay, 
Relentlefs Dcftiny cries, «< No delay,** 
Ye Pow*r8 ! and rouft a prince fo noble die ? 
(Whofe equal breathes not under th* ambient flcy :) 
Ah! muil he die, then, in youth*8 fvU-blown 

Cut by the fcytheof all-devouring Time? 
Yes, Fate has doom*4 1 his foul now leaves iu 

And all are under the decree of Fate; 
Th* irrevocable doom of Dcftiny 
Pronounc*d, All mortals muft fubmlflive die. 
The Princes wal^around with weeping eyes. 
And the dome echoes all with piercing cries : 
With doleful noife the matmns fcream around. 
With female Ihrieks the vaulted roofs rebound t 
A difmal noife ! Now one promifcuous roar 
Cries, « Ah! the noble Fcbp^ric is no more !^ 
The Chief reluAant yields his lateft breath. 
His eye- lids fettle in the (hades of death ; 
Dark fable ihades prefept before each eye. 
And the deep vafl abyfs. Eternity ! 
Throi' Perpetuity's expanfe he fprings; 
And o*erthe vad profound he (hoots on wings: 
The Soul to diilant regions ftcers her flight. 
And fails incumbent on inferior night: 
With vaa celerity (he (hoots away. 
And meets the regions of eternal day. 
To (hinc for ever in the heav*nly birth. 
And leave the body here to rot on earth. 
The melancholy patriots round it wait, 
And mourn the royal hero*s timelefs hte, 
Difconfolate they move, a mournful band ! 
In folemn pomp they match along the ftraad : 

The noble Chief interr*d ia yoathful UoOB, 
Lies in the dreary regions of' the tomb. 

Adown AvovsTA*s pallid vifage flow 
The living pearls, with unafitded woe: 
Difconfolate, haplefs, fee pale Britiin moom, 
Abandon*d ifle ! (brfakea md fbrion! 
With defp'rate hands her bleeding teeaft (be beats; 
While o*er her, frowning, grim peftnidion threats, 
She mourns with heart-relt grief, (he rods her hair, 
And fills with piercing cries theechong air. 
Well may*ft tlu>u mourn thy Patriot*s dmelefi end. 
Thy Mufes patron, and div Merchants fnend. 
What heart (hall |dty thy fiill-flowii^ grief ^ 
What hand now deign to give thy poor relief? 
T* encourage aits, whofe boonty now ihall flow, 
And learned fcience to promote, beftow^ 
Who now proved thee from the hoftile fnmng 
And to the injur*d Juft return his own f 
From us*ry and oppreflionwho (hall guard 
The helplefs, and the threat*ntqg ruin ward ? 
Ala&! thetrulynobleBritoa*tgone» 
And lefb us here in ceafelefs woe to moan \ 
Impending Defolatkni hanp aroond. 
And ruin hovers o*er the trembling groond s ' 

The blooming Spring droops her enamel*dlieai, 
Her gkMries wither, and her flow*n all fade: 
The 4»routing leaves already drop away ; 
Languifli the living herbs with pale decay : 
The bowing trees, fee ; o*er the blafted heath. 
Depending, bend beneath the weight of death: , 
Wrapp*d in th* ezpanfive gloom, the lightnings ph] 
Hoarfe thunder mutters xbio* th* aerial way : 
All nature (bels the pangs, the fformt renew. 
And fprouts, with fatal hafte, die baleful yew. 

Some pow*r avert the threat*ning horrid weight, 
And, godlike, prop Britannia*s finking (bte ! 
Minerva, hover o*er young Gborgx*s Ibttl; ' 
May facred wifdom all his deeds controol ! 
Exalted grandeur in each ttStum dune^ 
His condud all declare the you^ divine. 

Methinks I fee him (hine a glorious ftar. 
Gentle in peace, but terrible in war ! 
Methinks each region does his praife reibond, , 
And nations tremble at his name around I 
His fame, thro* ev*ry difUot kingdom rang. 
Proclaims him of the race fh>m whence he fpruoj 
So (able fmoke, in volumes, cnrls on high^ 
Heaps roll on heaps, and blacken all the &y : 
Already fo, his fame, methinksy ia hurPd 
Around th* admiring venerating worid. 
So the benighted wand*rer, onnia way» 
Laments the abfence of all>cheering day; 
Far diftant from his friends and native home. 
And not one glimpfe does glimmer diro* the gl(^ 
In thought he breathes, eachfigfa hit lateft bread 
Prefent, each meditation, pits of deadi; 
Irregular, wild chimeras ml his ibul» 
And death, and dying, etery ftep controul. 
Till from the eaft there breaks a purple glcany 
His fean then vanKh as a fleeting dreanu 
Hid in a cloud the Sun firft flioots hit rajy 
Then breaks efliilgent on th* illttiiiin*d day ; 
We/ee no fpot then in the flaming rmysy * 
Confus*d and loft within th* esceffive hive. 



O N T H Z 



AC A I N the royil ftreimcn play ! 
To gUnj Edward haftes away } 
Aibcttt ye happy fil^an boweri, 

Where Pleafore't fprightly throng await I 
Yed9Bitt« where regal Grandeur towers 
h porple omamcott of ftaCe! 
Ye feeaea where Virtiie'a lacred ftiaiir 
Bids the tragic Mufe complain ! 
Whcfc Sadre crea<U the comic ftage> 
To icourge and mend a venal age $ 
WboeMofic poon the foft, melodious lay, 
Aad meltii^ Syrophoniei congenial play ! 
Ye fiken Sensof Eafis, whodwell 
la Howery vales of Peace, farewell! 
la vain the Goddefs of the Myrtle Grove 

Her charma ineffa>le difplays ; 
In v«n ihe calls to happier realms of Love, 
Which Sprii«*sQnMing Uoom arrays i 
la vain her living roles blow, 
And ever-vcmal plcafurei grow 5 i 

The gentle fports of youth no more 
Allore him to the peaceful (hore : 
Arcadian ea(e no longer charms, 

For War and Fame alonrcan pleafe. 
His tfafobbbg bofom beats to arms, 
To War the Hero flwves, thro' ibrms and win- 

c ■ o K V t. 

The gentle fports of youth no more 
AUofc him to the peaceful fhore, 
For War and Fame alone can pleaie ; 
TiWardie Hero moves, thro* ibrms and wintery 

Though Danger's hoftile trainappears 
To thwart the courie that Honour fteen } 
UuMv'd he lewb the rugged way, 
Delpifing peril and difmay : 
Hb CouBOy calls; m guard her laws, 

Uf every joy the gallant youth lefigns; 
Th' avenging naval fword he draws. 

And o*cr the waves conduds her martial lines: 
H«k! his fprightly clarions pby; 
FoBow where he leads the way ! 
The pictdi« fife, the (onnang druaiy 
TeU the de^ their Mafter*t come. 

c ■ o & u a. 

Mk\ his ^rightly clariom plays 

The piercing fife, the founding drum. 
Tell the deeps their Mafler's come. 

Thus Alcmcna's warlike Son 
The thorny courfcof Virtue run. 
When, taught by her unerring voice^ 

He made the glorious choice: 
Severe, indeed, th* attempt he knewi 
Youth's genial ardors tofubdue: 
For Pleafurc Venus' lovely form aflTum^d ; 

Her glowing charms, divinely bright. 
In all &e pride of beauty bloom'd,^ 
And firuck his ravifh'd fight. 
Transfix'd, amas'd, 
Alcides gaa'd t 
Inchanting grace 
Adom'd het face. 
And all his changing looks confeft 
Th* alternate paflionsin his breaft t 
Her fwelling bofom half reveaKd, 

Her eyes that kindling raptures fir'd^ 
A thoufand tender pains inftilPd, 

A thoufand flattering thoughts mfpir'ds 
Perfuafion's fwccteft language hung 
In melting accent o^ her tongue: 
Deep in his hearty the winning tale 

Infiis'd a magic power ; 
She preft him to the rofy vale, 

And (hew'd th' Elyfiarvb6wer: 
Her hand, that trembling ardors move, 
Condufts him blufhing to the bleft alcove : 
Ah I fee, o'erpower'd by Beauty's charms* 
And won by Lovers refiftlefs amu, 
The captive yields to Nature's foft alarms ! ' 


Ah ! fee, o'erpower'd by Beauty's charms^ 
And won by Love's refifllefs arms. 
The captive yklds to Nature's fbfb alarms 1 

Affift, ye guardian powers above. 
From Ruin fave the fon of Jove, 
By heavenly mandate Virtue came, 

And check'd the ^al flame : 
Swifk as the quivering needle wheels, 
Whofe point the magnet's infhieDce ^celt* 
* Infpir'd with awe, 

H^ turning, faw 
The Nymph divine 
Tranfcendent fhine; 
And, while he view'd die godlike nuid. 
His heart a dcred impolfe fway *d : 
His eyes with ardent motion toll. 
And Love, Regret, and Hope, divide his fouL 
But foon her words his pain defboy, ^ 

And all the numbers of his heart, 
Retum'd by her celeftial art. 
Now fwell'd to fh'ains of nobler Joy. 
InftrwSed thus by Virtue's lore. 
His happy fleps the realms explore 
Where guilt and error are no more : 
The clouds that vdlM his intelle^ual ray. 
Before her breath difpelling, melt away: 
Broke loofe from Plcafure's glittering chain. 
He fcora'd her fofk ingtorioos reign : 
Convinc'd, refolv'd, to Virtne then heturo'dt 
And ia hit breaft paternal glory buro'd. 
T a 


>AI.C oner's ^0BM8. 


^rolce loofe from PleaTure^t glittering chain* 
He fcom'd her foft ingloriws^ reign : 
Convinced* refolv'dy to Virtue then he turned, 
* And in his breaft paternal glory bum'd. 

So when on Britain*s other Hope (h« flnmey 
Like him the royal youth (he won ; 

?hus uughti he bids his fleet adrance 
o curb the power of Spain and France i 
Aloft his martial eniigns flow. 
And hark ! his brasen trumpets blow ! 

The wafry profound^ 

AwakM by the found. 

All trembles around s 
Wtiile Edward o*er the awire fields 

Fraurnal wonder wields : 
High on the deck behold he ftands. 
And views around his floating baodt 

In awful order joqi : 
Tfrey, while the warlike trumpet's ftiain. 
Deep fouodiagy fwells along the maia. 

Extend the embattled line. 
Then Britain triumphantly (k# 

His armament ride ^ 

Supreme on the tkloy 
And o*er the vaft ocean giye lawi 

t H o ft u 1. 

Then Britain triumphantly faw 
V His amoament ride 

Supreme on the cide» 
And o*er the vaft ocean give law. *« 

Now with flkwdng |Mais of joy. 

The (hips their horrid tulMS ^play^ 
Tier over tier in terrible array. 

And wait the fignal to deiboy % 
The failors all bum to engage : . 

Hark 1 hark ! their fliottts arUe^* 

And dtake the vaulted ikies ! 
Iculting with bacchanal r^, 
Then, Neptune, the llero revere, 

Whofe power is ftiperior to thine 1 ' 

And, when his proud fquadrons ^ipcar^ 

The trident and chariot refign I 

c M o ft v s. 

T'hen, tlei>t«ne, the Hero revere, 

Whofe power is foperior to thine ! 
And, when bis proud fquadrons appeari 

The trident and chariot refign ! 

Albion, wake thy grateful voice I 

Let thy hills and vales rejoice x ^ 

O'er remoleft hoftile regions 

Thy viaorkms fUgs are known $ 
Thy rcfiftlcft martial legions 

Dreadful move from sooe to sone ^ 

TThy flambg bolti unerring roU, 

And all the trtmblmg globe cootnul i 

Thy feamen invincibly true, 

No menace, no fraud, canfubdiig} 
To thy great tnft 

All diflbnant ftrife they di(claifflr 

To meet the foe, 

Thar boforas glow ; 
Who only are riviU in f^me. 

c A o a o ff. 

Thy feameo invincibly true, i 

No menace, no fraud, can fubdue : 
All diflbnant ftrife thev difdaim, 
. And only are rivals in fame 

For Edward tune your harps, ye Nine! 
Triumphant ftrike each living Itring, 
For him, m ettacy divincy- 

Your choral lo Pafans (ing t 
For him your fcftive conceits breathe I 
For him your fbwery garlands wreathe ! i 

Wake ! O wake the joyful foog ! 
Ye Fauns of the woods, 
T« Nymphs of the floods. 
The mufical current prcdong I 
Ye Sylvans, that Aipce oo the plain. 
To fwell the grand chorus accoidl 
Ye TritoRft, that fport oo the man, 
Exuldng acknowledge your Locd ! 
Till alt the wild numbers oombinMi 
That floating proclaim 
Our Admirars nalne, 
In fymphony roU on the wind! 

c M o ft V t^ ^ 

Wake! O vrake the joyful ibiig f 
Ye Sylvans, that dance on the ptab. 
Ye Tritons, diat fport on the main. 
The mufical current prrieng ! 

O! while confenring Britons praife, 

Thefe vodvemtafures dcigntobearl , 
For thee my Mufe awakes her lays, 
For thee th* unequal viol plays. 

The tribute of a foul lincere. ^ 

Nor thou, illuftrious Chief, rdiilb 
The incenie of a nauric mulie 1 
l^orah! to Whom fliaUNeptune^s loos conpbii^ 
But him whofejtflns unrivallM rule the main- 
Deep 00 my grateful breaft 
Thy favour is imprcfft 
No happy fon of wolth or fame 
To court a royal patron catoe!^ " 
A haplefs youth, whofe vital page 
Was one fad lengthened tale tff woe. 

Where ruthlefs fke, impelling tides of n^ 
' Bade wave oo wave in dire fucceffioa flow. 
To glittering ftars and tided names unlnoir^ 
PreferrM his foit to thee alone. 
The tale your £Kred pity mofvM'i 
You felt, confented, and appiov*d, 
T hen touch my fbiogs, yebteft Pieri«i^[ure! 
, Xxalt to rapture every hippy line ! 
y bofixB kindle irkh Pranethnn file ! 
And fwell each note with eoeisy divine. 
Vto non to pl«u)tive fimnds of woe 
Let tho vocal numben flow ! 
criu^ the Chief to sdiom I fiqg 
May yet ordain aufpieaotts daye» 
To wake the lyre with nobler lays^ 
nd tune to war the nenrous itring. 



For whoy vntaught In Neptune^i fchool, 
TlMmgh alt the powers of genioi be ^fkCs, 
Though aifctplb'd by claffic rale, 

With daring pencil ^n difplay 
The fight that diunden on the watery way^^ 
And all its horrid incidents exprefs ? 
To him, my Mufe, thefe warlike drains belong ! 
Swrce of thy hope, and patron of thy long. - 

c H o ■ V s. ^ 

To hiffl, my Mufe, thefe warlike ftrains belong ! 
Source of thy hope, and patron of thy fong. 



A NYMPH of ev'ry charm poflcfrt, 
' That native virtue gives, 
Wichtn my boibin all-confdfs^d, 

la bright idea lives. 
For ber my trembling numbers play 

Aloqg dx pathlefs deep, 
Wiale ^y fecial with my lay 
The winds in Concert wcep« 

If beaaty^s (acred influence charms 
« Tbc rage of adverie hte, 
Say why the pleafing (6ft ahrms 

Soch cniel pangs create ? 
Sbcc all her thoughts, by fenfe refinM 

Uoirtfil truth exprefs, 
% wbcretfbre fenfe and truth are join*d 
To give my ibul diftreis ? 


If «h» her bloocmilg lips I prefix 

^ff\iA vernal firagrance fills, 
Tbn*aU my veins the fweetexceis 

btRmUtngmoaon thrills $ 
^vbcaoe this fecret anguifli grows^ 

Ca^paial with my joy ? 
^ why the touchy where pleafore glo«% 

ftoo*d vital peace deftroy? # 

Vvbca my iSsr, In ihelting fyttg, 

A«^ the vocal lay, 
*< «fl your notes, ye PhocSan tfaroogi 

Soch plea^ Ibonds convey $ 
T^ wrapt all o'er with ibndeft love^ 

^heaves this broken figh? 
'* wmy blood forgets to more, 

iHscy adost. and di«. 

Accept, my charming maid the ftrain 

Which you alone inipire ; 
To thee the dying firings complain 
That quiver on my lyre. 
O ! give this bleeding bofom eafe. 

That knows no joy but thee ; 
Teach roe thy happpy art to plca^c, 

Or deign to love like me. 


BOLD b the tttempt, in thefe licentiovs dmcSf 
When with fuch towering flrides Scditaos 
With fenfc or farire to confhmt her pow^^ 
And charge her m the great decifive hour: 
Bold is the man, who. on her conqoeriogday. 
Stands in the pafs of htt to bar her way : 
Whofc heart, by- frowning arrogance unaw*d« 
Or the deep-lurking fnsrcs of fpecious fraud, 
The threats of giant-faftion can deride. 
And ftem, with ftubbora arm, her roaring dde. 
For hi^ unnumbered brooding ills await. 
Scorn, malice, iniblence, reproach, and haOe; 
At him, who dares this legion to defy> 
A thoufand mortal fhaits in fecret fly $ " 
Revenge, exulting with malignant joy, 
Purfues the jncautious vidim to d^roy : 
And Slander flrives, with unrelendng tisop 
To fpit her blafting venom on his name : 
Around him Fa^oA^s harpies flap their wingt* 
And rhyming vermb dart their feeble flings t 
In vain the wretch retreats, while, in fuU cry. 
Fierce on his throat the hungry blood-hounds Ay. 
IndosM with perils thus the confdous Muie, 
Alarmed, tho^ndifhsay^d, her danger views. 
Nor fhall unmanly terror now controul 
The ftrong refentment ftruggling in her foul { 
While indignation, with refiftldTs ftrain. 
Pours her flill deluge thro* each fwellmg vem. 
By the vile fear that chills the coward breaft^ 
By fordid caution is her voict fupprefl. 
While Arrogance, with big theatric esgei 
Audacious fbuts on Power*s imperial ftage { 
While o*er our country, at her dread coauiiaiid» 
Black Difcord, fcreaming, flukes her fiital bran^: 
WhHe, in defiance of maternal laws. 
The facrilegious fword Rebellion draws | 
Shall fhe at this ipiportant hour retire. 
And quench in L^he*s wave hergenaine fiie? 
Honour forbid ! flie fears no threatening fbe» 
When confcious JuflSce bids her boibm glows 
And wlule/lr kindles the idodant flame. 
Let not the prudent voice of Fnendfliip blame 
She fiselsthe ftmgof keen refentment gotd, 
Tho* gqiltfcli ye( of Sidxt*t thorny roid. 




P O S M S. 

Let other QuixoteSy frantic with renown. 
Plant on their brows a tawHry paper crown ! 
« White fools a(iore> and van4l -bards obey » 
Let the great Monarch Afs thro' Gotham bray ! 
Our poet bran«lj(hes u > mimle fword, 
To rule a realm of duncf s felf-explor^d t 
No bleeding vi^ms curie his Iron fway ; 
Kor murdered reputation marks his way. 
Truetolierfelfy unarmed, thefearlefs Mufe 
^Thro* Realbn^s path her lieady cuurfe purfues ; 
^ True to herfelf advanceSf undeterred 
By the rude clamours of the favage herd. 
As fome bold iurgeony with inferted fleely 
Probes deep the putrid fore, intent to heal ; 
So the rank ulcers that our Patriot load. 
Shall ih^ with cauftic*t healing fires corrode. 
Yet ere from patient flumber Satire wakes» 
And brandiflies th* avenging fcourge of fnakcs ; 
Yet ere her eyes, with lightning's vivid < ray. 
The dark receffes of hi$ heart difplay \ 
Let candour own th' undaunted pilot's power> 
Felt m feverett danger's trying hour ! 
Let Truth confcnting, with the trump of Fame^ 
His glory, ih aofpicions ftraihs, proclaim ! 
He bade the teropeil of the battle roar. 
That thunder'd oV the deep from ihore to ihore. 
Howofb, amid the horrors oif the war, 
ChainM to the bloody wheels of Danger's car. 
How oft my bolbm at thy name has glow'd. 
And beating heart applaufe beftow'd ; 
Applaufe, that, genuine as the blufli of youth 
Unknown to guile, was fan^fy'd by truth ! 
How oft I bleft the Pa T a 1 T ' 8 honeft rage, - 
That greatly dar'd to lafii the guilty age } 
That, rapt with zeal, pathetic, bold, and ftrong, 
Roll'd the full tide of' eloquence along | 
That Power*! big torrent brav'd with manly pride^ 
And all Corruption's venal arts dcfy'd ! 
W hen ftom ahsc tbofe penetrating eyes 
Beheld each fecret hoftile fcheme arife ; 
Watched every modon of the faithlefs foe, 
Bach plot o*ertum*d, and baffled evei'y blow : 
A fond enthofiaft, kindling at thy name, 
I glowM in fecret with congenial flame $ 
VhXit my young boibm, to deceit unknown. 
Believed all real virtue thbe alone. 

Such then he feem*d, and fuch indeed might be^ 
If Truth with Error ever could agree ! 
Sure Satire never with a fairer hand 
Portray M the objed fhe defign*d to brand. 
Alas ! that virtue fhould fo loon decay. 
And Fa6UQn*s wild applaufe thy heart betray ! 
The Mufe with fecret fympathy rdents. 
And human failings, asaftiend, laments: 
But w^ini thofe dangerous errors, big with fate^ 
Spread difcord and diftraftion thro* the ftatCt 
Reafon ibeuld then exert her ntmoft power 
To guard our paiBons ia that firtal hour. 

There was « time, ere yet his confcioiu heart 
Durft from the hardy path of Truth depart. 
While yet with generous feattment it glow*d> 
A ftraogerto Omvption^s flippery road \ 
There was a time our Patriot dorft avow 
Thofe honeft maxims he defpifie t now. 
How did he then his country *8 wounds bewailt 
And at theinfadate German vnltnre rail ! 
Whofe cruel talons Albion^a entrails tone* 
Whofe hungry maw was^ittiAiiith \m gflCt I 

The roifts of error, that indarknefsheU, 
Our reafon, like the fun, his voice difpell'd. 
And lo ! exhaufted, with no power to fave» 
We view Britannia panting on the wave; 
Hung roung her deck, a millftone's pondcTDBi 

Drags down the ftruggling viQim to her fate! 
While horror at the thought our bofom feels, 
Wc blcfs the man this horror who reveals. 

But what alarming thoughts the heart amaar, 
When on this Janus* other face we gazej 
For, lo ! pofTdl of power*s imperial reins, ' 
Our chief thofe viftonary ills difdains ! 
Alas ! how loon the fteady Patriot turns!. 
In vain this change aftonifh'd England mootns! 
Her vital blood, thatpour*d from every vein. 
So late, to fill the accurs*d Weflphaliai^ drain. 
Then ceas*d to flow; the vulture now no mote 
With unrelenting rage her bowels tore. 
His magic rod transforms the bird of prey ! 
The millftone feels the touch, and melts away! 
And, ftrange to tell, ftill (Iranger to believe, 
What eyes ne'er faw, and heart coold ne*er cofl^ 

At once, tranfplanted by the Sorcerer's waidy 
Columbian hills in diftant Auftria ftand ! 
America, with pangs before unknown. 
Now with Weftphalia utters groan for groan t 
By fyn^pathy (he fevers with her fires. 
Bums as (he bums, and as (he dies expires. 
From maxims long adopted thus he fleWy 
For ever changing, yet for ever true: 
Swoln with fuccefs, and unth applaufe inf!am*d 
He fcorn'd all caution, all advice difclatm*d ; 
Arro'd with War's thunder, he embrac*d oomorc 
Thofe patriot-principles marntain*d befbct. 
Perverfe, inconftant, obftinate, and proud. 
Drunk with ambition, turbulent and loud. 
He wrecks us headlong on that dreadful fauA 
He once devdted all his powers to brand I 

Our haplefs country views with weeping eyes. 
On every fide, o*erwhelming horrors rifei 
Dirain*d of her wealth, exhaufted of her powfi^ | 
And agoniz'd as in the mortal hour ; 
Her armies vnSttA with incefTant toils. 
Or doom'd to perifh in contagious foils. 
To guard fbme needy royal plunderer's thitioe. 
And fent to fidl in battles not their own. 
Th* enormous debt at home, tho* long o*ercliaxg*d. 
With grievous burdens annually enlaig*d ; 
Cruih'd with increafing taxes to the groundt 
That fuck like vampires every bleeding wound : 
Ground withfeverediftrefs th* indufbrioos poor» 
Driven by the ruthlefs landlord to the door. 

While thus our land her hapleit hu bemonis 
In fecret, and with inward forrow groans i 
Tho* deck*d with tinfcl trophies of renown* 
All gaih'd with fores, with a^uHh besafing dflw% 
Can yet fame impious parricide appear. 
Who ftrives tomake this anguifii more (ciFoe? 
Canoneexiity fo much his coontry*8 fbe» 
To bid her wounds with firefh efTufion flow ? i 

There can} to him in vain ihe lifb her eyc9> 
His foul relentleis hears her piercing fighs ! 
Shamelels of ftont, inpatient of contvooly • 
He fpurs her onward to Deftnidion*8 god ! 
Nor yet content on curft Weilphalia*s ihore> 
With tead pipfisfion CO exhaiifl her fbre. 

r A I. C O H K K*S P O B M 8. 


StSIPooe btf pompous filminatioiu brand » 
As pbees tremble at the fight of land: 
S(i] to nev wan the puUic eye he tumB } 
Derail poily and at reafon fpunu ; 
TiSpftftwithdangery by diftneft aflaird. 
Hut biflkd coarage, and o*er Hull prevailM ; 
T-SAaadenng ia the florm himielf had brew*d» 
Htftrifcs at laft its horrors to dode. 
SoK wretched fluft xtmA ftill protef^ his name. 
Aid tB the gnUtkls head truttfer his fliame : 
Tbea heaxini modeft Difiidence oppofe 
f& ni Met, that golden time he chofe ; 
Ad nMe big forges threatened to o*erwhelm 
UkAiP) in^onoully fodbok the helm. 

Bit III the events col kded to relate. 
Let B kti aftjom recapitulate. 

Hefiiftaflum^dy by mean p«>r^ous art, 
Thofepttriot tenets foreign to his heart: 
Not, by his country *s fond applaufes fweird, 
Tinft hioddf forward into power, and held 
Tk mtn oo principles which he alone» 
Gmredmnk and waitfon with Aiccefiy could own 
letnf *a ber intereft and abusM her truft $ 
Tin deaf to prayers, Ibrfook her in difguft ; 
VithtngicoMiflimeryy and moft vile giimacey 1 
Me duo* the city with a woeful face, | 

AsiaditKfiy apATftioToutof place! j 

kfcitt his generous Princct and in the day 
Oftreobk ficnlks, becaufe he cannot fway ! 
la ftrdp climes embroird him with allies ! 
Aadhiiiathomc theflamesof Discobd rife! 

She comes! from Hell the exulting Fury fprings! 
With grim Deftmdian failbg on her wings ! 
Ansad her fcream an hundred harpies fell ! 
Aahaadftd demons ihriek with hideous yell! 
From vbere, in mortal venom dipt on high, 
FoD-drawQ thedeadlieft Hiafb of fati«e fly, 
Where Churchill brandUhes his clumfy club, 
Asd Wilkes onlooAs his excremental tub, 
Dmito whcie Enticic, aukward and unclean, 
CnvhoB Us native daft, a worm obfcene I 
While with wmupberM wings, from van to 

Myriads of namelcft bossing drones appear: 
f nmdnr dark cells the angry infers fwarm^ 
Aad every litde fting attempt to arm. , 
Hoe Ci^^imm*, Primltg^f moulder round, 
Aad 6eUe Scaiufo* rot upon the ground : 
HoehoBgry Kenrick fhives, with fruitlefs aim, 
WidiGfvb-ftreet dander to extend bis name: 
AtBraia flies the flavering, fnarling cur, 
Bi: «ily fins his faniifli*d jaws with fur. 
Heit BaUvnn fpreads the tfla/finating cloke, 
Whoe btiking rancour gives the fecret fti^e ; 
While goff *d mth filth, around this fenfelefs block, 
A Wnm of fpider-bards obfequious flock : 
While htsdeonie Welch Goat, with lifted hoof, 
hfuccVCararr hangs cKh flimfy woof j 
^fiiflty grown, attempts, with aukward prance. 
Ok Wit's gay tbotre to bleat and dance. 
Beie, liQs*d with iliac pa£oo, mouthing Leech, 
Tssbv, alas! fi)rSadie*s whip to reach, 
fna his bbck entrails, Fadtoo*s common fewer» 
I)i%ai|es ^ ber excremental ftore, 

With equal pity and regret the Mufe 
The thundering ftormthat rage around her vltws; 
Impartial views the tides of I^fcord blend, 
Where lordly rogues for power and place contend ; 
Were not her Patriot heart with angui/h torn. 
Would eye the oppofiog chle^ with equal fcorn. 
Let Freedom*s deadlieft foes for Aeedom bawl. 
Alike to her who govern or who fall ! 
Aloof Ihe fUnds, all unconcem*d and mote, 
While the rude rabble bellow, « Down with Bute t^ 
While villainy the fcourge of juftice bilks, 
Howl on, ye ruffians! " Liberty and Wilkes.** 
Let fome foft mommy of a peer, who ftains 
His rank, fome fodden lump of afs^s brains. 
To that abandoned wretch his fanfUon give } 
Support his flander, and his wants relieve f 
Let the grc^t hydra roar aloud for Pitt, 
And power and wifdom all to him ftibmitt 
Let proud Ambition*s fons, with hearts fevere^ 
Like parricides, their mother*s bowels tear! 
Sedition her triumphant flag difplay, 
Ai)d inembodied ranks her troops array 1 
While coward juftice, trembling on her feat. 
Like a vile flave defcends to lick her feetl 
Nor here let Cenfure draw her awfiil blade. 
If from her theme the wayward mufe has fbay'^d * 
Sometimes the impetuous torrent, o>r its mounds 
Redundant burfting, fwamps the adjacent grounds 
But rapid, and impatient of delay. 
Thro* the deep channel ftill purfues its way. 
Our pilot now retir*d, no pleafure knows. 
But every man and meafiire to oppofe; 
Like i£fop''s cur, ftill (harling and perverfe^ 
Bloated with envy, to mankind a curfe. 
No more at Council his advice will lend. 
But Math all others who advife contend : 
He bidsiliftradion o*er his country blase. 
Then, fwelter*d with revenge, retreats to Ha^-es* : 

* Cotaa poems Intended to be very fadrical; 
s^!-«e ic^ oar reader toth« RcvIqvs. 

Afbr reflecting on the various events by which 
this extraordinary perfon is charadterifed, we cannot 
refift the temptation of quoting a fisw anecdotes firoai 
^achiavel, relative to a man of a very fingular com- 
plexim and conftitution, who was alfb diftinguifhed 
by a tran of incidents pretty neatly refembling thofc 
we have mentioned above; dthough he poflibly never 
anticipated the fimilitude of fortune and charader that 
fnight happen between him and any of his progeny. 
Speaking of the government of Florence, our hif- 
torian informs us, that, << Luca Pitt, a bold and 
refolute man, being now made gonfalionere of juf-. 
tice,— having entered upon his office, was very impor- 
tunate with the people to appoint a balia ; but perceiv- 
ing it was to no purpofe, he not only treatcid thofe that 
were nnembers of the council with great tnfolence, and 
called them opprobrious names, but threatened them^ 
and foon after put his threats in execution: for having- 
filled the palace with armed men, on the cive of St. 
Lorenxo, m the naonth of Augoft 1453, he called 
the people together into the Piasza, and there com- 
pelled them, by force of arms, to do that which 
they would not fo mlich as hear of before. Pitt had 
a^b very rich prefents, not only from Cofimo and the 
figniorv, but from all the principal citisens, who 
vied with each other in their generofity to him ; (b 
bot that it was thought he liad above twenty thoufand 
ducats givea him at that tii|sej after wluch he be- 


falcoker's ^oxms. 

8 wallewi the pe&fion ; but» aware of blame. 
Transfers the profer*d peerage to his dame. 
The felon thus of old^ his name to (ave> 
His pilferM routtoo to a brother gare. 

But'ihould feme frantic wrretch, whom all jaen 
To nature and humanity a ibe> 
Deaf to the widow^s moan and 6rphan*s cry* 
And dead to ihame and firiendihip*s focial tie i 
Should fuch a mifcreant, at the hour of deathy 
To thee his fortunes and domains bequeath ; 
With cruel rancour wrefling ffopn his heirs 
What nature taught them to exped as theirs $ 
WonId*ft thou with this detefted robber join. 
Their legal wealth to plunder and purloin ? 
Forbid ic> Heaven ! thou dmft not be fo bafe» 
To blaft thy name with infimnous difgrace j 
The mufe vrho wMkes, yet triumphs o'er thy hate> 
Daret not (6 black a thought anticipate : 
Bf HeaTen, the Mufe her ignorance betray *s 
For while a thoufend eyes with wonder gaze* 
Tho* gorgM and glutted with his country's ttore> 
The Tulture pounces on the ihining ore ) 
Ih his ftrong talons gripes the golden preyy 
, And feom the weeping orphan' bears away. 

The great) th* alarming deed is yet to come, 
Thaty big with fate, ftrikes Ezpedtation dumb. • 
O ! patient, injured England, yet unveil 
Thy eyes, and liften to the Mufe's tale, 
Tht< true as honour, unadom'd with art. 
Thy wrongs in fiir fucceffion fliall impart. 

Ire yet the delblatiog god of war 
^ Had cruih*d pale £urope with his iron car, 
' Had ihook her (hores with terrible alanns, 
And thonder'd o*er the trembling deep, To arms ! 
In clifties remote, beyond the fettiof fun. 
Beyond th' Atlantic wave, his rage begun^ 
Alas ! '^oor country, how with pangs unknown 
To Britain did thy filial bofom groan ! 
What favage armies did thy relims invade. 
Unarmed, and diftant from maternal aid ! 
Thy cotuges with cruel flames confum*d, 
■And the fad owner to deftru£lion doomM ; 
Mangled with wounds, with pungent angutih torn. 
Or left to perifli naked and forlorn ! 
What carnage reek'd upon thy ruinM plain ! 
What infents bled ! what virgins lhriek*d in vain 1 
In every look diftn^on feemM to glare, 
]Each heart wat«ack*d with horror and defpair, 
To Albion then, with groans and piercing crifs, 
. America lift up her dying eyes i 

came lb popular, that the city was no longer govern- 
ed by Cofimo di Medici, but by Luca Pitt. This 
infpired him with vanity.— After this he had rfcourfe 
to very extraordinary means; for he not only extort- 
' cd more and greater prefents from the chief cioxens, 
but alfo made the commonalty fupply him with work- 
men and artificers.*' Machiavxl's Hift^ Florence. 
This has an unlucky refemblance to a certain great 
peribn's driving through the city with borrowed hor- 
fes, and bang offered to have hi»- hoffes un- 
yoked, and his chariot drawn by his goo4 friends 
the mob. We ihall,. in due time and place, 
give feme account of the fall of Mr. LocaPitty and 
die contempt with whieh, after feme parilcttlir 
events, he was univerfallf regarded. 

To generous Albion poor*d feith all her pib* 
To whom the wretehed never wept in van. 
She heard, and initant to relieve her flew. 
Her arm the gleaming fword of vengeance drew 9 
far o'er the ocean wave her voice was known» 
That ihook the deep abyfs firom aone to «pBe j 
She bade the thunder of the battle glow, 
And pour'd the fbrm of lightning on the foe s 
Nor ceas'd till, crowned widi vidory complett. 
Pale Spain and France lay trembling at her fcctf* 

f Althoughour author has no prcfeat inrfaniow 
to enter into political oontioverfy, yet he cannot 
avoid citing an article from one of the modem dk- 
tionaries, which in fome manner is conncfted widi 
this part of his fubjed, and exhibks a view of the 
fidelity and gratitude of ourfellow-febjeas in Ame- 

We are informed in the article referred to, that 
a " cartel in the marine is a (hip provided in time of 
war to exchange the prifooers of any two hoftiJe pow- 
ers; alfo to carry any particular requeft or (ropoti 
from the one to the other t for this reafeo it is 
particularly commanded to carry no cargo or anni, 
only a fingle gun for firing fignals. 

X Our honeft Americans however, who hate fa 
forely grieved of latiL for paying a final! part of the 
great taxes of this country, although drmanded for 
their own particular prote^^ipn, made not only m 
fcruple to difebey and deffdfe this regolatioii of car- 
tels during the late^ar, but, on the oootrnv, gare 
continual fupplies of provifions to oar "nnmi m the 
Weft-Indies, and thereby recovered them, and 
recruited their fellen fpirits, at a time when they wert 
gafping under the weight of our armc With fe 
much addrefs, indeed, did thefe oppreft and unfor- 
tunate traders condud this fcheme, thatienortwetvt 
cartels being laden at the fame time %rith beef, pork, 
bread, flour, &c. failed together fer the French 
iflands, and, in prder to evade the fknCt examinacioi 
of our fliips of war, were provided with a guardis 
privateer, equipped by the fiune expert owners, to 
feiae their own veflels, and dired thieir courfetothe 
places of their firft deftination $ but if they were 
examined by our fhips of war, to an Eng^ port. 
But this ciumfy trick did not long efeape the vigi- 
lance of our naval ofiiceri, who found that the fellovrs 
fent abroad, Ky way of commanders or prtse-mafkn, 
were utterly ignorant, and incapable oi pUotiqg any 
fliip; and of CQnfeqtience only ient to elode Mi 

** The moft bare-feced eflraotery» however, that 
was ever committed of this kind, was the facing an 
armed vcflel, fitted in PhUadelphb, to take thcfe 
il^gal cartels* She was commanded by agcntlcnuDi 
whom the mayoritv of the merchants in that 6tf 
joined to oppofe and diftrefs. They empkiyed a crew 
of ruffians, who feiied hisveflel openly, mtfaemoft 
unwarraotpd and lawlefs manner, and brought lauf 
in trioiifib to the town, when At had oply fife fom 
aboard t and fo inveterate was tbdr hatred tp the 
commander, that he was obliged to leafe thecoMBry 
precipitately, asbetogindaqgerofhisliie.** 

There cttoot be a ftrang^ confirmate of the 
truth of t|ie abovcfccounly than the fbUoiriqi letter 
of Mr. Pftt: 



Her ^ears dUpcird, -and all her foes remoVd, 
^festnegrooods indufhioufly improv'dy 
Her t0«ns ivith tradcy with fleets her harbours 


A'ld PtenCjbfmiling en her plains around ; 

Vm hkft with all that commerce could fuppl^r* 

Aaeriea v^ards with jealous eye, 

Aod cifiker'd heart, the Parent^ who fo late 

HadfintdiM her gafping from the jaws of Fate} 

Who now, with wars for her begun, relax'd, 

WnhgxieTOus aggravated burdens tax'd, 

Htf tfofares wafted by a hungry brood 

Of cn tm n iaii t S y that (uck her vital blood j 

Cafjr rf a letter fix>m Mr. Secretary Pitt to the fe- 
fttal Governors and Councils in North America, 
ididog to the Flag of Truce Trade. 

" Whitehall, Auguft 24, 1760. 

** Gcodemeiiy 

** The comiiundert of his Majefty^s forces, ^c. 
b Korth America and the Weft Indies haVe tranf- 
oitte^ cectain and repeated intelligences of an illegal 
mi noft pernjcious trade carried on by the king's 
thefts io Worth America and the Welt Indies, as 
^ taAe French iflands is to the French fettleinenu 
OB die continent in America, and particularly to the 
nrns Mobile and Miffifippi ; by which the enemies, 
to (he gieat reproach and detriment of ^vcmment, 
ire fiq^ied with proviiions and other neceilaries $ 
•fioelj they are principally, if not alone, enabled 
^(dtin and proCra^l this long and expeniive war. 
Aad ic fiirther appearing, that large fums of bullion 
se Cent t]r the king*8 fubjeds to the above places, in 
ttam p h ereo f commodities are taken, which inter- 
ne with the prodod of the Britiih colonies them- 
t^nt, in open a>ntempt of the authority of the mo- 
>Wrco«atry, as well as the moft manifisft prejudice 
•f the wamafnGtartt and trade of Great Britain : 
•<) orier, therefore, to pot the moft fpeedy and 
f^eEbai Hop to fach flagitious pradices, fo utterly 
'ibvei€veor all laws, and fo highly repugnant to 
'he wcQ-bdng of this kingdom : 

** It b his majefty*s exprefs will and pleafure, 
^jmt6o forthwith make the ftri^teft and moft di- 
*)eac en()airy into the ftate of this dangerous and 
ijwMinlni ■ trade ; and that you do ufe every means 
'^ yaw power to 6ett€k and difcover perfons concem- 
H other m principals or acceflaries therein ; and that 
«« do take every ftep authorifed by law to bring all 
bch fadnoot ofiimders to the moft exemplary and 
ntifiipi ^anifement : and you will, as foon as may 
^ mi horn time to time tranfmit to me, for the 
^Sa^t nfbnsation, full and particular accounts^ 
^ if%nii yon ihall have made in the execution of 
tUi lag mij^*s commands, to the which the king 
txyrfbdbat yon pay the moft exad obedience. And 
fnac fcrther to ufe your utmoft endeavours to trace 
■Kari Snveftigate the various artifices andevafions 
^ «yehthe dealers in this iniqottous intercourfe find 
BOBi 10 cover thdr criminal proceedings, and to 
tb^ the law ; in order that froip fuch lights due and 
tittely cosfideratioDs may be had what farther pro- 
nioa may be ttecei&ry to reftrain an evil of fuch 
(xtesive and petnidous cgofbqoencet. 
1 UOt lie. 

Vfi. VIIL 

Who now of Aer demands that tribute doe. 
For whom alone th* avenging fword fhe drew. 

Scarce had America the juft rc<{ueil 
Received, when kindling in her faithlefs breafk 
Rcfentmcnt glows, cang*d fclition bums. 
And, lo ! the mandate- of our laws Ihe fpurns ! 
Her fecret hate, incap;iblc of fhame 
Or gratirude, inccnfcs to a flcimc, 
Derides our poxvcr, bids infurredlion riftr, 
Infults our honour, and olir Uws defies f 
O'er all her coails Is heard th' audacious roaf, 
** England .{hall rule America no more !'* 

Soon as on Britain's ftore th* alarm was heard^ 
Stem indignation !r her l«>ok appeared ; 
Yet, loth to puniHi, flie her fcourgc withheld 
From her perfidious fens who thtas rebcli'd : 
Kow ftung with anguifh, now with ra^e affail'd^ 
Till pity ip her foul at laft prcvailM, 
Determin'd not to draw hrt penal ftecl 
Till fair perfuafion made t^er laft appeal. 

And now the great decifive hour drew nigh# 
She on her darling Patriot cart her eye} 
His voice like thunder will flippnrt her caufe, 
Enforce her di^tes, and fuftain her hws ; 
Rich with her fpoils, his fjn£lion will difmay. 
And bid th- infurgertts tremble and ocey. 

He comes !— -but where, th' ami±ing theratf lo 
Difcover language or ideas fit ? 
Splay-footed words, that he£lor, bounce, and fwag-* 

The fcnfc to porzle, and the brain to ftagger? 
Our Patriot comes ! — with phrinxy firM, the Mufii 
With allegoric eye his figure views : 
Like the grim portrefs of hell-gate he fhmds^ 
Bcllona*s fcourge hangs trembling in his hands I 
Around him, fiercer than the ravenous ihark, 
' A cry of hell-hounds never ceafing bark!* ■ 
And lo ! th'enormous giant to bedeck, ' 
A golden millftone hangs upon his neck ! 
On him AmbiticHi's vulture darts her claw$> 
And with voracious rage his liver gnau's. 
Our Patriot comes !— the buckles of whofe fhoti 
Not Cromwell's felf was worthy to unloofe. 
Repeat iiis name in thunder to the ^es ! 
Ye hills fall proftrate^ and ye vales arife ! 
Thro' Fad^ion's wildemefs prepare the way I 
Prepare, ye liftening fcnates, to obey ! 
The idol of the mob, behold him ftand. 
The alpha and omega of the land ! 

Methinks I hear the bellowing Demagogy* 
Dumb-founding declamations difemboguc, 
£xpreflior.s of immeilurabie length, 
Where pompous jargon fills the place of ftrength } 
Where tulmuiating, rumbling eloquence. 
With loud theatric rage, bombards the feofe ; 
And words, deep rank'd in horrible array, 
Exafperated metaphors convey ! 
With thefe auxiliaries, drawn up at large, 
He bids enraged Sedition beat the charge i 
From England's fanguine hope his aid withdraws^ 
And lifts toguuU in lnfurre€lion's ciufc. 
And lo ! where, in her facrilr^i >us hand. 
The parricide lifts high her burning biond ! 
Go, while ihe yet fufpends her impious aim^ 
With thofe infernal lungs aroufe the (lame ! 
Tho* England merits not her leaft regard. 
Thy firicndly foice gold boxes fhall reward I 


Y A I. c o N I s.'s p o K M er. 

. AriTe, embark ! prepare tby martial car. 
To 1^ her armies and provoke the war ! 
Rebellion waiti, impatient of delay, 
The fignal her black enfigiu to difplay*. 

* Luca Pitt continued at Florence, prefuming 
upon his late alliance, and the promifes which Pietro 
liad made him 5 • • • • 

But amongft all the changes that enfued upon this 
feroltttion, nothing was more remarkable than the 
cafe of Luca Pitt, who foon began to experience 
di^ difference betwixt profperity and adverfity, be- 
Mnxt living in authority and falling into difgrace. 
His houfe, whiqh ufed to be crowded with fwarms 
of followers and dependants, was now unfrequented 
as a defeit } and his friends and relationa were not 
only afraid of being feen with him, but durft not 
even falute hlmif they met him in the ftreet ; fome 
of them having been deprived of their honours, 
odiers of their eftates, and all of them threatened. 

The magnificent palaces which he began to build 
were abandoned by the workmen^ the fervices he 
had formerly done to any one were requited with in* 
juries and abufe ; and the honours he had confetted, 
^th infamy and taunts. Many who had made him 
valuable prsfents, now came to demand them again, 
as only Tent; and others, who before ufed to flatter 
and extol him to the ikies, in ^efe circumiiances, 
loaded him with contumely and reproaches of ingra- 
titude and violence ) fo that he heartily repented, 
though too late^ that he had not followed Nicolo 
Soderini*s advice, and preferred an honourable death to 
a lifie of ignominy and cootempt. Mach. Hift. 

To thee> whofe foul, all ftedfaft and fem«f 
Beholds the tumults that diftrad our fcene ; 
And, in the calmer feats of wilBom plac*d, 
Enjoys the fweets of fentimest and ^e^ 
To thee, O Mar'ms ! whom no fadlons fway^ 
Th* impartial Mufe devotes her hooefi lay ! 
In her fond breaft no proftituted aim. 
Nor venal hope, afTumes ^r fiiend(hip*sname: 
Sooner (hall CkurckUPt fiseble meteor-ray. 
That led our foundering Dtmapnt aftray, 
Darkling to grope and flounce m Error^s night, 
Eclipfe great Mansfieli*% ftrong meridian light. 
Than ilull the change of fortune, time or place, 
Thy generous firiendihip in my heart efface ! 
O ! whether wandering firom thy country far. 
And plungM amid the murdering fcenes of war \~ 
Or in the blcft retreat of Virtue laid» 
Where Contemplation fpreads her awfiil ihade 9 
If ever to forget thee I have power. 
May Heaven defert me at my lateft hour! 

Still Satire bids my bofbm beat to arms» 
And throb widi irremUble alarms. 
Like (bme full river chaigM with idling (bowers, 
Still o*er my breaft her fwelling deluge pours. 
But reit and Silence now, who wait befide^ 
With their Ibong flood gates bar th* impetuous tide. 






TUpr Worfb areadverdtM fbrfale, 
IVX And cenfuretfly as chick as haU i 
Wlik toj poor fchemeof publicatko 
S^p&s the dcutbof com^adon. 

Whtf wUl the HWd fay ?-«That*t Tour err. 
Who is dM ^ofi^f and what am I ? 

Oace» bot thank heavo^ thole daytait o*er» 
Aid pcriecution tdgm no more, 
Om nun, car hardy roan alone^ 
Vfiop*d the cridc*s vacant thronci 
Aad thence with neither tafte nor wit^ 
By powerful catcall from the pit, 
I^aock^d farce, and play, and afbr down. 
Who paft^d the fcntence dien ?«-4he Town. 
So BDw each upftart puny elf 
Talks of the xporU, and means J^elf, 

Yet in the circle there are thDfe 
^^ host e'en more than open (bei : 
Wbofe frieodihip ferres the talking turn, 
Jaft fimmen to a kind concern, 
A«d with a wQnd*roas'fbftexpi«flion 
Zx^tfiatet nponindiicretion; 
fBes fram the Poems to the Man, 
Aad gratifies the favourite plan 
To poU down other^s icpntation* 
All build thor own oo diat ibundatidn. 

The Icholar grave» of tafte difcemiag, 
Wbo lives ott credit ibr his learning, 
Aad has no better claim to wit 
'nancarinngacwfa^t othenwrit, 
^i^ pitying kindneis, Aiendly ftar, 
^K^^NEn coig^6tmm in your ear. 
" Tm fccr y and Ws moich to blame— 
** He oDght have pabljih*d—4>ttt his name ! 
" The tUqg migitt pleafe a iew, no doubt, 
** As handed privately about— 
" hai^viaieafHendortwo, 
** Somepaniallneodlikeaieandyoas 
" ^i^iceofBci^copre^andprint 
** Tenll find, 1 icar, hut little in*t. 
** Bt iaoda upon a dangeroiu brinlp 
** Who toncn o*« the fea of iok* 

*' ^hcre reputation runs aground, 
« Theauthor caft away, and drown'd. 

« And then— 'twas wilful and abfurd, 
** (So well approved, fowellprcferrM,) 
** Abroptly thus a place to quit 
" A place which rooft his genius hit, 
«* The Aeatre for Latin wit ! 
" With critics round him chafte and terfe, 
<* To give a plaudit to his verfe !*' 

Latin, I grant, fliews college breeding, 
Andfome fchool -common-place of reading. 
But has in Modems fmall pretenfion- 
To real wit or (Irong invention. 
The excellence you critics praife 
Hangs on a curious choice of phrale; 
Which pick'd and chofen here and there. 
From profe or verfe no matter where, 

iumbled together in a di(h, 
jke Spanllh olio, fowl, fleih, BOk, 
You fet the claflic hodge-podge on 
For pedant wits to feed upon. 
Your wou^d-be Genii vainly feek 
Fame for their Latin verfe, ^r Greek i 
Who would for that be moft adniir*d 
Which blockheads, may, and have acquir*d.. 
A mere mechanical connection 
Of favourite words,— a bare colle£Uon 
Of phrafcs, — where the laboured ccmb 
Prefents you with a dull memento. 
How Firgi/, Horace, OviJjoin, 
And dub together half a line. 
Thcfe only ftrain their motly wits 
In gathering patches, fhreds, and bits. 
To wrap their barren fancies in. 
And make a cla/Tic Harlequin. 

—Where I at once impowerM to fliew 
My utmoft vengeance on my foe. 
To punUh with cxtremeft rigour, 
I could inflict no penance bigger 
Then ufingikim as learning's tool 
To make him Uiher of a fchool. 
For, not to dwell upon the toil 
Of working on a barren foil, 
And laboring with incefTant paint 
To cultivate a blockhead's iNriins 
The duties there but ill befit 
The lore of letters, arts, or wit. 
U i. 




For whofoe*er, though (lightly, fipi. 
Their grateful favour wkh his lips, 
Will And it leave a fmatch behind. 
Shall fink fo deeply in his mind. 
It ncvr thence can be eras'dr— 
But, fifing up. you call it I'ajie, 

'Twerc uioliih for a drudge to chufc 
A gulto which hf cannot ufc. 
Better difcard the idle whim, 
What's He to rap f or raftt to Him ? 
For mc, it hurts rac tothc foul 
To brooic confinement or controul : 
Still to be plnion'd down toteacb 
The fyntax and the parts of fpccch ; 
Or, wh?t perhaps is drudging worfe. 
The link^, and joints, t!ie rules of vcrfc} 
To deal out authors by retail, 
Like penny pot; <si OxfoiJ alej 
—-Oh ! *Ti$ a fcrvice irkfomc nwrc 
Than tugging at the flavifh oar. 

Yet fuch h'li t ifl:, a difmal truth, 
Who watches o>r the bent of youth $ 
And while, a paltry ftlpcnd earning. 
He fows the ricaeft feeds of learning. 
And tills their minds with pfoper care, 
And fec5 them thcirduc produce bear^ 
No joys, alas ! his toil beguile 
His cnvn lies fallow all the while. 

, «< Vet ftill he's in the road, you fay, 
" Of learning." — Why, perhaps he may. 
But turns likehorfes in a mill. 
Nor getting on, nor (landing (Hll : 
For little way his learning reaches. 
Who reads no more than what he teaches, 
** Yet you can fend ad vcnt'rous youth, 
^* In fearch of letters, taJIe, and truth, 
<♦ Who ride the highway road to knowledge 
<* Through the plain turnpikes of a college," 
True. — Like way-pofts, we fcrve to (hew 
The road which travellers (hould go j 
Who jog along in eafy pace. 
Secure of coming to the place, 
Yet fipd, return whene'er they will. 
The Foftt and its direflipn ftill : 
Which (bn<|s an ufeflit unthank'd guHea 
To many a padcnger befide. 

'Tis hard to carve for others m«at, 
^nd not have time one's felf to ^. 
Though, be it always underftoodj 
Our appetites are full as good. 

" But there have been, and proofs appcVji 
•« Who bore th!| Icjad fironj year to year; 
*< Whofc claim to letters, parts and wt, 
*« The world h;i8 ne'er diluted yet. 
^* Whetherthe flowing mirth prevail 
« In IVejlefs fon^ or humorous tale j 
*< Or happier Bourne^s cxpreflion pleafe 
«« With graceful turns of clalfic fafe} 
«« OrOAc^<f«wcll-ie^ pj)?t(ings 
<« Pathetic to the car of kings: 
«« Thefc have indutg'd ^he mufes' flight, 
« Nor loft their time or credit by't ; 
• « Nor fuffer'd fancy's dreams to prey 
«* Onthe ducbufinefsof theday. 
•« Verfe was to ^eni a recreation 
<« Ui'd by way of relaxation.*' 

Your inftances are fiir and tniCj , 

Aftd geniui I refpeft with yot. 

F O S M S. 

I envy none their honeft praife \ 
I feek toblaft no fcholar's bays : 
Still let the graceful foliage fpread 
Its generous honours round their head, 
Blcil, if the Mufes' h:\ndentwinc 
A fprig at leaft to circle mine ! 

Come, — I admit, you Ux me right. 
Prudence, 'tis true, was out of (ight. 
And you may whifper all you meet, 
T he man v^as vague and indttcreet. 
Yet tell me, while you cenfurcme. 
Are you from error found and firee ? 
Say, does yourbrcaft no bias hide, 
Whofe influence draws the mind a6de ? 

All have their hobby-horfe, you feci 
From Triftram down to you and mc. 
Ambition, fplcndour, may be thine } 
Eafc, indolence, perhaps, are mine. 
Though prudence, and our nature's pride 
May wifli our weaknefTcs to hide. 
And (et their hedges up befbrc'eni. 
Some Sprouts will branch, and ftwgglc u'cr 'e«v 
Strive, fight againft her how you will. 
Nature will be the miftiefs (Kll, 
And though you crub \wth «krable rein. 
She'll run away with ut again. 

But leta man of parts be wroag» 
'Tis triumph to die leaden throng. 
Thefbols (hall cackle out feproofy 
The very afs (hall raife his hoof j . 
And he who bcdds in bis poflciBon» 
The (ingle virtue of diftf etion> 
Who knows no overflow of f|»iitf 
Whofe want of paffioos is hb merit, 
Whom wit and tafte and judgmefit fixate 
Shall (hake his noddle, and jfeem wife. 



ACTING, dear Thonitoa, its perfedioo drw 
From no obfervance of mechamc lam : 
No fettled maxuns of a fav'iite ftage. 
No roles deliver'd down from age to ago. 
Let players nicely mark them as Aey win. 
Can e'er entail hereditary (kiU. 
If, 'moogft the humble hcarcn of die pity 
Some curious vet'ran cikic chtMC to ^y 
Is he pleai'd more becaofe 'twas t/BtxA fo 
By Booth and Cibber thirty years ago! 
The mmd reods an ofajed held more 4e«r, 
And hates the copy, that it comes fo neKf* 
Why lov'd he Wllfcs's air, Booth's nervous taoe ? 
In them 'twas natural, twas aU tbeir own. 
A Garrick's genius niuft our wonder raife. 
But gives his mimic no refle£ted praifo. 

Thrice happy Genros, whofe ummiM niDC, 
Shall live for ever inAoTosceof Fame * 
*Tis thine to lead with more than magic ftil^ 
The train of capdve pafliois at thy will y 




To y the burftlng tear fpontaneoue flow 
la die fwect lenfe of fyinpathetic woe : 
Through cr'ry vein I feci a chilncfs creep, 
When b(»iors fuch as thine Aave murdered JUep > 
Asd It the old man^s look and frantic ilare 
Tii Lear alarms me, for I fee him there. 
Kar yet confined to tragic walks alone, 
Tbc comic Mufe too claims thee for her own. 
Wkli each delightful reqmiite to pleafe, 
Ta&, Spirit, Judgment, ^ Elegance, and £afe> 
TauJMt nature forms thy only rule, 
From Ranger's rake to Drugger's vacant fool. 
With power's fo pliant, and fo various bled, 
Tbtvhatwe ieethehfl, we Ijketbe beft. 
Not idly pleased, at judgment's dear expence, 
Btt huft outrageous with the laugh of fenfe. 

Pttfedioa's top, with weary toil and pain, 
Tb genius only dut can hope to gain. 
Tie Play V« profidlion (though 1 hate the phrafe, 
Ta(omt£4aitk in thefe modern days) 
Lies not in trick, or attitude, or ftart, 
Ktnre's trae knowledge is the only art. 
The ftiong-felt pa0ion bolts into his face. 
The flund nntouch'd, what is it but grimace ! 
To this ooe ftandard make your juft appeal, 
Bert Get the g^den fecret | ieam to fkel. 
QrioQl, ormoilarch, happy, ordifbeft, 
Ko ador pleaies that is not foffefi'd* 

Oace on the ftage, "in Rome's declining days, 
Whea Cfariftians were the fubjeft of their plays, 
I'er periecuticMi dropp'd her iron rod, 
AaA men ftiU nirag'd an impious war with God, 
Aaafior /louriih'd of no vulgar fame, 
Ktfare'sdifciple, and Geneft his name. 
A aoUe objea for his (kill he chofe, 
A martyr dying *midil infulting foes. 
Reign*d with pd^nce to religion's laws. 
Yet braving mooarcbs in his Saviour's caufe. 
F2*d with th* idea of the lacred part, 
Hclett a seal beyond the reach of art, 
WiSt look aad vuce, and gefture, all expreft 
A kkdnd ardour in die player's bread j 
Tin as the flame throtigh all his bofom ran, 
JHe Mthc afiborand commenc'd the Man } 
Ptaicft the 6ith $ his pagan gods denied, 
Ajidwfaat he a^ed then, he aifter died. 

The play^s province they but vainly try, 
Who W«it tfadt powers, DefHjrtment^ yoke, and 

The OMn Sight ^1^% only Grme can pleafe, 
H» fifORckaoDi usif it has not £a/2r. 
Thocave, whothinktheilatureallinall, / 
IBarSbtheliero, if he is not talL 
TUfcefiif fenfe aa odier want fopplies, 
1 ne ■oafiot'ft aierit from his fise. 
^■fuimi beigiit requires fUperior grace, 
•Adii «kc*s a giaat with a vacant £&ce ? ^ 

The«sic monarchs» io their tragic gait, 
Aftft to mvk the fblemn pace of ftate. 
<^feot pot forward in pofitionftrang, 
'Atfliker, like its vai&l, dragg'd along. 
^panreochiMdoD, (bexaft syidnow, 
l^woodea Monarchs at a puppet ihow. 
*Ihe ooicn dett^its OS that has nwive grace> 
B«t Atedoo ill (ttpplies its place. 

UittUblaftors, like yoar mhnic apes, 
"Wa vddK thdr bodies in atboofaad Ihapes s 

However foreign from the poet's art. 

No tragic heco but admires a dart. 

What though unfeeling of the nervous line. 

Who but allows his attitude is fine ? 

While a whole minute cquipois'd he Hands, 

Till praifedifmifs him with her echoing hands! 

Refolv'd,. though nature hate the tedious paufet 

By perfeverance to extort applaufe. 

When Romeo forrowing at his Juliet's doom. 

With eager madnefs burfts the canvas tomb. 

The fudden whirl, ftrctch'd leg, and lifted ftaff. 

Which pleafe the vulgar ; make the critic laugh. 

To paint the paflion's force, and mark it well 
The proper action nature's felf will tell ; 
No pleafing pow'rs didordons e'er exprefs. 
And nicer judgment always loaths excefs. 
In fock or buflcin, who o'erleaps the bounds, 
Difguds our teafon, and the tadc confounds. 

Of all the evils which the dage moled, 
I hate your fool who ovcrafts his jed ; 
Who murders what the poet finely writ. 
And, like a bungler, haggles all his wit. 
With flirug, and grin, and gedurc out of place. 
And writes a foolidx comment with his face. 
Old Johnfon once, though Cibber's pcrter vein' • 
But meanly groupes him with a nom'rous train. 
With deady face, and fober hum'rous mien, 
Fill'd the drong outlines of the comic fcene 5 
What was writ down, with decent utt'rance fpoke^ 
Betray'd no fymptom of the confcious joke \ 
The very man in look, in voice, in air, 
And though upon the dage, appear'd no Play'r. . 

The word and action Hiould conjoindy futt, 
But adding words is labour too minute. 
Grimace will ever lead thejudgmentwrong 5 
While fober humour marks th' imprc/fion drong. 
Her proper traits the fixt attention hit. 
And bring me dofer to the poet's wit i 
With her delighted o'er each fcene I go, 
Well-pleas'd, and not adiam'd of being (b. 

But let the generous ?Stov dill forbear 
To copy features wkh a Mimic's care \ 
•Tis a poor ikill which every fool can reach, 
A vile dage-cudum, honour'd in the breach. 
Worfc as more clofe, the dinfigenuous art 
But ihews the wanton loofenefs of the heart. 
When I behold a wretch, of talents mean. 
Drag private foibles on the public fcene, 
Forlaking nature's fair and open road 
To mark fbme whim, fome drange peculiar mod^ 
Fir'd with difgud I loath his fervile plan, 
Defpife the mimic, and abhor the man. 
Go to the lame, to hofpitals repair. 
And hunt for humour in d'ldortions there ! 
Fill up the meafure of the motley whim 
With dmig, wink, fhuffle, and convulfive limb ) 
Then Aame at once, to pleaff a trlding age. 
Good fenfe good manners, virtue, and the dage ! 

'Tis not enough the voice be found and clear, 
'Tis modulation that mud charm the ear. ^ 
When defperate heroines grieve with te4ious lOft^ 
And whine their forrows in afee-faw tonej~ ' ^ • 

The fame fofc found of unimpaiTioned woe^ 
Can only make the yawning hearers doze. 

The voice all modes of padion can exprefs, 
Tha^ marks the proper word with proper drefs, 

• Sfc Gibber's Applogy, 8vo, 1750. 



T O 

M S. 

But none emphatic can the^or call^ 
Who lays an equal eropha(is on «//. 

Some o'er the tongue the hbour'd meafures roll 
Slow and deliberate as the parting toU> 
Point ev'ry ftop» mark, cv'ry paufe fo ftrong, 
Their words, like ftage-procefliont ftalk along. 
All afTe^ation but creates difgud, 
Aad e'en in fpeaking we may fcem rco juft. 

Kor proper, Thornton, can thofc founds appear 
Which bring not numbers to thy nicer ear ) 
In vain from them the plcaGng meafurc flows, 
Whofe recitation rum it all to pcofe ; 
llepeating what the^poct fcts not down. 
The verb disjointing fromjts friendly noun, 
While paufe, and break, and repetition join 
To make adifcord in each tuneful line. 

Some placid natures fill th* allotted fccne 
With lifc'.cfs drone, iofipid and ferenc ; 
While others thunder ev'ry couplet o'er. 
And almoft crack your ears with rant and roar. 

More nature of^ and finer ftrokes are ihown. 
In the lowwhifpcr than tempeihious tone. 
And Hamlet's hollow voice and fixt amase^ 
Mort powerful terror to the mind conveys, 
Than he, who, fworn with big impetuous rage. 
Bullies the bnlky phantom oflF the ftage. 

He, who in earneft ftudies o'er his part. 
Will find true nature cling about his heart. 
The modes of grief are not included all 
In the white handkercnief and mournful drawl } 
A fingle look more marks th* internal woe, 
Than all the vnndings of the leogthen'd Oh. 
Up to the face the quick fenfation flies. 
And darts its meaning finom the fpeaking Eyes ; 
Love, tranfport, madnefs, anger, fcom, dcfpair^ 
^nd all the paflions, , all the foul is there. 

In vain Ophelia gives her flowrets round, 
And vrith her ftraws iantaftic ftrews the grvund. 
In vain now fings, now heaves the defp'rate figb« 
If phrenxy fit not in the troubled eye. 
In Gibber's look commanding forrows fpeak. 
And call the' tear fall trickTuig down my cheek. 

There is a Ault which iUrs the critic's rage j 
A want of due attentioii on the ftage. 
1 hav^ feen aOors, and admir'd ones too, 
Whofe tongues wound up fet forward fioro their 

In their own fpeech who whine, orroar away, 
Yet feem unmov'd at what the reft may fay ; 
Whofe fcyes and thoughts on different obje^ roam, 
Vntil the prompter's voice rccal them home. 

Divert yourfelf of hearen, if you can, 
And ^rive to fpeak, and ht the very man. 
Why fliould the well-bred a£h>r wiih to know 
Who fits above to-night, or who below ? 
So, 'mid th' harmonious tones of grief or rage, 
Italian fquallen oft difgrace the ftage ; 
When, with a fimp'ring leer, and bow profound, 
The fqueaking Cyrus greets the boxes round 5 
Or proud Mandane, of imperial race. 
Familiar drops a curt'fie to her grace. 
' To foitthe drefs demands the adbr's art. 
Yet thqne are thofe who over-drefs the part. 
To fome prefcriptive right give fettled mings. 
Black wigs to murd'rcrs, fcather'djiatsto kings. 
But Michael Caffio might be drunk enough. 
Though jll hit feiturcs were nut grim'd with fnufiT. 

Why ihoold Pol Peachum fliioe in fatio dotfhes f 
Why ev'ry devil dance in fcarlet hofe ? 

But in ftage-cuftoms what offends me moft 
Is the flip-door, and fiowly-rifing ghoft. 
Tell me, nor count the qucftiontoo fevere. 
Why need the difmal powder'd forms appear ? 

When chilling horrors fhake th' affrighted Ids;, 
And guilt torments him vrith herfcorpion fting j 
When keeneft feelings at his bofbm pull. 
And fancy tells him that the feat is AiII \ 
Whv need the ghoft nfurpfhe monarch's place, 
To frighten children with hb mealy face ? 
The king alone fhould form the phantom dieie, 
And talk and trembib at the vacant chan*. 

If Belvidera her loi^'d lofs deplore. 
Why for twin fpe^res burfts the yawning floor? 
When with difoider'd ftarts, and horrid cries, 
She paints the murder'd forms before her eyes. 
And ftill purfucs them with a frantic flare, 
'Tls pregnant madneft brings the vifions there. 
More inftant hofror would cnfbre the fccne, 
If all her fhudd'rings were at fhapes unfeeo. 

Poet and Ador thus, with blended (kill. 
Mould all onr paftions to thehr infbnt wQl ; 
*Ti8 thus, when feeling Garrick. Q^ads the fbge, 
(The fpeaking comment of his Shakefpear's page) 
Ofc as 1 drink the wonls with greedy ears, 
I fhake with horror, or difTolve with tears. 

O, ne'er nuy folly feize the throoe of lafte. 
Nor dulnefs lay the realms of genius wafle ! 
No bouncing crackers ape the thund'rer's fire, 
No tumbler float upon the bending wire t 
More natural ufes to the ftage belong. 
Than tumblen, monften, pantomime, or fang. 
For other purpofe was that f pot defign'd : 
To purge the pafiions, and reform the mind, 
To give to nature all the force of art. 
And while it charms the ear to' mend the heart 

Thornton, to thee, I dan with truth oaameod, 
The decent ftage as vhtue't natural friend. 
Though oft debas'd widi fcenes^ioAue and loofe, 
No reafbn weighs againft Its proper ufe. 
Though the lewd prieft his facred fira^Boo fhame, 
ReJigkm's perfed law is ftill the fame. 

Shall they, who trace the paffions from their tift 
Shew fcom her features, her own image vice ? 
Who teach the mind its proper force t» fcan» 
And hold the faithfril mirror up to man, 
Shall their profrf!ion e'er provoke 4ifdaiB 
Who ftand the fbremoft in tfie moral traiiif 
Who lend reflexion all the grace of art. 
And (bike the precept home upon the hetft ? 

Yet, haplefs Artift ! though thy ikfll can raiie 
The burfting peal of univerf J pnufe. 
Though at thy beck Applanfe delighttd fbnds. 
And lifts, Briareus' like, her hundred haids. 
Know, Fame awards theo4>ut a partial breads ! j 
Not all thy talents brave the fhoke of ddft. 
Poets to ages yet unborn appeal. 
And lateft times th* Eternal Nature feel. 
Though blended here thepraii^ of bartf and play^'- 
While more than half becomes the Aaoi^ t^ut, 
Relentlefs death antvrifb die aingled fuait. 
And finks the player in tbe poet^ aaae. 
The pliant mufclea of tl^ various fiKe» ' 

The mien that gave each loiteiiee ftfnigth a 


K - M S. 


Tbe tsarful Tolce, the eye that fpokc the mind, 
Alt goKi nor leate a fingle trace behlod. 



^^(m Qrria t ftdd am Perm^Jidoi irtidat 
Immm frofht Svttwfque F» 

r Ftrum tfi» 


,11 BH 

OW ChriH-chorch left, abd fixt at Lincoln's 
, rimportint ftodiet of the begin. 
)hi |Rnn the (helves beneath th* unufual charge 
tfllitsrds, Statutes^ and Reports at large. 
IckCtiffic anchor feelcs his peaceful nook, 
laimMi Virgi] yields his place to Coke. 
Bsaofe, ye Btfds, for Tain precedence hope, 
Ik even Jacob take the lead of Pope ! 

WHle the pil'd Aelvcfs fink down on one another, 
Aad each huge folio hat its cumb*it>us brother, 
^ICemnM with thefe, the Student views with awe 
Eirooffls become the nugasine of law, •> 
M vhcDce lb ftw fucceed ? where thoufands aim, 
Bt&v e'er reach the promised goal of fame ? 
Kt v^ Cacilios quits a gainful trade 
wni^BMBCals, fwurd, and fmart cockade ? 
^ Scztas why his firft profeflion leaves 
kasnwerband, plain ihirt, and pudding Heeres ? 
Tk depth of law aiks ftudy, thought, ai;dcare? 
kUvefeek thefe in rich Alonzo*s heir ? 
^fififOKe, alas ! u feldom found 
kAebnik heir Co forty thoufand pound. 
Vettb, that excuib folly, lloth creates, 
^vhocafpend, e*er learn to get eftatef, 
Ibtiitolmndry cafe, or dull report, 
"^todies fii0uoo8 at the Inns of Court ; 
^ yrevet that thing of emptinefs and ihow, 
Yb aongrd, half form*d tning, a Temple-Beau ? 
nftrre hhndjttly faunt^ring up and down, 
wpieffippers, and in filken gown ; 

^a^b^s debauch, his morning converfatioB ; 

!(iaiii|, aU hit everang preparation. 

^kwlrt others toil to gain renown ! 

■■*kafEnt]eman, amano'th* town. 

B^ csvts clients, or the law regarding. 

ois 6ea N«ndo*s down to Covent-Gariden t 

ik'itSdMfai V--inark him in the Pit 

>!k cntk catcall found the ftops of \nt ! 

paeat Oeorge^t be harangues the throng, 

■^il ffik fi«D tragedy to foog J 

^•^ witlng- yWws with fecitt awe^ 

^isatDrauy (hallow in the Usw. 

f^ the pfciactto Colman*s profe that goitlenian 
r*d» pceicBC performance, and dys that it was 
P^* ™^ Author to fill up a volume of poems 
W^A by fuMcripdoQ. 

Others there are, who, indolent and vain, 
Contemn the fcience, they can ne'er attain t 
Who write, andn^ad, but all by (its and ftaitt. 
And vami(h folly with the name of Parts \ 
Truft all to genius, for they fcom to pore» 
Till e'en that little Genius is no more. . 

Knowledge in Law care only can attain. 
Where honour*s purchased at the price of pam. 
If, loit*ring, upth'afcentyooceafetoclimb| 
No (larts of- labour can redeem the time. 
Induftrioos ftudy wins l>y (low degrees^ 
True font of Coke can ne*er be fons at eafo. 

There are, whom Love of Poetry has fmit. 
Who, blind to intereft, arrant dupes to wit. 
Have wanderM devious in the pleafing road. 
With attic flowers and Clailic wreaths beftrew*d : 
Wedded to verfe, embraced the Mufe for life, * 
And u*en, like modem bucks, thenr whores to wifo. 
Where'er the Mufe ufurps defpodc fway. 
All other ftudies ronft of force give way, 
Int'reft in vain puts in her prudent claim, 
Nonfuited by the powerful plea oi fame. 
As well you might weigh lead againft a feathor^ 
As ever jumble wit and law together. 
On Littleton Coke gravely thus remarks, 
(Remember this, ye rhyming Temple fparks I 

Jn all our author's tenures, bt it MttJ, 

This Is the fourth time any ver(c was quoted «" 
Which, 'gain(t the Mufe and verfe, may well im- 

• ply 

What lawers call a mPt fnfeqm. 

Quit then, dear George, O quit the bantn field, 
Which neither profit nor reward can yield 1 
What tho' the fprigbtly fceoe, well a£ted, draws 
From unpack'd Engliihmen unbrib'd applaufo» 
Some monthly Grub, fome Dennis of theage* 
In print cries (hame on the degen'rate (bge*. 
If haply Churchill drive with generous aim. 
To fan the fparks of genius 00 a flame j 


By noting thy defert, he proves his own; 

Envy (hall ftraight to Hamilton's repair. 

And vent her fpleen, and gall, and venom there^ 

Thee, and thy works, and all our firiends decry, . 

And boldly priAtand publifo a rank lie, 

Swear your own hand the flatt'ring likeneft drew. 

Swear your own breach fome's partial trumpet blew. 

Well 1 remember oft your friends have faid, 
(Friends, whom the fureft maxims ever led) 
Tumparfon, Colman, that's the way to thnvet 
Your parfons are the happieft men alive. 
Judges, there are but twelve, and never more. 
But Sulls untold, and Bifhops, twenty-four. 
Of pride and claret, (loth and ven'fon full. 
Yon prelate mark, right reverend and dull t 
He ne'er, good man, need penfivevtgihke^ 
To preach hit audience once a week tofleep ; 

* See the very cttrkwt and V BUT tiMiLAt criti- 
cifmt on the comedy of the Jealous Wifo^ in the 
two Reviews, together with the moft maUciout 

and infolent attack on the writer, aid the autdor of 
thit Collcaion in the Cntical Review for March $ 
an injury poorly repaired by a lame apology in the 
Review for the fucceeding month, containing fitfk 
infults on one of the injured partietl - 


D S 

M S. 

On rich preferments batteof at hi$ eafci 
Nor fweacs for titbesy as lawyers toil for fees. 
Thus they advis'd. I know thee better far j 
And cry* ftick clofe, dear Colman, to the bar ! 
If genias warm thce> where can genius call 
For nobler adlion than in yonder haJl ? 
^is not enough each momy on Term*s approach^ 
To club your legal threepence for a coach 3 
Then at the hall to take your (jlent ftand, » 
With ink^hom and long note- book in youi hand. 
Marking grave ferjeants cite each wife report. 
And noting down fage didums from the court, 
With overwhelming brow, and law-learn 'J face. 
The index of your book of common-place. 

Thefe are mere drudges, that can only plod. 
And tread the path their dull forefathers trod, 
Doom'd thro* law's mate, without a clue, to range, 
From fecwid ytnan down to JicoKd Strange, 
Do thoa uplift thine eyes to happier wits ! 
Dttlnefs no longer on the woolpack fits j 
No longer on the drawling droniih herd 
Are the firft honours of the law conferM , 
but they whofcfame reward's due tribute draws. 
Whofe active merit challenges applaufe, 
lake glorious beacons, are let high to view, 
To mark the paths which genius (liould purfue. 

O for thy fpirit, Mansfield ! at thy name 
What bolbm glows not with an adivc flame ? 
Alone from Jargon bom to refcue law. 
From precedent, grave hum, and formal faw ! 
To ftrip chican'ry of , its vain pretence, . 
And marry ComiiKM) Law to Common Scafe ! 

Pt ATT*! on thy lips perfuafion ever hung ! 
EnglUh falls, pure as Manna, from thy tongue \ 
On thy voice truth may reft, and on thy plea 
Unerring Hxnlev f found the }uft decree. 
^ Henley ! than whom, tb Hakdwickc's well- 
rais'd ^une, 
No worthier fecond Royal Geokg e cou'd name : 
No lawyer of prerogatiyc ; no tool 
FaihionM in black corruption's pliant fchool ; 
. Forro'd 'twixt the People and the Crown to ftand, 
And bold the fcales of right with even hand ! 

True to our hopes, and equal tc> his birth. 
See, fee in Yoa k e^ the force of lineal worth ! 

But %vfay their fevVal merits need I tell 
Why on each honoured fage's praifes dwell 
WilmotII how well his place, or Fostee§ fills ? 
Or ihrcw'd fenfc beaming from the eye of Wi l lss ^? 

Such, while thou feeft the public care ei^age* 
Their fame increafing with incrcafing age, 
Rais*d by true genius bred in Phoebus' fchool, 
Whofe warmth of foul ibuod judgment knew to 

—With fuch illuftrious proofs before your eyes. 
Think not, my friend, you've too much writ to rife. 

* Afterwards Earl Camden. 

f Afterwards Earl of Northington. 

X Charles Yorke, £(^; feco&d fbo of Lm4 Hafd- 

^ Sir John Eardley Wilmot, aftcrwank chief 
Jvftice of the Common Pleas. 

H Sir Michael Poller, one of the Judges of die 
King's Bench. 

^ Sir John WiUes^ Chief Juftke of the Com^ 

Think of the bench, the coif, long robe, and fee, 
And leave the Prcfs to ••♦•♦••••• 


OLD England has notlofther prayV, 
AndGBORCz, (thank hear'n !) hat got 

A royal babe, a Prince of Wales. 

—Poets ! I pity all your nails— 

What reams of paper will be fpoil'd ! 

What^tf^«f/« be daily foiPd ' 

By inky fingers, greafy thumbs, 

Hunting the word that never comes * 
*Now Academies pump their wits, - 

And laih in vain th.:ir laty tits i 

In vain they whip, and fla{h, and fpur. 

The callous jades will never ftir j 

Nor can they reach Pamajus* hill. 

Try every method which they will. 

Nay, ihould the tits get 00 for eoce^ 

Each rider is fo grave a dunce. 

That, as I've heard good judges fay» 

'Tis ten to one they'd lofe their way j 

Though not one wit beftrides the back 

Of ufeful drudge, ycleped hack. 

But fine tred thmn of laettUd bloody 

Pick'd from A^o^z royiX fiud, 

Greeks R§man, nay Arahtan deeds. 

Or thofe our mother country breeds ; 
Some ride ye /», and ride ye mt/. 

And CO come iome go round ab^ut^ 

Nor on the green fwerd, nor the road, 

And that I think they call an Ode. 

Some take the pleafant country air. 

And fmack their whips and drive a pair. 

Each horfe with bells which clink and chime, 

And fo (key march — and that is rtime. 

Some copy with prodigious (kill 

The figures of a huttery-biily 

Which, with great folks of erudition^ 

Shall pals for Coptic or Phmticum. 

While fome, ia patriot love prevails. 

To complisient a prince of Wi/ci, 

Salute the royal babe in mt/Jky 

And f^nd fbrth gutturals like a belch. 

What pretty things imagination 
Will fritter out in adulation ! 
The Pagan Gods (hall vifit earth. 
To triumph in a C^-^'on's birth. 
While clafic poets, pure and Qhaflc, 
Of frws and academic taste, 
Shall lug them in by head and (hou1ders> 
To be or j^c^eri, or hekoiders. 
Mars (lull prefent him With a lance. 
To humble ^in and conquer France ; ' 

The Graces, buxom, bllth, andgay^ 
Shall at his cndle dance the Ha^i 
And Venus, with her train of Loves, 
Shall biii^ a thouiand pair of dwts 

> £ o r o'^c r O X M 8, 


Tf Jfld IDIOO} Khwhjnr» to fqueak^ 
nnofh ill the SaUffs of {7f«<i* 
Hovmayyitwatf of claflic bicHy 
SluB4^^ tune theJr o^ffn ree^y 
Aad bcttf their Dmk nymphs to tow^i 
To fiflgtbeir neafures uf md Jnon, 

la Botes thtmate clear and fweety 

Uf Bal/ad'/i^tn In z ftrcec. 

VUe tbofe who grafp at reputa^oo, 

Frb i«c<fBif mtatwip 

SuU booteach granny, nook, andcreeky 

^fnam fragments In the Greeks 

hint tie^t/tt »^ t^« wafte, 

hshk, and fentiment, and tafte. 
^ffhtLxdnkJgt'ftoJge, Grecian iij^;^ 

tith Hebrew mts, and Engliih traji, 

^aodemic cooks produce 

Farpdeat ihow and liitttre ufe ! 

Tiuowi ! who*ye foak*d a%(fay their koowledgei 

hlert^refideoce at college ; 

1w fires are Tike a ftagoant pool» 

U^j aad pladd, doll and cool j 

Mnedrinluig, eadng; eating> drinking; 

^^ BO impertinence of thinking i 

^bck 00 Either enidition> 

Thaa jrf tojif an impofidon 

hoiof, demoliih and difpirit^ 

^h ime begotten child of merit | 

<^* who, in the day*s bruad lights 
'aj* the rice they ad at night j 
^'HMfe charity mithfelf begins, 
'^ comi odieri venial fins ; 
^tbat their fcet may fafcly tread^ 
"^^ «p hypocrify iaftead, 
li kaowiog that muft riways hide 
AiailQtiMieof finsbefide; 
*tdernfty wit it at a ftand, 
*it^ ifr^man at their hand ; 
(Wkafic lerrke moft of coorfe create 
Tb( jb4 retom of fer'n-fbld hatt ) 
Laid! dut fuch rW and Mfefuttat^ 
ftftM ever turn 09 books again. 

Tit natter nnfft be grarely plann^dy 
Aad fytlabks on fingers fcann'd, 
^ racking paogs rend laboring head, 
Ta laly Mvie b bfOQght to-bed x 
Wktbuotii^, chaogiiig, tolling, f«re«ing|^ 
To kag the ofital epithet in V 
Wkre thectampt neafure kindly tbomt, 
bnffbe m<e, bot>i^ be ptole. 
k when ks odther light nor dark, 
To^fcm^f^e, or lawyer's olorky 
tVoyafhy who takes her nightly ftand 
Atkatiycoivrinthe Strand, 
^iodie chef^y tight in the boddice, 
^ta the eye a periisa goddeft } 
^caifaft'd more nunotely o*er, 
T"vo«tanold, ftak, batter'd i^iore. 

Ttt onft tfaeie fom of cownbp basBj^ 
M «f t)ie Plamage of D^^mn, 
F«6kethdr APATHY a wfadey 
T«%M in the JKmms ftile, 
^«ftr ioccttfe at the flirine 
WUtiw Poetbt l>rvMf. 

l>a atfanae the goddeis fits» 
'Atiiciasy CooriEy CALSPtift, 
M>voiTBsvt, FAjiBB> Com tT^.TXN f \ 

And be, who like Do^oka fpokex 

Db SacraQubicv, Holyoabb; 

Thefe are her counfdlors of ft ate, 

Men of much words, and wits of xomght \ 

Here Ga A D u ^ , full of phrafn tUvtr^ 

I-ord of her trfajury for ever, 

With liberal hand his bounty deals ( 

Sir CBNToKiBPBRof the&wiL 

Next to the perfon of dieoueen, 

Old madam PrOsopt is feen ; 

Talking inceifant, akhovgh dnrfih| 

Upon her fingers to her thumb. 
And all around her portraits hunf 

Of heroes in the Latm Tongue \ 

itaiiant Eng/iJ^, German^ FrewtJkp 

Who moft laborioufly entrench 

^n deep parade of language deaJp 

Whatwould not In their own be read* 

Without impeachment of that Tastb^, 

WhichLATiN iDioMtnrm torAtf^ 

SANToi.jtr8 here, whofe flippant joko^ 

Sought refuge in a Roman cloak ; 

With dull CoMMiaitis at his fide. 

In all the pomp of jefuit pride. 

Mbnacb, the pedant figured therot^ 

A trifler with a foiemn air : 

And there in loofe, unfeemly viewy 

The gracelefs, eafy Lo v b l i n o fw. 
*Tis here grave poet« urge their cianSf^ 

For fome thin blaft of tiny fuM $ 

Here bind their temples drunk with piaift^ 

With half a fprig of mtker^d bays. 

O poet, if that honoured aany 
Befits fuch idle childifh aim ; 

If ViRCiL aflc thy f.icred care, 

if HoRACB-cbarm thee* oh ibrhiar^ 

To fpoil with facrilegous hand. 

The glories of the classic landc 
Nor f9w thy 4{9wlas .9a the S a t t 1 1^ 
Of tJkiir pure oncomipted I^atin. 
Better be native In thy Terfc,— 
What is FiNCAL but genuine Zi/</ 

Whkl) all fvbKime fonoroos flows. 
Like H«BVBT*s thoughts in dninken profit 
Hail, Scotland, hail* to thee beloog 
All powers, but moft the powers of fongj 
Whether the rude unpolifh*d Mrff 
Stalk in the bpckram Pwo/e ot.VerJe^ 
"Or bonny Rams at pleafe tfiee mo^,] 
Who jmg Jai fweetly avf his woe. 
If ought (and fay who knows fo well)' 
The fecond-fighted Mufe cai\teUf 
The happy LAiRo^ihall-huighand fing» 
When Encland^s Gbnivs droops his wii^ 
So Ihall thy foil ngir wealth difclofe. 
So thy own Thistx^ choak the Aosb. 
But what comes here ? Methjnks I fee 
A xvalldng uQbterfity. 
See how. they prefs tocrofs the TwBtn» 
And ftrain their liml^ with txgtt fpeed ! 
While Scotland, from her /^/r iliore» 
Cries, 0^^ i^y fons, return no noore. 

' Hithes they haftc i^rirh willing mind^ 
Nor caft one iongmg look behind $ 
On ten-toe carriage to falute, 
The k^— , and q-pn — n,. and Eabl or B«tV^ 

No naore the gallant Northern fons 
Spottf fixtk their ftriogs of Lat'm puns |^ 


L O 


V O X U $0 

Nor courfe all liAguaget to fnxoe, 

The quibble fuited to their name { 

At when their anceftori bt^-vcrCdi 

That WomKi St V Aft Ty Jamis the first. 

But with that elocutioo*s oiiACiy 

That oratorial flafhy LacCf 

Which the fiunM Irijk Tommy Purr, 

Would few on fentinieoealyfii^ \ 

Twang with a fweet pronunciatioay 

The flow*r8 of bold i magi n arion> 

Mac»hsr80N leads the flaming Tao» 

I.AiRDof the iww Fingaliao clan $ 

While Jac K T Homx brings up the rcar^ 1 

With new- got pcnfion neat and dear > 

Three hundred Engli^ powids a year. J 

While fitter Pic, our ancknt Friend^ 

Sends Macs and Donalds without ends 

To Gxo»OB awhile they tune their laySf 

Then all their choral voices raife, 

To heap tbdr panegyric wit on 

Th' illuftrious chief, andoqr Noith BaiToi^. 

Hail to the Tnanb> whofefn/riar fluU 
Cm break all nations to his will \ 
Matter o( fcionces and arts , 
MjicgNAS to all men of parts J 
Whole fott'ring hand, and ready wk. 
Shall find wall in places ftt 5 
So (hall thy friends no longer roamy 
But change to meet a lettlcd home. 
Hail mighty Thanb, ht Scotland bom. 
To fill her almott empty horn : 
Hail to thy ancient glorious /my 

Not TIClTyr#«A^>»VTKlMCSF10MT|II¥. 

TKE CIT'8 country box. t757. 

Ca^fwhar Mitidis fvuiat^ fetttms nnUiu Hot. 

r-r ^HE weakhy CSt, nrnrn old in tnid«» 

I Now wiibies tt>r the rural ikadf j 
And buc^ to his one hof fe^air, ' 
Old Mbhif or the foundered mare ) 
While wedgM in clofely by hit fidcy 
Sits Madam» his unwieldy bride, 
With Jackf on the ftool befiire *ems 
And out ther jog indue decorum. 
Scarce paft the turnpike half a miley 
How all the country fcems to foule \ 
And as they flonriy jog together. 
The Cit commends the road and weather i 
While Madam doots upon the tretty 
And longs fi>r er'ry houfe flie fcesy 
Admires its Tiews, its fituatioQy 
And thus file opens her oration. 

What fignify the loads of wealA, 
Without thiac richett jewel, health f 
Excufe the fbndnefa of a wife. 
Who doats upon your prectouf tife \ 

Such ceafelefs toil, fuch coottant QO^y 
Is more than human ftreagth can bcar^ 
One may obferre it in your ^ko— 
Indeed, my dear, yoiHareak a pace : 
And nothing can yottr health repair* 
But exercife and country air. 
Sir Traffic has a boufe, you knowy 
About a mile from Ckiwty^tUmo \ 
He*s a i»d many indeed *tis trucy 
But not (b «wr»y my dear, as you : 
And folks are always apt to &ee^— 
One would not be out-done my dear ! 

Sir Traffic's name ib well apply *d 
Awak*d his brother merchant's pcidc \ 
And Thritty, who bad aU his lUe 
Paid utmoft deference to his wife. 
Confefs'd her arguments had reafooy ' 
And by th* approaching fummer feafoRy 
Draws a few hundreds from the ftockst 
And purchafes his Country-Bos. 

Some three or four mile out of towii» 
(An hour's ride will bring you down*) 
He fifes on his choice abode. 
Not half a furlong from the road s 
And fo convenient does it layy 
The fbges pafs it er'ry day : 
And then fofnugy fo mighty prettr. 
To have an houfe fo near the dty ! 
Take but your places at the Boar 
You're fet down at the very door. 

Well then, fuppofe them fixM at latt» 
White-wafhing, paintbgy fcrubbing pafty 
Hugging themfelves in ^e and dovery 
With all the fufs of rooring over ; 
Loy a new heap of wfaimi are bred ! 
And wanton in my lady's head. 

WcU to be furey it muft be own*d> 
It is a charming fpotof ground \ 
So f weet a difbtficc for a ridCf 
Andall about fo ecmm^ I 
*T would come but tot trifling price 
To make it quite a paradife ; 
I cannot bear tfaofe natty failty 
Thofe ugly broken mouldv pales t 
Suppofe, mydear> infMof tfaelii^ 
We build a railing, all rhinqfr 
Although one hales to be expos'd ; 
'TIS difmal to be thus indos'd | 
One hardly anrobjeafeea— 
I wifli you'd fell thofe odious trees^ 
ObjeAs continual paffing by 
Wen fomething to amufe the eye^ 
But CD be pent withb tlw walb^ 
One might as well be at St. Paul's. 
Our houfe, beholden would adofty 
Was there a level lawn befbrey 
Nothing its views to incommodct 
But quite laid open to the rood s 
While ev'ry trav'ler ia amase^ 
Should on our little manfioa gaxcy 
And pointing to the choice retrcaty 
Cry, that's Sir Thrift's Country Seit.. 

No doubt her arguments prevail. 
For Madam's Tasti cae never hSA. 

Bleft age ! when all men may pioouce» 
The title of a Connoifleut | 


t 1 5 Y 

^kiioUe and lyioble had, 
AK|o«tni*d hf a iiAgle word ; 
ThMghi like ^ nfal Gennaildanifcs^ 
kbanaBhandred Chriftian names ; 
AsGcamt, Fancy* Judgment, Gout, 
WWm, Capfice, Jc-ne-rcal^quoiy VircA 
Wbkk appelladooiaU defcrlbe 
Ta|ti, and the modern ts/fefm/ tribe. 

Mow kricklay^ny carpemen, andjoineni 
Wkh Chinele aitifts, and defi^iert, 
Pndaee thdrfckemet of aiteration» 
To wmk this wond^rous tdonnation. 
Tke liefiil dome, which recret ftood» 
£abafi»*d in the yew-tree^s wood, 
Thetiav^ with amatement fees 
Ateaple, Gothic, or-Chincfe, 
Widi many a bell, and tawdry rag on, 
Aid cicfted with a fprawling dragon | 
A wBoden arch is bent afbide 
A fob of water, ibur ^ wide, 
Wkk angles, curres, and xigxag lines* 
Fma Halfpenny's tju6t de6giifc 
la ftmt, alerel lawn is feen, 
Wicboiit a ikmb upon the green, 
WheieTafte would wantits firft great law> 
B«t ftvtfae Utttlking, fly J^-Aa^ 
Bf vbofe miraculous amftance, 
Yoo gain a profped two fields diftance. 
And sow from Hyde-Park Comer come 
I^Godsof Athens, and of Rome. 
Here %iabby Cupids take their places. 
With Venus, and the dumfy Graces t 
ApoUo there, with aim ib cleref, 
Simcfaes his leaden bow for ever ) 
Aa^ there without the pow*r to Ay, 
Sends fiz*d a dp-toe Meicury. 

'nefilla thus completely graced, 
AH om thac Thriity h« a Tafte ; 
Aad Madam*s ftmale friends, and coa6a$. 
With canmoD-council-men, bydocens* 
flock every Snnday to the Sait, 
T« ftare about them and to esC 



» O t M $4 



adl pffolieffiQnary fltin, 
^ There never was, nor ever wIU 
^tiodlcBce, or exhibition, 
fct 6els aie up u oppofidon | 
™ toer^d, grave, pedantic dunce 
Wi^ from lus lethaigy at once, 
'■V, ftakcs his head, and robs his eyes, 
^ bemg dull, looks vrood^rous wife, 
J* falenoa phia , and critic fcowl, 
Tbe ^fiiomof his biodier owl. 

lienxmiis! He hates the very name j 
Tttr AotieatB have ycicriptive claim :-• 

But let the century be paft. 

And we havetafte and witdt lift | 

For at that peHod Modems too 

Tuft turn the comer of yh-tu. 

But merit now has linJe claim 

To any meed of prefent fame, 

Vor tis not worth that gets you friends^ 

* Yis excellence that moft offends. 

If, Proteus-like, a Gak kick's art. 

Shews tafte and il^ll in every part | 

If, ever Juft to nature*s plan, 

He is in all thevrryman, 

£*en here Aall Envy take her aim^ 

■ ' — ^ write, and'- — ^ blame. 

The Jealous Wirt, tho* chaftly writj 

With no parade of frippery Kwt, 

Shall fetafcribbling, all at once. 

Both giant wit, and pigmy dunce ; 

While Cridcal Reviewers write. 

Who flicw their teeth before they bite> 

And facrifice each reputadofl. 

Prom wanton filfe imaginadon. 

Thefe obfenrations, radier ftale. 

May borrow fpirit from a t^. 

Gcnivs, a buftling lad of part^ 
Who all things did by fits and ftarts^ 
Nothing above bim or below him, 
Who*d make a riot or a poem. 
From excentricity of thought. 
Not always do the thing he ought ) 
But was it once his own dedion. 
Would bring all matters to perfei^oa } 
Would ad, defign, engrave, Mrrite, pain(» 
But neither fiom the lall cooftrai6t| 
Who hated all pedandc fchools. 
And fcomM the glofsof kqowbg fools» 
That hold perieaion all in all. 
Yet treat it as mecAankaf. 
And give the fame fuffident rule 
To make a poem, asaftool— 
From the firft fpring-dme of his youtbf 
Was downright worihipper of truth j 
And with a free and liberal fpirit. 
His courtfhipoaid to lady MtatT. 

Enyt, aiquiDt-cyM, mere old maid. 
Well known among the fcribbling trade | 
A hig, fo very, very thin. 
Her bones peeped through her bladder-Zkin | 
Who could not fi»r her (bul abide 
That folks ihou*d praife, where ihe muft chife. 
Followed the youth where Vr he went/ 
To mar each good and brave intent { 
Would lies, and plots, and mifchief hatch> 
To ruin nim and fpeil th^ matclb 
Honour ihe held at boM dbfiance, 
Talk*d much of Faahuj G«g, AUiaoac* 
As if the real fons of tafte 
Had clubbM to lay a Dtt a a t wirfle. 

In ihort, wherover Oxi^ies came» 
You*d find this Andquated Dame | 
Whatever he did, where'er he went* 
She fbllow'd only to tocoMnt 5 
CalTd Mx a XT by a thoufand namet» 
Which decency or truth difclaimt, 
WhUe all her bufinde, toil, and care. 
Was to depreciate, lye, compare. 
To puU die Modeft Maiden down. 
And blaft her £uiit to all die town. 

X 2 


t L 

* b*« 

< at «j 

The youth* inflamM wi(h confdous prUe> 
To Prince Postiiity appIyM, 
"Who gave his anfwb' thus in rhymes 
By his chief minifter Old TiMt. 

<< Repine not at what pedants fay, 
** We'll bring thee forward on the way } 
** If witherM Envt ftrive tohort 
** Whhlies, with impudence and dirt, 
*• Yob only pay a common tax 
«• Which fool, ind krti^e, ahd dance cxadi. 
*« Be this thy comfdrt, this tlly joy, 
" Thy ftrength is in its prime, my hcff, 
*' And every year the vigour grows, 
'* Impairs the credft of my foes. 
** Enyt ih«Ilfuik, and betioroore 
** Than wHat her Naiads were before ; 
** Mere excremental maggots, bkdi 
** In poet*s topfy-tiirVcy f^ad, 
** Born like a momentary fly, 
^ To gutter, buzs about, and dfe. 

" Yet, G«*Jli>», mark what I prcfagc; 
** Who look through tvtry di( age : 
** Mek 1 T ihall blefs thee with her chaiiCDty 
«* Fami lift thyofit^ring in her arms, 
'* And ftamp eternity of gni^ 
** On all thy numerous Tarioos race. 
** RouBiLLiAt, Wilton, fiamet as higi^ 
*' As Pifirci of antiquity, 
** Shall ftrength, expreilion, thannh' girc^ 
** Atid make e*en marble breathe and live |^ 
<« While Sioitie'uNSA^s deepdiftrefs, 
** ¥nuch looks the foul of wretcheoneft^ 
** When 1, with flow «ndfoft*Mng pen^ 
^* \l»ve gone o'er all the fants again, 
^ Shall urge a bold and proper cfaiiif 
«( To level half die fiftient fame ; 
** While futd^e agts yet unknowij 
^ With critic air ihall pr^idf^ (hm 
** Thy HocAMTM firft of evety <Hat 
^* For humour keen, or firong fublinoe, 
'< And hail him from his fire and fpirit, 
^ The child of Ceni^i and of Msttt.*^ 


Y A • L i« 

>NBNIUS, bicft tentf, 6f m^afllng %Hde^ 
\jr Forfureootermfomifapply*dt 
Kow maay bear the iacred oamcf 
That wer fel^a real flame I 
t>roiid of thefpedous appelladofV^ 
Thus fools have chriften*dincriitotiQp; 

But yet fuppofe s gedustTBC^ 
Mximffii gratia, meoryoaf 
Whatever be tries vritfa dat memhn$ 
Ibrely efcape» his appreheoficMi | 
Svrmounting ev'iyoppofitiab, ^ 
YouM fwear he learnt by tntuittoo. 
8hoo*d he relyalooeoo parts/ 
A»4 t^y d>erefore but by Aptti^ 

S«re of fuccefs whenever he tikt. 
Should he forego the me^ to rife? 

Suppofe your watch a Graham mak^l 
Gold, if you wilf , for valuers iake } 
Its fpringi within ih*order due, 
No watch, when gotffg, goes fo tree ) 
If ne'er wodnd up with proptrcare^ 
What ferviceis it in the weaf f 

Soak genial fp^ of Phcrboi^ rayi^ 
Perhaps frithin your bofum pfa^i i 

how the purer rays afpire. 
If application fans die fire! 
Without it genius vainly tries, 
However fometitAes it feem to riie : 
Nayapplicatkm will prevail. 
When brjggart part and genhis finl : 
And now to lay my proof before ye^ 

1 here prefent y'bb with a ftbfy. 

In dayl of yorb, when tittie #as youp^,- 
When birds convers*d as ytkU as fhng. 
When ufe of fpeech i^as not confinM* 
Merely to bru^ of human kind, 
A forward Hare, of fwiftnefs vain) 
The Genius of the ndghb'riog plaih* 
Wo«*d oft deride the drudging croud : 
For Geniutb ait ever piuod. 
He*d boaft, his flight *twM tab to fblIo«r^ 
For dog and horfe he*d htat tMi MIow^ 
Nay, if he pu( fordi all his ftrength^ 
Outftrip his drethren Mf a hi^i, 
A Tortoife heard his vain oratiofjy 
And vented thus his indignadoo. 
Oh Puis, it bodH thee dire di%nice» 
When I defy thee to the rxe. 
Come, *tis a match, nay, ntf dci^^ 
I lay my (hell apdn the trial; 

*Tw«f doneand gonii dll fiur, • htti 
Judges prepar*d, aAd diibnce fee - 

The fcamp*ring Hare outftrip t^e idtJi 
The CTMffiiil Tortoife laggM betdnflt 
And fcarce Had pafs'd a fingle pole. 
When Pufi had almoft readiM thfe goii. . 
Friend Tortoife, quoth the jeering Harej 
Your burthen's more than you can bev^ 
iTohelpyoitrfpeed, it were all well 
That 1 ibould eafe yo« oi yow ihcU i 
Tog on a little fofter pr*ythee, 
I'll take a nap, and then be with thee. 
So (JMd, To done, and iafely ftutf. 
For fay, what cooqueft aiore fecure ? 
Whene'er he wak'd (that's all that's m it^ 
He could o'eitake him hi t minute. 

The tortoife heard his taunting jeer^ 
But iiill refolv'd to fer/evtrt, 
StUl draw'd altMg, fts who flMmId feyv 
' I'll win, likfe Fabius, by delay } 
On to the goal fecurely crept* 
While Pufs unknowing foundly flcpe. 

The bets were won» the Hare awake^ 
When thus the viaor tortoife (^ake. 
Pufs, tho* I own thy quicker parts. 
Things are not always done by ftartt. 
You nuy deride my aukward pace, 
Bot/rar wmT/q^ wiot the me. 

JK £ 




rOR DS are, to Wollaftoii deflnesi 
, , Of our ideas merely iigm, 
Wlach have a powV at Will to vary. 
Ai bdi% tague and arbitrary. 
Kw im V for inftance— (^1 agtee, 
i^wt'itbc^^/rfrfvf Je^ee-, 
Jtoi fAtf akme, and nothirig more> 
n^'ttcr taken heretofore ; 
Dtm*d is a word can*t (land Wonej 
Wbkh has no meanisg of its ovrnj 
Batfigwfies or bad or good 
M asits nctgAbonr'stuiderftood. 
lumptes we may find enough. 
fi««»i high, dMi^ liwi iJamn'd fint, d^n'd 

$• ftres it too «kfi iti ridatiob. 
laeaaitsfobftanthre, dUmiaim, 
The wit with metaphbts nakeJ^boldj 
Aai tdls you hxTsdamnatitm tM 5 
Ptthaph that Aetaphor forgot. 
The felf-faxne wit'i damruttion Hot 
Aadhere a fable I remhnbei^ 
Once in the middle of Decemberj 
^^^ every kneid in foow is loft; 
Ani ev>y river bound with ftoft. 
Whet families get all together, . 
AM ftdii^y riOk o'er the weathtt ; 
W h en I p o« OQ the defcriptjve rhynai^t 
la 4ort it was the wintfer time, 
K was a Pedlar's happy Ibt, 
To 611 into aSatyr*c cot : 
ftw^ with cold, andalmoilfrozei 
Jf«b pearly drop upon his nofe, 
"u nfera* eaas aU pinch'd to death; 
He blew opon them with his breath. 
•* Friend, ^uoth the Satyr, what Intends 
•• Th« blowing 00 thy fingen' ends f 
** Itb to warm ehfem thus 1 blow, 
" Far they are fnwe as cold as (how. 
" And ib inclement has it been 
** rm like ac4ke of ice within.'* 
Came, ^ooth the Satyr, com/brt, sutti ! 
m cheer thy Infide, if lean j 
Jw'te welcbme in my homely cottai^ 
»• a warn fire, nnd mtfs of p<jttage. 
Thb iaid, the Satyr, nodiuig h^ 
Akowl piepar'd^of iav'ry broth, 
Whkh with delight the PedJar view'd, ^ 
As Iboduog 00 the board it fhwd. 
«» thoogh the very fteam aroft 
Wj4 gracdfhl ardour to Bisnolej 
Oae fi^gk fip he ventur*d nd^, 
2f «n»d was fo wood'roui hot 
Wtatcaobedone? withgtndepuff 
He Mows it, 'rill it's cool enough. 
^Jf^y Jwwnow, Pedlar, whaes the matltf 
™«aiy Wowing! quoth the Satyr. 
'Wow to cod it, cries the Clown, 
T« I ■»! getthc Uyior down J 

P 6 * >t & 159 

For though I grant, you've made k 4tli^ 
You've boil'd it, fir, as hot asheU. 

Then raifing high his cloven ftump. 
The Satyr fmote him on the rump. 
«< Begone, thou double knave, or foot, 
" Wichthefame breath to warm and coolf 
«« Fricndlhlp with fuch I never hold 
« Who'ie fa iMMV hdr, and fo dsmnU cc^^ 



AbDRKfsib TdDAVID ©ARRICri t9Q(. 

OH Tn« iipbtf or Bii stTiiiiNO rtoK rirtt 

STAAIt, Dlt. 17^ 

CRITICI^S, ^ho like the fcarecmwi ftaa| 
UjJoh the poet's com^oonladd. 
And with fevcrity of fcnfe^ 
Dnve all imaginadon thentc, 
S^that in truth lies all fublime. 
Whether you write in profe or rhyme. 
And yet the truth may lofe its graces 
If blurted to a perfon's face ; 
Efpedally if what yob fjicak 
Shou'd cririfon o'er tbk glowiiig cheek \ 
For when you throw that fiaver Q*«r him. 
And tumble out ^our praife before hia^ 
However juft the application. 
It looks a-f(juint a^ adulation. 

I would be honert and fincere, 
But not a flatterer, orfevere. 

Xf^ i !? '"^^y' "^K*** uncouth, 
That folks nAy Uiink I love the truth ? 
And flie, good dame, with Beauty's Qtieeiu 
Was not at all rimes naked fcen : 
For every boy, with Prior, knows^ 
By accident (he loft her clotthsv 
When FaUhood ftolethem to difguifo 
Her mi/begotten brood of lies. 
Why Ihould the srudUh Goddefs dweU 
Down at the bottofia of a well. 
But that ihe is m piteous fright. 
Left, rifing up to mortal ^t. 
The modeft worjd fhould flew and flout her* 
WIthnotangof doathsabouther? 
Yet ihe mieht wear a proper drefo 
And keep her eiTence ne'erthdefs. 
So Delia's bofom ftill wUl rife. 
And fofcinate her lover's eyes. 
Though round her ivory neckihe draws. 
The decent fhade of fpccious gtusc 
I hear it busa'd about the table* 
What cm this loMi tof^.^-.-Sirs, 


t t O t D^S P O t M t 


When Birds allowM the Eagles (Way* 
Hre £af les tum'd to fewli o^ prey. 
His Royal Mijdty of Air 
Took Mufick underneath his Cafe ; 
And> t(^ his queen and Court's delight^ 
Commanded concerts every night. 
Here cftry Bird of Rarts might enter. 
The Nightingale was made Pnrcentor ; 
Under wboTe care and juft direAilm, 
Merit was fure to meet prote^oo. 
The Lark, the Blackbird, and the Bobb 
This concert always bore a bob in $ 
The beft performers all were in k^ 
The Thrufli, Canary-bird, and Linnet. 

Btit birds* alas ! are apt to aim 
At things, to which they Ve fmalleft claim* 
The ftaring Owl, with hideous hoot, 
OfierM hh fcrvice for a flute. 
The Cuckow needs would join the band ) 
** The ThniOi Is but a paultry hand : 
** Andl can belt fupply that place, 
t< For Tve a fluke» a fwell, 4 grace/* 

The Manager their fuit prtferrM : 
Both tun*d their pipes, and both were heard $ 
Yet each their feveral praifes mifs'd, 
For both were heard, and both Were hifs*d. 

The Cuckow hence, with rancour ftirr*d, 
(A kind of feriod'tt bird, 
OfAiStyhw, and body fcabby 
Ko woold'be-play- Wright half fo /kabby) 
Reviles, abufes, and defames, 
Screams ftom a branch, and tails hard oaoies> 
And ftrikes at Nightingale or Lark> 
Like Lilbon ruffians, in the dark. 

The Owl harangues the gaping throQg 
On Piw*rs, and excellence of fbng, 
** The Blackbird's note ha5 loft it^ force { 
'< The Nisfhtingale Is downright hoarfe ; 
•* The Linnet's harfh ; the Robin ihrill ; 
•< —The Sparrt>w has prodiBiottt fkill !*' 

At length they had what mey defirM 1 
The fkilful Nightingale retired. 
When Folly came, with wild Uproar* 
And Harmony was he»d no more. 


T A L B. 

E N U S, of Moghfef ^ueeti of l0¥e) 
The gMattft laWMre^ idsove^ 
WIk) fcocn*d tdtMm^ hmei cuAoo, 
Knew her ovtn Cm teo wdt to tniA *ea^ 
Proceeded on the 4MWe ptui. 
At any ratey to have Iter man $ 
Looked on decorum, ee mere tnni 
And UvM like — • m t —», 
From Paplios, wnwe Aer mp rtirov 
At much as we 4»€ikK* here, 
Or from Cythera, wlkn. faer idtari 
Art deck'd with dagfcn > tnie-Iorc haltcni 

Garters yclept, and other trophies. 
Which prove that man hi k>ve an oef ilf 
According to appouitiMBt, came 
TofeeCiKCiLtA, tuneful dame, 
Whof^ praife by Dryden's Ode is grown 
Bright and hmtoortai as his own ( 
And who hath been for many yean 
The chief direarefs of the fpheret. 

Thomas, who rode behind the CJr» 
And for a flambeau held a fbr. 
Who, in the hooeft way of trade. 
Hath fbrg*d more horns, and cuckolds nude» 
Than Vulcan and his brawny dolta 
Ever fbr Jove forg*d thunderbolts^ 
Slipt gently down and ran before *emt ^ 
Ringing the bell with due decoruou 

But, truth to fay, I cannot tell • 
Whether it Knocker was or Belly 
(This fbr vertt^ an anecdote is,) 
Which 08*d to give CiecitiA nodce» 
When any lady of the iky 
Wai come to bear her company. 
But this Pm fure, be which it will, 
Thomas perfbrmM his part with fkilL 

Methinks I hear the reader cry-— 
His part with fkiU? why. You. or I» 
Or any body clfe, as well 
As Thomas, fure, could ring a bcU» 
Nor did I ever heat before 
Of fkill in knocking at a door. 

Poor low-liv*d oeature ! 1 fuppo£r» 
Nay, and am fure, you*re one of thoft 
Who, at what door loe*cr they be. 
Will always knock in the fame key* 
Thinkbg that Bell and Knocker to« 
Were fbund out nothing elfe to doy 
Buttoinfbrm the houfe, no doubt. 
That there was fomebody without. 
Who, if they might fuch favour wi% 
Would rather chuie to be within. 

But had oor fervants no more fenfe. 
Lord ! what mull be the confequence ? 
Error would error llill purfue. 
And fhrife and anarchy enfue, 
Pun^lio from her altar hurrd. 
Whence fbe declares unto the world 
Whatever by fancy, is decreed. 
Through all her niceties muil bleed. 

For if there was not to be fbund 
Some wholefiune difterenceof (bnady 
But the fame rap foretold th^ approach 
Of him who walk*d, or rode in coach* 
A poor relation now and then, 
Might to my lord admittance gain, 
Wben hlf good lordfhip liop*d to fet 
Some rafbal of his own dq^rte : 
And, what is moce unhappy AiUy 
The fbi^d wretch who bni^ a ISU, 
Might pafs through aU the motley trib^ 
As free u one, who brings abribe. 

My lady too might pique her grace - 
With carriage fliff and formal hctp 
Which, ihe deceived, had taken care 
For fomt inferior to prepare $ 
Or might fbme waetch mm Lombard^fbeet 
With greater cafe iDdficedamiaect» 

I 1m o r jy's 

Thmkattof hoaoor will admit 

IcMecQ my ladj and a cit. 
TWifc evils m(ely to prevent) 

An/ not out care and difcontenty 

b'ry py fiBirty wiio rides behindy 

WAnkwd bag in tafte reiin*d> 

Udmaiek fully nnderftapd, 

Hm a aicc ear and ftjlftd kaod s 

Atet'ryliini be always found 

i peM conooiflettr in found ; 

Hn^ all the gamut ikilfol^y 

Vvyiaj his ootesy now low, nowhigfa* 

Accon% u he ihilfb his place ; 

Kov faoMielf (nunbling in the bafey 

Nnrtoniagtenory and again 

TfftRUer^fiqghis fluiU ftraioj 

Soi»4ed»e, wfaeve*er be be. 

Ha Bifler*8 fortune and degree> 

If the tiftiggaiihing addreft, 

Vlicfa he'll opoo the door eaprefs. 

VmMf whom 1 have namM bcfon 
ii riqpflg at Cacjlia's door> 
WatpoA^aaafter of this art, 

Asi ms'd aSke in cir*ry part: 
^ckttCkctliaknew, before 
Hff feoCBao caone unto the door, 
Aai '■ dM form had told h^ fo, 
Ite Madam Viicvt was below. 

Tk doors immediate opoD Bew, 
TVcGooDiss, without more adoy 
Bt<F%*iC beauty's thoufood airs 
ftia'd tbroogh the hall, and trip*d up ftaan. 

CECILIA met her with a finile 
or great delight, when all the while 
If her 6Uc heart could hare been foen, 
Ae«i&*d lie had at Cyprus been. 

kt ladies, iull'd b forms and arts 
^*t in their foces wear their hearts, 
iaithafoabovc like thofo below, 
^ficfKndy m ootfide fliow, ^ 
AaialwaTstDkeepttp parade, 
Bwe aUe by them ready-made. 
I^The forms, which ladies when they meet 

' fir good-maoneiB* fake repeat. 

lis ^mUiftrvoHt, kno i'you i», 
iadiaittsia, frsyhwdrifrnf 
pBA^i at •? *>y proper fpftce 
^ daein^gnments of lace, 
ii Madam ; Grace, and Qoddcfoip, 
^aich we for brevibi foall ikip, 
AfpOy paft, in elbow-chair 
ir lofth our ladies footed are. 

lafiTreat fobjeafts firft they chufo, 
M eft «f weather Md the news, 
^dsor, they fit upon the ftate, 
A^ifaari at the decreet of fou, 
^"BflSvet againft Tore are horPd, 
AaA They alone ftoold rule the world. 

Mpoladcka at length they quit, 
^ ky ai-oatore Aew their wit ; 
^haadanhand, too wel> we kooif » 
k iar when eiiktf doth prefide 
^ Cher's oiftcnce b hnpUed. 
[Woaaof wk, f»mmdee«e» 
iMvithoatdoofaeiUHMtiMdbe) . 
M (he ai.nBtnr*a (caret foigel» 
^mklamAia «MPg At wm» 

IP O X M 8« 

Malicious Vb N vs , wiio by rot* 
Had ev'ry little anecdote. 
And moft minutely could advance 
Each interefting circumftance. 
Which unto all intrigues related. 
Since Jupiter die world created, 
Difplay*d her eloquence writh pride. 
Hinted^ obferv'd, enlarged, applied % 
And not the reader to d^ain 
With things impertinenr and vain. 
She did, as ladies do on earth 
Who cannot bear a rival's worth. 
In fuch a wiiy each talc rehearfo 
As good made bad, and bad made worfo: 

Cacilia too, mth faint-like air. 
But lately come from evening pray V, 
Who knew her duty, as a foint. 
Always to pray, and not to foint, 
And, rain or diine, her church ne'er mift» 
Prude, dovctee, and methodift. 
With equal seal the caufo promoted, 
Kfifconftru'd things, and words mifquotcda 
Mifreprefented, miCipplied, 
And, infpiration being her guide. 
The very heart of man diiTcded, 
And to Jus principles oljeded. 
Thus, amongilus, thefan^Hfied, 
In all the fpirinials of pride, 
Whofo hone(^ coitfciences ne'er reiled. 
Till, of carnalities divefted. 
They knew and folt themfolves finherit 
A double portion of the fpizit ; 
Who foom one church to t'other roam, 
Whilft their poor children ftarve at 1 
Coniid'ring they nuy claim the care 
Of Providence, who feot them there. 
And therefore certainly is tied 
To fee their ev'rv want fupplied % 
Who unto preachers give away. 
That which thdr creditors flioulid pay. 
And hold that chofon ve0els muft 
Be generous before they're jnft. 
And that their charity this way 
Shall bind o'er heaven their debts to pay, *, 
And ferve their terop'ral turn, no doubt. 
Better than if they'd out it out, 
Whilft nought hovaner can prevent. 
Their fure reward of ceoL percent. 
Who honeft labour fcom, and lay 
None need to work who love to pray. 
For heav'n will fatisfy their cravings. 
By fending of Elijah's ravens. 
Or rain down, when their fmrits foil, 
A diih of maniu, ora quail^ 
Who from Moorfields to Tottenham Coitft 
In forioos fits 1^ seal rtfort, 
Praife what they do not underiland. 
Turn up the eye, ftretch out the hand, 
Melt into tean, whilft— —blows 
The twang of aonfenfo through his nofe. 
Or deals in fpeculation. 
Or h ums his con g re ga t i on. 

Or t alks with the tord of hofts, 

-4rith pillan and with pofts ; 
Who fbidly watch, left Satan ihou'd. 
Roaring like lion fiir his food, 
Enfiiare their feet his fatal trap in, 
Atui tbetr pqorfoali betakoft oappiiig | 




Who ftrtAly fafty becaufe they find. 
The Adhftill wan againft the rmni, 
And fidh of faintsy like finner^Sy nitiil 
Be mortiMy to luep do«rn luft ; 
Whot ^r tiiBes tn the year at Icail, 
T^n feaft of love to love^f feafty 
which, though the profligate and Tain 
In termi of blafphemy prophane. 
Yet all the ceremony here is 
Pure at the myfteriet of Ceres ; 
Who, God^ielea, with triomphffeer 
Within themfclTeffahratioQ*! ieal, 
And will noCy ipuft not, dare not doobit 
T^t heav*n itlMf cant blot it oat; 
Afbr they*Te done their holy laboon^ 
Kecum to fcandalixe their nelghboun, 
And thinkthey can*t fenre heaT*n fo well> 
Ai with its creatores filling hell : 
So that, inliam*d with holy pride, 
They fare themfelret, dantaaltbefide. 
Forperfofit, wiM> pretend to fcel 
The glowiqgt of ancoamiofi ical, 
VTho others fcom, and feem to ba^ 
iLiffhteovs in very great de^^^, 
Po, *bove all others, take delight 
To rent their fpleen in tales of fpitOt 
And think they raife thdr own renowii 
By pulling ot a neighbour's down } 
Still lying on with moft fucceft, 
^ecaufc &tj d^ty profefs. 
And make the outfideof religioa, 
Uke Mahomet*s infpiring pigeon. 
To all their forgeries gain credft^^ 
"Tis enough Aire that ■ ! f aid ft. 

But what can all this rambling mean I 
Was ever fuch m hodge-podge ieen f 
VvNus, Cacxlia, Saunts, and whores, 
Thomas, Verti^y BcHs, Knockers, Doon, 
t/trdsy Rogues, Relations, Ladies, Cits, 
Stan, Flambeaux, Thunderbolts, Horns, Wits, 
Vulcan, and Cuckold-maker, Scandal^ 
Mufic, and Footmen, Ear of Handel, 
Weather, News, Envy, Folitickt, 
Intrigues, and Woinen*s Thouifaiid Tricks^ 

fmdes, Mcthodiib and Devote^, 
aftings, Feafti, Pray*n, and CharitifS, 
Ceres, with her nyftoious train, 

Fleih, Spirit, Love, Hate and Rdigon, 
A Q^all, a Raven and a pigeon. 
All jumbled up in one large difh, 
Ked-Herring, Br^ad, Fowl, Flefh, and TA. 
there's the connexion, where*s the plan 
The devil fure is in the man. 
AH in an infhnit we are hurlM 
^rom place to place all round the world, 
Vet find noreafon for it— mum— - 
There, my good critic, lies the hum- 
Well but me thinks, it would avdl 
^ro^flow^caiiof th»-^4k T A L £, 



THANKS ^ much indof^ tnd painsf 
Much twilling of the wit and brains^ 
Tranfladon has unlocked the fh>re. 
And fpread abroad the Grecian lore. 
While Sophocles his fcenes are grown 
E*en as familiar as ourown. 

No more ihall tafte prefUme tofpeab 
From itsinclofuresin the Greek; 
But, all its fences broken down. 
'Lie at the mercy of the town. 

Critic, I hear thy torrent rage, 
" *Tu blafphemy againit that ihgf, 
*' Which iEfchylu^ his warmth ddigs*^ 
'< Euripides his tafte refin*d, 
« And Sophocles bis laft diredion, 
" StampM with the fignet of perft^oiu*' 

Perfedion f *tis a word ideal. 
That bean about it nothing rea( ) 
For excellence was never hit 
In the Biit elTays of man^s wit. 
Shall Mtaryir worth| or anaent hmt 
Preclude thie Modems from their claim * 
Muft they be blockheads, dolts, and ibol% 
Who wriee not up to Grecian rules f 
Who tread in bufkins or in focks. 
Muil they be damn*d as Heterodox, 
Nor merit of good works prevail. 
Except within the daffic pale f 
*Tis ifaiff that bean the name of knowledf^ 
Not current half a mile from college $ 
Where half thirir le^ures yield no maf% 
(Befure I fpeak of times of yore) 
Than juft i niggard light, to mark 
How much we all are in the dark i 
As ru(hlights in a fpacious room, 
JuA buVn enough to fbrm a gloom. 

Wh^i Shakfpeare leads the mind a 4tmec 
From France to England, hence to. Fraooe^ 
Talk n^ tome of tliae and place } 
I own Vm happy in the chace. ^ 
Whether the drama^s here or there, 
Tis nature, Shakfpeare, ^rerywbiert^ 
The poet*s fancy can creato. 
Contra^, enlarge, annihilate. 
Bring paftvKi prefent clofe together. 
In fpite of diilance, feas, or weather | 
And ihu^ up in t fingle adion 
What coft whole yean in its tranfadioB^ 
So, ladies at a play, or rout. 
Can flirt the univcrfe about. 
Whofe geographical account 
Is drawn and pidured on the mount i 
Yet, y^itn they pleafe | cooand the pU& 
And ihut the world u^ in a fan. 

True Genius, like AnBida*s waad» 
Can raife the fprinig from banealaadt 
While aljthe art of InitidoB, 
Ii piU^in^ fton <l|e fii* cieida«| 

L L o y 


O It- 



Tta^^Uptiag ibweny with uieleis tml, 
Wkich wither in a foreign fo*L 
As confrimce often (tti us right 
Wf its fotnior aEdre lights 
WKboot th* affiftance of the laws 
To ctokM m the moral caufe $ 
bCcoiiii, of itfelf dilcemingy 
Witlwrt ihe mjidc rules of leamlogi 
C^ from its prefeot intuition^ 
Sdke M the truth of compofitioo. 

Yet tfaofe who breathe the da^ .yeid« 
Eofifted in the mimic train^ 
Wbo aii their ftced with double bit, 
Kt'er ran away with by their Wlt« 
Dcligkcd with tl>e pomp of rtile% 
ThelpcdoUi pedantry of fchoolsy 
(WUdi fttlesy like crutchesj oe*er bocamp 
Of say ofe but to the lame,} 
Mtt die method fet before *em ; 
Tdk OMch of order, and decoruroi 
Of pobabilityqf fiaioo. 
Of mnaers, omameilt, and di^ioni 
Aad with a jargon of hard names, 
A pmilcge which doloefs claims, 
AadnxfelyasM by way of fence. 
To keep out plain and common fenfe,) 
Extol the wit of antientdays, 
Tkfrnple fabric o( their plays ; 
Tha from the fable, allibchafte, 
Tnck*4 up in antient modern tafte, . 
Soa^hty gentle all the while, 
h fkh a fweet defcriptiTe ftile. 
WUe chorus marks the fenrile mode 
Widifioerefiedioa, in an ode, 
Piefeot you with a perfeA pieie, 
FmnM OB the model of old Greece. 

Came, pr*ythee Critic, fet before us, 
Tke ife md office of a chorus. 
Wlttt ! fiknt * why then 1*11 produce 
Id ferrica from antient u(e. 

Ttitobeever on^the flage, 
Aocadaots npoo grief or rage { 
To be an araat go-between, 
Cbief-moomer at each difmal fcene | 
ftemagitsibnow, or delight. 
If Aifbng dances, kfland right, 
M«c ouch unlike our modem nottomj 
^U^9 or AlUgrt motions ; 
To ir^ch upon the deep dijireis, 
Aa4 phbts of royal wretchednefs ; 
And when, with tean, and execration, 
TbeyVpourM out all thdrlamentadon^ 
Aoi wept whole catarads from their eyes, 
To all on rivers for fupplies, 
And with their Haitf and Hta, and Uottf 
To taike a fymphooy of woes. 

l>NteIe6 the Andmt want the axt 
To fnke at once upon the heart : 
<^«lqrtheirprologuet of a mile 
I«i^pk«-call it— humble ftile, 
la Wimp dTiuinJ phrafe to fay 
** Toit the bfg^og of this plsy. 
** J, kapleft Polydore, was found 
* By fi&crmm, or others drown*d !** 
Or, M ly g gentleman, did wed, 
'*TheladyI«ottM nererbed, 
** Gnc Agamemnon^s royal daughter, 
" Whe*s coobg hither to draw water.** 

Tot. vm 

Or need the choros to reveal 
Reflexions, which the audience feel i 
And jog them, lefl attention fink. 
To tell them how and what to thbk ? 

Oh, Where*s the Bard, who at one view 
Cou^d look the whole creation through. 
Who traversM all Ute human heart. 
Without recourfc to Grecian art } 
He fcora*d the modes of imitation. 
Of altering, pilfering, and tranflationy 
Nor painted horror, ^ef, or rage. 
From models of a former age j 
The bright original he took. 
And tore the leaf from natore*s book. 
Tis Shakfpeare, thus, who (lands aloDe-«« 
—But why repeat what You haveihown ? 
How true, how perfeA, and how well, 
The feelings of vur hearts muH tell. 



JF at a Tavera, where you*d wifli to dine. 
They cheat your palate with adulterate wioey 
ould you, refolve me, critics for you can. 
Send for the mafter up, or chide the man ? 
The maA no doubt a knaviih bufinefs drives. 
But tell me what*s the mailer who connives ? 
Hence yoii*U infer, and fure the dodrine's true. 
Which fays, no quarter to a foul Review. 
Itinatten not who vends the naufeous flop. 
Mailer or *prentice j we detcil the ihop. 
Critics off old, a manlv liberal race, 
Approved or cenfurM with an open face$ 
Boldly porfu^d the free dedfive talk. 
Nor flabb*d, concealed beneath a ruffian*s maic. 
To works not men, with honed warmth, fevcrer 
Th* impartial judges laughed at hope or fear ; 
Theirs was the noble fkiU, with generous aim. 
To fxii true genius to an a^ve flame { 
To bring forth merit in iu ihongeft light. 
Or damn the blockhead to his native night. 
But, as all fbtes are fubjed to decay, 
The fbte of letters too will melt away, 
Smit with the harlot charms of trilling (bund, 
Sofbiefs now wantom e*en on Roman ground } 
Where Thebans, Spartans, fought their honOQr*d 

Behold a weak enervate race of (laves. 
In daffic lore, deep fcience, language dead. 
Though modem witlings are but fcantly read, 
Profe&n * fiul not, who will loudly bawl 
In praifcof dther, with the want of alls 
Hail*d mighty critics to this prefent hour. 
•^The tribune's name furviv*d the tribune^s powV. 

* The author takes this opportunity, notwithftand* 
ing all infinuatioos to the contrary, to declare, that 
he hat no particular aim at a gentleman^ whofe abili- 
ty he fufficiently aclcnowledges. 


ti t o r t^B i» o t At 8# 

Now Quick ao4 CtHk Mer but in name* 
Cmpirici ftonclela both, they mean the fame { 
This raw in Phyfic, that in LetteH Mhf 

I The prude dnmrtf » with ibber fant^flkf trf| 



itke wartt» excrefccnce fnm thc^ 

Pitica her ntighboor fbr ihe*f wond"roiit Mr. 
I And when temptatiOBt lie heiDre oor fectf 

Half forin*d, half bred in ptinttn* hireling fcfaools, 
For all profe(&oni hire their rogues and fboUy 
Though the pert witling, or the coward knate^ 
Cafts no reileiftion on the wife or braYe. 

Yet, in theTe leaden times, thb idle age> 
Wltfn, blind with dulne£i, or as blind whh ta^^ 
Author *gainft author rails with Irenum cUrft, 
And happy He who calls out blockhead firft { 
From the low ejtoth afpiring genius fprif^, 
And Culs triumphant, bom on eagles wings. 
Kb toothlcfsijpleen, no rcnoro*d critic*s aim* 
Shall rob thee Churchill, of thy propet fiunei 
White hitch'd for ever in thy nenr<Ais rhyme* 
Foot lites, and flunts out Ibol to Uteft time^ 
pity per^a{)s might wi(h a harmlefs fool , 
To rc4>« th' obicrvaace of lh« critic iahool $ 
But if low malice, leagued with folly, rife* 
Aim'd with mTeaiTes, and hedg'd round with; 

Should wakeful dulnef^, if fhe erer wake* 
Write (leepy nonfenfe but for wiiting*s fake^ 
And> ftung with rage, and jdoufly fevcre* 
Wiih bitter comforts to your dying ear $ 
'if fome fmall iVit, fome filk-linM verfeman rakes* 
For quaint reflexions in the putrid jakes, 
talents ufurpM demand a cenfor^s rage^ 
A dunce is dunce profcrib*d in e?*ry age. 

Courtier, phyfician, lawyer, paribn, cit* 
All, all are obje€ls of theatric wit. 
Are ye then, aXors, privilege alone. 
To h»ake that weapon, ridicule your own f 
^lofcflions bleed rtet from his juft attack. 
Who laughs at pedant, coxcomb, knate* Of quack i 
Fools on and off the ttage are fools the faknc* . 

And every dunce is fatlre*s lawful game. 
Freely you thought, where thought has Cttedt foom* 
Why then apolOgite ? for wh|^ ? to whom ? 

Though Gray*s-lnn wits With author (Quires unite* 
An^ felf-made giants club their laboured mite, 
Though pointlefs fatirc make its weak efcape* 
In the dull babble of a mimic ape* 
Boldly purfue where genius points the way» 
Nor heed what monthly puny critics fay. 
Firm in thyfelf, with calm indiffereoce fmi!e* 
When the wife Veteran knows you by your (Ule* 
^ith critic fcales weighs out die partial wi^ 
What I* or You, or He, or no one Writ ) 

fcBying thee thy jufl and proper worth, 
t to give fdfhood's fpurions iflue birth ; 
And all felf-wiird with lawlefa hand to raiife 
Malicious flandcr on the bafe of ]fraiff. 

Dtfp«ce eternal wait the wretch's name 
Who UTes on credit of a bonuwM £uDe i 
Who wears the crappbp of another*! wit» 
Of fothert bantlings whicfa he could ooCg^ ! 
But ihrewd Sufpicion with her foumtiog ey€» 
To truth declared* prefers a whilper^d lye. 
With greedy mind the prof{er*d talt believts^ 
ILelaCei her Wifhes* and with Joy deceives. 

Int W^orW* a pompous name* by ciAoiis due 
To the fffltU circle of a talking few* 
With heart-ftit glee th* mjnrions tale repeats* 
AJld fendi the whifper busshig throfgh thi ftxtetti 

Beauty is frail*' and females tnttfcrect : 
She hopes the nymph 4nXi ev^ danger flmi^ 
Yet prays devoody-- that the <ked were demf^ 
Mean rime fits Watchmg for the daily Ge* 
As fpiden, 4uf1c to catch a Ample fly. 

Yet is not fcandalto one fex ctRifin*d* 
Though men would fix it on the weaker kiad/ 
Yet* this great lord, cieation^s mafler, man. 
Will vent his ittalic^ sphere the blockhead can, 
Impurihg crimA, of which c*en thought is free* 
For infbnce now, your Rofctad*-^! to nte. 

If partial frito^p, m diy Acrlh^ lays* 
OroWt all too wartton iil inother^a urade* ^ 
Critics* who jbdgt by Ways themfelves hivfc 1d6«i« 
Shall fwear the praife* the poem is my Own } 
For *tis the method in thefe learned days 
For %»its to fcribblt firft, and after praific. 
Cridcs and Ca thus vend their Wretched ftoffi 
And help out ndnfenfe bv a monthly pdT* 
Exalt m giant furms weak puny rivet* 
And defcant fweetly on thdr own dear ftltes ; 
For works per month by leanfing^i midwifes paiJi 
Demand a puffing in the wav of trade; 

Referv*d arid cautious* with no partiil abn 
My iniife e*cr fought to blaA tnocher*s teie. 
Witk willing hand cou*d twine a rival*i bays* 
From candour filem where ^ cou*d fiot pndfe : 
But if vile rancour, from (no matter who) 
AAor or mimic, printer* or Review; 
Lies, of^ o*ert}m!wn, with ceafelefs^eftUnfpicad 
Still hifs out fcandal fbm their Hydta head | 
If the dull maliee boldly walk the to#a» 
Patience herfelf wouM vrrinkle tb a frown* 
Come then irith juftice draW theteady pefi* 
bive me the works* I Wou*d notknow^ the men: 
All in their turm might make reprifals too* 
Had all the patience but to tread them thra4^h. 
Come* totheutmoft, probe the defperate woonl/ 
Nor fpaie the kllifc wheft^er infe€lion*s found ! 

But^ prudence, Churchill, or her fifleri Fear^ 
Whif)^ forbeatimce to n<y frightened ear. 
Oh 1 then with nne fbrfake the tbbmy road^ 
Left we fbould flounder hi foofe Fleet-Ditch Odei 
And funk ^ ^^ ^1 the laxy flood 
Weep unth the Naiads Iseavy drops 6f Mud. 

Hail mighty Ode ! whidi like a piQust framtt 
Holds any portrait, dnd with anv name ) 
Or, like your nitches* planted odck and thifu 
Will ferye to cram the random heib io; 
Hail mighty bard too^Mirhatfb'et- tliy name* 
■ ■■ or Durfy* fbr it*s all the lame. 
To brother bards fhall equal praiftbelqiig^ 
For wit, for gehius, comedy and fottg ? 
No coftive Mufe is thW, which fieelv rakes 
With eaOi familiar in the well-known jakcs* 
Hippy m fkill to ibuib throu^ fool and 6it| 
And tofs the duQgotat Widi itordlf air. 
80 have I feen* imidft the griiufiDg'thrMigi 
The (ledge proceffion fiowly dn(gg*d idonti 
Where the mock female Oir^ and hea-pide'^ Sie 

6coop*d rich contents RWta dther copfous paQ* 
Called burfts of hufj^httefrom the roedte iMtt 
And dafh*d and (plafh*d the fildiyctama aMt 

Omtthen* my fnend* the tAMet* Ibv^ 
Alarf they leal not to pRftnneot^s road. 

*• I. o y D*« > e s M «. 


Be fiicno, iait p«t oatlie pne% fioi«8» 
BeAdl! *ds£icnd» and becomes the |Qum. 
LcNfwktDodieBy do 1 Chriftiaa denU 
¥•« fiiei duU thank ytxiy fiir they know their need. 

fimd u the path by letrning^s ions pofleisMy 
A thmSud modem nits might walk airoA, 
DU not each poet mMm hit Ittfkkis doom» 
Wled bj pedants out of elbow foom. 
I» whs oaccoBftAeir lore, nor iear their hate, 
Ms! Boaa b floKe o'er the MBic*s fitt. 
Ke light of common m>w on Piodos* hill^ 
Wluleall ear tenures are hj critk*s wUI-j 
Where, watchful guardians of the lady mufey 
IMwoftnNisgiantSy dreadful tall Rtvixwtf 
Who, as we read in fam*d romance of yore^ 
S«adbttt a horn, prefi forward to the door i 
)ht kt fane chi^» fome bdd advent'rous ko!ght» 
Pnrsle tfaofe chan^ions to an equal fights 
knit BtD air of fpaceleft nothing fall 
Thecaftk, lions, giants,' dw:irf and all, 

m k befits with undifceming ragpy 
To fcnfiire giants in this polifird age. 
N«kck of genms ftah» tiiefe happy timet) 
9b vut of ]eaniiflg> and qo dearth of rhymes, 
Thefte-fow M«fe Ihatltows by sMW^Vlawsy 
k tooe^d numbeify and eflcA^pso^y 
Wkb (bond alone, fouod*s happy Tirtae Iraught, 
Whkh hatet the tro«iUe and expenoo of thooghr, 
Oace, erery moon throughout tlMK circling year, 
Widi em cadence charms the critic ear, 
Whik, diie p romot e r of poetic fin, 
A Hg^avMt tmA band the My in. 
Hsv Modtm wntip, hovf nenpous, sfoog aiy| 
wen, •' 

Thi AifTi-]losctAp*t docentMuleisif tdl » 
Whs, whik file flrrres to deanleeacKa£br hq^, 
Ik^ with hef praifib, and mbs hkn into dtit. 

Strc aerei yet was h^y sera known 
Ssfijr, fi> infie, fo uftm as ov own. 
OircQcioiii hiftofiea w at once oosft IXTS, 
YctftSl oofani^, as they>e paid, per fiieet 

SeeeffcryidcDce wMck tite worM wooM know, 
Yow M^tnes fliall every month bellow^ 
Whok very dtks fin the mind Mfitbawe» 
V^> CirifisM, JZmm/i Britijif laWf 
^ nch contents wiE every reader fit, 
^^, Divme, Fiihffkeit and »^\ 
rtiynrMiuj fcbemes ! which ?eadi at| thing! |t 

Asd nkc a pedant cootcombof adonee. 

Bat ki upt anger with Aach fienzy grow, 
pB*c«firIike> to ftrike dowir fnend andfitfi 
^•Rsl WQich behoraage duly p»d^ 
^ 80 allowance to the paltijr trade. 
1^ fikods I name not (though { bo*ft <^cw, 
^•Beaboaottr, and ^ kners too) 
f «■ ^mld I pnMb, but, when foch 'Bmp oppoib, 
'^Pi'fe of coarik mnft make them * s foes. 

If aanly JoBwtoic, wkh fttyrie r^e. 
{^tbedull fi>llies of atrifKng agei 
"^ tsDOglMe^frkh gemmae fhength afjarci 
^ ott the reader vfith the poet's f&t ? 
yjifcetniefite, wftere creep the wkBng fiy 
To««BthcaielTes, andUgfittharmfbllghtshx- 

WkK Ifaie likeOmAT** ttaXk pkafiog pe^ 

r*dfwcttly tft tht x^ not^ 

Or who like himflialj fweep the Theban IyK» 
And, as bis mailer pour forth thoughts of fire ? 

E*en now to guard affli£^ed leaming^s caufe. 
To judge by rea/bn's rules, and nature's laws, 
Bnaft we true critics in their pr(^>er right. 
While LowTH and Learning, Htrmo and Tal^ 

Hail facred names !•— Oh guard the Mufe*spi^, 
Save your lov'd mi^fs fiom a ruffian's rage j 
See how (hegafpsand ftruggles hard for life. 
Her wounds all bleeding from the butcher's knife t 
Critics, like rui;^faos, bleft with curious art. 
Should mark each paflage to the human heart, 
;But not, unikilful, yet with lofdly air. 
Read furgeon's ledures while they fcalp and tev. 

To names like thefe I pay the hearty yow, 
Proqd of their worth, and not aibam'd tq boWi, 
Tothefeinfcribemyrudc, but honefl lays. 
And feel the pleafiires of my coofcious praiik t • 
Not that I mean tq court each lettered nams^ 
Andpoorlv glimmer fiQom refleaed £uiie. 
But that tht Moft, who owns no fervile fca^ 
Is pfoitd to pay her willk| tribute here. 

EPISTLE TO J. 8. ESC^. 175^ 

A GAIKIoi{emyo|a.ob>eftion, 
JfV That modem ru|es obftrua perftainiy, 
Aodthe fcverity of TaAe 
Has laid the walk of genius wafle. 
FancyH a flight we deabno more in. 
Our authors cit^ infiead of lbarbg» 
And all the brave iauginatiofv 
Is dwindled into declamadoo.. 

But ilillyottcryinlbb^fadnefs* 
<« Thereisdifcretioaa^inniadncfs.^ 
A pithy fentence, which waauerediti 
Becaufe I find a poat (aid it : 
Th^ vesdia makes but AoMai.hapreflioak 
Who are known lyars by pmfi:ffion. 
Riie what exalted flighta it will, 
True genius wUl be genius flill j 
And tay> that horfe would you prcfiv. 
Which wants a bridle or a fpur t 
The mettled llced may lofe hbtrkks |. 
The jade grows calloits to your kicks. 

Had Shakfpeare crept by modem rulee^ 
We'd loft his Witches, Fairies, Fools'. 
Infteadof all that wild creation^ 
He*d'fi>rm'd a regi^lar pkntation, 
A garden trim, and all inclos'd. 
In nicefh fynunetry dtfpos'd, 
The hedges cut m proper order. 
Not e'en a branch beyond the bolder •» 
Now like a Ikreft he appears^ 
The growth of twiioe three himdred ycai%|^ 
Where many a tree aipiring ihroiida 
Its airy fummit inthe doods, 
While round itaroot ftill k>vc to t 
The iry or wild e^antioe. 

i64 h h o 

« BatShakfpeatt*saIlcreatiTefiaiey 
« M«de othcn lore extravagancy : 
*• While clouit-capt nonfenfe was thdr atni» 
** Like Hurlochnimbo*! mad lord Flame.** 
Tre e ■■ wh o can Hop dull imitators ? 
Thofe voQnger brorheM of tranflatorsj 
Tbofe inTcdsi which from genius rtfe^ 
And busf about, in fwannsy lil^e fliet f 
Faihion, that fcts the modes of drefs* 
Sheds too her influence o*er the pre(i t 
As formerlir the fons of rhyme 
Sought ShaJcrpeare*s fancy and fuUlroe | 
By cool corre^nefs now they hope 
To emulate the proife of Pope. 
But Pope and Shakfpeare both difclaim 
Thefe low retainers to their fame. 
Whattilk^an dullnefs e*er eflfe^ 
So eafy, as to write correff f . 
Poets, *tis faid, are fure to fplit 
By too much or too little wit ; 
So, to avoid th' extremes of either, ^ 
They mils their mark and follow neither | 
Theyfoexaaiy poife the fcale 
That neither naeafurevriUpreTailj 
And mediocrity the yMt 
Did never in her ions cxoiie. 
'Tis true, tfieir Uwdry works are graced 
With all the charms of modern tafte. 
And ^ery fen(ele(s line is dreft 
In quaint expreffion*s ttnfel veft. 
Say, did you never chance to meet 
A monfieur-barber in the ilreet, 
Whofe ruffle, as it lank depends. 
And daagles o*erhi* fingers* ends. 
His olive taonM complexion graces 
With little 4abs of Drefden laces. 
While for the body Monfieur Puff, 
Woa*d think e*ea dowlas fine enough I 
So fiears it with our meirof rhymes, 
Sweet tinklers of poetic chiWs. 
For lace, and fringe, and tawdry cloothaty 
Sure never yet were greater beans \ 
But fairly ftrip them to the flurt, 
They*re all nude up of rags and dirt. 

And ihall thefe wretches bards commQicCj^ 
Widioatorfpirit, tafte, orfenfe? 
And when they bring no other treafure. 
Shall I admire them for their meafure ? 
Or do I fcom the critic*s rules 
Becaufe 1 will not learn of fools } 
Although Xxmginus* fulUmouth*d profb 
Widi all the force o( genius glows } 
Though Dionyfius* learned tafte 
Is ever manly, juft, and chafte. 
Who, like a fkilfiil wife phyfician, 
Difleds etch part of compofitton. 
And (hews how beauty ihikes the- foul 
From a juft compaft of the whole 5 
Though judgment, in Quintillian*s page^ 
Holds fbrdi her lamp fi>r e¥*ry age ; 
YtXHyperentktl difdaiof 
A race of blockheads doll and vain. 
And laugh at all tbofe empty ibols. 
Who cramp a genius %rith dull rales. 
And what their narrow fcience mocka 
Damn with the name of Het*rDdoxt 
Thefe botchers of a pOetls famtf 
While they ufurp thecridc*8 naUkCj 

D ' S V O X H t. 

Cry— *< This is tafte— dMt*s my epbuoik** 
And poets dread their mock donninkM. 
So have yoo feen with dire afirighc^ 
The petty monarch of the night. 
Seated am in elbow cIum> 
Command nie pniofiers to appear. 
Harangue an hour on wacchmen*^ foa/kf 
And on the dire tfft€t of frajs \ 
Then ery, *< You'll fuflfcr ht your 4anng> 
** And d— ayou, yooftudl pay fiar fweariog.* 
Then tumii«, tell the aftoiiifh*4 fiQgy 
IJU to refreftnt tkt king. 


TT AS my good dame a wicked child ? 
J(fl It takes the gentle name of wild I 
it c&fts ho breaks, if locks he picka* 
*Tis nothing more thaa youthful trickf : 
The mother's fbndnefs fbnnpa it merit. 
For vices ate a fign of fpir|t. 

day, do th» neighbours tUnk the fame 
Wirh the good old indulgent danoe ? 
Cries goflip Prate, « \ hear with giief 
" My neighbour's fon's an arrant thief. 
*< Nay, coQld you think it, I am told, 
« He ft^e five guineas, all in g<4d, 
'< You know the youth was always wiM** 
<< He got hif father's maid with child} 
'< And robb*d his mafter, to defiray 
« ThQ money hehad loft at play. 
** All mean^ to fare him muft now 61], 
" What can it end in ?-.|ii a Jail." 

Howe'er the dame doats o*er her youdi. 
My goflip fays the very troth. 

But as his yices bfe woo*d hide. 
Or torture them to virtue's fide. 
So friendfliip's glafs d^ves the eyet 
(A glafs too apt to magniM 
And makes you t^k at leaft yoafee 
Some fpark of genius ev*n in me. 
You ivf I fliqu'd get fimie t I doubt it t 
Perhaps I am as well without It. 
For what*s th^ worth of empty praife ? 
What poet ever din'd on bays r 
For thpugh the taurel, rareft v^nider ! 
May fcreen us firomthc ftroke of thnder. 
This mind I ever was^ and am in, 
It is noanti4ote to famine. 
And poets live on flendcr ^ue. 
Who, like Cameleona, fe^on ^1 
And ftanre, to gain an empty hreath, 
Which^ooly ferves them alter death. 

Grant I fucce^, like Horace rile. 
And flrike my head againft the fkiet : 
Common experience daily ftiewt. 
That poets have n world of foes $ 
And we ihall find m every town 
Goffips enough to cry them dowi^; 
Who miet in pious cooverfatioQ 
T' anatomise a reputation. 
With flippant tongue, aad en^ he^ 
Who talk of things they aeier read. 

& X. O 7 S 8 V O S M S. 


Tier «fie cenlbitt I dd^fe : 
lyrainard pnifet woo*t fuffice. 
Toapt ne no more then (9 the crimt 
Of ajA%fai the ^t of rhime. 
Ji^lfde hai aafwered aU her end^ 
]ihafnin€GoD% pleafe a friend. 
TV worid as baithcoM with a ftorct 
1% aeed I add ooe fcfihblermore ? 

TO ♦ * * * 



INCE WW, an fcmpk^s caft away, 
, Yovr woriet are ri&ig into day, 
f«pre» tfaoogh I prefume to fend 
TlutfaoMt conolelor alriend. 

Lttflotjroorverfey asTerfeoow goeti 
le aftntie kind of meaforM profe $ 
Ker Id your prolcy which fure is worfca 
Vat Booght but aieafure to be veife. 
Write (rem your own imagination^ 
KvcaibyoorMufe by imitation ; 
Iv dopes fliewy however exprdlf 
A Unoi genittt at the beft. 
^Bot hflitadoo's all the mode— 
Tttwliat one hits* ten im£i the xoad. 

The flunic l^tfd with pleafure fees 
M<. Prior^t Dttafiefied eafe : 
ASam hk ftylc, affefts a ftory, 
xti cfcry ofCMPiranff before ye^ 
TVeday, the hour, the name, th^dwdlii^l 
Ab4 mm a ctekrat tale m telliqg t 
QMbfcs how co^ Prior flowty 
Tbea nm hit naimbert down to profet 

Othcn have Ibught the filthy ftewa 
TsiU a dirty ifip-fliod Muie. 
*ner groping goiiiiSy whileit rakes 
^ kogt, the €ommon-few*rs, and jakeS| 
Oidae and filth in rhyme expofcs» 
^^ofifol to our eyei and nofes i 
ra amy a dafii?-*that muft oflfend as« 
Aaiaidi • • « • • 

• t • # # • # 

* ^ * Hiatus non difiindus* 
OSMft! how woiiId*ft thoo bloih tofte, 
SKb «t the bards who copy Thee ? 

Tlis, Milcoa fiir hit plan will chufe : 
^Vbaearefianbling Miltoo*s Mufe ? 
Mafeoy eke thnalery rollt along 
bdlhem^qcftyof fimgs 
^tte hit low ^Boua ineanly creeps 
Ititfdie *mkei aor quite afleep \ 
<^> if thdr tiiaider chance to roll» 
'MthMier of dM imtad Iv^* 



The ftifif ezpreffion» phrafet ftrange» 
The Epithet*s prepofterous change. 
Forc*d numbers^ rough and unpolitey 
Such as the Judging ear aflfrigh^ 
Stop in mid verfe. Ye mimics vile ! 
Js*t thus ye copy MiltonH ftyle ? 
His £nilts rfligiouQy yootrace^ 
But borrow not a fingle grace. 

How hmt (fay« whence can it proceed ?) 
Who copy Milton^ c^er fuceeed t 
But all Uieir labours are in vain : 
And wherefixe fo 7 the reafon*t plain* 
Take it Ar granted, *dt by thoTi; 
liiIton*t die mpdel moftly chofey 
Who can't write verfey and won^ write piolc. 

Others, who aim at fancy, chufe 
To woo the gentle Spencer*s Mufe, 
This poet fixes for his theme 
An allegory, or a dream 3 
Fidion and truth togedier joins 
Thr^h a long wafte of fiimfy lines y 
Fondly believes hit fimcy glows* 
And image upoA image growth 
Thinks his ftrong Mufe takes wond*rous flighlSj 
Whene*er ihe &i^ of peerlefs wights. 
Of dcnsy of palfreys, fpellsandknig^: 
'Till allegory, Spencei^s veil 
T* inftrud and pleafe in moral tale, 
With him^s no veil the truth to ihroud| 
But one impenetrable cloud. 

Qtben, more daring, fix their hope 
On rivaling the fame of Pope. 
Satyr*s the wofd againft the times— 
Thiefe catch the c^ence of his rhymttf 
And borne from earth by Pope^t fbong wif^. 
Their Mufe aipires, and boldly fUj^ 
Her dirt up m the ^ce of kings. 
In thefethiefpleen of Pope we find { 
dot where the greatneft of his mind ? 
His numbers are their whole pikencey 
Mere fbangers to his manly fenfe. 

Some fbw, the firvMtes of the Mul^ 
Whom with her kindeft eyes Ihe views| 
Round whom ApoUo*s brightcfl rays 
Shine forth with undiminiih*d blase $ 
Some few, my firiend, have fwcedy tcod 
In Imitation's dangerous road. 
Long at Tobacco's mild perfimie 
S|iall fccnt each happy curate's room^ 
Of^ as in elbow-chair he finokes, 
Andquafilshitale, and cracks his jolcetf 
So long, O * Brown, (halllafi thy praiiea 
Cro%irn'd with Tobacco-leaf fbr biys ; 
And whofoe'er thy verfe fiiall fee» 
Shall fill another Pipe to thee, 

• Ifaac Hawkins Brown, Efq. author of a pliot 
called die Pipe of Tobacco* a moft exc^i lent loutaii^ 
OQ of fix di&reot authors. 



iu j; o 

IV^S » O X Bff ft 




ritOlff TlltIN6V0« SH 9SBBVtlUB«« 

YTHIIEKD9HIP wOk mod Is deaa ind eoo|j 

JP A doUy inadiTey ftagnant pool } 

Yotin like the lirely cuneht iowB9 

And iluret the pkafuit it beftowi. 

If there is oughts whofe ItnientpowV 

Can foothe a&ftiQO** painful hottr» 

Sweeten the bitter cup of carea 

And fiiatch the wretched from de(^r9 

9kH)criQr to the Me of nqetf 

fkom fHendfliip*s fimrce the baHam ibwii 

ItichthenamOU poflcft of thinea 

who know that happy balfam minf . 

in yoothy from nature's genuine hei^ 
The Ibols cMgenii^ fpring to mtety 
And einulatikn*s infant fknftt 
Cemants the muia fiit^re lift. 
Ofb too the miM wcU-pleas*d funrejs 
|Cs progrefs from its childifh ^ays | 
Sees how the current upwards fan, 
Aad reads the child 9*er in the ta^ 
Tiir mtOf in reafbn*a fobet eyet» 
Are childreBy but of larger fieta 
llare ftill their idle hopes and &ai«^ 
. JixnA Hobby-Hocfe 0/ riper years. 

Whether a blef&pga or«curie» 
If y rattle ia the loi« of Terfe. 
$ome fancied PVtit and etnulatloi^ 
Which ftill afpires t9 rspi^tationt 
Bade infant fancy plume her flight)^ 
And held the lautel full to fight 
For vaDJty» thrpoct*s fin« 
Had U*en poffefnon all within t 
Andhe who(c brain hy^ pofle^ 
h in himfell as highly bleft. 
As hcy whole lines aq^ circles ▼!• 
Widi heav*nU direaioo of the iky. 

However tl^ river roUs its tides* 
ffhe cork qp«a the furface rides. 
And on Ink's Ocean, Ugh^y buoyMt 
Theoork of vanity is LIbyd. 
1^ iM too ufe the commdh claiqiY 
And ibi^ a| once ujKM my name* 
Which ibme have done with greater ^(s^ 
Who know met and who love me leis. 

Poets are very harmlefs thiqgs» 
Vnleis you teaac one till it flings $ 
And when aflfronts are plainly me^pi^ 
We*re bound in hooour to rdteot s 
/a^ %rhattribttna] will denjr 
^ innirM perfoo to reply f 

* In tticfe fioniliar rmanatJonSf 
'Wlikk m hut «|W|« «ovmiiKi€#4 

Where thought appears in difhabiUI)! 
And fancy does juft whatihe will* 
The foureft critic would excufe 
The vagrant O^lies of the Mufe : 
Which lady, for ApoUo*s bidfii^^ 
jHas ftill attended ourcarefl^. 
As many children roDod her lees 
As maggots in a Che^ure checfe* 
Which I maintain atvaft expence» ^ 
Of pen and paper, time and fenfe : 
And furely *twas'no ifaiall mifcarriage 
When nfl t euietU Into inartfage. 
The poet*s title «fhich I bear, 
)^lth fome fbange cafUes iff the ah"^ 
Was all my portioo with the fur. 

However narrowly I look, 
^nPhftbus^s valorem book* 
1 cannot from ew^uiry find 
Poets had much to leave behind. 
They had a coyphold eftate 
In lands whkh they thenfehFCtcaeaint 
A fboliA title to M/mrtaiMf 
A right of commoa m a aMmfmv, 
And yet they Uv*tf aoMn|ftthe gfeat^ 
Mora than their Brethren do of late | 
Invited out at feafts^ dine. 
Eat as they pleaa*d, and drank their vise^ 
Nor is it any where fct 4own 
They tipt the fervants half a crown^ 
But pafs*d amid the waitini^ throng 
And pay*d the porter wkh a fong | 
As once, a w^ in modem day«. 
When all are in thefe bribing way|» 
His fhiUings to dlfpcn^ uoaUe* 
Scrap'd half the mx from oflT theUble,| 
And walking gravely thrpugh the croudi^ 
Which fhx>d obfeqivoofly, aiHibowMt 
To keep the fafhkxi ^of tipptoffft 
Dropt in oKh hapd a |e|de« pippin, 

Bttt there*s a diftri;ence indoed 
*Twist ancient ba^s nfi modem bfied, 
Thou^ poet known* ij»Roaaft dajrv 
Fearids he walk*d the p^bUp w»p^ 
Nor ever l^jiov that facii^ name 
Contemptuous fmile, oepainfuXihraatX 
While with a fboUfh fac^o^ praVh 
The folks ^Mpoold ftofttc^ gape af^4 pm^ 
And half untold the ftvy leaifei^ 
Pulling their neighbour ^th^ fleevg^ 
While th* index of tbs ^oger ftie«rt| 
•-*Ther«— yoniler*s HoraipeT-^ietch^ pm% 

This finger^ I allovf it tnie, 
Poin^ at us modem poeta too ; 
But *tis by wa]^ f f ^t and piklk. 
To laugh, or aatne p^fe is, ^aife. 

Yet there are thol^, wli9*re fb«d of iKt, 
Aldiough they nettr vsMit yett 
Who wits and wJcCiiffiS entectam } 
Of Tafle, Virtu, ai4 JvdgaKnl vk^ 
And dinner, gfac^ anff gciv-qppiQ|Q|0„ 
Exped a wond^raujidcal of fktit 
«< Yea— Heat bottom-wte^tymiklimrUpl 
f< That*sHethatwromthel«inew|i 
<< His Humour^ T^^ff'fi^fly hufu 
" You'U hear hi^ o(in bf vTS,- 

The manin print iif^^aBBad^;^ 
Have often Ttty fimtti^ji ^p^ I 

l^to¥ t>*s »oklii4 


Ad be, rMt hoaoarKSCt the tOMi^ 

WkB espied VOnJ'f VM Rt OtNKf 

k liide better tbanfliift. 

Pofafi &e 6iik is «o hn fi^» 

Spnp It uOBi ix nt tiy^ or pnvci 

TUefnJJtief aftamM to own, 

fflrwbich bliS lup|»y to be ^noviril ) 

Or tbit bis oMic^ Apu^ aorf ihy, 

Aaiiffidtet, be Jcaovmimc w)i)r| 

t^fioBSpnirfeMldiidof fsar, 

Ai boirii^ tbt the «orki*s ieTCfel 

HewoiM not fofier to dcape 


U{fiq|feob, aad vikTQpeJtartf 

ttoiUcatch Iter Up* 4ad<jpcil ber fcaitarts^ , 

Aad, fo the duM^s viUacky niaim» 

TkMcbfcicntCMaeCo ihafiK. 

Wen, bvtncdudullietrjrotflayt . , 

" Ink tfaea, a^ AiesKi !'*^WnCc wfaatf*-^ ■ 

* TWtbeatics src tpM ^ 
^ Tbe tt«fcet6r ^ fteriii« Viric s 
"T^tbeftnogflflbrtief yourpeni 
" Axi fci# die chasaaert of men ) 
** Or bid tbe borftinftetf toflo^ 
''Obeieottodiefablea woe; 
^ WitbTn^edy'sreTcrftft art* 
M Antodiizt the bumaii hearty 
** Aid, th« you may be iifider^oo(l» 
^ Btdutne fpeak, as nature (bouM.*^ 

Tbittile&t, GeorfCt tbougii yetnntryi 
Ntapi aj {cnias ^ dteie^ ; 
^ jw, «iy 6ie^9 we fore CD plai^ 
"itb iS tbe M'fs of coeik eafe. 

Aatbui, fikclUMiUatfiftceQyeart^ 
AieMlfrviAM, fullofkM. 
Oieoightbv piflrtfanttboiitfhttte kdg 
To Ideatriflini mui^-hoad i 
To pic «p witbflt i^tstatioii. 
iad be, nho^ mth Playt to <i% 
&i sot tbe devil CO go thrai^h. 
C^ bm leafto for tbdt rokiy 
Jd»d the cei^git of your fools. 
hrtcHae, and confult your ptidk^ 
^coe^dyott, Ctorfe» with patitniie bfei#» 
Tbe cntic|nfiB| in the |^ay*r ? 

te of that oalliof have I knomiy 
^ bdd no }u4fBMat like their own f 
Aii ^ dbiriMfoat £ufly fcan» 
^ ^Efscats die wheat and bran I 
Wd be aaat*4 iadowl tofiwU 
«W Gale wheat ttkftbchiaa. 
*ai, sftw 41 thoir nighty louty 
W 6tt*iim loaad and iooad akwt i 
Tabita kind of clock-work talkhi«} 
utcnfimtethe ft;«e, andwalkii%. 

Tbefcaof thlstribaqalpaftf 
J^ptsyrecdrM, the pam all catt, 
•K^sAsrhihit ownobjaftionf, 

2^Mi*s h dfawi «oo COOS& lad roBiW 
P^shM m frntonouih. 
K«K^atDQchof abber*t eaie» 

SiKh as your 6tlcd folks would cimic^ 
And Lords and Ladyflilps might ufoy 
Which ftile, whoerer would fucceed ta, 
Mttft hate fmall wit, and miich good brtedinil^ 
If t^ is d ial o gue mu fiu. 
Sweet Sir» fay I, pardomu% met ! 

As long as lifo and bilfineft laft. 
The aAors hare their forferal cad, 
A «ralk where each his talent ihei*t> 
Queensy Nurfes, Tyrants, Lofen, Beaux i 
Suppofe you*Te found a girl of merit* 
Wou*d ihew your part in all hs dpiiitt 
Take the whole meaalog in ibc foopt ^ 
Some litfele lively thuig« like pQ|to» 
Voa rob fomc omen «f a foatlkeri 
ThcyWe worn for thirty years togeth^i ' 

6ut grant the caft is aa you likey 
To a£brs which yon think will fbike) 
To-mortow thcn-^(bttt aa you know 
rve ne*era Godiedy to fliew» 
Lk me awhile uk oonrerfation* 
Make frte with yours for appticatkn^ 
Tne anow*s flight can*t be p rev e n t ed*** 
To-morroW then, will be pitfented 
The JkAtovaWirv I. To-morrow^ R%^ 
How do you deep, my frtcttd» to-night f 
Have you no pit-pat hopes and fears» 
Roaft-beef, and catcalls in your eirl ? 
Mabb'*s wheels a-croQ your tdo^let creeps 
You tdfs and tdmble in your fleep, 
And cry aloud, with rage and fpleen> 
« That fellow rourdeh all my fcene.^* 

To*morrcMr comes. I kmnUr yoitr in&i^ 
And fee the piece*s fire and fpitit ; 
Yet fiiendihip's aeal is ever hearty. 
And dreads tlje efforts of a fiaity. 

The coach below^ die clock gons fiftf 
kow to thfe theatre wre drives 
Pbepbgthe cuitaiii*s eyelet throtogl^ 
Behold the hoofe ih drd)dfol view 1 
Obferve how clofe the critics fit# 
And not^ bonnet in the pit 
With horror hear the galleries ring » 
Nofy! Black Joke! God fave the Kiiie • 
Sticks clatter, catcalls foreami JSmmtv / 
Cocks crowf pit hiffi^, galleries roars 
Wtncka" fmt trmiga is found 
This night to have a^readfol foisodi 
*Till, decent fables on hia back» 
(Your prologuizers all wear blaeb^ 
The prologue comes % and* if ito miin 
Its very good, and very fine e . 
If not, I takfc a pinch of foufiT, 
And wobder where you got fuch ftuC 

That done, a-gape t9ie critics fit» 
Bxpedant of the comic wit. 
The fidlers play again pell-mell : 
^But hiSt I— the prompter rings hia bell. 
—Down there f hats ofFK-^he curt# dra«ii 
What follows i<-<he juft applavfti 


L L O 


M 8. 



Findir, 0\jm^ U* 

b D £ I. 

i. i, 

IpVAUGHTER of Chaot ami old Nigh^> 
1 J Cimroefiaa Mnfc, ill hail ! 
That wrapt in nertr -twinkling gloom canft #ntiy 
And fluKkiwcil meaning With thy duikj ▼dl ! 
Wlut Poelfings» and ftriket the fbingt f 
it was the mi^ty Theban (poke. 
He from ihk cteriliviHg Lyie 
With magic baild eliciti fire* 
fi^ard yc the din of Modern Rhimen bray f 
U was cooi M n > or warm Qim fy » 
InTolv^d io tenfiStd finokr. 

I. 1. 

The Ihallow Fop in antio vefti 

Tir*d 6f tlie b^ten foad, 
Prood to be fingly dfeft, 
Changes, widi every changing m6oh» the thdde. 
fiay» ihall hot then the heaV^n-bom Mufes too 

Variety purfue \ 
Shall not applauding critics hail the vogue ? 
'Whether the Mufc the ilile of Cambrians tohip 
Or the rude gabble of the Huns^ 
Or the broader dU\e€t 
Of Caledonia flic cffeft, 
Ortakti Hibemit, thy lliU rahkcr brogtie f 

I; J. 

On this tetteftrial ball 
The tyrant) Faibion» goremsall. 
She, fickle Goddefs, whom, in days of jott, 
The Ideot Moria, oo the banks of Seine, 
Unto an andc fool, hight Anditwj bore : 

Long die paid him with difdain, 
Asid long his pangs in filence he concealM t 
At length, in happy hour, his love-fick pain 
On thy bleft Calends, April, be reveal*d. 
From their embraces, fprong, 

Ever changing, ever ranging, 
Fafluon, Goddeis ever young; 

II. u 

(brch^d on the dubious height, She love to ride» 
Upon a weather-cock, aftride. 
Each blaftthat blows, around ihe goes, 
While nodding o'er hcr^ creft , 

Embleni of her magic pow*r»« 
The light Cameleon ftands confeft, 
Clyuiging its hues a thoufand times m hotir. 

• I take the liberty of infetting the two folkwing 
Odes, though I cannot, with ftria propriety* print 
them as my own compofition. The truth Uf thev 
were wiittenm coacert wkh a firiend; to whole 
labours I am always happy to add my OWQI I mean 
tipe Autfior of the Jeakms Wife. 

And ioa veft is Ihe arrayed. 
Of many a dancing moon-b^ 
Nor tbnelefs is her waift : 
But fur and beautiiisl, I webiy 
As the cefbls*cin^^M Queen, 
Is with ^ Rainbow*! fludowy girdle biac*d> 

n. 1. 

She bidspurfue the hf^tixt road 

Of lofty doud^apt Ode. 
MeantiflK each bard* with eager fpced» 
Vaults on tht P^fean ^teed t 
Yet not that Pegafusy of yore 
Which th* iUuftrious Pindar boct » 
But ond of nobler Ireed { 
Higkb&ood andyoo^ hiateioiinfpirei 
From Tottipont^noy he camet 
Who knowf not, Toccipoiitimoy, diy nattef 
The bloody.ikiMi1der*d Arab was kis Slic } 

• itis Whitk^aole, He on falnM VookMA 


RdignM his AUl hicith ; 
III viin (or Uie the ftraggltegcottiier ibaSas. 
Ahl whocanmnOie race widi death f 
The tyrant*s fpeed, ormanor fteed> 
Strives all In vain to fly. 
Me leads the chace, he wins the ftiei 
Wefhiffible, fall, and die. 

ir; J. 

Third fW>tti Whitenofe fpringt 
Pegafus with eagle wings : 
Light OV the plain, as dancing ookkf 
With many a bound he beats the gfound) 
While all the Turf with acclamation rings s 
HewonNoithamptonrlincoln, Oxford, Yoriet 
fie too fi ewmaikct won • 
There Oranu^s Son 
SdaM oo the Steed | 
And thence him led, (lb fatedeolied) 
To w^ero old Cam, reno^*d in poet*s long, 
Vndi hu dark and inky waves, . 
Either bank in filence laves. 
Winding flow his fluggifh ftrcams along. 

lU. t. 

W W fbipling neaty of vifage tmttt% 
yin trimmeft guife array*d| 
.^l irf^ (he neighing Steed aflay*d f 
HSsbaad a taperfwiteh adorns, hisheel 
Spadcles refulgent with ehdilc fleel t 
The whiles he vans his whiffing way. 
Prancing^ ambling, round sod nmnd* 
By hUl, and dale, and mead, and grecniwvd g^i 

Till fated with the pleafiajg ridcy 
From the knty Steed difnMsimtingf 
He lies along, diwrapc in coofcioua prides 
By guiglmg rill, orchryftal f 

• The Author is either ^lifbikeo In tfah place, < 
has elfe indulged himlelf in m very unwiRam 
poetical licedee. White*nofe wat not the Siie, bj 
aSooof thcGodolphiAAraUao. Scefliir^^"^^ 

t o 




ni. 2. 

Lo f nexty a B»d» fecure of praifey 
His rdf-conptacentcoantenance difplays. 
Hn broad Molbchiosy tingM vnih golden dje» 
Kane like a meteor, to the troubled air : 
Praad hb demeanor, and his eagle eyey 
cr-hong with IxnOk M, yet fbooe with glorious 

The gristle grace 
Of bofliy pemke ika>)ow*d o*er his face. 
In large wide boots, whofe ponderous weight 
Would fink each wight of modem datey 
lie rides, well pleased: fo huge a pair 
Not Garagantoa^s felf might wear : 
Not He, of nature fierce and cruel, 
Witty if we truft to antient Ballady 
Dfevoar*d Three Pilgrims in a Sallad ; 
Nerbeoffmie germane, hight Pantagruel. 


Accoaired tfanty th^ adrentmus Youth 
S«ks not the level lawn, or velvet mead, 
Fift bj wfaofe fide dear ftreams meandring creep $ 
B«t Qigeson amab the fiery Steed 
Vp SBowdQa*s ibaggy fide, or Cambrian rxk un- 

By help mechanic of Equeftrian-BIoclc, 
Vet (hall he mount, with clafllc houfing's grac'd. 
And, all unheedfulof the Critick Mock, 
Drive his light Courfer o*er the bounds of Tafte. 




Where the venerable herd 
Of Goats, withlong and fapieot beard. 
And wantta Kidlings their blt^e revels keep. 
Now up the mountain fee him ftrain ! 

Now down the vale bc^s toft. 
Now flaihes on the fight again, 
Kovinthe Palpable Obfcure quite loft. 

IV. I. 

' lfai*i fiecbk race eternal dangers wait* 
Wth high or low, all, all, is woe, 
Tfkdtf ffiifchance, pale fear, and dubious fiite. 

But o'er every peril bounding, 
Asbifion views not all the ills furrounding, 
And, tiptoe oo the mountains fteep. 
Reflet not oo Che yawnbg deep. 

IV. a. 

Set, iise, he fi>ars ! irith mighty wings outij^read, 
And long refounding mane. 
The Courfer quits the plam. 
Aloft in ar, fee, fee, him bear 

The Bard, who flurouds 
His Ljnck Gkny in the clouds. 
Too fiaod to ftrike the ftars with lofty head ! 
He toppks headloog finom the giddy height, 
Ofetp m the Capihrian Gulph iflunerg*d in endlefs 

IV. 3. 

O Steed Divine ! what daring fpirit 
Ridct thee now ? though he inherit 
Nor tHe pride, nor felf-opinioo> 
Wluch elate the mighty Pair, 
lack of Tafte the fav*riu mimoni 
PkaacaniC through the defait air : 
Vet. VIU. 

lARENT OP Ease ! Oblivion old, 

Who lov*ft thy dwelling-place to hold. 

Where fccpter'd Pluto keeps his dreary fway, 
Whofe fullen pride the (hivVing ghofts obey 1 
Thou, who delighteft ftiU to dwell 
By fome hoar and mofs-grown cell. 
At whofe dank foot Cocytus joys to foII> 
Or Styx* black ftreams, which even Jove controul ! 
Or if It fuit thy better will 
To chufe the tinkling weeping rill. 
Hard by whofe fide the feedcd poppy red 
Heaves high in air his fwectly curling head. 
While, creeping in meanders dow, 
. Lethe*s drowfy water's flow, 
And hollow blafts, which never ceafe to figh, 
Hum to each care-ftruck mind their lulla-lulla-by ! 
A prey no longer let me be 
Tothatgoflip Memory, 
Who waves her banners trim, and proudly flies 
To fpread abroad her brlbUe-brabble lies. 
With thee, Oblivion, let me go. 
For Memory *s a friend to woe ; 
With thee, Foigetvulness, fair fileot Queen, 
The (blemn ftole of grief is never feen. 


All, All is thine. Thy powerful fi»ay 

The throng*4 poetic hofts obey : 
Though in the van of Memory proud t*appear^ 
At thy command they darken ih the rear. 

What though the modern Tragic ftrain 

For nine whole days protrad thy reign^ 
Yet through the Nine, like whelps of currifli kind. 
Scarcely it lives, weak, impotent, and blind. 

Sacred to thee the Crambo Rhiroe, 

Themotley forms of Pantomime : 
For Thee from Eunuch's throat ftill loves to flow 
The foothing fadnefs of hu warbled woe t 

Each day to Thee falls Pamphlet clean : 
Each month a new-born Magasine : 
Hear , then, O Goddess, hear thy vot'ry's pray*i ! 
And, if Thou deign'ft totakeone moment's care. 
Attend Thy Bard ! who duly pays } 
The tribute of his votive lays j 

* According to Lillzus, who beftows the Paren- 
tal Fun£tion on Oblivion. 

' f^erba Obliviscenoi rtguMt Genitivvm. 

Lib. xiii. Cap, 8. 
There is a fimilar paifage in Bufbatus. 


ItOYIl's ^ O M m ^ 

WhoTe Mufi: ftiUoSm at thy (acred fluine;—' 
Thy Bard, wh9 calls Tmxk fCi, and makes him 

0> fweetFomoxTPui,NSst» itipreme 

Rulefupinc o>rcT*ry theme* 
C*er each fad fisbjedy o*er each foothing ttnin. 
Of mine, O Gopdxis, ilretch thine awful fdfn 

Nor let MxM*RT ileal one nole. 

Which this rude hand to Thee hath wrote ! 
€o ftaltthoa (are me from thePoet*s ihame. 
Though on the letter*d Rubric DodIlxy poft my 


O come ! with ophte popples crown*d» 

Shedding flumberf foft around ! 

Ocome! pat Goboxstt drunk with Lau- 

reafi Sack !— > 
See where (he fits on the bemimb*d Torpedoes 

Me, in thy dull Elyfium lapt, O blcft 
With thy calm Forgetfiilnefs ! 
And gently lull my fcnfes all the while 
With placid poems in the finking Ct'ilc ! 
Whether d^ Herring-Poet fihg* 
Great Laureat of the Fiihes* Kjog« 
Or Lycophron prophetic rave his fill. 
Wrapt in the darker drains of Johnny— S ^ 

Or, If Hx fing, whofe Tcrfi^ affords 
A hevy of the cMc^ word*, 
Who meeu his Lady Mufe by mofs-grown cell, 
Adom*d with epithet and tinkling belf : 

Thefe> GoDbxsl, let tne ftill ^irget. 
With all the dearth of Modem Wit ! 
So may*ft Thou gently o*er ttiy youthful breal^. 
Spread, with thy welcome hand, 09 Livioif*t friend- 
ly vdh 

Which now in feothuy murmun whSfp*ria| 

Watering widi genial waves the firagrant foil, 
Now roUf adoum the mountain's fiecpy fidest 
Teaching the valet full beautcoudy to fmikt 
Damf Natubs*! handy- worki npt fium'^ ^ 
laboring toiL 


TheMusxtfidr, theic peaceful fkadet among, 
With ikiUul fingert fwcup the ticmUini ftnuT » 
The air in filcn^ liftena to the fimg, 
AndTiMt fijcgcti to ply his lasy wings; 
Pale.Yifag'dCAai,withfbulunbaUow*Hi ftctr 
Attempts the fummit of the hill togaini 
Ne can the hag arrive the bllfsful feat; 
Her unavailing ftrength is fpent in vain, 
CoMTXNT fits on the topi «od mocki her ta^ 


Oft PMoxBirt felf left lut divine abode, 
And here enihrondtd ina ihady bow*r, 
Rcgardlefiof his flate, lay*d l^thtGodi 
And ownM (Weet Mufic^t mon alluring powV. 
Oncitbcr fide was p]ac*d a peerlcft wi^ 
Whofe merit lung had fillM the trump of Fame ; 
This, Fakct^s darling child, was SrtMSis 

Who pip*d full pleafing on the banks of Tame } 
That no left fam*d than Hs, and MttTON wai liil 



AH met unhappy ftatcof mortal #ij|fat, 
Sidi ENVT*t fure attendant upon fiane» 
Ne doth ihe reft from rancorous defpight, 
Until ibe works him mickle woe and fharoe t 
Unhappy heurhomEiivy thus doth fpoU, 
Ne doUi ihe check her ever reftlefs hate : 
Undl Am doth his reputation foil : 
Ah! lucklefsimpitU^ vrhofe Urorth elate. 
Forces him pay this heavy tax fitf being great. 


There ftood an ancient mount, yclept Pantaft* 
(The fair domauiof facved poefy) 
Which, with firefh odourt ever-bloomingi was 
Befprinkled with die dew of Gafbdyi 

In thefecool bow*rt they live fopindy cahn | 
Now harmlefs talk, now ettouloofly fingj 
While ViBTVt, pouring nwnd her Acted bafau^ 
Makes happineis eternal at the faring. 
Alternately they fung} nowSptntxa^gan, 
Of joufts and toomamentt, and championt ftrong i 
Now Mil TOM fung of dUbbedicotmin, 
And Eden lofl: The bards afOUnd them thrang, 
Dra^^bythe vraod*ious magic of their pfintes* fcog 


Not ht fratt the^, Dan CkAVctx, 0^^^ 

A lofty feat on mouHt Pxmafliis hdd, 
Who long had been the Mufes* chief dd«ht| 
Hit reverend lockt were fiNer'd o^tr wi^i eld | 
Crave waa hat vilagC) and his habit plain i 
And while he fung, to nature he difpUy'd* 
In vurfe albeit uncouth, andiimple fbab $ 
Nemotchcwrilbefccn, Ib^idt the Aadei 
Which elms and aged oaks had all around hia AsA 


Next SNAK4»gAft t fiit» irrognlarly gvptf> 
And m his hand a magie rod £i hold, • 
Which vifionary beings did create^ 
And torn tht Ibnlefl drpft to puidl gold t 

I. t O Y D* 8 #OXM8. 


WlHttfcripinttroirein earth orair» 
Orhad or goody obey his dread command $ 
To his bebefli tbeie wiUiogly ttftir^ 
llafeav'd byirrron oi hit mil$^ wiiid» 
Tk«]kkhnotaQchctrpmr*ft mkti might fnth< 


Mk f lie bin there Aood a bcAotepiit niMfl» 
Wfcsfe glitteiiQg wpptutooc dnnm*o oic eyes 9 
Rff duo-wrooght vtfture ▼tfiout tints difpiay^d, 
FivcT her name, yTprodg of race divine ; 
Hcrnaatk* wimpled low» her filken httr» 
ffhkk kott adown her weU-tumM ihouldei% 

' Sht made a net to catch die wntoa air/ 
Wlole iofc-fick breesea all around her playM 
Aid tbeai'd in whiten fi>ft to court the heavenly 


Aa^ncrand aoon ibe wav^d in ak 
Alicepcrey fianght with all-creatiYe powVt 
SkevnM it round 1 Eftiboos there did appev 
S^eits and witches » Airmi unknowki befiirc • 
/^ Ac lifts her wonder-working wand { 
Iramiapoo the flowery pldn wane leen 
Tk 119 inhManti of mrie Uody 
Aid Ukhe attendants upon M Aft ther qoeen 
b ayttc ckcbs daoc*d aloog th* inchntied green. 

Oitk* other fide flood Natubi, goddefs fair $ 
Aanino (cemM fkoy and of manners ftaid } 
leiMeoaf herf)rmy majeftic was her air* 
hksfe attire of ptmft white arrayM t 
Ap0tnitrodlieb9re» whofe powV was fuchy 
(Ai fiwB her darlisig*s works may WtH be ihown) 
TIttaAmwkh its ^ol-^ichantingtoochy 
SbenttMorjoy^ or caused the deep-Zbltgroany 
hiaik aMB*s paffion made fofafenrient to her owq. 


IM le! tUek Ibgs ftom oqt the earth atlte, 
Aad amky miib the buxom air invade, 
Wbkb with contagion dirt infeds the ikieSf 
AadiU around their baleful influence ihed ; 
lli^ialcaedflcy, which whilom was ib fair, 
WidiiUck Cimmerian darknefs is o'erfpread $ 
^ fcsf which wllom fhone without compare, 
VsiniB pkchy tcH his radiant head, 
^fm fkt time fbrr-gHe^ feeks hil watVy 


Im, «edi»ghltrof MAcheffiD, 

(Tk lead of deadly hate and gloomy night) 

HiA left precnsttfe her Stygian throoe» 

Aai duough the frighted heavens wing*d her flight ; 

* rijM. Aword oftd by Spcnier fbr img 
i^ tWiDf iftclDfed vritUp ComiQBS iiooeof 
'^"lithiiinaA^MSffT^b, { 

With careful eye each realm die did explore » 
Ne mote (he ought of happinefs obfenre ; 
For happineis» alas! was now no n)ore, 
Sithev'ry one from virtne^s paths didfwervirt 
And trample 00 religioa bale defigns to icnre. 


At lengthy 00 bleft Pamaflus feated high. 
Their temple circled with a laurel crown, 
SpiNsiit and Mjlton met herfcowling eye, 
And tam*d her horrid grin into a frown. 
Full faft unto her fifler did flie poft. 
There to unload the venom of her breaft. 
To tell how all her happinefs was croft, 
^ Sith others were of happinefs pofleft : 
Did never gloomy hell fend forth like ugly peft. 


Withb the covert of a gloomy wood, 
Where funeral cyprefs fbr-proof branches fpread, 
O*ergrown with tangling briers a cavern flood ; 
Fit place for melancholy * dreary- head. 
Here a deformed monfter joy*d to wOQ» 
Which on fell rancour ever was ybent. 
All fiom the rifing to th^ fctdng fun. 
Her heart purfued f^hevrith black intent, 
Ne could her iron mind at human woes relent. 


In flowing fable flole flie was ydad. 

Which with her countenance did well accord ; 

Forth from her mouth, like one through grief 

gone mad, ^ 

A frothy iea of naufeoos foam was pourM { 
A ghaftly grin and eves afquint, difplay 
The rancour which her hellifh thoughts contain. 
And how, when man is bleft, flie pines away. 
Burning to turn his happinefs to pain ; 
Malicx the mooftcr's name, 4 foe to |God and 



Along the floor blxk loathfome toads flill crawl. 
Their gpl lets fwellMwith poi(bn*s mortal bane, 
Which ever and anon they (pit at all 
Whorahaplefs fortune leads too near her den j 
Around her waift, in placo of fUken sooe, 
A life-devouring viper rear*d his head, 
Whonodiftindtion made *twixt friend and fben^ 
But death on ev'ry fide fierce brandifhed, 
Fly, recklefs mortals, fly, in vain is f hardy-head. 


Impatient Shvy, through th* letherial wafte». 
With inw^ venom fraught, and deadly (pitc» 
Unto this cavern fleered her panting hafle. 
^nihroudcd in a darkfome veil of night. 
Her inmoft heart burnt with impetuous ire^ 
And fell deftru^ion fparkled in her k)ok. 
Her fbret eyes flafhM with revengeful fire, 
A-while contending paflions utterance choke, 
Al length the fiend in fiy^ovs tone her filencc brolp^ 

* Drtary^iead. Gloomineis^ 
f Hardx^ke^^ Courage. 


1 r o 


P O B M 8. 


Sifter, arife ! fee bow our powV decap. 
No more our empire Thou and I ean boafty 
Sith morul man now gains immortal praife» 
Sich man is blefty and Tbou and I are loft : 
See in what ftace Pamaflus* Hill appears > 
SeePKoiBvs' felf two happy barda atweeo | 
Sc« how the God their (bog attentive heart $ 
Thi) Spsnsir hight, that Milton, well I 

Who can behold ui^moyM (Uce heart tDrmmting 
fcine > 


Sifter, arife ' ne let our courage droop, 
Perforce we vrill compel thefe mortals own. 
That nMrtal force unto our force fhall ftoop ; 
£nvt and Malics then fh^-vll reign alone: 
Thou beft has known to file thy tongue with lies. 
And to deceive mankind with fpecious bait : 
Like Truth accoutred, fpreadeft forgeries, 
The fountain of contentbnandof hates 
Anfe, unite with me, and beasii>hikim great! 


The Fiend obeyM, and with impatient ToSce*— 
<« Tremble, ye bards, within that blifsfiil feat ; 
« MALicEandENVT fhall overthrow your joys, 
« Nor PHOBBUt felf fhall our defigos defeat. 
«< Shill We, who under friendfhip*s feigned veil, 
** Prpmpted the bold archangel to rebel i 
** Shall We, who under fhowof facred seal^^ 
«« PIung*d half the powers of heav*n in Joweft 
hell— . 
*t Such vile difgrace of ui ao mortal man fltall telL 


And now, more hideous rendered to the fight. 
By reafon of her raging cruejcy, 
She burnt to go, equipt in dreadful plight. 
And find fit engine for her forgery. 
Her eyes inflamed did caft their rays a(rcance. 
While h^lifh imps prepare the nionfter*s car, 
la which ihe might cut through the wide evpanfe, 
Afui find out nations that extended far. 
When all was |iitchy dark, ne twinkled one bright 


Black was her chariot, drawn by dragons dire. 
And each fell fcrpcpt had a double tongue^ 
Which ever anfl anon fpit flaming fire. 
The regions of the tainted air among j 
A lofty feat the fifter-monfters bore, 
In deadly machinations doft combined. 
Pull Folly drove with terrible uproar, 
Aifd cniel Discord followed faft behind j 
lU^ ImOd t ^e man 'gainft whom fuch caitifif ibos are 



Aloft in air the rattling chariot flies. 
While thunder hariUy grates upon its wheels ; 
Black pointed fpires of fmoke aroood them iHe, 
The airdeprelsM unufual burthen feelt | 
Detefted fight ! in terrible array. 
They fpur their fiery dragons on amain, 

Se mote their anger {\xffcf cdd delay, 
ntH the wifh*d*fbr tcfioii they obM, 
And land their diqgy car on Caledonian plain. 


Here, eldeft ion of Malic r, long bad dwelt 
A wretch of all the joysof lifis fbrioro ; 
His fame ai double fidfities waabuikt 
(Ah ! worthlefs fob, of worthlefs parent bom!} 
Under the (hew of femblance fair, he veiPd 
The black intentions of his hellifh breaffc i 
And by thefe guileful means he moic prevailed 
Than had he coen enixuty profefl J 
The wolf more lafely wounds when in flieep*s cloidi* 


Him then themlelvet atween they joyful place, 
(Sure fignof woe when fuch are pleas*d, alas I) 
Then meafure back the air with fnifterpace, 
Until they reach the foot of Mount Paniafi. 
Hither in evil hour the monfbrs came. 
And with dieir hew connpanion did aUght, 
Who long had loft all fenfe of virtuous fhamc. 
Beholding worth with poifonous defpi^j 
On his fuccefs depends their impious delight. 


Long burnt He fore thefummit to obCun, 
And fpread his venom o'er the blifsful feat; 
Long burnt He fore, hot fHU He burnt in nin ; 
Mote none come there, who come widb impioBi 

At lengdi, at unawares, he out doth fpit 
That fpite which elfe had to himfelf been bane { 
The venom on the breaftof Milton fit. 
And fpread benumbing death thro* every veb ; 
The 9aid of lift bereft fell ienlelcft oo the plain. 


As at the banquet of Thyefbs old. 

The fun is faid t* have fhut his radiant eye, 

So did he now through grief his beams with-hol^l 

And darknefs to be felt overwhelmed the fry ; 

Forth ifTued inm thei^ difmal dark abodes 

The birds attendant upon hideous night, 

Shriek-owla and ravens, whofe fell croakio^ 

ApproKhing death to miferable wight : 
Did never mind of mm bchekl ^ dseadfi«} figbt ^ 


Apollo wails his darling done to die 
By foul attempt of Envy's iatal bane ; . 
The MviBs fprinkle him with dew of GifUl/> 
And crown hl^ death with m^ny a Uviqg ItniaS 

I. O T 


B M 


HMTf Paikassvs beats bis aged breaft> 
Afd» yet ne'er before did (brrowJcoow; 
Tbe flowers drooping their defpair atteft, 
Th' jggrieveJ rivers queniloufly flow ; 
AM mre fodden groanM with fympatfaetic woe. 


Bstlo ! tbe ikf a gayer livery wean, 
Tbe mekiDg ckxids begin to fade apace^ 
Aad now the cloak of darknefs diiappears, 
(Mijr dskneft ever thos to light give place !) 
I(ft{t)ev*d Aroi, to jocund loolu refumes, 
Tbe Nik t renew their «^om chearful fong, 
Ke grief Pabnassus* iged breaft cofifpmes. 
For fiom the tecining eardi new flowers fproogy 
Ikpkflttoiis ihrert flow*d fitU peacefully along. 


Tbe ftrickMi Bard fxdh vital heat renews, 

Wkfe blood, erA ibgoate> mflies through his 

life cbnogh each pore her fpirit doth infufe> 
AfldpAMB by Malicx unexdnguifhed reigns : 
Aad fee, a fbrm bccaks fiwth, all heavn*Iy bright, 
Vjbdd by one of mortal progeny, 
A FcBule Fomiy yclad in fnowy white, 
Nebalf fe fab at diflancefeen as mgh } 
^vciAs and Tbuth appear, £nvy aOjl Lav- 


But peace ! the gentle prologue cuftoro fends* 

Like drum and feijeant, to beat up for fiiends. 

At vice and folly, each a lawful gime. 

Our author flies, but with no fartiai uniy 

He read the manners, open as tbey lie 

In natuie^s volume to the genera] eye. 

Books too he read, nor bluih^d to ofe their ttart^ 

He does but what his betters did before. 

Shakfpeare bas done it, and the Grecian flage 

Cai^ht truth of charaAerfrom Homer*spage. 

If in his fceoes an honeft /kill is (hewn. 
And borrowing little, much appears his own ; 
If what a mafter*8 happy pencil drew 
He brings more forward, in dramatic view | 
To your decifion he fubroiu his caufc. 
Secure of candour, anxious for applaufe. 

But if all rude, his artlefs fcenes deftce 
The fimple beauties which he meant togxacej 
If» an invader upon others* land, 
He fpoil and plunder with a robber*s hand. 
Do jufUce on him !— As on fools before. 
And give to BlockAtadi ^ aft one Bkckhuid jaore* 



JEALOUS wif:e. 

SrOKlN BT at B. G A ft B I C X. 

T'HE JsAi-ovs Wifb! a Comedy! poor 
X man! 

J«p>fegfBbjea ! but a wretched plan. 
*™*wit, o'erleaping the due bound, 
•■■■Ri flat trefpafs upon tragic ground. 
g|»«h, opbraidings, Jealoufies, and fplcen, 
l^tiD 6nufiar in the comic fccne. 
i*^ Ae language with heroic chime, 
ifj«q, Pathoa, Charaaer, Sublime ! 
A £!"?*^^"""* had fwellM the pompous fcene, 
i«|tbeh«ahand, and the wife a queen ! 
j^jyt difbadioD rend her graceful hah-, 
yyy*fera»» and fcream, and gape, andfbre. 
jT*"™ ^'«* 1»J rag'd without controul, 
•j^ the dnwa d^ger, there the poifon'd bowl. 
**^qcibadilieamM at all the whining woe ! 
'^taNiM Ihimdcr'd at each Hah and Oh f 


TY'S BIBTM.OAY, 1761. 

GENIUS, negleacd, mourns his withered bays 5 
Butfoars to heav'n from virtue's generous 
When Kings themfelves the proper judges fit 
O'er the bleft realms of fcicncc, arts and wit. 
Each eager bread beats high for glorious fame. 
And emulation glows with aftive flame. 
Thus, with Auguftusrofe imperial Rome, 
For arms renown'd abroad, for arts at home. 
Thus, when Eliaa fill'd Britannia's rhronc, 
What arts, what learning was not then our own ? 
Then fmcw'd Genius, ftrong and nervous rofe. 
In Spcnfer's numbers, and in Raleigh's profe ; 
On Bacon's lips then every fcicnce hung. 
And Nature fpoke from her own Shakfpeare's tongue. 
Her patriot fmiles fell, like refrefhing dews, 
To wake to life each pleafing ufeful Mufe, 
While every virtue which the Queen profcfs'd, 
Bcam'd on her fubjeds, but to make them blcft. 
O glorious times !---0 theme of piaife divine ! 
— Bchappyi Britain, then— fuch times are thine. 

Behold e'en now flrong fcience imps her wing. 
And arts revive beneath a Patriot Kint . 
TheMufes too burft forth with double light. 
To flied their luftre in a Monarch's fight. 

His cheering fmiles alike to all extend 

Perhaps eAUfpct may boafl a Royal Friend. 
And when a Prince, with early judgment graced, 
Himfclf fhall raarihal out the way to taftc. 

174 ^ ^ • '^ *> « 

Caogbt widitbt Bmat pcvfaapft e*cn'4m ouy rife 
SooACyowerful geobs of uocoounon fiscy 
Aad, pleasM with aitare, nature*! depth explore^ 
And he what our great Shakfpf€watb<fofe> 

sYOxxN IT M»- cA»aicit, 1761. 

AGredanbard, two thoufand yean af[>, 
PlannM this fad fable of illuftrioos %»oe } 
WakenM each fiift emotion of the breaft, 
And calkdibrth tern, that would not be ibppctA. 

Tct, OyemiihtySrs, of jw^ment chafte, 
Who^ lacki^ Gcnius» hate a deal of Tafte, 
Cto yoa fccsiteour iiiodeni,ancient piece, 
Which brings no chorus» tho* it comes from Greece ? 
ICind fecial chorus, which all humours meets* 
And Imp and dances up and down the fheets. 
—Oh ! mifht true tafte, in thefe undaflk da]rt» 
Revive the Grecian fafliiaas with their plays ! 
Thoh nu«'^ on f^^» *^ Pbyers would iblk and 

And, at three fteps, ftride o*era modem flage} 

Each cefhire then would boafl unufoal charms, 

FitwlenfthcnM legs, ftuTd body, fprawling arms ! 

Your critic eye would then no pigmies fee} 

But Buflcios make a giant, even of me. 

No features then the Poet's mind would trace. 

But one black visor blot out all the fsce. 

O I glorious times, when a^ors thus could ftrike, 

Ixpremve, inexpreffive, all alike! 

Lefe change of fxt than in our punch they faw. 

For punch can roU his eyes, and wag hisjaw 5 

With one fct glare they mouthed the rumbling verfe j 

Our Gog»d M;^ look not half fo fierce ? 

Yet, though 4epnv*d of inflniments like thefei 
Vatnre, perhaps, may find a way to pleafe 5 
Which, whercfoe*er (he glows with genuine flamei 
la Greece, inRome> i;i England, is the fame. 

Of raillery then, ye modem wts, beware^ 
Nor daoui the Grecian poel for the player. 
Theirs was the (kill, with honeli help of art, 
To win, by juft degree, the yiekiing heart. 
What if our Shakfpeare chums themagic throQe> 
And in one iniUnt makes us all hu own $ 
They differ only in ooepoint of view, 
fi|v9hakQievei,0«t«^ «ras ^heir nMi^ too. 



NO R at Apolk>*s vaunted Arioe^ 
Kor to the fabled Sifters Nine, 
Offers the vouth his ine^dual vow. 
Far be that rites i—Such worihip fits not now { 
When at Blisa's facrcd name 
Each breaft receives the prefcnt flame 1 
While eager gnius phimcf herinfiuitwing^ 
And with boldimpulfe flrikes the accordant firims, 
Reflcdhig on ttie crouded Kne 
Of mitred fages, bards divine. 
Of patriots, aftive in tfaeh' country *scaoie, 
Who plan her councils, or direft her laws. 

Oh Memory! how thou k>v*ft to fbaqri I 

Delighted, o*er the flow*ry way I 

Of chil d hood's gitener years I when fimpteyooth 
Pour*d the pure dilates of ii^enisoos tiuth ! 
*l*isthen the (buls congenial aMct, 
InfptfM mth friendfhip^ genuine heat» 
Ere mtereil, frantic teal, or jealous alt, 
Havetaughtthe bnguage fbitign to the heat. 

Twasirrr in many an early ^nan I 

Dryden firft try'd his ctaffic vein, j 

Spurred hb (irong genius to the difbntgoal. 

In wild effufioQs of his manly foul $ 
When Bu(hy*s fklll i(hd Judgment fj^, 
ReprefsM the poet's frantic rage, I 

Cropt his luxuriance bold, and blended taught 

The flow tf numbers «fith the ftiti%th df tho«gb^ 

Nori Cowley, bethy Mufe fbrgot ! whkh ftf^ 

In wits ambiguous flowery maze. 
With many a pointed turn and )!hidied art : 

Though affeAadon blot thy rhyme. 

Thy mind was lof^ and fubHme, 
And manly honour dignified thy heart : 
Though fimd of wit, yet firm to virtue's plan, 
The Porr'strifles ne'er difgrac'd the Mfn^ 

Well mi^ht thy morals fweet engage 

Th' actendon of the Mitred Sage, 
Smit with the plain fimplicity of truth. 

For not amhitkn's giddy ftiife. 

The gilded toys of public Ufe, 
Which fnare the gay uoftable vouth, 

Cou'd lure Thee from the fobercharmsi 

Which lapt thee in r et i rement's arms, 
Whence Thou, ^ntaihted with the pride of i<pi 
Coud'lt finile with pity on the buflling Great. 

Such were Eliaa^s fons. Her fbft'xin^ csre 
Here bade fr^e genius tune his gratefullbi^S 
Which e\re had wafted in thedefart air, 
Ordroop'd unnotic'd 'mi^ die vulgar throQg* 

—Ne'er may her youdi degenerate fliaSQ^ 

The glories of Eliaa'sname I 

But with the poet's fienxy boldf 

Such as tofpir'd her bardsof old, 
Pluck d>c gr«^ la^it^ ftow tj« han4 of F«i|5 

a; L O Y p's POEMS. 

He lif MUw gnanfian of the laws 5 
DwLiBiaTT! round AtBioWiille 
That bid'ft eternal ftinfluae fmile. 

Who now will guard yourfacrcd caufe f 






%k Sum dif»vin Afollo 4«/ tke NlNft iiv- 
tta iff Mr frtfer Haiku 

A f o 1 1 o« 

FATE gave the wswd 5 thcdttdUdoDe| 
Hk great career of fame it niQy 
AodaUtfael 'sdeploic 

[ /At Mfjes ttartg tUk ImirA, 


Well, Men of the facred fpnog. 
Well m^ yoa rend your golden hair| 
WeU may yoa now your dirges fing, 
Ajid pierce with cries the troubled air« 

« o ft u s. 

Ciio& V I. 
^te gave the wofd, «rc. 

C L I 0. 

Foundd in jafttce was his fway ( 
Anbitioo never marked his way. 

C A i L I o r X. 

^ole&the beft ambition that can fii« 
A iBooirch*s breaft andall his foiri inipirei 
The gen*roo8 purpoTe fsS the noble mind, 
The beft imbitioD— toierre human Itind^ 

Ar oL t o. 
Vej, Vugint, yes J that wiA fublimc 
wttk'd him widi thofe of earlicft time. 

Who Ibr a people's welAre ftiOTe j 
Wnofe Wts breathe ctherial air, 
A«< fermetr meed of earthly care, 

Diiok Nedar with Olympian Jore. 

C A t L I O » S. 

Ok ! TtVTK ! ^daughterof theiky. 
Aad MxtcT !-iichat with asking if% 

NeartbtOnNiroTSMl- do'ftftand % 
And, when mpaluodpnicv^ke his xta/t^ 
Wftclafp hit knees, hu wrath aOiMBet 

And win the thunder from his Ji«d 1 


^ ! whhe-rob'd Faith ! oeleftial m^d • 
Twi^bom with JViTxci I by whofeaid 

Dear liberty, *c. 


VVTiere were ye, Mufcs, when the fatal (heera 
The Foar rai**d, to dofe his revVend years ? 
But A ! rain wifh !— you could not ftop the blow S 
No Omen wam'd ye of th' impending woe. 

A r o L i^ f • 

See! where BaiTANKiA ftaqds 
Withcbfe-iniblded hands* 

On yonder fea-beat fliore ! 
Behold her languid air ! 
To! her dlHieveird hair! 
Majcftic now no more ? 
Still onthefullen wave her eye is bent, 
TheTyiDENT of the Main thrown idle bya 
Old TMASiEt, his fea-grecn mantle rent. 
Inverts bis unj, and heaves a dolefiklfighk 
Hark ! to the winds and waves 
Frantic with grief flie raves, 

And, cruel Coda ! ike crteti 
£ach chalky cliff amand» 
EacV rxk returns the foundt 
4°d> cruel Gods ! replita. 


See ! the proceflion fad and^low. 
Walks in a folemn pomp of wM 
, Through awfiil arehes, gloomy iiles, 
! And rowsof monumental piles, 
! Where lie the reneraUe juft, 
t Where heroes moulder into duft. 

Now quieUy inum'd he liet, 
Me! p«lc! inanimate and cold t 

'Midft bones of l^UJators old! ^ 

C 1. I •. 

Of him who fought th* ambitions Gaul 

OeV thiek-embattled pUms, 
WhoWt, wholiv^d, andriignM foralf,- 

This only now remahu. 

A r o t L 0* 

Briog, in handfuls, h'llies bring 
Bring noe aU the flo^V (pring. 
Scatter rofes on his bier $ 
Ever honoured, ever dear! 

C Ji • II -a t. 

Scatter lU)fi%lcb. 


L O 


MKkciTXT defct^ds. 

NoBKirey kirmooiout Progeny of Jove, 
No more let iiin'ral accents ri/e j 

The greaty the good Aug vtTvs reigniaboTey 
Tranilated to his kindred ikiei. 

C L I 6. 

No more fiir my hiftoric page— 


No more for my great epic rage— 


Win by the hero now be < 

C H O ft V s. 

Hb great carter of hmt ii nin* 
And all the loTi deplore. 

Emtr Mass. 

Lo ? Man» finom hit beloved land. 

Where freedom long hath fiicM her fbmd. 

Bids ye colled your flowing \ak, 

And again the laurel wear t 
For fee! BftiTANNiA rean her droopingheadj 
Again ^umes her Trident of the main $ 
Thamss takes his urn, and feeks his wat*ry bed, 
While gay content fits fmiling on the plain. 

Hark ! a glad voice. 

Proclaims the people*s choice. 

C H o ft u s, '•Mithin the Scenes. 
He IS our liege, our rightful lord ! 
Of heart and tongue with one accord 

We all will fing 

Long live the king ! 
He IS our liege ! — he !--he alone I 
With BftiTisH HxAftT he naounti ^ thiooe ; 
Around him throng a loyal band ; 
He will protea his Nativx Land ! 
He n our liege, &c. 

[The Mufa rife andput en tJkir laitrth' 


The mufet aow their heads fhall raife j 

The arts to life fhall fpring} 
Virgins, we'll trim our withered bayet. 

And wake each vocal fbmg i 
Now fhall the fculptor's happy fkiU 

Touch the rude fbne to life i 
The pamterfhall his canvafs fill, 

PleaiM mth his mimic ftrife. 


Sweet MkkctI Faith* CiSLttTiAL Tivtm ! 
Now by your aid the royal youth 

Shall live the guar^ of the liiin | 
Dear Libsbo't t nmnd Albiom*! ifle 
That bid^ft eternal fuofhine finile, 

Be DOW will gmidyoiir finred amicw 

A r o L t o. 

Blefl Prince ! whofe fubje^ hi each adverie hoar 

For freedom ttiU have flood ! 
Blefl ifle ! whofe Prince but deem the lor'reip 

The powV of doing good I 


Now open all your Helicon; explore 
Of harmony the lofbeft ftore i 
Let the drum beat alarms. 
Such as rouse us to arms ; 
The trumpet's fhrill clangor fhall pierce thnngfa th 
fky! • 
Swell therapture, fwetl h high $ 
And in notes fublinae and clear \ ' 

Pour the ffaoog melody, that Heav'n may besr^ 

A r o X. L o. 

Nothing mortal will I frmad ; 
Lo ! the flame, the flame divine f 
High I mount, I ouit the ground. 
Holy fury ! I am mine. 
With rage pofTefl 
Big fwells my breafl t 
In vifions rapt, before my fight appeifi 
A brighter order of incrnfing years. 


I fee the Rhine devolve his Hood 
Deq>-crimfon*d with the Gallic blood ! 

1 hear, I hear the Jiilantroar 

Of ruin on yon hoflile fhore ! 

I fee, young Prince, to thee likt 

The favage Indian bend the knee ! 

Lo ! Arftic from her fable kings 

Her nchetc ftores m tribute biiQgi ! 
ADdfartbefllNO, beneath the rifing day 
Lays down her arms, and venerates thy fwtf. 


I fee BeUona banifh'd far I 
I fee him ck>fe the gates of war. 
While purple rage widiin 
With gafUy ire fhall grin. 
And rollhig his terrific eyes, 
Where round him heaps of arms inle, 
Bound with a hundred brasen chains, 
IftvatnfliaUfbam, and thirfl for (aflfttbe p)«ii>' 


Sweat peftce letuins | 
O'er Albion's foos 

She waves her dove«lilte wings 
On ev'ry plain 

Thdr artlefs loves fhall Gdz* 
Pale Drs CO ft D fhall fiv 
From the light of the ffcy. 

t I. O Y D S 

To black Cocytos hurlM { 
There, there fliaU feel 
Ixion*s wheely 
The fbric» with thdr ferpents curPd ; 
With the unccaiing toil (hall groan 
Of the tmcooquenible ftone, 
Aad ktart u harmony the Britiih world. 

A r o L L o. 

Proceftl great days 5 lead on th' aufplcious year« ; 
Such years (—for lo ! the fcene of fate appears !) 
S«chyean, the Dutikiii havefaid, ihall roll ; 
Jtvtoodfcooient, and thunder flukes the pole. 

P O X M S. 

Breaking with rapture on the eur. 
Proclaims the blithefome Phoebe near t 
See where flic haftcs with eager pace. 
To fpeak the joys that paint her face. 


SCENE L ui view of the country. 
Shiphiros and ShIPHERDKSS£8. 

C If O R V t. 

SHEPHERDS, boxom, blkheaodi^i 
Now'f the tune for jollity. 

S T L ▼ X At 

A I A. 

Hither hafie, and bring along 
Merry tale and jocund fong 
To the pipe and tabor beat 
f nlic floeafures with yoqr (ett^ 
E»*ry gift of time employ ; 
Maiee the moft of proffered joy, 
Plcaface hates the fcannr roles 
PBitiao*d out by dreaming fools. 

C H O R V S. 

Shepherds, baxoro, blithe smd fVee 
)iow*s the tint for jpllii^, 

[^daneeof Skepha-dsi ^f, 



Rejoice, ye happy fwahit, r«)oice | 
it is die heart that prompts the Toioe, 
Be Ibnow banifli*d nr away | 
rhyrfis fliall make it hotyi<hiy. 
Vho at his name can joy fuppiefs ^ 
U CASiAN-Boi M to rule and bkfs. 

]> A M O N. 

And hark! from rock to rock the fimnd 
K wiadiaf horn, sid dcep*iii6B^*d hound, 

Vf I, vm. 

SCENE II. Optnxtoafnjptaof nch, 
hmtfmin^ Huntrcjjh^ &c» cvwmig down from t&iai, 

P H o Z B X. 

Hither I fpeed with honeft glee, 
Sgch as befits the mind that's free $ 
Your chearful troop, bh'the youth, to join. 
And mix my focial joys with thine. 
Now may each nymph, and frolic fwain, 
0*er mountain fteep, or level plain. 
Court buxom health, while jocund horn 
Bids echo wake the Huggard mom. 

A I R. 

When the mormng petpi forth, and the zephyr's 
cool gale, 
Carries fragrance and health over mountain and dale ( 
Up, ye nymphs, and ye fwains, and together we*U 

Up hill, down the valley, by thicket or grove t 
Then follow with me, where the welkin refounds 
With the notes of the horn, aad the cry of ths 

Let the wretched be flaves to ambition and wealth ( 
All the bleffing we afk is the blelEng of health. 
So (hall innocence felf give a warrant to joys 
No envy diihirbs, no dependence de(hoys. 
Then fvrflow with me, where the welkin refoonds 
With the notes of tlie horn, and the cry of tht 

0*er hill, dale, and woodland, widi rapture we 

roam j 
Yet returning, ftill find the dear pleafures at home \ 
Where thecMrful good humour gives honeily grace. 
And the heart fpeaks content In the fmiles of tho 

Then fbllow wtdi roe, where the welkin refounds 
With the notes of the horn, and the cry of the 


D A M JS T A t. 


Small care, my friends, your youth annoys^ 
Which only looks to prefent joys. 

S T t V I A.^ 

Though the white locks of filver'd age. 
And long experience hail thee fage | 
V\\ fuits it in this joy, to wear, 
A brow fo over-hung with cate. 
Better with usthy voiceto raife. 
And join a whole Arcadia^ praife. 

D A M « T A 8. 

With you I joy that Thyrfis reigijn ^ 
The guardian o*er hii nadve plains « 
% A 


t o 


X M 8* 

But pnufe is fcanty to reTcal 

The fpcaking bleffings all muft feci. 


Tro«i all muft feel— but thanklcfi too? 
Nor give to virtue, virtue's due ? 
My grateful heart Aallever fhew 
The debt 1 need not blu(h to owe. 

A I k. 

That I go where I lift, that I fing what I pleafc, 
That roy labour's the price of contentment and eafe, 
That no care from abroad my retirement annoys, 
That at home 1 cantattc the true family joys, 
That my kids wanton fafely o'er meadows and rocks, 
That my fheep gra«e fecure from the robber or fox { 
Thefc are bleffings 1 fharc with the reft of the fwains, 
For it's Thyrfis who gave them, and Thyrfii main* 

D A M JE T A t. 


Perifh ray Toice, if e'er I blame 
Thy duty to our guardian's name ! 
Hisadive talents I revere, 
Bqt eye them with a jealous fear. 
Intent to form our blifs alooe, 
The generous youdi forgets his own} 
Nor e'er his biify mind employs 
To find a partner of his joys. 
So might hie happy offspring own 
The virtues which their fire hath (hewil* 

A I R. 

"With joy the parent loves to trace 
Refemblance in his children's face : 
And as he fbrnw their docile youth 
To ¥ralk the fteady paths of truth, 
Obfenresthem fhooting into men. 
And lives in them life o'er again. 

While a^vc fons, with eager flame. 
Catch virtue at their father's namfe j 
When fuU of glory, full of age. 
The parent quits this bufy ftage. 
What in the fons we moft admire. 
Calls to new life the honour'd fire^ 

S Y L V I ^. 


O prudent Sage forgive the lea^ 
Of thoughtlefs yo^th. With thee I feel. 
The glories now Arcadia fhares 
May but embitter future cares. 

Oh mighty Pan ! attend Arcadia's voicC| 
Jnfpire, dire£l, and fan^ify his chqice. 

A I R« 

So may all thy fylvan train. 

Dryad, nymph, and ruftic fiunj] 
To the pipe and merry fhain, 

Trip it o'er the ruilct lawn ! 
May no thorn or bearded grafs 
Hon their fboCfteps as they pafs^ 

WhUft in gambols round and round 
They fport it o'er the fhavcn ground I 

Though thy Syrinx, like a dreao, 

Flying at the face of day, 
Vanifh'd in the limpid (hcun. 
Bearing all thy hopes away, 
If again thy heart fhould bum. 
In careflingy 
Bleft, and bleffing, 
M*fh thou find a wiih'd return. 

C H o ■ u t. 

O mighty Pan ! attend Arcadia's voice, 
Infpire, dired, and fan^fy his choice. 

[y^ tiance if hmtfmtn sad hntr^ 

D A M i£ T A S. 


Peace, ihepherds, peace, with jocund air, 
Which fpeaks a heart unknown to cate. 
Young Delia haftes. The glad forprise 
Of rapture flafhing from her eyes. 



Sbephenis, Aepherds, come awiy \ 
Sadnefs were a fin to-daj 
Lcttbe pipe's merry notes aid the lull of the tqi 
For our wiihes are crown'd, and our beam ftall 

Rejoice, and be glad % 

For fure he is mad 
Who, where mirth and good humour and 

Never catches the fmile, nor lets pleafuie go i^ 

Let thri&pid be grave, 

•Tis the vice of & (lave i 

But can never agree 

With a maiden like me. 
Who is bom in a country that's happy and fice* 

D A M JC T A S. 


What means this rapture, Delia? Shew 
Th* event our bofoms bum to know* 


Now as I trod yon verdant fide. 
Where Ladoo rolls its filver tide. 
All gi^Iy decked in gorgeous fbte» 
Saird a proud barge of richeft findght t 
Where fat a nymra, more fiefh and fiur 
Than bloflbms which the monung aif 
Steals perfume firom} the modefl grace 
Of maiden blufh be^read her iace. 
Hither it made, and on this ftraod 
Pour'd it's rich firetght for fbepherda* UaiL 
Ladon, for this, fmooth flow thy tide ! 
The precious freight was Thyrfis* bri^e* 


I £ O Y 

D A M A T A t. 


S!l^ fccpheHj, if aright I hear, 

Tk fcoodi of joy proclaim them near ! 

la'i meet diem, friends, ril lead the way j 

]n wkn at ywng again tn-day. 


A%iiw9f tkt [ea, toith a veflelata d^ance^ 
l&refi/fnai a Paftoral Proc^ to tkt toedJikg 

P » 1 1 t T. 


^ky ha with tender care, 
»ifw d^ Iwua and Tirgta fkir | 
tfaf ^ crer dios impart 
M itna of heart for heart. 
M^tkpledfcsof tbdrbliit 
Cafc diefr kneci toflure the kifi. 
Mjtkar ftody blooming youth 
jMethey tread the paths of troth, 
^ catch from other fide, 
'^ tbe bridegwom and the bride. 

C H O R V S. 

J%4w fteady blooming youth, 
JWttbey tread the paths of truth, 
2^ ach from either fide, 
faatk l ride gi oum and the bride. 


filTTIK III THE YlAJt I756. 

YOU ItaMr, dear George, Vm none of thofe 
Tlut coRdefcend to write in profe ; 
rtMwithpatbot and fublmie, 
^feir^doggrel rhyme, 
eV^ean aft vou how you do, 
I rj*" * m^^ line or two. 
t^^jJjJways took delight in 
Jjw bem the name <^ ea(y wntiiti r 
W 4e teafco makes it pleafe 

^J^ « notion here in private, 
J^ Hrfic tafte can ne'er eonmre at, 

«ti *i4, «, wit or judgment greater 
J|^T«t u no matter where, 
^Qwfcefaysit, Icanfwear) 
]r^y^' n»ft Banis aie fmitten, 
ro* they think it's eajy written } 

'"^ptater marktof cmtc it wears j 

•OEM 8. 

Of whicl^ to give an explanation. 

Take this by way of iJluftration : 

The fam*d Mat Prior, it is faid, 

Oft bit his nails, and fcratch'd his head. 

And changed a thought a hundred times, 

Becaofe he did not like the rhymes, 

To make my meaning dear, and pkafe ye, 

ao fliort, he /a^our'i^ to write w^. 

^nd yet, no critic e*cr defines 

^«s poems into labour'd lines. 

I have a fimilc will hit him ; 

Hisvwfc, likecloaths, was made to fit him. 

Which (as no Taylor e*er denied) 

The better fit, the more they're tried. 

Though I have mentioned Prior's name. 
Think not 1 aim at Prior's fame. 
'Tis therefult of adnwration 
To fpcnd itfclf in imitation ; 
If imitation may befajd, 
' Vhich is in me by nature bred. 
And you have better proofs than thcfc, 
mat I'm idolater of cafe. 

Who, butamadmsn, would engage 
A Po6tin theprefent age ? 
Write what we will, our works befpeak ut 
Imfatores, Jervtm Pccus. 
Tale, Elegy, or lofty Ode, 
We travel m the beaten road i 
The piwcrb ftiU fticks dofcly by as, 
Nil dt^um, quod Hon diaum prius. 
The only comfort that I know 
Is> that 'twas faid an age ago. 
Ere Milton foar*d in thought fubl'me. 
Ere Pope refin'd the chink of rhyme, 
Lrc Colman wrote in ftilefo puie, 
OrthcgreatTWOtheCoNNoisSEuti . 
Ere I buriefqu'd the rural cit. 
Proud to hedge m my fcraps of wit. 
And happy in the clofe connexion, 
T acquire fome name from their rtf?cxion 
So (the fimilitude is trite) 
The moon ftill ih'mes with borrow'd light. 
And, like the race of modem beaux. 
Ticks with tKe fun for het lac'd cloaths. 

Methinks there is no better time 
To (hew the ufe 1 make of rhyme. 
Than now, when I, who from beginning 
Was always ftind of couplet-finning, 
Prefuming on good nature's fcore. 
Thus lay my bantling at your door* 

The firft advantage which I fee, 
Is, that I ramble loofe and free t 
The Bard indeed ftjiloft complains. 
That rhymes ire/^r/M, A«4i, vid dam. 
And when he wants to leap the fence, 
StiU keep him pris'ner to the fenfe. 
Howe'er in common place he rage. 
Rhyme's like ymx fetters on iMflage, 
Which when the player once hath wore. 
It makes him only ftrut the more. 
While, raving in pathetic ftrains. 
He ihakeshis legs toclankhis chains. 
2 A a 



t t O Y D'8 

I* d ft M 8i 

From rhyme, as from a baodANne facei 
Nonfcnfe acquires a kind of grace } 
I therefore give it all its fcope^ 
That fenfe may onpcitdted elopt s 
So minifters of bafeft tricks 
(I lore a fling itpoTitlcks) 
Amufe the nation, court, and king. 
With breaking Fowke, and haagkig Bytig ) 
And make each fury rogtie a preyi 
While they, the greater (link away. 
This fimile perhaps would ftrike. 
If matched with fomethiag more alike ) 
Then take it drc^M a (econd time 
In Prior's eaie, and n^ ioblime. 
Say, did you never chance to meet 
A mob of people in the ftrect. 
Ready to give the robb*d relief, 
And all in hade to catch a thief. 
While the fly rogue, who filchM the prey. 
Too clofe befet to run away, 
Stop thief! flop thief! exclaims atottd> 
And lb eArspes aaioag the croud f 
SoMkijfters, Sec. 

O England how I mourn thy iate ( 
for fure thy k>fl^ now are great $ 
Two fttch, what Briton can endure, 
Minorca and the Connoifleui ! 

To-day, before the fun goes down, 
WUl die the Cenfoc, Mr. Town ! 
He dies, whoe*er takes pains to con himi 
With bluihing honours thick upon him | 
O may his name thefe verici faTC, 
Be thefe infcribM upon his grave ! 

Know, reader, that on Thtfrfday died 
The CoNNOiHEva, a fuicide ! 
Yet think not that his foul has fled. 
Nor rank him *niongfl the vulgar deo^ 
However dcfiinA you fet him down, 
HcVonly^sin^ #i/ of 'Toccw* 



I Men, women, boitfet, borfo, bookS# 
All borrow credit firom their looks. 
^ Externals have the %)!h of ftriking# 
And lure the ^mcy into liking. 

A V T R O X. 

Oh ! I perceive the thiag^ yoa 

Call it St. Jamex't Magi ' 



MUSEUM, fir! that's not enough. 
New Works, we know, re<{oiit a Pufl^} 
A title to entrap the eyes. 
And catch the reader by furpriae 5 
As gaudy figns, which hang before 
The Tavern or the alehoufe doOr, 
Hitch every ^aI1(!r*s obfervatioii. 
Magnetic in their invitation. 
-*-That SiiAKtrxAftB is prodigkmi fine I 
Sball wc ftep in, and tafte the wine ? 


Or the Ne%b Britijh^ 

A V T H O R. 

Oh! ooBX>fe< 
One nanRe*s as good as half a fcore. 
And titles of^ give nothing kfs 
Than what they /drimr^ profefA* 
Puffing, I grant, is all the mode ; 
The common hackney turnpike road I 
But cuftom is the blockhead's guide. 
And fuch low aits oifguft my pride. 
Succefs on mentis /brce depeodt. 
Not 00 the partial voice of frienda | 
Not on they^ravf, that bully fin ; 
But that wkick fajfdkjktuo vakUut x 
Which bids the warmth of frieodikip gloWi 
And wrinp conviAioD from a foe.^ 
Defirve fuccefs, and proudly claim, 
Not/r^ a paflage inio fune. 

BooKIB t&<St« 

Your method, fir, will never do } 
You're rght in theory, it's true. 
But then, ex p erie n c e in mw tra d e 
Says, there's no harm in fome paradci 
Suppofe we faid, by Mr. Lloyd ? 

^ A. tJ t M O R. 

The veiy thing I would avoid | 
And would be rather pleas'd to own 
Myfelf unknowing, and unknown : 
What could th^ unktwwSng muf^ expe£(. 
But information or negled ? 
Unknown— perhaps her reptiUtidA 
Efcapes the tax of defamation. 
And wrapt in darknefs, laugh*s unhurt, 
While aiik blockheads throw their dirt : 
But he who madly prints his name. 
Invites his fee to take fufe aim. 


True— but a name will always being 
A better (an^^idn to the thing t 
And all your fcribling foes ait fuch, 
Tbdr cenfure cannot Imrt you much $ 
And, take the matter ne*er foilJ, 
If jwdtm't print ky lir, rirjfwilh 


L L O T d's 

A V T M O R. 

Wdl, be It lb— tiut ftniggle*t o'er-« 
Hiff— this fliall prove oDcfpur the xnorn 
Pbi*d if fuccefs attends, if not, 
Vytvarkm;a4mu, and msdt M iJoi% 


Bat a good print. 

A ir T H o t» 

Tk print? whjtlKfC 

ttratto hoDcft Lbacr^s care. 
WluBis'i to me ? in verfc or profe, 
I hi die ftttff, you make the cloadii \ 
Ati piper, print, and all fuch dreft» 
WHl iofe no credit from Ms pitfs. 


YoD qtuta miftakc the thing I mean, 
•-^Tlfacli you, fir, aMACAXiNi 5 
Ym ftc dut piftnre there— the Qd IB Nt 

A u T K o Bi 

^ffhi will obt fblly dare to do ? 
O^ofart! when happjrflciJl 
Cd raiiea Ukenefs whence it will ; 
Wbea poctraitt ak no RzTNctDt* aid| 
Aod qaecni and kings ire ready made. 

No, no, my fri«Jki, by helps like thel^^ 
I uooot vriih my works ihoold pleaTe } 
No pidwct taken €pom the lift, 
^Klnt an pfoportioni are at Arift ) 
NoHoMMiiiG-BiaDt no paintbd FlowbI) 
No BiAiT jtift Unded in the Tow Ma, 
KovooDBit Not 18, nocoLova*o MAp» 
HuCovhtry-Dancb (hailftop a gap; 
OPhiiomatk, benotftvere, 
U* M one problem meets yoo here ) 
^^W|oAp A, and neighbour B> 
1^, Pike good IHcads, with C and D| 
AadEFG, HI Kjoin; 
Afid curre and mcidentMl line 
U\ ont, ^ in, And cfofs each oth^, 
JsftUke a fifter and a brother. 
Ye rv^ poets, t'my wits, 
Wbo frill about on lixry titi, 
^ words disjoin, and fweetly fntg, 
7«ir«w tBrdftrtt toA take tke tteng I 
"nwaclofe the joints again, to/rame 
^ Ladt*s, of fonie Citt*s namey 
Z^^yoorown, your proper Phehusi 
We adthcr ffloke, nor print a R B B V s. 
^CiAMBo, no Acrostic fine» 
^«(tit ktteri lacing down each line | 
Satripge Cowukpbpm, nomventioB 
^TBid the ceach of comprehenfion, 
JJ»^i»BtB, which whoever untiety 
«|»i ttrdTe MtisBVMi for the PmzBi 
M tim to pleafe yoa» tt th* expence 
*'fi^taiU> ind common fenfc. 

P O 1 IC s. 


But would not Ornambnt produce 
Some real grace, and proper ufe } 
A Froktisfixcb would have its weighty 
Neatly engfavM on copper-plate. 

A U T R O B. 

Plain letter-prefs ihall do the feae. 
What need of foppery to be neat ? 
The Pafte-board Guard delights me moie> 
That ftands to watch a bun-houfe door^ 
Than fuch a mockery of grace^ 
And ornament fooutuf place* 


But out word more, and I have done-* 
A Patbmt might infure its run. 

A tr t k o R. 

Patent! for whit! can patents give 
A Genius ? or make blockheads live f 
If fo, O hail the glorious plan ! 
And buy it at what price you cafi. 
But what alas ! will that avail. 
Beyond lYit property of fale ? 
A property of little worth. 
If weak our produce at its birth. 
For fime, for honeft fame we ftrive. 
But not to ftniggle half alive. 
And drag a miserable being, 
Its end ft ill fearing and foreieelng. 
Oh ! may the flame of genius blate. 
Enkindled with the breath of praifc f 
But ftr be ev*ry fruidefs puff. 
To blow to light a dying fnuffl 


B o 

a b I. t t B« 

But ihoold not fomething, fir, be fiud» 
Particular on ev'ry head ? 
What vour Originals will be. 
What mfinite variety, 
Afultim k Parvo, as they fay, 
And fomething neat in every Mray f 

A V t R o B* 

I wilh there could — but that depends 
Not on myfelf, fo much as friends. 
1 but fet up a new machinet 
With hamcij tight, and fumifh*d clean | 
Where fuch, who think it no difgrace* 
To fend in time, and take a place. 
The book-keeper Dull minute down^ 
And I with pleafure drive to town. 


Ay, tell them that, (ir, and then fay» 
What letters come in every day } 
A.nd what great ff^ag your care procuroi. 
To join their fo(ial hands with yours. 



6 M U U 


What ! muft I huge propofals print* 
Merely to drop fome faucy hint, 
That real rbllcs of real fame 
Win g'lTe their worksy and not their name ? 
— TWs PufTi of ufe, yoii fay— why let it» 
We*U boaft fuch friendihip when wt get it. 


Get it! Ah, fir, youdobutjeft» 
YouMI havp aiHUancc, and the beft. 
There*» Church ILL— will not CKUtCHitL lend 

A u T It o t. 

Sarcly— tohia FsitKo. 


And then yoiir intereft might procure 
Something from either Connouscur. 
CoLMAN ind Thornton, both will jdii 
Their focial hand, to (Irengthen thine t 
And when your name appears in prints 
VTiUGarrick ««v«r drop a hint ? 

A u T K o ft. 

True, Fvc Indulged fuch hopes before* 
Worn thofe you name, and many more ; 
And they, perhaps, again will join 
Their hand, if not afhamM of mine. 
Bold is the talk we undertake. 
The friends we wiih, the Work muft make : 
For Wits* I'kc adjc^^ives, arc known 
To cling to that which flands alone. 


Perhaps too, in our way of trade, 
We might procure foroe ufeful aid : 
Could we engage fome nble pen, 
To furniih matter now and then ; 
There's— 'what^s hit name, (ir ^ wouM Compile* 
And methodise the news infyle* 


Take back your newfman whence he catne. 
Carry your crutches to the lame. 


You muft enrich your book, indeed \ 
Bare Merit never will fucceed ; 
Whieh readers are not now a-dayt* 
By half fo apt to buy, as praife ; 
AAd praife it hardly worth purA^ing* 
Which tickles authors to their run* 
Booka (hi/t about, like ladies* drefs* 
And there^s a fafliion in fuccefs. 
But could not we, like little Bsyei, 
Armies imagamry raife ^ 
And bid our generals take die field, 
To head the troops that lie concealed I 

SidGtfiwrtf/EiSAT leadtlieTany 
:iy— Oh ! the Style will (hew the man : 
l^id Major Scibncx bold appear* 
With all his pot-books io the rear. 

A o T ■ • a. 

Trye* tru e -- ■■our Ntwt* oar Ptoti* m4 
Shall fhew the colour of the dnet | 
For which moft falutary eodi* 
We*YC feUow.foldiera, feUow-ftSendi. 
For city, and fur court afFaiit* 
My lord duke^s buder, and the mayoral. 
For politicks— eternal talktrs. 
Profound obferten, and park-waUccn. 
For plays, great aQors of renown* 
(Lately or hift anirM in town) 
Or fome, m flate of abdication* 
Of oratotial reputadoa \ 
Or thofe who live on fcrapi and biti, 
Mere green-room wafps, and temple iriti|. 
Shall teach you, in a page or two. 
What Gar R ic K ihould, or (hould aot do. 
Trim poets from the Gty defk* 
Deep TeT5*d in nvtf/ pi^refijuc* 
Who minute down, with woad*rous pains* 
What RiDER*t Alnaanack contains 
On flow*r and feed, and wind, and weather 
And bind them in an Odt together \ 
Shall through the feafons naonthly fiog 
SuHct Winter, Autumn, Summeri Sftiiffis 


Ah, fir ! I fee you lore to jeft* 
I did but hint things for the be^. 
Do what you pleafe, *tis ^ovr defigH» 
And if it fails, no blame is min» } 
I leave the management to you* 
Your fervant* fir* 

A T R O ft. 

Tm yours*— Adic^f 


loTLL. XV* 


M ft t. B ft o w K. 

S Miftrefs Scot at homeny dttr ^ 

8 t ft ▼ A K T. 

Ma*m» is it you ? Vm glad yon^ \ 
My AtHfeii though relblvM to wait* 
Is quite Mur^r/mf^-^^tis fo late. 
She ^cy*d you would not cone down* 
•«»B«t pray walk io* MA*aa-»Mn» BfttWf# 

t I O Y d' S 

M » s. Scot. 

Tottf femnt, Madam. Well, I fwear 
ngiT*nyouoww_ChiW, tcJiair. 
Pnyi Ma'm, be (cated, 

M t t. B B w K. 

l.ard ! my dear, 
I WW rm almoftdead with fear. 
Jew is (iizhJlrroKpag and fucfa /Wciirr, 
Tw fblb ire all fo difobligmg J 
And ibca the waggona, carts aod drays 
Wtewi^ the baftle and the tfaroog, 
» wodcr how I got along. 

2«*« I grudge a coach expence, 

W then K jumbks me to death, ' 

^ I wai always fliqrt of breath. 

«>•<» you lire fofer, mydear? 

'^^•fnteajoBiney to come here. 

M m i. Scot. 

„i;i'MVM, I!eftitalltoJK«, 

*terfttb, houfc—Thishoufe ! this den.-* 
*« W Ae temper of fome men. 
J«I, fcriboth, am hither hurPd, 

M t 8. B R O W K. 

ThtAiuu Hift ! lower, pray, 

M « f. Scot. 

i?««tr»dboy, lookups mydear. 
^rf?«l»P» we talked about, 
^^wyheeannocfiiid it out. 

M « «. B » o w K, 

5»kowthe mthm holds his hands. 
;;^tfwtet child, come, kifsme, come, 

M K s. Scot. 

J^f^ Madam (call him fo 
*« thtt the chUd will nerer know) 
2? Wc » houfc would ramble out, 
It ^*»y night a drunken bout, 
^^^^S^witTa friend. 
^ nbbw fncafecd and chicken, 
£J eonoos choice of dainty picking, 
S «l*«|otftady at the Croiw, 

l^>wcdy fern this belly.glutton. 

y O X M S# 183 

Mrs. B k o. w k* 

My good man, too— Lord blefs us ! Wives 
Are bora to lead unhappy lives. 
Although his profits bring him clear 
Almoft two hundied pounds a ytar^ 
Keeps me of caih fo ihort and bare. 
That / Aave not a gown tc toear \ 
Except my robe, and yellow fack. 
And this old luteilring on my bacjc 
— But we've no time, my dear, to wafte. 
Come, where*s your cardinal, make YaHitm 
The King, God blefs his majefty, lfay» 
Goes to the houfe of lords to-day, 
In a fine painted coach aod eight. 
And rides along in all his ftate 
And then the (^ 

M B 8. S c o T. 

Aye, aye, youknov^ 
Great folks can always make a fhow. 
But tell me, do— I've never fccn 
Her prefent majefty, the Queen. 

Mrs. Brown. 

Lard ! weVe no time for talking now, 
Hark !—one^two— three— *tis twehi I voww 

Mrs. Scot. 

Kitty, mythingsr-nifoonhavedone, 
It*s tinoe Aough, you know at one, 
—Why, girl! fee how the creature ftands ! 
Some water here, to wafh my hands. 
—Be quick— why fure the gipfy fleeps 1 
—Look how the drawling daudle creeps. 
That bafon there— why don't you pour. 
Go on, I fay— ftop, flop— -no more— 
Lud ! I could beat the huflcy down, 
She^s pour*d it all upo;l my gown 
—Bring me my rumca— <an*ft not mind f 
And pin my handkerchief behind. 
Sure thou haft aukwardnefs enough. 
Go— fetch my gloves, and fan, and nraflT. 
— ^Well, heav'n be praised— this work is doa^. 
Vm ready now, my dear— let's run^ 
Girl,-*put that bottle on the ihelf. 
And bring me back the key yourfelf. 

M R s. B R o w N. 
That clouded (ilk becomes you much, 
I wonder how you meet with fuch. 
But you've a charming tafte in dreis. 
What might it coft you. Madam ? 

M R s. S c o T. 


Mrs. B r o w !!• 

Oh ! that's impoffiblewi^fbr I 
Am in the world the worft to buy. 

M R 8. S c o T« 
I never love to bargain hard, 
. Rfe (hillings, asl think, • yanW 


lotd's POXtft* 

—I was tfnii it iliooW be gone— 
Twai what I'd fct my heart upon. 

Mrs. B « o w k. 

Indeed you bargained with fuccefty 
For its a rooft delightful drefs. 
Befidet, it fiti you to a hair» 
,And then 'tis flop'd with fuch an air. 

Mrs. Scot. 

rm glad yoiu think (by—Xi/^f here» 
Bring me my cardinal, my dear. 
Jaeiyf my lore, nay dont you ciy, 
Take jou abroad l^ndeed noc 1 9 
For all the Bugahoot to fright ye— 
Befides, the naughty horfe will bite ye i 
With fuch a mob about the ftreet, 
Blef» me, Aey'U tread you under feet. 
Whine at you pleafc, I'll have no blame* 
You'd better blubber, than be lame. 
The more you cry, die left you'll—-- 

Comfj come then, give mamma a fuUx 
KiTTT, I fay, here take the boy. 
And fetch him down the laft new toy, 
Make him at merry at you can, 

Thrrr^ go to Kitty— there's a »^> 
CaUinthedog, and (hut the door, 
tiow, Ma'm. 

MAt. B»OVK. 

^ K t. S c T^ 

Pray gu before^ 

M A t« B t O W H* 

l-can't indeed, now. 

M s t. Scot. 
Madam, pray. 

, Mrs. Browk. 

Well tlien, foe once/ i'Ulead the way. 
Mrs. Scot. 

Lard ! what m uproar ! what athron^ ! 
How ihall we do to get along f 
-What will become of us N— look here, 
Heie's all the king's horfc^guards, my dear. 
Let us cioft orer^iwfte, be quick, 
.-4>ray fir, teke care— your horfe will lock- 
He'll kill hit rider— he't fo wild. 
^^*m glad 1 dH not bring die chilA. 

Mrs. Browk. 

Don't bo afrajd, my dear, come oa. 
Why don't you fee the guardt are gone I 

Mrs. S c o Tw 

Welt, I begin to draw my breath l 
But I was almoft fcar'd to death 
For when a horfe rears up and capers. 
It always putt m^ in the vapours. 
For as I live,— «ay, dont you laugh^ 
rd ndierfec a^oad by half. 

They kick and prance, and look fi> botf« 
It inaket my very blood run cold, ^ 
But let't go forward— come, be quick. 
The crowd again growt Taftly thick. 

M R t. Browk. 

Comeyou from Palmt-jwrii oU dame ? 

OxD Woman. 

Troth, do I, my young ladies, itdiy ? 

Mrs. Browk. 

Wat k much crowded when yon came I 

Mrs. Scot. 
And is his oujefty gone by ? 

Mrs. Browk. 

Can we getin, old lady, pray 
To fee hfanrobe hamfelf to-day ? 

Mrs. Scot. 

Can you dlreft us, dame i 

Old Womak. 


Trot could not ftand a fiege for ever. 
By frequent trying, Troy was won. 
All things, by tryii^, may be dooe. 
Mrs. Browk. 

Go thy ways, Pr o v erb s- well fce'i *«• 
Shall we turn back, or venture on ? 
Look how the folks prefs on before. 
And throng hapatient at the door. 

M R i. S c o T. 

PerJmmt ! I can hardly ftand, 

Urd blefs roe, Mrs. Brown, your hand i 

And you, my dear, takehold of heif» 

For we muft ftick a& clofe as burrs. 

Or in this racket, noife and pother. 

We certainly (hall lofe each odier. 

Good God ! my cardinal and fack 

Are almoft torn. fr«lP» ^ "T hfdt. 
Laid, I fliall ftinl^-Oh Lod-^my breaft— 
I'm cruih'd to atoms, I pcotaft. 
God blefsroe— I have dropt my fan, 
^Praydidyoufeeit, hooeftman? 

M A K. 

I, madam ! no,— iodeed, I ^ 
You'll meet with (ome mitfoitune bw** 
—Stand back, I fey— pray, fir, forbear-* 
Why, don't you fee the ladiet there ? ^ 
Put yourfclves under my diredioo, 
Ladies, I'll beyour fofc proteftion. 

Mrs. Scot. 

You're very kind fir 5 truly lew 
Are half fo complailant as you* 
We fliall be glad at any day 
This obligadon to repay. 
And you'll be always fure to mftt 
A welcome, tr, iii-»Lard! the ftieefi 

Ir . L^ O Y D' S 

Bevfoch a namey I can*t tell how 
To tell him where I liTe> 1 tow. 

Mtfcy '. what*i all this noiie and fttr? 
Pfeagr it d^ KiWG a coming^ fir ? 


No don^t you hear tht people ihout I 
tTbBlr. Pitt, joftfWKf OUT. 

Mrs. Brown. 

Ayey there he foest prayheat*o bleis him f 
Wdl maT the people alHarrfs hhn. 
rd. how 1 

nrr huibafid iM*d Co fir, 
Aaddfiak foccefs to hooeft PiTTj 
Aad hippYO*cr hiseveamg cheer, 
Dy, joa ihaU pledge this coaft my deaf . 


Ifi i flc ncg doo^yoohea? the dramming? 
Now, ladSl, now, the Kinc*s a coming. 
These, doo^t yoa ^ the guaids approach ? 

Mrs. Brown. 
Whkh is the king ? 

M R 8. S c o T. ^ 
Which is the coach ? 
WUch Is the noble Earl or Buti, 
Geod.6ixb, 1*11 n him a (alote. 
For hc*s the L^ni of mvtmr c/a/i, 
IwA he*f a hmtiy mucUt wun. 

Here aoaes the Coach, fo very flow 
As if it ne'er w^ made to go, 
k ^ the giagerbread of ftate, 
Ajid daggering onder its own weight. 

Mrs. Scot. 
UpoasBywosd, it*s sn^Krwri fine ! 
WMdhalf the gold ttpoo't were mbe I 
How gaedy all the gilding ihe%vs ! 
it pitf's sflr*ieyes out as it goes. 
Widi a fkh glare of varioas hues» 
With dhiaiflf yellows, fcarlets, blues! 
k awft have ooft a heiTy price ; 
"Tis Qec a moonfain dsawn by mice. 

Mrs. Brown, 
SopMBted, gilded, and lb large* 
Kc6 me ! *tis Tike my lord mayor^s toge. 
ABd fo it i»— 4ook how it reels ! 
Tia aacfaing cUo— a barge on wheels. 


IjBCe! kcaa^tpa£i&. J^mei's gate, 
S*hijg the coach, the arch ibftr^t, 
k ai^ht he made to ramble through 
Aad piia aa other coaches dOb 
Corid they a W|f-ceachman get 
Sw aat p eepb fleio ufly fit, 

■Td idfftakf (and m rate thing) 
t R ictfi to driTe the king. 

Mrs. S c d t. 

il*lJ^ «e thofe two ugly diiqgs 

T O E M S. 185 

Filthy, as ever eyes beheld, 

With naked breafts, and faces fwellM ? 

What could the faucy xnaker mean. 

To put fuch things to flight the Qvttv ? 


Oh I they art Gods, Ma*m, Vhich you fee. 
Of the Marine Soaety^ 
TritoMf wliich in the ocean dwell. 
And only rife to blow their ihell. 

Mrs; Scot. 

Cods, d*ye call thofe filthy men f 
Why don't the^ go to fea ag^ ? 
Pray, tell me, fir, you underftand. 
What do thofe Tritcm do on land f 

Mrs. Brown. 

And what ate they ? thofe hindmoft things, 
Men, fiih and birds, with fleih, fcales, wmgf i 


Oh> they are Gods too, like the others^ 
All of one family and brothers. 
Creatures, which feldom come a-fliore, 
Nor feen about the King before. > 
For S/hftf, they wear the jr^//»w Hw, 
'Vhtkfrof>er colour is True-blue. 

M R s. S c o T. 
Lord blefs us ! strut's this noife about f 
Lord, what a tumult and a nmt ! 
How the folks holla, hifs, and hoot t 
Well— Heav'n prefenre the Earl or Bvtx ! 
I cannot ftay, indeed, not I, 
If there's a riot I ihall die. > 
Let's make fi>r any houfe we can. 
Do-^give us ihelter, honeft man. 

M R s. B R o w N. 

Iwooto'd whereyoowas, my dev , 
I thought 1 (honld hare died with fisar. 
This noife and racketing 'and hurry 
Has put my nerves in fuch a flurry ! 
I could not think where you was got, 
I thought I'd loft you, Mrs. Sne ; 
Where's Mrs. 7*4/^, and Mr. Grimf 
Lard, I'm fo glad we're all got in. 



F R 1 t N D. 

YO U fay, «« It hurts you to the ibul 
To brook confinement or controul.'* 
And yet%ill Toluntary run 
To that confinement you would fliun. 
Content to drudge along the track. 
With bells and hamefson your back* 
Alas ! what genius can admit 
A monthly tax on fpcndthrift wit, . 
1 B 


L L O Y D'e 

Which often fliiif i whole Aorct away» 
Aod oft h» not a Mt to pay 1 
««»Cive us t work, indee d ■ o f kncth-** 
Something ifhich ^ki poctk ftraifCh } 
U fluggUh fttaey tt a ftaad ? 
No fcheme of confe<iuenc« in band ? } 
I, nor yowr plan, nor book eoodemoy 
Bat why ytmr name, and why A. M ! 

A t7 T ■ • ». 

Yei^t ftandt (brtk to puUic view 
Withb, witbouty on white, onUue, 
In proper, ull, gigantic Lcttersy 
Not daih'd-^mwwtfl'A-like my MttiCfS. 
Andthooghit ftarciBwbthcface* ' 
ReHeds iiodiamci hiau nodtfgrace. 
While thofe vnlabooredtriftet pleaft, 
Faniiliar chains are worn witfi eaiie. 
-^Behold ! to yours and my fuspciacr 
Thdb tiiflet to a Volomi rift. 
Thus will yoo Im me, as I go^ 
Still gath*ringbulk like balls of fibow, 
Steal by degrees upon your /Hell; 
And grow a giant ftom an elf. 
The current ftttdieaof the day, 
Can rarely reach beyond a Pt aT : 
A PAMFRLtT may deferve a look. 
But He«v*n defend us ftom a Book ! 
A LtBift file oa S«aitfdal*s wings. 
But works of length are heavy thangsf 
•^Not one in twttty m\\ fucceed— 
Gbnfider, 6r, bow iew can icad. 

S k t t n ih 

I mead a itork of me r k « 


A V t N o t. 

F # I i N ». 
A maa of Tafit anrsT buy. 

A O T ft o t. 


AM ^f^ dcndi more iny friM, 
Whom your good Tafte ikait recommends 

Izperience wUl by faCts j 

I argument and reaioo £ul I 

*thi NVf TlALt 1 


Wbafeaupcialsi SrK 
A t T H o f 4 

A Pptt* i d i d thaCpocio>Krf 
No— fixt^Mho* thoufaad readers pais, 
It iHU looks diroailiits pane of gUfs, 
And ftms indigiiadettf exclaim 
Pafson ye Sowe of Tastb, fyrlbuim ! 

While dulf each tetoMng naoon, 
Which often cooes, God knows too fton^ 
Continual plagues my ibol mol^. 
And Mttgcmnti diiturb my reft. 
While fcarce a night I fteal tobed^ 
Withevt a covplet !a my bead% • 

P O X M S. 


And In the morning when I ftir, 
Pop comes a Dtwh '* Copy «r." 
I cannot ftrive witk daring flight 
To reach the bold farfitffm HstORT *, 
But St it's foot, concent to ftny, 
In eafy unambitioos way. 
Pick up thofe flowers the mtfes ftsd. 
To make a nofegsy for my ftitnd. 
in ihort, I lay no idle claim 
To genius ftrdbg, andnoiiyftme. 
e>it w!ch a hai^ and wifli topteaiie, 
( write, as I would Ut^i with eafib 

F II 1 t N m 

Bttt'yott muft bsre aftiad, t miae, 
Profe, poems, letters, 

A tr T M A R. 

And heft, my ftiend, I rdl fpcure ; 
I^e cant lofe much, wl»o*s always poor. 
And if, ae now, through numbers/vr, 
This work with pleafure kept alive 
Can ftill its currency afllbrd. 
Nor fear the bii^ng of its hoard. 
Can pay you, as at fundry dmes, 
Ywjtlj per M^% two tbouCmd Bhiindf 
From whence fliould appreheniion growj 
That/^ (hould fiiU, with rkh^a» \ 

No itr of a monthly grub, 
Myfelf altm a leaned cluh^ 
I «lk my readers to no treat 
Of fcientiflck iu^i-vp meati 
Nor feek to pleafe die atricl^fi^endi, 
With fciaps of plays, and odds and ends-' 

F a I s n ». 

Yourmethodi fir, isplain enough | 
And all the wtotld has read yosr Purr*. 
Th* allufioQ^s neat, ezpreffioaelealii 
About yonrtrairelliag MACRiMti 
But yet— h is a Mtfinant, 

A V T R o m< 

Why let it be, and wherefore ihame ^ 
As JOLiBT iays, what*s inanenK ? 
Beiides it \k the way of tr^de^ 
Through whac^'^ fcience is comreyM, 
Thus knowledge parcels out ber flures ; 
The Coo IT hashers, tbeLAWtsaitheiif- 
Something to So SI ot A a s fore is deer-* 
Wl^y not m Kf A^AxiMs for Y»o ^ 

F k4i t » 9* 

That's an Hercttlesi ta^, ayftiendi 
You toil and labour*--(o vBMi 
Partof yogrfcheme ■ t fi-ee tranflitte# 
ToScRotAit isaproftnatfeii} . . 

What! breakup £«fk/ pnUdo«mOr«i^ 
(Peace to the foul of fir Jenir CvtgKt ff) 
And ihall the gea^mos Uoiior nub 
BioachMftomtheiicbFAttgiixAiifO* j 

t ThefiifticftgicrarOffcktoiuiiai^^ 

X L O Y D's 

Will fa poor cut to Sngti/i fwine^ 
NbetikBpoitcd> old GtsiK wioe; 
Ala! Ml bcrcrage only fiti 
OUtpMetiAth aofl clJSk wit*. 

A O T « O I. 

lieek iMit> with fatyrUk ftroke* 
Ttlap thf ftAmt of his cloak $ 

W » Icthim cqU and fpoot ^uoutiooi^ 
Aa^uUtbcjabbery dtniDoftratlob^ 
BrUsthr grnr coQcem to (hew> 
)^ X^Me govroi were iwi/ or no * ; 
Wbobrrthe (TmrMut took a flice 
Av dos a*da]rt or onlv f «vf» 
&}il kt him work abovt kia hole» 
^f btt^i bUod, laborioaa molt ; 
^ let him fault, nad, explain, 
9ff^it nmuk, wai read again. 

^f tfaoogb they wai^e the midBight oil 
h imSlf rniaote,' jicrplexiag tail» - 
KKpadeilbadiofy dbao^odj 
Norm do him, not underftood^ 

Bj fchoUni apprehend me light^ 
1 «ao the kjittd, cud polite, 
Whofekoowltdie unaffeaed flowi> 
A^ fid at eify as thei^ Ooachs ; 
^nre not tlvivgh ^n or or^^ 
Ui^*d, cadaogerPsitciAN*thead$ 
Nor thiok fait wtta grain the worie» 
Wbcaaot ftame a £^w Terfe, 
Or live the JtfliMyr proper word 
Tochi^dieRoMAMS ncrer heard; 

Til trie, ter^ /^miV ' ^i^ Gn^t, 
i<ttm we ncher out o^ date, 
hi fuda^ gcoius more dirctmiof , 
kq6 « jfDvr repiisn in learning. 
-PlDANTi, indeed, areleamiog^t cvr&, 
Batlcvoa AMct u fomething woife : 
^ aie nc bleft with ftp9tation» 

MtCOtije WAMT of £»VCATION» 

^^ loletttn duly bred, 

wyB*ttprirfthe«orfc, becauie they*f e reW, 

^jW beab had bctiier b^ imknown, 
I maoc ORf thoQght appear oor own $ 
I ^6«e can arver fpeak themltlvet, 
I ^f^"*!^. <^ aumon on their ihelvet, 
' ^h:fc writing (backs too much of readiing. 

isadE6btioo fpoUs good breeding. 

F n I B K D. ' 

Tines btttthat fuAt it ieldom knowQ, 
u*t ia your boqkifli cW/«f r drone. 
^ coaftaat (at I>e heard them fay) 
k«if didr feoiteen hours a-day, 
^ Haatdig doft, wilh dull attendon, 
&a| themtivti out of apprehcofioo ; 
^ feifcf can wadi their hands or flicei 
'vfearof lo^timt, or place, 
j^ |ive OK hour to meat and dxink. 
Carver Aojf « #ftf to TRiN^. 

i^ V T 11 o I. 

M ! 1 hafe ioio t thoiiiaMl liich» 
*« M, or feemtovead, too nod^ 

^ fce SicoMivf and Mam vTivt, 

» O ^X M 8. 

So have I known, in that rare place, . 
Where Claffiet always Breed difgrace, 
A wight,^ upon difcovtries hot, 
As whether flames have heat or not. 
Study himfelf, poor fceptic dunce, 
into the very fire at once, 
And dear the philofophic doubt, 
^y biimiqg all ideas out. 
Withfuch, eternal books, fuccffive 
Dead to no fcieoces progreflSve, 
While each dull fit of ftudy paft, 
juft like a wodge drives out the laft, 
. From thefe I ground no expe^ation 
Of genuine wii, or ftce tranflation j 
But you miAake me, friend. Suppofe, 
(Tranfiationsare^t modem cloaths) 
1 drefs my boy— (for IniHnccfake 
Maintain thefe children which I make) 
I give him coat and breeches— 

F « i,B N n. 

But not a bih and apmn too ! 

You would not let your ciuld be feen. 

But dfcft confiftent, neat, and clean. 


A IT T M O 1. 

So would I doath a ftee tranflation. 
Or as Pope calls it, imitatioo | 
Not pull down authors from my flielf. 
To Ipoil their wit, and plague my^lf. 
My learning ftudious to difplay. 
And lofe their Ipirit by the way. 

F R I B If », 

Your HoBACB now— «*en liorrow Utfnce 
His eafy wit, his manlyfenfe. 
But let the Moralift convey 
Things in the mannen of to-day, 
Ratlker than that old garb ai^imey 
Which only fuits a man at tUme. 

A V T II • R. 

Originals will always pleafe. 
And copies too, if done with eafiev 
Would not old Plavtvs wlJOi towear, 
Tum'd Engn/k hoft, an Envr^ air. 
If TnoaNTON, rich b nat&e witf 
Would make the mod«s and diaion fit ? 
3r, as I know you hate to roam. 
To fetch an inftance nearer home , 
Though in an idiom mod unlike, 
A fimilarity muftftrike. 
Where bom of firaple nature fond. 
In art and genius corrcfpond $ 
And nathtt both (allow the phrafe 
Which no one SngR/k word conveys) 
Wrapt up their ftories neat and clean, 
Eafy as ■ . ■ , , 

F B X B N n. 

Dbnis*8 vou meaAi 
—The very man— not mere tranflation^ 
Bat La Fontainb bytranfmigratton. 
B B & 



L O 

D ' 8 


A U T ■ o «. 

Authors^ as Drydbk^s maxim nini 
Hare what he calli poetic fons, 
Thut Mi t TON, more corre£lly wild, 
Waa richer Spenfer'i lawfbl child : 
And CifURCHiLLi gotonall the iune» 
Is Dk T DS N *a heir in eY*ry line. 
Thus Dx MI I pnyvethis parents plain. 
The child of Eaie, and La Fontaini. 

T m I B N P* 

Hismufei indeed, the work fecurw. 
And aika our praiie at much as yours i 
For, if delighted, readers too 
May pay dieir thanks, as well as you. 

But You, my firiend (fa folks complain) 
For ever in this eafy Tein, 
This profe in verfc, this meafur'd talk, 
Thu pace, tiiiat** neither trot nor walk. 
Aim at no flightt, nor ftrivc to give 
A real poem fit to live. 

A V T B o t« 

(To critics no offence, I hope) 
Paioa (hall liveas long as Pors, 
Each in his manner fure to pleafe, 
, While both have ftrcngth, and both have eafc j 
Yet though their various beauties ftrike, 
Thdr eafe, their ftreagth is not alike. 
Both with coofummale horfeman's ikill, 
Ride as they lift, about the ^/ ; 
But take, peculiar in thdr mode. 
Their favourite horfe, and fevourite road. 

For me, once fond of author-ftroe. 
Now forced to bear its weight and fliamei 
I have no time to run a race, 
A traveller's my only pace. 
They; whom their fteedsunjaded bear 
Around ^i^il, to take the air, 
May firiik and prance, and ride their fill. 
And go all paces which they mil ; 
. We, /U^ry tits— nay, never fmUe, 
Who trot our ftage of tiirty milei 
Mttft travd in a conftant plan. 
And run our journey, as we can. 

F It 1 X K D. 

A critic fays, upon whofefleevc 
Sotoe pin more faith than youUl bdieve, 
That wridngs which as eajy pleafe^ 
V^rt not the writings donewidi eafe. 
From whence the inference is plain, 
Your friend Mat Pxioa wrote with pain. 

A V T H o K. 

Widi pain petbaps he might corre^, 
With cace fupply each loofedefcd, 
Vet fore, if rhlme, which feems to flow 
. Whether its mafter will or no^ 
If humour, not byfhidy fought* 
But rifing fivm immediate thought. 
Are proq^ of eafe, what hardy nam^ 
Shall e'erdifpute a Prior *b claim *. 
But ftill your critic's obfer vation 
Strikes at no Poit*s reputation. 

His keen refleOioo only hits 
Ytfur rhiming fops and pedling wits. 
As fome take ftif^efs for a grace. 
And walk a dancing-mafter*s pace, 
Andothen, fbr familiar air 
Miflake the flouching of a bear ; , " 
So fome will finically trim, 
And drefs their lady-mufe too prim, 
Others, mere flovei^ in their pen 
(The mob of Lords and GentUmen) 
Fancy they write with eafe and pleafoke. 
By rambling out of rhimeand meafuit. 
Ajid, on your critic's judgment, ^lefe 
Write ea/Uyy and not widi Ea<x. 

There are, indeed, whole wiflipoHues, 
And inclination courts the muTe , 
Who, happy In a partial fame, 
Awhile poffefs a poet's name. 
But read their works, examine fair, 
•^hew me inventioo, fancy there, 
Tafte I allow ; but is the flow 
Of genius in them ? Surely, no. 
*Tis labour from the daflic brain. 
Read your own Addison's CAMrAiGV. 

E'en he, nay, chink me not fevere, 
A critic fine, of Lat'm ear. 
Who tofTd his daflR thoughts around 
With elegance on Roman ground, , 
Tufl fimmering ^th the mufe's flame 
Woos but a cool and fober dame $ 
And all his Engrt/k rhimes exprefs 
But beggar-thoughts in royal diefs. 
In verfe iiis genius ieldom glowh 
A Port only in his fr^. 
Which rolls luxuriant, rich, and chafte, 
Improv'd by Fancy-, Wit, ind Tafle. 


I taflc you fbryourfelf, my friendf 
A fubjeA you can ne'er defend. 
And you cajole me all the while 
With /diflertattoos upon ftile. 
Leave others wits and works alone* 
And tl)^ a little of vour own. 
For Famb, when all is faid and doee, 
Though a coy miflrefs, may be won ; 
And half the thought, anl pains, nd time 
You take to jingle eafy rfaime. 
Would make an Oox, wouM make a Plat # 
Done into Englifh, Mal lock's wray, 
•—Stretch out your more Hefme ieety 
And write an EtyoT oonplete. 
Or, notamoreli^ioustaik. 
Could you not pen a Claffit Mai^ub i 

A V t H o R. 

With will at laxge, and undogg'd wiogi* 
I durfl not foarto fnch %A things. 
Fori, who havemorephlegm than fire, 
Mufl underfland, or not admire. 
But when I read with admintioB, 
Perhaps 1*11 write in Imitation. 

F R I B N ». 

,Bnt bnfinefs of this monthly kind. 
Need that alone engroft your mind. 
Affiftance muft pour in a*paces 
New psrHengers will take a place. 



A^ dnjoor friends - 

A V T R O I. 

Aye» they indeed| 
K^ fluke a better work fuccecd, 
Aoi with the helps which they (tuH gWei ^ 

1 ad the Maguioe flull lire. • 

F K I B N D. 

Ya» fire, and eag» and nochlng more. 

«A V T M o B. 
H Grc as ■ A uthors did before* 




ELL- (htll I wiih you joy of faffie. 
That loodly echoes CRvmciiii.L*soaine» 
^ lb yen on the Moles* throne, 
^^^ right of conqueft made your own ? 
(k kaH I (knowiflf how unfit 
TkcBwU cfteems a man of wit» 
TVs vhcrcibeter he app^an» 
T% wonder if die kaave hat ears) 
AiM with joy and Umentatioo, 
Coi»oiBKCB and ConobatvlatxoNs 
iieoOegci, wh6 duly briQg 
Tkdr neis of rerle to every king j 
T^muumksl in tafte» 
Theribnoiir or their joy towatle: 
Mixbodi eofdher, fweet and ibw*r ) 
^ bind the tbom up with the flowV f 

SooKtiBBa *iis Elegy, or (Xle. 
hfii vm\ yoor only mode. 
WW»r that ftyle more glibly hits, , 

^ 6ocietaf our rambliAg wits, 
^wiace and kkk «t alloppreffiooi 
k l0ve to Ib^le in digre&on ; 
Or, that bv writing to the Gbbat 
bkttm, hooonrt, oreftate, 
^e flip moie eafy into fame, 
h cTiqgiag to aaotber*B name, 
Aai ffi^ th^ ftrengtb our wtakneis yoke, 
hs'nj cfiabt about an oak ; 
^ToFT-HvMTBBB will bufs and poiT 


Or CiQws win wing a higher flight, 
^^ (lifiBg round the floating kite. 

Whatever the modve, *tit the mode, 
^ I will tfifd in the road. 
TWMionble track piufoe, 
A*i «ite ny fimplc thoQgklB to Yo V, 
M « they rife from bead to heart, 
>»ttaftaU*d by the herald A^ 

%nnityorpleafiire led, 
^Ihirtof fiune, or want of breads 
^ wf ftart up £dos of rhiroe 
'*^»BTic, Bait, or Sv^limb ? 

—You'd think, to hear what Cridcs fay. 
Their labour was no more than play : 
And that, but fuch a paltry ftatioa 
Reflet difgrace on education, 
(As if we could at once fbrfake 
What educatioo helps to make) 
Each reader has fuperior ikill. 
And can write better when he will. 

In fhort, however you toil and drudge. 
The world, the mighty world, is judge. 
And nice aiyl finciAil opinion 
Sways all the world with ftrange domiojoo| 
Opmioo ! which on crutches walks. 
And founds the words another talks. 

Bring me eleven Critics groton, 
Ten have no judgment of Oieir own : 
But, like the Cyck>ps watch the nod 
Of fome informing maftergod : 
Or as, when near his lateft broth. 
The padent fun would juggl^deatfa. 
When D0CTOB8 fit tn Comsvltatiov 
(Which means no more than converiadoi^ 
A kind of comfortable chat 
*Mongfl (bcial firiends, on This and That, 
As whether ftocks get up or down. 
And tittle-tattle of the town ; 
Books, pi^res, politics, and news. 
Who lies with whom, and who got whofe}' 
Opinions never difagree, 
One^oGbor writes, allvike the fix. 

But eminence offends at once 
The owlUh'eye of critic dunce, 
DvLLUBss alarmM, collects her Force, 
And FoL L T fcreams till ihe is hoarie. 
Then hg abroad the Libxl flies 
From all th* artillery of lies, 
Malicb, delighted, flaps her wiqg. 
And En GRAM prepares her fliog. 
Around the Sequent pellets whiflle 
FromSATiRB, Oox, and pert Evxstlb ^ 
While every blockhead flrives to thxuw 
His flu^ of vengeance on his foe : 
At if it were a Shrove-tide gamc,*^ 
And cocks and poets were the fame. 

Thus flMuId a wooden collar deck 
Some woe-full *fquire*s embarrafsM neck. 
When high above the croud he ftands 
With equi-diftant fprawling hands. 
And without hat, politely bare. 
Pops out his head to take the air ; 
The mob his kind acceptance hegt 
Of dirt, and ftones, and addle-eggt. 

OGbnivs! though thy noble fldU 
Can guide thy Pega/us at wUl ? 
Fket let him bear thee a^ the wind— 
DuLLSfxss mounts up and clings behind. 
In vain you fpur, and whip, and fmack. 
You canno^ fliake her from your back« 

111 nature fpri^gs at merit grows, 
Clofe as the thorn is to the rofe. 
Could HxRCVLANBUM*t friendly eiTth 
Give MiKviuf * works a fecood birth, 
Malxvolencb, with lifbd eyes. 
Would fanaify the noble prise. 
While mMhm critics fliould behold 
Their near relation to the W^, 
And woodVing gape at one another. 
To ice the Jitkaieisof a brother. 


X Zr a T . P' 8 

B«t with nstiimhig nodcrni here* 
Critics ire not the only fear ; 
Thr poet*t bark meets (harper ihocks 
Ffomother finds> kn4 other rocks. 

Not fuch alone who iinderftaiid» 
Whok Irtok and raemopy arc at baiid» 
Who IcienKific ikill pro^fi. 
And art great adepts imre at left ; 
(Whether diftinguifli^d by degree* 
TheywrktA. M. erfi|piM. D. 
Or BMke advances Ibmewbar higher 
Aadtslu »«cw degree of *Savi»B.) 
Vrk> icid your aodiorsy Gieek and Latkiy 
And bring; vour fhmgc quotadons pat la, 
Asif each fenonice grew more tcrie 
from odda and ends, and icraps of vcric i 
Wbuwitb true poetry dif^teofe) 
And loM one tetter w'ltl^ the labouts. 
Which ikmld be ihar*d amoAg its neighbowt. 
Who know that thought prodwcs painy 
And deep reflexion mads the brain, 
, And iker^e, wife and pnsdoot grown. 
Have no ideas of their own. 
But if dKinan of ystun fpadc. 
Advance theb Bayonets of Grttkf 
And keep plain icnit at fuch a diftance> 
She cannot givt a 6icnd affiftaoce. 
Not thciie alMie in Jnd^^ncnt rife> 
Andlhooc at geoissas it Hies, 
Bnt thole who cannot j^// win TAtx» 
I At wiMMi^^lcold, whq cannot mlk. 

Tov man of Jubi^ whoH wound up 
T»cat and drinki and ^e and fup> 
But has not either wlU or powV 
To break out of his formal hour ; 
Who lives by mk, and ne*er outgoes k ^ 
Movta Ckc a dock, and hardly knowt It i 
Who b a khsd of breathing bdng. 
Which has but half the pow*r of ftcing$ 
Who ftands for ever on the brink. 
Yet dive not phinge enough to tb^* 
N4ff has one raaibtt t^ftippiy 
Wherefore he does a thing, ar why, 
Bat what he does proceeds fo right. 
You'd thia^ him always guided by*t s 
iMns poctiy and vice together 
"liktbrn and rmn in jfynL xvtatHtr^ 
}M& rake and wit as things the faracf | 
And#ttthe difference but a Namb. 

A Rake t Alasf howmaoy wear 
The bfuw of mirth, with heart (mT case! 
Th^dciperatB wretch refle^oo ifies, 
A'nd ihQns the way where madnefs lies. 
Dreads each incrnfing pong of grief. 
And ninsto Follt for ttdief, 
The*e, ^midft the momentary joys 
Of giddy mii^ and frantic noiie, 
Fo»OBTrui.N]K89> hcT cMcft bom, 
f^mooths the World's hate> and blockhead*sfcora, 
TbcA Pliasu as inns upon the mind, 
YeCAHKS) gowhnlletothennnd) 
Then Welcome froflic, wekome wl^t 
The wvM is aQufflce to>Kw. 

Piftfeft it all in appreheofion ; 
It osafes when *t]s paft prevention t 
Ani happinefs (hen preiles near, 
Whcanorak9pt*tlcft> wttkt^ 

X u s. 

—But yoo*ve enough, nor srant my pieaebiag-, 
And I was never form*d for texhiog. 

Male prudes we know, (thofe drivling thingi) 
WilLjiave their gibes, and taunts, and ftiogs. 
How will the fober Cit abufe, 
The fillies of the Culprit mufe $ 
Ta her and Poet fluyt the dooi^- 
And whip the begpr, with hk whore f 

Poet ! — a Fool I a WtiTcn ! a KKAVif 
A mere mechanic dirty flave ! 
Abatis hitverfe, but cooping fonft 
Within an arbitrary fonce ? 

At beft, but ringing that in tlidBie# 
Which profe would fay in half the tiae^ 
1\deafure and nurobcfs ! what are thofe 
But artificial cha^m or prefo f 
Which mechanifin ouaintly joina 
In parallels of foe-iaw lines. 
And when the firi&y wanton writes 
In PiNDAa*t (irhatd*ve call *em)— ffghtt 
Th* uneven nealkie, foortandtaU, 
Now rhimmg twictt now mtstsilf 
In cwttftt and iuirin twuls about. 
Like (Xmft rwA^, b and one. 

Thus when you*ve labov*d hoan on heaiq 
CuU*d aU the>iwft, culTd all thcjfoiar*i. 
The churl, wfaofodulliaaghiation 
la dead toeverr fine fonfotiaQ, 
Too groft to kWlk natuit*a 1 

Or tafte herJSafle lich pctfiune. 
Shall cafi them by as uieleA ftnflT, 
And fly with krfnntft tn Uo'B'wna. 

Look round the world, notonefaile8| 
Thinks Poets good, or hoiieft men. 

*Tb true theh* conduA, not o*er flkc^ 
Sits often loofe to eafy'vicc 
Perhaps tJier Tm^sme will not pafo 
The due rotation of the ^afs $ 
And gravity denies *em pow*r 
T* unpeg thek hats at fuch an bo«r« 

Some vices moft to all appear 
AtoonfHtutlonal as Fsab | 
And every Moralift will find 
A ruling paffion b the mbd* 
Which, riwugh pent up and barricado*! 
Like winds, wh«« /Bohia bravadoM | 
Like them, will folly ftoni tkdr deny 
And raifo a tempeft now and tliA ; 
Unhbge dame Pa vdbnck horn her fta% 
And ruflle all the world of man. 

Can aoriiors then exemption dr^hv 
From nature's, or the common law r 
They err alike with all mankmd. 
Yet not the fame indidgence find. 
Their lives are more confpicooos gfow% 
More talk'd of, pomtedat, and ihewn» 
Till every imr feems to rife 
To Sins of moft mmtk fise. * 

Thus fores k ftill, however fuH^ 
With every wit, and cv*ry bartL 
His fuifiek writh^, frivmt Hfo» 
Nay more, his miflfeis, orhia w^^ 
And ev*ry focial, dear con n ed M on» 
Muft bear a critical dMedlon $ 
While /riMii connive, and rirals haite^ 
Scounmls traduce, and blockheadthal^ 
Perhaps you*ll readily admit 
There*! dagger fiom die rrdKi^ ^^ 

I. I. O Y D'S 

P O 

M S» 


AiJteetanafeoli and fock ai thofi!» 
Mil bcof courfe flic poet*s iocs : 

Istftfc no (bber aaa aUve» 

Cm think \hM.fntwdi would e*cr ramivc. 

From jnft remarlu on ttrlitft tixnCy 
bdviii iaBncyof ibiiae> 
Itaif be fiurljr ttodcsiflood 
That woe twofe ft i "the Bid, die Good. 
Itfhiell tofedier bf the ean, 
Aaibgch bat np iat volttncrefi. 
Bf ottKft, or by birth allied, 
Kobcfi fliock*d in oo citbcr fide. 
WtT to kit weapQOf m at once, 
WUe an die cry vat << do«vnwithDirNCi !** 
Owvd he led hit fi)cial bands, 
TlecoamoQ caufie had joined their handsi 
Yet cvca while tbdr seal they (how, 
Aiiiw ^llinft the geo*ral fee, , 
BMt*er their rafe il^*d fieKe and cruel, 
Th^isf itiHtofifht a duel. 
Aaittch coal wit wottld meet lis brotfaerj 
To yiik and tik at one another. 

jnloaiof efcry poff of Amc. 
TVe idle whift*li^ of a name, 
The property of half a line, 
Whctkr a coauna's yoor's or mioej 
SbUmake a Bard a Bard enfage, 
hikakt thefiiend/hip of an aye. 
BtfitfdcBtaodmodellwit ' 
hdin]riieady tp fobmit s 
Farfil of pf^ and p«blication« 
Coifidti a biother'a obfierration, 
TaOn of (be aaggot in hit bn^nsy 
As brily worth the critic paba } 
** If oofbt dUfttfta the fenfe or ear, 
" YoB cannot, fir, be toofivere, 
'* Iipaqie, corre^, do what you willf 
" Ilcmitiofapciiorikill ; - 
"Inrt the office of a friend, 
" Yoi aof oblige but caii*t ofRend.** 

This Ba^ toe baa his private dan, 
Whoc flir*t the great, the only man. 
Hoe, while the bottle and the bowl 
^»Nle the joyous flow of ibul, 
{haitate of niod, no doubt* grows ftronpr 
Vhaa ttlkig^is ean ftand no longer) 
laphadc jodgment takes the chair, 
her with an air. 

Theacaek) lclf-oiiir*d, and hero growSf 
AUe to cope with hoftt alone, 
t^miair Uke, has nnirders Uends» 
Tot lays hia fees, and then hi%Jrieitds. 

While your good wocd, or coofeilatiodf 
Cia M a brodier reputaDon } 
Whik ntk of prefecc quaintly penii*d| 
^ nife the contfeouence of frioid, 
gMrckdeihepacdal fend conne^ioa ! 
Thei&is fiOckt and tm diibemiflfi 
Aai /have wk, and i£r has teaming, 
il^ jadgmeot*s ftioog, and Ha is chailf | 
jfad B e t a aj f 8«tm« are men of taile. 
Bh^yoanorfteal nor borrow aid, 
Aai fa i^ £v yoarielf in trada» 
WKM HBpcvdcntly to ihow 
^ 'cii not ahnya Wit and a 
'«S«m befere unknown, arUcf 
•M Gcntaa looks with jealou cfeg, 


Yet never take one paui the Oa^^ 
An Authors vanity or pride 
Can*t bear a neighbour bjr his fide» 
Although he but delighted goes 
Along the track which nature ihowtf 
Nor ever madly runs aftray. 
To crod his brother in his way. 
And feme there arc, whofe narrow miads^ 
Center*d in felf, felf al%vays blinds. 
Who, at a friendH re«edioed preife. 
Which dieirown voice confpirM to rafjlcf 
Shall be mote deep and inly hurt. 
Than from a fee's infuldng dirt. 
And feme, too dmid to reveal 
That glow of heart, and ferward seal^ 
Which words are fcanty to exprefs. 
But friends muft feel from friends* fucieft, 
When fuUof hopef and fears, the Mufe, 
Which every breath of praife purfues,. 
Woird open to their free embrace. 
Meet her with fuch a blaiUng fece. 
That all the brave imagination. 
Which feeks the fup of approbation. 
So more its early blofioms tries. 
But curls its tender leaves, and diet. 

Is there a man w]iofe genius iliQng^ 
Rolls like a rapid ftream along, 
Whofe Mufe, long bid in cheaiful night, 
Pours on us like a flood of light, 
Whofe aAiqg compreheniive mind 
Walks fency^s regton*s, uncaafei*d ; 
Whom, nor the furly fcnfe of pride, 
NoraiFeAion, warps afide; 
Who drags no author from his ikclf. 
To talk on with an eye mfelf ; 
Carelefr alike, in coavtrfation, 
Of cenfure, or of approbation | 
Who freely thinks, and freely fpeaki* 
And meets the Withe never icdu i 
Whofe reafen calm, and judgment coal. 
Can pity, but nothate a feol ; 
Who can a hearty praife befiow. 
If merit fparkles m a foe; 
Who bold and open, fimandtive. 
Flatters no f ri en ds y et loves them tons 
Cmv KCMfLL will be the lall toknvw 
His is the poitrak, I woiild ihow. 


A » I A L O O V si 

IN RMffel-Jheetf eafecd of tatty 
Between two pofts a flrange debte. 
— Two polb— aye poft»-4br pofts ean fl^, 
InLatMf HebrtWf FrmckctGrtekf 
, One Rubric thus addrefeM the odiers 
*' -^A noble fitoatxMi, brother, 
** With aodtors lac*d from top to tae^ 
i« Af cthiofca we cut a tmiBg ihow» 

t92 t, t y d's 

*, Tlic Dislogites of famoat dead •, 

\ You know how much they*re bought and cead. 

^ Soppofei^auiwe raife their ghoftt, 

And make them chat through ut two polls ) 

A thing*f half fimih*d wdl bcguoy 
** So take the authors at they run. 
'* The lift of names is mighty (ine» 
** You kMk down this, and 1 that line. 
^ Hcre*sPorKandSwirT>aodSTXKLKaiidGAT> 
'* And CoMfifeSYX, in the modem way. 
•* WhUft you have thofe, I cannot fpeak, 
^ But ibundmoft wonderiVil m Greek* 
** —A Dialagoe->I ihoold adore it» 
'* With foch a (how of names befm it** 

** Modern* yourjudgment wanders wide/* 
The anticnt Rubric ftrait reply 'd. 
** It grieves me much, indeed, to find 
•* We never can b« of a mind* 

> Bemre one door, and in one ftreety 
** Neither ourfdves nor thoughts can meet, 
** And we, as brother oft with brother^ 
** Ale at a diftance from eKh other. 
**' Suppofe among the /rrrrr'Jdeady 
** Some author Should cre^ his head, 
** And ftarting from his Rubric, pop 
•* Dire^y into Dsvia* fhop, 
*' Turn o*er the leaves, and look about 
*' To find his own opinions out $ 
« D*ye think one author out of ten 
•• Would know his fcrtimcnts again ? 
^ ThinkiQg, your authors differ lefs io> 
** Than in their manner of exprefiing. 
** *Tis ftile which makes the writer known» 
^ The mark he fets upon his own. 
** LetCoNCRXvE Ipokas CoifCKtvx writ, 
** And keep the ball up of his wit j 
•* Let Swift beSwivT, nor e'er demean 
*• The fenfe and honour of the Dean. 
** £*cn let the antients reft in peace, 
•* Nor bring good folks from Rome or Greece 
** To give a caufe for paft tranfa^om, 
•* They never dreamt of in their adicos. 
*' I can*t help quibbling, brother poft, 
** *Twere better we ihould Uy the ghoft, 
«« But 'tueere a taflc or real merit 
** Could we contrive to luife their Sfirit, 

** Peace, brother peace, though what you (ay, 
<< I own has reafon in his way, 
** On Dialogues to bear fo hard, 
** Is pJayingwith a dangerous card $ 
** Writers of rank are ucred things* « 

** And cruih like arbitrary kings. 
** Perhaps your feotiment is right, . 
« Hcav*n grant we may not fuflSnr by*e» 
« For Aoold friend Davixs ovethear, 
«< He*ll publish ours anther year.** 

• By Laid LyttlctOtt. 



TH OUOH winter Its defolace train 
Of froft and of teippcft may bring* 
Tet F/«rtffteps forward ag^. 
And nature rejoices in fpting. 

V O t U B. 

Though the fun tn its glories dccreaft, 
Of his beams in the evening is (horn* 

Yet he rifes with joy from the eaft« 
And repairs them again m the morn. 

But what can yauth*s.funflihiereealt. 
Or the bloflbms of beauty reftore f 

When its leaves are beginning to frll* 
It dies* and is heard of no more. 

The (^ring-time of love then employ* 
*Tu a leflbn that*a eafy to learn* 

For Ckfd*s a vagrant, a boy* 
And his feafoos will never ittvn. 


SH A LL I, from worldly ftkndt eftran|*d, 
Embitter*d much, but nothing chang*d 
In that aftedion firm and true. 
Which Gratitude excites to You { 
Shall I indulge the MuTe, or ftifie 
This meditation of a trMe f 

But you, perhaps, will kindly talfe 
The trifle for the Giver*s fake. 
Who only pays his gratefiil Mite, 
The juft acknowledgment of Right* 
As to the Landlord duly fent 
A pepper-corn (hall pafs 'for rent. 

Yet Trifles often fliew the Man, 
More than his fettled Lifo and Plan : 
Thefo are the ftarts of inclination ; 
Thofe the mere glofs of Edvcation, 
Which has a woiid*rous kna^ at turning 
A Blockhead to a man of Learning $ 
And, by the helpof fixm and place. 
The child of Sin to babe of Grace. 
Not that it alters Nature quite. 
And fets perverted Reafon right. 
But, U|:e Hypocrify, conceals 
The very pafilions which flie foels { 
And daps a Vixor on hk free. 
To hide us from the World's dilgrace* 
Which* as the firft Appearance ftrikes* 
Approves of all things, or difllkes. 
Like^ fond fool with eager glee* 
Who fold his all, and put to fea* 
Lttr*d by the calm which foemed to (ktp 
On the fmooth furfi^eof the Den ; 
Nor dreamt its waves could proudly iHe» 
And tofs up nxmntains at theit|et. 

Appiaiancb is the only d|fav, 
A King*s a Wretch, a Wretch a Kh^. 
Undrefs them both— You King* f^Mt 
For once yon wear the beggar*8 dMdii I 
Onaths that will take in evenr air | 
— Blefrbe! theyfityontoaliair. 
Now you. Sir Vagrant, quickly doo * 
The robes his Majefty had on. 
And now, O Wokld, fo woodVuaiiliA^ 
Who fee i|jih fuch djfcemtng eyes* 
Put obftrvation to the Sttetcb, 
C oBKi.. wh idi it KIm, n^ wMch it Wretch? 

r £ O T 

Tocbetf tJSt World» 'the hardeft taik 

Is to be conftant to <mr Mafic 

IxtRmls make dired impreflions ^ 

Aad fliaiks are worn by all Profellions. 
What need to dwell on topics ftale ? . 

Of Paribos drunk with wine or ale ? 

Of Lawyers, who with face of brafs^ 

Fflr ieiraed Rhetoricians pafs ? 

OfSocatific Dolors big, 

Hi4 ID the pent-hottfe of their wig ? 

Wbo6 convedadon hardly goes 

iqvud half words, and hums 1 and Oh*s ! 

Of Scholars, of fuperior Tafttf 

^ cork it op /br fear of waftc, 

'Vor briqg one buCtJe from their {helvesy 

^ keep it always ibr themfelves f 

Wietthes like tbefe, my Soul difdains» 
Ad doubts their hearts as well as brains. 
Svpftfe a Neighbour flaould defire 
To l^bt a candle at your fire, 
Vould it deprive yxMtr flame of Lights 
Iccade aoodier profits by't f 

fiat ]routh muft often pay its Court, 
Totbcie^m»r Scholars, ^ri;^. 
Who life Qo hoarded r^uution, 
Whkh dares no rifqoe of Converfatioii» 
Aad fcoaft withm a ftore of Knowlcdgej 
Sti&xnt, Uefj us 1 for a College, ' 

^talce a prudent care, no doubt, 
That not a grain (hall ftraggle out $ 
^ are of wit too nice and fine, 
Toiinm their pearl and gold to Switu i 
Aarf thoefive, to prerent deceitt 
Thak e»cry Man a i/cjg they meet. 

Thde may 'perhaps as Scholars ihine, 
^ hang tiemfches out for a Sgn. 
^hat %nifiet a LJon*s fkin, 

V t conceals an Afs within ? 

Ef tho«>t a Lion* prithef roar; 

^ A^—bray once, and ftalk no more \ 

^ wtNs as well as Looks be wile, 

Efflcc is folly in Difguife 5 

IT^ (0 nrnch wifdom bottled up, 

Lacort aod give your friends a fup. 

What need your mtihgt thus to (ave ? * 
'V pl^e the I>JaI in the Crtftre ^ 
I % ftr Wit aod Reputation, 
^'to fneaks from all ComrounicatioQ. 
^iathepoft-hag, che&byjole, 
^^^ wftl go horn pole to pole, 
V^hawy ooncain a Wond^roua deal ; 
tit then they travd under feal, 
ad though they bear your wit about, 
ftvHo fun ever find it out, 
1 tmfty Wax fiiregoet its ufe, 
>d faa nBfri£ao*d meaning loofe ? 
Tet idle fhlly oltcn deems 
^llan iBttft be fiom what hefcems $ 
■if» 10 look a dwelling o*cr, 
«'4f»ao £wther than the Doort '^ 
Uatk yon toani Parlbn, fat and (leek, 
^pfBchea osdy once a Week, 
^Cbret, Sk(h, and Veo^foii join 
> aice SB trtAml§x Divine ; 
'hiCt BoliaeA retctves ita beauty 

V iacooie large, and little Duty ; 
^lofca the Pfpe, the.Glafs, the Smock, 
il hepa ■ Oumt for his Flock. 

Vot, VUI. 


Q A M S. 


{' The world, obfequious to his nod. 
Shall hail this oily man of God, 
While the poor priefl', with half a fcoie 
Of prattling infants at his Door, 
Whofe fober wtihas ne'er rVgale 
Beyond the hcmelyjug of Ale, 
Is hardly deemed companion fit 
For man of Wealth, or man of Wit, 
Though Ieam*d perhaps and wife as He 
Who figns with ttaring S. T. P. 
And full of facerdotal Pride, 
Lays God and Duty both afide. 

« This Curate, fay you, leamM and wile! 
'« Why does not then this Curate rife ?'• 

This Curate then, atforty-tAetf 
(Yean which become a Curacy) 
At no great mart of Letters bred, 
Had ftrange odd notions in his head. 
That Parts, and Books, and Application) 
Fumi(h*d all means of Edacadon 5 . 
And that a pulpiteer ihould know 
More than his gaping flock below ; 
That Learning was not got with pain. 
To be forgotten all again ; 
That Latin wonls, and rumbling Greekf 
However charming ibunds to fpeak. 
Apt or unapt in each Quotation, 
Were mfdrs oh a Congregation, 
Who could not underihmd one word 
Of all the learned ftuff they heard ; « 
That fomethfng more than preaching fine. 
Should go to nuJce a found divine ; 
That Church and Pray'r, and holy Sunday^ 
Were no excufe for finful M»nday \ 
That pio^s d(j(^rlne, pious Life, 
Should both make one> as Man and Wife. 

Thinking in this uncommon Mode, 
So out of all the prieftly road, 
What man alive can e*er fuppofe, 
Who marks thfc way PasrsKMBNT goes. 
That ihe fhould ever fin<i her way 
To this fwr Curatt^s houfe of clay ? 

Such was the Pricft, fo firangdy wife ! 
He could not bow— How (hould He rife ? 
Learned He was. and deeply read j 
-—But what of that .'—not duly bred. 
For he had fuck'd no grammar rules 
From Rdyal founts, or Public-fthools, 
Nor gained a fiogle Com of' Knowledge 
From that vsft Granary — 3 College. 
A Granary, which foo^ fupplies 
To vermin of uncommon Site. 

Aye, now indeed the Mat«-cr's dear, . 
There is a mighty error here. 
A public fchool*s the place alone. 
Where Talents may l^ duly known. 
It has, no doubt, its impcrfe^ons. 
But then, fuch Friend/hips. * fuch connexions t 
The Parent, who has formed his Plan, 
And in his Child confiderM Man, 
What is his grand and golden Rule ? ' 

<* Make yoiir connexions. Child, at School. 
<< Mix with your Equals, fly inferiors, 
** * But follow clofrly your Superiors ; 
*< On them your cv'ry Hope depends, , 
«* Be prudent, Tom, get m/^A Friends 5 
«< And therefore like a fpldcr wait, 
" And fpin your Web about the great. \ 

a C I 


X, X. Y 


*< If V^ Lari*s Genjut wiou rtippliety 
'« Why-^Yoo moft nuke hit Exerdfe. 
** Lee the yoong Atar^ take yoar PUcCy 
** And betr awhi|^ing foe his Grace, 
** Su{>pore (fach Things may happen oocc) 
<' The Noblet wits, and Y<ra theDoncei 
** Improve the meant of Education { 
'* And learn commodioot Adnlatioify 
** Yottr MafterfcarceljT holdt it 6n, 
*< l/« chucks his £^4^ «> the Chiiff 
** And woald not ibr the World reboket 
<< Beyond a pat, thefchool-boy Dvke, 
*< TKb Paftor there, of— — ^vrhat*s the Place f 
^< With froiles eternal in hit Face, 
** With diropUnc cheek* and fnowy hand, 
« Tlutt (hamet me whtteneft of his band | 
« Whofe miiKing DtaleO aboundt 
« In Hamt and Habs, and hUf fbrffi*d finmdtl 
** Whofe Elocution, ^ and chafte, 
** Lays his (ommdnds ^b judgment </«f/9 i 
*• And left the Company (hoold hear, 
•( Whifpers his Nothings in your Ear } 
«« Think you 'twas Zeal, or Virwe'sCare 
" That placed the /i«.T*iii5g Doftor there ? 
44 |^o.-.'twas Coonedidns fbrm*d at Scboof 
'** With (hme rich Wit, or noble Footi 
«< Obfequioos Flattery, md AttendantCi 
« AwilftU, tifeiiil, Iniib dcpendance | 
«< A fupple bowing of the Knees 
«< To any human Cod yoO pieafe. 
« (For true^good- breeding's lb /0i(ff, 
« *Twould*caU the very Deril white) 
*i *Twas watching others* (hifljng Will, 
•* And Veerihg to and firo with (kill ; 
«< Thefe were the means that m^e him rif6 
•< Mind your comnff'tota, iid be wife/* 

Methlnks I hear fon Tom reply, 
rU be a Bifliop by tod by. 

Connexions at a public School 
Will often ferve a wealthy Fool, 
By lending him a lettered Knare 
To bring him Credit, or to fairc $ 
And Knavery gets a pro6t r^/. 
By giving parts and worth idea/. 
The chil^ tKat marks this flaviA PI ini 
Will make his Fortune whtn a Man. 
While honeft WltTs ingenious Merit 
Bnjoys his pittance, and his fpirit. 

The Streitgth ^ public Education 
Is quickening Parts by t»*utATioii | 
JinA Emulation ^11 create 
In narrow minds a jealous ftatc. 
Which ftUled for acourfe^of Yearf» 
From want df Skin or mutual F«art, 
Breaks out in manhood with a teal, 
Which none but rital Wits can fetU 
For when good toeople Wits commencei 
They k>ie all other kind of ftnfej 
(The masim makes y^ fmile, I fee^ 
Retort it when you pieafe on ne )) 
One «^ter always bates another. 
As Emperors would kill a brother. 
Or Emprcfs Queen to rule alone, 
Pluck down aHufltand fmm the throne. 
When tir*d of Frtend(hip and alliance« 
Each fide fprings forwani to defiance^ 
Inveterate Hate and Refolution, 
Fagg9t and Fire and Pocfecttdo^ 

P O % ^ t. 

Is all thdr aim, and alt their Cry, 
Though neither fide can tell you why- 
To it they run like raliant Men, 
And flaih about them with their Pea* 

What Inldhed fprings from AltercatieB! 
What loppmgs off of Rq)Utalio« ! 
Vou might as foon bu£h liortny Weadier, 
And bring the North and South together, - 
As reconcile your lettered foes, 
Who come to all things bvt dty bkms. 
Your dcfpertte los«rs wan and pale, 
As needy culpihs in a j;ii!. 
Who mufe and doat, and pine, and die. 
Scorched by the light*ning of an eye, 
^For ladies' eyes, with ^al firoke, 
Will Waft the vericft heart of oak) 
Will wrangle; bicker, and complain. 
Merely to make it up again. 
Though fwain look glum, and mifs look fiery^- 
'Tis noUiing but dmatitimm int^ 
And all the progrels purely this— 
A frown, a pout, a tear, a kifs. 
Thus love and quarrels (Af^ weather) 
Like vinegar and oil together. 
Join in an eafy ndngled ftrife. 
To make the (allad up of 11^. 
Love fettles beft from altrrcationi 
As liquors afbr feitecntation. 

In a ftage-coach, with lumber cramm*d, 
Between two bulkv bodies jamm'd. 
Did you ne*cr vfrridie yourfelf about. 
To find the (oat and cufliion out ? 
How difagreeably you fit. 
With b— m ayfiy, and place unfit, 
Till fome kind jolt o'er ill-pav*d town, 
ShaU wedge you clofe, and nail you dowa> 
So fitrei it with yovr fondling dolts, 
And all love's quarrels are but jolts. 

When tiflFs arife, and words of ftrife 
Turn one to two in man and wife, 
(For that*s i matrimonii courie 
Which yoke-madrs muft go through pcrfbrse. 
And ev*ry married man is certain 
T'attend the ledure calPd the cmrttaa) 
Though not another word is faid. 
When once the couple are in bed : 
There things their proper channel ket^, 
(They make it op, and go to deep) 
Thefa falling in and fallings out. 
Sometimes with caufe, but moft wkhooty 
Are but the common modes of ftrifi^ 
Which oil the fpriflgs of married life. 
Where famenefs would create file feteetif 
For vftt fiufidhf ftrent. 

Obferve yon Jownj bed^*.^ make !t» 
You tofs the fisathers np and ihake it* 
So fondnefs fprings frots words ao4 fcdAf » 
As beds lie fmootheft after (hufllmf. 
But authors* wrsnglings will create 
The very quintefSmce of hate j ' 

Peace is a Iruitiefs vain endeavour. 
Sworn fi)e^ for once, they *it foes fiirficr. 
—Oh ! had itpleas'd my srifcr batters 
That I had Det<r tafted letters, 
Thennn Pamiflbn nj^gots bred» 
Like fiacies in t madman's head> 
No grafpbgs at an idle name, 
[Mo chUdlih hope^f future fame^ 

1 L O Y 

Ko lapoCeoce of wit had ta*tii 
Poflefi^ of my rnqfe-ftruck br^. 
Orlud my birth, with fortune fit, 
Vtfpt&'d the dunce, or made the wit ; 
I had not held a fhameful place, 
Vor letters paid mc with difgroce. 

—0 f for a pitcaoce of my own, , 
Hut I might live uoibught, unknown 1 
KctirM from all this peUant ftrife* 
Fv fnm the cares of butlMlng life ; 
Far from the wits, the fools, thegreat» 
Aad all the little world I l^te. 



lirHO£*£k for p'eafureplans a fchcme, 
VV.. Willfind it vamih like a dream, 

ASbrdiof noching foand or rcali 

Whtte luppiva if aU idtal ; 

Ingiicf, hi joy, or either fblen 

Facy win always antedate. 

And when the thpo^hti on evil pore. 

Anticipation makes it more. 

Thus while the mind ikitfmwrt tou, 

h cancels aU lUfrifoit eafe. 
li Pkafure^s Itheme the point m view j 

Hov eagerly we all purfoe ! 
Weil— Tuei<^rk th* appointed day i 

How (lowly wears the time away ! 
How dmll the interral between, 
Hovdafken'd o*er with cloods of fpleen. 
IKd not the mind unlock her treafure, 
; And ^y feed on promisM pleafure. 

Dili A furveys, uuth curious eyes, 
The ckradt colle^ed in the ikies ; 
WiAes no ftorm may rend the air, 
AodTii^Aiay may bt dry s«d fair j 
And I look roand, my boys, and pray, 
ThatTneiaay xiwy be holiday. 
Things doely fettled— what remains ? 
lo! Tiefday comes-^alas I it rains ; 
And all oor vifiooary fchemes 
Ha»t died away, like golden dreams. 

Once 00 a ttme, a ruitic dame, 
(Mo flatter for the lady*s name) 
Wrapt up in deep ima^nation, 
Indulged her pleafing contemplation ( 
While on a bench (he took her feat. 
And placed the milk-pail at her feet, - 
Oft in her ha^d (he chvnk*d the pence. 
The pnfits which aroie firom thence ) 
While food ideas fillM her bsain, 
Of layings up, and monftrws gain, 
Till every penny which (he told, 
Cieative funcj tum*d to gold | 
Aodre^feolag thoi from computatiofl| 
She fpoke aloud her meditation. 

" Pleafeheav*n but to preferven^ healthy 
*' No doubt I ihaU have (lore of wealth } 
** It vpoA of coofb^uence enfue. ^ 
'* I ftall have itore of lovers too. 
^^ Oh ! bow VU break their ftubbonhemSs 
<* Widi 41 ihe pride of fcmalf irt^ 

P. O S M 8* 

<< What Suitors then will kneel before mt, 

** Lordh Earlsf and n/coutitt fhall odjre me. 

** When in my gilded coach I ride, 

** My Lady at his Le^fp\ fide, 

" How will I laugh at all I meet 

*« Ciatt'ring in pattens down the (Ireet ! 

*' And LoBBiN then Til mind no more, 

*« Howe*er ] lov*d him heretofore ; 

'* Or, if he talks of plighted truth, 

'< I will not hear the fimple youth, 

" But rife indignant from my feat, 

« And fpum the lubberfrom toy fecK.,^ » 

AAiod, alas! the fpeaker*6 grace, 
Xe*er came in more improper place. 
For in the Xx^&jsg forth her (hoe, 
What fanci^ blifi the maid overthrew ! 
While down at once, with hkJcous ^1, 
Came lovers, wealth, and milk, and all. 

Thus fancy ever loves to roam. 
To bring the gay materiah home \ 
imagination forms the dream. 
And accident deflroys thefcheme. 



Til I BIT. AfK. SCOT. 

AMONQ S T you htpedt^ reputation 
Depends on Rank and Situfithm j 
And men increafe in fame and worth. 
Not from their merits, but their Birtk* 
Thus he is bom to live obfcure. 
Who has the fin of being poor ; 
While wealthy dullnefs lolls at eaie. 
And is as witty, as youpleafe. 
— « What did hit Ijfrifhif fay ?— 1 fint ! 
" The very Tdwig / Brow ! Dwine /*» # 

And then *iis buxsM from RMttt to Routf^ 
While ladies whifper it about, 
<< Well, Jprotefl, a charming hit 1 
« His Lordjhip has a deal of wit : 
<< How elegant that double fenfe ! 
'« Ftrdtpout / Hiaplyfft* t tmmtnfe /" 
When all my lord has faid or done. 
Was but the Iftt'mgoff a pun. 

Mark the f^ C^, M^fe good roun^fum. 
Amounts at lead ^ h^lf a Plumti 
Whofe chariot whirls him up and down 
Some three or four miles out of town \ 
For thither fbber folks repair, ** 

To take the |>i^ which they call air. 
Dull /oily (not the wanton wild 
Imagination's younger child) 
Has taken lodgings m his face. 
As finding that zv/fc^nt place. 
And peeking from Mt windows, tells 
To all beholden, where (he dwells. 
Vet once a week, this purfe«proud dt J 
Shall Me the failles of a wit. 
And after ev*ry Sunday's dinner. 
To prieilly faint, or city finner. 
Shall tell the (bnr o'er and o'er, 
H'as told a thouuad times befbre | 

196 Lloyd's 

Like gametlersy who, with eager xeal» 
Talk the game o*er between the de«]. 

Mark 1 how the fools and knaves admire 
And chuckle with their Sunday Yquire: 
While he looks pleas'd at ev'ry (ueft, 
And laughs much louder than the reft ) 
And cackling with inceflant grin, 
Triples the DoukU of his chin. 

Birth, ranks and wealth* have wond'rous (kill \ 
Make iKitt and State/men when they will ; 
While genins holds no edimation, 
From luc|defs want of SittidtioH j 
Andy if through clouded fcenes of liie» 
He takes dame poverty to wife» 
Howe*er he work anil tcise his brain, 
Jiu pound of wit fcarce weighs a grm9 j 
While with his LBrdJIuf it abwndi^ 
And one light grain fwellsout iofeundi. 
Receive, good fir, wrth afft€t kind* 
This wanton laiUp of the mind j 
But, fince all things incrrafe in worthy 
Proportioned to their rank and biith ; ' 

Left you (hould think the letter bafc* 
While J fupply the poet's place, 
V\\ tell you whence and what I am. 
My Breed, my Biood, my Sre, my Dsm, 

My Sire was Pindar*i Esile, taa 
Of Pegafta of Hvlicon i 
My Dam, the Bi^pograph, which whirr4 
w^//4o to the lunar world . 
Bc^th highrbred things o( mettled k/oodf 
The beft in all AroLLo*s ftnd. 

Now CaiTics here would bid mefpca]( 
The 01.0 horfe language, that is. Creek '^ 
For HoMSB made us talk, you know, 
Almoft three tfaouland vears ago i 

And men of Tafie uid Judgment riMiy 
Allow the paflage is di-vine, 

TAef were fine mettled things indeed, 

And of peculiar ftrength and breed ; 

What kapsthcy took, how far and wide ! 

— TheyM take a country kt a ftride. 

How great each leapi Lovginus knew» 

Who firomdimenfions ta*en of two, 

Afiirms, with equal ardour whirld, 

A third, good lord 1 would ^lear the worl4« 
But till fome learned wight ihall il^ 

If j^ents MUST beusM^ or no, 

A doubt, which puzzles all the wife 

Of i^t and of pigmy fi'e> 

Who Mufte their time, and fancies vex 

With ajfer, ien'u, iircymfiex, 

And talk of m^rk and punduation, 

As *twere a matter of faivation } 

For when your pigmies take the pea 

They fancy they grow op to Men, 

And think they keep the world in awe 

Bv brandiilang a very Strenoi 

Till they nave clear*d this weighty dotfht« 

Which they'll be centuries about. 

As a plain nag, in homely phrafe, 

1*11 ttfe the language of our days ; 

And, for thn firft and on)^ time, 

Juft d^pkea tr$t In eafy rhhne. 

Nor ift it ^k your thought or fig^ 

That thus a ^uadniptd (hould w. ite ^ ' 

Read but the ptpeny and you'll fee . 

More prodigies of wit thaoi me | 

P O E M 8. 

Gmprt mm and ^fsrro^m taught todaocr, 
By monfieur Pafferat from Fra'-^c j ■ 
The/<4rWdog, the /^tfrwJ maie, 
The /earned bird, the iearred hare ) 
And all vet fa/ki§Hable too. 
And play at cards as well as you. 

Of paper, pen, and ink pofleis'd, » 

With facultierof writing Weft, 
Why (hould not I then, H9vmylm bred 
lA word that muft bey^ai, not faid) 
Rid you of all that anxious cart, 
Which good folk fixl for good and fair. 
And which your looks betray *d indeed. 
To more dliceming eyes of fteed \ 
When in the (hape of uieful liacky 
I bore a poet 00 my back ? 

Know, fafeJy rode my mafter*s bride» 
The bard before her fi>r «y guide. 
Yc think not, fir, his awkward care 
Enfured proCte^on to the fair. 
No— confdous of the price I bore^ 
My wayward fbotfteps dipt no more. 
For though I fcom the Po4t\ (kill, 
My miftrefs guides me where (be will. , 

Abfhrad in wuod'rous fpeculatioaK 
hcA in laborious meditatkm, 
As whether 'twould promote SubBme 
If Silver could be patr'd in rhyme} 
Or, as the word w jwetter tune^ 
MunAk might be clink*d mftcad of mDoa 9 
No wonder poets hardly know 
Or what th^ do, or where they go. 
Whether they ride or walk the ftreet. 
Their kesdi are always on their /etf \ 
They now and then may get aftride 
Th' tdeal Pegafus, and ride 
Pr^ig'mt journeys round a room, 
As boys nde cock-horfe on a broom* 

Whether Acro/lia teisc the brab. 
Which goes a hunting words in vaio> 
(For words moft eafitalfy fin, 
Unlefs their letters right begin.) 
S ince how to man or woman's nattet 
C ould you or I Acroftic firtme. 
O r malee the)f«nMr letters join, 
T o form the word Oiat tells wUme, 
Unlefs we'ad righ mktals got, 
S, C, O, T, and fo made Scot f 
Or whether lZ<iiri, RiddU^t hro(htr 
(Both which had Dullnbss for thdr mother) 
Employ the gentle poet's care. 
To celebrate fome town or fair. 
Which all ad nhitm he fiits 
f or ^ to pic]( it up by bits» 
Wluch bits together plac'd, will frame 
Some cky*8 or fome lady^s name ; 
As when a worm b cut in twain, 
)t joins and is a worm again i 
Wken thoughts^ weighty, fr tntenfe. 
Above the reach of ,c6mmoo fenfe, 
Diftraft aisd twirl the mind about, 
Which fiiin would hammer fbiiiethi«f out i 
A kind difcharge relieves the aindy 
As folks are eas'd by breaking D^ f 
\Vhatever whims or msiggoti bred 
Take place of fenie ki poet's head. 
They fix themfelves without coatrwl, 
lyhtre'cr its (ctt it on the finil. 

L L O Y d'S 

V O X M 


TbcDf like your headiea Jdoh, we 
Hne tya indeed^ but cannot fee. 
(M^t, for I take the poet*s part. 
Aid fbrmjr blood, am BarJ at heart) 
Fvia refleftioa deep imraerily 
Ute man mufe-bitteo and ie-verfi^ 
Xe|kaful of externals all, 
Will roshii head ^ainft awaU> 
Walkt throaghf river as it flows, 
Kor fee the bndge before his nofe. 

Aie things like tbefe equeftriansfit 
TooMUtthe bvk of ii^ed tit ? 
Aie-but ftsewell, for here comes Boh, 
Kfd 1 moft fcnre fome hackney job } 
htxk kvcm, or, for recreation, 
Tra^ the banl to oor Pistathm* 

l3er«tJQiDscooipCs with Bumam Bladi,