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Full text of "The Works of Shakespear: In Six Volumes"

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>fH7o 1 

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iV V O L U M E the T H I R r 




f Ptimed tot J. 2ni P. KiuMrni, 5. Birt, T. Imgmait, 
I Ji. Linutt C. Ujubj 7. BnnJJtJy 7. and *. Ten/m ajid 

I S. Drtfr, S.uidB.irimnglin,S.Nta, toiB.DKl. 


ciqiiiodt, Google" 

PLAYS cmtaiifd in this Vthme. 

Kino LEAR. 
. KiiMi JOHN. 


Hivo HEKkrvtivuti 

Kino HEN'rT IV. Part II. 
Kmo UENRry. 

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LEAR, King of Britain. 

Xi«S of France. 

Duiu e/" Burgundy. 

Hake of Cornwall. 

Httie of Albany. 

iS«r;»/Glo'fter. ~ ' '■ i' 

£»•;»/ Kent. 

Edgar, Sm to Glo'fler. 

Edmund, Bq^d Son to Glo*fter. 

Curan, c Courtier. ' , ,' 


Ofwald, Sl»»n/»Gonerill. 
A eld Muiy Tenant to Glower* 
TvfO Gentlemen, Servantt to Glo'fter. 


RegaiK ^ ^ ■Dw^i^ta't /» Lear, 

CordeUa,] •'.:;_ 1 

Xn^iti Modag en the Bm, C§cen, Meffei^m, 
Solditrt and Juadmtt. 

' S C E N E ^« i» Britain. 


ciqiEodt, Google 


A C T L S C E N E I. 

SCENE A PtilMi. 
Mmir Keat, Glo'ficr, mi Edmund llx Bafiuri. 

K I H T. 


El Hioqghc th^ King had more aflcacd the 
' Ddkat^ Aliany thv\ Qomw^. 
-* Gk. It did always feetn lb to uj: but now 
- in the divifion of the kingdom, it appeara 
• not which of riic Dukes he values men ; for. 
qualities are fi) weigh'd, that cuhdiiy in neither can nuke 
dxHce of either*s moiety. 
Km. Is DOt this your ton, my Lord ? 
Gie. His breeding, Sir, hath been at my charge. I 
btve fo often bluQi'a to scknowled^ him> diat now I 
am bniz'd to't. 
KtHt. I cannot copceive you. 

Glo. Sir, this young fellow's mother could ; wfaereupon 
llie grew nMind-womb'd, and had indeed. Sir, a fbn for 
ba cradle, ere Ihc had a husband for her bed. Do you 
findl a fault i 

KfKt. I cannot with the fault undone, the iflue of ic 
beiflg fb pr^)er, 
Qa. But I hare a fon. Sir, by order of law, fome 
A3 * 'yean 

ciq mod t, Google 

6 Km^ L^AB.. 

* 'ytars^ dder than this, who yet is ao dearer in my ac- 
count i though this knave came fomewhat Eiwcily. * 'iqui^ 
the world before he was fent for, yec was his mother ffir, 
thefe was good (pan at his nuking, and the whorfoa 
muft be acknowledg'd. Do you know th^ nt^lenlu], 
Edmund f 

Ajff. No, my Lord. 

GA). Myjjordo'f AfflA 
Remember him hereafter as my honourable friend. 

Bafi. My fervica tp your Lprdfljip,. 

Kent. I mull love you, and fue to know you better. 

Bafi> Sir, I Hull w^y your delcrFiog^ . - (a{^in. 

Ghi He hath been ode nine years, and away he ihaU 
The King is coming. 

s c 5;. N E n. 

To tienif Eater Kit^ Lear, Coravall, Albany, GoneriU, 
Regan, Corddia, and Attendants. 
Lear. Attoid the Lords of R'onee kd^ Bwrgmif. 
GIo. Iflia]I,"my Liege. [Exil^ 

Lear. Mean time we fhaU ei^itt& our ^ker purpoje. ^ 
Give me tho Map here. Know, we have diridcd 
In three, oar kingdom i and 'tis o&r intent. 
To Ihake all cares and bufinels from our ag^ ,> 

Conferring them on younger ftrengths, wMle we 
Unburthen'd crawl tow'rJ death. Our ftn ^ CanmMSp 
And you,' our no lels loving ion of Jilhi^t 
We have this, hour a conftant will to publifti ' 
Our daughters fev*ral Dow'rs, that future ftrife 
May be ^ 'prevented.'' The Princes france and SurpH^t 
.Qct^t rivals in our younger daughter's love. 
Long in our Court have made their am'rous Iqoum, 
Aod here are to be aRfweHd. Tell me, daughKrst 
Since now we will diyeft us, both of rule, 
Int'reft of territory, ♦ 'and cares^ of ftaai ; 
Which of you fiiail we fay doth love us moft ? 

\ jew « to 3 prcventetl now. 4 am 

ciq mod t, Google 

That we our brgefi bounty may exteaci 

"Where nature dodi witb merit challenge. OmriU 

Our eldefl born, fpcak grft, 

GoM. I love you* Sir, 
Dearer thta eye-right^ Qjac^ ami liberty^ 
Beyond what can be valijed ridi or rare } 
No lefi thao life, with grace, health, bcauty» boooiir: 
As much as child e'er lov'd, or iath«- found. 
A love that makes breath poor, and ^>ecch untble^ 
Beyond all Bianner of io much X love you. 

Cor. What fhall Cordtii* do ? love and be lilent. [^. 

Lear. Of all thefe bounds ov*h from this line to duv 
With ffaadowy forcjh and with cbampkms rich'df 
With ploiteoua rivcra vd wide-skirted roeadt. 
We toake thee JUdy. To thine and Ma^i illbf 
Be this perpetual*'— What £iys our Jccoad daughter, 
Our deareft Regmt mfo of CerwwaS? fpeak. 

Reg. Vm made of that felf-mctal as my fiOer, 
And prize mc at her worth. In my true Heart 
I fioa Ibe names my very deed of jovei 
Only Ihe comes too fluMt, that I profefi 
My felf an enemy to all oijier joya, 
Which the laoft precious ' 'Tpirit'' of fcnfe foy^^^?. 
And find I am alone felicitate 
In your dear Highnela' love. 

Cor. Then poor Cordelia! 146^- 

And yet not fo^ fince I am Aire my lor^a 
More pond'rous than my tongue. 

Leiv. To thee, and liunt^ hereditary crer. 
Remain this ample third of our &ir kingdom^ 
No lefi in fpace, validity, and plea£ice. 
Than that conrer*d on QtfieriU. — Now ouf joy. 
Although our hft, not leaft j ' 'in^ whc^ yOung lor^ 
The vines of FrtaOy and milk of Burgnn^^ 
Strive CO be int*n:&*d : what lay you todtaw 
A third, more opulent than yow fifters f ^lealc 

Cor, Nothing, my Lord. 

A 4 Zmt. 

ciq mod t, Google 

8 King LeaX. 

Lear. Nothing? ~ 

Cer. Nothing. 

X/ur. Nothing will conse of nothing, fpeak aftpia. 

Cor. Unhappy that I. am, I cannot heave 
My heart into my mouth : I love your Majefty 
According to my bond, no mcHV nor lefs. 

Lear. Hew, hovr, CordeUaf mend your Ipeecb a little. 
Left you may mar your fortunes. 

Cor. Good my Lord, - 
You have b^ot me, bred me,- Iov*d me. I 
Return thole duties back as are right fi^ 
Obeyyou, love you, andmoft honour you. 
Why have my lifters husbands, if they fay. 
They love you all ? haply when I (hall wed. 
That Lord whole hand nraft take my plight, ftnll carry 
Half my love with him, half my care and daty. 
Sure I Inall never marry like my Hfters, 
To love my father all— — 

Lear, But goes thy heart with this? ■ 

Cor. Ay, my good Lord. . 

Lear. So young, and lo untender } 

Cor. So young, my Lord, and true. 

Lear. Let it be fo, thy truth then be thy dowre : 
For by the facrcd radiance of the fun. 
The piyftcrics of Hecate^ and the night. 
By aU the operations of the orbs 
From whom we do euft, and ceafe co bei 
Here I difclaim all my paternal care, 
Propinquitv, and property of blood, 
Ana as a ftrariger to my heart and me 
Hold thee, from this for ever. The barb'rous Seytbinit • 
Or he that makes his generatiiMi mefles 
To gorge his appetite, fhall to my bolbm 
Be as well neighbour'd, pitied, and rclicvM, 
As thou my fometime daughter. • 

Keet. Good my Ucge^ 

Lear. Peace, Keatf 
Come not between the dragon and his wrath. 

I lovM 

ciq mod t, Google 

Kh^ Lea«. 9 

I lov*d ber mofi, and thought to let my reft 

On her kind nuitfry. Hence, avoid ray fight— [Ttf Cor. 

So be my grave my peace, as here I give 

Her bthci's heut from her ; Call Fraiut ; who Sdnt 

CaW Burgutidf ~— CormoaU and Albarf^ 

With my two daughters dowres, digeft- the third. 

Let pride, which flic calls pUinncls, marry her. 

I do iovcft you joindy with my power, 

Prchemincnce, and all the lar^ efiefts 

That troop with M^dly. Our felf by mtnthly cour^ 

Widi lefenration of an hoodred Knights, 

By you to be faftain'd, fhall our abode 

Make with you by due turris : only retaitr 

The name aiid all th* addition to a King; 

The fway, revenue, execution, - 

Beloved fons, be yours i- which to confirm 

This Coronet part between you. [Gftu^ the O-gwii 

Xait. Royal Lear, 
Whom I have ever honour'd as my King, 
Lov'd as my fajha, as my mailer foUow'd, 
And as my patron thought on in my pray*rs<^ 

Lear. The bow is bent and drawn, make from thelhafd 

Kent. Lei it ^1 rather, chough the fork invade 
The region of my heart ; be Kmi unmannerly. 
When Lear is mad : what would'ft thou do, old man ? 
Thii^'ft thou that duty Ihall have dread to fpeak 
When pow'r to Batt'ry bows? to plainnels Hofloor 
Is boimd, when MajeAy to folly falls. 
Refcrve thy State ; with better judgtJient check 
This hideous raOinels i with my life I anfwer. 
Thy youngell daughter does not love thee leaft. 
Nor arc thofe empty>hearted, whofe low Ibund 
Keverbs no hollownels. 

Leer. Kent^ on thy life no more. 

Kent. My life I never held but as a pawn 
To wage againft thy foes ; nor fear to lole l^ 
Thy lafety being the motive. 

Lear. Out oimy fight! 


ciq mod t, Google 

l^t. Seo bKler, Z«w vA let qui fttU rcmtia 
Thr tncbUnk of ^ine «ye. 

Lear'. Now t»y 4Po ii0 ^' •<• 

JLga, Nov ^y .<^«. Kipg, 
Thou fwear*ft thy Gods in rsifl. 

Lear^Q\!aS^i mikr^wtir'-'^. 

jllh. Com, De^r Sir* ferbev. 

Kent., Kill thy dKyftcJan, ijid Ay fee beftov 
UpHH thf iod 4i(qa^ i revobe thy doan. 
Or whilft I can ycnt clamour £rom my throat, 
]*il tell thee thou doft cvU. 

Z^w^-Hcar mc* recreant \ 
Since thou haft-ftiught to nuke t» break our tov, 
"Which we durft never yet ;■ and wdth ftrain'd |vidia^ 
To come bctw^t our fentence ui^ our power, 
AVhi^h nor our nature nqr our pkKX can beari 
Oiir potency made good, take thy reward. 
Five days we dp aUoC thee for provifion, . . , , 

To fhield the$ from difalters (^thcLWorid, 
And on thclixth to turn thy hated back 
Vpon ovr kitigdom ; if the tenth day following 
Thy banig)'^ vuctk be found in our doainions. 
The mompM ia tbty death : away I By J^Utr 
l^tA.&alt Qot be rerok'd. 

Kent. Fve Ukc w^, King ; flth thus tbod wilt ^pwy 
Freedom Uv« hence, and banifiuncnt is hov > 
The Gods to their d«u fhdter take thee, maid, \To Cor, 
That juftlv; ihif^ft^ aod haft tooft rightly &d 1 
And yourlafge Tpccches may yoir d«ds ^iprofe ! 

[To Gon. and Rt^ao. 
That gxidefibaatnayrpFing from words of love: 
Thus&nt/, O Princes, bids youalladieu. 
He'll flupe his okl ccurfe in a country new. IZtdt. 


ciq mod t, Google 

S C E N E ifr. 

Eater GW&tXf mtbFmvx oM^Bufgaivljr, tmj Jttmdmn: 
Gla, Here's Ff-oiet and'£«r?im^, my ooble iiord. 
Lear. My Lorf of J«^h»^, [ 

We firrt addrefi toVrd you, who vith thU ^n^ 
Have rivaird for our daughteri whajt at leati 
Will you require in prcfent dowre with her» 
Or c^c your queft of love? 
Bur. MoQ royal Majefty, 
I crave no'more than wh^C your Hi^hnds P^df 
Not will you tender kfi. 

Lear. Ri^ht pohle Biirgu»4ti 
When fhe was dear to us we held her lb. 
But now her price is fairn : Sir, there (he ft^odf) 
If ought within that little ftcnung fiibftapcc, 
Or all of it with our difplearurc piec'd. 
And nothing more, may fitly like yoqr GI^eef 
She'i there, aqd Ihe is yours. ~ : 

Bur. I know no anfwer. 
Lear. Will you with thofc iofirpiitics flw QWflS, 
Unlricndcd, new-adopted to our h«te, 
Dowr*d wi^ our curfe, and ftranger'd with our oatl^ 
Take her, or leave her ? \. , 

Bp: Pardon, royal Sir. 
£le£tion makes not up on fuch conditions, [iru^ 

Lear. Then leave her. Sir i for by the bovV that Oi^e 
I teil you all her wcajth,— Por you, ^^t King, [Ta.FrviiCi, 
I wouki not from your love makcTuch a Ariy^ 
To match you where I hate i therefOTc betecph ytyt 
T* avert your liking a more vorthy way 
Than on a wrctct> whom nature i^ aftuun*4 
Aimoft t' acknowledge hers. ,■ 

France. This is moft ftrangcl 
That Ihe, who ev'n but now was, your bc& ol^ed^ 
Your praife's argument, balm of your a^e, ^ 

DcvW ^ bcft, fiiould in this trice of time 

ciq mod t, Google 

»3 Ja^ Lear. ■ 

Commit a thing (Qmonftmis, to diTmuitle 

So many folds of favour! fire tli" offence 

MulE be of fuch unnatural degree, 

,''As^ monfters.iti oryour fore-TOocht affiraion 

Could not fall into taint i which to believe 

Of her muft be a faith • 'feafon without 

A miracle^ Ihould never plant in me 

Cir. lyetbefeechyourMajeiiy, (if'.'fo'' 
I want that glib and oily art, to fpeafc " 
And purpofe not, fincc what I well intend, 
rU do't before I fpeak) that yoo make known 
It IS no VICIOUS blot, murthcr, orfoulneE, 
No luchalte aSion, or dillionour'd Itep, 
That hath depriv-d me. of your grace and favour i . 

?"i.'^^,!-'*' """' °f ""'■ '<"■ which I'm richer. 
A Kill folhciting eye, and fuch a tongue. 
That 1 am glad I've not, though not to have it 
Hath loft me in your liking. 

Ltar. Better thou ■ 
Hadft not been born, than not have pleas'd me better 

Fract. Is it but this? a tardinefi in nature, 
Which often leaves the hiftory unfpoktf 
That it intends to do ? my Lord of BuniaJ, 
What fay you to the Lady Move's not love 
When it is mingled with regards, that ftand 
Alo<)f from th- intir? point. Say will yoo have her ? 
She IS her fcif a dowry. 

Bur. Royal King, 
Give but that portion which your felf propos'd 
And here I take Cordelia by the hand, ■ 

Dutchds of Burgumfy. 

Lear. Nothing — I've fwoi-n. 

Bur. I'm forty then yoii have lb loft a &ther 
That you muft lole a husband. * 

Cer. Fan be with BurgiaJf, 
Since that lefpnfb of fortune are hii love, 
1 ffaali not be his wife. 

■7'nut ithalretfonwilliootininele' sS, , hr """• 

ciqiiiodt, Google 

IGng Lfar.- >} 

Ftami. Faireft Cordeliay that art moft rich, being poor, 
Moft choice, fbrfaken ; and moft lov'd, defpis'd ! 
Tha and thy virtues here I feize upon, - 
Bc'c lawful I take up what's caft away. 
Gods, Gods I 'lis ftrange, that from their cold'ft n^efl: . 
My love (hould kindle to enflam'd refpe^ 
Thy dowrclcfi daughter, King, thrown to my chance, , 
is Queen of us, of onrs, and our fair Frante: ■ 
Not all the Duices of wat'rifij Burgutufy 
Can buy this unpriz'd precious nuid of me. 
Bid them farewd, Cordelia, though unkind j 
Xhou lofcft here, a better where to find. 

Lear. Thou laft her, France^ let her be thin^ &r we 
Have no liich daughter, nor Amll ever fee 
That face of hers again ; therefore be gone 
Withoutourgrace, our Jove, our benizon: 
Conic, aobk BurguaJf* IFlouriJb, Exeunt Lcax aad Barg,^ 

S C E N E IV. 

Jraiue. Bid &rewel to your fifters. 

Or. Ye jewels of our father, vridi wafh'd eyes 
Qtrdelia leaves yoo : I know what you are, 
And like a fifier am moft loth to call 
Your faults as they are nam'd. Love well our fadier : 
To your profelGng bofbms I commit him } 
Bittyet, aias, ftood I vithin his grace, 
I would prefer him to a better place. 
So iarewel to 70a both, 

Reg, Prefcribe not us our. duty. 

Go». Let your ftudy 
Be to content your Lord, who hath received you 
At fortunes alnu ; you have obedience fcantcd, ' ~ 
And well are worthy to want that you have wanted. 

Cor. Time Ihall unfold what plaited ainning. hid^ 
Who "covo'd'' faults at hft with Ihame derides. 
Wdtnuyyou profper! 

France. Come, my ius OrdeUa. [ExeimtFimceaiidCor. 

a coTcn S C £1^ E 

ciq mod t, Google 

14 f^ Lear; 

S C E N E V. 

Gon. Sifter, it is not littte Prt to fay. 
Of whatmoft nearly appertains to us both; 
Iihtnk oar father will go hence to-night. 

Reg. That's certain, and with you i Atict tnmith with 

Gen. Too fie how fiill of changes his age U, the obleN 
vatbn we have made of it hath not been httte; he alwaVl 
lor'd our fifter moft, and with what poor judgment bi 
hath now cafi her c^, appears too grofly. 

R^. *Tis the infirmiiy of his age; yet he hath evtt 
bat (Elderly known tiimfelf. 

Gm. The beft and foundeft of his time hath been bbt 
nlh) thai muft we look fiom his u;e to receive not.alone. 
the ioipcrfedions of long-engraftea condition, but there- 
widud the nnraly waywardnds> that inGrm and dukxick 
years bring with them. 

Reg. Such unconfhnt ftarts are we like to hare from 
him, as this of Kaifx banifimiene. 

Gon, There is farther compfement oi lov^-taking be- 
tween *'£»2K«4i'^ and him j pray your iet usfittogcthetj 
if our bther carry authority, with fuch difpofitioa as be 
bear^ diis 1^ liirrender of his wilt but oSaad us, 

Reg. We IhtU farther think of it. 

Con, V/c muft da fbmechin^ and IT th'heat. {Exttmli 

S C E N E VI. 

jt CaJiU ielof^ing to the Earl af Ob'iUr. 
Enter Biftard vitb a ktttr. 
fiij^.npHou, Nstun, art my Goddcfi, to thy I«r 

'> My Icrvins are bound \ wherefore uouM I 
Stand «'co^ the {tlague of cufion, aad permic 


ciq mod t, Google 

Kh^ Leax* f j 

The ' 'oewtefjr^ of fiMiDiis to deprnc ftic) 

For that I am foiiK twelre or ftxirnun moohfhiiKi 

IJ^ of a brother ? * ^ 'and why bqfiard? hafe f\ 

'Wbca mjr dioaenlions are as wkl anafa&t 

My mind as gen'roiis, aod my flupe as tnn. 

As honeft Madam^ iflue? why faraiiid they us 

With bafee vith bafends ? bafiaidy? baft, btlK? 

Who in tbe laftyfleahh of nature, oke 

}fian eofnpefltkm tfnd fierce quality, 

Thaa doth widiin a dull, flale^ tired bed. 

Go to creating a whole tribe of fota^ 

^'tweeaa-Sccp and wake? ' 'Well then, good brdlhir,^. 

I^girtmate ft^tfr, I mull have year Imd^ 

Owt father's Iota is to the bafiard EAmm3, 

As to th* le^rimatei fine word >— legitimate < ■■"" 

Wdl, my l^idmate, if this lettsr fbeed 

And my inventioa thrlvct EJmmd Ok Infe 

SfialI*'toe'-i>th* l^timatt: I grow, ipro^V 

Now, Gods, fland up for baftards I 

?« him, tuter GkfiiiF. 
■ CJk JCfMf b«nilh*d thus! and ^mee tn choler pamdl 
And the King gOM (o-n>ghtt fuUcrH/d his pow'r, 
CufinM to exhibition I all is gooe 

^ Edmdnf // ;(/r/ tiwigbi^g tigainJI the ^rijiy't/fi^tm ^viiieb 
hffHimtatmiiAinS iltflanett, tn* itlit^ rtfptff ta jmatger brathfrt, 
Ittttttf wnft rtA*S twiafiUfdi. !» t6i fiiHnf hr mtfl nattt aitihf* 
/hait^MfaMhade^tblmAhthtala ia iht fixfi f*rJfHf iat midrdklg 
A a tMMua mo/t ^J^tuh f Mptfi tit tafi hir eviM, »U mt im it* 
*ma ftffi* tt tXtLi«t agttin/l lit anrtafiKailm^i a»il iiyt/ict 9/ iht 
ffc'«f.* tbt arnmtnt ilmt itetmts gnml' imff/ing ttarl lUflM is/aiJ', 
wtmtir wJwMiiTe fiuald I or My maa (fe. 

{b) Ji the tnading iipoa anMkBr't hecii ■/«« ix^rt^u afid tafyM0 
tttMtgnt//ar htbinJhimifi f* toe anttbir utm t» tvm t^M 
tmd At i^»» tvtM gnwrnd with aim. 

5 tfiitiuflty . . . §U tiit. TStaB. tmtnd, 

6 Why hafiarif wherefore h, 
y WcU then, S to «r be 

^jr i»fiardt wherefore J0/>r 

ciq mod t, Google 

'i6 KhigLiiATL. . 

Upon the ^ ! — EJmund, haw now ? what news ? 

Ba^. So pleafe your Lordfliip, none. 

[Putiii^ vp the Utter. 

Glo. Why & eameftly leek you to put up that letttr? 

£^. I kQOw no. news* my Lord. 

Glo. What paper were you reading? 

B^. Nothing, my Lord. 

Glo. No 1 what needed then that terrible difpatch of it 
into your pocket ? the quality of nothing hath not fuch 
need to bicle itfdf. Let's ice ; come, if it be nothing, I 
Jhall not need fpedrades. 

Bafi. IbefcechyDu, Sir, pardon met it is a letter 5om' 
my brother, that I have not all o'er-read % and for fo 
much as I have peras'd, I find it not fit for your o*er- 

Ch. Give me the letter, Sir. 

Bafi. I fhair ofiend, either to detun, or give it; the 
contents,, as in part I underlland them, are to blames 

Glo. Lees" fee, let's fee. 

Bafi. I hope, for my brother's juftification, he wrote 
this but as an eSyj or tafte of my virtue. 

Gla reads.} 'This polity » 'in^ reverenct of age nukes the 
world bitter to the- befiofeur times ; keeps our fortunes from 
■I, *tiUour oldsufs caiaiot reli/b tbem. Ibe^n to Jim an 
idle and fond honaage in the oppreffion of aged tyraaty % which 
fcDOfSf not as it i^b power, but of it is fuffered. Come t» 
mtf that of this I naj fpeak mere. If our father would JUep 
'till I wak'd him, youfiouid enjff/. half his revenue for ever, 
end live the heloved of your hrotber. Edgar. ——Hum — 

Confpiracy! Qecp'till I wake him ^— you fliould 

enjoy half his revenue My fon Edgarf had he a hand 

to write this! a heart and a brain to breed it in! When 
came this n> you? who brought it? 

£i^. It was not bro^c me, my Lord ; there's the 
cunning of ic I found it thrown in at the cafement o£ 
my clofet. 

Gh. You know the charafter to be your brother's ? 

9 *"•' 


Ba^. If the matter were good, my Lord, I durft fwcar 
it were his; but in rcTpeA of that, I would £un think it 
•were not. 

Gh. Itis his. 

B/^. It is his hand, my Lord r I hope his heart ts act 
in the contents. 

Gb. Has he never before 'fbonded you in thislwfinefi? 

B^. Never, my Lord, ftit Ihaye heard hirti oft 
muntain it to be fit, that ^ 'fons being at'* perfeft age, and 
fadicrs declining, the &ther IhouM'be at a ward to the 
loD, and the fed manage htrrerenoe. 

Gle. OTJIkin, viilftin! his wfy opinion in the letter. 
Abhorred ril/ain! unnatural, deteftcd, ,bruti(h villain! 
worfc than bnitilh ! Go, Sirrah, Ink him i I'll iqiprchend 
htm. Abominable villain I where is hep , 

j9^.. I do not well know, myljDrd} if it ihall pleale 
you to /ii/pend your indignation againfl: my brother, 'till 
you can derive from him better tellimony of his intent, 
you Ihould run a certain courf? ; where, if you violently 
proceed againft him, miftaking his puipole, it would 
make a great ^p in your honour, and unke in pieces the 
iieart of his obedience, I dare pawn down my life for 
him, that he hath writ this, to feci my afl«£tion to your 
fKKKMir, and to no otiier pretence of danger. 

Gie. Thmk you fof 

Bafi. If youT boaour judge it meet, ! will place you 
where you {h^l hear us confer of this, and by an auricular ' 
aOunnce have your iatiifadioa, and that without any fur-. 
tber dehy than this very evening. 

Gh. Hecannotbefuch amonfter. Mdimmi, feelc him 
out; windme into him, I pray youj frame the bulinels 
after yam own wifdom. 1 would ungate my felf, to be 
ia a due rclblution. 

Btjli. I wHI (eek him, Sir, prefently, convey the bu- 
fioels as 1 flull find means, and acquaint you withal. 

Glo. Thefc late eclipfes in the llin and moon portend 

00 gpod to us ; though the wifdom of * 'mankind^ can 

Vol. III. B " leafon 

t ibiu at i DatUT« 

ciq mod t, Google 

1 8 King Lear; 

reafbn it duts and thu^. ;ct luture 6ad» tc felf CoQui^d by 
the fequent effcfU* Love cools, friead/hip falb o^ br&- 
then aivide. In cities, mutinies-, in ccxmtries, difcord; 
in palaces, trealbn} and the bond crack'd 'twin fan vid 
fatha. This villain of mint comet under the prediction, 
there's Ion againft fother i the King ^lls from biaia (^ 
nature, there's father agaJnft child. We have fecn the 
beft of our time. Machinations, bollowneis, treachery, 
and all niincuu diforden* .follow us difijuictly to our 
craves. Find out tto villain* EtimuHd; it fliall loje 
uiee nothing, do It carefully -.^-.and the 0(^}le and tru&- 
hearted Ktnt baiu&'d ■' bis ofience, HoneOy. 'Tts ftrange. 


Safi, This is Ae excellent foppery of the world j that 
when we are fick io fortune, (often the furfcits of our own 
behaviour^ we make guilty of our difafters, the fun, th£ 
moon and fbtrs ; as if we were villains on necefllty, fbolt 
by heavenly compulfion, knaves, thieves, and treacherous 
by fpherical predominance, drunkards, liars, and adulteren 
by an inforc'd obedience of planetary influence; and aH 
that we are evil in, by a divine thruning on. An ad> 
mirable evafion of wbore-mafter IVfan, to lay his goadfls 
difpofitionon thediar^of aflar! my father compounded 
witn my mochec under the Dragon's tail, and my nativity 
was under Ur/a mafor, fo that it follows I am voagh and 
lecherous. I fboald have been what I am, had the mat- 
denliefl ftar in the firmament twinkled on my baftw- 


Te him. Enter Edgar. 

Sa/t. Pat ! — he comes like the catafho|Ae of dw old 

comedy; my cue is villainous Melancholy, with a fi^ 

like Torn o* ^d/nm— — O, diefc eclipfis portend thcfe 

djivtlions! fa, Ibl, la, me, — — [Humming: 

ciq mod t, Google 

tA^ Lear* 19 

E^, How now, farodier Edmmif what ieriom con- 
templauon arc yon in f ' 

Agf. I am cliinkiw, brother, «f a predi^ion I read 
this other day, what ibiwld follow thefe eclipfes. 

E^. Do jrou bu6e your fetf with that ? 

S^, I promife you, the c6e& he writes of lucceeduo- 
ha[^Uy. When faw you my father Ixft? 

M^. The night gone by. 

Bafi. S^eHat you with him ? 

Edg. Ay, two houn togechfX- 

B^. Parted ycni in good terms, found you no difpleit^ 
fiire in hitd, by word or couflcenancef 

£i^. None at all. 

B^. Bethink your lelf wherein you lunre oBended him : 
and at my ioticaty fottiear hb prdence, until fome littlt 
ume hath quallBed the heat of his difpleafiire) which at 
this inftazit io rageth in him, that > 'without^ the miichief 
of your peribn it would fcarcdy aHay. 

E^. Some viilaiD hadi done me wrong. 

Bi^. Thafs my ftiar % I pray you, have a continent 
forbtttrance *ttl] the fpeed of his rage goes (bwer : and, as 
I lay, retire with me to my lodsng, from whence I will 
fitly bring yau to hear my Lord (peak : pray yoa go, there's 
my key ; if you do ftir atwoad, go arm'd. 

£4. ArmM^ brother! 

B^. Brother, I advifeyoa to^befti lamnohoneft 
man if theni 6e any good meaning toward you : I have 
Cold ycHi what I have teen and heard, but hintly ; nothing 
like the image and horror of it •, pray you, away. 

£%. 5h^ I hear from you anon ? ££xtf. 

S C E N E X. 

iB^jf . I ferve you in this bufinefs : 
A credulous ^ther, and a brother nc^Ie, 
Whofe nature is fo far from doing harms, 
Tbu he fufpe£ts none ; on whofe fooliih honefty 

B 2 My 

ciq mod t, Google 

My prafiiccs rideesTicrlfcethcbufmefc; -' 

Let me, if not by birth, have lands by wit^ ' 

All with me's tn^t, that I can fafluon fit. : [£»/. 


The Duke of Albany's Valace. '. 

Enter GoneriHi' W Steward. ' '} 
Con. rirb my father ftrik« my gji^inan.for.cliidiag 
■*^ of his fool? 
5/w.. Ay, Madam. , ■ . . . . ' 

Gm. By day and night h« wroDgs met evary hour 
He* fiaflics into one grols crime or other. 
That fcts us all at o^j I'll not endure it y . 
His Knights grow riotous, and himfelf upbnwis u% ■_ 
On ev'ry trifle. When he returns from hunting, 
I will not fpeak with him, lay I am fick. 
If you come flack of foriner fcrvios. 
You Jhall do, well, the fairft of it 1*11 anfwcr. 

Stew. He's coming, Madam, I hear hint i 

Gei. Put on what weary negligence you plcaft. 
You and your fellows : Pd have it come xar queftion : 
If he diftafte it, let him to tny lifter, 
Whofe mind and mine I know ia that are one.' 
Remember what I have Cud, . « 

Stew. Very well, Madani; 

Gai. And let his Knights have colder lwI».*Wong you : 
"What grows of it no matter, *'and advife"* 
Your fellows -To : I'll write ftrait to my fiftor 
To hold my courft. ' 'Go and prepare^ for dinner. 

S C EN^ 

ciq mod t, Google 

£mg; Lear. 21 


yfo ^en place near the Palace* 

EHttr Kent £fgias*d. 

Kent. If but as wdl I other accents borrow 
And can my fpeech diffiife," my good intent 
Nfay carry thro' it lelf to that liilT ifliie 
For which I raz'd. my likeneJa. Banifh'd Kent, 
If thou canfl fcrve where thou doft ftand condemn'd. 
So may it come, thy matter whoqi thou lov'ft 
Sbajl find ihce fiill of labours. ^ 

Horns vnfhin. Enter Lear, Kttigbtj and, Auadants. 

Lear. Let roe not (Uy a joe for dinner, go get it ready : 
how now, what art thou? 

Xn/. A man. Sir. 

Lear. What doft thai profefi? what would'ft thou 
with us ? 

Kent, I do -profe£ to be no Ie& than I feem ; to ferve 
him tnily that will put me in tmft, to love him that is 
honcft, to converTe with him that is wife, " 'to fay^ little, 
to fear judgment, to light when I cannot chufe, and to . 
eat'nofifli. . - 

Lear. "What art thou i| 

Kent. A very honeft-bcarted fellow, and as ' poor as 
the King. 

Leia: If diou becft as poor for a Iubjc£t, as he's fiw a 
King, thou art poof enough. What would'ft thou ? 

Km. Service. 

Lear. Whom would'ft thou ferve? 

Xent. You. 

Lear. Doft thou know me, fellow ? 

Xent. No, Sir, but you have thiU in your cogntenance, 
which I would fain call mafter. 

Lear. What's that ? 

Xntf. Authority. B 3 Lear. 

(a) T» diffufc htrtfit>ii^i t» diforjer, to put out of a rwnlar courfe. 
// jj m/til IK tbt /ami fin/t in aihir placa in thii jfutStr; dJSuM 
attfre, diffafed Ibuudt. 

6 ukt Jayi ... »U tJit. Warb. imtnd. 

ciq mod t, Google 

23 Killg LEAft. 

I^ar. What fenrices canft thou do ? 

Kent. I can keep honeft counfels, ride, run, tnarr a 
curious tale in telling it, and delfver a plain mefEige blunt- 
ly : that which ordinary tnca are fit nr, I am qualif^T'd 
in, and the beft of tne is diligence. 

Lea". How old art thou i 

Kent. Not To young. Sir, to love a. woman for fioging, 
nor fo old to daac on her for any thing. I ham yean 
on my back forty eight 

Lear. Follow me, thou Ihalt kxvt me t if ) like thee 
no worfe after dinner, I wilt not pvt ' 'from thee. Yec 
no dinner^ ho? dinner — where's my knave? my fool? 
go yoa and call my fool hither. You, you, Sirrah, 
whefe'a my daughter? 

E^er. Steward. 

Slew. So pleafe you — • r^**'- 

Lear. "What fays the feUow there? caU th« dotpole 
back; where's my fool? ho?- ■ I think the world's 
aflnpi how now? where*s that iDungrel? 

J^ight. He lays, my Lord, your daughter is not well. 

Lear. Why came not the flave back to m« wlwn I 
call'd him ? 

Kmght. Sir, he aafwet'd in the rounded manoer, he 
would not. 

liar. He would not? 

Knigbi. My LbhI, 1 know not what the matter b i but 
to my judgment, your Highnels is not entertained with 
that ceremonious aSfedlian as you were wont ^ there's a 
great abatement of kindnefs appears as welt in the geoeral 
dependants, as in the Duke himftlf aU(S and your 

Lear. Ha T fay'ft thou fc ! 

Knigbi. I befecch you, pardon me*, my Lord, iT I be 
miftakenj for my duty cannot be Hfent, when I think 
your Mghnefc is wrong'd. 

Xwr. Tbou but retoember'fl: mc of my own concep- 


7 fron thee yt. DSnatr, 

ciq mod t, Google 

tion. I have perceiv'd a, tnoft. &i« iic|^ of late, which 
1 hare rather blamed as my own jeakm curiodfy, than 
ai a very [HVitnce uid purpoie of unkindneft 1 I will look 
Jiiither into't} but what's my fool? 1 htve not fecn him 
tbeic two days. . 

K4g^. Since oiy youis'.Lady*s going into FrMttt Sir, 
the fool hath mpoh fined tk^ty. 

Lur. No more of that, I nave noted it well 1 go you 
and tell my daughter, I would Ipetk with her. Go you, 
call hither my fool. O you, Sir, come you hlthd^ Sir, 
who am I, Sir? 

£nttr Sttwird. 

Slew. My Lady's ftther. 

Liar, My Lady's hthcr? my Lord's knarci you 
wbordbn dog, you flave, you cur ! 

S/ew. I am none of thefc, my Lord ; I beleech your 

Lisr. Do you bandy looks with me, you rucal? 

{itriiofg bim; 

Stem. I'll not be ftruck, my tdxd. 

Kent. Nor tript neither, you bale fbot-ball player? 

(frif^sg up his betU.^ 
[lou fcrv'tt me, i 

Lear. I thank thee, fellow. Thou lerv'a coe, and Til 
love thee. . < - 

Kni(. Come, Sir, arifc, away, I'll teach you dtSnwwcsi 

away, away v if you will Rioiure your lubber's length 

tgainy tarryj but away, go tOi hare you wilHomf ^, 

{Pufiies eui tbt StemarJ. 

Uar. Now, taj friendly knave, 1 thank tbctfj thB-cH 
earoeft cX thy fervice, 


f 5 them^ Enter Fxl 
pid. Letmehire htm coov her^s my coxcdihb. 

U», How nwr, my pretty kiavef how do'(f tbonf 

B 4 FoaU 

ciqiiiodt, Google ■ 

34 King' Lba.k: • 

Fooi. Sirrah, you were bdft take mj cMRdmb. ' 
Kent. Why, my boy? 

Fool. Wh y ? for tak ing one's part that is oat of favour j 
nay, an thou canft not fmile .as the wind fits, cthoa'lt catdi 
cold ftortly. There, take my coxcomb j why, thisfy- 
low has baniAi'd two of his daughters, and did the third 
a blefling againfl his will ; if thou ftiUow htm, thou mufb 
needs wear my coiccomb. How now, nuncle f would I 
had two coxcombs, and two daughters. 
X.ear. Why, my boy f 

Foel. If I give them all my living, I'll -keep -my cox- 
comb my lelf} therms mipe, bc^ another of thy 

Lea'. Take heed, Sirtah, the whip. , 

Feel. Truth's a dog mufl to kennel, he Muft be 
whipp'd out, when the lady bradi may ilabd by th* fire 
and ftink. 

Lear. A peftilent gall to me. 

Fi»f. Sirrah, I'll teach thee a fpeech. - ITo Kent. 
Lear. Do. 

FeeL Mark it, nuncle ; ' 
Have more than thou fliowcft. 
Speak lefs than thou knoweft, 
Liend lefs than thou owetl. 
Ride more than thou goeft, 
Learn more than thou trowef!', 
Set }c& than thou throweft: 

Jjeavc thy drink and thy whore, ' '' 

And keep within door. 
And diou ihalt have more * 

Than two tens to a fcore. 
Kent. This is nothing, fbol. 

Fooi. Then it is hke the breath of an unfee'd lawyer, 
you gave me nothing for't i can you make no ufe of no- 
thing, nuncle? 

^«r. Why, no, boy). QOtfalng caa be nude out of 
Fo9l. f r'ychcc^ cell him, fb moch the lent of his land 


, ■ C,ql,lt!dt,G00glC 

Kmg LfiAR. 25 

comeito: he will not believe a fod,* [To Kent. 

Lear. Dofi thou call me fool? 

FooL All thy other titles thou haft given away % that 
tiou waft bom with. 

Kent. This is not aln^ther fool, my Lord. 

Foal. No, *^th i Lords and great men will not let me } 
if I had a monopoly on't, they would have parton't: 
ray, the Ladies too, they'll not let me have all fool my 
fclf, they'll be laatching. Give me an e^, nunclc, and 
I'll give thee two crowns. 

Lear. Whit two crowns ftiall they be ? 

Foal. Why, after I have cut the egg I'th middle and 
at up the meat, the two crowns of the egg: when chou 
doveft thy crown i*th* middle and gav'ft away both parts, 
thou bor*!! thine a& on thy back o'er the dirt j ihod had'ft 
Ijttk wit in thy bald crown, when thou gav'ft thy golden 
one away : if I fpeak like my felf in this, let him be 
«bi{^*d that firil Ends it fo. 

Fools n^er bad kft grace in ttytio-y {Singii^. 

For to^e men are grown fopp^, 
jfnd know tut how tStir wits to wear^ 

Their matmers are fo e^fi>, 

Ltar. > 'Since when^ were yeu wont to be fo full of 
fones. Surah? 

Foci. I have ufed it, nuncle, e'er fince thou mad'ft thy 
daagfatcn thy mothers; .for when thou gav'ft them die 
rod, and put'ft down thine own brttches. 


(aj — bdiere a fool. 

Ltmr. Abiturtbol! 

At/. Poft thou know the difTcrcnce, my boy, betn>ceu ■ bJUCf 
fcol amd M Tweet one r 

tear. No, HA : ntA me. 

Ftol. That Lord that cauafel'd thee to give away thy Land, 
Come place bim hcie by me, 8 'or do^ thou for htm lland. 
The fwtct and bicter fool will prefently appear, , 

The one in motley bere, the oiher found out there. 

Le»r. !>>& thou tat), (^(. 
8 do 9 when 

ciq mod t, Google 

2$ £«s Leak. 

jfjid I for forrow fwigf 
fbatfutb a ^i«fimid plt^ i»-pt^. 
And go tbe.fieh among. 

lYythee, nunclc, keep a fchool-mafter that can teacb liiy 
fool to lie \ I would fain learn to lie. 

Lear. If you lie. Sirrah, we'll have you whipt. 

Pool. I marvel what kin diou and tny daughters are; 
they'll have me whipt for ^king true, thouTt have me 
whipt for lying, ana fometimes I am whipt for holding 
my peace. I bad rather be anv kind o* thing than a 
fool, and yet I wduld not be thee, nuncJc; 3iou haft 
pared thy wit o* both fides, and left nothing i* d»' 
middle ; here comes one o* th' parings. 


To tbemt Enter Gonerill. 

iMr. How now, daught^ ? what makes that frontlet 
on ? you are coo much of late i* th* frown. 

JFeol. Thou waft a ja«ty fcUow when thoa hadft no 
need to care for her frowning » now dioo art an O without 
a figure i I am betRr thui thou art now, I am a fool* 
thou art nothing — yes fbrfooth I will hold my tongue^ 
[To Gonerill.] fo your ^ce bids me, tho* you hy nothing. 

MMty mum-, he that keeps nor cn^ nor crumf [Sufjiiig; 
Wtarj of alU p3a& vsmi feme. 

That's a (heard pea(cod. 

Gon. Not only. Sir, this your all-iicen(^d fool. 
But other of your infolent retinue, 
Do hourly carp and quarrel, breaking forth 
In rank and not to be endured riocs. Sir. 
I thought by making this well known unto ^ou, 
T* have found a fafe rcdrcfi j but now grow fearful 
By what your felf too late have fpoke and dooe, 


ciq mod t, Google 

Xjitg Leas..' 27 

That yoa noted diis coarft^ and pdt k on 
By yoar allowance ; if yoa ibould, the ^tt 
Would not 'Jcipc cenfiuT, nor the redrefles fleep. 
Which in the tender of a whbHbme weal, 
Might in their workjng do you that offi^nce, 
Which elle were fluune, that then necefiity 
Will call difcrcet proceeding. 

Fool. For you know, nuncfe, 
The bed^t-^arrtv fed th Qtckea fi bi^. 
That it bad its betdHt ofkf ifsjtmgi 
So oat wait the candle, and we were left darkling. 

Jjm: Are yon our daughter f 

Com. I would you would nwke trie of your good wifiiom. 
Whereof 1 know you are fraught, and put away 
Thde difpolidoos, whkh of late aanfpBrt you 
FnHD what you righdy are. 

fifii. May not n Ab know when the cart draws the 
horlc? whoop, Jw, I Jove thee. 

I^ar. Doaaay here know mtt this is not Lear: 
Docsl/jr walk tW? fpeak thus? w^re aie ho eyes? 
Eidicr his notioo weaken^ bis diiceroiogi 
Arekthargied — Ha! waking — 't^notfb} 
Who is it that can tell me woo 1 asn M 
leaf's fhadow ? I would leara ; for by die marks 
Of fovereignty, of knowledge, and w i«al6tt» 
I fhould be falie perfuadcd I had daughten. 
Tour name, fair gentlewoman ?~—* . 

Cm. This admiration. Sir, is mtKh o* th* favaar 
Of other your new piaoolu. I do be&cch you 
To nndofiand my purpofes ar^ht : 
You, as you're old aod rev'rend, Ihoutd be wife. 
Here do you keep a hundred Knig^n and 'SquireSr 
McB ladUbcder'a, fo dcbaach'd and bold. 
That thisour Court, infected with their manner^ 
Shews like a. riotous }an ; Epicurifm and hjft 
Make it more like a tavern or a btothd. 

ti^— — wholun? 
fmt. Llar't Ihwiov. 
Lr*r. Youruinef fiiirgesttetfomiiir — 

ciq mod t, Google 

aS Kiiig Lear.- 

Than a grac'd paUce. Shame it felf doth Jpeafc ; - - ' 

For inftant remedy. Be then dofirtJ : 

By her, that elfcwill take tbc thing ibe befp, ■■ .'• ■' 

Of fifty to difquanuty your train J 

And the remainden that (hall Hill dqjotd^ 

To be fuch tnco as may belbrc your age> 

And koow thcmfelves and you. ' - 

Lear. Darknefs and deyti^ ! 
Saddle my horfes, cz)l my train togettw*--— 
Degcn'rate baftatd! 1*11 not trouble thee; 
Yet have I left a daughter. . ■ 

Gm. You l^rike m^ people, and your diJbrder'd n^le 
^4ake fervants of ^ir betters. 

S. C EN E XV. 

, . To.tbfm, Enter Alb«ny. . 

iMi-. Woe! that too late itpcnts--oh, Sir, are you come? 
Is it your will, fpeak, Sir ? prepare my horfra.-'— [To Alb, 
Ingratitude! thou marble-hearted fiend, 
More hideous when thou fhew'ft thee in a child. 
Than the fea-monfter. 

Alh. ' 'Pray you, Sir,^ be patient. 

Lear. Detcftcd kite! thou heft. {To Goncrill. 

My train are men of choice and rareft parts, 
That all parriculars of duty know, ^ 

And in tne moft exaft regard fupport 
The wcM-ftiiM of their names. O moft fmall fiiult, " 
How ugly didft thou in Coriir/w fliew ! ' • " 

Which like an engine wrencht my frame c^ nature ' 
From the feet jJace ( drew from my heart all tore. 
And added. to the gall O^'Lear^ LearT^ 
Beat at this gaM that let thy folly in, [Strikhig his head. 
And thy dear judgment our. Go, ^, my people. 

Alb. My Lord, I'm guiltlels^ as I'm ignorant 
Of what hath moved you. ■ - ' -■ 

Lear. It may be lb, my Lord ■ 


1 Piay, Sir, 2 Liar, Liar, fu'/J . 

.,,!., Google 

King LeaiL 2g 

Hear, Natmt, hear, dear Goddcfs, hear a Either ! 

Sufpend tby jpuFpofe, if thoa didft iaicai 

To make diis creature fruitful : 

Into her womb convey ftcrility, "-■'■' 

Dry op in her thcorgans of increaft, . 

And frpm her dcr<»ate body never ijiririg ■ - 

A tobeto honour her! If ffie mnft teem, ■ 

Create her child of fplccn, that it may live. 

And be a thwart difnatur*d torment to her ; J- , 

Let it ftamp wrinkles in her brow of ypath. 

With cadent tears free channels in her cheek^ 

Turn all her ax>ther*s pains and benefits ' 

To laughter and contempt; that fhe may feel, 

How (harper than a ferpent's tooth it is, ' 

To have a tlwinklds child. — Go, go, my people. 

/&. Now, Qods, that we adore, ^fifhcreor comes this? 

Gm. Never aBi& your felf to know of * 'whar,^ 
But fct his difpofiaon haVe thkt ftopc '" 
Asdotage ^vca it. 

Lear. What, fifty of my followers at 'a dap? ' 

Withio a fiMtnight ?-- — '- 

Jib. What's the n»t.ter. Sir? 

Lear. I'll tell thee —*- life and death! I am a(ham*d 
That thou haft pow'rto ftake my tnanhodd thus, ' 
That thefe hot tears, which breaK from m* pCTforce, 
ShouVi make thee worth them — blafts and fogs upon thee ! 
Th' untcnied woundings of a lather's curfc 
Pierce every ienfe about thee! Old fond eyes, 
Beweep her oiice again, I'll pluck ye out. 
And (aft you with the waters that you loTe 
To temper clay. Ha ! is it come to this ? 
Let it be fii: 1 have another daughter, , 
Who I am furc is kind and comfortable} ' 
When flie fhall hear this of thee, with her nails 
Sk'11 flea thy wolvilh vifage. Thou flialt find. 
That I'll reumc the fhape which thou doft think 
I hare call off for ever. [Ux. Lear and Atteiuknts. 


ciq mod t, Google 

30 £iag Lear, i 


Got. Do you mark ihae ? 

j£h. I cannot be lb partial, GoturiU^ 
To the great love I b^ you ~» 

Gm. Pray you, be oomenc Wliat, O/^ui^ ho! 
You, Sir, more knave than ibo), after your mailer, (thee : 

FobI. Nuncle Zfor, nuncle Zur, tatiy, ukc the fool with 
A Fox, when one fui caught hers. 
And fuch a daughter. 
Should furc to tne Daughter, 
If my cap would buy a baiter t 
So the fool follows aiier. [Eitih 

Gen. This, man ! hath had good couDieI>~^ huadned 
* '\i^x> politick and fafe to let him keep [KoJghts! 

A hundred Knights f yes, that on ev'ry dream. 
Each buz, eachfancy, euh OHnpIalot, didike. 
He may enguard his dotage with their pow'r^ 
And hold our lives at mercy. OfmaU^ I lay. 

A^. Well, you may fear too fari— • 

Gan. Safer than trult too &r. 
Let me ftill take away the harms I fear. 
Not fear flill to be barm'd. I kiiow his heart \ 
What he hath utter'd, I have writ my lifter } 
If (he'll fuftain him and his hundred K;"'fl^fs 
When I have fhew'd th' unBmels— *- 

Smttr Sutaerd. 
How now, Qffoaldf 
What, have you writ that letter to my fifterf 

Stev>. Ay, Madam. 

Gm, Take you fome company, away to horle. 
Inform her fiill of iny particular fcan. 
And thereto add fuch realbns of your own 
As may compaA it more. So gee you gone. 
And haften ^r return. ££«/ Steward. 

■^No, no, my Lord, 


♦ •Ti. 

ciq mod t, Google 

£Mg Leai^. 31 

This m'lBnr gendcnefi and courfe of yours, 
ThoiKh I oondcmn it not, yet under pardon 
You are much awre at task for waat 01 wildonit 
Than pm&*d for harmleis mildnels. 

j^. Haw hr yaai eyes may pierce I cannot tell ; 
Striving to bcttCT, oft we mar wtiai's wclJ. 

Com. Nay then • , 

Ai&. -WeU, well^ th' event. lExitmt. 

S^t/UerloK, Kent, Gentiimm and Ftol. 

Lear, Go you befbre » GU^fier with theft letters i ac- 
qount my duighter no further with any thing you know, 
nian comes from her demand ouC of the letter i if your 
^l^gencv be not fpeedy, I fhall be there afne you. 

&iit. I wilt not fleep, my.Lord, 'tilt I have deh'vered 
your letttr. E^*^* 

Fod. If a man's brain were in hla heels, wer't not in 
daiKeritf kibes? 

Lutr. Ay, b<^. 

Foel Then, I pr'ythe^ be merry, thy wit fliall not 

Lmt, Ha, ha, ha. 

FmL Shalt fee thy other daughter will ufe due fcindty ; 
for thoo^di Ihe*s as like thb aa a crab's like an apple, yet 
I can teff what I can tell, 

Xxaf. What canft tell, boy ? 

Fod. She will tafte as like this, as a crab does to a crab. 
Canft thou tell why one's noie ftanda i* th' middle of one's 

hear. No. 

Fooi. Why, to keep one's eyes of either fide one's 
noft; that what a man cannot fmeD out, he may Ipy into. 

Zmt. I did her wrong ! 

Foal. Canft tell how an oyfter makes his ItieH ? 

Irtr. No. 


ciq mod t, Google 

32 King Lear. 

Fool. Nor I ncithcrj but I can tcU why a fiiatl liass 

Lear. Why ? " - fhouft 

FooL Why, to' pot's head in, hot to give it away to 
his daughters, and leave his horns without a cafe. 

Lxar. f will nature: fdkind afather! bemy 
horfes ready? 

Fool. Thy afles arc gone about *etn r the rcafon why 
the feven ftars are no more than fcven, is a pretty reafon. 

Lear. Becaufe they are not eight. 

Foel. Yes indeed j thoa would'flrmake a good fool. 

Lear. To uke't again perforce [— monfter ingratitude! 

Fool. If thou were my fool, nundc, IM Bavc thee 
beaten for being old before thy time. 

Ltar. How's that? 

Fool. Thou fliould'fi: not have been old, 'till thou had'ft 
been wjfc^ 

; Lear. O, let me not be mad, not mad, fwect heav*n ! 
Keep me in temper, I would not be mad. 
How now, are the horfes ready? 

Getit. Ready, my' Lord. 

Lear. Come, boy. 

F«A She that's a inaid now, and lau^ at my departure. 
Shall not be a maid long, unlefe things 5e cut fliortcr. [£«. 

A C T 11. S C E N E I. 

A CaJiU be^n^ihg to the Earl of Glo'fter.' . . 
Eater Ballard and Curan, fevtrt^. - , . 

SAVE thee, Otreii. 
Qir. And you. Sir. I have been with your farfier, 
and given him notice that the Duke of Cornwall, 
and R^an his Dutchds, will be here with him this night. 


ciq mod t, Google 

&t% Lear. 33 

B^. How comes that? 

Cur. Nay, 1 know not ; you have heard of the news 
abroad; I mean the whilper*d ones, for they are yet but 
car-kifTuig arguments. 

Bqfi. Not I ; pray yoo, what arc they ? 

Cur. Have you heani of no likely wars toward, 'twixt 
die Dukes of CornwaU and Albmr^? 

B^. Not a word. 

Cur. You may then in time. Fare you well. Sir. [Sxif. 


£4}. The Duke be here to-night I the better! bed! 
This weaves it lelf perforce into my bufinels. 
My hoher hath &t guard to take my brother. 
And I have one thing of a queazy quefUon 
Which I moft aft; brieftiefs, and fortune work I 
Brother, award: dcicend, bruher, I fay. 

7« bim, EMer Edgar. 

My £ither watches •, O Sir, By this ^c^ 
IntcIUgence is giv'n where you are hid j 
You've now the good advantage of the night— 
Have you notfpoken 'gainft the Duke of QjrnviaUf 
Htfs coming hither, now i* th' night, » 'in^ haftc. 
And Rtgm widi him ; have you nothing faid 
Upon his pony 'gainft the Duke of Jliatr/ ? ■ 
Advife your frlf. 

E^. I'm fore on't, not a word. 

B^. I hear my ^ther coming. Pardon me — — 
In cunning I muft draw my fword upon you^— 
Draw, feon to defend your felf. 
Now quit you well— 

Tkid — come before my fiuher — light hoa, here,— 
Fly, brother— Torches!— fo. farewel— [Ex. Edg. 

Vol.. III. C Some 

kSaj. }i'tlk ■ 

ciq mod t, Google 

34 ^"^ Lear. 

Some blood drawn on me would begn opinion 

Ift^ounds bis am. 
or my more Berce endeavour. l*ve feen drunkacds 
Do more than this in fport. t'arficr! father! 
Stop, ftop, nohelp?— — 


To himt Enter Glo'{ler, and Servants with tarcbes, 

do. Now, Edmund, whcre*s the villain ? 

Ba/I. Here ftood he in the dark, hh (harp fword out. 
Mumbling of' wicked charms, conj'ring the moon 
To (hod his aufpicious midrdst 

Glo. But where is he? 

Sajl. Look, Sir, I Weeel. 

Gla. Where is the villain, Edmund.?. 

Ba^. Fled this way» Sir, when by no means he cOuW-* 

Clo, Purfue him,.ho! go after. By no mcwUt whu— 

hq^. PerTuade me to the murtherof your Lordfliipj 
But that I told him th<e revtnging Gods 
*Gainft parricides did all the thunder bend* 
Spoke with how manifold and ftrong a bond 
The child was bound to th' father. Sir, in fine. 
Seeing how lothly oppofite I Aood 
To his unnat'ral purpofe, in fell motion 
"With his prepared fword he charges home 
My unprovided body, launched mine arm \ 
And when he faw my bell alarmed fpints. 
Bold in the quarrel's right, rouz'd to tb' encounter ( 
Or i?hether gaAed by the nolle I made. 
Full fuddenlv he fled. 

Glo. Let him fly h.x\ 
Not in this land fhall he remain uncaughti 
*'And for di^tch^ the noble Duke my matter. 
My worthy ' 'and arch-pairon,^ comes to-nighcj 
By hii aathoriiy I will proclaim it. 


4 And found ; difpatch— — 

J atcb and patron, . . . vU tilt. Ihuh. tmtmi. 

ciq mod t, Google 

ATrag Le AR. 35 

That he which finds him AiatJ ddcrve oar thjtnkf. 
Bringing the murth'rou» coward co tha ftake: 
He that conceals hira, death. 

£afi. When I diflwaded hitn from hi$ intent^ 
And found hinj pighctodojc, withcurft ipeech 
I.threaten'd to dtlorver him ; he rej^ied, 
Th<tu unpollelUng bafta«li dolt thou chink. 
If I would dond agftinft thee, '''the^ repolaJ 
Of any tmtt, . vinue, or ivorch in chae 
' 'Would maJcc^ thy wprds ftith'd ? no, what ' Td^ deny, 
(As thb I would, although thoU did'H produce 
My very char?aer), "would^ turn it alf 
To thy liiggeftion, plot and damned practice i 
And thou mud mal^ a dullard of the world. 
If they wit tbought the pro^H of my death 
"Were very pccgnant and potential fpurs 
To make thee reck it. [Tmti^s fnitbin. 

Glo. Ofiruige. faOen'^i vtlUio I 
Would he deny tusleaer^.&idhef hark! 
'Hark, the Duke's trumpets ! Ilcnow not why he CDOies— 
All ports I'll bar, the villain Ihall not 'Icapt^ . 
The Duke muft grant roe thUi beJuks, his pi<£h]F* 
I will fend £tr and ncari tbatall.tfae kingdom 
May hare due note of hira ; and of my laa(l 
(Loyal and na&iral bay) I'll work the mean* 
To make thee apRblc. 

S C E N E iV. 

Enter Cornwall, R^n, mid'jittai^ants. 
Cam. How now, my nt^le friend ? fince I came hither, 
Which I can call but now, I have heard ftrange news. 

R^. If it be true, all vengeance comes too ihort 
Which can purfue th* offender-, how docs my Lord? 
Gle. O Madam, my old heart ia crack'd, it'scrack'd. . 
/Eff. What, did my fadwr'a godfonfeek your life? 

C a - He 

« would the 7 Make 8 I OuniM 9 l'<* 

ciq mod t, Google 

36 King Lear. 

He whom my father nam'd, •''your fi.^<w? Hc?^ 

Glo. O Lady, Lady, ftame would have it hid. 

Re^. Was he not companion with the riotous Knights, 
That tended *'on^ my father? 

Gh. 1 know not, Madam; 'tis too bad, too bad. 

Bafi. Yes, Madam, he was of that confbrt. 

Reg. No marvel then, though he were ill-aftfltd j 
*Tis they have put him on the old man's death. 
To have th' expence and wafte of revenues. 
I have this prefent evening from my lifter 
Been well inform'd of ihehi, and with fuch cautions 
That if they come to fojourn at my houle, 
1*11 not be there. 

Com. Nor I, affure thee, Regan ; 
EdmUrul, I hear that you have fliewn your iathcr 
A child-like office. 

B^. It's my duty, Sir. 

Glo. He did bewray bis praflicc, and receiv'd 
This hurt you fee, ftriving to apprehend htm. 

CoTH^ Is he purfued ? 

Glo. Ay, my good ' 'Lord, he is.^ 

Corn. If he be taken, he fhall never more 
Be fear*d of doing harm : make your own purpofe. 
How in my ftrength you pieafe. As foryou, EJmnd 
Whofe virtue and obedience doth this inflant 
So much commend it lelf, you fhall be oun ; 
Natures of fuch deep truft we Ihall much need ; 
You we firft feize on. 

Bq/t. I fhall fefve you. Sir, 
Truly, however elfe. 

Glo. I thank your Grace, 

Com, You know not why we came to vifit you 
Thus out of Icafon threddiog dark'd-ey'd night. 

Reg. Occafions, noble Gle'fiery of fome prize. 
Wherein we muft have ufc of your advice— 
Our father he hath writ, lb hath our filter. 
Of diiF'rences, which I beft thought it fit 


I your Edgar f z apoa 3 Lord, 

ciq mod t, Google 

To anfwer from our home -, the fev'ral menengers 
From hence attend difpatch. Qurgood old friend. 
Lay comets to your bofom, and beQow 
Your needfu] couofel to our bufineflesj 
Which crave the inftantufe. 

Ch. 1 ferve you. Madam ;' 
Your Graces arc right welcome. [Exeunt. 


£nler Kent, and Stewardt feverally. 

Stev. Good dawning to thee, friend {art of this houfe? 

Kent. Ay. 

Steal. Where tnay we let our horfes? ' 

Kent, r th' mire. 

Stew. Fr'ytTiee, if thou lo7*ft me tell me. 

Kaif, I love thee noL 

SteuL Why then 1 care not for thee. 

Kait. If I had thee in Upsbury pinfold, I would makp 
thee cart for mct 

Stea. Why doA thou ufe me thus? I know thee not. 

Km. Fellow, I know thee. 

Kent. What doft thou know me for? 

Kent. A knave, a rafcal, an eater (^ broken meats, a 
bafe, proud, fhallow, begearly, three-futted, hundred- 
pound, filthy wooftcd-ft«king knave i a Uily-livcr*d, 
aiftion'talui^ whorfon, glafi-gazing, fuper-fcrviceable 
finiol rogue; one-trunk-inheritin^ Have^ one that would'ft 
be a bawd in way of good fervioe ; and art nothing but 
the compofition of a knave, b^gar, coward, pander, 
and the fon and heir of a mungnl biti;h ; one whom I 
will beat into clam'rous whining, if thou deny'ft the leall 
fyllable of thy addition. 

Stem. Why, what a monftrous fclbw art thou, thug » 
rail CM one, that is neither known of thee, nor knows 

C 3 Kfnt. 

ciq mod t, Google 

38 Khg LeAr. 

Kenf. What a braKn-fac'd rarlet art thou- to dtey 
thou knoweft me! is it two days fince I tript op thy 
heels, and beat thee before the King? draw, you rogue ( 
for tho' it be night, yet the moon fhines t I'D make a fop 
o* th* moonfhine of you, you whorfon, cuiHonJy barber- 
monger, draw. IDrawi^ bisfiDord. 

Stew. Away, I have nothing to do with thee. 

Kent. Draw, you rafcal j you come with letters againft 
the King, and take Vanity the puppet's part, :^ainll the 
royalty of her father j draw, you rogue, or 1*11 fo car- 
bonado your Ihank>— — draw, you rafcal, come yogr 

Stew. Help, ho! murther! help!— — 

Kent. Strike, you flave ; fiand^ rc^ue, fiand, you neat- 
flave, flrike [ \^BMttng him* 

Sle^. Help, ho! murther! murther! — •- 

S C E N E Yi 

Enter Baftard, Cbrnw^I, Regan, Glo'fier, and Servanit. 

Saji. How now, what's the matter ? Part' — •— 

Kent. With you, goodman boy, if you pleafe j come, 
I'll flefh yc J come on, young mafter. 

Gh. Weapons f arms ? what's the matter here ? 

Com. Keep peace, upon your lives i hcdiesthat ftriket 
Bgain; what's the matter f 

Reg. Themeflengen from our lifter and the King? ' 

Com. What is your difference? fpcak. 

Stew. I am fcarcc in brtfath, my Lord. 

Kent. No marvel, you have 10 bcftir*d your vaburi 
you cowardly nftal, nature difclaims aJI ttiaji: in thee : a 
taitar made thet. 

C^rn. Thou art a ftrange fellow; a tailor make a man ? 

Hint. A tailor. Sir ? a flone-cutter, or a painter could 
not have made him fo ill, tho* Aey hacj been but two 
hours o' th' trade. 

Corn. Speak you, hovgreiT yourquairel? 


ciq mod t, Google 

Khig Leajl. 39 

Stew. Thh ancient ruffian. Sir* whofc life I havo Ipu*^ 
at fuicof his grey beard- 

Kent. ThouwItorlbnzadI thou unoecd^ry ktter I my 
Ijordy if you wijl give me leave, I will tread (his uni 
bolted vithln into mortar, and da^b the wall of a Jakes 
with him. Spare my erey btard? you wag-uil !— 

Cvm. P<ace, SIrrahT 
You beaftly knave, know you no reverence ? 

Kent. Yes, Sir, but anger hath a prtvilege- 

Corn. Why art thou angiy ? 

Kmt. That Ibch a flavo ai chis /bouM wear a firord. 
Who wears no honefty : fiich fmiling '^^roguos^ 
Like ratstA bite the holycordBin twain 
Too ' 'intrinfick^ t' unhwfe : footh ev'ry palEon 
That in the nature of their Lords rebels i 
'Bring oil to fire, fnov to their colder moods i 
Renege, affirm, and turn tb«ir halcyon beaks 
With ev'ry gak and vary of th&x matters, 
Ai knowing nought, like dogs, but following. 
A plague upon your epileptick vi&gel 
Smile you my Speeches, as I weic a fool^ 
Goole^ if I had you upon Sarum p^in, 
I'd drive ye cackling home to CanuUf. * 

Com. What, art thou mad, old fellow i 

Glo. How fell you out f fay that. 

Kent. No cootraries -hold mont a^icipatliy. 
Than I and fuch a knave. 

Cent. Why doft thou call hunkoave? what it his fault? 

Kent. His countenance liker me not. 

Cmi. No more perchance doas mine, nor his, nor hers. 

Kent, Sir, 'tis my occupation to be plain j 
I have feen better faces in my time. 
Than fland on any fhoulden that 1 fee 
Before me at this inftanc. 

C 4 Com. 

(a) /« tht parti if Somerfetfhirc mar Camdot thtrt art many 
Urg^ Moori Mf»M inhifh gfiat ngmhlrt tf Gitfi art hrii, ft that ma- 
Bf tthrr flactt in England art fim titlut Ji^ii'4 w<« f^ilh and 

4 logoet M thefe, 5 intricate »-intrinficaM 


40 Kiifg Lear. 

Corn. Tills isfome fellow, 
Vfho having been prats*d fbr blunm^ doth aSk& 
A fawcy roughncfs, snd conftrains the garb 
Quite from his nature. He can't Batter, he t 
An honeft mind and [^n, he mull fpeak truth ; 
An they will take it, Toi if ikk, he's plain. 
Thefc kind of knaves I know, which in this plainnd) 
Harbour more craft, and far corrupter ends. 
Than twenty filky ducking obferrants. 
That ftrctch their duties nicdy. 

£fM/. Sir, in good ^th, in fuiccre verity. 
Under th* allowance of your grand afpeA, 
Whofc influence, like the wreath of radiant fire 
On flickering Pbabus* front ^^ 

Corn. What mean'ft by this ? 

Kent. To gooutofmydialeft, which you difcommend 
fo much ; I know, Sir, I am no flatterer j ' 'but he^ that 
b<^il'd you in a plain accent, wis a plain knave \ which 
for my part I will not be, though I Ihould win your dif- 
pleafurc to intreat me to't. 

Com. What was th' oftece you g^re him ? 

Stew. ''Never any :^ 
It pleas'd the King his mafter very lately 
To ftrike at me upon his mifiXMiftrutflion ; 
When he conjuni^, and flatc'ring his difplealiire, 
Tript me behind \ being down, infultet^ rail*d» 
And put upon him fuch a deal of man, 
That worthied him, got praifes of the King, 
For him attempting who was felf>fiibdu*d. 
And in[the' fleftiment of this dread cxpbic 
Drew on me here again. 

Kent. None of thele rogues aod cowaids, 
But jfjax is their * 'foil,'' 
' Corn. Fetch fortii the Stocks. 
You ftubbom ancient knave, you rev'rend braggart^ 
We'll teach you. 


6 )i< 7 I MTcr gire him toy i 


Khg Lear. 41 

Ktnt. S\Ty I am too old to learn : 
Call not youc Stocks for me, I fcrve the King i 
On whofe imployment I was fent to you. 
Yew Ihall do fmall refpc<a, Ihew too bold malice 
Againft the grace and perfon of my mafter. 
Stocking his mcflenger. 

Com. Fetch forth the Stocks; 
As I have » 'life,^ there fhall he fit 'till noon. 
Reg. 'Till noon ! 'till night, my Lord, and all night too, 
Kent. Why, Madam, if I were your ^chei's dog. 
You could not ufe me fo. 
iS:^ Sir, being his knave, I will. [Stocks brought out. 
Cent. This is a fellow of the felf-fame nature 
Our &fter (peaks of. Bring away the Stocks. 

Glo, Let me befeech your Grace not to do Jo ; 
His fault is much, and the good King his matter 
Will check him for't j your purpos'd low corrtftion . 
Is £ich, as bafeft and the meaneft wretches 
For pilPrin^ and moft common treipollci. 
Are puniQi'd with- The King mull take ic ill 
That he*s fo (lightly valued io his mcflenger. 
To have him thus rellrain'd. 
Corn. I'Uanfwer that. 

Reg. My fiftcrmay receive it "'yet much worfc,^ 
To have her Geotleman abus'd, a^ulted 
Fot folkming her afiairs. Put in his legs — ^ 

[Kj»t is put ia the Stocks. 
Come, my Lord, away. {pteimt Regan md Cornwall. 


Glo. I'm foiry for thee, friend > *iis4he Duke's pleafure, 
Whoie difpofitiOD all the work! well knows 
Will not be ruWj'd nor ftop'd. PII Intrcat for thee. ' 

Kent. Pray, do not. Sir. Pvewatch'dandtravell'dhard 
Some rime I fhall Qeep out, the reft I'll whiftle : * 

A good man's fortune may grow out at heels i 

9 life and honour. i Hodi more wcnle, 

ciq mod t, Google 

42 ^i^g Lear. 

Give you good morrow. 

Gle. The Duke's to blame in this, 'twill be ill taken. 


Kent. Good King, that muft approve the common faw. 
Thou out of heaven's bcnediflion com'ft 
To the warm fun.* All weary and o'er-watch'd. 
Take vantage, heavy eyes, not to behold 
This ftiamehil lodging. 
Fortune, good night, fmile once more, turn thy wheel .' 



SCENE cbai^ti t9 s part of a Hiath. 

Enter Edgar, 

£(^.T'VE heard my felf proclaim'd, 

-■■ And by the happy hollow of a tree 
Efcap'd the hunt. No port is free, no place 
That guard and moft unufual vigilance 
Does not attend my taking, "Whiles I may 'fcape 
I will p'referve my fcIf : and am bethought 
To take the bafrft and the pooreft (hape 
That every penury in oDntempt of man 
Brought near to bcaR : my /ace I'll grin« with filth. 
Blanket my loins, 'tlfe all-niy hair in knots, 

(a) Alt bU prroith I al faying afpUii it thofi tuhi eri turti'J nt ef 
heu/e and boat, dtfri'vii of all the t^BifirJi ef Jifi txctptimg tht e§m' 
jaMT bemtftt of ibi Jir^nJ Sim. 

warm fun. 

Apprmch thou beacon t« this ander {Ubi, llMitwg ^ tw thi mmM. 

I'hat by thy comfarcable beams I maj' 

Perafe this letter. Nothing almoft fees IIli^aclel■ 
But mifcry. I knmv 'lis from Cirdelim. 

Who hath moAibrtunaCdy beeninfvm'd 

Ofmy flblcurcd courfe. 1 Ihall find time 

From this enormou! flate, and feek to'give 

Loflei their remediei. AU weary, tft. 

.ciq mod t, Google 

Khg Lsar. 43 

And with preroited nakednels ouc-fftce 

The winds, and pcrfccutions of the sky. 

The counrry gives me proof and preGdent 

Of bedlam beggars, who with roaring voicM 

Strike in their nuoibM und mortify'd txn-e arms 

Pins, wooden pricks, nails, fprigs ofniftmary; 

And with this horrible ol^cA, from law hrms. 

Poor pelting villages, 'fliecp-cota and mills, 

Sometimes with lunatick bans, fometimes with PAlr*r9 

Inforcc their charity J * 'Turhri!'^ poor 3ml 

That's fomecbing yet: j^^sr I nothing am. {Exif, 

S C E N E Vm. 

Charges again to Ibe Earl of Glo'ffierV Q0e. 
Enter Lear, Ftel, mi GtntUman. 
Umr. 'TpiS ftrange that they (houW 16 depart from hom^ 
•■■ And not fend back my raefleneer. 

Gm. As 1 learn'd, * 

The night befmt there was no purpoft in them 
Of this remove, 

JCfftf. Hail to thee, fioble mafter. 

tear. Ha, mak'ft rfiou ftame thy paftime? 

K«K, No, my Lord. 

iw/. Ha, ha, he wears cruel garters; horfa are ty*d 
fef tfte heads, dogs and bears by th' neck, monkeys bv 
th kniB, and men by thMegs; when a man isover'jufty 
at legs, then he wears wooden i>ethcr ftocks. 

Uar What's he, that hath fo much thy place miftook. 
To fct thee here ? ' 

Kaa. It is both he and £ht. 
Your ion and daughter, 

Lear. No. 

Kent. Yes. 

l^ar. No, I fay, 

ciq mod t, Google 

44> J^ Lbar. 

Kent. » 'But I lay,'' ye*. 

Lxar. By Jitpiitr, I fwear no. 

Kent. By ^^, I fwear ay. 

Lear. They durft noc do't. 
They could nor, would not do't j 'tjt worle than liiurdier, 
To do upon refpeA Tuch violent outrage: 
Refolve me with all modeft hafte, which way ' 
Thou might*fi deferve or they impofe this ufage. 
Coming from us? . 

Kent. My Lord, when at their home 
I did commend your Highncfs' letters to them, 
Ere I was rifen from the place, that Ihew'd 
Myduty kneeling, came a recking poll, 
Stew'd in his hafte, half breathleJs, panting forth 
From GoneriUKa miftrefs ffilutation i 
. Deliver'd letters, fpight of inicrmiflion 
Which pretently they read : on thole contents 
They fummon'd up thetrmeiny, ftrait took horfe. 
Commanded me to follow and attend 
The leifure of their afifwer ^ gjive me cold looks j 
And meeting here the other mcQenger, 
Whofc welcome I pcrceiy'd had pouon'd mine. 
Being the very fellow which of late 
DifpUy'd fo fawcily againft your Highnefi, 
Having more man th^ wit about me,. I drew; 
He rais'd the houfe with loud and coward cries; 
Your Ton and daughter found this trefpafs worth 
The (hame which here it' fuffcrs. [ynif, 

' Fool. Winter's not gone yet, if the wild gcefefly that 
Fathers that wear rags 
Do make their children blind» 
But fathen that bear bags 
Shall fee their children kind. 
Fortune, that arrant whore, 
Ne'er turns the key to th' poor. 
But for all this thou Ihalt have as many dolour^* from 

,, thy 

(i) A juiiiii itttnded bitwtin dolonn ani dolUn. 

3 1 &y. 

ciq mod t, Google 

King Lear. 45 

diy dear daughters, as thou canft tell in a year. 

Lear. Oh, how this mother fwelb up tow'rd my heart! 
Hjfierua p^t down, thou climbing forrow. 
Thy element's below ; where is this daughter ? 

Kent. With the Earl, Sir, here within. 

Lear. Follow me not, ftay here. [£»/. 

GeiU, Made you no more ofifence 
But what you fpeak of? 

Kent. Nonej 
How chance the King comes with fo fmall a number? 

Foci. An thou hadu been fet i* ih* Stocks for that que- 
ftion, thou'dft well dcferv'd it. 

Kent. Why, fool? 

Fool. We'il fct thee to fchool to an Anr, to teach thee 
there's no lab'ring f th* winter. All that follow their 
nofcs are led by their eyes, but blind men j and there's 
noc a noTe among twenty but can fmell him that's ftink- 

ing let go thy hold when a great wheel runs dowh a '^ 

hill, left it break thy neck with following i but the great 

one that goes upward, let *'ii^ draw ihce aitcr. When 

a wife man gives thee better counfel, give me mine again; 

I would have none but knaves follow it, lince a fixj 

gives it. 

That Sir which ferves for gain. 

And follows but for form, 

Will pack when it begins to rain. 

And Jeave thee in a norm : 

And I wiU carry, the fool will ftay, 

AtA. let the wife man fly : 

The knave turns fool that runs away. 

The fool no knave, perdy. 

KetU. Where leam'd you this, fool f * 

Fool. Hot V th* Stoclu, fool. 


ciq mod t, Google 

46 King tsAR. 

S C E N E IX. 
EitUr Lear dfid Glo'fter. 
Liar. Deny to foeak with me? they're fick, they^ weary, 
Tbey have travcIlM all i5e night i meer fetches, 
The images of revolt and flying ofF. 
Bring me a better anfwer ■ 

G%. My dear Lord, 
You know the 6ery quality of the Duke, 
How unremovable ana fixt he is 
In his own courfe. 

Lear. Vengeance! plague! death! confijfion! — 
Fiery ? what fiery quality T why, Gl^fier^ 
I'd Ipeak with th' Duke of CormniolL, and his wife. 
Gh. Weill mygoodLord, I have inform'd tbem ib. 
t£ar. Inform'd them? dolt thou underftand me, man^ 
Glo, Kjj, my good Lord. [father 

Lear, The King would fpeak with ComwaS^ the dear 
Would with his daughter fpeak, commands her fervice: 
Are they JnformMor this? — my breath and blood!——' 
Fiery? the fiery Duke? tell the hot Duke that— . 
No, but not yer, may be he is not well. 
Infirmity doth ftill negle£l all office. 
Whereto our health is bound ; we're not our ftlves. 
When nature being oppreft commands the mind 
To fufe- with the body. I'll forbear,. 
And am hll'n out with my more heady will. 
To uke the indifpos'd and fickly fit. 
For the (bund man. — Death on my ftate ! but wherefore 
Should he fit here? this a£t * ^perfuadech^ me. 
That ihfi remotioo of the Duke and her 
Is practice only. Give me my fervaat fbrtb ; 
Go, tell the Duke and's wife, Td fpeak'with them : 
Now prefcntly— bid them come forth and hear me, 
Or at their chamber-door 1*11 beat the drum, 
•Till it cry, deep to death, 

Gifi. J Wild have all well betwixt you, [Exit. 

5 pcrfwadei 

ciq mod t, Google 

Kmg Lear. 4y 

J^ar. O mCy my. hevc .' my rifu^ htatt I but down. 

Fool. Cry to it» nuncle, as thcoockney did to the £els» 
when he put them i' th' Pafty ali«i he wrapt 'em o' th* 
coxcombs with a fiick, and cry'd down, wantoos, down; 
*Twa3 bis brotbCf, tliat in pure kindnefi to his borfe but* 
tcrcd his hay. 

S C E N E, X. 

Eater Cornwall, Reg3n> Glo'fter, and Servmts. 

Lear. Good morrow to you both ! 

Com. Hail to your Grace ! [Kent is fet at liberty. 

Reg. I am glad to fee your Highneis. 

hear. Regattt I think you are, I know what realbn , 
I have to chink fb{ if thou were not glad, 
I would divorce me Trom thy mother's u>mb. 
Sepulchring an adult'refs. O, are you free ? [Ta Kent. 
Some other time for that. Beloved Regan, 
Thy filler's naught : oh Regan, ihe hath tied 
Sbarp-tOQth'd unkindnefs, like a vulture, here; 

[Points to bis heart, 
I can fcarce fpeak to thee, thou'It not believe 
With ^w deprav'd a quality oh Regan! — — 

R^. I pray you. Sir, cake patience ; I have \vaQt 
You lefs know how lo value her delert. 
Than ftw to fcan Jier duty. 

Lear. How is that?— — 

Reg. I catMiot think my filter in the kaft 
Would hW her oU^uoa. . If perchance 
She have reftrain'd the riots of your foUowers, 
*Tis on fuch ^ound, and to luch. wboldbme end. 
As clears her ficm all blame. 

Lear. My curies on her ! 

R^. O Sir, yeu are old, 
Nature in ycu (lands on the very verge 
Of her conBfiei you Hioukl be rul'd aod led 
By fome difcretipn, tint difoerna yoin- ftate 
ScCKr than you your felf : therefore I pray you, 


ciq mod t, Google 

4$ £rt^ Lear. 

That to our fifter you do make return. 
Say you have wrong'd bcr, Sir. 

Lear. Ask her forgivencfs? 
Do you but mark how this ' 'becomtth uc :^ 
Dear daughter y I cmfefs that I am old ^ [The King kneeling. 
jige is unnecejfary : en ttty knees I beg^ 
^at you'll voucbfafe me TMmenty bed^ and food. 

Reg. Good Sir, no more; thefe are unfightly tricks: 
Return you to my fifter, 

I^ar. Never, Regan: 
She hath abated me of half my train j 
Look'd black upon me, ftruck me with her tongue 
Moft ferpcnt-likc, upon the very heart. 
All the ftor'd vengeances of heaven fell 
On her ingrateful head ! ftrike her young bones. 
You taking airs, with lamends! 
■ Corn. Fie, Sir! fie! 

Lear. You nimble lightnings, dart your blinding flames 
Into her fcornful eyes I infeft her beauty, 
You fcn-fuck'd fogs, drawn by the pow'rfiil fun 
To fell, and blaa her pride ! 

R^. O theblellGodsl 
So will you wi(h on me, when the rafli mood u on. 

Lear. No^ Regan, thou fhalt never have my curie: 
Thy tender-hefted nature fhall not give 
Thee o'er to harflinefij her eyes are fierce, but thine 
Do comfort, and not burn. *Tis not in thee 
To grudge my pleafures, to cut off my train. 
To £mdy hafty word, to fcant my fizes. 
And in conclufx>n to oppofe the bolt 
Againftmy Thou better know'ft 
The offices of nature, bond of child-hood, 
Efieds of courtelu, and dues of gratitude : 
Thy half o' th' kingdom thou haft not forgot. 
Wherein I thee endow'd. 

Reg. Good Sir, to th' purpofe, {Trm^l vmlbim. 

Lear, Who put my man i' th' Sucks i 

6 bccomei the hoafe w becona the aft : 

ciq mod t, Google 

£n^ Lear. ^g 

Enitr Steward. 

Corn. What trumpet's that? 

Reg. I know'r, my fiftcr's: this approves her letter. 
That Ihe would foon be here Is your Lady come ? 

Lear. This is a (Uve^ whote ea He- borrowed pride 
Dwells in the fickle grace of her he follows. 
Out, varlet, from my light! 

Om. What iDcans your Grace? 

S C E N E XI. 

Enter Gonerill. 

Lear. Who ftockt my ferwnt ? RegaUy Pve good hope 
Thou didft not know on't. — Who comes here? O beav'ns! 
If vou do /o« old men, if your fweet fway 
' 'HaUow^ obedience, if your fclvcs are old. 
Make it your ciuife ; fend down and take my part ! 
Alt not afham'd to look upon this beard ? 
O Regan, will you uke her by the hand ? 

Gm. Why not by th* hand, Sir? how have I offended f 
All's not oflbice that indifcretion finds. 
And dotage terms fo. 

Lear. O fides, you are too tough I 
Will you yet hold ? how came my man i' th' Stocks? 

Cen. 1 fet him there, Sir; but his own diforden 
Defcrv'd * 'no^ lefs advancement. 

Lear. You ? did you ? 

Reg. I pray you, father, being 'wake, feem fo. 
If, 'till the expiration of your month. 
You will return and fojourn with my fitter, 
nfmilBng half your train, come then to me t 
Tm now. from home, 2nd out of ihac provifion 
Which Aiall be needful for your entertainment. 

I^ar. Return to her? and fifty men difmilsM? 
Vol. III. D No, 

7 allow . . . MtJit. i^arh. imtHi. S macli 

ciq mod t, Google 

^o King Lkar.' 

No, rather I abjure all rooft, and chufe 

9 'To be a comrade with the wolf and owl. 

To wage, againft the enmity o' th' air,^ 

Neceffity's (harp pinch — Return with her ? ' 

Why ! the hoc-olooded France^ that dow'rlefs toolc ' 

Our youngcft born, I could as well be broi^hc 

To knee his throne, and *Squire-Iike penlion beg. 

To keep bafc life a-foot i — Return wkb her? 

Ferfuade m^ rather to be (kve and fumpter 

To this deteftcd groom. 

Gon. At yoor choice, Sir. 

Lear. I pr'ythee, daughter, do not make me mad, 
I will not trouble thee, my child. Farewel : 
We'll no more meet, no more fee one another -, 
But yet thou art my fleffa, my blood, my ditighECf* 
Or rather a difcafc- that's in my flelh. 
Which I muft needs call muie ; thou art a bUc, 
A plague-fore, or imbofled carbuncle 
In my corrupted blood ; but i'U not dlide thee 
Let Ihamc come when it will, I do not call it, not bid the thunder-bearer Ihooc, 
Nor tell tales of thee to higfa-judgtng Jme. 
Mend when thou canft, be better at thy leiltut^ 
1 can be patient, I can ftay with R^gam, 
I and my hundred Knights. 

Reg. Not all tt^ther, 
I loc^'d not for you yet, nor am provided 
For your Bt welcome ; give ear to my GRtr i 
For thofe that mingle reafon with your pafiiCHi» 
Muft be content to think you old, and fo ■— 
But fbe knows what Ihedoes. 

Lear. Is this well fpoken t 

Reg. I dare avouch it, Sirj what, fifty followers? 
Is it not well? what ihould you deed of more? 
Yea, or fo many > fince both charge and danger 
Speak 'gainft fo great a number : how in one houfe 


9 To w^ ^ftioft the ennricy o' th' ajr 
To be a comudc with the wolf and owl, ...#// *Jii.ThtBi. iraa/f. 

ciqiiiodt, Google - 

King Lbar. 51 

Should many pcmile under two comimnda 
Holdimityf 'lis hard, almoft impoffible. 

Cm. Why might not you, my Lord, receive attendance 
FnMn thofe that me calb fcrvams, or from mine t fye, 

Reg. Why not, myLord? if thtntheychanc'dtofuck 
We roukl comro)} them } if yDu*!) come co me> 
(For now I fpy a danger) I intriat you 
To hiiag but ftrc and twenty } tt> no man 
Will 1 give ^ace (^ notice. 

Lear. I gave yoo all — 

Reg. And in good time you gave it. 

Lear. Made you my guardians, my depoGtarie^ 
But kept a refcrvation to be foUow'd 
With foch a nukiber ; muft I come to you 
With dve and twentyi Regm^ faid you To? 

R^. And ^leak'l again, my Lord, no more with ftie. 

Lear. Thoie wicked creatures yet do look well-favour'd 
Wlicn others are more wicked. Not being worft 
Scuids in fome rank of praife ^ I'll go with thee, 

[To Oonerill. 
Thy fifty yet doth double five and twenty ; 
And thou haft twice her love. 

Gon. Hear me, my Lord } 
What need you five and twenty ? ten f or five? 
To follow in a houfc, where twice fe many 
Have a conunand to tend you ? 

Reg. What needs one ? 

Lear. O, rafon not the need : our bafcft beggftra 
Are in the pooreft thing fuperfiuous^ 
Allow not nature more than natare needs, 
Man's life is cheap as bealts*. Thou art a Lady j 
If only to gp warm were gorgeousr. 
Why, nature needs not wnat thou gorgeous weaHft^ 
Which fcarccly keeps thee warm j But for true need, 
Tou heav'ns, give me that patience which I need I 
Tou lee me here, you Gods, a poor old man. 
As full of grief as ^^, wretched in both. 
If it be you that ftur thde daughters hearts 

D 2 Againft 

ciq mod t, Google 

5* ^g Lear. 

Againft their i^ther, fool me not lb much 

To bear it umcly : touch me with noWe anger j 

let not womenB weapons, water-drops. 

Stain my man's checks. No, you unnat'nU hags, 

1 will have fuch revenges on you both, 

Tlut all the world ftiall 1 will do luch things, -— 

■ rhey are yet I Icnow not, but they flull be 

The terrors of the earth : you think I'll weep : 

No. I'll not weep, ' 'Though I have'' full caufc of weepingj 

This heart fhall break into a tbouland 6aw« 

Or e'er I wi:ep. O fool, I flial] go mad. 

lExewttheAT, Gk>'fter» Kent, and FeoL 


Dm. .Lee us withdraw, 'twill be a ftorm. 

IStorm and Tmpeft. 

Reg. This houle is fmall, the old maa and his people 
Cannot be well beftow'd. 

Gon. 'Tis his own blame, he'ath put himfelf from reft. 
And muft needs tafte his folly. 

Reg. For his particular, 1*11 receive him gladly. 
But not one follower. 

Gon, So am I [xirpos'd. 
Where is my Lord' of Glo'fier? 

Enter Glo'fter. 

Com, Follow'd the old man forth t — he is rcturn'd. 

* 'Glo. The King is in high rage. 

Corn. Whither is he going? 

Gh. He calls to horfe : but will I know not whither.^ 

Com. 'Tis beft to give him way, ,he leads himfelf. 

GoH. My Lord, intreat him by no means to flay. 

Glo. Alack, the night comes on : and the high winds 
Do Ibrely ruTsle ; for many miles ^xMt 
There's fcarcc a bufti. " 


1 Thire 

2 CA. TheKitw i* in hrgb ngf, aod will 
J[ know not woither. 

ciq mod t, Google 

Kh^ Leak. ^« 

Rir. O Sir, to wilful men. 
The u^es chat they [hemfelycs procure 
. Muft be their fchool-mafters : ihut up your doors; 
He 8 ancnded with a defp'rate train. 
And what they may incenJe him to, being api 
To have his car abusM,- wiltioni bids fear. 

Cbtw. Shut up your dcxirs, my Lord, 'tis a wild night. 
My Ri^im couofels weJl : come out o' th' Aorm. [Extmt'. 

SCENE A Heath. 

Apsrm is beard wUh fkmJtr and Ugbtning. EnierKeatf 

and a GentUmoHt feveralif. 

WHO'S there befides foiiF weather? [quietly. 

GetU. One minded hlce the weather, oxift un- 
Kent. I know you: where's the King? 
Gent. Cootending with the freifiil elements i 
Bids the wind blow the earth into the Tea, 
Or fweH the curled waters 'bove the main. 
That things might change or ceafc: tears his white hair. 
Which the impcmous blalh with eydels lage 
Catch in their Jiiry, and make nothing of. 
This night, in which the cub-drawn bear* would coudi, 
Thfth'on, and the belly-pinched wolf 
Keep their furr dry, unbonneted he runs. 
And bids what will, take all. 
Kcat. But who is with him ? 
Gent. None but the fool, who labours to out-jeft 
His tuart-ftnjck injuries. 

D J Kent. 

(2) Bi cab-dnwn bcu mufi he undtpftatd ibt fbe-bear drawn dry hy 
Ai fflfing of ber cubs, »na theixt mafi ravtniui and grMdf tf prtj, 

c,qi,i.d=, Google 

54 t^ Lbar. 

Kent. Sir, I do know you. 
And dare upon the wtrrant .of my DOCe 
Commend a dor thin^ to you. There's divifion 
(Although as yet the face of it it oover'd 
With mutml craft) 'twixt jiUviif and CtntwaS: h 
^ 'And^ true it is ^tn Frmict there comes a pow*r 
Into this * ''ihatter'd'' kii^om, who almdf 
"Wife in our negligence, have iecret lea 
In fome of our beft ports, and are at point 
To Ihow their open banner — Now to yoir: 
If on my credit you dare build fo far 
To make your fpeed to Dover, you ftull find 
Some that will thank you, making juft Kport 
Of how unnaniral and madding ^row 
The King hath caufe to plain. 
I am a gentleman of blood and breeding. 
And from fome knowledge and aflUraDce of you. 
Offer this office. 

Gent, ril talk further with you. 

Xenf. No, do not: 
For confirmadon that I ma much more 
Than my out-wall, open this porfeaod take 
What ic contains. If you fhall fee CarMia^ 
(As fear not but you flail) fliew ber that Ring, 
And flie will tetl you who this fdk>w is, 
That yet you do not know. Fie on diis ftorm! 
I wilt go feek the King. 

Gent. Give me your band, have you no more to &y ? 


fr) — TT 'twixt .^a«7 and CariMvell: 

Who have (ai wha have not, whom their gmt Han 

Thron'd and fet high?) fervant», who ftem no left, * 

Which are to Frante the fpie> aod Ipeculationa 

Intelligent of our Hate. What hath bem fcen, 

Either in inaSi and packings of the Dnku, 

Ot the haid rein wtuch both of them have born 

Againll the old kind King ; or fomeihing deeper. 

Whereof, perchance, thefe are bat furnifhiiisi 

Gtni. I wUl talk. ' 

3 But ^ fcattej-'4 

c..^, Google 

King I«BA.R. j5 

Kent. Few vtMtk, bat to effod more dam all jrec; [take 
That, when we have found the King, {i 'for"^ wlitch yoi 
That way, I this:) he that firft lights on him. 
Holla the other. [Exemt. 


Stem ftiB. Enter Le^ and fool. 

Lear. Blow winds, and crack your chcdi:$ ; rage, blow f 
You cacarads ai>d htirricanoes fbout 
Till you hare drendit our fteqites,- drownM the cocks 1 
You ftilph'rous and thought- executing fires. 
Vaunt-couriers of oak-cleaving diunder-bolB, 
StnK my white headi And thou afl-fliaking thunder, 
StrUte flat the thick rotundity o' th* world, 
Oack nature's mould, aR * 'germins^ (pill at once 
That m^e ingraiefiil man ! 

Fool. O nuncle, court- holy-water in a dry houfc is better 
Aan the rain>water out o* door. Good nuncle, in, a^ 
thy daughters blefllng \ here's a night that pities neithei- 
wife men nor fools. 

l,ear. RumWe thy bd!y ftfl, -ipit fire, fpaai rain! 
Nor rain, wind, thunder, fire, are my daughters; 
I ux not you, you elements, with unkindnefs, 
I nev«t gave you kingdom, caH'd you chttdren. 
You owe me no fubmiflion. Then let fall 
Your horrible pleafure ; — hwe I ftand your flave, 
A poor, infirm, weak, and defpis'd old man ! 
But yet I call you JctvHe minifters. 
That have with two perafcious daughters join'd 
Your high-engender'd battles, 'gainft a head 
So obi and white as this. O, ho ! 'tis foul . [.head- piece : 

Fool. He that has a houte to put's head in, has a good 
The cod-piece that will houfe, before the head has any ; 
The head and he ftial! lowfe; fo beggars marry many. 
That man that makes his Me, whatlie his heart Ihouid make, 
D 4 Shall 

S ia ' C gennaiM .,.«!/ tiit. T£<ei. eminj^ 

ciq mod t, Google 

56 lAtg Lear. 

Shall of a corn cry woe, and turn his deep to wake. 

For there was never yet fair womani but Ihc made moaths 

in a glals. 


To tbentt Enter Kent. 

Lear. No, I wilt be the pattern of all patience, 
I will fay nething. 

Kent. Who's there? 

Feol. Marry, here's grace, and a cod-piece, that's a 
wife man and a fool. 

Kent. Alas, Sir, arc you here? things that love night, 
Z^ove not fuch nights as thefe : the wrathful sktes 
Gattow the very wand'rers of the dark. 
And make them keep their caves : fince I was man. 
Such (heets of lire, fuch burfts of horrid thunder. 
Such groans of roaring wind and rain, I never 
Remember to have heard. M»n'3 nature cannot cany 
Th' afBidion, nor the force. 

Lear. Let the great Gods, 
That keep this dreadful thund'ring o'er our heads, 
Find out their enemies now. Tremble, thou wretch. 
That haft within thee undivulged crimes 
Unwhipcof jufticef Hide thee, thou bloody hand i 
Thou perjure, and thou fimular of virtue. 
That art inceftuous! caitiff, Ihake to pieces. 
That under covert and convenient fecming 
Haft pradis'd on man's life! Clofe pent-up guilts, 
Kive your concealing continents, and ask 
Thefe dreadful fummoners grace!— 7I am a man. 
More finn'd againfl;, than finning. 

Kenl. Alack, bare-headed ? 
Gracious my Lord, hard by here is a hovel. 
Some friendship will it lend you 'gainft the tempeft : 
Rcpofe you there, while I to this hard houfe 
(More hard than is the ftone whereof *tis rais'd ; 
Which even but now, demanding after you, 



King Lear. 57 

DenyM me to come in) return, and force 
Their Tcantcd courtefie. 

Lear. My wits b^n to turn. 
Gome on, my boy. How doft, my boy ? art cold ? 
Vm cold myfcJf. Where is this ftraw, my felbw ? 
The art of our nccefllties is ftrange. 
That GUI make vije things precious. Come, your hovel) 
Poor fool and knave, Tve one ' ''firing^ in my heart 
That's (brry yet for thee. 

Fool. He that bos and a little titrf wit^ 

With beigh bo, the wind and the rain^ 
Mvfi make content with his fortunes fit 
^iei^b ibe ram it rainetb every dgy. 

Lear. Tn)e,mygoodboy:come,bringustothiahoveL 

Fwl. 'Tis a brave night to cool a courtezan. 
1*11 fpeak a prophecy or e'er 1 go j 
When pridb are more in words than matter. 
When brewers marr their malt with waters 
When nobles are their tailon tutors ; 
No hereticks bum'd, but wenches fuitors i 
' 'Then comes the time, who lives to fec't. 
That going fhall be us'd with feet. 
When every cafe in law is right, 
. No 'Squire in debt, nor no poor Knighti 
When Handen do not live in tonguesi 
And cut-purla come not to throngs i 

7 thing (r part When 

8 When tjtrj cafe in I»w ii right, 

>fo 'Squire in debt, nor no poor Ko^ht i 
When Oisdendn ooE live in congueg, 
And cut-purfea come not to ihroags i 
When uliinra tell their gddi'th' field. 
And bawdg and whom do charchet build; 
Then (hall the realm ot jHHbk 
Come unto great conflifion. 
Then comes the lime, who lives to fte't. 
That going flail be ui'd with Awl 

. . . ttdtdit. War}, tmni. mmdtraitjf, 


58. King Lbasl. 

When ufurers tell their gold i' th' field. 

And bawds and whores do churches build: 

Then (hall the realm of ^ZWmi 

Come unto great coafufion.^ 

This prophecy MerUn (hall nuke^ fori do iive before his 

time. ££#. 

jin apartment in Glo'fter'i C^U. 

Enttr Glo'Iler aad Ballan]. 
Ch. A Lack, alack, Edmimd^ I &ix not ihii unnatural 
■**■ dealing j when I dcfired their leave that I might 
jHty him, they mok trom me the ufe of mine own hode, 
d)arg*d me on pain of perpetual dirpleaflire, neither to 
fpeak of hrm, entreat for him, or any way iullain him. 

Bifi. Moft fa vage and unnatural! 

Gh. Go to ; fey you nothing. There is dirifion be- 
tween the Dukes, and a worie matter than that : I have 
received a letter this night, 'tis dangerous to be fpokcn, 
I have lock'd the letter in my cfofet : thefe injuries the 
King now bears will be rcvengtxl home j there is part of 
a power already footed ; we muft incline to the Kjng, X 
will look for hjm, and privily relieve him ; go you and 
maintain talk with the Duke, that my charity be not of 
him perceiv'dt if he ask for me, I am ill, and gone to 
bed i if I die for it, as no Icfs is thrcamcd me, the King 
my old mailer muft be relieved. There are ftrange things 
toward, EJmwidi pray you, be carefiji. ■ [Exit, 

Btfi. This courtefic forbid thee (hall the Duke, 
Inftantly know, and of that letter too. 
This feems a fair defcrving, and muft draw me 
That which my fiither lofe ; no lefe than all. 
The younger rifes, when the eld doth fall. [Exit. 


.ciq mod t, Google 

i5»g L E A IL 59. 

Tart of the Beatb vsitb a Hovci 

Enter Lear, Kent, md Fool. 

Jffltf.T TEre is the place, my Lord, good Tny Lord, enter} 

il The tyranny rf th' open night's too rough 
For nature to enoure, \SformJHU. 

Liar. Let me alone. 

JCn/. Gtxxl ray Lord, enter here. 

Lear. Wilt break my heart ? 

Kent. I'd rather break mine own; good my Lord, enter. 

Ltar. Thou think'ft 'tis nwch that thit contentious 
Invades us to the skin ', ft 'tis to thee % [ftorm 

But where the greater malady is fixt, - 
The Icflfer is Icarcc felt. Thou'dft fhun a bear j 
but if thy flight lay toward the roaring Tea, 
lliou'dft meet the bear i* th* mouth ; when the mind's fre^ 
The body's delicate ; the tempeft m ray mind 
Dothfnim my &afes take all feelii^ elfe. 
Save whit beats there. Filial ingratitude I 
Ii it not, as this mouth fhould tear this htod 
For hftiDs food to'c i — But I'Jl puoilh home ; , 
No, I wS w«p no more — ^in loch a night, 
IV) ihnt me out? — pour on, I will endure: 
In fiich a n%ht as this? O R/gsHj (hnerill, 
Yoor old kind father, whofe frank heart gave all— 
O, th^waj madoelslyes, let me ihun that. 
No more of that. 

Kent. Good my Lord, enter here. 

LeM'. Pr'ythee, go in thy felf, ieek thine own eale. 
This ttmpeft will not give mc leave to ponder 
On things w^itd hurt me morc-~~but 111 go in ^ 

In, boy, go firft. You houfcleft poverty 

Nay, gee thee in -, I'll priy, and then I'll deep——. 
{Ex, Ftd. 

ciq mod t, Google 

66 ^ftg Lear. 

Poor naked wretches, wherefoc'er you are 
That bide the pelting of this pitilefs ftorm ! 
How (hall your houfdels he^s, and unfed Hdes, 
Your loop'd and window'd raggedncfs, defend you , 
From feafons fuch as thefe? — -O, I have ta'en ' 
Too little care of this : lalce phyfick, pomp I N 
Expofc thy felf to feci what wretches reel. 
That thou may'ft Ihake the fuperflux to them, 
And ibew the heav'ns more juft. 

E^. {JVtthin.} Fathom and half, fathom and half! 

Fool. Come not Id here, nuncle, here's a (pint, help 
nie, help me, [The Fool runs out from the HofoeL 

Kertt. Give mc thy hand, who's there? 

Fool. A fpirit, a fpirit, he fays his name's poor Tom. 

Kent. What art thou that do'ft grumble there i' ch* 
ftraw ? come forth. 


Enter Edgar, Sf^it*d Uke a Madman, 

Edg. Away, the foul fiend follows me. Through die 
Iharp hawthorn blows the cold wind. Humph, go to 
thy bed and warm thee. 

Lear. , Did'ft thou give all to thy daughters > and arc 
thou come to this? 

Edg. Who gives any thing to poor Tom? whom the 
foul nend hath led through fire and through flame, 
through ford and whirlpool, o'er bog and quagmire, 
that hath laid knives under his pillow, and hahers in his 

Eue i fct ratsbane by his porridge, made him proud of 
cart, to ride on a bay trotting horfe, over four inch'd 
bridges, lo courfe his own fliadow for a traitor, — blefs 
thy five wits, Tom's a cold. O do, de, do, dc, do, de,— 
h\t& thee from whirl-winds, ftar-blafting, and taking; 
do poor Tom fome charity, whom the foul fiend vexes. 
There could I have him now, and there, and here again, 
and there. \StormJiill. 

ciq mod t, Google 

King Lear, 6i 

Lear. What! have his daughters brought him 'to this 
Could'ft thou five nothing ? did'ft thou give 'em all ? [pafsf 

isw/. Nay, he rcfcrv'd a blanker, clfe we had been all 

Ltar. Now all the plagues that in thie pendulous air 
Hang fated o*er men*s faults, light tm thy daughters! 

Keni. He hath no daughters. Sir. 

Lear. Death, traitor, nothing could have fubduM nature 
To fiich a townefs, but his unkind daughters. 
. h it the fafhion, that difcarded fathers 
Should have thus little mercy on their flelh? 
Judicious punilhment 1 'twas this 5e(h begot 
Thole pelican daughters. 

£i^. Pillicock lat on pillicock-hill, alow, alow, loo, loo. 

Fwl. This cold. night will turn us all to fools, and 

Eii£, Take heed o' ih* foul fiend, cbey thy parents, 
keep thy wordjndly, fwearnot, commit not with man's 
fworn.ipoufci kt not thy fwoet heart on proud arrayl 
rial's a-coH. 

I^ar. What haft thou been ? 

Et^. A ferving-man, proud Id heart and tniod ; that 
curl'd my hair, wore gloves in my cap, fcrv'd the luft of 
my miftrefs's heart, and did the an of darknefs with 
her : fwore as many oaths as I fpake. words, and broke 
them in the fweet nice of heav'n. One that flept ' 'on^ 
the contriving lull, and wak*d to do it. Wine lov'd I 
deeply ; dice dearly ; and in woman, out-parairour'd 
the Twik. Fajfe of heart, light of ear, bloody of hand i 
bog in floth, fox in Health, wolf in greedinefi, ^og in 
madnels, lion in prey. Lei not the creaking of Jhoes, 
nor the niRling of filks, betray thy poor heart to wonun. 
Keep thy foot out of brothels, thy hand out of plackets, 
diy pen from lenders books, and defie the foul Bend. Still 
through the hawthorn blows the cold wind : fays fuum, _ 
mun, nonny, dolphin my boy, boy, Stjfey: let him trot 
by. ' [SformftilJ. 


ciq mod t, Google 

62 Kir^ Lear. 

Latr. Thou wert better in a grave, than to aniwcr 
with ihy uncovei*d body this extremity of the skies. Is 
man no more than this ? ConHder him well. Thou ow'ft 
the worm no filk, the beaft no hide, the flieep no woo), 
thecatnoper&ime. Ha! here'sthreeoruaarelbphifticatcd. 
Thou art the thing it felf i unaccommodated roan is no 
more but fuch a poor, bare, forked animal as thou art. 
Off, oSf you Icndings: come unbutton here. 

[Teari^ pjf his cloatbs. 

Tool. Pr*ytbee, nuncle, be contenred ^ 'tis a naughty 
night n> fwim in. Now a little fire in a wild field were 
like an oM letcher's heart, a Tmall fpiu-k, and all the reft 
on's body cold } look, here comes a walking fire. 

E^. This b the fout FUbbertigibbct \ he b^^ ac 
curfew, and walks *titl the firll: cock -, he g^vcs the web 
and the pin, Iquints the eye, and makes the harc-Iip i 
mildews the white wheat, and hurts the poor "creatures^, 
of the earth. 

*'St. Withoidfoottdth-ue the wold i" 
He met the nigbt-TMre^ and bir nhu-faldf 
Bid her aiigbtf md btr trttb plight^ 
jtndartynt ihee^ vitcb, areynt tbeef 

Kent. How fives your Grace i 

SCENE vn. 

Enter Glo*fter with » torch. 

Lear. What's he ? 

Kent. Who's there? what is*t you feek ? 

Glo. What are you there? your names? 

Edg. Poor Tom, that eats the fwimmlng &og, the 
toad, the tod-pole ; the wall-newt, and the water-newt \ that 
in rhefury of his heart, when the foul fiend rages, eats cow- 
dung for lallets i fwallows the oki rat, and the ditch-dog; 


■ cratare 

1 SmUuHd/tQltJ ihrk* lit »ld ... tlitiit, Bi^'t imnii 

ciq mod t, Google 

£n£ Leak. 63 

drinks the greqi nantlc of dx ftanding pad i who is whipc 
fitim tjthii^ to tytbiiig, and ftock-puoiOi'd, and itnpci- 
foti'd : whonath had.chree fuics to kU back, fix Hurts to his 
body, bwfe to ride, and wttpsn to wear : 

Butmtce, andraisy and/ucb finaH ^ 'gHr^ 

Hn* itif Tbtn* J fctdfor Jlfwn ia^ year -> 

Beware my follower. Peace, Smulkin, petce^ thoa fiend! 

Clo. What, hath your Grace no better company ? 

£^. The Prince of.darknds is a gqiileman, Modo he's 
catltJ, and iV^K. 

Gh. Our Be(h atid blood, my Lord, is grown io vile. 
That it doth hate what gets it. 

Edg. tom*s thCa\A. 

Gla. Go in with me; fny duty cannot fbfler 
T* obey in all your daughten hard commands : 
Thou^ their injunAion be to bar my doors. 
And let this tyrannons night take ht^ upon you, 
Tet ha»e I vcntur'd to- come fcek ytw oot, * 

And bring you where both fire and food ♦ 'are^ ready, 

Lear. Firll let me tallc with this philofopher % 
What is the cauTc of thunder ? . 

Km. My gtxxl Lord, take his o^r. 
Go into th' houle. 

Lear. 1*11 talk a word with this fame learned ^ban: 
What is your ftudy i 

£dg. How to prevent the fiend, and to kill vermin. 

Lear. Let m aik you one word in private. 

Kent. Importune him to gO| my Lord, 
His witi bt^in t* unftttte. 

Glo. Can'ft thou blame him ? (Stvrm fiiU. 

Mfs dfto^hftrs ftek his death : ah, that good Kent! 
He &id K would be thus i poorbantfh'd roani 
7I10U faylt the King grows mad ; 1*11 tell thee, friend, 
l*m almofttnad my Iclfi I Jiad a Ion, 
Now out4aw'd fiom my blood, he kiught my lifie 
But btthf , very late ; I lov'd htm, friend. 

3 deer 4 is 

ciq mod t, Google 


64 J^ Lear. 

No father his Ton dearer: true to tell theev 

The grief hath craz'd my wits. What a nighfs this! 

I do befeech your Grace, 

hear. O cry you mercy. Sir: 
Noble philofophcr, your company. 

Edg. Toftfs a-cold. 

G/ff. In, fellow, into th* hovel \ keep thee warm. 

Lear, Come, let's in all. 

Kent, This way, my Lord. 

Lear. With him; 
I will keep ftill with my philofopher. [low. 

JCntf. Good my Lord, footh him ; let him take the fel- 

GU. Take him you on. 

Kent. Sirrah, come on •■, along with us. 

Ltar. Come, good Athemm. 

Glo. No words, no words, hufli. 

E^. * Child Rffwland to the dark tower came. 
His word was (till, fie, foh, and fiim, 
I imeli the blood of a ^tijb man. [Exma. 

SCENE vni. 

Glo*fter*j C4k. 
Enter Cornwall and BaRard. 
CwTf.T Will have revenge, ere I depart this houfc. 

A Baft. How, my Lord, I may be cenJur'd, 
that nature thus gives way to loyalty j fomcihing fiaas me 
to think of. 

Com. I now perceive, it was not alto^her your bro- 
ther's evil difpoution made him feek his death : but a 
♦ 'provoked 

(a) Till fahlti Bf/aeb a turn tu thatfrtm whSth thtfi linei art pnted 

ieing gtntrtilff taitn fraat baaki af Spaniftl Cbt'miJry, it U fniahit 

thi iKirdfio'd ibtrt In&nte Orlando^ labitb tbt tranfiatBmr igMramth 

/»* Child Rowland: luhirttu iolanw mamt a Prima, imt tf tbt 

' ^m£ijtmt. WarbanoQ. 

ciq mod t, Google 

^Afg; 1 S A R. 65 

* 'provoked^ * 'ipiric'' Jet a-work bf a rqnovable bad- 
oefe in V^^-^ 

£afi. How nulicious is my fbrtune, that I muft repent- 
to bejud ! this is the letter which he ipoke of; which ap- 
proves him an inidligent party to the advantages oi France. 
CfA heav'ns ! that-thb treafon were not ; orntt I ttie dete^r I 

Qirn, Go with me ta the Dutchefs. 

Bqji. If the matter of this paper be ttrtoin, you have 
mi^ty buTinds in hand. 

Com. True or falfc, it hath made thee Earl of Glo'fter : 
fcck out where thy fitther tfl» that he may be ready for ' 

B^. If f find him comfortiog the King, it will {hiS* 
his fi^ptcion more fully, [/ifide.'] I will perfevere in my 
Gourie of loyalty, thou^ the coiifli& be fore between that 
•nd my blood. [Aioud, 

Can. I will lay truft upon thee; and thou Hialt find a 
dearer £uher in my love. \ExeHnt. 

C E N E IX. 

A Chamber in a Farm-boufe. 

Eater Kent aid Glo'fter. 

HEre is better than the open air. take it thank- 
fully: I will piece out the comfort with what 


addition I can ; I will not be long from you. [£xv/. 

Kent. AH the pow*r of his wits has given way 10 his 
impadenoe: the Gods reward your kindncls! 

Enter Lear, Edgar, and Foci. 

E^. Frattrrato calls me, and tells me I^ero is an an- 
g^ ia the lake of darknels; pray innocent, and beware 
the foul fiend. 

Fool. Pr'ythee, nuncle, tell me, whether a madman 
be a gentleman, or a yeomanP 

Vol.' III. £ Lectr. 

4 pronddng ...(£/ iJlt. JVari. tmnd. 
g Bcrit 6 tim/t//. 

ciaiiiodt, Google 


66 Kmg Lear. 

Lear. A King, a King. 

Feel. No, he's a yeoman that has a gentleman eo hit 
Ton : for he's a jreoman that fees his fon a gcndsnun be* 
fore him. 

Lear. To bare a thodand widi rod bomii^ C^ia 
Come hizzing in upon 'ccn. 
E^. The foul head bites my back. 
Ftoi. He's mad that trufts in the tamaiefs- of a wolf, 
the heahh of a horfc, the love of a boy, or the oath c^a 

Lear, It Ihall be done, I wilt arraign *em ftnit. 
Come, fit thou here, moft learned jufticer, f^« the fMi 
Thou fapicnt Sir,- fit here-""— now, yc (he foxes ! 

[To Edgar. 

E^. The foul fiend hatinupoor Tern in the voioc of a . 
nightingale. Hopdance cries in Tom's bellyfftr two whit* 
herrings. Croak not, black angel>- J tuvc ik> food ^or 

Ledr. I'll fee their tryid, bring me in the cvidentt. 
Thou robed man of jufticc, take thy place, . 
And thou his yoke-ftllow' of equity. 
Bench by his fide. You are of the commifiion. 
Sit you too. Arraign her firft, 'tis Generill, 

Fool. Come hither, Miftrds, is yaai name GeneriH? 

Jaar, She "" can't^ deny it. 

Fool. Cry you mercy, I took you for a. Joint-fiool. 

Lear. And here's another whofe waipt looks pfvdaimi 
What ftprc her heart is made of. - Stop her there. 
Arms, arms, fword, fire, ' 'conoiptionV in the place : 
Falfe jufticer, why haft ihou let her 'icape? 

Edg. 'Blefs thy five wits! 

Kent. O pity ! Sir, where is the patience now, 
That you fo oft have boafted to retain ? 

Edg. My tears begin to take his part fo much. 
They mar my countcrfeitii^ (4^* 

l^ar. The little dogs andaU, 
Trti^, Blanch, and Sweet-heart i fee, they bark at ine~-^ 


7 catinot $ comipiion 


King. LuAJL* 67 

E^, Tm will throw his h«d at them; aTaunt,.you 
Be thy mouth or biack or vrhite, [curs f 

Tooth thatpoifons if it bltti 
Maftiff, grey-hound, mungril grim, 
Hwod or rpanid« bniche, or }ym y 
Or bob- tail tike, or trundle-tail, -^ 

fern will make him wcKp and wail 1 
For with throwing thus my licad, ' ■ 

Dogs leap the hatcli, and all are 6ed. 
Do, de, de, de : Sefey^ come, march to wakes and fairs. 
And market towns ; poor Tom, thy hon^ is dry^ ' 

Lear. Then let them anatomizx Regtm 'lee what 

breeds about hef heart — Is there aiiy caufe in nature thae 
makes tbcfe hard hearts ? You, Sir, I entertain for one 
of my hundred^ only I do not like the fadfion 6f your 
garments. Too will fiy they are Pgrfim j but let them 
be (Jiang'd. 

Rt-nier Glo*{icr. 

Kent. Now, good my Lord, lye here, and reft a while, 

Lear. Make no noife, make no ooife, draw the curtains : 
So^ io, we*ll go to fuppcr i'th' morning. 

Foal. And I'll go to bed at ;ioon. 

Glo. Come hither, friend, where is the King, my maftcr? 

Kent. Hercj Sir, but trouble him not, his wits arc gboc. 

G]o. Good friend, I pr'y thee, take him in thy arms i 
I have o'er-heard a plot of death upon him : 
There is a litter ready, lay him ih't. 
And drive toward DewTt friend, where thou /halt meet 
Both welcome and proteftion. Take up thy mailer. 
If chou ftwukl'ft dally half an hour, hb Jiftr, 
With thine, and all that offer to defend him. 
Stand in a£lured lofs. Take up, take up. 
And follow md, that will to fome proviuon 
Give thee quTck condu^ Come, ^way, afray. 



ciq mod t, Google 

68 ^ng Leak. 

G]</fter*j CajUe. 

Enter Cornwall, Regan, Goncrill, Baftard, and ServoMts. 
Cors.'pOfl: rpeedily to my Lord your husband, fhew 
*^ him this letter, the army i;^ France is landed} 
Teek out the traitor Glo'^er, 

Reg. Hang him inftantly.. 

Gon. Pluck oiit his eyes. 

C«ni. Leave him to my dirpleafure. Edmutid^ktxipyfM 
our lifter company; the revenges wc are. bound to take 
upon your traiterous father arc not fit for your beholding, 
Advile the Duke, where you are goino, to a mofl feftinate 
preparation ; we are bound to the hke. Our pofts Oiall 
be Iwift, and intelligent betwixt us. Farewel, dear fifter; 
forewclf my Lord of Gyfier. 

Eti/tr Steward. 
How BOW? where's the King? 

Stew. My Lprd ofGlo'Jier hath convey'd him hence. 
Some five or fix and thirty of hia Knights, 
Hot queftcrs after, met him at gate, 
■ Who, with Ibme other of the Lord's dependants. 
Are gone with him tow'rd Dover-, where they boaft 
To have well-armed friends. 

Corn. Get hories for your miftrels. 
GoM. Farewel, fweet Lord, and fifter. 

[Exeunt Gon. and Baft. 
Corn. Edmnd, ftrewel: — go fcek the traitor GAj^w, 
[To the Servants. 
Pinion him like a thief, bring him before us : 
Though well we may not pals upon his life 
Without the form of juftice; yet our pow'r 
Shall do a court'fie to our wrath, which men 
May blame, but not controul. 


ciq mod t, Google 

Khi^ Lear* 69 

Eater Gk/fter Prifmir, andSerooHts. 

Who's there? the traitor? 

Reg. ■ Ingrateful fox I 'tis he. 

Corn. Bind fatl his corky arms. [(ider 

Gb. What mean your Graces ? Good my friends, con- 
You are my gucAs : do me no foul play, friends. 

Cmi. Bind him, I lay. [Tbefhhidbim. 

Reg. Hard, hard: OBlthy traitor! 

Gla. Unmerciful Lady as you are ! I'm none. 

Com. To this chair bind him. Villain, thou (halt find — - 

Glo. By the kind Gods ■, 'tis nioft ignobly done 
To pluck me by the beard. 

jC^. So white, and fuch a traitor ? 

Gk. Nanghty Lady, 
TheTe haira whKh thou doIl*ravifh from my chin 
Will quicken and accufe thee. I'm your hoft } 
With robber's hands, my hofpitable » 'favour^ 
Tou Ibould not ruffle thus. What will you do? 

Com. Come, Sir, what letters had you late from J^wice t 

Reg. Be ' 'fimple-anfwcr'd,^ for wc know the truth. 

Com. And what confixl'racy have you with the trai»>rs 
Late footed in the kingdom ? 

Rei. To whole hands have you &nc the lunattck King? 

Glo. I've a Jerier gueffingly fet down, 
Wtuch came from one that's of a noitial hearty 
And not from one oppo^d. 

Com, Cunning 

Reg. And h&. 

Ctrm. Where haft thou Tent the King ?j 

E 3' Gb, 

(a) By tit kind Godt ii mt htri miAni a gentrat tif/tgiwm t* all 
lit G»di, iut this ii inlmiti ai a parlUular atfeal te lbi>fi tobifb 
vert dijUmgmfifi bf tbt nmmt ef tbi Dii horptaln. Warbunon. 

9 &voiin. . . . tU tJit. f^arb. tmmd. !• e. virage. 

I fintfle aafweter, 

ciq mod t, Google 

70 Kifig htXKi 

Clo. * 'To Dover^ SiO 

Rig. Wherefore to Dover f 
Waft thou not charg'd, at peril—— 

Com. Wberefbre to Dover? let him anTwier that. 

Glo. I am ty'd to th* {lake, and I muft ftand the courfe. 

Reg. V^ hercfore to Dover ? 

Gh. Becwfe I would not fee thy cruel nails 
Pluck out his poor old eyesj nor thy fierce fifto- 
In his anointca flefh ftick boarifh phangs. 
The fea, with fuch a Aorm as his bare head 
In helt-black night indur'd, would have buoyed up 
Andquench'd the * 'ftellar^ fires: 
Yet poor old heart, be help'd the heav'ns to rain. . 
If wolves had at thy gate howl'd that ftern tim^ 
Thou fliould'ft have faid, good porter, turn the kw j 
All cniels elfe fubfaibc} but I fliall ice 
The winged vengeance overtake fuch children. 

Com. See't flialt thou never. Fellows, hold the chair. 
Upon thefe eyes of thine I'll fet my foot. 

[Glo'fter is ktld dotoH vibile Cornwall trtadi mt m 
of bis eyes. 

Glo. He chat will think to live *a1l he be old. 
Give mc fome help. — ^ O cruel ! O you Gods ! 

Reg. One (ide will mock another^ th' other too. 

Ora. If you fee vengeance 

Strv, Hold your hand, my Lord : 
Pve fcrv'd you ever fince I was a child} 
But better lervice have I uever done you. 
Than now to bid you hoU. 

Reg. How now, you dog? 

Serv. If you did wear a beard upon your chin, 
I'd Ihake ii on this quarrel. What do you cneari ? 

CoTH. My villain! 

Serv. Nay then come on, and take the chance of anger. 
[Bgbt, in tbefii^ Cornwall is wounded. 

Reg. Give me thy fword. A pca&nt ftand up thus ? 

» To Dov4r, 3 fteeled w ftdled 

ciq mod t, Google 

Sent. Ok, i am Qun -- my Lordi yoa have one eye left 
To fee fome mifchief on htm. Oh — [Dits. 

Com. Left it fee more, prevent it; our, vilegelly! 
Wiieie is thy h&rc now ? [Treads out tbt other ^e. 

Glo. All dark and oomfortlefs- where'smy fon Edmund? 
Edtuaidt enkindle all the Iparks of nature 
To quit tbis horrid ad. 

Reg. CXit, treacherous TUlain [ 
Thou call'ft on him that hates thee: It was he 
That made the overture of thy treafons to us : 
Who u too good to pity thee. 

Gle. O my follies 1 
Then Et^ar was abus'd. Kind Gods, forgive 
Me thai, and proTper him. 

R^. Go thruft nim out 
At th' gates, and let him linell his way to Dover. 

{£*. wifh Glo'ftcr. 
How ts't, my Lord ? how look you ? 

Cem. I have receiv'd a hurt i follow me. Lady. — — 
Turn out that eyelcis villain} throw thi^ (lave 
Upon the dunghill — ■ ■ Regan, I bleed apace. 
Untimely comesthis hurt. Give me your arm. [ExeiAi. 

A C T IV. S C E N E I. 

SCENE jfti open Country. 
Enter Edgar. 


YE T better thus, and known to be contcmn'd. 
Than ftill contcmn'd and flatcer'd. To be werfi, 
(The lowcft, moft dejefted thing of fortune) 
Stands ftill in efperance, lives not in fear. 
The lameoublc change is from the bejl\ 

E4 The 


72 JSd^ Lear. 

The toorfi returns to laughter. Welcome then. 
Thou unfubftantial ur that I embri^c! 
I^he wretch that thou baft blown unoj the toetfi. 
Owes nothing to thy blafts. . 

Enter GVf&si^ led iy an old nun. 
But who comes here? 

My father poorly led? World, world, O world! 
But that thy ftrange mutations make us hate thee. 
Life would not yidd to * age. 

Old Man. O my good Lord, I have been your ceoan^ 
And your father's tenant, ihefe fourfcore years. 

Glo, Away, get thee away : good friend, be gone t 
Thy comforts can do me no good at all. 
Thee dicy may hurt. 

Old Man. You cannot fee your way. 

Glc. I have no way, and therefore want no eyea : 
I ftumbled when I Jaw. Full oft 'tis feen, 
* 'Meannels^ fecures us, and our meer defefts 
Prove our commodities. O dear fon Edga^y 
The food oi thy abufed Other's wrath -, 
Might- 1 but live to fee thee in my touch, 
I'd lay I had eyes again. 

Old Man. How now ? who's there ?, 

£dg O Gods! who is*t can &y l*m at the worft? 
I'm worle than e'er I was. 

Old Man. 'Tis poor mad Tlw. 

Edg. And worle I may be yet : the worft is not. 
So long as we can &y, this is the worft. 

Old Man. Fellow, where goeft? . 

Glo. is it a beegar-man ? 

Old Man. Madman, and beggar too. 

Glo. He has fome reafon, elfehe could not beg. 
]* th* laft night's florm I fuch a fellow fawj 
Which made me think a man, a worm. My Ion 


(a) Yield to fignifiti U9 mtrt lion give way to, flnk DDder, in tf- 
f^itm t» lb* Ittu^ujg with, bearing op l^wnA lit ia/rmititt ef 
eft- Warbaiun. 

4 Our fflcan 


Khg Lear. 73 

Qme dien into m^ mind, and yet m; mind 

Was then Icarcc friends with him. ' I've heard incnrc lince. 

As flics to wanton boys, arc we to th* Gods; * 

They kill us for their fport. 

^. Hovrlhooldthisbe? 
Bid is the trade muft play the fool to forrow, 
>'Aoguifliing*t^ lelf and others. — 'Bids thee, maf^! 

GU. h that the naked fellow? 

(Xd Man. Ay, my Lord. 

Gle. Get thee away : if for my fake 
Thou wilt o'ertake us hence a mile or twain 
r th* way low'rd Dover^ do it for ancient knre } 
And bring feme covering for this naked fijul. 
Whom IMl intreat to lead me. 

Old Man. Alack, Sir, he is mad. [blind : 

Gb. *Tis the time's plague, when madmea Ictd the 
Do as I bid, ot ruher do thy pleafurej 
Above the refl, be gone. 

Old Mat, Pll bring him the beft 'parrel that I have. 
Come oQ*t what will, {.^'^i^' 

GU- * 'Sirrah, you, naked^ felk>w. 

Ei^. Foot Tern's a-cold. I cannot "dally'' fijrthcr. 


Gb. Come hither, fellow. 

Ed^. And yet I muft: [4fide. 

*Ble& thy fweet eyes, they bleed. 

Gif. Know'ft thou the way to Dover? 

E^. Both (lije and gate, horfe-way,.and foot-path: 
poor Tim hath been fcar'd out of his good wits. 'BleTs 
thee, good man, from the foul fiend. Five fiends have 
been in poor torn at once \ of luft, as Obidicul } Hobbi£- 
dem. Prince of dun^netsj Mabu, of Healing i Mobu, of 
murder ; FUikertigiiiei, of mopping and mowing ; who 
fince pt^fles chamber-maids and waiting-women. 

Gb. Here take this purfe, thoij whom the heaven's 
Have humbled to all flrokes. That I am wretched [plagues 
Makes thee the happier : heavens, dealfofiitll 

I !•« 

5 sDgiij^it 6 Simh, wtked 7 dance it w daub it 

ciq mod t, Google 

74^ Xing Lear, 

Let the ruperfiiiotn, and luft-dieted man. 

That ' 'brtvca^ your ordinance, that will net fee 

Becaufe he do's not fe^, feel your power quickly : 

So diflributton fhould undo liiccefi. 

And each man have enough. Do'ft thoa know, Dntri 

Edg. Ay, maftcr. 

Glo. There is a cliff, whole high and bending head 
Looks fearfully on the confined deep: 
Bring me but to the very brim of it. 
And I'll repair the mifery thou do'ft bear 
With fotnething rich about me : from that place 
I Ihall no leading need. 

Edg. Give me thy arm i 
Poor Tern £hall lead thee. [£»««/. 

^be Duke of Albany'j Palace. 
EnterGtmcriil and Baftard. 
(?•». llTElcomc, my Lord. I marvel our mild husband 
VV Not met us on die way. 

Enter Steward. 
Now, Where's your mafter ? 

' Sttw. Madam, within ^ but never man lb changed: 
I told him of the army that was landed ; 
' He fmil'd at it. I told him you were coming. 
His anfwer was, the worfc. Of G/^^a*3 treachery 
And of the loyal ftrvice of his fon 
■When I inform'd him, then he call'd me fot. 
And told me I had turn'd the wrong Ode out. 
What moft he IhcKiId diQike, feems plea^t to him % 
What like, ofienfivc. 

■ GoK. Then Aall you go no further. [Ti Edmund. 
It is the cowifh terror of his fpirit 


8 lltTM . . . tUt^t. Wkrh. imtMJ. 

ciq mod t, Google 

King Lear. 75 

Tbit dares not undertake : he'll doc feel wnx^ 
'Which de bim to an aofwer i > 'thit our wilhcs^ 

00 th* way may prove efeds, ' 'tuck,"* u mj brother, 
Hillcn his mufters, and coodufl his powers 

1 muft change arms at home, and give the diftaff 
Into my husband's hands. This mifty fervant 
Shall pals between us: you ere long llull hear. 

If jrou dare venture in your own behaif, 

A miftre(s*s command. Wear thisj [Givtf Urn » 

TOg.] fpare Tpeech i , 

Decline your h(»d, this kifs, if it durft fpeak. 
Would firetch thy fpirits up into the air: 
Conceive, and fare itiee well. 
hafi. Yours in the ranks of deatfa, 
GoR. My moft dear Ghfjtert [£mt bOvd. 

Oh, the (Irange difierence of man, and mwi I 
To thee a woman's foriccs are due. 
My fool ufurps my body. 
Stnp. Madam, here coma my Lord, 

EMter Albany. 
Con. I have been worth the whiftlc 
AW. Oh GmeriUt, 
You an not worth the daft which the rude wind 

Blows in your fece. 1 fear your diQiofition. 

That nature which contemns its oriaine^ 
Cannot be border*d certain in it feffi 
She that her k^ will * '(liver^ and dif branch 
_ From her ' 'maternal^ fap, perforce mvA wither, 
' And come to deadly ule. 
GoH. No more, 'tis fooli/h. 
A&. Wifdom and goodnefs to the vile teetn vile i 
Tygcrs, not daughters, what have ^ou pcrform'd? 
A tather, and a gracious aged man. 
Mod barfj'rous, moft degenerate, have you madded. 
OmM my good brother faffcr you CO do it, 

A man, 

9 our wiOia i Inclc, Edmuui, 

% fiii»er . . .tli tJit- IVari. imtnJ. 
3 BUerial ...»U Uit. Tbn^. *m**d. 

ciq mod t, Google 

j6 ICmg Lear. 

A man, a Prince by him To bmefited i 
If ihat the heav'ns do npc their vtfible fpirits 
Send quickly down to tame the vile offences. 
Humanity mult perforce prey on itfeif 
Like monfters of the deep. 

Gen. Milk-liver'd man! 
That beaPft a cheek for blows, a head ibr wrong! i 
"Who haft not in thy brows an eye difcerning 
Tlitne honour, from thy luring : that not know'ft 
Foals do * 'thofe^ villains pity who are punilh'd 
Ere they have drnie their mifchief. Where's thy drum? 
France fpreads his banners in our noifelels Jand, 
With plumed helm ' 'the^ flayer b^ns his threan : 
Whilft thou, a moral fboJ, fit'ft ftill and cry'ft 
Alack! why does he fo? 

jfi^. Sccihyfclf, devil: 
Proper deformity feems not in the fiend 
So horrid as in woman. 

Gon. Oh vain fool I 

Enter a Mefe^er. ■ 

Mef. Oh my good Lord, the Duke of Cnmwfl^i dead* 
Slain by his fervant, going to put out 
The other eye of Gliffier. 

Alb. Glo'pr's eyes i 

Mef. A fcrvant that he bred, thrill'd with remorie, 
Oppos'd againfl the aft j bending bis fwoftl 
To his great mailer : who thereat enrag'd. 
Flew on him i " 'they'' amongft them fcll*d him dead. 
But not without that harmful ftroke which fmcc 
Hath pluck'd him after. 

AJh. This ftiews you are above. 
You jufticcs, that thcfe our nether crimes 
So fpecd ily can venge. But O poor Gki'Jler ! 
Loft he his other eye ? 

Mf, Both, both, my Lord. 
This letter. Madam, craves a fpecdy aofwer : 
•Tis from your fiftcr. Gw. 

4 tbefe 5 tli)r - < ud 

ciq mod t, Google 

GffM. One way I like this well i 
But being widow, &nd my GWfier with her. 
May all the building in my fancy pluck 
Upou my hateful life. Anottier.way 
The news is not To tart . I'll read, and anfwer. \Exit. 

M). Where was his Ion, when tbey-did take his eyes \ 

Mef, Come with my Lady hither. 

Aibi He's not here. 

Mef. No, my good Lord, I met him back again. 

J&, knows he the. wickedncli? 

Mtf. Ay, my good Lord, 'twas he inform 'd agaiaft him. 
And quit the houfe of purpofe, that their punilhment. 
Mi^t have the freer courle-. 

A&. Glo'Jier, I lire 
To thai^ thee for the lore thou fhew'dft the King, 
And to revenge thine eyes. C#me hither, friend. 
Tell me what more thou know'ft. ^Exewit. 


D O V £ ^. 

Enter Kent md a Gentkmm. 

JCfli/.'T^HE King of France fo fuddenly gone back! 
-■- Know you. the reafon ? 

Gent. Something he left imperfect in the fiate. 
Which fince his comirig forth is thought of, which . 
Imports the kingdom fo much fear and danger. 
That his return was tnoft rcquJr'd and neceflary. 

Kmt. Who hath he left behind him General? 

Gtnt. The Marefcha! of France, Monfieur It Far. 

Kent. Did your letters pierce the Queen to any demon- 
ftration of ^icf ? 

Gent. I, Sir, the took 'em, read 'em in my prefence. 
And now and then an ample tear trili'd down 
Her delicate cheek: it feem'd fiie was a Queen 


ciq mod t, Google 

7$ J^ I. BAR. 

Over her palCont which tnoft i<d)el-likc 

Sought to be King o'er her. 

Kent. O, then it tnov'd her. 

Gent. But not to rage. Patience and fiuTOtt ftiDve 
Which Ihould nprefi her goodlieft; you have fem 
Sun-fhine snd rain at once. Thofe happy finiirs 
That playM on her lipe lip, fcctn'd not to kpow 
What guefts were in her eyes, which parted thaKCj 
As pearls from diamonds dropc — • in brief. 
Sorrow would be a rarhy moft belov'd. 
If ali could fb become it. 

Kttti. Made {he no verbal ' 'tiueflk?^ 

Gent. Yes, once or twice ffae ncav'd the name aiihtbir 
Pamingly forth, as if it i»tft her heait. 
Cry'd, fillers! fifters! what? i'th' ftorm of night? 
Let Pity ne'er believe ic^ there ihe fliook 
-The holy water from her heavenly eyesf 
And then retir'd, to deal with grief alone. 

Kent. The ftars above us govern our conditions : 
Elfeone felf-mate and mate could not beget 
Such difF'rent iffues. Spoke you with her fince ? 

Gent. No. 

Kent. Was this before the King returnM ? 

Gent. No, fince. 

Kent. The poor diftreffed Lear is in town, 
Who fbmetimes in his better tune remcnibcn 
What we are come aboQt, and by no tneuu 
Will yield to fee his daughter. 

Gent. Why, good Sir? 

Kent, A fov'reign {faatne fo bows him : his unkindnefi. 
That ftripl her from his benedi&ion, turn'd her 
To foreign cafualcies, gave her dear rights 
To his d(^-heaited daii^h^rs; ttiele things fting him 
So venocnoudy, thu burning fhame detains him 
From his Cordelia. 

Gent. Aiack poor gemleman ! 

Kent, Of ^Ibatrfi and Cenwafft po«*rs you heud not ? 


7 qncftipn t ,.,»Id tdit. IFmrb. tmtni. 

ciq mod t, Google 

i3ag Leah. y^ 

Getit. 'Til fiv ^Kjr arc a-foot 

J£ra/. Well, Sir, Pll bring jou to oar mafter Lear^ 
And leave you to attend him. Some dear caule 
Will in concealment wrq} me up a while : 
When I am known -arigRt, you Ihall not grieve 
Lending me this aoquaintaacc. Pray, along with me. {_Bxt. 

S C E N E IV. 
A Camp. 
Enter COtddio, Pbt/idan and Soldiers. 
C(r. A Lack, 'tis he-, why, he was met even now 

■**■ Ai mad as the vext fca, Ijnging aloud, 
Crowtfd with rank '^fimiitory,^ and fiirrow-wecds. 
With • 'burdocks,'^ hemlock, nettles, cuckow-flowers, 
Darnel, and all the idle weeds that grow 
In .our fuftaining corn. Send forth a ccnt'ry, 
Seardi eveiy acre in the high-grown field, 1 
And bring him to our eye. What can mAi's wiftJom 
In the reftoring his bereaved fenfe? 
He that helps him, take all my outward worth. 

Pbjf. Tlwre are means, Madam : 
Our tofter nurfe of nanire is rcpofe. 
The which he lacks-, that to provoke in hinj. 
Arc many fimples OTeratrve, whofe power 
Will ck>fe the eye of anguifli. 

Cor, Ail Weft fecrets, 
All you unpublifti'd virtues of the earthj ' 
Spring with my tears j be aidant, and reitiediate 
In the^ood man's diftrefi! feek, fcek for him, 
IjA his ungovemM rage diilblve the life 
That wants the means to lead it. 

Enter a MeJJengen 

Mef. News, Madam: 
The Bri/ijb pow'rs are marching hitherward. . 

t feoitar «r fiuuiterr, 9 hsnlodci. 

ciq mod t, Google 

So &ng Lbar. 

Cer. 'Tis known before. Our prepaiacion lUnds 
In expedacion of them. O dear nthcTi 
It is thy buHneti that I go about : 

Therefore great B'toKe ' 'my important^ tcan htth pitied. 
No blown ambition doth our arms indce. 
But love, dear lore, and our ag'd Saber's right: 
Soon may I hear* and fee him! {^Exeuitt. ■ 


Regan's Palace. 

Enter Rqgan and Steward. 
^^."DUT are my brother's powers fet fijrth? 
-D Steto. Ay, Madam. 

Reg. Himfeif in pcrfon there? 

Stew. With much ado. 
Your filter is the better foldicr. 

R^. Lord Edmund fpake noc with your Lady at homa? 

Stew. No, Madam. 

R^. What might import my Mer*a letter to him? 

Stev. I know not. Lady. 

R^. 'Faith, he is polled hence on ferious matter. 
It was great ign'rance, Glo'fter's eyes being out. 
To let him live ; where he arrives, he moves 
All hearts againft us : Edmund^ I think, is gon^ 
In pity of his mifery, to difpotch 
His (lighted life: moreover, todefcry 
The ftrcngth o' th' enemy. 

Stew. I muft needs after him. Madam, with my letter, 

Reg. Our troops fet forth to-morrow: ftay with us: 
The ways are dangerous. 

Stew. I may not. Madam ; 
My Lady charg'd my duty in this bufinefs. 

Reg. Why mould Ihc write to Edmund? might not you 
TranfpoK her purpofcs ' 'by word of mouth ?^ 


I m^ monitiing and impottant 3 by word t 

ciq mod t, Google 

ISng L s A R. 8 1 

Something — I know not what — I'll love thee much 
Let me iinleal the letter. 

Sfew. Madam, I had rather — 

JR^. I know your Lady do's not love her husband, 
Ftn lure of that ; and at her late being here 
She gave ftrange ceiliads, and moft fpeaking looks 
To noble Ednmiid. I know you're of her bofom. 

Stem, h Madam? 

R^. I (peak in underflanding : you. are } I know*C; 
Therefore I do advile you take this note. 
My Lord is dead } EJmund and I have talk'd. 
And more convenient is he for my hand 
Tbanfor your Lady's: you may gather more: ^ 

If you do find him, pray you, give him this ; 
And when your Miftrels hears thus much from yoUy 
I pray, defirc her call her wifdom ' 'to her,^ ' 
If you do chance to hear of that blind traitor, 
Preferment falls on him that cuts him offl 

Stno. W6u1d I could meec hitii» Madam, I fhould {hew 
What party I do follow. 

Reg. Fare thee well. [Exeunt. 

The Country near Dover. 

Enter Glo'fter, and Edgar as a Peafant. 

K \X7Hcn (hall I come to th' top of that fame hill? 
* • £Jg. You do climb up it now. Look hon 

we labour. 
Glo. Methinks the ground is even. 
Edg. Horrible deep. 
I^k, do you hear the fea? 
G!o. ♦'No truly, not.^ 

Ed^. Why thenyouc other lenfo grow tmperfcA 
By your eyes anguifli. 
Vol. in. F Gh. 

3 to her. So ruewell. 4 No, tral/^. 

ciq mod t, Google 

82 Khtg LfeAR. 

Gh. S6 maj ft be indedi. 
Methinks thy voice is alter'd, and tVoil fpeak'ft 
In betlrr phrafe and matter th^ thdu didft. 

£^. YdiiVe hiUcJi deceiVM : in rttrthirtg ailfi I'chafig'd 
But in my garmeha. 

GU. Sura yoii*ft better Ib^kcn. (fiarfUl 

£<^. tortie &n. Sir, tieVe^ tlie place— ftahd ftitt. How 
And dizzy 'tis, to caft one's eyes fo towt 
The croWs ind thougKs) 'tliat wing the midWayiir, 
Shew fcarce fo gwfs as beetles. Hilf way cto*n 
Hangs one Aat 'gatjiers famphire ; drfadful tralcl 
Methinks he fcemi no bigger than his heacl. 
The fifhcr-ftien ^at vpaJk upoii the beacK 
Appear like mice; and yon'd ta!ll andhbring bark, 
DiminiftM to her cock 1 tier cock, a buoy 
Almolt too fnial] for fiant. 't'hc mut^mUringfLirgft, 
That on th' yhnumbrcu idle pebbles chaTes» 
Cannot be heard fo high. I'll look no niore» 
Left fny brain turn aiKl ttic deiicient %ht 
Topple down headlong. 

Glo. fiet mc where you ftand, 

Edg. Give me yonr hsnd : yoo'rcflow wdwi -a feet 
OF th' extream verge: for all below the moon 
Would not I leap outrighit. 

Gie. Let go my hand : 
Here, friend,*s k'fiothdr purfe, in it a Je*tl 
Well worth a poor man's taking. Fairies and Gods 
Profper it with thee! Go thou ftrthcr d^. 
Bid me farewel, and let me htarthee gCMl^. 

£i^. -Now ftrc ye well, good Sir ! <{See)hs to go. 

Gto. With all my heart. 

£4r. Why *a do^'trifle'tbosTirithhlsdrfpiiIr, 
"Is^ done to cure it. 

Glo. O you mighty Gods ! 
Thii world I do renounce, and in your %hn 
Shake patiently my -greac hffliAion off: 
If 1 could bear it longer, and not fall 
To quarrel with your great ^ppofelefs wills, *My 

5 do I 6 'Tn 

ciq mod t, Google 

Kmg t E AK. 83 

My fnuffand loathed part of luoire Ibould 

Bum itfelfeut. ir M^garlive^ Obkfihim! 

Now, fellow, brethMwelll iHeUt^mdf^s shf, 

£^. Good Sir, farewell 
And yet I know not hgw conceit nay rob 
The tresTury of life, when life h fclf 
Yields to the theft. Had he been where he thoi^t; 
B^ this had thoya^t been paft— r-JVlive or dcadf 
Ifoa, you. Sir] fnondt hear you. Sir? fpeaki 
Thus m^it he pals indeed — yec he revives. 
What are you, %ir? 

Gb. Away, and let me die. 

E^. Hn^ft thou been qm^ but Go&'aer, feathers, air. 
So many fiubom down precipitating, 
Thou'dft fhiver'd like an eg^ : but thpLj doll br^tbe. 
Haft heavy fubfUnce, bleed' ft not-, fpeak, anlouiiij? 
T«a Ma& 1109^1 ipake not the altitwJe 
Which thou haft perpendicularly fall'n. ' 

Thy life's a miracle. Speak yet 4g»in. 

Cio. BvF jiave I bU'n, or no ? 

£4i. Ff9m t^ dEcad rvmmit of this clunky homp! 
Look up 4 hmgtit, the flyUl-goiig'd Lvk b fat 
CafiMathcfBm9' beu4: do but look up. 

CIt. Alaclf, jh»veooeyes. 
Is wttidwdAc6 deprived that beoclit 
To end it felf by death ? 'tw^sy^ t tpo^e comfoiiC, 
When milery could beguile the tynw's raj^. 
And fhiftrate his proud will. 

Etk. Give me your arm. 

Ufh fiH^^faewis'f? faJwuywflflB?^ yvu ft»j»d. 

fifr. Tap veU, .«x) Wl- 

£J^ Tkia.k 0b9Ff 9)1 ftc9wenels. 
Uim ^ erpwp o* th* cliff, what fh^g was that 

&$. A fWpruofqriMQa.tebfggM'. 

£dl. As f A901I tt<R below, mctboMgiht bis eyci 
V«re two full moons ( he had a thoufand noles, 
Boras whelk'd ud M«r'd like dw SPO^kied fra .* 

F 2 It 


$4 Kiitg Lear. 

Ic was Ibme fiend. Thereforej thou happjr £utier. 
Think that the cleareft Gods, who make them honours 
Of nMfi's impollibilitics^ have prelerv'd thee, 

Gio. I do remember now : henceforth Vlt bear 
AfHiAion, 'till it do cry out it fclf, 
Enouzbj enough:, and-dic. That thing you fpeak of, 
I took it for a man ; often 'twould lay . 
The fiend, the fiend — he led me to that place. 

E^. Bear free and patient thoughts. 

SCENE vn. 

Enter Lear, Jrefi madfy •antbfewers. 

But who comes here ? 

The fafcr fenfe''wouki^ ne'er accommodate 

His mafter thus. 

Lear. Nqi they cannot touch me for coyoing, I am 
the King himfelf. 

Edg. O thou fidc-piercing fight! 

Ltar. Nature's above art in that refpcft. There's your 
prefs-mony. That fellow handles his bow like a crow- 
keeper: draw me a clothier's yard. Look, look, a 
moule! Peace, peace, this piece of^toafted cheefe riritl do't 
—there's my gauntlet, I'll prove it on a giant. Bring up 
the brown bills. O, well ffown, "barb l"" i' th' clout, i' 
th* clout : hewgh. Give the word. 

Edg. Sweet marjoram. 

Lear. Pals. 

Gh. 1 know that voice. 

Lear. Ha! GoneriU! hah, Regan! they fiatter'd me 
like a dog, and told me I had white hairs in my beard, 
ere the black ones were there. To fay ay, ahd no, to 
every thing that I laid — Ay and no too, was no good di- 
vinity. When the rain came to. wet me once, and wind to 
make me chatter; when the thunder would not peace at 
my bidding, there I found *em, there I Imelt *em out. 


; will 8 bird! . . . */V. eJit. Werh. tmtmd. 

ciq mod t, Google 

Go to, diey are not men o' their ttords; they told mc I 
was every thing : 'tis a lie, I am not ague- proof. 

GIo. The trick of that voice I do well remeaibcr: ia'c 
not the King? 

Lear. Ay, every inch a King. 
When I do llarct fix how the iiiih]c& quakes. 
I pardon that m an'slife. What was thy caufe? 
Adidtery? thou flialt not die; die for adultery I no, the 
wren goes to't, and the fmall gilded flic docs letcher in 
my fight. Let copulation thrive : for Cio'fier't baftard- 
fbn was kinder to his father, than my daughters got 
*cwem the lawful Ihcets. To't, Luxury, pcU-mdl ; Tor 
I lack (bldiers. Behold yon fimpering dame, whofc face 
'tween her forks prefages fnow; that minces virtue, and 
does Ibake the bead to hear of pleafure's name. The 
fitchew, nor the foylcd hoHe goes u>*t with a more rio- 
tous appetite : down from the wafte they are ^ntaun, 
though women all above ; but to the girdle do the Gods 
inherit, beneath is all the fiends. There's hell, there's 
darkncls, there is the fulphurous pit, burning, fcalding, 
flench, confumpdon : fie, fie, fie ; pah, pah \ give me 
an ounce of civet, good apothecary, to fwtxten my imar 
ginatioo ! there's mony for thee. 

Glo. O, let me ki6 that hand, 

Lur. Let me wipe it firft, it fmclls of mortality. 

Clo. O niin'd piece of nature! this great world 
Shall fo wear out to nought. Doft thou know me ! 

Lear. 1 remember thine eyes well enough : dofl thou 
(quint at me? no, do thy word, blind Ci^d^ I'll not 
love. Read thou this challenge, mark but the penning 
of it. 
' Glo. Were all the letters funs, I could not fee one. 

E^. 1 would not uke this from report ; {Afide. 

It is, and my heart breaks at it. 

Liar. R^. 

Glo. What, with this cafe of eyes ? 
I^ar. Oh ho, are you there with me ? no eyes in your 
head, nor mony in your purfe ? your eyes are in heavy 
r 3 cafe, 

ciq mod t, Google 

86 I^g L^AR. 

c&re, your fnrfe b a lights y«t you fiit \mr diU WOrld 

CiE7. I fee it feelingly. 

Lear. W hat, art mad ? a man may fee how thb wot4d 
goes with no eyes. Look with thine taH : fee how yond 
Juftice rails upon yond fimple thief. Hark M thine Mr i 
change places, and handy-dandy, which is the Jtiftioe, 
which is the thief? thou haft ftea a fertntt's dog bark at 
Gb. Ay, Sir. 

Lear. Attd the creatu^e run from fhfe cur: tbcrtihOB 
might'll' behold the great image of authority % a dog*i 
obey'd in office. 

Thou rafcal bedel, hold diy bloody hand : 
Why doll thou la(h that whore? Itrip thy own back. 
Thou hotly luft'ft to ufe her in that kind, 
For which thou whipp'ft her. Th' ufurer hangs the oozeficr. 
Through jatter'd doaths frtall »iccs do appear i 
Robes and furi'd gowns hide all. Plate Ans with gold, 
And the flrong lance of juftice hurtled brteks : 
Arm it in rags, a pigmy's flraw dotK pierce it. 
None does '''ofifend,'' 1 fay none, I'll ' 'abfolre^ 'em; 
Take that of me, my friend, who have the pow'l* 
To feal th' accufer's lips. Get thee glafs eyes, 
And> like a fcurvy politician, jeem 
To fee the things thou do'ft not. fib: 

Now, now, now, now. Pull offmy boots : harder, harder, 

E^. O matter and impertineni^ ttiixt, 
Keafon in madnefi. 

Lear. If thou wilt weep my fortunes, take my eyes. 
I know thee well enough, thy name is Glo'Jier\ 
Thou muft be patient ; we came crying hither : ' 

Thou know'ft, the firft time that we (meH thfe kir 
We wawle and cry. 1 will preach to thee : miafk>--* 
Gle. Alack, alack the day t 

Lear, When we are born, we cfy that we are com* 
To this great fta^ of fools— This a good blDtk ! — - 

9 o&ad, avat, i feblb 

ciq mod t, Google 

It were a delicate flracagcm to Ihpe 

A crgop of hqrfe wi(h Fdt 1 i'il liit't in proof ^ 

And wnen I've ftol*n upon thefe ions-in-few, 

Enter GatiftiMih V>ifk ^Ondanii. 

Gent. O, here he is, lay hand upon him ; Sir, 

Your moft dear daughter 

i>ar. No rcfcuei'^what, aprironcrf ^anlcml 
The naniral fool of fortune. Ufe me well, 
Tou ffaall have ranfom. l^et me have fur^eons, 
I am cut to th' brains. 

Gent. You |ha!l hgve any thing. 
Ijar. Ho Aconds * all my feifl 
"Why, this would make a man, a man of £dt} 
To uJe his eyes for garden- water-pocs, 
And laying autumn's duft. I frjl) die bravely. 
Like a fmug bridegtoom. W^ ? I will tje joviaJ : 
Come, oome, I am a King, My Maften^ know yqu that? 
Cent. You ace a royal oos, and we ot^y yov. 
l^ar. Then there's life in't. Come, an you get ii^ 
You Qiall get it by running : ^ fa, fii, fp. [kxit. 

Gent. A fight mofl: pitiKil in the nfeaneft vyretch, 
Faft fpeaking of in a King. Thou^aft a daugl^tcr 
Who redeems nature from th^ general i^urfe 
Which twain have brought her'tp. 
Edg. Hail, gentle Sir. 
Got. Sir, fpecd you : wha;t*s your yvill i 
£i^. Do you hear ought. Sir, .of a battel roward I 
Gent. MoA lure, and vulgtir : every one b|^U]i thal^ 
Which cag diftioguifb Ibund. 
£^. But by your favow, 
How fUfr's the other array? 

GtfU. licar, and on fpeedyffiot: tbenwinddoy 
Stands on the hourly thought. 

F4 ; £<^. 

ciq mod t, Google 

S8 iSng^ Lear. 

E^. I thank y(xi» Sir. 

Gent. Though that the Queen on fpecial caulc is here. 
Her army is mov'd on. [Exit, - 

Glo. You ever gentle Gods, take my breath from me \ 
Let not my worfer fpirit tempt dk again 
To die before you plcafe I 

E^. Well pray you, father. 

Glo. Now, good Sir, what are yoo? 

£<^. A moft poor man, made tame to formne's blows, 
"Who by the art of • 'knowing"' and feeling Jbrrows, 
Am pregnant to good pity. Give me your band, 
I'll ]<ad you to fome bioing. 

Glo. Hearty thanks \ 
The bounty and the benizon of heav*n 
To boot. 


Enter Steward. 

Stew. A proclalm'd prize ! * 'this is mod happy I* 
That eyclefs head of thine was Hrft fram'd tlclh 
To raife my formnes. Old unhappy traitor. 
Briefly thy felf remember: the fword is out 
That muft deftroy thee. 

Glo. Let thy friendly hand 
Put ftrength enough to it. 

Stew. Wherefore, bold pealant, 
Dar'ft thou fupport a publlfli'd traitor? hence. 
Left that th' infeftion of his fortune take 
Like hold on thee. Let go his arm. 

Edg. Chill not let go, Zir, without vurther 'cafion. 

Stew. Let go, (lave, or thou dy'ft. 

Edg. Good gentleman, go your gate, and let poor 
volk pafs : an 'chud ha' been zwagger'd out of my life, 
•(would not ha' been 20 long as 'tis by a vortnight. Nay, 
come not near th" old man : keep out, che vor'ye, or ioe 
try whether your coftard or my bat be the harder j chill 
be plain with you. 


a known 3 moA bappy I 

ciq mod t, Google 

Gtig ttAJL, 89 

Stew. Our, dunghill ! 

£<^. Chill pick your teeth, Zir: come, no matter vor 
your ntyas. [Edgar iiiocks him doziM. 

Stew. Slave, thou haft flain me: villain, nUce my puifei 
If ever thou wilt thrive, bury my body. 
And give the letters which chou find'ft about me 
To Edmmd Earl of Glo'fter: feek h'm out 
♦'On th*^ £»j^ party. Oh untimely death, — \pHt, 

£%. I know thee well, a Icrviceable villain ; 
As duteous to the vices of thy Miftrds, 
As badnels would dcfire. 

Gh. What, is he dead ? 

Edg, Sit you down, father: re& you. 
Let's Tee thcfe pockets; the letters chat he fpe&ks of 
May be my ftricnds: hc*s dead ; I'm only forry 
He had no other deathTman, Let us fee — 
By your leave, gentle wax — and manners blame us not : 
To know our enemies minds we rip their hearts. 
Their papers are more lawful. 

- Rtads the Letter. 
T ET our reciprocal vows be remepiired. Tou have many 
"*-' opportuHities to cut him off: if your will want not, time 
and place will be fruitfully offer' d. Th&e is nothing done if 
be return the conqueror, ^hen am I theprifoner, and his 
bed my god \ from the katbed warmth whereof delrver me, 
and Ji^ the pkte for your labour. 

Tour (wife, fo I would fay) affeliiomte 
Servant^ Gonerili. 

Oh ondtftif^ifh'd rpace of woman's will ! * 

A plot upon her virtuous husband's life, ^ 

And the exchange my brother. Here, i' th' lands 

Thee I'll rake up, the poft unlandiBed 


(a) MemiMi, ttat the varialhm in it art fi fiiJdi*, and tbtir 
tiiitg ami tithing fellfU) fa jaici apan lati elher, that iben is «* 
iifii^ai^ab/t Jpatt hipwttn tbeiH. WaxbiutOD. 

4 upon (he 

■ciq mod t, Google 

90 King Lear, 

Of murlh*rous letchers : and in mHtUFS time* 
With this uttgradau9 paper fbike the /igi)[ 
Of the dcaA'pre&ia'd Duke : for him 'tis well. 
That of thy death and bufincfi I qu) tfil). 

Glo. The King i< mid i how ftilT is m; v(j« GfA, 
That I ftand up, and have ingcoioiit f«eling 
Of my huge ibrrowil betoa: I were diftra^t. 
So ilwuld my tfaougltti be fcrer'd frotn tty grief^a 

[Dnm afar ^. 
And woes, by wrong imaginatioos, loTe 
The knowledge of themlelves. 

Edg. Give me your hand : 
Far onF methinks I bear the boicen drum. 
Comev father, I'll bcftow you with % frieod. [£mw«/. 


A Cbambo'. 

Enter Cordelia, Kent, and Pk^ciatt. 

Cor. /^ Thou good JCwtf, how fliall I live and wort 

^ To match thy gpodnefi ? life will be too Aort, 
And ev'ry meafure fiul me. 

Kmi. To be acknowledged,* Madam, b o'erpoid; 
All my repons go with the modeft truths 
Nor more, nor dipt, but fo. 

Q>r. Be better fuittd \ 
Thefe weeds are inentaries of thole worfer hours : 
I pr*ythce, put them oflF. 

Hint. Pardon, dear Madam, 
Yet to be known (bortens my made ineenc \ 
My boon I make it, chat you know mc doc, 
*Till time and I think meet. 

Gw. Then be it fo, 
My Lord. — How does the King? [fo tbe^Jr^fician. 

Phif. Madam, Oceps (tilt. 


ciq mod t, Google 

Khg Leak. 91 

Or. O you kind Gods! 
Cure this great bnoch in his abded oanoe, 
TV unnut'd ind jami^ fenfa O wind up 
Of this chi)d-ch«i^ teherl 

Pirgf. Pleafe jraur MiyAy, 
That we may wake the Kii^? be kath flepc long, 

Cor. Be govertiM by your knowledge, and proceed 
I* th' fway of your own wiil : is he array'd ? 

Enter Lear m a elmr, carried hy SerooMtt, 

?bff. Ay, Madam j in the Itetvinela of Occp, 
Wc put fnSh garments on iikn. 
Be by, gpod Madam, u4ien we do aw^ firm } 
I doabc no( of his tempcnmce. 

Cvr. O my dear &ner! Reftmration hane 
I 'Her^ oudidiie on my lipa, and ]et this k» 
Repair thofe violent harms, that my two liftcn 
Have in thy ievel%nce made! 

Kent. Kind and dear Princefi! 

Car. Hid you not bean their father, tbHe white fiakcs 
I^ challenge pity of chem. Was this 'fecc 
To be expos'd againft the warring winds? 
Mint enemy's dog, though he bui bit me, fhoaM 
Have ftopd chat night againft my fire; and waft 
Thou fain, poor fitther, to horel thee with fwine 
And rogues finkm, in fhort and mtifty draw? 
•'Alack,^ *tis wtmdcr thai thy iife and wits, 
At once, had not conduded sXi. He wakes. 
Speak to him. 

Pbff. Madam, ' 'do you fpeafc,^ 'tis fitleft. 

Cor. Howdoesmy royaiLofd? how ftres yoor M^efty ? 

Lear. You do me wrong to uke me oat o* th' grave i 
Thou art a Ibut in Uift, but I \m bound 
Upon a wheel of fire, that mine own teare 
Do fcakl like molten lead. 

Cor. Sir, do you know me? 

Ltar. You are a Ipitit I know, when did you die ? 

; Thj 6-AlKl^ali^! 7dDrou, 

ciq mod t, Google 

92 I^ Lear. 

Cor. Stiil, ftill, far wide 

Pbyf. He's fcarce'avake, let him alone a while. 

Lear. Where have I been ? where am I ? fair day-iight ? 
I'm * 'much^ abus'd ; 1 Ihouid ev*ii die with pity 
To fee another thus. I know not * 'what i*- 
I will not fwear thefe aremy hands: Jet's fee, 
I feel this pill prick : would I were allur'd - 
Of my outdition. 

Cor. O look ■ 'on^ me, Sir, 
And hold your hand in benedidion o'er me. 
No, Sir, you muft not kneel; 

Lear. Fray, do not mock me-, 
I am a very tbolifli fond old man. 
Fourfcore and upward, and to deal * 'plainly with you,^ 
1 fear I am not in my perfect mind. 
Methinks I ihould know you, and know this man. 
Yet I am doubtful: for I'm mainly ignorant 
What place this is, and all the skill I have 
Remembers not thefe garments ; nay, I know not 
Where I dkl lodge laft night. Do not laugh at me, 
For, as I am a man, I think this Lady 
To be my child Cordelia. 

Cor. And fo 1 ami I am — ^ • fnot. 

Lear. Be your tears wet ? yes, 'faith 1 1 pray you, weep 
If you have poifon for me, I will drink it % 
I know you do not love me-, for your fifters 
Have, as I do remember, done me wrong. 
You have fome caufe, they have ' 'none.^ 

Cor. No caule, no caufe. 

Lear. Am I in France? 

KtHt. In your own kingdom. Sir. 

Lear. Do not abufe me. 

Pbyf. Be comforted, good Madam ; the great lage 
You fee is ♦ 'cur'd !^ defire him to go in. 
And trouble him no more 'till further fetding. 

Car. Will't picafe your Highncis walk f 


8 mi^htiljr 9 whit to fij i i upon 

a plamlfi 3 not. 4 cur'd tn lum : 

ciq mod t, Google 

Kkg Lear. 93 

Lear. You muft bear with tne i 
Pray you now, forget and forgive, 
I am old and foolifh. . [Exapit. 


SCENE ^ Camp. 

Enter Baftard, Regan, Gttttlemeat ami Stivers. 


KNow of the Dgke if his laft put^fe hold. 
Or whether fince he is advi^d by ought 
To change the courfe ? he's fiill of alteration} 
And felf-reproving : bring his conflant pleafure. 

Jie^. Our riser's man is certainly milcarry'd. 

B^. 'Tis to be doubted. Madam. 

Seg. Now, fweetLord, 
You know the goodnels I intend upon you: 
Tell me but truly, but then fpeak the truth. 
Do you not lore my fitter ? 

Bafi. In honoured Ibve. 

R^. But have yon never found my brother's way 
To the fore-fended place ? 

Bafi. No, by mine honour. 

Reg. I never fliall endure hers dear my Lord, 
Be not familiar with her. 

jBi0. Fear not ; Ihe and the Duke her husband — 

Efitir Albany, GonerUl, aad Soldiers. 
A^. Our very loving fifter, well be met : 
Sir, this I heard, the King is come to his daughter 
With ochers, whom the rigour of our ftate 
Forc*d to cry out. Where I could not be honelt 
I never yet was valiant : for this buflnefs. 

ciq mod t, Google 

94 i(!»g; Lear. 

It loucheth us as France invades our land, 

Not holds ' 'to th"' King, with others, whom I fear 

Moft ji^ and heavy caufts make opp^. 

Reg. Why is this reafon'd ? 

Gtm. Combme together *gainft the enemy; 
For thefc domeftick and particular broils 
Are not the queftion here. 

y&. Lrfs then determine with * 'th* Andcnt^ of war 
On our proceeding. 

Reg. Sifter, you'll go with as ? 

Gm. No. 

Reg. It is moll convenient, pray go widi us. 

Coa. Oh Iks I know t^ridOl^ i will go. [/^.J 

Afiwrt Albany. Xttier Edg^ di^i/J. 

Edg. If e'er yoor Gnce had Q)eecb with nun fp poor* 

Hear me one word. 

Alb. ril overtake you ; — — Ipieak. 

£c^. Before you %ht the boitel, ope tlus Icuer. 
If you have vidk'ry, ^ the trumpet lound 
For him that brought it: wreuhed thou^ J fectn, 
I can produce a champion, that will prove 
What is avouched cherc. If you milcarry. 
Your bufmefs of the world hath b an endi 
And machination ccafes. Fortune Jove youj 

Jib. Stay 'tai I've read the Ictner. 

Edg. I was forbid It. 
When time fhail jerve. Jet but the herald ay. 
And I'll appear again. [E*:*'. 

Jib. VtUy, fare Aee m^i I wffl o'erisdk *Jiy paper. 

Eaier Baftard. 
J3i^. The eoemy^ in view, dnw mp jrour ^oweo. 
Hard istbc^dBofdieirfiveftrength atri;£v(X^ 
By diligent difcowry^ bat your iv&e 

5 tht 6 th* Andeu 

ciq mod t, Google 

iSt^ Lear. 95 

b now urcM 6n you. 
^. We will greet the time. {£m/. 


J^ff. To both there fifters have 1 fwora my low: 
Esch icAlous of the other, as the ftung 
Arc of the adder. Which of them flull 1 take ? 
Balk? WW? oriiMCherf nctther can be enjoj^], 
If both remain ative: to take the widow, 
Exalperatcs, makes mad her lifter C0«mj7, 
And hard); Ihall I carry out my fide, 
Ibr husband being alive. Now then, we'll u(t: 
His councenance rar the battel ; which being done. 
La her who would be rid of him devife 
His fpeedy taking ^M. As for the mercy 
Which ^ intends to htar *nd tsiOrrdem, 
The bderf ^nfr, ttid iffcy within our pontr, 
''They ihail ne'er'' fee his pardon: formyftate 
Standi on me to defend, not to<AAnte. [^^ 


A !PUli. 

^anm vSAAi. Eififr wixb drtm ati^ coloiO's, Lear, Cor- 
delia, mi SoUiert aver thejlage^ md ixeu»t. 

JiiMr Edgar wn/Gb'fler. 
E^. UEre^Htther, take the Shadow of diis tree [thrive : 
-t* Ftfr^our good hoft; pray that the right may 
If ever I return to you again, 
Fil bring yoa comfort. 
Gl». Onccbe with yoa. Sir! VExlt Edgar. 

[j^arum amimreat wiibin. 

■XtHMttr Edg^r. 
^^. <A'Vay,'Ok] man, give tne thy hand, away; 
7 Shall amr King 

ciq mod t, Google 

. g6 King Lear. 

King Lear hath loft, he and his daughter ta'en. 
Give me thy hand. Come on. 

Gh. No further. Sir j a. man may rot even here. 

EJg. What, in ill thoughts again? men maft endure 
Their going hence, ev'n as their coming hither: 
Ripen(£ is all ; come on. 

Gh. And that's true too. [Exeunt. ' 

S C E N E V. 
A Camp, 

£n;frBaflardi Lear on/ Cordelia AT pr^/if»rji SelMers^ 

Baft.QOmz officers take them away \ good guard, 
^ Until their greater pleafures firft be laown 
That arc to cenfure them. 

Or. We're not the firft. 
Who with beft meaning have incurr'd the worft : 
For thee, opprel^King, lamcaftdown. 
My feif could clfc out-frown filfe fortune's frown. 
Shall we not fee thefe daughters and thefefiftcrs? 

Lear. No, no, no, noi come, let's away to pri&Mi; 
We two alone wilt fmg like birds i^ th'cag^: 
When thou doft ask me bldHng, I'll kneel down 
And ask of thee forgivenels: fo we'll live. 
And pray, and fing, and tell old tales, and laugh 
At gilded butterSics ; and hear poor rMjUCS 
Talk of Court-news, and we'll talk wim them wo, 
Wholofes, and who wins; who's in, who's out; 
And take upon's the myftery of things. 
As if we were God's (pies. And we'll wear out. 
In a wall'd prifon, packs and feds qf great ones 
That ebb and flow by th* moon. 

Baft. Take them away, 

Lear, Upon fuch facrifices, my Cordelia^ 
The Gods uiemfclves throw incenle. it^ave I cai^ht thee ? 


ciq mod t, Google 

JSfl^ t£AR. 97 

Ht diat parts us fliall bring a brand from bieav'n. 
And fire us hence like foxes i wipe thine eye. 
The goujeres Ihall devour them Helh and fell, 
. Ere they flull make m weep j we'll fee 'em ftarv'd firft. 
Come. [£ir.Lear W Cordelia, ;iMri«/. 

Bafi. * 'Come thou hither,^ captain, hark. il^bi^era%. 
Take thou this note, go follow them to priloD. 
One Hep I have advanc'd thee, if thou doft 
As this inftni&s thee, thou doft make thy way 
To noble fortunes : know thou this, that men 
Are as the time is > to be tender-minded 
Do^s not become a fwordi ' 'my '^ great imploymcnt 
Will not bear queftion ; either ^y tbou*lt cfo*C, 
Or ^hve by other nieaia. 

Cop. I'll do*t, my Lord. 

S^. About it, and write happy, when thou*ft done. 
Mark, 1 lay inftaiitly, and carry it lb 
As I have fet it down. {ExU CaftaiM. 


T«bim^ £tf<r Albany, Gonerill, Regan, and Soldiers. 

JW. Sir, rou have Ihew'd to-day yeur valiant fttain. 
And ibrtune led you well : you have the capuva 
Who were the i^fjolites of this day*i ftrife: 
I do reomte diem of you, fa to ufe them, 
Aj we fltall find their merits and our May 
hby cquaflv determine. 

S^, I thoi^t fit 
To ftnd die oU and nuferable King 
To fixne retention and appointed guard ; 
'^^ofi age has charms in it, whofe tide more. 
To iduck the common boTomsin his fide. 
Ana turn our impreft launces in our eyes 
Which do comnund them. With him I fent the Qoeen, 
My reaibn all the famet ahd they are ready 

Vol. III. G To-monow. 

2 ComelutW, 

9 th/ ... iUtdit. Jini, tmnd. 

ciq mod t, Google 

To-morrowi or at further faice, t' appear 
* 'Where'we fhall hold our^ fcfliofu 

. ^Ib. Sir, by your patiep.??, 
I h<rfd you bbt. 9 fubjfiS of thij war, " . ' 

JJot as a brother. ■ . . ; ; 

Re^. Th^t'aa? we Jill (ogr^cehim. 
Mcthinks our pleafy're migbt liave Ijecfl dfrnaijcJeJ 
Ere you had fpokc fo far. " fje led our po^j'w^ 
Botc the comfniffion of my pl^ce and perlbn^ ' ' 
The which immediate nia'y weU ftahd up,. . 
And call ii fclf your brother.. " ". . ' 

Gen. Not fo hot: .' ■ . ' 
In his Own grace he doth exalt himfcl^ 
More than in your advancemeot. 

' Reg. In my right, ■ ' 

By pK kwcft^d, be conipeers the beft. ' * 

'Jib. That were the nioft, if he Ihou|d hpsb^i»djjc(& ; 

Rfg,. Jeftefs do oft prove prophets. ■ 

Gm: Hoth, holJal 
That eye tl\ati told ypu Jb, Jook*d but arfquinj|, 

Reg. Lady, I am 'not *e]], elfcl Ihduld a'nfwor 
From a foil flowing ftomach. . General, .. .^ .- 
Take thou my foldiers, prilbners, patrimony, ,' 
Difpofeof them, Of me. *'they air areihiheV; 
Witneft the world that I create thee hcr« . ■ " 
My Lord and mafter. ■■■■■'■■ '"■' '■ _ 

Con. Mean you to enjoy; Inm? ' ," ' .^'''' 
Jli. The leit alone lyes' not in your goqn ^IK 
Baft. Nor in thine. Lord. '' ' ' 

M. Half-blooded fel^w,. yes. ■ -^"["' ' ' / 

Reg. Let the firum ftrike, and proTc tiiy tiiie thftife. , 
'■ •• - ^'/kfialT. 
■ fp>fj' ifir to go 0*/. 
Ab. ''Stay: hear my reafon:^'£/jJw»i/,'l'arrcft tht^ ■ 
On capital treafon, a^d i^ thyarrpftj^ ■ '. " ; 

■Thii giWcd fcrpcnt : for ycHfr.cIaim, '&ir lyter; . 


' t Where jon Qial] hold yaat ' z tbe wait* 
3 Sny ycti hcarreafbt).: 

ciq mod t, Google 

I \^ it in the intercft of my wife ; 
*Xis Hie is fub-contraAed to this Lord, 
And I her husband contradift your banes. 
. If you will marry, make your loves to me. 
My Lady is befpokc. 

Gm. An entcrludc! 

Ai&. Thou arc arm*d, Gio'fier, !at the trumpet found: 
If none appear to prove upon thy perfbn 
Thy beinouv manifeft, aijd many treafons, 
There^ is niy pledge: 1*11 prove K. on thy heart. 
Ere I tafte bread, thou art in nothing Icn 
Than I have hcreproclaim'd thee. 

lUg. Sick, O fick 

GoK. If DOC, I'll ne*er tnift poifen. \4fi^' 

Bafi. There's my exctangf: i what in the world he h 
,XhiiX Ojuncs rac traitor,' villain-like he lies j 
Calj-by the trumpet; he that dares approach. 
On him, on you, {'•'whom'' not?) I will maintain 
My truth and honour iirmly. * 

. ^b. A herald, ho! 
Truft to thy fmgle virtues i for thy fo]diers» 
All levied in my name, have in my name 
Took t^irdifcharge. 

Rtg. My ffcknels grows upon me. 

jflk. She ij not well, convey her to my tent. 

. ■ {.Exit Reg. 


Enter a Herald, 
Come ludier, liuald, lec the trumpet found. 
And read' oat this. , {A trumpet founds. 

Herald reads. 

IF atn man o^^gtai^y or ^ree within tbt ^s of the army* 
wiU maintafit i^mi £dmund fvppofed Evrt cf Glo'fter, 
U>at bf i$ a mtafold, traitor, let him tg^er ^ the third 
JbiMd of the trumpet : be is hold in hi: defeace. i trutt^t. 
G 1 Her, 

4 who 

ciq mod t, Google 

:koo King Lear. 

/ftr. Again. . 2 trau^* 

Her. Again, 3 truv^t- 

Eater Edgar armed. 

4&, Adc htm his purpoTes, why be appean 
Upon this call o'th' crumpet. 

Her. What are you? 
Your name, your quality, and why you anfwer 
This prefcnt fummons ? . 

E^. Know, my name is loll. 
By creafon's tooth bare>gnawhand cankcrrbit} 
Yet y am noble as the advtrfary 
1 come to copd. 

^!h. Which is that adverfaryi; 

Edg. What's he that rpeaks for £d!wa»/Earl of G&^n*? 

Bafi, Hipifelf i what fay'ft thou to him? 

Edg. Draw rhy fword, 
That if my fpeech offend a noble heart. 
Thy ann may do thee juilicc j here is mine; , 
pehold, it is the privilege of mine honours. 
My oath, and my profedion. I proteft, 
Maugre thy ftrengih, place, youth, and eminence, 
Spightof my viftor-fword, and fire-new fortune. 
Thy valour, and thy heart, thou art a traitor } 
Falfc to thy Gods, thy brother, and thy father, 
Confpirant 'gainft tliis hJghMlluflrious Prince. 
And from th' excreameft upward of thy head, 
To the defcent and dull below thy foot. 
A moft toad-fpotted traitor. Say thou no^ 
This fword, this arm, and my bell ^irits are bent 
To prove upon thy heart, whereto I Ibeak, 
Thou Heft. 

Soft, in wifdom I fhould ask thy namci 
But lince thy but-fide looks fo fair and warHke, 
And that thy tongue Ibme 'fay ■ of breeding breathes, 
"What fafe and nicely I mi^ht well delay 


(a) 'Siy/Br £%-, Jimefitvi ar fniaii/ity. 

ciq mod t, Google 

Jfiwg tEARj lot 

fiy rule of Kntght-hood, I difdain and fpuro .' 
Back do I tofs tbde treasons to thy hiead, 
With the lieJI-hated lie o'cr-whclm thy heart, ' 

* 'To which (for they yet glance by, fcarcely brulfing)^ 
This fvord of mine inall give them inftant way. 
Where they (hall reft for ever. Trumpets fp<ak. 

IJlanm. fight. Baftwd/«&. 

•'ffwi. Save hitn» O fave him i this is prafticc, Glo*fteri^ 
By th' law of war, thou waH; not bound to anfwer 
Ail unknown oppolite ; thou ar( not vanquilh'd, 
But coten'd and b^;uird. 

j&. Shut your mouth, damr^ 
Or with thb paper fbali I Hop it) • . 
Thou worft uian any thing, read tlitne own evil 1 
No tearing, l^y, I perceive you know ic 

Cm, Sij if I do, tne laws are mine^ not thine j 
Who can arraign mc for*t? 

jSi. Moafter, know'ftthou 
This paper? 

dm. Ask me not what "> 'I do know.^ \SMt Coil* 

jllb. Go after her, ike's defperate, govern her. 

s c E N fi vni. 

Bcfi, What you have charg*d mc with) that t have done* 
And more, much more ; the time will bring it out* 
*Tis paft', and fb am I: but what art tbou 
That haA this fortune on mc f If thou *rc noble, 
I do fi»sive thee. 

£4r* »^i exdunge our charity.! 
I am no le& in blood than thou art, Edmund% 
If more, the more thou'ft wrong^d me. 
My name is Edgar^ and thy father's fon. 
The Gods are jult, and of our plcafant vices 
Make inftniments to "plague and punifli us:** 
The dark and vicious place* where thee be ^Cf 

G 3 Coft 

f Vkiclk (&r tlW7 ytx glance by, tifal Ictrcdy WuireJ 

* J&. Save hint. £ivfcliimt 

Gvi. Th» it pnaict, GUfitrt . . . »U*ih. nwl. im»d. 
7 1 fcnow ■■- I plague iw 

ciq mod t, Google 

102 Kmg Lears 

Coft him his eyes. 

Soft. Thou'ft rpokcn. rights *tji ttvct 
The wheel is come fall circle, I am here. 

ji&. Methooght thy vetygarc did propheTie fJiEdgah 
A royal noblendsj I muft embrace thee : 
Ijct forrow fplit my heart, if ever 1 
Did hate thee or ihy father. 

E^. Worthy Prince, 
• 'I know it wtli.^ 

^li. Where have you hid your felf ? 
How have you known the miferies of your fethcr ? 

E^. By nurfing them, my Lord. Lift ibrjef talc. 
And when 'tis told, O that my heart tfOuM boril ! 
The bloody proclamation to ejcape 
That foUowM me fo near, (O our lives iv«*tncfi f 
That we the pain of death woatd hduijy bett: 
Rather than die at once) taught me to Ihift 
Into a mad-man's rags, t' la&me a fembiance 
The very dogs difdain'd : and in this habit 
Met I my father with his bleeding Hi^ * 

Their precious gemt new loft i becaOK his gMii^ 
Led him, bcg'd for him, iav'd him from dcfpair. 
Never (O faultj rcveal'd. my fcif unto him, 
tlmil fome half hotir paft, when i was armM, 
Not fare though hopii^ c^ this good faoeefi, 
I ask'd his blelfing, and from firft to laft 
Told him my pilgrimage. Bit his flawM hoart^ 
Alack, coo w^ the condi& to fupport^ 
Twixt too extreams of poflkia, joy and grief^ 
&ir{t fmilingly. 

S^. This fpeech of y«jrj hath mov'd m^. 
And Ihall perchance do good; tHit fpeak you on^ 
You look as you had fometlnng more to fiy. 

^&. If there be mor^, more woful, hwlitini 
For I am almoll ready ta diiibfve. 
Hearing of this. 
9 I IcdoWl 



iSftr^ Li At: 103 

S. C E N E "IX. 

Eni^ a Gentkmtm. 

Gfiit. ffetp, hdpt 

E^. What kind of help? 

^fii. Speak, n»n. ... 

E^. What means this bioody-knife? 

Gm. *Tis hot, it finoaks, it casK even fixKB dkbfieart 
Of OlflK'addid. 

j£t. Who's dead? ^^cak^ man. 

GcMi. Tour Lady, Siti yoorL^jt wa& her filler 
By her is faafbn*d 1 fbe cbnfefies h. 

B^. I was cdritraded to them both; aU three . 
Now marry in an inftaiit. 

£^. Here comes Sent,. 

Em& Sent. 

J0I. FrodoGJ die bodkb, bvxh^ tifebrdt^d^ 

[QttieHli mi Kiag/M't Mies broi^ht nU. 
llHSJudgtdeacof ttifc hakv*iiB,' that imkesoji tren^ie. 
Touches as notwnhpitr.M'^O! isthiaije? 
The ciise will hot Mow- die>cDb)fAiifunc ; IT^ Kent 
Which very tnaAnerBm^. 

Xotf. ' 'Sir, I am^ come 
To bid my King and Miflar iyegtxid night; 
Is he no(ncre? 

jili. Oeatthi^ of OS forgot i 
Speak, Edmund, Where's the King? vniv^^^iCordeHaf 
See'fi thou this objcfb, Ktnt ? '[Poimi»i it the deM^dies. 

K£Hi. Alack, why thus? 

Bafi. Yet Edmund was beksv^di 
Tht one thcDthcr lAifim'd for my &ke. 
And after Bew her JeiC 

Ali. Even lb « cover their fepes. 

.5410. I potior life; ibme good I mean eodoi 
DdpiehtvCaaiocomiiittare. Quickly fend 

G4 (Be 

It, Google 

I04 f^ Leak.. 

(Be brief) into the caftle i For my writ 
Is on the life of Lear ^ 'and'' CordtUa : 
Jlivf-, fend in time. 

jl^. Run, run, » 'O nin, make hafte/ 

E^. To whom, my Lord? who has the office? iend 
Thy token of reprieve. 

B^. WeU thought on, take 107 fword. 
Give it the captain - — - 

Bdg. Hafte thee for thy life; [£«/ Miffa^er. 

B^. He hath commiflion from thy wife and me 
To hang Cordelia in the prifon, and 
To lay the blame upon her own defpair. ' 

j£b. The Gods defcod her ! bnu* him hence a while. 

f Battard is ban ef. 

S C EN E - X. 

Enter L.ear witb Cordelia dead in bis arms. 

Lear. Howl, howl, bowl, howl, — O you are men of 
' Had I your tongues and eyes, I'd u(e them fo, [ftone. 
That heaven's vault fhould crack ; Ihe*s gone for ever ! 
I know when one is deadj and when one lives} 
She's dead as earth ! lend me a lookii%-gla6. 
If that her breath will mill or fiatn the ftcMie, 
Why then fhe lives. 

Ktnt. Is this the promi^d end ? 

Lear. This feather ftirs, fhe lives; if it be To, 
It u a chance which do's redeem all fiutows 
That ever I have felt. 

.Kmf. O my good mailer t [Katili)^. 

Lear. Pr'ythee, away— — 

E^. *Tis noble Keta ybar friend. 

Lear. Aplagoeupon yoa,'murth*Fers traitors alt! ' 
. I might have favM her ; now (he's gone for cverl 
Cvdk^ Civ-f^jVa, Ihy a litde. Hat — 
What is*c thou fay's i her vmce was ever fiift. 
Gentle and low, an excellent tfaiog in woman. 

I kill*d 

3 and oa 3 O mo, — 


King Lbar. 105 

I ktll'd the flaTC that was a hanging thee. 
Gtnt. *Ti» true, roy Lordj, he did. . 
Lar. Did I nor, fellow i 
Pve feen the day, with mv good biting faulchioa 
I would have nude tliem skip : X am oU qgw. 
And thefe lame croJ^ fpoil roe. Who are you ? 
Mine eyes are none o* th* beft. I'll tell you flraic 

Kent. If fortune brag of two jhe lov'd and hated. 
One of then) we behold. 
Lear. Ak yoa not Kent f . 
Kent. Theumei yourftnrant £fli/} 
Where is your fcrVantCww/ • 

Lear. *"T«xi' a good fellov, I can tell you tiia^ 
"He*d^ ftrike, and quickly too : b^s dead mi ntten* 
Keia. No, my good Lord, I am the vety tmn,—— ^ 
Lfor. I'll lee that ftrait. 

Kent. That from your fiift of diflereoce and decay. 
Have folIow*d your fad ftqM. 
Lear. You're welcome hither. [deadly: 

Kent. *Twas no man elfe: all's cheerlefi, dark, ar'.-i 
Your eldeft dau^tera have fbrc-done themictve^ 
And dcfp'ralely arc dead.. 
Lear. Ay, fo I think. 

^. He knows not what he lays, and vain i) it 
That we jfftfent us to him. 
E^. Veryboodefi. 

Mt^er a Meffei^er. 
Mef. Edmund is dead, my Lord. 
Ja. That's but a oifle. 
You Lords and noble friends, know our intenti 
What comfort to this great decay may come. 
Shall be af^Iy*d. For us we will reftgn. 
During the life of this old Majefty, 
To him our abfolutc power: to you, your rights, 

[^tf Edg. 
I With boot, and fuch addition as your honours 
' Hart 

4 He't . . . Mtiii, ^hfh. twumd. 

s ticni . . . t/d idit. Titti. imtiid. 

ciq mod t, Google 

i66 *ir*^ LeAr; 

Have more than merited. All friends Ihall tafte ■ 

The wages of their virtue, and aH fo& 
The cup of their ' 'defcrvingl. 

Ltar. O fee, fee — 
And my poot fool'' is hahg'd : n6, nii, no Kfc ? 
Why Ihould a dog, a horfe, * rit havt lift. 
And thou no bfelth at alt ? fhou'It cptnie no mQre, 
Never, DCveTj never-, never, nevtei-,-^ — ' 

Pray, you, undo this button. Thank you. Sir; 
Do you fee this? look on ha-, look tta her lips. 
Look there, look tfiirt— ^ \th Sits, 

Edg. He faints j my'I/ird !^— 

Kent. Break, heirt, I "pr^ythee, break. 

•F(^. Lodkijp, tHyLdrd.' [him. 

Tent.- Vex not hisgholt : oh, kt hiin pafs* He hates 
That would upon the rack of this rough world 
Stretch him oik liJnger. 

Edg. He is gone indeed. 

Kent. The wonder is, hehath eftdor'd folong: 
He but ufurpE his life. 

Jib. Bear them from hence, our prefcnt bufinds ■ 
Is general woe; friends of my.foii?, you twain. 
Rule in this realm, and the gor'd flate fuftain. 

Kettt. I have a jouniey. Sir, ftiorily togoi 
My mafter calls me, I muft nor fay no. 

jilb. The wei§j|it of this fad time we muft obey* 
Speak what we tee!, not what we ought to lay. 
The oldeft hath born moft j we that arc ycwng ' 
Shall never fee fo much, ^'Jive e'er'' fo long, 

^Exeunt mtb a SeOdOarti, 

6 defcTvingf : O fee, fee'-- ' ■ 
Lear. Audmy pocrfool, £?e. 

7 ooi live 

° ' THE 





ciqiiiodt, Google 


KING John. 

Prince Hcnry» Son ta the King. 

Archur, Dwa of "Bmi^at^ a^ Nephew ta the Kit^. 

Bigot, ) 

Hubert, an Englilfa Gentlemm. 

Philip Faulconl^tdge, Ba/lard-SoH to Richard tbe Firfii afi- 
terwsrdi hngbttd iy the name ef Sir Richard Plantagenec 
Robert Faulcoilbridge, f^^s'd Brother to the B^trd. 
Jatnes Gurney, Servant to tbi Ladf Faulconbridge. 
Peter ef Pomfirct, a Prophet. . 

Philip, fi^e^ France. 

Lewis, /^f Dauphin. 

jtrcb-Duke ef Auftria." 

Pandulpho, the Pope's Legate. 

Meliin, a French Lord. 

ChacilioD, Amhtjada-frem France /o Kt^John. 

Elinu-, ^en-Mother ^England. 

Conftance, Mother to Arthur. 

Blanch, Dai^bter to Alphenlb lOng ef Caftile, ondNtiet 

to King John. 
L^df Faulconbridge, Mother to the B^ard and Robert 


Ctiztns of Angien, Heralds, Executioners, Mtja^trs, 
SoldierSt and other jlttendants. 

7^ SCEi^E fometlmes in England, andfometimes in France. 


ciq mod t, Google 

•The L r F E and Death rf 


A C* T I. S C E N E L 

rbe Court of ENGLAND. 

E^er lOng John, ^een Elinor, Pembroke, Et&x, and 
Salisbury, with Chatilton. 

Kii^ John. 
i O W &f, ChatiUent what would France with mi 
9 Chat. Thus, after greeting, Ipeaks the King 
R of France^ 

R In my behaviour, to the Majefty 
— The borrow'd Majefty of Ewiand here. 

EU, A flnuige beginning} borrow'd Majefty! 
K. John. Silence, good mother, hear the embaflle. 
Chat. Pbiiip of Frmctt i" tight and true behalf 
Of tby deceafed brother Geffrefs Son, 
jhUmr Planlagenelj lay* lawful claim 
To this f^ir I^nd, and the territories : 
To IreUmdt FoiSiert^ Jnjeu, 'founutu^ Maitu: 
Dc£ring thee to lay allde the fword 


(a) Thf troQble(bine reign of £. Joha was lurititn iw tvMfarti ij 
W. Sh^kripear ««rf W. Rowlej, anJ prhttd ibjy. Bm$ tb*jrt/**t 
fl^ it tmtirtl/ JiffiriMl, akd itifinitify Jaftriar It it. fagt. 

ciq mod t, Google 

lio-" ' iSfog John.. : 

Which fways ufurppgly ihefe fewrai titles, .~ 

Ancl put the fame into young yirtbur's hand. 

Thy nephew, and right royal Sovereign* , \ 

^.Jibn. What follows, if we diiajfow of this? ' 

Qbdl, The proud controul of fierce aod bloody wa^, 
T'Thforce thefe rights fo forcibly with-held. ,i 

K. Jo&n. Here have we war for war, and blood for blood, 
Con^ulipent fpr <»i|ftjou|aiciit ; .|b,an|ffer FraH^.^, 

Chat. Then take my King's defiance from my mouth, 
The far(heft linvt^of nij embalja^ ., ^ 
■ X. Jokti Bear mine «o him, JWtJ fo drj»rt in!pcace>-j 
Be thou as lightning in t1ie eyes olFrancef 
Ferere- thou eanft-'i^poct, I will he- there, . 
The thunder of my cannon fliall be heard. 
So, h^nce I . bq thou the. trumpet oh our -^ath, a 
Andfullen prcfiige of your own decay. 
An honouralplc-cwidBft k* him. hayp, . ' ■ 
Pembroke^ look td'ti farewcl, Cbatilien.' 

"Mli. What now, my-fo;], hay^el not ever &ia 
How that ambitious Conftance would not'ccafc 
'Till fhe had Jcindled^^uv;f{3nd,al| the world. 
Upon the right and party of her fon? _ ' - . » 

This might have been prevented, " v>d qj^e irfiole "^ 
"With vei-y cafic arguments of teve J ■ ■' . -,,* • 
Which now the ipanage of two ktffgdoms ipuil. 
With fearful blood^fllUc arbjt^att;;. ' 

K:'yo^u, Our i[ti:drig^p6flUrion'i!nd ourright for us^. 

Eli, Your ftnjfig poflcflibn muth' more th^n your'riehr. 
Or elff it. muft go wrong with you aqd me ; 
So much mycohfcientp whifpefs in your, ear. 
Which none but heav*ii, ^nd yoij, and llhall hear. 

JEfex. My Liege/here is the ftrang^ cqntrQvcrfie- 
Come from.tlje cqi/ritry to be judg'd by ypu 
ThiUie'er Ihcrfrd^'fhaM I producc.the jnen?- 
- K.^ohn. Let then) approach. 
'Oiir 'AJj^es an^d our Priones Ihall pay 
■tthtt ewwiticfl'SiCharge — Whatincn are youi 
■?-/ ■■ ... ■ ' SCENE 

ciq mod t, Google 

Kmg Jqhjj. Ill 

SCENE" ,n: ,: 

Efiter Robert Faiifconbridgc aaJ ibe IlaflaAJ. ' =- ■ ' 

B^ft. Your faithful rubjeft, I, a oentledua. .. . '.i. 
Bom inNartbamptonfinre, and.eldeltlpn,. - 
As I iuppoie, to Esbert Faiilcathrijge^ 
A foldicr, , hy the honourrgiving h^ ' 
Of Caur-dtr-Uon koighced in the fvda. 

K.jfobn. What wt thou? 

.^. The &n vid heir to th^t lafne Faui(sttiriJ[eM 

K. T^^v- I^ t^ ^^^ ^^i** ^d 9^1 thou the iicir J 
Tou came not of one iii(;);her then !( feomsf 

Bt^. Moft certain of one motheri ntuhty Kjng, 
That b well known, aad as I think oneTiKaci': 
Bat for the cpnain kpo^rJe^gp of -that (ruti^ . . 

1 put you o'er to he^v'n ana to my mother \ 
Of that I doubt, as all men's children way. 

Eli. Out oii the«, rude man, thoi^dofl iham^ thy i^odiqr. 
And wouod her honour widi this diSidence. 

Ba^. I, M^mP ncs I have no reafqii ^ it j 
That U my brother's plea, and no^ of n^, . ,-. 

The which if he c^ prove, he pops n^, ouf.., . ; 

Ac Icaft from ^ five hundred pquod a ya^ ; . . . \ 
Heav*n guard my mother's honour and n^ lan^ I 

K.j^M. A gopd blunt fellow: vh)',,b^[)gy0UBger lyjff. 
Doth he lay tjaim to thine inberitai)ce ? - . : \, 

Ba/i. I knov nqc why^ except to get the Ivijd ) ;- 
But once he Hand^'d me with ba^rdy : 
But whether I be true bfgnt or no, : ;, . , ' . 
That ilUl I Jfy ujjpn my tnother's.I^ y . .■ 

But that I am as w^ bc^ot. fof X-jfigC* :■'.', 

(Fair fall the bof>e^ thf i; tooic the ^\^ %-nii^J) ,^ ■ 
Compare our %^M, ^pd be jvdSP J(WF felf. ■' -• 

If old Sir Rei>er{.tiii^ hegct i^s bot^ 
And were our f^[\cr, -ftn4 tb^ foij Jifet fcUa I 
O old Sir Rabp:tf faiii^, oa qi^y^kn^ 

2 give heav'D fhuiks 1 was not like to thee. 

- K,7*i*. 

ciq mod t, Google 

ii2 Km^ John. 

K. jM^ Why, vhat a mad-cap hath heav'n lent u3 here ? 

MS. He huh a trick of Ceur-de-Hmfs face, 
Tbe-aocentoF bis tongue aScdetb him : 
Do you not read Ibme tokens of my fon 
Id the lai^ comportdon of this man ? 

Yi.JobH. Mine eye hath well examined his parti. 
And Bnds them ^pcneSt Richard : firrah, fpeak. 
What doth move jrou to claim your brother's land.^ 

Bi^. Becaufe he hath a half-face, like my ^ther, 
Wirfi ■ 'that half-fece*- would he have all my land? 
A haif-fac'd groat, five hundred pound a year? 

Rob. My gracious U^e, when thaimy father liv*d. 
Your brother did iraploy my fethcr much ■ 

jB^. Well, Sir, by uiis^ou cannot get my land. 
Your tale muft be how he imploy*d my mother. 

Rok. Atid once difpatch'd him in an emboflk 
To Germany ; there with the Emperor 
To treat of high aHairs touching that time: 
Til' advantage of his abfence took the King, 
And in the mean time fojoum*d at my fethcr^j 
Wber^ how he did prevail, I ftame to fpeak : 
But truth it truth ■, Ui%e lengths of Teas and fliorc$ 
Between my hther ano^my mother lay, 
(As I have heard my lather fpeak himfclf ) 
When this lame lufty gentleman was got. 
Upon his death-bed hc^iy will bequcath'd 
His lands to tne, and took it on liis death 
That this Riy mother's Ion was ;ione of his ; 
An if he were, he came into the world 
Full fourKcn weeks before the courle of time : 
Then, good my Liege, let me have what is mnx'. 
My father's land, as was my father's will. 

K. Jehtt. Sirrah, your brother is I^itimate, 
Your father's wife did after wedlock bear him : 
And if fhe did play falfe, the &ult .was hers. 
Which fault lyes on the hazard of all husbands 
That marry wivtt. Tell mc, how if my brorfier, 


I half (bMXbce...tUtdU.Jl>e»t.mtw^. 

ciq mod t, Google 

ISngJoUHi 1 13 

Who as you lay took pains t»get this fetii ' 
Hadof-yowmber ciaim'd this Ion for hisf 
Id (both, good friend, your father might have kfipt 
Tlus calf, bred &x>m-his cow, from ail the world* 
' In Iboth he might i iiieA. if he were my brother's, ■ 
My brother might not claim him t nor your ^ther^ ■ 
Bongnonffof his, refuie himt this conclude^ 
My mother's Ton did get your fethcr's heir. 
Your idler's heir muft have your fafher's land. 

Sti. Shall then my father's. will be of no force 
To difpt^cls that chUd .which is not his ? - ' > - 

A$t. Of no more focce to difpofiels mev Sifj 
Tlian was his will to get me, as. I think. - ..-..> . 

EU. Say, hadft thou rachcr htA FaaUatiindgt^ ■. 

And tike thy brother, to ei^y thy land; 

(^ the reputed Ion of Caar-de-lim, 

Lord of thy prefence, and no land befide ? ; . ■ 

Bafi. Madam, an if my brother had my.lfaapc. 
And I had bis, $iT Reiert\ his, like him* 
And if my legs were two fucb riding roc^, . 
My arms fuch eel-skins fbft; my bccfothin,. 
That in mine ear I dtirfl not ftick a rofe,* 
Left men flwuld iky,. lodt:.;wheEe three fartbings gprst 
And * 'with^ his fliape wen! heir to all this land i 
Would I might never flir from off this place, 
rd give it or'ry foot to have this face : 
I would not be ^ Sir Nobbe in any cafe. 

EH. I like thee well ; wilt thou forfake thy fortune, 
fiequeadi thy iai|d to hitn, SkI foHow mq f " 
I am a {bidier and now bound to Frmci. 

Bafi. Brother, taJceyoUjmy.Und, I'll lakemy chanCct 
Tour iaoc hafttx got five hundred pound a year. 
Yet fell your fecc for fiw pence* .and 'ds dear. 
Madam, I'U foUo^ you unto the doith. 

Vol. ill. ^ H, EH. 

M JIhding (9 tie tbrtffartbini pifta tarrtml i» ^grtn EltzalKth't 
Hmt vibitL bad a rofc ea At rtvirfi: amd hting if f.tttr tbij tnafi tt 
Mt^itt ht wry liiM. TbrotMld. 

{b') Sir Ndibe, s uhhiaHU, in tuHtH^t, »f Sir Vjsievt, Ptft. 

ciq mod t, Google 

I-I4- ^iif£ JoHK. 

ES. Nay, I would hive you go befare'iBC thkhor. 

Sa^. Our cbuntry manners give our betons way. 

K. Jeta. What is thy luine? 

Ba^. PbiSp, my Li^e, fo ic my rame begun, 
Pbi^, good old Sir R»icrf$ wjfift eldcft 6m. [bear'lt: 

K. jabn. Fmm hcnctferrii boar bis lume whofe fbrm thou 
Kneel thou down Pbii^ but rife up more great, 
Arifc Sir Richard and FUmta^aut. 

B^. Brodicr by th' raochefs ftde, give mc ynuthaod, 
Mjr father nTe-me honour, yours gave land. 
Now bleflej be the hour, by night or day, 
'When I was got, Sir Robert vrai away I 

EU. The very ffMrit of Piatiagenitl 
I am thy grandam i RithrJ, cu] me lb, 

Ba^. Madam, ijychanoc, but not Iwtniili, what tho'? 
Something about, a little from the righc. 

In at the window, or cik o'er the hatch : 
"Who dares not -fitr by di^,' maft walk by nighl^ 

And have is have, however men do catch ; 
Near or far oiF, ^dl won is (till well &ott 
And I am I,, howe'er I was begot. 

K. yobn. Go, FattkatAii^e^ now haft thou tby delire, 
A Undlefs Kni^t malcos choe a landed 'Squire: 
Come, Madam, and come, Ritbard\ we muft fpeed 
For Fraticty for Erana^ for k is more than need. 

;Bafi. Brother, adieu ; good fortune come to chee ! 
For thou was got i" th' way of honefty. [Ex. aU but Baft, 


A foot of honour better than I was. 
But many, ' 'many a^ foot of land the woriel 
Well, now can I make oay y^ait s Lady. 
Good-den, Sir ii/f£jrv^— Godamercy, feUmr, 
Ard if his name be George^ I'll call him Petir i 
For new-made honour doth foigct mens oan«: 
*Tia too refpefUve and anJbciabte t 


3 a mtaj 

ciq mod t, Google 

^ Jopn. lij 

Par your como^^ Now jrqiir travciler. 
He and his raon-pick at my Worfliip's mcfs j 
And when^y kniglirly ftonuctijs ftiffic'd, 
Why then I fiick'my teeth; and catKhife 
My ♦ 'picfced'' Urni of <ounp-i.e9, — my dear Sjr, 
(Thus leaiung fw buoc elbow 1 begin) 
I (ball befftcb ypii, ^thac is Qid^n qow. 
And then con»$iAi)rwer like an ABCbook: 
O Sir, 6ys Anfwer, m jour bcft o^mmwM^, 
At yoijr empfeyment. tit your (crvkx. Sir : -7- 
No, Sir, iays QueHioq, I> fwew-JMrt at yQurs,-7- 

And fo ere Anfwer kooffs wijat Qycftion would, 

'^Serving in dulbgue oi complinien^. 

And talking of the J^J >ad /fpt/tmnes. 

The Pjrenetm and the rw«r POf> 

It draws mv^xM iupfier in conclufuw lb, 

But this a worfliipful fociety* 

And fits the mounting fpifAt >iii(jc qiy felf : 

For he is but a. baiBtard V> the ti^n^ 

That doth not fniaclc of obrery^9a, . 

(And lb am I whedier I iimck or no) 

And not akuK in habit &n4 devia^ 

Exterior form, outwvd ^ccffufx^m^i 

But from the inwwd mo^km t^Q deJiyer 

Sweet, iweet, fwect pojfgn * f"?*" the age's toorii \ 

'Wfuch, though 1 wjil nOF pnuftife to deceive. 

Yet, to aroid deceit, I ijiean to learn ^ 

For it fhaJI fttew fhc {giotftc^ of my riGng. 

But who coma io luch hyfj^ in riding robes? 

"What woman-pod. is this.? Jx^ (he iw husband 

That will take {^dw .to Wow « horn before herf 
O me, it Is my mother t now, good Lady, 
What briogi ^9u hcte to Court Tq haftily ? 


5 (Skfini in dulone of ^mplimeatt 
4iid tMfciog oTtlie il^ and jiptmints. 
The PjmMa^tO. iIk nm Pti . ..tU tdit. ifari. imini. 

ciq mod t, Google 

1 1 6 ^rng John. 

S C E 'N E .IV. . ' [ 

Enter La^ Faulconbrldge dni James Gurney. *' 

Ladf, Where is that Have, (hy brother P where is he. 
That holds in chafe mine honour up and down i 

Baft. My brorher Robert^ old Sir Reberi'% Saa, 
Coibrmd the giant, that fatne mighty man. 
Is it Sir Robert^ fon that you feek fo ? ' • 

LaA^. Sir Robertas fon ? ay, thou unrev'rent boy. 
Sir Robert's fon, why fcom'ft thou at Sir Robert? 
He is Sir Robert's fon, and lb art thou. 

Saft. James Gumey^ wilt thou give us kave a while? 

Giir. Good leave, good Philip. 

Baft. ^'Philip! foare mc,^ James. 
There's toys abroad, anon I'lltell thee mwe. [£iw/ James. 
Madam, I was not old Sir ^f^fr/'slbn. ' 

SiriJoifr/ might haTceat hispart in me ■ • 
Upon Geod-Fridof^ and ■ne'er broke his feft : 
Sir i?(^/ could do well ; marry, confcfs! 
Could he get me i Sir Robert could not do it ; 
We know his handy-work, therefore, good mother. 
To whom am I beholden for thefe limbs? 
Sir Robert never help'd to make this leg. 

La^. Hafl; thou confpircd with thy brother too. 
That tor thine own gain Hiould'ft defend mine honour? 
What means this tcorn, thou moft untoward knave ? 

Baft. Knight, Knight, good mother, — 51«^^ffJike. '— ■■ 
Why, I am (}ub*d,' J have it on my fboukler: 
But, mother, I am not Sir Rober^i ion, 
I have difctaim'd Sir Robert and my latid. 
Legitimation, name, and all is gooC} 
Then, good my mother, let me know my fnAeri 
Some proper man, I hope ; who was it, mraher i 

LaOf. Haft thou deny'd thy Icif a Feadeonbri^e? * 


(a) Alliiiing U m part im a Plaj ineWM at' that time, taltd Sdinwn 
<■«</ Perfcda. nnbaU. 

6 Philif. {pvmm, ...»U $iU. Warh. tmcnJ. 

ciq mod t, Google 

King Jqhn. 117 

Sa^. As faithfully as I deny the devil. 

Ladf- King Ricberd Ceeur-de-Um was thy father ; 
By lone and vehement fuit I was feduc'd 
To maKC room for him in my husband's Bed. ' 
Heay'n lay not my tranfgreflion to my charge ! 
Thou art the iffue of my dear offence, 
Which was fo ftrongly urg'd paft my defence. 

Bqfi. Now by this hght were I to get again. 
Madam, I would not wifh a better father. 
Some lins do bear their privilege on earth. 
And fo do:h yours; your fault was not your folly } 
Needs muft you lay your heart at his dilpole, 
Sut^eAed tribute to commanding love, 
A^nft whole fiiry and unmatched force 
The awlefs lion could not w^ the fight. 
Nor keep his princely heart from Rjebard's hands. 
He that per iorce robi lions of their hearts. 
May eafily win a woman's. Ay, my mother. 
With all my heart I thank ihee for my fother. 
Who lives and dares but Itty, thou didft not well 
When I was got, I'li fend his foul to hell. 
Come, Lady, I will fbew thee to my kin. 

And they ihall &y, when Richard me b^of. 
If thou hadfh'laid him nay, it had been fui ; . 

Who &y$. it was, he lies ^ I £iy 'twai not. [Exemir, 


ciqiiiodt, Google 

iiS ^^ JoHi*. 

A c T n. S C E N E i. 

S C EN Z, before the neaHs c/" Angiers in France. 

Bnler Philip Ki)^ ^ France, Lewis the DaufAin, tbt AA^ 
Duh of Auftria, CoDftance, aad Artlur. 


BEfore Jrgitrs wdl met* brave A^is. 
Arthur ! that great fbre-nmner of thy blood 
Richard, that robb'd the lion of bit heart 
And fought the hply wars in Palefihtei 
By this brave Duke came early to tm grivc : 
And for atncnds to his pofteric^. 
At our importance hither is he come. 
To rprcad his coloun, boy, in thy bebalfi 
And to rebuke the ufurpaEion , 
Of thy unDacural unc)e» Et^Hfii Jobtt, 
Embrace hon, love him, give him welcome hither. 

Artb. God lliall ^gire you Onv-de-lieu'a death 
The rather, that you girc his ofF-^ii^ life, 
Shadowtog tlicir right under your wings of war. 
I give you welcome with a pow'rleis band. 
But with a heart full of unftained love : 
Welcome before the gates of Anders., Duke. 

Lewis. A noble boy ! who would not do thee right I! 

At^. Upon thy cheek lay I this zealous ki^ 
A<^ leal to this indenture of my love ^ 
That to my home 1 will no more return, 
•T't) Anglers and the right thou haft in Trance^ 
Together with that pale that white-^d Chore 
"Whofe foot fpurns back the ocean's roaring tides. 
Arid (»Qps from other lands her ifianders \ 
Ev*n 'lili that England^ hcdg'd in with the main. 



Ehg John. 119 

That water-walkd bulwark, ftill fecure 
And confident frocn foreign [nrpofn, 
£ir*n 'dUducoutmoft corner of-che weft 
S^ute thee for her King. *TU1 then, fair boy. 
Will I not think of home, but follow anns. 

(^. Oi.Kikehia mother's thanks, a. widow's thanks, 
*Till your ftrong hand fhatl help to give him ftrength. 
To nuke a moir requital lo year love. 

yfafi. Thepeaceofhear'nistheirs, wholifttheirfworda 
In fuch a juft and charlcsble war. [bene 

K. Pbiiif. Well then, to work ; our engines Ih^ be 
A^tnft the brows of this refiftmg town % 
Call for our cbiefcfl: men of difciplinc. 
To cutt dtt plots of bcft adrano^es. 
We'll lay brtore this town our royal bones. 
Wade to the marka-pbce in Frtnehmens blood. 
Bat we will make it tafajeft t» Ibis boy. 

Coi^. Sncf fat m airfwer to yoor embalGe, 
Left unadvis'd yM ftain your fwords with blood. 
My Lord QutiBtm may trom England bring 
That right in peace, whidi here we urge in war. 
And then we mall repent each drop of blood 
That hot ralh hafte fo tndtrc^y flied. 

Sntir ChatiliiNi. 

K. Pbi^. A wonder. Lady ! k), upon diy with 
Out mefiewr CbaUiQit is arriv'd t 
What E^tand fays, lay brieSy, gentle Lc»d, 
We ooUJypeufe for thee. QtasiUm, ffxak. 

Cto. Then turn your forces from this poultry Ceg^ 
And fiir dian 1^ againft a mistier task. 
Ei^Uiidy impanent of yourjiS demands, 
Hatb put himlelf in arms \ the adverfe innds^ 
Whole leifure I have ftaid, have giv'a him time 
To land his legkxis all as loon as 1. 
His marches are eroedieoc to this town. 
His forces ftrong, nis foMiers confident 
With him atone is come the Motlier-(>]een i 

H4 <*■ 

ciq mod t, Google 

I 20 Kh^ John. .. 

An jfte, (lirring him to blood and (Irifc. 

With Her tier neicc, the Lady Bltmcb of Spatm 

With ihem a baftard of tbe King deccas'd. 

And all th' unfenled huaK)UR.of tkelandi 

Rafli, inconfid'rate, fiery voluntaries, 

"With ladies faces, and Bcrce dr^^ons fpleens. 

Have fold their fortunes at their native homes. 

Bearing their birthright proadiy on their backs. 

To make a hazard of new foftunes here. 

In brief, a braver choice of dauntlels fpirits 

Than now the Englijb bottoms have waft o'er. 

Did never doat upon the fwelling tide. 

To do offence and fcathe in Chriftendom. 

The interruption of their churlifli drums {Drvm ieats^ 

Cuts off more cirqimftance ; they are at hand. 

To parly or to 6ght therefore prepare. 
K. Philip. How much udook'd for i< this expedition ,' 
Auft. By how much unexpected, .byfomucli 

We muft awake endeavour ft)r defence \ , ■ ■ 

For courage mounteth with occaOon : 

Let them be welcome, then, we a^ prepar'd. 

S C . E N ; E II. 

Enter [King if England, Baftard, Elinor, Blanch, Pem- 
broke, and ethers. 

"K.Jobn. Pace ht 10 France^ if Friww in peace permit 
Our juft and lineal entrance to our own : 
If not, bittd irawf If, and peace afccnd to heav'n ! 
Whilft we, God's wrathful agont, do correft 
Their proud contempt that ' 'beat'' his peace to heav*n. 

K. Philip. Paace be to England, if that war return 
From France to England, there to live in peace! 
Eigland wc love, ^d for that EnglaniPs ftke 
With burthen of our arinour here wefweati 
This toil of- ours fliould be a work of thine. 
But thoq frpm loving Engknd art fo far» 


7 but! 

ciq mod t, Google 

King John. 121 

That tluxi haft under-wrought its lawiu] Kii^, . 

Cue off the &qiience of pofterity, 

Out-bced infant ftate* and4one a rape 

Upon the maiden virtue of the crown. 

Liook h«e upon thy brother Geffrey's (ace, 

Thefe eyes, theJe brows, were moulded out of his; 

This little abftrad doth contain that lai^ 

Which dy'd in Gefreyi and the' hand of time 

Shall draw this brief into as large a volume. 

That Geffrey was thy elder brother born. 

And this his fon j England was Geffrey's right. 

And this is Geffrefs \ in the name of God 

How comes it then that thou art call'd a King, 

"When living blood doth in thefe temples beat, 

AVhtch own the crown that thou o'er-maftereft? [Fhniee, 

K. yehi. From whom haft thou this great commiHion, 
To draw my anfwer to chy articles? [thoughts 

K. Philip. From that fupetnal Judge that ftin good 
In anj bread of ftrong authority. 
To look into the blots and (lains of right. 
That Judge hath made me guardian to tbis^xiy ; 
Under whofe warrant 1 impeach thy wrong. 
And by whofe help I mean to chaflife it. ■ 


('%} — I mna to ciuflife ir. 

K. JehM. Alack, thou daft oforp attthoritr. 

K. PiUif. Excale it, 'tis to beat ufnrping domi, 

£/i. Who ii't that thou doll call nfurper, Franctf 

C*'JI. Let me make anfwer : thy nfurpine foa. 

Eli. Out, infolni! thy Inftard (hall be }Ung, 
That thou oiay'lt be a Queen, and check the world ^ 

C**^. M; bed wai ever to thy foa ai trae. 
As thine was to thy husband ; and thit boy, 
LikcriD feature tohiȣiiher Ciffrtj, 
Tluo thou and Jthn, in manncn being as like 
As rain to water, or deirjl to hig dam. 
My boy a batlard I by my foul I think 
Hi* Aiher never wai io trnabrgoti 
J( cannot be, an if thou wert hit mother. 

Eli. 'Ihcrc'i a good (nother, hoy, that blots thy faher. 
Ca-fi- There'} a good gr-andam, boy, that w»uld blot thee. 

jiMji. PfelCC. 

ciq mod t, Google 

I2S ^JOH^. 

Lewis. King Johtiy this ii the my (am of all i 

Ejigttmif and IreloTid, AtfOu, Touramt, Miumy 

In right of Arthur do I cl«m of thM : 

Wik thou refign them, and lay down thytrmsP 

K. Jobtt. My life aifcon. I do defie tha, I^mue, 
Arthur of Sret^^, yield tbce to my hand, 
And out of my deat love I'll give Ihee more. 
Than e'er the coward-hand of irMftf can wid. * 


Bafi. Hear the crier. 

ji^. What the devil art thdn I 

Safi, One that will pUy the devil. Sir, with you. 
An a' may catch your hide and yon alone. 
You are die bare, cf whom the prtiverb goes. 
Whole valour jdo^deadlJODi by ihebt^; 
I'UfiMikywUun-caat, an 1 caich yiw right i 
&jnh, look to't. I* &ith t will, i'fii^h, 

BlMtk O well did he become that Lion', rob^ 
rn»t ^4 ^frabe the Lion of that robe. 

Safl. It lyn aafiKhtly on thffawt of him, 
Ai great Jlridei' > 'ihews' upon ao afs i 

Bnl, Afi, I'll take that burthen frooi your bact, * 

Or lay on that fhall make yout (houlders crack. 

Amfi. What cruder ia this fune that deafa our ean 
Witk thii abondance of finerflaoiu b«th i 
King Ltvit, decervioe what we ihall da finight. 

Liwi. Women and ibolt, break off your confeieace. 

■ llioa . . . tUiJii. Tbifi emimJ. 

^ ^y — of FraMM can win; 
Ssbmitibce, boy. 

Eli. Come to thy grandun, child. 

Ctmfi. Do, child, go to it grandam, child.' 
Give gtandam kiagdom, and it grandamwiU 
Give it a plum, a cherry, and a fig, 
There'a a good graodam. 

jtrtt. Good my mothei^ ^ce t 
I would that I were loW laid m mv grave, 
I am not worth this coil thai's mue fi>r me. 

Eli. Hit mother fhame* him fo, poor boy, be wMpc 

Cenfi. Now Oiame upon you whe'r Ihe doe* or no 1 
Hii graadam'a wrong, and not his mother's (hames, 
Drawi ihofe hcav'n moving pearls from hig poor eyoi' 
Which beav'a Ihall take in nature of a fee: 
With tbefe &d cryltal beads heav'n fliall be brib'd 

ciq mod t, Google 

Kh^ JdHK. <i3 

ILPbiBp. Some tnnnprtfiHHfncmhidHrwdMMUi 
rbde men of tfiigh's i lec m hear them Ipcak, 
Wbf^dtle tbcj adaut, Artbm'% ctJtMt. 

Ej^ a GikuM upon the wails. 

Cit. Wbo is it thu badi wwn'd us to the walbf 

K. Phi^. Tis Franw for En^aud. 

K. 7oto. £)yi«ri for it ftjfj 
Too men of Jwgjt&i tnd my kmng frf^eft*-*— 

K. Th^. Tou loving men (^ Angiers^ .Atimr'i JutgcAl^ 
Our trumpet callM yoo to this gentle parte— 

K. John. Forouradvaiiftgei thertfotcheu-usftrftt 
Thefe Sags oi FroKOi that arc adraneed here 

T» ^n hin Jofiioe. and rnnge on foK. 

Eli Thm looai&rou lUmderCr of beaVa rndtaithl 

Cm^. Than moiiftroiu iojuter of har'n ami orth t 
Call me not fUnileKr 1 thou ui£ tliine nfurp 
The domiution, rCTaltiea and righu 
Of tluioppnCedlwyi tUi ti diy tJddl fitt'i m^ 
Idorranue in oothuig b«it in tliee i 
Tby fiu are vifiud nt (li t pocr duU^ 
llie cancn of the law ii laid on him. 
Being but the feccmil gUtenitioa 
Renuncd from th> fin-concaving WaatfaL- 

K. Jtbn. Bcdlun, h&va done. • 

CujI. 1 tavc bat this to itj, 
Tha[ he ts not onlj plagued for htt fita, 
But God harb made ber iin and her tke phrgite 
Op tbii removed iflbe. plagn'd for her. 
And with her plague her fin i hi* aipuy 
Her injury, tMMcl to her fia, 
All punilb'd ta cha perron of this cUM, 
And all for k« i a pague upon W ^ 

Eii. TIk>u uoadvifed fcuM, I oa& pndlK* 
A wiH that t^i the title of thy fan. 

Cm/. Ay, whodoiifats that? awill; awkkcawillj 
A woman's will { a cankerM gr*Qdam*) will. 

K. Philif. Peace, lady t paafe, or be norc Kfflpcnite f 
It ill bereenu thii prefence to try Jmn 
To tbde ill uned repctiuont. 


I24i RngJoHJX, 

Be{bDe.fhe eye ud pn^pea^of your town. 

Have hither march'd co your cndamageinent. '^^ 

The canflons haVe their boweb lull of wrath ; 

And ready mounted are they to fpit forth 

Their iron indignatifin 'gainft your walls: 

All prepaftidons for a bloody fiege 

And mercilefe proceeding by thcle/rnwi. 

Confront your city's eyes, your winking * gates; 

And but for our approach, thofe ikxfing Itones 

That as a wafte do girdle you about, 

Bv the compulfion of their ordinance 

By this time from their fixed bedsof lime 

Had been dtfh^ited, and wide hasock made 

For bloody power to rulh upon your pcac*. 

But on the fight of us your lawful King, 

(Who painfully with n^ch expedient march 

Havebrought a counter-check before your gates. 

To fave unfcratch'd your city's threatned cheeks) 

Behold the French amaz'd vouchfafe a parie % 

And now inftead of bullets wrap'd in fire. 

To make a (baking fcaver in your walls. 

They fhoot but calm words folded up in fmoak. 

To make a faithlefs error in your can ; 

Which truft accordingly, kind citizens. 

And let in us your King, whofe labour'd fpirits 

Fore-weary'd in thb a^jtm of fwift ipeed. 

Crave harbourage within your city walh. 

a. Philip. When I have faidi make anfwer to us bcfth, 
Loe in this right hand, whofe protedioa 
Is moft divinely vow'd upon the right 
Of him it holds, ftands young PtatUagmet^ 
Son to the elder brother of this man. 
And King o'er him, and all that he enjoys. 
For this down-trodden equity, we tread 
In warlike march thefe greens before your cowo : 
Being no fiirther enemy to you, 


(a) Winkii^ « at/At/^y«r half-open. 

ciq mod t, Google 

Thantbeconftrnmof bofrntablc zetl. 

In the relief of this ppprdud child, ^. t , 

RelJgioufly provokes. Be pkaTed theif , . ' . - 

To pay that duty whicji you tniely oyfC: 

To him that owns it, namely this youi^g Prince. 

And then our arms, like to a muzded,bcar, . : 

Save in afped, ' ^havc'' all offence feai'd up: . ■'- • • 

Ourcannons malice vainly fliall be ^nt ' \ - 

Apinft th* invulnerable clouds of heav'n ; V 

And with a blefled, and unvext reticCf 

With unhack'd fwordf , and helmeta all unbruisM, 

We will bear home that lufty blood again. 

Whuih here we came to fpout againft your town i 

And leave i(Our children, wives and you in pcijcc, . 

But if you fondly pafs our pro&r'd oHer, 

Tis not the rounder* of your old>fac'd walls. 

Can hide you from wr mefTengers of wari 

Though all thefe Eng0>^ and their diiciplioe, ,' 

Were harbour'd in their rude circumference 

Then tell us, fliall your city call us Lord, i . 

In that behalf which we have (halleng'd u? , 

Or ihall we give the fignal to ourragcj 

Aod fialk in blood to our pofleffion i 

Cit. In brief, we are the King of England's fufcgefts j 
For him, and to his right, we hol4 this town. 

K. "John. Acknowledge then the King, and let me io. 

Cit. That can'we not ; but he that proves the Kti^ 
To him will we prove loyal ; 'till that time 
Have we ramiti'd up our gates againil the world. 

K.yobif. Doth not the crown of ftt^fiwii^ prove thcKing?' 
And if not that, I bring you witnefl^. 
Twice fifteen thoufand hearts of EnglmPs breed — — =» - 

Ba/l. (Baftards, and elfe.) 

K. yoba. To verific our title with their lives. 

K. Philip. As many, and as well born bloods as thofc— 

Ba^. fS(Hne baftards coo.) 


(a) Orcirelc. 

ciq mod t, Google 

it6 £3^ John. 

K. PbU^, Stand in his fice eo omtradift hts duen; 

Gt. Till you compound whofe ri^t is worthieft. 
We for the woitbieft hold thertghc from both. 

K. >^ Then God forgive the fin of ail cbofe (bub. 
That to their everlaftiog refidence. 
Before the dew of CTCfrin^ falj, ffatll 6cet» 
In dreadfiil tryd of our lungdom's King! 

K.PbiBp. jfmtn, j^mh! Mount» cfaerarien, toamu. 

Bt^. Saint Getm chat fwbidg^d the Pragon, and e'a- 
Sits on his horfebaqc tc mine hofte& door, ^fince 

Teach us f<»K ifence! Sirrah, were I at hooK 
At your.dent Simth» with your Lionel, 
I'd fet an OK-head to your Lionel htde,« 
And make a monfterdf ypu. \fo Auftria. 

jti^. Feac^, no more. 

:£a)i. O tremble, for you hear the Lion roar. 

K. John. Up fiigher to the plain, where wc'l) let fordi 
In belt appointment all our r^tmenCE. ■ 

B0. Speed thqi to take th* advantage of the Beld. 

K. Philip, It fhallbe foj and at the other hill 
Command the reft to ftand. God and oar right! ^Exeunt. 

S C E N E IV. 

Here-, after exeurfions, enter tie Herald tf I^Vance wW 

trumpets to the gaieu 
K Her. You men of jlngters^ open wide your gato. 
And let young Arthur Duke of Sretag^e in \ 
Who by the hand of France this day hath made 
Much work for tean in many an EnzUJh mother, 
Wholfe fons lye fcattei'd on the bleeding ground : 
And many a widow's husband groveling lycs^ 
Coldly embracing the dircolour*a earth i 
While Vi&ory with little lols doth play 
Upon the dancing banners of the f reach. 


(a) Tit Arth-Dttit •wtre « Litn't btii vuhvh h»d hilnj^i U 
K, Rkhatd Cour-de-lioa. Fopc. 

ciq mod t, Google 

King John. 127 ■ 

Who are fit hand trmmpbantlf di^Iijr'd ' ' 

To enter conquerors-, and lo prodaim • - 

jtrtbrn'-'oi Bfiii^tUj Si^Iatid's King, and jreen. 

£«/#■ Englifli Heraid with trumpets, ■ 
E. Her. Rejoictf, you men oi Jngiers; ring your bdisi 

King>A«, your King and £»fi»Ws, doth approach, 

Commwider of thtS'hot malicious day. 

Their armours, that iiMTch'd hence lb fjlver bri<rht;^ 

Hither return alt gilt ■ 'with^ Frenchmens blood? 

There ftuck no plume in any Engl^ creft. 

That is removed by a ftaff of Fr'aJtce. 

Our colours do return in ihofc feme hands, 

That did difplay them when we firft march'd fiieth j 

Andlikcajoik troopofhuntfmenOMiie 

Our lufty Et^l^, all with purpled hands, 

Siain'd in the dying (kiightcr of their foes. 

Open your gates and give the v^Gton *ray^ 

Cit. Hci5ds, from off our toW'fs we might bcholt^ 

From firft- to laft, theonfctand retire ' 

Of bqth your armies, whofe equality ' , 

By ogrbeft eyes cannot be cenfuredj 

Bkxxl hath botight blood, and blows haTcanfwcr'd bbwa ; 

Strength matdi'd with ftrength, and powa- confronted 

Borii are alike, and both alike we like ; {power. 

One muft prove greateft. While they weigh (a even. 

We hold our town for neither j yet for both. 


^-EHter tbt ftcw Kinis with tbeir Powtri atfeveral Doors. 

K. J^. FrMcCy haft thou jret moM bkxid le caft away i 
$ief^ Jhall the current of our right run on ? 
Whofe pal^e, vcxt with thy impediment. 
Shall leave his native channel, and oVr-fwell 
With courfe difturb'd ev'n thy confining flaores ; 


ciq mod t, Google 

I a8 Kw£ JfJHK. . 

Unlds thou let his filver water keep 

A peaceful progrels to the ocean. ' [tihod 

K. Pbilipf EtiglaMdi thou haft not fav'd one drop of 
In this hot tryal, more than we of France % 
Rather loft more. And by this hand I fwear 
That fways the earth this climate overloolu. 
Before we will lay-by our juft-born arm^ 
We'll put thee down 'gainft whom thefe arms we bear* 
Or add a royal number to- the deadj 
Gracing the fcnnil that tells of this war's lofs, 
With flaughtcr coupled to the name of Kings. 

Baji. Ha! Majefty; how high thy glory towers, 
When the rich blood of Kings is let on Ere I 
Oh, now doth Death line hi^ dead chaps with ftedj 
The fwords of foldicrs are hia teeth, his phangs^ 
And now he feafts.- mouthing the Seih of men 
In undeiermin'd dilF'rences of Kings. 
Why ftand thefe "royJir. fronts amazed thus ? 
Cry havock. Kings; "back to the ftained field, 
You "equal Potcnts, ficry-kindlcd fbirits! , 

Then let confufion of one part confirm 
The other's peace i 'till then blows, blood, and death! 

K. John. Whofe party do the townfmen yet admit ? ' 

K. Philip. Speak, citizens^ for England, who's your Kin^ 

Cit. The King of England, when we know the King. 

K. Philip. Know'him in us, that here holdup hU right. 

K. John. In us, that are our own great deputy. 
And bear poflfclTion of our perfon here, 
XxMd of our prefence, An^irs, and of you. 

Cit. A greater powV than *'ye'^ denies all this} 
And 'till it be undoubted, we do lock 
Our former fcruple in our ftrong-barr'd gates •. [Kii^ 

Bofi. By heav'n, thele fcroyles of Alters flout yon, 


(a) ■— in our ftrong-barr'd gues i 
KinES cf our rear, until our fears refolv'it 
Be bv Ibmc certain King purg'd and depoi'd. 

Bufi. By heaf'n, fcfr. ' 

s we ... •Uiiit, Warh, mtni. 

ciq mod t, Google 

£n^ J^HvV i2g 

And fland fifcorely on their budemenu 

A> in a theatre, whence they gspe and point 

Ac your iDdudrious fceoes and a6t3 of death. .\ 

Tqu royal prefcnca, be rul'd by mc} 

Do like the Muunes of Jerufakm, 

Be friends a while, and both conjoinriy bend 

Tour fharped. dcccb of malice on this town. 

By caft and weft kc France and England mount 

Their baft'riog .tanixui chargedto the mouths, . 

Till their foul-fearing ■clamours have braul'd down ■ * 

The flinty dbs of this con&emptaous city. '..':- 

I'd play inceHJitidy uponthefejadesi : .'. 

Even 'till uafbiced defblatton - ' ... .1 . , 

Lave them as naked as the valgar ain 

That doae, dtflfever your united ftrengchs, 

And part your mingled coloun cmce again, 

Tum fiC£ to face, and bloody porac to point. : '■..:-. .'■' 

Then ia a moment fortune ihall cull forth - .:'■•■.< 

Out of one lide her happy minion, 

Towhom in favour fhc mall give the day, 

And ki(a him with a glorious vidory. 

How like you this wild oninfel, mighty {latest - 

K.Jobn. Now by the sky that hangs above'out heads, 
I like it well. FraacCy Ihail we knic our pow*n» ' 
And lay this Angiers even with the ground. 
Then after, fishc whofliallbcKing ofit? 

Baft. Ao^U tbou haft the. mettle of a King, '-. > 
Being wrong' we arc by thb peerifll tomi, . . 
Tum thou tlK mouth of thy artillery. 
As we will ours, againft ctufe &wcy walb i 
And when that we have dalh'd thctn to dv groundy ' . 
Why then defie each other, and pclt-mell 
Make work upon our felvea for Jioiv'n or hett. 

K. Pbil^. Let it be lb i &t, where will you alJaultf 

K.Jobn. We irom dw wdft will fend dcftrudion 
Into this city's bofbm. 

j^. I from die nordi. 

K. Pbi^. Our thunder ftvm the fixith 

Vol. la I, . ShaU 

ciq mod t, Google 


Shall rain their drift of bullets on this town.* 

Cit. Hear us, gnat Kings,; wHich&fe a while to fiaf, 
Jlnd I Ihall (hew yoti peacct and fai(-foc*d league } 
Win you this city witnout (hY)alc or wound }' 

ReTcue thofe breathing liva to dje in beds. 

That here cdme. faprifices for- dw fidd : 

PerfeTere not, but hear ms, mighty Kings. 

K. Jolm. Speak on ; wi^ fkyottr we are bent ta hear. 
Cit, That daughter thsrc'of J^^mm, the Lady Blembt 

Is near to EngLoid-t look apon the yetn 

Of Lewis the Baapbiii, anatfat lovely maid. 

If lufty love Ihould go-in tjueA of beauty, 

Where fliould he find it^irar thaH-in isiaKii^ 

If zealous love Ihould go in learch of virtue. 

Where Ibpuld he Bod ic purer than in Bimtb t 

If love ambitious ibu^a, match -of birth, 

Whofe veiua bound ndwr blood than I^y Sltmbf 

Such as (he is, in beau^, vktue^ birch, 

Ir the young Daupbiu cmy. way complsat: 

* 'If not compleac, oIl!^ &y beis not Ac) 

And fhe again want* ooihiiig, t» name waM*- 

If want tt be not, that fbe is not he. 

He is du half part of a bfaffid nun^ 

Left to be goifhsd bjr ftdt -* '% iho i^ 

And (he a fair divided exceUtncC)' 

Whofe fulnefsjof per&^ON-Iya in hini« 

01 twofoch.£ire»cuiirani5> wlke»th«7 join. 

Do glorifie the banks tf»t h^fooA them in.' 

Andtwo fuch 0K)ns to t«a fiich (heams made 0114 

Two fuch controllii^ boands> fiuH you be, Kings 

To tikefe npoPrioces, IF you maxtj them. 

This union fli^do mote tfiaa- bating can. 

To our fafi-dofed gttes^ filrat this niHc^ 

Vuh fwifcor fpleen tfaanrpomkr can enforoe^ The 

M — baUett oa thfa OHni. 

BaJI. OpradentdUciplincf froiiLNartbt»6adlbi 
Aiprim and Franct fhoot in euK otbM'a JBontk. 
I'll ftir them to iti coma vt/tj.^ awa/. 

Cit. Heu- at. gmt Kings, &e. 
tlfaotcoinpleatof,— 4ailhej ...»UiJlt.JS»tmnd. 

ciq mod t, Google 

iSag JoHK. 131 

The mcxith of paffige Ifaall we fling wide i^ie, 
And give you e nuance ; but without diis mauh 
The Tea enraged is not half & deaf* 
Lions fo confident, nXHUitatns and rocks 
So free from motion, no not death himftlf 
In mortal fi^ half fo peregiptory. 
As we to keep rhis city. 

Bafi. Here's a ftay, 
Thu fhakes dis rotten carcafs of old dath 
.On of tn6 Eag». Here's a laigp oioutli iadeedt 
Hiat fpics forth deatii, and .nioun:sifi^ roekd anid SrX% 
Talks as familiarly of roaring Lioosy . 
Ax maids of thirteen da. of puppy^ogs. 
"Wluu cannoneer b^pt tius lofty blood? 
He fpeaks plain cannoa-firr» and finewk aodbduui^ 
He gjvc» die baftinado with his tongue : 
Our eais ane cud^l'd * not a- word of his 
Sut bufiiufi better than afiA of A'ancfj 
Zounds, I was never ib bcthumpt with word^. , 
Since I firft call'd my brother's father dad. 
- ££. Soo> litl ki this conjun^os, make tiaa matcfay'. 
Give with our neice a dowry brgjt enough i- 
For by- this knot duu fhalt lb jEirely tie 
Thy DOW unliir'd afltirance Ki the crawfl> 
liiat yea fgnea boy OmU have no fun to ripe 
The bloom that eromlfeth a mighty fniit. 
I fee a yielding m the locdcs of Frmur: 
Mark how they whifper, urge them while tbdflbuli 
Ate capable of this ambitioa. 
Left zeal, now melted, by die windy l»«ath- 
Of fbft petitions pity aixl Knlorle 
Ctaol aod- coagpu again to what it was. 

Gt. Why anfwer not the double Majeftia 
This friendly treaty of our threaun'd town? [Brft 

K. PbiUp. Speak Et^Uni^T^y that hath becA' forward 
To fpeak unto thb city : what Iky you i 

K. J^. If that the DaifbiH there, thy f rinctly f«n, 
Cuia this bookofbeauqr nad/Znv) 

X 2 Ha 

ciq mod t, Google 

1^2 King I OH a. 

Her dov/ry fhali weigh equal with a Quoen. 
■ For ' 'AhJcu^^ and fair Toxraine, Mamcy PeiSierSf 
And all [tui we upon this fide the fea, ^ 
(Except this city now by ib befi^d) 
Find liable to our crown aiid digniry, 
Shalt gild her bridal bed, and make her rich ' 
In titles, honours, and promotions ; 
As ibe in beauty, education, blood. 
Holds hands with any ftincefi of the world. [face. 

K. Philip. What fay'ft thou, boy ? look in the Lady's 

Lewis. I do, my lird, and in her eye I find 
A wonder, or a wond'rous miracle,* ■ 
I do proteft I never lov'd my ftlf 
'Till now infixed I ' 'behold^ my fclf, 
Dcawn in'tbe fiatt'ring'able of her «ye. 

[ff^Jpering with Blanch. 

B<0. Dniwn in the flatt'ring table of her eye? 

Hang'd in the frowning wrinkle of her brow ! 
And quarcer'd in her heart ! he doth efpie . ' - ' ■ 

Himfelf love's traitor: this is pity now, 
Thatiwng'd, and drawn, and quarter'd, there fliould be 
In fuch a love, fo vile a lottt as he. ' 

Blanch. My uncle's will in this refpeft is mine. 
If he fee ou^ht in you that makes him like. 
That any diing, he kci^ whkh moves bis likirig, 
I can with cafe tranflate it De my will ; 
Or if you will, to fpeak more properly, 
I win enforce it eafiJy to my love. 
Further I will not flatter you, my Lord^ 
That all I fee in you is wwthy love. 
Than this ^ that nothing do I fee in you, 
(Though churlifli thoughts themfelvcs ftioukl be your judge)/ 
. ,, ■ That 

W mirad^ ' - . 

Ti«rfludowofinyfcIffonn'dikltrtW«v ' 
Which being but the fliadow of your fon, 
Bectuncs 4 Itio, and makes your fon a fliadow : 

J^5'. ••■•""*■': f »»■">"■'•"- 


That I can find ffiould merit any hate. [my neice^ 

K. Joint. Whai fay thcfe yOung ones ? what fay you» 

BloKcb. That Ihc is bound in honour ftill to do 
Virhat you in wifdom will vouchAft to lay. [this Lady? 

K. John. Speak then. Prints Dauphin, can you lav« 
- Lewis. Nay, ask mc if I can refrain from love, 
For I do love her moll unfeignedly. 

K. John. Then do I give Volqueffen, touraine, Maintf 
PoiSierSy and li/tjou^ th^b five provinces. 
With her to thee, and thif addition more,. 
Full thirty thoufand marks of Mv^ coin. 
PbiSp of J^attce, if thou be pleas'd withal. 
Command thy fon and daughter to join hands, [hands.* 

¥i.PU}^. I e likes us well; young Princes, ck>Ieyour 
Now, citijfeDsofvArpMrj, ope your ^tes, 
Lee in that amity which you have made: 
For at Saint Maty% cbappel prefendy , 
The liccs of marriage fiiall be folemniz'd. 
Is not the Lady Cof^anco-'miKv^ troop ? 
I know Ibe ia not 1 for this match made up 
Ker prefence would have interrupted much. 
Where is Ihc and her fon, tell me, who knows? 

Lewis. She's &d and pafljooate at your Highnefs' tent. 

K. Philip. And by my faith, this league that we have 
Will give her fadnels very little cure. [mad4 

Brother of England^ how may -we content 
This widow Lady i in her right wc came. 
Which wCf God knows, hfiye pirn'd anotber way 
To our own rantage. . ■ 

K. JoH. We will heal up^I, , 
For we'll create young Jrthur Duke of Brtt^t% : 

And Earl of liicbtmndi and^his rich fair town ; 

,'fiVe make him Lord of. Call tjv; Lady Qt^oKt^ . 
l^nefpeedy mdlenger bid bei; repair 
To oar fblemnity g 1 truft we ihalt, 

1 3 If 

(k) -— ■— dole j^onr hands. , 

Amfi. And yonr lips too, for I am well afliir'd 
Tlus [ did lb, when Twu firft afliir'd. 

K. PtiUf. Now, dtimn^ fjtc. 

ciq mod t, Google 

i}4 Kmg J^Hiti 

IfnotfWupthe nifslSircof her wil^ ' 
y« in Strae me^urc iatisSe her h. 
That we fhall ftop hercxcluiution, 
60 we, OS veil as hafte will fufi^ us. 
To this ^nkwk'd for, unfvepftrcd pomp. 



Bq/i. Mad wiH^d, mad Kings, mad compofition ! 
yobn CO ftop Jrtbui'i title in the whole. 
Hath willingly departed with a part : ' ' 

And France^ whole armour conteicnce budcled on, 
"Whom zcjI and charity brought to th<e field 
As God's orfn foldier, rounded in the ear 
AVith that fame purpofe-cfaanger, that fljr devil^ 
That broker, that ftil! breaks the pate of ftilh, 
That daily break-vow, he that wins <rf'all, 
Of Kings, of beggars, old men, young men, maids, 
"Who, "> 'as they have*' no extwna! thing to Jofc 
But the word '^maidsy"^ cheats the poor ''maida^ of that. 
That fm,ooth-ftc*d gentleman, tickling Commodity! 
Compiodity, thebiais-of the world: 
The world, whidi of it ftlf Is ptafed wcH, 
Made to ran even, upon even ground ; 
^11 this advantage, this vile^wJi^ I»a6, 
This fway of motion, this Cbmmodity, 
Makes it take head from aU indiflemuTi 
From all direction, puipole, courfe, mtent ; 
And this fame biafs, this Commodity, 
This bawd, this broker, this all-dunging word, 
Clapt on the outward eye of fickle frafKe^ 
Hath drawn him fitMn hb own determtti'd «id. 
From t'rdblr'd iind honouraUe war, 
To a mod bafe and vileKXHiduded peace. 
And why rail I on this Oomniodity 9 - -. 
But for bccaufe he hath not! wooed me yet, 
i 'Nor^ that 1 h^vc the power to clutch my band", 

7 lurmg 8 fW(4 9 ibm4 ■ Not 


When hb &ir ai^pk vwld-Talutc my iMJmi 

But that my bftra* as tnutttn^pted y«t. 

Like a poor b^gor, {«i]eth «n the -rich. 

Well! while I^tnabqggar, 1-wiU.rait, 

And fay therek Hofiabut to^befich: i 

And being ric|>, mf virtue thon fluU be, 

To lay there -is no Tiosi but beggary. j 

Since Kings break faith upon Comnaodity, 

Gain, be my Xjord ! % 1 will worflup thee. [£xi(^ 

A C T in. S C £ K £ t 

The French Jtir^'t Paub'orK 
Enter Conftanc^ Arthur aitd SiTi^rf. ' 


GOne to be Aarry'd I gttne lo fwear a peace I 
Falfe blood to ialleUowjjain'di Gonetobefrkndit 
Shall Znei^ have AUw^ 4nd BiaiKb diofepioviocct ? 
Itunotfo; dwu haftmi^fpok^ miPvardi 
Be well adviaM» (cU o'er thy talea^n. 
It cannot bet thou doftbvtfity 'tis lb. 
I think I may not tnift the^ for thy niwd 
Is but the vais breath K^t ovdimeA maa: 
I have a King's oadi to fhevjoBtfviy. 
Tbou flnk be panilh'd for thus ft'ighting mev 
For I am. fich« aod oa|iaUe of feart, 
Op[»vft with wiM^ 9xA (bere^ foil of femt 
A widow, husbancAEAt fiktedft to fqan. 
A woman, naturally born to fears. 
And though thou now confer Choti dklft but jcft. 
With my ytxx fpirits I OUlfiOt fc^ ft truce, 
But they will qioke and tremble all diis day. 
What doft thou mcu by fluking of thy hfiid ? 

I4 Why 


Why doft thoU look fo fadly on my ftin ? 
"What means that hand upon that breaft of thine ? 
"Why holds thine eye that lamentable rheum, 
Like a proud river peering o'er his bounds ? 
Be thcfe lad figns confirmers of thy words ? 
Then fpeak agaiii ; not all thy former talc; 
But this one wor4i -whether thy aSc be true. 

Sal. As true, as I believe you think them fcHc 
That give you caufe to prove ray Ciying inie. 

Cot^. Oh, if thou teach me to believe this Ibrrow, 
Teach thou this forrow how to make me die ; 
And let belief and life encounter fo, 
As^oth'thefury o£two de^'rate men, ■ , ,. 
Which, in the very nleedng, fell and die. ' - 

Lewis wed Blaatb! O bpy, then where art thou ? 
France friend- with Englasdf what becomes of mc? 
Fellow, ^.gooc, 1 cannot brook thy fight," 

j&tb. 'I do befeech you, mother, be conrcnt. 

Ce/ifi. If thou that bidfl me be conteot wert grim. 
Ugly, and (UndVbus to thy mother's womb, 
Full of uiipleafing blocs, and fighdefs ftains, 
Lame, foolifh, crooktid) fwari; prodigious, 
'Patch'd'with foul moles, and «ye-of&ndtng markst 
I would not^care, I thea would be content: ■ 
For then I fliould not love thee : no, nor tliou 
Become thy^ great birth, nor deferve acrown. 
But thou art fair, and at thy biith, dear boy ! 
Nature and Fortune join'd to make thee great. 
Of Nature's gifts thou may*ft with Itllies boaft, 
And with the half-blown role. But Fortune, oh I 
She is ^rruptcd, chang'd, and won from tlwe, 
Adulterates hourly with thine uncle 7aft«, 
And with her gplden hand haiii phickt on Franct 


[t) — 1 camiM brook thj fig&t i 

hi* ncwi mde t^ a moil 1^7. mn. 

Sal. What Athpr liarm have I, good IMf, iaat. 
But fpoke^ harm ihu li by others dime f 

CW. Whkh hwm' wfthin it Mr To limnoiu iif 
At ft inikea hannful sit that fyt$^.o[. iu 

Jrii, I do befeech ^w, i?e. 


ciq mod t, Google 

Xmg John. 137 

To tread down fair refpcft of fovercignty. 
And made his Majefty the bawd co theirs. 
France is a bawd to Fortune, and to Jabtt, 
That ftrumpct Fortune, that ufurping Johtt 
Tell me, thou" fellow, is not France forfworn ? 
Envenom htm with words, or get thee gone. 
And -leave ihefe woes alone which I atone 
Am bound to under-bear. 

Std. Pardon me, Madam, 
I may not go Without you to the Kings, 

Conjt. Thou may'ft, thou fhalr, 1 wifl not go with tbeeL. 
1 will inftnift my forrow to be proud j 
For grief is proud, and makes his owner * ''Aout.^ 
To me, and to the ftate of my great grief, 
Ixt Kin^ aflembte : for my grief's io grear. 
That no fiipporcer but the huge Brm earth 
Can hold it up : Here I and forrow fit} 
Here b my throne, bid Kings come bow to it. 

[SUs Jovn m the Pioor. 


Enter IGr^ John, ISm I^ilip, Lewis, Blanch, EHnor, 
tbeBt^ardj md Auftria. 

K. Philip. Tis true, iair daughter; and this blefled daf 
Ever in Frtaue Hiall be kept feltival : 
To Iblcmnize thi3 day, the glorioi^s fun 
Stays in bi£,courfe, and plays the alchymi|t. 
Turning with fpleiidour of his precious e^e 
The meagre cloddy earth to glitt'ring gold. 
The yearly courfe that brings this day about, 
Shall never fee it but 4 holy-day. 

Con^. A wicked day, and not a holy-day. [Ri/ifff. 
What iutb this day deferv'd ? what hath it done. 
That it ip golden letters Ihould be let 
Among the hi^h tides in the kalendar? 
}ivy, rather turn this day out of the wedc, 

z ftoop. 

ciq mod t, Google 

138 Khg John, 

This day of Jhame, oppreflion, perjury: 
Or if it mud ftand ftiil, kt wives with child 
Pray that their burthens may not UU tius day. 
Left that their hopes prodigioufly be croft : 
Except this day, let feamen feir no wreck s 
No bilrgains brrak, that are not this day made ; 
This da^ all things bc^n come to ill end. 
Yea, faith ic felf to hollow faUhood change ! 

K. Philip. By heaven. Lady, you fliall have bd ciafe 
To curie the fair proceedings of this day : 
Have I hot pawn'd to you my Majefty? 

Cof^. You have b^;uird me with a counterfeit 
Reicmbling Majefty, which touch'd and try'd 
Proves valuelcfs : you are forfworo, forfworn. 
You came in arms to fpill my enemies blood. 
Bat now in arms, yeu ftrengthen it with yoiui. 
The grapling vigour aod rough frown of war 
Is > 'ccxA'di^ in amity and painted peace, 
And our oppreiTion hath made up this lea^e. 
Arm, arm, ye heav'ns, againft thcfe perjur'd Kings .' 
A widow cries, be husband- to me, heav'n I . 
Let not the hours of this ungodly day 
Wear out the day in peace; b«t«re fun-fee, 
Set armed difcord 'twutt thefe perjur'd Kln^ 
Jfear me, oh hear me ! 

Ai^. Lady O^axee^ peace^ 

Confi. War, war, no peace j peaa is to me a war: 
O Lymeges, OAufiria! thou doft./hame 
That bloody fpoil: thoa flayc, thou wretch, dioicoward. 
Thou little valiant, great in villainy : 
Thou ever ftrong apon the ftronger fide i 
Thou fortune's champion, that doft never fight 
But when her humorous Ladylhip is by 
To teach thee iafctyj thou art peijur*d too, 
And fiwdi'ft up greatnels. What a fool art tfaoo, 
A ramping fool, to bra^ to flamp, and fwear. 
Upon my party 1 thou «ild-blooded flave, 

3 coM 


^]oun. 139 

Haft chou not fjpolte ]ike thunder oa my Gde^ 
Been fffom my lbldier» bi<iding me depend 
Upon thy ftarsi thy fortune, and thy ftrcngth i 
And doll thou now liD over to my foes? 
Tbou wear a Uoa's hide ! dcrfF ic fcN* ihame. 
And hang a calve's-skin on tfaofe recreant limbs. 

Ai^. O that a man would fpeak thofe words to me! 

Ba/l. And htuig a cdve's-tkin on thole reCFea^it limbs^ 

Jiift. Thou dar'ft not lay fo, villaui, for thy life. 

£^. And hang a calve's-akin on thofe recreant limbs. 

.du^. Methinks that Jiicbard'B pride and RUbar^a (ail 
Should be a precedent jto fright you. Sir. 

B^. What words are thei^ i how do my iinews fluke! 
My fatlier's foe clad in my Other's lix>il ! 
How doth jlitffa whifber in my can, 
De^ net, Richard, hll tbt villain firait^ 
JHfnie^^tbtmMcblefi mmwitent, 
liy father* i triampb if or the favt^es ! . . 

Now by bis foul 1 fwear,. my fatha*$ Ibul, 
Twice will I not review the morning's rife, 
*Till I have« trophy from thy back, . 
And fplit thy heart, for wearing it k long. 

K. John. We like not this, thou doft forget thy felf. - 

SCENE in. 

&it£r Pandulf^. 

K. Pbi^, Here comes the holy Legate of the Pope. 

Pimd. Hail, you anointed Deputies of he^v'nl 
To thee. King Jo*", my holy errand isj 
I Pmduipby of fair A£kiM Cardinal, 
And from Poge Itmocent the X^ate herei 
Do in his name religiouQy demand 
Why thou againft the church our holy mother 
Sd wilfully ooft fpum, and force penorce 
Keep Stepbat La/ftOK, choftn Archbifhop 
Of Gmteriiiryy from that holy Sec? 

ciq mod t, Google 

i40 ^£ John. 

This in our fordaid holy father's name 

Pope Imofenty I do demiuid of thee. 
K. John. What earthly name to interrogatories 

Can tax the free breath of a fecred King? 

Thou canft not. Cardinal, devife a name 

So flight, unworthy, and ridiculoust ' ' 

To charge me to an anfwer, as the Pope.- 

Tell him this tale, and from the mouth of Ei^laad • 

Add thus much more, that no Italian prieft: 

Shall tithe or toil in our dominions : 

But as wc under heav'n are fupreme head. 

So, under it, that great ftpremacy' - ; 

Where we do reign we will alone uphold. 

Without th* afTiflance of a mortal hand. 

So tell the Pope,, all rev'rcnce fet apart 

To him and his nfurp'd authority. 

K. Philip. Brother of Engia/ia, you blafpheme in this. 
K.yobn. Though you, and all iheKings of Chriftcodom r- 

Are Jed fo grofly by this medllng pHe^ 

Dreading the curfe that mony may buy out i 
And by the merit of vJle gold, drofs, da&y 
Purchale corrupted pardon of a man,.'. 

Who in that lale fells pardon from him&lf:' 
Though you, and all the reft fo grofly led, 
Thisjugling witch-craft with revenue <Jicriflli 
Yet I alone, alone, do me oppofe 
Aga.ia&. the Pope, and count nis Aieods my foes. 

PokJ. Then by the lawful, power that I have. 
Thou flialt ftand curs*d, and excommunicate i 
And blefled Hiall he be that doth revolt 
From his allq;iance to an heretick, . . 
And meritorious fliall that hand be call'd. 
Canonized and worfhipp'd as a Saint, 
That takes away by any fecrct courfe 
Thy hatefiil life. 

Cenji. O, lawfijl let it be 
That I have leave with Jiome m curfe a while. 
Good father Cardinal, cry thou /Akoi 


ciq mod t, Google 

.iSng JoH'rr. 141 

Toniy keen curfa> lor without my wrong 
Thne is no longae hath pow*r to curfe him right. 

Paiid. There's law and warrant, JJidy, for my curfe. 

Ctfi^- And for minetoo i when Jaw can do no right. 
Let it be lawful [hat law bar no wrong: 
Law cannot givcmy child his kingdom hercj 
For he that holds his Icii^om holds the law ; 
Therefore fiocc ielf is perfeta wrong. 
How can the law forbid my tongue tocurie? 

Pond. Philip of France, on peril of a curfe. 
Let go the hand of.that Arch-hcretick, 
And raifc the pow'r of FroHce upon his head, 
Unlefs he do kibmit himfelf to Rome. 

EU. Lcwk'ft thou pale, France f do not let go thy hand. 

Cn0. Look to that, devil ! left that France repent, 
Ar.d by disjoining hands hell lofe a Ibul. 

j*^. King Philip, liften to- the Cardinal. 

B^. And hang a calve*s-skin on his recreant Jimba.- 

Aifi. Well, ruffian, I muft pocket up thefe wrongs, 
Beaufe • 

Bi^. Your breeches bcft may carry them. 

K. Joba. PhiUp, what %'li thou to the Cardinal ? 
^ Cwsff. What Ihould he fay, but as the Cardinal ? 
" LeaAs. Bethink you, father j for the difference 
Is purchafe of a h^vy curfe from Rome. 
Or the li^t lofi «f England for a friend \ 
YoTcgp the eafier. 

Blanch. That's the curie of Rom. , 

Confi. Lewis, Htdfid Jaft, the devil tempts thee here 
In likencfi of a new +'and trinanicd'^ bricie. « 

(■) K new *ai uimnud hide. 

SloMfA. Tbc Lady CtJifiaact fpeatct not fiom her iiutli : 
Bnt from kcT need. 

C**S. Oh, if tfaoa grant ny need, 
Vkich only lira bat by the death of faith, ' 
That D«ed mnft needi in&r thi« principlct 
That bith woald lire again by death of need : 
Othca treact down my need, and iaitb mounu up; 
Xcq> mj need np, aitt &i[h i* trodden down. K. y<A*. 

4 Tirt""™"* ...»U tdH, fktfi. immd, 

ciq mod t, Google 

142 iBwig; JoH*. 

K' Phi^. T am perplext,. and ktxnr not what ra fxf. 

Paad. What can'ft thou fay, but wiU perplex Oiee OKuse, 
IF thou ftand excommunicate and cnr^d ? 

K. PaSp. Good rev'rend father, inxke my perfbir ydurs. 
And tell me how you would beftow your fctf: - 
This royal band and mine are newly Vnit, 
And the coi^ndHon of our inward ibiils 
Marry'd in league, coupled and Knk'd together 
With all religious ftrcngth of facrad vo«s': 
The laceft breath, that gave the found of words^ 
Was deep-fworn £iith, peace, anncy,. true lovt 
Between ow kingdoms and our roy^ fctra. 
And ev'n before this truce, but n«w befiarev 
No longer than we well could untdi our haadr 
To clap this royal bargain up of peace, 
Heav'n knows they were bcfmear^d and «er-flai«'dl 
With (laughier'j peneilj where revenge did poioe 
The fcarful difPrence of incenfed Kings. 
Aiid-fhaH thele hands, fo lately pnr^dof blood,- 
So newly join'd in love, fo ftrong in both. 
Unyoke ihis' feifore, and this kind f^jTMt? 
Play fall and loofc with feith ? fo jeft with hesVii, 
Make fuch unconftant children of our fetves, 
As nowaeain to fnatch our palm frdm-tnim?' 
Unfwcar faith fwom, and on the nyatnage-bed- 
Of fmiling peace to march a Moody hoft. 
And make a riot on the gentle brow 
■ Of true finccrity ? O holy Sir, 
My reverend father, let it not be ib t 
Out of your grace, derife, ordain, impofe 
Some gentle order, and we Hiall be bleft 
To do your pleafure, and continue fHends. 

Pand. All form is formlefi, order ordcrlds, 
Save what is oppofite to Ei^iai^a love. 


K. y*I^. The King ii mar*d , and anfwert not M Aki 
Cmfi. O, be remov'd from hhn, ud anlWer wdl. 
Jufi. Do To, King PhiUf, haiiK no man in donbt. 
Safi. Hang nothing but I calve 3-sidn, mcdt fWcet ItMt. 
K. Pbiiif. i am pcr[4erc, fSr, 

ciq mod t, Google 

jag John. 143 

Therefore to arms ! be cbampton of our chorch \ 

Or lee the church our mother- bceuhe her curle» 

A mother's cuife on her revolting Ion. 

France, thou tnay'ft hold a ferpent by the tODgu^ 

A chafed Lion bjr the mortal paw, 

A failing Tygw faftr tqf the tooth. 

Than keep in peace that hand which thou doll hold. 
K. PbiSp. I may disjoin my hand, buc not my ftidi. 
Pandt So mak'ft thou faith an enemy to faith } 
And like a civil war fet'll oath to oath^ 
Thy tongue againll thy tongue. O, let thy tow 
Firft made tolicar'n, firft be to he&v'a pcrfiMin'd, 
That i», to be ihc' champion of our church. 
What Gnce diou fwor'ft, is fwora againft thy felf. 
And may not be performed by tl^ felf. 
For (hat which thou haft Iworn tp do ami&t 
Is * ''moft^ amife, when it ii truly done: 
Aid being not done, where doing tends to ill. 
The truth is then moll done, not doing ic 
The better a£t of purpofes mitlook 
Is to miftake again ; thwgh indireA, 
Yet indiredlton thereby grows dtrc&. 
And falftiood ^ihood cures, as fire cools fiiC 
Within the fcorched veins of one nsw-burn'd. 
It is rcli^on that doth make vows kept. 
But thou haft fworn againft religion : ' 
By *'chat^ dun fwen'ft againft the thing thou fwear*fti 
And mak'ft an oath the Hirety for thy truth 
Againft; an oath, ' ^chat truth thou arc ontnie^ 
To fwear : fwear only not to be forfworn ; 
EUe what a mockery ftiould it be to fwear t 
^t tboa doft Arcar, only to be forfworn. 
And moft forlwom, to Usep what thou doft fwear. 
Therefore thy latter vows, ag»inft thy firft, 
h Bi thy ftif rebellion to thy felf : 
And bttter cwKjueft never canft thou make, 
Than arm thy cooftant aod thy nobler parts 

J not 6 what j the troth thou vt onfim 

ciq mod t, Google 

14+ KhgJoHi:. 

Againftthefe giddy, loofe fu^cftions: 

Upon which better part, our prayers come in, 

If thou vouchfafe them. But if not, then know 

The peril of our curfes light on thee 

So heavy as thou ftult not ihake them o^ 

But in defpair die under their black weight. 

Jufi. Rebellion, fiat rebellion. 
..a^. -'Will'tnotbe? 
'Will not a calve's-skin ftop that mouth of thine ? 

Lewis. Father, to arms I 

Bliowb. Upon thy wedding-day? 
Againft the blood that thou haft married ? 
What, ftiall our fcafl be kept with flaughler*d men ? 
Shall braying trumpets, and loud churhQi drums. 
Clamours of hell, be meafurcs to our pomp ? 
O husband, hear me: ay, alack, how new . 
Is husband in thy mouth ! ev'n for that name 
Which 'till this time my tongue did ne'er pronounce. 
Upon my knee I beg, go not to arms 
Againft mine uncle. 

Conft. O, upon my knee, 
Made hard with kneeling, I do pray to tbee. 
Thou virtuous Dauphin^ alter not the doom 
Forethought by hcav'n. 

Blanch. Now ftiall I fee thy love j what motive may 
Be ftronger with thee than the name Of wife ? 

Coti/i. That which upholdeth him, that thee upholds. 
His honour, O, thine honour, Le-wis, thine honour! 

Lewis. I mufe your Majefty doth feem fo cok]. 
When fuch profound rcfpcAs do pull you on. 

Pattd. I will denounce a curfe upon his head. [thee. 

K. Phil^. Thou ihalt not need. En^iaiidj I'll fall fropi 

Conft. O fair return of banifli'd Majefty t 

EH. O foul revolt of French inconftancy ! 

K. John. France^ thou Qialt rue this hour within this hour. 

Baft. Old Time the clock-fetter, that bald fcxton Time, 
Is it. as he wUl ? well then» Franet ihall rue. 

^ BUmtb^ 

ciq mod t, Google 

f Kfflg-JOHN. 145 

Biancb. The fun's o'er-caft with blood : j&ir day, adieu ! 
Which isditt fide thai I muff gp withal? 
I am with both, . each army hath a hand. 
And ill their rage, I having hold of both, 
Xhey whiil afunder, and difmember me. 
Husband, I cannot pray that thou may'ft wfn : 
Uncle, I needs mufl: pray that thdu may'A lofe : 
Father, I may noc with the fortune thine : 
Grandam, I will not wlfh thy willies thrive : 
Whoever wins, on that fide mall I lofe: 
AQued loit, before the maKh be play'd. 

Lewis. Lady, with me, with me thy fiwtUne lyes. 

Blaiub. There where my f<^tune lives, there my life dies. 

K. "^Qlm. Cbufifi, go dr^v our ptiillance together. 

. f J&P. Baft. 
Trafuty I am burn'd up with inflamingwrath'i 
A rage, whofe heat hath this condition. 
That nothing can allay, nothing but blood. 
The blood, and deorell valu'd blood of i^mnff: [turn 

K. Vinlip. Thy rage Oiall burn thee up, and thou fltalc 
To alhes, ere our blood lliall quench that fire: 
Lode to thy &lf, thou art in jeopardy. , 

^Ljobn. No more than hethat threats. Toarmslet'shie. 

S C E N , E IV. 
A Field of Battte, 

jSarmy Mxeit^ons: Enter Bifiaid itntk AU&m's bead.- 

jB^. '^'QW, life, this day grofranond'niui: hot; 

■A-^ Some ' 'fiery^ devjl hovers in the sky. 
And pours down milchief. j^i/hia'^ head lye there. 
Thus nath King Richard' i foo perform'd hit vow» . 
And oScr'd^f^rta's blood for iiicrificc , 
Uoio his Other's ever-living Ibul. 

Vol. UI. . K . .JW<r 

S sii7 |. .tUtdit, Wmrb, mtni. b 

ciq mod t, Google 

14* iCffirgJoHK. 

£«/«• £j^ Jokn, Arthur, and Huberb 

K. Jolm. There, Huieri, keep ihia boy— » 'Cbofin,* 
My mother 13 ailailed in our tent, i^make up y 

And ta*en, I kar. 

Safl. My Lx>rd, I refcu'd her : . 
t^HighncIs is ia fafety, fear you not. 
But on, my Liege, for very little pains 
Will bring this labour to an happy end. [ExevaU 


MmiSf Ex^rfiimst Retre»t, Re-enttr Khs^Qhn, Elinor, 
Arthur^ Baftard, Hubert; md Lords. 

K,yebH.QO Ihall it bet your Grace (hall ftay bdiind 
*^ [ft Elmer. 

So ftronglr guarded : coufin, look not fid, [7*» Aith. 
Thy grsndam lovea thee, and thy uncle will 
As dear be to thee, as thy father was. 
Jktb. O, this wifl maxe my mother die wkh gtief. 
K. John. CouTu), away for EmUmd, bafte booNi, 

[ft /ir Baft. 
And ere our cotniog fee thoa Jhake the bagy 
Of hoarding Abbots \ their imprifon'd angels 
Set thou at liberty : the fat ribs of peace 
Muft by the hungry ' ^maw^ be fed iq)OQ. 
Ufe our commillion in its utmoft force. 

Bafi. Bell, book, and candle flull not drive me back, 
■ When gold and filvcr becks me to come on. 
1 leave your Highnels: grandam, I irill pray, 
(If ever I remember to beholy ) 
For your &ir fafetyt fb I kits your hand. 
£&'. Farewel, my gentle coufin! 
YLJebn. Coz, iarewel! [fMrBaft. 

-^ P^^otSithari, inowtrwar 

ciq mod t, Google 

Khg John. 147 

ES. CotHc, hither, little kinfinan — harkt a word. 

{Takittg him to one fide of tbeftage. 

K. Jebn. [To Hubert on the other fide.l 
Come hither, Hubert. O my gentle Hukirt^ 
We owe thee much ; widiin this wall of flelh 
There is a Ibal counts thee her creditor* 
And with advantage means to pay thy love : 
Andf iny good friend, thy voluntary oath 
Lives in this bofom, dearly cherifhed. 
Give me thy hand, I had a thing to fay- "■ 
But I will 6t it with fome better time. 
By heaven, Hubert^ I'm almoft afliam'd 
To &y wlut good refpeft I have of ihsc. 

Ibb. I am much bounden to your Majefty. 

K. Jebn. Good friend, thou tuft no caufe to f&y (a ycT, 
Sut thou Jhalt have — and creep time ne'er fo llov, 
Tctit ihall come' for me to do thee good. 
I had a thing to iay— but let it go : 
The fun is in the heav'n, and the proud day. 
Attended with the pleafures of the world. 
Is all too wanton, and too full of gaudes 
To give me audience. If the michiight beH 
Did with his iron tongue and brazen mouth 
Sound *'Oneunto^ the drowfie race of night; 
If this &n)e were a church- yard where we itandj 
And thou pt^ficd with a thodand wrongs ; . 
Or if that furly fpirit Melancholy 
Had faok'd thy blood and made it hcavy-thiclt, 
Which cUe runs tickling up and down the veins, 
Mikity that ideoc Laoghter keep mens eyes. 
And tlnin their cheeks to idle merriment 1 
(A paflion hateful le my purpofes) 
Ot if that thou could'ft fee me without eyes. 
Hear me without thine ears, and make reply 
Wiihaut a tongue, ufiog conceit alone, 
Wuhout eyes, ears, and harmful found of worcb} 
TlwD, u aefeffihc trf* broad-cy*d watchfid day, 

K2 I would 

> «i Imp ... »ii»£t, Uta, im»i. 

V C,ql,lt!dt,G00glC 

1 4-8 Kkig John, 

1 would into, thy bofom pour my thoughts: 
But ah, I will not — yet I Jove thee wdl. 
And by my troth I think thou lov'ft me well. 

Huh. So welt, that what you bid me undertake, „ 

Though that my death were adjundl to my aft. 
By heav'n, I'd do't. 

K. John. Do not I know thou would'ft ? 
Good Huhertt Hubert, Huktrt, throw thine eye 
On yon young boy : I'll telj thee what, my friehd» 
He is a very, lerpent in my way. 
And whercfoc'cr this foot of mine doth tread. 
He lyes berore me. Dofl thou underftand me? 
Thou art his keeper. 

Hub. And I'll keep him fo. 
That he fhall not oficnd your Majefty. 

K.Jobn, Death. 

Hub: My Lord ? 

K. JobH. A Grave. 

Hub. He (hall not live, 

K. John. Enough. 
I could be merry now. Hubert, I love thee j 
Well, ril not % what I intend for thee : 
Remember:-- Madam, fare you well. 

[Returmng to tbi ^ueeti, 
I'll fend thofe pow'rs o'er to your Majefty. 

Eli. My blelBng go with tnee ! 

K. Jobtt. For Engtandt coufin, go. 
Hubert (hall be your man, t' attend on you 
With all true duty; on toward CalMSy hoi {Exeunt, 

The French Cm-L 
Enter JSxg Philip, Lewis, Fandulpbo, and Attendants, 
K. Pbilip. CO by a roaring tempcft on die flood, 

*^ A whole armado pf collcdcd (ail 
Is rcattet*d and disjoin'd from fellowfliip. . Ptmd. 


^f^ Jo'hk. 149 

Pa/tJ. Courage and comfort, all fhall yetgo well. 

K. Philip. What can go well, when wc have run fo Ul ? 
Are we not beaten ? Is not /hgiers loft ? 
u£ribiir xz^cn pris*ncr? divers dear friends flain? 
And bloody England into England gone, 
O'cr-bearing interruption, fpightof France f 

Lewis, What he nath won, that hath he fwtify'd : 
So hot a Ipced, with fuch advice difposM, ' 
Such temp'rate order in Co fierce a ' ''courle,^ 
Doth want aample; who hath read or heard 
Of any kindred aftion like to this ? 

K. Pbiiip. Well could I bear that EtiFlanJhadthk praift. 
So we couJd find fome pattern of our fliatne. 

Eater Con dance. 

Look, who comes here ? a Grave unto a Ibul, 
Holding th* eternal fpirit *gainft her will . 
In the vile prifon of sffli£ted breath j 
I fff'ythee. Lady, go away with rae. 

Cotaff. Lo nowj now fee the iffue of your peace. 

K. Pbiiip. Paticna, good Lady ; comfort, gentle Con- 

Con/i. No, I deiie all counfel, all redrels, [fiauce. 

But that which ends all counfel, true redrels. 
Death i death, oh amiable, lovely deach I 
Arile forth bom thy couch of lalting night, 
Thou hate and terror to profperity. 
And I will kifi thy * 'bones deteftabici^ 
And put my eye- balls in thy vaulty brows, 
And ring thcfe fingers with thy houfhold worms, ] 
And Hop this gap of breath with fulfom duft. 
And be a carrion monfter like thy felf ; 
Come, grin on me, and I will think thou fmil'ft. 
And ki& thee as thy wife i thou Love of Milcry ! 
O come to me ! 

K. Philip. O fair affliftion, peace ! 

Cwjff. No, no, I will not, having breath to ct}- j 
O that my tongue were in the thunder's mouth, 

K3 Then 

3 caofe, 4 dcteflaUe bwci 1 , 

ciq mod t, Google 

150 Xfflg John. 

Then with a paiTion I would Ihake the world. 
And rouze fipm lleep that fell Anatomy, 
AVhich cannot hear a Lady's feeble voice. 
And Icorns a modern invocation. 

Pand. Lady, you utter madnefs, and not forrow. 

Con/i. Thou art not holy to belie me ib % 
I am not madi this hair I tear is minci 
My name is Cor^ance, I was Gtffref^ wife : 
Young Jrtbur is my fon, and lie isjoftl 
I am not mad, I would to heav'n I wKn^ ■ 
For' then 'tis like I Ihould forget my felf. ' 
O, if I coukl, what grief Ihould I forget! ■ 
1 am not mad 1 too welt, too well I feet 
The different plague of each calamity.'' 
Oh father Cardinal, I have heard yoQ fay 

(a) IhouM I forget ! 

Fieach fome philofophy (o make me mid, 
AnA, Cardinal, ctiau Ihali be canoniz'dt 
For, being not mad, bat fenfiUe of grieC 
My reafonalilr pare produces reafon 
How I may be deliver'd of thcfe woei, 
And teaches me to lull or hug wy feif. 
Iflwsremad, I fhould forget mj fon. 
Or madly think a babe (rf'cloiibwcnhe: 
Jam not mad; He. 

{b) — of each calamity. 

K- Fhilif. Bind up thefc trcfie* t O, what bm I noto 
lathe fair multitudeof tho& her haira; 
Where hot by chance a filrer drop hath lall'a^ 
Ev'n to that drop ten thoufand wier^ fricnda 
po glew diemfelrei in fociabtc grieft 
Like tnie, infrpanLUe, Uih&novfs 
^ticking together in calamity. 
Cenfi. To Eng/ttMJ, if yoa wilL 
. K. PlUr'p. Bind np your hairs. 
•CeKji. Ves, that twill; and ivh««fere will I do it f 
I tore them from their bonds, and cr/'d aload, 
O that tbcfe hand* could fo redeem my (am. 
At the^ hare gi**o thcTe h^rs their liberty [ 
]Bat now I envy at their liberty, 
Jjixii will again conunk them to tfadi bondii 
Becaufemy poor child is t prifcacr. 
Ctft father Urdtnal.f^r. 

ciq mod t, Google 


XiiiSg John. i^x 

That wt; Ihall Ac and know our friends ia bM?hi | 

If that be, I fluU fee my boy a^in. 

For Gnce tbe birth of C«fs, the firft nuUe-childa 

To him that did but yelteiday fufpire. 

There was not fiicb a gracious creature born. 

But OQW will canker ibrrow eat my bud. 

And chafe the lUtire beauty fr<xn his cheeky 

And he^wiJlkfkk as hollow as a gboft. 

As dim and mpagre as an ague's fit. 

And fi} he'll diet and riOng fo again* 

'When I Ihall meet him in the Court of hesv'a 

I fliaU not know him t therefore oever* nerery 

A&ift I behold my pretty Artiiur more. 

Pond. YoulMjd tw hetooui a refpcA of grief, 

Qmfi. He talk& to mc, cb«t never had a fon. 

K. PbU^. You are as fond of grief, as of your child. 

Co!^. Grief fills die room ud of my abfent child : 
Lyes in his bed, walks up and down with met 
Puts on lui pfctty looks, repeaa his words. 
Remembers me of all his gracious parts ; 
Stu£ oitt hii vacant gvmenu wfth his form j 
Then have I reafbn to be fond of grief. 
Fare ygu wclli had you iuch a lofi as I, 
I oould g^ve bnter comfort than you do. 
I will not keep this form upon my bead, 

{Ttaraig of ber heai^ttibs. 
When there is.fiich dilbrder in my wic. 
OLord, my boy, my JribKr* my fair Ion! 
My lii^ niy joy, my food, my all the work), 
My wki9W>C(Hnforc, and my forrow's cure I {Eftit. 

K. PbiSp. 1 fear Ibme outrage^ and I'll follow her. 


Lewis. Tbaifs nothing in thi^ world caa ouke me joyj 
Life is as tediow aa a twice-Eold tale, 
Vedogiiie doll cat of a drowfieoHi). 

HC 4 AtHtter 

ciq mod t, Google 

A bitter ftame hadi fpoilt the fweet wot-Id's tafte, 
Thst it yields nought but fhame and tHtcerneA. 

Pond, Before the curing of -z ftrong difcafc, 
Ev'n in the inftant of repair and health, 
The fit is ftrongeft : evils thit take leave, " 
On their departure, moft of all ihew evil. 
What have you loll hj lofing of this day? 

tevfis. All day&of glory, joy, and happing. 

Pattd. If you had won it, certainly you had. 
No, no ; when fortune means to men meft good. 
She looks apon them with a threat'ning eye. 
Tis ftrange to think how much King^Am hathioft 
In this, which he accounts fo clearly won. 
Are not you griev'd that Arthur is his prifonar? 

Lewis. As hefirtily as he is glad he hath him. . . 

Pond. Your mind is all as youthful as yourblood. 
Now- hear me fpeak with a prophetick fpiriti - 
For ev'n (he breath of what t mean to fpeak 
Shall blow each duH-, each ftraw, each little rub 
Out of the path which (hatl diredUy lead 
Thy foot to JEngland'i throne: and therefore maik. 
Jobn hath feiz'd jirtbar, and it cannot be 
That whilfl; warm life plays in that infant's veins. 
The mifplac'd J«^ fhould enterain an hour, 
A minute, nay, one quiet breach, of reft 
A feepter fnaKh'd with an unruly hand, 
Mu(t be as boift'roufly maintain'd, as gain'd. 
And he that ftands upon a llipp'ry place. 
Makes nice of no vile hold to ftay him up. 
That Jolm may ftand then, Arthur needs tnuft lall i 
So be It, for it cannot f 'but be^ fo. 

Lfwis. But what fhall I gain by young A-tbur's fall ? 

Pond. You, in the right.of Laly Bltnci your wife. 
May then make all the claim that Arthur did. 

Lewit. And lofe it, life'aiid all, as Jrtimr did. 

Pand. How green ycu are, and irc(fa id this old world! 
John lays you pTots-t' the times confpire vitb you \ 



K»f John. 153 

For he that fteeps his fafety in trae blood. 
Shall find but bloody fafety and untrue. 
This aft fo evilly born, ftiall ctxil the heart* 
Of alt his people, and freeze ap their zeal} 
That no fo fmall advantage fhall ftep fonh 
To check his reign, but they will dierifh ic. 
No nat*ral exhalation in the sky. 
No ' 'fliape^ of nature, no diftenipcr*d day. 
No coaimon wind, no cuftomcd cTent, 
But they will pluck away its nat'ral caule ; 
And call them meteon, prodigies, and figns, 
Abortives, and prefages, tongues of heav'a 
Plainly denouncing vengeance upon "yobn. 

Ixwii. May be, he will not touch young'^^r/Aar's life,; 
But hold himlelF fafe in his prifonment. 

Band. O Sir» when he fliall hear of your approach. 
If that young jiribur be not gone alr^y, 
Er'n at this news he dies: and then the hearts - 
Of all his people fhatl revolt from him. 
And kifi th& lips of unacquainted change. 
And pick ftrong matter of revolt and wrath. 
Out of the bloody fingers* ends of John. 
Methinks I fee this hurly all on foot: 
And O, what better matter breeds for you 
Than I have nam'd i The baftnrd FauUoHbrit^t . 
Is now in Englaiidy ranfacking the church, 
Ofiending charity. If but twelve French 
Were there in arms, they would be as a call 
To tnin tenthoufand £j^^ todieirltde^ 
' 'EvV as a little fnov tumbled about / 

Anon becomes a niountain. Noble Haa^tty 
Go with me to the King : 'tis wondertul 
What may be wrought out of their difcontent. 
Now that their fiiuls are top-full of of&nce. 
For England go; I will whet on the King. 

Lttois. Strong reafon makes ftrong araons ; let us go ) 
If 70U fay ay, the King will notfiy no. [£««w;/. 

6 fape 7 w 


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»S4i ^fl^ jofiN. 

A C T IV. S C E N E L 

Changes to England. 
-A Prifat, 
Enter Hubert atd £xecutimeri. 

HEat me thde irons hot, and look you Hand 
Within the arras ; when I ftrike my foot 
Upon the bofom of thi: ground,- fufll forth. 
And bind the boy which you fliall find with me, 
Faftco the chair; be heedful j hence, and watch! 

Exe, I hope your warrant will bear out the deed. 

Hub. Uncleanly fcruples! fi^ar not yoa^ look to*c. — 
Young lad, come forth; I have to lay with you. 
Enter Arthur. 

^b. Good morrow, Huierf. 

Huh. Morrow, litdc PriBCe. 

jtrtb. As little Prince (having fo great a title 
To be more Prince) as may be. You an fiul. 

Hub. Indeed I have been merrier. 

^nb. Mercy on me! 
Methinks no body ibmild be fad but L 
Yet 1 remember when I was in France, 
Young gendemen would be as fad as night. 
Only for wantonnefi. By my Cfariliendkimy 
So I were out of pnfeo, and kept iheepv 
I Ihould be merry as the day is long. 
And fo I would behcre, but that I doubt 
My uncle praftiles more harm to me; 
He is afraid (tf me, and I of him. 
It it TOf ftult that I waa Geffrt^t jbn? 
Indeed it b not, and I would to heav'a 


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I were your fbn* fi> you would love mC) Huitrt, 
Hub. If I talk to him, with his innocent pnte. 

He will awake my mercy, which lyes dead ; 

Therefore I will be fudden, and difpatch. [^^^\ 

jirtb. Arc you fick, Hubert? you look pale EO-dayt- 

In fooih, I would you were a liule fick* 

That I might fit all night and watch with you. 

Alas, I love you more than you do me, 
iiti. His words do take poOeEGon of my bofbm. 

Read here, ywjng Arthur — 

How DOW, foolim rheum, \,4fi^' 

Turniiig difpiceoua ' ''nature^ out of door I 

1 maft be brief, left refolution drop 

Out at mine eyes in tender womanifh tean. —— • 

Can you not read it ? is it fiot iair writ f 
jttb. Too fairly, HuherU for fo foul cffcift. 

Muft rou with irons bum out both njine eyes? 
Hw. Young boy, I mull, 
jfr/i. And will you? 

Hi^. And I will. ■ , , 

Artb. Have you the heart? when your head did butakic, 

1 knit my handkerchief about your brows, 

(The bed I had, a Princefi wrought it mc) 

And I did never ask it you again i 

And with my hand «t midnight hekl your head i 

And, like d^watchBiI minuta to the hour. 

Still and anon chear'd up the heavy time, . . 

Saying, what lack you? and where lye^^your ^ef f 

Or what good h>ve may I perfbrm fqr you ? 

Many a poor man's ton would have hin ftill. 

And ne'er hare ipoke a loving word to youj 

But you at your fick fervice had a Prince. 

Nay, you may think my tove was crafty love. 

And cdl it cunning. Do, an if you will: 

If bcav'n be pleas'd that you muft ufe tne ill. 

Why then you mult Will you put out mine eyes t 

ciq mod t, Google 

156 Xfflg John. 

Tbefc eyes that never did, and never fliaH 
So much aa frown on 70U i 

Hah. I've fworn to do it ; 
And with hot irons mull I bum them out.* 

j^tb. Oh ! if an angel Ihould have come to me. 
And told me Hi^ert Jhould pat out mine eyes, 
1 would not have belicv'd a tongue but Hubert's. 

Hub. Come forth } do as I bid you do. 

[Stamps^ aid the men enter. 

Artb. Olave me, Hubert, faveme! my eyes are out 
EWn with the fierce looks of thefe bloody men. 

HiA. Give me the iron I fay, and bind him here. 

^tb. Alas, what need you be fo boift'rous rough i 
I will not ttniggle, I will ftand ftone-ftill. 
For hcav'n fake, Hubert^ lex me not be bound. 
Nay, hear me, Hubert, drive thefe men away. 
And I will fit aa quiet as a Iamb. 
I will not (lir, nor wince, nor (peak a word. 
Nor look upon the iron angrily : . 
Thruft but thefe men away, and I'll forgive you. 
Whatever torment you do put me to. 

Huh. Go, ftand within^ let mealonewith him. 

Exe. I am beft pleas'd to be from fuch a deed. {Exemt. 

Artb. Alas, I then have chid away my friend. 
He hath a ftern look, but a gentle heart; 
Let him come back, that his companion may 
Give life to yours. ' 

Hub. Come, bi^, prepare your fclf. 

Artb. Is there 00 remedy ? 

Hub. None, but to 1<^ your eyes. 

(t) .—— muCl I bam than oat. 

Arib. Abi none but in this iron age woald do it. 
The iron of iircif, though heat icd-hot. 
Approaching near thefe eyes, would drink my lean. 
And qoencfa it* fiery indignation. 
Even in the matter of mine innocence : 
Nay, after that, confumc awa^ in rnll. 
But for containing (ire to harm mine v/e. 
Are you more ftubbomhard, than hanunet'd iron! 
Oh I if an angel Ibonld, i^c. 


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iSl^g JoHM. 157 

Jrtb. O heav'n ! that tho-e were but a moth in yours, 

A graiQi 2 ^u^ * g<^^ > wand'ring hair. 

Any annoyance in chat precious fenfe: 

Then feeling what fmall diin^ are botft'rous thoe, 

Your vile intent muft needs lecm horrible. 

Ihii. Is this your pTomtfe F goto, hold your tongue.* 
Jrtb. Let me nof hold my tongue j let me not, Hubtrt ] 

Or, Hniertt if you will, cut out my tongue, 

So I may keep mine eyes. O fpare mine eyes! 

Though to no ufe, but ftill to look on you; 

Ix), by my troth, the inftrument is cold. 

And would not harm me. 
I^. I can heat it, boy. 
jttb. No, in good footh, the Bre is dead with grief, 

Being create for comfort, to be us*d , 

]n undeferv'd extrcams} fee elfe your fclf. 

There is no malice in this burning coal ; 

The breath of heav'n hath blown its fpirit out. 

And firew'd repentant afhes on its head. 

Huh. But with my breath I can revive it, boy.^ 
jSrtb. All ^ings that you Ihould ule to do me wrong, 

Deny their office y only You do lack 

That mercy which fierce fire and iron extend, 
• Oeatorcs of note for mercy-lacktng ufes. 

Hub. Well, fee to live ; I will nor touch thine eye - 

For all the treafiirc that thine uncle owns : 

Yet am I fworn, and 1 did purpofe, boy. 

With this £ime ver^ iron to burn them out. 

(a) — hdd joar unfile. 

Jrth. Hmitrt, thenUcruce of abnct of toDgucB 
Maft «cd> want pleading for a pair of v/«% : 
l.ctaMBMlidd, &f. 

A,) — ^ I can rerive it, bojr. 

Artb. And if v«n do, joa will bat make it bliifli. 
And flaw with uuune <rf' yoar Hoccedingi, flmttrt: 
W*7, « perchance will fparkle In your eye* : 
And, Use a dog that ii compdl'd to fight. 
Snitch at hi* mafter that doth taiTC him M. 
AJl tfaii^* that yon, itc. 

ciq mod t, Google 


158 JSngJoHN, 

^rtb. O, now you look like Babert. AU this wliHo - 
You were difguifcd. 

flW. Peace: no more. Adieu! 
Your uncle muft not know but you are dead. 
1*11 fill thefe d<^Ked fpies with falfe reports^ 
Aadj f retty chHd, deep doubdefi and lecur^ 
Ttiat Hubtrty for die wealth of all the world, 
'Will not o^d thee. 

jfrtb. O hcav*n I I thank you, Hulert. 

Huh. Silence, no more ^ go clofely in with me. 
Much danger do I undergo vx thee. [Ejetutit, 

S C E N E n. 

The Court of ENGLAND. 

Enter Kiig John, Bunfarok^ Salisbury, sMd ttber Lerdt, 

K.JobtXS'Ex once again we liL crown'd once again, 
■ -ti And look'd upon, I hope, with chcarfureyc* 

I'emb. This once again, but that your Highods plos'dt 
Was once fuperfloous » you were crown'd before. 
And that high royalty was ne'er pluck'd off: 
The faiths of men ne'er fiaincd with revolt: 
Frefh expectation troubled not the hud 
With any long'd-lbr change, or better Rate. 
,. SaL Therefore to be poflc&'d with double pomp. 
To guard a title that was rich before. 
To gild refined gold, to paint tlie lilly. 
To throw a perfume on the violer. 
To fmooth the ice, or add another hue 
Unto the rain-bow, or with taper-light 
To feek the beaotcous eye of httv'n to guntfi^ 
b waftefiil and ridiculous exccfi. 

Pemb. But that your royal pleaCire muft be doo(V 
This ad is as an ancient tue new-told. 
And in the laft repeating troublelbme. 


ciq mod t, Google 

Shg John- 159 

Bdng urg''^ <tt a timeiinlearonable. 

Sal. U this the antique and well-hood Bice 

Of pUiQ old form b much disfigured) 

And li^c a fliifted wind unto a €il, 

Ic makes the courfe of thoughts to fetch about i 

Stutles and tiigha coniideration ; 

Makes found opinion fKk, and truth -lurpefled. 

For putting on fo nevr a tklhion'd robe. 

Pemk. When workmen ftrive to do bwier than WtB, 

They do confound their skill in covewofii^ ; ■ 

And oftentimes excuBngof a fault 

Doth make the foult the worie by the excuie : 

As patcha fet upon a little breach . . 

Difcredit more in hiding of the fault. 

Than did the faak brfore it was fb patc^. 

At/, To this eSeft, before you were new-crown'd. 

We txcath'd our couqfel ; but it pleas'd your Highnels 

To over-bear it i yet we're aH weil pfcas'dj 

Soce all and evor part of what we would, 

Mi^ nuke a fland at what your Highnefi wilL 

K.yolm, Some Teainis of this douUe corooation 
I have pofleft you vith, and think them {bY)ng i 
And more^ more flrong (the kflcr is my fear) 
I fhaU endue you with : mean tine, but ask 
What you would have ceformM that fa not well. 
And well fli^I you perceive how willingly 
I will both hear and grant you your retjudh. 

Bn^. Then I, as one that am the tongue of diele 
To found ' the pHTpofet of all their hearts, 
^oth Str my felf and thenr; but diicf of all 
Your lafety j for the which, my felf and they 
Bend their bcft kaim i) heartily requeft 
Tb* infianchifement of ./^^Ar 1 whole reftramt 
]Doch move thcmorm'ring lips of difeontent ' - - 

To bicalc into titia dangerous argument. 
If what in reft you have, in right you bdc^ 


1) nmt h, eoTcdng to reach a liighcr excellaioo. WsrimrttM. 
1) 7« found forth, tr u ikdBi. 



i6q JCwg John, 

Why fliou'd your fears, (which, as they &y, attend 
The fteps of wrong) then move you to njew up , 
Your tender kintman, -and to chok$ his days. 
With barb'rous ign'*rance, and deny his youth 
The rich advantage of good exercife P . 
That the time's enemies may not have tbb 
To grace eccafionSi let it be our fuit 
That you have bid us ask, his ijberiy }, 
Which for our good we do no further ask. 
Than whereupon our weal, on you depending, 
Gxints it your weal that he have liberty. 

Efiier Hubert. 

K. Jebn. Let it be fo ; I do commit his youth 
To your diredtion. fifihert, what news with you ? 

[The King goes a/tde loitb Hubert. 

Pmh. This is the nun Ibould do the bloody deed : 
He fliew'd his warrant to a friend of minp. 
The image of a wicked heinous fault 
Lives in his eye \ that dofe afped of his 
Does (hew the mood of a much troubled brcaft. 
And I do fearfiilJy believe 'tis done, ' ' • 

What w< fear'd he bad a charae to do. 

Sal. The colour of the King dodi come and go^ . 
Between his purpofe and his confcienc^ 
Like heralds 'twixt two dreadful battels »'fcnt:^ 
His pafTion is fo ripe, ic needs mud break. 

Emb. And when it breaks, I fear will iffiie theoce . 
The foul corruption of a fweet child's death. 

K. John: We cannot hold mortality's ftrong hand. 
Good Lords, although my will to give is living. 
The fuit which you demand is gone, and dead. 
He tells us A-tbur is deccas'd to-nigiit. 

Sal. Indeed we fear'd his ficknefi was paft cure. 

Ptmh. Indeed wc heard how near his doth he mi. 
Before the chikJ himfelf felt he was fick. 
Tte muft be anfwer*d either here or hence. 

9 &t: , , . »Ufdit. Thttk.tmml. 

ciq mod t, Google 

Sag JpUH* i6i 

K. JabH, y^ij dojui. bead. fachSaltaui bKovs airiani 
Think jroB I bear tbe-fhcan of deftiiw ? 
Have I commaBdment on the pglle of -life ? - 

&/. It is apparem foul-pipy, aijd 'tis flia^e 
That greacnels fliould fo gnjOy ofier-ic: 
So chrive ic tn your ^me, .and fo farewel I 

Pemi. Stxyy^ Lord SaUiiurh I'll go vi'cfa tbie^ 
And find th* uiheritance of this poor cbild* 
His little kingfiooi of a forced gmye. 
Tim blood which ' ■'ow'd'- the breadth of all chit iflc. 
Three foot <^ it doth hold ; bad world the while I 
This muft nodKihusborn. this will break out 
To all our fonowt, and «tc Jong I doubc. lEwmt. 

S C E N . E IH. ■ 

EHter iHt^a^tr^ 

K. 7^' They born in indignation i I lepmt. 
There is no fare foundation fee on blood i 
No certain life atcbiev'd by others death— '14^' 

A fearful eye thou haft ; where is that bkwd [T* tbeMtf. 
That I have feen inhabit in ibolc dieeks f 
So foul a sky.cleara not without a ft(Min ; 
Pour down thy weather : how goes all in Prmuit 

Mtf. From Francs to Bagtaiid oever fiich a power. 
For any foreign preparation, 
Was lcvy*d in the body of a land. 
The a>py <rf your fpced is kam'd by them : 
For when you AKwId be tokl they do prepare. 
The tidings cone, that they ane all arriv'd. 

K.yobn. Oh, where hadi our inlelligenoe bcwn -i^Bnk .^ 
Whene hath it J]ept^ where is tny madt<r*s oare? 
That Aicb an army fboukl tit drawn in Frmte, 
And ftie not hear of it ? 

Mgf, My Liege, her ear 
Is ftopt with duft : the firft of j^il dy'd 
Your noble mother •, and as I hear, my L<»d» 

Vol. III. L The 

ciq mod t, Google 

l6"2 iSflgJOHN. 

The Lady On^atue in a fJcnzie dy*d 
^Hiree days before; but thb from rumoar's tongue 
1 idly heard i if tnie or felTe, I know not. 

Yi.John. With-hold thy fpecd, dreadful occafion! 
O make a te^e with me, 'till I have plea^d 
My difcontcntcd Peers. My mother dead ? 
How wildly then walks my cfiate in France! 
Under whofe condtift ' 'come^ thofe powers of 'Brmuty 
That thou for truth giv'ft out arc landed here? 

Mef. Under the Dauphiifs. 

Enter Baftard and Peter of Pomfret. 

Vi.John. Thoa haft made me giddy 
With thcfe ill tidings. Now, what lays .the world 
To your proceedings? Do not feek to ftuff 
My head with more ill news, for it is foil. 

Baft. But if you be afniid to hear the worfl. 
Then let the word unheard fall on your head. 

K.yebn. Bear with me, coufm i for I was mua'd • 
Under the tide, but now I breathe again 
Aloft the flood i and oin. give audience 
To any tongue, fpealc it oT .what it will. 

Bafi. How 1 have fpcd among the cla^*men. 
The fums I have coUedcd Ih^l cxprefs.- 
But as I traveird hither through the land, 
I Bnd the people ftrangely fantaficd j 
Pofleft with rumours, foil of idle dreams ; 
Not knowing what the? fear, but full of fear. 
And here's a prophet that 1 brought with me 
From forth tl^ ftreets of Pemfrtty whom I found 
'"Wii^'.niany hundreds treading on his heck: 
To wliQm be fung in rude harfh-.founding rhymesj 
That ere the next Jfienfton-dof at iKXUi 
Vour Highnels Ibouid deliver up your crowa. ■ 

K.Jobt. Thou idle dreamer, wherefore did'ft thou fo? 

Peter. Fore-knowing that the truth wilt fall out fo. 

K.John, Hubert, away With him-, imprilbn him, 


ciq mod t, Google 

And (HI that day at noon, whereon be Ays ' 
I fiiaU yield op my crowns, let him be hang'd. 
Deliver him to &Rty, and return. 
For I flsoft afe thee. — • O my gentle coufin^ 

[ Exit Hubert foith Peter. 
Hear'ft thou the news abroad, Vhoare arriv'd? '. 

B^. ThcFr^by my Lord ; men's mouthsare full of it: 
Beitdes, I met Lxtrd Bigcf and Lord SaUsbury^ 
With eyes as red as ncw-eakindled 5re, 
And others mor*^ going go feek the grave ' 
Of jtrtbm-t who they fay is kill'd c»-night 
On your fuggellion. 

K. 7«^. Gootle kinfaian, go 
And thnift thy icif into their cx>mpany. 
X have a ¥ny to win dieir kivea i^o: 
Bring them before me. 

i)^. Iwiltieekchan.oot. 

K. Jebii. Nay, but tnake ha0e \ die better fooc before. 
O, let me have no fUge& enemies. 
When adverfe fnwgncrs affi-igbt my towns 
With dread&l pomp of flout invafioa. 
Be Mercwy, let featbeis to ichy hceJs, 
Andfifj likeihougbc, from them cp me agab. 

Ba^. The fpirtt of the tioK fliall teach me fpeed. [Ex. 

K. Job*. Spoke Jike a fprigbtfui nt^Ie gentleman. 
Go after him ; for he perhaps ihall need 
Some meflenger betwixt jncafldthePeersj 
And be thou he, 

Mtf. With all vof hmrt, my J^icgc. [ExUi 

ILJotm. My mother dead! 

S C E N E IV, 

Eater Hubert. 

Htii. My Lord, they fay five moons were fteo to-nig^t : 
Four fixed, and the fifth did whirl about 
The other four in wond'rbus motion. 

L 1 K.>fo». 


iH «l»g J-OHN, 

Y..yoia. Fivemoww? 

Hti. Old men tnd be)da»R, in the Hrecits, 
Do prophefie upon it dAngtmufly : 
Your^ Artbur'i dath 8 cotntnon in f tiotr tnoMbs, 
And when they taUk «f him, they ffiake their heads. 
And whifpcr one tnothw in dw «ar» 
And \tt that fpeakidoiA ^ipc the team^ wrift, 
Whilfl; he that hean TMkw Rttrful aftion 
With wrinkled brows, with nods, with It^lti^ «yes. 
I faw a fmith ftand with his hammer, tha% . 
The whilft his iron difl on tli* anril cool, ' 
With open mouth -fwallowing a taylor*^ newtt 
Who with his Ihcars and tt/taSmt » his tnad. 
Standing on flippers, which ia% nin^le kafte 
Had rifely ihmu ilpOnCtulGta/^ feet; 
Toki of a many thoufand warlike Anm^ 
That were emt»tteled and rank'd in Kxnt, 
AnoAtr fcan, «nwafli*d artitict»» . 
Cuts off his tale, and talks of Jtvim'i dcatb. 

K. Jeba. W^y feek*ft dioaxopofib& mewith dufeicatsf 
Why urgeft thou fti •dk youf^ Arthnr't death ? 
Thy hand hath murChcF'd hmit 1 iad Aiaute 
To wiOi him dead, but timy Iwd4 0mx to km him. [me f 

Bui. Had none, my Loni i wfry, did you aot pieiwkc 

K.jt^. Ith^cutft^Kkigs toixt^ttentied 
By flaves that take their hunoun for a warant, 
To break into the bkMdy hoi^t^ life: 
And on the winking of au^rity 

To uiidcrftand a law» «b knowdie meaiuDg 
Of dang'rous Majefty, when pttrdiUKe it nowu 
More upon humour, than advis'd refped. 

Huh. Here it your band a&d feal for wh^ I dkl. 

Is to be made, then ibaM this hkod and leal 
Wicne& agaioft us. to datnnation. 
How oft the fight of means to do K1 deeds 
Makes deeds ill doue! for hadft not thoo been by, 
A feUow by the hand of batutc inark*d, 


ciq mod t, Google 

Qiotedf lod fign'd to do id«d of fliainr, 
TUi nwnhcF had not come iqto o^ mind. 
But taking note of ttiv abboo'd afpe£t» 
Finding tnce fit for bloodf villainy. 
Apt, liable to be etnptoy'd io danger, 
I raindy broke with ihee of jirthars deatlL, 
Aod duo, to be endeared to a Ki;^ 
Mad'ft it no confoencc to defiray a Prince. 

lAi. My Lord — 

K. yobn. Hadft thoa but (hook thy hc4d,or ovidea paiift>, 
Wjteo I fpalce darkly what J purpoTed:. 
Or turn'd an eye of doubt upon my face. 
Or bid me tet^my tale in ew pr eft iw>pd> i 
Deep fiiantc had ftruck mc dumb, made qm brea^ o^. 
And th(^ thy lean might have wrought ftan in me. 
But thou dtdJt underftand mc by my "gas. 
And didfi in figns again parley with fin ; 
Yea, without ttop didft kt thy heart cpafcot*. 
And confequently thy rude hand to aA 
Thedeed, whidi both our tongues held vile taageao. 
Out of my fight, and newlceme more! 
My Nsblc3 leave ok, and my ftate is brav'd, 
£/□ at my gates, with ranks of foreign pov*n) 
Nay, in the body of this fleflily land. 
This kingdom, thia confine of bkwd and breath, 
HoftUity and civil tumult reign. 
Between my conscience, and my coudn's death. 

Hut. Arm you ^ainft your othw enemm, 
ril naakeapeace between your foul and you. 
Tout^ Armur is alive : dus hand of mine 
Is ytt a maiden, and an innocent hand. 
Not painted with the crimfbn fpocs of blood,' 
Within thu bolbm never enter*d yec 
Tlie dreadful oaotion of a > 'murd'rerV thought. 
And you have {Iaoder*d nature in my fwoi, 
Which, howlbever rude exteriorly. 
Is yec the cover of a fiirer mind, 

L } Tbuk 

3 mard'TOa* . . . W iiit, Iftrit mad, 

ciq mod t, Google 

1 66* jEmg John, 

Than to be butcher of a gailtlefs child. 

K.Jobtt. DoKh Jrthtff-lwcf O haftc thee to thePftefs, 
Throw this report on theirincenfcd rage. 
And make them tame to their bbediencc, 
Forgive the comment that my paflion made 
Upon thy feature; for my rage was blind, 
And foul imaginary eyes of blood 
Prelented thee more Hideous than thou art. 
Oh, anfwcr nor, but to my dofet bring 
The angry Lords *ith al) expedient hafte: 
I conjure ihcc but ilowly -, run more 'feft. [&mait. 

■ s ; C E I^ E . V. 

A Street before a Prifon. 

Enter Arthur m the IVdUs dlfgms'd. 
^r/i?,rT^ WE w^U is high, .aad yet will I leap down. 
*■ Good ground, be pitiful, and hurt mc not ! 
There's few or none do know noe : if they did. 
This fhip-bojris femblance hath difguis'd roc quite. 
I am afraid, and yei I'il venuire it. 
If I get down, and do not break my li.mtKi ^ 
I'll find a thoufand fhifts to get away \ 
As good tqdie, and go-, as die, aod ftay. {txapidawn. 
Oh me! my. uncle's fpiric is in thefe (lones: 
Heav'n take my foul, and S/jfii*^ keep, ray botws ! [IMfff. 
Enter Pembroke, Salisbury and Bigot. 
Sal. Lords, I will meet him at St. Edmotidsbwj; 
Jc is our fafetj, and we muft embrace 
This gentle offer of the perilous time. 
Pnm. Who brought that letter from -the CardinaJ ? 
Sal. The Cbunt MeUtny a noble Lord of France^ 
• Whole Private with me of the I>m^biiC% love 


(a) i. e. Wbtft privatt attcimt »f tht Paujdiin'j agtaian t» tar 
cMft it mtui mart antfU thtm thi itttiri. Pope, 

ciq mod t, Google 

KagJoHv, ,67 

Is much more * 'tfam thefe gai'ni lises^ intjpoit. 
Bigot, To-morro^ morniog k;[ iv incet hidn thnu 
Sa/. Or radier then fet fortwd, for 'twill be 
Two loag days jouniey. Lords, or crc we mete. 

Enter Bafbtrd. 

Bqfi. Once more to^y wcU mec, diftem|)er'd LAidi } 
The King by me rcquefis your prefeoce ftiait. 

Sal. The King hath difpofielt himfelf of mi. . 
We will not line his diin beituned doke 
With our pure honours: nor attend the fbof 
That leaves the print of blood where-^er it walks. 
Return, and tell him fo : we knew the woHh [beft. 

S4ifi. What e'er you thinlc, gpod words I think were 

Sai. Our grie&, and not our manners, reafim nOv. 

&f^. But there, is linie rcafon in your grief. 
Therefore 'twere reafon' you had mamiers now. 

Pmi. Sir, Sir, impatience hath its privil^. 

Bafi. *Tis true, to hurt its m^fter, no man elfe. 

Sal. This is the prifin : wluu istM Jyetberef 

[Stfkr Arthur," 

Pem^. Oh death, made proud with pure ma princdy 
The earth had nota hole to hide this deed. [bnuiCy 1 

SaJ. Murder, as hating what himfcif hath done, 
' Doth lay it open to urge on revenge. 

Bigot. Or when he doom'd this beauty to the * 'glaive,^ 
Found it too fxccioui princely for a grave. 

Saf. Sir Richard^ what think you ? ha^ve you beheld. 
Or have you read, or heard, or cxuild you diihk, 
Or do you alm<ri>t think, although you fee. 
What you do ftef could thought, widiout this o^eft, 
FcMin fad) another? 'tis the very top. 
The hei^t, die crefl, or creft unto the creft 
Of murder's armsi this is the bloodieft fluune. 
The wildeft ftvag'ry, the vikft ftroak, r 

That ever wall-ey'd wrath or ftaring rage 
Frefented to the tears of foft remone. 

L 4 PeiOt 

4 gen'nl tlian tbefetiaa % p^re, 

ciq mod t, Google 

i66i King;Jkfnv: 

Pmi. AH- mvden pift 4q {bmd emufd intfaiii 
And timfo lok, and H iMoiBichable, 

Shall give f fioiinefs, 1 Burkf, ■ . ., 

To the yeMHibegot»B fifis^rfTJmcf 
And prove a deadly blood-fhed but a jeft, 
Exampicd by this heiooas fpeflacle. 

■ .d^JUisa damoedi-anaablocdy worlc* -. 
Thegracelefs aSlioii-of cliesvy baiid, 
If that it be'fhb woik of sm^ hand. 

Sal. If that it be die work of any hand ? 
We had a kind of light what: would enfiie. 
It is the.flMnKful worlrof Hubtrfs hand. 
The praAice*. and tbc|)W«o& of the Kiif; : 
}^tim w4n£i obedience I t^\M my fim), ' 
Knretfng before, thia ruin of-fweetlife. 
And breathing to thivbreBihlefrexDelloice 
Theincenfeof a tow, a holy bow! 
Never to tofte the pleafiint of the wocld» 
Never to bbmfefbed wiAdtlighi^ 
Nor convcrlant witli nfc anct idieiic&, . , 

'Till: ihayrfet a gloiy to this hand. 
By giv^Agic tbewovlMp^of rcvei^eB: . 
' fmi. Sigot. Our (oiAs^nliffttaRf confirm thy words. 

S C B^N E VI. 
, EhUt Hoben. 

HUk Lords, I am hot with haitc, in ficfeing you 4 
Arthur doth live, the King hath fent for you. 

S(d. Oh, he is bolcf, "and bluflies not at death i 
Avant, thou hateful viUajn, get thee gone! 

Hub. I am no vUlain. 

Sal. Muft I rob the law ? , {Drawing bis Swerd, 

Baft. Your fword is br^t. Sir, put it up ^n 

Sal Not 'till I fiieach it in a murd'rer's 4in. 

Hub. Stand back, hoT^SaHsbuty, ffand back, I iay 
By heav'n J thmk my fword's as iharp as yours. 


ciq mod t, Google 

ISng John. 169 

I would not have you. Lord, forgec your felf» 
Nor tempt the danger of my uue defence } 
Left I» by marking of your rage, forget 
Vour wcH'th, your grcatnefi, and nobility. 

Bigot. Out, dunghil, dar'ft thou brave a nobleman? . 

Hii^. Not for my life ; but yet I daie dc&od 
My innocent life againft an Emperor. 

Sal. Thou art a oiurd*rer. 

Hui. Do not fVDve me fo ; 
Yet, I am none. Whofe congue foe'er ^)eaks falit^ 
Not truly fpeaks ; who fpeaks not truly, lies. 

Pemb. Cut him to pieces. 

Aji. Keep the peace, I lay. 

Sal. Stand by, or I ihall ^ual you, Faakonhri^e. 

Bafi. Thou wert b^Uer gaul the devil, Sa/isiMty. 
If thou but frown oo me, or filr thy fMC, 
Or teach thy hafly Iplcea to do me JLame, 
I'll firike thee dead. Vut up thy fword betimes 
Or I'll (b maul you, and your tofting-iron. 
That you (hiH think the devil is come from hell. 

Bigot. What will you do, renowned Faalmiru^t? 
Second a villain, and a muiderer i 

Hub. Lord Bigot, I am none. . 

Bigot. Who kill'd dik Prince ? 

I&i. *Tis not an hour fmce I left hun weJI : 
I honour'd him, I lov'd him, and will weep 
My daXc of li^ out, for his fweet life's lots. 

Sal. Truft not thole cunning waters of his eyes. 
For villainy is not without liich rheum 1 
And he, long traded in it, makes it leem 
Like rivers of remorfe and innocence. 
Away with me, all you whofe fouls abhor 
Th* uncleanly ^vour of a flauchter-houfe. 
For I am Itified with the lineirof lin. 

Bgot. Away toward Btaj^ to the Dta^u thefie. 

Pemb. There tell the King he may enquire us out. 

\E3tt1mt Lands. 


ciq mod t, Google 



Baft. Here's a good world j knew you of this fair work ? 
Beyond the infinite and boundlels reach 
Ctf mercy, fif thou didft this deed of death) 
Art thou damn'd, Hubert. 

Hob. Do but hear me, Sir. 

B^. Ha } I'll tell thee what, 
Thou'ri danfin'd h black — nay, nothin^is fo black { 
Thou art more deep damn'd than Prince Lucifer, 
There u not yet fo ugly a fiend of hell 
As thou (halt be, if thou didft kill this child. 

Hub. Upon my foul - 

B^. If thou didft but content 
To this moft cruel z6t, do but defpair ; 
And if thou wtnt'ft a cord, the fmall^ thread 
That ever fpider twifted from her womb 
Will ftrangle thee ; a rufh will be a beam 
To hang thee on : or would'ft thou drown thy ielf, 
I^lt but a little water in a fpoon. 
And it fliall be as alt the ocean, 
Enough to ftifle fuch a villain up< 
I do fufpeft thee very grievioudy. 

Hub. If I in aft, confent, or fin of rfioughf^ 
Be guilty of the ftealing that fweet breath 
Which was emboundcd in this beauteous clay. 
Let hell want pains enough to torture mel 
I left him well. 

B^. Go, bear him in thine arms. 
I am amaz'd, methinks, and lofe my way 
Among the thorns and dangers of this world. 
How cafie doft thou take all England up! 
t'rom forth this morfet of dead royalty 
The life, the right, and truth of all tiiis realm 
*" 'Atc"" fled to heav'n j and En^aud now is left 
To tug and Icramble, and to part by th" teeth 
The un-owed intcreft of proud- fwclling ftate. 

6 Is 

'ciq mod t, Google 

King JoHW. 171 

Now for the ban^picke bone of Majeftv 

Doth dogged war brittle bis angry crefr. 

And fnarlerh in the gentle eyes of peace. 

Now pow'n frotn hottie and dtfcontents at honw 

Meet in one line: and vaft confufion waia 

(As doth a raven on a fide, Wl'n beaft) 

The imminent decay of wrcAed ptunp. 

Now happy -he, whole doak and cinfnire can' 

Hold out this tempeft. Bear a«^ that child. 

And follow me with fpced j IMl to the King t ; 

A thou£uid bufineffis are brief at hand. 

And heav'n it felf doth frown upon the latxi {Exaatt. 


Tie Court of England. 

I EMtr £>;;' John, Faodulph, and 4ltttidaiiis. 

K. John. 

THus ! have yirided up into your band 
The circle of my ^lory. {Givii^ the Cnton, 

Paid. Take again 
From this my hand, as holding of the Pope 
Yow Ibveicign greatneft aod authority. 

K. Jtlm. now keep your holy word i go meet the Fremb, 
And trom his Holinefi ufe all your power ' 
To itop their marches *fCTe we are enflam'd. 
Our diJcoDtented counties do rendt, 
Qir people quarrel with diedience. 
Swearing alkmanoe, ^ ''and love^ of fixil . 
Toftrai^;er blood, to foreign royalty) 
Tbi» inundation of diftemper'd humour 
Refts by you only to be qualify'd. 

ciq mod t, Google 

Then paufe not; fisr the preftu dom's £> fick» 
Thai prerent med'cine ouft be minillnd, 
Or overthrow incuraUc etiAws. 

PW. & wat my breaih thai blew tfaia tempeft u|s 
Upon your flubbwnufagc of the Pope: 
But fince you are a Stave cooTentie, 
My tongue fhall hu&.i^ictthia ftarmd' war. 
And make fair weadier in jtaur bktft'rbig IvkL . 
On this Jfie^^J^ rcnieinber «e1l^ 
Upon your oatb of* fetince to ihePope, 
Go 1 to make the Frttxh by down their arms. [£»/. 

.K. Tein. Utttis Jfcas/Sui-Jirff did-ooc the pTOfthec 
Say, that before jffcmfwn-daj at noon 
My crown I fhould give off? even fo I have : 
I did fuppofe it fhouTd be on conftraint. 
But, heav*n be thank'd, it is but vojunury. 

£«;«■ Baftard. 

Bi^. All Kent hath yielded, nothing there holds out - 
"Bat Dover-CaJl/e : Lendon hith recciv'd, 
Like a kind tioft, the Daupkin and his powers. 
Your Nobles will not hear you^ but are gone 
To offer fervice to your cncmyi '' 
And wild amazement hurriea uprand down 
The little number ef your doubcft^ friends. 

K. John. Would not my Lords recura eo me i^n. 
After they hevd young Arthw visalivef 

Soft. They found him dead, and cafr into the ftreccs, 
Ao.empty casket, where the jewd, life. 
By feme damn'dhand was robb'd and ta^away. 

K. John. TI»t villain Htthert told tne he did live< 

Baji. So on my foul he did, for ousbt he knew : 
But wherefore do you droopf why loek you Ud f 
Be great in a£t, WTOO hitvebecn in thoogbt: 
Let not the world lee fear tnd fad diftnjft 
Govern the motioot of a kingly eye ; 
Be fttrring as the time, be Hre with fire ^ 
Thr^ten the threatner, and oui-^ce the brow 


ciq mod t, Google 

aig jbHH, 173 

Of Iwagging horror : fo fliall infcriOT eyes. 

That borrow their SeluTioun From the great, 

Grow great by your -example, and put^n 

The dauntleis rpirit of rclolution. 

Away, a^ giincr hfce.cbe <vod tif^v 

When he intendeth to become the field; 

Sbtw-faiMnelsanti jrfptnt^ OMifidawt. 

What? ihall they feektbeliM inlusden. 

And fright him there? and make him tremble there? 

Ofa, let It not be laid l Forage, ahd nin 

To meet difplcafure ferther from the dooti. 

And grapple with him ere he come (b nigh. 

K. John. The L^te of the Po()e hath been with me, 
Aod 1 havemade a happy peace with him ; 
And he hath promised to difmifs the powers 
Led by tixDatoiin. 

S^. Oh inglorious le^e! 
Shall we upon the footing of our land 
Send fair-play-orders, ^nd make com'promile, *' '^ 

Infiauation, parley,' and bafe mice, . ' ■ ' ' 

To arms invafnc ? {hall a beardlc^ boy, ' '■-'■' 

A codter'd, iilkcn Wanton brave our fields^ ' / 

And flefli his fpirit in a warlike Ibi], ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 

Mocking the air with colours idly fpreaici. 
And firu no check? let us, my Liege, to arms: 
Perchance the Cardinal can't make your peace > 
Or, if he do, let it at lead be faid 
They faw we had a purpofe of defence. 

K. yoht. F^Tc thou the; ord'ring of this prdenc time. 

£^. Away then, with good courage^ yet I kntnr ' 
(Xir party may well meet a prouder foe. 


ciq mod t, Google 

'7+ ja^joHN- 


Tie DauphinV Cdft^, at St. EdmundsbDrjr. 

Enter, in armst Lewis, Salisbury, Meluo, Fnabtokc* 
Bigot, dud Stidters. 

X/teiM.TV^Y Lord Melun, let this be copied out, 

iVX And keep it fafe for "our remembrance ; 
Return the prefidcnt to thefe Lords again. 
That having our fair order written down. 
Both they and wc pcnjfmg o*er thcfc notes, 
May know wherefore we took the ^cramenr. 
And keep our iaiths firm and inviolable. 

Sal. Upon our fides it nerer fhall be t»x)ken. 
And, noixe D<af but, aUieit we fwcar 
A voluntary zeal and un-urg*d ^ith 
To your proceedings-, yet believe mc. Prince, 
I Un not glad tfaatfuch a fore of time 
Should feek a platder by contemn'd fevolt. 
And heal ch' invct*rate canker of one wound 
By making many. Oh, it grieves my foul. 
That I muft draw this metal from my fide 
To be a widow-maker : ch, ^(^ there 
"Where honourabie refcue and defence, 
' 'Cry'' out upon tlje name of Salisbmy. 
But.wch is the infection of the time,' 
That for. the health and phyfidt of our right, 
We'canriot deal but with the very hand 
Qf ftero injuftice, and confufed wrong. 
And i&*t not pity, oh my grieved friends! 
That we, the Tons and children of this ifle, 
"Were born to fee fo fad an hour as this. 
Wherein we ftep after a ftranger-march 
Upon her gentle bofom, and fill up 
Her enemies ranks? (I muft withdraw and weep 


a Cries 


ASiijJoHM. 17s 

upon the foot of this enforced caoft) 
To grace ttie g/stxry Of a land remote. 
And follow unaoquaintcd colours here i 
What, here? O nation, that thou could'ft remove ! ' 
T\aiNeptuMe*i arms who clippeth thee about, 
'Would bear thee from the knowledge of thy iclf. 
And grapple thee unto a Pagan Ihore! 
Where thefe two chriftian armies might combine 
The blood of malice in a vein of league. 
And not ' 'miffpend^ it fo un-neighbourly. 

Leans. A noble Kmper doft thou fhew in thit. 
And great * 'aScdions'^ wrriUing m thy bofom 
Do roakean earthquake ornobilicy. 
(%, what a noble ctunbat baft thou fbo^t. 
Between * 'compaflioo,'' and a brave tefpeA? 
\jei me wipe onthis honourable dew. 
That Glverly doth progrefs on thy chedu. 
My heart hath melted at a Lady's tears. 
Being an ordinary inundation: 
But this efHifion of &ch manly drops, 
This lhow*r blown up by tempeft of the fiiul. 
Startles mine eyes, and makes me more amaz'd, 
Than had 1 feen the vauUy top of heav'n , 
Figur'd quite o*er with burning meters. 
Lin up ttty brow, renowned Saiiihuryt 
And with a great heart heave away this ftorm. 
Commend thefc waters to thofe baby-«yes 
That never £iw the giant world enrag'd j 
Nor met with fortune, other than at fedh, 
FuU-warm of blood, of mirth, of gofiipping. 
Come, come, for thou ibalt thrufl thy hand as deep 
Idu> the purii; of rich profperity 
As L^wu himlclf i ib. Nobles, Jhall you all. 
That knit your fincws to the Ibength of mine. 

He fees Pandolph coming at a isfttmct. 
And even there methiaks an angel "Tpeedst^ 
9 to fpend I adnfliai z compsliiaiit 3 fpakel 

ciq mod t, Google 


Look where the holy. Ijspie coma ajMCfr, 
To give us warrant from the hxndaf JKar'n, 
And on our aftions fee the juude of righc 

S C E N E iU. 

Ester Pandulpt). 

Paad. Hail, noble Prmce of Fnww/ 
The next is this: King yoim hath 'reconcil'd 
Himfelf to Jtemci his fpirit isconie in. 
That Co Hood out againft the holy chufdi, 
♦'Thc^ great metropoln and Sec of JiiMW'. 
Therefore thy tfarcuning coloars now wiad up. 
And ume the favagc fpirit of wild war; 
That like a Lion tutler'd up athand, 
It may lye gently at the foot of peace. 
And be no further harmful than in Ibew. 

Lewis. Your Grace (hall pardon roe, I will not back : 
I am too high-born xo be propertied. 
To be a fecojidary at controul. 
Or ufeful lerwig^niBn, and inftrument 
To any fovereign ffaue tbroughout the world. 
Your breath hrlt kiodied the dead coal of war. 
Between thb chaftis'd kingdom and my felf, 
And brought in matter that Onuld fe«l this fire. 
And now 'tis far too huge to be blown out 
With that lame weak wind which enkindled it. 
You taught mc bow to know the £aoe of right, 
Acquainted me * ^wtth my int'rell^ in this lainl. 
Yea, thn^ this enterprize into my heart: 
And come ye now to tell inc yobn hath tnide 
His peace with iiiMRi?? what is that peace to me? 
I, by the honour of my marriage-bed. 
After young jirtkur^ claim this land for mine: 
And now it is halfconqucr'd, mull I back, 
Becaufe that John hath made his peace with fyme? 


4 Thai s withini'teft 

ciq mod t, Google 

Am I Rem^Qxvti what: peony. haaii.Jiomt.boai, , - 

What men prorided? whu Aiimitian leiic, . 

To under-prop this a£Uon? is'c not I 

That undtTgo ihia charge f wliodfe but Jy ' .... 

And ixh as to my daim are liable. 

Sweat in this bufiods, and maiotain this war i 

Have I not heard thde inanders fhouc out , .. ' .. 

f^'i!; Alflj', as I have baok'd their towns? 

Have I not bere the l^ cards tor the gune, , 

To win this calx match, pUidfor acrown^.. ■ 

And (hall I liow give o'er the .yielded let ? 

No, on my roul, it never (hall be-faid. 

PoHd, zou iookbut - . 

Lewis. Outfide or inlidci 1 will not returt^ ... 
'Till my attempt tompch be glorified, . -, 

As to my ample ho{>c was {trtxnUol , . . ^ 

Before I drew this gallant b^ of war, , ,,. 

And cuird thelc fiei7 fpiciip fropi, the wrld , ,' .; , . 
To outkx^ cooqum, and .to win renown 
Et'd in the jaws of danger, aoid of death. 

What lufiy trumpet tlius doth/ummon us? , 


Enter 'Ba&aid. 

Si^. According to the fair tilay of die world 
Let me have audience: I am lent to fpeak: 
My holy Lord of I^ain., Crom the King 
Idome, to learn how you have dealt for him:. 
Andas you ai^wcr, 1 do know the fcope 
And warrant limited ubco my tongue. 
' Pond. The DdWfW« is ttw wilful,, (^pofittf, 
And will not temporize with my entreaties: ' 
I& flatly £iys, he'll not lay down his arms. 

Baft. By all the blood mat ever fury breathM, 
1^ youth fays well. Nov hear oqr En^kp King ; 

Vol. hi. M For 

ciq mod t, Google 

178 Kh^ JoHH# 

For thui ftis-royalty tfoth (peak in me : 

He is prcpar'd, and realbn top he fhould. 

This apilh and unmannerly approach, 

Thi) harnefs'd mask, and unadvilcd ktcI, 

Tliis " 'unhair'd^ fawcinefi and boy ill] troopB, 

The King doth ftnile at; and is wcUprepar'd 

To whip this dwarfifli war, thefe'ragiHy arms, . 

From out the circle of his territories. 

That hand ^hich had the ftrength ev*n at your cfoor 

To cudgel you, ini make ytw ttke the fcurh. 

To dive like buckets in concealed Wtlls, 

To crouch in littcrof your ftable-phnks. 

To lye like pawns, loclt*d up in chcftsand tninks. 

To herd with fwrne, to feek fweet &fety out 

In viuiits and prilbns, and to thrill and Sake 

Ev'n at the ciying of oar mtion's Cnw, 

Thinking his voice an armed Ei^b man ; 

Shall that viAorious hand be IteUed here. 

That in your chambers gave yoachaftifcment? 

.No ; . know the gallant Monarch h in arms i 

And, Jifce an Eagle o'er his Aiery, tow'rs. 

To Ibufe annoyance that-comes near his neft. 

And you dcgen'rate, you ingrate rerolters. 

You bloody ^ere^:, ripping up die womb 

Of your dear mother Mti^laMt kufli'for flume. 

For your own Ladies, and pale-vi^'d maids,- 

Like j^nazeiiSt come trniit^ after 3nwnsi 

Their thimbles into armed gaotlcEa change 

Needles to lances, and their gende beartt 

To fierce and bloody iodiiK&ui. 

Lems, Thereeod thybr^ve, aadtitfnthylHfleiapGKe; 
AVe grant thou canft oufi-icoldusi fuvthcevdl: 
We hold our time tQo pndous to be fimt 
■With fuch a babler. '^ ■»"" 

Pa/td. Give me leave tofyak, 

Bafi. No, i will fpeak. 

Ltms. We will attend to nddier: 

( unlicar'd . . . MtJlt. Ihni. mtnS. 

ciq mod t, Google 

^ |oU[«- 179 

Strike up the dnir^s, »nd kt the COQgUf of war 
Pkad fiv pur int'rcit, . nai our being here. 

3^. ladced your 4ri(a)s* beiqg beaEcn, will cry wt) 
And {o Qail jw* being hevtaa i do but fiait 
An echo with the claq^our of thy drum, 
Andcr'n at hand 4 dnu) brac'di 
That fliaU reverb'rate all as loud as thine. 
Sound but another, and aqother'lhall 
As kxid as thine rattle the welkin's eaTi 
And mock thp diKp-iiiouth'd thyoder. For nt h«id 
(Kot trufling to this halting Legate here* 
Whoin,he hath us'd rather ror fport than need) 
li Wixhkc ^ebtti and In his forehead fits ■ 
A bare^iUs'd deatha'whofe ofhce is this day 
To feaftu^n whole tbouf^nds oftheF^^^I. 

Ltwis. Strike upourdrunu, to 6nd this cUnger out. 

JBiifi. And thou (halt find it, Dauphin, -do bot doubc. 

s c EN « y. 

lie Field <f Battle. / . . 

JUrvu, Enur Ipug John ^ ftuhvt. 
U. >fa.TTOW goes the day with us? oh, teli me, Huhrf. 

XX ffiii. Badly, 1 fear » how fares yoir Majeft^ ? 
K. Joh». This fewer that hath trod^Ied me 16 lo^ 
I^bearyoomc: oh, ipy heart is fick! 

Miitent A^fetig^' 
Mtf. My Lordj your wUiaBt icinfman PauU<a^^t 
CdSics yoin Migcfty to leave the field. 
And fend him word by nw which way yoo ga 
K. John. TeH him, toward Smiifieadt to flic Ahby there. 
JMgC BC ©f good eoBvfort : for the great fuppty 
Thit was expSted by the Dai^bin here, 
^ VKck'd three nights ago on GM(tewi-&ads. 

M » ^^^ 

ciq mod t; Google 

-i8o Kiag John. 

This news was brought Xo' Richard bat CT*n now. 
The French fighl coldly, iod retire themfclves. 

K. Jiba. Ah met tKr^ tyrant fearer bums me up^ 
And will nee let mewelcome this good netn. ■ ■ - 
Set on toyii*rd Sm/tfieadi bitny litter ftrait> 
Wcaknefi pc^fleth tne* andlam &ii)C. - [fxmntf. 

S C E N E VI. 

Enter SiUisbtuy, Pembroke mid Bigot. 
SaI.TD\d not think the Krag foftor*d with friends.' 

* Pem^._ Up once SL^a; put fpirit in thc/rwrfi.- 
If thCT mifcarry, we miftarry too. ■ 

Sal. That mif-begotten devil Fankt^rit^tf .' 
In fbight of fpight, alone upholds the day. 

Femh. They %, King John fore fick hath left the fieU. 

EiOtr Melun •wetatded. 

Melon. Lead me to the revolts of £f^jW here. 

Sal. When we were h^py, we hatt.pthcE names. 

Pmb. Ic is the Count Mehm. 

Sal. Wounded to death. 

Melun. Fly, noble £»riJ/»,vou are bought and fiddj 
Unthread therude eye of rebefllon,' ■ . 

And weknmc home again dUcai^ &itii. 

Seek outKing Jebn, and fall before his ftet ^* ■' 
Forif the Jif/af^ be Lords of this loud day, , „ - < 
He means to reoompence the pains you taM,. 
By cutting off your heads; thus hath he fworn, 
And I with him, and many more with mc, 
Upon the altar at St. Edmmds^ry^ ' . 
Even on that altar where we fwore to you 
Dear amity and evcrlaftina love. . ' 

Sal. May this be pof^e ? may this be tnie? 

Miii6i. Have I not hideous death within ny:view 
Retaining but a quantity of life. 
Which biccda away, ev'a as a form of wax 


ciq mod t, Google 

■ King John. x8i 

Refolveth from ta Bgure "gainft the fire ? 

^iVhat in the world Ihould make me now deceive. 

Since I muft lofe the ufe of aJl deceit ? 

Why flioiitd I then be falfe, flnce it is true 

lint I mtift die here, and live' hence by truth ? 

I bf wain, if Lewis win the day. 

He is forcTwom if e'er ihofc eyes of yours 

Bebold another day break in the Eafi : 

But er'n this night, whofe blade cont^ious breath 

Already fhioaks about the burning creft 

Of the old, ieeble, and day-wearied fun, 

Ev'n this ill night, your breathing Ihallocpire} ' 

F^ing thefine of rated treachery, 

E^n with a treacherous fine of aJl your live*. 

If Lewis by your afliftance win the day. 

Commend me to one Hubert^ with your Kingi 

The love ^ him, and this refptA betides 

For that my grandfire was an Ei^^ma^y 

Awakes my oonfcience to confids all this. 

In lieu whereof, I pray you, bear me hence 

From forth the noifc and nimour of the Bfcid \ 

Where I may think. the remnant of my thoi^is 

In peac e , and p^rt this.body and my foul. 

With contemplation, and devout dcfires, 
5fl/. We do believe thee, and bcfhrew my foi^ 

But I do love the - favour and the form 

Of this moft fair occaCon, by the which 

We will untread the fleps of damned flii^tf i 

And like a 'bated and retiring flood. 

Leaving our ranknefs and irregulaj- cburlc. 

Scoop (ow within thofe^ bounds vve have o'er-look'd. 

And calmly run on in obedience 

Ev'n to our Ocean, to (>ur great King 'jahii. 

My arm fhall give thee help to bear ihec hence. 

For I do fee' the cruel pangs of death 

"^ht^ in thine eyes. Away, my friends, and fly! 

[Hxeant, leading Melun. 

7 Right 

ciq mod t, Google 

i8a JC«g John. 

SCENE ytt, 

fbe FrcAch Camp.' 

Enter Lewb and bis Trdin. 
i«wi.'T^HE fun of heav*n methought was loth to let, 

A But ftaid, and mada the weftern welkin blulhi 
When th* Engli^ meafiar'd backward their own ground 
In faint retire : oh, bravely came we off. 
When with a volley of our needleft.fliot. 
After fuch bloody toil we bid good night. 
And wound our tattcr'd coloun de^Iy ui^ 
Laft in the field, and alinoft Lonh 'of it. 

Enter s MfJ/hs"'- 
Mef. "Where is my Prince, the jyauphinf 
Lewis. Here, what news f 
Mef. The Count Melm is (lain ; die Er^l^ Lords 

Py his perfvaBon are at length foll*il off, . 

And your fupply which you have wilh'd fo long 

Are call away and funk on Goodmin-Hinds. 

Lewis. Ah foul ihrewd news! Beihrew diy very heart, 

) did not think to be fo fad to-night 

As this hath made me. Who was he that laid 

T^ia^Jehn did fly an hour or twd before 

1'he {tumbling night did part our weary pollers? 
Mef. Whoeverfpoke It, it is true, my Lord, [night'i 
Lmis. Well t keep good quarter, and good care to^ 

The day fhall not be up lb foon as I, 

To try [hf ^if adventure of to-morrov, 



ciq mod t, Google 

XSng John. 1S3 

SCENE vja 

jf plact ntar -ywinftead J%. 
^Hter Baftard and Hubert fiverai^. . 
/AiJ.\T/HO's there } fpeak, ho, fpcak quicItJjr, orl ^uot- 
▼ T >B4?. A friend. What »« thou? 

/&j. Of the {xirt of £v;iW. , 

A»/f. And whither dou chou go? 

//k^. What's that to thee ? 
Why may not I demand of thine affiiin. 
As well as thou of mine? 

B^. Hubert, I think. 

£Sii^. Thou haft a per&a thought: 
I will upon all hazard* wdl belicrc 
TImxi art my friend, that koow'ft my congpe fi» weQ; 
Who art thou? 

B^. Who thou wilt i and if thou plea& 
Tboa ii»y*ft fae<fnend me lb nmeh, as to tfatnic 
1 come raw way of the J^lMt^gauts. 

Hai', UBkind reroembrancef thou and * ^eydefi^ oigbc 
Hare done me Otame; brave foklier, pardon mc. 
That uiy accent breaking from thy tongue 
Should 'Ic^w the true acquaintance of mine ear. 

B^. Come, come \ fans complement ^ what news abroad ? 

IhA, WhyhovwaUcI, in the black brow of nigh^. 
To find you out. 

B^. JG^ef then: and what's tbe news? 

Hui. O my iWeet ^, news fitdng to the ni^t. 
Blade, Aarfiil, comfbrtlcfa, Add horrible. 

Bifi. Shew me the very wound of this ill news, 
I am DO wMnan, 1*11 doc Iwoon at it. 

Hib. ThcKin^ I (ear, ispnlbn'dl^-a Mbakt 
I left him almoft ^eechlefi, and broke out 

M 4 T'ao. 

S odkft . . ; «V t£*, Wtri. mni, 

ciq mod t, Google 

184 Kmg J6hv. 

T'acquaint you nitb this, ey;! j that you miglit '. 
The better arm you to the fudden time, 
Than if yw had at Icifure known of thi& 

SaJ. How did he take it ? who did cafte to bitn f 

Hab. A Monk, I tcil you» a refolvcd villain, 
Whofe bowels fuddenly burft out j the King 
Yet fpeaksi aod peradveoture may recover. 

B^. ^ ^Whonv didll thou leave to tend his M^efty ? 

Jinb. Why, know you not? the Lords are all opmc bade. 
And broaght Prince Hemy in their company. 
At whofb requeft the King hath patdoird them. 
And they are all about his Majefty. ■ 

Bafi. With-hold thine indignation, mighty heav*n! 
And tempt us aot to bear above our power. ' 
I'll tcU thee, Hubert, half my pow'rs this night. 
Falling thefe flats, are taken by the tide, ^ 

Thefe Ujueln-tnAia have devoured them; 
My felF, well mounted, hardly have efcap'd. 
Away before : conduft me to the King, 
I doubt he will be dead, or e'er I come. ' lExeuHt. 

. S C E N E IX. 

Changes to the Orchard ai Svrlniiczd ^iHy. 
Enter Prime Henry, Salisbury WBi^pt, 

jgW7.TT is too lace, the life of all his U<jod 

*■ Is touch'd corruptibly, and his pure brain. 
Which fotoe fuppole the foul's fiaildwelltng.hou&. 
Doth, by the idle commtnts that it make^ 
Foretel the ending of mortality. 

Enter PembrplK, 

Pimb. His Highhefs yet doth fpetk, and' holds belief 
That being brought into the opea air, 

> Wlw 

ciq 1,1.3 1, Google 

«^ J 

OHN. 185 

It would aSaj die burning qoalicy 

Of that fell poifon which anailetn liim. 

Hany. Let him be brought into the orchard here ; 
Doch he ftill rage ? 

Pemi. He is more patient 
Than when you left him i even now he Tung. 

Ibttry. Oh vanity of fickncfs ! fierce extreams 
In their continuance will not feel themlelvcs. 
Death having prey'd upon the outward parts 
* 'Leaves them (nfcnfiblc \ his ficgc is now^ 
Againfl the mind, the which he pricks and wounds 
W itb many legions of ftrange fantafics, 
Which, in their throng and prcfs ro that laft hold. 
Confound tbeHiIeJves. *Tis ftrange that death Ihould fing: 
I am the Cygnet to this pale, iaint Swan, 
Who chants a doleful hymn to his own death, ; 
And from the or^n-pipe of frailty fings 
His foul and body to their lading reft. 

Sd. Be of good comfort. Prince, for yoa are born 
To fet a form apon that IndigeR: 
Which he hath left ib ihapelels and lb rude. 

JCflj John hrougbl in. 

K. John. Ay marry, now my foul hath eftuw-room \ 
It would not out at windows, nor at doors. 
There is fo hot a fummer in my bofem. 
That all my bowels crumble up to duft : 
I am a &ribbled form drawn with a pen 
UpcHi a parchment, and ag^ft this fire 
Do I flu-ink up. 

Henry. How fares your Majefty ? 

K.John. Poifon*d, ill fare! ' 'oh Idead,'' forfook« caft ofF, 
And none of you will bid the winter come 
To thruft his I'cy fingers jfi my maw 1 
Nor let my kingdom's rivers take their courfc' 
Through my burn'd bofom : nor iotreat- the north 
To make his bleak winds kifs my parched lips, 

I Learca them ; inrifible his &egie It now 1 dead; 

ciq mod t, Google 

i86 iSng John. 

And comfort me with cold. I ask not much, 
I beg cold comfort ; and you are (o Rrzit ' 
And Co ungratcfijl, you deny me that. 

Henry. Oh that there were fome virtue in my 'tcar^ 
That might relieve you ! 

K. yoht. The Talt of them is hot. 
Within me is a hdl, .and there the poifba 
Is as a fiend, conBn'd to tyrannize 
Oo unreprievable, condemned blood. 


Sa/t. Oh, I am Icalded wirii my violent motion. 
And Iplcen oF fpced to fee your Majefty. 

K.jein. Oh coufin, thou art come to fet mine «re: 
The uckle of my heart is crackt and bnmt. 
And all the flirouds wherewith my life fhou'd lail 
Are turned to one thread, one little hair : 
My heart hath one poor ftring to ftay it by, 
Which holds but 'till thy news be uttcr«J i 
And then all this. thou fcelt is but a clod. 
And model of confounded rc^alry. 

£«?. TheD«ts&6misprcparii^hitherwarf,' 
Where heav*n he knows how we Ihall anfww him. 
For, in s night, die beft part of my power. 
As I upon advantage did remove, 
Were in the walhes all, unwarily. 
Devoured by the unexpeftcd flood. [?Z* J&W jfcj. 

Sai. You breathe thele dead news in as dead an ear: 
My Liege! my Lord! — but nww a King — now thus. 
■ Htmy. Ev'n fo mufl I run on, and ev'n fo flop. • 

£afi. Art tbou gone lb? I do but flay behind 
To do the office fw thee of revenge : 

M ind CT'o lb flop. 

WhM furct; of the worltl, what hope, wliat flay. 
When thia wai now a King, «bd now ii clay ? 
B^Jt. Art thou gone lb ? — 

ciq mod t, Google 

And Aeft my fcul ffiatt wait on thee to h6M% 

As it on earth twth bfteh thy fervartl ftill. . 

Now, WW, yodtohs-<*i«HK)«inybffl'»'Vight>fph*es, 

"Where be ybur poW^i? ftww ncW yoai" iftendfid finths, 

Aiid inftantly returrf with me agairii 

To pufti deftrudiort Wid perpetual ftairi* 

Out of the weak dbot'ofonr fainting land: 

Strait kt us feek, <» ttrtit wc fliail be fought \ 

The DM^in rages « (wr tery heels-. ■ 

Jj/. It fcems you know not then (b much «s we : 
The CaiJioal PaaJuhb a within at reft. 
Who half an hour fince came from the Dat^in i 
Ajid brings from him fiich oflfcrs of pur peace. 
As we with honour and refpeft may take. 
With purpofe prefently to leave this war. 

Ba/f. rfe will the rather do it, when he fees 
Oar fclves well finewed to our defence. 

Sal. Nay, it is in a manner done already } 
For many carriages he hath difpatch'd 
To the fei-fide, and put his caiife and quarrel 
To the difpofwg of the Cardinal i 
With whom your felf, my felf, and odier Lords, 
U you think meet, this atarnoon will poft 
To confummate this bufinefe happily. 

Bafi. Let it be (bj and you, my noWe Prince, 
With other Princes that may beft be fptt'd, 
ghall wait upon your father's funeral 

Henry. At iVorctfier moft his body be interr'd, 
*Fm fo he wiU'd it. 

Baft. Thither fliall it then. 
.And happily may your fwect felf put on 
The lineal ftate and glory of the land ! 
To whom with all fubmilHon, on my knee, 
I do bequeath my ^thfiil fervices. 
And true ful^ion everlaftindy. 

Sai. And the like tender ofour love we make. 
To reft without a fpot for evermore. 


3 kigm 

ciq mod t, Google 

i88 . King Jo»k. 

Hmy. I hjjye a kind fcxri A» would give you thaok^ 
And knows not how to do it, but with ton.: 

Bq^. Oh, let us pay the time but needfijl woe. 
Since it hadi been before-liand with our gric&. 
♦ Thus^ £i^toii never did, and newer fhall, ■; 
Lye at the proud foot of a Conqoerof, 
But when it Grlldtd help to wound it lc|f. - 
Now thefe her Princes are come home agfiin. 
Come the three corners of the world 'u? Arms 
And we Qiall fliock them. Nou^t fhall loake ms ijic* 
If England to it felf do red buctruc .;, .^ . . [_^){<Kilf omifes. 

T4I E 

ciq mod t, Google 






S E C O N D. 

ciq mod t, Google 


KING Riclwd the Second. 

^^/J°'^' i ^T ft \VncUiUth<King. 
Johnff^Gaunt, DukeefLzncaMxr^S ^ 

Bolio^roke, Earl of Hereford, Son to John tf Gaun^^ 

afterwards King Henry the Feurtb. 

Aumerle, Sen to the Duke of York. 

Mowbray, Dai* of Norfolk. 

£<ir/0/ Salisbury. 

£tfrAEtirlUey. . 

Bufliy,-]^ •■ ■ 



, ^ SeraoHiito Ka^ Richard. 

£ari of Northumberland. 1 

Walooghby, J 

Surrey, > Li^-ds in the ParBament^ 

jB^t of Weftminfter, > 

Sir Pierce ef Excon, one of BolingbrokeV Criaturti. 
A Ci^mn of a band of W^Qiwcn. 

^en to JSjWff Richard.. 
Btttchefs e/G]ouccfter, 
Dutcbefs of York. 
Ij^s attending en the $^m. 

. Heraids, two Gardiner s^ Keeper ^ Meffeng/tr^ W other 



ciq mod t, Google 


The LI FE and DEATH 


A e T I. S C E N E I. , 

Euir IBrg Richard, Jolii) s/ Gaunt, mlh olhcr Kiil^ 
and Alteit^anti. 

Kit^ Richard. 

iLD^'oJa of Cmu, Dmc-hooour'd Ijmiifiir, 
Hafl thou, according to thy oath and bond. 
Brought hither hnr) Htreferd thy bold fon, 
Here to make good dicboift'rous late Appeaj, 
Which then our leifure would not let uj hear, 
Againft the Dike of Nirfilk, Tbornas Mowtrirf. 
Gaunt. I hare, my Liege. 

K. Rkt. Tell me moieorer, haft thoti founded him. 
If he appeal the Duke on ancient malice. 
Or worthily, as a good fubjefi fliould. 
On ibmc known ground of treachery in him? 

Gmml. As near B I could lift him on that argument. 
On fomc apparent danger feeo in him 

ciqiiiodt, Google 

192 King II IC HARD II. 

Aint'd at your Hi^nefs; no invct'rate malice. 

K. Ricb. Then call them to our prdence ; &ce to fstcCr 
And frowning brow to braw, our fetves will bear 
Th* accufer, and th* accufed freely ft>eak ; 
HJgh-ftomach'd are they both, andfuJlof irei 
Iq rage* deaf as the fea i hafiy as fire. 

S C E N E II. 

EBter Botingbroke and Mowbray. 

Bolh^- May many yean of happy days bcfal 
My gracious Sovereign, njy moft loving Lregef 

Msvih. Each day ftill betKr others happineisi 
URtil the heavens envying earth's good haft ^ ' 

Add an immortal dtle to your croWn ! 

K. Rich. We thank you both, yet one but fiatttfrs », 
As well appcarech by the caufe you " 'come for j^ 
Namely t' appeal each other of high trealbo, , 

Coofin of Herefordi what doft thou 6bjeft 
Againft the Duke of Norfolk, Thomas Mowhray ? 

BoUw. Firft, (Heaven be the record to my fpcech!) 
In the devotion of a fubjed's love, 
Tend'ring the precious lafety of my Prince, 
' And free from other mif-begotten hate. 
Come I Appellant to this princely prefence. 
Now, fhmoi Mowbray, do I turn to diee, . 
And mark my greeting well ; for what I fpcal^ 
My body (hall make Mod upon this earth, 
Or my divine foul anfwer it !n heay*n. 
Thou art a traitor and a mifcrcant. ■ 

(a)— 1 mKcreanC 
Too good to be fo, and too Ind to liv«. 
Since the moK ftir an^ cr^lid >■ '^^ ^t 
The uglier feem the cloud' ctut in it &y ; 
Once more, the more to aggravate the Note, 
With a foul tiaitor'i name^uff I thy throat, 
AndwiO), fopicafe my Sovereign, ere I move, ' 

What mf toague Ipeaiu, my righcdiawn fwoid may pravt. 
Mffwi. Let not ac. 

ciq mod t, Google 

Xhg Richard II. 193 

Mnwi. l^t not my oold words here accufe my zeal; 
»Tis not the tiyal of a woman's, 
The birtcr clamour of two eager tongues. 
Can arbitrate this caufe betwixt us twain j 
The blood ii hot that muft b? cool'd for diii. . 
Vet can I norof fuch tame patience boaft, ■ 
As to be hufbt^ and nought at all to Jay. 
FirftthcfeirreT'rcnceoryourHighneficurbsme . 
From giving reins and fpurstct my freefpeech. 
Which eJfe would poft, until it had rcmrn'd 
Tbxk terms of treafon doubled down his throats 
Setting afidc his h^h blood's royjlty, ■ - 

Let him but be no kinfman to my Liege, 
And I defie him, and I fpit at him, ' ' 

Call him a (knderous coward, and a villain ; 
Which to maintain, I would allow him adds» ' ', 
And meet him, were I ty'd to run a-foot . ■ - 

Even to the frozen ridges of the j^ps, ■ ■,. ■ 

Or any other ground * 'uniiabitable,^ 
Where never fijgi^^&iMW durft fet his foot. 
Mean dnle, let this defend my loyalty \ 
By all my hopes, moft falHy doth he lie. 

Bolii^. PaJc trembling coward, there! throw my gage, 
IMfcl^miDK b«v the kindred of a King, 
And lav aiide my high blood's /oyalty, 
(Which fear, not rcv'rence, makes thee to except:) 
if guilty dread hath left thee £> much llrength, . 
As to take im mjoe honour's pawn, then fh»p. ■ 
By tha^ and all the nts of knighthood clfe,- ' .; 
Wm 1 make good againft. thee, arm to arm. 
What I have Tookcn, ' 'a» what thpu haft devilid.\ ; ■ 

Afmih. 1 take it up, and by that fword I fwear. 
Which goiUy laid my knighthood on my Ibouldcr, - 
ril anfwer chef in any &ir d^ree. 
Or chivahous defi^ of knighdy tryal \ 

Vol. IIL . N And 

3 ortlioa anftdnule. 

ciq mod t, Google 

194 K"^ RteHAion. 

And wheft I mount, alive may I not tigk^- ^ 

If I be traitor, or unjuftly fight I 0*"©^? 

K. Rich. What .doth our coufm iajr toiMertir^jfs 
It muft be great that can inherit us ' ' ■ ' \ 

Somuch as-of a'choughtof ill in him. 

Beling. Look, what I ftjd, my life Hurtt prcire it iroe j 
That Mowbray hath recciv'd ei^t tfioofaad ncUes,' 
In nan* of lendings for your Highnefs* foMias, ' 

The which he hath detain'd for lewd in^loytteiicci ' '■- 
Like a falferraitoratid injoi-loui villain, : ' 
Bcfides, 1 fay, ind will in battel |)rove» 
Or here, or elfewhere, to the furtheft Vei^ 
Thatever was forwiyM by 'Sfljlj/S eye j ■ ■ : - 
That all the trcafons /or tbefe eighteen ytttfs, 
Complotted BndconB-ived in this land,' ■ ■ 

Fetch fro™ falfe Monnhrsy their firft head a^d fpring. 
Further, I fay, -and fiirther will maintain,' ' **- 

That he did plot the Duke of Giswxfief% dettk, I 

Suggeft his foon-bcl/eving ad«riaricB, 
And confequently, like a trartor-coward, - 
Sluc*d out his inn'cent foul through ftreftms'of -blood ; 
"Which blood, lik«facrificing/flf/'s, cries- 
.Even'from the tonguelefs cavernt of tlw-earth, 
To me, forjuftice, and rough chaftifement; 
And by the gbrious woi^h of my defcent. 
This arm'fhalt do it, or this life be ^ent. ' 

K. Hkb. How high a pitch his reiblution fiMis! 
?!6effuw of. JV«/e/t, what fty'ft thou to this f ■ 

Mewh. O, let my Sovereign turn away his hce. 
And bid his ears a little while be deaf, 
*Till I hove tok) this Oander of his.bloOd* 
How God and good men hate fo foul a liaf.- 

K. RieiurJ. Mtmbrirf^ impartial are oureya and ears. 
Were he my brother, nay, our kingdom's heir, - i 

As he is but my hthet's brother's fonj "' ' v 

Now by my fccptcr's aw*, I make a vow,- "' 

Such neighbour-n^mefi to our facred blood 
Should nothing priv'lege him, nor partialize 


ciq mod t, Google 

J^ RrcKAK'D n. 195 

Th* anftoo[ltng €nnnefi of my uj»-igbt ibul. 
He h txiT SA^6cy Movk-Ofj C6 an tboOf 
Free fpeedi aiid fea.f\t& I to -tbi^ -allow. ' 

Motoi. Then, Biflii^kokti'aa low as to thy heart 
Through the ^lie paf^E^ of ihy throat, thou luiftl 
Three parts of that receipt I had for Cabas, '■■ 
Disburtt I to his Highnefi^ fofdittrsi - 
The othcrpart refcrv'd Ibybonfcnt, 
For that m^ foycreign Liege wm in iriy debt. 
Upon rcnuinder'of adear'adaMn^ . . 

Since lafl I wcflt«ct'i^idir»io<etch?hi» Queen. 
Now fwallowddwrf 'that lie. Fbt-GAnu^^s deatb, 
I flew him notj *Hit, to-mineowii difgrace, 
Ncglefted ftiy fworn ddty lA chn qmSh. 
For you^ mynibWte Lord Of finlt^ffff-. 

The honwftHi-fethef te*iy fiBO, \ 

Onct I did lay an ambulh for your lifc, 

A trtfpafe that dotft Vex my griirtd Ibul > ' ' 1 . ; 

Biic ere I HfrfjbetvM (He acnmenc,' . 

1 did confc& if, ar^ exactly bcg^d 

Your&ace'spAnkmi ftnd lifope-Ihad it; ■ .' 

This is my fiuilt;<as for die ttftiappnl'd. 

It ilSies from the rancour of a' viluili, - 

A recreant and iMlt dcg!Cii^ie traitttr: 

Which in my fclfl boldly Wmdtfcnd, . . 

And interchangeably hurfdowta my.pgp ■ 

-Uptm thisover-'iiffcenirtgtcaiioifliAjbi,- -■ i - ;. 

Toprov« my'WiF a loyal getnleman» - ■■ ;.i:,t, -.■ "• 
Even in thebeft'blood chambetM JRfab'bofimu ' - /- -< f 
In haile whereof mi^hfeanilyi«niy . '.■•'. 

YourHighriefstotifllgrtoarirytMay; " v " ' 
K.Jiich. Wntth-kindtcd gentlemen, be JtiCd^ oft 1 
Lee's purge this dioler mduwc letting bkwd ;■* I ' 

N 2'----. . ...Good 

(a) — without iN^Uodd: . ^trr; 

Tbii Ncatfcribe'AMgk np p)i7fi«Ua,- 

Dccp malice makei too.deep incmon : 

Forget, forgive.'conclude and be agreed^ ' - ' 

. Qndoaonla}', thii n no ti«e to Mm. ' . . 

' Good ttnd^ &r. 

ciq mod t, Google 

3g6 Kmg RicharO H. 

Good uncle, let this end when it begpio. 
We'll calm the Ouke of iVw/att, you your fan. 

Gamt. To be a make-peace (hall bcGomemf age-. 
Throw down, my fon, the Dafce of iV«/«Zt'a giige. 

K. Ricb. And, Nvrfalk, throw down hli. 

Gamt. When, Ihrry., wbcn? 
(^>edience bids, I Ibould twc bid again. 

K. Rieb. Norfolk, throw-down, we bid \ there is no boot. 

MnjDb. My Ktf I throw, dread Sovereign, at thy fboc. 
My life thou (halt cornmand, but not my ilifuiie^ 
The one my duty owes ; hat my &ir name,. , 
Defpight of death, that lives upon my grave. 
To dark dilbcHiour's ufe thou (bait not bave^ 
1 am difgrac'd, impeuh'd, and baffled here, 
Piertfd co the foul with dander's vcnom'd fpdr : 
The which no balm can cuec,. but bis hcart-wod 
"Which breath'd this poilbn. 

K. Ricb. Rage muft be wUhAood: 
Give me his gage : Lions make Leopards tame. ril)ame» 

Mowb. Y^a, but not change their fpots: takeout my 
And 1 refign my g^. My dear, dear Lord, 
The pureft treafiire mortal times affisrd, 
Is fpodcis reputation) thatawayi 
Men are but gilded Joam, or painted day. 

A jewel in a ten-timcfr-bu1^i•up chcA. 

Is a bold fpirit in a loyal bretn. 
Mine honour is my lif^ .both grow in ooe y , 
Take honour from me, and my liie is done. . ^ . 
Then, dear my Use, mine honour let ivic try,' 
la that I five, and for that wilt I die. 

TC.Rub. Cbufin, throw down your gagetdoyoubemo. 

BtSi^. Oh, beav'n defaid my fool ftom fuch foul fin ! 
Shall 1 feeffl cicfi>^*nininy mber's fight, 
Or with pale ^'hiwgard iear^ impeach my height. 
Before thuout-darddafiadp Ere my tongue 
ShiJl wound mine honout with fiich feeble wrong. 
Or (bund Sa bafe a parte, my teeth (ball tear 
The flavifh motive of recsMMing fe:^, 

4 beggu&ce And 

ciq mod t, Google 

GUg KlCHAKp If. 197 

And ^t it bleeding, in his high di%raoe, 

Wberc fbsuB€ dodi harbouTy even in A^whojr'i hcc. 

[Exit Gaunt. 
K. Rub. We ivcre not bora to fuc, but to omunand, 
Which fuioc wc cannoc do to make you ft-ieods^ 
Be Jtady, m jrour Kvcs fliall anfwer ic. 
At GneiUrjt upon Saint JUmtert'i day. 
Then Ibail ytMr fwoida and lances arbitrate 
The Twelliog difference of your fettled hate: 
Siooe we cannot actonc you, you ibajt fi« 
Juftice decide tbe vi&or's chiFalry. 
Lord Marlhal, bid our oSaxn at anns 
Be tcsdy to dircft tbefe booK-^Unns. [Exeunt. 


Tbe Duieef LancafterV/dW. 

Enter Gaunt dud Dutehefs pf Gloucefter. 

'Gmat. Alas, the part I had in GAr^<r*i blood ■ 
Bach more follicit me than yoar exclaims, 
,To ftir againfl the butchers of hts Ufe, 
But fince correftion lyeth in thofe hands. 
Which made the fiuilt that we cannot correif^. 
Pot we our ^rrel tb the will of heav'n \ 
Who when It fees tbe hours ripe on earth. 
Will rain hot vengeance on orders heads. 

"Diaeb. Finds brotherhood in thee no fharper Ipur ? 
I&th lore in thy old blood no hVins fire ? 
EJward'i iev*n Tons, whereof diy mf art one. 
Were as fev'n vials of his facred blood ; 
Or fev'n fair branches fpringing from one root : 
&Hne of thoTe fev'n are drjr'd by nature** courft £ 
Some of thofe branches by riiedcft'niescut: 
But Tiomasj my dear Lord, my tifc, my Gh'^er, 

N 3 One 

(>} MtoMiMg the Tdadon he bad (9 it. 


<One vial full of- afcwWs&crtd bkwdi' ■• ■^: 
One flouriifhing iManch of Ws iBoft royal KWt)—- ■ 
Is crack 'd, ind all the precious liquor fpiltt 
Is hacktdown, arfd his firinffter leara all ladcd,v 

By envy's hand, and murdefffbloody uat: • : . » 

Ah, Gara// his blood was diine J th" bed, that vomb, ' 
That metal, that felf-mould Chat fafi>ion'd dice. 
Made him a man { and though «hoiyliv*ft and breach'^, 
Yec art thou (lain in hini ) tijoo doft txmlent . . 
In Ibme large meafute to thy father's detth i ' 
In that thou feed thy witlchHd^rolherdie, 
. Who was the model of thy father's life.. ■ ' 
Call it ndt patience, GaMt^ trisdeTpair. -' - 
In fuif 'ring thus thy brother to be flaughter'd. 

Thou fliew'ft the naked pathway to thy life, 

Teaching (\ttn murtbcr how to butcher thef. 
That which in mean men we entide padence. 
Is pale coid cawardiie in noble breafls, .' 
'What fhall I fay ? to fafeguard thine own life, 
Thebeftway is tO''Vengemy.G/(;'/*r'sdeath. 

GaM. . God's is the qaarrcl ; for God's fubftkute^ 
His deputy anointed in bis fight. 
Hath caus'd his death i the which if wrongftilly. . , 
Let God revenge, for I may never life 
An angry arm againli hU iruiifler. 

Dutcb.-'Whcre then, Alas, may I.complala myfelf? 
Gaunt. To heavln, the widow's champion add defence. 
Dtticb. Why then I will : farewel, (MGauait farcwel! 
Thoa go'(l^o C0Wn/ry, the^c CO behold 
Our coul^n Hereford »nd fell Mowbray 6ght. 
O, fit my hiisband,'s wrongs on Hereford^t fpear, . 
That it may enter butcher Mo-whrafi brcaftl,' 
Or if misfortune mifs the firft career, 
B£ ASbaii/'«)i's finsfo heavy jnhis biolbm, '". 
That they may break his foaming courfer's back. 
And throw the rider headlong in the lifts, . . 
A caitiff recreant to my coufin Hereford! 


ciq mod t, Google 

Xbig Richard II. 199 

Faiewd, old Gatmt; chy * loineritne brother*^ wife 
With ha comproioa grief mufl end her life. 

Gaitfii. Sifter, Crewel ; I muft to Q/ventty'. 
As much ROod ftay with thee, as go with me ! 

DktA. Tec one word more ; eriefboundeth where h ^1% 
Not with the empty hotlowneK, b^c weight : 
I ake my leave, before I have begun ; 
For forrow ends not, when it feemeth done. 
Comtnend me to my brother £dbMoii/>0ri(. 
Lo, this is afl — nay, yet depart npt lb. 
Though this bcal], do not fo quickly go: 
I Axil remember moiT.' Bid him ——oh, whacf 
With all good fpced at Pie^e vific me. 
Alack, and what fhafl goad old Tori fee there 
But empty bdgings, and unfurnilli'd walls. 
Unpeopled ofHces, untrodden ftones { 
And what hear there for welcome, but my groans ? 
Therefore commcndme, let him not coirie there 
To fcek out forrow that dweHs every where j 
All defolxte wilt I from hence and die; 
The laft leave of thee takes my wecpihg eye. {Exma. 


TbeLip^ <«■ Coventry, 

Enter the Lord Marfial and the Duke Aumcrle. 

Mar.TUiY Ijx^Aumtrk, u Harry HerefarJ um'd? 
■■-''I. Am. Yea, at all points, and longs loniter in. 

Hfyr. The Duke of I^if^ ' Yprightfiil ali^ and b»td. 
Stays but the fommom of th' Affiant's trumpet. 

jiim. Why then the chamjxons are pFcpar'cl, and ftay 
For Dodungbut htB.Majefty*s approach. [/^Znw^. 

(a) Sonieti'nre, fir fomw!)'. Ftp*. 

% fprighcMly 

ciq mod t, Google 

?oo King Richard II. 

The /rtmftts /ototd, and the King mters with bis Pfohks : 

vjben they are fet^ Enter the Duke ^Norfolk m arms 

Defendanf^ wilb an Herald. 

K. Rich. MarfhaJ, demand of yonder champion 
*rhe caufe of his arrival ^ere in arms; 
Ask him his name, and orderly proned 
To fwear him in the juftice of his caufe. 

Mar, In God's name and die King's, lay who thou art : 
[ta Mowbray. 
And why thou com*(t, thus knightly clad in anm: 
Agaihft what man thou com'il;, and what thy qiurrcL 
Speak truly on thy knighthood, and thine oath, . 
And (o defend chce heaven, and thy valour ! 

M6wh. My Dame is T^omasMowhra; J Duke f^ NfftfaH, 
"Who hither come engaged by my oath, 
(Whk;h heav*n forbid a knight mould vIolaRj 
Both to defend my loyalty and truth. 
To God, my King, and my fucceeding ilTue, 
Againft the Ouke of Hereford, that appeals me ; 
And l^ the Grace of God, and this mine arm. 
To prove him, in defending of my felf, 
A traitor to my God, my King, and me i 
And as I truly fight, detiend me heav*n .' 

Tbe trm^ts found. Enter Bolingbroke j^UoHt^ in 
r, v»tb an Herald. 

K. Ricb. Marfhal, ask yonder knight in arms. 
Both who he is, and why he cometh hither, 
ThospUted in habiliments of war : \ 

And foroull]^ according to our law 
Depofe him in the juftice of his caule. [hither. 

Mar. Wlut is thy name, and wherefisR com'ft thoa 
Before King Ricbardy .in his royal lifts?. [To Holing. 
Againft whom corneft thou ? and what's thy qiu^ i 
Speak like a true knight, lb defend thee heav'n I . 

Btling. Harry of Ha^eford, Imco^ aini Deriy 
Am I, who ready here do Iland in arms. 


ciq mod t, Google 

^ JSag kiCHAKb IL 201 

To ^ve, by heaT'D's' Grace and my body's valour* 
In lifts, OT Timta Mmbrof Duke of Narfilk, 
That h^s a traitor foul and dai^crous, ' 
ToGod of hcav'ii. King Sieiardi and to mc} 
And as I truly fight, dcd^nd me hetT^ .' 

Mar. On pain of death, no peribn be fb bold. 
Or during hardy, as to laidi the lifts. 
Except the Marflul, and fuch officen 
Amoinccd to dircA thcle fiur defigns. 

BaSt^. Lord Mariba), let me kiis my Sovere^*S handy 
And bow my Icnoe before his N^jcAy : ' 
For A/vn&rvraad my felf are like twomen 
That vDW a kmg and weary pilgrimage) 
Then let us lake a ceremonious leave 
And kiving farewel d cur fereral friends. 

Afar. Tk* A[^lanc in all duty greets your Hu;hBd% 
And craves to kift your hand, uid take bis leave. 

K. Sieif. We viil defcend and fdd him in our anns. 
Coufin of Her^frdi n thy caule is righ^ 
So be tby fixtme in this royal fight .' 
Farewel, ray Uood, whkb if to day thou Ihed, 
Lament we may, but iiot revenge uiee dead. 

BoBj^. Oh, let no noble eye prc^oe a tear 
For m^ if I be ^pt*d witbA^tn^ntj^sfpear: 
As confident, as a the Faukxm's fli^ 
Againft a turd, do I with Mvw^aj fight 
My loviog Lord, I take my leave of you. 
Or you, my nobte CbuBn, Lord AmerU. > 
Oh thou ! the earthly author of my blood, \to Game. 
Wbofe youthlttl fpirit, in me regoient^ 
Doth with a two-raJd vigour Jift me up 
To reach at vi&iry abora my bead. 


lot fick, aldMvgh I have to do with deUh. 
Bk loftjr, TonVt Ud ckearly dnwing breath. 
I«. u U emg/ijb (ealtM, fo I regrMt 
Tlw drincicft Ul, MinfceUie end m^ fwcet : 
OhtluMi — 


ciq mod t, Google 

A(M [vwif untaniAe armour wtth^tjtf'pn^crslt 
And with thy btcffings &eel my kmot^ point. 
That it may enter A&air^swtseti ctot. 
And ^rbllb new the naoie df JoiB </ Gaitst 
Even in the lufty *havioiir of his fom . j : , 

Gamtt^ HetT^i ia diy g^ aak make ihee pftMperous ! 
Be fwift like lightnifig in the ezecanan,. , . . 
And let thy blows, doul^ redoabled on, -. ■ ■ - 

Fallhke amazing thunder-on the dbk ■ : 

(X thy idverfe pernicious enemy. 
Rouze up thy youthfiil Uood, be bnrvt and five! 

£oliifg. Mine innocence, God «kI Sti G«rpr to thrive! 

Mnv^. However heaT*!! or fimune caft my- lot, ■ " 
There lives, or dies, trae to King Riebaritt throne, 
A loyal, juft and upright gentleman: 
Never xlid captive wirii a freer heart ' • . 
Call US' his oiains of bondage, and. embrace 
His golden un(!ontraui*denfranchlfiment^.: ...:.', 

MoR'than my dancii^idul doeh oetebrate ' 
This feaft of battel wiihimincadveiAryv ' . ' ■ .. ' 

Moll mighty Liege, and my con^aniotLpMn, 
Take from my motitlv the wifh oT happ^ Ttan j 
As gentle and aa jocmid, as wjdiv ■■.,■::'■■ • 
Go I to Bght: truth hocb a c|utet{ breaft; ' , 

K.AV&. Faceqlci; mjrLoird, fRW'e^I^py. , . - ' 
Virtue with valour, -cquched in tMve «y«. - i 

Order the tryal, -Marflnl, and' bqpM.: 

Mar. Harry of Hmf«Pl, i iMet^t* ind i)^^^ - ^ 
Receive thy lartce.'^andheavfA defend thy riglKJ > 
..■fyStg, Strong <Ki nwcrin hope,-: I cry J^mekt • 

Mar. Go bcar.thh lance ta7:bMk»E>tilbe!of>M)^Uh 

I Her. Harry of Hir4ford, Lmoi^ and Jkrly, • 
Stands here for God, bis SoifBRi^ and hUnfdtf, 
OO'pain to be found falfe and recifant. 
To prove the Duke of Ncrfolky ^Ttemof Hfnahty,- 
A traitor to his God, iiis Kifig, and liitn^ . ' 

And dares him to &t forffaKTto the Bght. 

i Her. Here ftandeth 7S«wu Mawiiigy, Duke of Mn^^A, 


ciq mod t, Google 

£ffg RiCRAnii ih' 203' 

Oa paia to be. found h^ and tecreftni, 
Both a> defend himlclf, and to approve 
Henry of Herefardj IJUK^tr and Derky, ■ 
To God, his Sovereign, and to him, difloyal : 
Couragcoufly, and with a free dofirt. 
Attending but the fignal to begia. [jf CbarfffimdML. 
Mar. Sound, TniOipett, and ibt fMwtud, CoinfMtanB. 
>-— .But ftajr, the King hath thrown hit wonkr down, 

K. Rich. Let theiniaxby their hehtiet^ and their i|ieal^ . 
And both return back to their chairs again: 
Withdraw with us, and let the trumpets Ibund, 
Whik we return thefe Dulcet what we decree. ( 

[A let^ flairffity afier which the I&i^Jptaks u the Dukes. - 

Draw near 

And lift whac widi our Council we haredone. 

For that our kingdom'i earth flioukl not be fiiitM 

With that dear blood whldi it hath fbltocd » 

And, for our eyes do hate the dire alpeft . 

Of civil wounds pfough'd up irith iielghboun fwords ; 

And for we think, the eag^wingied pride 

Of sky-alpiring and ambitious thpt^^it^ ' 

With rivaUbatit^ wvy, fet you on, ."'O' 

Towakc our pcK^ whidi in our countnr^ crwUe 

Draws the fweec in^t breadi of gende flesp, 

' 'But^ thus rou^d up with boifi*roiui antun'd druin^ 

And harih-rdbunding trumpets dreadAil btwp, 

And gnuii^ flwck &f-WFatnfuI iron Umi^ 

Might fiom our qoict cor^nks * 'be afl^ghted,^ 

And make ua<wade even in our kindred's bkSod : 

Therefore, we bonifli you our tertitOrift. 

You, ooa&nJiif^iird, On fs^ of dtoih, ' ' / 

'Hil twice 6ve fumtiierB have nf ich'd our fields, 

Shall not r^reet oor hit dominioni^ ■■ > • 

But tread the ftraneer paths of banilhment. 

BfiUng. Your will be done: this muft my comftn be^ 
That fun that warms you here, Ihall fliine on me: 
And thole his golden beams to you here lent, 


6 Which 7 fright fair peic^ 

ciq mod t, Google 

204 KtMg Kick A.Ki> II, 

Shall point on me^ Aod giU my bUiUhmeat. 

K. kieb, NorfoOi, for thee remaiiu a heavia- doom. 
Which I with iome unwillingnds pronounce. ■ 

The fly-flow hours Ihali noc determuute 
The datelels limit of thy dear exile : . - 

The bopekls wofd,; of luver /« retvm. 
Breathe I againft theSf upon pain of life. 

Mnat.. A heavy fentence, my moft Ibvereiga Lt^, 
And all unlook'd kx fiom your Hi^mcfif mootb: 
A dearer meric» not fo deep a matai 
As to be caft forth in the common air. 
Have I deferved ac.your Highne^ hands. 
The language I have learn'd tbele Idrty years. 
My native Englijb^ now I muft forego } 
And now my tongue's ufe is to mc no morc^ 
Than an uourtoged vioU or a harp, 
Or like a cunning inftrument cis'd up. 
Or being open, put into his hands 
That, knows no touch to tune the hannooy.* 
1 am too old to &wfi upm a nurfe, - 
Too &r in years tq be a pupil now : 
What is thy fentence then, but fpeechkA deadi. 
Which lobA my tongue from breaching native breath? 

K. Rich. It boots thee not to be compaHioBate i 
After our fcBQence, plaining comes too lan^ 

Metn^. Then thus I turn me from my country^ I^t, 
To dwell in folemn Oiadeaof endlefi nighL 

K. Rich. Return again, and take an oath with yc. 
Lay on our royal fvrord your banifli'd bands; 
Swear by the duty dut you owe to heav'n 
(Our part therein ve bantfli with your JelrcO 
To keeptbe oath that we adminifta-.;. 
You never fhall, (q help you tnith. ukI hckv'fl, 


(b) -~-r the battaaaf. 

yHibia my mouth you hive enffmPi my toogae, 

Doabtjr portcullii'd with my teeth and fipi; 

And dull, unMlng, bum igimuicc 

Il'nflenivgoilcr tostttnd on ine, 

I tm coo old , , ,, 

■ciq mod t, Google 

Dmg RjcHAKD IL X05 

Embrace each odier's love io banifliqieD^ 

"Sat era- look upon each other's &cc. 

Nor ever write, ngreet, or reoraidle 

This k}w*ring tempeftof your home-bred hate» 

Nor ever by advifed purpiife meec. 

To plot, contrive, ox oomploc any Ul, 

'Gainft ui, our ftatc, our wt^e&s, or our land. 

£eliag- Z Iwear. 

Mowi, And I, to keep all this, 

BeBf^. NtrfaOcy iabx, as to mine enemy : — 

By thb time, had the King permitted us, 

C^e of ourYouls had wandrcd in the air, 

Banifli'd this frail fepulchre of oiu' fleOi. 

As now our Befh is l^ilh'd from this .land. .... 

Confcls thy treafons, ee thou 6y this realm s 

Since thou hail far to go, bear not along 

The dogging burthen of a ^ilty foul. 

^MrawC^No, Beiingirgiei if ever I were traitor. 
My name be hloitecTfrom the book of life. 
And I from hcav'n'baniOi'd as from hence! ; 
But what thoii art^ heav'o, thou, and I do know. 
And ^1 too loon, I fear, the Kingfliall nie.- 
Farevrel, my Li^j now np way can I ftray ; 
Save back to Bnglaad all the world's my way. \Miat* 

S C E N E V. 

K. Rich. Un<i;Ie, even in the glaflea of thine eya 
I Jee thy grieved heait \ thy fad aftxiEl 
Hath from the number of his banim'd yean 
PhKk*d four away % tvk frocen wuitert fpent. 
Return wiA welcome home frara banifliment. 

BoH^. How long a time lycs in one Httic wordt 
Fourlaggii^ winters, and four wanton forings 
End in a word ; fuch is the breath of Kings. 

GaitMt. I thank my Li^e, that in regard of me 
He iborteu ibiir years of my fon's exile: 




2o6 KmgK I c H A R D ir 

But little vantage IbaU'iF reap thereby i 

For ere the fix years* that he hath to ^nd 

Can change thcfr moons, aild brhigdieir times aboitt,'- 

My oyl-dry'd lamp, 'ana time-bewaftcd light. 

Shall be extinft with age, and endltfl night: ' ' ;" "■'' 

My inch of taper 'wlltTjc burnt, arid done, ■ '_' : 

And blindfold deattf not let -me fte' my fori. 

K.Ricb. Why, uncle? thou haft many years tolirc. 

Gaiat. But not a minute. King, that fnou caoft give » 
Shorten my days thou cartft with fiiIlen«forroWi ■ " ■■■ 
And pluck nights from me, but not lend a morrov: 
Thou canft help Wriic to furrow mewidtagc, ■■■'■■■ ■'■ 
But flop no wrinkle in hb pilgrimage: ; ' • ' 

Thy word is currant with him for my death }'■■'- ■ •: 
But dead, thy kingdom' cannot buy my breath, ■ - ■ -t 

K. Rich. Thy fon is banilh'd upon goodadTice, ' 

"Whereto thy tongue a party-verdift gave i ■ ■ : ■ ■' 
Why at our juftice fcem'ft thou then to low'r ? ' '■ 

Gaunt. Things fwett to tafte prove in digeftiori iWf'r : 
You ui^d me as a judge, but I had rather _ - 

You would have bid me argue like a fadier. 
Alas, I lobk*d when fome of you fliodd fay, ' 

Iwastooftrift to make mine bwn away : 
But you gave leave to my unwilling, tongue, " '• 

A^iflft my will," to' do my felf this wrong. ■ - -' - ■ 
A partial (Under fought I to avQid, 
And in the fentence my own life dcftroy'd. 

K.^fi., CpuTin, jEarewel! and, uncle, bid him fo:. 
Six ytaps' *e biiiilh him, and he fttril go. {Phitf^.y 

• ■ ■"" : ■,'..''■■": ' ' - C-fe*'*- 

^WB. Coufinj. farcwei^ what p'reftnce miil^ riot Jajow, 
From where you do remain let mheF Ihow. - . -, 

Mar. MyLord, noleavetaKcI,'forI will ride '"■' ; 
As far ,a? land will let rtie, by ytiu/ fide. ' 

GmAt. Oh, to what purpofe doft thod hoard thy words. 
That thou returh'ft no greainglti thy- friends? ■ 


itRg" Ri c H A R; IX II; 267 

SoSiig. I tui^toofeW'to BSkemy leave of ybb, ' ^ 
When die KM^t^oBfceftouId be prodigal, - 
To breathe d^'idJuhdatlt dotourof the heart. 

Gam/. Thy gfteffe but thy abftnce foretime, 
'•'Boiii^. JoyabTent, grief is {nvfttit for. ^ttime. * 

Qqi0U What ij fix winters ? they are quickJygoDt. _ 

Baiit^. Tomeninjoyt butgriefmakes(HiehcAirtcn. 

Gamt. QatL it a trfytl that thoq tak*& for plealure. 

Bolii^. My heart will figh, when I milcaJl it lb. 
Which finds it an enfoccod falff'muigi:, 

GoMMt. The fullen paflage of thy weary fteps, 
EAeem tt fol, wherein thou art to fcr / 
The precious jewel ol" thy home return. 
^Ulfttcea tbactbe^KQfbeivcnviifits : ..i 

, Are.tQ.« wife man. porta and happy h%»qns. . ■ 
Teach thy oecefliiy to realbn thus : 
Golkyi ] lent thw forth to purcbafelioapw, . 
A^ HOC the Kii«e]dL'd thee. Or >ii|i«t(e 
DeroudngpcftiloceKR^iaour air, . 
And thou art AyitiR tb:a frcflier clinr.- ' ii 

LwdcwhatdiyjQMttbaldtdeitr, ioue^it .. ', 

Tolye that way tiiDU gQ'ft, not whotoe thou com'f^ ' i 
.Sivpafe^Kfii^BiaginidiinulKianti; ..' 

The grafi whcKon thou tread'ft, the prefeoce-floort ' . 
The fiow'rs hu-hidmi and thy ftq^ no moK 
TliaD >ddJgbtl^.iiMifiiic or R dance. 

B<^, Oh, wbacmbold a fire in bi» hand - 
Bydiinkiogonthefinftx'^'!'^^ ' 
Ordoyite hungry C(^e»fappetilit - 


Or tnUow naked io Dtemkr fimw ' 
By thinking on &M>ftickfiimBirr';) beat f a 

Obno, theapptften&oQ'«f thegpod -l. 
Gives but the greater feehog to the worii'; . ' 

Fell farrow's tooth dccb never rankle more 
Than when it bites, but lanceth ixx'the fere. > 

Cmat. Come, come, nijr foo, 1*11 bdng dice on dtywiftt 

ciq mod t, Google 

2o8 £m^ RjCHA.x.i> IL 

Had I thy youth, and caufe, I woold not fiay. 

B9!i}^.Tlxa,Ei^lm^sg^oaad,bnwtil fwc^tlbU, adieu f 
My mother and my nurle^ which bean ^e yet. 
'Where-e'er I wjuidcr* boaft of chia I can. 
Thou bantOi'd, yet a crue-born E^^mm. [&tamt. 


^ Comt, 

Enter Ki^ Richan), Bagot md Gre<n ^ au iMr, md 
the hard Aumcrle m the other. 

K. ^£.X1C7£ did indeed obfem Couan Jmerk^ 

' ' How fu brought yoa high Hireford on his 

>JSm. 1 brought high Hertford^' If yoQ caH him ^ 
But to the noa high-way, and theft I left him. 

K. Bkh. And uy, what Acre of paito^ tean were died i 

Aum. 'Faith, noiieby mc} except the north-caft wind 
(Which then blew bitterly againft our fiu:es) 
Awak'd the fleepy rheum, ■ and To 1^ chance 
Did grace our Mtidw parting with a tttu-. [him? 

- K.SJch. What laid your coulin when you pOrtod^wilfa 

jhm. Farewtl, -. ■■■ 
And fxu- my heart divined that ray -toi^{ue 
Should ia prophan&cbe word, That tWght me cnft 
To counterfeit oppKlEon of fuch grief. 
That words feem'd buried in my femiw*8 gntve. . 
But would the word/tf-nw/faarc lengthen'd hours 
And added years to his fhort banilhnwnt. 
He Ihould have had a voiume cSfm-eveU \ 
But fince it would not, he had none of me. 

K. Rich. He is our kinfman^ coulm } but *tis doubt. 
When time fhali call him home from baniflHnent, 
Whetherour kinfman come to fee his friends. 
OurfelF, and £f$^i \&tf 0/ here, and^ws, 
Obfer/d his courtihip to the common people i 

Ham * 

ciq mod t, Google 

Xitig RicharX) II. ao9 

How he did feem ndire into their hearts^ 
AVidi humble and familiar couiteflei 
What reverence he did throw away on Oaves t 
Wdoing poor crafts-men with the craft of fmiks, 
And patient under-bearing of his fortune. 
As 'twere to banifh their aficdions with him. 
Off goes his bonnet to an oyfter-wench y 
A In^oeof dray-mcn bid God fpced him wellj 
And had the tribute of his (iippl^knee, 
Vfith thanks, mj eouTtirywun, mflovii^ friends % 
As were our England in reverflon his. 
And he our fut^e^* next dc^ee in hope. 

Grten. Well, he is gone, and with htm gp chcfe thoughts i 
Now for the r^xls, which ftaod out in Jrelatid, 
Expedient manage muft be made, my Liegci 
Ere liinher leifure yield them fiirther means 
For their advantage, and your Highnels* lofi. 

K- Rich. We will our Iclf in perlpn to this wars 
And, for our cofKrs with too great a court 
And liberal targets are grown ftunewhat l^h^ 
We are inforc*d to farm our rt}yal realm. 
The revenue whereof fhall fumim us 
For our afiGiira in hand % if they come fhor^ 
Our iiibfUoiies at honne Ihall have blank chv ten : 
Whereto, when they Ihall know what men are rich. 
They fhall fiibfaibe them for large fums of gold, 
And fend them after to fupply our wants: 
For vre will nuke for JrelandpnSauly. 

Eater BaOxy. 

K^Ricb. Whatnewsf 

Ba/b;. Old Jeht of Gaunt is Tick, my Lord, 
Soddcdy taken, and hath fent poft hafte 
T* intrat your Majefty to vifit him. 

K.iS/r^. Where lyes he? 

Biify. Ac Efy-bouji. 

K. Rieb. Now put it, beav*n, in Us {Ayfidui'i miod. 
To help him to his grave immediately ! 

Vol. III. O The 

ciq mod t, Google 


The lining of hU cp^ir^ fltall make ootfs 
To deck our foldiers for thelb Ir^ wars. 
Come, genttenKo, let's all go vific him; 
Pnjr hia^a we nw; aMkcnaAe> and come toQ late ! 


Satir Guiiu>^ v^b ibi Dnh^Xotk. 

G A O M T. 

WI LL the King come, that I may breathe my laft 
In wholeTomecounfel to his i]nft3y*d. youth ? 
Tvrk. Vex not your (^f, and ftrive not vidi your 
For all in vain conies counftl to hb ear, [br^th| 

Gaunt. Oh but, they fay, the tongues of dying men 
Inforce attention like deep harmony : 
Where words are fcarce, they're Icldom fpent in vain \ 
For they breathe truth, that breathe thdr words in pain,* 

Tork. His ear is ftopt with other flart'ring charms. 
As praites of his ftate ; there are befide 
Lafcivious meeters, to whofe venom*d found 
The open ear of youth doth always liften : 
Report of faOiions ia proud./;r<i^, 
Whole manners ftill our tardv apifti nation 
Umps after, in bafe uikward tmiution. 

(a) "— thsu wordi it bud. 

He tlac no nuire muft ay, u liAcaM aure 

Than the}' whom youth aoil cafe have tanchttoglole; 
More are meni endi nurk'd than their lirnbcrarc : 

The retting fun, and mafick in thcctofe. 
At the \i& talle of (Weeti t* fwecteft laft. 
Writ in reoieinbrance, more than thinp l(ng p«lt^ 
• Though Richard xay life's counfel wou1<l,iu>thear, 
Jrfy dtxch's &d tale m^ yet undnf hit ear> 
"hr*. Hiiear.— — . 

ciq mod t, Google 


i% Rr^ti^XD II. Ill 

Vthere ddA the K<orld thruft foilli t vankf, 
(So it be new, thert's-no riTpeGt Kow vileO 
That is not quicli:lyba2Z*d into his^arsf 
Then all Mo-Iste coma ooonfel ro be hcattl* 
■Where will docfa matlnf with wit's rqgard .• 

Gjwtf. Medtinfes I am a' prophet new iafpifd, 
Abd thus expiring do foreid of bim. 
His rafli, fierce blaze of riot cannot lall i 
For rioienc fires ibcin buni obt ttitunrdves. 
Small ibow'rslaft long, butfuddeaftoroisare Hunt) 
He tires betinies, that fjxiri too fall berimes-; 
Vftth eager fc^ii^ fbod dotb choak t^e feeder ; 
Lighcvaoicy, iafitiJtteaAYAonUft^ 
Confunnis rimns^ tbon'pitjrs upon it lelf. 
ThirK^althfOiwofKingt^ t$iia'fbepter*d ifl^ 
Thia eartli of MigeBif, (bis feaf of Mtrst 
This other £<M dmy PsraHtfit 
This fortreg built by NacuK Tot her ftif, 
Againft infedioa, and the hand of #ar \ 
Thb happy b-eed of men, this little world, 
Tbb pitaous ftone fct in the filver fes, 
Wluch Jervcf it in the office of a wall* 
Or as a moat defenfive to a houle, 
Affiuaft die envy of IcA tuf^y iauidn 
This nurfe, this teemtng- womb of royal Kings, 
Fear'd for their breed, and famous by their biith^ 
Renown'd for their deeds, as far from homc^ 
For chriftian fervioe »d true diinlry. 
As is die fcpulchre in ftubborn Ttff;^ 
Of the world's nuifomi hltXSsa Mary*% Ion i 
Thb land of fixih dear Ibuls, this dnr dear land* 
Dear for her reputation cfarongh the world, 
Is now leas'd out, (I die pronouncing it) 
Like to a tenonenT, or pelting farm. 
£^pEintrfbQUBd in with oietriuanhaRClca, 

O a Whole 

M ^-* w> A «<M renrd. 
I>uca noc^Ua, wmA inj UmMf wtH chnfe i 
'TiibrMtktkMihck'S, ud that breath wilt tkoillofrk 
Gotf. MtduBblaiB ■■ — 

ciq mod t, Google 

212 ISi^ Richard II. 

Whofe rocky fiiore beats bade the envious Gtgjt ■ 
Of watry Neptune, is bound in wich flame. 
With inky blocs, and rouen parchment bonds. 
That England^ that was wont to conquer others. 
Hath made a fliamefiil conqueft of it lelf. 
Ah ! would the fcandal vanifli with my life. 
How happy then were my enCiing death ! 


Enter Xiu^ Richard, ^en, Aumerle, Buihy, Greea, 

B^oc, Ro^ <vj YTdloughby. 

Tork. The King is come, dea] mildly with his youth i 

For young hot colts, being 'rag'd, do rage the [nore. 
S^en. How iures our m^le uncle Lane^er ? { Gaunt ?* 
K. Rich. What comfort, man ? How is't with aged 
GattHt. Ill in my ielf, but ^ing thee too, ill. 

Thy death-bed is no leOer than the land. 

Wherein thou lyefl in reputation lick i 

(ft] ^^ wth aged Gawntf 
GauMt. Oh, tu>w that name befiti my compofition f 


Old Gaaui indeed, and gaunt in being old 
Wichii) megrief hath kept ft tcdimit nlt{ 
And who abllaini fron meat, that ii not gantf 

For fleeping EngUnd long time hare I w»cht. 
Watching breeds leannefg, leaime^ ii all gauot ; 
The pleanirc that fame fathers feed upon, 
Ii my ItriA &ft, I mean my childrcn'i looks, ' 
And therein aHing haft thou a^e me gannt { 

Gaunt am I for the grave, 


K. Rich. Can lick men play lb nicely with tbeir names 

O'dunr. No, mifery makea fport to mock it fdf : 
Since thou doft ftek to kill my mme in me, 
I mock my name, great King, to flattei thee. 

K. Ri(b. Should dying men flatter ihofc that live? 

Oauai, No. no, men living fiatter thofe that die. 

K. Rich. Thou now a dying laj-'ft diou flauer'ft me. 

Ggpat. Oh no, thou dy'A, though 1 the iidcer be: 

K. RUh. I am in health, I breathe, I fee thee ill. 

Gammi. Now he that made me, knowd fee thceill: 
TO in lay felf -- ■— 

ciqi^odt, Google 

JQng' Richard II. 313 

And ilioa, too cirelcfi patient as thou art, 

GiT*ft thy anointed body to the cure 

Of thofe phyficians that Hrft wounded thee : 

A dioa£uid dart*rers fit within thy oown, 

Whofe oompids is no b^er than thy hcid. 

And yet inciged in fo Imall a vergc^ 

"Hiy wafte is no whit Idler than thy land. 

Ob, had diy ranndfirc with a prophet's eye 

Seca how his Ion's Ions flicHild defiroy his Itxu, 

Fraai forth thy reach he would have lud thy Aiamc, 

Dmofing thee before thou wert pc^feft. 

Who an pofieft now to depofe thy fclf. 

Why, coufin, wert thou Regent of the world, 

It were a Ihaaie to let this land by leafe: 

But for thy world enjoying but this land, 

b it not more than flume to Ihame it fpf 

Landlord of Bi^Umd art thou, and not King: 

Thy fiatt * 'o*er^ law is bondflaVc to the law. 


K. Rich. And thou, a lunatick kan-witted fool, 
I^dbmtnK on an agu^s privilege, 
Du'ft with thy frozen admonition 
Make rale our cheek, chaGng the royal blood 
With Jury froaT his native refidence. 
Now by my fat's right royal Majefty, 
Wert thou not brother to great Edwariti fbn, 
This tongue that runs fb roundly in thy head 
Should mn thy head itom Ay unreverent fhoulders. 

Gamt. Oh, fpare me not, my brother EdmanPs (on. 
For that I was bis fother Edward's Ion, 
That bkxx) already, like the Pelican, 
Haft tlioD tapt out, and drunkenly carows'd. 
My brother Gb'fier, pfain well-meaning foul, 
OVhom £ur befal in lieav'n 'tOMigll hxppj faak !) 
Macy be a precedent and witnefi good. 
Iliac thou refpea*ft not fpillina EdivanPi bk)od. 
JtHn widi the prclent fickncfi that I har^ 

O 3 And 

«•( . 

ciq mod t, Google 

214 K^g B^lCHA»i? If. 

And thy unkindneis be like crgoked 9^« 

To crop ac once a too-long-wither'd, 

Live in thy Iham^ but ^jc pot Qi^PK witU rfwe! . 

Thefe words hereafter thy tortncntOFS be! 

Convey me to pny BecJ, ;the(i to my CrsiTe; 

Love they to live, that love and hpiipur h»ve. ££»/. 

K. Rjcb. And Jet ^em die, tb« ^ ap^ ^Ucw have > 
For both hall thou, and both becotpe the g,r?.yf, 

Turk. 1 do bt^fecfih yo^r Majefty, itnputie 
His words to wayward ficklincfs, »nd ig,e: 
Jie loves you on my life, :^nd hplds you dc^r 
As Harry Duke of Htrefvris were he hc- 

K. Rich. -Ri^t, yov% trup; 4sff(r(ftni'slove,l»hM 
As tbeirs,^ fo almej and all be 9S it iiJ 


Enter NortiiiinberlaiuJ- JjRfejeftir, 

^£r/£. My Li^e, old Gaiott commends hin 40 'pm 

K,ml>- WiMtf fays old G^tW? 

North. Nay, nothing j ajl is fiudji 
His tongue is now a ftrmjlcft i^ftiii^n^Qti 
Wwds, 11^, and ail. «ld Z^f4^ix>^ ^V^^ 

Terk. Be r»-^ the cte^it, tJwt muft be btuknyfi. fo! 
Though death be poor, it ends a mortaj woe. 

K. Rich. Th? ripeft &uit &ft falls^ «ad fi» doth bci 
His time is fpetu, ogr |i^lanit}^e mud b(4 
^o much for li^t, Nqw |9r oijir ^^ VMSi ' 
We muft fufiplant [hol^ reMgh rvg-hv^ Iiffn^ 
Which live like venom, vber? op TCpom CJAt . 
But only they, have jirivilflgf tp iivp. 
A nd, for thelegreat ^^r^ do «9k iom; «b«||fb 
Towards our aQUUnce v-c !^ f^KSf to tn 
The plate, coin, revuHKi^ apd mfiv(»U«h 
Whereof our uncle (iJtKtf di(} fiand po0Mt 

T^ri. H9V long ftuti I |»e paticQt ? Ql| l|9«t )««8 
Shall tender duty oaakp inc j^&r wrovg? 
Not Glo'fter's death, not Uarsfor^s, banifhment, 



ISf^ R{<:»ARt» If. 315 

Not GeuKfs rdxikes, nor Em^aufi priTXte wrongs. 
Nor the preveiiuo& 6f poor BolinghrBke 
About bis nutriage^ nor my own di%race, 
Have cvo* made tti/t few'r my pitient cheek» 
Or bend line ffrinkle oti tny Soroci^'a faoe:. 
1 am die Jall of n6ble Eiwarift fons, 
<X wltom tfay fitfhcr Prince of 0^aUt was firft : 
In war, was never. lion ng'd more fierce 1 
In peace, Was never gtntie Lamb more mild. 
Than was that youne and princely gentleman \ 
His ^e thou halt^ tor tvcn S3 look d he 
Aoconjplilh'd with the number of thy hours. . ' 

But irMn he firown*d, it was ag^nft the Frenebi 
And not againll his friends: Hts mkAc hand 
Did wiowhactM'did rpend} and fpent not that 
Which his triumphftnt father's hand had won. 
His hands were guilty of nO kindred^s blood. 
But bloody with the enemies of his kin. 
Oh Ricbvd, Tork b too ^ gone whh grief. 
Or die he never would oompwv between — ^ 

K. Rich. Why, uncl^ whAt's the matter F 

Tpri. Ob) my Uege > *■ 
Seek you to feize, and gripe into your hands 
^he royalties and rights of banilh'd Hereford f 
Is ncA Gmmt dead, and doth not Hereford live ? 
Was not Gaaa juft, and is not Harry true I 
XXAvm the oaedderve to have an heir? 
b noc bit heir a well-dciarving km } 
Take .Ar«^r^s rig to away, and take frOmdmt 
Hit ductcfi, and his cuftomary righti 
I^ nocKhmwrow dten enfue to^y. 
Be not ih^felf. Fw how art thou a King 
Bk by fiur Icquence and fiicceflionf 
If you do wrongfiiUy feixe IhnfvHft ri^^ 
Gu m lui knen poatta iha£ he hadt, ^ 
O4 By 


rudon if 70a iMtftt tf M*a 

J» ^ou'd not 10 be mdoa'd. IBI MMpt* 

SeBjroaMfcnc^ (r«. 

ciq mod t, Google 

%x-6 fSng Richard II. 

By his attorneyt-general, to lue 

His livery, and deny bis ofier'd hom^gct 

Y<Hi pluck a chouland dangers on yoqrbnui)- 

You lofe a thou&nd well-dtTpofed hearts i 

And prick my tender patience to thofe thoughts 

Which honour and allegtanoe cannot think. [hands 

K. Rich, Think what you will j we feize into ov 
His plate, his goods, his mony, and his lands. 

Tori. I'll not be by the while i myLi^e, firewelt 
What will enfue hereof, there's none can teU. 
But by bad courfes nuy be underftood. 
That their events can never fall out good. [£m7, 

K.RJcb. Go, £t^, totheEarloFXF^Arfftn^tt 
Bid him repair to us to Etf-boufe, 
To fee this buHnefi done ; to-morrow next 
We will for Ireland^ 3fld 'tistia>e I trow. 
And we create, in ^fcnce of our felf. 
Our uncle Tbrk Lord>govcrnor of ^j^tand: 
For he is juft, and always lov'd us well. 
Come on, our Queen, to-morrow muftwepart; 
Be merry, fat our tin^e of ftay is fliort. [F/eitr^ 

[Exeiuf KiBgt ^M, &C. 

S C E N E XV. 

MatUHt Northumberland, Willoughby, <oid Rofi. 

North. Well, Lords, the Dukeof ZMf^^n-isdead. 

Rofs, And living too, for now his (on ia Duke. 

Wilk. Barely in tide, not in revenue. 

North. Richly in both, if juftice had herri^t. 

Rofs. My heart is great 1 but it muft break with nieooe, 
Erc't be disburthen'd with a lib'ial tongue. [more 

North. Nay, fpeak thy mindj and let him ne*er fpcak 
That fpcaks thy words again m do thee harm. 

/^/^. Tends what you'd fpcak, m tb'Dukeof Aate/«rii-^ 
■ If it be fo, out with it boldly, man : 
'Quick is mine car to hear of good towards him. 

j^ofs. No good at alt that ( can do for him, 


ciqiiiodt, Google 

JSffg Richard II. 217 

Unlefi foa caQ ic good go pity him, 

Bereft and gelded of hia patrimony. (bora 

North, Now afore heav'n, it's fliame fiich wrongs are 
In him a royal Prince, and many more 
Of noble blood in this declining land ; 
TbeKingisnot himfelf, but bafely led 
By flatterers} and what they will inform 
Merely in hate 'gainft any of us all. 
That will the King fcverely profecute 
*Gainft us, our IiTes, our children, and our heiis. 

Rofs. The Commons hath he pill'd with griewsis taxes, 
And loft their hearts j the Nobles hath he fin'd 
For ancient quarrels, and .quite loft their hearts. 

WiUo. And daily new exadions are deris'd; 
As blanks, benevolences, I wot not what: 
But what o' God's name doth become of this ? 

North. Wars have not wafted it, for warr*d he badi no^ 
But bsdely yielded upon compromife 
That which his ano^ors atchiev'd with btows : 
More hath he fpent in peact, than they in wars. 

Rofs. The Earl of Jfnitfiire haxh the realm in form. . 

fi^iUo. The King's grown bankrupt, like a brokoi man. 

North. Reproach and dUTolution » 'hang o'er^ him. 

Rofs. He lu^ not mony for thefe hi/b wars, 
(His burtheoous taxations notwithfianding) 
But by the robluDg of the banifh'd Duke, 

North. His noble kinfman— moft dtscneratc Klogl 
But, Lords, we hear this fearful tempeft m^ 
Yet leek no ihelter to aroid the ftorm : 
We ice the wind fit fore upon our lails^ 
And yet we ftrike not, but fcoirdy perifh. 

Rofs. We fee the very wreck that we nuift jofier. 
And unavoidable the danger now. 
For fiiffring fo the caufes of our wreck. 

Kvrtb. Notfo: ev'o through the hollow na of death 
I fpy lifie peering} but I dare not lay 
How near the tidings of our comfort Vare.^ 

9 luagetli orec i it. 

ciq mod t, Google 

^i8 Xhg RiCHAHS IC. 

WUh. Naj, lettuihareriwchaiiglia»3icltfludaftQiin. 

JRfi/s. Be confident to keak, Nenhnj^ltmij 
We three are but thy feu, tad foeakiag io. 
Thy words are but as tboti^tt, thcFcfore be bold. i^^HCy 

Narib. Then thtiSp in]r ^riendi. I hare frotn Port ie 
A bay in Bret^Kt had intclligenoe. 
That Hanj Henford^ Ranald ijotd Ctibtm^ 
That late broke from the Oulce of Exeier^ 
His brother, Archblfhop hte of CoMUrlmry, 
Sir Tbemas Er^t^fom, * 'with Sir^ yptn SjM^m, 
» 'And Sir" JobBNniem, Sir Robert ff^ater^n, 
Aod FroKU CutMay 

All thefe well iumiAi'd by the Duke (^JBrtt^mK, 
With eight Call ihips, three ^ioulaiid men of wai^ 
Are making hither with all due eKpadieocoi 
And Ihordy mean to touoh our oorthern ihviC} 
Ferhws they had ere this, but that they ftay 
Tlic mil dqiarting of the King ibr Xreimid. 
If then we wiU iuike off oar Oavifh yoak. 
Imp out our drooping country's broken wing. 
Redeem from broking pnwn die bicmiih'd crow% 
Wipe o^ the duft that hides our l«pter*s gUt, 
And make high Majefty look like it felfs 
Away with me io hafle to Ravttfi^»;g. 
But if you fiuot, as &aring to do lb. 
Stay, and be fecret, and my felf will go. 

M^. Tohorle,toborfel ufgedoirfia to tirm that fear. 

W^iSt, HoU out my horle, ud i will firft be there 

X Sir 3 Sir 


t, Google 

JDvg RiGHAKB J9. «I9 

8 C E N 1! V. 
nt Cmn ^ E N G L A M D. 

£^, It^Adam, your Majefty is much too &d ; 

■^*^ YoupfO[nu'd,whenyau[xinedwilhtheKiDg» 
T« tkf sMc Iclf-hannilig faeavindS. 
And entertain a chearfiiTcliQnAtioQ. 

Sgem. TopIeafetheKii^ I<iidi npleataijfff, 
I cannot <b it, y« I knoirno taofe 
Why I Ihonld wdcoow fodi a gueft ai gitf, 
fiiTC bidiNi^ ^«vcl ID «> fiKcc a e^ 
As my (imaBictdrd! ya aga in mahiri o 
Some unborn fonow, ripo in nramcS mtnfli^ 
Is coming tow'nl me; and my inward fcxA 
With nothing trembles, yet at ftmethinK gneres, 
Mote than with parting from my Lord the xiiig. 

iwe^. Each fiibitance of a crief hadi twtnty oadow^ 
WhKh llww like grief it iUCbutare not id: 
For (bnowt eje, gbffld with Minding tearj, 
Divida one tJung cotire, to many d^As, 
Liltt perftieftiTe% which rightly razTd upon 
Shew nodiing but confbfioii i cyW awry, 
Diftinguilh firm. So yoor fireet Majeft^ 
Xxtf^ing awry upon ycwr I/vdS departure. 
Finds ih^xs of grief, more than himiclf to wai). 
Which loolt'd on aa they are, ♦ 'are^ nought but fludowr 
Of what they ate iioti giacioua QjecD, Uen weep lUC 
More than your Lord's departure I nuctfa nM fan; 
Orifit be, 'ds with fidfe fiwrow'a eye. 
Which for things init, weepa ihiagi imagioaiy. 
^lan. It mw be Ibi b» y« ngr iraaid Cut 
fttMameochawife: how'^itbek 


:22o £ffig Richard II. 

I cannot but be £idt nu^ heavy lad. • 

BuSff. Tis nothing but conceit, my gracious Lady. 

^ueen. *Tis nothing lelsi conceit is ftill derived 
From fome fore-^ther grief; mine is not lb, ^ 
But what it is not known j *cis naniele(s woe. 

Enter Green. 

Great. Heav*n &ve your M^efly ! and well roeti gtntle- 
I hope the King is not yet Ihtpt for Irtl&d. [okq .. 

^^jfim. Why hop'ft thou fo? 'tis better hope he is: 
For his defigns crave hafte, his hafte good hope: 
Then wherevue doit thou hope he is not Ihipt? 

Qrien. That he, our hope, might have tettrM his Powo-, 
And driv'-n into ttefpair an enemy 
Who ftrongly hath fct footing in this land. 
The banilh'd Bekiatreie Tepcah himfelf i 
And with up-Iiftea arms is laic arrived 
At Ravenffiurg, 
^ ^tn. Now God in heav'n forbid \ 

Green. O, Madam, 'tis too, true; and what is worle. 
The Lord Nortbwnberlandt his young Ibn Percf, 
The Lords of RfifSf Beamond^ and fTtUei^bly, 
With all their pow'riul firtends, are fled to him. 

Bujhy. why have you not pirodaimM Nortbumitrlattd^ ■ 
And all of that revolted faftion, traitors i 

Green. We have: whereon the Earl offVorcfJier 


(a] .^— heavj fad, 

'As thoQgh on diinking, on no thought t think, ' 
Mdcea nte with havy nothing tuat ind Jhrink. 
Bm^. 'TiiBothiiig— 

(b) -^— mine i« not fo. 

For nothiif hith begot my fomcthine grief; 
Or fomethinc hath the nothing thKl giieve, 
*71i in tevcrfioo that I do po»b j 
But what it it, that ii not yet known, what 
I onnot name, 'tit aamelefi woe I wot. 
£•/»■ Green— 


fSag RXCUAR.S U. 221 

Hath broke his ftafF, refign'd his ftewardlhifs 
And all the houlhold femnts fled wtdi him 
To Botii^rott. 

^eth So, Grieny thou art the midwife of my WD^ 
And Bo^hroke my ibrrow's dilinal heir : 
Now hath m/ foul brou^t forth her prodigy. 
And If a gating ncw-delivercd mother* 
Have woe to woe* fiurow to forrow join'd. .; 

A^. Defpair not. Madam. 

^ueen. Who Ihall hinder me ? , 

1 mti defpaJr, and be at enmity 
With cozeniiu; hope ; he b a ^tterer, 
A waGte, a ueper back of death. 
Who gendy would diOblve the bands of VtSe^ 
Wldi falfe hopes linger, in extremity. 

S C E N E VU. 

Enter York. 

Green, Here comes the Duke of Tork, 

Queen. With figns of war about hii aged neckj 
Oh, fill! of careful buGne& are his looks. 
Uncle, for beav'n's lake, comfortable words. 

Tttrk. Should I do To, I fhould belie my thou^tis 
ComfcHt's in heav'n, and we are on the earth. 
Where nothii^ lives but crofles, care and grief. 
Your husband he is gone to favc far off, 
Whilll others come to make him lofe at home. 
Here am I leJt to underprop his land \ 
Who, weak with age, cannot fuppcut my felf. 
Now comes the lick hour after fiirfat made i 
Kow ihall he try his friends that flaocr'd him. 
Enter a Servant. 

Serv. My Lord, your ion was nMK before I cune. 

Tori. He was I why, ibigo aO whiob way it wiUI 
The Nobles they are ned, the Commou cold. 
And will, 1 ftar, revolt on I&refor^t fide. 


ciq mod t, Google 

i21 Xlff^ UlCRAftP. It. 

Get thee foA^, to vnf GRetGU^Jferi 
Bid her fend pre feuily a duxi&nd' poond : 
Hdd, take my ling. 

£«rE). My Lord* I bad finvot 
To tell, to^a; I came by.and oIM Acr; 
But I IhaU^ieve ;oQ K> icpomlu reft 

Turk. What i^?' 

Serv. An hour before Icam^ thcDaciJieg dy% 

Tori. Heav*n for his tnercy!' what a tide of woes^ 
> 'Ctomea^ lufhing on this woftil land ar once I 
I know not what to do: I would to han^n, 
(So my untratfa bad not pitm>Ic*d bhn to it) 
The King had cut <^ my head witH my brother's; 
Wha^ are there pofb di^tdi'd for hrelani! 
H6w dull we do fbrmony for theft wan?' 
Come, Mcfi (owlin, I would &yO pray^ pardon me; 
Go, fellow, g« thee h«m^ provide fome carts, 

\To the Servtaa, 
And brii^ away the armoar tliar a there. 
Gentlemen, will yau.9>.»dmtdiBr.iDttif 
If I kww tewta onfct thdral&in,. 
Diforderfy thus riBn& inin my hancb^ 
Never bdicn mr.' They/arrbochimykiafineir) 
ThA aw am SofCV^Or Knhom both mjr oath; 
,And duty ^tttd>dmad3 d:^ oflmr again 
My kinrraan-Mk CMe^xnn tin King hath imn^t^. 
Whom Confcience andimy kindred- "'bld> tarigfu. 
Well, foiB— hirwa muftda; coem^ oonfin^ {fit- 
Difpofe of you. Ga maflflr inyour meor 
And profody ac BarH^ cafile: 
I fiiould to J^jfeir t o« | i 
But time wUiOotpmiit;. A3iL\t>xamtai 
And every thing is left at fk and feveo. 


ciq mod t, Google 

S C~E N E "vnt 

it^. The wiodfita fidr for news to go to Irtiand, 
But none retunui jar mt»'le«]t pHW 
Propordoiable ta the cocmy 
Is aU impoflible: 

Gnem. Befidn* ow lutrncft m the Xing in lore 
IsBou- tbehacBfl^ thotfe^ love not the Xing. [love 

B^^. And that^ the irar^iog ConunoR^ lor ahor 
Lyes in their puHest «nd who cuwcies tiwiii. 
By fo mudi fills. dKir hcutt ifkb OBRdijK haic. 

B^|lrf. Whcrem tbe lUng ftmA gen'latty oondemi^ 

A^/. If judgmenE ljr« io thm, then fi» do «^ 
Becaufe we ham- been oner new the King. 

Green. WcU) 1*11 fir tefiq^ibwtto SrjiSWciAlei, 
The Earl of fFiUjhin is already ttoe. 

^ifiy. Thitha* will I with you; ix IhdeiAoB. 
The hateful Coobbdom will perftran foe i% 
Except, hlu curs, to tear at all in places: 
Will you so with us ? 

Bagit. no: rUto/rttEn^toUiMaje^; 
Faicwel: if houtsprefiigcs be oocvaia. 
We duce here pin, that ae*cr. ihaH meet aoitB. 

Bi^. That*»auiinlthnTei, to beat back JuttigtHrifc 

GreeK. Abu poor Duke, the task he undortdua 
"U numb'ring unds, and drinking oceans diy. 
Where one on his fide fights, thoulands will dye. 

Bi^, Farewel at once, for once^ for alli and ererf 

GrcflL WHI, wc nuy men again. 

A^ I fcarine, never. (Supr; 

S C E N & 

ciq mod t, Google 

fi24 Bng RiCHAKD U. 

S C E N E IX. 

In GloucefteHh!re. 

' Enter BoIin^)roke and Northumberlaiid. 
BtSt^- ■LTO W far is it, my Lord, to Aoi&jt now ? 

■tl North. I un a Ibaoger here io Glo^fierfiare: 
Thele high wild hills,- atxl rough uneren ways 
Draw out our miles, and make cbemwearifome: 
AnA yet our fair difcourfe has been as lligar, 
Making the bard way fweet and dde£Uble. 
But I bethink me iriut a weary way 
From Raven§wg toJCttfaoQld wili be found 
■ 'By'' -R^ and ff^Uoi^y wanting your company. 
Which 1 proteft hath very much beguilM 
The tedXMifiiefi and procda of my trarel: 
But theirs is fweemed with the hope to have 
The prefcnt benefit that I pQfle&: 
And nope to joy is little leu in joy, 
Than hope eojoy'd. By this die weary Lords 
Shail make their way feem ihort, as mine hath done 
By fi^t of what I have, your ndile company. 
' BoJing. Of much lefi value is my company 
Thu yoiff good words: but who comes here? 

Enter Percy. 

North. It is my fbn» young Harry Perp, 
Sent from my brother ff^erce^er: whcncewcver, 
JFftoTy, how ftres your uncle? [of you. 

Periy. I thought, my Lord/t* have Icam'd his health 

North. Why? is he not with the Queen ? 

Percy. No, my good Lord, he hath AxCook the Court, 
Broken his ftaff of office, and dilpo-ft 
The houlhold of the King. 

Aprfjft. What was his reafbn? he was not ib Kfi)lT*d» 
When we laft fpake together. 

Bin •' 

ciq mod t, Google 

£% RlJCHARD 11. 2,25 

Ptrty. Becauie your Lc»dQup was. procUtiilcd tcaitor. 
&aC be, ' my JLcnxl, b gone to Revenffurgt 
To ofier fcrvicc 10 the Duke of Herefordt 
And fent me o'er by Bariiey^ to dlfcover 
What pow'r the Duke of Tq^k had levy'd thcrcj 
Then with dirciMon to repair to Rmenjpitrg, 

North. Hare you fopgtx die Duke of Her^ord; boy ? 

Percy. No, my good Lord j forihat is not forgot 
Whkrh ne'er I did remember » to my knowledge, 
I never in my life did look on him. 

Ntrthi Then Jeam to know him now { thisistheDuke. 

Percy. My gracicKis Lord, I tender you my fervicc. 
Such as it is, boog tender^ raw, and young'. 
Which elder days Ihall ripen, and confirm 
To more approvod fcrvice and delerC. * 

£oiitig. I thank thee, gentle Pefcy^ and be fure- 
I count my fdf in Dothing dfe lb happy. 
As in a ibul remembriiig my good n-iends: 
*TiDd as my fortune ripens with thy lore, '-. 
It Ihall be ftill thy true love's recompence. 
My heart this cov'aant makes, my hand thus feals It. 

Nertli. How far is it to BariUj? and .what Sir - 
Keeps good old Terk there with his men of war i 

Percy. There ftands the caftle by yond tuft 0/ tccesj 
Mano'd with three hundred men, as I have beard, . ,' 
And in it are the Lords, Tork^ Barkleyt Seymsur;^ 
None elfe of name, and noble eflimatc. 

Enter Rbfs and Willoughby. 

North. Here come the Lords of Rsfs and Wtlki^Uyf 
Bloody with fpurring, 6ery red with hafte. ,- 

. BoUng. Welcome, my Lords ; 1 wot ydiir love purfues 
A baniftj'd traitor j all my trcafury 
Is yet but unfelt thanks, which more enrich'd. 
Shall be your love and labour's recompence. , 

Rafs: Your prefcnce makes us rich, moft nol^ Lord. 

WtUo. And far furmounts our labour to attain it. 

B«lm. Evermore thanks, f th' exchequer of the poor) 

Vol. Ml. P - ^Vtich, 


226 KtMg Richard II- 

Wbidt, 'tilt my infiuit-forcuoe cones » yearst 

Stands for my bounty. But who now comes hen? , ~ 

Sitier. Barkley. 

North. It is imr Lord of-B^rkUyt as I guefs. 

Bark. Lord Hereford, my mi^Sigc u eo you. 

Bolinf^. My Lord, my aoiWer is to Lance^er^ 
And I come to ieek that name in England, 
And I mi^ find that titte in your tongue. 
Before I make reply to ought you fay. 

. Bark. Miftake me not. my Lord, 'tis not my meaning 
To nze one title oF your honour out. 
To you, my Lord, I come, what Lord you wiU» 
From themoft gkirious ''of ali thit^ land, , 
The Duke of Terk, to knov what pricks you on 
To take advantage of the ablent time. 
And fright our native peace wtdi felMtom anns. 


Ztiter York. 

Bo^. T Aiall not need tranfport my vords by yoa . 
Here comes his Grace in perfon. Nome uncle! [fyitU, 

TMc. Shew me thy humble heart, and not thy kne^ . 
Whole duty b dcccivable and falfe. 

BoStfg. My gracious uncle ! 

Tork. I am no traitor's uncle; and that mkd Graee, ' 
In an ungracious mouth, is but [Mopfaane. 
Why hare tbefe bani(h*d and forbidden legs 
Dar'd ohce to touch a duft of Eitglanf% ground? 
But more then, why, why have they dar'd to march 
So many miles lipon her peaceful boTom, , ' 

Frighting her pale-iac'd villages with war. 
And oftcntation of ' 'defpightfiil^ arms ? 
Qim^ft thou becaufe th' anointed King is hence ? *' 

Why, fooUfii boy, the King is left behind. 
And in my loyal bofom lyo his power. 

■ ^•f thii I (lefpifed - = 


^ete I bat now the Lord of luch hot youth. 

As when brave Gaut^y thy fether, and my felf > 

Refcaed the Stack Prince, that young Mars of men* 

From forth the ranks of many tfaou&nd French ; 

Oh then, how quickly fhould this arm of mine. 

Now pnfbncr to the palfic, chaftife thee. 

And minifler corrcAion to thy fault [ 

BeB^. My ^;racf0us uncle, lotmeJcnowmy&altj 

On what condition ftands it, and wherein ? . 
Tork. Ev'n in condition of the worft d^;re« ) 

Id grols rdidlton, and detefted trcalbn : 

Thou art a banifh'd men, and here axt comi. 

Before the expiration of thy mne, 

In braving arms againft thy Sovereign: 
Bo^. As I was baniA'd. I was ^niOi'd Herrford% 

But as I come, I come for lAHct^er. 

And, noble uncle, I beseech your Grace, 

Look on my wrongs with an indigent eye i 

You are my &tber, for methinks in you 

I fee okl GjMtf alive. O then my ^ther \ 

Will you permit that I fliall ftand coodemn'd 

A wand'ring vagabond ; my rights and royakies 

Fhickt from my aims perforce, and giv*n away 

To \xgSaxt untbrifts ? W herefcMt was I born f 

If that my coufin King be King of Evglandt 

It inuft be granted i am Duke of iMKo^er^ 
Too have a fon, Aamerie my ncfclc kinfoian: 
Had you firft dy'd, and he been thus trod doinij 
He fhould have found his unde G4unt a fatho-. 
To rowze his * ^wrot^rs, chafing^ them «t die bsy. 
I am deny'd to fue my livery here. 
And yet my Iwterj patents -give mc leave; 
My nther's goods aic aH diflnin'd and foU, 
And thefe, and all, areail amt& employ'd. 
What would you have me do ? I am a fobjeft. 
And challenge law : attorneys are deny'd me. 

P 2 AmI 

a wnop, uddtafe 

ciq mod t, Google 

i£8 King RicHAKD II. 

And therefore perfonally I lay my claim, 
To mine inheritance of free dcfcent. 
North. The noble Duke hath been too much abos'd. 
Refs. It ftands your Grace upon to do him right. 
ff^illo. Bafe men by his endowments arc made great. 

■ Tt>ri. My Lords of Et^landy let me teli you this, 
I have had feeling of my couGn's wrongs. 
And iabour'd all 1 could tO do him right : 
But in this kind, to come in braving arms. 
Be his own carver, and cut out his way. 
To 6nd out right with wrongs, it may not be i < 

And you that do abet him in this kind 
CbcriOi rebeUion, and are rebels all. 

North. The noble Duke hath fwom his coming is 
But for his own i and for the r^ht of that 
V/e all have ftrongly fworn to give him aid \ 
And let him ne'er fee joy that breaks that oath.! 
TGrk. Well, well, I fee the iflTue of thefearms ; 

I cannot meiid it, 1 mutt needs confefs, 

Becaufe my powV is weak, and all ill-left: 

But if I coald, by him that gave me life, 

I would attach you all, -and make you ftoop 

Unto the fovereign mercy of the King. 

But fince I cannot, be it known to you, 

1 do remain as neuter- So farewcl ! . 

Unlefs you pleafe to enter in the caftl^ 

And there repofe yo(» for this night. 

Baling. An offer, uncle, that we wilt accept i 

But we muft win your Grace to go with us 

To Br^oi-CafiU, which they fay is held 

By Bujbyt Begot, and their complices. 

The caterpillars of the common' wealth. 

Which I have fworn to weed, and pluck- away. 
lerk. It may be I will go; but yet I'll paufc, 

For 1 am loth to break oup country's laws : 

Nor friends, nor foes, to me welcome you arc ; 

flik)^ paft redrels are now with me paft care. [Exeiotf, 



King Richard If. 229 


- - In Wales. 

Enter Salbbury, atij a Obtain. 
Gi/.T^T-YLord ai Saliihu'ry, we have (laid ten days, 

•^'■*- And hardly kept ' 'our'^ countrymen together. 
And yet we hear no tidings from the King : 
Therefore we all dirperfe our lelves : farewel ! 

Sal Suy yet another day, thou trufty fVelJhman : 
The King repofeth all his truft in thee. 

Cap. *Tis thought the King is dead : we will not ftay. 
Hie Bay-trees io our country are all wither'd. 
And meteors fright the fixed (lars of heav'n ; 
The pale-fac'd moon looks bloody on the earth ; 
And lean- look'd prophets whifper fearful change j 
Rich men look Jad, and ruffians dance and leap) 
The one in fear to lole what they enjoy. 
The other hope t'enjoy by rage and war. 
♦'Theft boding figns^ forerun the death of Kings, 
Farewel *, our countrymen are gone and fled. 
As well afliit'd^ AViariithcir King is dead. [EmU. 

Sal. Ah, Richard^ ah ! with eyes of heavy mind 
I fee thy giory, like a fhooting ftar. 
Pan to the bafe earth from the firmament : 
Thy 'fun lets weeping in the )owly weft, 
Witncflingftorms to come, woe, andunreft: 
Thy friends are fled to wait upon thy foesj 
Aodcrofily K> thy good all fortune goes. [Exit. 

3 yoar 4 Thefe figni 

P 3 ACT 

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23P £vi^ Richard II. 


Bolingbroke'i Can^. 

Enier Bolin^roke, Ycvk, Korthumberland, RoH^ Ferc7, 
WiJIoughljy, with Bufby ^ Green Prip>imu 


BRing forth theft men. — 
Bi^ ind Qreen^ I will nor vex your fixils 
(Since prefendy your fouls mufl part your bodwi) 
With too much urging your pernicious lives \ 
For 'twere no chanty : yet to wafli yoUr blood 
From off my hands, here in the view of men, 
I will unfold fbme caufes of yoor deaths. 
You have mif-Ied a Prince, a royal King, 
A happy gendeman in blood and lineaments* 
By you unhappy'd, and disfigured clean, 
you have, in manner, with your finflil hours 
Made a divorce bervixt his Queen and himj 
Broke the poiBeflion of a royal bed. 
And ftain'd the beauty of a fair Queen's cheeks 
With tears dmwn from her eye3,^''by^ yourfiiulwtongs. 
My fclf a Prince, by formne of my birth,. 
Near to the -King in blood, (and near in love, 
'Till you did make him mif-interpret me,) 
fiave ftoopt my neck under your injuries. 
And figh'd my Englijb breath in foreign clouds. 
Eating the bitter bread of banifhgient : 
While you have fed upon my fignioriesj 
Dif-park'd my parks, and feli'd my foreft woods-, 
From mine own windows torn my hou/hoU-coat 
p.azM out my Imprcisj leaving me no fign. 

< wiih 

ciqiiiot^, Google 

Kng RicH&itD n. 231 

Siive mens <q«aioiH, and toy living bk)odi 

To Ihew the world 1 am a geptlesawi. . 

tliis, and mucb tuoK, nwdi more dua twice all this 

Condemns you to the death. See them deliyer'd 

To execution, and the hand.of death. 

Bitlfy. Moiv wdcome is the ftroak of death to me, 
Than £oSngirote to Etigimd. 

Green. My comforc Is, that he«r*n -wilt take our foul^ 
And plague injufiice with the paios of bell. 

Mii^. ^Loj^Northttmbtrl4ud, fix them dilixuchU 
Uoclc, you f^y the Queen is at your houfe \ 
For heav'a's &ke, iairly let her be intieated 1 
Tell her I fend to her my kind comrocpdat 
Take fpecial care my greetings be dclisrer'd. ' 

Tffrk, A gcntleiiun of mine I faaTedifpaidi'fl 
With letters of tout love to her at large. 

BvUi^. Thanks, gentle uncle: aKDCj my LonJa, away^ 
A worki and, after, holiday. . . \_^emt. 

SCENE 11. . 

Cbtmges to the Coaft ef Wales. 

Fhur^: DnmSt snd Irumpett. 

Enter Kv^ Kicbard, Aumcrle, Bifiicf of Carlifl)^ 
mid Soldiers. 

K.Rkk.TyJirkltt^l^-eq^0in yw this it bat^f 

■D- jAbw. Yea, my good Lofd i how bpoola 
your Grace the air, ■ 
Aiter your toQing on the brealcii^ feas? 

K. Rich. Needs muft I like it well » I weep for joy 
To ftaod upon my kingdom oatx i£puD. 
Dear earth I do falute thee with my hand^ 
Though r^Is wound thee with their horfts hot^ : 
As a Jong-parted mother with her child 
Pkys fondly with her tears, and fmiles in meedog 1 

74 So 

ciq mod t, Google 

2^t Xing R/icuAUD It. 

So weeping fmilingf greet I 'thee, myeardi. 

And do th« favour wkh my rayal hindsi 

Feed not thy Sovereign's foe, my gentte earth, 

^or with thy fweets comfort his rav*nobs4enle: 

But let thy Ipiden that fuck'vp thy vetrntn. 

And heavy.gaiwd toadsj-lyc in *'his'' way. 

Doing annoyance to the treachwoos feet 

Which with uiurping ilcps do trample thee. ' 

Yield Hinging netdes to miiH cnemiect 

And when fliey fmrn thy birfbnvjdudta floww. 

Guard it, I pr'ytbee, with a lurking adder; 

Whofe doubie tongue may with a mortal touch 

Throw death upon thy- SoMreign's enemies. 

Mock not my fcnlelefeconjurarion. Lords » . 

This earth /haU hare a fcfllir^, and thcfe ftoqcs 

Prove armed foldieT3, ere 'h^ native King 

Shall faulter binder foul rebellious arms. [King 

' C<»r/ Fearnot,my Lord,-thac Pow'r that made yoo 
Hath pow'r to keep you King, in fpight of all. 
Tlie means that heaven yields nlu"ft &e''embiac*d, ' 
And not negJefted i elle jf heaven would 
And we would not, hcav'n'j offer we refult. 
The proScr'd means of fuccogr and redrpft. 

^um. He means, my Lord, that we arc too remiJi, 
Whilft Bolifigh-eiv, rhrowgh our fccurity. 
Grows Arong and great, in lubHance and in power. 

'K. Rttb): Difcomfortablc coufio, know'ft tiioti no^ 
That when the fearching eye of hcav'n is hid 
Behind the gloix, ^ ''^od^ lights the lower world ; 
- Then thieves ^nd robber^ ryige atjroad ^afeeiH 
In tnurders, ^d in outrage bloody herci 
But when from under (hi; terreflrial lull . 
Ho ^estliQ. proud tg^s pf theeaftern pines, 
And darts his light thrqiigh ^v'ry gujlly hplcj. 
Then murders/ tfegfoas, And detelted fuu, 
Tlie (jlwk <>E;i)ight being pluck'd from off their bufctt 
^tanc^ bare and njtked, trembling at themfelvcsf 

. 6 tfcfif f tJ«t. . ', 

ciq mod t, Google 

JOx|; Richard 11. 335 

So iriten this thief, thu^toP Bo&^hroht, 

Who ^ thU while hath tevell'd in the nighc» 

Whilft we were wandrii^ with th' AncipodcH 

Shall fee us rifing \n our throne, the ealr ) 

Htj treafons will fee bluQiing in his &£e» 

Not able to endure the fighc of day i 

But fdf'afiirighted, tremhlc at his fin^' ■ 

Not all the water in the rough rude Tea 

Can waHi the balm from an anointed Kingt 

The breath of worldly tnea caimot depole 

The Deputy clewed by the I^rd. 

For every man that Baliiighreke hath |»«fl:» 

To lift Iharp fteel againft our golden crown, . 

Huv'n for his Richard hath in heav'nly pay 

A glorious angel \ then if angels iight^ 

Wok men muft fall, for heav'n ftill guards the right. 


Enter Salisbury, 

Weloime, my Lord, how far off lyes your power? 
Sal. Nor near, nor farther off, my gracious Lord, 

Than this weak arm ; difcomfort guides my tongpe. 

And bids me Ibeak of nothing but defpair : 

One day too late, I fear, my noble Lord, 

Hath clouded all thy happy days on earth. 

Oh, call \fick yefterday, bid time return, 

And thou Ihalt bar? twelve thouland ftghting mca, 

ToKlay, to-day, unhappy day too late 

O'er-throws thy foys, friends, fortune, and thy lUte. 

For all the Welftujien, hearing thou wert dead, 

Are gone to Boli^breke, difperft andiled. [p>Ic? 

Aum. Comfort, my. Ucttc \ why looks your Grace fo 
K. liicb. But now the b&id of twenty thou&od men 

Did triumph in my face, and they are fled,* 

(a) and tHej are fled. 

And *dl] To moch btood tliither cone agiiil, 
Have I noc icalbti lo look mIc, tad dad f 
AUfoojK , 

ciq mod t, Google 


All fouls, that «iU be ^, By froin niy fide i 
For rime hath let a blot spc»i my pride. 

Mm. Comfort, my Li^e, remember who ^ou art; 

K. Rift. I had foi^oc my ielf : am I not King; 
Awake, thoa coward Majeny, thou fleepelf : 
Is not the King's name forty thoufand names f 
Arm, arm, my name 1 a pony fubje& ftrikes 
Ac thy great glory. Look noc to the ground, 
Yc favVitcs ot^ a King! are we nDt.higK ? 
High be our thoughts! ! know my uncle ^ori 
H»th pow'r to ferve our turn. But who comes here? 

S C E N E IV. 

Enter Scroop. 

Serocp. More health ind happinefs betide my Licge, 
Than can my care-tun'd tongue deliver hfrn ! 

K. Ricb. Mine car is open, and my heart prepar'd : 
The worft is worldly lofs thdu canft unfold. 
Say, is my kingdom loft ? why, *twas my care: 
And what lofs is it to be rid of care : 
Strives BcBmhvkt to be as great as we > 
Greater he mall notbe ; if he ferve God» 
We'll ferve him too, and be his fellow fo. 
Revolt our fubjeSs p that we cannot mOtd^ 
They break their iaith to God a9 welt ai us. 
Cry woe, deflroSion, ruin, lots, decajr ; 
The worft is death, and death will have his day. 

Scr»Bp. Gkd am I, that your Highnefi is fo armM 
To bear the tidings of cahmiiy. 
Like an unleaforiable ftormy day, , 
Which makes the fiJver rivers drown their fhbres. 
As tf the world were all difloMd to tears i 
So Irigh ^ove his Hmits fwclis the rage 
Of Bp&f^broke; cov*ring your feai'fiJ Jsnd 
With hard bright ftecJ, and hearts moh: hatd thati 'fttel 
White beards havcarm'd their thia and hairlpfs fcalps 
Ag^inftthy Majeftij-s boys with womens voices 
Strive to fpeak big, - and cla%> U^pr female joints . 



|n ftiff unwiddy antt> i^ainft thy crown i 
The very beadfmen leun id bod dicir botn 
Of doubly-btal yew*, sgiiaft thy (hie: 
Yea, diftaff-women anuiagc nifty \a\k. 
Againfl thy feac bodi young snd old rebel, 
And alt goes worie thto I hare powV to tell. 
K. Rkb, Too well, too wdl tbou idl'fta nlelb ill. 

yrhereisihcEarlof 07iE^«/ 

What is become of J!«|6}>/ where isGriM*^ 
That thejr have let the dang'rous enemy 
Meafure our confines with fuch peacefti] fteps? 
If we prenil, their headi fhidi paf for it. 
I yvarrant they've nude peace with BoUti^rth. 
Scroop. Peace thcjr have made with him indeed, my Lord. 
K.Rub. PvilUins,vipai)damn*dwithoi)tredemption} 
pogs, eafily won to fown on any man ; 
Snakes in my heart-blood wann*d, dut ftii^ my heaiti 
Three JudaQes^ each one thrice worfe than "fi^ f 
Would they make pea«f terrible hell make war 
Upon thtir fpottea ibals for this offence t 

Sereop. Sweet love, I fee, changing his property, 
Turns to. the fbw'reft and moft dodly hate: 
A^n uncurfe theti ioulsi their peace is made 
Wijth heads, and pot with hands: thole whom you carle 
^ve felt thje worft of d«irii*s deftroying hand, 
And lye foil low, gravMi io the bdbw grxHind. 
' Jkm. hBi^, GntHy utd th' Earl of ^^vv dead? 
Seratp. Yea, all'of them at Brijtvt loft their heads. 
Aum. Where is the Puke my fiither, with his power? 
yi.Rieb. No matter where} of comfort no man ipe^: 
Let's talk of grsviHt of wonm, and epitaphs. 
Make duft our paper, and wkb nioy eyes 
WrftefitfTow in tbcbofomof the earth I 
Let's chufe executon, and talk of wills » 
And yet not £>—■ for what can we bequeadi, 
&HV our d^oAd bodies to Che ground ? 


{■) n/ Yew h JkU ft l>» doab^ fttal, Jirm m ttijmmt nmlitf 
im it, mmifrtm mgtr£»g injhumt^t rf dithim wmr. WaAutam. 

ciq mod t, Google 

336 Kh^ RlCHAB-D 11. 

Our lands, our lives, and ill are BoBa^rek^Sf 
And nothing cxa we call oar ovn, but death ; - 
And that fmall moM of the barmi earth, 
'Which ferves as pafte and cover to our bones. 
For heav*n*s fake let us fit upon the ground. 
And tell fad ftories of the death of Kings : 
How foxac have been dcpos'd, Ibnie Oain in war : 
Some haunted by the gbofts tbey difpoflcls'd : 
Some poifon'd by their wives, lome Qeeping kill'd: 
All murther*d. — For within the hollow crown. 
That rounds the mortal tetn[^es of a King, 
Keeps death his Court, and there the Antick iits 
ScofHng his Itate, and grinning at his pomp ; 
AUowing him a breath, a little fcene 
To monarcluze, be fear'd, and kill with looks i 
tnfufing him with lelf and vain conceit. 
As if this fleHi, which walb about our life. 
Were brals impregnable : and humour'd thus. 
Comes at the laft, and with a little pin 
Bores through his caftle-walls, and nrewel Kingl 
Cover your Deads, and mock not flcfli and blood 
With (olemn rev'rence : throw away rcfped. 
Tradition, form, and ceremonious duty. 
For. you tuve but miftook me all 'this whiles 
I live on bread like you, feel want like you, 
Tafte grief, need iViends, like you:, fubjefbod chui. 
How can you fay to me I am « King J . 

Carl. My Lord, wife njeo ne'er wai^dldr prcfcnt wbcs. 
But prelontly prevent the wail: . 
To fear the foe, lince fear Of^irdrcth Qrength, 
Gives, in your weaknels,. ftrength unto your fbej 
And fo your foUtes Bght .^tnft yoi;r fdf. * 

K. RiOi, 

{») — leaioft jowhlf.'' • • 
year, aiKTbe lUin, nowotfe on Coae £re« £ght. 
And Cght and die, ii death deAraring death. 
WJiere fearing, dying,' payi deatn fervile breach. 

jfum. My laEher h^th n pow'r, enquire of bim, 
jbid iearn to make t^wd/ «f a limb. 

K.*«y*. Thou-r^ ... . ... 

ciq mod t, Google 

K.Rub. Thou chid'ft me well: proud £tf£i^frv^. ] 

come — • 
Say, Scroop, where lyes our uncle wkbiiis power ?k 

Scroop. I play the tomircr, by fmall and fmall 
To lengthen out the worft, that mufl; be Tpokea. 
Your uncle Tirii isjoin'd viih SoUxglrake, 
And all your northern caftlcs yielded up. 
And all your fouthern gcndeoien in arms 
Upon his &dioQ. 

K. Ricb. Thou haft laid enotisfa. 
Beflirew thee, couGn, which didft lead me forth 
Of that fweet way I was in K> defpairl 
What lay you now? 'what comfort have we now? 
By hea7*n, I'll hate him everlaftingly 
That bids me be of comfort any more. 
Go to FBnt'cafile, there I'll pine away % 
A King, woe's llave, Ihall Kiogly woe obey: >- 

That pow'r I have, difcharge, and let *em go 
To car the land, that- hath lome hope to grow: 
For I have none. Let no man fpeak ^aia 
To alter this, for cQunfel is but vain. 

y&w. My Li^e, one word. 

K. Hifb. He does me double wrong. 
That wounds me with the Satt'ricr of his ttmgue; 
Difcharge my followers: let them away. 
From RiebardH night to BtUngbrok/s imr day. [JSmotf.' 

M -1— I coofe 

To change blowi with thee, for Mr day of doom 1 

Tliii wie-fit of fear is over Uowo, 

An eifietuk it i> 10 win OUT owb. 


(b) hii power I 

Speak rwectlf. nun, ahhoagh dtj looks Ifi fd«nr. 

Scrotf. Men jadge by die complcxioii of the iky 

The (lateaod inclinadon of theday j 
So max fi' ^ "^y ^"" ^^^ heavj' eye, ' ' ' ' 

My tongue bath but a heavier tale to ftj : 

'ciq mod t, Google 

Iji Bug RiefiAtto tt. 

I I I ■ n ■ 


Bolingbroke'i Cam/f^ near Flint.. 

Znttr vMb inm and colours, Bolingbrokc, York, 

Northumbaland, and Ale^ants, 


"ip that by this intelligenoe we learn 
'.Thc/Fi#nn*3redilpers*d, andSaSsiury 
It gone to meet the Kii^* who lately knc)ed 
With fiifiK few private mends upon this coaft. 

North. The news b ver; ^r and good, m^ Lor^ 
Ricbardy not hr Atun hence, bath hid hu head. 

Tork. ft would befecm the Ixxd Nerihitmierlud, 
To fiiy "Klm^Midford. Ah, the heavy day. 
When fuch a facred Kio^ fhould hide his head ] 

Norib. Tour Grace miftakes me i only to be brief 
txfti his title ouc 

Tork. The time hath beeo. 
Would you have been fo brief with hioi, he would 
Have been io brief to lliorten jaa the head. 

BeUi^. Miflake not, uncle, Either than you Ihpuld. 

Tork. Take not, good coufiiij farther than you ihodd, 
I^ yoo mjibdcc y toe heav'ia are o'er your head. 

: i)*«|^. I know it, uncle, nor oppofe my lelf 
Againft their will. But who ' 'comes here i *ta Peref.'^ 

EiHer Percy. 
• 'Well,^ ffarryi what; will not this caftle yield? 

Percy. The caftle royally is cnano'd, my, 
Agunft your entrance. 

BeSng. Royally? why, * 'it doth cootun^noKiflgf 

Perty. Yes, my good Lord, 
It doth contain a King : ICing Richard lyes 
Within the limits of yond lime and ftooe} 
And with him Lord JsamrU^ lArd SaUihury, 


S Gomciheref 9 Wdcome, ' 1 kcMiiaiiif 

ciq mod t, Google 

Kla^ KicuAKb it, ijf^ 

Sir St^bem Scroop^ bcfides a clergy-maa 

Of holy revmnce: who, I cannot learn.' \ 

Nertb. Belike it is the Bifhop of Car^. 

Soia^. NobicLord, [fa North," 

Go to the rude ribs of diat ancient ciftle. 
Through brazen trumpet fend the breath of parle 
Into his ruin'd cars, and thus deliver : 
Haity of BoUt^hroke upon his knees 
Doth kils King RicharJ^s hand, and lenda allegiance 
And &ith of heart unio his royal perlba : 
Ev'n at his feet I lay my arms and pow'r, 
Pronded that my baniOnncot repeal'd 
And lands rcftor'd again be frody graiicedt 
If not, I'll ule th* advantage of my pow'r, 
And lay the rummer's duft frith fbow*rs of blood, 
RainM from the woands cf flaughter'd .^^/Smmt. 
The -which, how far off from the mind ofBoSngtnh 
It is, fetch crimfoQ tempeft ftiould bcdrench 
The fnOx fftea Jap m &ir King HkianPs had. 
My floodi^ duly tenderiy fhall fheir. 
Go fignme as much, while here we march 
Upon the grafCe carpet of thti plain ; . 
Le^s march without the noife of threat*ning drum. 
That from this caAJ^s tator'd battlements 
Our fair aroointBMnts may be wdl pmis'd. 
Methinks King Riehard and my fetf ftmild SMCt 
With BO left tciTor than the eloneacs 
Of fire and wMor, whea dieir thond'ting Ihoek 
At meeting tears the doody cheeks ef heav*n : ■ 
March on, and mark King Ridwd faow he lodcL 

{tH checki of hnv^B: 

Be he the fire, I'll be the yidJifig water : 
The nge be hi*, whtk on the artb I rain 
Mf water*; on tbcortlt, uid wt an him. 
Maichon. (tt. 


ciq mod t, Google 

a40 *5>|: Richard H. 

S C E N E VI. 

Parkwitbaitt and anjwermlhmi thmtfitmrifti SjtOf 
■ on tU wcJli^ X»if Richard, Jh Bifin of CarliOc, 
Auinerle, Scroop, osi Salisbury. 

"rtrk> See, fee. King JKoinni dodi hiinfelf appear 
As doth tile bluDilng dircontented filn 
From ouc the fiery portal of die Eaft, 
Wheii he perceives the envious clouds are bent 
To dim his glory, and toibin the traift 
Of his bright pal&ge to the Occident. 
■ Tct looks^ he like a King j behold his eye. 
As bright as is the Eagle's, lightens fcrth 
Controlling; MajcSy) alack, for woe. 
That any harm (lioold ftain fo liir a fliow I 

K. Bich. We are amaz'd, and thus long have we Hood 
To watch the ftarfcl bending of thy knee, {To Noclh 
Becaufe we thought our felf thy lawful King > 
And if wc be, how dare thy joints forget 
To pay their awfiil duty to our pixfence i 
If we be not, ihew us the hand of God, 
That ludi difmili'd us from our aewaixlftip. 
For well we know, no hand of blood and bone 
Can gripe the (acred handle of our fcepcer, 
Unleft he do prophane, fteal, or ufiirp 
And diough you think, that all, as you have done. 
Have torn iter louls by turning them fiom us 
And we are barren, and bereft of fi-iends- ' 
Yet know, mymafitr, God omnipotent; 
Is muH'ring in his clouds on our behalf 
Armies of peftilencej and they (hall (bike 
Your children yet unborn, and unbegot. 
That lift your valfil hands againft ir| head. 

Tell Boh^brokt, (for yond metiiinks he is) 

ciqiiiodt, Google 

^fflg Richard th 241 

That every ftride ha makes upon the land 

Is dangerous trealbn i he Is come co ope 

Tbt purple tcftament of bkeding war. '' 

But ere the crown he looks for live in peace* 

Ten tbou&nd bloody crowns of mothers foAs 

Shall * 'mif-become the flow'ry"* E/^la/td's face^ 

Change the complexion of her maia-pale peace 

To fcarlet indignation* and bedew 

Her pafture*s grals with ^ithfu] EngUJb bk>od< 

North. The Kii^ of heav'n forbid, our Lord the King 
Should fo with civil and uncivil arms 
Be nifh'd upon I no, thy dirice-noble coufin, 
Harry of Boiit^broke-t doth kifs thy hand. 
And by the honourable tomb he fwears. 
That fbnds upon your royal grandfire's bones* 
And by the royalties (^ both your bkxxJs, 
(Currents that fpring Irom one nwft ^adous h^) 
And by the buiy'd hand of warlike Qamt^ 
And by the worth and honour of himfelf, 
Com[X'i&ng all that may be fworn, or faid* 
His coming hither hath no farther fcope. 
Than for his lineal royalties, and to b^ '^ 

lofrinchilement immediaoc on his knees i 
Which on thy royal party granted once, 
His glitt'ring arois he will coqimend to rufi t 
His baited fteeds to ftabks) and his heart 
To £utbfiil fervice of your Majefty. 
This firaara he, as he is a Prioce, is juft » 
And as I am a gentleman, I credit him. 

Yi.Ricb. Nortbuaherlandt lay thus the King returu: 
His noble coufm is right welcome hither. 
And all the number of his fair demands 
Shall be accomplilh'd without contradt<^ion. 
With all the gracious utterance thou haft, 
&)eak to his gentle hearing kind commends. 
Wc do debafe our lelf, coufm, do :we not* {^e Aum. 
To look fo pocu-ly* and to fpcak lb fair i 

Vol.. m, Q„ ShaU 

4 iO bccone tb« flmv'i 

ciq mod t, Google 

242 ^^ Richard II. 

Shall ve call back Nsrthumkeriand^ and fend 
Defiance to the traitor, and fo die ? 

Jim. No, good my Lord, let's fight witli gentle wtHds, 
'Till time lend friends, and friends their hdpful fwords. , 

K.Ritb. Oil God, oh God ! that e'er this tongue of mine. 
That laid- the femence of dread banjftimcnt 
On yond prOud man, (hould take it oiF again 
With woras of footh j oh that I were as great 
As is my grief, or lefler than my name! 
Or -that 1 could forget what I have been. 
Or not remember what I muft be now ! 
Swell'ft thou, proud heart? PI! give thee fcopc to beat. 
Since foes have fcope to beat both thee and me. 

Jum. Northumherland comes back from Bola^hreh. 

K.Rub. What muft the King do now ? muft helubmit ? 
The King fliall do it : muft he be dcpos'd ? 
The King fhall be contented: muft ne lele 
The name of King? o* God's name let it go. 
I'll give my jewels for a fct of beads; 
My gorgeous palace, for a hermitage; 
My gay apparel, for an alms-man's gownt 
My figur*d gobleis, for a difti of wood ; 
My fcepter, for a palmer's w^ing-ftafF} ' 
My fubjefts, for a pair of carved faints. 
And my large kingdom; for a-little grave* 
A little litde grave, an ot^cure grave. 
Or I'll be bury'd in the King's highway; 
Some way of common * 'tread,^ where fubjefls ftet 
May hourly trample on their Sovowgn's head. « 
jSunurUt thou weep'ft, my tender-hearted coufin. 
We'll make foul weather with defpifed tears : 
Our fighs, and they, (hall lodge the fummcr corn. 
And make a dearth in this revolnng land. 
Or fliatl we play the wantons with our woes. 

(a) Sovereigii'f hMd. 

>'or on my heart they xieaA now. wiilft \ livet 
And bury'd once, whynott^ton m/ iMad? 
Autnirk, tfc 

; trade, . . ■ bU liit. t^ari. tm**d. 


t, Google 

khtg RiCHAAD n. 243 

And make fome pretty match widt fhedding tears ^ 
As thus, to drop them dill upon one place, 
*Till they have fretted us a pair of graves. • 
Mod mighty Prince, my Lord NorthumberUndt 
What &ys King Belingbroh ? will his Majefty 
Give Richard leave to Jive, 'till Richard die } 
You make a In, and BolUihroke fays ay. 

North. My Lord, in tbe bafe court he doth attcna 
To fpeak with yoa, may't pleafe you to come down,' 

K. Rich, pown, down I come, like ^\(Ct\9% PbatUrtt 
Wanting the manage of unruly jades, ^ 

SoUag. What fays his Majelty? 

Nofth.'Sifjrrtm of b«rt 
Makes him fpeak fondly, like a frantick man ) 
Yet he is come; 

BoUi^. Stand ail apart, and Ihow 
F^r duty to his Majefty. ' 

My gracious Lord — [Kneels i 

K. Rich. Fair coufin, yoa debafc youf princely kne^ 
To make the baie eerth proud with kilTing it. 
Me rather had, my heart might feel your love. 
Than my on-plea'd eye lee your comtefie. * 

BaUwg. My gracious Lord, I come but for mine own.' 

'K.Ricb, Your own is yoars, and I am yours, and all. 
Q_z Bilins. 

Wi^n the earth t and tber^n laid, diere l/ei 
Two kinToMa digg'd their mta with weeping eyes ? 
Would not this ilfdowell 1 well, weH, 1 fee 
I talk but idly, and 7011 nockat me.' 
Moft mightf Priwe, i^e, 

{!)) ^^ of nnrul)' jadei, 
a the bafe coart I bofe coart *bere lUngs grow btf^ 
To conw ac traiton calli, and do them grate. ■ 

In the bale court come down i down, coart, down, Kiogt 
PorNight-owlilbriek, where nunnting Larki Ihould fio£. 
BtiiKZ- What. tie. 

(c) ■' -- yoor coortefie. ^ 

Up, coofin, np ; your lieart ia np, I (now, 
Tbiu high at leaft, ahhoock your knte bt Ift-v. 
. Biii'g. My, £tf*. ■ _. 


244- ^g Richard It. 

BoUng. So far be mine, my moft redoubted Lord, 
As my true fervice (hall deferve your love. 

K. Hicb. Well you defery'd : they well deferve to have. 
That know the ftrong'ft and furcft way to get. 
Uncle, give me your hand j nay, dry your eyes i [ Ji York. 
Tears ihew their love, but want their remedies. 
Coufin, I am too young to be your father, {to Bolingbroke. 
Though you are old enough to be my heir. 
What you will have I'll give, and wiUmg tooj 
For do we muft what ftwte will have us do. 
Set on towards LondoH. Coufih, is it fo ? 

BoUiig. Yea, my good Lord, 

K.Rjcb. Then I muft not iay nt>, IFfeiir^. ExemU. 

s c E N E vn. 

A Garden. 

Enter ^^uetn mid two Xjt£ts. 

^tffCT.'\I7Hat fpoft AaU we devife here in this gankn; 
W To drive awa^ the heavy thought of care? 

XjO^. Madam, we'll play at bowls. 

^ten. 'Twill make mc think the world is full of rubs. 
Ana that my formne runs againft the bias.' 

Za^. Madam, we'll dance. 

^mm. My legs can keep no meafure in ddight. 
When my poor heart no mcaiiire keeps in grJet 
Therefore no dancing, girl ; fome oliier iyQXt. 
' Lad^. Madam, we'll tell tales. 

^tn. Of fOTOw, or of joy ? 

Lady. Of cither, Madam. 

^een. Of neither, girl. 
For if of joy, being altogether wanting. 
It doth remember me the more of forrow : 
C^ if of grief, being altogether had. 
It adds more forrow to ray want of joy: 


ciq mod t, Google 

Khg Richard IL 245 

For what I have I need not to repeu: 

' ^And of what'^ I want it boots not to complain. 

LaJ^. Madam, Pit fing. 

^lum. *Tis well that thou haft caiile: 
But thou ffaould'ft pleafe me bener, would'fl th<Mi weep. 

Ladf. I could weep, Madam* would it do you good. 

^lA!*, And I could weep, would weeeping do me good. 
And never bn-tow any tear of thee. 

Enter a Gardiner, and two Servants. 
But ftay, here come the gardiners. 
Let's ftep into the fhadow of thefe trees : 
My wretchednefe unto a row of pins, 
They'll talk of flatc ; for every one doth lb, 
A^nft a change ; woe is fore-run with woe. 

t^iuen and Ladies retire. 

Gard. Go bind thou up yond dangling Apricocks, 
VThich, like WHuly children, make their Sire 
Stoop with oppreflioii of their [Hodigal weight : 
Give ibme foppoitance to the bending twigs. 
Go thou, ana Kke an executioner 
Git off the heads of too faft growing fpriys, 
That look too iohy in our common-wealth : 
All muft be even in our governmenc. 
Yoa thus im|doy*d, I will ^ root away 
The noifome weeds, that without profit fuck 
The Ibil'i fis-tility from wboUbme Sowers. 

Serv. Why Hiould we, in the compals of a p^e. 
Keep law, and form, and due proportion. 
Shewing, aa in a model, our nrm ftate ? 
When our Jea-waJled garden, the whole land. 
Is full of weeds, her nireft flowers choak'd up, 
Her fruit-trees all tinprun'd, ho- hedges ruin'd. 
Her knots difbrder'd, and her wholfome heiiis 
Swarming widi Caterpillars? 

Gard. Hokl thy peace. 
He that hath fufier'd this difbrda'd ipring, 

as Hath 

9 AodwJtat 

ciq mod t, Google 

24*6 Kkg RiCHAXD n. 

Hath now himfelf mat with the fall of fcaf j 

The weeds that his broad-fprcading lcav<es did flidter, 

(That feem'd, in eating him, to bold him up,) 

Are pull*d up, root and all, by BoliwglriAe » 

I mean the Earl of mitjbin, Bii/ky, Gritn. 

Serv. What, are they dead? 

Gard. Tbey are. 
And BeUn^broke hath reiz.*d the wafleful Kir^. 
What pity is it, that he had not tritnm'd 
And drelt his land, as we this garden drefs, 
And wound the bark, the sicin, of our, fhiit-pte^ 
Left being over-proud with fip and blood. 
With too much riches ic confound it felf f 
Had he done, lb to great vid growiag men. 
They might have liv'd to bear, and hp toiafte 
Their fruit? of duty. AH fuperSuous branches 
We lop awttyt that bearing boughs may live : 
Hadhedowfi), htmlblf had bom the-cnovn. 
Which wafte and idle hours have quite thrown down. 

Serv. What, think you then, the KingibaUbedepos'dF 

Gard. Deprefl he ts already, and depoi'd 
*Tis doubted he wi]) be. Inciters Uft night 
Came to a dear friend of the Duke of Torkt ' 
That tell black tidings,- [iiWl 

^ttt. Oh, I am proft to death throi^ vant of fpoiK- 
Thou AdattC\ Jikenels, (et to drcli this gaid^i,- 
How dares thy tongue ibuod this unpleaiing news? 
What Entity what fiirpent hath fugg^ftcd ihec^ 
To make a fecpnd fall of coifed mani 
Why doft thou fey. King Richard is depos'd ? 
Dar*ft thoi), thpu littk better thing than earth, 
Divine hisdowo^i lay, wkcrev wIko, and how 
Cam'ft thqu by thefe il£ tidings? fpeak, thui wretch, 

Gard. Pardon ntc. Madam. Little j&y bave J 
To breathe thefe news \ yet what I fay is true ( 
King Riihardy he is in the mighty hold 
Of BoUnwbroke ; ther ibttuocs Iwth ar^.migh^i : 
\a ypur lord's fcale is nothing |{K himfelf, 


ciq mod t, Google 

J3»^: Richard It. S4.7 

And fome few Tanicies that make him light: 

But in the bdance of great Bolinghreke^ 

BeTidea himfelf, are sdl the Englijh Peers, 

Add with that odds he weighs King Rfcbari dotf n. . 

Poll you Co L/ndffn, and you^H find it fo } 

J fpeak no more than every one doth know. 

S^en. Nimble Mifchanoe, riiat art lb light of ibot. 
Doth not thy emballage belong to mef 
And am I IsUt that know it? Oh, thou think*ft 
To fetve me hft, chat I may kxigeft keep 
The fCHTOW ID my breaft. Com?, Ladies, go. 
To meet, at London, Limdon'% King in woe. 
What, was 1 bora to this ! that my fdd look 
Shoald grace the triumph of great Botingbr^! 
Gard'ner, for telling me tbefe news of woe, 
1 would the plants , thou graft'ft may never grow. 

- . . [£x. ^en aad LaSn, 

Gard. FoorQucen, fo that thy ftacemkbtbenoworfe, 
I would my skill were fubieft &o thy cutk. 
Here did fbe d^op a tear, nercio this place 
m let a bank*f Rue, ibw'r herb of trace: 
Rue, ev'n for ruth, here ibortly fiialT be leen, 
la the remembrance of a'weeping Queen. 

{ix. Gard, and Seryi 

0.4 ACT 

, C,ql,lt!dt,G00glC 

t^B Xhg B.I CHARD IT. 

A C T IV. S C E N E I. 


Enier as to the ParUamentt Bolihgbroke, Aumerle, 
KorthumberUnd, Percy, *"itzwattr, Surrey, Bijbop of 
CarlKlc* ^&^t «/ Wefttninfter, Herald^ Officers^ and 


CALL Bagot forth: now freely fpeak thy mind. 
What thou doft know of noble Glo'fter'& death ; 
Who wrought it with the King, and who perfbrmy 
TTic bloody office of his timclcfc end. 

Bazot. Then fct before ray face the Lord AmterU. 

Soling. Coufin, Hand forth, tnd look upon that man.' 

Bagct. My Lord jfumerk, I know your daring tongue 
Scorns to uniay what j^ath once deliver'd. 
In that dead time vrbmGlo*fi^t death was plotted, 
I heard you f?y. Is tfot-my arm of lengthy 
^hat reacbethfnm the r^^/a/ Englifii Court 
Aifar &i Calais to my uacU's head? 
Amonzfl: much other talk, that very time, 
I heard you fay, you rather had reKife 
The oSer of an hundred thoufand crowns. 
Than BoUt^hrokt return ViEj^land; ' 'adding 
Withal how^ blell this land would be tn this 
Your coufin*s death. 

Jitm. princes, and noble Lords! 
What anfwerfhall I make to this bafe man? 
Shall I fo much dilhonouf my fair ftars. 
On equal terms to give him chaftifement? 
Either I mud, or have mine ^onour foil'd 
With the attainder of his Qand'rous lips. 


7 addJDgi bow 

ciq mod t, Google 

J3ffg Richard II. 240 

There is 1117 gagC} the manual feal of death. 
That marks thee put for hell. • 'Thou lieft, Bagot^ 
And 1*11 maintain, what thou haft faid is falfe. 
In thy heart-bbod, though being all too bale 
To ftaiii the temper of my knightly fword. 

Boling. Bt^ofy forbear ; thou flialt not take it up. 

.Jtm. Ex(^tii% one, I would he were the beft 
la all this preunce that hath mov'd me ib. 

Filz. If that thy valour ftand on fympathies. 
There is my gage, j/umerley in gage to thine : 
By that fair fiin, that fhews me where thou ftand'ft, 
I heard thee lay* and vauntingly thou fpak'ft it. 
That thou wert caufe of noble Gle'^er's death. 
If thou deny'ft it, twenty times thou lieft. 
And I will turn thy falfluxxl to thy heaK 
Where it was forged, with my rapier's pt^'nt. 

jlum. Thou dar*ft not, cowarcf, lire to fee the day. 

^/zro. Now, by my foul, I would it were this hour. 

j^im. MlxwateTy thou art damti'd to hell for this. 

Percy. Aanerky thou lieft ; his honour is as true. 
In this appeal, as thou art all unjiift : 
And that thou art fo, there I throw my gage 
To prt)ve it on thee, to th" extreameft point ' 
Of mortal breathing. Seize ic, if thou dar*ft. 

^lat. And if I do nor, may my hands rot off. 
And never brandiffa more revengeM fteel 
Over the glittering helmet of my fix ! 
Who fco me elfc? by heav'n, I'll throw at all. 
J have a thoafand fpirics in my breaft. 
To anfwer twenty ttioufand fuch as you. 

Starty. My Lord FitzwattTy I remember well 
The very time ^fyaerU and you did talk. 

Fttzw. My Lord, 'tis true ; you were in prefcnce then -, 
And you cap witnels with me, this is true. 

Surrrf. As fidfe, by heav'n, as heav*n it ielf is true. 

fitzw. Surrrf, thou lieft. 

Storey. Di&oiiourablc boy ! 



359 King RiCH.ARD H. ■ 

That lie Ihatt lye io heavy oo my fword. 

That it {ball render vengeance and rev^ngc^ 

•Till thou the lie-givcr, and that lie, reft 

In earth as quiet, as thy father's fcull. 

In proof whereof, there is mine honour's pawn^ 

Engage it to the tryal, if thou dar'ft. 

Fitzw. How fondly doft thou Ipura forward horle! 
If I dare eat, or drink, or breathe, or live, 
I dare meet Surr^ in a wilderneS, 
And fpit upon him, whil(t I lay he lies. 
And lies, and lies : there is my bond of faith. 
To tie thee to my ftrong correfUon. 
As I intend to thrive in this new world, 
Aumerk is guilty of my true appeal. 
Befides, I heard the baniih'd Norfolk lay. 
That thou, Auhurle, didft fend two of ihy men 
To execute the noble Duke at Calais. 

. Jum. Some honeft chriRian trull me with s gage. 
That Norfeli lies ; here do I throw down this. 
If he may be repealM, to try his honour. 

Beling. Thefe dlff'rcnces mall all reft under gage, 
*Till Norfolk be repealed : repeal'd he fliall be, . ■ 
And, though mine enemy, reftor'd again 
To all his figniories ; when he's return'd, 
Againft .tfwnfr^ we will enforce hlis tryal. . 

Qirl. That honourable day Ihajl ne'er be iccQ. 
Many a time hath baniih'd Norfolk fought 
For Jefu Cbrift^ in gloricws chriftian field 
Streaming the enfign of the chriftian Crols, 
Againft black P^ans, 'I\]rks, and Saracens : 
Then, toii'd with works of war, reiir'd himfelf 
To Italy^ and there at Fehice gave 
His body to tb^t pleafant country's earth. 
And his pure foul unto his captajn Chrifiy 
Under whofe colours he had fought fo long. 

Baling. Why, Bilhop," is Nurfolk dead ? 

Carli Sure as I live, my Lord. 

BoUi^. Sweet peace condud his Ibul 


ciq mod t, Google 

Xkg Richard II. 251 

To th' boiem of good j^tbaml — '.Lords «pi»lultik 
Tour diH'reaces ^all all reft under gige, 
Till we alTiga you to your days of tryiL 

S C E N E n. 


Tork. Great Duke of Lancqfiert I come to the? 
From plume- pluckt Richard, who with willing fiwl 
Adopts thee heir, and his high fcepKr yields 
To the poflelCon of thy rovalhana. 
Afcend nis throne, defcending now from him. 
And long live Henry^ of that name the Fourth ! 

BaUng. In God's name, I'll afcend the re^ throne. 

Carl. Many, hcav*ii forbid! 
Worft in this royal prcfcnce may I Ipeak I 
Yet beft befeeming me to Ipcak the truth. 
Would God, that any in this noble prcfence 
Were enough noble to be upright judge 
or noble Rjehardi then true noblenels would 
Learn him forbearance from fo foul a wroi^ 
What fubjed can give lenteoce on his Kingf 
And who Qts here that is not Richarifs fut^ofl ? 
Thieves are not jadg'd but they are by to bear. 
Although apparent guilt be feeirin them. 
And fhall the figure of God's Majeffy, ' . 
His Captain, Steward, Daputy ekd, . 
Anointed, crown'd, and planted many yean. 
Be judg'd by fUl^o^ and inferior breatb. 
And hehimfclf not ffrcfeni? oh, forblcfir, 
That in a diriftian climate, Ibula refia'd 
Should (hew fo hnnous, black, obftme a deed! 
1 fpeak tt) fubjeds, and a fubjctft ^*aki, ' 
StirHd up bv iieav'n, thus boldly jof 'hU Kisg. 
My Lord of Herefird here, whom you tall King* - - 
Is a foul traitor to proud fkrefori'% King. 
And if yon ctowa hini> tec m* prophefie. 


ciq mod t, Google 


The blood of Et^^ fhall iflimure the grouod. 

And future agc« ^oan-for this ibul ad. 

Peace Oiall go flwp with Turks and InHdels, 

And in this fcat of peace, tumultuous wars 

Shall kin with Mio. wd kind with kind confound. 

Diforder, horror, fear and mutiny 

Shall here inhabit, and this land be call'd 

liie field of Golgotha^ and dead men's fculls. . 

Oh, if you rear this houfe againll this boufe, 

It will the wofiiUeft divifion prov^ 

That ever fell upbn this curled earth. 

Prevent, rcGft it, let it not be fo. 

Left children's children cry againft you, woe .' 

Nortb- Well have you argu'd. Sir-, and for your pain^ 
Of capital treafon we arreft you here. 
My Lord of fTefimoffier, be it your charge. 
To keep him fafely *till his day of tryal. 
May't pleafe yotl, l/)rds, to grant the Commons fuit? 

Boling. Fetch hither Richara, that in conmion view 
He may forrender : fo we Ihall proceed 
-Without fu(|)icion. 

Tork. I wjU be his condudl. [£«;. 

Solitig. Jjords, you that are here under our arrd^ 
Procure your furetics for your days of anfwer: 
Little arc we beholden to yoar love, ^To Cari. 

And little look'd for at your helping hands. 

S C E N E in. 

Eraer J&i^ Richard end York. 

K. Rieb. Alack, why am I fent for to a King, 
Before I have Ihook off xhe regal thoughts 
Wherewith I rejgn'df I hardly yet have Jearn'd 
T' inGnuate, flatter, boyr, and bend my knee : 
Give (irrow leave awhile to tutor me 
To this fubmiOion. Yet I well remember .. 
The favours of thefe men ; were t^ Qpf quoe? . \ 


ciq mod t, Google 


Kmg Richard n. 2^53 

Did they not fomedme cry, a]l hail bo me? 

So Jutiaj did to Cbri0 : but he in twelve 

T^ound truth in all but one; I, in twelve thouland, non&a 

To do what fervice am I fent fyr hither? 

Tori. To do Aat office of thine own good will, 
"Which tired Majefty did make thee ofier; 
The rcfignation of thy fiate aod crown. - [crovji. ' 

K. SJeb. Give me the ciown. Here, ooultn, feize die 
Here, on this fide my hand, on that fide thine. ^ . / 
Now, mark me how I wiJ] ando my felf i 
I give this heavy weight from ofi* my head. 
And tills unwetldy fcq>ter from my hand. 
The [^ide of king^y fway ffom out o^ hear^ 
With mine own tears I wa(h away my balm. 
With mine own hands I give aw^ my ciDwn, 
With mine own tongue deny my £nndibte» 

(a)^~— in twdve thoafknd, noae. 

God fare tbeKiagI vnilaomanby, jtminf 

Am I both [wieft and dark ? well then, jimea. 

GodfimtheKioe, alchougb Ibenot he: - ' . 

And ytt Amtn, ifbeav'a do tbink bin hk. 

To do what fervice, (it. 

(b) on that fide rhine. - - 

Now ii thit gcAlen crown like a deep well, 
Tbu owa two bucken. filling one anothor. 
The empcier eret dancing in tne air. 
The other down, unfecn, and full of water : 
That bodtet down, aad full of tean, am I, 
Drinking mj griefB, wbilft yoa mount up OS ]i^. 

B*Umg. I tfaou^t 70s had been willing to k4p>- 

K. Rifb. My crown I am, but fiiU aqr griefs are minci ,. 
Yon ttaj mj eloriei, and my ftate depofe, 
fiat Boc ny gnefs i ftill am I iOng of tholi; 

BoHag, Part of yoar cam you gin nw with jrour craiua. 

K..Ri(h. Your carci fet ap do not slack my cam dom. , -/;, 
My care, u lofi of core, by old care done i ■• ■ '■ 

Your care, it gain of care, by new care won. 
The caret I give, I hare, thot^h given away ; 
lliey tend the crown, yet Sill with me they flay. 

Btlimg. Are you contented Co rcGgn the crown f 

K. Rich. I, no) no, I j for I muS nothing be: 
Therefore no no, for I rcfign to thcc 
MoWi-nnkiBc, iic 

ciq mod t, Google 

^54- ^^ Richard. II. 

With mine own brath rcleafe all duteous baths : 
All pomp and Miyefty 1 do fcM-fwear : 
My manors, renn, revcnudsa Ifbrc^i 
Myads, decrees, and ftatutcsl deny: 
God pardon all oKht that are broke to me! 
God keep all tows unbroke are made K> thee I 
Make me, that nothing have, with nothing grier'df 
And thou with aU pleas'd, tlrat baft all atchicv'd ) « 
What more remains f 

North. No more I but that you read 
Thefe accufaticHis, and thcTe grievous crimes 
Committed by yoar perfon, and yoiu- fbllowersi 
Againll the ftate anct profit of this land : 
Tnat by cooiefiiDg them, the fouls of men 
May deem that youare worthily droos'd, 

K. Rjcb. Muft I do fo? and mitft I ravel out 
My weav*d-up follies ? Oh Northumberland, 
If thy offences were upon record. 
Would it not fhame thee, in fo ^tr a troop. 
To read a Icdure of them ? if thou would'!}. 
There Ihould'ft thou find one heinous article^ 
Containing the IkpoQng of a King, 
And cracking the ftrong warrant of an oath, 
Mark'd with a blot, damn'd in the book of hear^b 
Nay, all of you, that ftand and look upon m^ 
Whilft that my wretchedners doth Ixiit my felf, 
Though fome of you with Pilate waQi your hand^ 
Shewing an outward pity» yet you Pilatts 
Have here deliTer*d me to my fow'r cro^ 
And water cannot wafti away your fin. 

North. My Lord, djfpatch i read o'er theie articlo. 

K. Rieb. Mine eyes are fiill of tears : I unnot lee 1 
And yet £dt-water blinds them not fo much. 


(») — that haft all atchiev'd ! 
Look may'll thon tin ia RictarJ'i Teat to lie, 
Andlbaii lye RicharJ in an earthly pit I 
God &Te ^a>% Btary, nnking'd RitbarJ layi. 
And laid him many yean oS fon-ibine days t 
What nunc, f^r. 


JSag Richard II. 255 

Bat they can fee a fort of initon hew. 
Na^, if I ram mioeeycs upon TOiy Xt\f^ 
I fiiKl my felf 3, traitor with the reft:- 
For I have given here my- fours coAfenr, • 
T* undcck the pompoui body of a King 5 
Made glory baw ; a ^vereign, a flave ; 
Fraud Majefty, a fubjeft ; ftatc, a poaianc 
North. My Lord — 

K. Rich. No Lord of thine, inliikuig man ; 
Nor no man's Lord : I have no mmc, no title t \ 

No, not that name was giv'n me at the font. 
But 'tis uforp'd. Alack the heavy day ! 
That I have worn To many winicn out. 
And know om now what name to call- my ielf. 
Oh, that I were a mockery King of fnow. 
Standing before the fun of BoUt^braktj 
To melt my felf away in water-drops! '>■ 
An if my word be fterling yet in Eiiglmidt 
Let it command a mirror hither flraight. 
That it may Ihew me what a face I have. 
Since it is baokrupc of hit Majefty. 

Belii^. Go feme of you and fetch a k>okrng-gla&. 

Norib. Read o'er this paper, while the gtafi doth come. 

K. Rich. Fiend, thou tormftnt'ft mcj ere I come to hcO. 

BeH/tg. Urge it no more, my Lord Nortbumberlmd. . 

North. The Commons will not then be fatisfy'd, 

K.RJch. They fhall be fatisfy'd: I'll read enough, 
When I do fee the very book indeed, - '; 

Where all tny fini are writ, and iha^j my felf. > 

Enter one with a gUfs. 
Give me that glafs, and therein will I read. 
No deeper wrinkla yet ? hath forrow ftruck 
So many blows upon this face of minSi 
And madeno deeper wounds ? oh. flau'ring ^afi. 
Like to my followers in profperity. 


(1) —in water-drops. 

Good Kiog, great Kingi and yet not greatly goodt 

An if mj, (^e. 

ciq mod t, Google 

35^ ^^ Richard II. 

Thou doft beguile me. Was thb face the fius 
That every day under bk hoatholdroitf^ 
Did keep ten thoufaod men ? wu this the face. 
That like the fun did make beholden wink ? • 
How foon my -fotrow hath deftroy'd my face ! 

Bolif^. The fhadow of your itvrow hath d^roy*d 
The fhadow of your face. 

K. Rub. Say that again. 
The fhadow of my forrow ! ba, kifs feet 
'Tis very true, my grief lyes all within. 
And thefe external manners of laments 
Are merely fliadows to the unfeen grief. 
That fwells with fiknce in the tortur'd foul. 
There lyes the fubftaocc: and I thank thee, King, 
For thy great bounty, that not only giv'ft 
Me caufc to wail, but Kacheft me the way 
How to lament the auSs. 1*11 beg one boon. 
And then be gone, and trouble yui no tasxz. 
Shall I obtain it ? 

BeUng. Name it, ' 'my ftir^ OMiGiL 

K. Kch. Fair coudn ! I am greater than a Kii^: 
For when I was a King, my Batterers 
Were then but fubjedts; being now a fut^, 
1 have a King here to my flatterer : 
Being to great, I have no need to beg. 

Bekng. Yet ask. 

K. HJtb. And ibaU I haveP 

Bolit^. Youfhall. 

K. Rieh* Then ffve me leave to gch 

^#&g. Whither? 


i) — bekoMen wink ? 
_t chii the (ace, which he'd Co many fellies, 
Tbu was at lad out-&c'd by Ba/iugirvh F 
A brittle glory fhineth In thta fvx, 
Ai brittle u the gloir, ii the &ce, 
For then it ii, crackc in an hundred ftiiven. 
ICark, filent King, the moral of thii fport. 
How Ibon taj forrow, t^e. 

I Cur 


C,ql,it;dt, Google 

*i»j Richard II. t^y 

X. aVi. Whither yoa will, fo 1 were from your fighl. 

Bolmg. Go fome of you, contrejr him to the Tewer. • 
On Wiiitfiliiy next we folemnly fct down 
Our coronation: Lords, prepare your feives. 

(£» all tut Abbot, BifKip 0/ Girlifle «»* Aumerle, 


Mlot, A woefiil pageanchave we here beheld. 

Ctrl. The woe's to come : the children yet unborn 
Shall fed this day as ftarp to them as thorn. 

Ax. You holy clergy-men, is there no plot 
To rid the realm of this pernicious blot? 

AUm. Before I freely fpeak my mind herein, 
100 Ihall not only take the facrament. 
To bury mine intenB, but to effcfl ' 

Whatever I ihall happen to devifc. 
I fee your brows are full of difcoment. 
Your beans of forrow, and your eyea of tears. 
Come home with me to fupper, and 1*11 lay 
A pbl fliall fliew usallamerryday. [Zxtml, 


A Stmt in London. 

SMta ^a md laJiii, 

Q D « > H. 

THb way thoKing will come: this is die way 
To Jiatu Ce/ar's ill^^refted tow'r, 
To whofe flint bofom my condemned Lord 
bdoom'd a prilbncr, by proud Bolinzirokt. 
Vol. llf *^R Hcte 

W — to the Tfwer. 

K. Rith. CA, goodi eofivM: Convtv«n dfe roo alL 
Tliat rife (QUI nin^y bj a true Kuig*! liU. 


ciq mod t, Google 

«58 ^/»g Richard 11. 

Here Irt us reft, if this rebellious e»rth 
Have any refting for her true King^s<3ireen. 

Enter JS>^ Ridnrd and Guards^ 
But foft, but fte, w rather ito not fte. 
My lair rofe wither ; yet look up i behold. 
That you in pity may diflblve to dew, 
And walh bim freih again with ffuc-to*« «ats* 

thou, At model where old TVoytM ftand, {% K. Rkh. 
Thou map of honour, thou King Hieharffi tothb^ 
And not King Richard; thou moft beauteous inn. 
Why Qwuld hard-fafrflurtl grief be lo^d in thre. 
When trimiph isbeootnean ale-houfe guetlf 

K. BJcb. Join not with grie^ ^r womany <So not lb, 
To make my end too fuddcn : WrB, good fttil. 
To think our former fi«e a happy dmm. 
From which awak'-d, thecrwh«f what we*rc ■ 
Shews us but this. 1 am fWorn bKuher, fwttt^ 
To grim Neceffity \ alid he and I 
Will kdep a league 'tiJt d«fth. Hye thfec CO j^«tf«'. 
And cloifter thcc in fome religious houfe-, 
Oi*li'{3y lives muft win a new world's crown,' ' 
*WTiich our profane hours here have ftricken down. 

^ueen. How, is my Richard both in fiiape and mind 
TransfonnM and weak f hath Bclh^broke depOt'd 
Thine intelleft ? hath he been in thy heart ? 
The Lion dying thruftet-h forth' htspaw. 
And wounds the earth, if nothiug clfe, with rage 
To be o'crpowVd : land tfrilt thou, {jupif-like. 
Take thy correftion mildly, kjl^ {he rod. 
And fawn on rage with Iwfe hufli'ility^ 
Which krt a Lion and a King of bcaftsf 

K^ Rich. A King of beafts indeed ; if <aagh\ btlC beafts, 

1 had been ftiH a happy King of men. 

Good, 'fomctime Queen! prepare thee hiSncc for JVajrrt^ 
iThlnfc I am dead, and that ev'n here thou tadc^ft^ 
As from my death-bol, my laft living lave. 

* In 

(a) Sometime, y^r AmoErly. 

Ciqliiod:, Google 

Khg Richard IL 359 

In winter*! tedious nighti fit by the fire 

With good old folks, and let them teU thee taks 

Of wocfbl ages, long agp betid i 

And ere thou bid good-night, to quit their grief. 

Tell ihou the lamen table &I <£ me, 

And Ic^ die hearers weeing to their beds. * 


Enter Nonbtmtberland. 

Ifortk My Lard, the mind of BoUngbroke ii chang'd i 
You muft to Pomfrett not unto the Tower. 
And, Madam, there is order ta'en for you : 
With all fwtft fpeed you muft away to Fraxce. 

K. Sicb. Northawriandt thou ladder wherewithal 
The mounting Boia^broke alcends my throne. 
The time IhalT not tx many hours of age 
More th^ it is, ere foul fin gathVing head 
Shall break into corruption \ thou ihalt thinic,' 
Though' he divide the realm, and give thee half. 
It is too little, helping him to all : 
And he ihall think, tluit thou, which know*fttbe way 
To plant unr^tfiil Kings, wilt know again. 
Being ne'er (o little urg'd, another way 
To pluck him headlong from th* ufurped throne. 
The love of wicked friends converts to fear) 
That fear t9 hate) and hate turns one, or both. 
To worthy danger, and deJerved death. 

North. My guile be on my head ! and tben^s an cod. 
Take leave, and part, fat you muft part forthwith. 

K.Rjcb. Doubly divorc'd P Bad men, yc violate 
A two-fold maniage ; 'cwixt my crown aixl m^ 

R 1 And 

M — tadmrbedi. 

For whj { [he fenfelefi bnndt will fympatlkiae 

Tbe knv scoeni of thy movlDg tongue. 

And ia compaffioD weep the fire out i 

And fomc will moara in aflia, foms Mil-bluliv 

Wot the depofiog of a rightful King. 

ciq mod t, Google 

26o Kiftg Richard II. 

And then benyixt me and my married wife. 
Let me unkils the oath 'twixt thee and me : 

[Te the ^een. 
And yet not fo, for with a kifs 'twas made. 
^»n\3^ Northumberland: I, towards the North, 
Where fliiv'ring cold and ficluiefs pines the clime: 
My Queen to France j from whence, fet forth in pomj^ 
She came adorned hither like fweet May, 
Sent back like HoUowmas^ or fliorteft day. 

^ueen. And muft we be divided ? muft we part ? 
Banilh us both, and fend the King with me. 

North. That were fome love, but little policy. ■ 

K. Rich. Thus give I mine, and thus take I thy heart. 

^een. Give me mine own againi 'twere no good pair. 
To take on me to keep, and kill thy heart. [Kifi again. 
So, now I have mine own again, be gone. 
That I may flrive to kill it with a groan. 

K. Rich. We make woe wanton with this fond delay : - 
Once more, adieu ! the reft let forrow (ay. {Exeun/. 

(a) — but little policy. 

$»M«. Then whither he goes, thither let me go. 

K. Rich. So two together weepiiig, nuke one woe. 
Weep thou for me in France; I for ihec here : 
Better &r off; than near, be ne'er the near. 
Go, count Ay way with lighs, I mine with groan* : 

^ten. So loi^cA way fhall have the longcft moaot. 

K. Ri(h. Twice for one fiep I'll groan, the way being ihoTt, 
And piece the way out with a heavy heart. 
Come, come, in wooing forrow let's be brief. 
Since, wedding it, there is fuch length in grief: 
One kifi Ihall nop our moutht, and dumbly parti 
Thus give 1 mine, iSe. 

S C £ N B 

ciq mod t, Google 

Xrtg Richard IT. 261 

S C E N E iir. 

The Duke of York'j Palace. 

Eraer York and bis Dutcbefs. 

Dutch. Tiyr Y Lord, you told me you would teH the rcl\ 
iTX 'When weeping made you break the ftory off. 
Of our two coufins coming into Landon. 
Tork. Where did Heave? 
Dutch. At that ladHop, my Lord, 
Where nidc-mifgovern'd hanck, from window-tops. 
Threw duft and rubbilh on King JiicharJ's head. 

Thri. Then, as I faid, the Duke, great BoUngbroie^ 
Mounted upon a hot and fiery ftecd, 
Which his afpiring rider feem'd lo know,* 
With flow but ftatdy pace kept on his courfe : 
While all tongues cry'd, Godfave ihee, Bolingbroke I 
You wouki have thought the very windows fpake. 
So many greedy looks of young and old 
Through cafemcnts darted their defiring eyes 
Upon his vifage ; and that all the walls 
Wth painted imag'ry had faid at once, 
J(Si prejerve tbee ! welcome^ Bolingbroke! 
Whilft he, from one fide to the other turning 
Bare-headed, lower than his proud fteed'a neck, 
Bcfpokc them thus ; I thank you, country-mem 
And thus flill doing, thus he paCt along. 
Ditich. AJas ! poor Ritbard^ where rides he the while ! 
Tork. As in a theatre, the eyes of men. 
After a well-grac'd adlor leaves the ftagc, 
.Are idly bent on him that enters next, 
ThiiUcing his pranle to be tedious : 
Even fo, or with much morecontempr, meti*s eyes 
Did fcowl on JUcbardi no man cry'd, God favc him I 
Nojt^ful tongue g^ve him his welcome home; 

R 3 But 

ciq mod t, Google 

262 King Richard 1L 

But duft was thrown upon his lacred head i 

Which with fuch gentle fcM-row he Ibook ofi^ 

His face ftiti combating with tears and fnuln. 

The badges of his grief and patience i 

That had not God, for ibtoe ftronfi purpoTe* fteel*d 

The hearts of men, they muft perforce n&ve melted. 

And barbarifm it felf have pitied him. 

But heaven hath a hand in thde events. 

To whofe high will we bound our calm contents. 

To Bolingbroks are we fworn fubjefts now. 

Whole Ihtte and honour J for zyc allow. 

S C E N E IV. 
Enter Aumerle. 

Dutch. Here comes my foa ^/umerlt. 

Tori. Aumerle that was. 
But that is loft, for being Ricbanfi friend. 
And, Madam, you muft call him Rutland nowi 
I am in Parliament pledge for his truth. 
And lafting fealty to the new-made King. 

Dutch. Welcome, my fon t who are the Vidett now. 
That.flrew the green lap of the new-come fpringf 

jium. Madam, I know not, nor *'do^ greatly care; 
Gt>d l^nows I had as lief be none, as one. 

Terk. Well, bear you well in this new f[»ing (^tim^ 
Left you be cropc before you come to prime. 
W hat news from Oxford? hold thofe jufts and trhimt^ 9 

Aum. For ought I know, they do. 

Tu-k. You will be there. 

Aum. If God prevent me not, I purpofe fo. 

Tork. What f«il is that that tun^ without thy haCom i 
Yea, look'ft thon pale? ' 'come, Ttt^ me fee the writing. 

Abui. My Lord, 'tis nothing. 

Terk. No matter then who fees it. 
I will be fadsBcd, let me fee the writing. 

^m. I do befeech your Gncc to pwlon m^ 

J I 3 let 

ciq mod t, Google 

JSag RiCHAED IJ. 263 

Ic is a matter «f fmall coafequence, 

Which for Iqnxe reaTon^ 1 yrould not have ken, 

Tork. Wbich for Ibme rcafbns,^ Sir, i mean to ftc. 
I fear, I fia^— 

Du/r^. What fljould yo^ fear, my Lord? 
'Tts nothiiig but fbme bond he*s entered into. 
For gay appuvl, ^^oovagainfl'' the triumph. 

Tork. Bound to-himlelf r what doth he. with a bone} 
That he is bound to ? «rif(, thQt^art a fool. 
Bo7» let me In thQ writing. 

Jum. 1 do befeccfa you pardon me, I may not Ihenr it. 

Tvk. I will be ^tisbed, let me lee it, ] Ly. 

{Snaicbtiity md reads, 
Treafon! &u] trealen.' viUain^ tralcsr, flave! 

"Duttb. What's the matter, my Lord ? 

Tork. Hte, who's within there ? * 'faddle me my^ horic. 
Heav'n ftv his mercy ! what treachery is here I 

Dmh, Why,- wbit is't, my Lord ? 

Tork. Give me my booG^ I lay \ faddle my boric. 
Now by my honour, by mjr life, my troth, 
I will appeach the vUIaio. 

Ihacb. What is the matter? ' 

Terk. Peace, foolilh vomao ! 

"Oiacb. I wiU not peace: what is the matter* fbn? 

Aitm, Good mother, be content \ it is OQ more 
Tbaa my poor life audi tuifwor. 

DuiA. Thy life anfwer! 

.15 C E N E V. 

EiUtt Strom v»th hf^i. 
Tvk. Bring me my boots. I wit) unto the Ki^. 
limdf, tvc&»\ivca^4¥m*rU. (Pqorb^, ito)artamaz*d.) 
Hence, villain, never more come in my fight ! 

\S}takii^ to the Servant. 
Tork. Give me my boots. 

R 4 Dutch. 

4 i^uoA s fiiddle vy 

ciq mod t, Google 

264 J^ Richard U. 

Tiutcb. Why, Tork, what wilt thou do f 
AVilt thou not hide the trcCpafi of thine own ? 
Have we more ions ? or arc we like to hare ? 
Is not my teaming date drunk up with time? 
And wilt thou pluck my fair fon from mine age^ 
And rob me or a happy mother's name? 
Is he not like thee? is he not thine own f 

Tork. Thou fond mad woman. 
Wilt thou conceal this dark confpiracy ? 
A doan of thcjn here have ta'en the iacramcnt. 
And interchangeably have fet their hands. 
To kill the King at Oxford. 

Dutch. He ftiall be none : 
We'll keep him here -, then what is that to him ? 

Tork, Away, fond woman ! were he twenty times 
My Ion, I would appcach him. 

Dutch. Had'ft thou groan'd for him 
As I have done, thou'dft be more pitifiil : 
But now I know thy mind : thou doft fufpeA 
That I have been difloyal to thy bed, 
And that he is a baftard, not thy fon : 
Sweet Tbrit, fweet husband, benot of that mind: 
He is as like thee as a man may be, 
JJor like to me, nor any of my kin, 
And yet I knre him. 

Tork. Make way, unmly woman .' \E}^', 

Dutch. After, Aumerk^ mount thee irpon his horl^ 
Spur pod, and get beforir him to the King, 
And b^ thy pardon, ere he do accuTe dies. 
1*11 not be long behind ; though I be old^ 
1 doubt not but to ride as iaft as Tork .• 
And never will I rife up from the ground, 
'Till B^itigirc^ have pvdpo'd thee. Away,' [Extmt, 


ciq mod t, Google 

Kh^ Richard II. 265 

S C E N E VI. 

Changes to WindfoT-Ca^e. 
Ester Bolingbroke, Percy, atid other Lards. 

■^ AN no man tell of mjr unthrifty fon ? 
^ *Tis ^11 three months fince I did fee him lalL 
If any plague hang over us 'tis he : 
I would to heav'n, my Lords, he might be found. 
Enquire at Londm^ 'mongft thp taverns there; 
For there, they fay, he daily doth frequent, 
With unreftrained loofc companions: 
Even fudi, they fay, as ftand in narrow lane^ 
And beat our watch, and rob our paJIcngers; 
While he, young, wanton, and e&minate boy. 
Takes on the point of honour, to fupport 
So diflblute a crew. 

Percy. My Lord, fome two days fince I faw thcPrincej 
And told him of * 'the^ triumphs held at Oxford, 

BoUtig. And what faid the gallant ? 

Percf. His anfwer lyaa, he would unto the ftews. 
And irom the common'ft creature pluck a glove 
And wear it as a fevour, and with that 
He would unhorfc the lufticft challenger. 

BoU^. As diflblutc as defp'ratej yet through botb ■ 
I fee fome fparks of hope j which elder days 
Way happily bring forth. But who comes here? 

BiUtr Aumerle. 

Aum. Where is the King? 
Bolag. What means our couGn, that he ftares 
And looks fo vildly? 

Mm. God iave your Grace ! I do befeech yourMajcAy, 
To have Ibme conf 'reott with your Grace alone. 


ciq mod t, Google 

a66 JKjwg R.ICIIA.B.D I>. 

Salii^. Withdrav your lelvesj and kave m here done. 

'What is the matter with our coufin now ? 

.^mi. For ever majr my knees grow to the earth, 

My tongue cleave to my roof within my moudi. 
Unlets a pardon, ere I rift or fpeak 1 

Baling;. Intended or committed was this iaulc? 
If but the firit, how heinous e'er it be, 
To win thy after-love^ 1 pardon choe. 

jitm. Then give me leave that I may turn tbcikey. 
That no man enter *till the tale be done. 

Belitfg. Have thy defire. Vf^"^ mliia, 

Terk. My Liege, beware, kek to thy JaUT, 
Thou hall a traitor In thy prefence there. 

Boiing. ViHain, I'll make thee fife, [fear. 

jfum. Stay thy revengeful hand, than haA no eaufe to 

Tork. Open the door, feoiM^ fookhudy KiiQ : 
Shall I for love fpeak trcafim to thy face? 
Open the door, or I will break it opca, 

s c E N E vn. 

BoBv. What is the matto-, uncle? ^caktX33t£ tireatt): 
Tell us now near is <Unger« 
That wc may arm us ,to encounter it. 

Terk. Perufe ttUt writing here, and thou fhalt know 
The treafbn that my hade forbids me Ihow. 

Aum. Remember, as thou read'ft, thy promile paft:' 
I do repent me, read not my name there. 
My heart is not amfed'rate with my hand. 

T»rk. Villain, it wai, ere thy hand fet it down. 
I tore it filHn the trutor's bolbm, {Cing. 
Fear, and not love, bqgcts his penitence i 

Foract to pity him, le^ thy pity prove 
A KTpent, that wiU fting uiee to the heart. 

ciq mod t, Google 


JSirg Richard II, 267 

BoUi^. O hnaous. firong. ud bold «oa^ir«cy I 
O loyal fitther (^ a treach'roua Ton I 
Xhou clear, immaculate, and lilver fountain, 
From whence this (lr.eam, thnxigh muddy paffigei» 
Hath had bis current, and dc&l'a himrdf, 
Thy overflow of good converts to bad, 
JUid thine abundant goodoels fliall ausA 
This deadly blot in diy digreOing fim. 

Tork. So fluU ray rircue be his yi(x*s bawd, ' 

And he Iball fpeod mine honour with his fluunc-i 
A« dmitlels fons their fcraping fathers* gold. 
Mine honour lives, when hia diffaonour diet : 
Or my fham'd life in his dilhoiiour lyes: 
Thou kill*ft me io his lifej giTit^ him breath. 
The traitor lives, the true mao's pu co death. 

[Dutcbifs viithh, 

ikfcik What h(^ my iJegeJ for heave's iake let me io« 

BoH)^. WhatfltfUl-voiCdIuppIuntouketthiseagercry? 

Dtaa. A woman, and thine aunt, great King, '113 I. 
Speak with me, pity mc, open the door 1 
A bc^gu* b^^ that never b^g*d before. * 

BtliKg. My dangerous coufin, let your mother 'm^ 
I know file's come to pray for your foul fin. 

Tori. If thou do pardon, whofttevff pray. 
More £ns for this fi»:givei)efi projper mayi 
This fcfter*d joint cut off, the reft is fawd | 
This kc akHie will all die raft ooofbund. 

SCENE vm. 

Duteb. O King, believe not thb hard-hearted manf 
Xove, loving not it felf, none other can. 
Tork. Thou frantick woman, irtiat doft thou do hero? 


^] ^^^B ben d DGnrtj 

J*/n^. Our Icow » ■IteiM btm a faiow tUa^ 
Aad ao<r duif *d to the beggVi »4 Ac King. 

ciq mod t, Google 

268 ^ttg Richard II, 

Shall thy.old di^ once more a traitor rear ? 
Dutch. Sweet Tori, be pariem j hear me, gentle Liegel 

Bolmg. Rife Uf^ good aunt. 
Dtitcb. Not yet, I thee befeech j 
For ever will I kneel upon my knees. 
And never fee day that the happy fees, 
'Till thou give joy, until thou bid me joy. 
By pard'ning Rutlatid, my tranfgreffing boy. 
Mm, Unto my mother's prayers I bend my knee. 

. - « . IKneeh. 

Tori. Againft them both my true joints bended be. 

11! may*ft thou thrive, if thou grant any grace ! 

Duieh. Pleads he in earneft ? look upon his fece j 
His eyes drop no tears, his prayers are in jeft ; 
His words come from his mouth, ours from our breaftj 
He prays but faintly, and would be deny'd i 
We pray with heart and foul, and all befidc. 
His weary joints would gladly rife, I know j 
Our knees (hall knee!, 'till to the ground they grow. 
His prayers are full of felfc hypocrifie. 
Ours of true zea!, and deep integrity j 
Our prayers do out-pray his; then let them wave 
That mercy, which true prayers ought to have. 
Bolii^. Good aiint, ftand up. 
Dutch. Nay, do not fay ftand up. 
But rardon firft, fay afterwards ftand up. 
An if I were thy niiffe, thytongge to teach. 
Pardon (hould be the lirft word of thy fpcech. 
I never long'd to hear a word 'till now : 
Say, Pardon, King, let pity teach thee how. ■ 

(i) —teach thee how. 

The word i> fhort, bat not f« fhort as Tweet, 

No word like piirdon, for Kinc^ mouths fo meet. 

Yerk. Speak it in Frtncb, King, (ay Pariinntx my. 

Dutch. Doll thou teach pardon, pardon to deUroy i 
Ah, my fow'r husband, my hud-hearted Lord, 
That fet*lt the word it Iclf, againft the word. 



ciq mod t, Google 

King RicHARj) ir. ad^ 

SoBi^. Good aunt, ftand up. 

Dufeh. I do not fue to Aand, 
Pardon is all the fuit I have in hand. 

BoUng. I pardon him, as heav'n HialJ pardon tne, . 

Dutch. O happy vantage of a kneeling fcncet 
Ycc am I fick for fear; fpeak it again; 
Twice &ying pardon doui not pardon twain. 
But makes one pardon ftrong. 

BoUng. With aJl my heart 
I pardon hini. 
. Dutch, A God on earth thou art. 

BoUts. But for our tnifty brother-in-law i the Abbot, 
With aU the refl; of that conforted crew,. 
Deflnidion ftraight Iball dee them at the heels. 
Good uncle, help to order ieveral powen ' 
To Oxford^ or wnere-c'er theie traitors are. ■ \Mxemt. 

S C E N E DC. 

Enter Exton tatd a ServaM, 

Exton. Didftthounot mark the King, what words ba 
Have I no fiwid will rid me of I 'this ftdr ?"* [fpakc ? 
Was it not fb f 

Spak pardon as 'tii currant in oar Iind, 
llie chopping Fremei we do not underSind. 
Tliuic eye b^m to fpealc, fet thy tongue then;' 
Or is thy piteoui heart, plant thou thine ear. 
That heariiig How onr pluncs and praye» do pierce, 
Pi^ aaj move thee pardon to rehcarfe. 
Stling. Good aoot, Ef r. 

(a) — tntiton are. 

T^ej Ihall not live within this world, I ftrau-i 
Bnt I will have them, if I once know where. 
Uncle, fetewdt and, coufin, adieu i 
y DOT mother well hath pray'd, and prore yoo tne. 
Drnteh. Come, my old fon, I pray heav'n make thee new, 
S C E N E, tf f . 

7 dfiiUwMgftsrT 

ciq mod t, Google 

^JO JESlS^ RlCHAIt.D n. 

Serv. Thofc were hij veiy words. 

EMtoH. Have I no friend f cpo^hti heipakeittwk^ 
And ui^d k twice C(^cther i did he notf 

Sero. He did. 

Extai. And Ipeaking it he wiftljr look'd on me. 
As who ihall i&jt I would thou wert the man 
That would divorce this terror from my heart i 
Meaning the King at PomfrH. Come, lee's go : 
I am the King^s friend, and will rid his foe, ^Exeuiit^ 


A Prijon *t Pomfret Q^U. 

Enter King Richard. 

IL.Rieb.'t Have been (hidyins how to compare 

Hiis prifiin where I live unto the world) 
And, for becaufe the world is populous. 
And here is not A crntture bat my tiilf, 
I cannot do It, yet I'll hammer on*t. 
My brain ' 'Ihall^ prove the female to my fouf. 
My foul, the father; and thcfe two begec 
A generation of ftill-l»eedtng thoughts ; 
And thcfe &me thoughts people this little world i 
In humour, like the people of tliis world. 
For no thought is • ''oontont.^ The better fact, 
(As thoughts of things divine,) are intennitt 
With fcruples, and tlo fct the word It fclf 
Againft the word } as thus; Com, Sttk muti and Aoka^an, 
It is as hard to come, as for a Camel 
To thread tbe pofiem ^.« nudU'j ^e. 
Thoughts tending to ambition, citey do cJoC 
Unlikely wondeni how thefe vain weak oftib 
May tear a paffiae tbtoqgh the ^iMf libs 
Of this hard world, my ragged prifon-WBlIi : 


S ra '9 contiatvd. 


lOfig'KrtHARb II. 271 

And for they caftndt. die m their own pride. 
Thoughts tcAding to tontcnt IktRr themfelves. 
That thcf «€ not rtrt firft of fortune*s flavcs. 
And ihalj not be ttifc lift, like filly beggars. 
Who fitting in the ftoclts refuge their (hamc. 
That many ha« and whcrs muft fit there ; 
And in th^ thought they find a kind of eafc. 
Bearing their own misfortune on the back 
Of fuca as liave before endar'd the like. 
Thus play I, in one prifon, many people. 
And none contented. Sometimes am I King, 
Then trealbn makes me wiAi oay fe)f « bc^g^. 
And fo I am. Theo crullung pensry 
Perfwades m^ I was better whea aXii^t 
Then am I kuig*d a^in ; and by and by. 
Think that I aiA luiking'd by Solijfginkty 
And ftnught-am nothing: — but wuK-^er I am. 
Nor I, nor any man, that b«t man is, 
With nothing flull be plcas'd* 'tiJJ he be e«*d 
With being nothing- — Mufick do I heu i \Mttfi(ti 
Ha, ha I keep time.: bow fow'r ftveot mufidc is, 
When time is broke, and no propoFCkMi keptl 
So is it in the muikk of hica's lives. 
And here have 1 -the daintineffi of <v. 
To check time broke in a difbtder'd ftrii^) 
But for the concord of my ftate and time. 
Had not an ear to hear my tnie time broJce : 
I wafted time, and now doth time waAe liie. 
For now hath time made me his numbring >cIock : 
My thoughts are minutes j and with fighs they jar 
Thtfir watches to mine eyes the ostwji^ Wa<ck| 
Whereto myTihger, Hke a dial's point. 
Is pointing ftill, in cleanfmg them from texts. 
Now, Sir, the Ibunds that tell what hour it is, '.» 
Are clamorous groans, that ftrifce upon rtiy heat^ 
Which is the belli fo fighs, and_ tears, and groans. 
Shew minutes, hours, and times ~~ O, but my time 
Runs pofting on, in B$li^hreke'i proud joy. 



272 lOwg Richard Ut 

While T (hnd fooling here, his jack 0* th* clocfc. 
This mufick mads me, let it found no morej 
For though it have hclp'd mad men to their witSy 
In me it fcems, it will make wife men mad. 
Yet bicffing on his heart that gives it mc ! 
For *tis a figii of love 1 and love to Richard 
Is a ftrange brooch, in this ' ''fall-hating^ world. 

Enter Groom, 

Groom. Hail, rapX Pri/ice! ■ 

Tk.Ricb. Whata«? how com'ft thou Jiither ? 
"Where no mart ever comes, but that (ad ' 'drudge^ 
That brings mc food, to make misfortune five? 

Groom, \ was a poor groom of thy (table. King, 
"When thou were Kihg } who navelling tow'rds Terkf 
With much ado, at length have gotten leave 
To look upon my, *> fometime, mafter's face. 
O, how it yearn'd my heart, when I beheld. 
In LondoH fireeu, that coronation day ; 
When Boki^hvke rode on Roan Barbary, 
That horle, that thou fo often haft beftrid ; 
That horfe, that I fo carefully have dreis'd! 

K. Rich. Rode he on fiarbary i cdl me, gentle friend^ 
How went he under him ? 

Groom. So proudly, as he had difdajn'd the ground. 

K.Rici, So proud thut BoB^hroh was on his Uckl 
That jade hath eat bratd from my royal hand. 
This hand hath made him proud with clapping him. 
Would he tiot ftumbte? would he not fall down, 


{a) royal Prince. 

K. RUi. TbaoJu, noble Peer. 
The cheapeR'of im, it ten grmt* too dear. 
What ut diog t and how com'A, i^c. 

(b) Sometime, /»rfonnerljf. F»f*. 

I all-liating ... eU tdit. W»h. tmt*4. 

Z dog . . ; Mitiit- ^arh. mrni. 

ciq mod t, Google 

Itfflg RtC»AR0 If. 273 

(Since pride mtift hive a lall) and break the nec;k 
Of chat proud man, that did ufurp bis bad: 1 
Fwgivcnefs, horfc ! why do I rail on thee. 
Since diou, created to be aw'd by man. 
Waft born to bear ? I was not made a horle« 
And jret I bear a burthen like an afs, 
Spur-gali^d} and dr'd by jaunting So^iroitt 

S C E N E xir. 

Eater Kftftr with a di/b. 

ttuf. Fellow, give place ; here is no Idnger fta^. 

\fo the Greo». 

K. Rkb. If tbou love me, 'cis time thou wera away. 

Croem. What my tongue dares not, that my heart Quil 
Jay. lEmt, 

Keep. My Lord, wUl't pleafe you to fall to f 

K. Ritb. Tafte of it firft, as thou wcrt wont to do. 

Ktep. My Lord, I dare not } for Sir Pierce of ExttHt 
Who lue came from the King, commands the contrary. 

K. Rkb. The Dev") take Hettfy of Lmti^^ and rhce I 
fluiendlis ftale, and I am weary of it. ^Buus tbe Kttfir. 

Kuf. Help, belpi help!— - 

Enter Exton tni Strvantj. 

KJUcb. How now 7 what means death in thisfudeafiiult? 
Vrietch, thine own hand yield* thy death's inth-umentj 

lSti§tebi$^a Sword from one of the Servant: kills tim 
Go drau, and Si another room in hell, [£/& anothtr. 
[Exton Jtrmi bim dovuf. ' 
That hand flull burn in nerer-queochiiig 6re, 
That ftaggeri thus my perfon : diy fierce hand 
Hub with the King's blood ftain'd the King's own land. 
Mount, mount, my foul ! thy feat is up on nigh* 
Whilft my gro& fleOi finks downward, hete to die. [pUs» 

ExloK. As full of valour, as of royal blood i 
Both have I fpitt t Oh, would the deed were good 1 

Vot. la S For 


274 ^'"S Richard II. 

For now the devil that told me I did well. 

Says, that this deed is chronicled in hell. 

This dead King to the living King I'll bear i 

Take hence the reft, and give them burial here. lEtcaat. 


The Court at Windfor. 

Fleurijb. Enitr Bolindiroke, Yoric, with ether Lords 
and Mtefidanls. ■ • ,. 

B«Uni.V\n^ uncle iV-t, the lateft news wc hear, 

■^ Is that lilt rebels have confiitn'd with Sltt 
-Our town of CUeJler in Glme^trfitire% 
But yhether they be ta'en or flain, we hear not. 

Knter Northumberland. " - - 
■\Velcomc, rnyLord: what is the news? 

ihrkb^ Firft to thy iacred ftate wift IftU h^ip'nefii* 
The tKiit newsis, .1 have toXffM^ fent ' 
■Ttl<ii«Kl4o£Jfl/'j^«0', Spmtr, BbM. 3nd Knl: 
The manner of their taking tnay ai^)ear _ . 

At large difcourfed in this paper here, [Prefenttng a paper. 

BoHng. We thank thw,- gentle Percy; for thy pains, 
, And TO thy worth will add right worthy g^s. ■ ' t 
Enter Fifz-water. ' 
Flt7!w. My Lord," I have from Oxford lent to Lnidat 
TTie heads of firoccas, . and Sir Seitnei Seely ; 
Two of the dangerous conforted traitors, 
That fought at Oxford thy dire overthrow. 

Baling. Thy p'ains, Fiiz-water; Ihall not be foreo^'" 
"Right noble is thy merit, well I wot. * 

Enter tjncy mid tbiBybcp of Carliifc, 
t Ptrey. The grand confpifator Akht of iP'-efiait^tr^ ' 
K ,. With 

ciq mod t, Google 

JSng Richard II. 275 

Wkh dog oFconlcienoet and four melancholf. 
Hath yicMed up his txx^ to the grave : 
fitit here is CarUJU^ living to abide 
Thy kingly doom, and fentence of his pride. 

BoU}^, Carli^t this is your doom : 
Chufe out fome fecrec place, fome reverend room 
More than thou haft, and with it 'joy thy life ; 
So as thou liv'ft in peace, die free from (trife. 
For though mine enemy thou haft ever been. 
High fparks of honour in thee I have leen. 

Enter Exton vntb a co^. 

Extm. Great King, within this coffin I preftnt 
Thy bury'd fear. Herein all breathlcfs ly« 
The mightieft of thy grcateft enemies, 
Richard of Bourdeaux^ by me hither brtwght. 

BoUng. Exton, I thank thee not; for thou baft,wrought 
A deed of flander with thy fital hand. 
Upon my head, and all this famous land. 

£x/M. From yourown mouth, my Lord, did I this deed.' 

Soling. They love not poilon, that do poilbn needi 
Nor do I thee, though I did wifh him dead i 
I hate the murth'rer, love him murthered. 
The guilt of confcience take thou for thy labour. 
But neither my good word, nor princely favour. 
With Cain go wander through the Ihade of night. 
And never Dkw thy head by day, or light. 
Lords, I protcft my foul is full of woe. 
That blood (hould fprinkle me, to make me grow. 
Come mourn with me for what I do lament. 
And put on fullen black incontinent : 
PlI make a voyage to the Holy-land, 
To wafli this blood ofF from my guilty hand. 
March ladly after, grace my mourning here. 
In weeping over this untimely bier. lExtHnf mmm^ 

It, Google 

ciq mod t, Google 

The FiisT Pa«t of 

H E N R T W. 


hlFEand DEATH 


Hzvinr'JSrtum'd Hot-spur. 

ciq mod t, Google 



Worccftcr, ■\ 

Northumberland, i • ■ - . 

Hot-fpur, I 

Ehfommer, { 

^ehbi/hep of York, y Enemies to the Kii^. 

Dowgl* " ", 

Owtn Cldldower; 

Sir Richard Vernon, 

Sir Michell, 

Jir John FaJBaff. 

Poins, 1 

PatT'''"" > ^""/"^''"•/^""'•ff'- 
ltardojitl, 'V ' •■ -■■ ■ . • _ 

ia^ Percy, W'jft <» Hot Ipur. 

Lai) Morrimer, Dia^blif\lf.G\wdsma, mi If^l U 

Ntfitfs Quickly. 

TrmtlUrif vii ^ttaieiits* 
SCENE, -fiWGi^WA ■• 



The First Part of ^ 


A -C'T t SCENE I.- 

tbe,Court at LONDON. ' -r 

Enter .Km^. He^TYt. i></ John:C/",Xjuicaftcr, Earl of 
Weftmorland, ^nd ethers. ■.-■■- \ 

King H.i NRy. . , ■,* 

CO. llaikcnasweare, fo wan with carf, 
I Find wc a time far-frighted peace to pant» : 
I And breathe Iht»'t-.«6ndedBcccats of new broils 
I 2Jo be commenced in ftronds afar rcnaotelj 
■ No more the tbirtty entrance of this foil - 
Shall dawb.ber lipi with her own children'^ blood: f 
No more Ihall trenching War channel her ficids. 
Nor bruife her flowrcts with the axnaed hooft 
Of hoftile paces. Thofe oppofcd ' 'arms^ 
Which like the meteors of a troubled heav'n, . "'^ 
All of one nature, ef one fubftance bred, * 

Did latdy mectin the intdftino Jhock ' ■" 

And furious clofe of civil butdwry, ' ■ 

Shall now in motual welUbcfeeming ranks ** 

March all oneiw, and be no mere qppos'd 

S 4 Againft 

I «y» "' * 

ciq mod t, Google 

3^0 Tie Brfi Part of 

Againft a^aaintance, kindred, and alliffi : 
The edge of war, like an iU-iheathed hnife. 
No more fiiall cut hjs nufter. Therefore, friends* 
As far fls to the Jepulchre of Cbrifi^ 
(Whofe foldier now, under whofc blefltid Crofs 
We are imprefltd, and cngag'd lo fight) 
Forthwith a power of Eti^Jh (hall wc levy \ 
V^hofe artns were moulded in their tnothci's womb^ 
To chafe thefe pagans, in thole holy fields 
Over whole acres walk'd thofe bleflfod feet 
■Which, fourteen hundred years ago, were nailM 
For our advantage on the oitter Crols. 
But this our purpole is a twelvemonth old. 
And bootlcfs 'lis to tell ypu we will go; 
ThCTcforc we meet not now. Then let cue heir 
or you, my gentle couiin Wefimorhmd^ 
What ycRcrnight our council did decree. 
In foryirarding this dear expedience. 

fVefi. My Liege, this hafte wu hot jn qutfldoDf 
And many limits of the charge fee down 
'BiJt yedernight] when all adiwart there came 
A poft from W<ilii^^ loaden with heavy news( 
Whofe worft was, that the noble Msrtiaur^ 
X^cading the men of Heref^r^art do 6ght 
Againft th' irregular and wild G/niiraw, 
Was by the rude hands of that Weifiman taken) 
A thoufand of his people butchered,. 
tJpon whofe dead corps there was Aich mifuie. 
Such beaftly fhamelels transfbrmation 
Bjr thofe fFtlfitwomen done, as may not be 
Without much fhame re-tgld or fpoken of. 

K. Henry. It feetns then, that tta tidings of thii bnal 
Prake oflT our bufinels for the holy land. 

IV0, This, matcht with other like, my sncioui Lotd i 
• 'Farther^ uneven and unwdcome news 
Came from the Nonh, and thus it did import. 
On t)o'7-rood day, the galkot /if/-j^ ^boe 



ciq mod t, Google 

Khig Henry tV, aSt 

Young Harry Pertf^ and brave AivUhU 

That cver-v«iiant and approved Scot, 

Ac Holmedim fpcnt a lad and bloody hour : 

As by difcharge of their artillery, 

And Ihape of likelihood, the^ news was told; 

For he that brought it, in the very heat 

And pride of thor contention, did take horle. 

Uncertain of the iflue any way. 

K- Hnry. Here is a dear and true induftrioui friend^ 

Sir f^aUer Blunt, new ligfitcd from his horft, 

Scatn'd with the variation of each Ibil 

Betwixt that Htku^itm, and this Icat of oars : 

And he hath brought us fmooth and welcome news. 

The Earl of Doniglas is difcomBtcd, 

Ten thouland bold Se^s, two and twenty Knights, 

Balk'd in their own blood did Sir ff'alter fee 

On jFhkifdoH*i plains. Of prifonert, Hot-Jpw took 

Moriake the Orl of Ftfi, and eldeft Ton 

J TJnto the^ beaten Dowlas, and tfie Earls 

Of jtbolt * 'Mwrrj^ ^^, and Menteilb. 

And is not this an honourable fpoil P 

A gallant prize? ha, couGo, is it not? 
IFejt. In faith, a conqueft for a Prince to boaft of rfiit, 
KMnry. Yea,therethoumak'ftmclU,andniak'ftme 

In envy that my Lord Nortbimherland 

Should be the father of lb bled a fbn j 

A Ion, who is the theam of honour's tongue^ 

Amongft a grove the very ftreighteft plant, 

AVho is fweet fortune's minion, and her pnde : 
■Whilft I, by looking on the praifeof him. 

See fiot and diihonour ftain the brow 

Of my young Harry, O couH it be prov'd. 

That Ibme nighMripping Fairy had exchang'd. 

In cradle- cbaths, our children where they lay. 

And call'd mine Percf, his Planragetiei j 

Then would I have his Hany, and he mine. 

But let him from my thoughts. What think you, coalln. 


3 T» 4 of ibrry, 

ciq mod t, Google 

^8^ Tfft.Brfi Part ^' 

Of this young ?yne)*j |»ick? the prifimert, '' • " 
Which he in chis advearure hath llirpriz'xl, ' 
To his own ufe he Iceeps and fends Die wonl 
1 fliall have none \»it MordakeEtrivf Ftfe. 

tVefi. This is his *mcJe'» teaching,, thia is fi^ore^er. 
Malevolent co yov ia a4] afpcdVt ) 
Which malceG him^ ''plume^ himfelf^ ud brJftleiip 
The creft of youth againft yoBr dignity. 

K. Henry. Buc I have feot for hinn to anfwer this ;• ' 
And for this caijife a while we fflull negledt 
Our holy purpofe to 7'?ri(/i^)if. . 
Coufm* on Widitefiiy nexc, our council we. 
Will bold at fVin^for, fo inform the LbtxJs: .-v 

But come your felf with fpeed to us again } 
.For more is to be ikid, and co be done, 
Than out of anger am be uttered. 

H^^. I will, my Li^. [EMtai$. 

SC, E N -E 11. •■ -^ 
jin Apartment of the Prince's. 
Enttr Henry Prince of Wales, and SirJ^hn Falftaff 

iW.'^OW, Half what time of day is it, Jad? 

*-^ P. Heary. 'Thou art fo fat-vitfcd with drinking 
old lack, and unbuttoning thee af^er fupper, and flccping 
upon benches in the afcernoon, that thou hau forgp^en to 
demand that truly, which thou would'ft trufy know, Wtuc 
a devil haft thqiitodo with the time of the day? uoleJs 
hours were cups of fiick, and n^tfiutes capons, and clodks 
the tongnes of bawds, and dials tiieilgnsof leaping-houtcs, 
and the bleflcd Sua htmfcif a fair iipt Wench m fl^e- 
colour'd ta^ta ; I iee no reafon why thou Ihoukl'A be fo 
lupcrfluous, to demand the time of the day, 
' fai. indeed you <;ome near me now, Hat. For we 


{ prune 

ciq mod t, Google 

1% HlNRY IV, J83 

ibtt toke purib, go by the mooa anfl ^ven fers, and 
boc by Pbahuiy be, that wdndting knight fo fair. And I 

pray the?* fwoct nagt when riiwi art King u God 

ftvedi]; Grace, (Majefty I (faould fey, for grace chou wile 

have nonc.J - 

■ P.Kwy. Whati none? 

iW. No, bymy. trotk, Qoc fo much ai will icrrc to bs 
inlo^ie K> aa ^ and butter. 

V.hmry. WeH.-how then? comfl, roundly, roundly. 

Fai. Man7 then, fwect w^, when thou arc King, let 
|KX u^ that wC ftjuires of Jhe night's body, be call'd ihicvct'*''''boOty\ LetUjbeZ)fiia>3*a foreflicrs, gsntlei. 
men of the fhade, naiBiou of the Moon} and 
fiy, we be men of good governmcoti being goTcmed as 
the fea is ^y oilr nobk and: chaftc mifttds the Moon, 
iwdcr wWe couQtcfMdce we — fteal. 
.. -jP. ikiifj* 1''i<><f ^y^A well, aod ic (tolds well too ^ fiA 
the fortune of us tnat are the Moon's men, doth ebb and 
flow Ul« khfc fiia, bc^g govemTd As'the fea is, by ihe 
MpOO.. :A>ibrproof,4ow:apur&Dfgdd moft refolLnei' 
ly fhatch'd on Mrnidof night, and molt difiblutely fpem 
on Tuef^ momingi gc* wkh iWearing, ^Ut^ eKti\ and 
tnmc with crying, irif« nr : now in as iow an ebb as the 
^o£i^it^^Ti aid by and by in as high a flow at 
the ridge of the gallows—— 

Fal. By da hooii thou fay'ft tnie, bd; and is not 
mine bi^^ of the owttrt) a bk^ Jwecc wench ? 
. T.Hntry. As «bd boacf. of f^la^ my old hd of tha 
(nftle't and is noc a buff-jerkin a moft iweet robe of 

: JW.HowDow.bownow, DndwRgfwhat.intfcycpBtit 
aai ihy quiddttteaS what a pbgoe hate I to do widi a 

P.2ftv7. Why, what a pot hare I to do wkh mf 
iMA^flf the tarem.?. 


Jl) 7}£f ('/ M frmf that tU a 
if ihU tbrnra^tr ^Falftaff. 

L:,.,Li;<»i:, Google 

2^4 ^ ^*ffi ^^ ff 

FmI. Well, thoii haft cali'd her to » teckoaing many « 
time and oft. 

P. Htnty. DidlCTcrcalliheetopay thymrt? 

Fat. No, ru give thee thy due, thou haft paid all 

P. Htfffy. Yea and ellewhere, lb far umj cob would 
ftretch, and where it would not I have lu'd my credit. 

Fal. Yea, and ib us'd it, that were it not here app«> 
ftnt, that thou art heir apparent-^But I wfAeCt iweec 
wig, fluH there be gallows ftandlng in Ei^Umd whoi 
thou art King ? aod refolution thus fobbed as it is, with 
^ lufty curb of old father antick, the law? Do not 
cbou, when thou art a King^ hang a thief. 
. P. Hauy. No \ thou flialt. 

ii'dJL Shalil? Orarel Til be abraTejudm. 

P. Hewj. Thou jodgeft fiUfe already : f nMin dun 
dialc have the banging of the thieves, and fi> beaxne a 
rare haiKcnan. 

Fal. Wdl, Holy wdl t and in Ibnw Ibrt it jump* widi 
m; humour, as wdl t» waitii^ in the Court, I can tdl 

V. Henry. For obtaining of fuits? 

Fai. Yea, for obtaining of fuits, whereof the hangman 
hath no lean wardrobe. 'Sbkwd I am as melaDcholy ai 
a gib-cat, or a lugged bear. 

P. Htmj. Or an old Lion, or a lover's lute. 

FaL Yea, or the drone of a UiMb^i bagfupe, 

P. Htmj. What fay'ft thou to a I^, or the melan- 
choly of Moor -ditch f ' ' ' 

Fai, Thou haft the moft unfavoury funiki, and art in- 
deed the moft ' ^iiicomparative,^ rafodlieft, fweet youiv 
Prince— -But, Hai^ 1 pT'iPchee trouble me no more w^ 
vanity \ I would to God thou and I knew where a 'COOk* 
medityof good names were to be bot^ht : an old-Lord 
of the axincil rated me the other day in the ftreet about 
you. Sir I but I mtrk'd him not, and yet he talked very* 
wilelyi and in the ftreet too. 

t CMiptntire, 

ciq mod t, Google 

JBig Henet IV. 285 

p. BoBy. Tboa didft welli fi)r wUdom cria out In 
the ftreet, ud no man r^ardi it. 

FaL O, thou haft dunwle ' 'actruftioa,^ and art in> 
deed able to cxMivpc a fiunt. Thou haft done much harm 
meo me, Ibl, God forgire thee for ic! Before I Ieikw 
chee. Bait I knew oochiog \ and nov I am, if a moo 
ihatdd IfKak tnily, litde ijener than one of the wicked. 
1 nuft give over this life, and I will gire it over, by the 
Lord) ao I do noc, I am a villain. I'll be damn'd io( 
DCTcr a Kin^s fiu in chriftendom. ■ 

^.HeMry. WherefliallwetakeapurletD-morn)v,7i«i? 

A^ Where thou wil^ hd, 1*11 nuke one} an I do 
DOiv call me nllain, and bafile me. 

P. Hemy. I lee a good amcndmenc ef life in dice, 
fiam pnytng to puric'taking. 

■ Fm. why. Hoi, 'tis my vocation. Hoi. *Ti5 no fio 
Ibr a man to labour in his vocation, — Point! —— 


Entir Point. 

"Nov fiull^ ire know if Gads-bill have fet a match. O, 
if men were to be &ved by merit, what hole in hell were 
hot enoc^ for him } this is the moft omnipotent vi)Iam» 
diat ever erf At ftaad^ to a true man.— 

P. Henry. Good morrow, tfei. 

Poitu. Good morrow, fweet Hal. What &ys MonHeur 
lenmic ? what &ys Sir John fack and fugar i Jack I how 
agree the devil and thou about thy Ibul, that thou ibideft 
hmi on Good Fridigi laft^ for 2 cup of MaderOy and a coM 

T*a leg ? 
Hairy. Sir Jobi ftands to his word, the devil Doll 
hare his bargain, for he was never yet a breaker of pro- 
Wbii He will give the devil bis due. 

PoiHS. Then an thou damn'd for keeping thy wonH 
^nth the deviL 
9 itcsuiwt P» Hnty, 

I jym. Nov fluH, (ft.... »U tdit. Thai, tmtnd. 

ciq mod t, Google 

a86 'TteFtrfl Part:. if 

T.^Hmy. filfe he hod been damri'd for cozenm^ the 

~ Poms. But, my lads, my lads, tb-merretiir aicAning, 
by four a ctockcttriy at GittiMiffi tbcKtrepflgnou-^ 
ing to CMterhury with rich o&ringi, and tridos riding 
^ London wnhr fat purfes. I tuiva rairdsi foryousHi 
-yoa have horfes'-fbr your felvcs: GadS'-bUl lyes t»nigfatu 
Jtechtfttr^ I have belpoke ftif^MH- to-morrow in £^ . 
dft^ ; we may do it as lecure as flaep : if yoQ vftU go, 
J will ftuff your purfos futt of <:rowiis i if you will oM^ 
tany at home and be hang'd. 

Fal. Hear ye^ Ttdwarit if l Qury u home, and' go 
not, I'll hat)g you for going. 
■ Point. You will, chops ? . - 

Fal. Hal, wilt thou makeone? 

P. Henry. Who, I rob? 1 a thief? wt I, by tof 

Fal. There's neither honefty, manhood, nor good 
fellowfhip in thee t thou eam'It not of; the blood-royal, 
if thou dar*ft not cry, ftandy for ten fliillings. 

P. Henry. Well thdi, once in-oiy days 1*11 be a mad- 
. F£. Why, dut's well laid, 

p. Henry. Well, come what will, I'll tarry at home. 

Fal. By the Lord, I'll be a traitor then, when thoa 
art King. ■ 

P. Htmy., I care not. 

Pms. Sir John, I pr'ythee, leave riie Prbice and me 
ftlone i I will lay him down fuch reafbns for (his adven- 
nre, that he Iball go. 

Fal. Well, may'tt thou have the fpirit of pcriliafion, 
and he the cats of profiting ! that what thou ^ak'ft may 
move, and what tie hears may be believ*!! i that the 
true Prince may, for recreation fake, prove a fidfc thief j 
for the poor abufes of the time want councenancc. Far6- 
wc], you fhall find me in Ee^-cheap. 
.. P. Htmy. Farewel, thou latter fpring I Farewc!, all- 
haliown fummer 1 VExit F^. 

ciq mod t, Google 

Xfflg Henry, IV. 287 

Pahu. Now, my good fortet hony Lord, ride with us 
to-morrow. I have a jeft to execute, that I canna manage 
alone. Fal/taf, " BjirUfb, Pil,,-^ luti Qadi-hill, OaH ^ 
tbofc men that we have aiready way-]aid j your fejf and I 
will not be diene ; and when they h>Fe the booty If 
yoo and I do not rob them, cut this head ftran my (hail- 
dels. , 

P. Hary. But how ihall we part with them in fcttinir 
forth? ^^ 

Prins. Why, we will fet forth before or after them 
and appomt them a place of meeting, wherein it 
oir plcafure to fails ; and then will they adventure tioon 
the exploit themftlves, which they.flnOl have no Sraar 
atchiev'd, but we'll fet upon them. . 

P. Hnry. Ay, biit 'tis like<y. will know ut bv 
our horfts, by our habits, and by ;e»cry other appoint- 
ment, to be our fcjves. ..... T^^ 

Point. Tut, our ho-fes they liaijiiqt lee, I'll tT« them 
in the wood ; ifx yjzjrds we. will change after we leave 
diem i and, firnih, I have cafes of buckram for jlj? OOnce ' 
to Immask our lioteiTbutward garments. * 

P. Himy. But I doubt they will beroo hard for us 

Pcini. Well, fti'two of (tiem,l know them to be as 
trac-bred cowardsM CTcr.lurn'd back r and for the third 
if he fight longer than he fees reafon, I'll forfwear arms' 
The virtue of diisjcft «U1 be; the inooraprehenObfc iics 
thai diis lame fat rogue will tell us when we meet at 
fupper-, how thirty at Icall he fought with, what wards, 
what blows, wha^ extremities he endured j and in the 
reproof of this, lyes thcjeft. ■ ■ ' 

P. Hairi- Wdl, I'H go with thee ; provide is all 
things ncceflary, and meet me to-morrow nieht in EtA- 
cbup, tixTC mSap. .Farewell 

Po»i Faajvel, myLord! lEmlVam. 

P. fl'eng'. I know you all, and will a while uphold ' 
The unyok'd humour of your idlcnefii 
Yet hetvin will I iinittte .the fun, 
Wlio doth permit the bafe contagious clouds To 

* Barvef, ^Jltl, . . . tU idU. Tbiti, imnd. 


288 The Fkfi Part ef 

To fmother up his beauty from the world ; ; 

That when he pleafe again to be himfdl; 
Being wantnlt he tnay be more wondred at. 
By breaking through the foul and_^ugly mifts 
Of vapours, that did feexti to ftrangle him. 
-If all the year were playing holidays. 
To fport would be as tedious as to work : 
But when diey feldom come, they wilh^fb^ come. 
And nothing pleafeth but rare accidents. 
So when this loofe behaviour I throw oS^, 
And pay the debt I never promifed t 
By how much better than my word I am. 
By fo much fliall 1 blfifie men's hopes ; 
. And, like bright metal on a fullen ground. 
My reformation glittering o'er aiy &ult 
Shall fliew more goodly, and attrad more eyes. 
Than that which hath no foil to fet it off, 
ril fo offend, to make offence a skill. 
Redeeming tiaa, when men chink leaft I will. lExii. 

S C E N E IV. 

jin jipa-tment in tbt P4lece. 

EiOtr Kit« Henry, Northumberland, Worcefter, Hot' 
fpur. Sir Walter Blunt, oHd ethers. 

K.^RtT^.I^T blood hath been too cold and ranpcratit 

*-^»- Unapttoftiratthcfcindignitieii 
And you 4uive found me i for accordingly 
You tread upon my patience: but be fure, 
I will from henceforth rather be my leU; 
Midity and to be fcar'd ' 'in^ my oMiditiop, 
■Which hath been fmooth as oyl, foft ai youi^ dtnm. 
And thwcfbrc loft that title trf' icfpeft, 
Which the proud foul ne'er payi but to the proud. 

I thn 

ciq mod t, Google 

King Hekry IV. 289 

f^or. Our houft, my Ibvercign Liege, little defcrves 
The Icourge of.greacnefs to be ufed on it, 
And thac'lame greataefs too, which our own hands 
Have help'd to make fo portly, 

J^erlh. My good Lord [fee 

K. Henry. ♦'Hence, ^erf^fl-,^ getthecgonci forldo 
Danger and difobedience in thine eye. 
O Sir, your prcfence is too bold and peremptory, 
And Majefty might never yet endure 
The moody frontier of a fervantbrow. 
You have good leave to leave us. When we need 
Your ufe and counfel, we ihall lend Ibr you. 

\^Exit Worcefter. 
Yoa were about to (peak. \To Northumberland. 

North. Yes, my good Lord. 
Thofe prifoners in your Highnels* name demanded. 
Which Harry Percy here at Rolmeden took. 
Were, as he. fays, not with fuch ftrength dcny'd 
As was deliver'd to your Majerty. 
Or envy therefore, or mift>ririon. 
Is guilty of this iault, ana not my fon. 

Hot. My Liege, I did deny no prifoners. 
But I remember, when the fight vcs done. 
When I was dry wtth ragCy and extream toil, ^ 
Breathlcfs, and faint, - leaning upon my fword ; 
Came there a certain Lord, neat, trimly drefs'd : 
FreQi as a bridegroom, and his chin ncw>reap*d 
Shewed like a flubble-Iand at harveft-home. 
He was perfumed like a milliner. 
And 'twixt his finger and his thumb, he held 
A pouncet-box, which ever and anon 
He gave his note ; * and flill he fmil'd and talk'd ; 
And as the fbldiers bare dead bodies by. 
He call'd them untaught knaves, unmannerly, 
To bring a flovenly, unhandfome coarle 

Vot. III. T Betwixt 

(a) — note, and took't away >^n I 

Who therewith uiery, when it next catn« there. 

Took it in fnnff. Aad flill he fiaOl'd. ^e, 

ciq mod t, Google 

ago The FirJI Part of 

Betwixt the wind, and hb nobility. 

With many holidjy and lady terms 

He queftion'd me : among the reft, demanded 

jyly prifoncrs, in your Majcfty's behalf. 

i, then all-fmarting with my wounds being cold. 

To be fo peftcr'd with a popinjay. 

Out of my grief and my impatience, 

Anfwercd, negleftingly, I know not whaf j 

He'fliould or thould notj for he made me mad. 

To fee him ihine fo brisk, and fmcll fO fweet. 

And talk fo like a waiting- gentlewoman. 

Of guns» and drums, and wounds j ("God five the mark \) 

And telling me, the fovereign'ft thing on earth 

Was Parmacity, for an inward bniifej 

And that it was great pity, fo it was. 

This villainous falt-petrc /houM be diga*d 

Out of the bowels of the harmlefs earti^ 

Which many a good, tall fellow had deftroy'd 

So cowardly : And but far thefe vile guns. 

He would himfelf have been a foldier. 

This bald, unjointed chat of his, mjr Lord, 

I anfwer'd indireftly, as I faid ; 

And I befeech you, let not this rqwrC 

Come currant for an accufation. 

Betwixt my love and youf high MAyefty. '. 

Bhpil. The circumiiance Coiifider^d, good my Lord, 
Whatever Harry Percy then had faid. 
To fuch a perfon, and in fuch a place, 
At fuch a timt, with all the relt retold. 
May reafonably die and never rift 
To do him wrons, or any way impeach 
What then he faid, fo he unfay it now. 

K. Henry, Why, yet he doth deny his prifoners» 
But with provifo and exception. 
That we at our own charge fhati ranfmtl flAic 
His brother-in-law, the fooljfli Mortimr, 
Who, on my foul, hath wilfully betray'd 
The lives of thofe, that be did lead to Gghc 


ciq mod t, Google 

Againft the greie magician, damn'd GlaSower ; 
Whofe daughter, as we hear, the EarJ of Mdrtb 
Hath lately marry'd.- Shall our eoffers then 
Be empty'd, to redeem a traimr borne? 
Shall we buy treafon ? and 'indent with ' "Toes/ , 
Wfien they fwvfe loft and forfeited themfdves? 
No J on IM barren mottntains let him ftarve j 
For I fliall never hofd that hian nfy frfeod, 
Whofe tongue ifiall ask Aifi for one pcftnj Cott- ' 
To ranfom home revolted Aft»-/n»w. 

Hot. RerolBcd Af(7r/«iW*- ? ' 
He never did fall off, my fovereign ^-^^t ' 
But * 'bore^ the chance « warj it> ptivc that true. 
Needs no more but one tongue for all thole wounds 
Thofc mouthed wounds, which vaJiartly he took. 
When on the gehtk Sevetit^ fedgie Canfe, 
la Gngle oppofidbn hand to hand. 
He did confound the beft pi£tt Of an hour 
la changing' hardiiAent ^ith gfeat GUndowtr \ 
Three times they breath'd, ioA three tifnesdid they drink. 
Upon agrecmeht, of f*ift Stvtmh flood ; 
who then affi-ighted with thfeir bloody looks, 
Itaii fearfully among' (As tffirnMing feeds. 
And hid his cftspfd bead in the hollow bank, 
Blood-ftaTiXcd wifh thde f'aliant combatants. 
Never 6j& bafe aAj rotten policy 
Colour ber working with fuch deadly wounds t 
Nor ever coiiH ihc noble Mofiimer 
Receive fo marfy^ and all i^illingTy. 
Then let him not 5c flander'd with revolt. 

K. ffmry. Thou d6fi belitf him, Percy, thou belicii him 4 
He never did Encounter with Giendovoer j 
He durfl as well have met the d£vil aione. 
As Oxen GUitdower for an enemy. 
Art not adiam'd f but ^'from this hour, Slr,^ -■'-,. 
Let mc not bear you fpeak of MtrrHmtr. 

T % Send 

^ Indent, ftr utkk, bargain. 

{ Jean, 6 I7 »r bidei 7 finah, fret^ Uui luntiy 

M:, Google 

292 I*< Firfi Part ef 

Send me your prifoners with the fpecdieft;ineans. 
Or you fhall hear in fuch a kind from me 
As will difpleafe you. Lord Nortbumberhad, 
Wc licence your departure with your fon. 
Send us your prifoners, or you'll hear of it. 

Hot, And if the devil come and roar for cheoit 
I will not fend them. I will after ftrait. 
And tell him foj for I will eafc my heart. 
Although it be with hazard of my head. [while \ 

North. What, drunk with choler? ftay and paufc a 
Here comes your undev 

Enter Worccfter. 

Hot. Speak oF Mortimer ? 
Yes, I will fpeak of him, zai let my foul 
Want mercy, if I do not join with him. 
In his behalf, I'll empty all thcfc veins. 
And (bed my dear blood drop by drop in duft. 
Bur J will lift the downfali'n Mortimer 
As high i' ih' air as this unthankful King, 
As this ingrate and cankred Belingbroke. 

North. Brother, the King hath made your net^iew oud. 
\ra Worafter. 

H^or. W ho ftrook this heat up aftn; I was gone ? 

Hot. He will, forlboth, have all my prifoners: 
And when I urg'd the ranlbm once again 
Of my wife's brother, then his check look'd pale. 
And on my face he turn'd an eye of death. 
Trembling ev'n at the name of Mortimer. 

Wor. I cannot blame himj was he not proclaim'd. 
By Richard that dead is, the next of blood f 

North, He was : I heard the proclamation ) 
And then it was, when the unhappy King 
( Whofe wrongs in us God pardon) did fet forth 
Upon his Irijh expedition ; 
From whence he mtcrceptcd did return 
To be depos'd, and ihortly murthered. 

ciq mod t, Google 

KH^ Henrt IV. 293 

ffor. And for whofc death» we in the world's wide 
LJve fcandaliz'd, and foully fpoken of. [(nouch 

Hef. But foft, I phiy you ; did King Richard then 
Proclaim my brother ' 'Mortimer as lawftil 
Heir'* to the crown i 

North. He did 1 my felf did hear it. 

Hot. Nay, then I oinnoc blame his coufui King, 
That wifh'd him on the barren mountains fbrr'd. 
But fliall it be, that you that kt the crown 
Upon the head of this forgetful man. 
And for his fake wear the detelled blot 
Ofmurd'rousllibcx-Qation, fhall it be. 
That you a world of curfcs undergo. 
Being the agents or bafe fecond means. 
The cords, the ladder, or the hangmen, rather, 
^O pardon me, that I deicend io idw. 
To Jhew die line and the predicament 
Wherein yoa range under this fubtle King) 
Shall it for fliame be. fpoken in thefe days. 
Or Bll up chronicles in time to come. 
That men of your nobility and power 
Ingag'd them both in an unjufl behalf; 
(As both of you, God pardon it, have done,} 
To put dovn Ricbardt that fwect lovely rofe. 
And plant this thorn, this canker BoUt^hrekef 
And fhall it in more Ihamc be further fpoken. 
That you are fool'd, difcarded, and Ibook off 
"Rj him, for whom thele fttames ye underwent ? 
No i yet time ferves, wherein you n)ay redeetn 
Your banifli'd hbnours, and rellore your fclves 
Into the good thoughts of the world again. 
Revenge the jeering and difdain'd contempt 
Of this [»oud King, who ftudies day and night 
To anfwer all the debt he owes unto you, 
£v*n with the bloody pyments ot your deaths : 

Therefore I fay 

ff^or. Peace, couJio> fiy no more. 

T3 And 

8 Mtrtimtr Heii 

ciq mod t, Google 

294 3t« Srfi Pjtrt tf 

And nov I will undafpa fibccet-book* 
And to jrour quick-conceiving di&oiUcnts 
ril read you muter, deep and daii^enus i 
As full of peri) and ad*enc*itx)sfpirit»' 
As to o'cr-waJk a current roaring loud. 
On the unfteadfitfl fbotiiigof a fpear. 

Hot. If ''we^ fall in, good Right, or fiBkerfiviaa: 
Send Danger from the eaft unto the weft. 
So Honour crofs it from the north to ftwthi 
And let them grapple. O! the bltxid tsoie ftirt 
To rouze a Lion, than to ftart a Hare. 

Norlb. Imagination of Ibme greatcxploit 
Drives him beyond the bounds of patience. 

Hot. By heav'n, methinks it were an eafic laap. 
To p{uck l^ight honour from the paie-£ac*d Moon ; 
Or dive into the bottom' of the deep, 
'Where fadom-line could never tpudi the ground. 
And pluck up drowned honour by the lodts: 
So he that doth redeem her thence might vear 
Without co-rival ail her dignities. 
But out upon this half-fftc^d felkiw/hip ! 

fi^or. He apprciiends a world of SgureshcR^ 
But not the form of what he fbould attend. 
Good coufin, give me audience for a while. 
Hot. I cry you mercy. 
Wer. Thofc lime noble Statt 
That are your prifoners — — 

Hot. Ill keep them ^11. 
By heav'n, he »ia]l not have a Scot of them; 
No, if a Seat would fare bii foul, be ifaali not ; 
I'll keep them, by this hand. 

IVer. You ftart away. 
And lend no eat: unto my purpofitt. 
Thofe prifoners you ihall keep. 

Hot. 1 will) that's flat: 
He faid he would not ranfom Mortmer: 
Forbad my tongue to fpeak of Maimer : 


ciq mod t, Google 

Kif^ HeVsly IV. 295 

But I wilt find him wbcn he lyes afleep, 
And in his car 1*11 boHa. Mortimer! 
Nay, I will have A Surling uugtit to fpcak 
Nothing but M^tmer^ ana give it him, 
To keep his anger flill in motion. 

flPV. Hear yoi^ ccwfin : a word - — 

Hot. All ftudies here I folemnly dcfic. 
Save how to gall and pinch this Bdiagbroke: 
And that fame fwordjflfid-buc^cr- Prince of ^f^t 
But that I thfnk his father loves him not, \ 

And would be glad he mgt with fomc mifchance, " 
I'd have him peilon'd with a pot of ale. 

fi^or. Farcwcl, my kinfman j T will talk to you 
When you are better tempered to attend. 

North. Why, what a wafp-tongu'd and impatient fo^ 
Art thou, to break into this woman's mood, 
Tying thine ear to no tongue but thine own? frodS, 

■ Hat. Why, look you, I am whipt and fcottfg*d with 
.Ncnled, and flun^ with pifmires^ when I hear 
Of this vile politician Bohn^breke: 

In RicbarJ'i time ■ what do yc call the place ? — — • 

A plague upon't it b in Qlojierjhire 1 

'Twas where the mad-cap Duke his uncle kept— — 
His uncle J?>«t— where I firft bow'd my Knee 
Unto this King of fmilcs, this BoHngbreke : 
When you and he came back from Raven/pur^, 

North. At Barkley caftle. 

Hot. You fay true; 
Why, what a de^ of candled courtefie 
This fawning greyhound then did proffer mef 

Look, when his it^ant fertune came to age, 

And gentle Harry Percy — — and kind coufin 

The devil take iucb cozeners — ■ God forgive me ^ 
Good uncle, tell your tale, fdr I have done. 

^or. Nay, if you have not, to't again,, we'll flay 
Your leifure. 

Hot, I have done, i'iaith. 

ff^er, Tiico obix more to your S(oUrjt prlfbners. 

T 4 • Deliveir 

ciq mod t, Google 

' 296 the Ttrfi Part of 

Deliver them without their ranJbm ilmc, 

And make the Dowgla^ fon your only mean 

For pow'rs m'Scotl^ \ whidi for divers reafona 

Which I ftial] fend you written, be afltir'd 

Will eafily be granted : you, my Lord,- \Ta North. 

(Your fbn in Scotland being thus empl||fd)' 

Shall fccretty into the bofom creep ' . 

Of that hme noble PrclaUL well beliV'dt 

Th' Arch-bilhop. W ■it^\ 

Hot. Terk^ is'tnot? 

U^or, True, who bears hard 
His brother's death at £rj/fo/, the Lord Seroep. 
I fpeak not thb in eftimation, 
As what I think might be^ but what I know 
Is ruminated, plotted and let down. 
And only ftays but to behold the facc_ 
Of that occafion that fhall bring it on. 

Hot. I fmell it : on my life, it wilt do well. 

North. Before the game's a-foot, thou ftill lett'ft flip. 

Hot. It cannot chulo but -be a noble plot \ 
And then the power of Scotland^ and of Tork 
To join with Mortimer i ha! 

IVor. So they flull. 

fiet. In faith, it is exceedingly well aim'd. 

(For. And 'tis no little realbn bids us fpeed 
To fave our heads, by raifing of a head : 
For bear ourfelves as even as we can. 
The King will always think him in our debt. 
And thin^ we deem our fclves unfatisfy'd, 
*Titl he hath found a time to pay us home. 
And fee already, how he doth begin 
To make us ftrauKcrs to his looks of love. 

Hot. He does, he doesj we'll be reveng'd on him. 

If^er. Coulin, farewel. No further go in this 
Than I by letters fhall direft your courfc j . 
When time is ripe, which will bcfuddealy,' 
I'll fteal toGUndnvery and Lord Mortimer, 
Where you, and Dewglas, and ourpow"rs at once, 


pUg Henrt IV. 297 

CAsI will &Ikion'|tj[^Jhall happily mcei^ 
To bear our fortunes in <x]r own firong arai^ 
Which now we bold at much uncertainty. 

No/lb. Farewe], good brother ; we ffull thrive I ttaSt. 

Hot. Uncle, adieu ! O let the hours be ihort, 
*TilI Seldsj aQd blows, and grpans applaud our Ibort. 

A C T n. S C E N E I. 

Jn Imt at Rochefter. 
Ea^er a Carrier vntb a Ltmibom is his Bstnd. 

I Carrier. 

HEigh bo, an't be not four by the day Til be hang*d. 
Charlei*waitt is over the new chimney, and yet our 
horfe not packt. What, oftler! 
Oft. Anon, anon ! 

1 Car. I pr'ythee, Tm, beat Cutt*s faddle, put a few 
flocks in the point i the poor jade is wrung in the withers, 
out of all "cafc.^ 

Enter another Carritr. 

2 Car. Feafe and beans are as dank here as a dog, and 
diat is the next way to giv« poor jades the bocs : this boufe 
is turn'd upHde down, lincc Robin OAIer dy*d. 

1 Car. Poor fellow never joy'd fince the price of oats 
rofe, it was the death of him. 

2 Car. I think this be the moft villainous boule in all 
London road for fleas : I am ftung tike a Tench. 

I Car. UkeaTench? by th' Mais there's ne'er a King 
in Chriftendom could be better bit, tfaaa I have been fince 
the firft cock. 

z O. 
■ ceft. 

39$ 5*^ ^^ P"^ V 

2 Car. "Why, tbay wiU allow w n^fr.a jpurdtn; an4 
then we leak in "liw^ chipjpey ; ar>d ywv ctiittnixr-Jie 
breeds fieas like a tMt^. 

f C^. WMTi «'Ufir> Gocnc Sfwy* and be hanged, cmie 


z Car, I have b g^vpmoa of bacon, and twa nizet of 
Mfiger, ro be deliver'd as far as Charing-Crcfs. 

I Car. 'Odsbody, the Turkics in my panniers are quite 
ibu-v'd. What, cmler! a plague oa dice ^ haft thou ncTO- 
an eye in thy head? canft not hear? an 'twere not as 
good a deed as drink, to break the pate of thee, I am a 
very villain. Come and be hang'd, ball no £uth in 
thee ? 

Enter Gads-hill. 

GaJt. Good'tnorrov, carriers. What*$ a clock f 

1 Car. I think it be two a Clock. 

Gadj. 1 pr'ythce, lend me t^y lanthorn, to fee mj 
gelding in the ftable. 

I Car. Nay, foft, I pray yej I know a trjck worth 
two of that, i' faith. 

Gadst I pr'ythee, lend me thine. 

a Car. Ay, when? ranft tell? lend me thy Unthpro, ' 
quoth a! marry, I'll fee thee hang'd firft. 

Gads. Sirrah, carrier, what time do you mean to come 

3 Car. Time enough to go to bed with a candle I 
warraot- thee. Come, neighboir M^es^ wc'JI call up 
the gentlemen ; they will along with company, for ibey 
have great chargi:. [^ExmiU Carritn. 


Enter Chamberlain. 
Gads, What, ho, chamberlain I 
Chami. At hand, quoth pick-parfe. 
Gads. That's even as fair, as at handj quoth die chant- 

ciq mod t, Google 

Khi^ Hbnrit IVi 299 

btfkia } for duw varieft no mora fipq) picking of purfes, 
riun avla^ direftiop doit} ffopi l^tapgriafi;, Tbou lay'd 
(he ploc how. 

Cbami. Good-iBorrov, mafter GV<f*^V/« k holds cur- 
not that I told you yeftcrnistic. There's a FraRklin ia 
the wild oi Kent, hath brought three hundred marks witK 
bjin \a gold ^ I he^rd \\itf\ {cJt It to one of his company 
lift night at fupper ; a kkd of auditor, one that ha^ 
ibuBdatia^ 1^ charge too, God knows tvhat : they arc up 
already, and call for eggs and butter. They will away 

Gttds. Sirrah, if they meet oat with tSc Nicbelaf 
clarks, I'll give thee this neck. 

Cbamb. No, I'll none of it: I pr'ythee, keep that for 
the hangman ; fbr 1 know thou worfhipp*ft St. Ntcbetas 
at truly as a man of falQiood jnay. 

Gads. What talk'fl thou to me of the hangman ? if I 
bang, ni make a fat pir of gallows. For if I hang, old 
Sr Joba hangs with me, and thou know'ft he*s no ftar- 
Ttling. Tut, there are other Truant that tbou dream'ft 
(MM «f, the which, for fport-Ikkf, are content to do thf 
proFcflioB fome gracr i that would, if matteri ibould be 
look'd into, for their own credit-l^ke, make all whole. 
I am join'd with no foot iand-ri^kers, no long-ftaff iix- 
penny-ftrikers, none of rhofc mad Muftachio-purple-hu'd- 
inalt-worms -, but with aobihty and tranquilJitjr 1 biu^;0' 
ouftcrs 4i>d gre^t ' ''pwBen,^ ibcb as can hold in, fiicfa 
as will ftrike fooncr than fpeak; and fpeak Iboner tha 
*^think',^ and "think'^ fooricr than prays andyetlJie, 
for they pray aujfinpally unto their iaint the common- 
wealth i or rather, not pray to her, but prey on her ; fiif 
they Ftde up and down en her, "or^ inake her their 

Cbaab, What, the cfHnmao-'vradtb tkcir boots? wiH 
flie boll) out water in foul way ? 

{4) V iMmt-iMrdfor tht Di'oU, 0M Nick. 

I OM-tyen or mmtftn, 4 driafc i . . . afJtMh. Ifari- < 
jdnftk . . .tidtdit. H'ari. tmtnd. 6uid 

ciq mod t, Google 

30O The Brfi Part of 

Gads. ShewUl, fhewilU jufticehathliquiM'dher. We 
flea], as in a caftle, cock-furc} we have (he reccipc of 
Fcrn-fted, we walk invifible.' 

Cbamb. Nay, I think rather, you are more behoMeo 
to the night> than the Fern-feed, for your walking in- 

Gads. Give me thy band : thou (halt have a Aiare in 
our purchafc, as I am a true man. 

Qiamb. Nay, rather let me have it, as you are a fiUle 

Gads. Go to. Homo is a common name to all men. Bid 
the ollter bring my gelding out of the (table. Farewel, 
you muddy knave ! - {EmoM. 


The Bigbway. 

Enter Prince Henry, Poins and Peto. 

Pnns.f'Xime, Iheltcr, ihelter i I have removed Pa^^i 

^-^ horfc, and he frets like a gumm'd velvet. 

P. Henry. Stand clofe. 


Fai. Poins J Poins, and be hang'd, Pans! 

P. Henry. Peace, ye &t-kidney*d raTcal, what a bawl- 
ing doft thou keepP 

Fal. What, Poins I Hail 

P. Henry. He is walk'd up to the top of the hill, 1*11 
go feck him. 

Fal. I am accurft to rob in that thtef^s ctmpany : the 
raTcal hath remov'd my horfe, and ty'd him 1 know not 
where. If I travel but four foot by the fquare further a- 
fooe, I Ihall break my wind. Well, I doubt not but to 
die a fair death for all this, if I 'fcape hanging for killing 
that rogue. 1 have forfworn his company hourly any rime 
this two and twenty year, andyct I am bewitch'd widi the 


ciq mod t, Google 

Khg.HnNKY IV. 301 

rogues cemmny. If the nical have not given me medi- 
cines to make me love him, TU be hang'd ; it could not 
be elfe ; I have drunk medicines. Pains ! Hal! a plague 
upon you both. Bardolpb! Ptte! Til ftarve ere 1*11 rob a 
fool forthcr. An 'twere not as good a deed as to drink, 
m mrn true-man, and to leave thefe rogues, I am the vc- 
rieft varlet that ever chew'd with,a tooth. Eight yards of 
uneven ground is threefcore and ten miles afoot with me ; 
and the flony^heartcd villains know it well enough. A 
plague upon't, when thieves cannot be true one to ano- 
ther. iTbej wbijik.'] Whew ! a plague upon you all. 
Give me my horfe, you n^ucs ; give me my horfe, and 
be tumg'db 

P. Htmy. Peace, ye fat ^ts, lye down, lay thine ear 
ck)le to the ground, and lift if thou canft hear the tread of 

Fal. Have you any leavers to lift me up a^in, being 
down ? 'Sblood, I'll not bear mine own flefh lb far afooC 
again, for all the coin in thy father's exchequer. What 
a plague mean ye, to colt me thus ? 

P. Henry. Thou lieft, thou art not ct^ted, thou art un- 

Td. I pr'ythee, good Prince fia/, help me to my horfe, 
good King's Ion. 

P. Henry. Out, you j-ogue, Aall I be your ofller ? 

Fal. Go.hang thy fclfinthy own heir-apparent garters t 
if I be ta'en, I'll peach Ibf' this; an I 'have- not ballads 
made on you all, and fbng to fHihy tunes, let a cup o£ 
liu:k be iny poifon } when a jell \%h forward, and afoot 
too, I hate it. 

fff/ff.Gads-hiU Mu^-Bardolpb. 

Gads. Standi 

Fal. So I do againft niy will, 

Poins. O, 'tis our letter, I know his voice : 
Bardolpby what news ? 

Bard. Cafe ye, caftye; on with your iirards; there's 
mony of the King's coming down the hill, 'tis going to 
the King's Exchequer. pal. 

ciq mod t, Google 

Fd. You lie, you roga^ 'tis gcring to tbt lting*s ftTcra. 

G«£r. Theft's enough to mafce us all. 

iW. To be hang'd. 

P, HfBry. Yoa foflr fliaJI front them m the mfrtiw lane: 
Wed Peins and 1 Will walk lowcf j if they 'fcape from 
your encountscr, thfrt thrt light on uS. 

Peto. But how ttiinj bt (rf them ? 
' Gadi. Some eight Of ten. 

Fal. Zouiiids, frill (hey not rob us ? 

7. Henry. What, a Coward, Six John Pauichf 

Fat Indeed 1 am not Jfc*» of Gaskt, your grtiidfatherj 
but yet flo coward. Hoi. 

P. Henry. Well,, we'll leave that to the proof 

Poins. Sitrah, JOii^ thy horfc Handy behind tht hedge % 
when thou ntedit him, thcte Aift (htti finrf him j rare- 
wel, and ftand faft. 

Fal. Now cannot f ftrilce him if I fhoutd be felng'cf. 

P. Henry. Ned^ where arc our (Efguifes ? 

P««j. Here haKl b« : ftarid clofe. 

Fai. Now, my nutters, happy man be bis dole fiy li 
every man to hiis buOd^G. 


Mnter TrOatllers. 

TraO. Cowt» neighbour) the bey Ihaft leadcHir borro 
domi thebUI: we'UwalkafeocAwlulefandeaieourkgs. 

fhieves. Stand! 

^rav. Jejk blels us ! 

Fa/. Strike i down with tiiem, cut die villains throats; 
ah! whoribn^Bkf*i b«c6n-fed knav«^ they hate us 
youth i down with chem, fleece them. 

Trav. O, we are undone, bodi we and ours for ever. 

Fd. Hang yc, gorbellied knaves, arc yo« undone? no, 
ye fat chuS, I would your ft'ore were liere. On, bacons, 
cb! what, yo knaves^ young men mutt Uvej youaie 
graad jiKWSi aie ye? we'll- jure ye, i' faith. 

i^tiere tbef rob end bind tbtm : MxeiaU, 

ciq mod t, Google 

^iwgHfiNftT IV. 303 

Mnitr FrintM Hcnrjr tatd Pom. 

P.^^nry. The thicws have botmd the tfue-tiiert : now 
could thotlandlrob (he thieves and go mefrihr XQ V.ildeif^ 
it would be aremheAt for 3 week, lai^htfr n)r a month, 
and a gocd jcfr for ever. 

P<»ns, Stand clofc, I hear them c6raJng. 

EiUdr Tianxj ^gm. 

Fid. Come, nrty mafters, let os fliare, and then to borlo 
before day j an the Prmce and Pern be not two arrant 
cowards, theft's do ajmtj' ftirring. There's no more 
valour in that Pms, than in 1 wild Duck. 

V.Htmy. Yoormony! 

Poins. Vin«ins.' 

[/hibeyare ftimmgy the Prince and Poifii fef upon thml 
fbej all rim atvfffy and Falftaif afler a blm er iw9 
runs atBO^ too, Uaving the heoiy behind Ibem. 

P, fkmj. Go: whh much eafe. Now merriJy (o horfct 
The thieves are Icatter'd, and pofleft «i(h feaf 
So fttongfy» that ibey dare not meet each other j, 
Each takes his fellow for an officer. 
Away, good Ned. Now Falftaff fweati to death. 
And lards the lean earih i& he walks along : 
Were*t not for hughiog, 1 fticwid pity hira. 

Poins. Ho* the rogue roar'd ! {ExeimK 


Lord PercyV Hoif/i. 

Enter Hot-fpur fibu, rtaditfg a Wter. 

BVT fcr mine tnai party my Lord, leeutd he tbttl eon- 
tented to be therey in rej^eU of the love I bear your boufe. 
He could be contented to be there} why is he not thenf 
in re^eS ^ the bve be bean etif bmtfe: be Ihtiws in this, 


ciq mod t, Google 

304 ^ Fffi Pf»rt ef 

he loves his own barn better than he loves our houfe. Let 
me fee Ibme tiK»e. The pttrpofe you ludertake is dai^ermts. 
Why, that's cemin : 'tis dangn^xis to take a cold, to 
fleep, to drink> but I tell you, my Lord fool, out of riik 
nettle danger, we pluck this flower lafcty. The fmrpofe 
yeu mJertaie is dangerout^ the friends you have named tm- 
certam^ the time it feif unforttd^ and your whole pkt too 
Ugbt^ for the eounlerpoize of fg great an eppofition. Say 
you lb, lay you To ? I dy unto you again, you are a fhallow 
cowardly hind, and you lie. What a lack-brain is this I 
By the Lord, our plot is a good plot as ever was laid \ 
our friends true and conftant: a gpod plot, good frieods, 
and full of expectation ; ari excellent plot, very good 
friends. What a frofty-fpirited rogue is this ! Why, my 
Lord of Tori commends the plot, and the general courfe 
of the aftioo. By this hand, if I were now by this rafcal, 
I could brain him with his Lady's &n. Is there not my 
father, my uncle, and my felf. Lord Edmmd A^n-timer, 
my Lord of Tork, and Owen Glendower ? Is there not bc- 
fules, the Dowgks? have Inoc all their letters, to meet 
me in arms by the nindi of the next month i and are there 
not fome of them fee forward already? What a Pagan 
rafcal is this! an infidel. Ha! you Ihall fee now, in very 
iincerity of fear and ookl heart will he to the King, and 
lay open all our proceedings. O, I oould divide my fclf, 
and go to bullets, for moving fuch a dilh of skimm'd 
milk with fo honouraUe an aaion. Hang him, let him 
tell the King. We are prepared. I will fct fix-ward 

Enter Ladf Percy. 

How now, Katet I muft leave you within thefc two houn. 

l^. O my good Lord, why are you thus alone? 
For what offence have I this fortnight been 
A banilh'd woman from my ffarty's bed? 
Tell me. Tweet Lord, what is'c that takes from tliee 



Fhg Henry IV. 305 

Thy ftomach. pleafurc, and thy golden Heep ? 
Why doft thou bend thy eyes upon the earth ? 
And ftart fb often «hcn thou ficrft alone ? 
Why ball thou loft theirelh blood in thy cheeks? 
And given my treafures and my rights of thcc. 
To tbick-ey'd muHng, and curft melancholy? 
In thy faint llumbers I by thee have watcht. 
And heard thee murmur tales of iron wars : 1 

Speak txraa of manage to thy bounding fteed } 
Cnr, Cow/^ef to the field! and thou haft talk'd 
C^ullies, and retires; of trenches, tents, 
(^ paltifadoes, ^'fortins,^ parapets j 
Of baHlisks, of cannon, culverin, . .; * 

Of pifoners ranfom, and of foldiers flain. 
And all the current of a heady fight. 
Thy ibirit within thee hath been lb at war. 
And uius hath fo beftir*d thee in thy deep, ' 

That beads of fweat have ftood upon thy brow* 
Like bubUes in a lace-difturbed ftream : 
And in thy ha ftrange motions have appear'd, 
Sodi as we lee when men reftrain their breath 
On fbme great fudden hafte. O, what portents are thele ? 
Some heavy bufiads hath my Lord in hand, 
And I muft know it ; elfe he loves me not. 
Iht. What, ho! is GfiSftfflU with the packet gone? 

Enter Seroant. 

Sero. He is, my Lord, an hour agone. 

Hot. Hath Bmler brought thofc horJes from the Sheriff? 

Serv. One horle, my Lord, he brought ev'n now^ 

Hot. What horle? a roan, a crop-car, is it not? 

Strv. It is, my Lord. 

Hit. That roan fluU (}e my throne. 
Wdl, I will back him ftrait. O E^mct! 
Bid Butler lead him forth into the park. [Emt Serv, 

£d^. But hear you, my Lord. 

Hfft. What jay'ft thou, my Lady f 

Vo L. III. U Z*^, 

'^' 7 froRtMH. . . . tUtJit. W»h. tmtni, 


3o6 Tie Firfi Part of 

La^. What is it carrla yew away ? 

Hot, Why, my horfe, my love, my horie. 

Lai^. Out, you mad-headed ape ! A weazel hath 
Nm fuch a deal of fpleen as you are toft with. 
In faith, I'll know your buHnefs, that I will. 
I fear my brother Mortimer doth ftir 
. About his title, and hath fent for you 
To line his enterprise : but if you go —^ 

Hot. — - So far aftjot, I flull be weary, love. 

Ia^. Come, come, you Paraquiu^ aniwer me 
DireAIy to this queftion, I Ihall ask, 
PU break thy little finger, Harry, if 
Thou wilt not tell me true. 

Hot. * 'Away,'^ you trificr; love! I love thee nor, 
I care not for thee, Kate \ this is no world 
To play with mammets, and to tilt with lips. 
"We muft have bloody noies, and crack'd crowns. 
And pa^ them currant too -^ gods me! my hoHe! 
What fay'ft thou, JD/ei* what wouldft thou havewitboief 

Laiy. Da ye not love me? do you not indeed? 
Well, do not then< For fmce you love me not, 
I will not k>ve my &lf. Qo you not love mc? 
Kay, tell me if you Ipcak in jeft or no. 

Hot. Come, wilt thou lee me rlde^ 
And when I am o* horfe-back, I wiU iwear 
1 love thee inBnitely. But hark yoU| Kate. 
I muft not have you henceforth queftion m^ 
Whither E go; nor reafon whereabout. 
Whither I 'muft, I muft ; and to conclude. 
This evening muft I leave thee, gende Kait. 
I know you wife, but yet no iurther wife 
Than Harry Percy's wife. Conftant you are. 
But yet a woman -, and for fecrcfie^ 
No Lady clofer. For I will believe. 
Thou wiU not utter what thou doft not kaov, 
And fo farwill I truftthce, gentle*^*. 

Leufy. How ! fo fer ? 

S Away> away, 


JCo§ Henry IV. 307 

Hot. Kot an inch further. But hark ' 'you mc» ^e^ 
Whither I go, thither {hall you go too : 
To-day will X fel forth, to-morrow you. 
Will this content you, Kattf 

Lady. It muft of force. [Exeunt. 


^Tbe Tavern fnEaft-cbeapt 

Enter Prince Henry and Poins. 
V.Henrj.'^^EDy pr'ythee c«ftie oat of that fat room,' 
-L^ and lend me thy band to laugh a litde. 

Poau. Where haft been, Hal? 

P.Henrf. With three or four It^gerheads, amongft 
three or fourfcore hogOieads. I have founded th* very 
bafe ftring of humility. Sirrah, I am fworn brother to a 
leafii of drawers, and can call them by their Chriftian 
names, as Tom, Diek, and Fratkis. They take it already 
opOQ their confcience that though I be but Prince of 
ff'ideSt yet I am theKingof courtefiei telling me Satly, 
I am no proud yaek, like Jaei Fa^^, but a Gorintinarty 
a kd of metde, a good boy : and when I am ' King of 
Englatidy I Ibalt command all the good htds in Eafi-cbe^, 
They call drinking deep, dying fearlet v 'SiAl when you 
bnathe in your watering, they cry, iWi? and bid you 
play ic off. To conclude, I am fo godd a proBcient in 
one quarter of an hour, that I can drink with any tinker 
in his own language during my life. I tell thee, Ncd^ 
Aou haft loft much honour, that thou wert not with me 
in this adion j but, fweet Ned:, xa fweetcn which name of 
Nedy I give thee this pennyworth of fiigar, clapc even 
now into my hand by an under linker, one that never 
Ibake other En^^ in his life, than Eight SbilUt^s and 
Six Penee^ and ToUare welcome. Sir: with this fhrill ad- 
dition, Jimiy Sir, aneny Sin Seen a pint ef ht^fard « 
U 2 _ tbe_ 


3o8 The Ftrft Part of 

the half moon, or fo. But, Ned^ to drive away time »till 
fayiaff come, I pr'ythee, do thou ftand in fome bye 
room, while I queftion my puny drawer, to what end he 
g^ve me the fugar : and do never leave calling Ft'omis, 
that hb tale to me may be nothing buE, anon. Stepafide, 
and I'll Qicw thee a precedent. [Poins rettm. 

Fms. Francis! 

P. Henry. Thou art pcrfcft. 

Feins. Frofcisl 


Enter Francis the Drawer. 

Fran. Anoni anon, Sir j loc^ down into the pomgrana, 

P. Henry. Come hither, Francis. 

Fran. My Lord. 

V. Henry. How long haft thou to ferve, Francis? 

Fran. Forrooth, five years, aod as much as Eo— 

PotHS. FraAcis! 

Fran. Anon, anon. Sir. 

P. Henry. Five years ; by'rlady, a long leafc for the 
clinking of pewter. But, Fraiuis, darm thou be Si 
valiant, as to play the comrd with thy indenture, and 
ihew it a iair pair of heels, and run ^m it i 

Fran. O Lord. Sir, I'll be fwom upon all the books 
in F^landj tf^kl find in my heart—— 

Poins, Framii! 

Fran. Anon, anon. Sir. 

F. Henry. How old an thou, Ifaiuis ? 

Fran. L^ me fee, about ASeiaehnas next I Qiall be— 

Poins. Francis! 

Fran. Anon, Sir}, pray you ftay a little, my Lord. 

P. Henry. Nay, but hark you, Francis^ for the fu^ 
thou gaveft me, 'twas a pennyworth, was't not? 

Fran. O Loid, I would it had been two. 

P. Henry, i will give thee for it a thoulaod pound : ask 
me when thou wilt, and thou Ihalt have it. 


ciq mod t, Google 

Kkg Henry IV. 309 

' Poitu. Frmds! 
, Fran, Anon* inon. ' 

P. Henry. Anon, Francis ? no, FrajiciSy but to-morroir, 
B-ancU't or, FroMcis, on ^ur/dayi or indttd, FrmciSf 
wh«i tbou wilt. But, Francis ! 

Fran. My Lord. 

Y.Havj. Wilt thou rob this leatbern-jerkin, chryftal- 
button, knot-pated, agat-rins;* puke-ftockit^ catuice- 
gartcr, fmooth'tongue, <S]^9&»ji0-pouch ? 

Fran, O Lord, Sir, who do you mean ? 

V.Henry. Why then your brown baftard b your only 
drink ; for look you, Fnacis, your white canvas doublet 
will fully. In Barbaryt Sir, ll cannot come to fo much. 

Fran. What, Sir? 

Poins. Francis! 

P. Henry. Away, you rogue, doll thou not hear them 

[Here tbty hotb eaSi the Drawer fiands amazedt tut 

hnffBOtig Vfbicb way to go. 

Enter Vintner. 

rm. What, ftand'ft thou ftill, and hear>ft fuch a calling } 
Look to the guefts within. My Lord, old Sir John with 
h^f a dozen more are at the docv ; fliall I let them in ? 

P. Henry. Let them alone a while, and then open the 
door. Point} [Exit Ttntner. 

Enter Faiaa. 

Poins. Anoa, anon. Sir. 

V.Henry. Sirrah, /jt^^and thereftof thediievcsare 
atthedoori fliall we be mory ? 

Poins. As merry as Crickets, my lad. But hark ye, 
what canning nutch have you made with this j^ of the 
drawer? come, what's the iflije? 

P. Henry. 1 am now of all humoun, that have fliew*d 
themlidves humbuis, flnce theolddaysof goodman^i^9)») 
to die pupil age of this pre&nt twdTC a dock at midnight. 
Whafs a clock, Francis f 

Fran. Anon, anon. Sir. 

U 3 . P. /ftury. 


310 The Virfi Part <f 

P. Heitry. That ever this fellow fliould have fewer 
words than a Parrot, and yet the fon of a Woman ! His 
induftry is up ftairs and down ftairsi his etoqoeoce the 
parcel of a reckoning. I atp not yet of Percy's mind, 
the hot-fpur of the norrtij he that kills me fomc fix or 
fevcn dozen of Scots at a breakfaft, waihes his hands and 
fays to his wife, Fie t^n this quiet lifei I •wcutt work. O 
nrf fiveet Harry, fays flic, howmmty'i^tixiukiQ^dto-daji 
Give my roan borfe a Srencb, ^ys he, and anfwcrs, feme 
fourteen, an hour after i a trifle^ a trifle. I pr*ythee, call 
in Falfiaff^ V\\ play Percf^ and that damn'd brawn fliall 
play dame JWiJr/rmifr his wife. ' 'Ribi!^ lays the dninkanj. 
Call in ribsj call in tallow. 


. iS«/iT Falftaff, Gads-hill, Bardolph, and Pcto. 

Poins. Welcome, Jack^ where haft thou been ? 

Pal. A plague of all cowards, I iiiy, and a vengeance 

too, marry and jfmen! Give me a cup of fack, boy ■ 

Ere I lead this life long, I'll fow nether focks, and mend 

them, and foot them too. A plague of all cotwnfa! 

Give me a cup of iack, rc^e. Is there no virtue extant I 

[He im^. 

P. Heatj. Didft thou never fee Tttm kils a difli of 
butter? pitiful-hearted ' 'butter,^ that melted at diefma 
' 'face^ of the fun ? if thou dklft, then behold that 

Fd. You rogue, here's lime in this 6ck too ; there is 
nothing but roguery to bq found in villainous man j yet 
a coward is worfe than a cup of lack with lime in it. A 
villainous coward — Co thy ways, old Jacky die whfn 
thou wilt, if manhood, good manhood, be not forgot 
Mpon the fjce of the earth, then am 1 a ftiottcn herring: 
.there live not three good men unhpng'd in Engiandy and 
^nc of them is fat, and grows oki, God he^ the whik, 


iR>f7! ? Tiiaa, . . . aUtJU. Tlfti. tmitd. 

3 tale 


. Kh^ H E N R V IV. 311 

a bad world I lay. I would I were a weaTCr, I oould 
fing p&lms, and all manner of Tongs. A plague of all 
cowaids, I lay ftill. 

F.Henry. How now, Woolfackt what mutcer you?. 
Fal. A King's fon ? if I do not beat thee o^t of thy 
kingdom with a dagger of lath, and drive all thy fufage^ 
afore thee like a flock of wild gecfe, I'll never wear hair 
on my face more. You Prince of fPaUs f 

P. Henry. Why, you whorJbo round man ! what's the 
matter ?j 

Fid. Arc you not a coward ? anfwer me to that, and 
Peim there? 

P. Hemy. Ye fat paunch, an ye call me coward, I'll 

Fai. I call thee coward ! I'll lee thee damn'd ere I'll 
call thee coward ; but I would give a thoufand pound I 
could ran as faft as thou canft. Yoii are ftrait enough in 
the (houlders, you care not who fees your back : call you 
due bodcing of your friends? a plague upon fuch back- 
ing! give me them that will face me — Give me a cup 
ofuck, I am a rc^e if I drunk to-day. 

V. Henry. O villain, thy lips are fcarce wip'd lince thou 
draok'ft lafl. 

Fal. All's one for that, {HeA-inh, 

A plague of all cowards, ftili, lay I. 
V.Henry. What's the matter! 

Fal. What's the matter I here be four of us, have ta'en 
a thoufand pound this morning. 
P. Henry. Where is it, Jaek? where is it? 
Fal. Where is it! taken from us, it lit a hundred 
upon poor four of us. 
P. Hemy. What, a hundred, man ? 
Fal. I am a rogue if I were not at half fword with a 
dozen of them two hours together. I have efcap'd by 
miracle. I am eight times thrufl: thrAgh the <k>ublet, 
four through the hole, my buckler cut throu^ and through, 
my fword hack'd like a hand-faw, ecctfigmm. I never 
dealt better fince I was a man \ all would not do. A plague 
U 4 of 


312 The Fafi Part of . 

of all cowards— —let them fpedc ; if they ipeak taoce 
or \t& than truth, they are villains and the fons of dark- 

P. Henry. Speak, Sirs, how was it ? 

Gads. Wc four let upon fome dozen. 

Fal. Sbtrcen, at Icaft, my Lord. 

Cads. And bound them. 

Peto. No, no, they were not bound. 

Fal. You rogue, they were bound, every man of dieai, 
or I am a Jeto elfe, an Ebrew Jew. 

Gads. As we were fharing, fome fix or leven frelh mca 
&t upon us. 

Fal. And unbound the refl-, and then came in the pther. 

V-Heitty. What, fought ye with them all? 

Fal. AH ! I know not what ye call all ; but if I fought 
not with 6fty of them, I am a bunch of radifli; if there 
were not two or three and fifty upon poor dd ^aot, then 
am I no two-Iegg'd creature. 

Poins. Pray heav'n you have not murthercd fome of 

Ffl/. Nay, that's paft praying for. I have pepper'd 
two of them j two I am furc I have pay'd, two revues in 
buckram fuits. I tell thee what, Hal, if I tell thee a Jic, 
fpit in my face, call me horfcj thou fcnow*ft my old 
ward; herellay, and thus I boremypoiott fourrogues 
in buckram let drive at me. 

P. Henry. What, four ? thou faidft but two, even now. 

Fal. Four, /2*/, I told thee four. 

Poins. Ay, ay, he liiid four. 

Fal. Thefe ftwr came all a-front, and mainly thnift at 
me -y I made no more ado, but took all their fiven points 
in my target, thus. 

P. Henry. Seven ? why there were but four, evCn now. 

Fal. In buckram, 

Poins. Ay, four, in buckram fuits. 

Fal. Seven, By thefe hilts, or I am a villain elfe. 
• P. Henry. Pr'ythcc let him alone, we Jhall have more 



JSsg Henry IV. 313 

Fai. Dofl thou hear me, Hal? 

P. Hetiry. Ay, and mark thee too, ^ack, 

Fal. Do fo, for it is worth the liflnmg to : thefe nine 

in buckram, that I told thee of 

P. Henry: So, two more already. 
Fal. Their points being broken — 
Poins. Down fell ♦ 'theu-^ hofe. 
Fal. Began to gjve me ground ; but I follow'd me cld^ 
came in foot and hand j and with a thought, feven of the 
clercn I jay'd. 

P. Hetiry. O monflrous ! eleven buckram men grown 
out of two j 

Fal, But as the Devil would have it, three miT-b^otten 
knaves in Kendal green came at my back, and let drive 
at me; (for ic was lb dark, Halt that thou coukl'ft not fee 
thy hamd.; 

P. Hemy. Thefe lies are like the ftther that beget* 
them, grofs as a mountain, open, palpable. Why, Sioa 
day-brainM guts, thou knotty-patcd fool, thou wh^ribn 
omcene greafie tallow-ketch— 

Fal. What, art thou mad ? art thou mad ? is not the 
.tmth, the truth? 

P. Henry. Why, how could'ft thou know theft men in 
Kendal green, when it was to dark, thou coild'fl not fee 
dqr hand } come, tell as your realbn : what fay'ft thou 
Poim. Come, your realbn, Jacky your realbn. 
Fai. What, upon compuMion? noi were I at the 
ftrappado, or all the racks in the world, I wouki not tell 
you on compulfion. Give you a reafon on compulfion! 
if realbns were as plenty as black-berries, I woiud g^ve 
no man a realbn upon compulfion, I. 

P. Henry. I'll be no longer guilty of this lio. This 
fiuiguine coward, this bed-prefler, this horfe-back-brtaker, 
this huge hill of flelh, — — 

Fal. Away, you llarvcling, you ' 'Eel-skin,'^ you dry*d 
neats-tongue, bullVpizzel, you ftock*fiih: O kit breath 

4 hu s Elf-tkio, 


314 7*« ^fi P^»^ <f 

to utter what is like thee ! You aylor's yard, you Iheadi, 
you bow-cafe, you vile ftanding tuck. 

P. Henry. Well, breathe a while, and then to't ^in ; 
and when thou haft tir'd thy fclf in bale oompu-ifbns, 
hear me fpeak but this. 

Peins. Mark, Jack. 

P. Hemy. We two faw you (bur fet on four, you bound 
them, and were mailers of their wealth : mark now, bow 
a plain tele fhall put you down. Then did we two fet 
on you four, and with a word, outfaced you from your 
prize, and have it, yea, and can Ihew it you here in the 
houfe. And, Fa^aff, you carry'd your guts away as 
nimbly, with as- quick dexterity, and nsar^d for mercy, 
and ftiU ran and roar'd, as ever I heard bull-calf. What 
a Have art thou, to hack thy fword as thou baft done, and 
then fay it was in fight ! What trick? what device? what 
Qarttng-hole canft thou now find out, to hide thee from 
this open and apparent ftiame t 

Perns, Come, let's hear, yatk: what trick haft thou 

Pal. By the Lord, I knew ye, as wdl as he that made 
ye. Why, hear ye, my mafters; was it for me to kill 
the heir apparent? Should I turn upon the true Prince? 
Why, thou knoweft I am as valiant aa'HereuUs i but b^ 
x^are inftinft, the Lion will not touch the tnie PrioK: 
' inftinft is a great matter. I was a coward on inftuid: 
J jhall think the better of my felf, and thee^ during my 
lifej I, for a valiant Lion» and thou for a true Prince, 
^t, by the Lords, lads, I am glad you have the mony. 
Ht^els, clap to the doors; watch . to-night, pray to- 
morrow. Gallants, lads, boys, hearts of gold, ail the 
titles of good ftllowfliip come to you ! What, Ihtii we be 
merry ? Ihall we have a play extai^r< f 

V.Henry. Content ; and the argument Ihall b^ thy 
running away. ^ 

. F^. Ah, no mwe of that, Hal, if thou loreft mc. 


ciq mod t, Google. 

ja»g Henrt IV. 315 


. Biter Hofiefs. 

tfoft. OJe/ul my Lord the Prince! 

P. Henry. How now, my i*ady die hoflefi^ what fiy'ft 
thou to me ? 

B^. Marry, my Lord, there is a Nobleman of die 
Court at door would fpeak with you ; he &ys he comes 
from your father. 

P. Henry. Give him as much as will make him a royal 
man, and fend him i»clc again to my mocfaer. 

Fat. What manner of man is he?' 

H^, An old man. 

Fat. What doth gravity out of his bed at midoigbt ? 
Shall I give him his anfwer? 

P. Henry. Pr*ythee do. Jack. 

Fal. 'Faith, and I'll fend him packing. , [Exit. 

^.Himy. Now, Sirs, by'r Lady you fought fair} fp 
did you, PetOt lb did you, Bardelpb: you arc Lions too, 
you ran away upon inftinfi ^ you will not touch the bue 
prince, Qo, fie ! 

Bard. 'Faith, I ran when I law others run. 

P.Hemy. Tell mc now in camcft ; how came Faj^s^a 
fword lb hacktf 

Pet*. Why, he hackt it with his dagger, and &id, he 
would fwear truth out ofEi^landf but he would malce yon 
believe itwasdoneinfighthandperliiadedustodotheltkie',' 

Sard. Yea, and to tickle our nofes with iJMar-grafs, id 
make them bteed, and then bcfluUxr our garments with 11^ 
and fwear it was the blood of true men. I did that I did not 
thele feven ye^n before, I blu&'d to hear his mooftrous 

p. /£»r)>. O vUlain,thou ftolcft a cup of lack eighteen yean 
ago, and wert uken in the ''nunour,^ and ever llncethaa 
tuft blufli'd Atfai^fi thou hadft fire and fword on thy Gd^ 
and yet thou ranncft away } what inflind hadft thou for it r 

Btrd. My Lord, do you fee tbcfe meteon? do you be* 
hold thefe exhalations? T.Henfy^ 

^ naniuf , 

ciq mod t, Google 

3 1 6 -Iffe Ftrji Part of 

P.Hemy. I do. 

Bard. What think yotrthejr portend ? 
P. Hemy. Hot livers, and cold purfcs. 
j5<w4. Choler, my Lord, if rightly taken,' 
F. Hemy. No, if rightly taken, halter. 

S C E N E XI. 

£«/«■ Falftaff. 

Here comes lean Jack, here comes bare-bone. How now* 

my fwcet creature of bombaft, how long is't ago, Jach 

fiiice thou law*ft thy own knee? 

Fal. My own knee? When I was about thy years. 
Holy I was not an Eagle's talon in the wafte ; ] couM have 
crept into any Alderman's thumb-ring : a plague of figh- 
ing and grief, it blows a man up like a bladder. There's 
villaioogs news abroad : here was Sir jfebft Brafy from 
your father ; you muft go to the Court in the morning. 
That lame mad fellow of the porth, Per^; and he of 
WaUs:, tliat gave Amamen the baftinado, and made £c- 
cifer cuckold, and fwore the Devil his true Liege-mao 
upon the crofs of a ff^el^hook : what a plague all you 
him— — 

Poins. O, Gkndower. 

Fal. Ozoen, Owem the fame, and his fontin-law A/sr- 
iimr, and old Nortlnimberlaiid, and the fprighdy Scot of 
SeetSy Dowglas, that runs a horfeback up a hill perpeii> 
dicular ■ ' ■' 

P. ffmy. He that rides at high fpccd, and with a piftol 
kills a fparrow flying. 

Fal. You have hit it, 

P. Htfiry. So did he never the Sparrow. 

Fal. VVell, that rafcal hath good mettle in him, be will 
not run. 

. P. Henry. Why, what a i^lbd art thou then, to pnule 
him (a for running? 

Fal. A horfebKk, ye cuckow, but afoot he will not 
budge a. foot. 



JSfflg Henry IV. 317 

p. Htmy. Yes, Jatk, upon inftinft. 

Fei. I grant ye, upon inftinA : well, he is there too* 
and one Mordake, and a thoufand blue-caps more. fFer-; 
cefter is ftd'n away by nighu: thy father's beard is turn'd ' 
white with the news : you may buy land now as cheap ia 
{linking mackerel. 

P. Henry. Then 'tis like, if there come a hot Jmgy and 
this civil buSetting hold, we Ihall bay maidenheads as they 
buy bob-nails, by the hundred. 

Fd. By the Mafs, lad, thou lay*ft true j ic is like we 
fliall have good trading that way. But tell me, H^ an 
not thou horribly afeara ? thou being heir apparent, could 
the world pick thee out three fuch enemies a^n as that 
fiend Doteglas, that fpirit Percy^ and that devil Glai- 
dmoer? art thou not horribly afraid? doth not thy blood 
thrill at it } 

P. Hemy, Not a whit, i' &ith ; I lack Come of thy in- 

Fd. Well, thou wilt be horribly chid to-morrow, when 
thou com'ft to thy father: if thou do love me, pra&ileaa 

P. Henry. Do thou Hand for my &dier, and examine me 
upon the particulars of my life. 

Fd. Shall I ? content : this chair ihall be my fiate, this 
da^er my Iccpter, and this culbion my crown, 

P.Hemy. Thyftatc is taken for a joiot-ftool, thy golden 
fcepter for a leaden dagger, and thy precious rich crown 
for a pitiful bald crown. 

Fm. Well, an the fire of grace be not quite out of thee^ 
now fiialt thou be moved — — Give me a cup of &ck to 
make mine eyes look red,' that it may be thought I have 
wept i for I mufl fpeak in pa£Gon, and I wiU do it in 
King • Cambyfes' vein. 

P. Henry. Well, here is my leg. 

Fal. And here is my fpeech ■■ Stand afidc. No- 
bility Htifi. 

(a) An aid PUef tntitlU A tamentahle Tngedte mixed full of pin- 
rant mirth conainiiie the life of Camhijti Eine of Pereia. jyThooai 
Prefton. Jl*»imid. 

ciq mod t, Google 

3t8 The Fhfi fart of 

H^. This is exceHeDt (port, i' hiih. 

Fai. Weep axx, Iweet Qieen, for trickling tears are 
vain. . . 

Hofi. O the bther! how he holds bis countenance! 

Fst. For God's f^c. Lords, conirey my triftAil Queen, 
For tears do flop the flood-^tes of her eyes. 

He^. O rare, he doth it as like one of thofe harlotry 
players, as * 'ever I fee.'' 

FaL Peace, good pint-pot, peace, good tickle-brain — 
Hmyt I do not only marvel, 4here thou fpendcll thy 
time i but aKb, how thou art accompany'd : for though 
thecamomi), the more it is rroddeti on, the failer it grows: 
yet youth, the more it is wafted, the fooner it weara. 
Thou art my fbn ; I havepardy thy mother's word, part- 
ly my opinion ; but chiefly, a villainous trick of thine 
eye, and afooiilhhangingofthy nether lip, that doth war- 
rant me. If then thou be fon to me, here lyeth the point ; 
why, being fon to me, art thou fo pointed at? Shall the 
ble^ ^''Sun^ of heav'n prove a micher, and eat black- 
berries? a queftion not to be ask'd. Shall the fon of 
EtiglaKd pmvt a thief, and take purfes I a queftion to be 
ask'd. There is a dibg, Harry, which thou haft often 
heard of, and it is known to many in our land by the 
nameof pitch: this pitch, as ancient writer^ do report, dodi 
defile i fo doth the company thou keep*ft ; for, Hany, now 
dolnot fpcak to theeindrink, but in tears; notinpleafure, 
but in pauion ■, not in Words only, but in woes alfo j and 
yet there is a virtuous man, whom I have often noted in 
thy company, but I know not his name. 

P. Bmry. What manner of man, an it like your Ma- 

FaL A goodly portly man i*&ith, and a corpulent } of 
a chearful Took, a pleafing eye, and a moft noUe car- 
riwe ; and as I think, hii age feme Bfty, or, by'rlady, 
inclining to thrceicore; and now I remember me, his 
name is Falfiaff: if that man ftxxUd be lewdly given, he 
deceives me i for, Harrys I lee Tirtue in hu looks. If then 

6 I «vei fie. 7 Soa 

ciq mod t, Google 

Gng Henry IV. 315 

Ae "fruit may be known by the tree, as the tree (7 the 
fruit,^ then pereoiptotily 1 fpcak ii, there is virtue in thai 
Fa^afi him keq> with, the reft banifh. And tell me 
now, thou naitgh^ virler, teli me, where haft thou been 
this month? 

P. Hettry. Doft thou fpeak like a King ? do thou ftvid 
for me, and I'll play my lather. 

Fal. Depoft me ? — — If th«i doft it half fo gravely, 
Sa majeftically, both in word and matter, lung me up by 
the heels fw a r^>bet>&cker, or a poulterer's Luc. 

P. Henry. Well, here I am fct. 

F^. Ajid here 1 ftand \ judge, my maftcrs. 

P. Henry. Now, Hany^ whence come you f 

F4I. My noble Lord, from Eoft-cbt^. 

P. Henry. The complaints 1 hear of thee are grievous. 

Fd. *Sbkx>d, my Lord, they are faUe. -— — Nay, I'll 
cckle ye for a young Prince. 

P, Hemy. Swcareft thou, ungracious boy ? henceforth 
ne'er look on me 1 thou art violently carry'd away fiom 
grace -, there's a devil haunts thee, in the likencfs of a fal 
oki man : a tun of nun is thy companion. Why doft 
thou convcife with that trunk of humours, that boulting- 
hutch of beaftlinefe, that fwoln parcel of dtopfies, thac 
hua; bombard of feck, that ftuft cloak-lag of guts, that 
roimedA&ffi(u^-/r« Ox with the pudding in his belly, that 
reverend vice, that grey iniquity, that lather ruffian, that 
vaoity in years ? Wherein is he good, but to taftc lack 
and drink it ? wherein neat and cleanly, but to carve a 
capon and eat it ? wherein cunning, bat in cr^ i where- 
in cnfty, but in villainy ? wherein villainous, but in all 
chin^ ? wherein worthy, but in nothing ? 

Fd. I would your Grace would take me with ytm : 
vhom means your Grace ? 

p. Henry. That viHainods abominable mif-lcwjer of 
youth, Fa^fft that old whitc-bearded Sathan. 

Fd, My Lord, the man \ know, 

P. Henry. \ know thou doft. 

% tree mvf be kaowQ b^ the frui^ at the fruit bj the uee, 

ciq mod t, Google 

320 The Fkfi Part of 

FaL But 16 ivft I know more harm in him than m mj 
felf, were to £iy more than I know. That he b old, the 
more's the pity, his white hairs do witnefi it} but that he 
is, (faving your reverence,) a whoremafter, that I utterly 
deny. If fack and lii^r be a ^It^ God help the wicked! 
if U) be old and merry be a fin, then many an old hoft 
chat I know is damn'd : if to be iat be Ki be hated, then 
Pbaraoi^i lean kine are to be lov'd. No, my good Lord, 
banilh Pete, bamlh Bardo^b, bonifli Poins ; but for fweet 
Jack Faifiaff^ kind Jack Falfiaff^ true Jack Fd^^ valiant 
Jack F^aff, and therefbre more valiant, being as he is, 
old Jatk Payoff \ banilh not htm thy ii^nrr^'s company : 
banifli plump Jatkt and banifli all the world. 

P. Hmry. I do, I will. \Knoc)ai^y and Ho^fs goti ml. 

Enter Bardolph rtam^. 

Bard. O, my Lord, my Lord, the Sheriff widi a moft 
monftrous watch, is at the door. 

FtU. Out, you rc^e I play out the Play : I hxn 
much to iay in the behalf of that Falfiaff. 

Re-enitr tbe Bfiefs. 

Hofi. O, my Lwd, my Lord ! 

Fal. Heigh, heigh, the Devil rides upon a 6ddlc-ftick : 
what's the matter } 

Hoji, The Sheriff' and all the watch are at the dow: 
they are come to fearch the houfe : Ihall I let them in \ 

Fal. Doft thou hear, Hal? never call a true {Mcce of 
gpld a counterfeit; thou art eilentially mad, without 
feemingfii. • 

P. mnrj. And^ thou a natural coward, without in- 

Fal. I deny your m^or -, if you will deny the Sheriff, 
lb; if not, let him enter. If I become not a cart as 
well as another man, a plague on my bringing up! 1 
hope I fhall as foon be itrangled with a halter, as ano- 

P. Henry. Go hide thee bdtind die arras, the reft walk 


ciq mod t, Google 

King Henry iV. 321 

above. Now, my tniftersi for a true face and good con- 

Pal. Doth which I have had s but their date is our; 
and tfierefore I'll hide me. 

lExaint FalftafF, Bardolph, £?f; 

P. Henry. CaU in the Sheriff 


Enter Sieri^. and the Carrier^ 

P. Henry. Now, mafter SherifFi what is your will with 

Sher. Virtt, pardon mc, niy Lord. A hue and cry 
Hath foUow'd certain men unto this hou/e. 

P. fffBry. What men ? ^ 

Sher. One of them is well knDwh,'my gracious Lord^ 
A grols fat man. 

Car. As fat as butter. 

P. Henry. The man, I do alTure yoii. Is not fiere^ 
For 1 my fctf at this time have imploy'd him -, 
And, StieriB', I engage my word to thee^ 
That I will, by to-morrow dinner limcj 
Send htm to anfwer thee, or any man. 
For any thing he fhall be chargM withal : 
And fo let me intreat you le^ve the houfc; 

Sher. I will, my Lord : there are two gentjcmen 
Have in this robbery loft three hundred marks. 

P. Henry. I: may be foj if he have robb'd theft men^ 
ik ihall be anfwcrablc ; and lb farewel; 

Sber. Good night, my noble Lord. 

P. Henry. I think it is good morrow^ is it hot ? 

Sber. Indeed, my Lord, 1 think it be two a dock. 

[ Exeunt Sheriff ttnd Carrief. 

P. Heray. This vAj rafcal is kntfwn as well as Pau^ s 
go call him forth. 

Pete. Fal/iaf! fall adeep behind -the arras, and fnort- 

Vot. JIL X P.Hinry. 

ciq mod t, Google 

322 The Fhfi Part of 

P. Henry. Hark, how haid he feEcha his breath : learch 

his pockets. 

{He fearcbts bisptfketJt anijmds certdapafen. 
What haft thou found f 

Peto. Nothing but papers, my L<»tl. 

P. Henry. Let's fee, what be they? read them. 

Pelo, Item, a capon, zs.zd. 
Item, Sawce, 41/. 
ItetKt Sack, two gallons, gs. td. 
Item, Anchovea vtd fack after fuppcr, 2J. 6d. 
Itemt Bread, a halfpenny. 

P. Hemj. O monftrous t but one half penny-worth of 
bread to this intolerable deal of iack i What there is elle, 
keep ctofe, we'll read it at more advantage ; there let 
him flecp 'till day. I'll to the Court in the morning : we 
muft all 19 the wars, and thy place Hiall be honouraUe : 
Pit procure this &t rogue a clurge of foot, and I know 
his death will be a 'march of twclvefoore. The mooy 
fhall be paid back again with advantage. Be with me 
betimes in the morning ; and To good morrow, Ptto. 
, Peto. Good-morrow, good my Ijord. [ExeuiU. 


7i^ Arcb-deacenaf^aoffitU Houfe in Wales. 

Enter Hot-fpur, Worcefter, Lord M<Mti0Kr, aad Owoq 


THefe promiles are fair, the parties fiire. 
And pur induction hill of pn^eious bene; 
Hot. Lord Mir timer, and coulin Gkndmir, 
Will you lit down i 


(a) ]. e. it wiO kill him tt marthfi /mr as Hettoefi^ffiur 


ciq mod t, Google 

And uncie fTortefter — A pligiie upon itl'^-^^s 
I have foraot the itiap. 

Gimd. No, here it iS ; 
Si^ coufin Ptrcy^ fit, good coufin Hol-fpi& • 
Pot by thit nanle, a3 oft as Ldncafier 
Doth fpeak of you, his checks lOok fialc, arid widi 
A rifing figh, he wiJbcrh you in heav'n. 

Hot. And you in hell, as often as he hears 
Okwb Gkndower fpoke of. 

Glend. I blame hifti not: at riiy nativity i 

The front of heav'n was full of fiery ftiapes^ 
Of burning cfcffetSi kno* that at hiy birthj 
The frame and the foundation of tbcf eattft 
Shook like a cCrWaifd. 

liot. So h #ouM have done 
At the fafnii ftfafon, if your motlier's dit 
Harf fcktcn'd, ttiough your felf had ne'er been (»fti; 

GUnd. I fay the earth did fhakc when I was born. 

Hot. 1 fay the earth then was not of my liiind f 
If yoa ^paafti as fearing you, it Hiook, 
, Gietid. The hcav'ris were all on fircj the earth did trertiWrfi- 

Hot. 0, then th' earth fhook to fee tho' heav'^ns on httf 
And not in fear of yoai nativity. 
t^e^tA n^tur'e oftentimes bf^ks ^oftff 
In ftraAge erQptrons i and the teemins eartti 
Is with a kind of chotick pinch'd and vexc^ 
By the impTifoning of tinruly wind 
Within her womb ; which for entargemenit itrif^ingV 
Shakes the okl beldam earth, and topples down 
}£gh tOw'rs and mofs-grown fteepres. At your bitth^ 
Our grandam eanh, with this diflemperature^ 
In p^Bori fKook, 

QUnd. Coufin^ of mfany rticti 
t do not bear thefe cft^ings : give me reave' 
To tell you once a^in, that at my Birth 
The front of heaven was full of fieiy fliapes,- 
The goats ran from the mountains, andthe herds 
Wtte ftrangely dam'rous in th^ frighted fiekts ; 

Xa Thcfe 

,■ C,ql,lt!dt,G00glC 

324 The Brft Part of 

Tbefc figns have mark'd me extraordinary, 

And all the courfes of my life do Ihcw, 

] am not in the roll of common men. 

Where is he living, dipt in with the fea 

Thai chides the banks of England^ fVales^ or Scothndt 

"Who calls me pupil, or hath read to me ? 

And bring him out, that is but woman's fon, 

Can trace me in the tedious ways of art, 

Or hold me pace in deep experiments. , 

Hot. I think there is no man fpeaks better IFe^. 
I'll to dinner 

Mort. Peace, coufin Pfrry, you will make him mad. 

Gknd. I can call fpirits from the vafty deep. 

HbI, Why, fo can I, or lb can any man : 
' But will they come, when you do call for them ? 

Glend. Why, I can teach thee tocommand the dcviI. 

Hot. And 1 can teach the^ coz, to fhamc the devil, ■ 
By telling truth. Tell truth, andjhame the devil. 
If thou have pow'r to raife him, bring him hither. 
And I'll be fworn, I've pow'r to Ihame him hence. 
Oh, while you live, tell truth, and ffiamc the devil. 

Mori. Come, come! 
No more of this unprofitable chat. 

Glend. Three times hath Henry BeUrtgh-cie made head 
Againft my pow'r ; thrice from the banks of fpye. 
And Tandy- bottom'd Se^>em, have I fent 
Him bootlefe home, and weather-beaten back. 

Hot. Hom^ without boots, and in foul weather tool 
How 'fcapeshe agues, in the devil's name ? 

Glend. Come, here's the map ; (hall we divide our right. 
According to our threefold order ta'en? 

Mort. Th* Arch-deacon hath divided ' 'it already 
Into'' three limits, very equally : 
Mtigkmdy from Trent, and Severn hitherto. 
By fouth and eaft, is 10 my part affign'd : 
All weftward, iVales^ beyond the Severn fliorc, 
And all the fertile land within that bound. 
To Owen Glendower i and, dear cot, to you The 

I it Into 

ciq mod t, Google 

King HenryIV. 325 

The remnant northward, lying off from Trent. 

And our indentures triparrite are drawn : 

Which being feal'd inrcrchangcably, 

(A bufmcfs that this night may txecutc) 

To-morrow, coufin Percy^ you and I, 

And my good Lord of Worcsfi'er^ will fet forth. 

To meet your father and the Scottijb power. 

As is appoinKd us, at Shrewsbury. 

My fiither Glendower is not ready yet. 

Nor fhall we neoi his help thele fourteen days : 

Within that fpace, you may have drawn together 

Your tenants, friends, and neighbouring gentlemen. 

OUnd. A (hotter time (hall fend me to you, Lords : 
And in niy condnft (hall your Ladies come. 
From whom you now mull fteal and take no leave t 
For there will be a world of water (hcd. 
Upon the parting of your wives' and you. 

Hot. Methinks my * ■'portion,'^ north from Burttn here. 
In quantity equals not one of yoyrs : 
Sec, how this river comes me crankling in. 
And cols me, from the befl: of all my land 
A huge half moon a mon(trous cantle out. 
I'll have the current in this place damm'd up : 
And here the fmug and filver Trent (hall run 
In a new channel, fair and evenly : 
It (hall not wind with' fuch a deep indent. 
To rob me of fo rich a bottom here. 

GUnd. Not wind? itfliall, itmuft, you (ee it doth. 

Mort. But mark, he bears his courfe, and runs me up 
With like advantage on the other fide,- 
Gelding th' oppofed continent as much. 
As on the other fide it takes from^you. 

ff^cr. Yes, but a little charge will trench hitQ here. 
And on this north-fidc win this cape of land, 
Then he runs ftrait and even. 
' Hot. I'll have it fo, a little charge will do it. 

Gknd. I wili not have it altw'd. 

X 3 ^^of' 

i moiety 

ciq mod t, Google 

326 "jifi Firfi Part ef 

ffof. WiiIn«you? 

Glfnd. No, nor you IhaJl not. 

/fet. Who flu)] fay me nay f 

Glend. Why, that will I. 

Hot. Let me not underiUnd yoD then, fpeak k in BftJ/b. 

Glend. 1 can fpeak En^li/b, Lord, as well as you, 
For 1 was train'd up in the Ei^li/b Court: 
Where being young, I framed to the harp 
Many an Engli/b ditty, loyely well. 
And gave the tongue a helpfiil ornament ^ 
A virtue that was never fcen in you. 

Hat. Marry, I am gtad of it with all my heart, 
J had rather be a kitten, and cry mew, » 

Than one of thefe fame meeter-balUd-mongers} 
I'ad rather hear a brazen candleltick curn'd* 
Or a dry wheel grate on the a:tle-tree. 
And that would nothing fct my teeth on edge. 
Nothing fo much as mincing poetry j 
*Tis like the forc'd gate of a fiiuffling nag. 

Giend. Come, you ihall have Treat turn'd^ 

Hot. I do not care j I'll give thrice fo much * 'l»nij 
As that to any*' wcll-dcfcrving friend j 
But in the way of bar^in, mark ye me, 
I'll cavil on the ninth part of a hair. 
Are the indentures drawn f Hull we be gone? 

Glend. The moon Ihinea feir, you may away by nigjKtj 
*'I will go hafte^ the "writer, and withal 
Break with your wives of your departure hence; 
I am afraid my daughter will run mad, 
fjo much Qie dbteth on her Mortimer, [^, 


Mert. Fie, coufin Per^^ how vou crafs my £uherl 
pot. I cannot chufej fonietiqK he aiwcn m^ 

tliairomy 4 illhaftc 

ciq mod t, Google 

King HiNRT IV. 327 

■ "With telling ol the Moldwarp and the An^ " 

I Of dreamer Merlin, and his [^ophecies t 

I And of a Draffon, and a Bnlcfs 6Ih,- 

A clipc-wing'd GriQin, and a moulting Raven, 
A couching Lion, and a ramping Cat; 
And liich a deal of skimble-skamble fliiff. 
As puts me from my faith. I tell you what. 
He held me the taft night at leaft nine hours. 
In reck'oing up the feveral devils names. 
That were his lackeys: I cry'd ^&tmr, and fc^//. 
But mark'd him not a word, O, he's as tedious. 
As a tir'd horic,' or as a railing wife } 
Worfe than a fmoaky houfe. I'ad rather live 
With cheefe and garlick in a windmill fur. 
Than feed on cates, and have him talk to me, 
In any fummer-houle in Chriftendom. 

JUir/. la ^ith, he is a worthy gentleman; 
Exceedingly well read, and proifited 
In flnnge concealmentsi valiant as a Uon ; 
And wond'nxis affable ; as bountiful 
As mines of InSt : (hall I tell you, coufin f 
He holds your temper in a high relped, 
And curbs himfellv even of his natural fcope. 
When you do CFoCi his humour i 'faiih, he does. 
I warrant you, that man is not alive 
Might fo have tempted him as you have done. 
Without the talle of danger and reproof. , 

Bat do not ufe it oft, let me intreat you. 

Wer. In &ith, my Lord, you are Hx> wilfiil- blame, 
And lince your coming here have done coough 
To put him quite belides his patience : 
You mufl needs learn. Lord, to amend this fault; 
Though fomedmes ic fbews greatnefi, courage, blood, 
(And that's the deareft grace ic renders yooO 
Yet oftentimes it doth [vcfeat harlh rage, 

X+ Dcftd 

(a) fiit atbulM tt mm »U frfhtty wiiti iifaid f htv4 inJuctJ 
Owei Glendover it lait armi againfi K. Henrjr, Stt Hali'f Chrn. 
ftl, 20. pope, 

ciq mod t, Google 

328 Tt>£ mrfi Pm of 

pcfei5t of it)anners, want of gowemment. 
Pride, haughtinefs, opinion, and difdain : 
The leafb of which, haunting a nobleman, 
Lofech men's hcarcs, and leaves behind a ftain 
Upon the beauty of all parts belideSj 
Beguiling them pf commendation. 

Hot. Well, I am fchooi'd ; good manners be your Ibeed [ 
Here come opr wives, and let us cake our leave. 


Enter Glcndower, with the LaiUes. 
Mart. This is the deadly fcight that angers me. 
My wife can fpcak no Engti^, I no Ff^e0!}. 

GUnd. My daughter weeps, fiie will not part with- you, 
Sht'll be a foldier too, (he'll to the wars. 

Mori. Good father, tell her, ftie and my aunt Per^ 
Shall follow in your conduft fpeedily. 

[Gtcndowcr^ifij^j /tf j&fr/» Wclfti, and fit oH^aoen 
him in the fame. 
QUnd. She's defp' rate here i a pecvilh fclf-will'd harlotry, 
That no perfuafion can do good upon. 

S_^be Lady freaks in Wdfli. 
Mert. \ underftand thy looks •, that pretty fVelfi, 
Which thou pour'ft down from thofc two fwelling hcav'ns, 
I am too pcffcft in : and but for ihamc, 
Jn fuch a parly ftiould I anfwer thee. 

\Tbt Lady i^ain in Welfli. 
Mcrt. I underftand thy kiflas, and thou mine. 
And that'sa feeling difputation: 
]3'>t I will neyer be a truant, love, 
'TillI have learn'd thy language: for thy tongue 
Makes ff^elfi as fwect as ditties highly penn'd, 
3ung by a fair Queen in a fummer's bower, 
W itii ravifhing divifion to ho- lute. 
- Gkffd. I 'Nay, an if ^ thou melt, then will flie run mad* 
l^e Latfyfpfoks asmn in WelOi. 

ciq mod t, Google 

King Henrt IV. 329 

Mu-t. O, I am ignorance it fdf in this. 
Gknd, She bids you. 
All on the wanton ruflies lay you down. 
And reft your gende head upon her lap, 
And fhe will fmg the fong that pleafeth you. 
And on your eye-lids crown die God of lleep. 
Charming your blood with pleafinc; heavincfs; 
Making Tuch' dif 'rence betwixt w^e and Aeep, 
As is the diflf'rence hctwixt day and night. 
The hour before the heav'nly-harncfs'd team 
Begins his golden progrefs in the eaft. 

J/(?r/. With all my heart I'll fit, and hear her fing: 
By that time will our book, I think, be drawn. 

GhuL Do fo J 
And * 'tho' th'^ muficians that Ihall play to you. 
Hang in the air a thouland leagues fram hence ^ - 
Yet ftraic they fliall be here: fit, and attend. 

Uet. Come, Xjitey them arc perfeft in lying dowai 

come, quick, quick, that I may lay my head in thy lap. 

l^ Percy. Go, ye giddy goofe. [The mufick plofs. 

Hot. Now I perceive the devil underfiands fVelfi), and 

*tts no marvel he is lb humorous, by'rlady he's & good- 


L. Percy. Then would you be nothing but mufical, fOT 
you arc alt<^ther govern'd by huniours : lye ftill, ye 
thief, and hear the Lady fing in We^. 
Hoi. I had rather hear Lady my brach h(}wl in br^. 
iL-Perey. Would'ft have thy head brokep ? 
Hat. No. 

L. Perey. Then be ftill. 
Hot. Neither, 'tis a woman's feuk. 
■ L. Per^. Now God help thee! 
Hot. To xhcfFilJb Lady's bed. 
L. Percy. What's that ? 

f/ot. Peace, (he fings. [Here the Lady /mgs*'^t\^foi^. 
Come, I'll have your fong too. 
L. Per<y. Not mine, in good footh. 

6 thofc . . '. «V tdit. Wort, imtni. 

ciq mod t, Google 

530 T^e Tirfi Part of 

Hot. Not yoon, in good footh ! you fwear like a com- 
fit-maker's wife; not you, in teod footh i and, as true as 
Ilove\ and, as GodfiaU maid'm\ and, as jure as dajz 
and giveft iiich farcenct furcty for thy oaths, as if thou 
never walk'dft further than Finshay. 
Svear me, Kate, like a Lady, as thou art, 
A good mouth-filling oath, and leave infoetbt 
And fuch protefta of pcpper-gin^er-brcad. 
To velvet-guards, and Sunday-civztTa. 
Come, fing. 

L. Perey. I wUl not fing. 

Hot. 'Tis the noct way to turn tailor, or be Rebin-Red- 
Breafi-icAcher : if the indentures be drawn, 1*11 away 
within thefe two hours : and fo come in, when ye will. 


Glend. Come, come, Lord M>ritmery you art as flow. 
As hoi Lord Percy is on fire to go. 
By this, cur book is drawn : we will burfea). 
And then to horfe immediately. 

Mart. With all my heart. lExemt. 

S C E N E IV. 

Enter JGng Henry, Prince of Wales, Lords and otters. 
K. Henry.r Ords, give us leave i the Prince erf" tFales 

■L' andl 
Mad have fome private conference : but be near, 
For we Ihall prefently have need of you. — [£«»tf Lords. 
1 know not whether God will have it fo. 
For fome difplcafing fervice I have done i 
That, in his fecret doom, out of my blood 
He breeds revcngement and a fcourge for me: 
But thou doft in thy pal&ges of life 
Make me believe, that thou art only mark'd 
For the hot vengeance and the rod of heav'n. 


ciq mod t, Google 

Kir% Hbnrt IV. 331 

To punifti my mif tre^dings. Tdl mc, elfc 

Could fucb inordinate and low deflres, 

Gudi poor, fucb bale, fuch lewd, (ach mean ' 'attaintja^ 

Such barren pleafurcs, rude Ibcicty, 

As duxi art match'd withal and grafted to. 

Accompany the ^catncfs of thy blood, 

And bold tbdr level with thy princely heart t 

P. Henry. So plcafe your Majefty, I wifli I could 
Quit all ounces with as clear excufe. 
As veil, as I am doubclefs I can purge 
My felf of many I am charg'd widial. 
Yec fucb extenuation let me beg. 

As, in reproof of many talcs devis'd. 

Which oft the ear of Grcatnefi needs rouft hear. 

By fmiling pick-thanks and bafe newft-mongers j 

i may for fome things tnw (wherein my youth 

^tb faulty wander'd, and irr^lar) 

Find pardon, (m my true fubmiflion. [iforr, 

K. Hem^. Hcav'n pardon thee I yet let me wonder. 

At thy a^&ions, which do hoU a wing 

Quite from the 0^bt of aJJ thy anceftors. 

Thy place in council thou haft rudely loft, 

"Which by thy jrounger brother is ru^y*d i 

And art almoA an alien to the hearts 

Of all the Court and Princes of my blood. 

The hope and expofiatioo of thy time 

Is ruin'd, and the foul of every man 

Prophetically does fon-think tny fidi. 

Had I fo lavilh of my prdence been. 

So common- hackney*d in the eyes of toeli. 

So ftale and cheap to vulgar company \ 

Opinion, that did help me to the crown. 

Had fttll kept loyal to pofleOion, 

And left me in reputelcls baniflunent^ 

A fellow of no mark nor bkelibood. 

By being leldom feen, I could not ftir 

But like » comet I was woodrcd at } 

r aM">r**> • • • ^^ *4i*- Wth. mm*^ 


L:mi,z.d=, Google 

332 The Firfl Part of 

That men would teU their children, This is he. 

Others would fay. Where ? winch is Bolingbrokc ? 

Aad then I ftole all courtefie from hcav'n, 

And dreft my feif in fuch humility, 

That I did pluck allt^iaucc from men*« hearts. 

Loud Ihouts and falutations from their mouths. 

Even in the prefencc of the crowned King. 

Thus I did keep my perfon frefli and new. 

My prelence like a robe pontifical. 

Ne'er feen but wondcr'd at i and fo my ftate. 

Seldom but fumptuous, fhewed like a feaft. 

And won, by rarenefs, fuch iblemnicy. 

The skipping King, he ambled up and down 

With (hallow jeiters, and rafh baven wits, ' 

Soon kindled, and ibon burnt ; * "Icarded^ his ftate, 

Mingled his royalty with carping fools. 

Had his great name profaned with their fcorns. 

And gave his countenance, againft his name, 

To laugh ' ''with^ gybing boys, and ftand the pufh 

Of every beardlels, vain comparative : 

Crew a companion to the common ftreets, 

Enfcoff'd himfclf to popularity : 

That being daily fwallow'd by men's eyes, ■ 

They furfeited with honey, and began 

To loath the tal^ of fweetnels, whereof little 

More than a little is by much too much. 

So when he had occafion to be feen. 

He was but as the Cpckow is in Jmiet 

Heard, not regarded ; feen, but with fuch eyes. 

As, fick and blunted with community. 

Afford no extraordinary gaze ; 

Such as is bent on fun-like Majefty, 

When it fhines feldum in admiring eyes : 

' 'They^ rather drow;2'd, and hung their eye-lids down, 

Slept in his face, and rendred fuch afpei^ 

As cloudy men ufc to their adverfaries. 

Being with his prefencc glutted,: gorg'd^ and fiill. 


8 urded . . . eUtdit, Warh, emiad,> . ■ ^ tt I fiat 

ciq mod t, Google 

King Henk-T IV. 333 

And in that very line, fliwrj', ftand'ft rtiou i 

For thou haft loft thy Princely privilege 

With vile participation. Not an eye. 

But is a-weary of thy common light, 

Save mine, which hath defir'd to fee thee moret 

"Which now doth, what I would not have it do^ 

Make blind it felf with fbolifh tenderne^. 

P. Henry. I (hall hereafter, my thripe gracious Lprd, 
Be more my felf. 

K. Henry. * 'Harry, for'' all the world, 
As thou art at this hour, was Hicb^d then, 
"When I from France fet foot at Raoenfpurg\ 
And ev'n as I was then, is Percf now. 
Now by my fceptcr, and my foul to' boot. 
He hath more worthy intercft to the ftate. 
Than thou, thelhadow of fucceffion : 
For of no right, nor colour like to right. 
He doth till fields with hameJs in the realm. 
Turns head againft the Lion's armed jaws ; 
And being no more in debt to years than thou. 
Leads ancient Lords and rev'rend Bilhops on. 
To bloody battels, and to bruifing arms. 
What never-dying honour hath he got 
Againft renowned Dowglas, whole high deeds, 
Whofe hot incurfions, and great name in arms. 
Holds from all foldiers chiel majority. 
And military tide capital. 

Through all the kingdoms that acknowledge Chrift I - 
Thrice hath this Hot-fpur Mars in fwathing^cloaths, 
Thb infant warrior, in his enterprifes, 
DifcomBted great Dewglas, ta'en him once. 
Enlarged him, and made a friend of him. 
To fill the mouth of deep defiance up. 
And Ihake the peace and lafety of our throne. 
And what lay you to this ? Percy ^ Nortbumberhnd, 
Th'Arch-bilhop's Grace of Torky Dewglas and Mortimer^ 
Capitulate againft us, and are up. 


ciq mod t, Google 

334- ^' ^fi ^'^ ^/ 

But whererore do I tell this news to thee f 
Why, Harry, do I tell thee of my foes. 
Which art my ncar*ft and dcsrdl enemy ? 
Thou chat art like enoi^h, through vxnal feaf^ 
Bafe inclination, and the flart ofrpfeen, 
To fight ^ioft me under Pere/s pay. 
To dog his heels, and curtTie at hu miwns, ' 
To Ihew how much thou art d^neraie. 

P. Henty. Do not think fo, you Ihall not find itSti 
And hcav'n forgive them, that lb much hare fway*d 
Your MajetVy's good rhooghts away from me ! 
I will redeem allthb on Ferey'i head. 
And in the clofing of fome glorioas (fay. 
Be bold to tell you, that I am yoar Ion : 
When I will wear a garment all of blood. 
And flain my ' 'favour^ in a bloody mask. 
Which waftit away Ihall fcowre my flame wkh in 
And that fliall be the day, when c^cr it lights. 
That this lame child of honour and renown. 
This gallant Hot-^ur, this all-prarfed Knight, 
And your unthought-of Hjny, chance to meet : 
For every honour fitting on his helm, 
Would * 'therc'^ were mtiltitodcs, and on my head 
My fliames redoubled } for the time win come. 
That I Ihall make this nordiem yoach exchange 
His glorious deeds for my indignities. 
Perg is but my faflor, good my Lord, 
T* engrcris np glorious deeds on my behalf I 
And 1 will cali inm to fo-ftrift account. 
That he Ihall render every glory np, 
Yea, even the flighteffi worlhip of his time. 
Or I will tear the reck'ning from' his heart. 
This, in thenamc of heaVn, 1 promift here ? 
The which, if 1 * 'perform't^ and- do fiirrivi^ 
I do befeech your Majefty, may (klve 
The long-grown wcancfe of my intemperanirrj 
If not, the end of life cancels all bona% 


S bvotin . , , tUtJii. Wmrh tmndi 4 they 5 peffesi 

ciq mod t, Google 

King Henry IV* 335 

And 1 will die a hundred thou&od deaths. 
Ere break the fmalleft parcel of this vow. 

K. Hemj. A hundred thoufand rebels die in this : 
Thoa Ihalc have charge, and fovcrngn truft herein. 

Enter Blunt. 
How now, ^Kxl Blunt ? thy looks are full of fpeed. 

Bhou. So is the bufmels thit I come to ^k of. 
Ijord Mortimer of Scotland hath fenc word. 
That Dowglai and the Engl0) rebels met 
Th* eleventh of this month, at Sbrtwibury: 
A mighty and a fearful head they are. 
If promiles be kept on every hand, 
. As ever oSefd foul play in a ftate. 

K. Hmj. The Earl of ff^ejtmrknd fct forth to-day. 
With him my ion. Lord Jebn a( Laacafier ^ 
For this advertifement ts five days old. 
On Wtdaefittf next, Harrjy thou ihalt fet fora^rd : 
On Tburfd^^ we our felves will march : our meetmg 
IsztBridgenortbi and, Harrys yon Oiall march 
Through Glo'fiir^re: by which, ibme twelve days hence 
Our general forces at Bri^nertb fhall meet. 
Our hands are full of bufmels : let's away, 
Advanti^e feeds theorj fat, while we delay. {^Exeunt. 

S C E N E V. 

The Tavern in Eaft-cbeap. 

Eater FalftafT md Bardotph. 
Fal.Ty/frdt^t am I not fall'n away vilely, fince this fall 
"" aftion? Do I not 'bate? do I not dwindle ? why, 
lay akin hangs about me like an old Lady'sbofe gown : I 
am witberea fike in oTd apple yobn. Well, I'll repeal' 
and that fuddenly, while I am in fome fiking : I Hull be 
oac of heart fliortiy, and then I fhall have no ftrength to 
RpenC An I have not forgotten wJiai du iaHde of a 


ciq mod t, Google 

336. 7*^ Ftrfi Van of 

church is made of, I atna pepper-corn, a brewet*S hftrfei 
the infide of a church I oooipany, villaioous company hadi 
been the fpoil of me. 

Bsrd. Sir j'fl^a, you are fo fretful, you cannot live long. 
fal. Why, there is it \ come, fing me a bawdy fong, 
to make me merry : I was as virtuoufly given, as a gentle- 
man need to be^ virtuous enough \ fwore little; diced not 
above feven times a week ■, went to a bawdy-houfe not 
above once in a quarter — of an hour ; paid mony that I 
borrow'd, — three or four times j' iiv*d well, and in 
good compafe ; and now \ live out of all order, out of all 

Bard. Why, you are fo fat. Sir Joht^ that you muft 
needs be out of all compafs, out of all rcafonable compa&, 
Sir yoi». 

fal. Do thou amend thy faa, and I'll amend my life. 
Thou art our admiral, thou beareft the lanthom in the 
poop, but 'tis in the nofe of thccj thou art the knight of 
the burning lamp. 

Bard. Why, Sir Jolm^ my face does you no harm. 
Fal. No, I'll be fworn ; I make as good ufe of \t, u 
many a man doth of a death's head, or a memento mori. I 
nevo* fee thy face, but I think upon hell-iire, and Tiives 
■ that liv'd in purple \ for there he is in his robes burnings 
If thou wen any way given to virtue, I would fwear by 
thy l^ce; my oath fhould be, h^ tUsfire\ but thou art 
altogether giveh over; and wert indeed, but for the lig^t 
in thy fece, the fon of utter darknels. When thou rann'ft 
up Gads-hill in the night to catch my horie, if I did not 
think thou hadft been an ignh fatuus, or a bajl of wild^ 
fire, there's no purchafe in mony. O, thou art a perpe- 
tual triumph, an everlafting bonfire-light ; thou haft faved 
me a thbufand marks in hnks and torches, walking with 
t^ei: in the night betwixt tavern and tavern ; but the lacki 
that thou had drunk me would have bought me lights u 
good -cheap, at the deareft chandler's in Eurepe. 1 have 
maintain'd (hat Salomon^ of ' ''thine'' with Ore. any time 
this two and thirty years, hcav'o reward mc Ux it.' 
6 youn Bardi 

ciq mod t, Google 

^ HENiir IV. 337 

B*rd. *8Ui(iDd, 1 would my face wetc in yoar bdly. 
/^ Gcid-a-itt«rcy ! fo Onuld I be fure to be heart-burn'd. 

Enltr B$^t. 

How now, dame PartUt the hen, have jrou coquir'd yec 
who pick'd my pocket ? 

fl^. Why, ^xtjohn^ what do you think, ^rsjobn? 
do you dunk I keep thieva in my houfe ? I have Icarch'd, 
I have enquired, fo has my husband, man by miin, boy 
by boy, fervant by favaot : the tight of a hair was nfcvcr 
loft in my houfe befbre. 

Td. Ye lie, hoftefi ; Bardelph was ftavM, and loft nteny 
a hair \ and I'll be fworn my pocket was picked; gb ti^ 
you are a woman, go I 

Hoft. Who I? I dcflc thee s I was never, call'd fo in 
mine own houfe before. 

iW. Go to, I know you well entwgh. 

Hi/t, Mo, Sitjoim: you do not luneiw m^, %v:yolm\ 
I know you. Sir John \ you owe me mony. Sir Tt^.and 
now you pick a ^uairel to beguile me of it. J boOght 
ym a dozen of Ihirts w your Ixtck. 

Fal. Dowlas, filthy dowlas: •{ have ^ven them away 
to baken wives, and they have made boulters of them.' 

H^. Now as I am a true woman, HoUand of dghc 
finllings an ell : you owe mony here befidcs. Sir JobHt 
far yaordiet} and by-drinkingS, and mony lent yoii, four 
and twenty pounds. 

Fal. He had his part of it, let him pay. 

Heji. He ? alas ! nc \t pbor, he hatn nothing. 

FA How! poor? lodk upon hta hxx: what call y<Hi 
rich? let him coin his nofe, let him coin his checks: Pll 
not pay a denier. What, wilt you make a younker of 
BK? (hall I not tak« mine eafe irf mine inh, but I fhall 
bara my pocket' pick'd f I hav^ loft a fed-^ring of my 
grand- father's, worth forty ftiark. 

Htfi. O Jefu! 1 have heard t\\t Prince feH himj I know 
not how ofc, chit the ring waa copper. 

Vot. 111. Y Fah 

ciq mod t, Google 

338 The Brft Part cf 

Fal, How? the Prince Is a Jack, t fiieak-cup; and if 
he were here, I would cudgel him like a d(%, if he would 
iay lb. 

S C E N E VI, 

Eiittr PrtTiceiieaTy Morcbhig, endVao; FaiGsS meit 
tbem, py^i}^ on his Truncheea Uie a Fife. 

Vol- How nowi la4f u t^e wind in that door ? muft 
' we all march ? 

Bard. Te4» wo and two, Neuigaie fafhion. 

Hq/i. My Lord,. I pray you, hear mc. 

P,ift»7. What iay*ft thou, Mtftreis ^ckfyl how 
dod thy hudiand? I love him welt, he is an hiMi^ man. 

ffej. Good my Lord, hear me, 
. fid. Pr*ythee, let her alone, and lift to me. 
' P./fojiy. What^'ftlhou, 7jc*/ 

Fal. The tther night I fell afleep here behiod^cbe arras, 
and had my packet pickt: thisboufe isiuni*d hawdy- 
houfe, they pick pockets. 

P. Be?iry. What didft thou lofe, yack? , 

Fal. Wilt thou believe me, Hal? three or four bonds 
.of forty pound a-piec^ and a fcal-riog of my grand- 

V.Hemy. A tri6e, fome eight-penny matter. 

H^, So J told him, my Ltud \ and I laid, I heard 
your Grace lay ib: and, my Lord, he fpeaka moft Tifety 
of you, like a fbul-mouth'd man as he is, and &id w 
would cudgel you. 

P.flflWT. What! he did not? 

/M. There's neither £iith, truth, nor woman-hood in 

FaL There's np more titith in thee . than in a ftew'd 
pninc t no more truth in thee than in a drawn Fox \ and 
for woman-hood. Maid Marian may be the deputy's wife 
of the ward to thee. Go, you thing, go! 

Htfi, Say, what thing? what thing? 

Fal, What thing? why, a thing to thank God on. 


iCftg HENity IV. 339 

Hofi. I am nothing to thank God on, I would thou 
jhould'll know it I I amanhoneft man'swifet andfetcing 
thy knight-hood aiidc, thou art a knave to all me fo. 

Fal. Setting thy woman-hood alide, thou art a bead 
to lay otherwile. 

H^. Say, what bcafV, thou knave thou i 

FaL What beaft ? why, an Otter. 

V. Henry. An Otter, Sir^oAa, why an Otter? 

FaL Why? Ibe*s neither fifti nor flelh; a man knows 
not where to have bcr. 

- H0. Thou art an unjuft man in' faying fb ; thou, or 
any man, knows where to have mc \ thou knave thou ! 

P. Henry. Thou fay'ft true, holtels, and he flandcra 
thee moft grofly. 

Hofi. So he doth yoU| my Lxjrd, and faid this other 
day, you ow^d him a thoufand pound. 

P. Hatty. Sirrah, do I owe you a thodbid pound ? 

Fai. A thoufand pound, Htu? a million; thy love is 
worth a million : thou ow*(l me thy love. 

Ht^. Nay, my Lord, he call'd you Jack, and laid he 
would cudgel you. 

Fal. Did I, BarJokb? 

Bard. Indeed, Sir johi, yoo faid lb. 

Fal. Yea, if he faid my ring was copper. 

P. ffaay. I fay^ 'tis copper. Dar'ft thou be as gow) as 
thy won! now i 

Fal. Why, flii/,'thou know*lt, as thou" art but a man 
I dare s btit as thou art a Prince, ' I fear thee, as I fear the 
roaring of the Lion's whelp. 

p. Htnry. And why not as the Lioa ? 

Fal. The Kti^ himfelf is to be fear'd as the Lion ; 
d(/ft thou think Til fear thee, as I fear thy fiuher ? nay* 
if I do, let my Girdle break! 

P. Henry. O, if it fliould, fiow would thy guts fall 
about thy knees 1 But, Sirrah, there's no room tor &th^ 
truth, nor honefty, in this bofom of thin&t it is all fill'd 
up with guts and midriff'. Charge an honeft woman with 
picking thy pocket ! why, thou whoribn, impudent, im- 
Y 2 boft 

ciq mod t, Google 

340 1i>e firfl Part «f 

boll rafcal, if there were any thii^ in thy pocket brt 
tavern reckonings, Memeranhms of bawdy-houfes, and 
one poor penny-worth of fugar-candy to make thee long- 
winAidi if thy pocket were enrich'd with any other 
injuries but thefc, I am a villain ; and yet you will ftand 
to it, you wiU not pocket up wrongs. Art thou not 
alham'd? ■ * . , « 

Fal. t)ofl: thou hear, H(Uf thou know*fl: in die ftate 
of innocency, Jdam fell i and what (houW poor JaA 
Falllaff ^o^ in the days of "villainy? thou feeft, I have 
more Befti than another man, and therefore more frailty. 
You confefs then you pickt my pocket ? 

P. Henry- It appears fo by the ftory. 

Fal. Hoftefs. 1 forgive thee : go make ready brcaklafti 
love thy husband, look to thy fervants, and cherifli diy 
guefts : thou Ihalt find me traSable to any honcft rcafoo: 

fhoBfccft, 1 am pacify'd, aill? Nay» IpryUiee, 

be gone. lExit Hopfs, tw^. 

Now, Ha!, to the nan at Court »r the robbery, lad: 
bow is that anfwer*d t 

F. Henry. O my Tweet beef, I muft ftlll be gpod ang^ 
to thee. The mony is paid back again. 

Fal. O, I do not like that paying back j 'tis a double 

P. Hatry. I am good friends with my lather. voA may 
do any thing. 

Fal Rob me the exchequer the firft thing thou dc^ft, 
and do it with unwa&'d hands toou 

Bard. Do, myLmd. 

P. Henry. 1 have procured thee, Jach a charge of foot. 

Fal. I would it had been of horfc. Where fcall 1 6nd 
one that can ftcal well? O, for a fine thief, of two and 
twenty, or thereabout ; I am heinouQy unprovided. Well} 
God be thaiiked for thefe rebels, they oficnd nttie b^ 
4tie virtuous. 1 laud them, I praife them. 

^. Henry. Barde^b! 
' Bard. My Lord. 

V.Hmy. GobcarthiskttertoLofdJWBofijWfq^r 

UK, l,;<»i.:, Google 

KtBg Henrt IV. ■ 341 

to my brother JeAft: this to my Lord oF IVtjtmorland. 
Go, retOj to horfe ; for thou and I hare thircy miles to 
ride yet ere dinner-time. Jack^ meet n>e to-nwrrow in 
' the Tetnple-HaU at two a dock in the afceraoon. there 
flialt thou know thy charge, and there receive mony and 
order for tbdr forniture. 
The land is burning, Percy ftands on hj^. 
And cither they, or we, muft lower lyc. [come: 

iW. Rare Wdrds .' bave world ! hoffefs, my breakfa(l> 
Oh, 1 OMild wiih this uvern were my drum! [£jen«/. 

A C T IV. S C E N E . t 

Enter Hot-fpur, Womfter, oad Dowgks. 

WEU laid. myAobte Jfirfi if fpeaking truth 
In this fine a^ were not Chougfat f^itery, 
Socb arttribution fhoald the Dov>glas have. 
As not a foldier of this lealbn's ftamp 
Siould go fo general currant through the world. 
By heav'n, I cannot flatter : I defie 
Tiie tongues of fooihrrs. But a' braver pface 
In my heart's love hath no man than your felf. 
Nay, task me to my word*, approve me, Lord. 

i^ffw. Thou art the King of honour : 
No man fo potent breathes upon the ground. 
But I will beard hinu 

En$er a M^Jer^er, 

H»t. Doj and 'tis well —What letters haft thou there?— 
1 CUD but thank you. 

y 3 Meff. 

ciq mod t, Google 

342 Tie Fhfl Part of 

Mfff. Theft come from your father. 

Hoi. Letters fix>m him? why comes he not himfdf ? 

Meff. He cannot come, my Lord, he's grievous lick. 

Hot. Heav'ns .' how has he the lelfure to oe fick 
In fuch a juftling time? Who kads his power j 
Under whofe government come they along? 

Mef His letters bear bis mind, ' 'not J.^ 

• 'Hot. His mipd ! ■ 
I pr*ythee,^ tell me, doth he keep his bed? 

Mef. He did, my Lord, four days ere I kt Satth : 
And at the time of my departure tlience. 
He was much fear'd by his phylician. 

^or. I would the Ikte of time had firft beeo whole, 
Ere he by ficknefs had been vtfited ; 
Hb health was never better worth than now. . 

Hqf. Sick now ? droop now ? this ficknels doth infed 
The very life-blood of our enterprizej 
Tis catching hither, even to our camp. 
He writes mc here, that inward ficknefi'—— 
And that his friends by deputatkin 
Could not fo foon be drawn : nor thought he meet 
To lay fo dangerous and ddir a tnift 
On any foul remov'd, bat on his ova,. 
Yet doth he give us bold advertifcmept. 
That with our fmall conjunftion we ibould on. 
To fee how fortune is dzfpos*d to us : 
For, as he writes, there is no quailing now, 
Becaufc the King is certainly pofieft 
Of all our purpofes. What fty you to it? - 

fFor. Your father's ficknefi is a maim to us. 

Hot. A perilous gafli, a very limb lopt oft: 
And yeli in faith, 'tis notj his preftnt want 
Seems more than we fhall iind it. Were it good. 
To fet the exadt wealth of all our ftatcs 
All at one call ? to fet fo rich a main 
On tlw nice hazard of one doubtful hour? 


7 not I hb mind, . . . tli tdil. Warh. nuni. 

8 War. Ipr'ythee, fcTc, 

ciq mod t, Google 

J5»g; H E N R Y IV. 343 

It were not good; for therein fhould we read 
The very bottom, and the ibul df hope, 
The very lift, the very utmoft boind 
OFall our fortunes. 

Dow. 'Faith, and fo we IlKMiJd.i 
Where now remains a fweet reverfion. 
We DOW may boldly fpend, upon the hope 
Of what is to come in : .- 

A comfort of retirement lives in. this. ' 

Htt. A rendezvous, a home to By unto. 
If that the devil and mifchance look big 
Upon ^e maidenhead of our affiurs. 

Ifor. But yet ] would your &ther had been here : 
Hie quality and hair of our anempt 
Bro(^ no drvifion : it will be thought 
By fbme, that know ootwhy he is away. 
That wifclom, loyalty, and meer diUike 
Of our proceeding kept the £ari from hence. 
And think, how fuch an apprehenPion 
May turn the dde'of fearfiii iadion. 
And breed a Itiod <^ queftion in our cauTe : 
For well you know, we of th' offending fide 
Muft keep aloof from ftrid arbitrcment. 
And &op all fight-hoIes, every kxip, fitua whence 
The eye of realon may pry in upon ui : 
This abfence of your famer draws a curtain. 
That fhews the ignorant a kind of fear 
Before not dreamt upon. 

Hot. You llrain too iar. 
I rather of his abfence make this ule: 
It lends a luflre, and more great opinion, 
A larger glare to our great encerprile. 
Than if the Earl were here : for men muft think; ' 
If we without his help can make a head. 
To pufli againft the kingdom i with bis belp^ 
We fliall o'er-turn it towe-turvy down. 
Yet all goes well, yet all our joints are whole. 

y 4 Dm, 

ciq mod t, Google 


344- ^ ^ f*»* ^ 

ZXnr. As heart can thiak ; there is not fiidi a «»r4 
.Spoke of in Sailanttt as this term of kaz. 

Eiittr Sir Richard Vernon. 

Hot. My coofin Famm, welcome, by my fiwl. 

l^er. Fray God my news be worth a welcome I^wd. 
The Earl of ^eftmwIoMdj fcv*n thou&nd ftrong. 
Is marching hither, with Prince Jotm of Lonelier. ' 

Hot. No harmi what more? 

Ver. And further, I have learn'd. 
The King himfelf in pcrfon bath fee forth. 
Or hitherwards intended fpeedily. 
With ftrong and mighty preparation. 

Hat. He fhall be welcome too : where is his loo ? 
The nimble-footed mad-cap IVince of ATitfej, 
And his comrades, that dafie iIk world alide. 
And bid it pafs ? 

Ver. All furnilhr, all in arms, 
All plum'd like ElUidgos, » 'and'* with the wind 
Baiting like Eagles having lately bath'd ; 
Glittering in goldeo coats like images \ 
As full of Tpiric as the month of JW^, 
And gorgeous as the fun at MiJ^immur, 
Wanton as youthful gpats, wild as young' bulk. 
I faw young Harry, with his beaver ■ 'up,^ 
His cuiflb on his thighs, gallantly arm'd. 
Rife from the ground like feather'd Merciayi 
And vaulted with fucb cafe into hb feat, 
As if an Angel dropt down from the ckxids. 
To turn and wind a iiery Pegafut^ 
And ■ witch the vorkl with noble horfemanfbip. 

Hot. No more, no more i worie than the fon in Jl£trri, 
This praife doth nourifli agues -, let them come. 
They come like facrifices in their trim. 


(k) Witch, fir bewitch, chum. Ptff. 

9 thit I en, ... mU (A. Wart. tmnd. 

c,q.i,it!dt, Google 

Xn^ HtNuy IV. 345 

And to llie Grc-ey*d maid of fmoaky war, ' 

All hot, and bleeding, will-wc oficr then. 

The noUed Mars Oull on his ateu- iit 

Up to Oifi tan in lidood. I am on £re. 

To hear tbia. rich rq>n&l a fo nigh» 

And ]tet not oun. Come, let mc uke my hoH^ 

W^ la t» bev.HM like *. ibunder-bolt, 

Agaiaft the bofiwi of liK Priocc of M^aUs. 

Hary to H»ny finll, ud horie to boift 

Mec^ ^nd ne'er pact, 'till One drop doirn a ooarfe. 

Ob, dut ClmSfBwer visri come! 

Vtr. There is sum news: 
I leara'd in f^crc^fter^ as 1 rode along. 
He cvtDOt draw bia pow'r this foirtccn days; 

DmP' That's the worft tidings dut I hnr of, yet. 
ff^ar. Ay, by my faith, that bvan a fiolly found. 
Hot. What may the Kin^s whole battle reach unto? 
Vtr. To diircy ttHuftnd. 
B»t. Forty lee ic be, 
My father and Ghidrwtr being both away. 
The pow'r of us, may ferve fo great a day. 
Come, 1st us tipke a mufter fpeedily : 
DoonM^^y it near} die all, die merrily. 

Dovf. T^k not of dying, I am o»t of fear 
Of dQ«b,ordsath*s,Inod, for this one half year. \_Btemt. 

SCENE in. 

The Road to Coventry. 

Enter Falftaff end Bardolph. 

Fal.Xyiirda^ giet thee before to Coventry % All me a 
^ bottle of &ck. : our foldtera fhall march through : 
we'll to ^«^/M- ^''raj&uij^ to-night. 

So'd. WUl you give me mooy, capcain i 

2 e^iiU 

C,qi,it!qt, Google 

346 Mi ^fi Pifrt of 

Fat. Lay out, lay oul 

Bard. This bMtle makes ui angel. 

FiU. An if it do, take it for chy Jabour j and if it 
make twenty, take them all, I'll anTver the coynage/ 
Bid my lieutenant Petq meet me at the town'j end. 

Bard. I wLt, captain ■, farewel. ■ f ^*'A 

Fal. If I be not afliam'd of my folding, I am a fc»rc*d 
gurnet; I have mif-uc'd the King's prels damnaUy. I 
have got, in exchange c£ an handred and fifty Soldiers^ 
three hundred and cxid pounds, I prels me none but good 
houfholders, ycomens lonsi enquire me out contradtod 
batchelors, fuch as had been aik'd tvioe on the banes ; 
fuch a commodity of \^arth Aava, . u had as lieve hor 
the devil, as a drum % iiich as feat- the repcn-t of a culverin, 
worfe than ' 'a ftruck Deer, or a hart wild-fowl.^ I 
prefi me none but fuch toafls and boOBr, With hearts in 
their bellies no biggs- than rans heads, and they have 
bought out their fcrviccs: and now my whole charge con- 
fifts of Ancients, corporals, lieutenants, gentlemen of com- 
panies, naves as ragged as LaMdns in the painted ckith,- 
where the ^utton'sdogs licked his fores ; and fuch as in- 
deed were never foldiera, butdifcarded unjuft fervingmcn, 
yoongpr Ions to youtig^ brothers: revolted tapftera, and 
oftlen trade-£dl*n,. the cankers of A calm world and long 
peace i ten times miHe dilhooourahly ragged, than an 
old-fac*d Ancient t and fuch have I to fill up the rooms 
of them that have bou^t out their fcrviccs ^ that you 
would think I had a hundred and iifty tatMr'd prodigals, 
lately come from fwine-keeping, from citing dta^and 
huslu. A mad fellow met me on the way, and told me, 
I had unloaded all the gibbets, and preft t'he dead bodies. 
No eye hath Icen fuch Icare-crows : I'll not march through 
Coventry with them, that's, flat. Nay, and the villains 
march wide betwixt the legs, as if they had gyves on ; 
for indeed, I had the mofi of them out of prifbn. There's 
but a Aiirt and a half in all my company i and the balF 
Ihirt is two napkins tack'd K^ether, and thrown over the 


3 a ftruck fbwlt or a hurt wild iuk, 

L:,.,ii;<»i:, Google 

£r)!^ Henry IV, 34.7 

iboulders like a herald's coat without fleevesj and the 
fliirt, to fay the truth, ftorn from my hoft of St. Jllbans j 
or the red-nos'd Inn-keeper of Dmntry. But that's all 
one, they'll find linncn enough on every hedge. 
Eater Prince Henry, and 'Weftmorland. 

T. Henry. How now, blown 7«vt/. how now, quilt? 

fal. What, Half How now, mad wag, what a devil 
dc^ft thou in Warviidtjbirei My good Lord of tV^aor- 
iaady I cry you mercy, I thought your honour had already 
been at Shrewsbury. 

Wefi. *Faith, Sir Jobn^ 'tis more than time that I w^ 
there, and you too i but my powers are there already. 
The King, I can tel) you, looks fen* us all ; we muft away 

foL Tut, never fear me, I am as vigilant, as a Cat to 
fteal cream. , 

P. Henry. I think to fteal cream indeed, for thy theft 
hath already made thee butter i but tellme, Jacky whofe 
fi^ws arc thefe that come after f 

Fal. Mine, Mi/, mine. 

P. Henry. I did never fee fcch pitifol ralcals. 

Fd/. Tut, tut, good enough to toJs: food for powder, 
food for powders they'll fill a i»r, as well as better; 
tufli, man, mental then, mortal men, 

Weft. Ay, but, Sir^e^, mcthinks they are exceeding 
poor and t^re, too b^arly. 

Fd. 'Faith, for their poverty, I know not where they 
had thftt 1 and for thnr barenels, I am Ibte Aey never 
kam'd that of me. 

V.Henry. No, Pllbefwwn, uniefiyoucall threefingcrs. 
on the nbs, bare. Bur, Sirrah, make hiftc. Per<y is 
already in the field. 

Fal. What, is theKing'encamp'd? 

B^^. He is. Sir >*«; I fear we fJiall Hay too Ions. 

Fal. Well, 
The latter end of a fray, and beginning of a feall. 
Fits a didl tighter, and a keen guelt. \^Exeunt. 



348 Tie Brf Part tj ' 

8 C E N E IV. 

Ewtir Hot-CpUTt Woicefter, Dowglas, iod Vernon. 
jfbt. \X7£'II 6ght with him to^igjit. 

Daw. You give him then advantage. 

Ver. Not a whit. 

Hat, Why % you £>? looks he not for 6tppifi 

Ver. So do we. 

Hot. His is certain* ours is doubtful. 

fi^ar. Good couTtn, be advis'dt ftir aoc t&-nigfit. 

fir. Do not. my Lord. 

D«w. You do not couofel weU -, 
You fpeak it out of fear, and from cold heart. 

Ver, Dome no .(Under, Doviglai: by mylU^ 
And I dare well maintain it with my lifc^ 
If weU-reft)eded honour bid me on. 
I hold as little coonlel with<weak fear. 
As you, my Lord, ox any Scot that Ures^ 
l^t it be feen to-morrow in thebattd* 
Which of usfean. 

Dew. Yea, or to-night. 

Ver. Content. 

Hut. To-night, lay I. 

Ver. Come, oome, it may not be: I wonder intich> 
Being men of Hich great kadiug as you are. 
That you fore&e not what impcdinsents 
Drag back our cscpedition} certain horfe 
Of my coulin Vemotft are not yet oacac up. 
Your uncle Worcefie^t horle came but to oay^ 
And now their pride and mettle is afleep. 
Their courage with hard labour tame ami dull. 
That not a We is half, half of himfelC 


ciq mod t, Google 

Kmg Henry IV. 349 

ffot. So are the hcwfcs of the enemy 
Ingen'ral, journey-baiedi and brought Jov: 
The better port of oura arc ftill of reft. 

U^or. The nai^Mxof the King's cxceedeth oun: 
For God's lake, coufio* Aay 'till all come in. 

[fhc Tnmfti/etmds mfm-l^, 


Entir Sir WalMr Bhint. 

Blunt. I come with gracious of&rs from the King, 
If you vouchfafe me hearing, and refjieft. 

Hot. Welcome, J^-^alier Bhtnt : and would to God 
You were of our determination i 
Some of us love you well j and cv'n thoft feme 
Envy your great defcrvings, and good name, 
Becaufe you are not of our quality. 
But Ihnd againft us like an enemy. 

Blunt. KnA heav'n defend, but ftiM I fhould ftand fo! 
So long as out of limit and true rule 
You fund againft anointed Majefty. 
But to my charge — The King hath lent to know 
The nature of your grie^^ and whereupon 
You conjure from the breaft erf civil peace 
Such bold hoftility, teflthing his duteous land 
Audacious cmelty. If that the Kir^ 
Have any way your good deferts forgot. 
Which he confcflith to be manifold. 
He bids you name your griefs; and with all fpced - - 
You ihall have your defirrs, with inteteft : 
And pardon abfolute for your fcif, and thcfc. 
Herein mif-lcd by your fiiggedion. 

Hot.^ The King is kind : and well we know, the King 
Knows at what time to prcKnife, when to pay. 
My l^her and my uncle, and my felf. 
Did give him that fame royalty he wears : 
And when he was not fix and twenty ftrong, 
Sick in the world'i regard, wretched and bw, 



350 The Tttfi Parr of 

A poor unminded out-Uw, fiwaking home. 
My father gave him welcome to die (hore : 
And when wc heard him fwear, and vow to God, 
He came to be but Duke bf Laiua/ier^ 
To fue his livery, andbcg his peace. 
With tears of irtnocence and terms of zeaJ j 
My father, in kind heart and pity mov'd. 
Swore him afliftance, and pcrfbrm'd it too. 
Now, when the Lords and Barons of the realm 
Pcrceiv'd NertbumierlanJ did lean to hitn. 
They more and lefe came in with cap and kiKe» 
Met him in borouahs, cities, villages, 
.Attended him on bridges, flood in lanea, 
L^id gifts before him, proffer'd him, their oaths. 
Gave him their heirs,, as pages following him . 
£ven at the hecl^ jn golden multitudes,' 
He prefently, as greathefs knows it fclf^ 
Steps me a little higher than his vow 
Made tp my focher, while his blood w:^ poor. 
Upon the naked Ihore at Havett^urg : 
And now, forfooch, takes on him to reform 
Some certain edtOs, and Ibmc ftrait decrees. 
That lay too heavy on the common-wealth j 
Cries out upon abufes, feems to weep 
Over his country^ wrongs j and by tnis face. 
This feeming brow of juftice, did he vfia 
The hearts of all that he did angle for: 
Proceeded further, cut me off the heads 
Of all the fav*rit«3 that the abfent King 
In deputation left behind him here. 
When he was pcrlbnal in the Irijb war. 
Sinu. I came not to hear this. 
Hot. Then Co the point. 
In (horc time after, he depos'd the King, 
Soon after that deprived him of his life: 
And in the neck oT that, task'd the whole ftate. 
To make that wotfe, fuffer'd his kinfmao Martb, • 
(Who is, if every owner were right plu'd« 


ciq mod t, Google 

^ Ken AT IV. 351 

Indeed his King) to be eoca^d in U^aUr, , 

There, without ranfom, tolye forfeited : . 

Difgrac'd me in my happy viftoricp. 

Sought to entrap me by intdligcncc^ . 

Rated. my onde fnxn the council-board, 

In rage difmils'd my ^her from the Cour^. ; 

Broke oarti. on oath, comtaittcd wrong on vrongt ' ' 

And in condunon drove us to &dc ohc • ■< 

This head of fafety \ and withal to pry 

Into hii tide too, ^ which we &nd . 

Too indirect for long ciMitinuance. 

Bboit, Shall I return this anfwer to theKuig? 

Ho^. Notfo, ^xrWalter; we'll withdraw a while :• 
Gb to tEe Kijig, and let there be impawn'd 
Some furcty for a faie Return again ^ 
And in the morning^ early IhsTl my uncle ' 
Bring him our purporn: and fo nrewel. , , 

BUott. I would yo4i yiovAA accept of grac^ aod Ipve ! 

Hot. It may bi^ b. we ihall. . ^ , 

ASntf. Fray bcav'n^pu dol [Exe^. 

■ "" S C E N E VL 

The Jrcbhijhop of YorkV Fataie. ' 

Enter the Jrd^jbiip ef York, ai^Sir Michelf. 

r9rk.TT\ £, gocNJ Sir MicbtU^ bear thif feaJed brief::. 

•ti With winged hafte to the Lord Marelhal, 
Thii to my coufm Scroop, and all the reft 
To whom they are direded : if you knew 
How much they do import, you would make hafte. 

Sir AScb, My Lord, I guels their tenour. 

T^k. Like enough. 
To-morrow, good Sir MicbeU, is a day 
Wherein the fortune of ten thou£uid men 
Mull bide the touch. For, Sir, at Sbrevoshuryt 
As I am truly {pT*n to underftand. 


ciq mod t, Google 

352 The Fttfi Part tf 

The Kin^ with mighty aod quick-mifed power. 
Meets with Lord Harry j and I fear. Sir Aficbettt 
What with the flcknefs of Nortbtm^erlatid^ 
"Whofe pow'r was in the firft prt^rrion t ' 
And what with Owen Glendotoer*a abfbice thence, 
Who with them was a rated ftnew too. 
And comes nbt in, tfer-rulV by projjiecicj } 
I fear the pow*r of Percf is too weak, 
To wage an inftant iryal with theKii^. 

Sir Micb. Why, my good Ijord, theft's I>*itySff, 
and Lord Mortimer. 

Tori. No, Mertimer is not there. 

Sir Mith. But there is Moriake^ l-imw, Utrry Ptrtjt 
And there's my Lord of fForeefiert and a head 
Of galJant warrion, noble gentfemen. 

Tori. And fb there is : but yet the King hath drawn 
The (bccial heaiof all the land together: 
The Prince of ^afrj, Lord Jabn tjf Lanc^er^ 
The noble iVeftmorhitdy and warlike Skaii\ 
And tnuiy more corrivals, ahd'deor men 
Of eftimatioo and, command iaarou. (po**^ 

Sir Afif^. Doubt not, my Lord, they Ihall be well op- 

Tork, i hope no lefi : yet needful '^is to ica. 
And to [werent the worlV, ^vcMkbtUy fpecdi 
For if Lord Per(j thrive not, ere the King 
Difmtls his power, he means to Fific us ; 
For he hath heard of our conf^racy, 
And 'tis but wiltlom to make ftrong agaioft hjfer 
Therefore make hafte, I muft go write again ' 
Toother frieodi: and kk brcwel, Sir Mkhettt [Enml, 


t, Google 

^ Hekry IV. 353 


The Camp ne^ Shrewsbury, 

later JSjoi^ Henry, Prince of Wales, Lord Johh of Lan* 
cafter. Sir Walter Blunt, md Falfiaff. 

Jr. H E H R T. . 

HO W bloodily the fun b^ns to peer. 
Above yon busky hilH the day loolu pale 
At his diHemperature. 

P. Hatry. fhe fouAern wind 
Doth play the tnimpel to his [Hirpofes, 
And by hb hoUow whirling in the leaves, 
P(»etels a temped, and a blufVritig day. 

K. Hemy. Then with the lofcrs let it lympatMa/ 
For nothing can fcon foul to thofe that win. 

[The trtm^tfoHtidsi, 
JEmer Worcefter, and Sir Richard VeAion. 

K. Henry i How now, my Lord of Wot*fierf 'tis nol 
That you atld I ihould meet Upon fuch tcriAs [well« 

As now we meet. You ba^e deceived our trufts, 
And made Us dofi* our eafie robes of peace. 
To cnifh our old limbs in ungentfe ucel : 
This is not well, my Lord, this is not well. 
What lay you to't ? will you again unknit 
Tliis churlifti knot of all-abhorred war. 
And move in that obedient orb again. 
Where you did give a fair and natural IlghCf 
And be no more an exhal'd meteor, 
A prodigy of fear, and a portent 
Of broached mlfchicf, CO the unborn timea? 

Voi.IIl, Z t^«r. 


354 ^' ^*Kfi ^^ ^f 

W'or. Hear me, my Liege : 
For mine own parr, I could be well contcnc ' 
To entertain the lag-end of my life 
"With quiet hours: for I do protcft, 
1 have not fooght the day of this diflike. . [thcnf 

K.Hmy. You have not fought it, Sir? how comes it 
Fal. Rebellion lay in bis way, and he found it. 
P. Henry. Peace, Chewei, peace. 
/Tor. It pleas'd your Majefty to turn yourloow 
Of favour from my fclf, and aU oar houfe j 
And yet I muft remember you, my Lord, 
We were the firft and d«rcft of your friends : 
For you, myftatFof office did I break 
In Richards time, and poftcd day and night 
To meet you on the way, and kifs your hand, 
■When yet you were in place and in account 
.Nothing fo ftrong and fortunate as I : 
It was my felf, my brothw, and his fon, 
That brought you home, and boldly did out-dare 
The dangers of the time. You fwore to us, 
And yoii did fwear that oath at Dcmc^er^ . 
That you did nothing purpofe "gainft the ftatc. 
Nor claim no further than your new-fall'n right. 
The feat of dwii. Dukedom of Lane^. 
To this we fware our aid : but in ftiort fpBCe ' 

It rain'd down fortune (how'ring on your head. 
And fuch a flood of grcatnefs feU on you, 
"What with our help, what with the abfcntKing, 
, What with the injuries of a wanton time. 
The feeming fuffrances that you had born. 
And the contrarioua winds that held fhe King 
So long in the unlucky /rtjft wars. 
That all in England did repute him dead ; 
And from this fwarm of fair advantages 
Vou took occafion to be cjuickly woo'd 
To gripe the gen'ral fway into youriiand ( 
Forgot Tour oath to us at Donc^er | 
And being fed by us, you us'd us fo, 

ciq mod t, Google 

i% HEi^Rt IV. 3^5 

As thit ungentle gull, the Oickow's bird^ 
Ufcth the Sparrow j did oppress our neft. 
Grew by our feeding to fa great a bulk^ 
That ev'n our love durft not come near your ftghe 
For fear of fwaUowing i but with nimble wing 
We were inforc'd for fafcty's lake to fly 
Out of your fight, and raiie this prefcnt head : 
Whereby we tknd oppofed by fuch means 
As you your felf have forg*d *g^in& your Tclf^ 
By unkind ufage, dan^^us counKiiaoce, 
And violation of alt faith and troth. 
Sworn to us in yonr younger enttTprize.- 

K. Hettry. Tbefe things indeed yoy hare articuiatC'^ 
Froclaim'd at market-crt^b, read in churchn, 
To face the garment of rabdlion 
With Ibme &ie ookur, that may ptcafe the eyof 
Of Bckle changeiii^s and poor diftontonis ; 
Which gape, and rub the elbow al the news 
Ofhurly-bQrly innovation: 
And never yn did Infurrcftion want 
Such watcr-coiotira, to impednt his caufe ; 
Nor moody beggars, ftarving for a tine 
Of pelUnetl havock and coDdbfion. 

P. Hemy. In both our armies there is many a {mi 
StaAl pay full dearly for this boM encounter, 
Jf once they join in tryal. Tell your nephew, 
The Prince of ff^aUs doth join with all the world 
In praife of Henry Perey : By my hopes, 
(This prefent enterprize fee <^ his heid) 
I do not think a braver gentleman, 
More a£tive, valiant, or more ♦ 'valued^ young. 
More daring, or more bold, is now alive. 
To grace this lattef age with noble deeds. 
For my part, I may fpeak it to my (hame, • 
I have a truant been to chivalry^ 
And <b, I he^r, he doth account me too* 
Tct Lhis before my father's Majefty* 

Z 2 . I am 

ciq mod t, Google 

356 ne Ftrft Part of 

I am content that he Ihall take the odds 
Of his great name and eftimation. 
And will, CO Tave the bicxxl on either fide. 
Try fortune with him in a fingle fight. [die^ 

K. Heary. And, Prince of ff^aUs^ fo dare wc venture 
Albeit confiderations infinite 
Do make againfl it : No, good Wor*fier^ no. 
We love our people well ; even thofe we love 
That are mif-led upon your coufin's port : 
And will they take the offer of our grace. 
Both he, and they, and you, yea, every man 
Shall be my friend again, and I'll be his. 
So tell your coufin, and return me word 
What he will do. But if he will not yield. 
Rebuke and dread Correftion wait on us. 
And they fhall do their office. So be gone. 
We will not now be troubled with reply t 
Wc oficr fair, take it advifedly. 

\E)dt Worcefter, with Vemon. 
P. Henry. It will not be accepted, on my life. 
' The Jhwglas and the Uot-fpff both together 
Are confident agunft the world in arnu. 
• K. Henry. Hence therefore, every leader to his charge. 
For on their anfwcr will we fct on them : 
And Gpd befriend us, as our caufe is jull I ^Exeunt, 


Manent Prince Henry WFalftaC 

Fal. Halt if thou fee me down in the battel, and be- 
ftride me, (oi 'tis a point of friendfliip. , 

P. Htnry. Nothing but a Colofllis can do thee that 
friendlhip : Say thy prayers, and farewel. 

Fal. 1 would it were bed-time, Hal:, and all well. 
P. Henry. Why, thou owefl heav'n a death. 

[Exit Prince Henry, 
Fal. 'Tis not due yet : I would be loth to pay him be- 

ciq III' t, Google 

King Henry IV. 257- 

fore his day. Whit need I be fo forward with him that 
calls not on me ? well, 'tis no matter, honour pricks rrx 
OD. But how if honour prick me off when I come on i 
how then f can honour fet to i leg ? no : or an arm f 
no: or takeaway the grief of a wound ? no: honour hach 
no skill in furgery then ? no. What is honour ? a word. 
What is that word honour? Air; a trim reckoning. 
Who hath it ? he that dy'd o* IVeinefd^. Doth he feci 
it ? no. Doth he hear it ? no. Is it infcnfible then f 
yea, to the dead. But will it not live with the living? no. 
Why ? DetraAion will not fuffer it. Therefore I'll none 
of it. Honour is a mecr fcutcheon, and fo ends my ca- 
techifin. [£w/. 


Changes to Percy's Camp. 

Entir Worcefter, and Sir Richard Vernon. 

fFor.f^ No, my'ncphew muft not know. Sir Richard^ 
>-' The liberal kind offer of the King, 

Ver. 'Twcre beft he did. 

fFor. Then we are alt undone. 
It is not poflible, it oannot be. 
The King fbou'd keep his word in loring us-. 
He will lufped us ftill, and find a time 
To punilh this oflence in other 5iults : 
Sufpicion, all our lives, fliatl be ftuck full of eyes i 
For ireafon is but tnjfted like the Fox, 
Who ne'er lb tame, fo cherifli'd, and lock'd up. 
Will have a wild trick of his anccftora. 
Look how we can, or fad, or merrily, 
Inttrpretation will mifquote our looks; 
And we Ihall feed like Oxen at a ftall. 
The better cherifh'd, ftill the nearer death. 
My nephew's trcfpafi may be well forgot, 

Z3 It 

ciq mod t, Google 

35^ tfii tirfi Part ef 

Ir hath th*CTCufe of youth and heat of blood-. 

And an adopted nanu of privilege, * 

A haic-brain'd Hot-fpur^ govcrn'd by a fplecn \ 

All his offences Jive upon my head, 

And on his father's. We did train him on, 

And his corruption being ta'en from us. 

We as the fpnng of all, fhall pay for all. 

Therefore, good coufin, let not Harry knov. 

In any cafe, the offer of the King. 

Ver. Deliver whar you will, I'll lay *tis fb, 
Here comes your couTin. 

j^^er Hot-fpur !»></ Dowglas, 

Hot. My uBcle is retum*d : 
Peliver up my Lord of Weftmorland. 
|Jncle, what news ? 

PTor. The King will bid you battel prefently, 

Dow. Defie him by the "Lord of Weftmorhnd. 

Bf^. Ijiid Dowgbu, go you then and k)1 htm lb. 

Dow. Marry, 1 ihall, and very willingly. [£xif Dow, 

/for. There is no fceming mercy in the King. 

Hot. Did you beg ^ 'any of Um F God'^ forbid I 

Wor. I told him gently of ouf grtennces* 
Of his oath-breaking ; which be meedcd thus^ 
By now forfwearing that he is foriworn. 
^e calls us rebels, traitors, and will fcourge 
With t^ugUty arms this haaioi max in at. 
Enter Dowlas. 

Dow. Arm, gentlemen, to arms! for t have throm 
A brave defiance in King Henry & teeth : 
And Weftmorktid that was ingag'ddid \x2i it, 
'V^hich cannot chul% but bring him. qgiplcly on. 

Pf^or. The Prince of ff^aUi ftept fortb before tbcKioeh 
^d, nephev, ^hallengM yoa to Iiogle fight. 

f (By? Qf4 


King HiNRIr IV. 359 

Hot. O, would the quarrel lay upon our heads. 
And that no mitn might draw fhori breath. to-day^ 
But I and Harry Monmouib ! Tell me, tell me. 
How Ihew'd his talking f feem'd it in contempt? 

Ver. No, by my foul: I never in my life 
Did hear a challenge urg'd more modeftly, 
Unleis a brother fliould a brodier dart 
To gentle exercife and jntwf of arms. 
He gave you all the duties of a, man, » 

Trim'd up your praifes with a. princely tongue. 
Spoke your defervings like a chronicle, 
Making you ever better than his praife : 
And which became him like a Prince indeed. 
He made a btufhing cital of himfelf, 
And chid his truant youth with fuch a grace, 
As if -he mafter'd there a double fpirit. 
Of teaching, and of learning inflantly. 
There did he paufe ; But let me tell tne #orId, 
If he out-live the envy of this day, 
Englatid did never owe fo fweet a hope. 
So much mifcQnftrued in his wantonncls. 

Hoi. Coufin, I think thou art enamoured 
Upon his follies ; never did I hear 
Of any Prince fo wild * 'in'^ liberty. 
But be he as he will, yet once ere nigbc 
I will embrace him with a foldier*s arm. 
That he fhall flirink nnder my awrtefie. 
Arm, arm with fpeed ! And fellows, foJdierj, friends. 
Belter conlider what you have to do. 
Than I, that have not well the gift of tongue, 
Can lift your blood up with pcrluafiDn. 

SCENE v.' 
Enter a Mt^tngir. 
Mtff. My Lord, here are letters for you. 
Jht. X cannot read them now*. 

Z4 OGen* 

( at 

ciq mod t, Google 

360 Tie Fnft Part of 

O Gentlemen, tlie time of life is ftiort : 

To fpend that ihortnefi bafely, ' "twcre^ too long 

The' life did ride upon a dial's point ' 

Still ending at th' arrival of an hour. 

And if we live, we live to tread on Kii^ : 1 

If die ; brave death, . when Princes die with us. 

Now for our confciences, the arms are fair. 

When the intent for bearing them is juft. 
Enter another Mejfen^tr. 
Mejf. My Lord, prepare, the King comes on apace. 
Hot. I thank him, that he cuu me from my l^e. 

For I profefs npt tolking : only this, 

Let each man do his bcft. And here draw I 

A fword, whofe temper I intend to ftain 

With the beft blood that I can meet withal. 

In the adventure of this perilous day. 

iiov/^EJperoHfel Percy! *'and fofeton;^ 

Sound all the lofty inftrtujicnts pf war; 

And by that mufick Jet us all embrace : 

For (heav'n to earth) fome of us never lliall * 

A fecond time dp fuch a courtefie. 

[ne trumpets found, fbty embrace^ then txemt, 


, Tbe King entreib with his fcv/er i /tlarm to the haiile. 3l» 
enter Dowglas and Sir Walter Blunt. 
Sluttt. What is thy name, » 'that in the battle thus 
Do'ft crofi gie? and what^ honour doft thou ftck 
Upon my head ? 

Dew. Know then, my name is Dowglas, 
And I do haunt thee in the battle thus, 
^ccaufe fome tell me that thou art a King. 
£lunt. They tell thee true. 


' (a) nil luat the tvtrj tf btitth m Ttm't SJt. Sit HaSl'i CinM. 
/*i «3. Pope. 

7we« Sandfeton: 9 that thni in battel croflcft nw ( What 

ciqiiiodt, Google 

Kh^ Henry IV. 361 

Dow. The Lord of Stafford dear'to-d&y hath bought 
Thy likenefs 1 for infteadof thee. King Harry, 
This fword hath ended him, fo fhal! it thee. 
Unlets thou yield thee as my prifoner. 

Sluni. I was not born to yield, thou haughty ^r?/. 
And thou (halt find & Kingihai will revenge 
Lord Stafford*^ death. 

Figbt^V^ntisJI^n: then enter Hot-(^T. 

Set. O Dffwglas^ hadft thou fought at Holmedon thus, 
I never had triumphed o'n" a Scot, [King. 

Dow. All's done, all's won, here brcathlefe lyes the 

Hot. Where? 

Doto, Here. 

Hot. This, Dowgki ? no : I know this face full well ; 
A gallant knight he was, his name was Blunt, 
Semblably furnifh'd like the King himlelf. 

Dim- Ah ! fool go with thy foul whither it goes ! 
A borrowed title halt thou bought too dear. 
Why didft thog tell me that thou wert a King f 

Hat. The King hath many marching in his coats. 

Dow. Now by my fword, I will kill all his coats. 
1*11 murther all his wardrobe piece by piece. 
Until I meet the King. 

Hot. Up and away. 
Our foldiers ftand full fairly for the day. [Exeunt, 


j&trm, enter ¥d\^aS folus. 
fal. Though I could 'fcape Oiot-freeatXoMii^/i, I fear 
the Ihot here : here's no fixiring, but upon the pate. Soft, 
who art thou ? Sir fFalier Blunt ? there's honour for you ; 
' 'there's vanity :^ I am as hot as moulten lead, and as 
heavy too : heav'ji keep lead out of me f I need no more 
weight than minp own bowels, I have led my rag-o-mufi 
fians where they are pepper'd> there not three of my 

J hftt't no vuitj* : 

ciq mod t, Google 

362 The Fkfi Part ff 

hundred and fifty left alive j and ihey are for the town's 
end, to beg during life. But who comes here ? 

Enter Prime Henry. 
P. Hemy. What, ftand'ft thou idle here ? lend me thy 
Many a noble man lyes ftark and ftrfF [fword i 

Under the hoofs of vaunting enemies^ 
Whofc deaths are unreveng d. Lend me diy fword. 

Fai. O Holy t pr'ythce give mc leave to breathe a while. 
Turk Gregory never did llich deeds in arms, as I have done 
this day. I have paid Percy^ I have made him fure. 

P. Hemy. He is indeed, and living to kill tbee : 
I pr'ythce, lend me thy fword. 

•Ftf/. Nay, HaL, li Percy be alive, thou get'ft not my 
fword : but take my piftol if thou wilt. 

P. Henry. Give it me : what, is it in the cafe ? 
Fal. Ay, Hal^ *tis hot. There's that will fack a axj. 

{the Prince drawt out a hottU efSack, 
V. Henry. What, is't a time to jeft and dally now? 

[Th-ews it at bimt and exit. 
Fal. If P^rcy be alive, *'Hc'ir pierce him; ifhedocomc 
in my way, fo; ifhedonot, if Icomeinhis, willingly, let 
him make a carbonado of me. I like not fuch grinning ho- 
nour as Sir IValter hath : give me life, which if I can lave, 
fo } if not, honour comes unlook'd for, and there'san end. 


.Sirm, Excurfions, Enter the King^ tbePrince^ Lerd Jdtm 
e/'Lancafter, aid the Ea^ 0/ WcRmorlw/d. 

K. Hetay. I pr'ythce, Harry, withdraw thy fclf, tiioa 
bleedeft too much : Lord John of LancdfieTy go you with 

Ijtn. Not I, my Lord, unlefe I did bleed too. 

P. Henry. \ do befeech your Majefty make up. 
Left your retirement do amaze your friends. 

TL. Henry, I will do fo: 


2 rU ... aUedit. tTari. tmind. 

.,,!:, Google 

King Henry IV. 363 

My Lord of fVtfimorland, lead him to his tent. 
fV0. Come, my Lord, I'JI lead you to your tent. 

P. Henry. Lead me, my Lord ! I do not need your help, 
And heav'n forbid a {hallow fcratch fhould drive 
The Prince oF fVaUs from fuch a Beld as this. 
Where ftain'd nobility lyes trodden on, 
And rebels arms triumph in maflacres .' 

tan. We breathe too long ; come, coufin fFefimorhmd^ 
Our duty this way lyes, fiar heav'n's fake come. 

P. Hmjy. By heav'n, thou haft deceiT'd me, Ijtncafier^ 
I did not think thee lord of fuch a fptrit: 
Before, 1 k)v*d thee as a brother, jQbn\ 
But now, I do refpeft thee as my foul. 

K. Henry. I faw him hold IjOrd Percf at the point. 
With lufiier maintenance than I did look for 
Of fudi an imgrown warrior. 

P. Henry. Oh, this boy 
Lcttds mettle to us all. lExemtt. 

Manet King Henry. Enter Dowglas. 

Dow. Another King? they grow like HydraH beads: 
I am the Dowghs ^talto all thofe 
That wear thofe cokxirs on them. What arc thou 
That counterfeit'ft the perfon of a King ? [heart 

K. Htmy. The King bimfelf, who, DmoglaSy grieves at 
So many « his (hadows thou haft met, 
And not the very King, I hare two boys 
Seek Percy and thy felf about the fieM t 
But feeing thou fall'ft on me Jo luckily 
I will aflay thee: fo defend thy felf. 

T)<na, I fear thou art another counterfeit; 
And yet, in hith, thou bear'ft thee like a King: 
But mine Tni lure thou art, who e'er thou be, . 
A™i thus I win thee, i^ity^ht : the IGng beii^ in danger. 

Enter Prmt Henry. 
F.Ifemy. HoU uplhy head, vile J«/, or thou art like 
Jf 9^ *o tKtU k tip again : the Ipirits 


364 "^e ^"fi p^^ rf 

Of Sberfy, Stafford^ Bluttft are in my arms •, 
It is the Prince o( fFales that threatens thee, 
Who never promifethi but means to jpay. 

Chearly, my Lord; how feres your Grace? 
Sir Nicholas Gawfey bath for fuccour fent. 
And fo hath CSfteti: I'il toClifton ftrait. 

K. Henry. Stay, and breathe a while. 
Thou haft rcdeem'd my loft opinion. 
And Ihcw'd thou mak'fl: Tome tender of my life. 
In this fair refcue thou haft brought to me. 

P. Hetay. O heav'n ! they did me too much injury, 
That ever faid I hearkeh'd for your death. 
If it were fo, I might have let alone 
Th* infittting hand of Dowglas over you. 
Which would have been as Ipcedy in your end. 
As all the pois'nous potions in me world, 
And fav'd the treach'rous labour of your fon. 

K.Hertry. Make up to Qi/ton, 1*11 to Sir Nicholas Gawfy. 



Enler Hot-lpur. 

I{ol. If I miftake not, thou art Harry Menmouli. 

P. Henry. Thou fpeak'ft as if I would deny my name. 

Hof. My name is Harry Percy. , 

V.Henry. Then I fee 
A very valiant rebel of that name. 
I am the Prince of JVales ; and think not, Percy, 
To fhare with me in glory any more : 
Two ftars keep not their motion in one Jpher^ 
Nor can one England brook a double reign. 
Of Harry Percy and the Prince of ff^ales. 

He:. Nor fliall it, Harry^ for the hour is come 
To end the one of us ; and would to heav'n 
Thy name in arms were now as great as mine ! 

P. Henry. I'll make it greater, ere I part from tbee; 


ciq mod t, Google 

Itmg Henry IV. 365 

And all the budding honours on thy crcft 
ril crop, to make a garland for my head. . 
Hof. I can no longer brook thy vanities. IFigbt. 

Enter FalfbfF. 

Fal. Well faid. Hah, to it, HM. Nay, you Ihall find 
no boys* play here, 1 can rell you. 

Enter Dowglas, be J^bls with FalflafF, wbofalU dewH 
as if he were dead. Tbe Prince vxunds Hot-fpur. 

Hot. Oh Harry, thou haft robb*d me of my youth : 
I better brook the lofs of brittle life, 
Than thofc proud titles thou haft won of me j 
They wound my thoughts worfe than thy fword my flcih: 
But thought's the Have of life, and life time's fool ^ 
And time, that takes furvey of all the world, 
Muft have a Hop. O, I could prophcHe, 
Qut that the earthy and cold hand of death 
Lyes on my tongue: no, Percy^ thou arc duft. 
And food for— [Dies. 

V.Henry. Worms, bnivz Percy. Fare thee well! 
. Ul-wcav'd ambition, how much art thou ihrunk ! 
When that this body did contain a fpiric, 
A kingdom for it was too fmall a bound : 
,Bot now two paces of the vileft earth 
Is room enough. This earth that bears thee dead. 
Bears' not alive fo ftout a gentleman. 
If thou wert fenfibleof courtcfie, 
I fhould not make fo great a ftiow of zeal. 
But let m^ favours hide thy mangled face. 
And ev'n in thy behalf, I'll thank my Iclf 
For doing thele fair rites of tendernels. 
Adieu, and take thy praife with thee to heav'n t 
Thy ignominy fleep with thee in the grare. 
But not remcmber'd in thy epitaph ! [Hefies FalftafF. 
»— What .' old acquaintance ! could not all this flefh 


ciqi'iiodt, Google 

366 The Fnft Part of 

Keep in a little life? poor 7«f*) ftrewel I 

I could have better Ipsr'd a better man. 

O, I Ihould have a neavy milE of ttice. 

If I were much in love with vanity. 

Death hath not ftruck fo fat a Deer to-day. 

Though many a dearer in this bloody fray : 

Imbowdird will I fee thee by and by, 

'Till then, in blood by noble Percy lye. [£w/. 

SCENE ;x. 

FalftaflF rifis. 
Fal. ImbowtUM ! if thou imbowel me to-d^, I'll mm 
you leave to powder me, and eat me to-morrow. 'Sblood, 
*twas time to counterfeit, or that hot termagant Scot had 
paid me fcot and Ipt too. Counterfeit ? ] lie, I am no 
counterfcitj to die, is to be a counterfeit, for he is \fat 
the counterfeit of a nian, who hadi not the life of a man : 
but to counterfeit dying, when a man thereby liveth, is 
to be no counterfeit, but the true and perfoft image of 
life indeed. The better part of valour is diJcretbn i in 
the which better part, I have laved ray life. I am afraid 
of this gun-powder Percy, though be be dead. How if 
he Ihould councerfcit too, and rife ? I am afraid he would 
|ax)vethe better counterfeit j therefore I'll make him iut\ 
yea, and I'll fwcar I kill'd him. Why may not he rifc 
as well as I .? nothing confutes me but eyes, and no body 
fees me. Therefore, firrah, with a new wound in vow 
thigh come you abng with me. \Tahs Ho^fpu^ ok bis iwi. 

Enter Priace Heory and Lord John of tamca&ee. 
P. Henry. Come» brother >te, full brare)/ haft thoa 
Thy maiden fword. [fldht 

Lm. But fofti whom have we here? 


i,<^,;<»i:, Google 

King Henry IV* 367 

Did you not tell me this fat man was dead ? 

P. Henry. 1 did, I law him dead. 
And breathlefs on the ground: 'art thou alive. 
Or is it Fancy plays upon our eye-fight? 
I pr'ythee, Ipcak; wc will not cruft our eyes 
Without our ears : thoii art not what thou fcem'ft. 

Fal. No; that's certain ; I am not a double man ; but 
if I am not Jack Faf^aff, then am I a yatk ; there is Perty i 
if your father will do mti any honour, jbj if not, iec him 
kill the next Peny himlclf. I look either to be Earl 
or Duke, I can nffiire you. 

P. ffemy. Why, Perty I kiJl'd my fclf, and law thee dead. 

Fal. Did'ftthou? Loud, Lord, how the world is given 
to lying! I grant you 1 was down, and out of breath, 
and fo was he } but <ve roft both at an inllaot, and fought 
a loQg hour by Sbreviiivry dock : if I may be believed, 
ib! ifnoc, let them that fliouid reward valour bear the 
lin upon their own beads. I'll take't oo my death I gave 
him this wound in the thigh : if the man were alive, antl 
vottU deny it, 1 wouki make him eac a piec« of my 
fword. ^ 

ZdH. This is the ftrangeft tale that e*er I heard. 

P. Btmj. This is riie ftrangeft fellow, brother John. 
Cotne, brijig. your luggage nobly on your back : 
For my part, if a lie may do thee grace, 
ril gild It with the Jiaf^iefi terms I have. 

[v/ Retreat is founded. 
The trumpets found retreat, the day is ours : 
Come, brother, lee's to th* higheft of the field. 
To fee what friends are living, who are dead. [Exeunt. 

Fat, Pll follow, as they fay, for reward. He thu re- 

vteds vk;, lKa*'n reward him I If I do grow grear. III 

. grow Ids ■, for I'll purges aod kavc lock, and live cleanly, 

as a nobleman ftiould w. [^Ejcit. 

ciq mod t, Google 

368 ^^ Firfi Part of 


yif Trumpets found: Enter Km Hemyy Prince ^ WaleSf 
Jjord John of J^ncafter, Earl of Weftmorlaod, xeith 
Worccfter and Vernon Prifeneri. 

K. Hetay. Thus ever did rebellion find rebuke. 
I'll-fpirited Wot^fter, did we not fend grace. 
Pardon, and terms of love to all of you ? 
And would'ft thou turn our o&rs contrary i 
Mifufe the tenor of thy kinfman's truff? 
Three knights upon our party llain to-day, 
A not^e ^rl, and many a creature elle, - 
Had been alive this hour, 
If like a chrilVian thou had'ft truly born 
Betwixt our armies true intelligence. 

Wot. What I have done, my fafety urg*d me toj 
And I embrace this f<H-tune patiently. 
Since not to be avoided it ^Is on me. 

K. Henry. Bear Worufier ' 'to his death,'' and Vemm too. 
Other ofiendcrs we will paufe upon. [Exe. Wor. andVaa. 
How goes the field i 

P. Henry. The gallant Scot, Lord Doit^la^ whea he &w 
The fortune of the day quite tum'd from him. 
The noble Peny flain, and all his men 
Upon the foot of fear, fled with the reft 1 
And falling from a hill, he was fo bruited 
That the purfuers took him. At my tenc 
The Dowglas is, and I befeech your Grace 
I may difpote of him, 

K. Henry. With all my heart. 

P. Henry. Then, brother yobn of Laneafter, to yov 
This honourable bounty (hall belong : 
Go to the DowrlaSj and deliver him 
Up to his plea&re, ran&mlefs and free: 
His valour, Ihewn upoa our crefta to-day. 

ciq mod t, Google 

Kin^ Henry IV. 369 

Hath taught us how to cherifh fuch high deed% 
'Ev'n in the bolbm of our adveifaries. 

LoM. I thank your Grace for this high courtefiCa 
Which r IhaU give away immediately. 

K.Ifemy. Then this remains ; that we divide our povrer. 
You (on yeiaiy and my couiin ff^ejimorlandt 
Tow'rds Tork ihail bend you, with your dcarcft fpeed. 
To meet ^ortbumberland and Prelate Screopy 
Who, as we hear, arc bufily in arms. 
My fclf and my fon Harry will tow'rds Waks^ 
To fight with GUndower and the Earl of Marcbe. 
Rdjcllion in this land fhalt loic his fway. 
Meeting the check of fuch another day; 
And fmce this bufinels fo Jar fair is done, 
Xm m HOC leave, 'till ali our own be won. [Exewii. 

Vol.. m. A» The 


ciq mod t, Google 

The Second Part of 

H EN R r IV. 

Containing bis Death: 


KING H E N R r V. 

ciq mod t, Google 


KING Hcniy li. Tiura. 

Pn«« Henry, afitrwardt crovmd King Henrv ibt FItih 

Pf7W« John o/Lanclfter,l* ,. . - 

Humphry ./OkxKrito, {*"""H='^'»'j5«rt»,«».<B«&-«, 

■Qjft»i-<^«ij»Bi^ Henry <», far* 

Thomas «/ Qarence, 


7htArcblnfl>9p j/^ York, 









Falftaff, V 
Poiiu, > 

Peto^ \ 

Page, J 

Shallow «*/ Silence, Ctmtrf Ji^ietj, 

Davy, ServoMt te SbMHow. 

Jhang «?rf Sttwc tOM fitrjtants, 

Mbulay, '\ 

Shadow, y 

Wbi^ ^ CmOrySiUim. 

Feeble, ^ 




ciqiiiodt, Google 

The SscOND Part of ' 




Enter RUMOUR, fainted ftdlof Totigues. 
■ FEN your ears : for which of you will flop^ 
I Theventofhearing,whenloudiC«iuwrrpealu? 
I I» from the orient to the drooping well, 
I Making the wind my poft-horfe, flill unfold 
^ The wSa commenced on this boll of earth. 

Upm my tongues continual flanden ride. 

The which in every language I pronounce^ 

Sniffing th&ears of cnen with falfe reports: 

I fpealt of peace, while covert enmity. 

Under the fmilc of &fety, wounds the world : 

And who but Rjmeur, who but only I, 

Make fearful mufters and prepar'd defence, 

"Whilft the big ear, fwoln with ibme other griefs 

la thought wiih child by the Hern tyrant war, 

And no fuch matter ? Rjtmour is a pipe 

Blown by furmiles, jeakMifies, conje^ures} 

And 1^ lb eafle and fo pU>n a ftop, 

TiMt the blunt nxmHer with Mncounted hods, 

A B J The 


374 ^ Second Van of 

The ftiU-difcordant wavering multitude 
Can play upon it. But what need I thia 
My well-known body to anatomize 
Among my boufliold ? Why is Rurnm- here ? 
I run before King Harry*% viftory. 
Who in a bloody field by Sbre-Kshtaj 
Hath beaten down young Hot-Jpur and his troops j 
Quenching the flame of bold rebdkop 
Ev'n with the rebels blood. But what mean I 
To ipeak fo true at firft ? my ofiice is 
To ndife abroad, that Harry Mattmeutb fell 
Under the wrath <rf noble Hot-fpur'^ fword; 
And ihftMhe Kiflg befiare the Ihwgks* ngs 
Stoop'd his anointed head as low as death. 
This have I rumour'd through the pcafant towns. 
Between that "royal field ofsbrewshtry. 
And this worm-eaten ' 'hold^ of ragged fto«e. 
Where i/o/-j^«r's father, o\A Northumberland-^ 
ij^c^ crafty-fick. The polls cwne tiriog pa, 
And not a man of them brings other news 
Than they have learn'd of me. From Raoaui'i tongues, 
They bring ftnooth comforts foifc, worfe than true wrongs. 


' S C E N E I. 

Nortbumberlaniti Caflle. 

Enltr Lord Banlolph j the Porter at the dear. 

Bard. \X7H0 keeps the gate here, hoa? when ii the 

^^ Earl? 
Pffrt. What AmI) I Ay you we F 
Bard. Tell thou die Eari, 
That the Lord Mar^pb doth attend him here. 
Port. His Lordlhip if walVd forth into the vtdaerA % 

I kolc . . . tldidit. Thtti. imtni. 

.,,!:, Google 

I'leafe It your honour knopk but at the gatCj 
And he himiHf willanfwer. 

£s/fr Northumberland, 

AvwL Here's the Earl. 

Niirtb. What iiews» Lord BarJpi^b ? ev*rf minute ntnr 
Should be the fiujur of finne flnttogcm. 
The times are wild: GiNitantion, lixe ahorfe 
Full of high feeding, iradJy hodi broke looffi 
And be»n down all before him^ 

Sard. Noble Earl, 
. I bring you certain news from SWewthtry. 

North. Good, if heav'n will I 

Bard. As good as hsaxt can wUh i 
The King is almoft wounded ta the death i 
And in the fortune t^ my Lord your fon, 
Prince Harry llain outright % and both the BtiMts 
Kill'd by the hand pf ^wks % yoiu^ Prince Jofmt 
And Wefimorland, and St^ord^ fled the 5eld. 
And Uarrj Momiioutb's brawn, die b^lk Sir JebHt 
Is prifoner to your fon. O, fuch a day. 
So fought, fo fbllow'd, and lb fjiirly won, 
Came not 'till now, to dignifie the tiriM 
Since C^far's fortunes J 

North. Howis thisderiv'df 
. Saw you the field ? came you froirt SbreWshtfyt {thftict. 

Bard. I fpake widi one, my Lord, that came from 
A gpHlcmaa wdl bred, and of good namej 
That freely rendcr'd me thefc news fiw true. 

North. Here comes my fetvant Trasersi Whom I ferrf 
On Ttufdof laft, co liilen after news^ 

B^d. My Lotd, I overrode him on the way. 
And be is furajih'd widi no ort-caiiKies, 
More than hc^ haply, may retail from toKt 



376 Hhe SH<md Part of 


Enter Travcrs. 

Ncrth.'l!Jow, Trovers, whatgood tiding come with you? 

Tra. My Lon^, Sir Jebn Vw^evill tma'd me back 
With joyful tidingsj and being better honfd 
Out-rode me. After him came jpurring hard 
A gentleman, almoft fbre-fpent with fpeed. 
That ftopp'd by mc to breathe his bloodied horle: 
He a3k*a the way to Cbefter-^ and of him 
I did demand what news from Sbremihury f 
He cold me that rebellion had ill luck, 
And that young Harry Perc/s fpur was cold. 
With that he gave his able horle the head. 
And bending forward, Amck his agile heeli 
Againfl the panting fides of his poor jade 
Up to die rowe^h^, and ftarting fo. 
He feem'd in running to devour the way. 
Staying no longer queftion. 

North. Ha? agam: 
Said he young Harry Ptrey's fpur was coM? 
Rebellion hadillluck? 

Bard. My Lord, I'll tell yoii. 
If my young Lord your fon have not the d^. 
Upon mine honour, for ■ filkea poinc ■ • 

ril give my barony. Ne'er talk of it. 

North. WhyihouIdthegentlemaDiChatrodcbjrfhiwr/, 
Give then fuch inlbuices at ki&f 

£ard. Who, he? 
He was Ibme hilding feUow, that had (lorn 
The hcu-{e he rode on ; and, upon my life. 
Spake at adventure. Lock, here comes more news. 


ciq mod t, Google 

iSng'HEKRY ly. 377 

; S C E N . E III. 
£»/«■ Morton. 

Nertb. Yea, thii man's bfow; like to a title-leaf^ 
Foretels the nature of a tragick volume: 
So looks the ftrond, wbercon th' imperious flood - ' .. 
Hath left a witneis'd ufurpation. 
Sa]r, Morton^ didft thou come from Sbremsbtay? 

Mert. I ran from Sbrewiburyy my noble Lord, 
Where hateful death put, on his uglieft mas^ 
To fright our party. 

North. How doth ply ion, and brother? 
Thou trembleft ; and the whiuneis Jn'tliy ch«ek 
Is aptcr than chy tongue to tell thy errand.: 
Even fuch a man^ ib faint, lb Ipritlel^ 
So dulU fo dead in look, fo woerbcigDae^ . 
Drew Priaa^s curtain in. the dead.of.n^C 
And would have told him, half his Trsy was burn'd : 
But Pn<3OT found the Bre, ere he.his tonguej 
And I, my Perfy*s dath, ere thou rcpori'ft ir. 
This thou would'ft fay : your fon did thus, and thosj 
Your brother, thus : fo raughc the noble Dowglat: 
Stopping my greedy ear with their bold deeds. 
But in theend, to ftop minecar indeed. 
Thou haft a' figh to blow away this 4>ntiie, . 
Ending with, brother, fon, and all are dead .' 

Mort. Dewglas is living, and your brother, yeti 
But for my Lgrd your fon — ; 

Nerlb. Why, he is dead. 
See what a ready tongue fufpicion hath; 
He that but fears the thing he would not know. 
Hath, by inftinft* knowledge from. odier eyes. 
That what he fear'd is chanced. Yct^ .^r/m, Jpeak* 
Tell thou thy Earl, his divlnatioD lies; ' 
And I will take it as a fweet dil^tac^ 
And make thee rich for doing me &xk wrong. 

JMir/. You are too great, to be by me gaiolakl : 

■ C,ql,lt!dt,G00glC 

378 lie Sicmd Part tf 

Your fpirit is too true, ,your fears too oerttiin. 

Nmh. ' 'You,^ for all this, fiiy not that Ptrcj'\ dead. 
I fee a ftrange confeflion in thine eye : 
Thou ftuk'ft thy head, and hold'ft it feir, or fio. 
To fpcak a trutti : if he be flain, £iy ib : 
The tongue offends not, that reporti his death: 
And he doch fin that doth belie the dead. 
Not he, which lays the dead is not alive. 
Yet the firft brii^r of imwdcome news 
Hath but a loling office : and hb tongue 
Sounds ever ^ter as a futleo bell, 
Remembcr*d, tolling a departing friend. 

Bard. I cannot think, my Lord, your fen is dead. 

Mm-t. I'm fbiry I fluidd force you to believe 
That, which I would to heaT'n I had not le«n. 
But thefe mine eyct fiw him in bloody ftate, 
Rend'ring faint quittaoce, wearied and out-farcath'd, 
To Hemy Menmiiti y whole fwift wrath beat down 
The never-daoDied Peref to the earth. 
From whence* with life, he never more fprung u{f. 
In few i his death, wfao& fpirit lent a fire 
Even to the duUeJl pealant in his camp. 
Being bruited once, look fire and heat away 
From the beft temper'd courage in his troops. 
For from his metal was his party fted'd ; 
Which once in him abated, all the reft 
Turn'd on themfelves, like dull and hcary kad. 
And as the thing that's heavy in ic fdf. 
Upon enforcement flies with greatcft fpeedi 
So did our men, heavy in Hof-Jpur*t Kit, ■ 
Lend to this weight iuch lightnels with tbdr (tear, 
That arrows Bed not finfter toward their aim, 
Than did our fiildkn, aiming at their Sifety, 
Tly, fiom the fkld. Then was > ^the'* noble fTtr'/gr 
Too foon ta'en prifimcr : and that fiirious Snt, 
The bloody Dmtglas^ whole well-laboiiring fword 
Had three tima ilaia tfa* appcaranoe of the King, 


a Ytt 3 that 


*Gan vail his lfa>iiuch and did grace the fhame 
OF th6fe that turn'd their backs, and in his flight 
Stumbling in fear was took. The fiim of all 
Is, that the King hath won : and hath fcai out 
A fpeedy pow'r t' encounter you, my Lord, 
Under the conduA of young Lmcafter^ 
And Wtfinmiatid. This is the news at fall. 

North. For this, I (hatl have time enough to moorn. 
In poitbn ^re is phyllck: and this news. 
That would, bad i been well, have made me fick. 
Being tick, hath in Ibine mealure in^de me wefl 
And as the wretch whoft fetver-weaken'd joints 
Like ftrci^thlels hinges buckte under life. 
Impatient of 1ms fit breaks like a fire 
Out of his kceper'-s 2stix& ; ev*n to my lirtiba 
Weaken'd wim grief» being now enrag*d wkh ^itF, 
Are thrice tbemfelTes. Hence therefore, tbott nice crutch* 
A Icaly gauntlet now tvith joints of fieel 
Muft glove this hand. And hence, thou Gck)y<yj(U^ 
Thou art a guard too wanton for tlwhead, 
'Whi^h Frinas fkih'd with conqueft aim to bit. 
Now twnd my brows with iron, and approach 
The * 'rugged'ft^ hour that time and fp^ht dare briag^ 
To frown upon th' enrag'd Nortbvmberlondf ■ 
Let heav'n kifs earth! now kt not nature^ hand 
Keep the wiki flood confin'd ; let otder dic^ 
And let this world no longer be a ftage 
To feed contention in a ling'ring ad : 
But let one fpirii of the firft-born Cam 
Reign in all bofoms, that, each heart bcina; iee 
On bloody courfes, th& rode fccne msy end. 
And darknefs be the faurier ci^ the dead ! 

Bardi lliifi ftratncd p&ITion doth you wrong, my Lord % 
Sweet Ear], divorce not wifdom from yoor hoaonr. 

Mv/. The lives of all your loving complices 
Lean on your health, the which if yoa give o*er 
To ftormy pafllen, mufb perforce <kciay, 

4 n£g|Bi*lt . ..tUtdit. Tieti. tmtiii. 

ciq mod t, Google 

380 7hi Seead Part of 

You caft iV event of wax, my. noble Lord^ 
And lummM the account of chance, before yoa laid 
Let us make head 1 it was your prefiirmiif. 
That in the dole of blows, your ibn might drop : 
You knew he walkM o'er perils, on an edge 
Moic fall in, than to get o'er: 
You were advia'd his flclh was caiable 
Of wounds and fatra ) and that his forward Ipirit 
Would lift him where mcA trade of danger rang'd t 
Yet did you lay, G« forth. And none « this. 
Though ftrongly apprehended, could rribain 
The ftiff-bom aftion. What harfi Aen bc&llX 
Or what hath this bold enterprbe brought forth. 
More than that being, which was like to be ? 
Bard, We all, that are engaged to this lofi^ 
Knew th^ we ventur'd on itich dang'rous fea^ 
That if we wrought out life, 'twas ten to onej 
And yet we venOir'd for the gain propos'd, 
Chcnk'd'the rcfpcA of likely peril lear'di 
And fmce we are o*cr-leti venture again. 
Come, we will all put forth, body and goods. 

Mart. 'Tis more than time; and, my moft noble Loid, 
I hear for certain, and do fpeik the truth : 
ITie gentle Arch-bifliop of J!))rk is up 
Widi wcU appointed powers : he is a man 
Who with a double fiirenr binds bis followers. ■ 
My Lord, your Ion, had only but the corps. 
But ihadows, ar^ the fliews of moi to fight. 
F(»- that iame word, reitlHoa, did divide 
The aftion of their bodies from their Ibub} 
And they did fight with quearine&, conltrain'd 
As men drink potions, that their weapons Qoly 
SeemM on our lide: but for their fpirits and nils, 
This word, reieUieMt it had froze them up^ 
As fifh arc in a pood. But now the tnfliop 
Turns infijrrcAion to religion ^ 
Supposed fmcere and holy in his thoughts, 
H^s foUow*d both with body and with mind : 


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Xfflg Hehry IV. 381 

And doth oilarge his riling widi the blood 

Of fiur King Ricbard, icra[^d from PmfrH ftoness 

Derives from heav'n his (quarrel and hia caufe ; 

Tdts them, he doch bcftride a bleeding land 

GafpiDg for life, under great Botinghnke: 

And more, and lels, do flock to follow him. 

t^tb. I knew of this befiMr: but to Ipeak tnith, 
Thu prefent grief had wip'd it ^m my nuad. 
Go in with me, and oounfei every man 
The aptcft way for &lety and reven^: 
Get pofts, and lettsrsi and make fhenda widi fpcedi 
Never fo few, nor never yet more need. [Emmt. 


A Street in Londoo. 

Enter Sir John Falfbff, vith bis T^e heant^ bit 
fipord and hfdcUr. 

Fai. Clmfa, you giant, what fiyi the doctor to my water ? 
^ Ptigt. He faid. Sir, the water it felf was a good 
healthy water. But for the party that own'd it, he might 
have more difedes than he knew for. 

Fai. Men of all £>ra lake a pride to «rd at me. The 
brain of this fooIifli-oompouDded-cIay, nbn, is not able 
to invent any thing that tends to laughter, more than I 
invent, tn-is invented on me. I am not only witty in my 
felf, but the caufe that wit is in odier men. I do here 
walk before thee, like a low, diat hath overwbelm'd all 
her later, but one. If the Prince put thee into my iervice 
far any other reafon than B> let me off, why then I have 
po judgment. Thoa whorfiki mandrake, thou art fitter 
to be worn in my cap, than to wait at my heels. I was 
never mann'd with an * 'agkt^ 'till now : but I will let you 
addier in g^ sor lUver, but in vile apparel, and land 


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382 . 3fo Second i^art of 

you back again to your maftor, for a jewel: The JOfHtd, 
the Prince your auiftcr! whofc chin is not yet Sedg'd 1 1 
will fooner have a beard grow in the palm of my hwi^ 
than he fhall get one on his cheek : yet he wiU not Aid 
to fay, his face is a face-tx)j;al. Hoiv'n may 5nifh it wtu 
it will, it is not a hau- ainib yet : he may keep it ftiil ai 
a face-royai, for a barber ibal) iKver earn fixpcnoe out of 
it i and yet be crowing, as if he had writ mu 
ever ftnce his father, was a batdiek)r. He nuy keep tu 
own grace, but he is almoft out of mine, I oui aSiirc 
him. What {aid Mr. DmUedoH about the iattea for 07 
ihort cloak and flops i 

Page. He laid. Sir, you ihould procure him better 
ifliirance than Bardo^b: he woQtd nor take his t»ad ant 
yours, he lik'd not the fecuriiy. 

Fal. Let him be damn'd like the glutton, may his 
tongue be hotter I a whorfon .jff^i^]^ a rafcally yea- 
fbr^th-knave, to bear a gentleman in hand, and dun 
fland upon ficurify! the wnorfoa fmooth-pates do oov 
wear nothing but high ihoes, and bunches of keys at their 
girdles i and if a man is thorough with them in honcft 
taking up, then diey mutt &uidupoa Jtairiiy: Iludi) 
lief they would put rats^ne in (tiy mouths asi^erto ftop 
it with feairity. 1 looked he ftiQukl hare fent me two ain 
twenty yards of fattep^ as I am a true knight, aad he ks^ 
iMjecifrity. WeUv be may Ikep in featr^, for he fa^ 
the horn of abgncjance. And the iightneli of bis wife 
fhines through it* and yet cannot hb te, though be faafc 
bis owa lanthom to light hipi. Where's Btawph I 

P^. He's goiH into Smtifieid to buy your WorQiipi 

Fal. I bought btm io PauPt, and he'll buy me & hofft 
in Smitl^ieid, If I could get me but a wife in the Hevii 
I were muu^d, hoi^d, indwiv'd. 


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Kmg HENRt IV. 383 


JEnlir Chief Jufiicet tmJ Servants. 

P^. Sir, here comes the Noblemin that tammitted 
iBe Prince for ftrikiog bitn, about Bardo^. 

F*i, Wait dofe, I will not fee him. 

a. ynfi. What*8 he that goes there ? 

Sirv. F^af, atft pkafe your LonlflKp. 

Cb.Jufi. He that was in queftion for the robbery? 

Situ. He, my Lord. But he hadi lince done gbod 
tervice at Sbrewsbitry : and, as I hear, is now going with 
famt chai%e Co the Lord John of IjBu^er, 

Cb.Jtifi. What, toTnrkf oil him back again. 

Serv. Sir Jtba FaHk^l 

Fal. Boy, tdl him I am deaf. 

Pap. You mnft Ipeak looder, my mafter ii deaf. 

Cb. Juft. I am fure he is, to the hetrine of any thing 
gpod. Goj^ckhtmbythedbow. I miift Ipeak with him. 

Siro. Sir Jolmf 

Rii. Wbatl a young kmve and beg ! are there not 
vara? is there not empkjyment ? doch not the King ladc 
fut^ds? do not the rebels need foldien ? though it be a . 
ifaame to be on any fide but one, it a wnfe fhame to beg, 
than to be on the wotft fide, were it worlc thaa the name 
ttf* rebellion out tdl how to make it. 

Sero. You miftake me^ Sir. 

fak Why, Sr, dkl I &y yoa wctean . 
letting my knight-hood and my IbkUcribtp ftfide, I ha4 
iied in my throat, if I had Aid (o, 

Serv. I pn^ you. Sir, then fet your knight-hood and 
your fbldicnbip afide, and give me leave to letl you, yoa 
lie in yoiir throat, tf yoB lay I am any odier than an 
Iwneft ntan. 

Fai. I give thee leave to tell me fo ? I lay afide that 
«U^ grows to oie^ if thou gett^ftany leave of me, hang 
ntt( tfoou tak*ft leave, thou wen bcW be bang'd : you 
hiuc'cadmer* betioei avaant! 


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384 ^ Second Part of- 

Sera. Sir, my Lord would fpeak with you. 

Cb.Jnft. Sir JohiFa^aft a word with you. 

Fal. My good Lord ! God give your Lordfliip good 
time of day. 1 am glad to fee your Lordfliip aoroad i 
1 heard fay, your Lnafliip was fick. I hope your Lord- 
fliip goes abroad by adyicc. Your Loidfhip, though not 
clean paft your youth, hath yet iomcihMck of age in you : 
fome relifh of the ra]the& of time ; and I mo!t humbly 
befeech your Lbrdfliip> to have a reverend care of your 

Cb. yi0. Sir Jaim, I few 'for you before your expedi- 
tion to Sbrevsiioy. 

Fal. If it pleaTe your Lordfhip, I hear hu Majefty ii 
rcturn'd with fome difcomfort from 0^alej. 

Cb. Jufi. I talk not of his Majefty : yoa would not come 
when I fent for you. 

FaJ. And I hear moreover, his Higlmefi is fall'n into 
^is lime whorfon «>opIcxy. 

Q>. Jufi. Well, heav'n mmd him! I pray, let me 
Ibeak with you. 

Fal. This apoplety is, as I takeitj a kind of lethai^, 
an't pleife your Lodfliip, a kind of fleeping in the blood, 
a whorfon tinglirtg. 

Cb. Ji^. What tell you me of it? be it ai it is. 

Fai. It hiUh its originai from much grief; from ftud^ 
and perturbation of the brain. I have read the cauie of it 
in Gaien. It is a kind of deafnefi. 
' Os. Ji^. I tliink you are falt'n into that difeafe: for 
you hear not what I % K» you. 

Fal. Very well, my Lord, very well: rather, an't pleafe 
you, it is the difetfe of not iifi'ning, the malady of not 
marking, that I am troubled withal. 

Cb. Jiffi. To puoilh you by the heels, would amend 
the aitcntimi of your ears } and I care not if I be your 
phyfician. -' 

Fal. I am as poor as To^, my Lord, butnotfopaoeat: 
your Lordfliip may miniftcr the potion of imprnonmcnt 
to me, in refoc^ of povcrtyj but how I iboidd be your 


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Gfg Henry IVi 385 

faatiettt td fbQow your pre&riptionsi the wile 16117 make 
ibine dram of a fiauple, tx ioaeed, a Icruple ic felf. 

Cb.Jtffi. IfencfcH-ydUi when therewereinaiiersagainft 
you focyour lifc^ to ipeak, with me. 

Fai. As I was then advis'd by my Coun&l learned in the 
laws of this land-fervice^ I did not come. 

Qi.Ji^. Wel)^ che truth ts> Sifjobnt you live in great 

Ftd. He that buckles bim in mr beltf cannot live in 

Cb.Jiffi. Your means ate Very Oender, and your wafte 

FiU, I wouJd-ic were ocherwile: I would my mcana 
were greater, and my wafte flendererj 

Cb-Jifi' Y(» have mitled dievbudiful Prince. 

Fal, The young Prince hath mif-led me^ I am the fel- 
k>w with the great beliy^ .and he my dog. 

Cb. Juft. Well, I am loth to gaJI a new-healM wound 1 
your day's ieryjce at Sbreuuhay hath ^ little gilded over 
your nigtit's exploit on Ga4s-hiU, You may thank the un* 
quiet time, for your quiet o'er-poAing that a&ion. 

Fai. MyLoidf 

Cb.Jtf^. But fince all is well, keep it lb: wake not a 

Fai. To wake a Wolf* is as bad as k> ftnell a Fos. 

Cb.yi0, Wl»ac? you are as a caodki the better part 
burnt out. 

Fal. A waflel candle, my Lord \ all tallow : but if I 
did &y of war, my growth would approve the truth. 

Cb.Juft. There is not a white hair on your ^tce, but 
ihould have his efie£t of gravity. 

Fal, His cffidl of gravy, gravy, gravy. 

Q>. Jujl. You follow the young Prince up and down, 
like his ill angel. 

Fal. Not. lb, my Lord, your ill angel is light :. but I 
hope he that looks upon me, will take me without weighs 
ii^i and yctt in Ibme refpe^ I grant, I cannot go } — 
I canooc telli Virtue is of ib litue r^aid in tbde cofier* 

Vol. III. ' Bb ' toooffxi 

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386 'the StcmidPMt -ef 

mongeredays, ifiA true valour is Bornod barr^Rrd. Preg- 
nancy is nude a tapftor, and faatti btB^vick iritmficd in 
giving recknin^ i tJi ^ oritrr g^ appemnent «> nun, 
as the malice of this ag^ IBukm Acm, are noc -wonb a 
goo&beny . You -thxc arc old« con£der nor the capachies 
of us that are young -, yon meBfarc the beat of our Irven, 
wiifa cbe bictcnels tif yoor galbi and we that ax in 4ie 
vaward of our youth, I muft con^fs are wags too. 

Ch. Ja^. i3o you fet down yebr name ia the Ibrow] of 
youth, that are written down old, with all the charaflxn 
of age? liaveyou notamottft^? sdiy hatid? aycitow 
cheek ? a white beard ? a decreafing 1^ F an increafing 
be)ty? is not your voice bvaken ? your <»indA)ortf your 
chin double i your wic iingle F and every part aboat yoa 
blalled wth ainriqulty ? and -will 70a yat call yovir felf 
young ? ^e, fie, fie, 'Sir Joim. 

Fal. My Lord, I wasbornj^MOt thMeaf thedodcm 
iK aftnTDDon, with a w'biie head, andlvmething a round 
belly. For my voice, I have l«ft it with baUcwing and 
finging «f Anthemi. To wppn/re my ^th fur^cr, I 
will not. The truth is, I am oaly old m judcmonc awl 
underftanding, and he that wtU caper witihmefor a efaou- 
&nd ma^ Rt him lenil me the mony, and ba*e u ^lim. 
For the box o' th'ear that the Prince rave you, •hegweii 
like a nide Prince, aid you took itlilce a fenflUe Lord. 
I have checkt him (or it, and the young Lion lujeats : 
marry, not in allies and fack'Ckxb, but in new fiUc and 
old lack. 

Cb,yufi. Well, fae«v^ 'feed Ac Prince a better oon- 

Fal. Heav'nlendtbecoDipamonabetcvPrince! i cut- 
not rid my hands of him, 

m. Ji^. Well, the King bath fev«r*d you and Pnnce 
Hary. I hear you arc going with Lord JA« of ijMM- 
Jkw, Hgainft the ArGhblftiop-and'DK Eai4 t>f Hhrtbmirr- 

Fal. Fes, I thadk your pietty fweec wit ^r <it j fane 
loi^^Ku^y, all you that kl&vOTLAc^'CMBce atihome, 


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fylg HE4tR1f IV. 387 

fhat OS- ortt^' join not itt a hcc day ; for I take but two 
Airts put withmej and 4 mean not co fweat extraordinari- 
ly: if it' be a hot (ky, if I brandifh any thing but a bottle, 
would I might never fpic white again. There is not a dan- 
Kcrous action can peep out his Iteid, but I am thruft upon 
It. Well, I cannot laft ever. — but it was always the 
tridE of our Sm^^ nation, if they have a good thing b> 
make it too conunon. If you will needs fay I am an old 
man, you fhouM jive me teft : I would to God my name 
were not fo terrible to the enemy as it is! I were better to 
beciten todcath wUharuft, than fbouE'd to nothing 
with pcrpetua] motion. 

Cb. y^. Watt, be hoaeft, be honeft, and heav'o blefi 
your expedition.! 

Fal. Will jKHir Lonldiip lend me a thou&id pound, to 
fiimilh mc forth f 

Cb. yufi. Not a penny, not a penny ; yoa tre top im- 
patient to bear crcfles. -Fare you well. Commend me 
to my oouHn ffi^tmorlaiid, ^Exit, 

Fm. If I do, fillip me with a * iJiree-m«)-bo«tle. A 
man can bo ovsre'ti^panteagc and covetoufhcfi, .than he 
can part young limbs andleteheiy : but the gout galls the 
one, and the pox, [inches the other, and lb both the de- 
grees prevcat my curica. Boy ! 

Page. Sir. 

tK«. WtwtAwny is in mypurie? 

P(^. Seven groats, land two pence. 

Fal. I can get no remedy againft thisconfurnption of die 
purle. Borrowing only lingers andlingers it oiit, . but the 
difeaie is incurable. Gp bear this letter to my Lord of 
Laiuafier, tUis-tothe Prince, this to theEarlof ^^i^laMr- 
Imd, and thu to old Mrs. Urfniay whom I have weekly 
fworn to marry fince 1 perceiv'd the firft white hair on my 
chin. About it ; .you know wtfere to find me, A pox of 
this gout ! or a gout of this poK ! - for the one or th' other 
plaj^ the rogue with my great toe : it is no matter, if I 
B b 2 do 

• (a) Three-nun-beetle, /. /. « nnuner Hi rinmgi t» rtjmirt thru 
Mtn If lift it. Pope. 

ciq mod t, Google. 

388 3** Second Pi$rtyof. 

do hik, I have the wan for my colour, lapd ipqrfenGoa 
jhall feem the tnatt realbnable : a good wit will make ale 
of any thing } I will turn difeafes to commodiiy. \J^aou, 

S C E* N E VI. 
ArMiJhop of York'j Palace. 

Ettter jfyrd>hfl}ep of York, Haftings, Thomas Mowhray 

{Earl Marjhal) and Lord Bardolph. 
TinLT^Hfis have you. heard our caufe, and know oar 

X means: 

Now, my moft noWe friends, I pray you all. 
Speak plainly your opinions of our hopes j 
And firft. Lord Marflial, what fay you to ii? 

Mowh. I well allow th* occafion of our armi. 
But gladly would be better ^lisBed 
How in our means we Ihouki advance our felres. 
To lo^ with forehead bold aqd big enough 
Upon the pow'r and puillatice of the King. 

H^. Our prefent mufters grow upon the file 
To five and twenty thoufimd men of choice: 
And our fuppltes live largely in the hope 
Of great Nortbumberlaiid, whole bolbm bums 
Witn an incenfcd fire of injuries. 

Bard. Thequefttonthen» Lord/T^Awf/, fiandethd»i 
'Whether our prefent five and twenty thoufaad 
May hold up head without Neribmmrlxid ? 

H^. With him we may. 

Bard. Ay marry, there's the point : 
But if widiout him we be thought too feeble. 
My judgment is, we fluxild not ftqi too far 
*TiU we had his alTiftance by the hand. 
For in a theam fo bkiody-fiic'd as this* 
Conje&urc, expc&ation, and fiirmile 
Of aids uncertain, Ihould not be admitted. 
■ lork. 'T'a very tme. Lord Barde^ % for indeed 
It was young Hot'Jpaf's cafe at Shrewhry. 



Kmg Henry.IV. 589 

Airi. It wat, nyLoida vhoiii^dhiatlelfwublui^ 
Eatit^ the air on promife of fupfdy; 
Flatt'nng himfelf with pn^eft of a power 
Much fmaller than the linaUeft of hu thoughts ; 
And lb, with great imanntttoo, 
Flropcr to madmen, led ois pow'rs to death. 
Ana, wtnkmg, lei^d into deftniAton. . 

ffafi. Bat, E7 your leare, it nerer yet did btut 
To lay down likelihoods and fwms of hope. 

Bm-d. Yes, tf this prefent (wality of war 
Inpede the inftant a&t a cauk on foot 
Lives b in hop^ ai in an cariy fpring 
We lee tV appeuing buds, which to prove fnut, 
Hope gives not lb much warrant, as dcfpair 
That frofts will bite them. When we m«an to build. 
We 6rft furvey the plot, then draw the model. 
And wbeaweicclhe%ureofdieboure. 
Then moft we rate die «ft of tbc ercdion 1 
Whkh if we find out^wdghs ability. 
What do ve then but draw a^new the model 
In fewer offices ? « 'or elle,^ dcfift 
To buiU at all ? much more, in this great work, 
(Which is almoft to pluck a kingdom down, 
And fet another up) Ibould we mrvey 
The pk>t of lituation, and the model j 
Conlcnt upon a fure fbundatJon, 
Queftion uirveyors, know our own cftat^ 
How able fiich a work to undergp^ 
To weigh a^unft bis oppoGte i or d&t 
We f ortifie in paper and in figares. 
tiling the names of men inuaad of men : 
Like one that dtaws the modd of a houle. 
Beyond his pow'r to build it j who, half throt^ 
Giveao'er, and leares hn part-created coft 
A naked fiil^ to dte weepmg clouds. 
And wafle for duirlilh wintet** tyranny. 

Hat. Grant that our hopei, yctllkdyoffiurturtb, 

BV3 Should 


ciq mod t, Google 

390 ^ • Sicend Part if 

Sboatd be ftiUbomy and ttuK Wenov polftft 

The utmoft man of txpttftaikfai : 

1 think wc are a body (hcAr^^oo^^ 
Ev'n as wa zti^ to cqaal MicA ihe Kmg. 

Bard, What, is theKingbUelhreand nrenrtf thoifftAd? 

H($, To us no more 'i mcy, not lb tnatbj L<nd A»^ 
For his divifibns, ax the liifees do brawl, [<^(^ 

Are in thre« iltsids i ontf pow'r xgainft the Fr&ki^ 
And one agairtA Gietuiaatr i perforce* tbitd > 
Muft takeupujf: fcikttriimiflrniKit^ 
In three divided •, arid hit coStft fovfot 
'With hollow poverty JRifl rMptiners. 

Tork. Ttiatlie(hoii)dd^a«hisftv*ni)iMi^distogetfatri 
And come agalnll uS in fuft pfliffioKe, 
Need hot b« dreaded. 

Haft. If he Jhoald do lb. 
He leaves his back mtrsa% the freMk did- 9^ 
Baying him at the htalSi -MVcr fettr that; ' 

Bard. Who is it like ihdald lead hii forces Mtherf 

fl'^. The Duke bf Lmtafitr and mftmorlanii 
Againft the /if'f^, himfelf abdWarry AfoMMKfc 
But who b iiibfllcUted 'gaitift the FreAcby 
I have no certain notices. 

Tork. Let us on : 
And publifh the occasion of dut drms. 
The commonwealth is nck:Of thtirofrn choicei 
Their over-greedy lovt httfi fnrfieiKd. 
An habitation giddy and tlflfiire ' ' 
Hath he that buildecfiion the vtilgar hurt. 
O thou fond Many! wkb mHix. Ibbd atwlaure. 
Did'11: thou beat kww'n frith Hlefiing ffms^nh^ 
Before he was whtt efcdu wdttld'lt bate ^ bet 
And now l?t!in^-trimM-u{i m chihi oin diffin^ 
Thou, hcaftiy feed»i\ *n fe fiiH »rt" himv 
That thou provok^rt tfe)f..fetf tp aft him u^. 
So, fo, thou commltn i*i|;^ Uirift (htki tli^|Dl^ 
Thy RlnttoH-bdlfom of tht royil iButer^ 
hui, nttw thou wouldil eat \\4 dbad vomit up, 

■ . And 


£Mg Hbnkt IV. 3^1 

And howfft to Sad it. What craft is in tbefe dmn I 
They thst, when Richard NvM, would hrrz iim die, 
Are now become cnamour*d on his grave : 
Thou that threw^ daft upon his goodlf head. 
When diroegh proud Lmdon he came fighing on 
Ajier ih* admired heels of Belingirtie, 
Cry'ft now ; O Earth, yicM us that King again. 
And t^e ttKW this. O thoughts ef men accun'd ! 
PsRt and to come, leem beft r'thingi prefent, worft. 

Mowi. Shall we go draw our numbcn, and lee on ? 

f^. We are time's fiitgeAs, and time bid^ be gone. 

ACT H. S C E N E I. 

ji Strut n London. 

^er Hojttfiy witb txeo O^Uers, Fang aid Snaie. 


MR. Ffljy, h^Ve you enter'd the aftion ? 
Fat^. ItisenterM. 

Hofi. Where's your yeoaun ? is he a lufty yeo" 
nun ? Will he fhnd to it ? 
Fat^. Sirrah, where*s Snare ? 
Hofl. Ay, ay, good Mi. Snare. 
Snare. Here, here. 

Far^. Snare, we tpull arreft Sir JoBa Falfiaffl 
R6fi. Ay, g()od Mr. Snare^ I have enter'd him and aS. 
Snare. It may chance coft fome of us our lives : he wUI 

Hi^. Alas-thc-dav, take heed (rf'bini} hefUt^dmeio 

mine own houfe, and that moft beaftly \ he cares not whac 

mifchi^ he doth, if his weapon be out. He will fcHo like 

an^ devil, he will fpare neither man, woman, nor child. 

F^tt. If 1 can dde with him, I care not for his tbmft. 

Bb4 Hf^^ 

C,ql,lt!dt,G00glC ___ 

39> -^ Second Part tf 

Hofi. Mo, nor I ndther; I'll be at your elbow; 
Fa^._ If I bqt fift hinf onec} if he conw but witbia 
my • vice. - ■ 

Hofi. I am iindone by his goipg^ I wtmutt yoa be is 
an inSnitive thing upon my foH-e. Qood Mr. iwy, hcdd 
him fure; good Mr. Snare-, let b'm not 'fcape. iffe come* 
continually to Pit'center-, faving your manhopds^ to buy a 
iaddle : and he is indited to d^ner to the lAibbar'i-bead iq 
Loinbar4-fireet to Mr, Smooths the Silkman, I pray ye, 
fiocc it\y a£tion is ent^'tj, and my cafe io openly known 
to the wprld, let hifTl be brought in to his ai^fwer, A 
hundred mark is a long ' 'loan,^ for a poor lone woman to 
bear; and I have borh» and born, and bom : and haye 
been fub*d vISy and fub'd off, from this day to that day, 
that it is a fhame to be thought on. There is no honefty 
in lijch dealing, uple^ a wom^ fhou}d be made ^ Als 
and a beaft, - to bear every knave's wrong. 

Eater Vtl&iXy Bardotph, aaZ/^^^. 
Yonder 1^ comes, ^d that arrant malmfey-nple kn^v^ 
Barmpb with him. Ho your otHces, do your ofHcet : 
Mr. Fang and Mr. Snares do ine, do me, do me your 

Fal. How now? whofe mare's dcadf lyhat's the tpat- 

Pai^. Sir Jobnt I arreft you at the fuic of Mrs. ^uicify. 

Fai. Away, yarletS} dcaw. 'Bapde^h: cut me ofi' the 
villain's head : throw the quean in the keniiel. 

H^. Throw me in the kennel ? ' Til throw thee in the 
kennel. Wilt thou? wilt thou? thou baftardJy rpgiie. 
Murder, murder! O thou bhopy-fuckle villain, wihniou 
kin God's officers and the King's? O thou *> honj- feed 
rbgue^ thou art a hoiiy-fecd, a manqueller, and a woman* 

F^. Keep them p^ Bardo^b. 

W Vice, *r gmTp, « mtt4^i»r Uktnfrtm afmitf^ vie*. Pope, 
{b} Sh/mtMMtH/aj, honidJa] villatn, «it^ homicide [a«u& Tb«)b. 
7 one, . . .tUtJit. Tha\. tmtui, 

ciq mod t, Google 

fauf. A kTcuc, a rercue ! ' 

'HoJ. Good people, bring a refoieor two i thou woV 
no*! thou i tbou wo'c, wo'c thou, rogue i do, thou honp* 

Fal. Away, you fcuUion, you rMDpalIi4a, ypif fuftila, 
rian i I'll tickle your puaftroiihe, 

. 5 C E N E II 


Cb. Ju/t. What's the matter i keep the peace hcr^ 

H(^. Good my Lraxi, be good to me. I befeedi yoa 
{land to me. [ing hm f ' 

Cb. Juji. How now, 6ir John ? what, are you brawl* 
Doth this become your plaice, your time, and bafinds i 
You Ihould have been well on your way to Tork. 
Stand from bim, fellow, wherefore hang'fi thou on him? 

Hoft. O my moll woribifiAl Lord, an-t i^eale yout: 
Grace, I am a poor widow of Eaficbtof^ and he ii uxc&; 
td at my fuit. 

Cb. JuS. For what fum ? 

H»fi. Ic is more than for fbme, my Lord, it is for )dl|' 
all I havci he hath eaten me ouc of houfe and home ; he 
hath put all my fubfiance into that Ux. belly of bis } but I' 
will nave feme of it out again, or I'll ride thee o* ni^u^ 
like the mare. 

FiU. I think I am as like to ride the mare, if I hars 
apy vantage tX ground to get up. . . : 

Cb. Jufi. How comes this. Sir Jabn? He, whatmsi «f 
good temper would endure this'tempeft of exclamation- f- 
are you not alham'd to infbrce a poor widow lo fa rough 
a courfe to come by her own i .. i 

F0I: What is the grofi fum that 1 owe thee? 

H^. Marry, if thou wcrt an hooeft man,, thy fcif 
and die mony too. Thou dul'ft fwear to me on a ptfcel- 
gilt goblet, fitting in my Dfi^^^n-chamber, at the round' 
table, by a fea-coal fire, on Weintfda^ in WhitfimJOitdt^ 




394. 5^ StcMd fart of 

when the Prince broke tby head for Kkening him to ;tfii%- 
U^ than of Wtndfur ; thou didft rwear to mc then, as I 
«4s Wiifhing thy wound, to marry mc, and make me my 
lady thy wife. Canft thou deny it i did not good-w^ 
Kucb ^e botcher's wife come in then, and call me goffip 
^uicitf? coming in to borrow 2 mefi of vin^r^ tellir^ 
us fhe had a good dilh of prawns; whereby thou didft 
defu'c to eat nme ; whereby I tojd thee they were ill for a 
green wound? and didft not thou, when flie was gone 
down flain, defire ine to be no more fo familiarity with 
fQSti.pMT people, frying that ere Ions tb^ iboold call 
me Madam ? and didft thou not kils me, and bid noe 
fct$;h tt>«e thirty {btUioga? I pat dice now to thy book- 
OtX^i deny it if thou can'ft. 

.,F*i. My Lord, this is a poor mad fpult and flie Ikyi 
up %nd down the town, that her ddeft §oti is like yea 
She hath been in good cafe, and the troth is, povcny 
huh diftrafted her t but for thefe footifboffico^ I be* 
Jiitxhyou 1 may have redrefs againft them. 

- Oi.jMfi- Sir JobnyBxyobrtf'l am welt acquainted witk 
vour manner of wrenching the true caufe the falie way. It 
13 not a confident brow, nor the throng of words that 
(^Dlvwith liich HUBt than imparl fawcinda from you, 
q|A ibruft QIC from a level conTiderarion. I kiiow 
ylHj We pni£):is'd upon the eafic-yielding Ipirit of tbit 
^•D)»t».-?^ - 

Hqfl. Yes in troth, my Lord. 

^ Ck. Jnfi' Prithee, peace ; pay hor the debt you owe 
her, and unpay the villainy you have done her j the ope 
^IBU may do with fteriing mony, and the other with cor- 
tVot repmtance. 

. Fak My.Lord, I will not tindergo this fneap without 
reply. You call honourable boldnefi impudent bwdnefi: 
Ifa man will curt'fie and fay nothing, he is virraous. No, 
Ay Litfd, my humble duty remembered, I wiU not be 
your fuitor : 1 fry to' you, l ddire deliverance from theft 
officers, being upon hafty employment in the Kin^ 



Kh^ HrfWuy iV. ^^ 

a. %A You f^i 9S luring ptMkPd^dtfirKiii^z 
lyutt M9c> )ff ib«' afdSt fiibi reputatipn, apd iacuSe the 
poor woman. 

Fal. Come hftftflf, hOfftt. - [;^. 

S C fi N £\ «^; 
Muter A6: Gower. 

OL ^. Now, miftxr <j<»(ftf-^ ^kK aOmf l/FAs. 

Gower. The KHig^ tfty Loid, and jFitapt Fnne.«f. 
Are near at hand: tbd fA tfic |n{>«r trlk - / -■..;•. 

JU. Attatnagc^mtn-^ ^^4/Sik tt tit B^Sy 

Hffi. Nay, you &idibbEfet& . ' " •" ' 

Fal. As 1 am » gemlitnaiv ^me, no men wonts oHC- 

Hofi. By this heav'nly ground I trekdoo; I JhtdlFIx 
fain to pawn both my plate, «d tbt)U|«fiiy of Aiy £n- 
iRg thnnbera. 

Fal. GlafTes, glaltes, u the only drinking} and fal 
thy walls, a pr^y.QiglitdraUcry, or the flory df <be:ptb. 
digal, or the German Hunting in vniEhvark, il Iratifal 
ftibtufind of thefe bed-baogiogs, and <ft^fly4Aieil.ta< 
pellries:.Jet itjbclCD pODDd, if then cakft. Cortw, ifit. 
were not fortfay bdintiunt tfaaera aof t beRil' wenAb'in 
E^ud. Go^ wa(h ihy fwe, wd dimt diy aftio<« : ratte, 
thou muft not be in this humour with me -, com^ I komr: 
tb<W wi^ fet on IQ thiz. 

B^i. Ff'ythni Sir ^o&b, let it bo im nmay mdblA^. 
I am loth to pgma' my filan, in good Mrnfftk. ' ' 

A& Ijet ic ajohr, L'H-nake mtkrOiilU .yc«i|- Uk a 
fool Ail. 

Hofi. Well, you fliall have ir, though I pawn my 
gown. I hope you'll come to fupper: you'll pay me all 

fal. Will I live? go with lier, with herj hoc^ on. 

Heft. Will you have Doil fear-Jheet meet you at fup- 
^ Fal 

ciq mod t, Google 

396 ^ Secm^ P«t of 

iUL Nomorevoidi. Lefshmher. 

[£wMtf H^. oW SttytMts, 

a. Jiifi. I hive beard better news. 

iV. What's the news, my good L«d P 

C£. ^. Where lav the King Uft night f 

&nMr. At Bafii^dctt my Lord. 

A/. I hop^ my Lord, all's well. What is the news, 
ay Lord ? 

a.^. Comeall hisfofccs back? 

Gtwar. Not fifteen hundred fbot fiTclmndhd horfe 
Are-maich'd np to my Lord of LoKt^tr^ 
Againft NortbumbeHmd and the ArdibUbop. 
. Sd. Comes the King back from l^aleiy my nofate Lord; 

Ob. Ju^. Vou Ihall ^ave letten of me prefendy. 
CocRc, go ah»g with me, good Mr. Gawer. 

iW; My Lord I 
' a. Jf^. What's the matter ? 

FtL Mafter Gotper, ihall I entreat )rou with me to diii< 
. Gmmt. I muft wait upon my good Lord here. 
I diank youi ^ood Sir 70^61*. 
-Cb. Jw. Sir J^ you kiiter here too long, being yoo 
an to take ibldiersup in the countreys as you go. 

JPali Will you fiip widi me, mailer Gower f 

Qt. Ji^. What fooliih m:^ taught you thelo man* 
Dcrs, SirJWw? 

Fd. Mafter Gmoit, if they become me not, be wm 
1 fool that taught them me. Thti is the right feodng 
grace, my Lord, tap fiir tap, and Jo part £dr. 

a.Jlf0. Now Oe Lord lightsn thee t tbouarta^mt 


ciq mod t, Google 

. JGiag Hbnrt IV. 397 

S C E N E IV. 

CaHmus in Loiidoa. 

Ejfkr Priatt Henry Md Pinu. 

P. Henry. ''Y^ttMtt me, I am exceeding wcuy. 

•L Poim. Is it come to t^? 1 nad thau^c 
vearinefi durft not have attach'd one of fo hig^ Uoo£ 

P. Htnrj. It doth me, though ic difcokwrs the com- 
plexion of my greatnefs to acknowlet^e it. Doth it noc 
Dkw vilely in me to delire finall beer? 

Poiiii. Why, a Prince Ihould not be £) loolely ifaidied> 
as to remembo' fo weak a compoTition. 

P. Henry, Belike then my appetite was not princely 
got } for, in troth, I do now remember the poor crea- 
ture, finall beer. But indeed theie humble confideratkuu 
make me out of lore with my grcatnds. What a di^ 
grace is it to me to remember thy namel or to know thy 
£ice to-morrow ! or to take note how many pair of filk- 
ftockings thou haft 1 (tvae. thefe, and tho& toat were the 
pcach-colour'd ones or to bear the inventory of thy 
uiirtSi as one for fuperfluity, and one other for ufe^ 
bG^ that the tennis>court-keeper knows better than I, for 
it is a low d^ of linnen with thee, when thou keepeft not 
racket- there, as thou halt not done a great while, be> 
cuile the reft of thy low countreys have made a il^ft to 
eat up thy holland. And God knows whether thole that 
bawl out of the ruins of thy linnen fliall inherit hiskiiw- 
dom: but the midwivcs ixi the children are not in the 
i^t, whereupon the world increafes, and kindirdsare 
mistily ftrengthened. 

Prim. How ill it. follows, after you have labour*d Jp 
bard, you fhould talk fo idly I tell me how many ] 
young Priotts ihould do h, their &then lying fo f 


ciq mod t, Google 

j9§ A^opnif^ifif 

T.Hepn. Shall I rcll thee one thiiig, ^«w? 

Point. Yes, aiul let it be an excelient good thing. 

F. Hemy. ft fliall ftrve aviong nits of Jio h^her Dreed- 
ing than thine. 

Poim. Go Ktii Aaai abe fvfltof ^our one thing, 
that you'll tcll. 

P. ffenty. Wiby« J .t«U thee, 4t js mc tneet that I 
fbould be Tad now my father isficki ^beitl -CQi^ld ^sll 
tQ the^ (as-tp phciit^Ieafes me, /or fijult of a better, to 
cAH 117 h-tend) 1 tould be iad and fad indeed too. 

Poim. "Vcnrh^Iy iKwn fuch a fut^oa. 

'f*. Htnry. Thou mjnk'ft me as-far in.i|ie dc^U's bookt 
as'thou aiul Pi^^^ lor obduracy and pcrfiflency. Xt 
the end try the m^n. J3uc'I,t<|ll th^, my bearcbkeds 
tnwardly.that my 'fether is fick ; jand Ice^in^ fuch ,vilc 
opmpany as thou art hath in reafon ulcfnm>m,ni£ all 
oftentation of forrow. 

'Pwffj. The rcafon;? 

■ y. ^tnfj. 'Wbat wQu!.d*ft thou ttfi^k .of pj^ Jf J 

Ptiins. 1 would thii)k thee a ipofl jiringejy lyipppite. 

^. ^Hmrj. Ut would'be.evcry.iivui,*s,thot^t; jaodrt|Ki|i 
«tt a'UelKd felhiw, to ihink^ every man,iiiink3 ; .at^w 
ft' ii)an*s. thought in the world Jfceps the road-way bcttv 
tttan.Aine* every man would an.hTOocrfte.Jn^ 
boe^. Avd what exdtes.your rm^ vvorAiipi^I thmiBhc 

ipjwrr. 'Why, becaufe you have le^Q^*dli3ie)n^,ap|]fi> 
tnueh iqgnfied sx>Pa^i0. 

■ ^.^imrf. ^indto.thce. 

' *P^wJ. Nay, by this light, I am vfllfp^eaof, leap 
liearic with mine own ears; the woHt . th?y can fay 9(1 
-tiR 'is, that i am a fccond brother, .and that ,1 .am ^ 
proper feUow of my hands: andthoietwoxbingsl-con- 
msa cannor help. Look, look, here ^mes Bmm^. 

■P.fiwrr.And the [boy that I gave .F^effi .^ 
•lud'-fainr nom me chriftian, and (ee if the fet TilIau(,)MKe 
not tni^fcMin'd him ape. 



Koig HEKnr iVa 359- 

S C E N E , V, 
Ettler Budolph md Pt^, 

Bard. Save yoor Gracel 

P. Hatfy. And yoars, meft noble Bardel^f ' 

*^Bard^ Come, you virtuous afs, you balhful foof 
mnft yon be Uufhing i wherefore bicrth you now ? what a 
maidenly man at arms are you becomef Is it fuch a 
icatter K> get a pott9e-pot*s maiden-head ? 

P^. He calJ'd me even now, my Lord, through a red 
latdce, and I couJd dHcem no part of his face irom the' 
window -, at laft I tbyM his eyes, and methought he had 
■ladetwo holes in the ale-wives new petticoat, and peep's 

^'Bard. Hath not the boy profited? Away i^ you whctf- 
fon upright rabbet, xwsyy 

Page. Away, you rafcalJy Jltbe<fs dream, away! 

P.ffemy. luftruft as, boy, what dream, boy? ■ 

Pagf. Marry, myLofd, jMva dream'd Iht wasde-' 
!ivcr*d rfa firctnand, and therefore f call him her<ireaai/ 

P. Henry. A crowns-worth of good interpretation ; there 
it is, boy. fGives bim m«r^- 

P^ns. <) that this good blollbm could be kept fixint 
cankers! well, there is fix pence to preferve rfiee. 

Bard. ]f you do not make him be hang'd among you,' 
d)c gallows ftall "be wrong'd. 

F, Henry. And how doth thy matter, Bardo^f 

Bard. Well, my good Lord ; he heard of your GracA 
eofnihg to town. Tlierc's a letter for you. 

F. Henry. DeliverM with good rdpcft; and how doAf 
the Marttemas, your maftcr? 

Bard. In bodily health, Sir. 

Poiru. Marry, the immoFttil part needs a trfiyfieian ; 
but that moves not him ; though that be 0dc, it dies not. 


8 Ptini. . . .aU tJii.nea. MMnd. 

9 v. Henry. Hath not llie boj profited f - 
BarJ. AwBjr, (Jc, 


4(A> 7$e Second Part of 

F. Henry. I do allow this wen to be as ^miliar with mtf 
ai my dog \ and he holds his place : for look you how 
be writes. {Gives Poins the Utttr. 

Poins reads. Jabx Ta^aff-, hugbt — tvcry man muft 
know tha^ ai oft as he hath oaoGon to name himTdf : 
even like thoTe that are kin to the King, for they nover 
prick their finger but they (ay there is /ome of the ksKf^s 
l^edJ^U. How comes that? Jap he that takes upon 
Km not to conceive: the anfwcr is as ready as a ' 'bor- 
rower's^ cap j I am the Kittys potr coi(^. Sir. 

P. Hemy. Nay, they wJl be ktn to us, but they will 
fctth it from Ja^het. * 'But to the letter — 

Poins. .y/rTohnFalftaa; ;bwj,6/, tothefomsftheKni^ 
marefi his falber, Ihiry Prirue of Waks, ireetit^. Why, 
this is a certificate.^ 

*' P. Henry. Peace. 

Poias. I will imitate the hmouraile Romans im hmi^? 
Sure he means brevity in breath i Ihon-windcd. Icemmd 
M« to tbety J commend thee and I'' 'love"' thee. Be not let . 
familiar with Poins, for he mifufes thy fatxitrs fi mmbf 
that he fwears thou art to marry bis_0er Nell. Repent at 
idle times as that mafft, and fo farevoel. Tiane, ^ yea 
mid no : which is as much as to fay, as than t0 bin. Jack 
Falftafif with vry familiars: John vdth «j bretbertani 
0crs : and Sir John with ell Europe. My Lord, 1 will 
fleep this letter in fack, and make tiim cat it.. 

P. Henry. That's to make him eat * 'plcnqr^ of his 
words. But do you u(e me thus, Ned? mult I nuny your 

Poins. May the wench have no worle fonuoe ! But I 
never faid 1<^ 

F. Hemy. Well* thus we play the fool with the dme, 


1 bonvwed . ...»ifl edit, ^ark, mm/. 
. a But to the letter : Sir John, i^t. . 

faini. Why, this is a ccrti£ate: 
g p, Hi»rj. Peace. 

IwU imitau tbt l * mv» hk^aaaat im kmritf. 

Ptini. Sure he, fgt. 
^ Itam i vtiaxj , . , 9U §M. Wttri. tmtmi. 

ciq mod t, Google 

King Henry IV. 401 

and the fpirits of the wife fit in the clouds and mock us : 
is your mafter here in London? 

Bard. Yes, my Lord. 

P. Hemy. Where fups he ? doth the old Boar feed in 
the old frank ? - 

Bard. At the old place, my Lord, in Et^-chtap. 

F.Hemy. What company? 

Page. Epb^atts, my Lord, of the old church. 

P. Henry. Sup any women with him ? 

P^e. None, my Lord, but old Mrs. §ifUkify and Mrs. 
Dol Tear-Jbett. 

P. Hairj. What Pagan may thatjbc? 

Page, A proper gentlewoman. Sir, and a kinfwoman 

P. Henry. Even fuch. kin, as the pariQi heifers are to 
the town Bull. Shalt we ileal upon them, Hed, atltipperP 

Poini. I am your fliadow, my Lord, I'll follow you. 

P. Hemy. Sirrah, you boy, and Bardo^b^ no word to 
your mafter that I am yet come to town. There's for 

Bard. I have no tongue, Sir, 

Pt^e. And for mine. Sir, I will govern it. 
■ V.Htmy. Fare ye well: go. This Z}t>/ Tiaar^f/ fhould 
be fome road. 

Poins. ] warrant you, as common as the way between 
St. jSlboHS and London. 

P. Henry. How might we fee Fa^aff bcdow himfelf 
to-night in his tme colours, and'not our felves be fecn ? 

Poins. Put on two leather jerkins and aprons, and wait 
upon him at his table, like drawers. 

P. Hsnry, From a God to a Bull, a heavy declenfion I 
Jt was Jav^i cafe: fix}m a Prince to a prentice, a low 
tnosfof mation I that fhall be mine: for in every thing, 
the purpofe mull weigh with the tolly. Follow me, 
Ned. [Exeunt. 


c,qi,it!dt,Googlc — 

402 tit Second Part of 


KorthumberUnd'j Cqfile. 

Enter Northumberland, Laif Non^itlberUlK}, and 
Lady Percy. 

}i6rtb.'\ Pr^thfie, tovidgwife, uid gentle dmgbtcr, 

•■■ Give even way unto my rough a^ws. 
Put not you on the viiage of the timesv 
And be like them to Ferey, umiblelbroe. 

L. North. I have giv'n over, I will fpeak DO BKirc: 
Do w^t you will : yote- wifdom be your guide. 

North. Alas, fweet wifef my honour is at (owa. 
And, bac my going, nothing can redeem it. 

\^.Pir<y. Oh,yct,forheav*fi'sfiike,gpnottotbefe«ai9. 
The time t^, £ith»« that yon brok« yoor wfiBd, 
When you were more endcar'd to it, than npw \ 
When your own Percy^ when my hoait-d«ar Harfy^ 
Threw many a nortbtfiard look, to tee bis &tber 
Bring up hia |)Cn**rd: but he did ^ 'Jook^ in van! 
Who then perfuaded you to fiay at home ? 
There were two honours loft ; yours and your fim*!. 
For yours> may heav'nly glory brighten it! 
For his, it Ihick upfin him as the fun 
In the grey vault of heav*n : and by his light 
Did all the chivalry of EjtgkHd move 
To do brave a£b. He was indeed the gla(s 
Wherrin the not^ youth did drefi themfelves. 
He had no ]egs» that pra^'d not his gait : 
And fpeaktng chick, which nature made his blemiiht 
Became the accents of the valiant : 
For thofe that couhl fpeak low and tardily, 
Would turn their own perfo^on to abufe. 
To feem like him, fjo that in fpeech, in ^it. 


6 long . ..tU i4it. Tbtat- tmind. 

ciq mod t, Google 

Kmg He MR7 IV. 403 

In diet, in a%3ioos of delight. 

In military rules, humours of tilood. 

He wai the mark and gla6, copy and book. 

That tafhion'd others. And him, wond'rous him ! 

O miracle of men .' him did you leave 

To look upon the hideous God of war 

In diladvantage, to abide a held 

"Where nothing but the ibund of Hai-^r*i name 

Did feem defenflble : fo you left him. 

Never, O, never do his ghcA the wrong. 

To hold your honour more precife and nice .^ 

With othera, than with him. Let them alone: 

The MaHhal and the Arch-bifbop are ftrong* 

Had my fweet Harry had but hair their numbers. 

To-day miriit I (hanging on Hot-^uf'i neck) 

Have talk'd of MonmBut^s gravf;. 

^ortb. Belhrew your heart. 
Fair daughter, you dp draw my fpiriti ^orn nje. 
With new lamenting ancient over-fights. j 

B(it I muft go and meet with danger there > 
CH it will fttk me In another pl^ce, 
i^nd find me worfe provided. 

L. North. Fly to Scotlandf 
'Till that the Nobles and the armed Commons 
Have of their puiflance made a little tafte. 

l^Pfrey. If they get ground and 'vant:^ pftheKin^ 
Then join you with them, like a rib of fleet. 
To make urength ftronger. But for all our iova, 
Firft let them try themfelves. So did your Ion : 
He WAS fo fuffer'd ; fo came I a widow : 
And never Ihall have length of life enough. 
To rain upon remembrance with mine eyes. 
That it may grow and fprout as high as h^v'n. 
For recordation to my noble husband. 

North. Come, come, go in with tne : 'tis with my mind 
Aa aritb the tide fwell'd up unto his height. 
That makes a ftill-ftand, running neither way. 
Fain would I oa to meet die ArchbiflK^, 

C c z But 

ciq mod t, Google 

404 7!^ Second Part of 

But many thoufand reafons hold me back : 

I will refolve {ut Scotland \ there am I, 

'Till time and 'vantage crave my company. {Exewit. 


Tavern in Eaft-cheap. 
Enter two Drameri. 

I Vretiv. XX/Hat the devil haft thou broi^ht there? 
V" Apple-7i?i3w? thou know'ft Sir /fliff can- 
not cndute an AppIe-7«4». 

2 Draw. Mafs 1 thou Jay'ft true j the Prince once fet a 
di(h of h^^\t-Jobns before him, and told him there were 
five more Sir^^^i ^d, putting olF his hat, faid, I will 
now uke my leave of thefe fix dry, round, old, witheT*d 
knight^. It angei'd him to the heart; but he hath fotgpt 

1 Draw, Why then cover, and fet them down \ and £e 
if thou can'ft find out Sneak^s noife j Mrs. Ttar-fiat 
would fain heaf fome mufick. Difpatch! the room where 
they ' 'fup^ is too hot, they'll come in ftrait, 

2 Draw. Sirrah, here will be the Prince, and Matter 
Poms anon ; and they will put on two of our jerkins and 
aprons, and Sir Joba muft not know of it. Barda^ 
hath brought word. 

I Draw. Then here wilt be old Utis : Ic will be an ez- 
ttllent ft'ratagem. 

2. Draw. rU lee if I can find twt Siuak. [ExemU, 

Enter Hoftefs and Dol. 
Hoji. Sweet heart, methinks now you are in an ex- 
cellent good temperaliiys your puUidge beats asoctraocdi- 
narily as heart wodd dcfire; and your colour, I warrant 
7 f"F* yoo. 


ISHg Henry IV. 405 

you, is as red as any rofe: but you have drank too much 
canary, and that's a marvellous fetrching wine ; and it 
perfumes die blood ere we can fay what's this. How do 
you now ? 

Dol. Better than I was: hem! 

H^. Why, that was well faid : a good heart's worth 
^Id. Look> here comes Sir ^cto. 

En/er FaiftafF. 

Fal. When Arthur j&;ff in court — empty the Jordan— 
and was a wotlby King: how now, Mrs. Dol? 

Hojt. Sick of a calqi : yea, good fooih. 

Fd. So is all her feft, if they be once in a calm they 
are lick. 

Dol. Tou muddy rafcal, is that all the comfort you 
give me ? 

Fal. You make fat rafcals, Mrs. Dol. 

Dol. I make thftm ! gluttony and dileales make them, 
I make them not. 

Fd. If the cook make the gluttonyi you help to mukc 
the difeafes, Uff/j we catch of you, t>oly we catch (rf" you % 
grant that, ray poor virtue, grant that. 

Dol. Ay marry, our chains and our jewels. 

FtU. Your brooches, pearls and owchcs : for to ferve 
bravely, ts to come halting off, you know ; to come off* 
the breach with his pike bent bravely, and to furgery 
bravely ; to venture upon the charg'd chambers bravely — 

Dol. Hang your ftlf, you muddy Conger, hang your (ell \ 

H<^. By my troth, this is the old fafhion; you two 
never meet but you fall to fome difcord} you are both, 
in good troth, as ■ rheumatick as two dry toafts, you can- 
not one bear with another's confirmiti«, . What the gou- 
■ jeres! erne muft bear, and that muft be you : you are the 
weaker vcflTcl, as they fay, the emptier veflel. \To Do], 

Dot. Can a weak empty velTcl bear fuch a huge full 

hoglhead ? thcrc'sa whole merchant's venture ofBourdeaux 

fhm in htm ; you have not feen a hulk better ftufc in the 

Cc } hold. 

(a) 5^ mtam t»/^ fplaiecick. 

ciq mod t, Google 

4o6 The Stcmi Part ef 

hold. CoiAe» ril be friends with thee, Jatk : thou art 
going to the wars, and whether I Ihatl ever fee ^ee ag^ 
or no^ there ti no body cares< 


Enter Drawer. 

Dram. Sir, Andent Pifiol is below, and would fpak 
with you. 

DoL Hang him, fwaggering rafcal, let him not come 
hither i it is the fbul-mouth'dft rogue in EM^and. 

H<^. If he fwagger, let him not come here : no, by 
my ^th : I muft live amongft my neighbours, PU no 
fwaggerers : I am in good name aiid fame with the veiT 
beft: fhut the dcxsr, there comes nofviMggeren here: I 
have not Iiv*d all this while to have fwaggering now: 
ihut the door, I pray yon. 

Fd. Do'ft thou hear, hoftefi — • 

Hoft. Vrzy you,pactfie yourfelf, Siiyoimi dicreoomei 
no fwaggerers here. 

Fal.uo'H. thou hear — it is mine Andent. 

Hofi. TiHy-fally, Sir Jebiif never tell me, your andent 

fwa^erer comes not in my doors. 1 was before mailer 

T^i the deputy the other day ; and as he laid to me*— 

, it was no longer ago than H^edne/day laft.-^ndghbour 

^j^kfyt fays he i nlaftcr DomA our mioiHier was bf 

then: neighbour ^ieily, lays he, receive thofe that 

are civil ; for, faith he, you are in an ill name : now be 
faid fo, I can tell whereupon ; fol-, fays he, you are an 
honed woman, and well thought on^ ther^ore take heed 
what guefts you receive : receive, fays he, no fwaggering 
companions. ^— There come none here. You would 
blels you to hear what he faid. Noi I'll no fwaggeicts. . 

F*i. He's nD fwaggerer hoftcft; a tame cheaKr, i* 
f^ith i you may ftioak him as gently as a pi^>pey>-gtey- 
hound i he will not fwagger with a Barbary hen, if her 
feathers turn bacl^ in any Jhew of fefiftaaoc. Call him apt 

ciq mod t, Google 

Kwg H B M ft V IV. 407 

ffil0. CbciHler. call |iqu him? IiriU huoobant&xaan 
my faoufe, nor iw Qhoueri but I do not lovefw,agg£ring ; 
Jadi the wock when one &]n ,^u^|^: foe], iniifl|m» 
2kw 1 Aufci^ look |»u, I wanaat yeu. 

Zm fia» ipftds. 

^$9. Do li fta, lia ray -tmh do i, u <f ic were ju 
aSpcn leaf: 1 canooc ibidc rfva^er^B. 


Enttr Plftot, Budolph «i^ Po^f. 

Pifi. Save you, Siiyetsl 

Fal Welcome, Ancient Ptjiol. Here, Piftol^ I diarge 
you with t cup Of fack: do you .diicharge upon pine 

P^ol. I xriU difcharge apc^i li'er, Sir Jabnt with two 

Fii/. She is ptftol proof. Sir, you ftnll hardly oi!end ber. 

Hoji Come, t*t1 drink no proo^ nor no bullets : I will 
^rink no more than will do jne good, for no man's 
plctfure, I. 

Pifi. Then to you, Miftr«6jDo«/fy, Iwjll charge you. 

Do/, "Charge mcl J fcorn yog, feurvy companion! 
what? yoj poor, bafe, rafcalty, Cheatine, lack-linnen 
mau) away, you mouldy rogue, awajr, Fam meat for 
your mafter. 

Pift. I 'know you, millrefs Dorothy. 

Dol. Away, you cut-purle rafcal, you filfhy bung, 
away : by this wine, J'll thruft my knife in your mouldy 
dups if you play the fawcy cuttle with me. Away, you 
botde-^ nifcal, you basket-hilc ftale jugler you. Since 
when, J pray you. Sir ? what, with two points on ^our 
flwulderf ■•'march!^ 

Pift. I will murther your ruff for this. 

Pat. No nnore Pifiol 1 1 would nut have you go off here : 
diicharge your felf of our comoany, Pjffirf. 

/^. ^fo, .good aptain P0ol: not here. Tweet csp:ain. 
Cc 4 Sol. 

8 mi eh * 


4o8 Tie S4c(md Part of 

Vol. Captain! tbou abominable damn'd cheater, art 
thou not amam*d to be call*d captain ? if captains were ai 
my mind they would truncheon you out of taking their 
names upon you, before jrou have earn'd tbem. You a 
captain! you Have! for what? for tearing- a poor whore's 
nmr in a bawdy hou(e ? he a captain ! hang him, rc^ue, 
he lives upon mouldy ftew'd prunes and dry'd cakes. A 
captain ! chefe villains will make the word capttm as odious 
as the word ecci^ ; which was an excellent good wOTd 
before it was ill fortcd : therefore captains had need look 
to it. 

Bard. Pray thee, go down, good Ancient. 

Fttl. Hark thee hither, miftrefi I>sl. 

Piji. Not I : I tell thee what, corporal Bardoipbf I 
touH tear her : 1*1] be reveng'd on her. 

/•«?*. Pray thee, go down. 

P^. I'll fee her damn'd firft : to Pki^s damned lake, 
to the infernal deep, » 'to^ Erebus and tortura vile alio. 
Hold hook and line, fay I: down ? down, do^ i down, 
fates : have we not ' Hireti here? 

Hqfi. Good captain Pf^/f/, be quiet, it is very late: I 
befeech you now, aggravate your choler. 

Pift. Thefe be good humours indeed. Shall pack-horlea^ 
And hollow-pamper'd jades of j^, 
Which cannot go but thirty miles a day. 
Compare with Gs/ar, and with Gmaiai, 
And Tr^ait Greeks ? nay, rather damn them with 
King CerberuSy and let the welkin roar: 
Shall we fall foul for toys ? 

Jioft. By my troth, captain, thefe are very hitter wonU 

Bard. Begone, good Ancient: this will grow to a 
. brawl anon. 

P0. Die men, like dogs ; give crowns Jikc pins: have 
we not ■ Htren here ? 


{^) A nami hi gimt it his /uiird. Theobald, 

(b) rht/t Una ar, in pari a qutlalhn nut of an old atfrnrJ fmkiam 
Pltrf i»(i7WTainborlain'. C»np,tjli m- Tht ScythiM Shtphtrd. TTin*. 
9 where 

ciq mod t, Google 

Xfflg Henry IV. 4.09 

i/ijff. On my word, captain, there's none fiich here. 
Vfhxc the goujncs? do you think I would deny her^ I - 
pray, be quiet. 

i*jtf. Then feed, and be fit, my fair QtBpoSs j come, 
give me fome (ack. SiforHuame^^termetitaf U jperi^e 
me cMtenta^ 

Fear we broad fides ? no, let the fiend give fire : 
Give me {bme iadc : and, fwcft-bcart, Tye thou there: 
ComewetafiiU points here; and are tftw/^a's nothing? 
Fai. PiftoK I would be quiet. 
Pifi. Sweet kni^t, I kiTs thy neif: what! we have 
feen the feven ftars. 

Dol. Thruft him down flairs, I cannot endure fuch a 
fliftiaa raTca). 

Pi^, Thruft him down ftairs} know we not galloway 

Pal. Qoott him down, Bardelpij like a fbove-groat 
Shilling : nay, if be do nothing but fpeak nothing, he ihall 
be nothii^ here. 
Sm-d. Come, get you down ftairs. 
P0. What ffaall we have incifion? Ihall we embrew ? 
dien death rock me adeep, abridge my doleful days : why 
dicn let grievous, g^ftly, gaping wounds, untwine the 
fiften three : come, Alropos^ I lay. [JDraarfnf hisfivord. 
Hifi. Here's gocidly fluff toward. ' 
Tal. Give me my rapier, boy. 
Dol. I pr'ythee, J*ck^ I pr'ythec, do not draw. 
fd. Get you down ftain. 

{Drttttin^, and dtrait^ Fiftol M/. 

H0. Here's a goodly tumult i PJI forfwear keeping 

hoofe, before I'll be in tbefe tirrits and frights. So^ 

nmrther, I warrant now. Aias, aJas, put up your naked 

Weapons, put up your naked weapms. 

Del- I pr'ythee, Jack, be quiet, the rafcal is gone : 
ah, you whorlbn, little valiant villain you! 

Hofi. Are you not hurt i' th* grmn i meth(Might be nude 
a fhrewd thruft at your belly. 


I l*rmnlt, J^ratt wu ttminit, 

ciq mod t, Google 

410 ^ Secimd V0tt t§ 

Fid. Have you mni'd hia oat of 4ioon? 
Bard. Yes, Sir, the lalcal's dniak: j^ twehiitt )mi 
Sir, in the fhoulder. 
Bd. A xsfcal a> bcuw mel 

DaI. Ah, you £»eet little rogoe yos: a^ (wer j^, 
how thou fweat'ft! come, let iiie wipe thy fiux-— -cook 

on, you whoribn chopi-— ah, nogue, I ktre tbee 

thou art as ralonus as He&*r of STrvfi ww^ fire (rf'.d^ 
ituMwiii and ten times better than die nine wnniuei: x 
Fd. A rakaSy fl»ve! I wJI lofi the mgiKia a blanket 
2)0/. Do if thou dar'n for thy heart : if chw doft> ill 
canviJs tbee becwau a pair <£ OfOtt* 

Etier M^i. 

Page. The mufick is come. Sir. 

/U. Let them play^; flay, Sim. Siconfn]r3EiMe,J)«/!. 
A rafcal, br^giDg;fU«c! the cogue &d jimn mt like 

DoL r faith and dm iMow^dft bim like a cfavch: 
-tbou whorfoa little * 'tioy^ Bmtbthmtm Boar-{ug, wheo 
«ik tirau Jeare Easting en dqrs, and Ibiaing-oa Jifjin, 
and begin topatcBnpihine old body for iieaveiif 

Enter Prixct Henry WPoins Aj^*d, 
Pal. Peace, goodZ^i^ donotfpeakKkeade^^beail: 
do not bid me remembor mine lend. 
Dol. Sirrah, what humour bthen-ince of? 
Fai. A good ihallow yoong f<dlow : he voaid hare 
made a «>od pantler, be would have chip[^d bread wdl. 
Dol. They lay Point hath a good wh. 
Fal. He a good wit i hang Jiiim^ baboon, hb wit n at 
thick as Tewktiwy mullard : there is ao more conceit in 
bim, dun is in a mallet, 
Del. Why dodi the Prince lore him So then i 

* Q'die 

ciq mod t, Google 

Khg Henry IV. 411 

Fat. Becaule their h^ we bodi of si bignefi : ud he 
jdaya at quoia well, and cats omger and fennel, and drinks 
off candles end for flap-dragons, and rides tlK wild nutre 
with the bofs, and jumps upon joint ftoo^s, and fwears 
with a good grace, and wears his boot very finooth Jike 
unta the figii of the Jeg, and breeds oo baee with telling 
ctf dilcreet fiories > and uich other gambol ^culdes he hith» ' 
that flww a weak raind afad an able body, for tJK which 
the Prince admits hihi : for the Prince himfdf is iiick 
aatftber : the wcjght of an hair wMl turn the JqUes between 
their AwJifai. 

P. Henry. Woftld not this oavc ofi whoel have his ears 
cut off P 

Pern. Let us beat him befnc his whope. 

P. HtHiy. IXKsk, if cbe wicher'd elder hath not his poll 
claw'd like a Parrot. 

Pms. Is it not Arange that delve fiioukl fbinany years 
oot-tiveporlbrinancc? < 

A/. Kifi me, Dei. 

P. Hemy. Satum and Vemts this jai in conjumftian ? 
what ii.y% the almanack to that ? 

Pnlu. Atid look* whetho- the fiery Trigon his man be ^ 
not ' 'dafping too^ his matter's old tables, his note-book« 
his counfeUkeepcr ? 

Fd. Thoa doft give <ne datteniig bu&s. 

Vol. By ny troth, 1 ki&tJios'WUh amoft coaftant heart. 

Fal. l am old, I am old. 

Del. I love thee better than I love -e'er a fcurvy yoang 
boy of them all. 

RU. What fiuff wilt thou have a JtirtJe dfi 1 ftiall J^e- 
ceivemonyon3ih0)Qt^; TbQuiha]t.baveacap'to-morrow. 
A merry long, caa»; it f;revs bte, we will ro bed. 
Thou Witt f(H^ me when 1 am gone. 

Del. By my voth, thou wilt let me a weeptnff if tbou 
fay'ft fo : prove that ever I drels my Jclf handfom *Xi\\ 
thy. return — Well, hearken the end. 

F^. Some lock, Brmtis. 


3 liipbf to . . .tU tjit. Warh. twuBi. 


41 3 Ifc Second Part of 

V.Hemy. Feins: Anon, anon. Sir. 

Fal. Ha ! a baftard fon ofthc King's ! and art not thou 
Poitts his brorhcr i 

V.Hemy. Why, thou globe of finfiil continents, what a 
life doft thou kad } 

Fal. A bctKr than thou : I am a gentleman, chou arta 

P. Henry, Very true. Sir : and I come to draw you out 
by the ears. 

Hefi. Oh, the Lord preferrc thy good Grace I Wel- 
come to ImuIoh! Now hcav'n blcK thatfweet face of 
thine ! what, are you come from ff^aies ? 

Fal. Thou whorlbn mad compound of Majefty, bythii 
light flefl) and corrupt Uood, thou art welcome. 

[Lc^mg bis band ttpM DoL 

Dti. How! you fat fool, I Icorn yoti. 

PetHs. My Lord, he will drive you out of your re- 
venge, and turn all to a merrimem, if you take not the beat. 

P. Henry. You whorfon candle-myne you, how vilely 
did you ipeak of me even now, before this honeft, viru- 
QUs, civil gentlewoman! 

Hcfi. 'fitcifing on your{;aod heart, and fo flie ts> by my 

Fal. Didft thou hear me ? 

P. Henry. Yes ; and you knew me at you did when you 
ran away by Gads-bili^ you knew I Was at your back, and 
Jixike it on purpole to try my patience. 

Fat. No, no, ho \ not To ^ I did not think thou waft 
within hearing. 

P. Henry. I (hall drive you then to omfefs the wilfal 
abufcf and then I know how to handle you, 

Fal. No abufe, Hal, en my honour, no abufe. 

P. Heury. Not to diffH-aife me, and call me paotler, 
and bread-chipper, and I know not what? 

Fal. No abufe, Hal. 

Peitu. No abufe I 

Fal. Noabule, Ned, in the world i boneft iVifff , none. 
I difpraij^d him before the wicked, that the wicked might 

ciq mod t, Google 

King Henry IV. 413 

not fall in love with him ; in which doings I have done 
the part of a careful friend, and true futge£c, and thy fa> 
ther is to give me thanks for it. No abufe, Hal, none, 
Ned, none; no, bo^, none. 

V. Henry. See now whether pure fiaw and entire cowar- 
dtfe doth not make thee wrong this virtuous gentlewoman, 
to dole with us ? Is fbe of the wicked? is thine hoftefs here 
of the wicked i or is the boy of the wicked ? or honeft 
Bardolph, whofe zeal burns in tib nofe, of the wicked ? 

Poins. Anfwer, thou dead Elm, anfwer. 

Fal. The fiend iiath prickl down Bardolpb irrecoverable, 
and his face is Ziu^fr's privy-kitchen, where he doth o(V 
thiiw but roall mault-worms : for the boy, there is a good 
angu about him, but the deviJ out-bids him too. 

P. Henry. For the women? 

Fd. For one of them, Ihe is in hell already, and 
^'burns, poorfoul!^ for the other, I owe her monyj and 
whether fiie be damn'd for that, I know not. 

Hi^. No, I warrant you. 

Fd. No, I think thou art not : I think thou art quit 
for that. Marry, there is another indiQment upon thee, 
for fufiering flefh'to be eaten in thy houfe, contrary to the 
law, for the which I think thou wilt howl. 

H0. All viduallers do fo : what is a joint of mutton or 
two in a whole hni? 

P. Henry. You, gentlewoman. 

Hoi. Whacfays your Grace? 

Fd. His grace lays that which his flefh rebels againft. 

Hofi. Who knocks fo loud at door ? look to the door 
there, Frmcis. 


Enter Peto. 
P. Henry. Peto^ how now ? what news ? 
Peto. The King your father is at fTeftrnir^er, 
And dure are twenty weak and wearied potts 

4 bonu poor iguU : 

ciq mod t, Google 

414 ^ Siand Part tf 

' Cbme from the notth ( and as I came along, 
] met and Qvereoolc a doom captains. 
Bare-beaded; fweadng, knocking at the tarenuy 
And asking everv one for Sir Jtbn Fel/tqf. 

P. Hemy. By heaven, Pdnu, I feel me much Co blarney 
So id]y to prc^uie the prectom time ; 
When tempeft of commotion, hke the South 
Born with olack vapour, doth b^in to mcie 
And drop upon our bore unarmed heads. 
Give me my fword, and ck«k: Falfia^, good night. 


Fal. Now coma in the ftreetcft nwrlel of die nigh^ 
and we muft hence, and leave it unpickt. More knxk* 
ing at the door i how now ? what's the matto- f 

Bard. You muft away b> cour^ Sir, prcftntly : a dozen 
captaina ffaiy at door for you. 

FJ. Fay the muTicians, Sirrah : farewel, hoOefi, Cre- 
wel* bsl. You lee, my good wcnchei, how men of 
merit are fought after i the undeferver nuy fleep, when 
die man of anion i^ caU*d on. Farewel, good wendia ; 
if I be ;x>t fint away poft, I wUl fie you again, ere I fp. 

Dol, I cannot fpcak » if my heart be not ready 10 
burft well, fwcet yaek, have a c»iie of diy fiilf. 

Fal. Farewcl, ferewei I {EMt. 

Hojl. Well, fare thee well : I have known thee tfacfe 
twenty nine yean, copiie pelbod-time 1 but an hooefer ud 
truer-hcartcci man well, fiue dice wdl I 

Bard. Mn. Tear-fiat f 

Hofi. What's the matter? 

Bard. Bid Miftrels Tear-fiett come to my mpfter. 

H<fi. O run. Dolt run \ run, good Dol. [£»Mtf. 



ciqiiiodt, Google 

JSi^ Hekry iV, 41^ 

A C T III. 8 C E N E I. 

Tbe Palace in London. 
EtUer £a^ Henry in bit Nigbt-gtmi, vntb a P^e. 

K. HlHRV. 

Go, call the Earls of Smrey and of H^arwick : 
But ere they come, bid them o'criread chefe lettera. 
And well conOder of them : make good Ipeed. 

[Exit P^t. 
How many ihou&Jids tA my pooreft iut^e& 
Are at this hour aflecp! O gende Sleep, 
N4nire's fi^t nurie, how have I frighuu thee. 
That thou no more wik wei^ my eyo-lidi down. 
And fleep my ieoia in ftugetfulndB? 
Why rather. Sleep, ly'fl: thou in finoaky cribs 
Upon uneafie palleu firetching thee. 
And huflit with buzzing night-flia to thy flundxr } 
Than in the perfUm'd chambers of the grea^ 
Under the canopia of coftly ftate. 
And luli'd with founds of fweeteft melody ? 
O thou dull God, why l/ft thou with the vile 
In loathfom beds, aixl Icav'ft the kingly'coucb 
A watch*ca(e ^ ''to^ a common 'Jarum-beJl ? a 
Wilt thou upon the high and giddy mall, 
Seal up the fliip-boy'a eyes, and rock hb brains 
In cradle of the rude imperious furge % 
And in the vifitation of the winds, 


(a] 7bii alhJii /« ibt WtiUhmam fit in Gtrri/wr-ttimu ^« fimt 
Ewtintnt* alUnding afen am ^Urmm-btil, v/hitb htiuai n ring cU in 
tafi if fin ar mrf affrtmthing danger. H* httdaCaft »r B»x to/bt//tr 
bimfnm fTtatbir, but at bii utntsfi pirii bi •u/at nu ufiitf tubilj! ht 
mmi 1^ Jmtf, Tbtfi Jlmram-btlb ar* mtntimtd in fivtral ttbtr 
fSaeti in Shakefpeu. 

S «r ... iU$dk. iVarh. tmini. 

ciq mod t, Google 

41 6 Tie Second Part of 

Who take the ruffian billows by the cop. 
Curling, their raonftrous heads, and han^ng them 
With deaPning clamours in the flip'ry ' 'clouds,^ 
That with the huriy, death it felf awakes ? 
Canff thoii, O'partial Sleep, ^ve thy repole 
To the wet fca-boy in an hour fo rude. 
And in the calmefl: and the ftilleft night. 
With all appliances and means to boot. 
Deny it to a King ? then happy Jew ! lye doWn i 
Uncatie lyes the twad that wean a crown. 


Exter Warwick and Surrey. 

War. Many good- morrows to your Majefty I 

K. Henry. Is it good-mwrow, Lords ? 

fVar. *Tis one o* clock, and paft. [my Lwds : 

K. Henry. Why then gpod-morrow to "you. Well,^ 
Have you read o'er the letters that I lent you? 

iVar. We hare, my Lit^ 

K. Henry. Then you perceive the body t^our kingdom. 
How foul it is -, what rank difeUes grow. 
And with what danger, near the heart of it. 

War. It is but as a body ytt diftemper'd. 
Which to his former ftrength may be reftor'd. 
With good advice and little medicine i 
My Lord Nortbumberland will foon be cool'd. [of fate, 

K. Henry, Oh heav'n, that one might read toe book 
And fee the revolution of the times 
Make mountains level, and the continent. 
Weary of foltd firmnefs, melt it felf 
Into the fea \ and, other times, to fte 
The beachy girdle of the ocean 
Too wide fw Neptun^s hips ; how chances mock 
And changes fill the cup of alteration 
With divers liquors: O, if this were ieen. 
The bappieft youth viewing his progrels through, 

6 Ihioadf, 7 ^onill, . . . MtA't. tlttt. m$Md^ 


Jdug Henrt IV. 417 

What perils paft, what crofTes to enftie, 

Wou'd fhuc the book,- and fu him down and die. 

*Tb not ten years fince Richard and Northionberland 

Did fiaft n^her J and in two years after 

Were they at wars. Ir is but eight years fince 

This Perg was the man nearefl: my loul. 

Who like a brother toii'd in my afiairs. 

And laid his love and life under niy ^t ; 

Yea, for my lake cv'n to the eyes <£ Richard 

Gave him defiance.' Which of jou was by ? 

(you, ooufin Neixl, asl may remember.) [?S Warwick. 

When Richard with his eye brira-fiill of tears. 

Then check'd and rated \ij Nortbionberlandy 

Did ^xak thefc words, now prov'd a prophecy. 

Northumberland, thou bidder hy the which 

Mf CDtifin Bolingbroke afca^ my tbrme'\ 

(Though then, heaven kno'tfsi I had no fuch intent. 

But that ncceflity fo bow'd the ftatc. 

That I and greatfidV were cbmpell'd to kifs) 

tbe timfiiaU came^ (thus did he follow it,) 

The Htiu will come^ that fetd Jin gathering bead 

ShaS break into eom^tion : lb went on, 

Fore-tellii)g. this fame time's condition. 

And the diVifion of our amity. 

fTiar. There is a hiftory in all men's lives, 
Figuring the nature of the times decea^d j 
The which obferv'd, a man may'proph'cfie, 
Wichanear aim, of the main chance of things 
As yet not come id life, which in their feeds 
And weak beginnings lye intreafured. 
Such things become the hatch and brood of tune t 
And by the neeeflkry form of this. 
King Richard mi^t create a perfect gaefs, 
That great Northumberland, then falfe to him, 
Woaldof that feed grow to a greater falfencfs. 
Which fboutd not find a ground to root upon, 
Unlefs on you. 

Voi,.in. Dd K.Hemy. 

ciq mod t, Google 

4<8 Thf Stfoi^V^ ef 

K.Htmy. Arethei:erf«np''^thci?, piyLord, i)iscd)iti«r 
Then let us meet them lite pcEopities \ 
And that fame word won now crJK oi|t on us : 
They fay the Bifliop *nd l^ertb^BiberM 
Are fifty thouiand ftrong, 

War. It cannot bp : 
Rumour doth double, like the voice and fchp. 
The numbers of the fcax'^. Plrafc jt ypw Grace 
To go to bed. yppn my life, my I^jpt 
The pow*rs t^at you aippa(ly have fept forth - 
Shall briog dijs prJjB in ycry p#)(. 
To comfort y ou the aaore, I h»v^ refeiv-'d 
A certain inftance th^t GtenOowfr it de^. 
Your Majesty hath b^cn this ftjrtnjght iU, 
And thcfe unfeafqn'd hpyfs j>e?£?rGp iwft ^^ 
Unto your ficknd^. 

"K-Mofy. I will take ypur )3?wnfe[ 1 
And were thefe inward WAis pocc Qi^ Pf iiilO^ 
We would, do^ \^f^ untp the bolysUot}*' ' {E^cewif^ 

s c E N e; la 

Jujiice Sballow'j W in. Glpucffftqdfeire* 

£»/«■ Shallow jV Silence* vntb Mouldy, Shadow, Wan, 
" Feebii^ and Buli-calff 

Sbal.f^m^ oo, come on, oune Mi give m% ymi 
v^ hand. Sir \ an darly fUnxir, k^ lbs road. Aod 
how doth my good coufio S^Mte ? 

SU. Good morrow, good oxifin Sb^l«m. 

Sbal. And how doth my coufin, your btd-fellow I wd 
your faireft daughm, and mine, my god>daug|h>cr£tfnr^ 

SU. Alas, a black ouzel, co^n SbsUow. 

Sbal. By yea and nay. Sir, I dare fty my oottfia tf^tf-^ 
Ham is becque a gooi Ichobu' t be is ai Ottffrd flilU ia he 


ciq mod t, Google 

lOag HgfJftt IV. 419 

811. ItktMd, Sr, to my c6ft. 

Sbal. He mull then to the Inns of Court Aoffljr : I fras 
once of Clement's-lnn; *km, I thUh, thc^ tftU uHg of 
tnad Shallow yet. 

Sil. You were call'd lufty Shalloa> then, codlin. 
^&i/. I was call'd any thin^ and I would hare done 
any tiling indeed too, ana reuitwy tM. t'here was I, and 
Utde 70^ Dei: of Siaftrt^e, and black Gwrjr A«rf» 
and I^ncfs PickboiUy and frill S^le a Cotfimld man, you 
Bad not four luch fwioge-bicklers ia all the lum of CourC 
again : and I may lav to vou. we knew where the Stma- 
Rohif& were, and haa the Deftoftltetn all ac commafid- 
ment. Then was Jatk Pdfidff, (now Sir Jfiba), a boy 
and page to Thomas Mov^t^ I>ake of Nwfeik. 
: SU, This Sir. yeim, ooului,. that aoitwi bitfcer anoib 
about SoldicR ? 

Shah The &ne Sir 7'^» ^^ very laofr: I Qm/ him 
break Scioggaa'i head it> tbe tppi^Ftgpiev when: ^ ^<w ft 
cyack, not thus high i and die vecy (une 4&y I did Bgbl 
vitb one Sa^fon Stecl^t ^ fruiterer, behind Grjy's- 
Inn. OK the mad days that 1 have Ipcnt 1 aa4 to foe hofr 
maoy of mkiQold af^iiaintance-areacad! . 
SU. We fhall alT follow, cou&n. 
Shal, Cft'cain, 'tis certain, very ^e, very fufe t death 
(as the £>ialmilt &ith) is cerain to all, all ihall die; How 
a good yoke of Bullocks at Stanford fair i 
Sil. Truly,, coufin, I was not thefe. 
SbaU Dea^ is certain. Is old t)aiik of your town 
^(7. Dead, Sir. 

Shal. Dead ! fee, le^he drew a good bow : and dead I 
he (hoc a fine lUiot. Jobn of Gamt Jovod tiins welK and 
bttted much mony on his head. Dead ! He would have 
ciapt in the clowt at twelve fcore, and carried you a fore^ 
hand Jhaft at fourteen and fourteen and a half, chat it 
would have done a man's heart good to fee. How a fcore 
«f cweanow? 

D d a Sil. 

ciq mod t, Google 

420 The Second Vm-t of. 

Sil. Thereafter as they be : a fcore pf gdod ewa m^ 

be worth ten pounds. 

' Sbai. Apd IS old Deu^ dead I 


Enter Bardolph aid Page. 

I Sit. Here come two of Sir Jabn Falft&ff^s men» as I 
* Sb<d, Good-morrow, honeft gentlemen \ ' (think. 
■ Bari. I beftcch you, whicb is Juftice Sballew ? 

ShaL I am Robert SballmOi Sir, a poor Efquirc of this 
county, one of the King's Juftices of the peace : what is 
yxmr good p!eafure with me ? 

Bard. My captain. Sir, commends him to you : my 
captain Sir J^bn ¥a^^\ a tdl gentlamaji, by bcar'n ! 
and a inoft gallant leader. 

' Sbal. Hegreetsmewcll: Sir, I knew him a good back- 
fword man. How'doth the good knight ? may I ask how 
my Lady his wife doth ? 

Bard. Sir, pardon, a lol^ier is better accommodated 
than with a wife. "^ 

&fi. It is well £tid, Sir, and \t is well faid indeed, 
too : better accommodated — — • it is good^- yea, .indeed 
is it } good phrafes furely are, and ever were, .very com* 

mendable. Accommodated it comes of jfccemmodo \ 

very good, a good phrafe. 

Bard. Pardon me. Sir, I have heard die word. Phrafe, 
call you it? by this day, I know not the phrafe : but [ 
will mainuin the word with my fword to be a ibldier-like 
word, and a word of exceeding good command. Ac- 
commodated, that is, when a man is as they fay. ac- 
commodated; or, when a man U* being whereny he 
may be thought to be accommodated, which is an ex- 
cellent thing. 


ciq mod t, Google 

Kkg Henry IV. 421 


Shai, It is very juft : look, here comes good Sirjebn. 
Give me your hand, give me your irorlhip's good hand : 
truft me, you look well, and bear your years very weJJ. 
Wdcome, good Sir J'c^-' 

Fal. I am glad to fee you well, good mafter Robert 
Shailow : Mamr Sure-cardj as I think ? 

Sbal. No, Sir John, it is my coufln Silence \ in com- 
jniffioo with me. 

Fal. Good jmafter Silefuet it weU befits yoii^ftiould be 
of the peace. • 

Sil. Your good worihip is welcome. 
Fal. Fie, this is hoc weather, gentlemen^ have you 
provided me here half a dozen of fufficient men ? 
Sbal. Marry have we, Sir: will you fit? 
F^. Let me fee them, I beteech you. 
Sbal. Where's the roll? where's the roll ? whcre's the 
roll? let me fee, let me fee, let me lee: fo, fo, fb, fo: 
yea, marry. Sir. Ral^ tdatdif : let them appear as I call : 
let them do lb, let than do fo. I^t qie lee, where is Mwi£^^ 
Maul. Here, if it pleafe you. ' 

Sbal. What think you, Sir Jebn? a good limb'd fel- 
low : yodng, ftrong, and of good friends. 
Fal. Is thy name Mould]/ ? 
Mnl. Yea, if it pleale you. 
Fal. 'Til the more time thou wert us*d. 
Sbal. Ha, ha, ha, molt excellent i' faith. Things that 
are mouldy lack ufe : very, fingidar good. Well faid. 
Sir Jehn^ very well laid. 
Fal. Prick him. 

Atoul. I was prickt wel! enough before, if you Axikl 
have Jet me alone : my old dame will be undone- now for 
ooe 10 do her husbandry, and her drudgery } you, need 
not to have prickt me, there are other men fitter to go 
out than I. 

D d 3 - Fal. 

ciq mod t, Google 

42? TW S^0d Part of 

Fal. Go to: peace, A&ul^ft you fliall go. Mctildf, 
it is time you w^ fpenc. 

A^iui. Spoitf 

Sbai. Peace, fellow, peace: ftand aGde: know yoa 
where you are? for theochq-, SirjM»' tfii me lee: 
Simn Shadow! 

Fal. Ay marry, let me have )um tp fie wider : be*! 
like to be a cold foldier. 

Sbal. y/heK'i Sbadffwr 

Shad. Here, Sir. 

Fal. Shadow, whofefonartthoul 

Shad. My mother's fon. Sir. 

Fal. %i^y mothcr*t foo I like enou^ > and thy fitther^ 
Ihadow : io the fbn of t^ie female is the fhadow of tbe 
male : it is often Sa indttd, but not of the Other's fiib- 

Sbal. Do vou like him. Sir Jeba ? 

Fal, Shadow will fence for a fununer^ prick him} 
for we have a number of Qivlaws to fill up tfw inufter* 
book. *^ 

Shal. ^Tbmas^artl 

Fal. Where's he? 

H^art. Her?, Sir, 

Fal. Is thy name Wartt 

W^t. Yea, Sir, 

Fal. Thou art a very rafficd wait. 

Sbd. Shall I prick bim^n* Siajobat 

Fal. It were luperBuous i ftft his apparel is built t^^ 
his back, and the whole frame fUnoA upon pioa : pndc 
him no more. 

Shal. liz, ha, ha, you can do it, Sirj yog can doiit : 
I commend you well. Ftaiuis Feeble ! 

Fieh. Here, Sir. 

iSt/. What trade art thou. Feeble f 

FeeUe. A woman's tailor. Sir, 

Shal. Shaillprjckhim, Sir? 

Fal. You may : but if he had been a man's taik^ he 
would have prick'd you. Wilt thou make as Dfasy bgla 

ciq mod t, Google 

Srig H^ifitr IV. 42;} 

itt » en«ny^3 bmc^ u clmt ball AxVe in » w6man's. 

FteUe. J wittdantygpAd will, Siri yoo can haVe no 

Fal. Wall ^id, good vomai/ycdtcri well &id, coun- 
-geous FeeMe: thou wilt be as valiant as the wraflifut Dovey 
or moft magnanimous A4oute. Prick the woman's tailor 
well, mafter ShaHew^ decfv ftn^ Sh^vm. 

Pu^tt. \ woirid fyaet m>g>tc kftve ^me^ Sir. 

iW. I would thou wert a man's tintor, thtt ^ou 
flHghf ft mend him, and niake liim fit to go. I cannot 
put iiitir to be a i^'mti liitdier, that is- the leader of fo 
many thousands. Let tkat Office,, moil ibrcibJe Fe'efk. 

Ft^k. It ftalt fbffiat. 

Fd. I am boandi to t&ee» rererehd FAf^i; Who is 
the next? 

Shal. Peter Bulcalfof the green; 

t^J. Tea^ it\3fry, lee us fte Bidcai/. 

BtL^tOKi Sir. 

^<i/. Tmfl mc, a likely fdtow. Come prick m£ Av^ 
o^y Uift htt' Atf i^atm 

Bui. Oh, good my lord captain ! 

fbt, WHie, dbll choU roar before ttiou arc pficktf 

Jb/. Oti^ Sir,. J am a'dilealed man. 

AC What d^bafe Inft thou > 

Bui. A whorfon cold. Sir ; a cough, Sir, which I caog^t 
ifidi ringing in die King's aStm,- Mpoa His* coronation 
dby. Sir. 

Fat. Come, t4iioa ihalrgct to the ware in'z gown: we 
will have tfway thy cohl, and I will taJce fuch c^der that 
thy friendl fhadl riflg for thee. Is hen; all? 

SAal. Then: iv two more called than yoar* nombeH, 
you mufl have but foar httt, Sir; amd-foj' 1 prnyyou^ 
go in wich me to dinner. 

Fki, Ccvne^ I win go.drink with ytMi, bat I cannot 
tarry' dinnor, 1 am ^ad t6 fee yon, in good troth, mafter 

Dd> . Sbalt 

ciq mod t, Google 

424 5^* Second Pitrt of 

Sbal. O, Sir Jotm^ do yor remember finte we lay alt 

night in the wind-mill in ^nt George's fields ? 

Fal. No more of that, good maner SbdUaw, 00 more 
of that. 

Sbal. Ha! it was a^errf ntght And is 7<nv A^i/- 
work alive? 

Fal. She lives, matter Sbtdiow. 

Sbal. She never could awajr widi me. 

Fal. Never, never : ihc would alwBTS &y Ak oookl not 
abide mailer ShaUote. 

Sbal. By the mafs, I ctxild anger her .to the heart : fhe 
was'then a Bona-roba. Doth flie hold her own well i 

Fal. Old, old, matter Sbaihw. ' 

Sbal. Nay, fhe muft be old, Ac cannot chufe but be 
old ! certain Ihe's old, and bad Rsbin Nigbt-vjcrk by old 
J^igbl-werk, before I came to Gows/'s-Inn. 

Sil. That's fifty five years ago. ■ 

Sbal. Hah, courin Siltaee, that thou hadft ftcn Chat, 
that this knight and I have ieen! hah. Sir Jate, laid I 

Fal. We have heard the chimes at mklni^t^ mafter 

Sbal. That we have, that we have, in ftith. Sir jfefar, 
we have: our watch word was, hem, boyi! Come, 
let's to dinner J Oh the days that we have feoi I coqK, 

Bui. Good matter corporate Barda^b, ftand my friendi 
and here is four l^yy ten ftiillings in Frencb crowns itx 
you : in very tratb. Sir, I had as iief be hang'd. Sir, as 
go I and yet for mine own part. Sir, I do not care, but 
rather becau(e I am unwilling, and for mine own part 
bave a defire to ftay with my friends, df^ Sir, 1 did 
not care for mine own part fo much. 

Sard. Go toj ftand afide. 

Meul. And good matter corporal captain, for my oU 
dame's lake ftand my friend : {he hath no body o> do 
any thing about her when I am gone, and Ihe's old and 
cannot help hcrfelf : you ihaU have forty. Sir. 


ciq mod t, Google 

£i|i^H£Nit.r IV.' 4^5 

Bari. Go to » ftand ^dc. 

FteiU. I care not, a in»n cao die but once ; ve owe 
God a death. I will, nerer bear a bafc mind : if it be ray 
deftioy, fo : if it be not, fo. No man is too good- to ierve 
his Prince t and let it go which way it will, he that dies 
this year is quit for the next. 

Bttrd, Welll^id, thou art a good fellow. 
' Fethl^. 'Faith, J will bear no bale miod. 

F^. Come, Sir, which men lliali I have ! 

Sbal. Fogt of which you pleafc. 

Bard, Sir, a word with you : I have three pound to 
free muldf and Bukalf. 

Fal. Goto: well. 

Sbai. C<Hiie, Sir 7^> which four will you have i 

Fal, Do you chufe for me. 

Sbal. Marry then, Mntld^j Bulca^, Feeble and Shadow, 

Fal. MhiUj ^ Buleaif: For ^ya,^ Afyuidh flay at 
home *tUl you are paft lervice : and for your part, Bal* 
cglf^ fffQ-n 'till you come unto it: I will none of you. 

Sbal. Sir John, Sir Jobn, do not your felf wrong, they 
are your likeli^ men, and I would have you ferv'd with 

Fal. Will you tell me, mafter SbaUow^ how to chufe 
a man ? care I, fcr the limb, the thcwe^ the ftature, 
bulk and big fembUtice of a man ^ give me the fpirir, 
mafter Sb^w. Here's ffart^ you fee what a ra^ed 
appearance it is : he ihail charge you and difcharge you 
with the motion of a pewtercr's hamoaer i come off and 
on, fwifter than he that gibbets on the brewer's bucket. 
And thislame bal^facM fellow Shadow, give me this man, 
be prefents no mark to the enemy, the fb>man may with 
as great aim kvel at the edge of a pcn-lcnife : and, for 
■ Ktreai, how fwiftty will this Feebltt the woman's tailor, 
run <^* O ^ve me the Ibare men, and fpars me the great 
OIKS. Put me a caliver into IVart'i h^nd, Bardolpb. 

Bard. Hold, ^^/, traverfe: thus, thus, thus. 

Fai. Come, manage me your caliver; fo, very- well, 
go to, very gpod, exceeding good. O give noc always « 
^ Jittle^ 

ciq mod t, Google 

436 Iht Secoud Van tf 

little, lean, old, chopt, btUd Aec Wril &id, ^trt^ 
thou art a good fiab: ht^, ttartfa « teftfr forthee. 

AM. He is OBC ha cnn-mcAn-, he doth net do k 
right. I le mcuiUi u MMe-Stii^itn^ whm I hy at 
CXnwitfN Inn, I was thai Sir Daffnmt in ^tkm'i ftewf 
there was a little quiver fellow, and he would fflaftiagc 
you his piece thus) and he wdiiM aboor, and abmt, and 
come you in, and oonie yoo in : rah^ tub, tab, Wdiild 
he % i bounce, would be fiy* and away agiia wosid be 

S, and again would be come; I Aatt nrwr &e fiiCh a 

Fal. Thefe feUows wilt do welk Mafter ihtOw^ God 
keep you -, farewel, mafter Silaue. I wilt rtoc ufe ittuaj 
woim with yog } Un yoa weU, goiclttflen bariv! I Auik 
you, I muft a dozen mile KKRigbt. tttfdt^r ^«e the 
Ibk&n coots, 

ShaL Sir >i6flv heaveti bbfr you, »d fMl^ your 
affiurs, andfaid npeattl As you Ntum, vific Biy Mafe 
Letoarold aajBainKutcebereflewai: peradvetfttire I will 
with vou Ki the Cnirt. 

Jvl IwoiddyVBWOttld, ta^Ber SbtHtm. 

Shot. Go to : I have fpoke at a word. Fare y«i w^ 


A/. Fate jva well, gendemen. Ob^ Bardfi^, lead 
die men away. As I muriv I will fttch off dMlo Jirftiea: 
I do fee the bottom of Jfuftice f iuAirwi HowAt^iftwe 
4^ men are to diic vice of l^g! diis fame (tarr'd 
Jaftice tuuh dcoie iwthing but pruod to me df the t»M- 
nefi t^ his youth, and tlM fean be hath done abooc 7W»- 
id-fireet\ and every third: word a lie, nwire d«]y paid id 
the hearer than the TuHPi tribute. 1 do tmntmiam hn 
at CbMM/'s Inn, lilcaamaniiudeaftkr ftpperof Jdieeii> 
paling. When he was naked he was for all- tbs world 
Slot a forked radiA, wkh a head iantaflkalljr orv'd: Bpm 
ic witha\ni&. He wu fa forioTn, didt htsdimenaoM 
to any thick fight wcr invifible. He w« the «ay G>- 
WHS of laminc, yet kacherous as a Monkey, and the 
wkotei. call'd him Mandrake: he canu ever la thftne» 



ward of the fiUbioe} and ling thode dmei to theover- 
icutcht hufwms ihtf he hard the carmen whittle, and 
fw3M they wtnha faadtSt otimGami'Migbts. Aodoov 
is this Vice's dagger become a Squire, and talks ai fik- 
miliaria of >&■ of Gimt at if he had been fwcrn bro- 
ther to bim : and I'll be fwom he never &w him bat 
once io the Tilt-Ttid, aod dien he bndce hia head for 
crooding among the MarfiuPamen, I &w ic, and sold 
Jelm of Goiotf he beat hia o«b aome, ibr you m^^ 
have tni&'d htm and all hit afiparel ibco an £cK«fcin: 
the cafe of a treble hoboy vaa a manfion for hkn •, and 
now bath he land and beeves. Wdl, I will be acquaint- 
ed with bim, if I remm; and it fiiall go hard btit I will 
make him a philofo{rfier's two ftones to mc. If the 
vouog Dace be a bait for the eld Pike, I Ice no re^n 
m die law of nature bat I majr fimp at him. Let dme 
ihape, and there's an end. [Bifeiaif. 

A C T IV. S C E N E I. 

ji Forejl in York&irc 

Eater tie jMHi/tcp cf Y«fc, Mowbray, Haftings, 
mid Colerile. 


WH A T is this foreft cafTd > 
Hq/t. Tis QaiUtru foreft. flbrth. 

Tvk. Here ftand, my Lords,' and fend difcoreres 
To know the numbers of oiil' enemies. 
Hiji. We have fcot forth already. 
Tirrk. "Hs well done. 
My friends and brethren in thcfe great affiirs, 
Imuftaoqaunt yooithatlhavcrccciv'd 


428 Tie Secmi fart <if 

New-dated letten from Noribumierlaiidi ■' 

Their cold intcat, lenour and fubftande thus : 

Here he dodi wilh his periba, with fnch powers 

As might hold ibrtancc with his quality. 

The which he could not levy; wnereupon 

He is retir'd, to ripe his growing fortunes. 

To Scotland: and concludes in hearty {vayers. 

That your attempts may over-livethe hazard 

And. fcarfti} meeting of their oppofite. 

MguA. Thus do the hopes we have inhimtoudi ground, 
Aodxlafli themfelves to pieces. 

■ Enter a Me^a^er. 

H^. Now, what news i 

Mtjf. Well of this forelt, fiercely ofi^ a mil^ 
In goodly form- comes on the vx«my : 
And by the ground they hide, 1 judge thejr ntupbcr 
Upon, or near, the rate of thirty thoufand. 

Mfft^. The jutl proportion that we^ve diem out. 
Let us fway on, and face them in the field. 

E^er Weflmorlaod. 

Tork. What well-appointed leader fronts us here? 

Movob. I think it is my Lord of If^morlaiid. 

fTtfi. Health and fair greedng from our General, 
The Prince, Lord Jeht^ and Duke of LoKofier I 

Tork. Say on, my Lord of fVefimorlandt in peade: 
What doth concern your coming ? 

Wefi. Then, my Lord, 
Unto your Grace do I in chief addreti' 
The fubflance of my fpeech. If that rebeUioo 
Came like it felf, in bafe and abjeft routs. 
Led on by bloody youth, guarded with rag^ 
And countenanc'd by boys and beggECry i 
I fey, if damn'd Commodon foappear*d 
In his true, oadve, and mofi proper fhape. 


ciq mod t, Google 

X»g Henrt IV. 429 

You, reverend fatho-, and thde nob]e LokIs, 

Had not been here tq drefs the ugly form 

Of bafe and bloody infurre£tion 

With your fair honours. You, my hotd Arch-biiliop, 

Whofc See is by a civil peace tnaintpin'd, 

Whofe bcaird.thc filver hand of peace harfi touched, 

Whofe learning and good letters peace hath nitor*d, 

Whofe white inveftincfits figure innocence. 

The Dove and very blefled Spirit of peace j 

Wherefore do you fo.ill tranOate your fclf. 

Out of the rpcech of ^ce, that bears fiich grace. 

Into the harm and jwift'rous tongue of war? 

Turning your books to * ^glaivcs,^ your ink to Uoodi - 

Your pens to launccs,'and your tongue divioe 

To a loud trumpet and a point of war? 

Tort. Wherefore do I thisf lb the queftion ftands. 
Briefly to this end: we are all dileas'd. 
And with our furfcicing and. wanton hour^ 
Have brought our felves into a burning feaver, . . . 

And we-muitbletd for it; of which difeafe 
Our late King Bscbard being infected, dy'd. 
But, my moft noble Lord of Weftmerlind, 
I tijce not on me here as a phyficiao ; , .... 

Nor do I as an eBcmy to peace. 
Troop in the throngs, of military men: 
But rather fhew a while like fearful war. 
To diet rank minds, fick of happinels. 
And purge th* obftruflions which begin to Aop : 

Our very veins of life. Hear me more plainly. 
1 luve in equal balance juiUy weigh'd 
What wrongs our arms may do, what wroi^ we fuf&r. 
And find our grie^ heavier than our oflfences. 
We fee which way the ftream of time doth run. 
And are inforc'd ftom our moft quiet * 'fphere,^ 
By the rough torrent of occafion ; 
AJid have the fummary of all our gricB, 


9, . . . §U.$Jtt. ffari. nund. 

; ,.,iUtdit.miri.mnd. 

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^20 ^ Siamd Part pf 

When time ftall ferre, to flicw m artides; 

Which long ere this wc offer*d to the Kin^ 

And might by no fuit gain oor audience. 

When we arc wronged and would anfbld our grie^ 

We are den/d accefs unto his perfbn, 

Ev'n by thcrfe men that moft have done as wroi^ 

The danger of the day's but newly, gone, 

Whofe memory is written on the earth 

With yet-appetring blood j and the exam[te 

Of every minute's inftanc^ prefent now. 

Have put us in thcfe iU-befeeming arms ; 

Kot to break peace, or any bntncfa t^ itj 

But to eftabliUi here 3 peace indeed. 

Concurring bodi in name aod qoaltty- 

Wefi. When ever yet was your appeal deny'd ? 
Wherein have you beui galled by die KtngF 
What Peer hath been fubern*d to grate on you. 
That you fliouid {<eA this lawlels bloody bow 
Of forg'd rebcflioft with a fcal divine? 

York, My brother General, the cornmoR-walfit 
I make my qoarrel in particuhr. 

Wefi. There b no need of any fach redrcfii 
Or if there were, it not bdongs to yon, 

Mowb. Why not to him in part, and to as tl^ 
That feel the bruifts of the days before. 
And fuHer the condition of thcfe dmes 
To lay an heavy and unequal hand 
Upon our honours? 

fVeft. O my good Lord Nhvoira^y 
Conftruc the times to- tfccir nccclCtics, 
And you ftnS lay, tndred, it is the time. 
And not the King, that doth you injuries. 
Yet, for your part, it not appears to me. 
Or from tbe King, or in die preftnt rime. 
That you Ihould have an inch of any gTwndt 
To build a grief on. Were you not rcftoiM 
To an the Duke of NorfoBfs fcigniorics. 
Your noble and right-wtU-iefficmbcr'd ' 'fithcr?^ 

3 fiuhcn} Mesib. 

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Khrg HSHKT IV* 431. 

Mmvb. 'WhK.tlMC, nhonoir, had mjr btfaer loft 
That need to be revivN) and breathed in ne? 
The King that lov'd hioa, as the ftate ftood then, 
"Was forc'd, perforce tonapell'd to huiidi him. 
And then, viutn ffrvy Boiiif^kt aad he 
Being mounted apd bptb rowftd in Am bia. 
Their neighing eowftra daring of the fyoTf 
Their anqfid H««i in ^barge, their heaven down, 
Thdr CTCS of fire ^kling thttxigh fights of fleel» 
And th« toad traiDpet blowing theiB together ; 
Then, ikm, «b«a there was Dotbing conkl hare fltid 
My father fivm the breaft of Bota^nkct 
Of when the King did dirow bis warder down» 
His owii life hung upon .the flaff he thtewt 
Then threw he down faimftlf, and aU their live^ 
That \3f indiOoienl «r bjr dint of fiMoid 
Have unce mifcarncdiander Atfj i y iroti. \ith»x. 

Weft. You fpeak, Xxrd Mawir^^ aom, jm kaowooi 
T^£ul of iMs^wd waa repuiKi then 
In Ei^and the moSt valiaot gendeoBO. 
Whottnowson whoivAmiBevouk) theslttTtfiiuI'd^ ' 
But if Togrfjuhet-had been vidhir dien^ 
He ne!er had born^ cue of fowsA^, 
For all the country ina general voice 
Cry'd hate uptm him % au their pr^cn and love 
Were fet on Hti^faei, when iHaief doted oo» 
And blefi'd and oiaeM * 'indeed^ more than die King. . 
But this is meer^^^ffif>D faom my purpose. - 
Hon «W» 1 fnn our princely Gcneial, 
To know you| gntfs-) to tell you bom hii Gmcr, 
Thac bs WtU gin you audienoe; aod whaeia 
It ihall :u)pear. thtt yaur demande are juft. 
You Ihall enjoy them ; every thing fet «ff 
TMC toight to much as> 'ofUFk^ycw Quaucsi 

Mowb. But he hath forc'd us to compel this ofier» 
And it pfoceedH from policy, not lore. 

W0. Mfwbroft you over-ween to take it ib : 

imA.M...9U tiit. Thirl. tmwJ. 4 think 

■ C,ql,lt!dt,G00glC 

43 s- The Seeond Part of 

This offii comes from mercy, not fitjm fear." 
For lo! within a ken our army lyes ; 
Upon mine honour, all too confident 
To ^ve admittance to a thought of fear. 
Our Datttl is more foil of names than yours, 
Chir men more perfeft in the ufc of arms, 
Our armour all as ftremg, oar caufc the bcft \ 
Then reafon wills» our hearts fhoald be as good. ' 
Say you iiot then our o8er is compell'd. 

Mffwh. Weill by my will weinall admit no pariey. 

h^^. That argiKS bat the Ihame of your oroacc : 
A rotten cafe abides no handling. 

H^. Hath the Prince John a liill commifiMUi, 
In very ample virtue of his &dier, ■ 
To hear v^^ ablblacely to determine 
Of what conditions we Iball ftand upon ? 

ffr^. That is intended in the Genenl'a name: 
I mufe you make lb flight a queftion. 

Tork. Then take, my Lord of H^^merlaiid^ thii ^odaJe, 
For this contains our general gnerancci : 
Each feveral ahick ho^n rodrcfi*d. 
All members of qoreaule, bothbereaod hence. 
That are infincwed * 'into^ this adiori. 
Acquitted by a true fabftantial ibrm t 
And prefent executions of our wills, - 
To us, and to our ' 'jwoperties conSnnM C' 
We come within cur awhil banks again. 
And knit our powers » the arm ofpeace. 

ff^eft. This will I Ihew theGenenu. Fleale you, Lords, 
In fight of both our battels, ■ we may meet ; 
' 'And^ eidier end in peaces which heav*n ta frame ! 
Or to the place of difiercDce call the fwords 
Which muft decide it. 

Tork. MyLmd, we will do fo. - [SxvfWcft. 

e to fi purpola on^'d; ...tU tdk. Wmri. twtnd. 

7 At . . . •UMl. 'tbirl.tmtnJ. 


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^ing Henry IV. 433 


Mowi. There is a thing within: my bofom tells me. 
That n6 conditions of our peace cati Hand. 

/^. Fear you not that: if ire can make our peace 
Upon flich large ternos and ia abfoluej * 
As our conditions ihall inQft ufxHi^ 
Our peace Ihall ftand as firm as rodEy mouirtaios; 

Mawb. Ay, but our valuation Iball be fiich, .. 
That ev*ry (light and falfe-denved caule, 
Yea, cv*ry idle, nice and wanton reafcMi, 
Shall to the King tafte of this a^ion. 
That, were oar* 'loyaP faiths martyrs in love. 
We fhall be winnow'd with fo rough a wind. 
That ev*n our oirn Ihall leem as light as ch^ 
And good from bad find no putition. 

Tirk. No, no, my Lord, note this^ the King is weary 
Of dainty and fuch [»cking grievances: 
For he hath fouQd, to end one doubt by death, 
Revives two greater in the heiis of life. - 
And' therefore will he wipe his tables clean. 
And keep no tell-tale to nii memoiy, 
l^iat may repeat and hiftory his lofs 
To new rem^mlKance. For full well he knows. 
He cannot lb [wecileiy weed this land. 
As his mifdoubts prefent occafion % 
Hb foes are fo enrooted with his friends. 
That plucking to unfix an enemy 
He doth unfwxn fo and fliake a fi-iend. 
So that this land, like an oSenQve wife. 
That hath enrag'd him on m offer ftrokes> 
As he is ftriking, holds his infiuit up. 
And hangs refoTv'd corredion in the arm 
That was uprear*d to execubon. 

Hq0^. Bdides, the King hath walled all hU rods r 
On late ofienders, that ne now doth lade 
Vol. m. Be The 

. S royal 

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434 ^^ Sectnd ?m «f 

Tlje very inftratnents of chaftifemeot : 
So that his pow'r* like to a bngleli Lkui, 
May offer, but not hold. 

rsrk. 'TiB very trae: 
And therefore be airur*d, my good Lord Marllul, 
If we do now make our atonement well, 
Our peace will; like a brolcoi lioib united. 
Grow fhonger for the braUcing. 

Ahwh. Be k fo. 
Here Is retum*d my Lord of ^ifimerimi. 
Enter WellmOrland. 

Wtji. The Prince is4iereat hand: {^eaJeth your Lord- 
To meet his. Grace, jufl didance 'tween our armies i [ftiip 

Mpwh, Your Grace of ilint in God's name then iet for- 

Tork. Before, and grcahiaGiaut my Lord, we cxnoc. 


Exier Prinei John tf Laocafter. 
Lan. You're well encounter*d hen, mycou(m Mnvir^i 
Good day to you, my gentle Lord An^-bifhop, 
And fo to you. Lord HaJtm^Sy and to all .' 
My Lord of Tork, it better ftiew'd with you. 
When that your flock aflembled by the bcti 
Encircled you, to hear with reverence 
Your expofition wi the Holy trtt ; 
Than now to fee you here an iron man, 
Cheering a rout of rebels with your drum. 
Turning the word to fword, and life to death. 
That man that fits vithin a monarch's heart. 
And ripens in the fun-fhlne of his favour. 
Would he abufe the countenance of the Kin^ ■ 
Alack, what niifchieB mi^ht he let abroach, 
Inlhadowoffiidi greatnels? With you, LotdBilbops 
It is cv'n fo. Who hath not heard it fooken, 
Hoir deep yOu were within the books of facav*a i 


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iCff^ Henrv IV. 435 

To OS, the fpeaker in his parliamMit) 
To us, th* im^n'd voice of heav*n it felf j 
The very opener^ and inieltigencer 
Betveen the graorr, the Ctnflities of heav'n, 
And our dull workings. O, who fhall believe 
But you mifufe the rev'reace of your place, 
Employ the countenance and grace or heav'n. 
As a falfe &vourite doth his Prince's name. 
In deeds diflion'raUe f you've, taken up, 
Under the counterfeited zeal of God, 
The fubjofls of his fubftitute, my fether i 
And both againft the peace of heav'n and him 
Have here up-fwarm'd them. 

Zirk. Good my Lord of Ijmeafiir, 
I am not here againft your father's peace; 
But, as I told my Lotd of ffefimorland. 
The time roif-order'd doth in common ftnfe 
Crowd ui and cnifli us to this monftrous form, 
To hold our fafety up. I fent your Grace 
The parcels and particulars of our grief. 
The wbkh hath been with fcorn fhcnr'd from the Court : 
Whereon this ffftka-(oa of war is born, 
Whofe dangerous eyes may well be charm'd aQeep 
With grant of our moft juft and right deflre j 
And true obedience, of this madnefi cur'd. 
Stoop tamely to the foot of Majefty. 

Mtnvi. If notf we ready arc to try our fortunes 
To the faft man. 

/£gf. And though we here fall down, 
We have fupplies to fecond our attempt ; 
If they mifcarry, theirs Ihall fecond them. 
And fo * fuccels of mifchief fhall be born. 
And heir from heir flialt hold this quarrel up, 
While jfiMpt^nuJ Ihall have generation. 

Lan, You ^rc too Ihallowj Hafiingi^ much too ihallow. 
To found the bottom of the after-times. 

AK^t. Plcafeth your Grace, to anfwer them diredly, 

£e ft How 

fi) Sveccfiivrf h H ht rndtrfiiU im thi fiuM fin/t • 

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436 .7h£ Second Part of 

How far-forth you do like thetr aiticles? 

Lan. I like them all, and do aUow chem well : 
And fwear here, b^ the honour of my bktod. 
My lather's purpoJes have been miftook. 
And fome about him have too lavifhjy 
Wreftcd his meaning and authority. 
My Lord, chefe gric^ ihall be with Tpeed redreft i 
Upon my life, they fliall. If this may i^afe you, 
Dilcharge your pow'rs unto their Icyeral counties^ 
As we will ours ; and here between the armies 
Let's drink together friendly, and embrace^ 
That all their eyes may bear thofe tokens home. 
Of CHir reft(H-ed love and amity. 

Tork. I take your [»-inccly word for tbele redrefles. 

Lan. I give it you ; and will maintain my wotd ; 
And thereupon I drink unto your Grace. 

B^' Go, captain, and deliver to the army 
This news oS peace % let them have pay> and part : 
I know it will well plcafe them. . I^e thee, captain. 

[Exit Colevne. 

Tork; To you, my noble Lord of H^^marland. 

Wefi. I pledge your Grace \ and if you knew what pains 
I have befrow'd, to breed this prefenc peace. 
You would drink ireelyj but my love to ye 
Shall ihew it felf more openly hereafter. 

Tork. I do not doubt you. 

W^. 1 am glad of it. 
Health to my Lord, and gentle coufin A^winfff 

Mowk. You wiih me health in very happy fealbn) 
For I am on the fuddcn fomething ill. 

Tork. Againll III chances men are ever merry. 
But heavinefs fore-runs the good event. 

H^eft. Therefore be merry, Cta, fince fudden forrow 
Serves to fay thus, Seme good thing comes to-tiurrtno. 

Tork. Beueve me, I am palling light in fplrit. 

Mov)h. So much the worfe, if your own rule be trot 

Lan. The word ofpeace is rendei'dt hark! cheyniouc. 

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King Henry IV. 437 

Mon^. This had been chearfiil after viAorj. 

Tork. A peace b of the nature of a conqueft j 
For then both parties noblf are fiibdu'd, 
And neJEhcr party loler. 

Lan. G<^ my Lord, 
And let our army be difchai^ed too. [Exit Weft. 

And, good my Lord, Jbplcafeyou, let our trains 
March t^ us, that we may penile the men 
We Oiould have cop*d withal. 

Tork. Go, good Lord Haflii^s : 
And ere they be difmiTs'd, let them march by. [ExitlUA. 

Lm. I truft. Lords, we fliatl lye to-night together. 


Enitr WeftmorJand. 
Now, coulin, wherefore ftands our army ftill ? 

H^eji. The leaders having charge from you K> Hand, 
. Will not go offuntil they hear you fpeak. 

Lan, Tney know their duties. 

Re-Exter Haftings. 

il^. My Lord, our army is difpers'd already : 
Like youthful Steers unyoak'd, they took their courle 
Eaft, weft, north, fouth: or like a fchool broke up, 
Each hurries towards his home and fborting-place. 

Wefi. Good tidings, my Lord H0ii^s\ for the which 
I do arreft thee, traitor, of high treafon : 
And you. Lord Arch-bilhop, and you. Lord Metubray., 
Of capital treafon I attach you both. 

Mnvh. Is this proceeding juft and honourable ? 

0^efi. Is your aflcmbly lo ? 

Tork. Will you thus break your fiiith ? 

Lan. I pawn'd you none : 
I prorois'd you redrefs of thefe feme grievances 
Whereof TOu did complain; which, by mine honour, 
I will perform with a moft chriftian care. 
But for you, rebels, look to tafte the due 

E e 3 Meet 

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43 S The Secoad Part of 

Meet for rebellion and fuch ads as youn. 
Moft Ihallowly did you tbcfe arms commenct. 
Fondly brought here, and foolilhly lent heoce. 
Strike up our drums, purfue the fcatter'd ftray, 
Heav*n and not we have ^fely bought to-day. 
Some guard thefe traitors to die block of death. 
TreaTon's true bed and yidder up of breath. [ExeiM. 
{Akrm, Exaofim. 


Enter Falftaff anrf Colevile. 

Fd. What's your name. Sir ? of what condukwi are 
you ? and of what place, I pray ? 

OU. I am a Knight, Sir: and my name is CdenUe of 
the dale. 

Fal. Well then, OUvile is your name, a Knight is your 
decree, and your place, the dale. C^eviU (ball (till be 
your name, a traitor your degree, and the dungeon your 
place, a place deep enough: fo fliall you ftiU btCmU 
of the dale. 

CoU. Are not you Sir Jelm Faffidff 

Fal. As good a man as he. Sir, wbo e'er I am : do ye 
yield. Sir, or fliall I fwcat for you ? if I do fwcat, they 
are the drops of thy lovers, and they weep for thy death -, 
therefore rowze up fear and trembling, and do obtbrancc 
to my mercy. 

CoU. I think you are Sir John FaJ/Iag't and in that 
thought yield me. 

Fm. 1 have a whole fchool of tongues in this belly <rf' 
mine, and not a tongue of thera all fpeaks any other word 
but my name: an I had but a belly of any indifierency, 
I were fimply the moft aftive feJJow in Ewopt : my 
womb, my womb, my womb undoes me. Here comes 
our Gennal. 

Enter Prince John ef Lancafter, snd Weftroorltnd. 
Z4«. The heat is paft, follow no fardier new. 

ciqiiiodt, Google 

JCffig HiKity IV. 439 

Call in the powers, good aMTinXr^/hwrjW. [^M/Weft. 
Now, F^i^, wbcre have you been all this wlule i 
When every thing is coded, then you come. 
Thefe tardy triclu of youn will, on my life. 
One time or other t»^k Ibme gallow*! back. 

Fal. I would be fwry, my Lord, but it Ihould be thus : 
I never knew ytt., but rebuke and check was the reward 
cX vabur. Do you think tne a fwallow, an arrow, or a 
bullet } tiave 1, in my poor and old motion, the expedi- 
tion of ttHx^tf I fpeeded hither with the very exireameft 
inch of polTibilicy. I hive foundered ninefeore and odd 
pofts : and here, travel-tainted aa I am, have in my pure 
and immacukte vakxir taken Sir yah* Celtvile of the dale, 
a moft furious Knight and valorous enemy : but what of 
that? he faw me and yieUed t that I may juflly fay with 
[be liook-aot*d fellow of Romtf 1 came, law, and over- 

Ijik. It was more of his courts than your deferving. 

Fal. 1 know not i here ha is, and here I yield hiro ^ 
and I befeoih votir Grace, let it be book'd with the reft 
of this day*s deeds i or by ths Lord, i will have it in a 
particulw ballad dfc, with mine own piAure on the tc^ 
pf it, CaUvUe killing my foot : to the which couHe if I be 
enfbrc'd, if you do not all ihcw li)ce gilt two-pences to 
me ; and I in the clear sky of tame, o'crlhine you as much 
aa the fiill Moon doth the cinders of the element, which 
ihew like pirn heads to her ; believe not the word of the 
nobl£. Tberefiire let mc have right, and let defert 

L^n. Thinc*s too heavy to mount. 

FaL Let it ihine then. 

Zm9. Thinc^a too thick to Ihine. 

Fal. Let it do ibmething, my good Lord, that may 
do me good, and call it what you will. 

Xml h thy name Cakvik / 

CW!(. Ic is, my Lord. 

Laa. A famous rebel art thou, Coltvik. 

Fai. Ani a £unoui true fubjeft took him. 

£ e 4 Cole. 

ciq mod t, Google 

440 7^ Sicofid Part pf 

Ole. I am, my Lord, but as my betters are. 

That led me hither i had they been nil'd by me* 

You Ihould have won them dearer than you have. 

Fal. I know not how they fold themfelves; but thoq, 

like a kind fellow, gav'ft thy ielf away gratis ; aai I thank 

the^ for thee. 


Ejiier Wefimorl^nd. 

Lan. Now have you left purfuit? 

Jl^<^. Retreat is made, and execution ftay'd. 

Lan. Send CoUvile then with his confedouta 
To Tork, to prcTent execution. 
Blmt, lead him hence, and lee you guard him fure. 

[£*. tw/A Cblevito, 
And now difpatch we tow'rd the Court, my Lords ; 
I hear the King, my &dier, b ibre fick : 
Our news Ihall go bcifbre us to his Majefty, 
Which, coufin, you fhall bear to comfort him : 
And we with fober fpeed will follow you. 

Fal. My Lord, I bcfecch you, give me leave to g» 
|h rough Gk^fttrfinre ; and whai you come m Court, *piay, 
Aand in your good report, my Lord. 

Lan. Fare you well, Falfit^i I, in mycmiditkin. 
Shall better fpeak of you than you dcferve. \ExU. 

Fal. I would you had but the wit ; 'twere betto- dun 
your dukedpm. Good faith, this £mie young Jbber* 
blooded boy doth not love mej a man cannot make him 
laugh: but that's no marvel, he drinka no wine. Thcje*s 
never any of thcfc demure boys come to any proof; for 
thin drink doth lb over-cool their blood, and makii^ 
many Blji-mcals, that they fall into a kind of male green- 
ficknefsi and then when they marry, they get wenches. 
They arc generally fools and cowards i which fome of us 
fijouid be too, but for inflammation. A good Sberris- 
fack hath a two-fokl operation in it j it afccnds me into 
the brain, drin n)e there all the fboUlb, doll and crudy 


ciq mod t, Google 

King Henry IV. 44s 

vapours which eaTiron it ; makes it appreheallve, quick, 
fo^getive, full of nimble, fiery and dele^ble ffaapei i 
which deliver'ti o'er to the ''voice, in thc^ tongue, which 
is the birth, become excellent wit. The lecond property 
of your excellent Shcrris, is the n^mina of the blood } 
which before cold and fettled, left the liver white and 
pole I which is the badge of pulillanimity and cowardife ; 
bqt ^ Sherris warms it, and makes it courfe from the 
inwards, to the parts extreme ; .it illuminatcth the face* 
which, as a beacon, gives warning to all the reft of this 
litde kingdom, Man, to arm t and then the vital coni'- 
nXMKTS and inland petty fpirits mufter me all to their 
captain, the heart , who great, and pu'ft up widi this 
rednue, doth any deed of courage } and this valour comes 
of Sherris. So that skill in the weapon is nothing without 
Sack, for that fets it a-work i and leaning a meer hoard 
of gold kept by a devil, 'till fkck commences it, and iets 
it in ad and ufe. Hereof comes it, that Prince Harry is 
valiaqt y for the cold bkxxl he did naturally inherit of his 
father, he hath, like lean, fteril and bare land, manjired, 
husbanded, and till'd, with excellent endeavour of drink- 
ing gpod and good (lore of fcrtil Sberns, that he is bo- 
cpme very hot and valiant. If I had a thoufand Tons, the 
firft humane principle I would teach them Ihould be to 
fi»fwcar thin potations, and to addict ibcmrelves to lack. 

Enter Bardolph. 

How now, Bardelpb? 

Bard, The army is di(chatged all, and gone. 

JV. Let them go ) I'll through Gie'Jierfiire:, and there 
will \ yilit matter Robert SballMo, E^uire : 1 have htm 
already tempering between my finger and my thumb, atid 
Ihortly will I leal with him. Come away. {Exemt, 

9 Vffce, the 


ciq mod t, Google 

44 » ^ Secotd Part *f 

s c E isr E VIII. 

tbe Palace at Weftrainfter. 
£s/#-£i;^ Henry, Warwick, Clarence, Mil Gloucefter. 
K. flnny.T^OW, Lwds, if heav'ndoth give fuccefi- 

i.^ ful end 
To this debace that blecdech at our dcx>rs, 
VTe will our yoath lead on to higher fields. 
And draw no fworda but what arc Tanfti^'d. 
Our navy is addrefs'd, our power cotledted. 
Our fubftitutca in abfence well inverted. 
And every thing lyes level to our wifh : 
Only we want a litdc pcrfoml ftrength. 
And paufe us, 'till thefe rebels, now a-fbot. 
Come underneath the yoak of government. 

War. Both which we doubt not but your Majefty 
Shall foon enjoy. 

K. Henry. Hum^tryt my fon of GiaueefitTf 
"Where is the Prince your brother ? 

Gku. I think he's gone to hunl^ piy Lord, at ^^ndftr. 

K. Hemy. And how accompanied ? 

G&«. I do rtot know, my Lord. {him.' 

K. BtTiry, Is not his brother, Jliemas of Ovenee^ with 

Ghtt. No, my gpod Lord, he is in preience here. 

C/tf. What would my Lord and father ? 

K. Hetiry. Nothing but well to thee, Tbemat ofClartaa. 
How chance thou art not with the Prince thy brotherf 
He loves thee, and Aou doft negleft him, 7b9mat % 
Thou haft a better place in hfa atfeftion 
Than all thy brothers: cherifh it, my boy. 
And noble offices thou may'ft tSiSt. 
Of mediation, after I am dead. 
Between his greatnefs and thy other brethren. 
Therefore omit hini not \ blunt not his lovc^ 
Nor lofe the good advantage of his grace, 


ciq mod t, Google 

J3»rg Henry IV. 443 

br feeming cold, or carelefs of his wilt. 

For he is gracious ir he be obTeiVd : 

He hath a tear for pity, ind t hand 

C^n as day, for meltins charity : 

Yet nonricbflandiitg, being incenB*d, he's flint, 

As humourous at winter, and aa ludden 

As Obwi oongeakd in the fpring of day. ■ 

His temper therefore muft be well obferv'd : 

Chide bun for faults, and do it reverently, 

VThcn you perceive his bbod tnclin'd to mirth : 

But betng moody, give him line and fcope, 

'Till that bit paffions, lilte a Whale on ground. 

Confound thanfelves with working. Leam this, Tbomat^ 

And thou Jhalt prove a fhdter to thy friends \ 

A hoop of ^Id to bind thy brothers in. 

That the united veOel of their blood, 

Mingled with venom of fug^eftion, 

(As, force perforce, the age will pour it in) 

Shall oerer leak, though it do work as flrong 

As Aamtmny tx ralh gun* powder. 

Oa. I Ihall obferve him with all care and love. 

K. Hemy. Why art thou not at Wad/or with him, 

Cla. He is not there to-day } he dines in Ijmden. 

K..Hemyi. And how accompanied f canfl thou tell that? 

Cla. With PoifUj and other his contifiual iblloweni. 

K. Htmj. Moll fut^e£t is the fztoA foil to wends : 
And he, the noble image of my youth. 
Is over-fpread with them j therefore my grief 
Stretches it feJf beyond the hour of death. 
The blood weeps from my heart, when I do Qiape 
In forms imaginary th' unguided days 
And rotten times that you fliall look upon. 


(a) AiUJhg « tit Mitha tfjim* MUbfifitri that tte w/xmri ht- 
ing nagiahd in ibt Jit tf CM (laUti It m^ imttn/t tfotarA th* 
*m*rmi»gj and btii^ afttrviardt rmrtfiid ami ht i»»ft hftb* wart^b 
mf iht Saa, •etafam thtft Jaiita impihuiu gafii nf iiiiaJ %uhicli art 
tsitd Fiawi. ,w vbuiUMk 

ciq mod t, Google 

444 ^ Second Vm ef 

Vihtxi I am fleeping with my anceftors. 
For when hb hea<J-urong riot hath no oHb* 
When rage and hot blood are his counfeliors^ 
When means and laviib manners meet E(^ether, 
Oh, with wliat wings fhall his afiedionny 
Tow'rds fronting peril and oppos'd decay! 

War. My gracious l/>rd, you look beyond him quite: 
The Prince but ftudies his companions. 
Like a ftrange tongue ; wherein, tojpin thelat^uag^ 
Tis needful that the m(^ immocHl word 
Be look'd upon» and learn'd ; which onoe attain'-d. 
Your Highnefs knows, comes to no farther uie. 
But to be known and hated. So. like gro& terms. 
The Prince will in the perfe£tnefi of dme 
Caft off his followers} and their memory 
Shall as a pattern or a meafure live. 
By which his Grao: muft mete the liva of others j 
Turning pad evils to advantages. [oooJ) 

K. Henry, 'Tis feldom, when the Bee doth leave her 
In the dead carrion. Who's hei« ? W0marla$ii^ . 


Enter Weftmorland. 

Weji. Health to my Sovereign, and new happinefi 
Added to that, which I am to deliver ! 
Prince 7«A«, your fon doth kifi your Grace's liand r 
Mffwhras, the Bifhop Scroop, Ht^ings^ and all. 
Are brought to the corrciftion of your law % 
There is not now a rebel's fword unfhcath'd, ' 
But Peace puts forth her Olive ev*ry wh^Eit. 
The manner how this adtion hath been born. 
Here at more Icifurc may your Highncfi read. 
With every courfe, in his particular. 

K.Hairf. OPf^eHmorimd^ thouju-talummerbird. 
Which ever in the haunch of winter fuigs 
The lifting up of day. 


ciq mod t, Google 

JCffig H E N R t IV. 445 

Enter Harcourt. 
Look, here's more news. 

Uar. From enemies heav'n keep yOur M»efty ! 
And when they ftand againft you may they ^U, 
As thofe that I am CODK to tell yoa of ! 
The Earl Nortbumberleaid^ and the Lord Bardo^, 
With a great pow'r ofEneS^ and of Scots, 
Are by the Sh*r\SE of Torlpire overthrown : 
The manner and true oraer of the fight. 
This packet, plcafe it you, contains at large, [me fick > 

K^aejiry. And wherefore fhould thefe good news make 
Will fortune never come with both hands full, 
But wriu her fair words flill in fouleft letters? 
She either gives a ftomach, and no food ; 
(Such are the poor in health) or elfe a feaft. 
And takes away thefiomadt; fuch the rich* 
That have abMdance and enjoy it not. 
1 .fhould r^ice now at this happy news. 
And^^t faUs* and my brain is giddy. 
Ome, oome ncarqte, nowIaminucbiU., 

GiciL Comfort your Majefty I 

Cla. Oh, myn^aLfftherl 

ff^e^. MyfovereignLord, chearupyourlelf, look up. 

War. Be patient. Princes i you do know thefe Bts 
Are with his Highnef^ very ordinary. 
Stand from him* give him air : he'tl ftratt be well, 

C!a._ No, po^ he cannot long hold out thele pangs ; 
Th* inceflant gare and labour of hi; mind 
Hath wrought the mure that fhould confine it in, 
So thin, that life looks through^ and will break out. 

Glm. The people fear ' 'it j^ for they do obfcrve 
Unfather*d heirs and kathly births of nature: 
The feaibns change their manners, as the. year - 
Had found fome montiis afleep, and leap'd them over. 

Qa. The river hath thrice flow*d, no ebb between ; . 
And the old folk (time's doting chronicles) 
Say it did fo a little time before 

I mei 

ciq mod t, Google 

446 Itie Seeimd Part of 

That our great GraDdfire Eduwd fick'd and dy'd. 

fFar. Speak lower. Princes, for the Kong reajTcn, 

Glou. This apoplex will, certain, be hi» end. 

K. Henry, I pray you, take me up, and bear me hcoce 
Into fome other chamber : ibftly, 'pray. 
Let there be no noiie made, my gentle friends, 
Unleis Ibme flow and favourable ihand 
Will whiiper mufick to my weary fpiric. 

^ar. Call for the mufick in the other room. 

K. ffnry. Set me the crown upon my pillow here. 

cia. His eye is hollow, and he changes much. 

^ar. Lefsnoife, lets nolle. 

. Enter Priact Hairy. 

V.Hmy. Who&wtheDukeofCSimwf 

Cla. I am here, brother, fi!ill«f heaTineft. (libnMdf 

P. Henry. How now ! rain widun docn^ »d qom 
How doth the King r . 

Glau. Exceeding ill- 

F. Henry., Heam he the good news yet? 
Tdl it him. 

^ok. He alter'd much upon the hearing it 

P. Henry. If be be fick with joy. 
He'll recover without {Ayfick. [fpcdc kwi 

ff^ar. Not ft much noife, my Lords i fweet ^ince. 
The King, your father, is difpos'd to deep. 

Cla. Let us withdraw into tne other room. 

ff^ar. Will't pleale your Grace to go along with us? 

V. Henry. No( I will fit, and watch bere^ the Kii^ 
i [Exeunt aUhaP. Howy. 

Why doth the crown lye there upon his fHlbw, 
Being To troublefome a bed-fellow t 
O poliih'd perturbarion ! golden care I 
That keep*ft the ports of {himber open wide 
To many a watchfiil night t */ — he (kept with'c now,^ 


z fleep witk k now t 

ciq mod t, Google 

King Henry IV. 447 

Tet not fo foand, uid half b deeply fwert; 

As he whofe brow wich homely biggen bound 

Snores out the watch of night. — — O Majefty ! 

When thou idoft pinch thy bearer, thou doft lit 

Like a rich armour worn in heat of day. 

That fcalds with fafety. By his gates of breath 

There Jyesa downy feather which Airs not: 

■Did he fufpir^ that light and weightlefi down 

Pedbrce muft move. My gracioua Lord I my father I 

This Deep is (bund indeed j this is a fleep. 

That fit}m tbn golden rigol hath divorc'd 

So many Eifgl^King^. Thy due from me 

Is tears, and heavy Ibrrows ot the blood. 

Which nature, love, and Elial Kndcrnc&. 

Shall, O dear father, pay thee plenteoufly. 

My due from thee is this imperial crewo. 

Which, as immediate from my place and bJood, 

Derives it fdf to me. JLo, here it fim (Aimglh 

"Which heav'n Hull guard : and :put.tbs rnxJcfs wfaolt 

Into one giant arm, it Ihall not force 

This lineal honour from me. This from thee 

Will I to mine leave, as 'tis left to me. [£«t4 

S C E N E IX. 
£«/«r Warwick, Gloucefter,.4aauJ Clarence. 

K.Hmj. Wanokk! Glouce^ert Clarence! 

Cla. Doth the King call ? 

fTar. WfaatwouMyoarMajeftyf bowferesyourGrace? 

X. Ihnry. Why did you tetvc me here alone, my Lords ? 

Cla. We left the Prince my brother here, my Liege, 
Whaundertook to fit and watch by you. .-W 

K.HeHry. ThePrinceof ff^abi! where is be? let me * 
tec him. 

/fV. The dow is open, be a gone this way. 

dm. He came not through the chamber where we 

K. Henry, Where is the crown? who took it from niy 
ImHow ? fTa: 

ciq mod t, Google 

448 ii* Second Part of 

War. Wheo we wichdrew, my Li^e, we left it hti^. 

K. Henn. The Prince hath ra*en it hence % go feck him 
Is he fo hafty, that he doth fuppofe [out. 

My deep my death ? find him» my Lord of Waranck, 
And chide him hither flrait ; this part oF his 
Conjoins with my difcale, and helps to end me. 
See, Tons, what things you are ! how quickly nature 
Falls to revolt, when gold becomes her objeft^ 
For this, the foolilh over-careful Others [care, 

Have broke, their fleeps with thought, their brains with 
Their bones with indaftry : for this engrols'd 
The canker*d heaps of ftrange-atchicvra gold : 
For this, they have been thoughtful to inveft 
Their fons with arts and martial exerciles: 
When, like the Bee, culling from ev'ry Flower, 
Our thighs * ''alP packt with wax, our mouths with honey, 
We bring it to the hive, and like the Bees 
Are muraer*d for our pains. This bitter talle 
Yiddi his engro&nients to the dying &ther. 

E^er Warwick. 
Now where is he, that will not ftay fo long, 
TUi his fi-tend, Sicknels, bath determin'd me? 

W&r. My Lord, I found the Prince in the next roomi 
Walhing with kindly tears his gentle cheeks. 
With fuch a deep demeanour in great lorrow, 
ThatTyranny, which neverquafft but blood. 
Would by beholding him have ws&'d bis knife 
With -gentle eye-drops. He is coming hirticr. 

K, Hoary. But wherefore did he take away the Cromi f 

Ent^ Prince Ueniy. 
La, where he cornea, Come hither to me, Harry. 
Depart the chamber, leave us here alone. QEm. Zjords. 
P. Henry. I never thought to hear you fpcak again. 
K. Henry. Thy wifh was father, iwry, to that Cbought: 
I Ihy too long by thee^ 1 weary diec. 


ciq mod t, Google 

J5»g Henry IV. 449 

boft thou fo hungo' fof °iy empty chair, 
That thou wilt needs invefl thee with my hooourSf 
Before thy hour be ripef OfooHIh youth I 
Thou leek'ft the greatnc& that will overwhelm thee. 
Stay but a little j for my cloud of dignity 
Is held from falling with &> weak a wind. 
That it will quickly drop ; niy day is dim. 
Thou haft ftol'n that, which afttr ibme few houn 
Were thine without offence ; and at my death 
Thou haft fial'd up my cxpe^tion : 
Thy li& did manileft thou lov'dft me not, . 
And thou wItt have me die a^ur'd of It. .'J\ 

Thou hid'ft a thoufand daggers in thy thoughts, 
Which thou baft whetted on thy ftony heart. 
To ftab at half an hour of my frail hfe. 
What! cao'ft thou not forbear me half an hour ? 
Then get thee gpne and dig my grave thy &if. 
And bid the merry bells ring to thy ear 
That thou art crowned, not that I am dead. v'. 

Let all the teara that QioukI bcdev my herlc 
Be drops of balm to &nt5UBe thy head ; 
Only compouixl me with forgotten duft. 
Give that which gave thee life unto the worms. 
Pluck down my otHcets, break my decrees : 
For now a time is come to mock at form. 
ffemy the Fifth is crown'd : up* vanity, 
DowD, royal ftaK. All you lage counfellors, hence ! 
And to the £ff4^ Court ailemble now 
From ev*ry region, apes of idleneis: 
Now, ncighbour-conanes, purge you of your Icum i 
Have you a ruffian that will (wear? drink? dance? 
Revel the night? rob? murder? and commit 
The oldcft fins the neweft kind of ways i 
Be happy, he will trouble you no more : 
£n^£isJ Qiall give him oiHce, honour, might: 
For the Fifth Harry from curb'd licence plucks 
The muzzle of reftraint, and the wild dog 
Sbaii flelh his tooth on every innocent. 
Vol. III. Ff Omy 

ciq mod t, Google 

450 T^tf Secottd Part of 

my poor kingdom! fick with civil blows: . 
When that my care could not with-hoM thy riots. 
What wil: thou do when riot is thy care? 

O, thou wilt be a wildemcfs again, 
Peopled with Wolves, thy old inhabitante. 

P. Henry. O pardon nie, my Liege ! but for my tears 

(The ffloift impediments iinto my ipecch,) 

1 had fore>fbll*d this dear and deep rebuke. 
Ere you withgrief HmI fpofce, ana I had heard 
The courfc otit fo for. . There is your Crown, 
AM he that wears the crown immortally 
Long guard it yours ! if I a%d it more. 
Than as yoar honour and as your renown. 

Let nie,no more from this obedience rife. 

Which my moft true and inward-duteous ipirit 

Teachetbthis proftratc and exterior bending. 

Hcav'n wipiefi with me, when 1 here came in' 

And found no courfc of breath within your Majefty^, 

How cold it ftruck my heart \ if I do fagn, 

O, let me in my preftnt wildnefs die, 

And never live to (hewth' incredukxis world 

The noble change that I have purpofed! 

Commg to took on you, thinking yoa dead, 

(And dead almoft, my Li^e, to think you were) 

I rpake unto the Crown, as naving fenfe. 

And thus upbraided ir. The care on thee depending 

Hath fed upon the body of my ^her. 

Therefore thou bell of gold art worft of gold ; 

Odier, lefs fine in carrat, is more precious, 

Prefcrving life in mcd'cine potable : 

But thou, molt fine, mod honour'd, moft rtnown'd, 

Haft eat thy bearer up. Thus, royal Li^, 

Accufuig it, I putk on my head. 

To try with it (as with an enemy. 

That had before my fece mufdcr*d my father) 

The quarrel of a true inheritor. 

But If it d^d inl«d my blood widi joy, 

ciq mod t, Google 

f3»g HeNrv IV. 451 

Or fwcU my dioughts to any ftrain erf pride, 

If any rebel or vain fpirlcof mine 

Did with the lead afieuion of a welcome 

Give entertainment to the might of it ^ 

Let hcap*n (or ever keep k from my head, 

And make me as the pooreft vailal is, ■ 

That doth with awe and terror knael to it ! . 

K. Hetpy. O my fon ! 
Heav'n put ic in thy mind » K^ce it hence. 
That thou might'ft win the more thy father'a lov^ 
Pleading fo wifdy in excuft of it." ' ' . - . ■ 

Come hither,- /forry,- fie thoa by my bed, 
And hear, I think, the very kKftcounfel 
That ever I flisill breathe. Pfcav'n knows, my- ibnj 
By what by-paths and iodireA crook*d ways ■ 
I met this erown j and I my ftlf know well 
How troubletORK it fate upon my head. 
To thee it ihall defcend with better quiet, . 
Better opinion, better confirmation : 
Par 8& Uie fin] of the atchierement goes 
With me into' the earth. ItfeemMinme 
But as an honour fnatch'd with boifl*rous hand, 
. Atid I had many living to u|^ratd 
My gain of it by their aSiftancfis, 
Which daily grew to quarrd and to blood-fhcd,' 
Wounding fuppofod peace. All thefe bold fears 
Thou feeft with perH I have'anfwered. 
For all my Be^n hath been but as 3 fcene 
Acting that argument: And now my death 
Changes the mode i for what in me was purchas'd. 
Falls upon iheetn a much fairer fort. , 
So thou the garhuid wcar'fl fucccflivcly : 
Yet though thou ftand'ft more fure than I could do, 
Thou art not firm enough, Cncc griefs are green } 
And all thy friends, wliich thou muft make tliy friend^ 
Have but their (lings and teeth newly ta'en ouc ) 
fiy whofe fell working I was firft advanc'd, 
Ajid by whofe pow'r J well might lodge a fear 

Ff2 TO 

ciq mod t, Google 

452 ^ The Second Part of 

To be again difplac'd: which to avoid 

I cut thera off, and had a purpofe now ^--,^ 

To lead out many to the Holy land ; 

Left reft and lying ftill might make them look 

Too near into my ftate. Therefore, my &rTyf 

Be it thy courTe to bufy giddy minds 

With foreign quarrels; that a^ion, hence b(Hii ou^ 

May wafte the memory of former days. 

More wouki I, but my Jungs are wafted fo 

That ftrength of fpeech is utterly deny'd mc 

How I came by the Crown, O, God forgive I 

And grant it may with thee in true peace live I 

P. Henry. My gracious Li^e, 
You won it, wore it, kept it, gave it mej 
Then plain aod right matt my pofleflion be; 
Which I with more than with a common pain 
'Gainft all the world will rightfully maintain. 

Enter Lord John of Lancafter and Warwick. 

K. Henry. Look, look, here comes my yoba ofLaaea^. 

han. Health, peace aiid happioefi to my royal fethcr! 

K. Henry. Thou bring'ft me happine^ and pace, Ibn 
But health, alack, widi youthfiii wings is flown- [jU»f 
From this bare, withcr*a trunk. Upon thy fight 
Mjr worldly bunncTs makes a period. 
Where is my Lord of WarmkM 

P. Henry. My Lord of Warwkkt 

K. Henry. Doth any name particular belong 
Unto the lodging where I firftdid fwoon ? 

War. Tia calT'd JerufaUm^ my noble Lord. 

YLHenrf. Laudbe toGod! ev'ntheremylifenHiftcDd. 
It hath beoi prophefy'd to me many yean^ 
I Ihould not die but in Jerufaiem: 
Which vainly I fuppos'd the Holy land. 
But bear me to dut chamber, there I'JJ lye: 
In that yerufaUm Ihall Harry die. [Exeimt. 


ciq mod t, Google 

XifispgHiNRT IV. 453 


Shallow^ Seat in Glo'fterfliire. 

Enter Shallow, Silence, Falftaff, Bardolph, Page WDavjr, 

Shallow. - 

BY cock and pye, Sir, you fhall not away to-ntght. 
What, Dtfwy. I &y. 
Fal. You mud ezcufe me, mailer Hubert Shallow. 

Sbal. I will not excufe you : you fhall not be excufed. 
Excules ihall^ not be admitted : ttiere is no excufe ftull 
ferve: you fhall not be excu'd. Why, Davy! 

Davy. Here, Sir. 

Sbal. Davy, Davy^ Davy, let me fee, Davy, let me fee j 
B^lliam Cookt bid him come hither. — Sir join, you 
iball Dot be qccui'd. 

Davy. Mirry, Sir, thus:* thofe precepts cannot be 
ferv'd ; and a^n. Sir, fliall we low the head-land with 

fAfl^, With red wheat, JDffoy. But for /^jKEaw Cook j 
are there no young Fidgeons i 

Davff Yea, Sir,— -Here is now the Smith's note for 
Ifaooing, aod pfew- irons. 

Sbal. Let it be caft and paid Sir Jifitf, you fliall 

not be excus'd. 

Davy. Sir, a new link to the bucket muft needs be had. 
And Sir, do you mean to ftop any of H^ilham'i wages 
about the fack he loft the other day at Htnciley fair ? 

Sbal. He {hall anfwer it. Some Pidgeons, Davy, a 
couple of ihort-le^'d Heos, ajoint of mutton, and any 
pretty little tiny kicklhaws : tell fTil/iam Cook. 

Davy. Doth the man of war ftay all night. Sir? 

F f 3 Sbal. 

ciq mod t, Google 

454 ^* Sfftmd Part <if .. 

Sbal. Yes, Davy. I will ufe him well. A friend i* th' 
Court is better than a penny *'in the pvirie.^ Ufe his 
men well, Davy, for they are arrant knaves, and will 

Davy. No worfe than they are bitten. Sir i for they 
have marvellous foul linncn. 

Sbal. Well conceircd, Dffoy. About thy bufinefi, 

Dmry.'Y befcech you, Sir, to countenance WUHam 
Vtfor of Wvncot againrt Oement Perkes of the hill. 

Sbal. There are many complaints, Davy, againft that 
Vrfor; thai f'ifor H an arrant knave on my knowledge. 

Davf. I grant your worfhip that he is a knave. Sir i 
but yet God fbrbid, Sir, but a knave ihotrid have fome 
countenance at his friend's requeft. An honcft man. Sir, 
is able to fpcak for himfelf, when a knave is not. I hare 
ferv'd your worlhip truly, Sir, thefc eight years j and if 
1 cinnot once or twice in aquarCer bear out a knave agaioft 
an honeft man, I have but very tittle credit with your 
worfhtp. . The knave is mine honell friead, Sir, tbere< 
fore I befeech your worfliip let him be coumenancM. 

Shal. Go to, I fay he fhall have no wrong: \ook 
jboar, Davy. Where are you. Sir Jobt? come, off 
with your boots. Give me your hand, mafier Btr- 

Bard. I am glad to fee your worftiip. 

SBai. I thank thee with all mine heart, kind mailer 
l^ardolph; and welcome, my tall feliow: [To the Pm.'\ 
Come, Sir John. ' {^Exaaa Shal. Sil. ISc. 

F^. I'll lollow'you, good mafter Robert Sbalhn. Bar- 
^oll'h^ look to our horfcs. — If I were few'd into quan- 
tities, I (hould make four dozen of fuch facarded-.hcrmites- 
Aavcs as mailer Sballew. It is a wonderful thing to ice 
the ftmblable coherence of his mens fpirlts and hjs^ 
they by obferving of him do bear ihcmfelves like fbolilh 
jufticcs; he bjL convcrfing with them is tnrn'd into ;« 
JLifticc-like-lcrving man. Their fpiriis are lb marred in 


ciq mod t, Google 

X«g Henry IV, 455 

conjun&ion, with the participatloo of ibciety, that tfaey 
■ flock tc^echer in confent Jike fo many wild Gecfc. If I 
had a iuit to mafter ShaSew, I would humour his men 
with the imputation of being near their maAer: If to his 
men, I wouH curry with mafter SballoWf that no man 
couM better command his fervants. Ic is certain that 
either wife bearing or ignorant carriage is caught^ as men 
take difcaies, one of another : therefore kt men take heed 
of their company. Z will devife matter enough out of 
this Shallow to keep Prince Ufary in continual laughter 
the wearing out of fix folKions, which is four terms or 
two anions, and he Ihall laugh without IntervaUums. O, 
it is much that a he with a Hight oath and a jdl with a 
lad brow will do, with a fellow that new iad the ache 
in his fhoulders. O, you Hull lee him laugh, 'till his &oe 
be like a wet cloak Ul laid up. 

Sbal. Sir John! [fTttbm. 

Fai. ] come, ra^txx Shallow % I come, mafter i'/wW. 

The Court in London, 
Enter the Earl of Warwick and the Lard Chief Jt^ite. 
^ar. TJOW now, my Lord Chief Jufticc, whitbar 
aT- Cb.JuJl, How doth the King? [away? 

^ar. Exceeding well : his cares are now all encfed. 
Ch.Jufi. I hope not dead. 
H^ar. He's walk'd the way of nature. 
And to our purpolcs he lives no more. 

Cb. Jufi. I would his Majefty had call'd me with htm. 
The fervicc that I truly did his life 
Hath left me open to aJl injuries. 

War. Indeed I think the young King loves you not. 
Ct. Ju/i. I know he doch not, and do arm my fclf 
To wekome Uie conditioa of the tune, 

Ff4 Which 

ciq mod t, Google 

456 The Second Part of 

Which cannot look more hideoufly on me. 
Than I have drawn it in my fancaue. 

Enter LorJ John tf Lancafter, Gloucefter and Clarence. 

^'ar. Here come the heavy Iffae of dead Harry: 
O, that the living Harry had the temper 
Of him, the worft of thefe three genuemen : 
How many Nobles then Oiould hold their phuisSi 
That muft ftrike fail to fpirits of vile fortf 

Cb. yufi. Alas, I fear aft will be overturned. 

Lan. Good morrow, coufin fVarwiek. 

Clou, Clgr. Good morrow, coufin. 

Lan. We meet like men that had forgot to fpeak. 

War, We do Fcmember} but our ai^ument 
Is all too heavy to admit much talk. 

tan. Well, [xacc be with him that hath made us heavy ! 

Ch. Jufi. Peace be with us, left we be heavier ! 

GUu. O, good my Lord, you've loft a friend indeed, 
And I dare fwear you borrow not that &ce 
or Teeming Ibrrow, it is Hire your own. 

Lim. Tho* no man be afTur'd what grace tO' find, 
You ftand in coldeft expcAatbn. 
I am the forrier : would 'twere otherwife. 

da. Well, ydu muft now fpeak Sir John Faifiaf fair. 
Which fwims againft your ftream of quality. 

Cb. Ju^. Sweet Princes, what I did, 1 did in honour. 
Led by tt^ impartial condu£b of my foul ; 
And never fhall you fee that J will beg 
A ragged and foreftall'd remifBon. 
If truth and upright innocency fail me, 
rU to the King my mailer that is dead, 
And tell him who haih fent me after him. 

If^an Here comes the Prince. 

^Hier Princi Henry. 
Cb. Jufi. Heav'n fcvc your Majefty .' 


ciq mod t, Google 

JGwg Henry IV. 457 

p. Henrj' '^^^ °^* ^<^ goitrous garment, Majeftjr, 
Sit> noc fo esUie on me as you think. 
Brotben, you mix your fadncfs with Ibme fear: 
This is the Et^lijb, not the Turkifi Cour^ 
Noi^murath an jtmuratb fuccccds, 
"Ba^ Harry, Harry. Yet be &d, good brodien. 
For, to fpeak truth, it very well becomes you; 
Sorrov fo royally in you appears, 
That I will deeply put the nifhton on, 
And wear it in my heart. Why then be lad» 
But entertain no more of it, good brodiers. 
Than a joint-burthen kid upon us all. 
For me, by heav'n, I bid you be al^r'd, 
I'll be your bther and your brother too : 
Let me but bear your love, I'll bear your cares: 
Yet weep that Harry's dead, and fo will I. 
But Harry lives that (hall convert thofe tears 
By number into hours of happinefi. 

Lm. (dc. We hope no other from your MajeRy, 
P. Henry. You all look ftrangely cm me ; and you moft. 
You are, I think, afliir'd I love you not. \To the Cb. Juft. 

Cb. Ji0. I am aflur'd, if I be mearur*d rightly. 
Your M^efty hath no juft caufe to hate me. 

F. Hairy. No ! might a Prince of my great hopes foi^ 
■ '^he^ great indignities you laid upon me? 
What! rate, rebuke, and roughly fend to prilbn 
Th* immediate heir of Englaria! was this eaTie? 
May this be wafh'd in Letbe^ and forgotten? 

Cb. Jtifi. 1 then did ufe the perfon of your father i 
The image of his pow'r lay then in me: 
And in tn* adminiltration of hit law. 
While I was bufie for the conmion-wealth* 
Your Highnels pleafed to forgtt my plac^ 
The majefty and pow'r of law and juftice. 
The image of thelCing whom X prefennd { 
And firuck me in my very feat of jud^neat : 
Wbeteon, as as o^ider to your &tber, 


ciq mod t, Google 

^5 8 3*tf Stand ^m of 

I sftTe bdd wiy. to my wtbority. 
And did commit you. If the<leed were ill» 
Be you conKnied, wearing now the garland. 
To have a fon fet your decrees ac nought : 
To pluck down jufticc from your awful bench : 
To trip ti»e oourie of law, and bhmt tlw fword 
That guards the peace and fafety of your perfoo : 
Nay more, to fpiirn at your moil royal image. 
And mock your workings in i iecond body. 
Queftion your royal thoughts, make the cafe yours \ 
Be now the father, add propofe a fon j 
Hear your own dignity fo much prophan'd ; 
See your moft drradful laws fo loolciy (lighted ; 
Behold your fclf fo by a fon difiiaia'd: 
And then imagine me taking your part. 
And in your paw'r foft filencing your fon. 
After [his cold confid'rance, feotence mc ; 
And as you are a King, fpeak in your ftate. 
What I have done that misbecaiBc my plaw. 
My perfoii, or my Liege's fovcreigyity. 

P. Hepry. You are right, Juftica, <uid you wcigji this well; 
Therefore ftill bear the balance and the fword: 
And I do wllh your honours may increafe, 
*Xill you do live to fee a fan trf* mine 
Offend you» and obey you, as I did; 
So (hall I live to (peak my father's words. 
H^^ am /, that oave a man Jo bold 
37)al dares dojujiice en m^ proper fon-, 
Andno Ufs happ bannng fucb a fm, 
3iat would deliver itp his greatnefs fo 
Into the hand efjufiice. You commitfed mc; 
For which I do commit into your hand 
Th' unftained fword that you have us'd to bear, 
"With this remembrance that you ufe the fame 
With the like bold, juft,. and im^tjal fpirit 
As you have doiiie .'gainft me. There is my hand, 
You flial! be as a l6 my youth : 
My voice Hull found as you do prompc mine car; 


ciq mod t, Google 

King Hekry IV. 459 

And I will fioop and humble my inttnts 

To yoiir well-praflii^d wife dirraions. 

And, Princes all, bcUcre me, I bolecch yoo} 

.' 'My Other's gone into hj^rave, and in 

His tomb lye all tny willMBoftionsi 

For^ with his fpirit £idly I Turvive, 

To mock the e^qxdacions of the worid. 

To fiuftrate [K'ophecies, and to cale out 

Rotten opinion, which hath writ me down 

After my feeming. Tho' my tide of bJood 

Hath prooily fiow'd in vanity 'till now ; 

Now doth it torn and eU> back to the iea, 

Wiicre it Ihail mingle with the ' ''floods of ftate,^ 

And Bow henceforth in formal Majelly. 

Now cat] we our high Court of Parliament, 

And kt us chufe &ch limbs of noble counlel, ~ 

That the great body of our ftatc may go 

In equal rank with the bed govern'd nation i 

That war or peace, or bdth at once may be 

As tilings aotpainttd and funiliar to us, 

]n which you, fother, Ihatl have fbremoft hand. 

' iTo Lord One/ Jt^e. 
Our coronation done, we will accite 
(As I bdFore remembcr'd) all our ftate. 
And (heav'n conligntng to nry good intents) 
No Prince nor Peer fhall have juft cattfe to £iy, 
Heav'n ftiorttn Harrfi happy me one day ! \Exeiita, 

6 My bther u gow wild inM kk gnm^ 
Far in tiii tomb lye ny aSeduiu) 

7 ftueoffioodi, , 


ciq mod t, Google 

460 Tie Second Part of 


Shallow*! Seat m Cfio'cefterihire. 

£itf«rFalftafi; Shallow, Silencp, Bzrdotph, ibeP^^. 
md Davy. 

£Etf/.^rATt you (hall fee mine orchard, where in an 
J>^ arbcxir we will cat a lall yeai:*i pipi»n of mf 
own graffing, with a di(h of carraways, and ia iocHa : 
come, ooufin Silence; and then to bed. 

Fid. You have here a goodly dwelling, and « rich. 

Sbal. Barren, barren, barren: beo^rs all, beggars all. 
Sir John : ' marry, good air. Spread/Z)<7Dy, fpread, Dao)', 
well laid, Davf. 

Fal. This/^TTy ferves you for good ufest be is yoor. 
fcrvingnaan and your husbandman. 

Shal. A good varlet, a good varlet, a very good varl^ 
Sir John. By th' Mafs, I have drank too much Cuik at 
tapper. A good varlet. Now fit down, now fit down: 
come, coufin. 

Sil. Ah, (irrah, quoth-a, 
Wefik^ do tutting hut eat^ emd nakt good cbeoTt [^gtog. 
jtnd praife beai/H for the merry year-, 
Wbenfiejb is cheap and females dear. 
And Ittf^ lads roam here and there ; 
So merrifyt and ever among, fa merrify, &c. 

Fai. There's a merry heart, good matter Silence. l*il 
(^ve you a health for that anon. 

Shot. Give Mr. Bardo^h fomc wine, Davy. 

Davf. Sweet Sir, fit t I'll be with you anon i moil 
fweet Sir, fit. Matter Page, fit : good Matter Page, fit : 
proface! What you want in meat we'll have in drink; 
but you mutt bear i the heart's all. 

Si^L Be merry, matter Barde^t and my little ibldier 
there, be merry. 


- C,ql,lt!dt,G00glC 

, SSng Henrv IV. 461 

Sil. [Sin^png.] Be fwrrf» h mmy^ mf vift bos tfSf, 
Fcr leomm are prems, both fiert and tsU ; 
'Tis merry in ball, when beards tot^ aU^ ' 
jhid wekome merry Shrovetide. 
Be merry, be roeny. 

Fal. I did sot think nufter Sikiut had been a maa cf 
this mettle. 

Sil. Who I M have been merry twice and once ere now. 

Deny. There is a dilh of leather-coats for you. 

Sbal. Datyl 

Benn. Yourworfhip — I'U be with youftrai^t. A 
cup of wine. Sir? 

Sil. [Singing.] Aei^efvnne, 
Thifs brisk andjae, 
AndMnkuaio the leMOMmijui 
jUd a merry heart lives hi^-a. 

Fal. Well faid, mafter Silme. 

Sil. Tf wo fliall be merry, now cones in the fireet of 
the night. 

Fal. Health and long life to you, mailer Sihue. 

Sil. Fill the cup and let it come. I'll pledge you, 
wert^t a mile to the bottom. 

Sbal. Honcft. Bardo^b, welcome » if thou vant*ft any 
thins and wilt not call, belhrew thy heart ! Welcome, 
my mtle tiny thief, and welcome indeed too: Pll drink 
to mafter Bardolpby and all the cavileroes ^xHit Lmden. 

Hay. \ hope to fee Lendm^ ere I die. 

Bard. If 1 might fee you there, IXnj',— 

Sbal. You'll crack a quart together? ha, will you iiot, 
mafter Bardolfhl 

Bard. Yej, Sir, in a pottle pot. 

Sbal. By God's liggens, I thank theei the knave will 
flick by thee, I can ^lure thee that. He will coc oitt» 
he is true bred. 

Bard. And Til ftick by him. Sir. [One Imocis at tbt door. 

Sbal. Why, there fpoke a King: lack nothing, be 
mory. Look, who's at door there, bo: who knocks? 

Fal Why, now you have done me right. 


ciq mod t, Google 

^62 Vjf Seeoml Part of 

Sa. [SingtDa-3 Demr^bl, omJ Jul^ m Sji^kt, •$*• 
mingo. Is*! ntxtaf 

Fal. •Tisfo. 

SU. Is'tlbP why thenlayanaldmaiicaiickt&iiwvifaH. 

V^iy. If it pleafe your worlhip then's ooe Pjfi^i csMBc 
'from die Court with news. 

Fal. From the Court ? let him come in^ 


Etittr Fiflol. 

How now, Piftol? . 

Pift. Sir Jobrt, favc you. Sir. 

Fal. What wind blew you hither, P0ol? 

Fiji. Not the ill wind which blows no man good, fireet 
Knight : thou art now one of the grcateft men in the ralm. . 

Sil. Indeed I think he be, but goodman Piiffc^Barfeih 

Pifi. Puff 
FufiTin thy tcetb, moft recreant coward bafe ! 
Sir Jobny I am thy Pijiol and thy friend j 
And belter skelter have I rode to thee ; 
And tidings do I bring, and lucky joys. 
And golden times, and happy news of price. 
' Fal. I pr'ythee now, dehver them like a man of thl| 

Pifi. Afootra for the world and worHfings bafe! 
I Ipeak of Africa and golden joys. 

Fal O bale Affyrinn Knight, What is thy news ?. 
tiCt King *■ Opbetua know the truth thereof. 

Sil. And ReiiH-hoodj Scarlet, * 'and little Johx^ 

Pifi. Shall dunghil curs confront die HeUcemf 
And fhall good news be baffled } 
Then Pijtol lay Ay head in fury*S lap. 

Sbi^. Honeft gentleman, 1 know not your breeding. 

(i) Be mims ts Jay San Domingo. 


S and 7 Am. 

ciq mod t, Google 

King Hbnry IV.- 463 

Pfjt. Why then lament therefore. 

Sbal. Give me pardon. Sir. If you come wkh news 
from the Court, I take it there »'are^ but two ways, cither 
to utter them, or to conceal them. 1 am, Sir» under the 
Kii^ in feme authority. 

Pift. Under which King? BezomaiJi fpeakordie. ~ 

Sbal. Under King Harry. * 

Fifi. Harry thi! Fourth ? or Fifth ? 

Shd. Harry the Fourth. . 

Pift. A footra for thine office ! 
Sir JobHt thy tender Lamb-kin now is King, 
/itrr^ tte Fifth'sthe man; I fpeak die truth. 
When Ptfiol lies, do this, and iig me like 
The bra^ii^ Sfamard. 
. FaL What, is the old King dead f 

P^. As nail io door : the thuigs I Ipealc are juft. 

Fal. Away, Bardo^, feddle my borfc. ■ Matter J5*., 
iert SkalkWf chafe, what office thoa wilt in the land, 'da 
thine. P^^ I wJU double, charge thee with dignities. 

Bard. Ojoyfuli^y! 1 would not take a kD^htbood lor 
my fortune. 

P^, Wliat? I do bnog-good news? 

Fai. Carry inafter SiieTue to bed.- mafier ShalioWi tvf 
Ltml SbailoWy be what thou wilt, I am Fortune's ftewaid. 
Get oo thy boots, we'll ride all night. Ob^' fweet Piftol) 
away, Bardaiph.: come, Pifiel, utter more to met and 
withal dev^ ibmething to do thy felf good, . fioot, boo^ 
mafter SbaUow. I know the ycatag King is Tick for mc. 
Let US ti^e any man's horfes .* the laws oiMi^and arc ac 
my aHiumndmenc, Happy are they which have been my 
friends i and wo to my Lord Chief Jufticci 

Pi^. Let vultures vile leize on his lungs alfo! 
'fVbere is the i^e that latelUd, fay they ? 
Why, here it is, welcome diis pleafant day. {ExtaU, 

(a) Ihtfi art •Uivdt of an tldfing. 
9 u ■ 


ciq mod t, Google 

464 ^ Second Part of 


^ Street in London. 

inter Hi^efi Quickly, Doll Tear-flieet, md Btdds. 

Hfl-VTO* thou arrant knave, I vould I might die^ ditf 
-i-^ 1 might have thee hang'd } thou haft drawn my 
fboulder out of joint. 

Bed. The conftables have ddiver*d her ovfr tome*, and 
(he (hall have whipping cheer enough, I warrant her. 
There hath been a man or two kill'd about her. 

Hel. Nut-hook, [lU^hook, you lie : come on, 1*U tdl 
thee what, thou damn'd tripe-vifag'd rafcal, if the <Md 
I go with do mifcarry, .thou hadll better thou hadftftrodc 
thy mother, thou paper-fec'd villain. 

Hsft. O that Sir John were come I he would make tlus 
'a bloody day to fome body. Bat I pray God die 6ut 
of ha womb mifcarry .' 

Bed. If it do, you Hiall have adozen of culhions again, 
you have but eleven now. Come, I charge you both go 
with me, for the man is dead tlut you and P^»l bat 
among you. 

Del. Til tdl thee what, thou thin man in a cenfer-, I 
will have you as foundly fwindg'd for this, yon blue-boillc 
rogue } you filthy famifh'd corre^tioner, if you be not 
fwindg'd PIl forfwearhalf-kirtles. 

Bed. Come, come, you flie- Knight-arrant, OMne! 

Hofi. O, tku right flioukl thuso'ercome might) Wd^ 
of fufferance conies cafe. 

'Dol. Come, you rogue, come; bring me to a juftice. 

Hefi. Yes, come, you ftarv*d blood-bound. 

Do/. Goodman death, goodman bones ! 

Hojl. Thou Atomy, thou I 

Dol. Come, you thin thing: oHne, you ralcal. 

Bed. Very well. [Exeut. 


ciqii^dt, Google 

jQn^ HE««ir IV. 465 


A fabUck fiact near AVeftauof^-^^* 

EiUfr two Grooms, Jrev/ii^ rufifts. . 
1 Grocm.'A^Qrc rufbcst more rafhes. [nrkx^ 

XwX. 2 Groam. Thc.tnimp«» have founded 

jGroam. It will be two of the dock ere they coin; from 
the ooronatioii : djfpatch, difpauh! [Exemt Grooms, 

Eater FalOa^ Shallow, Plftol, BudoIpfa> andtbeBoy. 

Fd. Stand here bjr me, mafter Robert Shallow^ I will 
make the King do you grace: I will leer upon him as he 
oomes by, and do nit mark the countcnaoce that he will 
ffvt me. 

P0. Bleis thy lungs, good Knight! 

F*l, Cbme here, P^ol, ftand bdiind me. O, if I had 
had time to have made new riveries, I would have beflow*d 
die thou£u)d pound I borrow*d of ^ou. But ic is no mat-: 
ter, this poor ibew doth better j tlui doth infer the zeal I 
had Eo fee him. 

Sbal. It dotfa Ip. 

F^. Itfhewsmyeameftne&ofaficdiMU 


Fal. MydevotioiL 

*'SbtU> Icdoth, it doth, itdodi* 

Fal, As it were id ride <by and nig^^ and hot to de^ 
liberate, not ta remendxr, not R) tuve padence to Ihifc 

Sbal. It is moft colain. 

F^. But to (land ftained with travel, and fweating with 
defirc to lee him, thinking of nothing el&, putting all af' 
fain in oblivion, as if there were nothii^ eife to be done 
but to fee him. 

Fifi. *Tia fimptr idm\ Tot O'^ becidlal efi, TisaU 
in every part. 

Vol. III. Gg Sbal. 

I fijt. * ti$> 

ciq mod t, Google 

466 7%^ Sfemd Part tf 

. SbdL *Ta k> indeed. . . 

Pill. My Knight, I will enflame thjr noble liver, and 
make thee. rage. 

Thy J9d/ »nd Htkn of thy noble thoughts 
Is in ba!le durance and contagious prifon \ 
I^ul'd thither by mechanick dirty hands. 
Rowze up revenge ftom Ebon deOj with fell AU3o*i fhake, 
For J>/ IS in. P0ei fpe&ks nought but tnich. 

Fat. I will deliver her. 

Bifi. Tbcrerou'dthefeaj and crumpet-clangoiirfi)iuid& 


9%« Tna^U fowid. Enter the King and bis tratH. 
f^ God &ve thy Grace* King Htl, my royal Htl! 
Pifl. The heav'ns thee guard and keep, moft n^ imp 
Fai, God fave thee, tny fweet boy I [of &mel 

Jung, My Lofd Chief Juftice, Ibesk to tint vain man. 
Ck. ^ttfi. Have you your wits i know you whtt 'tis 

you fpaki 
Fm, My King, my JcfQCi I fpeak to thee, lay heart 1 
King. I know thee not, old man : fall to thy prayers: 

How ill white hairs become a fool and jdter ! 

I have long dream'd oS fiich a kind of OMn» 

So fu^fei^fwdl*d, fo old and fo prc^UKi 

But being awake, { do defpife my dream. 

Make lefs thy body hence, and more thy grace. 

Leave g^xtnandizing. Know, the grave £)th ^pe 

For thee, thrice widn than for oth^ men. 

Ref^y not to me with a fool-born jeft ; 

Prefume not that I am the thing 1 was : 

For heav'n doth know, fo fluU the world pcrcdv^ 

That I have turn'd away my former ielf. 

So will I thoJe that kept me company. 

When thou doft hear I am as I have been. 

Approach me, and thou Ihalt be as thou waft, ' 

The tutor and the feeder of my riots j 

Till then 1 banilb thee, ouiiain of death, 


ciq mod t, Google 

^^ Henrv IV. 467 

As t have d(»e the reft c^ 1117 aui^leaden» 

Not to come near our perfoa by ten miles* 

For competence of 11^ 1 will allow you. 

That lack of means enforce you doc to evil: 

And as we bear you do reform your lelvcs. 

We will according to your ftren^h and qualities 

Give you advancement. Be'c your chancy my Lord* 

To fee perform'd tke tenour of our worcC 

Set on. lEx. Kit^^ ^• 

S C E N E IX. 

Fal. Mafter ShtUiaw^ I owe you a thottfand pound. 

Sbal. Ay okarry* Sir Jtitn, which I be&och you to let 
me have home with me. 

FttL That can hardly be, Mr. Shailow. Do not you 
grieve at this ; I Hull be fent for in privau to him : look 
you, he muft feem thus to the world. Fear not your 
advancement, I will be the man yet that ihall make you 

Siai. I cannot perceive how, unlefi you give me your 
doublet and ItufF me oat with ftraw. I befcech you, good 
Sir JobHy let me have five hundred of iny thoufand. 

Fal. Sir, I will be as good as my word. This that you 
heard was but a cokxtr. 

Si>al. A colour X fear that you will die in, Sir yehi. 

Fal. Fear no colours : go with me to dinner : come, 
lieutenanti'^Stf^ oome, Bar^b. I Ifaall be fent for foon 
at night. 

Enter Chief Ju/tice attd Prince John. 

Cb.Jufi. Go carry Sir John Fa^aff to the FUet, 
Take all his company along with htm. 

Fal. My Lord, my Lord. 

Cb. Ju}i. I cannot now fpeak, I will hear you ibom 
Take them away. 

Pjf, Sifortuna me ' 'termenta^ il ^are^ me cotuenta, 


I ttrmnt*, J^m mt 

ciq mod t, Google 

468 The Seeani Part o/, &c. 

MmM Uncafter and CUif Jillia. 

Ldn. I like this fair proceeding of the King'i. 
He hath intent his wonted followers 
Shall all be very well provided forj 
But they are baniOi'd, "till their converfitiona 
Appear more wife and modeft to the world. 

Cbljujt. And fo they arc, 

Lm. The King hath call'd his Parliament, my Ujni 

Ch. Jnfi. He hath. 

Lxi. I will lay odds, that ere this year expire^ 
We bear our civil fwords and native Ere 
As ftr as Frana. I heard a biid fo ling, 
Whofe mufick, to my thinking, pleas'd the King. 
Come, will you hence? [&<»«. 


ciq mod t, Google 


Spoken bf a Dancer. 

"piRSTt vrf fear\ then, t»y cmefie\ lafiy n^ j^eth. 
^ My fear is your di^kafure i Wf eourt*Jie^ my, duty \ and 
mf ^eth, to beg your fardens. If you look for a goodjpeecb 
noiBy you undo me ; for vobat J have to fay is ^ mine o-am 
nuJting, and what indeed IJbouid Jay voiU I doubt prove mine 
own marring. ' But to the purpofe, and fo te the venture. 
£e it htotuB to you, (as it is very well) I was lately here in 
the end of a difpleafing PUty, to pray your patience for it, and 
to promtfe you a better, I did mean indeed to payjou with 
this \ which if, Ske an ill ztnture, it come unluelatf heme, 
I bretk \ and you, my gentle creditors, hfe. Here I pro- 
mfed you I would be^ and here I commit my bodf to your mer- 
cies : bate me fome^ and I will pay you fome^ and as m^ 
debtors do, promfeyott infinitely. 

If my torque cannot entreat you to acquit me, will you com- 
mand me te ufe jBy legs ? and yet that were but light payment 
to dance out of your debt : but a good confcience will miAe any 
p<0>le fatisfi^ion^ andfitoiUI. jf II the gentlewomen here 
have forgiven me i if the gentlemen will not, then, the gentle- 
men do not agree with the genilewomny which was never feen 
before infuch an alfembly. 

One word more I befeecb jou\ if you be not too much cloy'd 
with fat meat, our bimbk author will continue the ftory with 
Sir John in it, and make you merry with fair Catharine of 
France; where, for any thing I mrw, Fai^^ /ball die of a 
fweat, unlefs already he be hU'd xvith your bard opinions : 
for *01dca(lle Med a martyr, and this is not the man. My 
tongue is weary : when tny legs are too, I will bid you good 
night, and fo kneel down before you ; but indeed to pray for 
the ^en. 

(a) Tbii aUuia la tit frfi flaj, in vibicb Sir John Oldofile wm 
fMt fir Fal&aS. 

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ciqWdt, Google 

The LIFE of 

H E N R r 




ciq mod t, Google 

ciq mod t, Google 


OTer a Mufe tffi:e, that woidd afiml 
Tie Mebteft heaven of iiroeHlim, 
A Hi^iiom for aftage, PrUues to a^. 
And Momrcbi to behold tbefweUtug fcenet 
Tbenfirndd the warlike Harry, Uke himfeif, 
AJfumt the tort ^Man, and at bis beels^ 
Ijeafitt in lAe bimds, ^ouidfamju^ Jiverd OKdfi't 
Cnmcb for ew^kments. PardoUi gentles aU^ 
The fiat larmfedj^t that bath tSr'd 
. On this UHwarliy fcaffold to brit^ forth 
So great an ebje^. Can this Cock-fit bold 
Sie vafy field of France? or mojf we cram 
ff^ttbin this wooden Oy the very casket 
That did t^rigbt the atr^ at AffDEoan ? 
O, pardon ; pnce a crooked ffftre may 
Jttefi in' little place a milUon i 
And let its, ^pbers to this p-eat account ^ 
On your imt^nary forces work. 
Sn^fe vntbin the girdle of thefe walls 
Are new eot^d two mighty monarchies ; 
ffbofe Ingh up-reared, md abnttint fronts 
^he periwks narrow ocean parts ajiaider. 
Piece out our interferons with your thoughts: 
Into a tboufand parts divide one man. 
And make imaginary puiffance : 
Tinnk, when we talk of borfeSf that you fee tbem 
Printing their proud hoofs T tlf receiving earth. 
Far ^tisyour thoughts that now nuj/f deck our KingSf 
Carry them here and tbere^ Jun^m^ o^er times, 
Sttrning tif accompliflment of many years 
Into an bour-glafs ^ for the toUebji^ptft 
Admit me Chonu to this h0oryi 
ff^t proloffU'Ukey your bumble patience prt^^ 
Gint(y toMTy kindly toju^tt otrPla/, 


ciq mod t, Google 


KING HtoTY ttt Fi/ti. 

Dmki cf Bedford, > Srtthtrt H lit IGi^i 
Duit t/Citiact, 3 


Marl a/ We&morltaA, 

J«r/»/^ Warwick, 

Jreb Bijbat ^CvOttharf. 

Jl,Jhp ./ fely. 

£ar/ if Cambridge, J 

L»Ti Scroop »f Malhun, - V Cn/^tvUn t^hp ih$ Kii^'. C 

SiVThoiUM Gray, J 

Sir Thomu Ei^ghun, .> 

Gower, C ■ 

ripeilm, ■ > Ogitiri $m Kia£ Hearjr** JM0f: 

Uadunorrli, V 

Jamy, . > , . 

Nym, "1 

Bardolph, ( Ftmurlf Strvamti ta FaliUff, nmaJiUitri im 4bi Xliu't 

Pillol, f Jrm. 

£v. \ 

Court, ^StUim. 

WiUttni), i 

Chxtlet, King tf Fnaee^' 

7bi Dauphin, 

Pakt »f Burgondy. 

Cwftaible, ) 

Orkaiu, / 

Ranibures, > Fiach tarii. 

Bourbon, I 

Graudpree, # 

Gvotrnw y HMfieur. 

Motuttjoy, 4 BtraU. 

Jmhaffaitrt t« ttt ISxg af Engfiuid. 

Ifabet, ^M» #/ France. 

Catbuine, Oaagbter t» th* Xi^»/ Vnktfi, * 

Alice, « Ladj aiitnJing m /.if FriMtfi CaUurise. 
ifft/r/jQnickly, PiM'r Wy*. , . ' 

LorJt, Mtffi^Ti, FrtBcli «•/ GngUOt StUUn, ^ith •^tr 

Vx Scene «/ /if j^'fmmj; of tU Plof Set m Eo^aod* 

ciq mod t, Google 

The LIFE of 


A C T I. S C E N E I. 

jin jinticbamher m the EDgllfli Court. 

Enter the Arch-Mfi)9p «f Canterbory, and Bijhop of Ely. 

^rch-Bift»f ^^Cahterbitkt. 

!Y Lord, 1*1] tii^ you, that Tclf bill is urg'd. 
Which in th* elcvendi year o* th* laft KioG^s 
Was like, 9nd had indeed agalnft us paft. 
But that the fcambling and unquiet time 
Did pufh it out of farther quedion. 
£^. But how, my Lord, Ihall we rcfift it now? 
Cxt/. It muft be thought on : if it pafi againfi u^ 
We lofe the better half of our ' 'pc^ffions^ 
Pot all the temporal lands, which men devout 
By tefUmeot have givui to the Church, 
Would they flrip from us ; beiog valuM thust 


(a) fhU TUef viat writ (at aQittrt fr»m » p^Jfagi im tit Citrmt f ■ 
lh*^tbJa) at tie tiwu^ thtEarief"B.Kcx:i comma»/iiig tbtfircti 
im Irehiid. i« ttt rtigm ^ ^ Eliziwth i mmi *»i 'till afttr UaiTy ■ 
tht Sixth hsJ itn fltQ^d i tuwu^itfitn iy tbt evieIufi»M 0/ tbii Pbj. 

I pofibfimi 

ciq mod t, Google 

476 ^2ttg; Henrv V. 

As much as would maincaio to the King's honour. 
Full fifteen Earls and fiiteen hundred Knights, 
Six thouland and two hundred good Elquires: 
And to relief of lazars and weak age 
Of indigeni faint fouls, paft corporal toil, 
A hunted alms-houles, right well fupply'dt 
And to the coffers of the King befide 
A ^oufand pounds by th' year. Thus nuis the bUL 

Efy. This would drink deep. 

Cant. 'Twould drink the cup and all. 

£$r. But what prevention ? 

Cait. The King is fiill of grace and ^ir regard. 

Ehf. And a true lover of the holy Church, 
/ Cant. The courfes of his youth promised it not ; 
The breath 00 fooner left his fiither's body. 
Bat that his wildneis, morti^'d in him, 
SeemM to die too ; yea, at that very moment 
Confidcradoni like an angel, came. 
And whipt th' of&nding jfdam out of him, 
Ldaving his body as a paradife 
T' invelope and conuin celefiial fpirits. 
Never was fuch a fudden fcholar made;. . .- 
Nerer came reformation in a flood 
With fuch a heady current, fcow'ring fiuilts : 
Nor ever ffjftira-headei wilfiilnefi 
So foon did lo(e his feat^ and * 'fiUi^ at once. 
As in this King. 

Eljf. We're blcflcd iirthe rfiange. 

Caai. Hear him but reafpn in divinity. 
And aU-admiring with an ibward wiJh 
You would defffe the King were friade a Prelate. 
Hear him debate of commonwealth affairs. 
You'd fay, it hath been all in all his ftudy, 
lift his difcourfe of war^ and you Ihall hear 
A fearful battel rcnder'd you in' mufick. 
Turn him to any caufe of policy, ' 
The Gordian knot of it he will unkxtfe 


ciq mod t, Google 

JJMWg Henry V. 477 

FamlliiU' as his guter. When he fpeaks. 

The air, a durcier'd libertine, is ftiil. 

And die mute wonder luriceth in men's ears. 

To fteal his fweet and honied fentenocs: 

So that the art and pfa&ic part of life > 

Muft be the miftrds to his tneoriqiK. 

Which is a wtuider haw his Grace Ihould glean it, 

Snce his addition was to courfes vain. 

His companies unletter'd, rude and fhallow. 

His hours fiU'd up with riots, banqoet^ flNirtss 

And never noted in him any ftudy. 

Any retirement, any lequeftration 

From ram haunts and popularity. 

£fy. The Strawberry grows underneath die netll^ 
And wholibme berries tlvive and ripen be& 
j^dghbour^d by fruit of bafer quality: 
And fo the Prince' obfcur'd his contemplation 
Under the veil ot wildnefi, which no doubt 
Grew like the fummer grafs, ^fteft by night, 
Unieen, yet crelcive in his faculty. 

Coat. It muft be lb i for miracles are ceas'd : 
And therefore we mufb needs admit the means 
How things are perfedled. 

Eif. But, my good Lord, 
How now for mitigation of this bill 
Urg'd by the Gimmons i doth his Majefty 
Incline to it or no ? 

Cmt. He feetns indifierent : 
Or rather fwaying more upon our part. 
Than cherifhina th' exhibiters a^nft us. 
For I have nude an offer to his Majefty, 
Upon our fpiritual convocation. 
And in regard of caufes now in hand. 
Which I have open'd to his Grace at large, . 
As touching Fi-anctt to give a greater fiim 
Than ever at one time the clergy yet 
I^ to his predeccflbrs jpart wittul. 

£^. How did this ooerlecmrecciv'd, my Lord? 

ci^iiiodt, Google 

478 i5«g: HeHRy V. 

Cant. Wtth,sood acceptance of hi* M^eftf: 
Save that there was not time eooogh u> hear, 
(As I perceiv*d his Grace would fain have done) 
The feverai and .unbidden poflagcs 
Of his true titles co fome certain Dukcdotnv 
And generally to the aowa of I¥aiue^ 
DeriT'd irom Edward his great gtand&thcr. 

Efy. What was th* impedimeiit chat brake tliis oSi 

Cant. The French xmbaflador opon that inftaat 
Crav'd aodicnce \ uA the hour I think e come 
To give him hearing. Is it four k^ilodc? 

Ely. It U. 

Cant. Then go we in to know his enrixdfie: 
Which 1 could with a ready g^Kfs dedare^ 
Before the Frencbmam fpeafcs a word of it. 

Eiy, 1*11 wait upon yon, and I loi^ to hear ic {SmuU 


The Prefence-Cbamber. 

^er King, tienryy GIouccfteTfc Bedford, Chrenoei 
Warwick, Wcftmorland, and Eicetcr. 
K. Henry. T^Here is my gracious Lord of Canierhutyt 
' » Exe. Not here in prdence. 
K. Henry. Send for him, good unde. 
}VeJi. Shall wc call in th' ambaffidor, my Liege ? 
K. Henry. Not yet, my coufia t we wouU be kIqIv*^ 
Before we hear him, of fome things of weight. 
That task our thoi^hts, concermog us and Frimet, 

Enter the Arcb-hipapefdxas^ixrj^ and Bi/btp <^'Bif, 

Cant. God and hb angels guard yox iacrcd dxaKk 
And make ymi long become it ! 

K. Henry. Sure we think you. 
My learned Ijk6, we jjiay you u (moecd^ 



And juftly and rdi^oufiy unfold, 

■Why the law SiUikif, that they haye in ihw«, 

Or fnould, or fiiouid not bar us iti our clam. 

And God foitHd, my dear and &ithftil Lord, 

That you flxnild falhion, wrcft, or bow your reading. 

Or nicely charge your underftuiding ibul 

With opening tides mifcreate, whoic right 

Sutes not in native coloun with the tram ! 

For God doth know bow many now in hcdkh 

Shall drop their blood, in apprt^tbn 

jOf what your reverence (hail mcite us to* 

Therefore take heed how you impawn our perlibn. 

How you awake our fkeping fword of war: ' 

"We chai^ you in the name of God take heed. 

For never two fuch kingdoms did contend 

"Without much &11 of blood, whole guildefi drops 

Are every one a woe,, a lore complaint 

*Gainll him, whole wrong gives edge unto the fwo^ds 

That make iuch wafte in brief mortality. 

Under this amjunition, fpeak, my Lord i 

For we will hear, note, and believe in heart, 

That what you fpeak is in your confdence waflit. 

As pure as iin with baptifm. 

Cmt. Then hear me, gracious Sovereign, and you Peers, 
That o<vc your lives, your faith, and fcrviccs. 
To this imperial throne. There is no bar 
To make againft your Highnefs' claim to france„ 
But this which they produce from Pbaramondy 
No woman JbaU fiueted in Salike land: 
Which SaiHu land the French unjuftJy glofs 
To be the realm'of FrancCf and Pbaramoitd 
Tlie founder of this law and female bar. 
Yet their own authors ftithfiilly affirm. 
That the land Salike lyes in Germarrfy 
Between (he Soeds of Sala and of ElvB: 
Where Cbarks thcgrcat havingfi]bdu*d ^cSaxons, 
There left behind and fctded certain /rwfci; 
Who holding in dildaln the C«rm>» women, 

. . : For 

ciq mod t, Google 

480 J5wg HENRt V- 

For (bme difhoneft manners of, tbeir life, 

Eftablilhc then this law j to wk, no female 

Should be inheritrix in Saiiie had : 

'Which SaWiXt as I laid, 'twixc Eive and ^^ 

Is at this day in Germaojr call'd Mei/eit. 

Thus it doth well appear, the SaUie- law 

Was not devifed for the realm of Frauf, 

Nor did the FreHcb pollels die Sa^ land . 

Until four hundred one and twenty ycais 

After defun&ion of King Pbarammd^ 

fldly fupposM the founder of this law,) 

Who died within the year of our redemption 

Four hundred twenty fix ; and Charles die pieat 

Subdu'd the Saxons, and did leac the Irtiicb 

Beyond the river Sola, in' the year 

Eight hundred five, fiefides, their writtrs lay. 

King Pepmy which dcpofed GbUderiei, 

Did as heir general (being defcended 

Of BUtbiUt which was daughter to King Cbtbair) 

Make claim and tide to the crown of B^aut, 

Jii^b Capet alio, who uTurp'd the crown 

OF Charks the Duke of Lorain Ibte heir male 

Of the true line and ftock of Charles the great* 

To fine his title with fomefhews of truth, 

(Though in pure troth it was corrapt and naught)* 

Convcy'd himfelf as heir to th* Lady Ungartt 

Daughter to Cbarkmain, who was the ion 

To Lewis th' Emperor, which was the loo 

Of Charles the great. Alio King I^ewij the ninth. 

Who was folc heir to the ufurper C<$tf/, 

Could not keep quiet in his conlcience ' 

Wearing the crown of Frauee, 'till latisfy'd 

That fair Queen Ifabel his grandmother 

Was luical of the Lady Ermef^ere^ 

Daughter to Charks the foreiatd Duke c£Zjtram: 

By the which match the line of Charles the great 

Was re-united to the crown of France, 

So that as dear aa is the fummer's liin. 


ciq mod t, Google 

MSng HEMar V. 4^1 

King Ptpiifi title, and IJt^b G^*s ckiin. 

King Leunt his ^dsfadton, alt appear 

To hold in right and tick of the female. 

So do the Kings of France until this day : 

Howbeit they would hold up thaSaUie law. 

To bar your Highncfi claiming from the female } * 

And nuher chufe to hide them in a net. 

Than openly imbare their aooked titles, 

Ufurpt fix>m you and yoar progenitors. 
K. /£aoy. May I widi right and confcience make thu 

Cast. The fin upon my head, dread Sovereign I 

For in the book of NuBaers it is writ. 

When the fon dies, let the inheritance 

Defcend unto the daughter. Gracious Lord, 

Stand for your own, unwind your bloody flag. 

Look back into your mighty anceftors; 

Go, my dread Lord, to your great grandfire*s tomb," - 

From whom you claim j invote his warhke fpiri^ 

And your great uncle Edward the black Prince, ' 

Who on the Preach ground play'd a Tragedy, 

Making defeat on the fiill pow'r of France: \j, 

While hii iDoft mighty father on a hill 

Stood fmiling, to behold his Lion's whelp 

Forase in blood of French Nobiliijr. 

O ncSle Engiyb^ that cotiM entertam 

With half their forces the full pow'r of F^ance^ 

And let another half Hand laugning by. 

All out of work and cold for a&ion ! 

Ehf. Awake remembrance of thele valiant dead, 
And widi yout puiilant arm renew their featsl 
You are their heir, you fie upon their throne % 
. "The b}ood and courage that renowned them. 
Runs in your veins \ and my thrice-puiflant Licgc 
Is in the very H^-tctotti of his youth. 
Ripe for explgitsand mighty cnt^rprifes. 

Exe. Your brother Kings anfi Monarchs of the earth 
Do all expef): that you Ihould rouze your felf, 

ToL. in. H h Aj 

C,ql,lt!dt,G00glC , 

482 ^hig Henry V. 

As did the former Lions of your blood. {and mig^i 

fTe^. They know your » 'race hath had caufc, meanst^ 
So hath your Highnefs ; never King of Et^Iand 
Had Nobles richer, and more loyal fubjefts i 
"Whofe hearts have left their bodies here in Et^landi 
And lye pariilion'd m the ♦'fields'' of Frmce. 

Cant. Oy let their bodies fblbw, my dear Uc^ 
"With blood and fword and fire to win your right! 
In aid. whereof we of the fprrituality 
Will raife your Highnefi fiich a mighty.fiim. 
As neyer did the Oergy at one time 
Bring in to any of your anceftors, 

K. Hmry. We muft not Only arm t*invade iIm! RrOtAt 
Bui lay down our proportions to defend 
Againft the Scot^ who will make road npDii o 
With all advantages. ^ ' 

Got. They ofthofc Marches 
Shafl be a wall fufficicnt to defend ' 
Our inland from the pilfering'borderefs. 

K. HtHry. Wedonotmcan thecourfitig fiut^ertonly. 
But fear the main intendment of the Seot^ 
Who hath been ftillagiddy lieighbour tous: 
For you fliall read, that, my great grandfether 
Never went with his farces mto Frtmctt 
But that the Sc9t on His unfurnifht kingdom 
Came pouring like a tide into a breach. 
With ample and brim-fdlnefs of hisfottst* 
Galling the gleani^d land with hot al&yi, 
Girdiqg with grievous Hege caftles and town ; 
That England^ being empty of dc4«)ce. 
Hath fhoot: and trembled at th* ill ne^bboorhood. 

Cmt. She hath been theo more feared dun ham'd, mf 
For hear het- but exam pled by ho'fetft [Liegpl 

When all her chivalry hath been in Frimet 
And ihe a mourning widow of her Kobles, 
She hath her fclf not only well defbtdcd. 
But taken and impoundeii as a ftray Ute 

S Grace hath caufei wd ncau. . . . tUrdii. IKkri. tmttuf- 

ciq mod t, Google 

Kh^ H I N n T V. 483 

The King (^ Stt/s t whom ibe did fend m R-ancet 
To fill King Edwflrd's fame withprUbner Kii^> 
And make his chronicle as rich with praife. 
As is the ouzy bottom of the Tea 
Whh funken wredc and fumlefe-treafariest 

£/y. But there's a laying very old and tniej 
If tbatyMvaUFraficeVMi, /ies uvV^Scotland/g^^^n:,' 
For once the EUgle Engkmi bfing ^n prey \ 
To her unguardqd oeft the Weazel Sett 
Comes fneaking, and lb fucks her princely ^jgsi . , - 
Playing the Moule in abfcnce of the Cat, 
To fpoil anc) bavock- more than Ihe can eaf. 

£w. It follows then the Cat muft ftay at home* . 
Y« that is not * V courfe a^ neceffityi 
Since we have locks to faleguard neccflaries, 
And pretty iraM -to. c^ch the- petty thieves. 
"While that the arm^d hand doth %hE abroad* 
Th' advifed headdefends it fclf athome: 
For government; though high, and low, and lowef ' 
Put into parts, dofh keep in- one confenC, 
Congruine in a ft^ and natural clotci 
Like muuck. 

G»/. Therefore heaven doth divide 
The fttte of man in divers fuiK^tions, 
Setting endeavour in ooptioij^ motion : 
Xo which is tixeda& an aim or butt. 
Obedience ; for lb work the honey Bees \ 
Creatures that by. a ^''niling'' nature teach 
The art of order to a peopled kingdom, 
They havcaKingaod omcers of forts, 
"Where fome like inagiftratcs correct at hornet 
Others like merchaucs venture trade abroad : 
Others, like foldiers armed in their ftings, 
NIake boot upon the lummer*3 velvet buds : 
"Which pill^igf they with merry march bring honjc 
To the tent-royal of their Emperor : 
"Who bufied in his Majelly, furreys 

Hh2 The 

5 I eon'd ( nle in *..tU liit, Wmri. imndt 

.,i:, Google 

^4 iGng-HENRV.' 

The ringing mafon building roofs of gold, 

The civil citizens kneading up the honey, 

The poor mechanick pottere crowding in 

Their heavy burthens ar his narrow gate: ■ 

The lad-ey'd Jufttce with his furly hum 

Delivering o'er to executors pale 

The Jazy yawning drone. I this infer. 

That many things having full reference 

To one confent, may work conirarioofly : 

As, many arrows Joofed feveral ways 

Come to one mark, ' 'and ways^ meet in one town j 

As, many frefh ftreams meet in one fait fca ; 

As, many lines clofe in the dial's center ; 

So may a thoufand ' 'a£ts at^ once a-lboc 

End in one purpofe, and be all well born 

Without defeat. Therefore to /rjjKf, my Liege! 

Divide your happy England into four, 

Whereof take you one quarter into Frtvue^ 

And' you withal fhall make all G«^ fhake: 

If we with thrice A]ch powers left at home. 

Cannot defend our own doors from the dog. 

Let us be worried, and our nation lofe 

The name of hardinefs and policy. 

K. Hotry. Call in the meflengers fent from the Do^n- 
Now are we well refolv'd, and by God's help 
And yours, the noble finews of our power, 
France being oura, we'll bend it to our awe. 
Or break it all to pieces. There we'll fit. 
Ruling in large and ample empery 
O'er France and all her almofl kingly Dukedoms-, 
Or lay thele bones in an unworthy urn, 
Tomblcfi, with no remembrance over them. 
£idier our hifiory fhall with fiill mouth 
Speak freely of oiir a&s ; or elfe our grave. 
Like Tvrkifii mute, ihalt have a tonguelels moutii. 
Not worOiipc with a waxen epitaph. 


7 aj many wtyi 3 afiioni ,..tU. liit. Wmrh. emnd. 

ciq mod t, Google 

Ewg Henry V. 485 

SCENE 111. 

Enter Aaiaptdari of France. 

Now are we well prepar'd to know the pteafure 
Of our fair coufin Dobbin i for we hear 
Your greeting is from him, not from the King. 

jfiM. May't pleafc your Majefty to give us Jeave 
Freely to render what wc have in charge i 
Or flmll we fparingly fliew you hi off 
The Daapbiifs meaning and our embaiTie ? 

K' Henry. We are no tyrant, but a chrifUanKing, 
Untti wbofe grace our p^ion is as fubjcA, 
As are our wretches fcucr'd in our prifons: 
Therefc»« with &ank and with uncurbed plainnffi* 
Tell us the DattpbiH*i mind. 

jfyib. Thus then in (etr. 
Your Highnels lately fending into France, 
Did claim fome certain Dukedoms in the right 
Of your great predeceflbr, Edward the third. 
In anjiver of which claim, the Prince our mafter 
Says that you favour too much of your youth. 
And bids you be adTis*d : there's nought in Franct 
That can be with a nimble galliard won i 
You cannot rcrel into DukSloms there: 
He therefore fends you (mcetcr for your fpirit) 
Thb tun of treafure ; and in lieu of this, 
Defircs you let the Dukedoms that you claim 
Hear no more of you. This the Dauphin fpeaks. 

K. Henry. What treafure, uncle ? 

Exe. Tennis-balls, my Liege. 

K. Henry. We're glad the Dauphin is fo pleafant with ui. 
His [Hcfent and your pains we thank you for. 
When wc have match'd our rackets to thefc balls, 
■Wc will in France^ by God*s grace, play a fct 
Shall flrike his father's crown into the hazard. 
Tell him h'ath made a match with fuch a wrangler. 
That all the Courts of France will be diflurb'd 

Hh3 With 

ciq mod t, Google 

486 King -Henry V. 

With chaces. And we underftitnd hint well. 

How he comes o'er us with our wilder days, 

Not meafuring what ufe we made of them. 

"We never valu'd this poor feat of Englaad^ 

And therefore Jiving '"'here,^ did give pur fetf 

To barb'rous licence j as 'tis ever comnwn, 

That men are merrieft when they are from heme, 

Sut tetl the Dauphin I will keep my tbOCf 

Be like a King, and fhew my lail of grcacncfe. 

When I do rowze me in jny throne of Trmce, 

For that I have laid by my Majefty, 

And plodded like a man for workii^ days| 

But I will rife there witii fo fiill a gloiy. 

That I will dazic all the eyes of fnuwtf. 

Yea, ftrike the Dai^biti blind to look on us. 

And tell, the pleafant Prince this mock. of his 

Hath turn'd his balls to gun-ftones, «nd bis foul 

Shall Hand fore charged tor the waflful vengeance 

That fhallBy with them: many tbouAnd widom 

Shall this his mock aiock.out of their dear hwbiods) 

Mock mothers from their fons, mock caftlesdova: 

And Ibme are yet ut^ottei) and unborn. 

That Oiall have caufe to curTe the Daifim'g fixnt, 

3at this lyes alt within the will 0f God, 

To whom I do appeal, and in wholie oatne 

Tell you the Dauphin^ \ am cotning an 

To venge me as I may, and to put fwth 

My rightful hand in a well-haliow'd ca^. 

So get you. hence iti peace, and tell the Daiifiin 

Hisjeft will favour bijtof flullowwit. 

When thoufands weep more than did lavgh at it. 

Convey them with &fe conduft. Fare ye well. . 

Exe. This was a inerry meflage.. 

K. Benry. We hope to make tiK f?od«r ttlolh at it: 
Therefore, ray Lords, omit no happy.hpur, 
Thaf may gjve furthVuioc «> wr expbdiiiws 

■ ]f hence, 

ciq mod t, Google 

JElig: H E M R,Y V. 487 

For we have now no thot^j^Jn m but Fraiue, . . 

Save thofe to God that iyiii.bdbre our bufinds. 
Thertfore let our prt^wriioQS for thefe wars 
. 3e IboD ooikded, and aU thou^bcupon 
That may with ra^Ofsble fwiftoels add 
More feathers to our wingi: for» God ticfbrei 
We'll chide this Dai^n #t his fether's door. 
Therefore let evo-y man now task his tjiqughc. 
That this fair a&ioo maj oa foot be brought. [Extu»t. 

Enter Chona. 
Cbo. Now aU the youth of EngknJ are on fire. 

And filken dalliance in the wardrobe lyes : . . 

Now thrive the armourcfs* and honour's thoi^t 

Reigns iblely in the bretft of every man. 

Tbey fell the pafture now to buy the faorfe. 

Following the mirrtv' of all chriftian Kings, 

With wit«^ heels, as E^ii/b Mercuriei. 

For now ms expeSiatioD in the air. 

And bides a fword from hilb unto the point 

With crowns imperial, crowns, and coronetS) 

Promis'd to Hany and his followns. 

The Frenchf adT's*d by good intelligence 

Of this moft dreadful preparation, 

Shake in their feM, and with pale policy 

Seek to divert the Eng^lt purpofcs. 

O EifflMdf model to thy mward greatnefs. 

Like fittle body with a mighty heart ; 

What nughl^ft thou do, that hcmour would thec do. 

Were all thy children kind and natural! 

But lee thy ^It! Fraace hath in thee found out 

A neft of hollow bolbms, which * 'Ihe^ fills 

With treach'rous crowns i and three corrupted meq, 

One, Richard Earl of C^mbrii^ey and the fecond 

ffenry Lord Stroof of Mafixim, and the third 

Sir fiomas Grirf ICnight of Nartbutnberhmd, 

Have for the gilt of francs (O guilt indeed !) 

H h 4 Con5rm*d 



488 King Henrt V. 

Confinn*d confpiracy with fearful FroHce 

And by tbeir hands this grace of Kings muft die» 

If hell and trealbn hold uieir promifcs. 

Ere he take fhip for fi-anee. Then in SoutbamfiM 

Linger your patience on, and well digeft 

Th' abufe of diftance, while we force a pky. 

Th£ fum is paid, the traitors are agreed. 

The King U fee from London, and the fcene 

Is now tranlported, gendes, to Seu/tampioa : 

There is the piay-houfe now, there muft you fltt 

And thence to Prance {hall wc convey you fafe. 

And bring you back : charming the narrow feas 

To give you gentle pals ; for if we may. 

We'll not ofiend one flomach with our play. 

But * -"when the King comes^ forth, ana lUtt *^ dien. 

Unto Souiban^m do we Qiift our fcene. \E)at, 


Enter Corforal Nym, mi Lieutaumt Bardolph. 

Bardo l p r.' 

WELL met. Corporal Nym. 
Nym, Good-morrow, Licutenant^drt^s^. [yet? 
Bard. What, are Ancient Pifiol and you friends 
Nym. For my part I care not : I fay little ; but when 
time fhall fcrve there > ^fhall be — [SmUt.^. but that 
(hall be as it may. I dare not fight, but I will wink and 
hold out mine iron » it b a fimple one, but what though ? 
it will toatl chcefe. and it will endure cold as another man's 
fword will \ and tnere'i an end. 

Sard. I will bellow a break faft to make you friends, 
and we'll be all three fworn brothers co France : let ic be 
fo, good Corporal Nym. 

t till tlte King come 3 fluUbebulctj . . .tU tJii, W*rh.'twttnJ. 

ciq mod t, Google 

JCwg Henry V. 489 

/^. 'Failh, I will live (b long as I may, iia^s Ac 
certain of it i and when I cannot lire any longer, I will 
do as I may : that is my reft, that is the rendezvoused ic. 

Bard. It b certain. Corporal, that he is married to Net 
^icifyy and certainly £be did you wrong, for you were 
troch-plight to her. 

Tfyv. I cannot tell, thii^ muft be as they n»y \ men 
may fleqi, and they may have their throats about them at 
that time, and fome lay knives have edges : it muft be ai) 
it may ; though patience be a tir'd ^dame,^ yet Ihe will 
plod J there muft be condu&ms i well, 1 cannot tell. 

£«ttrPiftol <»»/ Quickly. 

Ari. Here comes Ancient P0«l and his wife.; good 
Corporal, be patient here. How now, mine hoft Pplol ^ 

P^. Bafe tyke, call'ft thou me hoft f now by this 
hand, I fwear l Icwn the term, nor flialt my Nei keep 

^ci. No, by my troth, not long: for we cannot 
. lodge and board a dozen or fourteen gentlewomen Hat 
live honeftly by the prick of their needles, but it will be' 
thought we keep a bawdy<hou(e ftraight. . O weltiday lady* 
if hebenot ^Mrawn^now! welballfcewiUiiladultuyaad 
murther committed. 

Bard. Good Ueutcnan^ good Corporal, c^er nothing 

T^. Pjfh! 

Pifi. Pilh, for thee, ^^tagJiog; cliou prick-ear'd curof 

Qifick. Good Corporal Nym, ihew thy valour and pot 
up thy fword. 

Nfm. Will you fliog off? I would haveyouy^. 

Pifi. SokSy egregious d(^l O viper vilci 
*Fhe felus in thy moft marvellous face, 
Xhe folus in thy teeth, and in thy throat. 
And in thy hatdiil lungs, yea, in thy nuw, perdyt 
And* which is worfe, within thy oafty mourn! 

u I do 

4 marc or name, 5 Ikwb '.', . .^4iiU,thni,mmd. 

ciq mod t, Google 

490 Kwg HiNur y. 

I do retort the^iw in thy bowdsj 
For 1 can take, and Pi/io^i cock is ap 
And flaftimg fire will follow. 

Nym. I am not Barhafon^ you cannoc conjare me: I 
hove an humour to knock you uuli&ieQtly irelJ ^ if yon 
grow foul with me, Pifielf I will fcour you with my r^nr 
as I may» in &ir termt. If yoa would walk off, I wodd 
pridE your guta a little io good terms as I may, and tbiA 
OK humour of it. 

Piji. O br^^ard vile, and datmied furioos w^ht ! 
The grave doth gape, and groaniDg death is near & 
Therefore exhale!- 

Bard. Hear me, hear me what I fay : he that ftnkes 
the firft ftroke, 1*11 nio him up co the hilts aa I am a 

Fiji, An oath of mickle might ; and &ry fluO aba(e; 
<^ve me thy fid, thy forefoot to me give : 
Thy fpirits are moft ull. 

Npn, I will cut thy throat one time or oc&er id &ir 
terms that is the humour of it. 

Pfjl. Oupeagorget that is the word. Idefietfaeeagun. 

hound of Crete, think'il thoti my fpoufe to gx? 
N(^ to the rpittle go» 

A>k1 from the powd'ring tub of in&my 
Fetch forth the kzar Kite <^ Cre^s kind, 
XiolTear-Jheett fhe by name, and her efpoufe, 

1 have, and I will hold the ^ondam ^ckif 
For tb* only Ihe v and ftma, there's enough. 

Enter tht Boy. 

Bn. Mine hoft PifioU yoa muft come n> my maftd', 

and ^'you, hoOefs:^ he is very fick, and would tt btd. 

Good Bardo^b, put thy nofe between his ihceta, and do 

the office of a warmiag-pan : 'faith, he's very ill, 

Bm-d. Away, you rogue. 

j^fit. Ify my trodi, Wll yieki the Crow a puddii^ one 

of I 

ciq mod t, Google 

£mg Hens-T V. 491 

cf thefe dsysi the King lias kill'd hit beart. Good huf- 
bsuid, come home picfendy. [£»/QHicl^ 

Bati. Come, ihall Imakeyoy twofrknds? weinuftto 
Jimee together : why the devil fliould we keep knives to 
eat oacaaother's throats f 

Pift. Let floods o'erfweUa and fiends for food howl oa. 

IfyH. Yoall pay Qe the dght Ifailiingi I woa of you at 

Pift. Bafe is the flave rfiat pays. 

Ifym, That now 1 will have ; that's the humour of it. 

Pift. As manhood fliall compbund, pulh home. [Draw. 

Bard. By this fword. he that malm the firft thnrffj 1*11 
kill him; by diis fword, I will. 

Pi0. Sword k ao oach, and oatb muft have tbeir 

Bard. Corporal iVgw), an diou wik be frienib, bo 
friends \ an thou wilt not, why then be enemies with me 
too; pr'ythee, pot up. 

Pift. A nobib Oialt chon have and prefent pay, 
And Uepior likcwife will I give to thee^ 
And friendfliip fhatl combine and Ivutheiiiood. 
I'll live by Nym^ and Nym (hall Jive by me. 
li not diis juft ? for 1 11^1 Suttler be 
Unto the camp, and profits will accrue. 
Give me thy hand. 

Nym. I Ihatl have my noble ? 

Pift. IncaJbmoftjullIypaid. 

Nym. Wcllthen^ that's the hamoor of^ 
Enttr H^efs. 

H^. As ever you came of women, come in <iutckly t4 
Sir John : ah poor heart, he b fb Aiak'd of a burning qoo* 
cidian tertian, that it is mA lamencaUe co behold. S«eet 
men, come to htm. 

I/jm. The King hath run bad homoiirs oA dk Knigh^ 
that's the eyen of it. ■ , 

Pifi. JVym, ihou haft Ipdce the rl^, his hevti* framed 
and corroborate, . 


492 -KrRg; Henry V. 

Nym. The King is a good King, bet it muft be as it 
i^ay -, > he palles Tome hudlfHirs aad careen. 

P0. Let us condole the Kaight ; for laniyuos ! we will 
live. [Exaaa. 

. s c E N E n. 

Changes to Southampton. 
^er Exeter, Bedford, aad Weftmorknd. 
Bed. 'I^Ore God, his Grace is bold VO cruft diefe traitois. 
*■ Exe. They Ihall be apprehended by and by. 
W0. How fmooth and even they do bear themielvei. 
As if allegiance in their bofoms &te, 
Oowned with faich and conftant l(»alty! 

Bed. The King hath note of all tteit they intend. 
By interception which they dream not of. 

Exe. Nay, but the man that was his bed-fdloir. 
Whom he luth lull'd andctoy'd with gracious iayour^ 
That he Ihould for a foreign purfe fo £U 
His Sovereign's life to death and treacbenr ! 

trumpets foxad. 
Enter the Kit^^ Scroop, Cambridge, and Gray. 
K. Henry. Now Hts the wind ^r, and we will aboard. 
My Lord of Cambridge^ and my Lord of AfafimUt 
And you, my gei)Cle Knight, give me your thoughts : 
Think you not that the pow'rs we bear with us 
AVill fut their paflage through the force of France j 
Doing the execution and the aft 
Por which we have in head aflembled them ? 

Scroop. No doubt, myLi^; if etch mandohisbeft. 
K. Henry. I doubt not that, fince we are well per£iaded 
We c^rry not a heart with us from hence, 
That grows not in a fair confent with oun : 
And leave not one behind, that doth not wifb 
Su<xels ftnd aioqiicft to attend oa us. 



King H E N RY V. 493 

Cam. Never was Monarch better feaHd and lovM 
Than is your MajeAy ; there's not a ful^e£t 
That fits in heart-grief and uncafinefi 
Under the fweet (hade of your government. 

Gray. Tiuej th<^ that were your Other's enemies 
Have fteept their galls in honey, and obferve you 
'^tth hearts create of duty and of zeal. ' 
■ K.Hwy. We therefore have grratcaufe of thankfulnefi. 
And diall forget the office of our hand. 
Sooner dian quittance .of defert and merit, 
Accctrding to the weight and worthinefe. 

Scroep. So fervice mali with fteeled Gnews toil. 
And labour fhall refitfii it fclf with iiope. 
To do your Grace inceflant fervices. 

K. Henry. We judge no icfi. Uncle of Sxefer, 
Inlai^ the man committtd yeAerdayj 
Thatrail'd ag^ft our perfon : we confider 
It was excc& of wine that fet him on. 
And on his more advice "we pardon him. 

Scrotf. That's ihercy, but too rtluch fecuricy: 
Ijet him be punHh'd^ Sovereign, Itft example 
Breed by his fufPtancc more of foch a kind. 
K. Henry. O, let o9 yet be merciful. 
Cam. So may your H^hnefs, and yet puni^ too." 
Gray. You fiiew great mercy, if you give him life. 
After the taftc of mudi correftion. 

K. Henry. Alas, your too much love and care of me ; 
Are heavy orifons'gainft this poor wretch. 
If litdc iaults proceeding on diftcmper' 
Shall not be wink'd at, how fbatl we 'ftt-eh;h oar eye 
When capital crimes, Chew'd, fwallow'd and digcfted. 
Appear before us ? we'll enlarge chat man, 
Though Cambrid^ey Scroop and Gray, in their dear care . 
And tender prefervation of our perlbn, 
AVouId have him punilh'd. Now to our French auCcs'i 
V^ho are the late commiffioners ? 

Cam. I one, my Lord, 
. YoMT Highnc& bad me a^ for it to^y. 
' - Scroep, 

ciq mod t, Google 

494 iSwg- H5N«rY„.V. 

Scrotf. So did youiou; my Li^. 
Gray. And I, my Sovereign. IVouo- 

K. Henry. Then, Richard ^ax\ ofCamMt^, Sere it 
There yours. Lord J<T«5p of Af^Wi and Sir Koight 
Cray (£ Noribmierhad^ this lame is yonrsj. 
R»d them, and know I know your worthineis. 
My Lord oi H^eftmotlaui and uncle E)«ler^ 
We will aboard to-night. Why,, haw-oow* gcatlcmai ? 
What fee you in thofc papers that you ioft 
So much complexion ? look ye han^ they, change ' 
Their checks are ppcr. Why, wHat read you chat 
That hath fo co\raraed and chas'd yxm. blood 
Out of appearance ? 

Cam. I confels my faul^ 
And do fubmit me to vour Highneis* macw. 
Gray. Scrcop. To which we all appein 
K.Henry. The mercy that was quick Jn us but iate. 
By your own counfcl is rupprels*d.and kill*d : 
You muft not darcforihametotallcof mercyj 
For your own reafons turn upon your bo&njiL 
As dogs upon their maftcrs, worrying, you. 
See you, my Princes and my noble Ken, 
Theft EngUJh monfters ! my Lord Camiri^ here. 
You know how a^t our. love was i© accord 
To furnifh'him with all appertinenb ' 
Belonging to his honour j and this man 
Hath for a few light crowns lightly conlpif»d^ 
And fwom unto uie praifticcs ot France 
To kill us here in Hampton. To the which. 
This Kiiight no Ids for bounty bound to us 
Than Camiridge is. hath likewifc f*orn. But O ' 
Wliat fliall I iay to thee, . Loid Scxo<)p, . thou craeL 
Ii«ratefiil, fav^, and inhuman creaturel ^ 
Thou that didftlbtar the key of all my countlt 
That knew'ft die very hoa»m of my foul. 
That almoft might'ft have coin'd mc into goliL 
WouIcTft thou have praflisM on me for thy iifc7. 
May It be poffibki that foreign hiro. 


ciq mod t, Google 

J5»g Henry V. 49I. 

Could out of thee eztnft one fpark of ml 

That inigbt annoy my finocr ? 'tis lb llnnge» 

That thoi^h die tmdi ofit ftznd c^as grofs 

As black and white, my eye will fcarcely fix it.- 

Trealbn an^ murder ever kept together, . 

As two yoak-devil^ cither's purpole i 

Working 5> '' 'clolely^ in a natural cau&,, 

That odmiratioQ did not whoop at them. 

But thou *gainlt all proportion didA bring in 

Wonder to wait oa otalbn, and on murther: 

And wharibever cunning fiend it was 

That wrought i^jodi Uiee fo .propoft'roudyp 

Hath got the voice in hell for accellence : 

• 'AlP, btber devils th^t fiiggeft by- treafons 

Doth botch and bgfigle upmmnation. 

With patches^ colours, and with forms being fetcht 

From glilVring femblwices of piety : 

But he that tempei'd thee bad thee (land up. 

Gave thee no inuance why thou ihouIdH do trea&a* 

Unlefi to dub thee with the name of traitor. 

If that lame Dxmon that hath gull'd thee thus. 

Should with his Lion-gate walk the whole world. 

He might return to vafty tartar back. 

And tell the legiohs, I can never win 

A fixil lb cafie as that Et^UJbman'^ 

Ob, how halt thou with jealoufie infefted 

The fweetnels of aiHance! Shew men dutiful? 

Why lb didi^ thou : or Teem they grave and learned? 

Why fo didll thou : come they of lioble family I 

Why fo didft thou : fecm they religious \ 

Why fo didl^ thou : qr are they fpare in diet. 

Free from grofs paiTioi^ or of mirth or anger, 

Conftant In &int, nOjT iVerving with the blooc^ 

Garniih'd and dedt.'d in modeft conjiplim^t,, 

Kot working with the eye without the ear. 

And but in purged judgment trufting neither I 

Sucb^ and u) finely boulted didft thpufeem. 


7 {r^7 % And 

ciq mod t, Google 

49^ ' Kmg Henry V. 

And thus thy ^ hach left a kind of blot^ ' ' 

.To ' 'mark'^ ihc fiJI-fraught man, the ' 'beft-endu^d,^, 

"With fome fufpidoD. I will weep for thee. 

For thi'j revolt of thine, metbinks, is like 

Another fall of man — Their faults are open, 

Arreft ihcm 'to the anfwcr of the law. 

And God acquit them of rheir pradticcs! 

Exe. I arreft thee of high treafon, by the name of 
Rfcbard Earl of Cmhridge. 

I arreft ihec of high treafon, by the name <rf Hemj 
Ixrd Scroop of Majbam. 

I arreft thee of high treafon, by ilie name of 'Themat 
Graft Knight of Nortbumherland. 

Scroop. Our purpofcs God juftly hath difcover'd. 
And I repent my fault more than my death } 
Which 1 befeech yourHighnefs to forgive 
Although my body pay the price of it. 

Cam. For me, the gold of France did not icduce. 
Although I did admit it as a motive 
The fooner to effeft what I intended j 
But God be thanked for prevention, 
Which I in fuff'rance heartily rejoice for, 
Befeeching God and you to pardon me. 

Gray. Never did feithful fubjefi: more rgoice 
At the difcovery of moft dangerous treafon, 
Tiiaft I do at this hour joy o'er my felf. 
Prevented from a damned cnterprize : 
My fault, but not my body, pardon, Soverngn ! 

K. Henry, God quit you in his mercy ! hear your fentencti 
You have con(pir*d againft our royal perfon, 
Join'd with an enemy, and from his o^rs 
Receiv'd the golden earneft of our death ; 
Wherein you would have fold your King to flaughtcr. 
His Princes and his Peers to fcrvittidc. 
His fubjefts to oppreffion and contempt, 
And his wbole kmgdom into defolatioa. 


9 make . . . eUtdii. Thuh. menJ. 

I beft, radued . . . «tf tdit. litti. tmtml. 

ciq mod t, Google 

ISwt^ Henry V. 497 

Touching oar perron, Teck we no revenge. 

But we our kingdom's fafety muft fo tender, 

WhoTc ruin you three fought, that to her laws - 

We do deliver you. Go thecefore hence, 

Pbor miferable wretches, to your death ; 

The tafte whereof God <^ his mercy givie 

You pauence to endure, and true repentance 

OF all your dear offences f Bear them h^nce. [Exeitnij 

Now, Lords, for Prance^ the enterprize whereof 

Shall be to you, as us, like glorious. 

We doubt not of a fair and lucky war. 

Since God fo gracioudy hath brought to light . . 

This dangerous trcafon lurking in our way. 

To hinder our bt^inning. Now we doubt not 

But* every nib is Imoothed in our way : 

Then forth, dear countrymen i let us deliver 

Our puiflance into the hand or God, 

Putting it ftrait in estpedition. * 

Chcarly to fea the figns of war advances 

No King of England t if not King of I^ance. ( Exeunt. 

SCENE iir. 

Cbanges again tn London. 

£nttr Piffol, Nym, Bardolph, %, and Hi^efs. 

t£^. pR'ythee, honey, fweet husband, let me Iwing thte 
* V>Staaut, 

Pi/i. No, for my manly heart doth yefh. 
BarJM, be blitK : i^^ roioe tliy ^^unting veins : 
Boy, brifttc thy courage upi for Falfiaf he is dead, 
Aiid we mull yem therefore. 

Bard. Would I were with him wJicreibme^ef he is,' 
either in heaven or in hell. 

H^. Nay, fure he's not in bellj he's in Arthur's 
hoihvaf if ever man went to Aribut'% bofom. He made 

Vol. IIJ. li a&ic"^ 


498 King Henry V. 

a finer end, and went away an it had been any chriftom 
child; a* parted even juft between twelve and one, even 
at the turning o' th' tide: For after I faw him fumble 
with the fliects, and play with flowers, and fmile upon hjj 
finger's end, I knew there was but one way ^ for his nofe 
was as fliarp as a pen, * 'and a* babied of green fields.^ 
How now, S'lryobn? quoth I: what, man? be o' good 
cheer: fo a' cried out, God, God, God, three or four 
times. Now I, to comfort him, bid him a' ihouJd not 
think of God ; I hop'd there was no need to trouble him- 
felf with any fuch ; thoughts yet : fo a' bad me lay more 
clothes on his feet : I put my hand into the bed and felt 
them, and they were as cold as a (tone: then I'felt o his 
knees, and fo upward, and upward, and all was as cold 
as any Itone. 

I*fyn. They fay he cried out of fade. 

Ilofi. Ay that a' did. 

Bm'd. And of women. 

Hofi. Nay, that a* did not. 

B<>y. Yes that he did, and laid they were devUs incarnate. 

Hoji. A' could never abide, carnation^ 'twasacoloui he 
never lik'd. 

Boy. He Md once, the deule would have him about 

Hofi. He did in fome fort indeed handle women ; but 
then he was rheumatick and talk'd of the whore of Baiykik 

Bey. Do you not remember he law a Flea ftkk upcui 
Bardohb's nofe, and faid it was a black ibul burning in 

Bm-4. Well, the fiiel is gone that maintain'd that fire: 
that's all the riches I got in his fervice. 

I^. Shall we ihogg? the King will be gone from 

P0. Come, let's away. My love, give me thy lips: 
Look to my chattels, and my moveables; 
Let fenfcs rule ; the word is pitch and pay ; 

z and « table sf green fieldi. . . . aUtdit. That, emtwi. 

ciq mod t, Google 

iSng Henrt V. 499 

And hold-ftft is the only dog, my Duck, 

Therefore Caveio be thy counlellor. 

Go, clear thy cryftals. Yoke-fellows in arms» 

Let us to France, like horfe-leechesj my boys. 

To luck, to fuck, the very blood to fuck. 

£qy. And that is but unwholfome food, they fay/ 
P^. Tench hei* foft mouth and march. Come ! 
Bard. Farewel, hoftefs. 

Nym. I cannot kifs, that is the humour of it j bgt adieu! 
/•jtf.Lethoufewiferyappeari keep c]ole, I thee command.- 
Hofi. Farewel; adieu! t Exeunt. 


Cbanges to the French King's Palace. 

Enter the French King, the Dtuipbin, the Duke ^Bur&indy, 
and the Qmfiabk. 

Fr. Xm^.'T^Hus come AcEngl^ with ful] power upon us, 
A And more than ' 'carclefsiy^ it us concerns 
To anfwer royaUy in our defences. 
Therefore the Dukes of Berry and of Bretagne^ 
Oi Brabant and of Orleans^ IhaJl make forth. 
And you, Prince Dai^bin, with ali fwift difpatch ; • 
To line and new repair our towns of war 
With men of courage, and with means defendant:- 
For England his approaches makes a$ fierce 
As waters to the lucking of a gulf. 
It fits us then to be as provident 
As fear may teach us out of late examples,' 
Left by the fatally negleclKd EngUJb 
Upon our fields. T 

* Dmc My moft redoubted father. 
It is mofl meet we arm ua 'gainil tJie ibe : 
For peace it felf Ihould not fo dull a lUngdom, 

I i 2 (Tho*' 

3 caRfUIy . . . itf tdii, ^ari. mnJ. 

ciq mod t, Google 

500 King HenrT V. 

{Tho* war, nor no known quarrel were in quefthx>) 

But that defences, muiters, preparations, 

Should be maincain'd, afiembted and coUefted* 

As were a war in cxpcaation. 

Therefore 1 fay 'tis meet we all go fordi. 

To view the fick and feeble parts of France: 

And let US do it with no Ihewof fear; 

No, with no more than if we heard that Et^Uad 

Were billed with a mntfimd' morris-dance : 

For, my good Liege, fhe is lb idly king'd. 

Her fcepter fo fanuftically bom, 

Br a vajn, giddy, Ihallow, humorous youth. 

That fear attends her not. 1 

Om. O peace, Vr'xffx Dtu^bin! 
You arc too much miftaken in thb King : 
Queftion your Grace the late amba0adors. 
With what great ftate he heard thdr embaffie. 
How well fijpply'd with KkAa oounfellors» 
How moddl in exception, and withal 
How terrible in conltant refolution : 
And you Iball find his vanities fore-lpent 
Were but the outfide of the Ramm Brnius^ 
Covering difcretion with a ooat of folly \ 
As gardeners do with ordure hide thofe roots 
That fhall Hrfl fpring and be moft delicate. 

Dm. Well, 'tis not fo, my Lord high Conftable: 
But th^ we think it lb, it is no matter : 
In caufes of defence, *tis beft to weigh 
The enemy more thighty than he feem]» 
So the proportions of ddence are fill'dt 
Which of a weak and niggardly fuojeAioa 
DcAh like a nit&r, fpoil his coat with fcaottng 
A litde doth. 

Fr. Kin^. Think we King Harry ftrong ; 
And, Princes, look you ftrongly arm to meet him. 
The kindred of him hath been flefli'd upon us ( 
And he is brad out <^ that bloody flrain 
That haunted us in our ^miliar paths : i 


ciq mod t, Google 

Kmg Henry V. 501 

Witneft our too much taiemorable fhamc^ 
When £>/^-band fetaJly was ftruck. 
And all our Princes captiT*d hf the hand 
Of that black name, Edward the Prince of ffaks : 
While that his * 'nKMuiting^ (ire, on mountain ftanding. 
Up in the air, crowu*d with the golden fun. 
Saw his heroick &ed, and fmil'd to Jee him 
Mangle the work of nature, and deface 
The patterns that by God and by B-encb fathers 
Had twenty years been naae. This i» a ftem 
Of that vidorious ftock ; and lee us fear 
The native mi^tanels and ' ''foroe^ of him. 
Enter a Mfffa^er. 

M^. An^nfiadors fiimn Hany Kiag of £$glml 
Do crave admitcuice to your Majefty. rthem. 

B: King. W^II give them prelent audience. Go, and bring 
You fee this chafe is hody foIlow*d, friends. 

IXuf. Turn head, .and ftop purfiiiti fof coward dc^ 
Moi ^leod ttieir mouths, when what they feem to threaten 
Runs rar before them. Good my Sovereign, 
Take up the Engli/h ihort, and let them know 
Of what a monarchy you are the head : 
Self-love, my Li^e, is not To vile a fin 
As felf^n^leding. 

Entir Exeter. 
Fr. Xoff. From our brother Englaiid? 
Exe. From him ; and thus he greets your Majefty : 
He wills you in the name of God Almighty, 
That you diveft your ielf, and lay apart 
The borrowM glories, thatj by gift of heavni) 
By law of nature and of nations, 'king 
lb him ahd to his heint namely die crown, 
Aod all the wide>ftretch*d honours that pertun 
iv cuftom aod the ordinance of times, 

lit Unto 

4 BMfnttin ...»U idil, ^bnb. tmni. j &te 

ciq mod t, Google 

5o^ Kitig-HBVKY V, 

Unto the crnvm of Ramt. . Thaf you nay know 

*Tis no finifter nor no awkward claim, , 

Pick'd from thq wwm-holes of long-varjifti'd days, 

Kor from tbe dull of old obliviopi rak'd.i^ 

He: fends you this moft memorable luH^ 

In evtry branch truly demonftrative, 

"Willing you over-look his pedigrect 

[Giv» the Kii^ a ftftr. 
And when you find Iwna evenly dcriv'd 
From his moft fam'd of &m6us ancefbors, 
Edward the Third ; he bids you. then refign 
Your crown and kingdom^ indireaiy hekl 
From him the native and true challenger. 
Fr.Ktng. Or elfe what follows? 
Exe. -ffloody conftraint j for if you hide the crown 
Ev*n in your hearts, tJin-e will he rake ftw it. 
And ihertlwe ih fittcc tem|jeft is he coming. 
In thunder and in earthquake like ijow: 
That if requfring feil,. He. may compell. 
He bids you in the bowels of the Lord> 
Deliver up the crown, *and to take mercy 
Pn the poor fouls for whom this hungry war 
Opens his vafty jaws j upon your head 
Turning the widows tears, the orphans cries. 
The dead mens blood, the pining maidens groans. 
For husbands, fathers, and betrothed lovers. 
That fhall be fwallow'd in this controverfie. 
This is his claim, his threatning, and my meflage) 
Unlefs the Dai^in be in prelenqe her«, 
To «hO(n. exprcfly I bring greeting too. 

Fr. King. For m we wiU confider of this forther: 
To-morrow fliall yon bear our full intent 
Back to our brocl^r England, 

Dau, For the Dau^n, 
I ftand here for htm ; what to him fivm Et^Uudf 

Exe. Scorn and deBance, flight regard, conteoifl^ 
And any thing that may not mu'become 
Tic mighty loider, doth iie prize you at. i 

Th* I 

ciq mod t, Google 

King H E N jc Y V. 503 

Thus fays my King; and if your father's Highncfi 
Do not in granc of all denmids at large. 
Sweeten the bitter mock you feot hisMkjpftyi 
He'll call you to fo-hot an^aofwer for ji. 
That caves and womby vaultages of iraqfi 
Shall chide your cre/paf;, ioi^ return yow tnot^k 
In fccond accent to his ordinance. 

Dau. Say, if my father render fair reply. 
It is againft my will j for I defire 
Nothing but odds with Engkndi to ;hat cod, 
As matching lo his youth and vanity, 
I did prefcnt him with t^oCc Paris ^Is.' 

Exe. He'll make your Pea-ij louvre (hake for it. 
Were it'the miftrefs-court of mighty £«rflpf;. 
And be afilir'd you'll iind a diSerenc^ .. 
As we his iLibjedb have in wonder found, 
Between the promife of his ^eener days . _ . 
And thefe lie mafters now j now he weighs tmo . . 

Even to the utmoft graifl. wfyjch you IhaJl.Fead 

In your own loflcs, if h? ftity in France, ,. 

Ft. Kin£.; To-morrow yQiv. fiuJI know our nnnd at foH. 

Exe. Difpatch us with all fpe^, left thfttqar King 
Come here iiimfelf to queftioa our delay % 
For he is footed in this land already, [dons : 

Fr.Kit^, You fhall tw.foon ditpatch'd vict(-ftir condU 
A night is but fmall breath, and little puiJEc, . 
To anfwer' matters of this confequoice. [Extnt. 

Enter Chorus. 

Cho. Thus with imagtn'd wing our fwift fcene flies, 
•In motion of no lels celerity 
Than that of thought. Suppole that you have feen 
The well-appointed King at * 'Haa^ton^ Peer 
Embark his royalty ; and his brave fleet 
With filken ftreamers the young Pbabta ianning 
Flay with your ^ncies; and in them bcbold 

' 114 Upon 

6 Dwir . . . tUtdit. 1hni.nm4. 

ciq mod t, Google 

504. Kh^ Henry V. 

Upon the hempen cackle fhtp-boys citmbing. 
Hear the ftirill whifile which do(h ordef give 
To founds conftis'd ; behdd the threadeh lail^ 
Born with th' invifiblc and creeping wind, 
praw the huge bottoms thro' thic fiirrow'd fta, 
Breafting th^ lofty furge. O, do but think 
You Hand upon the rivagc, and behold 
A city on th' inconftant billows daticing i 
For &) appeai;s this fleet majeftical. 
Holding due courfe to Ha^ur. Foikiv, foUow. 
Grapple your minds to fternage of this navy^ 
Ana leave your Ei^Uatd, as dead midnight ftill* 
Guarded with grar^res, babies and old women, 
,Or pad or not arriv'd to pith and puiOance: 
For who is he who& chin is but enrich*d 
"With one appearing hair, that will not follow 
Thefc culi'd and choice-drawn eavaliera to Frtmee f 
^'ork, work your thou^ts, and tiiereio fie a Gege t 
' Behold the ordnance on their cairiages 
"With fatal mouths gaping on girded Harfiem: 
£uppole th' ambaflador fixxn FroMce "> 'coOie^ bade 
Tells Hfirrjj that the King doth offer him 
Caiberinie^\& daughter,' aild with her to dowry 
Some petty and ijnprofitable Dukedofns : 
^hc oHer likes noci and the nimble gunner 
With jynftock now the devilifh caniion touches. 
And down goes all before him. Sdlj be kind. 
And eke out oqr performance widi your mind. '• [Suit, 


ciq mod t, Google 

Khg Henhy V. 505 


Alorm^ and Qmmn go off. 

EiUir King Henry. Exeter, Bedford, WGkxiceftert 
SvlMtrs mth/caikjg-Iadders as b^are WxtQisa, 


ONCE inore unto tbebrescb, dear friends, once more t 
Or dole the wall up with our Eaig^ dead. 
In peace there's nothing fo bccooMt a maa 
As modeft ftillnefi «ad hnnuUtjr: 
But when the blaft of war bknra in our can. 
Then imitate the aftion of the T^erj 
Stifien the (inew»» fiunmon up the blood, 
Di%uife fair nature with hantfavour^d rage \ 
Thai lend tbe e]w a terrible alpcAi 
Lee it prv throu^ the portage of the head 
Like the tnafi cannon* Mt the brow i^erwhelm tl 
As feariuUjr as doth a galled rock 
O'er-faang and jutty hu confounded bai^ 
SwiH'd with the wild and waflefol oosan. 
Now fet the teedi, vA ftrecdi the noftril iride^ 
Hold hard the bteath, and bend up every Imrit, 
To his foil height. Now on, you nobleft Ea^Vfi)^ 
Wbofe bk)od is fetcht from fitdiien of war-proof t 
Fatben, that, like lb many Alatandtrtt 
Have in thele parts from morn 'till even fough^ 
And fiieath'd mdr fwtxda Sac lack of arguiocot: 
Uflxnonr oocyour motbetst now attef^ 
That tbole whom you call'd fodiers did beget you,' 
Be oo^j sow to men of grofier blogd. 


nJii^rtvtdl!ftttMai»rfiKltttlditi»n^lioo,mM4l 169$. tope. 

ciq mod t, Google 

5o6 *5i^ HbnRV V. 

And teach them how to war; and you, good yeomen, 

Whofe limbs were made in England, Itew us here 

The mettle of your pafture : let us fwear 

That you arc;Worth your breeding^ whichjl dCIQbt sot: 

For there is none of you fo mean and bafe. 

That hath not noble luftre in youreywj 

I fee you Hand like Greyhounds * 'on'' the,flips. 

Straining upon the ftart. The gamt^s'a-fobt: 

Follow ypurfpirit y and upon this charge. 

Cry, Qod for Harry^ Emland, and St. George. 

^Exeunt King and ^ain. jilarm, and Caaaongo off. 

;... ', S .C> E, N E. , 11. 

EffUn N^, Bardolfh^ f iAoI, ar(d JBoy. 

Bard. On, on, on, on,»n,;to the breach; to the breach. 

Nym. 'Pray ifcfed, Corporal, *»y, the knocks are too 
hot i and for mine^wn panr,; I imn not a cafe of lives: 
the humour of it is too hqt, "riiar is the very pbun fbng 
of ir, ; ■ : 

Fiji. The plain fong is moft jtift ] for hnnouradD abound : 
Knocks go anil come : God's-Va^ls drop and <^e \ [fame. 
And fword and fhield, in bloody Hold, doth win immortal 

Bey. Wou'd I were in an ale^houfe in London, I would 
give all my fame for a pot of ale and fafety. 

Pift. And I i if wifties would prevail, 
I wou'd not ftay, but thither would I (^e. 

£a/^r FJudlenf. 

i?tf.UptftthCpreach,''yoadogSiaraint, youcdiiun! 

Pift. Be merciSil^' great Dqkc, to men of mould, 
Abate thy rage^ abwe thy manly rage; . 
Good bawcodt, abate thy rage, ufe lenity, fnvet chock. 

Nym. Thefe be good Rumoara;;your hoiiour:miistBd 
humouW:; - . [Esmt. 

Bey. As young as I am, I have obferv'd thefe iJiKC 
JFf^afhos. I am boy to them all three; but all the thice, 
> 1 dwugh 

' . « is '4 bmsk 


^in^ Hekry V. 507 

though they wbuW ftrve me, could not be man to me j 
for indeed three fuch anticks do not amount to a man. 
For Bardo^, he is white liverM and red fac'd, bjr the 
nteUis whweof he face* it out, but fights not. For Pifiol, 
he hath a killing, tongue and a quiet fword ; by the means 
whereof he breaks words, and keeps whole weapons. For 
Nytttt he hath heard that men of few words are the beft 
men, and therefore he fcorns to fay his prayers, left he 
ftjogid be thought a coward j but his few bad words are 
match'd with as few good deeds, for he never broke any 
.man's head but his own, and that was againft a poft when 
■he was drunk.' They will fteal any thing and call it pur- 
chafe.' Biar'dolph ftole a lute-cafe, bore it twelve leagues, 
•and -(yd it forthree half-pence. Nym and Bardolpb are 
fworn brothers iri filching; and ip Calaii they ftole a fire- 
ftiovel. I knew by that piece of fervice, the men wouFd 
carry coals. They would have me as familiar with mens 
podcets as their gloves- or their- hand-kerchers, which 
-makes much againft" my manhood j fOr if I \vouId take 
from another's pocket to put intbmine, it is plain pocket- 
tiDg" up of w«ings. I muft leave them, and leek fomc 
■bttter fervice j -their villainy goes againft my weak ftomach, 
and diercfore I tnuft raft it up. [Exit Bey. 

. " ^B/ff-Gpwer, and FlneOea. 
Goieer. Captain FlueUeny you muft come prefently to the 
imnesi the Daktf of Gloucejier wou!d fpeak widi you. 
■-• 'F?h. To thfc miries? tcil you the Duke it is not fo 
. Mgoet'' to come .10 the mines; for look you the mines are 
' n6t accoming to the difciplincs of the war; ^c concari- 
'■tiest/it is ndtfitfficienti for look you, th' athverfaiy 
(y^ may *ftiif»iinto the Duke, look you) is dig*d him- 
fclf foor yards wndtf-rfiecounterminesi by G&^,Ithink 
a' will plow up ali, if there is not pciter, diredions. 

Govser.' The Diike of Ghucefier, to whom the order of 
- the fiege is given, is altogether diraftiy by an IryB ihari, 
a very valiant gendeman i' faith. 

ciq mod t, Google 

5o8 King Henry V. 

Flu. It is captain Afaeimorrii, is it notf 

Cowtr. I think it be. 

Flu. By Cbefim^ he is an Afs, as in the * *ot\d ;^ I irill 
vfrifie ai much in his ' 'peard j^ he has no more dircQinu 
in the true dilciph'nes of the wars, look you, of the Remm 
dilciplines, than is a puppy-d<^. 

Enter Mackmorris, and C^tain Jamy. 

Govfir. Here he comes, and the Scets captain, raj^^ pi 
Jmf with him. 

/&. Captain yamy is a marvellous valorous gcntlonati, 
that is certain, and of great expedition and kiuwledg^ ia 
the ancient wars, upon my particular knowledge of his 
directions; by Cbejbu^ he will malatain his ai^ument as 
well as any military man in the * 'ot\A^ in the difdpliMs 
of the priiline wars of the Roman. 
Jamy. I fay gudday, caj^ain FbuUen, 
Flu. Goddcn to your worfhip, good captain yames. 
Gower. How now, ca.pvdn MaeJaimist have you quit- 
ted the mioesf have the pioneers given o'er? 

Mui. By Chrifh law, tifh ill done i the work ilh give 
over, the tmmpet found the retreat. By my hand I {wear, 
and by my father's foul, the work ilh ill done ; it ifli give 
over I I would have blowcd up the town, fo Chrifli five 
me law, in an hour. O cifh ill done, dQi ill done -, by 
my hand, tifh ill done. 

Flu. Captain MachiforriSf I befoechvounow.-wiUyoo 
. Touchlafc me^ lopk you, a kvr dilputatioos with you, as 
partly touching or concerning the dilbipUnes of the war, 
the Roman wars, in the way of argument, look you, and 
fiiendiy communication i pardy to iacisfT my opioioD, 
and tardy for the fatisfai^on, look you^ <« my miod, as 
touching the direftion of the military difdpliac^ that is 

jMTf. It tail be yen gud, gud fiuth, god capteos bodi, 
and 1 lall quit you with gud lev& aslmaypickocaluofc 
dut fill I, many. ' 

2 world; 3 beud; 4 mtU, 

ciq mod t, Google 

JGwg H E N R r V. 509 

Mui, It is no time to dtfcourie, fo Chrilh lave me : 
the day is hot, and the weather and the wai^ and the 
King and the Duke^ it is not time tadifcourfe, the town 
is befcedi'd > and the tiumpet calls lu. to the breach, and* 
we talk, ai^ by Chrifh do nothing} 'tis ihame for ui 
all i fo God Ja* me 'tis Ihame to ftand ftill, it is fhame, 1^ 
my hand i and there is throats to be cue, and works to 
be done, and there ilh nothing done, fo Chrilh &' me 

yaur^. By the mefs, ere theife eyes of mine take them- 
felves to llomber aile do gud ferrice, oraile ligge i' th* 
ground for it ; ay> or go to death i and ule pay it as vok>- 
roufly as I may, that M I Itirely do, the brcff and the 
long I nurryi I wad full fun heaid fomequeflton 'tween 

Flu. Captain Matkmorris, I think, kwk you, under 
your corre«ion, there is not many of your nation— 

Mack. Of my nation ? what iUi my nation? ifh a nl- 
lain, and a baftard, and a knave, and arafcal? what ilh 
my nation f who talks of my nation? 

Flu. Look you, ^if you luce the matter otherwife than 
is meant, captain Mackmorris., peradventure I ihall think 
you do not ufe me with that a^iility as in difcretion you 
ought to ufe me, look you, being as good a man as your 
feir both in the difciplines of wars, and in the derivation 
of my birth, and in other particularities. 

Abek. I do not know you fo good a man as my ielf, 
fo Chrifli lave me, I will cut off your head, 

Gower. Gentlemen both, you wilt miftake each other. 

Jamj. Au, that's a foul feult. [A Parley femidtd. 

Gower. "nie town founds a parley. 

Flu, Captain MackmorHs, when there is more * 'pec- 
ter"^ opportunity to be requir'd, look you. Til be fo 
^^poIcT as to tell you I know the difcipluMS of war, and 
therc^san end. , {Exeunt. 


It, Google 

510 Khg Hekry V. 


Enter King Henry and bis Train before the Gates. 
K. Hemy. How yet rcfolvcs the governor of the town ? 
This is the Jaieft parlc we will admit : 
Therefore to our bcft mercy give your fclves» 
Or like to men proud of deftruftion 
Dcfic us to our worftj as I'm a foldier. 
(A name that in my thoughts becomes me bcft) 
if I beginthe bau*ryonce s^n, 
I will not leave the half-atchieved Harfieur, 
•Till in her alhes Ihe lye buried. 
The gates of mercy Ifaall be all flmt upi 
And the flcfti'd foldier, rough and hard of heart. 
In liberty or bloody hand fliall range 
With confcience wide as hell, mowing like grals 
Your frefii fair virgins and your flow'nng infants. 
What t£*t then to me, if impious war, 
Array'd in flames like to the Prince of fieod^ 
Do with his fmircht complexion all fell feats, 
Enlink to wafte and dcfolation f 
What is't to me, when you your lelves are caufe. 
If your pure maidens fall into the hand 
Of hot and forcing violation i 
What reign can hold licentious wickednels. 
When down the hill he holds his fierce career? 
We may as boodefs fpcnd our vain command 
Upon til' enraged foldiers in their fpoil. 
As fend our precepts to th* Leviathan 
To come a-Inoar. Therefore, you men of Har^em-f 
Take pity of your town and of your people, 
While yet my foldiers are in my command. 
While ycc the cool and temp'rate wind of. grace 
0*er-blows the ^chyand contagious clouds 
Of heady murther, fpoil and villainy. 
If not} why, in a moment look to fee 
The blind and bloody foldier with Ami lund 


ciq mod t, Google 

DdSrtlw locks of your feriH-ferte k ing-dnHghtefa % 

Your fainers taken by the filvcr beards. 

And their moft rev'rend heads dalht to the wallss 

Your naked infants (pitted upon. pikeSi 

While the mad mothers with their howls confjs'd 

Do brei^k the cloudsj' as did the wives of Je'u.ryt 

At Herod's .bloody^hunting *'flaughrer-fcd.'' 

What fay you ? will ybu yield,' and this avoid ? 

Or guilty in defence DC thusdeftroy'd? . . 

., . EnUr Governor. ■ 
Gov. Our c^cpcdbttion hath this day an end : 

The Dat^bittf of whom fuccours we entreated, . 

Returns OS, t^t bis pow'rs are yet not ready 

Tarailelbgrcat a fidge. Therefore, great King, 

We yield our town and lives to thy foft mercy : 

Enter our gates, difpofe of us and ours. 

For we no longer are defenfible. 

K. Henry. Open your gates : come, uade Exeter, 

Go you and enter Harjleur, there remain. 

And fortify it flrongly 'gainft rhcFreitcb: 

Ufc mercy to them all. For us, dearuncle. 

The winter comiAg on, and ficknefs growing 

Upon our lbl(Jiers, we'll retire to Calais. 

To-night in Harfieur we will be your gucft. 

To-morrow for the march we are addreft. 

[Fioiirijb, md enter tbeTowi,* 

(a)— areaddrefl. 

S C E N E IV. 
Enttr dtiai'me and an old Ginll^jiitDuiii. 

Cath. Alict, tm »t efii in jtagietirrt, if lu fartaii iin ^'ta'^ Jm^aagf. 

Alice. I/j* fta, Buidamr, 

Cath, Jt It frit it tit enftigntr. U faatqiuj' Otfrimumfttrltr. 
Cemmmt tifpt}Ut^ «m« la main tn Angl*ii f 

Alice. La main, il efi appiUi, dtband. 

Cath. Dtiamd. £i ii dojit 

Alice. -Lt dv/l, ma f»jj* tahlit U d^i, maiijt mi fimtitudrai it 
dtjt, ji ftnfi fiiih M/ afftUt dlififgrii, *mf difngrti, , 

7 Aaoehtei-DWD 8 It 

* Citlt. 


512 iCwg Henry V. 


^e French Court. 

Enttr the Ktig of France, the Dauphin, BtAe cf Bourfaoa, 
the Candle of France, and others. 

Fr. JE/J^.'npis certain he hath pa&'d the river Stmc. 

•L Cm. And if he be not fought mthal, mj 
Let us not live in Frtmce i let us quit ail, [Loid, 

And give our vioeyards to a barb'roui people. 


Cath. L* maim, Jthudt Itdtit, Itjh^nt. 7* fnfrruji^i 
It bam efitliir. J' ^ g'ipii dnue m«tt i' Jm^Uh vifitrnttu, tmmmi 
afptlUt WMU i*t tmgutt 

Alice. Lti anglti, Itt offeBni it mt^i. 

Cuh. Di naf(tt. S/enatK: Jittt tuj, Ji jt f«rU iitmi ithmU, 
ilfimwrtt, dl n^Ul. 

Alice. Cfihitmilt, mtUamt, U tfi fm bw J^s. 

Cath. Dittt Mb; m JmiUU k hmt. 

Alice. DtMrmt, madamt. 

Cath. EtUeendt. 

Alice. Zr *liew. 

Cath. D" lOfwi ji M'tn/aitK U rtfttitum li tamt In wmtt qw* vm 
m^a-oiit affrimt dti afrtfimt. 

Alice. IltfttropJiffieiU, madmrnt, c»mmt ji ftmfi. 

Cuh. Exn/imj. Mh*, ifcmi, thmmi^ it fi^rt, dt m^,, t 
■ mrm*, dt hiUnna. 

Alice. IFtib^u, madamr. 

Otk. O Sngwtmr Ditm, jt m'n mkSt d' tOiwt fmmtml ^€llk 
vtHt It e*If 

Alice. Dt ntei, wMiaau. 

Alice. Dt thin. 

Cath . Dtjh.-U ttt, di miek : U mnfm, dt/^. 
Alice. Omi. Snf vtfirt ieMMtmr n vtrM vwf tnmtmtih In mU 
Mm^ drtia, ft§ Ui matift d" A^ttttirt. 
Cath. 7*ni dmtfci»t^at^**Avf0rlmfMutdtJK»m,^mt^ 

Alice, ^voncvtatpatdtfiamtliiufujtvnj^amffi^f 
Caui. rkm, jt rtriUrafMvmtmi^mM/fim^ drjbtrt, it 
mt^t, dt armt. . . 

Alice, lit t^A)^ tmimm. 

ciq 1,1.11=, Google 

JSwg Henry V. 513 

i)jtf. O Dii» vivsHtl Hull a few Iprays of u^ 
(The emptying of our fathers luxury,) 
Our Syens, put in wild and lavage ' 'ftocks,^ 
Sprout up io liiddcnly into the the clouds. 
And o'er- look their grafttrs ? 

Bow. Nermansy but baftard Normans, Norman baftards. 
Alert de ma vie! if thus they march along 
Unlbught withal, but I wiU fell my Dukedom) 
'to buy a fog^ and a dirty farm 
In that nook-motten IQeof Mbien. 

Con. Dieu de Satailles ! why, whence have they this mettle? 
Is not their climate fo^y, raw and dull ? 
On whom as in delpight, the Sun looks pale, 
Killing then- fruit with frowns? can fodden water, 
A drench for fur-reyn'd jades, their barly-broth, 
"DeaoUt their cold blood to fuch valiant heatP 
And Qiall our quick blood, fpirited with wine* 
Sean frofty F Oh I for honour of our land, 
l^t us not hai^ like frozen Ificlea 
Upon our houle-tops, whiJe piore froAy people 
Sweat drops of pliant blood in our rich fields, 
Poor, we may call them, in their native Lords, 

Dau^ By fiitth and honour. 
Our Madams mock at us, and plainly fxy 

Cath. D* najitt, i, armt. di ii6»W. 

Alice. Sau/vifirt bonHiur J" elttvi. 

Cath. Aiafi Jii-jt d" iliovi, de mci, di fin : €«mmettl apptlli vnu 
lei fiedi li de robe. 

Alice. Lifmt, madamet bf U caant, 

Cuh. Ltfaat, (J itctunt: O Seigneur Diem f tt fint dei mait maw 
vail, ttrruftibh ig iti^ipie, £? n»« four iet damtf d" bf^Hmr £ 
ufer ; je m vtuiraii pranimcer ces mh de-uant U$ Stlgneitrt de France, 
peur taut le mmdt I Ufaal le fool, bf It camnt, mtantaraiitt. Je reet- 
terafun aulrtfci4tu.ieftmtH/emile. J" band, dt fimgre, Jt majlei eT 
arme, d" elbtiu, de metk, de Jim, difoel, de cum. ' 

Alict. Excellent, 

Cath. C efia.ffe% four )»e foil, albn, nimt in di/Her. [Eieuiit 


9 flock 

voL.m. Kk ouf 

ciq mod t, Google 

514 ^f% Henry V. 

Our mettle is bred out j and they will give 
Their bodies lo the luft of Enilijh youih. 
To new-ftore France with baftard wairiore. 

Boiir. They bid us to the Englijb dancing-fchooU, 
And tc;ich Lavalia's high and fwift Qtrtaata*s j 
Sayinc our grace is only in our heels. 
And that we are mod lofty run-aways. Ihcita, 

Fr. Kiitg, Where is Mounljoy the Herald? fp«d him 
Let him greet England with our Iharp defiance. 
Up, Princes, and with fpirit of honour cdff*d 
Yet n>arper than your fwords, hie to the field ! 
Cbarks Dtlabretb, high Conftablc of Fi-ance ; 
You Dukes of Orleans^ Bourbon, and of Serfjt 
Atanfon, Brahant^ Bar and Surgtrndj^ 
Jaques Cbatitlien, Ratnbures^ Vaudmmt, 
Beaumont, Grani^ree, Robjie, and Faulconb-i^ie^ 
Loys^ Lcfiralty Boacqualt, and Cbardoys, 
High Dukes, great Princes, Barons, Lorfs and Knights i 
For your great feats now guft you of grea ftame: 
Bar Harry England^ that fweeps throiffih our iand 
With pcnons painted in the blood of fl^fieur: 
Rulh on tiis hoft, as doth the melted fno* 
Upon the vallies, whofe lo* vaflal feat 
The Mps doth fpit and void his rheum apctn. 
Go down upon him, you have pow'r enough. 
And in a captive chariot into Koan 
Bring hini our prifoncr. 

Con. This becomes the Great! 
Sorry am I bis numbers arc fo few. 
His lotdiers fick, and famiflit in their march : 
For I am fure when he fliali fee our army. 
He'll drop hij heart into the fmk of ftar. 
And for atchievemcnt ofifer us his ranfom. 

Fr. King. Therefore, Lord Conftablc, hal!e on Moutjiji 
And let him fay to England, that we fend 
To know what wilHng ranfom he will give. 
Prince Dat^tt you IhaU &iy with us in Aftw. 


Ciqliiod:, Google 

S^n^ HenbIy v.- 515 

/}<». Noifa, TdobefcechyourMajefty. 

Fr. Kifig. Be patient, for you fli»U' remain with us. 
Now forth. Lord Conftabfc, arid Princes all i 
And qi^Iy bring us word of Ei^land's fell. [Exeugr. 


Tie Engliffi Cam^. 

Entef Gower and Fluellen. 
Gotg.TT O W now, captain FlueUcHj come you froai the 
n bridge? 

Fh. I aflure you there is. very excetleiit ferviccs com- 
mitted at the pridec. 

Gow. IsthcDuKcof fw/^rlafe? 

Flu. The Duke of Exeter is as magnanimws af j^^ 
memBoa, and a man that I Usn and honour with my loUl, 
and my heart, and'myduty, and my life, and my liring, 
arid my uttermoft power. He is not, ' ^Oot'' be pi'atm 
and plefled, any hurt in the '''orld,'' he is' maintain the 
pridge mol^ valiantly with excellent difcipline. Therd a an 
Ancient lieutenant there, I ihinkinrhy ver^ confciencche 
is as valiant a man as Aiark /intotty, and he is a man of no 
eftimation in the ' 'orld,'' but I <tid iec him dd ^Unt fcr- 

Gew. >Vh:u do you call him ? 

Flu. He is calPd Ancient ?6»&i^ 

Cew. I lotOw him' not. 

Mttt& PiffoT. 
^. Here is the man. 

P0ei. Captain, I thee befeech todome'£ivoun: 
The Duke of Exeter doth love thee well. 

F&i.- 1> I praife * 'Got,^ and I hare merited Ibme love 
at his hands. 

Kk 2 Pi/l, 

1 God 2 world. 3 w«ld, 4 God, 

ciq mod t, Google 

5i6 King Henry V. 

Pifi. Bardolpbt a foldier firm and fb«nd of heart 
And buxom valour, haih by cruel fate 
And giddy fortune's furious fickle wheel, [done — 

That Goddefs blind that ftands upon the rolling reft\c& 

Flu. "By your patience. Ancient Pijlol: Fortune Is 
» 'painted with a muffler peforc^ her eyes, to frgnific to 
you iliat fortune is plind } and flie is painted alio with a 
wheel, to (igniBe to you, which is the moral of it, that 
Ihe is turning and inconftant, and mutabilities and varia- 
tions i and her foot, look you, is 6«d upon a fpherical 
ftone, which rowtes and rowles and rowles-, in gpod 
truth, the Poet makes a moft excellent defcription of it : 
'foroine b an excellent moral. 

Piji. Fortune is Bardo^b'% foe, and frowns on him j 
For ■ he hath ftol'n a * 'i'**,'^ and hanged muft a' be v (fam- 
Let gallows gape for dog, let man go free, £ned death ! 
And let not hemp his wind-pipe IMrocate ; 
But Exeter hath given the doom of death 
For Pix of little price. Therefore go Ipeak, 
The Duke will hear thy voice % 
lAnd let not Bardolpifs vital thread be cut 
With edge of penny>cord, and vile reproach. 
■Speak, captain, for his life, and I will thee requite. 

Fhi. Ancient Piftol, I do partly underftand your mean- 
■ . Pift. Why then rqoice therefore. 

Fltt. Certainly, Ancient, it is not a thing K> rejcnoe 
at; for if, look you, he were my ^ ''prother,^ I woaM de- 
fire the Duke to ufe his *'goot^ pleafure and pot htm 
to executions i for difciplines ought to be ufed. 

Piji, Die and bcdaitin'd, ana Figo for thy friendfhip! 

Flu. It is well. 

Pifi. The fig of Spain [Exit. Piftol. 


(a) n« ii towftrmail* la kifitry, « fiUhr (Htll ItUt us HCB. J. 
fiaf %,ftl. I ^..} htlng ban^ial ibii limifir/ucb af«B. Pope. 

5 painttd p liod with a maffler before . . . «U*4U. Warh. tmtwi. 

6 Pax. ...tU liil. TitBi. imini. 

7 brother, S good. 

ciq mod t, Google 

^^ Henry V. 517 

Goto, yfhy, this is an arrant counterfeit rafcal, I re- 
member him now } a bawd, a dit-purfe. 

Fh. ril aHure you, he utter'd as prave ' 'ords^ at the 
pridge as you Iball fee in a flimmer's day ; but it is very 
well} what he has fpoke to me, that Is well I warrant 
you, when time is ferve. 

Gout. Why, *tis a gull, a fool, a rogue that now and 
then goes to the wars, to grace himlclf at his return into 
LoKdoHf under the form of a fbldier. Such fellows are 
perfedl in the great commanders names, and they will 
Icam you by rote where fcrvices were done ; at fuch and 
fuch a fconce, at fuch a breach, at fuch a convoy ; who 
came off bravely, whowaslhot, whodifgrac'd, Drhat terms 
the enemy flood on ; and this they con perfectly in the 
phrale of war, which they trick up with new-turn'd oaths: 
And what a. beard of the General's cut, and a horrid lute 
of the camp, will do among foaming bottles and ale- 
wafh'd wits, is wonderful to be thought on. But you muft 
Icam to know fuch fUndcrs of the age, or elfc you may 
be marvelloufly millook. 

Fbi. I tell you what, captain Gower\ I do perceive he 
is not the man that he would gladly make fliew to the 
* 'orU^ he is i if I Bnd a hole in his coat I will tell him 
my mind; hear you, the King is coming and I mtift 
Ipeak with him from the pridge. 

Drum and Coleurs, Enttr the Khi£ and ^s poor SolSers. 

Mu. > ^Got^ pids your Majefty > 

K. Hcmy. How now, Fhelleti, cam'ft thou fitmi the 

Flu. I, lb {^eafc your Majefty : the Duke of Exeter 

has very gallandy maintain'd the pridge ; the French a 

gone on, look you, and there is g^lant and moft pave 

paflages i many th* atbverfary was have poilcl&on or the 

Kk 3 pridge, 

9 {ood. I wordi, s world 3 God 

ciq mod t, Google 

5l8 Kjfig HENJtT V. 

pridge, but he is enforced to retire, iuid fhe Duke of 
Exettr is m^fter of the pridgp : I cjn tell ypur M%(cfty, 
the Duke is a pravc maa. 

K- fiffy- What men ^ye you toft, FJ^iIlen ^ 
Fltt. Thp pcrdltipa of th' athveriary bath bceo wiy 
great, very rcafonabl.c great j piarry, for my part 1 
think tfic Dulcc hath loft never a ni»i> l:uf. one mat fs liju 
to be executed for robbing a chyrcfi, onp Bi/rd^, ii 
your Majefty know the pan ; his ia?e is all hotxicklef 
aod ^helks and knobs, and flanges tff fi^, gjid lus Ijps 
■ ' ws at 'his nofe, and it is like a qqal of fife* Ibmctimes 

Es, and fometimes red ; but bif noj^ ts executed andhtf 
's out. 

k. ^^wy. Wc would have fuch oflfcnders lb cue o^ 
And give csprefs charge that i;i all our tparcK 
There Ihall be nothing taken from the villages 
put ^11 be paid for, and no Fretub upbraided 
Or yet abufed in difdainful langua^ ; 
^hen lenity anc} ctiielty play for ^n^;d<^[^ 
^he gender jpmcftcr is ,the fijpncft winijer. 

Tuekel founds. Enter Moua90f . 

Mimt. You know me by my habit. fc^ theef 

K. Hmj. Well then, I know thee » whatfl)ui I {uot 

Momt. My mafter's mind. 

K. Hemy. Unfold it. 

AfeUM^ Thus lays my King: fay thou ta Harry Ef^lanit 
Although we feemed dead* we djd but fleep : 
Advantage is a better foldier than ralhnels. 
Tell him, we could atHfrfieur havf rcf^qk'd ^ifp^ 
fijt that We thought not good to bruife an injury 
'Till it were ripe. Nqw fppak vc on ouf aWi' 
With yoiq; imparl '■ Bifg^atd fhiii repeat 
His folly, fee his weaknefs, and admire 
Our fiifiriance. Bid him tber^re tp oanEder 
What muft the raoftim be, vbit^ mu^ ptopoftion 
The lofts we have born, ^e fub^cftq we 
Ibvcloft, and tbedilgnce vcbuedigefted} 


ciq mod t, Google 

^hg HpNRvV. 519 

To anfwn* which, his pctdnefi vfould bow under. 
Firft for our lols, too poor is his Exchequer ; 
For the e0ufioa of our blood, his army 
Too f^int a number ; and for our difgrace, 
Ev'n his owa pcrfon kneeling at our feet 
A weak and worthlcis fatlsfa^ioa. 
To this, deBance add i and-for conclufion, 
Tell him he hath betray'd his blowers, 
Whofe condemnation is pronouoc'd, So far 
My King and mafteri and lb much my office. 

K. li my . W4iat is thy mmtc f I know thy qiuHty. 

Mount. Mountjty. 

K. Henry. Thou doft thy office feirly. Turn thee back. 
And tell thy King, I do not feck him now, 
BuC could be willing to march on to Calais 
Without impeachment \ for co fay the footh, 
(Though 'cis no wifdom to confcfs lb much 
Unto an enemy of craft and vantage) 
My people are with fickQefs much enfeebled, 
My numbers Icflco'd -, and thofe few I have, 
Almoft no better than lb many French; 
"Who when they were in health, I tell thee, herald, 
I thought upon one pair ai Englijh legs 
Did march three /rr/ifiistra. let forgive nie, God, 
That I do brag thus ; this your air ot France 
Hath blown that vice in me X muft repent. 
Go therefore, tell thy mafter here I am ; 
My ran&m is this frail and voclhlels trunk \ 
My army hiif a weak and Hckly guard : 
Yet, God before, tell him we will come on, , 
Thoagh France bimfelf and fiich another neighbour 
Stand m our way. There's for thy labour, Mmnijoy. 
Go bid thy mafter well advifi: himfelf : 
If we may pals, we will j ifwe behiiider*d, 
We ihall your tawny ground with your red blood 
Difcolour i and fo, Mornitjey^ fare you well ! 
The film of all our anfwcr is but this ^ 
We would not fcek a battle as we are, 

Kk4 y« 

ciq mod t, Google 

520 lEfflg Henry V. 

Yet as we tre, we Iky we will not fliun it : 
So tell your mafter. 

Mount. I fhall ddivo- lb : dianks to your Highnels. 


Glou. I hope they will not come upon us now. 

K. ffeiiry. We are in God's hand, brother, not in theirs : 
March to the bridge j it now draws toward night ; 
peyond the river we'll encamp our fclves, ' 
And on to-morrow bid them march away. [Exetot/. 

SCENE vn, 

71&^ French Camp near Agtncourt, 

Enter the Cof^able ^ France, the Lord RAmbures, 
Orleans, Dauphin, mibotberj. 

Cjff.npUT, I have the beft armour of the worW. 

-■■. Orl. You have an excellent armourj t»jt let my 
horfe have his due, ' . 

Con. Itisthebefthorfeof £ttrc/e. 

Orl. Will itncverbemorning? 

Dan. My Lord of Orleans and my Lord higS C6n- 
ftable, you talk of horfeand armour? 

Orl. You are as well provided of both as any Prince in 
tlic world, 

Dau.. Whac a long night is this! I will not change my 
horle with any that treads but on four pafterns} he boum^ 
from the earth, as if his entrails were hairs i when I be- 
flride him, 1 foar, I am a ha^k ; he trots the air, the 
earth &n^ when he touches it ; the bafdl horn of his boctf 
is more mulical than the pipe oi Hermes. 

Orl. He's of the colour of a nutmeg. 

Dau. And of the heat of the ginger. It is a beaft for 
Perfeus j he is pure air and fire; and the dull elements of 
f arth and water never appear in him, but only in patient 

fill nefi 

ciq mod t, Google 

gjng Hen rt V; 521 

ftitnefs while his rider mounts him ; he is indeed a horle, 
^d all other jades you may call beafts. 

Con. Indeed, my Lord, it is a moft ablblute aod excel- 
lent horfe. 

Dau. It is the prince of palfreys, his heigh is like the 
bidding of a monarch, and bis couotenance enforces ho- 

Orl. No more, coufin. 

Daa. Nay, the man hath no wit, that cannot from the 
fifing of the lark to the lodging of the Iamb, vary de- 
ferved praite on my ^Ifrey ; it is a theme as fluent as the 
fea : turn the fands into eloquent tongues, and my horle 
is argument for them ati ; 'tis a ft^jedl for a Sovereign to 
reafon on, and for a Sovereign's Sovereign to ride on j 
and for the world, familiar to us and unknown, 10 lay- 
apart their particular funflions and wonder at him. I 
once writ a fonnet in his praife, and began thus, Wctider 

Orl. i have heard a Ibnnet begin lb to one's miftrefi. 

Dm. Then did they imitate that which 1 CQiiiposfd to 
my courfer 1 for my horfe is my miftrefi. 

Orl. Your miftrefi bears well. 

Dau. Me well, which is the prefcript praife and per- 
feftion of a good and prticular millrels. 

Con. Nfethought yefterday your miftrcls Ihrewdly Oiook 
your back. 

Dau. So perhaps did yours. 

CoH. Mine was not bridled. 

Dau. O then belike fhc was old and gende, and tou 
rode like a Kerne of Ireland^ your. Freneb hole off, ana in 
your ftiait * 'trouficrs.^ 

Con. You hare eood judgment in horfemanlhip. 

Dau. Be warn'd^ me then ; they that ride fo and rid£ 
not warily, hW into foul bogs ; I had rather hare my 
horfe to my miftrefs. 

Cm. I tud as lieve have my miftrefs a jade. 

Dau. I tell thee, Conftable, my miftrefs wears her own 
hair. Cn, 

4 ftroflcn. ... 0/^ tdit. Thnb. mni. 

L:mi,z.d=, Google 

5»? Hkg HfiM^Y V, 

Qm. I could niakc as true » boaft as that, if I bad t 
Jbw to my tniftrels. 

Piift. te ckien §* ret^irm <j fan fropre vemiffewieta, (S 
h truie Iruee au heurbUr ; thou miik'ft ufe of any thing. 

Om, Yet do I not ufe my horic for my miftrefi, or any 
fuch proverb) fo little kin to the purppfe. 

Ram. My Lord Conftable, the armour that I law in 
your tent to-night, are thofe ftar^ or funs upon it}' 

Qm. Scars, my L«rd. 

Pan. Some of them will fall to-morrov> I hope. 

On. And yet my sky Hull not want. 

JOm. That may be, for you bear many fupcrSuoufly, 
juid 'twere more honour fqme were away. 

Caa. Ev'n as your horfc lacars your praifes, who wouki 
trot as well were fQme of your brags difmounud. 

Dau. Would I were able to Itud him with his defirt. 
Will it never be day f I will trot lo-morrow a mile, and 
my way {hall be pved with Englifit faces. 

Gfs. I wiH not iay fp, for fear I (bould be &c*d out ttf 
iny wayj but I would it were morning, for I wouid fein 
be about the ears of the Engl0). 

Ram, Who will go to hazard with me fot twesty 
Mi^i^ prijbners ? 

Con, You mull firft go yout £:If to hazard at you 
b^ve them. 

D«tf. 'Til mid-night, 111 go arm my felf. [ExU^ 

Orl. The Dai^bht longs for morning. 

Ram. He longs to eat the EnsMi. 

Of. I thipk be will eat all heluUs. 

prL % the vrhxte hand of my Ljidy, hc*s a gaihnt 

On. Swear by ba foot, that &e may tread out the 

Qri, H« is Gtnfdx the moft a^vt gcwleman of Frme. 
Cm. Doing is activity, and he will ftill be dgino. 
Orl. He oerer did harm that I hev6 of. 
Qif. Nor will do noae tq-morrQw i he will ken that. 
S9Q(1 name fiilt. 


ciq mod t, Google 

.Qr/. X koow hoot w be valiuit, 

Gog. I was told dwu by one Aac knows hjm beteer 

Orl. Whafshe? 

Cot(. M*uy, ^ idd Rie & himfelf, ud he ^d he 
car'd fiOt wbo knew it- * 

6 C E N g VIH. 

Hfef. My l^rd higb ConftaUe, the Mn^ lye wiAin 
fifceeo bu^dfpd p^ces of your tsMB. 

Con. Who hath mcafur'd the gcound J 

Mef The Lord jCrAt^sw. 

.C«)r. A valiaiH and n}(^ ci^eTtgentlatnan. Would it 
vcre day ! Alas poor Harry oiEr^land, he longs ncx for 
the dawning as we do. 

Orl. What a wrefcbed ^ atevilb fvllow is this Cii^ 
of EngJand^ tp ipWK wich hi^ ^ItIwudM ^pwcrs Ih far 
out of his knowledge I 

Con. If tl^e Et^l^ h^ gny f^ijpiMiifioa, dwy wouli 
run away. 

Or/. That they lack *, iof if their head had any iotel- 
lefhial annour, |Jiey op^I^ pever wear (iKh heavy head- 

Ram. That Iflanfl of E^M breeds very valiant crea- 
tures ; their mf^i^ ^S of uamjtfchable cosrage. 


(a) — who IcDfV' it. 

Or/. He needi not, it is no \a^^ fiitSf in tun. 

C«R. By mj' faith, Sif , but it it ; never any body Gtvv if h\fi, kip 
lacqu^ I 'til > hooded valour, and when it appean it will atiate. 

Orl. Ill-wiU never faid wpH- 

Cm. I will' c?p tkt proveili w^tl), T)5/r^ i'MUO imfrin^tp., 

Orl. And I wflt take up that yvifh, Giw tfx iffiiikii iut. 

Cm. Well placM ; tbefc jfaiKJi yq)ir' friend f9r the denl { b^n ft 
the very eye of that provnb withi jf ftx of iht itvii. 

OrL You are the ^ttpr ^ prav«fai. t^ low nush Afitft htk it 

Can. You hare ihot over. 
Or/. Tis not the firft time yon were orer-lhot. 

ciq mod t, Google 

524 iS«g HekkV V. 

Orl. Fooliih curs, that run winking ittto the mouth of 
a Su^ Bcu-, and have their heads crulh'd like rotten 
apples. You may as well &y, tha^s a valiant Flea that 
dares eat his break^ft on the lip of a Lion. 

Cm. Juft, juftj and the men do fympathee wuh the 
maftiffs in robuftious and rough coining on, leaving their 
wits with their wives j and then give them great meals (rf 
beef, and iron and fteel, they will eat like wolves, and 
fight like devils. 

Orl. Ay -, but thefe Eitgli^ are flirewdly out of beef. 
; Oir. Then ftaH we find to-morrow they have only 
ftomachs to cat, and none to fight. Now is ic time to 
arm ; come, Ihall we about it P 

Orl. *Tis two a dock j but (let me fie) by ten 
"We ihall have each a hundred Et^/t^g, {Exeuti. 

Enter Chorus. 
Cbo. Now entertain conjefiure of a time. 
When cre^ing murmur and the poring dark 
Fills the wide veflel of the univerJe. 
From camp to camp, through the foul womb of nieht. 
The hum of either army ftilly founds, ' 

That the fiw cAntinek almoft receive 
The fecret whifpers of each other's watch. 
Fire anfwers fire, and through their paly flames 
Each battel fees the other's umbcr'd face. 
Steed threatens fteed in high and boaftfij'l neighs 
Piercing the night's dull ear j and from the Knts, 
The armoureraaccomplifliing the knights. 
With Ixifie hammers clofing rh/ttz up. 
Give dreadfiil note of preparation. 
The country cocks do crow, die clocks do toll j 
And the third hour of drowfie ' 'morning's"' nam'd 
Proud of tiieir numbers and fecure in foul. 
The confident and over-lufty Freneb 

.* 'For^ the low-rated Et^l^ play at dice j 
And chide the aippJe tardy-gated night, 

ciq mod t, Google 


5 moniing 6 Qo 

ICfflg .Henry V. 525 

Vfho like a foul and ugly witch does limp 

So tedioufl^. The poor aHidemned Ei^Sfi>, 

Like facrtficcs, by tncir watchful Bres 

Sit patiently, and inly ruminate 

The morning's danger : and thdr gefture lad 

' 'In walM"* lank-lean cheeks and waj-worn coats, 

''Prefenteth^ them unto the gazing moon 

So many horrid ghofts. Who now beholds 

The royal captain of this niinM band 

Walking from watch to watch, from tent to tenCi 

Lee him cry, praife and glory on his head t 

For forth he goes and vilits all his hoft. 

Bids them gpod-m9rrow with a- modeft fmile, 

And cdls tbem brothosa ftiends»and couatrymeo. 

Upon his royal face there is no note 

How dread an army hath cnrounded him j 

Nor doth he dedicate one jot of colour 

Unto the wcaiy aod all-watched night: 

But freihiy looks and pyer-bears attainc. 

With cheerful iemblance and fweet M^efty: 

That ev'ry wretch pining and pale before 

Beholding him, plucks comfbn from his looks. 

A lai^els univo^l like the fun 

His lib'ral eye doth ^ve to ev'ry one. 

Thawing cold fear. ^ 'Then^ mean and gende all 

Behold (as may unworthinels define) 

A little touch of /&rr7 in the night. 

And lb our fcene mult to the battel By : 

.Where, O for pity I we ihall much difgcioe. 

With four or five moft vile and nig£;ed foils, 

(Right ill dilpos'd, in brawl rkUcukNis) 

The name q\ Jpncowrt. Yet fit and fee. 

Minding true things by what their mock'riea be. \&ai. 

7 Invefling 8 Prefentcd 9 That ...9ldt4it.^ui.tmtitd. 


$i6 iSngH&Htry,- 

A C T IV. S C E N E I. 

Tbf Englifli Gamp at Agimdntt. 
Enter Kng Henrf, Bedford; And OooccAer. 

K. Henry. 

GJjppeTy 'tis ciue riiM we are ifi greic duf^f^, 
The gits^r riifcfcfbit flKAtfi ouromM^ bC: 
Gobd-mormw, broAcrAi^i- GddAldli^f 
There is fome foul of gOodddk in'AiHgtf e«<lf 
Would men oUervingly diftil it oat; 
For our bad neighbodt- makes us eartj fBtVtft^ 
Which is both hcitltflflllt tkA '^aSt heriMKfdiy. 
Bcfides, they are o*tf odftrafd c6(ifi!i*riet% . 
And preachefr tt> iri alf; adnifoifiKhiAg 
That we Ihould drtfl uf fWi^ fdr (MU- cm!.- ' 
Thus may W6 ^thti* hMcfr 4ofh th6 Wted> 
And make a moral of the devil hitMelf. 

£s/0- £)rpinghafn. 

Good-morrow, old Sir tb^im Etplt^ham: 
A good foft pillow for that gcxid whiie had 
Were better than ao^lifb mrf of Fraaet. 

ErpiHg. Ndci^nifLi^t AiskxlgingUle&inetieMf, 
Since I may ftf > 'f'* 'l*^ I ^^^ ^ King. 

K. i/cffry. 'Tis good fdr lAen t» lovtf tbetr prdiM pal 
Upon example i fvtbcfpnric iseafed: 
And when tltrmtnd is c^aickra'dt oat of doubt 
The organs, though defunct and dead before, 
Brtsk vsp their drowfie grave» and nc«^ move 
With cafted flough and fre(h celerity. 
Lend me thy cloak, SirTJonMu: brothers both, 
GOdiMend me to thePt-inces in our camp: 


ciq mod t, Google 

Kwg Hekry V. 527 

Do my good-morrow to them, and anon 
Deftre them all to my pavilion. 

Glou. We (hall, my Liege. 

Erping. Shall I Attend your Grace? 

K. Haay. No, my good Knight, 
Go with my brothers to my Lords of England: 
I zn6 my bofom moft debate a while. 
And then I would no other CDmplny. 
. Erpiiig. TlieLord in heaven blels thee, ntAAc Harry i 


KJIauy- God-a-mcrcy old heart, thou ipeak*ft chearfuUy, 

Enter Vi&ol 

K. Hemy. A friend. 
Pifi. Diftuft noto me, art thou officer. 
Or arc thou baie, oommon and popular } 
K. f/cnry. I am a gentleman of a coiDpaiiy. 

Pifi. Trail'ft thou the puiHanc pike? 

VLHtMry. Ev'nlb: what are you f 

Pifi. As good a gentleman as the Emperor. 

K. Henry. Then you are a beuer than the King. 

Fjtf. The King's a bawcodc, and a heut of gsld, 
A li^ 6f Ufe, an imp of ^une. 
Of parents i^xxl, of iift moft valiant : 
I kifi his dirty Ihoe, and from my heart-firing 
I love the lovely bully. What's tl^ name ! 

K. Henry. H^Ty le Key. 

P0. Le Rof! BkComf/brame: aniiunf^Corm/hcrewi 

K. ffemy. No, I am a mifimm. 

P0. Know'ft thou Fkellen ? 

K.Hemy. Yea. 

Pifi. Tell him I'll knock his ledc about his pate 
Upon St. Dtvrtfi day. 

K. Henry. Do not you wear yoar digger in your dp 
that day, left he knock that about youn, 


ciq mod t, Google 

528 Kittg Henry V. 

Pi/i, Art thou his friend ? 

K. Henry. And his kinfman too. 

Pi/l. The Ffgo for thee then ! 

K. ffmy. I thank you : God be with you. 

Pifi. My name is Pifiol call'd. {Exit. 

K. Hemy. It forts well with your fierccnefi. 

IMaoH King Henry. 
Eitier FlucKen and Gower. 

Gov?. Captain FluelUn. 

Fh. Soi In the name of C^^^ Cbri^, ^P^^ fewer: it 
is the grcaieft admiration in the univerfal ' 'orid,'' when 
the true and auncient prerogadfes and Jaws of the wan is 
not kept : if you would take the pains Eftit to examine the 
wars of Pim^ey the Great, you fhail find, I warrant you, 
that there is no tiddle taddle nor pibble p^>ble in Poh^s 
camp : I warrant you, you ftialf 6nd the ceremonies d 
the wars, and the cares of it, and the forms of it, and the 
fobrieties of it, and the modefty of it to be otherwifc. 

Gow. Why, the enemy is ioud, you hear him all night. 

ph. If the enemy is an Afs and a foo7, and a prating 
coxcomb, is it meet, think you, that we fhould alio, look 
you, be an Afi and a fool, and a prating coxcotnb ? in 
your own confcience now ? 

Gom. I will fpeak lower. 

FJu. I pray you and befccch you, that you will. [Exetat. 

K. Henry. Tho* it appear a little out of felbion, 
' There is much care and. valour in this fye^btuit. 


Mttter three Soldiers, John Bate, Alexander Court, 
<3w/ Michael Williams. 

Court. Brother Joht BaieSy is not that the motnii^ 
which breaks yonder ? 

Bales. I think it be, but we have no great caufe to 
defire the approach of day. 


I world 

ciq mod t, Google 

Riig He*iry V. 529 

fPiS. We fee yonder the beginning of ihe day, but I 
think we fliall never fee the end of it. Who goes there ? 

K. ffeiiry. A'fricnd. 

lyill. Under what captain (cryc you ? 

K. Hetiry. Under Sir ' 'fbomas^ Erpingbam. ■ 

fFiU. A good old comimnder, and a moft kind gentle* 
tnan: I pray you what thinks heof our cftace? 

K. Hemj. Even as men wreckM upon 3 fand, that \sxAi 
to be wath'd off the next tide. 

B^es. He hath not told his thought to the King? 

K. Hmry: No } nor is it meet' he Ihould r 'for though I 
fpeak it to you, I think the King is but a man as 1 am : 
the violec fmells to him ai it doth to me -, the etemenC 
ihews to him as it doth to me; all his fenCcs have but 
human- conditions. tEs ceremonies laid by, iii hjs naked- 
nefi he appears but a man i and dio* his aKdions are higher 
mounted than ours, yet when they (loop, they ftoop with 
the like wing ; therefore when ' he fees rcaibn of fean as 
we do, his icxn out of doubt be of the lame rdilh as ours 
are \ yetihTleafoin no man Ihould po^ls him with any aj). 
pearanceof fiar, left he, by'fliewing it, (houlddMicarten 

Bates. He may Ibew what outward courage he wills 
but I believe, as cold a nfght as *tts, he could wHh him- 
fdfintheT&WfJuptothe necki and fo I would he were, 
and I by him at 9\\ adrentiires,, fo we were quit here. 

K. Hemy. By my' troth, I will fpcak my confciencc of 
t^e King ; I think he would not wilh himfelf any where 
but where he is. . . 

Bates. Then would he were here abnei fo flwuk] he 
be fure to be ranlbmed,' and' many poor mens lives iaved. 

K. Henfj. I dare fay; you love him not fo ill to wifh 
him here alwie \ howfoevcr you fpeak this to feel other 
mem minds. Methinks 1 coirfd not die any where (b 
contented as in the King's company ; his caufe being juft, 
and his quarrel honourable. 

^tU. That's more than we know. 

Vol.. lU. LI Statt, 

£ 7«&i . . . tUt£t. Thti. imni. 

ciq mod t, Google 

530 J3i^H?N*Y v.. 

Bates, Ay, or more than ve ihpold finlc afi*r; Ibrwe 
know enpMgh^ if we know wc arc die Kii^ £ibc&s: if 
his caufe be wrong, our obedience to the ICing wipes the 
crime of it out of as. . 

fTtil. But if the caufe be nof gted, the King bimfelf 
tuch a heavjr reckoning Co Ktake; when all thole Icgi and 
arms and h^s chop'd off' irv a baUel iball joia togqthcr at 
the hcter day, aod cry all fVi ^i at fucb m pldcei fooie 
fwearing, fonK crying for a luf||BOti; lone upqa their 
wives left poor behind them>, {bme upoo thojcba diey 
owci tome Hpcn their children rawiylcift.' I am 4(car*a 
there are few die well that die in buUc i for faioto can they 
charitably dirpofe of any thing when blood ii their. ajg»- 
ment? nowiftheie mendojiocdiewell, it will be a black 
matter for the Xing that led them tp it, wiwna to.diibb^ 
were a^inft all [roptn'tioD of £il^e&ion, 

K. Henry. So if a fbn that it tent by bis £uher abouf 
merchandize, do fall into fi^me lewd jtiwon aod milbuTy. 
the imputation of bis uuckcdoelf, by yiw ruj^ iboiul 
be impoled upon his fatlier that ieiu him} or if a ftrvanc 
under Ais raauer'a comtnand aaofporting a £)m of thony, 
be aHail'd by robbers, and die in many irreconcil'd iniqui- 
ties, you may all thebufiacl««f themafier tk« author of 
the fervKit'i damnatioo ; . but this itoot lb : uie liung ti 
not bound to anfwer the.parcicular endingtof bit ibldtcn^ 
the Either of his fon, nor the mafter of lus fervaac ; fiv 
they purpofe "not their death when they puipoft their 
fervices. BeGdes, there u no King, be his c^le oerer fa 
fpotlefs; if it come to the arbitrement of fwordi, cao tty 
it out with all unfpotud fbUiqis; fQnfie pe^vcnturc have 
on them .the ^Ut of preioedicated aod OMtrived munher^ 
ibme of be^ulTuig virgins with the broken fqals. of perjury ; 
fomc making toe wars their bulwark, chat have benre 
cored the gentle bofont of pe^ with piUage and robberx* 
Now if thefe men have defea:^ the wm,. vxi out-xun nar 
tive punilhmenti though' they can ouC'ftc^) men, iSacf 
have no wings to fly from Gtod. . Waf is hu bcdd, war 
is hit vengeance t fo that here men are punittiMfortooner 
y . breach 

ciq mod t, Google 

bRich (^tfttKteg's l»n in rheKing's t^ifat-nl no«: wherd 
they feared the aeath, thcr havi born life sway^ and 
where they wtuld be fefb, they peHfh. Then if they die 
unprovid«J, no more is the King guilty of their damna- 
oon, thtn he was bcAt« guilty of thoft Inipieties for which 
they are now vifited. Every ful:^e£t'i fluty a the King% 
but every fut^cA's GxA is his Own, Therefore fliould every 
ibidier in the wars do at every (ick man in his bed, wafh 
every moth out of his oonfciencx : and dying fo, death is 
CD him advanbgci or not dying, the time was well fpent 
wherein fuch preparation was gained ; and in him that 
eicapes it were not lin to think, that making Ood fo frcs 
tn offer, ht In him out-live thdt day to fee his greatnels^ 
and to teadi others how ihty fhould pret«re, 

fi^ 'Tm certain every man that dies ill, the ill is 
upon his own head, the King is not to anfwcr for it. 

Bates. I do not dcfire he fliould anIWer for me» and 
yet I determine to 6ght luflily for him. 
. K. fiEntf. I my iclf heard tho King fay he would not 
be ranfom^ 

fTiil. Ay« he iiUd lb to make us fight chesrfdtly i but 
when out thraus arc cnt^ he may be fantomM, and we 
ne'er the wifcr. . . . 

K. Hmy. !f I livt to fte it^ I wdt never croft his word 

H^U. Tou pay tiitn thoii chafs a perilous flidt out of 
an eMet'guni }4iM a poor and private difplfeafure can do 
ogainft a Monarch t you may as well go about (O mm the 
fun to iw, with &nning in his face with a peacock's 
feather: you'll ittwf tPm b'li word after t came, 'tis a 
foolifli faying., 

K. Henry. Ydat -ftpr«of « fbttiething too round j I 
fbould be angry with you, if the. time were convenient. 

ffiU. Let jt be a quarrel between us if you live. 

K. tieitry. I embrace tt. 

^U. How flull I know thea again? 

K. Henry. Give mc any gage of thtn^ and I will wear 
• L 1 a it 

ciq mod t, Google 

532 *5ig Henry V. 

it in my bonnet : then if ever.tiiou dar'ft ockodwledge k, 
I will make ic mjr quarrel. 

ff^U. Here's my gipve i give me another of thine. 

K. Henry. There. 

ff^il. This will I alfo wear in my capv- if ever tboa 
come to me and lay after to-moiTOw« fbii it nrp gkne i 
by tiiis hand, I will give thee a boK on the ear. 

K. Hemy. If ever I Uve to fee it, . I wiU challenge it. 

U^W. Thou darMt as well be hang'i ■ 

K. HeKTy. Well, I wilt do it, though I .Cake thee ia 
the King's company. 

ff^ill. Keep thy word ; fare thee well. 

Bates-, Be friends, you EiigJiJb fools, be frieods; we 

have French quarrels enow, if you could tell bow to rcdkoo. 

lExeiea SoUkri. 


K. He«r/. Upon the King!, let us,our.]ircs our iouls. 
Our debts, our careful wives, our children and 
Our fins, lay on the Kingj he tnuft bearidl. 
O hard condition, and twfin-born with grcatncis» 
' 'Subjefted to the^ breath of ev'ry fool, 
Whofe fenfe no more can feel but his own wrin^i^. 
What infinite heart-eafe mufl Kin^ ncgled. 
That private men enjoy I and what have Kii^^ 
That privates have, not too^ Otve ceremony ? 
And what art t-hou, thou idpl Ccremooj ? 
What kind of God art thouf that fuficr*ft more 
Of mortal griefs than do thy worAuppeis. 
What are thy rents i what are thy comings- ia ? 
O Ceremony, ♦'telP mc but thy worth: 

(a) — SCENE IV. 

K henrj. Indeed the Trtneb may ky twenty Frineh croms 10 
one, they will beat d), for they bear them f 'apon^ their fbooMcnt 
bu: it 11 no Eigl'Jb tKifon to cot Frtntb cnnm, and to-monow tkc 
King biniclf >tU be a.dipperi 
- L'pun ilicKingI -^— ^ 

3 Sutj^ to 4 fbetr . 5 oa 

ciq mod t, Google 

What is thy "Qiewcrf^ adoration? » 

Art ihou ought ACe but placr, degree and form. 

Creating awe and Jear in otEier men ? 

Wherein thou art le& happy, being fcar'd, 

Than they in fearing. .... 

What drink'ft thou ofr, inflead of homage fweet. 

But pc»ron*d flattery ? O be iick,' great Greatnels, 

And bid thy Ceremony give thee cure. 

Ththk*ft thou the fiery fcaver will go out 

With titles blown from adukcbn? 

Will it give place to flexure and low bending? ^ 

Can'ft thou, when thou command'El ihe beggar's knee. 

Command the health of it? no, thou proud dream. 

That play'ft fp fubtiy with a King's repofe i . 

I am a King that find thee; and I know 

*Tis not the balm^ the Iccptcr and the ball. 

The fword, the mace, the crown imperial. 

The enier-tiflaed robe of gold and pearl, 

The farfed title running 'fore the King, 

The throne he fits on, nor the tide of pomp 

That beats upon the high fhoar of this world ; 

No, not all thefe thrice-gorgeous ceremonies. 

Not all thefe laid in bed majeftical. 

On fleep lb foundly as the wretched Ilave, 

Who with a body fill'd, and vacant mind, 

Gets him to'refl:, cramm'd with diflrefsful bread. 

Never fea horrid night, the child of hell. 

But like a lacquey, from the rile to (ct. 

Sweats in the eye of Phabui ; and all night 

Skqa in Elffium i next day after dawn 

Doth rile, mA. help Hyperion to his horlet 

And follows lb the evcr-niaoing year 

With profitable labour to his grave: 

And (but for ceremony] fudi a wretch. 

Winding up days with toil, and nights with fleep. 

Hath the fare-hatid and vantage ofa King: 

'tlie dav^ a member of the country's peace, 

LI 3 Enjoy 


ciq mod t, Google 

534- ^S«g HenrV V. 

Enjoys it, but in erols l^rajti littk VQts 

What watqk the King keeps to maintain the pcva, 

^Vhofe hours the pci^tit beft ^v^qtagn. 

EHttr Erpingham. 

£rp. My Lord, yotir Nobles jeaJous of ^urabtcoa^ 

Seek through your camp to find yoti. 

K. Henry. Qpod old Knight, 
Colleit them ali together at my tcrtt : 
I'll be before thee. 

Erp. I ftiall da*t, my Lbrd- lExit. 

K . fiemy. Q God of battels ! fteel my Ibk) jer^ heu-ts^ 
Poffefs ihcm not with fear : take from them now 
The fenfe of reclt'ning of th* oppofed nflmbers 
Which ftand before them ! Not to-day, O Lord, 

not to-day, think net upon the fault 
My father made in oompafTinff the crownf 

1 Ricbardh body have interred new. 

And on it have beftow'd more contrite tcatSj 
Than from it iffu'd forced drops trf" blood. 
Five hundred poor I hafre in yearly pay. 
Who twice a-day their wither'd hands bold up 
Tow'rd heaven to pardon bkwd : and X Iwvcouilt 
Two chauntries, where the lad and folemUpriefl? 
Sing ftili for Ricbard'i foul. More will 1 do^ 
Tho' all that I can do is nodiing wcvtb* 
Since that my penitence cq'mes xaet alL 
Imploring pardon. 

Ewtm GAtMctSur, 

Glou, My Li^! 

K. Hemy. My brothef Gftjftsr^s voice ? 
I know thy errand, I wiB go with thee: 
Jhc day, my friends, and ell thihgs ftay for me, lEittiaL 

S C £ N C 

ciq mod t, Google 

^ttg He'nry V. 535 

S C e; N E VI. 
*n>e French Ci*^ 
Enter the I^phiti, Orleans, Ratnburea gnd Beaumont. 
OrAT^HE fan doth ffidwrvmour^fx^rpftat^.* 
J- Cm. To boric, you gallant Princes, ftnut to bode ! 
Do but behold yon poor and ftarved band> 
And 70ur fair flxw Ml fiixk aw«y tbeir fo^ 
Leaving thenv but die (hale* vd iw'^ of mpi. 
There is not work emwgfa fer (»U o»r band*. 
Scarce blood cngugh in all ttiair Gckly vein* 
To give each naked ' 'coatelas"' a ftatfl. 
That our frmcb gallants Oull «o-day draw out, , 
And ftieadi for lack ^ fport. Lk*» but Woy on them, 
Tlie vapour of our valotJr will o'leijum them. 
*Tirpo«eive 'gun& al! CKC^tiog, J,<oidsr 
That cor ftpc^aous lacqaeya and our -pcp&q^ . . 
"Wbo in^imi^Bccflary a^iQnfwarfn 
About our fiiitutt of baUBl, wirp enov 

. LU To 

(a) — ap, my Lordi. . , , . , 

Pom. mmitChtmh Wkwft* V**". ¥SV"!>- «>?' 
OtL O brave tpiiii 
DoM. Via! til gauxU ImHrr*. 
Ort. ftitnfaii! U *ir.U Jim . 
JDm. Ctrl, Coofin OrltMU 

. . EMttt Cm^bU. 

C^."BaK<wowH««ta fcr Brefcat" ferf ke ■d^ 
Dm, Mount thm and «M*e»py^'"'t^«»**^«»» 

Tbu tludr hot Uood auy fpin in f^JjiAqra. 

And daaattiWB »0* ««P«*K»* *«»V- *"' - „ . , 
£«M. What, will yo»)»»ethcniw»p<whorfo Noo4? 

How Ihill wc then boiold ther natDnl ton ? 

UStff. Th« £»/i* w« embMteU'd, yo" /"«»(£ ?«««• 

C««. 'To 

ciq mod t, Google 

53.6 Kffig HenRT v.; 

To purge this Reld of fuch a hilding foe i 

Tho* fre upon this mountain's bafis t^ 

Took ftana for .idle fpeculation-: 

But that our honours muft not. What*! 'to fiy? 

A very little, iittk, Jkt us dp; 

And all is done. Then let the trumpets ibund 

The tuckci^lbnuance, and the note to mount :■ ■ 

For our approach Ihall fb much dare the field, 

TUitE^afiilibsil\ couch down ia fear, and yidd. 

Snter, Graodpree. 

Grand. Why do you ftsiy fo long, my Lbrdtof irrar^? 
Yon Ifland-curions, defp'rate of their bones, ' 
lII-ravour*dIy become the morning field : 
Their r^ged curtains poorly are let loofc^ 
And our air fhakcs them pafCn^ r<X)rnfuIIy.' 
Big Mars leems bankrupt m their bcggai'd hoft. 
And faintly through a rofty bwer peeps, ' - -. 
The horiemen fit like fixed candlehicks, ~ 
With torch-ftaves in their hand: ahd theor poor, jads 
Lah down their heads, drooping the hide and hips: 
The gum down-roping from their pale-dead cyesi 
And m their pale dull moaths the jymotd bite 
Lyes foul with chaw'd grab, ftUl and tnotkuitds » 
And their executc»-s the knavilh crows 
Fly o'er them, all impatient for their hour. 
Pefcription cannot fuit it felf in words, 
* 'The life of luch a battle todemotiftrate,^ 
In life fo livelefi as it Aiews it felf. 

On. They've iaid their prayers, and they flay for death. 

Dau. Shall we go fend them dinners and frefli ftites. 
And give their fafting horfes provender. 
And after fight with tbcm f 

Cen. I ftay but for my guard : on to the fidd ; 
I will the banner from a trumpet take. 
And ufe it for my hafte. Come, come away. 
The fun is high, and we out-wear the day. [ExeuHt. 


8 To dtmonfinte the life of fuch a Iattle> 

ciq mod t, Google 

Km^ H-ENRT y... 537 

SCENE va ' 

7he EogliOi Caap> 

Enter GJouceder, Bedford, Exeter, Erpingli^tn with off' 
the Hojtt Salisbury and Wcftmoriand. 

. C/flB-tXTHere is the King? . [batrel.' 

VV Bed. The King himfclf is rode to view their 

Wefi. Of fighting men they bare full thrccfcore thouiaiid.- 

£*f. There's five to one, befides they arc all frtfli. 

Sd. God's arm fhike with us ! 'tis a fearful odds. 
God be wi' you, Princes all ; III to my chare;e. '' 

If we no more meet 'till we meet in hcav'n. 
Then joyfuily, my noble Lord of Bf^^ffrJi 
My dear Lord Gu^Jlert and my good Lord Exeter, 
And my kind kinfman, warrion all, adieu ! [theef 

Bed. Farewel, good Salisbury, and good luck go with' 

Exe. Farewel, kind Lord ; fight valiantly to-day: 
And yet I do thee wrong to mind thee of it, 
For thou art fram*d of the firm truth of vakxir. [Exit Sat' 

Bed. He is as full of valour as of ktndncfi, 
Princely in both. 

Enter Ki^ Hbnry. 

ff(fl. O that we now had here 
But one ten thoufand of thoTe men in Et^latd 
Thu do no work to-day ! 

K.Hemy. What's h^ that withes fo? 
My coufin fV^morUmd? no, my fair co(|fini 
If we are mark'd to die, we are enow 
To do our country lols •. and if to live. 
The fewer men, the greater fhare of honour. 
God's will ! I pray thee wiib not one man more. 
By yvoe I am not covetous of gpld. 
Nor care I who doth feed upon my o^^ 

ciq mod t, Google 

5^3 IGwg Henrt V. 

Itymmtataot if men my garHUOts wear t 

Such outward tKingt dwell not in mydcGrcs: 

But if ic be ft fin to covet honour, 

I am the moft tending Ibul alivij. 

No, 'faith, my Lord, with noc a min from Et^lmd : 

God's peace, I would not lofe I9 gnat an honour 

As one man more, methinks, wouM fliare from me. 

For the beft hopes I have. Don't wtfli one more : 

Kfether proclaim it (Weftmorland) througb mj hoft, 

TM be which hath m ftomadi to ttiii 6abt, 

I^bun depart, hii palsporc /hall be ma^ 

And cnMinE for convoy put into his pude : 

We would not dk in that mao^s company 

That fears his fdXomitap to die with us. 

This day is call'd. the feaft of Cri^m: 

He that out-lives this day and comes iafe bome^ 

Will ftaod a <ip4x» who* this day is nam'di 

Aod rouze hin at the napie of Q-i^im : 

lie tlot fball live this day, aD4 fee pid fgt, 

Will yeirJy pn the vigU &ift hit neififibpun. 

And iay to-morrow is Saint Cr^fiaa ; 

1)101 will' he ftrip his fleeveaodlhcv hit leans 

Old men For^t yet ihall not aU b^t. 

But thr^'Il remember with advantages 

What feats th^ did that day. Thm fball out nuno. 

Familiar in their mo«tliju.h!Cwt»»rds, 

Harry the King, Bedford^ anid ^xettTf 

Waneick and falht^ SaUthitry aod iiUi*fier, 

Be in their flbwing cups freflify i:emiembcrM. 

This ftory Iball die good man tea^ tijs ftn; 

And O-i^ne Qr^aH ftaH neVr go by 

From this day to the ending of the world. 

But we in it fliall be remembered i 

We few, we ha{^y few, we band of forochefB : 

For he to-day that flicds his btood with me 

Shall be my brbdicl- 1 be he Wer (b vile. 

This day ihall gentle bis conditi(»i. 

And seittlemen in Bwimd now a-bed 


ciq mod t, Google 

Shall think dieinfilTcs acaufM i&cy.«uc MC bdrri" • 
And hold their nunhoods dKut, ^Ue'u^ fftaHa f 

That fought wictn lULOixia St! Oi^imS dsf. 

!E»/*r Salisbury. ',:' 
^o/. My fovVwgn Lord, beftov TOurfdf iP^^ttd:: 
The French att bnnly iit their bateeb Sx, 
And will with all lO^Kilicnce chargis on ut. 
K. He/try. AU Uvnga ars rsadj;^ if our mindi be Sa. 
Wtfi. Perifli the mao whofe mnd is bidcivaid noirt * 
K.Bniry. Thou doft Dot infh more help fhHB£^pb»4' 
coufin ? ( 

fF^eft. God's wtU» my Liege, weald yon and I. alow ' 
"Without more liclp could fight this royal batael ) - 
K. Hemy. Why. now thou haft uiwi&'d •/tmif^' 
thoofand qien j 
Which likes me better than to wiih utont^ 
You know your places: God be nib pou all I 

SCENE vni. 

ji'TudittJhadt. ^nttrMwa^. 

Mount, Oncsmore! come 16 know of thee, Ktng/firgr» 
If for thy rairibm (hou wilt now cotupound. 
Before thy moft aSired orerthrow : 
For certainly dwa art lb near the gnlf, 
Thou nebdi moft be enghitied. Thus in mercy. 
The ConftaUe defires thee thoa wilt mind 
Thy followers of repentance; that thar Ibub 
May make a peaceful and a fweec retin 
Ffom off thefe ficldsj where, wretche s, their poorboifief 
Muft tye and fofter. 

K. Hemy. Who hath fent thee now ? 

MuoU. The Conftablc of Framt. 

K. Hemj. I pray thee, bear ny fonneranfnw back. 
Bid them atchieve me and then iiul my bones. 
Good God I why Ihould they mock poor fellows thus ? 

9 fire 

ciq mod t, Google 

54JO-. IS^Henr* y.' 

The fflfii jililit ooce did M the Lioo^s skin 

'While the beaft liv.'d, was.kill'd widt honting bim. 

And many of our bodies ihall, nodoubt^ - ' 

Find native graves i upon the which,.I truft, 

^all witndslive in bnrfs of thb day*^ work. 

Anl'tfanke that leave thc'tr valiant bones in Fraut, 

Dying like men^ ditf buried in~yO(n''diMghiIs, 

They Iball be fam*d}- ftir Jhere the Ion fli3l greet chem. 

And dcaw their faonauts reeking up to beav'n. 

Leaving their eattiily {MnEtochoak yourclimet 

l^hcJindl whereof fhattbicod aplaguc in -B^Mee.* 

Xct tne Ipeak proudly ; tell the Conftable, 

WeoBt but .warriocs far the working day i 

Out ^ynefi and oar .gilt are all be-(mirch'd 

With rahty marching jn che painful field. ' - 

There's not a piece of feaiher in our hoftt - 

Good argument Lht^wie will notilyc • • ■ 

And time hath worq us into (lovenry^ - ' ; 

But, by the mafs, our hearts are in the trim : 

And my poor Cjldifcrs teU me, yet ere nisht 

They'll be in freftier robes, * 'for^ they will pluck 

The gay new coaa tftx the Frncb foldten heads. 

And twn them out. of lervice. If they do* 

(As if God plcafe they null) my r^nlbp^ then. 

Will foon be levy'd. Herald, fiye.thylabour. 

Come thou no more feir nuifboi, gentle. b«ta)d. 

They Iball have none I fwrar but thele iDy joiotti 

Which if they have as t will leave *em theni. 

Shall leave them little, tell the CooOable. . 

Mount. I (hall. King Harry: and To fiuc thee well. 
Thou never Ibalt hear herald any more. [Exii. 
. . . . Emer 

(:i]— a pl^ue in Franct,- ■ 

Matk then abounding vslour in our E»glifi : 

That bring dead, lilw to the buUct'i jpune, 

Bmlc eat ii^a fccooc) (ootre o£ BUChieC 

Killing in rcUpie of mortaliij;. • . i 

Let me fpeak phwdlj; iSc. 

ciq mod t, Google 

' iftlgHEWRT V. S+I 

£»/«■ York. 

Tork. MjlMAy iDoft humbly on my knee I bo; .' 
The leading of the vaward. [away. 

K. Hewry. Take ir, briTe Tork. Nov, Toklurs, mifrch 
And how thou ploftft, God, dirpofe the day ! {Exma, 

S ■i.c'.'.E ' N ,E " ix. 

7be Field of Battie, 

JBarm^ Exenrfim, Enter Vi^oXiVteacli SeldUr and Bt^f, 

Pifi.'^J'l^At cur. 

^ Fr. Sol. Jt fenfique vm ifies le geMtSbemm 

'■ P^. Quality dilmyculhire me, artthouagcntleituui? 
what is thy name? difcufs. 
- Fr. Sol. O S^eur Dieu! 

Pifi. O Signieur Dewe Ihould be a gentleman : 
Penpend my words, O Si^ieur Dewe^ and mark i 
p Signieur Dewe, thou dicft on pornt of fitf, 
1£]rcept, O Signieur, thou do ^ve to me 
'^jegious ranfom. 

Fr. Sol. O fremuz mifiriecriUj ofezpitii dt mcyl. . 
Pifi. Moy fliall not ferve, I wiU have forty mo^} or 
I will fetch thy t^m out at thy throa^ in drops of crim; 
fbnbkiod. • ■ 

Fr.Sol. Efi-ilia^offibk ^ efcbi^per la force dem irasi 
Pift. Bra&, cur? [b^afif 

Thou damned and luxunous mduntun goat, cfier'fl; ii)e 
' Fr. Sol. O pardomtz moy. 
P{ff. Say% duM me lb ? is that a K>n of moys? 
Come hither. Boy, ask me this Have in Fitmb, 
"What is his name. . , - . . 

Boy. Efccute, eommtnt eftti veiu a^lHf 
• Fr. So!. Mot^ettr U per. 

Bay. He fays his nainc is Mr. Per. 
■ Pift. Mr. Per! 1*\\ ftr him and ftrk him, and ftaret 
' him^'.dilisili the &mein Pi-encb unto bim. Bty, 

ciq mod t, Google 

$4« ^HBnMt% 

Bey. tdonotkiiowtheiraW'&.Av/a', md/atet, and 

Pijt, Kdiiiiii pnpire, for I will out fan dinat. 

IV. Sol. ^ tSi'ii, Mmfieurt 
. Boy. n m (ammtmle tU vmudtrefaema^mu tmez 

ll^regom. .... . _ . . 

Pifi. Owy, cuppelle gorge partnafoy pdant, unlefi 
thou give Die crowA^ briTC crowns t or mangled lluk 
thou be by this my.fword. 

Fr. Sol. Oje >veiu fupplie pew /* amour de Dieu mepttT' 
JmOTt J*JUt iflHiApim^ dt hotm ma^m^ priik wm vfe, 
(Sje vous donnertTf deux cents efcvs. 

Pifi, What are his words? 

Siy. He prays vou n> lave his life;' he is a ^etutenunof 
« good houK» and for bis ranfbm he will give yoa two 
hundred crowns. 

Pifi. Tell him my fury Hull «bace, and I the avwns 
will take 

Fr. gol. PiiitMa^iw, pu dH'U? 

Boy. Emore fp^ U j;fi aatrt /tm Jifremei/ difordmifr 
mem prifimier; aeoHtmoiMSfffu- Us t/ctu m wut \'b^ 
promettez, U eji conieni de vous donner kt MvU dfjram- 

.. Fr.SoI. SurmsgenotuejevotudsfsemiMeirmereiemeittf 
t^Jt me tifiimc beureux gmjefm tombe tftn ks iMmns imt 
CbevaSer, je penfij le plus trove , valiant, & tret fAbr 
■Seffiieitr iAngkierre. 
■ , Pijt. Expound uncd me, boy. 

Jl^. He gives jrou upon his juuea a tboulMKl tbvilis, 
and«fteem3liimlelf happy, that he Wh fitll'n into, the 
hands vf ooe as be thiaks the moft brave* yalorovs, and 
thrice-worthy Sigoieur of Engfand. 

Pifi. As I fiidt blood, I will Ibme tpKc^ flwr. 
Follow me, cur. 

Boy. SuivezU grand capitm. [Mx'.Vift.'omlfr,S^ 
I did never know fo fy\l a voice inua from, ja miftj * 
.hes^tf tnic ths Jong is truc^ ^ fri^ vejjit m*kn the 

,'2 /'or - _ ' 

ciq mod t, Google 

atat^ifiiad. jEtdr^lpjAi and J^ had tea tiaKtmatc n- 
'Um than this ramog devil l* th* old pUy i cv«ry <nc imr 
pair his nails with a wooden dagger : yet they arc both 
. hai^d, and fb would this be if tie durit fteal any thing 
advent*roufty. I muft ftayvidi tbe lacquey t with the lug- 
^igjc of our camp; die Fr'erkb might have a good prey 
of lu if be kotw <«f 1^ fee then k nuw «» gioid ic buc 
boys. [£»/. 

— . — -ji - - . .-■ ■ I rf 11 ■ I .^ 

S C B N B X. 

Mother part of the Field of Battle. 

Enter CoaftaUe,Oriaiu, Boiufago, Dnqihin mti RmbHicl 

Con. r\ DiaUet 

^^ Orl. OS^ttmrHtJQiirefiperdUt tout^perdu, 

Dan. Mort ie ma vie, all is a>nfounded> all I 
Reproach and everlafting fhama 
Sits mocking in our plumes. [Ajbert 4art», 

OmefiboHtefartMut do itatruazvny. 

Cat. Why, alt our ranks are broke. 

Dau. O perdurable fhame». let's ftab our lelvei: 
Be tbefe the wretches that we i^ay'd at dice for ? 

(^l. Is this the King we lent td for hb nmlbm f 

Bevr. Shame iind cteri^l Diame, nothing but fluune!' 
Let us die > 'inftant — oncc^ more back aggim! 
The man that will not follow Bourbon now. 
Let him go hence, and with his cap in hand 
Like a bale pander hold thechanibv-door* 
Whilll by a Have, no gdfuler di^ my do^ 
His Jaireitdaughter' is conbmio:^tcd> 

Cm. Difordcr, that hath ijxiird i)5t fneiid us now I 
Let us c»i heaps go offer lip our lives. 

Orl. We are enow yet Tiving in the field 
To imother up ihe E>^U^ in our thiongs* 
If any order might be thought upoo. 


% ki oncf . . ■ tUtJit, Thtti. tmtni. 

ciq mod t, Google 

i44^ JiSiag Hbnry V. 

Botir. The denl take order iwvi 1*11 to the throng ; - 
Let life be ftiort, eUc Ihame Will be too long. lExemit. 

S C E N E XI. 

■jffartim. f^nter the Kiiig Mid Hi Tram, vrith PHfwtun. 

K. iienrf. 'WT'En have we done, thrice valiant counOy- 

• » men. 
But air> not donp, tbeB-nfl& yet keep theiBdd. 

Ext. The Duke of Tork commeads him to your Ma- 
jcfty. [hour 

K. Utmy. Uves he, good uncle ? thrice within this 
1 law hkadowni thrice upaffahi, oAd Bghdng: 
From helmet to the fpur all (deeding (^cr. 

£w. In which array, brave fplcUer ! doth he lyc 
Larding the plain \ and by his bloody (ide 
(Yoak-fellonF to his honour-owing wounds) 
The noble Earl of Suffolk alfo lyes. 
ZuffoVt firft dy'd, and Tgrk all haggled over 
Comes to him where in gore he-lay inftecp'd. 
And takes him by the beard, kiflTst the gaflus 
That bloodily did yawn upon his face* 
And c[ie& alOud, viirr7, f»r »«/F« Sufiblk, 
^fouljball tb/ni keep cempatty to hes^n : 
^arry, /weeljouly for tniney tbnfy a-breafi-, 
Ai in this glorious 4nd welt-fottsbten'jield 
We kept tegett^ in our chivaky. 
Upon ihefe w'ords I came and cheer'd him up t 
He fmil'd me in the faa, gave me his hand. 
And with a fctble gripe lays. Dear mj Lori^ 
Comvundvpf fervice tl> mf Severe iffi\ 
So did he turn, and over Sufe/k's neck 
He threw his vflundcd arm, and kift his lips. 
And lb efpous'd to death, with blood he 1^'d 
A teftament of noble-ending love. 
The prcny and fweet manner ctf it forc'd 


ciq mod t, Google 

JSiig.HENRY V. 545 

Thefe watcrK&om mc, whkh I would have ilop'd. 
Bur I had much of man in me. 
But mottier came into mine eyes 
And gave me up to: tears. 

K. Henry.: I blame you not j 
For hearing tliis 1 muCl perforce compound 
With -♦'miftfur eyes, or ihey will iffue too, ^Alariitfi. 
But hark, what new alacum is this fame i 
The B-encb hayc re-inforcM their fcatter'd men : 
Thm every, foldier kill.hit prifoners. 
Give the, word throughv : \_Exctini. 

S C E N E XIL . 

Al»ms cmtinfiedi afier.wMcb enter Fluellen a*/Gower. 

Fbt. Kill thepoyes and the luggage ! 'tis exprefly againft 
the law of arms-, 'tis as arrant a piece of knavery, 
mark yoa now, as can be defir^d io your confcience now, 
is ic not f 

Govo. *Tts certain, -there's not a boy left alive t and 
the cowardly rafcals riiat fan away from the battel ha' 
done this flaaghtcr : befidcs, they have burn'd or cjrried 
away all that was in'thcKing's tent i wherefore the King 
mott wonhily hath' caus'd ev'ry foldier to cut his prifoner's 
throat. O 'tis a gallant King! 

■■ Fbt. I, he was porn at JWoMMff/i, captain CffwiTi 
what call you the town's Dame where jSexohder the pig 
was* 'pom ?^ 

G&w. Jltxavdir the Great. 

Fh. Why, I lany you, is not pig, great ? the pig, 
or the great, or the mighty, or thq huge, or the magna- 
nimous, .arc all one reckonings, lave the phrafe is a fitcle 

Gow. \ think Akxander the Great was born in MacedoHt 
his father was called Pbil^ of Macedon, as 1 take it. 

Flu. I think it is in Maeedon where jfUxaader is porn : 
I tetl you, -captam, if you look in the maps of the orid. 

Vol. III. Mm 1 war- 

4 miztful . . . «tf *Jit. l^arh, tmimd* j bom 


5+6 khg HEiikV V. 

i warrant thiit you tall fiAd'in tfaeeompufibns betWeen 
MacedoH and Monmatuhy that the fitoanoiu, lode ^ob; is 
both alike. There is a rrrcr in Maa^ there b dlo k 
river «t Monmeutb : it Is called Wye at Monmaib, fabt ft 
is out of my prains what is the name oS rfie other river ; 
but it is all one, 'trs -as likeas my fingers totnyfinigmi, 
and there is Salmons in'both. If you mark ..^^S^AferH 
life well, Harryhi M»»»l>sr£*s<Jifeis come^fter It Jhdif- 
ferent well ; for there fe %br4sin ftU things. yUaiMttery 
' 'Got'' knows and you-knoV, inlils raps, ind his fories, 
and his wraths, and his cholcrs, and his tiioods, alidlni 
difpleafures, and his indignations; andatfo being a litde 
intoxicates in his prauls, tfid in his ales iBid his angerSf 
look you, kill his ^ 'pcft'' friend Qytus. 

Gow. Our King ts ntt !ik'e>iitti in that, 'tie HTifv^lotPd 
any, of his friends. 

Fh. It IS not well done, mark you ndw^ to talce the 
falcs (Kit of my mouth, ere it 19 made and finifhed. I 
fpeak but ih'Bgurcs and 'companions of iti as jiUxai^ 
kill'd his friein Chftus bcin^ in his aks and his dipt; io 
dlfo Harry Mohmoutb being in his right wits and his good 
judgements, turn'd away the fat ICnight with the great 
* 'pcUy^-doublet 1 he wfls fuU of jcfe and .gy pes, and 
knaveries, and mocks : , I haVe forgot liis name. 

Cow. Sir yobtt Fdlfiaff, 

fh. That is he: I tcll-yoU there b Vgoot^ men pom 
at Monmouth, 

"Gow. Here comes his Majefty. 

S C E K E Xfn,. 

jiknm. Enter Kin^ Vi^nty tiiib B6urbon imi cH)€r pri- 
fitters^ Lards ond^iHtdtMs. 'fJaoH/b. ' 

K. Henry. I was not asgry fince I cAipe to Fhatett 
Until this tnftant. Take- a trumpet, heraki. 
Ride tlwu unto the borremenon yon hill t 
If they will fight with us bid them QOmc down. 


6 Gcd ; l«{t 8 belly 9 good 

ciq mod t, Google 

Or ymd cHfe fivHi ibey do offend our ftght. 
if they'll do {leidiort vc will come to them. 
And make thcai ifccr away, as fwift as ftones 
Enferocd ftomthc «ld jf^rias flin^.- " 

BcGdss, We'll cut die throats of chafe wc hav«4 
And not a man of thenj ch« wc fliall take 
Shall tafte our mercy. Go aad kU them lb. 

Snftt Mountjpy. 

£xt. Here comes .the heraid of die PrMci, my Liege. 
, Glm. His.eya jve haiabler than theyus'd lo be. 

K. .Hairj. How BWt what ' ^mcan^ chou,'' herald t 
know^-duAi oot, 
That I haTCfittUAde bones^f mine for rarfl^? 
Com'ft thou i^n fiar ran^tm. 

Metaa. No» givatKii^: 
-J cooicitotbte.rarjdutitatueliceiice ■ 
That ve jn^ wander fl'jer dtis bkxidy fieldi 
To book our dead, and then to bury them : 
To fort our Nobles fism par iGommon mcnt 
for many of wr -Princts '( woe the white ! ) 
Jjje drown'd and&okM in mercenary blood I 
So do-Qur vulgar ^feodi their peafant limbs 
In blood of Princai, «itile>their wounded fteeds 
Fret fec-lock deep in gore, and with wild rage 
Yetk out their armed-heob at tticir dead matters. 
Killing tbem tirice. C), give us leave, great King, 
To view thtrfiel|d in fafety, and diJpofc 
Of their dead bodies. 

K. Henry. .Itdl thee truly, herald, 
I know nQt if .the day be ours or no ; 
For yet a many of your horfemen peer 
And gallop,o*er-the-ficld. 

. Mouai. 'hid day is ywrs. 

'K. Henry. Praifed tie God and not our ftrcngth forJt! 
What is this calUe call'd that ftands hard by ? 

Mount, They call it 4£iwourt, 

M m a K. Henry, 

1 meai;i their 

, C,ql,lt!dt,G00glC 

548 King Henry V. 

K. Henry, Then call we this the field of ^mawrt^ j 

Fought on the day of Crifpin Cri^iamu. 

Flu. Your grand&ther of fiimous meinory, an*t plea(e 
your Majedy, and your great uncle Edward the plack 
Printe of pyiUei, as I have read in the chronicles, fought 
a moft prave pattlc here in Fraiue. 

K. Hemy. They did, FiaeUen. 

Ftu. Tour Majefty fays very true : if your Majeflies is 
rcmembcr'd of it, the ff^elpmen did good ftrvice in a 
garden where leeks did grow, wearing leeks in their Afm* 
mouth caps, which'your Majedy knoWs to this hour is an 
honourable pidge of the fcnricfj and I dobdtrve joar 
Muefty takes no ioxn to wear the leek upon St.7iR«e*sday. 

K.Jjenn. i wear it fora-memotaUc nooour: 
For I am We^, you know, good countmnan. 

Flu, All the water in f^ cannot wafh your Majefty*s 
H^e^ ptood out of your pody, I can tell you that : Gtt 
ple^ and preferve it as long as it pleafts fail Grace and his 
Majefty too! 

K. fftmy. Thanks good my countrytnan. 

Flu. By *'Cb^t'' 1 am your Majefly's countrynnn, 
I care not who know it: I wiH coqms it to all the orld, 
I need not be alhamed of your Mmfty, praifcd be ^/Goc,^ 
ib long as your Majefty is an boneft maa. 

K. Hemy. God keep me fb ! 

Enor Williams. 
Our heralds go with him, [^Ex, Mouo^. 

Bring me juft notice of the numbers dead 
On both our parts. Call yonder fellow hither. 

s c E N E xiy. 

Exe. Soldier, you muft come to the King. 

K. Hnry. Soldier, why wcar'ft thou ilut glove in ihy 
cap? i 

ff^H. An*t pleale your Majefty, 'tis the ^ige of one diat 
1 fhould fight withal, if he bie alive.. 

K. fimty. An Et^lifimm f «^ 


i3f^ Hekrt V. 549 

fhU. Ao'c'^eale 70ur IVfejefty, a rafbd that fwagger'd 
with me lalt Qigbt, who if alive, and if ever he dare to 
challenge this glove, I have fworn to take him a boit 
o' th' ear ; or if I can iee m/ glove in his cap, which he 
{wore as he was a foMier he would wear, (if alive) I will 
ftrike it out foundly. 

. K. Henry. What think you, captain FkeUtn^ ii it fit 
this Jbldier keep his oath ? 

^. He is a craven and a villain die, an*t pleafe your 
Majefty, in my conidence. 

K. HtTiry. It may be his enemy is a gentleman of great 
fort, quite from the anfwer of his degree. 

i?it. Though he be as ^'goq^'^ a gentleman as the 
' 'tevir is, as Lucifer and Btlzelnib himfcTf, it is neceffiiry, 
look your Grace, that he keep hu vow and his oath : if 
he be pcijur'd, fee you now, his reputation is as arrant a 
villain and a jacklawce, as ever his ' 'plack'' Ihoe trod 
upon "> 'GotV ground and his earth, in my confcience 

K. Hemy, Then keep thy vow, firrah, when thou 
meet'ft the fellow. 

H^tU. So I will, my Uege, as I live. 

K.Nmy. Who ferv'ft thou under? 

ffiii. Under captain Gower, my Liege. 

Flu. Gcwer is a ''goot^ captain, and is » 'goot^ know- 
ledge and literature in the wars. 

K. Henry. Call him hither to me, foldier. . 

mil. I will, my Liege. [Exit. 

K.Htf&y. Here, i^<i!fe», wear thou this favour for me, 
and Sick it in thy cap } when AImJoh and my fcif were 
down together, 1 pluck'd this glove from his helm \ if any 
man challenge this, he is ^ friend to Almjm and an enemy 
to our pcrlbn \ if thou encounter any fuch, apprehend him 
if thou doft love me. 

Flu. Your Grace does great honours as can be de- 

lir'd in the hearts of bis fiibjeds : I would fain fee the tnan 

that has but two legs that ihall 6nd himfclf agriev'd at this 

M m 3 gloves 

4 good s devil i UmIc 7 God'i S good 9 good 


5SO iSfcg HemKT V. 

gk}ve i that is all i but 1 vroold fain lee it oncei an [d^fe 
I 'Got^ of his Grace that I might fee. 

K. Henry. Know'ft thou G«P*r ? . 

i^k. tie is my deu- friend, an pleale you. 

1^. Henry, Pray thee, go leek him and brii^ him Ui 
my tent. 

/&. I will l^tch him, [£10/. 

K. Henry. My Lord, of ff^arwifk utd my brothn 
Follow Hiielkn cloftly at the heels : [Gl^Jer^ 

'thi glove which I have given him for a favour 
May haply purchafe him a box o* th' ear. 
Ii is the foldier's ; 1 by bargain Ihould 
Wear it my felf. Follow, good coufui ^arwict : 
If that the foldier ftrilce him, as I judge 
By his blunt bearing lie will keep his word i 
Some fudden mifchief may arife of it: 
For I do know FlaeUm valiant, 
Ai>d touch'd with choler boc as gunpowder. 
And quickly he'll return an injury. 
Follow and fee there be ^o harm betwceo cfaem. 
Come you with me, uncle of Exeter. [Examt- 

Befrn Kirig Hetory'j PavHt'm, 
Enter Gowet Md WQliaaM. 
7f^ll T Warrant, it is to knight you, .captain, 
Eatir FludkB. 
fiti. * '^Go^B^ 1*411 Mi his pkkfiire, oopfeiin, I * ■'pefeedi^ 
yoQRow come apacett-the Kipg: that is mote "^ 'gBob^ 
■oward yaa peFadvcaOirt, than b in yoitr knowledge 10 
dream of. 

if^iil. Sir, kntmr you thtt-gbvc i 

fin. Know the gkfvt ? i know «he gkiwe is 1 gte«. 

■ff^iH. 1 know this, and thuslohallugeir. [Slriktsbim. 

I Gofl s Gcd's 3 beftech 4, pxii 

ciq mod t, Google 

£mg Hehrx V. „ 551; 

Fk, 'Sbadt an. arcuu traitor as any's ih the univerlal 
^ ''orH^ in Fraace dr in Sj^knd. 

Gow. Hovoosr, Sir?' you villain. 

/TfV/. Do yotL think Ii*il be forCvorn ? 

/Tif. Stand tatust captain Genvr, ( vitl give treafoD 
hi& paynmc inm plp«s» I wacrant you. 

HHU. I am no. t^tor. 

/^, That's a lie in thy thDDa,L I charge you in his 
Miijefty,'sitame,aj:4)rebendhtm, Ik's a friend of the Duke 

Svier Warwick and Gloucefter. 

ff^ar. How now, how nojff, what's the matter ? 

77a. My Lord of ^-ffanoicka here is, praifcd be * 'Got^ 
for it, a mptt coniragious ttea(an^come to lights look you* 
as youihaliderireinafumnier'sday. Here ishisM>ijcfty, 
^,er I&f^ Henry a»l Exeter. 

K. Hapy. How now, what's the matter f ' 

fUi. My Liege, here is a villain and a traitor, that, 
look ycur Grace, has ftnidc the glove which your Mar- 
jelly is take out of the helmet of jfltm/m. 

JVUl. My Liege, this was my glove, here is tlw feltow 
of it t and he that I gave it to in change, promis'd to wear 
it in his cap ; ' I promis'd to ftrike him if he did j I met 
this man with my glove in bis cap, and I have been as 
good as my woid. 

Flu. Your Majefly hear now, f^ving your Majefty*s 
manhood, wtiat an arrant, rafcally, ' ^peggarjy^ lowfie 
knave it is i I hope your SuSajefty is pear me teftimonies* 
and vritnefTes, and avouc^pent^i that thjs is the gloYe of 
Jlanfqn that your IS^^cfty is giy;^ nu* in your cpnicknce 

K- Heaty. Give mjp thy glfaye, ^j^iec; look, here is the 
fellow of it: *cwa^ m? indeed thou prQpQi(ed'ft to (trike, 
and thou haft %vmn mg ino^ t;>itW icrms. 

Flu. An plcafe your Msjefty, Iqt his n^k for 
it, if there is any martial law in the ' ^orld.^ 

M m 4 K. Hmy. 

; world, 6- God 7 begguiy 8 woild. 


55* JSffg Henry V:. 

K. Henry. How canft cbou vcaku me latisb^on? 

M^ill. AH offences, my Lord, come from the heart 5 
never came any from mine that iriight offend your Majefty. 

K. Hairy. It was our fclfihou didft abufc. 

[ViH Your Alajefty came hot like your fcif j you ap- • 
\.:-i.T\\ la me but as a common man ; wicnefs the night, 
yo.;r garments,, your iowlinefsi and what your Highnds 
li.frcr'd under that fhape, i bclccch you^ take it for your 
fault and not mine ; for h^ you been as I took you for, 
I made no offence i therefore I bcfeech yqur Higfane6, 
pardon me. [crowns, 

K. Htnry. Here, uncle Exeter t fill this glove widi 
And .give it 10 this fellow. KeejS it, feiiow. 
And wear it for an honour in thy cap, 
*TiIl I do challenge it.. Give him the crowns : 
And, captain, you niufl needs be friends with him. 

Fbi. By this day and this light, the fvllow has mettle 
enough in his ' 'pody 1'' hold; there is twelve pence fta- 
you, and I pray you to ferve "'Got,'^ and keep you outof 
prawk and prabbles, and quarreb and di&otioJis. and I 
warrant you it is the * ''pctier'^ for you. 
' fVilL I will none of your nxiny. 

Flu. It is with a ' (goot^ wit! i I can tell yoa it will 
ferve you to mend yoilr uiocs } come, wherefore fhould you 
be fo pafhful? yogr.fijoej is not fo gootj *lis a*'goot^ 
filling, I warrant you, or I will change it. 


Exter Herald. 

K. Henry. Arc the dead number*d ? 

Her. Here is thenumber of the fiaughter*d French. 

K.Henry. What raifpners of good fort are taken, uncle ? 

£xe. 'Charles 'Dakc of Orleans f nephew to the King j 
Jobn Duke of Bourbon, and Lord BnebiqaaU : 
Of other Lords and Barons, Knights and 'Squires, 
Full fifteen hundred, bcfides common men. 

(a) n« iijl h t<^tifhm H«I1. Pope. 

9 bod; t I God, 9 bett^ 3 go«d 4 ytti 

ciq mod t, Google 

&iig Henrt V. 553 

k. ^MT^. Thb note doth cell me of ten flionlknd Frrw^ 
Shin in the field ( of Princes in this numtwr. 
And Nobles bearing banners, there lye dead 
<^e hundred twenty fix ; added to thefc. 
Of Knights, Elquires, and pliant gentlemo). 
Bight thouland and four hundred ; of the which. 
Five hundred were but ycftcitiay dubb'd Knights j 
So that ID thcfe ten thouland they have loft. 
There are but futtcen hundred merceawics : 
The reft are Princes, Barons, L«rds, Knights, ^Squlrc^ 
And gendemen of blood and quality. 
The names of thofe thifir Nobles that lye doad, . 
Cha^lts Delairelbj high ConilaUeof Fri2ff»i 
Jaques of QMliHait Admiral of France ; 
The Mailer of the crofs-bows. Lord Rjuniuresi 
&cat Mafter of FraHctt the brave Sir Gutcbard Daupbm \ • 
JobH Duke oi jSmfim, Jhtibony Duke oi BrahaU 
The brother to the Duke ofBitrgmidf ; 

Ajid Edward Duke of £er: Of lufty Earls, 

GroH^ei and Aoff^, FoMkentri^e and FcyeSt 

Btaumoitt and MarU^ VaudemaU and Leftralc. 

Here was a royal fellowship of death ! 

Where is the number of our Ei^lifi} dead ? 

Exe. Edward the Duke of Tork^ die Earl of St^&t 

Sir Richard Keilery Davy Gam ZS^aim 

None elle of name ; and of all otwr men, 

But five and twenty. 

K. FUtiry. O God, thy arm was here ! 

And not to us, but to thy arm atone . 

Afcribe we all ! When, without ftrata^m. 

But in plain Ihock and even play of battel, 

Was ever known fo great andjinle lols 

On one put and on th' other? take it, God, 

For it is only thine. 
£«..'Tis wondcrfiil! 
K. ffemy. Come; go we in proceflitHi to the village : 

And be it death proclaimed throuidi our hoft. 

To boaft of this, or take that praife fiom God, 

Whidi is bis only. i^^• 

ciq mod t, Google 

55* ^H*K^y-V, 

m, U it nptUvM i»n picafe 5??W Wi»(»fty, «|>^ t^ hcnr 

many is kiU'd ? t**^^ 

K. Henry. Yes, captun i tuF with this YVif^'f^fl 

That God fought for u^ 
fiu. Yes, mycoolcicace, h^didu^gnai *'^p|;t.^ 
K. Heniy.^ Po w& 4IL holy rit<s : 

Let there be fupg Nnmiitj and TeDetgi^:- 

The dead with cbarky eoclo&Nd in clay. 

And then to Cai^ aiifl to Ei^Iat4 (ncp, 

"Wtieie Hc'et £tom Fnucf arciv'd moce haspp^ oKa. 

£)i/0- ChjiruB, 
CZw. Voucl^&fb to tkofe'tbat bave not read thcAsry, 
That I may prompt them v and to fiicti as have, 
I humbly pray thun to admit th' excuTe 
Of time, of numlaera, and due cwrlc of thir^^ 
Which cannot in their huge and prap^ life 
Be here prefenced. Now we bear t^ King 
Tow'rd Calais : grant him thece { and tbcre' being ice^ 
Heave him Away upon your winged tlvx^hts 
Athwart the lea : behold the Ei^jb tieach 
Pales in the flood with men, ^itfa wives and boys, 
"Whofe (bouts and daps outi voice the deep-maiitk*d fia, 
AVhich like a mlgkty whifQer '(ok the King 
Seems to prepare his w^y } fb let him land. 
And folcmnly fe^ him It^ on ta.Laidon, 
So fwift a pace hath thought, that even now 
You may imagino him upon BiaekrhtfUh: 
Where that his Lords de&rcbim xa have bptn- 
His bruifed helpiet and his bended Iword 
Before him throggb tbeotty ; he forbids it^ 
Being free from vaionels ajsd &l£>gl,qrious pritieT 
Giving full tipqihy, £gnal, and oftent. 
Quite from himfelf to God. But iiow. behok], - 
In the quick foi^e and working-houfe of thought, 
How LandtH doth pcnr oqt iier citiaens. 
The Mayor and all his brcthreo in beft ibrt. 
Like to t\» ienators of anfique RamA, Widi 

5 £«^- 

ciq mod t, Google 

King Hbmrt V. 55S 

Wkh the PleieiaHj fwarming at their beeb» 

Go forth and fetch their conqu'ring Cr/ar tiu 

As by a low, but brine; likelihood, 

■Were BOW the General of oar gracious Empre6t 

(As in good time he may) from Ireltmd coming* 

Bringing rebellion broached on his fword \ 

How many would the peaceful city quit, 

To'welcoine him ! much more (and mudi more cauft) 

IM they this Harry. Now in Lvndan place hlin. 

*'Pafs o*er^ the lamentation of the i^nwi 

f ''in thought,^ the King of En^lan^s ftay at home. 

The Emperor's coming in behalf of Frame ■ • - 

To order peace between theaii and omit 

All the occurrences, whatever chanc'd, 

*Till HarTj'% back return again K) Frame: 

There mi^ we bring him i and my fdf have [day*<l 

The inf rim, by retnemtH-ing you 'tis paft. 

Then brook abridgment, and your eyes advance • ' 

After your tbot^t, flrait back again to Frame. \Bial., 


A C T V. SCENE!.. 

The Englifb Camp in France. 
iMttr Fluellen md Gowcr. 


\^Y, that's right; but why wear you your leek to- 
day ? St. Dofvi^s day is paft. 
Fhi. There is occalions and caufcs why and wher?- 
jbre Ai all things} I will tell you as a friend, captaiij 
Goweri the rafcally, fcauld, "pe^arly,^ lowfie, Drag- 
ging knave Pffiol, which you and your felf and all the 
f 'brkl'* know to be no pcttcr than a felbw (look yoa now) 
of no merits; he is come to me aivi prings me pread and 

\a) Tb*E»rltfmtx, itnit rtigm t/^ntiiiMbetb. Pope.' 
i A»yu 7 [«vita 8 b^gufjr, 9 world 

ciq mod t, Google 

556 Khg Htntv V. 

£iltye[terday, look you, and ' ''pid'' me eat my leek ; itwu 
in a place where I could "preed'^nocontcndoos with him j 
but I will be To pold as to wear it in my cap 'ttli I fee him 
tmceag^io, andthea 1 will tell him a little [uece of my 

£sto- tittol. 

Gra>. Why, here h« comes, fwelling like a turky-cock. 

FbL 'Tis no matter for his fwelUog, nor his turky- 
cocks. ' ^Got^ pleife yoa, Auncl)ienc Pi0el: you fcurvy 
lowfie knave, *'Got^ plefie you ! {TryoKt 

Fiji. Ha 1 art thou bedlam i 6tA thou diirft, bofe 
To have m£ fold up Parta's fatal web? 
HencCi 1 am qualmifli at the fmell of leek. 

Flu. I pefeech you heartily, fcurvy lowfie koave, at my 
defires and my-rcqueAs and my pctitioost to eat, look 
you, thisjeek, beauife, look you* you do not love it, and 
your aSeftions and your appetites and your digefttoosdoes 
Dot agree with it i I would defire you to eat ic. 

P^. Not for CadwaiiaJer and all his goati. 

Flu. There is one goat for you, [Strikes htm. 

Will you be fo ' 'goot,'' fcauld knave, as eat it ? 

PiJ. Bafe Trc/fls, thou flialt die. 

Fk. You (ay very true, Icauld knave, when ' 'Go^s^ 
will b : I will dcfire you to live in the mean time and eaf 
your viduals i come, then is. lawce for it — [Strikes bim.'\ 
You call'd me ycfterday mountain-Squire, but I wilt make 
you to-day a Squire of k>w d^ree. J pray you, fall to & 
if you can mock a leck^ you can eat a leek. 

Gvw. Enough, captain, you have ^tonilh'd him. 

Flu. I lay I will make him eat Tome part of my leik, cv 
I will peat his pate lour days and four nights. Pitt, 1 
pray you, it is ' ^goot'^ for your green wcwnd aiu^ your 
ploody coxcomb. 

Pifi. Mufti bite? 

Flu, Yes out of doubt and out of queftioos too, and 

P^. By this leek, I wilt moft horribly revenge i I eu 
Vid (wear - Flu. 

I bid z breed 3 God 4 God j gooil. 6 God*< 7 good 

ciq mod t, Google 

^tlg H EM RT V. 557 

Flu. Eat, I pray you j will you haire feme more iawce 
to your leek ? there is not enough leek to fwc«r by. 

Pi/i. Quiet thy cudgel, thou doft fee I cat. 

Flu. Much * 'goor do you, fcauld knave, heartily. 
Nay, pray you throw none away, the skin is > 'goot^ for 

J 'our proken coxcomb : when you take occalions to foe 
ceks hereafter, I pray you mock at 'cm, that's all. 
Pifi. Good. 

FhL Ay, leeks is *'goot i* hold you, theie b a groat K> 
heal your pte. 

Pf0. iota groM} 
, Pitt. Yes verily and in truth ^ou fhall take ir; cm* I have 
another leek in my pocket which you fliall eat. ■ . ■■) 
Pift. I take thy groat in eameft of revenge. 
Fbt. If I owe you any thing, I will pay you in cudgdi, 
youJhall beawoodmonger, and ^''puy^ nothing of me bdt 
cudgels ; * 'Got'^ pe wi' you and keep you, and heal yotfr 
pate! [Exit. 

Piji. All hell fluU ftir for this. 
Gow. Go, go, yoa are a counterfeit cowardly knave: 
will you mock at an ancioit tradition, begun upon an 
honourable relbe&, and worn as a memorable trophy of 
predcceafed valour, and dare not avouch in your deeds any 
of your words? Ihavefeen you gleeking and galling at thu 
gentleman twice or thrice. . You thought, becaufe he 
could not fpcak Eitglifi in the native gar^ he could noc 
therefore handle an EtfgS^ cudgel ; you find it otherwife» 
and henceforth let a ^s^ correAion teach you a good 
EngS/h condition : fire you well ! £^*»'' 

P^. DotU fortune play the hufwife with me now i 
News have I that my Dol 'a dead 'of malady of France 
And there my rendezvous is quite cut off: 
Old I do wax, and from my weary limbs 
Honour is cudgell'd. Well, bawd will I turn. 
And Ibmething lean to cut-purle of quick hand : 
7^0 England will I Ileal, and there I'll fteal ^ . 
And patches will I get unto thcfe tears. 
And fwear I got them in the GaUia-ws. [Exit. 


S good 9 good I good ; z. b»f ) God 


55* ^ftg Hi MUST V. 


The French <70«r/. 

lEnier ai oKedtor £/qf Henry, Exeter. Bodrord, Warwick; 

and eiber t/frii \ at amthery the Frencti King, ^ea 

liabcl, Prine^s CaUtacine, the Duke a/ Sur^^iAy^ joi 

other FrcQch. 
K. Henry. TiBAce to this meeting, whercfeic ne are ntt: 
i- UotDfiur bitocher Awus, and toxwr ittcr. 
Health and £ur time of daya joy a»d good wifiies 
To our mofl: Jvir nd piiacoy aMTin Catbniae \ 
,A-nd «a. a bcmch and nicin ber fif this royaky, 
Hf Wiomthisjgredt afrembly is contriv'd. 
We do faluoe grou, Duke of Bt/rgnMify. 
And iPrinces French and Peers, healch to you a]|! 

Fr. King. Right joyous arc we to behcddyaur/MC) 
Moft worthy brother fn^jbri, &irl^ met! 
So are >you, frinccs £if^^, «trery one. 
, Q^ /)^. So happy be the iifue, brother Eiig}sad^ 
Of this good day, and of this gracious jseetbig, 
■Jis we are aow^ad CO behi^ yonreyes : 
'Yoor eyea, which hitherto harcbornin tfaem 
Againft ihtFreneb that met tfaem in tfacirixnt. 
The ^tal balls of murthertng bafi^iks : 
IThc' venom of fiioh looks we fikirly hone 
Have lod their quality, and that this :aay 
Shall change all grids and quarrels intoikm. 

K. Hem-y. To ay jlmen to that, tkus -mc-jcpfieax. ■ 

Q:_Ifa. You £11^;^ Princes all, I:do&luDe ym. 

Burg. My duty to you both on equal love. 
Great Kiag^ of Frmte. and 'Ei^laid! .That I've Jaboor'i 
With all my wits, my .pains, and ftroi^ cndtavoucs. 
To bring ^o^r moft imperial-Majefties 
Unto this bar and loyal intariew, 
Y43Ur Mightinc&fia botbfiiztafcanwiinds. 


ciq mod t, Google 

SincetbcD n^officc hadi lb &r prmilV^ 
That face to face and royal eye to eye, ' 
You have congreeted : I« it ndt difgfflce flK, 
If I deofUiH before this-Kiyal view 
What rub or what iiqpedimetit che)% is, 
"Why that dte iftk«d« pdOr'Hiul marigled ^|«at:ot 
Dear nurieof artt, iplcfltks, and jdyfu) fcirth^ 
Should not in this beft'gardOi of tlw \f(trid 
Our fertile Frauti, -pM up htr lovdy wfige^? 
Atai\ ftte hath fmmffnthce too loog btttn<ias'd, ' 
And ail her husbandry doth lye -Ah Ittapsj 
- Comipdng in is own fertility. 
Her vine, the inerry ohcftFCr of the h<ian, 
UnprtWed ♦ 'lya C- 'her Hedgts even-pl«di*3. 
Like prifonera wildly over.grown with4iair, 
Put forth diforder'd rwigi : her lalloiw leas 
The damci, bemtook, and rank fomitory 
* ^Do^ root upon j While that the cultcrrulb, ' ' ' 

That Ihould denelnate fuch fav^ery : 
The e*en ntead, that-crft brought fweetly forth 
The freckled cowtlip, burnec, and ^reeti^ddVlir, 
Wanting ther fcythe, all una»Teded, mnk. 
Conceives by idJenefe, and nothing ttems 
But hatefiil docki, rough thifttes, ICKkfks, btirt, 
Lofing both beauty and utility; 
And all our vineyards, ftUOws, meads find hedges, 
DefeiStive in their "minnres,*^ ^fflW-tO'Wildtwfs. 
Even-^oioiir hoofes, and onr felKS' and childi^o^ 
Have lo(t, or do not leam for want of time. 
The fciences that flioiild beOome our c»miO-y j * 

BiUgraKv^'iike-laTages^(as Ibldiers'WiU, 
That nothing do t»ic'rnedinKe on btood) 
To fwcaring and flemikoks, dif^'d atdte, 
And evtry thing that feems-uanararal. 
Whicli to reduce into our former fiivour 
You are alTemblcd} and my fpeech iacreatt 


4 d/eii . . . MtJit. Warh. imtHd. e Ootb 

ciq mod t, Google 

560 Hmg H K N R. Y V. 

That I may know the let, vhy gentle peace 
Should not expel chcTe inconvenknces. 
And \Ae& us wfnh her former qualities. 

YLMenrj. If, D\jktoi Bttrppufy, you would the peace, 
WhoTe want giv«s, growth O) ch' imperfcdions 
Which you iiaye cited : you muft buy that peace . 

With full accord to all our juftdeoiands: . 
Wha& tenoursaod i^irticular tSeSa .. 
You haveenlchedvl' your hands. ' 

Burg. The King hath hrard them i to cbe whidi as jtt 
There is no anfyer made.- 

K. Henry. Well dicn ^ the peace 
Which you befqre fo urg'd, lyea in his anfwer, 

Fr. lut^. ' 'I have as yet but^ with a curibry ey^ 
Cer-glanc'd the arcicks } pleafeth your Grace 
T' appointfome of your council prcfcndy 
To lie with us, once more. with better heed , 
To rcfurrey them i we will £iddenly 
Pafi, ' 'or'' accept, and gercmptory anfwer. 

K. Henry. Brother, we fhalf. Go, uncle Exeter, 
And brother Clarence^ brother GltutefitTj 
JVarwick and fioaingtm^ go with the Ym%\ 
And take with you tree pow'r to ratifie. 
Augment, or alter, as.your wifdonu beft 
Shall fee advantageable for our dignity. 
And we'll oonl^ theretti. Will you, fair Gfter, 
Go with the Princes,. or ftay here with us? 

QJ(fa. .Our gracious brother, I will go with them \ 
Haply a woijian's yotce may do fome good, 
When articles too nicely urg' flood on. 

K. Henry. Yet leave nir coufin Caibarm here with u>; 
She is our capital demand, compits'd 
Withm the foifr-rank of our articles^ 

Qj,^. She hath, good kave. . {Emmt. 

7 1 hare bat 

8 our . . .M tdit. tTsri. imuj. 


ciq mod t, Google 

ITwg; Henry V. 561 


Ma^eat King Henry^ Catharine and a TMf,. 

K.Hemy, F^iTCati>ari;f«t moftfair. 
Will ;(W voucUiife to tC3cli a Ibldter terws. 
Such f» will enter at a lady's fxr^ 
And plead his Jove-fuit to. her g.eBt]e heart? 

G|jS&. -Your Majefty Ihall mode at mc, I 'caqn&t fpealc 
your England. 

K. Utrny, O fair CatharaUy if you mil lore me foundly 
w'ah youFreneb hear^ I will \» glad to hear you confei« 
k brokcfiJir with your Et^^^ tao^e. X)a you like me, 

Cub. P^^ttuez «M9, J catinoc t«Jl vat is Me me. 

"K. {kmy. An aogd is Jike you, Aii//> and yoa ant 
like aD ai^. 

Cath.^.<^-i^ fuJifuitfimilaileiUijingis? 

Lady. 0Hyvn^fmfiit-(fai^v6firegr^)Mt^aft-iL 

K. Smy. I l4)d &k dnr Qatboriiu, ^nd I rauit iio( 
UoA (o ^fm k, . 

Cath. ^ Dim.1 Us ia^uts 4tt bommes fiat pUtms de 

K. Henty. What lays Ibc^ fair ox I th/u. tongues of 
men *k full 9f deceits? 

Ladf. Oifft dat dc tao^ck of de maxu is be full of de* 
ceia : dat is de Prinoes. 

JC Uetiry. Tlic Prinoefi ib the better Ei^lifl) Woman. 
I' £Uch, &U«^ my wooins it fit ftriby undo-ftanding ; I 
aA dad thou canft fpeuc no \aaxB:Ei^li^ for if thou 
coolf ft thou woald'ft find me fuch a pbiu King, that 
thou vouJd'ft think I had fold my limn to buy my crown. 
I lUM>w no waya to mince it in love, but dirc6tly to lay I 
love yoa % then if you urge nte further ctau ta lay, do you 
in haki} I wear out my Hm. Give mc four aofwer, 
i'^th, do, and fo cb^i handi and a bax^iat how fay 

Cuh. ^d^ii«Sirvi#mnri meuodaitwdwefl- 
VoL. m. Nn K. Henry. 

ciq mod t, Google 

S62 Kfflg Henhy Y. 

K. Henry. Marry, if you ^ould put me to verlb, or 
to dance for your OMe, Kaie^ why, yoa undid owt for 
the one I htve neither words nor raeatiire; aod for the 
other I have no ftrcngth in meafure, yet a reafonable 
meafure in ftrength. If I could win a Lady at )eap-fT«g, 
or by vaulting tnto tny faddle with my armour on mj 
back( under the corrosion of' bragging be it fpcAcD, [ 
fhould quickly leap into a wife. Or if I might bu6« fbr 
my love, or bound my horie for her bvoun, I oxdd lay 
on like a butcher, and fit like a jack-an-apes, never off. 
But before God, Kate^ I cannot look greenly^ nor gafp 
out my eloquence, nor have I cunning tn proMftvioni 
only downright oaths, which J never ^c 'tiH urg'd, and 
-never break for urging. If thou canft love a ftUow of 
this temper, Kate^ whole face is noc'worth fim-buroing; 
that 'never looks in his glafi fbr love of any thing he fees 
there ; let thine eye be thy cook. I fpeak plain foldicr % 
if thou canft; love me for this, take me \ if not, to lay a> 
thee that I fhall die is true ; but for thy love, by the Locd, 
no: yet I love thee too. And while thou liv'ft, dear JCi^, 
take a fellow of plain and uncoined conftancy, • fer he 
perforce muft do thee right, btxaufe -he hadi not Hat gift 
to woo in other places : for thefc fellows of infinite tongUBp 
that can rhime themfelves iato Ladies favours, they do 
always reafon themfelves out again; 'Whatf afpcakerii 
but a prater ; a rhime is but a ballad { a good kg wiU 
full, a ftraight back will fkiop, a black beard wUI'tm 
white, a curPd pate will grow baki, a ha (ace will wilbcr, 
a full eye will wax holkiw; but a good heart, Kate^ it 
the fun and the moon ; or rather the ftin» and not the 
moon ; for it fhines bright and never changes, but keepi 
his courie truly. If thou would-ft have fuch a one, take 
mci takea foldieri take a Kingi and what &y*ft thou 
then to my lovep fpeak, my fair, and fairly^ I pray thee: 
Catb. Is ft poffibte dac I lould Jove de enemy tttFimtet 
K. tJenry. No, it is ntt pebble that y«i ihodd km 
the enemy of France, Kate % bat in knring me yoa IbaiM 
love the niendof frwKVi for I love Fmm to well that E 
.. .. wiU 

ciq mod t, Google 

J5i«g Henry V. 563 

wiU not part with » village of it : I will haw it all mine i 
and, gall, when Frma is mine ajid I am youre, then 
yours is France, and you are mine. 
Catb. I cannot tell vat is dat. 

K. Hniy. No, Kale! I will tell thee in FrcKl, (which 
1 am fure will hang upon my tongue like a new mamrf 
wife about her husband's neck, hatdly to be fliook off) 
■ qmndi' a) U pofftjim it Franii, W Juatid vm irmUff- 
Mmdtmii (let me fee, what then? St. Hcmis be my 
fpeed !) Hmu vt^re tfi France, 6? vtui tpi mame. It u 
aTaifie for me. Kale, to conquer the kingdom as to fpeak 
b much more Frencb : 1 Ihall never move thee in Frencb, 
unkfs it be to laugh at me. 

Cath. Saufvt/Ire beiaenr, le Frxifm qu vm farlez, 
ameiUmmet jh^Uslefieljeparlt. . , ,. 

K Htm. No, -"lailh, ist not, K^e j but thy foeakim 
of my tonsK and I thine, moll truly ftlfly, muft need* 
be granttdto be much at one. But, Kale, doft thou an., 
de&id thus much Ei^tfii can'ft thou tove mef 

Qitb. I cannot tell. . „ r . s ml 

K Henrt. Can any of your neig^ibours tell, Kate I I il 
ask them. Come, I know thou loveft me-, andat nidit 
when TOO oome into your dofct, you'll qucflion this gentle- 
WomJ. about me, and 1 know. Kale, you will to her 
difuraifc thofe parts in me, that you k)ve with your heart i 
buL good A-««V mock me mercifoily, the rather, g»tk 
PriUfs, becaufc I love Uiee cruelly. If ever thou beeft 
mine, KaU, (as I ' 'have a fiviog^ &ith wuhui me kUs 
me thou Ihalt) I get thee with (cambling, and diou mull 
S^ needs ^ve a good foldicr-bwder : fluU not 
"boy half Frencb, half £»i/s*, that Ihall go to OmfM,. 
JS^ take the Jnrk by the beard ? flail we not ( what 
fcylt thou, my fair Fk)wer^ie-luce? 
Catb. I do not know dat. 

K. Henn. No, 'tis hereafter to know, but now to pro- 
oifc iTbul n?w promife. Kale, you wJl ™ieavour for 
N n 2 '^^ 

9 have fiiTiiig 

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^64- K«^ Kb-n-ry V.- 

your Frinci patt of fuck a bofi; ' and for my El^gt^'woMf 
mke-tbc WQrd of a Ki[% and a bacchclor. How fttiteer 
you. La plus belle Catharine du mmJi, umi tm chert & 
divine deeffe ? 

■ Gatb. Y«UF Mij«itiee ave AmA Frvncke onough to dc- 
c^ve de- moft fege damoitti dtt is m Frmct. 

K. /^ffrry. Now fie upon my falfe FrtmA i by mine 
honour, in true Englt/b 1 love ttiee, Ket< \ by which' h»- 
ilDur I dare net fwcar thou lovdl itic, ycl my blood be* 
gins tO' flatter me that thou doft, notwitbAxnditig die 
{MMr and ontempcring cffe£t of rtiy vilago. Now bvurcw 
r«y fatlief^ ambition, he was thinking of civil wan when- 
he got me ■, therefore was L created with a ftubbom out- 
ride, with M'al^c^ of iron, that when I' conw to woo 
Ladies I frigiic themj but iq fiiith, £i/f, thecMer I wu^ 
t^ bnter l--fllali appear. My comfort i^ ttot old age 
(tNat iil-UyOr up of boUty) cui do no mora fpoft npoai mj 
face. Thou hm me, >fthou haft m^ atthe-wBffti vid 
thou fliaft wiaf mes if thbu w««- m«, bettoraad bcucrv 
and therefore tell me, moft fair Caibariu^, wi)l> yoa hive 
rile? Pbt-effyourmai^nblUfl|«s, avouch the-llKHighttof 
your heftrt ^with ths ttioks of an £mpre6, take me by dw 
band and %, ffarry of EttglanJ, I am rikiite ( whici^ woni 
thou (halt- fi« Iboncr bla& mine ev withal) bucli--wil] ttA' 
thee ^ud, England is thine, Irelaitd is d)i»^ /mmo u 
thine, and Hemy PlsMtagemt it tkiati who tho^ I feaak tc 
before his fece, if he be not fellow with the bcft * ^Kingii^ 
thou fhaltfind the belt King ef good faUowtt Coomv 
youranffferin broken mirikk i for thy vaide ismufidc awl 
thy En^ijh broken : therefore, Queen of all,-.Citftera»,' 
break thy miod- to me in broken Eng^i^ wilt tbo» hnvo 

- Cmhi Datiau-it Ihall pleafejt) »r HMxtjiiwt' 
TL. Henry. Nay, it witl plesMb him itt\\\. KoM-v k JM 

pleafe him, Kate. 
Calh. Den it fhail afib Whteni me. 
K. ffetify. Upon that I kiJs yoar hand, and- } call yon 

my Queen. Cath, 

I King, 

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iCfe^. Hehay v. 565 

Ckrit Lai^Xy mm Semaar, biigex, iaigiXp: mm.ftyt jt 
ju veus featt ^ vmi abUigat v^,e grarakm; or imfoMt 
UmM»J^ wievcftreMimJeriitatr.ttMMJitmrfi. Jtvpus 

VLHemy, Ttieal will ki&jmir Kps, Katt. 

C^th. LnJfKUs and iamnftb four e/lre haifSr devaU 
tna* noetsM if ^p<a le eoittumt de Frtace. 

Ktl^nrfi Madam my interpreter, whatfijaflie? 

La^. 'Dttitia 00c be c& fli&ion jaar: ie Ladiqs of 
Irance i I cannot tell nfaic is btdfar eii EngS^ . 
■ K.i!feW7* Takft, 

i*ftr. Your Majef^ entendre bettre que mey. 

K tiemy. Is it narxf^IMoa for the muds m Ftwce 
to kifs before they are married, would fbeiayi t 

Yi. Henry. O Kate, nice cuftoms curt*^iD.9tatKii^b 
Dear Kattt T^u and I cannot be confia^d within the weak 
]tftoffiCowitry*i£iftiont vte arc the naken c^ Biannet^ 
Xatet ftffit ^e libartje.that follows aur fbaa.&opitht 
mouth of ^t find^fanlB, as ! will da ^ours» Ibr tlw.i^bold* 
ing the nice &(bioR«f 70UC comurr in dating jne a kifr| 
therefore patiently and yielding. [Kj^g ber.^ You hstc 
witchcruft in your Itp^Katei there is more dtcpuiat in 
it touch of them than inchccaBguesafflieiTvaf^coancii'i 
and they (hould fooner perfuade Harry c£ Engiaj^ Chsn.l 
general petitionof Moaarcha. Hcrecoma ]Mur.&cfacr. 

■ s c - E ■ N ;e ly; ' ■ 

■' Emer m fwaiAi Kit^ oil ^m toiti Fnnck and 

'■■■ '■■'•■-, EngiiOi XfTdlf. 

Bttrg. God fare ypor Majefty ! n#f royfl eatrfih, taffli 
you our Princcfi ^igij^^' 

%. Henry. I would have hcr Itani, flry! fkir coufis, how 
be^feftiy I IctTc her, in* that '^^xH-Bi^. 

"Ba-g. hfteaptf ' ■'■ •■■■'■■•■ 
. %,. Henry. Our tongne is mg^, and my «oi)ditwn' u 
not^&tioDth t fo that having neither the voice not the heart 


ciq mod t, Google 

566 Xitig Hekry V. 

of flattoy about me, 1 cannot To conjure up the Ipiric of 
love in Jier that he will appear in his tnie liVends. 
• Barg. {^utlon.tbe frajikne£ of my mtnh, if I anTwer 
jou for chat. If you would conjure in her, yoii-muft 
make a circltf: if conjure up love in his true ]ikaM&, be 
muft af^iear naked and blind. Can you blame her then, 
being a maid yet ros'd over with tin virgin crimlbn of 
mocKfty, if fhe deny the ap[xarance of « naked blind 
boy, in her naked feeing fclff it were^ my Lord, a hard 
condition for a maid to conTien to. 

K. Hemy. Yet they do wink and yield, as love is blbd 
and enforces, 

. Siff^. They are then e]oai&*d, my Lord| when they fee 
not wlut they do. 

K. Hatty. Then, good my Lord, teadi your coafio to 
confent to winking. 

£«r|'. I will wink on her to confent, my Lord, if 
you wiU teach her to know my mcanii^. Maids wcU 
£immer*d and warm kept, are like Bies at Bar l h^owmo ' 
tide, blind, though they have their eyei: and dim tbqr 
will endure handliog, which before wotdd not abide kiok- 
iiMon. * 

'' K. Abrjr. Thii moral ties me over to time, and a hot 
iiunmer; and fo I ihall cauh the flte your couQn in the 
kiter end, and fiie muft be blind too. 
£iot- As kiveis, my.Lord, before it lovet. 
K.mnry, It is fo; and you may fomeof you thank 
love for my blindndii, who cannot fee many a nir Rrtwck 
city, for one &ir Fraub maid that ftands in my way. 

Fr. Ki)^. Yest my Lord, you ice them'pei^)eftive|ft 
the cities tum'd into a maid ; for they are an girdled win 
maklen walls that war hath never enter'd, 
Kl Henry. Shall Kate be my wife? 
Fir, JEh^ . So pleafi you. 

K. Hemy, I am content, fothe maiden odes 70a talk 
of may wait on her i lb the maid that ftood In the waf 
fat my wi{h ihall fliew me the way to my will. 

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Kmg Henry V. 567 

J^. Kir^- ^e have confenfcd to all terms of reafon. 
K. Hemy. Is't fo, my Lords of England?' 
Weft. The King hath granted every article: - 
His daughter firft ■, and then in Tequcl all. 
According to their firm propofcd nature. 

Exe. Only he hath not yer fubfcribed this : 
Where your Majefty demands, That the King of France 
having occafion to write for matter of grant, Ihall name 
your Highnefs in this form, and with this addition in 
frtncb: I^oftre tres cberJUz Hemy Rcy d'^ngleferre, he- 
Tetter de fxance ; and thils in Latin : Praclartffimus fUus 
tufler Henricus Rex Anelue (^ b^res Franiia. 

Fr. IGtig. Yet this f have not (brother)' ,fo dcny'd. 
But your requeft fhall maltc me let it pais. ' 

K. Henry. I pray you then, in love' and dear alliance. 
Let that one article rank with the jefl, 
And thereupon give me your daughter. (up 

Fr. JSng. Take her, fair fon, and ftom her blood laifc 
IQiid to me, that thde contending Kingdoms 
England ajid France, whofe very fliores look pale 
With envy of each other's happincfs, 
May ceale their hatred ; aftd this dear conjuAftion 
Plant neighbourhood and chriftian-like accord 
In their fwcet breafls, that never war advance 
His bleeding fword 'twixt England and ^r France. 
I^rds. Amen! 

K. Henry. Now welcome, i£i/tf t and beaFine'vitnels all. 
That here I kils her as my Sovcrogn Queen. [Flourift^. 

Q^Ifa. God, the belt maker ofall marriages. 
Combine your hearts in one, your realms in one ! 
As man and wife being two are one in love, 
S9 be there *twixt your kingdoms fuch a fpoufal. 
That never may ill office, or fell jeakxifie, 
Which troubles oft the bed of bleflcd marriage, 
Tbnilt in between the < 'padtion^ of thefe kingdoms. 
To make divorce of their incorporate league I 
That EJ^^k may as Erentbt French Eng$!)meny 

1' jpaSoa ... »U *£t. 7)m^. mmJ. 

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5&8 iQng Hen-ry V. 

Receive each other. - God ig^ this Amen! 

K. Henry. Prepare we for our marriage j on which day. 
My Lord of Bitrpin^^ we']] take your oath 
And all the Peeri, for furety of our leagues. 
Then Iball I fwear to Kate^ and you to me, 
Andmayour-oathsweUJteptandfirofp'rousbe! [Exent. 

Enter Oioras, 
Cba. Thus ht With rough aod alt-unable pen 

Our bending ^author bath purfu'd die llory. 
Id little room cooBDiog mi^uy ipen, 

A^ngling by ftarts the full courie of their gloiy. 
Small lime, biu \a that fmall mofl: g^v*dy liv'd 

This ftv of Bngland. Fortuqe nude his fword -, 
' By which the worltfs bcft garden he aichicv*d, 

And of it left his Ibi) impenaj Lord. 
&ffinr the Sixths ioin^f bands crown*d Kiag 

Of France and England, did this King fuccced : 
'Whofe-ftate (a many had the managing. 

That they loft Jrmce, and made his E»iaad Used : 
Which oft our ftgge hath ihowri} and for dieir fidce. 
In your fiur minds let, diis accepuacc takt. 

fie Ead if Oi T3t.tvi9 Votvux. 

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,.,Googlc ji 1 

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