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Full text of "The Works of Shakespeare"


This is 3 digital copy of a book thai was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefuEly scanned by Google as part of a project 

to make the world's books discoverable online. 

[t has survived long enough forlhecopyrighl (oe'iptre and (he book lo enter ihe public domain. A public domain book is one thai w;i^ never subject 
locopynghl or whot»e legal copyright term has e>:pired. Whether a book is in the public domain may vary country locomilry. Public domain books 
are our gateways lolhe pasi, representing a wealth of hislory, culture and knowledge that's oflen difQcull lo discover. 

Marks, notations and other marginalia present in ihe original volume will appear in ihis file - a reminder of this book's long journey from ihe 
publisher lo a library aiuJ finally loyou. 

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at|http: / /baoka . goagle. com/| 







VOL. n. 



HRW ZORKi Bft, WALKEK ffTBiffr, 




ti]H[)u:J . 
CLAT, BOH, i"^ TAYLOn. l-RIJiTi-lIS, 




^S lOU LIKE IT in 






TDiON OP ATHENS ..,. ^ ......... IHl 


USASUEB FOa HEAaDEE . . . , . ..,,.. . t97 


cnonm .•,•..... ,. ^ . ^ ......... ^ yii$ 



r forlioat vcnion of Lhin ccraipdjr we ]^b:iitiin is dial of the folio, 1S23. If a priui- i?<1liLini 
ir^^rr ever prinfFiI, a ropv of iL vudIiI he inefltimablj ralaji^tl^^ ; for i>f all Tlifl plava ot Shabi'- 
■fuuD This ftpptnn tn linvn 6iiQi*n-J nuMl from lite uagVipymv of trnn^crihen nn'] romponlLoia. 
Mulwa. In IiIp lalmC chrojiulugiial nrran^enitrit, gjKHi a fluitpoM'fi AJIu^ian to tlie fanaTicitm of 
llw Puritan", ilaU* ito prnducTJon tn IflOfl; Lut thcro neml be lilfle lie^kuliDii ju Iwlicving Oini 
il woM im* tit tli« nutbur'a junlLful prcidDciiciA, nurl nnv^r pnilisMj llh^ iiiew inilicali-i^ liy 
liffw, in his " I'iJIfldia Tflmifl," 15Uf*, u " Lutu Labors Wonoei" <li\il il nan iiiriinilDil an 
■ coimtCT-play tD " Lore'* Labour's Loat," und wju arlginill; b^luTed " Love'i labour *fl 
wt'. cr.AJl'sWell tbiiEDils Wan," 

Thv Qdifo 14 dbriTL'^ fnHu tbe ilury of " Gilfffta of Xarboiu,'' Sormmg [ho hinlh uovbI of (be 
|4 Jaj id Boiwan'B " DooojnoFixio,'' a trsnAlflLion uf which id given in Uii- &nt volume irf 
ititP^a "Ft^eao of Pkodtiro/' quitito. 15flO i -wl;t<m tUti Brguinriit in Ihus oat forth: — 
*Gilctto, B phiBk'ian'rL ilmcghlcr of Narbon, IicbIeJ tliu Frciiu'ljc Kjng uf 41 fiEtiila, fur n.'wjml 
wWi>f »hc (k-iuDmiilal BuJliama aiunti: of RonBlgciolc io hD^baod. The couuLfi bejng marii'-l 
ipinflUi his win, far ilnpitc flud to FionaoB uiJ loted on otlier. Giletta hU «riC?, bj p[>llli:la 
Eflndc nwuiiFfl to Ije fcitb h^r husbjut^le in place itf hip lover, anct wju bE'go^lon with child of two 
vtKota i whichf knoireD Ut her hunbando, ho rppdTcd hrr agalnc ard Dflor<Tanl9 abe li»ed iu 
[TT«te honor And lQlk:itie.^ In the leading inr^nlfi SliBk«p«rc hu dostlj Nlhend to the 
•iiTT ; liil the ehnrncten uf the Counle*, Piirtpll<^p, llm Clown, and r^fou, on well mi aW ihe 
MTum-itanHfl of the 9i?ciJDitary plot, i^itart^ from ihi: mi^ihaii^tihlu ruaaurc^ uf bin uwn mind. 

■-All^ well that enda iitAX,'* ia an I]n|;:1iab provothiai sabring of grt-at aiiEit|iiitj, It was 
Kd in a abghll^ varied form iluriiirr iht celi-hra[»l rebf^llinn of Jock Sunw, by one of the 
tBUf^mU, m a speech recorded in the chronicle of Jlciuj de KnyghlOD 1— " Jok CarLer 
^}i^ ji/a itlle ihaE ye moke ■ ^q erul of that re hafa hcgnnne, and doth wele b.ye better 
nd hotlei-, for Jitte the evjTi men bereth llie iIjij, for if thr tnde be wffr., thimvt « of wcU," 
^,Ln Fidweir* " Atm Ad-uiandi^' Jn7B, le iJiia ^laasage Le the loit ; — " \^^H■^efo^c. gcnfJo 
^Icr PhilodomAp 1 Ud pn rtdfR wiUi tlila motion or caveaL ; Eesj'iee Finem:" Ihfl 
■vgiuJ Dotfi afeTt, " AJl ifl Well Lhal Eiidt^ Well" 

lerionB ^ijnsntttb. 

KiEra or Fbakcb. 

Hull or Fumssci. 

Bbrtruc^ CaaiV qJ lloueiUon. 

Liric/ « oU Lftrd- 

PAbOLLSfl/ a FiMvotr af Batrain. 

Dirtrt T/oumg Frcncti i^in^ hAd wm nVA bertnin in ihe FloncUne <Hr. 

CIdhh, SertamtA (a bU ^nn^oi 4^ RouuHon- 

CorrnTCBB of RoDBiuurr^ MoUttr to Beitiuu- 
Aw atd ITirfw nf Fkm&» 


I y^^JUfWV mid frmda to tht Widmo. 

Lord*, atifndimgtM lite E^i Oflcrrt, Solilim, tm, F^encb and Ftoi«ntiii& 

BCENB,— Port/j « Fbanck flurf pwtfy i* Txrsriii¥. 

ACT l,J 



liifr tWIuc lo yon, wboio WDrduniru wiriJd-Btir it 
up whh're iL HbnLixl, tathcr Uifui Jaek' j^'whuro 
UiPn? in mi'li JilrtiriJonw.', ^ ,; :'-. , ' 

BiiiCTidmciii? .-'- - '. '■ ' 

I>ap. Ifj ITiftljJ ti''*™'t*it>d l"'^ phvf.iriaiiE, 

IJlL>v.^iUi,ljii|>r« L iliJiJ lindh Elo ntliur aJvaiiln^'L' iji 
t I- rlH> brnt'C'ii, liut unly tl^*? Irpidifig 4fF}i4>pQ Lj [jntu. 
; '-/^ I-'- Count, 'J'^iis voung gpntlewuman hnJ a frifhur, 
(O, ihaL /riiiJ / lio" ill! a [ifli4iige "tia I) wboH 
F^kill wa!i nlriMitit ae greal ii» hie ItuDC^Iv . hod it 
HLivlj'hiv! wi fru". woulil ha^'u om^o imlurn im- 
inorinl, anr] ilcaT.h lihnuM hflvp plaj for la^'k jjf 
wihltb' Wuulil, for the king's »ike, be wcni 
liking I 1 tL'ink iL «□■]]<] ba the dath of [lieLiDg^ 

Lat. S*rw caHod you dm man ^ou ^wnk vf, 

nnd it was hid ^re^iL right LD bu h ; Gurafd ik 

l,iF. >ld wiiH oTi^lk-iiL, iiiilciHi, irindnm \ llif 
hHi^ v^v lalelip" Hjrirke of him, mlniiringl^, and 
[UbLirniajj-lj : hu ■"« akilfiil onoiifih to hft't li^cii 
null, if kniivlcdgii i^nlil bu hpL np aguinU tnoF' 

Heb. Whtl is it, mj ^h| IdtiI, ibo hiujj 

Laf. a fiiLaU,^ mj lotd. 

Hrr. r heard luit cif it hi^rurp. 

Lap. 1 would il "en» not iir»iiiriri™, — Wm this 
gciLtloifoman lIk ilauj:;hier of dlLTird do Noi^on ? 

CoLTpT. ILb aolc cJjLld, Jnj InnL. and hequrraibod 
1m iTiy OTi^lfiokinj^. I fauve Lliwe hi>|icf of her 
giKxJ.ihpt hErrE'LJiii^aEiori [irrtnilm'H l hor dinpiMiniiri? 
fiiiG iidicntd,' whlt^h mnkcv fair ^fr^ fiircr; fur 
^Ijere un uJiulfAD mind carricfi vuiimufl i^uslitles^ 
tlicro cunincndaticjiiB pt with pilV- thi'j am virlani 
mid tmiUiiK (.joi in her thc^ aru lln' Lotl*!r for 
their pim|>l(TiP].'» ^ hhu deiivea her hiJuentj, iHid 
pi^Meipa h(<r goodacBP, 

Laf. Yjur coTiirucadatiDD!, moduiv gel fiviu 


lErHEhrd H> Ikr, owim hfr inkilt iibIHio iDiinoTliilH Sc | Ur. 

tTBlllo'l IBSblU^E Dlfl|,'riJ^BI-« lIlM |iUHl|P, «Dd Pr»l|A, "■l'*«4f 

miill.mlmmtlmtpmttli'vl.in'ilw, UlIU rtnlrlltll fa /», IT-B U," 
■P-H Ihit Um finfliul Li uullcu inirlllf mil, lori tuaorw B^Hk^ 
ifemrlmli llilii Tlir iinilimfil icIiillilBltdlL 

^ J llrTvLk, mf 'nwi ] lit HtLnirT'l * FTliflD nf HnCCKTiip't iCqn, 

■hr kLnc'i dJinrJir ii iiU lu ha-e berb "a iwrll/nf U^ll hit 

'birri--i,^ri^rh'.bji'*i'^ I'llll ^d ", *!■ froi* en latflt'a^a," ^r. 

r Vrt i/hf j'HrH N-PJ# i4j ■■h'Fifi, &r J ^brjt Lf ICUi^l) a 

paii-UD "^ Ldi|i>^eI>dcc Id Ebl ItUlfi^r iLrm dE EQIb qijIijcJV III! 

OVanLpif 4rf wl^LLh '' nrl Hnliij'il nr lin]>atMi] t/j aimr mcMn- 
dAlniii |4rlua> e>^iFT, |r IhE pi^tml lniUiic4 lami' ci^niibno 
ImplflHir rka"t or •■■"r talVrL- ■' tfiiji»ni(Ji'«*,~ juprjrr ta ht°i 
lo« oinLLIfll. pHhipi wv iltiralil cco^l, " T'c laRu't ■/ Im 
dif pn I Litjp I lilt LDtirrLii, ~— 4iiiir>iB brtni niklrr-innd !■ iKr 
PfBiv ar i-JiKP'r^, h Ln Ibr U'1 f lfiL» nf ilir piiiAfc— " ili n 
dD|*«i bin Itiinilt^ Hid tcblriT* bcr |i)i<dpaii." "blrb «■ 

her pmiw m. The n'mcnihmiii-tf iif hi-r fHlJtr-r 
naVDr appma'^hoB hpr heart, but iho tjrannjofln.T 
sonvpi lakt'ft ull livoEihoud from hut cheek. Nu 
mnra of JiIji, ||ch<nBp ^ tn, — uo uiiira; kwt it 1k' 
mihtir (hi>uj-hl yii nffwl Baono™, fhan fo h»vp," 

IIkl. i do offi.'ct a tom/w, iuiboil, but I hatt 
it loo- 

Laf". MmltimEi* IriiiiL'nratiita i? tkf ri^hi nf the 
■ti^jiil ^ (ijn-^tuuvi' giii-f th*' i-JLiiDiv lir (III- hving. 

Ukl. If thi.' liinng be cnomj i/i the gnef, clio 
o^ecK mukvt it hioii morLaL' 

Siui. Mudun, 1 dc?Lru your Uoly vh^mL ^| 

Imp, How nTnli'i'fllJLnd wo Hint? ^1 

Cqlnt- Bt tlioii h]«[, Btrtmm! and au<vi\-A 

thy fiiibrir ^^ 

In ]nai]ni>E9, us in chnjic ; Lhj' hlund, and vlrtuuii^H 
CniiU'nd fur I'lnpirr In thrr : and ihy gitmliiiTJii ^B 
Slikh' with tliy lupth-righf* Uivy ^U.tniAt n &*, 
I?o Hn>Dg to none ; be iibic for thini^ enemy 
IliLlhcr Jn vow[»r4 ihnn uee l aud kvi-p Hty tieud 
Undur Lhj own life's kej ; lie theet'il fur silu'iirii, 
liul iio^iif tus'd f'jr rtTK^Tli, WlittI l]i.'an»ri nniii' 

Tliat ibw may FunaiBh, uid my pmyexi pluck 

Fall fill [liy hpfld I FaruwfllK— My kiT^, 
Tii; on iiriiiojuicm'diitiDnicr: gvud mj bid, 
Ad^Hac him. 

L4.F, ]k oanaol waul ihv bett 
Thai rball attend his 1l»ve>. 

t^iHTNT, lleBv^ublc^hhn!— Fartwrll, BcrtnunT 

[tC^il Cou^TB&^- 

Bffn. The bent wialn'c. thai csd hu forged in 
your Eliouirhls, [7*0 IIKI.f:^A■J Ih^ dtivofilft to ymi ! 
\i\- ^■t.•nlftsr\H\'^l' to n;y njniiicr, your tHHUeuaT bq^H 
mnkc muc:b of her. ^| 

Laf, F&rew^'U, pref(y lidy: you miut hold (he 
crtdit of your Iklhei'. 

[A^jflUB/ l!*;imfAM n«r/ Lafku^ 

Hbl. O, vuru ilint jlI ! — I think not on 
And Lhmu ;-ivat mtat gmx hid r^jnenibi 

Thiui ILmhc I fhis] for }»in,' 'Wniot woa hi- [il 
I luTe fbr^E idm ; my Jmaginatkni 

apprcfarDd lu ilcnliy, "■Be b Aulfl Iv LmprnneDt. «ld 
by Ifat [jrvtifTCif brFic ra^nre" 

' Lnf It *' 'fllRr* I'niiy*!, AL.] Titv iLir^LDf bcIV II BUfl^ 
I'IcBll)' abuLUiu , mil, LhcuR^ '^^ i-n nilTibc rlrq nf Ihl HirlPD'^ 
appear la ni in^irahmf iiiuip luirl hnrkh. Il wmt bj bo idiuli 
LhccnLlAi La Bliokriivur, 

■ ft I'lr liriag ti nni* ■■ lit fn*/. Un ohu wuiku It »h 
■HiM I In iLiralil mpf ihli ipcrrQ Ii«i-lirnf4l In Ilia (.Vnmi n*. 
Tlirk Aipl snntfl'd rbil il brIiPiri la ItFlcna, and Ibji lie n 
rl4i:i4 II iliaaki |mit<l b) Liiou'i irJclbOur — "Hua uhdrlHWri 
WD IbatF' 

' Anrl linr grrol Imrl pnn ^' rrrrrmttaatw man 

Tll]llllll1<4lin!leJl0niL-an, I lui Eifli " Itm1 "Br i." 1iflhl|( BEtntaohri 

l'> «n?r for lu ]lht4 at \<-r iDEhcri diibli IDrHtiitJ InHrr HT 

I4ilir k1l« 1 11 If t1iE<r Ihir hiTF, liul iiunr drlrrl hii Ihr In I mUTl 

fans DO ftloor in t, hal Bf-nrniu'r^. 
t u amliAe ; then U on living, nout. 
I' BvOiun b« awaj. 'Thetv nit oni: 
Hut 1 bIioiiI'] !'»-■' 4 Ui^lit firuiiadju xLcir, 
Akd flank Id n-d it, lu^ in 90 ulirvi' iiiir : 

NhI I L* cumtiirli.'^, noL id htA ^phtrv- 

TW HnbiUun m Uiy l^jvu tliua ^tlogiua Itcclf ; 

Ub hiwJ, thai iVDul'l bu innti*i| ]>y iliu liou, 

Mdk dit Ibc loTi>. T wa»prrItjHlhfliighB|ilngUi', 

TiirHid pTErj hour; ro lit ODil dnv 

niiinied brnwn, jtu han^king ayo. bin iiirls, 

In ow bnut's Loblc ; * hiurt, I'M cspblilo 

W «wj line tntJ trick nf hb airecl faTOur : 

fcil fcow bfl'i awe, and my idolitrout fcrmj 

Mm ■Mtftifr nu nlioi, WIid rurmu Wc ? 

W- 4^ a St a ^ 

^'l>nii>iiJii 'tit (i>|f.rkrix hi4ff dT 
'r«duU( lUlld, all lad Mw^A 


Od«i ihnt f^ciffl vilh him: T Idvd him fut Ln oobt.-; 

Anil jfl J Ldoh him a aoEoriutw liot, 

Tliiiifc liitn a pitat wtij fool^ wtltlj ■ coward ; 

Yet (hcHT Gr'il uvlla nit so Jit in him, 

Tfaot tbi'T take nlare, when virtuu'a fllircljr Imiiiih 

Louk bU.^k l' tba cold wind : viduU, full o^ <rc 

Eatev rAUi>Li.Eb. 

P>B< Save jou, foir (]u«>a, 
Hfci^ And vuu, laUDDfthb^ 
Vau. No. 
Hbl, And no* 

«iuhv1« bT lliar ArprlM of npmtr Iirla» Bollrpil In -'Thi 

" Hill. Hbm \» mYin^r^ 
P«lL Jim; wBaI VaaUl hV '«'■"" 

fi»nD[Bin.p-ill. VdI L 



PiJa^ Arc jtm medllatin^ on Tir^niij ? 

Ujix. Aj. You k&ve toax riun* tfS Roldicr in 
jDU ; let me ut foa a quL-ifCtm : Alan ia i'jii*iiij 
to virginilj; bnw nvij «o hmrifwJo it ugainBl 

P*H. Kwp him QiH. 

IIrl, Bui hcuiulfl; oniL oiirTirgiTiLtjr,lhnu|f1] 
ToliEuit in cJiP tiafcnoar jPt ~ia wi'ok : unfuli] to ud 

Par. There is nniic ; nian, witing dona lieforv 
jou. *il] umk-nniuc juu, mid tkliw ji>u up. 

ITrl. BIl?^ uiir |KKir vir^iDiLj fr'iia uit*\cTiaiav^, 
unii blowpTa U]kl — Isljusra iiu milliarj puUi:j,buw 
TirpfinH mi^Jit ^Itm ii[> niFii ? 

Pah. Vir^nklj', bi'ing blown down. Bum will 
quirldiet iK lifowii q;, ; moirj. in Uuvtnj^ him 
uowij aj^iu, WL[|j tIid brLiu?li jL>iiriwlvidv ounlt^, Jxiu 
luw >uur cjij, Jt lii ital jmlitiu in Iho common' 
wr&lih dF Dotiut.', To pn9w.'rTi! Tir^'iiiiT^'. Iju^s of 
YJrjjiitilj 1^ riiiaiiAl iLicrarLK'L and thtrc nju Di-fi^r 
Tu^b v^It* ^U 1 trgiiilEy Hftn Liim loqt. That. jtrlJ 
noij moJa uf, m lui'tol E'I Eimku vir^iu. Vlr- 

fJnJLj.bj lH-iri4f una- lu^Mnaj betm lliuL-aEtitJiidi 
y being ever liepL, it ia pvcr lost: *Lu too cold A 
oumpaiuuii. 4IW4V "itli it- 

Hql. I win plnEtd for^t m little, iken^li TJitre- 
fi^n.^ ^ iliij « vtr^-iif- 

Pad. There's Ihlle Uin 1>e milI in 'f ; 't ia 
i^iiiuit the mlu of itMure- To Epeot en tbc port 
uf vjrginilj, in To BteiLH your oiulhtn ; nbini tti 
uwfitEiithllJblt ctiflobvdiQFicp, Hr, Ihat hiui£7iliim- 
nrlfi IB a virgin: eirginifj munlers ibvlf; nml 
flhould be buried la hi^^bwoyi, out of bU fanccificJ 
limilj ruf a Jeb^vrala offendnvA a^aiueL nature, 
Vir^nily hn'i-Js mites, Jniwh lik? A chixsei eon- 
Aurms iuelF to ibc Tery pruinj^, anJ 50 dieci ^vjiJi 
fiK'^lLiig bin u^n tf^nnu-'hr lleaiiles, virginLfj ig 
[teeviab, rruiid. idle, made ^f aelf-loTe, nhieL \a 
l^ili mopt inbiliileJ'' sm in iha cunua. Kl«p it not; 
vou lAnnol clioniiO but low bjl^ nut ^^ilb'i: 
^'iTbiiL ten yeixr \t will nmko iLaelf Ten,' wbieb ii 
IV goodly incrcaa? : urid i\w principol iuelf not 
mui.''h ihn wujsd. Awbj wilJi i. 

IlbL. Him migbt ono do, Air, (o tono il; to her 
own HkiTigl' 

Fak. Let me lee. Many, ill, to lite iam tlui 
nv'i-T it lik'^- 'Tifl a oammodlfy Will Ioad the 
glu^A with \yTiff; tbc longor ki^pL, ihi* lona worth i 
off wiih't, wliiln 'I ia vendible : anpiWLT [be lime of 
requL'flf, Vir^niCj. like an old ojankr, wpai-s Iht 
«■[■ oaL oF fo^bioii i ni:hlj anited. but unnuilabte : 

> Jinwr tralb— ] UiPiltF 'h "r'r l«T|F <liirt, 

I ff,'hn< '■ ■ wtr il T''i matt ll-rlf ltm.-^ Tht foUa Htdl, 

1*— ^— pqhhr « Hllr Jvi' ^c. TAP AilEmElfin rf "LurD" lo 

prriiaiii nbirfvailnn ir ihi < inBtu— " V ij-^tEft ''i l"ini flat* 

jiiat Ilk? the limiah aad the loolhpiek. vhich veof 
not DDw. Your dote is b«t^r in your pic uiJ vkx 
pomilei*. dull iu yuiLTcbedi: and ywa v'trsiniij, 
your old virginityT ir* like *]nt> of nUT Fimch 
wirJieroJ pmrn; iE liiokn Ul. itoalt flrily ; taany, 
Ws a vitluTed penr : it was formerly bctt^Tg. 
nmiTj, y^.' 'Li? rv «itlmrcd par; wiU j(hi lojj 
lliinir HLlh it? 

Hkl- Not my irirgimijytl. 
Tlien: i^hnllymLr muter Lave AtliDnaAiI Im^' 
A muEber, aqd a miiniv^^, uid • frii&d, 
A jib^nLi, Cbpliuci, auil ui e&idtiy, 
A giiidu, a piddetA, and a KdtvTvigQi 
A eoiinAoDiv, a inutri'hs, aod o dntr ^ 
HiB liumblo Ambirion, proud bLimllily. 
Itig jfijnri^ coneordn and hi* Jiicord ddevt, 
lEiH f^kilb, bis aneel illsoater ; rilh b wdfU 
l.^r ]>ii'Lty, Fond, mloplionsi chririren'LnDHi 

Thit briiikin^' L'i]]iid ^iaai]i5, Now flail he 

1 know net niiat bi.' ^bollt — God send him wdl 1— 
Tlie wuH'h leikmin^-iilace ; — and beiiohv- — 

Pab. Wlialone, i'failh? 

Hkl, TImt \ Hifb wdl.— Tispiy 

Pui, AlTiBts pty? 

IIrl- 'riiat wishing well bikd not ■ body 'ui\ 
W\iiv]i mi^-bt be ft-lt : Ibv re, ibe pornvr Inni, 
\Vbitfi< bu^r #Uii¥ do hlbul lu^ up in wiebes, 
M.i[.'lil wilb otTi'rtu of (hyin fulloK nur Irinidfl, 
And Bh'>w wbai uc alone must thbik ; whu 

KctuniK uq tbouka. 

Sutfr a Pige- 
PaqEt Monitiear FotaUcs.my Lntd etlk fbr jno- 

V/iR. Tr!u.te TTd-m, Kirewnll : if f oad reruembtf' 
thee, 1 will think 4pF ibe^ at eonrt. 

JIrl. Maiuji-iir Porollen, jou were bom 
A fbaiilable fttar, 

P<(B. Under Man, I. 

HnL. I oapeeiBllv tbink, under Man, ' 

FhIB. Why Tift-isf M4tr™? 

B!bl. The Won haTB so ktftl yoa unilu , 
yon mufkl in?ei!B Be bum under Mjv^. 

Pau. AVIii'n ln' vo^ jpreduniinanf. 

Ht!L- >Mion ha wii TctrogTEde. 1 tlurik, rat 

P.^ Why think you to ? 

HnLr Vuu go 40 much bodEwaid, wlum 

A /' nv/mnuilrtn'w. iHrr*. t>I, ~ru ■ ffiTi^nad farjl nm 

* Tinn ■hall four itLAnlnr Ia**- a 1]un]>aikd lii*nv — ] 3bi^ 
■blini II liddaBlls vrinUnf tat, ihli ifaipiridif Idviv hq «■■- 
■CVMII Willi «hAl rirEfriln IF. t1u>iiin rrnirili«i lltr driWi li 
Dihllip Ualni laj, " Ynrn'rc fo'lkt ramrt ;' ln|| III? drAciaQ 
llllDn pnlMl»lT lb ruollEi" 'prcrK, wliEn Ibf wdtjIb " Wt mt 
Jnri^raufl- atif hair hcrti hHlIei*'! I^T lb cdjdPwIIh. 

F,ut- Tluii'sfin' DilTjuibtj^'. 

Ilu.- Hf li roiuuD^ nway. i»hi'Q fear pro [i.t«s 
V tSvi^ . Iiut thu cUiD|ftMiLi{iaj iLat juur kulour 
lid£itr TiiokieA ilk jmi, iB(k\irtuD of l ^ud itirig. 
td I \Alv ihn irciu- well. 

Vjj*. [ Ala to fidl of buBlQHws. I cikonot on- 
■•er lln* juutolj^ I win ttfurn pi'ifycl itannivi-. 
Ill ibp *hi<i4i, my imitr^rfiuh oIiilII Btrvu Lu niitii- 
niiM tlitv, Bu ihon wilt ho cajiaLk <jf n '^ciurripr'B 
niwE. ud onderAlaiui what adTi[!C9haD ibmsE 
^HtlWA^ fJuLbaQ dlfetiD thiiiD uDtliaiikfulDaHM, 
■d Ibiiw ignotwioi Dinli^A rhre qwb)' j fuiriFull, 
*'bn Ihoa hoR IdirEin?, jwj thj pra^n ; vhm 
^mhiii voiK, rcTn^nkbrr thj frionde: ^ thee 
t|QcJ biuliuid, and obp bEm aa ho okca iheu; bo 

Hrl. Out icmeduu aft id ciiirafETiu dn lie, 
^nid] ■« ■Kfibe to timi?n : Iho fitted tij 
UnA » &fv sL>ope : unlj, d^tlL Isai'kirard pidl 
ttBabn> dvsigUfi. w|«;ii vi- [riimi-lk l-" nft diiH- 
^^iMinvalA it» wbiizli muuntq mv love i^hj hc;^ ; 
Thttaakdtnw *ec, and cnimoL feed mifieeji^? 
IWoI^UhI apdW in fiirlaii^f nalura loingi 

r*J-«J'»' JH-«. ■Mhi»/l*rH»flt-»nljH.l 

tl ^Ji iht KHiE anil nirln T>nr *• 10 nad, — 

I4 rltmw'.f tllt^ ifF lb* 4VUm dI IJpClffni |rll1tal 

' VU bih t*** '•«->l >F I ThV «fV lip^KKirV DT -I|B( eIib 

U'lfHUI lldvnn, IlLnrr'iiT, ivnpvad— 

To joib liltD MkoB. on^ liiu like uotrr? thin^L 
Impctfttiblc be BtrBD^^d QllcETipbi, la tlibse 
TIiii.( wti^li ihujr [Aiiu in BtTtt«; aui] lio ?u|tpc«(-, 
WhnL haih [iLV'D coDDi^L be.'* W^o VTCT alkptc 
To ^han hi-r mfnLi Uut did mki Iter love ? 
Tho king'B diHuae — my pmjcut uiuj di'tvivn mo, 
Bui III}- inicu[« niu fii^d, ami Hill atil twvc ma. 

aCESE It.— Turin. A Ham In fha Xing'* 

PVitituh P'j ffWTirft ^B'^r <Afl Kino or FoaboIj 
KklA ^ATi/ Lords afrii o^Af^rs atlending. 

KiKQ. Tlio Florcfllijin and BiMiojD am Ity iha 
Hnro fou^E inth i^quol fiirliinE^T lUid DuntinLid 
A bravinj;; "ur. 

1 Ltmu." Ho "tia njpoHed, tir, 
KiNu. Tsqj/LiH DtbQt chhIIIiIo; im hciu nvnira 

4fh1 Ubbdm hibultjlcd— 

" H'halbath nm l*en. '■u'l hf-" 

L]ie 'lid cnnriulLiPn uf u bj^A, 4piIiI piW. Cnr *tlk, mO. iliaii-f 
■boiiLJ EUHl, — 

" WltBl ■'riJbtrtn tUlllDt bfl." 

■ I r^i'il 1 "JTicrotld dIjElniuliki UlB I«4 |.aid« vbo i^iA, u 
" I LtriJ 0.. nd t Lofd '-" 


M^ L] 


[BCX9E Lie — 

A eatahiti, nndi'd bum oui DOiuin Austiia, 
Witb f^nDoa. tlut iho Floreiitiiie w!l^ move ub 
For B|K«lj ud ; whefeiD our deoRAt friend 
Pr^ulifalCB the boBiDCBB, and would sccni 
To haTG DB make detuoL 

1 LoKP. HiB loro and wifidom, 

Appror'd BO to jour mojeatj, maj pload 
For unpkfit d^encti. 

KiNQ. He hath ann'd Dur bUBWcr^ 

And FloRDPe is denied before he comcB : 
Vot, for our gontlcniGa thaL meBa to Dee 
The TuBcui Bcrviw, frwlj bave lh*j leave 
To stand oa oithcr part. 

S Lord. It oibj well Berve 

A DUTKTJ to our genLrj, who Bra ait^ 
For bfca^iiiig uid eipEoit- 

KiUQ. What ^B he comcB horc ? 

£n^ BEETRAif, Lafbu, and FA^ou-Bfl^ 

1 Loftit. It is the conct EduflillDQ, my good lord^ 
Yotmg Bcrtnni. 

Ke*Q. Youth* thou hear'st thj lalhcr*fi foDC ; 
Fnot taXart, nther cutiouB ihan in hastfi, 
Hath well compu'd thee- Thj ffither'B moral parts 
Maj'rt thoa inherit too I "Wehwine to Poria. 

Bek- H^ ihonka and dotj^ aro jour majffllj'B. 

Kma. I woidd I had that corporal soundoeaB 
Ah Then thj father, aod mjte\t, io frieudBhip 
Futt tried oar aoldierstip I He did look ^ 
Into the senice of the dme, aod waa 
Diwspled of tho bnreat : ho laaled long ; 
Bnt OQ oB both did baggiah age at«a1 dd. 
And wore na oat of act. It much repdte mo 
To talk of jom good father : i:i hia yaulh 
He had the wil, which t con well uWrvfi 
To-djiT in oqr joung Lorda -, but they may jest, 
"nil their tnro acorn return to ihem unnoled* 
Eft lltf J can hide theiT leritj ld honouTd 
.So like a cnortier : conteiapt nor hittcmesa 
Were in hia pride, or aharpnees ;* if they were, 
llu f^oaL lud awak'd them ; and hia houour. 
Clock ii> ileelf, kiKrw the true miDUte when 
Kieepfiod bid him speak, and, at this dme, 
JIi« toDgoeobcj'dhia'haDd. Who w<Ta below hini 
lit lu'd ae creatum of another place ; 
Ajtd hoiT'd hifl emipent top U lh«jr low ranks* 

WrrtiK Ul pndf , ar <kBfpBUj j| 
CipcU. irlllL toatw pbutL^IUri r»dk,— 

"■ " H nnlaapE POi bUUrntii 

n»iD Id Uh. prhla ti ibVitaet." 

*• Hi, ffl-J" obf^i bU kmmd:] Ilia bind tv lU t«iKl- Thfl 
latere vofalm li«il hufllT vynit Into ud U the line wbcn tl>l« 
pUf mianntwn. B« naU {'\y.im. VnL I. 

/■ Un< }H.« >raUf be liUUbJrd :] 

Making tJiem proud of hio humilitj* 

In thoir poor pruae be hnmbled :' biu^ a man 

Might be » oopr to ihfeo younger timca ; 

Which, foUow'd well, wonid d^aoBtratt^ ihem nov" 

But goen backwud. 

BeBi HIa g<x>d rememhnuHe, mw. 

Lies richer in jonr ihoughu, than on his tomb ; 
So in approof Uv« not nifl epitaph, 
Ab in jour royal epeeidid 

KiXHQ- Would I were with lum I He would 
al-rayB Bay, 
(Methioki, I luof um now: his planmro wotdn 
He HaCler'd nut in ein, but grafted them, - 

To grow there, aikl to bear,) — I^m^noilvoe, 

Thia hia good mclaDf^olj oft began. 

On tbo cataatn^ibe and hed of paatima. 

When it waa onl,' — tM me wtt Iwe, quoth be, 

AJifT n^jffitmu lofia ot^ tohetht tKnf 

Of yoatiger tptrif^ wAok o^iprfAmnK »en*a 

AUfnUnewt/Hnptdudaia ; tehonJudffBujttsare 

Mere /athemtf tkeir ffomunU s vhotec/nutoncm 

EiCpu-e before t/teir ^uAiont, -This he wiab'd : 

I, aflor bim, do aftfir him wiah too, 
Since 1 anr wai qdt honey can bring home, 
I quickly were diasdTed from my hive, 
To give Home labouim room- 

2 Irfinn, YoD are loVd. ur : 

They, that Icsat lead it you, shall lack you Snt- 

Emo- T aw a place, I hnaw't. — How long ii'l, 
Since the pbjwcian at jonr &ther'a died ? 
He was much fam'd. 

Brb. Some aii montha einoe, mj lonL 

King- Ifkhevrere liring, I would tjy him yet;— > 
l£nd me an arm ; — the Feet have wom me out 
With Kveral* epilations ;— nature and nickDCK 
Debate it at their Iraaure. Welcome, count ; 
My Bon^a no dearer. 

Bnn. Thank your majesty. 

SCENE TIL — RouBillon. A £oont ni rA« 
Oonntesa'a Palaa. 

Enter Countbsb, Steward, and ClownX^) 

CovNT. I will now hear: what eay yoo of this 
gentlewoman ? 

A niT illEbl aliEiatloiL weald Inian lbs UDUpiHf of thli 
puiV^r Wr ■hoi'ld, pcrbtpi, nad.— 

" Id LDali pD« paiic it inHtW." 

" mtm ]l w« oul,^ When whaE via oall TTiD ^vnmr^ 
lilon tr« niDlfl. D«t noE th» obolD Wnoc d( tha cDalait taid 
iDibo* Ihal U ii imlipFlnl nl wilT Wllb IhU itmplc ?ban^ 
and anppHlnc lb» iPidluaij HibilriQiiiLoa nt Ul^ ILiiqa Id E« coTttet, 
Ehepurpcrl winild be, "Onrn :a-an]i (he md of mrj tpifiimti 
iimpon. AlCIt wil vaj eikauiltJ, tiD >01l]d ia*,~ lit 

1 ITlU »r Trial an<'*^'»'«^—] Mmm^fttd tpfUfMiiiiut. 




-t% - 




y^- - — — 

1^=^ ji- 

5(1*^ Mnilami do vara I \ia^ii LilJ Irj dvfii* 
y™r malvni, I winTi nnghi bu fiiuml in thir 
{ft^dv of mj |PU4t codqavinm; fur ihca we 
nun! DBt moilaLjf. taii mntLO tuul ibo dconiQU 
tiaa dnorrip^T w^'" f^ our-tlvca wo pulilitli 

pM. wTah: iJic cumpJiUDlA* I hare Uewi of 

nl ik> ftit all bolJtvf I '[ it Q^ domii'Sfl, ihaL 
DDli Tor I \noii v<^i lock ihnt foil j to iirmiitil. 
iktQt Aod liATD abiliiy enough lu nuku guth 

Cm. Tif Qut uulduwii (o j'ouj uLodum, T nm 

fttWfT. WiOl, nr. 

Cii. Nil. madoiu. 'lip noE so well. Tbnt 1 &m 
^, Uf^li msri/ i>f lluf ridi nix' •Aiimin\i: M. 
■ I BUf hB«B jvur ladj^p^u good-wilt to gu tu 

tM tkh I --" Bui IpIIJ tjiu dibLf kl fu«r"'-iii lliif •maif 
' ^ fH* v#>, <mj a hfwtf cilil, f Hii. feu. 

thi.' wurld,^ JaLbl L}iu womoii unJ !■ irill ilu m wd 

UtiPST. WiU *bod DeciU bp o lw^gi[»r? 

Cxo. I do bvg jQur giKHt'wil] ID tuiR cn^. 

CocNT. la T*]iat ix£«? 

C\o. In l-^bvl'a enw!, uni] mino own^ Scrrlcft 
in III) liuritn^: and. I Uiiuk, 1. ahall nc^cr liave 
the hli^ubg of Oi>d, till I havv imue o' mj 1]»1> ^ 
fur, (hey ca;?, liotDd itm hliuvingn, 

CoiTKT, IV'll mil thj TOUBim *hj thou »Ui 

Clo. Mj poor bodj, mailiLin, rcqdi-ep it : I am 
drireii un bj lLo HiihIi ; nrnl ho diuaI iiif^lft gi», 
dut Iho devil dHvE'H. 

CDtmT, Ifl Oiia all jour irnT^liip'e TPOfinn? 

Clo. Tallh, nu^ain, 1 haV4' uth^, holy IVUDU, 
pucb UM ihuy oro, 

CcLTTtT, Mav the wiii'lii know iLciii 7 

« Tc p In fhm wotld/— J Thil li, iff tr nwln'- 





{acaa m. 

Clo. I have beviip madini, n wicked creature, 
u jDa and nil fleBh and blood Arc ; and, iDcU«il, 
I do msTTj, that I maj rvpenL 

CoiTKT. Thj oianiage, eoonvr than Ibj iHcked- 

Clo, r aiu Qul o' friends, madam -. and I hopo 
ta have frioEidi Tor my vik'H Odke. 

Count, Ski4:h IrieDdB are ihinq cncmira, knavt. 

Clo. You ore Bh&lluw, madam. Id ^^reatriitDds;' 
for ihc knavci qome Id da rliat for m^, whicb 
J JkiD B'WL^ary of. He, thtX et,n idj knd, spsreB 
lay team, and ^rca me leave b> imi the crop; if 
I be hiii cuckold, he^s edj drudge- He, that 
eomfortB mj -mfe, ii the cheriBhcr of my flciili arid 
btood; h^, that thenehes my flesh and blood. 
loreB mj ficsh and hCood ^ he, that lovea my Hesh 
vid blocd, is my friond ; nyr. he that ki£»» mj 
Wife, ii my friend- If ntea could he matantM to 
be what Gicy are» there were hu fear ih mama^ : 
fur young Clittrhon the puritan, and dM Poyaaoi^ 
the papial, howBome'er tJioit hearta are Kvervd in 
ivligion, their heads are bolli one, they mayjowl 
hunts togelhet, ]ike any deer ■' the herd. 

C'ouvT. Will thou ever be a Foul-mouthed and 
calimiuiuus knave? 

ClD' a prophotlS) T, madimi ; and I apeak the 
(tuUi the Jieit wa^:* 

Fur I ihv hatlad mill repeat, 

Which meafuii Iru^. sAafl Jnd i 
Tout marrvigr coma by dnli/iy, 
Your cwkoo rings by kiiut-* 

GotiF'T. Get you gODO, air, III talk with you 
mortj ouun- 

StRw. May it please jou» madant, that he hid 
Helen come to }0u ; uf her I am to apeak. 

CotiNT. Sirrah, lell my gentlewoinBD, I would 
apeak with her ; Hdon I muon, 

Glo^ [SingiD^.^I 

Wm this fair fnce the cartw, quoth the. 

Why the Orfciaruf Motfd Troy i 
Fond done, don^JoTidf 

Wfii eAii king PriaaCtjoy* 
Wiih that die sighed oi ihe ttoodt 
Wiih ih(U shi iigkcd of the stood. 

■ Tan cri jAdJbir, bhiTbh, Id g»kt Mtaiii) TTtb i* DfluU} 
mi, " Von A<t iTialbir, DuJun; f'n< iHTBi Irlfnd^i" uri Ific 
lrjUD(«i, baEb Iti ibniplBji ind Pi CDniFoiprnjirodi bookf, ^ 
f> being miiluir Ld'? Tut f'n. lUHI'li H^c probibLLllT cf 1 ILke 
fTamrn: bill E?iE mfuiLiig ia%y Ct, "you ■» ibalJcii' Id tk* 
tAit o! aiMi (Virn4i-" 

b Tauiig Ctar^aa Fkf pt't'vi. ajU Bid Tbjiua Om jh|IIH.— I 
IfiJiinr iiiKHfiLdl IEkI \\tr drUin^ iroiil iru Puluam; ma lillii- 
aion to ibcpnclktcf nllng Airt cit rmii-amji, h niiubvi vl^br 
bfllDilie Ptij HaLcr E 111? purlUm. 

' Tbr ntll Vftf .J tbC neariMl -Mj. 

^ ViuF nnunitn comri bj dnlliif , 

Vi>iiJ iziirtw »ii\gi by KIihL.^ 
A ner i(r>i™i ot m old pn*»rb. Bd, In " Uniig#'k GuJtn, " 
quitili. 1^77.— 

" CcrUnI y DUnnr# ■■ wtllaa I, 
Let irtvn lulc fvir mindc ; 

And gave thU amtettce tJkm ; 
Atntmg nine bad if tiTte be good, 
A'timg ainr bad if one be good. 

There 'a yet one good m ten. 

Count. What, one good ld ten? joa comipt 
iho Mug, drtali. 

Clo. One good wcman in ten^ m^dam ; whidi 
ii a purifyiug o^ tho Boog.l^l Would Ood would 
aerve the world bo all the year 1 we'd find aoboH 
witJi tho tid:iQ-woman, if 1 were the pataon -- one 
in ted,quotha'! bd we might lia*e a good wumta 
bom hut 'farfl* every blading star, or at ap enrth- 
quake, 'twuuld mend the lottery well ; a man may 
draw his heart nut, ere ^a pluck one. 

CoDNT. You'Q be gone, sir knare, and du aa 
I eommaiid jnu, 

Clo. That man ahoufdbeatwoman'ficommofld, 
and jet no hurt done ! — Though honesty 1* no 
purilan, yel it will do rto IturtL >t will wear the 
surplice of humillEy over the black f^vn\ of a big 
hoart.1^^ — I enj guing- fursoolhi the business is 
fur Helen to come hiihcr. [FxU Clowu. 

Count, Well, now. 

Stew. I know, madam, you love your gentle- 
woman entirely. 

CouifT. Tiuth, I do : her iather bequeathed 
her to mo ; and ahe heraelf, without olher ad- 
vanta^,,may lawfiiliy make title to ait mueh love 
as she tind? ; there is more owing her Jhao ia paid; 
aod mure shall he paid Iter, than ahe'U demand- 

Stew. Modaui, I was vary late more near brr 
than, I think, she wished me : alone ahe wad, uA 
did eommunicate to herBcIf, her own words to her 
nwn ears ; she thought, I dare tow for her, tbej 
louched not any atraager sense. Her matter ma, 
she loved your BOn : Fortune, sho aaid, wbb do 
gDddcs»>, that hod put such difference betwixt thdr 
Iwo eMtalea; Luve, no god, that would not eitotd 
his might, only whci« qualities were leveU IHudt 
no' queen of virgina, that would sufler her poor 
knight surpriaed,' without rescue, in the Grat 
aiABult, Or ransomc afterword, Thia eho deliva^ 
b the most hitter (ouch of Borrow, that e'er I 
beud virgin eicloim in : whieh I held my dntj, 
apeedilj to aequaiDl yon withal ; aithcnce, in tbe 

(•J FInlhLtD. 

A I EuetDldt* eorae bj dflillnlf. 

Bo CLukchXi alag bj iliid».~ 

> Wai Ikl /-!•■ fmfr Hi r«BH, qBiill rk'.— ] Tbil 1l, pbfbpa, 
jiiiiaEcbcf leiDF aEillqu? Ulhd, xbirh' Ihr hfll cnnlLT nciiLpi, 
Etl imiaiMla. ir\ lb» mli^niaiLeBl muinq of hL| qlLLUg, iHbI Iw «■■ 

□Pt iJKqrtLliei iRnDiuiE at Ibr njblKl *ll](b biB DfllllBH UldbB 
tliwud bad Met Fd ipvak lluul, 

r Dlailt, im^nfH a/rlrpmi,—} Thf aH mlluioB^ "Qhum 

of VkrfLQj-" i]iE i-D 'oiit piflfirnl bvTlwoUd, u* prebtUr 
Mt ntMj to ili( nrlfilEi] mtbdh aiipplinl. 

a Tial .MiiJil iH/ff ktr pvr knliLL lurpriud,— | Tfali btb* 
lAniQii af (ti« fllil liaX, anil IDb pbm»lof:r at tbc |hvi'i ap. 
Thrg^ld InHTird lb» VOrdlEa h, Toad bn^,- "ibal ■rDulil ■□D'q 
ber run intgbl le tt aniprlKd,' and be bu bwD rOUoari bl 

in L) 


It^' ihat may 1up|Hui, xl ctmixnui ^ihi wmetbing 
Vh know i(. 
L'-orvT^ Yon hare discKiuYi^ 'hiv hoiuutl j ; 

nc of (hV lx>forPi uliirh ^iluijl; ^t> luLti'iiii^ in Lhi.- 
UuiH, that I nniEil nc'itliT U'll^vu nor uiJMli'ub'- 
TNkt ton, ]^yc me; utall dirn in yuiir l>i>m>ni, onr] 
I Uttu jflu fiir jDur boij^'-E vuix' ; t wiU Apoolc 
vilh jua fiinliot ariun, [A'-n'l hSuiHurd. 

CunNT- Eviii so ir njks wiih mi", w^ivn T wm 

If i>«(ue n&rim'B. Eb»eDi-e ournL thi^ rhom 
Dolli to our niH.' vS jnuili nplitly hcLoog : 

Oar bIcHid (d ik,, TliLd Ur nur bEnoi] i« Dom ; 
It w ifce djow nuJ acd cj natiin-'a imlli^ 
WLen- locEi'fe iircFUg |^a»ion in impti^N^M in joiitTi: 
Uj our mnenilirHnwn of 'lny^ fare^na. 
Sack w*TC DUT ruUt< i^-at On.-\n k-v i\ion]^n i]iimi^ 

Her i>ye u sick on *( { I flbwrre hir now. 

Hki- What u^VDurplL-Aiiiiru, mudiim? 

Coc^iT- Yu" knoir, Hcltn, 

I Ud A tatkhet ta juti. 

CuuKi' Nnj, a muUiiT: 

WW oat a ibodipr? whi?D 1 aiiJ. a mnlhi-r, 
Urowoghl jitu »w ■ aerpc&r ; wIulI'b irt niDl/nr. 
'rUi^uii Hliui at it? T aeivh T am juur mMTicrj 
Xnd put TAU ill ihi^ carulu^cua of lltuao 
Thai were ^nFomE'ed mire. Til ofTcii Bteti, 
Adu|iiiiifi ttnv-^ ^iili DJiiurc; and cLaicc bivcJn 
h a^ktr slip to U4 friim Tjrtign nrt'iLi : 
Tou nr'ff o|>[ir<'">M EJk»' viib A Ennilier'4 gruiiiiH 
Y*4 I eipn'** 'I' j"it a molbci-'B c*ro ; — 
Gift DDrtrj'. mniklKiL I doQi it ciini diy LlooJ^ 
T*Mj. J am lliy tuolIiw? "Whol 'i (hp rnixUiT, 
TWl IImi diBlfiEiwr'it uw««oibg''r of wtE, 
Tb* fuorki-ciiljiiLr'd irit, nnuiiL' Ihino oyo? 

Wbi ?— liiai. v<Hi are mj daii^Ll^r ? 

dn.. TIiaI I am tint. 

CWiT, 1 wjr, t VD your oiuTlirr. 
llxL. Pni-LlikEi, mjidaEn ; 

The n-ini ItuiiMHon canOift bv mj builiki - 
TbD (rom bumble, h<? fmrii }i'in"ilr'J fiJinii"; 
5i> DErta upctn niT [inrvTiu, bi--. nil itubU' : 
Mj DBtfcr, mi <Icjr lunl ||<: i<i ; sint I 
Hi* BFna&i li'V. adlI fill Lii iiksaal t\ie : 
ne rami ii>*i \n< my bioiluT- 
L^IiHt- Hot I joar n^firlior f 

" - — lU M\"\ w "1k-iiii[ii "Inn ornt" 
h fh lhAi^.itn >ii i4 r*'— *|ii] fA<i^ I Bin tv>[i<ir>lhlr. 

• ■•«■■ ^■mi'T fur^— ; "Tlivir l> j1oI|ii4hJ qj^iIj L|f u I ^ - ' 1 TUB 
fP ^Ba M.' ■< ' r !■- bJ -1iIJ<4 /ir '-Kikwib || VOUlU 

— wl* h-n III! |*rvl>iirj ar llkt> ijHfflEiili imiHr. V itv 
^fM Ltfl ^t_iiinii* bltt *i»l4n bIlIv^ bill, in trulb. Ibr Im 

motbcr, mnduiu ; 'noiM 

ITbi.- Vou are mj 

^VOll WtT4f 

iSo thai mj lord, jnur tnn. wen out ay bi-otbct,) 
InJet!!! my tuudiorJ — or httc jhu bolli our 

I enn} iii> Tin>[t fn^r,*' fbjin I lin frtr bi'ovcn. 
So I wrrv nut Tun (iiirr : cim't no olbrr, 
iJuE. 1 jour dflUclktcrT bBDiiut bo my brulbirr? 

Cotrsr, Ytii,HL'I«-iit juumi^btbcm^duiighrcr- 
OaiE pfaield, jnu menn it uotl d^Uj^ACer, uid 

^0 Vnvc iipciti ^rcur ]>ii1mi ; nbnt. pfilf^ ngvTi ? 

Mj fi-nr \ia\\i rqtdi'd V"Ur riindnL'si^ : iinw 1 qc n 

Tby injirftTif' i\\ TiHir iDiH'IbiE'i*,* anrl flniJ 

Your nfllt T-'ur^' bewb Kow to oil lenee 'ih ji;ixmf' 

You lov? mj fen -. inTcutLnEi rm onboniMi 

AgiuiuL Hi': iiroi'lAHiJilJon uf [fij [•iiB.''ii>n, 

To any. rhuu r!aqt nol : tlicrefori? wM me tiiu' ; 

Bui Icil THf tb™, 'r it so : — for, louV, lljy cbiek* 

OcHife» \t. tb' eue to ib^ odier;-!- deuI |J|[au v>''a 

Bafl U an f^roaJj sbuwn in thy ^ffbuTiuiirPj 

ThftL ill rbi-ir kind Lbey npj.-ab k: urlj ain 

And IitIH^Il jjbtTiunrj' lii> tby WUfpc. 

TbQL tr-uEli nboLilij be sLispcrcFed. Sgvak, Wt so? 

If it bo BD, yi>LL linvi' woririnl fk [■uOtlFj rlue i 

If il bu llul., fiirp^J-'nr'l,: be«c'er, I charge ibcc, 

A.a buDTeu flbnll vint m mo fifl' tbiiie JLiail, 

'J'o tffll me ttuly. 

llkL. GcioJ irmdain, pnrdon me I 

CoiT^T, Dd yPH love |HJ WkEl ? 

Kri,. YdUt iiHi'lkjb. noblo iQiBlreH ] 

t'jtTiT, Loteyou my son ? 

TIrl- Du not jOD lovQ hiii>H miuUni ? 

Count. Gd not about i my lortf boxli in t n 
Wbenfif Llie fcorld tflkes nolo : wme, oooier 

The state of yiir [LlTeellirn, for yimr pawmii 
Hiive Hi iJie full B]i]K»idiM- 

ITbi. , Titeii, I eoiir(^4<, 

Here on my kDt*>, befijre lii;;b Iw^ven nH'l ynu, 
TbnL befipro yon, ond neit nnlu l>igb benveii, 
I l<iie viMir W>fi : — 

!Uy rrienila nere peer, bnt boDBBt^ bo's my E?Te : 
Be nut oSend^, fur it biirEa iiM bim, 
Tliul be M Jo/d of mo ; I fitllrv bire nut 
llv any token of pTe^oriijtloous siiit^ 
Niir would I bave bim, till I du dL-KTVchim ; 
Yet hpver kuow hi>w tbtt dcv^rt ibould be. 
I knev I liiYe in vuin, sIjim' fl|!;iiotl hn^ ; 
Yet, ill lliiii eopLiaua^ and toleulble J sieve. 

i'\ Villi ThlIId, r.hNfTiujjn. 

(f) ^ml fBlhi]. Vlki'ihU In U' "l^f- tl) lint Ml B. MffMl'- 

' Orii»<,-| Tli±i \: p^l^ai'-. 

•> Ttli Hpriuui irrrf ^HiurkJr tim.^] VtI^HIik tobvLlrlD. 
*lrli FkrakEi, liiiBi eojilitVr tim li ihlf a ctiiilrv(Un kf 

I Mill puat in Ihi" valav, uf my Vitc. 

AdJ lulc not io ]«c stiU: ttiu, Indiiui-Uke, 

iCdiKioufl m mioo eir'ti, 1 oAose 

The aoif Uui look? ajxia hin wonhippET, 

l&iiL biiiriTK uf hJDi riu mure M> ilLtiunvr: inaJaTn, 

Lft DoL j'trar hale erkHiaalor with my Javp, 

For loving »ltcre jou do : bot, if jouiKlf, 

WbgH Jigcd hoDDiir clLca b virLwriu joudi, 

IKd afir, Jr eo inHr n flu[ue of Hkijijr, 

Wtoh r^iiEtely, ukd lorn doorl^v. Chat ydir Dian 

Wu Inth hemlf and Love ; O ib^n, givo pitj 

Tu heTr whiHn ^uitc Ie hmc^ Lhat cannui cLoube, 

Bnl hud uiil givu wliun^ [<lti; in eihiv tj> Inw ; 

ThaT; Koka nnt to tinJ thai tcr Rcoreli LTnrtlit^fl, 

I^ut, riddla-like^ iW^ BvccUy *biMV «Ilo dicB, 

OotTHT, HaiI joq not lately oji inUmt, B|ii?q]l 

}txL. Mwkin, I had. 

(I. Wlierefl.ro Q loll inie. 

It, I will (f[l Inilli; bj gmn- Ituj-JF, I awear. 

YchU hnoH, my fbthtr IcR mu Bume pr»«n|itioBB 
Of rare and prflv'd «ftc*tfl,<") Buch d4 hia readin 
Anit ■ukuifcF't ci|ierLCDi?P, had collec'ted 
Far f^nural Byvi!rfi|;iiij ; ■inl ihat bn wlU'J 
In hnilfuUiEit rt^Tvatiuo la btalow tht^m, 
Ai Dotca. whcjw EiCTiltiH inclmivo ware, 
Mdi¥ Lhan the; ncn: !□ ncto : udod^I ibe rd 
Thctv is 1 rr-inwl;', B[ipn>v'il, iirt duwn, 
Tu aire Ihe dtupi'mlu hui^ui^hiiigu, whE'ivuf 
I'h? king 19 Fcndi-T'd IqsI. 

Comrr, Thif wu your nintip 

Fcir Pbj^, wdh iC? tpcoli. 

Hbl- Mv Eoid roitr tun omdu mp li> iJiink 
E1»D Puis, &ad Lho QcdiciDCp and the kin^. 
Hod, fmm ihi? convonaljoii of mj tUmiglil^r 
Hfljtly bi'^L nbfiuuli iht'n, 

CoLiNT. But think jnn. Helm, 

If jou nhfiuld lisrlcr jwir Hnpponed aid, 
lie woidd ]«i.¥ive it? U« and hla |rlijRL'lnii« 
Anmf aniind} ht^ tlul tbcj 4:jij]j;ai. bt-lp lum 

Thtt gifl Jalb iti^lcli lUelf u 'L ie nwciV J, 
And )r« uiLnugh Ear boih' 

1 Lonii, 'Tii^ OLir }inpv, nir, 

Aud fiail 3'DiJi' {.TiiCD iti heniib- 

ICmi, Xd, ]iu, ii i^Eykibot b?, and ^vt my 1u-vt 
'trill noL cunfi'aH ]ie uwtis i\u} molDdy 
Thst [lolh TDjIifc Uraicge. Piirtai^lE, (Onn^lcprdi ; 
^Miedii^t 1 lin: or di«, be ^u llv iioiu ^ 

lliri?llir EM14,' Bm niLLllrtlrt lllhtHlFc llM IbRI '•tm* Id Hie IW 

|iiTi]i WDdUt llie vimki'ilum 4lt irir UWliC^ Dltd ^tiLi lltrtiL lIlH* 

m tL] 


[flODH t 

Ofvwlhj Fn^diDcii ^ let higher llftljC) 

nV3H nHjcd, du( JnlipHl biir the fal^ 

Of tbe Im( ntonivdij^) hq UijiL ^ou come 

Kd( [q inn boaour, but lo wtnl it ; whfiLi 

The bniffll quostjuit ^liyinkA, fifnl wtioE ynu 4«k, 

Tlifil fDmc mflir tTj jrou Jaud: 1 «vy, fhrn-^wctl. 

EcTQ, llijtu! ^]rl» of Itolj, Ulcc hti?r[ of TlH'm ; 
Tin BHTt Dirr Fivni:L }mik iingaogc to 'l^ny, 
Ir ibcj (lemiuiJ : bcfuu cf bemg cD^vea, 

Bam. Our limrts rpwivo jour iFunirgB. 

Kno, FkrcvelL^ — ComphirlnTr uime, 

[T^ff Xi>'G rffNTi W d CAi^cA. 

1 Lou*. O mj f ">'l lord, tbftt jou will slaj 

Pab. *T » rjM fa'iri Fnull, the "[mrb- 
9 XjO&D' O. 'L is brave hoi* ! 

Pal Jlii^l nJniiriMo; I bnui '-tn ihnw «ui^. 
Boa. 1 vn romnuLnila] licii^, and kept a cuiE 

Pa& Ad Ihj mind eUuid [o^t, boj, Etoil ouaj 

Beil J dbidl ALyhereLh&fiDrei-bar^WiiBniock,' 
Crfaklng D^y pbih* nu iha filbin nuidmir^. 
Til] tiDnnur bi* [Hjufrlkt up, niuT im E«vrJ Aoni, 
Hal Diu* to dniiDO with II^) Uj bunp^^n, I'^ll slcal 


t LonD. Tbcre's Lanour in [ho l^iefL 

Pab, Cuiumit il, nnint. 

2 LoHD. T nni Tmir otTX^nry i urJ w» SutswiH, 
Bn, J ^ETUw » jtrti* ami our pai-cing ia n lor- 

1 XdBD- FhkitoII ^ 4:ajptiLin. 
S LoBD. Swwt mcDHoiir PnnkjW I 
Pirn- Noblo heroes, dxj sword and joon aro 
be. Ougd bfurkfl ud Imlruus, a •tn'ti, good 
BMitk V{iM sTift]] IJTid Jii ilu' rogtnLcnl uf Lbo 
Gi|iiaiit one captain Spnrio. vjih bm I'uiilrii.'a,* hh 
cmUem of vai, bere ou bii auiutcr ctwk ; il iru 

■ T*r bn-fan«a !■ • fHBct.— 1 Thr ff^yni dF ■ fnu «■! 

gnj-TfTi^M-lTril ■>!> HR>» kna nbD«lB. And bollf. Borlr^ 

VflfHbvbClatBllifl BDDil.llkfUAa or ACTiLiHlfifl biuaiir Lallw 
*< ~^ Obi fflnlBg U 0j a iHiluivd bad|'.'' 

«k^H biilHod Lb IlU pma», Tbuf, La "Ikluvd ■(."Ad 
*.fc J, HflUiiMak* Mf*— 

" And Aim E, ilbid ac' 

" I |0 HI n* b Mfld." 
«Wi|a n*t I'll VH ma* 41 iHUBtliucj' — IaJcu lanrt- 

iltiB vpfj Bword cntrpnt'lift] it l mij Lo hico, I live; 
and obs47rvc hit reporla for Hie. 

2 Lunir. Wo abidl, jiabli^ mjrEiiiTi- 

Pail Mjma tlirU' ijh _>oii ffrbisiitivifTfl E l£mmt 
Lorda.J WhaLmll ji»u' doY 

Beb. Sraj : the Lii>fl - -■ 

Pau, L'ao b luoro tpAi-inuft cciPDioitj to the 
noblo Imdn ; juti liavu ro-lniLDi^J _vcjLir?olf WL(hin 
tIu.' ]hl uf tfiQ Lold nn nilrcu : bn irtaro ofpreulvo 
to iNi'rti: for ibey weQr themsel^ts in tbe cop 
of die timc^ ThetOT rln ntuHLi'r Ini" ^i I, i^l , Efc-nk « 
and jijovu iimt'T Lbo inriiicniv nf thi' iudbL n?(;tLPori 
Blat : and ibnngh Ti|i-c]j-vi| li*(l |]i4> ruciuurc, ludi 
arc ]{i be fitElawfd : afier thom, and uke a more 
dUat^^d fhrewplL 

Bns. Aud I «]]! do M. 

Pah. Worthy follom ; And like to pmffl most 
ainewj flword-morL 

[ffffUtC BcmrKAU tmd Pa&ollbi. 

^af/^r TdFRU' 

1>AF. ParduD, my lunl, [fjie^^tn^.J for ma and 
for mj liJinp. 

KhO. Ill iUD' TJito Lo ^tand up. 

Lap. 'Hu'n Ih^fq^i^ n mna Eiranda, iLiL Tiaa 
h(*)ughL lifP pardon- [mflivy { 

1 would jou bod birci^l'd, mj lonj, (o oak me 
And thiil) at mj biJiliiig, yiix couhl so mojiJ ti|^ 

Ki?iJ<J- I Hipuld 3 lini] ; i» 1 had brokj? tbj- [jnlp. 
And aak'd tbm mrrry for't. ['ti* tlius i 

L>47, Good fnilh, ncrosri : ' but, uy ^roud lojdi 
Wil[ jiiu bp cur'd L»f >tiui' ihRnuily 7 

KTNa. Ko. 

La^ O, will joii cnt no grapen. mj rojnl ibx? 
Yh, but ycu will, mj nullti ^BpUp' an if 
Mjr ro_^nl fbi coiiU rtvth l^crn : I buTit BSAi A 

Thnl'fl nhtc fcj hifQllio liio into n atone, 
Qiiickcb ft rock« aod niiLbo jou ilanoe caji^vy' 
With spii^'Ulj- fire aiir! motion: "boeo nimploKiiJcli 
Ib jUiTLrful tu undaa kiog Pcpio, naj, 

TO, D. 


(•) Old ud, ff, 
"laoEiLl T''<' '^^ ^B«*1'd , mp lord, 'Iff. 

(hLvilry, In -hkh, Id Ii^i^ ■ "inu □rn'ji Uib mif ot u 
npporriiE au ili<(»iVTii]4 ruDO In bf a^ra ^d ilTnlliiH vIhd 1117 
pkfti llf <hllDllum-d. JIlltf bii*cv«r, ltb Iw Lit -r .l.alrU KlLl]<l» 
EUbtff Id umt lULA. oLtrir cirtaLii tncm uffLlLUA IIib u-iikiiF 1 

h mark t irwu. 
■ Ift, r-w' r"" «ri'J mfm-Jiltgimpf,^] jQj ili I^U |iuujtB 

bu iK'rn CQunijjrll Lb tuinm IDDdan IhI LLkiEl < ID "V, tinL JirrcJJiTlljf 
KQ ha'r ubtr TO n^ad " ^v" HK^AlLebIJ}, «itd II14 ■(■■»■ I" 

"O, ■w'U 7PQ pal no ;r™ri'» '. *'' 
Y«, buErm ^lLI. iiiimiiLilr iraliein" 

' Jad —ait vnn dHdf nioiirjf,— 1 Td vIibI luH alivk^j Vn 
■l44flriIlicl*tuirnf11iU«ntliTtMjd«ncf [l^^^^^l^^•l.■lll I r.**). 
niHj b BrliLri] llbil ll\e iljnmi «r KUI |l»n ' d thfl^ bia'BInahU 

imp. or plki|i, or rlinh, ar llrp fMb uort Qriicni ■< J^i nv' 




Td D*e great CbirlflQUUTiB t pen id's hand^ 
And write to ber a laTC-line. 

Kko. WliAtWiathiB? 

Laf. Wfa^, doctor ehe; mj lonl, iJiere'a one 

If jon nill BCe her, — now, bj my &it]i add hmour. 
If Hrioualy I maj conTej my t^ughto 
In this mj light dellrcnDDe, i hsw apoke 
AVilfa one, that, ld hw hi, Lot jeera, profbwion, 
Wiadom, and conalaacj, hatb aoiKE'd Die more 
Than 1 dare blame ray neakneaflr WU1 jou see bcr, 
{For that ia ber demuid,) and kouw her hnaineu? 
That doae, laugh well at me. 

yicta. Nuw, good Laicu, 

Biiug Id tbe admiration ; that vq with thw 
Maj speed our wonder ton, or Lake off thine, 
Bt wond'ring how itou took^at it. 

Lap. Nbj, I'll fit yoD, 

And not be all daj neither- [Exit La^eit. 

KiHQ. Thus he hia apecial nothing erei pro- 

Re-ffnta- Lirtn ; IIblbna .^>ZZo«nn^. 

liAF, Kaj, coiDe jour ways. 

Hjhq. Thia haste hath wings indeed. 

Laf, Naji como your wap ^ 
This IB hie iDEJeaty, say your mind to him i 
A. traitor yon do look, like, but aaeh trutOTH 
Hie mojeBtj Betdom fears : I am Cresaid's ancle, 
That dare Idbto two together ; farayonweUd ^£ril. 

King. Now, fair one, doet your bumDeaa fbUo" 

Hbl. Ay, my good lord. Getnr^ de Narbon 
wu my father i 
Ifl what he did proFeas, well found. 

EiNO. I knew him. 

Esh^ TheralhcrwiUTaparoipypraiBeH towanlfl 
Enuwing faim, ie enongh. On 'b bed of death 
Many recoipta he gave me j chie% one. 
Which, aa the deftrCit iiaue of bin practice. 
And of hifl old tsipcnencs tb' only dorllngi 
He bade me alore up, u a triple eye, 
Safer than mino own two more dear : I hftTs m ; 
And, bearing your high majeflt; ia tdUchM 
'With that malignant cauaoi wherein the hunour 
Of my dear father'a gifl Btanda dbief in power, 
I come to tender it, nnd my appliuH^r 
^ilh bII Ixmod humblenees. 

King, We thank yoiit mmden ; 

But may not be BO cnduloufl of cure, 
"When our must learned doclora leave us ; and 
The congregated coilcge have coneluded 
That labouring art can never ranaoEn nalure 
Fruni her inoidablo ealate ; I ioy we mnot not 
So slain our judgment, or corrupt our hope, 
To proadtute our paat-cure nialody 

Td ^piricfl ; or to dlsBerer n 

Our great eelf and ddi credit, to estflom 

A BOnBeleaa help, when help paat lenae wa d 

Hel. My duty then shall pay me for my ] 
I will no mure enforce mine office on yon ; 
Humbly cntrT>atJng from your royal diougbb 
A modest odu, to beat uje ba^ again. 

KiNQ. I mnnot gire thee kfa, to be 
Tbou thought'at to help me, And oueh tlUL 
Ae une near dcoth to those that wish him Hv 
But, what at full I know, thou know^t m> pi 
1 knowing all mj peril, diou no art. 

Hbl- What 1 can da, can do no hurt to t 
Since you set up your nst ^goinat remedy : 
He that of grca[o«t works is finisher, 
Oft docfl Iheni by the weakest miniflter : 
So boFy wvit in babcu batb judgment ahown. 
When judges have beoi babes^l^) Great flood 

Frutn »mp]e sourfcs -, and ^reat seas hare 
When miracLoB have by the greatest been d< 
Oft eipccladun fails, and ai04t oft there 
"Where moat it promiaea ; and uft it hila. 
Where hope is coldest, and despair moat fits 

Edjo, I must not hear fhee; fore thea 
kind mud ; 
Thy paina, not ua'd, must by thyaelf be pud 
Froflers, hot took, leap thadu far th^ rewi 

TTur Inspired merit ao by breath ia banr* 
It is not so with him that all things knows, 
Aa 't ie with ua that aquare Our guesa by aho 
But moftt it is presumption in us, when 
The help of heaTcn we count the act of men 
Defir sir, to my endeavnun give consent ; 
Of heaven, not me, make an experiment. 
I am not an impoator, that proclaim 
Myeelf ogainat the level of mine aim. 
But know I think, and thick I know moat v 
My art is not post power, nor you pa^ eure. 
,KiNG, Art thouaoconfidcnt? within whut 
Hop^at thou my cure ? 

Hel- The grcat'at grace lending f 

Ere tnice the hones ij the aun shall bring 
Thwr fiery lorcher his diurnal ring ; 
Ere twice in murk and occidental damp 
Moist Heaperus hath quenched his f aleepy h 
Or four and twenty times the pilot's glaas 
Hath told the tbioviah minutea bow they [Ha 
What is icJinn, from your sound parts shall 
Hfnlth shall live frfte, and stckneaa freely die 

King. Upon thy certainty and conSdence, 
What dar'at thou venturo ? 

Krl. Tar of inpadenc 

A Btrumpct's boldneas, b divulged ahame, — 
Traduced by odioua br^lads; my maiden^s na. 

I*) Tbil hUo. Mflt. 

Hi Plnl folbH AfT, 




^'iili'il^' loiniTp l?i Qij Jiifl bo <inilo<)n [epook 
^Lhii. Al''HLii4ki, in lliii'v MJntu UcaelsI b^nrir. duLli 

|fliPI*C^ful t^Utirl, WjIIhII Drl 4^rE,'[LII ^Vfiik L 

Ij, f iiii>ia-'iL i^nsf, Hcur'^ Sfitea mtorljir voy- 
Thi \ifv IM dvBJ . fjr bJ] Lint liTi; can rale 
Uhurib DAuiii iJ Ijfii, in ihii^ huih i«tiniiiEci 
Viiqlib. 1x«t|Tjr, ftuiktlii, i^iifngL', oil 
^^litKdn«« And priniu van bajifiv cot! : 

dJI inluii((*, vr □iLji]<tr'>uFi ilc^^tL-raU^. 

jliil uibiAtTV (hlno u<nt dfJilJi. if i dio^ 
Bkl, if I bn'Ok Iiuit, ut fllDL-h in propcftj 

OJilBiI r|*it'f, ui][>ititfl li<| nil? ill" ! 

AnJ ai-Cl iImltt'J. Ni^I bt;l3iin^. ilufilli'B my fee ; 

But. if J liclp. "hm da yrtu jirv^miBc loe? 
Knra, Ukke dij dtouuH], 

fin.. Bui mil >"U muko i[ Dryn*" 

EiXD. Ar, Eij mj wFptns nud aijr bo|>t'H j>F 

lif-ATt'n.' [Iiond, 

Flu.. TLph ^JuU tbou ^>ive m^t tritli ihf kEo^l^ 

ttliK hiiJiuo'l in ihj pcwfT T will ^Animimd ! 

£]r»]i»<l Iv. rrom mo ibt- anof oqpc 

fcrJiOi'ie ^im forth th« Fryrd lilnod of FraDa^; 

Nt V* i^Liit haoi^le TiAme la pn>|jaj^le 

Utibsij bmikirl] iiF imagn t^rdi,^ [-[atti 

CdI lorb a vin'. Thv toBaol. whriic] I knnw 

[■ frw luT n"' fn [l«1(h rliw In Iwifow. 
k^KU. Ifp-n' u iiiji ItBDd i ihe jufniiwi ohaprv'd, 

TTii "ill ''Y i»^T f't'ii-ninnnci.' fIihII Ik' httM ; 
hip;^* i^f thv own limPj tor 1, 
iicni, tin rhw ndM i¥l_r, 

i.Hijn? Ui Vj»I'». cuiJdnrri ho mure niniri i 
fmir^QiH'D ilii'ij '-oTEi'att lioir r>^ndEd od^ — Lulri^t 
ti^lHtoii'Hi w^'fi'OifU'H aflil uJuJsKiSr-'d (Jcfl..— 
[ii<r m? .iLiiibu Lrip licie, tN] ! — If thiu jiEvctvd 
jif Flu^ to %nrd, mj ilnd 'Jiall mari'li iSj cEi-«|, 
[Ftofjuh. Exeunt. 

Et'ENE IT.— BDn^Jllon. J Roon ia tLe 
L'niiarfw't Pixin''t. 

ffftlfT CorwTBWl oft^ Clown, 

. (hAT. Cdme an* iHT ; 1 wholl nnw [HJt ;au u 

Le^. ] «iL] vliuw mj^ir^lf 1il|;]ilj fud^ cmd lowl; 
tt^: I kaniv my buHiocnp Je but to ihe cmirt. 

■■1. ■■ ■Hm^b BhLD-i LtEkEi vlrTj TVnipl, 11 U ■mE~'it>b Ehflb 
^•^iMll^'^l' ■WV^Ix^l I" "' BdKTLlllIlfDl. Wd th'Hllll^ 
**•! B»T»l»h BnirfJ <a -bal m* pi*! iwltj ■«!■ llj llHlla|| 

k«4^B«diapkLr>ijiBcntirTirLti. mil f«Aiiv!— 

ViUi i^hii lanurf l*t idt hfn Ire milrd.'' 

CdVP'T. To the court, rh^, wIibI pl«« mbke 
jou «pcdaJ» siktii yon put off thai ■illi njch (<on- 

L'e.ci, TtuI^Vh itioilmii, ir fifjij bitD jciii a nijui 
my monntrriH he n]nv{'4ti]]y piii it nfi' a1 court : bs 
liuit ciuiLirL miLku a ]i:e, put oCf'n np, krta hia 
huud. juid Mj nnlhijL^. iWi iKiklu'r l!*g^ biuiib, lip* 
nor mp '. aiiJ Li>ETtvd» riicb a firllrjw, lu d;i_v pn> 
dtcly, were nol Jor the courl : but> for mo, 1 Lave 
BQ Aiiiw^ will eerfv all men. 

Client, Marry. [Iiiu'b li litiuiiUfnl ruipwcr, tlinl 
Eilfl (ill qiJi^liorit^. 

Clo. Il » tike B bru-bor^r^ dijiir, that fiti All 
bi]tti>ok?; till pb-buttock. ibo qualcb-buOuclii 
[Lb brDWD'buLlDck, or any EiolLuck. 

CoETiT. Will your muwer kjtd RL to oQ qpee- 

CiA, Ae fft u I0D gi>DAta la for ib^; bpad vf an 
othHtiP;f, u jour Frendi crown fur ymr lo^ura 
|)uiili,uTilj>niF<b rorToniVforik'HEigr^rHOfji jmn- 
cBfc(»fiiryhniV4?-Tii(^liiy, Ji nmrti? fw Moy-diLy/*) 
onthonof] 10 his hiil'', ihv cuL'kiJd Ic bLi homt ivfl Jt 
9Ci>ldiri^ t^iinui to a wran^IlD/^ kna*«. !\b tlie nun's 
lip ui ilii; friiu'E DiDulh ; nay, m cbo pudding to 
hi't [.kin. 

Ci>uNT. KiiT4^ ynu, 1 iO^. an anflwcr of eiirb 
Guitwa bir all qiii.'siioD^? 

Clo. Pnim beluw your Ankc, To bcncaiJi yout 
iioarlidrlUr il will til aity queq(ir>ii, 

CoiTT^^ Ttmudtlip nil in^wtr of Tiiont mun^crouB 
aifQ, thai Diu^l Rl oil dcoiEindf. 

Ci,o, Bui A [riflr ti'-iibt-r. In gond fallli, If Lbo 
Inu-nrtl iiliuLilii '^-\iV (rutb vf \l : ht'iv Jt K, uiil nil 
lliAl b-^lon^ ■■I'l : fuk mo, if I am a i^ourriiT ; it 
fliall do yon no horoi [o CenTn. 

CcntsT- Til boyoimg agnlij, if wj-pouTd. T will 
be A foot ill qin'^lLoik, hojuag to bo iJir wiEicr by 
your mswcr, I prny Toui iIt- nrp yon u rauriiir? 

Clo. L<fl^.t, rir !' — TlioivV a aimplc puning 
aS: — quirr', tiioru, p bunilred of chein. 

CVpitnt. Sir, I nm a poor frScnd of j(nir«, tliit 
ltm?ft you. 

Olo. O Lord, eif / — TTiick^tbit'k, hpare not mi", 

CotTTT. T ibiiit, fir, jou tan eat nwno oF ibia 
homclj meaL 

Ci-Os O Lord, s'r f—Nmy, put mo lo*t, I wpr- 

niQl yOQ, 

C-orsT, Yon wore Mtlynbippal, air, flfll tlimk. 

Clo. Lord, »ir /— Spare ni>t mt 

Uov^'T. Doytiu orj, Lord, fir, oiyourwhip- 

^ /h-l -» knevnf hi«*ni-j Tfci nUrupy^i** *''P' Tbicnr- 

i«ll.'j, -l.irJiLf e\n't \'i- Thirl Cy,"*!" o>l]ri ri'iOftTb Bj™ 

COnlE^r U|<l inr rLjIBF |1 1^ abtHpublr IIlOI mOFh nf Lbl> VCBIH If 

In ■iTi'iuili, rl I |]ii Ifd (I ■cim . H HM ■pimluQ pmtably nf m* po^'i 
|l»r i^^iliriii rniH-rriTHm, Cnr-» rBnnui ill*rii -muBl-r- ..t llil 
lniii°«>.iin iJiai II niiHiTiiiwrl prilpd m Hli canrr Im n-tnur** 
nnitdcnbic pun "J iLJi pn^*' 

■ [1 ljlf[l. ■ill] T>ir u*-- ■>f ilJi cihIbH'", "lildi aviwtn ™ 
riBvr- 1ir4i> ihmfllkl iht iriodr lixMi tn ^bdh mid clLf. I^u liem 
Durii rldlrulfd bi lL>nuHi iLni Ah "FHtrry Uu Dal of bu 
llUDUiur," Act 111. Sfl- 14 BMl J""!"*' 

C S 

Act il} 


|iinj^» mriil Mpare rtot mt f liidw^, 50UT Lord, 
ftV, in ILTJ Hcquonl to j'our whipjjing ; jdu ^roultt 
BflHwcr viTj null l<i a wbipping, if }'0U woro but 
bounil &i'l. 

Ci/j. I nt'cr liod woii« Im-k in mj life, in my 
— LoFff. tlf : I HOC lliiiigB ntDy acr/a long, but 
DUl w^mi t'vc]". 

CoiWT, I i^Jny Eho iiohTc houscvife vLlh lHd timer 
to toiftrlniii ii ii» miiirily with a ^hjL 

Ci-o, Lord, tir! — Wlij, Llitrc't aftvcb well 

Ci'nffd All* i'ri(l» ttir ! to juur buBincus. Qi?c 
][i.'Ilzi tlijj^. 
And 111-^0 liiT to a ]>rfm'iit wiawor linck : 
CrpmriioEiil iiir Io mj^ kiii^iiiuJif aiiil iiij nun ; 
Thi« IB ii'rt iiiiu^h. 

Ciji, Nol iiiiirli ivinimi'n'ljiEiun £u llu^ni, 

C'oTJTT. N"l iTiutli ciii]p1"j-iiu.ii1 fur yuu: ymx 
unclurrilniiil iikt^Y 

Clo. M'ihI rnillfullj 1 I fl][i tluio ln-fcro my 

SCENE JTL — Pftrin. A lioom in the Kiog'a 

£ntn- BivitTHAV. IjAFur, a^J Pabollfb. 

JjAT' Tliry Hiy, mimi'liv iljt pai^f ; DEiiE HO Iio^'O 
our pliiloiiophicnl ]K-ii«tiJh, to mnko moJerii and 
fsmi tinrr I^iiii^ Biipcmnliirnland cilijk'?]i'M. lEcnce 
ifl il^ Ihnt tro hiakd fntlETi uf tcTTura, crBconcin^ 
oiiTAi'lvot iiiln Bwming knowk'tlgr, nliiMi wo aliould 
■ubiiik mn-rieiiffi tu an luiknovit fi.'ar. 

I'ah. ^V1ly, 'tin lliomm'L arpimont of wonder, 
Ihfkt Imth nhil nut in owe Lxltvr timc^ 

l^itn. Ami flo "i if. 

liAF. To Iw ivUnquirJiiHl "f tlio ni tista^ - — 

Par^ !^> T Niy L Ihilli of firdni nml PaniCclBUH. 

T^M*. Of all tlip U'nnuil ond nullipuric follows, — 

Tin- Hl|-lil, fti 1 nn\\ 

Ij*f. Tlml pavi' liiin out inoiimbV* — 

Vau. Wliy, llu'iv 'l i* : w> soy I Unt. 

l.Af. Ki'i (o Ik.' lu'liksl, — 

Par. lli^ilit : ns "t w>^:i\ n man OK^nti'd "f a — 

If.i^' UitEiTlajii lif^^ imd nuro diiiili. 

Pas. (Siist.yon wij i*vU; ho vnuy I Wo paIJ- 

Ti»F^ I nwy tnily my, ir w a Tn*vcl"y lo iW 


1*AB, It ih, inJftil! if ymi will huvL- it in 

(•I Vim fdtiA .4-if. 
• £•*%■',—! "An rlA rltj. Ihtl luu « prrf*! ikal^f iptIE, 
■lwIi whtr «iUimbni fj •fs'in irnittp, wr- are nn wIhib In- 

•ilPl'^) »utfL II ■ 11UI«?LnUili . rtll d - J fa^S lui r^lFcU , - Pc I fiH^l 

bjifKB W Patch •mll'UtbEinWL 4"J U|vp *r*nilJ PTTHiHtDP 
^ittte VHT wi. Vhkk U )U|ll«h (B-lVlf .--CaTHJ T. 

ihowing, you ah&ll re4d it in,- 

Tjaf. a ohowing of b heiTenlj ofiect m u 
earthly uctor. 

Par- That 'a it I miuld hare said; Uaft veij 

L*r. A\liy, your dolphin b not luHlier: *fan 
TitB r spoflk in n»poct 

Pau. Kuy, 'tis BtnofTc, ^tia totj aCradge, tliHt 
is tho brief and tbo tedione of il ; and he is of t 
moat fociiiOrouB* Bpirit, that will not ac^oowledn 
it to be llie — 

Laf, Very hjmd of hpaven, 

P-*R, Ay, so I say. 

l.iA.T. In n most weak — ^— 

Far. And debile mLiiister, gmt powers grcal 
tronsccndoii« : whicb should, indeed, pw m ■ 
turlliur nBC to be made, tlun akniQ rlia ncoreiy of 
tlie kiii)j, u to be 

Lap. Gpncmlly thankfid. 

I'au. I would hare BOJd it; yDDsajwell. Hef« 
comes tbo king. 

Lat. Lttttiquf,^ OS the DutchmAD laji: III like 
a maiit tbo better, wbilat I Iibte 4 tooth in my 
head ■- wby, he^a able to lead her & oonala.^ 

Par. ifort dn Vinaiffret Is not Uua Helen T 

Laf. Ton God, 1 think ». 

Enttr Kino, Houwa, and Attendant*. 

KiNQ. Go, call before me oil ibe lor^ in otnirt, 
IEmU on ActoMiant. 
Sit, my prMCirer, by thy patient^a nda ; 
And wiih tbia beallbful band^ whose baaiah'd seoaa 
Thou hifit repealM, a second time r«o!T« 
The confirmation of my promised gift^ 
"^'hicb but attendi iby uamiag. 

Enter Kceral Lordi. 

Fair maid, pond forth thine oyo: ihia yonlhiiil 

Of Doblo Wbelora stand at my bfstowing, 
O'oT whom both so* rrcign power and father's Toioe 
I lia^e to use : thy tank election moke, 
Tbon bout power to choose, and ihej nono to for- 
ITel, Tn Mch of jou, taio fair and yirtnout 

fc A ftt-ftnlb.] Tlif nmmtm wu ft Jbbdi dlitiiriiili'd ^V 4* 
llnllDfi» »d rtpMUr "' "• T»T«iiirtli.^ 

- AbA tHcfa liHolUi Ufbt ud fvVt nrnfm."— 

^ tfoTf r. AeI UI> So. I. 



[kc0k hl 

Lft Ihf vrhite death nt on tfty cherkfor fver; 
We 'II fleW ctnm tkfrt agoin. 

Knra- Make choice ; and, acc, 

Who ihuns thj loTC, shuna all hia love in mc. 

Hel. Now, rHfla, from Ihy alTar do I flj^ 
And to impenal Lore, tbat god most high, 
Do mj sighs fttrcjLDi.— -Sir, will jou hear id;«]it? 

1 LoDD. Aod gtont it, 

HcL. Thanks, air ; fill the rcGL is mute, 

LjM*, I hail lathet b« Id ibia chciicNj, iJiad throw 
aiDGfl-aco for mj life. [^J^* 

Hei.. The huDOur, elr, that flaroea in jour fiiir 
'Befbi^ I sp?ak, too threatening]; replies: 
Lovfl make jour foctmiea twentj times nbovo 
Her that so wishes, and lior humble love E 

2 Iadu. No belur, if jou pkanc. 

Hbl. Mj wish recHve, 

"Which grcBL liOTo grant ! and ao I take my [oavp. 

Lap. Do all thcj deny her? An ihej wens 
sons af mino, I'd bcvo ihcm whipped; or 1 would 
KDil tlieiti to ihe Tui'k, to moke eunueha of. 

Hbl. Be but afraid [To a Lurd.] that I your 
haad should take, 
T'U ntver do you wrong fur jolt own sake : 
Blesaing upon your wowa ! and in your bed 
Find Am^r fortune, if you oyer wed I 

Laf- These boya arc boys of iee, tliey'Ii none 
liBve her : sure, they are baaliirda to the English ; 
the French ne'er got tbem. [good, 

Hkl- You are too young, too happTf and too 
To make younclf a eoa out of my bioodd 

4 Leap, Fair one, I think not m, 

Ijap. Tlierfl's Doe grape yet,'— T am sure thy 
father drank wine.* But if ihoo be^st not so uaa, 
I am B yonth of finrleen ; I bare known ibee 

Hbl. Idarenot Bay, Itake^on^ [T'cBebtbau.] 
hut I give 
Me and my setrice, erer whilst I Hto, 
Into your guiding powtr. — This is the msn. 

XiXG, Why then, young ])ertjam, take lier, 
she^H thy wife. 

Bab. My wife, my li^ ? I ahall beseech your 
Tn such a buaines^ giro me Icnve lo use 
The help of mine ovm eyen- 

Kino. Know'sl llwu not, Bertram, 

What she haa done for me ? 

Beb. Yes, my good lord ; 

But never hope to know why I fihould marry her. 

Kbo. Tbuo know'at, she baa rais'd me from my 
vckly bed, 
Eut foUowa it, my lord, to bring me down, 

■ rhen'i iin« an^ Tflli— T ira •□'D iFif ^ihn dnnk ■!□«.) 
W«aT«Ui Bnppoiel^Kl Laftu, nba JmbHnln rgn Tcnillrai alEli 
Puellti, hu not litiid IhE dbicoune bviKprn H«Jidi BJid Ibe 
ruiiDe caar^hn. bul brtl«nd ttJe Fikd pniHwd Ed ucb, iiuL bHn 
nfUiAdbriJlbiiEtlHPiH M»« iDinaUiDn. TTie >fKir-|iBrL of lll> 


Must answer' for ytmr rising ? I know hor well ; 
She liad her breeding at my ^Uiet^s charge : 
A poor physician's daughter my wife 1 — Z)isdiuii 
Bather corrupt nic ever ! 

EiSQ. ^Tis on]y title thou disdain'st in het, the 
I can l)uild up. SCrango is it, that cur bloodSr 
Of colour, weight, mid not, pour'd all together. 
Would quite confound distinctjon^ yet stand off 
Tn differences ao mighty. If she be 
All tliat 12 virtuous, (save what thou dislik'str 
A poor physician's daughter,) thou dislik^at 
Of virtue for the name : trtit do not so : 
t^om low^est plnco when" virtuaua things pmcced, 
The place is digiiil^ bj the doer's deed ; 
Where great additions swcU us, and virtue dodo, 
It ie a dropped honour : good nfono 
Is good, without a namr -, vilones is so : 
The property by what itt ia should go. 
Not by tho tiLle. She is youngs wisoT fcir; 
In these to nature she's unmediate lieir ; 
And these bntcd hnnour : that is honour's scorn, 
Whieh chaUenges itself as honour's bom, 
And is not like the sire : honours IbriTe, 
When ratlier from our acta we them derive 
Thon Qur fore-goem ; the mere word 'a a alave, 
Debosh'd on every tomb ; on every grave, 
A lying trophy, and as ofL is dumb. 
Where duat, and damn'd ohlivion, is the tomb 
Of honour'd bones indeed. WhaE should be said? 
If thou eanst like this creature as a maid, 
I can create the rest : virtue, and ^e, 
Is her own dower ; honour, and wealdi, from me, 

Ber, I cannot bve lier, nor will strive to do't. 

Kino. Thou wrong'st thyself, if ihou ahonld^st 
strive \a el^ose. [gl»d ; 

Hbl. That you are well reftlor'd, my Jord, Fm 
Let the rest go. * 

Kino. My honour'e at the elake; wluch to 
I must produce my power. Hero, lake her baud, 
Proud BComtul boy, unworthy this good gift. 
That doat in vile mispiiaioD shackLo up 
My love, and her dewrt -, that canst not dream. 
We, poiriiijg ua in her defeetive scale, 
Shall weigh thee to the beam ; that wilt not know. 
It is in us to plant thiuo honour, where 
We please to have il grow, Chrek thy oontempC : 
Obey our will, which travuls in thy good : 
Believe not Iby disdidn, but presently 
I>o thine own fortunes that obedient right, 
W]ueh both thydnty owes^ and our power olaiD«; 
Or I will throw thee from my care for ever. 

(■> OTJ [All, i^ktnff. 

<|| FlRl Mk^ b. 

■pwb, "But if Ihou He'll HDL ul <u," Ac. Abn. (uUih) 4 

J4V TlJ 


Iflio ihe ttigeen* uul the carclu» Sipie [li&ra. 
4H jwilfa ud i^onmce ^ lpid> mj riTcnj^ and 
IjOMtijr bpoit tboD in ilii? nimia af jtistici?, 
Wjikimi' a1] tcnm of [^ry. ^j>e&k i ihim? KiisvrPr. 

Mj taocj Ut \our cTCBr ^Mieo 1 eitDHtipr, 
VHat fpcat imtiori, aiitl w'laL iTi.U' of hnnnuT) 
Fi« where jon bid it, I find, ital alie, *hi::li biUi 
Wai in iD_T quhlcr ifujuL^tiE^ mu&L ba«>, id atyir 
Tkfl pnuHd uf till? king ; wlii>, lUi oiiuulitoilf 
1% to 'iwcve, bom vOr 

Soni. Take btr trj Uie hind, 

And laJI liH, ihf] in tfiiiie : ta wlbun I piumUn 
A. Dooitnpuiw : JF Dur la Ihy vabJo, 

But, 1 Lake lier Eiimd. [^uVt 

Kc&Q. Qood furturjt, And the ^vuur en the 
Snttv iiMm Lhu ointr^ft ; whuei; iwcvDiiinj' 
Sun artsa tKpt^ifat on tlic aow-EtonL bri*^, 
And b* pafijfHi'd tn-niglit; tbe lolcmii fciut 
AaJI iDOtv Utend njjirn [lie cumiug ?haoo, 
Bxpec^ng jUmtii frifnd?. ^a rliau foT^st bcr, 
T%y lorfl^i lo Dif Teli^omi ; c\ie, Jota coTb 

^^jttviU KiKO. Ht^kth^h, Hai.aNA, LordA, 

Lir, Do tnti hi^ATpiuoiiflifur? Awordvith joa, 

P«s- V<Pu» i-huAniVj sir? 

I^T, Viiir Kiirl DJiii mifllfr did well tu make 

P*a. ifwuntd^wn / — Hj ^ort' ?— raj w/rnfer f 
L^r, A» i JR il nrt n !nriLpiiij»iv I s|ieak ? 
P4lk. A mitt b^rih onv ; mid not Eii tw hihUt- 
MaaA vilkout tfluml;^ lUiJA-ALirc-. My nuittirr t 

P*A. Ta aty i»iuil i in aU cjjuntb ; tn "luit U 

Lar. Tn iihat u eidiuiI*)! vad ; cnM't oiotior 

PiLft. Y<Hi jir*: 1*0 old, rir : Irt it antisfjr ymi, 
j«« «n Uw old. 

T-ir. I niupi k'll Uitw, ^iLiriib, T wril*" dunj lo 

.' 4«nrn1 brino; LbLif. 

. .-. ' . .,: r doro ton wi-ll do. I dare not ilci. 

1.kT. 1 4irl iLink cliw, for tno onEiiLfkfict. to be 

t ^Ut wW ftdUm; tltoii ^h\hl lua^n lulnrablu 

iflil of'lht \i%ft\ i.it iQigbt pflMi ji't lIv Hf-nrfii 

1^ lb lift&iMTvto ftbuul [bee, did nuxululdlj dla- 

' Hh* EUir Ib^ ilflfj^Tf i?n HID ' ~ 
|-— 1 .' bul*r>p[inlmellJuu*ibtanL[ia. Ilk bulQ 

t^^ lb ■^Avir*'" uiuk[Ii piauAiDM^ "** ill tmiHw^t, 

■■—■MiMJ^^HiWri, ^hk1 Jim 'ik HrnnuHuH', fdr*H»luB kJv ,> 

'H4n ih-AMU^t'iriiitit NI(M--Imiii,'- JclV. E(-l,^ 

miriId miT front Mfcvirig t)iPe n Tenid ofliio eTBal 
a Lortlii'n. I Tiufo now found llt'<.'i bJhw I lone 
tbeo a^nJii, 1 cart uirl : yel an ihnu ]<i)i>il fur 
aDLLiii^ bat loking u[i, dd-I lliat rhoci art. ftasKv 

Fail Hulst Lhoa not Lh« priviloge uf aotiquirj 
iipirti lliM, 

Liy. D" ijijl jifuTigfi tJijBcIf too ^ in ungvr, 
Int lliuiE Jiflt^-lf^n ih^ tnul : — whirh if — Loi^ tn*c 
mutvy Ob llii'fl fur a bva 1 So, my gr-fh^ \<iiidon 
of lii|.tin',' fuTtf tJiL"BWpll ; iLj caACTrii?!!] T need not 
opn, for 1 look lhroiTj;h IJjoo. Gire me tiij liiuid. 

■■"An. Mj IohI, jou giva mt- most egregioiu 

I,xi». Aj, Willi ill mj hMtl -, and Uiuu ml 
itortby i>f it. 

Pah, I hmvc not. my lard, dc^crrrd it. 

l>kPr Ye9, good fiiLtb. i?vcry dnifii of it: uiA I 
v\l] DoL balo tluw a si-ruplc 

Tab.. W,"]], 1 oliall Iv wi^ir, 

i.*T. E'ad OS H>on aq Chou oak&I, for tliou IiJuiC 
lo pull at a bidbcIe d' the cinrrnrj. If pv^jl- tlKiu 
bu'iC botuiiJ in thj horf, and IjQolfn, cLod flholt 
^d vbat it ia lo Ijfi proiiJ of ibj boodogc. 1 
batt* n di'airu Iti hn]d jny nrquainTiiniv widi ibofr, 
or rafJ^r dhj loiowl&lgQ ; ihM 1 tdqj uj, in tho 
dcCiLiJc, 1ii> ii D mEiii I bnoff 

Par, V-y Ifinl, ^ou do me mobt juaupportablo 

Ij.p. I Wdulil IL wora lioll-pwM for ihj Hate, 
niLiI lov it^ior doLTLg oliiniul : fio- Aoing 1 am piut ; 
u I nill bj ibee, ia wbat tnoLioD age nil] ^re mo 
leoffl.' [SxU. 

Pah^ Well, thou IluC a fon tbfiU Uke ihie dis- 
eraco off mt' : i-eurvyj old, lililry. ^curv,» Imiir — 
Well, I muat bo patient ^ llitrrfi i? no fVitEoriiig ol' 
nuthnrily. 1*11 bfljit him, bv my lifc, if 1 cbh 
tntijt bitn tvttli any niiiveiiLeJiL^;, au ho irere 
daoblf and dniiiilf n loixl. I'll Iihtp no more \a{y 
of lua agCf ihao I woulil barn of — I'll bent him, 
aa if I ixnild but meui him ajpiin, 

lic-en'a- I.APEr. 

LiF. SiTTflb, your li>rJ and muslvr'ft nmmiid, 
thriT '^ newi for >'oii i yuu bare d new miifnan. 
Pah. 1 mwt nnfiugncilly Jjcaqqiib jtiiir IiOrdship 

>■ »« lorUni i-lllk ■ riiTilW Hif«nciny." 
Ajaifc, tn'^'uliuiC^u," Am I. Be. 1.— 

■'\t Jim do And EUnfldKU Villi ornin'tin^'*-" 

" Cmiw'. I BtTtt H/nti m eHffQiMllfli.' 

a ^mnlS'na. 1^-] Toi rt-BP-J'"*!"!!. I" "h«<pll^lnil I"«h 



to nuke flOTDO TCHrvcitinn ot rout wronga : lie u 
m^ good tonl : wlkom I stcrte ^latc, a mj maalfr. 

Lap, Wbj ■; GiiJ f 

Pah. Aj, eir. 

Lap, I'he devil it Ir, thal'H lKj ptaatcr. Wliy 
ikM thou garler up Thjr onm o' Jjrs f^vthlon V Jopt 
Duke liDia af thy al^^ked? ilo □flif>r aci-vEuild m'^ 
TIjOti "Trt. In»t w-'l ihj loTF imil when; ihj nnfO 
■lAUilBb Hy niJTii! hunnnr, if 1 -wt-m Iidi Iwu huiird 
jDLingcr, I'd litflt thrc: THirllLJnlu, thou flit n 

rncml cffiiDi^, end e^erj man should bfjLL dbcc. 
ihink, tljDii voat crDaL><J for men to broaUia 
fJioniAtlycp upuD {]tvc^ 

Pak. ThiB IB tard and nndcacrvcd mcBsurc-my 

LjUT. Go la, ftlr ; jou virro iHAttn in TUiT^ fir 
pickinj^ q kt'njid mil uf n punic|p"iUinTr ^ jnu ar<i 
B Tagn^Dil. and nn tniir CmTiflltr: yuu hm moi'c 
uucy with lorda, ntid hi/nuumlte |wnoniigofl, Ihon 
the hmlilry of ytjur birlL anil virtiia fli'e* joti 
cnmoiin^lnit," y*iii nrc d<iI wurTli ajintLcr wiml^ 
e^HT I'd cull ^iju biiiLvu. 1 U'avo j'ipu, ^£^. 

Pift- Ghwd, terj goodi it ii po thea. — Good, 
Y6tj goo>l : li-l it lir? i^mt'r'ulFd a wliili?- 

fi^B- Urkdoni.', ADil f»rfi.'it«I to cbits for tvcr ! 

• Tim Ot b-rtldiT V r^' Aprt 'ml iriuf glm f v^rn- 
«».dUa, M lli'r 'laxq la Lbr iiUi IbI'i "t* nudia Irj llBrjn«r 

Far. Whnl ia the maLTcr, ineot-heut ? 

Beil Although hpforo the lolernn priest I lii 
flwordi I "ill tiot btd her, 

Pau. \\1ifti? what, r.wL«H-hcBi-t? 

fiKiE. O mv PftHjIli's, ihcy linre iziarrioH me ;— 
INI tQihe 'J'u-'ioin viu4,Bnd]ii>rerl>?d lier, [m^i» 

Fail. Fruii?f ia b dnfu-liola, arid it do 
Tlifi tTMil of a lUQii'ft fuul L to Xhn far-. I 

Beq, Then^'^ FtrlFLis &um laj imiUii^; 
ll;c import is, 
1 know run •jet. 

PnhJi. Av, iJiat vunld bo knovn. Ta tbc 
mj lufj, (o iUp win ! 
He wFJirs hm honimr in 4 boi unwpn, 
TI^Bt 1»ij^ lu£ kickj-mck^ Lel^? al home ; 
SjiendtDg hu manlj marxuK in liitr (mis, 
^liii^h idionld fiiifiUkin Lhe bound nnd hi|rh mm^l 
Of Mniv'fl fiery Afcd. To other TTgiom ! 
KraniN? '^ n ^lAble ; wo, that dwell ia"!. jmdei ; 
Thertforo, to the wat I 

TiRa. It shxll In^ no; T'U »i^ her to m j honae^ 
Aef^uDint mj molher with mv hiilu lo Iiit. 
And whTt'foTO I am flei^ ; wrile lo the tin ^j 
Iluit which T duTgt not ipeok : hia priiai-at gift 
Shall fiiminh mo To ihir^i? Ttallun tieldsp 
Wlii^i nubk' felliwp p^(rikp. M'ar la ]ii> fltrif? 
Til the dark hoii^e, and th^i dplfted* wife. 

Pah. \>'\^ ihib capni^cio liold \a ib», art bi 

I' J old i£ir, dfhfM^ 



[roian T^ 

bat ilwDikA be given, bJic'b very weU, and wontd 
bOiMiig j'lbe Htvlil ; but jet she is Dot wall. 

Hee.. If flhe be rery veJl, what doei the ail, 
that Ahe*s not Ycrj weU ? 

Ctfl- Tmh, flhe's Tery wpH, iudced, but for 
two ihlngv. 

Hel, WIm two Ihinga ? 

Ci,r>. One, that E^te'i not in beaten, whither 
did KDd her quicldj t (be otlier, that fihe^i id 
earth, frvm whence God wad her guicklj I 

Enter Pisollsb. 

Pab. *B!eu jou, mj fortunAlc ladjl 

IIrl. I hope, air, I have jour good will to 
have niae own goot\ fortunca." 

P^n. You had my pmjera to lead tiiem tm : 
and to keep thenj on, hnyo ihcru slJIL — O, mj 
koaie ] how do« my old ]adj ? 

ClO. So that jon fand her wrinUcs, and I her 
uonej', I would she did at you any. 

Fab- Why» I any nothing. 

Clo. I^iaity, jou ue tbe wiser man ; for mauj 
a nuD'a fongne BbakoA out hia iDaaEer'B nndoing. 
To BBy nulhidg, to do nothing, In Ildow nothing, 
and to have nothiDg, ie to be a great part of jour 
title ; which la vritbib a verj Utile of nothing. 

Pap. Away, thou^rt aknaife. 

Clo, You Bhould have Raid, ur, before a knave 
tbou'rt a knave; that is, be^ire me thou art a 
knave : thia had been truth, ur. 

Pas. Ga to, thou a^i-a wittj fool, I hava found 
thee. ^■ 

C[/>. Did you End me in veuraolf, tir 7 or were 
you taught to find me ? llie search, sir, was 
profitablo ; ' and tnuoh fool may yon find id you, 
even to tbe world's plcfiaure, and the inirease of 

Pab. a good bDave, i'foith, and well fed, — 
Madam, my lord will go away to-night ; 
A Tery serioua buaiuesa calls en him. 
The great prerogative and rite of IovOt 
^Tiich, OB your due, time claima, he docB ae- 

kaowledgD ; 
But pntfl it off to a cempcUcd restraint i 
Mluee wont, and whose delay, ia atrened iritb 

"Which they distil now id the curbed time, 
To make the coming hour o'ci^ow with joy, 
And pleasure drown the brim, 

IIrl. What's bis will else? 

Pah. That you will take your iiulant leaTa o* 
the king, [ceednig. 

And make thia haste as your owd gwd pn- 
Slren^hrn'd with what apology yon think 
May make it pnibable need. 

Hel. ^liat more commands he? 

Pah, Tbatp bavinjf thia obt^'d, you prHently 
Attend hiB further pTeaflure, 

H&L. In every ihioK i ^nut upon bia will. 

Fab. 1 Hhatl report it no, 

Hbx.' I pray yon, — Come, ahtah. 


SCENE v.— Ano^r Boon in i^ ran. 
Eater Lafbu and Bbstbau. 

Lap. But, I hope, your lordship tbinka not 
him a soldier, 

Ber. Ycfl, my lord, aad of "very valiant i^ 

Lap, You have it from his own delivcrwice? 

Bep. And by other warranted taatimony. 

Lap, Theu my dial goes not true ; I tor^ this 
lark for a buntiDg- 

Bin, I do aaauiv yon, my lord, he a very 
great in knewledfe, and acrrordingly^ valiant. 

Lap. I have then siDued igaibst bio eipcrienoe, 
and transgreaied against bia valour , and my state 
that way ia dangerous, Bince 1 cannot yet find in 
my heart to repent. Hem he camefl ^ I pray 
you, make ua &ienda, I wilt pnraue the atcity. 

Enter Pasollbb. 

Fab. TbeBc thiugfl shall be dene, nr, 

[To Bn-isAii. 

Lap. Frty you, sir, who^ahiu tailor? 

PAn. Sir? 

Lap. O, I know him well: ay, sir; he, air, ia 
a good workman, a veiy good tailor. 

Beb. Ia aho gene to iha king ? 

{Andt ta Pajujuu- 

Fab. ^oia. 

Beb. W^ she away to-oigbt? 

Fab, Aa you 'U have ber^ (^treaaure, 

Brb. I hare writ my letters, eaaketed my 
Given order for our horacs; and to-night. 
When I should take poueeaion of tbe bride, 

I*] Old Kit, /n-lwir. 

Id IDc hlLo, wIiD ■ ikoi^ prviigrCcr; lad fc hodk vcrj Jibl?, 
bnD thfl conlBU. IbiE Fmllu Jtid rnula icma nptr, wbJcb li 

Tilbnl. Sd In "Tlu Loitrm- FrgBmi." of Bhudidiil h4 

ujr il] 



End' en I Jo begiiL 

Laf. a good tniTcllQr ia Bomothmg ftt tbg 
Itttet tttA of a dJaaer; but one* Ihat Ilea three- 
thir^p Bnd mea a kngwn Txulh lo psm a Lhuuaand 
DothiD^ with, ahould be once heard, uid tiirice 
beaten. — God aare jou, caplJUD. 

Bea. Is there aay unkinclDess betneeu mj lord 
■nd jod, raoaaieiir ? 

Pas- I knon doE how I have desired to niD 
idCo mj lord^s displeaBure. 

Lar. You bave made ahlfl to run into't, boola 
and Bpnn and all, like bim that leapod ioTo tbo 
BDHtvd ii^} and out of it ji^ou ']1 ruTi agmn, rather 
thaji naffer quratioD for jOur resideiKTe. 

Bkb. It majbeyouhaTcrruAtakr^bimjicykird. 

LaF. And shaB do » ever, tbougb I took bim 
■t bifl prajcr^. Faro juu well, my lord -. and 
k^ere this of tne, there can be no kernel \d this 
Bgfat Dut ; the 40u1 of tbin niaa la hia elothia ; 
tnut him not in matter oT heavy consequence ; I 
lltve kept of them tooiDi and kniiw thetr natnrcs. 
— FvcweDT monsieur: I have spoken better of 
ma, than jou have or willt' deserve at mj band; 
W we must do good againat eviL {^Exit. 

Pak. An Idle^ hird, I awenr. 

Bkb, 1 think' H. 

Pab. Why, do yon not know him ? [speecb 
Beu- Yea, I do know him wcU ; und comtuon 
iEia him a worthy poH. Here eomrs my clog. 

Hel. I have, sir, a« I waa commanded from you, 
^fk» with the king, and hnve profur'd hia leave 
tv pcetent parting ; only, he desirei 
6«K pdvate flpeedi with you. 

Bel I bhall obey hi& will. 

Ytm moflt not mane], Helen, at my eourae, 
^liirh boldfl not colour wjlh the time, nor dova 
TW loimBlrHlJnD and required office 
Onmj patticular: prepar'd I wm not 
Fcr tuh a hnuDesB, therefore am I found 

1^1 PU IbttQ, n. 

1T> FLnl fallo iDicrtl, r«. 

*bimf Ahp«] En lb* Did EcpT' 

" Ami wn I do b«^i." 
^ ■■filial]^ «u flnnd la Ot avgia ot Lard ElhuUDTT^ 

So much untfetlied. Thia drira an to ODtJSiC 

Tbat presently you take your way fbr homo, 
And rather muse, than a^k, wby I entreat you i 
For my reapects are better than they seem. 
And my appoiatmenta have in them n aeedf 
Greater then nhowa iteelf at the Grst •net/. 
To yon tbat know them not. Tbii to my mother : 

[Gimnff a leUer. 
'T will he two days ere I ahall see yon ; eo 
T lea™ you to your windom, 

HitL. Sir, I can nothing uy, 

But that I am your most nbclLent wn-anC. 

Beb. Come, come, do more of that. 

Hel. And over ahaU 

AViLh true obncrvance ncek to eke out that^ 
Wherein loward me my homely itars have fail'd 
To equoi my great fortune. 

Baa. Let that go : 

Afy httflte la very great : fiirewell ; hie home. 

Hel. Pray, ait, your pardon. 

Baa, Well, what would you aay? 

Hrl. I am not worthy <k. the wealtJi I owe,^ 
Nordartf I aay, 'ti^ mine; und yet it is; 
But, liko a timorous thief, mosL fain would ateaJ 
What law doea vouch mine own, 

Bbh. "What would you have ? 

Hkl. Something; and acam so much: — 
nothing, indeed- — 
I wouM not lell you what I would': my lord— 

'failh, yea; — 
3trangerB, and foea, do aunder, and not kifa. 

Bbb. I pray you, stay not, but In haAte to 

Hbl. I shall not break your bidding, good my 

Bkb^ Where are my other men, monflieur? — 
Farewell.' [EtU Helbm*. 

Go tJiou toward homo i where I will never come, 
Whibt I oanafaake my awurd, or hear tho drum^ — 
Away, and fer our flight, 

pABd Bravely, cDragio I [^ExeaiU. 

tntg, itilJ. maHftimt ^ that, Again In AttlEI-ec. J •-— 

" ^1, In bli l^lt&H," ae. 

Biidia"H>iiiiFV' A^t TiirS?, <, H1□J•■Hr*— 
"Trlr?■MTCD■l]lT■I■011>BpW; I nLa^ be W«r" 
1 ] IbiD^n.J The i»nHillflilLaai [li« poet wmlc ■•Stbtminet 
i T\t Ktatlh I owt, — ] Titt ■aalUi I ««*, peit4ii 
* Where an a\.j cHliar mail, Sk.] mi "ihtf. In tbe nlJ dopiia, 
El glTen to HfltmL 

SCEN'E I-— FCareaw. A tfoom in l/tt Dukt'« Palm, 

Dvux. Sif llutp tt'Qtn |)uint t« [Auat, now Linvn 
J [111 ]]i-]inl 
*Vhc fiuidiuiiciilal F\jHi£<>Dfl of iU» wrtr ; 
Wboic grem di^cuioii hath equdU blmid let fifrUip 
Add mora lliinti ofUr. 

U]iun vi>ur gnuv'i port ; block Bad furfiil 

On the opppwr. [Fmncc 

WiruU, in tmyinit Ln^iui'aBr hhui hiQ Luhcud 
Agunat nur Larroiring prajorb 

^ Lous. Good mj f^ridj 

Th4 muuns uF our hThU! I ujiiiEi'H _vu'li^p 
BuL liku a ciniitiioa jinJ mi uulWEih^ niim. 
That OiB greof fi^rc nf a cuuiirll Inunt^ 
Bj Aplf-iiDAbIt motion : thpivfoTv dnre iwt 
tiny (cliar J lliink uf iC, fiiufii t hnvi' fiPbitiJ 
Aljidf ia pij^ JnciTlain ^iriiULla Ur fuil 
Am Dfluii u 1 guvaa'^. 

DuSK- iJe It hii {tl«kHire. 


S Ijohij, Bui 1 am sure, tbe jiaagir (/ our 

TliJiI nuiftit itn tliuir eww» will, dftj bjr d^jr, 
Cunii? ^itiv Ibr pliybiL', 

Di KB, Wi-liiimm hIiaLI thpy be ; 

Anil p]l ihi? hoDDLin, dial coti Hj fixim m, 
S3ial] oji Uii'iu wrtUo- Vtm know joiir placci *«ll ; 
IVliui btftbir full, ^'tr vdut ■viiU? ll^y feEZ. 
Tu'UbiiTOw to tJu> Mil- l^Fiituriih. Eaitrtl, 

CouiiEfif's /WuR- 

CacMT. h biLih IiappDOE'H nil db I wotiU biiv« 
hkd u» WLve. ibnt lip toid« a« nloog with b«r. 

Cu>, Bjr mj trrjlL. 1 uke mj jituag lotd Iw bv 
a vivy mrfnri'-lnily pium, 

CoT.i.vr. B_v wbut oWmnro. T fro.^ jimf 

Cho. ^^'l>y, he wtU look tjpon lut bml, and 




■ii|>; mend iht: lufT,* iumI ^Pgi 4rik qUf>atUii]B) 
Will ■iin^ : pii^lL Ilia I/'rth. niid fllnp : I Lnfrv a 
BiAii tbal hk't lLi« tikli of nipbDrhaly, nold* a 
gUHll* umiiur fill ■ KCPiiij^. 

Cirurt. l*'l ini^ i*-t- nliaL h» writbB. wnl h1ii;ei 

bo lD<w 10 mnip, [Llprnini^ a itlte,\ 

Clu- 1 Liavu lift mtnJ to libel, hdl« I wu ai 

OHdl b <>ur ukd liiu;t lUiiI "lit Ti]q.''1& u' till! cihii]Ir_v 

nitOkiji^ like jnur itUl liikF; iniljF'iir InlwJ:) i' 

fiHiH : Lfii* liruJ|L9 ipI^ mv Oupiit 'b konuka) outi 

1 rM>jrin iv luvo, u ui pid man Lowa num^j, 

OjO, B'vdI ibat jou luvu thpic, [fij^t 

C<n.Trr, rRoiuIfi.] I it"ii^ ^hI j/uit n dnmjhtrr- 
w-laa? ^ iL&f jb>ir& mcove^rit iMt kiix'j, nnd tn<!"iif 
•mt. I \ovt tfn/iibi ^cr', «(if bedded fieri ^'^'^ 
mton t» mnJir t/t* iiot ttenn/i. Yfit nhuil hmr, 
I 0BI rii«i aifirr r itnuw I'l i»-ft>n? YAf r^^ri cum*. 
^ liUrf /* t/r-tJth ftfiV'j't m ffij- aorld, I will 
hM u tun-f diJiih'X. Afj/ dut^ fa ^u. 

Your KaJoJ^llnat£ fiH, 


Thit it Bcit wilt ruh nnd iiabriillL'O buj, 
To Ht itiv fiTui^n ijf iO goirii b kin)f ; 
To iJin^ luB iDdi;;nJiLimri un iHj Li^nil, 
Ut the niL^^iHuDg uf d inaiii loo (iiiuouA 

Clo. O tru^ikiD, vDUiI^ la biuvj aiyn witLii, 
W'ULiii lui* fjJdii>ri mill my j^mog IflJj. 

Corar. What b tlic^ Ennn^s'T 

Clo- ?*■», tbtfre Is sorr"* oomfful in ihp newfl, 
toCH Aiinlbrl ; jour aaa will nbl. b« killnl M Mon 
Mllbwi^be vouM. 

Cio, So uj Tt irEulnm, if b? run n'/nj, u 1 
b^0 b« do» : thf don^'of la in £iuidlag ID '1 ; 
ibtf'a iholnu n£ iiirn, iho^^gli iibe rJiogoniDg of 
^iUrm^ Hm Uitj comt-, niQ tcU yuM roan : 
for ntjr |iart, I hJj hur joor un vu mn bwilt- 

[£n£ Cluwu, 

Aiftf HiLK«LA. dnrf tiDo GraUctiiL'Q. 

2 <it-t. IM not vaj w. 

Cocan-. ITiiolt njnin potwncd. — 'Fmj Jou, 

I bm felt «o many i|iiirk» *jt jnj mid grief, 

i«) OH HU. MJ. 


HI Old UKL. £l*0J, 
I fdJlB, Zfl, 

TikQt llw fimL fiim of uddier. an ibc ei<«rt, 

Con VfiDian me unto 'L — \Mutq le luy hd, T 

S Gk:4. Moitanit hifV gaue Ut »erre Uie duku 
flf Floreiioc: 
Wfi met lifm tljth&ni'rtrvl : fr<r ibonro wo rnino, 
Ami. aflvr muie iLa«fiiLlv:h in lidud al Oonrl. 
Tliillbur wo [villi ii^uiiL, rpowpofi. 

Jlfhi.b TjVi»k on liffi IplffT, DiftilADi ; tii^Tu^u Tuy 

[Giiifb..] W^ttn ihoa fnjut -jH tfir riiiff upitn wiy 
^iiffif tEkicit atPT t^ift amie <.^, aa-i rM-AimiP 
n chSd 6e^/iittgH uj tkff f-odtf, l'\at I ittnfathf 
lo. itun caii mr ku^ind : but iit inch n th:a J 
vritf a ne'pf. 

Till* ri a JruuJfikl wnilpnc*, 

C'cunT. Kiirngbt jtiii Uiip luUPf, giJiitlompn ? 
1 Oi'h'. Ay. mndam ; 

Apd, fur UiD Font^-iJti' uke, nra mitj lor our 

OotwT, J pr'jlLw, Imlj, l»to b bi-Mcr chirn ; 
If lliou L^n^^n^mf^t oil Thu grkTji niti lUiias, 
Thiiu lobb'n Die of a rooictj: ho wm icy atpQ; 
Bot 1 du wmt hiij nniu^ out of my blooil, [Ti!? 
And H]-m nn ql] my i4ijbl- — Townrda Florence is 

£ GiiTt. Ay, inadojUb 

Uddst, Anil tabo Ik BoTdlerf 

2Gkts. SiK'Eiisliia noble porpciH ; vid^bolin^'tr 
Tlie lIiiIiq will lay Ufvii luiri iill Jlu lioiiDiit 
41ijlL guuil ruDtdJUDDoe doimB. 

CoiTNT, SsEiim you lluCber? 

1 Gex. Ay, madum, with lh>i BniCluflL wibg of 

]IiL. [Jf<'44L,] JWJ / fitm no i#*/f> / have 
notAitiff in /Vanw. 
'Ta billDf- 

Cou^T, Find y^Jii ihal LhL-ro f 

Hel, Ay, mHilaiD. 

] (iEX- ^Tifl but tlifi baldnp«a of bli hand. 
b[L|ily, hbifb biK hiArt wiu uoL iKrnAeliUu^ lo. 

Cou-flT, fiiothinc ID Fraucse, utlLjI ho Lava po 


Then.' 'a nulLing bvte, tlibt ii tov good for bini. 
Bill, only iJi»j ; Ekii^l ribii dcsDrm & IdiiI. 
Tlu>[ IwL-nty bol^Ii huIu Imyp niigbl TiTid upon, 
Aiid coll luT hourly, misUow. WIh> hm with 

1 Gbr. a acTvuit mJv, ibJ a gcntleiovi 
WlikL 1 have DOiODEiBUi kuown, 

CnmT. FnroHiB, wm ii not ? 

1 Gen, Ay, laj p:aoJ Indy, hf. [wiutyJnesi, 

Cniwt. A tofy inlfiU-i] fisUow, oud full of 
My finii (^iTii|irii a wpll-doritHl iuui» 
With bui lEiilLiccmciil. 

1 Gi,f. InJe(di[, guuil lo^ly, 

Tho fcUoT hu a deal of Unit, too EDLicb, 

tn»efi.ff— I Tik' top or ihr imii AhMi rumil mh, imd -« 

An iilJ 



^\~hich hiAHa him mudi to hare.* 

CouMT. YiHi are wekvioe, gendcmen. 
1 viU eaUcat you, whtu jou aee mj^ son, 
To lell him, that hia sword can ncTcr win 
The honour thai ho Iftaea : more 1 'U entreat jou 
Written to bear elong- 

2 Gen. "Wo terse jou, medBm, 

la that AQd aII jour worthiest aff&ira, 

Coutn. Not BO, but bb wb change our CDurteeioH. 
Win jou draw near ? 

ffTrunf CorHTXSB and Gentleinen, 

Hrl. 7W7 / Aa« no i«/f, / haw noihinff in 
Nothing in Fnuice, until h^ has do wife I 
Thuu shalt have none, RuuiUlon, none in FrartcOr 
Then hut thou all again. Poor loH I ib 't I 
That chnac then from Ih j »unlrj, and expose 
Tbue lender limba of thino to the event 
Of Iho aooe-BpajiDg war? and ia it I [ihou 

That drJTD tbee from the HportLve murt, wlioto 
W«Bt abot at ^'tlh Mr ejeo. lo be the mark 
Of Butokj muakKa ? O jou leaden meAserLgers* 
That ride upon the violent speed of fire, 
Fljr with falfe lum ; move (he atilUpiedng air,* 
That ungfl with piemng, do not loutrh mj brd ! 
WhoeTer aLools at him, I aet him th^ro ■ 
VJtoeroT cbATgM on hie forward breast, 
I am the caitiff, that do bold him to it ; 
And, though I lull kim not, T am the uuse 
Hifl death waa so effected. Better 'twere 
I met iho rarin lioa when he toat^d 
With abarp caDdTainl of hunger; better 'twere 
That all the miaeria, which nature ovos, [aillon, 
Were mine at onee. No, come ihou home, Kou- 
Whenco honour but of danger wins a aeor, 
Aa oft it loses all ; I will be gona ; 
My being here it is, that holds thee hence : 
Shall I sEaj here to do't? no, no, although 
The air of paradiac did fen the bouse. 
And angeln offic^d all: 1 will be gone. 
That pitiful rumour maj report my flifihl, 
To conAolate thine ear. Come, nighty end, day ! 
For, with the dark, poor thief, I'll stoalBwaj, [£ieU. 

SCENB m.— Florence. B^e tht Duko'j 

Pfovrieh. Evtfr ^ I>dkb o/ FlobehCK, 
Behtbau, Lords, OfBeera, Sikldiera, ami odtfri. 

"DuKB. The general of our borac thou aii ; and 

WhkiL bold* him mact m ban.] 
OF lb|T ]iBu>Hn in oav Fim jrt locmdod In tUkJiw iiiiia. Il 

Great in our bope, lay mn- beat love and crcdeucCf 
Upon thj promising fortune- 

BEHr Sb-, it ia 

A charge too heaTj for mj atrengtb ; but jet 
We'll strive to bear it for jour wortfaj aake, 
To tbc extreme edge of huard- 

IhncB. Then go thoa Earth ; 

And fortune plaj upon thj prosperoDfl helm, 
As tliy auspicious mialjeaB I 

Bun. This very day. 

Great Mara, I put myself into thj file ; 
Moke mc but like my thoughts, and 1 shall piwre 
A lover of thy drumt hater of IdtB' [EreiaiL 

SCENE IV,— Rouaillon. A Room i"n the 
CouDtess'i Fidace. 

Enter ConxrBaa and Steward- 

Count. Alas I and would you take the letter of 
Might yon not know, Bhe would do na abe has 

By sending me a Tetter? Head it again. 

Stew, [Keada.] 
/ am St. Jaqaea' pilgrim, thither ffone : 

Amliitious love hath to in rue ofendfd. 
Thai bare-foot pied I the cold pt^und upon, 

With tainted Vote myjaultt to have amended. 
Write, wiife, th(^,ffom the bloody caitrtt of tear. 

My dearetl maater, yovr dear son, may hie ; 
BUn him at home in pfaee, wAfUt IJrom Jar, 

Hit name vith eeaioia fervour tanctify : 
Hit taien /o&imri bid him meforgiw; 

I, hia detpiti^tU Jvno, tent hitujotik 
Froin cottrtiy fi'ieTuh, mth camping foa to lae. 

Where dfcUh and dAnffer dog the hfeh of toorik: 
Beii too good and fair for deeUA and me; 
Whom I myeelf eiabraa, to set him Jree- 

CouHT. Ah, wbnl ahajp alJnga oie in Iw 

mildfftt ifords E 

RiDaldOf you did never lack advice so mjcli» 
As letting borpaaa so; had I spoke with faer, 
I eould bare well direrted ber intents, 
Wh^eh tknB she hath prevented. 

Stgv. Pardou me, madam ; 

If I had given you this at over-night, 
Slie might have been e'er-ta'en; and yet she 

Puinuit would be but Tain. 

Cei-NT. What angel shall 

—Mil rbouibE ■ riTltiar alWntle^ dmiutj, u' vanldlK*' 
tnblLluHd tvwt far uqtd :^ 

— " rarf rlw ilill-p^winK ib;" 
Dal iQm II aaEharit; foF Hinr. hi Ebe miE oT^iirf/Blf, or vaa^ 





IS '-.;- 


Bm dw unvurlh/ hLiehvul 7 hi* mnnot t^nvu, 
VoIibIit pmjpTs whom hoaTcn dcligliii Id hciu". 
Jlnd Imn tu praDl^ reprieve him from the «ra1,h 
Of rhiiuM justice. — Write, wiiic, liiiLalLlo, 
!■ Ddh an^nprtlij liii^bvid nf hiP nif*! : 
It e*ay word Wo-ijih iM."flry (>r her wnrtb, 
TW ^ dots nTJ^h ioi> li^hr : mj ereoTj^t grkF, 
TW^b JitiLn Uu do Ttc! iL HI down ahorplj. 
Enipm^ thf »PQ^ cyj»vp'jii**nl [iiiBfjhugi^t:^ 
yfiim. UpJj. hL< «ltidi hi.'U ihnt Bhft Is goimt 
H« vtQ rrtum ^ uiJ tanjic I maj', thoL ibn, 
Wr%fiie «o niucLi, iritl *pofid hfr fuot Ap;&ia, 
ifd ^hudt bj puR lore l vhieh i>f tlkem bnth 
l«ddiM ta mc, t hattt no i-LiU ia :^('n5o 
Ta Bake liiniiiH^cm :— Prwtidu Cliis incwenger; — - 
Ht Wi ia bp0"7, n\\ minr *e* l^ ffpfth -. 
vodrvHid LiMG toBRp bdJ fonow bidi mi' cpenkr 

fCEXE T.— FTkAinif (Air nVffif of riurenoe- 

' tudit /rf*r i>f, Entfr irri nld Wiili^w of 
HnrtTrf*, Duji*, VmuWTJ., Marian*, and 

*!*. 5»J, rOBVj fof if UlBJ ito fl|JpfUO0ll fh'- 

Du, Tlniv Miy* tln> Frentli isotJiil h.« ikna 
TUtftT linnniifflhlc spiriir, 

WiD, It is rvpurred that be hm lalten their 
^■T^^ili^l L^OTiiiiiEkittJiT i nad that nitb bia own boad 
]ie Jilrw iJit duti-'a hrLtlbcr, HV' hnve liml uur 
labuiir^ LbDjr DTc gont a cuntnrj wny: ]mt\\ yoii 
imij know "bj thvlt trumpets, 

Ma&. Cuqid, let's rotum agnin, and etiflii^P out- 
^Inti with tin: rj-pttvl. uf il, ^Vll, Duum, Uikti 
ht-eii uF lliia French carl : iha hunoiir of a irwiil 
is hpr rLfim' ; aQd no l^gacr ia bo ric^ u bfiDcaly^ 

Wo). 1 hjiYe tu!J my nulflliboiir, how jou hftfc 
boHi Mlii^iCi'J hj* A ^Jiilbmuu hin eomjtnuioD. 

Mah. I kriijw ihrl. kiinvi;; hruts; liim [ una 
PoFolIra : n liJchj oltii^pr hu ia in thoHi' sOggi'Pliuna 
for iho joung eArl- — Beworc of tbeni, l>iflnft: 
their prnoiidtoi, endccmcute, OBthH, TokFiiA, Had oil 
thorf fiigiiicfl 4>f lu"1., om tint lh<* ihiiign thcj gn 
under : ' miuij- a iiiD.i<i ]inlh ^rf-en dLiluodl by Lh4:ED ; 
And thfs niisrry i?, nnnipln, Ihaf ad torihlc ibow? 
in the wrwk of iDaid&nhoo<l, rMtnnot fbr flif that 
clLXAuodc j<ui^piBj<iori, hut that thf^ ore litnod "iUi 
llic iwigQ Uinl Ihn^alun ihrflh^ Tho^o 1 ntfed not 
in udTisc jDu IhnJier ; but I hfijH' ynor own ^;t*« 
will keep JOL where jon air, though Umre wer* 

• An BM Ih* (Man t]>r- ffo nUlBT-i] "TIhj mn rul 1b> 


ACT riL] 



no forlber danger knovn, buL iho Diodeslj which 
ii v* loet. 

DiA. Yon bIuII Dot need To fear me. 

WiD. I hope to- -htrok., hero cornea a 

pUgnm: I koaw she will 11? at □■jhouae: diither 
ibtj Hfld cpaeuiotbcr; I^U quralJUD bcr,— 

fnto- Helca, 14 the divu of a PUfft-im. 

God UTG TOD, pUgiiiD I Wliidier ktb jou boimd? 

Hel. To Sjunt Jaqu« le grend. 
Whervdolhenhnpn^^) lodge,! do beBcecb jau ? 

WiD. At the Saint Francis horo, beude tiie 

Hel, 1h thia tbo waj ? 

WiD. Aj, maiTf, is it. — Huric jon I ITiej 

coma diis waj : [J march afar o^. 

If jOD will tony, holj pilgrim, but ^ tha troops 

coma lij» 
I will condact you where jou sliall be lodged ; 
Tbe FMihcr, for, I thiDb, I knon jaur baeicK 
Afe UDple Aa inj«e1f, 

TTgf^ . Ib it jouiwlf ? 

"NViD, If 7i>Q shall please ao. pUgrlni. 

Hel. I diank jou. Bud will nlaj upoJi your 

Wn>. You aaae, I think, from France? 

Hei^ T did BO, 

Wu>. HeroyouBball eeeacounlfTitiador jouTH, 
That baa done worUij aemce. 

Hbl. Hit name, I praj you. 

PiA. Tbe count Rouullou ^ know yog such a 

TTb l. But bj the car, that beare mOit noblj of 
Hii face 1 know net- 

DiA. WbafBoe'et he u, 

Ho'b bravelj t«keD here. He ilelo (nnn Fnnce, 
An 'tifl ropratod, ]br the king bad married him 
A^not bia liking. ThJEik jou it ia bo? 

Hel^ Ay, Burdj, mere' (ha Ifutli ^ I koow hia 

J>JA^ There ia a gentlemait, that aeiTCB the 
Eoporla but coanwly of her. 

Hbl. Wbafa bia name f 

DiA. Monsieur Fflroll**. 

Hel. Ot T hdieve lithium. 

In argument of praiae, or to the ■worth 
Of the greaf eount bimaelf, she la t«o mean 
To have her name repeated ; all her deBerring 

> Mmlkt Irwlk .1 QMiU It* Irulh. 

' RiHiiilj,— ] TliKl IB, tkatillr. 

fl r wrLM good crFaEiin.l Ba tltc HrH FdIIh^ buE 'hkh lbs 
tdrun ef Efao lECnind, doI pcrhapi unltrtUndlrSn bIIcihI lor- 
"I rLftbr, gfvl CTcalLur." Tbv plira^? lo VT'^f, Ja [htKntcof Iti 
fnicj'alB, a^. *ki not al^l UDtdOiiaoD fonDtrL^- '■ oceun, In- 
itri. Ihnc or to\iw ELiaei In BDabiiX'ar* : Ibiu, 1b tha pkhdI 
plflj, AcllJrSc J, T'J'U ■>Ti,— 

" Slnah, I wilU aua," 4B- 

I« a reaeryed botiea^,* and that 
I have Dot beard exenuD^d. 

DiA. AlU) poor lady I 

T ia a hard boDdagOi t« become tbe wife 
Of a deTesting lord. 

"Win. I wrilegwd creature:' whcroaoe'eraheit, 
Het heart wcigha sadly : tbia young maid oa^ 

do her 
A abrend torn, if abo pleaa^d. 

Hel. How da you mun! 

May be, tbe unorona Amot Bolida hat 
In tbe uolavfUl purpoea. 

Wm. He doa, indeed ; 

And brokea' with aH that can in auch a smt 
Oomipt tba tender buoour of a toaid : 
But she ia arm^d for him, and keeps bar goud 
In hooestest defence. 

Enter, teiih Jrum and oolGtat, a Ptarit/ <^ tik 
Florentioe amy, Bebtku!, and PAaamSw 

lifAS. Tbe gods Gn-hid etas 1 

Wdj, So, TNT* tboy omn :— 

Tbnt iB Antonio, the duke'a eldeat soa ; 
That, Escalus. 

HiL. "Which la the E^DobmanT 

Du. He; 

That iritb tbo plame : 'tis a most gaUant fellow; 
I would, he lord hia wife : if he nera boDCBtfT, 
He vere much goodlier.-^Ia^b not a budsoma 

BiL. 1 like him welL 

BiA. Ta pity be ia not bDUfst Yond^s that 
same kuBTei 
That leoda him to these plmon ; were I hia lady, 
I'd poiKD that vile raacaL 

Hel. Wbidiiahe? 

Dix. That jack-an-iLpea intb aorfs; wbyiaba 
EDfJoneboly ? 

HvL- Ferehance ho 's hurt J' (he battJe. 

Fak. Loee our drum I well. 

Mas. He'ashreirdlyTexedatsoDiQtbing: look, 
he hoB spied us. 

Win. Mairy, bang you 1 

Mab. And your courteflyT (ot a Tt^-carner 1 

[Sjaunt BEaxfiAM, Fa30u<es, Omoen, amd 

'Wnt' The troop ia poat. ComB, jdlgrim, I wiU 
bring j'ou 
Where yon ahall boat : of enjDJii'd penitenta 
Thete'a four or five, to groat Saiot Jaquea boond. 


" T'd fLva bar Cnrtil, tnd hb fDnltnr*. 

And BTil aa ttilU beam." 
AfKlD. la " Klu Las.- AttV.BC-i;— 

•■ AbnU U-. ud wriU t^rPt. ^''I'D tb«> blL 

UftL, 1 Immbljr thiULk you : 

^iU] be fur me: uiJ, u> require von fLinlHiri 
f tfiQ bcaUw KTnq preCepEa 4jf* ihii rirgioT 
W«ftfa<r the Qcilf. 

BuTBU Vfii'U tttk? juBT (jffor kimUy. 

Jrff f Seaima, owi fA«<v(? French Luc^. 

I I^uOt Ni^, emiL mf lord, put hiin Uj *t ; kt 
fciia hsf a Ida viLj- 

b Of vlHaA^fl^.— I m> l> Bulj BUB n^U* Fnqiuul LTtnuL«> ■■ 

l« vnpUpd f« °'' 

3 LoBD. If your lor4[>>hip find biio ddL h hildiiig, 
hoM nw no mcirr id jour rcap^cE- 

1 Lcnu. On luj Jlfe^ mj Iue^, ■ Lnibblp. 

Bkr, Do y'm ^lak, T uu ao Tut dLiitilvod in 

1 IxinD. BqUdvo it, nxj ]ord. in mine imn 
dirccc k[Eanli}Jp^:, wiUiuuL ulJ idoIIw, bul to speak 
uThim Ofi rnvkiuftmMiJin'n n iiLiMLituuljK: r.'L>wiird. 
uu infinite ami rndliTut liar, an Lutirl^ iiromJAd' 
brftkitr, tlii> onntr nf oo qdi' guod qgaUtj worliiy 
jDUt lorJaliJ^'n ^LHsrtiiinmviiL, 

2 T'UKD. Il wiTD liC J1ID knew Lifn, kiut reposiag 
twi f[U- ui Li.s virtijii, v]ii[:b Ins Einrh iiiit, tia laightj 
jtl sdULD gri]jkL and Iruity biiiiuiuds, in A uubu 
danger fuil you. 

liiLB^ 1 wDuld I knnw m nbat panicflloT ifdqn 
U> try liiin. 

^ 1^iii>. None bcllcr dian (o ItiE hiui farcb uCT 
bis drum, whioh jou hear him bo nmlld«nUj 
iindartAka ui do, 

1 Loud, 1, vnlh a Iroop <rf E^rtalin». »rtU 

AOt JU-l 


[HSn TTr 

■uldeTLlj lurprifla Kiid -. tui^ T «itl Iuta, wbom, 
I am Bure, ho knowa noC fnini tho Fneuj: wu 
inJI bind %ni hfiMv[a\z him io, that fac ahfrLl 
luppoBe no oilier bill ibat he 14 ciHTwd inle the 
leiguer' of Uie Bd^uruiriE*, "lipn ve brin^ IJin to 
DDT Dwii teutA : bu hut jour lL>n]Bhip pifsfiil hL Kjs 
dTuuihJitir'a ; If bti tlo nut, fur (fac proniiae uf hu 
life, and in ihe bighcsl coiopuUiDa of bue Tsu, 
oScr to bolraj j^ou^ wid di'liv^T iJI dm InLolligpncn 
in bi^ powLT iLgilnoL i^ou, au6 tluit ivit]| drc Uiviiio 
feffi^iC of )ii* votil upun irikth, n^vrr truAt ■uj' 
JudnumL b any thing. 

STLqrd. O, fut thti love dF InugliLiTi W liim 
fvTch Ilia drum; hi? eny?, hi.' hau a bljittiLfi'iii fiJt't: 
wlu-n youc lohUlii]* wh* the buttom of his ■ iucccAd 
in't, and Id nhit meuU ibid cvitDleduiC lump uf 
cret Hill btf melLcd, if joj giio LiEn DQt John 
Dnna'a BnU.«rtiiJnmiiat,<?J ^uur uirli^ilng cannaT bo 
remoYfKL Ki.Tt Iw comei. 

1 LoaJ>. 0. for the k>v« of LiugbEer, lundor 
cot ike boDOiir of bii [Zi.'fil^ ; Lot liim fetch off h]a 
drum In my honj. 

J^nf^ Pabollas. 

go; 'tb bul a 

Beb^ Ubir Qov, monjieur? 
aordj in jour diapwilion, 

3 LoTiD. A pus oii't, L-t h 

TaA. Suladntm ! WihutaJrvm f A drum 
BO \aX I — There trafl an eia;]Jenl nnumood 1 to 
cSurgE in vidk our hnrBc upon our own wingA, and 
to rrnd out on-n i^ldiets. 

S Lono. Tlmt irjLi ud to be hlained in tba 
rommiLDd of tho GPrvice ; jt wwi a diaoaler of war 
that Cff^ar himulf conld not biTt^ prcrenlodp if 
he hfld bcrn thcrv to comiDiiDd, 

Betu \Vcll, vq cumot gretdj condemn ciur 
BiUVDU : ADinil di^otlollf HD luJ in tbn foaa of 
thai druiD ; but it la not to be nn^orexTdd 

PuL It mi^t have been rwtafd. 

Bib. It might, bui il is not ■mi'. 

Pah. Tl ia to be T«iirTcn?d : but that the merit 
of Bcrnw D fieTdain ntt^bntnl te the tme and 
ej:act perfoniaaT I would havo that drum or 
■DDtber, or hirjaeel. 

Beb. Wbj, ifjaDh&fD a gtomafh to't, mourdour, 
ff joo Uiink. jour niTftiri^ in iTjubigvm dan bring 
Hat iiulmmeDt of boEUnir agiiliL Uilo bis DiLtire 
qaviez, lie luagftviinioiu id iha enlcrpriac, and go 
on ; t trilL grww ibe mLtriDpl for a vdrUij FXfJait; 
if jun ftpeed wall in il, Lho duke aIiaII both ipenk 

1*h Tim MiB, u.a, 

It) Pint Uio. «*rf. 

of it, and extend ta jen whit fnKlier lieDom» hit 
l^-ntni-BA, even to the utmoM Billable of jow 

Pah. By the hand of a aulifid, I will undertake 

Bun. Bui jmi iduj^L not nnw Aliunba in it. 

PjLit. I'll about it this f^v^nlngi and I will 
preeentlj pen down my dik^ramna, encmora^ mj- 
hdf "in mj certaintj, put m^nie]f into mj mortal 
prvparaliun, and, by luidDi^ljt, \ook lo hear further 
m>m tno. 

Bti. Mqj I be bold to ncquwnl hia gnce, jmi 
Bjv pmo abuut itf 

F*n. I kiiov nnL «h&( tlse «cc«w vOl be, taj 
krd ; but the BClonipL I tow. 

Beh. I know tbou ml rulia»L ; and, to tit? 
ptHii^hty of Lhj AdMierahip, will lubtoibe fbr 
tliee- Farewell, 

P&B. 1 tori? not many wot4«- [^SxiL 

1 LoEH, JJo more llian a fiah kji« walcr, — la 
ruit Ihid a alranp] hallow, my lotd? that m ata- 
lidenlly secum iti utiditTEAku tbia business, Hhicb be 
kiiowa is not to be donD : lUnini bLibs«ir t^ do^ and 
dares better be damned ibim to do'L. 

2 LoHD, Yuq <k not know him, my lord, as we 
do : oTtoin it n, that he w^ill BleaJ himstflf into a 
man'a fafourn and, for iv week, wwpo a gn-M deal 
of dLUfPTories r but wiien yon find him out, jufl 
liijve bim ii\vt after. 

BeBh Whr, do jou think he will make no deed 
■t all of tbu, (hat ho aeriouly be doed addrm 
hinuelf unto? 

1 LoRb. XuQu in the world ; bnt return with 
an inrentioD, and clop npcm you two or ihiw 
probable lies: hut we hare alno^t cmbaBod* bim: 
you nlial] sw hlr fall lo-night ; for, ind«d> be u 
not for TOUT lordfjiip'a rvipoct. ^^ 

2 LonCr We'll vflkr you bome aport with d^| 
foi, tun we ease lum. He woi first amokfd by 
tl]0 oM lenJ T-afeu: when Lis dl^guiae and he ■ 
parr4?d, Itii me what a Fpnit ynn fiholl firtd h]iit^| 
which yoQ Aholl lec this rerj nighL ^1 

1 Lo&P- r muHl go look uy twigi ; be eb*U be 

Bwp, Vour brother, he ihall go alniig vitb me. 

1 Loui, Aft't please jour lurdebip: I'll leaw 
JOU. [Erit. 

Bin. Nnw will I lead you ta the honse, 
show yon the Usa I apoke of. 

S LoBit' Bnt, jon lay, she "a hoK*t- 

Beb, Thalia aJl the fvAl-. I vpoke with 
bnt oncQ, 
And IouqJ her wondrous cold^ bnt I &cnt to 
By ihinsuDe ci^ijomb that we have i'the wiodl. 

■D4fta[|i«Aiilib> iDnilh. Hi' mrtnliii )<. ** hiitbiiDrad 

lov m-] 


[KOBtt <1l. 

Aa we'll direut tipr how 'tit beaL Lo btar it. 
Nuw \m JrncHtrrAuL' blum] vlll Duu^ht Atay 
That flts 'U iJeiDiuiHJ : h tiq^ (he cdudLt wears. 
Tbftt downward liath encceeded in hie hoiat, 
llVim son to boel, somi* four Or Gvu dpsiKolfl 
SincD tW fir-iE fnllu^r wik it: i^ii^ ring hv UdIHa 
Id ma&L rich rboicv ; jel, in hia idle" tm, 
Td buy Lie «\.U. A ivDuZd doI kcih too dear, 
Ho^e'iT rcjKiDlod aflfr. 

Wtp, Nnw I fius 

The boltom of jonr purpoBB, 

Hel. You B¥« it lawfut ih^n: il a no more, 
BqE itiaL joar duu^htfr. eiv B.ha hv^id^ ha iron, 
Daind ihifi ritij^ ; A|>[H>inm lilm nn cDCoimEer : 
In fine, deliscn mc to fill the lime, 
Hencir most chul^lj abeeol ; aTuir ihu,* 

1*k nnLbUDomEtiiUlk 

Tu nLU-r_T iter, I'li add thn« tbouflnad c^tntnt 
Til vimt a pftu'd aireadV' 

Wiu. 'Ihavoj^iled; 

lantrud i»7 d&Uffhrfl- hoiB ahe kIaD povervr, 
ThnL LFue Ami pJt[>c, with (his dowH m law^J, 
Mii_y ^iruvp co^K'rtnL Evcrj nigbi he come* 
Wi()i fDtLVH of all BOrt", uid toogt ci>inpofi'd 
To if?T unwonhiDMit : jt iioLhiiig Etiiada m, 
To chida him from flur eavia, fur he perKBtmt 
Ab if hift llTo l&f an*t- 

Hkl, Whj ttwn, to-nidit, 

L«b UA OfBdT OUT pint ; which, if it Bpffid. 
Is wivltcd [ccaDiu^ in a lofrTuJ deed. 
And IqwIijI miiinihf^ in q ]4Tful' act ; 
Wbci« berth not sia, and yQl m imfoi &liH ; 
BdI let's aboDi U. [Xarmt. 

ujr IT,} 


bt^guilQ two baurs in a aleep, and iL^n to relurn 
tnd Bveu Out Lea lio for^^. 

Juier Pahollps. 

Fa&. Ten o'clock i within [bcBo (hree hOLin 
'tvill be time enongb Lo gn home, '\MLAt sliaJI 
I HAj 1 bave doDc ? It iqlisL be & vorj plauaive 
inrentJOQ that cuiri^ it. Thej bc^in Lu smoltc 
(ne; and diigmas hare of late knoctied loo ofltu 
fttmjdoor- 1 And. ray tongui- ia Too fool-bardj; 
but mj beait hatb tbc fe&r of Man bcfbie it, and 
of Mb creatarvB, not daring rbe reports df mj 

1 Ix>Bii. [Atide.'] Thia ia tht? fim trudi that 
e'er (luDe own tongue waa guiUj of. 

Pal What the doril Bbould more me to under- 
Uke the recovery of Una drura, beiitg not ignorant, 
of the impoaaibililj, and knowing I had no oucb 
pnrpoK ? J mufit give m3Klf some hiuta, and saj^ 
I got them m ^iploit ; jet sligbt ones wj]] not 
csTTj it; ibey will say, C'nflw you n/" w^fft to 
little f and gmt ones 1 ^laro not gifc. Wbuit- 
fore? what's the inolanue?* Tongue, I mimt put 
joD into a butter- woman's moiilh, and buj mjBcIf 
juiotbet of Bajoict'o mulo, jf yon prattle rac into 
Ibeae perita. 

1 Ljono- [Ati^.] Is it possible, be sbould 
know what be is, and be that bo Is ? 

Par. I would tbe cutting of mj garmenta 
would aerve tbfl tuni ; or tb« broakiog of my 
Spanish sword ^ 

1 Lord. [■4eh£r.] We cannot n^rd jou so. 

Par. Or the baring of my beard ; and to saj, 
it woa in strstagem. 

1 Lord, [Atide.'] 'Twould not do. 

Par. Or to drown nij ctutbea, anJ soj, T was 

I Ldbd. [^Aside.] HanlJj wire. 

Pab. Though I swore I lupcd ^m thf! window 
of tlie <3t*dol— 

1 Lo&n. [Aiidf.'] How deep? 

F4B, ThirtT fathom, 

1 Lonn. [Astie.] Three great oalhs woold 
scarce make that be b&Ueied. 

Par, I wau!d I had anj drum of ibo enemy's ; 
I WDuld swear, I reiiovered it, 

1 LoBD, [Atide.^ You shall hear one Anoii, 

[J /arum ailhitt^ 

Pab. a dtura now of the eneniv'a ! 

1 LoRi>. Thrvnt moi-otttui, cargo! cargo! 
cargo ! 

AiiL. Cargo I atrgo ! vUtiajida fiar ifn-bo, 
cargo .' 

> VlwffAnT BlijiE^ ib« Inirinnr) Wbrnrnrr dJd I fulanlnr 

Par. O ! niDBom» ransom :— do not hide mioe 
eje«- [?^^ '^i (I'uf hiindfold kim^ 

1 Sold- Boikoi throi/mlda bodcoa ! 

Par. I know yon are the iSiukot! regimoit. 
And I aball lose my life for want of luffaAge. 
If there bfl hero G^man, or Dane, bw Ihitdi, 
Italian^ or French, let him speak to me : — 
I unll discover that which shaU undo 
The Florenline, 

1 Sold. Soid»i vaavada : — 

I undentand thee, and can speak thy tongoe, 

Kerdj/bonto .- -Sir, 

Belnke thee to thy fiiith, for eeventeen poniarda 
Are at thy bosom^ 

PAn, OhI 

1 Sold. O, pray, pray, pmy, Hanka fnojut 

1 Lonn. OKorhidvidiot ^<dwtrc&. 

I Sold. The general is cnntont to spare tbn 

And, bood-wink'd aa thou art* will lead (bee on 
To gather Irom thee : buily, tbon mayat mfbm 
Something to aave tiiy Hfc. 

Fab^ O, let me Mvts, 

And all Ibe aecrets of our cemp ITI sfaow, 
Their force, their pnqKHfa ; nay, I'll apeak ihk 
Whieb yon will wonder aL 

1 Sold- But wUt tbo^ fiutiifbllyT 

PAn. If I do not, damu mt 

1 Sold- Acardu linia. , 

Cflme an, thau ait oraated spocfl. 
\_A ahort atantm mthant. £n(, mih Parollbi 

1 Lord- Go, toll the comtt BoiuiUon, and my 

We have caught the wDodeock, and wiU ke«fi lum 

Till wc do boar from them. 

2 Sold- CaptRin, I wUL 

1 Lonij. He willbetrayusalluiJtooDmhntt;— 
Inform on that. 

2 Sold- 8o I will, ht. 

1 Lord. Till tlien, I'll k«p him duk, abd 
Mfelj loek'd, \SmiaU. 

SCENE IL— FiweRoe. A Room in tfu Widow's 


ffnVr BRRtRAM and Duka- 

Ber. They told me, that jOur name ma FdhIl - 

Di*. Ko, my good lord, I>iana. 

Ber, TttJod goddf^^ 

And worth it, wilh addition I But, fair aoal, 
la ynur fine fiamc halh lore ro qiulity ? 
If the quick fire of youth light mjt toot mindt 



[acBn III 

Tou anr no mdAn* bfll ■ imniiiiiti'iLt t 
Wben tdh are dtail» lou AbouliS be such a oiiv 
Av iDQ ^rc nipn, fur yua arc uoM oiiiJ ^L^m ; * 
And ODH TLtiJ bIk'lJd be u your mollier nu. 
Vfbm jour BWDct kL/ wvs got. 

Dii. She iheu vu ]iOiiCfl>H 

Beb, So bIiduM joo lie^ 

Du. Ko ! 

Mj BiDthff did bm duij- 1 bucIi, my lonl, 
A»jrou 0"c Id jinir wilier 

Brs. lif Qi'^n-' cf [lint ' 

I pr'yibw, do not stfne ag&ini\l my vowa: 
I irmA MMupeLl'd lo her, bkil 1 hny ihee 
Bj lore'fi rjvm «itc<l roiiJtraLnl^ and will for over 
t)i> Ilittfl ^1 lighlfl cf i^nin:, 

I>n_ Av, flo Juii [lervo lib, 

Tin fre asrvo jnn : but ^koi jren Iibti^ puI' rosea, 
Yw Imr^y IravLr our lliorun lo pritk DUi-Khcs, 

Bn. Hnw hn\fr 1 ftworti f 

I>u. TU Dirt lh« nidsj MLhe, thiit makei th4> 
fal Ike plniq ^ingb vuw, tbat a vnwM tra?^ 
^VbM u not hulv, ibul vrc enoor not hy^ 
Bui lAc iJitf llii:ln.« 19 witncBi ; iheo, pray jm, 

tdl mJ, 
If I »lxfflU BnpflT bj JoYo'a gTMt iHribuliw, 
I liu'd jm dflitly, wtpnld yon bpliere pij a^ha, 
Wba t did ImTF yau ill? ihl» bu ■» hnldrQi;, 
Tfl IKV by liLni wbom T pnittfiL [i> Ilivh, [mrhit 
Thiir^iD "ork ng^insT him-' Thfrffni*, jNiir 
Jbiwdi, uid pwE cJuiidiLJiJua, bui tin^qij'd ; 
At Ind, in my opisioa' 

Qn HiAiigT it. eban^ it : 

Tfe Ml K biFl;--onid : love ' i>* bnly, 
Aad D} miei^ntj av^er Ld^^w [be [Tuflfli 
Hal joa do j^bnr^ mi-h wiih r Rlnnil do more of', 
Bm p»T [^rwlf unto niy sick dfains, 
WfkDiijHia iHoren^ tAf. dwii utt miiio. and pvit 
lljW<wiitl*gUL8, fthflll «>paiw5»er. [aaQare,' 

Du, I teo. that men muu hnpta, m such 
Till mil forwkc onntelret Gi»o mo thai riug. 

Bo. I'tl lend il thw. my clear, bat hftsp no 

"CflaiAaatafcrfUlD ufarpbe h r'fFTp^' 

■If OirTori Eiiufi, KnUFcacnlrin hkic Iwn U fbOIT Jd Ibli 
NUT, -Ffir.,i|iii If tckUe wntmaii^i Mdafomvl in lir>dt 
«B^lhT iu4i Ikin >in) '^BrmTUk'A ri-efimv ^ Url^n' 

hn I*p«r4 wbbMIt Ib nnAv ihl^ im^lH^ LDKhkulMv. Thui 
■torkn fakltf H, «»hr]le«r, i«iiif <n ibrlrixT iwrrvL* !□■ IIiaI 

■■n ■raiT«, ■ftliniiilrrMifim«n'd"**ilT, toiiTBlt» ■pmb 
■(h>««iUlblDf DL4IW- tr>«md Ui?dliI[i|U'JK roPp*!, 
^1 ■ II U4( v^ B«%iil«t rtvoomn -\eu, uid k '17 \t v^n M* 

fc.i»ni*.pM«>*>Tb»rf^l — 

Vi<. Tbfw* Pto HVif otEb', iFdl cnako Ibe uuih, 
Bil Lk* >I4B Ukf IB 1VW, (h*l 1i rov 'd Uitt. 
■MlaHllifilT, tlulwavuE tin lif, 

IV giTD it frocn ma- 

Ut*. WilT yon not, ray Tunl^ 

liEiL It ifl ail bonoui longlag^ ■□ cur houKi 
BetjuFJithrd donn from idahj aiKc^lon ; 
WTiii-h fUTo ihw groiilf'^i. obfuqLi^ i' Uiu world, 
Ip tne to loen. 

Dla. Mine bjiAOat't aach a ring: 

My chnHtily'e tJio Jnwol of our houtto, 
Sfqtifalhed down ^om TtioTiy anertf-)!! ; 
Whick wtn tht ^rroted thioquj/ i ila uvtld. 
In rflrf to loae. Tim- joiir own propor wijulom 
Uringis in iJio champion hoitcfr on my part. 
AgaLTut your vnin uuall, 

Beo. Hci'c, taka mj ringi 

My hniiMT niiriff hanoitr) yet, ruy life be LLiiio, 
And ru bo bid by ilitp. 

Dla. When midnight tomei, knodt at my 

c}tainbor wiiukw -, 
1 'n □rdcr fnkc, my motber ahiJI not haar. 
Kn* will I pliwgc you in tlio hmid of truth, 
^'iicD you bare Oonqiicr^d my yet muden bed, 
Bf'maiiL Llivre hut nn ^umT, nor ipeak to nje ; 
Mv reodoiiB are moBt alrong, and you ahall know 

Wbt-u bjLck agma thia ring shaJI be dcUrer'd; 
Anil □□ jour tinf^ir, in iho ni^lit, I'll put 
Autillior ling ; iJuklt nhaL in limi? proccedtj 
Mav l«ki?n |o th^? f jtunf qot put dttda. 
Adieu, [ill thuu : then, foil not : you hflve won 
A vifa of me, ibough ih^iv my hope bo dono. 
Brb. a htDVCD on oarlh 1 bare ivon, by woMog 

lb««- [Exit. 

Di-ii. For which livu tong to tlumk boLb hnnv^D 

And uic T 

Von may bo in Iho cmi. ' 

My mtidiUT told mo JubL bow he wouM "oo, 
Aj if fiho Aat in hiii Ihmui : dIlc hdjo, all men 
Havo llm Oitv naiha\ Itc liad Bironi to marry m^i 
When hii "ifc'a JimJi UmtofoiT I'll Ijouicb bim, 
When 1 am burifd, Sinco FreiKhmtn vs ao 

Marry thai will, I ]Wp and dio a moid; 
Only, in thia diigui'^E-, J think't no ^in 
To pflMii him* Inat would urjuaily vin^ [Sxit, 

Buf likr [bt Hljibil Id bIIuii 

Hfti. . Than, iiTay tuq, IcIL lavh 

ir I ihadia iwflK ^ J^Ffl'i pvBi <i irrii'iiuir 

I'bi'il rini JrHT-lr. fnaU rim bctlFV^ Dl) DBIIiIi 

VU\tai dldlDfiiaulLir 

IX &. Till, Ku au lioUlDit 

Tit iVBtr liv Iklm Irlinpi E li|ii<>'E lo Ld*>, 
Tbil 1 ■JU'vdrk tfulBil taaa." 
r Lart 11 lir>lr,— ] Wt iHaitld, prrbipi. tmi, "My Id** Fi 
ImlT " 

a / f If, rial mtH wiott tiat**. ■' i"1 • ■MT",— i TB« nin rupj 

"I tan rhB[|ii«n D'|l?r'i|i'' 1A llltb lirBr*!: ' 

i->i1c1],lhiii4hiLii»flrmului<cnUi4nplP4l (oc^plmlii, unn" li" 
jcr "^^DrtAod 1q iMkln* lalfllllrllila TLt ilL«rii|Dn ipf iiv*'"" 
np/t tat ytvplfril hj UnVr, ^^a nadt,— 

« flJiin ^r4•■eAiV■a^<lrllnLa,-] ffM, la thii piKfl lufiU 


tot IT,] 


[her dl 

SCENE m.—Th0 FlorentiM Oa^. 

SiUfT the two E^Dch Lordn, and two or ikrte 

1 "Lord. You libve not given Jum his taotba'A 

2 LobD. I hare delivered it bo bmr nnce: 
Uiere ia »me[hing ln^t tbaL atlnga his uture, ft», 
OD ihv reading it, ho cHaaged hJtddA uto uolbeT 

1 LoDD. He bu much wnrtJij^ blurie Uid upon 
him, tor flhakiDg oS so good ■ wife, and bo nreet 
A lady. 

2 LoBP, Espfldallj ho hath incarrcd (he crw- 
iHting diflp]ea«urc of the king, who had btbd 
tuned hii houbtj to bing hapi^Dea to him- I 
win tcU ji>u a thing, but jnu ahiJ] kt it drell 
duriJy with joiL 

1 Lord, When job luve apokeo it, 'tu d«d, 
ud I am the grave oF it. 

2 Lobh. Ho hath perrerted a joDDg gontle- 
woman here in Florence, of a moat chusto renoini, 
W)d thifl night ho fleshefl hia *in in the apoil of 
her honour; ho hath given her hia monumtntAJ 
ringi and thinka himaBlf made' ui the iinchaale 

1 Lduei. Now, Qod delay our rebelUeD ; u we 
«n onnvlvcsr what things are we 1 

2 IjOdd, Merely ^ our own traitoTB. And u in 
th« common CDuno of all treBBona, we alill bob 
than roveftl thcmBelvn, till thej attam to tbeir 
Bbhrnred endB ;' to he, that in thia action contrivea 
aaBin«t hin own nobility, in hia proper ttieAm 
^nHowji himBelf, 

1 f^nri, Ib it not meant' damnable ib db, to he 
tnmp*-U\n of our unlawful !nl«ntaf Wo shall 
not EJifm }iave hia companj to-night ? 

£ l/mi>. Not till afrer midnightr for he a dieted 
lo hi* hour. 

1 I^Afi, That approaches apace: 1 would 
glaitiv luva him soa ma company* anatomiied; 
Uiat ha might Uka b measurs of hk own jndg- 
mane, when^n u Durioniily ho bad vt thu 

U \Amtt~ Wa wilt not meddle irith him till he 
■pDm : for his pnienco mnat bo the wlup of the 

] li'iBTJ, In tho moan time, what hear jou of 
^um wan? 

If IrfiiiJi. r hr>ar, thoTo ia an ovBftqnrifpeiDs. 

1 Ititnit. Niyp [ AHKiiro jr^u, m peace oonduded. 

■ Jhi tktHkt Hmulf mhb I Uadt hhidi itnnitlir iup- 
*ri»hP> Wn iliH.4iLi1, iJarTiBIKr TmA» "|N|M-" 
L l/ttlf I 'J'lml I', atttWr'tr 

■>rl. H Pli- '""flk 'r> uidPiM) piplilnfil. I4< «porfB«ll, cftt^ltmf 
uiiflrM-<^ri iH AftoflUnUj itanarT UkurtO DCUi. II IIut 
■art jiJ-irt J*rMllllI l\a nU>pl ITwT Hit Iri luM- 

2 LoBD. What win annt Bonailbn da ihn* 
wd hafnTet highiff, n Teton again intof^BoeaT 

1 LoBJ>. I poTceive, by ihia demand, joa <n 
not altogether of hia conndr. 

2 LoBb. Let it be fbriiid, air I ao ahonld I baa 
great deal of hia act, 

1 Ldbi>, ^r, hia wife, aomo two montlia ""^ 
Aed fn)m hia honse : hfit pretence ia a pilgnm^ 
to ^ntJaqneale grand ; wFuch holy undeTtakiiig, 
with moat anaUfO Uht^limDuy, she ucunpI^Bd: 
and, there reeiding, the lendejneea of her aatma 
Incame u a pey to her griefs in Gaa, made a 
groan of hsr uat breath, and now ahe nnga h 

2 LoBD. How is ibis jofeliGoql ? 

1 LoBBd The Btrmiger part of it bj hs own 
lelUn^ which make* her_atar7 tnOt evai to tbs 
point of her death : bar datb ilaelf, iriuch coild 
not be her office to aay, ia come, was biUdblly 
confirmed by the ractor of the place- 

2 Lobs. Hath the coont all thii int^ligenaf 
1 Lobd. Aj, and the particnlar ccnfttmatiait, 

pi^t from point, to the full aming of the voii^. 

3 LoBD. t am heartilj aorry, that he 11 ba ^d 
of Lhia. 

1 Lou>. How migbtjij, sometimea, we make 
□a ctimfortB of aor L»ea I 

2 LaBi>. Ajid how mightily, aoioe «her timea, 
we drown oar gain in tean I The groat dtgn!(j, 
that bia valour hath here acqulrad fbr bim, ahaJl 
at home be enooimtsni with & shame aa ampJa. 

1 LoKJ>. The web t^ our liia ia of a mingled 
yam, good and ill together : onr Tirtuea wonhT Ik 
prond, if our faulta whipped tliem not, and oar 
Crimea woold deapur, if tbay were not ehariabad 
bj our vinoea. 

Enter a Servant' 

How now? where'a jom-maatar? 

Sebt, He met the duke in the ainet, rt, ot 
whom be hatb taken a aolemn leave i his hffdabip 
will next morning for l^anoe. The doke hatti 
offered him letlaa of mmmendations to the king- 

2 LoBD. They abaU be no more than Deedful 
there, if tbey were more than iJiey can coimiHDd. 

1 Loaj}. Thej caimot bo too awwl fbr du 
king's tartncn, Hm 'a hia loidBbip now. 

Sniff BEBJBtM, 

How now, my lord, ia'l not after midnight T 
Bpa. I hare to-nigfat deipatehed aitt»n buai- 

* It it Her mtuil iMat^f/tr—\ TbU li CHamaul; iIibvI Id 

" iHwr daoiTublc , " bDT tbr tDDEDEi knppotri "^r nn ~l ml t^It. 
tb> miKiir wlilfli i^pUn 1g te, "An «i nel dnIfaHllr, Ac 
our o«D cvudBBaHLoB, iiud# bonpfllni of cor Didavrul pw^ 

• ffli Hniifuir— 1 HL> 



[«Eirc UL 

I hmte vaigo'd wi[Ji tlic iluko. doDc 

r, wiit to niT TftJj mothtr, 1 am roturncng : 

ineA mj viutoy ; bim] , L-el v-l>>^ tlii'Ki' niniu 

p|" of ikvpAlch, r>fF?ntf4l rnun) uiiyr nrrnln; 

\bH W tiic grcaUal, Lut lliaL 1 hare oat 

Loim^ Tf tba hnsinm be of anj difGciiTlj^, 
ud ihn Duming jDui ^lep&rLunhfiiioo, itrcquin-s 
hattt of jpqr liq^difaip. 

Bm, 1 meui, tbe buiineu is not eadi4, ut 
y^nag to bear of it hmvAfltv. But thAJI wc Iuitq 
Ihu ^kloga? bel«f>eii Th^ fin] anil Ehc tidier? 
Ome, bring fonh T^^Jl lyinQtrfeit modulp ; he hat 
diBifndinfr, lilie ■ doublt-mnnina proph^ner. 

}LoKD, Itrini; hiiD fnrtb: [Bxstmi fialiJIcEB.] 
bi hv a( i'lbe iiocka oU oight, pour gnllULt 

Bfb^ "So mallet -, tua I1U&I4 )iaT» doaerveil lE, 
ipoTfl w ^fDg. How dm he 

1- I b«Te told jrotir loribhip ilrvadj, lli« 
itopka «rry him- Bui lt> onnw^^r jou *a jmi 
hbU be unilnnlood, hp wt>f>pi' like a mKicli thiLt 
U& «bed ber milk : he huth ondiHae-I himwlf To 
Udigu- wboin iie nuppims lo bo a friar, from the 
ttvf uf hii rviMunLFnuicir, Ui thiv verj' uibtUbl 
AlutUr of til sorting i' tbg alopba; luid whiLl 
dUt ^ he halh f Orif«i>?<] ? 
Bia. F^DLhing nf ihq, hsi he? 
2LoBn. Hjb cnnfiAttioii h tak^'n, tnA 'AehaH 
WmJ lo his face: if ^oiir lonl^hip be iii't, as T 
WUeTt jou tft. joa ranst h«vc tl^c patimii^e to 

fitf-n^fr Soldiem. vifh pAnoLLFJi. 

BiL A plB^ue apm him - iau9ed I he can 
■t inluDgitf net hiLsfal Ikuphl 

]Im«ii. HtKHmin^^'fvnv.-i'.—F^.-tt'iriitrof^i!. 

ISfllTi. He call? for the torlnrcti whnt «HI 
ttK mj vitholil 'em ? 

Pii 1 iriH c"Tif(Ma what I know without cou- 
■mM: if ^ pinrh me like ft [■'Ui'J'i 1 ''An mi_v 

I SoiiDi /i<uXn I'AtmurvAa. 
ILouji, S-fbtiitJido ehicuiViMm'' 
IS&r. Tm ve h owrrifu] gflnH?ral, — Our 
bidi yon Aiawsr U whn I atiiJt Juk juu 

?ii. And irnlr. u T hi>pe to Iiyo. 
1 Sols. Fint deoiind c/hivi how-nutn^ hvnr 
iLiM^ititronff. What «j 7011 To thnt? 

lb] av Ua Htka^kaA^'iriiiUw rUdTr hrdpri'Bn le.] 

Far. Flip's or aja thousimd ; but vary weak znA 
iiFUcTvirt'aMc ; llrti tronps art nil fiL'alU'reJ, and Uie 
WmmnnrliT* vcrr poor rogues, upon mjiCpuUtiOD 
and cr^dh. oitd bb I hope io live, 

I Suld, SlirJI 1 iwt down jour nnawcr saT 

Pail. Hu', I'll Iflkp the aa/staiaeol uii\ hnw 
and wdrch wnj jou will, 

Bed. AQ 'a one to him.* What n paat-aav^ni; 
filavc ifr this t 

1 Lonit. You am df'fTJTHi, mj lord: thit ii 
moTHifcir Pftmll*", the gflflflnt mihiarist. (thai wii 
hij DWu phrase.) that hud lbs whnla iJinonck of 
fsv in lIih knor of hin r^^rTj nad tho pmdioa m 
tbf chape of hiB dagger 

2 T<ORT>- I will Ttev^r fniihE n dbji again, ^ 
keeping hip F.noni eWn ; nor halLevo lie can hav» 
CTiTj Thing in him, hj wi'rjring hip apprnN^I neallv. 

I ^ttLn. Well, iluit'n net down. 

Pah. Five or six thooaaad hnrie, I mid, — 'T 
will any Irue, — wi thpTvaboulJ, aei down, — for I'll 
Dptak tniih^ 

I LoHJi, HeV i^ry ni^aT the tmUi in (hia. 

Bmu But 1 con film no thonks for't, in the 
nDCuT'j he ih'Hvun iu'' 

Vau- poor rogui??', I prciy joj, bilj. 

1 SoLn, Well, thfli'e kl down. 

Paie. 1 huiafflj tlmnk vou^ sir: a Lrulli'i a 
tniili. tho mgiLnit oi'e mnirelloaq pinr- 

1 3oi,[). Denand of Aim of lehai Mt-n-n^ ihey 
arf a/00', Whot in_v jon to thnl ? 

Patu l*y nij mAU, mt. if I were to livo' thri 
present hour. I nlll t^'ll tnie. L^t me ah: 
Sporio n hundrni and Mj, i^hoatiDD bo manj, 
ConmhoB k manj, Jaquea bo many,' OuillJAn, 
Oipnui, Litdowiuk. imd Gnuil- two hundmd fifij 
eachr miDP own conipuikj, (.'liilo^thiT, Vaiirnnbd, 
BeDlii, two hundrfd firry fQk'^h : ?o thai the wiuatai*' 
file, Toiien and BflUDd, npon mj life omomitA not 
[fl fifteen ihuuBond piill -. half of thp wliieh dare nof 
fboke Tho anow from off their cOHntika, lejit Ehej^ 
ihake lhemielT» (0 wcea. 

Jtna, Wliat ihall be done to him? 

1 Loud. Xothini;, but l''t hiir liavn thvika- 
Dt'Enand uf him mv cnndiQnn,' nnit what endit I 
have v'dh the liukf 1 

1 SoLi>, WuMh that's net du*n. Fou iJidtt 
depfrnd of ^im, HiA^fAffj- onr Cfiplim Dutwilti be 
ilfif camp, a Frcachmait ; KhoiAu rfpalafion is 
aith the ditkr, what hi/ vahur. hoiieilt/^ and fj- 
psrfnOfi ifl vars- or trh/itherhn ih\nka, it ipere «of 
pvKifih, rpilk adi-wcujAiji'/ I'ntia of ffold, to t^i^ 
rn/ri him to a repoii- What aaj you to this ? what 
do yon know of il? 

Piihlf, Il .1 <r.|«[irlnl 1.I J'di* Hf lUl* 1b*V< BH^OE. " tl I Virt 
flFB (1 eTbi^i' itilp vei) Eiiiur " 

11, AjT^rin ind oLrrorfA, 

Aor ir,] 


Pah- I brapech jon, lei me juiavcr to iha pnr- 
(icuW of tho inCerg&torifA. Deuaod LLern niitj^'y' 

1 Si)LP. Do ynn tnow lliia mpUJn Duinjiin ^ 

Pah. I know liini : ha wna a bnli'lur'n 'prpntiL'ij 
in PariR- ftflni whence he was whipped fur .Lrtttiifg 
tho shrii'^'t'a fool with ahild ; o dumb ioiiODtJit, 
dut I'uuU not 9BJ him laj, 

[DpwAiTi iij^ ii}i hii hand in iJwj*r, 

Bn, Nflj, bv jour laive, holJ your h*nJBi 
tliou^ T kiioif, hit hmiu are failvk to ibo juut 
[i|« ihni tills. 

1 Sold. ^Vell, id this eDpfaiD in ihe doke of 
FlorcTrcu^e taxay ? 

PaB' Up4ni my bTiovluilgc, h^* i.4. luiJ hniny, 

1 LoHD- T^aj- loiiki hcit HO u^ dip ; we staU 
Ivw ofjcmr lotdship* uion. 

1 SqlP' WluL ia his rfpulntion whh flio dnko ? 

Pad. The Juke Iuowb hini fur rrn other hul n 
poor offiHT of mine ; jiDilwiiE Id mc thia oibcr daj^ 
10 mm him toiL of Ihe baiid : I Lhink, 1 kuvu hia 
letter in Eiij' poi:k<^P 

1 SoUi, Mam, wq'U Hordi. 

Pal la good BodiUAa, 1 di> noL knuw ^ cLiha 
il is iherc, or it is ii|fon u BIl', with Lho cIuLo'b 
mW leUoa. m id_v Ti^iit, 

1 Sold, Uotc tia; hjTc'a r [upcr Shall I 
rmJ il to jnii? 

Pah- T do tint Vnow, if ii be it^ or no* 

Biol Onr intrrm^Tpf Joea it wil]. 

1 X^AD. Enx'lionllj- 

1 SoLt>, i>jflff, Th^ fvuqf't ft/nol, lauJ/iII of 

Fao, Thai ia nol ihp ditke's Iftior, ait ; th&t is 
an fulvcnLH^ment Lo a prupcr JuniJ hi Fli^reLCV) 
tfav Diatin, In Lita hoed of tho al]ori*mo]it of one 
count RoDaiUiFn. a rixilinh idle Lhit, tiiif, fut aJi 
[|idl, vsrj ruElbh ; 1 praj joii, iir» pot il op ago-in. 

1 3oLD. Nbj, 111 read it Grttt, bj juur^TOur. 

Pab, My noaJitng in^l, I pFoleat, wai vorv 
hmifwt bi Olq bchdlf uf (hi: inald : fi>r 1 knen the 
joun^ cuuilL to b« 1 dungcrous and lu^irioua Tmy, 
who IB A irhalt to viTgliutyT add dflVdurn irp all tlio 
try 11 And". 

Diiu- UAmnAblu both-gidci rogue! 

I S'lLD. FfAi^j he KoifriyM vifAi, f/id him drop 
ffolil. /inrl iakf a ; 

Ap9f h* voi-a, hr Ttevfr jwya the ncort : 
tJni^ won, Tt bh^itA MfJi mjde ; vualcA, and mell 
puilf U ; 

Iff fUfT j"!H* "ftrf dthft, fnir it W/are ; 
jlwl Miff, d nJdirr, fJiiH'. toiti thte thu, 

* I ftntm. U'. 1| Bitr fMifTjrf it^ti,—] TIi'dU Hit tut 

" ff f i' i f I l»»t" l~ ■ I >*r»fl II) C'BJi^ll. 

» N* iflU 4*"!, III. V\ KRlI ^"1 »/ I" f !■■''''• .1 ir 1* HinF HI nnl 

1 VlipFlnl- II m^r '!"■ Ii"ii Li>«<] DKiraphoiKill 1 rm d jDitnjr 

iM riF rtd hPHlHlvlPlI m MiVilLLtl'i ruiblt} I" MtrbcHhk' 

"T "■BB'i" P""J "J^niii 1"" T^ ■!" 
bvUrtr fK "L>*«'« l.ibrnr'i fill," Aet V. Hk |, tDimi tiaih 

Mb ^T ""B 

Jfm an to mfll hj'U, ^jff rtrt ttOt U tm t 
Fit cvftti£ fi/lhiK^ ift cauHl 's a ioul, T hnoia if, 
Who ^Kiyi b/ff>re, iitit «of thtir he dofi os^ il. 

Thine, ai he voa-erl to thee in tAine etr. 


Dbh. Itu Ahall \k whipwd llinmgb (he uroi, 
with thia rhyiae in his forehend. 

3 T.jaTUi, TliLB il jmr dd^alod fhoml, tir, lha_ 
muiifald lingui^, nud iha AHiupotctit onldiar. 

Bel I could cndore Aajthiog befim Lmt a 
Aqd now h#'e A rit lo me, 

1 Sold. 1 perL'cira,iur.b; a[ir'gi!]][<rbJ'a]iH^'? 
v,\- i^lmll ]"■ fjiiu loluirg jirti, 

L'An. Mj Ufp, lir, in odt cue- iwL iLaI. I am 
afmld to diff, bdl ifut, laj o&caas boitig maav, t 
would rrpitnt irul tbo romBUiikT uTnarure: It-t 
Jlt>?. fiir, in a dnDgeon, i'thc Aocke^ or Aajvhr 
w I raay live. 

1 Sotn, Wq'll »iiH<Hliiit maj bo donfsao 
ratifpAfl freely; thercliip?, once tndre to ihia 
DuTnAin, yi>a Imve pn^wercd to hia repatai 
nith the duhe, and to liia toIout- ^^ml \t 
honiflty ? 

Fas. Hr wiH s^ral, lur, on i^g*^ot of a e^( 
^ r&p?a And ruvidhmeDla be puoQela Neim 
pru&«cA ni>i ki>?[ilii^ (if iaUu i m hnaldng- ihoa ' 
he ia sfrorgcr (luin Ilomdia, Ho iriD Ue. kii, 
with sueh Tolotiililj, iliJiT joii would tiuoh (nlii 
wero a fool : dnii^tiioeai ia hia baftl virtue, far 
b^ will [k- BniDD-dninh, and la bia alei-ji he du« 
liUlc horni, BATP to hli bf^d-cUiLhm Abaul hjni; but 
Thej know his coddilions. and Ifey him in Alraw, J 
bnve but IlLlb more 1l» uj^ or, dT hia.bonotry: ho 
has DVDTylhingtlialan lnkiKtl man r^JiOidd Dor b^yv-. 
wiiat an honCAl miui bIiojJJ Ilbfp, ho has nothiue. ^^ 

1 Lord, 1 begin lo kive him for (lus. jH 

Bbb, For LhibdeKiipliuii ofdiiuij hoTiOfltj? A1^ 
poi upon liiiiil f^ir Dtf?, h^ ia ruuK and mure a caU 

1 Sold. \MiBiBay joutoluBeKpenneBaiQ wotT 

Vail 'Fuilh, sir, be baif IimI ihr ibnin bi.'lbre the 
Kiigliah trflgediiiiiii,'''^^ — to bt'lii] hiui, I will not, — 
niid moro of hia Bohlicrship I kmiw n4>t : etrcnl, m 
thil cjuntrT) be bad flie hobour to bo the ofGoEt 
at a ploeo ihoro cjlJ1iii} Milo'end,' It iiidlrUL'l for lbs 
liniLbling of iilLB: I would tin Ihi^inan what hoDt 
J ran, but fif ihia [ am nol Ptrtfuii. 

1 I^bb. He hath aut'Tllluned villii[ij to fa 
that rhe rnritj mlF^ina him. 

liziE. A poi nn ^lim [ hr's a eat itlU t' 

1 SoLti, nii (]Ualit[ea bdiiigal thia jriiur pnco, I 


"plHMlfl-P*tOf (UtrtpHnn." 

" HLLf-*lnL,— I Sf*|irjU[0 y dlK.Vnl, r 

d Hi'iAoU mil 1 1 BcrCrAm BjiI berun Nd in latl^Mf w 
Fill pvl liialir irnH^an niid inal raitvllrn *■< ne* ■ ral ^a him. 
Whrn 11i« lujUC bvininjri iiiHhrr tciirrilDtii m lili fi»ii1«ll<iw, 
iBJlrwD iftT'i ' Hq li murv knl DIDni »rai ," ■ad. Dd^Ti ^ibm 
htFiiil " mil- TiLiiil r4r4 nll^nf.'TllcPnUHl tmpftunLi >Jji «] iIbUdl 
" b«'< ■«LiUm' |killi,aeaL0j«flf*r" Cf' 

akitO ALL'S ^ELL that EHt>3l^KLL. 

Pal Aj. Kkd the caprnin of hid lii>r», aumt 

[tcBi r. 

1 &Bu>. I1l«hi&|ivr wUhlLegeuenltADdknow 

fc» flLIITHT. 

Pax. [Jffi'd^.] I'll DO more drumiDiiig; apUguc 
■f afl dmroB E OdIv I(i rtctm IQ descnc wdJ, and 
to kf^il? The AuppoqilifiD irf ihM ]n&c'ir\ouE joung 
btf £e crtunf, ^in^e J Tiin into ihi^ diii>^Tr Yvl. 
mho wouiii hare sunp'N^Etd aa bmhuali wbrre I wma 


1 Sold- Tht-rv it no remedy, sir, but ym ramt 
£e ^ the gmen) Uja^ jou, Ehnt liave bo troitur- 
oulj di^oveird the *ec»[a of jonr Minj. ar''. 
fpij i- tucb pfiTi{i.toiiA rDpartii of Vfn tr^ nablj 
held, cna aactt llp irorld for no honMl uw i thpre- 
fore jDU inuNt die. Com*, betdunw, uff with hii 

Pin. O LnH, lir [ Jpt me live, or 1« nw ■« 
mj dL-Bib '- 

1 &ohti. T!«l *lnill pit aiid lake year Icare itf 
aIL jCFur rripjida. [Prinii*Jt*ni? fiim. 
So, luok piUui jou ; kwiw Jon onj- here ? 

Bru, Good miuiiiw, DoMe capUin. 

2 Lonn. fl^»d tikw jnii, t;*pi(ftin PiroJlM, 

1 Jvltlfi. G(»J ttlVi! JOH. Poblt' PiptaLD, 

e I^iini. CnptJiiii, what g pt^tI iff will jou to n\y 
Itprf Lflfni? I *ni f(jr Fram*, 

1 lynnri. Ocwd Mplwn, will ^dl fli*e me anipjf 
(J 111- a^-uin-l joii wnl lo DiiUia in behnlf of the 
tfntiM Ji"ni»iJI<ni ? nil I wnTonol a^tirj roward, I'll 
evmnl h of joui h" fare jou ^cW. 

[Sraint HunTiuu, Lordt, <tc- 

1 SnUT- V"ii ftf" iindone. caplMni : all but your 
Kirf, rJiit hu Ji kllUt btl'L JiH. 

Kaii. MIio piiHiinl It' tniahrd nirh ■ plot ? 

1 HoLif, if joii r^mlil find aiU ft ('iiimtrj wlwri- 
hdl womm wPTu Uul hoil ivCoIt^ m nmch nliftTJMV 
tH Dtfht hrKLH ui iinpmlonc nAcion, Fart- yon 
vvU, i(r ; I «ni fi^r Frunui- Um i wo 6h»ll apeslf of 

rw Abto. [^'''^ 

Pi*- V*t ini I thijjitfiil; if mj hoari woiv 

T vrtiU tmt M Ihii- CtptflLn, IH be no mora ; 
BM I viQ At Biirl drinliH nnd rili'op a^ soft 
A« «tplu vlull ^ 'iEnpIv ibn? ihing I am 
lb*a ivdU nw hte. ^^la knowe bimKlf a bn^ 

Idt hto »r diu ; for iE will come to past, 

Id lbs elri i^iAT >fiirrtfl\ 

r, mail ha 

'f^' V^^B-iiiMllMBf lba»nD'4[EiDi1|b1i 

I til. ■ J ^vH, b9«avn, U vnHtmiDi cmplDT" ^T 
' ««■« tf fWlnl, ud II [B^r ur IhM 
ilWutta HiHU lulu itnbnliimlT 


Thai erurj hrb^gori ^h^l bo found an ub, 
Rual, iword I Mol^hluahpaT aodr P&n]I«T tin 
Sdfidl In ahaioe ! bein^ fuul'd, bj f(io|rr_v (htiip '. 
Then-^t pliLce, and Dmrui, ffir cverj mib alive. 
I'll nflci- Ihrm. [fn^H 

aCESE TV,— nurenoB. A Hoam vt Ov 
Widiw'd Soime. 

Enfirr Hrdna. "Widow, afiff I>Eur*- 

Hkl. That jou edbj well pproaire T haiv 
wrwi^'d yon. 
Odb of ihc greati'dt in thi- ChriftTian irorld 
Shjdl be Etj Akirctj; 'fare ivhote tbrou 'titl 

Ere 1 nui pi'iim-t mine inLfnla, ia kneel, 
'nine woii, I did him □ desired ol^cct 
DfOir Blfn<.^T aa b» life ; whii:}i grruLiCude 
Thivugh flimsy Tartar*! bcmnu wDuld p^^p fiudii 
And auswer, ibtiiihii : I duly um Enfurtn'd, 
Hii gnce ia al Mnrscillfft ;' t" "^H-h pItM 
We have CQDTeoienL cvnTDj. You mtul koov- 
E am mppoHd deul: the vtny tir'-hlin^. 
Mt hiuhoiuL Mn him home ; where, hi'^iv^ii vding 
And bj the leave of raj food lord die king, 
Mi'f-'l) i*. b^^fbre our wleome, 

Win. OentJe modUDi 

YoQ nerer had a ncn^aiit, to whoeo trusl 
Tour buiiLncM "m more welcome, 

Hel. N"« joii,* m' 

Ever 4 friend) hKcm thoiighta more AnAy labour 
To rceoinpeiue jojt Iqvf ; dmbt ttM, bat hetveti 
JlnrL brought loe □[! to bfl jx>ur dmlgfatfT'i dowvr, 
AfN It hnib fHl*^ hur In In my motLTH 
And htlper lo r hiiflhand. Biil O strongo m^i '. 
That cjin tmcb aveei qh make of "hat iLej hbitt 
Whbn fljLuiij ImglLug of the cown'd ihonghia 
Dflileri ihe piuAty ni^bt,* to lust doth pUy 
M~ith what it Inalbs, for that wbjeh it awoy : 
Bill niorH of ihia hereifler. You, Diulb. 
iTnder my jioor inbtmeLirrDA \vl muat euffer * 
Somethiog in my bthoJfF 

DiA. Let dcaJh and booea^ 

Oo with jiDnr impoaitsonB. [ vn jotiri 
Upon jonr will to aufier, 

Hhi- Yet, I praj jon ■ 

{■1 Old KIT. pHr. 

"1 dfllgrrfaliUD pun br iHEiiinAliiii ibr *KTd rtW^- bvl' 
EIUM irtiL tnnf DD llMiHioDDf liDppLnni tad dcllfliL' 

WiEb nmcli dLffldenn «b VEnluh Eji tapicnl UuT TM 
mnUr (UD4Ti tocfm? mO llul >■ tiiniU ithI,— 

Hul villi Llifl *DrJ/' kw- 

Htw I HD qdIf anLiWiiBBIi fvjt LLDlnni bi Ibi «iBd nC 
ffoaliF , biif Um LIibb Afpnwdv* «|ini ajj ihaL ran imdngD Jp 


8CE?n^ I,— ManviUin. A Strvt, 

Iilff ifeLiNj, WiJo*, a»,I Jh*N*, with flM 

Ha, Bqi tMt euFoditig pnating, Ja^ And 

!■[ onr \i>ar Bfi^riU litiT: m> ouiddI help il ; 
Vu. 1104 JQU Jn«v KHdc Uv dtji nnil n'lgha ni 

T»tiw p&t natli; limbs in my uKaln. 
BffM. jN Jo Kt gmw in mj n-cjuilal. 
AiMllbj CAD unitnrt ^vi^^ Id hiip[tj time i 

Tlw nu joaj bclp mv lo his majntj't eu*, 

If Idivilii rpcud lufipDWAr. — Gcd iiAra>roii, tir. 

HkLt Sir, I ' have ei'I-d jaii id iho court of 

Qebt, 1 liflvtf b»u HnictuiKB fhepe. 

ITel, I iId piTflUDii^. air, that jud oru noL rollen 
From eIid Lvipurt UinE g3c& upoii _voLir gixtibiiKB ; 
And UiJ^wfurr, jpp'lvti wilh tciiiit slifljp ^HHifaaioiiB, 
^^Tiii^h lay nk* (iinunerB bj, I put jou U^ 
Tlifl U&I1 uf jour own vJriuaT fiir the which 
1 ehil] foiitinu? Ihviirul. 

Gpnt, WhM'a ymir will? 

HxL. Thai It wilt pleiu^ ynu 
Td dvi> thi» jtiinr peiiliitu c^i Ihu bin^^ 
And Aiil nin niih triat Atora uf poiiu' jOu him. 
To 4:DTni: inLu hia preecack?. 

GhST- The kiiig'i n-rt here 


Hmt. Not hpte, nir? 

He hi'iice wmot'd \ivi night, and nilb more lui*l* 

Than 11 faifliue, 

"WtD. Lurdi bow wc lose <mt ]uiiiaii 

Kbl. All 'm itW/ if'tit «[</* wcf, jel ; 

Tlmiigli titna aeem bi> jiJvfirfiP, imd idiaeia uotil, — 

1 Jfl liHHwh joa, wUilhpr id lie gimi^? 
Gekt. Morrj, as I LaJlc Ll, tc BoutiUUin ; 

V^iUicr T am guiu^, 

UhL, I do iMUK^h jcra, HIT, 

Hinre ^ ire Hke to Bi.'p' Uv ting befiffo mi?, 
Oouiniciid lh« jiaper t't hii grflci<MU hanH ; 
Wbicb, I finsuniij, shall tciickr jou no Wame, 
But ralbet ipflkc jini Lhnnk yiMir jiMni far it, 
I will comQ aflfr you, wilb irhat gwirl ajioed 
Our meuu vUl iclhIid HI nitAnSr 

Quit- Thu I'll do for jou. 

Hat. And jmi utall find jouraolf » be ^eJJ 


Whale'w isllfi more, Wa muit to hone uujii ; — 

Qot go, pnmdB. [Sweant, 


PiB, GpihI raomumir lAT»Kh, giTo mj brd 
Lofou iJui letter : 1 have tiro now, sir, been beUfi 
known fo TOU, flirn 1 bnvii buld fnniiliari^ "ifli 
frwher dithiai but 1 aTD now. iir, tHTidditJ m^ 
furtunt'sniucilT' and smfJl Bomewhfct strutig of b^^B 
strong dij<pJciunrd. ^^ 

Glo. Trolj, foriuQc'* diepl^iiFurQ ii but a!ol- 
tiah, if it Hniull 30 ittmiff u thon epdflkpHt uf : 
will hpDoifwth eal nu £h of fortime'e huOflnr 
PrMlioc, allow the wind, 

PiS- Xaj, joj ncpcd nnl Kop jflur zujHj nr| 
T Epaks hul bj n metaphor. 

Clo. Tndeod, vt, if your merapbor BTJrik. 
will Htoji Dty nose ^ or agajut anj niDQ h 
plior, Pr'jihM. g*t tbw fiirther- 

&•■■ »B Imfnubn thai a-af vh Ob idihnf 'i «n4. 


[Hi^Hfrtj ill 

hj jcpiij BIT, deliver diet tJilh papor- 

of fDTtone'a, -^irT "if of fnrtiinc'a 

VUftk-CKlO tliAL luu lotloi iul^ >lic 

iTvmd of bur iljr'|>k'ii«urt-, mid, ^ He 

clilif<i witbal t prnj juu. sir, ime tlifl 

may. fur Lu Jyobii like a p«ior, do- 

[^aHhIii rucallj kmavL'. 1 dn 

ill EDjsuult'i «f CDmlipitpBniJ leave 

limldJiip. [£^'l C\vwa. 

T lord, 1 am a miui wfiom Toi'ti^iu) heih 

vhai KDuld yvu lave ziiG lo dn? 'Iw 
pArv lia" naile onir. ^ficmin bate yon 

wbo of bciHlf ia a gDiHi tnilv^ lUiii ■rouLI 
MTCf llirive lopg luiJor her ^' TliPto'ft 
'Scv lor jDu : let the jiulicw umke yta 

■ inmdB ; T am for oltipr hu^lQcsa. 
^Mvcedi yimr buncrnr-, Eu liuu mo oiw 

Mt bog a iinclo peimj uarfl: POmc, 

l&'L; UVC JOIkV UDlU. 

^ nziDc. my j^o*\ [ai>K is Porolba. 
Dnbfig loarij iliin vord,'' lljfD. — L'oi' mj 
TcmejQurband. Heir does j^nr<tniiQ? 
mj gwd lurd^ jou wera the Gntl tluL 

'■■ I, ID uMh ? uul 1 VBS The flnt thnl 

FiH in joa^ uj krd, Id ht'iag me in 

', for jDu liij briu;; niQ oui- 

ul dpm ihw, kniLTu ! dout (lion pnl apun 

: butli tb<> office vf God and Oi<' lii'vlt ? 

l)vc ingncc and ihf otLcr l>rLiig9 lhot> 
^■1/irffl fc-uflrf.] "nui klujj'* i?.jiuing, I 
Uktruinprtd, — £unJit inciu'ini'fLirtbf'r ofLtfr 
p UJk of ym fMt nighl i Ibougli jpu m 

■ kiuvc, .TOO aholl D0t ; ^ U>t fuDoff. 
pnuse G<hI hr jou. [i'Miynf. 

111.— TlirmmB. A Jltumt in ihr 

^f«brKi'r],CDi-:cTEBS,LArEr» Lords, 
GonlJmDi-fi) Oiuuds, i^f. 

Wb k«t B jfkgI if lier r ddA out «t«iu ' 
i anrh fpOMiT bj lE: but ynar um. 

Viin lt,«r| ifllri, Dldl ^[ Sp'XIAV i'U'v^Jrl la 

0. 49 

A^ nio^l in fuU.Vr lacked iho bbubb Uj know 

CaciJT, Tia post, my licgQ j 

And I b«tcccb jvus Eiioj^^dtj lu make it 
NaLoTol rd^ulliiiQi dune i iIjc blade ** of joulh { 
When uU oniL tin.', (no utroDg Ebr timisuii'ii fojce, 
O'crheafa il, ami bitma ud> 

Koio- Mv boDOur'd Ladj, 

T lidvf fargLvvD and tiiTgiA.tou oil ; 
Tliimgli ray rovtuiRpa w(to hi^h bpul upon )ii]n, 
Anil worcb^d Tbe time In bJhjoL. 

Lat- Thia J onial wlj^ 

BoL finl I l«g mj pnn^D.— tLie j^ong lord 
Dill 10 bia imijL'prj, hin uifiihpr, nrnl IJn laJj, 
U|Fi-ni¥ rjf mi^yy hotu; buL laliim^lf 
Tbe grt.'iU'^ iTong of all ; be tiist a wife, 
WlioH beouljr did asLoui^ tba t\Ji^y 
Of richoHl oyer,. HbuEB wirrda idE van took rapLivo ; 
WbHi^dvarpurfi'tlJuiiiliuirts Lb&t »OLtk'J Id icrve, 
lliiuibly rali'd mraLitai. 

XctQ. Pruning what ia \mt, 

MaIws EJid TemembraLOi diiar. Well, coll Lim 

biibcr : 
Wc OTB i^Timcird, OJid the flrvt vitw ahall kill 
AJI rciu^Einait,*— I'Pt liim Tiot nik dot pardon ; 
Tba nalare of hvi [^a1 ofienco it dead. 
Anil dat!p<T tbui i?bliv3nii vnf i\ii hnry 
Tlie iiioi-ji&tit-( rclii^ of it : Ivi Iiiid approach, 
A "tnuigLT, nit iplTendtT : and intami Eiim, 
Su ha out will 1)0 iihould, 

OlHT. I aball, my Viiff^c. 

[^j/f Gi'TitlvmoiJ. 

Kind, Whot UJB be In yoor daaglifer ? bam 
jnu aponf 

IiAf. All ifaftC bfr [a batb Ccferanea to JOUT 

Kihit. TIM.-EI nho]] WD liavu a mitch. I bave 
lottera Hcni mo, 
Thftt RCt bim bigb b fiimb 

Lap. Hp Juobii well oii'l. 

Kind. E ma not a day dF ncofOTi, 
For ihim tany^l ks a DUD-nbinii and a ball 
Id nte ot Diiec : buL to ibo brighCiwI Imunn 
Djdl]iu.-lul doLide givo nny ; pu i^tnnd tJiou forLb, 
Tbs time ja fair ngiiin. 

B»:a. Mj Uigb-rU'pehLtd blomcc, 

DeoT aDlon^gn^ patdDD tg me, 

Knti. All it, nholf : 

Kut One T/urii mint.' of llto oanqumed timo- 
ItCt'a tokp ibc inamnt by the I'l^mord top. 
For we aro old, luid ou our quick'st docref* 

d panfPlkrMmlmBf nomihi] TIlbdIhJiI ud Hi. CoUbi'i uUIO- 
Ittnr. itnl "llHHOlimirt-" 
* Ilfl|Hiq|bBa -] TbkElni rnn ■■'■*' nan 

— »1 


[kth iu 

■ad b^ielert fboL oF tim? 

effijcl liiem, Voa renwniber 
liiig,Tl I of tha brci ? 

JduirJuglT, TUJ ]ii'gD : at fint 
k nn thiwce upui her, eifl tny lioort 
Bike loo bole] A hcratit of laj longtje : 
lliB [mprtiaiuii uf dudf t^je luliitiig, 
C^Btsnpt liip Hnroful jicnjiDetivo did Intil mil, 
Vfcich wmJp'd llio lihO ^tf twi-j other fai-our; 
fioDn'd A nir wIhit, or tEpreu'd \l noVn ', 

To & iDDAt hjikniufl itlgGut: dirniinj it cmnei [a^^^ 
ThnC bIk^t *l>LRn all nicii prue'ii^ and wlinnl m^- 
Since I hive losE, hBir liiv'J, wto in mine fjc 
The diut ibflt did oObud JT, 

KlSO. WtJl HLIli'd 1 

ThU thiiu dlilBl 3ovc hfT, itTrike* Hmi? b^^uth av«j 
From the grvot cuTripl ; Uii lo*e (Jmt ntmea Uio 

Likti ft lemorKful pjvdvn ilowlj qarri«d, 
To thu ^TKil under rumn n i^tiir iiIFeDCi-, 
CryiDgn Thflt'e good iJiat'i goni^ Our nuh fdidla 
Mokr- [rivioJ jirii.^ of fliTJoiw Tliingn m' bflvi'j 
ftDt knowing tlii.'m, midl we Itnfnr ihi-ir grmv? : 
Ofl Dur diD]rli.-BfUteH, UJ ouckIv^'h unjuit. 
DrMroj our frlcndu, am] Jifler ^L'tji ihuir diiEl '. 
Our own \oJC vnking tiii-a to ^ee whAt'a lionc, 
^'hile iliiLmefiil haCe 'ft^p- oul The nflcTnooP- 
Be this pweel Htl^n'i knell, and now for«ot het- 
Smd forth jour ombroiu tulifii For Fair Maudlin : 
The njftin ooubbdIa ftw liaJ, and ]i,tp vf&'}] stay 
T<f BCfl mr 'widDwer^ii Hojod morriage-daj. 

Covtij. WbUrb letter tbui the dm, O dvu 
hcareD, blcra t 
Or, tre t^i^^u meet. Id mo O nAluii? eiy&^E? \* [nuue 

Laf. Come on, my tion, in «hoiD mj houAtV 
Mual bti digMlpd, giTc H fflFoar fiinii yon, 
To apnrUe in Lbc Bpinta of my diiugLtpr. 
ThM aIiq nuy quickly romc. By mj old ho&ril, 
AdiI every hoir Ihot'* oii'i, Hdvn, Ihol** dond, 
M'm ji Awwt cretture; inch b ring u iHa, 
The kat ihal u'er 1 look bcr ]uav« at court,* 
I saw upon hor finger. 

^U' H<^ i( wnii notr 

Xmo- Now, prsj jon, l«t n^« ah ii ^ fcr mine 


WliUe J WD* Apcoklng, ofl wrw flwten'd |o t. 
Thii Hug wQt miiK! ; Di>c], whoa I gnvL' iL Uvlon, 
I buta Jicr, if h«- fortnncB ever stood 
Kaceiiilii^ Fa lu'lp, llut bj thia tnkon ' 
J wcwld ndin4< Lui^ IIo^l you ttukt antl,ti> 'rcsTB 

• niHp bumrjuEiidiirii, fri?.] rii'-Hii'BiiMirviniipirt 


* fb lA-i ip»i p'i» J t~n;^(r]p4lW1^^ rnurr,— ] n^tabmuu. 
TM i**i J'l^i llrtt >Tfr I ininh ki-1 <i' brTB[inL.rL 

■HV>'. <* III* Bill •rki'i* ■iiir4»r iflil^LiW Minpnf" iwJ'" 



Of whaL shriuld airaj her moiE ? 

Bi^p. hly gndoBfl KTsnifB, 

Howe'yr U pleoaen ytm tn Uke it wt, 
Tbc ring win nevor bam. 

CgcMT. Bon, on my Gle, 

1 hBTe teea her wnr il ; tnd ahc reckon 'd It 
At ho- lifb'ft nt«, 

LaF- I am Bun, T taw her wear it. 

CiDi. Tou arc decdi'd, mj lord, the nem 
Id FJormc« wu it froiD a cubtai^t (hiowa i&e 
^liq][t'd la B pBpOT. which conlfliTiM ihe name 
Of her that throw it : nohli? abe wu, nad t 
I stood ingBg'd : ' hat when 1 hud iuboenb'd 
Tu mine own fbitnnB, ^^id infimu'd her fullj, 
I L'ould Dot aivwur iu that coune of honour 
Afl i>}ui had made tha ovorlun?, the iwa'd, 
In heavy t^TJBfactJnii, uid would nuTcr 
Bereive the ring again, 

Kc«a. Plulus* hlmHlf, 

That klLowq the l.imrt and miitliplyiug modiaoe, 
Halb not m uoEure^^ my^ery moTO ficii.'iifl?, 
Tkan J bavi> in ihia ring: *Lwu mine, 'C 

Wboovor gh*e k }-ou -. tEien. if you know 
That y[iu ore woti anjuninlod with yoursvlf, 
Confcaa twa» Wa. arid by whal miigb tnfonwiDaii 
Yoa got it from her. ^he cnU'd ihe uiutt lo 

That fihe wDold perer put il fimn her finger, 
Unfen* pbo gqve it to ytnin*elf in hcJ, 
(Wherfl yoq have never come,) or khI it cb 
Upon her gn-al diuflter, 

hza. 8ho noTcr ibw it. 

Kibh, Thou »poaV'at it blB#]y. u 1 love miae 
honour : 
And muli^ei conjecluiulf feara to nmio irTo me, 
^Vluch I ^ould iam ihut cut. ]f jt (hould pcotc 
That thou art u iiiLufaan,^'ttnl] notprove h ; — 
And yet IknownoL: — thou dld^t bate her dAbily^ 
And ebe is dead ; which uulhing, but to eloea 
Hbt ejea myt.clf, could win mo to bdievi?, 
More thim tu ^i^o rhi« ring. — Take him away. 
My fore-paAt pnwfa. howe'er the mhtter &U, 
ShaU r«; Diy fean of UitJ* vanity,' 
Having loinly feared too tiule. — Awnj with Uth 
Well ad tliiB maltor ftmh«r. 

Bkp, If yon jhall piwft 

Thi^ ring was pver ben. j'on sbftU on easy 
Frore that 1 LuebonilDd her bod iji Flortu^]!?, 
"Where yet eho never an*. 

[ Jji* BghtbaHt ];iia 



<t) P4nl fam, r«pK< 

ij) flJil Telle, li»> 

' BhHll m nLTrDin dT ILirlD tmIIj,— 1 "Tni »n4> 

ti^ni niKiA it J brill BJT luDlclriir 1o >]ih"- ibU mj^^n "nr mt 
idu apil ]i iiicaat, 1 li 1 1 mHiBi l>rrD liLrhEKaiDBY <■>) ibta I 

ur 1 


Xnter a GpnilmnoTi, 

KnrQ. T Mia KTBjjp'rJ in dismiil IhinkiagK. 

Ok^t, (jriuLLhtp oOTereign, 

WW^bcF I bavG hooa io'blam^, nr dd, Tkonw jtot ^ 
Hiv^'b a pirriuon from a Flarcnliiu>. 
V^ h&lh, for four Or fi^ maom, come ahort 
T»l»dtt ir bpiwlf. I auderlook U, 
Vwuidi^d [beivlD bj Lihf fair grsLw uid ijieeiJ] 
Of thr ponr ^upfiJuuit, wLn bj thle, T lin'nnn 
Trb^fV arrvndir4|f : Iht huisidrrj^ louba in hpr 
Viit an importLn^ liu^, ami she (old me, 
Ed ft i"Cfl vcrbftt brief, ii did conqtm 
Yma Lighnc«A with berivlf. 
Knca. j^tZfddi.^ fjion ^u mimy proifatilinug 

Hf it. Ar f^}/t "v. JVtHo i» ike cfntnt HoiwUini a 
nJov**/ A^ fnm arr /I'iftiltd to mt, and ffly 
huaur't puid to AiQJ, ftt wtoU front f/i-r.-ncf, 
ttkiinj V In^wf, and 1 Jtiiloic hivi tn hii couitfyff 
firj^vn- (iratil U Mi, hrtff. m poK il Iftt 
im; rahfufitr d ca/eictt jttui-iMhrt, and a poor 
turf V vjni'irit. DiAMA Capplrt. 

LiP. t will tmj Die * aoEi'in-lftv in a fair, and 

Ul, ior (hi4, I'U none of Itlm, [LaftU) 

Kofl, Thr hiWTen? Tut*! iJumghl well on ihw, 

U briod rorth ihia di.tcoci'j', — Seek thMo 

■■Hort: — 
Gi, ^iee£lT, uid briDjf n^nin [he count, 

[Jnunf G'^ntlcnisn, and iome ALtetiJniiU. 
I m 4if[qT7l, ibv life of llcTflD, Iwlj, 

Cmarv. Noir, juitice on ifae tlattv ■ 

jfrdsf BEni-fejUtT yvorvW. 

Iba, T woada* bit, Binm" wirn ar« mnnalfin 
bi J oil, 
Aidlkil^D Cij iJion ujou flWoar thorn Forda^iip, 
ynjwi iIhdit to murrr, — 

ff infiT GontlvnuD, vilh Widow and Diaka.' 

Whu wnmaii 'h that ? 
IhA. 1 •m, aj lord. Ji wrpteKcd FLomdnei 
DvrifBd bom ihe viavnt Ciipulet ; 
l|f iuil, H 1 do iind^nlpiid, joukuoif. 
Aid ti nitft m) knjiw bow fru I idhj lie ]Mti^1- 
WXD. I wn bet mutlu-T, or, wbuso mj^ juid 

RtHffcT miH^ iJua coinplainl *r» briag, 
boCh ihim CFAfo, willtbut juur rvniedjrb 
■O. CflOK bilber, wunt | do jwj know [hB»e 

M^* !-■ -^i iim I iqdlof Pcurk m n^'^urnLIf m ilir ruLr 

I — Mill J ill I I n * xliHB iiniii- En "NEfiit IV/'Fti^i Pui, 
IIJ. *T M 1. itlII H riinmb'VEdi ■' bar i -— " Vau u lb« 


unon m 

Bfin. Mj lord, I ncitber enji, nw will denj 
But Ihul I Liio^' :hcni. Do thoy chwiffl me 
fiirtbpr? [wifoV 

PiA. Whj do jou look po strange upon jour 

Bca. Sho'a odtlb of mine, m^ lord- 

DiA. If jon shmll tnnrrj, 

Yna g\ro nwflj tbia hand, and dial in inioc; 
Yuii givenwaj hcAveo'i towfi, ami lii^iBcnre mine; 
Yon gi'e owaj ui^self, w|iii"h in known mine ; 
For ] It yow am en oinbniiiei] jours. 
That (ho, wbio}i maniea yon, must murj mOr 
Ulithor biiiFi Of aoae. 

LiP. Yonr repuUlion [To BRnmAM.] n>me# 
l*ft ihort for mj iliiiiebUT, you Jiru no huibond for 

BEn, My lurd, ttLi ia & fond and dfsppenla 
cieo^ura, [higlincflw 

Whom Hmeiiijio I bnvo lau^hM witht Jcl juui 
Lay a more Ddblo thought iijum miriP btmonr. 
Tbiui for to iLink Llmt. I would aink il hcro^ 

Krvu. Wip, ftir mj tboughti, jon bftTe them iH 
to friond, [hoomr, 

TilJ your doedt gain [hem : fjuriT prove your 
Thna in my thought it liua 1 

DiA. Good my lord, 

Ahk biin upon bit oatb, if he doefi iblnk 
He hw] not my virgiiuty. 

K&O, WbMan/HC Ihon Ifl hfir? 

BlUl- abe'n kDipUiIoDt, my lord, 

And vna ■ <nriimDn gAinnter Ui me cuop, 

Dtx. Bedoe* me wtoiig,mj]ord; Lflweraao, 
He might h&Te botigbl elb at a nhntmon price ■- 
Ihj Tifkl hi'litfyo bim : O, behold Ibin ling, 
"Whose high nnpcct, and rieh validily, 
Bid \ui-k a pvfUld ; yet. for all thai, 
He ghVQ il 10 IL commoner o' ihn mmp, 
If I be one- 

OoDffT, lie hlu^p, and 'tifl it : 
Of oil precediDg oEiecnLmB, fhal gem 
Con&rr'd by Testament It) thv Bcquvnt iflauc. 
HflCh it hopii eVi and wom. Tbu 'u, bin wifo ; 
That ling'a ft tbDLU&nd proofs. 

Kdho. Afethnughl, yon anid, 

You Fww oflti hpre in eourt Muld wiLnc» it. 

PiAr 1 did« my Utrd, but lonih nm lu prodiua 
8a bud u instrument ^ bia mune'al'QniUDa. 

Ij4T. T "nw tiko ninii la-duv, if man be be. 

Kr>a. Fiud LlLeu^ anil Imog bim hither, 

[Exi'r AlteDilanta, 

Bhh. Whntuf bimf 

Hf 'b 4juated for a, moEt pei^dioua ftlavo. 
With all rho BpoEa u'llii> world tniM und duboeh^d ^ 
Wh«e nature flicki>nD, but to apeak a Imtb- 

^ J ■vnTp, fir, linn BffFi, friL] Tba d[4 Icil lir"] «oq4», 
<Jr, itF. «!>«,* ic I'ho ra Fri.f Lt*n Ji 4<i c Iq Ti r~ klH, 

B Hi-dr»r. tz.! ■■ilh*UGUi>rtUpdknetli>q,"f*rir ITf^n*, 
Dtam, ami ParuiUt." 

un v.] 



Am 1 or UiMr or thin, far what hc^'Ii atter, 
Tbnl will ipeak any tfiing? 

King, SLc huh tb&l rinf; of joun. 

And thDordpil ht^r i' tLe wjuiUiu wa^r uf yaiilh : 
She kriDw her din^mrc, uid did uD^tc for mc, 
Uulding mj ebgpr&tBfl with htr mtrjunt, 
Am mB mpcdiuenU in fojicj'E course 
Are mdifoi of morf rvjoj ; aud, m Ijqij, 
Har icHiuEf (conning" irilb hur Tnudi^n unutf, 
Sdhdncd me to her nic ; nhc ^t the ring, 
AdiI I hod dut, which aoj Lii^or Eoi^t 
At marlhCt-priQe h*« hought. 

Du. t mi»t bo poliont^ 

You, liiDt tam'A off ■ fir^ u iiohl^ wifii, 
Wb^ juftllj diet mo, I praj yon yet, 
(KoDB jDu lack TUiu?, I nil I lone a huBbond.) 
Send for jour ring, I will roluni Jt homi; 
And ^vn mij oiiuu o^nru. 

1{rb- 1 hnvQ il noL^ 

Kdjo. What ring iraa pura. I pnj joa ? 
DiA. Sir, muah like 

The finnio u[Mjn jrrnr Gni^trr- [of lule^ 

KTrTQ. Knim ynii ihk nng? thia rrng tvoo his 
I>ix. Anil ihifl VA3 jL 1 gnve him, Ix-ing n^bfU 
Kma, The stfry thoa guea fi^^ J^u iLkw ic 

Out of D cuficiuont- 

DiA. 1 hflTB epoko the fntth. 

Xnttr PAHOLUifl, 
HtB.- Mj Tnrd, I clu coofeAa the DDff m hen. 


In ihiB tfac mmi yoa ppcak of? 

Du- Aj, wj lord. 

Koo. Tdl QM, arroh, but, tfll loo true, I 
Noi fennng Eho di^pI«Curo oF jDur miiaUir, 
(Which, on ytiur juat proceeding. I 'IL kwp off,} 
B; hiui, and by Ihia vomin here, whaL know you? 

Pak. So plouo jour majcatj, my laa^t^r hojlt 
b«n Dti hrjni»iirahlu gt^oUrun&n ; Ini^ lie halh htul 
id him, vhi<.'h gcntltmen hnfc. 

Kraa, Comeicome, ta thepqqxuBL did ha lore 
Uiia voniBD ? 

Pad. 'Faith, or, ho did Icrc hor ; but how ! 

Kco. Tlvw, I pray yon ? [a "omiui- 

Pau. Hq did luTti h(T, sir, b a gcDtJcinan lovis 

Ki^ra. How ia that? 

Pah. llu IflTd her, lit. ariri loreri her not 

XtHQ. Aj thou art a koaTo, aud do knarc: — 
wfaikt to oi[MiJoaA uDpHiuon is this 7 

ruili, " ]Il-I ImiuII, camm^mr-, ' itp. TIlu ? p,L lEniiJj bif A I 
Vtb ia ilrf icij >u Hill <Liiiriifi| 111 ihf IniD Mr. ttUXJ 
IVhlB^r, emJ l.u t\iu-r IutIl rDOii^ «rr nnir llH h(inola4il» nflfr. 
CHUn-j "0]dl^iicii4<|«," 

Pflji. J am 4 poor nuin, unt B joor majcstVi 

Lap. Ho^aAg<nddrum,iny lord, hut anotighlj 

DiA. Do you know, he proini^'d ciio nurnogip* 

i'AB. 'FajCh, 1 know mon- ihnn T"l] opoik. 

"Katt. But wilt thou not vpeik til thou knoVblT 

PrtB. Yo^, an plcoJ^ jmir niajcslj; I did ga 
lH.-twra^ them, aa I hliI ; but more ihao (JuL ba 
lovod ber-^for, indeed, he wu mod fur btf, uj 
talkrid of Satan, and fif llmbot and of fnris, vJ 
I know DQL what^ jet I noB ID duU credit with 
thi^m nl tliat lioic, tlint T know of their gniag to 
hi-d, aad of tilher motiouB. qa, promidiDf her 
moiriKge, and ihingn that wculd dcnva me iU-will 
to imeah. nf, (berefore 1 will not ^penk wlio* I krtow- 

"Kma. Thou hut spoken all ah^ody, nnlas 
thou must «aj Ui«y wo niorned. But thoa w 
tin- Hd*:^ in thy eTidenea ; then^ure BUfid otulc.— 
Thli ring, yon mj. ww joun ? 

Dix. Ay, my pood lord. 

Kino, WTioTC did you bitj il? or who gare a 

Du. It woa not girm me, nor I did net buyil. 

Ktno, Who lent it joii ? 

Du. It wu not leikt me ULOthei- 

Kjno, Whurcdiil you find it thtn? 

DiA. T found it 

KiiiQ, IF it were jouib by Dine of oil ihk 


How wuldynu gira it lumf 

I>iA' I Dcvor garao it \aiai\ 

I.AF. This woman ^B on easy gloTo» my lordm- 

qhe goeq otf ti3fi on V. pleBvure. 

SiVQ- Thifl ring wu mina, I goFO il hi& fin& 
wife, [krinw— 

DiA. It might he youra, or hen, fnr Might ^t 
Kind, Take her away, I do not hko her now 

To prifioti with bet, aod away with him.— 

Uuliu thna tcUVt me whoTa thou hojtet thia 

Thou dlo^t within thia hour. 

DiA. Ill nenir teU yon. 

Ki?*0, Tftko hot awaj. 
DiA. £ 'U put ia hail, mj 

KmQ. 1 think tboo now anmo CQuimon cuataiHir_ 
VtK- Bj ilovts if eifPf 1 Jioyw mnn, 'f voa yo^^ 
Kino. \Vben4hrc husl iLon aecuaM him all ih^^ 


DiA. BiM:DUHe he^D ^Liit^, and he li not gnal 
IL3 knowB I am ua maj;|, and bo*l] nwitiir to^t: 
I 'il awoai', 1 am a mjud. aod lie knnwa not. 
Great king. I ojn no pFrumpct, hy my Lift; ; 
I am GJtbuT raaidr or else this old man's wife. 

[I'aintiHff to LArmi 



n■u,k^'■lhhrl)t^"A'l IV Ai.lr— 

P*T r- 


[nan HI. 

Kura- $bit ^ora mhiae oac ovi -. rv |iiiHrg wilh 

Ihx, Good tnntbot, ietch my Iwil,— Staj, mjnl 
eiri [JTavf Widow. 

TliB jew^Ud, ihat ow--fl ibc rinf . is mdc fbr, 
Ar>d he tbiJ] HUFCj mt. But liir Thjf Uird, 

Tbmi^b jvt hf im^nF linrm'J nn', Wrp T *|ull liim : 
Ilsows himM^lf mj' beJ hi? halh Lk'fil'd ; 
I at iltBL LjDL lie g"l hia tufp- wil>i i.'liilit ; 

S(i Aerc'a mj riiiJlr, Qav dutV dc&d 11 quick, 
-And now brhcJ J ihe mMiuag. 

Kha- Is there no txoirciiL 

iVgiulH dw bwa- uflice of mine uti-h? 

IIiL Nor mj gnod lird ; 

Tn bm Ihe 4h*low of a wife you leo, 
TW nuob Bod DOE Lhe diiiig, 

Bb. Bolb, horb : 0, pwAou I 

HxL. <y. mj gwd liml, wK'n 1 ttiti> hkc [hi» 
t tmud Jou wondnHii Idnd. Thae is ytrnt ritig. 
lBd,bj^^ii,beiv'« jfUurl^rEcr: tMa it saji, 
Wi^ froot ^1/ Jin-jer yv ozn ^ (A'U "rl^ff. 
.Iip.f !"• ^y rnf unth cAiW, Ac^This Is douo ; 
A JhI yM Uj uuu'^, noii' you ore doublf won ? 

/•i htj UK >* 

ItRa, If Hhe, mj liege, oan mako mo know 
iJiia «]i-srly, 
ni InTU hfir litorlj, ptH, erar iIdbtIj. 

H.£L. If iL jippoar nnt jiJofo, anil prove aiLtni>if 
Doiilljr ilivoto.- aU^p bctvtvn xae ckod j«i ! — 
0, my dear moThpr, tin 1 sde jou living ? 

liAF, Uine ejea bdiuIJ ouiuiu, 1 EbiiD wixsp 

GdikI Tcmi Drmn, [7*0 PAHOu^Ki.] It-jiil mc Ji 
lijmdktniliirf : -10, T Lljaiib tJitt^ ; wait on me 
hoitL^H 1']] Diiike apart vith ihcc. Jj-X Tjiy Nur- 
lifiLdB aloiie, thi-^j oifl icurrv onei, [klmiw, 

Kma- T^ lU fr'ini iN>iTir. ro point tlus sEory 
To iDaku UtQ t^"'Ti EniTb \n pb?iLiiirQ flow r — 
If thmi bu'H* jut n frpab muTopprd flower, 

GIiDoie tlioii ihy husband, Aod 111 pa^ Uif rlDwur; 
Fw T tivii gflow, [li&t lij ilij' hniiiint pu'il, 
Tbou kc|tl'Bt a wifv litiwIFj ibjuclf d umid. — 
or Ihot, luiil aU ihi? prugTcsj, mrtro uid loUi 
EmdIt^t. TQore Jcifture ehtJI ^rcu : 
M^ jet BBtua well, uid, h' it Old ict mfff, 
Tb*] bitbir [UKi, moi^ wtlcfirn^ in tJic hwhi. 

The km^'i a bt'j^fir, niiw th*pla^ U done 
All IB woU cjidcd, i/ this mif ^ Woa^ 
That yoH apfwi f/tttnU ,• toftv^ hr roi;^ jiay, 

Ovn be your •paHeaee thtrijand ^oun far paTii. 
Yiut yBitiU AuFu/ji lend ut, aud tvke oMr kanrti. 

■ yv' 


ACT 1. 

(i) ScKHE T. — ro»r*di* / a« iW" in mrd ] The hei™ 
of snat fniirtunDH, TroiD iJie feudal agva dowa to as tale ■■ 

PQUDtr? aad m putt of frajnie, uader the vafdohip nf the 

(2) Scifll Tllr — ClowiL.] "The pTButica oT ntLuD' 

Inj foola," iMiioe obMi-™, " CPU M EltAHi in Tfiry 
niDDLe tim tw tbi^iiyhout almosL all QTilirHi odi] Bven 
UUfflj ume b&rbarDUfl uatiiHifl. With mpvd to lh4 
Utiquitj' of LhiB CuXtom in Otir Qvq ootintr^, there 
ll nison la wuppo^ LbaL it eiiated D¥ea durllLg the 
period of onr Suoa hiBtot; ; but «a ire ^oite certaiD 
of ihs fBot in Ih4 rei^ of WIUibid the CnnqueroTL 
* ' ' Th4 tuvouot' a! tbe hc»i]9ahc»ld DipDUSH of out 
■inr^ffnfl malaia maay ElLymehtf and revu*da to foola 
both f&iDi^D hill doiDoatLi], uie moEiYeH for nhich do Dot 
ftppeu, but minht perhaps ha<0 tiVoEl sOinC -iILy np^^ll 
Dr ODEaia vnjun thr^t hfl^ ^Laaoed Ebo dHmnrB. oome of 
tj!iav uymenU ers aiuiual Rifta at ChciBtotaa. Dr. Fuller, 
■pflakuiR [if the mint JHtor, whou. bfr Hy, ume eoirat 
ft Till i«nMU7 on], teniarka, to bia ububI quomt maniier, 
LIiaE it ta an a£i» nhicb duud bul h» thikl hath wkt C*D 
tWifona, alid aimekiulhe lJia[ wants it will periono. * * * 
"The Hirt oE enEfirlAiomeut thai fmli ^ero Dipwtvd to 
■ffbrd, iDBT be coHiKtwi, to gituat *UL4ly, fnna ^nir dd 
^An, tin nHlcuUirlj Irom iJicea of ShBlupeare^ but 
pBAikpm na^nltei id^ cut be fonUOd of tboir HODeEal 
mod* of coDduoT Hum froca Uie fnilliiwiDg paoi^ in & 
vllipi'lir trvct hv I^kI^, Botitled Wifi Miwir^ \S^, 
ito: — ' ImmadcrBt* BDd diH»ii^in»ro joj l«C«me LnGor- 
pon^Le jn Uib bodie of attAaler; Ehia leLlow In penoe 
U ooioeLf, la apparen couilly, hut In bflhftvic»iir S Yory fipfi, 
fennl ar» m4D , nil Btudio L> to i»la« better jeaflla, or la 
■hair unique motioiu, or to nos baudis BonoelB aod 
btllada; ^-ve hiol ■ Lttlo wtae En hin hud, tie 1| lun- 
tinually niearin^ aad maliiDg of mouthoB : he laughs in- 
LflmpentflLy at ereiy U'.tln DCfnuODn Unl diin44« kbout tb4 
bouae, le^K o'er lAblen, ihUC-iiklpii mena heajla, tnpe up 
tla onmpamEiDB beeLee, huroB sack 'ith a isndle, oau hath 
■Jl the FflBti of a li?nl uf LEusiule id the rountne ' feed turn 
In hLe tltUPer, you ebalL have ble hear^ m mBBro kdndaaea 
hfl wiU huf joa la biH afiDtfl, liiiH jou on th4 ?bc4Ljie, taii 
nppSnff &Ul Ul hrnTlhla Olh, cria Qoda HDole Tum, I lore 
you. you kDoom? poors heart, mme t4 nlj chkjubor f^ 
ft |qpo i»r tabac™ thort hrta nol a man m tli[n worid that 
I DtoFe haciHir. la Ibeeo H»reinmiie« you eball know bia 
Murtlmf, aod it [a b HpccMI mark "I hint HE the tAliJe, h^ 
riti ksa uLilHa f&cea ; Jtaep not thka lelLow ocmpanj-i for 
[□ ^imZih^ nth him, jour wardrD pea ehall b«*ifltcd, JOuT 
cndfta inolct, ToUT GrttntH conauiBad, and Lime (thq 
movt pnoiaufl ri^hta of t^Le world) utterly losL Thia Si 
fb* pjctoro of a mkl hinihna ar uUfii^iHL fooL" He 
noder d«eSroui of furtbtr lAfonqaEJon cm the dutiea a! 
Uie doioaitii] jeoter wl] r find tbem pLEnaajitLy illiutratod la 
ft OuiiDufl and valuahh Enot, HjvJJld Armiii'l " Nert of 
W<iTitjj " X^IQ^ ^ of vhiqh ft j^rinL ba£ teee made, Tiora 
(hs ad; kiuiilD Copy, for the BhftkeBpMn Society. 

0) S^iarfE ni.—A pritpK^ T, DiadaPiu] "It la e Buppo' 
d^DD, whloh has run tbruugh vH agW aO'l people, loHt 
•naltt^ /poU havu (umiolhillg m them of divinity j on 
vbloh DOCDU'kt the; we» eeteemad eacjvd. IVHiellon tell 
ui in wiuE eeteem the Turhs ncn* hoM Ibttitt ; Xi'Jt hft^ 
l^y Ih» booour inid them hetelofoFA in Fnnoa, u 
WPHTB fraoi tbo &!d word Atftd, fof a iiaEicra/ Jool."—^ 



(<) aaarrs III.— Oma good r^ma* in (m, 
■cAiitib u ajniTifyiHg ficim^.J AaWarburtoD 

it Is probabla the oofond nljuib of the oIhI bftl 
related tc tbe hin rsmalniDg aona of Pnam, ran : 

" Jf on* bfl bad amaDiiE DliHiwd, 
Tbcn'i bill one tallDVar 
^e CounUn ohj»cU, thon»rinD, Uini m 
ifood la ten,'* tbe Olovn ooTTupla t^e BOD^ ; w] 
rujoicif tbnt ioasmui^h as the toit Haje natbiiig wl 
ftboul w-f lAmfn, hU KQeoH^ftljoa of "Ott good 
in bit in reolit; rendsn it more oaiopUnieDUif^i 

(£) 5cTft n\.—7%Mfk /"nittif U fto ^-nfaft, b- icj 
A corTTBpondenl in Kni^bt'i " tectorial 8faaknw(v 
rtmarka; "This paanifv nfen to tbe auur obJACUni at 
the purltana to w uh af the aorpUn In Hii*4n!» aer^lH, 
for which thej wiehsd la subsljtute the blaak Dmffi 
govn. At thu time the ODatj<jv0ivj with the putiba 
raffed Tjolmtlyr Hoo^r'a QtUi Wh of 'SvUniD^ 
Polity,' wJticb. in the 2!^ Cbapter, diKOHS tfaU maOfr 
ftt length, ^-as published in 15^. Bui tbe qnHtioa ibrdf 
ia muf!] olciio — ftt old M the HeforroAtJiici, whan 4 ■■• 
■flilated between the Britiah and ixHi1dn«nlaJ rVfcvUi^a, 
During the rm^ uT Uuy it tEtriblnd Frankfort, tad db 
tbe taoavafa i/T gljubelh It waa hroofibt baok ^ bgUod, 
ubdar tbe rAtroo^^ nf Archbishop Grindtl, tT^Oaa nd- 
denoe in GoEmany, duriii^ bl« ^nle ut HRfT't nlf^ btd 
dispoHd him to Uenevan theolo^. Tbe diapnU fthmt 
BcclflBiaatJcmt TeatmentB otay wnm ■ trifle, but it <■■■ M 
th(a poHod Diiidv tbe gnusd ujuhi ■btch totryib* tat 
pnnciplu of Churoh aathority : ■ point In lIhU udIB' 
porlAJLt buKiinea vital wboQ H ]ftif[e ft i^uABtinn it bltdt Ifl 
Eoru upon it. Hen» it4 prominem^ in thn ocBtrwBnlaJ 
writinga of ^bakspere's time ; and few tiiioBy h|i 
tudienCe would bo likely to Tali* Hi aJlotion tOftftOt^Mt 
Oarfioly dehftted ftt Flml't Ciw ftod al4ewb««," 

(fl) 30BMS III — 

MyfaAer UJt iu »«U prtarriptiomt 

Of rare and prat! d ^KtiJ\ 
Tbe l«it«lLhJhlIaftTeT7 early and ouiiciua irutw^oe of Ihs 
OBe of the word "Prescription" asB madunl fbnnnlai fff 
whii^ St Was not fivneifJI^ curreut ustil the c^ot* of Uw 
■ereLtHQlb century- PreviDualy to that time, (Jiv OldlllftlJ 
eijffHBLim was " KedpO; " butm IfrSfi Biahop BallAnidim 
both wordA In «nDeiioa, fthowiiiff Uitt thaj wan » be 
ngvded aa ByoDDymoiu : — 

" And r1*> adoae fol tvcrlc 
In Pm«l|ia loBf , tad mdlait Hi ri pifc" 

Sanrtt, IT. B. 3 

Dr^en da« Iha »ame tlio. In hit Ttiiri^wt^ EpUUe, It 
which he likHwiae aUudBH lo the caabnn of praauriitg roA 

•• Fnnaire tTaadom Radptlbe*' 
And many dsaXlu of una PreBfflplliA nake. 

In thifl manner the Hon. Robart Boyle app«n to htve 
made it Lie pjacUm to piVse eve mOthcdi tally all tha reatpaa 
whicK ^uul l^n wi^cttTi foi^ Kin^nuLf in any tLCkueei ; aoaot 
hia OiX£.EionaJ Redectinns tninq on "hia ivrlewing tod 
tackdiu toKOlbbr tb« tOVUEftl lulU filed in the apothBaryV 

Tbe practioD w^ piobably oommenosd at an early pertod 
of the hiHtoiy of medldne, tEii3 iu contiauod in kmily 
nope booht, e^etuJly in Doimtry piiw«B, i^mi^uul tbe 


M I ha TiaiiiiilM. «hsiv ihor TirLuca hni] bona eipaiauead. 
Df, LtoVb AiMman. *-Uv dHJ id UM, lea mmag kti 

wJuuJi tUr HoDB EUoua ix^jJud nhLljr Out, iid'] pniMrTDii la 
hi> HiilaalicD of muiiuDnptA, 



P« 4r nwj(iMiiiir, ttal U vfJ Mj fie,] 
Tkl4M, ChaHrft VlU. oT PraJm llKMiDd ll^, lutdHr 
HnrlrfuB <jf tAOg Ulfl iBffKlmiH bvlf (Q tlW kJb|(d[iDI of 
*iH^_ Lo wbich bfi DHn^nl aljaart HJUviiit cpfxialULin, 
^J. ■■ &daoaiil uyi, Imti,^ oZI tba oaimlr^ willilliir 

fiatEbf nbHqnenily enTervd IhId ■ ftmTPDticn iriEh Ibe 
ilnnlinHi^ bepnoeALfil Vi ?kiin&, whirli bo AllpmiJifid 
*■ Mu»t7-t»U >JUi i tg ip tin FraiHa grirrin^n. 'H^i* -my 
tad iaof MD MC^ftM 01 ibt baA paveriul ui TunniLy, 

««U ■« Ca lb* avmi {»f Nftptai ^ bal at il>fl parK^ m ^UCntlA 
tk* fjlisiaea >ud act ^|i in iivi tbrl«fiaDdiibr ffQ'r*nuDHit> 
■Ad Wd •^mnted IhffnucLrtfl from bolfi, uul i^Lai fruoi 
Ihtfr AOBMAnfl* •ilh liiQ Gfi-cud E^p^nir This dia- 
f^«laii bul praduiAl Via TOiiil ii,nr^t.inj|g hatnuJ bir[-nven 
Xtm flunutlua utd Um Sieiui«a » uti] tn liVii tfiAD tluL 
"Ukftrv «rhr," in (tlmli "Uh FlanatinH and Udppfp 
*W ^ Uio un," FLUflii]g tlut Utf pbWCEa oT lh« 
b«U of IUt wnv H mudi dl^ulHl bj- Tbs SpHleiuv 
•f IkB hwA, U to BDlflT 1nU> 1 loiffTH tg'^Oat ThAID, 
tflwiH tt«7 ■ppauvtl VI Dooitdf r Tjoamsuhv •* niMbus 
df Ik* *faoia pHihUuU, ChnrJoB nottvJ ejh rsLuRLlnu to 
fwtan'm- lU vowdiufl^ T«-H5iMi*d Ibr Ajvonow*, October 
^^ TtPftLaTJng half nil irnTTBl tfajihi, imdifriiiri tcJ^livc, 

iktUtMifMUiAaarihaFnmchiiiTiuinD i^ [ul^ will 
W isuBd HI cipkluUiB boCL at iJio pulk? uJ* Uia Idog, 
amd vf • tv'^ulku' iiryevwioo io Uu pub^u u^EuiI BLufTa. 
1« Tt^uB uf LiiD oraVBDUcip uLrauy EuaaUopAl, tbo 
. wan 4t4Ut HI bik uakHUH fiDOL hLm, i-hiiJi 
hut «rlu«ii bn ifirv ttnj isl^ht oak bvto ; 
HAfrdlOflj' nAuad to fkimlih uij- Lronf^ u 
'^fh^BlL Sa Wbi Vdlli^^ hanver. ta [HvdLlbflea 
■Dldanfti Hho dviirqd to bo kiwu u 
linlfafl (■an, bonqtar LbBnmlnB ■* ^■nlinuD- 
In 4 D4UtEBl fijfv:^ wrvKir, wiUi oHhei Lha 
fJmaAaf ■> SiBDBtii^ tb*- lhiDl|ili nr itie llbiiiBlluiB ii*ii-y. 
m fQB&tfVltJ Wlril Ifaa prafUOa of Ibn pcnod, wbioh 

r*d aa (hrnmUa tc muiy HldJcm at rnylitDD. But ko 
tmti^^g Bililrf Id ibn^ itg|]lDiiiDa< llm klUf fluvfiU 
Qabi SlakiB ^luch hail ban Ibnoui Ln Hm bmtoaxia aita- 
faoiA UaE iornA^ opoci tbv 4iidDinb«mvAt of Ibe 
A#a4B tftiicni S^Maa irUdi Utord; lal^nMd Lbv •poi'' 

Sof lb* "laafc Boiunbj.^ i>r idngk fCTenuumt ol' 
. Ik lUi PVqitiiv It iiviT bfl thanglii tluiC Olrirtr* 
■^odlJIv ta L&epnndpoliliHirftfaD lurtfa of [IbI^, 
bfel mbMaJ Ala ■ nAllUua a^ioflt him; but 
iUpufj id UkUtUjr.NuJlD uUtan, muflim 
M ——'"-' loD nvhLl7- 

|V) AcEsv 1.— Jud iwnivfrfirvnt, 

iW DIM b rfka« ritiL] 

A* M *V* lk« IklhlOD in Sblkaqwr^ tunH tor Beatlciniffi 
is d>A« "Lth lODa^ oq, AAd bba onbliu? wn&|mi wu 
lteU> h- anifflD Ouii iBPli nr i*, mptJi*, U^t m3 t^iort, mro 
■^^ lorUw ptiipaifl:— "1 Iliii^ wee wcrv sj niucJi i1 rvB>] 
^ ^a« gf ouj nemivfl, whn cut iruntkoiiii] >uLt fiuit^; 
■■A DBf Mirvtbc-DHD pUa«l>, mtbciut cuti ar iriu'l>> 
fcfiUBlhJl Tllllj imi iiiiiimil tuiLJieLsmpn L bcii Tlntflui, 
taAU vf OlBl »d flurlu Aijil ^iijU J.iPcxfi"'; rannfij; 
■■4 «^D4 Vbtf iti* CVtyini goad ipmrei m UxfT lunda 
lA firlt of vnti* mda, wutfa iha; rxjTj ocm laon Wm 
IdPii V fsaEie*aiMll bbui DID ; 4ll whlnll tMloOTH 
BlfaAft DH( man d4n aflViuiuLn^ uul withDuL ArBO^- — 

IletAalnf ffraaaltwtMiMjiiu^, 

Wkm jB^v AflVtf twill &*£■.] 

Tbo ardiiLArr afiluLAbdii of tfaBOB linoi rcToiv tiuu 
aitii«r w ihw puHg» hi Boriirtiin wtJcb hT fonJi tb« 

niiH(;hiElB Inclili^l Id » Ttfa^om that I* ^mcrttvl fiy ■ 
thiJd, Oil l^.ijJmukJiUiB L 1^ and [mioh iii, 4, i^: T bo 
ai. rklKLtliU^ li I^.— "I Utuik thwi. FKlitDr, I^rd qT 
boBTEiu uidflartli, Iwcaiuethau |ka>E Eu'lUlDA) UliD^fB QVJU 
rlj« vlfte Olirl rinulantj lUni hiLPiL ruvmluil Uiepi lULO 
baTwfl-'* mtd 1 CtuiaiJiiuu I. '17, " Rut Orkd botlt fbttaan 
tbaftnUdlLldbgi of tbo World rniDUDrDundttewlujaii^God 
IkMh dkoUD tha wutlt thil>ga i»r ihe norlii Io Hmfoniir] tbs 
tluBgi which va DUEbij- Lt kvoij jwobBblD, how*nr« 
■Idt tha Ju-Ucolv aJlaiiDD ii bg Ul« Jou/ «biJ>lJ«l ijf til* ' 
Dobla foifLLllM dT Innal who WliO ADpOintod to bq bpnigbl 
Up far tba lcuip{'A sgttihi -. Dimiet Hananiab, Idubod uHl 
AnriiUkv— '^ A> fur Uien Tuur j^dnMtn l^ol give Umt 
kiLowbd^ uhl flkill In lill IhuihiLub^ Nul nlAitjm i thDinfbn 
■Iii^ Uuij IwIhpiv iLd kloy:' and S'i?tri|c|iiulnnfii]' Hit 
tham "ii'VT Ui0 itiTiilrB uI bbw proTuim of QAbrloD," 
IluiL«]l I LL, L 17, LV I ill «$i (!^, 

Tba HihEl'W word Ueailin y^-iiAli, hut fJu luuaj Uani- 
latlon i9<:hll>InnL. Ld Ci^n^nutafl loivkm, l^aA^ iJi^r ■'Q 
^BBd " JD jnp ■iirimpkldB." 

m QnPlia U.~A n«TU /or V^y^j,] Tb* Uoin^ 
□r Jif-nifo dBDH]4', U ^UhnnkJiy mppned M hBTO bb«l dd- 
n^cd o™iELMllj- &oni tba Uocm, niul I* barw wunn ta ii» 
EtLniLi4rli^|KiiD ; t-itsnv ukiiwd, amffctlng LaUmiOB^ Ll ItOl 
CQDtiDum to ilcLi^Lt bulJi tiaE|'>«b Kbd KnlUflrt, uqdv Um 
nvne nf tho fttB/Jamffi^ On iu Brut lalKduH^tidl, HwaA 
pj^bulilT II 1100. £p| milH»rT rinnivi, lltn rbut rf liia Voai' 
cAiiU In KnuiEi' uid luu^ ^ JidL vi^HuiiuTiUy Uia Mb* 
inUlUB, ibu^LiLtll 41]* fiut»lL HeiuI, Iho (.'Lurch and olina 
"AIul^" BDd Uw Uvirii doDHi |^ ia^ilncTLblT hlniidcd 
topfltbfll-. tfw DuQu't "ITIvEivtiviil a£ irbabipcan^" 
ondar' -4flFi>nr EapliiX Jiorr^t Ifamte. Of Ibu Dppatncoa 
obd bekavk"^ r uf Ehih duiiurB, SLubtiH, in hjt "»4 JiaEirrme of 
A.bu^H," Utti^. supplies a LkDly hiit na iloiilkt rm^i^lBlAd 
iHHuEfi ;^"Tbuj' [ivJih^ tLniQ^Uia ititb Hurifiiii nhboD* 
Uhl lu«i, baauvl oil ovtr KiLh ifulilii rili|{i1^ pmnnu 
aUmeK, Utd oLiiDr jvnela : LhlH JiinE<, tbs* tlo klHUt l^Lbirr 
Ifl^ twaaUv at ftntln brllm wiih nch WdksKliiBfn la 
tb^ir luutdoHL ULil Himatlniei liid Kiuaia UvOr tbfiir 
nJiLtLildflni tudtmokrw. bomnrfkl fur tba [iui«C|anaf thflll' 
|j[ulJa Uopdn Bad luv]ii|f Bnvdn, for buo^ng Lham bi Lb* 
^Lacke. Tkam all Udagi ut |j| ordar. th«a ba** IbBy Ukrir 
bi 'til^y^huma, IhDLT dis^iaiB anil dIjiw hnUqUQ:^ tU^HtlvVf 
wiUi UkHF liiuilie plpon, and Ibraidaiki^ drujiuiieru, Id 
flTnkc ap tba D^nri Daunra w^EJislJ' tbrc nLBr'''b thil 
hcBihciD ffimj-iny l^'HtiriL' tba cbimih ami cbundk-yarda, 
ihflir pjpar^ FJ?"^- '^•^^^ JfUISiniPnt Ibunil diH Te, thftH 
■Uisifii* dkiiiLDUi^, tlictr bvilkfl j^i^c'ii^iTi Ebcir hAiidknr^ 
otioKvt Oultenng kIkhiL UiMf huitilud hko iddiIi^ fdhdi 
tJiflir babble- l]>mBB< odJ dUibi IllUlidU-Ea bllJliuliiilD^ 
fLmnhflat Ujd tItlVbE : And in thi> urLe tbaj 0i» (4 th4 
chuzcb, ihuiiffh ibf in[?{iiDr bo nl prayvr or premJiin^, 
daiiBclJig ami llfbirkBy iJ^r huidk'n^lBfaa ny^ thair 
hoiidHtatLiBhmnbUktdinflillianiBta, witb aacb b om^ 
fwBi Pi^i Miat ma mm «□ Iwin hli own Tvym/' * * * 
ODBi»f tbfi m rrtiL FuTtikLd DuLic^t of tba momtf M pm^ 
bsad LP iai>]«rp Ui^H, » Ui'^D ^y Waldnn, wbn ■>!■ 
Lhar^ m r^ mmmBT of 17^ ba "hbw tt lUBhmoEtd, In 
Bumy, * ixiitpHiiy sT M^^n]^:«^Dv■■■*^l1 from Al>]Bfftiiii. 
aoDnnipBDiBd by a Fool In a DHrtlvj-iajzlui L, ko- 'boisrziad 
ID bli buiiJ a wlaS uC liOaChBOa. ttbtfUl ivra E»ct loOg, 
hfevrng ft blowa-iip bladder fiahined tc dDb BDd nf Ll i WilU 


iUAJina from ih^ danHrt. or [»Jt;»t tiiok* ibr tbe 
dinr^idL. '^19 JlBDiBn and tHo FiHit hDra 

sy frOD wbMrsi trmPrl ^vn Unm uny; ADit^ Bp- 
d) bddcrtra'] lAe nppflcJiu? i?f tlm lili^lilnr trVOi 
iBroHDiriaJ ; Dot fri'tn li1.[ \•^»yA, iT Um aHnmok- 

(ff> Sum Tr— /in ilflM mnJ" «»i/il tormi i'*ih>'t l«(i 


nf lliu nb-Kirdltfn pnurEtul Hi tbfl ifreat aria fmtnpvmi^ 
EHlDDTly, WId lur ihn lonl M^yor'n or Sbsriff^a fOoJ ta 

batijenlBBb, hn.y bodily IqV U lllL^^ dUalDr^ ; pn^nd. 

Bm BHT HntuH, Id Ian Dt 

aUp "Uta ■ rtiTm a* Uie ah\m. Iiaia Hfw-nnihiitM, 
Abdlalc llll Jlfinr limp inb a trrlarJ^ 

LHtf h al] thrlt JioUdB DIN lb4ta ifaoaldRL- 


wm. r/iJ juH ,vMiv p^&TRBi / WhUiu:rarejtmtomdt 
Hr- ^p Saifl Jaqin ifgrmmd. 

Br fit. Judhi tlH Qnalt Shikeqioui iw iknbl •iffoi- 
Ocd tbB ipimUd v> mllbd, vbcH o^bnl*! lOiiiia 
ma at Oomiivl^illa. in S.pkUi ; vii ]>r, JolnvHq n^iUp 
otaer"^ Lfaal i'laiflnaa wva ■iDDai'hftt iml nf tho mu 
Id iE»^ ihiLlicr (Von RouriUDiL Thun wu, bar'- 

Adciiw. Jk ^EDJkdBcui cunkfaoHir of {ho hi^boit QnuoLiJiL'a 
lor nnoULy, nbodiiK] at Uio vm^vut irT EElq llctiv IVLut^, 
BBBT NwIh, CD «-■>- itVU' UffnJ not bHLtjQed UDtil ibe 
HmilvfDtli noLiiry, DDT- ruiimlKd unit] 1729; but. rt eb 
qyjlfl pofliiblv tbu }lI4 iiTpiiE4LJr>i] vai rflry iprali In 
nw^taSfitt wlUl Italj, Dh'flD fit iJia poriiHl of tlua play; 
■sd tllBt (DukiAiBrfl Uliiphn] Ibo iuUjiCp MUuhiI. con- 
ridvciu BUT ulwr dMiiiwbida- Tha iauib ^Ei^id^b/O nf 
MiliaiJf ■Dlinilill ■■ W ■fiaOad aJK ill ODoElj^r |urb of [ba 
■bova |— — X~. *lllc>1 DuUlH pitman nqd pilpfrinu ay- 
■nVBO^ DHPB^ Ba Ikej-mB fmamll; inppanid In ba 
taJhlf^Ud In ^t •tvBlllWIlUlPHtbIT', vbuthD urli^lml 
dycfeMtim WH navoUfio. Unr* •aro difl^iDiMa b«|.i«^a 
Umu ; Imt it may in duuMoiL nhoUiar thOBa apaoiAail by 
iomBar ajid UUiunl ml ntPOQ HP/ anlfeinl Authcolty. 

'ffllfin pllfrrtini or pniioj^eitf rvtOTDOd &aia tbt 
Lonrlt U i™ nnatMnary for tham Ifl OCTTy m tbnir 
or ban bound U ibolt matu, bnru^iH dif Uh palm 
smn In &frl«i h lisDi if tbeir hLvlair mmplsldj ht- 
ran»d tbe jmUbDT. TboT niv tbBa allsd .AtZvi^, v 
Polm-bflinra; and aa u* cbi^ foOoBioH Unir >b£ii^ 
wbm (bay wool In b chon^ bi ^ffl tbUiJct lo DwJ &■ 
Choir onfc i^tom, tboK paJnU Irafs afltarv<t ID Uw allVi 
ThiH EL whil bapfllnwlTad ibat aJI pahDanfrere d^^t^ami 
bij[ dU ^ul^rno" wara ddI pabiiBfl^ teMPniiA ai ilm 
"ait^Di" or the ^WjfiinnObm dF oLbor pilcrinUkgB* DtfB 
■Jto^ihtr diffenmE, and HiiHnprved a fftvat TBjvly trf 
tb^r aini pfiCidiu AtDblODL 

(fi) Hon*B VI.— *Wii Dnm^M nltrtaivniKKL\ To |li« 
anv DUfl Jp^w, or T^Bi, Untlm't Imliilai'm m riif, m^iit |0 
drtro liCm i' tf omu odL of ^vsT »meaiiT. It waTitf 
dEJ prnfarblal nyut^ tha onsLn ef «dlWI baa Da*er boia 
HiUiTacturily di ] JuibViL Halmabad, id ^vaJchw id tha 
3ilD}or v( UulJiTL, uya, -' []La porUt or iflla oUrfVoAHf^ 
dLipal DoL far bolb hifl HUvB eprv ttip gtn plwrt m»p tl^ 
roHrUd toVkil bmun firat fJn>'^ hit tMlerlaiwrnmut, w . 
la, tn Jialn n niui in by Uld bk-ad, an'] Ihmrt 1^ ml 
botb tbo BbuuLLLara." 

ACT rv. 

(\i flovii IIL — UtiaJm-m er^irf] An allutioD to tbo 
■Bat Dd" kDn«Ii (U "'BliTld Mnn'a DalT," T'EirraarW <'*ired 
■'llardniAJi lltlDd," bdCaUBO Iho r''J>T*^^ ^'■'^ *aa bliodDd, 
hijd bip IftaW tiimwl roond tDiuvertitacL-BK fJmhenpHFfi 
reran io lllia ihuUuid iKalD, in " Uunlffl," fi,at III, 


-" Wli«[ d"lL i-M-l 

^^yarfkuv.] Tbt imuUoBDf uunxuiL^iDii tlt^if aninL by 
bvLt ft droio Ea aliU obrtirnd dj wujo ItiDmukt pur- 
(Dtnwi, vi4 upiara la havD b«a ■ nry cEil htm. Id 
Kemi^a " TVEdb Dolaa Wimder," iMO, tborela arBpnaoJlt' 
■Uott oT Kamp, aCdrcd nn « mrtrHnHlniKidr, pn«dad by 
acbaraAor wbombemllL-'] 'ni'iutori n-n:/H], bialoberdr; bdeI 
Dr. Hmthv baa tiiai an icaUiiJLC ii\na Llio ■"""'■ nf Ihn^ 
Oafor, whtfTB, ui 1D3J, thu utino' rbmr* ifHtjiiJf rouui] lbs 
tuyiti. 4 jiart 4if L^0 luilLbiry Eb^k lEntloriMT Ihfe took 
nfanataiit, Aad^nriona riot iru tbo cnrucgunniaL 

IHf Sduhe Ur— AforffTlmJ '• Tho ^ari '^ga. nr, ai 

itnA HmDUmaa ■rittoo. eardtaatf" Dautro tajt. " hbs b 

Fnacb piWH uf Iiuiimf, flrat mlinci In (ho nJpl of H«UT 
111, lE«a4 UtO ThtuiUi part of Lhe«^^ cntra, aiu! wcwtK 
flf[«D aoia. It U A Ib^ rwt a;Bh««llj kriywD, Lbu maat 
fonLn ooiu var* AtmacatuiiB fim* lu Kngiimj- hub 
EniTbh oobia van Ukei4» diHilaud cq i^ Cdb^hL 
Tba rrasah envu ind Ha parti pawfid bj' waighB cfdj." 
Ur^ tlBlUiroll f/ifBt an etiLTnLTinir nf iln? i[aait«f a 
eaoBl&mitJlfl Driffiul Ul tJji; tluiu elI liiaTln |.\_ " 
i>dlit«d IC A and -aa ■ttili'k ui Um J'ujd nunt, tba 
IrtlBT A- bMitBtb tbo abirld buLD^ the iLmU ng piJtliy |. _ 
□Hod Uurn. ^Pba njkjrtoT ^rnrkHuUiabip ^qj tb* poxi^ 
hWU] dawi Tut tbasa nina, arigiriDlcd VOb PewcJi ii fT junt , 
applied LopBnaaaal' bouiarasd yr^iltj, 'Kov maniuC* 
l'£."' lDoJdEDfrLtafabDcikfllLJaaIiu«lQ]i(mT«aIlalaitbK 
fonffdrr, Dr4^arcf«i(L " [ omnpiJimik'rE frith Ibsn for a 
HMntilEH^ wliir^b u ifijfbtaflii pmiiu Eoglikb."— CciarAI. 

"Tbr HpuiliEi llci*aLI. |hif lv ot h>ura anil aL(ht, 

fn mc firr mv luil br|Lillf ina) wai". 

ToBMan iipi1tfH»Lrnif[d1lalrt Iru." 



Ilj fl<]Effil.— JSaiT a Omlima-.} 1%d orlicJaal bos 
"fcdtn- iL Oadli AitHnBtr." wUi^ h eald to numi n 

wha bipl g rt^ alui- ^M inlmliutlaD of auui « ratmliwr, 

hrtm'mr, appdan to aTdaHy unaJlad for, and lb* 
"fnda Aatiiii^r " lif no ^MWidinr, that «d ma« zmaoD 
nmot it to bo an trmr i^f thu pm T^e Mia. U 
ta^t. "nantlflAflljBnfDr;" t^iatoriOB^ "annl 
a ilm^r 


Ttn corliot edilian of thin plji; ni^ publishDii in IGOQ, untler tb? title of — " The Clitooicli- 
^^Hjotorj of Ueorj the lift, Wili tU baUcU fought nt A^ Cngrt in Frnnce- Togiihor wiUi 
^^^untHint PinLolh As it hittli l<caD aiiwlrj tintcA jjUvd bj tbe BighL honornblo the Lont 
CLamberEjuDe hU acnmulfl. Londoa, — Prinfrd Iff Thimag Crtale, for Tho. Millin^Ffon ond lalin 
^fciiibj." 'Huh ifiiB followocl Ijj imolhiT tdHiou in 16^3, fliul a lliirdn in 160fi, 
" The ^DQliiHi wbctboT llio OU]*y Gum nliiah iJuKe i^uorloa were priolcd wofl a iTiJiinwi] add 

HRVptilifiun veraioD of the piirfisl piny, pnulu Lip from wliAt tuulrl In- coUpctuii hy Ahdrt-hond, or 
RiDienib«i«] from the Dlogo rBpr«eiilatiDn, jm Mr. Cnllkr LieliL^vua, or wbirthor k ■rni aa Butiujndc 
iHDHripi of tho [iott'i Rm Jjnft of lUi^ piece, but comi^jled bj ihe oiUiiury prialing-hQiua 
tJoivkitt mrolvH eo lUDiib tboL u icnptiitiuiL in contunioii wiUi Slii^oiqmra'A method of 
^^BDductian, tbat It will be but cenuduted nben ne pome Id bin Life. 
I* Fpao the otiiteiioe of * pofisa^i? in iJie Choms to rJie Fifth Act.— 

" Wen- D("T IbB^Dflnl oTuui ^niirHj' Diu^ma 
lAi, ill fLd^l Umo, ]]■ mTLy, ^ tpm IceliLD'l H»miq^, 
Briii^tai^ nbellkv ■muu'^'Hi oti liu nw[>n1. 
Ho* bBli^ faold 1^ pwinful dty <|uEt, 
Tq wcJokh bllD ] " — 

thich hnti HI UMmAlokeahie reftrencD to ihs Jriftb o^pedition of the Earl of Kvci, bc^fuu Ami 
InnniiiAtod i& \^9d. diin pk_v is puppnacd to have boun wnltea in that jronr. Long btfuro tba 
iatBt howflTQr, Heniy'i uplolu in Frfmce hoJ Iwcq canuneniorjitoif upoa ihe i^g^- ffuh, in 
Rcrcfi PonEiilcaBe," 151)2. vtjB, — " VThal a glorieuu Lliui^ it ia lo hufd H^nrj the Fifth 
ibU^ on tbo elag«» lundiog Ehu FreiiDh King pnaoatir, anil foniio^ buth blm end tbo 
Ddlphiii a*iujf fL'ikJLic;" bik] " Tlii' ^nmi^ "Vlrtmie* of Henrj ihe Fift," olrnidy spoken cf 
in " Heoi^ IV.," wu un Aqu\A hoih ucteJ ojiil ]rriiiLc4 prior to F^uilicspcDrG'i ^^ Htioiy V." 

ivnmai Uie old hiatDrii^ ilrjunn ulluilod tu bv NEioh, aor] -'TEje fqrnoun Vii?LiinoflT 

Uj ba the uunv pluu;, irhich ha aaya wm uhibUoil iHiTuro tba jov ISfiS^ db TbtIluDt wta 

■1 in it boih Ibe Chitf Jiitti« qnd tbo Chnrp. died iji tbiiC jnr. ^Eeerona spcnhA at 

diflCiiia pkjB. 

The e»entg foinprduuited in " I£enrj Vt" bogin In die Grat year of ihe hingr's rtign, mid 

its wiik lua momBge of Kalbirin^, tJio French pnaccsi, nbout eight jfam aftflrworda^ 


^mm %tptm!tt1i. 

Ka9 Heakt the Firra, 


Ddke ot EibteBj f/n«^ Co rJU Eirrn. 
Dtek or ToKK- 
Aixmaaaot or Cutteiiickt. 

BiBuop or Eli. 


Lord Schodf, S Onvpira'Drr .r^oiui fiW Eiki. 

BibThomaj Qhit, f 

HiH TnoH&H EEFrrraBAi, QowBB, Fldelles, M.tCMOHii]s, oh^ J.\Hf, O^HiirvBt 
Kiva IIekbt'' Jrmy- 

BtTEB, CoCTHTf WlLLlAHB, 5*VrJvn IB fAf t4PK. 

PiitoL, Nth, iBhJ GiUKiuu. 


Chxblh fHi BiitH, Sits lif PrtnoB. 

Levih^ rht Dauj^in. 

DrxB or Bd^d^dt, OHLiAHi, and BoujtBOir- 

TMt Cogitable of Fniice, 

Bahbdou oHif Gaa^tdpU, FcEDch Xordi. 

K DFTJOj, a Frencb Sifro^ 

Aatbamadan to Iht Rijiff of EnslEUlii 

Onenvr of Sil&fUllr 

K^THARirrE, Daugilo' 0/ Chahles and IstBEL- 
ALTCE, □ Jiwj^ oTbndiii^ ok fir /Wihwi ElTHAllHB- 
QnicEd, PiBTDL'r ir(/«, iH Bmtn. 

Lord4, Ladiit. Offlari. EngUA amd J=V™A Buidien. Mmengert. md jH«faBii; 


Snler Chohpb,.* 

0, br L micH^ of Bn. that wnuld vi^nd 
*^ kngtiUA heaTCD of iaventiiji '. 
^ Vtnii for & togn. prionii lo net, 
^l^l MDU^ In bohcild the ■mllitig Hsne ! 
TWAmM tht varlibr- HJury. [Up- lumwlf. 
l—ia tiw port of M&F* ; &iyl, at hu heelft, 
i^ih'j IB liks hiniDdi, &UoEiId ricbiJie, e<ii^ril, Ami 

IkhiDHnLvd *pirita, that hivefdar'd, 
^^ navurtbj Koflold, to brin^ foj-ili 
fc jr*! H olgoct. Ctn fKifl cock-pii h-jld 
™"utj fidiLi of France T or nmy we fniin, 
■bu ttui VDodcn O, tha vptt cAAqiie*/ 
^Uafngti lb« airu Agiopoiirt? 

itaL b link plH- H milliun ; 
^^Vi^ffj^hon » ihiB grail vtfompt. 

*1 >h k^ f ifv ^«Ai|«*. 

If] nniMiD taH. 

On jour imn^inary fnivra wnrk. 

&iip]»]iii!» wiiEiED ibd girdle nf Lhese walk 

Are vyw ^-nnWA twi' mlglilj fuonnrchieH, 

Wlioir high-u[>iY'Brtd and abuHiii^ (tunts 

The peiilodK, rmrrow ocaui paria Bsnniier. 

Pl9C0 oul our imperfKtLont wilb jour thoDfhU ; 

tniD n thcninniiEl yntl^ AmAe odd maa, 

And make iniBginEhry piiLtiumw ; 

Thiiilf, when wf* falli of himn-i, tlinl J(JU hl^p tLjni 

Ptinliiig Ihcir |irinid hoofa i' Ihr reiuiring onrlb ; 

For "lin jour iLaiig^EU llul now muat duck unr 

Cmry ihem here add iheru j junijiing o'er tinw* i 
TurninfT tlio occompliihrnont of innnj jeoji 
Tnlo AD houT'glnsa ; for ihc which ttupplj. 
Admit mo Chflrua to lliii b«mrj : 
W^o, prolnjrue-liki*- your humtple pulirdM prnj, 
GoitJj 10 hfw, kindly to judge, our plmj. 

• fif Trrj tAKB".-] Th- P«ri 




Ely. Bill hn*r> mv inrd, bJieJI wb rtfliM iL udw f 
CUjtt. Ii miul. bi] lliougtil 'Vi. IT it joh 

^^o loK ihe better half of our poBACHHion ! 
Fbr til thfl ifaq[fgni] locilt. nliii'lj lai^ *]l.'«uuL 
-Bj t«*LUQ«it haT» i^vDD II' lbi< (^burcL, 
^'i^oW ihcT strip from u? i k'lny: vjJni]il lima. — 
■!■ mofh u wi»iilJ maJDrain, h> iLe kmg'E^ hrtniturT 
^ull fiflFeij vatIa, ami Gttfcn bi^iiJi^ knighi^ ; 
9ii lJlousoii*] IU14I Lwa LiDbdrvd ffmi'l i^&qiiiita , 
'^Jid. 10 nlivf of luort' nnd wtik iii^', 
<^ iDtJi^eni faint wnt* [Uur <^M^>oral fi>U, 
1 hmidre<i olmt-boiuej, right wi^ll jLi^tfjjtil ; 
Aod ba Cfiv wtBva of lLi< kin^ fi^iJi?, 
A 'hnrtiiD'^ VDOiidfl bv die n-ar. T\ua rtmi Ujo 
Elt, Tbu wouIj] ilriiil iln-p. 
k-AiTT- TudiiIhI itrickk rhecupm^J all 

Elt. Bui what pn^eiitinit Y 
C^JCT- Hiobia^if full 4jf ^[wuaDil fcurngDrd, 
Elt. AqiI k miB 1dv(v uf ihc huly uhuEvh, 
CavT' The coiirsts «if liip jouiU pruiaia'dit not. 
Tbe bi«*lh lu tooner It'fi liia hubcr'n Ikx]^, 
Bui thM ha vililiKH. mort^Ged iu him, 
^«n'd hi J]i> EiK> : j«, iil Uut <irf otomeut* 
Cbwdvt^EuHL, lika KTi iini^, came. 
An J i>tu[»p'<i cW offcadirtg A'laiiL out dF lum ; 
l^avnag Uia bo^Jt b c purodisop 
Tn ^ncbp and fnulain n^U'^tiol tpiiiU, 
S- v>'r w Mtcd h iieJJj'II ■t.'lurlar mule^ 
^ . I r «aic nrfpiTiiali4>n in h BimA. 
^V ilFj iQcb « bt^ir iMUT&ncti'HJtiiiiiig fnult^ ; 
X« nercr lI;rdia-ljv4Ldtfd wmu1iLa<A 
So «KB did iiiee tiU ee^it. and oU aL uuco/ 
Aa b <b» king, 

Elt. Wr ate bleui-ri in Uu: cb&ngr^ 

Cakt. tlc«r liim but reuon in dii^nitj, 
Axid. ^-mlininii)^, vrilL an LnwiLtd wi^b 
Vvq vhUJ d^wint, iha king wtfre mfliJi* & [irelAFe: 
Hmt faim dtbatc- irf oomin'tttWDaitli fltFuiniT 
Ytq mulil bjf — iL haih l>i?4jn oIL-jh-bM bin itiid v : 
\Mt \m iltfCDUrae of wfir, vjil jnu a^ull htitr 
l(c«fal bkllle nuder'd jou in uiUAiu : 
Tim bim fo uni; cieiao of pj^tri'j, 
Tlw GordiuL kant of ii hf ^Ul uiiliHae, 
Fodiu u hia ^nor ; tliai, wh^n he «pcak». 
^ UTp B charlfF^d liK-iltiiu, JB tljli» 
laA Ok* duM nvader lorkulb in mvn\ mm, 
Ta Nal bk rfmt ud bouej'd bodIi^ucca; 

*ihiu1a.A.iDi«f^ll«dllKibiMlltt4H- Io'-AjjudLU* 

" Vba mlirbi btr»T BDlbnr 

TbJi i»ii imbIv AiilE. ladf" ml snrt 
Ortt Ihf wrtuhair'— 

•Til,, IL OS 

3u thai ihii Bit anil prv-tiif (lorL of life 

Miirt bfl iha ibifitri'j'n to thin thcurii; : 

Whiflb IB a woml<'r, bow bi,'* uiaw ebould j^leon 

SinCV hiB oJilii'lidiL was to i.'ojrsus vain ; 

IL^ crj;ii|inriLr'^'' niiTolU'T'd, m^^o, niid aIidIIihiL' ; 

HiH hiMirr^ till'd uu inlh lTfll^. ban^Lititu, BpoiU ; 

And never anicil m him jldj itudj. 

Any rotireinmt, anj BcquutratioTi 

From 0[>c[i bmiuls and puiiularitj'. 

Elv. TIio tinfbtjTy j^rown undcmealh fho 
Aft! flhidL'fl'tiiiu Iterrics thriie niid riper bt*t, 
Ncighbour'il bj fruit uf lft§tr i^uaLTj : 
And 00 l^te ^iriiLct uWui'd bin uoiilt'inplatioq 
Under tbi^ ^eil uf wildncsa ; v\Av\i. nu dtiubt, 
Qti^w like tJi" mriinnu' iri-ftwi, fj^nU^I bj night, 
Unft^Ti, jtt rn'icive jit bUi fncultj. 

Cat(t. It muat be mi. for niir&c1?A jut ceu^d 
AnJ ibtrdoru wa must needfl luJmiC the mi^uis, 
How ihiD/F^ *^^ perfecled. 

Ely. Ilul» inj good lord, 

How now fur mjtjgnlieii <]f tbU bill 
Ur^d h_T the commoDJi - Itulli bifl iDOJeAlj 
IudIIuc Io it, or no? 

Camt. He BeoiDE iiidilToniDt; 

Or, mlhi.'Fi swaying mere i]|H>rk iiur t>Brt» 
Tliau vhirnHhiug the I'lhilriren agaioet m : 
For I have nude mi offer lo bis m&julj,— 
Dpoji out EpinlutJ ctqiiooa^DD) 
Aiid in ivgopJ iifcauhi-' now in LbhiI, 
WUieh 1 liavt opnM t*k liiu grv-y^ nl Ivge, 
Ai louL^biiig France, — Co gi>e a grealer Bum 
Thm OTtr al quo tinio ihe cicrpj jet 
Did ■■> liis pnideeeBiieni part witknl^ 

Elt- Hdw did thm oITlt wt^m ren'Ev^J,iti\ lord? 

CaTtt, Wilh good jmf'jrtajicc uf hia mojeHtj ; 
Bjitc. tiiJtt (hori? woB not tiuio cnou^^ti to bear 
{As I perceived hie ^riv:i- would fniii ba-yo duno.) 
Tlie nevornls, ajtd unliiddon ]jiL£HBg(«,' 
or liiH ime titles Uy nocct^ eenoin dukcduoin, 
And, aeneroUjH to the erown ui frtiAt of France, 
iX'nv'd from Edwiud, hn ifitfll-tiraiiJfallicr- 

Flv. AMial wan tlie JutpediEiii'ikL i^ukC broke diia 

Cant, The French ombwudor, upon thii in- 


Cmr'd HudieDCe; — onil tko hour, I IfaLdt, k coOiQ, 
To ipio hiru hearing. Is it fuur o^elook? 
Ei.T. It in. 

El I1 fnivrilr TnPT wVh li Iha rid vrtltn. Tlnii, In "Tbi 
PUbnur'i Tih," lATi. hj P. BbMb.— 

" Sbe ftpt, iliF fMe. like Bafai anJ «U mt H'h" 

And h UUdlFWi'i ■' CliiiirFllrf ," An LS, Be. I J— 

" IhMLmr [UFD Tinl, mn m'Sr I'd Mil mt atlt/' 

" CHtt^nln— ] TliU Li, fll>1JMnl«PJ^ 

< TbBt*Tr4l1,Uidl]nPli1l]rn |iaiiU"1,— 1 "ThlillUki liuirHl 

•rt (UrTDpTlaD. IbLiMgh tt bki Ik 1iirT| fiii^aili <ipl«Bed- — Tb* 
pdiiopj of hit ^Ul'jin IliB f J'l'i irt ffe eivilff* liy *IUEb |il>r:iima 
dnHBd, f'lMUd-i* it ■jfun, tltaf.'—Zomniar. 

K, Hes. Hiit jet, mj cmisin ; ve wouU b' 

Qc^loFv wo lioJU ttia>, of soidd ttuagn of vei^;litj 
Thai uuA our Ihoughu, cu&Doming db oaiI 

Bunrop ^Elv- 

CiNT. God and hu uigela guard jvm 

Ami HHVe yoii long b«mnfl it I 

K, Siw. Sure, we tfaonk jc 

Mj lunrrwil lorJ. wc praj joa U> pioceed. 
And jonlj arid reti|ri[iiul j unfcild, 
AVby Ibc law Stiiquc, dj4l tliej Lik*e In FVmucO. 
Or ii1ii>LiM, nr iiliniild myi, bar ub Id our oUiia^ 
Ai>i] GqiJ furbid, ni_v' (L-or oni fatthful ford, 
Thai TOD BhouTif foihion, wrwt, oc buw 

Or nicd; oharge jour oadvnljndLitg soul 
Vilih opoDing tiiliip mijidmile, whnee nght 
BiuEa DDt La natiTG oaliiura wJlh ihc tniLb ; 




Fdt God doth know, htm muiy, now in hsolLh, 

ShiiLdnp lh?ir tluod b &ppr^»lHtiuD 

Of vhi( vciur icrLiuDCP ibkll iuirJEi? Ud IQ '. 

DmimUkc b»d him yoii impawn nur pqnqn, 

Hv TB wrnke our i]i^^[itng p*ord ul'^ar; 

Wfl (ur^ yoQ in fiio name of GuJ, Inbu h^cdi 

Ta an*T iwo buch kiDc^ms dii C'>&U'QL!r 

ffithoal mudi &J1 vf UnuJ, vtiodL' piiltlaa drupn 

in vim ona k mje* k busv cqTii|>lui]Lt 

ftdml hini. wh»u! wrong? grre edge anui the 

Z^ mnki' biicb wuiQ m hc'ivf mosioMty. 
Uodpr this i-udjuralion, spc^k^ mj Jonl: 
Fiff ire viU tQU". noLa, and bt'lkva ii^ EjC4r1. 
Thai "hal ^ou ipeait h b ^our coohiicntc nmh'd 
Ai pcric an lin mlh baptum. 
Curr. TLeo hflnj en*.*, gracious MTgroign, — aaA 

Thtl owe jour Ktm, jocir fikilh, and aemees,' 
Tf llua lm|HMial ihrooi^, — There la Tio bsir 
Tb make UL^-kii^t jour lii^'Lncs&^ dalin Ui FnmcD. 
Bat lliis, wLi^ Ihej [-fodircfl from Pharamond, — 

jV^ ir-an'jn thoU tUfCfrJ irt ,SiJtique land: 
Vtu^L SoliqdO: loud ditf French unjiudj gloiB^ 
Totif llie ivftlm of Fmoiv. oiiJ Pltomniond 
fiujid^r uf ihifl lav and fi^^irfdi.' ^fk^, 
!ll»ftr rum nuthor* faitlifiillj nlBrm^ 
Ihc land SolIqtiQ it to Ucitittiny, 
i\u; flifilii 'ti Sola and of V.lhn : 
Charlie {hiL- yrLit, Laving aubducd tho 

TWloft biJiiad mad KttJFd certfllb iVencb ; 
Wfaoi fc'J^JT'g in dudiUD tba (ri^rmau wdide^d, 
Ik waitf duhoDHt mannun of tlioir Yitu, 
^ki^lUh'd thm AU taw, — to wii, na fumnl(< 
SimJd he iidiL<nCrii in Saliquu Innd ■ 
FLUt SiJtipL', oa T Aoid, 'twLit Elbe ami Sola, 
li u iLb day,. Id Germany tjall'd Blcisen- 
Tbqdoth it wdl flpprur^Lhe Sfiliquc \aw 
VTma Dni ^vis^ for iLe realiD of France ; 
KiiT dirt rli4jH Fn^dch poenu f^ Solit^uo toad 
IJald fiwr hiiiidn?d oin.' mnl Iwvnly jr*™ 
After dvfiuinUjn of kin^ Phiiraniund) 
npp«^J Ebe fbaTidj'r of ih[4 l&w ; 
&aI niLbia tbfl yeas of our reJcinpcion 
Fob- fiDiidftd Iwcntj-eji i vul CiiulH the grcar 

^ DH mr Uvn, tmr ULb. sihI wt^^— ] Tlu roUo 
I !•—— TMr ■•**", Tmn 'i»"i" Bin. 

hBHUbi HUr—i Tbt flrn Fullo rtadi, " Td flntf," it Ttj 

■Mif 1ii«7AhU, IbMl'i"'''". itrpraBl HI] 4ll hf^'/ 111" 
■Ikri arSv*. Muan iMHUKlUird llial tliriHll|llk''l'*>'' 

Siibdupd Orn HiuonH. and did leAl tbo French 

Bejoad rJie lii-ci Sola, in Lte you 

T^i^ht huiidn^d [ii(i. Bociduit Cbi^ wnlcti say, 

King Ptfiin, wliitk ilk^pi-iod (.Tiildpnc, 

lhi\. M hr'ir gf ni^rnlt hc-'m^ d^j^ucndcd 

Of Btithild, wbicb wns dnughwr W liinp Clothnir, 

MuJir cliuin and TLtio Ed tho i^rovo of Fnoce. 

FTu^b Cnpt'l. fit*!, — *liii Mfiiirp'd The crown 

Of (."harlt? tlic duke I'i Jj\iTii.mc , i^file bL^Jr huiId 

Of ibQ trae line And *rock of Lljurlw thfl gnmt, — 

To liric'' biB tide with bomc sliow* of truth. 

CTIiniic^ipin juiri' mi[k,U whm Lv>rru]Jt and Dougbt,) 

Cfinrcy'd^ hiniKLt'u lii^ir (o iliu Endy LinganE,!^) 

]>n.Hg)irer lo CbnHenuiiu, nUi wo"* ibp win 

To Lewifi ibe emperor, and Xjowib ibr bOCi 

Of C'burli's ihn grt'4iL AJiotJiiE^ Lcwin tho UnLh,' 

W>iti WAS aiJu Ltir tu Ihi- umqwr Capet, 

Cniild noi kpi'p qiiii^ in hi^i coii?ricjL4!o, 

WeEiTiQjj tlje I'rown of France, tiJI njui?ti''d 

That fair queen rB&b?l, bin jfTondmodicr, 

Wufl lintrtl uf ihi? Indy Ennonguiv, 

Daughter TDChorlcBplhcfortSiLlddubp of Ijorruno: 

By the wltiiih murinj^e, tiim line of ChnHes ihn 


WftR rv-unili^d lo tho crown nf Frono'. 
fvr ihnl, OA dear ns ia the summer's sun, 
King Ft'pIn^H t;tli?t and Hu^li Cappfa claim, 
King Lewis h,\t iaiibfaf^ion. all jifip''nr 
To hold in right aud fliia of tbo female : 
So do tlw \hif^ of Fmuen nnln iIlia dnj -. 
Howbi;U tbE'^ wnnld Iiii]d up Lbi? SEtliqiic lav. 
To bur yijur hiflbnefr* clniming from chp femala, 
Anil raibtT abDoaa labido them in a not, 
Ttiiiii JHDply to imhuo' Uicir omokcd tltlia 
U'lirji'tl fruni jon nml junr prft^nitorfi, 

K, Hen. May I villi riglil and cunBCiciUH 
maiiB ihii (rlalm 'f 

Caht. Tlio nin upiHi oij bend, clfeftd BOTcnign I 
For in ihc Bouh of Numhor^ in ii writ, — 
Whfn the qonf dies, hi ibc InheiitoufO 
Descend unto the daughtfT. Qmchut lord, 
Stand for _yniir owD ; imwind your hloody fiog"! 
IJooh Fia't inin your mighty aiiceatori ; 
Go, my iln^ loixl, loyoiir (^'al-^jrandMn?'* Tomb, 
tVom whiiru ynn clnim ; invoke hia warlike Bpitit, 
And jDur greal-mirle'i, Ed^'nril thfi hiork prinw; 
Who ria tho FrcnL;h ground plaj'd a tngeiljf 

f) ririT (UId, ilnrrr. 

if] Fini ruio, »«■- 

lllihnjL rrHipin-:-"rarJlrrrr ir In runllLaai, M tt'i^t himt'/ 

tt\akapean B4i>|nEiJ iIjp rnoi Inun MuilmlBd 

r fAni t-v'v 1^ imluTC— ] rite IcJio bid, iBlane: ih> Irt" 
LUCiqaUIH, •wti'f , VI r| Hid rhliil^ lutirac'. Via Mnpl EIlb fef 
[Bj-lril nidlDi, >blflh ph DiiL inHvilBd bjr WuLmrtoIti Vid 
ilf nlBu, n !■« lorf. 

kin l] 


Making dofbot on the Ml poira of France ; 
Whilee Us moat miehtj father on a hill 
SUnd amillDg Id behold hia lioD^i whdp 
Fonge in blood of Ii^nch nohilitj,<3> 
O DUbIa En^liah, thot could onlerUin 
With half their forcoa tha full prida of FrAncn, 
And let anolhcr half stand laughing hj, 
All ont of work, and cold for actiQD !' 

Ei.1- AwukflrcmenbrnncooflbmevahaTitdead} 
And with jour puioouit ana renew th«r fcata : 
Ton ore ihcir heir, jou sit qpon their thmoe ; 
Tfie Uood Ukd courage, that renowned them, 
BoDfl ID jOur veina ; and mj ihrice-puiaaant iiego 
la in the very Maj-mom of his yoiiLh, 
Bipe for eiploila and mightj entcrjinzeB. 
Seb^ Your brotbor kings arid monanha of tbo 

Do all eipecl that jon should rouae youraclf, 
Ah did the fonuer Uooa of jour blood. 

Wbat. Thfj know jmir grace tath eauae and 

meoiia and might -, 
So hat^i jour hi^mcw;^ nerer king of England 
Hod nohlcB richer and more bjal vibjecEfl ; 
Whoae bcarra have left thar bodies hei« in 

And lie paTiliob'd in the Gelds of France- 

Cavt. O, let tbeir bodica follow, mjdearliegc, 
With blood ■ and awotd and fire to win your 

In aid wher&rf, wo of the spiritualtj 
"Will lUH joot highnCHB such a mightj Bum, 
Aj never did the clergj at one time, 
Bring in to anj of your anceston. 

E. HiiW- We must not oolj arm to Lnvade the 

French j 
But laj down our prnportioos to defend 
Againat the Scot, who wiU mako r«ad upon os 
With all adTant^^cA. 

Cant. Thej of those marcbea^ gracioua aove- 

Shall be a wall Bufficient to defend 
Oar inland from tbo pilfering borderen. 

£. H!bh, We do not mean the <!iJLindDg 

anatchen only. 
Bat fear the main intendment of tbe Scut, 

i'i Ola H^tj. BJa«A- 

* Jmd «tU Itt action I] Tbil ti, fomiif «< kHh, 

k Ttrj Jqcr riiii' W"^ '■■■ll EBIlll «>d mtami Odd Wliffk4 ; 

Bg, UuloLoKlca1]j,»Hl«Ili?puaAC'1'> 1^ fOHo, IGTSd vban AlPn? 
it iPIriui. Wfl ibeuUI, pcjb^i, tnqfpdK the v«4> pac Mui 
catii. Hiding — 

"Thcf ItBO^ jmiKatu bKb foei aai ammai taa inl|bli-.- 
Sd bmli jout hi/hrttn" 

IK, nULnlna Elcii DngLnaL in]iiBDC«, lubillEiiEfl kaiU for ibfk In 

Wo iBfioadlljici — 

> JIJWniutflibtHirlHHd.) TbB qurbM hue.^ 

Who hath been still a giddj oeighboiir to u ; 
For yeu ahall read, that mj great-grand&lher 
Kerer went with hie forees into Fruic«, 
But that the Scot on bid tmfonuab'd kingdos 
Came poDring, like the tide into a breocb, 
With ample and Inim fuhieea of hii force ; 
Oalliag the gleanEd land with hobaaaajv; 
Qirdi^ with grievous siege caslJefl and towni;. 
That England, being cmptj cf dclenffi, 
HATh obooJc, and trembled ol t^e ill neighboorhoad.' 

Cant- She bath been then more fBor'd dm 
harmed, m j^ liege : 
For hear her hut eumpled hj heraelf, — 
When all her chiyalrj holJi been in France, 
And ahe a mourning widow of her nohla, 
She hath herself not oa\j well defnndcd, 
But taken, and impounded aa a etraj, 
Tbe king of Scole ; whom ahe did send to FWu 
To fill king Edward's fjune with priooner kiagi; 
And moke joar* chronicle sa Hch with praiae, 
As is the ooEe and bottom of the sea 
With iunken wrei^ and aumlcBB treaauriee. 

West- But there's a saying, '^eiy old and (n^.. 

// that yim vill Frnflce win, 
Thsn aitA Smllaatd Jirat bfffin : 

For once the eagle England being in ymj. 
To her nngnarded nest the weaael Soot 
Comes aneaking, and so sacke her princely ^p ; 
Plajiog the mouse, in absence of the cat, 
To spoil * and havoc more than she can eat- 

ExB. It Ebllowa then, thecot muatatajathoibi? 
Yet that ia but a cniah'd * neceuitj. 
Since we hare locks to aofi^nafd neceasaritt. 
And prettj^ Craps to catch the pettj thieres. 
While that the armed hand dolh fight abroad, 
Tbe advised bead defends itself at home ; 
For government, though high, and low, and loir. 
Put jnio porta, doth keep in one oonDent,0 
Congreeing in a fiiU and natural close, 
I^e music. 

CiLtrr. Therefore doth hearep divide 
Tbe atate of man in divers functions, 
Setting endeavour in continual motion ; 
To which ia Gied, aa an aim or butt^ 

l>> rint Mia, r^^ 

" ETilb ihtbt sod tnmblFd ftl IhttrmUlnrwtf:'— 
wblH-li nq mach fnta 
* Aiti maka joat eliHrilclE— ] The qurliM rttd,— 


Ai JnliDiaa ko^piEHl, Kn oijElkl, pivbiblr, Eo anlMChqra,— 

« VcE ihu ]i bat ■ cfuihd iKCfiJlr,— ] Tbui Uie tcVe. tlw - 

mignLaa. Ihf QD pnpoifld lo lud. — 

" YflTlikE li ■olann'd nar^ttVij." 
WHbnrtoD.-K'Hw'rfDKHiltj.'- Ck^ll. "^trmit nAuftr — 



[tavtE n. 

DhdioKc : for n woi^ lire brm^j bwie, 

(Viitdiw thai, bj a mli^ in nnlim, teach 

IS in [if onler to a pcfipled kfn^dum, 

iTipj hw a kin^^ luid ofiiMra tf t jrts : 

Where hhtw, like lOBg^ilnUs, cDm.'cl a1 hnutf: ; 

'^liii'rt, Eike ioldi«n, flrmoil m thrir ^li^ff:l, 
IUhk tHioI upon ihe tiuamor'B rclvot IhiJb; 
Tbich pillage ihtj wiib meny much bring 

Tnlhf uDt-njoL of didt tuipomr p 
ffho, biBkeil In bin moj'^ij', siirrrja 
Tha sin^n^ tii^soui iMJiliing niQ^ of golJ, 
ITk lint ciiiwmii hnuading-up llie boouj' i 
TV pfHir mivLanii- |HirU'[?* uufwrluig In 
TTieii" hertn- biirdnL-r nt Lw UfliTOW g"tei 
riEMj-cj'dju^ift-. widi hir< "url^ bum. 

The I MT V yuwtiiiig ilmiiL", I ihii infer, — 

TW BuiT ihing?, bavEij^ TuU Evfiireuce 

To At coiKi-Ftit iDiiJ ^urk iirnTrnnoiuljL 

1* nianj ifiB-i, lotHoi scverd "ayi, 

Flj* lo mw mnit ; fla luaoj wnys meet in out 

A> suQj frfih AtmiTiB nicif in onti ulL fr&ii ; 

&» ttiMDj lines pfa» in tbi- ilinVH Ldilre; 

&> mar 41 tlioomod fictions, unrc ol^Hit, 

Ei"i; m one jmrpote, omJ hs aH "^tl bomo 

^'ijb"Ot deftal, Tlmn^fure (o Fiancp, mj liege. 

I*i*iie jonr hajfV EnglaiiJ iiiUi finir; 

Whereof tJiliEr tojj <ine qunrler inln Fthih'<j, 

And Jim wiiliiU fbjJl EiLskL- qII tiolbu ^finlii-. 

If ire» "iih ihiii'K mrU powiyB left at liome, 
C^fuol licferul out irvrn iln^ira fmni ibo Jug, 
^41 v tie mmtd, and our nnUub Iuki 
1^ DBdie of bsfdiDHB aod pclifl/^ 

K^ H«a. Can id ilic moaeDgfliB Knt from Uie 
Daupbin, [£fi< cffi AitendtDtn 

Kiftv an v« woU rewWd-r an^I, bj GikI'a be^, 
AbrJ \inirt, Lbo noble BincT"s of oiir iiowtr, 
Fi^aKv bclihi: <nira. we'U bonJ il to oiir ""Pj 
rlirvmk ut'iUl lo piiws. Or dier« wtT nit. 
Hj> in large aiiil lunpli- inrippry, 
O'er FrBdret and all bi.T Jilmun kln^lj <]ukc»Jnua^ 
Or lar di'*' bond in on unM^rrThf um, 
T^ofalui, iriUi nn n]mtmbrfliiC0 orer ibtm : 
KllbrT miT liAEnr^' tIiiII. mlb Tub luoulb^ 
fi|mfc fiiLiij of nut mlr nr d» anr irravBr 
IdK Tiifkiili mislc, cbob bsve a loujfiK^li^ 

K« ttnlupp'J wiih & wuKof epitikfth. 

lit FlnlEbEb, KM 

* 4«ah Itlllvd— ] KIT Jcfan Di*iii If bit < ' bi^iBl'a, ' 

J?4iMr AiDlaaB&dort q^Prnnce, 

Tfan art we q-cTI piop&i-'cl to know lb(? pleaniK 
Of OUT fair (^iij-lh Dnupbin -, for, wc bear, 
Your giTOliiijr ia fma him, [mL jViini dn' kirjg, 
Aun, Mbv'I please jtmr DiETJe^j ta give ui 

Freely In r<;nder wbat we Lave in i:bBT(re i 
Or nbnH wo, ^pniiriglj, fibow jou fat off 
Tbi^ Doujibiii'ti uirvtiiu^ and oiit unibunj ? 
K^ fikh. We AT^ tin tyraDr^ but a CluiMian 

king I 
IJdLq nbcMC grfleo Diir posaion ia ob Babjf^t, 
Ah mv* Qur wii'[cbe>4 feller'd in uur jiriPODB : 
ThtiTf^tiK, WLtb fmnk aitci wiib UDUiirlki] pEwnowa, 
Tell UEi tbe l>Bupbin'fi minJ. 

AuD. 'i'likia (ben, in fo*. 

Yoid' UfibneBa. laUly peudib^ itiED Fmnce, 
Did ulaim Bome cfrUun dukedami, in (bo nriit 
Of ytiur grodt piNnJeotiBirT, klitg EdHanl [be 

Id KitwQt «f wbich cbbn , tb« princo our nbBt«F 
Sate, — Ebot ;iiq flUvuuT tuu much of jQur jcjutb ^ 
Aiid liidi* jmi bu advis'd, iberQ^a nnugbc in 

T1iQ( CBD be i*ilb a nimh^ gnlliBrd' won; 
Ydu caonol rv^vd info dukodoDUB thoK : 
ETu tbercfoie sends jou. uteler for jQUr spijit, 
Tbia tun uf imtfTH-e : niid. in lieu of Lhifl. 
Duirea jDu let the duki'd^irnp chnt yuii ebiiid 
new Dn more of you- Thia thp DmipUin apeok*. 
K, llEJi. M'liat treAduti-. unclu? 
EiiE. Tunnla-Eiolla, mj liege. 

K. Hen. 'Wc uro glad tl^i Dauplun la so 

pleosa-nt witb ns ; 
nil pie^nt ond joiir paini, wo thonk you fijr. 
lVlii:n wa Ijhtu nwU-b'd our im-keU ia tbcae 

W«< will, in FnuH, liy GiA'a emec. play n nt 
Shall fltnke bid fetber'a crown inio ihc biurd t 
TsU hhn, bo haCb madu i malcb witli euch a 

Tbal all flie t'oLirTfl itf Fmnrc will hn diplurh'd 
Witb cboBOB.^ Anii we undttrarmuL liini w<ill, 
Kow lie Vftma o'pT ua wiili our wilder dnji, 
Not meoaurin;; wbaL uh we mode of tbcm. 
Wi] ii(^v{!T lului'd lIiih pnor ^eal of GngEond ; 
And [herefiin!, lififig Iujth*?, diil giso ouriolf 
To borbarouJ lioDni:? ; u *l is ever tontmohH 
Tbal mva ar& mcriiofll, wben they aro from boine. 
But lull tbo DuLijibin, — I wiU kvi-p my Blnle, 

n tmi n»iia, fi, 

HbH iti« fan icLh bdaiT Idil dli'lnt': 
UndUlB ibtiD'Or Urr bi4T up-ml IIidil 

Wllh loflT lumtiBinl raiirlol* lb lb* tjl*, 
WUd wlthllh IujLt tLinr<Aiii:<ijLLi^l> raW." 

fran 1b> ■■n* 1 r Inn nil. 

Hf lika a ^ing, and ahui* aj aul * uf fTiratnofla, 
Wlen I do rouie mc b mj throne of France : 

■ ,<iu lilt Biv mil nrjrMiii*ii,—^iir. CDiiki*! uudwoi lendi, 

" aj tami at crratDBii]" — 

.HfJ BE hlLf ¥D la luvr br<r Shitripennj '« n pfHilDD. Thlil 
hi ihi lliLnL Pin of -titufi VI." An 111. Br 3 — 

HlKi'iatAfT nil', BPrl LeBTD a-QllrlB writ, 


For that I hoBa Efud by my niiyoAj, 

And plodded tike 4 niaii for wurking-dBji ; 

AeuD, in MDHuifn'* piari^r "THi FUiEiiiA''AEiii-flc. >; 
"BoeAU raj /u/h^tl'd mnDiiean.'— 

AudLn B«tDinaDluil FIttchDi'i " TfaJarj um Tfintilaiil,' 

II. ai ] — 

1b fHl ui ftlUiTnUim In n; nunn. 

And , Id bll r^'^Kiird nmfldeni-^ a«t|Di|tBf 

Pr irDllr rBlD.~ fa. 


jBon™ n. 

risQ Uinrc ifilJi id fuH a glorj, 
[ niU duiJi' nil ibi- ev» uf Fianiv^ 
nrite the Duipbin bliini Id luoli Da ui^ 
tU [|k pleouDL priniK, — tliii mock uf hia 
Ebin'il b» LaIIs III gun-atiiaefl ; (Ak anil his £Da] 
UADtl 90T« 4?trargi'ii for tfau woi^Ecful vungcjiaco 
Uuil dj "itJi ihem; Tur manj^ a ihoii^oail 

|bt Lib mock mock out of dielr dt^r hua- 

DOtben fmm ihi'Ir 4'>rba, morb caatloa dcpwn, 
KD4 u« jn im^iicn j^d unborn, 
luH hnvt CAU?!.- lo umse the DauEiLin'HKctn. 
JB Hen »]] wiihi" (Im vil] nf Ouii. 
Kb 1 di3 Jipp^; nriiJ in itbi^o nunc, 
HI the DauEituDs 1 Am fHinjin^ on^ 
me u I aajr ajh^I to put tbrth 
hud in 4 well-hflUuw'd taoie. 
baa« in FieAOD ; itud lell the Danphbi, 

twU^r.*-] Hr.CrlUfei'turtitifnbH,— 

" 'i '"■- ■■■trm*,"^ 

f [■DiibhB, b* Um4 and janatlB : ttj c Mm ntJ* 

Hia jost will iBTonr but of ahAllow «rit, 
AVIk^tlioiinDikdiiireep^ciiurelhaDilidlAagbKt it, — 
Convej theiD wilh aafi* Con duct, ^Fniii tou welL 
{Sjeuiit AmbnaflaJnrA. 

Eke. Ttiq ■nm h merrj mojiaagc 

K. IliLv. Wa Lupo lA iddI&c ths ataider bloafa 
nt U^ 
Thf refon?, my lordi, omit no bippj liooi 
Tbat Eikij givo ftirtlitraiiOQ to our a2]iiiditiiiTi : 
Ti'C Wki hA*u niiir ni] ibnugbL in iia but Franou, 
Saio iboac to GnJ, t>iat mn Ix'fujv mir LminCM. 
ThewfoTo, lot niir propordoofl fiir tbcM tnm 
Hb Bioii c}]]ecie6, lUia all ibiuga Iho ugb t upocii 
That may with rpafrinJible ' swifLnpuri add 
M<in' fi'Evlbi'm (fi our HiiJ^fE ■ fur^ Qnd beforo,' 
We'll L-bbde tiiia thiiipbiii at hirt furb<;r^4 iFlmf, 
TborefoTt, Vt erery mcui now task bis tboughtr 
Tbat ibia ^ Ktbn may od fout Iri brought. 

^ arl»pi fit rmlfl 


" Til* Tpij irliift Vii'p''." 
« Qoil Iwhin,— ] TiLBlIi, " ltietattifoHG^,"tc"0»Ji'U^' 

^^K' '^ '^ ^^Kj 


^^^^^^^kiu' _»■ ' ^^__ f" ^fiftw ^Al^B 

iT' ■'' 

"^^Haiwi^rm 1 

^^^^^■P.' '''■'■V'' ^^IH'-k^ "''I f 




^H -uA^^^^^ «^^^^^ML.V— : 


^ '-:_ A r*=^-^<irts«« 

^B Now oQ tht yoalb uf Kn^lnuil aro on Ri^^ 
^H And ■illr«n ildlirinrc !n [he varJTobt licd : 
^^^^^ Now tbiiT? [he arniourcm. amJ hunmir'a ibnu 
^^^^B Bfligaa hqIvIj in Llii' [iraM afeysry man. 
^^^^V Tbhj eel] iJie |juiJ[uti: iir^u, [tt buv [hi? Iiun-is 
^^a FDUowinj the mbrbr iff nil C^htii'iliiii [ciiigB, 
^H Wilb viDgod heok, db Enaliuh hkrcurbn. 
^H Fcr DQw flu EipeciELiiciQ uk die lur; 
^H Add !iidaa a owcfrd. frnm hilte unto thn jhld], 
^H With (frowiiB impi^na], nivrvrjiri uinl tiirontifli 
^H ]Vimia''J fd Hurry, And hia fbl]4ji<cr<i- 
^^^ T\\t FiviiE'h, nilTu'd bj good uittlligi^D?? 
^^M Of tbii muit dreAilFid prciranitJDii 
^H fihak? in Uieir fvar ; uid irilh jwla ]t>il\cj 
^H Snek En ilivtrl Lliu Eii^liiJi pui']>mc!d. 
^H O En^loDr] ! — nicki^jl in Uiy inward ^reotnflnfl 
^H Liki^ litr^i' littklj >i|ii a mightj Wri» — 
^H WliU iDiffhCsl Uldq lip, tllJ»L huDQIlT 
^1 EHcednn 

^^1 Were hII ifiT I'liildivn kind anil ofiiurtJ ] 
^H BuL v-ti tlij fAuli [ FranL^' }\nth lei |]i« foun 
^H A ddhI <if hollciw boHmi, wLicTi Iji^ tiJli 

4 QDl 



Wilh (rcnflhcroiB CEV'^m: Ami r^jm uilj^ 

II] cn,^ 
One, l{ii:bird oirl of Canklo'klfrc ^ luid the Bci'umI 
Heurj Urrd ^dw^p [>f MhIuiiji : aud thi- Lliiid. 
Sir TbiiTuos Grvjr, biLk^ht, nF N^Mihuialxtrlaiidi— 
WnvQ for diH giJL of FrEuiLT, (U gii'lt, indE^I) 
Cunflfni'Li i-'ijuajkifacj with foirful Frmncfl ; 
And liy ibejr lii^uda UhB ^kw uf kiofi muit dit 
(If hell lUid Irelmii] luilil [heir [iramifin,) 
Ere he lake aliiji fir Kranc?, iiijd in iSitiJlhHaLplq 
Liirgrr yjiuF pBjJi'nn- ikn; srd «e'lJ dL(;&rt 
Tbo fthim; nf distance ; force" fl pluj^ 
The BUm i> piid i ibv U-wlunt nn- agrwd ^ 
Tht kbg JB Del Etdid LmtduD ; mid iho ■centt 
1h rii>w Irmji^poi'toil, gi^ntlcs, la SoutbuDptot 
Thoro JB the jiIhtIkhibi? ihp*, iherfl muFt job d^ 
And tbcure u> I'^ronce thnU wir tonvej von Hfi% 
And hriiig jiKi tuck, uhnrniiD;^ Lbe nuruiT aeu 
To give jau gtntio pam ; fiir, if iro mriVt 
WbH not ofiinil nnc Blomc^'h "Uh our tIat. 
3ul, liU ihc kJDg come forth., nnd not till ihvn. 
DdIu Soalhunplciu do we ■hifl. mir ecenc. [£| 

^^1 ■ fvift m flat ] dfl Id Itt oflgiMl. nAtUli. fiawt 
^H UllvliVl 1« mTfQ4l»<1 141 Ihti riiiBt sl>H vhU a| tU pi 

"LlmiFrjiiaTpiiLe-tnnit; lokl «t*ll dUad 
SKlhcChmuthtHiitit III. 

fiMir. wpttratlj/, Syu arjd |lAqpQi>PB^ 

Bd^ Veil npl, ivrporal Nym. 

Nth, Good morr'iir, liculpnaat Bardolfih. 

Biu. WhoL, orcancjcnt Piniolaml jou fdoiula 

SnL Knr mj ptirt, T rflro not t [ my IUcIp ; 
Itfvbdi tine thaU ktva, iLar? ^li&U bo aiallm; 
-^chiL iJul] be u il inaj. I J«n> noL Gf^br, 
kt I wiD miik» uiji] Luld OMl mine injEi : il ir< q 
»liOHt ImC irh^il ihouirli? u will tiiut dii^<^i:*. 
tni iL nitl ^i^Ctirc foM ji.i juiulbpr idui> Hword 
■3i . Dni thcra 'a ui i^od,* 

And iWn 4 fi- 

Babtp- I wlU ^■cAlrrw jl brcokfjuL to tnaiie ynii 
fHradi. ami vim'W be all iKrv nfum hruTJu-re^ lo 
Fraud" : Ipi it be au. ^il ymporal >'jio. 

Nyh. 'FBith, I will liTf no long m I miiT, thnt'n 
rlie iwEtain of it; uid when 1 cannol fire nay 
Icin^r, T nill An'' v I ntaj! ihM b mj nwt, UbU 
\h Ihn n^ndcEToui of ltd 

Hjtiif. It in caftJLUi» FurpoTjU, (hat ho is omrrii'd 
ta Xi'll QuifUv: and, n^Hinlj, nhe did ^'4jii 
wning i Tiir Vi^H «fic troTli-pli^bl lo ber. 

KvH. i Limnit lull; iliiri^ muai 1* u tlmj 
inav : nu'n may fV-i'^, anil Cli^dV muy biLVi? OiiJtr 
ihn^QTi olmiji ibfio it timi rime ; niid, pumc aaj. 
kniv4.t hB<c i>dg(4. Itiuuir ]>? uiLiDbf : tlvLiigh 
patJPTkiv be a tirtil niruis,* jot ibfl wiD plod. 

' Ivilliwn I MMf.-] UaPBh U**rn, h-lE|i •imr «»», r-io- 

AtT TL] 




There mu^l \f rnnplLuioiu ^ — reTLh 1 anntA ItD- 

Barit, Here friova iocifnt Pistol, and hia wifu : 
— good COTporal, ba pftlicnt bore, — 

Hdw iHiw,iiiu]tf hiuL FuLul I 

PiBT. Boac lik'k, eall'sl ihinii me — lio^L? 
Kow, bj ihift hnnd, J v^ipar 1 SMrn [lit if^ms ; 
Kur r-bfiU uj Nfll k«ep loilgem. 

Host. No, bj idj liolh, tn>t long; Ibr *n 
ciuinot Jodga anil board u iUiei'tl ur raiTTl-ei^i &'^' 
tJtnibitaioii- Ukat live hoofv^ll^v bv l]>o pridi uf r}joir 
pwUm, but it will bo iti'mgliL ffe kL-up a bawd)- 
bouH attu^Ut, [y^tx difttri Ui9 noord.'] O veLl- 
A-dny, l^dj'. if lid bi> iioL iltAhnl" nuw wc bIuU 
lee vriiriil ailullory aud mardur miE]ii>iEU^. 

If^iLD, GihhI Iieul0]wi(, — good cDr[>orA]^ — offer 
nuthinF liei^. * 

K^-H, P»hl' 

Pint. Piidi Tor thee^ ToJiuid Jd^ t O ibmiprick- 
CAT^d cur of loolojid 1 

HoffTr Goud wqiural Njm, ahow ihj vfJoiir, 
ml Dp jonr sword. 

ITSM. Wiil joa iibug off? I would have you 
■rfw, \Skttthing hiii immt 

PiBT. .Sq^uj^ egregiouB da^ E O vipo" rile I 
The r)lv4 in ihy JiiovL njarvDUijiti focr- - 
The jo/ri in f.hy Eeeth. and in ihy tliroat. 
And in ilii| hnli-rid luii^.jvi, in thj rmw, perdj-; 
Amiy wlu4^h ia wofbDi williin llij naHljr ruuuLh I 
I du rtlun Cbe ih/kj in ihj bawt^Lm 
Pur 1 enn Take, and FibIgI'^ cock a up, 
And Subiug Ltru v^iH fitlbw. 

Nth. I DEO ni>l Darluion ; jva piummI eonjnre 
mc^ ] have on biiTnour la hiioch vou lodifferenilj 
Well; if jou gn>w fold with me, Pifttol, I wif] w3mr 
jDu wiili my rnpier, m I mnj, in fuJr terau ; if 
joij *niibl HJilli iilT, r wniiKl jirltli Tour gutK n. 
liLtlL', in qnod U:naBf ox T m;i^ ; and thal's Tha 
huuioiiT cif it^ 

PtHT. O btafrgsri vile, tad diunned finiuti* 
wi^bl I 
The ^avo dutb gape, ud looting dntfa u dbu- | 
TboTcEjn eibAlg. 

rrHTTOL rnirf Ntm driiM tttfir lumrdt. 

BjiAQ. KcBT m^, hear me what 1 uj ; — Lb thai 
fltrihen the £11*1 sUiike. T^l niD him up Lolhe biJlf^ 
MA I am A aohlipT. [/>muj hit poani. 

> Hfltm.] Tba old »p1u Mvp " Qulrklj," but e^lieally 

■h^B. ai " HIiErrii PtiIlilL~ I* tl" bn TiriTiEC iihpr I IbI irn , 

* nJ^-fl-^aff, inrfj, J/ Jv *r nnJ ilri"ii : ■■■* IT P ■*-"( 'i»i tr-] 
lit Uia 'oltB, "If be be Ddl ikActf ju ■■" TliFrniidllcn wmdu^i 

■ a4ii>d lUatfBADt. — ir^od Hif]mn],-^lTin DoEbbif brra.] Tn 
•bTUiv rbv iKaJuliLBiicj jf Buil<i]|>li, liluindT tbt UhuibiujiI, 
dailptitlaf I'liEO] b} eUae rJEk, CipcLE piinrii "Oosd ■ncl^'nt," 
ud Hdblu IBBkB* Ibr unlf rtrc a pH|E dT Ud UeilElt'l ibCTEb 
TUn bo<«i«'. ti □«! iLic uqlr Uiumi]/ V( A* u«t> kbd. lb iIm 
npvabiBrt Ibr rremi (EDq^ ffin iddjoHF buMetpIlM "lleU' 


Pint. A-u oath of mieklD might ; and iury 

Give iBo thj tiat, ihj fi^re-lbot to nw g™i 
Thj ^iiLtira ore mail luEl. 

NvhL 1 will cut tbj ihrofLtp uas (imv or 
in fatr Uniu ; Lltot i& the hLitnour of il- 

PiflT. Cft^ te gr-rgr I 
Tbnt ia ibpuwlV — J tliee <le/y* ogaiEi. 

hound ^r Crele, ihink^ft Uwa my iiiodk u 

Nfl^ Ifi (ho Bpital ^p 
And irum th^ jkowJoriug-lnli of LnRimj 
FeTcJi ToEth tha Ideot kilo or CT«B»id'A bJTud. 
IXrll Ti-BT-fibKl. dbe bj name, aod ber E^fiflUK: 

1 ha^'o, Bod I will IhiIJt tbo ffatmdaitt Quicklj 
For tho otlIj sho i and — I'aaca. thete't 

Lo — 

Boy- Mine hoaL PuTol. you muHt come tn at 
master, — ^d vuji.t hsW^a ; — ha isTeijairk, nA 
would to bedl— Good Bflr(]ol|Ji, put thj am 
hetwaen Lii &h«le. And i3o tlitr ofKec of & wanning 
^4un : 'foJEh, hD'HTcrjf ill. 

fiiUlQ. AwBJ", jou fogupf 

HOBT. lij my troTh, he'll jicTd thn cmw 1 
pu^Iiliag ODD of l-beoe daji ; ihekisig hoAkiDcdlA 
||k>ltFt. Good buabaDd, oauie home pretentlTr 

[Kxmint Hoateaa mtt Bur. 

BaatI' Come, Hhal] I aaks joa rwo ^wpdi? 
Wo mLut lo Fmn« fogolher: why the d&ril 
flhoulJ wo keep koivn TD cut CrtH violWt 

PiFT, !Lpt Eoodfl o'ertHfll, oad Geada for fiud 
howl on [ 

Ntm. Ymril paj me ihe d^l ■billingH 1 wc» 
of you at bolf.ingr? 

PiBT, Base is tho alavo tliul pojF. 

^iv. Tbnt Dun I will have; LhEt'i tbc ha- 
mour of it. 

PiBT. Afi manhood Bhiin »mpoiiiiJ-; pmbhoDie. 
[PiBTin. and Nnr drtiu thnr fifonj*. 

Bau>, By rhid aword, hi^ that mokra the fint 
thnHt, I'Q kill him ; by thi* sword, I will. 

PiST. Sword it Jin <iaih ; Jmd oiitha moat harr 
Lhair doeitv*. 

E-l rinl hllfl. <VV EAh. 

{ti nm hU>. : 

'•Tktnr," vliUfl Id AeIIU Scn 1, be riUiblm "cottqiiL" t^ttM, 
t^t ^lirSvHiml Pan uf "Umirr TV.~ AriT^Scl, Falalvf BaH* 
■IfreL " IkaiTiAT, " TlinnfD bLi nUli^ir luit li ratj O' >f 
" mrlrriL" Wl^rlhrr llb-tr inri^nRinl'JrT ur Uie cSiKt tf dfliKB 
er litAELnnLlDrL imi iliikri]PcniL '■ p^n. |i>iry rc^a budlf nfa 
Qmn i:u-fl|rti||r» Jn Ihr jirlqllTie nHlci^t tl k* nnw. fcAnK. 
laifiDiilblr Ed JniiniiiikP, ■* pnfir ^hnrnlBfm It A^lbn ■• ttP 

Dill Ifit 

' FLibEl Ta Ehe qaulH "tiub]" thi oiia tana al tiui 

^et ii-j 


WtST, Hiw ■BHBih um) rrvn tliej do bw 

A* ifilh^uHK in thnr boMnu ut, 
Cn>wnr<] nilL fuLb, udd c<iD«Caiit loyRlLjT- 

Bko. TIj<? kiii^liAlh n"U.-o[Ri\ lli&l ib^jr idLcDd, 
Bj inlercppijrm which lln'V dnain nut of. 

£ix^ Nat, but th4> idbd ihjil viu hi* bcdfclW, 
Wliimi fau hatL duII'J ujd oloj'd'wilb grnnoUB 

Thnl he ■^houlJ, fur a f<in.'ign [niiio, no hI] 
Hi* ■OTeruijju'i life lo dmh mod irentliwi^ ! 

C jwnn n>oE| (JmTi Lnrd^, aizt' AllfiiiluiiL?, 
K. Hk*. Nov ^bi tho winJ friir, and ir« vill 

Uj IdH of Cimihridgi!, — nnJ mj kiDd lord of 

Moi'hiim, — 
And _vcFii, mT>;Dn|Ii> kru^tTgive iDf^^ourthrtn^hTt: 
Tljjak *ou nol, that (Jio powen wc beof with L6, 
^lU clL [Luir ptuHHo^ tlirDiigU ihe fono of Frbncd, 
Doing Ibr tii-cutimiT viiL t}K octf 
For whicb !■« hivr? iu brad HMCiDbled thpiqf 
SrfiDOP, No dunbl, mj liege, if poch mail do 

Lis btsl. 
K, Huh, I duubt not tbfct, ainw we mrv wull 

'¥\~c caiTj mA a l]4.'QrL with ua frucn bene?, 
Thil givwH not in i fair pincrnl willi uurn ; 
Nor 1in*Q iifti Can behind, iJiat duth Mrl wj^li 
SucoHfl Bud conquest to allt^ud on u£. 

Ca¥- I^Dvur was miuiarvh UrlLcr Teu'd juid 

Than la jDur niajpftj; thcfD'fl not, I tliiok, a 

Thai fiilfl in bi*Ebrt'gricf and uniiaaiiKifl 
UndiT ibe dwi^ol ^hu'lo of jour i^rtcvmnen^. 

GnBV, True: llwii* tbni wi-re jimr fo'liL^i'H 

JT&vD Biwp'd Qiiiir giLlln in hime^. and dourre jou 
Wtih Jii-nrtfl crr'nlii of d(i( v ajuI of witl, 

X. tlKFJ. We TJiercf'im haw*- gn^at camte of 

And filial! ftirgeL iht- ulHn tif our }iaddi 
8i)oni'r tlian quilumn'ii of drw-rt nnd nicviC, 
AiV'irdJng; to thu voi/^t ukd wurrJiinithd. 

BcDooT, So HTvicc aliidl wirh utocln] Tnnewa 
Aiirl Eatmur nliJiH T<dh*b iiiH-'lf with hufHii 
To do ynur gram incvwnnl hfTvioVb 

K. Umr. We jndjiP rio |pH-— Unoleof Eicrwn 
KnJnrgo Uhi man oummitud jeiterdaj, 

Wi Ml«i ilEeiuin,aa hli funliCT r*piBHni«BBii 1- 


That raJlM agaiAit o« pnoB : w 

It was UAH of wmc dial ao bia on ; 

And, on hii nun utrm^ n pvdoD hin. 

ScBOOF. ThU^A bwnjp bol tm mud auvriq; 
Lf-l him he puniBb'd, «oicni)En, Wat eunplt 
BiTfl, lij hu noff^raaor, ibwv ofaiicfa a bnif. 

K. IIen. O, let Id JVC bv bsdfiri- 

U41M. 6omajj(nirtugbii#s,udiFtpQa»kri4. 

Gkkv. SiTf jun feynw gT«tl meMvj, if i« pm 
liim li{e» 
After ihfl Ia»If of niDf4i correoioa. 

Kr Ht:t- Ala^ , jdht UpO mqdl Wp^ >i^ «vtrf 
Ar» hoafy orir^iu 'giunii thk pom vmch, 
ir lillle rbullB, proeeoding oa diatmifvT. [tjt 
■^hnll iiipI he hiuk'd ftt, b4>v ttall «# slrKi^b ■■ 
When capira] mm»» cbew'd, fwalJow'd. aod 4- 

Appear helbro d» I — Wo'U yel itiUrgv ihaJ rryr 
Tiumgh (.Tauibnd^, ScroDp. bmI Gr^, it 

donr i'are 
And tender pre*T™tii>D of our peiwjq, 
Wouhl iiave him poDifah'd. And now toowFrod 

Who m the lite eowa a a u obtn^ 

Oah. I vtte, vj \tAi 

Your bigbiAa bade idp ask fvr It to-dmj. 

ScnooF. So did jod itk', mf liegc- 

GvKY. And me' my tojal towwagn. 

K, IIioj. Then, Kich*id hH uf Cam^ _ 
ihi-ra ra jotm ;— 
Thnre ynum, lurd Scroop of Maohjuq ; — nr.il.ir 

Qny of Ki^huDiberlaiid, Ihi* hwu ii j«in: 
lEead theai; and kuotf, 1 know \iiur 
Mj EuitI of 'VVivirikjn'lund, — and inieit HuKr. 
We wil] Bhoard To-aighU ^^Itj, how dov. 

lioiH-Q [ 
Wlml BVG jou in [hosn popiHi^, thol jou Inie 
&t Enui^]iriiii^plifii(]ii? — kxik Tc, hoft ther <4ivi pj 
Tb'ir checks are p^w- — ^VllJ, wbat'irad 

Thbt hnlh* pn cowardc^ 4nd thuM Tour bldod 
OnL of Dji^h'nmiito Y 

CxVr I do coofcn my hah; 

And do BubrpiL mo U> jour highneaa* mirrej. 

GiET, ScBDop. To which wo all appnl. 

K, KiLw. The miiny, that woa quick in i 
Bj jOEir uwn conEinel in supprcu'd unil kiltd : 
Yon muAl noi dare, (\t Hbunie, ■■} Talk of merer; 
Fur ^Tour uwn i\4fiin^ turn intii vnur boeouu. 
An di>gn upfm iheir TDLatoFs, honjing you, 
Soo jou, my princeoj and ni_v iiitble prem. 


(-1 Fim ftillo. ft-^. 
■ AaitBM.nt ropml latfttign.] Thl bllB litii 

1 14 quflfUf " Aid nr. If UVO," 


[buhhe IL 

CUT hfflif apl OUT Inre was lo uvord 
tfl biui iHih ull jipfierdnenta 

■ Iv Ijia WrioiK i anil itiii luari 

■ B few li^hc i'n^nD!i» lit^lLrlj (ijL]^|iLrM, 
ecu uuV* ibii |ji-fh'Lict]4 Ljf FraitiT', 

tbvn- in llIuDptoa : lo ihi? vrLtclk 
it.' — ito ]r-^ tar haualj hound io Lte 
kuTiridgi- tt,^ Wli likuwiii.' inui-n- — il nt, O ! 
luiU 1 mj to (hce. Eur'I Sciiiip|k? thou crufil, 
M, *jitn^. ami inhuntan f.Ti'jinirc ' 
\M klidfli Leor thu key of aW my fljiuiAcli. 
iim'tt Ibe rerj boilimk nf mj A^tul. 
post mi^tal faaio cuincd ido ihEu goJiU 
\ Iboa luvH jinh-iis'J i.iiL iiil- fur Uij uie? 
be pdviblft lIibl foreign hire 
111 of than eirtracl ono "par It of evil, 
jffal BJiJiov mj finf^? 'tia so Binuigu, 
mugh ihi-- irutii of it abiula off n* grou 
I ffDm white/ mj &je vil] Bcnrcel^v kg it. 
unl inunlci eror kept (ogvllier. 
jf^B-dfliilA tmjjn lo mLher^B parpoBo, 
^ngnjulj inn* DBlural cqdh. 
mintun did not irhoop f it them : 
iA> 'gHEdt aU propomoD, didsF briirg ia 
t to wAiL OD (tBBKio Ukd oEi iniirdL*r : 
p|H»mr canninif liand it <fityt 
VDght upon il\vi: so (nupivt^roLuJj. 
Ittbu Toire ID buJi fur tiaiDeace ; 
m devil* (liAi fiDgr^fuL ]iy tmaawifi, 
h ud hanglp up duninL^rJuEi 
itohevi fioloon, uiJ with fomiA being fetched 
UftVnDg HmUjUKed of piel^ ; 
HimI temptrd ' Ihct, Eiouc thcii aUind ilji, 
!c no iurtaDfii wliy ihuu uhoulilnt do trviuioii, 
U Juh lbv4^ W|[J] [hi] Qama uf Iruilur. 
AiBAiiiniioD, Lliac Ii4[h guJI'd ihN ihiu, 
■ridi hd lioiL'guL walk ihs whok wiirld, 
fat Rtiirn to TMly Tml^kf ' berk. 
I ftff liigions— / cfln neiiep Toin 

kifl thou With juiduQnj iijfn.'leil 
■Cehhv trr>fliuhn'| Sluitr nii-n dMliTtiL? 
■0 didkt thviid Srvni f^OT gnvn sad 

bused y 
tdhbl L^ioii, CuQie Lhi:jDfnoL|D (iuiil[)i 7 
kifidA iLou^ Sti^iii Uii^j ivligiaiis? 
> JUd Aou. Or nru Qidv uporr in ilL-t, 

T*>ttp-| T>4tli, Tiirfw 

Free fmm groifl iHuaioJi, or gf mirth or auger. 
CoDsEfint in B\-\iit, nut nirpniiiii wiOi tto hlood, 
ODjniHh'd nnil duok'd in niodi^^t roEnplemonl -' 
Kot workifiy "nth the i-,?c. vitboul i\w rnrt 
And, hut Id purged judunicDt, truetiDg DeithfT? 
Such uid ™ rini'ly L»oii|(j-d illd^t ihov somn ^ 
And [hua ihj iall liELlh JE^ri a kind uf blot 
To murk tlm' riilUfraughL mnn, nTid best indued, 
With Bcme eUB|>ioiaD. I nill ndtp foi' thee ; 
For thU i**o]t ijf iLint'- ni^iljidlfa, 'u like 
AnnthpT faJI of man.' — Tlwir faulcf nro open, 
Arren ihera t<t the aiwwer of The law ; — 
And Gud aci^niL ihrm of Ehpij' pnccjuei 1 

riiR. T cuTPfttb«iif Lijrh nvoBun, hylhie aame 
uf Rii'hiu'Ll ['url uf Cwnbrid^'. 

I aiTEat thtc uf higl] ttT:jiAnii, by like dudd of 
Ilonrjt lurd SL'roop of Muhaiu. 

T flJTfiiE tlice of bi|{h Irea^jiji, l>^v ihi! imme of 
ThoiniLii Gi¥j, kuigbl, of XurlbumherUnd. 

Stitoof. Our purpoBfH God jgallj Imth dii- 

And 1 r^flt my fiuJl more ihnn laj donlhi 
"Wlilch T beucch jtuir liij^hneen In forgive, 
AlUiQugb mj hodj" pa; ibe prieu of it. 

(!*M. For Din,— thfl ^Id of Fmtice did bot 

AUhougb 1 did admil it oj d molife 
Tlie H»ner to cFFect what 1 iuU^mlul; 
[tut Olid ho thjuiked fur mvvi'nticio ; 
^^'hich 1 J ill ^ulferani's h«wlJlj vili tejoii^e, 
fieseccliiiL^- Olid Riid juli la pai'dun mn. 

GfeRv. Noirtr did fnitliful riHipjiKit more rejoico 
A I the diaifirvtrv uf niittt *\ajigeriuf trttDma, 
TtiD I da Bt this ham joj o'oi mjaeJf. 
PrereiiLod From a diiiun<!d enbdqjriEB ; 
M^' fbnlE, hull nut my bodv, [HiKb>ii, noT^rvIgn, 
K, Hbv. God jpiit y^iu m hii merej [ Hea^ 

jouT ieiiicace. 
You hnvc ootjspir'd ELgainst our ro^ul porvon* 
Joiu'd with an oiit:mj' [uvcbiim'd, ind fmm hifl 

KeceiT'd the golden «Eirn««l- of our death; 
^VLcreiu jdu would liavo fnld jdht kin^ to 

Hifl ])riii«'e lUid hii pee™ lo aenitude, 
Hi* BubjctrtB la qipix^ioD apd cai^tempt» 
And Ills *hirle kingdom iulu de.'iatatiuD. 
Touching Diir prnmn.flPDk wn im rnv{aige; 
Bui v;e uur hingdoiD'Ek Bufetj mudt sd tender, 

<•> Old Mn, -Vfef rt0V, Jt^ FinlMlD, ndM«, 

(It Fli»l TdLIii gnlli. r 

tuHl dnnulDiuTI}, m Ln Ihc iwrufil Inplinre, nrnly Eo IJu tuH 
tiid tiL^r*^* ilMplityil III ilrn'. Tfant, \i> a ante •\T thti^Enn'i 
iipwi ibt Ei'LftIr rrLDJ arr>l4lliJBU Luhl Jlurr^r, "Iiue Aj/tvnil 
lad thi QuEwBFd Aii]i«mitH Ir llmlFd Litaitm^mM." 

I ADfldiBrUl of DiAiL— ] Theimii1c«r lULitt^mi tiOD Iha 

II TiBVObiuiJ mqrdFf flw "ktl iDftUwfi' 

lEflJuiiTa, Il DmInDd lit t>1» q (LtTlLI. 


Aer il] 



Whme ruin yi» bive" Bongh^, Uifll lo hot lain 
We iIq dc-ljto- jfni. Oel j<iu t^iGi^ttrt- htuw. 
Poor muemhlc wu't^zhe^, la jour JtuLb : 
Tte tMle whereof, *j*d, of hia iTwrej» gira 
You (laljcnw to endure, aad trae tvpfaroncc 
Of all your Jew alTexiiwii ! -^ Heu llwiti hoice. 

UoWt lunla, fhr Fraucfl; ilie eiiUrpnae wbucv^ 

Wo dault nijL uf a faiJ and ludj t.'nr. 
Siate G"d ru graeiaut.lj haiJi lir4>Li^L]l lu ll^lil 
Thii dang^'^'is in.'B-iunH lurking in uur woVf 
T<f biijilei I}!!!' bcginnJDgB. Wc duubt not now, 
Silt DTery mil ih d[DlJ<rL^l(^d cn OMt v%y: 
T\icii UHilti. dcur i?L)uijEr)'[iiT^ ; let iia duUnr 
Oar puiaaDDCo irffl ibe brtnd 'it tloii, 
PuUm^ ]| fct7£isl't Jn eipodiiiEfn, 
Clecrlj lo Bea ; ihu bj^Iib uf wjiT inlran™ ; 
Nu Line; uf EDgUjbJ, if not k'lug ni Fraaee. 

SCENE III.— Loudon. Pator* Houa* mi 

Artier FiiroL, Uubuh, 3AJHnn-rfij Nth, obiJ 

Hmt. Pr^jthi^fl, haDdj-aireet huabuid. Lei rue 
briaj{ Lhea lo Stalnca- 

Fi&T. Xd ; fur iDj mBJilj heorl dutb jeom.^ 
Bordnlph, Ih LIkhe ^— N^m, rous*^ llij fniintiiig 
Tcina ; — [dead, 

BoJt brifilla dij 4.-i>ura^ dj>; — for FaJAL4fi' lio u 
And Wo [nii«l ji^nru llieref<tfo, 

Bftbu. Wmild I wi^re wltli IiEiUt whErcwRic'iir 
be is, eilbcr in bciven nr la Sell ! 

lIoftT. Nij, aure, h^^'i not in bed; hc> in 
ArUmr's b«uinT if fvcr mun wcnl to Arthur'a 
boioiti. 'Anuble nGnfri'iid. jind went ji^nyian IL 
lud been any chrkluiu ehild ;l^r 'b parted ered just 
between f^che and ono. even at the tarmag o'tho 
^Ao'A'^) fur after 1 enn htm fumble with [he aiieecn, 
ood jil&v wiib flitTTrrn, niid mw'di-- t[|hhi Iilb iingi-i-n' 
GDdipt I knew llierf Kaa bul one waj ^ for his 
noK voflAfl ahorp aa a pen, ouil 'a tiah)»[ed of green 
fielda.' Hoai nou, ftr JoAit 7 qunUi 1: uiliat, 
man t le o' i/ntrd rAasr. Sa 'ii aricO out— f?oJ, 

I't PIni UkD DiDJU. !»■. 

(O pint Mift "Mir 

> Jmd '■ Intililed □/ ^th^ Jlrldt I fn Fh? hllEi,^"1i1i n«a 
VII M iliBTpp M I f<b, iiDLL > riqfJj at pmnc fields." Tim 

BDBTfS* TWTB P^mpl) . " Kli Beta v^±mt ahHTp ■* H OK^." Tfino- 

hU'i bm«i 'iiicr'lHlirr ol '"» tmHlnl o* ffnietitt," ho* ibp* 
ItaeQina ID GHupIn Uli I |>Hn Hif lb* ui[, ibil no iilllqr vLlE r**r 
bivf iA» iRurrLLT u abplm JIl Thii mLJortBi* mt Popv, Elicn 
(On, ihAi " Auble al |mn nald>,""H ■ iU|»>11r«1liiB Tor Itr 

BI^Krt}-laA[], llfltaai QD »a|>paHEd In Ib DULDd f2'rMJH-l,) In 

Uir I lUila Kwll uL] lIh luflv— " ■ Ubli Df amDOBld > i " uiil 


God, Gild! [Jin?^ar four tiiaefl: DD4l,rD 
HiJi,bid him.'aihonld not ihiixk of Gofl; Ik 
iLerc wcu no need to trunble hiniKlf with odt rui 
thiiuglitfi yn : BO, *& bode mo kj iuor(> elutbcA 
hiA feet: I puL lay bjiud mU tbe bed^ and 
tbem, Bnd tbcf were ns eold na imj Hione^ then! 
fell 10 hit knee*, uid id upvud,* and upwud, 
jUI wu u cold m uiy A^>ae. 

Kyu. T^ify baji liu med oat of Aod^. 

HuflT. Aj, llmT "a did. 

Babti- And of women, 

HofiT. Hb.;, ifaM 'a did noL 

Bor. Y*a, thai, 'a did; and ta^A, ihej 
dcvita iDPunuiltt, 

Host- 'A wudd neTer abide camatuMi: 'li 
■ mkjur he nerer liked. 

Bit- 'A Hid ohoQt tbe deWL WDoId haib 
About hiimcn, 

HiHT. "A did in «ni« sort, Indeed, 
women: but th^n be wuj rhfamiilia;" nod 
of thi^ wbujc of Babj'loD. 

Bo\', rPo you pot rcnLunil>er, 'a bqw a &a 
upon iWdirtpb^B noK, and 'a tjud, it Wfti 
§Diil bnmnjf In heilf 

EAjot, WcD, thf^ fuel a ^ooe iW mipiiEaa 
tkitfiroi ibfli'e all fW rii'lwp T^t in hio 

Nvu. Shall HI' ghogt tliEi kin^ vUj bo 
from Soulhftmpinn. 

Pi5t. Cc»uie, let'd AWAj. — M/Iore, ^Tffto 

Liink Ed inv ebiUb^h, ami mj mavablee ; 
Lot H'Uft» mle ; the wordf a, FiicA it'uf pay;* 
Trwt nona, lot oAllta woe atrnn, nuu't faitJy 

And Lold-fost ia iho only dec;, mv duck ; 
Therefore, caw/o bj thj ojuowJIor. 
Gfl, cle« thj crjauU, — yDte-JeUoin b uma. 
LetiuUiFmncfi! liku hnr>e-l<^ecbea, mjr bojit 
To Ai]ck.T to aur^, Lha very btood to tuck 1 

Boy, And thpt id but unwholetome fdod, dnj 


FiKT- Touch her eoft moDlHi vid tanrth, 
BuLD. Forewf^, hoatcru. [Xkniay ir,3 

Ntv- 1 CAonot kiH, that 'a llw hunmui of Ai 

bul idieu. 

PjHr- Jjet liODactt'iferjr tppewi koep dote, 

diDD eommnnd. 

Hoar. Ffuewd^ » flJien. fj 

(■) Finl ^tllD. vppw'ri. 

(Ih FfarfDUD, ■■'U- 

"tTt CCA* ■» H ibaip Al A |p«r an ■ l|E4t l/l grvtt/f 
> iTjiirlLfQnWtff.] W» hmalifj tlif '< f — ih™ Qntity » 

« hTcIL axd^ff,] AalDVntiLiI H^IbE. niBITMlnlVaB' 

•pi Alltwrrr-" fiBm uf Lfaa utd llW» nf Htmg*— IUmH, Pf 
lA^i, " *u IbHl B |fn^ b B«iJ br iMD Ofen of cvht liillil 
ClullLfur prl'Jti-f." TUbB.iJI b|i i1ri[Tt|imi bT *"F" ml. '^ 

m^^rEprniliBm i>rl] mtj itrm UdtvIL, 



-FruACc. A Soom in th^ Fnnch 
King*' Patoft. 

£iNa CnABLRR, affetuied; the 

Hu «aH ilia English with foil 
opon iu, 
imivfnlly it kift ronccma, 

>lb« diiket of Bi-ITT, nnA nf Brelflflnc, 
Ul» sod of Orlifims, itiafl innltP furth, — - 
, pnoce Duphiii, — wiihAJ] ewifi: dtspUcb, 
Bit naw nepur imr li^irnn uf war» 
ID flf coungTi and mlli mmna ilcifrin^luil ; 
(ud hii appifachcd tnikkt* u ficiui:* 
n hi tli^ BuelL.m^ k-if & gulf, 
ihEn bi bp as |ii4ivjili'Tit 
BIT (each 09, DuL of lolc emmpld 
thfrbtaliiHl n^lecie*! EngllBP, 

My mnat rodoiiblcd fatbur, 
wH oita ai ^j^uinnt tint fo^ ; 
shouljl EiDi ao djU a kiii^JuTEi, 
aa aa kaown quQJTcL» woro in 

I, raiiBd'm, pirparfiriniis, 

laiDiain'J, msacmblcd, nrid o^Elccu^d. 

tW in upecUlioEi. 

[J VT. 't u meet VQ all ^ forth, 
sjcl ojiil (•■t-iAm purt- nf FnjiCe ; 
lit da L| iriLh eii> i<hrjw itf Ti'Jir, 

RD Dioiv, Uijui if vc liDArd thjiL Kngluid 
oixl iriili B \S~hitaDD moiri J-i^nncc ; 
putd llpgv- <ha ia r4o jdlj kiog^d, 
Mm so fonlastifHllj baiTir 
s, ^ddj* fihalla". humnroDs y<nil^p 
f abeUB ha uoi. 

10 peace, princfl DatLphin E 
mocli tnistnLpu iq ihit^ ^mj;- 
I4 yonr KrtOe, the la(p nmbuwivln'r^T — 
jikE gTM3 *lati? be hpard ilirir rnibjuaj. 
D sipphed nilh ndbln? couii^Uaifi, 
l^Cal in tifvpllon, and, nilbal, 
T(Ua io dnulaaL re-sulutiurt^ — 
laluUl find, liU vtin^lu'!! Fun-aiii'nt 
It theiruuidf irfilii' Koniim Knilus, 
( JtiscTptiao Willi a cut of Tiflij ■ 
HhTQ da ffjdi arJuTo hide iLiino rooEs 
kit fint DpHu^. and Uu luOhL diiLiunU'. 
Wfll» 'i ift Dot BO, mj Idii] high [MHitfablB ; 
think it », ii is nn mjittcr : 
[ddfnec, 'tis but to n^igh 

t >4tu< Dtfjbdif Vlillrl'llDTI,— 1 Wf thnU, 

Thi? onainj uum mij^htj tlian Iffi ii^emt) 
Su ■}]« propiitijints uf JiJo[kL?e ore till'd ; 
\VliIi:ti, ol' Q ^reak and ciggnrrirj pnijcplion, 
Dulh. like & niLK^, apoU hia coot, njlh ftaallixg 
A ]itl]f< eTiHh. 

K. CiiA. T^Ljnk WB kiiLE Hanjr atrvag ; 
And, prinCkm, Iu^jEl ym ^AnmgW uin to moet tum. 
The kindred nf him hpirh l»wik flcth'd npon us ; 
A nd hf LP bri>d oni nf chat blai>dj ed'ainr 
TIiqL hniinlcd u» in "iir Fqn'llior padu : 
Wiuii'wi our tito— much niciiii>rablc ah am?, 
IVhfln Cressy hiUile fntfliW was otrurk, 
And aU oar prinas captir'd, hj (he hand 
or ihathWliiinta^, Howard, hlai^kjirincQ of M^aleA; 
^Tbilefl tljat hig mninilam" nlm, — no pjrjQUiJiin 

Blared] i]g, 
Up Id the air, nwn'd wiih the golden ian, — 
Ban Lift bE<n>ieal seeti. and iOiWi] tti AM him 
Man;;lD llie work uf aalure, nod defa4]Q 
TW' ^khlltTiifl ilmt bj Oud and liy Fryncb faLht'ca 
ITad Ivprttj v^'am been made, Thia is rL BLcu 
Of diftt vicUrinu? ilock ; mid let gn &ar 
Th^ natJvo tuighliaeAB aad fate of hiin. 

Sniei- a Mnfleugiir. 

Mef^p AmharinidLin ffiHn HniTj klag of En^- 
ih, era^-e admittanec to jciur mojeotj, 
K, L^iLi, Wu'll giTc tlii^JD present audionvcp 
Gn* and bring them. 
^I^xeiini Mt'osengpr and ecrlain Lorda. 
yjm eee, tbin ohaw is holJj fyllo*'!!, fricTLda. 
DiL~. Turn hijjid, and ninp pnraait: fur Mhvord 
Mrm Bpcn J ihcir maulhs, nben whml ibej seem ta 

Riina far hefnrc Ihcm. Qoorl mr ecvcroign, 
Take up the EngliaK ibart, aad IcE tbcm knOV 
or nhaL a monartbj jou a» Ths head ; 

tielf-Jote* my liege, ia not twf vile a aln, 
A^ aclf-ncgleeEing. 

JU-miff Lords, ifiriV Eibtir and irtm, 

IC Ciu- From dlit brotbar of England ? 

Em- Fhiih h'lTii-, and tbua bu gret'ta jouf 
Hp wills joiL, in the naiac [>r God Almigblj^ 
That jQU di*G5t jtmrailf, anJ laj apart 
TI10 borrowed j^lniief, lliat, bj ^-ift uf b?aVE?D, 
By lnw of niiUtrr' ftiid of naiiona, long 
Ta hjm, and to hia heirH; munoly, lliu crowu. 
And all vride-BCrcldtcd bonoara Ihut pertain. 

^ HflOEiUln ifa4— ] Thrqbali nnoaird, V^nVlDf iLn. 

AflT LLl 


Uula Uii] CHWD of Praihv. That ji;u mnji know, 
*ri» lid NniikT. nnr no nwlfward' tlaim, 
Pick'd from tha wonn-lm!e* of ionp-vanwli'd daj4» 
fdot FroiD Lbd diut of oU nbltviori rMJc'd. 
lie eondi j'ju ihi^ mosl iDE^moiiJilti IIih,^ 

Id eT«j brBneti tmt? dtTiion*tnitl»e ; 
Willing jDii, uverlojt tliiit pi'di^rrrc. 
And, wbm jou linH hira .'iwily d<?rii^J 
Ftod bJt □u'fl' Fbiei^i] of fojDoiLi na«?i|on, 
Kdwiird tlie third, he bid* vuu Lbtn jhjcii 
Ydut cruwrj and kiiiLrJuin^ iuJirccllv liolii 
Frirai him tbr- noiivt and Injp fJaJlunger. 

Kr CnA. Oreliu' what foUowi? rcjown 

ExT^ U|ood_T con'trainf : for if vol hide the 
Etqq in youx lieul*, ihviv wiU Jte rokp fur it : 
'ITiercfire jo fioire tcuijK*! jii be LHjniin^, 
lu ribUiiilLri ariJ lit f^unliqirnkv, ][kc n Jor^ : 
(That, if rcqairinp fj-il, he will I'Oluiivl ;) 
And Hda jouh in thtiboweJo uf iIip Ijnd. 
DifTivtT Dp iLi! myna, uud ta laic m(;rv} 
Op [hi? pyuT BOuJ*. fvt *liyiii ihia hnn^rj wnr 
OpeoB hi9 vulj jflwa : anit on j^ur head 
Turning the widowA' wai?, die urphune* cri#, 
The d^HduiLiuVtiEiMdrlhe trioLDg' ma! tLtifi' gr cuinn , 
For buaLandfl, foth^rn, unil botfoiheil to^i-pi. 
ThLi Rholl be BWoJlonM in ihia cojktrcira^j. 
TluBubifli^Uiiii, hUUircjiL'EiiiigpBndiDjnmugp; 
UnkfA iho Dauphin br ji> prefenco liore. 
To wh-nn eiprmlj I tring ^fraling Ion.* 

K. Cns. For us, ire will oon^der of (Itu 
To-iDEnTDw hLaII jcni hoar our full hiEt^t 
Book to Dur brother of En^oud. 

Hae. For ibu DairphrD, 

' Maliif-) Oe Ihfe miaiUit , Hnrdh^ ">nv| " 
^OrWHf Ha] Tbuilb»iur1tM, Oitlblln haJ*, ■■eiv'tlDi 

* HuU aJlIiIb |ib|v livedo,—] OlU* U lian at|ila)erf in In 

\wcai ft. 

I^roud here for him ; what (o him frora EiipluJ* 

Eeb. Smm md d?fiutcei iligld r^ud'. rst- 
And uj' thing ihaE niAj not ■nAbf<orue 
The mightj- &cndnr, dn^ he prin? you m\. 
Thu» wjB mj ting : an if ^vour fkth^'B tigboM 
Dd not, in gnuit of ^1 dpoi&ndi AX lorfCh 
Swi.'ett'n the bitttit oiDck vdu s-bx hu m^aQ) 
He'll enli you to io hut im ajwn^ oTitt 
Thai atei and trombj rauha^^ of l^nnre 
SJird] chide • jour trtBjiMB, ii^ retuni joui Pack 
Id Ai>roDii jK'-:ent of bis vrdiuiuw.' 

Dau. Saj, if mj father rmdep fuir relurn, 
It u ogAiuji my v,-\]\-. fnr I d^iir 
Kotliiiig hut Diid4 ^LTh Eu^nud ^ fo that fd. 
Aa matf^in^ b) his juutL and vaiutj. 
I did preHnt bim wilh the Pajie faallt. 

ExB. HeTl moke jour Parifl Luotw bI^i fri 
Wem it (ho njjfl[it!Ba-«oiirt gf nqst^ EonpA; 
And, tv auor'd, jouNZ fim! a di£faa«, 
(As ne, hia eul>j«tfl, have in muider fbundt) 
Between the promiHi of lu* gnxinor ilajt^ 
And thiiio hi- moiitfr^ nn*; ddw he velghj tie 
E>eTi U> (lie utmoat ^;raia ', thai you sh^ nJ 
In jTrar own lo*a«i, if bt- •loj la Ftmnm. 

K, Cba, Tu'Juoitow ahaU you koov oar 
at full. 

Eu. Dpjg^uEfli OB with ail ipoed, kA ^ 
Come bere himiiBlf U quealiDii our dolaj \ 
For he ia fiioLod in (his land almdjr^ 

K. Cuji. You HhnU be w»n dcopatc^'d. 
fair FODilitioiiB : 
A night ia but "qiaH brealL> Bbd tittle ihuh^ 
To JUiAwer miiLleiB of Lhifi oitniir'iijcnjXi. \£i 

diHLkir«iiLtriirr*tiii'liid i^gtivd. « trbo. 

r OfdlnuiBB.] Thii nuTJ^tnilr tph Lril Jbmdr, i 
«■ <r«MfP» IfriD UtE nWrfl rrqvijnt U Ev ba bra»Di 


i imogiQ'd wing our swift Kene fliw, 
r no \pa ccl^Lv 

t£ ihoughL. ^uppcHC, lltBt viJU \invc 

poinlnt tinjj at Ilduiploii* pier 
firTahj ; and Llh Lravu flii^^ 
RjTJrjh'rHl^t ji>un^ Fliii'liua fnnmag.-f 
MiT (uirin l ami in (hem hohuTd 
ropni Ucklei ship-boja diiiLbmij^: 
rill whindfli wliicli Jrilii ordiT give 
DnIWd: UdLuU iht^ thmdcn miIh, 
Ibo invisible and creepup: ah-ind, 
IgB botuma itiau^li Lbp fumjw'd wn, 
c hhy anr^D. O. da bul rlilrikj 
ban Iht rivngi',' niid hthi^lHl 
E incwKitiiiil bilkiWi dunciii^ i 
jrt tliw IliH-t nijij<-«[i4;aT, 
I lymnc t-j nm-Heur. Kulln*, fullow! 
r minds !d at^'mnpc "* vf tliia navy i 
EitgUnJ, on dL-rtJ imduiglkl. nLJU, 

'Oibiil. The •H'EI* nBEan^qif^ptl 

GuBTiJed wiih ^^nuidfliree, bnlneB, uid oJd vamea, 
i£itEii?i' |>u(. or iiol nniv'd [o^ pifli anJ pmfibiuice : 
Fur ivIlu ia ho, nliriM? clilii ia but i^nnfli'd 
Wiih fiiitf ji|ipi!Bnng hnir, ihol will inji TnHuw 
Tht*^ cullM and cboice-di'flwn carnliem to France? 
Woil, Work, ipDur tbtJughu, and llii'reiii afe a 

Biegc : 
Bthold tbc^ oidnan'M' nn Oii^ir mrrlagD^. 
With fnul muutba gnping on ginleJ JlarQsur. 
Siipjio^ tlio mnboflflador from ihn French L^ainoe 

burb : 
Tell* Rflrrj — tiinl. Hn- Itinj^ dflih after him 
KailiATine his daiii^hLi^r i adJ witb hnr, lo di>wty, 
^4'nK* p^'Fly niiij iiiiimoA Cable diitE'domB, 
Tlie rjJfiT lilir'? TLOl: aod Ihn nimbjp ^nner 
^'ttb iJDatovk. Qon the deviii^b ra'aDoD tDTk^btft, 

[Al'irutt : iiitd rhrfaliera go of. 
And dovn gD» all btfoMi ibi'ni. Slill bo kind. 
Anil tlffl Mil our tii^tfanuancx! witb your minJ. 


vlih Dor ntd hrLrun, qliliuiiilL ihl> U IliD onl)' LdiUdh Ef lEi 
omtmnn ir I11iikr<i><nrr. 
D T> iivfim^v >/lil If HBVf J rp Lta rlfffoff, u raBri', orDlB Pan. 

aCE>':E: I,— Fmcce. fi^/bn? HflrfpLir, 

AhrumM. Enter Kino Hprfflv, EiKTJ<Ha, Brtn- 
FOQD) GLorcmiTiui, and Soldien, reitft 

K. Hen. Ouca mfire nnto tbo breach, 
friends, Olirv iDDEG ; 
Or clow tLp wflil up wUh our En^-linh ilnd ! 
In pvjvTir [|i[Tc'& nullijp^ %o becamira a nma, 
Ab miHlrat 5lillni!fi.° and buroiljty : 
But vhon tha LEaat bf vnr blun^ lje our ?Vb, 
Thru imL(a[« iha 4u:t[Eiq f jf [|iH ll^T i 
StHoci tliD autcirb. dudiidod* up iho lilooil, 
Dingubi- fair nalnn] wiih lianl-ftToar'd rage ; 
Then loud tho pye a lerritJe upM ; 
Let It pry liirDDgh ^lil• jmrti^' of iha hoHi, 
XiLs t}j^ Jn'UM Cluinmi ; lot rlio brcpv a'prwliulin ii. 
Ah rmifjUj oa dnih a grJIod tor^ 
O'primnj and jiitlj'' hia confounied^ bfue, 
Swill'd with tUo wild bjhI wD&birul ih.'wij. 
Now le-X ihii Eeelh, Jind streli-h tho niHtril wide : 

^ Juily— ] ^^D^fEi.ri.rBiif, 

Huld Knrd iHe Itiuitli, uiil bii]i1 up E^rcrj tpiril 
Tnf]ia full hnj^rliU — On, -m.yuu iialiie' ^^Uj^IlbL.] 
Whose \i\qoA i?. tei'* frrmi frtihrr? r>f waT-pruaf !- 
Fuheifl ihcttt liki- 40 inpnv AIesiiikJi-E4, 
Hare !n eHltj^' pott* ficm nioru lill i^VL^n fuurbu 
Ami E^beaLh'd thi'tr iiU[>ri1^ror]Dcli iM* ju^^imcDT ?- 
DiahonQoir not jour morhora; dj>w ohhc. 
That those. <f ham jati i-bII'iI farhcrs. did 1i#^ , 
]la copj new lo mciit ot gitiiULT hlooct. fji^qnii 
Ami loutU thohi Imw Ii} wiir! — And jou^ 
Whnsc Ikmbi wcro maik' In t!ng;riiiiJ. thoA id hen 
The mettle ofjOLir po^Eiire: 1^ ai nrnr [nut; 
Tlmt ifou ore wjhrili vour bn-i-dlug-i »rhicli I dw^ 
Pur thtTA id nfinu ^>f yiiu an meun and bwc. 
Thai hiLih nor nol>la luiiro in yooF ejes. 
I «ee juii alAUil like grojhtnmiLi in tliir aUpSt 
Strni^iiny;- Lipun iJi.- ninri, THp giirao's afooftj 
FoHljw jrmir aytint: lutil. upon diin chiirg?, 
C^ — God for Han7 ! EngJand and 
George ! 
\_Eiruni- A^anim; and rhattth^t •jn 

in Did Elpr, 5*r]jL-0. 

< ruv w.^Hi j< rtt— ] ^Mi>nt4ii^-iilT""*it4 In Qtf 
pOTlii »llilhEL>viJelfkli>i'liiD AluU-SUrHi ipA/IhI-Iu, la 







- T 











SCENE II— rAfi*™*. 

icr; tAfli enjer Bahdolfb, I^th, 

I. Ou» db, QD, on, M ! fo tlw liteach, ta 

I^j thp«, mrporol,' Q^Jr thi? bD^mka 
hH; Mid. for mine own pert, 1 h*TP nol a 
FIfta: Lhe huTuour of it ■■ (00 hoL, ibitl ia 
'fkio-vuiif^cf it 

Tlh- |jluD-HQg ia mwt jutt ; for hnmoure 

roald t iTLTe in ui olvbaiuc b LaadoEi 1 
give iil^ mj £Bmfl fur n pul nf niir, arjil 

J/ ifWt^t uo^d pm.'aii uifA mr, 

Ud Jj iv( /fj<' AiA au!! 


llktr ttoilit I hit. 


AfeTci ^«A ting an m^JL 

AitH<p««;L-|BMBDUi'i,p jt 

Ff.0. Goi'i ploodt^ — Up bj tbe pruacb, jroa 
doj^b [ Af JlUdt, jLtu CDUiubfl I 

[Drivijiff them foneard. 
PtOT, BDrucm1a],^F'e4tiJuliQ,* toDLenof Diouklt 
AbuLt lUj rage, olaln thy ideidIj rage 1 
AbaLr llij ra^. gtuU diJke ] 

(JiHid bu'^cix'k, bnte ihj rngo ! uuu leDily^ swcfft 
diupk I 
Nth. TLc9o Iw guott bamoun 1 — jour honour 
nlm bod fauiooura^ 

[£jrunC Nvu, PutoL, ta\d Bakj>olph, 

BoTf Ah youDg Aa I uii, 1 bivo oWrFfrd LbcAB 
thn-D HwnttmTfl j' 1 em boy Lo them aJl Lliree : but 
^1 Utfij cltrvc, tbojgh thej huuJi] Berre ma, li^uIlI 
not hG man Tii mo ; For, iJkdL'url, Ihri^ »iJch fu^tin 
do noL Funounl to d iooo. Fur Hnrdolph, — hir ifi 
iihile-]i»erwI,jmdreJ-fflc«l! bj tko mflaa^ wbcrcof. 
'a fdcci ill ihuL, buL fij^hte [jol^ Fur PiaEul)— 'ha 
hnlli a hdlinc^ tunguL', onJ a quiut award ^ bj ihfl 
nwaiu whDitur *a breaks HirnSa, llihI kui-pa whoU 
vuupotifi- For Nynii — bi? haib baoril that mm of 
ftw vonlii ore tha bunt EUtin ; 4Eid Ehorofarc h« 
eoomf lo eay hid prsvi^n, Io£e'd bbuiJd bti l]i<>LL^bl 
QCDword: bnl biei few bad worda OJU nmJehcd with 
aa fow good doada : for 'b oDvet bLt4ia any maa'a 

4 Doli'tnk'wf 1 [hiilrLr4|]nili»ni1]n,pnilnlLTHiln«Iri»riJM 
AeElJac. I. •.1L. SHral>{1».p-Bfl1, Vl^. I 

- GrUlduhD.— ] QlUE '■il.''T', 

f B«kilin»Ll fwaftmrt. Krawidii'A Idl 


IDT m.] 





hejid bill tUA uwn: and LhFkt «a£ agiEiiuL b p(#U 
vlum ho wiifl drunks Thcj' will stuxl uj Lning. 
Aad call it» — jiuichut. l^udclph itfh- t lute- 
uow, Lnra iL twiilru Iis^cfl, imil buEJ ii fft Lhrt4 
lial^K'iti^^ KyTh ULil Darili»l]ih nrc Kwitni bruLltcn 
in dldbtng: and in Cnluia Llii-v bLuIo u Hit) ^fiOKiJ: 
I koDir bj that pin.'c of srrricVp ibo mfli wuuld 
cnnj doali/ Tbej moeJI have uju w fiuuiliAr with 
mnt'ft jHictiils, oa Lbeir ;;3Dve* or ihcir luui^lkcr- 
chfru; ttlLii-'Ii iiuks4 rucich p^iiit my nuuihood, 
if 1 Hfaould lake fhiiti nik^iEliVn podiet, to put into 
mine ; for U ia pEiun pockeling-up of wrungs. I 
dlubL LeavH th^<i]i, uii] t^^k eomu b^ncr iorrice : 
thfir vitlAiiij ^ta o^ainsL aiy weak BLuEnacLi, uid 
Lberdum 1 miiat ciiflli iL up. [^Srtt Boj- 

Gow. Cuploiii Fh]pll<.'n, vim nmut cQinc prc- 
gentlji t<i Ibc ntiuea; fJuf duke of GIoufcbUu' wuiUd 
ipf ak with jmi, 

Fl-U- To ibe miiie» ! tell ;:^u the iluke. !l ia rwt 
■o pioi \o Cdm'? lo tliu lolniH : for, luok 5D11, the 
EaincB is not vmrding to the tZispirilinGa uf tho 
war; the omHiriiica of it li not ^officicnt; for, 
look jou. th' 4lhvfriiarir (ruu idqj iUbcuh imlo tho 
duko, lonk jou,) 'u dij^ bimAalf fnur jard under 
ibe cn<jqteinilnp«: ^ijChctTiu, T tliiuk, *a will pFaw 
up all, if ibere Is niil pt-lu^r dJnvti^^fia. 

Gov, The dukf of GSourester. to whom the 
onkr of Llic liegc a ^ri^n, 11 nllo^her dltHtHd 
kj an En-hmon, a t«t vnlioaE g1.11iLl4.qn1m, j^fnilh. 

Fld. Jt ji A|irun Mocmunis, i* iL iuie? 

Goir, i t}iiiik It be. 

Flct. F; Cliu^hu, lie IB nil na, u ia the'uHd: 
T will wnff BiJ much ■□ bis pi4rd : ho boe du more 
dilfvEioii^ in t\n' lnui dLHiipLnca uf (]i4' wam, Euuh 
Joj, of ibeKornxp iliicipliricB, ihim \f, a puppy -dog. 

(jow. Ilara 'a comea ; and iha Sl>o1i captJUD, 
optaiii Jamy^ inth liiuj, 

Flc. CitplaLn Jarny la d. marv^lluufi blannitt 
gcnTk-mnri^diat LSOTlaiii ; aihI uf gmt elpeditioD. 
tuA know^edg^, in the aiiDcieDt wars, upon lav 

EorilLLilar kDo^lo^go of h!i dLrccliirn»: pyChiBbii, 
e niti munlniik liin arguniii'iiE oa wolt u uny ii|l|l- 
(arj man in tbe world, in ihu div:i|]]iqei uf the 
pTHtJiK- won of the Romiuiq. 

Jaht. I Mj, ^de-day. cap^iu FlueDtii. 

FlD. God-doL to your «farHbip, gixjt captain 

Gow. How now, cap[Ain Miu^niomi T have jou 
quit the mina ? hDTe tba pEUnwragiTL'D o'er? 

■ CkFTTfUll ] SH IIdId [»\ iL llfl, Vrl. 1. 

b VAa'hfe aPt-H/'i^F tr,] Ur. EUpllE ILlf fHlli Ibsl b} a bbuI' 

BOJ miAioJifl ui prinUHfl, the Hnhd Dud Ehird llnfl* mr Hvii- 
pAtedi uiil EhU imndiilil ivhJ,— " U'lin ULti ilE ql^ nkilon, iib ■ 

Mac. Hy Chricili U, dflh ill dnne^ dwwofk hh 
give DTiT, tbt trumpul Koand the prtruat. fiv mj 
baud, 1 twfor, vjd mj fiUhu^i aoiif. Ok ^oA iali 
01 dime ; it ith give ofur : I would hate Llowifd up 
tho town, M Chriab huto nm. In, in nn btav- O, 
livh iU duUGr tJah □! diHte; by tnj hand. List ill 

k\v. CaptflJQ ^{■cFlK■^Ti^ 1 peiwcfa you now, 
will juu mulAafe Joe, lojk juu, b few dispntadim 
with jon, as partly Inurhitig or cmwniiag 
diBi?iplMi^-t of tbu i*ar, iho Roiuim Kai-^, m tht 
of irguioeDl, look you, and friendlTcmmi 
partlyp la ntisfy mj opiu)i:i|], and porUj, lor 
BaTlslaL'tLDnp Inok j'oUt dT my inind, na tuucliing 
dinjclioTiofthifTi;iliiiiryiJ"in['i|iliiii-; Llmt inihp 

J411T- It »l] In: Vi^ ^'le. giiUtr ft'iUi, 
capiaidB haiih: nud I nail i)iul vuu wLih 
leip. aa I may pick oci'fl^ldn ; ihnt aall 1, morj. 

MAf!. It Jidi ait time to diaonrac, -u Chnd m 
mv: thi^da^iBbbotpOndlhe w&athcr.and the 
and the kiogt and Ihu dukca : It ihh 110 timL- ta 1 
COUTH. The town i.sh bftkrt.H:h'ilH iind Um' trofflf 
call ua li] 1^0 linuk-b ; and wc talk, aad, hrCbiidi,] 
du buttling ; tiah ihanio for OH all : t> 0<f\ »' dv^J 
lab ihaicne to itfiud BLiEl ; it ish abaoii:. by my luu^; 
and there Eifa tfamaca En 1^ rnU nnd vitrka U 
dooo^ uid ihvK yi nothing dune; « Chriab 
mn, la, 

Juiv. By the raoip, eiu (heiiv oje? of 
lalcG lh«Lnn.']vefl Eo alumbcr, oik' do ^idti »:r 
orailflligf^t j^tbLtgrund for it; ay, DrgcEodoik' 
ajiiE ailc JJay^t a? Tftloronalj u 1 ^nay, ibat lai 
Aun-Sy do, that U ibe breffond the long : 01117^ I 
wad fiitl liiin heard noinc qui^iioit 'iwimn jou fiiiy- 

Flu. C'jijkiaiti Monuoms, I Ibink^ look yan* 
imiler yonr {nHreatJon, there ia not mur of 

Mac. Of my nation? WhotiAh my uodont a 
atilhun, and a hoatard, ntid ■ knaTe, and itruni' 
WItnl i^h my nation ? Who lalkji nf my nation' 

Flu. Look yoj, if jon tdce the ruhU^ ot 
wise than is moant, rapiain Nfaeiaitrrit. pcradioi' 
lure. I thall lliink yirn ilo not uh mc with ihaC 
afTalirlity na in diBiiretinn ran Dtight to uh du* 
look yoa ; pdng u goot a man dj yoninflf. bsd>- 
ib the diKrplinefl of wqra, and in ihn ilori'vadon (^^H 
tny pirihT und in otbEr puticiiFarilJi.-j. ^| 

MaO' I do not know yaa "a ^nyid a man a*- 
njiKlf: BO Dhriih >av« mt, I will cut off yous^ 

Gov. Gentletadu Loth* you will mi^tfi^p. 

Jahv. An I that'i & foul ftiilt. 

[J jvr^ey ■puwTbT— ■ 


qdlliul«ud«il|aB]EaUi]irk Ibv lapUnilir aE ib* ^pnbi. 


Gmr. TliP Iftwn itnund? n parfpj. 

Vt-v. CkpUun Maan<iETif, wJipq there is more 

I pe w polj as ID tell }-iiu> T know dio dttc^jilifm of 

8CK?4^ in.— n.f iflpif. ^,ybrr fA* Goto 0/ 

Engh^b /fl^fift htlaif. Enter Xisa IIepht, 
and hii Tiriin. 

K. Hm. Hnw jel rcsobfis the gotomor of the 
TTusii Ihe bt»l pArle ov wpl ai^intl: 
ThLivftuFH tf our luTt irtTcj givu ^Dimcl\<9» 
0|. Ue tn mm proud tJ iV'^CTuClion, 
Ih^ ns ED oar wonl: far, u [ am a Holiiier* 
(\ TibD^. thmt, in nij ELrji]g}ir>. Eii-oomcfi mo b«T,) 

l»ill iidI \iA\i- ilic ]in]f-ni:]i!^ved JZarflear, 

tni ID hflr 4*Ke* tf,e liv biiiieJ. 

TWni»<rf EoOfj alijilk Loall shut up, 

i«i dw flafth'd ioklhur, nmgh anJ KimJ of hcnrt, 

hljlnljof bkioiif hand. ^n[] tvij^ 

Viib roiudCDn wvJe u bL'lI ; mnuiiLg lilio groBb 

Tmb^-furiir^ng, nod jour ttiimTrng infartp. 

■ tvl u ii thi^ tt, mi', if Lmpirrun war. 

Krrsy'd in finidt?., like lo thi- priniv of lirnda, 

K "IJi hia ^miirtiM iXiEniilcnion, all fcU fcals 

lla^^d 10 vaete Bod dt^^rmjan ? 

Vtal o\ I0 me, when joti yuund'O are cauw, 

If fBVpan DuIJeiu fall ii]t<j llic hanil 

Of bn Bid foreing Ttolarlon '^ 

WBMRiii au hold liPCEiEiniji wiclcfiCaeH, 

Wta iamn tlie hill he hr^s hla fiercQ cJitccr ? 

^EDnT u bODil«a4pond our Tain cnmoiunl 

yfoa thf mragfl] voldier? id iteir api^l. 

ii md pnwejM v iho LrtiTialhao 

Ttnmeubai*. Tlw!»farf', jac men of HnrHeur, 

I«k* pilf 4if jdnr [own, and of jaur people, 

'"All** jrt mv ^qMIctb arv iu mv corunLiuid ; 

Vlib jn ihir ciiol ftJnl iciuperBTe wind of gVtfJ^ 

vMlow* ihe £]dij ud ooau^-imia eloudn 

Of drMlj * murder, tpoil, uid riUiunj. 

U IDC, whj» lEi a nioment. lytk to »fc 

ftabtivl unci ItJoodj Roldier, with foijl bond, 

lUvf tbe Iwki of your shrill -aLiiok in^ daughlors ; 

IvlUbn laken \rj iLo illvor lx.iirda, 

iadthbrniadH-i'^aviul hvad^ djieh'd tutim walla; 


[f) Old Irtl.OMlrr. 

' iK fem b •> ■•J I ni* tCFlir 1F^ 'VU EaJ'Llljl tit In bE 

^^* 'T'~TrT-m I"]"".!' '~ "-'— iniii , <au I ri hold] r 'Ul I n hr 

* l*[r1iBl1H[ PdVE|i)4D li*T l"^J »"l|Pr III" I ll^t ^nlBB' glb- 

Your nakLi] iofani? BpifU'il npon [likm, 
"Wluleo iLn mod inoLfaiTs wiili iIilIt hawln confiia'd 
Do broik tho oltnids, aii did tfic wi^Lfl of Jowrj, 
At Hftod'H bloody-Lunlin^ ?]iiQghtfniir>D, 
WTuit injf jonf "ill VDU yl-fU). ud this aroid? 
Or, ^Liillj !□ defi^Dijn, bo ibut dtztrjj'd? 

QriT-. Oiir EMpviJLiilion lialii tLiia day an end : 
Tin? Dnuphin. wlirmi cf uncponra wo fntiwitfd, 
It^Htunu Hi — TbM hia powera are jel not rendj 
To raiae 50 ^ridoL a t^tugo. Tbi^n^roro, p^inil. kin^r 
Wo jiold our [own and litfei to [by auft miiroj : 
Enter Our gnif^, di^pnic af lu jud o/aiK, 
For wc nn \nn[r^f are defbauble. 

K- Ukn. Open yoiir gain, — Comc^ unrli 
Go yiiii find L'nler Harflpur; tbcrc rcniam, 
AncI fnrtify it ultongly ^^oat rte Freacb : 
Uae meicjr Lo them all. For nfl. diiftr qiicle, — 
Tho winli^r toming on, jujrl i^itkn^'Uii ^iwiug 
Upon onr soldii'ra, — wc'i] retire to Caiain- 
To-nigbt in KarBour will we be jour gueat, 
To'iDormiE for tba mueh axa wo mldri'AD^d^ 

[fi/ttirra/t^ Thr Kjmi, &o. enter Uit TineiL. 

SCENE IV^Rooeo, A 2iosm in £Ac Paitut, 
Snltr E-ATOABTSX and Aucb.^ 

Kath. Alice, tu as ftS ert AapiHem. ei i^ 
jinrlra h'fti It !atiif'Jfff. 

Ali^il. Uupftt. madamt* 

Katu, Je ti prit, ni'«>unphs ; U Jkat qua 
fipfir^ine it pnHi-r, Conivtrnt eppfl/^-wus ta 
fMaiA, en Aii^fttia I 

AucE, L't itiiiin f fUt fit ajyptHe. Je bond. 

Kaiq, Dc hand. Kt let d"ir/iK T 

ALicitb Lf-idifii/ta f tiiajhi,foub£ie lff§ doiffU ; 
DiflM jf me mmienJi^L La dai^i jf ptrue, 
qiiil* aunt appfU$ dc fingtCJ i titi, do Ungru- 

Xath, £a noin, du liand I ia dai^tM, de 
fingrca. Jr. pfUf, qnfje f^U U bon feolirT. J'ai 
fffiffni doLE nati d\in^laut vttrmept. Connttnt 

Altca. iw trnglev I ^ lea appehnt, de naib. 

KatHt y}G iki^- Eco^hn; ditn-puti, ri je 
pari* fnfti : do band, Ho fingm, et do tiailn. 

AuOBd C^Bit bien dii, madame i il ai/ort ton 

Xath, J}ita-moi FAnglaia pour le ftruj. 

AjJCa. Do oted, madofae. 

Kith. Et U amiU. 

fmWb pUI Inrc iWimnuElii nf It\*^ flmpmn tu ■Ii4tkip*i»'i 
Aajr —MiLd ladlrU* buE i Ttrj Ijnilhd kiLlma(ii>a bcLvcqt (U 
i.thjnlrT UI1I Ui> lUUr l>bi. 
I- Enur VuJddDa ud AUel] 1lclbfl«oute' Uh bUo, lulud 






rJ . 


F;/ , - 



*< "■■■ \ 


Auci. Deetbow. 

ILA-rH. Bt: ellrDW. /r n'n^^oti /d ripitiiian 
tie ffti !fB noU, ^u£ Wnts jn'awrt appria di* d 

AucE, It vtt tT'^p liiJti-Ue, iHidame, eommtjt 


Satb. S!X€!tufz-noL, Alifa i AaouOt: de fauid. 
de Hagre. Ae euEi, de iirm. de bilbw. 

Alicb. De dkhjw, rnthianv. 

KiTH- iSrTijFIMd/' DlfTt'Je vLm onbliil Dh 
cJbow. CifAntntt li/ipeln-rvHj i' r'Jt 

Auf-'A. Dc De4.'li, T^mtfanif. 

Katb. De uick - ^'f ^ rnm^jn / 

Auaa, Db l'Liu, 

Kath. Dc«][l Le aoi, cb Eiiofa: It mnUon, 
dl nn, 

Aut^K. OhL Stiiif tKlre htmiievr ^ en tirifi. 
ttiEU pri-Tionaa la ptol4 fuui iffOii q^f Z« nnfi/i 
if Jri^fclcnv, 

Katb. Je nf divule point iHapprtndrv pttr ia 
ffraa dt DUu, tt <ii pet^ dt ttapE, 

Alk™, Jf'ant-i'oiii pai diJA oablie a (w)r 
tout ui ftueiyti^ t 

KatB, ynny Je rneUsrai & ikhj prvrnpt^Ufnl 
da hAud, 'Ic Uajp¥^ Je idblEit — ' 

Alici, Ue nnik^. simfamA 

ICath- Dt umlBT <1d Jrin, 3c itbirw, 

Alich. Sauf votfv hfiH/tfU', du ^\titw^ 

"K^ta. AiHti dia~jr ; de elbow, de nii^ ; H Ai 
fin: Cftmrntnt if/'pe!ct-ih/UJ it pi^d tt i'l rvbtt 

AiiicB. De fiHtp Huiifwiv ,^ rf da ooun. 

Kath. Da fixiL. «C tic foqn ! ^aij^wu- i>vi I 
cfsipiii moti df aan inaap^t^ corrttptibl*. jfa* 
rt ^mfiiidiqat. tt n^n ^rour la danm ifkoiiitar 
d'Htrr : je nf f^iWrriH piwtoiyxr «i moti ^emd 
ta Mfifpirun dr Fi-^acf. poar tout le mowU^ U 
/ant lie f^xrt, et io cuiia. n^nmoiiu, J* rntoifl 
■nf Qiitri fou /na U^m eu<mJUff.- do fiBAilr dl 
Giigre. ds onil^. de arm^ di^ elbow, de nij^, dc di, 
do foot, de CUDD. 

Alii^ie, £ffieIl*Ht, Jiwdamef 

Kj^tb. Cat cuta pour itntjaiti allimi-Biiia 
A dtter. [ Jjnit 


[notva Ti. 

V. — T^e tamf. JhdCAi^ Boon in fAc 

pd CiT4itLRs, rA« DAUnillN, DuKK of 
kr, 'Ac CDD9[ablF D^Fruii?, and uthtrt. 

t ^T ii ccrtaia. ha halh pou'd the rivtr 

bi if lit- ln] not rai]g1it vittul. jnj Iurd, 
tliTC ia FnuKG ; let lu quit mW, 
HT Tuicjarda to a bu-lnioui peop]«. 
P Die^ vimtU / <hflJi a few aprajp of 

UD|f of out fjithi^i^' ]uiiir_v, 
^ul in «i1cl djid UTage stock, 

k their gmfkut? 

HI vie / if LkL'_v Dioruli dIgee^ 
■iUml. but I will miW iii}' iltikc^?iM, 
Jobb^r^ uid a diil^- fjirm 
ifc-*hotteo' islp of AlhioD- 
£ri i/f biitltiite ! nliiTu havi; liiQV ihia 

F cEimaic fi^g7p raw. lUid dull? 
tt it despite, ihp auit louks palo, 
iirfnuC-TiEhliDwiifl? Con oodJcD nalcr» 
r Aur-roiii'il jiblfn,'' tlir^ir IrJirErj Ijriiclif 

mid bliKxF ro bui-li valiant l]<vt? 

F ^riieli blijod. »piiiti?d irith vino. 

^ O, fur hoDiNir of our land, 
liuig Tikb ro]iiiig ifii'[«>a 
hOQio' lbali:h, whilefl B more fro^lv 


teof gc^lADi jourh in our rich field* ; 
Bfei* L-iJl ihrni. in Lhcir qqlIk lorda. 

E^mock Hi 01, ud plvnlj uj, 
Jit bfvd ifDt ; uid iLfj will give 
> |0 the lu't of Eiigllpli [hiju lb, 
r« FnuicT hlOi W'^tord-wiUTion. 
hsj Iwfl u*— to the En^sh dnncing- 


iBifohAe )i!gb. Jind Amft 4?orari|DB^(l> 

^nou LB unly m oiir heoU, 
a mre pmbi lofEy ruaikWajri. 

"^lieK i» Mott^oy the buimid ? tpocd 

Ht England wida our abitqi defionco.— 

Hth pmrunlbTlH, viH nnki dT JibO, Vh jfj 

Cluflei TriUbrH.' bql 
JW<p4 nnUnilwd. -biiuDi HHCuiuUbl* UttubtUL 

Up, pHjicea! and, with spiriL of haiiDar luig'd 
Mim- Bhnr|K'r Umn juut khuiJ^, hiu t*( (lie field: 
ChArlta De-la-bret,' hi^h-comtabte of FrfDce \ 
You <lukv« of Oileoai. BotuboD, and uf Boni, 
Alfn(,'iji], r^rahanl, Lar« anil Burgundy ; 
JiM^iun ChatLllon, Itjunlnirta, Vnndi-mnnr, 
BeQumoTit, Grandprc, Unuiy, and l^nucouberg. 
Fail.' lA.'B(rjdi', Boiu-iquolt. oud CharDlols \ 
Hj^ {LiLkc-^, great piiucefl, lioruDfl, Iw^Eh. and 

For jour groAl sc&tflT i^ow quit jou of great 

Sar norry Kii^laud, thai fiweepa thrcnigh our 

With peDDoni painted in lLo blood of ITarfleoT: 
Itiuli un his htr?t. aa docli the uielLcd hdow 
TJpnn (ho va|[tijti, u']LiH.r Irju \ji&.haI tvat 
Tho AliH dutli Fiji! I niiif n>id hi^ rbj-'um upon : 
^3D eIditd iipcD bim^^^'ou bavQ pawct enough, — 
Asd ID s cnpLLv^ cLariol, inLu Ruuen 
Briirg bim dut prLBoiLi!r. 

Con- TbJH bnunieBthe greaL 

Sikrrj' Qjn T, hia numbcn ifo &o few> 
Uu soidien oii^k, and fnjDJAh'd hi their maivb ; 
For, I am ftuni, wlicn |lii r<ha]l huo nur Jimij, 
HfiH droji hi^ huiirt inlo tbc lunk of ftar^ 
Aikd, fjt' ac'hiov'^ment, offer ufl hid ronBom, 

Kma UiEA. Thcrtfon, krd oonatable, hoate nn 

And loE hint ULy lo England, that wc^ acnd 
To know irhot witling rAnv>tD he will p^e, — 
Frihuc UdUpbiiL, you oboll eraj wlib Mt in Rflurn- 
Dait. Niht so, I di] licflinitni j'uijr iiirijf'i.ty, 
K. Cha, Be i^ifJi'iit, fur yon sliaLl ronatn 

with na. — 
Now, forth) loi^ C0JiHTab]«, ami princeB all. 
And quifklj brip^ ua word of England'* fall. 

SCENE VI.— The Fjigliah Cam;? in Picardj. 
Eatir, arnEraity. Gobeb and Pldullbn, 

Gow. Hnw now, uptfun Fluellen? oome you 
from the bridge ? 

F^o. laaBureyou, LhiireiaTBryftXDQllflntBBT-niHa 
eommicted at the pridgu. 

Gon. In tliQ ditka of Eieletaaie? 

4 F*li,— ] T>ii nlr| iiiTi r^nt laft, wnlf^ wti tW 1li» Diniq 
iriai FTFWik hitB ^c hjl atll I hEt lan. i<i llta br-jki kT IIijI Eiin>r 
■ KDl^hlt,— ] DJJ It1[, illrJH, atrrniiL hrTlii^ruJid. 
t J Ad, Tur dutJjWHrB^- J DUduIiI ve USE re^. "And V^f 

U lUr-rrf ni^nl r " Tfc iDipixl Liriali Al ilglil nE uiir Uioy Ila ■'□I 
hn ui Inltmuljlffd, oi Co ••Be u> hn iflninni ti/ift iIe Iui*I tl^ 
■□ml DlsL Lp An LTra?. 1, tL«nr}uTlF— 

" B4d lli«iB iHilKvr m>, md Him hU nj feaaii," 


MT mj 


Flu. Tho dn^ of EieLer is ts mBgDoiuQiiniB 
u A^omeiDDOD -, aad a maQ that I love and honour 
with mj Boulf and mj heart, and mj duty, and m j' 
life, fiod mr living, eQd mj utlcrvQat powor: 
be i« not, (Got pe prwsed and pIcBsed 1) anj hurt 
in the 'orld ; let kr-npa tho pridgo moat Talianllj, 
irith eicellenL diBcipbnp, There ia an auDci&dt 
lieutenant' there at the pridgo, — 1 Ihiok, in my 
Tory cODBQcnci-, he ia u valiant a tnan as Mark 
Anionj -, and he U a man of no estiniatiDn in tho 
'orld ; put I did aee him do ae gallant eerrioo. 

Gow, What do jou cat! him ? 

Fltt- He is uUpd — aunciont Fiatal. 

GoiT. I know him not. 

Enttr PuTOL' 

F%iJ. Here ii the man. 

FiBTd Captain, I the« bescoch tcdo mAbTOnn: 
The duke of Eieter doth love ihte well- 

S^v. Ay, I praiH Got; and I have merited 
Bome love at hra hatida. 

PraT. &&rdalph| a soldier, firm and sound of 
•Of huiom^ toIdut, hath, — by cruel fete. 
And giddy Fortune's furiaus fistic wheel, — 
That goddcu blind. 
That stands upon tlio rolling nvtleaa atone, — 

Fltt- PjjDurpatienee,auDcIent Pistol. Fortune 
is painted plind* with n muffler pefbrahert^^jeB, 
to oignify to you that fortune is plind, and she ia 
painted also with a wheel^ to Bignifj to yon, which 
is the moral of it, that she is turning, end incon- 
stant, and mulabilitj, and Tuiation : and hst fool, 
look jou, is fijed upon a aphcrieal alone, which 
[flUa, and rolla, and roUa ;— ^in good tnilb, the poet 
iamake'amoBtflirellcutdoBmptionafit: Fortune, 
took you,* la an eicellent moral- 
Fur. Fortune le Bardolph's foe, and frowna on 
For ho hath atol'n a pof ,(^) and hanged must 

'a be. 
A damned death I 
Let gillowa gape for dog, let man go &ee, 

> Jm nmdnl UnHnul— ] If narLLfi tt* nol dnljiw^ la 

" Thm ii u tful/tt LbRiL" 

p/tant ftfld^ilf rtr^Hnf r hit to Sbklnpuir'i \ln\r Ll au nnn^ 
bukat^ UKd lb lilt icair 11 tp|it*n » bfu B(r«. >nd la " Pmrli^'' 
Ad 1. (Oofrf t tbal at J>^. tflfkll/. tuer**'- 

' TbapHlrlil Irutr-l TbBI (b* ^lurUi ^ Ibt TbIIb falft,''UH 

* Lvitk j-yil.—i TbnE*Di4i an feuDd odIt in Ibfl qniimvr 

I« AtclpJfaP'. ftc. Am He. Kaittt both bfra ud Id tHbai 
lB*mr» b lb* prHiBl k«t bv >dattod. Ibnf h •Uallj. Iba 

And let not hemp his wind-pipo tnCbcate ; 
Bui £ictGr hath given the doom of d«tb, 
For pax of httle price. 

Therclbre, ga apeak, the duke wiQ hetx thy min; 
And let not BanJolph^a rilal thread be out 
Witk edge of penny cord, and vile reproadi: 
Speak, captain, for hia life, and I will thee reftmte. 

Fnir. Auncient Fiatol, I do pvtly nndoitaiid 
your meaning. 

PiBT. "Why then rejoice therefore- 

Flu- Certainly, auncient, it is not a thing to 
rejoice at : for if , look jou, he were ray pntber, T 
would deaire the duke to uae hia goot plcaaure, lad 
put hira to eiecutions; far<U«iplin«* ou^t to 
be uaed. 

Pier. Die and be damn*di and J^' for Ihj 
biendahip ! 

Flu. It is well. 

PiffT. Tho Gg of Spain !» [ftriePmoL, 

Flu- Very goot. 

Gov. ?l]y,thiB is an vrvit countsrfdl nsaJ; 
I remember him now ; a bawd, a cutpnne- 

Flu. I'n assure you, *a ntter'd as prave 'crdi 
Ht thopridge, oa you ihaJl see in a «umner*s day: 
hut it is very well ; what ho haa apoke to me, tiial 
ia wcllf I warrant you, when time is aerre- 

Gow. "Wty, 'tJH agnll,afbol»Bnigne,thatnow 
and then goea to the wua, to grace himself, at lui 
return into London, under the fbnn of a wldur. 
And Buch fellowi are petf^ in the greai con- 
monderfl* nani«a i and they will leom you by rate, 
where serricea were done ; — at such and ondi a 
sconce, at such a breach, at ew^ a oonroj ; whv 
come off bravely, who was ebot, who diwraad, 
what terms the enemy Btood On ; and tfaii they oi 
perfectly in the j^irase of war, which they fari^ up 
with new'tuned oaths : and what a beard of m 

reral'a cut,l^) and a horrid Buit of the camp, wiU 
among foaming bottles, and ale-washed wits, ia 
wondetful to be thonght on ! hut you must leatti to 
know sacb alauden of tbe sga, or elae you may be 
Dswellouftly miatook. 

Flc. I teU JOU what, captain Gowar ; — I da 
perceive, he ia noC the man that he would gladly 

mdlmi' QLrquuUi. It U oat nDchuttiUB to aappoH IhAkb 
eb^llin lo ^<iih A pmBdlDi d* l!u pan ef klj lianrhM idlltai 
VH > IIeiIe DtiiTr niDtv}} rtpimta6 Uun bit 

■ Jm-S/o f/w lA, f-^ -'-■-']- ']*"' l> ibBpiT "a A talkr 
fiiEQil ih] P , " u in iKfl " HcfiT Wir#a rf WlaoHV.' Aal 1.1^^ 
btiiTi' "A ft* 111 the pb|u«--ihDr*laidaUutaa*HaraBUjka 
Ibf laUbmociRiiirblirxui mmiriDiBd lb pdUCk P- IH, VaLL 

■ Tbc fl| of SpaAII Fepbi Um aiwiapabiiht y t'ttmt bl>kl 
qurtoa,— '^ I^B t{ Df BptiQ «■■'■■ fkf ^da." tad " lb* >■ vUUlt 
t Jl J htfaU «>ri Uf Mrif »MW,"—Fiita\ Htbrurulf nffn tan 4 Ikl 
ruti«D of adifiiqiirnkr ir pauancd On, ■bli'li apivn id hi^ ha 
bnL U« cookmea bxli in eI;4Ld fnd lulr ■> am tmc' — 

" [[ BUT ftU mllhal Iboa iha]t b< ndc'd 
Ta lup HUHtLBta «i Lb ■ mania cov 
And itrt a>Q lUalad In Ibj diak.' 

Tlim a Qdlbblr irai pulnji luTrmlnil halw—i ima^li» ml jhi 
Ba^iom Viiiarta Cahaabtaa:^ 

"I look ta-m ttt^SfMiikfr. M an KbHk idlBdA^]},' 




»iAk« ehuv to i\» 'arid bs it; if I tind a, hi>1o in 
cu«l> I *n]| U'l] bun my mioJ. [^rum Aeartf.l 
Huk. juu. Uip ^ng idt rummg ; unJ I Diust ppeak 
rilb bun £r«ni thd |iHdgci. 

Flo. Got pins your miy»Jy ! 

1L IIe5. llow now, Fludlcti? cooi'Bt thim 
Tom Um" WjJ^t:? 

Plte. Ajt fift plciuc' vaur mnjc?J_v. Tlic Jij&e of 
[iMfT h«fl ffry gBllukfly mainlAJD^d lb« ^ridgc : 
ibe fifm^h u gone dB'^ louk ?dli, oiid thcri.* la 
fmlLuii jind iruwil pmve jiuaxn^riii : mjirrj, tW 
ilbvmKTj ■'■A havo nasH^JOD of ibo pridgr', hut 
H » tf ufii rtqi lo rotii^i uml ibv duke uf EieCer 
A Tnogt^r of tie pHJife : I cnn leU jam mnjattty, 
QiT* iluke if n pravc tuna. 

K- J-Iev. \S'ljat mi'ib Ijbvi* ^ou IusI, FIliijIIiii? 

Flc. Tbi- p^fJillLHi of il>' WliTyi™i7 haih betn 
frr Knal« reuoniibltf t'^ol; hlbttt. fur my purl. 
. uunk Lhv duko bath luat Dtvet a DiaD, buL 

a lha( li libi- To Lc cit^c^jtcJ fur tohling ii 
tfronrh, one Bordolph. if jmr uifi.jxs.lv knon [li? 
ima-- bi> fm li oil bubukk's, and whetbi, and 
jwl>,uad fluut-A uf Giv ; uiil Lis lipa plana at hu 

w» uiif it ia Uku n cnEkl of ftn^ 3omidLni(4 pluc, 

d lUfDPtiinH r»l: but bu iiaao u vieculcil, lud 
m fin'* oiiu 

K- Hti. We HOTiW havB ^1 such nffpndpra bo 

I off: — bud iVB ^i^t uiLfiKM cbATgv, thai, in our 

■rcfaet throogb ibo pijuntij, there be noUiLDg 
aoipdkd from ibe vi]]B^i, noCblDj; raktu but 
mA fir j IHIDO of tbu Pnznub upbraiiltd,ar □.buHL'd 

tlpJAiofb] luipaugc ; For wbi^Ei ]-^iity aor] i^nit'Uj 
hj fbr 1 khtf^om, Ihi? gpnllcr gimraler ia lUe 

Tufiret Kttitd*. Enter M(l^^JOY, 

M<]-&T, Ynn kuna me b/ my biibit. 

K, UiTN- WoU tlicn, I know thee. IMiiil ftliaU 
[knnw oT ibcv? 

UijHT- My niaai*r"fi mind, 

K. Hu. Unfold it, 

MoFT. Thus My* my kiag: — Sij tboii to 
Qvr* uf Eufhuid : Though wc eicnwil iIi^eltI, wd 
l>d but ileep i *dviULtBgc is a heLtiiC- Kultlicr (ban 
TcU hliDf «4j could have irbuki.'d hjni 
Huflmr. but tifnt ■□ tbuu^bt dl>1 good to 

■E an irjury^ till it »oro full ripo: — nuw wu 
iMaL iipon our fac, anH oar volet is impc-iSnl. 
EngUod sLidl nipvat hlA foUj> see hia n-taknc», 
utd ■ilmiiv our HuffimncQ, Bid Liui, iLi'i^'lori.-, 

Pon«idfT of hiE rouBom ; which maat pruporuoii 
iJu Ieamm nt have borocT Che buLj^-eh wu Iluti} 
loci, (ho diPf^rooi ve hftve di^cod ; whidi, ID 
wi^i^'ht lo m-iii>iiWT, hie ppUinrt* *ou]d bow 
undcFr Fi»T our LoiiBC^. bbi <iaL'hequpr w ton puur ; 
for tbe tlfu^lLfn of our blind, thv innHicr of hia 
kingJijRi to<> faioi a outaber , and lor Durdu^Tin, 
)]Lr^ uwn pi'r?ini hn'tfling qI iiir fi^i^l. but a weuk 
ond worthlc-iB BatiFifai:'ion, To iLiib sdi] — ddiaitoc: 
and wU biru, for concCualun, bo both iH^itnteiL hi4 
fulluw^ra, wbo84i DuadcraanlJDD is prunounwd. 80 
(kr my king ibil nioalcr; ho much nij oIBl'^, 
K. Hks, What bi Ibj muDC ? I know ihj 

Mont. Montjoj,. 

K- Ebn. Tliuu dofll ihj uffiai fuirlj. Tmn 
Thpo bflck, 
And tell Ibj kinp;,— 1 do not mk bim now, 
But eould In? wiping ■<] Tnvcb on to Colua 
Witbonl iriijHUMibintrit 1^ Pirn Hi bjij tbo sootb, 
l^'Iliuugh 'tlfi no wiidani lo confcm Hi much 
Unlo an enemy of oaft and vftntngc,) 
^ly poitplo ara with aic^kneu mucb CDfocblMl ; 
^[v nLiiijlH>7ii loivmi'd p and tboiin few I have, 
Atmo^i no bcTtrr than ho raimy Fitirioh : 
Who when the V WPiv in hi?a]tn» I lell iIiL'L', brnbl, 
I ib<iii^h[, Dp*n one pair of Engliab lfg« [God, 
Hid mnnb lbr<-c Frcnrbinn<H — Yet, forpva mo, 
TbnJ. I {lo bnig thui ! — tbiii jonr nir uf Friuiuo 
Kmi bfown that vies in mo - I ronfl. repprt. 
Q<t, ibeit^p. li'b Iby ihobIiTt bHrt I am : 
My miiAom, iE> Lblii (riul and W4>r[blr[i'k tniiik. 
My amiyt hirt a. weak and sieklj giirhrd ; 
Vot, God before,' IpU bim we wiU eomc on, 
Tbougli FmiLL« bimwlf, uid nodi Dootber neigh- 
Staid in our way- There's for ihj bibour, 

G'>, I^d tbjr ]u4L>ib.T "vU odvLitf biinBulf: 
If wti mn^' piLHH, wn will ; if wu bo biufloL^'d, 
Wo ahal] ycur tawnv giDunii ytith yo\ii red blutd 
IKBOokiijr: and «o, Monrfoj, fan- joa wcIL 
Tho >nLm cf J1I] our au^wi-r ia but ibis ; 
Wb woulil not £Dck a batdc ba wc are, 
Xi>r, aa we nru, we say, wo wiJl not abun it ; 
So [ell your maalur. 
Most, 1 ab*ll deliver no, HiaiJu to yout 
htghneu. [Jvj-it Montjoy. 

Gun. 1 boptt, thvy w'dl 110I aimQ upon iin bDmr. 
X, Hsh. We ATS ID Gud^a haml^ brother, bo( 
in tbcire, 
M^nitb tfl ihubndgD ; it now draws toward nijjbt:-^ 
lieyond Um r'LTor wo ^1 ^-ncump ouiBulvkU, 
And gn 'Ic-mon^w bid them ■aorL'b tiviaj- 

- TbL, tiod bflf4n,H K« JH" 1^ PW 'L^ 


APf Hi-] 


[tear u 

BCEXE VIL — rAc French Camp, twr 


fAe CoBBTA&LE 0/ FrrA."<ca, the Dttrb cf 

Coa. Tul ! r have Lbe but armoar of the 

Woald itwpw daj ! 

ClDL- V(Fi] hav« on emllent armour; bul let 
mj biiive hiiyv hit diu^. 

Con. It IB Uh! U.«i horfio of Eunipc. 

Opl Will it Lopr be mDHiin^? 

Jixu. Mj li>n] of OrlcanB. an6 tdj lord liigli' 
Vrndflbld. jOEi r«lk cf hitraf arirl aimour, — 

Obl. You niv m -ill |in)vided of haH,, u ftlij^ 
pHiire ID tb? vorid. 

Dau. "WtMl a long T^ig^ll istbifl I T will not 

^■Dgtt mj honn viiL anj that Ifcadn bul on four 
PMtirnn ' Ci, '^ /* Hb tiuiJiidii irum tho corlli, 
■■ if hii entmili wore liniifl ; ^ itAaih^ tolorU, ihs 
VtgMQa, gvi a itM nnrinei de feu I Wbpn I 
bHUide UiD, I HuaTt T dju a hrL«k : bf irote iIib 
ju; fbc eorlli siip vE"t|| ho Loui^ea iL; llm 
Imm uf bia huaf ia moro miiDical than iJie 
'fiptof Uenou- 

0«L, He 'b of tliv mldpur of the mitmeg. 

Dau. And uf ibo boot of llm ^■rigvi'. Jl lA 4 
a bevil fvT FeneiBT he ■■ [lurc air and lira, luiJ 
theduU ^ii>i:iiiA of F4tUi uiJw^Itr nc^iT EL|pjiuiir 
in him. Lot ddIj' m patient aIiLLhuh while his 
.nda D4UBU liim : he is, imk'i'd, a hone, uhI all 
[tflbtf jadr*^ jDB maj call—bwtB. 

Cos. [hdwli mj Jord, lE !■ a mHt ibwJate 

id evdlent hnac. 

Jiati. It U lUt priniv of fialfrfVB: bi:^ iioi^i iq 
tih« iltf biililiii^ of a moniuvti, and hia cuupuiauice 
f pl nigp homage. 

Qm^ Ko moK, ooiuln, 

DaU- ?fajt thi« man bath m> iHt, thoL capmir^ 
l^iioi [he raipg '>f the iork lo ihe iod^cig of iht 
rlnnbi TfifT di?iH'iT''d [imiae cm m^v polfruj ; it la n 
V flurni nfl ibc nco ; tuni thi^ oaadii into 
falaAwnti lonjTi^. Biiif nkv lurBc i? ar^imcnt for 
I Am all : *ti« a auLJocI for a Afnvrtlgn Lo rcOAoD 
ifil f4iT a w'tmH^'i vjfi-icigi] to Hda an ; and 
%at lb* irirrlitffD miliar k> um, and Lnhnonn,) Eli lay 
AMI llv'ir |>«rLi4:iilar funrliinAj nnil wonder at 
hn, I mn wrJL a soiuii^t Id his praiai?, oJid 
hiun (haul H'o'-Jrr afnat'iFr, — 

OmE^ I \\Ato bf^ivd a Bonact be^in bd 10 ime'i 

"V^aJ aU -att Mm I"- -'B 

•) Old ■DT), * a»' 

■a llM fDJlB. leSf . vtivtUiii Uh Uiin «f 
fH aKp aaJi *Mifi.1 /fl^, K irno' be 

D^n- T'b™ did thpv EmiTaio (hat whirb I run- 
powd lo mj' wniratr^ for mj hoisp la mj tHirirafc^ 

Oiii., Yon t iiiiB[F»e Ivan widl. ■ 

Dact- Mu wfll; "hirfi ifl llit prwcripi prwi^ 
QJi'l ptrfTdon of a gond and porticulDr miElren. 

Com. Sij, fut EDf^rboii^liL jaicrdaj 
mlstEvaH nhn^Kdlv fthook vihii hofli. 

Dau. 80, piiThaps, did jnuia. 

Con, Aliito niu nor bri«Iled. 

Dad, O! ibi-n. hc]iko,iihi? was old aod 
and jou roJirt, Ijkfi n. kumeof Irvlnnd, your Fi 
buse I'fF, luid id jxiiir aErall KLros^rv. 

Con. You hnvi: good judgmoit in borwr 

D4D. Ba wamvrl hj me, [h«i! ihey LbtL 
«, uiJ ride not wariljT fall ioto find ExigK i 1 
ra(l]4?r have mj torse (o mj muUfSA. 

Cor. 1 had ai lj?f htire mj miflnaa ajidfi, 

Dao. I tell thee, coo^able, mj mlntzoM 
bis* own liait, 

Cdn, I cuuJd make ad Iruc a hoaet as lliU|il 
1 hod a tow to mj miBtrran, 

»m^ [-^ f'j trvit larie vv boiirbirr : umu Dl^eH 
u*c of aiij ihing. 

CoN^ Yet do I dut ok ni; hor».' (iir laj mii- 
trean; or anj eucb prorerb, » litdo kin to 

Rau, My lord wcfltablei iho ormum', tliil 
BiLw in yonr tent tp-night, — ors thoac lUni 
fljjiA, apoD i& t 

CoN- Sun, my Lord. 

Bin. Sume of ihcm "ill fall lo-bonov, 

Con. Ami ^'ct my akj Bhali not fJUit. 

Dau. That miij be, liir }i.m bant a 
sui^ci-flUQiitlj, itnd *tvero mnnj honour, aome 

t'uN. Even a? your hora? biAn jont 
who votild trol OS wi^ll. Ai'rc «mD (^ jodt 

Ipav. Wou]:^ 1 into able to luiLd \am with 
deBert! — Will it nKiver bu day? I will trat to- 
morrow a inili^, and my W4ij bJuiJI hi pated wiili 
Enjfliah IJioi. M 

CoN' I will lint Bay hO* fbt fi»r I ihoutd fl 
fooed out of rny wnj ; hat I would it wopfl inora- 
ing. for I iroLild hiin bu about (Jio oon of 1^ 

Rah. Wlio wiU goto hiuard with mo for' 
priaonera ? 

CoNr You muHt firaL go yountdf to hawd, ' 
tOu haya thpm. 

rciiMdi ■!!■ not iDTiriiiiir ^L^LLod m ■ iidem u \ 

' nil CVBtni-,] Ic lb bLLo, Lq lb qilHtciA I'D Haie, "b- 
owiLlktlj " i^u m^ bkf F bmi ludflillw ^— y ■ |r— 

Daxs, T ia midnight, I'll go Drm m^-sflt 

OfiL. Till? Dauplua long^ f>ir nnmiiig. 

tLaii, Hd Ickn^ In oaE Uiii KngliLJt. 

CnTi. I thiak he wLJI i?dl oU ho klDar 

Oiu, Bj lljc 0-bj]£ hAud uf uij [aij. hc't b 

Ca»- B*™t hj hvt rwt. Uut nhe (nnji tT»d 

Okl. II<- If) uEnplj. Oie miM tttAia ^iLlcmoo 

Cnr. Doib^ js •I'tititj, mid be will ttill be 

O&L. lie lienor did lumi thai I bevd uf. 

Com. 5i]]' will kj<i noiw Ut-iuDrrvv; W will 
hM^ tbai FDoil nnnw aiUJ. 

UML. I know him ut bo valiuBt. 

Coot. I WHS Li}]J UiHt, lij one that km>w him 
teller tlian yod. 

OpK Uui^H hv lold luo «u Mnucif; «nd ha 
Biu4, Iv c«rTd iu>L wtid knew ic. 

ObIh H« DHdfl dd:^ it n im hiddtn virluv in 

Gw, By mj' fcilh, srr, buL IC is; uptut anj 
LhIt abw ir. but hiB Isckoj : 'rlH n booduil vcJouT, 
■b&tf HbfA it iiE>pn(r« k will hiLliF^" 

CoF. 1 i»ill onp thflt provati <\\\\— There u 
Jhl»fry in frvHd4kij'-' 

OkL And 1 KilE Inkc up tliPit wUU — (?iw tht 

Cov, ^'eU {lUffd: ikvn Btuid« jour friom] 
(W ihv Ju^il i biiru [vt Ine verj tje of ihot piflwrb, 
vilk — A p'M <yf ike drvil. 

0«L, You an? Uic beupr M pn>Terb*, hy how 
Budt — A fwifj Wr u toott that. 

Cos, You hovp hIkiI QTer. 

Oat. 'Ti* noL dii- firxt time jrjd naro n'orahot. 

ftaBTTk TIL 

I f— JTllI Ml^m, At'v Vvksi llt«d «rj Ljj > oFkUl 

EjiifT a McMcngpr. 

Mesa. My Kffd 1ii)>h-i»ri«fiih!v, rJio English Lie 
*iltiiii li^et'ji hiiiidrcii ineen uf yiur icnui, 

Ckiv. Willi halli iDPoaurci^ ihe grouad ? 

MiiSB. Tho lord GmaUiri'^. 

CoH, A 'ttliaiil Diid nvtfli oipc^rt gi^ntlenun. — 
Wwild il vt-m •lay 1 — AJjw, p»n' Hartj of 
Euglaui] I he liiogi oot for the dawninjr, a^ kq do- 

Oni.. WlisC a ffryli'lied Hud Lnvpifh fcUbw is 
tliu kin^of Englajkd. Co m'lp'' wiU] [lia fiit-braincd 
falluwoi^ htj fur i»ul ipf liii kiLn^led^ 1 

Co:t. If the English bail any opproheoflOD, 
tiiev would run iw&j. 

Ohl. Thfli llinj luck : fitr if llwii" IicwIh luid 
uiy utUillci;tuiJ Jinauur, Iht-j Hiuld niiTir wtnr 
Bimh Lirary bi'ud-nwcoa, 

i{LU, TbjiL itWd o( En^laud bruLsls vcrj 
taljiifll motcirvB J dipir i]iiifiUM( iir« of miEimldh- 
ahU) ci>unigc. 

Om.- Fooliab tnm, tbot run ^iakiog into tha 
UDUfb of a HmeliLii beru-. and Ijuvp their kfodft 
I'LiLnhi*!! liki^ loLUiQ applc^l You muv u wu|] Hijf 
— L]i4t 'i4 II latiiLUt fl^ ihMl daic tal hia hreftkOul 
on ihi! lip dF a lion^ 

UoH, Jitdt, juat; and lbs Jii«n ^a sjmpt- 
Lhiza wiTh the qjOALinii, in nihiuiionB and rmigh 
ci}njiii^ Ltii, leuvrn^; iJiuir wila w[Th Ibrir wivf«i 
Uiil then give llkcm gitiE hii>iilA of hci-f, and iran 
4Fid ilcoJ. (hoy Hill ual llko woItih, and lighL lik« 

Opl^ Aj, but ibpMi Eifgliah iirc tihrcivdlv dm 
of beef. 

Co?!. ThiTi thfllT wo find tD-muiTOw — ihej havu 
lioij ntoitiaclid III iNiLr mill ii4>ni^ (n %lLt. Nu* in 
il time fn inn ^ rume, abnil we ntouL it? 

(>rn- it ia uiiw two o'dt'fli : Imf, Il'1 rae 9M,^ 
hj ten, 
Wo rJjidI bnve inmh a hundred UnglitJiiiioa. 


IrkUndiKL liMirm AVf, Um luirkinjc LMfaoiu I, ind fiali, is ilvi*'l''p 
ahmlr. to. 


/« ^ 

Bntrt Onoaup. 

N"o» entertain cwiji-fHire of o time 
When crfn^ping miirmiir and the poriog duk 

FiilA tlkQ Wide VSm\ iri |]|(! lUliTOIB. 

FVou CAiiip lo (urnp, rhrongh tlm fbu3 womb of 

Tbp hnm of eiibcr amij sliily' oouiidB, 
That Hfi Gi'*\ BenliuiAs a\uimi rcpclvt; 
Tlie nwTvl «bii!]K.'i-i of vm-lt ollier^B woU-hr 
Firo eriaw4.-n9 Gri?, and ihnmgfa Uivir p^lj timiiea 
Etvh bjicUp ae«i iL? oLliur's umWd'' fuce; 
S|i^ lljj-L'alcns »IimJ, in higli omJ huiuiLf^iJ ud^H 
l^erdnij: lIju nJi^ht'a dull t^ar; and from iha IfDLi. 
Thn ATiDDimTP, occmnplii^hJig fhc hnighfa^l^ 
^VilL busj bauiiueiv uluun^ riTt*la up, 
Give dreadlii] injlir of prcjomtibii. 
The tnuTtUj ViKkn drt cmw, the doclu do tDl]» 

• nrLLlr iinBiiriJ,— J TIliI It pnf'f. '<tf'lr hubiEi. The wtiTd 
RCiMi in if J mrrVloll tf " 'liU bunc," akilcli ftOprilf b*- 
iLnfrd <P riAt f'\. p Ifa VuL I. bui -*» llirir ffrldcbuLiT 
anillta. Ut>n Jrorr " A Im* rrjuirrmif kI Ihr iBml i nqHipliBTi ■ 

l«Bl4 i^bt Jil«h uri BilrEiUi FilDn, Fiadnll Htu;,- fee, tv- 

And iLe Ibird Imur of dro^aj morniDg naue-* 

Proud of tlieir nuiqbere, and spcui* in Wul, 

The ctJDfiJonL and uver-liulj' Fl\3icli 

J>o ihu luw-nULid English play at di(« ; 

And cLide the cripple' Lnrdj-yoitcjl tiight» 

Who- like a f^ ood tiglj witch, do)^ Jimp 

So kdiuualj-anajr TIk poor HUidonuwd 

I^iLo 4n<:rLiiPi«. b^' Tlinr warfhTu] firsi 

Sit padenLl^T, nnd Inly lamiriiile 

TLs [DO£]Liii;^'» dang^tTi oDd tbeir gertiire rad, 

Invtutia^' laiib-leau cbe«ks. and iraT-wom cotli,, 

FnstHilolht iTn'm unlo the ^bzId^ n"K»n 

So mimv hamd glunti. O, nnw, who wil! 

'riie rojaJ cap^u of ibis rubi'd bond, 

Wnlting from naleb to rralcb* from teat lo tent, 

Lot liim urj, — Fmifta and ^lei^ on bia head ' 

[•> Oltf capTi ■bm'J, 

4 II (HdEopT. 

' InvnliD^'J 

iPt IT-] 


[uraSE L 

For forih bd goe". Bdil fiuU all bio boat ^ 
Bilk Ukoi good mnrrDw, wjth 4 nuhLcnt ^niiEu ;- 
kiiftfmllBtfapiA— bnilbi-ra. frioF]Jii,amiL-<iui]lrjiaen. 
ITpak hii njal bc« ilcr^ 14 dd qoic. 
FIiji* drHul an ojtdj haCh tnrDUtiJi'*! him ; 
Kor doA h» di?dirviu^ 'tno Jul ai culnur 
[TaD^ tfao mitjy odiI BJI-unrthrd niglit; 
Sal fred^jr lookt, anil ijvcr-bcnrB niTdDt, 
ffitb dwcrful pmiTiiiuifij?, jmcE am.'Ct mfljcsly ; 
That nrsy Hm^. jnoiuj; iinrl paEo Eicfiirc, 
Bcjhnlding liim, pluri^ j^ninlurl fniru bib luakb ; 
njuTersa], bbe ihi? idu, 

JTi» bberul ujn duTh [^ve t*} VfETy one, 
'ITiawJrig LTfld f'M- Tlin",' iiKoiri miJ ^ojitln dl 
BcKliIiI, 014 miijr iriLWiardiinean JL'Hni.^ 
A LlUo muoli ijf iloAty m ihe tigbi j"" 
AnJ Ba uijr hkiiu niu><l. la i\iu ]iaU]i} Hy, 
Wh'iro, CO fill' |iil}-!jhi' shuL]liiU''U cliagrscn — 
Wilb fniir nr livi* Taimt vile ikod ruL'giHl fuilji, 
Eijjbt ill dLBpos'i, in tmwl ridipjluiUf— 
TUb liJiniiL' ul' .\.i.'Linxnirl, Yd, til and Mflj 
MJtLdiii'f Irue ibin^, hy wliftt lliLrir muckeriea be, 




-Hb- GUaIp-t, 'tu Irue, tl^t wean in gml 
^ gFHLCf (Iwreforv shonU our aiurngB he. — 

■^^V. Ih'dhi bkitxf r'"<iU'mmi VI rl gaiillc nl I." -bb-rL, 

■'■4*iirf y rh «U rkuli nft'Ci u ilhi a jJIflJiH, nn^ not 
* 'Wdjkll, mil l>« ajt unit. 

Quifd iDurraw, brolhar Bmburd. God Abnigbty ! 
Tlii^rD J4 biima buuI dF ^uodnifiii ui thiaga evil. 
Would snen obwrvjuj^ly 'Until k <iiit ; 
I'^ur oar bad neightKior eildIii'b va forlj slimnp 
Wliit:b id buLh IkiiiilLbfu!* und ^uud kuDbatidry : 
fliiT4dt#, lln'V ikiv uur OLiLuiird iHiDijeieacL^. 
AijJ |ir<'n<'^ii.Tn El) m aji ; n-litsouif bJiig, 
T|j&l we ehoiild drm' us Eaiiiv j'lir vur end t 

^ Im Ihe h\th' \] I* ^E nft mUrT IhHII firobfllilfi l^f IHMl WIVir, 

" Ln El^B/^rf" IT* 1»a*? ilm^j ■[«a"a Loucbnf H'lij td V\e 

lOT lY.J 



ThuB nuj we gblJiei- honey ^m the ^eed. 
And make a moral uf the devil himadf- 

^nfer Erpinohah . 

Good morrov, old ur Thomaa ErplDgham : 
A good Bofl [nlloiT fpr thai good wbiie head 
Were boUer thaa a churlish turf of IYan«, 

Esp. Not BQ, my lioge; ibU lodgiog likei me 
Biiice I may iay — Now lie T like a kiiig^ 

E. Hkn, 'Tiflgoodforiiied toloTs thcirpmevl 
pBiDa ; 
Upon eiamplo so, the npLiit iq eaned ■- 
And, when tho mind ia quichen'd, out of doubt, 
The orgvu, though defunct and dead before, 
Sreak up th»r drowaj grave, and Etewl j move 
^Mth oaetvd alough and fl-eeh legerity- 
Lead me thy cloaks Hr Thomas.^Brolhi.'i^ b"'h. 
Commend ma to the princes in our camp : 
Dd my good morrow b> tbem, and, anun, 
Deain Lbem i^l to my pAvilion, 

Glo. We ehaU, my liege. 

{^Exeuai Gj-odckstkb and Bkdpoki>. 

Ebp. Shaii I Utend your grace 7 

IC HsT. No, my good knight ; 

Go with my brothen to my lordd of EagEund : 
I and mj boaom muat debate awhile. 
And (hen I would no other company. 

Erp- The XfOrd id heaverx b1«B thee, noble 
HuTj [ [Sxil Ebpihghau. 

K.HaH. Qod-a-menj.oldhftrtl thauapeak'at 

Enitr PiaroL. 

PiBT. ^im ^f 

K. Hm. a friend. 

Pot, Diicuaa unto me; art thou officer? 
Or art thou haae, coinmoa, and papulart 

K. Hv*. I am a gentleman of a company. 

Prar. TraJl'at thou the puiHont pike? 

E. Hen. Even so. What are you ? 

Pisr. Aa good a gentlemaa as the emperor. 

E. Hvw. Then you are a better thaq Uie king- 

PiBT. The king^B & hawcock, and a heart of 
A lad of life, an imp of bme ;* 
Of parenta g^od, of fiat moat valiaiit : 
I kiBB luB dirty &hue, and fnoa heart-stnngs 
I iov<^ the lonely bidly. What's thy name ? 

•^■InpPf /iiB«r] PrinlHTrljd 'up uhbi abHt ud ben a 
iKwiaFulsr -HmijlY.'-rtEi V, Ht i:— 
" ne kAiuii 1b«« f kurd anil i.ftf.aotmjaHmftlfa^' 

E. Hbh. Hmry U Ro^. 

Px8T. Ze Rop! a Coniab name: ut tiua uf 
Conuah ovw? 

K, IL;n. No, I am a Welahman, 

Put. Enow'stlhaa Fluellen? 

K. Has. Yea. 

PiBT. TeU him, I'll knock hla led abocl hii 
Upon anint Darid'a day- 

K- Hen. Dc not you wear your dagger m yosr 
cap that day, lut he knock that about youn. 

Piai- Alt thou his fHead f 

K. Hrn. And bis kinsman loo, 

PiBT- Thej^TO for thee, then ! 

K. Hen. I ihankyou: God be with yon T 

PjST. My name ia PiBtol lall'd. [fnf. 

K. Hbh. Tt sorts well with your fiereene*. 


Enter Fluvlian and Gowim, tn^aUf/w 

Gov. Captain Fluellen \ 

Flit. So 1 in the name of Cheahu Chriat, sftA. 
lower,'' It ia tJw greotefit admuatioa b the on- 
Tersal 'orld, when the true and aondeut prtn^ 
tifet and laws of the wars is not kept: ifyoowodd 
take Ih? puna but to euimine t^e war« of Pvopaj 
the great, you shall find, 1 WBRantyon, that thn 
ia no tiddlo-faddla, nor ^bble-pabhle, in Pompij'i 
campL Iw4mntyon,you shall find tbaceremoiui 
of the wars, and tha Carai of it, and the fiffm d 
Lt, and the sobriety of it, and the modfo^ of it, to 
be DTherwiae, 

Gov. Why, the enemy ia lond ; yoa hear biu 
all night. 

Flu- If the enemy ia an asa and s fr>ol, aod ■ 
prating coieomb, is it meet, think, yoo, that n 
should alao, look yon, be an aaa, and a foot, aad ■ 
prating coicomb ; in your own eonsdeace now T 

Gow, I w(U apeak lower- 

Flu. I piuyyou,Bnd pe«eechyoa,tIiatyodwiEL 
[Exf^nt Gdwer ratd FlnUiLLn. 

E. Hbh. Though it appear a little out of 
Thaa it much care and ratour in this WrdihauL 

Entfr Batu, Cotfbt, and WmLiaiu.' 

GoUBT. Brother John Bates, is Dot thai lb 
morning which breaks yond^ ? 

'twtr la cnnHL 

• Btb*. CoDTt, ind WUUuil] Tht eld AiH-dbKUan nit, 
•• Emur Um mmUHr>, Jctm Bam, JU»§W UrClf^n, m4 JVMnf 
iruftaau.- ^^ 


[»e>HE i. 

BhitvL 1 tbTbk 1i be. bur wi hftvs no t^rcai 
Mia lo tlmrv iho Appnncli or ila^. 

Wfl-L, W<? &ee vQnJiT iIh- bi'giiming of Lbo iloy, 
K, I ihmlc. m inall norer ace dir rnd of \L — 

WnL. UiiJiT whttl (.iipMiii ^eiTp you? 
IC. Hk!1, LliuliT Mr 'I nuiLQ?' EqiingliBni. 
Wnj.. A good olil cQuunAitii^t, oii^i h ninnl 
hd in-nlJeiiLEui : I |Uay yivu. wliuE thiiiba be uf 
pi dUlL- T 

Kx Rkn- K^hi ju nipa wrcckt^il apon d uinJ, 

1^ l4<>k iu l>e wubsl off ihs Uf it fr.l''. 

' HjitEs- Llchiib aAitotdlLiAthoLigliLiD [he ldii[;r? 

K, Hf^. Xo; nor it J4 a\>l mi^'t lie ^h^tul-^ 

fiff.Ehrrilgli I mpok IL to jvin, I Tliink ihc ting ig 

^ B miui, ju 1 am : tlir liol^i sn^'Ufr lu Mnii Pi 

kyblL ^ EWj ll*^ i-lf-Dii^iit ihijWK ■!> fiini, 06 k 

^^BUMi; hU lil^ et^M* luvu hut Imniari i.iin- 

I^PM: ^^ ttrvmoniei Inid hj, In hj^ nokc'dni^sB 

Vifl^^nlmL m EDJUI^ Bad ihoiigh hU ntfcc-ticTi!! 

^ |ui(hi:r riHiiiQTiHl ch&u ciiirs, jet^ when tbcj 

BiAk ll^J '■'^p "i'h iha litiD niu^ i thon'ruiv 

ffn li^ "''^ mHD of li.'aiSt HB ^*^^ iIq, hi^ iL'ora, 

pji uf iloqbu he of Lh^ iunt reLi^h b^ mith an? : 

M, IK Tuuoa. no niiin Bihould pusHifa hioi with 

HT uipomuifi Iff fi'ur, lent he, bj Abcnib^ it, 

^nrtW dJ»lnj'«Uii bi* Army. 

BiTH. 1!« iany aEi^jv whut CHthvard coun^ ho 
*illi boT, T betie're. ui- ootd n Li^bt 4fl 'i'n, he 
nU "uh liifiuvIF jD I'ltaTiif.'a up Id ihir iK^k ; nnil 
B I wi\d Lc ■ri-tL-, Drill I bj bbii, at *ll advca- 
Bni,»w« wero quit here. 

)i, [[Dr. By Qiy ln>tb, I viU spenk mj Cod- 
f«Tr» vf ib<j kJDg^ I ihiitk he would rii>t wiab 
kiivLf viT wWrv Init u'hi'iv h^i is. 

B^rU' Tben 1 wdiJii lio ncre huiv nlone^ u 
^iM bti bk.> t'uo ID be numnHd, uid & mmij 

E, HtM, 1 ilmv hay, yi>ii Ihitu biui hipI bu ill. Eo 
•ill him hcrt fllon^, □oH'cievtr yim ^pcak t\ii\ b> 
W Lidj-T mi'u'n mimJr: mtibinta, 1 could Ufi[ die 
•nr'^xTT vic^EitL'Titt?!], IV in Ihv kii^if^Ji coiii[rBiiy ; 
limiLuu' Iviiiir JLL'^T, mill his qiirLin^ hoTiDurubki. 

Wtil. Tbju'i miTo difni «f kmiw, 

B.iriir Ay, or xiwio \iuiu m.' ^kould tt^k ofEer ; 
knknuv ciDinipk. if wi< kiu>" M'ft ■!!] llic king's 
■iVflu: if hip ciwi'H? ha wriin^^, onr oboJitpoc to 
IULd^ wip» thv <.Tinw of il ""^ ofui. 

Wlll. BiiL if tbf* CDUBfi be out good, tlo king 
bff^t liflUi ■ kjHivy rnkLtijirip (o moke, wkeii oil 
liw 1r^4 and nmn. JiU'l hmils. rlii>jpp4<[l off in b 
kmli.ihfttl JQin iDgollLtf ju ibij Uir^T lUy. nnd crj 
■II— Wii il>f<l oL Hcb a pIppGc Mme Bwcaring, 
■Qc Ei^id^' fur A Bor^^D- nnu^i ufKin r!ic?ir wi^t 


.1 i-ivU-4. ritfB*owriB4 nunlBr. Tb4ii, lii 

Ifft poor bebiiid Ehem ; iome. upfui tlio debla Uiry 
4»uo; p<mii!t tLpun iIkfi- dJIiJivn rawly k'fL. 1 uti 
al^itl ClicTC kTL- fpw ilir^ wi^ll, thnl dio in i hnrilr ^ 
for hi>T can thuy clurilohly 'li»EJO^? uf any Ibinjr. 
tTken blood in their arguaiPDt? K(pw, ti (b'^M 
inpii do H'>t dio -KcW, li wiH In.' n bUn'li rmilriT for 
ibo liin;^' tbiki kd liiFcn la it; wha bi dLiDbej, 
*-pTp jiyniiLit il\ Tirap[>rt]4ri of -itibjeflJoii, 

E, Il£N. So, if D iUD, that id ly kiEt fnclicr «'ai 
about morfibfliidlm, An siiffuHj mlDi^rry uprpn (bo 
!ii^. ■}■<: impiiCHtJun of tjir* HiukL^dneaa, hy ji>nr nilo) 
■ibimM \io LinpoHi^ upon bi>i fasJti!!' ihnt (K'nl liiin ,' 
Of if dfterrnnt. under his tnaflEcr'? wmmmiJ, irDun- 
poEtlng a sum of moDcry, bo aj.Hnik'd |ij rabl'L^n, 
nml JIl' in innny HT''4.'iqipil<^ iniquJEita, jiiu nmjf 
mil tha bii^incas of ihi? EDult^r liia lutbor of c^ld 
^L-vnnl'i ilHTnTUkiion. Hut chls ia not ho : Elio king 
Li nut bound Eo kubw^ ihi? prutLcular i-ddiii^ or 
bis iolditrp, iJip fntliur '\( im Bun, nor thv ma-lcr 
of h[? atrvnni ; Sot ihcy parpn^c not thfiir dEufh, 
wh*n tlnjj piirpow tbi-ir HcmtMr Beaid'fA, tbei'a 
i± nil kini*, ha bia chuao ofH" Jio sjioEIeiu, if it 
armo lo tbu rubiEn^ipcnl of «noi^9. lun Irj it out 
Tith oU DiL^pultcd Bi>ld]i^n4: bdhii^, penulTciinire, 
bive on rbfin iha ^iiilt of pnmcililaicd and con- 
lrivi?d'ibiirdi!ri Hima, of bogLiiling lirgica with tha 
braktui ehJa of yvt^ary : nmnc, Ldakin^- iho ntr% 
llicir biilwDik, that liavD btfure gorral rliQ gentle 
bosoiD of ponM wiih pi^lo^ und robfcipry, Kow, 
if Iht-ae meri haro dtife&ted Lbo kw. lud oQUna 
natih-'o puiiir^imkent, Ebudgli ibey can onleEnp mon, 
Ch4-^V hdi4i nil win^B Elf fly Iruin GihI ^ wu' u Itia 
beodli: ; *ju- iii hu vengcanc? ; sa that h^zre men 
ore {lUbiibeO. for before-br«dch of ll^c kbf^'e Iuwa, 
in nuH iho kiri^ii qLiolTuI : wbcrp lliey ftiareJ llw 
doalHT (hoy baTu homo lifp Jtvay, and H'hera thej 
woulil be Biifc^ rbt'j pciifib : iben if thtj i|i<' uii- 
[i[D\idaib no ihotv ts Ibe kin^ ^nillv of their dam- 
naliun, than he ifon bcfiJm jludly of LLuhi iuipivllH 
fitr ibii whitJi ibej htd now vi^iltd. lOvery nub- 

{'^rt"B duty i-1 ibf Ling^, but t-irry riubjcn^i's mid ja 
,ia own. Tbfrefcrc sbuuld etcrr soldier in Ihs 
nan do aa cvecy uck man iu liiii bill,— waab tvery 
nioEQ out Lpf bk nmiteienev ; imd dying bo, death 
ii to him odvitiitagLi ', or iiipt dyiii^. rim lime ivoa 
ble&i^dlv luBt, wbLTein^iurh prepnralion woa gained ; 
and iu him ihaE eKApea, Lt were not bin to tbink, 
timt making Ond ut froe on offer, he let hhn uuE- 
livo thai dny |i» sl>d hia grL-atuoBK, and to tooAt 
otben bow ihf^y ihould pn^pnre. 

Will. 'T ia certain, o»ery idoii thaE dies ill, th« 
ill upon bla own bead, Iba kbig la iiot U> AH* 
Bwcr it. 

Bates. I do not dr^ire be flhouU onswor f<ir 
ma, and jet I detennino to Bgbt lua^j fijr him. 

LUlMlk]," Afl r.flB. 1'— 

" Tn rip I hnMLT -«r iinfTit'ib'miKJDapa, 


K. IIev. I lujself liPnrd the ting wy, be mrald 
out be rauiftDio^E- 

WiIpL. Ay, JiD ruuil lU)^ Ur tdolie im figlit nheer- 
Ailly ; but, iritea our thniaU nrc cut, ho Ifuj be 
muom?'!. kitd *»e nc'pt tJic wiser, 

K. Hkm^ If I lU-u [Q v-B it, I will itflrm Imat 
hi^ Aitrii [iRcr- 

WiLi.. "Manfl ,• you paj him Uicn f Tbat'a & 
porilDiu ahoT Diet of nn cLd^r-jrun, Ihol a poor an'} 
pnTB.fe Jiii[i1i>Qauru can dn ai^ainML ■ iiioiiju^ ! yi^c 
miiv nn well ^> nbirut Id tarn Uii? suTk tit ice wlcli 
fjuinjn^in hi:* fan; ciih d peamck'd Ibaibcr, You II 
ntivr tiTot hit word oftf! rome, 'tit a bolith 

E. TLiN. Ynur rejtrTxiris nomctliiii); Uhi rtniDil ; 
1 »Luuld bf^ Aii^rj wiib nxi, if tbu^ ejiud wore onn- 

Will, Let iL be a quurcl b«t"e«i vt, (f jDu 

K. HkiY. 1 embrsK it. 

Will, llo* ibnll I know iliw flgoin? 

£, 11e^. Gi^'c Tii4> juij vjB^ oT tuinH, and 1 will 
vt^ar it in di^ SudiibL; ihciiT if i^vnr ihoLi djiml 
a4:L[iu*rk<iJm^' it, I wifl malic il mv qiinrwl. 

Will, llete'a mj gloTe; give nw utiilha: of 


K- Hus- Then-. 

AViLL. Tbia will I flUo *»'(«■ in ray cop ; if PvPr 
diou cuma to dhj aaJ say, oftcr lo-momiw, TMii ii 
mi/ fflove, bjr this l»aud» 1 wlJl lak« Eli^ a bni un 
tba eir. 

K. Unr. If erwl lire io»cit, 1 wiU r^ll^ge 

Will. Thou doTMi ilb wpU bo han^. 

K- HjtN, Wril, 1 will ilu it, UiGugti J take thcc 
ib lli« kiD^'n comptLitj, 

Wn,!.^ Kimp ibj word : fkm llu?e welL. 

B^rHS. CofhiJiula, jouEngll'ihPKib, byffiondHi 
WD hava French qum ivin onuw, if jnii niuLd teU 
bow to redcon- 

K. TTen. Indued, iho French may laj twenty 
Frvnoh crawns lo onp, tlirj will htM us ; for ihoj 
bcu* IheriL OD EhEir FihiPuldLTa: bat it is no ^Dgtish 
treoAon. lo cut Fn^ich cmwnft, und, to-ioormw, 
till! kiitjf himBvlf will be a dipper. 

[/Tj^Htz* Goldlora, 
Upon tbo kin^ ! kt ds our lives, our hjiiIa, 
Our debf-1, lur cartful wi^i??, 
Our children, and our line, Injr on the king ; — 
We moat Im.'V n||. 

O hard Hmdiuoii 1 twin-bom with ^BlncsB. 
Subject t* the hrcmh of tTcrj fool, wlime Bonw 

t'\ tint InLto runlti, 'jVmi. 

b WIlaL bi HIT iiii-If <■ Pdi]r4EkniT[ The rDlIn rrid*,— 
■' Wiirl t II Ih; frml- d[ adDi>lhB>r> 


No more eon feel, but li'is own wtin^np 
^Vhut iiitiiiiEo hoBrt'niinn uiupt kinga ih-^I^ 
Tbnl jjrivQW dmn nnjojV 
And wbnt bavp ksagt, that privata have out 
Bn-to cfjrcnvmy. save gentrr^ ctivmon j ? 
And wbat art thou, Ihoii idi-l foromimj ?* 
What kind i>f ^otl art ihou. Hut MiiOer'it min 
Of mortal gjieft, ihaa do ihj worahipyNfu ? 
Whai are ihy tpuls? what flie ihj cooiiuga-qil 

eniTmonj^ iih<>w thh but tliy wunb 1 ] 
Wlini la ilijr [,iiul, O adoraiioii?* 

ArL Elhju Augfat clac but pLtw. degrWn QJid Iutd 

CreoJLng awe and fear in other mpu ? 

Wherein tliOu art Ium hippj buuig fear'd. 

Than tln'V in fearing. 

Wlmt iLrJnk'rhi tikiiii uH, idufvuE of honugn i' 

Hut pninan'd BoiTerv? CU'Siuk, grpatgre. 

And bid lIij qer«citouj gise th« rure ! 

ThiitL'it thiM tin fierj fa*i>r will ga uiit 

With titkiA blown fi™ odiilation? 

Will it gin p[net- to tienrrc and In" beading 

Caa'at luwj, wlh'j] thou imrnmaud^^t clfi 

Command tlio hfollh of it ? Ho. ihoii 

Thai pkj''at no lubtlf with ft kiu^n rrpooer 

1 am a king, that find IhK' ; nnd I know, 
'TiA ]]iii. [he halm, the ic'ptro, and ihv ball. 
The irwDpd, flu? mace, the ctnwii iutpcrial, 
I'he iiiti^rtiflfluM robe of ^U and puirl, 
Tho fiirt'Oi! titlf? running Tora Thn ling. 
The tbrono ho ata on, nikr the tide of punp 
'lluit bcni-* npoti thn liLgh ihnre of ths wvndt' 
No, imt dU [hrac, tlirpt-gorgooiia ecrrtnonj, 
Not nli Uie^H laid in 1k^ Enajeatieal, 
CiHi Bleep po wnndlj m tho wretched slaTe, 
W}io> with a bodj lili'd, and racaitt luind, 
Gtlfl bim tn ri»(, nTinim'it wJih di^tiraofiil' 
"St-w-t (n*" horriil nij^it. the ehild of holl; 
But, lite a lackcji fmni |he rite lo set, 
^eatA in the eje of I'bii^bua, oud all iirt;ht 
Sl»pe in Elj^iuin; ueit ilay, afitr duwn. 
Doth Hm?, wid hi-^p TIvpLTion to bli Eione; 
Anil followq so the eTpr-running jfenr 
With protit&blv Inbour^ to his in^an: 
And, but for oonao-ttiyy aiiob a wn'^b. 
Windin;; U)> dajn wirJi biiT, and nights with 
Hiid the ffsre^hnnd and vnntAg? of A king, 
I'he *)t^vv. b (Dumber of the eountrjV p^^j 
Enjoji it ! hut in f^mfn bnun little woto» 
Wliat wnri-h thL> king kcepa to majnuun tlte 
Whoec bonn the p^Mjint bc»t adf niiLigea- 

• Otii'iM ro'ivf.vfBPBP'tfie'iiiaiiiTTbnii trtmd;} arrc«a 
■^DVHlofi ummaiar lulFiiluiid, -dmnt'iju' bir^a.' If 

vpeirr't nuipn , bul "■lUrfi^^J UftmI, " 't' M'ri /vi ^ | 
U lErtLnf It '<iP'"iJr*i 4rkd terisr Ihir inviUBf 

Novr, TCiy Jorf 
Con. Hark, lioir mr rdcedi fur pFEBai( 

nii'gh ! 
Daf, Mount tliCDi. and moke inciumi In ih^ 
That their JiuL LIlhhI niOiV ^pin in Engll^i ujra. 
Anil JouL^ ihi-'ni nidi piLpcrlluuiLt C4>uiBgv- Ha ' 
Ham, Wlial.wiliToiihaTe tbcmwccpoin-limei 

Eaw tboJl wu llitn fht^L-tld thv^r nalunil Leu* T 

ftr. 7,— 


[H]>n£ 111. 

• EcgWih we fltabuLtJed, jua FVf^icb 
' bcTMr, JDU gqllilit princisf atroighC |4i 

M jond pnor uml ttm-veil bund, 
ur iLu' ibiU Miok avroj flji^tr a^^uIa, 
L buL iheduJvH and \t\idki, iti mpn. 
■t vorit pD4>Ugli fur nil our hontia ; 
oidu,^ la nil thp^T aicklj vi^uut 
ih nnki-ii cartl»>-oii' n stmm, 
tokIi ^luils shall to-daj drtw miJ, 

fcr bck of tpCPTL. Ld ilo but blow ou 

of our vn]p>ur will o'ormm TLi'm. 
e 'ipkiatt all i>ii:ejt|juiifi, UrA/,. 
fvlJuoud lotkrjF,, jui'L our ]rni?4uiLa> — 

KiHirT ni^liirii , aw ana 
pM of mch H hildbig foD, 
, upi>n tlus iD{>LiEi^iEi^Fi bncii by 
fift idli; ajjccubifipn : 
ir bnQLtiij3 luLiJt DOE. WhaL 'i to uy ? 

dune. ThizD let (hn truEii]>e|ji fpimiid 
-WflVIOfl, Alld the brjil' to iiii>jiit ; 
tmfboli lihnl] HI murti doro iIiq Fii'M, 
uid aholt fnnch down is fiiu, uid rh;ld. 

Wliy do jau alaj eo Jong, mj lord* of 

A c«mDiu,(l^ dodfi^^mEfi of lin"lr iKkiiuH, 
hjr bewmc thr ri>ijrnine field : 
*d (tonjuiu ponrlr dtd li^ li>itBe, 

klukea ibrm puv'ne KomTally. 
flnfnu bODkru^jJ in ilu-'ir \'i'^\^r'd luiat, 

ihtijui^li a ruHfj Ifpovcr ]iri?po, 

7n -It Ilk*? tiiiil cAndlcBlicka. 
-titrm iu their hniiil; and duir poor 

ibpir butbi, drilling tho Lidcn And 

dmni-ropiiig frota iheii pale-tbad 

IT pdJe dull muiitbii, Uiir giitinid-Lnt* 

; vf Oa Fp*! ii-.S , 'la iiti,— "1'ltrv ibnuirai Thod^ 
at^tlan- tbil dJvrnB nri)i« Pi>1>l?ia?i^ inAdt iqdb 

F UilM lh«iBi Vt aniH a( ihnu ■nnld Furi Inn 

Iaps fdid LVLth chnn'd emu, &lill aod hidIIdiiIobg ; 
Ami Ibolr t'MiOulnni, llio knuviriJi cro*fl, 
FIj o^cr lliem, all impaliiziir fijr tbcii' boar. 
DcwnplEUD cArtnot unit 'n\\i-[f \it wyr'ls, 
To dpJuiiLiaLrQln Llm l[fti i?f lutli u bollJo 
In Ufa flu lifrjifu as it hbciwi jtaoEf' 
*JoN. TIjpy hjiTt puiil tbnir prnjera, and [hoj 

BUijf Ibr denlL. 
Dav, SLinll wd ;^ W3nd (ham dlumni nod frflih 

And give tln'ir fu-iting horflpe iirotobdur, 
4 lid [Lfter dj^liL nib thcmT 
Ca:9. 1 aiay but for mj guard :'' on, La tbe 

fitrld : 
I will tliQ banuor fnna p Irumjii't \aki', 
Artd mo it fur m; biulc. Coiut.', cipme nmj I 
Tliu SLID id bigU, ftnd vc tmtwt^iip tha dftjf. 

SCENE ni— r»* EngliBh Camp. 

Em^i- tJte Kni^SiAh ffriiif ; GtotciHiTJUi, Bbdpobu, 
IIiKrEii. Salublui', and y>i\sstvaaEi^AKa. 

Gui. \^lidn LU die king? 

Beu. The king liimBcLf id nde to view tfLfiLr 

Wmt. Of fi^'bling RLUO iboj Iihtb fuH diroe- 

ai'um [iLQUi^aud. 
Eeb^ There's live to one \ bHidtt^ diej- &U ue 

Sal. QuJ'p nnii Btnka with lu ! ^lid u fi'Oiful 
Qtid buv" " jou, priQcis nil ; I'll to my rharge: 
If vt> no uoro Di«ct, till wo meet in hcai?n, 
Then, jojfiiUT, — my Tioblo lord nf tlL-.lfujd, — 
MjdoflriflrdGttmlcr, — andmjguuil bml Eitlcr, — 
And nij kind kindmnn,— iffiriinre a]l, hiipi] I 
Beu, Fkirf'wcll. ?ood Stllabiuy, lUid good lutk 

£0 nith tMca ! 
Riit. FaivHi.<r], bind bnl ; fl^ht talionlly (o- 
doy : 
And jot I do ibco mwig lo mind Iboe of it,* 
Fur tboD Ati fniu'd of the film (rQLb of volojr, 

[£-nf Saluiiiurt. 
Hiiir. Hl^ jji u full of t^oiir, OS uf kindiicsd, 
Princi?]ip in bdtb. 

Weat. O that wi- iiuw liJid h«v 

^\iti Iblf iIuqhIu-I -u bV cumt. nUH'd ■ AiT-urr lo 1m takn 

Ihiin I IrmivprJ. RnO ^ilmnil In n jncTaTT. JfiT wlllrll 111 COID- 

Djun4kri1 ti be bnTnr bEFnca film, 1n-1i|*a iiJ ^ '^fiHd KTil-" 

i [Idil buy' fi". r'rni'U df'.] ^rf b'V' ll tbr Ifln^t H tni 
" 0[HHj-1iy«,-— a nmupUnD of •' CoH M kHX ^nt" ud In IbU 
IruUBn, Fnr iTtr iile qf Ih? TiLPLifi, Lbc <ild foru of il ilinmlr] bi 

' And )n 1 11'> Ih^wiDna, Ai^1 Tk»lull'D[lnH]iiLhliipaKfa 
■n unflidd Id lite trvcfldliii «iu dE ^ii1jh>tl] Lq ta» IdUq: Ibt 
piv«F Dl i1i>ii|raieiil vx ADgfulid by T1iirl1>j. 

u £ 

*CT IV-] 



Enter "Ej^Q TTm raT- 

But ono tea UKtueoDd of thoBo men in EDglAnd^ 
TbU ilo no vork to-daj I 

K. Hbx. WhfiL'B hp, tJiat nisboA bo? 

Mj coiuno WwfmoreUnd ? — Wo, my feir couain : 
If we ore nrndi^d to did, we ore mon 
To do our tnnntrj loss ; rmd if to livu, 
The fener moci) thb greater ahBre of hoDdur. 
God's will 1 I pray the*, wish doI one dud 

Bj Jove, I Din not covetouQ for gold, 
Koi are I, who iLurJi feed npoa my ixist ; 
Itf euTLB me not, if men mj garmonta wear; 
Such oulward thbigB dwell noL io my deaires ; 
fiul, if it be a fiin to POVE;t honour, 
I AQJ tiio miHl offending bou] dive. 
Ko, 'faith, mj coe, wiali not a man from England: 
Ood'a peace I I would nut loBe w ^at an hunoiir, 
Ab One man mciro, niclliinba, would shoro from 

For the beat hopo I ha,yc^ O, do not wish one 

Rather ptDclBim it, AVeatmoroIimd, through mj 

That he which hath no slooiaeh to tluB Ggbt, 
Let him depan ; his posaport Bhall he made, 
And crowna for convoj put into hLs purse : 
Wfi would nut dro Id that mau's companj, 
Thai fears his fdlowBhip to die with ua. 
This daj ia oxL'd— the feaat of Criapiaii : 4^) 
Sb that outlivoa thia daj, and comca aafo home, 
Will stand b. ti{>-toe whtn thia da^ is aam*d. 
And rouse him at the namo of Criapian, 
Ho that oulJiToa this day, and sees old age,* 
Will yearly on the rigil feast hia frienda,* 
And aoj, To-morrow is aaint Cri&piaa : 
Then will he etrip his Blei^re, find show hla scars. 
And saj, The«o wouuda I had on Cmpin's daj,*" 
Old TSiea forget ; yet all ahall bo forgot. 
But he'll remember, with advantages. 
What feota he did that day. Then shall our 

Familiar in thoit mouths as hansohold words, — ■ 
Ilarry tho ting, Bi'dford nnd Esvter, 
Warwieh and TnJbot, Salisbury and Gloster,^ — 
Be in their flowing eupA freahlj remember'd. 
Thia stjirj shall the good man teach his son ; 
And Crispin Criapian shall ne^^ go ]}j 
From this day to the ending of the world, 
But wo in it shall be rememborod, — 

(■] Flnt rtillfl, arlgliioM-t. 

■ R« rhil ortllTO llili ^Kj.^ni itet old a^,^ Tbiilf from 
Ibc quiirLoi. and li JDhlr pirlcriiblD re llui IcrlloD of Ui* Colio :— 
" llD IhBi »lia]1 1« Ibli Jar, and U*fl aid Eft-" 

l< And HT, Th#i» woijdhIi J bad on CjitplD'i iij-l Thfi llu !■ 

fCnd aaij in ibt qiiuUt. 


We few, we happy few, we band of bmdien ; 

For he to-day that sheds hia blood with me. 

Shall be my brother ; be he oe^er so nle, 

This day shall gontle hia a>nditioa : * 

And gentlemen in En^and, now a-bvil. 

Shall think themselves aecura'd, thej wen not 

And held (heir manhoods cheap, whilea any 

That fought with us upon saint Crispu's day. 

Ee-eiiter SaubbcbY' 

Sal. My oorereign lord, bestow yonnelf iriik 
speed J 
Tho Frvnch are hmTelj in Iheir battles set, 
And will with all cipodience charge on ua. 

K- Hen. AU things are ready, if our minda In 

West, Perish the man, whose mind ii bockwtd 

now I 
K^ Hen. Thou dost not wish moie help bm 

England, COE ? 
West. God'a will, mj liege, would yoo ia£| 
alono I 
Without more help, could fight this royal bat4l»[ 
K. HnN. Why, now thou bast unwish'd im 
thouaand men, 
Whi^^ likes me better, than to wish as one.— 
You know your places •- God be with yea all ! 

Twikd. EiOer Mohtjot^ 

MofJT. Once more I eome to know cf tban, 
ting Harry, 
If for thy ransom thou wilt now eompoDod, 
Before thy moat asanred overthrow : 
For, eertninly, tJiou art se near th« gulf, 
Thou ncoda must be cngluttcd- BeHdea, in amj. 
The wnaUbEo desires thee tbi>u wilt mind 
Thy fbllowers, of repentance ; that tb^ sooli 
May Qiako a poaceful end a sweet retire 
Fnnn off these flelds, whore, wretcfaee, Ihdr pnv 

Must lie and fester. 

E. Hev. Who hath sent thee nowt 

MoxT- The oonetahlo of Fraoce, 

E. Hem. 1 pray thee, bear my fbrma uuwtr 
Bid them achievo me, and then scU my bones. 

r famtilir III thrit iiAanii at banktf nnlr,-^ h Ek* 

qOHlDI. In Eb» tuWa tbE JIlH rDDI,— 

" FamUlarla 4 U auiiU at konarbDld ■orda.' 
' Shall ^cn[]« hh cDDdErlmt ' ) "EInjT HrDij V, labJUH WT 
pcnan buL lucli u bu| % ii|t1ii b; IhQeeLiahh, at jnanti 1c ■■(■ 
i^Diti oi arui.fitcplllLDia mba iDU^rn -Lih blm alibi l«Ui' 
AskFJCQiLri; ±aA. I t^Prk, IIlfh laii wtr albownd Uw chM^Ai ' 
hntHir « All fraati and pablick DHoUagi.'— Toun. 


[tcun IV 

ulij BhoqM ihuj mock pour fi'lliiwa 

DOM difl ieU the lion's skin 
b(.iL4l Gr'cJ. •"ae hill'd with hunling 
our Ltxliis d^mll DD klouljt 
gmves ; updo the wliich, I (riLil, 
Hweiu htati' of ibia day's wnrki 
ka\B their vhIIjuiL bonti in FmiiCt?, 
cboit^h thurjc^l in jnur dnn^fiilU, 
d ; &ir ibcro ttui nm aboil ^al 

Ibuir bunoun ii'h>kIiLe U[' t*J buCLiUD. 

ir I'liriljl^v ]kflrltf Uf ijhoho yiiirr clinm, 
fcbtnMif nbiLlI bn'OcJ a iilogii'i in i^nnct'. 
, dliouodiaf vaFuur m our English ; 
e dtwl, Liku to Ql? tiLlJk.-r'a iintiiif^* 
vtio Ji H'ciud 4:4iiii^: of Ti]i:^i.'hii'f, 
tp]a|iiw uf nvrrlftlilj'. 

proudly; — ToU ibc cajiatDble 

narriutB i'rt Lbu w-trkAStfj *i\j -. 

i and Dur gill art all iH-^nilrcU'd 

Duurliiib^ ill ibu {HiLiifiil ti«ild ; 
< 4 picw of fi>aEber in oar hnsr, 
eul, I hope, wi' will not ttjr,) 
Ukih wont lib Liiw qUivrjirj : 

djr bpatti\ on.- bi Ibi' Iriiii : 
JOT loldicn IfU mc — _ti?[ crc nigbl 
in bctfaer rob«9, or thoj wUI plu^^k 
)w HVU it'tT tlu! 'FrcDC'b i^lJicra' b^'aJ-^, 
ihem nut of dPlrin?, If ihfy do th'w. 
)d pleiksc. Ihfjj »!ifltl,) mj raxuom tbpn 

brr IdyideI. Htrald, botg ihaa thy 

DO mon; fur niikSiiri], ^otli? hi'ndd ; 

have bODe. 1 iirur, bat thcui my 

Ufa, — 

■tIhtc he T will I^ave 'em ibi-m, 
^Hki Uuhf, ti^ die ninauiblu. 

I^Udl. king Hatij, And «, furv thcc 

filijdi Tirnr brmbl my mnre^ ^^-^'i'^ 
I fi'dr Uh>u ■ill aoii^ niat^ conii? n^in 

ir-P -Iw 

I *\ n\a r-ii. firiji-j, 

' MiT ^L'r™i of ArTTii"". "in* 

■..i4(B»«lBfhiin'b, |l*T-i. 

EV> , AlL<L :ili J-LIL, b>i, — 

144 v^Jr o[i» anon rntBr a^iiLB Pir q rmiQiiL" 

^u«' cominiE lor, >■! LWit a ar^lMniar F| Eii 

|Uf li IkI [n^jna J LI tlir i|rLluUi> '< lEil* U prlDlcdr— 

• fmi' — - n& " MxJnriE, luUitp^ ia« WHU " A 

'I - LhE^i ill Cal"! ri rn'fii'r -*<s 
<i-J ikfll eIie I IjnrnLikrrJLCfi iLIiIp 
i^t llMin lb It >r|IliUrflcliH*l|Ll 
br "— r — 

"WtklllTf I^AlmUDUlTLIIV DC." 

haavtl dMr4i>pfrJ V\\l " tlalFLrif], GuLoiT mr " li 
D^,»IUr pmonrHT til PlAfCifnl'l " UlLitcal Chu- 

YoBE, My lunl, ooiiL^bBiiibijpfb iqy knoe I 

^g *.-"A'' ?- 

Tho iHdibg of iho TAwnrd. " < / / 

K. lira. Take it, brnvo York. — N'lW, uoldi««) 
inn»b awjiy ; — 

And buw thuLi pl^nititt God, diepo^o ihe djty 1 

RORNE TV,— rS* FUld of Bntflt. 

AttiniiAii ; Erciirs'iHia. Kuter Pifitol, fVonch 
SnlditT, aiui boT. 

FiflT. Tisld, (mr ] 

Fa, BfrL, ^rjinut?, juf Fnij^^pnrfr/Ainnv 

PinT. Qii'ifirr// tali'fy,' mn&(nie mo," ort tfion B. 
gi^nUeuuLfk ? Wliiii U tliy nunmf dim-u^i ! 

Fn. KoL. vi^iifriir Ihert/ 

FiHt, Os''^ifui'i>(VBhijLjld be fk ^rlcDiAn : — 
Pcr]jcnd mj %-oicla. O ^i^jieur Duw, and murk i — 
O nguioLir Buiv, ibnu dit*t on jiuint tif [us," 
]^xcv?|]i, AL^ii-ur, ihoa du givu to me 
Egrvgiouri mnMim. 

Fa. Sol. 0, p/mnn jviaerifordf / aya ptHi 
de 3noi I [mrkjH ; 

I'lar. ^T(]T BhaJl not tcrvc, I will bave tortj 
For 1 will fiMch thj nm' oat it tby^ tLroal, 
In drop? of rriouun liTciiid, 

Fii, Soi.. Sii-il imfiinitii'lf: iff^-Imj'jKr In Jara 
dr E^rm hi'ae 1 

PiiT- Brois, cur! 
T^tDU donkikud nad luiuriot^a mciukUuit ^J^l. 
Offi'r'i'I nil' brann ? 

Fn. &iL. ptrrdrmna-mfii! [niuju? — 

I'lAT, Say'at lltuu mi' »? it tbul a ton of 
roiiitf bitlwr, boy -. ovk jus ihi> 'lUvt in Fii'iitb, 
What i?i biri ruuiiu, 

Hor, A'c4>r[^r9/ ovn^wnE rFf^^ioru itjijW£ ? 

Fr. Sol, Monrifiir h Fff, 

Tlill idmbn CpTiIid <TICa?alErl4 (trUlEilvEurLDQi ind VBrrrHp- 
UtKLhe l"' '" "* "i'' Hir.i i>E rt-li4 liQldinB ■ prlHiner bjiLir 
thnU and i| ii^H Lnr 1 nt rac iid nr a IhUllikL ar IIh- ^bok mianri'L 
li lifh pii' petal njnu ■, nrd In drhulc oE duy brliL-r cipliuaElciJi of 
tikr m>iLH[<nu irllablf I, wi bira adnpir^ Ibal lJ W'BrbLuliiD. 
^ On f^Hftfna- — J Thamvleni Edit m* all a^m ji I uli-itiliif 

111 tItAt "^«c«ai an Bid rani Vujil Fihc B iHnrdj" ti>H *'iT B 

k>i<iti] wu Mitalln] noi^ >f ibmt ipixir* m Iib"e Wiiit ■"nii^ 
TliE namQ' ui lLviei rront lltEclirLLiiLiidhCf rbal AndiH Fiirritn, 
anil, ibiiir lui IkiiiL-, hIIfef lHiri'l)|ii ■ n-hnl .[ iil IeIi. iLilu|iltd 1 hil PU 
L^iF bliile-moiL 'I Lhrlr >'cap[<DiL Jihrordi, iblb " iiinMl'if -fUI 
rudrlr ni||i>vti1 -n LIli IiIb,Iek, tiE ilfLI doeuIdli^Iv to bd IIWl 
'■III' "1 Ihf nld ronnnu--bi>iinir Ijinfliiii 

* Fi* i l-lll Jiie*! "ij nm EiiiF dI likv •ltr<a' —] H<m WBf a Iflmi 

FannuEly UXd, nut "ur| itilLD|lb-[|', ri>t a I'ml liI 11K iHLrpUm- , 

llDl l^llatu 'i-mj*- rJllla il-rLli 11 '.n-ifli*^ - lu |hi'll i B|Ht. ^ Mf 
rululctrj' DT Utt yrvnchnuiL'i ■□"■ml iintBunfoiluii- 



^?* • Jt 





Boy. He uja, btii DMac ia — duuIbt Fa. 

Fist, Matter Fn-! 1 'H Fur hini) ocd Hrk hini, 
And ferret faim: — disi-TiB^ tlie fianii: in Frcncli 
unto him. 

Bor. I do bat knaw llw French far ^, q;id 
firrH, QDAfirk. 

PiBT. Bid hlfD pn?paT4>., for I nilL cut hii 

Fb, Soti. Que dU-il- tmuuieur 1 
J^u fiTM pr^ / (Tor » Kldat in nC dABpoiS foiri 

FtwT. (hti. oufe le goTfft, par nut /oi, 
tlpIoH ifaon gLva n%i< cjawdo, LmvD lU'^moa ; 
Or miDffled elialt iJidu be lij ika my mrord. 

Fa, Sdl, 0,je tn^tii jupplif. pimr ramtmr de 
Dieu, me }yardnnner I Je niu geatHAiunne dg 
btJiite inaiffon: ffordirt ant vif^rije miH doRfiavi 
doHjj r-ciiii Kus. 

PraT. Whnt vf liiH wcmlh? 

Boy, He pmp jou Id aava hli lifa: be U a 
goiElflmiui oi b goal Imiuo, 4Tjd firr hi* nnua, 
ba will givo jDU ivu buudrcil LTomia. 

PiffT, TeLI him raj furj eliall abflte, 
.Ai>d Llhe cruwhJi wij] take. 

F&. Sol. /'cfC/ nutnii^T-, ywe dit-U ! 

Boy. En&tra qu'U eal amfre tan jirtnastit dv 
pfirritmnep aucun pritojtnia- ; nfnnmnu, pnur 


la fewi que V01U Cam prrtm^. it at ftmiM 
ti-fU dmvner ^ iHiez-ii, ie/ranchitffifnl- 

Fb^ Sol. Sar tm^ ,tfrti"«J, jfl i^^iu donn* aJ£t 
r* FflemmcnJ ,' etjem'a^im^ hfvfyiu i^u^ > nif 
^uTO/^ entn la ftdiiu if un ekfiviirr, Je pout, |r 

if Anpf eta-re. 

Put, ETpminil iinio oif, JfOj. 

Do*- Ilo giT'ts jou, upon hiakmts,* 
iJumka ; and ho cAbeema Ijimh'lF ImppJ tlu» 
haUi folkn into tlio bacda of ooc, [u ha ihuilAf 
fJie TDo»r bmva, Toloious, ATid dirioo-wonhjti^i^r 
iif Eogliuid. 

PnT' Aa I iuck Uood, 1 *lll some mnrj bIkj*,- 
Fotlow niP f [E^l raruL 

ISxU Frcodi SdUrr. 
T JhI nevcET knor h fiiU a vrnre inne froois 
lanplj a heart : bpl llio najir^ 11 QiKt— Tlf 
i^^Dply Wkl-I luokta Lhc jrrcat^al Miiind. ltBrJi>l|<h 
ukI Nym bad lea lin^i'S more ralour ihu ihii 
roorflig d^vil i' the uld jiIjl^, thnl vvf}rj tmp Wij 
nira^lus objIb nitli b wDudtD dogger ;(9t ood di^ 
are boLh lunged ; and -lO woiiM thi^ tiep if he duM 
fl[pnl HUT lliinjj mh'onlfirchniTlj. I rausraUj^h 
tho ]jtcki^}d, wi[h tke lu^dgi: of out cjimp: tSta 
Fivni'h nii^tc We a gVfod praj nf us. if be tww 
of iL ; for Uuife ia none to guonJ it, hut iioy^ 



[hhi vit 

ItaffKfUff — iejirureti jjrnfu, taut tMt 

fort df ttu viet all a caDfbiiiid?d, tUJ 

Ig'ti our plumv*, — jfi&^kattteJbfiHtie/ 

^Hij, fill our nmka a« bmkt'. 
poriamlilt abaue !— ItrL 'b Alab out- 

irre[i:li« ibnl *B pliij'J fli diwi fiM" ? 
[t^the tiDgweKDl tif fur biBrbiiv>fii ? 
% HDil uterad sliatdo, nolbing but 

bcmiior:' fliirt moiv bm-k nguiik ; 
win not Billow Bcnirbun n'H", 
hflnCpT uiJ, mill his cap in ban^U 
pPiuJfit hnEd [hn tljaiiLbci-diHiri 

dpuirlif^-r U cpn[aDiiafllv,t [nnw 1 

fcorJei, iLni. linCL jpoil'd m, frieiiJ ua 
lln^I*, }^t ftffiT iLyt (fur liiM 
'RDflish. or cIhu iI[h vfjj)i fnuit.' 
re uc ^now^ jol Ih'iaf in tin.' ti^'Li^ 

np ihe En^IiBh io uiir thjmigsi 
TTUffbt tro Uxii^hl upn^ 

■0 denl ukc orJcr miw 1 I Ul La UtD 

, : i-ise. thame -nil! b0 (OD Inng ! 

-Another Pari of ihn FMd. 
BnUr lOxG HE-<q¥ nnd Forrai; 

f^ UTell hHTG no Aane, \bru}c-ya\\aat 

, ytA krwp (ho French the field. 
ufYurk CDJDEDuidD luut loyaur 
flltia bour, 
gnoJ uncle? iliiW, wiibin 
1IJ) Agjiiii, oDcl ligbLiaj^ ; 
1 ro iJv spur, b]I blnml W woD' 
k p4iui ; and by hia bloodj aitle, - 


r<f«i< rtir iivff tvhic ^athf." 

If, vblfli *u lulKril^iC lit Vr. Iblfhl, ii 

(YnkD-fiiHiin Io Lii bcmoDr-Owiug HtHDdi,) 

TliL' iii»I]Ll- fiirl t>f Su^uEk nlvi Hl'^. 

tiuffirlk luBi died ; ntid Vtrt-kt ntJ hflggU'il o'er, 

CumVB I'j him. wIh^i'c in gur^ ht- Ielj insteep'tl. 

And loktv liim bj l^ic IkveiI ; klnaii Uit; ^;uhH, 

Thai, bi'i^xlil; diil juun up*>Ei Ijis fmiti : 

And' DricflAlniid, — Tn'-rt/, -itJitrf antmt S'lfaiM I 

Mp v<»l ihaU tkiae iceep company to fieavfii : 

7'trrffj tti-ns Piui. for tiime. thru Jij/ n-lreaH, 

Ab, fj> fJiu r/l'moue awl weH-fitaffl^/eii ^j^ri, 

Wt kept to^'thtr in Our chimlrfj I 

Upon ihMO words I cooiv, oiid cihciT'd bim up : 

Hn pmll'd CIO in ihe face, raugbl mo hia hnnd, 

Aad, wil.b a fir*'llu gnpp. f^je,— iJcj/- m^ ^Jn/, 

Bo did b4 tarn, and over kSudolk'i nci^k 

Hi* thrcn bis wrniitdcd arm, nud kim'd Ilia 1ii>? ; 

And to, [■sp'ni^'il Io liifllh, wiih blimil \\^ Auu'd 

A T^'MflmcDf of nobla-cndiuj^ love. 

The prullj (uid flwcel numnur ftf ii forc*d 

ThoieHaterefrominP.whichl wuiddbflvo eWpp'd i 

But I hud JLEic r-cj ruui'h wf men tii mo, 

And iiJI mj inotbiT a>iU4.' ilLo mind eju, 

And gA\i- me np io ipBra. 

K. IlETr. I Idaojo yon not i 

For, lminn[f ibLn, 1 niudt piTfiPrco mropDuod 
With inii^fult t!ji», or tbc^ will inaue too. — 

Butt liirt f whfli now aloFDin » ihia hjuiid t — 
Tlie Frencb bci^u noufdra'd tbsit HaUcrM merj : — 
Tbca c.'Vtiry LtoMior kjll hia prisontTH ', {*) 
Give the nord tbrou^b. [ffAint 

SCEtfE VIT.— Jfloit^r /'art <^ ifa Fidd. 
Alammi. Enter Fi-irsuxs and Gowbx. 

Flf. Ki\J tlie pnjA iLnd (Lb luggnge I 't'la ei- 
p»Bd^ a^Ain^ the Lin' iiF iiruifl : 'Lis a& fiimnl a 
^aeceuf kna^iTv, ranrk jonnowj bb can pc offered; 
io jDur ci>iiM;ieiJL'0 non-'. a i\ iiol? 

Gow. 'Tia ccTtflin, ihi'rn's poC a boj left olirfli 
uid the cnHonllj roival^, Elml ran fiVFn Iho bLLttlo, 
LiQve done ibiB Blungbtcrj bt.'aidi??, Ihcj have 
buTDi^ and corri^ awjij all thai was in ibe king^a 
icrit ; uht^ifr^frL' ibc king, luo&t worChilj, bdlh 
nLu«d i^vL'rj sukliiT to cut hks priLMinor'? tbnuii. 
O, 'eIh n gallnnl king t 

Flu. At» he "iia pom fit MoTjmoiith, cnpfnin 
Gowor: wliQt oqII you tbn tuwn^a tiuae, wbera 
Alfiandcr Lh6 pig via& pom ? 

ID ou hit. 


(^^ nnT Mio, Hir- 

" Ltl'Ur' mi bira4n, Bu iltunr dirlli Cut loolaafl'" 
k UnlolliHB &ii]Ub,orrLHdUiitEbl4^} Thli EIh If HhJI 
in Th? TAIiBl 


km IT,] 



Gov. Aieunder the great^ 
Ftu. Wty, Ipraj jflu, u nol |ng, great? The 
pig, or the greAt, or the mightj, or liie bugo, ar 
thfl nugnoniniDLiE, an oU one i^koiiingH, aave iht^ 
phn»e IB a Hltlo varia^na. 

Gow. I think AleiodJer Uie great vu bom 
ID Maco^dd ; hia fktbcr waa coiled — PhiLp of 
MoCFdon, BA 1 lake it. 

FlU' I think itiBmMocedonTwbtro Aleiaiidcr 
is pom. I L^ you, caplaiD. if jou look in the 
mapfl of the 'orld, I wamnt, ^u sail Gti£t in 
the oomparisona petireen Macedori and Monmoutli, 
Uu( (h? akoHdonaf look jOu, ia pcrth alike. There 
u a rirer La Macvdon ; aod there la also morefrecr 
arirer at Monmouth: it u caUed Wje, at Mon- 
moulh; put it ia out of mj pmina, what ia iho 
nvneof tbe other river: put 'tie all one, ^tta a- 
like ai mj fingera ia to mj ^ngera, and there ia 
ulmODa in poth. If jou mark Aleianiler'B life 
wellp Horry of lifonmouth^s life ia come ofter it 
indUfeiftit veil, for there ia figurea in all thiuga- 
Alexonder (Got knows, nnd jOu know,) in hia 
rogea, aud hin tlLiiea, and hin wraiha, uid hia cholera, 
and his mooda, ond his diaplcoaureB, ond hia indi^- 
DodonH, and also pcing a liClle intoiicatea in hid 
praine, did, in lib olea add hia aitgvrs, lo4^ jou, 
kill hia peat fhend, Cljtua. 

Gov, Our kior is DOt like him in that; he 
pover knietl any of his Mends. 

Flu. It iB not well done, mark you now, tc 
take the talea out of my months ere it ia modo an 
end* and finished. 1 apeak put in the figures 
nnd companjtona of it : ea Aleinnder killed his 
^od CIjtuB, pang in hia alea and hia cups; bo 
alao Harrj Moumoulb, peing in his right wtla and 
his goot judgment, turned avaj Ihfl fat knight 
with the gTfiaC pelly doublet : he na& ful] of joata, 
and gip», and knaTeiiea, and mocks ; I have 
forgot hia name. 

Qqw- Sir John Folataff. 

Fld. That ia he: I^ll lell jou, there ia goot 
men pom at Monmouth. 

Gov. Here eomoA hia majeaty. 

Aiariait. Enter Kixo Henb^, mitit a ^r( f^ 
^Engliah/*f?rc?«/ WAnwicE,Gi-oncE8TEn, 
EiETKH, and othfri. 

K. Hen, I woa not angry ainco I cune to 

(') FinE AtllQ anlU, dPi f rrd. 
> r^b0olLi>i'r Jfid.—} Ml. CDl]l«r'i ■ncioUICT irsil ■ " [□ ImrJi 
tu'Tltt Udi; ViMr* at WiiJuT,^ Ani IV. Ec- J,— 

"AlLkueii Pincuid I leiil Iffvkiiimi ilMtn tar jout Head." 
lttaip.la"A%'taaUkMtur AcC JI. Sc. I,— 


ITqtJl this inataut. — Take a tmnpet, hentld ; 
Bide thou unto the honnneQ on jood hOl ; 
If they will Gght with ua, hid them come dowi, 
Or void the field : they do offend var ught : 
If they *ll do neither, we will come to them, 
And make them akir avay, u avilt ae stCMi 
Enforced fimn the old Aaayrian alinga; 
Beaidea, we 'II ent the throata of thw we ban ; 
And not 4 man of Uiem that we ahall take, 
SbaU taate our mercy : — Go, and tell bum id. 

EiB, Here cornea the Her«Id of the FnoA, 
my liege. 

Glo. Hia eyea are hiimhJer ihan they v'd te 

Snter Mohtjot. 

K. Hbh. How now I what means ihlar hoiUT 
know'it thou not, 
That I bavofin'd th»e bonea of raino for nnamT 
Com'at Ihou again for ranaoni ? 

MoHT, No, gnat king; 

J come to thee for charitable hccnce, 
That we may wander o'er this bloody fipld, 
To book * our dead, and then to buiy them ; 
To sort our noblca from our oommon men, — 
For manj of our pnnoea (woe the vKlle [) 
Lie drowned and soak'd in mercenary blood; 
(So do our- vulgar drench their peasant limba 
In blood of priooea;) and theij* VDunded st«^ 
Fret fetlock deep in'gore, and vrith wild rage 
Yerk out their armed heela at their dead masTs^, 
IGlJing them twice. O, give oa Ic^ve, graft 

To view the field in aafe^, and diapoae 
Of their dead bodies. 

K. Hen. I tell thee truly, henld, 

T know nut if the day be oure or do ; "• 

For yet n many of jour horeemeii pe«r 
And gallop o'er the field, 

Mont. The day u joars. 

£- Hen. Praised be God, and not our atiaigthp 
for it f — 
What is thia caslJo called, that atanda haid by ? 

Mont. Tboy call it— Apncourt, 

K. Hjin, Then call we thia the field of Agin^ 
Fought on the day of Criapin Criapianna. 

Flu. Your grandfather of Aunooa maiivy. 
an 'I plenae your majaly, and your great-iin^ 

■■ lit baUi bftti M iLU Or 'e bol ptu^' 

Ard BBiln, tn "All'* WcUTbal Eodi VrU," Act lU-BC-l.- 

" I DiLui ro bet mr An^." 

T~# ii»k Dk' Jta^, «u, bavrm, m hira no Ooabt, iht 




■ ^ duijaicleB, foughL a mofll praro pulttc hcio 

k II». Thev 6\iL ¥\iif\],-i\. 

¥vj. Yiiiir majsry hbja vnij tnin. lE jour 
^t4hb u raoeiDbaTd of H. lao WtLihrnon did 
■ml iprvirc m a ^rdoii wherG Ii>ckB did f^^, 
wna^ tr«V» III ificJr ^fDnmoutb c^iL|ie. w1nc*h. 

IHT ETAJHfJ kDDW» tO tllTd buUT 1:1 HJl hO]LEIIItlL>lk' 

fiJgv of iw icrvu*; and, I cb pdiEre, joiir 

^k, llf X. ] ^vmi il for n ijteriii>rulj1u bnnaui' : 
Farluu ^^'L-lrh, you know, tfuad ouunlr^inDD. 

Ftt, All the RAUt ib \\ yc cmujor wush joiu 

odeA/B Wclili ploEKl dliL of your pody, 1 am 

wjBudiU: Gut y]iwt it nnd prci^'r^i? ji^oaluiig 

■ HplHAu hu gnic'G, lUkd bi^ niitjt'dt^T toti ! 

HHf*. Thank-*, ft-i^i my cjunUyman.* 

Ftt. Hj Chb^Ln, I UD your mqjtf tT*f oiiintl^- 

mi.IraR ii"t whn bitcpw il; T '"Hi i-rmf'-^ U tn 
10 ihfl 'ffLiI : I nrad but Ic iiAhoiDE'd I'i jour 
iqo^. praUcd pe GoJ» bo lon^ oa jour majcBCy 

K,K)m. Gu.Jt kwp mo wl — Our bcnlJa go 
•idi litbi ; 
BnijT vw Jud[ DCriin.^ i^f the nuint)i'ri> Acini 
t^ bih our pArtt- (.ML jorfkr Mlow liEtbcr. 

[/piWl to 'WeLUAMS. EitUHt Mdktjot, 
and fll^rf. 
K« SoWier, vou niiiil come Ia the king, 
S- Ret. SoUiar, why vtuu^Bt thoii itut glufc 

■^iLi. An'( plnufL your mnj«iEir, 'i Is Iho giLgi) 
■f iw ihiL [ tAogld S^hi withgl^ if be be alivu^ 

K. [IcH, Aa EngliskiuBtL V 

^Utr \ei ~i pU-iiw yi>uT miij^sEy, h. rOKul, 
'Wm^grml irilli me lost nii^Kti whip, if 'u 
K, Uij tffii due tn cliollcbgL' fbiB gloV43, I hivo 
*Hn 1Q like luDi ■ bci o' ihp etf : or, if 1 can 
■*BJ fkne (□ Iju fa|i, (whieh be iwoir, M lio 
^ I wiLEtcr. be niruld Hoar, if iiliri],) I will 
A^Fii out HtUndlv. 

K. JEi:^, Whjil think joflpfapfoin Fluplli'n? is 

iLfl lim >nldicr k<^p Ilis 4HilL? 

I'll! Lie is a i.-t-dv-i?n viJ n vilUin f^, Hn.'t 
f^ tiwr mnjiTkly, in my cf^nacii-iim. 

Hv. li niaj !>> kit cncmj ii n ^'^nMi'moii 

mrt, qullK Ti'mu rbe wiBwer uf iiia d<^greo. 

r, Thuri^ bi> po lu^ ptrtit D gunllemiui la tho 

*4 m Ok Luk'^ifi'E am] IVlfiobub hiirk-i4.^ir. i( id 

J, Unk your giw:C, lliaL Iki kec|i Lib vow 

'^OUk: if be pe pnjured, kv you now, \ih 

i> K uraDl A villjiiTi, ami ll Jatik-Efluce, 

■ ■nrb pkj^ thitfi troil uji-d Gnt's gntunci Bbd 

I* arai, tr\ my cKucit dcp, la- 

■^ hahiK ij— f f i 

til rirM t'Jb, GiTDrf. 

K. Hkn. ThcD koop ;hy vnw^BUTDb, tvlien ihrjii 
moct'at ibe fellov, 

Will. Sd I will, my iif^g^p dh I Uvb. 

K. Urn. Wbri Huj-yisit iliou umiiT ? 

'Will. UdiIct eapUiin Oowi?r, my Ht^gB. 

Flu. Oowbt ia a goot capuun, aiid ii goct 
kciiwlcdgfi and liTeraLuivd in lIii? worn. 

K, Hr*(, Call litni hilhot Co niir, xuldii^r. 

Will. I will, my [\i:bl-. [ffjif. 

K. Ke-v, Hurfl, blLieUcD ; wonrlbou thinfavour 
for edF, ocd Elitk it id ihy LAp: wbea Al^a^Dn aiid 
luysrlf wero dowq in^uilier, I phik^bi'^l lUin glow 
fmm Ilia htAtn : if any ni^ i:luil[<in);^> lUh, he is a 
frifuiii hi Ali?ni^iiTi, and ati CTLcmv iD niir poivon : 
if thou i^iwountef aay iiich, qiprekend him, an 
eIkpu doBi juc lijfe, 

Fi.r. Yuiir ^rpim ilnfl tul' ii** jfrenl hifnoiirH, ai 
cnn be iksirtd in ihe bi-ortu of bla Nibjcilai 1 
would Fain f^o tho man, [hnt lia^ pot two k-gii, thvl 
flhoil tiad bim^eir D^'ncfcd nl ihia ^love, tbnL \a 
all ^ put 1 would fiiin m^t II on4w ; mi [Hi^hm (hit 
of bis ^■rad'i thai [ mi|rht atv. 

K, Hkn. KnowMt thou Oowct? 

Flu. Uo is my dear JViend, im pI«Aae yon. 

K, Hen. Pray Uif^r gii nook hiiu, uiJ briiig 
bitD F^ itiy ti?i]l- 

Kti-. I will fi'ich him. [f Ji>. 

E, IlsN, My lurd of Wanritk, — :md my brothtT 


Folluwf FliioCk'ti riovlj nl ibe li^t^: 

TliD glove wtjrb I hnro giieo him For a favoDTi 

May haply^ pnn?huo turn a boT o* The CAr - 

Tt is Lbo NililLfi'ii ; I, by bargun, should 

Wmt it rajM'If. F<illuw, gruHl c<JUflm Wjirwiflli : 

If that tbc SL^IdLer atrike hiniT {an, I judge 

By hia bluul benKu^, he will ln'op h» word,) 

&>mp ^uJdan iiu»bii*f may lu-ise of it ; 

F<ir I dij knrfw FluL-llun vuliari, 

Ajid» tciuubM wilb chiih^, bi^t nu giuipcdot, 

Add quickly willrohim nn injury; 

Fidlow, and we ihore beaohnitn betwepn them, — 

Qo yoii with tniij miclo of Ejiotrr. [Ejeu'iJ. 

BOESE VIll,— flf/opf King Hpnry'i PavOt/ti, 

Eiitor Gowfh aHit Wn,LlAM*, 
Will. 1 warrant it ia lii knight yoti, cnpUun. 

I^Hter FLDHLjJrt. 

Flu- Got's will nnd his plrunrc, mptnin. I 
[Hjmfth yon now, uauiu nputv to the kini; : ihi^re 
is mitri- gikil tuxrahl you, pLTadrFntLire, Ibui ia ia 
jODT knowledge la diviun of. 

Will, Blr, know you ihi* ghtvp ? 

*cr IV.] 




Fltj. Know iho glove ? I know the g\me ib a 

Will. I know this, tad tbnB I ch^bnge it. 

[SlnJiei him. 

Vlv. *5pliid, an Biront traitor, hb boj^b in the 
UDiT^raal 'orld, or in Franc?, or La Englanil, 

Gow. Hoiv now, AJr ? jod villato ! 

Will. Do jou tbink I'll be forttfom ? 

Flu. Stand away, captain Gower ; I will give 
treBBOD hJB pajmeDt into plowa, I votraiit jou. 

Will- 1 am no traitor. 

Flct. That^B a lie in thj throat. — X charge you 
in hia nmjcBtj'a name, apprehend hita ; he^s a 
friend of the dake Alcngon'fl. 

£ntfr Wabwick and GLoncEariH. 

Wail How now! how new! what'n the mailer? 

Fltt. Mj lord of Warwick, here ia (praJBed be 
Got fi? it!) a moat conla^ouB treuon come to 
light, look JOU) u JOU eball deuie in a BDmmer'e 
dij. Here ia hia maJHtj. 

Snttr KiHO Hepby and Eikteb. 

K- Hkn. How ddw ! what's the matter ? 

Flu. Mj li^ge, borv \& a villain and a traitor, 
that, look jQur grace, has struck tha gbvo whJdi 
TOur roaicetjia take out of tha helmet of Alea^n. 

Well. Mj liege, this woa m J glove ; here l9 the 
fellow of it: Jkod he, that I gave it to in cliange, 
promiBcd to weu it in his cap ; 1 promiacd to 
■tzike hJDJf if he did: I met this man with mj 
glove in Mb cap, and I have been as good aa mj 

Flu. Yuur majestj hear now (saving your 
maj^tj'a manhood,) what an arrant, raac^ly^ 
peggarij, louay kruiTe it ia: J hope yonr m^eaty 
IB pear me tesljiaony, and witnew, and will Avouch- 
iQont that this la the glove of Alcn^a, that your 
Diajes^ ia give me, m your couacieuce, DOW. 

JL Hek. Give me thy glove, soldier; look, 
here ia the fellow of it. 
T waa I, indeed, thou proniiwd'Bt to Btrike ; 
And thou hast given me mo&t letter tenos. 

Flu. An please your majoBty, let hia neck 
■DBwer for it, if there ia any martial law in the 

K. Hen, How cauBt thou make me aatisfactJon ? 

Will. All otTences, my liege,* come from the 
heart r never came any from mine, that might 
offend your majesty. 

K. Hen, It waa ouraelf thou didat abiue. 

Will, Your majesty came not like youreelf! 
Ton appeared tome hutas aeommou maa ; witnen 
the night, yout garments, your lowliucaa^ and 

f-) FLm rOlLo, DLf brrf. 

what your highnen auflcred imdflr that ahiae, I 
ijescech you, fake it for your own hidX, tad am 
miae: for had you Iwen aa I ti»kyou for, Imide 
no offence; therefore, I beBeech yonr hi^maa, 
panlun mo. 

X. HsN. Here, uncle Eieter, fill ihU ghn wilk 
And give it to ihia fcllov. — Keep it, fellow. 
And wear it for on honour in thy cap, 
Till 1 do challenge it, — Give ham the enrwia:— 
And. captain, you muat needs be frieuds witii him. 

Flu. Py tkis day and this light, the fellow hn 
meltle enough in hia pelly. — Hold, there IH Iwdvc- 
pence for jou, aad I pray you to serve Got, ud 
keep you outof prawls, aud prabhlee, and quaznlit 
and diaBensione, and I wflrrenE you, it ia the petttr 
for you- 

WiLL. I mil none of your money. 

Flu. It ia with a goot will ; I can tcU yon, it 
will BCrve you to mend your ahoeft: come, where- 
fore should you be so |)aBhfiil ? jour abacs ia not b 
goot: 'tifl Agoot Billing, I warrant yoo, or I wiU 
change it. 

En/*i' JT* Engliah Herald. 

K' Hen. KQw,herald; are the dead numho'dT 
Hbb. Here is Iho number of the ^aughtFr'd 

French. [^D^ivfn a pajtr. 

£- Hbn- WkatpriuneraofgoodHrtuetik^ 

Eis- Charles duke of Orleans, nephew to the 

John duke of Bourbon, and lord Boudqult: 
Of other lorda and horona, knighta and aquiiei. 
Full Meen hundred, besides covmoD men. 
K. Hen. ThiB note dotJi tell me of ban tbooiid 

That in the Geld lie alun: of prinosBi b fta 

Ajid boblea heanug burners, fliero lie dead 
One hundred twenty-six : added to tbeae, 
Of knighta, eaquirre, aad gallant gentlemvi, 
Eight thousand and four hundnd ; of the vhir^. 
Five hundred wera but yesterday dnbh^d knighlB; 
So tJiat, in theee ten ibouaend they have kst, 
There Are but aiiteen huudnd mercoiBrin; 
The rest are princes, barons, lord3, knigtt^ 

And gentlenien of blood and quality. 
The bamcB of those their nohL« that lie dead,^ 
Charles De-la-bretj high-eonstable of Fr«iK« ; 
Jaquea of ChatiUun, admiral of France ; 
The master of the cross-bows, lord Bambara; 
Great-maaler of France, tJie brave tir Guiidud 

John duke of Alen^ ; Ajitony duke of Bnlntt 





TtivbroCtHT Ihi ihi- dnktrtf Biir^iiiic1>r J 
And EdvAM ilukt of Beit: uf tudlj I'orU, 
Ormrnlpiv, and Kou»i, Fflucrtnbcrg nnd Fois, 
Bflnuzwnr, vid Mori?, VunitmonT, and LtatraLp. 

Jim wofl n rvTn] fji|]<™>.hip'uf tlcfltlil- ■ 

WtiHV HI ihc Dumlicrr of nur En^lJali ilfaJ ? 

[Hrmld j^rramfc* nnnthrf pap-^. 
Ed"Krd ihp dubs u Yorii. th? (orl of Sulfulb, 
& Rfdio^il Kedj. Davy ijoni, oqiilre: 
Nana gIh' of iiudq; bihI, nf a^l 0Lh» idi*d, 
BbI fin 4nd tv^Dlrj- O Gotl, thj^ um wu herB, 
And DM 10 lu. but la thj firm alone, 
Awnlff wr fli! ! — Wbeu, witlmui sTraU^r«in, 
UdI in plain «.bwb nitil erE^ii |ilnv i-f bnule, 
Wis sth' kijaim ^ ^rottl and lilllt^ loio. 
On oat part 4nd od Ch' oEhtr ? — Take It, God, 
For H li oone boL Lbiiw I 

EiB. Til wondurf^ I 

Kr E[e?i. C'rine, go wu* in jHiweuioR Id thv 

And be it dt'iilb protTaFmed rbnHigfa our hont, 
Tu b«H( uF diinp or Lake Ihat pmise from God^ 
Wblcb is bin *m\j. 

Flu- Is \i nat Inwfulr na please jaiir tOHJeftlji 
to tcl! liDw-iaDnj n kjUod? 

£, HxN. Vc«, captnip , bm vjib this Ao}ui0«- 
That Ood fiiugbt for ua. 

FIhCT- Ym, mj coo?eicJiHi, bo did u^ greM gool. 

IL UVN, JJa we all boljr nuu ; 
Lai tUei? bti guii^ Jt^jq w»\t> uid Ti; iT^i.tA) 
Tbo dead wrtli rljoriLj (^odEMM in r1ny, 
An d rh^-n lo Cidju^ ; and ■□ Kii^lani! Ilban, 
Wbere Jie'tf ^wli Fnioce vriv'd mim l^^ppj men. 

L*> FlnifalUiPv- 










-S ■ 




EiOtr Caoiuifl. 

Tc>ui')iiart la i\ifav ihiiL haw nol r^Jul tlh! xturjr 
TJinl I niaj pifiai|Jt th'in ; 4iml qf aiiiih nn luvc, 
] humblv ]trR|r iliGni La odmil ih' cil'iuc 
Of tinn*» nf uumhen. inrl due couwe of Ihingi, 

He IjUHr |P|T^1ll«l, Nim W.» LiCrU" !]>!' klTiR 

Itcji^'*^ him away u|M>ri raur ningi-d iIioki^liEJi. 
AThuiUl [lie ku: bvhold. lEic En^ttab licodi 
Piilia in lliH Oooil wiUi D^LTit uid* irivi?a,iini| Uij^, 
WhiiKsliDulBiuid clips Duf'TaiOQ the dd^p'-iDuiirJi'd 

lV"bj>h, lifcfl Q n^iihly whifflw'll 'fi>re The king, 
Soem? Id pivpare hi* "bj : fic loL Llm t>n<l| 
And htkiuulj «* him iPt im lo London, 
Sc ?wiJt n pace hath Lhoii^hl, iJiat ^'Viat luiw 
You iniy imn|^nf him upon FEIn^khcmh: 
Where t-haf his hinl» ili^rre him, to hatp bom^ 
Ifitt brut^'id hvliiiL-t Ami Ma hctiilm] f.wcii-1, 
Her^Tc liim (hmuLdt tht.' clIj, L'^ riitl>iitB iL : 
Being fnw fmni vamnoM niH self-gfnrimis pride ; 
Gincc Til]] trngthy. ai^Niol. jiEid OFlent, 
Qulln from liun-^'lf Jo God, But now Im^oli?, 

I' I OlA cuL»f 4Ei>ili« cn^ 

Tn t^n quii'k forge uid wDrbin^-h/mi4> of ih^f 
TTuH Tiimdoii ilnlfa p'tur iriU her ciEii«jiH 1 
Tike major, and all hjri liirttircD, in hesl virl,— 
I^ike ro ihe tpQOTors of »he futigue Komo^ 
Wich rh? plfheinijn ^ivjirniin^ nt thi-ir bo^i — 
Go fpjTt}i, iHuT fi'frli ilwlr <iinqii'ri"e Cihu u: 
An, bjr D lowra' but hj loiin^ likellbnoi], 
Were nnir the pjoeroJ of cur gnuimL*; «upjH 
(Ai In ^Dod time ho rmj.l Frum lielnrnt cumiii^, 
UribgiiLg re^M'Jliiai biom^liaJ "ix hU f "onl, 
Hutr DibnY wimld iVp [VflirrfiiJ rilj qiiit. fe 
To velcnmc him?" mi]i?h mnr?^ oDd mudi 
Did tbcy fhjt Hoirf, Noiriii LctndoD pluoln 
(Aq jqL the lamenfatioD of Lbc Frearh 
Tii*ll*s tin* Itinc of Kn^ljuid'n ffjij ni 1i"iuc. 
The FaijieTor'a trrmiog ui behalf of Fnuist, 
To onler peve hi?lw<?cn thorn;) and omit 
AH tbo ocnuTCnceB, nbaEcvcr chancM, 
Till Jlfltrj'a Wli-fCfnn» ngnln to Ftimat , 
T^icrv uiu^ We bring him ; ami mvEielf baiTF (Jijl 
The int^'rim, !ij remouihering jrmi — ti* nuL 
Tlii^ hi»ol[ aljiiL|;;mea(^ nod juur eje« odnaae 
AFitr jo^tr t^KJUghb, AfrnigliT hark a-jrim Ui Fn 



SCENE I-— Fmiwv, An EiiKlitili Court 0/ Gnard. 

ftttfr Tj.jjrLua and Ooweb. 

fi'ft. Mdj^ iiml> tiyht; but wtj wear jou 

^ip, ThMB li chx^on? niiil CfUj.'iw why an-} 

*rw{m- in b|] diin^: 1 will |p]l jou, u my 

'uin Gower; — llie rjucdly^ icahl. pep;- 

■ I I iill ib^- 'rti4J, bnon Lo pc mi pctttr 

■ ■iv, I'lrit yua DOW, uf no nn^rilBh — ^0 ia 
■*■ LJi n*, mid [iiinj;a me ]irprMl oiiil salt yr*lei- 
()>. Luvk Tiku, dD<| pjnl me cat oi^' loi-k r it was id 

*V fiifa : lict£ 1 wtII pc ao pold lu hi ntiir JL in 
[<^ rj] I Mv bim «m» a^iuD. unci then I iriU 

I k lilil* ^fix of roj iWirefi, 
WW. Wtj, licB he ecmm, awi'lling like a 

i'^i- T« no DiftECcr for bie awelliibga, nor bis 


Qol picu joD, auricieiit Pinial I jou fccnrrj, Totidj' 
kiuiTi?, Got [iltea jna ! 

PiHT. Ha < art th'iQ BcdliUD ? dial Etoa Uunb, 
baae Ttojnu, 
To havi^ im' fot^ up Pui-ca^rt falJil wob? 
Hour? ! T am ij^almj^li iil ihu eindl of Iwk. 

Flu. I |>e^ui!<JL v(»u Li-'JinityiaccmTp luusykiuiii*, 
Dt my il«in'H, im^J my r^^c^iiiiBte, ond tny pc^riti""?, 
to oat, loalt you, Ou'i leek : pccauae, loot jou, you 
i!o not iuvH it, itrjr jtmr nltiTtiDDr!, and jOur appe- 
ritte, aril] yciir diagvstiuna, do^ uoL cgnw with it, 
[ WDald dfairc you id ^t it. 

Pi£r, Not for Culwallailer, and all hti goau, 

Fi-Fr Tbtfi* ifl onu j^ofll fur you, [Striiet Aim. 
M^ yon bo po goot, £lilIi] kiiavu, na t*Bt it ? 

PiST. Bnae Trojan, ilioii n^all Jin. 

Plc. You any very tnie, icoici knave, — nhen 
Qot'a irill in : t irUJ doeiro you to Uvq in the moim 


*oi tJ 



time, uid cal your Tictualft; come, tbcre 'a wuce 
fbr it. [Striking him again ] Yoa colled me 
ytatar^j.nvmntftin-Bqtiire; pt I vW\ make you 
to-iUy a aquire of low dogrce. 1 pmj jou, full 
to; if jou oan mock a leek, yon caq oat a lock. 
Gow, Enough, captdin ; you have aslenishcd 

Flu. 1 uy, I nil! make him fat aemc jiart af 
my Iffk, or 1 will peaL hid piLli; fruT dayd. — 'Pile» 
I pray you ; :t ia goot fijr your green wound, and 
ymir ^^oody cDicorub. 

PiflT. MuBt I bile? 

Flu. Ys, certainly; and out of doubt, and ont 
of queatioD too, and ampiguidcs. 

PiBT, By thialwk,! wilmoetbomblyreiTiTigei 
1 at, and eai, — 1 awtvir — 

Flu, Eat, 1 pray you : will you havo some more 
uuce lo your Iwk ? tkere ia not enough letk to 
Bweor py, 

FiBT. Qtiiet thj cudgel ; thou doflt soo I 

Flv. Much goot do yen, scald knave, heartily, 
Kay, pr»j you, ihruw none away ; the akin is 
goot for your proben coicoinb. W^hirn you take 
vccuiona to bm luks hetOAtlor, T pray you, mock 
at them ; thai Ib all. 

Par. Good. 

Flit. Ay. leeka ia goot:— hold yuu, there ia i 
groat to heal your pate- 

PiffT. Me a groat [ 

Flu, Yob, vorlly Kod in truth, y{iu ahall take 
it ; or I hare another leek in my pocket, which you 

PiBT. I take Ihy groat in eam^flt of revenge- 

Flu- If I uwp you any thing, I will pay you \a 
eudgela ; you Bholl pe a woodmongot, and puy no- 
thing of meputoudgela. Got pe wi' you, aud ke^p 
you, and heal your pnlc- [£xrf. 

Put. All b«l] ahall atir fgr thia [ 

Qow. Go, go ; yon ans a counterfeLl cowardly 
kuAFei Will you mock at an aoeient tradition, — 
bc^un upon an hoDOumble teapoct, and woru na a 
Tueinotablo trophy of predeccaaed valour, — ouddare 
not AToneb in your deeds any nf your wenlfl ? I 
have seen you gUeking and galling at this gentle- 
man twice or thrico. You thought, because ha 
could Dot speak Bngliahinthc oaliTc garb, he could 
hot ChcrefiirQ handle an English cudgel : you find 
it otherwiso ; and, hencL-forth, let a Welsh cor- 
riKlion teach you a good English canditioa. Fare 
ye well- [Exit. 

PjAT. Doth fortune play ibe huswife with mo 
TfewB hoTS 1, that my Nell* ia dead Tthe apittal 
Oft maTady of France ; 

11> Old »pr InHfK, «■ 

And than my rendeivoua la quite cut o£ 
Old 1 do wax ; and &om my weary limha 
Honour ia cudgell'd. Well, bawd I'll tun. 
And Aometbing lean (o cntpune of quiil bui 
To England will I B(«al, ud there VU at««l; 
And patcb^ will I get unto these scan,* 
And swcBr,t I got tbcm in the Chdlia wan. 


SCENE II.— Tniy« in Cbuupogne. AnAparU 
ment tn tAi French King^i Pakve. 

Entrr, at one door, Kinq Hkhst, BEnnns, 


■OBELISE, and oihfr Lorda; at mMiKr, 
Kino CuAaLsa, Queen Isaskl, tk 
J^mcjua Katharivi, Lords, lAdin, i^ 
the DuKB i^BuBouiffiY, and hit TVdhl 

K. Hun. Peac« to thia meeting, vhenfim m 
are met ! 
Unto Our brother France, — and to our Hits', 
Health and fair time of day ; — joy and gui 

To out most fair and princely oouain KatbanoBj 
And (as a brancb and member of this ruyilty, 
By whom this great asaembly id contriT'd,) 
Wo do aalule you, duke of Burgundy i — ' 
And, princes French, and peerst hflallh la n 

K. CuA. Right joyouB are we to bdvJd job 
Moat worthy brother England ', &tHyiut; — 
So are you, prince Eugliah, erery one. 

Q. laA. SabappybctbeiasuerbtothaEBglaBdJ 
Of thia good day, and of this gnciooi 
Ah wo ara now glad lo behold yoat eyai ; 
Your eyuB, which hitbertfl havo bonw In 
Agunat tho IVencb, that met them in iJuir bat. 
The fatal balla of murdei^g baaUlskt : 
The venom of such looks, we fairij hop^ 
Have lo4t their quality ; and that this dn 
Shall change aQ grie^ and quaneb lata bn. 

K- He.n. To c^ Amen to that, thm we appKi 

Q. IsA^ You EDgliJ^h pHncea all, I dn ahM 

Bud, My duty to you both, on equal lore. 
Great kings of France and Englaod 1 That 1 hire 

"With all my wita, my paina. and strong endeaToun. 
To bring your mcwt iu>i>erial majcatiu 
Unto thia bar and royal mtervJev, 
Your mightinoBS on both parts b&t can wilneaL 
Since, then, my office hath so far prevul'd. 

(•J Ttiit rAUa, cnif^ KOTff. If) Old eon- 
U) l^mlPJio, JrHvutf. 

Ai:i V 1 



Put fiirth duQT^Ex'd twi^: Iior fkllaw ia,- 
Tlw domtJ, huui]ii(^k» uid rriali fumlTory* 
Duih riHit u|H>D ; whilt fhac Uio coulur ruBli, 
TbpL &iir»ulJ JLrrociDAtD 4ijph Bxagrrjr '- 
I'be even mcvl. lliBl Crti LrLLiigbl awct^tlj fnrth 
Tlie f[i^klc<t cuwalip, ImrDdl. and givn clo'cr^ 
WauUrig Lbt scjtbe. nU t umjijrrecled, rarJt, 
Cunivivm by iillencfl^ : miri ndiliiiig t&iaut 
Bat hnleTuI ilvliri, nui^li EiiL'tle^^ kectMiiw, bim, 
Luvug boib Leaii^ and uLdhy. 
Anil 4u DiiT (inujordB, fBllovB, toftdfli and hudgm, 
DofL'dJvD in ihcir iialidn, jjnjw La wiliLit-w; 
Even eo our lioimos, and DumJvtB, Jiiu] c^uUrfn. 
Have loflt, DT dci diiI U-^ra, far whdL of dmoy 
The Dcl«n«A that ihouli bcoHn? our minlrj ; 
But gnm, lite Bii»igeii,— n aoldicre *iU, 
Tiuii hoiLliig do bill iDciliUte an bluod, — 
To Bwcnnng. nod AUTQ lookt, diffiiB^d jLltiro, 
Aril] f^ery ihing ihar Bet^nu annbtural. 
WluL'k tif reduce inlo imr fiJTniei Tw-our, 
Yciu are Of^tmbleJ ; nod mj njK^ch fotTHLU. 
Thnl I iTiav kwiw dio Lt'l, vbiF gonlle Fi?a4» 

SlllMlld PlH Cipel l)ll?9e EnC-JElTOrikeDI^QA, 

And blwi Ufr wjlb lu-T funuer qaaJili?*- [pcfiCtf, 

K. Hkt(- If^ duke Iff Burguudr. jf"m woiji! ibe 
WbOK "ant ^tca growth to ih' [mf-ilvctian* 
Wl^ch jQu bavti cibH], vun fDimt buv that pcuc 
\Viih fuU Accord to itU uur jn^t demvub ; 
^Imo liiwiius and ftrutLCuUr cffedi 
YoQ ^TC, HucLL-JiiI'd bvu'tlv, in jour liiindii- 

Bun. Tbc kin^ luih hnuil them; ta liic vbHi, 
u jet. 
Thnre in dd aii±«er nuiJe. 

K. Hen. Wi']|t[ii-u,Ltojn:Me,whitL juubtifm-c 
BQ ur^^'d, 
li» iu h'ifl aiLswtr. 

K- CuA. I ha't' buL *Uli fl cLirsuraiy* eye 
O'orgliuic'd ihQorticlL'b: pleowLb j^uf jXT^t^-' 
Ta nHKisit ^Qu> of ^oiir anirieil |kn.si'n]Jy 
To art iritli ua onor mjm, ^^iib k'lier lii*rf 
To re-mrrey Lhcm. we will, auddenly, 
Ph* out ueept, uid pur^mpUiry Answer. 

K# HsRf brivthnr, we HhoU. — Gd, 

And brotber CIbitdi-'I',— and jun, 

GJofter. — 
Worwi'Jf^ — and ITuDlini^iHi,— -gu willi iLa ting ; 
And EAko Willi ynti ^^^^ [lowttr to raiifj, 
ALj^oent, or aitcz, as jaur wjedums beet 
SbsU see advunfjigeabLe for oar dimity. 
Any tiling ia or out of UUT df uioiidB, 
Anit well OKiBigD IImvIo. — WjU yon. Jiiir ^stcr, 

Gg Willi Ilio princaT Of ^^7 l^iv *'i'li "^^ 

Q, liA, Our f^TUcioM bn>Lb«-, I will go wiUi 
ELem ; 



r) QU watt'/' 


tl OJd DQPT, If"'*'. 

Koply a wdduui'a Tin» may do tosat eood, 
^Vben article! loo aiceij tirg'd be itotn on. 

E. Hen. Yi-t Ljaro Ddr coudb SatlumK 
wiiti uA ; 
Sho la our e&pitaJ iIcniADd» comprif^d 
Within (he fure-nalE of mr articles. 

^ ItA, S!;e bath gmid lvavl^, 

[j?milJ 17/i hui fltAKT, KLTICAlUf^, mil 

K. Hvs- Fur KAihnrine, jud ntuat 

Will yiiu voochiafo Ut leDob ■ adilKr Ivnot. 
Sudi AA will tiotvr at ■ kdj'a oir, 
x^Jlc| (ilend hie Inrp-eiiH Id her ^ntle hfUiT 

Kath. Vunr mj^CMy hU mock a| me; 
vannnl «peek J'v^ England. 

K. lUa- fair KflLbuinc, if jou will lore 
wiiJiully wiih your Frcnth btArt, f wi(i \>o ^\ad b* 
bear jDU flHtfeu it bnfh^Tily Tnlli jour En^iili 
uin^C' Do yoa like me. KaEb? 

Kath, I'ardimna^wtj. I laiuiat uU <Bt 
liir nie, 

E. Hk.^. An nngol to liJ^o you, KJUc ; uul yog] 
BIV lik<^ on JUlin^L 

Alice, Oiiij nvi'nvtfrrC, (nu^ w^fr* ^/n")] 

K. ILtJf. I BBid K. d«i RaJiMin^ , jincE I mvl ' 
not blnth tv ofiiim ir. 

Kath, O Kcr Dim t ict f^irt^ita da fumrnft 
'mi pfrnif! dt 'rvnperUi. 

1l 1£es, Whut eaya bIm, fiur aoifY dial ibaj 
■oiif^uea of men ore fuU of drqifdlA? 

AuCB. Out ; dat dc ionmns of de dia» n 1*1 
full ikf Jnvits: dot ia de pnoou. 

K Hen. The pfiu«Bfl ia ibo letter Eaglitk-i 
iTomnTi. riiLrtb, Enle, my 'i^ouin^ w fit for ikj 
uudeimtuidiiig : I am jflud, Thon ouist Bpcftk v 
bcrrju- Kngliflh, for, if chou L'OiildBl, ihog wi>iildM 
liTid mo aaeU a plain kingr [hat thou wodibL Uuol, 
I had njld mj tmcui to buy lay tTOmi. 1 koow »*"! 
wAyaic mince it in ](pvo,hutdirefEly to Mj — Ihwe 
VDU : iJu'D, if jdu urgf" mo farthCT tlmn in my 
lio you In Mill? I wftit «ut my unit- Givj.' nnf 
yom- anawet : j'ljuih, de j nnit ho elap honils^ noA 
a bor^in. How say yon, lady? 

E\TTi. f^iff^mJiv Aonnru/', me undcrvtaiKl Hid. 

K- JitN. Muiry, if jon would [ml nic Ui nrMit 
or to Aojux fur your Roko, Kot^', *]iy vou DDdii, 
me; forlLuono,! baveneilhcrwordfliUH: 
Biid fitr ibe other, I liove no ntwnjrrb in 
yet a H'ouHiflbtc mcwure in *tn?n^ih- If I 
win a Ittdy « Inp-&ng, »r bj mQltinc; into i&|j 
saddle with my armn*tron my Wk, under tbeCtf-' 
tuclion of bm^ging bo it apokc'ii , I ^b'luld nuji^V 
leap into n wife. (h. if I might Iriiff-'i for my kmJ 
or bound my hon& for bet ra'-Lriir&. I i^nld }a.f oaj 
likD 4 buttfber. and ait like a Joek-on-apet. uciff 


[BCTiri It, 

I Qml, Eec?, I «ii rail look greenlj, nor 
tt THj i:hh|iieriK4 dot 1 ba'V au i:LinDir|r ld 
ktiiia ; only ilowririelit imfJiB, whi>.'h I iiL-vcr 

iwv felloi'of Lhia h^raptr, KniOp ^hoflo Fuce 
ronh »L]|]-biEfi>]ii^. tlj^l ni'vvt IikWs in Uia 
r Jdio iff iiii_v I.Lii]]:r Lu Beef lhcrL\ li't (Jijrio 
Ajrcook. I isjk-nk Ijj i}ii''e jiliiin hiIJutj if 
nB|twi> lucfVir UiisrEoku me: ifout^Eouj 
llut 1 diuJl ilu.-, u tmoj— bq( fur E^ij Il>vi.-. 
Idrd. m ; jot I lore tbee Lou. And wfaiia 
vri. ili-bT KbCo, Lake D ftilkiw of jilum nnil 
d r-tmHaney-. hir Iu3 [jfrroi^o mu-il ilu JJito 
4tfausc lip haCti iiirL Lhv gifL In woo In oitivr 

far Ibisv ftflluvi of hidmle Idu^ud. tbal 
BD lllOttadl'u iotg lldiiH^ faTnuiR, IIiqj du 
niHn thcnurJvf* out Hg^n. ^\ltdt I a 

j» bot B pnTcT^ a rtijine b but a bolliul, 
lug HiU fiJI ; a ilTjughE back wil] aLcKrfi ^ a 
cant ■ill tmn wLiLe ; a fiirttJ (tain mlII 
iM ; a Tait fuce will wilhrir ; q full vvi> will 
low : hvl a ffOoJ buart, KikJi^» im die ran anJ 
H ; DT, rtibvi', die BUDf and onl Ihn iai)uii ^ 
lanrt briglil- jukE ntm^r I'hati^ci, but kticp? 
to trv\j. tf thnir nouJil (lava auch a nnui 
BodU^cinp, tJikuiiBv4ilJi-r; Uikc aaol'litr, 
^bv t ui<^ ^'^i HBj»E [Ildu Elii?n til uiy 
jfai, my fair, anil tiirlj, I imij thM, 
(. la it poflubli^ dot I HHild love de onFinj 

r&«- Na, iL IB not pfliilbla, jdu n^uTd Tqvc 
Dij of Fraoco, Kafyy : but^ in loviii)! mr. 
uM lot« (Ii4? Tri'^ifil of Fmra'O : for I livo 
B vdl, fJiht [ wiEl nnL port irirli a viUtii^ 
[will Wi? it all DiiTitf: and, Kate, nhi^n 
Ii mlEtc, uhf T ua juqn, ihpD joum ia 
tnd nu uc minP. 
t. J «nDOt TtU ynt h dnt. 
on. Ku, Kale ? I nill ti^U thrH? in Froncli ; 
[an ]«nTc.wiII liAng ojnia my Laii^io liki' n 
Hicd wife nbuiiL hfT himbdiid'fl nt^k , hardly 

tL vfT- Qnanit fat Ift pouft$u^ de 
, wbaC (hrn'f Snint Pdiia l>i> mj apivil]) 
[r* «r Frauft, A »itf *tor niffln^. It in 
fgr DIP. Kii[i-) (0 «(iTtqiicr thv kinproTH, aa 
t la tniifli mine FivncL: I altall m^tr 
Be Id PrtnrSt un?i>n» IL Ic In Jaiiirh at nif . 

Dtf vWJi-ur ^'ii- i'Anffiais t-'/ntl jn parte. 
lb, N'S 'fnilh. ift'I ""Lh KjiI«i Uj[ Lhj 
|[ of 11J7 tOng'it', "in*' ' thine, nif*t <r>iJj 
imt smik bt ^rvi(i:d ■<■ bi.- ninrh iv\ ont. 
■te, dofil tluiu iiEidi^rnlnnd tbua nnucli itiii^- 
t^M ihoiJ Lurr muf 
M. J ofmot tcJl. 

(Ui. Clin wij of jour ncigLbfuirs tell, 
in kk Ibfin. Onh, I kuuw, Uiou bn-nl 
lIL IL3 

me: uid 41 nip^t vheii joa oome iutuyourclowt, 
you 11 qunlioD tbiji ^ritlpnuman alioiit uic : nnil I 
knc™, Knto, jaii itJL, fn lipr, ditipnuK diwn parta 
In ifio [im[ jcju loyc wilK yuur lienrt : but, fihjd 
Halp, niork me lUiTtifull j , llio niEhtr, p*i](l>' 
jir]]jixi»T bi^i.'auHt I Lve tbi-u irFLii^lly. If i-vor tliou 
bce^t miiK't Kali', (oh I Imvo a aiiviii^ fuJib wiLhia 
mil, U'Ui me, iboa pilknll.) ! gpt thee wii]i scamlr- 
Linp, anJ ihou niual UieitfiJH' n^'Af priiVf a puud 
soldi or- bii^'der: blmlJ iJoL ihuu and I, butwiM*n 
Boint IkiitA arid Haiot Gi'yrgr, c(iiij]>viirid a boy, 
bjdf t>t-nEi}i, liuff Kii^rlLfji, Tbat ehalJ ^ Lu Cun- 
qlauUrtDpIr, nnJ Ulic lite Turk by tU' Ix^ird ? aliiill 
WD Ruif ffbot flJijcst l^n>il^HlJ rnir Snwej -dt-lutc? 

Katu. 1 du uirL kijrjn- dat. 

K. Itiw. No I 'l(B liorcflfba' (0 tnow, but noi* 
to firoiJU-"*: do bill no™ Lirumiw, Knh.', joii will 
eudcavoEir fur your Ftcdcii pnii of pmcU ■ btjj : 
ami. fot my Eii^ltbb luoiecj^ (akb the won! of a 
kin;; and a bniLbiiJihr^ JJ'jw aiipwcr j'on^ la jrluK 
tviU ti'if/ntri-nt d't yumdt, «w-in trit ch^re et 

Kath, Y uiir vuijnii i\e /aunt Fnnch eaougii 
to rluousvu do iQoet lai/e Jfrnoisrils daL is en 

K. IIhw. Now, fio upon my faJao Frmcb t Bj 
[□[no honour, bi tnis iCn^liah, I iovu tbet, Kale : 
hy wjiicJi honniir 1 dare nut P"(.iir ihriu )n¥Mt nw, 
yft my liFrjod bL'^rin to HntEtT im^ tliaL tlioU dosL, 
DorwiiJmiAikiiin^ the poor auJ untcmficrmg eSocji 
of toy vi^^i^i Nov, bcnhiew my fudiQi^a uiibition I 
Up nfL'4 thmlimg itf i-ivll vttxv whu'ri lie (^ mo; 
[hi^n^forr! WB3 I EroaErd wiUi a Ftnblurn oulfidF» 
niij] or Bj^pvct of iron , tlini, when 1 iiomc to woo 
Ivlit^t T fti^liE tlicMu, Que, in faith, Eatc, tha 
i^ldor 1 was, ihc bi'LE^r I r^hall upf^-UV : my C'omfort 
ia, thai old age, that ill InytT^up of bcnnlj, FcLn d^i 
no more a|>oi] upon my fuce : llum hn^l me, if 
lIioii EiiuE mf. at LIjo wimt, oud tbciii ohalt n^AT 
me, if 1I1UU HOOT nm, bcEU.'r piid I'OiU'ri — and 
lhen'f4>TC tell mc*, ini»[ fair KnthfLrino, Aill juu 
bBTc mo? Put off joiit miLiiien bbmlipn ; Avoiich 
ihf ibuuglilii (if your Ittinrt nicb tlie looks lA im 
eniproea ; faltc nn? by llip }in»d, Aflil nay — I-Iarry 
of Englani], I am tliini! ; nliirli wtinl tboii pbiiU no 
Koner Han tninp enr wiihni, hat 1 will t^'il thro 
alinul) — 'PJnjrliiiii] L-t ibifLii, TrE^lond iri thino, tnuiCQ 
is Ihino, and Ilpnrj PlBiitai^^iiOl iB tliinoi who, 
ibuiiEb T Hpenk it lufitrt.' bin facOf if bo bi' nmt 
fellow wi(h liie hwt king, tbrtii ahull fin<l the bcpt 
kln^ oT i;0'id fvllown. Cnme, ycmr annwtT m 
|iM>kj.'n miiRici(l* fvr thy VoirO in miwio, and tbj- 
ErtL;!iis]L britken ; tbcrefoir, ijuecn of nJI, Kadimiotf, 
brent Ihj mind (0 me in hrokon Engliah, — will 
tbuu \ia\Q loo ? 

Kath. Dnt 19. aa i( Mdl plejw de roi man pire- 

K- IIrk. Kiiyt it "ill ptiukflo liioi wdU, Kala; 
rt ahall pleas-* bim, KaUi. 



ttcui n 

Katu, Dou lC Bftl^ oIh cinUsit mo. 

K, Hen. Upon that. I kiu jciir hand, vid 
I P4iil _v"u — my qin-en. 

Katu. Laraa, nloTz trijptPHr. Ulista, lauvi: 
pta pti, jv nc vcHX iitint ^ue nova abaip/n tiifra 
ffrata/ftr, en bciicnt ta flidi'w (f iijif nrf« ijul.igue 
MerBitfur,' tccws-wioi, je vim lujiplie, trtonitis 
jiuiaa\mt Kvgiieav. 

K, Met, Thpii T mU Wh tout li|iB, Knto. 

Katu. Zm 4^mMi fff dan^itr/irt. pi,ar ilrr. 
Aoufa (fnvjni lear nOm, il n'ett jraa fe co^timM 

S- Hbh, liUdAD mv intvpTDtar, mhai. btljb 

AucB. DaL it IE not be de fasVifDn ;4Hr £d lodiet 
of FraaH', — I tumioL Lfll vut in Aii^afl- n Bug- 

K. UiK, To kl«- 

AuDE. Yonr mnjcstj pnlrndrc beUie jiiff moi. 

K. TTts . Il i'i nijL iv Ta^timi for Lh6 nuuiEq in 
Fnuii^ tu kiaa In^fatc L^ej uo aunioi], W4>iili] i^iv 

K. Hen. O, K4Lo> nico cuEitomi war^aj la 
^nnL kings. Dunr EnLd, you osJ I cannot be 
i»nrinHJ ^ilhjn llii? iriWi liyt aF a mnatry's fofthlon : 
wa are ibe niiikiTs <if miiiiHcre, Kale-, nml ilto 
liW'ily [bat foJiowq our p]aci?B, ntupi tht.« niDuths of 
■11 finil-fiiulfa, — OB I will do joura, Tar uphriliilng 
the nil* £uhLon of your t^nintry- in deijiiui inu a 
kiu: therefore, paliondy imA yielding, [^imnff 
Apt.] You ha^o wiicficrofL in yuur lipa, Kalo; 
iktrfl is ntuTv eloquFiii.'V ill a Bugiu^ IvocL of ibeEdi 
tban ui tho tongtirv i^f (lie FrL-niih cmiinDLl l ami 
Ihoy .^oulii i^onuor ponuaJQ Hurry uf Kn^liuiii, 
ibftD 1 f^oenl pentioD uf ■nonan'ha- Here <;oiiia 
jour fatbu. 

EnttT KctQ Chaklkb and Queeiv Ipibpl, SDn- 


M'Anwica, WiiPTUOBai-ANn. and 'lUifT 
Fif-'iich aid JCiigliitb Idnlsr 

Stte, God iays your majesty 1 my royal ix»ii-ilUt 
ttiv4i,yim ciur prinflw* Bii^luli ? 

K. Hkn. I woiilil have bc-r lenni, tny fur 
Biuain, hnw pprfectly [ Jots bcr; asi\ ibnt ia good 

Bim, li alio not n[ii ? 

K, Hkn- Our limgue la ning\i, cue, and my 
condition ia not pnionrh ^ m ihat* baring neither 
the voice nor tbc honrt of flatlory about m^, I 
Unoot nk tQnjare up the spirit of love ■□ her, thaL 
ho will nspPiU' in hici trun likooiAn. 

Bun. ParJon the finnkneti of my mirrb. if T 

■nsworyon fjr (Tint. If yon would conjnn' 1st bet. 

you muit moke a cln^le : if oonjiire' up Jove In her 

ID ha tniQ likemvfl) bs imiaL ii^>pov QJiJud «kI 


blind. Can you hlome hor then, b«ing a maid \vi 
roBcd ovor with the virgin crinuaa of nodnij, if 
Bhs deny the appffaraueo of b- QokeJ Uibd hvj >■ 
ber nakinl naeing arlf ? It wcru, my lurd, a hiil 
conditinn for a maiil tc fuiivigu En> 

K. Hem. Yet they do irink. Add yield, — u lina 
ii blind and cnforeea, 

Bvtt- Hwy ats Tbon (rmkHed, my lord, *W 
thoy flee not whiit they do. 

K. Hen, Tbiii,giKtd mylonl,(c4d]yoareMiiv 
to runu-nt winkiug. 

EdB. T -rill wink on brr to coaiwrit, my btd. 
ifyouwill teach hor ta kanw my ni^Miiiig : fur 
mdilit, Tfi-U 4mjmfir«-I md wi.q ita\,t, are hkv Sut 
at Banbolomev-tjde, blind, ihougb they luvc th^ 
oyea i and [ben tbey will endure burvjtipg, whkfa 
Ih^uiv *auk] not ahidii looking on. 

K. Huh. 'i^hia moral tii"^ mo ore-r to trnw ud 
a hot niiinm4.'r ; and ao I BhuJl eatiih tbo By, yvnr 
cnuiin, in tbe laiu^r eud. and ehe luiiat be yiod 

Bon. Ab lava ia, my loitl. lKdi:pre it lorea, 

K. Hen. It i» ao: and joo nuLT, tome of 
(bank loTo foriuy Lliadncw, wbo ^nUk>l kc 
a fair Fivut^U city, for une hir French maid 
Elnnda in uiy way. 

K- Oha. Yw, ray lord, you bW tbom 
apectltdy, the dtiea tumed into a loaJd ; for 
are all girdlcrd wilh muduD walla, that war 
DEFflr" en[i'[THb 

K. Hhw- Shall Kate be my wife? 

K. Cn^. Su pleoBti yoa. 

IL Harf. 1 nm couloot; so the iDAidoa ol 
yau talk nf, may wait on her: m the moid 
ftliwil in the way for my wisb, hball show me iht] 
way to my wilL 

£. CnA> We havD oouontcd U all b 

R- Hhn- la it HO, my lords ikf England? 

Wkqt, The king hnth cronted crcry article: 
Hjb dau^^Ur, fint ; and Ui''n,t in wqaab ^p 
Aeoording to tlioir fitra prupo9cd natans, 

EiEn. Only, be hath noC yet nTLhsnib^ Ibu - — 
Wbete yoai majvety demandi, that the king of 
Franoi?, hafin^ any occojyon to wrile for mattJT rf 
^^nt, ahnll namo your liijk^lmeBB in fhia iona ami 
m\h lhj« addition, in Froneb— -^n»r trig rJttrp* 
Hrnri roi d'An^^eire, hirifia' de Fntruv; and 
tbofl m Latin, — I^radarMiain^jaitu jioitrr //m. 
ricusy ra An^fiw, et ham Fmnria- 

K- CnA. Nor thin I han; not, bnjtijer, 

fV QM »pi DTiijl>H 


mini—] In ihf pmaiblr of itt niixhi 
b riPFTTCt] J itflDd rrinrintMui : &tt i 
DriiiHta viib > im flB []i a, n (WBan In 
Vnvlxii biHiiriinf . 


[kbub tl 

reqijosl thaH nioke me let it pose* 

t. 1 pmj joQ then, in Imo and doir 

)no Article ruib with lltp restj 
vupoh. ^ve luB jour ilnughter. 

L- Tftkp \i«, fair son ; anil fnioi liLt 

Uooil rsJKO up 

•fr; ibat tbe cunririi'Uug tinjrjloinB [paJe 
and Englimd, wliosc viTy Bbuna iouk 

BilbHr lulnid i <u]d iltjd ilimr vfinjimction 
piOMbo^ and fhriiirijia-LLbu oH'cirrd 
*kHt1»H4Di, Lbnt Di?v~er wax advjiru^ 
ifi^ fimrd 'twill EnglADdnitd fBirFmacir. 
Kill [uitni?^, all, 

Now^ wfilMDic. KjUc: — Olid dinr me 
kiH hur ts mj AO*ej«iga qqmi. 

'Qod. ihe b«Bt miker of oQ JuBftio^^roB, 
r biz«rt£ ia eiiG,^'Dar rvalrud in aut I 
■ill), beiii^ two, ore nnd In lovr;, 
^nniit four kiDgiloiD^ eiicih i ipuLiBiilp 
maT ill ijffice^ c? (ell jcoleusj^ 
Dulrlen oR Lhu bed of blwu'd mBmiwe, 
beTwL'ca i.\h- pu^tieD' oTlbi'A* kin^UDiH, 
di^L}rce of thtir iuccit|ioraU- IvogiiL' ; 

Thnt En^'li^l] mny (u Frencb, FVancb En^lisliDicrif 
Ki-cnive ea-^i other ! — God Apeak rJiie Amon ] 
All. Amtii f [whieh tUj, 

Kf ITiCNd Prepare wp for our iiiDmugei — on 
Mj lonl uf Hurgimd^, iro'Jl mke joup ftilh. 
And aII iHc pceH, for aurptj of out leA^^ues^ — 
Tbcii ftbalJ I itrejir to Kaiv, one] you li> tan ; 
And raaj our oatlrt wulJ kppl uid prtiflppnin" be ! 

En^'f Choiuhi^ 

Thufl fi\r, litb mugb iind oll-unabL' iicti, 

Our bemling aullior bull punuM ibe slotj i 
111 IJTtli! muiLi toiifiuin^ mij^blj' mea, 

hlnu^liiiir bj BiartB ibt* fiill «nme of Clinir glory, 
^uiall limi-, but, in tbaL «maJ], na^t grcarjy Kv^d 

TbiasUtr of En^aud : Foitune mn-le bu Bword ; 
Bj wbieh the norld*B best giuden be nuhiev'J, 

And of it Lert bii i-ira UDiKTiul lord. 
Henry ibu aiilb, io infant Stands enmii'd kutg 

Of France and England, diil ibis ktn^ lucHod ; 
Wlii>»<x' itali.' tu mnny hiid the miuiajpn^, 

Tbflt tbcjf 3oat France, and made bi" Kiigloud 
Wbiidi oft our siBgu batb ahovn : ami, fiir Uiv^r 

Id jour ioir oiindA L'L Uiia heepbinee t*ke. 

" Qj Charlu ibt QrHl. fa mrut iBh Eraperor Cbuk- 
Enrt^on, nv\i of l^pin : CJiarlfniL.'ud il OhuIorfaAiLta, or 
Olui^u the [InJi J, wTiu, U wfiU ikH fbllritB Ifl Gtd^ 
the UlSa <iS Mfi£na4 ^^fo linlilru'Et A-nSnudTtirataim Id 
Hnli&hlLiin. ^liE. iTli.p- Im- but than I'luirNvhauTp 
huL DCLly Dim iluugbEor, ubido*] JiuLCb, iDamud, ar, OB 
K3IU >BVp iruLy liuLcuLliuJ, m vnr Idiu EUudvu^J', mod 
earriad mL aJkArtui <JiuUi, by UnliJi'la l£f FcmtWi oner- 
Wbija Kful E>E Ftandura, wboiD it ll <rtrt mvlBia Hugb 
Capflt ■»■ mithor bslr Wi, imr boj ■■» (LwMndHiJ fMioi, 
Thi4 JurLlth, JciBQi), Itiid i\ j;nnt ^^mini-daQ^bUr, cnFlod 
I^I^UtId, duutIdiI iu II (Tdoil L Wk'hiiiLUi, uf » uu [□ UULlkllii; 
fUrthBT ia laki>k*ii. L^ nm lUicAiEv Uju iuuau hjT Obiyle- 
mtgiw'a QftH "ili' ^ but od luch fcjiiuCu 09 Liui^^ira la lo bo 
B«t HiCiilliluiy fnjndi liJlU'rlll. fa tacl, thiBebMtiovs 

Jtijh bomLiL*, to 'Qoc a title with hhdo BboiTof 
biilh,' wliMt 'Lli ^riri' tnllilp *n^ bifli'l nmL tiAHk^it.' It 
VIB numl^UAUv [iu]iijaB|L]ii that Hcnrv, irbu bail U4] bim- 
diCarj Utlo to Cifat oWn dcniianiiB, mmil dvrivD mia bj Lbu 

iLinwOD a[|4 mnqiiBA af Frmiu:^:iii (inHacatuA of i£q 
dplii^ advioa of bit f&tlHr : — 

labLU)' near relaJi 

"BitbrorrifaiTivrTii; mti utiBn, thrmn Ume aur, 


•i-jillu fnllUT OH a kUt 

Oj scm II.— 

Wbiln i,U voal 
Sbnd tfilin^ In fi<kiJ<f Ai'i ti'i/j>'i ^eKtlp 

Allixlin^ tfl Ibo ballim at Crea'7, ffni^t ffllilj AumHt, 
l^d: too bii^EJDL in Uia UaA \b lliiu ilwiTLliikl b; IidUd- 
ahol:— "Tbu dbtIij dT fdurLhiujij'kiu, hiliL -jLbijni budL t4> 
ilia klsf, H&frri' Amf HiCiijT un u vpUL^itipfl Aff/, rc^uiiui^ 
bin ttiulADdB fimronl, nmt hahhu li> (Jh LraEil, thuy bumji 
■attitilLViH laid tfl of ibi^Li- an^in|,yj. Tim It^ti^' hai-^LLrH>n 
lleniATulDil tf bLi idaDB woro sljtiDD, hurl, or JDllnl to f^^c 
BKrtli. No, (iwl tbe knl^t LbnL timiL^t tho nmovi^,] 
but be >■ toK ULiLHjTiod. nulE, {uak\. Und kui^.r rvljnw Ihj 

"NirEi eBLtqieliind Ihc rnbrb nitjuf I) rlute 
Td baUi* naLn oT f ranEV, inl PtfniLmn J 
Tb* biiDdac eT tbki lav acid GaniAla bw. 
Vfll lb«lr owft utbiB« MUIViIIt iOib, 
Tlul lAclud (UlbqH U iaOflraun. 
BvlvMi thB QuaJi Df «idi BHa at &m • 

VtlFTBCIUriH Eb« rnnl. bllbf IILbDUEH IbBRllDB^' 

TkcFf lenbrblnd BniJ kIII^ niEnin rnncb , 

Wjtiii hilEklinii in dlitLiun tlir □ltijijji —^inil. ^^_ 

l>[llrt(u dl-QiiDEK inLHoaltanbfliJirD, ^H 

BMUbri'd ihi'n iltii lav.^Ti] «M,DabiaBli ^H 

BbroM b uiUi^lU]] Hi friJlqar lud. ^^H 

hira and thafD tlut naut 700, and ibId Id rJiom thai Uw 
und Dr> TEii^re to ue Ht onr JiJvmtvn ibat lUlK^ 
u long AB my 9idi in oliTQ, fm- 1 «iU tliiit Uil« founl* bi 
LIbh Hith Lbu huuiv Uiijn]^!. WiLb liita aa*i««r tiui Utt 
NtunHd, Hblcb gnatUe ii»iianff#j tliBm bf dm wfr 
birttowlDUiVBijm^ bviiuJLAlf ftbub■di^xb•tUllTk■l■ 
n MDl Id Uia kdng Arf aiii. " • > Tbar 
tho Ymxh WH RTtU and LaiacstftUfl." 

(41 3CIKB II.— 

J^( iit'iJ^Nin!!, 4iill ittf 14 viu (D*«aL] 

(\uifpiii, 4 lum Sa muBlfi, «iEiiifita oaoMaaanai uf Lk^ 
mnnn whmEC 4C iisn £i^ajrfiL V^ uprcn, b* me[u4u)r, 
runnrr/ oT iwrrrmrqf. The fimndDliaii of tlu ninit«, Tli'^ 
hnhl ouiiJnp|.L,iaJ, ixu |n>rrdiihNl fmia CiiHm'B ■■ Da B»^ 
(nililica." lib ii , bnl, bb a rorraBpoadaU of M"* - K i^fcrt 
iig^^tfl, tha lh(iu)fht wU nturo probaUv 4lvi**i (Vun a 
rAV4e« in iJic faiirEll Iwolc Uf PUtcTa "^pa^^ -"— '^U 
IB lut aluua wbdun and a»awth vLidi maka a niv 
Bluply vlH and ttrane, but ft (Drdai'), lifca thU hwHOf 
mlteif tlM JKiHBb, ll ^tljvL tbrna^wat tba vbdi 
BiaXB, miiJila^ boiii iha noakiH aod E^ faoQ^vL ^ 
tliO miHliiliUH |4iijrlb MQCOit Iho ibih malDdj, " A^; 
" TiiQ li^LnnoEkH powci' df political joH^v M Lbs fum ■* 
tl>a[ miinLCLAl MiiLx'iLt ichicK HN»EiDn:U tba lliie« cbvuJii Ol 
oal4V«, tba biua, aaii ibfi fiftta/' 

(El BllBHl 11.— 

' IkiM Bori r^ Au 


SilA Ifi-rn'J Ail baltl to ^mtftiiACf.] 

Ona of UlD 02101 I'mriilmr iJiaiyiu at anOprial fWJgW 

tba cJiv-uIbI Q^UTd taUod a iLouDiIld. tbu itiun« 4jf mtH, 
in EiLjjFinb bcroldrr, riU>«B rvx^rlin^ to Lbn duiUi] 4ir Eblmr 
or nhVli tl Id (>iinnHal. fiJafb Ronn Hl— m dUd 
HaLlnrA, OL-rr-AHM, or O^ixMofot, tba (Muh] iqatnffU* 
UinDB roLulLly conk^j Lhfl VLu cf Hbot K^ ndiuDa" |MI 
tbn wHKidLl lj ai]j(bibaI la be iJsrtitd from tlur butub*^ 
IacIu Hunl ^tpfwfi wblob VH ornddenvl late tjvff^ 
DiDiw witb tba old FjaQbll Agmttr, to fi"T^. T^ 
DQdjiFLt ma of Btona-BlhlL for rvmab, bafon tba #■*- 
iliii-lfikTi of ima tallfl, hn^h erf^kiiu the toaauii w^j 
tuuudkiB wciu nfk^B)-! bloc^i vi^ i%Tu di»tnwa a 


in iLii ]>Qfl (if ReriT'^ ^"'''mJi. T^Qtil^ 
1 onvnl irKb wbito IciEhiv, duL giiD-stcfidfl 

(te Minnn ud luolt a ctuiLra uoiuy hlntA 
iHHild HiUiBly qH^vi- lEt illiu^imliH'a nf tMi 
tlllHUI BDOta " 1*110 Bnit rnr r^n^llLEiHl," In vhlT-h 

(bMh'WHU Hvnry Ihit t^LlUi. Ivrurr Tlnre-flowD, 
Hmn^talffll' — p" * tho TViripkin i>r Pmmv, 

it bvnb-UI» bj i.vaj' nr ^^lumniii, " Im vuh>9 
B toiUh-ULl Tfif Tt« HaiJfH {]\aary-m ibip) in 
hHW tklt E^n cugiil- odJ thaj fdiU girat 
14 ftp- UiB D^)-ii :c» iilnyfl ■Itbiill. But tJiK 

■tnb itH loo r<hiujh iviT Ute betirjfedt icfiBb 
|Hnd at Uh lADiui "itb hid hfiid jpuiDa-rtoriu." 
i^mi j khlA Ubd of unnwrLLtJiiL, iruln ^ Clw 
mwnlmnl bj Gi»e 1p b^ ^' Huin-y of Cbc 

liru^^iK^ AmiT," i Fi 4iyi, nX lEiLLal m rk <rn1. rlirai-lW Lo 
ihn Clsrii 'rfilui nrlTi4iLi>7 \mA ■\'Ain Bcbcl, luavin, uT 
UiilnLituELa^ In LiLt 7. '■''<' iKiiH-flhoL in t]]o iiMiirriPii ab ihpt 
(ilow. Ax IlL'UTy'B fTiu ECEfuih wirni oU ■□ ne (ruLqwiUd 
ttavm U4U mu, LiLuy "uru E»m1jAbLj' not. vbit Iat^; bat 
<r]iffEi Ujth'jiaDb eLd i^voinJ iHtLe^l UconaoUHHik in 
I4£\ lie MClTrvE LLd tt«JI5 witli alojia-iliitt, uxj HBO uF 

ikh riwiH WOK f»r tiin lyilihffl r»r i,aoy]ijB. i tiut u»7 

cxHiIil Dob bo Irrx] nmro Lhan foar tJam In Utii daj'- Hm 
W*lMm«Vti i^ir^fndTtLrKU oriba iBEmlB-baQa, vfudi fflk^' 
^flBTQ liu kaUkuliMwrl Iflbt (to fueo, )a iiuUiaI Irjr HrornJ 
DoBLampviviWHii luitariBnft -. bu4 Uia pm|j|\tillktf 4>r IL ia 
■lHOfltJuiAd bj EiUDB. Vor on ■nDUBaliaD iaUi Urn tniih 
nF bhfl aurr. ■» Ho^ N- l\. MocdH't " HUhxu of tU UatUB 

ACT 11. 

1 ^p\t^ Jnt tit**. Iirland Hi^t lhl\<i fm-i'L- 
'/AfdnJ'! 1^ lafaini, lV lit'inri- Ano;. (Ulbli 
■p«U bj out «Ld tibUxiTn, wjkji » rihrkjf hnlivl 
■fWrtBd In mat nnvbare bvm Ikioluiil. nkii^ It 

d cMtoMi hub siunAfaMd ottan l>oer or nn 
A Undo. Imt « hv uiil \Lb mtaa In-ln^j uf n 
lOH^ I DMBd /jCsarf Diffi, curle'l Aihl mu^h »ri 
^ b^ rvuon trf the toDgth of thaJr Ikntr TDJikir 
bK of fbiB nnr of bodj' : Ali4 jL't tliWJ t?-t\j*. 
Eboj ha H atfiui|-P, uv ifnuLlif ui. tn^, 
dpi Ukl mODJ liaiH in Cbc nvat of eIid 

■ m Ebff pUjf of " llwD-AIkB^^ or MoiTjr 

7MI ihall ta*D |D*D]i» 

bkbckMi, a pamH, anrl kb tatlomi i-zg." 
Ibe UiHqiia ol "HritoaikiB Tr^iioijibAiif,' 

lb* W^l ^"D 'Wh Vril l4t iTOHd 

■■ LIL — '-i •raif'Hi SuffjiiJ, aiirf iKBi aMij, rtji 

itbHT'*'^ trfaJrh ■n' lucii^ntlr ■uvil \n tiii'Uv.ja, 
Itodstk plBod fin UkD ^JtrJ'i' h4Hkil, RurL ulnnyB 
b iir wtn dAya uUirnnlB. AfUt ttin htfrorraiL- 
«t ■■■ DD biDtjiv uvihL luL tba tiruam Wal 

rptntnHi], f ho i-'IiilJ fenriDif it DTifi] Ibo purtBCBbtrm oT Tbfl 
IDoLbcr by Eho nEo nf £:h4tr>'Mbjr- If HU Ibfut dlrit bflrnrt 
iblii letter umamy, the rij^jrin frinnnl lEa alnnid, fnun 
wUob dnameWDaitj mAvUfH "hililr^io, Lu Lhu eld blltacpf 
uliMUbtjr, JUH dDBoUtlllktlKJ cAritoii. 

l3> Scnn III. — 'A paitpd afi iojE AiTiHn HMfw anrf 
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mj I'm," — 

'■F^tmnrwf Fi*^ fhl OvE ■t'lU AiWII M ttf 
BviDDt*13>pF-fl8a, Vol. L 

l3) Sdhxi VI-— a Af^rrf af A* fftHfota e^.] Not tbo 
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■*■> Lba DufllOm of diftbiwuuluii^ mtun proruHBLum ooij 
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diswvtr; but EtftDiHo H^lntc tuEli u>, " thu ArvniJ ur 
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iDHa o( Uw D^urob UHionUy diU weiu iu^b imu^ i'y 

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unAblBn likd »Ek ipUBuTd^fi, or bnnda jMsdftALA. Iik> k 
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(J) Bunrt VI,— 

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cpLokn; bLtUiB Rr^J^T Bdin'bte' mid Iha VuUa nd 
to Hnd^Qy, Kin^ fkr Arni4?:i, irv HDt to liu Kin; rf 

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blm that ba Bhinild fthLPrLiiu hura baU^L KtDf HmA 
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yet wish I not odIh dTtctil H OMd riliil u to bt tte 
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fnninu Viilv lA« Clrwi'ii and f nvnu 4^ Stniitiy 
E--jhiKJ. p, IJ2— !«. 


ACT 17. 


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Vh dm ef ruflpflinUnn tHfore bfttl^o lull iJwiyv bfiBQ & 

niBDtiUiig; thH bbora, whloh SbakiBpaBJ* pnbi^ 

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^n^atmHj — n la J tffr; bdt narelTtba i-ma- JcnLebt I»h1 
^iiivEb W atdon ^ U* mubroot Qt|irij4QWt wiLhrruL 

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Auto niil, (ba -'«4DviD|J4ihi[iic" b iLcli^lil wnibir^ In 
■iM ^ofHrin^ him in tfrnnomU qf Ifulburor ftnUaB, QLtinn 
4ibE<Blba |iHwii and pbided. Th* ■rUiiDp kLvn bvgui 
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]Abb botefl bdUMrJ by "pr^L% ^ *.«. Um wicL Up ol. 
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"pvVHd Upno l-v> jnoi* fUlilu bafwe Hiej SreaU!," anil 
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rbm^^ but WHIM to bHlowa It iippHjq, for iWi' 
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vttb «iw<iMl honour id FiUiH^ OH tbi ^th of OaU>ber. 
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(i) SdehB IT-— r^ roariitff Onil t dumlH ftn-f, tm 
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BhniH dE ■ JzbanuiTH nlLiiii Lho " VitB," (H4 hOl«A, p. QVA, 
Vof. I.) «'bott4?hi(ir biiruiHir a f i n i>i rw J in bebUHuriuu tha 
orLl-ofirt vHh B wirMhlon UUt or dm^er ■lnutar tc thi\ ela- 
piaTtfJ by Ute miHicm lIu-liquiDH h} sltifvApa uu li> bih 
back, And, U % CiuWniiiU u1IVi>iit, m pntaqdlDg li» pim ^fl 
■m^Tr . SlvkHpritn nuiun nlliidH ta rJkia lut eijkloft In 
-T™iALWSbl,"AEJ.lV.ftc, 2r— 

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f4) 9ont VT, — 7^™ nvy noiiUlr Hit liii j<rito'itTi.\ 
•' (n tha DicKuiD fHum, wliiln Uid ImCUlln tikw noaUtiiwd, 
MttA that Iho UD^Uitlvinuii bind Idlion & gn>ta number nt 
jiridoliDrf, Odrttayiie fn>iLcbnuMD dd bona Inot, ptiBraQf 
imH«pi«nai l[ubiii€[ of Uoiutrill, lUlQiirt of dJUuM, 
llKniHrt [rf AgiQidurl, Bod otbar m^D of mrrara, to ibo 
DuBihar of fin huruind bamarDBD, vhich inn tha SrA 
thitt llod,— beorLn^ tbnt ths engUu wnti ■ml pBTfliuiu 
Fen ■ good W17 dlaUDl from the Bnnjn wiLbout an;^ 
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tbn FaIiBt robbad Uifl HdI^ bcua up cluaU, wbA nnisd 
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AndarivPLrt "Am Vvm Uku It," AHL Su. 1 — 

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KINO henut the fifth. 

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MttiiniiVl^ce of hJA jHith, dtj|] LJi3jiM0<l tt> CDiiDCDat iiullcry, in Ihc iDtcrTols bolivacD hu pci'iloufl but 

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HMiEm tu tbe thniDc. -was Attondcd with graat ilifflciiLhy The maqHEHLri £u Pmsni vsi-rc tha im\y 

^■itiiiguifdwd flvant of hig raign ^ anil wur is aji e]jic rather than a. drouiiLU*: object. For nharorer men 

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their rfmHa [ *.^l^ in liiatoriGil plnys wur, oa the d^/uui ™^*o r-^imi, cannot altngothi^r bo oicl^dud, 

fltilX if m would hAvc dnunatic int«r»it, vniT muttt, Eioly bt tha uifum by which aomcthin^ else ia 

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riiirfa art auiiDiinacd at the vt-ry InigiiiiiJii^ iiii>n'ly hlt-vq E4» buighlmi tbe ^>iy tf aiiuhvf2i und to fire 

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ipHttlor, bnug rm tbn ilivtruciiim of ihn iymrLt> It ih tliu viry harnu in tbc Itiuiuui |>1ucafl, id Uh 

nifA af tboHi taktD from EngLiab hiftTiTy, and, in ihoi^ whsrever Shokspeore hna iutroduced war in a 

lAiOhtic CDmhioatinn. With great iriKigbt iiitu tbo ejir^caco of hi^ art, ho ooviir |»JLi[ilci the fortLiiio of 

ta ft bbod d^itj vbo EtitDetiiDc? hivodn one and someliuiei aoothei' ; mlhout giuog ioto the 

I of tha JiK of wiu", ^though BousLimefi ho qvbd vootuTDB dd tbii4,) hsr jdlou'^ iin to antiuipato thn 

frvm thD qualitfi'q of the general, Loid tbeir indncDDi] an tbo ndnds of tlie aeldinrB ; aonuitiDiea, 

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of a juat eanso and rvlionoo on tha pratoction of Hearon give caniflgn tn the one pnrtyt 

,|Ui t^ prta*^ of a cur»hAnffug over their uDdoi-lAkiiig weigb* 'htwQ tha uther. In 1/f^ry the F^pi 

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of tbu ftar ilr^jn^ic; but he boa skfLfidlj arpiltd LJiEiHelf vl the fint. — Bvfure the lAttlu of 

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I dvicmiinatiDft, if they must fuli, ut lenifl. Ii TllJ] witb hononT. Ha ap^>UE4 tbi-t o-ia Koneml cnuLrrLsC 

tbn French ^ud EiiglLrJi DatiDDid cbani>]to»; a contiuib w)ii[;U lietiajn n jiBrtUlity fur Ilib ohd 

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ftnlkaeuuBi;, bonmnblci but pedanTiu Welnbiniui, all apuakifig i[i their ]iueiili^r di&lrcK Are intended 

bibvwuaUiab tlnwarlikBeBiiiiiA of Henry did not msraly larry tbu Elnj^liiih wil.b bim, hut oJao the 

■Jw nUJm of tha two falaDdq, whn'fore either not yet (^Jly united or In ne lio^Tre anl^ject to him^ 

knq^gmd-fijT-jiijtbiiigBaiocjatAflof FalfitnE'uiiQUg tbe drega of tho army either niroiiipji opportuuitir 

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■DikJto Uw poet iiMufticipiit to oDiniato a "pio-j of which tha aiihject woa & conqnsat, and natbinK biit 

■ <BqanL He hna^ thflt^foiOt tiii:ked a prolngne (in tbe teehnioiki luij;iiuge of that day a ciorim) to the 

^^■■taf of Hch act. Thota prolognrjj, nrhikib unite epic ^miup nnd B'Tlemnity witta lytii:jJ 4iiljtimity, 

■4 itt^ wbrdi the deumf^tion of tbe two LsJDpa bi^fiire tbe baltlo of Atfincourt forma % moat 



felninble nlgbt^pieo^ m iotoadsd to k«p the Apei^lAtDraooDflUhtl^in rniad^ UuttihipHdUirpiBdfiS 
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frnon ih«r ^'fim im&ginftlinna, tbe ilffidaioii^B of tho Toju-QEvatiUjioD, As tJio mattor wu nnt propeHy 
dnuiutifi Sha&?[ieAre cbDea in wnndcr iu tLi.' totm also hajaiiid tbe bounds of tha apeciea, uiiZ ta bug 
■atpofllirKl henIrL, irliAt Ild anatd not ropreacntto the eye, rallierthim to Dripplo Ihg ]irogmt nf Ihs 
flEtkn Irf putting long dduriptioua iu tbe moutliB oT lb« dnunntio peFfl^nageK Tht cnnfesaioD of the 
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naam«d ttpnn um tho wliolocf their thcatdcal q^t^m thoy promeded on fdwa of grandeaf Lod 
A£iiit7, ft Icfllik ftnd pettj mutatiou of Lha uuLllAiaahld woulj hcvc appeared inEupport&blo in tbrir 
«yEL With thorn, amacquentlj, bH GghtiDg voa morelj reronnted. The ptinciiplB of the romuitjc 
JrttVtiata wai altogether di^^rant : th«ir wonderfii] pLftorH ?ere iDfiolti'ly luger E^jul (heir thwlrciJ 
HMD! of viublfl eiaauticjii ; fhey mm ^vprj-wherv ol^liged to touat od tbo willing imBgEuctEim of ths 
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a hmdfuJof awkward wirriotiaia cjock armour, bymeuiBbf two or three Fworda, with nhjch hb 
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ffftanatalj, in ShaLtptfare'a tima, the art uf oonvertJn^ the jjoldui^ boards ijf tho ih4tre iuUi 
• rfdiflg oouTH hat! uoi yet been mvoDted. Ma tE^lla the spoGtotora In Iho fiiat pnslogmi in 

FrLnribi ibalrpniiia tinoli \a tha iBoaMnB t^n'ti. 

When tiicliArd tho Third nttora the fanioiia giclamstioD, — 

AbDnel >bvn«1 bit Ltng^inii Ear • Ihibf 1 

itifl DO doubt inconsiateDt ta aeo him both befbro nnd afterwsrda coostacUy fighting oa fwt- 
bowvTor bettfl-H pcrlja^a, thst tho poot and plsyer should by ovorponQring impteniooa d^vaa ua io 
ibrgat this, than by litural exaotnosi to eipiKo themaclvw to external intvrroptioiv. With all Itfl 
dikkdraDUges which 1 havif niEntJaned, Shakppure and Krvnl Spomah poeta hire cobtrivad tc lUnit 
nob great baautioi fram the iouuediate mjit^auntatioD of war, that I canniH brmg mynutf to wkbtii^ 
Ivd abaUiDfld froin it. A theatriesl rnanagor of tho present dsy will have a middle eouive t« foUoii: 
hii Art muat, lu ap capecisl maaaer, be directed to muke nhit ho tbowq uh a|>|'^«r only as mpvil* 
l^rvti}* of an iniinqrisa p]vtum» whu^ ciihJiul be token in at cnco by tbe ej9^ he mu^t <untiAC« ti» 
tpeotatoji that the maio iLCtioD tokea place behind tha stage ; and f or tlun purpnui ho bu n^tDHDiat 
hia wnnjuiil iri tbu ulutot i-t inDirt remote eouml of warhlu mimic odiI ttui din of arruft. 

■■ Hovover muoh Shnkapeara <:r]L>hr-At«athe Fr^noh ramqueat cf lloLiry, otill he Iibb not omitted tc hint 
afttfr hia way. the scorut aphuga itl rjijs undertaking. HoEiry was in tnmt of fbreigii war lo eocuft 
kinjai3lf on the thnme; tha olar^ ilgo wiihfd to ki?ep him omplcjed abroad, iind Diadu an oBer of mil 
couttibutioxu Ifl prerml tbe pudog of a hw whTcb woukl have doiiriPed them of tho hajf of Ibnr 
ntfBDue& Hifl Ifainad biHho|>a orui^'qucntly are aa ready to prove to him hia indieputable right to tlie 
crown of Ftanoo, as ho is to allow his conscieooe to be tnLUquillipeil by them. They provo Ghat tie 
&Abc ^w ie (tott und nevor -aoA, spjiLicaliUi lo Fcnjioo ; and the mstter la treated in a more euocinrL and 
oonciDciug niMina' than snrrh luibjecbi dSUoUjr ure in tnanifeaFoeft Alter hia leponned battlao, TloirJ 
wifihad to BeeuTu bin conqueBtu hy ummage with a French prinviD : oil that b't* Tofereuee to thii i* 
iDt«ndeii for lirjny in the plsy-r Tho fruit ofthia union, froia which two natiouapn>miae<l to ttieiOKl's' 
nuhhaplrinEsain future, wjb the weak snd fueble Eeury Vl., iindar tthnm every thing ws aoiJike»1Jy 
tost. It mnat oot, therefore, hi- imoj^ntd that it wan without tho knoirle^lge and wjil of th^ wvltlit^ 
a hanrio dmiiia tmrih oiit^ (Hjnindy m ijja lionda, and endu in the uoDiier of Comudy utith a ruaniiRi^ 
o«j venieu w " — ^ciilbohl 


Tnn obaimlag JramBtlc paricnl was ^rit printcil, it ia boliereil, in the rolio, 1623. Od iLb 
StAtiaiK^i' l{<^tcts, hflvcvcr, ia ur r*nlry, coTkJKtiircdf with gatfli p^aoD, lo bctoDg to Lho jcat 
LflOO» wbich may juiluca a difforont cotioliuion, I( mpB thuBf^ 

"1 AognalJ- 
Afl ym 'Uce ft, a bocA. Hear; Lho ffi(\ a brnli. Rnr; Mui m hu humor, & bade ^a ConmB^ nT 
Mncb Adixr i.b'iuC N'otlklnev, A hook. To t4 lUiod-" 

^H TbB ohjuA uf thu " BtJiy," u lifr^ CiiEIim' aLi|f]iCH;ai wu no ilouU ia pnmvxt iJw piiblLCAtiiiq 
«if thffle |i]bjb by anjutlitr bcNilu(E<l1mu lh£iL Wiuc and A|i&It-y ; anc] ju tlio Elirw othor "boukd" 
Wtc iBHicd Ity thi^in in n quiulu {una, prubELbilil^ arc in faToiir of tha fourth hiiTing" TtDcn bo 
fmbUiUiod k1». Al di cvcdU, iJjutv nre buI^cIpqL gn>iiiid£ for hupc ihat b quarto c^Jlkia maj 
■ume daj COOK to bgliL, "Aa Tou Like T(" U fduiiifoLl on Lmtgu'a no'el, ciitillo<1 "Rwnlyn<JO| 
Eiqihiica OoliEen Lvguy/* Sec., I5B0; wlucb ia torn vu tlorircd froDi Uia "Coku*sT*Ie of 
^isBdjn." Aflrihutod to Chimcor, and Bonu>UrcieB pKolc^ in his worka, Uiough now TCtj gpoe^ 

■^mDj bcdtoTAl lo be tho nork of juiollbcr and vnch inrorlor Ituriil. 

^H ^uqaoUliuii, ia AoU III. So. 5, frnm Mario wo'i pooin oF^^Hcro ainl Loandpr," — 

^ vlddi AppcflKJ ia 1593 -, ibo circmntUiaco of ItA dM bang iaelmleil ia ibc liat bj Mem ; and 
I iJh memomiElDiii above meDtioned In tbo UtationDrn' Rcgtotcn, buTc led Malone and othen. we 
^^ Sak ti^\}y, Ui aaign the compositloTi of " Ab You Liku It" to the year 1509. 
^f In cofiiuiion with this coedhIj there Is a tnuillLJon twi ploiuiug to 1»a totgoUea^ It ia related, 
A ibc tuthoriij of lb*? pact's brother OUbcrtr iriio Buirireil LJU afloi iLo BeflLotation of OharTta 
,n,lliM tHiak&jKflM hiiMelf pcraonfttcd the CiilhfUl old Adjun on ibo Stage. "Ono of 
ftike^an't jounger btntJicrii/' OldjB rt-lalca, '*who |[rc<l to n ^no6 old a^, t-FE-n Hoiue 
Jtn.u I CDfnpaLe, after cbo resloraUoa of King Cborlea II, waold in h'la younger dnye come to 
l^ttdfli to liait bu brother Will. H he cnllcjl him, and be a spwtator of Hm qb an neUd' m eoms 
Bfbii QWfi pinjs. Tbia DoalOMT as bb brolhfr'a fanie onlargeil, [md liis dminnUck 4>ntorLainnion[fl 
P^* tho greah^ aupporl of our pKncipal^ IF noL uf oil vvi liienLrefi, In: cuntiiiucJ, h kthvi, bo 
^gofttrbin brother'a iTcolli as ^von bt lho LUCor f^iJ ufhi^ own bfe. Tliu cutiualLj at thJA tinw 


of Um mott noted acton to leuti utneLluDg Grom hba ^ hia btcther, ^ tbej jnstl; hdd him m 
lbs hjgbot TenentioD. And it maj bo veil belicnd, u tbere wu besidH a Vimnptm juJ 
docoidut of (lie famOj, irtio wu then ■ «lebrk(£d actor utjoog them, tha opportmi^ mida 
them gnedilj inquiudTa mto eveiy liUlo dreuziuUnn, mon eepecUUjf in hia dnnuai(& cluncter, 
which hid hnther couJd rdala of him. But he, it Hems, was bo BliicLen id jean, aod pcnUj hii 
uwmorj fo weekeoed with mfimiidu, t^iich might make him tho auv pan for a maa of weak 
InleLleotA, that be could give tbom bat littlo light into tbdr flaqmriu ; mnd all that oovU bs reool- 
l«led from him of Mb bri>th9 Will in that Btafioo waa the bint, gectenl, aod almost loat idcu ha 
had of hanog onco bood him * act a part in one of bis own come^m, whereis, being to pcnraiale 
a dooTO]iit old moji, he wore a long beud, and appeared ao weak mod dnopang, and imablfl ta 
walk, that ho was fbrc«d to be aupported and carried bj anotber peraon to a table, at whidi he 
WH aoalcd among aome Dompan j, wbo were eating, and voe of them aimg a aong/ " 

Thla d»oriptioa acwrda in alE euential particulmiB with the inlrodncdaa of Adsn Id the 
haiiUfaiHt duke and hia fbllowcn, at their i^Itio banqnec, in Act II- £c. 7. 

^triims $^eitnl£b. 

Obaub, a WraUfr. 

TODOHiVom, a Clown, or Dowudic PoU. 

WiLiiUiCt a PfOHaf, ta 1«« viA AnoaEi. 

Tht ItepttttHtatm af Symtm. 

ROBAU!II>, ihiH^Ufr fO (Ac AtHMol DCTIt 
Cbua, i>intf ikiKr to FuoauoL 
Ppibe, a Ak<pA«rdH» 

*" ^ U-uiurper'i Caun^ a<Ld parliy im At Firmf r^ Arden. 


'^ A 




:. ' -^v 






'''^:4^^?:*,'v,;'--' V -^'< 


SCKTJK l.—An Ojvhard, a4joininff O^Kw't Souk, 

Enlei- Oai^i^tDO and Ai-ku^ 

^^ A> 1 r^ED^unber. Ailaia, il vu upon (Me 
•■tB,^ — |iiS]i|tfl[lirJ*niii \>y will, ImLfincjra^lbDU- 

*id4, nnbifi blessing, to hreol ma wqII: onif UK^m 
SfWi&ir Mdnaa. My lirottcr Joqnm he keupa 
*i(fefiQ], uid n^rt fpi^nkii guMeiJj of hie ^LV&t; 
"■jfcrL ho kii'pft nn' ninlifTilJj nl liomo, it, lo 
fBik iDurT pnifVTly. flfaj^i 014? iiorcni liDiiitr unkt'jif^ 
fv oQ jou thkt knpLii^. f Jt 4 ^Dilemjin of my 
Mit iliiLl ^Mfa not &<«□ ibo alAllmg of ad 4 1 ? 
H» tunn 4n bred belUr ; Tur. biHiMa iJiit thcj 
■k Jiir vilh tbcir fuediagi ihej atti EHiigtt thvir 

* Atwfed^B* — ] SiObM bJ Ihr HiDii^ni FflblLflUB nai. "4< 
^Htad atz" ^d bE Ji oat ImprohkUr IbU IIlk fcoriciun wai 

Llvbtto, 1AIS, bill [QtMi 

Folln, Ifi3! —"a p*ir 

hnE Eo Iba 4MlRlnBl hlft 

■ tn4ii?« ■ ilBtfCr laitm H ot linLI u ^'"0*''''°" ^'' '"V- 
«M H Ibt tiBfl otf Cluurvr, Bid bf no nwani DKOBl- 

"Aad M I Kllniri, lID 1( idb bmufilil 

tDEJiage^ rind to that cnd> Hd?n doiiHj hired i but 
i, bis brolhcr, gain nofhing under liim hiif growlJi ; 
for tlio wLk'h Lis lUklmjdE no hia duiL^rUillo ore aa 
niui^Ei lionriil In hiiu as I. llo^iJca eIuh nolLinjr 
iJijtt li[^ «> plijQiif idly ^vif ^ mf, iLie Eninji'Lhiik^ timl 
nature gii^ D^i Hs couoimancv' secmB to Uikii 
fruiD me : liu Jclfl mv ftud wiiL bia hinda, bnrHme 
iho plam i^a |ir(illua',''Brid, ns icui'L oa in him Yia, 
iniritii uiy gimLility wilii my cilmuliun, TliiJ" in il, 
AHrLTD, that, grfpfci mo; imd iho Bpiril "f iny 
falhor^ nhich I ihlnlL la wiUun me. btgina to 
muliny iLgainsi this ELTviCuili: ; I will do loii/i^Cf 
i^iiiliLn) it, tboDgh ^et 1 knoir Di»wiBa remedy faow 
ffl HToid it. 

CbakCiH; Plam^ tni Lnf. [.41. 

" At Laf mWr iiBU lo (lL» E^hiTT '^" 4 f>T" frii— *li1p ri 

tiWM, ta Dj* noiiibM' nl L^i^ Hiuuuad min."— Jrvlv^i ^^ 

" L'lic KfnjiD ■ ■ ■ ■ iPB*dTlFii|rr ill hi^ VripH, •'herirf 
-rlPiUOc I lion llinr IlkDLUBIkd burQui, Lhil Frjoiri alilclk n* 
ri^r av tul riky. Ill In f ititIc UiJ andB."— fl^ri. [in l>r 

r ITJj rniLrlL-nxn'M' itfaUt laVr frOf m'-\ Tltf Rmn [»■■![■ lor- 
■p|iBU Fd >||L A jpi I lu nd^nliiDiE lliu Dlpirlllnil 1 1 ih^l nrff llin 
llr^n aiptl. mrHiMf, u-i [bi llt*i biU n^rp Jri'imif iJ. Bh 
iiHv (IP, f . TU, Vol, r. 

Okt.. Go apait, Adnnii viii iliau Bhnl< Ihtot 
bow ha wiJJ itiuie oil' u|i, [Adah lY^im. 

Oi.i- Nriw,Bir1 wlml DifiJiti'ynu Jicrt?? 

Oaj#. NMhing: I am not Iad^Eie 1o wqIec anj 

Dli. "Wbol miu- jou Jh'n, nir? 

OUh Moitj. ^F) I Bid bi'lifingjOLi (omiLrlhnt 
which God mtilOp B pwjr nnwaitiLj l>rot1iDTDf vowfl, 
wiUi idJeaeai. 

Oli, Mjutj, hJr, bo Iwttor cmiilojoil, and bo 
Dnugtil. awliili','' 

Otll. Shall I kei>p jnur bngs, and c&f hcnbi^ 

> Ifbr nult |iini Jirrvri Whtl dujou InreF 

b Me IHUnlhl a*llllr.] A IrfDfEfblal |iblU1], tqiillBlcnl «□ a 

■borurilT In Til IP I timli J«il Dun rlcmdupbr apuiiiii tr lit 
ctI^IiiiI <lnrF :— " TbiHi|h I id ri Ail bj bmhi ftl, noTer bivlns 

wllii Ihem^ WI141* pivligiil porliiJii baTc I 
llmt J pWliI Aiuiu [tf auch pejiurj? 
Ou. Kiio« jDu wlkciT* j'uu mV) fiir? 
Odl. t}, .",\r, yury wi>]1 : bt-rv iq yi>uT tiFcTur^ 
Oli, Xnow jon Lcfurv i^tjuni, bir f 
Ohl. Aj", beU&r dinn him 1 uu liofnro knovt 
mo. I kni>ii, ^Tou too ray i^lilitt Ijralbcr j atii, in 
Lite grhllf! conJilion of blood, yon i^hniild na buir 
mo: 1I10 cDurteBy of notioii? dIIotcb yoa mj boUer, 
in tluiL jou art' llic fiisE-lrorn ; buE tbo n 
llitidii lakcB iKit Bwny myhlinjil, hltq tfalve tWBDl 
bru^Lorfl bcLvijit ite : I liAVC im much uf mj 
ill mo, ofl yon; allM:it, I ciU][<9b, yimt vi^mii 
U'ruh! niB IB iiL4ivr to his iiTerunoe. 
Oi.r, WliflT, l-iy[ 

O1U,, CoiTLOt camot cMtr Fmrflber, juu on 
joang in ihia-' 

ilimiKvd nay Arrit trf w». I ub rvnir«r id iierfaivi 

niivEiiil ''ipliili "-- Jjipaa'' '"■IjiBi^ p- iJ bf icpiml Lb 
•/rnrr''f l.iliru'^ B^nifl lif "" atlTunr nHH' I>t>i En hli 
LUEtrr I1LI 'i]i|i1> ImCftlii^ 1i» Imlfadi, «ho ••''■'« IiIiDloI 
bL iJy] unu IIiim,"Vdd m loa f ■iii'i' kL Uiki |bu of 
prbWBii, In LhU, iBm UmaUn." 



Ou. TilllhMUr liuiila Dfi me. TiHruti? 

Obi.. T idi Dvntluu: I Bm Uij: juimgc^pir n^on 
fif tiT Ru!«hJ ili; B(ii£ : lie wili m j fntber ^ uiid lie 
u Ihrioe B rill^n thftl aay" such » fmhot begal 
inUunt. Wflt thou not mj tn>rlu*i', T woald dM 
taka iKii IuiilI front tlij L}irf>ii^p till this i>Llii^r liad 
pnElnl QUI thv taogu? li^r nnjnDg bo; Uidil biut 
Rikd OQ chytolf. 

JL^aV- [f7Mi(nj_/bnrar*/.j Bwp^t niruteit, be 
pH4en1; fbr juar faUipr^B rememLrojiDe, be ol 

Ou. L«t m« ^. I uj^ 

Orl. I wiU ihi£t till 1 jtldiue; jmi Eibnll hear 
ve~ Mj' fatboT cluirgal von Id hidnill ti> ^ve 
DO good fJiicmlian: tod biive IrOiDtd m? Lke a. 
paanant, oUcuring uid hidlDfj fiuTii mo nU gi^ntlc- 
IBHI-Iik« qiuIiticH. TbeipJriL of mj fittliijr groHB 
itraoff m Dti?, and I trill du longur i-nJurc it: 
tLuMiiv iUdh ue ind^ cierciKB u may beOLtmD 
A gtbdaun, or give idq l1^ post alloHorj juj 
&^BT loft mo bj [catomobt; willi lliaL 1 will go 
bur mj fbrtnon. 

Ou. And what wilt tbou da ? iM'f;, vben ttial 
inpoil? WoQ, i4r, gvlTOU in; 1 will nut Idu^ 
he IfrmhlDd with yaa : j«t bVioII baTC aoma port uf 
jmr will: 1 prmy jou. lenvu me. 

OiLL, I Will no TurLbur offend jihi diflo bocamcD 
tne far ray good. 

Qli, Qot jou wjtb bim, you old doj^, 

Ait*ii, li o7i£ Jyj mj rewjird? Moil iTUe, I 
ha-FC lott mj Ifiplb in your netrir*)- — God he with 
my dU VKuLotl he would not Lave Bf»oliir sudh a 
word. [f jpimf Ohlant^o and Ae^h. 

Oli, In it #v«i Bo7 bfRiii yon to grow upon 
mo? I will ph^nin jaur raiiliJicEP. and joL ^ivn 
no UiouBaiid crow^ nvitbut, HdIU, Dsnia i 

Enlo" Dkhib. 

Titnc. CjiUh jmir wor^hiii ? 

Oli, W'm not <JLLirk-a, (jic Juko'D wreallcr, hero 
to ppefth ivLlb me ? 

I)e>^ So ]rlen^v yod, be ifl biiTQ at the door, and 
importLincs oeivH la jiiUd 

Oll Cidl bira in. [Ji'jit DuiBt>,]-^"Twill bQ 
n good way j sod lu-iaorron tho wresLliog ia. 


Cha, Quod njoiTOir to jour waiihip, 
OiiIf Gnod mn^iiieur (^urlea ! — ^tuit'e llid ILCW 
Tiewi lit tht^ nciT uiurtf 

j*OT I.] 


[KESt n. 

Cn". There's ao Hem at the court, eiT,butlhB 
old oewK : that i^, thtr old duke is baoiihod bj bia 

EDiin^r brolher the new dulte » and three or- fuiir 
iving Ionia have put themselvH iatfi Tolnntary 
Fiile with him, whone lauda and revenues enrich 
iha Dew duko ; therefore he gives them good leave 
to wobder- 

Oli. Can jou tell if BoAolind, the duke^i 
daugbter, be huiahcd with her father? 

Gha- O, atti for the duheV daughter, her 
ouain, BO lovFs her,. — being ever from their crodleg 
hifid together, — that she* Aould have foUawed her 
exile, or hav<^ died to etaj' behici] her. She !a at 
the cum^, and no leea beloTed of her uncle than 
hie own dAughtor i aod nerer two ladies lerod as 
they do. 

Oh. Where will the old duke live? 

Cba^ Thej Bay, he la aliT^adj in the foml of 
ArdeDf and a maaj merrj men with him ; and 
there ibej live liko the old Itohin Hood of Eng- 
land : the^ saj manj juuog gentlemen flock (o 
him every daj, and fleet the time mxkselj, u 
thej did Lb the gulden wurld. 

Oli. What, — Tou wrestle Lo-morrDw b^bre the 
new duke ? 

Gba. Marrj, Ao I,Kr; and I came Eo acquaint 
jou with a matter. I am given, nr, secretlj to 
understand that jour younger brother, Orlando, 
hath a dUpositton to come in diagui^ against me 
to try a ^11. To-motron, air^ I wreatle for m; 
credit i and he that eacspca me without aomo 
bmken limh shall a^^iiit him well. Your brother 
IB but joung uid tender; and, for jour love, I 
RDuld be loth 10 f/Al him, as 1 must, for mj ova 
honour, if he came in : therefore, ont of mj love 
to you, I came hither 10 acquaint you withal; that 
either you might alsj him trom hia intendment, or 
brook Buch diag;racc well as he shall lun iuto; in 
that it ifl a thing of hia own aearch, and altogether 
jLgairst my will, 

OLf. OiBrlea, I thank ihoe for thj love to me, 
which tbou shdt find I will most kindly requite^ 
t had mjaelF notice of my brother'^ jturpose 
herein, and hare by under-hand meoiiB laboured to 
dj»uadu him from it; but he is re&oJtite. I'll tell 
thee, Charlea, — it ib the Btubbomeat young fellow 
of France ; full of oiubitLOii, an envious emulator 
of every man'a good parts, a secret and vJllainouB 
coulriver agaJTiKt me hia nalumi bnjiher -, thercToro 
uae £hj discretion ; 1 had as lief thou didst break 
hia neck as bis linger : and thou wert beat look 
10 "l ; for if thuu dost hini any plight diagraee, or 
if he do not mightily grace himaeEf on thee, be will 
practise against tbee by jjoiaon, entrap thoo hy 
some trcnchcroua device, end never leave thee till 
he hath La'en thj life by aome indirect means or 

(■> FtEit nHD,bc. 


other ; for, T aaaure ihee, and almrHt with tean 1 
epeak it, thci^ ia not one so joong and h viUbnoas 
this day hving. I speak but brot^erlj of him ; but 
should I analonuu him to thee u he is, I mmt 
hlidh and weepj and UiOn mast look pale utd 

Cha, I am heartilj glad I eame hither lo jtn. 
If he oome lo-morrow, I'll give him Bflpnymml: 
if ever he go alone ag^, I'U never wreatle Ut 
priia more : and bo, God keep jour worship ! (1) 


Olt. Farewell, good Charles. — Now will I itir 
thJa gamester: I hopet Iihill lee an endof him; 
fbr my sotd, jet I know not whj, hates Dothinr 
more tbia he. Yet be'a gentle : never Khoolol, 
and jet laamed ; foil of n^ile darin ; of aU bvu 
enchantingly beloved ; aod, indeed. » much in 
the bfiut of the world, and especially of my on 
people, who beat know him, that I em allogerher 
miaprioed : hnt it ahall not be so long; thti 
wrestler ahall clear all : nothing remains, hut that 
I kindle the boj thither, which now 1^11 go abonL 


SCENE IL— ^ Laten btfm-s th^ Duke^t Palaa. 
Enter HoflAUND atuf Ceua. 

Cri.. I pmj thee, Hoaalind, sweet mj coi, be 

Ros, Dear Celia, I sho" more tnirth than I 
am mialxeaa ofj and would you jet !• were 
merrier ? Unleaa you could teach me to fbrgd i 
baoished &ther, jou must not leara me bow La- 
remember any emaordinarr pleaanre. 

Cbl. Herein I aee thou loveal me not with ihft 
full weight that I Lore thee : if my uncle, thy 
banished &ther, had banished thj urwle, the diie 
my father, so tfaou hadat been Kill with me, 1 
could have taught mj love to take thj father for 
mine ; bo wouldat thou, if the Ifuth of tbj lore la 
me were so righleouBlj tempered as mme is to thw- 

Hos, Well, r will G>rget the condition of uj 
estate, lo rejoice in joora. 

Cbl. You know my father hath no ehJld hal I, 
cot none is like to have ; and, trulj, -mh/m \m 
diea, thou ahalt be his heir: for what be lutL 
t&ken awaj from thy father perform, I will rends 
thee again in aEcetion ; by mine honour, I wiD ; 
and when I break that oath, let me (nm nmiBter; 
therefore, mj sweet Rose, mj dear Bose, bt 

Rob. From henceforth I will, coz, and derw 
sports : lot mo see ;^-what think jou of ^Qms b 

(•) Old fMp7 DIDtU^ f. 


I ■• 



^\ -■: 


TtL. Many, I iir'jthit. ilo. In makff nporl 
'IIiaJ. lul Imvc D'k tdui In ^irfid iiiriK'Ml ; nor nn 
fclhw in ijiort it^-iUirr, thr.n with *iifH?ly of a jiutd 
vb ihoa maVBT. ul horoiir tame nff ogjiin, 

Hoi. MTwl'flfisl] W- uiir piimL Ihfiii? 

C^IL, LcE Di flit nnil nm't tho ^rrrfhl hnitfinwtru 
'WfiBiB fniiB ber whtwl, thiU bor gifb miy hain:- 
Wdb te brAtmnsl cquDlly. 

Bob. I iroald "C mim An to -. firr ]ic( LornMirB 
ii tiii§^liEj' DiiBplBped : And the bcniitLriil \'Und 
■Hnu <|ii(h ni'«t DiL>if3lip »[ Itt't gifLi to wompii. 

CxL. Tia inm ; Tur tliotM^ Tjiat ihe mabca fair, 
■t wnv mbkea honedl :' naA iboK itiBlfihu miikui 
WnL, *\k mattt vBrj' m-ni-Danvlly. 

B«» N«, now lImu giwflt fr(ini hurluuv'fl offi>T 
Wlitiuiv'*: fbiliinc rcigiiB in gUranf Llia world, 

W IB ih* lineiinmu of nature. 
^. HoT ^^LmNaLllrahD[JlDladeaflli^p^l■a' 


ture, mflj tb? nol bj Fortune fall iiitn Iti? fire? — 
1'l|i>Li^i] NiiEure liAlh friTuii Lin hIc Lo flout At FoT- 
riiri^, ^inth noL FotIdiid unC id ihiB fml Id cuL utf 
llifl argummiL? 

^Hfrr Tduchbtokh.'' 

HoBd Inii^d, ibcre ia fortane too hard fur 
Eiqtuii?; nhtD furtuDc luBken UQlLire'a oatumJ [be 
cdLl^T iiff of iiniiiP"'ft wit. 

L'ki- Penidveiitun*, lliui in not F[irtiii[o'fl wort 
nctthcr. hut feature's ; whopcreciTing" smr nniunil 
witB Loo dull ti^rvoBUU of sutb goddeu^s, bath ieat 
thirt natuml (or onr wht'liitoiie : for Klnajpi the 
duln[4<L of tbe frMil is thi' whsWti'no of tho wilfl.— 
How ni>w, wit 1 whither wnodiT yim 7' 

TotTH. M.i»u*:Bi, joo raaat coine jiwmj to jour 

l"1 Fim M|Lr,|]imJorn. 

- Efai- TID1', irlil vIlilIhT Wi^vr iHtt'i Tliv btgii\aii\g, ffm- 

n 2 

Cbi., Wore joa made ihe caeucneiBr? 

TouDH. fu, br Piiao tunDur; ^at 1 wbb bid to 
Gomo for 5011. ' 

Boa. "Wlicrfl learned you ibnt ua|b» fool? 

Tori^a. Of a curtuln kaigLt, llmt B«i>re by his 
honour tbi^y wn'O gooii [uoi^cflr "^^ tvurv by hLH 
honour tbo muslor*] wilh iiangbL r now, I'll qIoji^ 
Co i(, ibo pucokea wcn^ oaugM, iiml the mnsTonl 
w good;, and jel wv pol Ibe kuight fpr^woni- 

CrIh. Hov pntvn jqu QiaC, ia ibo great Leap of 
jonr kaowlodgu? 

HoBp A-t, marrj ; now unmuuJo jour wJAdoidp 

ToDca. Btand JOD botb linth noi*: Btrokp jour 
ufaLna Vkd amnr bj jour buardji ibat I oed u koaTt, 

Ckl. Bt i^iit lieofibi, if we hini Ebeiu^ iliiin oru 

Touca. Bj ray Imavi-rVt if I bail jt» tinm I 
weifi : but if jou iifcoj bj tbul l]i»t Ib uol, yon 
ATS not firrawom: 110 morS wag thit kni^kL, 
awpnring by liLi birEiour, fur by ne^iirhod any ;' or 
if he bail, bu bml gH'iji'O it uuny Ercfuiu 4;vlt he unir 
Ihoie pjLDCitli*^ or [baL musliu-J. 

Ckl. Pr'jthw, ivbo ia'Eihal Jidtj meanest? 

Touch. Uno tiial old Fredtrii:k, joiir fbtbcr, 

Ce[,> My AlIIu^b Ion ia tuondi to honoor 
hini^ Enough] epL'&k uo Looro of bim : you'll bo 
ithippcd for iMJuiioa.*' one af tktae dnvH, 

Tovcu. Tbu mum iilLy, lluU fuole may not 
■p?ak "Uely, "bat wiso mcu dtj fooluhly- 

Ck[- By my tiDCb, Lhou tajai tnn : for sbce 
the lirtlo wJL lliiLt fiHila hftTO wm uk'nivil, tho 
little Tnolo^ rbat vim men hnru tniikva a grout 
tbaa. — ilo? cornea moneiour Lo Boan.* 

Eofl' Witk bia mouth full of oevi. 

Ckl. ^Vliirh bo will pat uji uBt u* [►igeons frcd 
Ihnr young. 

jtoa. lln^D vc ahoU bo ncva-erammpd^ 

0%!.. AH the bclEer; nti alioll bo Ll;p mora 

Sufer Lb Bbav. 

fiicw/rw. moii'ipurLa Buau: whAt'a the uene f 
Th RvAir- Fair pri&ccnti, jon bavu lost muck 

D4>a| rpuri, 

Cki- SpciTt? ofwkalcnionr? 

IjI Uk\V- What Eolout, madam 1 hov bIuU T 

y'f riMriiiiD.U'j'w, 

• Vvhli bmnnr. for bt M*<rhad bht:] ^H vu an tairt«l 
gUtf ||i'>>"<ll ]ii«li>a ii*i>i||« III 'biLli il DTft^i, ^inrlHflB} 
fl ii J>bii»PJ 'i-K I'lihlu." \s7a\— 

*•! b*' ^JivJ ■ ■tk^'rilkr <iii him I hjit T nnl, Iidw jf, 

ku UNil •Lil'li > E4Jt*Lpi|*rdpDD llU hunrtLoF 

^ JM k B' jX'-uP ■■■• (qKuLl. ^baTI ho OMff Irtwnr bU Ut 

■IH KLri|i 

Apct lt*Fk' >iii 'iiti I'lir thli n''i(irii «hlE. 
k l-fH. I Jq iN'HhIil rir|iL. 4>|l- unnJi li U iliTUiI '« " °>^lil-'<. 
■,-"(r»1ll E" '""1 "••<^ ^'nltTHch *'H ibfl UIM vt Uoat'l 
bfl#' Tie aMImtlli*' It On* la thFDlHtld, 

Boa. Ab vit and fbrtoDC nilL 

TuDcn. Or at iha DoBtrntn decns. 

Cai,. Wi'II mud ; thai wiw* laid on wiUi n tniweL* 

Totrcn. Nbj, if I keep not ray nmk, ■ 

R06. Tbun loftotl thy okj aiucU, ^ 

Lfi Bbad. 7du nmuii nie, ladies: I noitld 

havf ij>ld y<iLi iiT good wpMtUogi wbicb you koq 
IdbI tbe Bight of. 

lUjfl, Yrt leQ U9 the iduldet of tl» vreMliiw- 

JjM BiAu. 1 wIL teU jHi llie b^giimiii^T VOf 
it proDwyoiu' Iruly^bipa, yuu ruay kv di<> end ; far 
the best ia yet to do^ and berv, wbcre jon ur, 
ihoy QTO CDDiing 10 pcifonu i[, 

Cel. ^VtQ, — tho bc^nniiig, tbat ie duoj ud 

Lt: Bmr. Thtra unna an old miu, aod Mi 
tbrea wm, 

Cel. i could ntotdi this begimuog witb ao bU 

TjeBbaf. Tliroc[tnipOTyuunginE?]],ofeiaJliA 
growdi rmd prc^enco » — 

Boi. ^yiIh biHx od tli»r bKkir' — Be it JnuM 
VHio oil TB'Ti bij theto f}rBvntt.'— — 

Ijf BK417. Tbe eldest of ibe tbr« *t«iJel 
with CfjorUi*, tho duko'i wreatler ; "hick Cksdd 
in a niunient throw kim, and bmke ilir?« iri liii 
rJbfi, cLfiE tbtro ia 1iii1l< hopo cif lif^i in liim: lobi 
Btrvcd the UeCond, and bo tbe third ; yandB' Afj 
lie % tbo poor old ruim. tkcir father, making oii 
pjiifuT diJe over Lbi*iii, ibw lU ibff behcddon ukfr 
bin part with weeping. 

Rob, Altai 

Touch. But wbot ia the aport^ wmdeuF, di4 

Ln BsiTT. Why. this that I spoik cf, 

ToFOBr TbriA men may grow iiuer <?T&ry dirl- 
it i« ihfl first time thai Ofer 1 beard brvo^ii^ 
rilis miB Bpori for Ifuim. 

Cel. Or T^ T premi?c tbee. 

Ito9. But is ifaero Any «1» bnga to tw 
brrjkcn mnsic' in hia aid^at la l1;?re jet nsollLtfr 
dotoa upon rih-brcaking ? — 3hni| we hue 
wtvHthiigy couein ? 

TjB Bratt. You mn^, if yoii itay b«T« : kit 
19 Lho f>1jict appointed fur tUa ureatlbg, and 
DTD ready to perfumi it. 

Cioh. Yonder, HDrc, thi^y are eomiDg: kt 
noff Btny itid aee it 



' /j-fil nn n-PlA qimvF] I An qtd |i m Tililil r ipr— hp, 
itaflani, i/ilil i-n lUrT*. We ■till hi, wb«D u^aat WMlba 
uifliner 'LeIl irmta daliarr, IbaL Uelari LLu vUkamvrL 

■ WliN mill CD (b»LF nerlii,— ] Fima a B*dBn ia blcrt 
ADfirJtitff. Ili>- ilr-rT trbfDn BLakdpdT* driind Ebv ibf *fdb 
raiirL]].'-"Bcjiaduri'iiBl«p'riD|| 1 ii»iiA*» Ebrm irUb biMftrrt 
SI'I oitli-i Mfct." VarmtllnhiecMirra. pril\9i* hjtBlIji EhM tbac 
ifipiili iiiiDiifJIr 'uinnnl EiirE if ElF Driii'i ipivrhn 

'B*ll Ih.'L"". Ac.) UirtalLml pLun « iFia void tifU «■- 
TFFllmr Tbfl fnjeHn'i vnimu laUr idVcm^H Utia, mU. ki 
Bbakciptarc'i dij, inr fDDiBOBlj b^^i <ttln rli« |AiiK ^ 

f filOktD DID^— } BHBDifldL p 1)4, 


A. Enter Dusii Pn^DEHiCKT Lordn, 
^jhiEPO. Chablbb, find Alli^TiJauTF-. 

P- C>mtcin: hiaru tlui juiithinll tot 1iD 
hii DWD pprU an bin fbTwnrdn'Wfl. 
■ TondtT 111? Duui'^ 
bTr, ETL'n lie, innJAni, 
Ju, \w is tuo joung: jit hs iDoka 

Huw DOW. dangbfj^r and douaiu ! ore 
bilUer to Kcc the wrefltliii^ ? 
.y. my Hep*, bi> |plc-nHo vim kito uh Icftrc. 
?, Yon iriU lokn llTtle dQliglil in \i. I 
«, there Ls mch odris h ihe men-' In 
cLmJIt-Dgcr's j[tu(h, I wnolJ fdiii iIlBRjadc 
e KilL Diit W rtt[^t^4l'n!- ^[ri^ak l^r li^iu, 
E if jou ran muve him. 
kll ljm Mlhcr. good monaicut Lo BiXBa. 

1 fDuKE poo tfjfart 

H^pUotiBlimr Ihe cbollmgra-, thrr jiriij- 

AflFnd lLit[a tdiL all r«f>cc1 lUtd duty. 
oimg uju, havfr juu chjilU-ngrd Clmr]f« 

Of 6ir princraa; ho !■> lis grnpml 
i 1 conie bal in, ila olher* (to,-lo try 
be Blrtin^b of my iiMiih, 
oong gcnllemoji, jrhir Etjiiiirn djd tcKr 
lor yeui: 7011 hive kcq crud prwf of 
■Eiaiglh: if JDU BATT yuiuaeU Willi TAUT 
new youneir with jiiar jliiIgiDf-Dt, ths 

bdreDtmr wQiild coikikpolyou iDBmiirQ 
rpriae- We pray yuu, for ycrnr <iwii Botp, 

jour own Hi&'Iy, and giro o^er Ihia 

), yooDgalr; your n^iitAtioD aluU not 

be miftprideil: we will nubc it our biiit 

m ihdL the «TeB(Ii]i^ mtf^bL PQt ^ 

boecfh joii| pnniiih dig not with your 

m ! wherein 1 OipifesB me niuc)i giiikj,' 

^t bud «icelLeitt luLiE'a any ihiiig. 

fair py^fl aa*l gBDlTe wudit'D ^'O wilb 

trioT: wbcrvib iP 1 lio foiled, thiro \e 

iftl ihfll wnHnoipiTgrofifrtiii; Ifkilk-J, 

thmi is willipg Ei> Ld bq: I t^hail do 

wrong, for I iuua none Lu IajuudI 

no iiijuryi for in it I hapo nollmig; 

wuHd 1 mi up D plan;. '"hJeli may hv 

wLtd 1 Lunj mad« it empLy. 

W \\Xt\t^ efjvcgth ^hmi. I hivOf 1 would 

lb IDQ. 

Jid mine. Id Aa nt hera. 

lOHmLivi- 1^1 OU tal. fHiw-i, 

RflB. FfcTD you well. Pray hoATCEi I be de- 
wired in you ! 

Ukl. Tour TuiAit'e drHirpfl l«i with you 1 

CpA, Come. whei'Q ifi (bia yoDug gaUADL ihftt 
JH fto Litalmiia tu lio with hie mother earth ? 

Ouf,, ReoJy, lir; hui his will balh in it Atnore 
mvirBt wDrliin^. 

Dinnt P, Yon &haE1 try but we foil. 

Crti. So, I wuTimt your urflpe ^ you ahilE nnt 
entrent him to ■ aacond, thiit hare fco lolghlily 
poraaoded him frnin n firat. 

Ori,, Tini mean to moeh me af^k-r ; yon nhould 
hot hurt moekc^d iri^ heforc ; but eomc your wnyu. 

K™, Now UrnMdei lie tby Bppcd, young man \ 

Cel. I would I wero invlnible, to Ontdi tlie 
utroiig firllitw by thu leg. 

[UQLAjn>a cnyd OiunLta uretf£& 

Rofl- O oiceHent young man I 

Crl. If 1 hjid ji thiihilHi'boU in muie eye, I 
uan ti'll who o^iaLilL! il.inn. 

[OlUDI-Efl M thTovmS"^) iSh'ivi. 

Ticini F, No more, no mofSr 

Ohl. Yes. 1 l>idp«h your grace ; I ua ant 
yd wrll lirraibi'd, 

DuKB F. linw d^r^ttlviu, ChnrleA? 

1j3 EIk^v- llv unoDt fpeok, my lordi 

J>rEB F. Beiir tiim uwiy. 

[CnjkBLEH it boPTv oat. 
Yr\\at IB tby iiAme, young man t 

Qrl. Orlando, my livgc ; tho youngest Hti of 
■IT Bdloud dir Boia. 

Udke F. 1 wDulri thou biidst hesn ban to somB 
mtn oltf. 
The worM ealeem'd thy father honDumUe, 
But 1 did Qa-i him niU mine enemy; 
Thou &boLdd.iL havG bgtiar plwa'd ax with tUi 

Iladit thou desccEided From nnother bi^nao. 
Lut fiiie thee weU i ihim urt n giilliuil youth ^ 
I wonlJ thon haiisl told me of another fadier, 

[fjrwTj/ Ufer Fnmi. Tmln, and Lk Brad. 

Ckl. WeP) I my falber, cot, wuiiU I do thiftV 

Obl. 1 mu moie prood to bo «ir il4jEaod*B 
}[ia youDgeat Bon ; — nud would not chango that 

To bo fldoplw! liuir lo Frederidc 

TLtta. A[y futLer lar'd iir GoEand as his soul, 
And all tins woild was nf my ffilhcr'* mind: 
Hoi] J bcfert^ known thii! young mna lii^ lTOU, 
I eboold haTe given him tean imto calfeati™, 
Ere he ^huuld thua Lure ventured. 

Chii, Gentle Anuhii 

Let UH go thank him And encourage him : 

tvfh rm Ili4l6» anj reqiieil," 


My ffttber^P ruu^^i DitJ eariuiu ilmpoBition 
Sliolu me HE lieart, — Sirt vou huTU *A\ itvKrv'd; 
If you du keejr Ji>ur piumiftfa in ]i>Te, 
hut JuAll V, ivi ^nu b4Li'c Piecvdwi uEl prttuiiC;, 
Your miilrtas Bbnil bo huppj- 

Hoi. Otfulltuiaii, 

Wtar tliia foi mn, ono out of fluila i^lth fottime, 
That could givu mrtiv, but ihat Lcr tiuid [oL-hd 
meoDB. — 

[d'lijn^ AJn d ehatH/rOm her ffot' 

SIloU m; go, ftn ? 

Cel, Aj. — TnK Tin weD, fiir genlli 

Obl. Can r not hij. I iJiutk j-ou? Wj 

Aro a}} ihruwn ionu ; And that nUi^ bm bImv 
IabutDquuj{uu/'!'ii[ieiL-Lfi.'1(A?tb]uck. [rorEunr^ ' 
KoB. iTu oe-tlf UB bai?]L, hfj jiiictc fell KiEliiffJ 
I*\] aek liifD Hlm( hi.- wuuld. — Did jau «JI, wr?-^^ 
Srt jou Lavo nrratli^d well, ud overthrown 
Matu riiau ymir tifiunuo. 


[bobue III. 

Will joa gn. pal? 
Bavp "iU* >ou. — Fnrt jfni well, 

[£^?Niif Rdpaund cr^nf CvuA, 
'^Vlut poAilaD liojigB thcfe wD\^\ta Djioa 

mpwk i-j hvr, jct iho ur(tM conferenM. 

Er-enter Ls Bkaf. 

tr> djod fitf I ^o ID ^onilship FiJUEUel 

iiB pliipp. Albeit jou ^iBVo de»uT'iZ 
iDCtidaEian, trnf iLppUiiiae, uid louo i 
[S* nuvr tlk# iliikt'^ coiididobp' 
IfcaaHuTiuca nil tUl jau Lave June. 

Lia hmiDnma :" nhai li<- ii, indL^L'd, 
ma to mnctive thiui I tn qpeoJi of. 
I ihank yov, airi and, praj J'nn'*!ll nu? 

I iLc Iwit WM *lAngliler of dw Juhc 
t viui allhc wmliin]^? [munntT^; 

•IT. Sffilbpf IjIi LlJlu^^^to^,if we juJgt by 
■■JHdi t^e loHiir* in bi'i lUiuf^i'tV: 
I u daiighter Eu Llic haninli^il iLukf, 

u lUuL^hicr cruufiany ; wboi»a lorn 
r ihna thi? iiaiuiitl Ixirui i^F PLsteiv. 
UiU vmi, tiiAt uf Ifito llkiA dubi< 
1 ilu^j>U'aaurL- '^oinsl Lii f^iiiii oLece ; 
upon ov (Jlhur a[ L,'iimcril, 

people praift? her fitr lipr TirtaM» 
for lier pwd furlter'e sikc ; 
V UK', hiji mulicii ^L;aiii&i. His Indj 

ly brt*ah forth, — Sir, furp joa woU ; 
ia n bvLTcr world thjiD ibin, 

Diare Urrc udiI knowW^ of ymL 
ml much boamlcn to vuti: fiin ^ou 
wdl, [ffjTfLK Brah. 

I from Uic 9TD4}k? inta tht mmrCher : 
, unto a IjTUil brother : — 

Li : [SxU. 

in.— J Haom ui tfie Paiace, 
Eiitrr Qmua and Robluvd. 
iy. couui i vby, Rounnd ; — Cupid 


ri fBituirl Tbji lite fiIlI r-cr, vhlr-h, H Jrn 

iMAflUsW ■nEkaimllun, 'ki tDfEifliA] lit iHilffll 

ttdhtoni inl* "l>r TIT iBiliin'vilillLl ' TJii maantiiir 

ttl«nh*IAhna Ho rT^lklbriL n, - |jr hLiii vhiim I 

■d Uu Idrft wri lU fipFEitliiTi jn pcrlrrrlT 

Hob. I^ot one (o tliroir At n i\oji. 

{'eii. Koj ibjr wDirla iire \o<y pn^-'iou^ i<y hp cn^t 
tway upon cuta, throw boeoo of theiu nt lue ; come, 
lauiir Dio with tvohius. 

Gfifl. Tbi^TliiiD wcrclwociOUAinnhLiiliip; when 
Iheaac Hhnnlrl he hinicJ with reiuoTia, nmi the other 
mad iTttbDnt uty, 

Cit. But EH iillihjfl for jour fflthor? 

Roa. }4'd, HJTEia uf lT in fur iny cliihl^n fhchr-r/ 
O, h{HT full of briar* r^ \ith wjirlcinn-dny world ! 

Cel. Thej ore but bun, cmisiq, Lltrrtwa upon 
tbn ia holiJaj FoolEtr;; if wo ntlk iiul In tho 
(I'ltd^h^fi jjjitks, our very ^t'tfiotuls will viich thtru. 

Sloh. 1 laiilil ftfioke Ihom off my cont ; ib^H 
burn Aic in mj h-uaii, 

Crl. QfDi ihem nwjij, 

Jtoft. I would irj. if I could crj Am aiwi bm« 

CjiLh Come, CDUte. wreqtl*; nilb thy ntfecLioua, 

Udb. O, lht.«y Luke thu pari iii' a bf^ttor wn#l]ot 
ihflTi mv^lf I 

Ckl. O, ugDod wiih upon jim [ jouvUI try in 
(IeiiUt id duBjjiLa of tt foil. BuE, rumlng tbifH jfvEfl 
out of HerviWp luL lu lofk in gooil |iurriii^t. f ti it 
powibloi on BDcb a iuddtn, ^vou BhantJ fuLl into no 
itroDg & UkiiLg wiUi old sir UuLiud'i joungett 

Koa- Till) liuko my fnlhtif loved liih ftCher 

Cel. DuLh it iherHbre cuanc, ihat jou abodd 
lovp Ida mn ilforlj? Hj thin kiiHl of I'luiai. 1 
Bhoald lulc him, fur my falhet batud lib fitliiT 
dtftkrij ■,' yot f bflto xwrt Urtondo, 

!RoB. No. ^fnitb, linlo him not, far mj aoke, 

CuL. "Why Hhuiihl 1 not? dulb ht rat deneiTO 

Rob. Lot me lore bliu for tint: nod do jnu 
Uivo bina, bccuiuc I do. Ijtok, here cumi>A The 

Qa.. WlEh ikia eji^a fuU of ungeT. 

]^i\tii- DcEb FitEDERiCK. »*VA Lorda, 

DuEK F. MifiitiiMs, despatch ^'ou witb jDUr Bofnt 
And ^^ you from our cfiutl- 

KoB- Me, unci?? 

DuvB F, Yim, fliueia. 

Vp'ilhin tboBO ten day^ if that tbuu bo'uL found 
Se near our public court aa twenty mi!«, 
Thou di<*l fur it. 

rnurn fiDBli I E rri Ihr rirrrliim nl MioUflll APtf l^rrcti \p trhakl- 
Ipaufl'i iwTr M Li jirmut.Hi'LB ilikt riu'u. 'ha PtbE luitFitbT, 

Anrl «U ttMdLEofl VlUk llBk? tlnr^ mMpLfld, I ItD piLJllbh lOlllUlb- 

iLu of "nj lUHu'i rhih^," iltL^uLiE IkilL^ ■iTfrlKll'd tK DbvtBVl 

■D^UinpUlillUl' vllh Ri»k-LElLi|'- fKb-r>|iJPLil bliblTTBlklll :— 

"1 umild iTT, \t I cfljJd erj **■ "hJ Iiif»i'(n." 
I* J^nr my fm Ilvt hal nl Hti Fqlbn lUul; . ] Srv EiW D vn EllC WOfd 
rfrdr, LD'-HanLlrt," Ai:Lmc. 3.- 

" Would IhwJ metnij rfnrriirM Ln1l»»n.'' 

Boa. I ila bo»«oh jour grvn, 

Let ma Ae ki^awl^tfe uf my CiiilL bear wiLh me : 
IE "ilh iDVBolf 1 bblii iiilelLJireDFe, 
Or LiflTu apquaiDUncti with ujine own dwarea ; 
If rliat I do uit iIivilid, ur \'\- iidC rniulic » 
( Ai I da tnL^it 1 um iii>E,) tlifii, dear unL;leT 
NertT fo QiucL as iit a Lliougbl unUirnj 
Did I aSvail yaut l^^rliiieAfl, 

DrKK F. Tlius do aU trjutott ; 

If Eht'ir tuiTgui-EOit Jlii i'diuiIai in nunlfiT 
ITioj are m iimocenl u gmcu ilaeJf : 
LeL it Bu£ce ibK, that 1 Iniit ch&e not, [truiinr : 

Ro9. Yd ^ror miBtrual uiiinat ittaka me a 
TtLl uu>, nliiirecia ihu likplihoDd* dejviiJtd 

DirsB F. Thou art ilij fultitr'a daug^Lter, thcro'is 
emugk. [ilulii^inH ; 

Hoi, Si> vaa I wbnn jdue hj^qeas tcuk liia 
So wsB I when jimr liiglinoid iumiBh'J hint : 
TrnuBEk ia not iiibcri^^ my U>rd : 
Or, if vro did derive il fntm oar &ieDdA, 
What'i Lhut lu me? mv fatLor vu no truEor; 
Thcrti gfXK] tny Ui^gii, niiHEuko dil' nut eo much. 
To ihiiJt my poviprtj^ in troai!l;i?r<mfl^ 

Ckl- Dw Boverrign, beor me Bpcuk, [Kake^ 

DcHB F. Aj. CtUa ; wo bUj'J hft for juur 
Elae Itjul aHd niUi her fjiJlicr rna^'il along;, 

CiLd 3 ilid not IhiHi ^inti^JiE lu buve bur alay ; 
Il woa _Tfliir plenBure nod ycnu- mm reiaoreo ; 
I HOd too young ibaE time to value 1u?r, 
But nciir 1 knuv ber ; if ihd bo a IrailDr, 
Whj M am I : ws still hnve iJcjit te^'l^ier, 
A«e tt an instiml, Icom'd. pipy'd. eat togotbet ^ 
And wh^Tppnu^cr wo went, like Junu'a avrime, 
Siili Be Kt'ut c>i)|ili'ii Olid inwpnralile.0f 

"DuKa F- Sho 13 too Bubllf] fur tli^j Jiad boi 
Her ver J pileoce) and her patience, 
Sp44h 10 tbo p^ptn. aed iLtj pitj hor. 
Tbuu art a fmJ i nbn ruba Ihiy (if liiy lumo, 
And tliou vilt libuw EDuru brigbt Ami M'em eikjiv: 

TirlnouB, ' 

^^eD abe ia gone ; ihsa open not tby tipa ; 
Firm nad irmvocnbln la mj dmni 
Wbii-h I hare pua'd tijiOEi Itur^ — aho is bonidi^d. 

Cqh. PrniKniiKe ibat aenlDiLce Lb?a on me, mj 
Icvtnot live »ut gf hi-r cooipaBj, rji""*""; 

I>OKii F. Y"ii aifl a fiwb — Yoii, niecL', pruvidr 
lljta outatny tbe tiiDi!» upon mioe btinoUF, 
Aiid [q LhegftaUkCBfl of my word, jou dio, 

\^Kxean£ Dl'ee FnKDiU(icft and Jjiris- 

Crl. Omj pUQrRutiolmd! wliiLliirrviJElliougu? 

1-^ Plal Califf, Iff ^IkwU. 

* Nd, liBEb imlfl Mr Xtofivr Ihiki uptin lULi ■> ui IdtaiDACtc 
phFUB iliriJInr Id lli4 "Na Ikl], tdt Ignl '" m Arl IV. 9t. I, nf 
" Alni JobB." aHDOtal'l, i>. IIB, Vol. 1.. buL «• IrtUrve bF li 



Wilt tbm diADgB Ckxhei« ? T wiU give thee mJ 
I iikaryv Ehee, brfn4>t tliuu mcire gwv'd tJuu 1 mb. 

Kiifl. I bare moro co-UBeT 

Gil, TIlou hut not. eotuin: 

Pr'jtlii'^-, h(- ^wrfnl : kiMw^pit thou Dot, tfao duki 
HnTh lonisli'd nm hia dnugku-T f 

I^m. Tbdt be bmlh 

CaL.No, brithai>t?'E™Uindlaclt».tbeo,the 
'WliiL'h Li;4icbct]i tbn Ibal tbuu and I am one: 
^hall vtt \n> puedi'r'd 7 flbiiJl wv part, flweel ^i4? 
No : let my fnllirr awk aDi>tbt.'t hrir, 
ThpiefoTe donw wilb me (lu" "e mav fly, 
Wbitber lo go^ and what tu bear nitb lu : 
And do nol FKi^tk to Eoke joiir change upon jou/ 
Trj ht^ar your grid* vyn:»elf, and IcBve mc out ; 
Fw, bj tbia heaven, doit at dot Borroira ptie. 
Saj wboi tbuu ea&at, I 'II go aluTig wit^ ibeeJ^' 

Hob. ^Hijt wlJthor -JioJI wo go? 

Cbl, To Bct'k my ntu-k' in the foKf^ orAnliin, 

RoH. Alaa. what danger fill it be la na, 
Alaida u wo ore, to tnvul rotlh vo far [ ' 

IleaiLtj provikcth cbicves anoaer {bos gold, 

Cel, 1 'U pm mjmilf in pi-ur imd iuciid mtini. ' 
And with a kind of umber amircb mj faw ; 
Tbe Elko dc yoD ; bo nliaU ho pau aiongt 
Anil never atir a^uiLmlfl, 

Rob, %Vere it not beit«, 

Beeaase ibnt 1 am mire iban common tab,' 
Tliat I did buil mo all piiiLjLB bke a man f 
A gnllont cortlc-ai apon uj tbigh, 
A baar-9pf or in my haad ; and (in my hart 
Lio there vhat hiddou woduh'b r«ar then wUI,) 
We'll bave n awosbiog and a martial outude; 
Ab many itcher ruanrLii^li fiowardfl have, 
That du [tiUfacQ Lt Kith tlieir scmblaacea. 

Ckl, What aboU I call ihec whtn ibon ui a 
man ? [omijagi'. 

Hob, I'n have oo wnree £ name iban Jot'^ 
Ami ihcrtfoju look you fi;II Toe. Guiy-mede. 
But what will juti btr' niird? [sUh! 

Csc^ SomeuuDg that hatli a lefotBDce to [□} 
ISxi lireger Celk, but AUeno. 

'Rq°. llu[, ojLiMJn, wbal if flun**^r*d to ste»i 
The elowuLib fool out ef jitur father 'a coUTl? 
Would he not l>o a comfort to our travel? 

Okl. HeTgc along o'er the wide world wilbiaoL 
Loavo ma abino to w"n bim. Lift's flwaj» 
And gtt Dur jewtilu and cur H^idtb togctba ; 
DcTiM tbe fiiteal time, and aafeil way 
To bide OB fiom puradL that will bo made 
AlW my ili^t. Now go wo inf oonteni 
To Elburtj, ajidiioL \g bauiblmioDt. [Sxat 


(<> nril bib, «■. 

Itt Fbil hUn. to «* 

4 Bftbljid lliaE E BA ibiiip EIihei rnbDiH falE.^ Bpbultf'* 

ffiuarppiiJi— "Tuih laooLh lj>tKL) iii|»| btl Ikoq > >^m^. tfJ 
Ikul mil A Bodrlnfi ililnirj fn*m I a mlilartftu f i lUien ■■«'} 
u&oEb [bII «uliirflk >n' would thj arJI Iirihik Ihv pmna*^ 

ACT llO 


{ao^t a. 

Here feel *B Hot* die peiiaJt;f of Adajd, 
The DeAtfOue' differencfl : B3 ttc icj fang 
And cburJish chiding of the vbiltir'B wiod, — 
"Which, when it hiloB and hloia irpon my bodj* 
Even till I ihnnb nith cold, I 'miUe, and baJt 
Tbia ifl no flaLterj : — theee are CDUiiH-Horv, 
That ieellDglj pvrauode me what I imi. - 
Sweet M* too mca of advcisilj, 
Which, like iho Load, n^lj and TenomQUB, 
Weara jot b prcdouB je^^el in his hpid ^ 
And tbia our lifu, eiempt fhiin [lublic haunt, 
FindB toDguea in trttoa, hoobs in the running 

SenDQiifl !□ Bloneflr and gofid in creir Lfalng. 

Am. I would not cbani^ it,'' Hj^ppj u jour 
That can LraoBkle ihe stubbonineaa orrurtuae 
Inio bU quiet aod £o sweet a stjle. 

Huss B. Come, iball we go lutd kill ne veni- 
And jet it irks me^ the poor dappled fooja, 
Being native burghers of (hia df:?crt citj, 
ShnaJd, in their uvn coiifTaes, wilh farkcd heiula 
Hfire their round haunchea gor^d. 

1 Lonp, Indeed, mj lord. 

The melaucbolj Jaquei grieveB at that ; 
And, in fhat kind, awean you do more mraqt 
Thau dulh jDur hrolber that hath banish'd jon, 
Ta-daj mj lord of Amiens and mjself, 
Did BUfal behind him, bb he laj along 
Under an oak, whose ntique root peepo out 
Upon the hrook that brawla along thia wood ; 
To the which place ft poor acquejtter'd «Ug, 
That from the hunters^ aim had ta'en a hart. 
Did come to lADguiah ; and, iudeed, mj lord. 
The WieLched animal heav'd forth anch groana, 
That ihdr diacharge did stretch hia Jebtbem coat 
Almost to bunting ; and the big round tean 
Coura'd one another down hii innocent no« 
In piteous chase: and thua the hairj Fool, 
Much marked of the nwTancholj Jaquea, 
Stood OD the eifremert v«gG of the swifl brook. 
Augmenting it with team. 

DuEB S. But what said Jaquea ? 

Did he not raoralicc this apcctacli^ ? 

1 LoBD- O, yva, into a thousand aimilcs. 

■ JFitfttI iti not 'ke prtisllf 6f Aitm. 

Thr iratfKi' di/rrmCi -| 

Tlie ujuiT ntatnf, iii£K«n1rd by Tlicobald, la "H«]« ttt\ we 
tal," Ke. ntlititi Li laiitticiorf. luM du "t lliint luf tbe ddIt 
BOmipllar In th? ipRrli,— Ihr nurd nr U eqiiAll;^ open Utmpin 
DLon. tht Tuue«. II ii pmulD'b^, pj'f Fi'V? mo tbu In tbfl 

Hll'iul muLiJirilpr :^ 

" Htre f»l wE^lbe penillr ^ Adim, 
Thf inii>Di'iLtirrTeri». AHt\e[cylma:, 

AodctuTllitierililLr^ ollhe ^rLtc'i find, — 
Which, -wtitn li bLUi uiQ l>Li»'i upon mj bedf, 
ETtn nil I inniitB'Ltbfdid— r notu?, ADd nf, 
TbJj li no BMltiy." 

Itie Hukr )■ caalmllDi llu dtDgan uid ia|ihlilluLlor> "l > 

First, for his weeping in' the oeedkn atfcain ; 
Poor deer, qnoth he, thoti maiTEt a tettamerU 
Am worldliTiffa do, giving tkg fun ofmyrw 
To that vh^ hid too hhcA ;' tJi^, being Ihm 

Left aod abandouM of his veJret frienda ; f 
'7'u right, qwrih he, tkn* muny *iolh pari 
The jiu^ of cotnpaiiff : anon, a cajokfli herd, 
Full of the pasture, jumps aJoog bj bim. 
And never Btaja to greet bim ; Ay, quoth Jsipva, 
Sieeep on, you fat aid gitaiy aiiiens ; 
'Tvjfot ihe/oMMwn; vAer^brtdo ^ou loci 
tJjton that pocT and broken banirvpt then t 
Thua most invecUTeJj he ^ercetfa tbnwgh < 

The body of the f eounlfj, citj, court. 
Yea, and ef ibifl our life ; Bwearing that we 
Are mere usuTpera, ^ranta, and what'a worv» 
To fright the animala, and to kill ihcm np. 
In their aaaign'd and native dwelliog place, 

IhjEB 8- And did joa loave him in this eon- 
templation ? 

2 Lobs. We did, mj lord, woofong and tna- 
Upon Ibo sobbing deer. 

DiTKB 8^ Show me the pkoe ; 

1 love to cope him in these sullen fifa. 
For then he 'a full of matter, 

2 Ixini>. I '11 bring jou to him straight. 

SCENE 11.—^ ft«m in the Ptdaet, 

Enter I>ukk FnEDievcE, Lorda, and AttendantL 

Dun P. Can it be potob[e that no mu a* 
It eaniMt be : some villuni of mj oonit 
Are of consent aad anfferanca in thia. 

1 LonD, I oannot hear of any that did s» 

The ladies, her attendants of her chamber, 
Saw her a-bed ; and, in the mornfng eaHy, 
They found the bed untreuiv'd ef their mulivii. 

2 Lonn. My lord, the roynisfa^ clown at whom 


4t> PlmfoUDHtalia, cb. 

»u[ liro villi IJk HtEriT '"'I piliDlElnatmplltlrrrpf ib«bi*l<« 
lUEc; ViuE Hloilri fx Ibe pik-lkit> of uaae[p'°r u^'i 

p«rillr— LHei(ui>di' dkC^mtq- 

k Iwauld rm rhiirii'ji.] Vpi^ li pciTvpi rlfbllD'anHdnr 
Elul Ih'tr -oidi briorji lo Ibt Duk*. mlbn than U AnUrti, vb 
AtKCDailkcr. rouLd rmTurkllf igRfl attb bL> antVihtBd Nfl^ 
"HtppY I* y*"" t't^^x" Ac. 

< f n U' ii«h1iEi> ■f'dai ;] The eld mpv bu Iml9- A> UiIbh 
nriarki, LbaE varti vu probiblr EuiibE Xj ik* cwnpotl f^ iff 
liora lilt line ■&!);(. 

* Tftr rDfcilBh tJntf* — ] TTdD lEw Fmuli rvf^nn. ni^i 
maag^. [Lntij, )ii»flv«E, Ih mman than a mlipMl af ff* 

iBCnB w 

umBrat' gQallrwDTnini, 
rUjBl ibe MttvJy 4'«[l>ciLn] 
^ABbt sod lutF cnuHiQ mimh cuminend 
of thi; wiDMict 
ij fell tho ainowj Ohurlui i 

iifj ill l\mr cniniioiiy. 

iiiE« briiii; biB Ln»[her lo utt, 
lETii find hini : i|i> llii" tiUtFJi-ulj -, 
■carrh uid ^uqi'iHJEJvn iiiuuk 

[^ — BtfiH-r Olhtt't Bowitr- 

Orlaxho uiii AdaMi vMtiag. 

r\ta\ (beret 

Whfti ! inj juiuig DioflWr? — O, »j 

fnaJrr E O -ytra Tncmury* 
I^jIbsJ! ^i'hJ. wUal niuke you hfTc? 
QTinui'iii^t W1i_v ilu pt-Hijilc loiH jun Y 

tic «> fiiuri lo oviTtiniG 
of ihc liuiuun»ui dukt? 
Dunifl too e^wJUy txriiii' bofun; you- 
mutcT, lo 9cmiot kind of men 
e them bcl ma ^iit^oiiea? 

oihJ brrlv EroifiiiA ru yi'U^ 
wiH-Id i« ibi?, nLfn wLaL la cdjdcIj 
kill] thiht beuii iL I 
^fbv, wliDt'a iLe lUBtter?* 

O iinlia|>py jinilJi. 
it iritlilu UiiMe dixHS I niiiiiik Lluti xutA 
my <pf all _iflur fTTuxs livcb : 
HJiA — (nu, no broUier ; yi't Ihc rqb — 
|]iv ton : — I "ill not coll liim inn — 
T iTid abaul lo unU liii fulbtir, ) — 
■nl srjiir fiTiufK'a; arid Lhia night lin mcuif 
ihe lotljpng w^iPTT! jiHJ uw lo lie, 
irilhinit: If hu fail of dial. 
\a.Ttf Dtlu^ mi-oDs lo cuL you off ; 
■id h\xa uid hi'^ jimoliaQ, 
ttD plww ; Uu» bogsi' in hul n bi]li?lioiy - 
I, fair ill do not Pdltir lE. 
. Vlij, whitiiori Aduji, wniliiBL tliuL Iuto 


M ami 

Utol, hMlr. 

[*I FlnlbLIrr, 

I Md>it— J Vfat^fji *H onm utol lor tuAofUJ. 
IiV I.BI/ in IV. k^ I — 

l*^ Bbldj U' wttmwrliaat IblM *«>*[ ImHI> " 

Adah, >'o cnnltor whillior, bd you coino nol 

OnL, ^1ml» troutdflt tJiou have mo ffi ud beg 
my fiiod t 
Or, irith > hsBO anil balalvrauB ^wordt miforoo 
A Ihievitli IWing on tbo rommnn rood ? 
Tbin I miist do, or kneir not wLnl la do: 
Yet LbL4 1 will nrpt do, do how I fJiLi ; 
I ntlicr "ill Hubject m? To tht mabco 
Of a di^-erleil blooil and blowlv hrolber. 

AoAu, Bill lio noi to: I Wc five hundred 

Thelhrffty hire I »v'd iindoryour fuLhar, 
Whit'li T did ttlure, to be my fcater-nnrw, 
Whitn itenioi' Hluiuld La my uld limbs iSo lame. 
And uuMgnrded nc<' i" eonji-ra [hniwn ; 
Take tliBL : and lie thai doih thi- nivofiB Feed, 
YiLiii prijvidoiilly DnLvrs fur the sporroir. 
Be Mmfijrt !'» my iigo ! \ [<tq i» the fiold ; 
AU diiH I give joii, Ia'T inu U' jfmi Fjjrviiiil ; 
Though 1 looli old, yol I om atiuog and luittyi 
For ill iiiy youth T nuvcr did iip|'l> 
Hot oiiil n?1wllious lii|iiijni in my IpIikkI, 
Nor did bl>t witll unbonhful tbreben*! **rq 
Tho uiL^ans of Wi-'okaesa imd debili^ ; 
TbiTeforu my niry 1^ jih il luaiy winler, 
Frmlj, hut iindly: k-l me go wilh you | 
I'll da ihe iter*io[.' of a yciunger man 
la bLI your buAuiosH and necedSLticra. 

UlLL, O guuil uld EuiiH, huw Hi'Il in tlwB 

Tbo iVnvlnriL wi-vice uf tlio oDti'^ae world. 
Wh<-]i ■crrin' awcnt for duty, Dtit for mcodl 
Thoa ait not fiiT [hf fnaliiiiii of tleso tinm, 
Where uoiic mil swtat but for pmmolkiD ; 
And hafiiig Ibat, do iiLiukfl thfiir ^rvin dii 
Even wjtli r'lf Imviiig : it la not %o tvilb llw^i?. 
Uui, poor oM man. ibou iinir'sL D, ri'lti^ii tree, 
Thut cBiiuoL B<j luui-L 04 a blouom yield, 
111 licLL of oil tliy point ond buuboudry: 
Bui a>mc ihj wnyn, »o'lt ^ aluug tuj^cthtr ; 
And tre we ba*'^ ihy youlliful wngM s[icati 
Wo'U light u^»un aunio hn^Uled Uia- {.'onlent' 

Aj>4U. MoatLT. gii iin ; and I will fnUow iHm, 
Tq ihe loHt goHp, witb tnitb juid k'jiJ'y^ — 
From Bercnlecii* youra till now olmMi founcori! 
Hei'O tiri-d {, hot now livu licit no tnure. 
At wenleeu yeotn indFiy ihelr furtuiiofi Bi«li, 
But, Jii ruurstere. it |b tofi lalt a wtck r 
Vi>l Eortuni? ejinnot lecuiDpeiiBO Oil' ticlLer. 
Tlian Ui dio woU, and Dck. my diiulvi'b d(*hli>r. 


("] Old mi, HHBlf, 

' ^ " A fond wumtrg 

AdQ VllDHl." 

b HTiT, vliv'i IbflinBirHrTI In Ihf rnlij, 16U, Ibk iLnrLi pari 
■r ^dui'i tpr«rli. baf Ibr nnii *u lel rlnlil In Iba tiXaai^'it 
1411? wltlfli, b rwirdi IbJt plif. rorrcnt nuq df Ihc Ij'pEJfrB' 
IhltliiL Lliindui Diili ]DrdHD*mn i# 


I SCENE IV.-^Thr FftratnfAt^ai. 

like a akepherdtit, tt/td Ti>uC1]«Toni:. 

Hon. I cDutd Bud in 1113' h&M to diigrvo DJ 
moij^t il^HiTe}, And to crj like * mMDUlt loiT 

]iD4u oiigbt [fi -lUav iiwir tvHinigiMiiia bi poUirAt' 

Bob. O JupiL^r ! bnw npftrj' arc mir npirJta ! lb«¥fiirg, nmrage, good Allcno. 

TocCR. I ctro not for mj tplriti, if mj legs Ciu:„ I prmj jou, btar with me l I cim go W 

wtrti not wEjary. furtlier.* 

- a ^spircr/ i-"! •'rtT if* wg njiirll^J] In lh» oriRlaal, 

Jr 1^ mHiUurn □! Ill' I'D 'iifdi In Ikptr VlQ ipelhnirH *v 

ku-le br Tbvb»T4, * 

ea**wt fiann fuTlbir." 


[§{t[ri IT. 

F« mjpnTl, I liiul rKibcr Ixur wilh 
ibcAT joii: ^ct 1 EhouM Itearno cnipa,* 
jiju T r« 1 dilok jqii hfivd no utttiey 
" "ell.thiftTi ihp forest of ArJun. 

At. now on 1 in Anfi-m Ih'" mnni 
I Willi tt home, I iraa ID d betL^r 

r, bf 10, good Tonchalonp. — Loob juii, 
beni 4 yrnuig man and an nld, in 

» Vi i^t WA/ u> make ho* wnm jnn 

jCorin, thai Jun kaGiv'aL how T do lavu 

ilj fuan. for I hiTa lo?M ere no*. 
CWiiij bviqg flU, tliou canal niC 

voutii thou vfuE u tmo Ji Idtit 

ibink did DtvLT mnii Ioib f*l,) 
ncituna mo^t riiliculuci^ 
bsm dmtrn to bj thy fanlft'j ? 
Lo & diauHcd Lliit I hnvi? furgoElOTi, 
ihou drdat thi'u noVir lopu tQ huarlilj ! 
louber'st not ihn ali^hU'"! U'Wj 
lovD die] moke tbi>« nm mitt, 
not lov'J I 
but not 9iil B'l T do tio*, 

not IutM : 

but not brokt* IrYFTn ccnnpBJiy. 

u mj jHuuion now mmkis muf 

b« lof'd. Pbcbfl, Phobcr Phobo f 

Iut poor Bbepberd E warctung of Ihj 
^Ivrd AdveuloK foond mine owm. 
H. And I iiiinoi I r<3mi!inbbr, when I 
nr-, I brabe mj BWiinl uiiuii n t.tOTMip aiuI 
H^* that for cnming a-n i on L lo Jane SiaiTc : 
.bvT tho kunn^ of her ballet,' and 
■ dint ht^r prfllj pluijt[HKl huiili hnd 
I remember the W[>uin|r iffii jtejuxitJ 
btt 1 from flhoin' I t«ik lwr» coJs, itod, 
ibe^a A^aiHr lai^ ^'T^ weeping teus, 

.-( Thll qOlhUv m emu •■iB.TErrO. 

AF*it ifoqutf— ] tie trnmA TiiIId, I«Ul thiI*, 
L' pHlf pirHtllr f^rnrl lai 111* arm at tha Anl «i11l 
iFilte, -'■■■rfbinC nffhrii IhWri " 
ThWvHd iDli-alLkKBlD«uhLa|. In Ehtflnl 

I— I '^Fhrm ^b■ mlkirui." Mr. Kp^bl iBfid >hd 
Ibtr r»ILm iniji ilia lammiDr TuucDilvBfl lurclf 

}y^nr tht$ffar ^y na^- We, thnl am true loTar?, 
nm iitlo «UaD^B ciifVEB: but u flII U marUkl in 
Dotiiro, eo !b clII niilurc id Iotd mortfi] id foiled' 

Roa. TL[tu >4pcaknt winer llknii Ebou on 'wore of- 

TnucH. Naj, 1 Btiol] no'tT he '(*aru of DiiDO 
OWD in[, till 1 bmk my thias ajrnin.^l it. 

11^3. JovoE Juvt^ I [Ilia ibcpherd'a piaAion 
I9 mucb upon idv fubioH' 

Tuura. And miiu; but il growa pomothin^ 
iCnJo w!lh me, 

Cn, I pr*j yuu, one of jou qneition jond 
Tf liP for gold wiEl gJTO ua nnj food r 
I faint olruoit To death, 

Tocca, nolk; jouoloffn! 

Kos. Pedo-, foul { he'i DOl (bj fciuamaiL 

CtiH. Who call'*? 

Touch, Your bettws, ilr. 

Cub, EIba are Ibej Terj wrelchod- 

Glkh! even lo toiJ^* fripiiil. 

Cob. And to jon, genlJe air, nud to you all, 

Riffl. I pr'jtbec,Dhepbcrd,if ikat love, or gold. 
Can iu iIiIh doaurt place buy en[ertniiLiui>ot, 
Eriug ua where we nmj rtiit OLirat'lvui wiJ feod : 
II<.'rv'i a younp mud with trnvel much up[HiMa'il, 
Aiiil fjiinCa for aufieuur, 

L\in. Fiur air, I pily her, 

Ana mak, fbr bcT sake mors tlian fur loina 01*11^ 
Mj Furliifl4a were monj nble to reliere her; 
Bur I am ^^bopbtnl L<i anulhor inaoi 
And do not ahesr ibc Et^eceb Ihut 1 gnu» ; 
Mj muter u of churliah diapoailioD, 
And liEiJa tiicka eo find lbs way lo heaTBO 
Bj Joiac dtfda of boupjlaliiy: 
Uoflidca, hia t^M^ hia Hockst And btmndH of feed, 
Ara now on aale, and at our Hbpqnolf raWr 
By rcAfiOti of bin ab^i^'DCe, tbere is Dothiug 
That you will fiiud on ; but vbM '», onnio ■cGi 
And in my toIa! mnaL weEmtnn ahalL jdu lu. 

Itus. What is ha tlint «ha1] hny bu flock and 

Con. That jining BWoin that jou Bfkw bon! but 
That little cATsa for buying BiiytliiD;:^, 

Koi, I pray tboc, if it jUnd wiili bfin^ry. 
Buy fboD iho cotlogc, pieturi', and tbfl f1rvk> 
A nd Then ahalt bav^ W pay tnr it cif ua. 
Ckl. JUiJ wewjl] hh'hJ thy "agei: I like tiiis 

Cl Fli.l fcLLD, ^M. 

rirvi* Ihul In hAh took IIk rnj^ fV-im uS ivnirHri thfliD to bi 
jinirtvJ, lb* niiriHuCflll'B at tJi mLiUni. Ik likr iDaniur h* 
U^J] ai. ]iu( htian, ba tai>]ii Eili «-Diil UpuD i Huoa, %a\X blfl 
4iB, lililnulDMniiiT. "Inks ihu." 

Rimiall II imH^-i in iiiilir<. ■" i»ill n»riirr In inir moiUI 
^nMl^i] -1" lb* ciiL umii liiumipii* Ji ilh m ini]!™! cnrTV]iilriFi 
l\ptr. %t\V pui^t jmhUftblT ""'■*"■ a nLaBoLiiE '> bire miad 1* 


fCT II. J 

48 tor UKE IT. 


And willingl J cmJd vanif mj lime in it. 

Cob. A»Liredlj', the thing ii to liQ wld i 
Go wilh owi if jou like, upon report, 
The soil, the pro^t, oad dua kind of life, 
T will jouT Tery ffJEhful feeder be^ 
And bu J it wilh jour gold right sudilon] j- lExewtt. 

fiCENE '^.—Another part qfJuForai. 
£nfer Auast, Jaquea, ami afft^ra. 


Aaii, Under the grcnvtood tree. 
Who liTba fa lit teUh mt, 
And tvm^ hit merry jv/fi 
Unto ihe wueet bird^s throat, 
Come hither, come hither, come hiUier ; 
H^re ^ioll he tee 
No enemy. 
But winter and rough watlier. 

J4g. Mote, mon, I pr'jthee, more. 

Ajn. It wili Jiuke jou melsncholy, moraieur 

Jau. J thuk it. More, I pr^jr^w^ morO' T 
can Huek meloaehoW uut of a song, bb b weazel 
lucka cggB ; more, Ipr'jthce, mnre- 

AinTny vaicu ia nggcd;^ I know I cannot 
pUasQ jon- 

Jaq. I do not dauTD jou to plcoso me, I do 
desire jou to sing ; coioOt Dure ; another ffitna ; 
caJI jOu 'em BtuuHs ? 

Ami- Whut jnu viWl, moikaiour Jsqoefl- 

Jaq. Naj, I c&rc not for thpir namca ; thej 
ove me nothing- Will pu sing 7 

Am. More at jour request than to pleBH 

Jaq. Well then, if ev?r I thank anj man, I'll 
thank yoa : but that they caQ oompitment^ is like 
ibe flnconntrr of two dog-apca ;" and when a man 
thanka me heartily, methinka I have given him a 
penny, ard ho rendera me the beggarly thanka. 
Come, fiing ; and jou thu will not, hold your 

Aui. Well, m end the lOog. Sin, covet* tho 
while -. tbo duke will drink imder this Iroc ■ he 
hath been all this daj to look yon. 

J44- Add 1 have beon all tlus day to avoid 
him. Ho ia too disputable for mj cwnpanj: I 

> .IhJ tum Hi mirrrt "'''-1 S" Tauij modtm edlEloni we 
)■■*■ " Jvnr bii nnrp nol«i" bulhirq wu Ibo port'* pbi>H .— 

Hjll'i Salira. Bi. VI £Br. 1, qudUd bj Mr. Sbpr. 

< l>D|i< apei , ] "aaiTtr Iw eaSiM etmtiplii: and bt J;h;« to an 

knuJ* In fDB EUri Ind ID llH bod^ lyk? tO AH ajW." — BlKIBO- 

b< ■■■]■, j>f prnpr. r^rtai, 1I114. M, qiiQlEd b)i Doiire 
A J4r', roTir (binltEfjJ Tbn ti, pEcpUT tbc XmSilt; tqulTB- 


think of aa manj mattert u bo, but T give bam 
thanks* aad make do boast of thrm. Cga^ 
warble, i/nnO- 


Whu dothambiiionthun, [AUtopO* 
And lova to liv C the run, ^''''- 
pSfflKn^ the food he eatt. 
And pleat'd viih vthai he gett. 
Come hither, ciuae hither, otPte hilhrr ; 
Here ^latl he tee 
No eaeaiy. 
But winter and rough wfother. 

J\H. I'll give yea a vctho to thia note, [hit I 
made yeaterday in despite of mj iuTenlion, 
AiH. And I'll MDg it. 
Jxt. Thus it goea : 

If it do come to post. 
That any man turn aa, 
I^annff hit uttalth and eoK, 
A itiibbom will to pleaae, 
Ducdame, duedame, diiodanu;' 
Here ihall he tee 
Grotijbole ru he. 
An if he aUl oome to me. 

Ahl ^liat'B that duodame t 

Jag. Tia a Greek inTOcation* to call finda bta 
a drele. Ill go sleep if I eao ; if I Qunot, lH 
nul agaim( all tbe Grst-bom of Egypt. 

Am. And 1 II go aeek the dnke ; his baoqael 
is prepajfid. [^jFCitnt tewerr^f. 

SCEKE Xl.—AjV}AerpartofthePon^ 
Enter Orlahiki and Adah. 

Aeasi. Dear muter^ 1 cao go no farther: 0* 
T diofor food! Hen lie I down, and mflaaoraoql 
my grave. Farewell, kind master. 

OsL. Why, how now, Adam I no giCAtshflVl 
in thee? Live a little^ comfort a liUk ; thaa 
tbys4^1f a little: if thia nnfoutfa ^rcat jiald mj 
thing BBvage, I will either be food for it, a bene 
it for fwd to thee. Thy conceit is neanr Aevfli 
than thy po"era. For my aoke, be eomfbrlsUBi 
bold death awhile at the ano's end, I will b« 

tb* muL >iul «> will «ra» In Lo ajanfr."— if u u fa»i V raUc^ 

H>r"ir>F^«v,'-*<ii art dltpotBd ra Mlcva Iba " iDvaoMh^- Ad 
Uk CLo"n'i— 

" FoDd dnw. dm* FcDdi" 

la "All't W«]] Tbir £rdi tf all." b lun huhoI^ falHIl 
rpmw] nic tb* tKGuitHt. 




viih ibH pmcDLly, aitd if I ]>riiig' lh(« lUil 
1^ to ftil, I'll gifo ibcu leavo to dio; but 
' fhoq ditAi WftHv 1 cuoip. i]iuu ul a mucker of 
ij laJwor. Wrfl «ud !' (tir»iJ LtJiikpflt choin-tj' ; anil 
ll l« widi (faw quicklv- Vet tbuii UpsL lii llti? 
Sokk AJr : ruuie, 1 iri]| |«Bf tLce W HTue ahcEu^r ; 
«il llioTi shkJl nut 'lk< fur Inck of a dinner, if 
fcp f f ItKo BDjT ihing in iLis dr'MjrE. CliLiTly, fund 
k^B I lExmnt. 

^ hvUf jtf Old, ffn/tr JfvuK taitor, AjiiRtte, 
aitd ttheny 

DuEH S. Itiurtkliel>cliiLiiafarni''diiitu<bHiflt; 
Pftr I i'Olei n'> whnv iiitil Kim like a man. 

i Loan. iS\ lunl, h? n bill even now gone 
WnA' ; 
Bin wv lie mcny. hf uiug of a aod|i;, 

jyuKM S. If biT, cnnipaoL uf Ju>, giV" mU^icalp 
V* flwll li**i} bliortlv diw-ord iu llifi tphpn^-— 
Gd, Et^'k him r ^1 liiiip I "Diilil speak willi luiik. 

1 Load. He (mrua uaj Ltbour hj bib ut*]i 

Enter JAQCica. 

ni'tlkdlOEIf ! 


S. Why, haw now, 
life u this. 
tWl jourpooT frund^ must WH jcmr c!ompiuij? 
What I jvo look mrrri];f . 

J^. A fooL n fhnl ! I tni-\ n fml i^tlie fuHHt, 
A umlfi; 'bol ; — a misFi-dKli' wcirld 1 — 
A> 1 4i> lif* tj fiMul, I niut ji fixfl, 
WIh laid him di>wn and Im^kM liim in the 4iiii, 
Aid nU^d on IvJj FoHiinr in giKid Termn. 
Id good K( 1«rm»4 — arid yd n tntill»?j liioh 
Ssni-BtoTTfHe^f/'/ii^ qnorh I : -V'*, ff'f't r[*ni[n he, 
OtfT mf rtftftol. fif/hmifn kiiffi nriif wjm-iiirtr^ 
AbJ Uvn he Jrvw a dJnl frimk hi» puke, 
And Iwkin^ un U "itli ljx:k-luft[ie tyV, 

tt^u w? iviirv Iff, ']udtIi Ki\ Arrr* fAr mrrU vu^; 
'rW frtrf tin Aour ^^^7", imn' i'/ »*™ n*n*, 
Jiwl a>W fi?** iLwir ii»'i''e. "toi^/ f'f Hrvrii r 
Jarf *n. /ram htntr tti knVT^ tit ript niui npf, 

h*wD«b^*r I In IJmMIo, im, " f^-hr 0«jtr f n, ml 
Av^ lib Dtf J a» ■. ' 

ff ift •*% iiW ,] Tlu aIA, oU f lAj in iiie ibntblc iiioin[>g ar 

* JtM »■ I— \ rhr^ilcLAallvllrrtbviiLfT- 

gln*^ Ui^p./'itm Jfttir I" hour- rm rn/ ind ral; 
A nJ thfiT^y hangi it tali^. When 1 did hear 
Tbc Qiullej fuul thua moml na lh« (ioi?, 
Mj hin;^ W^n t*^ rmiv \^g FhaiLlicltidr, 
That fixilf BliouJd \k Y^^ •\vv'p-mt\\exo^}t^\ie \ 
And I did lan^h, um^ inlTmiwnn, 
All turn' by hit difU,^-0 noble fbul I 
A tttinlij fniJ 1 MiJili'y'h rlw^ nnljr wnnr- 

DuKfcS. Wlia[f«iip*thi»? 

Jaq- O wi^nliy fbul! — One that hniH b«n n 
And hQv?, if la<lii:4 bp but j^otin^ onl f^ir, 
Tli^y hfivp ihc gift to know it; nnri inbi&briun, — 
M'liiih In n^ dry a* lltp r^mjiuidcr bifcuit 
Aflvr a Tnysj^, — lit hal}] Blrnnpi plnceii l^mmm^l 
Widi otiMLTvaLrDn^ t\\v *hii:h ^tv kcma 
In Eiiiin^led fornix, — O. thai I were a fool ] 
1 am auiLiLiuna for n inodej i^ilL 

DuHK S. TtiDu i^balE have unit. 

J^q. It a (nj aul^ fuir ;' 

Provide!, i-bft! jon weed jonr trtfl[i?r jed^cuu 
or a]] n[nniuii that grouri mak in them, 
That 1 iiui wine. J niu^i, Imvi' lihi^rty 
Wiihn], oa Inrge i chorltr 33 tlif winil, 
To bluw irii wLum I pk'oEe ; fur Ad fuula hare ; 
And tlii^y iJinl ni'o mont giJJcil with my folly, 
Thej mwt mniit tnti^h. And ivhj, ur, muot 

The U^y Is plain ns way In pari&h ehurcli : 
Ut! (hiL b fiu! doLh verj ui^ly hitt 
Both rery foolijih]/, Blthau^ hu Bmitrt. 
Kr»i 1o Hocm' £cniH>]'-Aa nf tlia Ipoh: if iioBf 
TTii- wiw man','' (idly is nnnliiTnin'd 
Kvcn hy the ^qitoTbd^'ring glaniva i>f the foq|, 
InvDBt me in my motley , nive me Icaic' 
To "ptuk iii^ mimi, and I nlll thirin^Ji ruid rltrotrgU 
ClfiLnFie tikt' fool Wly of iht infuck'd i^nrlilp 
If Ihey will ]ifttn?ntly Twelvp my mr-lictnc, 

DVEl^ S. Fie on EheoF I cad Itll whnt ibou 
■=oiild''t do- 

Ja^. What, foL a ccimter, would I do, buL 

DuEE Sh Most miw]ii«i'Du» foul slu, id dudin^f 
Rin :• 
For ihnu Ihy-iL-lf \\yai Icpn a liljcrtiTio, 
Afl Amfuul [u (he bnili^h bCint; iEa^lf; 
And all LliL- ijnihue''<-il oui^. nud hi-uded evila. 
ThiLt [lioii with lirt'Mi.H' of t-Ci- fiKil ]iMt caught, 
WouJd^ ihou diBgDi-^i? Into tin? goiMTol iiorkL 

Jjiq- Why, '•bo mtB out on inHdo, 
ThjLt ran Tbirt^iri (ji^ an^ piivole jiaily ? 
Dcirh II noL Elow ris hng^'Ty kk Ihe aso, 

l<] Ftniriilta.jrpi. 

TtHver^i nvftn. ««■ lupH'^'' ''T TkiEobalil. If ID)' 'ddlllN tl 
rB>l]>' raMtd Irtf, Uyj |>iu|j<*t>l bv Mr-Cijnri'i winorBiDr— ^ Jhri 
fn IHffi,' ATh-.^ii urn li^Utled la iRj niUfnltaqr 


Acr it.l 



Till fhot Um wairj very" TndUia do rbb? 
'What WDinui in iIh' fity do I immo. 
When lliut T tay, Tho cir^-noman bears 
Tho iop.t of prinwa Or iin«niilij *lifHj|dort? 
Wilt cfin 2(iuiG ID) juid EDj ihjil I mCBU Iwr, 
Wlien Bur]] a ime u nhi>, vic^h in h^ m^ighbocir ? 
Or what h hs of boHiC functiim, 
Tluil ftnj-6 KiB >nTi*C4-j'' IB ijul 00 my cwt, 
(ThinbJDg tliBl 1 ^1^'a^ him,) buL thi^rnii BuiQ 
Hii folly to U«j wprrle of my apeech? 
ThvelMn; howtbea? wbatthf^a? Let fiiA sec 

My iDD^c hjLih nnHi^ii }i1ni l if it do him ri^liE, 
Then bplurh wTflngM himself: if ho be fr^ci, 
Wby th^D DiT luiDg liLfl a niTd-ffOOsfi fli^B, 
UnijIqim^J uf any mini-— Bui who Mmea JietB? 

O2L. Forbur, md6 sat do moiv. 

Ja^- ^^Jt ^ bfiva tot noiiB jet. 

OnL. Nor bbnil not, Till ncwwiily ln' 6Grv'd, 

Jaq. of whnT; kind phould rbip c-prk comi' of? 

DdEB S, Alt rhiHi ihoB bolden^d, mui, by tbj 
Or else a ruJti rli'spi^or iif goiH] iiidiiii4.-n> 
Tbnt id ciTitiiy tlurn noom'st to tm[itj7 

OoL. Yon b)uc;h 'd m j Ti^in at £rat ; tliA ibt^iTiy 

Of T)Bro difllj^-afl hflth In'un fnnn me lh:< show 
OF HmoDth civiliEj: yol am I iDland^ bred, 
And IsnOw aoTDft nunuie,^ Bui furWur, I ny i 
Ho diofl iJuit loLieb^H aoy of this fruit. 
Till I and my afTiiiiv are piD5weiviL 

Jig, Ad you will not bo answered with i^oioa,' 
I muiL die, 

Dnu S. Whftt wimld you hdT?? Yourgentle- 
iHrsi] slmlt forti', 
HoTa thiin ymir force more -at to g^atleDeu. 

OitL. 1 alDLijet die for fiuod. uid let mt bare il- 

Dd^a 9, Sit down and Toed, sod «F]u4>mtr En 
OUT Uble, 

Om~ Speak jou bo gently? P«donme,l pray 

^ TITItkai Hi wtnj th^ mranrde attf} Thli, IbflmdLjf of 
ibf Bid uii,ii ni'i T»ri<'ic«ii HkEturue II" eBteMailnos aJ 

" Tilt lliii Ebfl rfff arrv mubi Jd «lib." 

Ur flln )rrf 1^1 *«, "Till Elial Ikr Bfonr'j *«rr iDaBlli dD rliH [" 

Mtd Hr ^Qllld^i KimciUoE lunotto, " TLD LhaE Ibc «t ^hpu 

Tbt dlipuCfd iroTdA iliDdld, Dnbifii, ht prlrlnL alrh t hTpliTi, 
" wtot-vfg," 01 " vrH-iPi-rf. irv A nilltritun or oH u^tiikil 

■tn, nUIlM " \JWTPM, K FhUllMEIIllll bpmUl ICZ llirCD VDlCft, 

ni^Buid u*1r J'^^Hi^'^ "r Tli''inuttrlkkEi,"£r, 1691' — 

Ltapuid a>tp, hik^ nnd r/tp, 

TuTH dQihiI , I n UiFrDCI, 

1 tJiijuuhl, that pD ibiDf^B bod b«D Mvoga lun, 
And thcn-furo put I on clic DDuntouniv 
Of Alotn minmaDdmi?nE. BqI whatuVt na 
Tbot b This deeert iiiAKCfiiible. 
Undi-'t l3)ii pbaJeof mulanchidir baugli4» 
Jjine and nefflect the creeping bmra of linie: 
If «vcF yon nave look'd dq betli? dajrt^ 
If ever bcED nhera belb have kaoU'd le di 
If'evor Pdl ot any ggod nuw'i fuuE, 
If cvFT frum yDDT ejeltda vip'd a (ooTj 
And Itnaw what 'tii to |wly and bo pitiedf— 
Let g^mtleneu my itroDg eoforccnieiil be ; 
In ihu wblch hope T bTufli, and bide my firorij- 

Uugi S. Tnm in il ihnt ve have bi 
And LaTf with holy belt been kDolf d to chon^L 
AdJ ul at good edcq'b &utBi and vip'd 

Of drop* that myrfd pity balh eD^cndpr''d : 
And iborcfbre flit jDu doHD in genlleneH, 
And Ud(t< upon rommand what belp we btii?, 
Thiit ui jour woniinif imij be ouDiBlerd, 

Opl- Then, but fiirbcor yonrfood a lifllo t 
^lilleB, like a Aoa, I ^ to ^d my fown. 
And K"^*> '£ f*"!' TliHte ii an old pffor mu, 
M'bo aSier me hcith m&ny a weorj fitep 
limp'd in pure lore % till hr be finl mffic'dj— 
Oppi'csfl'd with Lwa woflk evilj, a^ A&d hiiD|a, 
1 Will not touch a biL. 

ThiKK B. Gi> And faTiu out, 

AaA wf «ill fiothing woBte lill yrju return. 

OfiL. Ithonkye; and bo bltitt^dforjpoj 
mmfort I If. 

DLin S, TIlou Boeet we a^e ood til 
This wide &od uniFerBbi tbeatn 
FnwnE? mnro ffivfid pogejinlA than iba awdo 
When^n hu play in, 

Ju- AU the worid'i 1 Bta^fl] 

And all the naeii and womcb merely pUjcn; 
Tboy hasQ tbpir oiiCa and iJunr nnEnacn. 
Atid ijui' iTiiui in bin limti plays mmty putt*, 
HU act* being seven ngea. At fini tbe iufnli 
Mewlini^' and pukiDg jd the Dune'i amu; 
Tlien the whinjug eirhiHiJ-boy, with ha lakU 

h Tlrt*»fr— ] PJufrr. 

• Inlvna— 1 OppnM In vtaad. OrlBBdo maxi TUI 
uilHHEiy bnia; iRiHiglit np lnr>iDI>*d ledHvi "— ^ 
la ■DC ■4'^""'^ ^^1 V fT CDnvT cf pl R«*1bk whir* Jidvi 
liiiL'^ pfiwe ruidrAJI niunclvbU r«oplf "— Fr^is b jh'i . 
hair, ISVf 

Ing, qiiHBrfTi - — "' Tl ■■ > p^' n' imilu't. -■ h^ mim i 
BlUlr llieiTi thai I'D!! BKeIc UrltfirtlB' r>E nlil'BE ^rte-'^ 
Dket'i rf/iHwJf, llfln. 

• irJfAirrii'in,-! We ftiniuld. pnllblT, ihAfmhU. laftV 
(n nrliri rJi'^r-'. ^iLHhripeirct-idAriflniliilffFd In bi b^bh 
faaeii 'T'IHA' viiJ '■iri'** . A qnlbbl*. bf tb* iff- *kicl fUl^ 

" Onh Fivmu *Rb rr'qv>r D4V npriibilB, 

Tiir 'iTHiu in na rHcmr, bnl 'm«iu nrrrtwl~ 

Sfit fatnt. UjeCb Ed. f dl L ' 

A 9 TOU LntTi: IT. 


:inp|if IB Ei^ool. Aail ibt-n eIiu Invcr. 

F ftnnge ouIiBh lind bearded Ijkc iLm paid, 

A in limoiir, fitiditi*u,* qtiJ quick Ui qiinnvl, 

^ Tlje iHibbIs roinilationt 

ib tbc f«iii30D's moutli, Aad ih^'n Eht' ju^tiiu.', 

■ TCBDiJ bt^v with gond cipun HnMt 

ejrei Affirav ojih] bpard urforDuJ aaij 

I wiH Hwi juiil n^'xlirn iiuUnoi'p; 

he pkji liJ9 put. The ajJh agf flhir&i 

be ku Awl (lippcr'ri poiiUilDni), 

iprtbicl^ m buH uud |iuuch iiD eidc ; 

nqtltfol liQBP, woJl Hiv"d, fi Kurld l-nj wiiJe 

a dinJulL alunk ; tuiil hia hig niiuilj vini?L', 

BE wiin to"BtJ daildirih irtbU'. pipiq 

TTtiBTwi id hia AOuuEd LibdL pctae of oil, 

■odi rJiuMnmge cTpiitruk tiint^rj, 

ud diildiiiiDma. and ici.'n> utiiiniin. 

UK»h, mnt eje>, Hnt tuu, luu c^crjTliiq^. 


fj' OoiiAmjo, vUJi Ai>,i-u,(^) 

un S. Wdcomfr. Si-l dirvra jour veuurOilili^ 

let him ffvd. 

IL T ihjuik J01I moBt fiir ttlfD, 

kur. So lud jDu netd, 
ra UB k{ii«k to thnnlc jou for m^Kir 
nnS. WiBlfeme^ f^U too; Iwll] nai troubla 


KiId qu^jon jnu about jitur furtunea. — 
MjDnB mule ; and, good coiuin. aing. 

^r ^r«*rt Um wIDBl htA,-] 

^B <>■ IM pnrtb^Ad wvw dlKniiliPTi. loliman lUf- 
^ iW<| l iBl ■*■ bfll, v<0 Ibl* Iba nilBdIi'ml mnl) la 
fei A^Bat wd Ibr ilij ■■■ Vuturlon pnifibiBl— 
" BoauH Ihan ul nkJ «Kfvii ,-" 

■VLn,««r IcHTtolpPl "III ilTonl a miuiUit ijattw Jn bir^ 
of Die v»c; wv mlfliLrT^,— 



37iim Off n-'t no un^niA^ 

Thg totttA iJt 'lol fo kf" 
Jkc^urf thfni fti-f nfif ftTn,* 

Mottjriauithip it/eiffniTiff,Viwit laving mfTf/iiily . 
Thn*,' \eiifh-J,<>, ihr koUjf f 
Tliit lij'n u Tfliii^ i'^^Jf- 

Preae, _/rrcTr, i/ioH biffer ^q/, 
7'AiT^ dtM pot hitf pi n■r/l^ 
Ak btn^tafdrg^ -. 

Thy ifitijf u< not mi iLurp 
Atfrieiiif rrmfmbcr'tl noL 
SrigK-^ I sing, hfi<jh -ho ! ^c. 

Ihrxn S. If thiU you acm the gtnd or Ru- 

An ^Du LiLvu wliii^pur'd fjulhiidlj jdu nvrv, 
Auil 0b rt]|jr> cjo rliMit hir* eflij-icfi wiintJii 
MihI truly [inm'il itnd li'HDg in jour fnin, — 
Be Inily wckonn' liilbet; Iiini ilio doke, 
Tluxt lov'd jrmr falbi^r^ Tlia naJduG of your 

Go to mj fjLTp ond lell mc, — Good oW mou, 
Tliou alt Hf^bL nelcorut b thy muterf is : 
Bii[>f>i>rt bint hv tlio ami. — Givo m« jour bond, 
And Itl mo aJE jour fintiuiF^ uudcraLand. [£ztfunL 

■} Old iiMm\, rtr. 

(11 nnt hllo. mvhTf b 

" TfaT FDoEh b bpf AQ Irrrn, 
flnot? lllOiJ t^farrif" " 

Hnl (liB iriBinBl Icsl Li, pviha^i, inMrpubk of ■ dlnnril 
iDlmnUlUn Io||iU ilbii ik«I*oJ. Thr [iiwl mtmilth' rumM 
itni IntEDLl IkU Ikt wlntn blut <rif Ei'^i PbUlnf Emaiih- 
Uiiriibblr , hB inlfni nMDh Bowrrrr, IIibI ihe iHonflHi er ElH 

-iibtl'A Irmli] Wu Lali^lPliI, Uid ln^l ■ ijulllly ilCTrliiprtl IIUd 

l|iDDiJ|[^7T Df 4 IU*v ntOdlhlir ibr OfpiirtUilHy ol Inflinmg p 
Ikun Liitnli. 



SCESJE 1.—A Sotmv in t*e Fal<ur. 

Enter DujEF FnBrmnToii. Oi,iveb, LdtcIb, and 


Ddeb F. tiol BCD Lim QJnw? Sir, lir, Lhil 
nuiDDt bo; 

Bat wcR 1 not the b«t«T port taadc mcrcj, 
I Bhinld Dot keck on nb^Dt aqrumGdlC 
Of nij n?T<jngu, ihmi prreijut! liut look to Hj 

Seek liim wi[li candlo : <1> bring him deaii or lining, 
Within [hit iwdtdDOnlh, ar turn tlimi no more 
To ifiek a liviu^ in oiir I'THlory. 
Thy limils, bill] nlL ihiDgii ihnL Lliou i]i>tit rail Lliim?, 
Wurtfa BtiEurc, dtt -via seiw inta aur hnnda; 
Till thou cfldnt quit ihc? bj lli^ biolh^r'a lEioufh, 
Of vrboX iro think flp;aiiL^L thiv>. [eIlu ! 

Oli, O, ihnl j^oLir hj/fhn»5 kiu<w tuy hcai-L in 
I Lowr IdT^d iDj hrgtbrr in my Ijfb. 

Deiek F- More TilLoiii thou.— Weil, pMh him 
DUE of doon p 

Tkb. I. "IllimvDbci are .^iiri'Jr"' W rBU towni" «lil1 iBlftE 
DeceiidP>n<ri"JlnirT Vr'ApTllL h- It— 

"A Unwell IbU Ciarn iqutcl erpidital llop.^ 

> Dli«k|«la]T(i— ] JnHp-EiiitJc fin bJllrca, in l-li " LjiMHt" 

And kl my offiwrA of Aoob a dvuiv 
Moke u cittnt Qpon Ijj-i lhiUM> luid Inbdii . 
X)<] |J>Tfl QxpedicDtly,* Had Cum him ^in^^ [£| 

SCENE n.— 7!ft< /flrt*. 

£n?f7- OiiL*HT>o, m/A a papa: 

OhL. Himg tlictc, mj totw, in HntniH I 
ki'o: I 

Andf [hon. thiioo-orowEiod^^ qonri cf i 
Wirh diy fhaaw fjo, from dij pain pfjhere ij 

Thj huntns^ nnmn. ihut nij fL[]l liff dMh' 
O RouJmd 1 these trcM ahaU be my tmkB, , 

And lit Lhcir bukn mj tliou^hu J 'U dutf 
Tlirtt t'VLTj uy^'p wli'<^l' in ^iii* fiwest look*. I 

Sboil sen ^i; vjrtuG witii«H'd every vlvis 
Run, run, OHandD ; cnrre on rrpry tnw, i 
Tho fiur, tlie ciioAU, ud uneipreailie' >bc. 

Aid ViB. >» UiB " Dimii OB IIm Hmihr" "— 

" nHTiiliiC Iti IdiuI Jirid iPilflnn qnlra. 

WjIi 11 nc-rprruiH r itnln IQ brfl 1 ED*! np v-bom I 

^•"L ^d buw likti jrDD ihijt tlwpLfrd'A life, 

TorcH, I'lulj, jibi'iilvitl. in rtupert of ili*Tf, it 
^ ■ ipie4 Mc ; Lul iT> ivipofrl that \i iri a ebcp- 
*Cfii'H Lfe, it u nm^'bl- Jd rrapccl that il is 
"■fiij, i Fike it Ti'i^' Hi:U t but id irspti'l lliat it 
"jrmiij. it u fi vory nlu HFi', Now in Tt*[i4^p| 
" ■ CB tbo ficliLn, IL {ikikbutL mu nx'El; hut in 
h^bR It il luit Id the coart, it \i tcdiaus, Jis it 
*>^itn lifL'. luok jmi, il fits icj Luoi^rur weD; 
*n u UhTP H nfi uiiio pk'Qij Id ii, it jjit* miu^ 

Slit Diy tEiFidB4:h. HanL any r^iloituptrT m 
tV*. Jfo naort but ihnt 1 know, the more iqc 
f^n>, tikO viriK at eujH' ho iji ; duiJ iitat he iLdL 
■Hft BMDny, mouiB, luitt cwnlL-rt, Ia widiikuL lima 
pifriraiu. — Thmttlir puiptitv uf ruir tfta wvi. 

•pnrb, -wKkti, u Wbilar 

roAflted Dp^r b11 i>d dud bIiIo- 

Cc'Ei. Fur mn bj'ini^ ni murt? yDLir resBOn ? 

TorniH. ^Tij, if tliDU novor watl iit nourt, ihtra 
Qcrer BBwcst gQod Diiknncn ; if thuii □i^rti' Bawt^oi 
pnoJ it]&im«T., tliBD Ihy ELiann^n mimt bq niclcHl; 
jiiiJ irli^Lihi'^hH ii^ htn, aiiJ &!□ la ilntdDiiEioik TJiuii 
Art In A porluiiB Blutf, KbcfiFn^nl, 

Con, 74oL a wbitH T^tiicbbhiELo: tbosOt tJuU uru 

rxniuliTd, U Bfil pi^rnlliT la Kbibipnre, « IdiIk4 In Lbfl Enfl ll>t 

u 3 

jHd Wllitn M ihu caurt, are u riiticulotu iu the 
.ttnaUfi U lb* bi']i4virfur cif iho iwiiatrj ia iiiosi 
ttf^MM At llio iiUUfC. Vqu Ui]iL Hit. yiru reliiEc 
lUt Af ^Ij" '''>tirt, ^ut jitii IiiHA jour bjui^En -. l]iaL 
Murtwy wiHjI'l tf^ uudtanlv, Lf courtitn were 

C'lUh Wli)', rn' nrc ntilt hdiirlFJiig out cwm, fuiJ 
fdllii jou kuow, tan tP^mj- 


ToucHr Whjr, do not jroor CDUili«ft tiuul 
»iHt>Hi ? anil iJi not 1|h! gieaH of b muttuo &fl irboli 
Qoinc oa llie onesi irT s umn ? SIuJJdi', bJuUow 
a teller IrL^Caiiciv 1 mj i tumc. 

Cor. B^^iIo^, out huidi are bard, 

Tot-cn. Your Ujie will f«l tbttu Ihe muafi 
Slwllww, ngjiiTi : 4 in"rt Rfninilffr inilah™, r\,n»: 

Con. And tbej ore oUcn Innvd o>pr wilh Eli 
Aurg^ry of our i^«p; and would jud huTc us 



[»cEm ir 

tat? Tbfl onjitiprV haiiiLi an? purfiinwiL with 

ToDTB^ Uofll fli^uif mjui] Thun nunnt- 
aii-mi. ill IVEXH4 uf 11 ymJ pW'C of fl&h, intlwil f 
— Lmni fif ih"' WTftP. luul jicftpcnJ : civi-l \.i ^i( rt 
bucT liirlh iliAii Itr : ibc vi-rr imcltiialj' IIji ipf ■ 
ML Mvfid Utv mfLoDCF, iihcffhtTiL 

OOH, YoD \wm Uhi vifurdi* a wit (br ihd r I ^1 

Tfii'tH. Vk ilr dvni nnt rlEunTn.^! ? Gud liEilp 

Cob. Sr, J im a lim* IjUnmrcr ; T l^ojh that 1 
mL. got diBi I frv : o«i< rin niuii linTo, i-ii\y uif 
iitn't )iMiiHn/4^: glsj nf orhrr mrn^H lthxI, pihii- 
n-al villi uij hnrni : and ibu };ii-iti^l of my priilt- 
a. U> ice d; twvB j^nuu, ^il u^ Ijuiiba Bui:k, 

TortH' ThU » muotJM'r '.iniiktii ain in ^t<>u . 
ID bring lh* wfa oni] thu rmnu lu^i'r4ic.T. iiniJ Eu 
dct IS grt )«ft living bylhc»pularir^ inf catiJc; 
utte baanl lo a livll-m'ihcr; an J tv hitn^f n thv- 
bab of * iwvKi'iuQikTli, la n ciuuki^J^imLi^il, jIJ 
tfiiidillj nun. irat nT till rivMUhflEil^- iiinu'h- If 
ibAbcvt DOl ddDJDi^ for tkii, the ilfv[l blmwlf 
vfl 1»f« HO abaptierdi ; 1 cuUkOl aee olv? how 
Apq AanUst '<nifH. 

Col HqVDniDn j^nin^maBLerGiLnviiKiiK^ mj 
Hv AUMitai't bnubfr. 

Jio Jm>f^ it r^k-r t'O'iiliH'f. 

Ut vrlh. htiuif Mni/nUii on ihr ni"it. 

T^rn'i^^ lit Uif ivurfd Utiri Uomtind. 

All th* piflHe'i fii^Tfjt tiiC't 

Art Nj' hiiyck to I'ontfoid. 

L'i nfi/wr hi l-fpf in m-indt 

Btii *A#/nir' o/ RotaJifiiL 

TBtdi. I'll thiirac rod r<o. righl jfl*™ tngi'- 
r, diniwi»T "ii4 iupi*iH, uid skvping honr* 
; h i> llw rif^if bulter-ivonieii't rtnk^ U 

n«, Ool. foci : 

Tq{TBp Fof b ttfllo : 

/^rt /iftft til} l/irl 1 AiH'J, 
Itl kim $eA out Rnvilind. 

IbklfldMBD Infhn. Ihni tnn*.> e»i*ui i »iifB«li, 
d*. ik>i ilii AlloilbD k Ifl Ibff ^mpiamrkFmijij^i uT 
' 11. nsp^iin 

'■VU jl-ivr *.B'«'i »jit Jo -jr*E- 1 ffaal. heir, U'hVn 
l4« "B^i Uvi iBrfof fob '111! -rilcb biiiL*r-^'jii»n -"i- 

KPiVfl ipv«1.' MurAfrlDilwIf nwd lonukol-" fluUhl* 

■ ■hi III* Ibn^" liwIibE be bilxi*! IbU -n^li" •» > 
"Da rlir L«nh. 

// f A< rut ifUl -ryl*r hurf, 

V^ nKif tlrm/rf Hoftfiad, 

Thr[f iJmt rra/t mutt Jtr'i/iiud iriiidf 

T/mph to carl ifi'h ili'*>ittMi*. 

SnjectcA i<u.t kath H'ift'oif rindj 

Stu:h ft itui if f£>M.d!nd. 

tie rKtrt srrivf-tt J^nit ivUljintI, 

MvttJ-ii/ loit'i prkk and liasilyTuf- 

Thifl ift ihi! xerj lal» gallop uf vnraM; wbj Ao 
vriu jrifcct joundf with ibpm? 

JIo«, PcaoB, jou dull Atol T [ found theia 4>ii a 

Tnt'CH. Trulj, ilm (tl-c ji*:!!]]! Eiod fniit- 
lEoB- ril ^alf il *«h j{iu, snd tlwn I thnll 
L^tuTT Ii "'irh n itiinltar: lii^Tk iL will be Lhe enriiiAt 
fruiL in lliQ wiiinlrj : flir jou'll t* ralU'n ei* jou 
[ji- hulf liiH?, aud thM'fl ihd ri^bt virbiu of tJio 

Tocca. You hare Mi"! ; bm whelter wiaalj or 
HO, Jet ihp Fdivf-l. jnfligt". 

Here com^B inj a^xu-r, rending ; ftlAod oaidc^ 

/V it i* vnpKptfd 9 No ; 
Tiinffurf ri\ hanff cm every ir^f, 

Thar flfiH i^vti taffint/s thttK- 
Somf, Ar>w tiri'ftfi^ li/c '■!' mtnt 

H'lru hit rrring p'^^rinijiff'' : 
Tli"f lJ" etrffffiin't nfa tpan 

Jhicktt^a ffl hit tun t/ agi^ 
SoTflf , vf vioiiXtM V/iWg 

'Trrirt (lie miifi offriend and/neKd: 
Out iip'in tfufnifftt bimgh*. 

Or ri/ tvffy wmt^na^ fvd, 
WUt I K'oolipdti vfi!f ; 

Ti'TirXm^ nil t^i read, lo hwtt 
Tlia rfnihlctieurt offvtttf tpntf 

If'^ivm ■utiiifd ifj iittif* akitiM. 
Thfr^forr hfjnm nntute chirg'd 

Thai OM body ^a!d trjiff'd 
Wirh tiH f^raeei wult fnl'tri/d ^ 

Jfiifm-e pifie'it^Sf diatUHi 
ffeleji'M •.■hetl.hat nvl htrl htoff ; 

(LI OldLvif.tlr, 

I n ■ ■v-', 

LiEibr i>iHi»iiD||1in-.'' 
Ai>d tarrtT-wontn'p ronlmij hit trni Dnlgi tpBOa lam Ihr 

' '• tLrT[« kUir.l Tn r-iBiflfu" nlmw, &■ fn " |l>iii]rT," Art 
II, !ir- J — "ITmif ih»i wjuld waak-c mawn m him -nHr nij 
luhtt llv«d.|rlv* l««i<Ti feHf, &rri lobnDdrHldLiriCt A-flrtf^t 
far Ut pif mn Ld IIKia-'- 


irr iTi- 



J tftlanSa'a bMer part, 

•iad Lvcrrtifi'a aindutff^ 
TUuB Jiomlind of-maay pOfU 

Bg fuaveniy i-rnod ipca demddy 

To flaw liie tintcha ileaivtE jTii'd. 
Heaven vatUd that aAe thac g^a nhould 

And I to liiv and dii her idatB, 

Kos. O moit ^ntlfl Jupil^r! — wlial tcdioiu 
homUj of lovG LbVc juu wcuried jdut |mrIsbioDarfl 
wJlhiJ, ftnd iicrur udaJ, Htsta jioiimoOf good 

(^FrL- Kow Tio^r T bacl. fHcDdi ^-^slif pbarJ. go 
affalitda: ^ irith hliu, airrjih. 

Tnntn, Oonn?, p|ii']ilii.'r(l, Irt iia rniLto an ton- 
onrflblc retreat; thnii||;ti nnt w!ih bog aail Iraggnoc, 
j?t; wilh scrip ntid flm^jin^. 

[£jrufpr (V-BiN (Hi(J TfinCHSTflJoi. 

OlOh. Dilifil tUltU llPBT ttjCilF Tl'rOl'B? 

Rob, O. yiv. 1 h'-nrd lln-ni id\. hih\ nwro loo j 
far vrnii nf tlieia hfi[L id thoQi niani ffut thim iLc 
TfTbCIt WDuliJ 1>c&r. 

Obl. That'D no mnUcr ^ (ho feet loiglit Ihuu- 
Ihe vcrwfl. 

Bob. Aj, liut tba fiwr were lam'?, ftud irould 
not beiT fJietiiBolvcB wiltoul the rtrae, and Ujc'k- 
lore iTixmI loiiM'ly ill Iho vpmp, 

Crl. Bill JjiUt ihnu hear wilhoct wDodcrinn 
hi'W flij.' nmne ahoulil tre hiiagcd ukiL cwed upou 
these irora i 

Baa- r wa« a^jfen i't Lhu niiiu ilnja uikt of Uii- 
vondoF btfore yuu camn ; fur Itiuli ^ii'ir "liAt t 
{iiui]d iin iL piiliU'lrtfi : 1 was nnor gi? bD-rhjmL-d 
nincv Fjtbagonu' ri]uo» Itiat 1 viu on IrjiU uljfl) 
irliicb I mn baidlj rtmcEnber. 

Crl. Tnin j'oa wiio IuiUl done IJiib? 

T£uH, Ifl il a luim ? 

Oel, And ■ cluin» tbat joti once wok, about 
hie Dei'k : chnngo jud orluur ? 

RjjB, I pr'ythop, wluiV 

Cbl- O kill, \or'\\ it ift a banl iDBlIer for 
friends lo meet; but numntfliM luaj bo ronioviyJ 
witEi canLquokcs, and bo eiicouutcr, 

Rofl- Nny. Inil nLn ie itT 

CrL. Ib it pilB^iitllH ? 

KoB, Nnj, I pmj itee now, wilU most petj- 
tionirj veheiDUDiK, l<^ uio wlio il id. 

Cpl, O niPiidtrftil. wundi:rfiil, cldiI uioal wuu- 
dcrfiil win]d<.'iiu] T and ^vt iL^iun wuniturfuL, auil 
nFtor that, out of di whooping 1 

bdflbi'Hd calanr, nod Iba InlU r'k palkiliinl n ■ . tn»iiati«B ma^b* 

■qulTiWrt lD"pluiir Dimr coin ikli' tl if 
■ mJipilnl biz " RuoJ." ThuiJulkrl — 

'* HuiHliiif uliUiaiiD'U 1»IihmI |j|illi»i; InniT Ebrck*," 

JfilUJdkA^tfJlrf, A[-E|ll-«'. I. 

Boh. Qwd mj cvmpEHxian I ' doiC ihon dui 
though 1 API i?ji|iaripijiii-c] like t man. 1 hatu 
■loubict oDd lio» Ed my dispoailicm ? Ooe incl] 
dolajmoraiaaSouth-BOBaf discovery-'' Ipr^itlnc, 
LeU niB wlio is it, quiokly. and Bptink apace : f 
wciulJ tLou L'oulJat Mauioer, thAt Ihon DHjjhW 
pour litis cuDceuled tdflc duC of ihj mouth, b# vian 
cani4^ DdC of a muToTr-muulhc^ bottle, — tilhaitm 
mitah at ddoOj or not at |J], T pr^vl^iro toko iJv 
cork out of ihj moulli, tJmt J '\iuy drini ihj 
tiding. ^ 

Cel, So joa auj put kcoan in ynar IkUj. ■ 
Bos> rs ho of God's making f 'Wlut lUDoer^ 
ofmou? Ia hk hood worth A hat, or hu chin turtb 

Oil. Nbj, be hath but & Mule heai^. 

ItoB, Why, God will Bciid urnrv, !f tho 
will bo tlmiikfuJ: list mo sraj tkc growdi of 
Iki^FLrd, if thou Ji^laj mc not ibo knowlcd^ i^ bii 

Cki.. It is joung Odfludo, thai tripped op [if 
nnmliT'B bwls ami jfour beort, bnlJi in un inr>[jii1, 

RflH, Tffaj, Lut the d<'ril Hike mot^tin^ ; upcat 
ttd broir athI trut' maid. 

Ckl, rfailh, cm, 't J* he. 

Roa. Orlnndri? 

CeT^, Orlando, 

Ifofl. AJjia the titiy ! what sluiU I da *llb tir 
doulilol and hnao? — ^Wliat did be, when T^ 
nawi'flt Ijjiji? Mliat said hi^? How Iwktd hr' 
ftTipmii -,i»t h(!? WlwLniakwbe here? Dlil k 
odiforino? Wbcrc ToroaiiiJ he? I£owpiFli^]« 
with thoc? nmi */liL'n ^LdII tbou tee him tgiin? 
Answer utu in oili> word. 

CjtL. YoD must bonow^ m*.' Gargnutun'il IJ aiiniE}] 
£nt; 'tifl a word too great for An; mo^Eii of Lfaa 
il^h'h iifo. To idij oy and no, to ihcsD pvlicajHi 
is luiira than Up iiiiflwur in ncqliuhisiii, 

Rob. Biit dotb he know that 1 am in thd 
fbrcdi, nnd in mtta^a A|>paTcJ ? Looki be u iaiiij 
OS be did thu day bu wrefi[lc?d f 

C'rl, Jt is BJ] ojuiy to eoonC alomMs h Ed 
r?QidTu tbo pro^m&iriand of a Iutgt: — bill lilp « 
tano of uiy tindifij^ bJu, aud reli&h H "tib 
}Tfiud uliBE'n'Bnce. I found bim oader n tfut, Dlu 
u drnpfn?*! vrirni, 

Eoti. It maj ttel] b? colliid Jarc*^ (Tee. vfanil 
drops forth anch ' fiiiiL 

Cel. QivQ me imdlL-i;ce. gimd modnni- 

RoH- Prrjoeed, 

Crl. There lay ho^ ntrctehHl alun^, Qt & 
wounded kltight. 

paLnrml^ niiwijirr anil lUr rffOni nf i^ic vnnnaatiCin tm t> K* 

DHQi l^orrtrd tJi amtiLiT-tily Dun HUHTIbM IIHU lllll I'-^A 
"EIHFI'iiitnl llk« 1 iiiuii'' ■'h hd* IB iDlitfh of > ■ipiii't 

nrUMllTLn Hrr ij>i«-i rtinn. Ibal "mib tHhftfHtelir "fr*' '^**' 
f*n»«- kirln \>finiy "<•• *r\' 

dnv*>rUrriilL» '^*^ 'u [DidJiKl bj U>i vdlluiT ikr ^ 



f KBIT It 

ficf, TbonTg\ it be pllj to Bi* dUEih a HgfaT;, ii 
*tU bworan ' the grvuTiii, 

Gel. CVy,tifUfl!^ lo tlj* lohgiie. I pr'jthwi 
It tnrvtifl unKAAuDublj. He waa furciifilieJ lilnf n 

Bue^ O muDoos I bo fompfl (o kiTi my eul. 

Cel. I would aLap mj tang vithc/al a burdm : 
dun bringHt Die out of tauL-. 

Bt». Da jiiu nut Liinw I nm b woman f it^cn 
I Elunk, I miul spfok. Sni-iii, but im. 

Cix. You btiiUF me ctn, — 8on ! CDm«i ho not 

iCok Tit tie ; elbk Ij, qEk<1 nuT*' tiitn. 

[Ckua and RodAUND lelirt 

J^Q_ 1 f^tniic jDiL fur jDur cviDpnaj : hui, good 
bilh, I hod aa lJc'rij4V4< U'fn iiiy^lf jiIiihq, 

Okt., AnJ u ttad 1 ; but yvU fiir fnhliiun saka, 
I ibaok jn too fur jour Aociptj. 

Ja4. God be wi' JDU; lat'i meet as Uulc v wq 


Obl. T do doai-fl wc nut bo be(L<>r atmngeia. 

JlQ- 1 pnj yua, diat no moni trtifl with 
«tilins Lof«>4aLg« in Lhair barks. 

Ou. 1 ^nj yoa. mar no moret of ojy vena 
v^ iv«diDg tttciu LU-favoLircillj'- 

Jaq. Rosalind ^ jour Idtc^b iijimii ? 

Okl, Yu. juit- 

Jaq, I do not like her oamo, 

Obl. Hw'j-t vn^ no LliDiJ|;bt of pleaeing jmi 
v^tfn sfae WAS cbripldiLiL 

Iji^j. WhdE ^titQii- 1* ih(? of ^ 

Ohl. Jli£[ Bfl liigb fbi ttiy beort. 

Jti^r Too jift full of i-n-tty unaffen". ITqyo 
jva ikM been oequaiDfi'd witb giiblbiniQiB' fivoH, 
ud cvnaed ihem obt of tin^s ? 

Oiu. Net AQ ; bcL I uiiwor voa ri^bt pvntocL 
Ailk.*&Dni whenni Ti>iibiiVi: ^Uiilieil jour quctUuns. 

J*q, Ynn bait a mmblu ivit; I Oiiiik It wsa 
■^eof AtaJfeiLta'^ ]i»>eU- Will jon a\l [iown HiTb 
mF and wb fao will rai] agninHE our mistr^^ia Ibo 
firiil, aiuL all our niir^-i-v, 

Ov~ 1 wiJl chi'Ie iiu liiriilbcr in ihn wvr)& but 
ajirJT^ ajpMOKt irhoni T kooiT munt fmJt^b 
iiH- The wiml fanU 501J \\an i? in be in [ove. 
OiL. ^It a TbliJi T will nut change for jour 

bat tnoe- I am vmarj of jmi' 

I'k OU Ml, A4, 

H ) Firil Mion ■>*■, 

*ll vrftarnqm fb f*aB>rf] El *»»]l odnriUk rr prvrv^ If 
•* nm., ti, -T^rBmHTVr&rBn.'Ati III. h. ^ LurLua 

Ja^. By TLi^' truth. I vrna wdiing ffir a Ibol 
nh^n ] lonTid ytiii. 

Orl. lie h dr]wnod in t2io brook ; look but in 
jind jLtu hbiifl M.'e hlro. 

J^tt. T1j(W T &ball BW tiiinc own fi^re, 

OuL. Whii]h 1 lake To bu eichet a fool or a 

Ja«, 111 iDTTj no laager witii jou i (orewoU, 
good nigiiior Ldvi*. [£a^t Jaques. 

OuL. 1 niD glad of yitar dqiartutu ; adiou, 
good muDdifiir Moloni'linly, 

[Celia and lEoAAUKif corat/oivird. 

EOH^ r will ^pfNili to liiln lik[> o aniiej la^kej, 
and uniitT [hrLt habit pluj t}]u kniivc witli hint. — 
Dij j(ia bcaPt forc»[cr ? 

'JJbl. Veij well ; ^bal woold you i" 

Hdb. I f'laj jou, vhnt is^ i>Vlock ? 

Odl. Vuu i^liouli^ uiLk mp| wimt iUua o'daj; 
th&m'fl no elocb in the foreat, 

Ko9, Th™ them is no Irue lorpr in Uw fbrot; 
else Bi^bin^ cvcrj mioute, and groaning fvci^ 
hmir, nctuU JuWot lliu luj funt of timo iv woll u 
a flnek. 

OiLL. And whj not tho iwift fbct of tipio? hsd 
not thnt b??D 01 ptoper ? 

lEos. Tiy no ntnm-iH ^r- Time trateli in divm 
paci'A wiLh Uivcn^ pcniimd: I'll ttll jiiu-wbo Time 
uublufl HitbaF, wbrj Time trota witbiil, ffbo Timo 
gallnpt wiibal, nnd wlio h? &tnnd9 atill witbof. 

OflL, T pr';rtbec wbi> dffth be Irot wUhal? 

Ron, UlnnjT bo Irota hjir<l with n jwio,^ maidf 
between rbo eimtrnel cf her mnxrijige, iiiul tbe ilaj 
it ia Bolemni vl : if th*? interim be but a BP^nnigbt, 
Uline*" pace is mt huA tliat it aeema iha lenglh of 
BcTen jCrflTb 

Odl. Vbu ambloq Time withnl? 

Ki>9r With a pHcat that lacki Ijilin, and a rich 
mAn ibat haTb net thu gout: for the one alpfipf 
4^Juiilj. kiaieiT he mnnot iiU"!ji and [ho other 
lives meriilj, hccuoite he feels no pain: the UnU 
Ineking thr hiirdcn of leen nnd naalefiil leAming ; 
tbo otb^T knowing na burden of h«ivj tedious 
[lenuryi Ibe&e Tirua umbkw nithfll, 

OiiJ,, "^Tio dulb he gallop withnl ? 

M'ia. WiiJi A ihi^ lo Ihogallowa: for though 
be go u Aofcly aa £nt cm &n, he thinka hImBoSf 
too aoon lb4»o. 

Onr- Whrj ttjija il still wiihnl f 

Rua. With lawjqra in tho vDcolinu: for they 

•• (rlli[rTll>e<hejr>4nf •■f. 

Wbcn br InnndrlD Infr'i'-iiu lli^ llr|d, " 

k Jlnlkl] TliLi *b k Itlja rt^bw •rnlnh*, \<I wbieh t flOH 
■Cpiwil lihhanri. Tbnid In BliBkBpart'i "Vmiuiid<I Adiuliv" 
Alum in.— 

-^Uhiir r»firlh IvMf rtdt^i iil^tj rlir, 
nil dtEWilDi -Bmlla.-ur UU 'U[Aiii], I PJi;'" 

« 1 imivrrTDii rifllil HLimd idolbi— ] AllnAllIM ■oiLEiiinli'iH 
■nrl " >lu lawt," Inrnibed oDebd nUnl hanfllVi Kh H>Itri>i 
V ii». VqL 1 











U'lirwn Lc'rm ami tonn, to J Uhtq Uwy 
pon-i'ivf not Litw Timi" iin^L'Sr 

Bub, V'"i\Si ih\a elii-pliunlca, mj biter, here m 
tliDi^liirln uf iiui hnH. liVo i'riuge ii|)oq p {>otti«H],. 

I(i>a. Ab iIic {?<idpt, Llut juu ha dwi'll vhcrc 
slieis kimllcil, 

OiLL- YuuT oucenC la ^"iiii'LfiLn^r firiur [him jtqu 
qoulil ^uri'hiuH* Ilk Hitj ri'Eiiii^t'Et jl <lii'i|ljiij;, 

Ron. I linvH Ik4'I> ifjW t^of Dijiiiv: hm, iodrtKl, 
tu uld religiouii uncle nfmiiic uugut ms to fpcaV. 
nVio **[U ill hifi _>U(iLh iin iiiloiiJ' mnii; uiii; tLiil 
kibun cdiiilphiii lull WL'll, t\rr ihen^ bi' Tl^II in tcivi^. 
1 Imvi* lii-aiil hJEU rm*! iiukiij lui-titruj ugniitui It ; 
aji4 I ihhiuJi Gm! I itn] dul ri wociiaD, to bi] loncUed 
trirh lo mnuj' ^li]}' utTuiic^-A u he liaLb geacralLj 
luitiL iLi'ir whifli: si^i k\i\\i\}. 

OhIh- t'nii \n\i iirhk'itilirT ftfiY uf tlir» jiruiciEiul 
tviL, Ihixc Iv.' liuLJ [fi Ihe ?hDr<,'« of wuriitii ? 

RoH. 'i*burt weiv ucrne pnucipo] ; ibfy wt«fl aII 
likp ono auutbiT u hulf-peni:!] aiv: hvltj iriji! 
tduk eoomin^r nkniialnjiiat Mil hk Mbw thultj [.'aitii] 
to tnfli?h ill 

> AnlnlBBr] muTi^l Silt DDlrL'i, p. 111. 

' Ai iini|<tCFiLiii^liL« ipiriE,— ] UiLF t'aiat (0 ^iiHllaEi be 


Rua. Ne, ; I ifill fiot epbi Ji*ftj my phiiir, 
dd ilhive tbnC Jir<? wck. Tbm U i miLa 
Ihe fork»Lp iint abuM:« cur J4UDg ^iEbdCi 
KuriEig liomiUnd od iIhit butii ; Uaiigi oAm 
hn'iHilkiJiiLii, fthd iik'^jQ-^ un hE'iirnbTL« -. kII, fnrvuK 
dtifviut;* ihp niiniL' if Rmuilind : if 1 mulJ 
iJio: foni^y-iuoQger, I would fflre lilm MMUt 
cduiikI, Grr lie leeuiB to have tiitr quotJiilAH gf 
ujtnn Mm, 

l!lui,- I iLni iu- liint in no lute-shAk^ \ t ffs; 
jou, IpU nn? TPLir ivin&f j. 

Rop. Ttiurc i« nuTif uf Juj uncled wk^ upva 
fUU ! Ill-* Eait^^l rut btiir to tiiD^ n nuin la Ion; 
in wliirli i-Bigi! iif nibliifl I un Bure jou Bret 
a piisoDiT. 

Oflx, \\lifil were Liamat-k.*? 

Roa. A lidon chceb. — whfi'b jim bniie dM; 
blue &VT [uiii nunki'n, — whii^li you havp nm; jid 
uD^umionaUlij^ ppinl,—— which jou Im'e M; k 
hyird DeglMledn — which jou havo notn hull 
pardon juu for thai ^ fur timplj jour haviJig iB 
ht'uni \i\ Q,F<niii|^T Jflulhi-rV rc*\tniH.'.^Thsnjinir 
hoiLjAhcjidd \x unyurWrKl,' juiirbunuvt ua^Afldf 


I') rim KLic, rff/ylvj. Ith FlnlbLla. 1^. 

tMTieieiu-UabruDEinni'iJ.— ] B*«DiiW|ahp Lk'i 


(aetiiM ITI- 

■inbiitlofitJ, ypur bhoe undtJ. aD<1 
mcrnliLD^ abiiul ynu JeniijiL?ttiL[iii^ a ca»lDii 
rfvlHiuh ; — iHit ymi nr« riti tiiich iiimi; — ynu hsv 
ndispDnil-clcTioeiii jiiiirii[;coutrcni4?iiB: BslaTuig 
jflivif ibhD teemiiLp; tht lover of Any oilior. 
Ou. Fair voulli, I wcnuli] I coald mak« theo 

lOft If? beliefe itF fan mHy an hohi mjite 
hntltf y<io lo"P Vliore it; wb>Ti, rwaimnt, shr 
k i^ tn ttd, ihan To tvafeflfi the dom; [hut ia 
nnl iKp (Hunfr^ jb tbo wb1i4i Moiikeii itiU r^lvc 
■bibi' En ihpir ?oi]9[9tDiTWd Btit, Irt i^ii^hI '><K'(]|| 
ift jm he Uiat hung* thp vpracn on tbo irtrs, 
tk^ RoHJind 14 Hi odDiiird ^ 

iFLdiEdiI, T urn tInU li^i tbaJ ii]Lforl.Liiii»[« tm, 
Kda, Bal KTo you bo murb in Iuvd h jonr 

JR DtlKib. 

finf> liOTi' u mcrflv' ■ nujilnci^; Bndr T Ek'll 
)n. dnerta of v<^]l b dti^ Iioua« nnd a uJii]> u 
KdnQt do. nhd Ac n^flnn idi^T ihev arc hdL bD 
rainlKd Aid ciuvil is. t^At iJid limrti'j' in f^ i>r- 
iIbut lii&i ihe wEiLpppm are in love toa: jet 

Oiu., Did jcq Ever core ruij w ? 

Rot. Vis. odd ; n^id in llkut mviiiFt- H*.' "o.* 
k imuiiiit ma hi* lure, hiA rnistn^t : mil T aci 
ia vtttr Jaj (0 woo me; it whioh limp would 
'. bnn^ bat a ■nooiiiftL" T^uEU* grJc^-, k' vlFc?- 
dvalc. rliAiJifAsKle, lunging, and Jikirt^ ; pnaml, 
Iplariiia]. Mteiii. bludlinr, inuun-itaiLT, full nf tcon, 
U flf uniln i &r every pHHioB •omcihing, iiml 
r D4 pkHwi tnlj nnv^ifi^'. 4VI boys mid Tromcn 
t f'lT iKrr mofli put oiriJi.* of ttiii ihJdut: ''uidd 
IV Like him, now kfllbi' biiri : rln'i] fti\frlahi liini. 
■B ftmifeu him; po" w(?q> fur him, llieu "pit 
hiA; thai T draiB luj nuiiur fi-iint hia mad 
IBoar of lui^'i to a loving' liiuDirur of ruadnci^ : 
hkli *■>- to (br^tfoor Ibi* fun aovuni of 1 1 if 
■td. Uld to live in a nook irLr.'rpljf miMifiBUc:: 
id Ihia I curerl hini : oud tljif waj will I Inke 
la lu? Ii> vQAh vriur liver ob eEeaii ub a BOurid 
•di*a hewt, that ik'n' a^uill nrtt ^pl- nno anut of 

^^^ 1 vmld DtK Ik ciufdp jouEh, 

H^E I VWld euro jDu. if ^Da wuuLd but nn 

<1 ULrl Tdll, Jri'/Vir 

net Tin il 

Abd oil Ite B« ui4 ■miQ mwrtlt cllrn*," 

■ IMhA — I II aitt *o* ^ lOiDcTLkDHvr Ic »7 

■ 1 1-1%. b-m riK U4III lunk ud Mn, lb ilfl Un^iiAjr 

iF^jH'i/W Jf>4iif>E, An III, tp. K 

Bie BoHBlind^ Bnil qome eyeij day in my coto, vid 
woq (HP, 

Ohl, No-r, bylhfl tilh of mj lore, Twill; teD 
me wlierp il \n- 

ICoi. Go "itfa mo (0 If. and 111 e^ow it you: 
and, lij tin* Wlj. JOLI shrill I<il| die* where in ihe 
forwt jou livv. W"iTI vuu go? 

C'lUi. WitK ftU my ln?nrti good youth. 

Roa. Naj, yon DiiiBt call me Kwalind, — Cam^, 
atALcT, will you gii? [^jfun*. 

SCENE ln.—AnotAeP paH of the Furat. 

^-AW, iibitrviag them. 

TorcE. Conie apnci^^ good Amlipj' -. T will 
f(?[i.'h up yuur j^"b1.i, Audrey: And hoWf Audrey? 
iiiu I Lbb man yetY dri(}i mj Bimi^ fcotiu-D 
ronlect TOn? 

AvD, Your r^alunri ! Loid warranl oa! what 

T'rtfiii. T am hoc niTh LHl'q ujhI thy goalu, oa 
thE' [n<-iat apncioui" p«tf hoiie4tO?iJ.nji4 junong 
I ho GoLha. 

Jaq. O kfwwlfljge ill'inhabile'l ! wome (h>ii 
JoTD in q rJiaJi:hrd bmee ! ' {Ar-uie. 

ToccU' '^^ill« ■ qud'a Tcnca cannot bo under- 
fliood. luiT a nioj^'iL ^od wjl; eocoiuled with llie 
fhrward k'hild, iiadentiuidingH il Blnkiv a mui 
more Jead timn a rrca£ rcckoDing in a little 
ruDm, — Truly, 1 wodIlI the gnda bod EDndc Xhcc 

AiTD. I du udI know what poalieal ia: In il 
liDC[>£t in diii^ iLod wcprd ? !a it a (me Uungf 

TnuoUr Nu, irulj ; ftir lh'> (niwl pootty ia the 
mcMt feigiiiiijii ud bvera are ^vm to poetry j 
jitiil Kbat they tivt^rLT in poetry, may be Boidr a£ 
loiTrn, tlicy ilii Fei^i, 

Ai'n, Ho ynii njoh [btin, iJiat Uic guib bad 
made me pocEieal'^ 

Ti^uoH, I lilt, truly, hr t1i<m »weiuv«l (o mv, 
tliou art lionc'aE ; now, if thou wort a poet, I might 
httve Bomt' h<ipo tho" ilidnt fi-igii, 

An>, WoEud yHi not have me honeAtV 

TdtroH. Mu, ttuly^ unlcu ihou verL hunl- 

" TUbh nak vid pw Ib dVidb irt»h»* 11 mt^elm " 

And la Ifldrf'i fljiffpirfi. oa -rifc* Ihn DQirifclf li CiKd-— 

" A^i^ |i|lh llie^ V-iIIfjI IDrll llflUBJi U [HE) luJ, BHU Ifld 

mf tir'tlt It* ll ItiMv |ui] I'nn m ■'■■ii.'' 
^ Umnkt^ — I ^ML<&k. inr"i"Bni, llkr ilir —ur™ 
<^ C-ljmriiMII — ] " '^vr. 'ip'K r^p^ri'l'mr, ci|irli< luUlk r>i^- 

EihEluE, tapTlrf. pwlUli: 'nil lif b itmllAj tnn ik| triwrii «h 

kVa Ih tlUQUll] Ciif*' mm ?*"■ "-^^n nECTl-c 

' Jirtflu ilbALeDtd liooprl] - S'iffHteiramaa'^lMrmlmfl.'' 
Wr hn'Tr Ih? iikiD? iLlDitmi In " JJurli Ailn k[)oui TfoHiLnr," 
AiH II an 1 — 

" Hgriliorll TldLeinH'i IMr, vlULlI Etefenirkc jJavi.- 


rarniuvlt for lLi;iDcaly coii]tlviJ to licuitj, u to 
Ihtt Louej B eauR] hi su^bt- 

Jxq- A niabTifd fuoll' [^Aniile. 

Ac D, Well. 1 un Dnt JWir ; and (ber^on 1 

■ ■HlHwhAd Vllh BHlBfLI. ]p Ad M. ■( I, Ihf PbID. H 

Touch. ^hJt. ud to casl away honntT 
& fiial Riot, WOT to pui gootl meu inio u 

Ank I am mt ■ iJul, Uxuigh t ifanbb Lbir 
I Am fool* 


Lhih ry- 

- Wen, pnisod bs thi godFi for thr fau]- 
ttij-hrii>u niajr cmcD bifrtiarti!r, l^Lit be 
oj hv. I "ill mftrr^ t^^^*D, nnd lo ihciT cqlIt 
ftii wilti -[r Oliver Mjirlj^i^ [In- vifor nf 
ritlA;^ ; «ho hjiih ]irDTiii:wd La miiji mu 
hX' ^f Uia iure^l, and ti> «u;ilfi UB, 
[ wodlil fun tao ihb mwliDg. [^slff?. 
Well, Ibe gwb give u Jnj 1 
Amen. A. miiTi mnj, If he ffi'n? of a 
^ Ma^X<=F ID dii< AUctDpt ; fur hire wc 
ipit Iml iJn) niHid, ibd osdeiubly l>ut 

ibc J ue niveHuy^ ItitiBaJLlt — 
iva naradof his gcKtJii righl. — 
Mia bu £0<x1 hamr^. and tiiiMVB mi cml of 
Ai'fdL, llkU lA ihi? i^rnvi^ cif ]J^ vifa; 'tifl 

bovn ffpllin^- Hunia? t'VJ.'H bu : 

IftldiicT^ — -^No, no; ijic Tiuhk'>t[ i\iKt 

«n? liJe-V'4'il ? Nn ; da a walloil bjnu in 
JiT Tlian a villn|^i', ?>) 16 tfio r^^ii'liCiii] of 
lOAii Eiion.' hnrLiiuralilc iSinn eIil' Luro 
■; and bj luriit mucU Jcronw a 
po nkill. Iij fi qiuiJl ii> A hirni mure 
in Lo wkml. ntat> i-umet eit Olhur- 

Enlrr &■ Oliveb MahtkXt. 

Manat. yon nm well mol: will jira 
■ in-tv uiiJpt ihJA tree, Dt Abali wo po 
D v^rnr cliapcl? 

; lilbare nuui? h^^iv la ^4.* ilii' notiiiiii ? 
I wil] flot lo^c bt'r on giFL 4>r any mnii. 
J. Tni1j, «hv moat b« givflQr *t tho 
I ml Iiinftil, 
7</miiiff /onam-d.'] PtqchkI, pracf^ed; 

fiooJ L'vui, pHid maaTer d'AaC-yc- 
^^4p jwi^ air ? Vou uv vi'rj well lavt : 
Hfl^r jDur Inal evminmj'. I am vtrj 
Vjmi: — Ardn A toy in luti^rl bcWt Hir, — 
IT W POTpred- 
in yvu br imirrit'd, noUoy ? 
Ai thp Qi liaih bja buw/ ^iir, llii' hiirne 
^d tLt fAlptu ber belli, no man liarh liis 
id Bft }ii^i]*^iia LiU^ SD weillock wouM bo 

■ill joii, Iroiflg a dud of yom' 

miiTTit'd andiT a bopb^ IlIif a licggnrP 

ehiircb. and base a i^^'"! |>ripfi1. that 

naj^ in; ibiB fiilluif nil! but 

'llicy jtpin nuinei'-jC ; ibLii unu 

\1t Tkal L>, >li4lM'-i*r 

J I* Ihr Islla, IDD, iMl IjdprlcH 1Ml«sa 

^k>tt>, riiLiujiri ■■III r»h<i<liiitr. MfL FJ^IlIrr"! 
- Jf-hrri* prnw Im iifuir irrD jJuoi'" 
tf«l warn ■>■ liiMi^ui'i Htm nii r irwr ]■(□ ud 

of y'lii will prrj^'(^ e^ shrunk pvial, anilj lihe j^m-n 
tioiher, warp, warp. 

Touch, [^ii^^'-J I am nnt in the mind but. I won- 
better Ui bo monitid of him ibtn of annUicr, fur hu 
ii init lite lo miirrj IDU vrell '. Kod noi bein;^ whU 
■named, It will bo a good oicuj^q fur am h^^nioflar 
to l"Uftf my wife^ 

Jau. Qu tha\j «iih mo, and ler mc cvuiuol thm. 

Toi-cii, CotDo, sweet AdiUoj ; 
Wc musi bo married, ur wv iTiiisl live In bawdry, — 
Forewull. giKid mn5t<.'r tJhvisr: — uot, — 

O ftferl OHkf, 
brvw Ofif/fT. 
Leave mt not tr/Utid iha; 

hut, — Witid ateay, 

Bf'j'iJ'.'; I fit/, 
t wife -nvt Ui urrd-Hiuj to*ti that, t^} 
\_KsntRt .Ijiqvifiip Torrnffii^Nif, itiid AuuanT. 
Sm Oll *T\s no mnltt^; cn'tr a fanlfl'ilii'al 
^lUTQ of Lbom oU aboU Bout moont of luj tnUitt^, 


SCENE TV^Avoih^parioftheForoL 
Befon a Cottagr. 

Eon, NovLrr Idk tt nic : J will wik-ji. 

CtL. 1)d^ 1 pr'ytln?(! ; but yi^ haix! tbe g™™ 
ta cxmiidtT, that E^atb iId nut iK^iiiiif' a nian, 

Kdb, Fiat liBTu 1 niil caiLie to wP!'|i? 

Ci^Ed. Aa giMtd eaiiao iu ono wtiiiM dcairt*; 
ihjTtifurp wi^'p. 

Ros. Ilia veiT hair la oF thL> diHWiLbliugaJoiiT, 

Cel, ^ODiothiiig Lruwiuir Ehui Judod'a : DtiuTj, 
hie kiswa aiv JuiJua'h own chlliiren- 

KjtB, rPaJth, hi' boir la of agood colour. 

Okl. Ad QiwUent colour: yuur ulitAtnut waa 
ovor tho only Dolour. 

Ru9. And bia kinMing U ao fiiJL of BanctJty aa 
tbo loach nf holy bread. 

CzL. Uq both buii^bt a [tair of eapt* Dpi cpf 
Diana: a inin of winlcr'a HisUirliDDil kiBaoa not 
moro religiouBJ J ; tliv Vfry iCB of choaUty ia in 

lEoB. But wb J did bo swear he would come thia 
mwriing, and eoineH ma? 

Ciejh. Nay, ccrtaijbly^ Ihvi^ la nu truth in biru. 

lEoa. Du you think ho f 

Cei. Yea ; I [biiik be u not a pick-mirw nor 
a hoiu<-«reiili^r ; biit 1\>t liia verily in fove, T do 
ibiuk liiiD aa euuc-avo oa n covi>iud goblet/ or i 
woiiii-eitt«;]i nut. 

' BLibBTr-] HIiKitr. 

f^Ltci rrflilt. " r-Anflr llpi." 



[flnn F 

Bph Not true in lori: ? 

Chl, ¥«, whea 1w u in; IfUt I lliink he i« 

Bh. Vou h««a bcan\ him nwcar iloworiglit, ba 


Chl. ITrtii in tial ti- bcsidos, the uath of n* 
Invor is no eOongpr than the word of « rapat^ ; 
the; an; htrLlt ihu cuiifirmpnif of TbIad rrvkoningB. 
][|] aUcuiIp bvrv Jn the fcnvt ■}[■ tliu dnkt yoiu- 

Hofl, 1 tddI (ho duke ystcrdJiT, uiil had much 
quenCJiru «ith hjiu ; be mked nic of vhoL |An.'Dl' 
a{|;|| T wjk? ; 1 did him, vf np gwii[ am he; h> ]■<■ 
Uu^Iiih), anil 111 mp gn. But ithjit lji]1i wo of 
bthen. when thi^re in iiii^h a man aa (trloadn? 

Cej,. O. ihii'f a iimis tnim ! he imtca bn^e 
TDTBO&i epcokd Lra\e wDrdn, pw<>u-fi hnva Dothr, 
wid breuH tl^in Ijiwdly, quil^.- Itnfi'if.e jilhwaK 
ihe heart of hia Idt^t'; nfi a pnnjr rJIu^r, ihal npurs 
hr? horse but oit one 4idc» bmtki hl^ BTaff like ii 
Dnhle ^iMMe: hul mlTs brave, lliat jogtfa mlnuila 
and full^v ^jiiett. — VHnj i.-nmif\ lifiru? 

Snter Ooniv. 

Cda, Mutreu and Diaater, yaa \inve oft in- 
After fJie ah^'pliTil IlinT rninpljun'd of h>vn 
Who joLi aaw aittinj; iiV lao I'li the lurf, 
Praii4n|^ tho prv»ud diBiUioAd iib<^phutdi-v# 
'J'liat wfu Lia mielroM. 

Ckl. WelE, Pud what of him ? 

Coi. Ifyou Hill see apagennt truly pla^'i, 
Bi^twren tho ^ilo pomjilciion uf true Iufi', 
And thu t*fd glov •4 iwurn Riid pn^ud diuhilQ, 
Qa bmw K liule, and J ihnll conduct you, 
If Jim will marii jT. 

Rda. O, cum?, let uh ifEaovB i 

Tha «igLt of lovon It'cdLtdi lltoK in Iotd : — ^ 
Briag ua U> thin i\ghi. nod f^in nhdl Bfl^ 
1 *ll prova fe buy actor in their pUj- [£.^j«un/. 

SCENE V,— ^no(A^ ;«rt of thf Forat. 

Snter SrLnr* and Pjime, 

Sn.. SweeL Phebe. do not scam lue; do DOt» 
PlK'bc : 
Baj, Ihoi yOD love ms am ; but uy not flo 
In hitlrnir^a- Thp comfnon ripculionrr. 
Vhow hi^art ihc acciulom'J i^ight bf deaUi mtke« 

Fillii mit th[? niP nporj l}ic >iumb1ed nodi, 

Phk. T vould not bo Ihy ciHarioos i 
I fljr th«', Ibr T would not injniT tho^r 
Thou ^Wet nji'. tbtre id murder id Taioeeyei 
Tia prettjr, eurti, and very probable. 
That eyofl, — lyml arf ElielVnir^t an'3 nfkral iJiirp, 
Whn ahtiL ihcir oinonl galci on a(<imieat — - 
Should hf catrd tynviu. buuhon. miird«e»! 
Now I dii &DHD oa ihte with oil my \ivwrt. 
And, If mcTio pyfs turn <ri>und. im" Irt lin-m bll 

Now couatflrfcit lo swoon i why now hB down j 
Or. If thou canat not, O. Rir shame, fotahBiu, 
TJc not, ta iu.y min^ iiyea uu murdopjm I 
Nov ".hiiwihe wound mine eye hub made in 1W : 
Hi-Tairh thw hut with a pin, and there pmaina 
Some Auar of iL j leau upon a twh. 
The ciealnre und cnpabip* iiaprenure 
Thj palm boidb nrDmciLt tcepa^^t now pvh 

Which 1 have darted lit cfico, liuit iheo not ; 
"Hot, X am vitv. tboro Ja no Joree in rjPA 
That mn do hurt^ 

Six. O dear Phebe, 

If ever (ai thai fwr inay be aeitr) 
You mft't in ftome fraaJi tdiadt iho po*eT of kvj. 
Ilien ihall yon knav the vouodB Invisible 
That Ime'iKwn nrmwi nrnke. 

Vsm. But, liU ihil iLv. 

Gome nut Ihou near mu: widj wbi-u thki (iiv 

Affliet tae with thy raoi-h*, ^wty m^ i>il. 
Aft, liH ibat tirnf<» I bHaII not pity tlwe. 

Boa. [JdwEacinj.] And why, 1 pray jw^i** 
Wlk'i loiKlLt lje your niiilheT» 
Thnt you inantt, enilr, and all at Pncfn* [brmaly, 
Over ihtf wTOiehed? ^Miat Thou^fh you Mff bv 
t.\9. hy my fiulh, I mx pit mon: ia you 
T\iVt wiihinif caikdit: may go dark la bed,) 
Must you b* therefore proucL and pitile^? \mt1 
Wliy, what mt'ttdi this ? Why do job IoiA ffi 
1 niHi no inor-J in yon, tliftn in tfie nrdkitry 
Of nflturtVside^work:— Od'fl roj llltlc lifc, 
I think f he uwanH to Unj^lt my eves um !— 
No, 'failh, proud roL'itn'HA. hope unt oRer it -. 
"Tis not your inky hrnm, your blini^iUi li»ir, 
Yoqr buffle nyelHiUn, nor yuur clm-k of er*?*™* 
That ran ontamv my "pifita to your woiahip-— 
Vou Lnliah shepherd » wherefiire do you rollnwhit, 
Like (og^y UFuihp pniGng with wind uid Ttutt 
You aro a thon^and limm a propcrer man 

patli Cap<tH' oKBni nuUblr. Tb 'mil diHtniUr ^ E^ ''^'^ 


[BD£5B *■ 



% wmoD' n'u Hich fiwJs tu jon, 
the laiirld fu31 of ill-faToiiT'd i-'hilJim : 
r flbH, but yoii^ iJial Hallifra iter ; 
lyim fclie nna bpo^lf [n£tK |>ro|Jur, 
of hu*laDDfUDtnL& can abow her. — 
.kitow jouTKlf; du^JiuiiyourknecsH 
lVbii, fudng, fur a f^ouJ man'e Lovs : 
j«i frieudly ill jjhur eju-^ — 
no ; you ara bat for all lUdikflA: 
mercj , Jure him ^ t4lu liia "(Tor - 
t Km], being fwil Id be a Hoffifr, 

la ittpc. oliDpbenlL — fore jou frcll, 
ci^t jruulli, I prajr juLi cuUu n ^L'ar 

bnr juu i^Lidt, Hion LhiB nua hou. 
Adli^n in Lovu with ^iir* Ii'liIuqwi, buii 
low wilh m^^ iir>;j(.'[ ; Jf It berw^nn ftuil 

Her words. — "VMij luuk jou bi* upu me ? 

DO ID will i IniLr jiiu^ 
|iraj. v*pu, Jii nut Wl in \iyyi: wilt me, 
T dun vgivA maiit* iq win?: 
like jaa out ; If juu •rQI kiurrr edj 

tnfl iJ 'lU^tfl lipw hard hj : — 

WfTfT? — Shepherd, pij her hardi — 
. — Siepbenku, look oji hlnj bolter, 
pnad ; thou^li JiU i^M wijrJJ could mh, 
bt Hu flhut'd ill vitfliE im bo. 

EirM"t RuB^LiMj. CiujAr onJ Cobin. 
Bfai>[^nt ! iiuA I flitil cJi^'mitvurDUghl ; 
d. lAat iov'd not ctjirti tight nh 

Ha! whfll laj'Bi tlimi, Silviua? 
Phehtr. ]ri[j mo- 
r, I un sorry for ibf ■ gtnllc Silviu^. 
■orn>w id, trlief ■rouhl he ; 
«t nijr grii-'F hi h>¥i>, 
Ivfc, jruur HuiTUW aiiil iny grit'f 
^^ iif I Tifi^'jl . 

loTfl; ii not iJuL neigh- 

^Tij^ thfll wpTC tovtloiuursH, 
Ijne "4t. ibaL I Imled ihoe ; 
U Ejirff th^t I biinr itui' lovtj ; 
ihnt ihcu nui?t inlk Df tuTt eiu well , 
uij, whidi tral «aa iilcwmc to md, 

C^il>Ba1t Imi rii.— " If RoiillDrl bntnnii 
i-hhvbcE.'ibtinfiHirttdiaittui luitd. 
rnmi OBI, rilirt 

I nill enJiire : mxl I'Jl employ thoe too: 
But ita m^t luok fur liirlhcr rucumjViuB, 

Than ihinc oiru g]iu1iia<ai tbit thou aii employ'd. 

HiL, ^ billy 4iiid AU [KrCiicL is my We, 
Aod I bi EUch n poverfy of gracOp 
T];tt 1 pbdl tbiuk it a niOdL pleuUnus irrop 
TiJ glean Lhe brakun vet^ Bflcr tlb4i nmu 
That the malu hiLrtcvt r^ii|a ; Iwae dvw nad tbea 
A BatLBi^d Hcito, and tbat 111 livo upon. 

Fv:£. KoOv'at Lboutho (oLiLbLLaLBuakG toDiEvre 

So.. Not »ery well, bat 1 hnte met him *ifl; 
Ai|ii tii^ batb bougbl the cottage and the bouiidd, 
Tbht tho uld cajlol* oucl' "juj iiiaettT tt 

Pait, Think not 1 luve bim. Cboagk J iWkk for 
hirn -, 
Tig but Ji [rivvJAh huj :™yel ho talha wci\-, — 
But what viae I for words ? jol nirnlfl do ituH, 
When he Umt ipuki tbem pluoaL'M ihoau thaLlmar- 

II IB A pTvUjf janlh !' — not mry pit^llv ' — 

Bat, aare, he'ii prtjud ; and jet h!a pHdo bcvoaiea 

Hflll IvJu a proper man : tho heal ibmg Id hini 
I4 bit Ouliiple.iJOEJ ; aijil faaler lEiaa Jkin loitgUtf 
Did make citfuntp, hia I'je did h{?id it up,. 
Ho in not Terj tall; jol for hio jtflts be'a tsIL: 
His leg ie but pa bo; aad jet 'lIb ni-ll ; 
Tbore woa a prttly rodni^^ in bJA lip, 
A littlo ripi^r ortd tnoro lunty rwl 
Tliar ibat mii'd id Iils cheek; 'twafl jost Ibc 

BetmxL tjiu i.'onHbuLt red and miDginl ilAmniik. 
Th<>re U> soaic ttflmeti. ^viaB, had (hi>y iriark^dblm 
In porrclB as I did, nould bavo gons near 
To faU lb luva wiib him: bat, T'lr ULJ parE, 
I love bim n*^!, rtor hau; hini not ; and Y4^t 
HavLi ' iTiDn* oiLiso lu bate bim than to Ioto bim : 
Fcr what bad ho (o dr> to cbide BE us '! 
H« uJd Jiiia« ejea nsrvblaek, nod mj bair Hikok \ 
And, now 1 am n.iiipml»ta''d, ^(im'd at me ; 
I nifLrvi^L vrby I uuwer'd not agaia : 
But that^B all ooe, omitlcuice ia aa quittanci.'. 
PU write to bim a vdry Uimting IctEcr^ 
And thoa fhtXi htsivr il ; nilt thou, SilviuQ ? 

>SiL, ?}icbi', witb alJ my bt^art. 

Pan. I'Q wrire it Blraigbl ; 

The mattUT^b ia mj head aad 'm my bdart ; 
I WiM 1u biEUT uiifi bim, aod pufl&ing abort : 
^0 wiLb iuUt ^ilvinj. \_£xcunt. 

■ Hflva Vim «Di» — ) Tba mnad bihi ti^i, *' / bm uonr 
ptilLipi Ti[bUF4 DDtod n lUmild nud.— " lUvc pUfrl uiiiii 


EiUcr KnsALiND, Cpua, an^f Jaql'ks, 

JlQ. I pr'yth«,prptlj joulhplel me bo* bctlOT 
Di'i^iiiuTiLeil wilh thee. 

Iki*. TTipj Mj >-mi 4™ n molaiirhnlj ii^llim. 

Jaq, InmAoi I doliiTD itlrplUTlhnn Ifliighin^. 

fioft. TbMc thflt BTO iTi flitj^mitj of pidipr, aio 
bViniinal'lu Fellamp doA bflLny ihtiiiiiel^A lo ifvnry 
iDu-Ji^jTi fi'naurPT Korse L}iiui cirniiknr'ln- 

JaQ- Why, 'tia gipud to be soil aoJ ear nothiDg. 

Hoa. Whj Lfa^D. 't'a ^food to be n poM. 

JjU|. I liavH neither the ftcholnr'a mulaDcholy, 

1"> FLntFcpUvomkU 

tbfl Onl Iblla huoU I* 



[ncLib L 

tmn Uuda, ta icc arher men's | than, Ut btve mxd 
vach, And to have nothing. IB 1o haio Hob eju' 
indpoDT handa- 
Jjiq. Ycftj I hftTP giuii«i1 luj ciperienw, 
Bofl^ Autl nflur cipcriencF nioki^H yaa nad J I 
iftd ntha Iwc n fbol to mako mu tnuiry LbrLn 
ajefimcg to a$ke me dd; and to tmvel tbr ii 

f n£n- OBLA.'^iri). 

u Goed diT, bdi] |]ap[pin<-Fi!>, door Romlind I 
l^ Niij th«i, tSfd Ik- wi' y>a. on you tJilk ld 

Bob- FotDirell. moDsieui TnvtDcr r look jtod 
i^» luid woar fiLrangD hiIta; dl^Mo &1I dio beOb- 
L^ of TDur oim poqntry ; In' oiit uf love "!:li yiyar 
vtirity, uid jiboort diiile God for mjiking yi^n 
Au opimE^nuiOp jna «ns ; or I Hill blutk tliink 
M hafe EWBDi in a gonilijlo.' — ^WIj.T* ^>ow now, 
[IrlandD f w^iltq hiiTu jon ba!it nil dib. nhil^? 
a Iner? im ;«i ierrs me such jmuthrr trick, 
■•fT ooooe in my u^Le moro- 

Ou.. Mj fair RMaliDd, 1 mniH wllhiii an hoDt 

Boa. Break on hrmt't ptomiko in love [ Hi? 
■1 infl diTLile a uiiaiite into a ibouiand jarta, and 
Hk bal a part of the EJiaLuandthf port uf a 
taotJte in the iffun cf luvo, il maj Ih' pnid of Itiizi, 
bat Ca^d hitlh ula|>ped him o'tho aliouldcT. but 1 
pvTtJii hini heart- whnlt. 

OaL- Pardoti roo, dair Gftialiiul 
Bot. Nav. aa jaa bo bo tonly. omac do EHUrc in 
J nfhl : I bad Bfl lief hti woood of a eiioil. 
Oil. Of atvuul? 

Bh. At, of \ (mail ; fc^r ibniigh hiT (.iniii^ 
iJpalji, be eerncs bia boDse id his btml ^ a beUcr 
I ihinkr Lhaa joa make b^ woman : 
be bringfi bin ihvtinj with him' 
Oil, VInt'BibAi? 

BoL ^f^Tp honu ; abich Buch aa j/ou are fiun 
to U bflboljcili lo jTDur nifJi for : but be camm 
Wpd lA bia fHiunt, ami itiuvunla tbo i<laiider uf 

Oil. 7irtoeIiDt>horn»mokpr,flndmj" Rosalind 

Rdb. Ami r nm yinir Kiti^iad. 
Vkl. It pln^ra him 10 mil jftu no ; hut hu halb 
iBoHliod of a better ]«t^ than jon. 
Bo«- CortK, iroo me, woo mo -. for now I am in 
Inlidaj haiDvur, and Uke cumigU to cohbodU — 

(-> €04 fAI. OmpMh. 

Ut Old r*i1. Ikiuni'- 

■ atA ^W I b l> "AU-t «4U llul Eflhi WflLi,- Aet T, 
" Vb<w bcviEr <lkd HloBldUdiiimfi 

W'hnt voold ynu aoy b) mc uoir. eiq 1 ■'are your 
rerj vtrj Hoi^Uhil? 

OiLL. 1 ivould kim, heforo I spoke. 

Rom. Niij, joii w^ro bpltor ejrcuk (ir»f,i and 
whfn ^^Du W(?re grnvullLii fur look uf mcLtlert yuH 
mifibr lake occnqlon to kins- Very gond oraion, 
whtui EhbyoffiouL. llkdv will i^it; and lot lovcn* 
bvking (Ood W4ru ub!) matlor, tbo dciinliiiai aliifL 
\s to kira. 

Obj., How if ihD kia? he doiii^rl ? 

ItnB. Tben ibe pule jnu to entreatj, and ibure 
b^'j^iin new maltat- 

Odl. ^liu FDLjId bo 041, being boforo his bo- 
lov4?<l niiitrou? 

ItoH. Martj, that should jdh^ 'f f "we _your 
rniain^hit: nr f i.hon1d think my baaefll^ raukcr 
iJian nkj vit.^ 

Oiuh. W'fijit, of mjanit? 

IkiB. Not out uf Tout apptiiuT, and }^l ont of 
yiiur AUiE. Am nut I your TWjiliiidf 

OiLL. 1 Ukko nriH? jo^ Id Nty joii cuv, buuaueu I 
itEiilId |h' lalking of ber. 

RtiB. WcU, id bet person, I uy, 1 will noL have 

Orl. Then, in mine osn ponon, I diii. 

Rflflr No, 'f«iih. die bj iiJ[onio;r. Tlio iutt 
wnilil is nlmo^ flii thousand yeaia old, and 'u\ all 
IJiia time Llkua* uaji not anj man di^J iu bi& uwu 
pL^nion, vhifficii^ !ii a luipu-cntiac. Tr»ilus had bia 
[lining linaliLiI out with a Oj«irm club; jut In^ diil 
irLat bo could to dlo before, anil be is odo of llie 
paLU<rnti of lovo, Li.yinrhir, h+j wuuld hnvo livod 
many a fair year, Ihongli Hfiti hiul lumod umi. if 
it bad not been for a hot midaummor nigbl j for 
griod youth, he weut but foilli lo wopIi him in tlio 
Hi]lli!apont, Jind bi'ing takuii- ^nLii |l;ii cmnip, woa 
druHjiL-d, ami tho f<K>liub L'EircittioltrD'' of timt age 
found it wQj — Hero of S»los, Hut tbcm an? all 
hoB ; moil hure dieil from time lo timu, and ivormt 
htt'e cattn tlicm, but not fiir lo^o, 

OoL. 1 woniJ not iiavo my t^gbl Eitwilind uf 
tbii rjjnd. fot. I prot^sti ber frovn mighl kill mo, 

Kos. Dj Ihia hand, it wiFl nol kill n fly. But 
[^uni*, iHirf T Till hii yimr Rit>uL]iiiil in 4 Timre 
iinning-on diiipoi^itiun; and DFik mo ^rhai yoii will, 
I will gmnt it 

Odl. Then love me, Hoaalind. 

Hi}a. Y\.«t faith will T, Fridnyti, and Saturdayii, 
and all. 

Orl, And wih thou b.nxe me? 

Ros. Ay, and twcnij auch. 

Orl. Wli4tpiijnBi tijoul 

CDlLLDri annnurdr n^t, "Or L iHuaid Uaal mj baantj ralMfr 

tliEiPi nj "11 " 

Bj/ £riliJi,{ ITinirEr 1iil"l1li-|lLil frah^n 'i>r ^' ritlrlli I Llrlk. " lid 

irr !»,] 

Afi TOD LIRE rr. 

Rob. Are jon not good 7 
OoL, 1 1i4>pe Fo, 

Bm, Wh\ ihrn, can oiw deHiro twi much qf a 
good tiling? — Comen MsU^r, jou Eibrtll !"■ [ha priiTi^ 
ftDfl marry u*.^-GiTe Die jour hoiid, Orluida :— 
^^'bJXL do >uu saj. uflLt^f 
OnL^ Prflif (hii*. miirrj ufl. 
Ckl. I iTajLiral ^Liy Ihi; word.". 

Ro(4. Yau mudt bog'iD , W'fi 2fov,0riimdo, — 

Cel, Oo To. Will Jon, Orlando, hiive lo 

wife Ihii RoBoliEiJ? 
Onu I will. 
RiAt. Ay. b[it whiin ? 

Ohl. Why no^ ; oi foal us alie con TOiiry as. 
Koa. Tht^ jou must aaj^ — / fuita tka, So^t- 
liftd, for vi/^. 

OhL, I Idko iJm, RosaJjnE]. ftir wifb. 
Bob, 1 mr^ht uk jou fur jour comruEBi^iDri ; 
hut, — I da t/d-e tkee, Qriaudo, fi/r mjf Auofiund ,- 
IbBre'iiigirl ^CK!h bcfoiv iht [>rii«t; and, corUklrilj, 
p nomfui^e thoughl ruHb btfore hf r orlinDn. 
Okl. So do lUl thoughfa, — tlipj arc winged. 
Ro«, Kow tell mc, hu* loog JOD RDuld have 
htr, jifu*r JOU hnni pi>ti4iv«t}d her. 
Obl, Fur ever ajid 4 djij. 
UciB. Saj a daj, wilLaul \\ic eret. No, ba, 
Orlnndo: men ore April n'hijbtliejwoap December 
K'Ken thej weA : DkoJda nro hlay w^iun ihcy ere 
Dioidt*, but ihe alj cliiiJijp.fi wIhti ihi'j iiro wirf*, 
I will lie more JeolouB of tboo ihan b Itiirbor^Teot-'ti- 
piffMCi ov«!r hii hen ; more flBmor-jLu tium a parrot 
agkljut rsin; nwne H^w-fnii|rW Ouiu im njnJ ; 
mniv ^ddj in my dtNrdH Limn a motikc-y : I hIJI 
vuL'p for nothings Jibe Dinna id the Tounljun, and 
I will do ihot wlion tou are dLipa§?d lo be merrj : 
1 will lou^^li jjki.' a Itjcii, and lliat ttLcd tliou art 
inclined Ui pIccji, 

OaL. Bui will mj RouiHdiI do bo ? 
Kofl. Bj nij lifo, alio will da ba 1 do* 
OnXr 0, LuL EhG i? wise. 

Ro?. Or qImq alto iviuld not liavi^ tlte wit lo Jo 
llii.R : I]mi wii^iTH llic HbVWBnltT. MjiliO' Ihy dtfmi 
upim a woman's wir, nnd il will out at the caaL^- 
Tnent; «hiit thftt. and 'twill ouL a\ the Icej-lulo ; 
■top tial, 'twill flj with tbo amokfi out »i ibc 

Orl, a Dinn tliet had a wift with Biich a wit, 
hn might poj,— Jl'iV, ttAf^Afl- unVf /' 

KoA. Naj, JOD might keep timl che<!k for !e, 
iLE JOU met joup wife's wit going to yuar neigli- 
bour*H bol. 

Ohl. Aod what wit could wit ha*c to cieu^e 


Vol. I 

wllh In [iqF»"f1j wrti^n. 
* Srr lni*t*-J't HH*«ilLrn,— ] FfiDiHE rt^i anvi<U>pi , Mi- 

Rob. Mury, U my, — ?ho rame to seek jmi 
Uieru, You ^lia'l npvir tnke her wiihniiT h-'f 
ftnBwer, eiilKwj^ you lake hvr ujlhoul licr rnnprir. 
n, thai wrjmnn iLat c»iid« mitti> lii?r fiuli b-r 
biKibnncJ'B oecftaiifD." let lier nm-r nurK' btT duJJ 
hcrfidf. roteliB will hn'nl iL like a fool. 

OsL. For lliL'gu two hourH. IlosAbricI, 1 will 
lea™ ihve. 

K"H. Alu, i^ar lore. I tajinol tub i^mht in 

Ou,. I mu^l attend the ituke at dinner ; bj inn 
o'duck 1 will be with ibee again. 

KoH, Ay, gfiynur wajL gayoQr*a;ei; I kim 
whjit joLi wouJd proves oij IrwoidH (ohl me x 
much,nitd IihoagJiLnolam EbiU flotrerin^ lj>Dgur 
of joura wuD mt' -.—'t a bat nnc «dL awav- ud *•>, 
— oiDia ii('a[h I — Two o'chifk ii jout bout? 

OnL, Ay, gwod Hofialind, 

Rob, % ny troth, and in pood «rflBrt. wvd u 
ff(h/ iHff;uJ fWt ftiid hj nil ^irtLlj usthe Ihaf, are Mt 
doagauuH, If you brculi one jnt of your pTOiniWn "T 
eomo ono miniire behind jour hour, 1 wiD thiuk 
yuu the m^t potheticol breik-promtBe, pod ihe 
most hallow lorti. and the eiidri upwanlij of Wj 
yuu oill BoBuLiriil, ibpit may be ehoKu out of tfce 
groa? Jkniklitf ihi' unfiLiLhfu}: ihcTcfbre bcwnn mj 
etEiflunr, mnd keep your promiae. 

OaL. With no leflB rfligion, ihtn if than veil 
jfidccd iijj Rjjaaliud -- sn, adioiL 

BuH. W<:[].TinH'iB llioold joatieDduileTUDiDH 
all BOfh ufendori, and !« Time try: adieu T 

Cel, YiHi hnre ^mjilj mifliued our BOf in yov 
lovEi-pruEe: wu uiiut have jodt doublet and lu* 
plLiehiril uTiT jOLir hemi, on'Tfhow the world *liil 
Ihu hird halh done to Lor own nent, 

Eos, O eot, COB, eoii, ruj prtllj litU*' mi^ iki* 
lIlou didpt know how laauj luT.bom deep T un is 
love] But it tuuLut be doundud; taj affpnioB 
linLh an nnknown botJtim. like the buy of Pm- 

(Jel. Or mlher, boLtoniU'Ha ; that bh £d 
you pour alFl?l^il^^ in, it* runa out. 

Han- No, thuL Bame wicked baMard nf Venn 
thot woa ttegot of thoiiglit, eenceived of rpl< 
and bom of niaduftm; that blbd ritni'dly boj-i 
ohuiea every uno'e ojiB, tvouiK b1« own ani iIl 
IcL hirn i^t judge, how iTeep I am in Iotd:^[' 
tell tliL'U, Alieno, 1 cannot be out of the ^ghl 
Orlando; I^jl go find a ehndow, aad »gh lilll 

Csi- And 111 Bleep. [ffi 

(■I riTit TDDa, fn. 

ComO'lMliaUVM.miBwtiiif. itinj^wiUiabUlmqiitni. BET 

]vrhi|i» l>4lie% and wUhaii dcputiDf Ut bam Ui tMi, 



[ulvi in^ 

SCENE ll.—Aneflifr pari if the FiyttnL 
fflttr JiorrM, ani Lcrnlt I H rAd halit tyf Forrdern. 

J4Q. Ar}ui:h 1> hv diar kiHuJ Lha dwrf 

1 ly^kD. S!r« il ITU I. 

Zk<k~ Ltt'i [iTHKnl Um M the dalip, lilie a 
Bfthan cDnqDiirar ; aud iL itiiulil dn wcU la scT 
bf deer^t hnmn ii|Kin liis hoiu^ fur a hrani;h of 
(lAvrj", HflVe jou no wog, fomiler, fiir this 

I Lour. Y«, Bit. 

Jai|. Sing it; 'tis no mattorlioiT 11 bo in Ciuifi, 
ID il niAko DOJ-« ci)oi>gh. 


WhiU Aall As /Laiw Mdf hUCd t)tf deer I 
Ilna ifaf/t^rr Jem, and Aomr fo unir, 

Thm tine Ai«i A.rt*e-' 'T^r ''■"'" i^,^^ 

rot* tkfm nn Bfnm fo uf"r 'A* Ao/71, 
/r inu a rreif «^'^ fA^vu inuf^ Aom. 

Thy /'lifter g f'tther irtrre -it. 

A/ul l/iy/'ilh"' JnfTT it : 
Tlie horrt, thf Aoriif 'A* I'mfy horn. 
It Witt tking (0 fov^A (1? Miorn, [Eicunt 

Epter EoAALWD owi Cblu^ 

Bh, How say jon nnnV in it DDt pusL tffD 
tfUoil T And bere much ^ Otliiiiiio I 

C?ii,. I «iui4bt you, wilh |nitcl'>Ti> nDdcrouLEed 
tHn.be Imth la'ea his tinir oinl mr^tHiii Hnd L^ 
|na ftmh — lo bIccIi. — LnoU, who HUnps horc T 

SaCer Sii.viufl» 

Sir Mr tnanJ is [o yon, tur joulb ; — 
U.J pu\ie Phebfl did liid mi^ givw jon dus : 

ffamiM Uie nntfiiti, bat, lu I gutw^. 
fe die lUn Tffow jmd wupuh ncticm 
ntii^ihe did ubo as bIut was niiling of !l, 

lubitt ungmitkn miH^tiffi^r, 
fH, PitiBiiM bovclf vo^d eUtUq lit this 

ilJ ph.^ Um nwnggcnr ^ bwr this, bear all ! 
Agiij^ 1 un rot fair; ibnt T Inrk niAnn^^rai 
Ata^mv praod; kdJ, Lhat eho could oat ]oV4 


■ TVk iiDf him b<iiD« J Id |k* crbilpii] lEi«i« «iMp, >na 
"l»R>i iIiaH hii Ibli bBf^B," ■r*t>nB>«d lit 4iii« IIdt t* iiul 

rOL, Q- 


Wi'ni mJLn pr mnr ifs pli^i'iiiii ; Od'c mj will I 
Ffi'rlovi* in iinl lln> hnre ihal I Jo Limi;: 
\Vhj iTxilea ihc bo toiue^ — W'tW, filiCfEierd, well, 
Tbie u a luLLvr uf ^yuur viio dcviw. 

SiL, Ko, 1 pnkU^L, 1 know not tha wratGnlD ; 
Ptpbo iliJ wtit« tt. 

RriHr Come, Dmai?, _ti[| uv d ^I. 

And tum'i] into the Mtifldilj of lofo, 
L Bnv hut hnjid : bIid hu 11 liuLhum liuid, 
A frpwtone-rolLmv'd hnnd ; I viTily did iliink 
Tbat hui' old gliwva vivn^ mt, lurt 'iHiui her bimdfi ; 
She hoi « Liuw-ife^b band ; ^iit ihat's ao mnLtcr ; 
I vxj, hhc novor did invent ibie K'aor ^ 
Tlud IB a duui'b invcnLiun, iind hii luuid, 

Sq-H. S[iro, il il ln'rw- 

R08- ^Miy^ 't id a buirteronH ibrJ ■ n-iid style, 
A *tj!f for pbQllon[j:erB ; irby. alw dofion lue, 
1^0 Turk to CluisUiui : womao^B* ];i'iillu brimi 
Cuuld nut drop fortji pueli fciqiLt-niHo ii;YontiiHi, 
Sudi Ktludt^ ivordii, MwUet in ib^'ir 4.'ir4?i7t 
TfaoD m ihi-ir umnteuimce. — Will jou hear tJio 

SiL. So [ilebta you, fai- 1 iievsr hcArd it yot; 
Vet heanl fou irnu-Ii of PbrbtV iTuelly, 

Kos. Slip FIm^Ih?^ m^! mack ha* ibc tyrant 
■ ritea . — [^Itcod^ 
AH ihoii ^ad If shefhtrd tam'd. 
Thai a nui'ileiCr hmrt hoih burrCdf- — 

Can a womau rail thiu ? 
Sn,. Call yoa this milirigT 

Itofl, [Bcjidfl-] Why, Ifiy f/oiihead laid ayurt, 
fVon^it th^ii tciih It iKiHQrCi hvcri f 

Did you of cr hcoi bucU nxilinf; ? — [Beads. 
^7tila thf.eyefif nuiB did voo me. 
That f^iifd (In ni venffeana to me. — 

Slcuiog mo a beast, — [ikacU, 

If the Mcom of your bri^i eyue 
llaw powfr to raite tuc/t love m ame, 
A int^, in me itfuit ^Ttijt'je rffiil 
W'ivld iheff mi'k in mild /iiqifct f 
Whiff ynu thid tut, I did ivse, 
BffH thnt Tii^ht your }>raffm mouc f 
it' ihnf iifi-ii'fn this lo\r i'r ihre, 
Litlir fct}owp ihia fo>f if' wi" ," 
And h'l rttfli 9fai lip ff'j/ mind, 
W7ielh-r thifl iJt^ ^ufJi <iri<l l-ind 
Wi/l t/^/'iiff/ut vfer f,ii-e 
flf 7JH?, ajjii nfl that I c-tji vmhe ; 
Or elie hy him my loiie deny, 
And iken Ptl ttit^y how (odie- 

I'i DldlPxl, vhhh'i. 

« A»4 iff* laatjh fhtnnjAn Tbit Irofikul ihl-Ih "T PprKb !■ 
nnl T^E Iji aHurrimr. Wo niU DradDimUj but ■ JfiifA jva'il 

ttft IV, J 



3iL. Call rou this ohiilln^f 

Cel, Aln»* pMT flhqphi'rd 1 

Km, Da you pity him V nn, he dMerrcB nu 
pUj^ WUt thou love AKch A woman ? What, lo 
MfAo th«i AD iiiErtriiuenir oQil plaj Falao strucA 
upon thwl not Ijj U) I'Dituroi] ! — Wdlj go jnqr 
wAj 14 her, (fat r ace lovt? hotb mikdi) thi« u Uliuu 
BDoke,) miJ wLj [hia It her ; — ^bnt if aha Idtp mc, 
T cbar;;o hor lu lovo ibot; if the mil nol, 1 *nJJ 
npvifl linvfl h(T( ihiIliv llinii ofitrrtflL fiir her- If 

SDU be a (rue Jovor, haiic!4}, nnJ iiDl a non) ; Tor 
oiw coiixed tuoro campuij, [Erii Silttcb. 

JFnfcf OuTMB. 
Ou. Qund moiTQiV) (iur ooea, Pr»y J0U| if 

JOLI kllDW, 

Wlitri} in thb nutii^iiiB of lliii liircBE. ctiui^ 
A Bhppp-cotc, fetka'J Jitiml vith olivo-lnxH ? 

C&L. Wut of this place, JuwiL in the belgh- 

Thd rank nf MJtre, b; die uiuiiuuriB,^ «lr«Bni, 
IaiFL Cdi yi'fir rig^iL }iaiid, brin|rs yoa In thu |ilac4 : 
But &t ihiB hour the bouso Jotii keep iudf, 
Thore^B uoDQ wlUun, 

Oli, If that oji vjD maj pn?Gt bf a Ufflfpie. 
rriiQD I Bhuuld koun yoQ by JncHptiim i 
Such gjiratinil'ir aiul ^ulOi j'oare j — Tke boff wjav, 
Qf /imfUt favour, and haf'jtitt ^infeff 
Likt a ripe sitter ; ' thi ^vo^l^an iow. 
And broisvr fhtn her f'rather- Are not yia 
The owner (rf the htru^ 1 ijiil iargiuiv fur? 

C*i». Ilia DU booBt, bi'ing u£k'd. Id mj we 4ire. 

Oli. Orluido ilulli toiiijutud hiiu to yj\i both. 
Anil Ej) lluit ynulh Iid ralla bi^ Ri^^oIiDit, 
He luinrla thin IJridiiv finpkiiit' — ato ^qu hp? 

BoH^ I am : irhaL mujtt nt tiinlirralaniJ b^T Ihtd t 

Oli, Hiyiao of toj ehuDO i if you will kooH i>f 
"Wlmt man T tun, wd hew, and whjp, md whDre 
Th'iH hfiin]k*'rdn.T w« oUbrd. 

Cm*. I pmj jDU, [ell it. 

Oli^ When lui the young OrlaiLclo porlod frfiiu 


Ho lefl a jirmiLiso to nitum nguLn 

AViUiin mj huur ^ oad, pauiug ibieugh the fun^t, 

ChcwiDg the cud* of sweet md bittw fiuicj, 

LpO, wluit bufi'l I he ibms-f hii ifje uuilo, 

AaA, [DaH[, whnl ulijoct diil pivjnmit iLecIf [ 

UndDf an* oak, t/htias biiugLa vitifo mom'd with 

(■j Did IBH IniBrl*, id. 

■nfdfrli bniuail lit UidHhie utiuiuI iniilwIlBD II hmb 

■^FftlHaJr nfiJi>v html r1 r m-iilnln m liit IniE coloniil fof, 
£lbdrjpi#ljEfF, Uid WrKrLHIwiQ Ibiii uJuuiIt dedhmh, "LIki 

Ajid bi^h lop bold wiLh drj uitiiiuiiy, 

A wrel^ied nggcd nun, o'ergnnm willi biir. 

Lay slihLiplTig on hia bulk i About bu D«(k 

A g]¥i?n end gildiil enok*' hud wruUi'd ilictf, 

Who nich hor hmJ, Dimhlo b ibrDotfl, ^ipnw^^j 

Thf o|icmng uf bia nioutb ; bat SLiddoblj 

St^'tn^ Oclojiilii, it unliuk'd ite^lf, 

And with indiiati'd glidus did slip away 

Into A hnab : dqiIit i^bieL iMish'i^ ^hoda 

A lion^Afl, wirh udderi all dniWTi ^Lry* (i 

Lay DuuchiD^, head on grouad, with 

When tbiittie dsBping mu BbouJdHJr ; ior't 

The royal dlfipoBitiim of r^ia£ baut. 

To ptcy on nolliiDg ibnr. doih (U'Ded as ilcod : 

Tbifl Been, Otteuda did ap^mBth rlnf inwij 

And foimd it iVM bia btotlier, bii eld^^r broLhur. 

Cel, 0, I have heard hita speak of Uul 
brother ; 

And bo did reader him ihe DU>flt Diuiniuivl 
That litM ^moDgat men. 

Oi,T. Adil wt-EI ho migU » Aa. 

For ttnU 1 Irnow lie wua upnaturaL 

RoHr But, to OHundo ; did ho leave blfn iherv^ 
Food Li) the Bn^k'd oud buDgry liuficaa T 

Ou. Tnice did ho turn hit back, nad porpm^d 
Bat klDflncflu, aobler ever than revrnge. 
And nLluTD, AtTQogiT than hi^ juat oceaaion, 
Mode him ^i<'0 b:i[lle to the HaDcsa, 
Whii quii'klj full befera him - in which biutloiy* 
From mippjTibJL' iilunik^r 1 nwokM.l^f 

Ckl. Are joj his broiher? 

Itne, Wtti ^t you he nscu'iJT 

Col. Wim't joa thai did bu ofl coatrire to kill 

Oli- TwaB I, but *tU nol 1 1 I da not ihm 
To tell you "hat 1 wflB, ance my eonv^fBion 
3ii AWeoily to&iefi, bcEoc; the tbiog I am. 

Bos, Bui, [or the bluody DqjlLin? 

On. By oad hj. 

When £fom tbo Brrt to losr, betwiit n" iH-'e, 
Teora DuT ruaoimtiueuld bod moHt kiadly lilh'i, 

Aa, iiow r ooDiD into thai detiut place ; 

In* brief, bu led tdii (a iho ^-eiille difte, 

Who gBTe me tvah wray and ftbu-rtiiiiunLDl, 

Comi^tling me mito my brother'i love ; 

Tklio led niG inbluallj lUtln bia eave^ 

Tlioro flCri^ip'il hiniwilf, anJ hero u|nn Lis acm 

The liooefu bod turn Bi>iuu flcfJi awu-j. 

miich allthifl while had bled: bjhI m]W he buoiad. 

And crifd, ■□ fuutic^, upon RoeoUnd^ 

1*1 PfTHT ItlUu. f, 

k CBn'fn? fia lud— ] Tbo md »rl hu /h^ DHdnJiwUT > 
QLinirial- " Tj ctMr ibr «rf."Dutwba«Mnf. h '^•-■<. " 
miiH 'q tktwilmd, 1j in DKpnnilu of fHqumi AHvnDrt ■ 
oor nM iBlbm. 

" Tk> DclH nr bkUlF It-f fCf^ Ut llr ta.- 

ifcT r».] 


[hute ni- 

Bncf, 1 nHCiTfT'[L kiim ; bcuiid Dp Iub miubd ; 
And, aflernne nnuU spooe, bdjig atrong al heart, 
Hv teat DM hjlhff. itnager u I oai, 
Tu IcU that AoTj, Ibit jm might ujinsc 
Ilia bfc^di pnauH, and to ^la (Lis Db]>kiii, 
JH-'d.iD hi&* bli-xl, unTn Eliii BhepLord jujth 
Tu£ he bi apaii doth call hit BoBaJind, 

Ckl Why, bow iiDW,GiuijDHde' eweetGjinj- 
mnlB I fblmd. 

Ou. Mvi* vill swoon vrfaon ibof do look od 
CfeL. TbcrTUiuDninit. — Coiuao— Guijmede] 
Oix. Locpk* herenrrcn. 
H«. I would 1 vfln at homo- 
Ckl. Wo'U lisd jDu LhiLher:— 

I frnj jon, 1^ jou lake hm lij ibii mn ? 

Ou^ Bt- (if ^od ch<yTf junth : jou a dihii ? — 

BfiH. I da BO, I iKinieu il, Ak* airnihT a boilj 
"TOidri tlLink iJii^ "ap. wtill ccimlJiFfluted : I praj 
juu, 1i:]l jnur lirtFtLcr how "wdl I «iuitorl»U!d,— 
H^igh-bo ! 

Ou, TJufl HOB dM oounterfeiL ; ihetu ut (» 
^TfuiL Ufltinioiiy ID jqut compluxioD, thil !t "v a 
jjOAHbri of i:anjf4L 

Roa. CDiinU'rfi.'ll, I Da^urv jgm. 

OiJ. WotlUicQ^Lako agvod h«LTt,Boinniater- 

ftit ta bo U tDAD. 

Kos, So I do : hnl^ i' fnJlh I ahould have b«n 
It woiiiiMi b; right. 

Cel. OoToe, joD look paiLT uid pulor ; pnj 
jou, draw honiewiLTflB- — Gwd Dir* go »jUi us. 

Oll TliAt vilJ I, Tor 1 idjeI IwOf anowtr buk, 
how you UCE18I3 mjr broUwr, Kci^oliud, 

Rofi. I BhalJ dcviao Fomi'thing : hut. 1 pray 
jou coiMDeod mj counkrfeiting to tim-— -WiJl 
jou go t [Ere^nt. 


^ ^ 



' ~^ 










- - J-. 


SCKNE I.—Tht Fortit 0/ Axim. 

EntfT ToncBKDSifianfi AnnnaT. 

ToucB- Wq ^mll Gad & dma, Atidrp^ ; 

Aint. FoJUi, iJh priwl wts g*tn*\ vaou^h, far 

lIid uIlI gvntlcnuui's aikving, 

Tuctn, A mo»l wiclipd Sit Oli*erT Autlrfj, a 
moBl tib UAtloxt, BdL. Audrr^. iberc u a 
jrtuib here in lLp fifreat IftTH olnim lo jiiu. 

Am. Ay» I know wbo'lia; \m hirh no interfst 
m mo m lb? wt>HJ : Ihtb niinivi Thi' mnn joq tuvh- 

Toircii^ It ia voat and drink It mt lo kiIpQ a 
down : bj mj trolh, *re that have good wib tavn 
much to oiuwDr firi wi' cluJl bo QouLiug; wi? 
caDDol liolii. 

Will. Good etim, Aodrej- 
Adt. Ood je good evai, WlUJam. 

Will. And pm] UTun li) you, Air. 

Touch. Good n^w, gentle ln™d> Cflvrr (ij 
haul) i?<iTi!r thj had ; nnj, pr'jilLW, Ik cotqth 
Hnw (dri MP joUf fri™d ? 

Will. Fi«p luirl tw«Dtj, nr. 

Touch. A Hpo age. U tby nunt WiIUac&T 

Wfu. WiUiuQ, lir. 

TncCB. A fair nama. Wut lioni i' Utf forol 

Will. Ay, ht, I fhaiA OihI, 

ToncE. rAini- (-W - — 4 ^;o«i «uirw. In 

Wiu,. 'Fallh, eir, Ki-flti. 

Tmcii. J^o^BO lA grod, vm gnod, lAjoflik 
Icntgnodt — (uid jt^ l[ is doL ^ i[ « b«la»-H, All 
tbon Hiu? 

Wju.. Aj, ur, 1 hwru a prtny fdt. 

Tni !'ii, ^^'||J^ duia Hjnt wi-U, 1 Jd mm 
irlni'Djbtr a aayiag: The fM di'th Mira.t A« 4 
vw, ^' fAf U'Vr mnn kaoiPthtvaeff in Wa/oU. 



Tim hLfitbui phJlo»i|kher, wlu^n hi^ hod n Armm m 
gmpc. wwjjil open hU llpt *berL he puL it 
lib mcuth, nmjuDg Ukti^J] Uiiit arupci vent 
to ear. afid lij*}* la upeo. You d{k Juvi] tliin 

Wiu.. I dof nr. 

Tditcb, GiTeniD joni biuid. AndiDatctnied? 

Wnj,. Mo, KT. 

Trnicu. Tlieii JnEm thia ctT mo : Tri have, in tu 
bare: fgr il is a £gDjo in rhctcirie, thot ilrink, 
^ahg pwir^d out of n cup into a pSaai, bj fiUio^ 
lk> Oflf' dtrEh vcjjiij llie oLber: fur jlP jiput wnri*rv 

do BODKBl lllBt ifiK IB lib i POW, yuU KTC KDt ipBC, 

firl OB luL 
Wtu.. WUcbS^.^ir? 

Touch, Sc. nr. thai mual niofTT Ebia wnmaa. 

Ibmfim, jnQ aluwii, nWdini, — wriirli in m iJif 

hlpTi kuiDT — tbi^ Rocicry,— nbJL'b Id tlii' Ixurish 

I, HUnpanj, — of tVii.> fi^molc, — whicli in ihc 

(■GBon IB, wDQiMn; ^hivb Uj;etber Ie, abaadan 

itiQDetj of tbit f^tmiilt. i>r, clihwii^ thtni pc'riFilta&l I 

m. t» ifaj bctEi'r uidiTBlJUiiliiig, dlenL ; i^r. Ijj 

fit, I tUl (hfv, Tqakfi thcc aira_v, Inmnljilp tbv 

Uf toM ii«LLi. liij Ultcrlj IdUp bondage ; 1 will 

U ia poina willi iht^, nr !n butinadn, gf 

I kk Italic I will bandy Mtth thcf iu fih^licinL T 

biTh u'fT-niD ihi-c wilh pi>IJr^ ; 1 *nl] bill tht« a 

^uJnl Bod fit^ iTBj-a ; tbercfon cremble, uid 

HFiLL. Ood rest jou menj, lir, [ilf kt 

JfnMr Consf. 

nnd DtiatrGH Hwkb 


PL Oar moflffr 
Tiit^CH. Tri]!, Audniy, [rip. AtHli«> ; — I itU-pd, 


n. — Am>rhtr part of tAf ^rosf. 
fnur OmiiAnpd a/ad Oliteb. 

Oil li^HBdhletbu.anuliEtkiLciiUBiritiibr^, 

CAinldUuber? limt, but iK'ing, jr^ou sbouM 
furf mid, ]ov1a|-. ww? and, wooiugj aliu 
■fcnilil giBQl * and Will 31™ poraiver to eiifojbcr^ 
Ou, XmllKr Oil] (lui i^dilinr^ft of iL in qn^Kt^Qii, 
Ifc pf'wlT uf bw, IJk *in(dl DtqualiilaiiM, my 
^Ihi nuuiiifjt DOT ber * AuddcD cohkeiEjii^ ; but 

^•b Ita4-lcuf iHltDU, whv, optn ibo limkbnf [iiiL aT a 
^,«ta.t,mten»J IaUhicwm of metUta bj ilw Hll-knDC n 

**j ivith mv, t lore AJiena: uy t-ilb her. that 
flio lovcA Dii:; cohsont wiib bnlh, thaL >Tn may 
I'ltJDj I'ni'b (iiIht t il hlull he tJh >^<iLir j><ioil ; fur 
TDy fnLbL'r'iL Iiddeic, luiil olf the n!V<^Duc (hat WOB 
■>Ld air Knlond'", rill J cntitc upon jou, ud berc 
livo and die d bhi^pkcrti. 

Obih, You lumi my conKiit. Lot jmir wedding 
]m to-tOMttvn : ih\\hiir will I inviui Qia iluhct, luid 
a1] bu cnnlfJiln] ralln^r^^. Go jou, and fircpoTB 
.yiohA : \ot, Imk yau. htn cnnica my Roufxad- 

Sntrr HoBAUTOr 

Rob. Go-I sarp j^u. braihnr- 

Oli. Aod you, fair ei^EBr. 

R08- O, my diuit Orlundur how it griereft ma 
li> Kt thiic Hear Ehr heart in a BOirT ! 

t>Bt. It is my arm. 

Uot. 1 tbau^bt, Lbj heart lull ham wouud«d 
nilji ihci i^Iawh lif k lion. 

Ohl. Wuunded il in, but wilb rie Bye* of a 

lloit. Did jout brothor toll you bow t coiEnbv- 
fmli-d to BwnoD, when he diowcd mo your bond- 

OhL. Av, nnd greali^r wondcra than LhaL 

liffS- O, I kno'" iriiere jdu ai'i' ; — nny, 'tii 
trufi : tLeifl wn» uov^ any thing no ijUdiLEtn^ bat 
t\u.i liglit of tw{i mmrir aud UffiBar's thraaonical bmg 
of— /twir.^jav, and ffWr^imwj" fbr your brother 
nnd mj "i^ter r<i mnnflr mtitH but tluiy looted; Do 
^iKmor looln-^l, but llwy loved : do wunt* Wed. 
hut they aigbnl ; no sooner plgbod, bnt th^ hflk*J 
one another Iho rcnaon j no BKtui^r kne* the 
roaaoUn but ther loughl the rameily: imd in thi^fie 
ilegroM bflVH Vlmy inaAe a pair of stnin! Iu mw- 
FJj^, which tliny will climb irieontinent.or elie bo 
iDCOdtinont befiira nmrrin^ : TJmy ani in Ihe Torj 
wmtli of love, and Ibpy will l^jgethHTi aloUooimo* 
part Uieni,'' 

Ont. TVy nhfttl be married t>-roomm, and I 
win bid" the dut-? to lliu nuptial, Bui. O. huw 
bitttr a ihiufl; it ia lo looJc inlo hftppioeE throu^ 
aiinllitir man^H eyei! By bo mneb llto uioro abill 
T lo-niorrO'* lie at lliD heifihl of heort-lkwviiiaHi, 
|jy hoiv niudi T fUi^U ibint mj brother }iHji[iy in 
havinu what bo winbiH fut^ 

Uos. Wbj,then,l4i-niortowTcannot larroyouT 

turn rorR-Hnliod? 

Out, I oan live no loager bj thiakinj;- 

Jloa> I will ^mtj yon no longer tbon ^th idio 

i'i Full h-lte, ^•ttrrmmt. 
-mniii-B. L-mltmi, -li»h a ^•«' iMeunri, !□ [i^ oul " Clal* f " 
-ouH lU? 1>r1llr«Tlllk. -L 1. 1. . . 

n Hid Uf J-it-~| JiiFlimhO ilikm. Sii in ••The UncfuHl o' 

■'I aTDUd hmh La tiippft, Jmatrm-" 




ai- riboWdi 

Yta. Aadlfo 

&i~ ll a to fed a 

And w am T br^Bfe, 
Pbx. And I br nBijaiJi 
Ouh- Aad I Av Ra«^ 
Bob. And 1 for 04 «d^^ 
Shi. '* -- '- ^' " — *ii nf fcJwij. 
AH Duda oF pikMioD, and aD i^de Hi 
AU adn-aliDd, 4iuLy, mid hIm— jimi ; 
All h[imM<>nt.-°s, tl\ fmdatn, MkA i 
All imKlj, dJI tri*], all otaBnoR ; • 
AliJ do ud 1 [or Pbebe. 


jm me Td lo^ 


jnn mo Ui lor? 

ii Mt her^ Dor clmh doI 

OM if «■; Ik HkD [}v 

I c^ : — I vadd hn 
Tit-m^nvw dbbC bb 

3js^ ^To VawmLl iF 
in bB tameA tt- 
■■^ ri^ OmLLiDO,] jT 
ja% [7^ 8iLTTn.1 'i 

A« *n [ Tb Obujoo.] Lm 

tt; ai ■ I Ikt* B »v^^ III BBot^-S^^ 

Pv. 7f« I. 

SCE3E III_Jv«|«pfiiv« </ ^ ^orqf. 

■ tbc jovfbl day, Andnj ; 

JiM9^ 1 4» JfMifr it with ■& D15 hearl : Ukl ^ 

pa i| ■ 9* ii b oB Wl Atmtt, b> dwire W be b 

^ As vadiL* Ilm note hm at ib« 

Wdl KKt, honwT gentlemai 

ToocL Bj aj nvih, vdl nnt : fiumpt nt* ■**■ 

SFaal Wlp »n^ for you ; sil i'thp middle, 
L Pub. Shall wc clap into'l rouodly, wiiho"^ 
hMkzB^, ar iiiliji^ Of iaying ifo Art" hwirsfi - 
vhidi an llv «]jr inJogna to a bad tc^ce : 

2pAflL PbiEh, r&hfa; anJ both id 1 mat, 
Hkit 1*D gjpara oa k hurw. 


>• ri;'^BFPf(, .jJI J^J, aJJ o'>4erFUr« Tbr <i~ nrd Juabfl 

>r«j riupldrril luiiUrrrtf^.^-^aq^iiSHauibUTftmii^jD 


t") OM LoL air; ilWrrd by Bn«. 




[Ddiimi tr. 


fU a Av, «hJ a Ao. md i keg jiorutrfi, 


ITiti a Jke^, onJ a Ai>, and d Af^ iii>iiifio, 
h iprinff twu, iK. 

fUanl thry bf/jan thtit hour, 

ffiA a h^f/, and a h". tnd a Kft/ fl07iijifl> 
Svv Ei^ " i'/' iHu futi ajirtmer 

In tpfiny rime, Ac 


id d^rrfim t-iix rht pment finirf/ 

Wiii a h^^. *iitd a fm. and a hejf jiimi'«D ; 

In JjirtTipj tiini, &.C. 

TcucBm IVnlj. jflong gentkTiu.'ii, itou^ib lJn'» 
■v on grval iiwibn iu iJitf diltjr, jct tilt; note 
'vnTT uii1iiiii.'ah1u,' 

I Page. Vou trc decdvcd, «r; wd kept luce, 
H bd ODl our tiiuc. 

Tomw- Bj mj UuUi* jw i I oouni it birt time 
JhI bk Inr ncU a fuuUflli aocig' Ood ^ wi' jdu ^ 
■tod God Ukcnd your to'ioa ! OihdOt Aiulruy. 

SCENE rv.— iwoMn-jiflH i^the Fomf, 


Dfek HDt'^t AMtRKti, 1T44UIIH, OoLAnno, 

Dexb Sl Dnt thoQ bclicrr, Orlando, that thi.- 
do all tbU tbat Ih haSli prnmi&ni ? 

lor >u piupnM br R<«nu, 1^ bu ilbe< hn ffll^ 

Urartu- Ue Ui« mMDi Vmt. ^f-i TliLi li Drinlnl u 
MiSH IbUievIiJ im. 
' Ttt wtlfkH f«f]f nntnsKUH^I TbMAaU i]Und lb* l4Bl 
nd Id BtAAntJf J and (U Banc ihtDfc- !■ xiadr liy Ur . CoUlir'* 

■■HiiTiM. tol IIh« Bbd IBbT iVBIf 0air ITBnPTTHQDIn 

« tA nam Uut fr« AVf >afi. d4 tnciw 1[i--r rEor ] Thl> 

him wr ihfc TfB — JM >I IW h»*« tore propiMq , nC IhciriE ■ur 
•■iBttcMBl1o^rtnilu4Hll'ian«tioiiikt JuknHB'— 

Omc I BnvtJmu ilo 1w]ipr(,uiJBDiiietiDies do 
Aj Ehofic thai fbar thoj faopD, Hid kiKiw they toot-* 

Enter Bobaund, Giltjub, om^ ^■m- 

llufl. PbIjctih: fiDco morf, wh'iln Our uumpoct 

U tir^fd ; * 

Vou MiJ, if I bm^; In juur HtfOhluid, 

[7'a j!&r I>DKE. 

You will bcfltoK htr an Orlandu li^ixu f 
DtTEB 8. That would 1, Eijid 1 kingjama to gifc 

Jtofl. And JDU BJ, jon will hnvo her, wIihi 1 
hrinfiW? [7*0 OuiiSDo. 

OiiL. Tlmtwnuld I, wottilof JiUkuigfiiirna kirrg. 

RoH, You &nt, JOB "11 marry jne, if I be 
wiUiQg?— [To Phede. 

Phr. Ttfct wiL I, flLmild I dju llio hciiir nlW. 

Itjiri. But if jnii ilo I'ofusc to idattj ntt^ 
Yoa'U give jDiiTsoIf (D this mnsL futl^ ahophcni T 

Pith, tSo is ihs buguii, 

Hm. You mj, that jou^I lin»e Pheba. if ihfl will 1 

[Tl} SlLVJlTfl. 

Silh Tbaagh to hflTo hrr oud deilb wcru bulJj 

ON ihjng. 
^jii- 1 have protmsM to make all ihit mACler 

KeDp Tou JQiir word, dukq, to ^re jDdr 

daughter ; — 

Yon yvars, Orluidu. Lo rec^'rc kit dBU^^ibter ; — 
Eeop jou your ward, Pbubt, thai jnu^tL mury ii>e^ , 
Or ol«, refiiBiDD; mc, to wed Utifl shfijihiTd : — 
Seep jonr wDrgp^llTiEu, ihaL jou'llmiUT^ her^ 
If ahs rtJiuf am: — and ^lu bi-nce 1 gu, 
To nukii ibnc doubU oU i^'rcn. 

[ft'm/Tif RoBALiND and Ceiaa. 

DftE 8 1 do rompnibcr In iliiia Bh<'[pb<'Td \'Oj, 
Soma livtlj louclm if mv iniiglilti^a fnvoutr 

Obl. My lord, ^ firoL tiiiui tlmt I over baw 
VfofbouL'ht be wofi & brglliot b> jaor daughterj 
But, raj goQil lord, ibis boy ii fore^t-botrij 
And haUi lnn<D FuLor't] in ilie i-uiU^neulB 
Of moDy rl'wpGraJo ifiuti'.'P by bin □ri(!!i?. 
Whom iji> ri'porlji la bo a great nB^dui, 
DbHured Id llie E.-ircl0 of tiiia fore«L- 

■Il«T al nmh: — 

" Ai UiBHlbVfUT rlr>f hnpa. ud knnr IhHl TtBi* 
4411 Oiuql Mr- CuUkri tiiiinlal or : — 

' ' Al 11.1M ijiAE mm *■ nnflT, mJ know it-T '=■'." 

TlulEBdiViLI,- An II. h 1^— 

" fiul knuw J ibLnh. ud Iblnh 1 kaDW okml *V"-" 

* TiIIIh xNr fmpwrl l< Drf*!! -J br CiUlln-'A anjiiUliPr D«hl- 


vrr V ) 


[aum IT- 

Jxi)w TIidtb Eh, fni¥i ahoiIilt flooit lairdnlT and 
■ purciF vcrj Blroii^' bci^U, irliii^h in aU tmigiicn 

f n^ TovciiBTOHi Dnrf Adhiubt, 

Tourn. SjilLilAtidn nrnl (jjii-ljjig lo _yoii all I 
Jaq. GiytiL my lijrd, Li^l him «uI<xitiiif. Thih 
,lho morky-imiuii?"! ffCftllcmfin, thai I have bu 
iodL in tbe fbi^t ; ho Iiath IhX'D a coimicr, 

TorcH. If onj man iluuk tbaX. U.-1 him jml mu 
to my fpurji^ijon^ 1 bavt; [rod a mruiiru ; 1 Law 
flatteri>d n IbUj; 1 lifl*'L' ticen pdlidt' wiLli my Hfnd, 

BTDOOEh Vit\l UiIqO ODtlDj 1 I Itll^^ UndoDO UlTlTfl 

UilDn ; I kiVfl liod four quimila. Bail lik-- Ut hitn- 
fDtialiL OPO, 

Ja<i, Aufl Imw WM Ihal la^aa up? 

Toccii, Fiiillij m. nu^l, ami (auai the quuTv) 
WEka u[>i»ri tliU »ii^tQiit]i cauiiCd 

Ja*, llftw qtvi-Dth CBiiH"? — Good, mj loid, like 
ibii il■\i^^'^r. 

TivKR Sr 1 llV<t him 'erj wpII. 

Toucm. Goi] 'ilil jujt" fir ; I dtbira ^a* nf Ihi; 
lifct. I piwfl iij livti?, pirn aizioQg'it tlfu re^t of Ihc 
roaaETj i^opjadrca^ lo Bwi?Ar and [□ furai^ear ; 
ucimliri)! Hfl iiiairljiHU Mmli uml M<hhI Lrk?rLka: — 
a. poor virgin, ^\e, an lU-fjLvautoJ [liin^, sir, buL 
mhiD Own : a poor humour ut' mini', ^ir. Eo lidu; 
ihat ihaL no mun tlni: vill, X^IcIl 1i4>u»i[3' dwoUn 
Jikii a nuBcr, ^Ir, in a poor houao, an yaor ^roorl in 
jour fuid oynter. 

DuEi 3r Bj my fmth, he a rarj Bwid* and 

ToutK. Anvrdin|T to the fuol'it Inilt, ur, bid 
BDirli diilrot diacaHiA. 

.T^q. JIuIt fin- Uii- Hcvi>al]i came : haw did yuu 
Hnil tLo i^iuuTf^l oa th? tovtatL cauw ? 

Tncca, Vpun a lie auvt^u timn^ rcmoroJ: — - 
bear jour hudy ijiaro h>oiijing. AuJroy:— *a 
iLub.sir. I il\d distikii^ ihi- vat of a cKrtaia Pour- 
lior'a Tieonl ; he neat me word, if 1 Hial Uia bcnrJ 
vofl not cut wLtU. he "iLi ta the nirrid ii wan ; Ihia 
ii i:alled Lhc Rtfart p-urtttiif. If I sent lam wotd 
again, it wm not well cutp lie wwdd «eiid me word, 

• fl^'lU ^w,— 1 God ulMrrhLi, jTwaril T""- 

H I tfd'ii^ fnn \it In Hir I Put eiunpln af UU ninlfl ul 

*oailruii»n, icp notsCi, |] IB], Vn|. I. 

D Ha 

I IB,! 

' B«in— k 4vr iiiHii-Lr ML Ttt, vnr i 

* IM4 dlillfci'-] fJjjJpJn hirr linp<Ti* qui lacrEl^ Ibt mer 
blntMff in Kiri-ilan, boi |liflTipr™|n|i»| HI in " «c*.qrf hi 

i^klifepli BDUDiurl unil fLclrbei* "QurtD ot CitUnti.- An 

"Jim bo rumHinrJf 

flliU^ ,01,1 jtW/.' i'Utt>.artB.iijnEraof,KBl 

ha out Jt Id pIimiaa liiniKlf: iUb is catl&l ihe ^^ji 
»t«/«B', If agSLn, iL xiu nor »|| cut. b«diuhl^' 
my Jutijrnnnl ; ihJa ii* i^allod ilrf fff/j^^ eJnirtuJt. 
tf agnin, iL ww not y/iyW cut, ho waul^ iniiirpr, I 
B|Hike iHjl Tmo : tMa id eaUod iho Rtftroaf valuta. 
ir agaia» ii -moa noL HtfU ont, la' wuciTd tuiv. T Ee- 
Uiis [» L'allcd ihu Cijui/Tcftrtit ^uifrrf/iojikr : abd 
BO lo iJ|(]* Lif. nrcumntantiifl . and ilio ii'e dimd. 

■1*441, jliid how otl did tou aay, hia heard not noL 
fttU cut? 

Toccn. I iliimi, ^ no furiJwr ihaji the 
ciTvunui^^'i'd/, nfjr Lie duTHl not jjivo lue ilia Im 
litTfet; as\A m wo [tLtuurcJ aworda^ and porb-J. 

■T^it- Caa yaii wmuruU in order now tbc li^ 
grew of iht lie? 

ToiTCii. 0,H[r,wfiquarTr']iiipKiil, bytlielKK^OJ 
as ^n haro booka for good nuuinon ;1-i J vd] aame 
you Iho dei^rees, THi] first, ibo Ri?Ui*1 comieoqii 
the BHond, the Quip mudi^l ; fhe ihiir], the BciHt 
cliurlLih; iIjc firarth, the ReprDof raliant : (Jio fifth, 
Iho CjHiJiteceheck quair-hioinp ; iho «ith, the lit 
wilht^rcuinBUiM--'' '. the bcvcuCIj, tbo I^ dlrecL All 
iheao ymi miy ayoid, but ibc Lie direct ^ and jam 
Tiinv avoid that 1*0. wjdi an If. T knew wba 
apvprijiialieeaconldnit laltoapoqiiaiTtf ; but wla 
ihepurlieawiTemiif chrniFii'Jvefl, oucoflhimi thaagbf 
hulofafi If, as, //yuu taidK^theiL fmiifni; tod 
tbey nhmk hiuids. and awoni Invflhure. Your/^ia 
Ihi? onljtffjicij-mflhiir; niurb *irtiu> in If. 

J*o. Irt tiol iJiis rt rar.' fi'll^w, mr lonl? heV 
good at Qn^ ihing, nmt tct a foid, 

Di'Kfi S, Ho UKB hifi fulk likp A italkinjr-boTO,' 
ftflj iindor Ihu prewnlaljoii of that, he Jiwt* bia wit, 

.^itfi Trfustc/ fiflWr IItiien,' Uadiny RoBAuimj 

Hth, TAfTi it iAf,e mirlh in li^awn. 
What Earthly thinje nt-idt ti-n. 

AtnHr ffrflffher. 
Ootid duAe, rKfiva iki/ 'inu^jhlfr, 
IfyHtnfnm hfiryta brvHi//if Ktr, 

Yi'A. Imtiffht htr hither. 
That fJ,i„tffriffAi'it Join fifrfttamim/h 

iVh>),f heart tf^ftiB htr^ hottrm. u 
Rob, To you I give mjaelf, |l}r I taa joui*. 


(»i nnt b|laonilu,r4«. 


Old fopf , 1„ 


bad, tb»», .har l«, .hnuld ™>.„«d ™,e «lS^S « 

■ HltBWB, — ] ■■ TlmalJnil ii Liajirlafi trUw mi oTrlu 

Cr in taflnhisl-l ''J PPCIiir.Tra'Jii. ud & Ih-rSbr-i™* 
. HtUppiii«J-rrJ<lb*iftilnrhTcliMi™ "aj^l^™ 


[Hsn IT. 

jwo I givemjaelf, for I Ani jooin. 

_ i, j(ju nra mj 

Jitt- If iImtc be Irnlh in M^i, jtm «t mj 

pHx. U ugbt And tbopo bo Tfiie, 

Bu. 1 11 h»Te DO lothcT, if joa be not ha : — 

{To DLicfc S. 
IhniH hubud, if joabe not he; — 

MWsrweJ wvmvi, if jou be nut «hc. 

En. PuM. hoi I bu amfuaiDj] : 
'T is I moBl make coDcIuEiaD 

I Of Lh«i> nQost fltruigQ pvcnb : 
Hure'fl eignii Ibnl miut I'lke hondj, 
Tn intn in Hjotef/B bacda, 
If iroLb h»]E3B imp cunlnDtd. 
CB Biid jou no i-ntu jiIlqII puK: 

Yofl and jou jun heArt in bearl : 

[J'o Olivkii and Celm, 

Ot hAVe A -fvomBii 10 jour hrA : — 
ud jou arc autp iD(^*dibr, 


to foul wf other. 
k-hjlDb ire ung. 
r«iJ joiinelvcfl with quc^tioTiJiiff ; 
Tim mtioa voad^f mij diminiA^i, 
Rov ibuii we m^> onJ tbene things fialab. 

^h SONO. 

^Khidim^ it ^rmt Jhw'm i-nntn ; 
V QUtnfftbof,,! Aboard and b^f 
' Ti Uyffitii pfoff't tvtty toKn ; 

Hvjh vikvi-, Uirtt, Ad houu'tr^t : 
SaHmr. h*^h hoaof and rnitif-n, 

Tii ffyam, god of nfy town / 

1^ S, O my ^cAi- niecu^ wekome (boa ml 
In ma! 
**^whbT« wrliTDinp In uoIizau dcgrei.\ 
■■L I viU not eit mj wnrd; now thou art 

"T fait ST furi-y U} ibee diAL cuuibinp, 

{Ta Sn.vnjH. 

£«i£rr JAQtru db Boik. 

WuB. If I Die bnTi? Oiiincrii.'C for a wurdr 
<» IWfi ; 

tkiHwiiJ «0D of old UT Rolamli 

• Utrw'd-] fV4«4- 

That Ining th«e lidlngB (o Uii^ fair MaeraWj : — 
Data FredLTJckt bpariag how (hat every daj 
Ml'ii of great worth ruBorte*! lo (hifl forw*!, 
-ViUhVM'd" n nMghtj power, wbicb were iia foot. 
In ilia uvn coQ'liLcl, piirpcselj fi> tnko 
n]fl bmEhur hei-ej ami puL him lo llie aword : 
.^nd to th^ ik\ttA of Ihia wild woud he caiuD, 
Wlierp iDocling with an uld Tcligiou.4 lunn, 
AfLer BOiitti ^^iKilLQU wiLh liini, waa cornvnt^rl 
Both (rgni bia enterpriEa vicl &uiii Uic^ world ; 
Hiti omwti bociiiMthiiig lo biu huiiflb'd LrDLhet. 
And a|] ibeir lundi i'cbIm^iI tu tbimi* again 
That wore with him ciii'd. Thia lo ho imo^ 
I do Qn<ru^ mj life. 

EliTEU tS. WdtnmOf joung idad l 

Thnii oflcr'at (birlj la tlij brolhort' woddiiig: 
To one. hia Imidi wilbln>ld i and to tba othsff 
A land iL^tlf aL large, a pDlout dukedoED, 
FlrHC, in ihU ftuwl, let oh do iJioae anda 
Tbat \urre were well hi-giui Qjkd woEJ bogot: 
And after, every of thia happy nuaikhc^r, 
Thatb^icendur'd nhivKd dn^a and ni^hu wilJi ua, 
Shall nhcUfl ibe g<iuil r>f our TtluiiH'J forluDu, 
AcfMrding In tht mi-AEiirD of llieir ijlntt's. 
Mf;anlim<^ forget this dew-fnirn dignkj. 
Anil fall luto our ru^llc rc\o]ry : — 
PlrLV, inusio I — Olid jiiUpbi'i demand hridognjomaalli 
With mcn^ure hcnp'rl m joj, ta the mifasurifa fall. 

Jaq. Sir, by j-our palienoc. — If 1 beud joit 
Thr diiliL^ bnf.U put on a rcligiuoa life, 
And [bro"n into ne^fert the pompous eomt? 

JAa. nn llr Hy Kath- 

JAq, To him will I ; out uf tb«o oonvurliloa 
There is much nuitlor Wi be beard and Icam'd. — 
Yofl [To Dvxx S,J to jout former hononr I 

YoijT m'ifnoQ and jonr virtue well dewTvefl it:^- 
Vou [To 0iu,A>D0.] to a love, that jour E-ua lailb 
duQi merit:*— [ullica: — 

Tmi I To Olivkh,] Lo yavr liuid, and JotOh and great 
You [Tit 3u.viua,] Ui a loug and wull doierved 

Aad joufry ToucHBro?ia,J iDwraaglingi fin-thjr 
lovinjr TOjraga f aurea ; 

T+i hut fiif TWO monliin viotuall'd. — Sj lo joui plea- 
1 am for aLher than for ilDneing iLicdkaarue. 

Dl^ice y, ytaj, JaqueBn ilnj. 

J^g. To B4,'o iiQ pastime I : — wbal jou woulJ 
ni stAj to know lit your abnudno'd gh»«. [Brit. 

DcKK S. Proteediprwecd: we will begin thuBH 

Aa wfl do tniBl they'll and, m true delighla, 

[A doHcr, 

^*i wdun, fcML 





fl L — ^"^ "r ^c' ^f^P >™r tPOfMpt] hi 
IM (^ cBoipJDt bK-nni Sutjulyna 4tlri OlEvor 
~ tb* VTBrtlBf ift ibIbIuiJ V eoUana:— "A 

tWiLK to vr«AJ linllMC «1L cDrnmanf k 
' UH natim and at gT»t tfmigth ^ w> 
BT mah DOofllFii ha k^vaiu bue Hn; 
k DfA mcif onrtlintwiDa thnia wbldi li« Ed- 
tnit eAdd wllh tbi v^Efit of Ub hodle UIUdk 
vbt- adwIjOff ksanjitE oF Liiia, tlt^ukin^ in-* 
Ub bnU U bo tbfl mnillil, but U> toko Djj]>or- 
Ut* f fliriM^ fint bT Mffnt nkiiAneH i^ODVimLa*! 
roBHLi ■adprDasna hmi Hiitb ni:h ronrdi (0 
■Atf Bovdvrivnviihin Iii4 rjlnft-c hnwrnld 
|«*tun td dounJ iritfa Solulyii? for hta poMu- 
■ VimiU Omtuui of paira, ■■ ipiii nui afli/ii 
^» rw^puM B>mH> iuio^ ^{i™ tf^'^ f™ Utlo 

fW lEr — f^utrl^ M Uaw(M,| Id Lho tmrjA, mSirir 
Jl of ibe N^VDiAD^i riotfrrj arer ih\! [nuir Frmsik- 
te. l>oUi Hjf trhnin Kre kiJii?d, ICcjc^ur'h [Ortaodd} 
QlSttp Lba "b</ny [inHr" is ttiLB doHribed n^ 
MRoHriBTulal buDDfltm ibe kiuc, and liK^tl* 
fa th0 b«U, tibfln bDtinp; man Lha cumFUfiH 
llWint, M cub bli a/A iipoD tie ln»upe of 
~ tken Ub Uh ■EArm of bHTen^ bqt 
bo vue bin u bdm»ui ai b» ni 
mUh lbs id^t oT Bvra;jivl, -hnn 
iuniiaifel Iba m of Jtomiler, thAt 
I «t4« lad l«ib» bk IivLbb m UtB 

donbliv of bat bfrnnUoiu eirB!1«icv, 
Tiddfl ar A*irnm &t ibb ik^bt cif □□- 
IB, nvi DDL IulUd n gloricpu. ^u \or- 
jwmff enitLomui fbctflml tn tha loahn 
IV kJm out of bb mvuAiita wltb h ibalia 
Uir. RuHder biiAjDg buJLJ Wl^ U ODi^ 
hf# t*d h«b ladAbBd fnaa Hwe jilovfkUDl 
. bo kU bj t|u (HuTB nr hiB GmaUoarjou 
orBCTDui hijth thnughui' but nfhfD [hoy 
, Vi'l (bo AwwUkBOB of hu vitBgo. with 
cf EBruun, Umj B^evral Lbat hu ETixx^'y 
L HoLiUB inaabiiH HI lALub i bntsiHEliir 
iduhoBOU to biodar bim fnmi Mi i^aWrvrbv, 
to biB gnotd wiUk bba [bIuis of lir^li-, 
IB tkw aUhI nnt cif hU rirvDiDHtJ^ bf tho 
U TVOcfatr ttaot lo him irltb no ILGr>M nn ln^ 
itf Ib^ beib nl £jr Ltm sniiuid, aitd larb tCko 
tan famd to bnntbu ; In wbkb hhid 
to ^ndB b; bU toluuiA, th>t thkwH 
blfl nmojnltd bim ta kil; HbbiJi 
1 Ibfltob Bnry tlin|>e, naJ liy otnj 
rbkdMtbhHInl^t rfcornr t^i^ ^|.1b 
■■■ pr^imliuLl hirri, Oa tlio ouErarY 
kd bTKlhud inu not iiWo, hiiL xLlJ 
I £i;^djBiJa. Wblf Lu ilWaunife him with 
•vA H jnonm Look^ fu mljjbt bavu 
wwvj daapAAb: vUob j[]4iiou -/f Huvl- 
I^A I JMtnw H* i l llil^t or iLoHuduEi lLa[ 
I lbs KDrnmn boa ranna iipiin bim fu t brvM 
blto^ ■FKinlEiUir. Tbo Nonsoit mwlTcl bJlD 

on itHou »1ifD rnrtnnO WDubl bt pJOd^aJ. ALlHLBffbldarf 

EnUlD^ li] Fnlml" tit^ iTIkllLtQ of Uil AdW Inia tmmi, Lbo 

ItalDdof bip Jjkthorq h.jni>i]ni, BOiI tbn dlvnnP Ihat tbonlii 
Ekl to Ilia boLuu by bn ni ilfrTtimo, riwried himieirp Wnl 
Ibzpir Uie NuTQJUi u^-oiDiit Eba irrr»ijni[, UJilifl DE'i'in hii 

TL4b]ie bar i^ikD uikl l{uuder Lba vtiiliirfn,"— Viid, ji, Hfi. 

qj liar i-AuiA ilrf 

^m d// tAp'UV<i|ifD4n; on J liar i-AuiA ilrf« (fonifr bpn 
it bit a jui n/dis J* inrrt lifflta hiaet.'\ 

Huoli bu bom wrlltoEi on Tha or%in and tiu nf tbe 
nintokn. Ttaa CDUavbi^ ialbD jumiint lT 11 tiy Eltrult In 
oil "SpOrti Mul PuUiumi;" Lbow wba welc for runlior 
jiLCumuiiiiia Edt Cba vjtiin't BUf couuIl Bdvonm^rDDaHJy 
tbenobHAFT^'^^^t^ phy in t&a V jriunjnt Erimnn -— 
"TilLkn^ iir canilBliDff q( ibD qiualaia k* CVbtisly ft 
iDilibtfy OAOrdWD of b^h aiidquily, Uk^i [mLocadaDt, I 
Hin^ubL DoL, Id tliU Jil»(fl Odd tounuusdjnfA, Tb« ^liEbUlB 
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wtaii4idaqlitbB«tli<ul'na(lyUbql«<| wtUibilU>irk,-<i ■ 
Wah kLol liiB IvuUikT bi^fUL to tlino, toA Uh Jr^n to 
rasBB himHtfa, vbarMiiKiD RoAkdO' ■vIbIiiI j diaisvil hta 

4)0 fait iCHfeK Hh bMH f«]^ tdTOVJfil (D ktffl ft 

Buvl40bBrCk^Bt KoBdw, ud with Ui uwv ■■■ 
him ft ■» |ii^i tA thfl bctft Tjut hfl lu«l idniHt W| 
ret V * CofeA n«l raliaaL, ia whinD Lba episka irf Sr J^ 
nnmlQails rtmaUMii, Iw re«r*aic<] lUmHlfo. and 
MAN* dnr lba luB. who Ht hn 4«stb rami h lffv4 OA 
SdadjA* II ■■bill, lad fttftrt^bli, tw am^Bd d 
•nddv ^igfal of ■) BunAwH ftlMuC Irinc dft^ bj 1^ 
UHliDtitAdBKBitUnDuiwaimded.''— Ro«ALTltl>^Ps7C 


n] BcBBmlV.-^, «r, rri^rrti in print, hjl^t^MJ:.] 
iStEsin too. puWlibed ia iW, ^rtiO^-l " ym««u> 
3 Uh u» oT lb* lUfiw Ud ota^. Th* r«*d^^ 

HGkdC. niMiJTS ofThuwooodpftrt. '■•™ti<W"'»"» 
SoSlUien "W iii^vx, ID imru^c TjHrfrbrtnmB. to^^ 
^^diriu •ml raL,siiui,i Ut tirt ] JP, -hcrvii^-cn lb* i>-r^f-i 
!Sd^^r>iii-'-'" in Jirta -OHfl" d.iUj loiiio. -i-l man? 

rfTaiMir ui-1 .hii (Tint«llo : and HnJ riffbt i,fld*nrt«»difm 

Iinim'_"l What iJw nnima ii, lJj"t U" (*"tia nrlo 

rf tCi nfttli™ a* U"- Hi Of the niannpr -nd .b-ormtja oT 
y,2r^ ]1L of Um owtMiDS. IV Of r-nnliucodi l^H. 


whaHof no ran »n?luicai pkd viie,' "Br «li(^' 
atMSmift Wftfliartiin, "he meBDi. ihoy cbodoI j pftM — I n 
BotDDOftDnthor'i thnat, wIuIb therv ■■ fta «f b ulMa ft." 


Jfti^ Bi^ th?r«ft-ri-, "d -f u« ™«^ "^^ 

of c]Oft3lUoi»l ItHs, l;a Mji ! '■ 
Ihwi Jc*d- l-^t'lhnil Ud » 


■ ma duntd tait « writa 
aaJdo that I hATU [>lTBre<l uiy 

-CIlk 1«. • • • " of UioM kind ol Ij" p^"" "> thi* 


,3lton btIh DUiiili «nl(iiitMHi 'n nvda 

(9) SflDl [V.— Jf ym iLuv &wi^ for ffotd 

Bucfa worku '«n noi nnrrmimin in 1 ha Brrtmnlh nml 
tamtth «mcun«>- Hr. H&ULwdl ID0lidc4» ■ boob nf lM 
deKTipltan, publUhed t-yVijj,]cjn f)« Wiif-la tu l»7,ii« 
DillFlibiWI of -Whluh ifl IB folToin, — "Hera eadfUi tfl 
IrnrHbwl dw bi^ duu^ ftod lBLrti*il i;ai!id Mmm' 
TboninBaln "Tba BrftBofNatlun.wHdiaiilBd'GMt 
MUfln fir Vv, BvtbiU. ud CbildnB," 8t«^ UflL 
vtHUd Iv Hiurh Ithndv: Aiuther imBed '^fu^bo 4 
Kftiltor jHihu miLLu Cobh. Arvhabi^mp of B^wtmlK. Q» 

ft BAH to uft* ftiid ■Mh««a, Id Up fiuTd^v r-ibwftmaim. h 
wQ^u nrj P BM— jT tBd pAflBUU« fcf aU OuUviaa* IT 
oUw- ^nt vHttoD tn Uw llftttai tup». ksd no* *■• 
latD bwlkh b; Rabun FBUmnn. Of I^eofai'v In* OhOi- 
run." 4tc. IflTft : ftud b tbo fttaJknat^ B^vb>X 
the jBor \57^ m aa oa\ry— 


' ttiit. JmoB. FCbUTTO'? nT IUv, fur Ut 

jnnprliitfl n bonke InUltiloit How a TaiuF*0^' 

........... mj«, Kbdft 


in OodJ WiM Mfii ■■ h«^l **'- BiJtlinin rrnuu-lni 
-^2* ib> iHUtmn of hiBwlog ™t ft tutfh ui a irijni i" n 
S«ff , "■ ■ iJ"" **«■ i-lna WH U. bo Willi. ™ ^tirtftt 

T,.,y mm*wvim! Ii> iho »LunL«T«n HtuMHi U OU«ow, 
wlMiitf n l*rt» *rf tra»»ll»" «iO obiwr-od flpproiu* i n^ ■ 
H.vuhilw Ik'n, kPill™***! ^'J * ''"K" blJ*^ flcr«f^'°lT 'f"™* 
^IlfaJirti r!li^uc>iir>Ll^id«i tilll^nirt'im. mrUn an mrly 
^[liBiTii UH.t i-^ion TlTwr, A, vil. foJ. 72, honwd:- 

1 1 II tr'H'i '^^ niLLlirwlp. 
[K^IvuhL lullLr' '<"rla "tlB 
Tliat II ItlkLh li -rrnv Id ■•Ih." 

TL# l-"*!! '■ '"T hwi"!""!!! ftlLlrfed !•> m haviop b«D 

iiinClEiuud rruta biialhi'D cJmiu. So in 
4il |loTenim«bir," 157^ " ^~ov4-dA^ Uu nod 
M&luEh ninw VffHi ^nr^flMfJ." Ad'I ID FldTVI "'8 
fT"U*,~ \&'A • '• Uxf iLDto on it-vAkjl. thai 
thf EJiranL, h||thvw«iUDU'a*itbDilLtJii-iDdairid 
KimiiBLt, in hla CLwury, ujh, tbdt "tbt t**vn-1ii^ 
or frWiLQ dF «[fMl, wiu dnat roood witb hy fnlj f 
diiai» iLou^b U(r*']Dl\ off fn tinA or btmin bnacbittB 
middlBodt niiVDUflLoisinTablTtb lo Uu 

(M dT ipaLijiiiE out B in»n buah at Uv dmrrtf tb^Bj^ 
-ntA hiLiiMi wbirh hU diink darim: the fair, a |xVW* 
OtftlAd la be flUrt iireFitJebL m mnnjr oT Uf prr>iii^fr~ 
Kollcc* ft tlrii Diioni-baab ahmnil bk onr ovl^ wrilBaU 
fuid Ihd DfiQjo Iri UqcKr] Ld Lha tiga of bbd "Bn-b," H^ 
robtmei] hj many Inrm in Enjflnoi, IhB yf^T !**«■•* 
NomtiUidy aiv^ indsfld, to thu»da; diiLli^iJiahH bj ! 






" It WQuld bfl diQii:[ilt to bnug tli« mutcatB nithm thd dompaiin of nn ordinary Eomiivo ; nntbipg 
plKv, or nJJjor what is doae is not bo dsstDtUl bb toimii is hui) ; eveo nhi.t nutj hi ctH\fd 
UatatrntfjU u brought &baat pretty arbitrarily- Wbaover cad pertelva notbing but wbAt OD, 
ft TBv, bfl cQUQtetl art tbn Sxif^om, nil) hardJ; be dispoK*! tn fUlon that it ban fUjy pko ftt bH. 
,t uii] Oight havfl BHaombltkl togutber, in the foniat of Arclco^ a ftmngD boni : a DuVq 
Itf biH bptther. whu, with the (bithful oomputloiLB of hia miBforluDD, Uvdh in tbc vilUn cm 
froduce of the ohue j two dia^uiaed Priucflcaea, who love eouh other with i siaterly aBertion ; 
irittf fioort foa]^ l^Btly, tbe iiutiTD lEibabilaniB of tho fonstf iileiU cuid TtAtitmt ehopbonis And 
■fibcrdv^MB. Tbfwe dghtly-Hbetaboii flgumi fonn a niotlay imd diTermfiod tj^n ; we Bi-a olwayn tho 
«dj dHrtpvau luidaapQ in the backgroimd, iind braatbe in iniBgidBtJoo tba fr<ab &ir of tbe Airoat. 
boOii an hoe Qeamred by no cIoakBp no n.'gijliitiid ruourreiLcu of duty or of toi] ; tbey fluw dd 
BBUDbviwl by TolaaCru-y occapatjuo or rkDoiful jdluuoflij, ta nhloh, tuaardiag to his hiunour or 
.DD, every one yielde himvtf, and this uurontniMd fr^fldoni compQQUteB lFi«n all for t^o liwt 
BBnnfericea of Uf^ Ou throvs hEmsalf down in aoHtary iiiedJt4tuni under a trm, uid mdulgea m 
■^Dchcily nifleidionfl on the ohjuigea of fartiuio, tba hlBobomi of ttii> wnrlil, and the BelTJuiliatcd 
DCDla of HOiial life; otheiH make tbi} wioiId rBSOiind with social and foBtive eongs, tfl the 
nnpuumnt of their boDtiiiK-bDnia. ^IGHhrisH, envy, ud ambitluii, have bHb Isft bcbind in 
otj; of all tbfl human pauiom, love alone liaa fom>d on eotranue into tbin wjldami^U) arbtrr it 
iototaa ihfi ouQc lan^m^q alilu to tba aitDjile ahei>herd and the libivobnua youth, wbri hiogq hia 
nvtljttj to a tfUE^. A [irudl^b Bhi^|>bi>rJi!^ fiJIq nt Jimt ni^htia loTo with RoBoEind, disgiuocd in men^a 
pBnd \ tba latter sborpEy reproacbca her w{th h^r severity to ber pmr lover, and the pain of refusaJ, 
idk iihc feelfl from oipprieji« in h«T owd raae, dibpoflu bor nt >ijgtb to oompaMJon uid reqnitoL 
aCcwl urrJiM hi£ phDwa|jbJCH] oontempt of citoitiBl eltow, ojjd hin raitlorj of tbo iUiuion of Ion 
hr^ that bd piupoaelj bhAlb Odt the u^brat and aimpltMl ccufitry wench for a ouAtreBB. Tliniiighout 
■ wbnis pTCtunji it BOBiDB ti> he tbe poet'a domgn to ahuw that to caU forth the poetry which hB,i 
UkdweUiog in pitun auJ th« human [aind, nothing la woattd but to thruw olT all artificia] 
t, and rmtora butb to iDinil Hid oLLtura tbbir origitml liborty. In ths veiy progreoa of 
ttia dreamy canilo»nt9a of Bimh an oiiBtDncD iu BtiDBJhly oiprassed : it ra even oUiidcd to by 
in tha tHb^ WbH-iQTcr oflottB In ba ili^plaLvd, if in this romantio fonat the coFcmoaial 
fruxiatic art ia u>t duly absei-ved, flight in jiLStii:e to be (li4lJTered over to the wisa Ibol, to bo led 
fOf ovt of it to bOme proHucal region." — ScoLBaDL. 


" Though tbii pf^y, with the BioepliioD of ihe rii^nue uul er^-^iaoav^rj of BonliDd, UMJ Ik md' 
be rloqtJtuia af p''^'* '^ '^ 7"^ °^'^ "^ ^1^^ moKt [If^UgbtfUl nf tbn dramBa of Shikflpoiu^- Tlki-rf n 
BDineUiiiig iueipreasibly wild ud IdtumtLD^ botli in ths cbarwjtata and id th» touoerj ; thv romuf 
diBCtoaiiig th« iiifnd dijioipliiie uid the nnoita af advoreity, thD puroBt cmoticnifi erf luvo uid frwndalup 
of gmtJtudc M\'l fidelity, the iikclaLtfholy of j^niua, imd the eihilKnLti(Hi of innocent niiKh, to Oji}iaHd 
to the deuCotiDg pffectfl of r:ri&lic«, envy, and mnbiticin -. and the Tarter imfolduig, wilh the nAntl 
bIdw oT Ikdcj. kncUcapn to ivhich, u ahjectd of injtficiori, thv uiiitn) UlBtita of Ruyvdilflf CkuJt. tad 
Salvatnr RoB cotdd aloaa du juatiw. 

"yrnn tliD Toreit of Ardun, fnim thit wild wood of h^ 

'■ irftoif liaimlii vet mou'd WlLliflft, 

AiuT bifit lirjH bald -llli iliT ■□iLqallT,"— 

frDDi ihfl hoom qF nequMteKd glflia and pathlEHa Bolitiadca, hu the pfwt Cftll^ forth Itmonot tbt 
most touuhiug: aird c^^nliVir; vivlom. Ajr» f^om paradi'iiei icem to £in with n&eAlnng gnlea. vitfat 
wnbhiuij CDiiBonaDce of eound, the intemuDable depth of fttliRge, uid to bmtho into tJu hwtt rf 
those who bBTD Bought ita shtltor bmu the world, on abCivioa of t^e^r soTTfiwii sod th^-ir ait^ T^ 
bfuunhed Dube, the laiicb-iiijured (Muiiin, nad the uielAncljalj Joqub, losa "m mfiditatioa on thg aoHis 
whjnfa fliuTQqnd tlLeiD, or in apottive freedom, or in grateful oemiffatian, oM Katrotivs taiat of fvfi 
afflia^KL Love Beeipn the qqIj poniuan which has pBoatrntad this niTuuitto htKlimiODi tnd iteta^tl 
phJloBOplua iiiij. ta nf wouodiMl dcnaibilitj, (tbo logaoy of & daontHl worid.) the only rdlqna oTl^ 
utortn which is pocBcd &nd gona. 

" NothioBi ^ '■^r '^ui blend nioif hannonioiuly witb tbo ronuutic gEndefl afid lugtfl viadiap 
Ardcn. thwi the i^cioty ^rbitb HhQl€*i><iira hai^ plvocd bpprath iti Bfaftdw. Tbo E^Q'oflt rf nUb 
on Ihe lovor of ufiturii, ui to tako full jiojiPenHJitii of tlui euid, to ubwjrb iln vary luiiihi'eHi, uil, tlinu^l 
tbo ohanned imngmaEion, to cunvort th<i workings of the mind mto tho BweptoBt teOMtHHlt of EJvj 
heart, into tte joy of fitiaf, into n thiokfiU endunnco of odvonity} into the intaiGbAngr of thB tadenmj 
mffei^tioafl : mid Und we Dot hare, in ths pfHsoii of the Diikir, the noblest pbiloroiphy of rnaigtHtuv , ii 
Jaqaea, thB humaroDB ^Ldneas nf an BTniablD miBStithnipy ; in Orluido, the tnlld dejcdiod 
aBlf^ocufldflg huBulftj i in BooJind imd Celia, the purity of eisterly oBedion^ whiht love ni all 
miLoCQice and guety bbHis in dellaoLii ft:tt«ifl, aot ooly tbs ^ouDgfiTSola^ but ib« ponlonl uLtb 
the foroHt 1 A ilay thua upont, in all thu eareloaB ItdhIoqi of muophiaticKlAi ii^tan% nnlUDi wect^^ 
etamlty of ooEiiAioa-pEKO cxistoncu I *'— JJaujL 



TvB plaj IB nut fauDil in fbe Mk o( 1625' The fint edition ot it knoivD it Ehe qu&rtoj 

m 1€00, under ih^ EiiJc of "Tito lulc And much idmired Flaj, ukUed Fcriclaa, 

of Tjre, "S^lih ih« (me rclalian of tha aIidIo Hiatoria, odrentuiu, uid fartoiieB of 

lb mid fVinoa: Ai ■!» the no ]p«ie atnuige And worthy acwidoqta in the BLnh utd lii^, 

^ ha Dingliler MmrioDii. As h liatli lioen diTi-rH and Bnndry times act^d bj hia MueatiH 

Simm, u tb« Glolrc nq ibu Banck-uJe. Bj MlLlium Sbjil:eApe&rc. Impiiiit^d At LocidHjn 

iin IFmry Goaton, uid axf [i> b« «old al tliff ii^e of the i^unuf^, in Fat^t-uoeter raw, Scc- 

l^-" Ttin waa fuLUnmed bj other quaila «UtioEiA, reipe<:tivi.'lj dal^ I011» 1010, 1630, 

1835, ItiSn, BuJ it HU aR^rworda IneeitBd Ln the fiiUe of l&GA, uid m that of IGSfi. 

AliLiu^ there u no ciidcnrc that Perieloa wu pTml«d earHcr then 1000, or, b^oxid tha 

*l^kt mi?inomndu[D in en iDTeoterj of Altcjn'a ihcatricnl wardrobf, of *' spitngled hoei*' 

^ PfTLola,* that it was noted bolbrv 16DT or l^S^ we believe ibat, in on impetfeet 

ftn, due piece hba Ihe wdtI of an older plaj-nright than ShokeapeBre, ud^ boing foimded 

^ > Rorj iriudi fcfr ag» bad retained pitleoaiTo populariLj, tbnt it waa placed m tha 

lua^huds TQ7 tarls in lii< dmmatio carur for ndapEation to the Bla^-kfrinra' El»^ Tha 

^rmioa ta J«rlvcd p&rtlj from the atjte, tha genfjnl fllniDlure of the vei^c, u>d the vnat 

I ^adrndnalipiition b the charDCb^TB, and porllj IrDin Eho oature of tb^ fable; ibe rcroltiiig; 

HRj of AiitiachuH BJid hid dnnghEer hiiog cae wbieli it !b not euj to boliero Sh^eflpeaiv 

**vU ever bhra cboaen aa a anbjvct For ropTHt^ntation, Mennver, ne ean<;lLEde, ^m tha 

^■■ftcdng teaEJmoDi' sa to iLa euceess, that Pericles, en die Eiei occasion uf ih n-producticn, 

*■• not prapenoB ; bnt LhaL. havLug been iV'mode]led» and in part le-iTntten bj Shaleapearei, 

**pccuU} in the 5E(ii Aci, It i*u ngua remeil Id IGOT or IGOS, ood then met vitb unnau&L 

fcvcRif. One proof of ila popdluitj nt this poriod wu tl» publication af n profle-trafrt, 

*TitoTi by Oftwge Wilkin*, ontiJcd " The FaittfuH Adt^nturvi of PericUt Prince of T^re. 

Bcwif T}u inu SiKfory cf the Play qf Pericfei cu it aai lately pnsatttd hy tAr uflrfAy 

mvirat Fori John Goukt. 160B," — a fitoxj (Ifltelj roprinled with moit laudable arcuraDj 

hy FiDfeuor Momiiueb) vhjch wu oompoted from nola (akan dimo^ (he perfbnouioe of the 
pkj aud eitnctA Jroni tbo Ea^Uah veraion of *' ApolLoiuaa Tjriiu." 

The origmal sonrao of Pericl« u tho hhaicra ttorj of Kins ApoU-ohit™ of TrUf ■ 
Tomimca of gnat ukliquiLj and of auch renown, that^ of the Loda vereioD &hHie, — Hutoua 
Afollontt Ttku, firat «dit«d about 1470, — ProfesHr Ranpt, of Berlin UiiiTenitj, dedam 
he ia acqnaiDted with oju hundred M35. Tbo uithor of the play, boirera-^ ^p«n ta 
hiUD been iromediAtelj iodebted for bid £able and inddenti U> that porlioD of Goirer^t 
Confatio Amantit, vhich trcEla of King AppoHo of T^re» and to the EngliBh truutukn 
of the Sittona JpoUonii entilJed The Patffrne of paiwfvU AditTittiTa : amlaining the 
mo§t txc^€7ii, pUaaaat, and varv^de Sittorie of the Urange ooch'fnff fAot h^tli un/o Prirut 
ApoWmiut, the Lody Lncvaa hu wi/f, and Thania hit daaghitri Wherein the uneeriaiMj 
of ihii vorfd ajtd thejicili ttate of ntai't life are livdy detorAed^ Qath^rvd tula EntfiiA 
bjf LauTtnca Twine, QeiUleTnan, — £nt printed in 1G76. 

|mims ^cgrmRtelr. 

hwriocEua. Simg of Antioch. 
Pau DLB, PriiKe ^ Tjre. 

SmonmiB, Khtg of Fenti^H^ 
Clboj*, ffovrmor of Thuios. 

CcanoTT, 4 Lord of Bphuu. 
Tnuiur, a Lard of AntiDch. 
PHiLnoH, SmuiM to CenmoTL 
LipfiiiEt Sn-Hnf b DiaDj». 

A Pahub- 

QOWIE, at CAdnu- 

ra* I><vtgiLttr of Anttofhia. 

Thaua, i>aiviUffra SuDonidoiL 

Mabuia, UoHpAfv 10 Perictei nd ThawL 

Dtobtu, TTi/ii te Claon. 

Lf DdOHiDA, NurH to MaribL 




BH^ B Hmg thit old wu mng, 
ABBienL Oowfr lb come ; 

,*i mfinniLuK, 
' ear, ood [tlejuie your eja. 

Ftca, And halr-Alrt / 
Ad ladlpfi. ia their liree 

for mlufiiUf t». 

* H lo nuke mai ^Taiimu ; 

m thae iBlEer timeH, 

■Ore ripe, accept my rhjmoB) 

htms an old man ding. 
wbibn pleAfinre 1irin|fi 

wUb, ind that I might 
Tou, like llper-tij^bt--^ 
t ihco, An]iin-fiuf> ilio Great 
pjly, fur hli' I'liiefLi^I atat ; 

tn«lf ^yrin; — 

rWl mine Biilhor» (ay ; — 

tBXo liim touk a pheere,'' 

I'l fD4|Mllb^ Ii>iItJ«,<- Bmindri] h^ Dr Fimi'T. 
TbJ Li, 1 fit piulf , lb' wriaarrifr. U«i1tfD 

Who died and Itfl a fVimalc beir^ 

So Luuun, lilitbe, jind full of fan, 

An IIuBTun hml ^rn( ber all bU graoa ; 

With whnm thu faLliiff likbg took, 

Ati(| h(T to incPBt did prapoko ; — 

Bad child, "nrw falTior I In cntiee hia turn 

Ta cTi], Aheiild be doae by ikene. 

Bat coBtuni wliat tLij liJd Ijogio 

"Wai* ^itl} l^)^^ 'i^ bi'UounL no ttDb 

The Leiuilj of this sinful damu 

Mado raaay princes lliirhtjr framp, 

To booV imt at, a bad-felliriTf 

la morrin^-^looiiir™ plaj-ft'llow : 

^Vl|iilL In prctFikE, he niadu a law. 

To teep her Kill, and men in awfi. — 

Tlmt nJioao oA'd her for his wife, 

TTis riddk' UiM iiol, Inat bii life : 

So fur her manj a. wiglit did di?, 

An jon grim Inolis do teelify. 

What now eafliiei, to iho judgment of your pjo 

I gi^Cr TDJ caiiBo who best lAC jiuti^, [£n<. 

p^l rial I , pMfjHif^. 




furHTi* I. 

t-boiasi- of planeU all di^ ait, 

fA? Dnugbtcr .id/ Avnamtis. 
flhe cD&iCB, B]>pBit!'<l like tlje 

f tulfjecU, And hrr Uimighta (lie king 
fniu* fi^Tca rtDDWD Id ideii ! 
IB liouL uf pifiina, vh^ts i» rvnd 
curioua pltvmiin^, u from ihEiiW 
ever ru'd, &uil ti^tjr wrath 
be bcr mild' rompajiivn. 
hat ntiidc me maa. ui awaj in bve» 

C^-Lfl&ciM iluiirt in mj Lir^tuI 
&uit of ^u aJisILa] tree, 
be AdrflQUifV. Iv Dij' litl|>a» 
In and HTTBnt Id ynur nill, 

Periiiles — 
wuiitd bo son to great Antloabut. 
om thee ^rvnh lliu Eair Hu-::<|>rHjk-», 
hrdit but djuigcrfD? Ii> he Toncli'd, 
JQw djigviii h«rL- kffn^lit dice h&rd ; 
like boKv'ii, putici'lL tLm In new 
lui gE'^¥» wbiclr ilntrt miwt ga\a : 
widuDE deBert, bcmu^' ihintf UJQ 
nKh| aU thjt whole heap cnutr dic- 
"fmimufl jiriiKVii, like lli^gelf, 

lib BpFQi^iIeu tuDgui.'4 ujid acniblfuico 

It floftria^, KELffl jDU fiuld of alQn,{lJ 
mor^n, ^nin in Cii|>ii]'B wall ; 
dKclu imIi'ibc thee Ui JcbuI 
d»tb'B Del, whijiD nono ri'si^t, 
l(i«diUB, I llibnk tW, wtici hath Unght 
IJLj to knirw itpelf, 
AAjful o^jectd U) propam 
lil^e Id tJiem, to whaE I imiPt: 
^Te!iH!]Bbet'd BliDuld be like A miiroT, 
jw, life 'i but bn»tL, tu trujt it, enOr. 
fay will tLoa l uiiI^ as fiick. maa Ao, 
#tbHirorliJ,MPlieftH-o,*hut fwaliiig woe, 
IM aithl J jojB, u eret ihej did ; 
mh A ha}^j pea» tu jou 

Enic>n, BB erery prince nhould do ; 
ibu f-unli &Dm wLenoe tho^* coma ; — 
jOcA Grrof Idve lo 501, 
I [To th4 Daughter i^^AsnocnniH. 

l|«|i^k..WW 111 oifl »pi»i.u«. 

■ Ai^aalH.] TV>i U, Dampuiliia af bar uUdiuu.— 


' *U bw* (b« «#rJf I Mtlitili'' td- 

TliLu ready fur the wn^ of lifo or death, 
1 wait the BharpoBt bCuw^ 

Ant. Seoniitig Luli-iiy' ; njir] the foncJuston 
tlien i* 
WIlIl'Il r^nd and not ^ipcuuded. '[ Ij^ deereed, 
Ai LhE«e before tLoo, Uioii tlijBclf tluiU blood. 

I>Ainj|i, Of oil "iiajM* yi:t, idelj-bI thou prnvfi 
ptDoptTOii^ ] 
Of flU >oj"cl jet, I wiih thee happbiHfl ! 

Pun- Like 11 buEd chain|iLjii 1 ofiBumc the lUtAj 
Nur oiik ndviis uf bd^ irtbtr lliuugbt* 
Qui fjiilMiilneu and cmmigc. 

Hi flXAEfl THS BmbLKp 

On irvithr.i' s Jlerh wKi^J^ did me breed : 
/ soH-fht a Ii't'tf^ji'd, in which lahnur 
I Jmmd tfmf ict7niT\''SM t'h nfaihtr: 
He 'tfatka-. »on, nnd kjiAand mild, 
I motJar, v/iftj and yft his 'ihUd. 
Il'^ut Vny' truiy iff, ajid yet irt tieo, 
Ai ffoit iffiJt tivt, resolue it j/ou." 

Sljup pliyaiu Eh the lait : but O, you puwern ! 
That ^Lve heaven eonDtlqiu nyoe to *iow ii^ud'a hcIb, 
Whj el<>uJ tliOT not tWrr &ig\iin perpctuiJlj, 
jr this bo Trae, which laakeB me pale la reuil it ? 
Frit glu* ol liglil, I lovM yvu. oi^d i.'ould bIHI, 

[Ta^-a the hand it/the FiiuefiU. 
Were not thiB glDrinuE caakL't &liir'd o'ilb ill : 
Hut I must tell joui — nuw, my tbougbiq revolti 
For he'a no man on wbum perfections *nii, 
TLftt. kjjQwJEig AUi within, will touch tlic niiJs. 
Ydu 're a fair vii>1, and ^ur bcuiio the fh^ugfl ; . 
Who, fingcr'J Iji muke Dtnri hiB Uvful muBie, 
Would draw hE-nr'n dowD, and all the ffoda to 

hearkeg ; 
BuL buiiig ^]i\j'd upOL befot? juut \jtns, 
UqIF onlj dEmcf^h al so itar^b a chimo : 
liead saQLh, I c&tv not for j'nu. 

Ast. PrLUCB Pariclea, IoudIi Dot, upoa ihj liEe, 
For thjLt'B an orEJeUi 'rilhin our law. 
Am don^^tuus bb the rtat. Your (Lmo'H uiLpiT^d i 
Eillier cipound d[>w» or rncoiTO jour BtrntemH. 

F]tB, CJipflt king, 
Fev love fo hsu' ibo slut tbej hw to act ; 
'T W4>[ili 'briud juura&lf Uu aear firr me to idl iL- 
Wlbu liu a book of all thai mouojchB do, 
tia'& moro seauro to keep it abut, t^lAn ahown : 
For nco repirttcd 'b like Lhe waoderiug wind, 
JlbwB diiBt in oihen' ouen, to Epioad itself ; 

"I akTliriB ilLuimi Ula* lAaLlirtLoal, 
tEDTDUir uItIe» ran] Ibe ccuiJuiJflD IbsD : 

4 iVn^'iaj'^flr ftf 1 Tb^ tl, Drill 1lF|Qhi°r JfliBHilh'jI. 

• di« Lb>r "i^ &■■— I ln«UUDI'DoT<|.<'lb-aflif mqlH," 


Axil y^ ^ha ond of all is bcmght thus Aeor, 
Tlic bimlh ii gone, DTid ihc Aorc cyn hv i-l^ar 
To ■»[] iLe air would hurt them. ITw tlUid mole 

CopiiM bilk Eowanlfl lunren, ta tcYi the earth ia 

thraag'il ' 
Bj ihjiii'h cip|i;4?tivap , sad the poor nonii doCh 

dia fur't. 
Zinga iro i^arlli'4 gnda i m vico (lioir 1a<r *b Uwir 

And if Ja?u itraj', wLo dtten ut Joto doih ill 'f 
It if L'nuil/ili voii tnow ; aod it u fit, 
Whnt bojn^ mure knuwu grUAs ivurw, lo omollier 

it. — 
All lorn tha wniab LliaC ibuir Gret binug; br«d, 
Tlion fljiTO i»iy loitgiio liko li'ft^c to Jnvo mj hoad. 
AlTT- [Ji^r.] HcDTtn, Ehit I hud Oij huod f 

lie hu found tho ueumig 1 

■ fa lili rib- 'arlk */ rluwk|'d— ) Th^T U. ^pratitd, or ifeniBt, 
Km AdT II. IM.]J-"AiuiirAnBj'dtlF." 

Bui 1 "ill glone 

Though bj thfr (pTunir of Nr* etnul cdlH, 
Your pxpoNlifiu miFimtGrpratiQg, 
Wo mijjihl ]irtJWTd tofluicplf oFywir dajs; 
Yel bope, BUfC^ediug &Din fo fair a tre« 
Ai }[rur fiur wlf, dulh luiiQ us otfaemiK: 
Forty dnifB loagiir iveiJo roflpito jdu. 
If hj whk'h Timy out iivrct be undonCf 
Tbig Tiicivj pho"» wc^U joj in sach ■ Mn t 
jViul uultl Lheo your vnwrtain slikU be, 
A-i doLb bofit our bDnoiirt nmi jonT wurth. 

Feu, How courU??.' wouLJ seem to eo?or 
ITIitiii i*l]jiL ii dojic JJt lik^ ^ui hyjKimLe, 
TIbu nliich ii f^od in ooibiii^ liuL vd BigM) 
If iL bo Iruo ihiiL I mtcijiTi?t ^i^, 
Then woe H ecrtiun jou werv not *9 b*d. 

^*} DnnTDi, vft<P'. 

'II QhbIiu, 


[MEnr n. 

id incefll Ld obuBP yoar nOa\ ; 

t jOuVc bolJi a fat]icr aad a mn, 

■tnneEj cla^pia^^ vilb yoor child, 

• PHler of hcT mnlhiT'n Hok^i, 
Ujd^ of Ikt pmrenl'd tied ; 
Gk? Mr|*oti arp, wbri thoup^ iJicj fueii 
ft flih*i*ia, jpt ihnj poiwn hrecl. 
stirrJI ! for *»isdrmi M'lit iliosp men 
b MtidBB bluikrr dinii rin? Ttl^>][, 
'do cooive tako^p UiDm from tlie liglil 
i^ov. anoEher dolh prcToka ; 
■ nfBT Til Insi, AA flaEne Lo Amokfl, 
|l^cB^o^ btv tbu hamlA nf biq, 
■BlATgrla, To put [ttr tfa? abame: 
ttiT life b^ iTfij'p'd fo kiwp jou dear, 
7U Bhun [liF duger irluch 1 fear, ^£xil- 

Me-rnUr Anttochth. 
.Jmih foimd the moamng, for wkinb 

lire to traiapet &nb raj crtfiimji 

maimer i 

&U mj hoDour must keep high, 
1 U Ibera? 

(nlJonS, yon w of dut cbdiabut, and 

her jB^TiUi] u-tioaA to ^otir tecieoj l 
^ MlthfiilniHA wn will adTonco jBu. 
tchold b?r?'fi rOLBOti^ utd herein gu]d ; 
Jv prince of Tjn, tud Lbuu muat kill 

jhot to vk iJhi miKni wb;, 
likliU^) SjiVh isitdoim? 
yiord, 'f iidono, 


DQol jFQunplf, luniQB jour buta. 
laid, priaco Poriflod ii fled. 

Ih TtUc'j EntiUditri Iht- EhlicErE ii cillfld 

'■kt V Tli» llnr BDirrn hu hFrT, " Eof rr PetkiM 

1~ «B^ lAvr PsfMit" ip«K&, 'blflli rpiui n1 T ■<4d ■ 

li ku uuKkB alMdLrHUiiii. "£nr«r all 111* 

Tkfl Mbr old oiplH Bak anlr ^''^ "^^ 

t*»aiBiED^ lidfn fmo I hal. ihr khUl* riktrnil «l Ibn 

tfnBDi NniLunf li OiUim cojLiLeEL In rarlj pLivi 

llb4^lnJi'« o* >!■ Eliv cliuuBB-i —liaAnUaUU 

Aju. Afl tbou 

Wilt liTG, flj nftar ; and libi; an airow shot 
Fnrm a Aell-j?iL[ic;nE?i]i:'d archer bild (he mirk 
Hm Pje rlolh Ipvcl nt, bo thou : never ri*[iirii| 
Dnlcea diou eaj'sL. ^'(;ii:s PerLcies indendJ 

Tualt Mj inn], if f oiic gel liira wilbiD my 
pisroV:! bmgtl], 
I'll Jnobc bim sure mough : w fei'fwcE Iq your 
hifihnes*. [he dciid, 

AjiT.TiiBlijird, adiccil [Eji/ Tn-L,] TillFericlea 
Mj heart uan lonil no sucp4>ur Ui mj head. [^xii. 

aCENE II.— Tjro. ^ ^foflm in the Palaa. 
ffnto- Pbjuclbh-' 

Pbh. [To tho^e vnfkout.^ Lol hodb disturb m. 

"iMij flboald tbia <;hiiDgF of thopgbLi ?' 
Tbe lul componioD, dull-ej't! mvlancboljT 
Bj me bo' iin'il ^ gu»t, on not on lumr. 
In the day'a gloriau^ woJk, or p»>u?crii] nigbt, 
(Tb« tomb «]icre gntf sbould tleep,) an bired 

iDc ifuiot. 
Sete pleerurea i^kui miDa ejos, Had muiB ajea 

shun Ehom^ 
And duiger, which [ ffiuvd, is nt ADiiocb. 
A^liMe Bfm Bvema fu too abort lo Lil mo h-^re ^ 
Yet nelLbet pEeuutu^D art cau joy m j epiritB, 
Nor jpt llie olhcr'p diBlanop oumfrirt mo. 
Then it is ihu'' ; the [uiaHon^ uf Tbe miad, 
Tlist have tboir KrsI coneepiion bj niia-clread, 
HkvH oTtiiC'iiouri-ibLieiit aud Jife bj eure; 
And nbol won liiat hut fear u'bat might ho dauoi 
Qnnra cht'>r uow^ and corns it hu nut Jodg. 
And Bu with me ; — tbe pral AnCioehu?, — 
'Guii^l rfhnml AID [oolilOe lo touicnd, 
Siriee Iio'b eo great, Oou niuki; his will his odti-^ 
Will Ih^lik mu spoakiiig, though Iswojir fo AitaoFei 
Ner hooEB it ma tu bjxj I boiiDiit bim,* 
If be suHpfct 1 rniij diJionour him : 
And what mny moke him bliuii in bamg known. 
He'll nlfipUie nourae hj which itnii^ht be kiiocn ; 
With hii?tilc IbriT* hu'EI nVK|tre4i4J tbnj IbuJt 
And with th' ontcnt' of war nilJ look bo hugfi* 
AmuemeiLt Bhall drive coim^'U torn Lha slate; 
Our men ho van[|uiah'd em Lhej do r^ist. 
And Bubjeota pimiabM, Ibat ne'er ihonght oS^nce: 

a m^ ikomti lliii r>,Mnf,e n/Mr>ii^Jrrf Bo Ihr bid r>lpl«H. Tb« 
IlianffbUl" >'Dlrhrr larllan ■■ TPir prnglii'llBLIi Wb lO^bl. 

" — . — ^ "li? ibnuld Ihpi rliiniD n nr lb uuflhu I " 

'hf pTlfidIiI [Till i-bwfc tirr iniiirlim" 

( duT tfilh III' m: fitl if m^— I TIk? iilJ prkllLnDI bflTE 
ifHlDrwkm." 0*lfl|l XU IOH-^LbJ bf rjl-P-lLlll. 




\Vliich euro of them, not pily df mjMlf, — 
Wlio am* no ontn- but ju ihe lops of trHS* 
WJuL'L fence tLe roo> llioj gruw bj, And dafend 

llitiii, — 
MaIl^ bolL Jny botiy junSi a.w\ soul to languieh, 
AuJ puiiisL Jul before tlmi ha would punish. 

EtiIt IIbucabui, and oiA^ir Lorde- 

1 LoQD' Jb^ lud ill oumbrt io jvur but^ 

bmjii^L t [uji, 

2 LoBH. Anil keep jour mind tilT jou rHturn to 
Pc&a?fq] Hud conirorlflble ! 

. Huf. . Pijort,peaM, and giTptsperJenPC tongue: 
Tho^ ila obiuct iLa kiug iLat SaElur hiui, 
Fir flrLtrnr^ \* the bolEiiwi hlona up Bin ; 
The ttiinj5 ihe whicH li flolh'r'd, bjl a »[iark, 
To vbicb tliat blut' gtn* heal and atixingar 

j-loHlD j ; 

Vherooa rf pmuf, obcdleiilT Httil In onl^r, 
fltt kia^ litt th^5 &» ukcn, fur they jofty err. 
When iigoior South hetr Jyth prittltim »t penise. 
H^ SolUnH vuu, Uiokv^ war upon jour life. 
Piincf*, psiduD me. or sltiku UK IS yuu plvLiei 
I CQUuuL bu muL^b Jo^let than my kiieieb. 

Per. AU k'4ive li^ d^; but It^t vour cam o'orlook 
What ih[ppirig niid what IruUn^^'q in our Imv^'ii, 
Ajid theb roLum lo ua. [EjtaTtt Lorda.J Uelicoauftj 

Hjft djovpjI us; wbot sofflt llmu in our hjolia ? 

IIel. An mi^ir brow, drecul lord. 

FKft. If then.' by -Hiii:h a dart in princoe' frowM, 
IIow duiitl. thy loiigue move imger lo our (luMi? 

Hf T, How ilatii liiu pLoati took up Ui bmivon, 
fioni whence 
Thty bftTS ihoir aomishmoni ? 

Fkb.. Tbuu kuaw'it I have power 

To take bhj lifo from thoo. 

Mel. I linirQ gtound Uie uo XDjBolf ^ 

Da JOU but Btrike th« blow. 

Fsft. Riie, pt'jlbseT riie: 

Sit down, thou urE no tinlfiu'er , 
I UiHik t1i4-o Tur it; mtd LL'avini Gji^ild, 
That kiDgH should Itt their tej? hear their fa.ulU 

Fit coimaollor, and ButvaQt for h priiKV, 
Wbo by thy wiMom inok'nt a priiioo ihy borvnnt, 

>] Old copki, n 
rdkloai H 

iVf J etntafi by Firmiir. 

0iutT, a. 

[1 1 OIJ 
• Td V^l'l Ci#l blUI Mru *<b'. Bfr,] TbBDliL CD^IrV ^lilD 

I'llipil *M»i*j~ ■ woni r»nj|ii[ |i]( |hp cinipQiH'n fnim Hir pi*- 


B Tbal bIrRi iliDuLiI Ifl IbeLc nan hnu Ibeit liulu hUlk 
Thiit LiiM nlil cJillnfiii rbi mfArLng iiii^nimg In Ije, »* Jlrlf 
Vblli ']|»LHIrf<l tl, " tVirD>d Lr, L«AV*Ip, (Hil kLD(> ibuuld r^" 
l^lr lan la Inar tlirLi li.lLni^i puilh^rd " Ui. ajta, huaffmr', 

vIiIIb ifaa ilinli gr Ihit plaj itf mDjLjriiig tat pt^t, BnnDlfDi 

'What wouldn: thou have me dg ? 

Ubi,, To bfnrwjdi pkEivMH 

9i]ch grift& OA ycu youmcjf do lav up^u youmpV. 

Feb, TbuuB.peak'at Jike h pbyuidtd^ Hcltonm; 
ThuL iuiuJ4lci''9T4 potion unio me. 
That thou nmalJdt tremUu to teirire tbjHlf, 
Attend mo iJicn : 1 went to AnlioGb, 
Whcrvi OB tlioii kiiiiw'.HL, Ag£iiL<t (bo faro of HJeollin 
I HUglit ib^ purirhue of n g]ilriui» boaiitj* 
Ftooi vhMOiM BU lune 1 might papfkgal4.v 
Anj * ariuB lu prinees, and briof joyi to Bubjecb. 
Hor faau vas to mim? oya bcyiind all wonilur ; 
Tbc rest (lurk in thine ™r( aa bTuok lu innd: 
Which by njy kiibwLedge found, ilie siDfol fBlher. 
Seem'daol to Hltikii, but Buoolh j but iboa know'tf 

*Tl4 liiDO tfi fcAT, whon tyrontfl siHini to kw. 
Which fear bo grew in mv, I bithur Holt 
Under ihu tsturing of a corefnl ni^bt, 
Whu Btem^d my ^-uod protector; uid, Iwng btn, 
Etotbought me* what wub put, what migllt >uctt«d ^ 
I knew hiBi tyrunioudH ud tyrants' fnors 
J)etrcaAe not, but gro^ bjiter ihiin the yean: 
And should Jli^ doubt <' il, (ob no dgobt he dotb,] 
That I should open la tha lifilemn|j: aif , 
Kow miLuy wattby pnneoj^' hlo»di4 i*ore shed. 
To keep Iu9 bird of bljirkiiew nnluiJ opCn — 
To lop tbut duubt, bo'U fill (his land wifh Bran., 
And makt pictf^iM cjf wrunirlbot 1 havt doDeUm^ 
^\~bL'ii oU, for mino. If I muy mll^t-'T nflniOCi 
Wunt fool wnr'a blow, who i»[ian?s nol irjODccnrie; 
'\Vhii:h love lo dl — of which ihywlf wl One, 
^Tio now reprnv^At me for iC^ — 

HsL- Alo*.Hrt 

Vg,u. Drew &1cvp «ut of mino fjM, blood bna 
my chetM, 
Mufiiui^ in I u my Jnindf widi Ihousjud doaUls 
How I miglit Hlop thifl U'mpeBt ere it cuue^ 
And Huding Ytitiv comfitrf to reli4>vo ihem, 
1 thooghi It princely cbaHly to grieve tbeta. 

Hel. Wei], my lord, eiuce you 1u?f ^irm 
lonvo to Epenkf 
Freoly will I dp«k. Aniinchue you foar. 
And ju^ly eod, I think, yon fn^r lliii lynut. 
Who either by public ww, or priTalo treuop, 
"Will take away yuuf lifo. 
ThonifcrcH my lord, go travel fop a whik. 
Till ibat hia m^ uid angur bd forgot ; 


t'i DtdrdltlDDi mil, mr- 


" -^- — mi bH*Bi (tarlild 
TbiT kLa^i itanlil lot Ibcli em bau I&Elr CqiilU ttid.' 

"BilnGir^* li [irlnrci, iiidlu lulijivi * Ji^fi,' 
Thai lti« tri:l or llif iilrl tHikimik la <unop1>it l^n*. iHh* r* 

i/n DCi iiiifillnn , but Irlier^rE [if inli]4llL( tU Iha DBtafJoi JtUK 

hLmball il^i c rmliii r 
d A^d 4ia^ld It, iii}M\A It,-} Adipud \S lU^ ■!■>• 

imUlB^ nf HiBqMUlD |flD»<— 

"And *Md k« iAh/I^" •• 

Of tCI ihe DeoliDiis da ciiL Lib ihread df lifir : 

Y<wr nik dfnjci to any ; if lit mi, 

Dty berrea ddI ligliL ctorc faLHiful Chan I'll be. 

Put- I drj not ilr>iihE [hy faiih ; 
Bin ihaald he wrong nij liberties ia mj abEeuce — 

Hal. ^c*ll DLiEigla cmr bluuda u^getbur in the 

Iton wbenrc wt bad our being and uur birth. 
Fu. Ttth. I iiaw loc^k fn}ia liicc, Eten, md lo 
Uvodoiv iruvi-l, wliere II] hmv fiom ibw i 
Atdbj «]inKlttti!n I'll di^|iUH' mysiAf. 
^nxoiT' [ hwt and hnrc of auljcftn' gO(ii> 
OoElkKllaj, ulioeo wiAiiQDj'BBtrca^hcafLbcarit, 
IlLukbLlij wonl fur CaLtli, aut o&k LbicB oalh ; 
V\n ^uiv iLDt to brr4k one, Hill auro cmck lioLh: 
But ID unr orha Wd'H* IIfq wr round and safo, 
TM rino of both ihis truth sbAll m*w oiiTioco* 
^^^hn ifaijir'dit A labjecE'a ihiae, I a imd pruic«- 

in, — Tht JTIHU, ^n JniTfl-r^riiifr tn 
tfu Faiace. 

Entgr TniLiABJ}, 

Tbi:- So, ihia u Tjre, and (hia ihp court. 
Hm moil I kil] king Porides ; lud If I At/ itiiol, 
I HD iun to be bajij^-fid at homo : 'i id dujigoroun. 
- ffriJ, 1 perceiry, Iw* wbb a wi^c fi>lliiw, iind hid 
pji diterrtiaii, that. bcbiK bid to ask what he 
■qhJdaf tha kjng» Jmitcd Ho might Ilugw mme of 
ikiKKli.'^^ Nando I tWe hu hod aoniti reason Ebr 
If- iiJrif A king bid n mniL bo Ik rilFBin, be is bound 
tflliB iDHjfDEtir?of biBoiitb tobCdDf. Hu^tiThere 

Snia T Tt.k lypji, EocuTR, and other Lords. 
HiL. Toil ^oU not nued, mj feUow-pupn of 

Ftdiir lo qoHtJoaue cf your ktn;;'a dopartuie: 
HltiHTd coouniMnn, \eh ip txutL wiLh mu, 
DsAipeik suff\e\pj\'lj,\ii''t ^mt to Lrovd. 
Tu, M^^f-J Ho*r! ihc king gunc f 
Biu If FurlLcr yet j'ou will be uiiqfied, 
"br, ■« \l wso uDlicciLt'd uf yuur lo^m, 
BtmUdeput, lit givoeomo light unto jou^ 

f*l a«iUiiH,«n,- tMcr Li|«,in. 

' tat 4«r« A*'' fB*<. EFii kriDH |l iiirr niLiil ptvqiff — ] Uair 
'Tnf.^r Df lb* ■«■■ fl{ lliL> pkn/, klaknaf iflJ □[«< rvEi ' 
'iWif K I bi]ifi« Pin pkT 1/ r"ir <inliaT"i, iirirtpL|ii 1 niiirl>l 

■tnB Oa ¥fnllih l»NjijBfi-, .1 in"irTm — Hi", Tb" mml 

-in ■!«■ iv'i fvt, lb iJi/» fw «iiir]^i»f/' 

TaxL- [Jii/fl.] Whjit frum Antaoh ? 

IlflL. Ro^ol Antioohuii fan what olusq I kaow 
Took sijmo diaplcoontp ntbim; At]«ut bn jiLdg'd so: 
And dQubiing lest be had tir'd ni' nlnned. 
To *Liow bifl HkiTifw, bd'd ftirrert liLmuIf ; 
Bo puLi litm^eir nnlo rbo Eihipnmn'f luil, 
With whum poi'h minntf thrvilena lifa pr denlk. 

TUAL, L^iirff-] Well, I pemji^'o 
I abkU DCiC be haQj,''d iio»< nltbough I wonld ; 
But fiioFo ho'ii g4>rit, Lbi'kinn it F,urc irupt ploue ' 
Ho VJip'iL Ibu hind, to jicrLth i^t the kil — 
ril prraunt mvjwlf. Prace to the lords of T jra T 

Hel, Lorcl ThfJiord from AnllnchuB lo trdromo. 

TflJiL. From him T toini; 
^[h Diiw<Hfre unto jiriDi'ely Porieica ; 
Jlut Binct^ mj landing 1 hnvr mid?r»lood," 
four lord balb b^Look himself to unknown tni^lB, 
My mcSflUe mtut n^turn fivm nhcoi^ it cnnied 

Hel, Wn h4V0 ito ntuon ta dcaii-c it, 
Cn[DmtiiidL>d lu onr masTor, not tfl ua : 
Yet tra joa ahall depart, this we dciire, — 
Ax iHoiidfl To Anlinih, we maT fsat in Tjm, 

SOEXE rV— ThniiaB. A Roam in the 
Qwau^r't IfooK. 

Ea^fr Olkon, IhonvtA, and Auepdanli, 

Cls- Mj DIoDjd, ■hnJl wb nvl ub bore. 
.\.nd b/ relftting tales of otbcra' griL'fq, 
Hai if "t will tcfli^h lU to forget our own ? 

Uio rhat were to blow nt Bre in hope to 
queneb it; 
For H'ho digs LiUa becauBo tiu'y do ojipirc, 
Throwa down 000 mountain to ea?t np a higbcTF 
O cnj dlatrraspd lord, e»eii lupli oui" gj'jL'fB aie ; 
Here ihcj'rebut fdl, unMSn* wiLh mi&cliief^flojea. 
But like to ^roTPa, being topped, Uiov highs rue. 

Clh. O DiiioyuL, 
WliD watdi-'rh fwK!, and will not eaj Le wann ii, 
Or con coni:c4l hU bunj^et ejII hu kajiub? 
Oar tongui'd and Boirowa do nound ik-op 
Out uDoe Lulo tbo all'; our CTca do weep, 
Till luDgat foteh breath that mij' proclBita th?m 

londer ; 
That if henven Ermnbor wbilo llipir cimturw want, 
Thay may anokf; tliuir hi^lpj^;t to comfort ihem. 

4*1 Did idllloni, and <«■. 

IJi Old CDpm. h'lpTI- 

rblrb UtIiRM UlUipfHi, — 


Wa uEepl. u ■ iDkb-4vDiH, ElM TbdidBUai] dC P^te^, Ebatj|fa ■KTi 
Hlile caaailan»L 
\ BbldDU mi luidlna— 1 TbU li, "Butu iliirc mr ludloff , " 


I'U tbcn JifiOOUTBO out^ »aa ftti fcvi?rfi1 veoi?, 
And, wnnliiig bri?illi to i]^L-Fik, licljk lai" mlJiioim. 
Iho. I'lNu mjbu'l, etr, [gov^'nimobt, 

Clb, Tbifl Tboraui, oror whicb I horse tho 
A cLiy ijn wliam plenrjr liuld fuU bond, 
For nchuB auiiw'a hf^i^iclf even in [Liu RLr^tR ; 
^^'hl:lSd Uaitk Imru hrmla iiU high ibuy kiaa'd the 

And Etraugera ne'f t Loheld^ tiat vrojidei-'il At ; 
"WliOH men aa*\ dnnica iu jnTtd and oiloni'df 
lika one unirlhur'H glita It trim LhL'iii hy : 
Thnir (jblcH were Btor*!! full, to glad the »glit» 

■ /'JIUm rfUf eHf*" niir rati /fU iti-ral yrfitt.—]Tb\» i;ineb 

1b u Dbvloni iDliprlrit. CJcon ilcilm Eir linlili Itii npilli^lLLm 

"I 'ii Own (UiBHiHtf iroH,- to. 
Thr owilrr fnr > hli piiiibbCIib !■ ■J«ri bj Th« vrmlp "irrrral 

■■rJokj. liUE hent In Iba i«i* ? Ii nnw rflmmmily iHut at •n^^i 

t, irnif, JndcLil, dJfirlr IniTpllul^ld m llili uiunn^ bHiuit, 

"TlincrnDD^b'. wliDiB All p' iatt, iKHfa, irk, ini ilr 
WanmiwUlUr La euUnl ud p|HHp~— 


And uoL AO mucL lo feed Dti. u dtliglil ; 
All piiFLTlj *iu. m^tnrj. ami prifJp bu grtnl, 
Ttit i>iLniL' uf hi'1|' grow udiinLs lt> repi.'at. 

If^u. Oh. 'lis too tnie, [dupgc^ 

C7l£. Cut oev "hul heavi^Ti ran do ! Hj ihLi mn 
Thgnj numiJiBi whuni butofljiie.carTji, bw, nndur 
Wtn? nU t<iu IJltIc to ctintdnl aitil pEcjiA?:. 
Although thej enve their rrejiluivd in ahuDdu«i 
Aa honaa m doQl'd for *ranL of uk. 
They are non alarv^d T'lr wnrit of nKcnw : 

TIUlH! polotf'A whOr TtUi Jctt«[l EUnUElUn JOdSfCf,* 

Siurt bflTe inveulkini to delight ihe luU, 

III iTil 41 finm 11K EinicL, IE U f IriB ib( funln? ii Ttiinif mil 
Did r«P7, " npl jm Hi' ffHTi jaaBitn," irUcb Iki BHBaiillBi 

II Pd 

"IhA u'dl^HHurMiv'r-^ 

di-m^rrj If 'AiiLiii' Tii'r-i, •hicfi, Ln <l*e <ane'(iiB4iiii HH 

■Uch Ibrrtd rantmliliiii wi In in ■» pii««T nF diMun. ite 
lUl iFiab (dl*. vfc» ■h' tea iniMri foipi^fr, did h aaa r 


I ■curs iT^ 

be glkil uf l>n4d) OJif] hvg fur it; 
idTA wliUf tg iKtuAJQ up [tieir bulics, 
night (w cariou*. we renrlj nfiw^ 
» lillld dtiiin^ whoiD tLot lo/dr 
IB hunger'a t^rih, tliat duui onA wifo 
rlw fint dLjJI ilio 1c k'n^litii Itfu : 

BJnlr* jfi ihiw *hii-U lei- iltfin full 

I amngtli lefi to give ihsm biiiinfr 


f cbetika aacl bDl]ip>T vjw do Kiljicu il. 

LX UwM DitieslhiLl 4tf Plfnry'svLip 

Dtporiliei pa largely tn^fr, 

lucm tiuli, Jicnr tht^e t^aiv ! 
Tbupna luaj be dialra. 

ffTH Lofd. 

tha Lord govemnr T 

Thj wETOwi, vbich iTuHi brlng^it, in 

h is luu for lor im lo viEwirl, 
rfthavadcsmcH, upoD oiirittiiglibouHng; 

Q of ihi]4 innke hiEhfrwanl, 

boughc u Euudi, 

AetBr emoH Lut l^riags Bn hi*ir, 

■liMnKlliB iohtrilor ; 

KTwae ncighbonring uftlion, 

■Dl4ig<> of uiir mjsctj. 

''d tli»flhi>]loH tdra^iIb nidi tbeir power, 

Aoim, I^ «hii:li am dgnn oln^j; 

IgiBqiicat of urihap|iT me. 

mS^ iha leut fvar ; (ut, b} tin hid- 

lie flags diipla^M, llioy bring lu pvwe, 

« us u fivourera, not as foea. 

Ml tpeok'it like biu^tt untutored l/o 

llt^OK liLm^f iuTi.iDi'4 innpaki;! Thli «fa«ild 

* iTtd (HkotDd ElYak r— 

Pdrtl lihihlm't uliIdEci'A; (adrl^l 

biiba blnff ibDir Doanimul ilfcr\i.- 

HI U IS ei^nkn*. Ell* ftlnff Lbr oqlirud «BPiu- 

Wlio mokea ifae falmt aboirr meBaH most doHut. 
BuL tinnf lIloj wLat ihey wiUraad what llipy cAb, 
What ngcil we fi-or? 
Tlio giQuad's the lowotr uid we ktb hjdf-mjr 

Go Icll tlioir gi'iji'ml 1*0 atlpnil hlai lj<flO, 
Tif kcinw Fnr nhnf he oriDQi, oai nhiuiLUhB doinefl, 
Ami whni Sa <:rfl\i3. 

lymfr I jjo, nijf lord, 

Ci.E. ^eJizcHmo ia peace, if be on poaMMmut; 
If man, wi> am anahh lo rvuat. 

!^a. Lord gavGrEioT. for id no hear jou KtVi 
If! nni our sblp, imd nuDilior uT our men. 
Be, like a bem^on tir'd, Ic nniaze jour ejes, 
We hitTB hvard jour uiiwtin as fur pa Tjrff, 
And Hwii tbo iLcsoIbI^dd of juur iTJVeU : 
Nor oonui qo to oiIJ Aiirnjiiv ta joiir ItorB, 
But fo relieve ihem of iteir Leavy load 1 
Ami [heso tmr nhija Ij-un Upppilj pmy iJiink 
Are, like llioTrojoj] bona fu, i<Lufl''d wicJiitij 
Wilh bluodj Vi^iiin cipcetin^ nvti'tbrow)^ 
Ai* iUit'H «ilh mm lo raakt- juiir leeilj bread, 
And ^ve thom life, whom liuikger siarv'd hall dd&d. 

Au.. The guds of GruiKe pmiucl iroa t 
AplI wo kLU pnjr fur you. 

FvB. Arise, 1 pnijr ya, riH ; 

Wq do nvt look for rer^rvucti, but fot'lifve, 
And hajboLira^e for ouraelf, our ihipA, and men^ 

Cle. Tiic i^'biuK vrhctt anv aboil noL graJlfj. 
Orpaj yuLi "iiJi ODllidnkfutDt^H in tht/ugbt, 
Be It our wisea, oar cbildren, or oqrielvea, 
The cunw of hi'aven Aod mvn aucivoiJ ibuir evile 1 
TUl wbtm^lhu irliicb, 1 liopc, i^I^bII ntfur ha «cn — 
Your gnkce t:i ridJiviDO lu our Unm orid un. 

P*H- Which welcome WU nccept; IcMt Iwra 
Ek wliile, 
Until our BloTd t^t fromi lenil ue a amilo. 

Ph Lhli, IbB lonvirhil caaniud bm rnni BalrTalllfiUi ittiiai al 
EhTB|d|n1| SUtf tn* Ln^uLtniilr lubiAl llulad.-' 

" -^— — D*FriEijri| —iUila 

mill tiifo^f -ti-i." 



Stitar Gowna. 

Ht? htfv jou »en A mighty king 
Wt cUldp 1 His, *o Jnnat btiug : 
A bctbiT pnuQQ aDd bunign lonl. 
That will \iro^L- avful bLtili iri iIp^ ami wanl. 
Bi^ ijiiicC, tben, OS mtit ah^uld be, 
Till Le hoi]] pasn'i] nenvBllj. 
I 'II ahow jou thoBO in Irmihk'e roign, 
Lce^ug A intlG, ■ maanUuD gain. 
Tbs ffouri, in conTcrHtidD, — 
Tb "bou 1 give iDj beiiiiDb,— - 
In Blill at TuATbUB, MbcTG oadb mikii 
TbinliB eJI ip writ ho iiHikcti can : 
And, tc rdmcinber irhnL he doia, 
Euild hii alacue to niabtt IlIid glarioui;OJ 
J}ul Liilingi Uj the ctruL'orj 
Ara brought your cjis ; whiit need ?pcnk 1 7 

Dumb lAow. 

Enlfrni om door Fsricltu tatkijtffwi!fi Uleoh; 
oM CAf Train iffi^ tA^m. Enfer al nitntjtrr 
door d GpDt1&mJin> witA n iMa- to Febicltls ; 
"pJ^aicisa t^ou^t ffiJ Uf.fer to ChEts : t^im^Uv 
the M<<w]i^r a rrm/ard, ttud itnvififa him. 
Exil i'lsmaLha ai ow iloof, t\^d Cleon at 

fifupi mad, — 

" GHd Kdbuiic tUE lUi^ al boiH 
* * ■ • ■ 


Ga{>d HcUeane (hat' atayd ai boaf, 

Xol tu i^at hoDoj, liko & drone, 

From elLff>i' Ealioura ; for though ho airint 

To kilbn hd^'l, k«?p9 giKHJ nJive ^ 

Ajxdt to futHl hia princo' deiln, 

Stndii Wdtd" uf oil that hapa La Tyni : 

How Thjihard c*mi? full bnnt wiih nd. 

And hii} inli-nT Ui mDr<icr him ; 

And (bat in Thnmofl 't va» not beat 

Longer for him bi moLa hii net: 

Hi", kiioviDg 6ii,t put forth la bqu, 

'Whi^rc whL-a meti bfvn* thore'e uldomwoi 

For nov tha irind (vgioa tJi hlo? ; 

Thunder aboreT and dMpe below, 

hlnlio eiieh uaquicr^ that tbe ihip 

iShnuld hoiipe him Bofe. u imvk'd and Bpll&r 

And he, g^od pnnne. haying all loal, 

By n-ATH from coaat to cooitt J3 E^u'fl ; 

All poH^hcn of man, of poff. 

Xt nughi wropen but hirrfiolf; 

Till fwtiino, lir'd wiih doing bad. 

ThiTw him anhore to give him glaJ •- 

And here Lo Hnooa ; what shall be noit, 

Pardon old Oitwer; thia 'longa the lexl. 

f*J Old MfbL ta^A bit ■/ flU. 

<f) la Ibe otiiLiul. dal V *^ 

An Offlt FSace on the Sfar*>de. 

TULir ire, ^oa Augrj Man of 

ihondcr^ masabcr, fiortlilj man 
i-se that TCiict jield fo jou ; 
[fita mj natim, do obef joa. 
hHth (Hist mi OD i^R mckfl, 
fnun Altore la Rhars, and left mo* 

b ttink on, but ^^hliijie de4lh : 
iScr lite ^'AtntM nf ynur ponerep 
bervH ■ ^trinn^ iif oil bid fmtuni^B ^ 
injt UimKTt hiiu from ^our wnf ry gnvQ, 

r« deaLh ifj peiu. ii nU hell oiiTe, 
Bnirr thrts FiphermBii- 
WbU. l«,Pnc!ie!t 
a. Ilol ruuic nnd bring awij iJh utts, 
Q, WI4I, riitcb'tirenli. 1 vny ! 
tlL Wlidl bay jfou^ TDBfTpr? 

Lwk hoT them piinvst han f mini' 
'^1 fricb ibn.' with 4 ■raanion. 

It) HI .dVArn. VW b ^>;r4. 

3 FiBH. Fudi, moeter, 1 >m ibinking dT ihe 
pow men thai were cmt nway More na. CTen 

1 I^H- AIm, pwr touk! il gnerpd mj bmtt 
to TuHT obnt pidfi] rripe [hi>j mndc lo ui, ffi bplp 
tUcm. wlicu, wp]]-B-dij, ire cuuld iJ'aica belp 

3 FiBB. Xay. tauter, Boid not 1 as mocb wbon 
I BDW tbo piTiyuB bf^w lu> bounivd hnd tuinbled? 
\hej Wkj, thny 'ro half flib, brdf flmb ; a plague 
CfU them '. tbojr De'^r come bnt ] Took to b^ vBnh&d. 
MjutcT, I mjirvcl bow the fisheH liio in tbe iea- 

t Finn, ^^j-p ns Tn«i ilo a-kad ; tlio ^eot 
Ducd e&t u[r tb(7 lirtlc <>ne9. I irji:i couipure our 
rich niL^en 1<i nothing ad Eitlj bb Io k nbnl^f ; V 
playa and lumbl^B, dtiijiig (be poor frr before bim. 
ind at Isfit deroLiiB lIieih all a) b noulbfuK Such 
wbflliH have I bpanl on 0' thu \ai\A. who uc^tft 
loarc* gBpiTig. IJU ibejVi- nwallowecl tho wJiolo 
pikriEh, cfautcb. Hlti^le, belJs end jUL 

FzO' [J^icfA^ A pT^Uj mural, 

3 FTfifJ. BeiE, nuBlcr, if I ba<l bt^pn Lhe Beilcin, 
I wuuli! bavo boea Ihat day jn tlu? belfry. 

a Ftsw, Whj. moD ? 

3 F«H. Decaort b« ohoold hrvTC iwoUnwed me 
toe : jujd wfaeu I bad been bi bU beUj, I ro^dd 


j«r u) 


ks** kepL 9aeh & jon^lm^ of tbe Mb, thit he 
^mU hto- hkiE left* liD bo nrt belk, Afwple, 
Andi. wul pahili, up ■^■Jb. Bnt cf lEw g»d 
kiiu SimOBidu ve» of bj miml - — 

3 Fhb. Va would purge th? Uud of ikeae 
droart* Uvil roli ibe bee of ber hooef , 

FkB. llow from ibf finny' mUecU of the te* 
Thw ^b^re Idl th« IbflTuilkfl df moi ; 
A"J from Jlh-u- BTftierj onpin rfconprt 
AU ihnl EDAV men acpmse, or men detect I 
PttK« bfl ft[ jonr labonr, himpat fiahn-mcn- 

aFiao, Htpoestl jfi»d felliw. what'a LhalT If 
LL bi> n •\bj au jon, «nlfh ont of the alHidu 
and nobody Imk afLer JL^ 

Fuk Xm nvij we ibe hb baih put loe oa 

2 FuH. Wbtt A AnmkHi kuATs itbi the «?«, to 
DMt dice in mr waj [ 

Pxti. A niJU irliom boCb Uw wafien uid (be 
In Uuil *ut tcnnU-nnirl. both nuulii tbe ball 
For tkiem lo pin; upon, eitlrea> jou ji\iy bim ^ 

1 Ftei7. No, fiicnJ^ ejuinoi jou beg? bEre'B 
tlwm iji our couniTj of OrMM feu< mow iriib 
bpiwinf thMQ ^a ciui do nith irarking. 

9 Fiiiv, Cuut thou catch any fu^a tbra f 
PiH, 1 n^*:T |»ractiM;d it. 

2 FliH, Nflj, Ihfln Ihon wilt Stnrvp sure ; for 
bcnF'H iinEhmf! Ui be got voW'K-il&yfl, ubJeu tbou 
(inTinf ttiih for 'I. 

Titii, Whut t bflve becn^ I bnve for^l lo toovr ; 
llLit wliat I lan. w%nt tnrlm nu- to ihmk on ; 
A iiiiui Uiiuuk'J up ■'with cold; Tcy vpina are chill, 
And bn*ii nit mni* of lifo ihan nmy wRicif 
To fivii iny iui>^u Lhnt lipot Id ask jour hohi : 
Wbieb if JQU sball rcrn-^c, wlh'n 1 nm deud, 
Fnr iJial 1 Jim n mm. p™j s« Tdo bnried.^2} 

I F»D. Dii^ (]uutli-A 7 Ifoq ^A foibid t I 
luTt di go'"° bans; tume, put it on, kivp tbpo 
mnii. I^un^ iifoTo me, a liAnElM>iiii^ fr'Llow ! 
(\iinn, llioii Bhftlt go buttw, and ve'U H^s flesb 
fur liulidflji, flsh fur futing-dnjE, ouil moreo'er 
]niiLiliiig> niid flop-JBckj ;' Bud diou nhidL bo wol- 

I'm. I thank jod, ilr. 

> !■** Ilnr»» "*/«"- f Old riWJnni. ">*■■ "*>«i ,■■* tuT ■» 

(qui nAjHrf at tbD Kk 1b—r prmn caikllirr P^^iP^ iGftTHd Eli' 

• anBliiHo'f .H/f4« w^iAif risrf nr^ndflitoktnprEl.l Thr nLJ 
Ivii hiK "wet ii<i,"hf BE«irii< Siir lUf^Eilvd nro^f V^>b 

tnNT^ "ibllY, Hint In nBniiULfllHndPlolrhflr'ipUrBf "Tb" 

a1')«^'<i tnratEalm in H\i prBe-aiBf tBHrta p* VctkIH U 

■ fan inir in 'bt m hmli rui ■» oa jdhzeiihi.] SaUia 
Mteit IMl' 1'^' •■rlln BdJlloai In qnazlg lavd^— 


2 Frsv, HdriL pu, nj fn?nd, joa nid jm 
coaJdaoi bfg^ 

pEk. 1 did bat ckr^ 

^ Fibs. Bui crm?fl 1 Then Til luni efwer 
uhI io 1 hhall ^ACMpfr wbipping, 

Pu. Wbj. an all jour beLT^on whipfffd d 

S Fm. O, D0( nil. my frivDii, out oil : fjj 
tH joor beggAn Here nbipped, T HiHitd wifil 
boUBT office tbaa lo bo D b*ud1o. Bui> 
I'U ga dn« up the oeL 

Pel {liide,] flov -ell this hooat 

bwocDpfl [heir LilniEr I 
1 Fim. TlaA jou, lir, do jou knov wlwf 


Pui. Not wdL 

1 Fob. Wh^, 111 un JOB - Ihia k oAed 
LapoJi?, and dot king, ihtt gvod SimaoidiiB. 

Feb. The good kiag ^noiudiA, do v« 

1 Fdh. Ay, nr, and be daerra k lo be 
fbr hi] ppAn'flblL' n-^'gn and good ga*enmieo[. 

pEB, Ho LI a harppY kiiig> Eine« bo guas 
bii EabJHts ibe ooiDe of emd by hJA 
How (or It lu4 amrt distant from t\at abortf 

1 FiAH. Mury, sir. half a-^y*} Jouroey; 
['IL tell yoD. he hath a fair daEEgblcr, mtA 
momtiT ia hpr birthdays and there aiu 
And koighta nme fii>m all partu of tbe i 
joufil and UmrD*y fir her lore. 

PpHr Wi'rO my furliinefl eqoiii to my dan^l 
conM viah lo tuoLi- on<< ihi'ri>. 

I FiBH. O., sir, Etiinfi muft be ju tlipy 
aql] wlmt a man comiot ^i, he may UwfuDj 
for — hJH wifr"a bixiL' 

S FriH. Helpt moater, Iwlpf ben'a a 
liAng- in ilie net. Lk? apooT Dun^tH^inlbfi' 
'Iwill bftrdly wma oul Ha* boi^oo'l, "tb 
nt Inst, and *t\s tumcil Ui b- nipty omiour. 

Fri. An ormpor, frit'odd [ I pmy ywi, Irt * 
see it. 
Tbanka, Fortiinp, ynt. that after hU my noB^.' 
Thon giv^at me 9Dmt!*bat to rvpair myw^i 

'^ Hf f loa llu ivA balfa CBil opoa fB C^hL* 

■ Flap )B'ltJ ;] J^iidfJ Id Ih* Did cdlllUH Ibf 

■runii-, " victit 107 ait dan, a»b for fvilng dar*. ud hi*^ v 

puddkriB* uid flBl"JIffcl." 

■ Ard *|kU K BUI CUlWl |el, hf Dur lawfuIlT dni fHI-li* 
■rlft'i <rnil ] Ta!» pUB^* tH lilllinlii icnmlMUr l»«nrf 

ripoAlrirn | U obHrlEr Wold T<rli*,n4 be T«*f hM fcy i^ Jfc ^ 

"hl» mirr'i irlr— ." Tbt !iifiriknH anr"" "* l*=*f""'*a^ 

iLDiniLltb 1 rial- i4JiDCi| 0*1 ■ rlLilil, liB nif rAVfuklf I17 ftfl V « 

Alivlffl II ■olfliDdfD of li> |utliniL()r 


ft '&a.'i my ouu, pari of fny IwrriUgir. 

rtrict ebiirge (nrcn u he Itfi. hii lifii), 
■^ «y Peridra, k intth bem a shield 
liw (ffhj ^4flA — mill pnnlDit la thia brace : — 
nr ti urV Rf , terp ft ,' rn ^^ neastilj/, 
iu4 fAf ^ix£i /iroff rl fAi^/rc^m / vtatf't de- 
fied Ihft-'^ 
X vbeiv I krpE, I H dt-Arlj lor'd it ; 
ctODgb PVJu, diat Apun nut vi^v iuod, 
k iri i^gvt tbov^ lAlfnM^ hbiu given it 

k 0W!« fbr 'I ; n j Hlu|iwreck no* *■ no ill, 
[ fcaie Ihtp mj fcilior'n gift, in "b will, 
UB. WliAE mcnn _Toii, tir? fwurlb, 

L To bfff of jon, kind friendir thit fwl of 
Vu KWjiMiinp Eorgi^t to a kjii|r^ 
r k bj thu mark- H^ lur^J njp JpoHj', 
vbit Mke, I viah ihc Likh^u^ (if il i 
utjoa^d^deiofHToyDdT toTetvigd's court. 
iviUi il I may dj^jteu « genlleaiBii ^ 
flhal ovFT my Ion frrinnefi beUui,^ 

'bountiu ; tiU \hvu, nat your ilutitur. 


^vtkh 4r iod« pmprl Ehir, /Uar auj loltiid iFhc ' 
V^lhBa ifn* •M,^) OM Iril, rkp^arr ' bur iEd iLvpaPi' 


IB Wilhlni' nnrrt -- WIlIfN binTf l|« 

t fU I >nff; «DDijt air Thf mp/axi or Ihf jEii'unld ik-T 

_ W. n. 

1 Fii5H, Wiy, wilt tliijn fuurncy for the lady ? 
Peb. I 'U Ehu' [lie 'irlue I huve home ed vnia. 

1 Firiu, Why, l|o yi! uktf U, ind the guds ^T(t 
lliee gcml {>iL^t ! 

S Fiiin. Aj, hgt hatk yoii» my friendi 'Iwaa 
^e that iDade up Lhio gornLeuE Utrough llie rough 
Bt»maorr}|Qwiil^r; LhiTfi nru<?i!rraiti cDndoleiDeDta, 
mrlain vejjIi. f \w\f^, sir, if tou ihriTe, vou'll 
remcmbc]' frmQ whence you hod it,' 

rnn. Believe it, T will i 
Bj yoLir riinlK'raii(.i> T am cloth'd in nteol; 
And flj>ilH of oil thn raplure* iDf |he 5ea, 
Thli jowcT holdii hb buiCdiog on mj arm ; 
UatQ Lhj Tolue I wil] mount niy^f 
ITfKiii iv fdnrwr, whttso di'JijjhLful atepa 
StiJill mohu ihe ^urj'ij 1o scr him tmad. — 
Only, my friend, I j(*l am anphJTided 
Of a pair of baaei- 

2 FiHiT, Wl^'IL mjv itrnvido: Uiou ahalt liavB 
mj bc-Bt gown tn miik« this n jiur ^ ond I 'JL bring 
Uiw to ibc tcmrt mj^F. 

Pes. Thon liimour be but i ^^ " li* my "iU \ 
Thib day I'll fibe, or rl-w mid ill tn ill. [^x^unf. 

" TifcfHi ■..■-ivr firfui a pn] fe HTvJn,'] Tlll» Il allhB ITpLIB- 

baj.1 hrLblDHKifl utJ brm-Kii- iundr"! ibduUnid,— 
" Tb^n limiilr Eie IidI pfnal Ee ra| villi ~ 

fl» ]!■ llBd Jul Tl*f""T 1'llJ , ^ 

SCENE n^rAfMPw, A jmf'Hf Wfis ^r Fl^- 
/onrtf Undm^ Lt the Lit**. A far^i^a h^ 
the ride of ic /ur the recfjJiutn of t^ King, 
Princwa, Lord*, i'c- 

Unter SniQmsBi,TiiAiBA. LorJt, and AiivuiIbqU. 

Bat. Aj« (h« kbi^bU roadj Ut begin Uu 

Lriunijih 1 
1 TiOHi>, Tlivy are, mv liege ; 
Ai\A flUij- yrjur cciming to preiciil Ehemselit'S. 
S™. Kcturrj Thtm, wb are ipimIj; aJid our 
[ii liLiniitir t^r wliwe birth l\icac trincnphB an, 
hill bi'if , Tike bcaiEij^a child, nUoiu naLiire gil 
For mrii ru n-i\ and soviiig notidcr nL 



Mj eovmcndatiuiis invai, whow mciit'B kfi- 

Sa. ^]E Hi ji -IlujjIiJ Ui m ^ far pnocn ue 
A m4Mlt>l. «ibi<:h hcarea make* Hkv Lo iuflf: 
Ai junch loae tbeir glorj If otigleolAJ, 
oo priiKVe dii'iT reiwinii, L/ Qcrt n^perteiL 
Ti* Duw juur ^iitiiotJT, ilrtu^^iEer, rn eipljun" 
TLu labour of vih;b kmgbt, in hie dt^viif. 

Tjjai, Mliicb, lo pmerre idiqc hunoat, I'' 


[Enfera Knighij Afl pamet o*t ^ ttrt^am* 

Aid Squire premmis hit Aidd to £Af Pniw™* 

SiH. ^~bo u the flret ihai dai^t prefer himwlf 

TuAt. Aknlght of SpW, mjrtvpiTniN]fsihe^ 

A mJ ibc ^vtvt- ht' boon qjiod bu Ahidd ^ 

In a blb^ .^^iop rcochinjf rX (he aid ; ^| 

The woH, L>tx tva vita mihi ^ 

Scitr IIl'Iiivi'p^dli wi]U tlijil hoCilf hii IKc i^f j^ 

[ Thr tecond Knight pOMttt 

a OU tdUloqi luur, Artr-. 

f^ OidcDiilb. rttwiaiir: alieir4tt Uiieiat. 


Who is thp ^i-vEtn'Z [hiir [>ei}i<cii14 liEm-ihir '/ 

Tkai. a prini'i* of MBcitkiU) mj I'trjnl father; 
And the itiHii* lif bc(ir> up<in Ikia hhii'M 
!■ «D u-DiM km^hl. T^i4iL^^ mnquei-'J hy D Indj; 
Tie iQotni Uiiifl, in S]>aiiiBh» Piu* por duJcuixi que 

[Tfie ihini KnighL jyann over. 
Sdl And trhnf^ tito tiardt 
TnAi- The third of Anlioch ; 

And bia deHco a wreaili of chivalry ; 
Tl» Hard, Jfe pom/HP* piwril nptr. 

^TAejoirt/t Knight paua oBr.r, 
Sex. Whatit ^ foutliiV [iJuwn : 

Thai- A humui^ Emrh. Uimf'h likiiiEKL ujialJu 

Sjm. WliicUBhflwt ihui licaulj liAiij bi* jiower 
■nd Till. 
VUc^ ou b KcU Inilnjiit, u it uui lulL 

f?'A-_^/iA Kuight /wiwj nr*T, 
TnaT- Ttw fifib,flu bmul <.n*iinopd with Woiil*, 
It^rlhling oul got J ihjiT~» bj' Lite lauclisUu;? fricJ j 

[rA/ iLHh KuLglit posM^a oiwr. 
6ai- Aad tvhat'e di? uxrh aacJ \iM, ihv nhiuh 

Vilii luch a grHvfuI caurTiHy delivtr'd ? 

TdU' JTi^ Hviwt To bu a fniuigor» but his 
prtAeat ia 
d iriltia'd bninch, lhaL*B onlj ^reen nl top \ 
Thp matbi, /r* iuc tftf nw. 

E^iif. A nrellj raoni] : 
FiwB Uie di^ocled *latc wherdii be le, 
HsbopH bjr jmi bin InrEtmrd yvt ni%y flwiribhd 

1 Loot- Hp hnn] nn'd nuian boti'iT iWii |ia 
DutwarkJ ihriw 
Cdo HIT wnj »|)#ak ill hiajubl i]umineni3 - 
Far, bj' hia nuL^ omaidt, bo ap^>Djira (IrvUH. 

Tft bftTi.' pTT<i-ti*'J mnn.' flie Hl]i[i^(iji.'l[ iboii [by 

3 LobD. He nvl] may be □. airiiJik^TT fur bt' 
To *B haaovr'd ti^Mmphp »iraut^]j furuiiheJ. 

3 Lonp. And uu h?l piiqxr^ k^l hie «nni>iir ru^t 
I'nlil ih» dnj, lo eraur it ir Ihe ilu^E. 

Sof- OptnioD'^ buE Ji fouf, tbsc mnkra lu bcbh 
*TbB ouTwafd hatiiL hy ibo inirjurl hield. 
EuL fiu^^ ibi? kiiigbld ore foming ; we'll virhilrAir 
InHf tfap gfljlrry- [fiffErtf- 

(fnntf MhoHit ysithiut. nnd all ery, " The Diciui 

PEaiCLES, [louife itL 

SCEKE III.— 7^ i^tuf. J y/n« o/ S^a(*. 
A Bitnq'iet jir/paivd. 

EntfT 5^]!iiimn<B3,- Tmaiw*, Mntsbjil, Ijordu, 
ATitniljuitA. ami the Kiiightd j'rom tiUiag. 

Sm. EnlgliU, 
To Bftir yriii *i'e ^'elojini?, wert ai[perflirou«. 
To* place npon Lbu ^Dlaiue of yi>ur ileedi, 
Ab in a tilIe-}jD^, jour uwLh in oihia, 
Woru luoro than ^'au ckjuh-'c, or niuru Ebon 'a fit. 
Siinw uvi-rj Horth io &how commeinhi il^flf. 
PrppBTO iijr uiinh, f<ir iiJrtli becowea a ftftali 
Yuu arc |triii4:e4 and uit f^eabi. 

TtJAi. Uul joUh ruj kitl^it and gurat; 
To whom lliLe wreath of viiSor'j 1 Uivu, 
An<l LTOiTi jou kiup of ibirt day** happLoss. 

Pkb. ^Tin lUDi-a \iy ruiiuiii^, Iniij, diiiu Lj munt. 

Siw, CixlJ h bj wbul jou will, lln.' daj ifi jngre ; 
Aoit lien?, I hop?, ia none llmt Jjri^ii''^ U, 
I" trarrt'iiig on nuiat, Brt kiih ihue di-'iTtfed, 
Tlt mak? toiDs gotKli biiL olbisrs U> uii.'^'d ; 
And jou'rB bT UbuurM Khukr- Coiut, qutiun 

O' till- fp-lLML, 

(For, danghE^r. w jun stBt) her^ lolio Jonr pl&ra ; 

Mnnbol tbe rest, lU ibav ilmirvu ilipir ^rao'- 
KMinirifi. Wc rm iLUHLjur'd much bjr ^u^ 
SimmiLdcff. povo, 

S™, Your preaoacDgUdi our dajs; hoDOurwe 

For who haUs honour, hattv the gou ibwfl. 
Mahsh. Sir, jondor ia i^oiirplace- 
I'mr. Sani4? Dlli^ lb ihoto GC 

1 KmOHT. Cmtond OLit, elr J for wc htq gvntlo- 

That npiCliL^r in our hcufn irni' oolivnrd ejen, 
EnTv Uj'I grpflt nor do ihe Irm despiae," 

riiu Ton nre right courtmoa knighlA. 

Sru. ^t, au', ail. 

Ht Jotp, I woiidt'tr xlio* in king of Ibougbts, 
TfiCK c^Atia miaL Die, he nol [linif^hb upon-' 

TaAi. Bj Juno, ihnt i» qnenn of marriagp, 
AM TLviiJa thai T oal dtf aet-'iu unsBvoun't 
Wiabing hrni oiy muL : dure ho 'a ■ goIluiL gtfO' 

Sut. iIo'» but a i-outilrj gentleman ; 
Hai donir' no mor>> tliau othi^ kiu);;hta brxvo done i 
rtotf hroken n ilftlF, or no ; oo 1»>l iL paaa. 

Tha:- Tn no ho Boema Hke dLimond \u glaaa, 

Feb- Yqd kJDg^H to me ^e to wj fnlher't 

[*) Old uBpm ^iPTt- 

f f; 01dciu]i1fli, ChJ 

* t^ HhhE iD our kflUU, tCrl Id Itll qUllll, 1liL>, lb> 
Tm* tWk> nu^ *' , A# ••-I l^iM.ftl ijfW J 

U Bdfl 4t iFiE midfTii i-diTbDHi lime ]int>in uil^nEd infail- 

puiHA* k Wi|ki>ii'nBic|,^"ln tlLD»nJ, tM bcl ig vilril tr 'li' 

Slonhdl Dl ■ UVlc, pliBcJ Jarnl]^ DTri-jp|*lri»T wlupa ■)» Hn* 
and hU 'Lia|(li !■" ^v, u bi onn 1»t furar ilJiJitr a|i«ra[l«B. bitl* 

Hitl'H>Hii/>«J bdorrik, 'All lb«<k<*U qnJ qmrr jv MTf^ Umt IB 
iJFP'nvx " "<1 I vklH II IIiLbIi, -t»l ftWT|n«» lliBE Itw rtHDd 

IJni »l|[u|ilhrrt«d,— 

" TIlP ttf »>>■■ TUB, *■ H« r1iDJ|hl upirn/' 

UkI ynacft lil, like lUr^p aliouL Lia tlirvii«, 
And Lf lliu >>uii4 lirr tljtni Lu reveivijctf. 
fimiQ thul btiliiili] KiiiLp tiut, Lite losH-r tiglifji, 
I'iJ mil ilicir <TDi*ns lo h]« supremu'^v : [o'g^'i 
WhtTC iniw Lis mii':,* liltu n j;!ow-wtFrm in ihe 
Tlui which JmUi IJiv in iLiukncria, uona id li^ht ; 

^"herebj 1 lee iKat Timc'a tlic king of mm, 
F«i' he's ibeir piuvni, mid he I^ iheir f^ve. 
And givvs \heni whal bt vlll, iiut wbot tbej oifC. 

Sim. W'hnI, an>yau mtiiTy, knighra? 

] KNiuikT. ^\'liij can Im uUicr ia thu nijftl 
pniKiLW ^ [bmn. 

Sim. Hnv, i^iLb a (■■up UidL's elur'd* Dato 

1*1 OM Anpffli, •'V4, ifln^ 


[acta I tv. 

b '""p- fill to jour mifilreH' lip,) 

ithii IwallkUi JD4- 

n- Wfi Tlnmk jour gn«. 

bl ilo^ iU Loo nmliiDrJinly, 
sirTUuntDi-Df in vur tuuit 
t BbDir miglil fwimtfrvju] bu worlb. 
n «wi, TliuH? 

^W\ml id JL 

P tbit, !fauu!d life Likd ^^odt abnvi.', 
|^pT0 U> i]vurjr wici ibni n{iii]{iu 

H, not (ioing *o, jvo liVe fo rubcb. 
^e a BQunil, bjL kiirj on' n'^imlivM oT- 
llD ibolw hia eELLtoncf.-" oiun' bu^tur., 
lire drink this «rviclinf-bovl of wb^e to 

Alu, inj fiatipr* it ^tfdir^ nol jdu 

tuiger boigbt ta be bo hold ; 

kj proffi!r tAke for an ofTciio?, 

i iu« womenV giflu for loipuileiiua- 

bw J d(f BB I bid jou, cpt j'uij'll move idd 

|Und<.] No*, bj ihc godt, be tfnJd not 

S>flie Di? Wller. 
furlbcr * toll him, wc disiro fo know 
rof faim, 

B bfl Ut Lis ivnii! luid pucutage.C^) 
'Thp king, my bcber. eir, haa dnink hi 

E lliuit tim. 

IVuhmE it BO mudi blooct unb) ^rnur life. 
I Ihuk oatb }iljii umJ jou, and plcilgo 

l&Dd foUMT ho defliicfl to know of jdu. 
V jDd ■», jHit name and fareutagfi, 
L gmitlenmn of 'I'vrc, — mj lurac Peri- 

tfoD becuT ui vtA QEid nrma ; " — 
pn^ fiff AdTouluriB In lliii wuild. 
|b nnfli tone EvFlof Eilji[iB and inon, 
t flhrpwrFrk, driven Dpnn iMh ^arr. 
H« ihankd jDur gruA ; ufUbH UmBelf 


jhj mismrtunr of iKp ifM 

FihifM uid Dwu, c!BBi fin iliJB shore, 

fnitH !>; tbe gnk. T |iiLy bu laJAEbiiuno, 

Ly, Old raHr.,>r**-r»Hri- 
I ttrtKf tint niini nyrrU, irnmrt, tfn,1iilE 
n nail 1« ltd. 

■bfr to WI1 klii«' Bi>ir] 'DiiBntaA tht II Id Hi^ 

And n'ill nwolie hini frciiu bia mDJunobolj'- — 
(JoDiD, froti[lem«i> wc Ml roo Jioig on triflw, 
And wuls [be Lijiie, which Im^a Jni:' other mvflfl, 
l^vim ill j^ni nrnmuiiif an yoii rm.- ruldrcn'd, 
WU1 vrrj- Ho3] tieutmu b nilciii-r'fl diii«: 
I wiU nol hnve cii^uh, wirh '*ajinff, thli 
T<aud mu^ic id Tun barah tbr Lidicn' hcndn ', 
Sii^K tlicj lovp iiH'ii in nmifl, hh well oi bedii^ 

[JAfl KnigLta dnu^. 
So* tb]» WM woll nali'di 'twas bo well perfona'd, 
Coino, m ; her? ie a IaJj Lbat Honu brcoLbiiic 

And 1 haVQ heard, yivu hni^rhlfi nf Tyre 
An ticellfnt in nii\king JadLt's Trip ; 
And lliBt ihi-'ir niQfLBurea uii? na pin-lk'nl, 

Pm, In fbn^'P ibat [inwili^t^ ihiai tbev are, my 

Siu. Ob.EbAt'tns much u, you woidd be deDi€>d 
Of jBur fetr coiBlwj, 

[TAd Enjghbi ftnit LuLioB danct. 
L'lii'lrt'p, iiiirlonp ; 
'I'hanki, gcinUeincnp lo JilL ; nil bjire done Kfll, 
Bnt Jon iJiH W^l- [Tn PpHictw.] P*gait and 

ligblJi, Ici roDilnd 
ThcK koLgbEs unlo Lh^lr scfom] Mginga I YourB^ 

Wd have given ardor tn be Dell our own. 

pRB. I nni fiC your gma^V fiJenaui?. 

^lUr PrinceB, it is too Ulv U> Ulk of love, 
Aud IhBt'A Lbi- maik 1 knt>*T jdu le>(«| at -. 
TbohL'fom (WU'b ono )ig(h1(c him Uf Wb nat; 
To-niorrt)", ah for *HKH?dirig do ihuir boaL 

SCENE TV,— Tjru. ^ i^oom ifl /Ae Uorwiiot'j 

Hrl. No, E^uaEio?) know rbJA of me, 
AntJochoB from inc^nl liy^d not free ; 
For wbii-h. ibb uiott \\i-^ j^cJb not uiiudbig lonfirr 
To vithh4p|il rho icngoantt^ ibnC tbe^ bad in Btura, 
lliio Eti tLi.B bi'iiiuiiH po]ijial oIltMui' -. 
Even ID ihc height and prido of nil bi& glorj, 
XMien he froA ntaLed ** in i diuriot 
Of ju] iiK^Einiablo ioIuUt bihJ hjji daughter uitl} 

A tirv (rnm heaven oimr, and abri^ull'd up 
Their' bodin^eren to luting; fbrthpjBC etnnk, 

C*l 0|<l rdJUrlDI, TlH^B- 

•d uratlaa b#if In irlfli ird umci," (r. 

* yHtfn Be"!' »flira,flir.] Th" juiimB, m Lirmlily r mupfcrf 
\\ uiiiflll; i^liiFiiEEil in DitMifa 

ta ■nnLbHX or 1 nn kHIjUILII, 

cillUoqi ibm <- 

Id ft Bhirlin uT IbmldiiUfl vatut, 




That b1] tboae flj« adored them ore thdr fall, 
Scom Dfw their band ahcmld ^ve theoi burial. 

EwA. ^WM verj ftUaDge- 

Hel. Ajid yet but justice; for though 

This king were gitat, hi? greatncBa *aa no guard 
To bw l^v'n*9 abaft, but sin hiu] hia reward. 

EacA, *Tth tctj true- 

£nttr fhra Lorda- 

1 Lobs. See, not aman in private eonference 
Or couodl bath rspect with bim but he. 

B Lore, It shall no longer griero without re- 
proof, [it. 

3 LoED, Ajid cura'd be be that will not Becond 

1 LoaD, Follow me, then: lord Helicane, a 

Hkl. With mo? and welcome: hft^PJ '^'^Jt ^J 

1 LoKTi. Snow tbat our griefi are risen to the 
And now at lengrh Ihej overflow theit banta- 

Hbl- Your ^c& ! for what ? wrong oot JOUT 
prince joa love- 

1 Leap- Wrong not jouiaelfplhen^nobTe Holi- 

But, if tbe pnnce do live, let u9 srJuIo bicn, 
Or know wb&t ftround'a made happj hjliiabrdBlb. 
If in tbe world be live, we'll oeek him out; 
If in lua grave bo rest, wq'U find him there i 
And be rewlv^T be Uvea to gnvem ua, 
Or dead, gives cauao to mourn hid fubcral. 
And leavee oa to our free election. 

2 LoitD. Wboae dealb'a,* indeed, the itrongeat 

ID OUT cenauro : 
And knowing this kingdom iu witliout a head, 
(Like goodly buildings IcH without a roof 
Soon fall to ruin,) jOur noble self, 
Tbot beat know^st bow to rulo, and bow to leigD, 
We (hna submit unlo, — our sovereigu^ 

All. Live, noble Helicane. 

HiBi.. Fort bonou/s CBU^e forbear jour suf- 
frages : 
If that joa love prince Periclofln forbear. 
Take I youi wishi I leap into tbe bcbs. 
Where 'b hourlj trouble for a minute's oase^ 
A twelvemonth lotiger, let me entreat jou 
To forhear the alnenee of your king ; 
If in wbicb time eii^r'd, he nut return, 
I aball with aged paiienw bear your joke. 
But if I cannot win jou to tbia iovc, 
Oo searcb like uobles, like noble auhjn^s, 
And in ^Our aearch epend jour adventurous worth ; 
Wboin if joo find, end win unto reUim» 
You shall iike diamonds sit about bin croiffn. 

[tczzt 1. 
wisdom ho^s a foc^ that will m 

1 LOBD. To 
And since lord HelKane enjoinetb ub, 
We with ojr travels will endeftvoiir ii> 

Hel. Thenyou loTOUfl, woyou,and wellflii^ 

Wben peers thus knit, a kingdom ever standi 

aCENE V.~Pentapolis. A Rocm in the Palaim. 

Enter Si^osmBa, reading a Letter ,- the Kni^ 
inM him- 

1 Rjnnar. Good morrow to the good Simnniefl, 
Sutf. Enigbls, &om mj daughter Ihis I I^Etdv 

That for this twelTsmontb abe'll not undertake 
A married life : 

Her reaflon to herseTf ia only known, 
Wtucb yet from her bj no means can I gft. 

2 Knight, ftfay we not gel nccoss to |ipr,aij 

Siu. Faith, bj no moau : she bath eo unctlj 
To her ebamherT tbat it ia impOBsible. 
OnetwelTe moona mote abe'U wear Diana'alivttj; 
This by the eye of Oynthia batb she voir'd. 
And oa her virgin honour will not break ic 

3 EniDHT. Lvlh to hid fuewell, we take d* 

leaves. [Eie^iii. 

Snr, So, they're well despatcb'd ; non U ■; 

daughter's letter : 
She tells me boie, she '1! wed tbe stran^ Idi^l. 
Or never more to viow nor day nor light 
'T is well, mistress, your choice agree? with misB; 
I like that well; — nay, bow absolute she 'a in 'L, 
Kot minding wbelber I dielike or no ! 
Well, I do commend her choice. 
And will no longer have it be dclay'd. — 
Soft [ here be comes ; — I must dissemble it. 

Enter PEKTCLEa, 

Feb. All fortune to tbe good Simonidal 

Sni- To you as much, sir 1 I am heholifcn u 
For jour sweet music tbia last night : T do 
Protest mj ears were never better fed 
With such delightful pleasing harmony. 

Per. It ia your grace^B plenaure to coDtimJ; 
Not my desert. 

Siu. Sir, JOU are muuo'a muler. 

Peh, Tbe worst of all her scholara, nv jwd 

[■> OldedLllon, drnft 

KJ 0\a eaptt-. TffT ainrDdrd by Mw Dyce 


1*] riit ■■lihCl In th»0ld rcpln. 

ACT 11,1 



Sut. [AaiilfJ] Naw, by tbc goib, I iln a[i]>lauil 
bia cDumgf. 

Prb. My accliinH ars ds nuble u edj ihou^htd, 
That aoTPT reJi^^b'il iff a base {]i<»:cikL 
1 came imlo jour oourt for honuur'B cuuho, 
And noL Ea be a rebel to bcr Biaia ; 
AjiJ 1m! Hint uUicrwifi- DfcuimU of tou, 
TbJ4 Bwoni abjill |tn>ve, b^r'A bonour'a eciemj. 

SiH, N"!-- 
Jlvre CDEQPB m J tkughtor, ■he can vntnon ii, 

Snt6i- Tausi- 

Pbr, l^en, «a jnu u-c lu virtiiitua as Tair, 
HrNjlvfl jDur im(,Tj father, if taj longiic 
PiJ oVt i^oliuil, or niv bund eiiLscHtw 
To nnv pjUnblii tbjil tnif.i'1 luro tn j<m? 

TiiAE. WIiVf *'r. s'lT if jiou binl, 
Wlio CiiliDi olfk^nce aL iLfti would mnkp mc gEin 

Sim. Ypb, miHlrcas, iru jou to pareinpioiy ^ 
MWrfi'-] I'm gUil of U with a]] oij Leflil, 
I'll lAEnc jou; I'll bring jou in pulyLfUQii. 

Will yaw, ncit having my onijenL, hcdtow 
Your love ttBd jorir iffcctiont on* a slmnfterT— 
W~ht>, fur augbt 1 knaK, jnay he, nor oao I ihirh 
Tho uimtnry, — [vEjuif.] u great in Noud ull 

mjMlf. — 
Thrrdbro. h?nr yon, mlRtod -. alber fnjw 
Toar will to mint:— HUid yoa, hh, \ifaa juu, 
Kilhiir bo nil'd hy me, or I will mubu jmu — 
Mod and wife : 
Nay, com^, yonf honda jmd Mpt muit hsI iL mo 
And boinQ Jiiiii'il I^ll thuti *iiMir 1io|HW di^itnj' .'-^ 
Arnl fir «t furlher gripf, — God qiyq yoa joy !— 
Whal;, arc yaii tinth plfjis'd f 

Tu,^]. Yra, if yon lore qw,«iT 

Pek, K^un m my lifL'. or blood (Iwt Wen il. , 
8ry, \l1iat, are you Wrb Agreed? 
Horn, Ye.-» if iiplcaw? your mnje^ly. 
Stu, It pleasetb mo io well, tbu I will Kt 
■ed i 
Then, wiLh -vrlut liaate you cnn, gpt jcm lo b^ 



Enltr GnwKft. 

Gin iWn T^lakiyS hail] che roiiL ; 
I mum, the Iihuk nboul,* 
aa bj tW fl*er-fed 1>reflBt 
»l [loiiipouB RbiuTinge'reafll, 
lib I'VQf n^huniiiigiwjil, 
m fivim tt]4 moufv^i hote ; 
lb ^gbL lb' i>t«d'« DiouLt, 
blhlier for ihdr dmulh. 

Doolded. — B« aLtcciL, 
lliat u w) brnllj apenl, 

ID ibow, rU plflio wiji B[.Mi;h. 

iJanifi §hoiP. 

. and Saififnt}&&,aiojif door, teith 

a Meucn^ifrr mnft Uirm. km4n, 

YwnciX^ n letier. ipRHiri-RH ahoipf 

jUtJrtfr Sncovinns ahtm his ilttM'jKtn' 
^itrr/atAer,and dirf'ar/ v!/h LvcHORTTt* 


kd^rao* ei^'f painful pcrcb, 
• ihc akreTiil acarch, 
^ oppwin^ r(4i[:^B,J 

irith aJI due dilii-Dnco, 
kimd ful U]^ high <>ip(?nFMi 
jflv qoHl. Al lul fram Tjm 
■vering Ebo mopt Mi-Angu uiquin) 
of kin^ Sunoniili'B 

iBtS^Tfbi. J«ri! dhndrd be Vr. TIJiBI. 

pffviad, rtrcf, tndlbr lit*. TliLU — 

Aiv luiicn drought; tFu? f^nnnr th€« i— 

AntiwhuB and hit d^aghter i\etd i 

The FDpn of T^nu an tha h«J 

Of Holicantia wrjulil Bol on 

T^ic cTonn of TjTD, bill lie will Bonfl; 

Thp mminc thire* he liUHt^ t'opprtat; 

Sbyi to th^u. if kbg PcnclDS 

CoTTiA not bonw b Iwice iix mooaB^ 

HCt olredienL- Eir tlieir do<*iiiB, 

WJ] toko thn rrrnm. The iom uf Lhis, 

Brought hilher U> FcalapolJa, 

Y-niivUlied'" iJie tpk"""!" rounJ, 

Ami I'vcrj one nilh clapa can rxiuiid, 

W«r A«r apjiartiti ia a trinff : 

Who divem'd, aho rhovght o/ >wcA a thiTt^ t 

Brief, he Tnlut henro drjinrl l-t Tyre; 

Tli» qucuii wiclh t'hiEdn niaL(>4 ];<>r Jenjiv 

(AX'liJch urbii nhall crDH?>a]cn]g to go : — 

Omit -"1 all Ihcir dole Uid *»« :— » 

Ljrcbonda lier DurGe iho IaI^qa, 

And 6(1 la nea. T^i'ir f^'Hn^'^ nliaU^-fl 

On ^'Fptune'B Inllow ; half [ha flodd 

Hadi dieir kt'^'l cuL ; buT firrtuDo'fl mDcd* 

^'ftrii'n itghin ! [he grifllif nunh 

DingorgcQ nich & tcmpoat fortJii 

That, Afl a duck for life that di*eB, 

So Up and down [luf pour Abip drivL'dd 

Thu lady shrieks, Q&d WFlUa-miLr 

DdTJi foil in travail wilh hi-r kvr ; 

And whot en»u» in this f?Il Blorm, 

Shall for il^df, itadF fKufurnt ; 

[ li'ill nilnle ; aL-lioD may 

ConyEnicntTj thfl rent cfln'uj : 

Wbich mi^ht not what h^ me La told. 

Td jour iujiginnllon hold 

This BlAgc the ship, jpnTi whnec dedc 

The Aca-lott* Pcnola appcBra to speak. 


{*! Old rdlLbai, HAT-ldrf. 

> Tk« matLiH linn b^} Id Ibm old Inl. " Tki mmllmw h 

blfDirrii m^t Ibc cniDiidincip 

' a.l litmipe-i VKMi—] TliE old ropMi ham, 

<-rhil»'<''ahl| "lUllqiVPiirpi'd.'' 

'Out rortmu 



ACT m. 

SCENE L—On a Ship <d Sta. 

XkUt PRmoLffli. 

Pat. The God of this gTMt nat. rebuke Uwat 

Whiuli wBch bcth hpavc'ii uiij hell -. ■ml ihflu, tliul 

Upon lite wiiiJa cuihidahJ) binil i\ii:m Id bnH» 
Saving uoird chi'ni rr'>nL Lhc eIlx^p ! O sEJll 
TIjj di'iifniug, jJirnilfiil ihimJers : EPnllj qndn-li 
Thj oimblc, Bulphinviu flMJiesl^-O how, Lycbo- 

Hnw OwB my qii&en f — IIidii' Btorm, VEHiamuiiAJj, 
Wilr Ihou spit all thjwff?— ihe *i?ajnan'* whutla 
J«, aa a whii^per id ihc earn of doalh, 
UnlK>qn!, — Ljirlioridn! — Lucina, O 
DiTiiKfll parrvineH, nnil mirfn'ifijt S^th 
To tha&o ihfil crj tj nigliti «tn?ej ihj deilj 

Of my qiT<4?n'fl truTailn T 

(ti Oirt'^ptf-'r-v-kfr- 

iinTei'ied Vr 9Ih«hu 

Kfm, Ljcbonda — 
Ltd. Ki'ra ie a thiug loo yOnDg hr ndl 

Who, if ll Imii coDMil, ■toulJ die, ■■ T 

Am hko |j> [|d: lake Id jOnT bnoa this pr*n 

OF yijiir iliawl ({ucdii, 

I'fb. How ! Uov, LjchciviJ*' 

Lvc. FalIcuR) f™! f 'f ' *hi Hot ju^int ilic stutm- 

Hi-ro'ft all Ihftt a IcTl Ijviog oTyfuir qu«n,— 

A little djuighEor : for the aake of it. 

Be muilT, and mkc cutulbrt- 

Pm. " O, you bwIh ^ 

Why do .YUii mate an lo'e your gooalj ffift*. 

And snoifh Lheia stnight awaj? We. 

R^-call pot ifhil we giTC, wjii therein nuy 

ITee" honour with jou. 


Nqw. ullil luaj he Qiy lift ! 
MitFt'r^iu liiiEh liiuJ n-itoT Mi) ; 
tnttio thj fonditioru I 
n iht niJdk^t ncldoni^* [n thia hoHi^t 

I, iWrr, «rfli, ddlI hvnvpn can ntBiiv. 
Ih» IroiQ llic womb : etcn oi ihc firHT, 

Du «ti!-[(jinlhy]T, — Now (Jis ^al ^^B 
r hM eired u[Aa kill) 

'"Willi cvire^p 641 f God wc ynu I 

Hrage Durm^h : I «Ia nuL &:nr tfiu Unw ; 

^ u mc dv jror^ : yvt, fur iJte l^vu 

r uifant. this fmh-oew ■ea-fkrer, 

buoLd Iv quief- 

'^loiJi ihe IrtilJiMt tluT': 1 Thou wih nut, 

, IDnw ood «p1iL Lhtwif, 

|J5q1 ka-TomD, ail tbc brine aod c]aui]_v 

ihe DKKin, I OU? Dot. 

Siir, yvat ijuvm TatiJ^E ortirlmord ; tho 

tigh, tbc wind is IdiiiE, uilL v1II nri We 

t he fleued of tbc dead. 

kit V ^Tnur AupcnliUuD. 

!Ptrd<rn u\*, >^ir; wtTii m a1 Atia it h&lJi 

Aierrfd. od wt art* *lnii»g in nytom:' 

^wflj ifielil bor. for Ata miut Dvei'lnnfit 

1 7^ tiuok mnL — Uoat wnfcHLii 
awo ! 

m Uio lin. Hf. 

|ciTibJc<'li<td1tbl|iul iLniiluiiF, mj ikur; 
BErvL the ttardtaidly eFdm<<nts 
I iiUciriT ^ nur havo T iLnn^ 
t hHiloH^d it liil grnVD, buL hlraij^ht 
!•«, annd.T cvffin'd. in ilit mm -. * 
!■ mobUiiKiDl upDti ihj buiit-'a, 
nainin^' Uiu]H> tlj" tn'IcLinp Tflirvlt! 
n^ wttw mint (j'tTwIii'tm iliy cnrij-^', 
tJQjple ilLdlB- O, Ljiihoridii, 
briii^ DID «p«vB, ink osil rujKT. 
knd DiT JciTdld ; and hiij Mi-'oridiT 
ie sBtin coffer t^ lav ibu bube 
llki** ; hio Ihte, "hilM I flaj 


044 D(v(fl>, i^a 


ItaBH 1< iKe oikia iolniiHa Ln W|11iJt>«' 
■■ *T^ ffl ■!■■■■ Daltv #<i| ii'l I'""! ■■ 

im k* in, 9fn, "wm »■« •"-[ «■!' bKi/tfii 

3 SiiTL. Sir. W4^1iavDB?bcBtbeD4^athlhehaU'Li:f, 
caulliod and biluniod rvad^. 

Pkh, I Elian b (Jico. — Miirini?r. PUJ, vhat omal 
ii tliu ? 

^ Sail. Wij mc ncor Thm-aiu. 

pRR, TltiUicr, ^ille mirini^r] 
AltLT [liy Injures for Tjre ; wlwn Mtint ihmi rtiidi 

2SiiL, By break [tf da^r, If ihp \rind ceeue. 

Pm. O make for Thir^us T— 
Hiara i*ill T viiiit Cleao, For thu liaho 
Catmitt Itold cmjL lii TyrLici ; tbure I '11 Icuvo [1 
At carcfiit Diiraing. — Go thy wjija, good irkarincr ; 
I'll hriajr the bodj preuutlj. fSxtuiif. 

SCKNE IT.— Ephepiiq. A Room in Cerimoii'* 

kace befH thipurreeked. 
Chu, Fhil^Emiii, ho ! 

Enlfr Fhilpuon. 

PbiL^ Both mj kiid nil ? 

Cbd- Hi* fir" omi ni'mt fur rtirw poor mon : 
*T tioa W-n a Lurbnli^TiL And ^tunnj night, 

Shr. I Wvo hoou in manj ; huL IohK a ni^L 
OB thin. 
Till now, I ne'er milur'd^ 

Cza.. Ywit mtBlCT n'jFL !# ilmd ore jon Ti>liirn ; 

Thrpr'e nniliing ain ha [Tiiriii*[j.'r'd lo njiliLrc, 

Thill cjui nxovvt WxiUr QWc Ihin to the ■ptihc<?Jirj, 

And tell me how it work*. [^u Prtlkhow. 

[Exeunt a!i hid GuinfDN. 

KnUr tao QenllemcD. 

1 Okst, Good morrow. 

2 Gsvr. Gohl morrow (o jonr Itmlihip, 
Can. Qfiil]<Mncn, whj du jDU alir BO eorlj? 

Our lodging, ibmding bltcik upon Lbf aca, 
SWk jui lIlH VnrlK did quak^ : 
The Tory jiTijkclpala' did -^ifm lo rand, 
And Jill b>-lDpplo: purv ^urpriK and fear 
Madt) aw to quit ibe bouw. 

*• hV0f«i(iwi4M4-idlEi"i.] ThaulO rill rant r«id HC-ra. v« 

r'fir^ft at Sti-<Tea4. Ihr eari'-l or Mium, n' llir iPiEr*^ qf 

' Aid ifHTwriJ^JHB J*-^h— I Th* ■'kf|li»al hat "TM piyiri- 

* I'.ihirliul'— 1 riii: prfqc^Jj ■!« Ihe Brwif;«il nllm i™ Ifc* 

riMf i.i I iHiklillnii 





3 Gsai. That jb iLe couae wc Iroultlo ^u so 
earl J! 
^Tia Dot our hualdndry. 

Cbh. O, ynu pay well. 

1 Qeht. BuElmuuh iimrvi'l [brUjuurlDnl^hip, 

BJut lire about jr'ou, alkoiiM ai ihMO ■?Arly lioim 

Ghoka dIF tIjD j^ldi'n eluEubur irf npoHiD : 

It ja nuHt AlningQj 

TJmtui¥ flhouIcE be la coDTtreonl with pup, 

Being T^ierelo not oonippU'J, 

Cer. 1 bold j( over, 

Virtue luiil 4'miiiJitg ' ffifv r.-uJowiitDHlh greHli?f 
TliUL noblpDC^u fliid ncb^ ; careless hpiia 
Miij iho Iwu latUfT dackcn Hud eipeod ^ 
But iniiTKtrLulJEj' ailCHi'L^ the rurmi.?. 
Making a luna n gud. 'Tia knoirn, 1 t^Tct 
If&v-i* eluJkud pb^'gic, Ibimigh which tevx^i art, 
Bj luruJrjg it'cT AiiUi'iritlrq» I hnvn 

S.Dgc-lhcr wilh Qij pracTJue) nude iuuiliBr 
PH out] 10 my nld, the bleu'd infunoiu 
ThU dwell m vrgiHivt^s, in uiL-laJa, eLddob -, 
A nd I ^ ran Bptok of thu disturbattCBa 
Tiint natuto worta, Mid of hnrcun»T whidi ikilli 

give mo 
A innrp content in dimTT^ii of Li'ui? diilight 
Tli*ii W ho thitftlj after fotlcring hauuiit, 

k JsJ 1 cd- friLil— I TTh eld ni|iiDi rThlDiL thcH limei 

4' Ana C4a iprAtof ib diimiiMitHH ihu niton 

Wof kl. Ud at irr tint -. vhLrb dwb nlo nfl 
A aian nnlvBt," tr. 

Oi tic nij ficMUTC ' iq> in silken bAg«^ 
To pEcoBc iho tbol and doaih. 

£ Okyt. YiiUr hwiDur hu tbiDDgh Epbav 
puui'il furtli 
Ynur charity, and huDdivdpcall ifapmi^Tna 
Your creiLtiirGt, ttlio b; ^^jii liava beRo rcfiTnrd: 
And not your kihrwlmlgu. yuuf pimvoeJ |vun, irtc 

Your piiFBe, still open, tiaiL limit lord OitiMa 
Buch ftLnjng itudwh iu tiQio etiall nu'u iiamj. 

Seu. Sai liflUtoiu. 

din. WtBlistbal? 

Sitii^ Sir, frew 

Did Lhc nL-a LithH f upnn oiir flbore IJiib rficflt j 
'Tia qf Mlno Wrl'i'k. 

Ckb. SfE 't dawn. l«i 'b look afuaXl 

2 GxHT, 1 1a like u coffin, ^ir. 

Cfco. WlmleVr it fcp, 

"T m wuDdroiiB lumiy : wrvnrt \\ cpen ftnighl ; 
If the wm'i nfomech ije o'erchorg'd with gold, 
'TiB ft good coniCroiut ^i Fortune it 
niKin iti,' 

2 Qrnt. It ia BO, my lordn 

* Til > «o4 coumial ff PoiiuM U lilElib uda i 

Irillr and loMf/lgEblr gsiTUpi. 

tlcw \ k mulli'J ami LUuiny ! • 

1 1 WTW «• su \mp; a hiLloir, lir, 
1^ H vpod ahcnT. 

^ daliau- vAour. 

■I OK ■VllDBi^ hJhari 

Cfii, A-t i^vcrLir idj nostriT 1 Bii,— ujt wiUi il- — 
Oh you mml poUTtC g<>dsf wlnfs here? a HJt»e I 
1 Gent, MohL fllraDgo ] 

<?BB, Sliroiiclml in cloEl) nf ttoU?; biJm'iJ nnd 
Willi full lidgs (if <ipi[»-H ! A pnuporl too I 
ApoUop pcrfrcE mt m iLc qbamclera I 

[^vtift from a icrotl. 


- ffrwr I ^H B« wttdentt*d. — 
If /a- aim ctfm dr^K n-hn./,— 

Hw ffW0«. mrtk ail tmr ifi**dd«ff AMf, 
WMtJm4i ker. jtm jW Iwyii^; 
Sktwmi^ JiiBjhir V ■ i^iy ■- 
A li i ■ «■ fr— t T >r g Jh^ 
TVyA rfi f i A^ J^^ T 

V Ah KvH hrieia. Am lii>L t best 

TWl cvoB cncfa* lor ■»! TIb chut'd (D-mghL. 

3 Gut. Mk Kkdj. v. 

Via. S%j. rttiiinlj to-nigtt i [rjoffh 

Fof lo»^ bo*- fhrfrh ),W krvLf ! — Thvy were uta 
TkkL Lkrrw b« lb the x*. Maku a lire mitian ; 
f«tefc hilhar 4 ^j baa in mj fIohI. 
l>mA may mmf h nlvt inuf boun, 
JLki 7*« (tx- drr of lye kiadh agun 
'Dv a'crpn'^'J fpiriu. 1 ban branlt 
Of m il|TpUBn dimL tad nine boure livD duJ, 
m* viab> good api^ium nvuvivAl.* 

VTWI wi. «vl] Mid ^ Uw lire «Dd dolha. — 

CIhb* U Id tckmd, 'bii^mrli jou. 

T^n Twl u>HW UHiTtf ^ — liuir Ukhi ktiTTVt, (bou 

'fWuMvffUtent!— I pnj jou, giva Uorair: — 

1\U ■— a vU Kve ; utun awmkn ; ■ vimnrli 
Vn^ib*^ iml of In : wktp limh nut be«ii «n1nuii:'d 
.'VlK"f<j llic btfUIS^ Siw Iw" dIiv 'j^ti» la lilif" 

IVuiwIi jw, iuitwn dUf woihtcr, and Ht np 

tW. ^11* ■» '^liv^ ' Lwbold 

ifwlkh. dBA« to thuv bvavoiil; jevtla 
\^ S^ri IVfMf* Mk tvt, 
^tu U f*tt tMr hin^ of bright ^Id ; 

4lJ iimA* V vr*«l» ttf kMbjHir ^to, tair rrvaUin>, 
bl* W tVM ngM to li« T l-^' UtOKV. 

f^l. *-' •'^*'*^ Pi^iin, 

Vte» M I r \VW*^» J»J Im^ ? Wkfct worlJ ia 

■»T" llr Vu 4i^*l t«.»<<UJ AH "* If""? '' "Mil •» 
W. - ^* . — ^,t^*.., *»* i^-. «.^ B*.'^ 


Cu. Hu^. HIT fifiiiitle ucL^k 

LuDd tn? ymr IiadJa ; to the nnr rhamb^Tlp 
{n4 liaoD ; eidh lliii mtLKT muit be Iwt'd 
Foi- lu-f r^lipee is mortiil. Come. c4>eiii-> 
And jGwulapinA guide ua 1'"^ 

iSitanl, carrgiivf fi^ \ 

SCENE m.— Huivbl J ^fioDfli mCkon'i iL 

RiirA, ai/h Mjbiva in ^rr irjrriii4. 

Pes. Uual hononr'd Cteon, J miut aevA 
gona: J 

Mj twelvD niuotli? *« eifflr'd, and Tynu n 
In 4 liUuiuii^ piAfe. Vou nnd JQur ]&d^ 
Take £iiiD my h^iu-c ntl tbankfubeu I Lbo^ 
Uuko up l}if* rest npon V4>ij ! i 

Ci,g. Yiiur iharij-'iiffilrtane^thau^hlhojl 
ntll flKtitalljp 
Yet i^ce fiiU wifld'nngly ' im tit. 

Dios. ^5 yonr iwwl qi 

Th*l Ihu H(^l^ fate* baJ plwi'd juu bjid tc 

bpT hilVt, I 

To hflTi? Ideb'd mine ej'Cft wilL hrt ! " 

Peu^ Wo cviQot bm 

Tbc piiWHi? idiQveiu. Coal J T nge andm 
As dolli the HA fthr liefl in, jt't Ibe end 
Miatbcu^t in. Mj genUe babe, Uiuina, 
For aim wns bom at sea, I h*™ nnm'd Wf 
T phnrgQ jour cluiriLj wilhol. leaving her 
The infant of jour aire, bti*oebiiig you 
Tu pvD L4>r princelj Uaioing, ibat aht ma; 
Atuarji^il at abu is Imih. 

CtK- Fear ool. tuj lord ; b 

Your gr*w, (Jiat fed mj Mimtrr w[tb jo 
(Fen which the pccple'e pmyors itill full n 
^[uBl In ymif chiU I* tlioughl uii. If 
SlirtoLd tb^Tcin mabo lut' *'ik*, l^ir eirmmini 
liy you reliev'd, would fnree me to luj dulj 
But if to ihfti mj iiniuie netfJ 4 ap^- 
Tho gods revongii it ictiou aie oikd mine, 
To tbe end of g<?nf ration ] 

Pkh. I ht^liera ytiii ; 

A'ljui hnTiixir iiin[ your ji^oodnesa lufich nitf d 
Witbnut your ruws. Till aho Im maniiid, n 
Rj bnflhc DifVD^. whom wc bDntinr, nil j 
lTiuciAftaj*il'' ftlull lbi» hair of TniTir* rpmaJD, 
Though I ilio* lil' In 'r. So I take mj Ib 
Qood madan, nmki^ me hl^ssed In ^our CV 
In bdrgiiig np mj cbiM, [ 

1T> PinL qnirlD, J«ki»l, MU. JW. Mi- 

' OntrlHBT'J-' 1 Titc uli] ro^k* rrad^ "VBibi«T'd 
liBlr." Tb* e am f Itoti. vUKI^ «rdt ibdila lnil««r»u,bd 
by 'h» mnrtpmi] Lnn paiiipr m H'LIUjki' nnvfll. * 
laLciniiclr b| nibr m StimtrlrL, hrr bjil iMvnU fBwf 

aitliirui] [UHnipjncil^ (ilm-cU in "H Unr-Jin^llr" tr- 

Enter Ooii-iTt. 

Od«. Tmngine FnnclBa Onrr'J At TjrtJ. 

HiH woeM (jiietn we leave al Ephptua, 

UnU> DiaiiB dii^Tb* a vuUnMe. 

Nu*r Ui -MuririiL bQuJ jaur laind, 

WhoQi our rul'grooiDg anne muAL find 

At Tharaun, and bj CJeoD tnuu'cl 

In muFiiCit liiilQm ; who hath ^ia'd 

Of nlncatiii" nil 11* Knice, 

M'tich niokc^ her both Eho heart ood pliice' 

Of geiii^ral wundtr. But, dauk ! 

Thai BHHiBter Enry, oft tlii' wmck 

Of fwoed pniiB, Mpiinn'^i lift? 

Seeks lo Uiko off Ly trpaaon'a knife. 

Arid in iliia kiuil hnili uLir Ckiui 

One daughliir, ari'l a wi'itch fulL gniHiJ^^ 

E'cn Hpo' for mnrriagp fight i ihJa diaid 

Bjf;Li Phikten l and if ia aajd 

Foi- (vttain in oiir rttury, eh« 

Would OTPr wiUi ]^1arina bo. 

B«'t when ehc^ weav'd ihe ileidrd lilk 

Wllfa flng<'re kn^, ninAU, whlto u milk } 

Or whoa she woidd niTh bharp nocld^ WDtiad 

The CBinbric^ which ihe made more oouad 

Bj hiima^ it ; or wheo Id the lute 

She sytig, lUid nifldu T.ht iiiglit-h"Lrd§ mule 

(■t Old DOptFI, Ml'i'i, ^Irinl D/ Ml]C[l«, 

{11 Did cD^lri, "rrr til a|d™ptr>, 1lhj;U Wd. 

■ nfrJt ■■Idbn, til.] Tli« alii B^tLlinii iebJ — 

" WWh P4hi* tM Ivlli ll" -^ >nd [iLhif." 

■ittTm* audi lb« HHiidKriop. 
' AwFiwfa Eitllriiiini,-] Id LIib orlElad Uli Pruplrl lEUdi," 

"Am] lDll>l> k^D-l durCMD htlfa 

Ttut sii\\ rreords WLlh moaa ; or it 
Slio would wiih rich lUid coiHlant pen 
Vflil to her mialreBa Dian ; stilJ 
TLiB Pliiloltn eiiDtendi in ikill 
Wilh ubtiulutfl Muriiiik^ no 
With [Lt^ dore of Fftphnu might ibc craw- 
Vie fcalhern wliite. Alaiiiid j^eu 
All prolBM, whieli art- inud a." deM^ 
And (hH aa gn--n- Tii\^> w dvia 
III Philolep all gi-aceful muks. 
That Quuu's i^'ifi;, «ith euij iw, 
A jiresenr mui^k'TiT du<»< prflpiini 
Fur ^ood Marina, that htr daDghtvf 
Wight aland peetleH by thia aJaagbla. 
The toancT hw vile thihif^htA m 
Lyi:hoTtdD. our TiurKf.s a dead. 
And cursod IHnnyEft hfltb 
Tlie pregnant Ln?lz^inent of *Tath 
Pn'dt fur this bluw. Tku^ nnlKira eveuE 
1 do cimmend lo joyr amt^nt! 
Oidj I cBfTj* winged tiinfl 
Pnol on ihe lanm fi*t i-f my ihyme ; 
'Which nerer i^jidd [ so conyay, 
Ublcu joiiT tiloaghta neot on mv *n^ 
DionjM doth Bppav. 
Wilh Trtfonine, a micrdpnir. 


1*1 OUUiU»Wf^ 

41IGi]i'«r'1w«i|iPi«rDlllrtrB'' Ud BK4»en* fep^li 

L 'D Uim ^ ih*T nBuiHail In Tlivi'tT, i 

' Kwwm rkjrt— ] to Lbi flriL quirlo. Ln ibi llbru^ ill 

■^ fiTiiuUni 0th«r FopLu dE IIliI Fdiltoc ndd, nr^'J 
d JTbU kIb-p brtlil— ] T\ie i>Ld raplfi md nrr-alt 

DluT of "□AOklUrr Gurliia'i hrcait. ' Llll «dld ll lUI 
nnrntat mrSi ojiO Tirra'e, hrcuHlPliir bi Jl iuIei U» 

rndi, " Tlip dii*> tf PipNiP n^lil -Hfa ih^irn- " 


Etitif DiositA and JjEfutat. 
, Tbj Oftth lemeiikTret: iJiuu bafit fnom to 

^ibilaUow, wLiuh never aIlbII be bno'^ti. 
TbiciBa HOC da a Ibing to tbr world m soon, 
Xtf^ dm H EDKh p^E. Let nut coDBcienuT 
1V)M ilbat Dnld, iaflamiug lara i' tli^ boH>rti,' 
SdoH IH ninJj ; nor lot piiv, i^tiicti 
S« wttib hare CBst off, nif ll thee, hot be 
1 idfiv ti> llij jorpoH. [LrcDturQ. 

LwB. I'D ao\i bat jrt sLe ia n g^Hhll^ 
lluii. The flacr thea tlio gmle thould hive 
W. [ibatb,* 

In die tmom weeping tur her ddIj uiuIhu' 
IVnj wt PMOlr^d ? 
UiQh r inn TVfioh'd- 

Jlu, No, I will polj TelluB <>f h^r we«], 
T* ■!«■ tbv ^Ta:n withflowar?: the jdloi^, bluos. 

Atari**** u*<^ '> Jl'^i'f. 1^ I'^i bi^omt. 
■ Vfl A GtoBi "fmlaiE lor Iidt velIv mkalnt^ 
'■ Ji L HiJaHinilA^ 

HiJ] 1 

TDL, a. 


Tlin purpio violeU, and murignldBp 

Shull, E4 Ek ciirpct, hung upon llij ^lo, 

WhUo luanDcr da^ lio tmt. Aj nw ! poor nuid, 

Bom la a laup^i wheti EUjmoUjerdli>d, 

I'IiIa world lo mo in lito a Ijuling Htorm^ 

Wliimug biG frnm mj rrii^nJfl. 

DiDK. Mow noWp Muiiu [ whj Aa joii knoji 
Hdw cfaoncv fjij daiightfl' is not with jouf £d do4 
C4>i|suinD your lrliH>d witli HOETowing ; jou luvc 
A liune of am. LorJ I how ^«it wvoiir 'a obuig'd 
Vi'iih this nnprodlohlo wl>f | ComUi 
Giru □ii> jour ilowuis: erelJio 6c»4U0i h, 
Wnlk w|[li Lcouini? ; tbt air ia quiiik tLer(>, 
Ami it pitn^'fi nntj Ehiirrjcnti tliEi ^lonuu'ii^— Citdh^, 
Lwmuc*, tnkc her ]>_t (bo arm, wnlk with h^r. 

Maq. No, 1 praj jeu i 
I'll not bertavp jou uf jdot Kmnt. 

Dion. Come, eaoiD; 

I loTc lb? lung jDuf falLi^r, and voLin^'lF, 
Willi inota th&b fcreign bcvt. Wo c^orj doj 

" Hi^FEAbi f A«f I -vcpim fflr her «iV nlllniL 

Ami rmrTimiHHd, *' Uaiv »■» (lie VtfpEni fur hH bIJ aufWi 




13>_ _> 


Kipn:t him lir^rt ' when he FhaM rfunp, 4iuJ find 
Our pvsji^on (o aU reporlB t^us I>]DBl.?f]. 
Ilfiwill TopfluC tlifl liTHvllli of hirt i^n^t tcijage; 
Blime hulh my lonl ddiI me, tliKt wo liara ia^is 
Tilt cttTo ti> your b-'st 4^»urAo>i, Qi>. I paj jou, 
"Walk, FUid ba die^^rfu] od4^ hifaln ; resraro 
That eicellent ooQipli^&LOn wLieli did tLcaJ 
TJia ovoB flf viiurg jiiieI blJ. Can' no^ fui' iim ; 

I am go hfona aloao. 

Mah, WoIJ. Iwiflgo; 

But juL I hnvo n" ■Icein' lo iL 

Dlfp^. Copi{riiv>inUpI kiiLsi''t i? good {ur_*ifU- — 
Wulk half an hnor, LciminB, at ihc IpuL ; 
iLcmcmboT whAL I baTO SAii. 

LflOid I normiil Juu, maiiani^ 

Dion. 1 niloftic jcm,mjHH'ecr; Jo^lj.fom whjlu j 
Pmy walk HofUj, du jidI heat juur Llmd : 
Wlikt ] 1 Djuit bivo a cjiro of 3*011. 

Mau. My tliBjikd. FHQti madruii' — 

II ifaia wind irgstcrly that blnwa ? 

Leon. Suulh-n'^fll^ 

Mah, W}ien I wna horn^ ika wind wjw nurlli, 
Lufij*. Was'tao? 

Mab. Mt farliPT, HA DLimc mii'tt Hid tletct fear, 
Bat ctJed, ^udr/ iiurq^n / ta did uSIotg, gaJliag 
Hii kiDgly bwile ^rh holing of tho nipE# ; ^ 
And, claspiuE Ui ihu ma^.t, cndur'd a ica 
That olmMl turfit tli-^ deck.. 

I-KOS- M'lu'n wafi lliij^ ? 

Mas. WLcTi 1 itu bftnt, 
^flver irAn mrca nor wind iDore riolenl ; 
AdJ from Ihu loilchir-tackte vasbefl rff 
A cauvBa-climbar : jVa/ Aaja one, Wf Md f 
And "ilh a dropping uiddBt^ tliry ikip 
From ttUini La (U^m:* LLeboAUwniD «fainki,i 
Tbc inrUit.or mJle, and Irolilca Lbeir eaalaBaB. 

JjKOS. Ooax, uy your proyf^r^. 

Uab. VThAt iDMa jn : 

liEOf. Tf you rpqnire cl DUli* epaw foj ptijci, 
Igranlit: P*^}", Imt U* nol lodmuii, 
For the goda are qviuk nf eBr, and I am nwc 
Ti> di] mj vork wi(h huto. 

Mail Whj will you kID met 

litoN. To EUittHfy iTiy Imly^ 

jMab, ^Vhy would aho have nm till'd ? 
Niiw, m I cau reiEiGmbut. hj my troth, 
I nefor tVul Iiit ImrT in oil oiy liJi; : 
I npTor apoko linri wiin^ i]»r did ill Inns, 
To any Tiving cn-oture : bellevq mv, k, 
T nuvrr klLl'd a Eiiuufp, nor hurt a fly: 
I Uij"! upon a wonn ajr^ofti my iriW, 
Bat T ffpfl fpr if. How lifura I ofliinded, 
WhCTcin EQj dcitch TnighC yichi hiT any prtSl, 
Or my llfo imply hor any danger? 

Leon. My cnminuHon 
It not lo TOLwm i>f Ihr^ deed, but do h, 

Mah. You wiD not do't for atl the Ktilil' 

kDl 1/, rb* nltf Dkirlu bAVfi D|il7 — 

■■ HEi kinfii^ h^ndi idlliii TOpU'" 

f ■} Sitnu Lo nn«, la ih< iit\fint/- 


[flCETri: n. 

l-favour'd. and yaat loirkfl foresbuv 

llSUgbl hiirl ID porttn^'twD tbnL fuiigbt: 
1^ It elun'd well iD jou ; dn k how : 
E vdtfl mj Jife ^ — cbiuD jQu bctwL'oc, 
Hwr ma. Lha weakm'. 

Hold, vIIImd ! 

t, A pritc ! Ji pdae I 
L. Ualf-parL! uidUSt bolf-piui 1 Cdiuli, 
bfiF aboflrd tui^Jouly, 

TngniHg tJiiow* nofc tfic Kniil 
jinte Valdi'A ; 
Lv? udt'd Mnrina, Let Lcr ^ ; 
hope bIidII ivtiirii. Ill Bwi-BTabti'i 

inU> (hc'BMT — ) But I 'II wo fUrlbtr ; 
wil but {ilvfiAe tliomifflics upon tier, 

ttATO mviih^d miiHt l>y tne ba itlain, 


I.— MiltlcKfr. J ^A?iiT in a Brethel. 
irr pB]][Ler, Bnwd^ nnd Bdclt. 

It Llje market nFirTOvr^j j Mitjl'^n'; 

JIODIJ. We l0«l IDO IDUCh tDDUej Tills 
If tio wnbr^lJo^A, 

wen never mi muth ouL of eifiatiires. 
poor thrw-T and ihny can ilf> no mwr 
ilo i and* wiih cdntinuBl oclion mo 

lel '■ luiTC freali Dii», whote'i^r 

rihwp IF thpn> he not a roiLviencc to 

tanrj trads^. wt aluU iwvur prupcr. 

>ii Mj^a ttoe: 'lu DPI iHir ^ringing 

baalAnta, — Bi, 1 thiakr^ I Ijuvl' LiuugtiL 

Av. to cleveQ, uiil brou^^liL tbem down 
liiiill 1 HanJi liie ii»rl(4*tE* 

Labt], TVliJil <-Ibp, mnn? Tlie uluff we have, 
B i^tr<irig nind will bluvr It Id |ui-ul4, (hoy nn: blj 
pitifiiUj BoddcD, 

Pauti, Tliou flujesl Iraci ibej'rBliHi'miHhuln- 
Kinm a' pimMinnM. Tlin piii>r TraDBjlvAiiian ii 
di^, liiiit by willk tLu little luggavd. 

Bdolt, Aj,Hliq qdctljpoopcd Tdm; aho Enaiie 
bim lOndt'Uiuiil fur normA : — but III ^ F^cirtli the 
innrkiil. [AViV Boult. 

P^Nit. Thrna or funr t^imLQJLnd chf^uins vn-m b 
prptlj n proportion to Uto quiotlj-, And bo giTC 

Bawh. Whj to givn orrr. T jtraj joii ? in it b 
thudii? to gtrt wEii^ri vro ai'g old T 

Pand. O, out credit nimEi not in liVn iJio 
commodity; nor Ibo commodily nogr-a not with 
tli4? lUn^^r : tLemCrrpT if in our jlmiUih "O could 

C\ iJ|i rvrmc: prirTly p^nEo, 't were hut mniw Ut 
p OUT Aiiifr borche'd. Bcsiilcj, the Bnro tcrmA 
wc oUnd upon with ihc gods, tviU be atfojig inth 
LIB fnr giving orcr. 

Bawii, Chimin oIIilt eorla olTt^nd an wtll ika vei- 
Parh. As fvHaa w;/ ay, lUtd Inttfr t^u ; mi 
offiMid woi^o. Xi'ither is our prcfotaion anj trade ; 
ii'»aO calling, — Butbcro Hunci Donlt. 

Hf-nifer Buclt irith Maui^a^ and titn PiralM. 

BoiiLr. [ToMmitsa.] Ooma jonr wijb. — Mj 
uifiHturn, jdu enj pJie'n n virj^in t 

1 PiEATE. O eir, wu dutibt 1( nut. 

UoTTLTr Mulot» 1 have gone tlirongh for this 
jkiow, ynu ace : if jou liha her, Sd ; if natj 1 hivo 
iit^r my car<iGal, 

ESawd, Koulij Iieu flic nny r|iuilitie^? 

BortT. Sbc hoa n gnoci few. "p™kn nrll, aod 
hitn oiPk-^loEit good clulhea ; ibero'a no ruTLhs 
Dccr^^itj of qinilititifi CJin niolio bur bo ivTufiod. 

Bavji. Whal'H ho- priop, Boult? 

BouLr. I ciLiiuoi be buted one doiC of a 
lliijuAond p'^s-Sh 

Pahu. Well) fuIloiT me. mjmaitcn^ yon shall 
hiLPC vouT minpy pnapntlj. — Wife, lake her in ; 
iu«trucl ht^r wbat ibt hm to do, that ilie ma; not 
k* rnw in Hi?r pnlt-rtAinfiiorL 

[^ATunf PanjltT ohi? Pirfl'™. 

Bawh, Bualt, taiic juu lii" marlia nf bur ; — 
Lbc colour of bcr boir, cmnplL'simi, licigbt, age, 
wirh wnrnuiL of bcr tirRinHy ; and cry, Ht that 
ii'Ul ifiBg jTumf rhalt fiiif Aflr ^raL Sutb ■ 
moiiLpnbead wtre n<i ^'litAp ibing, if mca wen) u 
Lbey liBVO bcon- Gi^ tbii done Hfl 1 rommand 


Borr.T. P4Qd'onajinrr sbnll follow. 


•i Ohi n|ilvl, tttr'f [wd Ufri'p) fiiu 

[tOI^I [E! 

Alflck, tllilE 

Blow !— 
Up alumld havfi struck, not ^polLc ; — cr ttuit dn'M.' 

Nirt anoir^rb bnrhoriHiP. 1*1 in* oWlioonl tliromt 
For En srek my nuLhcr 1 

JJawd, Wbj iHTQi^Dt fiu, pntly tiaef 

Mah. TbaL I oni jireElj. 

Hawd. Cuidu, tbn guilfl Imv? Jimc t'h'rir part in 

Mtn. I ocflise ibnn not. 

Bawd, You an' lit iLtu mjr boudAi irlKrv juu 
nri' like to livtL 

AIati. Till' iTiom mj feull,' 
To 'apAfic hifl hoTtrL^, vlij^rc T woa likn t<> ilie. 

Baitd- Aj, Bui] jDU Bh&ll live in plouaurc, 

Mah- No. 

Bawip. V^*, iniki!ii B^uOl ><ni. noil Easta t^rUlo- 
TUQi of nil AuliiiDs. You shall fan vri'lh yuu 
■hoO hivo tho ditfi^rcficf^ or pU conijiiDiLiQDi. Wliiul 
da Tou ^Lop juar ears ? 

U4B- Am yoii a woraan ? 

BAVb. WIloL urodd j'oii Lbvq dip 1w, on I bq 
not a womnn? 

Mau- A.II bonoit wi?in0n. or not a woTniir. 

Bawd. Mbitj, vblp iIhx', gD^Iin^^: I ibluk J 
■hnli have nkiTMilhini^ In Ao wiili yii\i- Cuntv. 
jniD^rc a jdUTi^fooluib paplin^, on J miLiL Lc LdwoJ 
AB 1 would kavo yoa- 

MaU, Tbc ^i}il£ JcfuDll JDI) ! 

Uawd. If k iileajv llic godi. to L9f'ri.'Di^ ym \iy 
rawi, ihm men idUbl comfon jnu, muii luiial fc-ed 
jtiu, men niuEl blir jnu np. — Boult'd returned. 

Ee-ejitfr Bquit. 

How, HiTfhwt ibou crJod bcr through tho laorkotf 

BoiTLT. 1 haieBrnd h« (dtnint Id lliL- number uf 
her hoirn ^ I lia'odnwa harpiL^Lurp wIlL mj yoicp, 

BjiWPr And I pr'jtht* tv\i oiv. how Amt thou 
find the im^lUiiUion of tbo pcoplo, cspcciiilEj uf llii.' 
joQngor putt ? 

BmiLT. FjLLth, thoj lisConnl to me as tbey 
would liftfu bcarki^ni'd l» ihL'ir fafler'H ((■^iliuiiuiiL 
11lF?ri* was a Spnmard'n muiLlh bo imlHjrt-d, that bii 
went to bfiil 10 tor vtrT dewriiition, 

Bawc. Wb tdioll iuivu Mid Li:reUi-niDrro'w.w!lb 
hiB loit rulf OD. 

BnuLT. Tu-niEht. to-oigUL, But. Enistiv«. do 

13-a know thd tretii:b ko^^ht (lut cowm T ihs 

Bahd. Who? monfinur ToroliH? 

BovLT. \y : lip ofliTcd in fut n tjiper at the 
proclnmacioE^ L but he miuJc fl groau at it> utd 
BWon he would £€c ber Ld-idottow. 

Davu. Well, wol] ; as for liJra. he brouj^ bu 
dltojisi' liiiltur : in-'tv he Auth hut n-pur II, J kpi>rv 
Iter will cnmo in our «biu|aw, to H:f<[U.f bi* r^nnni 
ia the BUiL 

BdFLT, Wdl. [f wi^ lifHl of P»*?J7 ontiflu 1 
ttHTrlitr, 1/c flhoalil bdg^ them with thu b^. 

Bawt>, Praj jon, come hither o while. Ym 
hnvi' AirluDGt i.'f>iDin^ apirn joel Muk am-, }oa 
uiiisl HH-ni lo iJi^ ihrU fcOTfuIly wbicb jwj t^nnLEaii 
wUlicigly : to' dcqpido proGl whi'Fi? you bivi mrui 
gain. To w»p rbal jod lir^ u <(-«] do nuld 
pilj In jiinr loven< ! Hrlilom but that pitj lH>gi>u 
yoti n f^x>r| (ipibioD, snfl ibot oploioo tmocpniGL 

Mah. 1 uDrlcnlAiirl jou QOt- 

BorLT. O Tjikc hc-r hr»i|]t>» idlBtrHi, take 1h 
home: ihnc Uii'Im-» oT hvn munt ha <|W4diJ 
wiih hntiit nresenT pmetiiv. 

Baw-p. rbou wirwl fnw, i' faith, ■<* thejmiH, 
for your Wide poes to that with alunw, wtlfh^ 
her wflj [>f i:i» iritii wmtiuhl, 

BnrLT. Futh,BoiDeiio»nndMmiP4laiiot. But. 
inLfitiTflB» if 1 have hoTiraJDeil For (h* joini, — 

Bawd. Tbrju itiAygt cuL k morad off [he tpjE * 

BonT. T ;rrij pu. 

Baw]>. Wbo Hhould Jonv it? Come, low 
ODO, T likt (he manaer of yonr ffArmeau wdL 

BooLT. Ay, by my futh^ thej bLaII DM 
t-luingcd Jet. 

Bawd. Bonify s\-cn-f tbou that in ihe 
ropoTt wh4t a fcOJtFonier wD baTGi jwiH 
uolblLg by (^HtoiD. Wbi>D oaLun; Ecomfid 
|iiHv, flb" meaitl eJic^o n aonA iiuTt ; iht-rotamai 
wliAl a pnififrOD nhij is, ■ud tbou hii£t the hin« 
out of iifle own Tpporl. 

BotJLT. I vaCToDl }-4iD, misEniH, thuediT 
not BO nwak« Ibo Urdu of wli, v my piicff 
bor bMDty btir up the Ipn-dLy-iDclined. Ill ' 
home iume to-iilght. 

B.^wUb Cume your wiji ; foUow mo^ 

M«B. If Ares bo hut, kulta abaip^ cri 
UaiLvil I Atill mj Tir;£L]] knot will keep, 
Diann, aid mT piirpoec 1 

Bawip. \\iirit JuvTO we (o do wilh Diutif 
yoUr wiU jon go with ua? ff, 


SCENE HL— Tliftrtna, ^ 

Eoom tnOdA^J 

* nt wtar/ MhuLt,— ^ F'Ml', JMrr, lquoi lalifDrliinr. 


5nter Clbom atid Thonru. 

DioN^ Why.oreyou Ibolinht caui >l Im* iiMlmirl' , 
Clk O DlunyEo, Auoh a pitH'c nf dqiLglikF 
The ma imd moon ne'er look'd tipoii ! 

■] Old fld£llBH> 4ITDm to 









D[n?r. I Oiink joii'tl lum a i-lilltl a^in. [wni-lil, 
I'EJi^ W'un: 1 LiLlcf lutd i>r atl lliia d[iaaiLJUB 
I'J ptr? h hj uDilii thi- ckvJ^ O loJj, 
Jm ba ID IrlouJ diuD virtue, ji-t n priji».'£a 
Tb Ofui Ml J ulnj;!? oomn o* ihp cunh, 
V^jonic* uf compiu'D ! O vilkia Laojuhq ! 
Winn iliou hnst puiBnaM U4 ; 
If than had'}( ^Iniiik Ui him, it luvl bm-nakiTkitnuBB 
WBiiiig wuU ihj fart:' what can^t llik'ii •'nj, 
Wbqn^e PcricleA fbdl dcm^Ukd bis cLiliJ ^ 
than,. TluiL f-hn ia iLvlJ, NurM^ juo jidI Uic 

To Wit ii, iw>r Cfer to prcacnp. 
S^UfttaEglu: I'liFAjAS. Whoi-uicmHfl ii? 
'^•laijw plij tie pious uivioami, 
^fv u hooHt altTJbuLo, ay out, 

t'LB, O, R<"o^ Well, well, 

^1^ nil iL« fiHiltd liCLtCBtb lite hmvcELfl, tliD gciJa 
]^ likr Ihia Munt. 

hit. Q« ane of ihfjao thnl tLick 

^> l^-clj nrrviiB or Tlifli^m will % Umeo, 
Ainlfp|.n tViii 11 FtrlclcA, 1 da bhaTue 
Tu JiiaJE uf hIioI n noblv MriUJi ^cii oiv, 
^ of hn Gowuil a apinL 

'TlnfktM^Utrr-CB'iiiit.^l TbP aoirUi, J US, liu " p-Jnf r 

^■^'s.,, Ebt tUFirr Old *ilUkDn« hBH "v-tN^r budhdL' 


'f - - 

Clb. Tu such prucooiFing 

Wbi> C'lH' liuT Ilia apprd'haliou aJdod, 
Tlititijrii nuL Ilk pro-t>oiiwnL.''hadlL| not flow 
From hDaourililo caurseH,' 

Yuan. Be it 10, then : 

^~iii iJ4>nu <!(ic9 kno", but joa, bnwfibs carufi i!ojid, 
Knr none Can tnQW, Luoiiiac ImiTig [roue. 
Slip [Ji^l iji^Eain^ my chilJ, tinU eEOutl bvtHFi'n 
Hit anil bcr forLuuM ; nun'" wrti]ld luofc on Iht, 
Hut mdt their gjues on. Mariuji's foAi ; 
!\Tiilat oiira wiia blmUil nl, nuJ bold tt nmlltb 
Not wnrtb tJic iLmc of day.* It pLcruM ins 

tboruugh ; 
And tljDugb juu crII my coui?« Tmnarittnf, 
Yuu not jDLir cbild Wflll luving, jol T find. 
It grecla ma aa nn r.'nl(.'r|rriM> of kiu<lnra4 
Peiffjtin'd to jour nolo duughliT. 

Clb, HoBTfiiB fiP'giTP It ! 

Bijtf, And na fur PniclDi, 
Wbfli iiUoLild lie aaj ? 'VVo wppt oftcr bar hcurEa, 
Aiiid yd vc munm ; htir lUDiiiiiootit 
la flliuoat fiifiab'd, Qnd biT rpjlnphs 
lit /jlUtifiin^ golden chorOiTtQ]? otprow 
A gFDQrnl pramo lo bcr^ mid cjire in na 
At irhofle cxpcosQ 'tia duiiE^, 

• '-^Ammlkili 

A tnarfb mHi^r nil dvirrvEni Uk ivot EDDrTnf tf "OD* 


ACT tl-i 



Clk. TLdu ait ]ikii tlin luirpy, 

WliiL'h, lu Lclmjj iliwl, wilh Uiino aiigul'a fiiciT, 

DiDN. You JiTD liko DUP, ihnl aupi>rE(iiioujly 

TE IV. — 7^ «a)TV. Bffore fht MfonumnU 
^ Maiusa. 

£nkr Qowaa. 
Gov, lliir? lime wc mk3lc> lUiJ lungcaL lon^H 

SjLtl si>aB ID covUct, lia^'p jui Kialk tul fir 'ti 
MflkinjT, — to mku jourt (maninotioTi, — 
FrODi tioum Ic Ijounit n'gion In n-^pun. 
Bj jQu Ttoinfr pnriion'il, tc commrt no crime 
To lUtf am^ kn^aj^) in eocli scToral tlimc 

To bam uf m^, aLu ttunil i' iFit £;n[a (u lutch yun 

The ata^ca uf atir ntnrj. Ppriclc?! 

la now jL|;iUQ ihvjirting' ihi- warwar^l p&if<. 

ACLcnJed. itn Ly duuij a lonl mid kni^hCj 

To sec hin daiigliU^r, olJ Lie Ufv'K Ji-lij^liE. 

CM E^iinjitflt nhom Hclk^onii^ laUi' 

AdTUu^'d in t!nio U> grcHt Mid high «tare, 

In ]cft to jfOFcni. Umr ;i>u it id ruind i 

Old Ht^liuiniiri ^i*>*^ oJong bdundF [l^raught 

WT.'il'ballini^ 9hi[ia and ^xiunlmnii wiadd hiva 

Thia linp Ifl T]iorJ*u*, — lliink hi» pilul thoughl ; 

Bo trith his alecra^ £hail jour thwiglita grow 

To fcldi hifl ilniif hU.T liomc, who firtit u cone. 
Ij^c motco and abnJovi ^co tLtiD Juove a v-Uilc ^ 
Your cua unlo joor ejoa I '11 tccod^eIo, 

Dumb ahoa. 

Enter Piolii^leb af ant d-oar, iritk hU Trwn : 
CLKnN and Diokha at Uu other. Cuon 
PKaiCLiB vtaka Uimeti/otuni. puU on «flt- 
cdotU, ami ia a ufi^Aly pasiioH deparl^. 
Then cxAinl Clko^ otht Dco.vika. 

5<.>c bow K'lluf EDAy auffct bj foul ohuirl 
Tliii luiToirM [iBnion alduils fur trao iild vih) ; 
And PcrJi^cfl, in boitov nil Jpvuur'iJ, rahoirVd» 
With nJutit that iiiroagh, ADit bi^gesL L(>jui o'er- 
LtATpflThvam, and p^bi oiulukEka. ITu jwonc^ 

(-1 OVleitOaai^tMlatt. 

m Old ■diiiBBi, «w. 

^ Old lj<^ai. •bm li-Hcviai Iflif, k.) TkB rivHU n- 

Ihiji irff iDukiWipluni:— 

■■ Old BellfUbf fW* iJnoi teUb4 

It MA la piTaiDt 'T. ViLU bHH h Htad. 

Old i:pE<»« •b« £i<iibiu> li^> 

fferer to wodH liin fow^ nor cut hu hurs; 
He puta on uqlicloih, ojid to i«i. Kb bean 
A lempeHt, thi-M hiA morliJ rpBRsI T^mn, 
And jut 1hi riilEs it out. Now plsBHT jou ■!( 
Tbo cpilapli is fiu- MAriHi^ nril 
By widipd Dlmjxa, 

[Tffdfjf f/if inKrbjVtrDfl en MaUxa'j nonfiMnit. 
Thsfairali Httd've. awi bi^ lia Aprr, 
Who uitKfr^d in hfr ipT'mg nf ^t<ir : 
She aato/Tifrui the ininfa diiHfjht'i; 
Oh vhta foul dfoth tiaUi nftde fKtr thti;rhfv . 
Sfa'-iiai iff'jj Ae caWdj and tiC lur birth, 
ThHis, &cin^ prottd, tONdloa'd wnK parf o' ti 

Thrre/ore the virth.f^nu^ to he u'r^fioi^ilt 
IliUh Thetir Mrth-chiU 4in Mf A«iiHuAdl«v'i; 
Wherrjiiie the doeSj and twfors tfntlt nwer tt^a. 
Mfjke figing b-iffeiy upon shorn of Jtint. 

N'o riiw d»i becomo blick villaiAj, 

So wbII db boH imd tODdor AsLlr^y, 

Tjfil Ptrii'loa belitrro hia danghti-r"* dead, 

And lji?ar lu^ miir^ei to be onhrcil 

Bj liulj ForttmcT^ tthile our kcdd* dihI plnj 

Uifl daufrhu>r'q woo uid hoavj wi:]|-j]r^d|ij» 

In hor iiiih4>lj wrvioo. PiitLi-nH.', Tliun, 

And thfdk jon now axe all in Mitjiep- [^^1 

SCE&JE v.— MJtvlctn?. A Sireft hffbft du 

£Rter, fnm Ilie Brf>£hti, treo OcDtkaWB. 

I GiUTT. Did _Toii ever hur the liba f 

^ Gbvt. No, Diit novoTfthAU do in mi^Ii b 
19 this, «ho being once gone. 

I Ge5T. But U> Lave dJiKnitj pruuhed dn* ' 
■lid jnu cvifF droam iii fme\t a tiling ? 

'2 Gext. No. no, Uuinu, I ua fsa do jduic 
bawdy-houflti : sh^l 'a go h«r tho T«ttali hoe;? 

1 Gent, I'll do laTLlunH;; qow that u TirtujA, 
hat 1 am out of Eho mail uf niUini^ ttr vntr. 


J ^OAn intitr 

EtdfT Pander, Bawd, dwi Boin;T, 

Pand- Well, r bad rajJicr ibtn twice t!» "imh 
ui Im.t *|ic tad no'cr cota« hero. 

(-) Old 4uflr>, wlam*. 

Adfuxdi lb llDW Id firal ud bIrHlili. 


' r4*4Mjp;ill*oV'' •'■1 Tli-~lflffTfc"i 

"Tblnl Mil plbl Itai4h4. 
Bd tfiiTi till riiK^tdkU raummnflliu jr^it'- 

iSiTn, Fie, 6c upon her I bLd Ee ahla lo frccn 
iLf ^ FriopUB, and undo a wlioCo gi'ncmljuri. 
W^ bim ciUii-r gut hfr ravislic^il* iir hit niL i>f btr. 
Wbrn ihf ihcpnld da f^ flicnlJilitT fltinDntn and dtt 
vikbbdABd of our pinfc&aicpii, she bos foa hor 
?wii, he* rsAMiia, U'r mjiaier-rejiMiin, Iht 
Wm.lur knf??s; ihnL ^hew^juliJ uiikkv n nurifau 
i^^rEctil, ff lie nhould cli»i>cii a kiis oTher, 

Jlim.1. Fmidi^ I miiBt nrisb hfr, or ilia 11 dii- 
boi^ Di of 4II Air oatfJUfTS, vid moku ill uur 

Pin. NoVf tLc poi uprm hirr nvcu-ur^ncdB 

Bi*ii, Futlit llif'tD^a iiD waj Co bo rill on't, bat 

!t? -Hj to the |Kii. — lL:tv muK^ Iho l<m3 

B^rLT. We ibould hflTC botW lord and loim, 
i ftia pevTi^ buggogB nwdil but gife way to 

Enter LvBinAtnLuq. 

Lis. How nnw I How b duua of virgiailiw? 
B*^. Nov, tJie galfl (D-LliHta jaur Loquut ! 
Bopir, I VD gUd tu tt'O jour hoDOur io girud 

Tm Maj H> ; ^1 li tbo better for jOD ib&t 
''■nton nUfid upon Houjid legs. Uow uuw, 
Uriqi uHoqitj! Have juu UinEa uiod may 
■il^duJ ud dfliy the BurgeoiL ? 

Tou shall 9M fl ro§c i and &I10 W(i|-e a hhw? iuilepJ, 

Er^ljvliEul but 

Lyb. Wbrvt, pr'vLhetf 

Jkuar. D.^ir, I ccld he modest. [ExifBouLT^ 

Lvfl. That di^iti^ tbo renown of d bawd» no 

IcsB ihon i| ginA a good report to a Dunkber Ig bo 

hitVii. IIurD comcB thnt whiih (jrowa to tLe 
9ndk ^ — ntm phickcd vet, 1 mm oAiuru jou. U 
jiLi! noL A fair <:n>ature ? 

Ife-etitef' TJoult ui^A MuiDfA. 

Lyh, FEUihHshownqld MrteBftCTaiongToypffe 
al RM, Wyll, tbtie'n for ynu ;— 4e&Te ua. 

La^'d. I bcBccch jirur lionour, giTe mu leaver 
n ttord, ond I'll bftvc done prcauiUj. 

Ijith, 1 beMPcb vou, do. 

Uvfl'n, [T'oMAniMA.] Firel, I wouW haw ^u 
TiDla, ihs IB aa honoLirnhlo mau. 

Jnr IT-] 


[Hai 11 


Mad, T deiim la £nd him aa, tbu I 
wonblJj i\oic him. 

Bawd. Neit, he'a the gotcraoc of iMi ooonTrr, 
aail A iTion wliom I hid bound U. 

Haji, Tf ho g<m*iii ihn cnunlry, jon flrelmaDil 
in hiTD iudETd; hut huw huiiourdble 1» is ill lliaE, 
1 ki^oT net. 

Biwit. Pray jQu, nilhiiul anj more yirgina! 
fifni'lnF^, wiU jou una IlIih kiridlj-? Ho will line 
yaur apmn iridi goU- 

Mad, What he trill do gracioaalj 1 irilltluuik- 
fiil^ receive, 

Lts- Htvn jrcm diKift f 

Bawd. Mj lorrl^sba'i tidL jioccd yot; yciq ntu&t 
tfilte tome nruns ro work bcr lo ynur monaga, 
CoiDD, we will leave hii liimour and Iw.t iftperha. 
[^jeM"f Biywdf PdiidiT, and Hoult, 

Lffl. GDinjwBjb.* — Nnw, prcltj one, Low Ldu^ 
lun JOU iff en at thia trsdo ? 

Mln, What trade, bii? 

Lth. WLjit* I cannot namo ItuL T nliiJ^ oiFujid, 

Uah, 1 coiiddL bo offiuidi-d Hilii my trada ; 
plenae jou to name it. 

LvB. iluw king hflve yaa been of Lliii pro- 

Mah, Kvct elnea I am FomouihoT. 

Lit. IKd joa gi> (o it iO jVLing ? wen JOD » 
gaTDt4la- PC five or nt Beven ? 

Mm, Earlior too, bLt, if now T ha one. 

Lvi. Wh^v, ihe Uodm ytiu dwull in prodoirtia 
TOD lo be B (.Tcmture of wJc. 

Mas. Do jou know this haOBO to be n place of 
Eiicb rraorl, and will ccurn idIo il? f lienr uiy 
JDU OTo of honourablu piuEa, and aid the gDveroLtr 
of lliia plnco.t^J 

Lva, Why, bath j^our ^riiicipil mode kitown 
uniD ynu who I am? 

Mar, "SVTio in mj piiiici|>nl 7 

LxB, AMij, yiur hrrh-wmnaa ^ ihe thai acifl 
eeeda &nd roola of sluimo and iniquilj. O, jou 
ba\ti hraud BOmetluDg of mj poviT, and bo etauil 
fiLoof t for moro efiioua iroomg, But 1 frokst to 
tiiee, pn-lty cdc, mj nnthority bIuH net aeo thm, 
or elflo look friepdij apon time. Can», bring me 
m Hinia privflto pLun ; ddidd, 00iin> 

Mao. It JOU woro bom to bonom, show it 

Tf pnt npoD JOU. mikko the jqJgiacut good 
Tbal lhauE;ht jou worlh_T tJ iL 

Lyb. Etow'g ihia? huw'a UiiB? — Some morL' ; 
— bo sagi^. 

Mah- For me^ 

Thit am a mnid, though raa^l. unguutlo FurEuno 
Hath plBa'd mo in ^iia fty, when;, ainfc 1 mjBC, 

i't OUvdltlffiit, m^ [|^QlH|4:a,iL»»a/ii/r, 

JMseaHA hu-TO been nold dearer tliu phviic.— 

tlint tbo godn 

Weidd Kt mo frw from thia uvbollair'i] pW^T 
Though Ihay did ebaage me to the moaoeu bint 
TliuE llim i' iha piu^r jiir I 

LvQ. I did iioL ihi'ik 

Tliou coiddtt have «poke bo wtll -. u^'cr dironM 

ibou cDiddat, 
HojI I bnm^ltl bilbcr n onrmiilec? iDind. 
Thj arhoe^^ Imil allcr'd it- Hold, Iictd^i gfAA fm 

PeiBPTer in that ch-K way dmu eoert, 
Anil ibo gods ■tronglheii tlioa ! 

hf AH. The giXfl gudi preH^rn^ jna ' 

Lvs, Fi»r mo, be yiya diongliieD 
ThaL 1 eoiDo Hilh uo ill intebl { for to mo 
The viTj doon and 'wtndiiwi BaToiir TileCj. 
Fare llipo wtll, Thmi art ■ piece of virliio, loJ 

1 doubl uoi hut ll;j trainiug hath been nobk.— 
llnid, htni'a more gold for Ehoa^ — - 

A. enjva upcpn bJm- dio hfi Ulto n thiff? 

Thai robs thee nf thy gi3udneis \ If tbrHi doU 

Htu Irom mi^^ it hliall be Ittr thy good. 

But*t.T. I b»uei'1i jonT boDflUr, odd pcce ler 

Ltb. Atuuhe , chau dantri^ duT-kin^>er I 
Yonr lioufli', but foj lliis vW^u tfjat d-rfd prop iL 
WdlJiI ^nk «"] ovi,>r4'be1iii jau. Awuy ! [£nJ. 

BoiTLr, IIdw'b thi?? Wi^ nrn^t lake khulW 
aHiTvo with jDU. If your peevish ehulity, irhidi 
IS not nnrtb n hnvJiiitfC in llu; ohonpedt couptiy 
undoh Uiv copo, nhflli undo n w\ifAa Imuaebold. IH 
me be geldul like el Epnniel, Come ygiir wty^ 

ftlAn, Wbitbtf wouM you have me ? 

EouLr. I must bjiTflyourii>nidi?i)hc4Lil tal[i^no£» 
or tbo CM^mmou bojigroaD slid] citoculi- it. Came 
yuur nap. We'll have do moro gentJemea diiroi 
away. Oome your WEkys, 1 uy. 

Ee-enter Band. 

Bawij. ITuw movi I wbal'i th<? rantter ? 

ButTLT, Worse nnd wuiao, mislttM i ihe hii 
here Bpc^eo hulj wurda to the lord LvBimodiut 

Bawe, aiiniuinrLhlo 1 

Botn.t. She * niAkoa our profcwon aa it wen 
tfl itiiLk afore Ihe fate of t\ia (^odsr 

Bavit. Mairyn hanfi lior up fitr opct 1 

BoDLT. The nofik'Uiaii riould hjiTo dealt wift 
her liko a Dublii'iiifln, [uid she soDt him awaj u 
colli aa a rniowbikll ; sajing bis pmycn loo, 

1*1 aid UflBB. ^- 

Lflit», anil lh«w itt iLPpindtd lo lUo Diird^ Ip4alt ; tfc*j 




Bavi>. BiHill, liLki] hiT DWAT ^ uv" hf!r nl thr 
plcunr* : crock thv ^Iosb of Eicr vir^Eiilj, jmd 
atkn the KBt oiallcit^ili?^ 

SouLT. An if flhc were a lhamii?r piiwQ of 
gmiqd than tbe ia, !ihc fiholl Lv plojgh&d. 

Hak. Hull, bark, jou goUi I 

Burn. Sbe cojijurui : awnj witli lier [ WouliI 
thf bkil nevo" conic iriiLlii m^ dium I td.uxty 
hug jod ! Sbe'i bom to imdo ub. — ^111 yuu 
no^ ^ (he wiy of wuiseij-kind ? Marrj corns up, 
Bj diab uf idiuUlj wiLb roflBinuy utd bayNl 

Bonx. Gdme, misLma ; come jour vrajs with 

AThiUiin' K\lt Lliun Iibvh me ? 
BopiT- To Uiifj fruiu joy Um jowd jou bolil 

W>" Pr'jthee, Loll djo quo (lung bit. 
BoCTLT. Cunui nifw» your oni tiling. 
Hjib. WltalcaoatEliaii with thjiifr i^rkvrnjrtobcT 
Bot!it. "Whj, I could wish him to be my 
taiMcr, <n t&lh?r. jnj iDJ^lrfaj^. 

H*B. Si'iihtT of ib-wi nrc j^> !in<l ilei tbou npl, 
SiBiicUiej do bvIiET tbcc id ibcir camiDand. 
Ibrm hold'ftL h place, fombLch tho poinLKl'at fiend 
OThoQ ToulJ not in rcjiulatlon chEJiga : 
Ibn ut abfl dimiibd iIiHtr-kwpcr to fivtry 
Oittd Ikal cnniH inquiring fiT h» Tib ; 
Tafta cboEeiic fialing of evdij to/pio 
IbjEAf H lipblr ; tbj lixi'l ia such 
jLibadi been hek'b'd un br infcclfil lun?^. 

BortT. Wbat wooM jcn hare mo do ? go W 
lk* iura, woblJ jou ? fvhcrfl a man maj Krvo 

Kven jpAn for the lo« of n Eog, bjiJ Iiavq not 
money ijijoiigh in Lbs end to buy bim a iroodoi 

Mui, Dn BJiydiiii^ b[Lt this Lhoti docnl. Kinptj 
0]il tecoptacle^, ht commou acircra* of bhh ; 
BcrvH by Jiidenturo to ibe common hhn;paaD ; 
Any nf rbo&D ajkvn nrc jet bctUy- iban tbi" : 
For'wtMiL iJiiJU pruFesAtAt, ababoonr raruld boBpcab, 
Would own a name too dfflir. 0> that ibo goda 
Would safiiiy di;]i<'or mo Erwa Lbia placo [ 
Hero, hero 'a gold for lbi?c. 
If tbnt tb J iii4wU!r would gain aught * by mo, 
Prodalm that I can Hing, vnave, vow, aitd dance, 
Wilb oLhur nrtiua, wbidi I'U keep from booM; 
AjliJ 1 will LiniJnrtakQ all Lhrae io l«ai:h, 
1 doLiht not hilt thi^ |tiPpnluLiii city vlU 
Yidd Eiiany BchoUis. 

Buti.T. Dul con )UU tooch oil ibia you speak of? 

MtB. FroTOtbflt I Cflunol, take me home again. 
And proBlitutc mc la ihe IiohoaL jp-ooni 
Tbut dolb frei^uonC your honae. 

Bouj-T. WuD, I win BPO "hal I can do for 
thcp : if r UQn pl[M!0 thw, I will^ 

Ma£- But omong&t huiM-ut namcEiTC^) 

BofLT. FniLh, my ncqunintanco tics little 
imiong^L tliciiiF DeiL aince Euy moaLer and mlB* 
trc^ have bought you, tbnro'H no (firiinp but by 
ihcir coEiacnt: thi^rcforo I will lajiko tbi^m D4i- 
i^uaintcd with jOnT porpoK. ami i JouU not but 1 
HbidS find llu'ni Iraclnhle cnoa^b. Cumc, T 11 do 
for theo what I can ; cnme yocir tiaye. [Exeunt. 

I'> Old reptDlojDil» b«vU, 


Ento" GowEK. 

Gow, MoHda Lbua tha broLhel smpcflp And 

lata BD bODCflt houBO^ onr otorj hajb- 

She BiDEfl like oae immortaJ, and ehB dances 

Aa goddess-li^Q to her admirod loja r 

Doop clerkfl Bhe dumbs ; add wiLh hbt neeld com- 

Nutore'i dWD ehape, of bud, lurd, branch, or 

Ust even her art ai&l£n (ho Dalunl roa^ ; 
Her inkle, ulk, tnin * with the rubied cherry : 
That pupils lackB aha none of Qohlo raco, 
Whci pDur [heir boimlj on her ; and ber guu 
She ^Tca the cuzwd bawd. Hero we her place ; 
And lo her &ther tum aur thoughlfl Hguuj 

l*> on Eopki, Mliu. 
• Wtmt ¥• kft blVp pn Tha Ml we tlwn- hlia Imt r 

Ttalk ll Hh TUdlDf Df Uil«u. Id tbt quRa fif IWH^ tli# |l»i 

W^re we lefl him, on the sea, ^c thore him 

Wbeuce, driTon before Lbe winda, he id airiT^d' 
Hera irbere hia daughter dwells ; and on dii: 

Suppose him DOtf at anchor. The tibj alrir'il 
God Ncptnue'a annual feut to keep ; from vrbcDrt 
Lysimachua our I^rioa nhip eapieft, 
Hin bonaeifl sable, trimm'd with rich expaue ; 
And to him in hia bw^ with fervour hiea. 
In jour BuppOBlng once more put joui ugfat 
Of hefivj Foridcfl ; think ihia his bark i 
Whore what ia done in actJOD, more, if might, 
Shall be diacever^d : p]ea» jou, ait, and hark- 

" W^n* im led blm on tbA ith ■"* t"^**" *i^ ^rl, 
JTkA drinn bifin Ua wtadiC. be ti tRl«'4«," Ac 

In Oa tatmmaait eld cgplrt»— 

'■ Iffben ■« left Um df hl IbhAM wirf raaf. 



IB I. — Miljlono. lyn b^'Jni PEHiCL&ft' ship. 
I cf'-jr t'/iinfian on drd; loUk n eurlain 

ncA- A bar^ ty'tJig imidt^ the TjTiau 

kn BtiEnn. one Lrionginff to the TjriBU 
W voKi. tJie other io the barffc. 

le^EL. [J'itStfSailm-q/PJiljIonu.] Wlic™ 
lotdHeJknnp?* ho can rtaolra Jul- 

' £flter lIzLECAXua. 

bnc'a* bwge put dO" Erouf MiC^leup, 
Q Hb I^HrnacbuK linn gdvrtrcQr, 
nm to fome abdon]. What is roiir will? 
1* Hut hv have bi<. Call up hdid ganlJe- 

kSuLp Soj gcpJcDicv I mj Ion] cjUIs. 

fRrTd Dolli yijur J[mlbliip fall? 

\k lomn gf ■'i>Tt]i * nqqld cqqiq aboard ; I 
■ F^> 

■VHCkfftrf HdlanrTr TlLr^iJr] »iIL(Ihi m^npl IliUal 

■4 tVB IM lb f MU Dlkrl iDflAliojI, «liErD TliF nkd IbH 

iBHl(*viib, Tb« III! lir. Bunm Flald, bo*- 

Grqgt him fiiirfy. 

[TVie GotieIctdbi and Sailon ^ on hdaYd 

Enter from thrno' Lvsiuaobcib, afUmUd; tks 
GQQLlcniciip aH<J 9iuloiv. 

T^H. Sail, Sir, 
'Iljifl ifl ihu miui diat con, in luighl; jou itauld, 
Ecaolvo yau. [_¥ou I 

Lyh. Unil, rowrcnd air 1 Tha gcJa prcBcrre 

Wf.i^. Add jtfU* F<Lr, Ui auLli>o Lhu cLgD 1 am. 
Anil ilia Jia I ff04i]d do. 

Lva. Yi}u Ainh mt wull. 

J^mg OD BboropboDouring ofi'quune'* trjumpbo, 
iiJcciDU Cliis ,l,'0(h[1j T€!hh4 riJc Ircfora uAt 
I modb tn h, 10 kitoff iif uliprtdu yiMi am. 

Hbl. FinL, what IB jam- pliu^a'? [before. 

liTa. 1 am tlic gotcmor af cbiA pl&<« job Ite 

IIel. Sir, 
Our yufiflul u uf Tyru, ib IL l1ju king; [spokon 
jV mnti, wL[f ftir ihia ihnjo iDOUthd hftlh no* 
To an; ono, nor takro bu4Iciuu][:d, 
Ogt Io |trorugTiD Uis Btiuf. 

IiTfl. Upon nlial groDDJ tB his iliBtempcntDrc ? 

rrvr, ]ifT)duccd i puiao^ from Hflfwovd [p i>l>n« IhnE tb* A- 

pruEDU JuM ■<■* niroitcLr &La[i l*i V^ ^ '""^ ^''■'■i~~ 
" D«>i^i a iDddfiL nal It 
or Hvflbql i-IElJr ru| Jd—uiIi fi^iirnrlJll 
iLlhIol 'iwH bv^i iliduiitL^ibvIuaf''''' 

PerfHif »t ^"^ "^ ^'^ *>^ IT' A" 'l< 


[■□bK L 

Hkl. 'T winild be loo teJiQUB to rupe&t ; 
BuL tho main gnuf ttprin^ ^tmi iha Ic^a 

Lva, Maj wc nut vx blm? 
Uel, Yuu maj, [to iiny. 

But boQt]<'i^ 11 your ai^hl ;- — ha will not Bn><iiJ; 
Lvb, Yet let mo obtain mj wUh. 
l£iL. Zk'bold Iiini. [pEmjcLita diKoi/eml.^ THIa 

Till i\ic 'UvLitut that, vuv Diut-luJ ni^^ltt,* 
l>ropc biin to ttiia, 

Lyh. Sir kbig. all hiill E^iT gudd pi«fler*ejDii I 
Hnil, rojal hit 

Hbl. It LH in xaia ; lis will not npook Ui jun. 

LfOUU. ^ir, 
"Wu have a moid ld Mtrjlen, I iluraL woga. 
WimlJ win Domu worda of hini^ 

Lt6. "Tia wpL[ lieE)iouglit, 

SViP, /]Uffi]oa\ixi, with ha AWm-t bjiiiiLr>Eij. 
Ami <M,htr chrmt" nUrrhidimH, would eJluiv, 
Anil niskc a haEUTy thniu^ hia duufuri'd purb.. 
Whith now axp inidwny tEopp'd; 
She u nil hiLppj oi ihii fair'&t uF bll, 
And, with htr lolltur-inniiU, in'' now upon 
Tb* let^X nhrllcr tllul ahuCa t^npl 
Tbe iifluid^H aid«, 

[tt'Ai*^pr( a Lotd, tsAo ^da 0/ m ^b 
iiirfft of LvftrkiAcmiHr 

Hml. Bunv all'bt I'^'Ctlenu; jfd tiolhing wv'H 
ouik( IkiiHlacu 

TbAt bflin n-rurrry'a namo- Tlut alnui jour 
W# 1ht« ilrmch'd thim far, lut us hc9r(?<:h ynw, 
That for mt goU we mttj piovUion bAvo, 
Whrmln m an not JdhIjLiiIv for weujI, 
tlul WArj f'T tbd iiLii]i*iioi«. 

Lvii, O, nir, n omrtcaj 

Whjiili ir wfi idijpulj J^nj, l^io most jun goda 
K'ff I'lonr arart" wi>iiU iiL-nd a ^^Liorpilljir, 
And itu iri1i''L "iir pnivJEiciv — Yi't uticv ntorc, 
ly-l inn i^liDHt lu kntiH at litrgB tUo ciuae 
l^r t'TLir king^a Mjriuw. 

XXw^. t^it, nil-, 1 will resouEit it to joq : — 

ItuL Hfl, I fthi prcTKTituJ. 

jVf-fH'fr/rom fAd &ar^, Lrti'J, ^iik Mauika, 
T'lt" Indj' lliAt I iwiiL l<ir. Wblouui0, fnir nne I 

f>» r^^ In in !»> "U ii-pn 

(t» Clld fldllbDHI, Ofl, 

"(Oil lb' nmLn irbfr/af/ iiitkofk 'r^rm iha !«■/ Birr, 
« i.Hfirtml r-it L Ufr f«ii'j HCittlfld Lhli mdlni, llw 


la't not a gmdljr 

liJiL, SIk'i a g>IUnl li 

Ln. Sbe** (Dch • »t, Uuu wen- I wtU oaur'il 
OatDe of a L^lle kind aod lublt BtAck* [v^.^ 
I'd nir.b uv bvUci dum, uid diijik mp nuY-3j 
Fnfr- ODO, all gmjdae^ tkkl dmuAa in bouatj"!' 
£ls[)c^ccvcn bpr«> wben it ■ kindly pAiii^t; 
If Lhnt ihj pmjtaviB uid vufr^iAl ri4l ' 
Coil draw him bat to louvef tbee in acgb^ 
Thj sAtTFil phjaic ^bU icf^rv mch u* 
Ab i]iv dit^irea cut wuh. 

Mail. Sir, I wiH oao 

My ulmriAt nbill in hfj rrcomy, 
ProTiiod nonf but I and mv eKnittaiac f 
B^ auffijr'd ta iaidq dpai bim. 

And rlie^nda makf ber pnHpqmtf 

Ltd. Mm^M hv juur tdiuic * 

Mab. Nd, ruir tiHik'd ob ni. 

Lvs, flpD, she flilf ijmk b> him, 

MniB. Uiul, »r \ mj lord, kbd «ftr^ 

Ffliff. Hutn» hi! 

Mab^ T Dm 4 mojil, 
My lord, that neW bcfim inpiiHt eja. 
But bavi? bMTL ^u^d on like a an»t : abc spc' 
My Inrd, Ihol, maj be, \M!h PDdar'd ■ grief 
flight cquiJ joun, if both worojuadj veigbV 
1'hi>Lf^h waywaicl foriunc dlil mpJigD mj ttatc, 
Mr derivELlioh hu from am^taion 
Wbo Btood iMjuivalenC nirh nii^htv kmg? : 
But Umu briih riiolal out my potvntiL^. 
And to the world and awkwnni coAQjUGa 
Buund mo Ln omriEude.— [Afl<if-] I wil] UvbhI;^ 
btit ihi-m t? MuiPiiiing glowi ii|MPn iriy fhtvk^ 
And Hlii!^|«r^ ■□ mirii' oivr, On not tilt hr ipft^. 

Pma. My fortunes-— parentoga— good p*r«it-— - 
To rqufll nunc! — wan it mrt lliin? wbAluy jou ^ 

Mail 1 ^aid, mj lord, if yoa did know p* J 
VtiD wcjitid not do mo Tiu]fn;ca. [^P''^ ^' 

I'j:i[. I do think I10. Pmy jou, turn yanr en 
Yon urc \ik.e sonic|}ung, thai — \MiiiL count 

woiDdn ? 
Hero of ihnao abonja?' 

Mam. No, nor of any iborci: 

V4?l I wa« TDOTlfdly bmoglit forth, and am 
No ocber ihiui I nj^pcar. 



f II DIdvdIUAiidd. lutd, 

ii.iiiiir^trei1I«U>liiDrbTlbii:>rl nriliBilaiiwnt. Tfi»l 
11 li iLuiJi L^ [1^1. nlilp>|ILiir|ii. nillfljr.inl ihf iHrimaof >bKi* ' 
al ilir B[>Efl in «hlE|i ihlf unnl anranunaKaT dnmu bvi 
ijairii Fb ■!■ '-~ 

"PtK. Mq IT^inlf Id, pnf Ton tnnw fimi Brnii^Dn ulIbo' 
iikm laiDElUiiK Ibilr 'iuJ Bunr DiT iromoi b«n c T UM tX*^ 

ihlb wQd, and ahjill dclivpr 

Uj drut«f nifo Hu liks lliia mnld, aniJ niL'li n 

Vr dughter mi^^it bhTD been : mj quLi^b'j 

AquHTG broiTB ; 
Hff tuiuiu ta bn Ettch ; ofl tmnJ-liltc Alraighl ; 
\i FJlTer-soif'd ; heroirGB ofi jowtJ^lilio, 
Wtjb'iJu m-|ilj: in [>iL(TBUutFuj|- Jiimf ; 
*^|J ii«r« tlw MTB ihe feftift, and maka them 

Th bw tiliB givee t1i4?iD ■[H'H^h. ^hcrn do jou 

Mki Wlore I Ub but a utriuigeT ; fhjtn tho 


Tnu taj diH^rn llw ploci-. 

rta, Wlitw ven' yon lircd ? 

Wknr ftdUn^d jOD ibrae eaJownicnla, wbich 
J4 iDi^f ELCirv rich to two ? 

Hu. If I thauld tell idj hiaLory, ii n'ULilil 

^'Ir* disiLaiD^d in tbe rrporliup, 

t^ Pf'jlhw, speak i 

lUiMii onuit come fmn thtc, Crr Lhou louk'rt 

iW tW iTDHTi'd Trulh to ilneil iu ; 1 will beliciii 

4fii TEuLb my HDiBfl ctv^lL ibj rolaliun 
t'c^u lliaE wcm iin|Ktsbib]F; fLrr ihou loLik'm 

Like one I lov'd indeed. WJibT, were llij fj-ieiiiJii f 

Didst tbou DoL MJ,* whim I did push thee bock, 

(Which was Kboa I pmuiiv'd iLoo,) (hat Thuu 

Fitun good deB<!V:kdibg ? 

Mjiu, Scj indeei] I dld- 

J'Ba. Itvpivt (hy panmLage- I think ihoo 


Th«] hoilst becD tuai'd freia wrung to ipjurj, 
Aud thai LhuLE Lhoo^ht^t llij giivFs might oqunl 

If boOi. wureii^tco'd, 

Mab. Some such thing I Hud, 

And Boid no more but what mj thoughta 
Did worrcuit mij was LkclyT 

pHi^ ' TpI! Ihr Hlnrji 

If ttioe cDDaider'd mere the ihouflBiidCh paM 
Of my endurance, thoLi prt Ji anku. Jind I 
IXhiTq BuSiir^d li^Q K girl: y?t Lbou doet hnk 
lika Patience jjasujg oa kidgd^ gravoe and 

EilrproLty out of ael. What were (hj ftionds? 
Haw loflt thnu th<<m?t "Hiy oamfij mj niDtt 

kind \irgiD? 
BoAUnl, T do bcocu^'h (hLK* ; riome, ait hj me. 

Mab, My LOJDQ li idariua. 

[•> Did flUlllH, lltf. 





Phk. O, I bb huck'd, 

AnJ tbvn bj Bome limikwd god hM hitba 
To make iba wqprtd lo Un^ lU ni*. 

Mil, l^tticDce, good sir, 

Or Iwra I'rt ctM^' 

Peb, Nny. I'll be palKiiU 

ThoQ liniB hwiw^it bow tboD do* BlMTtSe me, 
To eafl ihjBtlf MBrmii. 

W(» givun luc bv one thai had emut- power ; 

Mj folher unJ n king, 

p,m. now ! ■ kui^« duiglilfl- ? 

Ami cnll'J Marinat 

^1 jft. Vou uiil VDQ woalJ bi^lipTF me; 

But, not lo bo n iroullcr of joor pev«t 

I will end hciT. 

Fbh, Bui aifl Tou B**b wd blmd ? 

llovo vdj a "oriiing pii3ai.'V ond an.- no tirj? 
Mellon?— \Soll i Bi*eak on. Wlure were joq 

Anil wlioroforo ealleJ Mnriim? 

f^^u^ CoU'd Muiiia, 

pLir I was born at act,. 

^Ku. Al wo' wbnt raolher? 

M^IE. My molliiT WD^ llie rlnuj^hU-r of a kirjg^ 
Who died tfiG \cr}' * ininuli' 1 wiis bom, 
Ai mj guutl nurw Ljcboridi Imth uf[ 

DcliTpr'd wcc]ting. 

1>KI4, Ot Ktop lbti» a Jitde [ 

[jlfui^.] Thi; i* tbo tnrcst dmm tJiB( o'ur dull 

I^d mock Aftti ftH>lfl wiila! ! Jii^ canniit Iht ; 
Mt diMiirblOT>t burial. "SVull ; — wburc were yop 

-■ bmd? 

J m h^'ftr jou nroro, lo Lhe botlom of JTOur OoTj, 
Xnil iM-'»i.*r iTii.omj]ki \oii- 

Mah. You Morp io belietc me ;' 'twmi best 

1 AU] give o'^j. 
pjiu. I will boliovu jou b_¥ llw fli;rllBble 
01 wluil ytm shall \Mint. Ym (elio dio 1ph\i? — 
lluw P*uie joii in lbc» parU ? where were you 
M^h^ Tlia king mj fntbn did in ThATOua 
Till pruel Oleaiit "i^b bii wi^Jfc^ wifo, 
XJld M^li [o miihler ma ■ ind b&viug woo'd 
A vilUiii iu flltompt it, wlio buring drawn to 

A en*w pT iMrnttfl CDnie and rrsfdfd me ^ 
flrrjLiMbl iir<- {ii MJIyliine, BuL, ^Dil air, wLilhcr 
Will jou bftra n»V IMij do jou weep? Tl maj 

rt) rrrw i^iti ^ 111*1-1^' 

Ifh Old rintnni, Aaaglilwr 

|H>f adlpH* Prt," fti^.H whiEb M<|ii||r rbUEcd Itl. " Vwi'll ■UlTif 

"AvA ■HrrhPF like,'' Sit- *r iriof l Ibi tvr i^icmkaii proLnMid 

Yon Think me au impwlor; no, gond feijh^ 
I am Ibe diiu/^btcr 1" king Pcricla, 
If gn*d kifig Pt^rieles be, 

Hel. CiJliDijr Inrdr 

P«t. Ilusn iirt II grate and noble oouiifdlor, 
HbM wiiB in gHwral; Ul] me. if tIkhj eaaa, 
"Wlnl this maid is, or fthat it like la be, 
TImi ibDs hfltb made me wwp? 

Hk.- I know not ; 

Dew ii Ibfr pegmt, eif, uf Mhjieno 
fipAik^ DoblT of her- 

Lt*. Bhewonid nerpa-" leB 
Her |«mnage; bcin^ Jitnandcd lha(. 
She woulJ ill EliU and weep. 

PiB. O, IToliMniB, suik* me^ honour'd m; 
Hivfi nw a gp^, pui me lo pmenl jmu i 
iflit Uiia n«t HA of Joys nuhing upon iu 
O'efbMT lh« AboEH of my monalirr, Jlifiof, 

And dimm me with tJieir sw^^liiraa, O, fwan 
Tlrtu tbai bpgclt'at him (bat did ihee Itogrt; 
Thou tbal wHi bora ai fou, Irariod at l^hanui, 
And fomid at m ugaiii : — O. il«lie4Uie,+ <\ 

Buwn on ibj knees, thank iho hi,h prNia a;, T^jiMA 

A* ibunJi^'T threarcTLi lu: iJiib is Marinfl. 


WliAl wai liiT mothcr'fi name* w\\ mc but UuL 
For truth nn orvpf bo eonfinii'd enough, 
Tbouf^h doitbia did btpt t^ctp. 

What ifl TOur title ? 

pEtt- i un Ptrides otfTjTcl hoi feD me 
Mj dnwii'd qupDQ^a nubD: — u iu tJie rt«i rem 

TIioo ban been p;od-lilo perfed, — Uie beir »4 

And nnothcr-Jifr" to Peiiclea thy fatlmr. 

Mas, 1* it BO more to bt jonr duughUr. 
To laj my molbi^r'A name wae Th&cM ? 
TTtalsn yian my moLbcr, who did end 
The minule 1 bcMm. 

Peii. Now, blcsiuig on ibijc ] rise ; flraa 
ay child,— 'lit 
Gi*p mp fresh gnroienL*. Mine own HeliMTic,^ 
tiLo i& not dead uL Thonnfii at ihc ohould La^tV 

Bj wirUge Cloon : flbo tlmlT Tell ihee all i ^| 

'Wbfn (hou nhnlt lin««]) AndjqelifV in kBOwlcd^** 
!i*e I* th _y Terj princeat — Who a thie ? 

IIeIi, Stn 'tis Che goFPiTor *if Mitjlenc, 
Wlio, Jieariug nf tout nwlancholj t<ial?. 
!Diil mmo to ace jnu. 

Pn. I embmcc vou. — - 

v'kW,-"An| wfArrlikr lahHclnlhr UilLcr," J.r. Itit 

Gm IDC tn J robcL — 1 am wUi! in toy l<<!]ic)]iiin,^. — 
ba-Qiu hliwfl my girl I — But liark, Tvhat 

mii^li: ? — 
Td! Helioinii^, my Muina, lell him 
ff* pdint bj poial. for ye[ he Boaiufi to doubt," 
HininresoiiitfumyUiiuglitrir, — BittwIuitmuBio? 

Ha. Biljr lonJ, I b(.'ar ^crat. 

fv. NoiK 1 
^ bvlc of the tpbcrca [ — Llb£. my Marina. 

Ln. Tt uiwt gixd toomahim; gi?e)iim *fa>. 

1^^ RvHl KumJi I do ife not hear ? 

Ltb, Mj Jordn 1 }ieat — [i/yaiV. 

E^, U»t heavenly ninflk T 
^^Bwnalo liflUfiLrLgt jiikJ tliii^k ^himber 
^i^iipQii miDF ejtfl; l<^ mc rest, \_He iletp*. 

Ith, a pillow for \m li^ad : — 
"*'wv bin oU. — ^eJ], my cnmjionion-lrimitlBii 
IliUlnLituver Ifl my jufit beliaT, 
1 1i '^U temsobpr jon. 

I^U. Uylemple Blaodfl ia Eph«ufl; htc (tico 

(•} DU Eopbk Aif. 

J|h|«W f. n. lUb ] ThFoJi1rji[ilD>m]Jiite.- bL I, ■■ H>l iinfl 

4Mu Ii 0B1 [till Ijm* li»» 

Enter LTiQiACinrB, HiUCanvJI, afui Maac a. 

Hel. Sii"? 

Prh. My purpaBe vraa fiM Tbanua, thoro to 

TW inhwfirnlili- Cl^on ; buE 1 ani 

For other wrriw first: Inwnrd EjibpBua 

TVm our blown boUa : efianaHA J *il IcU thoc why. — 

Shall Wb i^frceh us, &L', upon your ehirre, 

[ 7'fj LyaiMACtnjaT 
And givo jou goTd ft>r Kph proTuiun 
Aft onr inb.-nla ipUI need ? 

l.in. Sir, 
Willi e^l mr hart; and when joa eomc wbore. 

And ■** b* bidt Id lUe >Ih» * 

Tbrt lp IbB Innbta uoDipBi illr 

> ABAIujpi.J Tlul li, iDd lifliJipiil. 







WW. fcffc^ ««„"V "«7» ^ "^ 


-» nufl ihe Hainan V bLp di» J I 


^ — J— J»ifc. 

Lhk Dtu&'fl templo. ^ 

Sir * ™^ "'"^^ my i^ctity 

P™. lamort^ Dim 1 
-(P?**^ , , Now I know TOM brtto, _ 

* Ttiai rUr 


[ue[ij: 111 

BJtBH'd, find mine mm I 

I tnow T^u uot- 
V<id hiTc heard me aaj, irhen J iliJ Hj 

froiD Tyic, 
iiuil itfi aiiuu'iiL Hulxliliite. 
ipfiLi'Dilvr vfaAt T cbU'iL ffap mfvi ? 
Mu'd falm ofl. 

'Twos UelicBUUi] liiDn. 
SUU runfinnAiEitii : 
liim. dmr ThELi^a ; thh h he, 
1 long Ity heoi Ijow jmi ftpre found ^ 
■liLj pnurVd -. and wIhi t<i iJiurili, 
he tfoia. tfir tJiip ^riml minicli^ 
L^trd CfTriirHn, my Innl ; Thin mui, 
wbitm (lie godi luvt fiTuinn tbc'lr power -, 

a to lufc [CKtlTe JDU. 

RcvCTPnd *ir, 
I ctD lure no moila] af^ivr 

a god t|]jui juu. Will j-m deli^iT 
I dead quecD rc-livu ? 

1 Tri]], my Lurd- 
oa, firH (fo wSUl ni« to oijf bouea, 
Jl hv phirmi jou all woa found WLib 
en - 
blue pUi-trl hciv in fJie ltmpl« -, 

FT TJrui t l>tr«s rhee W thj vinjuii ! 
nit^t-fiUotionR to tli.'e. — TtiaisAi 
. lii« fiur-L'^trtrdied of jtiur duughter, 
j^ her Hi Foilapolu. — jGid paw, 

look diama], trill I t^jp to futm. 
Uive fuutlrtfi jtiiuv uo iu£ur UiucIi'lI, 
hj moniago-dajf I'll hoautj^. 

TsAr. LriEdCLaimoaJjuhioEteEnofgoodvedlt, 
tir; ■ 

My FkiIice'h dnjf]. 

pKr.. Iloa^cjia imikt a blot of hJm ! Yol ibniv^ 

Wc'U celolirolo lliuir uuptinJ*^ nmi ^urwlvrq 
WLII ill UiJit Lmgdi>ii] H|ii<iiij oar f^jllovjn^ JflJ»; 
Our bou ulJ djinghlcr thnll in TjTiu nslgn. — 
Jjfed Corinion, we do our loDf,'L[i^' bIjiJh 
Ta Lou thfl mit untold. — Sir, Jt^Lid'si^h ihii way. 

Gow. Il Anliocliua and hin dajgLicr, jnu have 


Of inobBlruuq luE^t r}ie iloe Aod jml i«wprd : 
In Porid», liiB quocn and Jau^htrr, atca 
(Allhou^h ojinAiI'd wiih fijiiunc Borw and teonj 
Virtuo pnwofrM" fnrai TefJ detiruclluq^Jt Wmi, 
Lii] on bj hcaron, nnd rronn'd liliijQy al ||is(. 
Id ilcltc^m mny ran well di'n^rv 
A Kguji? of (rutli, of fftitli, of loynJty : 
In h-Tui-L'nd i>riiiiun thort> veil appeoA 
Thu vroTt^i that Icom^d qhariiy ayti inm«. 
For nickai Clean and liiti i^ifp, hLon fbnw 
Hvl Bproul Ukcrimjiw^l ikTuJ, aaif'f faouodr'd iiamt 
Of Pf rji-'l**. To TUp: ilio i-lIj turn ; 
Thnl bini ood bis Tbty in bin palacvy Ihiiti. 
Th** ijoJn fni' miiriSur cwrni^d so *]i]iil4;ni 
To piuiidh tliorii ; X oltliOugL do! iIodp, ^ut inrArit, 
ao, on juur paiitiLCo v\^x mora ntEurdiri^, 
Np- joy wait on pu I Henj oar pity hnTk mding, 

[Knit GuWBIL 

1*1 ^mrhr-'^, In All Hid Btil EDpht I unrrifld frr biiou*, 

(ri Qiunvf, lAr. 

(I) Did vplB tvJl, UvH, vLtdi wu kJldfid l7 Unlujit, 


(i) BckibL— 

Tint, nilAoul tPtri^, KHt-njMjf iif ■Uirfj 

"T'lr 'bin, VbHIIW Ik lllldflnlDA* 

IballheLbli daub Let Ibot UfiMb^, 
Wtilt ^Ifl 1iii ■■ I [ 111' cuif drd lantalt 
Uaifv Ifaftl \tv mi-Fii tyviat K ]«Eta ^ 
tafl thni ■■Eimir ihan li« «rlie. 
And la lUi ■!■( hii Ib-c Lk »ifrtli — 
Tfeotirhkl nan iKai IlIi blwibLn bibO. 
BnllF he rciiil li bn i^i^'i^i^"! 
AlV^ltf, Li[iL'ar> tllfurillin 
DEtoUn ElLLnEcillLiI llt^lif- 
Th' m^fi bP fci'lil* HTIIn iLvra miv. 
||e ihnl lIe in '-EllEvn k'r lli« brdr, 
jtbi] lliui IhEl "iir Lu^lV *^''< 

TlLlr dEIr luFr, InrRr jUd iHlf, 
Fir likkr iir^n^w^rt id Ibr OLl^, 
t^K JtmuDHLiaE, Hm-rrrLi -Lit, 

EvflCl'nlEn In ciHlr JAd^.' 

0p»« . Cnmtatu Ji nmn ■- 
Bicamit vr Aiif I'l.] 


ConEilBa to Tb^LUj^] tbo tUlUtD if Ua uiiniMltJ 
PcibCft Tha lUllJuw ftdlo'n Oowtn- : — 

WlrH ■Jirhr prriB mfuvUfr, 
And TaUin bl' IHOM ktUni. 
TIw lijiv^ ■ alniilT pdthu Ai^i 
Willi [niwabn, iMhI KDldt- ibata. 
la 4U hul ind bsddf brn hq 
hlniiliL Ufa Tyr, md far □ d cHlv 
Nr «p-H< ni Lt bJddc ■»■■ 

oW 1^ fODd rfitfnt^, rVi f, M -f Aiif fo lul mU i4 *■>*' 

to i4h ftUn* «u mn- bo Imowa (hAi Uia liik«w 
pwigB iDbwblDBwhB-a'HHlUEBr'.WkibaU.&iliibV 
WalCan, DT CojibuBd OJDudCfeplAia* E^/ I9Xh p. ?r :- 
M-m thBnlbraixmiiii«ikttaa[AebribUFidaB,iriLD.failic 

lland^inilfiHl ll? K \^^ l-nimarfnn .-Ift ft. W!V Ij. ni^*Am 

UDla bim fur that^ LnVAl trlH, mAda thlft wrwcn M At 
tab^. Hut jDLd- HHJMj vmLd lUTn JbiihtI mito iv i 
il^ sumr 10!"^*' " — Btibtbi el 



" ^UL tb*i fin »*R Id nanabnuDH 
tf lb ■ npm Ib ntantbuDOB 
fv kfifl, and in (muuii pLan 
Tbv; affU U nppi id Uial bta be* 
Uhl aiacj Daaar Bin bf holda, 
■■ Ikal LliB alia mi br baMo. 
Tl irai iJ lalaiD owm lUCa j 
Tbualulh bsvoCUarlfie ipille. 

{1} Beam I.— 

Tiir lAm / am 4 than, j^raj ti m«&>iK«f.J 

lUiHfiDa li ifwrntiy foniml npm Lhe Gum'apimLliiL;!- 
donriplfm fa {tSdiiB'maJan ;— ''A.tiHl oUlto'd >in fi]i^ii 
ften wordv, Iwb vm & nun commnij TQBdnle<i bim . niiil 
ht w*a m roaflh QaluiniHD, nilli hi hOofED npna hin hnful, 
■nd a Albblo InUiDmci pult Upon Itls lawku, Luumiiulj 
ti^, tad ItDmuly Lo bohoLitn. 

" Wl^ bca dnwD ituoio, ApoUmluH, tba pr««b 
PHimiUll OOTatiBJDIoU hiDi liiBmtOi rflk liawn pnHfchta 
■t Uk fHt, ami priwrin? fbrUl h Hnd if TATbEF^ hd nJd 
udU hifa : IHiriioar^r boou Bti ttkn pLiui upDrk & poow 

rWlvkcd TIUUlj OOA Dp UWO DBkod, DDll ID iEuplt 

wMa, jot baroa of aa mh tlo^TH, Ijuk wpna^ EWnh 

ol EHrbli: iHiE^Qtil^. AdJ iWt tLuu OludhI Pt 
m* luiDvnd nhtliw Uimi aQooouriMl, I ElXd ihat Aj 
Pkimw of TyntB, wtLcmM mutt Jdlt of liu worUfl 
BJnl I l>*po«rh thr* » pfBMTva ray lifn W fdw-rblff i 
Mf^lf tv1LH>rc ^V^D tlio AalnlDHli boholil Ud a 
InHBBB unr! >irDiiiiE] uT LhD JDDU ffmUtmiD, hv 
otDoTwi wiib L'mnptL'idkpa UtWKrdai lilm, vid liflad "Urn 
fnan Utv gTMiDdv lln^l liAd liiai into hli hDHD, ud ' 
him iT.lji nti^ fan as bv pmaulJ; bivl ; «H llH 
hbipUB Wi tfipTDi^ hx t^iMt alTeOiiim Uwiu^fli Ita 
diucitwrl blDocirn of titt poore ud llltaplD cfok^ i 
diEiiliitg IL intotno fMuJn, gfl<iB itwoiw iMn thorPH' 
A.j'uUuoia^ B&yln^ : IVka borbi U ruy bandaB aiuJi f 
«|ttcnJUiiilHbt and fnndtuiB u i Jibvd, and g» [btn lb 
dtld, whan] parlH[^WB thnu "lirJl lir«ia aona ol tolMP 
n^tllirjp, thnt vill tub ttunD aBl«le ^ add if tbda do* DOlt 
mtiLrna iJuid ofaina titthcr aqtriDVC. Hod tboQ <llBhB'4 
■thul nhaL EuU}- Im pDrTumtDd tij tha poVanl* of ■! 

ta) Bo»pa in.— 

Of Khtuct A« If, ill lUHif vmI ponnia^frj 

AbA cf bin sm' aep^ifl"* 

Itki JhAid, virh nU tain vi pjit. 
AwiwH thabDrdibj htcbJDi Plndr, 
A* H •>■ lUlb En* wui' 


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ia.vc iztioimn^ x^ ad- 1 'vm ^iui miuaEK mti wnL j^ cdjiiuia of lui «<ad& The npFifietd 
iB^HnA^s^'OB nr^sMK Ji 311 r-— ••~'°"— ^^"^ Sm^bchr bsv hindlHl m diiHiri> aid Bibwigut 
?.-Bua:« .-I -^ lui XM i<wi. utL «:at mvTiltiTf K^ ^^ t±v iD^Ki ant of ib ^opar ipban. Hw« 
^ fim =^^\aa.-vB ^V:vviini4«£ Koi muv L^m dr^m- ■ ptJi^v in bk own untiqutad lugnip 
*3i '-TrrdrA^-K^ I^jf ?h-vK^ ^ ■BimiTf- w Sx^p m ub^ib- ■ at Ibat m pnaf of LalpkiBiHi*' 


Tbu cnchuitjag comtdj wu Gcsi pnated in the fdiu of 1G23, and no qmulo c^jijon of il Eiaa 

twt Ven founJ- Tbixigh ifog BuppuecJ, u[iDn Ihe miilhoriLj of Ualcmu will ClioJiDE^r?, lo hnvv 

been OOP of Shakeapean^'a ^rj latat production*, vv duv know tbot it wu jwt&i in tbc* bliddto 

^empW, lu (■'arly □« lbi> l>E«j;iniiing of iha FtoTcntooDEb ^vntury. This foci was GtbT mode puLliu 

It^ Ur. CoUicr DD^l Ii1>^ HTiDr4!r. nba diucDtiT^J, almoHt riinmlTiint'niuJj, a ^miill inniiuduiipb 

dlajj, uDOLg the HarttLiui CoUuulkia b iLo Jibmr^v of lLei BriLinL Muauuqj, whicti aEppcors tu 

hmwv bcvQ mndt! by a ttiuloDt of Lhe Ttiopk, diuiii<i1 MiiiinLiigbiLni, arid (OQUir^ the ffpllawirig 

ialiiHiiig antiy : — 

"Ptb, % lETOL [^. 
At pft lualv *™ liad B pity aUhI TnaEre Ni^ltt or what jrm iviU, moch likB the Comtdr of anVn, or 
"^wbiaiiD Plautol, ImC EU«L tik« UJtl D»n latbnL m ItA^iiui, caJlDd /lya-t'H. AyotHl ti"Vli»hl It t4llllb 
t^AlBBid ImIhti bk lAiljr o^ildaw* wu in luvewillj bila ly ouitotoribjliHi; nlBlhir, uiivla liiB ivtyia f^mtrtX 
t^r^mtataDgtliD irb4b iba« 1ik«d bnL la blm, and pnncritiJLi; JjJi i^alhinn, loichttLJi^ bli ft}>i«raUa, &a^ wttd 
i^flbvbK ha IBB* Ut pnolicap mBkia:? '»^^'e t^y twko blm Id bumnd," 

TIb b dflcjeivp. and, oa litre una bv no dunbt that, bctbro bobff acted in the Temple, it hod 
■>vq reprotfnttd id tba public thcalra, uid^ tincc it is duL iiiciiti4>jitil Uj Mem in his lipt uf 
ISffl, iu prvdmrtiua amy hu fnii£cbuitJy nsmb«J lu tlie |>onoil Ivlwt'eii that yi'ttr nnd Fcbruorj, 

Tbealory wfai-ticr Ihe tedouA inddenlH nr"T«e]ftb Ni^ht" aro dedvod, ia found in Bindello, 

*^i/oJ(> firi i^rco li mnnra,f cid che ad hh aHoJratnUo anenna," tnit whetber Shokoepean 
Vmnrod Uicin (hini ihn iiiiiuKaja-]ipad, ur ibrough tJiD Kngtieh tmn^aliori i>f Bjimabie Kirho, 
«Jbil" TAe /tfBl/a-ie of AjiUt'^iiiK and Stil"," or wliorJiiT \k found ihcm !□ Thii Italian play 
™4iftd t« by Mflnnirrghftm. still reoioin* a subject for inveBtLgniiUD. Tbe dkiiet ooliKa oulj 
^^oiiiHdy «JlciI /pfitinHi, but there nm tHO Iralioh j'laya bonring fbt^ lido GI' Itigannij both 
^'H'W upon Ban(k]lo> novel \ ouo (rflmmrrfw rftitaia i» MUano ranno 1647, ditxar^Ji la 
■VawA dfl lif FUiftpd) by Niccoli^ Scfcbi, 1562; tlie eChtT* wrJLtcn by Cumo GuDUgat and 
f^Sc^ io 1od2. To ndOmr of tli»a pkyn dopd oiir pout appp£r to havB bwn udilt't muubr if 
'vir' nUkgvtian. There is, howercr, n third Italian eoiqedy fif the ^i:aiifflit|W Iplronati, tii 
■*"Allr, Jln^^?r 6rnt aJk'J alleiLtioQ (jY™ TJ^usfra/tfl^iS u/ iS7jiiiHj>rare, tul, i. pp. 301 — 2), 
™U ptnntB Tnncb EtruDger idoims to (lonsldi^ntion oe ^im [iDMPiliaLc ongin of tho plot of 
^liiJIii, Night-" This drJiica is BdlJtled GC In^aitnafi {Comviedia cefefrafa ni' G-riuxhi 
*' Carnfvaff *« Sifiia, Tnnnfl |o3|, mtUf H SoJii Ji/niM^mo Arch'ififniir',), tnit pHuled 
^ lo37^ anJ havtri[{ f<ir Llo gunenJ tllli.' H SrtL'r^fieio. " Tliat it iroa uu the modtl of tbii 




M «fc mj of thm li^kflin. tlul Slui»[>»m lunned 

TW^ltt Jipib, win mppur eviiknflT hv ilic rbllnvliig 

^ri I^Ka, k liiBdiH and etner, arc •oporoEal 

^ 9Ciadec^ ahnr rndfc Flonunea. La nLmD 

•t ln^cflft. A UoJbhh Iddj. IJ'lji^ JO W 

IB IhMIl Tdbdla is iiuieasble 

fer Lelia, mwlakidg bcr 

■i Mmlma. wben diuUiLb ahse ovid^ di 

Fakiti* ^J kia vbo ui bi^r umi]'.' flttii?. Ultunflielr 

tf ImI^ m Mti; trvufvrrvJ fi^'m Lvlia (o FabriLiQ. 

ttii failkU Idla. * ■ • ^c Inn id U« ■ 

to vfacu Udu «r»£pODdfl : tod ia 

St Ikr dvBct far Ldin by ihc nmuiL nf 

ivf', ddlf ■■ Sekvtian ia taken for Viola, flud ^ 

' ^ Aialst firta bj SbakapoAic ta one of hk-v 

W Ife ^BT fif J'oAh, wliid Ldin ID llko lulwn 

^hi MalrPoltK a cbarvtor la 

IctCnce prefiud td Uiia plaj in Iha 

the Qlk ' TireVUk-Xight.'" 


Ar TulT llALCDk f'-u'f n tit Cddj OBv^ 
ArAaniaw Atjohduil 
MuvoLW, BmmrJ b Oljvm 



Quia, j *ib4 ftiatfaii. 
Tutu, la iHt B^ liW DuIh 


Eoppfi. JVka^ Sihiriraj 'i^lHrT, MuMida^, om4 ttf 

8CEK^— J (Ml « IllTTk. nd c4( Snmri mv it 


^m SCENE J.— An AjxirtmPTtt ih the T>\Aic*b Palfiee. 

^^MrDiTTii, Qo^o.and other Lordi; Maiicnni 
^^1 atiendiitff. 

^^rihriL IF iiiDMD bo ihe fuod ft! lovv, play on i 
^^n mt DiTH of il ; dull suTfriUng, 

T***. pft4< w lr*4U|i| br D^wlf fliiTi adAfir umI rillbe 
^Hl Ub* ; 41 an nml^ If jh(I ««< lb* pnl'i norri, hr 
^"■■^IVVHUi Krflfe lUiHliH Fcpc iDlBuCad of hbU- 

*0T I.] 



SlualLng, And ^ving oikiLir ! — Ertou^ ; no lucav : 

Tt* not w Hn<ft now, an it wcq bffon.', 

O spirit of love, hon qaick uii freab orl llttfu I 

TliAt, nutnitliAUutiliDg ih_T i^puiijr 

Ri^ctivplJi oa iha iioa, nought ^^nluiu Lhei'c, 

Of what Tflli<!iiy nrd jiitrK loc'i^r, 

BiiE foils into nbUfniHil aaA law pnce. 

ETen m a minuro ! fio fliU of fthapt* b Guioj, 

TliAt ii olune u bigli-fanUalJija], 

(JuB, WPl joa go hunt, mj lord? 

DuTH. ^Tiat 7 Oiirio. 

Ora. The liMt 

I>intB. Why, BD I J0| Iht- Dolplait that T liave : 
O, whei mine ojea ilid ace Olrrin flml, 
Meibouflir, Ehe pur^i) the air of f¥fliilen<^e ! 
Tliat in^Eant wfl" T uuu'd into a barl ; 
Aiid m^ dcslrt?, lite ii-W oaA Fnu.4 haLinda, 
K'cr HJnw jmraoe me,— 

How now ! wliat new* from lier? 

Val. SojiluuB iii;]Dn],IniightDallpc Bdmlttodli 
But frvim hi>i' ImnJiuiiid iln rolum thih ontwcr; 
ITie idlciiDmr; itnelf, till wren jetirs' brat, 
tibull iw bduiU Ltt fucQ It nai|ile %iew j 
Bui, litu 0. clgUtn.'sa, aLs will vtil^ wolki 
Aiid water ddcc ■ day bor oluinkjct round 
Wilb ejp-offradn]^ bnnc ; jJI ibis to acuon 
Abnidiui^a dcail iLrte.vrkiidi iLeiroLild kiKp fcob 
And lutLae in ber Mid remcmbnuict?. 

Ddkk. O, flbi- thuT hath nh«ui of thst fine &AQK 
To pfl^ Ibii debt of love but [□ n broLh^t, 
TIqw will %h*i Vivf , whi'jL iliQ licli goldta bbaA 
Hatb kiird tht fluck of all ufTt^rionb lA^u 
Thm livi? in ber I — when lircr, bnun, nnd hpartp 
These lOvereigu ]hrQiirB,aAa11«UfiTiliednjidfill'd — 
Her HWi'cl pctlMtjiiii,' — with oiie §*■]( "king I — 
Awflj bufup? me lr> sweol hvih uf flowtrfl ; 
LdVG-thongtU lie nub, when ciuopicd with bawt^n. 

SCENE U.— The Sat-Boast. 

Enttr Vioi^» Captain, and Bulon, 

Vin, Whol cJflUbU'ir, fnuflds, is Ibia ? 

Cap. Tbia is llljm, bdj. 

' idfli ItHT, ti-Mw*^ a^ ilciirr. 

r^fliaHTt'^ HrnSfJ. ai'olitwppl'rJa'ilJIII'J— 
Btr MfJ jurlnl km,— vji4 DIM «<f/ tmv n 
TIh old fnpT tBi, "]■« I'r^ p^/rcftuBi/' ■ iLtiliL bar onJlM' 

Tkfl puBft »luiLti[ lu md, — 

'' -— 'WlLfii tirri, tmlil, Uid Laprf, 

Tbtir »iirfr«i^ U-EfHi, uubII lUpiillnl UIJ Uld 

Wnii HUD Prlf liJni,— bn nrm pfrfwUm.- 

Tha "i^vkl puhcElua" nit UrlHff, ^ eifCimt nniJrdiLiird, her 

Utr.tnin.ana ibnf , bV IWT kDHMUid, ^rr '-dnc i«ir tnanlJr) 

ilPfi " AcrnidtaEtd lb' doTrnDfl vT S(ialiMp™™"i um*, a ftnula 

UhLSt^diBhd villi lb oUkrr im. 

" mil « 4U plrrkniii fmc, 

ItBFElPc ID uLlttc, p«"i 1Jhuiii«:* 

Vio, And wbnl iJiijidd T di> id lUyriaT 
My brother he ii In KlTiium. [sailor*' 

Pendiaiice, be is not drowb'd :— wliat ihiuk jm. 
Cap. ItiepcrdiaDK, thoijonjonndf wvauir'd. 

Vto. O ajr |roor bntbcr 1 ud fii> pHfJujice mij 
ba be. [fhorve^ 

Cat. IVue, mAdaai -. nnd. to ramfort ^u wiib 
Abbuto yiwawMy hXii^ CHiir bbip dji) Aplit, 
When you, and iho^ fwor number mf'd vitb you. 
Hung on nor dnving ^tonX, I mw yimr brorJuj-, 
Moat ptoviddit in penT, t^d bimKlf 
[Coiuafio ondliopo b<jib teaching hiin the practi«) 
To a Btmng lual, llint liv'd u[iod the seaj 
\VTu'™, like Anon* on ibe dcJ|thin'i b4ck, 
I i^w him bold ncqaBincaaH with ibe w-irei, 
^D Iribg OS T (^ilild niv. 

Vio. For ?a>iiig jo^ ihw^'; gold- 

Mine nwn oMape pn^ld«lh to mj hope, — 
Whereto thy speech senes for BUcburiTy^ — ^H 

Thfl like of hiiu. Kjiiiw"?! i]ir>n ihia eoamrt? ^| 

CAf. Av) Qnulam, well; fur I wu bre*l unabtni i 
Nfl« throe Injury' trnvd ^m ihia Tcry ploer. 

Vio, Who ffOTema brte * 

Cap. a DCible dukv, id DUnre oa in oaant- 

Vio. Wbnt ifl bia name? 

Qav. Omino. 

Vio, Onitio! I havo hoArd id j falbffr ninw bim: 
lie wu a hodmEDT iherj. 

Oaf, And w jb non-, or wpn «o very IbIb; 
For but £. monlb wti I wtni Frfim beuH, 
And tbcD \y^ &vbb ia miErmiir (aa, yn kww, 
Wbul great uoea do, tbn leu w!D prmUJo of)> 
That he diil aeek tlie Jo?o of Gur OlWib. 

Vio. Wbut'Bihe? 

Caf. a Tirtiioue mud, the daaghteraf ■Dnimi 
Thudied BOmeCweETemonlhiince: then Imnagba 
In tlio protretion of bin mT\, her brother, 
Wbo BfaonJy alfo died : for wbij« dear JoTe> 
Tlwy UTi UB h&th ahjur'd ibe nuupuij 

AlKlBigW'uf OWB, 

Vjo. O, duU I serred ihat lady, 

And migbt not be dcGroi'd lo the worid. 
Till 1 bad mule mine iJwd Dccuiipn mullow 
Wbnt my eetate is 1 

Cap. Tbnt were hvd to oompiB ; 

Beciuue abo wiU oilmit no kind of auit, 
Xo, not UiL^ duke'e. 



BuDkrf nude lEic uftiuij Iruiipatllhm. 

nw ViUii of lb* pciisd a lu luid 4niILuihm Id ■ >!<■ ^ibf — 
''Hirrlvc IbiLiHhlilKtli ; [balr Mat lb4D, 
And DQW ffr/nllaw, ttucj [hp^vi 

Onaa^BT'i 'Fl 
Ah «]>a Itam^i "^JOAlbnlmn m^dx ii LttanU'i lu^' 
■ blrb Lbli, llw pndBolflqtiiiB idn on lufh m-aibUH h 
lb* hudRi ar avwj ition r— 

" VHp Dill, nnTfaluilt, EitTcIt ao gi'af POT iIlhd«, 
To-Uvr pur m prr'fiiiBH.uiil DBniub'i fuiD*." 

Am4 ilrli - - 

Till aid Mxlruu — 







T». T1i«4 !■ ft dlr behaviDiiT in Lhee, CAptmn -. 
iidflngh ihit iiauiro tfiili 1 1x'aulfOLis wjUI 
DbAiA och in fkoUDlJun, jut uf tJjCti 
liil bcfwirc ihou bsAC n miml Uint ^niti 
WilL tU> x^j &T &□■] oulwanl chnnrter. 

unJ pw irtut 1 un : and bi- mr bill 
Arwii ^gtilH 115. haplj. ^halJ Income 
IbfariD of mj inlvbL I'll ft-cvo diia dulia ; 
ImihAll prtoent me db nil jl^mhijuIi la Kir^^ 
[Linij b? worth ihy [uuDH ; for I can ^ag, 
isdiptik to him in many (torte of miidJC) 
UltttD ollon jiiV tvty nnrih lid acniHiF 
"UdB jiMj bkp, lo lime I nil] DutDmiL ; 
Onij iliApe ibiHi tby qJjrrH'f r^i my mIl. 

I'u. Be joubuDunuch.aiK] jDiirmutc 111 lie: 
"W|ijiDii,^up Llattf, tbi.li kt lOLiit- ej«» out utL' I 

^Of. I Umsk UiLv : IobiI diu an. [.£^rnfhf. 

Sttsr Sir Tuar Brltii o/iii Muim. 
^ To- What a jilagiie niPatiB nijr" niece, ta 


take tJic itraTli of her brother tliLie? I am »iirc 
lauv'i BD ciieU]]^ lo lift?. 

Mah. fiy my (mch, nir TnLy, )ou mu&l aimc 
in niriiLT o' n'lghU ; yuiir eousinp ii^y lndy, Luhi'B 
gn-nt eirwpEion!! Lo ynur U] hour». 

Sa To. Wlij, ]£il licr Ditpcpt bdwo csQ^'Irrf- 

M\n, Ay, bul. 5011 rnhJ^L i^imliiu- yimrsclf wiihin 
the modcit liinila of nr^irr. 

Sir Tn, C!>i]/!ne / 1*11 confine mjself nn fim-r 
llan I Jim : ibrny clntbna nn> ^ooJ ejirin^li lo drioli 
ID, EUid 5<t be ltii-Ni liD^itB Loo : — on thcv ho not. k'E 
them hung tbTnnrlvcn iii their own Atrnpi. 

^£ad. That qiEoffin;- adJ drfuklrij! will undo 
you ; J hvntfi my ]v\j Jalk tif it yi.'stLiNhty ; uid 
of a foirll"!! ktiigliL that vou bnjuu:ht iu one night 
here to be htr wooer. 

Sra To, Wlio? Sir AnirGw At-u[!clnJoL? 

Maii, Aj, by. 

&n To. Ho'ii UH full' innan M iinj'ii ill llljTin- 

EUja. "WhafB tbat to iht? jinrpojf ? 

Snt To. ^^'bjt hij Juu llinx' thoiinaud iliiraLf il 

M*H. Av, Imt lic'1] im^:- but Ji ycor in all fliMo 
dueati p ha H a rerjr fixjl «id a prodigal. 

Dfniil>iUi (pffHtfti tna « lill nea V U ffiifibr, ft Burl) 
frodai.'— nirfdia. 


Sin Td. Fii'i llint jou'll bov tal dp nInjB d' 
UugiuijflM wurJ fur wortl wtlhunt book, and bnlli 

Mah, Ht IuieIt, luJivtl, — Almost bniiirul : fur, 
UifilJei thai Ili^'a a foul, he'd a great quaireUer i 
nnd. fciuL dial he bath die ^[ft of a Doward lo alia; 
Die gitfiL hf tialb HI qufUTcillDg. 'ila (hau^L amofig 
Uiij pruJcnl, be would ^uicklj Ijivo Uu- gift uf a 

SiB To, By tills lia&il. (hi'j on.' ^ixiuiiilrek and 
HubeLraulon, lliol uij fla uf bim. Wlio OTQ thi.'y ? 

MflM, The^ (Ii4t add morwyer, bc'a drtink 
big'liU^ in ;uur oudipvij, 

Bm To^ Wilh drioking lenlilis to loy oiecci 
I'U drink to htr, u loug m tlien is a poua^ iu 
mj QuihI. aail 6riuk lu lUyria. lie's a cunord, 
and a mj'Btrtl,* Thai kIU ddI diiak la mj niocd, 

1no\ IIlC Lev MlLn, Vafrrl'^r. 

I U UiDUgbt, 

lill hi* limiiia lum o' the toe like 

Wtiav, pencil! roirfi/BSO fb^^c,"'' Tur bcwi 

&ir Aiidrari' Aguafaw, 

EntffT Sir AvmtBW Aairscmu. 

Sni ATa>, Sr Tubj IkJdi 1 bo* ooif, m! 
BeU^b ] 

S™ To- Sweet iir Andrcir I 

SiH And, BIpu tuu. fair ihrrw. 

Mah- And you uni. Hit. 

Sm To. AecwL, sir Audj^w, occuiL. 

SuL And. WhBT> thai? 

Sm Tu- My iul^a'« dinniber-iDaid. 

f^Di Ajo*. Goijd mi^tivw Accod, T Je 

Mfcn My DFUDiT It Muj, Hir. 

Sm AjiP. Good miarjeai Mary Ai 

apprtn xJrudy Ur Abtb ^HH Bi«t lanoui Ibmn i 







I -■ 


L^JB T<]. Vuu iai9Ukr» kui^liL^ aanai n tnint 

'» W*n] hor, woQ hra", bvjiil hflT- 
tSu Akd- Bj lu^ Ijvtii, I woiilii not nnikTinLc 
^^ in (1)19 »ED]>aiiT> Ie diFLt tho Dunmug cf 

.'Uo- Foh! JDU wd], gt'ntlpmpn. 

ft™ Tn. An iliuLi iei pJin iO, bit Andrew. 
*niiA tbou mii^LL'it Dcrer dran awoi'd o^in. 

SiB AxD. An vnu part ao, miutriBi, I huuIiI 1 
Vigfil Devtr Jnw sword ngniii. Fair liulj, ilo jou 
Ubk jDQ luiTQ fDol!! in liflhd ^ 

JLu. Sir, I have not you by iltc IjapjJ. 

8n Av]>, MaiTj, buL j'DU sball Ijavt, [Lcid 

IUl }JqWi lir, tJiDiigbl a frw : I pnv jou, 
hw wir liind to dw buttery ^Imr^t^) juid JtL it 

ftiB Awft. Wlumfoni, awMt hcwt? wbat'i 

Vtn Ij'idij, air/ 

Ba Ahu, ^VllJ, I tbink iW l I bdi not audi 
uai^bul I n»« fcei-p mj Lflnd drjr, But wbdt'H 

HaL A. drr jcHt, ur. 

^ Axn. Are ^cpu fidi oF I'henF 

MaB- Av, ta i I ViDl4^ Ihcm JiL my fiogera' 
■4is iLivrji uuw 1 U.4 gci joDT hand, I am 
^mn. [iVi'f Maria. 

> Jt'iltT, fir.] ju>Du>uiiun4 ■4ir«mmnmr vrtiiiDii^d lo 

&IR Tn. luiigbt, ibou luckVl a auji irf 
uitnr_r : wlicn tSiit 1 dc« Ibw eij jiuL iluwii'^ 

Sir And, Nctbt in jour Ho, I tliint. uqIaa 
ifDu bco conarj |nit nio down. McLbinka ADtDcdmefi 
I ]iUTc nu niurii Mil ibriii flniri-^limmr an onliiiarj 
man hoH ' but 1 nm a ^'ikt toter of bwf, ami 1 
bcbtTs that, il'foi bum ID my wiE- 

Sm Trj, N"if i|E|i»tir>Li, 

Sin Akh. An I Tbou^it that, T'd fonwcu iL 
I'll ridr" bnmn m rnnrnw, sir TuTij, 

Sth To. /'ourjuo*, mj dear lEuichE ? 

S[B And. Wlint is ^b>^i^4 ^ do <ir not do ? 
I 'nuLil'l 1 liad b4!iitoi<»l tbnl tcmu in Ihu (■ingclCp, 
ihftt I *iav& in fpncirb^, dnni-in^, jind U'Dr-luulEng : 
Of bsd I buL foUonf d rbn ortB '. 

Sm To. TboD hadot Uldii had on onvllcnL hmd 
of luur. 

Sir And, Wbj, wonl<l that liayc mended ray 

Sra To. Pai<t i^ueHtioD ; for thoa «o»l, it wiU 
nut rar! by' uaEui'i^. 

Stu And. But it becomu mo w«U epoogb, 

Sib To. Ei^Jlimll iL hangs lika flfti on a 
difltnfT; and I hope lo Bfe A hiuivile toka ibiw 
^Iwi^i!!! her ]<:gfl and ppiii it off. 

Sm AnDt Foiitip I'JI home tj>-[Dijitnw, air 
Tobj: jDur niwe wl]] not bo kcd ; or ir abo be, 


JlflT I.] 


It'a fijiir to tmc ata^U nma of me^ tlio rouat 
hJmu^lf. hero bard by, woow her. 

^TU To. She'll Tuma c' ihc rounL ; ahe'll nttt 
mat'rh abcivo lior tle|[,'roi.', [u^iLhrv in vhIilUi, jr^ai«» 

ILfe iib't, mull, 

Sm Aj^p, t'U aln; U mondj langi<r, I nm a 
fE^llcw a' iho Htmng»L miDil i' ibh world ; f ^le- 
light in miuiqned fuid irrula aomfliiDcs allagL'tLicr. 

Bm To, Art ibon good at thuve kjtk-abbvt, 

Bin JiKiP. As unj man in Illjnji, wliatiUKiver 
lie K'p umkT (lu> Ju'giuu af mj^ bctfj^rH ; auJ jol 
I will nut ccinpnre '>nlh eld oUI mad. 

ISm To, WLdL id Lhj uculkLce? ia a gatlinrd, 

Sru Awn- Foilli, 1 can out a cnpor. 

Bm Td, And I cmo tnjt tlie muicoo ta^t- 

6m Aku. And I tlunk 1 Imn: the bock-tricky 
aimplj Bfi r^Ercii^g at> any mvi in llljria^ 

Sib To, Whervhiro oro iJn'w things Ki<T? 
whorofbro bi^o ttcM pfta a turliUD hefiuH- ^t^m ? 
flre tL^j liku to (ulti cJubI, liki- uiibUvfi^ Mnlt^i 
pjcli]ro?(*) why difrl tlmii uul (-u ffl rlmi-'lt lit d 
gulLianlf and coinu liumo in a cunmT^t? hly sitj 
vrdk albiuM bo a jig , I wuuld not au ojuch dii 
maLo nOittr, but iji a i^iuk-D^paH.'. WLoT. daiil 
lliira inpan? is ft a uiirM lo bi<Jp virtikTi in? I 
dill tblnlif hy (lie eli'olk'nt iJiJiiorilLitiiJii of ihj log, 
it wua farmed under xhv utor of a gallljird- 

fifQ Amp. Aj/ti'^.^[ruii;;,Eiiidh ikhnindilfiTrnl 
wt^ll rn a HiLRbt-'-ctilrjurcd" slock. SludL wc act 
about wTue n? ?tl» ■/ 

Sm To. A^'hat gball wo do bIbd? n^re ntr Dot 
bom undiT ToiirUB ? 

Sid AtCD. Taurus? LJiaL'nf siilra And bcart, 

Sm Tn. Kn, niri it i"* li-i^ nail Llii^h«. Irfi 
Difl BH ihre caper; lu I higher: h^, ha f — eT>^ 
CPcJIout ] [£]4im<. 

SCENE TV.— J Jioom U ifu DukeV Pataa. 
R^ter Valzminr» cjrn' Viola £n imiji'ir aiiife. 

Val. If Iho duJco roncijLUCd ihcU' hvnun 
towntdiL ymi, Conaiio, jou aro liku In ix! mudb 
^dvariA'd j hi^ hath kiLoiirii rnu hul llirvc daja, 
nnd jdrvniij jmi aiv n-* siningcr. 

Vto. You pitbor ffnr hia buiumu or oij nc^- 
ligi!n<v, tWt vou I'll) in ■giu'^.Eion lliu ^rmiinuunn' 
of his Vovo 1 ij4 hu iut'ousranf, «ir, in hia Invaura? 

Val. N0( beliimi m«, 

Vco. 1 thank you, Her« comra lLd cnrniL 

t'l Did ivkl, dtB'd Ai/c*r^d 

(1] ukdiol, r*ii' 

Hfnnvu -iiWialli imlLllBi)' DrprHthn tv /Mr *ii fttrn,. 
Mina aifftHi ilie muia \it\af. bul Ihr |nLn| gf the fllluiloD b«t. 

£'hE«' Dukr, Cmun, and AtteiiJanlfc 

I>i7n. Who uw Coario, ho? 

7ro, On your ntlfiwUm-e, nit loni ; hen. 

Dl'lEKb StJind y[Hl AwhilD aknf. — CFaant>, 
Thou knoi^qt Tio lr!.i» bat ill ; I lidTC irnclup'd 
To liiK the booti erot of my «t:CKt aool -. 
TliL-i^firm, gJiocl j^iilb, addrcH tlij i^iiil unto d 
Be not dt'iiitd [iru?tii>, nLanJ ai Ikt donis, ■ 

And toil tlHTD, thm' tb_v fiicd fjot that! gniv. 
Till ihoQ biTC ftDdioncc, 

Vio, Sure, nij Jiolflc loni. 

If flLa ho sc abaulon'd (a hoT ■uiri'iw 
As i[ it ^iioke, fthe aeTer wiCl admit m?. 

Dtitx, Be ^^bunonma, iuhI leap all tivil Ini 
Rurher than moke unpmlijod rQiiini' [ihraT 

Vio. 6ay, ] dii npi-nk *iUi h«-, mj lord. 

Dfue. O, ibeu Dartjld ihg j>B39iua of mi ] 
SuriMUC bcr with difWouiMr of mj doar faiih: 
It fiLaU iH^fjEiw ihoQ wW (o act mj wohj 
Bb- will nir.fid U Ivth-T in thj ^oulh. 
Than in n nuncio* of muTv ;;raTc a«j>GCt, 

Vio. I think Dot lo, mj^ lurd, 

DuHn,. 1>4.'4U' lad, 

Fi>r Tbo_v nholl yi-l bolte Hts bappv jcaT*(, 

'1^1 Bay thou art a dial i I>iaiiA'ii lip 

Is uot mora smoDtli and mhiou^ ; t|iv htiuiII p]» ^ 
h. BS l.bit mnitlcji'e organ, s\a'\.^, and ^>uiiJh \ 

And nil ii senihlativc a mmuui'A pan, 
1 knuw thy cunntellittioii u tight apt 
For r.bici idFjiJr; — "Oioa Rrur or tivc Btloid taai| 
Ali, if you will ; ftir [ mywff Arn fiwL, 
Whon leait in 'Ximjmuj : proap^ well m ilii*, 
And lliDu ^ali live ari fi«<.'ly a» liiv lurd. 
To cnU h^ forlnaiv Uiinn. 

Vio, I'll do mj bisu J 

To uroo your Indj : y-el, [AMidr,] a bufbl'alrihn 
WhoeW I woa, myKlf would W hia viir. ^ 

SCEVK V,— .4 flflftm .'u Oliria"- J/nn*, 

J^NffT Maua and C\awuS^ 

Maii. XajTieilJifr IcU idd where tboa buibna. 
ar I will not «p4in nij jipt ao wide U n LriiLli 
CDWr, in **njF" of ihj cinusn j mj bulj' will 
tluM! for Iby al]>ipnPOr 

Ci.ii. l4llh.T hnng- mc: bc»Uut ii i*«ll liBvu4 
in ihis warld, Doeda (o f&ar nfl coEdei:^^ 
AIaiu Make tbai ^Kxh 
CihO, He abiil] oen amic ^ kutx. 

lb Ilk. 

IniUBm dT lll(« r'»lEl|)p|||f OtltfV'kl 

TWELFTH Smeri or, what you WILI. 

[acthvt t 

IUl a good lealen* aaiwvr: I cdq Ldl thee 
tbn Ehtf liTm^ wa« bom, of, //lur n^ coJirurt. 

Cia. When. ^hA rDistrobi Morjf 

JItiL Id iIm wbh ; adiI tliai nuj jcid bo bald 
la w iQ ynuT fnlrry. 

Cld, \\'D]t, C3i>[| j^ve tK^^m wiaddm that have 
H. 4Dd tLuce Ihot an? iwAi, \vl Qmiu uiw liioir 

IUa, Y« jdd iriD be buigod Tor being u long 
itHL^ or, Kt be tuni«l nwaj^ — ia iiqt that an 
fHd H a hmginp br >uu 7 

Clo. Maiij & gnod biLTLg;LEig provfoiFA a IiaJ 
■Btiagv ; End, fjr turcjji^ uw^i,-, let ^nnuncr bear 

3Ul Yuu atv rofloluti-, dita f 

Kin. Nflt wj neilliPT, liul I ftin rcBnlviAJ on two 

SliSr Tbitl. rr one br?Bk, tt? oiber wUE bold ; 
t, '4 bocfa br»k, TOUT ^^biDO ' iidi, 

Qo. A|>Lh IK gwd faith ; vvrjf ajitE WclU ^ 
ft) "Bj ; If fijr Tiihj wmilJ Iw'e drinkiog, (Jiun 
•ill u iritly (1 pUiM of Epc^a (ksli ru anj in 

ILifi, Pmco, jnu rugw, no more o* Ihol. 
[Tst' puDea mj kd; : makb joat cicdh vist*!^, 
j«i w^n bnt. [£jit. 

d-a- W]|, and 't be tlij mil, piit uib mLa guod 
■l*] Thnno wllB.« tbaL think thcj Imvo thcp, 
4itrjj ofL pn>TC fuul''; tijd L tlml am narc I 
lid iW, DULj "pist for D viae man ; for wU^t 
QniiiDf oltift ? Better n wittj fi>ul than a 

JUbr Olivia. Maltouo^ and Altenduikf^^ 

hd Uw (faee. ladj ! 
Ou. Tb^b the W amty. 
CUp Do <faii lunhiMU, ftllnirs? take awnjr the 

Ou- Qo tQ> jou're a dij TotA -, 111 no more of 
Jul: ^»d(^ jtku i^Tow i^i>^hDnesC. 

Clo. Tvn fnuliA, rriiuLiniLU, thJii drlitb adH gfiod 
•Old will nuiend; Ibr givf^ [be drj (uol dnnk, 
(^ u tbe fool i»t dry ; bid llio ilidhcuLest man 
«aA bimKlT; if he meDilT he a no lun^^vr die- 
■DOtL if be <iitritk4>l. Lei (ht boiidiLT iitemi hiiri ; 
■j llyag ifau'i mmded ii hut pntdri'd : virtue 
MMiflgmHf b but paleJiod v'nh Bin ; a:rtii eiu 
^ViODda iri huE palf bfd with vlhul'. If ihat 
VB im^]v ijElo^irjii w'lU ^'rii>, hi ; if it wil] not, 

(»| atd ™p:rh ***«- 

I ■•,'bI " 

^^|"t IpIbLiJ ■■ (Lifl friruitl' ■iLh ■|i'i'^n> ''Dili FrurtJan, — 

■■■■ • nurii ■» hi i«f :" buE ibe funu [ii ihe"-"l "ji ocl an- 
ilaittf [■HLUA:^- And rn U li uLd,— JbIh ur In lb; 
' "Ufihlfe wHiiU a nf ■■," Ac.— " llFiuT Vl." Ihrl 

»*- Jt Ml 

what remedjf Ab Lhera ia no (me cnji-kold but 
cduuJtyT BD bcDutj^i H fluwoT' — Tho bidf bjide 
toko awa5 ibi) fiul i IbetcfDn^ I eaj agoiaj lake 
hL>r awnv, 

Ou. Snr, I bade ibem lakv elvbv ^. 

Clo- Miii]>rij.ion Id the highest UD^nH) I — Ladji 
Cucidt^u WH fti/yit m'fii(reh"in ; llwt'a as mticb 
(o Qfi y oa,'' 1 wear not niotle)' in my bruo. Qood 
nvdanoAp give mv Ivam to jitDVO you a fbul. 

Ojj. Can jMj do itf 

C!i,o- Pipiti-tou^ly. ffood madrmna. 

Ole. Moke joor procf^ 

CVi, I maul calocbiae jtn fiv it, madiffliu^ 
;;0ui1 iDj luauaa of virtDfl, anGvor mo- 

Oli. ^Vcll, ^Fj lor iraiil of olfaor idleDoas, I'D 
bide y<rar pnuf. 

L'tD, Good m&donna. why manmest tLoti ? 

Oli- Good fuul, for mj brolhi'r'i il^-atL. 

Csjt' I tliink IiIb houl ]« icl holl, madDnna. 

Oi.T. I know bin eoid ut id heAmip looi. 

Cut. Tlio moro fooJ. madoima, tj mcun fi>T 
^taur brolber'H soul being ld henreri. Title Jxwaj 
llio fftil, (■"Titlpmeu. 

Oli. What think yoa of ihin fool, Uolvaliof 
dnrh bo not menA ' 

ALiL. Yea, and Bholl do till tho pauga nf dealh 
Bhnko liim ; int^miity, that livaxys iha wino, dotb 
Over mokL' the bettor fool. 

V'i^o. God flond jou, hit, n apocdy infirmilj, for 
the better iiiereELfliag jouT fblly I Sir Tobj wiU 
be Duimi tlial I im no tin ; but he will uat pasa 
jkifl wotlI fhr t^TD riDnco thnt toq nre no fool, 

Oli. Horn ?nj yoii to tbat. Midvolio? 

Mai.. 1 niaiT^I jranr lojijahip lakoa delight In 
ac4:b a Inmn mocml ; T r<pK him pnt d^jwri the 
other day witli an nnlinaiy (wj\,' that ban no more 
Iffjiin ihfui a nLna?, Look yoa tiow, ho^n out of 
Ikifl guard olroady ; unleu yfiu ]aj;(b and minialer 
occoaLDo lo him, be is ^;Fged. I pifltest, I lake 
liiiiv: wiM^ nieii, that otrw at nt thfse set Lind ot 
fnola, no blotter than the fooU' Eanl«5. 

Oi-i- O^ ynu are aid of M>1f--laTC, Ma]To1ii>i 
and fwlB with n diqleaiprred a|t|<f[ite. To ba 
generous, ffiilltlaUj and of Ires diopaaitiea, ia to 
inlie ibotf thin^^s for Unl-boltfl, tbat yoti dua 
comion-buHots : then ia no olandor in an aUowoJ 
t'Ht\, ilioagh he do nothing btiL rnil ; n'f Jta roiling 
iti a kitown di^nvb man, tkongh he do nothing 
but reprote, 

Clo. j^ow Mercury endue dic« with louing,' 
for thou BpenkuBt iivW r]f fooln. 

HrDDtid), AM IT. Efl. >. 

« JaotA\i\irj /ubI.—] An «ftfb>dir fool nur ■■■■ii ■ fftmacn 
fiHl . bjl miir prDbolLli. ol n'llLkk ciprm t\A-I uWB)'« an f Id Tfi 
Lha IDIIBnBTI gr bli uon^iUltlrTDti'ji, hn iL'Ti'rnil LU 1 ]Bll»r Bind 
lo IT*!' iWirE ^' Ibo illiiEri be ■ publlr nnlinatf- 

d Jfr'v Ifirciirf 'PJiTii' l4iv rift IruLnf , Ear IFiun igKitilt WTl] 
cf fi'Ol*.] Tl" hLiimiui al Ihli J* [i^il Tr^T rnn^piritniii r^rli bf 
IbflUjrIlt dI JutiQioEi'i rifmiaEUI, — " IIbt Uticiuy IdiilL tim U 
U*,AkiiHlb«i Unl bi hiDUr of fachr" 


Mak. Madam, llicre ia ai ihe gala a yonug 
gOTiLli'mnu, Jiiudi i]i#]nw Ui it|ifi|ik wj[|l jou. 

Ou. From the niuiit Otbido, i^ it f 

Ma&. I knriw iiDt» luadAm; 'Lit n ^r jotmg 
moll 4 ULil wtU aiUmdo]. 

Oli, "Who iif iHj itE'upId hiflJ him In ilelitj'? 

tiiui. Sir TuLj, mrLilam, jour klnfimau. 

Olt, FoJch }ijm otf. 1 pi'ny ymi ^ ho spcakri 
noLliiii^ liiil lEiiulauQ ; lie ou him [ [^Jif Maua.] 
Go jwi, Mjilvitliu ; if i|. Ik! a auli frtPiii llio Lfninf, 
I un tick I or not nt liotnu ; irhot ^'ou will, to din- 
miu i|, \Exii Mat,t"lxo-J >"owyoii wo, vr, ho*r 
ymir li>oliiLg f^rniHs old, and pcapLc dinlikB iL 

Clo. TLuu hacl n^kn fw uh, niBilLinniiH JU iF 
■tbj cldcnt sun nltimld lis a fool, — wIidad Bknll Jovb 
cmm •'ith bniiu ! for hn? he coDie-^, ono of ibj 
kin, huamoet weakpia naier. 

Eniffr Sir Touy Sklcd. 

Ou, Ej mjnc banoiir, linlf drnnk. — What ia 
fae Bt ihe gtlOr cDUtiii ? 

Sm 'l*o. A gonUcuuin, 

Ou. A ^Eifkiuan 1 wluil ^^iiUpmui ? 

StrTo. "ria a gcntleiEiiii titrc — « plogUD oHbise 
piekle-hcJTinF 1 — IIow Qow^ tot f 

Ci.o, Qood i^ir Tcibj ! 

Ou, Cotiniu. couBirtt liovr liuvti joii cunw ur 
attlj by ihia l&llinrgy'i? 

Gift To. LccbeJ^' I I defy Icebetj, There's one 
aL lk;tf ^^Uu 

Ou. Ay, morrji wbat i-kho? 

Sib TOr I*rt bim ho the Hevil, on be will, I earn 
not: ^veiuefaitli^Bay I. WL^Il,it'd itU one, [^Hjiit. 

Ou. ^'hflt'it a ilrmik^n mojt like, foul? 

Cxo. Lilku A flrov-ouf] loun. d r)a3, and a miid- 
mon : onu draught above hr^i Dkokeii liim n fiul ; 
tie second moila him ; nbd a llilnl dronrts hlnn, 

Oli. Go tboiL Olid neck the enpmier, and lei 
him sit a' iiiv nvt -. fur liu'a in tho tijinJ dc^ito uf 
drink, — Kf 'a dmwncd : go^ look sflfr Mm. 

Clo. lid i» but mAdjE^t.miuloiina: udihe fool 
sKikll louk to the mdmu, [£nr Chtwn, 

TiIal. Madam, rend vnung fello" iweanbc irill 
BjA^ witli jUEi. 1 [old him jou wci« bidE; Lc 
tokcfl on him to uEidcHlud so mcjch, and tbor^fiirc 
onnra to »[H.'«k *ith you: I Mid lirm vlfii wlh^ 
uWp : he Bccms lo hare d fum-kDowkilgc of that 
too, Odd ibcnJiirc coqih to epcdt viiii jou. What 
is to be HtJd UihiiD, luilj? hu's fordGed Bgiuoat od j 

Oli. Tell lum, hf shnll i^nt FipeaJt wilb me. 

Mal, U'b bcoQ told m; anit be Hys. hf'U 


fltiud Dt jrnur door Like ■ dufrifi pa«,(*J vd ba 
Ibi! FHi^porter lo h boi^'b, but liell speak wiLh jDu, 

Oli, ^^Itot kind o' mui ri Lu7 

hLii,. "SVh^T, oFman kind, 

Oi,i- ^luil iiuinnei of luui? 

Mil. Of fory ill maimer; hot! ppeok wHb; 
will jou or iiOr 

Oli. Of whal porflonflgo (Uid jpars ia he? 

Mal. Xut jetoldtiiou^h for a moii.qoT ri 
tnnuyb fnr a Imy ; on n H[ua9h i^ Wore 'lu ^ pflv- 
coi], or a eudlinff wben 'tiri nlmoM nn oppU': 'cii 
widi luin ill MUuidiDif nater, between \^j nrtpl mu. 
He Ifl Tcrj well 'favoured, aiij he Bj>eak3 t+tj 
shrouiiibly H one would think his moUitir^n latlk itn 
sear» out of him, 

Oli, Let him Apfrvoeh; coU in inj gcille- 

Mal. GcuttcwDimui, my lady nlln. [£p^ 

Jfe-ftiter Mabia. 

Ou. Giro IDS ay vejl; fome, throw kaWnj 
fneo ; 
We 'U oniic mon: hear Oiudo'i embaABj<. 

Vio. The hooooiublo ladj of iho boiue, whunk 

Oli, Siieok to cno, I abaL siuwcr F« her : joor 

V]0. Most radiant, FiqiuaElf. and unnmchtUe 
beatityt — I pmy you loll mo if ihis be the Uj 
of the hou.v, for I uovet savr her: I would be loU 
to cast flway my npwch ; fin-, h.-aidcB tbtl it ■ 
vitiulli^nily well peaned, I have token grttl puH 
to eon h. GuoJ beULlim. letmeBuMaiD naHorai 
1 am vm-y comptib1c,*crOb to the IdA siaJdKa 


Ot.1. "Wbenee coma you, air? 

ViD, I mil Phj little niiMfl Uion I Iiare 
and that quDritioa'd mit of my jiorl. GuuJ pvih 
one, give me moden fljtiinnincc ►f you be thr ladr 
of tbu liouae, thai I may proceed In my cpHdi, 

Ou. Ard you a itemediiku? 

TiO- Xo, my prufnuud heart: atid vet* hj 
very fiuig» of malice I «wear, J Hondt thai Ipiir. 
Aie you ihe lady of the bonBe ? 

0],i. If I do not ur^uTp myself. T am. 

Vio. Mnst eerldliiT if you ar^ ahe, you do 
yonnelf; for wbal is jouti to beAow is not nan 
lo reaerre. Dal thi* in frooi my eoniiaiMOfi ; [ 
tilU mi with my &]>eeeh in yoiU" pnuH, Jiitd tfm 
show you the bcnrt of my meusge. 

\'l OH nn, rMHUA 
> CaD1p(iblt.— ] Tttb ■IM BdB imftittaHi. AinffCih ik 

*rt I] 


[BCEXi y. 

Oli, Come Id w\m ia impcirEaDt b't ; I forgiTe 

ViD. .AJi4a 1 took gramL poina Lo stu:!^ it, und 

Ctaj. Ii k Uie mora like w be feiguel : 1 praj 
JVOi kup it Ln. T IjearJ ytm wtTe uiiirj nL w}' 
fUHi ud AllfXint jour aikJiHiib'lt rnUi^T li> tVE»ji[|4.T 
•1 jon lIuii to f"^iir jim. If joq Lc not" tnnd, Ijg 
^OQD '. if jcu JiATp reuun^ bv LeI^T: 'tu JiuL ibnL 
naw of mooD hiiJi irie w loako ona In ko Bkippiiig 

Uah, Will _v<>n hoiei sAilifiir? hcTfilipa joiir wqt. 

Viu- ^D, ^ooO BTrabUfr: I Hm to buil bura a 
^Oie \oaga. — SomiJ mciJ^ifimlJon for jaur ginnt. 

U^. TdU me jDur mind. 

ViD. ] am a meu^Dgtr, ^ 

Ull Sure. ^Ti>ti I^M' E<4iiia tuikHMiD malJtir lb 
^■■7, wbc[i rJui oMirl^jdf IliawfcorJuJ- Upcak 
Mmr office, 

ViQ, It bloDo cfmcernn yoixr cor, I brin^; no 

■wtura "f war. n4> tniAtiDn of bDmo^'; 1 halil the 

^tniaiiij hutd; my vonld uo u fidltJ puceai 

^^■%j. Yd jog began mlelj. 'WhitL ara jouf 


^^ TiEk. Th* ru-!c0PM tbrtl kalh apjienred in me 
bvc I [nunol fruui mj i'iki4!tlni[]iiLent- W^Lni I 
IB, uJ what i Fould, am ju aeiirc-:, an niaiift^D- 
W . to TOUT ?an, divritilj : to noj alk^'V, pro- 

Ull Giw UB (be pl»D almie ; no nill heu- ihii 
iliviojiy. [ffri' M.AAiA.,1 ^Difr, air, wkat U tour 

^■0, MusL EirwL bidj, 

Ou. ^ comrurlaMi' drttrtnuu, uid juodi majr bo 
■f^alii. Where liea joor iwt? 
Vb, In OniDo's biKuiu. 
Ou, In hia bnoiu ! ill vhaX chnptor of bii 

^m, To ukcwer bv tho meUuHl, in the tint ot 

Ou. O, I hava waA it- it ia hurobj, Hutc jdu 
BB liun !.> uy ? 
^IQ. Good nuilam, let ma He your fncB- 
Ou. Hflre j'>ii anj comtniflHiou (mm jfour lord 
^A bfE«iktc nith my fitw? you am uaw out of 
JBnUptl; but we will draw Ibe Lurtnin, and shaw 
}^lJte pictuiV- LiMik yua, air, audi a one I was 
U«jRKn(: ii't DDE well duno ? \^UiiVeUiirff, 

va. Eictncntlv duH', if tiixl did all, 
Ojj. Til b giiin. liri twill enduw wind ami 

' ou< T'll A* r*Hr blE iJ. 

Tib I till ■ HtiHBin.] 

Yio, *Ti9 bewr^ trulj bJcbtr whoM rod sad 
Niilun^'ri owD BWHir; and cmmiiti!; ha^d laid an : 
Laitjr ^"11 ELie Uie iTuel'ti tLe oljiv. 
If you will lta<] iLi'se i;tot09 lu lIi*> grave, 
And iL'ATt' LhE« vrorlil no eojij^ 

Oli. O, hii-, I will iiiif. Iio so honl-buurU' J J I 
will gifDniiL divci'4 dchednF^fi of my hcniity ; ii aball 
b« iuvciiluiii.'d, anil every ponitle d^id uIueiuIt 
]aliolJi\l lo my will: aa. ttrm. tirij lijia indlEforenL 
itti ] itpfH. Iwo grey cvra, wilh lldn t» ihf>ni ■ i^^Wh 
ono Di^cb. enc ehin, and eo firrth- Were you «Dt 
LJlher to ytoiK' me? 

Vio, 1 FiL-o )uu wtial you on?, — yon tire I'm pnmd i 
BuE, if ^'ou veto tha de^Tl, yon are fair. 
My k>nl anil master bvea yoit : O, flucb Love 
Cou1Jb[*bulrv<vm[>i]riB'i].t]]uughyDU weru lyruwD'd 
Till) iiouptairal of beauty 1 

Ou. Row doM ho ]d™ inu? 

Vto. Wilb LLdoTfltLnni, wilh* fertile teara, 
W\ih gmarJH tlint ihui^iler love, wllli nighaof firt, 

Ou. Vuur lord iloa know luy oilnil, I muiKit 
love him : 
Yet I jtippoac him virCuoun, kao« him ooblp, 
or greV, ifUiUi. of (reuli rujil "taiiihw joulli ; 
In Toieci WeCl diculg'ds frfa, l^^am'fl, and vuiiant, 
Ajid, in dimeDBioD and riie tbnpe of naEuro. 
A ^ociour^ jKTiion 4 hut y<ii I 4:iljjiioI Iovq liim ; 
Uo mjgbt liavf twk hia answer long ngu- 

Vjd- If I difi lovo jod in my nutfler'a ftaiuo, 
With Buch a ludenng, sneh el deadly life, 
In your di'iiinl I wl>uIl! lind n't bi'iiku i 
I tiUuU aot lUiddfttOEid iL 


AVhy, wbal would you 

ViD. Make uiv a willow eabm nt ytiwv got^r 
And call ujion my [^tjliI niUkJo ihe ImufiL' ; 
Wriie luynl onntiinB of cunU'tninNl Itivp, 
Acd HiJig du^m loud even In the dead of night: 
IIo]]& yoLU' iiomu lu ihe ■'cvtilnTalti hills. 
And niuko Lht* bFxbbring giitntip i>f cho AJr 
Clt OdE, Olma I O, vdu ahoutd not reat 
Iktwuu tbo elements of air and eorlb, 
But yaii Fihould pity mo,. 

Oli. You migbl do couah. Whnt ia your pa- 

Yio. Above my fortutieA, jdI my ititK u well: 
I oji) goiiLlL'Dtan. 

iju. Qet you (o yoiir- lord ; 

I rannot love him ; let hini wml no mure ; 
UideBs, pisrchaiieo, you coma In me again. 
To tell me huw h? toikfn il, Fnrv jnu well- 
I ihnnli you for your jiaina : spend ihi^ for mo. 

Ytfl. I am no fi>o'il pfnt, Udy; h[x,'pyonrpiir«j 

t'i Did npf onilLi, hmH. 

In Ihculd copr Ifaaifl Uiiai in muaud in Uih prHn1lD|| ippKli, 
1bD«,— " Vta- . . Sarna nBlUAnttDn for jhht CUlLl, ixf Tb Mdlc; 

leU DBf/eUrluUliif, I taD 1 DHinfiT." 

lawf] n^lk IB ■■J*', Ea ■jv'r' mar 



t*. ^ 


ACT a 

SCENE l.—Tf^ Sea-fMtt. 

Enter AjnosiH artd SaitnTi,\n. 

tin. Will juu slay tiu lunger? tuir vriU juu nut 
plgflThh yoq? 

.Bj jDur potiaiu, m; m; nan ahine 
' itn irin ; thi? maligruukcj of mj FiiTi< rnt^bt 
II dutcin|ieT >Miir«; ihun'rirra T fibhll tnive 
f^ foTir IfaVc, TJiat 1 may Lear my tvlla 
i: ft v<n a bod rou^Hopcnte for jour love, to 
r of tbSBi on you. 
, IM UB jut k;mw of you, wbLtbcr )-4ju arc 

No, hbOi, tir I mj dtytermmatc TOjage ia 
onngincj. Bm I perff lv« in you w ex- 
■ iHjch of infKl«ly, that y<m will nitt munl 
:» what T diu willtrifr Eu ttH'|i in ; tlitrufiriv 
Uko in nmiuitra Eha rothi^r la i^ijirpaa 
Yon mnct knov of me. Lb^, Antonio, 
Bobulifui, nhlclj 1 caJIi?J Rotlnrlgit; 
H that Si^lpoQUnli uf Mi^nfljiline, nlinm 
jVa bBTo branl uf: ho IcfL behind him 
' ud n BLiUr, borh I-orri in nn hour : if ihc 
bkJ bT!«'.ii pl-^Ji^ieilH would ^i; lud nn etidoA 1 
■I jVu, irr, alttTtfl l]>Bf ; fitr. n>rihr liuiir iHjforc 
jaa took ne fTum ibe bnauh uf the Ka nu mj 

AfT- Alua tbo dajl 

BFiid A liulj, air, ibou^ it wbs nulI kIiei Diiudi 
resembled idd, vju rtt of mDny an^ounrfil beFul- 
tifiiL : batf though 1 could not, wirh «uch eBtimnble 
wondtfT DTer-fkr heti^'TD that, yet thua for I will 
YuMly pultiis)] Inn-— ^tui liucg b mind Umt «itj 
GimlJ mtt but cidl Qiir. 3hL> ifl dnwiiid aJmdy, 
sir, with uJi ^p,ti-T. tbongh I BHm lo drown hoc 
nfmcmbranire ugam '^ith more. 

Ant. Punluii moi hir. your liod lULtQrTBiiLnieai. 

Skii. O, giKjd Anlftnio, fareiw n^* jour irvubLi! 

AtiT. If jQD will not mnrdcr mo for oij luvo^ 
let me bo you):' nervAiir. 

Srd. If jiiu will iii3l iinr]ii what rou have done, 
tbnt L'*, till liin] itbimi jiiu liftvo reTiKon-il, doaira 
it iboL FoTD yo well al onrw : my butum in full of 
kindfirdu; and I am yot » stfta ibo mtmni^ra of 
nij niolher, that upon th^ liuist ociiuion more, 
iniiio ejiiB will IcW tnlm of nn.', 1 mn bound to 
flu? count OrabDo'fi cputt: forewell. {_ExU^ 

AvT, Tho f^ntlenpu of ail ibc godfl go wilL 
T hu-ve meqy (idurnlrt in Oraioa^s murt, 
Elao wuuIlI 1 vt^rj EiborUy mt thcc tlmru : 
But, oomo wlmi mtiyf T do julorr tin.* ho. 
That dmnifflr abaJI Hoom apori* and I will go. [S^t. 



SCENE IT.— ^ Slrwt. 

[Km HL ■ 

^fl^f Viola; ilUi.vtjvio foUottins. 
Mal. AVflTu rat yau erm now wiLli iJic uounLcM 


Vin, Etch qow, tUt; on a mrxlfratc pore I liMc 

Mal. &L{? rciiiTil.t rhiji riuf to jou, nn joa 
TULght hiXTc^ aataI mc TQj poIiiB, tu hflVG lokoti i( 
iwnj ^iinclf. Ste hiIlIj^ moreover, tlmt jdti shoiiliJ 
put nrnE' loiil i]lIi> a de^piTotD oAsurKDCi) ^i) wjl] 
noni^ of hiiu: nmS ULii.' Cbiiij^ TUJUt^, iltnL jou be 
iiF^vrr no hnrdy ut I'cimi^ o^in in hin uAuth, itDlcfla 
it U; To rcporL juar lurd'a ukiag of tijis, Booin- 

Vio, Bhi! took Ihoringof ma^ — I'll eoilo of it, 
M.*!., TornDf ftir, jon punriBhly ihrtw il To Tut; 
and bet wil] ia, it aliciTild be h rctimod : if it if 
worth Btocping for, there it lies in jOuT ejp ; if 
VIA, \k II hlt^ l!i(iL ^tilIu iL, [fijcU. 

ViO' T U-ft no ring wilh her. Whnt monuit thi^ 
Fortune forbiil. uiy oultide have dot charmM h{;r ! 
She nuJtj ^oih] vicu (if tn^? ; iitdti-d, so rnui-h, 
That melhoiighL hur ejea hjul lont h<T b>nj,'iJL', 
For afco did fjifflV in hiartu di^tnict^HJJj. 
Sho bvea nte, ^nre ; the eunnin^ of h-r pasALon 
TiivIriM bio ill thin i-hui-^iiih lueuougiT. 
NiiuD of m; hinl^D riuj^ ! "hj, ho wilt bur noiio. 
I am the man I If it Iw bo, — oh 'lia, — 
Poor Jad/n hht* were better Jove b drflMI. 
Dingui**, 1 net, tiuni nrt n wifhi'iliKnn. 
Wl]en?m the progiiaut onemj ikieji raurh. 
How tiiflj !« jt jiir Lhs pnptT-fiilpp 
In ironiBn'p wajcp hojitta lo aet their fomii ! 
Alu, our* fnull; in t^o cau«^, lut wu 1 
For, Buch oa wu aro TuiuJf* uf,i- pui^b Wi> bo. 
HiiK "ill lliit fadye? My maaUir [ov« hor di^aiij, 
And I, [rfioT moDEEcT, fond tva luuch uu him, 
Aoil fihe, uiialAkcD, houida to dol4i on mc i 
W}ial will hLK-ome nf tlua I An I am injui, 
Mj mutt" IS de^jfcrale for tay musUir'i lure i 
As 1 am woman — iiuw ahiH llit dBj [ — 
Wlinl thrJdkvK a^'ha ehull jiuor OIjvJjl hruathe [ 
O liiiio, rliuu mupil unEdJLj^lEi iliia. not 1 ; 
It in too hard a koiit fur mo t' antu ! [£'«4^, 

SOEHfE nr.— A Ito^m ill OIWIh'j i/^L^uiv. 
£T4ter Sir I'oBT Bslch atiit Sir AjixmEW AavK- 


SaiTO' Appro&cbi oirAndrL-w: not tu be a-Tx^ 

C't OU »|i>. 0. 

Hi DIJ E>|l. tf;dDnTrldll7TTr*tiJlL 

> Dei'I "ft tin' llh lODifil i>r rk« /lipr i^miiifj rj Tlir ipLa rD|;j 
lui r'ifj, uiJ Uir ttvUBm IccIltd Ii, " On nsl hU UtU." to : 
Iml kniLj Amlnn'f njoukdu — " L lUah, fJ nlliBr roiukiU," 


> Jn fHTflaf bnnl.l Vnair picBrt apl rj Thr phnf* It* 
nminm Iniinr nld wriTin tbtf II wmild h auperJlD* mf 

Elkuhfln |.r lit Uw lit lltlB HHX. 

■ Sirp'mfr/" Ikj iDHiail ] TU* oU OOpJ l^ril I m^i W^ 
tif;n\fifi iff* *»»rt pn ■IjJrw*. 
d A»DDf 4>r Enod LIfrM Thil il, ■ HBFtr MBf' 

afUT EiiidtiighE. ia to bo up bolimra ; iu>d fUnnda' 
piTT/ere. tlmii knoweat, 

Sm AsD. Nuy» 1>^ mj troth, 1 know not , Uh 
1 kirnw, tn be op Into u, fo bo up IjlIc. 

Sjit To. A fiJM [loaeloaioii ; T bw^ it b an 
unE]]]i?d »n. To be up nRcr midnighl. nnrl in ^. 
In bed tbeiL is ciirlj : bo ihol, to go to brd a^ 
midnight, i» to ^n to bed betimes. Doci wA nur 
life' conaJet of tln> four eloni'Mila ? 

Sm .V.1D, Fulh, na ihcy rnj. t>lit I llniik it 
rather comiAlt of eaflbg ohil dnntln^- 

SiB To- Thon'rt a BcboW ^ let lu ihrtprm 

mt Euiii drink. — Muiuii I boj 1 a otoup of 


Sis Ajoir H?re cotdh thi! £»], i' ^ih. 

Knlfr Cfown. 

Cin. ITnw notr, my bmrU ! Did ij do nenr w 
(ho pietun! of «o three?!" 

Sin To, Wclcorw, Mft. Now lcl*i l»iry m imldi, 

v^m Am>. Bj my trotht ibo fool hu in a- 
uullent brenptp^ T iind raChLT than forty dnllingi I 
bml nur^i a log. and vj snect a brcotfa to SB^a 
eIli? fooL hu. 1ti nonth, thoa wost in mey gnciav 
foolicp; lofll niglit, n-hen ihou apok'ik of B^n- 
^"nmU-iiBr of iho YopiuiB poraing the oqnmactitl gf 
(joudme;<2r 'iwsti tfi>ry good* Tlaitb. leoatha 
niipencc for ihy Ipmiin:' bjubitit? 

Olo. I did impeticoi thy cratiHilj: for l£il- 
voha^a nofe b nir nliipFilJji'h : my Wy }iu 4 ■faha 
bond, nnil ih** MyrmidonB are nobotOo-ak bnoB, 

Sm Awfi. Escellentl MTiy, thi» ii the !»« 
fcdiitg, "hen all 1* doijo. Now, a *ong. 

Bin To. Oomn on; Ihoni is fiiipenw fix jhl 
let'i bav? n mng. 

Sm Aku. There'i & t«tn] of me too : if <w 
knight fiive a 

Clo. Would jou ha¥Dalope-soag,DradD*g4f 
ffoo.1 life?- 

Sm To. A love-BOnp, a Lotfl-wng. 

Su Ahd. Ay^ a; ; 1 rate not far good lit 


Clo, vialrtaii minf. iP^t"^ art pott rom'yi 
0, flay OAiJ li"!'- ; jfii'r Ime-h*^" r^mtnj/, 

TTtat cvin fl'^fr/ tbtA A^A and Ion ; 
TVi'p no fkrlhfr, prttf^ gvi^inp ,■ 
Jo'tiffifi pa'i ill tovert' meffinff, 

Svrr}/ fiw n'rn'r »» i/'^ {A itNrthf. 

am Aflii. EieolVrl pf"oJ, i'fwihl 
Sjb To. Oood. good. 


[h"ehi: nt. 

Frufnt rnirih hath pr'nnl Uiit^/htpr ; 

What'tii} aurif ii stUf i/nsurf -- 
/h tltlay there la* nif j/Imt}/ / 
Thm cifmr has m*, rvert-and-Twenlff .■' 

YoutK't a ftiifvjill »o£ endore. 

Sn AjfD. A mellifluouB tihw, qb 1 oJn tTDO 

bni To. A cantn^ons bnvitli. 

Sra A*m, Vrrv inw*! anJ f?unlnj^0UB, i'foilh. 

Sa To, Tfl hear by tlie now, it ia Julet-t in 
fimuinim. Bk^i AboU W9 miku tlu- welkin duDiv 
iif^td? Shall we rouf^D lln- night-awl in A catch 
ihiLirJl ilrvi liviv: nouU out of [tno ■oavor ? iholl 

So-A.'fD- An jqii Uiffe toe. Ld'a dn'tr I oai 
iir a1 ft fatdi. 

CbO. BjV l*dy, iir. and iwmi- Joga kiH catch 

Sol Ajid, M«t certain. Let our cali'h be, 

lYo. //'i^/ £Af peace, /kott hiavf, knight ? 1 
lUlbecDiifltTaiDefl itt'i ucall Ihuc ^T^t-.kmglit, 

Ea.V?tT^ 'Tib uot tbc Brel iJnt I hnvc <:un- 
ilnuifiJ voe 1u nl] u<t kiUTO. Bfl^, foal ; It 

Ctu. 1 tb&U aercr bpgin, if] hold mj ptACC. 

{They nii<r 1 cotcA. 

fnfer Mailu. 

Mai. What 4 coliH-wauling do joa hf^ bore 1 
If irlaJj h4Te nut Talk'd u[i byr oli'wanlT M41I- 
iditn ud bid hiui tum juu out of doors^ ntrtr 

&bTi}, Mf Ibiiy^d m Caroinn, wu are p^iljti- 
•Wp UilrulJo'B a Pi^g M-RamnLy.ti} aliI Throe 
ba «e.{^) Am iiu( I coitunji^DenuFi ? 
■fllCFrborWond? TilTj-snllj ; foitf ^ Th€re 
a Dtflu ui Saftytun, tadff, tarty .'^^ 

^. Bohnjw me^ Ihu kiiight'a in wlminble 

ia AiTi- Aj, ho diwa wi^U enough, if he be 


* *-fcr li f "Fiarr • f J^ pniienUdlEmlj'tFniEiil; Ihoi In "Ttfl 

abMlafUBDnlaii,' " li'i 1 1 li I' miH m "*g[«lci, IH- 
ife«<AArtH, bUfnUf plnnkJnrvilpUHn*!,' Ki 
*bfcrt aafrAH— I A OX" nuul > [juli'Lrt D(4<lul1lrt UI 

*ll<lh-«p.t A CBtBtlp IIQIK •Evl ViUllin, rL]u]'klAll In " gO 

'M ■<<«, IrJlrf-alillrT, iDili'irnlar IIhIldiiu^ 

**l hr fi|>Vt Cun, "r-BW*. &lfti. »iLi^i^TiD wCJiULr" (BcB 
EkkfTiUfrwVlWlFuldV/fAf □^'liK Tmm. *'"-!- |>. lAU.^ 

di»f-uBed, nnd *<o do 1 tiK> ; h? iloc^ it with a licnet 
graccp but I Ja ii oknit Dnliira]. 

hm To, y, the tKclJth day of DKemher, — 

M*" For tbfl lore o* Qod, peaos ! 

Sjiter }lAi.vauo. 

Mal. Mj rDiLal4*r4, Rrv yim iitiul? nr whol mre 
jmi? Hjivo ^im in) ^i[, nihTLn<jn<, iior iMniMtj, 
but ta ^bble liko liokera at this dme dI' ni^bt f 
Do >e bukc 411 oIcbouK of mj \tAy\ hounu, ihat 
^e >?qii('iLk uuL ^uur ranien' ^ caU'lus witlioul snj 
ruiELgqtimi (w ttmoiftL' of vuice T In Uicri' nu rt^jicut 
uf phco, jifiaonn, ddf time, in jdQ? 

^OL To. We did kc<ep (iLao^ bir. in oui cakha. 

Mal, %r Tiiby, I muabtirnimd vrirJi ytiiL. My 
lulj budc me leU ji>Li, th;ir, ibougb abe borbDiin 
3'oa 49 ber ki04Di4i], abo'a iutthi4|; 4llied to your 
dirumlL'ra, Tf jou cac iep&nt(e jdaradlT and jour 
lEiii^li^irtc^ruioun, ytiu nra wol«inu' to lliu biKuyi ; it 
not, an it "ould please jon to lake leave of lier, 
h\tK u viay wllfing to bid you farewelL 

Sm To, FrtrriEtft, Jeur fim/-t, unu / Rvif 


arf atwtoit 

Mil, Kay. good nir Tobj. 

Clo, ZTiff e^Ef ifu 3A0U1 ^ i^j 

MxL- le^torco bo? 
Sta To. Bui I witl nner die- 
Cut. Sir Tuby, (herr you lie. 
Mai.. Tbifl in mitob divdlt (0 yi>ii. 
Sm To, Sh*tfl I kid hijn ijo 9 
Olo. Wfiai an i/jjon do I 
SleTu. SkaU T hid him go, aaiil ti^arr mil i 

Clo. Tf^ nd, tu> nOj j/au dart w>t. 


Sm To, Out o^rune^ Eiir?' yu Lie. — Art luiy 
moro ih4n 4 dicword? IXrtt thou rhlok, bccnuflc 
diou BLt TlrtiiWa, iheto ahoU bo dd more cnko And 

Cu>. Yf», by Soiot Anne ; anil gingpr Jtha]] be 
hot rthc noulh too. 

a™ To. Tbo(j'rt I'lho liglil- — Go air. rub yout 
rhjiin nith criimhn-' A ■Loop of wiui*, Maria I 

il Fj1r«r11i dEBf hUTl, £□.] T^il> >11<l Hlf lUbi P|iiari t llBt* 

«□<■■ Hf iLr TnH' anJ Hie ria'n vc □toilLat'l HiLtlelwi of ui 
■nciinl EjjILuit, vLkIi *U] be ruDiii] In fhr llluiirjILVt I'cm muni ■ 
d(j (ln» ciiii I'll J, 

- OU p' IttDC, jJr/| Vrrr neiAlnilT cbilHlVd U " Oi]1 nt 
I'l'.'" IlLmHEcdilliiBi ^li Tnby ilcilrvpi jin ctcuva r^r |ni aLUng 
|Il« hoiJll, Uld llni'i il >□ pn'I'ildlaK Ih Iml i]«rlRd Ihru 


■ iLub ja u r rbalu vlUk numbi.1 TEld lUaird'i bvlfJciF iil1l(« 

Inrmrrly «Av J RnlJ rbitr, ani Eht ainul iqrdr dT rlv^iklnit Jtinl* 
Km Uy iLiUULnii II 'LIIl rnimbf. 9«« WabiLR*- pl^> of " Tha 

QurlMJu uf Sl^fy ." — " Vra. aniE lliv [1il)i|ilJVHi "i ■!■> Inilltr; Jf 




[Msnc ;v, 

t 4o Qot Uuak 1 bavo wit cnoagh to [ic 

B »j bvi : I knoif I can ilu iL 

I. Fonesa usi pnocidB m ; tell ub wme- 


Mvry, NT, Bomi^uiTicA ba ia a kind of 

n. O, if T thoa^Ut (bjit, I'd beiU him 

I. What, for bemc; k puHlaii ? thj ex- 
tuDB, linr knigLi f 

|nf. T 1»T» no ?i(}uidirc rciuoa fi>r% buL 
Had gmil ciunigh- 

Tha dcTil A puriLmD that Kb is, or anj 
duitlj, bill a Eiiiio-[ilrii«uri dd BlTivtiitiuxl' 
inn alula witbipiil bunk, uid ntlijra it hy 
irdiB :' the heat pcmjodpj of hiirifelf. w 
II he thiiiltt, *rith ciceUEDciea, thaL i( 
id of f&iLli, dial a]|, ihitt ]i»itk on him, 
kod on ihbt vire in bid nill nijr rcvcu^ 

V^iMXwih tk>tido? 
vO] 3top ui hia wty uma olHWura 
lore; wht^rein, bj the colour cf bia 
I jltf jM^ fif Kifl ]fix, the monui^rof hEflUpiiT, 
of bii eje, furelieui, and COQI- 
thaXl fitkl liiniM^Ef iti4Ht rui.'|jiijr|j fiui'- 
can wiite tcj^ like m^ IjuIt, juur 
IbrgoCun mathir we uut hanU; moko 
ipf NT hmidfl. 
EicdlcTit ! I htnell a iJeTiLe. 

I lure't JQ toy hvk buir 
3m iliill Uunk b^ihe lottcn ihatthun 
[Oat iJie^ oonie litqn mj niece, buJ tlut 
virh biin ? 
Ij popoae it, iuduvd, a horse oF thai 

Ami your hoiM non would JDuke him 

Ah, I dinibt noL 

», Ot 'twiU bt] iMlniLrftbl?. 

flport rojat) I n'jUianL juic : I knon inj 

I vork wilb bun, I "ill pliuit jou Ivo, 

Mlml taake & tliiril, whETD h^^ nhH3l dnil 

\i obKrTi> bjs ccmrjccioh of it, Fur 

^ En hijAj Olid dmuu i;iii iho Dvoiit, Farc- 

L (lood night, Pea[hQ>nIqt. 

lb- Before mo, ihc'a a ^ood wench. 

b Slices A bcaglo, tnn?-bri'd, a^hI oiie 

l^mG: vrhAEo'tliaT? 

bk I vna hlorcil eacc frui. 

I. LcI'b to bo'l, knipht. — Thou badat 

I for LDore moncj. 

-] TfaX li, mf'tlfi. 

p.) A fv^M 1« n pMlnnl in mmn m muclj rani 
'(tail ilnii ■! i^ka iH««ii iiC Ikii If?! Ik. 

.] CWJJ mi rml If A pbm* U4 Ull&t^llf Dl Id Dur 

kll4*Ji1iFHUd«rr ">t«iiM:"— 
'IfOaiKH liiDI OVt Utr HU If f 

Sm Arfir, If [ canncrt tvfovtr jour n'Lact, 1 aiii 
L foul way out, 

Sia To. Bi^d for luouej, kuj^jht ; if ihou but 
Jior nut i'tlit itnd, mil mo cut-* 

Sm A?<u. If I do nut, ^lict tniM me, uke it 
bow jfou wilL 

Bpt To- Cumo, cumu; 111 go hum boeuo rack, 
'Lis Uia law to go to bod now: couit, knij^bt; 
come, knight, [£Awif. 

SCENE XV.— A Jfoom in tU Duka** Fidae% 
Enttr Dtteb, Ykla, Oubio, and fitAei-t- 

DtijQ. Giyfi me Hmie niuaic- — Now, good mor- 
ror, ftumdq : — 
Now, good Cusario, but that piorc uf snng, 
Thar old and aiitii|ui> ftong wo hcird inM nif bt ; 
Melhauglit it did i'elii>ve mj fiodBiou mut^h, 
Murv Uiflh li^lit aim, ami i-ecj>lltvt4^] It-rmn 
Oftbfse iiioBt hiihk and giddj-paotd i!ides: — - 
Come, but one totm- 

Cc^ He IB pot hercp aa picaw juitr lordabip, 
that F.bL)uld »iiig It- 

DuKB. Who wad it? 

Oiii. F»t<?, the jater, mj lord: « foct that 
ibe lady Olivia's faLbn- took much dotight in ; be 
lA aliDut L^iu bout.bd 

I>irK£. Soek him oal: — and j^lay tha liuio llie 
while. [-Sjii Ccafo. — J/ww, 

Come hilLer, hoy ; if ever IJiOLi abiJt loves. 
In (ho 6"f*t pfuigs nf 'tr rcDicmhur idbi 
Fur siii^b aB 1 am, &II tnn? Iovi-'It are, — 
Unotaid ilhU tildtdah iu all motLoikB else, 
SaiD, m tbk^ cuQEilaTit image oflhc CTtiaturo 
'Ibtt in belov'd,— How doat Uiqu Lho thia tUno? 

ViD- It giv« a verj eoho to t^ seat 
Where Love li thteo'd. 

Dm, Thuu drut Epcak maalvrlj; 

My lifu upon ^t, young though Utuu art, diiimiije 
Hach Rtfljd upon Fiomc favour ^ that it lores ; — ■ 
HaEh it not, boj 7 

"ViD^ A lilJe, bj jonr faveur- 

Dun. What kind of wninan ifl't? 

Vin, Of jour compli^iion. 

DcBB. She ia oot worlb thee, then. What 
yoare, I'Mthf 

Vn>. AJtout your yonra, toy lord. 

I>irEB. Too did, bj boaTcn: let attU Hie woman 
An older than ht-irclf ; aa woun abo to him, 

C:«;jiiMCBL«bDiiniAiiHlaiL ramnDlhflr IaF'" 
(( ipfHH Id Ek «Tiii>nyniiai wltu Ott "uU wm lurrw" of 
FiU>[jir, th3, Ukloae HUfgnU, ■«■ ^kablj on >b|inriiLatLii|i nf 

' FiVipf— 1 CiTH^fvtmim. In hrr npEi, VLoJi nnpliqi ibm 


liV* 11.^ 


[aL'E» IT. 

Bo awHjB ibs levtl in Iift but^lfLmdV U«rt : 
for, boy, bowi«vt>r wu ilo ]>raiHD ouni^lvca. 
Oar fimcie?^ Btv lu^nv ^iJdv uirl uufiiin, 
Mmo lofiginp, watering, BDoocr Lust and *om,' 
Than WDintD'a are. 

ViD. I thmb il wi'Q, mj lord. 

DiTEB. Then let tliy lore Ijo ymiaeN tlnn 

Or thy ftfll-clicn cjuinol bold tL? heat: 
Kv vumca ure ad lUMn, whine fiur fluHCT, 
Being unpo diAplo_v"d, iloUi Tall ihot wry hour- 

Vm. And Bu ihrj oiv : tbt^ptbHt ihi-y otdh ^ — 
To die, even when they to porfbclieii grow 1 

Jiff-ffl(er Cbhio a/id Clown. 

l>trffB, O fbllow, cmce. Lhe Bong we h&d tut 
Muliit, Cpsotid; it is eiIJ nnd plnin: 
The sfiinBi«n imil ibc kfnttcr*i iii the sun. 
And the (pfie nujdB ibai weave iLeir tlirood with 

Do umi fo ohoat it ; It la ftill; dcntlh, 
And JjUIIcb with the miioccnce nf lore, 
like iha old o^. 

CihO, Aru jiHi roAdyT air ? 

Dvai, Aj ; pr'yihcc, stag- [Afanc. 


Cld. Ce>ntf omry, Arnv auajr, dtathf 
A ti'f in vtil cyprrte Ut riu be (aid ; 

Ffy" Tiaiy.Jly* hrtath ; 
I am aiiia by a fitir Cmtl ma^d^ 

ifif »!irt,itd of'vhii-; tfricl v!t milh yeta, 

0, prtfutit it ! 
Hi/ part i'f death, no one » irfit 
Ihdthfire if, 

I^fit aJtoKer,noi ajtatarr tuvBt, 
On mjf Uacic m^n lit then be Otovm ; 

-Voi a/rif.itfi, mtt njrrend ^rwt 
Afjf fnnr oorpa, wkrre ttii/ b"ii'-i <AhiU bt thix/mk : 
A ihaiuand ffnnuai\d n'l/iu to hm; 

Jai}/ me, 0, vhfie 
Snd true lover lu'erjind viif graxt. 
To »crp there ! (8) 

DnKB. TTiotu'B fijt ilij piunfi. 

Clo. Ni> poiuH, sir ; 1 take [ileaaiin^ in ain^ng, 

DtiEiL I 'U p&y rliy (iIl-dbuit! then. 
Clo. Tndjp &ir, oiid jileuure nill be patil, one 
rime nr unothor. 


DcKK, Girv m? tiok leave to lenvcr thee. 

^hsi. KoH\ ibe iDtlaadioij- i^ pruL-.vL thee; 
and Fbo liiilrpr mnke Lbv dmihlel r>f ebrmp^l^ 
tikffet&,f'*rilij njiad !■. 4 *t4^ apd ! " — I i^imldluvt 
men of aucb ausiuiry puE to tea. ibjLt tbrir bui' 
□evti mi^bt be evtiTjlhiug. and tbeb- inleut evnj- 
vlwETi; for thoL^E ic thai cd"^ja iDikH u gini 
voyagB pf iirriiing. — FarewpJI, [£ri( Ckwn, 

Dun. Let nil the re*t girp p1iic«, — 

\Es€^ni Cuuo irmi AtlfBdmLiL 
Onep muru, Cceiru, 
OeE ihpe m yond um? Wffoign eruclly: 
Tell ber, idt love, more nobte Lhao the world, 
Fruee not qniuiUEy of dirty lAiida ; 
The parta thai fortune hiuh ImalDw'd opon luT- 
Ti<U liOT. I Lu>lii &!» giddQr u foirlane ; 
But 'iA-A thmt minkele nud qiiHQ of gonUp 
That DAiur? ^ruikt ht<r iu. CLtLnpU mj boqI. 

Vld. But if Bbc ramiiiFt luve j'uu^ ^t f 

DrxR. 1* BonnocLu ao aiu^wi-rM^ 

Vco. Sooth, haf jm miij, 

Sny iKut Htoe Lfidy, u, petbapB, duutr b, 
Hath for jdut love as, great a fMinff of hnrt 
A» yoo hbTO for Olivin : ytm eannDt FoTa b?r: 
Yon tell her bo; mufit she not, ibpn, be hwitT 

]>nEE. There u do wmnaii'A Bid«, 
C»n hilo thfi liofl,1jng uf to filjvni,' n |Mtr^ii'ri 
As lotodolb Give my buul : or) voEnonV ^mn 
So big, (o hold m> much ^ iln'y lack iHenllin. 
Ald. Ib^ lore may be cikU'd ajtpirtiie, — 
Ko mnliori of tbp liwr, but thi' paljiEe, — 
That Boffer ^urfeir, dnvraent, miij n^rolt ; 
ULit muio u all B9 buo^ ta die a<-a, 
And ean dlgeai as njuelt : mnko no coinpaiQ 
Bctwen that love u wainitn can bear mei 
And Uiot 1 owe Olrria- 

Vio. Aj, liut I known— 

Dme. What doM thou know 1 

Tio. Tod irell what kivii whiilqii to bvp uia^ 
In Jaith, lh«y ore as true of heui a« vb^ 
My faElieT hod a daughCer IotM n man, 
A» rt mijrlit bo, jHThiipa, were I 4 'vomtui, 
I BhoLiZd yLMir lordaibi]], 

Duia. And vhac '« her hslory* 

Vto. A blank, mj Eunl, Sjio never tutJ 
DuL let eonciiBiiiLuiit, like a worm T the bud. 
Feed oti ber dauuub cbcok ; the pinM in tbiiugbi « 
And, with a ftTH.'n and yi^jow nielanthaly, ^k 

Sbe tat like PrLfLuiiei' ait rL Dlirnnmcnt. ^ 

Smiling nt ^L'f Won not Ihia loic indeed? 
We men may Miv nion?, awear more, ijut, iittkf -il, 
Our ihowB KTB mure Elum will \ for cttill we prove 

!■) CHdtrkl.riL 


tiff mimd U m r-rt upal H T7i« •«( lifinv ■ i 
■ell* diBiHil liBbU Lb vbke 

] Lici lonjdjng I 

bkU U l> rtS' 













r, -A ---.^iii 


- ^ 


^^^^-^^^^_ <X^_ 

Jia^baqr rtfwt. but littlo Ld our lo^, 
i'nL But <licd tlij Hisu^r oF hiT Idvo, mj bay ° 
W [ Hb ill the ^itghtoH uf luj l^tir'a 

lidillUK brotb«n (ou; — uiJ^-t Ikuotf not: — 
fr-iUl I (o thii tod; V 

link Aj^ tlut'fi tha ihcme. 

"brm bHlc! gm? hi'i t)iirt juweJ ; eay, 
Hj^^podi giTB nn pluv, bide no tiaiaj. 

SCENE V-— Olina't OarJn. 
fate 5ir TonT Bei.cii. Sir Asmmw Auuk- 


P«^ N»_y, m c<inw; if I Iik a h^ruple of Eliu 

"^ *hlfB til hifeit cf Ib^ nmlfm ^jTHI^it' It fluntril inin 
?^*** ripllli'lrff Uh n4UI griU JIv Ll|« ir.Jr/> ../ /-dVii, 

^ ■ Ui l«dk||p (pv, " qtw av^ lottiu ■rrporlf pvnniiim 

Sia To. WmJilbt ibcHi nol be glnd tu b&Fe tba 
niHifju'Lllj iaocaII^ jiJk^(Kh[rf<r cooio Tij some TioiaWe 

Fab, I wqu]i] e^ult, uuiii : TuukiiiiH',bebiuugbt 
rne nut o' bvoiir i'i[b luy Lui^, obout a Inur- 
boiting berc. 

Sm To, To An^r bun, *e']] bave tbe Loor 
ngain; and we will fiiol liim blact anJ LTuo: — 
sboll ku not, pir Andivw? 

Sm Ax[>. An we do notn \i ii pltj of cnir lit«. 

Sia To. IIgtc coicli tbo ElUIo AiiriuriF 

£fi/i^ Mama, 

How now, mj mjltle' of InJiA? 

hTAa. OcL ye nil Llovc iiibj iLu huji-ti-co : Mol- 
volfftV [^iriiiifj; ilo»[i ibii wjilh ; lie bns bcpn y<jn4]Er 
i"tho HUN, pmiiiiin^ bohnviiurr tolih ciwn ahrulciw 
ibiii bnJf bOTir : obncrvc hirDn fot ilia loro <•£ 
modiiTv 1 fuT T Jirnjrt Ibij tUcr will Quikt? a 

qofmltrii #i'4lJii, nnir Tuimpii llr*lrir fK vhII E<. "— P ■ 411 ■ i *, 
Ilitl. Jmli\el Hm, p Dtt>. Thli |]J>rL ii llkrk^M' mritllitned In 
Qtttiif'T" r>fd ut P**«|ii,' (4CIB ;—'■ tltrjTH^pn rrf /■Jia, oloiflai 
td h« itfcD, bul Tbaa iRitllMli bi U frElrDl ridinl ■rtArtr" 


.4 -fTT kU 

tmJa widi iB AOfiMc regird of 
r>, Aiki «n 3K T-iliT lake pa ■ U«f 

^nIl^. ■;■«»* rflf,jtj-jVfBiiaAffiw? 
-m ^ir iitf^ Jin m £Au prfrogatof ^ 

"^a It. Inr. tab! 

- .B- 3*r- iwiPTitfe , ijf ve bmk the uqfwi i/ 

-.^ir. -'^K*. -131. "HK» J3I- 

t .- - ^-.t* t ^npid -IT-- "3B JILT -r -^t 

I^O^BUA Eb^ -UK. 

^:r " . - IT ^ -WEB:— .irV- " 5 at 3= 3 


y^i. ,\ ta^t^ -^M-tx *!«.'? 1"""- 1"* 

Xx. >*'.U Ji II'- H-'Vn.; ■■ta u 'if::eqr 

-HniLk-n.'V. I'lhi U* &'' TaCfU. T liu" I'lH ?JID>a 
V in.. 


A *'>»1-' 

T'l' ■■[^-^■'n 

jdiiTLl'.-' -I] 

^n^Ivrnoi Ikhtv we here ? ' 

'ToUhj up fA? ^awr. 
. Kiv !■ ^ —itihTrt ^sr i1k gin. 
r>. O. viv: «kl lb niiit </ Lsmnn 

Lit- 3r V- iUb. rb k ■; kJjr^ bazid : tbne 
' as -vr '.""fc. hx rV «d her T'l : ud llns 
■•B* ^ ;«r fr^ ^L Ii ik in cniitBniA a£ 

3n 13& ^9 '_"*. hs- r> aad Ikt r^: why 

Xfcii- ~2>Ba.; Pj Ei* ■«!»* CirAwi, Aid, 
■J iir JHC ■■ !■ ,- hrr avry phrura]— B^ 
^ w> — Sift !— ind tie unpraBare hex~ 
^dh ^tiA At B» to hbI; 'tii u^ 

^ J. ^"^m «^ Unu H*^ ukd aD, 

S'l man muti kncit. 

y-' Turn mur i*im. — m>i talLiir^ ? die Dumber-"^ 
hriHfH —yi «(V shC incw .' — if Uiifl Bbonld W ■* 

^ t N )LiE-7. hug i^F, bnwk ! 

.~ mrv 7jm^mJ wktrw I adorf^- 
B/u jbAA« iiir 9 Lmma' tui/e, 

^■di ii'Kdltm itr-ike my j&«art doth j/ort ; 
U, 0, A. 1. 1^£4 «Hy my liji^ 

Sq To. EiL'ellMi ir«*lL a\ I. 
Mai- JT.'AJ. /jl'HAjfitmjiHyt/*,— Sa^, 
ba£ jr?t, lift loe fe«. — ^1 me He,— let me see. 

F.13- Wlui Joh of pi^4<ia faoA sbe 4re»«d hio* - 

* n;i jBV— ■ rm eww. u iDdafltCri raUpridl, Hjjhmtm^'_* 
■■if a «^.~ Jodwarnpwri '■■.ih .— m r' TrrrrilH . " *iC *^ 







ACT in. 

aoENE T,— Olivw'j Oardtn. 

'SaTt iLn, fawnd, fOal thj miiuc-: dosl 
iM^fv by ihj tabur? 

(Vi- Ma, i^ir. T iLvo liy tho cLurdi. 

Vb- An thuq » chuvhic^? 

(^. Xv flipL DiJiEtor^ flir ; 1 tlo iiva bj the 
brch. fi?r I iln live at inj housL', and mj Iiclibc 
HJ] uruui b* Um chutvh- 

Vm- So Iliiiu idajSl Bfty, ibo king Ilia bj » 
Iggsf, if b btggHT ilwtJ] n»r liim ^ ur Ehp uhureL 
bjr (bj tabor, if ibj mkir euuxl j>jr \\m 

Cu^ Vou bafe uiil, nr.-^To kc tliis bj^! — 
ilaalmcvU but «clL?v^nl /^lovu' Id a ^il viL; 
|p* qnidilT ibe Tmiiig nJdt may bu lurni^L] <]iit- 

Tp, Kit. tbat*B ivrtain ; thc;r, [bat djill^ 
inj vilh WLtnb) miij qiuDklj initkf ibnUl 
tVtOL [Qflmq, air. 

Clo I acHiliT, tbctcfrm. my uiLcr hJid bad aa 

Vra, ffbj, mn-ri 7 

Clo. Wbji nr« bcr iiAnii>'H a word j hud to 

• OiiBlJfUie— J iHiioul^))?. !hfi Vdt L 

l(«]I)' wiih thrtt word, mighf, euiiIli! mir aiater wiin- 
XiiTi-. but, ind'*e'l, wnritn fln? vtrj raBcala, Hone 
bonds di&;fnu?ed tlmca, 

Vio. 'riij trikii>n, man ? 

CLa. Troth, hrr, 1 cnn vii^d yE>u iwiiF iHcliDiil 
nord*^ mtd words Are ^Tovm so falac. 1 am lolh 

Via. I wonuDt tbou art a morry MlaWf bid 
ureal for nothing- 

OlI. Nut &U| air, I ilo cate for BomeLliiiLS : but 
In raj conseicace, bIt, F da jidL Cote li>r ymi ; if 
that be (o care ilit audilng, ^r, I woulJ it would 
nuliG jvi inriaible- 

Via, Art DLtt tbou iLu bulv Olivia'e Tuol ? 

Clo. No, mdeoil, uir-; Ihft My Uli^m ban iin 
foUj! (ba vill kocp nu fbol, air, till she Le mamcd ; 
and fuels otc d£ liki^ buiibatidd oh t''^'^^'^^^ ^^ *'<' 
borrmg-i, — the buHhundV tho bi^^'i^r : I oeq, in- 
deed, luit Iwr fiMil, bill liLT enrrapler of vordfl. 

TiD. I Ban th?e liktu At the count Onina'a, 

Clo. FooliTy, tir. dix'^ wait a1>out Lbv otb, like 
llie mn ; It nhinca QvPrjwherT, ! would bo aorry, 
HIT, hut the fool tlioiilLi bL' nn oft wi(h yuur maalcr 
m wilJi nij uudtrcK ; I diink, I anw jour viAdaiit 




Vio. Xjtjt no lltoq pHB t^« me^ I H V Dun 
vi1-l« ihv- Hold, Ibeiv'ie^miealar^b 

C^i^o.- Nov Jore, in bk BOl emnHfi^ i£ hur, 

'ViD. B; m5 (nek. lH tril tlve^^T am ohnvt 
Mck for cmi? ; ^^oBf^ I vwild Bf4 1ur« b ^to* «i 
mv chin. Ib ihj ladj vilhin ? 

~ Oi^. W«ild EriM » p^ of iliH» hifa Ind, orf 
^*^iu. YtAf ^1^ ^^f ta^ulLu* Bad pat idubs. 
Oe«. I Tould pUr Inn) Piijinn of PbrgU, 
inr, to bring 4 Crmidt la (faia IMhh 

Vio. I DnJt-nUJid ton, ur ^ *i u mjl IwyjiL 
Olo- Tbe nuiitf^, I hnpr, !■ nit gnvt, kt, 

&t^ la^ljr is viUiiD. «ir, I viD fioiBlrae (a (hom 
w^benn jOn conw ; idio jfm an. and wh*! <od 
vkould, VT oitt flf Dj r«lkia. — I mi^l •tj^ e]|i- 
nkeni, liut thi? wdtJ is Dra^wm, [£rib(. 

Vio. TbB Ti^inr'A wut (wn^ tv plij [he 
And t^ d*) tt«l w«11 cntA ■ kiDit of irit - 
He muet obBeryi^ ihiAr niaud i>n vboDi be jmtt, 
Tbe qualilj of [nt^ms, luiit ibe dniVi 
And, like the bBj::i*iud, chuck nt every fiaUifl- 
Thot coineft bpfurv Lh nji-. This is a prmrdee. 
Afl ^11 of labour at a wi4« Tnan'f Hrt t 
For follv, tlial h*? wtN-lj- 6bair«, b Gl ; 
Bui wiflu mtM,' foUv'Mua. qmio ivnl Lbdr wH. 

Enftr Sir Toar BvLca ama S^ Axnrw 

Sl& To, "RiTO JC«, gflT|il(*nML 

Vjo. AndjPu^Pir. 

Hin ATfD- J>Vfl« wnvji pardf, tufmn^vr. 

ViD. £t trtifii oiun,^ nVr^ wrnffiir. 

14m Am: 1 fai^, hTt juu w¥,w>d T Jun jimifl. 

hLi^ro ii denirouB j^u shnuld cii»r. if jmr tnio 
lio tu h«<, 

Vio. I Jim b<mnd to j»uf ni«ie,nr: T iDCm, 
hho IB the Hal of mj VEi7«g;i», 

Str Td- Tasld' }'oui' legs, tir. put rbem to 

ViD^ My |pg* do liotUr midiinitjuu] ido, sir, 
rhan I Obilui^aiA wiut ifim edwi bjr biifding me 
inife inj logs, 

&ia To. I mean, to go, sir, Lu cnlir. 
' Vio. I H'ill qnbiTLT ymi wUb giuL uid eulnnivr 
c arc prcTPDlM, 

• Tuw— ] raib«>r»HiiirniirmiidrT4iiii]iFoU«iMnii 

inWikLHkiPI ol lirDUTiMJ'i— 

'■ bm no- InpB 

T«'4iftf tbe r4«, Iba iluTT ihan iDB^ mf^' hud."— IThI 11. 


MvfiL Piitllenr iuYOinpliAh«l laJt, ibo 
rmbi trtluiin on you I 

Sir Ain>, TliaL juiiili 'a « nife cocmin' 
odtmrt! well. 

Vio, Mj TnitteT hflili no *oiep. lodr 
jour own moil preflnanl uid frfutlisAfvd'i 

Sin Ajtd. OJ'rum, prfffntnf. uul 
— I'll it« "tru til three ready.* 

Ou. Irfl ilie ^rden-donr bt *hiit, u 
DK U> mj heuinjx- 

[Exm^t Sir Toby. Sir Aypntw, ontf 
Gn? ma joiir hondt HJr, 

ViD. Slj dmj. madom, ^d mint hum 

Oli. WTi»t H jour iifiino? 

Vio. CeanriQ [■ jqut SBr*iirt'a naal 

Ou. Mj KjiTant, ait! *TwBi 
Suiw Inwly fpipiir.iy (ma «||'d Dnniplmiail 
Ynn'n- ^t^iuii io the counl Oraino. ymitii, 

Ito- And he ia youre, and btfl foiut w 
Tmir wnanf ■> aervmn* it ™ir aflrvim:. mad 

Ou^ For him. I (hinl aot od bhn : I 


Wmild they wow MaukB, ncher ihim flU'J *S 

Vio. MAdom, I conw to fli'* 

On luH beluJf i^ 

'lU" O, by j-ouT W^e, 1 jwnj || 

I bode you ii^ret aponk ajt^^ nf hifn ; 
Kut. would jDif undt-rloLe anciEhFt Buil^ 
I hod rather hfAT yun fa solidl that 
Tbw mnsie (rom the Bphera, 

Vto, Do«*1iidf.— * 

Oli. GivD mc kyivo, hewtch ton : I ^ fl 
Aftrv (lio laiit enohjuiUrirAi yeu did here. 
A HnE in ehiLW of tou ; « did I alnnD 
Myirif, nij Hrrant^ mtA, I fenr me. jaa: 
tJndrr jour hnn^ mnslnietioh ronflt I ail, 
Ta bme Uul hi ji>u, in a ahjim^ul 
Which yon know none of joura ; what mi 


Hara jQir not wt mino buiMMr al the el^v. 
And haired il with all |}ie nninimTed (bodglii 
Tliai ivntimrrua heart pui thluk ? Tn one uj 

J™ i 

Enough isphown; a cjqiRiB.^ DOt a boaoD. j 
Hidfifl ni}' heart. Sa. bl mo hev jog apol 

•) aiduit,4iirtad^ 
Hut flU TabruH U ai Ih dvai wjiWir Ifa Jw—, t^ 

k Cypriu, — I f^rt-u. IB lintt. ««■ i (fain 
i^Ov la thai HbH' CBiM rvp^t 



i ^tj jon- 

■^i'b jl degrw to lo-e. 
^a, (HH ft giise I ' fitf 't in a tulgu proof, 
■ oft WB pi^ awmies. [a^nia, 

phj, thcot methioliht 'tis Time (d emili.^ 
how ipt Lhe poor Are Id be pTaml ! 
(] tw A piej* bow muck llip bvLler 
Eha Um (Imn Eho Hitlf I [C^urjf ■frijl^'i. 

uphrhrda mo wlUi dn^ wmt' of liiuo.. — 

id, g^>ai! jrmth, 1 will aot tLtve ^oii: 
■faeu wit ULil joulh ia cujiib W liarrat, 

^Eke to reap ■ [inipor duui : 

yooT w&y, dLio «?«L 

TliM w**iw»Td-ho I— (^J 

good ditpoaldou 'Leud ^our loitjoLip I 
Hbmg. miMirvdi^ Ea mj lonl bj ruo? 

^ toll me what ll;oii tbiuk'flt of me. 

rbal jOEidnEliiuk voLiarenirL^liaT^^uuare. 

[f I Lhiak ill, I IhiLik lli<t rianiP nf yi'Li. 

pbtn thint jtm righf : I qtti nut wlmi T nm. 

I fijulJ jau wi?rt iii t Hi'ilIiI libvc you in.-'. 
bulJ il Ik; Uilttr, iikDiInu], i)idu i Ud? 
ighli for now I aiH ^ujdr finil, 
*k:^,J O, wbat ji diioL uF gvucu Jooka 

fm|iL jkuJ Mt^F of his lip I 
ioofy giilK ^fuiwn r^nl ilroilf pinra Huoib 
kthuL miiildsLHinibiil : lihve'n nighl bBnDon. 
pj iho trea of ihe spring, 
boinl, htmnLir. iruLh, iid i^vcty Uting, 
At fiD, iLdC oiutigrL' all tlij ptiJo, 
Ijnrv n'lLEiin, v&n my pa^ion hide, 
(Uiqt rby reai-jnE^ frmQ ihii cJnuH', 

twfOt t}ii'ii rliL^vfoEv liut nr» cnusc^ 
, n?Uun iLiw hUIi rL'U^dn ft'titr, — 
[F v p?od, but gif tn unsoii^LiLi is battvT. 
J inDocence I BirtAT, ood by mjr yitulh, 
■ bcjutf "1" Wsonti &nd oim Iruib, — 
DD woman bas^ nor nr?i'r dddu 
ttm bo of it, HBvc I aJonc. 
Ken. gbod mndoin ; otiv&r taore 
maker's »*«■ I* jou deplow, 
el Dome ngaio : for ihoD poifafipe, 
Biitj'at ninvp 
wbicb noif albert, tQ Elke bii InvR- 

pTE IT' — <1 /fonm in On¥iii'« I/iiiv^ 

No, fklth, I'JI Dot itny a jot loojfer, 
h Hi; muoo. dear veuoiu, gi ^'^ ibj ruuon. 

|A«%. Tbof (ll"[MlHll«»-l>lT,fc. I^ 


Fad, You mii»t need* jirid jour mHvit Sir 

SiH AxD- Mnm, I pivw your uiwie do more 
(aviiurb to Lbe CDUJiL'h Bcrting-mao, LIlbd ever aHo 
be^roo-ed upfin me : 1 ftii,n 'I. i' liie pi^ord, 

SraTo, UidflbesMthefli'TJiewbile, old boj? 
tell me iLftt. 

Sia Ajnt. Afl pluia ob T ico }ou nan. 

Fak. Tbji WHS A gri?iLt argon^eijl of lov^ in h4.'r 
lowjud JCIL- 

t^iiL And. ^Slight! nill jou miike im bhi o' mo? 

Fae- 1 'fill pm\o it iLtgiciaiate, ^r, upon tho 
OBlUa af jjdgmcitc uid reikson- 

Sm To, And ihej ba*e bwu gnmd-jurjTiieii, 
i^incv IhcfaiQ NoaL woh a Bailor. 

Fab. Sbo did Bhir<v FiLvout U> ihE* >'oiith in jooi 
BJghEp onl_Y to ciBsperaLe vou, 1o ewoke jQiir doT- 
muuHfl Tolour, lo put tii« Li^ jour bwt, and 
hdiTu4oi]i^ in your liver-. Ymi abould tljen bovii 
ueoflliMJ ]ki : ami Hilh flomo fiwlU'at j^iil^i, fire- 
new from rbe mliit, jdu ^liDnld bn*'p Imngfi] Uid 
yuWh into duDiE>i;ou. TbiB won ioeked fiJt at 
your liaiid, und ibla wua balked : tlw double f;ilt 
of thiki upjiortunilj juu lol tiuiu ^o^h ofl', luiJ you 
are now BJidcil inLoihe norlli of mjlody'^ opiiiiun ; 
wherti jnunill bait^ liko an icicle un l Duiduuui'fl 
booi^, nnleif ynu do mlpem it by hhiib londiblfl 
atr*>iii|itj oilbtr ol valour or polit^j- 

Sin And, And ^t be nny vay. it mual be wifh 
viJour: for poliey I liilui 1 lind hh Uef be h 
Ttrowni^Lf^) tir, a |Hi[iljL'taa' 

Sitt To, Why lUen, biilTil me iby fbrlcD^fl upoii 
(lis bDRL>i af vnlour. Cbnllcnge mo lbe couDt's 
jmilb lo -ii^bl wilb bitii 1 bnif, Tiini ih elevfii places ; 
mj Dieco aball inko uqid af it; uud oAKiin tJijBelf, 
TliwTj IB to lo*e-hroln?r in ilie world can wioro 
prevail in hiiul'h eummeiidjiliaa wiLb woman, llua 
leport cif valeur. 

Fab. Tbete ia di> way but ibia, ru" Andi'ew. 

Sia Atid. ^'ill uitlier of yuu biiir me a clinl- 
If n^ ■□ him ? 

^in To. GfT, wril« il in a imirlial bud; be 
om«L' bthI brief 1 il« no mailer huw mil j, « il bo 
eloqaenl nnd full of inveiitiiiD ; tnaiiL him irilh Lbs 
licence of ink : if ihou fijut'jfL*? him some thrice, 
il aboil not bo oimH ; end u maDj lies oa will lie 
in iby alii^-L of paper, alrbou^li [hi- I'lieet wi're big 
eniJLigb fitr lbe bed of \^'JLn- in Liii^bind, tiet 'em 
rlnwn ■ go. nbuub \l. Jjei thcrv hn jpiU enough m 
Iby mt, though thou write, with a gooae-pen, do 
mctlE'r; nloot 'ri- 

3iR Anu. ^Iiere nbrJI 1 Bud you 7 

Sia To. We'll mlJ thee at lbe ciif-iailo .- ' go. 
[.fc'jif -!i'i> Akpbkw. 

FaPf Thifl ia a dear numnkiii to ynu, bit Toby. 

D Th» rulllCiiln J V e thruUl mirlj nmj - Ikf rikblnulB,' 

*PT IIl] 


[■=lliT riL 

SiFi To. 1 ]iJiv0 been dew to blin, lad, — Bomo 

Fad. Wa phull have h nxr? letter from bim ! 
but yQu'l] oTii didiver it. 

SiLi To. Kovor iniBl mo then ; nrnl by oil 
mcuu Atir on the ^outh li* dji luiBHcr. I lluuk 
axea ami wainropen ennuoi: hale Thcra UigcchiT, 
For Anilrcif, if ba wdih opeanlf cld(1 jod litid flo 
Tduch bluoi] ill bie livor an ^Ul clog tho fuut of ^ 
Ilea, rU eal iha rc?L uf [lia uiialomj. 

Fab- And bin oppwTp,' tSr Toulh, bem in hin 
Tuigo Hi great prcso^ cf ciutllj. 

Sm To, Louk whi.'ro ibo joafigfqt wren of 
nine* wmrs. 

Enter MdUA. 

tiAJt- If jou dnire ihe ^Ii^fh. ind inEl laojfh 
jtMndi'm iblo fltitchiH, fulli?" me. Yond gull, 
BIaIvoIiOi IE lotDiiil liualliun, a vtTj roimpjulo ; IiT 
iheru » ni> CbmlJaJi, tint rui/jnw To lie novcd Ijj 
bfllierln^ Hghilj, Paa P^Qr liolk've eiicb iia]}OBsib]Q 
pUfiOgtb uF gtOBbuerlB. He '9 ilJ JtfUo'* HLOLltlOgB ! 

S™ To. And cTDnfi gflrtcTpd ? 

A£ar. Moat 'UkLaumlT^ lilt*! a podont tb^t 
kwpn aBcbirol i'tbe ehurch.* — Ihave dogged him, 
like luB murdtffer. Sa dooa obuy ^v^^j [lolul uf 
tbe loiter ibal T drcpjie'il lo bt'lmj him ; ho ilob'ri 
Bmilc bi9 fib^o 111(0 luore Wna l]>iiu pte in (he Uf'w 
mpp, nitb tbo QugiiieDlaLion of tbe lodiea ; i^i you 
liAVO DiiL BUD fiut'li Ik thidg oa ^lia ; 1 am hiknllj 
forbear burliDg tbingH at Liiu. I know my \ai\y 
nill ^Eriko him ; if aba do, bc^U imiti?, and tiki^'t 
for a gteat favout- 

Sm To. Comn, bring us, bring iig whi*rQ be \n. 

SCENE lir.—- < Strrft. 
Enfrf SflDABiiAfi and AtmyKio. 
SsB. I woiilil not. by mj willf tnre trouMed 

B«1t ainiru jon moko jour pkuum of your piLdBt 
1 will DO funJicr rhidc ^ou. 

A^. 1 fciiUd not jitfty ticbind ytHi 1 my dt;ifiro, 
Hon nhurp than tiloi] aTed, did spur mo forth ; 
And bol all loro to Boe jou, (ihouj^h so mui^b, 
Ab miglit hife drann nou Lo b InngiT vnyni^ig,) 
Bqt jcalouBj wlipd nii[jlit ln-ruM vimi' Lravil, 
£?iiig skillisis in tiw^n jtart^ : wbicb tn a fltTBogeTj 
Unguidi^dr *nd imiVicniiedH often rroiro 
fiou^b and LmboBpilablo ; my wjllitig bim, 

■1 l.'t' • f^^nl tin tiefto fCibtwimli » flh Li»l 1 Tliii iBiuRfl 
miiT't^'P rDHilpjtbLflr ■DdiLrr Ul "L-ivf'i LaliDur'k E-nL." Acl V. 

Se. I — "Dd V4U bOL olUBaLu XbDeH dI IIic f^af^hilllC nn Eh( 

Lop «r OiH hill r " wimt ckvifr I* mofi pmiuiiir a miiiiTibi hn 


Tho rather by iJicne or^umontd of fear, 
SoE r<trlb in ynur pimuiE^ 

I^EB. My kibd ADUmo, 

J Can nn otbor onawer mokn, but rliorikat 
AndlluinkH, and over (liAnIm; And <dt good 
Arc dbutHal uff niih Kui?b unrqm-iiL p4j: 
But. were mj wonh. oji ia my [aDsi:icDr«. fim, 
Yini nbauld £ud b-ittcr dooltn^' XVItnt's (a do? 
S]ia}l no ^ boo Lite ro[iqai]« 1^ LbLs toim T 

Airr. To-mOTTOw, air; betit Anl go «m 

S^B. 1 jun not weary. Olid 'tis toog to dIj^: 
I pray jno let w naliatj Our eyea 
With tlic- ni4?njD]iaJji and the thin^ of foiDV. 
ITuit da Tenomi dua aty, 

AsT^ Wonld jon'd pAi^onnc; 

T do not wltbour dani^t^r nvlk iheac bItuiu ; 
OncQ, in a ttrn-li^hl, '^'flinni iha eoutit bu gil 
T <liri juime venire ; of aueb note, indeed. 
ThiLt, Wi?ro I Ta'en hi>re, It would HarfV be anawi 

fiEn. Bt.'likc_vi>o9lif«grei^l nuTnbcroftiipml 

Ant. I^hc Liffcnue irt ibol of 0ucfa il bloody I 
Albeit Ehe mirjlicy of tfau time nod quureL 
Might well navo gi'r&a m Llo^hlf argumml. 
Ir Ent,|;bt bavu einoe been Jinsvi'r'd In reponiir 
Wba^ nc i»ok LViiin ib^oi ; Hlii^'Ii, fcr tr^Srr'ii 
M4>!it of onr cily diil : onCr myKlf flood ddE; 
Fur wUidi, if i be lapsed in [Iub plow, 
I tholJ pay doBT. 

SzB. Do not, tben. wdk too 

Aht. 1e dotb DOE Gi ma. Knid. $ir, boe^'i 
Tn Ibo vtiilh fltibitrbq, at the EFepbanI, 
Ib bci't to lod^ : 1 will bapeok our diet. 
VS'hiloa JDU be,^ne the (udq anil fwd jottr 
With flowing of ibo town i there BJudlymibtTQj 

3e», Wlij I jour pursp? 

Ar«T. UiLf lyyanr eye ihall li^ht upon ^gn 
You have de^rv la parcha-Ho ; and ynur i^ntn, 
1 think, in not for idlo tnukotri* air. 

Smh. ni bejourpuiM bearer^md lp*TFfm1 
an bonr, 

AiJT. Tulho ElephanT.— 

Sed. I dn remefflbtf. 


SCENE TV.— OliviD.'! Otmfm. 

Bnler Ouvia and W-^k ThI. 

Ou. [AaiJc^] I bare tent olW lum; be hj 
bo'U camt- ; — 
How fibDll I fcrutbim? vhat btqtowor'liiinT 

« And ThiDki, ird b*h i1uilk> i kid afl t^i lOni-] 
In IJiaolir (opF Eltli iIbeiiIi.^ 

"Anil EIuuLh: anJ itproTE Rmd ramnH"!?. 
riiD n|M-[li|j|i] >u AuiqjcilH Dy Ttvobili]- 

' ifahji Aftr.Hi ur it-^rf'] Thai Li, «■ b.m. EVrHii>ib 

II.-'Hh* ^^' 


[BiNJItl IV. 

I ie bought EDDra oft than Ltigg'd or 
■DnQH d, 

a load- 

|LiJtoIJi>? — he ii wul ond e'lvU,' 

vcU fur a iKiTDiiI nillk edj fottutica : — 

tblTdlio? [lEJLDncr. 

b^qfcmiDg.mruIun: but in vorj utiuigc 

ipOHdBrd, modani, 

|£j, wIue'h die biatler? do« he nva? 

9a, nuklam, ho iliwa Dudiiiig Lut ioulu : 

tjp in^je Wt U liavu aoidi- j^rd nbout 

Idoou; for, iotc, Ulq man U tEunti.'d in 


f cull him Udier. [£cii Ka&ia.] I^m 

^ mud Ba bu. 

I rnerrj iaru!D«a equal be. — 

emtar Habja, wUh Maxfouq- 


iVDt!Bdj,lu>,bo. [Smila fanlOMticallff. 
biHl Cbaii? 

ftcf cpoiL a Bod DOc&uEni, 

kd, Jtidjr? 1 ?<puld be Mid: lliln Aifi* 

Qbslrut:Li4^ix in tUe blmil, tlija ircifa- 

bul what vf ibni? if il pleua the tjc 

with mo aa llie vtiy tnia Honet is, 

Lj, bow dubl ibou, mui? what ia tbo 

Bt blade ID mj mind, Iboui^Ii yellow m 
I did como to fib hond^, and cuimDDiidd 
1 Ehink ffv du kiuw tho ewcitt 

milliDU gii tobed, MaItoIJo? 

P bod I ay, Bwuut-hoart j and I'll vama 

U comfort thcc I ^lij drat tfaoa mdUo 
thj hand po uft ? 
w do ;|ou» MoIvoliD 7 
jour icqmat I Yo9 ■ ni^btingalcs 

«pp«u jmi wllh (bis tidiculuua 
mj lodj ? 
no' q/^wi ^ fratnaa : — 'Ivu ivtlJ 

BiQdHdt than bj that, MalvoLio 7 
an f/om gtdiU, — 

a^uK gtrntnea, — 
BAjeet thoD? 

ntton Uxc! 

rtnll^] Inirf[ifrl«il U liripnn iPlHuin uirl pn», 
'■wMk^r' CJ«<J IkMrnr rar« Ai*r, hW, AiIJet', ■t 
F, ■«LI' Tku Id "TTid aeaiunn L«4T' HE Ur&u- 

iFn ■daiiAaiDb vlU bUn " 

ntociiiii'^ ,■ — 

Oli. Thy^ydlowilockingfll 

Mfci.. Ajiii uighfd to see fhec rron-gartered. 

Mal. Go to, (Afm (7** jw^ i/ tkim dmrett fjt 
be BAi — 

Oli. Am I made ? 

Mal. /^ not, he me tee thee a KfVUfit atiif- 

Oli, Whj, this la tqtj mldflumiaor mndncBS' 

£ntrr Sorvnnt, 

Sbh. MjiduUt the jomifi gentlminn of the 
onaitL Oninis's ie TdCnmcd : I conlJ hni^ly 
entrpjit him hack: ha attcndn your Iftdjr^lil^i^a 

Oli, I*J1 como (o hinir [^j*jf Sc^vont-] Good 
Murii, ]?i this fi'llow b& looted (o, MTiort^a oij 
crujiiin Tobj ? Lvt aotnt of tiij pi'OpIp havrt a 
pnpciflj care of him i I would uol hiLVL' liim mib- 
cvry for the bnlf of my ilowrj. 

[^KftifJ Olivt* tfnd Mj-Uta- 

^(AJ.. Oh^ bo ] dn jDn come ntJir me now ? no 
woiSB mfin UiQc air Totij lo loot to ll^o? Thin 
toncors dinwdy with tb<^ letter: she iemh him on 
purpoae, ihat 1 maj appe&r e.Lubburji to him ; lor 
nhc* indtw mo to that jn iho latter. Ciut tAjf 
hwji^Ae ^tutjh, cajft she ; — hi- oppoiUt mit/i a 
iiniman. inriy toith Mrvanti,— let tLy fondue 
tariff* vriih arpuaeiUi nf ttate.^put Ik^K^ inUi 
the trick of sin^iarity /—and, ooiiaequoilEy, fic<A 
doATi llio mooner bow ; lu, a md fiijc, a rcTcnnid 
earring, A eTirw toiicuo, in the Lubit of BOCuti taf 
of Tii>l0j juid *o form. I have limod ber; liut ib 
lA SosQ^ doing, ADd Jove make; mc' lliEknlEfLiI 1 
And, wben nbe wtnt awiy nnw, ^ (Aj* /f.ttme in 
fiv^Lf^ ta : ffliov I not MalroliDf nor after mj 
dpgrto, bulf j'eUira. Why, cvprylbJifg mlbcrcs 
tofltther ; tJint no drani of n acnipli-, no wrupUi 
Qf a scruple, DO obatocl^, bo Lb^ri'ddoiift or uq>^ 
cin]iiniataiico, — "Wlmi con bn Mud ? Nodiinf^, that 
cnn "bo. Can I'oiDO iDt^oeu mo and Ibo full pnu- 
pect of my b"poH. Wdl, .Torp, not I, U tlie dowf 
of tUa, and he ia to be thabked. 

Re-erder Mabia, uiVA ^d- Tout Eelch dik^ 

Sm To. Whiph war ib bp, b tbc name oF 
aancticj? If nil tho dr^ls iu htll be drawn in 
little, and Legion bim^olf po^fOSBcd bun, jet III 
speak (0 hlm- 

nkd, ■'Uf jifIIei' tiDctlnfi I " I uwf OIItIh Iiu noldfA LbillbL- 

H 3 

Pab. Hvre he in, livns }]e u-— IToir ia't wHh 
jM, flir ? hcii* ifl't wilJk ^cm. niiLii ? 

Mal- G^ off; I diacinl yi>ii ^ JL't ma pnjoy mj 
prik'ete 1 ^ off. 

Mail Ltp, Iiuw hnlbw iho fii^id npojiip nilbiD 
hidi : -Jkl niit I tell ^ti? — Sir Tub/, mj iwij 
jinnr* ynu in bave a cats' of hitn. 

Mal, Jih., sh ] dwfl jJie Fio ? 

SiB Tb On 10, go !o t peace, pca« , n 
dpfll gonlly Willi liiiu '. Itl idci abn?. How do joiT 
Mfllvolio? ho*>!a'L wjfhjmi? Wlul, man ! MJ 
ths dovil ; FOTwiJcT, bo'H oa ciwmjr to Lioiikui^. 

M&L. Do juu know what jou my ? 

M4.n- 1^ y4>Li, nn yi>u tpfok ill of [lie 
bav IkLi tokts it at heorL 1 Praj Gwl, Lc bfll 
btwiichcd ] 

^Ujl- itiJwj. oiiil it alull bv duui^ U>-Li^otruii>^ 
brtuag, if [ JIti?. "yiy laily Kuuld ddI Imc biu 

ttn. How koWh mi»;rei»! 

U41. owdr 

^ Tfi. iVylJw^, bald tby pmn!; this is not 
i>f «iT ^ iJD jQu P9( aecj JDD uuiT« bim ? let mc 
*"e "ith him. 

FtB, Kit way I>lil ^'rnilaiicBa : gpollj, gouTlj : 
^v h'ltd ji inugli. inJ will nuL he n>ii^r|||y 

l^u To. W1ij» Low DOW, iDj LkwokJc [ huir 
*" JmOh chu-^k ¥ 

M*u Sir ■ 

^ To. Aj, Diddj, come with me. W^ai. 
■■f'lU no) fiir itu,fUj tti plaj at oharrj-pit 
*tfi«u: hmag him, fouJ cvllier ! 

!!<■- Oil him l» mj h« prajpni gwd air 
l^,|>4hiin 'D |rtay. 

Vu- Mj |irftTfra, mi]>i 1 

Mu. Ku, I wjirrint van, h^ tn\\ not hear af 

ILl Go, hang joif^wKvA iJl ! joii ore iiUe 
''■tILr' ihm^ i [ aiik not dF tout elemcriL ; jdii 
^■[t limn more hcrcnficr- [Eri/ 

Pab. If ihiB n'j^rv I'la^'iiL opnn a ilage jidw, T 
miiA-nin ii lU Kb imjirii^Piitilv lit^tcni. 

Sin To, Hit tBiy gonina butt taken llie in- 
fticlion bf rbi.' iie*i<.i.\ EuHn. 

T^Iah. ?sa}', |iunLiii hira nan; ]{4t iIig Aarii^ 
lake oir. aiiJ Ijiirtt, 

FjUi. ^'hj, we flhalt Tiiakt him mod iiuii.v«l, 
M,<B, The liouw will be thu qui^Jtw, 
Slli Tit. Cdrii-?, wi''|l liavu him in a dark room, 
ami biunil. Mj uiuce Ii jilrtiiJy in dn.' belief rfaal 
ke'guiiul; wp moj carry it ihiiB, fur juv pltMUi* 
and bis ptimiite, till uut v^rj puLiniB, tirtid out uf 
brcatli, pmmpt ut, Ui hnve mcroy on him: at 
whitb tiojt' wp will brln^ thv dfviw to the Lnr, 
and crown thop for lindcr of madmen. — Ihit 
BCD, but ce?. 

Fab. Mum matter fot a May nuinuiig. 

Enid- Sir A^ojlew Aquecsriee, 

Str Aini, Here's llie ohkHengp, teod it: I 
warrant tb^re'A vina^ar and p&ppar in't. 

Fin. In't DO nDuej? 

Sm Abd, Ay, ia 't, I womnt him : do but 

Sia To. Qiyfi ma [Eendi ] Totuh. tohat- 
■oef^T 'Aow arfy fh^H art bat a khtt/j/ Jitlou. 

Fah. Guoi], and vnliahE- 

StB To, [^emJj,] Wondfr no^ nor admirt 
not ill ih^ T/iind. ii^jf I do call thee ao. jbr I vitl 
iAdip tkff no reaaon Jor'l. 





blim of Ihc IjuT' 

Stb To. [Jiiidg.'] Thoit earnvt ia the lady 
Ofivin. and in my n^ht i/ir vr^ rJier k'ii'lff/ : but 
thoK Hat ia tJij/ thiiMit ;" thai u not Chf mtifler 
I chafteitffe ikeii fur. 

Fad. Vcrjbncf, und tooicpodinggoo^BOBw- 

Sm To. \_]lftd$.'\ 7 wiff viay-ltty Ate ^oimj 
hftme ; uA«ni if ii be tfiy eAai"v to Jcill 
mf, — 

Fflp- Gihhl. 

FhUJ. StUl JUD kcfip 0^ this windj nde of the 
iaif : ^ RK<3- 

Sm To. [ffftf<ift] fore fA« inC / ffwi God 

have merry Hpon mm?; fru' my h^pf i* hetrrr, 
aiiif Ml /o"i t" thffffff. Tht/frimd, <is thon VMat 
Aim, RflJ ihy rwtp-n enemy, 

Andhxit Agiteciubic. 

6m Tn. Tf iLJi 1i-(L«r move him cot, hia logfl 
CAiiiiot: I'JI gJTc^i him. 

Mas. Ton nwj ha'o twt Si flCfaaion fot't ; 
he LFi nvt/ rn FOEiw comiuena wiib tuj Uilj, oud 
will by oiiil lij cJi-pnrt. 

Sib To, Go, ijr Amir**; scout mc for him 
ftl the wragr of ihe oixliird, liti? a bnin-baitie: 
M mioii afl rvpr lliou giH»iC him. ilnw ; flni], as 
Uioii dravn'ni, nwi-qr horrihlu : f<ir il <fOfn»« lo iniMi 
c1^, UuxL A ItrrlLlo oaLh, ^ntb a finaggerin^ occeal 
■hui^ilj- [w-Au;i^'iJ tiS. givus iniknhQDd iHiJiv &]r|jji>- 
bjition tlinn c^vtr ^mif iUnK wouJcL have cnnted 
him, Awnj 1 

Sm Avp. Ifaj, let tuo aJonc fbr qwpuiajf- 

Sra To. N'uw h'lII eloE I dolivtr hi^ JptUr: fbt 
tJiq bduviour nf (he joimg ^onllcrnHD givn liini 
but ro be trf good Cdubdtf uid bnediog -. Ulb «id- 
pE^ivuitnt b(twei:ii 1iu lonl iviit pit njeoii ponfinna 
no li<^ ; LhrnifLiri- tliis lotltr, Ivin^ «i etL-i'Urutly 
i^anuiT, will brcoJ no Xcrrft in ihn jomh, — h« 
will find it cocDCd from ft dnrpoli?, Bui, ar, I 
will iIpIItot hifl chnUonifP hy w<mJ of mourli i hrt 
upon AgtHvhwh n nordblc report nf tdIqiu-; und 
driTB fJio gcnElpmaji, (u t know his jculh ^U 
tpdjiffeiTG jlp) iblo ■ moil hidecm opnion of Mb 
rugfl, iklll, fiirj, and ]ii>prtm»ilv. Thia will m 
fri^bl iJii'ni bi»iii, that they will til] UTii? mother bj 
Ilie loot, like oorlutnce^k 

• T*i>U«l|4illiT[bimi] in Dtrt* 13>. p. n^ TfJ. L 

* fiUll tiV Ihtp o^ (ba vloaT «Hb bI lb Ub.^ Ptt»Mtl ■l|qfle» 
1«> hdlfb1<ii>i dbdHlIn Id Oa BdIh ■>{ Ibe l>ufl^ti, «Tilrb ■■ 
tpiJlDipLjiliiid Id lb* qdUJuiI nfoilDnrd, ^ ti4ft TI, VvL L 
■ Imth wDl b*»BU%i!d niMBi bilL* m*n, "iWii l««l Itt'Uw 
lhnBl,''ar Hnn. "Uioij Ittit fil rhillnil, lib ^ngae,' «uui 
«^BBi aijuUr rUImji n-orl Iff ni—^t- k«t ta uy, "Ibab 


Fab. B>if he conia with jtnu- Dkce^ pi% 
tbcai waj till ha Uko luve* vid prc^ciulj tlkr 

Kia Trp. I will mcdiuto tba white npon im^ 
hurrid meisoge for n diallengv. 

[SziiiM Sir Tonx. Fabian, thiJ M-uiii, 

Jfe-entfr Oi-iyja, »id 7101*. 

Oll I tuLtesnidloomoFli unloabcAFtnf^irjH, 
Ami Uld miiHi bimour ito uiK^bar^ ti-at-* 
There's Hnwlhio;; in mp t^t rp^im^im uij Uill- 
But Fuch I beadMrong poTeni fwUt it u, 
TliALiL bgt mod» rf^mnf. [\*ttt. 

Vio. Willi til? Ktjn-i 'havioor tliM jour ^^udgb 
Oq on TQj inn»ib'J''B griefs. [pidwri 

Oli. Hen?, vvas thit jcvrl for mp, — 'is mj 
Refuse il uol; it hotli no tuagtio f □ vei ]rDu: 
And, T bc-BHich jou, rome ogoiTi to-monafir, 
"ftliBt nlioJl joaiwk of me tlihl I'lL dcnjr, 
TLul biDonr, ^av'd, d>jit upon ukiuggite? 

Vin. Xulliinu but iLmi — juur Inie luve fta on 
master. 'f../ 

Oli. IIow with mmc hoEiOnr iaty I ^■'n hm 
WHiich I hiivfl gho" lo joti ? 

Vi^ I niU ■ffqnit jm. 

Olt. Well, ooine again to-DWirow : &n- ihr* 
A flend Jikv tliee miglil bunr mv bouI lo hell ! 

Sfi-entff Sv Tonir Beuth tind FASitK, 

Sm To. Gnullcadj], God avu (Lee, 

Tia. AfirJ ?UQ, sir. 

Sib Til, That defence ibon hut, l>ctok? dfl* 
to'L: nf what notnro the wruiif^ tn Ihuu bat 
dotLC liiiD, I know aoL ; hnt lliy inti'ivr^jiT^Th ^U iiT 
d{vplu>. hlfOily fi-i tht.- hnnuT. attends tlj*-*- aL ifat 
ortliunl-ead: difimount ihj tuck,' be jarv' hi ibj 

SroponKion. for thj asfioilBot is quick, skiiruj, uiJ 
Vji\ Yon miArflkc.Bn-, lun inre; doduaIuiIi 
any qiuurol lo mo -. my moemlnjiDe u T«rr W 
and cUmt fmm uij inugo uf nfiizace doiu la 

Sm To. Yon'd Bnd It r>thwirua, 1 
thcrefoTv. tf jon bold your life at jid j pnnn, bvlAb 
you to jQur t^iDnl j fur jour of^KHite litlh fn bv 
whul jfDUlh, Btren^, akUl. uil wnlll. CAQ bnii 
maa witluL 

|*t OUlciViB'J. 

Ih>r b* (b< ttiPHi. ]n» A nvu, ■• »-* ***," bu u aAw u b 
■fciH n lb nlr iT LlmO. 

■ nuDBunLOhj II.EI,— ) Orflp NvrvHr- 

' Y4iir-1 Tw iH»* M**, abiliL 

W. tprij jou. sir. wbst ix ln' ? 

uiil on cuTh-t iVTUtil^rDiiiji^ ; (^^ 'mt lie iri a 

tlin«: Biai hi-i iii«ii*inicn[ nl ihu mu- 

viiDpkrAljIrt ThatulihfiLFtJuii mn ht'itont: 

lljlHikp ff rItArfkBDil scpuUm' : bib, iiiib,''Lh 

Bnli ••i»i''i Iff iftko'l, 
iai, [ win ri'lunt pj^i'ui hilo iht Eidilvo, juiiI 
^(f "iifim ^»riJ4itt* nf tht Imlj. 1" tni iii> It^blcr. 
'WrtljiiEtiil u/ iH>mr kJniil oriQi--n iLnl i>iil i;ujinL'Ji 

OH Ili'i>n« -C ndlll In ItifnkkTir ''•r- BuKhl In rrU >■ 
, 'hll M ■ nii^vl. 1 1" hJli |if ^hicli K jit ill EiFi tDllld 

[tuL-fiDHiHly ori otiiora, to Futc' tliuir ^oJour : bdikc 
thia iA n iripD of tjiaf qaii'k. 

Sm To, Sir, no ; ha iiidl^Jilion ildrivofl ilwlf 
out uf D T(Tj «.i>Ea^K^f'nL irijury ; thcrc-funi, get jou 
on, nml pivc him his ddBJjt, Bfteli joii •lioH Tiol 
to tliohouAi', nnEm jou undnrtake lliil niih 010^ 
wbith wtili u raooh kaTHj vuu biij^ltL juipwi^ ULfn ! 
ibcrcfuns on, nr Mn\* yout amml aljirk fvkrd ; for 
uinlLtl^r Toii tnuiil, ilijit*a certain, or fbnwfor t« 
wvitr ir')n nbuuE jnn, 

Vio- Tiiia 13 M urn'ivil cu Btrnnge. I bcHpech 

fall « ln\l: i^TliB rrrli.'m |n rJ>tllI rkp « ' ■ ifaV iM*f "f 
tabtf 1 1 iBiiflmr ' '-ILoi i "4 a hid. 

r iHhnir rLiiiilhiil — ] Hnrri" ■ nH JilFlf. 




Jim, do me this coiirtwua oflloi, qb lo tnow of llie 
knighl ffhat mj offence bJ him is ; iL id BOmethiug 
of inj npglij-ti]ce» nothing of mj jiurpoae. 

SiK Ta. I will do bo. — Signior Fabian, ala; joii 
by ihik gentleman till mj ifLurn, 

[Exit Sir Toby, 

Vro. Prajyou, Hr.do jouknowof thio matter? 

Fab. I koQw the knight ia loraMised agalnot 
jtta, even to a moiul uhilrement; but nothing of 
tha drcumalAnPD marc. 

Vio. I beBeechyou,vhatmanhprnf mab ishe? 

Fab. Nothing of that wonderful promiBe, to 
read him bj hia form, as jnu are Hkc to find him 
in the proof of bia Talour. He is, indeed, sir, the 
most akiirul, bluudy, and hui opposite that jou 
could posflihlj have found in any part of lUyna. 
Will you walk towards him? I wiil make your 
peace with him, if I can. 

Vio, I Bhall be much bound to jou for't : I am 
one that wonld rather go nith air prieat than ^r 
knight: I care not who knows bo much of m^r 
meUle, [Exeunt. 

SCENE Y-—Thf Strret adjoining Olivia'* 

Enter iSir ToBT Belch *fnd Sir Andrew 

Sm To. Why, man, he's a very devil % I hsve 
not aeen such a firago^ T had a poss with him, 
rapier, scabbard, and all, and he give.s me iho 
st^idc-in,* wilh such a^motfal motion, that it ia 
iQe*ilnble; and on the anawpp, he pays yoii as 
Snrely as your foot hit the ground they atep on : 
* they say, he haa been fenirr lo the Sophy, 

Sifl Akb. Pox on'i, I'll not meddTc with him. 

Sib To- Aj, but he will not now be pacified : 
Fabian can scarce hold lilm yonder. 

Sm Atjd. Plague on^t; an t thonghE he had 
been vahant and so cunnmg in fence, I'd ha™ 
seen him damned ere I'd have challenged him. 
Let him let |hp matter alip, and I'U pve him nj 
horse, grej Capilet. 

Sm To. I'll make the motion: stfuid here, 
moke a good ahow on't ; tbis shali end wiiliout the 

Crditiou of anuf". [Ande.'] Marry, I'll ride your 
rse an wejl as I ride you. 

Enter FflDiAN and Viola, 

T havehifl horse [^o Fab.] to take up the quarrel ; 
I have peiaiiaded him the youth's a de^il- 

* Bluck-lD,— ] A c^iTupElon rJ Oit lultui fircirff Lcmi, ilct- 

Fab, He is as horribly conceited of bin, ni 
panta and luuba pale, bb if k bear wen at hii beck 

SmTo, [7\>Vxo.] Then'a no remedy, br^hi 
will fight with you for hia oath Bake : nunyf ki 
hub better bethought bim of hu quaird^ ladb 
finds that now scarce to be wor^ talkini^ (/■ 
therefore draw, for the support^noe of lui ton ; k 
proteata, he will not hurt you. 

Vjo. Pray God defend me 1 AlittJetlnngiFBdl 
make me tell them haw much I lack of a nun. 

Fab. GItp ground, if you see him fiiriaiii. 

Sib To. Come^sir ADdreiT,lhere> uoKmedj; 
the gentleman wilt, for his honour's aoke, hare tat 
bout with you : he cannot by the duello a^cud il-. 
but he has promised me, aa he is a gentleman u^ 
a soldier, he will not hurt you. Come on : to't 

Sm And. Pray God, he keep bis oath! . 


Vio. I do assure you 'tu agbiut my will. 


Enter Ajmjwro. 

Amt, Put up your sword,— If this yoon; p*> 
Have done offence, T l«ke the fault on me; 
If you oflend him, I for him defy yon. [Z^rany 

Sm To. You,Birl why what ar« you? 

Am. One, ur, that for his lore dara jtt d) 
Than yon have heard htm brag to you he will. 

Sm To. Ifay, if yon he an luidcrUker,* I >■ 
for you. [Lnm. 

Fab- good sir Toby, hold I here cooc iha 

Sm-To. I'll be with yon anon, [To Ajmmo. 

Vio. Pray,sLr,putyoiir Bwoid i^,if ymplfiie. 

[ro Sir AxNtn. 

Sm Amb. Many, will 1, «r; — and. for tbit I 
promised you, I'll ho aa good aa my word: be 
will hear you easily, aod reina well. 

Enter tut OflScen, 

1 Opp, This ia the manj do thy office. 

2 Off- Antonio, I ajrcat theo at tlie euit 
Of count Orsino- 

Ant. You do mistake me, ur. 

1 Oft. No, eir, no jot - 1 know yonr fatour 
Though now you have no aea-cap on your head.— 
Take him &nay ; he tmiva I know him well. 
Ant. Tmustobey. — Thiscomes [To Via.] with 
flecking you ; — - 




[taWt r 

■ Sherp'a do remedy ; t ahill flnswer it, 
Vhtl «ifl jwi do, DOW mj QccfAailj |^ruD 

■kflt ipF ci> ibk Tim Tut rujr punif? It gnuvi* 
aih mnre fin* whai J connut do lor von, 
iiB what beUi mjHlf. Yuu lUnd uau'di 
oA be of cumfoHi 
3 OtT. CfnoDf lur, nyiaj. 

Akt. 1 must pDtrmt nf jou somp nf that atoaay. 
Vm. What oiodpj^ eir? 
^or lli# fair kifiiliLi^d jtuu liavf iiLoir*d nv ht^rc, 
&aI, pari, bfiiLg pmntpU^ lij jdilt ]in)Bcat troublf, 
talt at mj lean ud loir ability 
H Itad you eoEnelhmg ; rny havibf; li not murli ; 
H Dialif ili'Ui<«i i>f i»y prMPrii wilL you ; 
laUj tben.«*« Lolf my ouUcr. 

Att. Will yau deny me ddw ? 

»'t poMiUe llifll my dtwrla to you 
i Laclt jtpniuiAicm 7 Du IH>L l«ui^>l my misery, 
ft ifaat ll malo mo so uas>^UDil a uiiin 
lO mUwrt you w!lh ihcH' liib4[ni.'HH9 
!hlt I luvir ddue Hiryon. 

YlD, I know ornoite; 

fff* know I yon Itv rtuec, or BJiy featani : 
'. hale lagmtihiilc morr Id a tiivrii 
nHB JtJag, nunciva. bubhling. ilrankifaneaa, 
h «Dj UuDt of (ice, nluH alniDg coiTupUou 
tikil^ our frijl bluoJ- 

Avt. O fa^TPiu tbomadvcfil 

S Oft. CcmuSi bjt, I ptty yoD, £o, 
AjfT. Let me aprak a btlJe, Thia youtli (h&L 

juv ncc here 
HUlA'd one lulf out ofthp jawB of dcvth; 
lifivr'd liim nitb nit^h t^uctity af lore. — 
I ID hia image, AlLJoh moihGught iliJ pnriDiBe 
Ucot fvneTaM<^ vnrth, did I devidimid 
1 Off, 'WTial'sthflt toitf? Tbolirac gMsbji 
aiTBj ! [>cod 1— 

Aht. Bnl, O, how vile an irlol prouis tliii 
Aa Eual, Scbjulion, clone gooJ fcnLarc otiaiue. — 

, -'V 





la natora Ehtro'e aa blf^Enidh buT rbo idIdH. 
Kiinn can Ik^ i»iri^ di-form'il Hui chn uiikhid; ' 
VinuD is bi-aiily ; but rfac bcouUniiiA-i'vil 
Ara rmpty Irunk^t a'crflauruh'd bT the Aevit. 

1 Off. Tbe niaa gt^wi roail ; away with bim I 
DaiEie, TMjnte. Air. 

Aht. Leai) iul' cm. 

[ffrfljni OfliwrH rnith AnraSia, 

Yto- MfEhiaki bJB wotdi do from aucb pauvuti 

Tliat bb heJitiTUB hinuclT; eo do itnC I. 
Prare ine, imAginatifin, O, pro»c inw, 
llial Ip dear brfithw, be ODirta'pn for ym. 

SmTo. OomB hith-TH knights ifinie hilhcr. 
FbbiuD ; we'll wbiapor o'er a orujiloar IwooF iDtWl 

Vio- lie napped Sebrttjan -, I my hrolher know 
YoL living iu mj c^iuid ; oven HUL'h, and 90. 
In fiLVour wBfi my brotlicf ; and Kq vnot 
9l!U m this fuhlim, colour, umDriicnt) — 
For bini 1 imilaie : O, if it prove, 
TomivBCH RTt- biod, and taEt fiivi &DBb iu Idt? T 


SmTo, A ^ery disbimoiit palliy boyjand mcrfl 
a [-oword than ■ burn : hi» diabonesty ajipeDifl in 
loB^iog bia friead ber« ia neoiiMity, aail deuyiDg 
faiui ; mil] tor 'ills mwpnbihip, aflk. Fabian. 

F^n. A coward, m niOBt devout covord, rdigioua 
in iL 

Sol A?iir< '6bd, IU aftor biDX B£un» and bnt 

Bm To. Da ? onff turn soundly, bal never drtiw 
tby Bword^ 

Sin Asit. An 1 do nirt, — [£xit. 

Far. Gamf?, Lut'o d» Iho event, 

Sm To. 1 dan' lay aor laooey 'iwiE be bOlJiing 
ji?t. [£*eunf. 

• ntmiVlbll-l TiM •"-nfiinJ. 

l^ }l 



SCENE ].—Th«StrfetbfifbreO\lT-m'iIIiHtHr 

Siller SRTiAflTtAN and down. 

Clo. Will jon matp jhq bclipvi? Uul I am nal 
Bent for you 7 

Sed, Gu ta. gn In, [hou art a fuolisfi blkm ; 
Loi mc lie dcDT of thcc. 

Cm. Well htW out, rralth! Ko, 1 <b not 

knov you ; nor I am not scut to jou by n 
lo bid yau com? fl[K?nh wIeL bcr : nor Tcnr awH 
in a-A amtlvr Ciaurio ^ tKit ibu is nul my nil 
noilhpT. — Xfilhing lliaL iri bu w so. 

ShP* I (ir^jCliLv, tout Ihjfbllf mmcwbemclw 
Hiou Inos'^t nut ao. 

Ctn^ Frni nij follj I be baa hcAJ^ tlwl wmd ■ 

in JT.T 

■BDi gnUL mui, ud now nfinliM It lo ft fool. 
Ttpi aij TlpUj ! I uo a&iui) ibie groat lubber die 
vurlJ will pruvG a cocknej.* — I pr'ythcc now, 
BBdni )liv JEiarii^'n'.irt, o[iJ (<'Ll mc wliai ! hKoU 
v^rio EDT lulj' ; shall I pent to her Elut diuD prl. 

Sm. I pr'jlhw«riH>tiB]iQnKlE, depart fii>iuii>c; 
Tbcrt '& muttPj for Uiee -. if juu Unrj lon^r, 
1 iWJ giTC Konc pvuDimE. 

t^o, Br mj IhJtLt *hoa boat an ojicn hnnd.— 

IWf wi&e EDRQ, UlKl j^VQ fltoU JDUDf J, ^L lllUDI- 

•du ft good ptfp«t— aAoi fiiDTlAun youn' pnr- 
^^ Entfr Sir Atdiikw AnnECiiEHR, 


oa ihj \i£o, 1 durge tbee. 


iLura. — 
AEG lU die puople mud ? 

havi^ I Dirt Jim D^ln? 

for tbcD, 4]Lfl tht^re, jidi3 

[^Sfotinff Sir Anttiuw, 

ftfe Td, Hold, mr I ar I 'U throw jotir d&ggor 

Lrfbg, T1u4 will I tell lay lad j atniLgbt : I woidd 
HnvinHiTjfiDf yourcoftis for iwo-pcuce' 

^Ta» CdfUfi oQf djr: buld ! 

[Ho/ding SirOAHTiAN, 

SmAlt^, Nftj. let him alone, I'll go unnthpr 
nj » Mirk vilb }iiiu; T'lJ hiiiif nil 'ivl'urn uf 
tt^Wunal hiiQt if tlicrc be any low in IlljTia: 
ikm I itTDck him Gnl, jet it's do maLlfr foi 

bl. Lit go ihj bond ! 

^To. Come, ait, I will not l?t jou go, 
(WtBjjDtnig HoldiK-, put npjflur iron i jon 
■^■■I] flnbn] ; ohdd m. 

^. I ml] lie fnv frDin ihnc- [Li^enrif-a him- 
uf/.] ^yhlll HQuldflt (JiDU now y 
IF 1^ du'fi tfmpt EdefurtLet, Jihh tbj nfronE, 

i»To, Wbol, wljit? N»j. then 1 mufrt have 
^2''^vl*To 4^thi? mdnpcrt blood froin jou- 

'■hiArnldlUf fmVEi^bfatrlhtoculdii'kll truV a onrkBi^r. 1 
■■Mr* mil If iiitE n p [iinpi prmcr t rirymnieJ --?iI|dmIi1 
^^■"itl. n* Eubhik vii'i' "ILIpraTT *fiwtnr| " <>iniiil[in 
■ V^liv ••ftttii.' lAfalcb mkFluvfl r*UTi raimNl liflhr ri»nk- 
PflV torn Uf LInr Abavr, ItoDft'i cnjfladflllMi pn>1nl>Jj fLvDt 

*1WliHlwn i«i"' fnfrh»«i-l Tbjl ■■, Xf^r lb* p^'* «f 
H^H fwV fornw- Thariufwal i-tlifallud In El^LaiiJ 

■tBttllplap «fe» «T«B<I mipean 'hj Mid beoi twe\n j^m' 

J»*^ . *•- bUfbf cbHKl*f of flKili mu > bad bUK^fl. 

^•■rat-Wir^f jrta«Ul'Blrr*RBlnl<<niloil bvlWn t'ail uid 
Am Eb ^nniM' 1 hrfliDh^ f bnat jb'fnJ niurbt IkAiEDunrinHd 

■ If ft ■• Ubi Is Ltuii. •lQI In nu tlre^tt] Tfala lomob 

au. Hold. Tobvi 

Sib. To, MnifAui — 

OIfI, Will if I* erpr thna? UnpTunona wreldi, 
Fit tor tbo nao^inUuue and Itic burluruufl caies, 
"SVbere iDJiQDcrB Do'cr wem jinMiuh'd I guL of mj 

sif^ht ! — 
Fc ridt ul!eDd4:d, dear Ccauio t — 
EudvAbj, bo ^one I — I pr'jlLeo, gi^dtle riieud, 

[Extuiit .Sir TonT, •iii' ANuniiWt ""J Fahias". 
TiCt rJjy fiiir ivJHileniT not thy liOBdiaD, swaj 
1<\ tbjp um^iTil [mil unjuit extent 
AgfLinal thy yvoL-a. Go wilh ine tom^ hDOBe ; 
And hrar thori llitra Th'w nmny frtiilliriW Fimiika 
Tk]>i niffiaii imth horrliM up^ that thou tLrrchj 
Mflj'flt flmil^at 1^-- then aliBlmot ^ooto but go ^ 
Bo nut deny. Sfshrcw bis bohI for in'>. 
Ho fltoTted nnr poiw hpart iif mils* in liice-' 

Sed. AMkot rplifib lb in thb? hnir niDn tlio 
it ream? 
Or 1 om mod, or oCti' iJiin iit a dream ; — 
IaH ftLficy tiLiH niy MitPd in hulht- Bleep; 
If it bo IhuB Iff drcnni, alill lot mp ^lecp 1 ' 

Oli, Noy.coiiuj, T pr'yihop: "imld ibuii'd'l he 
ml'd bv ma^ 

Sbh. MudniLi, I •111- 

Oli, O, mt an, and w be I 

SCENE U^—A Poom in OIM-^V //--ft.., 
^nfrr MxiriA nnif CIuwd- 

MIah. Ndj\ T pr'jtln^, pqt on ihU guwn and 
■liiEi Ifcard^ jniilii? him believe lliou m-t air Topu 
■he curate ; do it qiuckly ; ] 11 rail ait Toby tho 
whilel:. [Exit Marm. 

Clo- ^Vi-ll, I'll puL [t on, uiJ I will dlH^rnUle 
mvBcIf in't^ and I wnuld I wem the timt that ever 
di»emblfd Ln?iii:b a gf/tm. I am not foil' enough 
to become ibe fiiEictJOD well ; nor Ilhui enough to 
ho tbou^liE ■ ffiv^ Btadont ; bul to he said an 
boDDAt man au*! M. ^lod houAclici-por, fpf* m* 
Fcurlj as to fay a mr^til man and n ^^rojit sehuliU'T 
The iMupelllarH enter.' 

St 1), u ndrr i^idLI v chi'iinutuii'i iif bewjldrrmrnl: — 

" An I In rulb. tn tui^ro, cr in hrll,— 
B I i«|ibji^ tJ r —ail n r(. — iiihl 0I "DCIlrtT Ll'A T 
Kitih-n Liitlu lEiifKr, bdhE Lr waynrlj dligvli'it 

All inirtu nliir#t ■! | bl iHTniT' ■«-" 

' I mm ual iHi anaifK te.) fut Eht -ikc rf dd aillltiflili, 

nfillill4ri«TD rdilriJi rEBd,— "T aiD aD[/i»l«linii[-li " hiir •• CmU " 
■D It' kiirlriit Ha'D ur rrbm'r ifDHi^ pifrupjutJi, WIElFI fJiUla 

lUTlrlmiE riirtLi.Jil [n [ho Jf«« Of <hp D?«l lllW 

T r>' rrmpi'Eimri nirr [ TElbI li, llJf cKfulinltn, iht cq;- 
h^bj. brT»lflO, p. 17, VoLL 

ADp rrO 


Bt^C IL 

Ejit^ Sir ToliT BffiLCH and HiOi*. 

Stu Tn. Jotf^ blcH th'v, imubr piuwn. 

Clo, i7opji>J cfrfl, iit Tiihy ; far h9 ibe aU ki^- 
mil of Prm^^p, tlint tjevcr R4« pen oiiJ ink, rcry 
wiHilj Afiid 1u a niLTi' t>f liing GorLiHliic, Tftnt, 
th(ft it. ia: M I, bcJuj; muiU't [lUEhOiiH am (aaaU't 
punun : fot hti4t E» tbfll, boL ihol ? anil in. but ii ? 

SmTo. ToVmi. -IrTopB*, 

Glo. Wliatj KUt J i^y '• — Pi'ftiw ID l^iiit [inBOEi 1 

Gi&Td. Tbc koHie L-uiiDltifeLta hl-II ; n gooil 

Kal. [/noitinun-cAam^.] "Wliocalkliiete? 

Clo, Sir 'J'opufl the cumtfi, who liidii* to tjuL 
UaUolio tbe lunnlio- 

Mat,, [Within.'] Sir Topu, lit TopViifood blr 
Topop, ^ Uj m^ \£i\y. 

Clo- Ont, hjpcrboliwU Semi f hon vi'mat tUop 
Etiflman! ialk»t thou pocliing but uf lulin ? 

Hut To. ^Vul] suil» inopter ji&noQ. 

Ual. [IFiEAin.j SirTu{rju,m'fiir wbathbq Lhua 
irrDbg^ ; ^[ood lir Tops^j da nut Ibinh I am mud i 
they hivp EahI qio bcre !n hidooas dorkncdd. 

Clo. KiCf thou diiliont«t SoLliiin I I coll tbu 
bj thu Tdoit ni4irl«t tonnB ; fur [ jim nne oF ihi'^n 
^iiiili* oniH ttiil, mil VMi ibo devil hlmicEf wiili 
PDurbnT i n^yivt ihou iLuT hotue in dork V 

Mal. [WifJ^in.'] Anln'U, BirTopw. 

Clo. "Wliy, it hntl liftj-window^' traimpim'-nt 
Hn lumciiilDeB, Aod (lie cEoDT-itorical^) towonla [he 
Bijiitii-rtorLL am da Euttn^i" si ebon^; and jat 
comploinv^l Uian of DbflU-unCiaa ? 

Mal, [iriJ^m-] lamnotmfcliairTopu; 1 My 
to jou, tbiB buLtBB ia duk- 

C'LO. Hudmjui, ihuLi wiwt: 1 fl\*, ibijre i^ do 
dirkncea bu( itninranc*; i in irhk-h tbou art moro 
puzzled lliBb like E^rpdacii^ ljj [lu^ir fng. 

Mal. [ IF^^Ai;;.] 1 tay, ihia tioiiso is ■» diLik u 
icDonmce, iboujjb ignoroQco were Us dnrk M lu'll ; 
Btid 1 My, there wMnc^i-rmiin ihuiftbiiHcdi I nm 
no mora mod than jou jue i mak^ the lira] of it in 
any rojibTanl qinwlfon. 

I.'t.o, AMinl is iho opinion of PjtliBgoiu oon- 
Mrmng wild-fowl? 

Mjl. [ WilAinJ] That the Mnl of our grtJiilnii 
mJgliC hnplj iiihiil>it a hird^ 

Clo, Whflt Ihiokml ihou of Jiia opinion ? 

Mal, [Wilhifi-] ] think noUj fif th^AOul, find 
no Way itppraro h'u opImiHi- 

(Ild. Fnro eIj» wtJl ! rani&iQ thou fitJIl En duk- 
fiai : thou nhoJl hold tTto opinion of PjlbB^amsT 

v1rt^o>,Blid — M M> "I I r^, IcrnrHLtnfl In Ulmbrrl, "■mc'iiid Ie U 
Tiulli!(d Lr »\i'iwi \ti a Bit. 'ir rn^ilsrm ibip*. IIhH ". rimid " 

b UB ICriit ValHT*.| 1 CUI JIIjT hit dmnclKI A Ellvllipll'K 

b(T '•t'T. wlupi. rrtm Ibr Uvfrn — " Jin !■ IItbI braken 1o 
ttttHln atBUfTTUf'Bu'i tbOV or Cn^klNHir, ihrn ln--lpr: 
iMIItril H iianli iirJ HBbrJ, aid dricht n It* on »!■■ irr ' luiLb 

■ rrH>pnltri| — 1 Pmpmita Imbf* tiair tliF k^Tir ItinVilMr,— 

cjc I mil idlow of ihj intA ; and fear lo bJJ ■ 
wooditw^k, ][3t Uioii di^HaKM (he soid of iLj 
grnDdjuu. Pan? thee ii«f. 

Hal. [WHAin.^ Sir T«pu, air Tu|>u.— 
Sir To. My mo^l ^iqiiLdte eir To[tiu! 
Clo- Nny, 1 am fur all wmiern-^ 
Mad- 'i'boa tuigliLVt liaveduDC tiiij witfaont 
bt'ard and gown ; ho b«» Lbcv noL 

t^m To. I'o biin ia diiTig oirii vj>ieoH uid linnj 
me word huw rhou findtat faim : I wOidil we "u* 
well fid of Thifl knaveiy. If be nay be an- 
VLiiitutly delivered, I would lie wvre; for I un 
now Vi far in olfi'rico wjih mv iiiwi*, (li4i I CBUwi 
pursue nitb un_V enfctj ihii 4]>(irt to* lh$ DjiihoT. 
CuiDB hj arjd bj to ai* thtuuWt. 

[fffirnnf ^■'-T<>BV an'I M.iaU. 

7"?// m* tunv tfi'/ tady iiM9. 
fcUt. [ Within.} Fool,— 

Mal, Fool,— 

Cut. [^m^'fllj.] J^Qil, ifi^^ il tht M I 

Mit, Fool, I Mji — 

Clo. [Si-n<jipg.]SItch-oaaV)ther. — Whoi 

AIal. [Fi'rAtn.] GoDd foal, u fiver thou 
dea^'ire hl^U al; mj band- help mi' [u n odiidlL:. 
pen, Ink, uii) pa|KT', 04 1 oiu a ^nlli'miinH I *i 
JiTP t4> bo thankful t't thet? Cor't. 

Clo^ MlhI^i- MbIvoIju! 

Mjx. [FI'*iA/f!.] Av, good fool. 

Clo. Aljii^sir, howfel) jOubcifldoflj-ouiBfcwiu! 

Mal, [ Wtthiit-'] Fool, iliere rtn* nevpr man k 
DDl4>riauriEj ahumd ; I am as wirll in my wiU- fW, 
Ofl tbrtu art. 

Ci.u, But or EEf/f 9 then yob are mad lodHd, if 
jou bo Dfl becuT iu jour wii^ thnn a fooL 

Mal- [ fCLf/im-] Tbtj luire here jHupertied' ne; 
LiJep tt>P in dorknen. wnd mTiiialtn to ma, i^a, 
nnd do ft[] iIk't ckd to face m« out of my wit^ 

Cto, Adkioi- j[iu what yon lay: the miait^ u 
hoi'P, — [jJ* ^Vr" ToPAs,] Malvolio. WiJ*uLd. dj 
wils the henieaa natCH' ! oiidcuFoor Ehjvdf b 
(deep, and Iwuve ihy ™n bibble-bobblp* 

Mal. [F^ACn.] SirToprtH 

tlij). MjuiitaJn ni> wonht with him. good fiJ- 
IjH^.'—^Tin, 1, NT? not 1. lir. God bVfjto, 
^j'ioii air TopM-^Many, amen. — I will, lir* T wil 

Maj^. [iPTtAifi.] Fool, fool, fooln 1 aay,— 

Clo. Alnfl, tir, be pfllimtT What hj jDiJ,(ir! 
I am "henl for ipeaking lo yon. 

[•) m<UriDnl|i.». 

in -EiBfJi^lin,'' AirlT. Ha T _ 

4 UilnEAln DQ **Hdi inili Ikin. ^Dod feUa« 1 Tb fi^mi 
p]a/lii| * dDab]* ptiL, ind frimii, II' rbaiRV of viiva mfl Unpofi ^ 

Snier Cbva and Fabias. 

,_^'*B. ^ow, u ibou Ifpral me, loL tne ecpe hia 

^l/i. Good nuufir Fabifui, grunt mo lutolJivr 

f *»s Aqj Ibiiig- 

*-liO, Dy Dol Ji.'sire lo eee (liJd lutloT, 
r**. Thai ia, tu givB a iLg, uml, in rui»ruj>tiiiae, 
•■iff aj dfjg agftui, 

£«>? Ihrnr. Yvn^, CuaiOt f"^ AUcuiIbhEa. 
Jcit Belong jm lo lh« ludy OUtia, frti^iids ? 

■'■BMliB^-l t m« nt*toHij T^nwr hum ilu' lfmi-iIt 

ACl ¥,] 


qegAtivPa make TQor Iwo offinDad'ei, wLj* then the 
vanD for n\y fneitiU, luid rki'f Tjetmr far nij- fura. 

DmtE. AVhj. this i» uiivlk'iit. 

Olo. B_w 1115 troih. air, ni>; though it pl^ue 
j[>il lo bo one of mj friendfl. 

PiTRR. Tlnti uIilJl nut bo ibe vorac fur ms 
Elicn''fi goM. 

Clo- But thftl it wuiilj ho ilnuSle^jealing, biFh 
J noulJ ycta mulil miihe it aoochiT, 

DiJKK, 0, \nii glvp nil' ill nnjn^L 

Clo. Put joBT groicc Lei your ^HMrliei, nir, for tliia 
ciicp. dud l«t jour fle^h uid bFood obdv !l 

DnER, Well, 1 mil hi> vi Diiich 1 slujhv Vi ho 
■ limbic Jpalcr ;* Uifrv'fl JumLhcTb 

Clo, Prima, veuiffa, f^rfio^ ia a g^od plBJ r 
■nd the old Ba_Tin|f ia. ibe thini payn fit alt: Lhe 
tripiw. kW. ift A Biywi fri|)pinjj; niHuauii.' -. vi die 
hcJIs of St. Beripl, ^r, mnji pul yi>a iu nuiid,— 
one, tWQ, ihrvK. 

Duke. Ton cu fbol no tpore uiddty out of me 
m this thm" i rf jchi wiU !ti jour Ifuly know I am 
hpn> To Bpfuk. wich hor, and bimg hk'r oluiig wjlli 
joq. it may Awoki- thj borinCy furtbcr. 

Ci-i?. Marrj, str, Enllahv lo yoiir honnljn till 
1 come af:aiiL. 1 gc>. di'i but I wiriJJ not liai-u 
rou En think rhiil mj ikturo nf ha^iiiK ia tJio i^in 
i>f covr[*ii]-n<fi« ; but, Bi ynii vty. nir, let jonr 
bouniT take m njip, 1 will a vale it nnon. 

[Exil Clowu. 

Via, Kk-rr> eonicn tbo mac, air, tbat did ivuoue 

A'fl^ff Antonio fiid OiPi?""- 

DniiK, TIiBL fcice of hia T ilo rcnicEiilKir W4?R ; 
Vot, wlii^D J Euv U la^t, it woa hcmncflr'il 
Jj bUfk aa Yulcaii^ in the BUiokLe of nar: 
A bawbting vpmoI ^qa be papioin of, 
For >^halla" dmiEj^bt anil hulk unprirailik- ; 
Wiib "hifh sn<:h npJinhL'fiil ffmppli! <iid Iv? rniik<! 
WlIW tlio moat nablo hotlnin of our fleet, 
That ¥Prj Pii»,T und ibu IfingnD nf Io*p, 
Cried fame and hunour On bEtn, — ^Vhut^B the 

I Din'. Or^init, ibis la that Anlonio 
TEuil Unrk tb*.' Fbii'tiii; and b^ frou^t fTDm 

AjiiI [his la be tbot ifid the Ti^r hoard. 
When jour joung ce|fbow Tili^n lo« bla lo^: 
Here in llio qlreola, dcii'pprnle of shnrnfi und stjilc, 
In priniie brsbble diil "<■ npjuvliPTid iiiiOr 

Vio. He did mc kutdncBa^ vr; dr^w on mj 
sidi' ; 
But, iti cithcUiqiitn, puE -iirfiiige iipepr'h iipao nn»,— - 
I know lint wjjflj "iwoB, but diBlnkcnnq, 

Dl'£E. Xiii^lLIo pLrali^ ! lIidu r^oJl-nator chiL'fE 

WW foDliah bflldjMBa hroogl't ^^ ' 

Whom rhou. in Uttda «t blnDdy nnd an At 
Ha»l made tliiue eneiDiea? 

AsT, Oraino. nUc 1 

Bo ploau'd tluiE I vhake olT tbcw uanei j 

me ; 
Antonio never Ttt iran tliief or jiiyale, 
TliiiLijih, 1 cmtfeafi, ait }nse and ^^muiuI « 
Omiiii/e iTiifinj, A "ilrhrrafL dre" mn [ 
TbnJ mont iogntlfful bov there b» yonr v 
From Ibi' mde nea^a ^Eiii|f d and i-mmy q 
Did I reil^^EQ : a wrorW pant bopn ht wu 
rHi life J pive hiia, ami iliil thureCn aild 
Mj lore, wiibnnt retcntinn or rMtroiut, 
AJI hia Id dedialton. For his aakf; 
Did r pipo4u myfiiJf, \itii- tat bin lovw, 
Tnia rJie danfi^r of tbia ai^t'orae biim ; 
Drew to di:ft:iid liim wbiii b<- m^ bwirt ! 
Wbere b^ln^ appi^eaited. lua false Cudjt 
(Xot m^JUiiTig td pattake wLOi nu- In dan^ 
Tau^t faim to ^oe nu mr of hia aL-qiisin 
And grew d Intnlj-TPOi^-ri'mo^^t^d Ujingn 
M'Tiile niiG ^fonU wink ; diluted nie m 
punw, ^^1 

Wbieb T Lad rGtnmnwndHl to bia lU^^I 
'Sm half na hoar before. 

Vio. How am ihit I 

Dt'KR. Wlica ™me be til this town* 
A.vr, Tij-Jav, my loiiJ ; and fur ibm 
Cia inler'iin. not A uiuiiEe's TIICUI0J',) 
Bikih ihiy and night did we kcvjt ■yimp'u; 
Di'm. irprr eume* the oonnE^^ l noi 

wolki nn earth,- 

llul for diee, fellow,— fellon, ihv wonla 1 

Three niontbfl ihia yondi hath trnded a 


Enter 0]#m.i and AL(enilaiiI«d 

Oll Wbnt woflid mj brd, but tlut 
imt hii'e, 
Wherein Oliiin may wtm aorrieeablt ? — 
Ujurln, yod [3i» i^»b ket-p |iitiiiiiie «Uh m 

Vio, ilAdam I 

DuKfi, OiAclouB Olivia, 

Oli. What do you ioj, Cuflftrio? i 

Ion I,- 

Vio- My Inrd woqldapi?ik: my dfllj-hn 

Oi.j. If Lt be Aui^'liI Co l\vi old liipcr» o; 
It in M fiki* nml fukomo to luinu car, 
Aa honling af^r mane. 

Duke. Stcl! so rruel ' 

Adoubltdukrj] Bh vKi ('>, p. HO, V>l, I- 

* UitrnttiH—i ^b'. hen. Dirani t'rrelwrmg.i 


\KIVt I. 

Ou- Stilt H> AiruUnntr lord. 

Udci, Wbot, laperm^eiicA4? j'qu uiirtTll laJv. 
Td triuv ingT:i'o and imaiJ^jni-iDLis elIlir 
HthuIiIii- rniiUfuH'Ht olTETiiip buch EiiobibM uiiE. 
Tul e'« d(?vDtipii iPTiJprM ! What hluill T do ? 

Du, Rwn wbol it pkvfic niy loni, ihal plmll 
heixmo him. 

Dm. Wli^ «1iDuld I no\, bwl I tha h«iit to 
Ao it. 
lik? n th' EgjptiuEi (kief at point nF dcalh. 

Ttil MiDiL'lime wranT? onLly. — TfiiC hciiTiDD \h'a: 
SiiOB TUii Vi nnn'rc^fiinlruii^.' Ln^^t nij fiiitlt. 
iMiuT 1 pvilv kii'iw the inBTrunient 
ThiiKre"3 mc ^htiu my Truer pEai?e in joor ftinHir, 
Utl: }iHi< iliK^ marfiii^-ljrrwii'd ryraiif, mill i 
Hmital^ur EDLQiDM, wlinni 1 kncin jnii Ioti^ 
^■lumk, bT h^nv^D I sweir, I tetder tk^tly, 
Ba<n11 1 u-BT o\iL of rtrif' micl cjc, 
nrro bf ^iU rnjwnL'd in his mmlfr'B Jipitc. — 
Ukh. Iht, with mai mj ttaoughti ai* ripe in 

miscbiof : 
lit timriiv lh^■ lamb l\ial T do lu*c. 
Ti>fi[f t mtcn'fl hcnrt iniUrn n Aovf. [G'oin^- 
\i\). ^d T, moat jocund, apl, And vilElDglvi 
4ajini rvii, i iboitutnil dcniEit Hoiild dk'. 

. ^Iwrc go& Caorio ? 
^'0. At^ct liitu 1 lo^a 

iW I lovu diCAi fvO", mure limn my lifi.', 
, lij all Tiinri.«, ihnn v'cr I aLnll lovo wife, 
li Tpign, jou wiUinfeo aliiive, 
I^Mfcovliff for tnJMmg of nij liir<*! 
Cti, At mo, [kilfeUHl I liiri^ am I bc^iilM I 
Tm. WLn d«M twgnilo jou ? 'wba dc-cd do von 

Ou, Hart tUoii fiwgot Miy.it'lf ? laiiBU long?— 

^ finli iliP hidy father, [A^Wi n/- Altendfint. 

^. Oomc. a*voj ! [To Vmj.A. 

Ql-i. WlikliH-. my lord ?— Ccfmriu, hualwind, 

^1. Aj, hiif band, c-nn he llint \\ei\y ? 

^v, Kn hiiBbutid, urnJ] ? 

No, loy lurJ, not L 
J^L' Al«, it is tht boscTEK'&s uf [Lv ftw 

™r in, rpBaria, toto iJtt rnKunfji im ; 

. . . .- , _r - ..-r L.jr , 

*'Ulihni* know'fil duHl art, ruid thttu tbou lift 

Rttnltr Attendant, M'fA3*ri»t. 

p Qy welcome, father! 

■^["inrfuld {llL4fiiy;h \niii\y wu intended 
' *^P iixJui'Imjcm, ipvIiaL umi^Dn now 

ItcTCJila Iri'Fbrp ^li« npp') whiiE Lhou AfM. IiUdv. 
TTnCh iii'^lj piua'd he<«('cn (Jii4 jnatit and mi", 

PniERT- A rnnTract of etfmaJ bond of lore, 
Confinn'd by mutual Joindut of jour btdJA. 
AtlPUt^] by [he \m\y clwo nf lip^, 
SCrmjtjibpiiM by Interdiapff«Di?iit oF jonrnDgi: '^> 
And nil Ihc irert'initDy oF this compdct 
.StJilM in my funcliuu. by my l(.'?[iraoQy ; 
Sim-fl whi^D) mj nalch both lold me, toward mj 

I haTD Irtreird but two hoari*. 

DncB. O4 tbnu dis^itrmblinj,' oub t nbfxt wilt 
ihoii W, 
When lEmr? harh son'd b griulo on tby coae ? * 
Or will Turt tl^a Ihy f^R --^ quickly grow, 
That thiciu unn irip ahdll bii MiinG Dvniihroir? 
Fari?*i'll> atid tnkc lii>r ; bcit dirrci; thy fc<?t 
\V)mtp itioH nnd I hcncpfoilh tnny neirer meet, 

Vi^ My Iord» I do prohut, — 

OtjT, O, do not swear! 

Hold lillle fnilbj liiough limn hmat ton tnuch fear. 


Sm x\_\i>d For tbo Iovd of God, 4 aurgeoD ! meuI 
nno pififcutlv lo ^ir Tol'y, 

CIli. A^Tint'B [hp mallj^r? 

Km Am>. ft'oA broke coy hend nrroBi, and hAA 
giwu sir Toby a LIp'jJj c'iTe"mb too ; for ihi> loyo 
uf Gird, your help 1 1 liad r^ihcr cban fcrty pound 
I wore at home, 

OijI, Wliif bofl rlono tliid, Ml' Anflrpw? 

SiE A>'i*, The poonl'a ^nllonino, ono CcaaHo : 
Iff iDuk Eum for h coward^ Lut bt'h (Lti very devil 

DuKF. My gpiitltmnn, Cesario? ) 

Sm Awn, 'Od"i Htblinps, hero he I* I^Ton 
broke my bead for aothing \ aiiJ diat tbnl 1 did, t 
wDB Ecl irn to Jo 't by air ToLy- 

Vio. A^Tiy da you epcok to mo ? I nevCT hntt 
You draw your aword upon mo nithotit caube j 
But I btM^paki* you fair, nnd hurt you noi. 

Sm Asp, If D bloody coxr'oinb be a hurt, yOtt 
havi> hurl: nii; ; I ibiuL yipu set iirFthing by 4 bloody 
tOJlHimh- — IIiTO OtTni's air Toby, hnlEing — you 
^ball hear nioro: Lut if ho luul uoL bi^'n in dnnk. 
In? would havn tlckJcd you ofhorgatc? tbim be did. 

Efd^ .Wr TOD¥ Btilce, difttt^, kd by ttie Cluwn. 

DucF. HownoWfgetitlLTran! bowia'lwitiynu? 
SraTo, That's bII one; h'u hurt me, and ttioH*a 
llie end on^l, — Sol, did^il see Dick Mirgton, Mftf 







Clo. 0, Lti'fl dtunk, Hir Tobj* lui h^^tir a^Da^ 

Sin To. 'llu'D hp'fl a roj^e, *fler 4 poBBy-bm-' 
1UFV> luvin / 1 hjiU; n dmnkGn roffn^. 

Oli. Ahjl_v n'Lib bJmT WIjo LoLh midu iJiid 
liDTihi HiUi Ibpin^ 

Km .V_vn. I'll help jou, lir Tobj, becuse wo'U 
bf drpfi»?<t tu^h^, 

SiB To. Will jDD h^lp? — lui aHi-}jgai] and a 
L'BDlflOinb Jini] B kriDve! — alluD-fiHn'd knnvi'T a/full I 
Oli. Gi!t Uioi lo bed, ami let hid hurt Ui 
looked U- 

[^remil Clu-m, Famax, 5»> Toby, anJ 
Sir A?<xiaB«. 

8ia. J UD HiTji mjhiajD. I luTe hurt jqut 

Bui liAfI it bi'-ti Ibe Itrnthor nf rnv Llonil. 
1 niusc hjive dnac no Idm nilb irit hihJ dnR-ly, 
Ymi throw & Bltan;,-^ rpgnrd upon mc, uid bj rbat, 
I ilu ivrccJiu iL hailb oiTeuded jdu ; 

Wu made e&cL othur but au late agu. 

< AftFTi fUif-MTttti'fiftHmt'i Til Inl IjUo raadi, " avtf i 
pAtoj mr.Liurr> jHii^L~ [biTHA. IbE or old OifLTei I tfr. CcjIJtu 


DUEd, Odd fue, one voice* one liib1l,udN 

jH'fWIlft I 

A DAriiral pt^Hpiviirf ,' thnt la and it niht ] 

See. AnTDTiio ? O tiiy jl-nr Aritoniu ! 
TT'in Itqvf iliH iKiun nif^k'd AJid [ortnr'd i». 
Sliine £ lifive li»T ttu^l 

AxT- Sobutioa mc yi" ? 

tiKB. Fear's! ilmii ihaT, AnWin? 

Am, Hon h^vt j^u thaAq divE&iidi of jpdundf!— j 
An apple uJeft iu [w4i is nut n^niv t«ia 
Thru; ihrAri two ercnlurc^ Which 14 debmiBf 

Ou, Mwt nandeiful ! 

Sib. Dn 1 ilAnd there? Ineref had abn^; 
Nor DBD Ihtn- be ihiiE Av\\y in ruj itaEure^ 
Of hc^m aiLil every when.'. 1 hod a oabrr, 
Wbum ibij hlinil wi\ti>9 vid »urgp» hjire dflTonr'd? 
Of eharltv, wbiit Itia ore jou TO me' f^'o^™*-! 
WliJil i'<mfitr_vman ? s^liaL lifting* "hat pwtJi'.^?. 

Vi<^. Of MejiBaliiie: Selm'EJan nadm^Tillkf;! 
Sucb a Sebofltiuj vsa my bi»ihiv tun, 
8d vent be nLiIled U> bia vaiery tomb : 
If aplrHs ejin OMontD bclJi forjil ttnd nljti 
You LKMHi} to friglit lu, 

Skd. a Fi^rit I OED inderi: 

HnL Am in thikt dimcTiHaa ffTDwlj clbl, 
Whicb fnvi die -wDmb I did p*rticipaui. 

« rQhiiid «> ijfliiot fnltad ■■ Th* T MiUg B ntntjTi ^■wa' 

FilmiUinr Epora Id ftili apim jour cheek, 
Aft3 «T— ^riw werfomt^ drmrn^d Viola ! 
Tin, Mj failier Lnd a hioIb upon hiti Lraw, — 
Att, Aod BO bud diIdf. 

Vdp AbiI ^«I thai d9T wlieii Viola fitmi her 
lEoJ imrplii^r^il llur]ei>ii jr«i*- 

Sps. 0. lltBt rccnnl ia lively in tdj unl 1 
lie ^iificd, iruli-tid, bk mirUil not. 
Thjf ikj iLmi iDflda my slater tHrlwu Tears, 

Tiij, tf TJOLhing lot* to niikf u^ Li^jipj Lmth 
BgtdiiiiBj DUBDuliDQ uuirjp'cl Btt]n>, 
Da M mtiTAce me^ liU each timinuraiice 
Of pk», time, TortuDeH do fohpTQ and jumpi 
TkiE I ua Vuila: '"Licli ^3 ccjjjHnii, 
IllInD^ joD to a nplBJn ht Thia town, 
V/}m liff rnj nuudeu wwds; bj wbooe guntlc 

1 Hu pTBerr'd to korTB (Hb odbEc coimt ; 
All dfc oveutTMici? of aiy fnrtuTkt uifiee 
UjuLbnn WtwvcD tliia lady ■kad ibia lordr 

Sd. Sh edids it, ladj, jou Lave becii mi^toak : 

[To OuyiA. 
Sitf Bttev lo bttr biu drvw in ihai. 
Yandd bare been roatncled to a maid -. 
Vmmjtm thenla, by mj life, dutuv'd, — 
TuQBfl betitflb'd bulb to a maid and irnn. 

DeXe, Be uitBnuu'd;rigLL[iotile IB Ilia blood. — 
If ibib«Ba, B jet tbc gJau socrut true, 
1 AiL Ian ihire in ihii looal buppy W^k : — 
Bof, 1^ hut BwJ to JPD a tbi}iisiirid linji.-^, 

{Ta Viola. 
Tbd BrTpr ihduldst lore wofnim like Jo nut. 
V|i^ And all ihom BJiYHiptt HJtl T Orfir-oirCdl' ; 

AiiLib thai nrbctl contim^Dt^ die flro 
Tbir wm daj from night. 

l^^CL GjiTD tuo thj hand ; 

Tia Thn enpTAiu that did bring me fitit on 
Uiik Bj niuidV gVnieiiEi : he, ujiad Kine odtluik, 
" ri« LB dumiu^ at MaJToljo'a suit, 
Apadftoui, and foUowef of mj iodj'H. 
^ He ahoJl cnlofj^e hloi:— fetdi MoItoUo 
KiUii-r; — 
**< Jif, ilu. now T i^roomlHr nv, 
^■OiAj^paargtuiiemaii, he's much disirECL. 

VW* llr fl*|F maiden Vr4l; Fp^ vliiii rnn* i^l'p 

j^y*" 1^ p"*adj al [h* Jltpi llhr, TTicnlMlrl widi, "thj 
^"■^ . " Hrlapi l^« nLP-rlli iiil^iw.lciirii»I»UiiEU:r by 

■knltamr ouIAeu vmOi; Itftj «hiu4 peniH b Elp," 4e. 

li Almnil roTkOaa HT 

JV^ Id jLrt I. ia 1, Tl»lf VUU Ulll 

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Rf-HiC/n- Olnwn, wtfA n feier, and F^nLUfl. 

A most ertrootin/r ^ IreuEv of mine onn 
PruTn mj rRmL'ra}Fnince oluarlj baniph'd hia. — 
Hiiff di>eq he, piitiiIl ? 

Clo. Tndy, mndnm. he holdii Bi'licbiib at ibd 
AtaT^'ACvd, u iPtJ] na a man in hi^ camo nmj do: 
h'ns here mil n leTt^r In yuu, T ihunld hnvi' Rifpn 
't jou (O'daj moniliig ; but ds JLEiiadiuan's e]>iiit]c? 
nrv Du go^pola, ao it bIiIIIb not touch when thej 
an doliTtircil- 

Ou. Opea 'E, and rend JL 

Clo, Lonlt tlioii <n be nell ediSad, wli^ tbe 
fbol dflliTen the mailman ; [^Erads.^ By the Lord, 

Ou, How now! ui ihuu JDud? 

Qt.a. NOi injulikn^, t do bub rond mrulrbe^ii : ait 
jour lad_vFibip vitl have it aa iC ought to be, yon 
mial allow vox. 

Or,i- Pr'^lhe^T rand i' thj nght wits. 

Clq. Sii 1 iln, EhikdonEia ; but lo rvuil hia right 
vjla IS to read Ihua; tbcrtfoAJ p^rpund, my prin- 
ee?fi, and ^ie niTd 

Oi,T. Bead it 50U, ninnh. [To Fahiah. 

F*B, [Ifeodt.'} Bs thf Lirdy motfam. you 
tfrcmcj mt, end the *iwld ahafl tnow it .- Uioxt^h 
^tiu hive jmt nu inlo darkniat. and <fiKn yiur 
drvnken mwtm rtilif<ivrr in*f, yethavr I tli^ hraejil 
of iti]/ lenifs iM tsrff ta your iud^f^hi}'. I hota 
y-jur oiffn letl^i tA-ii iiid"c:d nw i" tiif atnTi^frncf 
I pat on .- vi/h the Ufh^h I douhf not but to da 
nftnff rn^idt rt'jht, or yii miirJt iAame. TA'nk 
of Tn# fit yo\t j^eate. I Ifave ^p duty a Uttla 
unthoufjht I'f, and ipmi out 0/ my injury. 

The madiy-vted tSAi.V0JA0. 

Oir. Did be write Uuh 7 

Clo. Aj4 madam, 

DuKB. Th]^ Bavour? not muelL of JisfrAiitioo. 

Ou, Bee bim delifur'd, Fabiui; hiin^ him 

hilhw- [Exit FiiiiA.>*s 

M.J lord, to pleau jou, tJuse things fmlhcr 

thought mi, 
To think me ita ftvll Ji Hs'er (u a v'iti, 
Orie daj ahnU crown ihe oJliiuiep eo't, bd please joii. 
Here ELl my hmas. and at mj pro]<L^r cuftl. 

XluKB. Modiun, I mn moat apt to cmbmra 
jour uffiT- — 
Your m4sl«r qnlb jan ; [7*0 Vtcl4.] ADd^ fo* 
jour Bervice done bim, — 


^ Eilriellnii t^fmt—'i T^r auiM^il A>IJCib>i -mefl-f.' ud 
Ur E'nIILti'i MBvemmnmia *■ Ai^lnDf In* ■" liQl uh- iha puiifa 
quirlr^lliy Ualnnp, tprn " Thr II mC"!" "T UlTibki " '" m tP| If piM 

iif tfml KCCatLDt T»'rrri(i-ritul of 1l|*ll "I'l," UnJ anorlirT, riiri 
bl ftLnVaDfl. vlkOTB WU1 lain dr WyirviltE, HjWPLkLnH i^lliinEi V|. 

lafii^" — iubbtc(iHli]IT In fTmT«D iiUlraulV«B opklli, lU qu^ 
ufroirlui DiDnU tLdr^bMBT/* 



~Ka^mw'aVofkw. if i^i. "thai 

n nfl M u M* pttc* flf (iifiikbiiv LD flVtrj fvLiiiru>Un 
kv^vhsv U huju Ul- 1o [b0 ItHf ohBrnlhT-, jmirb at 
lb fglHf dam ta B^ain. and the tIdHh in IUF7, F^l be 
|iV^ai«t «UL BDil H OU up Utr tid^I fpF cunVBmtLun . 
■Wv pi<t«ad«d W rkahkiD, aOHtvl ui suquMDliMicii 

■UI^BBbVOKl-" Hh WhildiV fa] it UH &BqOflDt 

ll ^ 4d ■' — ■ — 1 tb^ la Lbe InJimtimi In tSMnUm'n 


'feiK- fart ^n. nnvr. 

w 0, Fonti. nne, 7m lb hU iLl IrfE vtfDC di^Ia^kh Dtvi. 
b| f'.liJii'iTi . fiiiiln. f ha biillrD4<* tAtEi trill UJi« m* tia 
■ '"a f |»| And riiiakf ibHE iDb plpj ufiDQ mrL" 

^fictram.— vJ fUf-ii fop.] "i. Ituyfl "^ "^ lir- 

Hut Uat tba nnnMiiti mav he kEpt irsnn bf fliorci^c, 
■t M ri iQiKfcM, whUs "ther r<oali not wark." — 

m vc^ popiil&r, bring 

fiDMit ibiut havD been vcr 
■^Hiblir'i -' lUfrry ADd Ttuodoni, ' An LI. ^c^:-- 

■^ niiiM»iii 

ibkdmkkahlD duub-ran jou,'' 
^«kfl s Tvrior, tha Wbbr PdM'i " Jtcko-A-l^mtH" 


''•n If n^F funlK^ herifinnfrfl, H ■■ nn nil iye InBay. Ihr 
'^Urr FlVI'I JT' B'< <■! ^" "iFi) I'n'rin, und 'hr f«|< f-liuir 
|^>Djl4llr pqi m^ Id ra'pi u! ■ fiEnnitl CoaniBn vcrirliB) 
Jj< '"nE' ap 4i'l dnwiLf Ln bin maiLdT kilillallDii» wlkjfh 
^■Ilffa inal dkxwtiu]! ip:k^rT f)t :< banlt-tei ? t, Ihicuirh Ibe 

X^. nd Ln thr houvei nf Uu> 

II^Bickifat mljH'>4i^ri7UbT'. nd Ln thr h 
"N™* Mr. B*i||-ici1 ha^ runiLahail "p entfTBTing of una 
*U I r,^ lilt «( CluiA l^nr^ CpU'Vir, IfjJOrA i ud he 
^^Ua iLal '^Uiu rvbool unaab oiWaid Ji abQ fLruiid 
*4bi tf DOT Auckoii ToUagfiL ' fviv, flverr mAiiTu et 
T***** d4 ^riH o( bar* *t our iMhT". "n ofcrts lolF 
■H an BBunckflt al did- poDUrj lAflv, HDfl M ^Im pf iIb 
^«u tpt^rri imrrt y Ilmi, tit riycer, & pvH cf borfb. ■ 
^^ rf pvt4 lad 4 i«wv<i itt [>ar iltLiI k^diyHH ■ out 
'^tbbnd Al 4inF HziALn bur. a, elAiI b Qi^Uid uf dIb at 

1i>4lB k lutipw) 14 ha > potHuult dT 'ii>« yjuy FiMk. 

~^ '-A 4Ltt klltofaBU ImKODinmbTa btd mwb bj Ibo 
*■■■ wJ Htinj^ vtiUn uf Ibd irtHin]. Shr ■■ 

mil! U h&Tk] bwiu bum in lUi-Umi, and Ui bam ifTihiii 
Uf iuob ilJiir*|'iiliit»lt] wklnt)', tiuM ftboal L^JLO ■bnk 
wot ^uhiubirl. E'^Etild '"FJiu Mikldi? E^^nDki ot MOFJ 
MbLL <j[ Lbu EluicbiLiiu, --itb Lor n-jlk»9 m fuMi'l ■tiJtkA' 
iaEI itml u> wbflt (»iJt|xtaA, 'nLldc tvy Jnhii L>nf." Id 
[biD fonowuiff Tcar 'bo vab mndi^ tbo bemii^i! cf 11 criinedj 
by MihIiIIeiU.!! rui'l Dcikpr, cnlJi-il '"[^111 KHHijlnij IHrLtp 
1* AtbU CulpuhHi, ii. U liulJi luUlybQiaio ActIaL ui iJh 
PirtiliH'lfl^ bjitltn i'liocdbi^ l']aFare,"cD 1h* t3UB-]H|* 
ot widA UB 11 ruirjtaitu IfL in bar molu bn li il iraCBli, nwi 
"-'**'*^ UtacAi. Ab<kiiE rJiD HUtLB trroQ ibB Lild pB1un« 
U9bi 1^4!^ Oroa^ af wbri^tt cmtemi^aj the fullDiriri; U- 
(mnt ia pHurval hi a Idler from John ChunhfiHuin Tn 
»r DiKUfiy Ou-L4>UkD. diLUL FabroHf la. JfllM^'— ■■ 'Ihl* 
lut rEnThlaT AIu|[ ^VlIifNO^ & noEHirLDUB liBfqBi^ that uawl 
toao la nnuB aji|)iiriiL artd challLii^^cd Lbd GbJu dT JiWna 

riLLaaU, Wu bn»uf(bt tu tbo rbtma yUfj^, wban «llB •qrt 
iLbCrfj, ab4l ■DAiuod Tccy pflDitfluL ; bitt ib u nno* donbHd 
nbc liH ^'*'^lif' dnbk, boj^ diauvsni to h^ra Ii[Lpel'il 
of tbfvp quBiia oC HoIe tAfoh ahA cama H her ppitnaofl." 
BliAdMSii lUP, ukilbibtiidlobtTfrtBrtr.wtnit^pflLLnili 
bjherwUL for Iho FlMt-flUretmndujt La ran with wma 
wboq Eln^ClLiirlBd tho &hu|h1 ralfliniEK!, whLi^h bappfllJiKl 
Booa tfioT. 

iij Scisn Vr—Ctvm.] C/owi, ib out old playBp -u 
Ul« OBUrii^ l«rnL Ibr Uiv(i'^««, or Ih^l— ixmndrcbuadat 
er tin pLBiv. B^cnariruai LbLa meny'rovi wbji 4 m#ra 
mtm^y bqiapUn, J>JrH tW nCd •hHpoerd'i anc tn *'Ha 
WtQlcr'a'TUfl;"ora.Arawi]niH\u:, ][kG(?c«bMln"Lat^ii 
lAbuDr'i Lcubr" or B nlU; rtralDcT, vmh at LniiKou In 
"TbftTm)Grtrill*Bmfiflf V«>™ti''aiiJrjii(noohrtlh -Tha 
Merebvit oT VHttae»" aomalimaa be wiiu an "^kUoweil." 
or hued rJiHDBifke JBcTflT, lib] Tmcbriimc in "Aa Ydh 
Ulra il." LnvaLcb bi ■'All". W,ll th-t Hlnil. WtH," vni 
tte ffifhl In Lhu preHnb ^emoiiy, l^j- a ilpin^nptLiiii of the 
Bort uf omufleniErDl lite dmnntic Toola VDm Htp«rM tic 
nffohL ChaheEnployen, »ri note (S), p. JH. 

{fl) SfHyK V.—ffe MJT, *f'W flHirrW !■( .WUr r/pxjf ^itf ij 
lAtfrur^fn",] Tba doora of M>.TDra' "nd Phoriif'* bnaan 
vers ftmUabBd vUh antHmuLlHl pcHt^ ca wbii'h -"cn m-l 
up tbe rVfol auA iMo pnxiUuatiDDI. It ■i|r].i^n' l-i have 
tvoD Iba OUfblin tn PapAlnt Uw pnU vituDemr n dbv 
deaflep of tluHa elQalula t«A pliuw : thua lu " LiEuUA : " 
"EnavDihe hoB to bacoma n aisibt a>™dpT ["^tix ba ft 
VtitV or frtih p™if at hl.rliHTrtT"" And apni ul - SJHm.- 

"Or LLtuanoi ilierlfci fatv-pnti. fhoBald fUvt 
Atf fu rUi HwI Dftir ta iiooalAB Itrni'i ^Hvrur^ " 

A lioii' iiT MavLiTi' |ni>l£ nro hUU atacdiiL^ in Kuffwlah, 
wbieb, from ihu lultLnl^ T. l\ and Uw dllLa l^'^L', r, iiT« 




The ClawB roftolibly raCoH to A MK4 ecKUnon ligK, ■'Euch 

rflprWntilad two ffloli rlrlnUriff, irith Ml Iniffiprian be- 
neath dT " Wa ^rvf 1[i([gDrbpufl bo." 

■' rialr linlDD-lpLilL iEuQb lllill DHII p;Dfr«d [TDIH me, 
klllEb lOjIDnlDlho lilcEuiegr "re n-n." 

ThlboftVFamrfJ'CffUr rwr-S'HJl, ICa. 
lljaT* U mnm^cnl anb to this ivABai*. — "T^ jncitur* 
of twD firiiliu BDii IhB Lbinl looking: iiDj r<ie« nUjooBpaza 
rtlfa Uia II4D blduk liLrltiK ud mjHlfd." 

tSt SODJIS 111- — 'Ji irJoTA, Uiiii dUC in Wr/ fffHtitiliS 

tike lu/riaej /iiP«ir<y e4( *fbiiLHjd«iJ <if tiu^tUrm.) SirAu- 

dnv 'd oobuueLiiialiva ulti loaLiaiJoDDuCLfa* mHtiibrbD- 
bffriaba ii«DiDpliihiiini> of (lia mttUwt H^ovctlc ^uurs 
<^ kba tistAAlb uid nemibBflai^i ««i|DrtH, We la; tho 
nB^ fDr»iTlttwubdlnrlhqbliJtrliiDCIaituarihB]parlLiil 
u&unlED^ Cd tbd W«^] riBuOaHtluD vjueiM iiy Hr. 
]>ouoi!, iLlai>vM«eLLhfe^iiiUM Foal'inUiDg'iUiiiDblwnj 
Uiini Hurv vuwB* ris|irv*(, vvi tlmt Uie Ont-akn jHlar 
of a mynl or nubl? fdmJy imnlnii a» IDuch ftbc* bi> 
brutbor cloWii nf rlna &Hui.iifl fcJit, u nielenillnghiBtrtaD 
□T Ik Umi3iA (Jio^Ire lopa ihs puar mrbt nhit sLtuIa uid 
froC* bSfl hour upon the Anffcikt a mniiCr} fnir; " \ lOnT- 
thI/' npa MiJtdIjci, "ihot Jiriir JA'l:riihk|iUikis ^li^llf^lt in 
ton ft bofniD ntvol ; I ■&*' him jnit liuwa the ulh^ dmf 
iHUi AD mllTury fcol^ that hki do mom bmliu Lhui « 
■fanL'' All otoiriu van UFiahle., duru cir ]r-E<, cJ Lbe 
httin if lamtfcfn mii^ oaMia jirfcrtical mn iTinuDt vluch thur 
toavun HoBDvl ; hut tiw. pmhitbly, hjkil BuilicJaui loror- 
raHlinn, ni>l To nv iHUTiiTij/, Eo y^mLj^ EbcJr iltiouuna 
W^\^\ Lhii niH)ck Liniilitmn onii CEiD dDDli-hnB of VliiDaUnl 
p^liiiBDjibj GibihiUHl br EJiu;Bi1tfn uf " TVnll'th Mi^ht" 
OQil " Ab Yiiik Like It i" odlI &UU] tbviD ULf mduotDg 
AJEmittiii^ ft flDDCiblD Lnt«rpniLiitLiHi Uiiiil ^lot, c( QuaiR, 
ba iKrhvl fiH ; tbuu^fa ■.idvi.LiUt- iio-f W trV4i4 kn 
Uwm Kbirlt baoia n tlutu utboilT Lo iLe l^anlAtCur al- 
(rtn^pmcA AD't viLi^ (oi]c«Li of hnh^lflL^L l^ie lOuErfl, 
hdWDVDr. of Uudr iham aMLentlfiameiiii h or nn itnrllnr 
dila thv] tfic mDHDF'e oT thn enat Fnanh siiJiiaL Tha 
Unit hnnVn cdlLSon of IhnL 1* urk lb dnliid lfiS2, buL lu thu 
ll)irar)-cir M. 'la JJim <l\in fuun^t Lwu lUDn aiKidanL Lhonifh 
HTl'lnl.'^L IlidttH, ciiUirk-J "i" L*J6Jriyu*nifl Cfiri-j;«'i[«a," 
W^'la hftV4 iDa«:li o^ Lhu lAt^uJiaT huEooor, Tbs hiitM')' 
of Ganmrjturi, a^ nn HiuiHnhni]* gibnt, ma well knnoii too 
U Ef^ilflDil dni'ln^ like ■Lilufoth nninirT, tbDntijh thn 
igBuBoi Feletioq to him ffonliunn ncChiU^ at Ihe luiiuHh^ 
riudOBilbUdalndul^r^l In b; Ein^t'Li^iq >liiL thabi|u.rjr|Aia 
Id quvUiv- A i^uhiw povtaijkmH to it uu; bn L]etecE#J 
In lome pv1> oT Uic POBQH of B^iborL Iwoj-Ejini, ' ' Tht< 
TiBDd Uld CjsbiI or nnoB I'lOuflhlUBD : " iUilI ItH-rfl m 
viUuit agenuiita aTioduieii ^ the "tfiidUiojE fnfilLnr" Cor 
■hicb the clown* of ShjikrepcUv iCaDd ikDnlrillal, In Ihfl 
TOrTQ of A moolf vrmikti, in a maa^Lxcnpl or tha nnccnlli 
nadtury, inavEvnl Jii ■■■eAiJ'nulAv'Uhfvjf at£<llDba;shi 
whli^i wiLb eUicff butloai] im of the ^uco utA n'sa prmted 
In lAtl b7 Hr, T. Wjifilit. lU Uw JUv^d Jxfijvd, 
Vol. r, r^k. J>^— Mr Oae »tmot Om Una eHudoa, witb 
tits ortEiaijjDlihr pertlj modfinlied. WiU untj no TBri' 
inipcrTi'i^i. Dotion i>r Iha diKm'i "endaaaronhog" wIul 
Blr Ttibr uiil lili coni^iuihiD Indjrbt :— " Why bnpeot 
llum jiel, (or FtiDEhi that tbem nLood onca Ik ooohf DD 
SL hi]} ltBa|jla lEJjk, BDiI diW up the Elmnula oE btfl 
bnBflhT tlu4 irhjiLHl lliuii IhBLT by till thu EUur-duclon 
uf Wynsbflrv hj Has , thnl, la to niiy, VurUui, tlfltlutr^ u*, 
TWroUVpUldDaJ}! Ti-yuibi-'eL s ^e ^ U ktIi r<jur ilo>^ Uin any, 
Uut thare wu nitn pEj i-Ul wifn had n v>r.klo hcr bod; □□il 
hakiolia! ouE of an old deTD>04<ld, nnd vbtdoiI andcbiLrgod 
\3mX tm miin nhoulil be ai> hunt,? neitbor V> rlile nar to ^ 
Dfl ftt. PuiL ■Uicl>lc tup but If'bo nKlki uO ■ tbree-lbaLod 
■baol, or alaQ Lhiit ba biui^hl Mlh him % ^tdjnuiL of bit 

Difnk, and Fd the Iflwrl InUmnd lof^dD wvql 
mat aeraD o^na i>{ Eud betwilt Dovar aod ^di^ 

Towwof LhiiiiIod unto tha Tower oT Rabjlofij vA. Mhi 
WDDt bf thEi way, ha bad a Toul (hH, ami he faO itl>ira ■! 
thtt ctetla oT Dovu laUf & khh] pot. ami hnbQ both Ui 
tbiiu, Thanof camo (ripiiicif Id ijv ^JOf *^ Qccm, 
l]jatitl]p«^4« which DkLiriLtDot liiflillr Aiua te tba F^ip 
d" Saliabarr, buL the fui ao-l Uib j^y lunToAlf ahoaU 
□ny flT «U Iba oliE kboA^oha ibat ban nBaUd lb t^ 
Uiib'« nijah on &iurda.j-," 

<&} Bcierilll.— r^dtf flobA^fV TlMihcn] Id' 
^ibvi, the notei ol whtcih WD A|]pi!i]d. the fun moi 
iLa drb bainj; » EiruLrirkd Ehll auh *Lti^r ID tUTD 
bia EODOW .Ciiii4'r. 

Ueld Ihj 

ilazid I pri-Lti» bold Ikr 


Hnldl^LpOim lhDUH»r 

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nrtboDMlAUkdiir/'^-B-AdKHTaivrii^L buiMr Cli^frflj 
Enr<inn5iui Uut "UurenHtwr tuD«a under tljetiaiVi 
Inbb an did ■• BbaJrvinmi'B Ipiu*, The irM h 
/'f^ii-Aavun la William DbIIuL'b LuIo Iktok. nod iipT 
bp 9ir JoliD Uawkma oa Un ludV quoliid ia Iho LOiL |&* ' 
tba rannwpi G«lLtJI9lr1 ' UillQ IVf^Ke uf ltf«i>i>' ■€» 
ol Ilia tt4>« Id a Dianil^tfint bj Ulr, Dull, which (mH4 
n part of Dr, I^Hach'B, ODailWvftllb of I>r. tUU^HV^ 

[B) SCflJ*! ni Tfiri' ^TTV mm it w".J Ttla «m 1" 

TMniinDBd In l>«la'B "Old Wivt^ TbId," liM. AkUn 
FrDtU^ and FniiliuLiijka, thnia vlrontum^, v« J^ui 
iivood 1a lbe DkytiL. ui<] Autkkg ny> " 1*L w nhoMi 
till old pro«rb: — 

'" Tlim nerrla larfl, and Hina narla Hag 
Ai\0 Vtrt iBurla BIT) be «*« r 
I le thu vueiL bd J LI^bd bj Lka |tmmd, 
AaOJifkailH^ Id IDaUcB."' 

Tlia burdoDbelo^Ji JDvbil itnil pnjnikroDB,l>» 
quoted by Lhc old plBt-wn^bLa. For the TqDfl iJw mdr 

V<lL J, II, Tilfl- 

given aiuffloiaBt ^nij|fl iVul I p L^I'i "i JJnUnfi-fltrl 
iju Ik mi Hup burdoa, "lady, Ifiity.*' Tti a linuaoAqf* 
•oryad Ifl tba RnlrbnTfthe «oUe<]lii<n, it u fafedwl, "U 
OHlWnt BiUlEul InUtulcid. rj^'CnuEa-n oreuHBU T*j 
ID aradlnit Hw tme," A " InlEttld i^r Ui*|wdJji 
aLul* wjH QuHiniB,^' vaa QoUnd on Lb4 bow rfi 
Stoiiobflia' Oobtpuy iw tuly ai l&n^ and « pby n i 
wne auhject wnapnnudta 1&7B. 

(7t Siren in,— RifwfU, d>a>- A«a^ nW* / -^ hvJ>1 
t« tfHwr] Tb* baJlud i^rerwL Lu is Uu out* bi |- 3lj, a 
pFinted by Pflrer, (IMkUoB^ I. !M£,I Avm an un«l 
DtlaiullnnT'i eDtttloil "ThB ^IdoD QuUnd ot MMIj 


n^BOBi IV,— 

Tv WHp tlunf] 

Ck iB^T^i^ tbfl DnkB^ dBHTilitlOD of Hut "uUqiia 
1^" b bmrd IHC Bii-fat, wiLh Ehi,i t^r^Ad. fJM diflteebEW 
mmnrikJBt* u totw^ hupdEu dut ib* knvwuHi 
JDHfaZniB vd DDi Uke origiimi kdh iDtaudad ^ thei 

Rlljuynn, iadtid. Id Imi* bfl«i Oia pririli^ of 
■tH-^nPslj, •hurrtr tha Iniwai uf Lbt Kcrtn 

■■hlHltfymHl In vdroJJ drAinu, lnBl«4i4 of (Lvlfinlfl 
iTikdhJ, aflrlj KiHicQ diraccloD, "A Song,'' ur "Ho 

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U the buib.'— ^H'o^v^T^Mr »t<^ Sin Jodk BiUHEtDir, 
f, 108,"— H-ujwiiLu 

rtdiUm oT Mt Idriil wvicp not DDHiiiunoiL Ld ^b&kubive^A 
tmiB, oDil uTonl euDtiJai b» yuuLad by Hr. HuniiraU. 
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abo^Ti thy b Itunilie'l euimplca. tic Auu-nr haa BrEdansd 
<jUM >" i^^^Eii E iLLMflrBhin from ' 'Thu tbllnlD of 1 1 iliiiaue^" 
by William TulBiKhl, l^firj : "A ntajW^MJlt lnXnidK mui* 
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highnH : u «^l in apo4cbc bi ID writLng. 

fiw. H^ri. G Elf, a. 


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m t^mr avtk rapkintliU. or tecb. rrDai:iB Vn-t>n">, b 
ndA»id^ Soiaia.laba I6BIL, p. 71. Dtw»TH^ "NffI 
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•th. Drjrtaf tbA iVM pcriH anri thu 
Mi •• la^ baa ■muBl otbar mcHJiia uE 
I «r vhiA ib mr bo TTortb *rhDu to 

mffabmii at rrnni— r^i^ id Cbnuevr* 

ban ■rLflcitiiABT f Hie or HBtfT)' mlim 

Ai ElJI lapujiDHoriUftavinlUiv, 
And p^ajiifnUrc^Miiaavdia^r'^fi 

Of *liL(1llH4lt QVllirllniwiaJpLiiii.'' 

WUuu ufpQUMli lirok ptaw at c}]iin;JLH j-tDir> ww* hIm 
iQ[fln!l«in((eJ, Ai-iMPiitfr l-i Uio riiual yf ibe GiMk 
dlUmh, ttte |irlv<t flmt iJ»cvil the rinci ob Iho Upgert rf 
Uh IditlflA wbo mElcnEarJA UEhikbgiiJ tllClt. SooibUidhb 
tbv inui oo]v oa'^ a rdb^. * ' * 

[Tr Tbu kiM Tluil. <n.i nntuBllr aWaa. Wbn Uib 
cflTi'mnuTtoib pUoe nt chiffntt tin* ImlF ^ oaorta wlii- 
dniir ih'^ tgLI n-^diib «■« lunullji voFD tm llw ovulon; 
i°b{-ii LiinriiRli^, Lbn diinUoff of baolUv menUly rolloTfHt. 

Ill- 'iuu JciLitini! cT bimlli Thit iimtaaHyulvi la br 

IV The UaLimcay uT wilQCMtM- Tbjlt hiT tbe yristt 
aloRO L^u |!i.iL«Jiill> iiilSLif nt, tbc^tbrb wn otlxn Roi muiy 
■jHu^i (tftPiina >llcriHiLn|T Llir] DDmnnny. Tfac iinjnia 'UlBte 
Ivrnrahim/ ad 'ba ithii11 ^i-JiK^aiJ U,' Uj Oli*tB'ii ■p«dfa, 
BuffidEnLl; domunjIjiLloUiBtbullVliiuig uui DUL muTdt^ 
b. iciU'UdMi fiT bl [be latlflf Elio jfrHooca uf Lbn priBal 
HFitrjii w.pllIiJ Bat b&ni lul&iieiL In lalir UnHV, *BfiCUeillB is 
tba ehurah Kero crfLan pmJdUred to Fmocfl, boaow 
iiiaUDi-H]4 fniiuDdtl^ iKtijirwl where UiB pBrtinl, ni]ylnj[ 
ua Ibu LrriUuK^ny kE tlie F"^^ aoniplH] ut K Uvi 
tageiher m rrmn nnd wife : vhlch nvn tIh to mu^ 
■landal Dnd diBdtdv. "— DULHiffa /tf M lr*to'ir t}^ JWt- 
jprarf. I. loo— lia 

|9» tlClXE I,— [r^-f.^USol/ vu<uadHltlEfa0i^&^.] Jl 
id to Lb icftnrtuxl, p«rba^, tlii^L llua " naDBOTUlGal illl^, H 
BLeBTCDi lormi tCn^iu not livtiD lunuHibOtf detrnded tDlbd 
foot-ihitH. It i>ii> «L-idBJ]lLy tia« ufiiwmo^ra, vitliirUcfc 
itwutbe nirifi funom i>f tlm C^pwd to nntkfy tbo gnmiil' 
Uj]^ upm [he rDDirlufilaii of a pW- liUM ibHrd WAD- 
I»Qi^tioci, iDtOLdni Dill; u & vaU<^ br ba0Acii4i7» ^nn 
Qiu&Hy imprrMjntlaD^ of tba nlww-, iBtfpul U joaia 
popuJiLT tuvllaij- luirdoD— or tbe Ont Um « (viHB bb^ 
BEning tu^ctli^r in ludlDrDUa JuiUpoAlDD. at UjB vud of 
unb of irEii:^, cLo pvrrunDiiT iocld^ in BdfW 0riMH*. 
Dad a KiuUtque tort uf "Juiol. Jim Cp**" duwc. Of 
IbwU "coDBDiiBe iDD^," no LaiJ fiHEEDCrL) pn^ACTvod |bmB 
tt iitiit ijiorfaDnnB, Liit Ibf/ ban imrirhiDataly pit 
Bi iKlaid , 


4- ^ ij ft^s--:3 '-.j'^i yf a rtn^ 

— . -^ Li : = r-=. 4^^»'::im2 i LarjeJ 

T : . ^r ; 7. z£^ T-icv I oiahf aJl 

:i -;_i; li -^ ^"^""'^ sitia ofth* 

- ~ . 1= —"_■■ -u.L.>w d die pediBtiii 
. -=- -^:-i »— » iza» if ;tatt*ii* 
-^9 r^K ^r9> mam m idainUt 

TUT"™ -Jui — : •^'"■i- Hu un onid 

~ _ i- -ni . T-j_.-??_ ^>riti?g ^T.::tiTif 

^ — ' 1 ^" ■^ :- '?ir'--r:Lir!T rrrttbB 
■ ', _ — :, - -^—~ z~ :T-i~'.^-^ iflcripti^D w 

_ : _' "■-, ' —: i: :' ".;-' ini;,v. J'^f^J" '' 
^^ -^ _ - ; -:: ---^---i T. t:..-! x:- i^r; ,-ai:- .; :t are flr.tJ 



The finT i?ililioii of Lhi& pTay koowa, is tbaL of Uia fulio 1 1133. It in jcnvnlly Hipposfd to bo 
tJAfubi^'-frmfrj tftfi^.,"' sonic^hot modiRed nnil imprijvril bj Shnlii^pcBrB, nhiah in enrrTLil 
a HeiUiluvc'^ ilinrj aa fiivt bl'UnI nii Ehi; !tn] of Mflii'Tii 1^01-Si aad to n^iti'h Noah jJIwk'-s 
iD^ 'i^/nv Pfutiilfiae, hit St'py^icatinn /o ihi^ DcvU," IS&'i: — " Hdw wodLiI it buiv joj'd 
Wm T^Jbcit (iHe terror o( iho Fr<Jnpli) lo Uiinku ilinl after In? liail Ijna twn humli'dl ytaiu 
Ui looJv. lie pIkmJiJ Iriuuiph igiiino un Iho HLngt* und Iuvd TkUi boiua iiuw cmtrfiEiiinl wirli 
iVb qT Eflb thmMnd apcctolora at levC, (jlI n^vcrall tinin,) ttho, in iha tragnlinn ibal 
lU Jiis penin, irn^iginf thi^y hc1u>ld liim fn-th blopiling." Thi4 npinion UMj howprer, 
■(rvnaoEialj impugni^d by Mr, Ki>]gh(. ia hia abk " Eiuy on iho Thi\'i> Fitrii of Xing 
VI, lUid KiD^ ItirknrU HI.," wherein he nrtemfii lu shon', Ttial the preHnL driiiDa, 
*eU u ilic [wo fun^ of ilie " Cantenlion bvtwixt ilio two laiuoua houat'a of Vorke md 
I^DiM't," which Motono hns heoD oi aiich infiiiiuj paina to prote lLq worka uf culier writflm, 
"* *b«Q; the pn^idclinn* of fihskcipeiire. 

TV mbfwE is of titrerni< dlllicuUy, Aiid omr tipdn wKkh tliero will rIw^jh be a ujnfliet 
iv spiiuai. ?Dr nur awn part* wa can do moni agrro witli Mr. Kiiigfat ia asoribing Uie pieflo 
t>*^ iiA Mtli'lj? In ShaliOHpoDfo, thou witji Maltme in tho itUippt Ui dmpoU him of Iha tiro 
IVH ijf llm " Captpntiou," To hh, ia iho ftn^Ktit p]av, iha hand of tlio grtat Mauler la 
JXiIj HBUDBlly penwpLililtr ; whilp In rhti " ContonliiJii/' it id iinmi^lnkAdily vhMe in nmrlj 
fiMBT m». The f'lmit'r uvt jirobubly an i-nily [iln^ of oonie infcrikkr anthor, whi^^h ho 
pV^ n-amicUnl i Eiia Iftlltr uppcon to hava bccu hia RrifL idrpratuiii of 4 mora importwit 
iniflBliiin, porhape bj Marlowo, Grtmrio, and PocId, whiidi hu nuhBoi^oi'iilly ru-mvUi) to- 
^Itnl, and divided, aa it aou- appi^ata, into whfrl oro vsU-rd iho ScDoml and Third FoHb 


||(isims 'gt^xtuJdti. 

Kiva BrnftT TL 

Dms cp/ GLDVOBnnt, Ujvde ro Ae Kin^ and FnteOar. 

l>DRfl ^ BiDiDKS, C'ncle (<j ^« Eio^ and Ar^enJ 4^ FjUKCk 

Thoiuh BiAQiVBT, Z>Hb£ p/ Eutcr, Ortat T7iktle to Ute Riiie; 

HiviT BuDTOET, Gnai Uv^ to rAc King, BUKop 0/ Wiccheala, wtd ^ftttvarJa 

Jonn BKiErroHT, Sari t^ Somerset, oftennardM I>ake. 

ErdHABD PLAvrkaatt. Eldai Sc* 0/ Richud, U^* Sari of CuDbcidge ; t^/tnon^ 

ZbJ* 0/ Yoit- 
£abl □/ Waivioe. 


Loud TjlLEOT, i^lrnparda Sari of ghrwibnTy. 
EoiinrrD Mohtihhb, Soui «f Mmirh, 
Sir JoBH PjiBMLf t 

fiif WiLTjiir LtcT' 


Air Thdhab Gahqbate. 

Haror a/ LoncJon- 

WoonviLLi, £vir£eiuAl □/ (Ar Tover- 

Vemqit, Iff On While BobBt or York /Mfwn. 

Bahet, ^ At Bed Bosa, vr Idctcuter /KfJoiw 

A I*ifjfir- 

MortiiiLei'i Rnper^ 

CtUBXiHi i^upAi'n, q/lfviMn^ fiti^ ^ FiuGa. 
BiiaEiiiii, Didct of Anjou, and lirufor fin^ 0/ I^i^pl 

DciE (/ AtjKVOQV, 

Butud ^ OrleajUr 

flovemor <^ Pwii. 

Geaeral o/ fi^ FrtJich Forvs a Bauideaiu. 

MBBler-GLinDer of OrleazUf ow' Aid SdU' 

A Preiicb Sorgucb. 

A PDiter, 

An old Shepliad, fvAtF fa Joao In Pucellfr 

JdutoAbzT, i>a4i^4f«r (o Bagniu; n^/tflrwrdr iHn->Ht b Kug llmj. 

OoDiiTBBa of AvTXBarriL 

Jdah la PdckllIj covmortlii OMiUd Jam uT An:. 

ZotJi, Wnrtfcn (/ tU Towa; fftraiJi. C^ctn, Soldutt. J/wAj^cn. amd varioM 
Aitfudanti ImPt en At Pnglinh oniJ FreDch, Pie'tdt appearing (« La l-^icella. 

BCUNlf,— ForUy 1* lln^^liuul^ tmd parilt in Fiaucs. 


tf t ■j' V <v V ? ^' V ^ 9 V « 




SCEXE T.—Wiwdninalpr Abboj, 

fArfft^, 7%f aitTjjr o/Knia Hrsot the 

BH^yfAiDt-ffE'l o/EhI-FOBPh dLDUCEBTRa. 

'f"J lliBrRn i rV Eaol fpf" W*awjca ; (A* 

Wti. Ilifnu be llip h™¥oiu *ith l>J4ck,n) yloM 
ii< I.. ilI^Ili! 
i'ii|iipriiii;^ i'Ilbii^ of timcB and sEaLtd, 
jlW] TrHir i-i^Valol [nvMe m the sky, 

■ i>n;dinitAl ' unto lli-nrj-'i i!-!iilh ! 
- . lii.„iy iIm liflk too EuDDUB hr Jivt li^uj; [ 
KofkiJ np'vr lu^t Ji kiig oF mi ihul^i wuriL 

vu- Ea^Und ncW hud ■ king unlit bLfl time, 
ftflv be had. dcKnltig 1u cominarii] ; 
Ea \naAuhrd sword tlid bliad owu vtlh hii 

Bm vhm rprrwl wider tlian a Ampion'a nirtga ; 
\Hiy rpa/klinfr ?»•», r^ltEe wilh wnitifiil lire, 
Uaf dacikd juh) drava bg».'k. liia aiiQiiu», 

Than QiLd-iljij niji, Rpmr bent ngELiDitt tbeir laf^i^. 
Whpt *boii[r| I 5;iy? hi» <1«h1b elL-^'trf oil H|>t<*!l : 
Ho ne'er Yiti up Ha Uflnd but conqm-'ied, 

K\t. Wo moura in hUiik, *rhj uunim hd dDC 
in blowl ? 
Henry is Jcml, nnil ru'Ver pTi4vI1 mivfl : 
Upriii a wn'>;1eii fiofllu "P EUtcnd ; 
And dpAth^i diriliunoiirablD victory 
\Vo nJLh our ulnrfly pnwi^ji™ gloiify, 
Liko eapEJvea botind to n iniiin|ihjiiil cur. 
What I Qtioll we csitw tlie plapeH of miahapi 
TliaL ]}]iillcd ibad uur glur^'a OTt^iihruW ? 
Or»biiIl w(! UiLhk Ujit aiib».la- willful Frcnob 
ConjunM3 ELU'l sorfrrcrs, iJial, ufnid nf him, 
fij niBgii- Trrflea bA»e c<mtriv'd bin ond ? l2> 

Wt->. Hk woa a \lug blsaa'd of tbd King dF 
rnlo tbp Fivnrb the dnwlfn' judgm'-nt-diij 
Sj druoitful will rioi hi>. nn wos hin aifrh:. 
The IkntLk'd ulthc Lord nf bo^EB he Ibnght: 
Thi- churrh'fl ]tnijt'i* made him wt ^inn^roaa. 

Qlo, The chncTih ! nlieni le iL? Hod nut 
ehuTcbinr'n pmyd, 
HiA thread uf life hiid not sa raoa dccay'd : 



'4 ■ ': -i-' 'IE u -aeoniuir priDtt. 
■3^ - 'I'.^'upjr. -MI 3i»T <irer-4««. 

-T-T. --i^iic -r T"? jke, tbon v( pco- 
' r. 
«L?4 ^j=;-iu ■ 1 -r'.-y^ iad rmlm. 

ic -t — i^ifQ, ^ "hija lor'at the 

..'■■■]^-:'"^r '»- ■■'■ar 'o L'hareli ihougo'fll, 
T-^ -1^- .ifaisft -Jiff JvA 

J-.'. -fc*t ■Qir*' ;nr** tod rest joiir 

.^: t.i^r — ''jrraiJ.-. ^aft ►Hins: — ' 
->^.kb J -ML. -v T -inc in •jia anoif 
-k.1 9 . Hii 'stt, Tvw -nil SfBTj^a AatA. — 

-4- . "ail T fTTTche-i IPBTS. 

A!kr -TwiRT^' 3Hfi9(' «rf«. bubefl HhiJT 
-t-A - 

■ fa lT" ^il".?^ I "Tiicaw ; 
'*^., -f -*,:»i^ \i--" t -T-'in »:iTiI broil-*! 
'ix* . ■ ^-■.'^- 'tji'^J? "--T TTw beavoDs! 
• ..■- .■,-■■»?■ 'iUi- 'ii " ?*-'iJ ^ill motp^ 

'i4. ' ■ ^L.-wftfTmc. 

■ L ^ ,-^-^ ■/■wLLi^ !>' ii: Hi:ii:c> l»t. 

* -UL ^' ^ J'-'!- T-jr*!' More iIfaJ 

■^K^.-. *...'. » "' *« Ji -;>'*' ;^^" t''"n* 

.; . , ...,.»<' ^ S^Hwa ji^JoJ up^ 

,^_, .... .*-k:ri ■-' ' .V iji!'. Lg'^Ml. 

^ ^ ^.H^ ^- —•i ^..'*' ■' '" ■'^■"■v tiioKinelil the 

X. k, - <^-,T. 'K-' j.*iT -W treaoherriraa 

' ^ . rmooejr. 

l,^ V i*-,n.'Ki''. ^J "il!^ ''*' "^l* ""^^ 

.^ , , „ h ».'■ »*»^«: tk-Mu^ : 

',. <- ■- '-: *■ - *»^' *^ -=^ ■■-■:*^ "^^ = 
'^ " , \y ,» *. V:i »*nuih wing*; 

. -^ ^_ ',„ . *^ w«.-4 ?.'"v lb* IriT ba* 
' "- '" ■■ ' ^.,^ ^' ,: -f#i;.-: II FvT'V vbirh 

A lUniinaD" thinta, in(hODt Fipenaetltn, 
Br gnileAd fiiir wioih. peac? luaj- be obluu'd, 
AviLt- airakf^ English nabiiitj ! 
Lcl not ilotW dim rour bonoura^ Ticw-b^ui ; 
Cropped art Iho flwr^r-de-lnoe* in jonr arm : 
Of EagTaoil'a cow <mo half it cut airaj. 

EiE. WeT? oar ieai9 HBriliDg to ihia fiiHnl, 
These tidinga «ouM c«ll ^h b«r fio«]iigli^ 

Bed. ?t(fl ibej cantwrn : reg^t J ta d 

Gife mc nij »t«l«J coal! Ill fiij^lit fbrFnok— 
Awmy wilb thew disi^nu'efill wHiling roba] 
Woundfl I inll lend tbo Frobcb, ImteDd of fth. 
To ire^ tlwir intcnnLvivc misenH' 

KutfT a vr^at! Mi^aacngcr. 

2 Mrh. LnrJa, tivw ihcH letters. Full ti Ui 

liYonn it rerolrcd rn^ni tbe Englisb ^uire. 
Eicept Bomo peTtj (omis af do impnri: 
The Dauphin Cbarlei^ i^ (rowncd king m Bbeiiv 
The bitArAni of Orleaaa viih him vt jnia'J ; 
Rcignicr.f dntc of Anjim, dorh take hU pifl; 
Tho duke of A]i?n^n flieth Id bis &idr. 

KxE. 'Ilie Ddiipbin ecovntd kio^ 1 all l> t 
luni ! 
O, whilher shall we flj from This repr«cb * 

Glo. "Wo \rill not flj, but to om cw*e 
thrDatfl : — 
Bedford, if thou be alack, I'llligb; it out. 

Ban. Qlofltcr, why donl>l>t thoa nf nyb' 
An nmiy havn I mustcr'd in mj ihoogbla, 
^Vhcrewilh alrcodj Frflace ia o^cr-run. 

EtUer rt third M«4wngcr. 

3 Mrss. Mj grncioUB lorda. — to adil lo rO 
^Vhptewiih ^ounowbcdevkiagKpnrr^Bkw,' 
I must inlbnd jroii of a iliamol ligbC, 
BetftHit the stout k»nl Talbot and the Fre«h. 

Win, What! wbcroin Talbot ovcreamc? n 
3D? [ihnun 

3 Mjiss. O. no ; whprolu Lord Talbot iru o> 
The eircumslajice I'll tell jou more at Iiive, 
The tenth of Aiiguat last, this dreadful low, 
Retiring from rho siego of Orleans 
Having full scarco six thoUNind in hia troop. 

(■] Fi»l rollDH^mLU, nail. 

(ft EJldrriL Srf-U' 

' OibrliTliE 1 MiliincEar>FeLJTPdrb]t rhr bliik imV fn 

■fafl truiierllwr'i i^r »iLiiHkill ad Lr>bil|ij m i|<«l|»b^ tht im 
Jcbninn -ould All n i,p -Lili "Drnjilei;" alula llr. Cv\'f 
WUMtklDfiradi. -Cuitapt-" 

' mm Hiff* fbrta, iDinlJ Thb lint l< Ini-vnliEi t«lM' 
■■ WkU ^al Ibthi. Du, btTdr* dA*4 Hcpet'i «fH r" 




Bj Ikne iif;d tmoity ihouAand of tht Fi«aci1i 

Wii iniinil fliHiitDip&Hsd anil hvt ii]n>n : 

NuluBQR bail be to oirmDk hismt'n ; 

En onlfd plLa lo >c4 btfor? Iiid Biuhns : 

bdad *rhcn?4>F, a)iaqi aUIg?, pluck 'J cut of 

nn piuhcd in the ^rouTiil cunfusoiUy, 
Tvliffi ibc bujpquDn (dF from brtakin^ in. 

ffbnTiJiabt TaIIkjI, a^iUTQ hiunoji l^uujjjhtt 
AtOtA HUadcJH wilh tu-< rwanl ud ItiniVn 
SioAvdi ba HDt to lioU, And CEina dunL aUnJ 

Hm^lhg*, ucA CTgTj ■■bpreT carag^d buADiT!" 

IVFWch t^Mum'd, the devil njia in ums- 
AC die hLdIb uiDV >twhl jxgu'd on him : 
HtnUio^ ^jing liin iindfliiiilfd Fpinf, 
IT^bvl' ■ Tsllu^i I criod oul vmoin, 
Ind miL'd iuLo the bon^lt of ihc batllo. 
Ha* had the 4:Diiqiie9] fuCLj b«CD Hsl'd qp, 
Unr Jthn F>db>Ubi' hod not p1ii_v^d tbo cnward : 
flebfloi^in lh« t«*iuil/ (ploc'cf botind, 
Wlkpupoifl to »li«Tc Dikd rolEfiK' Ibenip) 
Cnii^f Aod. DDt having tliuck qdi; ititiLfld 
Bbeb cmr Ihc ^nenl wrock oniF moFAaore ; 
UoH wen ibf'j with Ibeir c'n^zmi'.'i : 
AhuO WftlLoifn. l^ «iji liiv DaLiphiii^B Ffrace, 
TkfHlTtJbol with B ±poju into tbi: bimk . 
Irkn ill Fnnce, nilh tbcir ebitf (UHomblcd 


Dh vA pKBumc to bmli oan in Llie &ioe. 

It TolboE iloui ? Ihtu I will eUj icjwtf^ 
liibg idlj here in pomp and raw. 
iDeb ■ wnrthj Eoftdilr^ iraDtiliff kA, 
IJnWdiflluJ fiK-mi'n i.'h Mrnj'd, 

3 Hmm- O no, (]<■ livej i liul ia look pnsonert 
Ukd ScsJn with him. iml Ion! {I Lmgcrf[>rd : 
HaNDTrhs mt ilou^rhl^r^d, or Look, llkewtBB. 
Uni. Hit nuuoni thsre id adoo but I ehuH 
El biJ? tbb' DbnpbiD headlong from bi-t tbrcns^' — 
S*aiivn ihall be cliH nutAora of m j ^end; 
Fi«<if (heir brrd^ T 'U cbongn for ono of mm^ — 
!vvwi^, mj mBBl?n ; to axj taak will I \ 
BfvfrH in Fmoce loithvitb 1 un lo m&ke, 
Tibif ear great Huat Otoigv'fl da^t wiiboJ ; 
tmftaaVBa w>1<li<!n wiib mi^ I will fake, 
^^^ Mv>(i\- deedi ■boll taofce nil t:un>|w qnolo. 
3 Wpm^ So joii bad need ; lor Orlejina u be- 
wpg'd ( 
TW EnfUtb 4JinT u DTDirD wpak aad faint i 
TWftil tf fiiJiibuTj rmvcfh siippiy, 
iMWiDj kee|« hu mvu fiom mijiioj, 


(1) OU IaiIh FUlttfi. 

■tiB«t^] Sqnr CdLbrn, parbl|W llEhC^T. 1^*^ -Vf-a^wJ 

' d,-]TkrrvlJfa[ui,Hgd. UHiBiktwriHt'd, -OiiE L>i>bilan< 
,4hi«Mm 1^ bavl'i tgrd I unl Mr Cutlwi*! umD- 

Sinrn Cbe<rf u fnWi walob Bdab b mnlliLudn. 

Eia, lltmrrabCT-, iDidfl, joUr ootha to Henry 
Bwom : 
Eilh4?r To quoTl i}te DDnphin utt^rlj^ 
Or hrjjig him in obtidiciire to jour jokn. [Inrat 

Hsd. I da ivnufmlicr it; and bcre toko tej 
To go About mj pn^purmTlon. [Snt. 

Olo. I'll lo [he TowHf rt kh Jl ib<i baale I cnu, 
To r\c« tho BTtdk'ry and muiiitivu ; 
And [hen 1 wiiJ proobira joung Hewr king- 


Ktm. To EllhfiA y\\\ J, flisn the joiing king 

J^cin^ ordained hie HpctiAl govocnot ; 
And fot his saXety there I'll hdst dp^iao, [SxU. 
M'lN. Eai'h hatlj his pioctr niid fnuctiuu to 
Dtl«[]d : 
1 mn loft out ; ht mo nothing n'nininii. 
Bat long 1 vill not ba Jock-out-oF-oAke ; 
Tha king from ElLham I intend lo Atvol," 
AnJ flit at riiinfiwt flLam of puhlii? weol. f^J^ 

SOETiE IT.— France. Bejhrr Orl^inB. 
Fhiiriih. Entar Cd^BtEa, vith htM Porc« ^ 

CiTAit- Md]4 his true moving, L'Tva aa Id iha 
So in the outb, to tbl<i dnj in not known : 
Late did ho shiiie ujion the Enghph sidp, 
Ndh np aiv lidon, upon us he einilra. 
Wbat Ijiwni of anj mumpnt hot 7»e hare ? 
At pleaAtiTB h«T we lie, near OrleviA ; 
Oih^rnbi]^?^, tbefBmish'dEngliah,lib& |iBloghos|a, 
Fninllj lnvL'go ub unc huiir in A niDDtb. 

Alb«. TUey wutt Lhuir porndgej Jind thdr fot 
bull-beevei : 
Either thej nin^t b« dieti^ like mule^, 
And bnvn ihcir proveDdnr lio] 4o thoir montliB, 
OrpitRnia thi*y will lookn like Utowiii'd uiia-- 

fina. Lel^ raise the siege ; wbj lire wb idlj 
Tolhot is tAkon, whnED wo wont to fear •- 
Hemain^th none but nnul-bmiD^d 3aliBbliFTi 
And be m&7 well La fretting s[ieiid hli gbOp 
ffor iDDn, Dor monej, hath ho lo mEike woi. 

CiLAHr SimadT BiiuiLd alarum ! wu will nub en 
£f€w for Lhc honour of the forJom Ftencb I ' — 

' TXt rnrlDn] fr*nrkl'\ The hdh of fviorm fn Chb pTu^ 

d«i nai i]rp«r Hi hiTv rit«n aDdinluPLl, a-jd Me, ^ulIIe^i 

■rltulBEaT pra^iUBI ii> lead /ul^trn r, LutErA^ BuE Linl dIJ —iiEd, 

m^fLlnf fift-li'if, DrHl nn FllAlifa ; IhP DaQlihlD ipaibQlililaTI 


Him I fk>rgE«c CDJ dealh, thnE killell] lai*, 
When be KQ me go bock one A>cit qt flr- 

^farUfu; Exainnojai; the Ttr^ch are irfoien 
fidof; by tAe Knglwh vi'^ ffreai hv. 

Ba-H^tf CEAflx.KB, Alrni^d^^ KuoffiBiL, and 

CaxK. Who Brer baw iho like ? what mon 
bare I I— 
Don! oowank I Jjuliirds ! — I wojlil ne'nr havp 

But that thiYT left mo 'miJ.^ mj aacmira, 

Hi^ia. Salisbury la & dH^itcraLe harDicide ; 
He fi^Ut'^lh a& ono wt^ry of Lid LJfi% 
Tho ofhcr lord-i, Tike lionq wonlin^ FuiJil, 
]>D nuh iipoD us Ai their iiUDcrj^' p^7- 

Auur. Frol*«xrt, ft couninifljifi of ourt, recordA^ 
Engkad oil Otivera auil RuHlnriilA tir^il.' 
Duiing lbs lime Edward ihi- third did irign- 
Miue Endy hdb maj [Lis he Terificd ; 
Far Qoiic l>[it ^aimoiis and Go!inMi-o, 
It Beadfch forth ta ikirmiiih. Out' Ifl tcnl 
LeHD rBW-lwn'd luciJa I who vonLd e'l^r Bnpposo 
Tkej l^d such ojurn^ and audac^ltj? 

CsAK. Lct^B IcBvo thin lonu ; for they are 
iLhir-hriiin'd nla^'cs. 
And bnD^^ will enforce them U' be mote eagfr ; 
Of old I knnw Ihem; rather with iheir EeeTh 
The wjJlfl ihej'll [cat d<Jwn, tliai^ fftrsake diL- 

RsiaT 1 Uunk, bj iome odd ^jmneii or device, 
"nbdrkTTDS are set, fikedocka, sijj] bi itiike on ; 
Sh dc'ct could thej hold oat «o wi tbejr do. 
B^ mj ojDH-ati we^ll e'en let them alone, 

Alk^j^ Dc it ao^ 

i^fi^rr tAf DiBtard o/Orleimt, 

Bavt, "VTharD'a the prince tlaupliLD f I lu-Tfl 

iii>Wb fitr hlTii. [iip. 

CsAB.. BuUrd of Orleona. tht!« HelcotH'^ t^ 

fiAffT, Melliuikji jour looks on ud, jour cheer 

ajipatl'd ; 

Hiith tbu lale ovurtluow wrought tliis nffwicc? 

Be not diama/'d. for auci^our is at hand : 

A liolv maul hil^uir with nia 1 l>iin|^, 

'\\1ui^li, hy a vmoTi ROdt to her ff(n(k lnav*"n. 

Ordoinrxl ii to Ta\fe thi^ t^'dioua Biege^ 

And drive the Enj^lisU forth the bonads of Ftance. 

The ripirit uf iuop proj^lu'cv rihv IwLh, 

(•t old IthI, Arjfd. 

(hi to be 0IdL^<1. ThB iudd nduiduKy l» foanl tn > 

Surecding ifar nirw flihjla tlf old Bomr ; 
What's pflaf.» anri what's fi coitiOt "he cnn 
Speak, ahall I l'aII lier in? Believe mj widdi. 
Fw flippy nre wrtiiin and imfullThle. 

Chas. Cln, eat] hrj- In: [£^jf< BaalArd.] J 
fir*!, !i> try Iipt Aill, 
Reiciiieri Gtood ihuu u iMiiphin in mv pUce: 
Quf^li^ni her proudly. Let Ihjr knika be wlem ; — 
By this Duuu bIuIJ wc Mnmd wliat akiQ she 


He-fntffr tke BaalArd afOtluans. vri^A La 

Ibaa. Fair maiil, ii't (hem wiU do 

■riNtilrDiii fmlji 7 fme 

Pnc, HuigniorJa'L Ihau tl^at ihlnktAt (abcgi 
Who* is die Dauphin? — Coinep comB frum 

T knuw thoQ irell, thuugh iHm*r aoea bcflnL 
Be D-jt amazM. there '« uothing hJd fiuin mo: 
In prir^ttf will I talk wiih (h«« ipitrt. — 
ScAod hank, you lurds, aad giic ua Icojn myhJtt 
Re:i>, yhij takoi upon her bmvel\ bI firat 
PfCi Dauphin, I nm hy birth a aheptut 
My nit uTiLrain'd in Einj kind cf art, 
Heavon and our Loily ^ToaoiiB hath it 
To ahiw' on mj njnt«nptib]s oaUtto J 
Lo J wliil*t T waiUMl on mj tendu Wibi, 
And tu aun'ii [urcliinL^ heat dj?|i1aw'd my thei^L^ 
God'p mothw deigned to ap[}eaF ro me -. 
And, in a vibion full of mnjesty. 
Tiird mi* to Icove mj haw ^ueniloiiT 
And frvc my couatry &Um calainilj^ 
Ka aid ahe ptotaia'd, and Assured xuowi 
Tn oomplete glory iSte ivtcal'd beii«lf ; 
And, nhemin T w bloek and Ewart hefiiif] 
With lhoi» clear nyp- which *hc infui'd « bk. 
That beaii1_T am I hlesa'd with, whidi ^ ^ h*- 
Ank me ^^lial quvi^tion thou i^!,< pouiUo, 
And I will SDF-wor nnpromedilated : 
My conngc try hj eomhnt. if ihma dai'it, 
And thou ehalt find iIlbI 1 cicved nijr tu. 
Tti'A}lvu ' On Lhia ; — thou rhalt he fortuaate. 
If thou roeeiTo nv- few fhj watlitj? muce- 

Cqak. Thou hast aHlcuiah'd me widi thr ^ 
tenuis ; 
Only thji* jiroof I'll iifthy iaJolif mjtktf,^ 
Iq Hingis? eombat thou ahull buckle with mc; 
And, ^ thou vuquishc^, thy worda are tiue; 
Olherwisis T runouqco all eonfidenL^. 

^'Fnl'd prLitt, J^ElLini TomciHDd ma Mb* ibLE «n'~ 
« WUiJli JQ^ Hi^] Turn HHBnDud hUii; die am Mi'UFf* 


[lOBVE ni- 

tipd'dinLL iire' flDver-dt-]iiq«4 on each aide ; 
Tbfl "bichi U TuuniiiUj ju buqI EJiLhfuiiw*a 

-OhdTi jRU d«] of old inn I ohov- futtli. 
CuL IHhb come, o' God*^ itamo, 1 fi^r no 
mimait, [mao- 

Pre, AdiIi whib 1 ]m, I'U iw'er flj from a 

CiuB. Sin;. Etaj 1I15 bftjida I thcu art an 


i^figbm "rith tb? sn>iTd of Bi^tiatBli. 
Piro, Chrisl's oiottfr hplps mc, elw I were too 

CuL Wbfte"cr hcJpfi rlicv, 'lia diou iJiaL uiifit 
LifiiJailT I bura nicii thf desn.' ; 
J^lunaDd handi thfiii hrur be once lulidii'd- 
IwIbE PD»n#T if lli_T namQ bo bo, 
lAmr fl\j serraot, nad iiQt Ar^vi'rL^i|>iii Hi*; 
Tb ihd French I^BuphJn inelb to tbec LhiiB. 
Pre- I mnfiT nol yieW to nuy ritea of lore, 
F' TDj jiru^wfiiiii '■ oaerft] troiD Above : 
WlrD I liare rhasod all f^ij filp^ fnim benfc. 
Ifei will I think upon a rwompoiao, 
CtiA. H*«n limq look gTKiOMB m ibj proa- 

Iniv Ihnill. 
liB^ Uj lord, lueLhinks, ii Very long in talk, 
K^IBE. I>oa1itl«a li'? qbrWiA tbu woman to bur 
^H DDod, 

^Hn'cmuld he hi long prDlmi:! bii ape^cb^ 

^^■H, Bhmll wc i^iqLurb him* ^iiLi-^^ }ii- Itoi'pii no 

' tDtta ? [d[i kiiDw ; 

ha. lit nuj mean more Ibiin we poor moD 

TW ■«»« are ulireml umpUTB wilh iheir 

Hngm, [^Yuu ar> ? 

Hmis Mj lord, where an" ymi? what donw 

^B iftf piTB OTvr Orlennp, or du ? 

Pro. WJiT. nil- I fmy. dMruvlfiil rtwn"iLntflI 
Fij^L [ill The U«t gasp, T will lie jonr gciard. 
TiUL Wbac tlw uj6, 1 'II confina ; we 'U fight 

1^, Aaagn'd am I to bu LIik Eii<EltEih mnorge- 
^ai^ Ae *ie|^ nwrnrdly I'll roi^c; 
Ki[M Willi Manin'a ^mumei-,' holcjonf days, 
■■■ ! luFp cnlctfd int<f Utiy^ wnra, 
ttkj u like 4 circle in the wBlor, 
"Ib* ecref cnJetb to polnrg"? itwif. 

Tfl.tT li:\}rLl) PplVJulillg, iL lli^^HITMl tO IlDU^hr. 

Vjii ITiiir^'d ifivdi (he Eiiglipb cizvlo iinilp ; 
l^nwd af* ibfl glorict H. infloibd. 
*■" r ' T like tl»l proud inauliirg slup. 

' < -lu- anif bL]t fin-CuEie li4jv at ODca,^^^ 


[t» 014 (DXf, AolrVHi. 

*^ai«ln1hvi«nij llr« ri,d« c^i, p. m. 

Cdaii. W^os Mohamet iuspireil wit)i a duva7{^) 
Tliou wilh Lin eagle arc m^reili tbcn> 
Utilunp tbe molbur of gt&at CotiBtatjIinB, 

Nor jet wLUit PkiUp*t< dnug^itr^rfit wito like thou. 
Utigbt ptJir fjf Vl'iiuh, fjill'n <1liwii un ibc Oftrth, 
How nuij 1 revercnilp worBliip tiir>t- tiocugh ? 

Alek. LLiDTtJ Epff ddlajB, and let ub tiumi tbtr 
bicgo^ [huiimiTP 1 

Knia^ ^VoiDDTi. di' wliai [linii ain><t lo save our 
r>rirc ibem froei Oriccm*, and bt^ imtDonaliEM, 

Ghah. PnffliiuTl^r wa*|l irj: — Donifl, hl's a«Bj 
abuifl, it ! 
Kd prophiiL. vill I trust, if qlie pmve fBlae. 

SCENE m.— London. Tower Hill, 

E-ntrr, at Uif Gttet, 'Uf Dukb w/GtoucEflTira, 
tffith hit B^rring-nioq I'n i/up coati. 

Gli). I am anno Id ouirej Lbe Tower ihia daj ; 
Since Henry'8<ljNft[h,lfr(Lr,ih(?r? is conTpj'ftbw,'— 
^\'bQ^D be ibaH warders, that tbej nnil not Lets 1 
Open llie galH. 'tie GloeiPr that caUe.' 

] Wxnr*. [IFjVAjn.J Who's tbera lb« knocki 
BO Jiap«nou^j7 

1 Snnv. Il if (be nuLlo duko of GJuslfr. 

2 W*UD, iWilkin.] WliOf'er b'^ be, yoa Taay 

Dot bo lot in. [lector ? 

] Sn^nv. YillaiEiA, aaiiwer jou bd tba lord ^irn- 
1 W*no, [ iVilfii/i.] Tbo Ldivl prutotrt him J m 
wc BUiwcr him : 
We do not dtherwiBe than we ore willM, 

Gj.n. Who willnfJ jmi ? or whHO will Btaiidu 
but miuti? 
TbiTo^B noDC proteetor of tbe realm but I. — 
Break up' t^ie gatei, I'U lie year wairanLire : 
5tba]] 1 bu floutLil ibuM by dLihgbili gruutnii? 

dLOCOBSTEn'f men rwh at the Tower ^aitt: and 
Wooi>7]ixEt tht LiL-uteniuit, ipeaki milhin. 

Wood. [VifAin.j What noiw ii tbn? whaL 

trbitars bDVO we here? 
Gto. LivnionBiit, it it you vhone vorce I hoar f 
Open tlio ^len : bem^Ei Gloaier, Ehnt woubl enter. 
Wood, [ WiihiHr] Hqvd paiience^ noble djko ; 
IiDoy not oppn ; 
The canliral of Wlne]i(Mit..'r fbrbids : 
Fnnn hiin t ^tvv oiitirf"? ivjininaTHtotni^il,' 
Tbat tbonv nor none of tliiiie, ahall be Let in. 

d CirniiniadBinthl, — ] CawiinMdtfiU, btrr. ai Id *'Thf Mr 
rtmnl If tfcnln," AtL IV. fli. I— 

^'DcTiJud'EatiiiE /OUT y/ltc't mraiutadeiBraf 
mun M BfDllHlflr*4 « i qi>i4ll*Tll>l'^ 


GitO> FamUbHrted Wocdville, piEut Uioi 'fm*} 

-Armgiuit WinclnMlur, Ibat Imuglity pnJafa, 
Whum Henrj, am IsXi aoTi'rejgn, ne'er ooulJ 

Thou art po BiiinJ fn Qod nr lo tbs king : 
Opau Uit gaLes, ur IT aliut Uh'v <iiit nliurllj, 
1 Bebv. Upcn liw gbU» unto tho loni firo- 

Inilur ; [qiiicklj. 

Or whT] biiral thom opeii^ if that jou mine not 

£nttr WmcHEHiEH, wi^A hii Sernog-iueti w 

"WiH. Hdw Him-, uiibitioui iruiD[ihn- j^ E 


1*1 OMflDpLri. Umpk6tr.vii I'Tifttrt. 

> T^i*"! rr>iifj ] A ruinnf raoJ KU Eh? drcPI WCin llT pETlltll 

tlDp[iPTi:J Id IlkE KclvplBpikal 4jiirEi, biuL b^ Kiin nLh^ii of u 
danili ^kiDlioiT, Thui. InSm—'i Orjtih^Jr, }i lUi — " — an J 

Irji |h« w>T "" lii>\.p if I'Oiirlnn IQrt Kim, BFIrQdi'd «l bj A 

■ Cum—] Tl^ai L^ Itm, u bi « UipIidI. TliUt Ln " Thr 

Ik sIi jL out f 

Wiw. I do, tLou rii'ifii Euurpibg ^raJUaFn 
And ]ii]i protei'ior oflFie king gr »4^. 

Gld- Suud lack.) Ibuu manifi^i LnuoinlB 
TJiiiii ibftt cunlriT'd?! Ut munior uur i!<iul l«d 
ThoLi, tbnt giT^&t 4li'>n>3 indulgtMicva la vn: 
ni oinTu^ thw in iliy brood cwliDiJ's hil, 
Tf tlioD priJoLvd in Llii^ Lbj iEuolcnce. 

WiTi, Nay, uLjiud thou ba{^ ; I will nut 
a foiiT ; 
ThJd bo Uamucutr^ t» tlioa cunod Caia, 
To sIbj i]iy bn^Lbi-r Abi^l, if thipQ nill^ pi 

Glo. T ^lJI nuL Hluy tbit-, but I'll drite 
Thy HurlDf nilx!4, aa n chUd'f boarin^-do^ 
I'L Lue lo uUTj dtu ouL of ibiji pWc- 

Bocnd Fvl of Hnn TV." An II. Be 1. vhaa hbuT ■ 
"1 iKLL brti El>t MM III a blaahal." DdU TMrOiil • 

i^_ ir aen dam, lX«a>aiEhH>«vuMapMrafabHLa, 

IPX If ilnrilfafD of blap4r Fu Ctan VliMgf (la>* Jh 
Aiilil' hjrn In Ibo irniJir" — .FaJj«Mr#BHaii. feL v& 



^ what ihon iltu'U : 1 beArd thee to div 

[fsoo !— 

Ibr nil lliig privijcywl jilai* ; 

Is Uwbjf-nuita. PrisET beirarfl jQnr 

tv^ it, •ad la miff ;uu BDimdlv : 
ftfft I'll a([un[h ihy cnnfiriFil'shnt;* 
pope or dijL^ittiji ofolLun:]!, 
leoUwk^ I'JI dragthw up luid dimn. 
Unattfr, ihi>j1b anfrwio' lliia bt-^fiiK ilw: 

[tope! — 

goote! I crj, a nrpeE ■ 

kliuu.i',*'b_Y iId joii lor iht^m £lay? — ^ 

ibtjiO', th'm wdl/ in diiTji'i artnj-— 

E-ooMh ! — out, BC»rlcl hjpocriw I 

tvcKami'ji m^a beal 'jut the Cutdmil'i 
/ft Uie hurly-burly, eaigr t!ig Majiir 
and hu OffiiTtiTS. 

loniAT lltBt yaii, buing BLipiuDc 
ui^uuAly ^houU In-f-afc tTm pfiaco ! 
wv^ muyur 1 rbuu krmn<f»L lilUd <rf mj 

Liul reoardH nor Goil nor kin^n 
dv^lminM Lbo Tdwdt to liio ilVf 

rfi\ Gtn^rer loo,'' a fa? to qiLiEona ; 
lU fnoEionB «af, iLDd nerer peace, 
Mg yum fi t>o pano" txih htge Gavt -, 

■ "prrrti^'rur nf llie reaJm ; 

huie unuinir berc out of dio Towct^ 
^Unvelf km^. fud |o auppniro. tijp prinn?, 

viU Dot uww«f thop wilL nuitU^ Iriil 
[if#rff fA*y itti'rwffA again. 
RoughE TTgTfi for mc, id ihia tuomltiiniia 

qpfln pvoljunrLtioD i — 
■er ; u loud u cvat thou tUMl org. 
Rojdi.] J U uirnn^r ^ nun owmOb^ 
mu t'tu diy again^ G^§ pract and 
, Ke thariff and iom-aiaiid y<iu. in hi» 
land. It repair to .vt""" kikthI dwll- 
j end noH l*y wmr, knnifh^ or me tiny 
•pfMi, w dfi.Tj/ff. A^Btf^/ffTiParrf, upon 

irdinul, T'll be no brejik^r af the Ijlh : 
ill mm^L, Jinil break our idiqiIb at Lirgcj, 
^loitu-, wBllmeeC; lo thj dear" i»iir, 

lllfiaBp, *«} Sa 1]li leMfld KpUpj Ik- Oi-t 
But giuiTb wbHhLr L^n. au4 in Fli* llai:^ 
wT mart i Ed [Jkj ct^T^^uijv,' 

[ksbb it. 

Tbj hevt-blnod I niU bave for tbia da^'a irork. 

May, I'Ucail] fbrctubsj^if joti*iIlnirtftwaj! — 
TIlis ninlind 'a niuro liaii^'til; Ibao tbe drril. 

Gi.u. Major, fbn? veil : thou doat buHthflt lliou 

Wcc. Abviuinablo Glosttr I giiarc] djj head ; 
For I ial^iul Lo hflvi^'t em luog. l_EreiHtt. 

May. rti« thfl coofti cJcar'd, vid tboD we will 

ikpflrr. — [t^r T 

Good Gfld!* ihw* i^ob]^ flbuulrl &uch p1(rEiLui<l]>< 

I EDjTHf'lf ^^bl. nut DDDe ID IbrLy' vtof, J AVntnl. 

SCENE IV,— Frama. Sefure Orleau- 

Snta-, on iha tgtUia, the Ma4Ler-GuaDBr and All 

M, Qdw. SirrabT ibon know'*! haw Orleoiu ia 

And hov ibt Eiifllab have ibc niburba noil. 

Sufi. FoIIlut, Iknuw ; ami ofL b^Ltu hIidc qttbnn, 
Howti'E-r, ubfitrtEiciBte, I luiM^d inj Bim. 

M. GmE. But now tbou shalt uoL Be ibuu 
rul'd by mo r 
Cbicf maBli.ir-gLi^LiLPr lun T of Uiifl Iowa ; 
SoiDLilhiDg 1 Qiuat do lo prDcui^i mo ^jii:o 
Tho princc'a eapuda bartf infarmtid mo. 
How Lbo EiigiLHli, i;i tbi' mitiurbs clijflo inlrunch'd, 
M'ont,' throng a aecret gnte of Jron bwa 
In jonder lowcy-, to sverpocr tlio city : 
And LhciLCD Jis^vpr how wirb iiioal ndTaritiigD 
Tlii'j iDi\.y vi'A Liu with ihot. nr nith OAiOdlt. 
'I'o inlcrcept ihia incnntPTiiMicO, 
A pioco of ordnance 'goinE^i it I have ploo'd ; 
Ami fuUj t e^^^'ii tlicso thrti? (iaja huvc I walfh'd, 
Tf I i^ouJd Bvo ihoD. Now, 6oT,t do tbou walcbj 
For I eon niaj no louget. 
If thou Epv^fit aov, run icd hring ido word ; 
Aitd ihoii nbiJt Hnd mo nL Lht guvcrnorV. iSril. 

fins. FfltliH', I warrant you ; lakt tuu no cira, 
IT nei-pr ironhle jon, if I may Bpj ibem. 

Snta-, ijiaRti/tprfcfiaiHLmjfaT^ttMr, fhelAmoB 
Salesboilv oni^ TAi.Dnr, .Sir Wujjak 
Gi-aNU>ALE, ifi'r TucdiAii GAaoKAVK, anJ 

Sal. Talbot, luy life, mjJDj, a^wQ ^(xto'd - 
How wen thou handled beiu^ pruautr 7 

[•I OlAlot,' 

|^> Fbil fnUa on bE 1. lny. 

\a me Bnt. tfnar ■■ nmiiKdr he ibr pnimng doH. 

' I 'lltUI Ear rlubi,— J )^i Di>|ff|B^, I,, Ji^J^ 

> a>urf ^<f/ LllnM NL4lr-, Kl.] Hen. (lol II boriabLvBdr— 
" Gnv4 1^04 I lAor Itua naUrt," An. 

* Fqrlrb^'l TlUl U, auflv laqli BbiqbU \it.p IU>, ViL [- 


A«T l1 



DiMB^ I ^ jAh, m Ail ivM't top. 
OJM «■> tan 1^ FMi« 4e 

I. ^ nAw'J I — hI A«^4. 



Sft£- T«l vVa ik« >^ Wv iWa vM AlfT- 

Ttf- WiA 1^. mJ «»»> mJ iMhiMliuiia 
la iia ■] 1 I I'm! p-*—" 

Hov. Hi Ikf. i« A^terar of At Fnwfa. 

TbH hnie t frn tte lAon An ltd w ; 
*iMl T>*»TBiihiti'iilMm ■■ llf llllll i 

Mj gnl; MMBW» a>4a «A« « T ; 
K^>4— ■■MiwfctlWfofwAiaidwUh. 
Ik ins «■& *■? Jb^^ ■• BM aEEBR ; 

W^inlvk > (^ «( A«B ibA I h^ 

^\rt ^^ Am M «W5 WMM-«lDk ^ 

A^ iTI «l te Mrir M «/>^ M, 

Km^ At? •«» » Am at » At bA [dK'iJ : 




■ ; fgf ihflV 

OhAsr. AaJ 1. bny m Ad Ul-nk »f iW> 
Tit- F^)ruchlttfe.AiadlTnHMb«&nuah'd, 

Or iriA Ikbi Aiiv^i* nlMM* 
£Sif jUa Ab fBML £ULi**mr dni ^Kr 

Talk GA»au.TB ,M£ 
Bli^ O ttf'di hiiTV D«rrr on lu, vrctdied 


Itl OH wC ^irf^* 

OiB- O T-«rd.h«Te hwtcj on me, avefol 

Speo^, Solubiirj ; at IcilfE, if (Imc ^uu( naL 
Uatr fqr'it ibm, minsir of Alt mutiid mm? 
Odd of thj c\et aiiA ih^ ^h^cVs buIc JiradLnf!- 
Ai-curwd inner ! amir^pil fnit} bunt) 
TbjLC hath 4y>T>triT'd thip woeful Qq^fdjj 
In ihiruvn Imlilofl Snfi,iburj o'ennjtmt ; 
Hi3irj iho fifth Ilb firat trun^J ta the matt: 
^liilel oil J fnunji did souud, or drum rlm^vp 
Has twiJrd ilid De^i.T Ica-Tn Mritin^ in *hfl Sidl- 
I'el liv'al iboLi. SiJuUirj? tbQu,e;h tbj sp«cb M 


Ono v^ UiiiU hdot, (o look tn hcuvcD tbr gnre; 
Th^; sun with Dim t-yo yiirfk-eih all the world. — 
HoBT4?nT Ik Ihou gmdom Ut ncme aIitq, 
If SoliAburj wonti lucrvj m lUy huiiLt ! — 
Bear lipoee hn hoAj', T will belp Lo Imy h-— 
Sir Thriiuu GflT^mve, hjL-'t tlwu but life • 
Spenk unta Talhttt ; da_v. look up Ur bisL— 
SoliaburTn vhfi^c tLj tpiiiL nitb Lhlt romlbTt -. 

Thoa ^halt doI cIji? whLlefr 

K-t bofkobi wiib hin band, and wiilis fm iv. 
Am HiiD flhoiUil anvt Whfn J am <^<flJ tiiKf /)« 
£aiMii&ar fo arci^ m? on tSt French., — ■ 
PUnEugract. I will -. Jiijii Ute tbifv. Scm.' 
FIai ud the lut?, boboldiD^ tho lown^ bura: 
Wrotdied tbtU Fmivd be uuTv in hit dvjil 

[Jfa/<«un: thaitiler and tigitm 
Wbiiadria thiH? vhnt lumuFt^ in tbebema 
Whm ODmelb this alarum, imd ibo nofof 



fjklA- a Moiengpr- 

Hew. Hj- lord, mj lord, iho Fnncli 
^ntbn-'d hmd ! 
The Dmupbin. wilt imo Juan In Purelli- jnin 
A bol? pmp!urlp?3, new riser\ up, — ■ 
Is cane with iL great powi-r ta n.iw ih« nsga. 
[SALUBriBi Zi/?* ftVriWff/r"iyi tmdgnau 

TiL^ "Hiiir. Lear, htm djing Saliibv^i 
f^mu ] 
it irkft hii beaK h« umnnoL bd ntsn^A.— 
FrcDclimDD, T'U I>9 4 fuUabLirv lo jou: — 
rui:i?iri' or puuel/ dulpbin or dogflOi. 
Yimr heaz-a I'llMuDp out wiib my horv't 
Ai^d make & qaHgnure iif yoiir tniocled 
Convej uo fUliibiirj- iulo hid tmt. 
And iben wo'Jl iry whol lbe» dbtHrd Fim 

-4Bili Kan Uk', iiDL,' 

■ AbJ IhL-i. Ae.J fimtrPI prnpvidl la [■«>^ EH 
" Tkm 117 Bi whu laeu Aiantnl AioDbiDn "^v* ' . 



[Hm J. 

SCK^E V,— Wf wme. 

£t/ore one of l/u Gufr/i of Orlnuifl, 

IbJ^irphiJi J hedritta fum in. andfjil-- ihta 
uUtr loAHi LA PdcEu^, ffri'viuy EJIci^luhni^ii 
b^ivfH A*r^ oheC ttii tifUr litfm- Th^n tv-mtrr 

Tau Whem ia mj sFreogtb. my ralour, and 
m; fbiw? 
Gngtifel] tniD|H rednt, T Caanni 3l4j Ohdi ; 
lonu rivl in mnuoor f^iaaoih them 1 
Hac', bfin ^ comcA t 

SMer La Pucellk- 

1 'II bftre & boot »itb iheo ; 

DtriL or devil's dnm, 1^11 oiiljuk tW : 
Bioad will 1 ilraw uu ilio«," — ilum urT n wiluli, — 
Jod itru^hlwaj' ^ve t]ij «m\ In him Ehou tcrv'it^ 
Pcc- CymB, coflie, "liB oiJj 1 liiai moat di»- 

Tal. TJi'jkvm^i^ OAh }-uu riufTtn' luJI Ad In) pre- 

breuLlUI burst iritli EUminiii^ of mj'cmimga. 
ind ^nrn mr ?ilii>LiIilcrm croclf mjr nmi^ a.''iiDd?r, 
Bat T irill ciui^so Uiiii hi^h-inLDiUil fltrainprt, 

PdC- Talbot, firewell ; llij hi>\ii a aal yet 

1 in4iM ^ TtcCmil Otleani Ibrtbwith. 

(yvrttkfl tobw if eLod miht ; I nana ihy fltreo^lh. 

0"^. fo, dinr up tij hungnr-alftrvtil* mon ; 

B^lji SAJjibury to miikD hu h'BUunL'Dl : 

Ah day ■■ 'Hin^ lU many muie sliall be, 

[1^ Pci:;klle. irnlf r* ihn Ifvn, wi'fk S^]dipr^. 
Tal. My rhoti^hiti arv nliirlerl Lko a putler'a 
wh^rc'l i 
I livtw wn fhcre J ooi, nor whaE I do ; 
A »iTrh( hy fmr» ni>l fimi', lili^ HurnibrJt^*) 
DnfiA buk inir Iniupi^. anil «inqiu!i^ ju eho li^ ; 
B» baa with amakc, nnA doyra ivilb Doi»inp 

Jin fmin Uret^utis aad hoonea dtiT^n avny. 
Utr fall'd UB. fur cmr GirmiE'^iiH E^^ti-nb dags ^ 
Jtow, lika la wh-!\\fB. we crjing run n^ay. 

B^ffc. oodntrjiDPD ( ciLhi-r renew iLt^ liglitr 
Or M«f the Ijnna ont of Engliind's coat ; 

jDllTBOil. f^ve Bbi?e-p in liaiu' alfod 
ma nU bulf ao limurLiua^ (com tin? wul£. 

*m Idnv OBlhr*,— ] Itau runictlr brllnrd ihat 


BoiUifa .-f Tke ■emnd Bulla ndf,— -' Ccirl^h 

Or liOTio or oien frcim tb'! leopard, 

As you fly &flni your oft-iabdunct HlnveH. 

lAlftnim. AuoOiir tkirmiiik. 
It win not be. — Retire inEi] jmir tLTiiehei : 
Yon aU corjpcn^^ imlo flafialfliry'fi de^lh, 
For iiono wuuTd atrika n »Irako in hla if^venge^ — 
tNiiwIlfl IB mlCT'd InW OtleoD^, 
In Epite of ua. or aii^bt tbjiE w<>i;'>qlr| ila. 
0, vould I wure r>f dio with Saliabur^v [ 
Tfau ^baioD bennf will icuiko rDii hid? my bud, 
[J^nTvm. ^reol, £fRmf TaIlbdt dnif Au 
ForcM, Ac. 

FIitHruh- ^»f?r, Oft £AeuvEf£*, PucaLT-tLpCoAaLU, 
E^mNiKR, ALBHffi^p i7n4f Soldior?. 

Pijc. Advanro inir travin^ doIoiu-b on ihv woJlf ; 
Roaeii'*! in Orleuia from ibo Elnfjltah ; — " 
ThoB Joan Ui Fuaelk hulb porfoiiaM ber word. 

Cqatl. DivLiMwt eivuluroj hngbt Asitma'^ 

How alull I hnnonr (hcc for ibb sncnu? 

Tby pruiQJKS ore Hke Adnnii' gardeni, [neit, — 

Tluit one diy bloom'd, BTid fruilfut »pm ihfl 

Knince, irltiTniib in tby glorious propbcte» I — 

R*mTer"d lb thn town of Orlcjina: 

Mora b]»af!d bop dii? ne'er \>i:ta.\\ our BtsEe. 

'Reiij. Wby ring nut out the bifllB aloud 

throuRhout llio town '.' 
rr&npbin, ^^uumiAud iIk' t^Ui^enB mnho bonfinn, 
And finHb and bojiqui't in thi' (jpcn BtrcetB^ 
To celebnte ihc Joj Hat Gud Imtli gii^ii ui, 
AlBH. AH FrdDce will be ropleta wifb mirtb 

and jfly, [mpn 

Wben thry e^qU bear bow wo bjiro plaj^d tbe 

Char, TLt Joaa, ool *e, bj wlioni iLo diij ja 

Won : 
For which I v\]\ divide my ero*n witb her: 
And ill the pricBQ and friarB in my i«fllai 
Sh&ll in ptc»flflLQn buil; bar endless pniBD. 
A Blutolior pyramis tn her 1 1l ronr. 
Than Rbedupe's of" MonipbiB'HC7) erPr wra : 
In mcmorr of ber, wheii ihe is dead, 
Her asbcB, in on urn mare fnrc^ua 
Tliau tbe ricb-Jf>»erd eoffer of Dnriai,<8f 
TVmisporL^ shall be nt high iVsEivili 
RefiFFc tbe kieg* ftnd qneeos of FnnDB. 
No longor on pnmt Denis will we cry, 
But Joan la PiieeFle fiball bo FrBnc^''a vinL. 
Camo in ; and Let "s banquet royflUj, 
After tbia golden day cf iicloiy- 

[FtmtruA. Sxnatl. 

{'1 Oia InTl, t,j. 

" Tbir flkJI 111, for ear Okodmib, EaiUiH ^ftt' 
a Brlffbl Anlnt'ia&ailiUr,-] Ed tli» vrCninil Win; Iht *HT 


SCENE I.—HefoTf Or\aim. 

EntfT to thi Gnfa, a F»ndi SergvflTit end two 

SvBa, Sin, take jaor pEaton, and bc> ttgilonl : 
If anj noiie or «[<Jij?r yoii pfra'irp, 
Near tu t^M fa}]n, hy Eome Afiporent aigti 
Let w hflfD knonle'lgi? BL tliu oouit of guard. 

1 Sent, f^crg'-anl, Toi^halL — TfjnJ Sergeant.] 
TliUE mn poor irmlon 
(^*^en oLben eJopp "pu^ ihoir (|iiiet b^,) 
CoDBbain'd tD wntf^i in doHumH, ruiii utd cold. 

SuC^r Talbot, liEUFaBOr RiTBOirsDiCTf™*'PQT<^™t 
dad ma>-ch. 


■ad redaubtfd BuT' 

Tjord rogeat, 
Bj "b<uo ajiproDth ifae mgioni of Artoui, 
WalliiDn, lUtL Plcanij. ore friends Ur us, — 
Thiu happy DJ^hL tlio Froncbmun nrfi BatnirP, 
UaviDg all dnj cnniiiiM Bnd banE^uttcd ; 
Embmco we, llit'U, This opporluniry ; 
Ab fitting btfil Lei quillaaco iLukt dtic^t, 
OmtFiiM hy ut and bolefuj vpo^ry. 

BfiD, Co^™rdof Ftmm!— towTBi 

Lin fiLiu?i — ' 

Dc^piuriiig of bia owe ann'a furtitudp, — i 
To join nith wilfhes and thn help of belL 

Bni- Trnifora liare neypr olher fWinpuj-^ 
Qot nhaffi tliat Puivll'^, "pIioiii ihcj ti^nn fiotf 

TXL. A DJUil* UlOT »T. I 

Bed. a mjLtd I ood be vt mmtiil |i 

BiTD. I'nj God, iha prove not nuKuliori 

If nitdtriiEratb iha otAadarA of tha Frvnc^^ 
Sbr rsjTj armoai, u die halb Ivgna. 

TiL. WeD, lettLem pncUtv and codTWii 

t|Mr>Jc : J 

God IB oar for'trt^; in whivu^ contjiieriiiCbid 

L«t un r«o1r? To anJe their flinij bdwirfci-! 

Bkd. AiKud, bniVB Talbot ; wu niD J 

(Jiw. I 

T*Lh Kui ull (Jtg^-tbet: l»Hiet far. I gn^ 

That ICO do moke giir «ntmicc tetvial ■i^j 

That, if iL uhuice the one of lu do (lulf || 

Th^^ athor jut aay ttaa agnioE^L ihcir farte. 

Usn, _\giv«d ; I'll b> jronj nracr- , 

Bun. Acid I Id lbii« 

T^. And here will Talbot moiuit, ur mtlk 

grosfl- — 


[aO£BB II. 

?f\ ^t i^lee, ami for (ha Hgbl 

I durj' 1 asD bound tu both. 

i^ Kate lAf oaf !a, cryini; Si, Getrfff! 
or f tittd all enter hy ihi eotfn. 

'li^in,] Arm^ ami I iIjl' tnnnj dul}i 
^HQ? ftver Ih* vjII" in ihfir Ehirta 


W i»Wi iay Icrdflf vhul, oil iiu- 


i^ lATOc, I imw, to wake lud luavp 


EOikB dL itur i:hDn]bct'[lDor9d 

' (JI cijiloiEs, Blnu lirAt I foFLon'd 


I of m virlibe entet^mifl 

iiu at ikflfi^mlij dum this, 

uak Lhls Tolbitt be a Genii of holl. 

lot of ItfU, 11* henveni, rare, fflvwir 


n wrciDth ChvldA ; I uorvel hu'^ 

1 bol; Join wu hia dcfe&BLye ^ord. 

(Jila ibj ommitig, iJiou dcoiLtruJ 

flnt. Id flaner ni irhhoJ, 
akeit oT It liltk ^iri, 
- Idib migbt be ten tunea BO niDnfa? 
nibn is Chulai impitimt with Hla 

vin joa h&vp m J pu*er oldie ? 
raktnp;! miut I ?.till pr^nul, 
lUfoe jind Inr the fniUt an ra? ? — ^ 
Kildicj? i hod jour vaTcb Ucri good, 
muelu^f nt-'iLT rmiM Imvv fnlrDb 
ike of Altn^yn, ll"--i *it* jcpur dtjauk, 
spuun of ilic wD[4^b tci-uight, 
HUer Lu ibaL irH^LLj diotyo, 
kJ dU JDUr qElHTtl^fl booL Ha tiiic]^ 

ejjf 1 biid UiP ^vs]|iD?itl., 
bndi iLu4 Bhomufullj Biirjiria'd, 

Mfl,' |iH p 9M Tot I.] whi-H ihti plFDiiam 

■■ * ■ fWfl^^ l|»|l " I" WaiirA IM|'_ ~~ ■^ 

llWimlHi d IM r*ft Wf l.flVr -loiw £Hnm4 
■vi*«ilH*BHi/ Ibfc" ■■«»[!> > [Uni Mi aft.'" 
llflBliUdBhltedErfDld Tltui. ii<"All'i Wdl 
'ME*. Mr J:— "I u nlilbf HiniDvJiE cD't, 

Bast. Mine nu aeoiLre. 

Hkiq, And do wu laiTLC* m* lotd. 

Chah, And) Tor Din.i?lf, moat pnrL uf all ibiA 
Wilhin her i^uaiifr and mine own precinctj 
1 wu empkij'd iu poB&iitir ia and frOj 
AhouT rdicring of thp flflnlinol*: 
Tbenhevor which wDj^EliDold iboj Rtbi break in 7 

Pco- Qb«sIIdii, -my lai^, no fullier of liie 

How or vbidi waj- tii anre thoj fbuiid BDae 

iJut wcoIlIj guarded, trhere tbo breach was moda. 
And noil Uiprp hhIb no ottor (diift but ifaia, — 
Tij ;^th?r otir floldio-B, stan^fr'd uid dispcn^d. 
And laj hew plDtToriiii ' to enduiia^'e them, 

Alarvm. Entrr flu English &ol<lipr cr^ng, a 
TttlbfA f a Tulbot I Thr^ /j, Uaviaff their 
rlolhen trkind. 

5oLD, I'U be bO bold to Lokfi whuC Ujot haTO 

The i^ry of Tnlbut Bi^rrt9 me for « iwoid ^ 

For I have loodan mc with manj ipoiCa, 

Uaing po olbcr neapiPii bat hi# njuqp. [£!ic^'f. 

SCEflE n.— Orleditii, iViihin thtr Toitn. 

Enter Talqot, BmtnaD, BtiitoiiNPT, a Capl^, 
amf olhert. 

Bed. Tbi! dajb^^ni (a bnak. nnd ai^bt ifi flcfli 
WliOM pilfby uijiiill^ over-veii'd Ibe rnrib. 
Hnrp Bfjund rutrcat, nud wjik our hot pursuit. 

TaLt Bring foTtli the body of old SnilEbiirj, 
Aod bore ndvanrc Jb in the nkikrlteuplhoi, 
The middle renTre of (hi» mrwd town. — 
Xnw LflTo I paid mj row imto biA kpqI; 
For overj ilmji of IiIixkI "O* driiwn frflm bim, 
Thero balb ikl. lenul 6vf.« Freni^limr'ii died Co-iugbt. 
And. that herrafFiT Bj;efl mj behold 
What min hippon'd b rcvongi) of bim, 
Wllliia iberr ehiere''l Evm^j)? I'll crt-pt 
A fumhf wlic/yjn bin i3jr|k-e ^hjll! be interred; 
Upon [he which, thaL eterj one may rend, 
Sbftll bo CDgmv'd Ilie sack of OrWna, 
The rrcncboroiu Dianiior [idun moLinifiil liatih. 
And ^hftl \^ hiiTnt ha bud bt^n To Pranro, 
Out, lardi, in all oiir bloc'dj' omMacnr, 
I miuo «e met not #jEJi ihu Douphla^a gnuv, 

4m amJvKIr^ ifvy yvn will " Afiin, ^ptcurlBui MUVI of (b* 
■ biic^nili nuFikr^ , tiiJiLrd " Of fcM}]J Tonf i>et," in rKe n^kctloik 
nr Mr, IjtorHe [i»hiil — 

Ad4 i*hMllIiDtri>JkEiiD4kcDDrFnnr4Liil|1i(bB.'' 

PiKllbnaB— I r^qj. tt^imn. 


Hm Hir-coine cbnmpion, virturHiB Joan of Are, 
Is' OF tmj of tid ljJ»i L-iiiif<>[i'r]ili'!k. 

Bm. TiB [hought, lord TnJboi, wLm Uic dgbt 
RonaM on ihn miclilcn irom dicir dnmij TuidH, 
Thpj did, AinoiigBl tlw (roope oT imnL-d incn, 
Leop o'er iho waiU fiir rgfiigi" in the ijolU, 

ItuiE, MyFii>1f (na far OA 1 cuulil iri;!] diicem. 
For i>EDuLii' mill iJn-'kj vnpnura of [lic HiijIirH) 
Am Biin? I BJ-AT^J tLc Dauphin mid liin Ii-uIIt 
When lirm in arm tboy both camp mftCj mnniDg. 
Likc] {□ A ;>air tjf Iov!d^ turtEe-dovcaT 
Tliat QQuId not live dttutikt Jnj Dt night. 
After that Lhi&ga are iet in Etrdi?r here, 
Wfli^U fallow ihem wilh ill tha power we hiTe. 

£nter a Mcuengv. 

ItlBAi. AH hail, m^ brdfll Wfaiiih ftf this 
piTUCplj irtia 
Call ye Ihe wurhLo Tnllxil, for bid acta 
So mucb ap]>ljiE]d4iii eIitduj^Ii iho lceIoi uf Fracon? 

TaIm. Uiim in iho Talbut; who wfluld Bpaili. 
with him ? 

Ucaa. ThovErluuLtsIadj, counlouorAuTQrgpoe, 
With nmdMiy aJ mi ring ihj n.'ntwn, 
Ey mc i-ntrvnla, grvfll lord, ihf M ^ wouldnl vouukmnfu 
To viaif her poor cutlo whort" ^bo lies : 
That ^D may bout, kLb hath beheld the man 
WhoiW glory ftlld tha world wilb loud iviiort, 

Bdb, It \tefKit aof liaj.ibcn, I p**, tmr Wftra 
Will lum imto a peofefid coaM iport, 
Wheal Indira onwe la bu iiiiPiniiibTrM witli-— 
Y«u mfty not( inj lord, dapiao lier g;eDtle iiut. 

Tal. Ue'i-r tmat mo then ; fur ^hpn il world 
of men 
Ooold nut pnivnil uilli at! ihair oiKtorT'* 
Yet h»lt * wftiflori's Idndnc4 nror-nnl'd : — 
And lliCTBfbre tell her 1 reium grwl thwiki. 
Anil ■□ flLbmia^LOiL nill aLtmid on bL?t.-~ 
Will nut yiiur bi>nour& Loormn pomjianyT 

JIkd. Nrp, truly; U is mitiv Lhon monnen wiQ: 
And 1 have heard it BJud. unbiddf^i ^esDi 
Aro ofL«n wi^lcoomt whon tht'y are jrunu. 

Tal- Well Uien, olonD, uace ihi^te'A no rcokodv, 
I mtoit ia pnivc thin bdy'u DOurUiiy. — 
CiMDe U'lilier, cuplua, [ Whi'ijvnJ]—Yoii penuva 
my miud- 

Oapt. I doj my lord ; mod moan uciurdingly, 


SOEIfB in.— Aiif DTgne. Court of ihe (JattU. 

Enter ihi CoiTifTsas Ofltf her PorlflT, 

CflTFMT. Porter»Fcman]berwhiit]KivEimdiHF^: 
And whnn jou hnse done hp, bring tlifl keya to men 


PoBT. MudomT I will. Ffi 

CoiTht- Tho plot ifl IaIeI: if nil ihia|« fi 

I iholl iiB fanuiDB he hy this eip](4l, 
Aa SeyjJhJjm Tliom^iriii bj Cyrua' diwtb. 
Gn.'at 19 rbsi rumonr of ibta dreadful knight, 
And bJA Di'hiercidenEfl of no less accoant: 
Fnin would mine eyoi bo wiDwae with miw au^ 
Tti gLTe their censuTB of thesB nus rnpartfl- 

Enier Me«oiigi»T Ofuf Tu-Bor. 

MjtiEi. Madam, ncrqrding aa jonr lidjd 

By mesBagu <;rav'd, an j^ lurd Tiilbot oomQ- 
CoPh'T. Ajuj he Id wvlooinL'- Whnl! a d 

the mnn? 
NIebs. Uadam, lE in* 
CoDyj- In ihis tlio Bmwrge of FimH 

II this th? Talbot, bo much feu^d alrraBd. 
Tbat wilb hla name tho moth^TA adil theii la^ 
I Bun repurc is fnhuluua and falue i 

I Ihniighl I bhoiild luvD AOi'n nomti HbrroleL 
A BOL'ond Hoetor, fur bis grim osp^^ 
Add lar^ pruportbu of hia ttrong-kuit bmba. 
Aim! iJiiH ia a cliild^ n bIUj dnnrf : 

II [!4Uii]0l bu, thiA wmk and wriLhlud »brLinp 
Shonld Btrike aueh tfrmr to hii< eni'miH, 

Tal. Madom^ I have buen buld to troahlflyfl 
But, aiQco your lodynbip ia nnl at loitiuro, 
I'll aort aomc olher tiow to viat ynu, [£7iu 

CoTmr. Wlul meuiA he now! — Qo ^ I 
wbitlmr bo gOM. 

Mesb. StaT,my lonlTalhnt; fbrmylodymi 
To know tho cause of jour nbr^pl deportart 

T*L, Marry, for that Hbe's iu n wMag bdfiat 
I git to certify hef, Tolliut *b here, 

Re-a^et PotIot loiih hy*- 

CaiFTir. If tboQ bo be, tbcn art thoa priioefi 

Tal. Priaoner! towhotn? 

Count- To mo, hEood-lhiniCj fa 

And for thit cauBc I trained thee tD mj boni^ 
Long dnw thy FibiLdow halh boen throU to nu, 
Fn" in my gallery' thy pielure bonga : 
But now the aabaUince ahall endure the like ; 
And I will p\ma UiB« legs and unn* of thbc, 
That hail b/ tyrannif, these rnnny jmd, 
W&flled our ctnjiktry h bIuti nor dtizeno, 
And sent our builb und bu&banJa oupdfaEe- 

Tal. Ha. ba, ba [ 

OoD^T- l/au^h«(t tbou, vretoh ? thy nnrlh HiM 
torn Eo moan. 

Txx,. I laugh \a nu' yuur iBdyahrp bo fond,* 

• Pand,-] 1\i\\^,Iw^t,k 



tfioL jou have fliight but Talbot's ahcbdow 

Wb}. art nut tliuu T.bu iDikik ? 
' 1 nm iorUcd. 

Ii TbCQ bavd 1 aubaUiiKc ioa, 
V^BD, 1 Am liuc plitwiow of iijjftif : 
aoffl'd, mv Aubulnni:!? is aal immi 
ma Kfl u bat ibe BiraaJl^^ parE 
rprdpartioii qF Immjinir.j/: 
L mBduD, wcni thu nhulQ frame bcre, 
|di fc BpflffloiL* lofty piich, 
F^Piv noE euScneDt fa [.'untAia it. 
^ Tliia ia ■ HdiULDg membiikt fur Ujs 
' wnuie; 

il hen. Bid jri bo ii not here : 
■ttuH coDlnvicliai agrev ? 
nat wlU T ihow jmj prcntrntl^ . 

Hfii □ fiom. DruifiB hiord; ihen a pfol 
MHarue- The §Mt» being fortBd, snter 

moduD? An jaii Don pcniiu][>d, 
u but *h(u3n"' tti' bimwlf / 
LfubaUiLce, sEDi:ws, nnas, lud etiTDgth, 
be _v(jki^lb juuE lubetUatu tiMki, 
cilLi^T f^i^ ^iibieru jour toirna, 
^imt uuktfB ihuiD ikvolotc. 
Tiat«una T&lbot ! pudoD mj ibu^e ; 
ut pft lew ibon TiUDa haLb brijitii[L, 
ihiD uaj ho ^tlit'r'J hv lliv aIiuh^ 
ipdoD Dot pnjToke iby vralb, 
ihot wicb ret'm'ciicG 
jlerLoJn tbi>f u^ ibon lltL 
not dinnaj'd, fjur Udj ; nor Enis- 

I of Tjilbni. u yau did rpiBtoke 

hfd canipikAiiiini r^F biii IkxIj. 

t haTC []uD«, ^]MK not offboded me : 

rMti'<&cTiciD do 1 craiD, 

hfwJLh _TDiir pal.icuQr) that nD diaj 

jOLir wmCh AB'l nra what coLoi jdd brkve ; 

ri' Abimflclis oJaajk itrre tbtia wcrb, 
Wilb Hit Q17 b^ju^r^ uid ihin]! me 
|rreat a wurior in mj haiLno. j^fjvnRf. 

-Londoab Th^ Ttimpla Garden. 
Eablh of SciMiyiatT, StrrTdLK, anJ 

Qrui lijrdB u(1 gantlfliDen, wbot tuf^aai 

inu Bnnwpr in a r-opr uF tniih ? 
L'VilbuL]io Ti^mpltf-ball etc iTero loo loud; 

Pla:h. Thob hj al once, if 1 nulntoui'd ibe 
Or elt« nufi wmngling Siimereet in iJiu etnr ? 

Sup, FftitU, 1 bnve b«u q tmont m tho law. 
And Q&fcr 5^ could fraiuo mj will |o it ; 
And, tlifii^rure^ frumv l^iii lii# uiito nij will. 

Soil. Judge yiu, mj lurd of Warnick, iben be- 
TwePn iiA. 

Was, BctVLioii [wn hawks, wUicli lUoa tlia 
lii^liQr pitdb ^ 
Hotweun two do^s, wbicli Liall the deeper month ; 
Beiwecd two blades, which heart Lbe belter tomper ', 
Ui'Evri^Ji t^-o ]]1>^Kl<^, kIilcIl dotli b^iu hiJn beil,^ 
Etetwecn I^rugirla, irliicb haCb liicmcrriefiC eje: — ' 
\ hqvc, pcrhapg, acme ihallow tpirit of judgmem ; 
BuEin iricHJ nice flbaq> quillets of Ihe law. 
Quod FaJlL. I am no wiser thoLi a daw. 

PiiiM. Till, tub, It^ru IB a lanuDDrlj forbouuice : 
Tbf Lruth appeare hd naJtAl on. m^ lide, 
TlittL lAj iiurhElikiJ uj« maj find \i out, 

Sou. Aud on luj aide itis sn wtll appardl'd, 
So clear, no iliiniDg, and so i-ff]iii?iit, 
Tbut It will Hllimmer dirongb a hlind man's eje. 

Plan, BIdcd j'uu nru toD^D'LiedTaad Hr loth U» 
In diimh Bi^lGcantB prodaiiD jour tbou^btv : 
Ijdt blu] Lbut is d t[UL;-horn genLlenum, 
And l^lalbds upon tbo heneur ef hid hirth, 
If b<^ Huppn^p ibnt I have jiWdc^l truth, 
IVoTD otr rhia briar plupk a nhiiP roaa with ma. 

Sov. TjcI liim tlml if nd eorrard nor no flaClenr, 
But daro maiiiluJu Jiu |jur[y of tlio Lrutb, 
Pluck B r?4 ruiiD Avm of this tborr witb ai^. 

^Vui. ElereaocolaurH;" and, with out nil colour 
Of baw! inBinuiilin^ Battorj, 
I pkck this whitu roaa with PlatitaguncL 

Suf, I ploi^k rJiis ted toiti with young Somcniel ; 
Ascl Hj withal, T ibinV ho brJd Ihe right. 

Vbk. SLkt. lurdEi BJid gtutleoicu ; and pluck no 
Till you coadude — ttut ho, upon whose ude 
The tewBBt n»M MB Cropped ironi ibn trae, 
Siiall yir>!d tho olbur in tha ligbt opinion. 

Sou. Good mailer Vonon, it is wril DbjG4ted^ 
If 1 ]mvi- ft'Hfist, 1 Aubaoibc in sileDOe. 

Pr.A^, Anil r. 

V£n. Tbou, fur the tntb hnd pbunneBs nf 
the OBSO, 
I pluck this pair mad maiden bloHEum licro, 
Giving rjy verdict aw tJie wliitti nsa ude, 

SoM, Prick not your finger u juii p!iii4 it off; 
Lej*l, hkedinp, you do poini the white rose red, 
And fdl on mj eidn bi>, igniuel your will- 

Ven, If r, my Inrd, for my apioioii blted, 
Opiniun ahdl bo SLirgcon to my hurl, 

> Cnhnm,— ] TbcBDldllMapllIiFil v^mvualL; for mrlt^t 

*'■'. . 


Aiid k«|] me fan l!ie siJe ir]iim.«atiM T mn, 
Sqk, Well, well, pome on - whi clao V 
Law, Unlisa in;^- aLudj uiJ mj books be biBO, 

The Ai^irieiiL j04 held vid wrung in jou i 

In lign whorwFT plucfc n while msi* loo, 

PlaV' Non, SDiDerif[> where is jolit nrgomenr V 

Sow- Hwi), in mj -miUbunl ; msMliuJ.ing lluU, 
Sfajil] djD your vbJLa fobg [n b bkfidj roii. 

FiJjf, Mean time, jour clieoki do coimtcrfi^iC 
our rtwa; 
Por jibJq [fa?j look irilh fbnr, bb h'itnadinj^ 
The tnilh ou out nido, 

Soif, No, PJantHgencl, 

Tia not [or (w* buL iiij-eri— lliaL ihv dieoka 
Bluih fur [mrt nhama L^i cnqnlfrCoit our roj^a \ 
Aod jot lliy r.rjTigup will not conr'sa ihy tr-mr, 

Px.*s. Hitth pDt thj r«o a caakw, Soncnot? 

Son. HfllU not Llij roBD □ llumi, P7ADLa,c^al? 

Pi.tN. Aj, sharp niid [rji ^ing^ to mbinlaiii lii^ 
tnilli i 
^^'llLl«fl th^Y cfiiBumiDj' ciLEiker «eUs hln falaehooi]. 

Sattn Well, I'll find g^ds to wcnr mj blood- 
ing roiH^, 


TliAi «liid] nmSnlnin idiaF I hare uud U Nf, 
WliPTe fnlai-i Plnnlni^iul dure uol be wieii. 

Plitv. Now, by ihia DiflirffiT bluHopi ia mjl 
I iL'om ihuo and ihv fjialiruD.' p^viih Wf, 

Slt, Turn ri-jt liiy hconi.-* ihia wtfcj,PUD( 

Plata, Pmud Poole, 1 will ^ wid Mwrn 
mill th«. 

SrF- I'll luni mj jiorl IhenvFinto Ekyllirnd, 

Sdh. Annj, rnrsy. good ^^lliooi DD-I&-Fji4aj 
W* BTMO fbe VL'nmjsu dj convrrKing witfi Ws. 

WiE. Noir. by God'H will, ibou mwigfn Ji 
Sumcrdtit ; 
His ii;rjuidlrLtli4^r was Lionel duke of CltKor^t 
Thiixl BUD lo the ihird Ed^*iinl king gf Eb^ux! : 
Spring iTOitleu yoomea froui m ii^p s rwL? 

Plax. Hd boon hun on tbe pluw'i pnti1r|e, 
Or iCurst not, far \v\a omven bi-ArL, aat thiit 

Sou. jBy Hmi ibal mAdi? mc, 1^11 miJiidiiaj 
On froj pJat nf gruund in ClinstoDdan] : 
Wod not thy falbiir, Rieharrl varl ofCiiaibni^ 
For trouon eiceubMl in our lute king'ii d>.yi , 
And, by bia treosuD. Btaiid'jit aol tbou UIuMb^ 
■jDrnLgjrril^ niid eiempl from ODdiCDt geiUrj? 

Ttah palt and UPT'™*'- 

WlJl trOTEHr, And rn^/«ellB«t 


ICBffE T. 

H jet Lim gailt; in tlij hToDil : 
JjOD he rp*mt'<l, ihoa art a yntman- 
Mr f^rher wiu attacliod, not ATlDiDlFci. 
d ut di<i £it iivuuii, l>Lii rio u-aii^jr^ 
rU pnni? DD bcUrr rota ihnn &oinrT5i.«f.t 
■iag IVfuo ffliw ripoii'<l lo my will, 
pBitftker" I'ocjle, uiij jou jouraclf, 
DU ID my bdoV rjf ni^niiiirif, 
p jou fir Mi uppri'hcnribUD:^ 
well i Bnit 4flj joo HIV wpll wamM, 
J, llwD ehall (tud m ready fur tlico alSU : 
• oi, bj iboBd otUiiin, r^^r ilij tm ; 

AiM, bj nj wul, (bifl puJe and an^rj 

UMC'of mj blood-drinkiDg baUf. 

ever, viA mj futioii> wt>Ar, 
jhber "itt m? lo my gnirp, 
P to Tlip Lci^hl iirmj i](i;^n!e. rE^iEionl 
lo fimrnnl. rvt'il 1m rhakM witli Thy am- 

Rvctl. nntU ! mn*! Jhw furit, [jFnt, 

tii'C wkh lb«. Piwlo, — KjiHwcEI. aiflUI- 

Hu« I UK hrav^J. anil mu^L pcrfuiw 
fuJlif'; it! [hniuD, 

T\iii hlM. that dipj oVtjed jv^^iiiut ymir 
irip^d* uiiL In thn iii?aL j)arti[mii'Dl, 
ilhc tniw nf Wini'lfF;miT nnJ Ciln^l'^r : 
Bd be nnt ihrn 4:mi1eiJ Y'>rk. 
jlim Id be dcwudIpiI WArwii:k- 
B, in ■gnil of ID J 1i>?4.' to tiiii't 
RQud Snnorsci ami Willijim Poo^f, 

Clbi Aj pall/ wear tbi* rose : 
|T propnecj. — rha Ipi-qwI lij-doy 
liu ^tuD, in ihc Teniptc ganl*^ri, 
between tbi" ppU row nnd Uic wbilf, 
id umb In dcBib sixi ikA^ly nii^lit^ 
'fioodxndilwVLTiinii» \ Mi\ twunfl'di Jr*u, 
i«i mj Irt-'half mral'l p1urk n lEuwer 
(k jonr brhi^BUll wUI 1 wear Lhn BBTni>. 
Ind *o vill L 

fu bur Eo itJnmrr; 1 iLnrc hbJi 

Mlwill drink blood anafJipri]0^, (fxevri/. 

f.^-7Vif Hmi-. A .flooft* m ^ Towor. 

HJi,i'i hr^wjht m a chaw bj/ 

(bb. w^lpl. 

{It Firvlhltn dbIIh, T, 

Etdd tikfl B iQui new hcJed From ttie rw^, 

Rn hrp mj limbi wirh long imprison ment ; 

And ihese grcj lock^. Ilie pnniuivjinla nf ilaith, 

Nr"irni'-likf', f^<\ in nn ni^p tjf cure. 

Arano Tlifl onri of Kilmiind Murljiner- [appnf., — ' 

Tlio# ejr«, — iikf lamps nbuac vOAting t^l i* 

Wjii ditp, H^ ctrawiBU li> ihtfir eij;,;eiit; 

Wenk uliculduiv, o*i:r}fQnie wifli Lunl^iing grinf ; 

And pLtlkTesi ormi, IIlic W Ft wiClLi-j'M vine 

Tliol droofv bia BopJc^a brini:ti?» to i\k ground: — 

Vet ara Itaeea [euC vbuw tLJVu^tliEeba Hlaj la 

UnaUe to Hifp]yn1 ihi* Idinp otdaj, 
Swift-wingeJ with dvairo lo got n gTATo, 
Ab nitliii;; I no oLhtir oumf^ have. — 
But tE*|l njp, kwimr, will u»y Dcpbov cobm)? 

1 Kbup, Eiul»rd PlonlagtiitLk fli; lurd, will 
Wii seat Linlo iFia Templo, Ia* tia cbnubet ; 
Arnl oiiflw-T WB^ mtiim'd, tbol hu will eriniP, 

MoR, EnoGgb ; mj ?uqi Bbnll thi'n be BaEiaEcd. — 
V^r gobtlcmaii 1 bia VT^^1tt^ dttib cqiLit mine, 
Sini^ Ilimrj MonninuLh dnt lH?g&n lo ivigD, 
( nidt-re wbiiflO- giurj I km jfri'Ut in ami*,) 
Tbjj^ Wcb^iorm* n^quMlrntitin bnri" 1 fanil ; 
And csQu ^vn*K Iken liatb itli:hard beea obflCDr'd. 
DuprivM of honour nnj inbi^riloiiis ; 
Pill nitw, iIjl' artiitmiur nf ik-i-iiiiinv, 
JimI iltijitk kJn^r iimpini of nki?n'H mT^erici, 
Wub iweoL cnLar^menL doth diumiaa me heiiw : 
I nmild bin IrunblcQ likuwihc "Uit vijiir*Jj 
That BO he might rccnvpr what won lost. 

Er^^r HicHAnn Pi,A»T*flffiiKr. 
] Kruv M; kird, *Diir l^ng nephew now ifl 

Mob. BiehnnI PlnnlogenL't, m^ friend, Ia he 
FJmIN. Aj, n-jlilf uiirJi^ ilin* igbobly uu'd, 
Vcur q^^liew, ULi]-d*.'<pi9ed ICicbord, comai. 
Muft. Dirti-t mine Dmut. 1 laaj i^iubrH» iui 

AniJ in hia bcwm «pend Pit Tatter mup : 
O, w|] ide when my lipa do tmich bu [;hHlcB, 
TIjaL I nkuy kindly givD DDa [kinliug kbu. — 
And now ilw1aro» awcct Bt«n from Yv^Yh great 

Why didfil ihou mt — of lale ihuu wert defpla'd ? 
PiuUTi Firal, loon thine ngal baak agiuntt minn 

And, In that TjVW, T'll tpll Ihce mydiBeoae. 
Tbifl doyj in argument upon a cue, 

t>> Dldl«L,HM^ 

buuir b) il idi^L ptncmi it da nu »L npeq l!idr AlHttai Ihrlr 
ibaUJilcEi, of lu LlHlr IdFi, UF ndnifulli' Vn'i'm «I]"h kimnli 
■htr Bin [d hBTBliliF tIib Boitttaner L< a>u«A iipoa ilit bhi 
prinErvnl pan erf iIie IhIiihI.'-— ToLLiit 


r r 




RtiDit wiinlm lliL'ir ^vw 'iwii! !^aniDrvf4 and mc : 

Among whicSi li^rms be iib'iJ hia Inviah taoEDa, 

And rLId iipltrbid mc 'iit mv fiiELer'a ileniTi ; 

Wliich ubl'^qiij^ wt lure iK-'fun? iiij fflligiip, 

KIag with Ihe lilii' J lluJ rcquiLfd hini : 

Tliervforo, ^luod imde, — fot mj ftlher's uks, 

In lioDDor i>f a Uiie Plantageiiet, 

Anil fur rUliBncL-' Bnba,— i1l*l^iv tlio caiub 

Mj fflther, earl of Cnmbndgy, ImI hi* boad, [mu. 

Mob, Tbfll cause, fnir nepbew, lh»t itnpriaon'il 
Ami bul.h dataia'il ma aU in; fluw'tiug jualh 
Wilhin 4 llAlK'^Hk*? ibingufHi, llien> to pino. 
Was cnrwri ioBtrnmEnl uf bis ilennw. [*4U, 

YiAX. DJHovBr mcffo at largo *r1uU cause ib&l 
f'ur 1 hin ignnnLTkt, vid cviaot ^[n»i> 

MniL J will: if Lbrtl my fiuiirt^ljrt'rtUi ^Hirmil- 
And dealb ai>proacb not ere mj lalo bo Jiini?. 
HfTir^Y the FciurLb, jjrriiiiLiralLLT to [bi^ J^iugr 
Df'pua'd bifl bupliUH " RitrliunK — KiJnurJ'a aon, 
T]lo fii^I-bp^tl«i. ond llie Innlul heir 
Of Pliltv^rd kiD(r, the iliii'il of EhaL ilc^ccpt: 
UunnE wboiii! rtfigii. fbc Pi'iriea iff llie ncntb, 
Findin;^ hiK u-'iirpnlion most UnjiL'il, 
EnJeavourM luj fldvjinoemoit to ihn ihrnrf : 
TIhi KtUJin riKiv'il OieAD vatlike lords to Tbls, 

V'nn — fifrHiot (joiiiigliiiij;* Kii'liunl iIlu-i rAn'J, 
Lonvinp no beir b€";^[|ea of hit lm<i_f,) 
r "M Un* neji! bj iiirtU and pflrenUju , 
For bv luj motiiiT 1 dcrivurl uq 
FVom 'UoDi-l iluk? of Clari'h^, tbcf thml »d 
To kine IMward ibe tbiid, wboreaa be, 
Fmm Jobn uf GbunL dntb brin^ hif pedi^cmi. 
Hc'iEig but foLinli oF lliht }benue linu. 
Got mark ; bs, in diis bvngbl^v^ ^r^^ oUoapi, 
'rbcj laboorod (o plauL llie ligbLlul bcii, 
I kel m.T Ijbrrtj, And ihcj tbnir Utet 
lAifig nfU^r lljlp, whuu Henrj Xivi fiftli,— 
Sucnc<ling Iiib fiULrr BoUnebToke* — diJ wlgn, 
Tbj bTJ.cj, earl of Cnmbrid^, — tbea iknr'J 
Friini fnintiu^ Eilmtind Liin'^ktj'. diike dT Turk.—] 
Morrring' m; xJjiCer, tbat iJi^ modwr wsi. 
A;^iJt in pLcj of Tuy htrd dutreas, 
Lepii'iJ mi mrriy ; wL^riiing (d Tnlcwm 
And bavEi in^loUVI mo in ibu diaikm : 
Uiih, a^ tlie ratn to fl'U thai noble pnrl» 
And vroA tboKoBiIfd^ Thus iLe Monimen, 
Tn whoTn ibii lille rented, ■^cro Bup|irT'ii'i|, ^»| 
Ii'li?-. Of ■hic'h, my lord^ yiur hnuniir b tJuJ 
Maa. Tntf ; iind Cboa west, ibal 1 m 

CU F1i«t aA •Hb, B> 


[flncFrii V. 

ling wards da wormnt dpath ; 

Lj hvir : iha rut I wish Lh&e gather : 

iTflfj in thj xtndiiPUH cari-. [mi' ! 

J ^TBTC ai]miiDi£lmiE^ntD prcviii] wIlIi 

elhiiilu, my tothet'ft ?T«uliaii 

ig IvE? iliaii hloadj' IjrKtay^ 
Vilh ^ilenoi, nephenT be ihou politic ; 
ed ia Ibo houw of lyufam^^r, 
■ monQEoin, ntjt fo be remov'i], 
hy uiiclr^ 14 TBiiwvijig hi'itr:- < 

do fJioir Qouru, wTicii dicj ore cEnjVJ 

cmrtiniiaiHv in a lonlod plnco- [years 
D, itpqle> wojld Bome pojl of mj youbg 

ri^ikvin llie puenge of your Otpt I 
"ifna d-»t, tbon, vning moi- — a£ llie 
■liughrrer dolh, 

feth dHiuj n-tmud* whou one will Idll- 
t, fjwpt tlii'Li porruw fur m_v guud ; 

nfif'T f<r mv fiincrnl i 
niw^-U, and fjir bp all thj liopea ! 

miLu be div life in ppBiw lud war ! 

Plan. And pen™, na vai, hvM ihj porting 

bolI t 
Iti prt'urii liimL Uioli npoDt ■ [kilgrLmagc, 
And likii a [icnnit uvcrpdps'il fli_¥ dRjn,^ 
Well, I ml] IoiHl hie counwl in mj hrpnat: 
And 'what T de imagine, Jot tbaL r»L — 
KL'e|nirHj conTtj him ht'oc i juiii T iitjiii"!f 
WiJJ BOS bi* burial bcU^r than hia lifp. — 

[Exeujii KeepeTfl, b'.ftn'pi; out Ihf hodtf 
nf MnnTiMKn. 
HiTo di«.v4 ihc liufil^j loirb nf ^loriinior, 
Uhot'd wiib ambition of ihe mw/ier »on ; — 
And, for tliow wTPngs, ihcBs tiller injurieB^ 
\Vbiph Soiui^i^ot Imlli i>fl"LT'il lu my liuiii*,- — 
L JoiiEit nikt, bul Tvirli lianmir tn n>drfjd ; 
And tbereTure hoite I IQ ibc parlioEDeot, 
Kithtft to be imlj^r^ to my IjImhI, 
Or miLkii [Dj ill' Lh^iidvaDia^u irf my gortd. [Exit, 




KINO nE^nv 

U fimfUt gf tUy priiks 
biDsl pemiciDUA Ufluti>r; 
r nttuiv, ciitiinv la ^au^- t 
VruilDiii moiE Llun well bt;wi'iiiA 
Ibjr profcuicfii aihI Or^ivc : 

Irofldifirji "holV LUnhrt.' i]uuiLfL.'Bt, — ^ 
i InidV a trti]t to l^ki,- my life, 
Lutiilou bridgu^ jifl ai llie Towor? 
w me, if ibj' tljiru^falE wtro biruil, 
Ihy HVtix^iga, if out qiiJU> CTii'nift 
iu nmliriN uf tfa^ awclilDg hcorl. [uifci 
I I do d^^y LhtD. — Lntdfl, voui;!]- 
ing "lift! f nbttll replj. 
, aniljiiiuii'^, or pcrvoraf , 
iftve me, huw Mn I em> ponr? 
» it, 1 Evcli nnt lo advance 
wJf, l»ui ]ivvy n\ ni>nli^ calling? 
icnskin, who preftrrrlh pcu^c 
I do, cir^ 1 be prnruli'J ? 
rl lonb, it Ja riiit tliiiL oficuJn ^ 
kl. llidE luicj] iui'eiLBM lliF duto: 
c DD Dncabauld jnjvv buf he; 
be tbvuU be Jilioul. tfjc king ; 
n lltUTitltir in bit brtunt, 
fEiilr tlw'At^ (UKuanliiHia fortil, 
Ihlwlr I nm 01 ffooj — 

As jf^d I 
of my CTSfirTfiiilnir ! — 
, lordlr iir : f*ir h-lml wu joiip 1 ]irav, 
.Tioui^ in nEmihiT's ihitnio? 
I hol piiJtw'lor. Hjuicf ]priufi[? 
un DOi. 1 D prvlaie uf Lkic chiirch? 
^ aa an ^.Qllav in a C4Hle kocpe, 

ETcn^ GIlHlCt [ 

Thou art rc^orcul 
ij' Hfurltuo! ftintliiin, Qoi Lhj life, 
ma sli&]l njumly lliiA 

lEnnm iJiirlki^r tJim. 
lor^T it »ero jour du[j Ift fLiTbew,' 
, H» tlio bnhop Iff not oiyrbflnie. 
inks tiij li>Td flliDuld 1>o rpLi^urui*, 
e drfKce thit Mftngi lo ?tip!i. 
lliirkliA lii.x liird^iltiirahatild ba humlrlff ; 
a pndoEe i" Uy [ik'.id. 

twlicn bin )]L'I> i-i<tli' 19 laurJi'd bo iifor. 
cWj or uufialLn-'d, wli&t ofthikL? 

iBBlHECncI. I V9V miulWil Liiilon^ie; 
iH SfJfiit, lirrak, \pkfn y^\i- »!i"utd ; 
hoU ■■rJiW mitr faii iPi/A hnis f 
I liAvt A flmg Dt Winclwetcr'. [.4'ic^f^ 

THS SIXTH. [i™, I, 

K. Jhat. Unelca of Qlijster vid uf Wincbettcr, 
Tbe ipodol wottbinpn cf our Engliih WL'al ; 
I VDiiid prenil, if prujim nii|r||i prti'iiil, 
Tc( join jour JinirlA in Jovy acd aniity. 
O, wbaE % aermdBj ij ][ [o oui' i-rnirii, 
Thi^l two Huch miblg jKiera qa ji> eboiiM jorl 
Holifl'tf mo, Uirds, uij ff^nrliT vcnra cui tell, 
Oivif disscujiiiiit U a Vkpcroiia vorm. 
That giia*i< the buirola of llie rommon wealth,— 
{A nouf ifj^Auuf / " Dawn wiLb the tawny 

Wliol ImnulE'arhiB? 

Wah, An uproot, I dure wormDC, 

U^-gtm Ibruuj^h nialiea of ilic biebitp'} men. 

lA jioisg again; " SKm&i I Stuina!" 

Bnt'jy Ihs Mhjot n/ Londm, aitatdtd. 

MiTrO^m^gDod lords, — oiki] viriuoua Honrj, — 
PlIj llio citj of IiondirDr \\\ty m I 
TUfl ^iah^lp and the ciuVe of GlosLcr'a men, 
Fotbifirli'n Idle la oirrj anv wvnpoii, 
EloTj' tilPJ iLclr poold-Vi TulL of pi'libli'-otujie* ; 
Aad tiaudkiig lliemsi^lvfa in ei^ritf^v Tiottii 
Do pell BD fii-i( qi rtno Hriorhci'i pnie, 
Tfiatmniiv ImFC iboir giddy bmina tnoclM out: 
Our wiudows are broke down in I'vtiy uLi^wt, 
4iiJ wo, for fenr, DocipcUM Kq Jiut our ihopa. 

Enter, Mkinauhmff^ the Rt^ainere n/GLflvcKma 
flfiri WujcuRSTBn, with 6lcod^ patcE. 

K. IIes, "Wh lilijirgi! you, on Hl1?giaii« to our- 

To hnld yoi]r fllanglit'niig hindi, mnd keep the 
PtfLj-4 aade GFoater, mitigalD ihiu kIiiA\ 

] Sunv. Nfiy, if wo bu furbidden stones, we'll 
foil Ui El Willi our loelh. 

^ Sr^itT. Do what je dure, wn mrfl ui retolure. 

\iSiirmi*h again. 

Gi^d ^iTu of mj honBebeld, loovo thi< pH'viBh 
And *et thii unucuatoDi^d fight i^iilir. fmao 

3 Srut, My lifnl, we kjiuw vour ^toco 1o bo a 
JliiiI and upiigliL - aikd, fitr viiur royal birth, 
InTirior to uouo bol to hie majnilj -. 
And. cto [hat ut^ will 9ijtrL:r iueh a. prince, 
So kind a fiiliii^r nf l[io eomnrnouc-nlH 
To ho <]ii*gTncwi by an ink1>nm male.'' 
We, *nd oar ythfi*. nnd cIdJdron, nil will fighl, 
And hare dot ]>DdiuH slmigbteKd bj ihj foeB. 

UfthLahn mi LnrcJ diiiUiil I'd lEf JlglDDi." t* 




■; \ 




--■r ';--' 


1 Snv. Aj. inJ the Tcrjr [Hrlngn of tmr duIb 
SbjiU pitch a lielii^ when wu hty rjend. 

Buh Slflj, Blaj. I lay I 

An if JOQ Inve atv. u jou iiaj ytiu do. 
Let me patoade jon to TorbMr i nhilp, [vm] I — 

E. Hen. O, lion diis iLiecord ili>di afflict mj 
Can TOU, my hvA of Winch.'^iyrT bohuM 
Hj Birha And tt^nra, rnifl will dM ihip? relsit ? 
who ihould be pilifu], if yoa bo nol ? 
Or itho fthi>uTiI fiiudy to -psfifcr t pfaoo. 
If hoJy diim^hmon lako ilL^li^hl io broils ? 

Wah, Yielcln my lord protector; — yiold, Win- 
chi»tct ; — 
Eirvpt ymi moaa, wjUt olwtihAU- ropulw, 
To tlay your nareraigii, uid dedtroj the reaLoi. 
You see whit miKhl«f, ud wbatrimrdct too, 

* JhaLt fMrb A lUld— ] T" iLfiAenUBd Ibli iJIjiIcid^ (I mutt h 
rDinrm'w'^ Ihtf Ivhir bcrJUhlnB • IwEEli ll *h 4'uil4niBj]' fid 
rba whin artil nUcr hul-iD'n Tu "laimpko ErLraki«]''r» ■Hlh 
vliBre tUlHi Binilr rli'^b'd Ln Oi> iroiird, fi frye'^' ili^lr 
bflinf vf RPoaafwl Dy Uu ^vwlrw- Thniv Ln i prrnmii troBCN, 
4rl r Be. I — 


Holh bf!ca QLOcbuI (hrrngh ^odt e 
ThcD be it poiee* ciccpt ye thint for blod. 
Win- Sl] ^luJI Aubmil, or I "ill neta jM| 
OiiO. Crim|<arviHiii nil the king focuoud 

Or» I would Ke hia beart out, en the pnd 
Should PTcr get thdl privilcjjD of 10"- 

Wak, Bfifaolil.m; Ifit>I ofWincfaam,llu 
Hnth bunish'd moodv di^antrnfed fuTT. 
Ab by hiA EmUotbcd brova it dolh appoar: 
^ij JiM^ yoq lAJlJ CO plcm and b^itaalf 
Gt/i, Hqv, WlnchoBtrr, I offer ibflo nj 
K. IIen. Fib, uadJe Bnufbrtl I btft 
ym pr^ncli. 
Thai malice wan a great bdiI ^l^ieuiu mii 
And will not jou mainlain the thijig jou 
But proTfl a chief offender b Ibe tuieT 

'liDliiiun bod bo Enximaitab m«^ 
Ta kMp Ihv hEmentn nff Asn I 


{acs^i IL 

king ! — Urn bislniji halh a kiadlj 

t mj lord of Wirch«ter, tcletit I 

U ■ chUA bairaet jnn wLat Lo do 7 

rdl. Juke nf GlwJw.T win jieH to Ui&j 

I* loTc; and hactl for lijind T gi'^'i. 

J; lmt>Ifeatiiie, witLihollo"lieart. — 

•U fnoidv^ Biicl LoiTijg mnnlrjnien -, 

mmeth for a Qag of LruWi 

pelfn PDil nil oar fullowcra: 

iOod. v I diB^cmbEe not 1 

Indir.] Sq help mfi God, M T inland It 


i O loTiDg iuii:le. kind iluk^^ of OluLrr^ 

■In ] mode bv ttuti ooDtr^ ! — 

nuifcTd! tnruLla lie dh mora; 

frivbilfhipT Ai vuiit lordd hnvo itnai]. 

CDDlflnl » I'll Id (tio EnrgeoD'A. 

And BO will I- 

And I will HiQ nhfit plijai^^ iho Ln-iern 
rfEirdi. [J?iTtfn( MiLjor, S.'rV(ir](fl, tto. 
kbspl [liu scroll most gmcioua §0- 

bo nght cf Ricbaixl FknTagcnet 
B^ to JOIST nuycHtjr- [aw«l prince, 

Surg'd, mj lord of Warwiclt ; — for, 
ice mark cvorv cii-cuToi-tJunio, 
BhL iTDAiD ta [)□ R[phLLrd righl : 
bt Lhwe ocfasioDn 

•pluft I t-^]J ^iinr majcMj, [fhrvfii 

L Arid Llioit ocnL^JiiTiH, uncle, ner€ of 
tOTEDg Lord^, i]ur pleasure m, 
i%a Rkforcd to liLH bltj^iil. 
HKhard be re&Corod In liia blood ; 
f^lliar'i tnoiLgfl bt recoiDEHr-'^'d. 
irni Lb& m%. W willolb Wlncbpalpr, 
, If Kiebu-d will be tiuc. Dot diaL* 

I vhole uiheiitiiDce I give, 
kikmc LJDto ihe hnuH of York, 

5: jrou Kprifig hj Uned) cliitiaail, 
r bumbliJ^ Horraat tova obvdienco, 
b HTviee, fill the po'uit of death. 
f Gttnp tfaoo, (Uid Hit jour kiico Agniiut 

^Mrdon of tbil dutj dnnei 

llw laliaJiE Bward of Torlc : 
like B tniL^ FtaiiNi^nioi, 

prifipfly duke of York- [fall ! 
•o lluive Kicbird, aa Lhy fta Duy 
t.dntj' ^HngBi so ^H'rinh tliey 

Due tbooght Dgainit joiir iD^jtstj 1 
, hjifh nnaee, the mighTT duko 

(*} PInl talk iBHUi. hJI. 

■} A> -J 
Jtft Tol 1. 

«IiI.}_Ab afij-^i^alr m^r A rv«Bt '* ^x'' 

Bov, [J#iJ^.] Fcnuhr bAnpriiicCiigna!ileduko 
of Tnrk I 

Gto. Kow will it best avail yooi majesLjp 
To 47aH3 it^ BeaEt. jind to lia frowri'd in Fmnee i 
Tim preaeDce uf a kiif^ ciigcnderB Ioid 
AiDanrit hi* autijr'cEa nnrl lus Inja] friend* ; 
As'it disiuiiiiiiite^i tun eueniiE^a. 

K' TL^jj. Wljen GWer iajh tJie wo-d, king 
Henrj goes, 
For friemllj" couo^cl cuB* off mruij foea, 

Qlo, YoLir dhipi alreodj uo in todmeu- 

^FlaurisA. Sri^uiU alf txcrf>t Exetko. 

Eee. Aj^ m? may ihutdIi iri England or in 
f^^Dt aeeiug wljdf ia Itkolj to eoHue l 
TLla Lalo riL'<fK'nniouT grown lielwmL ibo peon. 
Gurjkfl iinJer feigned nshts ef furg^d liffe. 
And wiit At lut break dul into a aauj?: 
An fixLer^d nicmbcn ivt but bj degrco, 
Till boop-t And Hc^li aad unews full u«'iiy, 
So will ihU bjua and cDTious diaeord breed. 
And now 1 fear dint fulal propbcej, 
Whieli in tbo tjnie of H™ry, nftpn'd ibc fifth, 
Whs in (Iig moulJi of evory sucking bibc, — 
Thnt Henrj, bom at Monmoutli, ulionld win all. 
And Hcnrj, bom nt Wladaiar, E^bnuld* lono oU^ 
Wliich i^ 6U pfiiin, iJwt EneltT dorli wiflb 
His duja ntaj liinJili »□ Uut hnplcia tiine- [£aE- 

aCENE TI,— France, fi^&ra Houon. 

j?n£fr La Pccellk i^i^ULiiai, and Soldiera 
drt^rd like CouDU^mec, with itackt upon 

Fuc. Theae ate the dty-got^, liie gatoa of 
Thruugli nbich out p«1ic/ mqnL njake a bteacb : ^'^ 
Take liwd, bo waty bow jou place joui words l 
Tiilk lika Eho sulgnr sort uf mai^el-men, 
Tbnt come to gfllb'-r money for l\u'ir liwh. 
If we bavo entrance, — ilk I hopo we ■ball, — 
And [bal wc Rnd tbo floLbful WBLch but weak, 
T '11 by t nign g'm\ ntiticn lo our fhcnilfl, 
Tbat ChorlcA tbe dauphin maj ent'ounter tbcm. 

1 Sol. Out lacki ifaaD bo a mean to aock tiir 

And we be hnU and rulcni ors Roucd ; 
Therefore well knocli. [ETineki. 

Pec. P'lffHtinJt. jfiunrrv grfln rfn FrancEj — 
Poor Tnarkci- folks, tbnr cnnie to bbU Iheit oom. 

(") PlwmieHnlU,fKHbL 

k nhtaunblxrnvnl— ] Va indJastonBd, >lthMf.rollk<^ 
uinautnr, " Hit ik«nAi*r'J av rinl , " Ac 

OvAitt. {O^atimy Alajpata.] Ertirr. ^ in ; tbo 

MHitH^MI B vmg. [the pvmd. 

?tc Ko«. RiiiHm in ilkUe EiiT buJ-ulj to 

W^ V'rCmiiM, ^ eutfT tikt ertf. 

C^aL Suat XVnu bliv^ ibtt bippj ■Imtogpm ! 
Awt itDA^ unin wv^'EI i^-ji BW-Mrt eh Riiutn, 
JJafT, lJi>re eahv'J FuwUc, adiI her pTActi- 

Hov ills b Ibcrp. huw wQI pbe tpedly 
WTwrn* is tho 1h*ai imd aafisL paj<fijLgD in 7 

Alhh, By (hruBLing ipul a rurvh from jonder 
(iiwur; [iff, — 

WIlIuIii UEiiv iliscriuM) bLuo's ikal Iilt nxiininf 
N" wiij tw iIiqT, fyr HualiUfRA, whirii nhe cnU'rcd. 

Tir, TtrSi.»TJ, (Itid Ib eIid hnppv wc^iLliDB-rurcli, 
'ri"tr JiilitflTi iCuiion iinln her n>i]nrr)-mc<n ^ 
lliit liiiniiiiff-fKra] to tlio Tnlholit« ! [fneud ; 

ilAHT. B». uoUq Chflil-'Si, ihe Iwacon of om 

The baning lor>^ m jimder tared -^w-^ 
Ch»b, NoirtlujiQ il Jlk? « comet oFm 

A pivphel lo lilt! fiJ] of all oiiT fw* 1 
Alfln. Dcft'P no timo, di-hin luw ii 

Enirr, »iiJ 07 — Tke Daaphinl — nn?«aO 

Abd thea do «iccuImd oij dii^ mtcn, [Tiku 

.l^rmiDu. JFnfcr Talbot, amf Englphi 
yVwxrt thf fniBit- 

Tai_ Pt^ucv. Ui« slidl rue Ltis Utb 
thj l«Brii. 
If Talbot bgt lUrriTo thr Irpat-berr- — 
Piiwllr. Ihot wiioli, itiQi ilajnEii.'d soniaiH, 
Hath mughl lliia holllalL miaoliicf ldahu 
ThaL hardK we Hcaji'd iho prido • of Fun 

BRbPnm^ frrviiif^ en rvt. in ^r ^l^ 
TAi,DOT,BiTiioiiM>y,njirf^A< Eoglisli 
TAr.n, entfr on tJtf tefillf. La Pc 
C'B*nLKH, /Atf lUnlard, Alkh^ojt, 

Fl'c. Good morrx'^, imUuif± ! want n t 

1*1 Old itjt. flm 

wp m«{ ito nmH pipu^fop' — 

-Ajuld rnlf^ilit 




ibt'D ItDj BguQ at nicb D niv: 

faH of duirti p do jou like llie tmle? 

L SOofr Vo, *ilo fifloJ oud alumibleHii niu'- 

latD I 
On Img to choke ibeo with Ehino <rwii, 
■ke tfiEfi ouift t]je Eiarve&t of tbal com, 
JL Youj grw maj atar™, pihAgu, bt^fbrB 
UibL LJoib [(noun I 

, 0» kt no worda^ bat dceda, rcvmpo thij 
What will jou JOt guoJ grej'-beHni? 
break a luicc, 
B 4-tilt ftt dtalh, wilbm a choir? 
Fool G«iid of FroncDi mid bag 
■Bi^d iriifa ihj lustful lumrnoim ! 
■ It tllCi^ IV fmniL hi? ToliELDL ugE*, 

of ail 

l/^ ^tfH',— 1 Ml, Cn|||«r'i uuiDTalai lulnThiiln. 
tTtal 1 bl nJI ilop'r. 9.S|h( nil -■ lilu ' 

And Ml "jlli eownnlinr d Tnan holf dt^T 
DumHl, I Ml have n bonl with jou Dgam, 
Or ifiso let Tolbut ptrinh nllL ihu sliaui?, 

1'do. Aro yo &o hot, eir? — ytt, Puoelle, holJ 

If Talbot Jo but ihundcr, nin will follow, — 

[Talbot auri Cke mt ansait toptther^ 

God ap«d iho juLrluoicDt I whu »hall be t)i« 

iiprakpr? [the Add r 

Ta^. Dato je come EbrlL, ud aicet lu in 

PuCd IIi-]i1i4^ J'wr lorJahip tttkct ub then for 
To try if that nor own be oiira or no. 

Tal. 1 npnk Dot ta Ihal nilih^ Kecalij, 
BuL unlo iUiX. AVi](;QTi, and tho [i?al ; 
'Will yc, like BuldkTii, cofdu aud fight It ouLf 

Alik, SignioTt no, 

Tal^ SiffJiior,hnag'. — basemnlclpera of Fnuicpl 
Lite pi'QSftnt fool-ljoja do ihcj' ki*p the wbUs^ 
Atid doTD nol lake up ormfl like gciilJcnicTi. 

un riL] 

]et'« get HB from (h 


Pdd. AwaiTj npbuiH 

For Talbot niunB no gnod^ieut bj hu looknr^ 
God b' wi' mj lord 1 we cuue but to IfU jcm 
Tbnt wo nre lirre- 

[Eivuiit La PL'nRiJ,i[. if-«./rmii (A^ tmflt. 

Tai» And di«4 will vo bo I'jo, ere it be long. 
Or dftQ repma^^h ba TRlbot'a gmuul Ejutia ! — 
Vow, Gurguiidj, bj bimoiir of ihj hoiinct 
Pjidt'd oti b^ [mWit wnurijp airotniii'il Id Frmci.', 
flilluT to got loe town agiia, nr die j 
And I, — as flijre a* Krij-linli rtimrv llns, 
And A£ hu TacLor hsTo was aytii\iti-rar : 
As Hire aa in ihu late-lrt'lr^jt'd town 
Great Cceur-de-IioN's bctrt wu biiriad ; 
tji> iunj I flweor* tn get ihe Euwd «" dj?, [tdvb, 

Buit y\j Fow? wo oquo] pnniiaift with thy 

Tal, I3u1h <.'« we prt. regard thii djiih^ prince, 
Tho viJmiil. Jute uf Seilfunl. — Come^ mj liird^ 
Wo hill bt«Litw jrou in eomo bcU«r pluvt 
£iE'l4]r for ^ckncB9 uid fur erazj a[!;i^. 

Bed- Lord TilboL. do ii(>t bo Ji^baiiaur ma : 
Here will I dii. ix'fo'V thu woUa tif Ronon, 
And will he pikrtnir of jonr woiil or wue- Ij™' 

Bm. Coum^ouii Bedford, Id ua now pcreiindn 

Bb&f Kot to be goao &odi henoe^ for oiico I 
Tlml Blout Pendrofon, in hia hUer, acby 
CuDe to the ti^ld, u>d Trmquiabed hk (oa : 
Melhiiik6 I shuiiM nvlvo ilio soUiii'ra' hcAHtfi, 
BwiiLur I fTTf foUTuI ibvm « uiv^i'lf, 

Tal. L!:ii]Bimu>d spirit in i djiDjC^ breut ! 
Tlu'n bo it so — heavKiK kwp old Qeilford t^h'- — 
And now no moro ailoj bnive Burgiuidj, 
But giLhcr we cur fijrcii ui>t uf bond, 
And Kt upun our bouting cncmj- 

[£ivn' into Mff f&uu Bi?aai.'NDT) Talbot, 
and ^rocB, Imvijiff UaBeoaD.aud olken. 

Alatvm: erfurfjoiu, f A'er jSVr Jumr Faiji^lfe, 
and a OnpliuD^ 

Oaf. Whi(h^r frway, fiir Johu Futidlfli in luoh 

F*nr. Whither Awaj I (o mvo myself bj flight i 
Wd Ota liko to lijire Llie ori^rlhrow agnin. 

Cu\ ^1iAtt will you SypiLDdleatv lord Totbot? 
Faiit, Ay, 

All Lho TmlbutA in the world, to nivp my life. 

Cowardly knigbt I ill fijrtuno follow the« E 


Rtimi : nav^/ms^ He^eiitrr, from f^i loaa, 

La PuDHLLB, AL£*1C0N, CuABLBa, if l:., ffW 

filVi Now, qaiet leo], depart wben h^ren 


For T bflTfl KCD OLU enenucB' otcrUuvw. 
Wbot i* Ihe (nat or Mren^h of f'XJiih mi 
Thej thtt of lafe wwe during wilb iheir r 
Are glivd nnd fkln by Ur^hc io £ttr« thsnid 

AiaruBi. Ea-enJer 



Tal Lj&t» oad rwover'^d in h dav ogiii 
Thld IB ■ di'iibls bmour, Bwguody : 
Ytf( hoAvviiB have glury for thi'' vipiorr '. 

Bdh, Warlike and ii]ELrti«l Talboi, Burp 
EmbrincB Ibte in hia heart ; and tburo cmv 
Thf uohle doedn, Ofl vtlrmfi moDUd^lL 

Tal. Thoiik.^, gmlh doku^ Bijt vli 

I*qcetle now? 

1 diitik h?r old familiar 14 ulnpj [gi 

Nuw LvljL'rfi'A the Bblard'e brdTES, mil CW 

Wbfct, all a-miirt I KoDcn faanga hn lu 

That fueh a valLuiL comp&nv arc fled, 
N01V will Wi'- lake aonie order in the toifii. 
Placing ihorein Hiine eipfift oSe^n -. 
Aud ([mu dfjinrL ro Pani^ to The kiug ; 
Fut UuTt? _Vinrng lleary with hia niiblH lif 

Km. W\Mii mWi lotd Talkal, pJnifUk 

Tal. Bill ytU befure we go, t&E'a IM fin 
'Vht rkdhli.' duke of Bedford, laic dvceu'd. 
But KQ hid ciequiei fulCill^d m Roaen;^^ 
A binvor aohlJ'T ni'vor <:aLifhi'd lanoo* ^H 
A gi<ut]i,T beml Jiil m^er away ia nmnv* 
Bat kingi and migbticit pcientalEB muiL d] 
Fur Ihat'a tbu end uf hnrnan nLittcry. 



JSjiltF CiLABLEBr tht BoBLal-L], ALKJf. 

FtetetpLE, and Forc»> 


Pre, J^fltaay not, pnDC», at llii« Jitdda 
K(|j- grieve that Rouun i& w> recovei'ttl ; 
Care \a no mre, hut ralhor eom>«M^. 
For EIiIti^s tbflt are not tu be reQicdii>d, 
Let ftiuktic Tolhiit hiuDipli fur 11 »hik'. 
And liLi^ a [len^^irek sntep along hia tail ; 
We'll pull hl^ plnmei, jjud (Jiku oway hl^ d 
If Bauphin ruid the mt will be hut Fol'il- 

CnAH^ Wo ha(C been gnidi'd bj Ebee hid 
Ad*1 of Ihy eunnia^ had riu dilBdeim ; 
One sudden foil &hill nerer bttcd dittrmt- 

BaaTt Seuch out thj wiL for aeerel polidj 
And W9 will maku th(« fEioiona tlitnugh the 

I, Wp*|l K^l thy ptnlLLc ill xomii li^rlv piBCCi 
U km tbu rerorwic'd likt.- a bliiued oaint ; 
%ihf ihcp tJien, tinv!! tirgin- fot frur gmjd. 
T-n Tb>7i ibu? it moflt be; Lhia dt-th Joan 

EiT bir jHiruiiiKiE, mir'd wiiK augar'd worda, 
^" 'lO uq^ tbc dkikc uf Bur^iicl^ 
To larp ibe TBlhoi uii! Id fallow lil 

^^UL A;, muTj, RwoeliD^, if we could d4 Uuit, 
''■■ft ir#ne no jilai^u fur Herirj'i wnmora ; 

Nnr fthoLil^l Uint ilqUud bnul U net with m, 
But be eidrped fraru eui proTinoea, 

Alin, For evvr BbouJd ihvy be upult'd frOA 
And not liavc tiTl« of na nrldoin b^rr, [irorlit 
Vt:c Yout Jiniioim »liaU perceive faow I wiJl 
Td LriDg lLu muttr Vt iLa viaW t-nA. 

[Jirvnt heard ajar of. 
Hark ] hy the emind of ilrum jDU maj percf i*e 
L T\iv\t po«pr» ore miu^'hlTrj; ncito raiii-word 





An EnglUh March Jiaird- 

ThfTO gwi the Tiilitit, Willi hi* rolnura BprcrulH 
And «lT Lhe IrDOpa ijf Engluh afLT liim. 

OUHHV and Ati Forcea. 

Now in lliL> ifaitaui^J cioriii4 Uu' liuku and }iia ; 
Furtunb in frLrcFur mjiliea him hkg Ix'liiiiJ. 
SuQimod B parJey; wis nill uJIl mtb liim. 

[J'rf'jjJ/'t/Ji ymjirl a parlsff. 

CiiAktr A pnrli-y wiUi (he liiit*.' of iSnrgurnlj, 

Uua. W'lio ctavoB aparkj with the biu-gundj? 

Fuo, Tha priduelj ChorleB of FioaM, thy 

Butu What edv'bI ihou, Cfani'ln ? for I am 
ctDTchini^ beiicc 

Csal Sponh, PuQiiIJa ; UiJ exivlmut him nilL 
Ihj worih- [Fmiirel 

Pui?. Brox! I^irrguDLl^, Tmiluuhfnl hupd iif 
SlDf ) 1*^ Ihj huDkble hriAdDiaid tpcik ro llu^o. 

Bun, Speak on ; hut !« nnl itviT-loiliaiiri, 

Puc. Louk DTI ihy eiiiuilry, liKik on Ttrtili} 
Aod B» the cidn oni the toiiTiii Jufoc'd 
Bj wjuiiiiig ruin (if the ciwl W- 1 
An hwliji ibc miThrr un Iwt tiiwlj' Itiilxs 
W'bon dpitli doili cfcue his l^mlfT iljirig ejea^ 
SoPh H>ti iJiM pining nmlailj of Fruiico -, 
Si'hoTil the WDundj^, like lunnL uimnlurjil Wnunib, 
"Whicb tliw thjtclf lioM givori liar wotfuJ hmiatl 
O, tura thy ed^red nwoci\ nnui^cr waj : 
8iTLkelho»o]h4iLliiirl,and liiirl no! []i(ip<i lliBthelpF 
Orn.- ilrupuF hluttJ ijniif n frdin ibv ciiuntr)''^ boeoniH 
Should griciG iIlw mc^re Lfaui Btreoms of furaJgik 

INiturn ihppp, thcriifure, with n Smul iff lean, 
And wmh awav ihj touDtrj'ii fitiiinad #pou I 

BvBr Either slie hmth bi.'wiEiJi'd ine *nth ha 

Ot naluni rnnki^ ma Fiudik^l; r[i|Liit. j^un ihei?, 
PiTp. BijMLh'A) all Fr^'iith anl Fmueo tu'lnioia 
Douhting t\iy birth mid la^E'ii] pmgcn^v, 
"Who jtiiii'nt Ihou wUb, but wjlh it lonUy naljiu, 
That will naL Iruet thco lint for juiiGt^a faoke? 
^'bcTi Talbot Umh mt firuting atmn In FnujcOj 
And faflhiDo'd ihee ibflt inatnimeai uF ill, 
Who [litin, hiiL Euglibh JZebry, will bQ lord, 
Anil tLiou 1hi ihruat out hko a Tugitiva? 
Call vm to miiiH, — fijuf mui-k bul ihirt fdt ptoJif ; — 
Wna not iho diiko of Oiltana [hj fui' ? 
And was ht! nut iti Eii^ilmd priH^ui^r? 
Butj whrn ihf^j hi'ard lia waft ibiiiQ i^cnij, 
Tbfif^ Ht him (ko. wiEhDhil hin mnriUtn |iniii, 
In ipite of BurgLindj', aad all hlf fricnda. 
Sao. then, than fighl'rt a^inat Ihj coantrjniun, 

And jwn'rt with ihcm will bo iliy dang^i 
C(Hnn, ciiinp, ivlum^ rtLunt, thoil wond'iiii^ ]ut 
C\tUTkf% uinl [liu r««t hiH takL< llitc ia tbcii 

BiJn- I am TonquialiiHl ; ihcna bAugUtjr 
of htm 
ITavo IjJiUtr'd uio like runiing ujjpoi)-abc<» 
And aiai\v mf Almu'^E jii'lil i]i>oo mj knee^ — 
ForfiiiTe nto. cfnintrv, ond ?vr»t ctKinrrviiKU I 
AjlJ, lotdflT anrjkl ihla hoEirty kind cmbncc: 
My linTfii unJ In J iufWhsr <jf men are yooit; — 
So. farcwL'lL, Tulbut ; I'll no Loq^it Iraftt iW, 

Pec. l>P)io liko a FrcncLman ; — turn, 
turn n^ia T 

CuAEL Wifli^ome, hn-ra doliel ihj fill 
mahrfl da Ircah- 

Baat. And dulh Ix^gol new cotirfl^ in 

bi«aJ<Cii- [it|i 

Al£N. PuocUd holli bmrelj plaj^d hfrpuLi 
And duUi di^orvc « coTam^t uf ^Id. 

CKAftr No* let Ti* on, taj lordi, *nd jdo 

And «!(l1[ Luw wo ma^' prcjuJin ihe fbv. [^.r 

SCENE IV.— pMiia. A Room in Ar Pa^ 

Effei- Erao HnxiLT, Glovcmbttoi. ami 

TjunH Vpi4s^>, BhVwrt, tke. To litn^ 
TujicjT afi aume of Au OffipcR. 

Tal. \Ly gnuaoDi pcincc,— ood hofininl^ 
pi'i're, — 
Hi'juing^ cif ^otir Diriiul in thifl rejihn, 
I huvo a while pi^en imro nnio mj win, 
Ta do mj diiij ia mj iiamcJin]- 
1u Bi^i wlK'ii^ff. thinenn — iJiat hnlh EVcbum'J 
To jinlr ohciliffirc fiflj rartrv!?H». 
Tw4;lTe citif>^ and Feyi'U walled Tawm af itmi^ 
l^fjJi- litf« huihilrcHl pnaonera of Mteom, — 
LeEfl full hiB Bwoni hcfbro jour hi^hncn* Ivti; 
Acd.n'Elli (tibmi^^e lojol^j nf heart, 
AwribeBlho fllurj ofhia conquest got, 
Firet ff roj OuiE, and aeit iihId jimr grav- 

iC Hex. Th thiaiha btrd TDJhijt,uncleG)i|(rff, 
ThAt liAlh so long been r^ideiit in Fruice^ 

Glo- Ytifi, if it plesuyout iEiJtjpk.l;r, mrlit^ 

K. HiLra. VulcoiDa, bravo (V[tlJtiD aod vh 

When I WB9 ycMing (an jet I am wH old), 
I do remDDihar liirw my CnlJier Bud, 
A iitoiiLi>r uhainjiioti nevur hjinJltil a«rotd. 
Long since wo were rc?olrpJ of voiir trotli, 
Your faithful Aety'n.^, nud jour lotl in wir^ 
Ynt ntvcr liavo joii InpiJcd nur reward, 
Or been ni'uiiLerdou'd wiih bd mach as that\Vf 
Bccaosc til] now we neror mw jour (a^\-: 
Therefore, Bland Dp; and, for lli«e gwd 





-A<rr jv. 

SC'EKE I,— l-.ria, A Room ^ J^Wf m fh4 Ftiacf. 

YonK. Bunouc, fimiRMurrt WmnxnUB, 

and ofJwVB. 

Glo. Lord U&Lu|>, »el ibe ctom upon hb htid. 
W». God flji'ij kiu^ TIcaij. of tmt ijhdiq the 

Gm. NoWpgovamorof P»rii. Talie joiiroadli, — 

[Gdvcmur hiftit- 
Thal jfijij olwt no labor king but liijiii 
E&]f«ti uliiic fdi?ii4l'4 but until 06 aiv bis tricudi ; 
And "ono jour foia Imi am^h aa sball pretend* 
Midjuluue piiLcCi<vit ft^^iiliihl his atnie: 
Thifl shbll ye do, qo lnJ^i Ji>" rt^htcoui* God 1 

[£fflfn/ tifivjrmnr and hu Tnla, 

^AffT^ My ffrat'ioiifl ROTcmgn, m T rodo from 
To haste umjj vnur canaaacioii, 
A }oiiet was ck^llvctM Ui my liondi, 

Prflund— L Dulfn. 

Will lo jmir gr*-n fnim the dukt nf Bnrn^ii^ 
T&j^. Shonia Ui the dokc of DuijniQiti 1 
I Tow'd, lirjAO knl^hl, irhon I did mul Ihff bc 
Td tPBT rJiu garter &D111 thj cTsra'ft leg. 

(VTiirb 1 LiTQ doitn) limuaw uiiwarlhilj 
'Hiou W4Br, i]Lp-Ni1U-d \a thai bi^b d^'^TH'- — 
T'nrdon mc, |irinpo!y Henry, B4id llie nal! 
'Fbia dutnrd, at [he (mttlD of PjiUj.* — 
M''li{'n bill ill nil I WAS aii Thoiuiubd otfuni. 
Ami ihnt die Frooch wero aIeho^I l«i 10 gw^- 
Before tfo met, o[ ibnt a atrokt wm piva, 
liiltii lo A triutj BquiiflT did nm awaj- 
In wbi4;b fiKHniilL' *a UibL l^clvir huuilred wui 
UvfttfLf, nod divCTB geallerricn Wvde, 
^ere ihere eurpiiu'd ncLd tiikvn prisoikeii. 
Thou judgi-p yTivt lunL^, IF J hare doat unk 
Oj- w|ii>lV.r tluil eofh rN^miTri^ oug^iE tu tivr 
Tbia orDflniept iif knJiililbiiud. ycu. or im.lIi 

Glo. Tu inv iho buth, liiift fftol *» inEvio 
Ajtil ill bosfVdiinjf Liiy i^uinmaD man. 
Much mon b bUf^bt, a nplaiD. anJ a l^V, 

1*1 014 Mil, Pml^Wf,. 




[•.ICfl 1- 



Wben Em thu anlcr 

KiD|ku uf Lhc garfflr «?■« of nobla birth ^ 
TiluLiii uid virTuoEis, fail ot huiglit^ uooni]^, 
Ml H nvrt groivn :□ circi^it by die won - 
Iti bumf dcdLL. nor ihHbkiiip; fcfr distreu, 
^blvtya ruaoliila in imiht ' octrcijiufi. 
ErlbHi, fiui a iiDl fEirniAli^c] m ibis win, 
LkKkkt Diurp tiusacrod aAmv of knighl, 
Pfini^og tbid ojofI huDCiuruble urd^r ; 
lid tbd&M (if I wt'ti: ^mrliif In bu jtu^i^-) 
Hiquho iJtfgmded, litn b bniiJ^-bijiii swain 
TW Jiilh pn'dLinie to Lihif t uf /i^uiId bkhxi. 
L Ue^- yuiii t*t tlij cuiinifjmi'ii I iIhki Ituar'^ 
ifay dodui : 
EllpHUi^ therrfbif , liiou IJiAt wmn & knigbt ^ 
HsfldhMi WD bqniab tba.», on poiJi □Fd'?ath, — 

XbAvm^ mj* [tird pmt«iQrj tiow ihp IcHrr 

ra our Dni'lo itake of BiiT|^undv, 
Vhu m^Mfi hill grue, dut 1w lioLh 
thijig'd biiM^la? 

[FicTFtHj Cft^ jUfri-fcrijiiUntr 
Utannhai, plain nud bluntljj — To ilie iiftj f 
Bkth be f^ir^ot he u bu savtrtigii f 
Ur dclh llii« churEih Bup««:ri]>[loii 
^llsd* Hnnc allerjillcu in gwd i^ill 'f 

I'l hnv? — ^SeadsJ^ 1 have^ upon eMprvial 

toid with wmpaavm of TJiy eourUty^i wrti^, 

laiJh the pitiful cor/'pfa'TfU 
^pnA at ^ur Djtprenion j'tedt ^pon, — 
trtrt^PR ytffir pemicioia /aftion, 
indjiflit'ii fPifh Ch-ti'tet, th^ fi^fal ttnj a/ 

bUtdiu frvfli'berj ! Ciui tbis be Pi),— 
-^■thaJlkiicis aniiry, pnd Qrilhp, 
H^pAaqld h? fnunil ?Linh lidacdiniifmlflingUlJilu? 
^^Lfln, ^Mtii ! JoLb my uu^'lc iJur^indy 

^^H^BE duThr mj Icird ; nnd in bn»nie joiir 
S-Hcr, Ij Uubl tho worat this Ii*tler doth 

^Ut. It'll LhDwiir<t,iii[l nit. my liii'd,be ^te«. 
I tflss, Wby till.'", lurd Talbot eKltu aball 
^L ulk HitL him, 
|Hi [iic hiDi ctiEuLifii'meuL for ttua abuntf : — 
I ^i«T jnu. my limi? are j(ji[ iiol nuil^nt? 

**L. CoDlcnlt my Upgu 1 jta ; bul iJirtt I nni 
^*iidiihiite beg^'d I ini^rl havn been cniploy^d. 

^ Hb^. Thtn gncbr-T atrcngLh, and morcb iinffi 
^H him Almi^bt : 


4*] tun mUn •mill ■Dfl'. 


J^SV hTTUj-i^nkf or Fih^aiH"rfii. i», ts. iak^ 

Lf 1, him peru'ivb huw ill wu bmuk hin {nA«on, 
And wbat itfFi'nM U Ia to flirii htn frii'ndu 

Tal, r ^, mj lord ^ in hcorL duBinng idll 
Yuu may twliiild caiiiiiriinD of yoor tics. \Erit, 

VnB. GrBiilPittheMTDbJil, gtflCioua&oTeniign! 

Bab. Ajid rue, Eiiy luriL, gnuit dig tb« cujabut 
I'lO I [priniT I 

YuQE. This ia my wrvauL ; hmr him, noble 

Sou. Abd (hid it niinu , i^Hcet Uenry, fovijiLr 
bim I [to apenh. — 

K. Hrc. Bo pbijiint, Simla, rtud give ib^^'in leiLVC 
Soy, genlTptnwi, whar. mnhqn yon ihu^ i-icliuni ? 
And nhcti^fiire omra yon combat? or with wboni 7 

Vmh. 'Wirhhiiii,iny lonl; ftirha libtlj di^rti' me 
wnmg- [mxiiig. 

BAi. AiiJ I with hhtL ; fiTt he bflth dono dp 

K. Wi-ji. \Vhiit iM llmi wrong ffhereof jou bodi 
crimjilnln 'i 
First let Tne know, and then I'll ana»rcr jqu. 

6a*. CnwiingLhrtitiL&amEii^lktiiliiitoFT&iiira 
TJbin (ullow htro, wifh mnoKi curping L^iagii*^, 
LI[r1jrrJdi*ii idu aboxil Uii- luw I hmt ; 
Swylii"^, ibe uLiguirc* colour of tho lenv^ 
Did i\.'[]Tui^nt my morili'r'B hliuhiiig libefks. 
WliifO blubbutnly he Jid ivpiiga tho tnjib. 
About a cvfUJa quaflii&n in the la", 
j^rguM hi<l.#iil Iht^ dukp cif Yfli-k Bod blDL , 
With oEhpr vilc ntul i>.iiiin>LiiiouA lernu; 
In caofiiUdbrL of wbii.'b rude rcproEch, 
Anil ID ilLifi^iiBo uf my Ii?nl'i wuTllilrmB, 
I cniru ibu bcTtcfil uflo" uf flinia, 

VxBi And rbAt i'* nty pi^iitiikn, imhlc Fuid : 
For Though ha seeui, with fii-f^t qujiint concnt. 
To H'E a gloK iipun bi^^ bohl jnli-nf, 
Yyt Vno^i Tuy Innl, I woa pr"vuh'd hy hini, 
Aud he lirBt took oif«pliau« at lhi» biulgi--, 
Fronouni'inp, ihnL llm fdJ^pAs nf ihia flowei' 
BcvfihV'il' ibo Ikintn^'u i>f my maslDr^B ticlirE- 

yoaa. Will Bot tluH mjil^ce, Someraci.bc ItrtV 

Sou. YoiiT pdv&Ie gnidgo, my lord of Yotk, 
will oiil. 
Thnugh DeVr ro I'lmningly Joii sunuthv IE. 

El, Hen. Qood LotiL ! what niAdofv rulefl in 
iinun-Mirk thou. 
When, tiir SD alight and fnV[>]oii.'i a i'qjtw» 
Sui^h foctioiu eEniilstloQA ihotl oriHl — 
GiKu! PiMHiriH Imlh, of Tort and SoiaerGel. 
Ql1i<^t TouL^clvre, I pniyn and bo aL ["lU'C, 

York. Let this dowunion firpi bu Tried by fljjht, 
Ami tliTKi yi»iir highneai shall camuuind a pi-^ioc. 

*' WIibe if Lihm liii^i ^icTiLtl*, or blirat. 

r^n ill rue |i la-vili ^D man nr rhJld« fi/l^^r, 
If Ood oiDir HloioaibF bivminlti m ilH'riiilt. " 

B rm'BlEdi— ] A-'iriftilrit, bf ilk- L|JI| I ipcpch. 

' JtfVnj'iL— ] Thi[ ii, BilrwgM, hreihW. 


Soil Tbe quBm-L rwiclir^ iiufic but us alono ; 

VoKC Tbcro u mj pJeJge; oini^pE il» Sd- 
^■K. N«t, Jot \l Tttt Hhrni it be^nu jit GreL 
Bu. CrutGini ii bd, mine bcmamble ]i}rd. 
Gl6. CgoCnniLtcf CoDfijUDdedbfljaurElrifc ! 
JLod ftnk TP, nilh juur nmloduiia pnul 
I^HuajKuuiB tkrtiJE ! ore jdu not ulura'd, 
Vilh ihiB unmcdat ctvnoroiii outrage 
To Irtnlile Jinil JJAturb ilia king jinj m ? 
And JOB, mv larda, — tiif:LliinVri you do not trdl 
To ben- wiih tlipir perrcne oljcrlioin ; 
Unrli ka lo [jJiB oivasion fcum tLeIr aanth* 
To raiM? t mutinjr btLwiit vunr&elics: 
Lei at pcratiide jon take a UtIIm cmmw. 

EiK. Ii piifvcfl hi" higliDCM ; — good mj IotiLa. 
be fi-LcniU, [biiLftiiU. 

K. LIzK. Come biUtpr, yuu tliot wouM be com- 
HfiKTlijrib, I dinrgt juu, u jon Iuto onr (hroiir, 
Qurr Id f^rgr?! LhU iiLiatit:! ariJ Lbe cai]A#, — 
AdJ ynn. eut loiil^ — ivniDaibcr hIiitd wc btd : 
In FmiiiVf BUum^l n Hi'IiId mcuriii]^ niiCinn : 
If ibrj pcnx-jve iliuta^iitu in our Ivoks, 
AnJ ihul withm otirsi-lvt* wo Liiengm, 
Hu- "ill tlirir pTii'lginff ?l0nijn:hfl bo pn)vyli'[l 
I'u wilftil Ji^biMJiL'ncLs ncid I'uU'l ! 
llrsiJc, wIiaL inrooij ^itl ihciv oL^isc, 
Wlicd f^i'iRU [vriiHya ^^lAll bo wrtlfiod, 
IIjuI f,ir h UiJ, n iMnff of nn rrgfl-nl- 
Knig HmrjV \H.vte miA thief nob ilit;^, 
l»rtnv\'*llhpm*pt"*, ondlnstdiiTi-alni uf Franc*.' ! 
O. ihiiiL Li^ii ibe cDii(]uc»l i>r mj FaEhcr ; 
Mi bf^\"T yt'iirs ; *uJ U'T. ua nol forego 
Thai for n tiilk' ttmi «il^ bon^bf ^itb blowl I 
Xjpt ue I'd iini|drc in [lin L][iii]>trM] AtriA;, 
I i0« Rv nwwp^ if I HCdT Uiift iaA«. 

[Ai/CiNj7 <m a Vfit rote. 
TW UJ *^^ vboubL Lb^rufure bo ai»]M»oiia 
] nvn hie\U>9 to SunicrKt ibui York ; 
JM> *■* n^v UntiinorL iltiiI I love Ihcoi both: 
Ai viU Hn'j itiAy niibi-nitJ tun with lu}' crow^n, 
^HHlae, fi>i*iHHli, iIk' king of ScoL^ e» c^wn'il. 
BM X«ir 4bi<'i>''i<M>i U'llvi ciui ponuado* 
TJmn I *"i hblo 10 ii^flnu'l or li-ai'h : 
Ahtt lli.hn^fini-, Jin vv biltifr ciuiie iu jhL-uo, 
^t Vi nt "lill 'inifi'in* 1"*»" i^J lo'D, — 
iV^iii of Voik, w irinfifnh' Jinir grace 
IV |w inir n^ffi^nl in Mh-h* fHii-T'- of Fram-o :— 

Ahili JT""! '",V '"^'' '*' ''^'ii"f"'p ^"''^ 

Y*n'r l^^">|•^ "f ll'*|■■^''|"'^^ ^vilU liin bflndn of fi>ot ; — 

Aint, like <i"o "iilyiH'ln. S.1IH (tf joiir jhrygunilors, 

(hi f^n■*T^^n» <oiO'l["'i ' "^'^ di^at 

Ww lUiB^* oliolri *ni jirtir I'linmit*. 

> 4n ir I "-ii#M tr .[LI, fct Tfct 

I. jr '*«'■' *"*" 

p*. "I 

■ » tiimwih W- ill*"!'' l*'^^*l- T*"- 


AHpr iomB rospilo, »»ill rcdim to 
From UiCLiCD lu EnglanJ ; iib?re 
To ha [pivsonfcjJ, bj yuur vJdorioi 
Witb L'harim. AJeni^on, and rbat i 
[/VuTuA. £jreunt Koin IIkkb' 
SnmquET, WisciiEsrEB, 

Wab, A(v Inrd of Vort, I ptijtn 
FreEiilj'p inc^iboiigbL, Jiil \-}^y r^io 

York. And so hu did ; biif yvt 
In HlhL he Tcim Iho hnd^fc of SoD 

Ww. TiL^b ] QiaL vnf biif bia i 
T ilnTB preniLriM'. fvuvl priiii-e, he (I 

Yonx. An if I irut> he ilid !— 

Orher itfliiiTft muar aom be uAHAgi 

[i'jYunf VofiK. Wabwici 

EiK. WdI] didoL tbuD, IUid>ar4 
FoTt hiid the puaion? of thj hpori 
I fi.'Of Hu bliuuJd buve seen iltciph 
Mdtq ronconjOA ajilIh^, ihotv fiirittiu 
Than jcL cnn be irDHjj^n'd or aupp 
Dnt ]iowiut\<r, no timplu man liui 
Tliin joiTiTie illfrcord cf nobilily. 
I'liip iihoubrnn^ nft'iu'h otbpr in j 
Tbifl fui.'ri{iua baud^-iii^r ^f tlieit fw 
But diat*' it dnth pm^'ji^ liome il] 
Ti? djucli, nhiMi BO-fCiTa jm In c| 
But Tiwro, vboTi oiivj' brvc-lq iink 
Thero douiih ibo ruioj llicro 


SCENE II.— France. J!?^n 

SbUt T/o-om. vi(h kii 

Tal. Go Io ibt? golt^ of BrninS^ 
Siimmou thsir ^tml uhlo dw wi 

Trunpe/ ttntiidB n pathg. Snfii 
IhB GoncmJ n/thr French Fniiie 

English John Talbot, captaias, cjtl 
SorvE^t in ama Co Ilanj king of 
Ami ihiiH bo wimlii, — 0[M'n ytim t 
Be humble tu ua ; call my Borcrpij 
Aikd do lum homn^ u abedieal ■ 
And I ']] wilhdraw mc ftinl n>j bloi 
BuC, if j'on from upon Tbij pmffei 
You tempt iho furj of m j ^hn.'e a| 
Loui famine, quorbsriibg flecl, ami ' 
Who, in n mnmenti evt'Ei KJlh (be 
Shall \ij jDur itaicly and Air-braT 
If jou fui^dka the offer of their bn 


■ Eni^-l Emmltw. 
' Untlfid— J rr-Hfuv 

MT IT.] 

KING UiiNUV nils SlXTEl 

[SCBSft IH. 

Gur. ThoD omJnriiis anJ frMLrfiil unl (rf iltuLh, 
Out Tiotion^i Ipttof, uid thf'ir fcluoriy Rmurgp ! 
TIr period of ihj (jnutTky ftjfpnMu:liclh. 
Oi D llioti rannt nai cnwr btiC bj di:ulh: 
y«» I prtTMl, we *« well fbrtifiril. 
Artd &ljuQ}> eaough to inuc out And Aji^kl ; 
If Ibrju tviiiv, liie Djiapliin, npH apjiuinEied, 
Bdndiiiiklli die BUmtn of war to tAP^h dice: 
Od adi(r bvnl ihee, th4?re oi? N|tijirlronB pitcU'd, 
TanEL L|uv from Ibo libvrtj of di^^L » 
^^icia wnj can^t ilioii Cum tlici^ fur LfJnw. 
^^■tioiUt doth front iheo iiilb njtjuiivnE EipuJi, 
^^b nJe deslmelion rs\f!-Ha thee in iho f^ice. 
^^fcuummnd Frntrt] liare la'eo Lhe Amzmmcut, 
^ ^Tfl Ibeir djuigtniiui flililVrj 
PpM M C^t^ift1ta[l eoul biiT Eugliiib Tidbot. 
U^lkrg [hon atond'sl, a hitn^mi^ Tdinnt mnn, 
W u inTiDdbEo nuiiJhqiiiT'd apirit 1 
TluiillkC TalfjiE glory of ihy puuv. 
ly I, Ihj cneni J. don ' Ihca wiihol ; 
Fum tlte f^lju^, ibaL oow becios to tun* 
Fojifi ihc proecdH r>f hiu SJiiiily hour, 
lliit^a, Lhuvcc ihH now ircTl euluiiri'd, 
BiBufl AaeTiibor'd, blnndj, piJe. and dead. 

)M! hnrlr ^ Die thiupb1ii^bdr(Jri>,n wnntin^rbt'll, 

ahciLTX music 10 th J timorous anid -, 
ajjia ri]Jill ring tJjif dire depmiurc onl- 

[^JVyj*/ Qi'nCTol, (e^./fiHtl iJiC H>llllL 

T*l, lie fjibltfl nol» I hi;aT llic nipm^TT — 
OLir.icaii'lLirhtLurL^merirtLrid pcniK tb^tr niUga. — 


k^li^iiL Dinl !iet>dLe«i dir 

HiUMP wp park'd arid LoundLi] in n pnlf* — 
A EiOeberd of tlrj^ldnd'B timurous dt^r, 
Un'J vitli A ;^i>1pipj^ Lmnel of FruiiLi^ cum I 
If tf be Enj-'l^b ili'i.'F, W, lb>'U, in Mooil i '' 
XntruHl-lik?,' to fall down nilh n pinch, 
BiAAlbcr TmHtdj-mnd aLid de^purot? Btn|^, 
Tmiffi tbf blrpod)' hounit^ v,\l.\i beada of ^teel, 
Ai^ [luike the rovanlji stand aTuuf 4t bllj' : 
Matr; nuui hJA tifc Dd d^af u mine, 
Ari<Ltbi^ sboll SnJ door dutr of ua, my frionda, — ^ 
GijJ uk^ uint G«org?, Trilbot uid Eit^Uhd^d 

l™^ Ddr oolaun in Lhia dnngcroui figbl ! 

SCESE m.—Plaiiu in Qwcorj. 

W Vim with FotM* : M Arm a McMenger. 

YfiBi ArenntthoBpocdyiicnDUrclum'd upiin. 
|Tbi( ^^d tko migbLj armj of tbe Daupbm V 

^>1h«itHpfjAfl;,] <«a rha nid 1"ir; hnirlir ffurfflm rMdlni; 
ill l« turn cl parLnf a OcHTTsd IxibuLC, U, ttcDlTKi lO k 

Me». TIlpj aro rctum'd, id; bird ; nnd gire it 
TbaL be ii marcb'd to Bautdains wilb bis pownTi 
To 6gb[ wElli TahiuL A9 bo mnrebM iklon^. 
Bj juur espial? wrre rfi^mvcrod 
Twi] miabiier troops than tliaT [be D,Liipbiii led ; 
^litcb joiri'd wilb htm, and mvie Llioir iiumb hi 


Ynsff. A plaguQ upon (bat viUun Som^ract, 
TbiE tbuB dclajt qij* promiwd supply 
Of bunj-men, that veru Iovil-eL for tbi? aiogu ! 
Kciinwtjcd I'all-rjL ddfb dxpei't my illiI i 
And 1 nm lowiei!'' bv a, traitor villain^ 
And ouiuoL bolp Llia noble chi^Tnlicr : 
G(jd rofiiffnt li'iiii ill thi-i uwciftitj 1 
If bt; miseiuTy, fitrcwcU wore in France. 

EiiUrr Sir Wllleau Lccv. 

Tjuct^ TbDU piino-rj l^adet of our Eo^iih 

Kover bo nccdl'ul on tbc earth nf Fronra?, 
Spur 111 the rwi^nc of iJio Dohlo Taltiot ', 
^tio nrf L4 girdled wjib a miift of irorir 
Ajid bcjQUi'd about wilb in-im dcEtruclion. 
To B'jurdcaiu. wniliko duke 1 to lELFiiiib'aiLUT York ! 
Elde, ^rewoll Talbot, Franrc, and England's 

honour- [liinrl 

YonE. O Qnd I tbaL Sfimpn^itl — whri in proud 
Dotb stop mj QoriLc^b — ifuiT in ToIbQl's plnw I 
So Fibould we »iTe a vnliant geiitEeman, 
B_f fbtfL'itin^ a troilnr and a eoHiLrLl. 
Mad irr^ tud wmUifMl ^rj innVea mo weep, 
Thnt ihiia we die, whilo romiw trnitom sleop. 
LrcT- O, Aecid Mme succour to thu duinw^^d 

lord 1 l^nnrd! 

Tom. Hh' dlua, we loao ; T ln*nk mr WBttike 
W<? moum, France ntnilei ; weloiCn tbev tlailjget; 
All 'JoDg of (bi4 lili? irallor ScmoraeL. 

LcCT. Then Oud Loko muroj oii bruTc Talbot'v 

And ori hii Aon joiing Jubri ; wEi^ two lioura aIiica 
I inoL In travel toward bi^ Wiiriiki> fnrbcr ! 
T|il^ *rvpn j-i^dri did ti"t Talltot bm SU &0b ; 
Andpow thcj meet where botbtbtLrbvoBaiv done. 
Yonff, Alofl! what f"jabrJl mibk' TdlKif have, 
To bid hiji j'Oiingfion w^deoqic to hi* grBw? 
AwQj ! relation almodl: stop^ idj bttath, 
TbiL[Eabdcr*d FrieDdflgrniL in tbchnurof dcalfa. — 
Ljoj* fari!W('11 ! no nwtrn nij fdrtiino ran, 
BuE cnrBe thi« mtrnf I eannot ni'l the man, — 
Mfirne, BIoIp, Poieticn, and Toiin, arc won n^ay, 
^T^ng oLl of Somanol ind bii deliijr [ [_Exit, 

inrn nf [1m ilur T'lT q 'IVT 1"^ »ii| ■'lUjTtS^'il ill' nf r-i"i ilJtlit" 
IMi^— "I "hi lf»""i-rl »Hli f mtrrinpE II ti? h tiirJ, nr Tuir munirj 
iurek'i. Iiy ilriHjr, Ac 

*0T IT,] 



LncT, Tboa, irbilv ihe TolCnrfi of tBdiruri 
Fvedfl Id Uv boHrDi uf Auch gr^it cnmiDuidm, 
Sleeping at^vctMo Arth hea%y to Ims 
TIh* CDnqneAt of our kbiu-cdU DOntgoenir. 
Thai 4.'T«']L>iD|> OMD of memoEj. 
Honrv Qii- fi^h :- — irhUn dieT foph '^ber cr<>^4p 

8CESE IT,— OiAfl- i^i*i q^ G«™j. 

JT*/^ SoiAKfn. iribi Au Yatvet; an O^rvt 
of T*LBi»r'j w Ji im- 

Scw. I( B !» IsM ; I CBimot Bend ibHn now ; 
Tlu? FipedSdm v» hj York nd TaJbol 
Too rwhlj plouixl ; 4]J i>ur gmortJ force 
Ati^hl vith B baUj of ifao TB^ (Dim 
Be bucklfli niih : the nuer-diriu^ Tblbol 
Hath soDii^l *]l hu gK« tif f«fo<>r Jn-imir, 
Bj t)ua nnhenlfu], d^'ep'ntp, vilJ aJpi'iitart: 
York m him on ta %4ir, «»■! die in ihvDe, 
Tlut, Tdhol ddd, gTHL York miglil bar ibe 

On^ Hftp IB sr WiNioa Lopr. «ha with toe 
Sat fWan our o'or-iutch^d fbrcn forth for 4idr 

Jihbr Sir Wii.LLAii£ Lnrr^ 

ScUb Hfl* hFiw, SF ^VTlEiamT whither wfre 
yaa K'Ii: * 

LuoT, ^''hiLhfl-. mv lord? hvtB bou^ Bnl 
Who. tiLg^J abool «itli bold 4dr«nt1j, 
Ctk* our fiv Quhle Y^rk ud Somerser. 
1^ b.'fll inHJIinE Jeath fruiu ha "wk l*!yion»-' 
Arid "liilo4 ihr^ faomurKb^e »|)uin there 
Dn>p« bkvdv owcat from hjg wpr-wewi^^ limbs, 
AihIh in wivariCapn lin^orin^,* liKika fot ith^ue* 
You, )iiB fa] 1-0 h'ip4iB, Lhu tiur^l uf Kji^IaiuI'b 

Kwp ofT aJDof with wmihlo" L-muiaiJoii. 
TiPL iHit jsnir pri?«tf diword lto>»p awnj 
nlio Ic^Tird i>iitii'4iiirH ihuL ohuulLi ItnJ hinj aid, 
Whilp lie. HTiowncii nobTc ^>iitli<i[^n[i, 
ViolJit up bJB life unro n "Orlii 'if ufJr]*; 
rirlffltifl tbn Baitui], Charity, and; Bur^iudj, 
AIl*iic^< RENig"ipr, fompnw liira ahont, 
And Tilbot j>erij.bo.Tb bjr jour ddfjmJt, 

Gnu- Yiirk Bet hli» on, York oboqld hrtc kilI 
him aid. [siclunii -. 

huoT- And York u fut apofi yan j^rtoe 

\it I'liiiriFUDnnilC, 411^ 
» Ptiuplitind iilfl— ] Apmvfrblil phrawsiTlkl m i«yinw 

|l U riMind antnJn ^ Tbi ConmlT crKimri," Art III. TIr. J, tn 

'' J|»f JKl>^. An V-Be. 1,>.idLD"P]Eli4n][]J."ALl V.Sfl, L 
h Jb^h daadTvUivH LtniTiiTUir,— ] Poibipi urillDi^LTh' 

4'Alld, Iq 4iied--a'lap llHf'rlMf," tt. 

11 B 

SteAring- th&t you HiEhhuId bu fevial ham-,' 
CollHrCcd fnr Ihb' npcdilioD. 

Sov, York li«; lie mi^hl bare sent and 
the hoTK: 
I DWD him lilUfl dutj, cmd b^ Inve, 
Aod lake Eoid Bcom to fawn on hito by Aendiqj 
Let*. Ths fraTid of Engbind» not the fcifci 
ITath now anirapp'd tbo nablp-mhidcd TaJbot: 
XrvFT te EngUod afaall lu- hov hJH Ufu ; 
Hut diffl. heMj'd Ui fortune bj jour ctnf^. 
SoH, CoiDD. ^ ; r wiQ de^tcb Ibo boiwq 
Etfaigbt : 
Wirhin lii hnnra thc^j will be it hiA ud, 
LtrcTr Tm Late ojnMa nvcuei be is laW 
Pdt Rt lu' fvu\A not, if Lt woiilil Imre A«i ; 
Anil fly would Tulbot nerer, thoi];>h he might. 
&0V- If he be deod.braTu Tulttnt. tW,iiiJ^ 
Ldct. HtH famo lives in ihu florid, hii dbi^ 
in joa, [. 

SCENE y^ri* EnpliBh Ca«p nmr 

Snkr Tauot ami Jons- Aa Son. 

TiL Ojmnig JohnTfllbol! TdidMidfcr 
To IdUjt tbLv in ^traULc^niH of war : 
That Tjslbot'i namp mighl be In ibftf rcTi'd* 
Wbm Ofkat fl^i? and weak iinfthlo IJmbfl. 
Sbonld bniw thv fatlj^r t" hin dronpiucf cbifTi 
Bat, — O iDaligDODL and iM^bodliiir ttant — 
Now thou jut HiEiK onto jl fiia°t of debth, 
A lernblt and unnToidi'd'^ lianiFdr; 
Tifc^fi'tv . denr bor, mDunt on mj tfifieal bcrfl 
And I'll direct tb» bo* ihoc ehijt o-rt^ipo 
B_5 eudden fliglil : amth', iJuHj uoi^ lit-gtiw. ' 
JaKf. la inj name Talbol? and u& I ji 
■no? I 

And thAlJ I Ay? O, if yon lov? mj mother. 
Diahonoor not btir hi}iiouniblc naini>. 
Til nuke a basrard and a ulare of me T 
Tbp world will so; — he ii nol TiJbot's bloDd, 
Tbnt hfleelj- fl*d wh'Ti nohlo Talbot akmd. I 

Tal- Fly to reTTDge my dealh, if 1 be dilfl 
Jodh. He that fiies ao will ne^er retum a^A 
Tal. If we both ft[*j, WP bolh are aiii? to d| 
JoETv. TbeD let n» etay : tmd, fiilheri do i 
Your loB ifl griM, lO yOur Tegud ehould bai 
Hy irorth uikLawn, dd Iobb b known in me. 

eld laL ll-»r Tlir 

nirhoTkl 111 ' A«l 

ii Rbijnar'i. 

<1 Vn«>eld0d— I {TutwiMtfL, u In 
flf. I _ ' 

AnduLJi (Jir luiifl p]^. An IV, Be, 1: — 
<' AIL iiiDnilrfolli Iba d>MB tf laHv-* 


[Sr^tlTfi *L 

Freni^h am liuJc SitiisL ; 
yoD bW hopes (uv lostr 
thu hnnnur jr»ii have wan i 
it will, iLnt no cxpluit bavo rLoiin : 
fcr TUiti^r ererj qdp wfU b^qot ; 
bow.' lh*y'U Mj it was for fe*r. 
lupe ihwl DiPr I niTI »1#J, 
, I ahhitk onJ ruu awnj- 

, 1 Ika unrtftlitjr, 
pcasr'd vith infaiaj- 
■H Chj motluir'i buptn lie m 3iis 
Comb? [womb, 

At> nlhcT UuD I'll shoQie edt moClier^a 
pon my hV<sinc J iviDiniiiDiJ tliL'C ffl- 
Tm fight 1 wilh liut not til tl> ih<i fiw. 
'on of thif fikther laaj Lc iov^cL in th4£. 
Xofw-tof him but -ill bo ehtknic in mo. 
luLLi iitTt-r lioil^t rcnuwn. ncir raimt nnt 
llH4l it. [j»Lii.^^ jt? 

Vm. jonr renowned luraici Ehaii flight 
bj Ikcht^r^i charge hIuU clear tbeu frniEi 
Lht; atoin. 

Von CBDtiot HitiiF» ftir DiBf heing ela^D- 
io to appoi^nt, th«n bnth 9y, 
l^lBBTDin; Iblloircn hore, ra fight, And 

lU D«vr lAinlcd qitli iueh flhomis. 
And fLaU mj joulh )te guilty of idch 

cm I bo BB^er'd fttrtn your aijia^ 
TOPielf yomwlf iq twain divide i 
H wlul jmi will, the 1ik« dn T i 
nil not, if mj folhcr dto^ 
1i«i benf L Uka mj le&ve L>f EHee, fair 
dipae tbj lilo this dAgi-udui]. 

bj »ide fo^lbcF IJif Olid (lie I 
(rilh soul tnua Frutce to hta»pn flj. 


id dtov', anrf T^iUinT nMii'a him. 
lint GvorgB uid viOory \ fight, KoTdjorfi, 

ilhiih whii Tfljhnl hrot* hii word, 
■ to ihff ngo of Tnnfvi hif pword. 
Jnbn TttboL? — paiuc, and (okc Lhy 
B lifff. ind reHo^d thee froTD d«lh. 

Vr.CDniH'f unrXUrrt aaliiliriile- flg. ^i Mr, 

nil If.vn'. 

Jons. O twice mj ffllher ! twiee Hot T ttij KtQ : 
Th? lif? thrMi giir^»t TDQ timt hua lo^t and doitt; 
Till niili Lhjf worliko svord, div.j>iin of fate. 
To mj doU-Tsnui'd lime thou ^vVi new riat<!, 
T*J- When from the DiLij^hin'ii orcet ihj 

iword irruckfirflt 
II waimM Lhj fatlior's lieArt wlLh pnnid dmire ~ 
Of bold-fflc^d TicCorj^ Then leudcD noe, 
Quickpo'd wjrh jontbful spleen and H^lke rope, 
ikaL JowD Aleppo, OrlcanA. l^urguadj, 
And Froni ihe priile uf Gollim netn'd thou. 
The irtfnl haitard OrlEafiSK-lhal drew blood 
Fruni thee, m^v bgj", and hjul Uio mAiJodhooil 
Of Chj firaL figlit — I liuun eiiniuDter^di 
And, inlj'rehnngini; blown, J (|ijieklj shad 
Sumo of hid bikilDnl blciod ; and, in dldivnec, 
Ikiapokc him thui : CoRtamiinu-Nl, hrrx. 
Ana WHji/sffOHen ttUxtd, f tpUl of (Junr, 
Mnanarsd riifki poor ; for thnt pnve Wftirf i^/mi'nf. 
Whidi MoJt didai Jorce fri>ot TalljOt. my bravi 

boy: — 
Hetv jiTLrponing tJie BoBtiud Eu dratmy, 
Uvno in strong reecnc. Speak, tky falbcr'i 

Art thou pnt wflarj, John ? how [1<bI ihnu fbre ? 
Wilt thau jot^ Imro the bnUh*, hoy, and fly. 
Now thou ml Mfll'd thp aoh of ehiimW? 
Flj io rcT^ngo ray doBih wbi^n T Am dejul i 
Tho holp of (jno etondn mt: in littli? etcod. 
0, loo much follj IB It, well 1 wot, 
To huard all Dor livoa in one amiU boit ! 
If T to-dfly die not with Frenehmon'a nge, 
To-moirniv [ alull iIid with niieklo age : 
Bv me they noibing gain an if I slay, 
'Tia but the bbon'ulD^ of my lifu ouq daj : 
In tlvie thy moiher dn-R, otir boiiHlii>ELl> namo, 
jUy dcnlh'Ei reii^gv, ihy jimLb, nud EngUod's 

AIL thfl»iT and muref «e baiord bv thy ntay i 
AIJ ihWfC atv HJLv'd, if (hnu will fly ftwny. 

Jaii?f. The Bword of Orlconq hath not made 

me Huut ; [heart : 

Theae word* of jDurH diaw lifo-blood from mj 
On Ehrit advanFa^t botight with siirh a ^hunfl, 
{To im-ve a paltry life, and ilaj brif-lit fmne,) 
Before young Talbot from oid Talhrtt fly, 
The eoward hun^' Lhat he^i-H mo fall and die I 
And lilte " mn to ibe ppninnt hnyii of KrflJtw. 
To be Bhuua's «rorn. nnd Eubject of miiehuAO I 
Sarolj, hj sJl tin' gWj yoa hava won. 
An if 1 By, I nni not Talhot'i son : 
Then tdlk no mote of Bight, it h no boot ;' 
If ion to Tnthat ilo nt Talbot'E foot. 

iBiniiia at Uiiibiiw," jiiH V. »r. r ' 


Tal- TlionfttHowlhQutiijiktp'ralqBirBof Crete^ 
TlinuTcaniA; lliv life to mtMa flnf^C: 
If ilioq wHi BgKi, fi^'ht bj tbj faUierV sidL-, 
And, oDmiDfDdiiLlu provM, leL^i din in piiLLe^ 


SCENE yiI.—A fiathei- part »/ ihi tame, 

Atai-ujn : fs^urtioni. Eater Talbot ic^wKfoi. 
tnpported hj/ a Sensiit. 

Ttl.. Where is mj oTlior lifi!? — mine Own ib 
gone; — 
C*wliem'H rouu^Tolbol? whcTi^U val font John? — 
l^riiiniplijuiL iIi'Dthf smcEU'M wIlIl ciii]»rJvLfj) 
Youtig TjJboi'n vaFour niixlipa nn? nniilc at thoe! — 
Mlii^D bo jiOTCoiif'd me shriitk and On mj knte, 
lIJA Mirnd^' ^wnril he Lmnili^lbM vser me, 
AnJ, iLkc a huiigty Lj^^n, Jul LirirmLL-ikL^ 
llough dwdi o( m^ mid aIehl iEii|io[idDce ; 

iliU mri la Ehii imH In minj puli cl LniJmd. tn Jn 
HoLtaahcd ^"JJcjI'MlI iEi« halh hiA i^f liI hlr nil hi bfrntn- 

But kIicil mj angry guordauL bCouiI alona, 
Tc-hdYlng my ruin^ nml osHiil'd uf nvao. 
DiEBj-ty'd fury uicl ^irnt rago of boirti 
SuiiJfJklj tniLdu tiiuj Fiuia mj siile Id aUA 
Trl^□ the pliisL'rin^ ]uiEi]c of rhc French; 
And in lluii fh'el of blijod my hoj diJ dn^mh 
Hii ovcmounting spirit i aiid lh«t diod 
My Icurui, mj Mdb^vQ], in \i\a prido. 

Shiv, O Qiy dt<m lurJ] l0| hIuqv ytmiBoai 

fHffr Suldkn, 

fniiyh^ the hodf ^ J" 

TaIi, Thau onlic di'at^i, wbidi Lmgb'rt u 

AeiOUt frOLn ihj' LUeuldng tyrnnnyi 
Coujik'd in IfDJiik oF porpotuUT, 
Ttt*) T^lbote wingc'd, throu^ the liLher' ^i 
Id thj d«piU>) £]idl 'Acapc nnjrlnlily,^ 

ilTdTI 1 hirlherLn ]>duiLdj n>TLli ■itfti ricli^ 11 f ht pronDi I 



[aawM Tit 

lavDOjidfllieixjEnv'Imrd-rBTniit^d dr^ib, 
J bllicr, prii Clirrti ,viiilil ihj lirivth I 
I bv BjHnking. alj€ili''E ** hr irill or do ; 
D • rwochmrin anrf cliy fw- — 
he tmiln, EoeiLjiiti, he who aHi»iild 

Iwfli Frcurb. tJiPU Jj-iiEh hail dii-ii in- 
i, juiit loj him in liLi fathofi amiB ; 
III no luQ^BT Lviu- rlit&u horiufl. 
wu ! I hint- whui T "(hiUI Sayt, 
^in* art youi>g Jirhn TutEinL'd grari^. 

^xnh' SoKtltTt ffJ"? Surviuil, l^irin'j 
It, lAff Siutiirdt La Ptjf- m.rv , ^nd 

, «k fwd Smki^DKt brougliL n»oue 

ijinijig nl)t'l|iof Tiitbul'Sf mging- 

t puay BWOTiJ in Fn'nthnipu'a blooil 1 
|« I cacoiuiler'd biur. nod ibub t uud, 
|i> pnnfibt ^ rttaqu^ah'd by a mind .- 

1 ibuA ^ y^biii/ T'llffut virr ftuf Cc^ 

in tlip hihitLiltt of thi> FiviHih, 

Ironlljr, ■£ uan^ii'ih;*' l^^bl. [brtlgliL : — 

nibllM be vonlil bme (uiuli; a uubTu 

be Lt£ Libhk^nu'd in Uk« ai^mft 

1 bliBnlj Piirwr "f hid hnrniB f ■ 

*w ilipm Lo pLetici 1 lapt their bonu 

fund*'! [ 

h tiu ; futbear ! ivr \\\a\ v,\ax]i wc< bavL' 

lile, let Id not wrt^iig it d«Ad- 

\Vljxiaij %k^c^. atlmded , a FniDph 

ln)ld,i.vi>1m-l ine t^iTlieDaupfatii'siPot, 
to hnlb uLijiiiiM iIk- i-loi v nf []ji? ^j, 
lb wbaL buliiiiiBnib! uiOHiiiffQ art thou 
mi? fwDrd : 

|lbiuwiHi>DnupliJn! 'UnamGrr Fli^dcIi 

tnuin hf ng[i|-l, p. Ill 

VMn roijUljnl tv lir primUiiniTd bl CjOAoi Tt^BbL^ 
V Mvial^Mrw-mUmrlrii II rli^f. In lfa« prftruL 
■ (prDhBuaHVil. U n^i puikitir, iHv'ph d| BiIA-i 

Id,—] TLbE ■>, laBliiR _i^. 


Wa Eh^lisb wmrinrft wot oul ^bhl. Il imnria. 
I coRiu U) kijdm >'hiiL priRonci? ibuii buit la'tfji| 
And ta Aurvej the birdwB of ibt dihad. 

Chaii. For fintaocn uli**! (luu? hell iiur 
pii&ini la. 
Bot (ell mi^ wlioEii Ihuu mck'A.' [^Ui 

T^nnv. Ifiit whej-u's E^ie gevnl AlddeB Di llw 
Voliniit \oiil Tfl[l)oL pari uf Mhre*Bbuij? 
(.'rcLilcd, far IJ? nuc buocrap m artm, 
Gniai i^iul ff WjL-ltfiMd^' VVjiti^i'fiml. jitiil VFUf'um ; 
Tiitn] TaUhjI uf Oiiirx]ii[; and Urt'birihi'Jd, 
r>ird SiTfljigi' of lllacltnLpn^, tnr<| \'<'rduri of AlUm, 
Lord CroDiwcIl of W'liiuddd, \vu] Fiimhal of 

Tlio thrice vIl-Utjimih Inni of Fnlcordii-idgp, 
Knight of llko iinl»li' oidor itf -^Ainf (iL'orgf, 
\S'or[b_j' lainl MU-'hacI, and ilio ^fuldpii fli'{*e ; 
Greai umn i^hci] iif Hcitfir th<' ftiiili. 
Of Jill h^B najii WLthiii diD leatm uf Fruin't.-? 

Fi"c, Hero IB D ftitlj motcJj Btjlr^ iudn'il ' 
T\ic Turk, thai Iwn-and-tifiy kin^rilitHLH liMlb, 
WnifM [iol m U'Aii'iir< n aljb M Uiin, — 
Ilini, llinl tliuu uiJigiiilkLiit with all iIh^t filln, 
rilinkinif imil flj^blowri, 1144 ]\fTp al cur fiK't. 

Lvc«, In Tdbut akiu, — tlie Freadunen'* ouly 


Your kingdiifli^ terror and hbn-k ^^u^^aeftlfl? 

ff, vcni uaiie i-yvb\iMa iittu hullet* tqm'd, 

Th4[ I. LJi r&^i, iDJgh: dLui^ Ibt-ui tl^oar fiieva! 

O, Ihnl I t-oidd Iiu1 rail t}\ow< d--nil rn lifu 1 

If wiTP enough lo Fright the ivnlm <jf Fruiwc : 

Wlto huL bi>^ uicciLic l^fl ABieng^i jou here, 

]L Hould DUUEe (ht iJiuuilent of Jou itU. 

GWq iiir ihr'ii hndio^. iliai I omv i-cui than hbOtx, 

And giv*' ibi'iu Ijiirud uo ht'^tom-i iJicir ^oi'ih. 

Prc^ I think ilii^ u[iGtai'E is old Taliiofa gbirX. 
]Il' Eijcikkfi "ifh Buph u pmud iximniaDdinij' ?pirii, 
F^>T {-iod'4 Baki^ k'l him have "phj;* to ket^j Uiem 

Tliej would but HTink. and putrefy llw air. 

CuAiir Gu, tuki^ thL'ir bi^iia h*^i]Cu, 

Ll-i;'l. I'll hear them faeutt^ 

[luL Troiii [lieir jLsliL'fl ^luill Iro rcji^M'' 
A pho'Dii that shall EHRko nil Fraiite &&iird, 

Ci44Ji. -So wtbti tlduf llipui, dir with 'cm* whil 
(hjjii mlu 
And rmw tu Fui^, in ihia (iniqiiering vtiD. 
Ail will hv o-nsB. ntiw bLoody Tihthot^B aliia. 

^■) FinEEBlH, 4liit. 
rhi rlntf [irlunH'^ ipMDi] 'h* prvHiiE, ippum m lUo Imn 

Biulllrd liy lb r Uu] Krltirr OTA' 111 LiDlllaiL 

kr Wiir,r<ild,^J U-t±fiird «■ BULfTlllr (tllFd toLh JtmJ«rri 

N BmI fpaiQ ijtpli Bktai iliil' !• r*ii'J-'l Th» drteieijcj In 
■Ejii Jjlie rupe lULijiJIrd bv iflailli)^. — 

" ftuE Ijrjni UirU Ulifi, Dh'^ih," Ad. 

'■■uiHrBnt iiirk wrr ulu*," lie. 


Hni(Lti[iM' i>nt[jbefly, — 
' rO'fifmil virh ihe Crtittli- 

ttiEier''il anii debated nii, 

!b bfCH ip>od and EtajDiHblp ; 

[lloas of 1' fric^ndJj proce ; 
lord 'iF ^'iDcheeter vc ruou 
puteil girturntlr To Frapue. 
for the uniSKT af my lord 


u Itrgt, 

Aj — liking of the Udj*i titluoua gifti, 
IIcT bouLj, uid tLu roluo cif b«i' do^er,-^ 
ILi dotli iali'HEl pill! qhoJI liu Englnnd'a qaBBfi, 

Kr Urn, Zq v^ipiliiL and proof uf wliloli 
Buor her lLi« JbWel, [To the Amb.] pludge of loj 


And flo, cij lurd pnnt'cN>rt am Uie'Ih giiJinlcd, 
And aofelj broiighi to Dtner ; wben?, iubipp'd, 
CuniiiLiL djtm (o iLh fLtrluue of ihu ka. 

[^tlif'iitl Kisn KPFTHr r^rtJ Tnun ; Gloucm- 
TRh, EiKTEU, aW Aioluia-iulurfl^ 

Cas- Sm^Ti di? lord kgmc ; jouabftHantrmdrB 
Tbu Eum nf mnacj wLich I proEnuetl 
Khoulil U- dfilivoi'il to hin holiniiAA 
For dolliiiig mc in iIiobc gnkra DmBJdPUta. 

Leo- 1 wUJ HUvtid upoa toot IwdaJiip^s loimre, 

CKa. ft'"ow WjjicJ»»trr will not Bpbmit, f Imvr, 
Or be infcTiDT ta the pruniJL'AE peer, 
Hamphrcj of GJoBtcr, ibou thoJt well poKCin, 
Thitt, M'iibL'r !□ birth, or for jLuihirriLj, 
The bi'.hifp will ln' <i'4'rijoniD liy ihm : 
[ ']| €\\\wr make tbee Bluop uid hvod tbj kuw, 
Or Rn^\ ibit cotuitrj with h mminy. [Sxii^ 


iCT >-| 


SCENE IT. — FnoiH. Ptaini in Anjon. 

Enter Cbablks, BufiGijm>TT Alknqon, Li 
PuCbLLB, ajid FonvfiT itorchiTiff. 

Chad, TheM newa, my lonls, maj cbeer our 
droo^ng npinta : 
Tib Hud the slout PuTAJariB do revolt, 
And turn Agun udU> rhc warllte French. 

Alv*. Then mAich io Pmris, nijid CbarleB of 
And keep DDl back jour poneiri in doUiBDce. 

PuC' Pucebe Bmongst them, if Ibej tom lou9. 
Elae, ruin combat with iheir pakceB ! 

BrUer a ScuuL 

Scout. Succevi unto our TalianL general, 
And hnppineHlo hie acnomptics 1 

CoAB. Wbattidingasondourscoutsflpr'jlhee, 

Scour, The Fngliih armj', that divided vju 
Into two par's,* is non cmijoin'd in one, 
And meonB te give jou battle presentlj. 

Com, Somewhat Too sudden, alrfl,tbe waning la 1 
But we vill preeentlj proxlde for ihetD. 

Btr^ I trust, die ghoat ef Talbol is not there ; 
Nov he ia gone, mj loid, you need not fear- 

Peic, Oi nU base paaflloDB, fear is moat ac- 
cura'd ; — 
Command the eoDqueat, Charles, it abal] be thine. 
Let Henry fret, and all tJie world repine. 

Chah, Then on, m)- leniB ; and France be 
fortunate ! [^zeun'- 

SCENE UI.^Thf lame. Before Angiere, 
Alintmt : £jxuraionB. EnUr Lx Puckllr. 
Puc The regent coni]iier<4, and the Frenchmen 

Now help, j-e charming spells, and periapla;' 
And ye choice spinls that admonish me, 
And giTo me aigng of fu1»rc ect^iilenls — 

You Kpeedj helpers, that an- HuUtiluies 
Under the lordly mi^arch of the norlh^C) 
Appear, and aid me in This onlcrjtriie! 

Enta- Fiends. 

T)|TS Kpeedj aad quick appearance ergueB proof 
Of jnur accuatom'd diligence to mc. 
Now, je familiar apinio, that are cull'd 


Out of the powerful legions * nndei 
Help me thia Once, that France ma 

O, hold me nut with ulenee qtq^Iih 
Where ' f was wont to feed jou wit 
I'll lop a member off, and gire it ji 
In earnest of i further benefit ; 
So jou do condewKnd Ic help me n^ 

Fio hope to have n^dress ? — My hoc 
Paj recompense, if you will grant i 

Entreat you to jout wouled fiirthen 
Then fake mj soul, — mj body, sou 
Before that England give the FVeoc 

Sec ! they fbraakc me. Now the ti 
That France must vul her lofty-plu 
And let her hew! foil iuto England'i 
My ancient incantations are too wee 
And hell too alrong for De to bnckl 
Now, Ftonce, thy glory dnhipeth h 

AfaroBM, BntfT French and En^ 
La PccELLEt an^ YoaiJiglU 
I-A PucEiiB it takmX^) Tk 

Ydkr. IkmBel of France, I tin 
Unchain your spirilj now with apell 
Ajid try if they can gain your liber 
A gcodlj priH, fit for the desire gr 
See, liow the uglj witch dnih bend 
As if, wilh Ciice, she would changt 
Fuc. Changed U> a werser eha' 

not be. 

York. CCharlcsthc Dauphin I? 

No shape hut his can plea^ voiir di 

Pue. A plaguLirg mischief ligt 

and ihee! 

And maj ye bo(h be suddenly snrpi 

By bloody hantU, in sleeptng on jxii 

YcnK. Fell banning hog, enchai 

tongue ! 
Puc. I pr'ytheei give me leave t 
YopKr CuToe, misereani, when i 

Afarunu. Enfir Suffolb. lend 

SuF, Be what Ihou wilT, thou ori 

!■> Old triLi, 'ifioiu. (r) OLd tr 

IsBntY, do Dot fuar nnr flj t 
I Kfiil LtFUcii lliee but ^tb rc^i^rcat hruidfi: 

' trl ihoti f nay, tbaJ I nmy hojutut chw. ' 

It- MATgBJGt my DmiDQ, ojiil cljLugfalFT To a I 

ktaCnf S'nplfd, — wlio«i^'[;f thcni art. i 

Hab pvL 1 VD, aad SiiffuUi am I taWd^ I 

Vt -A^ flUIBi^l In <lkE mrwliin DJIriDin, ■ ![>■■ 
■ UlolBj Iv IvM] |i Bl*^[| beir, vbLnb mar blktqd- 

" 4id liip Uiflm fcnVj H JA^ fmtrr Hit." 

liHB Ikjl llJba U «t«kifii cf J>li Vn bloJ, uhloh 
■■IB Mmruiar flf bvnvc mid l><ri irplmi arfitlv i 
l^Li iW* qf rite ^crli] B H •lr'n|iD4iwD 

Ba nul olTrntliN], naliire'i minide. 

Thou Alt nllutted lo be ta'cn bj idd: 

So doth tlia £waD bor dumij dv^icl^ save, 

Kcopirii? Mii-m priiTinpr iiriik'Pni-nih her" pinga, 

¥<.'!, if Lliig servile linage qupc i^tTi'lld, 

Go, Bnd be tree aj^in is Suflijlk'i friend. 

\She tMnaaufag a* ffoioff. 
O, iU; I — T bavB no power lo 1e'! htr poas ; 
Mj bA[L«i tvould free liur, IidL my hurt mtk — no^ 

f*^ riiii rDili], A'lr 

Viirfnrrl ip !■# haad," lad bj "lul dc lUCirntlT Hfi: — 
"Inpl'mkilti ■«■! hef ddvuT c^fiivEi U«0. 

hid iib'LiHvi IhD becntlir [iranT iraDipdililoii la iha Uqaii 

Affw y-l 


Am plft^ the son opoD d» flanj streamfi, 

Twink^g oDodier cunntcrfeiLol beuc, 

So BeemB ihu gor^ua beauty to mioe vju^ 

Yaia ironld I tdq Llx^ yoL I dare act speak. : 

I'U call Tor pen and ink, and iml« mj mmd: 

Tie, D« b Poola E diaable' DOt tbjsi-lf ; 

HbU Dot a tongue? u aLe pol bcro tbjjtriaoDcr?'' 

^Vilt t^n be ^umled at a nonian'a aight ? 

Aj; beaufj'ftpmcelj majestj iafludi, [nmgh.' 

Conlbonda the tongue, aod luakea the sensed 

MABr SajTf&rlofSuffakk, — irthj hoidq be ao, — 
What ramwD must I pay befurv I pasB 7 
For I peroeL^ I am Uiy pziioner. 

SdV- How eajiBl thou b-U ahft will deny thj suit, 
Befon thou mbko a trial of her loye? [Atute. 

Mab- Whj Bpeak'at Ihou act? what ransom 
muBt r pay ? 

Sup- She's beautiful, and therefore to be noo'd: 
She ia a wnman, ihcrgforo to be won. {Aeide. 

M,m. "Will thou accept of ransom — yea, or noV 

Suf. Fuudnisn! remembertbotLhoubasLawife; 
Then how can Margaret be thy panmnur ? 


Mas. 1 verebatto leftve him, for ho will pot 

8ur, There all is murM ; there lia a cooliog 
cord. [Aiidp. 

hLuu Ho talks at random ; bdio, iho man is mod. 

Bur, And yet a dispensalJOD may be had. 


M4B' And yet I would thai you would ouewer 

guF. Ill wmtlda lady Margaret. Forwhom? 
Wliy, for my king: tueh I ihat'e a wooden' thing. 

Mab, Hd bdba of wood: i( is aotno corpenler. 

Qui. Yet so my fancy may bo srUinlkd, 
And peACQ oslnblished belweea these redms. 
Hut thcro remuna jl soniple in that, loo : 
For though hor father he the king of Naples, 
lluko of AnJDU and Maine, yet is ho pwr, 
And ournobility will scorn the match, {^Atide. 

MxB- Hear je, captain, — areyonnotatleiauro? 

Sur. It shall be so, disduD they ne'er so 
iTonry is youthful, and will quickly yield-— [Jndf- 
Madam, 1 have a secret lo rcroal. 

Mab. What though I bo enlhrall'd, ho see^DB a 
And wiQ not any way diehouour me. [Aside, 

> Dliablfl— I ThatU.itVraft a»iuA«1*>,p. I»l. 
*liilniulitTil\ir prlinnPTrj Tb«1ul Lvd vrhTdi of Ibli ll» 
phoidKI^ Ld tbrditl rDllH>, 

■ A}, IwiLilr'J prinrrif iiit|«>ETl'^"^^i 
CorroiinHLi iIle ruague, unl mikci Ibe ■enui Mllb-l 

Thli li 4 Enublciamc pMuflB tlBDmri, for reu^, mdicroact- 
m. Coll^ii't iDDDUWr, for "i[iBki«i iDe trniti magb," propoHfi 
"mett- llitrtnta »/»h4;~ and Vt- Bla|Bi'i eoiTHbtr, "ik^m 
tic Hiii/r fciwA,' 
™ WtPdflH-1 A* VI !»■ UT Hk*'»^ BD III Ulf-t iMtlkm. 

Snr. Lady, Tou<^iHafb to lieton whal 

Mao. Perhaps I shall ho r?Wni'd bj I 
And Ihen I need not craTO his conrl«^ 

Sur. Svcct madam, give me he< 

Mab. Tuah! wDmeb have beai ca 

ScT' Lady, wherefore talk you BO ? 

MABr I ery you mer^, 'tis but qaii 

Suv. Say, gentle princess, would 
ITLiur bondagQ happy, to be made a qa 

Mah, To be a queen in bondage is ' 
Than tB B slave in haae servility ; 
For princes should be fne. 

BxJB. And » ihi 

If happy England^s royal king be free. 

Mab, Why, what cooca^ia his &i 

Sdf. I'll Qudettake to m^ ihe 
To put a golden aceptre in thy hand, 
And BOt a preeioua crown upon thy ha 
If thou wilt condescend to be my — 

Mab, Wb 


Mob- I am unworthy to be Henry's 

Sup. No, gentle madam; I unw^vil 
To woo ao £iii a damo to bo bis wife, 
And hare no portiun in the fihrnoe myi 
How say you, madam ; are ye so contr 

Mah . An if my hther please, I am 

But. Then call our captains and i 

forth !- 

And, madam, at your father^a caetJe-wj 

We^ll crave a parley, to confer with ht 

[Troops cm 

A Parley ioanded. Enter RBiatm 

9u», See, Beignier, Boe, thy danghti 

Ebig, To whom? 

SoF. To mo. 

Bxnt, Suffolk, whi 

I am a soldier, and nnspt to weep, 
Or to ejiolalm on fortune's fickleness. 

SuF- Yea, thf* is remedy enough, 
Consent, (and, for thy honour, give coi 
Thy daughter ahall he wedded to my k 

•eotir* Jnrk;" aad la SldiHF'i Attf«fk4i mmt 

"Or, (KLn^ibirc aa voDtU^ii wiliu ddI thilTd 
• Lhdir, whfHfare lilt r*>ii lol] Mr. Calliei'tB 

iIl«i llir jTnpCrTeetitill dT tliLi Lld« by Inmljnr " pi 
I 'Tli till pt,d lat v» 1 P«]it.< « -lU b* iHX 
Ibv IfidlO DffiKlLTr CQiiTie Iv njUnvB ilu Cfakf 
" diKHv or floi ihiUDiBfl," 111 &> " BkobI Phi 
A?1 L Sfl. L 



fHOERfl If. 


\lm I wilh piJa tsie wooM and won tboreto : 
iai dit bff eu^-held impriioriiiicEt 
Bilfa i^^il Lhj duiphttr |jnnc<Oy ■ibuKj', 

Suf- Fair Mergirel lino»i, 

HuESnffuIh dolb nM flstlcr. focQ. orCeigD. 

Bnri I'pcpft iIej pniii^lj 'WBTTant, I deAifnd, 
TogLiETlm viiwcr uf lUj j\iti ii^iuauA. 

Bn, And ha^ J wiU expect thj comuig- 

to& WcCaidi't bniTt carl, into our temtoHca; 
CvDiDil in Anjoq wiml jiiiir bonaur pleases. 
Soil TSwoks,. Rt^ipuet, liappj for h bwkI: tk 

nt le be midc rompansin iridi a king : 

Vta ni*B BtoJCD TWIT gTOET untQ mj f nit ? 

Bb*. Bano» Itwu d«L d«gii to woo bcr iUtle 

Ta 1* Lbi' prinLi-!j tridv of flordi a lu^ ; 
iynk oiddjlion 1 mitT ijuk'tly 
lojif btbe Dn, the nuDl^v* Mainly aim] Anjoti, 
liRfnw vppnATJon w th& iiroke of war, 
Hj ^ditcr »haU be ILnirj>, if lie pl^iw, 
EkiT- Tint it ber rrinMUTi,— 1 Jf liwr licr ; 
JildlbOH 140 (OUTkTlGJI I will undf^fili^, 

Rjjo, AihI I agaiDt — in Ucarj''? ro^ol nouif, 
.l> ilqi^rr Dnic tiut gnvlDtu kint^T-^ 
1jlreTli[<^ Lj-'t himJ. ^r ai^ of pii^hl^d fjuth, 

fttr. IteJgiiiiT oi FrnruB, T gite Lbue kiog^y 
^''''VH ihia u ia friiOc of a Iciiig':' — 
Aid jtL, BVLbinkj, J coold b« wdl ojnUqit 
T« \t mv Dvn fULvnip; in ibis cafiif.^^ [jlfif/ff» 
lllorvr JwBi to GnglLLod irLth thU newti, 
iuL jnike (Iiu Tnomagv to be ^^Emili^d : 
b^ bivwtll, Btk^et : B«M]tiA diamond ufs 
UbiUhi uUcc«. UA il bwonud^ 

Htia. I ^ <;iii1rrBCL' Uii?4^i Hn 1 wonlil enibriLfii 
Hf L.'briiciAQ prince, king Hcnty, wtre Lo bLTt, 

XiQ- Farewell, tuj lord: go^ wiab^. pniue, 
u>d prsjer^p 
ftid Soffalk f-rer bATt? nf Margbi^L. [tfwi^. 

far, FDrowGll. ewccl piadoin ! Bui bark jDd, 
Miirgorc^ ;-— 
Vnpiuwlj romnii'mlfttionn In mj king? 

Mu. ito^ cDnuDBnilfttiDiiii Be Ikxheho fi miiSfl, 
i firgiiir Hid lili Hrrtnt, bqj lo him, [diweCt^d. 

£rT- Wcrrk eweotlj pke'd uid modutlyt 

{tS F1u1flillft.wtfnffi. 

nod DlLirnJ 
m <il CBprll Wi- Cnllkr, «i eIid 
^ kb tmaltftir, nm£% -'ItH' ■nirb r» prrvjiaivm irt' 
pf^i^, Vfl pBBii iBt> Ekiit Id dJilli wllh him, tnllfvlnH 

fitd nrfTil |nitf~| Hh BM TOIb biK 

Bert, mndJim, I must IrcuMe jon agnin, — 

Nq Ifllinj; luken to bid majeetjr ? [bearf, 

MdD, Vila, my /joud lonl; D pnro abspotU^d 
Nen^r yet loinl wilb IdtFt 1 aend the kin^. 

HuF. And thin ttilliAL [ JH^f^t AiTT 

Mas. Thst for tlfywJf ; — I nili oiA 9a piequvc 
Tij Kud iulIj [ine<iidi' tnkpiu lo a kinfr. 

[£jvi('i^ Rbidttieh iruf MAnoinKT. 

8CT. O, w«i Ihan tor nij^iri— Bui, Sudblk, 

Thou Eim/M nut wander in that labyrinlh ; 
Tbsn Uinotaun And. uglj ticuoni lurk- 
Sulidt Henry witb hia- wond'riAii prDiie : 
betbiuk ihi'o on bsr Tirtac^ ihat simDoiuit -, 
Aud^ nnlLiral );niTtA that txlin^i&h art ; 
FU'pL'Lit ilbi'ir wEublaQi'o aflirii on iIil- scbb, 
Tbnr, nh?n iJiuil arm^b to kritiel ■( llemyB feef, 
Thob fliof'Hj beronvc Lin of bid viu with ironiler, 

SCENE JV.-^Cftmp f^ fht Dulce o/ York, ih 

YoBx. BHnfT fHtb that AorDcren, Ofiadomn^d 

iTnrn- La PiTfiiLLBj ^nonfeJ, and a Shcphcn], 

SuEP. Ah> Joan T Ihu klUa thy fatbet'B b«arl 
□uuigbl 1 
Hart I vtog^t uTurv caimtrj far and iLi4r, 
Andi naw it is my vhanvo to Hnd thee ouL, 
Mu!L I heboid Iby Umelen cmcJ ilealb? [Lbeef 
Ah, Joim, »w«jt daughter Joan, 1*11 die with 

Fuc. Decirpil raiBBTl' lofMJ ignoWa wrelcbl 
T am dcuendi?d of d gtEilJirr hlirod : 
Thou art no Calbet nor do &iend of miae, 

Shrp. Out. out ] — Mj liinl^ ao. pTeAse you, 'ttt 
atil, BO : 
1 did bcgol buT, aQ tbo pojtnh knowa: 
Her oKrther lircUi yet> esn IcatiFy 
3h'^ woa iho tint-irLiil of mj hih:hc1orfibip' 

Wak. Crmi'C'lf!!^ I wiU iliDLJ (luny ih>- jhorEiitagaT 

VonE. Thia orgius what Ijjt kind tif life bslh 
bflODi — 
T^jckeJ and »ilu j nnd m hrr dcalTi ramfludee. 

Shep. Fiu. Jodii] tliAt Iliiiu wik W hO ii^JBloi^lel' 
God kni^wB thon art a oollnp of my flenh, 
And fijr ihy soke bavo 1 phcd meny a tear ; 
Deiiy mo not, I pr'jlheop |>cnllD Joan. 

MiimJil, nr "N'T." mvOvmi laL.lilalida dT lb* ViaaaviiMK'n, 
mutn DdiiR iBlird ifl liw roui!!!. 

niBDiii 1 nifiirnQ'" ealnffi h(BiLi>« hi iQ raiq|i«nlr lHr» luniirilj 



(UCLIB ir. 

i1. M EDfi tell yuti vihmu juu luvn 

hcgi>iTcn of fi tliephi^rii *vtdn, 
hpjm iJw progvoj of luogi j 
Ibd bu}jr ; ohnen fram nLoie, 
Hon ^if (^Icfllifl] gra*.^, 
Rbn^jii^r niimclt^ Lih eariU, 
d [D du nil}i wii.'li«l RjtJriu- 

■TB polLultd witlifom lii^lfi, 
cba fiiilllMft lilond <if innof^nm, 
Uhilni w;lh r^ UuHL»nJ vi4:n, — 
viEii ihe ^OA' thai otliiin biTt^. 
unigbl ft ikiuc irnposE'JIilfl 
ivDndcn but liy \u-\t uf dcnU. 
.!' Juuri uT Arc lialb tven 
ber tcnAr Lnfantj^ 

ilBle !n very Ui^ru^ht; 
UkhJ* diiu ji^uiQuaEy uffiia'il, 
teageuicc at t}ic i^bIi^e' uf )u'avFn. 
H; — airaj Willi hcT In I'l^viiEiitn ! 
oak j^, VK\ becauu she ia a 

liH tliorp bo OHn«: 

'hitrb upon rlie fnljil stake, 

^ Urture maj be sboruoed. [hcflrtp.? — 
fil^ diriLing (oTQ yrrnr unn'loniiiig 
^aeont ihme inHrEnirj. 

by Uw tn bj? iliy pn»i]pge,^ 
yt bl-ioi]j hiiiDUidL-9 : 
, lh<- fruil willdn mv womb, 
bnlv ntc 1^ D vjuli'jif iliiutli. 
ow bfavon fdi^f*?" J 1 lbs holy iniud 
A *UiM? [<rroug;}iI ! 

ppfftPBl riilrDL'k* llinl e'er jn 
|■<Kuenl^# miEnc t^i LJtiaf 
■nd the Uauphin havt" heai 

■hftl would be lior irTugt. [live; 
'vl1» i^u t] ; wt will Idve iiu briitarda 
Clivki muflt fnther il, 
docdr'd^ mTcbildi»iWn«Drhifl; 
BQon tbat fmjoj'd mj Im^, 
A]«i^n I tbol EiDlifriDiifi h(w4iiiiTij] ! 
If it \iad a JiuuRnnd livi-g. 
, gwo CM k-^'Q. I have dcJEideil jou ; 
Iki Gbarlf. eidt vet ihv diiliv I piudM. 
i^r, kiii;^ iir XhjpLv, ilLBt jiravuird. 
V marri*^! mivn ! Ih*i'a ini>i*[ inLulrnkbli'. 
W1ij> here's a girl ! I tbiiik, the liiiawa 

? ID ninnj, whum ihp may mvoM!. 

U'l 'ign iibt? >mh bwn UlM'Nd uirj fn*. 

AinI t^d. fDnudUi. abe li i. virgui pure. — 

■«rir Jit«« if An- \-Yit V— — I firtvfrDi En- 
i~"Hd. T* mtHviiFDlVDli, vv villi nidiaVr ih u>i| 

' Tikr*, IrlHuAnlfBl," ftc. 

^niiDjwl. [by nurdfl condemn Lbj bnt oniJ tl\ve : 
Ubfl nu L-ntreaty. For it !& in run. f^mj curae ; 

Pl'Ot Tlicn li-wi tne If^Hv ; — <ii(h wliofn 1 leaTO 
.^[ay EiJzvcr glgrion'^ iun rL'Hci hie Ikjiiub 
Ufjrrii ihtr i^ouDtrj wboic .m>ij ii):J^o nbudt! 
But darknrw nr^l tbi? ^Idijliij tliadc irf rfuilh 
Edvii'on jiiu; liir misi'hii'f nuH ■Mp^r 
Drire j<n] to Lniik your oviiks or hang j'wir»lvei, 

YiiHif. UevaL thou in pietfea. mid eiiruuiLiu in 
Thou fcia] [uvuhim] mini^ttr dF ^icll I 

£ji'fr CjiKDiVAL Bhafipuht, afffnifftt. 

Caii, Ldi^ ni^nE, J Jd greet jour eibcHchiia 
Willi li'tliMV of iii]iiEKi^»i(]a from the king- 
For kTiiiif, nij luiilii. ihi: ptati^B of Chnattndami 
Mor'i] with fomone uf Th'-«o cmlnjfeoui bruila. 
HjlTd cam['»[lj ini|i1ai''d a ireneral pcoec 
Tl'irwiiiT 'flxr naiutu unJ i\ui urtpirinj^ French; 
And liere nl hand tbi' l}iiu|<hin, arid b\^ rTain, 
Approflcbeth, to fmkr ahont iomt iiiBirorr 

YoflE. Ia all Dur Irarail tnrti'd E4> ibia edeeL? 
Aftrr iLe nJau^bter of no njohj pn-m, 
So mony i^fLjitaiaa, gr^nLFrmeDp uoil -lolilient 
That ID Chie qnnncl have bci>n ov^rtbrunn. 
And sold ilipir bodit-a fi^r tbeir qountry^ii t>QEiefiti 
8hall wi: nt liifil conclude etfWnJnnlc ih^ji-^^? 
iluTc we Dot loet moat ptirt uf oil (lie lewu. 
By tresaon* fnUehmnlj anil by treiLchery, 
Our creol jirngmiilo™ liiul mmqurtv"!?' — 
O, Warwick, Warwlek I T Fin(s*"c wi[h grief 
The utter Iobb of all the n'*5rn of FrnurCr 

W*B, be pnlierit. York ^ if m? concltiile n jieuv, 
Tt dhnll be vLtfa auLili itriLl oud Kvare t-oreaiuitd. 
An WhV' Eihall iho FiY^iiolkUien gnin ilii'rvtiy. 

TjUed. Heibmbb, and iilkert, 

Vmn. Since, lorda of EEiglmd, it ia Lhufl 
Tliai pfseefid [nicD ahoU lie prachuia'd in Fnuoe, 
We cimie fo be infomke*! >ij yoartn'Kffl 
What llie eoiulilJun? of thai league iruat be. 

Yons. Speak. WbwheiEet: for bmlLbg cbd'^r 
The hoFuw poiwige of my ptiooc'd* Toice, 
By ^iglil ^t dicmj our baleful enrmiis. 

Cah. Chu-lea, ah*! ibe teat, ill* enacted thoe; — 
Tlint, in n-gnEJ king Henry gitea coiiwiit^ 

Bit. |Hphpi|iB, Eli« pDniEiui Ilia Bacipbid Oj Ur. ColllPr |I«BB llir 
Irui f 111 u EUd '^ 

k Prkdi'd Hfcfr-] InihloUltlE, "pDypi*'^ fobt.- Tbvih 
IwH Oni <i|1|iDloIr4 p(rH'<L 

Of mere cDcafoaai^D ddJ cf IfdIIj', 
To eve jour rauulij of i^iatretafid wur, 
Aud KiQirr jiiLi tu brcoibi' iu thiiLEii] |jcflcc» — 

Ab d, Chiirlia, upim contiiti^jn diou vilt fiweu 
To pflj him :ril?iiw, auU qubmil ihjself, 
Ttri>ii niuik be plor'd m iIatitj uDilm' Lim, 
And HtjJl <'iijwy llij P'^J iJignii>. 

Ai-K-v. Most h*.' Lit iIjl'ei m lilioJtJw of hinwdf ¥ 
Adum bin u^plca witb » CQronct> 
AmJ ^I'l, in iiiDBLauix.' aail aulbi>n1.j, 
f^'lnli] but [iriv"ilirj.'i> of u primd' iitJi4i? 
TbiR ^rDJlrT iji afiiUrJ lUid rcB-imilpzin. 

OuAB. 'Tti known [Urnpilj llipt I am poaasu'd 
'WlLh maro Lhau lialf llii? GaUioEi iLTrilorii^ 
And lliurcip rtvtronaM for tlK'ir lawful king: 
.ShoJ] 1, for livjru nf tbc; r»t ii]ivjLnqiii.4l/d. 
Dod'oot BO raucb Snm ibat pnm^EiTe. 
Ab lo be raJI'd Imi Ticeroj of 1\im wtitfe? 
No, ][ird n[]ilffl;'[unl.>r; I'll miiiir kctp 
I'hiiL wbii'b I haw, llton^ coveting foF iQDl^f 
Bn PJisE from pnMihiHij of nl\. [ipaanii 

YooEd Inaaliiik^ Cborlci E hut tlioii Uj fiecret 
Ui'A inltiuwnn lo olkCwn a JcitL^c^ 
And, DiiH Lhfi muU^^r gn^Wd to ciimpnimiM?, 
SUmd'ai Lhi>u aloof upon rorapni^iOD ? 
Eidier u.'cp|Jt the title diou uBurp'at, 
Of bcndll' ptodwilirti; frum our king, 
And DOt of any idiallLikge of di^orT, 
Or ire wiJl pldj^e ihee trilh inceuont wats. 

RiEiOr M_v Lni, jnu lio Hot wull in obFitiuacj 
'I'o uvjl in the ciimf of tii\& cantJiLol ; 
If unci' it be iieL(lecrcd, tcu In one, 
We dnilJ uuL ^d Ijkv oppoituidtj, 

Aliv, Td hj tbo ttmh, il is yjia poWc^, 
To mw voui judijt'cEH from ^utL mubure 
And (ulbkiiii nljiugbli'-ra na nrc daily fitD 
iljf iMir jprocoudln^ in biihltllly; 
And ibLToforo Tuku ibis compiMTl of n trucf , 
Allbougli you Lmk il wbeb jroui pleuura imsvc«. 

Wftit- lluw uj'Dt ihou, Cbarlia? HbHll our 
Fondition atud? 

VoMi. Ie ?biJl : 
Onlj rraerf'd, juu claim du mtaresl 
Id uij uf our liwii? of gorriwD. 

Yude. TbcD vnFor allcgiutc? to hii muoMy ; 
Ab Ihou art knighl. naver in disabay. 
Nw bo TXibqllatuB tn tho crowp of Eofi^ortd ; 
'Hioa- nor thy tivb\vn, to [ho crann of England. — 
[Cha 11.11** anii i/v rat gifi^ tnkaa of ffolty. 
So, now diamiu jour nrmj wbmk yu pKvaD j 
Eliuiu up yoiii L'UHrjk^r, Li-t ;roiir dr-um^ be atilL, 
For h<TO WD DnbHjfiiiii a HobmTi [X'lus. [£fA(nf. 

M^rmy uc ni taoj. 



GmifiUit^H -Trtd KxETBn/cr//iiifgi 

K. Uek. Your wtJJid'r«i» rare 4kfl 

Of boauti'uiiB MnrgJin-i hUh Dftoniali'd lA 
Her irtrtbHT gn«d with c-iEcrDal gift*. 
I>o biwd lopc'e utUed pjifiiLun^ iii inj bd 
Add, U« OA ri^ur of uinijNHinHii gufila,, 
Pnivul(» tbf? iiij^btit^ bulk ■gunsl Lhe ^ 
3g Hm I driyvn, by breath of her nauHni, 
Either to bufLT Bbi[i*vreck, or rirrLTf: 
^Tiero I inaj }mve iVuitiiia of licr Ioti*^ 

SuF. Tu.ih. nij ^v,A lord ! Oirs hipofid 
Ifl but a profaca of hcT worthy prouie : 
llio duof prt^ectiODB of iJiot li^relr donw, 
(llmd I flD£di*nt ^kiFT to iiU«fr ihemr} 
\V'ouJd Diaku a Tolumf of enticing 
Able Id mri^b onj dull conceit^ 
Arnii whi^h u more, Fdi*^ %t- nor w d! 
8c foil rcpktii witb vhoK'X of nil doJIgtjl>» 
Dtit, with oa bumh^E^ UtwlincM of nund. 
Sbc U fonttD( 10 b« at jocr comui.inil ; 
Uommand, I njcau, of *irtuoa4 cliutc imq 
T<P ][|v<' 4iIh1 h^jnonr Hcurv as licT font, 

K. Hen, And ocherwiifi will Ueurj nl 
Tliprdbte, mj l<ird proteirlor, ^td eooHml, 
TliBt Uju-gan>t maj^ be Eo^UndV mjotqw 

Glo. So should I give wnaent to IIbLUj 
Vou kuow, mjr lord, jour biglujcBB it heCnH 
UnU> acioiliei- ladv of fsu>cm : 
How nlal] wo, Ibun, diMjuuK with [hit fmA 
Aad not di^oce juur honour witb jvprotch? 

Sirjr^ Ab doih u mler with uulhwful oalli 
Of one dint) ut a Criurupli bavjng Tow'd 
To trj bis £l?i-ngrli, fif]^»iil«-lb jot tbf liali 
Uj T^JtLrtj of bia advQreory'i odili : 
A poar i^ai-l'B diugfatcr i> unequal odd*. 
And Lhtrefikro nuy be brukc wittiout uBenre 

Gmi. Whj. what. I pnj, ■« Mugant 

than tlut 'P ^_ 

]I?r fttbdr is no beUor tJinn on «ri» ^H 

AJlhough in gjonoue tJllw he ciwl. ^^ 

Sdf. Yw, mj good" lord, bor falberiiA 
"She king of Xbpl«a and Jerusalem ^ 
And of Buch great AnihorUj in FroiiDOi 
Ab lii» allijiijCE' will ei>nlinn our pa>W, 
And kpiip iJio FVi-nrhm^n in alle^ium, 

Glo. A&d ao the earl of ArmoignAC Jnaj 
Qcmuee h« l9 Df^or kin-jnon unto CbaHi^, [i 

Em. Beddu, his weaLlJi diith wiu-ronLt 
Where KALgnier Booo&t vill reecire, du«, 


[■> rfrit Ml« obUi, PDvri. It) FlnlfdlDlnilrt 



fAt'UII V, 

BvF, A dover, mj lonlb I di^rsce not &a jaur 

IWbifaODld Iw K abject. buB, Bud puor, 
TidwHC fiir wraith, aud Dot fin' petfL-uL \o'^. 
Qmr} *i *b[o to enrich his rjiio™, 
Aid uit to veek A qiic4?D tu mnhi.' hiiQ rich : 
^ niiliteH piAUiiLi bargain tor llidr w!?i<1t 
Jt murluil-inpn fm- asm. EiLev^r, tit liumt. 
Uomgv u Ji DiALtu of niur« wQFtli, 
Ikii U> be dpaJl in bj ittoracjflhip : 
Xa^Dm vt will, but w^Diii iil^ gjnw hA^h:!*, 
Mm be OOmpVi JiHJ of hie njplial btd; 
Jhd Iba^on, lonlflt bnce bin nlfin^ih liur n>«t, 
ll'wMof mU thfwo r«&ra9 hiniTL'ch ik, 
\i mfl apiiUQiii f he Ehobld be prf fcrr'd. 
ftf ilui a nodliik^ forcul buc a hnW, 
AFl^eof diKWil lUtrJ n^iitinmil Hlnfti? 
Vbrru (he niDlrarv LrinpMh blip^,^ 
,Vid in « [4tlem of cekflLiil pew« 
Tbnqi ijjinihl *rc mutch with Hoiu^. hc'uiga kln^i 
Ha AsHuvt, thil 14 dojight*?' tu a kin;; f 
HerfevnuB fiatnrc, jmniS wiih ficr hirth* 
Jffnvn hd Gi fur uimti but fur 4i king : 
wr TAJiuii ciun^ uiii undnunE^ s|iiriL. 
lil'iTT itiui in wmnea ttJinniUiLly i4 otrtm.) 
^'lU uuvi« Qar h'tpo in Luiw uf a kbg : 
YafStarj. son iiDtd H ^nqiterur, 
hliWi to }k-p^ moMj oiniqucrom, 
II viih t Iwlv i>f » faigb r['j4Li]vi-, 
iiiif«ir 3ibv}^»(, he b« liokM in Iotc. 
Tkq jirldi tnj J<iii1b: omr htro mncluilQ with me, 
TW Sfitr^im^ «lifi]l he qucm, ainl nime lint ehv, 
K. Hq- Wbrtbcr il be thruugh fiirw or jour 

tllvBtf ■□, Ac) f J U u felUllvB of Aoai'i; Ihvold Ivil 
'^llvil trf kU <b«« n«UDi UDiJalb at-" 

Mj d4>1i1g Eurd uf SulfnlliT or for That 

Mj \viv\.T ji}Ulh m» ncTi-r- j«L actubt 

Wi*h jmj puflion of inflBaiiTig fove, 

I QUiDut tall ; buL tbiii T am opsur'd, 

r C'Ett piLcJi Bhar^i diKi^nsicok in mj bnuat, 

Sufb licnw filnnink'i lorli of hope unJ fev. 

Aa 1 am tick with working of mj thongbts. 

Tfikr, thcrafuraT hbijrpui^; }Hut, inj lurd, (0 

forfeit CO i 
Agnw to any cu'^Bauitt ^ and prucurc 
That liU^' S^rgaret do ynictaafi' to ^nma 
To en»s the aiaa to England, and ba crunn'd 
Kin^ H*>nrv^4 fjullkful and niiointod quiwu : 
For joLir cxfitam anii tafEcionl cbarga, 
Among tbfl fmnplo gather np a tenth- 
Be j^*ti I luiy ; fur. liU juu do remnii 
I re^t poriikioii wilJi n t[iou.^u]id oittfi. — 
And jnu, gu>d uDcle, Inniali all uSeoee: 
If yon iIq c^oiHin me bj wbut jou were, 
Not wl^t jou are, T koiiw it \iil] ficuae 
This BiiJdf'n L'xwurion of inj will. 
And *o ecmliirt me- »rhETo fnnn f ompnnj', 
I raa-y caTolfe EUid mniiimUr mj pioS. [£rU. 

Guj' Aji giief. I fiTOT mt«, both jitfiinl uiJ lutb 
[Ej-eiiut GLOUonBTiut and Eiethb. 

Suw. Thug Sufltilk bath prcmil'd : uid thai he 


Ar did ibo jouthfid Patib ouqc lo Gtcorc i 
With hope Lo Knd llii? like uvent in luve, 
But pro^ppr belter ibjia die Trojun did, 
Mnr^n>t nball hi'>w bo queer, Jind nik tlie klbj: 
UllL. 1 wili rn1i< both her, iLa birig, and ri?Bl^- 

Ifuirulki ■TiBinlq|liibi'— ■inrrIi»l':i>i>|i«rrmI,Jiad>ei>iirHl«ri 

Ed ilie LTbolrfl uf > "IFt ve nidti lALmd bf LtmiLlfriiliini pf iAp 
Ucn, Alki fthiiild btprcEiirml. 

r«4 Kk » qLuiOrli/lublCd 




: , ■". ! -Tt 

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— - ^ L 1. 

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r-^"----^ I- ■<• 

1= _ --. 2~=-^'--..Z^i'T-\-.^^ 

_ ', -_ * i.=-zT--: -1<E '-■:_■■. ltd 

-_-. ' — :- ^.-1 "'_il;-r t:. Tirftf 


lerui Bhffn t^b^M hlin ui JicLtni m mnror. Mtd 
Umfon worLLiibavc liMkun ii off; buL bcjoailB 

ni 1« let lur Hill 4JD-~ 
■I L[ — 

' k^TD IwBh ttiSQealAl t-v & (lUAnUD BlODVCtiii 
n^ti'mh'* i-ita of JuLiu- r^PT-i^r a< irtnuTatc^ hy 
-Oaht bHrir^F' IT**'- "'^ki.'lH' rtlMinirtwi hlm- 
» Ui0 cOAblHr nf tJiD E^vnooHi, nho riL eJiU tint 
■>j mhm b< BIT hiiD i jjut UiDaV, Iheu Ukuic 
■p hkD>l, aai'it uiId btUi, InuJ Ulcr"i be cpf pa-H 
ut^tHc* hardUj', BBd tWa deA, lar Uu» A«ff 
d hi/orfkn^ wi'rt tAv." 

at 1 1 — H^u JfsAftHut iupirvif nf^ ■■ lifft f] 
L it ti nl>unl, hAJlftduve, "wbiflli ho iiu*! co 
^irb^t uuE (if biB bU ^ 'bidi dbVB, wbnn il niu 

^4 hreabriul ; UlthancI nurfuhllna the 

Um ndnoe "— ?» PlH W\i,T6a |[iiEJii»ri' 

(a> BoKn v.— 

bumui^ tifflBi eu Uw IhiriH « ouii, lh tdid Id Ltv;, 

Wit mwli — " Rhivkipa'i ur Uemphli?' Clqrtll find 

frnpcMDil tli« IvdkiD iuhmJ; vlt4|iivij, Of tba fi^malda 

Dur Moiujrhdj PUnj n»riui" Uml " Ibr fitircnt mod mort 
QoDimtuhloii fEV wonnDutshj^t »dd buiH dl tfra uhL ujiF 
cbju-j^n o| PMtf Iftu>4int. a tutjo aVnj[UHL~ Sue bMi 
.QioD, Vbt nil. TiiL SI ; mul abalm, xviJ jj. ISl*. 

Tbl« AJIUiliU Ui Iha ino^j rvB^gb whloll Al»wnilH' tc\acleA 
rjooj Lba inyriPiw ipotia at Uariiu at Cbn tolEtng nf I!uAh 
u n l«nu^ ibnov for iho llioi] of Hciddi' '< !□ irJiat 
liritu llm h'Jbla paria» i>f iJ^BJT FBPB hi>]<lclL irLLh 
.r/.'jvini^ ihe ^fLl, in en macL U evtrj DiffJiC LIibt 
i*i'ro liijrl upilorhEa ptUoii, wirl h_y rfBj nara camBil U, '<£« 

hliu \i, iiitlM*."-FvnBr>atM'B\ii1i. t^ ILr^^.th Portit, 


-Jfrfjfiniv. [ '^TLii F-liaoml KnrUniflr 

/omfouaJnl liji Lbv villuw at t}ii4 play, 

d^ bitUil'i'Ild, oHlh hii ItmaiiDC, uhn i>ih 

Ihii^r y***" al'l ■■' ^ rlntif.Li. EUmitnil 

ban ID DDHnsbar, 13^, Ul<I mmBquiiDLly 

lof hbdiHth wii Iblrly-tifii yaon iri*!. 

^ "haA fvA pc^H^oDfl Lu IivIbd'^ in u^niA- 

invTjHD dI Lrmvl, fhiki' "f i ' Ihikdi''] , «^[li 

dT Uh £^I uI Ulfllf r, el-oiLt L^^.^, anL ■*"^\* 

_— Jmlb UkBliiManTry. UooolinuFaruQiiiUinn 

'llilviil, itrtJ wuiTreaLoiJ bjhMblhar, ^Iworil 

p of Cbu-rq^y, Id ["lim-IUHIfia Pf pOHVUD^' tbu 

rClan, ID ^ rnUlitJ' <ir T h o Ffirmil . BdmuDd 

^ Of Matt^ -bo niuTud HiiUp^xlt Ibfl 

^BMlitar, nH»«Kleit IuIb ib tbs eorvmlDHiE 

hBdI iltf] in liiB uEicv, 'tS|, T >c>iDiiiic1['i Abhvy, 

tit I>R*iiihtr 1^1 nifi von, RoJrer Mi^niTnert 

'totfBRBi ■ti' FitlAitd^ iin<1 wal^ al b (iLan 

thik OiMHTr kn l^itfl. blmuTiil, hU hq, Uid 

ftf llA plfLyn <inA u hu Imu aliouly HLBD- 

il^inl [■*i'«rn"r iff llcLjdJ'l. jn llii-- yomrs 142:1 

t^il ilip*] tbur« Jn ll^ji^r lid [iLiEib^Li grul llBir, 

Vf Vock fLlie I'loDlBfeDi^t nf tbk> ^^^A 

0i4t>liliiteil LoH Li*uE«nviL df TrelflDd, faT 

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rho HU flhiirwBrdB iDDnbrrvl til uje 

fain, in iht fWtlo 4f IhiLUa, Id llAO. Thla 

;^ lAniDdBaa whleb kiuid; of hiauioiBlon 

balag «nuttiq^ Chi«f Go-nnur •^ Ire- 

loDil Tor ft/>. by lilii Irottmr BjJKunl IV, la Uio bhJH ynr 

r^r lui Jvi|(Z], 

" I'erbiii* \ hkra be« laiatAkdi] Ld hjqd vacition trhirb 
[ bATD DuLis \b t^n FnnnBr Itui. nl lhL» doL«j UdHjiiai 
pralniU^ dtd not lake ]tlB litJe iif ^TuivnM fmiik liLi ^nml 
Inflh puMH^At (iB 1 bai'B wiinfuutilj. ^ii( nKhcr fmut 
^ vJTH'i DoJur, BhIhI^ Ib UIbJu, Lbinl LlBJi^hLar a| 
4:i|]vrid>CUn. EUl of Gtof Lor. hikI iUl» Ll Uih^ftdy 
riibith, ifa* iMit LdTLImI UbdM) Earl iif IjJiALi^r, wbd runo'M 
Clue UbU iQ CtmbiidRf, 

'■ The error euTiMTnllW EiljnUTl-l M<iniii]*E, IrrULbn-in- 
]>L« tci liji^iard Earl of cWmbr^IjrD, Wvln^ l^n ' kd|jV iJi 
nIE'LkvJL]' tilitILk bo died,' hvIBb lo >iBre erisDn EroiD %\^ 
]flJ«hl nf fUuklBAl nviUisnwl, l^ilke H^r Y'.i^n, in ithL' 
' nirruLLr Frw HB^dinJoB,' 157S, whpie Ujc luLlkirtlntf 
Iiuot kn liiDn J :^ 

'I hi CLinM >m catDvd >FkBBn<MT>ib, 

■ Ajm hrv> <i>T £lltlrtHcivJii HFiilln ^Bfankf^ 

' Pi»r-iiutiifiu< ikiiKj bam cqiniiiid imii, 

' Qui L|k Lni; hi>pclF »r qf Itll lllr'k BMimDnft^ 
' ll« lliinii^li [ U bill li^ pi4ll[IXr ji KKIIJOUUrT 
' Td ilBt Itc kiBli Ud fO iTiLUlir Lji flVNd 

' Wbkb LfVDBli L UdikLI \i bh lurunitiii ^ nd 

' 09 IlkilB King Hr>FB. iiT IbAE Liom' liH Ull', 

' Uad Ubv mi Uki In liii »niiilT«iic. 

' H«, ntui air ia-Mrf iJi <hr nlnmB m iiiifir. 

' Hb] nyni bk 47, W" ^mri^ tina CIiitI«, hii alk^p 

' llkd hTiiil lilni 11411 im^irmu" nrl laUja; 

'I'or wblcEl CQIkdinLnd ibcHEl) her HBadBiDi 

' iDbalpLni ri|lil iliii nu nj IaAh'i hUb.^ " 


■Im4 H'lllMSed ralBte, Ir QQBTly llio 
■mt^Vffi) eraiJiiieil mX iJui hil^j irf Uvniti Id 
» Airtila1i«ii Uto (Hiti wLib Diiiarliilb fnjr UiIb 
A* fYaqcTunQD, b ^Ul-i boEure Ibii ■micni, 
ik* tovn u^ Evniti by LnuMct iif b flalini- 
UV Alt^Uf^ub iMVUlfl of tliJU. cFAncfr Bp- 
I lUOOg rallpwe^ Ulu d:;™ af the onuiLrio, 
■■4 T^BkiAi^ ■■ 4BJun nf oamu lui-l tItloliK, 

Find Bcdr. ihmi lir Uje i;A>tv]l af CblSCUT It' tba irbivi 
iliVcTti' Fj]H^li-|]i[|[<n >raie [10^4 b* [iruoafln, iwd b« Hllb 
an BmbLi^b "f Kn^lwhnipn liJo ib □ nUlU nlfr'' " tl* 
fall nam- Tht Hir oouDierlPl huBhunhDoo ndsrad Lhe 
dwn^ LiUliit^xicEoil, Bud HUnit-hl OXaa Ut Uta cfaaiobar Af 
Uia HjrLelcLfl, uDd lnjnEbg baDili os b^, ^vo kqowlvil^ re 
ttiBiD EliaL luu IQ mbdib Id amuD La Lheir aid. IIb mttoL 
BU^I'luultB DlbJd linrth, BDil «nL(m<l tbe CbiH^H, bIds Bbd 
lajka fr|] [ba FiencfairLen, And Vl (ha KnglJflbmsD bI 
IjticrlJB: whirh thiDU 'luorio, ihtrj aoi 6ro m Uhi ebbUiU, 
BI1.I ih|wrli«E tn Iti-uc wtib U«li iMwUe am] jTbioocm." — 



(1) floiiri I.— 

Or riie/ur lAal PoA tfirilTdl fugft te wor 
nr* ontavurU if tn'i/htAood. yta. or no.J 

Tfas ilDI»UtaUDD of mBiLriJic« "hich fot t itLOTt Unw 
dimmed ttiQ Eune of Bii John Fulvire, orcea at the batUfl 
of Pnlaj, *hDiV the Engltfh rimwa under Lord Tb^IktI. »D' 
jiiling 01 bbout ni LhoiiHond moa, tfOIV flurini^nly OBOBiled 
by Ihe Fn>iich, in niUnhflU "f nflarly faur to ona. "TTie 
BlgliahlDDD hlnl n'^t Iq^butc Ei> put thcmeolYofl In K%J, 
•liar thsT hod pi^bt up thili ilakn^q bf^Ei»T« ttiQtr Areban, 
■o tbat Uieiv Ku Dr» itDIHlje but td iL^bt at adTdLtum, 
Thfcn li^ttaila coDliDUfd bj tbe ^nceof LbiVQ Joagb&uns; 
Tor tbs EoHliflbmen, tbmigb thuy *ei« i^r«Hed nib 
iDultituds m tboir ummiu, yet Uiev cever Bed bw^e me 
foot«, tvl tbejT Capta^B tbe Lcud T«Jb<jt 'U Hl« 
wounded at tha bajJia, and So Uln-Eir Then thejr heartH 
bsRail 1u ruiuL, aUd t^y flfdle, id nbicli Bigbt were alaine 
■b<>ve twelva buodrBd, amj fmUe iH^tD, '>t wbi^Tub tba 
Lorde T^bot, tbe Lordo 3al«p tli» LorJ Bnwerfnrd«, 
Ud 9b TbomM Buapdlfa, were cbiefe. ■ ■ • From 
Ihia batlail departedH nitbnjul Kay AUuhu itrilcN, eir 
John t^lolfQ, tbe mil" a yura far bia ra]iiLn[De«iG aloclfd 
Lntn Ihe f»niar fhf tbe Clarter, for whirb cause the Dulio cf 
BadfardB tooke from bim Lbo Idj«£« of mJelI GcurgC, E>Dd 
hiH OfUUt, thmigb cnarirard, by meaoa of fnoads aed 
ItpfATAunt lauHfl of ^^Dcd cicuHi, tbe aamo weni to bim 
■^DD delii-enid agafnattfao myD^« of tllO Lorde Tllbot." 

(2) HCEKE II.— Zajn fart'if. quaji^sg Hfff, til4 
diBiJ^nS J'n.^ So in HiJI:— '^Tlio Ood^MM of wure, 
oolled BeLliiTiB — balb theao three An "^ maiifa over of dKob- 
■ilioatloDiLynpoQ her J Bl^^d, F'Tf, ntd F<"B"r ; "hich* 
tbn dtOLHiKlfl bo uf tJut foroA noil flEren^ ibstenvyoov 
of them ftUve is fibls Bsd BuStdaDt to torment aod afflnA a 
pnrldprium; andtbeyal] JoFOedlOi-atbCrbtbrpaUHDiA 
lo dsftroy iho uuvL populous ixiuotrcy ood mo*t hcbeat 
ntgHRi of tha world," 

L3t ^K.»Kyil.— Enter Sotiint.Uariis^tbodyi}/ Join 
Trt/Mr] This John TaJbol wu ihe c*ri'a aMvt unn t^ » 
KBCDDd wife: ha WM creahd ViBcount Lula In 1^1, only 

two foBFB befi^ra tha eaRatromODt lU *'biH?li hi4 ffttbvr and 
ha "era killoJ. Thb cuviiniinJinc« atioodiog the d«lb 
of Ebe " rQDOwnal Talhot " aod bin Rollajit kd aro gra- 
pbiiAllj^ lotil bf HaU:^"nbHjD Ibu EDgllthmob ware 
Pftma to thfi pUc* whorP the Ptcmr^hmen ware cnH:amp«d, 
in tbe which wore iii. C j*xia of brasso, beside diran 
Dtbur small peeeA, and BulitiU Edj^IIhh Efi IhH Ku^babmen 
imkDDwen, uiij rnHhing fluap«l«<l, tbcy Iv^bled u on fcpU, 

Ibfl dH* of Bbmwnbury «dy eiOBjd, whicb boc* 
jup^ [vrfo mL a litle hakdiifly, nnd "rnight flaniBl/ 
Freai^men, aoil ^t thflDtre of thair fampe, Ui4 
fbm> cutflrird mLo thv nmv. TfaiH conflict OOB 
douhtf^ill jurig^manl &f "ictotj two ion^ houHA 
wbii^L fiflht ibe lordea of U imlaminn and Hihel^i 
a Jii'Jat compnnje of FiuDcbimoa eclurvd the iiVA 
i.?,iiinft[LawfeLLLfi, ntnl knylaj [if J t^ui pinnei* peraar 

allflbmen to approcbe Dcre, di&char^ad IJteir a 
bLhjw iii, C p«i?DDB, acn to Ibo ciCb, who pM 
lite iiQEQinent lanpudy. ui'i nuhti|«U.hirynfh, is t 
h€' aud bya people ware aicbned and illuueale, di 
hiB Owoq mTORudo, and dmirTuaD the blv of Ul 
aad waJbelchPBd rvmoA I]ia IfhTd IiUlIh, ■rillod, vl 
aad counsajllsd bvm to ilc|«rla out of ihe fald 
nTD b>'1II fclffl. but wbon tha Hnna bad umiw 
it wu naithar licaiHl ii«^ utml fc* ^In^ tn 
faLhsr in tbe Bitrome Hopanlye of byi tifH, an 
wouJhI (4n« ChT that drau^t, which hia rath4r 11 
flhould uaay e&d hvpn : tfci* UOHb sHb and «< 
caiptayn aayd to bim : Ob Bmuie, Hanaa, I H 
whLcIt ilbdy bath bona (he t«injr and wxnir^ 
French people ao oiany yoren, whifli bath HJb 
maay townoH, and proAt^te aad duconifiled aa 
them io opVTt battajlD, utd utAioiBJ mbflidr r» 
here djo, lor tb* hoQor of my omuttrey, wiihi 
iaunio and peipetuall fame, nor flye ur dervt 
peiyX'tu&IL i^^liuhv lutil cuiitinuallP infamy. Bol 
tbla IS iby Arvt ^oumny and anUrprua, naitbflT V 
shall rwluuade to Lhy ^ama, dot thy death to it 
for a« hiudy a mtu i<iHly Qiotb, u t bmterviM 
fobabely afcdetbe, tberofnT* the AayD^ nif QW 
th« diflboDDT, cot only of ma and zny pnvBDia, 
t djHccmflEUTD H>f all my i^oiDt«uij : Iby doput 
aB¥a (by lyfs iind maka ibaa able anolJkar lyDf 
alayn to rBPeD(-e my daath and to do boDor b> tl 
kid pn>f jt to bia Realms. But EMlUiD H irnHiBi 
nmne, thtt r>«ilher dHii« oTlyfa, nortbonghtofi 
ooold wilhHnw or nluet bim fmm bia natiiraJ 
Who ftiiiaidejync the ramlallGy «f blB ctvl^ 
^tmlI dauu^r Ibnt tbu> ilodn in, eomfarteduii 
chaared b|H cnji^Uyna, and raletmtly sat ^m^ Ua 
Bbd »lon of Ebem miirv Ln DamttUr thaQ bs hi 
anmpai>y, Rul blBODCmlfle hl^iryrig a gTe^tflT on 
iDBD, arid more abunHiaD^e of ordlnauace IboD bt 
b«DD BCUe Jn a batlayLe, fyrit ahdt hkm IblOU^ th 
wiih a luiQri^Diic, and "l^w bin hona, and cowan 
bim, IjenRO on tha ground, whome they dbt^ di 
in the fafo, wbylo bB atodo fa hix foba, kod i 
thern dysd mun^illj hya aopo* tba lord ~ 


fl) ScrsElII — 

Yon r^fidy l'rfj}<TI, italOrtlui^tntfM 

" Tbe iBoaanrA of thi HlPtK wiw ZiDliDiar, OnO of tba four 
pribripn] ^viil* illTi>Jn?d by wilohc^. Thft olbcn -kbtk. 

Amiuninm liibQ of tbe Ennt, {iorson king H>f tbe South, 
and l*''^P ^ibK of tbe A^cst. Under the» daviL tin^ 
wennlciilnii\r'|Lnia*c4, duln-L prclnH^i, klit'btn. preHidonla, 

iv.c aanda.'—Iiouct 

HDhI mrlKr 'I'hey jire all en iimormEfd, from Wier De pj 
li-liii ■iAimo'i¥i\. in Scot's DtKovrrie of K'llfAernjt, b 


{^) Sol^x III.— La Pimlitii laJbn.\ Id nbut 
tbe «ptuje tixl mtrtyrdom of l^ Midie ta 
aocompAoyin^ BitfBota &™n a brisf meiorvaf hs 
Uabou. iQuuiorly Btnow, No. 133,) tn veD d 
pflrpeliuitjon ; — 

" On leaTinff Pi^ardy in tba pra»diii^ y^''! 
had i^0ia6ded bia Eia*ly-4<i)Uind fertna ot (V 
to the chnr^ of UmilaimM de Flavy, t <*; 
tried braver^', bu^ aven heyoad bia oonine«n 
a^, banb and pLlUDaa. Ho waa now bvme^l 
UukD of Bureaudy, at the head of k powarfi 
JcAQ, heuiDff of hia daogH, ooungeoualy m* 


1^, KOHBpuue^ bf Jl&ioUvJIlM, CbANmnHn 

Ml, thm bqdBd Lbs wnnA in a mtly DD IbD 
■<Md«a KrtH ihd Olto. aht f^juud Hm But- 
Mirni»i1 wkI nii|MT|iiHvil ; twin ab* 4npve Lijom 

ebb pfl«l "f I^IJmir, lJ>n iMt i^f fw 

had iba atuiwrk .^nimltir lalrtpirlJLj ; 

Ifd tiur talWH-fUD, iba fbaHil It wi-Uy 

fliw onuld jmm ia togoOtK , DODnntru 

' fi'^Bndl, !■■ vwr to HQCoiar bar tboq 

_ Bsd lbs (VnillillMnelf ■miDiUiriDi! br 

ami «h* mi^ Uuv bcTun \m khU^ Jin^ 

her TBlraat, wbffn lui ■rrzter Ehim 

tfrum tx^bhid, 9di»H hcrlij h^rnrnit iif 

liintn Hftr frum tichtiuihO U>lln;groiirii|. 

I* vte *V>IDf ■■'^ nnz^w^ the uiildr fi>^« r 

lb* Vkft DffflniOttHvl, mDiI cumtwUwl to 

,butu4r>F Venjiiiu,' .tnilb rii>J<lirT 

I af LnioibbEirM Thp bBllt''iri«]ii Ib 

IdBit ^» moiddrrriiL itV'\y ; chfLjin'L 

. Ibfl rVHO It iDCfl Ti»re ]aTcL with 

Ibfl otil bridpB bu bncO replMwd by 

^'^Ip (ba atr^uD^-^L, bjiuiIbL kit iboso 

tbit prtdH lyvt it ibv L4tiun(QT>ti« ji 

bj pvpolir luajLiCinD (0 tlw ^aodd^ 

iwiji flmt oinrtiirfivlta ilio<]iiiirtflni 

B^nr^, md tmruferrwi §□ flUHfiHirinn t* 

'Rnaqnmiir, Arru pud Ld CViToy, at tlio 

Somma. Bfau ichta tva LnUtEnil r4UtED].'li 

tfae bill bnkeD t [^'ifanst tlirct^jti Lhe 

■ncAod 00 b« ^nji nnit fliU JaLm nJixotj 

l^ ihu LlUir« Ll^rH^r |ji-JuLlLrfkif frnpL 

■own fauiili : ftTirt, inthanirinth of NnwunooFd 

purchif«] from Jnbrj of LoujDb'jr)^ fiv 4 

oBAsd Hrnv fE4<r trnei tnalfliUit la bnl- 

tB VBll Hosuribdl I17 H. ds Btrula : — 

[bktfo tfk R-jui'U, I'luNEu «en TJian ifae ynqpii 

'Ubtf^J llie eFLlefa of lljo KncLkiti. }fhe "u 

ygnmt lover of ibn aml[a, nn ima ^V ^V 

r^ bid borfoflt wrin ifonirt'l kjy aahBlo. llfl 

tvha fuuJi^il hcFtniiirwl bi]r with t^roeB 

lUOD mun ■Uflmptai vIoIbehu lu 'afilA 

IBenlv nunlDOll ■Dldloni wUu ibtlUWflii 

iud riolfiot lowftHt boT. The iHro 'ie 

pntoDpr flliq bhl b^en, liApp«U&H ^ 

□, irwil ti Hw bar III tiar pruoq, VAim- 

of 'WjirwLi-V ulhI thfl Fan oF ftljiffcird.+ 

b» pn>nt]^ TioTor n^-ln ti» Imhf ■'i"B 

t/ mm /fjr-u, ymj Afc Lttt^ljjn^ dL mi:, ' 

iva VBElbor eIlu i*ill DOT lUe jiu'er d? 

wvU tbjLt liu Ennldtk »i]l ciiu'o Ui^ 

H nftm my dontb tbui" ■fiJl mn LwiC'fc the* 

I ; bnt erai <th» Ih^; a h lULilmi iha iiuUiil 

thejr ufl, tbtv «ltriJI berar ha*e Etib 

1 ac tbau vivh. ibo Kftri [if SBtlBinl 

(« fUlke }wr, bnt vna jinvonKvl by Xbo 

iif tbc imbnppv riumUt ■*«« truE tw 
m itfiwd klrt-a; UHlDil < * - ■ Ol 
r, lldl, Joui -wu brcuehl fcnf tbo RrW 
Bbt uaioTwont. imarly «i mjj]- 
HlanL euTniBftCnn<. fht vana vu tbn 
M Bm« ; lUHJ i^bi- rLprir<r\[vl ulwl, kH of 
■Ulra, Uit IrmiJoil hLLIi i-IaIu. Vode- 
']iBf IhliaD furuujiri, dr by bw kny ■«] 

•lltril n ■■LdLiminfl, In Lhff TJrpBjimtnl du Pk^ 

-Hrm, ■ PraiiH Ic/EMinEiT'An:,' 'at. t P- 13, 

dmal ttipttfit^, sbe riisjilftyed Ld lier onawen ibi vanta 
wnneHHH ifiirit v^Ltk whidi ibd tiwE iMiiDdnl OHpah 
jmil ihim:™! Jivrpmn- -*J"" '"fl Ji. {fl'snujn nnly; bflr 
plain and Eiter guoil Pdu nftca fvcpddiI tii mtrlnvQ hiv 
WUbl if «tlLld[JlAL, 4U]ii Lu I^HiTi-li IbPnlt'b [bo HuL»LLa iKiloa 
Arjd AltibHP DlJ1L^?^llal; iiTvidrfl EUiJOPiDBJa bnr. TIkln 
for eumEiV, iba wile lulu'l TrbiilJiar aha line* LgisDrf ID 
be in tbc CEvWof lloiil Hod itia nnBwoTcd jn llie affinn- 
iirJTL\ (l5,--n nnflj>ftT">i nriil prwuiniifiiiTi ■pinild furlliwilli 
hnpc lonn cbjiriTiil upon her; If in ma ncpBtlTTh, iJio ™oii)d 
haiL* butn LraiUrl» pv^tj b^T biT dUd oonfaninD, ' Jtk 
a ^jvu DiLlUr,' ibo Kfd, ' Co rutly to lodi t qiiBA^Dc' 
^9^ biruBTr a matter/ laterimi^n oae uf the ibaMHn, 
Lvm-biK] wicb [uly.^-hlB oauia dfue]T4a Id bs rsconlBd : Lt 
■flB J#u F"l>iJ, — ■ Ilmr till nri*imCT Lq not btniod ■□ Ia4 
lit iui>wBr W ' Y<]hi hif] IfllT ba iflani,' nlJ tbe 
[Ei'htr>]>Dr Ihmn'ral.^ ttcmTlTCo Fabn' '. btvI ha rtpoalad tba 
hjiif-KlJHjri Eli JibUi. 'If I um tLiit m tbB prwB of Oorl,' 
■ba caiil, 'I jmjOal (kat It vraj bfl vdUDbasM to Baej 
Jf 1 UD. 1 [njlTod LbBtlmnj ba iijwthiIid It.' * * ' 
"Thn li<i> |Hi<iiE4 fin nbiuli JiDd^ nemH aad jud^w 
(EJie EtrniBara facro flvnmLTn^n |l« J midlly nlleit WOiD— Gnt, 
tbQ 'IVroar the Frilii^B,'' nenr [Ifunrttll/: mod leaiiwlly, 
tho bariFHir hnme by henclf In taltJo. Both at thaa il 
■faa aEUrmiiloiL bi nDuqoiL ifIi)] ovfl jplrltfl DT DIkffkml 
Knllii. Am ia Ihc fini, Juan niul^d], a|«trlj V>d ^llvply, 
UUt HbB but Dttva btcQ lunad LHd Livd Id pwa^un witb 
tho Dtliet quUorui of Ui4 TLlEa^q, Ijut bad iMtn bo4wtd 
■njr i»f bar vlakku at tbaL apot. With meud io tba bqa- 
hbt, fibfl dcclAnd that ^e hid HflnaM Itla li«Etlii mjiur- 

rioto BfApe tbe lann <T]d tha BwnnI ; tbitfho vltbednot 
Ul any iHid wlib btir qHd hnJidH qthI Uh^ >iba imat hsd. 

t I 1 A » A 

" Ed plAliL ud HDdid bad bMb tba fTCiHiTal tBOHr oT ber 
anmrai*. UjM it ^ag raTtvif] tni Lbfi MKronn wbclhirc or 
■Hit iba flbiHiliL ba put ta tbu m^p In Iiu^iim 'if u<Uitiil^ 
fDrUi^ mslBdaifl, Doly tvn i*n fouiid Id rala id favour 
of tbLi kbvoLC»iiii pTiiHtaL It LaiaiiiUiaL meDf unr kduh- 
tfTDiaa ptflunt Lt Iba trill wai u mouh atmclr intb tl>« 
«*lda» ffOOd fAilh of bor repElax. that ha Coald ut Air- 
Ihf fiTjiliJinlDg, ' A wortiiy •^iduu— If iibo wm nnly 
Eogtiih I ' • 

'* Hbt jnrtgwi, hnwcHir, l^j^^ilnM of hnr Inrnwemvi, nr 
|«rhapfl Didy ibn ladra lallaiiicd by it. draw up twe|Va 
brUcl» of acfldHJon, ii|mu tbu LTOunda of Bfwy md 
bcn-iy, whjub urtiDlH '«ra tanriy Donllniied by tlia 
UmTDnitf of Parin. On the ^Ith nf Hay, IVtl, — tlia 
nay ilay niv wlilpH Jiui liBi^ lv«ii ukcn pttvMur ibe year 
befoia— ^a ana 1^ to khe phuivbyaid baftin Saint Odon, 
vlmn] twn Bilaffiil'ii bih] bcma ralaid J im FJlQ [HID Btood Uie 
Cudtul Df Wluirbuiler, Ebu Biibop of "BBaDviLi, and 
■erenl pn]iiL«ii Uiu ather wuji 'Jewoed ^ the Maidi 
and fur a pnocbur DHOie'l EnudL T\tB pmuher iJsea 
bogiiiibla f«riii(iD,"hi['h vat fllliHJ wiLbltLi nuwlralLaDiDDL 
1iiTsd]*eB AgBiuL harMlfi th«s ulip bftra wilh perftflt 
padDDiB; bokldwll bH aUa l4i tba wanla : 'Year VUng^ 
that benCIa and that KfafadHtki,' qhe could nut foTboar 
eai'ljLiinifi^ aloud, 'Spoali cpf du-v ''"< ^lp nriL viiokif Ibd 
ICiQt^— bfi laa ijind ObrialJAiL . . , . Uy ruy T^ Eclair, 1 m 
■waor h) you. iv my Lfc iball aHiwEr foe tt. thai he iw tba 
nnJ^leit nS fell i:bn<iti|ina, ain] mW snub OM you aay/ TbB 
l)4ahi>ii of Doouvoj^ [□LiLib iiioffua], duailAi the |niu<la 
to nop tfr THiL'u^ tinii tbe pmwLbor pi-Hfcd^d. At hu 
eoTuilii^liiri, & ftHTEinla of Qh^unvlion wm ptwfnnUi! to Jom> 
tiff bar dgoatuFB, It WU aawuBry, In Et^Ei (Lmi^LJUiO. la 
DIplalQ U> het mtiat WU tba ■"-^'''-^ uf the Vrord aHuts- 
bdu: ihe t^flD ncdahqod UuL tba bid dutbiog to abjutv, 
for that whalH»Bc Ae bad diiDa wa* at tba otftoinaod of 
GoA: l>ut ibo "tA DBf«Tly prriHad mth arij^umebt* Ut4 
with fMtui1.ieii tarifpi, A I tha aunr linw, H^" prolAt#B 
p€iJDtad In tba imbllD hom-miui, wbo nU^ rlriBB by in bla 
qot', [aady tobDUbariiiVDyuj hLHla^i ileiilJiireba nfuTDil. 
Thin orgad, Juan muiX at ^ninh : ' 1 wvuJ iApi raEber 
tbau burn,' ^w3 ]iut hor umiit io tbu papu f Tiia objecL, 

• '0'»»T ILPB lumnt timiuw — ib rll" *l*H *ii|I»[m I ' Sirpplt- 

•uaf r—j- Af>nir?^iTj Ciil IpcLJu li, ml. vl|| p, SDl- 

f nrpi ■ li iini , Di the TtIkI Hir pErvliLiin, wl Uaiildi, d jirimtt 
and Eur'l drui, vhti liM| lioarl bj bal iihTe Dp ltiakrafr14 -^QR* 
aaaaaw, JVoaifi 'i>li i. p, ■■ 


h^irewr, wui ta diiik hor in [tubkic BBLiinatioD , Dd^ ■Jtb 
that HiQirH by uoUi^a- mint UDw^thy artia», a much 
fullvr Ulil more czir'li^i' iinmieBALiHi of ber emn wbb 
nflDnHLrrlB moile pubLii^, Jn^lcih! it Ibv UL14 whioh hbl 

'^ Ilia ■ubmla^lon of Jgud hnvlnfl hean taiu eihffbl'l, 
tha KbIlop of ISflauiiiifl prD«vJod t? roM -vDUllCC Id the 
liEiniD &f thd tE^lhUEieJ. Ha ATLiiaunwl f her, tbat iiut of 
'graoa and moil^raUiin ' hcir Ufa ulioulJ bo Bparod, but 
tout tbo :?iii&ii]dcir uf it Uiiul tut pUifacnl HI linwn, ' w^Ui 
the brobJ of f F^Q r AnrI 1(4 m^ter of Jin^^nh fur Ijvt food.'* 
Jmn beard tbn ecnh'nn] luliilii^'chI, sa^-ing m1y . ' WuLl, 
ihm. fo man ol' ibu ciLurcL, luvl ma lo j-our ofrn iirUiar;', 
OSd let mQ DC Jonger rcntnin In iho huidi of Uicof] Knif1i»1i ' 
But sbe BOB takuD bock to tho flamii iluncixiu njt bcton. 

"Sor ina It dinh|!r»erl Ih^t hiT life tljmirii indeed bn 
■ptrsd. Her cnamlea aaW h(h|pt.-J, bp n xhort ili-lay aDd 
a pnitondcnl lonity, to polEiato Iho ^ilt of hci IrlUEiicr, 
Ur to tn*p a tmnvLcr i™d upnn >\Vt iiivmory, }<ho had 
jpn»inii4il Id ra^tiDtD a feijmlu dnma ^ urn I it ih jvlntf^i that 
B Witt of rucn'n ppiuLml i^n^ t'l^'^'^L '" ^""' ™JI- "E"^ ^'^ 
Cit runjoveij h1iiiIi>)4 fie nl^hl ; mt ihrtt ulie hiu\ nr> nEltDr 
cbctGC nsit DMHnin^ but In ^luthe henwif nftnin in tha 
fwbiddcji Kikrmujit.. ^Ucb Ih tb« COHJUion ^-rMim of the 
tt"[}'r but W «vutly fi-ibr Uiat & dorlcor nitd el sadder 
fjtle reniitiiti l-L'hmd A f'i^<:"'p tiaJitDd MHrlin VA^lFQltUp 
hho ^u xtluKoi ti» re4«i-« hi^r cwiteiukm at Xtn-^ |ieri«l, 
(Uld to iiJinve hvr m her dyliti; dioiuc^dIj, vbji aflemnrdH 
euinmBd Ht Ibo tn.l\ uf JuiirtiiHl, onrl ^rcT'liLrtd that fdl 
Eai-dioh Imd (ifn ujH*^"* •!'AHg'''"Tl) bjul enlfr&l her 
prison and altempEcd (lolence , tliaE, an liia depnrliLiti, 
phu KiLK tvin.i with hir Tiic^ iLirLli[iuJi''J nnd in Wuf ; vnH-l 
Ihbit she h*id ifianLi^i' meirn nj^parol Jdi e pupie eHoeluBl 
■ofe^tiard to ber bono^tr.t' 

"l!i4t wbHthor tbr luCCUl'V Cinplu.il'Hl in tbi* JELr£rtiaiu 
tnuiAACljun "/eio oEfrannl of offrtFee. iho itlqeLtwna clearly 
the BAme — t<i find a pirl^iit t'<r furthiT rigOurr For, 
UnHTLing to till: nLl?«c»f tb? In'^U i»i EIlhtj , U 'gp not here*y 
in the lim InM^ntLH?. but onlv a rEi)a|wa into berejiy, that 
f nuld be rviinuihe>l uith dealbn Net enoncr^ thes, W the 
lfiiihH7pnrBinuL'ftb<A|j]iilH»d c^f .loiin> ^ bai^re o( diw than 
be hitnlBneHi to the ^lon lo convict her (d the foCtL lEe 
iL<nked ber ■rheihcr ahu hajL buanl 'ber Vc»jlta' 0£«lnT 
'1 hnvo,' iUi«vOE«d Jonn ; 'Si. faEhcncie ond tit- Mar- 
^fitret ba^e repmred me fur inE •ealinem in pit^in^ tho 
abjnratieu, nnd contiunudAlt nie'tri rTKumo tho 'Iri'irf *hLch 
1 *oro by tbo tlil^JUElIKnt trf Oo.!/ This *Ee enough ^ 

M-iHiiift.'ni vlil p In*. 

' ''viii]nir 3iHiiiH>iii1J, vHi], ilil, p ^9\-w\y\\ ^'^v Sutrflfmfi •"* 
il'Miirlnt i<^»llaeLi0D, ml viti. p. J'1>. 

the Biiht^ Bbd bii Com[i«Qn atmit^tirii^ prcpDUiKvd hk 
t h«etia nUtAxl : no p«i4(»q could no* !« ^friLiad— 

Bcarce any delay oUcnad. 

" AtdAvbrook, un the 30th dT Ua$, hor»DfMinT, Miflh 
VAdvoDu, vLia direvUd lo ontor her «ll vid prqw* faa 
for ber coining dodO] — Id bebqme'l aliie that Trnd^a 
thfllnarkfit-ptwraorKDuea. Al first hDOHnff IUa twW«]| 
kontuTLee the Moj'^b Hrm[i«Kf fo]-LK»k htr Tor ■«&■ v- 
mEmlB I Bha burst uiEi> pitooiu crien, and iftrv her t^J ^ 
Bgi.»ny, loudly apponlJUK to God, ' tbs gmt Jud|^' 
im>in-t the i-nMBB and <a-oeElJefl done her. [hil Tfi la^ 
re][ainin|{ her eej-ene dt:n]eBiLDur, ehe mmlo ber liat t^ 
fbuioD to the |iriwl, tnd rmiiTod tbc Holy !]*£rtTDaDt fna 
bll luinde- At Olna o'lzlock, having been ordered la trof 
honelf Air tha lut ti ma in famnlD atcim, iiha hu pbcnl b I^ 
hutKiJiuiV cur, kriib ber aoDrHwaor iLOd Whcae otWrtm^ 
and nea aiii^ited to ihe plAiu of eitcution by aputftf 
En^tluih Bnl.Iien. ■ < ' ' At the mHjkct'plfie (tt ■ ■■■ 
Adorned by a efilue U» btr inf moryr i^e foimd Uh vo^ 
ividv ^led, and tfie Bubop of HbuvbIh, with Iha C^r^ad 
of WmcbcBler ind other prrlBtDB, kwulilLg Ibcir Ti^« 
f^iftt II Hniii»rL WM khL >ah] ttien her BHiviBi at lb 
her tean Aowsid ofreah, but she kaalt doan bO Ignj vitt 
ber COnfuwjT, BUd sakod fur a aval. Tbcn ■■■■■># 
band, and ovo voi itct fur to a ndfhbDnHB|_rbirti 
rmiaawbllo, an ^igbab HcldicE ronde UHfaar bj 
tiB puff OBandCr, BAd thifl ITOIB idw H^amqU; AQM^ Ii 
ber hresBt 

lenath iheir fierce iibihUhcuv vwlndDlgBd: OAl&kiaA 
miinon ifaa boond to Ihe Aakn, lod UHH BK had ^ 
pEuoil A]aiEiti*lLlith»fol(oifLBt(wordBiiu9fbid:— 


The Blabopof DeaavB» ifnwidrii j^ BAvAaiBBqi 
blTKllnl: MtUJ^,' Bdd >h« tolliffl, '^HtaHlB^ 
me to chifl dealh.' Tc the rorj lut, ■■ TAdM^riilB^ 
hiB depoHLioD, ah? omtfaiuBd ba |«flbBit ud BlfeMk Iki 
bor VfhjH«it weit iruo tsd iioiUgDHL Bad tkat fa •kv^ 
them Ebe had obeyad the wtE of Ood. Aft|b|^Z 
cnSHd, Bbr bid I' Admna BUdd hvt^ar ta^ hv dk U 
niilJ hoJd the cpw bIoO. tlut bw htaA iMfc a ■« 
lELj.'htrBllanlhaliedflnnflr'B U^nl |%IL Aa^Alta 
Koid ^hicb sho WBA hnud to ipoak •■■ ^ ^BbJ 
tHi^jEaca, BevonJ of tb* pnUw ud oh^hi M 
already witbdrat^'u in horrDT (nun ih* B^fa^ 
were niolUMl to Isbh. Bat thi Cudlsal tf ' 
ntLll unmoved, iril^'e orderi tlM tb* Bdul I 
'the baretki ' Bhonhl be coUentad Bi^aMkEtApOiBlte 
Hucb *Mthc cndorJoBfiiff Aeu— lAbcrdiiAtkiBai^ 
OH in hrr lUe tlio cJiautpteD, -jt bK nnwtcT>* 

t puff lUiLnrlCr, BAd thie ITOIB dw H^amqUf ^^l*^ ■ 
r hnsxt. But ilie other Boldien wan almtd/mqn^i 
tbem lonjT delavB. 'Uoi* nair, jii j—l 1 ' Blid tlqi ■ 
Lrli'eDLi ; 'du yH>u mno to maka ua dto* hait' 4l 



I Seonil Pari of Henry iJie Slil, nidi iha dentli of Oifi QumJ Dulic HmifVe^/' naa 
tod in iu PDinpli'lii titrm, in iHe Toljuof 162it- In the britf no lioo pn>Bii^ Lu ihu furetruing 
q hare Ti-ntjrcd ui ofinLoa [hut die Lwu playe» at one piaj dmdcJ iulo Inn [ijirlb, cnlicd 
FBI Port of iho CcjDLfutioii," Jin* uiiL "Tib.' Tiuti Tro^tdie," ^c.,t jJlDrviLrilH imblihlied 
t. nnd«r Lht tille of "The Whole CohLr^lion /^ ^*^':t "^^^ °o^* " Ua^one hwi li>bnijn^ 
t thf priXluctJoD of a pre'reJing wrJEf^r, but were Shak»peAre'4 £rst akt'lfhea (-urTep- 
ud iDacnmlolj pncEcd) uf wbul ho euboequcnlJj- rr-nrnK-, anJ poFitlod ^' Th? Second 

vwHQg ihU opiuiOQ, nc miuC not Lc unJi-nfiuJ tit go Ebe eilrn^nu length uf n-icrihin^ 
t of ihwc Iwo pieces to Slmlpipemra, Mirch in tViem unqrio^Eroimblj bi'lujig^ lu unoUwr 
rj Jiffi-iTnt Jiuiiili bjt UiQ grvt^r portion, wpceiuUj Jn "'['\x Fint Tarl uf ttio 
D," appeon to ODT juJgTiHnl 4ir bejond l}ia tivcU uf Anj udiir vHt^r L>f Lbc o^, SinJi, 
ij jileaseJ Itr 5jiil. Is tlic viuw eutcrtaiaeit bj \£r- H«LlJnd1, In tua IntroduGliuii Id tlta 
r^iriL of (heBe l<*L>dr&iU4e f^ tbe Slukvpean Swictj, in 1943, afwr d LinreTLil n^vleiijii 
LdflD&a Id oppmiiii^L to lh(i claimg t>f Bhokupvirfr to their aullionbip, this jadLcwiu 
ireUoWrvei: — '* There ajo so monj pni^ag^g in thfl twn pJiJ# now reprinted, tbtt 
m bej-ond the power uf unv of SbnkripeiirH*ii prvdi-a.-?W[a m cunteirj-omritu, pudinpk 
■imiljns MarluwD, thai, &9 une method of ojiplaiiiing BWft« the difficuJliti ttlileh attend 

Valuw^'s Theirnr, my eiinjiTtun; that when iheae plaj» 'urv prinlod in 1504 bid 10^5. 
nUrl tAe jirti atlilif.iana ahiih J-fhatcenfiearr rvnie io Ms Orii/in-tU, diHS not mxni 

f boms oul» ita it it, by ad oumipolian of llut earlv odirJonfi. If I jun u> fiu'ecirocLT wo 
lo diaoiffcr the nrlgiiuJa of The twu partd nf iba ' CoDteDtioDt' na wiJI db ihnL of 1 

II paniiflhc CmhalLmibilllElkFl'ibnrai 

>fIl> >■•<■ l^rKiilvr, lib Lhailiuhnf rli^nvi<] 
itrj AndibibamJjhBtfilaqdHjciUliLiFllki uaLv 
>rt -tit Tt-kWaU eadiaf ibt nnqA CbMIuII •>' 
rlp|< IH' n:j ibb krba|Urpni>[ liiflr''*^': 'f"' 
ttr%r§ f-ri. eimimi wnf" I*' Er^ni** Utaian. 
Hob Cntd. fijr Thrmu VLI||afiaa, mddn 'b 
h flllDA vnMr Vkl'kl Frirri Chnlrh In l^mv>') 


tmm^t lta> Iwo Bonin LuvcaHrr lod ToFh*. ■! II «■■ 
■undflt iLiTifli aaM b} the JLJflil I Ion mi niblp Ih* Cvlc nf 

fiat" rv^j riiulit, I- rDr«.r4i. laira." 

[ "TbB ^'bnle TiPii-f ilF LL>n Ivl'fcq^ E^r IVD FinODI 

Hcaifll, LdOI'ialrr >nil Vi>rhB. ^ViLIt Ilk- 1'mtliall rmLinf Iba 
rani Dnh^ HnniFny. HIiHitiI Huk? il Yai^v. viJ Ktafl 
JlrnHrllir iliL PiDldril ln:.> i«e I'am Aad aoirl)' d>r- 
mUdaitil intarpnl- Wrlurn by *ni]4'iD 9 l»kHpBii«, Otqi . 
?rtqlrd ll LoDdtM.^T. 7/' 


Ilnfiooi Itc^mcatc^ 


HnHFHRBT, Dakt of Ulooceita, JLii Utu^. 

Oau>ivu, BiAnroBTf AaAap ^ Wuicheiter, Ortoi t^ndt to dU Kilf. 

RiCHiAD PipAHTAaiBin, ilMb a/ Yaik. 

EbWAiL and RichuDt *ii BfAU- 

ToDHd CiirrQKitf Aii 8401^ 

Iahd SajLB. OiwenkSf of Jt* Toww. ,'-*£'' 

LoBP 8*T. -.''■■ 

Sir lluKPHUT 9rATroBV, tmd tit EroUHf- ^ \'C 

Sir Jd&b Staalby. - >; 

A Sea-Captain, MbAct, dpuj Muter*! HbIf^ and V/Aum WuimuiK. 
TwD GoitJemGD, Pnwvn viiL Suffolk, 

BlEHK and BoCTTHWELLf '■a PtVMt. ' "^ 

DotiETOHBaE^ a CVAjiirvr. 

ThDHU SOBVBIk, an JnUllfCT. 

Petbb, li! mo*. 
Ckik c/* CUthuL 
Hbjot c/ St Albu^ 
Snipco:!, iH Imfodor. 

Jacb Caui, 4 RriU- 

aBiBflB, JdH^, DiOl, BHitH (W WttTO-j HlDVAn^ d«. Ul /{^fcWTL 

luiUTDEB Ideh, a Esitiih OatUrmMi. 

H'BOAHiT, Qnm lo King Ilrary, 
BiKiErokr />orAn r/ Qtoiunler. 
BtAHdiHY Jdoisaih, a tfifcL 
Wiffi f» Simpcai. 

^mj^ Zoif^ Lind Jf^ni.ia*(i,- Ptfifvvr^ JUhsm. a Bm^. a Aaj^, aU4k 
vhf Off^rrri ,' Ciiiav, Pnniiea, Paieoum, OttariU. Soidiera, MetKn^/trt. J^ 

BCBSE, -Diaptrtedlg it wvw j-tru c/ EdrlBJid. 

^ifTrmmpeti : thrn Sautbvyi. JihUer^on 

**LaiivaT,WAHWTt:K, awJC^iutWAtBiDAD- 
'vir, iHt fJkf lAArr, Qv^kti M^KiiuABin-r ifd 

^' At b^ jour higfi ioipcrial □lAJivlj' 

Aa piwnintor to jour c^tcullenco, 

Ti> jhoitj piiDueaB Jdorguvt fur jDur gncu^ 

So, jn Iho fomoi's jm^^ituit i?Jtj Tuura, — 

In prcaciioo of !li« kirt^a uf Fraaco mad &fli1, 

Thfl dukfii nf OrleaiiH, Calaber, SrolWEbH, and 

Sovfri eiU'Efii twoliD bojvoB. luiil IwuiLj mfefeiid 
I limyp perfynu'd mj Uuk, and waa rspoud'd ; 
An d humbly QDv upoD mj' beaded knee, 


Id eigbi of Enf^Iond and Itur Inrdlj peen^ 

I>et]Ter up mj fMe in [hs indeed 

Ta vDur mofll gndnm hvfb^ that on? ihi? aubBtiniv 

or (liDE fpn-at flhoduw 1 dJd rcpt^sfnt ^ 

Tho liaif^iioiL Eifi ihat i*vi?r njiui]aH9 gaWt 

The fairtiL t[iR'<in lllilL T'ff k^ri^ rwcWd. 

K- UbS- Sutfult^ nrae. — WtiiiwiBHJ, queea 
1 can eiprpu na kinder ti^ of JoTd 
Thfln t)in kind liian-— O Lurtl, Uiit lendfl me life, 
Lmd fne d hrurt ivplcio Htrh ibQiikfulniHA I 
Kor ihoii lio-'iL giTcn mct in iJiin bmiiiviFiLa hoe, 
A world of nulhlj LIjAunjiit (o my iuulr 
If ojuipaibj of love uiuTd Dnr ihoughtar 

Q, Mab. Ofviii iLJiig of Enj^hmdi and mj gm- 
cioua lord ^ — 
The mahriil confeiviice thai mj mind hath hod, 
li^ daj, b; nighl ^ nnkiDg, and in my d^fiODU, 
In wmrtlj TOiQ|Wiij, ui' at iiijr bcod^, — " 
Wilh JOLI miuc alil^-lierwl ^ su^rtii'lgn, 
MoliH md tJit boLdcr in ului£ tbj king 
Wth nultr tj^niii, luch u mj wii olfordft 
Arjd uTtT-joj of hcQTt doth miiLut^r. [Bp«ch, 

K, Hrt4. Hit stgliL dill mvirth ; Sut Iut grow In 
Ket ttOhln j'i:lad »iTh wiulcinrB inBiEiBly, 
MnkpH nip, froto wnndrring, fjJ] to ir&?ping, ]Q^ ; 
BwAi JA Ehv Mueai of mj hearL'^ coiiteal. — 
Lnnln, with oiii^ d^t'trfnf tulct wt:]j:iiiTjc mj loro- 

Ai-L. J>t]ig Itvu qutMHi h£Brgar?l, EibgluLid^B 
Uaiopch 1 

Q. SLifi. Wo Ihouk jnu all. [i^ourJA, 

Sur. Mj lord jtruletior, w il pItflBo jour grace, 
Here uTa llm ortii'Fca of contnuipd praru, 
Betw«naLLrB(iiereignand thoFrPDohkJTifiChDTloi, 
For nii^hlfod mrmlljn, cuEidiiJad h^ mnflenL 

Glo. [/^[TiJj.] /■y*rirt»«, /i it af/rtfd bctioteit 
the FreacL king. GAarta, arut Williaii de la 
Fwih, itwrqaoHm/ Sbfolk, amhius'.i'.l'fi'/'tr fienrff 
kbxg of Engiand, — (Ao* (As »aid II firt/ ahatt 
K^jtooM the ladij M^rgnir^, da*tg\ity vnto Eti^- 
nier kiitg af Suplv, Sioilia, rind Jentmlevi / 
amf errivu firi- qnffuo/ Engltind,erf ihftkirtimk 

of Maif lifji ffituinff. Itevt. — Tht^ th' duek^ 

a/AnJoH and the oountji of J/iWid s^/f bf re- 
lenffd mi't ddiSFTtd fo Ihe Hnj h^fiUhrtr 

K, IIe>, Uodt-, lion ildw 1 

Qlu. FiLrdun lui', grwHauB lord ; 

Surne AudJnn qualm luitL ilriEck iii>' at thi- lionrtt 
Aod drmin'd miDp tvi^a, iJiat I cnik rtmd Doliinher. 

K.IIen, Uudtf of W]jii!lii»[E!r, I pray,reatl un. 

t'Aii. \ReiidA.'\ JtfMj — It ifl fvrlhtr a<jrfetl 
bfitpefn tftem, — that the d'tchle^ ff Anjoit and 
J/diTU ihifU be reierited and dflivtrrd ukt to tfie 


• Drilnif bndi,— I IIhdM«4--L, p 3, tiii.l. 

* AMlT UlliilL — ] AH-ir^reil. drefaal i[ att\ A BaTRQ fdm^ 

riiinj rbiind <D many m oui vulf — Hln». Iina rhiiaiirr Id 


king hfrfathtr; and lAd Knt awr of *A* 
EttyttintTt ou'n proper coH and cAaryt* 
?iamiig anif dowry. 

K. HfcS- Thnv jtli'ose 1IB well^ — Lord 
kuLiJ domi ; 
Wa bvR vreate ihee (be Enr duk^? oF f^nffiilk, 
Abd gin Ihee with the ford.— Cousin of Vs^ 
V* bore diuLnrge ^'Mir gmce h-om bein^rtgu 
I'Lhe parta orFiniiTC,(tlt tonn of pigbliTcq im 
l(e fiiU cipir'd. — Tbuika, uni-lt ^\*iDChp9Uri, 
Gloswr, York, BuckipriMfa^ Somerul, 
Solifihutj, and Worttlix ; 
Wt tbonk joii all for thip grcul kvour iJo^o, 
In entertamnifiit lo mj priiLCfly qinvn. 
Come. I^ im Lit; and wlih nlJ A|i«d purruJ^; 
To iee hpT caroniilioD be prrTttTni'd- 

Gld. Brave poera [)FEiLglaail,piHan of ilic 
To jou dukf liumphrfv uiuhl udIosJ bu ^: 
YouT fricf, tho PommoTk ^ricf i^-f all tW tBLnl' 
Whei ! did my hrurhcr Iltiirj ^pl.'l]d his ^uti^ 
Hia voloLir, roln, acit peirplc, iu |]i4: Han? 
Did be tto ofTi^ ioclce TU oprai field. 
In iriDter'a colli ana ^umnier'a panrKing b#4E, 
To oonijutrr FiTin^Tr, hif true Eidjeniuii«f 
And did Dij" bruiLt-r BLilfan] LiuL bti vito, 
To k(«p bj policf fhat Ileurj got? 
Have jou youjeeh^, Soucisvt, Bin^kinjjhiJL 
Brave Yoik, SalJAbunr, ind nclorioiia Wuridki 
Roech'd ik'L'p scbt? in Fmnci^ i^xA N'lriinjiiidjf 
Or hath iniTit uncle Doaufurt. and mjH;lf, 
Wilh id] diQ loBmi^d council of iKu rtabii. 
Siuilliid iK» long, i4t in ib4- cuLiTicil-boiua 
Eortj and laic, dcba^g to mid fro 
llavr £'ra[i«aiidFTeiiohmcnm!>rhLliekep(Bi''Ef 
And baLb hii biglnioHt La bin inTuncj 
Hwii' oriiwri'd in Fiuis, in di^pile of fb»f 
And nbidl th«c ImbcniFB and lb«D bonoonAi^* 
Shall H«ury'B cunqutal, Bcdford^t Tiiriluia, 
Ydut deedfl of nur, and all our counfd die? 
O. ]ioerii Tpf Ent,'1jU]il, bhanu-ful Ib tbia ln^&! 
FjeEil] this muriaLce 1 cnncqlling tout ^uDe» 
BloltiDg your oaiaH frocn books ot mctv/^Tjf 
Ruing ibo charoritn uf jour Ttinrwn, 
DtfuMiig moiLLtmentji of i-onqiier"*3 Franrfl, 
Undouig nil, ai4 all bjid n'"vcr ^>ceii 1 

Cxa. NopboT, wbU moA]j& tbja pvaiaiiBU 

T\\\A pr-rnmlion wjtlt siidi nr0iiin>irai»e? 
For FnunT, 'tin iiura ; arrl we will kppp il UiU 
Glo, Aj, unclp. We will keep iT, if we m'^i 
BuL now ii is inipu^IMp we ',beiiM : 
Suflolk, tlie new-mo'le duke thai mlcft tho 


" BhD ff-M'J *■ Port*,—] Tlixcltf fETl Hail* "" 



[kmr l 

te da da&j of Adjou oud MoinQ 
fpooT king KiEigTuor, nltoee lni-ge iljle 
igL Willi ihu lcaDD«!i uf bia pune, 
Vow H bj E]>B df Bib of yjm lluU dioJ fur aJI, 
ImlitA fleie the keys of NormiLDdj I — 
lifijrD wecjH Warwick, wy voljam eoa7 
I Pot griuf that ll;ej hit? pnat rcm^rj i 

Ilhere hope lo I'Tuiquer ibem nj^Bin, 
ftboulddLcil LolljliHjii^iDiDu c^oB no lean. 
' Uvnel mj'ftt^f did win ihom bulh; 

thcae armi of mme did cQDquer : 
cUia, thai f ^i widi wountli, 
■gUD with pffnocTuI vordg ? 

For 3iifli>1k'a duko, m&j he bo vifibcite, 
ti the hmioiir &f thU warlite ule 1 
ItDuJd haie loru luid r«tL mj Tojy heorti 
;*0Li1it bfl't^ > ti^ld^d Fo chiA Ihcih. 
tad bill En^larkd'a kinga havo Oftd 
■I of gold, And doinicfl ^ih their WLvea ; 
^^ HtiEir^ gifa anaj- hia onn, 
i wiLb Lipr that brings dq vuiUigps. 
A propor \eBtt ami ni'Ter heard lidbn. 
fclli eliotdd demand a wboJe fifteotidi 
t Mud chirgd id liuiiipnrtiDg hoT 1 
U Savo si4y*d Id Fmoce. and slMrr'i In 

|(j hwd of GlMtor, now ju grow too hot i 

SpleoaiuT or say lord Llio Yiog. 
y lord of Wincbentu-t 1 knov jour mind ; 
Aj tp&«1i«i thAt fou do mislilie, 
tj preKDcO that Jijlh Lrniiblc jf < 
Jrill onl: prond pr^lntf, in C^y fnco 
Iftn: if 1 loDi^r BUT. 
I||^ our oncicDl InckenngB, — 
I Jmniwet] ; oud ni^i "hen I bqi gone, 
A?if — Fraiii* wll] ba 1«| ci* long- [Erii. 
Sa, ibeiT ffUK our proteiJor b a rage, 
to lo yon be h mine nifdij ; 

CDp HI OUCmj DIlEll JDD dH, 

not friud, I &at mo, lo Lbe king, 
tloidflr hv ifl the neit of blood, 
tappAiTuL lo ibe Eogliflh crown j 
Bj got nn cmprni fay Lis niJirriogC. 
ha wciJlbj kingdolui nf iho west> 
BUOD beohouEd he ditpl^Wd OLit. 
Ur lordfl; hit oot bia ainifitbLng vurda 

Eiur hi'jirta ; be wie« #nd uirfmnspecL 
^h ihc commoii pcnplo favour him, [it^,' 
iaa — Uuptphrfif, tlit ffoad dtda of Gfoi- 
Llheif iuuidfli vid crying vilh loud tdjeb— 

w pnuT^ tha good duke HHmphrey f 
loidB, fur all ibin flallcriikg gloa^T 
I fiwDd H daagctuiu proCfKitor. [reign, 
Wlij nhould bfl, ibpTn protect our soye- 
of Age 10 j;avem of hiuiAelf? — 

CouBJr of SomoTKl, join jod TvjEb mc, 
And aIJ toEcLbcr, <nEb tbf- duki^ of Suffolk. 
Well qutckl J boiK rliike lium^hruj froca hia Afwl, 

Caa^ Tlui weigbtrbudiDNfi i*ill Dot brook delaji 
I'll to (ho Dukoof iSnfliilUpiiweiLtly, [Exit. 

Sou. Cooain of bachinghBin, Ibough Hum- 
phrey's prido 
And ^{i-eBtDewi uf lii« phius be grief to tlBi 
Ypt \vi UP wLiich thp hflughtj cBrdiiuJ -, 
Hl9 inaoleucd is mora InTolcralilD 
ThAQ oil tho pnocf^B in iha Iruid beaide: 
If Qloflter be dioploc'd, be'U bs prot«tor. 

Bl'CS, Or thng, or I, SoicorsoE} will be pro- 

Dcapitfl diiko l-Cumphrcj or tbo cArdinal, 

[Excuat Bt^CECfflHAii and Sou:eiiaet. 

SaIi. Pndo went bcfon-, uubitjcin IblbwA lilm- 
Whilo thcso Jo Jflboiir For Ihoir own prefL'rnidnt, 
BcbflTca it ua to labaur fur tha toaUp- 
i aever saw but Ilompbrej duke of GlHttr 
Did boor bim like a Dirbb gcntliMqau, 
Oft bava I swu iba ImugbCy cardLnal — 
Mora l;ke a wldicr Ihnii a miui o' tbe churchi 
Aa stout and proud u be were lord of all — 
SwcAF Ukii A rufflou, and domoAD biniHelf 
Unliko the ruler of a coinmoiiwoal.^ 
WATwichp mj BCD, ibe Amrort uf laj Age ! 
Tbj deedi, thy pljunneH, ind Tby bonsekeepiog, 
Ilath wcm tha greatoBt fkvour of tbe omnionHj 
Eicepting none but ^ood duke Himipliroy •- — - 
And, brother York, thy Ada in Tralnnd, 
Td briDging them to civil diHiphue ; 
Tbv bto cipIuilJ doao in tlio btiart of Trntioo, 
Wben ibou wort rcgcnl for our BuVdraigD ; 
Join we togotbcr^ far the poblic good, 
Td wbaE we ran lo biidls and sitppretA 
Tho prida of Suflolk and (be cardiriAl, 
With Soiiiierut's and Biiokiapbam's niabilion ; 
And, as wemAy, chori^b duke Humphiey'sdoeds, 
While the; do l^-ad the prvlit uf tlio liuid. [laDd, 

W^n^ So God help Wurwicfc, as be lan^* the 
And Fommaik poflE of bia ^louutr^l [dause. 

YoBE- And BO aayg Yoik, for he halii ^freaUut 

S*T- Then Ict^s moko basic Away, And look onto 
tliu main, 

Wah. Uatoihe laaiTif Oifatbor. UAineialml, — 
TIjU MLkJne, which by idoid form Warwick did win, 
And wuuld bavD ki'pt eo long aa bruAlh did IsiAt ! 
MBtb dkante. fathor, jou taeaut; but I meant 

Miine. — 
Which I will win from France, or e1s9 bg slain. 

[Brfunl WAnwiCE and Bausbc&t, 

YoBiL, Anjou a4d Moino aro gir<ia to tha 
Firis IB luti (ho itate orfJonnaodj 

(*) rinlhlH, ^rafwHrj. 


Adt f J 



Sivuli ait a tiflklo* |rijiiil, now i^j an gaao i 
SuflDlk gQucluded on the u-iicl a -. 
Thfl peen ft^^ncd ; and Ileiirj wm well pleas'd 
I Limiii'l IJnitiP ttiEiDi elU ; v\iai is't to thtm? 
'Tift Ihiike They givtt jiwnj.fluJ ti4>E il.tir awn, 
P™w» Tuaj Qjolk e qheap pen n jwon h b jF their pillage , 
And ^urcLiiBu friends, artd friv« [u cuurtejEbns. 
Still rcvflJJng, like lurcla, lilJ all bo ^iiu ; 
W)ii]cH ihe pillj Hwnfr rjF ttiL' giMjdn 
WeeiiB DT^r tliem, find nria^a Lib hapleu hauda, 
And ibokda hif hvaA. bjA inaiWitts itaadi nlou^ 
While atl iij i^lLiitVlp find all ia Lomo hw&j, 
Bcadj !•> BfjitTt', omi daw nut luuch Iiin itwn : 
Bo York muftt Aitp uid fret, and bite hu Ivngue, 
"While IiIh awn Inndfl km bar^ii'd for tad uld, 
Uelhinlifi tbo ronlnLH r^ EogtoDd, Fnuico, tnd In- 
Bur LhnL pTopoilJGn to my flub and blood, 
Ai did tlw fa[Al brand AlLliea buta'd. 
Unto lh<i prine<!'& licart of CUjdoa.^ 
AnioLL and Main'', hfyih givi^ unto Lbi; PrEiiob ! 
Cold nciTB for mc I for 1 bad hopa of ii'mace, 
Evoa AS 1 have of fetlUo England's Boil. 
A linj win cnpin whnn Tocfc Abalt cbiim bli own i 
And Iherpfrjro I "ill liiliiJ tln! Netiffl* jiarW^ [pbiTiy, 
And mobo b ahow of Idvq to prond duko Hnm- 
And, wben I apj adviUiLa^. eliim tbt frown, 
For rtiiiL> lIif? j^ldcri ntoik T Kok la bil -. 
Iir>r i^hrjIT proud LonrojiCrr UBoni mj rigbl. 
Nor told iha Fwptio in hia cbilai^b Rit, 
If IT near ibo ilioclrm Lijmn bl« bcful, 
"WltoBc fhuirb-liltf: hunionra fit* unt Ibr a tfown. 
Ihtn, York, bo *lJl i^lulo, till time du nfTve: 
Vifnidi lliou BiLil wolto. when otL^n be oil^p. 
To ptT inlQ tijij lywrelp of tlin flfjilu ; 
Till Henry, ftuHtitiriff in pji of lore, [queen, 
With h\t nvt/ Ividc and EfiRhnd's dur-bongbl 
And irii;ii|]1iiiii' wilb [lie p<>0n bo frdt'n at jon ; 
Tbi^n will r tmM: nLnft lln- milk-Hliibr rv^, 
Wilb wbojia Bwci^ snii'l] iho nir nball ho porfuin'd - 
And in mj lEnndai'd bear tLa annt of York, 
To xnpplB with Ibe boiua of LDnnBE^t i [crovn, 
Msii, force ptfrfonv, I'l] mokB blm jiebl tho 
Wbosa boakinli rule hadj {lull'd fair England down. 


SCENE U.—The janu. 1 Seon in ^^e Duke qf 
GloucvtcrV Houte^ 

Enter OLOUCxarxa and the Ducnnu, 

DuGH. \^Tij droops mj lord, like opcr-ripen^d 

{■1 OMIalLjdf. 
k PiiiB 4i BiErA'i linnur Cilfilcr 1 Tbli bbhli inudpd In 

Hanging tlio bnd at GerHf' plenteoua JoaJ ! 
Whj duth iJie gn^t dnkn Hnrapbrej knil 

A4 Owning al Lbe &TDurfl of Lba world f 
WIjj nro ibino L^yus fixM lo the flnllea otftb, 
Gciing on tbat wlikb '(rma Ed dim Cbj flEbtT 
Wbat Beejt diou there? king Hsiij^B dndfiiiT 
EDcbaa^d with aEl Lbc bannura of tho noHd t 
If eo, giEO on, and i^v^d on thv fufo, 
Until ihy bwid be riivl^'d with the same- 
Pnl fonb thj hiu>d, reach a: [lie ^loriona goH' 
WbaU ia't too abort 7 I'll len^cn it witb miwil 
And, baviiig brilh t^igiillwr luiav^d it up, 
Woll boUL U>gtlb4T MA our headi (a hetiTOD, 
And ne^er mora ahoso our sight h low. 
Ad to Yodcbufo one glann unto the gnnnd. 
Qi.0- O Noll, awoL'E Noll, if ihuu iloit Ian; 

Boniab tbo canker nf untdtiDiii lboQ|;hla1 
And may Iliat Ihfmgbi, wbcn I imagiao iH 
Agoin^ mj- hjn^ and i^nplitw. v'trtuona Benr^, 
Bu IDJ liiiil hrentbing In tbia mortaJ woi^d ! 
Mj timiblouj drcum * this nighl ditth make ' 
Di'CB. Wbui dnunj'd mj lord? IflO iDfl,i 

I'll to(jn[tT> it 
Widi BiraDt rpbearaal of tut momJng*9 difflUr 
Glxo, Hetbought ibis staff, lainfr office-tad^ i 

Wu bitiko in main ; bj whom 1 bnro forgoft 
Bull aa 1 think, it waa hj the cardinal ; 
And on the pieces of iho hn^o wqad 
Won^ plac'd (bo hcn^Es of Eilmund dnke ifj 

And Wdliiun de La Poole, fint duke of StifiA. 
Tiiia waa luy dream -, what it Jotb bodoi, 


DcciH. Tut, Uiifl waa notbina but an irgnDOi 
That be that breoki a »tidi of GIoal«'i grtfn 
Rbflll ioBQ hit lifod fcff hi' prff^umpdon. 
But bit to me, in? Uuniplu^v, raj awpct A\^9\ 
Meiliougbr I ijut ui seal of inaJslTj 
In Iho cathedra] churet of W&lnuiisler, 
And ia ibat obulr wbers kings uid quecni at*' 

cronu'd ; 
Wbov' Jit'nrj ond domeMargonl knserdlo'v* 
And on xDj hord did b«I thi; diadeuL. 

Glq, Saj, Ekanar, then iriunt I ebidc oanigU! 
PnsumptuDua dnrae ! iH-nurtur'd Elcanur [ 
Art Ihon not aecand neman in the ifabn ; 
Aj>d the protoctot'B wifp, IhIutM uf him? 
Hoit Ibou not wnrlijl^' plE^uurc nt eominnnd. 
AbfU'O ihu n>aih nr eirnipaj'X of tJiT iboni^l? 
And wib ihon Btill be hnouaering tieacWin 

{«! Old ttti, irfTMlW. 

"wfi" an DbTJrlM aiuf rlBI ttr^'li BllBtH "iTui 

< U'fatiD— ] Aflelbcr prebBHe >n4<pdBl UK nira. 


[bcej^b [It 

Op of tvuDiir to dlbgrnFf-'fi fti^L ? 

Irom me. Mid fel me liwir no more t 

H. Wlinl, hhflC.mjInnil lUr jnii hi chnlDrii! 

Qeonar, (or a^Uiq^ bui hor dtvnra '^ 

tab 111 k«eG mj dnmiia nata mji^'lfp 

A bo obwb'd^ 

. Najr, be but acgt-y, { uii [Jeu'd Aj^ain. 

1. M>' Ion] prol«ctLjr. 'tii hia LighneAs* 

I pnipATe tu i4Je luifn Smnt Afhon's. 

I** ihe ting aD'l qocca do nicno to hiLwli. 

. I go. — Ciiax, Nvr\}. — ibfui wilt ride irJih 

H. Y(#, mj gvnd lonl. I'll filluwjrfsenllj. 

1 misr : I crumoL ^^ Ltfuiv. 
OlostPT boAW ihjp Ihiw bi»| Iinniblo iTiirid. 
[ fe man, a dubc, and nt-zt of blojid, 
I reniDte these Feflioiui oluiiililiii^-blDGka. 
F»oth ray ifa_v upim Oiuir LciulK'M nwV'^ : 
ang ■ WLirnnn, I will rioL br alni'k 
J tpj' pan in Fortune^i pafenntr 
I in jQu (^>E», ftir John ? ^ uoj, fcjir notj 

V jiVtie; hvTo'* tldpq bm chM and i. 


Snle^ HuhR. 

kn. Jmu preai-rvQ jour mjal mojcatj I 
ra. Wlicit Mj'st tbou ? jR/ij'vt;; / I djij but 

A. [ti;t. hf the li™^ °f ^^^1 "i^^ Hiimg^A 


pmOd\ titli' shall bo loullifjItcJ. 

IB' Wh&t ujVl tboii. mBD ? Iiut ;1k]ii u 

yit cotiftrr'd 
Uorgery Jaardoiiij The canoiEig niri'h ; f) 
RogGF Bolingbroko, ihc 0QnJLirL^r? 
liU they iindiTta^e lo do me gooJ ? 
U. This Oicj Wc [irotiijAcd Lu »b(iw 

iL ivit'd B-um iTt-nih of undiT gniund, 
Ul make iui«w€r To iiicb quesriorts, 
fonrgnn iball be jrriipoEiDdi^J Mm. 
n. li is enoti^lt : ['11 think upcn Urn 

qiKiiinn^ : 
ifroD Stint Albvi^a we do edaJic reliim, 
«t i£Me Lhlngfl Ejected lo the fuli. 

-I mfmnd ii 4w aii ILlr vMn uiJ Btnu, B-^lTe 
» «n fOfLvmiUJe 
k"! Thv Uik JJf^ a Etuilil Lull h