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World Arts 

The Guide to 
International Arts Exchange 

The International Program 
National Endowment for the Arts 



A Letter from the Chairman 

^Jrums of Africa echo across America. The 
grace of an Indonesian dancer finds a partner 
on the stage of the New York City Ballet. A 
line drawn by a Finnish designer is picked up 
and continued in Chicago. The hands that 
mold clay on a turning potter's wheel may 
belong to an artist in Morocco, Spain, New 
Zealand or New Mexico. A fiddler in Donegal 
plays a tune in the same high lonesome sounds 
heard in the hills of Appalachia. Shakespeare 
is being performed tonight in Sydney, Toron- 
to, Sao Paulo, and Boston. A woman paints a 
still life in Tokyo, in Warsaw, in Quito, in San 

Art is a universal language, one that breaks 
the barriers of speech and custom to remind us 
time and again of our common humanity. To 
understand ourselves and our brothers and sis- 
ters in nations across the globe, we only need 
look closely at their art and the spirit within 
it. Recognizing the importance of discovering 
what unites peoples, the U.S. government is 
committed to international arts exchange, and 
the National Endowment for the Arts is one 
Federal agency helping make that exchange 
possible and fruitful. 

The small, growing International Pro- 
gram at the Arts Endowment assists United 
States artists and arts institutions as they 
strengthen their international ties. The Pro- 
gram has information and insights on interna- 
tional cultural activities unmatched elsewhere 
in this country. Because of the complexities of 
the network that exists throughout the United 
States for international cultural exchange, our 

International Program has developed this clear 
and concise guidebook. 

This guide serves two purposes. The first 
is to introduce you to the work of our Interna- 
tional Program and how it complements the 
work of other federal, state, and local govern- 
ment entities to promote arts exchange. The 
second purpose is to provide a comprehensive 
and user-friendly source of information for 
those interested in international arts exchange. 

In addition to its modest grants program, 
our International Program functions as a sign- 
post to direct artists and arts organizations to 
other sources of information and funding that 
make possible international cultural exchange. 
An extraordinary interest in international arts 
exchange has manifested itself in every corner 
of our vast country. From New York City to 
Los Angeles, from Omaha to Albuquerque, 
communities large and small are recognizing 
that international arts exchange can provide 
unmatched experience for their artists and en- 
hance the prestige and economic vitality of 
their city or town. With our limited funds, we 
cannot hope to address this groundswell of 
interest. Therefore, we have developed this 
guide to help you find who in the often per- 
plexing array of public and private flinders 
can support the work you are doing. We want 
to put these resources at your fingertips. So 
turn the pages and you will discover a world 
of opportunities. 

Jane Alexander 


National Endowment for the Arts 

Digitized by the Internet Archive 

in 2012 with funding from 

Boston Library Consortium Member Libraries 

A Note from the Director 

Ihe Arts Endowment's International Program 
is devoted to broadening the scope of experi- 
ence of American artists to enrich the art that 
they create. Its activities help increase world- 
wide recognition of the excellence, diversity, 
and vitality of the arts of the United States. In 
addition, it supports innovative international 
endeavors that increase arts audiences and 
deepen public understanding of the cultural 
influences from abroad that invigorate Ameri- 
can society. Through all its work, the Pro- 
gram helps American artists and arts organiza- 
tions develop international ties that strengthen 
the many art forms of the United States. 

The Endowment's in-depth involvement 
in international activities began in 1978. We 
provided support to the United States Infor- 
mation Agency (USIA), which aims to in- 
crease international understanding of U.S. so- 
ciety, for its international arts programs. In 
1984, the Endowment established the Office 
of International Activities whose role was to 
serve as an advocate for U.S. arts and artists 
internationally. Recognizing the need to take 
a greater leadership role to support interna- 
tional arts activities and information exchanges, 
the Arts Endowment formally created the 
International Program in 1993. 

When I began my tenure as director in 
September 1990, I felt strongly that the Pro- 
gram should serve not only as a funding re- 
source, but also as an advocate and source of 
information for artists and arts organizations 

to help foster international arts exchanges. 
International elements are routinely integrated 
into the art that is created and presented 
throughout the United States. The increasing 
demand for support has severely strained the 
modest resources available to fund internation- 
ally-based work. The need to identify new 
resources to support international arts ex- 
changes has been an impetus for creating this 

We have provided information on as many 
resources as are known to us that provide 
funding or information to artists or arts organ- 
izations wishing to work internationally. We 
do realize, however, that the information is 
only useful when it is current and accurate. We 
therefore encourage you to share your views, 
comments and experiences with us, so that we 
can update and improve this guide. If we have 
missed any resources, please write us about 
them and we will include them in future edi- 
tions. The entries in the guide are based on 
exhaustive research and interviews with each 
organization that is listed. All entrants have 
agreed to be included, though a listing in this 
guide in no way constitutes an endorsement of 
any organization by the U.S. Government. 
My sincere gratitude to all those involved in 
this massive undertaking. 

Merianne Glickman 


International Program 


■ rofound thanks to Allison Sarnoff S offer for 
the diligence and attention she dedicated to this 
publication. She enthusiastically embraced the 
task of overseeing the year-long research ef- 

My thanks as well to all those who contrib- 
uted to the writing and compilation of this 
document, particularly to Julie Pinchuk who 
became our expert-in-residence after spending 
a year of long hours dedicated to the guide. 
Negar Ahkami, Wendy Bradley, Jann Darsie, 
Shirley Davis, Ed Dulles, Jane Engelstad, 
Kimberly Graves, Andrea Harris, Brian Hen- 
derson, Cristina Higgins, Jonathan Ginsburg 
Esq., Tish Johnson, Ashley Kraus, Silvio, 
Pennie Ojeda, Malcolm L. Richardson, Kath- 
erine Slusher de Vilallonga, Barry Szczesny, 
Esq., Megan Thompson, Robin Thorner, and 
Sandra Tisiot also made invaluable contribu- 
tions to this publication. 

Arts Endowment Publications Director 
Philip Kopper and Andrea Theresa Sanseverino 
Galan also deserve special mention for their 
tireless production efforts. 

My deep gratitude to Artists Equity Asso- 
ciation, Inc.(AEA) for being willing to make 
the publication available on disk. To pur- 
chase it through AEA, please call (800) 727- 
6232 or write PO Box 28068, Washington, DC 
20038-8068 for information. Artists Equity 
Association is the advocacy and service organ- 
ization serving America's visual artists. 

My appreciation as well to Arts Wire for 
making this guide available on-line. To access 
the guide on-line you may contact Arts Wire at 
(602) 829-0815 (E-Mail: 

Finally, a special thank you to the govern- 
ment agencies, service organizations, corpora- 
tions and foundations who provided entries. 



Resources for 
International Arts Exchange 

Chapter 1: 

An Introduction to International Arts Resources 

Ihroughout the United States communities 
are recognizing that international arts inter- 
change of the highest caliber provides un- 
matched experience for their artists, enhances 
the prestige and economic vitality of their 
towns, sparks interest to participate in the 
global marketplace, and improves the quality 
of life. 

Education is at the core of international 
exchange, and through increased access to 
such activities, the more than 170 different 
ethnic groups represented in this country learn 
more about the roots of their own cultures and 
those of other societies. International cultural 
events foster cultural literacy and greater audi- 
ence interest in a wide range of art forms. In 
addition, communities have found that expo- 
sure to a variety of cultural traditions engen- 
ders greater mutual respect among their dif- 
ferent cultural groups. 

Today, there is heightened international- 
ism in all aspects of U.S. society. Changing 
political, social and economic conditions in 
this country and around the world have 
stimulated international exchanges in the arts. 
It remains difficult, however, to obtain sup- 
port for these activities. As more artists seek 
to explore the artistic expressions of their cul- 
tural and ethnic heritages, and more organiza- 
tions seek to collaborate with traditional and 
contemporary artists abroad, the resources to 
fund this work are in great demand. 

In writing this guide, we have tried to 
respond to what we detect to be a growing 
interest in international work in the arts. Ev- 
ery day our office receives calls from poten- 
tial applicants seeking advice on how to make 
their international project happen. 

By far, the most commonly asked ques- 
tion is "Where can I go for funding?" Some 
ask about contacts abroad, embassy connec- 

tions, or how to plan a residency. Others want 
information on obtaining a visa for visiting 
foreign artists or themselves. Questions vary 
widely in scope, and the International Pro- 
gram staff senses an urgent need in the field 
for a central resource providing basic answers 
and guidance to artists and arts adnunistrators 
interested in international exchange. This guide 
represents our attempt to assemble informa- 
tion gathered over the past three years. 

It is organized in two parts. Part I provides 
annotated information about potential hinders 
and service organizations; Part II is a directory 
with various listings of resources for interna- 
tional art activities. Chapter Two outlines 
federal government programs, including the 
National Endowment for the Arts, the United 
States Information Agency, and other less ob- 
vious agencies that may support international 
work. The private funding community's inter- 
national interests are profiled in Chapter Three. 
To compile this information, we conducted a 
phone survey of hinders listed in the National 
Guide to Funding in Arts and Culture (1992) 
and the Directory of International Corporate 
Giving in America and Abroad (1993). 

As important as the dollars are, so, too, are 
the people who can put you in touch with 
others to help you carry out your project. 
Service organization staff members are linked 
to a network of contacts in their particular 
field that can be of great assistance. Chapter 
Four includes information on service organi- 
zations that have indicated an ability and a 
willingness to help artists with international 
work. These organizations can assist you by 
providing international contacts, referrals, tech- 
nical assistance and/or travel grants. 

Finally, it is of utmost importance to de- 
velop contacts with the arts community in 
your region and abroad before your trip. Your 


conversations and letters will lead you to con- 
tacts in your country of interest. Many promi- 
nent cultural organizations can provide artists 
with specific information based on their par- 
ticular needs (eg., contacts, housing, funding). 
Part II, the Directory of Resources, provides 
Listings of those organizations, including state 
and local arts agencies and organizations 
abroad such as binational centers, government 
ministries, service organizations, presenting 
organizations, foundations and corporations 
whose assistance can be invaluable in re- 
sponding to your specific requests. 

For Those Contemplating Work 

Realizing how much work is involved in launch- 
ing an international project, you must hon- 
estly assess whether now is the appropriate 
time for you or your organization to embark 
on one. Keep in mind that you will have to 
devote much time and effort to make the 
project successful. Should you decide to pro- 
ceed, however, a deeply meaningful experi- 
ence may await you. ~ 

For some artists and organizations, work- 
ing abroad is an important "next step* in their 
work as they prepare to expand their horizons 
and move on to a new level of exposure, both 
of their art to new audiences and of themselves 
to new experiences. Some note a strong desire 
to explore their roots. Others want to study 
with a master teacher, to learn new skills, or 
to seek out topical subject matter, traditions or 
styles. After mastering their discipline and 
their home environment, they are ready to 
move beyond; experiencing another culture 
becomes a necessary outgrowth of their work. 
Others are motivated by a drive to re-experi- 
ence that common bond, that universality, 
reflected in the human condition that is so 
often the fabric of art. 

What makes some international projects 
successful while others are less so? Frequently, 
it is the project director's commitment to mak- 

ing the project happen. A visionary force com- 
bined with a determined confidence drives the 
best international projects. You must truly 
want your project to happen, because it re- 
quires extraordinary resourcefulness to initi- 
ate the contacts and raise the money to accom- 
plish an international endeavor successfully. 

In many ways, the task of raising funds can 
be likened to a job search. Networks of busi- 
ness colleagues, friends, and other artists can all 
provide contacts with others who share an 
interest in a foreign country. Often, it takes a 
groundswell of support, mustered by you, to 
attract positive attention to your project from 
the media, your local and state governments, 
and local businesses. Because there are so few 
funders for international activities, you may 
have to put some of your own money toward 
turning your idea into a reality. For an artist 
or an organization just starting in the interna- 
tional realm, local fundraising is likely to be 
most fruitful. For example, good old fashioned 
bake sales, car washes, and raffles have helped 
many Arts Endowment grantees raise start-up 
funds for their international projects. 

Project Research 

It is important to explore cultural values and 
sensitivities in the culture with which you wish 
to work. These include concepts of time, 
physical space, gender role, religious practices, 
political, economic, and social issues in the 
country and with respect to the United States. 
For example, a woman artist going to work 
in a Muslim society should thoroughly famil- 
iarize herself with customs that might restrict 
her access to Muslim communities. Religious 
practices (holidays, fast days) can also affect 
your schedule. Find out the dates of national 
and religious holidays. Will they interfere with 
your work, either because of the national mood 
or the lack of availability of local artists or 
master teachers? Will stores be closed? Do 
you want to observe religious practices? Will 
they be open to you as an outsider? Informal 


informational interviews with regional experts 
in the United States (found through culture- 
specific service organizations and in local 
universities) may facilitate your work by pro- 
viding valuable overseas contacts. 

You should also examine practical matters 
such as climate, food, housing, transportation, 
local and international communications, and 
language interpretation. You should identify 
which supplies you will need to take from the 
United States, and which are available in your 
country of destination, and for what price. If 
you create new work abroad that you cannot 
carry with you on your return, you will want 
to investigate shipping costs. 

Garnering Resources 

Research the resources in the country you wish 
to visit, while simultaneously learning every- 
thing you can about your home business com- 
munity. Many of your answers, funds and 
contacts will come from state or local sources. 
National resources can also be of tremendous 
assistance. This book has been designed to 
guide you through the extensive network of 
organizations nationwide that can help you 
achieve your international goals. 

A good place to begin your search is the 
local chamber of commerce. Contact that of- 
fice to find out if your country of destination 
does business with your community. Identify 
common interests, evaluate how they coincide 
with yours, and begin thinking of ways to 
develop a relationship based on possible shared 
interests. In addition, contact your state and 
local governments through the appropriate 
arts agencies; many work internationally with 
Sister Cities International or Partners of the 
Americas. Some are engaged in specific ex- 
change programs as well. For example, 
Oklahoma's State Arts Council and the state's 
Tourism and Recreation Department, jointly 
funded six Oklahoma groups to go to Mexico 
to perform at the Oktoberfest in Guadalajara, 
Jalisco (Oklahoma's sister state through Part- 

ners of the Americas). 

When applying to a private funder or a 
government funding program, keep the fol- 
lowing in mind. First, if they request a work 
sample, submit one of the highest quality. The 
importance of this aspect of your proposal 
cannot be overemphasized. An intelligently 
written application cannot counteract a me- 
diocre work sample. If your work sample 
compels, your proposal may receive the ben- 
efit of the doubt, but not vice versa. You may 
even consider developing a new work sample 
that draws a clear connection between your art 
and your project abroad. Your work sample 
should be as relevant as possible to the work 
you intend to do abroad. 

If there is a formal application or instruc- 
tions on how to submit proposals, read them 
carefully and do exactly what is requested. 
Most hinders have program officers who can 
provide technical assistance by phone once 
you are thoroughly familiar with the applica- 
tion requirements. Important points to high- 
light in your proposal might be: artistic excel- 
lence and achievements; why you have chosen 
your country of destination; the planning you 
have done to make the project feasible; and 
why you wish to work abroad at this point in 
your career. Respond directly to any questions 
posed and be as specific as possible about col- 
laborators and contacts abroad. Costs should 
be accurate and reflect in-depth research and 
planning. Finally, choose your supporting ma- 
terials judiciously. Send only the required 
materials, not everything available. The more 
concise your application, the more it will hold 
its readers' attention. Those reviewing grant 
applications consider a huge amount of mate- 
rial and rarely have the time to read every 

Preparing for Travel 

As your plans solidify, you may want to seek 
assistance from the embassy of your country of 
destination. When calling, ask for the cultural 


attache. Be clear about the kind of information 
you require and build in waiting time for the 
attache to gather the information you need. 
Embassies can help you in a variety of ways. 
Many m aintain connections in their home 
countries with arts organizations, festival orga- 
nizers, and exhibition planners looking for 
U.S. artists to participate in events abroad. The 
embassy's cultural staff may also be familiar 
with foreign arts organizations interested in 
international exchange or institutions that ad- 
vance cultural awareness about their home 

As you prepare to travel, you might con- 
tact relevant domestic and foreign commercial 
airlines. Corporate giving policies vary, so ask 
for specific guidelines and application advice; 
remember to approach both national and re- 
gional airline marketing offices, as their giving 
policies often differ. U.S. and foreign airlines 
occasionally donate airline tickets or cargo 
space or may offer discount fares to nonprofit 
organizations or individuals of significant ar- 
tistic achievement. As each request is consid- 
ered separately, try to be as detailed as possible 
in your application letter. Describe your proj- 
ect and try to illustrate how your international 
arts activities may benefit the airline's cor- 
porate agenda. 

You may need to obtain a visa to work 
abroad and you should allow ample time for 
the visa application process. Requirements for 
U.S. citizens and permanent residents of the 
U.S. vary from country to country. To obtain 
information on requirements for your country 
of interest, contact the nearest appropriate 
consulate or the embassy in Washington, DC. 
(See Part EI.) Before inquiring about specific 
visa regulations, you should be able to provide 
the following information to determine the 
correct visa category: a) the length of time of 
your intended stay; b) the reason for your visit 
- tourism, grant work, or business; c) whether 
you will be paid by an entity in the host 
country; d) the source of your payment or 
grant. With this information, the consulate 

will be able to determine your visa status. 

In addition, ask about any restrictions on 
your activity abroad. For example, artists trav- 
eling to Japan on a grant are not allowed to 
"moon-light," or take on any paid work other 
than that for which they received the grant. 
Also inquire about extensions of stay, should 
you decide to prolong your visit while abroad. 
For example, U.S. citizens traveling in Spain 
for up to three months need only a passport; an 
additional three-month extension may be ob- 
tained from a Spanish police station. Staying 
longer than six months requires either a stu- 
dent or resident visa. Compare these laws with 
Indonesia's, where U.S. tourists may not ex- 
tend their stay beyond two months, unless 
they are traveling on business. 

Hosting Artists from Abroad 

If your international activity focuses on host- 
ing a foreign artist or group in this country, 
much of the preceding information on re- 
search, networking, and fundraising should be 
useful. In addition, you should be aware of the 
special nature of the commitment to host some- 
one from abroad, particularly if the artists' stay 
in your community would be their first in- 
depth experience in the United States. Re- 
moved from their usual support networks, 
most artists will expect that their hosts will 
help them set up social as well as work related 
activities, just as they would do for U.S. artists 
visiting in their country. This is especially true 
if the artists speak limited English. These ac- 
tivities might include educational field trips to 
sites of interest, social gatherings, professional 
introductions to others in their field, or being 
available to lend a helping hand throughout 
the residency period. Volunteers who support 
your organization as well as local International 
Visitors Councils are likely resources to help in 
this regard. 

A foreign artist's knowledge of your orga- 
nization and expectations may differ from 
those of U.S. artists. Artists from abroad could 



have more than the usual number of questions 
about work space, schedules, materials, accom- 
modations, food preparation, finances, social 
activities, etc. To avoid possible misunder- 
standings, provide very specific information, 
preferably in writing, to each visiting artist on 
these issues. 

If you are bringing international artists to 
present to your audiences, it is important to 
plan for adequate community outreach both to 
local immigrant groups and to other audiences 
you have identified for this work. If you are 
hoping to expand your audiences through this 
international presentation, you should build 
in sufficient lead time to foster communication 
with diverse cultural groups. 

To take fullest advantage of the visit of 
your guest artists from abroad, it is useful to 
plan lecture/demonstrations, workshops, mas- 
ter classes or other opportunities for interac- 
tion with local artists and interested commu- 
nity members. Working collaboratively with 
schools, universities, community centers, and 
culture-specific organizations can lead to the 
development of excellent educational materi- 
als about the artists and the art forms that they 

represent, and this will attract broader, better 
informed audiences to your presentations. 


The International Program staff compiled the 
information in this guide to lead you through 
the process of planning and raising funds for 
international arts exchange. In so doing, we 
hoped to circumvent many of your blind calls, 
while at the same time, providing ideas and 
fresh insights on developing new and effective 
project related contacts. There is no way around 
the time-consuming nature of this work, but 
we hope our efforts help you make better use 
of your time as your ideas evolve into plans. 

Please let us know if you find the infor- 
mation useful. We also want to hear about 
unnecessary or incorrect entries, and we are 
open to your suggestions for future revisions. 
Write with your comments to: The Guide, 
International Program, National Endowment 
for the Arts, 1100 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, 
Washington, DC, 20506-0001. 

We wish you well as you embark on your 



Chapter 2: 

U.S. Government Agencies 

I he most obvious federal sources for art- 
ists working abroad are the National Endow- 
ment for the Arts and the United States Infor- 
mation Agency (USIA). Both government 
agencies sponsor American artistic expression 
abroad. In addition, the Arts Endowment sup- 
ports innovative international endeavors in 
the United States that increase arts audiences 
and deepen the American public's understand- 
ing of the cultural influences from abroad that 
invigorate U.S. society. You will find informa- 
tion on each agency's various programs 
throughout this section. In addition to these 
funding initiatives, the Arts Endowment and 
USIA have become important resources for 
information and contacts abroad because of 
the wealth of knowledge they each possess 
about international arts activities. 

Beyond the Arts Endowment and USIA, 
the federal government probably isn't the first 
source that comes to mind for your interna- 
tional work in the arts. Yet other federal agen- 
cies may be able to provide assistance and 
should not be overlooked. For example, the 
Smithsonian Institution has a separate Office 
of International Relations that has, in the past, 
conducted artistic and cultural exchanges. The 
Department of Housing and Urban De- 
velopment, while restricted by a lack of funds, 
can also serve as an excellent resource for 
referrals for architects and design artists. A 
more complete list follows. 

Finally, you may find it useful to contact 
state and local arts agencies; many work inter- 
nationally through Sister Cities International 
or Partners of the Americas. Some administer 
programs of their own. 

According to the Arts Endowment's 1994 
survey, approximately two thirds of state 
arts agencies currently support international 
activities. In 1992, the National Assembly of 
Local Arts Agencies conducted a similar sur- 

vey on the local level revealing that 51.9 per- 
cent of 208 respondents were involved in 
international arts exchange. You will find a list 
of those agencies that responded positively to 
these surveys in Part II. If you do not see yours 
listed, however, do not assume it is due to a lack 
of interest. Many existing programs were 
prompted by constituent calls. Yours could be 
the next inspiration. 


The International Program 

The Arts Endowment's International Program 
assists a broad spectrum of artists and arts 
organizations through advocacy, informational 
services (such as national workshops, publica- 
tions and individual counseling) and modest 
grantmaking activities. You will find a list of 
funding categories within the International 
Program below. Please note that several Inter- 
national Program categories are administered 
by outside arts organizations. In these cases, 
applications and letters of intent should be 
sent directly to the addresses listed. 

International Projects Initiative (IPI) 

IPI offers grants to U.S. cultural nonprofit 
organizations to support sustained partner- 
ships, artistic exchange, or collaborations with 
artists and organizations abroad. Such partner- 
ships may involve any artistic discipline and 
may take place in the U.S. or in another 

Through this category the International 
Program seeks to support exemplary arts 
projects that demonstrate: 

♦ significant expertise in and sensitivity 
to the foreign culture(s) involved; 


U.S. Government Agencies 

♦ responsiveness to the needs of the 
applicant organization's own community/ 

♦ efforts to impart benefits of interna- 
tional interchange to other organizations 
and/or wider audiences. 

The International Program encourages 
applications from U.S. nonprofit organiza- 
tions serving the diverse cultural communi- 
ties in this country for projects that involve 
interaction with their cultures of origin and/ 
or that establish ties with other cultural com- 
munities. In addition, the Program encourages 
project applications that promote the pres- 
ervation of traditional, community based skills 
in the face of global industrialization and ur- 

The Program welcomes new organiza- 
tional initiatives and is equally concerned 
with strengthening existing programs that 
meet the Initiative's overall goals. Organiza- 
tions should not propose projects that are 
beyond their staff and financial means or 
that can be sustained only with continued 
Arts Endowment funding. 

Limitations: No grants to individuals. 

Application Procedure: Contact the Inter- 
national Program for IPI guidelines. 

Contact: International Program 
National Endowment for the Arts 
1100 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW 
Washington, DC 20506 
(202) 682-5422 

Please note: You may request guidelines from 
the receptionist. The Program Specialist will 
answer further questions after you have read 
Program materials. 

Arts Link 

ArtsLink enables U.S. artists and arts organi- 

zations to work collaboratively with their 
counterparts, both in this country and in the 
former bloc countries of Central Europe, East- 
ern Europe, the former Soviet Union, and the 
Baltics. ArtsLink has two main components: 
ArtsLink Collaborative Projects and ArtsLink 

ArtsLink Collaborative Projects supports 
U.S. artists working on mutually beneficial 
projects with colleagues abroad. U.S. artists 
may apply for grants to pursue artistic collabo- 
rations and artistic exchange that will enrich 
their work and/or to create new work that 
draws inspiration from the international expe- 

ArtsLink Fellowships provides matching 
funds to U.S. organizations interested in host- 
ing an artist or arts administrator from Eastern 
or Central Europe or the former Soviet Union 
for a five-week residency in the United States. 
Applicant organizations must design a hands- 
on fellowship experience that provides oppor- 
tunities for the visiting professional to interact 
with peers and the community at large. 

ArtsLink is a partnership of the National 
Arts Endowment, the Open Society Fund/ 
Soros Centers for Contemporary Arts, The 
Starr Foundation, The Trust for Mutual Un- 
derstanding, and Citizen Exchange Council. 

Application Procedure: Interested artists and 
organizations should apply directly to Citizen 
Exchange Council. 

Contact: ArtsLink Arts and Media Programs 

Citizen Exchange Council 

12 West 31st Street 

New York, 

NY 10001-4415 

(212) 643-1985 

Fund for U.S. Artists at International 
Festivals and Exhibitions 

The Fund is a partnership of the Arts Endow- 
ment, the U.S. Information Agency, The 


U.S. Government Agencies 

Rockefeller Foundation and The Pew Chari- 
table Trusts. It is managed by Arts Interna- 
tional, a division of the Institute for Interna- 
tional Education. For ease of reference, we 
have listed it only once. (See page x.) Please 
refer back to this page when appropriate. 

Performing Arts 

The Fund supports U.S. performing artists 
who have been invited to an international 
festival abroad and need additional support to 
make their performance possible. 

Application Procedure: Interested artists 
should apply directly to Arts International. 
Deadlines fall three times a year. Grants will 
not be given for participation in festivals that 
have taken place before the application dead- 
line or within nine weeks following the dead- 

Contact: Arts International 
Institute of International Education 
809 United Nations Plaza 
New York, NY 10017 
(212) 984-5370 

Visual Arts 

The Fund also supports U.S. participation at 
an extremely limited number of international 
visual arts exhibitions such as the Venice Bien- 
nale and the Sao Paulo Bienal, as well as smaller 
venues around the world. (Exhibitions vary 
annually.) Only curators, not individual art- 
ists, may apply to this highly competitive cat- 
egory. Applications will be reviewed by the 
Federal Advisory Committee on International 

Application Procedure: Contact USIA to 
have your name placed on a mailing list of cur- 
ators interested in developing exhibitions for 
these venues abroad. You will receive periodic 
information on events the Fund sponsors. 

Contact: Fund for U.S. Artists at Interna- 
tional Exhibitions, 

Arts America Bureau of Educational and 
Cultural Affairs 

United States Information Agency 
301 4th Street, SW 
Washington, DC 20547 
(202) 6194783 

United States/Japan Creative Artists' 

The United States/Japan Creative Artists' Fel- 
lowships are six-month fellowships in Japan. 
The fellowships are designed to allow five U.S. 
artists who create original work to pursue their 
individual artistic goals and interests by living 
in Japan, observing developments in their field 
and meeting with their professional counter- 
parts in Japan. Potential applicants should con- 
sider how exposure to Japan and its contem- 
porary or traditional arts and culture might 
provide an important influence on their cre- 
ative work; in what ways working in Japan is 
consistent with their artistic vision; and how 
the activities they plan to pursue in Japan will 
enhance their creative goals. 

There are no requirements for artistic cre- 
ation, teaching, or public demonstration while 
in Japan. In addition, there are no structured 
institutional affiliations or living arrangements 
for fellows, allowing each artist maximum 
flexibility in designing his or her own fellow- 
ship activities. International House in Tokyo 
will help make introductions into the artistic 
community throughout Japan and will assist 
selected artists with the logistics of settling in 
for their six-month stay. 

United States/Canada/Mexico Creative 
Artists' Residencies 

The United States/Canada/Mexico Creative 
Artists' Residencies are designed to enable 
twenty U.S. artists (ten in Canada, ten in 
Mexico) to have structured interaction with 


U.S. Government Agencies 

colleagues and interested audiences in Canada 
or Mexico. Artists are matched with host sites 
for two-month residencies during which they 
can observe artistic developments in their 
fields, expand their understanding of an art 
form, and create new work drawing inspira- 
tion from their experience abroad. An integral 
part of these residencies will be public activities 
such as master classes, workshops, in-school 
residencies, collaborations with civic organi- 
zations and lecture demonstrations designed 
jointly by the host organization and the visit- 
ing artist. Artists should anticipate dedicating 
up to eight hours a week to these activities. 

U.S. arts organizations please note: Com- 
plementing these opportunities for U.S. art- 
ists, Canada and Mexico will each send ten 
artists (twenty total) for two-month residen- 
cies with U.S. arts organizations. If you are 
interested in hosting Canadian or Mexican 
visiting artists, call the International Program 
to request the Host Organization Program 

Limitations: Candidates must select Japan, 
Canada, or Mexico and may not apply for 
more than one fellowship or residency in a 
given year. Candidates are ineligible if, within 
the last ten years, they have spent more than 
three months working professionally in the 
country they wish to visit. 

Application Procedure: Contact the Pro- 
gram for individual artist guidelines. 

Contact: International Program 
National Endowment for the Arts 
1 100 Pennsylvania Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20506 
(202) 682-5422 



The United States Information Agency is an 
independent foreign affairs agency within the 

executive branch of the U.S. Government. 
USIA's educational and cultural activities are 
conducted to advance its mission of promoting 
mutual understanding between the United 
States and other nations. 

Your major point of contact at USIA will 
be the Bureau of Educational and Cultural 
Affairs, which oversees numerous programs 
and services for arts and cultural exchange. 
The Bureau of Broadcasting may also be of 
assistance for radio and other forms of interna 
tional communication regarding the arts. The 
following is a descriptive listing of USIA's 
various programs. For detailed information, 
please contact the appropriate USIA office. 

The agency maintains more than 200 U.S. 
Information Service (USIS) "posts" staffed by 
American foreign service officers and foreign 
nationals in more than 120 countries. (The 
U.S. Information Agency is known as USIS 
abroad.) See Part II for a complete list of USIS 

Bureau of Educational and Cultural 

Within this Bureau, you may seek assistance 
from Arts America, the Office of Cultural 
Centers and Resources, the Office of Aca- 
demic Programs, the Office of Citizen Ex- 
changes, the Office of International Visitors 
and the Cultural Property Staff. 

Arts America 

Arts America administers programs aimed at 
increasing foreign understanding of the diverse 
creative arts of the United States. Arts America 
resources are highly targeted to reach audi- 
ences in countries with limited exposure to 
American culture. Arts America's activities 
are developed in response to requests from 
U.S. Embassies abroad. Expert panels drawn 
from the U.S. arts community review the 
artistic merit of U.S. artists to work abroad and 
make recommendations for USIA support. In 


U.S. Government Agencies 

addition to its program activities, Arts America 
can assist privately-sponsored arts initiatives 
abroad by providing referrals, information and 
contacts in other countries. Arts America also 
supports the Fund for U.S. Artists at Interna- 
tional Festivals and Exhibitions. (See page xx.) 
With the exception of its Creative Arts Ex- 
changes Division, Arts America is not a grant 
application program. Rather it develops pro- 
grams to meet specific U.S. Embassy needs. 

Contact: Arts America 

Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs 

United States Information Agency 

301 4th Street SW 

Washington, DC 20547 

(202) 619-4779 

Within Arts America there are several pro- 
grams or areas of concentration: 

Artistic Ambassador Program 

This program is designed to enhance cross- 
cultural exchange by sending new musical tal- 
ent abroad to perform and act as exponents of 
American music. Artistic Ambassadors give 
regular public concerts and lecture-recitals and 
may conduct master classes and workshops. 
Eligible musicians are sought from music 
schools, conservatories, colleges and universi- 
ties throughout the United States. They must 
be citizens of the United States, and at least 21 
years of age. Auditions are held each fall in 
various locations throughout the United States. 
Judges evaluate musical ability and suitability 
as a "good will ambassador." Instruments re- 
quested vary each year. 

Performing Arts Program 

Every year Arts America sponsors a limited 
number of fully-funded dance, music and the- 
ater presentations abroad. Artists are selected 
based on criteria that include artistic excel- 
lence and an ability to explain and demonstrate 

their art. This last criterion is important be- 
cause in addition to performances, overseas 
tours often involve workshops, master classes 
and receptions. Arts America, in cooperation 
with the sponsoring U.S. embassy, provides 
international travel, living expenses, perfor- 
mance fees and technical arrangements. They 
concentrate their efforts in countries where 
American performers rarely appear com- 
mercially. Sponsorship and facilitative assis- 
tance by Arts America is generally limited to 
professional performing artists and groups. 
Arts America does not support amateur or 
community groups, or any groups below uni- 
versity age. 

Speaker and Cultural Specialist Program 

This program is designed to foster the ex- 
change of ideas in the areas of creative and 
performing arts. Expert practitioners of the 
arts are recruited in response to requests made 
by U.S. embassies and foreign cultural and 
educational institutions. Arts America speak- 
ers usually spend two weeks abroad in two or 
more countries lecturing; American cultural 
specialists spend up to six weeks in one country 
working and consulting with foreign colleagues, 
as well as conducting workshops and master 

Fine Arts Exhibitions 

Arts America funds exhibitions which are pre- 
sented under the auspices of U.S. embassies. 
Proposals from U.S. museums and indepen- 
dent curators are reviewed by a panel which 
makes recommendations to Arts America. The 
Arts America staff selects projects for devel- 
opment that meet program needs of USIS posts 
overseas. The staff works with the selected 
U.S. organizer to prepare the exhibition and 
set the itinerary, usually from ten to fifteen 
venues in a two- to three-year period. The exhi- 
bitions are presented at major foreign muse- 
ums and at American cultural centers in all 


U.S. Government Agencies 

parts of the world. The Arts America fine arts 
exhibition program is not a grant applica- 
tion program and is not intended to provide 
support for international exhibition tours 
whose venues have already been determined. 
Curators may contact Arts America for addi- 
tional information. 

BNC Circuit 

The BNC Circuit is a small program with 
limited funding administered by Arts Ameri- 
ca. Under this program, small U.S. performing 
arts groups and visual arts exhibitions travel to 
binational centers across Latin America. (See 
page xx). Due to the limited facilities and small 
budgets of mostBNCs, only technically simple, 
small-scale performances and exhibitions are 
considered. For further information, write to 
Arts America. 

Creative Arts Exchanges Division 

The Creative Arts Exchanges Division seeks 
to link American arts and museum profession- 
als and institutions with their counterparts in 
other countries. It accomplishes this goal 
through projects that connect professional 
networks in the United States with USIS cul- 
tural offices at American diplomatic missions 
around the world. 

The American networks provide USIS of- 
fices access to quality arts and museum activity 
in the United States, and vice versa. The divi- 
sion administers a grant program for American 
nonprofit organizations that helps fund such 
international linkages; serves as guide, commu- 
nicator and monitor of the networks created 
by the projects it funds; and encourages pri- 
vate sector support so as to ensure follow-up 
and continuity in the linkages so created. This 
division periodically announces in the Federal 
Register requests for proposals (RFPs) to sup- 
port projects of the highest quality arts endeav- 
ors. (Contact Arts America to be notified of 
RFP dates.) 


Creative Arts Exchanges Division 
United States Information Agency 
301 4th Street SW #224 
Washington, DC 20547 
(202) 619-5338 

Office of Cultural Centers and 

Within the Office of Cultural Centers and 
Resources, the Centers Management Staff 
may be of interest: 

Centers Management Staff 

Binational Centers (BNCs) are independent, 
self-sustaining, nonprofit institutions estab- 
lished in a number of countries to provide 
cultural and educational programs relating both 
to each institution's home country and to the 
United States. Over 80 percent of these centers 
are located in Latin America, with additional 
centers in Europe and East Asia. Over the past 
several years, USIA has decreased its mone- 
tary support of BNCs, but the agency still 
maintains strong relations with many of 
them. BNCs can provide contacts in the local 
arts community and space for performances, 
exhibitions and/or rehearsals. In addition, they 
may be able to furnish artists fees and publicity 
for U.S. artists wishing to perform or exhibit 
abroad. (See Part II for a list of BNCs by 

Contact: Centers Management Staff 
United States Information Agency 
301 4th Street SW #304 
Washington DC, 20547 
(202) 619-5876 

Office of Academic Programs 

The Office of Academic Programs administers 
a number of exchanges with arts components. 
Within this office, the Division for Advising, 


U.S. Government Agencies 

Teaching and Specialized Programs, and the 
Academic Exchanges Division may be of inter- 

The Division for Advising, Teaching and 
Specialized Programs administers the Fulbright 
Teacher Exchange, supports cultural enrich- 
ment activities for foreign students in the United 
States, and awards grants for university affih 
ations in a wide variety of academic disciplines. 

Contact: Advising, Teaching 
and Specialized Programs Division 
United States Information Agency 
301 4th Street SW #349 
Washington, DC 20547 
(202) 619-5434 

Academic Exchanges Division 

This division administers the Fulbright Pro- 
gram, which is divided into awards for post- 
doctoral level scholars (or equivalent), and pre- 
doctoral level scholars. Many of the Fulbright 
grants awarded each year go to scholars or 
practicing artists in music, theater, dance, art 
and art history, and American literature. The 
Council for International Exchange of Schol- 
ars administers the Fulbright Scholar Program 
for artists with an MFA degree, professional 
experience and recognition in their arts field. 
Recipients of these awards use funds to lecture 
at foreign colleges or universities, or to receive 
advanced professional training. Highly quali- 
fied, non-degree artists and craftspeople are 
also considered. The Institute of International 
Education administers the student fellowship 
portion of the Fulbright Program, (up to the 
MFA level for artists). These awards are for 
graduate study, research and practical training. 
Most Fulbright awards are made for specific 
disciplines in specific areas, however, many 
coun-tries have "open" fellowship slots that 
can be filled by persons from any field, includ- 
ing the arts. 

Application Procedure: Contact the Council 

for International Exchange of Scholars (CIES) 
for the Scholar Program (post-MFA), or the 
Institute of International Education for the 
Student Program (pre-MF A) to determine avail- 
ability of fellowships in your country of inter- 
est, and to receive application materials. 

Contact: Liaison Office, Council for Inter- 
national Exchange of Scholars 
3007 Tilden Street NW #5M 
Washington, DC 20008-3009 
(202) 686-7866 

Institute of International Education 
809 United Nations Plaza 
New York, NY 10017 
(212) 883-8200 

Office of Citizen Exchanges 

The Newly Independent States (NIS) Youth 
Exchanges Initiative and the European Divi- 
sion support youth exchanges for the region. 
These include the Samantha Smith Memorial 
Exchange Program and the NIS Secondary 
School Initiative which award grants to institu- 
tions for youth exchanges with the Newly 
Independent States and Eastern Europe. These 
exchanges encompass many fields, including 
the arts. 

Application Procedure: RFP's are publish- 
ed annually. 

Contact: Office of Citizen Exchanges 
United States Information Agency 
301 4th Street, SW #357 
Washington, DC 20547 
(202) 619-6299 

Office of International Visitors 

U.S. embassies abroad nominate foreign lead- 
ers in diverse professions, including the arts, to 
travel across the United States to meet with 
their professional counterparts and experience 


U.S. Government Agencies 

American culture firsthand. USIA distinguishes 
between two types of International Visitors 
(TVs): "grantees" and "voluntary visitors." 
Grantees are fully funded, while voluntary 
visitors come at their own expense or at the 
expense of their government and receive pro- 
gramming and facilitative assistance. 

Limitations: Not open to U.S. citizens. 

Application Procedure: This is not an appli- 
cation program. Instead, USIS posts make the 
nominations for these highly competitive grants 
from among an embassy's target audiences 
overseas. International Visitors program ad- 
ministrators in Washington can be contacted 
for general program background and informa- 

Contact: Office of International Visitors 
United States Information Agency 
301 4th Street, SW #255 
Washington, DC 20547 
(202) 619-5217 

Cultural Property Staff 

The Cultural Property Staff of USIA is the 
focus of U.S. government implementation of 
the 1970 UNESCO Convention on illicit 
trade in cultural property. It administers the 
Cultural Property Advisory Committee, which 
oversees USLVs delegated executive responsi- 
bilities under the Cultural Property Imple- 
mentation Act. This Act provides that coun- 
tries signatory to the 1970 Convention may 
petition the U.S. for import restrictions on 
certain categories of archaeological and ethno- 
logical material, the pillage of which places a 
nation's cultural patrimony in jeopardy. As a 
result of USIA's decisionmaking responsi- 
bilities under the Act, several countries, in- 
cluding El Salvador, Bolivia, Peru and Guate- 
mala, receive U.S. import protection. 

Contact: Office of Policy and Evaluation 

United States Information Agency 
301 4th Street, SW #246 
Washington, DC 20547 
(202) 619-6612 

Bureau of Broadcasting 

The Bureau of Broadcasting includes the Of- 
fice of Worldnet Television and Film Service 
and the Office of Voice of America Programs 
which may be of assistance: 

Worldnet Television and Film Service 

Through this office, USIA offers Dialogue, a 
program of global interchanges for generally 
recognized experts in many fields, including 
the arts. Opportunities exist for leading fig- 
ures in U.S. art and culture to interact with 
foreign peers through these global, televised 

Limitations: None 

Application Procedure: Contact the Worldnet 
Television and Film Service to discuss pro- 
gramming ideas. Embassies overseas make re- 
quests for these programs which are then de- 
veloped cooperatively by the requesting post 
and the artist or arts organization. 

Contact: Office of Worldnet 
Television and Film Service 
Office of the Director 
601 D Street, NW #5000 
Washington, DC 20547 
(202) 501-7806 

Office of Voice of America Programs 
(VOA), Office of External Affairs 

Artists or groups planning to tour abroad may 
submit a press release to the Office of External 
Affairs. Announcements will be considered 
for broadcast through editorial review; events 
and tours deemed newsworthy will be trans- 


U.S. Government Agencies 

lated and broadcast in the appropriate coun- 
tries. The VOA may wish to provide full news 
coverage of an event, including interviews, in 
which case they will notify the artist(s). 

Limitations: None 

Application Procedure: Submit a press re- 
lease to the Office of External Affairs. 

Contact: Send fax transmission to: 
VOA, Office of External Affairs 
"Forward to appropriate language officer" 
Fax: (202) 619-1241 

Note: Beyond the VOA, you may contact 
foreign media organizations through each U.S. 
embassy's Information Officer (IO). You must 
contact the IO abroad directly at the USIS 
post abroad. (See Part II for a list of USIS 

Additional USIA Assistance 

Working with USIA on exchange activities 
may involve contacting Information Officers 
or Cultural Affairs Officers at their USIS posts. 
(See Part II.) Further information may be ob- 
tained from the relevant regional office at 

Office of African Affairs 
(202) 619-4894 

Office of American Republics Affairs 
(202) 619-6835 

Office of East Asian and Pacific Affairs 
(202) 619-4829 

Office of Western European Affairs 
(202) 619-6565 

Office of Eastern European and Newly Inde- 
pendent States Affairs 
(202) 619-6567 

Office of North African, Near Eastern and 
South Asian Affairs 
(202) 619-5526 




(GSA) Living Buildings Program 

This program makes available public space in 
Federal buildings for cultural and educational 
activities. GSA's Living Buildings Coordina- 
tors, located in each of its regional offices 
throughout the country, can provide details 
about available facilities: 

Region 1: National Capital Region: Washing- 
ton, DC metropolitan area 
Buildings Services Section 
GSA Regional Office Building 
7th & D Streets SW 
Washington, DC 20407 
(202) 708-6948 

Region 2: New York, New Jersey, Puerto 
Rico, Virgin Islands, Maine, Vermont, New 
Hampshire, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Con- 

General Services Administration 
Real Property Management 
and Safety Division 
26 Federal Plaza 
New York, NY 10278 
(212) 264-4262 

Region 3: Maryland, Virginia, West Virginia, 
Delaware, Pennsylvania 

General Services Administration, Real Prop- 
erty Management and Safety Division 
The Wanamaker Building 
100 Penn Square East 
Philadelphia, PA 19107 


U.S. Government Agencies 

Region 4: North Carolina, South Carolina, 
Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, 
Tennessee, Kentucky 

General Services Administration 
Real Property Management 
and Safety Division 
Peachtree Summitt Building 
401 West Peachtree Street, NW 
Atlanta, GA 30365-2550 
(404) 331-3121 

Region 5: Minnesota, Ohio, Indiana, 
Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois 

General Services Administration 

Real Property Management 

and Safety Division 

Xerox Center, 55 West Monroe Street 

Chicago, IL 60603 

(312) 353-8794 

Region 6: Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska 

General Services Administration 

Real Property Management 

and Safety Division 

Federal Building, 1500 East Bannister Road 

Kansas City, 

MO 64131 

(816) 926-7241 

Region 7: Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Ar- 
kansas, New Mexico 

General Services Administration 
Design and Construction Division 
819 Taylor Street 
Fort Worth, TX 76102 

(817) 334-4323 

Region 8: Colorado, Montana, North Dakota, 
South Dakota, Utah, Wyoming 

General Services Administration, Real Prop- 
erty Management and Safety Division 

Denver Federal Center, Building 41 
West 6th Avenue and Kipling Street 
P.O. Box 25006 
Denver, CO 80225-0006 
(303) 236-7261 

Region 9: California, Nevada, Hawaii, Ari- 

General Services Administration Real Prop- 
erty Management and Safety Division 
525 Market Street 
San Francisco, CA 94105 
(415) 744-5684 

Region 10: Alaska, Idaho, Oregon, Washing- 

General Services Administration, Real Prop- 
erty Management and Safety Division 
400 15th Street, SW 
Auburn, WA 98001 
(206) 931-7525 


The Commission supports international arts 
activities primarily for artists working in con- 
temporary forms of art, especially collaborative 
projects and those that reflect the depth and 
breadth of America's multicultural society. 
The Commission emphasizes exchanges of per- 
formances and exhibitions that include venues 
outside the major metropolitan areas. 

Limitations: The Commission will not con- 
sider applications from symphonies and other 
strictly musical groups, solo performing art- 
ists, and amateur and university groups. It does 
not support American museums for staffing 
costs, acquiring objects, cataloguing existing 
collections, or touring exhibitions from collec- 
tions in the United States. 

Application Procedure: Contact the 
Commission for application materials. 


U.S. Government Agencies 

Contact: Japan-U.S. Friendship Commission 
1120 Vermont Avenue NW #925 
Washington, DC 20005 
(202) 275-7712 


Artists working abroad will find the Library of 
Congress an invaluable resource. The Library 
houses publications and films from around the 
world (in many languages) that may be diffi 
cult to locate elsewhere in the United States. If 
you need to conduct in-depth research on your 
country of destination, the Library of Con- 
gress may simplify your work significantly, 
and may warrant a trip to Washington, DC. 
Before visiting the Library of Congress, you 
are advised to conduct preliminary research at 
an appropriate public or academic li-brary to 
identify the materials you need. Preliminary 
"browsing" isn't possible because the Library 
of Congress' collections are housed in re- 
stricted, closed stacks. Also, the Library of 
Congress is a research library, not a lending li- 
brary, so materials cannot be checked out. Re- 
searchers must be over high school age and 
must show photo identification to request mate- 
rials in all of the Library's public reading rooms. 

Contact: Library of Congress 
101 Independence Avenue, SE 
Washington, DC 20540 
(202) 707-5000 

In addition to the main library, the American 
Folklife Center, the Motion Picture, Broad- 
casting, and Recorded Sound Division, and 
the Music Division may be helpful resources 
to working artists. 

American Folklife Center 

The Center is a national advocate for the 
preservation and presentation of American 
folklife. Serving a varied constituency, the 

center offers a wide range of programs (field 
projects, conferences, exhibitions, workshops, 
concerts, publications) and services (advisory 
assistance, research and archival facilities, and 
equipment loan). In addition, it maintains rela- 
tions and coordinates programs with the Arts 
and Humanities Endowments, the Smithson 
ian Institution, and the National Park Service. 


Library of Congress 
American Folklife Center 
101 Independence Avenue, SE 
Washington, DC 20540 
(202) 707-6590 

Library of Congress 
Archive of Folk Culture 
101 Independence Avenue SE 
Washington, DC 20540 
(202) 707-5510 

Motion Picture, Broadcasting and 
Recorded Sound Division 

The Division's research and archival collec- 
tions include 685,000 motion pictures and 
videotapes (about 274,000 separate titles) in 
all genres and formats, ranging from the earli- 
est motion pictures registered for copyright 
(1896-1912) to current feature films, television 
programs, documentaries, and educational films 
and videos, with an emphasis on American 
productions. The Division holds 2.3 million 
sound recordings on disc, tape, wire, and cylin- 
der, including music (classical, jazz, popular), 
spoken word, and radio programs dating from 
the 1920s. 

Viewing and listening facilities are avail- 
able at no charge to individual scholars work- 
ing on serious research projects in the Division's 
two reading rooms, the Motion Picture and 
Television Reading Room and the Recorded 
Sound Reference Center. Viewing facilities 
require advance appointments. Frequent free 
evening screenings are also offered in the 


U.S. Government Agencies 

Division's 64-seat Mary Pickford Theater. 
Materials from the archival collections are gen- 
erally not available for loan. Copying is avail- 
able but only with written permission from 
copyright or other rights holders. 

Contact: Library of Congress, 

Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded 

Sound Division 

101 Independence Avenue, SE 

Washington, DC 20540 

(202) 707-5840 pivision Office) 

(202) 707-8572 (Motion Picture and Television 
Reading Room) 

(202) 707-7833 (Recorded Sound Reference) 

Music Division 

The Division's collections include rare books 
and manuscripts, personal and organization 
archives, printed scores, literature about mu- 
sic, and microforms. Major holdings include 
manuscripts by all important composers from 
the eighteenth century to the present, full 
opera scores, vocal scores, librettos, and Ameri- 
can popular sheet music. Facilities for audio 
playback of sound recordings are available. 

Contact: Library of Congress Music Division 
101 Independence Avenue, SE 
Washington, DC 20540 
(202) 707-5503 


The National Endowment for the Humanities 
supports research in the humanities under- 
taken by individual scholars through a number 
of programs in the Division of Fellowships and 
Seminars, including six- to twelve-month fel- 
lowships and summer stipends. Collaborative 
projects are supported through the Division of 

Research Programs. Projects in the history of 
the arts, literary studies, philosophy, and other 
humanities disciplines are eligible. Research 
may be conducted in this country or abroad. 

In addition, the Humanities Endowment 
supports fellowship programs administered by 
research libraries and museums and other inde- 
pendent centers for advanced study. The fel- 
lowships awarded by each center enable schol- 
ars to pursue research in the humanities while 
benefiting from collegial association with schol- 
ars in other disciplines or areas of interest. In 
1994-95, the following American overseas cen- 
ters will offer NEH fellowships: American 
Academy in Rome, American Institute of In- 
dian Studies, American Research Center in 
Egypt (Cairo), American Research Institute in 
Turkey (Ankara and Istanbul), American 
School of Classical Studies in Athens, and the 
Cyprus American Archaeological Research 
Institute (Nicosia). Individual scholars must 
apply directly to the centers. A list of centers 
offering NEH fellowships may be obtained 
from the Centers and International Research 
Organizations Program. 

The Humanities Endowment also supports 
fellowships and other grant programs in the 
humanities administered by scholarly organi- 
zations with expertise in the promotion of 
research on foreign cultures. Examples are the 
humanities programs of the Committee for 
Scholarly Communication with China and the 
programs of the International Research and 
Exchanges Board for research in Eastern Eu- 
rope, Mongolia, and the republics formerly a 
part of the Soviet Union. Individual scholars 
must apply directly to the organizations. A full 
list is available from the Centers and Interna- 
tional Research Organizations Program. 

Limitations: Degree candidates and persons 
seeking support for work in pursuit of a degree 
are not eligible; foreign nationals are not eli- 
gible unless they have lived in the United States 
for the three years immediately preceding the 
application deadline for the fellowship. 


U.S. Government Agencies 


National Endowment for the Humanities 
1100 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW 
Washington, DC 20506 

Division of Fellowships and Seminars, #316 
(202) 606-8458 

Division of Research Programs #318 

Collaborative Research Centers and 
International Research Organizations 
(202) 606-8210 


The Smithsonian Institution encourages visit- 
ing scholars, scientists and students to utilize 
its research staff, collections and reference 
materials. In-residence appointments, which 
vary in duration and funding, enable qualified 
persons to pursue studies related to existing 
research interests of one or more Smithson- 
ian staff members. Art bureaus at the 
Smithsonian include the National Museum of 
American Art, the National Museum of Afri- 
can Art, the Arthur M. Sackler Gallery and 
the Freer Gallery of Art, the National Portrait 
Gallery, the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculp- 
ture Garden, and the Cooper-Hewitt Museum. 
The Office of International Relations and the 
Archives of American Art may also be of use. 

Office of International Relations 

The Office of International Relations (OIR) 
assists Smithsonian divisions seeking to estab- 
lish long-term cooperative relationships with 
their foreign counterparts. The OIR facilitates 
workshops, exchange visits, and training 
courses, and also oversees basic research. The 
OIR administers the Smithsonian Foreign 
Currency Program which provides grants in 
foreign currencies to American researchers 
who wish to pursue work in countries where 
funding in local currencies is available. The 

Smithsonian does not currently offer exchange 
programs for arts personnel, but maintains a 
broad international network of contacts and 
would be able to offer guidance on a variety of 
issues related to cross-cultural work. 

Contact: Office of International Relations 

Smithsonian Institution 

1100 Jefferson Drive, SW MRC #705 

Washington, DC 20560 

(202) 357-2519 

Archives of American Art 

Numbering more than 10 million items, the 
collections include correspondence, diaries, 
business papers, journals, and other documen- 
tation of artists, art institutions, collectors, 
critics, dealers, and scholars. The Archives also 
houses some 3,000 oral and video history inter- 
views, 500,000 photographs, and 75,000 works 
of art on paper, including artist's sketchbooks. 
The Archives' research centers are open to 
the public. 

Research Centers: 

New England Regional Center 
87 Mount Vernon Street 
MA 02108 
(617) 565-8444 

(Microfilm for this region is housed at the 
Boston Public Library, Fine Arts Department 
(617) 536-5400 ext. 275.) 

New York Research Center 
1285 Avenue of the Americas 
Lobby Level 
New York, NY 10019 
(212) 399-5015 

Washington Regional Center 
AA/PG Building 
Smithsonian Institution 


U.S. Government Agencies 

8th and F Streets, NW 
Washington, DC 20560 
(202) 357-2781 

Midwest Regional Center 
5200 Woodward Avenue 
Detroit, MI 48202 
(313) 226-7544 

(Contact this center for microfilm inter- 
library loan.) 

West Coast Regional Center 

Henry E. Huntington Library and Art Gallery 

1151 Oxford Road 

San Marino, CA 91108 



US/ICOMOS is one of 65 national commit- 
tees forming a worldwide alliance for the study 
and conservation of historic buildings, districts 
and sites. The committee encourages direct 
exchange of information and expertise between 
preservationists in the United States and abroad. 
US/ICOMOS works cooperatively with the 
National Park Service, the National Trust for 
Historic Preservation, the State Department, 
the United States Information Agency, and the 
Smithsonian Institution, among others. US/ 
ICOMOS runs an International Summer In- 
tern Program for graduate students and young 
pro-fessionals seeking advanced training. 

Application Procedure: Contact US/ 
ICOMOS for an application brochure. 

Contact: US/ICOMOS 
Decatur House 
1600 H Street, NW 
Washington, DC 20006 
(202) 842-1866 


The Fulbright-Hayes Seminars Abroad Pro- 
gram help? qualified U.S. educators, including 
arts educators, to improve their understanding 
and knowledge of the people and culture of 
another country through short-term study 

Upon their return, participants are ex- 
pected to share and disseminate their new 
knowledge and experience. Seminar countries 
vary each year. Countries include: Brazil, 
China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Hungary, Po- 
land, India, Indonesia, Israel, Egypt, Japan, 
Mexico, and Pakistan. 

Limitation: Provides grants only for full-time 

Contact: Center for International Education 
Fulbright-Hayes Seminars Abroad Program 
400 Maryland Avenue SW 
Washington, DC 20202-5332 
(202) 732-6061 




Office of Policy Development and 


This Office can provide design artists, urban 
planners and architects with referrals, contacts 
and information for work abroad or exchanges . 
Artists in these fields have found this office to 
be an informative resource about colleagues 
abroad; however limited funding for interna- 
tional exchange makes grantmaking impos- 

Contact: Office of Policy Development and 
Research International 
451 7th Street SW 
Washington, DC 20410 
(202) 708-0770 


U.S. Government Agencies 

Art in Embassies Program 

This program places original U.S. art in U.S. 
embassy residences around the world. Art- 
work is exhibited in the representational areas 
where American ambassadors entertain for- 
eign dignitaries and official guests of the United 
States. Museums, corporate and private collec- 
tors, commercial galleries, and individual art- 
ists lend or donate American art representing 
all styles, periods and media for the tenure of 
the ambassador. 

Application Procedure: Individual artists 
must submit a resume and a slide sheet of 
works available for consideration. Submitted 
slides will be included in an artists registry and 
presented to new ambassadors after they have 
been confirmed. 


Deputy Director 

Art in Embassies Program A/ ART; #B258 

U.S. Department of State 

Washington, DC 20520-0258 

(202) 647-5723 


State and local arts agencies often provide the 
opportunity for resident artists and arts organi- 
zations to reach new audiences abroad. They 
also serve to enrich the cultural life of a state, 
city, town, suburb, or rural area through ex- 
posure to visiting foreign artists. The SAAs 
and LAAs listed in Part II provide some funds 
for international work. One initiative de- 
serves special note. The Ohio Arts Council's 
international arts initiative, Arts 2000, has been 
in operation since 1987. The program received 
its impetus from then Governor Richard 
Celeste's interest in promoting the state's cul- 
tural resources to other countries. Since 1989, 
approximately 100 Ohio artists have been able 
to reach audiences abroad through this pro- 

gram, which also introduced artists and exhib- 
its from Japan, China, and Russia to Ohio 


If you are an agent, manager, or presenter who 
wishes to bring a foreign artist or group to the 
United States to perform, you must petition 
the Immigration and Naturalization Service 
(INS) to authorize a U.S. Consulate to issue 
the necessary visa(s) for the artist(s) and es 
sential support personnel. The steps you must 
take to petition for and obtain a U.S. visa for a 
foreign artist or group are outlined below. As 
the guidelines for petitioners are subject to 
change, only the basic rules are outlined. You 
may want to consult an immigration lawyer 
for answers to specific questions. 

Step 1: Requesting Information 

Call the nearest local U.S. Immigration and 
Naturalization Service (INS) to request an I- 
129 Booklet which contains an Application 
Form 1-129 and the associated instructions. 
Allow ten working days for the booklet to 
arrive. In addition, you may want to look up 
the INS regulations themselves in Volume 8 of 
the Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Sec- 
tions 214.2(o) and (p). This is the most reliable 
source of correct procedures. The CFR can be 
found in any law library. 

Step 2: Determining Visa Classifications 

As you will see when you read through the INS 
booklet, INS regulations designate a O" and 
"P" visas for foreign artists and entertainers, 
including the classifications within each visa 
category. The regulations describe these vari- 
ous visa classifications, the relevant proce- 
dures, and the documents needed to support 
petitions for each classification. 

Note that the current edition of the 1-129 
instruction booklet (published in 1991) is out- 


U.S. Government Agencies 

dated and does not reflect the correct require- 
ments or procedures. Therefore, until INS 
issues a new instruction booklet, use extreme 
caution in applying for the "O" and T" visas, 
and above all, file your petition(s) as far in 
advance as possible (up to six months) so that 
there will be ample time to correct problems. 
You can use the regulations' descriptions of 
"O" and "P" visas, the 1-129 form, and the 
"O" and "P" visa supplements to the 1-129, 
which are all up-to-date. 

"O" Visas 

There are two categories of "O" visas: O-l and 
0-2. O-l visas apply to individual artists with 
extraordinary ability who are temporarily vis- 
iting the United States to pursue their art form. 
These artists must demonstrate sustained na- 
tional or international acclaim for their ex- 
traordinary artistic accomplishments. 

Thus, in addition to submitting a properly 
completed 1-129 form, an "O* visa supple- 
ment to the 1-129 form, and the correct fee, you 
will have to provide documentation of the 
artist's extraordinary ability. To do so, you 
must either (a) provide evidence that the artist 
has received a nomination or an actual signifi- 
cant award in the field (the equivalent of an 
Academy Award, Emmy or Grammy Award), 
or (b) provide at least three different types of 
evidence. These include evidence that the artist 
has performed and will perform services as a 
lead or starring participant in productions, 
events, or for reputable organizations and 
establishments; critical reviews or articles; evi- 
dence of commercial or critical success; recog- 
nition from organizations, critics, government 
agencies, or other experts in the field; lesser 
awards/prizes; or evidence that the artist has 
received high compensation relative to others 
in the field. Inaddition, you must show that the 
event for which the artist is applying requires 
the services of an artist of this caliber. 

An 0-2 classification applies to non-citi- 
zens visiting the United States for the sole 

purpose of accompanying or assisting an O-l 
artist in his/her artistic performance. The 0-2 
visa applicant must be an integral part of the 
O-l artist's performance, must possess skills 
and experiences critical to the O-l artist, and 
must have prior experience with the O-l artist. 
These skills cannot be general in nature. For 
example, an experienced operator of a sound 
system who knows the "correct sound" for an 
O-l artist is eligible for an 0-2 visa. Managers 
and agents are considered essential support 
personnel. You may combine all the support 
personnel necessary to accompany an O-l art- 
ist in one 0-2 petition; however, you cannot 
include 0-2 personnel in an O-l petition. 

V Visas 

There are three categories of "P" visas: P-l, 
P-2, and P-3. A P-l visa applies to interna- 
tionally acclaimed ensembles or groups, as 
opposed to individual artists. These ensembles 
must have been recognized in their fields for a 
substantial period of time, and have performed 
regularly for at least one year under the group 
name used in the petition. Seventy-five per- 
cent of the P-l artists must be integral mem- 
bers of the group, usually for at least one year 
(subject to exceptions in case of unanticipated 
emergency and of expansion of a group for 
touring purposes). Your petition must include 
an alphabetical list of the group's members 
and the exact dates of their regular employ- 
ment with the group. You will also have to 
submit supporting materials to document the 
group's international acclaim and existence for 
at least one year, generally with the same type 
of documentation required for the O-l visas. 
National acclaim may suffice in some cases. 

The P-2 classification applies to artists com- 
ing to the United States under a reciprocal 
exchange agreement between the United 
States and an organization in one or more 
foreign country. At this writing, only a few 
such agreements exist between U.S. labor orga- 
nizations and their foreign counterparts. Little 


U.S. Government Agencies 

documentation is required for this classifica- 
tion besides the advisory opinion discussed 

The P-3 classification applies to artists and 
entertainers participating in culturally unique 
programs. A P-3 artist must be recognized for 
excellence in presenting a unique traditional, 
ethnic, folk, cultural, musical, theatrical, or 
other artistic program. A P-3 artist may also be 
recognized for teaching or coaching such a 
program. Further, the culturally unique pro- 
gram must incorporate a style, method or 
medium of artistic expression unique to a 
particular country, nation, society, class, 
ethnicity, religion, tribe, or other group. 

If you apply for a P-3 visa, you must 
include in your application two of the follow- 
ing three types of documentation that artists 
have: (a) performed the culturally unique mate- 
rial for a substantial period of time; achieved 
national or international recognition as shown 
in published materials; (c) achieved recogni- 
tion from an educational, governmental, or 
cultural agency, or from a recognized expert in 
the field. Each P-3 application must also in- 
clude one or two letters from a recognized 
expert(s) in the field, attesting to the group's 
authenticity and excellence, and its level of 
recognition in a country. The letter must pro- 
vide detailed credentials for its author. 

You may include all individuals applying 
for a single type of "P" visa in one application. 
However, support personnel needed to assist 
or accompany applicants for a P" visas require 
separate petitions, just as the 0-2 petition is 
separate from its O-l counterpart. The appro- 
priate visas for support personnel for P-l, P-2, 
and P-3 visa applicants are, respectively, P-1S, 
P-2S, and P-3S. 

Step3: Obtaining a Written Advisory 

All "O" and "P" petitions must be accompa- 
nied by a written advisory opinion, or a "no 
objection letter" from the national office of an 

appropriate labor organization, such as the 
American Federation of Unions, the American 
Guild of Musical Artists, or the International 
Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees. To 
obtain such an opinion, forward a copy of the 
petition and the essential supporting document- 
ation to the appropriate union at least one 
week before you plain to submit the petition. 

Step 4: Submission of Materials 

When submitting the above materials, you 
must include signed contracts or a summary 
of the essential terms of any oral agreements 
with the artist and an itinerary listing the name 
of each sponsor or presenter, the date and 
location of each performance throughout the 
period of the intended visit, and the essential 
compensation terms. 

The petition may not be filed more than 
six months before the starting date of the 
artist's services in the United States. The turn- 
around time is three to six weeks, depending 
on the particular INS Service Center and the 
completeness of the petition. Be sure to follow 
the INS instruction carefully for filing details 
such as place of filing, number of copies, etc. 
All petitions for artists and support personnel 
must be filed in duplicate . In addition, there are 
special procedures for emergency expedit- 
ed petitions that are specific to each INS Ser- 
vice Center. Emergency requests are not auto- 
matically granted; they must be fully justified. 

The current filing fee is $70, plus $10 for 
each worker included in the application. For 
example, for an ensemble of eight with two 
essential support personnel, the total fee will 
be $240: [$70 + ($10 x 8)] - $150 for the en- 
semble; [$70 + ($10x 2)] - $90 for the support 

Send all materials via air courier (so that 
you have a delivery receipt) to one of the 
following INS Regional Service Centers: 

USINS, Eastern Service Center 
75 Lower Welden Street 
St. Albans, VT 05479-0001 


U.S. Government Agencies 

USINS, Western Service Center 
24000 Avila Road 
Second Floor, Room 2304 
Laguna Niguel, CA 92677-0040 

USINS, Northern Service Center 
100 Centennial Mall North 
Room B-26 
Lincoln, NE 68508 

We are most grateful to Jonathan 
Ginsburgh,, Esq., who provided invaluable 
assistance in securing this information. Thanks 
also to the Association of Performing Arts 
Presenters for granting permission to use the 
information from "Understanding the New 
'O' and 'P' Visas," by George Balderose (Bulle- 
tin, February 1993, Volume 30, No. 2). 

For additional information on non-immigrant 
visa, contact: 

Adjudication Division 

Immigration and Naturalization Service 

425 Eye Street NW Room 7215 

Washington, DC 20536 

(202) 514-3240 


Chapter 3: 

Corporations and Foundations 

V orporations and foundations can be an ex- 
cellent resource for artists who wish to work 
abroad. This chapter identifies those that will 
consider support for international arts pro- 
grams. Some private funders demonstrate a 
consistent interest in international work. For 
most, however, this is not a priority. Many 
fund arts activities, others fund international 
exchange, but rarely does a private supporter 
combine the two. Searching for funding is by 
no means hopeless. You may not find an ex- 
plicitly stated interest in international arts fund- 
ing, however, many private funders will be 
open to the idea if it furthers their own mis- 
sion. The more information you have about a 
potential funder, the easier it will be to identify 
that mission. Most foundations and corpora- 
tions provide guidelines to potential appli- 
cants. In these cases, be sure to call or write for 
your copy. Also request the most recent an- 
nual report, which will outline the 
organization's funding priorities. 

Recognizing the idea at the heart of a 
corporation's or foundation's philanthropic 
mission makes it easier to evaluate whether a 
particular project fits a given funder. For ex- 
ample, if a corporation focuses its arts giving 
on education in its areas of operation in the 
United States, an international proposal might 
be considered if it involves returning from 
abroad and teaching children using techniques 
gleaned from the foreign experience. Simi- 
larly, a foundation that states an emphasis on 
international understanding and conflict reso- 
lution will often consider an innovative arts 
proposal with cross-cultural impact. As a 
generalrule, you will find giving guidelines to 
be just that; guidelines that set the funders' 
parameters and lay out the general rules. With- 
in these boundaries, you will often discover a 
flexible approach to the allocation of funds. 

Private funders sometimes impose geo- 
graphic restrictions on international propos- 
als. You will notice throughout this chapter 
that some give only to organizations in certain 
regions of the United States, while others give 
only in "operating locations worldwide." The 
only way to find out exactly which locations 
are eligible is to request the guidelines and 
annual report. 

A final note: It is never too soon to begin 
collecting information from corporations and 
foundations about their giving programs. Some 
have only one application review per year 
while others review applications on a rolling 
basis. Keeping a file of potential funding sources 
can only help, even if an international project 
may be far in the future. 

American Brands, Inc. 

1700 East Putnam Avenue 
Old Greenwich, CT 06870 
(203) 698-5000 

Contact: Secretary, Contributions 

The American Brands Company contributes 
to cultural activities that serve the New Eng- 
land communities where their employees live 
and work, with an emphasis on the area closest 
to its corporate home in Old Greenwich, Con- 
necticut. New England arts organizations work- 
ing internationally will be considered. 

Limitations: No grants to individuals. Organi- 
zations must have 501(c)(3) status. 

Relevant Publications: Annual Report and 
Contributions Program Mission Statement. 


Corporations and Foundations 

American Express 

Philanthropic Program 
American Express Tower 
World Financial Center 
New York, NY 1028M710 
(212) 640-5661 

Contact: Vice President, Cultural Affairs 

The cultural affairs program at American Ex- 
press emphasizes cross-cultural communica- 
tion worldwide. The company focuses on 
historic preservation projects and on programs 
that bring visual and performing arts to large 
audiences. Past funded programs include a 
Rembrandt exhibition in Amsterdam and Lon- 
don, the American Russian Youth Orchestra, 
and an exhibition of Annie Leibovitz's photo- 
graphs in Munich, Paris, Hamburg, Madrid, 
Amsterdam, Vienna, London and Edinburgh. 
The company has also been a long-time funder 
of the American Academy in Rome and the 
World Monuments Fund, supporting such 
projects as excavation in the Roman Forum, 
restoration of monuments at Angkor in Cam- 
bodia and the publication of two books on 
historic preservation, Trails to Tropical Trea- 
sures (Asia) and Saving our Past (Europe). 

Limitations: No grants to individuals. Organ- 
izations must have 501(c)(3) or equivalent non- 
profit status. No funds for travel. All proposals 
must be submitted in writing. 

Relevant Publication: Guidelines 

American Honda Foundation 

P.O. Box 2205 
Torrance, CA 90509-2205 

Contact: Coordinator, Corporate Commu- 
nity Relations 

American Honda supports creative, innova- 
tive projects in the arts and culture field. The 

foundation has an interest in global concerns 
and has previously funded international ex- 

Limitations: No grants to individuals. Orga- 
nizations must be nonprofit. 

Relevant Publications: Annual Report and 
pro-posal checklist 

American-Scandinavian Foundation 

Exchange Division 
725 Park Avenue 
New York, NY 10021 
(212) 879-9779 

Contact: Exchange Division, Fellowship Pro- 
gram Administrator 

The American-Scandinavian Foundation 
awards $2,500 grants and $15,000 fellowships 
to professional artists in all disciplines for 
projects in Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Nor- 
way and Swe-den. Before applying for grants, 
candidates should have made contact with col- 
leagues in Scandinavia and should have a work- 
ing knowledge of the language in their chosen 

Limitations: None 

Relevant Publications: Annual Report and 
Giving Guidelines 

Ameritech Foundation 

30 South Wacker Drive, Suite 3400 

Chicago, IL 60606 

(312) 750-5000 

Contact: Director 

Ameritech hopes to help strengthen the Mid- 
west's national and international reputation as 
an important cultural center. Midwestern arts 
organizations can apply for support to work 
internationally, or to host foreign artists or 


Corporations and Foundations 

exhibitions. Previous recipients for interna- 
tional arts projects include: the Indianapolis 
Symphony Orchestra Foundation (for its 1993 
European Tour), the International Theatre 
Festival of Chicago, (for its 1992 presentation 
of ten theater companies from Great Britain, 
Australia, France, Venezuela, Japan, Poland, 
and the former Soviet Union), and the Cleve- 
land Orchestra (for its residency at the Salzburg 
Music Festival). 

Limitations: No grants to individuals. Organ- 
izations must be major professional performing 
arts organizations from Illinois, Indiana, Michi- 
gan, Ohio or Wisconsin, and have 501(c)(3) 
status (or equivalent). 

Relevant Publications: Annual Report and 

AMR/American Airlines Foundation 

P.O. Box 619616 

Mail Drop 5575 

DFW Airport, TX 75261-9616 

(817) 967-3545 

Contact: Administrator 

American Airlines hopes to explore the world's 
diverse cultures through its arts and culture 
giving activities. The foundation supports ex- 
cellence in the visual and performing arts near 
its major operating locations worldwide. 

Limitations: No grants to individuals. Organ- 
izations must have 501 (c) (3) or 509(a) (1), (2) 
or (3) status. 

Relevant Publication: Guidelines 

Amoco Foundation, Inc. 

200 East Randolph Drive 
M.C. 3704 
Chicago, IL 60601 
(312) 856-6306 

Contact: Grants Officer, International 

Amoco funds education and community ser- 
vice projects primarily. Funding requests for 
arts and cultural projects will be considered but 
are judged against the merits of Amoco's fund- 
ing priorities. International arts projects will 
be considered but are rarely funded. 

Limitations: No grants to individuals. 

Relevant Publications: Annual Report 
and Guidelines 

AT&T Foundation 

1301 Avenue of the Americas, Room 3100 
New York, NY 10019 
(212) 841-4664 

Contact: Arts and Culture or International 
Program Officer 

The AT&T arts and culture program focuses 
on nationally recognized organizations and 
supports artistic work in this country and 
abroad. The foundation emphasizes the cre- 
ation, production and presentation of new 
work, and attempts to showcase the work of 
women and artists from diverse cultures. 

Limitations: No grants to individuals. 

Eligible organizations include performing arts 
companies, museums, and arts service organi- 
zations. Arts organizations must have been 
professionally managed for at least five years 
and must compensate artistic and managerial 
personnel. Organizations must have 501(c)(3) 


Corporations and Foundations 

or equivalent nonprofit status. No support for 
competitions, film or media production 
projects, or arts education. 

Relevant Publications: Corporate Citizen- 
ship Biennial Report and Guidelines 

Belgian American Educational Foundation 

195 Church Street 
New Haven, CT 06510 
(203) 777-5765 

Contact: President 

The Belgian American Educational Founda- 
tion awards research fellowships for American 
and Belgian students. All scholarly disciplines 
are considered, including art history and fine 
arts. U.S. fellows are paired with colleagues in 
Belgian academic institutions. 

Limitations: Applicants must be enrolled in or 
graduates of a masters degree program. 

Relevant Publication: Directory of former 

BMW of North America, Inc. 

P.O. Box 1227 
Westwood, NJ 07675 
(201) 307-4000 

Contact: Corporate Contributions General 

BMW has no structured giving program and 
considers a full range of proposals. The com- 
pany is open to international projects and has 
funded the fine and performing arts. 

Limitations: None 

Relevant Publications: None 

Additional Information: Submit a letter of 

Boeing Company 

P.O. Box 3707, Mail Stop 11-83 


WA 98124-2207 

(206) 655-6679 

Contact: Corporate Director, Community and 
Education Relations 

Boeing targets four major funding categories in 
its giving program, including arts and culture. 
The company emphasizes domestic funding of 
direct benefit to communities where its em- 
ployees live and work. In 1990, Boeing donated 
nearly $2 milli on to cultural programs in all 
disciplines. The company indicates an interest 
in international projects through a limited 
number of grants. For example, Boeing pro- 
vided national sponsorship for a major interna- 
tional exhibition of Russian artwork. 

Limitations: No grants to individuals. Orga- 
nizations must be nonprofit. No funds for 
travel expenses. 

Relevant Publications: Corporate Citizen- 
ship Report and Guidelines 

Camargo Foundation 
64 Main Street, P.O. Box 32 
East Haddam, CT 06423 
(203) 873-3239 

Contact: Fellowships Administrator 

Every semester, Camargo offers residencies in 
Southern France for one visual artist, one 
musician, one writer and nine graduate stu- 
dents. Applicants must be working on specific 
projects related to French culture. Fellowships 
last for one semester, and include housing and 
research facilities. Camargo does not provide a 
stipend or travel expenses. 

Limitations: None 


Corporations and Foundations 

Relevant Publications: Guidelines 

Chase-Manhattan Bank 

Philanthropy Department 
One Chase Plaza, 9th Floor 
New York, NY 10081 
(212) 552-7036 

Contact: Second Vice President 

Chase Manhattan's International Philanthro- 
pic Program supports international arts activi- 
ties through modest grants. Requests are con- 
sidered at area offices, located in Hong Kong, 
London and New York. 

Limitations: No grants to individuals. Organ- 
izations must have 501 (c)(3) status. 

Relevant Publication: Corporate Responsi- 
bility Annual Report 

Chase-Manhattan Bank Cultural Affairs 

One Chase Plaza, 9th Floor 
New York, NY 10081 
(212) 552-2512 

The Cultural Affairs Office sponsors organi- 
zations for visual and performing arts projects, 
and internationally-renowned individual art- 
ists for work abroad. Key markets include 
Tokyo and Hong Kong in Asia; Mexico City, 
Caracas, Santiago, San Paolo, and Buenos Aires 
in Latin America; and London, Brussels, Milan 
and Rome in Europe. Recent individual spon- 
sorships include private concerts by Kiri Te 
Kanawa in London, Barbara Handricks in Brus- 
sels, Samuel Ramey in London; and public 
concerts by Jose Carreras in Mexico City and 
Santiago. Sponsorships to organizations in- 
clude the Twyla Tharp Dance Company in 
Japan, the Martha Graham Dance Company 
in Madrid, and an internation-al tour of a Man 
Ray exhibit organized by the International 
Center of Photography. Chase welcomes other 
corporations to act as co-sponsor for arts 

projects abroad. 

Limitations: Organizations must have 501- 
(c)(3) status. 

Relevant Publications: Corporate Responsi- 
bility Annual Report 

Citibank, N.A. 
Corporate Contribution 
and Civic Responsibility 
850 3rd Avenue 
13th Floor/Zone 10 
New York, 
NY 10043 
(212) 559-0170 

Contact: Vice President and Director, Corpo- 
rate Contributions and Civic Responsibility 

Citibank has funded arts education programs 
and performances in many countries. Gener- 
ally, successful proposals include education 
and community outreach components. One 
past recipient, the New York Philharmonic, 
toured 56 cities in 34 countries. 

Limitations: No grants to individuals. Or- 
ganizations must have 501(c)(3) status. Unso- 
licited proposals are not encouraged. 

Relevant Publication: Public Responsibility 
Annual Report 

Colgate-Palmolive Company 

300 Park Avenue 
New York, NY 10022 
(212) 310-2166 

Contact: Contributions Administrator 

The Colgate-Palmolive Company supports cul- 
tural arts activities with priority given to those 
serving youths and minorities. Although the 
company does not express a specific interest in 
international programs, it does have opera- 


Corporations and Foundations 

tions worldwide, and will consider interna- 
tional arts proposals. 

Limitations: No grants to individuals. Organ- 
izations must be tax-exempt. 

Relevant Publications: Annual Report and 

Credit Suisse 

Corporate Affairs 
12 East 49tb Street 
New York, NY 10017 
(212) 238-5015 

Contact: Member of Senior Management, 
Corporate Affairs 

Credit .Suisse has an extensive contributions 
program emphasizing the arts. (Grantees in- 
clude performing arts organizations, arts asso- 
ciations, arts centers, museums, and galleries.) 
Although Credit Suisse prefers projects based 
in its operating communities in the United 
States, the corpora-tions's particular interest in 
Switzerland makes it a possible funding source 
for projects there. 

Limitations: No grants to individuals. 

Relevant Publication: Guidelines 

Cleveland H. Dodge Foundation, Inc. 

670 West 247th Street 
Riverdale, NY 10471 
(718) 543-1220 

Contact: Administrative Director 

The Cleveland H. Dodge Foundation has a 
limited, specific interest in Lebanon, Egypt 
and Greece. Although the foundation has 
focused on educational institutions and relief 
efforts in these countries in the past, it will 
consider arts activities that enhance cross- 
cultural understanding. 

Limitations: No grants to individuals or foun- 
dations. Organizations must be tax-exempt. 

Relevant Publication: Guidelines 

Ford Foundation 

320 East 43 Street 
New York, NY 10017 
(212) 573-5000 

Contact: Grants Administrator 

The Ford Foundation's Education and Cul- 
ture Program funds arts-related projects in the 
U.S. and abroad. In the U.S., Ford supports 
projects that advance cultural diversity and 
strengthen creativity and exposure of the vi- 
sual and performing arts of minorities. Interna- 
tionally, the Foundation supports projects that 
help preserve elements of traditional cultures 
and strengthen the vitality of "living tradi- 
tions." The Ford's Media Projects Program 
funds far-reaching film, video and radio projects 
that promote greater understanding of domes- 
tic and international public policy issues. 

Limitations: Most grants go to organiza- 
tions. The few grants awarded to individuals 
are limited to research, training and other 
activities related to the Foundation's pro- 
gram interests. Generally, grants are awarded 
through publicly announced competitions or 
on the basis of nomination by universities 
and other nonprofit institutions. 

Relevant Publications: Report and Current 
Interests of the Ford Foundation 

Friendship Ambassadors Foundation 


31 Park Street 

Montclair, NJ 07042-3407 

(201) 744-0410 

(800) 526-2908 

Contact: Executive Director 


Friendship Ambassadors Foundation is a not- 
for-profit organization promoting international 
cultural exchange and understanding through 
the performing arts. The organization presents 
both American artists traveling abroad and 
foreign artists performing in the United States, 
with programs in Europe, Asia and Latin 
America. FAF has sponsored over 40,000 indi- 
viduals on performance tours in 25 countries, 
and organized international tours for Ameri- 
can ensembles in the former Soviet Union, 
Eastern Europe and elsewhere around the 
world. The Foundation assists with homestays 
for foreign artists and provides financial sup- 
port and organizational expertise for Ameri- 
can artists wishing to work abroad. Interested 
performing groups should contact the Founda- 
tion with press information and tape. 

Relevant Publication: Guidelines 

The Friends of Photography 

Ansel Adams Center 
250 4th Street 
San Francisco, CA 94103 
(415) 495-7000 

Contact: Award Administrator 

The Friends of Photography supports emerg- 
ing individual photographers who exhibit fu- 
ture promise through cash awards. The 
Ferguson Award is a $2,000 grant for a photog- 
rapher who has demonstrated excellence in the 
field of creative photography. The Ruttenberg 
Foundation Award is a $2,000 award presented 
to a photographer who concentrates his or her 
talents on portraiture in the context of fine art 
photography. Grants are awarded based on 
submitted work samples, and can be used for 
any purpose, including international work. 

Limitations: Recipient must be a United States 
citizen or permanent resident, and have an 
undergraduate degree. 

Relevant Publication: Guidelines 

Additional Information: Request for Guide- 
lines must include a self-addressed, stamped 

Adolph and Esther Gottlieb Foundation, 

380 West Broadway 
New York, NY 10012 
(212) 226-0581 

Contact: Grants Manager 

The Foundation supports painters and sculp- 
tors who have been working professionally for 
at least twenty years. Grants are given to artists 
who have a long track record of artistic achieve- 
ment. Artists from around the world are en- 
couraged to apply if they meet the above 
criterion and can demonstrate financial need. 
Because the Foundation does not stipulate how 
grant money must be used, international work 
is an option. 

Limitations: No grants to organizations. 

Relevant Publication: Guidelines 

Additional Information: Requests for guide- 
lines must be in writing. No phone calls. 

Florence Gould Foundation 

80 Pine Street, Suite 1701 
New York, NY 10005 
(212) 701-3400 

Contact: President 

The Florence Gould Foundation seeks to pro- 
mote Franco-American amity. Within this 
broad aim, the Foundation considers a wide 
variety of proposals in all arts disciplines. 
Projects to be carried out in France, or to host 
French artists in the United States, will be 


Corporations and Foundations 

Limitations: No grants to individuals. 

Relevant Publications: None 

Additional Information: Contact the Presi- 
dent directly, either by phone or in writing, to 
determine the suitability of the proposed project 
for this foundation. 

Graham Foundation 

4 West Burton Place 
Chicago, IL 60610 
(312) 787-4071 

Contact: Administrator 

The Graham Foundation supports the ad- 
vancement of architecture worldwide. Among 
other activities, the Foundation funds exhibi- 
tions, publications, independent projects, and 
internships abroad. For example, it recently 
funded fellowships at the American Academy 
in Rome and supported a traveling exhibition 
enti-tled "New Chicago Skyscrapers" in East- 
ern Europe. 

Limitations: No degree-related projects. 

Relevant Publication: Guidelines 

John Simon Guggenheim Memorial 

90 Park Avenue 
New York, NY 10016 
(212) 687-4470 

Contact: President 

The Guggenheim Memorial Foundation of- 
fers six-month to one-year appointments for 
artists in all disciplines to assist with artistic 
creation. Qualifying artists must exhibit ex- 
ceptional ability. Although the guidelines do 
not specifically mention international arts 
projects, the Foundation has granted fellow- 
ships for study related to international issues. 

Limitations: The applicant may receive only 
one fellowship and must make a six-month 

Relevant Publications: Annual Report and 
Announcement of Fellowship Competition 

The Harkness Foundation for Dance 

145 East 48th Street, Suite 26c 
New York, NY 10017 
(212) 755-5540 

Contact: Grants Officer 

The Harkness Foundation supports many as- 
pects of dance including choreography, tour- 
ing, and operating expenses. Within the "spe- 
cial projects" funding category, the Founda- 
tion will consider international projects (such 
as dance company touring), although funding 
for international activities is very limited. 

Limitations: Only projects related to dance 
will be considered. No grants to individuals. 
Organizations must be tax-exempt. 

Relevant Publication: Guidelines 

Dubose and Dorothy Heyward Memorial 

Two World Trade Center 
39th Floor 

New York, NY 10048 
(212) 912-7633 

Contact: Trust Administrative Assistant 

This Memorial Fund supports the performing 
arts disciplines and literary projects. The Fund 
also supports education for artists and projects 
that nurture the artists' work. Funding is not 
restricted to domestic projects. 

Limitations: The Fund restricts its giving to 
organizations in New York City or Charles- 
ton. The Fund prefers projects that promote 


Corporations and Foundations 

public awareness about the works of the pri- 
mary benefactors. Organizations must be pub- 
lic charities and must operate exclusively for 
charitable, literary or educational purposes as 
defined by the Internal Revenue Code. 

Relevant Publications: Guidelines 

International Business Machines 
Corporation (IBM) 
Old Orchard Road 
Armonk, NY 10504 
(914) 765-6135 

Contact: IBM Director, Corporate Support 

IBM supports arts activities in all disciplines. 
The Corporation operates in Asia and the 
Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Latin 
America and North America, and conducts 
extensive philanthropic programs in these re- 
gions. International arts projects in communi- 
ties of operations will be considered. 

Limitations: No grants to individuals. 

Relevant Publications: Annual Report and 

Japan Foundation 

Los Angeles Office 

The Water Garden 

2425 West Olympic Boulevard, Suite 620E 

Santa Monica, CA 90404-4034 

(310) 449-0027 

New York Office 

152 West 57th Street, 39th Floor 

New York, NY 10019 

(212) 489-0299 

Center for Global Partnership 

Carnegie Hall Tower 

152 West 57th Street, 39th Floor 

New York, NY 10019 

(212) 489-1255 

Contact: Program Assistant 

To promote international cultural exchange 
between Japan and other countries, the Japan 
Foundation offers an Artist Fellowship Pro- 
gram to artists and specialists in the arts. This 
program provides the opportunity for four 
artists each year to pursue creative projects in 
Japan and meet with their Japanese counter- 
parts. In addition, the Exhibition Assistance 
Program provides financial support to institu- 
tions and museums and the Film Production 
Support Program offers financial support for 
media artists to promote understanding of Japa- 
nese culture. 

The Japan Foundation's Center for Global 
Partnership also offers fellowships for arts ac- 
tivities under its Regional/Grass Roots Pro- 
gram. Artistic exchange will only be consid- 
ered if it involves an educational component 
for the communities involved. Relevant Publi- 
cations: Informational brochure about pro- 
grams available in the United States. 

La Napoule Art Foundation 
21 West 68th Street, Suite IF 
New York, NY 10023 
(212) 496-1039 

Contact: Executive Director 

La Napoule Art Foundation offers interna- 
tional artists' residencies to interdisciplinary 
artists selected by the foundation's partners. 
The two-to-three month residencies in south- 
ern France include a stipend, airfare, room and 
board, and studio space. Interested artists 
should request specific guideline information 
before submitting a formal application. 

Relevant Publication: Guidelines 


Corporations and Foundations 

T jnnan Foundation 

5401 McConnell Avenue 
Los Angeles, CA 90066-7027 
(310) 306-1004 

Contact: Assistant to the Director of Art 

The Lannan Foundation funds innovative, ex- 
perimental and contemporary arts projects with 
a primary focus on group and solo exhibitions 
and temporary installations with a strong vi- 
sual emphasis. Funding decisions are based on 
the quality of the art presented. Only U.S. 
museums and galleries may apply; though ex- 
hibitions may feature work of foreign artists. 

Limitations: No grants to individuals. Orga- 
nizations must be nonprofit. No funds for 
juried exhibitions. 

Relevant Publication: Guidelines 

The Henry Luce Foundation 

111 West 50th Street 
New York, NY 10020 
(212) 581-9541 

Contact: Grants Manager 

The Foundation funds scholarly exchanges 
between the United States and Asia in the 
humanities and social sciences. Project grants 
are awarded for cultural and scholarly exchange. 
Past recipients include the Asian Cultural Coun- 
cil (to support fellowships for American cura- 
tors, conservators, and art historians to re- 
search in China, Korea, and Southeast Asia) 
and the Research Libraries Group, Inc. (to aid 
development of a catalogue on Chinese rare 
books in cooperation with Peking University 
and the Chinese Academy of Sciences). 

Limitations: None 

Relevant Publications: Biennial Report 

The Marpat Foundation 

c/o Miller & Chevalier 
655 15th Street NW Suite 900 
Washington, DC 20005 
(202) 626-5832 

Contact: Board of Directors 

The Marpat Foundation supports cultural 
projects and has an interest in international 
diplomacy. Generally, grants are given to orga- 
nizations based in, or benefitting, greater met- 
ropolitan Washington, DC. 

Limitations: No grants to individuals or pri- 
vate organizations. 

Relevant Publication: Guidelines 

Additional Information: Requests for guide- 
lines must be in writing. No phone calls. 

Mother Jones International Fund for 
Documentary Photography 

1663 Mission Street 
San Francisco, CA 94103 
(415) 558-8881 

Contact: Visual Arts Program Director 

The Mother Jones International Fund awards 
grants for documentary photography that ad- 
dresses important political or ethical issues. To 
qualify, an individual must have completed at 
least one year's work toward a multi-year 
project that shows an innovative choice of 
subject and approach. The fund is particularly 
interested in cross-cultural international 
projects, especially those involving developing 

Limitations: No funds for books or exhibi- 

Relevant Publication: Guidelines 


Corporations and Foundations 

NYNEX Foundation 

1113 Westchester Avenue, 1st Floor 

White Plains, NY 10604 

(914) 644-7226 

Contact: Director, Contributions 

The NYNEX Foundation has an extensive 
giving program in the arts, primarily focusing 
on the northeastern United States. The Foun- 
dation supports programs that have an impact 
on communities where NYNEX operates, so a 
northeastern arts organization with ties to a 
local operating community may apply for funds 
to tour abroad. For example, due to its long- 
standing relationship with Lincoln Center in 
New York City, NYNEX sponsored the Most- 
ly Mozart Festival for travel to Tokyo. 

Limitations: No grants to individuals. Organi- 
zations must have 501(c)(3) status. 

Relevant Publications: Annual Report and 

The Open Society Fund 

888 7th Avenue, Suite 1901 
New York, NY 10106 
(212) 757-2323 

Contact: Program Officer 

The Open Society Fund is a network of foun- 
dations with home offices located in various 
Eastern and Central European countries, the 
Baltics, the former Soviet Union, and South 
Africa. Funding is generally open to encourage 
innovative arts projects. Countries with local 
foundations include Albania, Belarus, Bosnia 
and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech 
Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, 
Macedonia, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Rus- 
sia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Ukraine 
and Yugoslavia. 

temporary arts centers to support the develop- 
ment of local visual arts. These centers have 
been or will be established in most of the above 
countries; they are known as Soros Centers for 
Contemporary Arts, after philanthropist 
George Soros, founder of the Open Society 
Fund. These centers also make grants, pri- 
marily for exhibition support and catalogues. 
Recently, The Open Society Fund's New York 
office established an Arts and Culture Pro- 
gram, the general mission of which is to fund 
projects that have a regional scope. 

Limitations: Grants are generally made to 
indi-viduals and institutions in countries where 
the Open Society Fund has offices. 

Relevant Publications: Annual Reports (by 
country), Soros Foundation Directory, "Open 
Society News," SCCA brochure, Quarterly. 

Pepsico Foundation 

Corporate Contributions 
700 Anderson Hill Road 
Purchase, NY 10577 
(914) 253-3153 

Contact: Vice President, Corporate Contri- 

The Pepsico Foundation focuses on organiza- 
tions with which Pepsico employees are in- 
volved through volunteer programs. While 
Pepsico does not mention a specific interest in 
funding international arts projects, it does not 
exclude international proposals, as long as they 
involve a Pepsico employee. 

Limitations: No grants to individuals. Orga- 
nizations must have 501(c)(3) status. The 
project must involve a Pepsico employee. 

Relevant Publication: Guidelines 

The Fund also built a network of con- 


Corporations and Foundations 

The Pew Charitable Trusts 
2005 Market Street, Suite 1700 
Philadelphia, PA 19103-7017 
(215) 575-4873 

Contact: Program Director for Culture 

While much of the Pew Charitable Trusts' 
cultural grantmaking is directed to national 
programs that address critical cultural issues 
and to local and national efforts that support 
the creation, development and dissemination 
of new work, some international support is 
emerging. The Culture Program's major inter- 
national commitment to date has been to the 
Fund for U.S. Artists at International Festivals 
and Exhibitions. (See page xx for more infor- 
mation.) Under a joint initiative of the Culture 
and Public Policy programs, the Trusts are 
supporting a project to strengthen the leader- 
ship and management capacities of Eastern and 
Central European performing arts organiza- 
tions. On a limited basis, the Trusts also pro- 
vide support for international projects that 
involve Philadelphia-based artists and institu- 
tions. Grants for international activities are 
made to U.S. organizations for work abroad. 

Limitations: No grants to individuals. 

Relevant Publications: Guidelines, Annual 

Pfizer Foundation 

235 East 42nd Street 

New York, NY 10017-5755 

(212) 573-2323 

Contact: Director, Corporate Support 

The Pfizer Foundation funds organizations 
such as museums, ballet, opera and theater 
companies, and performing arts centers, that 
contribute to the cultural life of communities 
in which Pfizer employees live and work. 

While Pfizer does not directly state an interest 
in funding internationally focused programs in 
the arts, it does contribute to U.S. organiza- 
tions with an international mandate whose 
work relates to Pfizer's international public 
policy concerns including education, health 
and economic development, especially in the 
Developing World. 

Limitations: No grants to individuals. Organ- 
izations must have 501(c)(3) status. No grants 
to organizations outside the United States. 

Relevant Publication: Annual Report 

Philip Morris Companies, Inc. 

120 Park Avenue 
New York, NY 10017 
(212) 880-3662 

Contact: Office of Cultural Affairs and Spe- 
cial Programs 

Philip Morris focuses its corporate contribu- 
tions program on two specific arts disciplines: 
visual arts and dance. In 1992, it was the largest 
corporate supporter of dance in the United 
States. Innovation is a guiding principle, as is 
the importance of exploring ground-breaking 
artistic expression, nurturing emerging talent 
and exposing underserved populations to art. 
Previously funded projects include an art exhi- 
bition in Brussels, and a U.S. tour by the Royal 
Danish Ballet. 

Limitations: No grants to individuals. Organi- 
zations must have 501(c)(3) status. 

Relevant Publications: Annual Report and 

Phillips Petroleum Foundation, Inc. 

Phillips Building 
16th Floor 

Bartlesville, OK 74004 
(918) 661-9072 


Corporations and Foundations 

Contact: Executive Manager 

Phillips Petroleum primarily awards grants to 
projects that have an impact in its operating 
communities. Within this focus, the Founda- 
tion will consider support for international 
arts activities. Phillips Petroleum is especially 
interested in projects with an educational com- 

Limitations: No grants to individuals. Giving 
primarily in the Midwest and Southwest. No 
funds for travel. 

Relevant Publication: Guidelines 

Pollock-Krasner Foundation, Inc. 
725 Park Avenue 
New York, NY 10021 
(212) 517-5400 

Contact: Executive Vice-President 

The mission of The Pollock-Krasner Founda- 
tion is to provide grants to individual visual 
artists (painters, sculptors and artists who work 
on paper) of established ability who can dem- 
onstrate financial need. Grants are tailored to 
the individual, personal and/or professional 
needs of an artist. This may include funds for 
supplies, studio rental, medical emergencies, 
and special projects. Grants for international 
projects are rare, but possible. 

Limitations: No funds for travel expenses 
(with very few exceptions). Commercial art- 
ists, photographers, video artists, filmmakers 
and craft artists are ineligible. 

Relevant Publications: Annual Report and 

Additional Information: Requests for publi- 
cations and applications must be made in writ- 

The Reebok Foundation 

100 Technology Center Drive 
Stoughton, MA 02072 
(617) 341-7946 

Contact: Associate Director 

The Reebok Foundation focuses its giving 
programs on three specific categories: the de- 
fense of human rights around the world; the 
welfare of underserved youth (specifically in 
the Greater Boston area); and the promotion of 
pluralism and diversity. Cultural projects (in- 
ternational included) that further one or more 
of these goals will be considered. 

Limitations: No grants to individuals. Organi- 
zations must have 501(c)(3) status. 

Relevant Publication: Guidelines 

Additional Information: Must request guide- 
lines in writing. No phone calls. 

Rockwell International 

Rockwell International Corporation Trust 
625 Liberty Avenue 
Pittsburgh, PA 15222-3123 
(412) 565-4039 

Contact: Director of Contributions and Com- 
munity Relations 

Although funding for arts and culture repre- 
sented only eight percent of its total contri- 
butions in 1992, Rockwell International sup- 
ports cultural and artistic endeavors in all dis- 
ciplines, primarily in communities where the 
corporation has a significant presence. Past 
grantees include: museums, public radio and 
television stations, orchestras, theaters and 
other performing arts organizations. Rockwell 
operates in Australia, Canada, France, Ger- 
many, Japan and the United Kingdom, so 
projects in these areas are of particular interest. 


Corporations and Foundations 

Limitations: No grants to individuals. 

Relevant Publication: Summary of contribu- 
tions program 

Rockefeller Foundation 

1133 Avenue of the Americas 
New York, NY 10036 
(212) 852-8305 

Contact: Program Associate, Arts and Hu- 

The Rockefeller Foundation Arts and Hu- 
manities Division encourages artists and schol- 
ars whose work addresses cultural differences 
and fosters dialogue across cultural bound- 
aries. Through regranting programs, the Foun- 
dation supports the Fund for U.S. Artists at 
International Festivals and Exhibitions (See 
page xx.) and the U.S. Mexico Fund for Cul- 
ture (administered by the Comision Mexico- 
Estados Unidos para el Intercambio Educativo 
y Cultural). Another key arts program admin- 
istered by the Rockefeller Foundation is the 
Multi-Arts Production Fund which supports 
the creation of new works in the performing 
arts. In the humanities, the Foundation sup- 
ports selected humanities research centers in 
the United States and Latin America. Further, 
the Foundation operates a residency program 
for scholars and artists in Bellagio, Italy, ac- 
cessed through a competitive open application 
process. Finally, the Rockefeller Foundation 
manages a number of programs aimed at devel- 
oping cultural infrastructure within the devel- 
oping world: in Africa, Rockefeller supports 
local publishing, museums and radio; and in 
Latin America, it supports a network of inde- 
pendent performing arts producers and a film/ 
video incubator initiative. 

Limitations: No grants to individuals, except 
through the Bellagio program. No funds for 

Relevant Publications: Annual Report and 
individual program brochures 

Samuel Rubin Foundation 

777 United Nations Plaza 
New York, 
NY 10017-3521 
(212) 697-8945 

Contact: President 

The Samuel Rubin Foundation's general pur- 
pose is to carry on the vision of its founder, 
Samuel Rubin, whose life was "dedicated to 
the pursuit of peace and justice and the search 
for an equitable allocation of the world's re- 
sources." International cultural and artistic 
endeavors that correspond with these ideals 
will be considered. 

Limitations: No grants to individuals. 

Relevant Publication: General Statement 

Trust for Mutual Understanding 

30 Rockefeller Plaza, Room 5600 
New York, NY 10112 
(212) 632-3405 

Contact: Program Associate 

The Trust is a private grant-making organi- 
zation focusing primarily on arts exchange 
between the United States and the former 
Soviet Union and Eastern and Central Europe. 
The Trust emphasizes significant professional 
interaction and collaboration in both the vis- 
ual and performing arts. Past recipients include 
the Citizen Exchange Council (to enable Amer- 
ican artists to travel to Russia and to Central 
and Eastern Europe); the Louisville Orchestra 
(to host musicians from Central and Eastern 
Europe); and Rutgers University (to enable 
five Russian photographers to participate in 
the exhibition "Photo/Foto"). 


Corporations and Foundations 

Limitations: No grants to individuals. Organi- 
zations must be nonprofit. 

Relevant Publication: General Information 

U.S./Mexico Fund for Culture 

c/o Benjamin Franklin Library 
P.O. Box 3087 
Laredo, TX 78044 
Contact: Program Coordinator 

The U.S. -Mexico Fund for Culture promotes 
artistic collaboration and cultural exchange 
between Mexico and the United States. The 
Fluid provides support to professional Mexi- 
can and U.S. visual and media artists, writers, 
performers, librarians and museum curators 
for research, conferences, workshops, exhibi- 
tions, art festivals, translation, publishing 
projects and artistic creation. It seeks non- 
academic projects that promote original work 
and forge lasting cultural collaboration be- 
tween the two countries. Grants awarded to 
institutions should directly benefit creative 

Limitations: Must be a permanent resident or 
citizen of Mexico or the United States. Awards 
must be for non-academic work, not support- 
ing the creation or expansion of institutions. 

Relevant Publication: informational brochure 
and application 

United Technologies Corporation 

United Technologies Building 
Hartford, CT 06101 
(203) 728-7072 

Contact: Director, Contributions 

United Technologies primarily funds interna- 
tional programs related to regions where the 
company has business interests: Africa, Asia, 
Europe and the Middle East. The company's 

international arts funding is mi n imal, but a 
high-profile project in a country of operation 
will be considered. 

Limitations: No grants to individuals. 

Relevant Publication: Guidelines 

Lila Wallace-Reader's Digest Fund 

261 Madison Avenue, 24th Floor 
New York, NY 10016 
(212) 953-1248 

Contact: Program Director 

The Lila Wallace-Reader's Digest Fund is one 
of the largest arts funders in the United States. 
It aims to integrate cultural life into the daily 
workings of communities around the country 
through extensive educational and outreach 
programs. The Fund has supported interna- 
tional projects in the past, and while their focus 
is domestic, they would consider proposals to 
assist U.S. organizations to host foreign artists 
or to carry out an international project that has 
significant domestic impact. 

Limitations: No grants to individuals. Organi- 
zations must have 501(c)(3) non-profit status. 

Relevant Publication: Annual eport 

Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual 

22 East 33rd Street 
New York, NY 10016 
(212) 683-6456 

Contact: Program Director 

The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual 
Arts awards grants to cultural organizations 
worldwide for projects that advance the visual 
arts. The Foundation defines visual arts as a 
discipline that includes the plastic arts and 
"those aspects of the performing arts which 


Corporations and Foundations 

may incorporate the plastic arts." On an inter- 
national level, the Foundation awards grants 
through its Curatorial Program. The program 
is designed to assist in the innovative presenta- 
tion of the visual arts, with an emphasis on 
endeavors that cultivate new, expanded and 
diverse audiences. This category focuses on 
exhibitions and catalogues. 

Limitations: No grants to individuals. Pro- 
jects directly related to the art of Andy Warhol 
or that use his name are not funded. 

Relevant Publications: Annual Report and 

Kurt Weill Foundation for Music, Inc. 

7 East 20th Street 
New York, 
NY 10003-1106 
(212) 505-5240 

Contact: Director of Programs 

The Kurt Weill Foundation for Music sup- 
ports projects that promote public under- 
standing and appreciation of the musical legacy 
of Kurt Weill or Lotte Lenya. The Foundation 
accepts proposals for travel, research and pro- 
fessional performance/production grants. In- 
dividuals and institutions in the United States, 
Canada, France, Germany and the United King- 
dom have received grants. 

Limitations: None 

The Westinghouse Foundation supports a va- 
riety of arts and cultural organizations in com- 
munities where the Foundation maintains a 
presence. Westinghouse encourages projects 
that meet the needs of the economically disad- 
vantaged, the elderly, youths, and minorities. 
While the Foundation does not focus specifi- 
cally on international arts exchange, it does 
promote international understanding and will 
accept applications from arts organizations. 

Limitations: No grants to individuals. 

Relevant Publication: Annual Report 

XEROX Foundation 
P.O. Box 160 
800 Long Ridge Road 
Stamford, CT 06904 
(203) 968-3333 

Contact: Vice President 

The Xerox Foundation does not have a specific 
program for international artistic exchange. 
Rather, it has separate funding categories for 
International Affairs and Cultural Activities. 
A proposal that combines the two will be 
considered if it has impact on a community 
where Xerox conducts business. 

Limitations: No grants to individuals. 

Relevant Publications: Annual report and 

Relevant Publications: Guidelines 

Westinghouse Foundation 

Westinghouse Electric Corporation 
1 1 Stanwix Street 
Pittsburgh, PA 15222-1384 
(412) 642-3017 

Contact: Manager, Contributions and Com- 
munity Affairs 


Chapter 4: 


f\xs service organizations, which provide in- 
formation and assistance to their fields, do not 
usually serve as hinders, although some do 
incorporate grantmaking activities into their 
programs. Some serve a particular arts disci- 
pline (e.g., the Visual Arts and Galleries Asso- 
ciation, Dansource), others serve the arts in 
general (e.g., Arts International, Volunteer 
Lawyers for the Arts), others serve a particular 
cultural group or country (e.g., Association of 
Hispanic Artists, the Swedish Institute). These 
organizations may provide international con- 
tacts, referrals, technical assistance and/or travel 

Often, staff members at service organiza- 
tions are knowledgeable about international 
aspects of their given field. For example, Opera 
America, a national service organization, is 
essentially a domestic organization. However, 
the staff has information about touring prac- 
tices, festivals, competitions and schools world- 
wide in the opera field. The Folger Shakespeare 
Library often hosts visiting fellows and other 
experts on Shakespearean literature who could 
provide information about translations, play 
production, and colleagues abroad. Similarly, 
the Japan Society has extensive contacts in the 
Japanese arts community and would be helpful 
in executing a project in that country. 

Some service organizations (particularly 
the discipline-specific variety), have modest 
membership fees for their services. Often, you 
can pay minimal fees for specific services, such 
as use of a job bank, or subscription to a 
newsletter or other publication, without pay- 
ing for full membership to the organization. In 
any case, service organizations are there to 
serve, and will attempt to do so to the best of 
their ability. 

The service organizations in this chapter 
have been divided into three sections: Arts, 

Culture-Specific and General. The first section 
(Arts) has been organized by discipline and 
includes dance, design arts, folk arts, literature, 
media arts, museum, music, theater, visual arts 
and multidisciplinary arts.The next section 
(Culture-specific) section provides access to or- 
ganizations offering a variety of services for or 
about a given country or cultural group. The 
final section (General) lists non-arts organiza- 
tions, which can provide a surprising amount 
of useful information for international arts 

You may want to begin by locating the 
organizations that support your discipline, fol- 
lowed by those that serve your country of 
interest and then those that serve many disci- 
plines and countries. If these organizations 
can't help you with a particular project, ask for 
referrals to other organizations that might. 
Staff members are often linked to a network of 
domestic organizations, one of which might 
serve your needs. 



Arts International (AI) 

Institute of International Education 

809 United Nations Plaza 

New York, NY 10017 

(212) 984-5370 

Contact: Director 

AI supports international arts activities through 
a variety of programs. It provides the arts 
community with networking information on 
international arts activities through confer- 
ences, research projects and publications. AI 
also provides funding opportunities through 


Service Organizations 

the following programs: the Lila Wallace- 
Reader's Digest International Artists Fund sup- 
ports U.S. visual artists for three- to six-month 
residencies abroad. Participants return to the 
United States and share their experiences in 
communities nation-wide. Cintas Fellowships 
are $ 10,000 grants for creative artists of Cuban 
decent who work in architecture, visual arts, 
music composition or literature. Kade Col- 
laborative Fellowships are awarded to French 
and German artists in any discipline, for col- 
laborative projects with U.S. artists. In addi- 
tion, AI administers the Fund for U.S. Artists 
at International Festivals and Exhibitions and 
maintains a database of festivals worldwide. 
(See page xx for more information about this 
program and page xx for a list of festivals 

Relevant publications: Money for Interna- 
tional Exchange in the Arts-, American Visions; 

Arts & Business Council, Inc/Business 
Volunteers for the Arts 

25 West 45th Street, #707 
New York, NY 10036 
(212) 819-9287 

Contact: Program Associate to Executive Di- 

The Arts & Business Council works to create 
partnerships between business and the arts. 
Located in 30 cities, its Business Volunteers for 
the Arts program provides free management 
consulting to arts groups on issues that may be 
relevant to international projects. The Council 
also sponsors a national symposium in New 
York City on trends and issues related to 
business/arts partnerships that include sessions 
on international issues. 

Relevant publication: 

Business Sponsorships 

The Arts Guide to 

Association of Performing Arts 

Presenters (APAP) 

1112 16th Street, NW Suite 400 

Washington, DC 20036 

(202) 833-2787 

Contact: Executive Director 

The Association of Performing Arts Present- 
ers serves presenting organizations, artist man- 
agers and artists. Arts Presenters' 1600 mem- 
bers receive publications, training, informa- 
tion and legislative assistance. Members can 
also attend the Annual Conference to meet and 
network with U.S. and foreign colleagues from 
across the presenting field. 

Relevant publications: Inside Arts magazine; 
presenters' reports; guidelines 

Dance Theater Workshop (DTW) 
National Performance Network (NPN) 
219 West 19th Street 
New York, NY 10011 
DTW: (212) 691-6500 
NPN: (212) 645-6200 

Contact: Director International Programs 

Dance Theater Workshop, a national service 
organization for all performing arts, offers two 
programs that support international work. 

National Performance Network: Created 
and directed by DTW, the National Perfor- 
mance Network (NPN) is a major national 
consortium of 52 alternative cultural organi- 
zations in 26 states throughout the country, 
many of whom work internationally. NPN 
supports the work of U.S. performing artists 
and serves as an important source of infor- 
mation for its members. 

The Suitcase Fund: The Suitcase Fund aims 
to promote the exchange of ideas between 
international arts communities. It provides 
financial support for artists' projects that cross 
cultural boundaries, attempting to lower the 


Service Organizations 

economic and geographic barriers that can 
deny artists access to other cultures. 

Relevant publications: NPN and Suitcase 
Fund brochures 

Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown 

24 Pearl Street 
Provincetown, MA 02657 
(508) 487-9960 

Contact: Executive Director 

The Fine Arts Work Center annually offers 
seven-month residencies for ten visual artists 
and ten writers. Writing fellows receive hous- 
ing and a modest monthly stipend. Visual arts 
fellows receive housing, a monthly stipend, 
supplies allowance and a studio. Fellows have 
the opportunity to pursue their work indepen- 
dently within a supportive community. Past 
fellows have included individuals from Canada, 
England, France, Poland and other countries. 
International applicants are welcome to apply. 

Relevant publications: Informational bro- 
chure, application 

International Society of Performing Arts 

Administrators (ISPAA) 
4920 Plainfield, NE Suite 3 
Grand Rapids, MI 49505-1010 
(616) 364-3000 

Contact: Executive Director 

ISPAA serves an international membership of 
arts presenters, producers and managers in 
North and South America, Europe, Australia 
and Asia. The society organizes conferences 
and lectures, and conducts several programs 
for graduate students and professionals to fos- 
terthe exchange of managerial expertise among 
its members worldwide. ISPAA has started a 
pilot program that offers residencies and fel- 
lowships for professional arts managers to work 

in foreign countries, and for U.S. arts institu- 
tions to host foreign managers. 

Relevant publication: Newsletter 


466 Valencia 

San Francisco, CA 94103 

(415) 626-2787 

Contact: Director 

Intersection is a nonprofit multi-disciplinary 
presenter of new work in performing, literary 
and visual arts. Although Intersection has been 
unable to participate independently in interna- 
tional events due to its small size, it maintains 
an international focus through cooperative 
international presentations. Additionally, In- 
tersection serves as a fiscal sponsor for indi- 
vidual artists. 

Relevant publication: Information sheet 

National Assembly of Local Arts Agencies 

927 15th Street NW, 12th Floor 
Washington, DC 20005 
(202) 371-2830 

Contact: President and CEO 

The National Assembly of Local Arts Agen- 
cies serves its constituent members and artists 
and organizations who seek information about 
the activities of these local agencies. (See Part It 
for local arts agency listings.) NALAA staff 
can refer interested parties to agencies in their 
area that conduct international arts activities, 
and help introduce visiting foreign artists to 
the local arts scene nationwide. NALAA also 
administers an artists exchange program with 

Relevant publications: Newsletter, informa- 
tional materials 


Service Organizations 

National Assembly of State Arts Agencies 


1010 Vermont Avenue, NW, Suite 920 

Washington, DC 20005 

Contact: Executive Director 

The National Assembly of State Arts Agencies 
provides information about and services to the 
state arts agencies nationwide. (See Part II for 
state arts agencies listing.) NASAA has access 
to this network of organizations, and can pro- 
vide individual artists and organizations with 
information about international arts activities 
offered by a given state arts agency. NASAA 
often hosts foreign artists, giving them an 
overview of U.S. arts programs at the state 

Relevant publication: Information packet 

Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts (VLA) 

1 East 53rd Street, 6th Floor 

New York, NY 10022 

(212) 319-2910 (Art Law Line) 

Contact: Art Law Line 

Volunteer Lawyers for the Arts is dedicated to 
providing free arts-related legal assistance to 
low-income artists and not-for-profit arts orga- 
nizations in all creative fields. Although VLA 
does not offer specific programs for interna- 
tional arts exchange, it can provide artists and 
arts organizations with quick answers to arts- 
related legal questions through its legal hotline 
(the Art Law Line). VLA also provides clinics, 
seminars, and publications designed to educate 
artists on legal issues that affect their careers. 
Artists planning to work internationally or 
send work abroad can consult VLA about 
copyright, contracts, visa and work permits, 
and other related international legal issues. 

Relevant publications: Topic-specific publi- 
cations on legal issues in the arts; brochure. 


American Dance Festival (ADF) 
Duke University, Box 90772 

NC 27708-0772 
(919) 684-6402 

Contact: International Programs Administra- 

American Dance Festival has pioneered inter- 
national exchange in dance through several 
programs. The International Choreographers 
Residency (ICRJ brings promising choreogra- 
phers to ADF for seven weeks. The variety 
and scope of ADF's performances and classes 
offer choreographers from abroad an opportu- 
nity to immerse themselves in American mod- 
ern dance. Under the International Choreogra- 
phers Commissioning Program (ICCPJ, ADF 
offers six-week residencies to three or four 
previous ICR participants. While in residence, 
they create new dance works for ADF dancers 
which are premiered during ADF's perfor- 
mance season. The Institutional Linkage Pro- 
gram (ILP) developed out of the worldwide 
network of choreographers that emerged from 
ADF's ICR program. Many ICR participants 
are affiliated with major dance institutions in 
their home countries and are eager to build 
upon previous ICR connections. ADF collabo- 
rates with foreign ICR participants and the ap- 
propriate USIS post (see Part II for addresses 
of USIS posts) to create a linkage that meets 
the needs of their international partner. Link- 
ages emphasize the connection of modern dance 
to the traditions of other countries. Finally, on 
a larger scale, ADF periodically organizes 
"mini-ADFs" abroad with the support of an 
international host. These mini-ADFs run for 
two weeks and offer daily classes for students, 
performances by U.S. modern dance compa- 
nies, as well as lecture presentations by ADF's 
faculty. To date, collaborating countries in- 
clude: Japan, Korea, India and Russia. 


Service Organizations 

Relevant publication: International programs 

Congress on Research in Dance (CORD) 

Department of Dance 
State University of New York 
Brockport, NY 10003 
(716) 395-2590 

Contact: Any staff member 

Founded in 1965, the Congress on Research in 
Dance encourages research on dance and re- 
lated fields and fosters the exchange of ideas 
and resources. CORD's conferences and pub- 
lications foster international dialogue among 
dance professionals. An increasingly interna- 
tional membership currently includes approxi- 
mately 500 individuals and 350 institutions. 

Relevant publication: Informational brochure 

Dancing in the Streets 
131 Varick Street, Room 901 
New York, NY 10013 
(212) 989-6830 

Contact: Executive Director and Producer 

This organization aims to increase public ac- 
cess to dance in the United States and abroad. 
The Dancing in the Streets staff has a broad 
knowledge of the international dance scene, 
and can provide information concerning spe- 
cific topics. OnSite, an international commis- 
sioning fund for site-specific performances pro- 
vides grants for artists and presenters to de- 
velop site-specific projects that integrate public 
spaces and local communities into the work. 
The Fund then offers production grants to 
selected projects chosen from the development 
pool. These productions may take place in the 
United States or outside the country, with 
participation by U.S. and foreign artists. 

Relevant publication: Guidelines 


P.O. Box 15038 
Dallas, TX 75201 
(214) 328-0312 

Contact: Managing Director 

Founded by two dancers in 1985, Dansouce is 
an information and referral service that con- 
nects dancers with various artistic organiza- 
tions nationwide. Dansource has worked with 
dancers and companies in Canada and Mexico 
and hopes to expand operations abroad. The 
organization welcomes information and in- 
quiries about dance networks worldwide. 

Relevant publication: Information materials 

International Dance Alliance, Ltd. (IDA) 
1120 Broderick Street 
San Francisco, CA 94115 
(415) 922-0560 

Contact: Editor 

IDA promotes observance of International 
Dance Week every April with the help of its 
advisors in 21 countries. Affiliated with The 
World Dance Alliance, IDA also serves as a 
liaison upon request for selective regional 
projects of international importance and acts 
as a funding conduit as needed. 

Relevant publication: Newsletter 

Design Arts 

American Institute of Architects (AI A) 
1735 New York Avenue, NW 
Washington, DC 20006 
(202) 626-7300 

Contact: International Relations Program 

Through international member representation 


Service Organizations 

in the International Union of Architects 
(UIA), AIA has a commitment to fostering the 
international exchange of ideas in the field. 
UIA's mission is to unite architects throughout 
the world and to help them set up activities on 
an international level. Members of AIA are 
currently the largest constituent in UIA, and 
can participate in all UIA programs. 

Available travel fellowships: TheRTKL Travel- 
ling Fellowship is designed to encourage and 
support foreign travel for American students 
working toward a professional degree in an 
architecture program. The Richard Morris 
Hunt Fellowship is awarded to architects pur- 
suing a career in historic preservation. AIA 
offers this six-month work/study program to 
French and American citizens in alternate years. 

Relevant publications: Program brochures 

American Institute of Graphic Arts 


1059 3rd Avenue 
New York, NY 10021 
(212) 807-1990 

Contact: Director of Programs 

The American Institute of Graphic Arts pro- 
motes excellence in graphic design nationwide. 
AIGA sponsors competitions, exhibitions, pub- 
lications, professional seminars, educational 
activities and projects for its more than 8,000 
members. A biennial national conference cel- 
ebrating U.S. graphic design provides a forum 
for designers to discuss topics in the field. 
AIGA promotes international exchange 
through its International Initiative Program 
which presents lectures and exhibitions from 
diverse international design communities. 
AIGA sends several shows abroad and exhibits 
the works of foreign graphic artists in the 
United States. 

Relevant publications: AIGA Journal of 

Graphic Design, Graphic Design USA mag a- 
zine (annual) 

National Trust for Historic Preservation 

1785 Massachusetts Avenue, NW 
Washington, DC 20036 
(202) 673-4000 

Contact: Response Center 

The National Trust for Historic Preservation 
aims to promote the diverse character and 
meaning of American cultural heritage and 
preserve and revitalize the livability of U.S. 
communities by protecting America's historic 
environments. Although NTHP does not of- 
fer fellowships for overseas study, it does main- 
tain names of National Trusts in other nations . 

Relevant publication: Landmark Yellow 
Pages, 2nd edition 

World Monuments Fund (WMF) 
174 East 80th Street 
New York, NY 10021 
(212) 517-9367 

Contact: Program Administrator 

The goal of the World Monuments Fund is to 
assure the survival of outstanding artistic and 
architectural treasures in danger of loss or 
destruction. The Fund provides financial and 
technical support for restoration and conserva- 
tion projects, as well as for educational and 
advocacy endeavors. Although the World 
Monuments Fund does not have specific ser- 
vices for American artists working interna- 
tionally, it can provide contacts and informa- 

Relevant publications: Newsletter, informa- 
tional brochure 


Service Organizations 

Folk Arts 

American Craft Council (ACC) 
72 Spring Street 
New York, NY 10012 
(212) 274-0630 

Contact: Librarian 

The American Craft Council is a nonprofit, 
educational organization dedicated to pro- 
moting craftspeople and fostering appreciation 
of their work. As a national membership orga- 
nization, it provides specific benefits as well as 
the opportunity for members to share in ef- 
forts to support and promote the value of 
handcraftsmanship in U.S. culture. Focused 
on contemporary expression in fiber, clay, 
wood, glass, metal and other media, the 
Council's programs emphasize the importance 
of creativity, quality and integrity. The library 
has extensive reference collections on 20th- 
century craft that include over 5,000 books, 
6,000 exhibition catalogs and a wide selection 
of current national and international periodi- 
cals. A computerized Craft Registry provides 
biographical and pictorial information on ap- 
proximately 2,000 active craftspeople. The fo- 
cus of the collection is American craft, how- 
ever the library serves as a limited resource for 
information on crafts of other countries. The 
library is open to members weekday after- 
noons in person or by phone. Non-members 
should inquire about fee schedule for services. 

Relevant publications: American Craft (bi- 
monthly), membership brochure 

Center for Southern Folklore (CSF) 

130 Beale Street 
Memphis, TN 38103 
(901) 525-3655 

Contact: Executive Director 

The Center for Southern Folklore is a private 
nonprofit organization that documents and 
presents the people and traditions of the South. 
CSF produces films, books, exhibits, and events 
throughout the year with a major festival tak- 
ing place each mid-July. The Center operates a 
public exhibit and performance space on Beale 
Street and draws an international audience of 
performers, presenters, journalists, and artists 
who want to travel to showcase their work in 
Memphis and abroad. The Center hosts visit- 
ing foreign artists, and will work with U.S. 
artists to locate funding for projects abroad. 

Relevant publications: Fact sheet, informa- 
tional materials 


American Literary Translators Association 


P.O. Box 830688 (MC35) 

University of Texas at Dallas 


TX 75083-0688 

(214) 690-2093 

Contact: Director 

The American Literary Translators Associa- 
tion is an international resource and reference 
center for translators. ALTA facilitates inter- 
national exchange between writers through 
Translation Review and a quarterly ALTA 
newsletter. In addition, writers can communi- 
cate with prominent translators from around 
the world at annual workshops and translation 
symposia held at ALTA's Dallas office. ALTA 
also maintains a translation database that pro- 
vides a comprehensive bibliographical record 
of literary works in English translation. 

Relevant publication: Informational bulletin 


Service Organizations 

Associated Writing Programs (AWP) 
Old Dominion University 
Norfolk, VA 23529-0079 
(804) 683-3839 

Contact: Services Assistant 

This nonprofit association of writers, teachers, 
and creative writing organizations publishes a 
guide to creative writing programs, colonies, 
conferences, and centers. The guide includes 
summer conferences in Europe. 

Relevantpublication: The A WP Official Guide 
to Writing Programs 

Association of American University 
Presses, Inc. (AAUP) 
584 Broadway, Suite 410 
New York, NY 10012-3264 
(212) 941-6610 

Contact: Executive Director 

AAUP advances the interests of university 
press publishing and sponsors exhibits of its 
members' publications at major international 
book fairs. The association has sent delegations 
of university press staff overseas and has re- 
ceived international delegations to the United 
States. AAUP can provide U.S. university 
presses with contacts in the publishing field 

Relevant publications: Association of Amer- 
ican University Presses Directory, newsletter 

Conference of Small Magazine /Press 

Editors and Publishers (COSMEP), The 

International Association of Independent 


P.O. Box 420703 

San Francisco, CA 94142-0703 


Contact: Any staff member 

COSMEP provides support for individual 
members and publisher organizations in the 
United States. COSMEP Newsletter, a mon- 
thly, provides information on international 
opportunities and programs. COSMEP also 
offers its members cooperative representation 
at international book fairs such as the Frank- 
furt Book Fair. This is not a writers' organiza- 
tion and does not provide support for indi- 
vidual writers unless they are self-publishing. 

Relevant publications: Newsletter, informa- 
tional brochures 

Folger Shakespeare Library 

201 East Capitol Street SE 
Washington, DC 20003 
(202) 544-4600 

Contact: Reading Room Supervisor 

A research library, the Folger Shakespeare 
Library has an important collection of Shak- 
espeare's works, as well as an extensive range of 
other reference materials. An international 
community of researchers uses the Folger col- 
lections. The Folger Institute, a consortium of 
universities, allows scholars to explore issues in 
seminars and conferences. The Shakespeare 
Quarterly publishes the latest scholarship for 
readers across the country and abroad. The 
Library sponsors programs in education de- 
signed to bring Shakespeare to students through 
performances, classes, theater festivals, and 
hosted student/teacher workshops. 

Relevant publication: Shakespeare Quarterly 

The International Writers Center (IWC) 

Washington University 

Campus Box 1071 

1 Brookings Drive 

St. Louis, MO 63130-4899 


Contact: Associate Director 


Service Organizations 

IWC serves as a resource for writers working 
nationally or internationally. The Center spon- 
sors international conferences and literary read- 
ings, and hosts various international literary 
figures at Washington University. Because 
IWC is involved in international literary ac- 
tivities, staff members may be able to provide 
contacts or valuable information to those wish- 
ing to work in literary circles abroad. 

Relevant publication: Newsletter 

Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the 

Americas (LMDA) 

Box 355 Casta Cuny Grad Center 

33 Forty-Second Street 

New York, NY 10036 

(212) 642-2657 

Contact: Director 

Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the 
Americas promotes the growth of dramaturgi- 
cal professions and of theater in general by 
sponsoring a variety of projects and services. 
Because LMDA serves members in both the 
United States and Canada, the organization 
may be able to provide information to U.S. 
artists seeking opportunities in Canada. Addi- 
tionally, LMDA's National Theatre Transla- 
tion Fund supports play translations into 
American English. 

Relevant publications: LMDA Review, LMDA 
Script Exchange; LMDA Bibliography; National 
Theatre Translation Sourcebook 

lishers, editors, and translators. PEN aims to 
defend freedom of expression and the promo- 
tion of inter-cultural communication. Through 
protest letters, PEN's Freedom-to- Write Com- 
mittee and staff defends writers and journalists 
facing persecution throughout the world. 

Relevant publications: Handbook for Liter- 
ary Translators, informational material 

Poetry Center and American Poetry 

San Francisco State University 
1600 Holloway Avenue 
San Francisco, CA 94132 
(415) 338-2227 

Contact: Operations/Business Manager 

The Poetry Center has presented regular read- 
ings since 1953. In 1974 it launched the Amer- 
ican Poetry Archives, which now holds the 
largest publicly circulating collection of audio 
and videotapes of literary readings and per- 
formances in the United States. The Center/ 
Archives' literary program strives to represent 
the cultural, aesthetic, and geographic diver- 
sity of American poetry, fiction, playwriting, 
individual performance writing, and other 
genres; literary readings also feature a few 
international writers each year. The Poetry 
Center and American Poetry Archives are 
involved in international literary activities, 
and may be able to provide information or 
contacts to those wanting to work in literary 
circles abroad. 

PEN American Center 

568 Broadway 

New York, NY 10012 

(212) 334-1660 

Contact: Program Director 

PEN's American Center is a member of Inter- 
national PEN, an association of writers, pub- 

Relevant publications: American Poetry 
Archives News, Poetry Center/American Poetry 
Archives Catalogue (of video and audio tape 


Service Organizations 

Poetry Society of America (PSA) 
15 Gramercy Park 
New York, NY 10003 
(215) 254-9628 

Contact: Director 

The Poetry Society of America aims to present 
at least one international program annually. In 
the past, PSA has sponsored poetry readings 
and festivals in New York featuring poets from 
Italy, Greece, Ireland, England, and the Carib- 
bean. Other recent initiatives have included a 
reading tour of England featuring Native 
American poets (co-sponsored by the Poetry 
Society of Great Britain). 

Relevant publications: PSA News, informa- 
tional material 

Translation Center 

412 Dodge Hall, Columbia University 
New York, NY 10027 
(212) 854-4500 

Contact: Director 

This nonprofit literary organization publishes 
its own magazines and books. It also gives 
professional advice to individuals involved in 
literary translation. The Center emphasizes 
cooperation and collaboration with cultural 
groups around the world to benefit writers, 
editors and translators. 

Relevant publication: Informational material 

Unterberg Poetry Center of the 
92d Street Y 

1395 Lexington Avenue 
New York, NY 10128 
(212) 415-5760 

Contact: Director 

The Unterberg Poetry Center, part of the 92nd 

Street Y's Tisch Center for the Arts, has been 
a platform for American and international 
literary figures since its founding in 1939. The 
Poetry Center has presented such major mod- 
ern poets as W.H. Auden, T.S. Eliot, Robert 
Frost, Langston Hughes, Marianne Moore, 
Pablo Neruda and Dylan Thomas; recent au- 
thors have included Octavio Paz, Nadine 
Gordimer, Anthony Burgess, Toni Morrison, 
and V.S. Naipul. The Poetry Center's Main 
Reading Series, from September to May of 
each year, now brings over 75 authors (poets, 
fiction writers, essayists and playwrights) from 
around the world to read from their work in 
Kaufmann Concert Hall at the 92nd Street Y. 
The Poetry Center also sponsors a lecture 
series on literary biography, featuring biogra- 
phers from America and abroad; a competitive 
writing program; and the Discovery /The Na- 
tion Poetry Contest. The Poetry Center main- 
tains contacts with other literary presenting 
organizations in this country and abroad. 

Season brochure, 

Relevant publications: 


Writer's Center 

4508 Walsh Street 
Bethesda, MD 20815 
(301) 654-8664 

Contact: Director 

The Writer's Center provides writers with 
training and support, workspace, information 
and public programs, communications facili- 
ties, and other services. The Center hosts many 
international visitors interested in learning 
about grassroots, non-academic literary activ- 
ity, particularly nonprofit literary presses. The 
Center always welcomes visitors. Writers who 
can give the Center a long lead time may have 
opportunities to present readings. 

Relevant publications: Carousel, Poet Lore 


Service Organizations 

Media Arts 

American Film Institute (AFI) 

John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing 



DC 20566 

(202) 828^000 

Contact: Director 

The American Film Institute is a nonprofit 
organization dedicated to preserving the heri- 
tage of film and television; identifying and 
training new talent; and increasing recognition 
and understanding of the moving image as an 
art form. AFI is an educational institution, 
exhibitor and museum. Through a series of 
inter-related programs emanating from its of- 
fices in Washington, DC, New York City and 
Los Angeles, AFI focuses on preservation, train- 
ing and advocacy. Training programs include 
the Center for Advanced Film and Television 
Studies, Advanced Technology Programs, a 
state-of-the-art digital training program and 
other internship and grants programs. AFI 
membership currently numbers 100,000 from 
the 50 states and many foreign countries. AFI 
can provide U.S. arts organizations with con- 
tacts abroad and information. 

Relevant publication: American Film Maga- 
zine of the Film and Television Arts 

American Women in Radio and 
Television, Inc. (AWRT) 
1650 Tyson Boulevard, Suite 200 
McLean, VA 22102 
(703) 506-3290 

Contact: Coordinator of Association Services 

AWRT is a national association of profession- 
als employed in the broadcasting industry and 
allied fields. Under the administration of its 
educational foundation, AWRT has had an 

International Broadcasters program since 1962. 
This program provides women in broadcast- 
ing from Asia, Europe, South America, Cen- 
tral America and Africa with an opportunity 
to view and become familiar with various 
aspects of the U.S. system of broadcasting. 
AWRT may be an excellent resource for for- 
eign contacts in the broadcasting field and for 
U.S. broadcast entities wishing to host profes- 
sionals from abroad. 

Relevant publication: Newsletter 

Association of Independent Video and 
Filmmakers (ATVF)/Foundation for 
Independent Video and Film (FTVF) 
625 Broadway, 9th Floor 
New York, 
NY 10012 
(212) 473-3400 

Contact: Information Services Associate 

ATVF/FIVF is a membership organization for 
independent media makers in the United States, 
with members in many foreign countries as 
well. The organization publishes comprehen- 
sive guides to distributors, festivals, and over- 
seas production, as well as The Independent, a 
monthly magazine. ATVF/FIVF offers work- 
shops and seminars that give members the 
opportunity to meet video and film program- 
mers, distributors, flinders, and producers. In 
addition, ArVF/FrVF offers health, disability, 
equipment, and production insurance, consul- 
tations on festivals and distribution, and trade 
discounts on a range of products and services. 

Relevant publications: The Independent; 
AIVF Guide to International Film & Video 
Festivals; AIVF Guide to Film and Video Dis- 
tributors; Directory of Film and Video Resources 
in Latin America and the Caribbean 


Service Organizations 

Council on International Non-Theatrical 

Events (CINE) 

1001 Connecticut Avenue NW, 

Suite 638 

Washington, DC 20036 


Contact: Executive Director 

The Council on International Nontheatrical 
Events is a resource center for U.S. film and 
video producers working toward international 
recognition of their work. CINE sponsors two 
annual national competitions of U.S. films and 
videos and enters the winners in worldwide 
competitions and festivals. In addition, CINE 
publishes a biannual newsletter, CINE News, 
providing additional information about in- 
ternational competitions and events. 

Relevant publications: Worldwide Dictionary 
of Film and Video Festivals and Events-, Annual 
CINE Yearbook; newsletter; application 

Corporation for Public Broadcasting 


International Activities 

901 E Street NW 

Washington, DC 20004-2006 

(202) 879-9727 

Contact: Administrative Assistant, Interna- 
tional Activities 

The Corporation for Public Broadcasting is 
the primary national organization charged with 
the growth and development of public radio 
and television in the United States. CPB's 
office of International Activities (IA) works 
with U.S. public broadcasting producers and 
organizations to help lay groundwork for ac- 
tivities abroad. IA also provides international 
producers and broadcasting organizations with 
better access to U.S. public broadcasting pro- 
gramming, facilities, producers, organizations, 
and resources. Though IA does not fund pro- 

grams, it can provide guidance for producers 
interested in international co-production, mar- 
keting and distribution, acquisition, and co- 
financing. On a limited basis, it supports projects 
benefitting the U.S. public broadcasting 
system's international interests. 

Relevant publication: News and information 

Independent Feature Project (IFP) 


132 West 21st Street, 6th Floor 

New York, NY 10011 

(212) 243-7777 

Contact: IFP Abroad Coordinator 

The Independent Feature Project is a non- 
profit membership organization of indepen- 
dent filmmakers. Through year-round pro- 
gramming, the annual Independent Feature 
Film Market, and IFP/Abroad, IFP educates 
and assists independent filmmakers in the de- 
velopment, production, marketing, and distri- 
bution of their projects. IFP pursues advocacy 
activity on behalf of independent cinema with 
the domestic and international industry and 
serves as a link between the creative and busi- 
ness communities. Through its IFP/Abroad 
program, IFP promotes U.S. independent film- 
making at festivals and participates annually at 
CineMart/Rotterdam Film Festival, Berlin 
International Film Festival, and Cannes Inter- 
national Film Festival. 

Relevant publications: Filmmaker Magazine; 
IFFM Company Directory; international pro- 
gram information; calls for entries; newsletter 

National Alliance for Media Arts and 

Culture (NAMAC) 

655 13th Street, Suite 201 

Oakland, CA 94612 



Service Organizations 

Contact: Program Coordinator 

The National Alliance for Media Arts and 
Culture is an association of organizations and 
individuals dedicated to building a broad vi- 
sion of diversity and equality, decentralization 
and participation in the media arts; audio, film, 
video, and other sound and image technolo- 
gies. NAMAC's goals are to make media arts 
organizations an integral part of the commu- 
nity; to ensure that independent media artists 
from all cultural communities receive the rec- 
ognition and support they merit; to integrate 
media into all levels of education and to pro- 
mote media literacy as an educational goal; to 
foster humane uses of and individual access to 
current and future media technologies; and to 
encourage media arts that are rooted in com- 
munities and/or are global in outlook. While 
primarily focusing on domestic organizations 
and issues, NAMAC maintains relations with 
similar organizations in other countries. 
NAMAC is currently building a database of 
international resources. 

Relevant publications: Media Arts Informa- 
tion Network (MAIN); NAMAC Member Direc- 
tory; monthly newsletter 

National Asian American 
Telecommunications Association 


346 9th, Second Floor 
San Francisco, CA 94103 
(415) 863-0814 

Contact: Executive Director 

NAATA's dual mission is to advance the ideal 
of the United States as a pluralistic society 
where diverse cultures and people are equally 
empowered and respected, and to promote 
better understanding of the Asian Pacific expe- 
rience through film, video, and radio to the 
broadest audience possible. Programs include 
the annual San Francisco Asian American In- 

ternational Film Festival, non-broadcast edu- 
cational distribution of film and video, Media 
Grants for production and development of 
film and video by and about Asian Americans, 
and local and national Public Broadcasting 

Relevant publications: Asian American Net- 
work; annual requests for proposals; newslet- 
ter (quarterly) 

National Black Programming Consortium 


929 Harrison Avenue, Suite 101 

Columbus, OH 43125 

(614) 299-5355 

Contact: Special Projects Coordinator 

The National Black Programming Consor- 
tium serves as a link between member Public 
Broadcasting System stations, independent pro- 
ducers and the viewing public. The 
organization's mission is to support and foster 
the development, production and distribution 
of television and film by and about African 
Americans. Programs include: PrizedPieces, an 
international video/film competition, award 
ceremony and festival showcasing achievement 
in the development, production, and presenta- 
tion of programming by and about people of 
African descent, and Request for Proposals (RFP) 
which supports producers of Black-oriented 
programs targeted for public television audi- 

Relevant publication: Informational packet 

Native American Public Broadcasting 
Consortium, Inc. (NAPBC) 

1800 North 33rd Street, Suite 309 
Lincoln, NE 68501 
(402) 472-3522 

Contact: Development and Marketing Man- 


Service Organizations 

The Native American Public Broadcasting 
Consortium serves as the link between public 
television stations, independent producers and 
the viewing public. The mission of NAPBC is 
"to produce and encourage the production and 
successful use of quality public telecommuni- 
cations programming by and about Native 
Americans, for both Native American and 
general audiences." The Native American video 
library currently maintains 175 programs on 
Native American arts, ceremony, children, 
economy, education, history, lifestyle and 
multi-cultural relations; these programs are 
available to schools, libraries and for home 
video use. NAPBC Development Grants sup- 
port producers of Native American programs 
targeted for national public television audi- 


Relevant publications: NAPBC Catalog of Pro- 
gramming, informational brochure 


American Association of Museums (AAM) 
1225 Eye Street NV 
Washington, DC 20005 
(202) 289-1818 

Contact: Director of International Programs 

The American Association of Museums is the 
national service organization for museums in 
the United States. Its Department of Interna- 
tional Programs administers "International 
Partnerships Among Museums" (IP AM) which 
links U.S. museums with counterpart institu- 
tions abroad through the development and 
implementation of cooperative projects. This 
program aims to establish sustainable links 
between museums and to encourage an inter- 
cultural exchange of ideas. IP AM does not 
specify project type and will accept project 
proposals in a broad range of areas, from mu- 
seum operation to exhibition development. 
AAM publishes A VISO, a monthly newsletter 

addressing current issues, and an employment 
newsletter with job and internship listings. 

Relevant publications: International Part- 
nerships Among Museums; Arts Employment 
Newsletter, newsletter; informational brochure 

American Federation of Arts (AFA) 
41 East 65 Street 
New York, NY 10021 
(212) 988-7700 

Contact: Director 

The primary mission of the AFA is the organi- 
zation and circulation in the United States and 
abroad of significant art exhibitions, covering 
a broad range of contemporary and traditional 
visual arts expression (fine arts, decorative arts, 
photography, film and video). AFA exhibi- 
tions frequently bring the work of foreign 
artists to U.S. audiences, such as Short Films 
from Latin America, The Jewelry of Tone 
Vigeland, and French Oil Sketches and the Aca- 
demic Tradition. AFA exhibition tours often 
include foreign venues, such as In Our Time: 
The World as Seen by Magnum Photographers, 
which reached audiences throughout Europe, 
Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Korea and 
Taiwan; Art of the Himalayas: Treasures from 
Nepal and Tibet which was presented at three 
Australian museums; Sounding Forms: African 
Musical Instruments, presented in Paris at the 
Louvre; Before Hollywood: Tum-ofthe-Cen- 
turyFilmfrom American Archives, which toured 
the Americas and Europe; and the extensive 
biannual international tours of The Whitney 
Biennial Film/Video Exhibition. Many AFA 
exhibitions are collaborations with member 
museums while others are generated by inde- 
pendent curators working in cooperation with 
the AFA. In addition to exhibitions, other 
services offered by the AFA include the Tech- 
nical Assistance Program that helps member 
museums implement tours of their own exhi- 
bitions, and management training for mid to 


Service Organizations 

senior-level museum professionals through the 
Museum Management Institute, an operating 
program of the J. Paul Getty Trust adminis- 
tered by the AFA. The AFA is not a grant- 
making organization, and offers programs and 
services for museums and cultural centers only. 
Institutional membership is open to U.S. and 
foreign organizations. 

Relevant publications: Memo to Members; 
Exhibi-tions Program Catalogue; Annual Re- 
port; newsletter; informational brochure; ap- 

Independent Curators, Inc. (ICI) 
799 Broadway, Suite 205 
New York, NY 10003 
(212) 254-8200 

Contact: Executive Director 

Independent Curators Incorporated organizes 
and circulates exhibitions of contemporary art 
traveling to venues throughout the United 
States, Canada, Europe, Mexico and elsewhere. 
ICI accepts proposals for projects from indi- 
vidual artists and curators, but will not circu- 
late previously mounted exhibitions or one- 
artist shows. Potential applicants should re- 
quest guidelines for specific programs before 
submitting a proposal. 

Relevant publications: Informational bro- 
chure, guidelines 

Museum Services International (MSI) 
Kennedy Exhibitions Center 
1100 16th Street NW 
Washington, DC 20036 
(202) 462-6176 

Contact: Director 

This nonprofit organization provides consult- 
ing services to museums worldwide on many 
aspects of museum operation, such as exhibi- 

tion design, management, and touring. MSI 
can offer technical expertise, a working knowl- 
edge of the field, as well as museum contacts 

Relevant publications: Museum Security and 
Protection (a handbook for cultural heritage 


American Institute of Musical Studies 


6621 Snider Plaza 

Dallas, TX 75205-1351 

Contact: General Director 

AIMS is an educational institution designed to 
help promising young classical musicians and 
singers make the transition into professional 
careers. The Institute's campus in Graz, Aus- 
tria, exposes selected U.S. opera singers and 
musicians to training and career opportunities 
in Europe. Financial assistance is available for 
qualified performers. 

Relevant publications: Informational mate- 

American Music Center (AMC) 
30 West 26th Street, Suite 1001 
New York, NY 10010 
(212) 366-5260 

Contact: Executive Director 

AMC is an information and documentation 
center for American music. It can answer ques- 
tions about U.S. composers and their work. 
The AMC library includes more than 50,000 
scores, records and tapes and the NEA's Com- 
poser Program Collection. Score borrowing 
privileges are available for members in the 
United States, foreign music information cen- 
ters, and USIS libraries abroad. 


Service Organizations 

Relevant publications: Opportunity Updates 
(monthly), Membership Directory; topic spe- 
cific publications 

American Symphony Orchestra League 

777 14th Street NW Suite 500 
Washington, DC 20005-3201 
(202) 628-0099 

Contact: Information Center Specialist/Me- 
mbership Coordinator 

ASOL provides leadership and services to en- 
sure the artistic, organizational, and financial 
strength of U.S. orchestras while com- 
municating the value of orchestras to the 
American public. The League offers service 
memberships to conductors and administra- 
tors and maintains a liaison with affiliated 
orchestras and orchestral associations abroad. 

Relevant publications: Symphony magazine; An- 
nual Directory; Professional Affiliate Service 

Chamber Music America (CMA) 
545 8th Avenue 
New York, NY 10018 
(212) 244-2772 

Contact: Technical Assistance 

CMA is the membership service organization 
for the chamber music community, including 
professionals and amateurs. Services and ben- 
efits include numerous publications, low-cost 
instrument insurance, health and life insur- 
ance, technical assistance, grant programs, con- 
ferences and workshops. 

Relevant publications: Chamber Music (quar- 
terly); Annual Directory; biennial directory 
of summer chamber music workshops, schools 
and festivals; technical assistance bulletin (quar- 
terly); education bulletin (quarterly). 

International Association of Jazz 
Educators (IAJE) 
P.O. Box 724 

Manhattan, KS 66502 
(913) 776-8744 

Contact: Administrator 

The International Association of Jazz Educa- 
tors aims to assure the continued worldwide 
growth and development of jazz and jazz edu- 
cation. To advance its mission, IAJE initiates 
programs that nurture and promote the under- 
standing and appreciation of jazz and its heri- 
tage; provides leadership to educators regard- 
ing curricula, aesthetics, and performance; as- 
sists teachers and practitioners with informa- 
tion and resources; and takes an active part in 
organizing climes, festivals and symposia at 
local, regional, national and international lev- 
els. IAJE's Section Coordinators in Australia, 
Asia, Canada, Europe, Japan, Latin America, 
South Africa and the United States coordinate 
membership and activities. 

Relevant publications: The Jazz Educators 
Journal, informational brochure 

Meet the Composer, Inc. 

2112 Broadway, Suite 505 
New York, NY 10023 
(212) 787-3601 

Contact: Public Affairs 

Meet The Composer is a service and funding 
organization for American composers that 
awards grants for composer fees to nonprofit 
organizations that perform, present, or com- 
mission works in any style, including concert, 
jazz, folk, ethnic, opera, musical theater, dance, 
broadcast, and electronic music. A small por- 
tion of its grants go to composers from abroad. 

Relevant publications: Composers in the Mar- 
ketplace: How to Earn a Living Writing 


Service Organizations 

Music, Commissioning Music, Guide to Copy- 
right/or Musicians and Composers 

National Jazz Service Organization 


P.O. Box 50152 

Washington, DC 20091 

(202) 347-2604 

Contact: Executive Director or Technical Assis- 
tance Coordinator 

National Jazz Service Organization members 
include jazz artists and enthusiasts, managers, 
journalists, performing arts centers and pre- 
senters, radio stations, record companies, jazz 
clubs, colleges and universities, and regional, 
state and local arts agencies from across the 
United States, Canada, and overseas. Services 
and programs include NJSO Publications, 
NJSO data, a technical assistance program, and 
the Lila Wallace-Reader's Digest National Jazz 
Network, as well as ongoing informational 

Relevant publications: NJSO Journal (quar- 
terly); informational brochures; topic-specific 


Opera America 

777 14th Street NW, Suite 520 
Washington, DC 20005-3287 
(202) 347-9262 

Contact: Information Service Director or Mem- 
ber-ship Coordinator 

Opera America serves professional opera com- 
panies, individual performing artists and affili- 
ated organizations and professionals in the 
field of opera/musical theater. The infor- 
mational, technical and financial services of- 
fered at Opera America constitute a com- 
prehensive national and international resource 
for artists that includes venues and training 
institutes abroad. Numerous publications pro- 

vide useful information about the activities 
and operations of its members and the field. 

Relevant publication: Informational brochure 

World Music Institute (WMI) 
109 West 27th Street, Room 9C 
New York, NY 10001 
(212) 545-7536 

Contact: Director 

WMI promotes the creation and dissemination 
of traditional world music. It offers access to 
foreign recordings, and up-to-date information 
about traditional performers from Asia, the 
Middle East, Africa, Latin America and the 
Caribbean. WMI arranges tours of the United 
States by performers from these regions and 
coordinates exchange programs. 

Relevant publications: The Art of Qawwali: 
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan; Voices of the Americas: 
Traditional Music and Dance from North, South 
and Central America; Maqam: Music of the 
Islamic World and its Influences; Festival of In- 
dia: Masters of Indian Music 


Dramatists Guild, Inc. 

234 West 44th Street, Penthouse 
New York, NY 10036-3909 
(212) 398-9366 

Contact: President or Executive Director 

The Dramatists Guild is a professional asso- 
ciation of playwrights, composers and lyri- 
cists, with more than 7,000 members world- 
wide. The Guild offers its members the follow- 
ing activities and services: use of the Guild's 
contracts; advice on all theatrical contracts; a 
nationwide toll-free number for all members 
with business or contract questions or prob- 
lems; advice and information on a wide spec- 


Service Organizations 

trum of issues affecting writers; free and/or 
discounted ticket service; symposia led by ex- 
perienced professionals in major cities nation- 
wide; access to insurance programs; a reference 
library; a meeting room and a Committee for 

Relevant publications: The Dramatists Guild 
Quar-terly, Resource Directory, newsletter 

Movement Theatre International (MTI) 
3700 Chestnut Street 
Philadelphia, PA 19104 
(215) 382-0600 

Contact: President and Artistic Director 

Movement Theatre International presents an 
annual festival of performing arts events focus- 
ing on mime, clowning and movement theater 
of all nations. An institute for movement stud- 
ies complements the festival. MTI also pro- 
vides networking, advocacy and consulting 
services to the movement theater field and 
commissions new work by innovative artists. 
The organization offers referrals, mailing lists 
and distributes a monthly newsletter. 

Relevant publications: MimeNet newsletter; 
International Movement Theatre Festival bro- 
chure; general information packet 

International Theater Institute of the 
United States, Inc. (ITI/US) 
220 West 42nd Street 
New York, NY 10036 
(212) 944-149 

Contact: Director 

The International Theater Institute of the 
United States is dedicated to the international 
exchange of ideas, techniques and information 
among theater professionals. ITI/US serves as 
the U.S. center for the International Theater 
Institute. As of August 1993, ITI's network 

counted 89 member centers throughout the 
world. This global network serves as a means 
of exchange among theater artists and as a 
resource for theater communities worldwide. 
ITI/US maintains a consulting service for U.S. ■ 
theater artists planning to work internation- 
ally and helps visiting foreign artists by facili- 
tating initial contacts and providing an intro- 
duction to professional theater in the United 
States. They also maintain an international 
theater library and reference service. ITI/US 
provides some funding to theater professionals 
for specific activities involving international 
travel that advance ITI/US' mission. They do 
not fund foreign study or international pro- 

Relevant publications: Newsletter (quarter- 


Theatre Communications Group (TCG) 

355 Lexington Avenue 
New York, NY 10024 
(212) 697-5230 

Contact: Executive Director and Deputy Di- 

Theatre Communications Group, the national 
organization for American theater, provides 
centralized services that facilitate the work of 
actors, artistic and managing directors, play- 
wrights, literary managers, directors, design- 
ers, trustees and administrative personnel, as 
well as a constituency of more than 300 theater 
institutions across the country. TCG's chief 
programs include grants, fellowships and awards 
to theater artists and institutions; conferences, 
workshops and roundtables; government af- 
fairs; surveys and research; a national arts em- 
ployment bulletin; and a publications pro- 
gram. TCG strives to foster interchange with 
theater colleagues from other countries and 
cultures. It provides information and consulta- 
tion for international programs and to foreign 
governments. TCG invites distinguished inter- 


Service Organizations 

national theater colleagues to speak and per- 
form at the biennial TCG National Confer- 
ences; publishes translations and adaptations 
in the TCG Translations book series of plays 
and anthologies; serves as an information cen- 
ter to provide materials about the American 
theater to theater artists abroad and to expose 
American theater professionals to the work of 
foreign theater artists; provides coverage of 
important international work and annual sched- 
ules of international summer theater festivals 
and important international productions in 
American Theatre Magazine; distributes publi- 
cations from Britain's Nick Hern Books and 
Absolute Classics, Amsterdam's International 
Theater Bookshop and UBU Repertory The 
ater Publications in the United States. TCG's 
pilot International Observership Program fa- 
cilitates artist exchanges with Brazil and Mexico. 

Relevant publications: American Theatre 
Magazine; Theatre Profiles; 70 books including 
plays, anthologies, criticism, theory and refer- 
ence books 

Visual Arts 

American Council for the Arts (ACA) 
1 East 53rd Street 
New York, NY 10022 
(212) 223-2787 

eluding international opportunities. 

Relevant publications: Money for International 
Exchange in the Arts; factsheets; list of publi- 
cations; informational bulletins 


12 South 1st Street, Suite 520 
San Jose, CA 95113 
(800) 733-2916 (CA only) 
(408) 279-2293 

Contact: Publisher or Editor-in-Chief 

Published twice monthly, Artweek magazine 
provides coverage of the West Coast's con- 
temporary visual arts, including exhibition 
reviews, art world news, cultural events, fea- 
tures, and interviews. In addition, Artweek 
publishes information on competition oppor- 
tunities in every issue, and puts out an annual 
listing of artist residency programs. 

Relevant publication: Artweek is available 
by subscription. 

College Art Association (CAA) 
275 7th Avenue 
New York, 
NY 10001 
(212) 691-1051 

Contact: Director of Library and Clearing- 

The American Council for the Arts is a non- 
profit, national organization dedicated to pro- 
moting public policies that will benefit Ameri- 
can arts and artists. In conjunction with the 
Marie Walsh Sharpe Art Foundation, ACA 
created a Visual Artist Information Hotline (1- 
800-232-2789) that is available to all individual 
American visual artists weekdays between 2 
and 5 pm (EST). This is primarily a referral 
service providing information on a wide vari- 
ety of programs available to visual artists, in- 

Contact: Executive Director 

The College Art Association promotes excel- 
lence in both the scholarly and creative aspects 
of art. It is open to an international member- 
ship that includes those who are concerned 
with the practice of art, or with research in the 
visual arts. In addition to providing publica- 
tion opportunities, conferences and career de- 
velopment options for its membership, the 
Association offers CAA Careers, a listing of 
employment opportunities for artists, art his- 
torians, and other visual arts professionals in 
North America. The Association can provide 


Service Organizations 

members with exhibition information and ideas 
for executing projects abroad. 

Relevant publications: The Art Bulletin; CAA 
Careers; informational brochure 

International Artists Support Group 


3001 Veazey Terrace NW Suite 719 

Washington, DC 20008 

(202) 362-9477 

Contact: Director 

The International Artists Support Group is a 
volunteer networking organization open to all 
visual artists. Local monthly meetings provide 
artists with the opportunity to discuss local, 
national and international art issues. A close- 
knit membership enables IASG to offer mem- 
bers networking opportunities for work and 
contacts abroad. 

Relevant publication: Newsletter 

International Sculpture Center (ISC) 

1050 17th Street NW Suite 250 
Washington, DC 20036-5503 
(202) 785-1144 

Contact: Director 

The International Sculpture Center is a non- 
profit membership organization dedicated to 
the advancement of professional sculptors and 
the promotion of contemporary sculpture. 
Most programs, including international con- 
ferences and symposia, are offered to the gen- 
eral public for a fee and to members at a 
reduced rate. The ISC manages Sculpture 
Source, a computerized artist referral service 
for contemporary sculpture, which links sculp- 
tors with those seeking to commission, ex- 
hibit, or purchase sculpture. 

Relevant publications: Sculpture magazine 

(bi-monthly), Maquette international listing of 
competitions, scholarships, and grants 

National Sculpture Society (NSS) 
1177 Avenue of the Americas 
New York, NY 10036 
(212) 764-5645 

Contact: Executive Director 

The National Sculpture Society is a service 
organization for professional figurative sculp- 
tors. Membership is competitive and includes 
both U.S. and foreign sculptors. The Society 
annually awards the annual Alex J. Ettl Grant 
to a figurative or realist sculptor who has 
demonstrated excellence and commitment to 
the field. Applicants must be U.S. citizens and 
cannot be members of NSS. 

Relevant publication: Guidelines 

Photographic Resource Center (PRC) 

Boston University 

602 Commonwealth Avenue 

Boston, MA 02215 

(617) 353-0700 

Contact: Program Director 

The Photographic Resource Center sponsors 
exhibitions and lecture series and provides 
members with access to the Aaron Siskind 
Library; a resource for photographic research. 
PRC also sponsors the biennial Godowsky 
Award for Color Photography focusing on 
different regions of the world. In the past, 
they have presented exhibitions from El Salva- 
dor, Hungary and Germany. 

Relevant publications: VIEWS The Journal 
of Photography in New England; newsletter; 
membership brochure; informational materi- 


Service Organizations 

U.S. Committee of the International 
Association of Art, Inc. 

P.O. Box 28068 
Central Station 
Washington, DC 20038 
(202) 628-9633 
(800) 727-6232 

Contact: President 

This association represents painters, sculptors, 
engravers and other professional artists prac- 
ticing the visual arts in 80 countries on five 
continents. It exists to contribute to artistic 
development within each country, to sustain 
contact between artists of all countries, and to 
protect the interests of artists everywhere. The 
association provides information, contacts, pub- 
lications and other types of assistance to its 

Relevant publication: IAA Bulletin 

Visual Artists and Galleries Association 


1133 6th Avenue, 45th Floor 

New York, NY 10036 

(212) 840-1805 

Contact: Executive Director 

Visual Artists and Galleries Association is an 
artists' rights organization and copyright col- 
lective working to ensure that artistic works 
are licensed before they are reproduced and 
that artists receive appropriate fees for the use 
of their work. VAGA protects artist members' 
copyrights; provides art licensing, reproduc- 
tion rights clearance and royalties collection 
for artists; promotes members' works for re- 
production; provides advice concerning copy- 
right and artists' rights issues; maintains a legal 
hotline; and maintains a membership with the 
Confederation Internationale des Societes 
d'Auteurs et Compositeurs (CISAC). An in- 

ternational network of sister societies ensures 
that members of VAGA are both represented 
and reproduced legally abroad. In turn, VAGA 
represents foreign artists from its sister societ- 
ies to art publishers in the United States. Non- 
members can call with basic questions on copy- 
right or artists' rights, but detailed help is 
reserved for members. 

Relevant publication: Newsletter 

Culture-Specific Service Organizations 

Alliance Francaise de Washington 

2142 Wyoming Avenue, NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 234-7911 

Contact: Director 

The Alliance Francaise aims to promote Franco- 
American amity. It offers exhibitions, concerts 
and conferences and maintains a library of 
French literature. The Alliance may be able to 
provide artists with information about ex- 
change opportunities and arts festivals in 

Relevant publication: Monthly bulletin 

American Academy in Rome (AAR) 

7 East 60th Street 

New York, NY 10022-1001 

(212) 751-7220 

Contact: Fellowships Coordinator 

The American Academy in Rome awards Rome 
prize fellowships in architecture, design arts, 
landscape architecture, conservation, historic 
preservation, literature, musical composition, 
visual arts, classical studies, archaeology, his- 
tory of art, modern Italian studies and post- 
classical humanistic studies. The Academy 
offers individuals of exceptional promise or 
achievement the opportunity to pursue inde- 


Service Organizations 

pendent work for six months to two years at 
the Academy. Those selected receive a stipend, 
room and board, a study or a studio, and full 
access to the library and other facilities. Appli- 
cants should include field(s) of interest when 
requesting information. 

Relevant publication: Guidelines 

American Council for the Study of Islamic 

41^421 SAC, 800 Lancaster Avenue 
Villanova University 
Villanova, PA 19085 
(610) 519-4791 

Contact: Administrative Assistant 

The Council is designed to offer opportunities 
to scholars engaged in the study of Muslim 
societies and states in the world from religious, 
cultural, economic and political perspectives. 
Scholars with an interest in Muslim arts and 
culture can gain valuable information for 
projects abroad. The Council holds regular 
conferences and hosts foreign lecturers. 

Relevant publication: Journal of South Asian 
and Middle Eastern Studies (quarterly) 

Americas Society 

680 Park Avenue 
New York, NY 10021 
(212) 249-8950 

Contact: Directors of Visual Arts, Literature, 
Latin American Affairs, or Canadian Affairs 

The Americas Society seeks to foster a better 
understanding in the United States about the 
cultures and societies of its Western Hemi- 
sphere neighbors. To enhance U.S. public 
awareness and appreciation of the rich artistic 
and cultural traditions of Latin America, 
Canada, and the Caribbean, the Americas So- 
ciety organizes exhibitions, publishes art cata- 

logues, and a biannual magazine, Latin Ameri- 
can Literature and Arts. In addition, the society 
offers lectures, symposia, readings, and work- 
shops on cultural issues throughout the year. 

Relevant publications: Latin American Lit- 
erature and Arts (bi-annual), exhibition cata- 

Asian Cultural Council (ACC) 
1290 Avenue of the Americas 
New York, NY 10104 
(212) 373-4300 

Contact: Any program staff 

This foundation supports cultural exchange in 
the visual and performing arts between the 
United States and Asia. ACC provides fellow- 
ships to Asian artists, scholars, and specialists 
for research, study, travel, and creative work in 
the United States. Fellowships generally range 
from one to twelve months and provide round- 
trip international air transportation, per diem, 
domestic travel, maintenance, medical insur- 
ance allowances, and miscellaneous expenses. 
In addition, a few grants have been awarded to 
U.S. citizens pursuing similar activities in Asia 
and to institutions involved in cultural ex- 
change. The Council also grants partial fellow- 

Relevant publications: Informational bro- 
chure with application 

Association for Asian Studies, Inc. (AAS) 

One Lane Hall 

University of Michigan 

Ann Arbor, MI 48109 


Contact: Director 

The Association for Asian Studies is a schol- 
arly, nonprofit professional association open 
to all persons interested in Asian studies. AAS 

Service Organizations 

seeks to facilitate contact and exchange of 
information among scholars and to improve 
general awareness of Asia through publica- 
tions, meetings and seminars. AAS may be able 
to provide artists with contacts in Asia, and in 
the Asian-American community. Its affiliate 
organizations include the Museum Committee 
for Asian Art and Culture and American Com- 
mittee/or South Asian Art. 

Relevant publications: Journal of Asian Stud- 
ies; Bibliography of Asian Studies; doctoral dis- 
sertations on Asia; newsletter 

Association of Hispanic Arts, Inc. (AHA) 
173 East 116th Street 
New York, 
NY 10029 
(212) 860-5445 

Contact: Director for Technical Assistance 

The Association of Hispanic Arts is dedicated 
to the advancement and promotion of Latino 
artists and arts organizations. AHA's database 
provides detailed information about Latino 
artists and organizations and the cultural envi- 
ronment within which they work. AHA also 
has information about fellowships, grants, job 
openings and other opportunities for Latino 
artists and offers technical assistance programs 
to both individuals and organizations. Their 
publication, AHA Hispanic Arts News, outlines 
opportunities, contemporary work, and criti- 
cal reviews of Latino artists and their work. 

Relevant publications: AHA Hispanic Arts 
News, Directory of Services 

America-Italy Society, Inc. 

3 East 48th Street 
New York, 
NY 10017 
(212) 980-1965 

The America-Italy Society is a private, non- 
profit organization that promotes cultural and 
educational exchange between the United States 
and Italy. The Society hosts leading Italian 
cultural representatives, keeps a contact list of 
Americans working on Italian matters and 
maintains close contact with Italian diplomatic 
and cultural offices. These connections enable 
the Society to function as an important link 
between the United States and Italy. The Soci- 
ety also runs an Italian language program. 

Relevant publication: Newsletter 

America-Mideast Educational and 
Training Services, Inc. (AMIDEAST) 

1100 17th Street NW 
DC 20036-4601 
(202) 785-0022 

Contact: President 

America-Mideast Educational and Training 
Services promotes understanding and cooper- 
ation between Americans and the people of the 
Middle East and North Africa. AMIDEAST 
offers educational and training programs in the 
United States for professionals from the Middle 
East as well as study abroad programs and tours 
for U.S. students and educators in the Arab 
world. Public outreach and information pro- 
grams support quality U.S.-Arab educational 
exchange and aim to improve teaching about 
the Arab world in U.S. classrooms. 
AMIDEAST can arrange programs or provide 
contacts for artists and arts organizations work- 
ing in the Middle East and North Africa. 

Relevant publications: Annual report, news- 
letter, informational brochures. 

Contact: Executive Director 


Service Organizations 


2303 North Central Avenue, Suite 104 
AZ 85004 
(602) 253-2731 

Contact: Executive Director 

ATLATL, the national service organization 
for Native American arts, maintains an infor- 
mational network between Native American 
artists and arts organizations, mainstream in- 
stitutions and emerging organizations. At the 
center of this network, ATLATL provides 
information and referral services to link re- 
sources and enhance cross-cultural communi- 

Relevant publications: Newsletter, fact sheet 

Austrian Cultural Institute 

11 East 52nd Street 
New York, 
NY 10022 
(212) 759-5165 

Contact: Director 

The Austrian Cultural Institute organizes ex- 
hibitions, concerts, lectures and performances 
featuring Austrian artists, and promotes the 
study of Austrian culture in both Austria and 
the United States. The Institute maintains far- 
reaching contacts in the Austrian arts commu- 
nity and has expressed an interest in joint- 
ventures. In addition, it offers research grants 
for U.S. college students or those who are 
pursuing advanced degrees. The bi-monthly 
newsletter Austria Kultur highlights current 
and future cultural events in Austria and around 
the United States. 

Relevant publications: Austria Kultur, grant 
application forms 

Brazilian - American Cultural Institute 

4103 Connecticut Avenue, NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 362-8334 

Contact: Executive Director 

The Brazilian- American Cultural Institute is a 
binational organization dedicated to cultural 
exchanges between the United States and Bra- 
zil. Each year the Institute designs, coordinates 
and implements an annual program of activi- 
ties for its members. Among these activities are 
art exhibitions, recitals, lectures and films. The 
Institute also offers its members the use of a 
6,000 volume library, a music library with 
Brazilian classical and popular works, and a 
language laboratory used for Portuguese lan- 
guage instruction. BACI sponsors seminars 
and conferences on Brazilian culture. The 
Institute's broad range of contacts in the Brazil- 
ian arts community makes it a valuable re- 
source for U.S. artists and organizations wish- 
ing to work there. 

Relevant publications: Topic-specific publi- 
cations on Brazilian culture, informational 

Brazilian 'Views, Inc. 

201 East 66th Street, #21G 
New York, NY 10021 
(212) 472-9539 

Contact: Director 

Brazilian Views orchestrates tours of fiber arts 
workshops and cottage industries throughout 
Brazil. Participants meet local artisans and 
share techniques of needlework, weaving and 
other native crafts. Programs are tailored to the 
needs of the participating U.S. artists. No fund- 
ing is provided. 

Relevant publication: Informational brochure 


Service Organizations 

Caribbean Cultural Center (CCC) 
408 West 58th Street 
New York, NY 10019 
(212) 307-7420 

Contact: Director 

The Caribbean Cultural Center promotes Af- 
rican Caribbean music, dance and visual arts. 
The Center maintains gallery space and a re- 
search center that contains information and 
materials on the African Diaspora. The Center 
publishes various educational materials and 
hosts the Expressions Festival, an annual 
month-long conference highlighting the glo- 
bal impact of African cultures, and the biennial 
"International Cultural Diversity Based on 
Cultural Grounding Conference," bringing 
together leading experts on issues of cultural 
arts equity. Artists interested in working in the 
Caribbean region or with artists of African 
descent in Europe or Latin America will find 
information and contacts through the Center. 

Relevant publications: Informational bro- 

Center for United States-China Arts 

423 West 118th Street, #1-E 
New York, NY 10027 
(212) 280^648 

Contact: Program Assistant 

The Center is dedicated to arts exchanges be- 
tween the United States and all regions of 
China. It aims to assist and encourage ex- 
changes of individuals and materials in the arts, 
to stimulate public awareness of the arts, and to 
foster collaborative projects. The Center is not 
a funding organization; it relies on contribu- 
tions of money, materials, and services from 
foundations, corporations, and individuals to 
carry out its programs. U.S. -China exchanges 
have included projects in: architecture, writ- 

ing, conducting, painting, dance, music, and 
arts education. 

Relevant publications: Newsletter 

China Institute in America 

125 East 65th Street 
New York, NY 10021 
(212) 744-8181 

Contact: School Officer 

The China Institute can provide information 
and assistance to artists wishing to engage in 
work in China. CIA offers classes in con- 
versational language and Chinese culture, spon- 
sors Chinese art exhibitions and lecture series, 
and offers educational exchange programs. 

Relevant publications: Catalog of classes and 

East-West Center (EWC) 

(Center for Technical and Cultural Interchange 

Between East and West) 

1777 East-West Road 

Honolulu, HI 96848 

(808) 944-7111 

Contact: Coordinator, Arts Program 

Created by Congress, EWC is a national edu- 
cational institution that promotes better rela- 
tions between the nations of Asia and the 
Pacific and the United States through coop- 
erative training, study and research. Some 2,000 
participants a year (including graduate stu- 
dents, mid-career and senior professionals from 
government and the private sector) study, con- 
duct research, and exchange views on topics of 
concern to nations east and west. The ap- 
proach is interdisciplinary and either multi or 
binational in scope. Artists wishing to work in 
Asia and the Pacific may contact EWC for 
specific information and contacts in the re- 
gion. Although EWC does not provide funds 


Service Organizations 

for artists to go abroad, it sometimes is able to 
host performances or other arts activities in 
Hawaii for U.S. artists en route to Asia or the 
Pacific. EWC staff may also be able to assist 
artists in making contacts in the Asian-Pacific 

Relevant publications: Topic-specific publi- 
cations, newsletter 

Goethe House 

1014 5th Avenue 
New York, NY 10028 
(212) 439-8700 
Contact: Director 

There are about 170 Goethe-Instituts around 
the world that aim to foster appreciation of 
German culture, language and literature, and 
to promote international communication. With 
a network of experts in the arts field, the 
Instituts can provide contacts and advice for 
proposed cultural exchanges with German art- 
ists or organizations. There are 15 Goethe 
Instituts in North America. Contact the New 
York office for the location nearest to you. 

Relevant publications: Informational materi- 

Indo-U.S. Subcommission of Education 
and Culture 

c/o Asian Cultural Council 
280 Madison Avenue, Room 1202 • 
New York, NY 10016 
(212) 725-2666 

Contact: Program Associate 

The Indo-U.S. Subcommission aims to pro- 
mote greater understanding and partnership 
between the United States and India. The 
Subcommission serves as a catalyst to link 
individuals and institutions in the United States 
and India, and to create mutually beneficial 
exchanges, contacts and continuing dialogue 

between the two countries. The Subcommis- 
sion offers exchange programs in media, cul- 
ture, education and sports, as well as fellowship 
exchange programs between American and 
Indian scholars and artists. 

Relevant publications: General program out- 
line, examples of previously funded fellowship 

Instituto Cultural Mexicano (ICM) 
600 Hemisfair Plaza 
San Antonio, TX 78205 
(210) 227-0123 

Contact: Director 

Under the auspices of the Mexican Ministry of 
Foreign Affairs, this cultural institution works 
to promote the art and artists of Mexico in the 
United States. The Institute supports joint 
projects involving Mexican and U.S. artists, 
and helps establish connections between the 
two countries. 

Relevant publication: Informational materi- 

Japan Society, Inc. 

333 East 47th Street 
New York, NY 10017 
(212) 832-1155 

Contact: President 

The Japan Society, an American organization, 
promotes greater understanding between the 
United States and Japan. A nonprofit, 
nonpolitical organization, the Japan Society 
focuses on cultural, educational and public 
affairs, and on exchanges and studies relevant 
to U.S. and Japanese citizens. The Japan Soci- 
ety presents traditional and contemporary J apa- 
nese performing arts, exhibitions of Japanese 
visual arts, and Japanese cinema. The Society 
does not fund programs for artists to travel or 


Service Organizations 

study in Japan, but it can provide information 
and assistance for artists interested in working 

Relevant publications: Information letter pro- 
vided with a written inquiry letter 

Latin American Scholarship Program of 
American Universities, Inc. (LASPAU) 

25 Mount Auburn Street 
MA 02138 
(617) 495-5255 

Contact: Executive Director 

LASPAU is a nonprofit organization affiliated 
with Harvard University and governed by an 
independent, inter-American board of trust- 
ees. LASPAU designs, develops, and imple- 
ments academic exchange programs on behalf 
of individuals and institutions in the United 
States, Canada, Latin America, and the Carib- 
bean. These include the Fundacion Gran 
Mariscal de Ayacucho of Venezuela, the U.S. 
Information Agency, the U.S. Agency for In- 
ternational Development, and multilateral or- 
ganizations such as the World Bank and the 
Inter-American Development Bank. While 
LASPAU's work is predominently devoted to 
graduate-level exchanges, undergraduate and 
professional non-degree programs also consti- 
tute a part of LASPAU's scope of activities. 

Relevant publications: Annual report; grant- 
ee handbooks; newsletter; informational bro- 

Middle East Institute (MEI) 

1761 N Street NW 
DC 20036-2882 

The primary focus of the Middle East Institute 
is to foster an understanding of the cultures, 
religions, politics, economics, and languages of 
the area from North Africa to Central Asia. 
Projects include: a quarterly journal, an annual 
conference and regular lectures on interna- 
tional affairs, a library on the region, language 
instruction, and many cultural events, includ- 
ing the annual summer garden series. MEI may 
serve as a basic resource for artists considering 
work in the Middle East or make referrals to 
other agencies or artists. 

Relevant publications: Middle East Journal 
(quarterly); annual report; resource list; 
monthly calendar of events, newsletter (bi- 

Partners of the Americas 

1424 K Street NW, Suite 700 
DC 20005 
(202) 628-3300 

Contact: President of the Partners of the 
Americas committee in your state. 

Partners of the Americas is a voluntary organi- 
zation fostering inter- American friendship and 
cooperation through economic and social de- 
velopment activities. Partners organizes part- 
nerships with 31 countries in Latin America 
and the Caribbean, and can provide contacts 
and information for artists seeking to work in 
these countries. Partners supports international 
arts exchanges between 46 U.S. states and 31 
Latin and Caribbean countries. For more 
information, contact your state chapter of Part- 
ners of the Americas or write Partners' head- 
quarters for a complete listing. 

Relevant publication: Informational 


Contact: Director of Cultural and Educational 
Programs or Programs Assistant 


Service Organizations 

Swedish Information Service 

One Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, 45th Floor 
New York, NY 10017-2201 
(212) 751-5900 

Contact: Administrator, Bicentennial Fund 

In addition to providing general information 
about Sweden, this government agency offers 
ten grants annually to people from the United 
States for three-to-six week intensive study 
visits in Sweden. Applicants may be working 
in mass media, culture, education or a variety 
of other fields, and should have a detailed plan 
of a proposed project. 

Relevant publications: Informational bro- 
chure, application 

General Service Organizations 

Academy for Educational Development 


1255 23rd Street NW 

Washington, DC 20037 

(202) 862-1900 

Contact: Director, International Education 
and Exchange Programs 

The Academy for Educational Development 
addresses human development needs through 
education, communication and information 
activities worldwide. AED designs and imple- 
ments professional enrichment programs for 
leaders in a variety of fields from around the 
world with a focus on developing countries. 
AED does not offer arts programs but may be 
able to provide information to interested art- 
ists about arts agencies and other resources 

Relevant publication: Informational brochure 

Alliance for International Educational and 
Cultural Exchange 

1090 Vermont Avenue NW, 
Suite 720 

Washington, DC 20005 
(202) 371-2070 

Contact: Director 

The Alliance promotes public policies that 
support the growth of international exchange 
between the United States and other nations. 
As a nonprofit membership organization, the 
Alliance provides professional representation, 
resource materials, publications and public 
policy research for members involved in inter- 
national exchanges. For artists interested in 
organizing international exchanges, the Alli- 
ance can provide information services and con- 
tacts in the field. 

Relevant publications: International Ex- 
change Locator, International Exchange Policy 
Monitor, informational brochure 

American Center for International 

Leadership (ACIL) 

7 Saint Paul Street, 

Suite 1630 

Baltimore, MD 21202 

(410) 539-2245 

Contact: Director of Programs 

The American Center for International Lead- 
ership was established to build a strong link 
between emerging U.S. leaders in all fields, 
including the arts, and their counterparts in 
selected countries abroad. Through its pro- 
grams and alumni contacts, ACIL is devel- 
oping an international network of informed 
people to enhance communication between 
emerging international leaders. In the past, 
ACIL has supported cultural exchange by spon- 


Service Organizations 

soring and org anizin g international meetings 
such as the Europe-American Conference, at- 
tended by 350 representatives from 33 coun- 
tries. More recently, ACIL hosted 11 arts ex- 
perts from St. Petersburg. 

Relevant publication: Newsletter 

Association for International Practical 
Training (ATPT) 

10 Corporate Center, Suite 250 
10400 Little Patuxent Parkway 
Columbia, MD 21044-3510 
(410) 997-2200 

Contact: Program Director 

The Association for International Practical 
Training, a nonprofit organization designed to 
help prepare for a global economy, encourages 
the exchange of individuals between the United 
States and other countries. AIPT hopes that 
these individuals will gain practical work expe- 
rience and improve international understand- 
ing. AIPT organizes exchanges for students 
and professionals in a wide variety of fields 
including film, photography, entertainment, 
sculpture, and other arts-related professions 
and studies. AIPT also coordinates exchanges 
for museums, arts organizations and studios. 
Recently, AIPT brought European trainees to 
the United States to gain on-the-job experience 
in museum management, curating and U.S. 
approaches to various arts disciplines. Under 
its USIA-approved sponsorship, no perfor- 
mance or performing arts exchanges are al- 

Relevant publications: Annual report; news- 
letter; informational brochures 

Mary Ingraham Bunting Institute 
Radcliff e Research and Study Center 

34 Concord Avenue 
Cambridge, MA 02138 
(617) 495-8212 
Contact: Programs Officer 

The Mary Ingraham Bunting Institute of 
Radcliffe College is a research center for female 
scholars, scientists, artists and writers, offering 
residential fellowships for women with excep- 
tional promise in academic, professional and 
creative fields. The Institute encourages projects 
in specific areas and requires that fellows pre- 
sent their works in progress at public exhibi- 
tions. Competition for individual arts fellow- 
ships is keen. 

Relevant publications: Program description 
sheet, informational brochure 

Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL) 

1118 22nd Street NW 
Washington, DC 20037 
(202) 429-9292 

Contact: President 

The Center for Applied Linguistics is a non- 
profit organization specializing in finding solu- 
tions to language-related problems, both do- 
mestic and international. With a multi- 
disciplinary staff, CAL conducts research and 
disseminates information on the language 
learning process, and aims to advance cross- 
cultural communication and global understand- 
ing. Artists may seek advice from CAL for 
creative ways of coping with language differ- 
ences in international cultural presentations. 

Relevant publications: Speaking of Lan- 
guage: An International Directory of Language 
Service Organizations, topic-specific publica- 
tions related to language instruction and un- 


Service Organizations 

Citizen Exchange Council (CEC) 
12 West 31st Street, 4th Floor 
New York, NY 10001 
(212) 643-1985 

Contact: Director, Arts & Media Programs 

Citizen Exchange Council sponsors exchanges 
between the United States and the fifteen former 
Soviet Republics, as well as with the former 
bloc countries of Eastern and Central Europe. 
In the field of arts and culture, CEC has sup- 
ported film festivals, concerts, arts manage- 
ment exchanges and visual arts conferences. 
CEC offers support to U.S. artists pursuing 
creative collaborations in the Region through 
ArtsLink Collaborative Projects, and to U.S. 
organizations wishing to host an artist or arts 
manager from the region through ArtsLink 
Residencies. (See page xx for more informa- 
tion.) CEC provides funding, information and/ 
or facilities for selected arts projects. 

Relevant publications: Guidelines, applica- 

Council on International Educational 
Exchange (CIEE) 
205 East 42nd Street 
New York, NY 10017 
(212) 661-1414 

Contact: Information Services Manager 

CEEE is a nonprofit membership organization 
of over 200 academic institutions (colleges and 
universities) and national organizations in 
North America and abroad that conduct edu- 
cational exchange programs and services. CIEE 
coordinates work-abroad programs, interna- 
tional volunteer work-camps, and educational 
programs at the secondary, university, gradu- 
ate and professional levels in Australia, Asia, 
Europe, South America, and Central America. 
Its subsidiaries, Council Travel and Council 
Charter, arrange low-cost air and land trans- 

portation for students, educational groups, and 
budget travelers. 

Relevant publications: Work, Study, Travel 
Abroad: The Whole Handbook; Volunteer! 
The Comprehensive Guide to Voluntary Ser- 
vice in the U.S. and Abroad; Smart Vacations: 
The Traveler's Guide to Learning Adventures 
Abroad; Student Travels Magazine; newsletter 

Council for International Exchange of 
Scholars (CIES) 
Fulbright Scholar Program 
3007 Tilden Street NW, Suite 5M 
Washington, DC 20008-3009 
(202) 686-4006 

Contact: Executive Director 

In cooperation with the United States Infor- 
mation Agency, the Council for International 
Exchange of Scholars administers senior level 
Fulbright fellowships in over 125 countries. 
The Fulbright Program offers fellowships for 
professionals and independent scholars to con- 
duct research in a variety of fields (including 
the arts), in countries around the world. (See 
page xx for more information about the 
Fulbright program.) 

Relevant publications: Informational bro- 
chure, application booklet 

Delphi International 

1090 Vermont Avenue, NW 7th Floor 
Washington, DC 20005 
(800) 826-0196 
(202) 898-0950 

Contact: Manager, Community Relations 

Delphi International is a nonprofit organiza- 
tion that sponsors various international ex- 
change projects. In association with USIA, 
Delphi International runs programs in muse- 
um management, theater, and the performing 


Service Organizations 

arts, among other areas. Delphi has organized 
international arts exchange programs in the 
past and may be able to provide information 
and contacts in the arts abroad. 

Relevant publications: General information 
sheet, informational brochures 

Foundation Center 

79 Fifth Avenue 

New York, NY 10003-3076 

(800) 424-9836 

(212) 620-4230 

Contact: Director of Marketing 

The Foundation Center is a national nonprofit 
organization whose mission is to disseminate 
information on foundation and corporate giv- 
ing. The Center operates four libraries and a 
network of more than 190 cooperating collec- 
tions nationwide. Its print and electronic pub- 
lication program features over 80 titles on 
philanthropic giving and other nonprofit con- 

Relevant publications: The Foundation 
Center's User Friendly Guide; The National 
Guide to Funding in Arts and Culture; The 
Guide to Funding for International and Foreign 
Programs; Grant Guide: Arts, Culture & the 
Humanities; Grant Guide: Foreign & Interna- 
tional Programs; referral brochure 

Grantsmanship Center 
P.O. Box 17220 
Los Angeles, CA 90017 
(213) 482-9860 

Contact: Any staff member 

Although not specifically geared toward inter- 
national projects, the Grantsmanship Center is 
a valuable resource for those who need assis- 
tance in grantwriting. The Center offers pro- 
posal writing and grantsmanship workshops 

nationally and also publishes a number of 
catalogues for nonprofit organizations seeking 
funding sources. 

Relevant publication: The Whole Nonprofit 
Catalog available upon written request 

Institute of International Education (HE) 

809 United Nations Plaza 
New York, NY 10017 
(212) 883-8200 

Contact: Staff member 

HE manages over 200 programs, including the 
graduate student portion of the USIA Fulbright 
Program. (See page xx for more information.) 
The Arts International division of the Institute 
encourages connections between U.S. artists 
and artists around the world through grants, 
advocacy, exchange programs and informa- 
tion, emphasizing the role of the artist in the 
world as communicator and ambassador. (See 
page xx for more information.) 

Relevant publication: Informational materi- 

International Research and Exchanges 
Board (IREX) 
1616 H Street, NW 
Washington, DC 20006 
(202) 628-8188 

Contact: Program Officer for programs in 
country of interest 

The International Research and Exchanges 
Board serves the U.S. scholars' community by 
organizing intellectual exchanges with Central 
and Eastern Europe, Eurasia, and Mongolia. 
IREX offers advanced research programs, lan- 
guage and development programs, short-term 
travel grants, and special project grants to 
American pre-doctoral and post-doctoral schol- 
ars. Applications in all disciplines are accepted, 


Service Organizations 

with an emphasis on the humanities and the 
social sciences. 

Relevant publications: Grant Opportunities 
for U.S. Scholars, application 

International Visitors Council of 
Philadelphia (IVC) 
34th and Civic Center Boulevard 
at the Civic Center Museum 
Philadelphia, PA 191044395 
(215) 823-7264 

Contact: Director of Corporate and Commu- 
nity Projects 

International Visitors Council is an official 
host for international guests of the U.S. gov- 
ernment and private foundations. Although 
IVC specifically serves foreign visitors to the 
United States, it can provide international con- 
tacts and assistance with cultural communica- 
tion and cross-cultural issues to artists wishing 
to work internationally. 

Relevant publications: Newsletter, informa- 
tional brochure 

Meridian International Center (MIC) 

1630 Crescent Place, NW 
Washington, DC 20009 
(202) 667-6800 

Contact: Arts and Communication 

Meridian International Center promotes 
intercultural understanding through the ex- 
change of people, ideas and the arts. Meridian's 
Training and Programming Divisions conduct 
intercultural training and professional study 
programs. MIC regularly presents international 
exhibitions, lectures, seminars and concerts, 
often in cooperation with Washington embas- 
sies. The Center can assist artists with cultural 
sensitivity issues, and advise them on how to 
function more effectively interculturally. 

Relevant publication: Newsletter 

Mobility International USA (MTUSA) 

P.O. Box 10767 

Eugene, OR 97440 

(503) 343-1284 (voice and TDD) 

Contact: Exchange Coordinator 

Mobility International USA is a nonprofit 
organization devoted to creating and promot- 
ing equal opportunities for people with dis- 
abilities to participate in international educa- 
tional exchange. MTUSA assists organizations 
to integrate people with disabilities into their 
existing programs. In addition, MTUSA hosts 
and facilitates its own international educational 
exchange and leadership training programs for 
persons with and without disabilities. MTUSA 
provides members with information and refer- 
ral services and a subscription to MTUSA's 
newsletter, Over the Rainbow. Other publica- 
tions and videos address integrating people 
with disabilities into international educational 
exchange, travel opportunities and accessible 
travel options. 

Relevant publications: Newsletter, videos 

NAFSA (National Association of Foreign 
Student Advisors) 

1875 Connecticut Avenue, NW Suite 1000 
Washington, DC 20009-5728 
(202) 4624811 

Contact: Executive Vice President 

NAFSA's 6,200 institutional and individual 
members represent colleges and universities, 
U.S. and foreign organizations that arrange 
exchanges, community groups, and U.S. and 
foreign government agencies with responsi- 
bility for international educational and cul- 
tural affairs. NAFSA conducts a year-round 
program of professional training and service 
through workshops, seminars, regional and 


Service Organizations 

national conferences, and publications. 
NAFSA serves as a spokesman for interna- 
tional educational exchange and provides a 
guide to standards of performance and pro- 
grams. The annual NAFSA conference repre- 
sents the largest regular meeting of interna- 
tional educators worldwide. The association 
may provide referrals to work abroad pro- 
grams, primarily for students. 

Relevant publications: International Edu- 
cator, Learning Across Cultures; newsletter 

People to People International 

501 East Armour Boulevard 
Kansas City, MO 64109-2200 
(816) 531-4701 

Contact: Vice President for Programs 

Founded by former President D wight D . Eisen- 
hower, People to People International strives 
to enhance international understanding 
through educational and cultural activities 
among peoples of different countries and di- 
verse cultures. The organization sponsors vari- 
ous travel and residency programs. Artists 
interested in international arts exchange may 
gather information and contacts through the 
organization's extensive connections in thirty 
countries around the world. 

Relevant publications: Information sheet, ap- 
plication booklet for study abroad programs 

Phelps-Stokes Fund 

10 East 87th Street 
New York, NY 10128 
(212) 427-8100 

Contact: Director of International Exchange 

Focusing primarily on the education of Afri- 
can Americans, American Indians, and Afri- 
cans, the Phelps-Stokes Fund develops pro- 

grams that aim to build international and inter- 
racial understanding around the* world. The 
Fund does not award grants, rather it works 
with organizations to arrange international 
exchanges. It also conducts professional tours 
of the United States for persons nominated by 
the U.S. Information Agency. Persons seeking 
information about international exchange ac- 
tivities or collaborative projects may contact 
the Phelps-Stokes Fund for guidance. 

Relevant publications: Annual report 

Sietar International 

(Society for Intercultural Education, 

Training and Research) 

808 17th Street NW Suite 200 
Washington, DC 20006 
(202) 466-7883 

Contact: Operations Manager 

SIETAR International is a professional society 
of individuals and institutions who work in the 
fields of intercultural education, training, re- 
search and management. SIETAR's mission is 
to promote mutual understanding of the values 
and beliefs of people from different cultural 
backgrounds and to provide non-political av- 
enues for contact between people who share a 
common interest in development of 
intercultural awareness exchanges. 

Relevant publications: Communique; Inter- 
national Journal of Intercultural Research; 
Consultant and Specialist Referral Directory; 
Membership Directory; informational brochures 

Sister Cities International (SCI) 
120 South Payne Street 
Alexandria, VA 22314 
(703) 836-3535 

Contact: Executive Director 

Sister Cities International encourages inter- 


Service Organizations 

national cooperation and understanding 
through Sister City relationships between cit- 
ies in the United States and abroad. Participat- 
ing cities seek to improve international rela- 
tions and create lasting interchange across cul- 
tural lines. To varying degrees, participating 
cities nationwide initiate exchange projects 
with their counterparts abroad, and SCI helps 
facilitate these projects. In the past, arts ex- 
changes between cities have included student 
and professional participants. 

Relevant publications: Newsletter, bro- 
chures of Sister City profiles 


The six regional arts associations in the United 
States support international work to varying 
degrees. Contact the one in your region for 
further information. All six associations are 
linked in one international program called the 
International Arts Programming Network. 
This new program, funded by USIA, is de- 
signed to create an independent arts network 
between the six regionals and binational cen- 
ters (BNCs) abroad. Within each U.S. region, 
one presenting organization is chosen to host 
foreign artists touring the United States, and 
U.S. artists are chosen to tour the BNC circuit 
abroad. Currently, the circuit includes seven 
BNCs in Latin America and Southeastern Eu- 
rope. To qualify, American visual artists must 
have received a regional fellowship for the year 
in question, and performing artists and organi- 
zations must have demonstrated a reputation 
of excellence in the region. For further infor- 
mation about the Network, contact the Direc- 
tor of Programs at the Mid- America Arts Alli- 

Arts Midwest (AM) 
528 Hennepin Avenue, Suite 310 
Minneapolis, MN 55403 
(612) 341-0755 

Contact: Program Associate 

Member States: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michi- 
gan, Minnesota, North Dakota, Ohio, South 
Dakota, Wisconsin 

Arts Midwest offers funding, publications and 
training opportunities to artists and arts orga- 
nizations in its region. For example, AM's 
Cultural Development Fund provides sup- 
port to artists and cultural organizations within 
the African American, Asian American, Na- 
tive American, Latino and Hispanic commu- 
nities of the Midwest. Although Arts Midwest 
does not offer specific programs for interna- 
tional arts exchange, it can provide contacts 
and information on training opportunities for 
artists within the Midwestern region. 

Relevant publications: List of programs and 
publications; newsletter; informational bro- 

Mid-America Arts Alliance (MAAA) 
912 Baltimore, Suite 700 
Kansas City, MO 64105-3918 
(816) 421-1388 

Contact: Public Relations Specialist 

Member States: Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri, 
Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas 

The Mid-America Arts Alliance is a regional 
partnership created to foster the arts in the 
communities of its member states. MAAA 
organizes performing and visual arts touring 
programs and USIA visual arts fellowships, 
with a special emphasis on exchanges with 
Canada and Mexico. MAAA aims to distribute 
programs of international significance, to pro- 
vide contacts with colleagues in other coun- 
tries, to make art from other countries more 
available and understandable in its constituent 
communities, and to develop financial means 
to sustain these goals. MAAA may provide 


Service Organizations 

information and contacts to artists in the re- 
gion who seek international opportunities. 

Relevant publications: MAAA Fact Sheets; 
newsletter; annual report; International Fel- 
lowships and Residencies information packet; 
program brochures 

Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation (MAAF) 
11 East Chase Street, Suite 2A 
Baltimore, MD 21202 
(410) 539-6656 

Contact: Executive Director 

Members: Delaware, District of Columbia, 
Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Pennsyl- 
vania, Virgin Islands, Virginia, West Virginia 
The Mid-Atlantic Arts Foundation supports 
performing arts tours and visual arts residen- 
cies for artists from its region. It focuses specifi- 
cally on providing the region with culturally 
diverse arts programs, with particular empha- 
sis on underserved and rural communities. 
MAAF does not typically support interna- 
tional projects; however, it may provide infor- 
mation and contacts to artists in the Mid- 
Atlantic region who wish to investigate inter- 
national opportunities. 

Relevant publications: Regional fellowships 
booklet; program applications and brochures; 
newsletter; informational brochure 

Southern Arts Federation (SAF) 

181 14th Street, NE Suite 400 
Atlanta, GA 30309 (404) 876-6240 

Contact: Program Coordinator 

Member States: Alabama, Florida, Georgia, 
Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Caro- 
lina, South Carolina, Tennessee 

The mission of the Southern Arts Federation is 
to advance the careers of Southeast artists 
through cash awards and promotional activi- 
ties. SAF offers support to visual artists through 
$5,000 grants and two-year traveling exhibi- 
tions. There are specific requirements for these 
programs listed in their giving guidelines and 
informational material which is provided upon 
request. International arts projects are not typi- 
cally funded by SAF, but are considered. 

Relevant publication: Guidelines 

Western States Arts Federation 


236 Montezuma Avenue 

Santa Fe, 

NM 87501 

(505) 988-1166 

Contact: Executive Director 

Member States: Alaska, Arizona,California, 
Colorado, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New 
Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington.Wyoming 

WESTAF is dedicated to promoting quality 
and diverse arts programs, and increasing their 
availability to western audiences. It supports 
visual and performing arts programs as well as 
projects in literature and folk arts. WESTAF's 
newsletter provides employment information 
from across the country. WESTAF publica- 
tions can provide assistance to artists living 
anywhere in the United States. Western artists 
seeking international arts opportunities may 
find information and contacts through 

Relevant publications: Question and An- 
swer sheet; listing of WESTAF Publications; 
informational brochure 


New England Foundation for the Arts 


678 Massachusetts Avenue, 8th Floor 


MA 02139 

(617) 492-2914 

Contact: Executive Director 

Members: Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, 
New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Vermont. 

The New England Foundation for the Arts 
connects the citizens of New England with arts 
experiences and opportunities. It organizes a 
wide variety of culturally-diverse programs, 
working collaboratively with its member com- 
munities to increase resources for the arts. 
Although international projects are not typi- 
cally considered,NEFA welcomes projects that 
explore other artistic traditions and cultures. 

Relevant publication: Annual report 


Part 2: 

Directory of Rsources 
for International Arts Activity 



State and Local Arts Agencies 

State Arts 

(This directory lists only 
those state arts agencies 
agencies that conduct 

mtcrnatumal acttviaa.) 

Alabama State Council 

on the Am 

One Dexter Avenue 

AL 36130-5401 
(205) 242-4076 

Alaska State Council on 

the Am 

411 Wen 4th Avenue, 


AK 99501-2343 

(907) 279-1558 

Arizona Commission 

on the Am 

417 West Roosevelt 


Phoenix, AZ 85003 

(602) 255-5882 

California Arts Council 
2411 Alhambra Blvd. 
Sacramento, CA 95817 
(916) 227-2550 

Colorado Council on 
the Arts 

750 Pennsylvania Street 
Denver, CO 80203-3699 
(303) 894-2617 

Delaware Division of 
the Arts 

820 North French Street 
Wumingon, DE 19801 
(302) 577-3540 

District of Columbia 
Commission on the 
Am & Humanities 
5th Floor 

410 Eighth Street NW 
Washington, DC 20004 

Guam Council on the 
Are and Humanities 
Office of the Governor 
P.O. Box 2950 
Agana,Guam 96910 

[Hawaii] State 

Foundation on Culture 

and the Are 

335 Merchant Street, 

Room 202 

Honolulu, HI 96813 


Idaho Commission on 
the Are 

304 West State Street 
Boise, ID 83720 
(208) 334-2119 

Indiana Are 


402 West Washington St 


IN 46204-2741 

(317) 232-1268 

Iowa Are Council 
600 East Locust 
State Capitol Complex 
Des Moines, IA 50319 
(515) 281-4451 

Kentucky Arts Council 
31 Fountain Place 
Frankfort, KY 40601 
(502) 564-3757 

Maine Are 
Commissio n 
55 Capitol Street 
State House Station 25 
Augusta, ME 04333 

Massachusetts Cultural 


10th Floor 

80 Boybton Street 

Boston, MA 02116 


Michigan Council for 

Are and Cultural 


1200 6th Avenue 

Executive Plaza 

Detroit, MI 48226-2461 


Minnesota State Are 


432 Summit Avenue 

St Paul, MN 55102 


Missouri State Council 
on the Are 
Wainwrigfat Office 
Complex, Suite 105 
111 North 7th Street 
St. Louis, MO 63101 

Montana Are Council 
316 North Park Ave. 
Room 252 
Helena, MT 59620 

Nebraska Arts Council 
3838 Davenport Street 
Omaha, NB 68131-2329 

Nevada State Council 

on the Arts 

Capitol Complex 

100 South Stewart Street 

Carson City, NV 89710 


New Hampshire State 

Council on the Arts 

Phoenix Hall 

40 North Main Street 

Concord, NH 03301 


New Mexico Are 


228 East Palace Avenue 

Sana Fe,NM 87501 


North Carolina Are 


Department of Cultural 


Raleigh, NC 27601-2807 


North Dakota Council 

on the Am 

Suite 606 Black BuH 

118 Broadway 

Fargo, ND 58102 

[Northern Marianas] 
Council for Arts and 
Culture, PO Box 5553, 
Convention Center 
Commonwealth of the 
Northern Mariana 

Saipan, MP 96950 . 

Ohio Am Council 
727 East Main St. 
Columbus, OH 43205 
(614) 466-261 


State Arts Agencies 

State Arts Council of 


2101 North Lincoln 


Room 640 

Oklahoma City, 

OK 73105 

(405) 521-2931 

Institute of Puerto 
Rican Culture 
Apartado Postal 4184 
San Juan, PR 00902 
(809) 723-2115 

South Carolina Arts 
1800 Gervais Street 
Columbia, SC 29201 
(803) 734-8696 

South Dakota Arts 


230 South Phillips 

Avenue, Suite 204 

Sioux Falls, 

SD 57102-0720 

(605) 339-6646 

Tennessee Arts 


Suite 100 

320 6th Avenue North 


TN 37243-0780 

(615) 741-1701 

Texas Commission on 
the Arts 
P.O. Box 13406 
Capitol Station 
Austin, TX 78711 
(512) 463-5535 
Utah Arts Council 
617 East South Tempi St 
Salt Lake City, 
UT 84102 

(801) 533-5895 

Vermont Council on 

the Arts 

136 State Street, 

Drawer 33 


VT 05633-6001 

(802) 828-3291 

Virgin Islands Council 

on the Arts 

2d Floor 41-42 Norre 


P.O. Box 103 

St. Thomas, VI 00802 

(809) 774-5984 

Washington State Arts 


234 East 8th Avenue 

P.O. Box 42675 


WA 98504-2675 

(206) 753-3860 

Wyoming Council of 
the Arts 

2320 Capitol Avenue 
Cheyenne, WY 82002 
(307) 777-7742 


Local Arts 

(This directory lists only 
sgencie that conduct 

mumatumal tcttviaes.) 


The Am Council, Inc. 
700 Monroe Street SW 
Huntsvule,AL 35801 

Arts and Humanities 
Council of Tuscaloosa 
P.O. Box 1117 
Tuscaloosa. AL35403 


Fairbanks Arts 
P.O. Box 72786 
Fairbanks, AK 99707 

Homer Council on the Arts 
POBox 1764 
Homer, AK 99603 

Kodak Arts Council 
P.O. Box 1792 

Kodiak, AX 99615 
(907) 486-5291 


Can Grande Arts & 

Humanities Comma- 


300 East 4th Street 

Can Grande, AZ 85222 

(602) 421-8600 

Tucson Pima Arts 
Council, lac 
P.O. Box 27210 
166 West Alameda 
Tucson, AZ 85726 


Arts and Humanities 
Council of Avoyelles 
P.O. Box 328 
MarksvulcCA 71351 

Arts Council of San 
Mateo County 
1219 Ralston Avenue 

Belmont, CA 94002 

City of Manhattan 

Public Arts Program 
1400 Highland Avenue 
Manhattan Beach, 
CA 90266 
(310) 545-5621 

Cohon Hall Museum 
City Hall 

Monterey, CA 93940 
(408) 646-3851 

San Diego Commission 
for Arts and Culture 
1010 2nd Avenue 
Suite 555, MS652 
San Diego, CA 92101 
(619) 533-3050 

Cultural Arts Council 
of Sonoma County 
P.O. Box 7400 
Santa Rosa, CA 95407 
(707) 579-2787 

Cultural Council of 
Santa Cruz County 
7960 Soquel Drive, 
Suite 1 

Aptos,CA 95003 
(408) 688-2383 

Cultural Services 


City of Walnut Creek 

P.O. Box 8039 

Walnut Creek, 

CA 94598 


El Dorado Am Council 
P.O. Box 337 

Coloma,CA 95613 
(916) 622-6961 

Fresno Arts Council 
Room 102 

2425 Fresno Street 
Fresno, CA 93721 


Los Angeles County 
Musk and Performing 
Arts Commission 
135 North Grand 
Avenue, 1204 
Los Angeles, CA 90012 

Mountain View Center 
for the Performing Arts 
City of Mountain View 
P.O. Box 7540 
Mountain View, 
CA 94041 
(415) 903-6565 

Plumas County Arts 

P.O. Box 618 
Quincy, CA 95971 
(916) 283-3402 

Public Corporation for 


100 West Broadway, 

Suite 360 

Long Beach, CA 90802 


Santa Cruz County Arts 

Ow iniifiiftn 

9000 Soquel Avenue, 

Suite 101 

Santa Cruz, CA 95062 


Shasta County Arts 


P.O. Box 2595 

1313 Market Street 
Old City Hall Gallery 
Redding, CA 96099 
(415) 241-7320 

Stockton Arts 

425 North El Dorado St 
Stockton, CA 95202 


Durango Arts Center 
835 Main Avenue, #210 
Durango, CO 81301 

Mayor's Office of Art, 
Culture and Film 
1445 Cleveland Place, 
Denver, CO 80202 
(303) 640-2678 


Broward Cultural 

Affairs Council 

10 South Andrews Ave 

Ft. Lauderdale, 

FL 33301 

(305) 357-7456 


Local Arts Agencies 

Arts Assembly of 


Suite 505 

128 East Forsyth Street 

Jacksonville, FL 32202 


Arts Council of 
Northwest Florida 
P.O. Box 731 

* QttatCOlaft* 

FL 32594-0731 
(904) 432-9906 

Sarasota County Arts 
Council ILSJ. 
1351 Fniitvflle Road 
Sarasota, FL 34236 
(813) 365-5118 


Caldwell Fine Arts 
Series, Inc. 

2112 Cleveland Blvd. 
Caldwell ID 83605 
(208) 454-1376 

Depot Institute 
P.O. Box 1098 
Cascade, ID 83611 

Idaho Falls Am Council 
241 Cliff Street 
Idaho Falls, ID 83402 

Moscow Am 


City of Atlanta/Bureau 
Cultural A ffiain 
67S Ponce de Leon 
Avenue, NE 
11th Floor Tower 
Atlanta, GA 30308 

Clarke County Depart- 
ment of Arts and 
P.O. Box 1161 
Athens, GA 30603 
(404) 613-3620 

Macon Arts Alliance 
P.O. Box 972 
Macon, GA 31202 
(912) 7444981 

Savannah Arts 
Office of Cultural 
Affairs P.O. Box 1027 
Savannah, GA 31402 
(912) 235-4073 


Box 9203 

Moscow,© (3843 
of (208) 882-5553 


Chy of Chicago/Depart- 
ment of Cultural Affairs 
78 East Washington Street 
Chicago, IL 60602 

Highland Park Cultural 

1707 St. Johns Avenue 

dry Hall 

Highland Park, IL 60035 


Near Northeast Am 


1579 North Milwaukee 


Chicago, IL 60622-2009 

(312) 278-7677 

Rockford Area Arts 


713 East State Street 

Rockford, IL 61 104 

(815) 963-6765 

Urban Gateways 
105 West Adams, 
Chicago, IL 60603 



Jay County Am 


138 East Main Street 

P.O. Box 804 

Portland, IN 47371 


LeMars Arts Council 
200 Central Avenue SE 
LeMars, IA 51031 


Metro Am Alliance of 
Greater De Moines 
310 Shops Building 
Des Moines, IA 50309 


Spencer Area Am 


408 Grand Avenue 

Spencer, IA 51301 


Lawrence Am Center 
200 West 9th Street 
Lawrence, KS 66044 
P13) 843-2787 

Salina Arts and 
211 West Iron 
P.O. Box 2181 
Salina, KS 67402-2181 
(913) 826-7410 


Aradiana Arts Council 
P.O. Box 53762 
704 Lee Avenue 
Lafayette, LA 70505 

Department of Cultural 
Attain/Commission on 
the Am 
P.O. Box 828 
Sudefl, LA 70459 

Jefferson Davis Arts 
P.O. Box 1068 
Jennings, LA 70546 
pit) 824-6593 

Shreveport Regional 
Am Council 
800 Snow Street 
Shreveport, LA71101 
pit) 673-7727 


Prince George's Am 


661 1 K en i I worth Avenue, 

Suite 200 

Riverdale, MD 20737 



Office of the Arts and 
Room 608 
Boston City Hall 
Boston, MA02201 
(617) 635-3245 


Holland Area Arts 


25 West 8th Street 

Holland, MI 49423 

(61 6^ 396-3271 

Local Arts Agencies 

Northeast Michigan 
Arts Council, Inc. 
3233 Grove Road 
P.O. Box 238 
Ml 48658-0238 
(517) 846-9331 

Oakland County 

Cultural Affairs 

1200 North Telegraph 


Pontiac, MI 48341-1043 

(313) 858-0415 

Southfield Cultural Arts 
Division ^ 

25630 Evergreen Road 
Southfield, MI 48076 
(313) 354-1007 

United Arts Council of 
Calhoun County 
P.O. Box 1079 
McCamly Place 

Battle Creek, MI 49016 
(616) 962-5752 




Development Agency 


105 South 5th Street, 


MN 55405-2538 

(612) 673-5018 


Springfield Area Arts 


305 East Walnut Street 


Springfield, MO 65806 

(417) 869-8380 


Missoula Cultural 
P.O. Box 7662 
Missoula, MT 59807 
(406) 721-9620 

New Hampshire 

Federated Arts 
P.O. Box 36 
66 Hanover Street 
Manchester, NH 03105 
(603) 668-6186 

New Jersey 

Middlesex County 
Cultural and Heritage 
841 Georges Road 
North Brunswick, 
NJ 08902 
(908) 7454489 

New Mexico 

Dona Ana Arts Council 
132 West Las Cruces St 
Las Cruces, NM 88001 
(505) 523-6403 

Raton Arts and 
Humanities Council 
P.O. Box 774 
Raton, NM 87740 
(505) 445-2052 

New York 

Cayuga County Arts 
Council Inc. 
City Hall 
24 South Street 
Auburn, NY 13021 
(315) 2554106 

Chenango County 
Council of the Arts 
27 West Main Street 
Norwich, NY 13815 
(607) 336-2787 

Department of Cultural 


Fourth Hoor 

2 Columbus Circle, 

New York, NY 10019 

(212) 974-1150 

Huntington Arts 
Council, Inc. 
213 Main Street 
Huntington, NY 11743 
(516) 271-8423 

North Carolina 

Arts and Sciences 

Council of Charlotte/ 

Mecklenberg, Inc. 


227 West Trade Street 

Charlotte, NC 28202 

(704) 372-9667 

City of Raleigh Arts 
P.O. Box 590 
Raleigh, NC 27602 
(919) 831-6234 

North Dakota 

Dakota West Arts 
P.O. Box 606 
Bismarck, ND 58502 
(701) 222-6640 


Cincinnati Arts 
Allocation Committee 
1425 Sycamore Street 
Cincinnati, OH 45210 
(513) 352-1595 

Greater Columbus Arts 


55 East State Street 

Columbus, OH 43215 

(614) 224-2606 


Allied Arts and 
Humanities Council of 
P.O. Box 1027 
Bartlesville, OK 74005 
(918) 337-2787 

Arts and Humanities 
Council of Tulsa 
2210 South Main Street 
Tulsa, OK 74114 
(918) 584-3333 

Arts Council of 
Oklahoma City 
400 West California 
Oklahoma City, 
OK 73102 
(405) 236-1426 


Beaverton Arts 
P.O. Box 4755 
Beaverton, OR 97076 
(503) 526-2288 


Local Arts Agendas 

Metropolitan Arti 

Commie ion 

Room 1023 

1120 South West 5th 


Portland, OR 97204 

(503) 823-5111 


Metro Arts of the 
Cap juJ Region 
P.O. Box 830 
Harrisburg, PA 17108 
(717) 238-1887 

South Dakota 

Aberdeen Area Aits 


401 North Washington 


Aberdeen, SD 57401 


Brookings Arts Council 

524 4th Street 
Brookings, SD 57006 
(605) 692-4177 

Rapid Chy Arts 
713 7th Street 
Rapid City, 
(605) 394-4101 


Johnson Chy Area Arts 


P.O. Box 1033 

Johnson City, 

TN 37605 

(615) 928-8229 


Arts Council of Fort 

Worth and Tarrant 


Suite 150 

One Tandy Center, 

Fort Worth, TX 76102 


City of El Paso Arts 

Resources Department 

6th Floor 

2 Civic Center Plaza, 

H Paso, TX 79901 


Department of Arts and 
Cultural Affairs 
City of San Antonio 
P.O. Box 839966 
222 East Houston, 
San Antonio, 
TX 78283-3966 

Cultural Arts Council 

of Houston 

Suite 224 

1964 West Gray, 


TX 770194808 

(713) 527-9330 

Navarro Council of the 


P.O. Box 2224 

Comoro, TX 75110 

(214) 872-5411 

Ward County Activities 

Council, Inc. 
400 East 4th 
Monahans, TX 79756 
(915) 943-4271 


Salt Lake City Arts 

Coun c il 

54 Finch Lane 

Sah Lake City, 

UT 84102 

(801) 596-5000 

SpringviDe Arts 

50 South Main 
SpringviDe, UT 84663 

P.O. Box 115 
Springdak, UT 84767 


Burlington City Am 
City Hall 

Burlington, VT 05401 

Crossroads Arts Council 
5 Court Street 
Rutland, VT 05701-4034 



Arlington County Cultural 
Affairs Division 
1 Courthouse Plaza 
2100 Clarendon Blvd., 
Suite 4 14 

Arlington. VA 22201 

Arts Council of 


1001 East day Street 

Richmond, VA 23060 

(804) 643-4993 

Fairfax County Council 
on the Arts 
4022 Hummer Road 
Anrundale, VA 22003 
(703) 642-0862 


Redmond Arts 


Parks and Recreation 


15670 North East 85 St 

Redmond, WA 98052 


Tacoma Arts 


City of Tacoma 

Cultural Resources 


Room 900 

747 Market Street, 

Tacoma, W A 98402-3793 

(206) 591-5191 


Milwaukee Am Board 
P.O. Box 324 

809 North Broadway 

Milwaukee, WI 53202 
(414) 223-5790 

Pump House Regional 
Center for the Arts 
119 Kings Street 
La Crosse WI 54601 
(608) 785-1434 

U.S. Cultural 

and Public Affairs 
Officers Abroad 

When writing to United 
States, embassies abroad, 
do not use international 
maiL Addressees listed 
here receive mail via the 
U.S. State Department or 
Army Post Office system. 


Public Affairs Officer 

USIS, Amembassy 


PSC 59, Box 60(A) 

APOAE 09624 


Cultural Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 

Department of State 
Washington, DC 


Public Affairs Officer 


USLO Luanda 

Department of State 

Washington, DC 



Cultural Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 
Buenos Aites 
Unit 4330 
FPO AA 34054 


Public Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 

Department of State 
DC 20521-7020 


Cultural Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 
APOAP 96549-0058 


Cultural Affairs Officer 

USIS, Amembassy 


Box 25 

Department of State 


DC 20521-9900 


Public Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy Baku 
Department of State 
DC 20521-7050 


Public Affairs Officer 

Departmernt of State 

USIS, Amembassy 


7415 NW 19th Street 


Miami, FL 33126 


Public Affairs Officer 

USIS, Amembassy 


Box 455, PSC 451 

FPO AE 09834-5100 


Cultural Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 

Department of State 
Washington, DC 


Public Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 
APOAA 34034-3130 


Cultural Affairs Officer 

USIS, Amembassy 


PSC 82 Box 001 

APOAE 09724 


Public Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 

Department of State 
DC 20521-3050 


Public Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 

Department of State 
Washington, DC 


Public Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 

Department of State 
Washington, DC 


Cultural Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy La 

Unit 3924 
APOAA 34032-3220 


Public Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 

Department of State 
Washington, DC 


Cultural Affairs Officer 

USIS, Amembassy 


Unit 3500 

APO AA 34030-5000 


U.S. Cultural and Public Affairs Officers Abroad 


Public Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy Sofia 
Unit 25402 
APO AE 09213-5740 

Burkina Faso 

Public Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 
Department of State 
Washington, DC 


Public Affairs Officer 

USIS, Amembassy 



APO AP 96546 


Public Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 
Department of State 
Washington, DC 


Cultural Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 

Department of State 
Washington, DC 


Cultural Affairs Officer 

USIS, Amembassy 


P.O. Box 5000 


NY 13669-0430 


Public Affairs Officer 
USB, Amembassy 
Dept. of State 
Washington, DC 


Cultural Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 
Santiago, Unit 4123 
APO AA 34033-3460 

People's Republic 

of (5 


Cultural Affairs Officer 

USIS, Amembassy 


PSC 461, Box 50 

FPOAP 96521-2039 


Cultural Affairs Officer 

USIS, Amembassy 


Unit 5131 

APO AA 34038-3030 


Public Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 
Brazzaville Box C 
APO AE 09828 

Costa Rica 

Public Affairs Officer 


Amembassy San Jose 

Unit 2504 

APO Aa 34020-3440 


Public Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 
Unit 25402 
APO AE 09213 


Public Affairs Officer 
UNLNT, Havana 
Department of State 
Washington, DC 


Public Affairs Officer 

USIS, Amembassy 


P.O. Box 4536 


Czech Republic 

Cultural Affairs Officer 

USIS, Amembassy 


Unit 25402 

APO AE 09213-5630 


Cultural Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 
APO AE 09716 


Cultural Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 
Santo Domingo 
Unit 5543 
APO AA 34041 


Cultural Affairs Officer 

USIS, Amembassy 


Unit 5332 

APO AA 34039-3420 


Cultural Affairs Officer 

USIS, Amembassy 


Unit 64900, Box 24 

APO AE 098394900 

El Salvador 

Cultural Affairs Officer 

USIS, Amembassy San 


Unit 3118 

APO AA 34023-3450 


Public Affairs Officer 

USIS, Amembassy 


Box T - PSC 78 

APO AE 09723 


Cultural Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 
Addis Ababa 
Department of State 
Washington, DC 


U.S. Cultural and Public Affairs Officers Abroad 


Cultural Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 
APOAE 09723 


Cultural Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy Paris 
Unit 21551 
APOAE 09777 


Public Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 

Deparment of State 
Washington, DC 


Public Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 

Department of State 
Washington, DC 

Federal Republic of 

Cultural Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy Bonn 
Unit 21701 Box 380 
APO AE 09080 


Cultural Affairs Officer 
USIS Amembassy Accra 
Department of State 
DC 20521-2020 


Cultural Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 
APOAE 09842 


Cultural Affairs Officer 

USIS, Amembassy 


APO AA 34024-3190 


Public Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 

Department of State 
DC 20521-2110 


Public Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 
31 Main Street 
Georgetown, Guyana 


Cultural Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amconsulate 
Port au Prince 
Department of State 
DC 20521-3400 

Cultural Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 
Unit 2914 
APO AA 34022 

Hong Kong 

Public Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amconsulate 
Hong Kong 
FPOAP 96522-0002 


Cultural Affairs Officer 
USIS Amembassy 
Budapest Unite 25402 
APOAE 09213-5207 


Public Affairs Officer 

USIS, Amembassy 


PSC 1003, Box 40 

FPOAE 09728-0340 


Cultural Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 
New Delhi 
Department of State 
Washington, DC 


Cultural Affairs Officer 

USIS, Amembassy 


Box 50, Unit 8136 

APO AP 96520-8236 


Public Affairs Officer 
USIS Amembassy 

Department of State 
DC 20521-5290 


Cultural Affairs Officer 
USIS Amembassy 
Tel Aviv 
PSC 98 Box 100 
APO AE 09830 


Cultural Affairs Officer 

USIS, Amembassy 


PSC 59, Box 100 

APOAE 09624 

Ivory Coast 

Cultural Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 

Department of State 
Washington, DC 


Public Affairs Officer 

USIS, Amembassy 


2 Oxford Road, 1st 


Kingston 5, Jamaica 


Cultural Affairs Officer 

USIS, Amembassy 


Unit 45004 Box 215 

APO AP 96337-0001 


U.S. Cultural and Public Affairs Officers Abroad 


Public Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 
Unit 70205 
APO New York 


Public Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 

Department of State 
Washington, DC 


Cultural Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 
Unit 64100 
APO AE 09831 


Cultural Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy Seoul 
Unit 15550 
APO AP 96205-0001 


Public Affairs Officer 

USIS, Amembassy 


APO AE 09880-9000 


Public Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 

Deptartment of State 
Washington, DC 


Public Affairs Officer 

USIS, Amembassy 



APAP 96546 


Public Affairs Officer 

USIS, Amembassy 



APO AE 09723 


Public Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 
APO AE 09132-5380 


Public Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy Sofia 
Unit 25402 
APO AE 09213-5740 


Public Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 
Department of State 
Washington, DC 


Cultural Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 
Kuala Lumpur 
APO AP 96535-5000 


Public Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 

Department of State 
Washington, DC 


Public Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 

Department of State 
Washington, DC 


Public Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 
Port Louis 
Department of State 
Washington, DC 


Cultural Affairs Officer 

USIS, Amembassy 


P.O. Box 3087 


Texas 78044-3087 


Agency for 
Ulaanbaatar E., c/o 
Amembassy Beijing 
Micro Region II 
Bing Bind Road, PSC 
461, Box 300 
FPOAP 96521-0002 


Cultural Affairs Officer 

USIS, Amembassy 


PSC 74, Box 021 

APO AE 09718-5000 


Public Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 

Department of State 
Washington, DC 

New Zealand 

Public Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 
FPOAP 96531-0001 


Cultural Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 
Unit 2714 
APO AA 34021 


Public Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 

Department of State 
Washington, DC 


Cultural Affairs Officer 

USIS, Amembassy 


Department of State 

Washington, DC 



U.S. Cultural and Public Affairs Officers Abroad 


Public Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy Oslo 
APOAE 09707 


Public Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 

Department of State 
Washington, DC 


Cultural Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 
Unit 62205 
APOAE 09812-2205 


Cultural Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 
Unit 0945 
APOAA 34002 


Public Affairs Officer 

USIS, Amembassy 


Unit 4733 

APO AA 34036-0001 


Cultural Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy Lima 
Unit 3770 
APO AA 34031-3230 


Cultural Affairs Officer 

USIS, Amembassy 


APO AP 96440-8600 


Cultural Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 
Unit 25402 
APOAE 09213 


Cultural Affairs Officer 

USIS, Amembassy 



APOAE 09726 


Public Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 

Department of State 
Washington, DC 


Cultural Affairs Officer 

USIS, Amembassy 


Unit 25402 

APO AE 09213-5260 


Cultural Affairs Officer 

USIS, Amembassy 


PSC 77 

APO AE 09721-5000 


Public Affairs Officer 
USIS Amembassy Kigali 
Department of State 
Washington, DC 

Saudi Arabia 

Cultural Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 
Unit 61307 
APOAE 09803-1307 


Cultural Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 

Department of State 
Washington, DC 

Sierra Leone 

Public Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 

Department of State 
Washington, DC 


Public Affairs Officer 

USIS, Amembassy 


Unit 25402 Box 5070 

APO AE 09213 


Public Affairs Officer 

USIS, Amembassy 


FPO AP 96534-0006 

Slovak Republic 

Public Affairs Officer 

USIS, Amembassy 


Box 5360 Unit 25402 

APOAE 09213-5630 


Public Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 

Department of State 
Washington, DC 


Public Affairs Officer 

USIS, Amembassy 


Unit 64103 Box 321 

APOAE 09831-4103 

South Africa 

Cultural Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 

Department of State 
Washington, DC 


Cultural Affairs Officer 

USIS, Amembassy 


PSC 61 Box 0046 

APO AE 09642 


U.S. Cultural and Public Affairs Officers Abroad 

Sri Lanka 

Cultural Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 
Washington, DC 


Public Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 
APO AE 09829 

Public Affairs Office 
USIS Amembassy 

Department of State 
Washington, DC 


Public Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 
Department of State 
Washington, DC 


Public Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 

Department of State 
Washington, DC 


Cultural Affairs Officer 
Dept. of State 
Washington, DC 


Cultural Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 
Dares Salaam 
Department of State 
Washinton DC 


Cultural Affairs Officer 

USIS, Amembassy 


Box 48 

APO AP 965454001 


Public Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 

Department of State 
Washington, DC 

Trinidad and 

Public Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 
Port of Spain 
P.O. Box 592113 
Miami, FL 33159-2113 


Cultural Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 

Department of State 
Washington, DC 


Cultural Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 


PSC 93 Box 5000 

APO AE 09823 


Public Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 

Department of State 
Washington, DC 


Public Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy Kiev 
Department of State 
Washington, DC 

United Arab 

Public Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 
Abu Dhabi 
Department of State 
Washington, DC 

Cultural Affairs Officer 

USIS, Amembasy 


PSC 801 Box 40 

FPO AE 09498 


Cultural Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 
Montevideo Unit 4505 
APO AA 34035 


Public Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 

Department of State 
Washington, DC 


Cultural Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 
Caracas Unit 4944 
APO AA 34037 


Public Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy Sanaa 
Department of State 
Washington, DC 


Public Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 
Kinshasa Unit 31550 
APO AE 09828 

United Kingdom Zambia 

Cultural Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 

Department of State 
Washington, DC 


Cultural Affairs Officer 
USIS, Amembassy 

Department of State 
Washington, DC 


Foreign Cultural Attaches in the U.S. 

These addresses of foreign 
embassies come from the 
U.S. Department of 
States Diplomatic List 
When seeking informa- 
tion about arts resources 
abroad, contact the 
Cultural Affairs Section 
in app ro p riate embassies. 

Embassy of the 

Republic of 


2341 Wyoming Ave. 


Washington, DC 20008 

(202) 234-3770 

Embassy of the 
Republic of Albania 
Suite 1010 
1511 K Street NW 
Washington, DC 20005 
(202) 223-4942 

Embassy of the 
Democratic & Popular 
Republic of Algeria 

2118 Kalorama Rd NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 265-2800 

Embassy of Antigua 
and Barbuda 

Suite 4M 

3400 International Drive 


Washington, DC 20008 

(202) 362-5211 

Embassy of the 
Argentine Republic 

1600 New Hampshire 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20009 
(202) 939-6400 

Embassy of the 
Republic of Armenia 

Suite 210 
1660 L Street NW 
Washington, DC 20036 
(202) 628-5766 

Embassy of Australia 
1601 Massachusetts 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20036 
(202) 797-3000 

Embassy of Austria 
3524 Internationa] 
Court NW 
Washington, DC 
(202) 895-6700 

Embassy of the 
Republic of Azerbaijan 

Suite 700 

927 15th Street NW 
Washington, DC 20005 
(202) 842-0001 

Embassy of the 
of the Bahamas 

2220 Massachusetts 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 319-2660 

Embassy of the State of 

3502 International Dr. 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 342-0741 

Embassy of the 
People's Republic of 

2201 Wisconsin Ave 


Washington, DC 20007 

(202) 342-8372 

Embassy of Barbados 

2144 Wyoming Ave. 


Washington, DC 20008 

(202) 939-9200 

Embassy of the 
Republic of Belarus 
1619 New Hampshire 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20009 
(202) 986-1604 

Embassy of the 


3330 Garfield Street 


Washington, DC 20008 

(202) 333-6900 

Embassy of Belize 
2535 Massachusetts 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 332-9636 

Embassy of the 
Republic of Benin 

2737 Cathedral Ave. 


Washington, DC 20008 

(202) 232-6656 

Embassy of Bolivia 
3014 Massachusetts 
Avenue N.W. 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 483-4410 

Embassy of the 
Republic of Botswana 

Suite 7M 

3400 International Drive 


Washington, DC 20008 

(202) 2444990 

Embassy of Brazil 
3006 Massachusetts 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 745-2700 

Embassy of the State of 
Brunei Darussalam 

Watergate, Suite 300 
2600 Virginia Ave. NW 
Washington, DC 20037 
(202) 342-0159 

Embassy of the 
Republic of Bulgaria 

1621 22nd Street NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 387-7969 

Embassy of the 
Burkina Faso 
2340 Massachusetts 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 332-5577 

Embassy of the 
Republic of Burundi 

Suite 212 

2233 Wisconsin Avenue 

Washington, DC 20007 

Embassy of the 
Republic of Cameroon 

2349 Massachusetts 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 265-8790 

Embassy of Canada 
501 Pennsylvania 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20001 
(202) 682-1740 


Foreign Cultural Attaches in the U.S. 

Embassy of the 

Republic of Cape 


3415 Massachusetts 

Avenue NW 

Washington, DC 20007 

(202) 965-6820 

Embassy of the 
Central Africa 

1618 22nd Street NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 483-7800 

Embassy of the 
Republic of Chad 

2002 R Street NW 
Washington, DC 20009 
(202) 4624009 

Embassy of the Chile 
1732 Massachusetts 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20036 
(202) 785-1746 

Embassy of the People's 
Republic of China 

2300 Connecticut 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 328-2500 

Embassy of Colombia 
2118 Leroy Place NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 387-8338 

Embassy of the Federal 
and Islamic Republic 
of the Comoros 

c/o Permanent Mission 

of the Federal and 

Islamic Republic of the 

Comoros to the United 


336 E. 45th Street 

2nd Floor 

New York, NY 10017 

(212) 972-8010 

Embassy of the 
Republic of Congo 

4891 Colorado AvcNW 
Washington, DC 20011 
(202) 726-5500 

Embassy of Costa Rica 
2114 S Street NW 
Wahington,DC 20008 
(202) 234-2945 

Embassy of the 
Republic of 

Cote dl voire 
2424 Massachusetts 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 797-0300 

Embassy of the 
Republic of Croatia 

2343 Massachusetts 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20002 
(202) 543-5580 

Embassy of the 
Republic of Cyprus 

2211 R Street NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 462-5772 

Embassy of the Czech 

3900 Spring of Freedom 
Street NW 

Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 363-6315 

Royal Danish Embassy 
3200 Whitehaven St 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 2344300 

Embassy of the 
Republic of Djibouti 

Suite 515 

1156 15th Street NW 
Washington, DC 20005 
(202) 331-0270 

Embassy of the 
Dominican Republic 

1715 22nd Street NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 332-6280 

Embassy of Ecuador 
2535 15th Street NW 
Washington, DC 20009 
(202) 234-7200 

Embassy of the 
ArabRepublic of Egypt 
2310 Decatur Place NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 232-5400 

Embassy of El Salvador 
2308 California St. NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 265-9671 

Embassy of 
Equatorial Guinea 

57 Magnolia Avenue 
Mount Vernon, 
NY 10553 
(914) 738-9584 

Embassy of the 
State of Eritrea 

Suite 400 

910 17th Street NW 
Washington, DC 20006 
(202) 429-1991 

Embassy of Estonia 
1030 15th Street NW 
Suite 1000 

Washington, DC 20005 
(202) 789-0320 

Embassy of Ethiopia 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 234-2281 

Embassy of the 
Republic of Fiji 

Suite 240 

2233 Wisconsin Avenue 


Washington, DC 20007 

(202) 337-8320 

Embassy of Finland 
3216 New Mexico 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20016 
(202) 363-2430 

Embassy of France 
4101 Reservoir RdNW 
Washington, DC 20007 
(202) 944-6000 

Embassy of the 
Gabonese Republic 

2034 20th Street NW 
Washington, DC 20009 
(202) 797-1000 

Embassy of the 

Suite 1000 

1155 15th Street NW 
Washington, DC 20005 
(202) 785-1399 

Embassy of the 
Republic of Georgia 

Suite 424 

1511 K Street NW 
Washington, DC 20005 
(202) 393-6060 


Foreign Cultural Attaches in the U.S. 

Embassy of the Federal 
Republic of Germany 
4645 Reservoir Rd NW 
Washington, DC 20007 
(202) 298400 

Embassy of Ghana 

3512 International Drive 


Washington, DC 20008 

(202) 6864520 

Embassy of the Greece 
2221 Massachusetts 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 939-5800 

Embassy of Grenada 
1701 New Hampshire 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20009 
(202) 265-2561 

Embassy of Guatemala 
2220 R Street NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 745-4952 

Embassy of the 
Republic of Guinea 

2112 Leroy Place NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 483-9420 

Embassy of the 
Republic of Guinea 

918 16th Street NW 
Mezzanine Suite 
Washington, DC 20006 
(202) 872-4222 

Embassy of Guyana 
2490 Tracy Place NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 265-6900 

Embassy of the 
Republic of Haiti 

2311 Massachusetts 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 3324090 

The Holy See- 
Apostolic Nunctiature 
3339 Massachusetts 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 333-7121 

Embassy of Honduras 
3007 Tilden Street NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 966-7702 

Embassy of the 
Republic of Hungary 

3910 Shoemaker St. NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 362-6730 

Embassy of Iceland 
2022 Connecticut 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 265-6653 

Embassy of India 
2107 Massachusetts 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 939-7000 

Embassy of Indonesia 

2020 Massachusetts 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20036 
(202) 775-5200 

Embassy of Ireland 
2234 Massachusetts 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 462-3939 

Embassy of Israel 
3514 International Drive 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 364-5500 

Embassy of Italy 
1601 Fuller Street NW 
Washington, DC 20009 
(202) 328-5500 

Embassy of Jamaica 
Suite 355 

1850 K Street, NW 
Washington, DC 20006 
(202) 452-0660 

Embassy of Japan 
2520 Massachusetts 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 939-6700 

Embassy of Hashemite 
Kingdom of Jordan 

3504 International Drive 


Washington, DC 20008 

(202) 966-2664 

Embassy of the 
Republic of 

3421 Massachusetts 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 3334504 

Embassy of the 
Republic of Kenya 

2249 R Street NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 387-6101 

Embassy of Korea 
2450 Massachusetts 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 524-9273 

Embassy of the 
State of Kuwait 
2940 Tilden Street NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 9660702 

Embassy of the 
Kyrgyz Republic 

Suite 705 

1511 K Street NW 
Washington, DC 20005 
(202) 347-3732 

Embassy of the 
Lao People's 
Democratic Republic 

2222 S Street NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 332-6416 

Embassy of Latvia 
4325 17th Street NW 
Washington, DC 20011 
(202) 7264213 

Embassy of Lebanon 
2560 28th Street NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 939-6300 

Embassy of the 
Kingdom of Lesotho 

2511 Massachusetts 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 797-5533 

Embassy of the 
Republic of Liberia 

5303 Colorado Ave NW 
Washington, DC 20011 
(202) 723-0437 

Embassy of the 
Republic of Lithuania 

2622 16th Street NW 
Washington, DC 20009 
(202) 234-5860 


Foreign Cultural Attaches in the U.S. 

Embassy of 

2200 Massachusetts 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 2654171 

Embassy of the 
Democratic Republic 
of Madagascar 
2374 Massachusetts 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 265-5525 

Embassy of Malawi 
2408 Massachusetts 
Avenue, NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 797-1007 

Embassy of Malaysia 
2401 Massachusetts 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 328-2700 

Embassy of the 
Republic of Mali 

2130 R Street NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 332-2249 

Embassy of Malta 
2017 Connecticut 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 462-3611 

Embassy of the 
Republic of the 
Marshall Islands 

2433 Massachusetts 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 234-5414 

Embassy of the Islamic 
Republic of Mauritania 
2129 Leroy Place NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 232-5700 

Embassy of Mauritius 
Suite 441 
4301 Connecticut 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 244-1491 

Embassy of Mexico 
1911 Pennsylvania 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20006 
(202) 728-1600 

Embassy of the 
Federated States of 

1725 N Street NW 
Washington, DC 20036 
(202) 2234383 

Embassy of Mongolia 
2833 M Street NW 
Washington, DC 20007 
(202) 333-7117 

Embassy of the 
Kingdom of Morocco 

1601 21st Street NW 
Washington, DC 20009 
(202) 462-7979 

Embassy of the 
Republic of 

Suite 570 

1990 M Street NW 
Washington, DC 20036 
(202) 293-7146 

Embassy of the 
Union of Myanmar 

2300 S Street NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 332-9044 

Embassy of the 
Republic of Namibia 

1605 New Hampshire 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20009 
(202) 986-0540 

Royal Nepalese 


2131 Leroy Place NW 

Washington, DC 20008 

(202) 667-4550 

Embassy of The 


4200 Linnean Ave. NW 

Washington, DC 20008 

(202) 244-5300 

Embassy of 
New Zealand 

37 Observatory Circle, 


Washington, DC 20008 

(202) 328-4800 

Embassy of Nicaragua 
1627 New Hampshire 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20009 
(202) 939-6570 

Embassy of the 
Republic of Niger 

2204 R Street NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 4834224 

Embassy of the Federal 
Republic of Nigeria 

1333 16th Street NW 
Washington, DC 20036 
(202) 986-8400 

Royal Norwegian 


2720 34th Street NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 333-6000 

Embassy of the 
Sultanate of Oman 

2342 Massachusetts 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 387-1980 

Embassy of Pakistan 
2315 Massachusetts 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 939-6200 

Embassy of the 

Republic of Panama 

2862 McGill Terrace 


Washington, DC 20008 

(202) 483-1407 

Embassy of 
Papua New Guinea 
1615 New Hampshire 
Avenue NW 
3rd Floor 

Washington, DC 20009 
(202) 745-3680 

Embassy of Paraguay 
2400 Massachusetts 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 483-6960 


Foreign Cultural Attaches in the U.S. 

Embassy of Peru 
1700 Massachusetts 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20036 
(202) 833-9860 

Embassy of the 

1617 Massachusetts 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20036 
(202) 483-1414 

Embassy of the 
Republic of Poland 

2640 16th Street NW 
Washington, DC 20009 
(202) 234-3800 

Embassy of Portugal 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 328-8610 

Embassy of the 
State of Qatar 

600 New Hampshire 
Avenue NW Suite 1180 
Washington, DC 20037 
(202) 338-0111 

Embassy of Romania 
1607 23rd Street NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 332-4846 

Embassy of the 
Russian Federation 

1125 16th Street NW 
Washington, DC 20036 
(202) 628-7551 

Embassy of the 
Republic of Rwanda 

1714 New Hampshire 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20009 
(202) 232-2882 

Embassy of 

Saint Kitts and Nevis 

Suite 608 

2100 M Street NW 
Washington, DC 20037 
(202) 833-3550 

Embassy of Saint Lucia 

Suite 309 

2100 M Street NW 
Washington, DC 20037 
(202) 463-7378 

Embassy of Saint 
Vincent and die 
Suite 102 

1717 Massachusetts 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20036 
(202) 462-7806 

Embassy of Saudi 

601 New Hampshire 

Washington, DC 20037 
(202) 342-3800 

Embassy of the 
Republic of Senegal 

2112 Wyoming Avenue 


Washington, DC 20008 

(202) 234-0540 

Embassy of the 
Republic of Seychelles 

c/oPermanent Mission 
of the Seychelles to the 
United Nations 
820 Second Avenue 
Suite 900F 

New York, NY 10017 
(212) 687-9766 

Embassy of Sierra 

1701 19th Street NW 
Washington, DC 20009 
(202) 939-9261 

Embassy of the 
Republic of Singapore 

1824 R Street NW 
Washington, DC 20009 
(202) 667-7555 

Embassy of the 
Slovak Republic 

Suite 380 

2201 Wisconsin Ave 


Washington, DC 20007 

(202) 965-5161 

Embassy of the 
Republic of Slovenia 

Suite 410 

1300 19th Street NW 
Washington, DC 20036 
(202) 828-1650 

Embassy of South 

3051 Massachusetts 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 2324400 

Embassy of Spain 
2700 15th Street NW 
Washington, DC 20009 
(202) 265-0190 

Embassy of the 
Democratic Socialist 
Republic of Sri Lanka 

2148 Wyoming Avenue 


Washington, DC 20008 

(202) 483-4025 

Embassy of the 
Republic of the Sudan 

2210 Massachusetts 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 338-8565 

Embassy of the 
Republic of Suriname 

Suite 108 
4301 Connecticut 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 244-7488 

Embassy of the 
Kingdom of Swaziland 

3400 International Drive 


Washington, DC 20008 

(202) 362-6683 

Embassy of Sweden 
600 New Hampshire 
Avenue NW 
Suites 1200 & 715 
Washington, DC 20037 
(202) 944-5600 

Embassy of Switzerland 

2900 Cathedral Ave. 


Washington, DC 20008 

(202) 745-7900 

Embassy of the Syrian 
Arab Republic 

2215 Wyoming Ave NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 232-6313 

Embassy of the United 
Republic of Tanzania 

2139 R Street NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 939-6125 


Foreign Cultural Attaches in the U.S. 

Embassy of Thailand 
2300 Kalorama RA NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 483-7200 

Embassy of the 
Republic of Togo 

2208 Massachusetts 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 234-4212 

Embassy of the 
Kingdom of Tonga 

London office only 

Embassy of the 
Republic of Trinidad 
and Tobago 

1708 Massachusetts 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20036 
(202) 467-6490 

Embassy of Tunisia 
1515 Massachusetts 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20005 
(202) 862-1850 

Embassy of the 
Republic of Turkey 

1714 Massachusetts 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20036 
(202) 659-8200 

Embassy of the 
Republic of Uganda 
5909 16th Street NW 
Washington, DC 20011 
(202) 726-7100 

Embassy of Ukraine 
3350 M Street NW 
Washington, DC 20007 
(202) 333-0606 

Embassy of the 
United Arab Emirates 
Suite 600 

3000 K Street NW 
Washington, DC 20007 
(202) 338-6500 

Embassy of the 
United Kingdom of 
Great Britain and 
Northern Ireland 

(British Embassy) 
3100 Massachusetts 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 462-1340 

Embassy of Uruguay 
1918 F Street NW 
Washington, DC 20006 
(202) 331-1313 

Embassy of the 
Republic of Uzbekistan 
Suite 619 and 623 
1511 K Street NW 
Washington, DC 20005 
(202) 6384266 

Embassy of the 
Republic of Venezuela 

1099 30th Street NW 
Washington, DC 20007 
(202) 342-2214 

Embassy of 
Western Samoa 

820 Second Avenue 
Suite 800 
New York, 
NY 10017 
(212) 599-6196 

Embassy of the 
Republic of Yemen 
Suite 705 

2600 Virginia Ave. NW 
Washington, DC 20037 
(202) 965-4760 

Embassy of the 
Former Socialist 
Federal Republic of 


2410 California St. NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 462-6566 

Embassy of the 
Republic of Zaire 

1800 New Hampshire 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20009 
(202) 234-7690 

Embassy of the 
Republic of Zambia 
2419 Massachusetts 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20008 
(202) 265-9717 

Embassy of the 
Republic of Zimbabwe 

1608 New Hampshire 
Avenue NW 
Washington, DC 20009 
(202) 332-7100 


Agencies Abroad 

\Jcen the people most knowledgeable about you must first attract the staffs interest in 
the arts in a given country are individuals you and your proposed project. Present 
who live and work there. This section pro- yourself as a professional, talented, experi- 
vides access to those individuals and organi- enced artist or arts organization with much 
zations abroad whose assistance can be in- to offer your country of interest. Submit a 
valuable. It does not represent an exhaustive resume, including publications, exhibitions, 
list of resources in each country; rather it professional performances, international 
contains many prominent, multi- touring, or other relevant indications of 
disciplinary, national, cultural organizations work experience. Include any press clip- 
able to provide artists with more specific pings, reviews, or glossy programs. Send a 
information based on their particular needs, work sample: photographs, slides, an audio 
In countries where no such organizations or video tape. (Be sure to use the correct 
were found, we included discipline specific technological format for the targeted coun- 
and/or regional organizations. try.) The foreign staff member who receives 

your materials probably won't have time 

Approaching Organizations Abroad for a thorough review of your materials, so 

highlight your strengths concisely and en- 

The key to approaching foreign organiza- close an easily accessible work sample. If at 

tions for assistance is to be specific. In a all possible, have at least your cover letter 

cover letter, identify yourself, including your translated into the language of that country, 

discipline, your project, the types of con- A local university or the country's embassy 

tacts that you wish to make in-country, and or consulate, may be able to assist you. 
the regions of the country in which you 



Make it clear if you looking for contacts, 

housing, funding or other assistance. A Binational Centers (BNC) 
visual artist, for example, might ask for the 

names of museum curators, or a list of The first organizations presented under each 

gallery owners. A dancer might request a list country heading are the BNCs. These cen- 

of dance companies or the names of organiz- ters are self-sustaining, not-for-profit insti- 

ers of an upcoming festival. You might also tutions established to provide cultural and 

ask for help in establishing connections with educational programs relating to the BNCs 

colleagues abroad. Ask if they are aware of home country and the United States. BNCs 

artists or organizations in your discipline will likely be the most user-friendly cultural 

that have expressed interest in international organizations abroad for Americans. They 

exchange or hosting foreign artists. are excellent resources because they exist to 

establish cultural links between the home 

Preparing a Proposal nation and the United States. They can 

provide contacts in the local arts commu- 

When approaching a foreign organization, nity, and sometimes offer performance, ex- 


Agencies Abroad 

hibition and/or rehearsal space. In addition, 
BNCs may be able to furnish artists' fees and 
publicity for U.S. artists wishing to perform 
or exhibit abroad. Some countries have 
multiple BNCs, in which case you should 
target your cities of interest and contact the 
BNCs there, as well as the BNC in the 
capital city (indicated by * in the list below). 

A few BNCs participate in the International 
Arts Programming Network which pro- 
vides touring opportunities to a number of 
countries. This pilot network was devel- 
oped so that arts groups from countries with 
binational centers may travel in the United 
States through the six-member circuit of 
U.S. regional arts organizations (RAOs), 
and so that U.S. artists may travel through a 
BNC circuit that currently includes seven 
BNCs in Latin America and Southeastern 
Europe. Performing and visual arts present- 
ers should contact the Director of Programs 
at the Mid-America Arts Alliance for fur- 
ther information. 

Another activity of note is the BNC Circuit, 
a small program with limited funding admin- 
istered by USIA's Office of Cultural Cen- 
ters. Under this program, U.S. performing 
arts groups and visual arts exhibitions travel 
to BNCs across Latin America. Only perfor- 
mances and exhibitions that are small in 
scale and technically simple can be included 
in the Circuit, due to the limited space and 
funds of the BNCs. 

Government Ministries (GM) 

however those included in this guide are also 
concerned with fostering cross-cultural ex- 
change. They are good sources of infor- 
mation, especially about large cultural festi- 
vals, exhibitions and top name artists in 
your country of interest. They generally do 
not offer funding to foreign artists, although 
they may support a collaboration between a 
U.S. and local artists. 

Service Organizations (SO) 

Foreign service organizations may serve a 
single arts discipline or the broad cultural 
arena. They are generally private, nonprofit 
organizations with limited funding but exten- 
sive contact lists and knowledge of their 
fields. Service organizations will often be 
most responsive to your inquiries. 

Presenting Organizations (PO) 

These include cultural centers, museums, 
theaters and other organizations that house 
and/or help produce performances or exhi- 
bitions. Those included in this guide have 
expressed an interest in, or have in the past 
worked with international artists. 

Foundations (F) 

These are generally private, nonprofit organi- 
zations, funded by corporate and private 
donations that support arts activities. They 
often have funds for local performances and 
exhibitions, and may bring in international 
artists for collaborations or tours. 

Most countries have national cultural affairs Corporations (C) 
agencies. These primarily serve local artists, 


Agencies Abroad 

Foreign corporations that have a particular INTERNATIONAL RESOURCES 
interest in and a history of funding arts 

activities are included in this section. These The phone and fax numbers for these organi 

corporations tend to fund big-name enter- zations are listed exactly as they were given 

tainers or groups, or projects that are hosted to us. Some include long distance access, 

by or feature exchange with local artists. country and city codes, some don't. These 

codes vary from country to country and 

CONTACTING EMBASSIES within countries. Contact your long dis- 
tance operator for assistance with placing 

After you have thoroughly researched your these calls. Given the name, country and 

project, you may want to contact the appro city of an organization, the operator should 

priate embassy directly. A complete list of be able to get through. If you are still unable 

cultural affairs officers from foreign coun- to get through, contact the embassy of the 

tries at their embassies in Washington, DC, country in Washington for assistance, 
is included in this Directory. You can also 

find a complete list of addresses for U.S. Note: Information in this section was com- 

Cultural Affairs Officers abroad in this Di- piled with the generous assistance of for- 

rectory. If you live in a large U.S. city, you eign cultural attaches in Washington and 

may have a consulate nearby representing American cultural affairs officers abroad, 

your country of interest, with cultural af- Unlike the domestic organizations in this 

fairs personnel who can also assist you. guide, we were unable to contact every 

organization abroad to confirm the infor- 

Think carefully about contacting an em- mation that was provided to us. If you find 

bassy. Are you adequately prepared to a wrong number, or find a particular orga- 

answer specific questions about your project? nization unresponsibe, or if this book is 

Do you know exactly what you are asking missing an important resource abroad, please 

for? Embassy staff tend to be extremely let us know so we can make appropriate 

busy; use their time well. It is never a good revisions in tnext edition. Thank you. 
idea to call "fresh," without background 
information and specific questions. 


Agencies Abroad 


Ministere de la Culture 

et de la Communication 


Palais de la Culture 

Plateau des Anassero 

Kouba, Alger 



Nedjma Association 
National e pour les 
Activites et les Echanges 
Touristiques et 
Culturels Internationaux 

16, Rue Larbi Nen 
M'hidil6000 Alger 

Centro de la Culture et 
dlnformation (GM) 
1, Place Maurice Audin- 
16000 Alger 


Instituto Cultural 

Argentino Norteameri- 

cano * (ICANA) (BNC) 

Maipu 672 

(1006) Buenos Aires, 


ph: (541)322-3855/ 


fax: 322-2106 

Asociacion Comodoro 
Rivadavia de Inter- 
cambio Cultural 
Argentino Norteameri- 
cano (ACRICANA) 

(9000) Comodoro 
Rivadavia, Argentina 
ph./fax: (54967)26-311 

Instituto de Intercambio 
Cultural Argentino 
Dean Funes 726 
(5000) Cordoba, 
ph: (5451)36-396 
fax: (5451) 37-858 

Instituto Dean Funes de 
Intercambio Cultural 
Argentino Norteameri- 
cano (IDFICANA) 

Rivadavia 418 
(5200) Dean Funes, 
Cordoba, Argentina 
ph: (54521)2-0738 

Asociacion Mendocina 
de Intercambio Cultural 
Argentino Norteameri- 
cano (AMICANA) 
Chile 987 
(5500) Mendoza, 
ph: (5461)24-1719 

Asociacion Rosarina de 
Intercambio Cultural 
Argentino Norteameri- 

Buenos Aires 934 
(2000) Rosario, 
ph: (5441)21-9179/ 

Instituto Salteno de 
Intercambio Cultural 
Argentino Norteameri- 
cano (ISICANA) 

Santiago del Estero 865 
(4400) Salta, Argentina 
ph: (5487)21-10666 

Instituto San Francis- 
quense de Intercambio 
Cultural Argentino 
Carlos Pellegrini 256 
(2400) San Francisco, 
Cordoba, Argentina 
ph: (54564)20471 

Instituto Sureno de 
Intercambio Cultural 
Argentino Norteameri- 
cano (SURICANA) 

Comandante Salas 119 
(5600) San Rafael, 
Mendoza, Argentina 
No phone/fax available 

Asociacion del Litoral 
de Intercambio Cultural 
Argentino Norteameri- 

San Martin 2231 
(3000) Santa Fe, 
ph: (5443)22-3789 

Instituto Pampeano de 
Intercambio Cultural 
JuanB.Justo 119 
(6300) Santa Rosa, La 
Pampa, Argentina 
ph: (54954) 2-8543 

Asociacion Santiaguena 
de Intercambio Cultural 
Argentino Norteameri- 
cano (ASICANA) 

24 de Septiembre 382 
(4200) Santiago del 
Estero, Argentina 
ph: (5485)21-3653 

Asociacion Tucumana 

de Intercambio Cultural 




Avda. Salta 581 

CasQla de Correo 285 

(4000) Tucuman, 


ph./fax (5481) 31-0616 

Instituto Villamariense 
de Intercambio Cultural 
Argentino Norteameri- 
cano (PVICANA) 

(5900) Villa Maria, 
Cordoba, Argentina 
ph. (0535)24519 

Ushuaia-Instituto de 
Intercambio Cultural 
Argentino Norteameri- 
cano (USH-ICANA) 

25 de Mayo 184 
(9410) Ushuaia, Tierra 
del Fuego, Argentina 
No phone/fax available 

Fondo Nacional de Las 

Artes (GM) 

Alsina 673 

1087 Buenos Aires 

ph: 54-1-343-2607 

fax: 54-1-343-1597 


Agencies Abroad 

Mozarteum Argentino 


Rodriguez Pena 1882, 


1021 Buenos Aires 
ph: 54-1-811-0854 

Fundacion Banco 
Patricios (PO) 

1022 Buenos Aires 
ph: 54-1-372-5651 
fax: 54-1-331-6887 

Fundacion San Telmo 



1143 Buenos Aires 

ph: 54-1-361-5485/ 


Fundacion Antorcha (F) 

Chile 300 

1098 Buenos Aires 

ph: 54-1-331-9905 

fax: 54-1-331-5673 

Fundacion Teatro 
Colon (F) 
Cerrito 618 
1010 Buenos Aires 
ph: 54-1-382-8281 
fax: 54-1-382-0208 


Australia Council (SO) 
181 Lawson Street 
Redfern NSW 2016 
ph: (02)950 9000 
fax: (02) 950 9111 

National Association for 

the Visual Arts (SO) 

Suite 11, The Gunnery 

43-51 Cowper Wharf 


Woolloomooloo NSW 


ph: (02) 368 1900 

fax: (02) 358 6909 

Art Museums Associa- 
tion of Australia (SO) 
159 Brunswick Street 
Fitzroy VIC 3065 
ph: (03)416 3795/96 
fax: (03) 419 6842 

Craft Australia (SO) 
414 Elizabeth Street 
5th Floor 

Surry Hills NSW 2010 
ph: (02)2111445 
fax: (02) 211 1443 

Aboriginal Arts 
Association (SO) 
13 Bellvue Street 
Surry Hills NSW 2010 
ph: (02)2812144 
fax: (02) 281 8920 

The Australian Writers 
Guild (SO) 
60 Kellett Street 
Kings Cross NSW 2011 
ph: (02)357 7888 
fax: (02) 357 7776 

Australian Film 
Commission (SO) 
8 West Street 
North Sydney NSW 

ph: (02)925 7333/ 
(008) 22 6615 
fax: (02) 959 5403 


Federal Ministry for 

Education and the Arts 


Minoritenplatz 5 

1014 Wien 

No phone/fax available 


Jackson & Stan Burnside 


The Art Society of the 


c/o P.O. Box N 7028 

Nassau, Bahamas 

No phone/fax available 

The Central Bank of the 
Bahamas (C) 
Philanthropy, Cultural 
Affairs Department 
P.O. Box N 4868 
Nassau, Bahamas 
No phone/fax available 

Shell Bahamas Ltd. (C) 
Cultural Affairs Office 
P.O. Box N 3717 
Nassau, Bahamas 
No phone/fax available 

Esso Standard Oil SA 



Cultural Affairs Office 

P.O. Box CB 10998 

Nassau, Bahamas 

No phone/fax available 

McDonalds Restaurant 


Philanthropy, Cultural 

Affairs Department 


Nassau, Bahamas 

No phone/fax available 

Resorts International 



Cultural Affairs 


P.O. Box N 4777 

Nassau, Bahamas 

No phone/fax available 


Ministry of Information 


P.O. Box 253 

Manama, Bahrain 

Attn: Directorate of 

Culture & Arts 

fax: 973 682777 


Centro Boliviano 

Americano (BNC) 



P.O. Box 1399 



ph./fax: (59142) 22115 

or 21288 

Centro Boliviano 
Americano * (BNC) 
Parque Zenon Iturralde 
No. 121, 
Casilla 12024 
La Paz, Bolivia 
ph: (5912)366-005 
fax: (5912) 355-081 


Agencies Abroad 

Centro Boliviano 
Americano (BNC) 
Calk Cochabamba 
No.66, Casilla 510 
Santa Cruz, Bolivia 
ph: (5913) 34-2299; 
fax: (5913) 35-0188 

Centro Boliviano 
Americano (BNC) 
Calle Calvo No. 437 
Casilla No. 380 
Sucre, Bolivia 
ph: (59164)2-1982 

Instituto Boliviano de 
Cultura (GM) 
Casilla 7846 
Ayacucho esq. Potosl 
"Palacio Chico" 
La Paz - Bolivia 
ph/fax: (591-2)37-8128 

Casa de la Cultura "Raul 
Otero Reiche" (504*0) 
Calle Libertad No. 65 
P.O. Box 1767 
Santa Cruz, Bolivia 
ph: (591-33)350812 
fax: (591-33) 342382 

Quipus Cultural 

Foundation (PO.F) 

Calle Jauregui 2248 

P.O. Box 1696 

La Paz, 


ph: (591-2)314530/ 


fax: (591-2) 390700 

Fundacion Cultural 
E.M.U.S.A (F)(visual 

A v. 1 6 de Julio 1607 
P.O. Box 779 
La Paz, Bolivia 
ph: (591-2)328931; 
fax: (591-2) 340159 

Fundacion BHN 

(F) (visual arts) 

Calle Balisario Salinas 


P.O. Box 7622 

La Paz, 


ph: (591-2)325154/ 


fax: (591-2) 391358 


National Museum and 
Art Gallery (PO) 
Private Bag 00114 
Gaborone, Botswana 
ph: 267-374616 
fax: 267-302797 

Maitisong (performing 

arts troupe) 

Maru-a-Pula School 

Private Bag 0045 



ph/fax: 267-371-809 


Casa Thomas Jefferson 


SEPS- 706/906 Modulos 


Caixa Postal 07-1201 

70.350 Brasilia -DF, 


ph: (5561)243-6588 

fax: (5561) 321-2833 

Centro Cultural Brasil- 

Estados Unidos (BNC) 

Travessa Padre Eutiquio 


66.000 Belem - PA, 


ph/fax: (5591) 223-9455 

Instituto Cultural Brasil- 
Estados Unidos (BNC) 
Rua da Bahia 1723 
30.160 Belo Horizonte - 
MG, Brazil 
ph: (5531)226-7959 
fax: (5531) 222-4594 

Centro Cultural Brasil- 

Estados Unidos (BNC) 

Av. Julio de Mesquita 


CEP 13.023 Campinas - 

SP, Brazil 

ph: (55192) 526-888; 

fax: 513-664 

Centro Cultural Brasil- 

Estados Unidos (BNC) 

Rua Amintas de Barros 


Ed Itatiaia 

Caixa Postal 3328 

80.060 Curitiba - PR, 


ph: (5541)233-3422 

Instituto Brasil-Estados 

Unidos no Ceara (BNC) 

Rua Nogueira Acioly , 


Caixa Postal 1571 

60.001 Fortaleza-CE, 


ph: (5585)252-3633/ 


Instituto Cultural Brasil- 
Estados Unidos (BNC) 
Av. Joaquim Nabuco 

69.000 Manaus - AM, 

ph: (5592)232-5919 

Instituto Cultural 

Brasileiro- Norteameri- 

cano (BNC) 

Rua Riachuelo 1257-31 


Caixa Postal 1253 

90.010 Porto Alegre - 

RS, Brazil 

ph: (55512)25-2255 

Associacao Brasil 

America (BNC) 

Av. Dr. Malaquias 171 

50.070 Recife -PE, 


ph: (5581)231-7065 

fax: (5581) 427-1881 

Instituto Brasil-Estados 

Unidos (BNC) 

Av. N. Sra. de 

Copacabana 690/11 


Caixa Postal 12.154 

22.050 Rio de Janeiro - 

RJ, Brazil 

ph: (5521)255-8332 

Associacao Cultural 

Brasil-Estados Unidos 


Av. Sete de Setembro 

1883 Corredor da 


40.120 Salvador - BA, 


ph: (5571)336-4411/ 


Centro Cultural Brasil- 
Estados Unidos (BNC) 
Rua Jorge Tibirica 5/7 
11.055 Santos -SP, 

ph: (55132)34-9965/ 


Agencies Abroad 

Institute Cultural Brasil- 

Estados Unidos (BNC) 

Rua Mentanha Russa, 42 


65.010 Sao Luiz- MA 


ph: (5598)222-8583 

fax: (5598) 222-0694 

Associacao Alumni 


Rua Visconde de Nacar 


Real Parque Mo nimbi 

05.685 Sao Paulo - SP, 


ph: (5511)842-3866 

Uniao Cultural Brasil- 

Estados Unidos (BNC) 

Rua Col. Oscar Porto 


04.003 Sao Paulo - SP, 


ph: (5511)885-1022 

fax: (5511) 885-0376 

Instituto Brasil-Estados 

Unidos de Vitoria 


Rua Graciano Neves, 

No. 62, 1 andar 

Caixa Postal 789 

29.000 Vitoria -ES, 


ph: (5527)222-1692 

fax: (5527) 223-2638 

Coordenacao do 
Aperfeicoamento do 
Pessoal de Nivel 
Superior (GM) (CAPES) 
Ministerio da Educacao 
Anexo 1, 40 andar 
70047 Brasilia, DF Brazil 
ph: 5561 225-7191/ 
fax: 5561 214-8853 

Ministerio da Cultura 

Bloco B, 3 andar 
70060 Brasilia, DF Brazil 
ph: 5561225-7110 
fax: 5561 225-9162 

Ministry of Foreign 
Affairs (GM) 
Cultural Department 
Pallacio Itamaraty 
70170-900 Brasilia, DF 
ph: (5561)211-6161 
fax: (5561) 223-7362 

Dueto Promocoes Ltda. 

Av. Lauro Muller, 116/ 
4203 - Torre do Rio-Sul 
22290-160, Rio de 
Janeiro, RJ Brazil 
ph (5521)275-1990 

DeU'Arte Promocoes 


Praia do Flamengo, 66 

B/317 & 318 

22210-030, Rio de 

Janeiro, RJ 


ph: (5521)205-8344/ 


Centro Cultural Banco 

do Brazil (PO) 

Rua Primeiro de Marco, 


20010000, Rio de 

Janeiro, RJ 


ph: (5521)2160550 

Fundacao Vitae (F) 

Rua Oscar Freire, 379, 

5Q andar 

01426 Sao Paulo, SP- 


ph: (5511)881-7199 

fax: (5511) 883-6361 


International Cultural 

Relations Program 


Government of Canada 

External Affairs 

Communications and 

Culture Branch 

Culture and Sport 


Ottawa, Canada 

ph: (613)992-9948 

"Arts Abroad" (GM) 
Ministry of Culture, 
Tourism and Recreation 
Cultural Program 
Branch Government of 

77 Bloor Street West, 
2nd Floor 

Ontario M7A 2R9 
ph: (416)314-7750 
fax: (416) 314-7661 


Section (SO) 

The Canada Council 

350 Albert Street, 

P.O. Box 1047 

Ottawa, Ontario, 

Canada, KIP 5V8 

ph: (613)5664365/ 


fax: (613) 566-4390 

Touring Office (SO) 

The Canada Council 

350 Albert Street 

P.O. Box 1047 

Ottawa, Ontario 


KIP 5V8 

ph: (613)5664365/ 


fax: (613) 566-4390 

Council for Business 

and the Arts in Canada 


P.O. Box 7 

401 Bay Street, Suite 


Toronto, Ontario 

M5H2Y4ph: (416)869- 


fax: (416) 8690435 

Canadian Conference of 

the Arts (SO) 

189 Laurier Avenue East 

Ottawa, Ontario 


ph: (613)238-3561 

fax: (613) 2384849 

Elizabeth Greenshields 
Foundation (F)(vis. arts) 
1814 Sherbrooke 
Street West 
Montreal, Quebec 
H3H 1E4 Canada 
ph: (514)937-9225 


Instituto Chileno- 
Norteamericano de 
Cultura (BNC) 
Carrera 1445 

Antofagasta, Chile 
ph: (5683)26-3520; 
fax: (5683) 26-2731 


Agencies Abroad 

Instituto Chileno- 
Norteamericano de 
Cultura (BNC) 
San Marcos 581 
Arica, Chile 
ph: (5680)224119 

Instituto Chileno 
Norteamericano de 
Cultura (BNC) 
18 de Septiembre, 
No. 253 
Chilian, Chile 
ph: (5642)22-1414 

Instituto Chileno 
Norteamericano de 
Cultura (BNC) 
Gabriela Mistral S/N 
Chuquicamata, Chile 
ph: (5682)32-6411/ 

Instituto Chileno- 
Norteamericano de 
Cultura (BNC) 
Caupolican 315 

Cas ilia 612 
Concepcion, Chile 
ph: (5641)225-506 
fax: (5641) 233-851 

Instituto Chileno 
Norteamericano de 
Cultura (BNC) 
Curico, Chile 
ph: 311 129 

Instituto Chileno- 

Norteamericano de 

Cultura (BNC) 

Los Carrera 770 - Piso 2 

Osorno, Chile 

ph: (5664)23-4227 

Instituto Chileno- 
Norteamericano de 
Cultura (BNC) * 
Moneda 1467 
Santiago, Chile 
ph: (56)696-3215 
fax: 698-0400 

Instituto Chileno 

Norteamericano de 

Cultura (BNC) 


(Entre 2 Y 3 Oriente) 

Talca, Chile 

ph: 71-23-2572 

Instituto Chileno- 
Norteamericano de 
Cultura (BNQ 
General Mackenna 559 
Temuco, Chile 
ph: (5645)21-0828 

Instituto Chileno- 
Norteamericano de 
Cultura (BNC) 
Esmeralda 1069 
Valparaiso, Chile 
ph: (5632)255-725; 

Branch Vina del Mar 


3 Norte 532 

Vina del Mar, Chile 

ph: 686191 

Ministerio de Educacion 


Division de Cultura 

Alameda 1371 

Santiago, Chile 

ph: (562)696-3351 

Ministerio de Relaciones 
Exteriores (GM) 
Direccion de Asuntos 

Cul rural es e 
Inform acion 
Morande 441 
Santiago, Chile 
ph: (562)696-3436 

Corporacion Cultural 
de Santiago (PO) 
San Antonio 149 
Santiago, Chile 
ph: (56-2)639-8200 

Corporacion Amigos 

del Arte (SO)(visual arts) 

Av. Providenda 1670 - 


ph: (56-2)235-9647 

Fundacion Beethoven 

(F) (music) 

Av. 11 de septiembre 

2214, of. 66 

ph: (56-2)232-1360 

People's Republic 

of CI 


Bureau for External 
Cultural Relations (GM) 
Ministry of Culture 
No. 2 Shatan Beijie 
Beijing, China 100722 
ph: 401-3157 

China International 

Cultural Association 


Jia No. 83 Dong An 

Men Beijie 

Beijing, China 100722 

ph: 401-2255 ext. 683 


China Performing Arts 

Agency (SO) 

Jia No. 25 Dongsi 


Beijing, China 100007 

ph: 403-2702 

fax: 401-5802 

China International 

Exhibition Agency (SO) 

Jia No. 25 Dongsi 


Beijing, China 100007 

ph: 403-1640 

fax: 512-3070 

China International 

Cultural Exchange 

Center (SO) 

No. 56 Dong Zhi Men 

Wai Xiejie Xiaoguan 


China 100027 

ph: 465-2319 



Centro Colombo 

Americano (BNC) 

Carrera 14 No. 8-62 

Apart ado Aereo 2216 



ph: (967)463-588/ 


Centro Colombo 
Americano (BNC) 
Carrera 43, No. 51-95 
Apartado Aereo 2097 
ph: (5758)318-084 
fax: (5758) 324-724 


Agencies Abroad 

Centre Colombo 
Americano (BNC) * 
Avenida 19, No. 3-05 
Apartado Aereo 3815 
Santa Fe de Bogota, 
ph: (571)334-7641 
fax: (571) 282-3372 

Centro Colombo 

Americano (BNC) * 

(North Branch) 

Callel09A No. 17-10 

Santa Fe de Bogota, 


ph: (92)21+4960/3039 

Centro Colombo 

Americano (BNC) 


Apartado Aereo 466 



ph: (5776)352-908 

fax: (5776) 453-374 

Centro Colombo 
Americano (BNC) 
Calle 13 Norte No. 8-45 
Apartado Aereo 4525 



ph: (115723)673-539 

fax: (115723) 684-695 

Centro Colombo 

Americano (BNC) 

Calle de la Factoria No. 


Apartado Aereo 2831 



ph: (5753) 641-714 

fax: (5753) 651-887 

Centro Colombo 
Americano (BNC) 
Calle 26, No. 21-37 
Apartado Aereo 391 
Manizales, Colombia 
ph: (57968)831-074 
fax: (57968) 845-582 

Centro Colombo 
Americano (BNC) 
Apartado Aereo 8734 
Medellin, Colombia 
ph: (574)513-4444 
fax: (574) 513-2666 

Centro Colombo 
Americano (BNC) 
Apartado Aereo 735 
Pereira, Colombia 
ph: (57963)336465 
fax: (57963) 354-291 

Colcultura (GM) 

Instituto Colombiano 


Carrera 9 No 74-99 

Santa Fe de Bogota, 


ph/fax: (571) 2484969 

Centro Cultural 

Gimnasio Moderno 


Colegio Gimnasio 


Carrera 9 No. 74-99 

Santa Fe de Bogota, 


ph/fax: (571) 2484909 

Sociedad Musical Daniel 


(Daniel Music Society) 

Fundacion Ernesto de 


Carrera 6 No. 67-09 


Santa Fe de Bogota, 


P.O. Box 53490 

ph: (571)211-3623/ 


fax: (571) 310-0452 

Fundacion Teatre Libre 


Calle 62 No. 10-65 

Santa Fe de Bogota, 


ph: (571)217-1988, 


Colsubsidio (C) 

Calle 26 No. 25-50 


Santa Fe de Bogota 

ph: (571)285-9016 

Costa Rica 

Centro Cultura Costar- 
ricense Norteamericano 

Calle Los Negritos, 
Barrio Dent 
Apartado 1489-1000 
San Jose, Costa Rica 
ph: (506)259-433; 
fax: (574) 241-480 

Ministry of Culture, 
Youth and Sports (GM) 
Ministerio de Cultura 
Apartado 10227-1000 
San Jose, Costa Rica 

Czech Republic 

Ministry of Culture 


Foreign Relations Dept. 

Valdstejnska 10 

118 11 Prague 

ph: (42 2)513 22 20 

Pragokoncert (PO) 
Maltezske nam. 1 
ph: (42 2)53 9674 
fax:(42 2)53 9673 

Mezinarodni Kulturni 
Centrum Egona 
Schieleho (PO)(visual 

Sirokaul. 70-72 
38101 Cesky Krumlov 
ph: (422)3374232 


Kulturministeriet (GM) 
(Ministry of Culture) 
Nybrogade 2, 1203 
Copenhagen K. 
ph: 33 92 33 70 

Kulturinstitut (SO) 
(Danish Cultural 
Kultorvet 2 
1175 Copenhagen K 
ph: 33 13 54 48 


Centro Cultural 

Dominicano- Americano 


Avenida Estrella Sahdala 


Apartado 767 

Santiago De Los 


Dominican Republic 

ph: (809)582-6627 

fax: (809) 587-3858 

n i 

Agencies Abroad 

Institute) Cultural 

Avenida Abraham 
Lincoln No. 21 
Santo Domingo, 
Dominican Republic 
ph: (809)533-4191 
fax: (809) 533-8809 


Centra Ecuatoriano 
Norteamericano (BNQ 
Casilla 148 
Cuenca, Ecuador 
ph: (5937)830-373, 

Centra Ecuatoriano 
Norteamericano (BNC) 
Luis Urdaneta Y Gral. 
Casilla 5717 
Guayaquil, Ecuador 
ph: (5934)564-509; 
fax: (5934) 300-365 

Ministry of Education 
and Culture (GM) 
fax: 593-2-580-178 
Casa de Cultura 
Ecuatoriana "Benjamin 
Carrion" (PO) 
Avenida 6 de diciembre 
No. 794 y Patria 
Apartado Postal: 67 
Quito, Ecuador 
ph: 593-2-233-520/ 

El Salvador 

Centro Cultural 
Salvadoreno (BNC) * 
Avenida los Sisimiles y 
Boulevard de los 

Heroes, SSESCA 

San Salvador, El 


ph: (503)26-9130/9032/ 



Institut Franco- 

Americain (BNC) 


7, quai Chateaubriand 

35059 Rennes Cedex, 


ph: 99-792-057; 

fax: 793-009 

Association Francaise 

d' Action Artistique 


45, Rue Boissiere 

75116 Paris, France 

Director Monsieur 


ph: 3314405 2121 

fax: 33 144 05 21 00 

International Associa- 
tion of Art, Inc. (SO) 
(see below for US. 
1 Rue Miollis 
75015 Paris, France 
(800) 727-6232 


Gabon A.N.PA.C 


P.O. Box 1007 

Libreville, Gabon 


ph: 241-72-36-88 

Federal Republic of 



Kaiser-Joseph-Str. 266 

D-7800 Freiburg, 


ph: 761-31645/7 

fax: 398-27 


Institute (BNC) 

Sophienstr. 12 

6900 Heidelberg, 


ph: 6221-24771 


Kennedy-Haus (BNQ 
Holtenauerstr. 9 
ph: 431-554-866 


Institute (BNQ 

Gleissbuehlstr. 13 

8500 Nuernberg, 


ph: 911-203-327 

fax: 208-767 

Institute (BNQ 
W-8400 Regensburg, 
ph: 941-524-76 
fax: 521-98 


Institute (BNC) 

Berliner Promenade 15 

6600 Saarbruecken, 


ph: 681-31160; 

fax: 372-624 

Institute (BNC) 
Karlstrasse 3 
7400 Tuebingen, FRG 
ph: 7071-340-71/2 
fax: 318-73 

Deutscher Kulturrat 

Adenauerallee 7 
53111 Bonn 
ph: 0228-224800; 
fax: 0228-223808 

Goethe-Institut (SO) 
(international office) 
(See below forlLS. 

Zentral Verwaltung 
Helene-Weber-AUee 1 
Postfach 190419 
80604, Munchen 

Kulturfonds e. V. (F) 
Rae Rembold Sernetz 
Hochleitner v. Gronau 
Karlsplatz 11 
(Obletter— Haus) 
80335 Munchen 
ph: 089-597557 
fax: 089-598148 

Haus der Kulturen der 

Welt GmbH (F) 

John-Foster Dulles- Allee 


10557 Berlin 

ph: 030-39787-0 

fax: 030-3948679 

Institut fur 



Charlottenplatz 17 
70173 Stuttgart 
ph: 0711-22250 


Agencies Abroad 

Alfried Krupp von 

Bohlen und Halbach- 



45133 Essen 

ph: 0201-188-1 

fax: 0201-412587 


Union (BNQ * 
22 Massalias Street 
Athens 10680, Greece 
ph: 301-364-2264 
fax: 363-3174 

Association for the 
Support of Cultural 
Activities (SO) 
69 Kifissias Avenue 
Athens 115 23, Greece 
ph: 30-1-693-0984 
fax: 30-1-693-2819 

Panhellenic Gallerists 

Association (SO) (visual 


9 Valaoritou Street 

Athens 106 71, Greece 

ph: 30-1-361-6165 

fax: 30-1-363-7233 

Association of Greek • 
Writers (SO)(literature) 
33 Asklepiou Street 
Athens 106 80, Greece 
ph: 30-1-361-2766 

Half-Note Productions 

(PO)(performing arts) 

4 Solomou Street 

Holargos 155 62, 

Athens, Greece 

ph: 30-1-657-0005/652- 


fax: 30-1-652-2486 


(PO) (performing arts) 
3 Marasli Street 
Athens 106 72, Greece 
ph: 30-1-723-7422 
fax: 30-1-721-9896 


Instituto Guatemalteco- 
Americano (BNC) * 
Ruta 1,4-05, Zona 4 
(Apartado Postal 691) 
Guatemala City, 
ph: (502)2-318-348 
fax: (502) 2-344-392 

Direccion de Difusion 

del Ministerio de 

Cultura (GM) 

Centro Cultural Miguel 

Angel Asturias 

24 Calle 3-81, Zonal 

Guatemala City, 


ph: 502-2-300718 

Patronato de Bellas 

Artes (SO ,PO) 

la. Avenida 14-74, Zona 


Guatemala City, 


ph: 502-2-334744/ 


fax: 502-2 335455 

Organization Para Las 

Artes Francisco 

Marroquin (PO) 

6a. Calle Final, Zona 10 

Guatemala City, 


ph: 502-2-313888 

Galeria Internacional de 

Arte (PO) (visual arts) 

11 Calle 0-65 zona 10 

Guatemala, Guatemala 

ph: (502-2)328111/ 


fax: (502-2) 328086 

Fundacion Paiz (F) 

7a Avenida 8-35, Zona 9 

Guatemala City, 


ph: 502-2-341040/ 


fax: 502-2-348092 


Institut Haitiano- 
Americain (BNC) * 
Angle rue Capois et rue 

Port-Au-Prince, Hahi 
ph: (509)22-3715 
fax: (509) 23-4608 


Centro Cultural 
Sampedrano (BNC) 
Avenida #20 
(Apartado Postal 511) 
San Pedro Sula, 
ph: (504)57-2084 
fax: (504) 57-8804 

Instituto Hondureno de 

Interamericana (BNC) * 
2 Avenida entre 5 y 6 
Calles No. 520 
(Apartado 201, 
Tegucigalpa, D.C.) 

Tegucigalpa, Honduras 
ph: (504)37-7539,22- 


BEART Agency (PO) 
Budapest H, Budakeszi 
ut 69, H-1021 
ph: (361) 176-1749 
fax: (361) 117-9338 

Seven Arts Agency (PO) 

Budapest V., Szemere u. 


ph: (361) 118-4542 

fax: (361) 11&4767 

ph/fax: (361) 111-2456 

Interart Festivalcenter 


Budapest, P.O.B. 80 


ph: (36-1) 118 9838/266 


fax: (36-1) 117 9910 


Ministry of Culture and 
Education (GM) 
Culture Section 
Solvholsgotu 4 
IS1- 150 Reykjavik 

ph: 354-1-609500 
fax: 354-1-623068 

The Nordic House (SO) 
105 Reykjavik, 

ph: 354-1-17030 
fax: 354-1-26476 


Agencies Abroad 


Director General (GM) 
Indian Council for 
Cultural Relations 
Indraprastha Estate 
NewDelhi-110 002 
No phone/fax available 

Joint Secretary (GM) 
Department of Culture 
ICR Division 
Shastri Bhavan 
NewDelhi-110 001 
No phone/fax available 


Lembaga Indonesia 
Amerika (BNC) * 
(Post Box 380) 
Jakarta, Indonesia 
No phone/fax available 


Lembaga Indonesia 

Amerika (BNC) 

23 Jalan P. Diponegoro 


Medan, Indonesia 

No phone/fax available 


Indonesian American 

Friendship Society 


Jl. Dharmahusada Indah 


Surabaya, Indonesia 

ph: 62-031-597-200 

The Directorate General 

of Culture (GM) 

Ministry of Education 

and Culture 

Jalan Cilacap 4, Jakarta 



No phone/fax available 

The Directorate General 
of Tourism (GM) 
Ministry of Tourism, 
Post and Telecommuni- 

Jalan Kramat Raya 81, 
Jakarta 10450 
No phone/fax available 


The Public Council for 

Culture and Art (GM) 

16 Hanatziv St. 

Tel Aviv 67018 


ph: 972-3-562-1402 

fax: 972-3-561-7092 

Department of Cultural 

and Scientific Relations 


Ministry of Foreign 


Hakirya, Romema 



ph: 972-2-303-318/9 

fax: 972-2-303-303 


American Studies 
Center (BNC) 
36, Via Andrea D'Isernia 
80122 Naples, Italy 
ph: (3981)660-562 
fax: 681-110 

American Studies 

Center (BNC) * 

32, Via Michelangelo 


00186 Rome, Italy 

ph: 654-1613 

Rapporti Internazionali 
Artistici (SO) 
Via Cappuccio 11 

20123 Milano 
ph: 02-8057439/ 

fax: 02-8692259 

Assessorato alia Cultura 
(GM regional) 
Regione Lombardia 

20124 Milano 
pm (02)67651 
fax: (02) 67652704 

Dipartimento Istruzione 
e Cultura (GM regional) 
Regione Toscana 
ViaFarini 8 
50121 Firenze 
ph: (055)4382111 
fax: (055) 4382600 

Assessorato alia Cultura 

(GM regional) 

Regione Lazio 

Via Maria Adelaide, 14 

00196 Roma 

ph: (06)3610651 

fax: (06) 3612294 

Ivory Coast 

Ecole de Danse et 
d'Echange Culturel (SO) 
B.P. 535 Cidex 1 - 
Abidjan 06 
Cote d'lvoire 
ph/fax: 225 41-10-98 

Ensemble Roteba 
d'Abidjan (performing 
arts troupe) 

08 BP 2205, Abidjan 08 
ph/fax 225 43-22-13 

Village Ki-Yi (SO) 

Village Ki-Yi, Cidex 02 

C 21 -Abidjan 08, Cote 


ph: (225)43-2005 

fax: (225) 43-38-66 


Japan Ministry of 

Culture (Bunka- 


3-2-2 Kasumigaseki, 


Tokyo, 100 Japan 

ph: 81-3-3581-ttll 

Research Center for 
Arts Administration, 
Keio University (SO) 
2-15-45 Minato-ku 
Tokyo 108, Japan 
ph: 03-3453-0250 
fax: 03-3453-0224 

The Japan Foundation 

(F) " 

Cultural Exchanges 


Park Building, 3-6 Kioi- 

cho, Chiyoda-ku 

Tokyo, 102 Japan 

ph: (03)3263-4618 

fax: (03) 5275-6907 

Asahi Fellowships (F) 
Kikaku Daini-bu 
(Department II, Cultural 
Projects Division) 
Asahi Shimbun 
5-3-2, Tsukuji, Chuo-ku 

■ 14 

Agencies Abroad 

Tokyo, 104-H Japan 

ph: 81-3-3545-0131 ext. 


fax: 81-3-3546-1894 


University of Nairobi 


P.O. Box 30197 

Nairobi, Kenya 

ph: 334244 

Paa Ya Paa Arts Centre 
(PO)(visual arts) 
Ridgeways Road 
Off Kiambu Road 
P.O. Box 49646 
Nairobi, Kenya 
ph/fax (254-2) 512257 

Gallery Watatu/The 
Watatu Foundation 
(PO ,F)(visual arts) 
Lonroh House, 
Standard Street 

P.O. Box 41855 

Nairobi, Kenya 

ph: (254-2)228737/ 


fax: (254-2) 331276 


402 East Carrillo Street 

P.O. Box 22557 

Santa Barbara, C A 


ph: (805)963-7900 

fax: (805) 564-1440 


Korean Culture and 

Arts Foundation (GM) 

International Exchanges 


1-130 Dongsung-dong, 

Seoul 110-510, Korea 
ph: (822)7604584 
fax: (822) 7604700 

Seoul Arts Center (PO) 
Seoul 137-070, Korea 
ph: 822-580-1011/3 
fax: 822-587-5841 

Korea Foundation (F) 
International Exchanges 
526 Namdaemunno 5- 
ka, Chung-ku 
Seoul 100495, Korea 
ph: 822-753-3462 
fax: (822) 757-2049/757- 


The Ministry of 
Culture, Arts and 
Tourism (GM) 
34th -36th Floor, 
Menara Dato Onn 
Putra World Trade 

45, Jalan Tun Ismail 
50694 Kuala Lumpur 
ph: 293-7111; 
fax: 291-0951 


Instituto Mexicano- 

Norteamericano de 

Relaciones Culturales, 

A.C. (BNC) 

Vicente Guerrero 



Chihuahua, 31000 


ph: (5214) 12-6165 

fax: (5214) 16-9056 

Instituto Cultural 
Norteamericano de 
Jalisco, A.C. (BNC) 
Guadalajara, Jalisco, 
4170 Mexico 
ph: (5236) 25-5838; 
fax: (5236) 17-6893 

Instituto Mexicano- 


Relaciones Culturales, 

A.C. (BNC) 

Blvd. Navarrete y 


Col. Valle Hermoso 

(Apartado Postal 492) 

Hermosillo, Sonora 

83000 Mexico 

ph: 140-781, 142-240 

Instituto Benjamin 

Franklin de Yucatan, 

A.C. (BNQ 

Calle 57, No. 474-A 

Merida, Yucatan 97000 


ph: (5299)21-5996 

fax: (5299) 28-0097 

Centre- Mexicano- 

Americano de Cultural 

del Valle, A.C. (BNQ* 

Xola 416, Colonia del 


Mexico, DJ. 03100 


ph: (525)536-55-20/23 

Instituto Mexicano- 
Norteamericano de 
Relaciones Culturales, 
A.C. (BNC) * 
Hamburgo 115, Colonia 

Mexico, D.F. 06600 


ph: (525)5114720 

fax: (525) 525-8437 

Instituto Mexicano- 

Norteamericano de 

Relaciones Culturales de 

Nuevo Leon, A.C. 


Hidalgo No. 768, Pte. 

Apartado Postal 2602 

Monterrey, NX. 64000 


ph: (5283) 40-1583/87 

fax: (5283) 42-5517 

Instituto Cultural 
Norteamericano de 
Michoacan, A.C. (BNC) 
Guillermo Prieto 86 
Morelia, Michoacan 
58000 Mexico 
ph: (52451)219-86 

Instituto Mexicano- 

Norteamericano de 

Relaciones Culturales 

De Saltillo, A.C. (BNC) 

Presidente Cardenas 840, 


Saltillo, Coahuila 25000 


ph: 1484-22 fax: 120-653 

Instituto Mexicano- 

Norteamericano de 

Relaciones Culturales, 

A.C (BNC) 

Santos Chocano No. 


Col. Anahuac 

San Nicolas de los 

Garza, N.L. 68450 


ph: (5283)76-7692/4879 

fax: (5283) 76-5187 


Agencies Abroad 

Institute) Mexicano- 
Norteamericano de 
Relaciones Culturales, 
A.C. (BNC) 
Av. Venustiano 
Carranza 1430 
San Luis Potosi, 
Tequisquiapan, Mexico 
ph: (52481)725-57 
fax: (52481) 72-501 

Instituto Mexican o 

Noneamericano de 

Relaciones Culturales de 

Torreon, A.C. (BNC) 

Zuloaga 45, Col. Los 


Torreon, Coahuila 


ph/fax: (5217) 17-05-95 

Instituto Franklin de 
Veracruz, AC. (BNC) 
Col. Diaz Miron 
Veracruz, Veracruz 
91909 Mexico 
ph/fax: (5229) 31-5736 

Instituto Nacional de 
Bellas Artes (GM) 
Paseo de la Reforma y 
Col. C hap ul tepee 

11560 Mexico D J. 
ph: (525)520 7241 
fax: (525) 395 7779 


Commission for 

Education and Cultural 

Exchange (SO) 

Biblioteca Benjamin 


Londres No. 16, P.B. 

Col. Juarez 

06600 Mexico, D.F. 

ph: 525-211-0042 


Coordinacion de 

Asuntos Lnternaaonales 


Revolucion 188 7, 7 piso 

San Angel 

01000 Mexico D J. 

ph: (525)550-1934 


Coordinacion de 
Difusion Cultural (SO) 
Ciudad Universitaria 
04510 Mexico Di\ 
ph: (525)665 2850 
fax: (525) 665 0185 

New Zealand 

Queen Elizabeth II Arts 
Council of New 
Zealand (SO) 
P.O. Box 3806 
New Zealand 
ph: 64 4 473-0880 
fax:64 4 471-2865 

Exhibitour MDF 
New Zealand T imited 
(PO)(visual arts) 
P.O. Box 6401 
Te Aro 
New Zealand 
ph: 64 4 384-4473 
fax:64 4 385-1198 


Royal Norwegian 
Ministry of Cultural 
Affairs (GM) 
P.O. Box 8030 
Dep. N-0032 

ph: 47 22 34 90 90 
fax: 47 22 34 95 50 

The Norway-America 
Association (SO) 
Drammensveien 20 C 
0255 Oslo, Norway 
ph: 47 22 44 76 83 
fax: 47 22 44 78 31 

Norges Kunstnerrad 

(Norwegian Artists' 

Kronprinsensgt. 1 
P.O. Box 1341 Vika 
0113 Oslo, Norway 
ph: 47 22 83 73 32 
fax: 47 22 83 73 26 

Fond for utovende 
kunstnere (Fund for 
Performing Artists) (F) 
Bernt Ankersgt. 10 
0183 Oslo, Norway 
ph: 47221110 82 
fax: 47 22 11 10 66 



Radhusgt. 23 B 

N-0158 Oslo, Norway 
ph: 47 22 427514 
fax: 47 22 42 51 63 


Pakistan American 
Cultural Center (ENQ* 
Head Office 
1 1, Fatima Jinnah Rd. 
Karachi, Pakistan 
ph: 516-275 

PACC - Hyderbad 
Center (BNC) 
Hospital Rd. 
Hyderbad, Pakistan 
ph: 798-16 

PACC - Lahore Center 

Beacons field High 


99-G, Model Town 

Lahore, Pakistan 

ph: 852-909 

PACC - Peshawar Cantt 

Center (BNC) 

c/o St. John's School 



Peshawar Cantt, 


ph: 797-34 

PACC - Quetta Center 


Najmuddin Rd. 

Quetta, Pakistan 

ph: 798-16 


Centro Cultural 

Paraguayo- Americano 


Avenida Espana 352 

Asuncion, Paraguay 

ph: (59521)22-772, 


Centro Cultural 

Paraguayo- Americano 


Coronel Bogado 315 

Esq. Curupayty 

Villarrica, Paraguay 

ph: (595541)2307 


Instituto Cultural 

Noneamericano (BNC) 
Melgar 109 


Agencies Abroad 

(Casilla 555) 
Arequipa, Peru 
ph: (5154)243-201 

Instituto Cultural 

Norteamericano (BNC) 
Manuel Maria Izaga 807 
(Casilla 34) 
Chidayo, Peru 
ph: (5174)231-241 
fax: (5174) 227-166 

Instituto Cultural 


Norteamericano (BNC) 

Av. Tullumayo 125 

(Casilla 287) 

Cusco, Peru 

ph: (5184)22-4112 

Instituto Cultural 

Norteamericano (BNC) 
Jiron Guido 754 (San 
(Casilla 624) 
Huancayo, Peru 
ph: (5164)22-4152 

Instituto Cultural 




Jiron Cusco 446 

(Casilla 304) 

Lima, Peru 

ph: (5114)28-3530 

Instituto Cultural 


Norteamericano (BNC) 

Calle Lima 619 

(Casilla 854) 

Piura, Peru 

ph: (5174)32-1332 

Instituto Cultural 

Norteamericano (BNC) 
Av. Venezuela #125 - 
Urb. El Recreo 
Urbanizacion £1 Recreo 
Trujillo, Peru 
ph/fax (5144) 23-2512 


National Commission 

on Culture and Arts 


8 CasaBlanca 

Cabildo Street 

Intramuros, Metro 


No phone/fax available 

Cultural Center of the 

Philippines (PO) 

Roxas Boulevard 

Pasay City 


ph: (632)832-1125 

fax: (632) 832-3683 

Chase International 
Production and 
Promotion (PO) 
Plaza San Luis 
Real Street 
Intramuros, Metro 
ph: (632)47-6126 
fax: (632) 833-6894 

Art and Music (F) 

5 Cannon Road 

Cubao, Quezon City 


ph: (632)721-7555 

fax: (632) 476-207 


Ministerstwo Kultury I 


(Ministry of Culture and 



Wspolpracy z Zagranica 

(Department of 

Cooperation with 


ul. Krakowskie 

Przedmiescie 15/17 

00-071 Warszawa, 


ph: 48 22200231/ 

2673 31 

Department of Cultural 

and Scientific Policy 


Ministry of Foreign 



00-580 Warsaw, Poland 

ph: 628-57-44; 

fax: 623-94-64 

Polish Artists Agency 


00 078 Warszawa 

Plac Marszalla Jozefa 

Pilsudskiego 9 

ph: (48-22)26 0145; 

fax: (48-22) 27 64 05/ 

27 53 97 

Fundacja Kultury 
Polskiej (F) (Polish 
Cultural Foundation) 
ul. Krakowskie 
Przedmiescie 15/17 
00-071 Warszawa, 
ph: (48-22)20 02 31 


Secretary of State for 

Culture (GM) 

Office of International 


R.S. Pedro de Alcantara, 


1200 Lisboa 


ph: 346 8819; 

fax: 342 4605 

Fundacao Luso- 
Americana para o 
Desenvolvimento (F) 
Rua do Sacramento a 
1200 Lisboa 
ph: 396 0297; 
fax: 396 3358 

Fundacao Calouste 
Gulbenkian (F) 
Av. de Berna, 45 
1000 Lisboa 
ph: 793 5131 
fax: 793 5139 

Instituto Camoes (F) 

Praca do Principe Real, 


1200 Lisboa 


ph: 346 4508 

fax: 347 2049 

Fundacao Oriente (F) 
Rua do Salitre, 66 
1200 Lisboa 
ph: 352.7002 
fax: 3527042 


Agencies Abroad 


UNITER (SO)(theater) 

(Union of Romanian 


2-4 George Enescu St. 

Bucharest, Romania 

ph: 401-615-3636 

fax: 401-312-0913 


Gompozitorilor din 
Romania (SO) (music) 
(Composers' Union) 
141 Calea Victoria 
Bucharest, Romania 
ph: 401650 2825 
fax: 401 659 3198 

Uniunea Artistilor 
Plastici din Romania 
(SO)(visual arts) 
(Visual Artists' Union) 
21, Nicolae Iorga St. 
Bucharest, Romania 
ph: 401 650 4786 

Uniunea Scriitorilor din 
(SO) (literature) 
(Writers' Union) 
133, Calea Viaoriei 
Bucharest, Romania 
ph: 401 650 7245 

Theatrum Mundi 


89 Mihai Eminescu St. 

Bucharest, Romania 

ph: 401-610-2404; 



Ministry of Culture of 

the Russian Federation 


103693, Moscow, 

Kitaysky proezd N. 7 

Minister - Evgeny Yu. 


ph: 095 22O45O0 

or 095 925-06-08 

fax: 095 975-24-20 

UNESCO International 

Artists Federation (SO) 

121019 Moscow, 

Gogolevsky boulevard, 


President - Eduard N. 


Vice-President - Tair T. 


ph: (095)29048-70 

or (095) 291-62-18 

fax: (095) 29062-90 

"Continents" (SO) 
(Culture, Religion, 
Economy, Politics) 
107078, Moscow, 
Street, N. 16 
President - Roman N. 
General Director - 
Vladimir I. Litvinov 
ph: (095)265-10-62 
fax: (095) 208-82-30 

Russian Cultural 
Foundation (F) 
121019, Moscow, 
Gogolevsky boulevard 
Chairman of the 

Presidium - Nikita S. 


President of the 

Foundation - Dmitry S. 


ph. (095) 202-69-84; fax. 

(095) 200-12-38 


Ministere de la Culture 


Building Adrninistratif 

Dakar, Senegal 

No phone/fax available 

Fondation Leopold 

Sedar Senghor (F) 

Avenue Franklin 


Dakar, Senegal 

No phone/fax available 

South Africa 

Africa Cultural Trust 


52 Goch Avenue 



South Africa 

ph: (27)838-4541; 

fax: (27) 833-2324 

African National 
Congress (SO) 
Dept. Arts and Culture 
51 Plein Street 
South Africa 2001 
ph: (27)330-7229 

Performing Arts 
Workers Equity 
(SO)(performing arts) 
P.O. Box 34 

South Africa 


ph: 27 011836-4425; 

fax: 27 011 8364501 

Foundation for the 

Performing Arts (F) 

P.O. Box 91122 

Auckland Park 


South Africa 


ph: (27) (011) 482-1626; 

fax: (27) (011) 726-7230 

Strategic Management 
and Communication 
81 Main Street 
South Africa 
ph: 27 011630-2126; 
fax: 27 011 836-8797 


Instituto de Estudios 
Norteamericanos (BNC) 
Via Augusta, 123 
08006 Barcelona, Spain 
ph: 343 209-2711; 
fax: 202-0690 

Ministerio de Cultura 


Plaza del Rey, 1 

28071 Madrid, Spain 

No phone available 

Fundacion Juan March 


Castello, 77 

28006 Madrid, Spain 

ph: M354240 

Fundacion La Caixa (F) 
PI. Antoru de Maura, 6 
08003 Barcelona, Spain 
No phone available 


Agencies Abroad 

Banco Central Hispano 



28004 Madrid, 


ph: 14312410 

General para la Culture 


Alameda, 14 
28014 Madrid, Spain 
ph: 1-5637680 

Sri Lanka 

Department of Cultural 

Affairs (GM) 

255 Bauddhaloka 


Colombo 7 Sri Lanka 


The Swedish Institute 


P.O. Box 7434 

10391 Stockholm, 


ph: 46 8 7892000; 

fax: 46 8 207248 


Pro Helvetia (GM) 
Hirschengraben 22 
8024 Zurich 
ph: 41 1 251-9600; 
fax: 41 1 251-9606 

"Accueil" Pro Helvetia 


48, av. de la Preille 

1211 Geneve 26 

ph: 41 22 343-7743; 

fax: 41 22 343-7610 


National Endowment 

for Culture and Arts 


17 Kinhua Street, 8th 


Taipei, Taiwan 

ph/fax: 886-2-394-9370 

Chi Mei Cultural 

Foundation (F) 

59-1 San Chia, Jen Te 


Tainan County, Taiwan 

ph: 886-6-266-3000, ext. 


fax: 8864-2660848 

Pacific Cultural 

Foundation (F) 

346 Nanking East Road, 

sec 3 Suite 807 

Taipei, Taiwan 

ph: 886-2-752-7424; 

fax: 886-2-752-7429 


American University 
Alumni Language 
Center (BNC) * 
179 Rajdamri Rd. 
Thailand 10330 
ph: 66-2-252-8170-3; 
fax: 255-0745 


Turk-Amerikan Demegi 


Cinnah Caddesi, No. 20 

06690 Kavaklidere 

Ankara, Turkey 

ph: 904426-3732; 

fax: 468-2538 

Turk-Amerikan Dernegi 

Resatbey Mah. 5 
Ocak Cad. No. 27 
Adana, Turkey 
ph: 134-773 


University Assn. 


Rumeli CAD. 60-62 

Thiz Apt., Osmanbey 

Istanbul, Turkey 

ph: (901)247-5785 

Turk-Amerikan Dernagi 


Sehh Nevresbey 23/A, 


Izmir, Turkey 

pm 9051-215-206; 

fax: 636411 

Kultur Bakanligi (GM) 
Ankara, Turkey 
Disiliskiler Genel ND. 
fax: 904-3111431; 
No phone available 

United Kingdom 

Arts Council of England 


14 Great Peter Street 

London SW1P 3NQ 


ph: 071 333 0100 

Scottish Arts Council 


12 Manor Place 

Edinburgh EH3 7DD 


ph: 031226 6051 

Welsh Arts Council 


Hoist House 

9 Museum Place 

Cardiff CF13NX 


ph: 0222 394 711 

Arts Council of 
Northern Ireland (GM) 
181a Stranmillis Road 
Belfast BT9 5DU 
Northern Ireland 
ph: 0232 381 591 

British American Arts 

Association (SO) 

116 Commercial Street 

London El 6NF 


ph: 071 247 5385; 

fax: 071 247 5256 

European Committee 

for Business, Culture 

and the Arts (CEREC) 


c/o ABSA, Nutmeg 

House, 60 Gainsford 

Street, Butlers Wharf 

London SE1 2NY 


ph: 071378 8143; 

fax: 071 407 7527 

Art is Magic (PO) 
Duntocher Road 
Glasgow 6614QA 


ph: 011 44 41 943 1489 

Visiting Arts (PO) 
1 1 Portland Place 
London WIN 4EJ 
ph: 071 389 3019; 
fax: 071 389 3016 


Agencies Abroad 


Alianza Cultural 
Unidos de America 

Calle Paraguay 1217 
Montevideo, Uruguay 
ph: (5982) 90-2721/22; 
fax: (5982) 92-1621 


Sarandi 450 

11000 Montevideo, 


No phone/fax available 

Centro Cultural de 

Musica (PO) (music and 


Juan Carlos Gomez 

1445 Ap. 203 

11000 Montevideo, 


No phone/fax available 


Centro Venezolano- 

Americano (BNC) * 

Av. Principal de las 


F rente al Automercado 


Caracas, Venezuela 

(Casilla 61715 del Este, 

Caracas 1060A) 

ph: (582)751-5511; 

fax: (582) 751-5279 

Centro Venezolano 

Americano del Zulu 




Maracaibo, Edo. Zulia, 


ph: (5861) 91-1880/1436; 

fax: (5861) 92-1098 

Venezolana de Merida 

Apartado 668 
Merida 5101, Venezuela 
ph: (5874) 44-6444; 
fax: (5874) 79-1505 

Consejo Nacional de la 

Culture (GM) 

Edificio Centro Simon 


Torre Norte, piso 


ph: (582)483-10-72; 

fax: (582) 481-2CM0 

The Teresa Carreno 
Center for the Perform- 
ing Arts (PO) 
(performing arts) 
President's Office, 
Teatro Teresa Carreno 
Paseo Colon, Los 
Caobos, Caracas 
ph: (582)571-83-31/ 

Ateneo de Caracas (PO) 
Caracas An theneum 
Plaza Morelos, Los 
Caobos, Piso 4, Caracas 
ph: (582)573-46-22 
fax: (582) 572-11-19/ 


Festivals Abroad 

If you consider contact- 
ing one of the festivals 
below, you may want to 
call Arts International for 
further information on 
that festival. 


Encuentro Latino 
Americano de 
Coreografos e 
Carlos Pellegrini 143 
Capital Federal 
Buenos Aires 

Festival Internacional de 

San Juan 

Centro Cultural Puerte 


San Luis 5700 

La Movida-Festival 
Internacional de Nuevas 
Bolivia 827 
Buenos Aires 1066 


Aruba International 
Dance Festival 
PO Box 1022 


International Music 

Festival/Pacific Basin 

Music Fest 

World Projects Corp./ 

Festival Office NA 

PO Box 7365 


Adelaide Festival 
Adelaide Festival Centre 
GPO Box 1269 
Adelaide 5001 

Brisbane Biennial 
The Mansions 
Corner George & 
Margaret Street 

Brisbane Warana 
Festival, Ltd. 
GPO Box 1232 

Come Out Festival 
Carclew Youth 
Performing Arts Centre 
P.O. Box 164 
North Adelaide 5006 

Festival of Perth 
University of Western 

Festival of Sydney 
Box Q44 QVB Post 
York Street 
Sydney NSW 2000 

International Women's 
Flinders University 
GPO Box 2100 
Adelaide 5001 

Melbourne International 

Festival of the Arts 

Spoleto Melbourne 

Foundation, Inc. 

35 City Road 

South Melbourne 3205 

Melbourne International 
Festival of Organ and 

Moomba International 

Australian Stockman's 
Hall of Fame 
GPO Box 1 
Brisbane 40001 

Musica Viva Mittagong 


12-18 Little Regent 

Street, 6th Floor 


National Aboriginal and 
Islander Day of 
751 Stanley Street 

National Folk Festival 
Monaro Folk Music 
PO Box 277 
Curtin ACT 2605 

Peninsula Arts National 
Dance Festival 
57 Beacon Avenue 
Beacon Hill 2100 

Port Fairy Folk Festival 
PO Box 51 
Port Fairy 3284 

Sydney Dance Festival 
The Wharf, Pier 4 
Hickson Rd. 
Walsh Bay, Sydney 

Warana Festival 

PO Box 3611 

South Brisbane A 4101 


Ars Electronica 
Untere Donaulande 7 
Linz Austria A-4010 

Art on the Air 
Mullerstrasse 19 
Innsbruck A-6020 

Bregenz Festival 


Carinthian Summer 

Carinthischer Sommer 

Festwoche Der Alten 
Musik in Innsbruck 
Blasius Hueberstr. 12 
Innsbruck A-6020 

International Anton 
Bruckner Festival Linz 
Untere Donaulande 7 
Linz A-4010 

International Chamber 
Music Festival 
Germergasse 16 
Baden A-2500 

International Cultural 
Days and Symposium 
Postfach 18 
Neueberg A-8692 

International Theatre 
and Dance Festival, 
Waagplatz la 
Salzburg A-5020 


Festivals Abroad 

International Youth and 
Music Festival 
Hofburg palace 
Vienna A-1014 

Tanzwochen Wien 
PO Box 155 
Wien A-1091 

Symposium fuer 
c/o Hochschule fur 
Musik und darstellende 

Mozarteum in Salzburg 
Mirabellplatz 1 
Salzburg A-5020 

Jazz Fest Wiesen 
Hauptstrasse 140 
Wiesen A-7203 

Melker Sommerspiele 
Rathausplatz 11 
Melk A-3390 

Musik Protokoll 

Marburger Strasse 20 

Musikalische Jugend 
Musikjugend Wien 
Bosendorferstrasse 12 
Vienna A-1010 

Native Transfers 
Wolkenstein Cultural 

Steiermark A-8950 




Unitere Haupstrasse 13 


Stadttheater and 
Theaterplatz 7 
Baden bei Wien A-2500 

Raumzeitkunst Festival 
Akademie der bildenden 
Kunste Wien 
Schillerplatz 3 
Vienna A-1010 

Rusik-fest Waidhofen/ 



Waidhofen/Thaya A- 


Salzburg Festival 
PO Box 140 
Salzburg A-5010 

Salzburger Kulturage 
Waagplatz la 
Salzburg A-5010 

Schubertiade Hohenems 
Schweizerstrasse 1 
postfach 100 
Hohenems A-6845 


Eischeinungsort, Villach 

Steirischer Herbst 
Palais Attems 
Sackstrasse 17/1 
Graz A-8010 

Styrian Autumn 
Sackstrasse 17/1 
Graz A-8010 

Palais Attems 
Sackstrasse 17 
Graz 8010 

Tanztage Festival 
Posthof • Zeitkulter am 

Postofstrasse 43 


Jazzatelier Ulrichsberg 
Ulrichsberg 4161 

Wiener Festwochen 
(Vienna Festival) 
Rathausstrasse 9 
Vienna A-1082 

Wiener Internationales 
Tone und Gegentoene 
(Wiener Festwochen) 
Lehargasse 11 
Vienna A-1060 

Wolkenstein Cultur 

Bahnhofstrasse 110 
Stainach A-8950 


Antwerpen - The Ark 
Grote Markt 29 
Antwerpen 1 B-2000 

18 place Eugene 
local-kamer 245 
Brussels B-1050 

Biennale de la Danse 
Palais des Beaux Arts 
Place du Manage 

Brosela Festival 

Onze Lieve Vronwstraat 


Grimbergen 1850 

Festival de Wallonie 
175 Rue des Brasseurs 

Festival van Vlaanderen 
Flageyplein 18 
Brussels B-1050 

Festiveldomein "De 
Grote Doelstraat 22 
Bonheiden 2820 

Flanders Festival 

Festival van Zeeuwsch- 


p/a Zuidlandstraat 111 


Forerungen Freja 
Sejrogade 8 


Festivals Abroad 

Het Musiek LOD: 
Vertel Festival 
Ottogracht 41 
Ghent 9000 

International Clarinet 
Parklaan 20A 

International Very 

Special Arts Festival 

Avenue Louis 54, Suite 


Brussels 1050 

International Jazz- 

Festivalvan * 


c/o Honky Tonk Jazz 


Leopold 11 laan 

Bastion 5 

Jazz a Liege 
24/101 Boulevard 
Liege B-4000 

Klapstuk Internationaal 


Studio Voor 


E. van Evenstraat 2d 

Leuven 3000 

Middelheim Feestcomite 
Stad Antwerp Stadhuis 
Grote Markt 
Antwerp B-2000 

Time Festival 

c/o Vooruit, Centre 

d'Arts Centre 

St. Pietersnieuwstraat 23 

Gent Belgium B-9000 

Wereldfestival van 
Sparrenlaan 9 
Schoten B-2120 


Settlement Day 
53 Regent Street 
Belize City 


Conseil Mondial des 



Carre No. 6 Ancien 

Pont, BP 1245 



Bermuda Festivals 
Hamilton HMAX 

Black History Month 


42 St. Anne's Road 

Southhampton SN02 


Academina de Danza 
Chela Urquidi 
Calle Indaburu 945 
La Paz 


Bienal de Musica 



Rua da Imprensa no. 16-7 


Rio de Janeiro 20030- 


Bienal de Musica 



Sala Cecilia Meireles 

Largo de Lapa 47 


Carlton Dance Festival 

c/o Dueto Productions 

Rua Lauro Muller,l 16 


Torre Do Rio, Sul 

Botafogo 22290-RJ 

Curso Internacional de 

Ferias da Pro Arte em 


Rua Gongalo de Castro 

85, Alto 

Teresopolis, RJ 25950 

Curso International de 

Verao da Escola Musica 


Escola de Musica de 


L2/SUL Quadro 620 

Modulo D. Asa Sul 


Encontro Internacional 

da Novadanca de 


Sarkovas Rua Traipu, 


Sao Paulo SP 01235 

Festival de Inverno 
Campus Universidario 
Camobi Santa Maria 

Festival Internacional de 


Rua Senador Dantas 71, 

Sal as 

Rio de Janeiro 20031 

Festival Internacional de 


Rua Souza Naves, No 



Festival Internacional de 



Rua Frei Caneca 

Sao Paulo 01307 

Festival International de 
Teatro en Brasil 
Avenida Tomas de 
Souza 552/05836 
Sao Paulo 

Festival Musica Nova de 

Sao Paulo 

Rua Morgado de Mateus 


Sao Paulo 04015 

IDIART Festival 

Placa Renato Checchia 


Sao Paulo 05610 

Ofidna Nacional de 

Danca Contemporanea 

Rua Araujo Pinho No. 


Canela, Salvatore 

Bahia 40000 

Orquestra Sinfonica do 

Estado de Sao Paulo 


Secretaria da Cultura, 

Ciencia e Tecnologia 

Departamento de Artes 

Sao Paulo 


Festivals Abroad 


International Ballet 
Foundation Intermusic 
Benkovski Street 1, N9 
Sofia 1000 

International Theatre in 

a Suitcase 

1 Pop Andrey Street 


Kmetovete Na Bulgaria 

Mezhdunaroden Festival 

Sofia Greater 


33 Moskovska Street 


March Music Days 
Festival Bureau 
Chy Council 

National Guitar Club of 


1st International Guitar 


128, 6th Septemvri 



Sofia Music Weeks 
Bulgaria Square 1, 
National Palace of 
Sofia 1414 


Yaounde International 
Theater Festival 
Cameroon Center of 
International Theater 
PO Box 8163 


Acadian Days in Grand 


1185 South Pare Street 


Banff Center for the 

Box 1020 
Banff T0L0C0 

Banff Festival of the 


The Banff Centre 

Box 1020 
Banff T0L0C0 

Calgary International 

Jazz Festival 

Jazz Calgary 

PO Box 2735 Station M 

Calgary T2P3C2 

du Maurier, Ltd. 
Downtown Jazz Festival 
1206 Hamilton Street, 
Suite 203 
Vancouver V6B2S9 

du Maurier, Ltd. Jazz 

City International Jazz 


10516 -77 Avenue 

Edmonton T6E INI 

du Maurier, Ltd. 

Saskatchewan Jazz 


c/o Saskatoon Jazz 


PO Box 1593 


du Maurier, Ltd. 

Vancouver International 

Jazz Festival 

c/o Coastal Jazz and 

Blues Society 

435 W. Hastings Street 


Egyption Archeological 


14 Zina Street 

Orangeville Ontario 


Festival Acadien 

217 St. Pierre Boulevard, 



Festival International de 
Nouvelle Danse 
4060 boulevard St. 
Bureau 204 
Montreal H2W 1Y9 

Festival International of 
New Brunswick 
PO Box 367 
St. Stephen E3L 2X3 

Festival of New Dance 
Neighborhood Dance 
Works, c/o LSPU Hall 
3 Victoria Street 
St. John's, New 

International Mime 


98 Sonning Bay 

Winnipeg R2N 3M5 

Jazz City Festival 
10516 77 Avenue 
Edmonton T6E INI 

Nuits Bleue's 

Internationales de Jazz 

Michel Cloutier 


CP 314 Succ. St.-Roch 

Quebec G1K 6X9 

One Yellow Rabbit 

High Performance 


800 630-8th Avenue, 


Calgary T2P 1G6 

Pohja Ameerika 


15 Cotman Crescent 

Esobicole M9B3A4 

Quinzaine de Montreal 
3981 Boulevard St. 
Laurent, #400 
Montreal, Quebec H2W 

Richmond Festival 
APO Box 24284 
3111 Aylmer Road 
Richmond V7B 1Y4 

Saskatchewan Jazz 


Saskatoon Jazz Society 

PO Box 1593 


Saskatchewan S7K 3R3 

Sound Symposium 
81 Circular Road 
St. John's A1C2Z5 

Street Festival de Trois- 



Trois Rivieres, Quebec 



Festivals Abroad 

Theatre of the Americas 



Toronto Downtown 


366 Adelaide St. East 

Suite 334 

Toronto M5A 3X9 

Tuning of the World 


The Banff Center, Box 

1020, Station 28 

107 Tunnel Mountain 



Vancouver Children's 


Canadian Institute of 

the Arts for Young 


302/601 Cambie Street 

Vancouver V6B 2P1 

Vancouver Folk Festival 
Vancouver Folk Music 
Festival Society 
3721 Main Street 

Victoria Fringe Theatre 
Fringe Zone 
602-620 View Street 
Victoria V8W 1J6 

Victoria International 
Victoria Jazz Society 
PO Box 542, Station E 
Victoria V8W 2P3 

Winnepeg Folk Festival 
264 Tache Avenue 
Winnepeg R24 129 

Winnipeg Jazz Festival 

100 Arthur Street, Suite 


Winnepeg R3B1FD 

Yukon International 
Festival of Storytelling 
Box 5029 


Encuentros Musicals of 

La Serena 

Universidad de La 




La Serena 

Festival de Teatro de las 


Casilla 14051 Correo 21 


Festival Intemacional de 
Musica Contemporanea 
Avenida B. O'Higgins 
142, Local 183 

Frutillar International 

Universidad de Chile 
Avenida Diagonal 
Santiago 265 


Festival Intemacional de 
la Cultura de Tunja 
Apartado Aereo 1 128 

Festival Intemacional de 
Musica Contemporanea 
Centra Cultural 
Gimnasio Moderno 
Santa Fe de Bogota, 

Festival Intemacional de 


Calle 33, Camera 22 

Edificio Teatro los 




Costa Rica 

Festival Intemacional de 

Apartado 8559-1000 
San Jose 

Festival Intemacional de 
Musica, Costa Rica 
Apartado 979-1007 
San Jose 


Festival de la Cultura 


Palacio de las 


Apartado 16046 



International Festival of 
Ancient Theatre 
Cyprus Centre of ITI 
38 Regaena Street 

Czech Republic 

Agharta Prague Jazz 

Vaclavske nam. 33 
Praha 110 00 

Bmo Festival 
Radnicka 10 
Bmo 602 00 

Early Music Festival 
Modi Gaudio Agency 
Stresovicka 24, 
Praha6 16200 

Festival Forfest 
Umelecka iniciatrva 
Kojetinska 1425 
Kromeriz 767 01 

Festival of Light 
The Linhart's 
Senovazne Nam. 24, 
Praha 1 11647 

Symposium Hermit 
Plasy Monastery 
3301 Plasy 

International Dance 
Week Prague 
Charles University 
Dance Centre 
Ovocny trh 5 
Prague 1 116 36 

International Jazz 
Festival Prague 
Maltezske Nam. 1 
Pragokoncer Agency 
Prague 1 11800 


Festivals Abroad 

International Musical 
Festival Brno 
Mezinarodni hudebni 
festival v Bme 
Sekretariat, Radnicka 10 
Brno 658 78 

Performance Festival 
Linhart's Foundation 
Senovazne nam. 24 
Prahal 11647 

Je Otevreno (It's open) 

Ceska Narodni 
Skupinaizkovo Nam. 
14,370 00 
Ceske Budejovice 

Prague International 
Summer Jazz Festival 
Ana Records 
Vaclavske nam 33 
Prague 1 11000 

Prague Spring Festival 
Hellichova 18 
1800 Prague 1 

Prague Summer Festival 
(Przske Kulturni Leto) 
c/o Prague City Hall 
Marianske nam. 2, 

Tanec Praha 
Stefanikova 57 
Praha 5 15043 

Theater in Movement 
Dvorkova 1 1 
Brno CS-65770 

Skupova Plzen 
Divadlo Alfa, 
Rokycanska 7 
Plzan 31200 


Arhus Festival 
Thomas Jensens AUe 
Arhus DK-8000 

Copenhagen Jazz 


Kjeld Langes Gade #4a 

Copenhagen DK-1367 

Copenhagen Summer 


Peblinge Dossering 46 

Copenhagen N DK- 


Copenhagen Summer 
Festival at Tivoli 
Vesterbrogade 3 
Copenhagen V 1620 

Festival of Poetry and 

Kunsthallen, Brannte 
Brandts Passage 37 

Lerchenborg Musikdage 

Roskilde Festival 
Havsteensvej 9 
Roskilde DK4000 

Skagen Vise Festival 
PO Box 33 
Skagen 9900 

Tonder Festival 
PO Box 113 
Tonder DK-6270 

Women's Theatre and 
Culture Festival 
Foreningen Freja 
Arhus C 8000 

World Harp Congress 
Conference Services 
PO Box 171, 
Strandvejen 171 
Hellerup, Copenhagen 



Direccion General de 
Bellas Aires 
Palacio de Bellas Artes 
A venida Maximo 
Gomez & 
Santo Domingo 


Symposium of 
Literature of the 
Hispanic World 
Corporacion de 
Promocion Universidad 
San Francisco/Quito 
PO Box 841-120CT 


Cairo International 
Experimental Theater 

Gamal Elddin Afgani 


off Alharam 

Giza, Cairo 


Aldeburgh Festival of 
Music and the Arts 
Aldeburgh Foundation 
High Street 

Aldeburgh, Suffolk IP15 

Bath International 
Festival of Music and 
the Arts 
Linley House 
1 Pierrepont Place 

Bedford Third Readers 
and Writers Festival 
Bedford Central Library 
Harpur Street 
Bedford MK401PG 

Beverly Early Music 


65 Rawcliffe Lane 

YorkY03 6SJ 

Brighton Festival 
Brighton Festival 
Society Ltd. 

Marlborough House, 54 
Old Steine 
Brighton BN1 1EQ 

British Telecom Snape 

Proms (Aldeburgh 


c/o Aldeburgh 


High Street 

Aldeburgh IP 15 5 AX 


Festivals Abroad 

Centenary Square 
International Festival 
c/o Birmingham City 
Council, Dept. of 
PO Box 2122, 
Baskerville House 
Broad Street, 
Birmingham Bl 2NE 

Chy of Drama Festival 
2-10 Albert Square 
Manchester M2 6LW 

Dance Umbrella 
Riverside Studios 
Crisp Road 
London W6 9RL 

Feet First Festival 
1 Blind Lane 

Hackney Matlock 

Festival of 
The Place Theater 
17 Dukes Road 
London WC1H 9AB 

Festival of the American 


The South Bank Centre 

Royal Festival Hall 

London SEI 8XX 

Greenwich Festival 
151 Powis Street 
Woolwich, London 

Holmfirth Folk Festival 
70 Station Road 
Shepley, Huddersfield 


Contemporary Music 


c/o Department of 


The Polytechnic, 


Huddersfield HD13DH 

ICA Festival 
Institute of 
Contemporary Art 
12 Carlton House 
London SW1 

International [?????] 

National Theatre 

Upper Ground South 


London SEI 9PX 

Kids International 


Wrekin District Council 

P.O. Box 211, Civic 


Telford TF3 4LA 

Kids International 


Wrekin District Council 

P.O. Box 211, Civic 


Telford TF3 4LA 

London International 
Festival of Theatre 
41 Shelton Street 
Covent Garden 
London WC2H9HJ 

London New Play 


15C Lancaster Road 

London N4 4PJ 


The Green Room 

54-56 Whitworth Street, 


Manchester Ml 5WW 


International Festival of 
Casdefield House 
Liverpool Road 
Manchester M3 4SA 

National Folk Music 


5 Church Street 

Aylesbury HP202QP 


NIA Centre 
Chichester Road 
Hulme, Manchester 

North London Jazz 


The Old Bull Arts 


68 High Street 

BarnetEN5 5SJ 

Now You See It Festival 
Cultural Industry, Ltd. 
369 John Street 
London EC1V4LB 

PXP. Improvised Music 


45 Hadfield Street 


Prussia Cove Guitar 


c/o Stephen Gordon 

19 Rivennead Road 
Exeter EX2 4RH 

Riverside Festival 
Crisp Road 
London W5 9RL 

ROOT 93 

Hull City Council 

Museums & Art 


83 Alfred Gelder Street 

Hull HU1 1EP 

Salisbury Festival 
The King's House 
65 The Close 
Salisbury SP12EN 

Shetland Folk Festival 
Shetland Folk Festival 

5 Burns Lane 
Lerwick, Shetland 

Sidmouth Festival 

6 East Street 
Sidmouth EX10 8BL 

Spring Loaded Festival 
The Place Theater 
17 Dukes Road 
London WC1H9AB 

Voice Over 
PO Box 403 
London WC244 7FA 

Wadhurst Bluegrass Day 
2 Fairview Cottages 
Baclava Lane, Wadhurst 
East Sussex TN5 6EO 



16 Narrow Quay 

Bristol BS 1 1QA 


Ministry of Culture of 
the Republic of Estonia 
Tallinn pst. 4 


Festivals Abroad 

Contemporary Music 
Festival - Estonia 
c/o Eesti Rontsert 
Tallinn pst.4 

Fiesta International 
Parnu EE 3600 

Jazzkaar Tallinna 
Rahvusvaheline Festival 
Estonian Radio 
Gonsiori 21 
Tallinn EE 0100 

Rahvussvaheline Uue 
Muusika Festival 
Eesti Rontsert 
Tallinn pst.4 EEOOOl 

Rock Summer Festivals 
PO Box 3333 
Tallinn 200090 

Tallinn Organ Festival 
Raitse Street 5 
Tallinn pst.4 EE 0012 


Festival of Workers 

Hallituskatu 13 
Harrieelinna SF-13100 

Finland Festivals 
Helsinki 10 SF-00101 

Helsinki Festival 
Unioninkatu 28 
Helsinki 10 00100 

Helsinki Festival 
Unioninkatu 28 
Helsinki 10 SF-00100 

Joensuu Song Festival 
PO Box 59 
Roskikatu 1 
Joensuu SF-80101 

Jyvaskyla Arts Festival 
Jyvaskyla SF^0600 

Raustinen Folk Music 
Raustinen SF-69601 

Lieksa Brass Week 
Roski-Jaakonkaru 4 
Lieksa 81700 

Pori Jazz Festival 
Pori 28100 

Roots in Finland Grand 


Postilokero 213 PO Box 

Mariankatu 8 
Helsinki SF-00171 

Tampere Biennale 
Tampere SF-33210 

Tampere Jazz 

T iilHWamar inaiilcin 2 

Tampere SF-33100 

Tampereen Teatterikesa 
(Tampere Theatre 

Tuillikamannaukio 2 
Tampere SF-33100 


Allied Musical Salute to 
the Liberation of France 
2131 E. Broadway Road, 
Suite 3 

American Center 
Performing Arts Festival 
51 rue de Bercy 
Paris 75592 

American Festival 
Maison des Arts de la 
Culture de Creteil 
Place Salvador Allande 
Creteil 94000 

Biennale Internationale 
127 rue Servient 

Centre National de 

Danse Contemporaine 


BJ>. 2137 

42 boulevard Henri 


Angers 49021 Cedex 2 

Festival American EXIT 
Maison des Arts et de la 
Cultura de Creteil et du 
Val-de-Marne, Place 
Creteil 94000 

Festival d' Aries 

Office du Tourisme 


35, place de la 


Aries F-13200 

Festival d'Automne 
Paris 75001 

Festival d'Avignon 
8 bis, rue de Mons 
Avignon 84000 

Festival de Champagne- 


14 rue Camot 

Reims F-51 100 

Festival de 

Theatre National de la 
Danse et de 1 'Image 
83190 Ollioules 

Festival de Colmar 

Tourist Office 

4 rue des Unter linden 

Colmar F-68000 

Festival de Confolens de 
Folklore Mondial 
Confolens 16500 

Festival de Lille de 


28/30 rue Edouard 

V aill ant 

F-92300 Levallois-Perret 


Festival de Musique a 


20 rue de la Republique 

Montpellier 34000 

Festival de Prades 
rue Victor Hugo 
Prades F-66500 


Festivals Abroad 

Festival de Romans 
5 Cours St. Ruff 
Valence F-26000 

Festival de St. Denis 

61 boulevard Jules 


St. Denis 93200 

Festival de Versailles 
Hotel deVillede 
RP No. 1144 
Versailles F-78011 

Festival Don Quijote 
Paris 75010 

Festival du Perigord 


Musique et Histoire en 


49, rue du General Foy 

Montignac 24290 

Festival Estiva] de Paris 
20 rue Geoffrey 
Paris 75004 

Festival International 

des Pyrenees a Oloron 

Sainte Marie 

1 1 place de la Mairie-BP 


Oloron Sainte Marie 


Festival International 



7 boulevard Henri IV 

Montpellier 34000 

Festival International de 
la Danse 
Espace Forbin 

Cours Gam betta 


Festival International de 


2 D. rue Isenbart 

Besancon F-25000 

Festival International de 
Chant Choral 
14 place Stanislas 
Nancy F-54000 

Festival International de 
Danse Cannes 
Palais des Festivals 
Esplanade Georges 
Cannes 06400 

Festival International de 
Musique de Menton 
Palais de l'Europe 
Menton F-06500 

Festival International de 



Groupe de Musique 

Experimentale de 


Place Andre Malrauz 

Bourges F-18000 

Festival International de 
Musique Sacree de 
Hotel de Ville 
Lourdes F-65100 

Festival International de 

Musique Universitaire 

Mairie de Belfort - Place 


Secretariat du Festival 

Belfort F-90020 

Festival International de 


127 rue Castagnary 

Paris F-75015 

Festival Mondiale des 

Theatres de Marionettes 

(World Festival of 





Festival Rugissants 
12 rue Voltaire 
Grenoble 38000 

Folklore Mundial Nice 
Comite des Fetes 
5, promenade des 
Nice 06000 

International Cello 
Ensemble Festival 
74, rue des Jacobins 

International Exchange: 
Artists from the LLS. 
Alleo du Theatre 
Cergy-Pontoise 95021 

International Festival of 


c/o Guy Bertrand 


rue des Joglars 

France 66000 

International University 

Biennal Festival of 


Universite Lumiere 

Lyon 2 

5, avenue Pierre 


BronCedex 69676 

Jazz Festival de Paris 
5, rue Bellari 
Paris 75015 

L 'Auditorium Theatre 
Musical de Paris 
5 porte Saint Lustache 
Forum des Halles 
Paris 75001 

Le Festival International 
de Musique de Toulon 
Palais de la Bourse 
avenue Jean-Moulin 
Toulon F-83000 

La Grande Parade du 


(Festival in Nice) 

311 W. 74th St 

New York, NY, 10023 


MIMI Festival 
Aide aux Musiques 
5 rue de l'Arc 
Marseille 13001 

Music Festival Marne-la- 


c/o Frances Falceto 

3 impasse des Primeveres 

Paris 75011 


9, rue du General-Frere 

Strasbourg F-67000 


Festivals Abroad 

Musique Action 

Centre Culturel Andre 


1 place de l'Hotel de 



Musique en Guyenne 
47 ter rue M. et J. 


Musiques Actuelles Nice 
Manca, Cirm 33, avenue 

Nice 06000 

Paris Autumn 
156 rue de Rivoli 
Paris 75001 

International de 

100 rue Sad: 
Carnot 93170 

Internationales de 
Hotel de Ville 

Internationale d'Ete 
La Chartreuse 


Semaines Musicales 
21 rue de Pare 
Orleans F-45000 


85 quai de Bacalan 


Bordeaux 33028 

St. Ciprien International 

Festival of the Arts 

Office de Tounsme de 

St. Ciprien 


St. Ciprien 66750 

Strasbourg International 


24 rue de la Mesange 

Strasbourg F-67081 

Tendances: Clavier 
Siege Social: Pont de la 
Cluny 71250 

Theatre International 
Festival in Maubeuge 
Centre Culturel 
rue de la Croix 
Maubeuge 59600 

Toulon International 
Jazz Festival 
Comite Officiel des 
Fetes-Mairie de Toulon 
Toulon 83000 

Federal Republic of 

Avantgarde Festival 
Arte de Monaco 
Schwantalerstrasse 23 
Munich 80336 

Akademie der Kunste 
Hanseatenweg 10 
Berlin 10557 

Allgaeuer Jazztage 

Jazz Point Wangen 

Postbox SchieBstattweg 


Wangen/Allgau 88239 

American Art of the 
20th Century 
Herbel Theater 
Stresemannstrasse 29 
Berlin GmbH 

American Music Week 
Kate Waring 
Hirschbergstrasse le 
Koenigswinter 41 D- 

Bachf est Bremen 
Obernstrasse 62-66 
Bremen 1 2800 

Berliner Festtage 
Scharrenstrasse 17 
Berlin 102 

Berliner Festwochen 
Budapesterstrasse 48/50 
Berlin 30 1000 

Bremen Shakespeare 


Bremer Shakespeare 


Theater am Leibnizplatz 

Bremen 1 2800 

Contemporary Dance 

Kulturzentrum in Beuel 
Kreuzstrasse 16 
Bonn 3 5300 

Dance Munich 
Volkers & Bergelt 
Munchen2 8000 

"Days of Spoken Word" 
Majakowskiring 46/48 
Berlin O-1110 

Donaueschinger Festival 
of Contemporary Music 
Stadtisches Kultur 
und Verkehrsamt 




Association of Disabled 


Blumenauer Strasse 9 

Hannover 3000 91 

Festival of 

Contemporary Music 

Karl Liebinecht Strasse 


Berlin 0-1020 

Festival of Political Song 
Festival Office 
Lineinstrasse 72 
Berlin 1054 

Huulkanp 26 
Hamburg 65 D-2000 

Hamburger Ballett-Tage 
Hamburger Ballett, 
Capar-Voght-Strasse 54 
Hamburg 26 1 D-2000 

International Hessen 
Jazz Festival 
Postfach 2707 
Wetzler 6330 


Festivals Abroad 

hy are festivals below not in alpha order???? 

IGA-Stuttgart GmbH 
Am Kochenhof 16 
Stuttgart 1 7000 

Internacionales Musica 
Rara Festival 
Max-Steenbeck Str 10 
Erfurt 99097 

International Festival for 
Contemporary Music 
c/o Activ Musik 
Schillingstrasse 26-28 
Koln 1 D-5000 

Internationale Jazz 
Festival Moiitzburg 
Muhlweg 43 
Halle D-O4020 

Tanzfestival Nordrhein- 
Jocben Schmidt 
Banner Strasse 19 
Dusseldorfll D-4000 

Stadtballe Kreuztal 
Kreuztal 5910 

Orgelwoche Nurnberg - 
Musica Sacra 
Bismarckstrasse 46 
Nurnberg D-90491 





Wolfackerstr. 23 

Schwab. Gmund 9 D- 


(Festival in Nice) 
Postfach 2547 
Bonn 1 D-3500 

Amateurtanz Festival 
Bahnhof strasse 11 
Oldenberg Germany D- 

Internationales Festival 

des Zeitgenossischen 


c/o Bernard Fauser 

Zahiingerstrasse 4 

Heidelberg 6900 

c/o Forderkreis 

Geltendorferstrasse 8 

Internationales New 
Jazz Festival Moers 
PO Box 1612 
Moers D-4130 

Pantomimen Festival 
Postfach 3008, 
Saarwellingen 3 D-6632 

Internationales Sommer 

Theater Festival 

Kampelnagel Jarrestrasse 


Hamburg 60 2000 

Tanzfestival Nordrhein- 
Postfach 3 102 65 
Bremerhaven31 D-2850 

Internationales Zelt 
Musik Festival 
Haslacherstrasse 10 
Freiburg D-7800 

Inventionen Deutscher 
Stienplatz 2 
Berlin 12 D-1000 

Jahre Jazzclub Celle 
Jazz Initiative Celle e.V. 

Jazz a Vienne 

24 place Aristide • 


Vienne 69569 

Jazz in Zentrum 

Essenerstrasse 62B 


Friederikastrasse 4 (Ecke 
Universitatsstr 70) 
Bochum 44789 


Theaterstrabe 11 
Heidelberg D-6900 

Waldschmidtstrasse 4 
Frankfurt 1 6000 

Hohenzollemstrasse 45 

Mannheim Jazz Tage 
LG.Jazz, Rhein-Neckar 
Brucknerstrasse 2 
Mannheim 6800 


Akademie Der Kunst 
Hanseatenweg 10 
Berlin 1000 21 - 

Stadtuerwaltung Idar- 

Postfach 011740 
Idar-Oberstein 6580 

Monsun International 
Dance & Theater 
Theater Monsun 

20 Friedensallee 



Rathaus am Altem 


Potsdam D-14467 


Kosterstrasse 68-70 
Berlin 0-1020 

Pro Musica Antiqua 
Tage Alter Musik 
Postfach 10 09 03 
Regensburg 93009 

Musik Festival 
Holzdamm 40 
Hamburg 1 2000 


Festivals Abroad 

Schreyahner Herbst 

Theater der Welt 


Santorini International 




Theodor Korner Strasse 


Anemo Theatre in 

Friends of Santorini 


Essen D-43001 


Cultural Association 


7 Eginitou Street 

55 Rue Dinokratous 

Total Control 

Athens 11528 

Athens 140 

Sommer Seminar fur 

c/o Neue Komonisten 

Gitarre Plus 


Athens Festival 


c/o Bayerische 

Osterorsteinweg 22 

1 Voukourestiou Street 


Bremen 2800 

Athens 10564 




Kurfurstenstrasse 19 


International Festival of 


Marktoberdorf 8952 

Windhorst Strasse 8 

Contemporary Dance & 

Florshiem 65439 



Stack Iserlohn 

c/o Effie S. Caloutsis 



Odos Dangli 22A 

Festival Intemacional de 

Iserlohn D-5860 




Museum Schloss Brake 

1A, Avenida 8-01, Zona 

Tage Alter Musik/Pro 


International Festival of 


Musica Antiqua 


Classic Guitar 

La Antigua CP01010 

Pro Musica Antiqua 

Costas Cotsiolis, 

Luitpoldstrasse 3 

Workshop Freie Musik 


Hong Kong 

Regensburg D-8400 

Luneckerstrasse 19 

24-32 Anafis Street 

Berlin 65 D-1000 

Athens 11256 

Hong Kong Arts 

Tage fur Neue Musik 

International Festival of 

Festival Society, Ltd. 

Schemppstrasse 34 

World New Music Days 


13th Floor, Hong Kong 

Stuttgart D-7000 

Kleines Haus fur 

Ef. Polemiston 100, 73 

Arts Centre 


Chania, Crete 136 

2 Harbour Road 

Tanzim August 

Peter Sprung Strasse 


Werkstatt Berlin 


International Jazz 

Grobbeerenstrasse 91 

Festival of Corinthos 

Hong Kong Festival 

Berlin D-1000 


54 Chyprus Street 



Corinthos 20100 

2 Lower Albert Road 


.SrrpsMnannsrrassp 29 

South Block, Central 


Berlin 61 1000 

International Meeting of 

Akademie der Kunste 

Ancient Greek Drama 

Hong Kong Inter- 

1 Berlin 21 

Zwischen Welt-Festival 

European Cultural 

national Children's 


Oderberger Strasse 28 

Center at Delphi 



13 Karneadou Street 

Regional Services Dept. 


Athens 10675 

1-3 Pai Tau Street, Sha- 

Klosterstrasse 68-70 



Berlin 01020 



Renaissance Festival of 

International Arts 

Tanzwerkstatt Europa 

c/o National Comm. on 



Dance Festival 

Culture, Private Mail 

Municipality of 

Urban Services Dept., 

Joint Adventures 



10 Salisbury' Road 

Emil-Geis-Strasse 21 

1 Game! Abdul Nasser 

84 L. Kountouriotou 

Lavol 7, Administration 

Munich 70 D-8000 




Accra Ghana 

Rethymnon 74100 



Festivals Abroad 


Budapest Autumn Art 


c/o Szkene Theatre, 

BME Kulturalis Titarsag 

Budapest Technical 



Budapest New Music 


c/o Editio Musica 


Vorosmarty ter 1 

Budapest H-1370 

Budapest Spring Festival 
Petofi Csaknok 

Zichy Mahaly U. 14 
Budapest H-l 146 

Contemporary Dance & 
Music Festival/Petofi 
Zichy M.ut 14. 
Varosliget, (City Park) 
Budapest H-l 146 

Contemporary Music 


National Philharmonie 

Vorosalarty Ter 1 

Budapest H-1051 

International Arts 


c/o Petofi Csarnok 



International Meeting of 

Moving Theater 


Cultural Secretariat of 

Budapest Technical 

Muegyetem rkp. 3 
Budapest H-llll 

Kalaka Folk Festival 
Steindl Imre U12 
Budapest 1054 

Mediterranean Summer 
Varalja Kozseg 
Kossuth Lajos u. 130/ A 
Varalja 7354 

Sacred Music 
Symposium & Festival 
(Festival in Budapest) 
Friendship Ambassadors 
31 Park Street 
Montclair, NJ 07042- 
3407 USA 

Summer Festival of 
English Speaking 
Gerloczy itca 4 
Budapest 5 1052 

Koszeg International 
Summer Festival 
21 Landorhegy, ut. 
Zakaegerszeg 8900 


The Reykjavik Arts 


Gimli vid Laekjargotu 

101 Reykjavik 


Art and Pongal Dance 





Festival of Festive Music 
"Sesame" 2nd Floor 
1st Road, T 2S. IV, 
Bombay 400 050 

Festival of Music 
Madras 600 041 

India Theatre Olympiad 
Global Theatre Festival 
c/o Secretariat 
69 DDA Flats. 
Gulmohar Enclave 
New Delhi 100 049 

Jazz Yatra Festival 
Bombay 400 006 

Natya Kala Krishna 


8 Griffith Road 

T. Nagar 
Madras 60017 

Olympiad of Music and 


S.C.F No. 98-100 

1st Floor Sector 17-D 

Chandigrah 160017 

Prithvi Theater Festival 
Shri Prithviraj Kapoor 

Janki-Kutir, Juhu 
Church Road 
Bombay 400049 


Arthouse Bona 

c/o Manuel Lutgenhorst 

1 Made Sija 

Bona, Kelod, Gianyar 

BaU Arts Festival (Pesta 
Kesenian Daerah Bah) 
Taman Budaya 
Denpasar, Bah 

Jakarta Jazz Festival 
Blok CI 50 
Jakarta Pusat 


Dublin Theatre Festival 


47 Nassau Street 

Dublin 2 

Dublin Traditional 
Music Festival 

2 Louis Lane, 
Dublin 6 

Dundalk Amateur 
Drama International 
Ratheady House, 
Dundalkm County 

Galway Arts Festival 
The Cornstore 
Middle Street 


Festivals Abroad 

Irish Pipe Band Festival 

Irish Pipe Band 


35 Assumpta Park 

Newcastle West 

Co. Limerick 

Yeats International 
Theater Festival 
Annex B, Emory 
Atlanta, GA 30322 


Great Spring of Neviot 


20 Amzaleg Street 

Tel Aviv 65148 

Eruei Stav (Autumn 



17 Ben Yehuda Street 

Tel Aviv 63802 

International Guitar 


Giora Naor Productions 

PO Box 16346 

Tel-Aviv Israel 61162 

International Klezmer 
Bimot 2000 Ltd. 
9 Karl Netter Street 
Tel Aviv 65202 

Israel Festival 
Jerusalem Theatre 
PO Box 4072 
Jerusalem 91040 

Tel Aviv Spring Festival 
17 Ben Yehuda Street 
Tel Aviv 63802 

The Israel Festival 
Jerusalem Theater 
20 Marcus Street, 
PO Box 4072 
Jerusalem 91040 


Animato Musica in 



piazza di Porta S. 

Giovanni 10 

Rome 00185 

Estate Chitarristica sul 
Archive Generale 
Italiano Delle Fonti 
Vigevano 27029 

Festival Ballo e Bellp 
Comune di Comacchio 
Palazzo Billini 

Festival dei Due Mondi 
Teatro Nuevo 

Spoleto 06049 

Festival di Pantelleria 

Associazione Arte e 


Sede di Pantelleria via 


Pantelleria 91017 

Festival Internationale 
de Folklore Atina 
Via Parigi 1 Ponte Melfa 
Atina (FR) 03042 

Festival Internazionale 

di Balletto Milan o 

c/o A.G JL srl., 

Corso di Porta Romana 


Milan 20122 

Festival Internazionale 
di Musica Corale 
Pesaro in Choras 
Via Rossini 41 
Pesaro 61100 

Festival Mondiale del 


Via Tintoretto, 21 

Porto San Giorgio 


Festival Musicale delle 
Alpi Marittime 
Vigevano 1-27029 

Festival Organistico 
Via San Carlo 1 
Arona 1-28041 

Florence Dance Festival 
Borgo Delia Stella 23/R 
Florence 50124 

Incontri Internazionali 

di Folklore e Spettacolo 

c/o Ente Provinciale per 

il Turismo 

Via Duca del Mare, 19- 



Sparkassenstrasse 11 
Merano 39012 

Milano Oltre Festival 
Via Piatti 8 
Milan 20121 

c/o Associazione 
Gruppo Folkorico 
Corso Calatafimi, 43 

Musica 2000 
8 Via Alpi 
Ancona 1-60131 

Clrvo delle Mura 
Varicane, 23 
Rome 00136 

Nuova Consonanza 
Via Calamatta 16 

Rome Festival 



Sessione Senese per La 
Musica e L'arte 
Via San Quirico No. 36 
Siena 53100 

Spoleto Festival 
SSS Via Aventian 3 
Rome 1-00153 

Stresa Musical Weeks 
Settimane Musicali - 
Palazzo dei Congressi 
Via R. Bonghi 4 
Stresa (Lago Maggiore) I- 


Is there another Jamaica - outside the West Indies?????? 

Festivals Abroad 

Umbria Jazz Festival 
PO Box 228 
Perugia 06100 

Un' Altra America 

(Undiscovered America) 

Dipartimento di 


Universita di Roma "La 


Villa Mirofiori 

Via Carlo Fae, 2 

Rome 00161 

Venezia Nuova Musica 
Fermo Posta 
30126 Lido di Venezia 

Verona Jazz Festival 
Comune di Verona 
Piazza Bra 
Verona 37100 

Ivory Coast 

Culture Fest 

Selco International 

1650 Broadway, Suite 


New York, NY USA 

West Indies 

Ocho Rios Jazz Festival 
22 East Kings House 
Kingston 6 

Ward Theatre 

Foundation Season of 


Ward Theatre 


North Parade 



Anniversary Sister City 


City Hall of Akashi, 5-1 

1 Chrome Nakasaki 

Akashi, Hoyogo 

International Street 
Puppet Festival of Japan 
869 Ida, Nakahara-ku 
Kawasaki City 

Mitsui Festival 
Tokyo 169 

North Tokyo 

Experimental Theater 


Daimaru Building IF 

1-6-4 Higashi-Tabata 

Kha-Ku, Tokyo 114 

Okinawa: International 

Theatre Festival for 


Izumiya Building 

1-13-21 Minami- 


Tokyo 171 

Sound Culture Japan 
4-17-1 Sumiyoshi-cho 
Hoya-Shi, Tokyo 202 

The International 

Garden and Greenery 


Twin 21 MID Tower, 

32 International Garden 

& Greenery Expo 

1-61 Shiromi 2chome 


Osaka 540 

Toga Festival 
(Togomura Inter- 
national Arts Festival) 
Togamura, Higashi- 
Toyama 939-25 

Toga International Arts 

Japan Performing Arts 

Kamimomose, Toga- 


Yamaha Junior Original 


c/o Yamaha Music 


24-22 Shimomeguro 3- 


Meguro-ku Tokyo 



Chunchon International 
Theatre Festival 
22-1 Onui-dong 
Chunchon City 200-190 

International Dance 
Festival of Korea 
c/o Korean Culture and 
Arts Foundation 
1-110 Dongsoong-dong 


Latvian Song/Dance 


Cultural Ministry of 


62 L. Laicena 

Riga 226002 


Theater am Kirchplatz 
Reberastrasse 12 



Festival Office 
Barboros Radvilaites 8 
Vilnius 2600 

Gaida-Baltic Music 


Lithuanian Composers 


Mickeviciaus 29 

Vilnius 2600 

International Lith uanian 
Accordian Music 

Gedimino pr. 9 
Vilnius 2326000 

Lithuanian International 
Theatre Festival 
Jovaro 9 2009 


Festival Europeen de 
Chateau de Wdtz 
Wiltz L-9516 

Printemps Musical 
Festival de Luxembourg 
Luxembourg Visitor and 
Convention Bureau 
Place d'Armes.BP 181 
Luxembourg L-201 1 


Festivals Abroad 


Jazz a la Plantation 

Office Pontois d' Action 

Culturelle et Sportive 

Centre Culturel Joseph 


Bourg 97218 Basse 




Interamericano de 

Teatro Comunicado 

Apartado Postal #1378 


Oaxaca de Juarez CP 


Festival Cultural de 


Holbein #217, lOo piso 

1003 Col. Noche Buena 

Mexico City, DF 03720 

Festival Cultural 
Colonia Escandon 
Mexico City, DF 11800 

Festival del Centro 

Historico de la Cuidad 

de Mexico 

Paseo de la Reforma 


Mexico City, DF 06500 

Festival Indigena de la 

Ciudad de Mexico 

Instituto Nacional 


Avenida Revolucion 

No. 1279 

Mexico City, DF 20 

Festival Internacional 
Emerson 304, 9o piso 
Mexico City, DF 11570 

Fiestas de Octubre de 
Paseo Degoliado 121 
Plaza Tapatia 
Guadalajara 44100 

Gran Festival Cuidad de 


Alvaro Obregon No. 73 

Colonia Roma 

Mexico City, DF 06400 

International Festival of 
San Luis Potosi 
Instituto Potosino de 
Bellas Artes 
Esq. Universidad y 
Apartado 400 
San Luis Potosi 

Internacional de Danza 
Centro de Investigation 
de la Danza 
Jose T.imon 
Campos Eliseos 
Mexico City, DF 11580 

International Festival of 

Jazz Mexico City 

Direccion de Cultura 

Ribera de San Come 76 


Mexico City, DF 

Jose Limon Dance 


Museo de Arte de 


Rafael Buelna y Rupeno 

L. Plaza 

Culiacan, Sinaloa CP 


Primer Festival 

Internacional de Canto 


c/o Benemerito 

Instituto Normal del 


Av. Juarez 1905-B 


Segundo Festival de 
Ciudad Barr oca 
Secretaria de Cultura y 
Bienestar Social 
Pasteur No. 23 Sur 

Un Desierto para la 


Boulelvard Hidalgo 


Colonia Centenario 

Hermosillo, Sonora 

Una Breve Temporada 


Instituto Sonorense de 


Blvd Hidalgo No. 66 

Hermosillo, Sonora 


International Festival of 

Modern Music 

Composers Union of 


Str. 31 August, 153 

Chisinau 277004 


Arnhem International 
Dance Days 
Konigsplein 12G811 
BU Arnhem 

Ave Festival 
PO Box 307 
Arnhem 6800 AH 

Cultura Nova Festival 



Burg.van Grunsvenplein 


Heerlen 6400 AH 

Dutch Summer Seminar 
c/o Gaudeamus Fdtn. 
Swammerdamstraat 38 
Amsterdam 1091 RV 

Elliott Carter-Composer 
in Residence 
Rotterdam Arts Council 

F.nkhuizen Jazz Festival 
Enkhuizen 1600 AH 

Festival Nievwe Muziek 


Achter de Houttuinen, 

30 Stichting Nieuwe 


Zeeland, Postbus 15 


Gaudeamus Music Week 
Gaudeamus Foundation 
Swammerdamstraat 38 
Amsterdam 1091 RV 

Hanze Festival 
Schouwburg Odeon 
BUjmarkt 25 

Holland Dance Festival 

Gartmanplantsoen 21 
Amsterdam 1017 RP 


Festivals Abroad 

Holland Festival Oude 
Posthaus 734 
Utrecht 3500 AS 

International Folklore 

Festival of Enschede 



Robert Scottstraat 110 

Enschede Netherlands 

7534 ZS 

International Folklore 
Festival of Warffum 
c/o OP Roakeldais 
Oosterstraat 56, 9989 
AE Warffum 


Harpsichord Week/De 
Weesperzijde 23 
Asterdam 1091 EC 

International Micro 
Puppentheater Festival 
Buddingh'plein 10-20 
Dordrecht 3311 BV 

Mickery Spring 
International Theater 

Herenmarkt 12 
Amsterdam 1013 ED 

North Sea Jazz Festival 
PO Box 87918 
Den Haag 2507 

October Meeting 


Oude Schians 73-77 

Amsterdam KW 1011 

Rumor at Bimhuis 


Oude Schans 73-77 

Amsterdam 1011 KW 

Samuel Beckett Festival 
Korte Voorhout 3 
The Hague 2511 CW 

Spring Dance 

Keistraat 2 

Utrecht NL-3512HV 

Suchting Internationale 

Volskunst Odoorn 


Jamijnstraat 7, 7873 Av 


Suchting Oude Stil j 
Jazzfestival Enkuizen 
Gorinchem 4205 PA 

New Zealand 

Glistening Waters 
Storytelling Festival 
c/o Masterton District 
Box 444 

New Zealand 

International Festival of 

the Arts 

PO Box 10-113 

The Terrace 


Not for Broadcast 


17 Brighton Street 

Island Bay 

Wellington 2 

PO Box 4506 

PO Box 4506 

Te Whanau - Te Ao - 

The Family of the 


Guild of Artisits Trust 

PO Box 21-320 

Waitekere City 1008 


Raices y Futuro/Roots 
& Future Festival 
PO Box 252 
Las Piedrecitas 

Northern Ireland 

Belfast Harper's 
Bicentenary World 
Harp Festival 
6 Murray Street 
Belfast BTl 6DN 


Bergen International 
Music Festival 
POB 1835001 

Bergen International 
Nygardsgaten 55 
Bergen N-5008 

Forde Folk Music 
POB 395 
Forde N6801 

Molde International Jazz 
Postboks 261 
Molde 6401 

Olso International 


Oslo Cultural Office 


Oslo 1 0151 

Oslo International 
Theatre Festival 
"Gjoglerne Kommer* 
Slemdaisveien 68 
Oslo 3 0373 

Sandvika Big Band 


c/o Storbandfestivalen 

Postboks 93 

Sandvika N-1301 

People's Republic 
of China 

Anniversary Festival 


Liuzhou Sister City 


3 Youyi-Lu 


First China Sichuan TV 


Office of the Sichuan 


No. 40 Dong Sheng 


Chengdu 610015 


Festivals Abroad 

International Festival of 
Innovative Poetries 
Institute of Foreign 
Nanjing University 
Nanjing 210008 

International Music 


San Hao Str. #61 

Shengyang 110003 

International Yangko 

Dance Festival 

Foreign Affairs Office of 

People's Gov't 


No. 260 Shifu Road 

Shenyang 110013 

The Shanghai Jazz 


1376 Nan JingXiLu, 

Suite 368 

Shanghai 200040 


International Puppet 


c/o Rafi Peer Theatre 


25-F/3 Block D, 

National Homes 



Concierto Nazca- 
Encuentro Por La Paz 
Prol. Avenida M. 
Caceres 725 
Lima 18 

Danza Nueva - Festival 


c/o Instituto Cultural 



Avenida Cuzco 446 


Festival Internacional 
Danza Nueva 
Jr. Cuzco 446 


New From Abroad in 


Instituto Cultural 



Avenida Cuzco 446 



Baguio Festival of the 


112 La Azotea Building 

Session Road PO Box 86 

Baguio City 2600 



c/o Silesian Dance 


UL Zeromskiego 27 

Bytom 41-902 

Beskidy Highlander's 
Week of Culture 
43-300 Bielsko-Biala UI 

Construction in Process 
Gdenska 31/24 
Lodz 90-715 

Festival Mlodego Teatru 
Szewska 19/21 
Wroclaw 50-139 

Festiwal Mlodego 

Horbaczewskiego 15/12 
Wroclaw PL 54130 

International Festival of 
Guitar Music Cracow 
Classic Art Agency 
UP M Zyblikiewicza 25 
Krakow 31-008 

International Meeting of 
the Open Theatre 
Centre of the Open 
Theatre, ZPR 
29a Street Kuznicza 
Wroclaw 50-138 

International Puppet 
Theatre Festival 
UL Mickiewicza 20 
Bielsko-Biala 43300 

ISCM World Music 


Polish Society for 

Contemporary Music 


Warsaw 0OO52 

Wspolczesnych Form 
ul. Lazienna 6 
Kalisz 62-800 

Festiwalu Lai. K W 
Bielsku -Bialej 
Teatr "Banialuka" 
43-300 Bielsko-Biala, Ul 
Music in Old Cracow 
ul. Zwierzyniecka 1 
Krakow 31-103 

Musica Polonica Nova 




Rynek Starego Miasta 27 

Warsaw 00-272 

Ogolnopolski Festiwal 

Piosenki Zeglarskiej 

Plosenki Zeglarskiej 


ul. Krowoderska 8 


Warsaw Autumn - Intl. 
Festival of 

Contemporary Music 
Rynek Starego Miasta 27 
Warsaw 00-272 

Warsaw Jazz Jamboree 

Polish Jazz Society - 

Polskie Stowarzyszenie 


ul. Mazowiecka 1 1 

Warsaw 00052 

World Festival of Boys 

Cegielskiego 1 
Poznan 61-862 

Wratislavia Cantans 


Arts and Culture Centre 

Rynek-Ratusz 24 

Wroclaw PL-50101 


Festivals Abroad 


Calouste Gulbenkian 

Fundacao Calouste 
Avenida de Berna 
Lisbon 1093 

Centro Cultural de 


Praca do Imperio 

Lisbon 1400 

Caeca Geral of 
Largo do Calmariz 
Lisbon 1200 

Festival Int ernaaonal de 

Teatro de Expressao 


Rua do Paraiso 2172 


Porto 4000 

Festival Teatro 


Teatro Nacional Dona 


Praga d. Pedro TV 

Lisbon 11000 

S intra Festival 

Camara Municipal de 


Rua Alvaro Dos Reis, 


S. Pedro, Sintra 2710 


American Theater Days 
of Iasi 

Str.9Mainr. 18 

Festivalul International 
The Drama Theater 
Piata Teatrului No.l 

Piatra Neamtz Theatre 


Stefan eel Mare Sq. #1 

Piatra Neamtz 5600 


American Music 
Moscow State 
Gerzen Street 13 
Moscow 113009 

Annual International 
Jazz Festival "Autumn 

Sadovaya Strs. 8-14 
St. Petersburg 191011 

Astrakhan Music 


c/o Centre Eurasiaers 



Moscow 111250 

Blues in Russia 
Anohiwstr. 6-3-486 
Moscow 117602 

Crossing Boundaries 
Center of Children & 
Adults Creative 
Initiative for Peace 
30 Prospost Mira 
Moscow 129010 

First International 
Festival of Movement 
and Dance 
c/o Lisa First 
26 Sixth Street 
on the Volga 

Guitar In Russia 
l-£0, Voronezh 
Voronezh 394000 

Heart of Russia 
Suzdalskaza str. 202.167 
Arkadi Mikhailovitch 

Improfest - International 
Festival for 
Improvisational Music 
Primorsky prospekt 6-7 
St. Petersburg 

International Festival of 


Alyona Silchenko 

Gospitalny Val. 5. K.7 

Apt. 249 

Moscow 105094 

International Festival of 
Arts "Golden Ring" 
Uenmp Ebpazur 
Moscow 111250 

International Festival of 
Jewish Art Music 
Didzioji 45 
Vilnius 2320000 

International Jass Fest 

Moscow Major 
Building, Suite 2830 
36 Novy Arbit 
Moscow 121205 

International Music 
Festival of the Asian 
Pacific Region 
Ulitsa Lenina, 123a 

International One Man 
Show Festival 
Russian Center, ITI 
10 b Straslney 
Moscow 103021 

International Puppet 
Theater Festival 
The State Puppet 
Ryazan 390023 

International Street 

Theater Festival of 


c/o The Arkhangelsk 

Studio Theater 

Ul. Loginova 9 

Arkhangelsk 163061 

Jazz Over the Volga 
8 Oktyabraskaya 73-81 
Yardslavl 150049 

Kamelia Folk Festival 
Drovjanoy Per 4-9 
St. Petersburg 190121 

Krok World Animated 
Film Festival 
Union of Filmakers, 
Animation Association 
Vasilievskaya Street, 13 
Moscow 123825 

Meyerhold Days 
Novoslobodskaya Ul. 


Moscow 103030 


Festivals Abroad 

On the Edge of Eternity 
Theater of Peoples 

Tverskoi Boulevard 22 
Moscow 103009 

Open Music 

Mayakovsky Street, 3/ 


St. Petersburg 119156 

St. Petersburg Musical 


c/o Union of 


45 B. Morskaya St. 

St. Petersburg 190000 

The Beethoven Festival 
Neglinnaya 15 


Action Factory 

8-10 Balcarres Avenue 

Glasgow G12 OOF 

Chin Music 

The Third Eye Centre 

346-354 Souchiehall 


Glasgow G2 3JD 

Dance Around 
136 Victoria Street 
Aberdeen AB2 0BE 

Edinburgh Fringe 


Festival Fringe Office 

180 High Street 

Edinburgh EH1 1Q5 

FestivalFestival Office 
21 Market Street 
Edinburgh EH1 1BW 

Glasgow Festival 
Festivals Office 
City Chambers 
Glasgow G2 1DU 

Girvan Traditional 

Folk Festival 

16 Annandale Gardens 


Kilmarnock KA20LE 


Mayfest Limited 
18 Albion Street 
Glasgow Gl 1LH 

Muscle Voice 
Third Eye Centre 
346-354 Sauchiehall 
Glasgow G2 3JD 

National Review of Live 

Centre for 
Contemporary Arts 
350 Sauchiehall Street 
Glasgow G2 3JD 

New World Order 



25 Albert Drive 
Glasgow G412PE 

Ross Theater Festival 
54 George Street 
Edinburgh EH2 2LR 

Scottish International 
Children's Festival 
22 Laurie Street 
Edinburgh EH6 7AB 

The Arts Is Magic 


St. Andrew's College 

Bears den 

Glasgow G61 4QA 

Third Eye Center 
Third Eye Centre 
346-354 Sauchiehall St. 
Glasgow G2 3JD 

Third Eye Centre 


The Third Eye Centre 

(Glasgow) Limited 

346-354 Souchiehall 


Glasgow G2 3JD 

World Pipe Band 


c/o Royal Scottish Pipe 

Band Association 

45 Washington Street 

Glasgow G3 8 AZ 


Goree Music Festival 
c/o Mor Thiam 
rue de l'Est Point E 

Jazz Afrique-Dakar Jazz 

Heritage Tours 
PO Box 7468 
Dakar BP 7468 


Singapore Festival of the 


National Arts Council, 

35th Story, PSA 


460 Alexander Road 


Young People's Theater 


National Arts Council, 

PSA Building 

460 Alexandra Road, 



Slovak Republic 

Bratislava Cultural 
Suche Myto 17 
Bratislava 812 93 

Bratislava Music Festival 
c/o Slovkoncert 
Bratislava CS-81536 

Evenings of New Music 
Slovak Music Fund 
Fucikova 29 
Bratislava 811 02 

Medznarodny Festival 
Bratislava 811 05 

Melos-Etos International 
Festival of 

Contemporary Music 
Michalska 10 
Bratislava 815 36 


Festivals Abroad 

Project Istroplitana 
Slovenske Narodne 
Gorkeho 4 
Bratislava 815 86 

Summer Culture Fest 
Drobneho 10 

Vecery Noved Hudby 
(International Festival of 
New Music) 
Slovak Music Fund - 
Music Information 
Fucikova 29 
Bratislava 811 02 

South Africa 

Bloemf ontein Festival 

Bloemfontein Children's 


55 Elizabeth St. PO Box 


Bloemfontein 9300 

Month of Culture in 
South Africa 
Market Theater 
PO Box 8656 
Johannesburg 2000 

Standard Bank National 

Arts Festival 

Lucas Avenue PO Box 


Grahamstown 6140 

The Music and An for 
World Peace Festival 
Private Bag X2170 
Bophuthatswana 8681 


Certamen International 
de Coregrafia et Danza 

Producciones Maga 
Madrid 28008 

Congresso Internacional 

Teatro y America 

Antigua Colegio de 


Alcaka de Henares 

Madrid 28801 

Dissabtes Musicals 

Obra Cultural Santes 


Carret era de Tamagona 



£1 Festival de Granada 
Centra Andaluz de 
Teatro S A. 
c/San Luis 37 
Seville 41003 

Festival de Jazz de San 


Reina Regente, S/N 

San Sebastian 

Festival de Jazz San Juan 


Avenida Gregorio Del 


Madrid 28040 

Festival de Otono 
Centro de Estudios y 
Actividades Cultureles 
Plaza de Espana 8 
Madrid 28008 

Festivales de Verano 
Reina Sofia 
Ayuntamiento de 

Plaza Mayor 1 
Burgos 09071 

Festival Iberoamericano 
de Teatro 
Recoletos 12 
Madrid 28001 

Festival Internacional de 

Guitarra Ciudad de V-M 

Concejalia de Cultura 

del Ayuntamiento de V- 


c/San Francisco, s/n 


Velez-Malaga, Malaga 


Festival Internacional de 
Jazz de Sevilla 

Luis Cemuda 
Avenida de la 
Constitucion 24 

Festival Internacional de 

Musica y Danza de 


Comisaria del Festival 

Apartado 64 
Granada 18080 

Festival Internacional de 


Juan de la Cosa 3, 1st 


Santander 39004 

Festival Nuevas Musicas 

Plaza de las Ferrerlas, 19- 


San Sebastian 20011 

Festival of Negro 
Spirituals and Gospel 

Cultyart S J. 
c/Aranjuez 25, Esc l-3a 
Madrid 28039 

Festival Olimpico de las 



La Costa de Pedrinya 

Besalu 17850 

Festivales de la Navarra 
Arrieta, 8 
Pamplona 31002 

Fiesta Spain 
Casa de Cultura 
Ayuntamiento de Mijas 
Malaga 29650 

International Fair of 

Teatro Espanol 
Principe 25 
Madrid 28012 

I tali ca: Festival 
Internacional de Danza 
Fundacion Luis 
Avenida de la 
Constitucion 24 
Seville E-41001 

Madrid en Danza 
Comunidad de Madrid 
Paza de Espana, 9.3 
Madrid 28008 


Festivals Abroad 

Quinto Congresso de 

Cultures Hispanicas 

Centro de Estudios 


Universidad de Alcala 



Semana de Musica 


San Antonio, 16 

Vitoria Gastei 01005 


Falun Folk Music 
Box 387 
Falun S-79128 

Haga Nygata 29D 
Goteborg413 01 

Nytorgsgatan 15 
Stockholm 11622 

Jazz and Blues All Star 

Mosebacke Torg 1-3 
Stockholm 11646 

Poetry Festival of 


O Ronnehomsv 4 

Malmo 211 47 

Scensommer Festival 
Sergels Torg 3 
Stockholm S-103-27 

Skeppsholmen Jazz 


Bo Stenhammar, 



Mosebacke Torg 1-3 

Stockholm S-l 16 46 


Archipel, Musique 


19, route de Malagnou 

Case Postale 10 

Geneva 17 1211 

Berner Tanztage 

Postfach 8603 
Bern CH-3001 

Bodensee Festival 
Spanierstrasse 3 
Konstanz 7750 

Festival de Musica de 


Schaffhausen CH 8200 

Festival Musica Antica a 


19a avenue des Cerisiers 

Pully CH-1009 

Festival Musique 
rue du Theatre 5 
Montreux 1820 

Festival Solo 

c/o Association Cave 12 

et des Autres Musiques 

24 boulevard des 


Geneva CH1205 

International Belluard- 
Case Postal 120 
Fribourg CH-1700 

International Jazz 
Festival Berne 
Im Hauptbahnhof 
Berne CH-3001 

Jazz in Willisau 
PO Box 167 
Willisau CH-0130 

Montreux Jazz Festival 
Montreux CH 1820 
Taktlos Festival 
c/o WOZ c/o Fredi 
Postfach 3143 
Zurich CH 8059 

Gessner Allee 8 
Zurich CH-8001 

XOPF Festival 
c/o Musikwerkstatt 

Margaret henstrasse 25 
Basel 4053 

Zuercher Theater 

Prasidialabteilung der 
Stadt Zurich 
Stadthausquai 17 
Zurich CH-8001 


International Children's 


MNA International 

Children's Festival 

7F-1, No. 170, Sec 1, 



International Festival of 

Dance Academies 

Dance International/ 


Nanchang Road 

Section 1 


National Theatre Dance 


Bureau of Intl. Cultural 

& Educational Relations 

5 Chung Shan South 



Tai Pei International 

Choral Music Festival 

c/o Dirk Duhei, Taipei 



B-16 Lane 451 Tun Hua 



Trinidad and 

Trinidad and Tobago 
Pan Jazz Festival 
66 Pembroke Street 
Port of Spain 


Festivals Abroad 


International Festival 
Ministere de La Culture 
et de L'Inf ormation 
rue d'Alger 


American Festival of 
Cemal Resit Rey 

Concert Hall 

Cemal Resit Rey 
Municipality of Istanbul 
Istanbul 80200 

Istanbul Teknik 
Universitesi Vakfi 
ITU Macka Kampusu 

Modern Muzik Festivali 


Istanbul 80200 

Renaissance - Baroque 

and Classical Music 


Municipality of Istanbul 

- Cemal Resit Rey Hall 


Istanbul 80200 

Uluslararasi Istanbul 


Istanbul Foundation for 

Culture and Arts 

Yaldiz Besiktas 

Istanbul 80700 


Berezil International 

Theatre Festival 

The Shevchenko 


9 Sumska vulitsa 

K harkiv 

Chekhov's Days In 


Ministry of Culture/ 

Ukraine, State Theater 


Sute Theater "Druzhba- 


Kiev 34 

Dni Chekhov v Yalta 
House Museum of 
Chehkov in Yalta 
Kirov St. 112 R/CH 
Yalta 334237 

Khersones Games 
Ministry of Culture of 
State Theater 
"DRUZBA" 252034 
Kiev 34 

Ukraine International 

Festival of Puppet 


Shota Rustaveli Str. 13 

Kiev 252023 

Ukrainian Spring 
Pushkinskaya 32 
Kiev 252004 



Internacional de Teatro 
de Montevideo 
Tacuarembo 1442/of 


Tashkent Music Festival 
Muchamedzan Turdiev 
C 17-18 H52 #16 


Festival de las Artes 
Centra de Bellas Aires 
Avenida3F No. 67-217 


Festival de Teatro 
Alvaro de Rosson 
Teatro Juares 

Festival Iberoamericano 

Centra Cultural 


Carrera 22 Esquina 


Num. 11 Barquisimeto 

Festival Iberoamericano 
de Teatro de Bogota 
Apartado 17735 
Venezuela 1015-A 

Festival Internacional de 
Teatro de Caracas 
Apartado 17.735 
Caracas 1015-A 


Torre Oeste, Piso 1, 
Parque Central ■ 

Maracaibo Festival de las 


Centra Venezolano 

Americano del Zulia 


Apartado 419 



Cardiff Festival 

St. David's Hall, The 


Cardiff CF12SH 

Litchfield Festival 
7 The Close 

Spring Fling 

St. Donats Castle 

Liantwit Major 

South Glamorgan CF6 


Welsh International 
Children's Festival 
Sehghennydd Road 
Cardiff DF2 4YE