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Full text of "Wright County, MO marriage license records as published in Hartville, MO newspapers"

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3 1833 01276 0549 -.W93RIM 
_ — --^S^T ^OV. 1-2 



1900 THROUGH 1910 




'a\uoo oooo ooooo ooqoO qou 


Terms: $1.00 Tor Year in Advance 

Published ovcry Friday at llartvillo, 

Missouri, by 

W. H. H. MUSICK, Ed. & Pro. 


Friday, Januart 6, 


See Probate Docket. 
Miss Nina Coltengim has the fever. 

Sheriff Cantrell is on the sick lint. 

Wld MoCain was in town Satur- 

Attorney Craig of Odin was here 

Walter Creer has returned from 

Skating is now the principal 

Mrs. Rudd nud Gladys returned 
homo yesterday. 

Deputy U. S. M. Huffman was 
in town Sunday. 

B. O. Davis and Lady visited In 
Springlield this week. 

T. B. Rouldln visited his father 
ia Webster county this week. 

Collector Itobinett Is the busiest 
man in town by a big majority. 

Tom Johnson and wife arc enter- 
taining another flue little ion who 
arrived Saturdoy. 

J. K. P. Coday of Mansfield was 
a caller last Friday, and enriched 
OS by one dollar. 

Miss Lulu Jones, teacher in Hay- 
woith district, is enjoying a vaca- 
tion this week. 

Jan. 12, 1900 
W. H. Sponcc of Drew to Laura 
Wade of Manes., 

Marvn (lelslpy to M. J. Walker 
both of VVorsham. 

Arch B. Smith to Maud Wood 
both near Hartville. 


Win. WadotoEtta Breedlovo of 

J. A. Beaver to Bollo Douglas of 
Cedar Gap. 

C.JI. Wallace of Aurora to Delia 
Alsup of Rail. 

W.B, Wood to Nlunie Vaughn of 

O. L. Carter of Iowa to Sarah 
Sprcohor of Mt. Grove. 

Uosea Caudle to Elno Kelly of 

Lowis Weaver to Malissa William 
of Grove Spring. 

The Bank of Hartville will Loan 
You Money at LegaL rates of in- 

John H. Simmons, Cash. 

MissGirlie Hanson entertained last 
Friday evening at her home. Those 
present were Misses Oma Hunter, 
Louio and Corless Towuley, Ada 
Garner, Ella Qetly, Laura Shackle- 
ford, Mary Deuproe, Myrtle Wiy- 
rick, Thnla Robinott, Messrs George 
Murroll, Luther Hunter, Martin and 
E. B. Garner, Ed McNealy, Joe 
Deuprce, Alex. Carrow, L. Findloy, 
Walter Gorman. All wero ontertain- 
ed by music and games. We always 
like to call on Miss Hanson; she 
makes everything so pleasant. 

U. No. 

Jan. 19, 1900 

Mr. Draper has a barber chair and 
mirror for sale at Gorman's store. 
Rest of the outfit may be found at 
Eli Young's, D miles from Hartville 
on MarshOold road. 


Chnrles Honsley to Florenoe Hick- 
man, both of Hartville. 

Newt Standifer to Berta Brnzeal, 
both of Duncan. 

James E. Burncy to Alloo Clax- 
ton both of Mint. 

Frank Mingus to Emma Mitchell, 
both of Duncan. 



; discover? by an old 
T'udan. Bv xcttfullu u»M 
'.t.'-lly l)|/ Ihouiandt . 6) 
it-i, U tro only pcrfrtitlr 
.,« — — — . 8?ir.i£nJ r.H.nMo modlelno dH 

yCOrered. Jliwaro of onprlnc'ploJ il-iqtclata wtiJ 
MBtT Inferior modlcl.-icn In place 1 or tills. An* fpr 
i^ot'k'ii Cotton Hon* CornrlbdocJ; takti nb ribitl. 
• {■(ft) or Incloin |t ondO rcnll In poslogo In lottfcr 
.Sjttdwowllliond, aaalwl, by return n»9. iFullrealoa 
^•rUcnjiB In plain enTclope, to IjdlM only, U 
- id Lily l'oinpnnr. .' 

Jan. 26, 1900 

On Monday the Supreme court 
tleoision was handed down, affirm- 
ing the Circuit oourt finding of 17 
years in the pen for Jack Kennedy. 
Sheriff Cantrell will see Jack to the 
capital when the quarantine lets up. 

It is reported that the Midland 
Mining Company of Philadelphia 
Las bought the Lead Hill mines near 
Mansfield, with 600 acres of adja- 
cent lands. • The consideration is 
said to have been one million dol- 
lars. More expensive machinery 
than is now used will be put in and 
the mines be developed when spring 

An interesting character, person- 
ally, and by reason of his disting- 
uished descent and connections, is 
Kalelgh McDonald, of Worsham. 
Mr. McDonald is a descendant of the 
family of the famous Revolutionary 
trooper, Sergeant McDonald, whose 
adventures /id exploits in General 
Franois Murlon's army, delight the 
render o' Amerloan history. 

Sprinrfield Record Special. — 

. Mt. Grove, Mo., Jan. 22.— Wash- 
ington Horton of Cabool was horri- 
bly mangled under the wheels of a 
Memphis freight, No.' 52, at this 
place. His right leg was cut off at 
the knee. He was a ion of Mrs. 
Frankie Horton. 


Newton Goes to Sarah Lovall, of 
Cedar Gap. 

Russell Scoby to Mary Duncan of 

J. P. Johnson of Plato to Sarah 
Chapman of Mt. Grove; 


Oilr number increases. Six new 
pupils entered School Monday. 

The pupils in the Intermediate 
dept. rendered a very interesting 
program on last Friday evening. 

The parliamentary society in the 
High School J)ept. holds interesting 
sessions every Friday afternoon. The 
last session was characterized by a 
great deal of enthusiasm. 

Mrs. Lucy Newton was a weloome 
visitor this week. 

Wver 45 new volumes have been 
ordered 'or our library. They are 
ohoice selections and will eurely be 
appreciated by the pupils. 

The 7th and 8th grades are tak- 
ing a general review in arithmetic. 

Mr. Lease Claxton of Gasconade 
township entered schooLMonday. 

Feb. 2, 1900 


Daisy Young visited with her 
Ornndpa, near Odin, the last of the 
week, returning Sunday. 

Adams & Scbofield have mcney to 
loan at 8 per cent on Farm Property 
for tueb IcDgth of time t>s you want 

Pastor Shaffer will occupy the pul- 
pit at the M. K. Church here next 

F. W. NeWkirk, J). D. G. M., 
was hero Tuesday night to install 
I. O. O. F. officers. 

The Bank of Hartville will Loan 
You Money at Legal rates of in- 
terest. John H. Simmons, Cash. 

W. E. Young has rented the resi- 
dence of Mrs. Joaie Gorman, who 
has moved to tho home other father, 
Noah C'laxtoo. 

You can see the reason why we ask 
yon to exoute our scarcity >f locals. 
The pressure on our space will soon 
be relieved. 

A great Improvement is noticea- 
ble In the Kansas City Times. Bro. 
Lesiieur Is an old hand in tho busi- 
ness and the Times is destined to 
prosper under his management. 

Constable John Wyatt, and Clay 
got onto tho clews that led to arrest 
of the allegod Mt. Grove bur- 
glars. The citizens of the tbwn pre- 
sented fifty dollars to John and his 
comrades in making the captures. 


J. W. Cooley to Ginerva Short of 

Noah Nichols of MansOeld, to 
Eliza Crlder of Mt. Grove. 

John Durbin to Susie Sbelton of 

Bony Brown to Viola Denton of 

Edward Brooks to Lizzie Brace of 

Thomas C. Choat to Laura Wynne 
of Hartville. 

VV. H. Hake to Ettlo Vaoghn of 

W. A. Smith to Ida Toombs of 

Feb. 16, 1900 


J. T. Mitohim and Malinda Long 
of Mt Grove. 

T. 0. MoClanahan and Angelina 
Barr of Sunnyaide. 

Joe A. Sanders and Chloe Long 
of Mt. Grove. 

J. H. Hamilton and Nellie Hol- 
der of Duncan. 

VV. J. Bagley and Mary .loilin of 

Fraibier Thomas and F lorenoe 
Heed of Duggan 

Feb. 9, 1900 

Mrs. Sarah Montgomerie left Fri- 
day to visit with John Newton and 
farallyof West Plains. 

The Cornells school house near 
Norwood burned a few daya ago 
Origin of the lire unknown. 

Revival services began at the M. 
E. church last Wednesday, and are 
expeotqd to continue at least ten 

The Bank of HnrtTille will Loan 
Ybu Money at Legal ratci of in- 
terest. John H. Simmons, Cash. 

Flying sparks from a passing lo- 
comotive set fire to the water tank 
at Macomb a few daya ago and it 
Durned to the ground. 

Comrades— Comd ottt to Joe K. 
Mower Post meeting ni, the Hall, 
to-morrow, Saturday. We have busi- 
ness of pressing importance, .and 
your presence is earnestly desired. 

Presiding Judge Wm. Cotteogira, 
of Hartville, Associate Judge J, T. 
Wood, of Boyer, and Associate 
Judge J. M. Hays, of Macomb, are 
holding County Court this week. 

Dr. Hanson picked up a fine speo- 
Jmen of lead ore on his Pea Ridge 
farm a few days ago. He is confi- 
dent that lead is there in paying 
quantities, and has faired men to 
■ink a shaft and make investiga- 

Jaok Kennedy was taken to the 
pen Friday by Marshal See of the 
Supreme Court by special order. He 
Is the last of the men oonvicted here 
last June of the Macomb holdup, 
Jan. 8, 1899, to go. His sentence 
was 17 years. Wm. Jenning's sen- 
tence was 20 years, Lewis Nlgb's 12, 
Jake Fagloy'a 12, Joe Shop- 
hard'n 10. 


Henry Nevels and Fannie Taylor 
of Mt. Grove. 

Jason Coday and Or* German of 

Joseph Davis of Phllllpsburg and 
Edith Wells of Umpire. 

J. W. Soott and Zadie Bradshaw 
<& <>uggan. 

March 9, 1900 


T. H. Kelley and Alice Rowden 
of Mt, Grove. 

Harry Walton and Gertrude Knost 
of Grove Spring. 

Charles Land and Clella Glenn of 

Wm. Suavely and Edio Fletcher 
ot Norwood. 

J. .I,. Potter 1 of Kewanee III., and 
Han/L; {one*, of Bail. 

Feb. 23, 1900 


•Edward Schmitt and Henrietta 
GilUn of Mt. Grove. 

J. W. Egleston and Lydia Moore 
of Hartville. 

J. P. Bramhall and Nora Bohan- 
non of St. George. 

T. F. Bennett and Anna Emer- 
son ot Mint. 

W. A. Starr and Mirtio Holder of 

The last happy couple were mar- 
ried Wednesday iu Recorder La- 
throm's offioo by Rev, Dr. Hanson. 

March 16, 1900 


Elijah Eorrest and Eliza Tharp 
of Norwood. 

Jacob Hutsell and Mary Maxville 
of Graff. 

S.C.Richardson and Lena Bar- 
nott of St. George. 

March 23, 1900 

Attorney F. W. Duggan's dwel- 
ling was destroyed by fire between 
1 aud 2 o'clook Friday afternoon. 
The fire is supposed to have started 
from a defective stovepipe in the 
second story, where nearly every- 
thing was consumed by the flames. 
A good deal of tho furniture and 
household goods down stairs were 
saved. Mr. Duggan and family are 
now oooupying James Wood's dwel- 
ling on the hill northeast of town. 

Al Ferguson, Ben Lay and James 
Bolton escaped from jail here be- 
tween 6 and 7 o'clock Friday eve- 
ning by sawing thoir way out. The 
latter two were immediately cap- 
tured below the school house by Joe 
Hensley. Ferguson was captured 
Wednesday near Mt. Grove by- 
Brown Wyatt. 


Eldridge Newton and Mary Coday 
of Hartville. 

Bert Bennett and Mary Hughes of 
Mt, Grove. 

Frank Wickiscraud Eldora High 
of Mt. Grove. 

Albert Wickiser and Flora High 
of Mt. Grove. 

J. R. Kclley of Grove Spring and 
OmaNickleof Hartville. 

March 30, 1900 


A. J. Selvidgo and AlthaMcCrito 
of Lend Hill. 

G. W. Elliott and Estclla AVag- 
ncr of Worsham. 

April 13, 1900 


Martia Miller and Catharine King 
of Norwood. 

M. J. Priester and Faanie Pier- 
son of Boyer. 

April 27, 1900 


Grant Rauoy and Mary Hill of 
Mt. Grove. 

May 25, 1900 


John II. Conrow and Dora 
Thomas of Duggan. 

•lohn S. Mackey of Antrim and 
Hettle Johns of Seymour. 

Rev. T. P. Shaffer united the 
last couple in matrimony In the Re- 
corder's office May 22. 

S.M. Mingus, brother to Cy., is 
on his way to the gold fields at Cape 
Nome, Alaska, accompanied by his 
wife, formerly Miss Lassie Pickle. 

June 1, 1900 


Tiliraon Davis and Margaret Wil- 
lams of Mint. 

Ernest Landers and Belle Al ford, 
of Duncan. 

Reuben Lewis of Empire City 
and Sarah Gann of Hartville. 

Clyde Stephens and Etta Poppo- 
well of Mt. Grove. 

The latter couple were united in 
marriage, Tuesday,, at the Young 


C£krD.Oli£8Cl ronulOFBIUHDlBIAII 



ltd ClHir Bloitool rn* Hoop» Bto on litrt B*UU. 


SALVE For Piles, Burns, Sored. 

June 29, 1900 

MARRLAHE licenses. 

Charley Amiek and Cynthia Ellis 
of Duncan. 

L. S. Nielsoi^of San Francisco*. 
Oal., to Adria Brown of Mansfield;'. 

Jacob Keys and Mary E- Calhoun 
of Macomb. 

Henry Loom>s-of Joplin and Cow 
delia Lathrom of Worsham. 

The last couple were married 
Wednesday by Rev. W. A. Newto* 
at hi< home in west town. 

Hon. K, C. Steele, son Howe and 
Georgo C. Murrell returned today 
from Philadelphia and other cities. 

The Ladies' Aid Society of the 
Christian Cfiuroh will give an enter- 
tainment in the Court house J*ly 

Miss Nelia Kennedy of Carthage 
and Miss Amy Woods of Mt. Grove 
aro visiting their sister, Mrs. Lenn 

July 6, 1900 
Our celebration was an unqualified 
success. The weather was hot and 
the crowd was very large, as was de- 
sired by the lemonade venders. 
Good order was maintained through- 
out the day, ushered in by tho noisy 
anvils and cannon crackers. The 
Mansfield band furnished excellent 
music and led the parade of young 
ladies representing the States to tho 
picnic ground near Steele's mill. 
Flags and bunting were every w hero 
and patriotism was at high tide. At 
the ground the class sang tho Star 
Spanglod Banner and Rev. Shaffer 
offered a prayer. A. J. Rudd read 
tho Declaration of Independence 
and a quartette was sung. No.xt oame 
G. C. Murrell who delivered the 
address of welcome. Another quar- 
tetto followed, and Cleveland New- 
ton made n patriotic address which 
was highly complimented. After 
dinner waH eaten J. B. Puckett of 
Mansfield delivered a nice speech. 
The various amusements, Calithum- 
pian parade, etc, came next and 
kept the crowd in good humor until 
the display of lire-works at night, 
which was very fine and pleased 
the orowd immensely. Altogether 
the day was pleasantly spent by all. 


August 3, 1900 

Editor Summers, Will Rlppco and 
W. F. Moore went to Forsythe this 
week to attend tho Democratio sena- 
torial convention. 

R. W. Prophet took his sister, 
Mrs. Elbe Shores to Mt. Grove last 
Sunday. She will leave this wook 
for her homo in Iowa. 

An Eastern Star Uhapter was or- 
gnnized hero Thursday night by 
Mrs. Jones, D. D. G. M. and other 
members from Mansfield and Mt. 
Grove. Full report next week. 

Constablo Jim Foster • of Hazel- 
wood township, was badly bruised 
up at the home of John Yandlo, 
wost of town, Friday. Ho went to 
arrest Jim Yandle, who is now at 
largo. John Yandle was captured 
and taken "to Mnrshfiold jail. Sborifi 
Cautrell and Deputy Mingus went 
up to assist in tho capture. 

The storo at Waldo, owned by 
Mr. AV right, with nil its contents 
was destroyed by lire last Monday 
night. It is supposed that it was 
first rolibod and thou sot on fire to 
cover tho theft — Seymour Ilcruld. 


J. V. Jones and Rcna Ball of Mt. 

Mt. Grovo Jourual. — 

Miss May Davidson, of Detroit, 
Illinois, is visiting her auut, Mrs. 
L, E. Musick. 


Manuel Jones and Alzoney Stew- 
art of Grove Spring. 

Tandy Mnrtin and Emma Middle- 
ton of Fuson. 

, Luke Kincaid and Mary Daugh- 
icrty of Cedar Gap. 

John Thornhill and Ellen Robson 
of AVorshrtm. 

E. 0. Ilenson and Mary Brower 
of Mansfield. 

Dr.' F. B. Fuson, who was nomi- 
nated by acclamation for Represen- 
tative by the Hcpublicon convention 
last Saturday, is nn oxcollent selec- 
tion, tho best for the place, In our 
opinion, that could havo been made. 
He is a native of Illinois but since 
boyhood has resided continuously in 
AVrlght County. Ho worked on a 
farm somo yoars, but graduated in a 
medical college in 1886, aud has 
since praoticod tnodiciue and surgery 
at Mansfiold with distinguished suc- 
cess. As an influential member of 
the U. S. Pcusion Board, ho ha9 
rendered important services to tho 
; Union Voterans for a number of 
years, aud is, deservedly, popular 
with the old soldiers. He was urged 
to make the race for representative 
in 1808 but declined, and only con- 
sented to run this time after much 
urging. Dr. Fuson Is a strong man, 
and will make a most useful mem- 
ber of the legislature it ho succeeds 
to tho position, and his ohances aro 
very good. 

August 10, 1900 fft\ 


T, F. Jones and Barbora Wynne 
of Hartvillo. 

J. II. Prock and Clara Fowler of 

Sam Johnson and Maggio Emerson 
of Grove Spring. 


"Made a 
Well Man 
of Me." 

August 24, 1900 
Mrs. M. E. Gorman and Bister, 
Miss Jessie Cummins of Springfield, 
visited at M. 1>. Gorman's home 
Mrs. Laura Ellis visited her par- 
ents, John Agee and wife, near 
Odin this week. 

Miss Oma Hunter left Saturday 
to attend a business college in 

C. E. Jones of Kansas City vis- 
ited at Mr. TCnrr's home first of the 

Attorney FrlnkJ is in Springfield 
this week visiting his mother, who 
is very sick. 

R. F. Adams was in Cabool this 
week to help furnish musio for the 

Mrs. Eflio Shores and children and 
Miss Loma Butcher intend to leave 
for Creston, Iowa, today. 

H. H. Sullivan has bought of Mr. 
Grubb a fine cabinet of dental intru- 

The tabernacle meeting will last 
about a week longer. The attend- 
ance is large each service. 

Young Matney, who escaped from 
jail Tuesday afternoon, was cap- 
tured that night down the river. 

The 8th Mo. Cavalry met in an- 
nual reunion at Zoo Park, Bprlng- 
fiold, Wednesday and Thursday. 

Mrs. Weaver, mother of Mrs. 
Jennie Prophet, and son John are 
here from 8t. Clair county on a 

Dr. J. W. Bone, president of the 
Chelsea, I. T., Republican club, re- 
newed his subscription a few days 

Dr. Bell's Antiseptic Salve 

Good for all Skin Dlssaset. 

On this page will be found the 
announcement of Charles F. Evans, 
candidate for the office of Prosecut- 
ing Attorney, an honor to whioh he 
unanimously eleoted by the Re- 
publican County Convention of 
Wright County. Mr. Evans, now a 
successful lawyer of Mt. Grove, 
Mo., about 34 years of age, Is a na- 
tive of the State of Indiana. His 
parents removed, in 1868, to Chris- 
tian County, 111., where. Charley 
grew to manhood. He studied law, 
and, later, practiced law for sev- 
eral years in the offioe of Ricks <b 
Creighton, a prominent law-flrra in 
Taylorville, III. He was admitted to 
the bar by the Appellate Court at 
Springfield, and on June 19, 1898, 
was licensed by the Supreme Court 
to practioe law in all the oourts in 
the Stale of Illinois. He was admit- 
ted to tke bar in Wright county by 
the Ciroult Court in 1894, directly 
after he settled in this county. Mr. 
Evans is an able lawyer and an ex- 
cellent citizen. He is sober, steady, 
considerate and conservative. He is 
Just the kind of man needed in the 
Prosecuting Attorney's office. 


Asa Tyler of Okla. and Grade B. 
Smith of Wood twp. 

M. L. Preston and Lillie I. Kel- 
ley of Norwood. 

Wm. Swift and Dora Ryan of 

Elijah Jones of Grovo Spring and 
Cynthia Davis of Agnes. 

August 31, 1900 
Sam Riohman and Mary Musgravo 
of Antrim. 

Thomas Bogart and Ratio Hale 
of Mansfield. 

R. G. Cogginsand Lul.i Crisp of 

Sept. 7. 1900 


Jim Rippee and Ollie Young of 

Elbert Coday and Nora KiDser of 

Sept. 14, 1900 


Isaac Adamson and Josie Covin 
of Hartville. 

John Crews and Osia Murr of 

Wm. .Hunsuoker . and Melvlna 
Owens of Braokett. 

J. W. Diokerson and Katie Kel* 
ley of Fuson. 

Wm. Starr and Dora Palmer of 

Sept. 21, 1900 
George and Noah Murrell receiv- 
ed several days ago two solid gold 
rings from Charlie Robsou, one of 
Uncle Sam's soldier boys in the 
Philippines. Ho found the nugget 
and had rings made of it. 

Saturday night at the M. E. 
church the pastor will preach on 
"The Burning Bush." On Sunday 
moruing after Sabbath School there 
will be an old fashioned Love Feast. 
Let every church member, young 
and old, be present Sunday night, 
'•The Power of Prayer." 

Sherman Shelby and Otie Todd of 

Oct. 5, 1900 


John Milsap of Macomb and Sarah 
Cruscnberry of Mansfield. 

Wm. Laugistian and Mary John- 
son of Giove Spring. 

B. 0. Newlou und Mollie Box of 

The latter couple were married last 
Sunday, Rev. T. F. Shaffer officia- 
ting. Lorenzo Flndley, Wm. Box 
oud others from town were prosont. 

for cUUdrfn; tnfe, mrr. <Ho citnte* 

Oct. 12, 1900 


Tliomas Goss and Lunda Morris of 
Load Bill. 

J. W. Boatman .and A. A. Clap- 
ton of Fuson. 

J. P. Sherrlok and Mary Houston 
of Norwood. 

Isaac Gann and Vlole Moody of 

W. 8. Mansfield and Martha Mar- 
cuin of Grove Spring. 

Marriod on Sept. 23rd at brido's 
residonoo in Frauklin township— 
Miss Martha Jamos W. Cot- 
tengim, of Wright county, Esq. Sol 
Snow olllcinting.— Lebanon Sentinel. 

Oct. 19, 1900 

Isaac, M.iBrlde »nd,, s 0*linje Snpw 
of Oris. 

0. A. Llndholrn andAlroaLloder 
,of Mt. Orovi, ' ' J; ' • ' ^ 

George 'Staerjell and -Anpie Dob* 
bios of Mt Grove. 

J, A- Nivwpor* and. CUffltttia 
Woods of Boyer. 

C. P, Mlngus and Efflma Owess 
of Hartville,,. - k 

The latter cou pie were married on 
Saturday 'at the home erf i^. A. Uan- 
trell by Esq. John Mott. 

Oct. 26, 1900 

Henry Smith of Mansfield and Su- 
san Barnott of Norwood. 

Tyro Adamsou and Nannie Har- 
nett of Norwood. 

Fred Locke and Martha WullBof. 
Hartville. . 

Marve Hickman and Bollie Smith 
of Hartville. 

Lewis Hicks and Annie Booth of 
Mt. Grove. 
Rev. Shaffer united the lastcouplo 
in marriage in the Recorder's ofllco 

Nov. 2, 1900 


I'etcr Eiickson of Mt. Grove and 
MnryLawKouof Mangfiold. 

If. J. Hntigbn and Belticilolt of 
Mt. Grove. 

I. T. Johns and Lula Richards of 

G. C. Hall of Seymour and Mollio 
Rushing of Antrim. 

Clyde Dowdcn and Cordolia Unn- 
uon of Sunnyfiidc. 

Frank Buttraui and Lula Pctyt of 
Grove Spring. 

Nov. 9, 1900 

Ambrose Douglas and Alma Rich 
of Mt. Grove. 

E. E. Long and Francis UsScry 
of Haw ley. 

F. C. Massoy of Mint and Aslee 
Smith of Grovo Spring. 

0. W. Jones and Sallvc H-riwn of 
(Hove Spring, 

Nov. 16, 1900 
Edward Thorp of Norwood and 
Letlia Moore of Hartville. 

Nov. 23, 1900 
Wm. Ellis and Dora Moore of 

W. P. Gregory and Bortha Eth- 
oridge of Hartville. . , .' ' 

Wm. Johnson and Danniu Low- 
ery of Grove Spring. 

Dec. 7, 1900 
V. V. Mangor and Belle Hyde of 

G. W. Coday and Vena Rose of 



Hahtvillb, Mo. 

Office with F. M. ManiGehl. 

Dec. 14, 1900 

James Wilhite and Martha Oli- 
phant of Wof share. 

J. K. Foster and Ollie Brown of 

E. W. Webb and Eva Atnip of 

,J. M. Sbarett and M. J. Jones of 

Calvin Holt and Mollio Gynn of 
Mt. Grove. 

W. A. Needham and Golda Bay- 
less of Mt. G.ove. 

T l|e latter couple were married at 
the Young Hotel by W. A. Newton, 
M. G. 

KILLthd cough] 


FOR Q°\> 


OLDS"" nBWftm 


Dr. Bell's Pine-Tar-Honey 

For Cougho end Colds. 


Good for Nothing but the Eyes 


A. J. Fanner's Drug Store. 

Jan. 4, 1901 


G. R. Lemons of Texas, county 
and Maud K. Kittifer of Mingsville. 

James Rentfrow of Hartville and 
Mona Martin of.UIgh Prairie. 

W. 0. Yenbanks of Fuson arid 
El**-*-!-:- Hefner of Bover. 

, i*erM«.. . ,J,-< ( -,„ v 

Tankolsly of Ifti «"™- ****■*$*? 

Dill* Coffman of Worsham au> 
Mollie Eaton of Duggan. . 

T. t. Spillraan and Jennie L, 
Robinctit of Hartville. 

R. TV,, Prophet of HaUvillo and 
Cyloma Buteher, Hartville, 

Albert Harvey of Bade Co. and 
Lolia Gcrrin of Duggao. 

Albeit Randall .and Meda Green 
of Mt. Grove. 

Jan. 11, 1901 

Lee Farrls of Crawford county, 
Rang., and Walter Karris of Manes, 
were in town Wednesday. 

Wm, Cottengim hoi bought the 
property formerly owned by John 
Caotrell near the mill. 

Noah Claxton shipped n carload 
of fat cattle to market from Mans- 
field Monday. 

Bon Herr, Wm. Wood, Mr. Ar- 
nett and Mr. Sanford were selling 
goods In town Saturday. 

Jesse Pemberton spent Sunday in 
Hnrtvllle. He returned to Barnes 
Medical college Wednesday. 

Editor Summers of the Democrat 
will remain In Jefferson City during 
the winter. He is Folder in the Sen- 

Plm Morton will soon finish paint- 
ing the Bank of Bartville building. 
It will then present a fine appear- 

Mr. Clazten left Sunday for his 
home in Texas, after-visltlng a week 
with bis cousin Noah, whom be bad 
not seen for 40 years. 

The Rebekabs and Odd Fellows 
ars preparing for public installation 
of officers, to oeeur about Friday 
night, Jan. 18. 

Will Beasley r Jim Tbomklns, 
Charley Duncan, Vergil StaJHne, 
Turner Bocbanan and Dav. Thorn p- 
kins left for Arkansas, last of last 
week. i 

Our young friend, Manson Walk- 
er, has bought into the Norwood 
Missoorisra with L, W, Smith, for- 
mer business manager. 

Jan. 18, 1901 

/obn'Pearman and D.ooja Fqson 
of Bdyer. , 

Tho*. Dean and Minnie Dennis 
of Mansfield. 

Wm. Neuklrk and Mamie Barnes 
of Mu Grove. 

Jonathan Emery and Rosa Hodge 
of Mt Grove. 


Recorder Joe Lathrora issued 106 
marrlago licenses in leOO. He has 
issued the following this year: 

E. E. Randall and Meda Green 
of Ait. Grove. 

Albert Harvey and Delia Gerrln 
of Duggan. 

Jacob Hy Hon and Maggie Sowers 
of Norwood. 

Frank Brewer and Ellea Meredith 

Edgar Oliver and Nettle Vaden of 

W. H. Moore and M. E. Grimes 
of Wnrsham. 

Mt. Grove Journal 

Mr. Wright Prophet and MIhs 
Loma Butcher, both of Hartville, 
Mo., wero married last Sunday, De- 
cember 81, by Rev. T. P. Shaffer 
at his residence in that city. 

At the conclusion of the ceremony 
the happy couple drove to Mountain 
Grovo where they have been visit- 
ing the groom's sister, Mrs. J. R. 

Mr. and Mrs. Prophet are both 
well and favorably known through- 
out the county and have the best 
wishes of a host of friends. The 
groom is a son of our former towns- 
man, W. B. Prophet. 

Mr. Brook, Shoemaker, located 
west of Farmer Hotel, does mend- 
ing promply and in the best style of 
workmanship. His charges are rea- 
sonable, and he will save you about 
one half your annual outlay for 
shoes. He does our repairing, and 
does It right. 

Jan. 25, 1901 

□ Walter Hyllon and Mollie Cbad- 
•well of Norwood. 

F. M. Branstetter and Sarah Oli- 
ver of Hartville. ' 

(J. A. Freed and Esther Johnson 
of Mt. Grove. 

Feb. 8, 1901 


John D. Herrin of Fossil, Ore- 
gon and Essie Russell of Mt. G. 

M. Burou and Myrtle Carlton of 

Noah Street and Essie Williams of 

Henry .and Fannie Bell of 

John Randolph and Eliza Smith of 
Grove Spring. 

Feb. 15, 1901 
T. J. Adams and Mollio Moore of 
Grove Spring. 

Albert Owens and Dollie Wood 
of Hartville. 

Alonzo Allen and Eftle Tanker- 
sly of Antler. 

Feb. 29, 1901 

When you come to Court Don't 
fail to go to Hanson & Morton's and 
get prices, whether you buy or not. 
W»-bave Cigars Tor tho Gentlemen, 
Chewing Gum for tho Lodies and 
Candy for tho Babies. We are clov- 
er people aud will lake Pleasure in 
CDtortaining yon between sales. 
Hanson ■& Morton. 


J. II. Gamer and Mollie Bryant 
of Norwood. 


60 Cases 50. 

Lyon and Arbuckle Coffee to Sell at 
2 Packages for 25 cts., and 10 Kegs 
Soda to Sell, 2 lbs for 6 cts., and 
Everything in the Grocery line at 
Bed llock Prices. 

Hanson & Morton. 


* V^-,^ 2803 Looust St. 
Alcoholism, Morphine ** other Drug Using. 

Or. J E. BLAINE M * N *o« »"■« physicmn. 

M«dlciUI»fl Th« Mole, InctlluU. Durlnht, III, )» 
WC9rr»m»nd»nc» ioucIIx) ind conhdtnfiil. 

March 1, 1901 

Harvey Eaton and Delia Bledsoe 
of Odin; 

John Preston and Edna Forrest 
of Duggan. 

Harrison Matney and Mary Jane 
Morris of Cedar Gap. 

Otto Reberry and Lillie Barnes of 
Mt. Grove. 

Carl Quinn and Frances Klnkade 
of G rove Spring. 

Wm. Stevens and Eliza Ussery of 

T. A. Cantrell and May Car- 
penter of Astoria. ' 

March 8, 1901 

A. h. Barnett and Eva Bay of 

U. J. Box and M. E. Baker of 


March 15, 1901 


V. T... Wflir and Malinda. Morris 
of Cedar Gap. 

Jesse Webb and Bertha Cravens 
of Mint. 

March 22, 1901 


Norman Whelchel nnd Ella Oli- 
ver . 

W. P. Broylfcs nnd Tom Smith 
left- recently fotf Lnvina, Montann, 
where they will herd theep several 
months. \ . 

Noah Nichols moved from Mans- 
field to llartville last week, lie oc- 
cupies iho Russell property jnNorth 

W. A. Newton has bought the 
Simmons property, near Jesse Car- 
ter's and is haviDg an addition built 
to the residence. 

Mrs. Marshall of St. Louis is vis- 
iting her parents, Chas. Wright and 

Our citizens had to tako in their 
brand new gardens to let the equi- 
noctial lion go by. 

April 12, 1901 


Jos. Fisher of Oklahoma and EtHo 
Pechee of Mt. Grove. 

Grant Calton and Lucy* Dorria of 

Geo. Claxtou and Belle McClana- 
hau of Mint. 

Harve Moore and Ivy Kendall of 

April 19, 1901 


Tom Spurgeon and Dora Popple- 
well of Mt. Grove. 

Samuel Graham and Ollie John- 
son of Norwood. 

August Oettlng and Louisa Dant- 
tel of Mansfield. 

V. G. Baum and Ida Floyd of Mt. 

April 26, 1901 

BarueyWyatt and Celia Todd of 

Henry Fisher and l'ermina Masscy 
of Mt. Grove. 

May 10, 1901 


J. M.Ryan of K. C. and lzora 
Stewart of Norwood. 

A. K. Worsham and Carrie Hut- 
sell of Graff. 


Seymour Herald. — 

Frank Pool was tried before 
Squiro Childress Inst Monday on a 
oharge of filonlous assault with a 
deadly wenpon on Press Stafford, a 
couple of weeks ago, and was ac- 



L. D. BlttJTON, 



May 17, 1901 

Wales Utter and Mamie Lovin of 
Ml. Grove. 

Sam Wells of Norwood and' Josie 
Carver of Cedar Gap. 

J. B. Loyd and Fannie Weaver 
of Mt. Grovo. 

From Monday's Loador-Dcraoorat: 

On yesterday moruing Mr. L. A. 
Findloy of Ilartvillo aud Mrs. Frunk 
F. Bennett of this city wore mar- 
ried by Rev. Harvoy Jones ut the 
parsonage. Notwithstanding tho 
contracting parties arc well known, 
the event was kept so quiet that 
oaly a few friends wore present. 
Mrs. Fannie Bennett, the bride, is a 
beautiful and talented lady who has 
been cmidoVod l>y George I'epper- 
dine, the well known attorney, for 
the past three years as stenographer. 
L. A. btuiilcy, tho graon., is a 
highly respected youug business man 
and capitalist of Wright county, this 
btato. Their future home will bo at 
llartville, where Mr. Flndley has a 
huge mercantile establishment in ad- 
dition to farming and banking inter- 

May 24, 1901 

Thos. Garfelt and' Lizzie Young 
of Mint. . 

Jbb. Tumor of Billings, Mont., 
and Bottle Bishop of Hartville. 

Wm. Odle and Lillie Burns of Mt. 

John Dinwiddie and Rona Mc- 
Keel of Rador. 

P. M. Brown and Laura McKoel 
of Rader. 

May 31, 1901 


James Curtis and Malissa Joiner 
of Cedar Gap. 

J . W. Thomas of Mansfield and 
Mar.v Patterson of Omega. 

L. O. N1EDEK, 

Attorney- at-Law, 

June 7, 1901 



Jnson, Yoithil of Norwood and 
Maty Coday of Mnnsueld. 

Mnrion Ageo ami Ad:i Hcghcrg 
of Mt. Grove. 

John L. Parkyu of Mt. drove nnd 
Bettie Bilker of'Winoiio, 

June 14, 1901 


Enoch Bledsoe and Cora Prock of 
Grove Spring. 

A correspondent states that aj 
Rowley poaloffice IS Loves, 20 Ra- 
ncys, 28 Usscrys and 35 Longs got 
their mail. 

June 21, 1901 

Mt. Grove .Journal. — 

Telephone connection is bring 
made between the Experiment sta- 
tion tind the Mtisick hotel. 


Winburn Oliver atvl Eliza Ita- 
worth of Fuson. 

June 28, 1901 


John W. Dickinson abd Teftnifr 
Wilson pf Hartville. 

Elbert Martin and, Annie FiiU of 

CofMbu Jones; and Nanoy Mar, 
oum of Grove Spring. 

July 12, 1901 

Miss Viola Hanson and Edward 
McNealy were married on the eve- 
ning of July 4th at the home of 
Rev. John A. ltuMell,' at Fuson. 
They are estimable young people 
and their friends wish tbem a long 
and happy married life. 

Married, July 7, at the home of 
S. W. Wynn, J. P., in Brush creek 
township— Miss Ida Foster to Mr. 
Lincoln Robinett. The bride is the 
only daughter of Mr. and Mrs. T. 
L. Foster, . and is one of the 
most beautiful and amiable young 
ladies In the county. The groom is 
a prosperous farmer and a good citi- 
zen. We Join their host of friends 
in wishing them long liv6s of unal- 
loyed bliss. 

July 19, 1901 

J. M. Bentley'is now located in 
second room south of the postoffice, 
and wants to d© yoor barber work. 
Hair-cut only 10 cents. Same price 
for a fine shave. 

Tbero will be an all-day singing 
and basket dinner at W. T. Wynne's 
homo on the Mansfield road, 4th 
Sunday in July. Syra Odle will 
load and Christian Harmony book 
will be used. Everybody come with 
something to eat. Plenty of good 
water and shade. 

Joe Deuproe will leave at once for 
Spriogflold, where he has opened a 
store at 026 South Campbell street. 
Joe Is an energetic, trustworthy 
yonitg man of good business quellfl- 
cations, and we feel confident that 
be will bnild up a fine trade. We 
regret to have him leave our town. 
His father and family will continue 
to live here for some months. . 
. Following persons from this vloin- 
ity left for El Reno and Lawton this 
week: Moses Kelton, Alfred Mans- 
field, Will Gorman, Dr. Bruton, 
Bob Adams, Oscar Young, Dee 
Murrell, Martin Adams, John T. 
Robinett, Fred Mott, W. C. John- 
ston, Cunrloy Kiaclioloe, Hugh Ad- 
ams, Frank Fletber. 

Preaching at the Methodist churoh 
next Sunday morning and evening. 
Subject for morning— Hell, and who 
will be there. 

J. II. Hurley, Pastor. 


A. J. Tinkle and Susan Williams 
of Norwood. 

C. R. Millikan and Aleen Brewer 
of Mansfield. 

A. D. Hendry ond Cora Rich. 

July 26, 1901 


Morpftn Crews and Tirje Sullivan 
of Manes. 

E. G. Neighbors and Mary Green 
of Mt. Grove. 

August 2, 1901 
Lewis Moody, and ltcttio Findloy 
of Mansfield. 

Roe Floyd .and Mottle Cuntrell of 

S. C. Kippee ond Nancy Dcavers 
of Mansfield. 

August 9, 1901 


Martin Kllis and Laura McDonald 
of Turlcy. 

Sterling Williams and Alloe Bru- 
ton of Norwood. 

Orcnder Bsrnett and Tilda Ilotis- 
ley of Duggan. 

Squiro Goldsmith and A. 0. 
Prock of Mingsvillo. , 

William Woolnrd and ' Martha 
Trusty of Hartville. 

John R. . Hutsell and Lillio Cable 
of Gruff. 

Qocrgo M. Garner and Versie 
Wynn of St. George. 

Sept. 6, 1901 

Sheriff Crocr Says somebody Is 
going to got into serious troublo if 
tho dipper and buckets at the court 
yard well nro not left there. They 
uro put there for uso of the publlo 
and not to bo carried nway. 


Will be In Hartville all week 
ond all cfny Saturday. 
Bring in your Horses nnd Mules. 


J. A . Dean and Sarah Welling- 
ton of Worshom. 

John Goldsmith and Colla Stilley 
of Muuos. 

. Morgan Corban and Nellie Rod- 
dick of St. George. 

Noah Wado. and Cora Floyd of 

Morous McGowon. and Ada Wool- 
ridge of Mt. Grove. 

R. II. Popplewcll and. Eva Spnr- 
geon of Mt. Grove. 
• Tho couple last named were mar- 
ried Wednesday at the Young Hot|l 
by'Ror. Hurley, 



Sbceeed when everythlflg else falls. 
In nervous prostration «hd femsle 
w^lfnMes thejr urn the supreme 
rerrcdy, a« thousands r»v« te"stifl>d. 


It b>th» btkt, tjiedlclne ever sold. 
\. over «Mrjjg£lst' 

■lirsi i i if ■ 

\ i counter. 

Sept. 13, 1901 

J. K. Middleton loft Saturday for 
Colorado to remain a few days with 
bis wife and her Bister, Mrs. Cora 

Part of the loft of the Young liv- 
ery barn gave way under its load of 
baled feed last Friday and full to 
the floor. James Crows, who was 
standing just inside of a stall, was 
bruised a little on the head. 

The Court has made a contract 
with Messrs. Shepard and Manear 
to build a stone wall half way up 
the south and north sides of the 
court yard. Work will begin about 
a month henoe. 


Herbert Shepard and Elvina Long 
of Norwood. 

0. D. Hallard and Rebecca Coff- 
man of Mt. Grove. 

Jesse Cantrell and Drue llumfelt 
of Manes, 

Sept. 20. 1901 

J. B. McClnnahan and Delia Gor- 
don of Mimes. 

H. W. Furrow and Rhoda Morgan 
of Mt. Grove. 

Calvin Ryan and Retta Brazeal of 

R. J. Taylor and Anna Crowno- 
ver of Mt. Grove. 

Foster Hutsell and Carrie K"ling- 
lusmlth of Astoria. 

Tim last two couples named were 
married by Justice N. B. Garner at 
his home In Hartville. 

Census Figures. 
Census bulletin No. 86 shows that 
in June, 1000 there were 7,294 chil- 
dren in Wright county between the 
ages of 5 and 20 years inclusive. Of 
that number 7,090 are white and 204 
are colored . There were 2,922 per- 
sons in this county of militia age, 18 
to 44 inclusive. There were 3,873 
persons of voting age, divided' as 
follows: native white 3,643, native 
foreign 144, negro B6. 

Sent. 27, 1901 

John Tripp and Rosa Brasher of 

G. W. Towe and Retta Washburn 
of Astoria. . 

Oct. 4. 1901 

T. B. Bobannon and Oma Prid- 
geon of Mint. . 

Galvln Chadwell and LImIo Pear- 
man of Hartville. 

Edgar Joiner and Lydia Mawhee 
of Seymour. 

Albert Summers and Delia Wil- 
son of Stfnntslde. 

Nov. 22, 1901 

The new Methodist church at 
Odin will be dedicated on Sunday, 
Dec. 1. Iter. II. B. Foster, Pre- 
siding Elder, will preach the dedi- 
catory sermon. 

Oct. II 



Samuel Ryan of Mansfield sad 
Thane Barnott of Norwood. 

Jacob B. Baker ond Florence I, 
Cogglns of Hartville. 

Nov, 1» I 901 

0. W. Calhoun and Ada Jane Ivj 
of Hartville. 

Harry Griffin and Dorothy Pear- 
son of Mt. Grove. 

H>. m Slack; of Zanesrille, Ohio 
and Viola Alloway of Camden, Ohio 

J. B. Cunningham and Mrs. Eliz- 
abeib Ooday* 

Nov. 8, 1901 
II. E. Dinwiddie and Vina Rador 
of Pease Mill. 

G. D. Killian and Mary Smith of 

D. A. Smith and Borchio M. Rob- 
iuettof IlartVille. 

Life in the Ozarks. 
Springfield Republican: 
The transoendant glory of "the 
Ozarks Is its October days. They 
are a thing of beauty and ,a joy for- 
ever. One is inclined to boliovo 
that there is no climate that can vie 
with these fleeting, golden days in 
tho Ozarks. There is an exhilara- 
tion in the air and a balm in the sky 
that just makes lifeseom to bo worth 


Issao B. Calhoun and Rose Steph- 
ens of Norwood. 

Raleigh McDonald and P. A. Pool 
of Astoria. 

Edward Smart and Dora Evans of 

Nov. 29, 1901 


Samuel Goldsmith and Mary Stil- 
ley of Astoria. 

Lowis Keys and Dora Chambers 
of Hartville. 

Corve Estill and Emma -Randolph 
of Grove Spring. ' 

James A. Taylor and May Need 
ham of Mt. Grove. 

Charles Smart and Norn M«Oow- 
en of Antler. 

Avcrtiscr. — 

Archer and .Sons have struck wa- 
water at tert feet id tho well they are 
putting down for the mill. They will 
make a good big basin' for this 

Dec. 6. 1901 

C. M. HeUloy and Zilpha Whit- 
ting of Worsham. 

W. S. Dodson and Telly Sollens 
of Worsham. 

T. F. Hurd and Cora B. Woody 
of MausQeld. 

S. A. Carter and Icy Mausker of 
St. George. 

C. C. McComas nud Ethel Weed 
of Mt. Grove. 

Dec. 13, 1901 

E. E. Bishop and Lucinda Hallo- 
way of Mt. Grove. 

D. E, Kinkade and Lizzio Haw- 
kins of Grove Spring. 

A. G. Wilson and Lydia Holslty 
of Worsham. 

A. tt. Piltman of Memphis a"d 
Eflie Erb of Codar Gap. 

Dec. 20, 1901 


Melvin DoaglM slid Mlra Klser 
of Lead Hill. 

Cbarlle Moiier and Catherine Wil- 
son of Woraham. 

M. W. Mooro and Christena Ba- 
ker of Manet. 

Dec. 27, 1901 


J. G. Brown and Graoe McClure 
of Bryant. 

A. 0. Nelson of Dent and Hilda 
S. Russell of Norwood. 

It. M. Dinwiddle and Parley Ha- 
dor of Rader. 

M. L. Perkins and Cora Robert-, 
son of Mt. Grove. 

Invitations received here announoe 
the marriage of Mr. 11. F. Adams 
and Miss Ullie Moss, at the home of 
M. H. Moss in Jefferson City, on 
Christmas Day, 8 p. m. They will 
reside in Hartville, where they hare 
hosts of friends who wish their mar- 
ried life to be one "grand, sweet 

Jan. 3, 1902 


El«a Dudloy and Gertie Kindrlok 
of Grove Spring. . 

A. A. Hill and E. C. Renea of 

John Todd and Anna Kinser of 

J. J. Dougherty and Docia Free- 
man of Mansfield. 

Oscar Baldwin and Glena Nor- 
oross of Macomb. 

Jan. 10, 1902 


George Nichols and Belle Todd of 

J, W. Walker and Lama Box of 

Dudley Mathis and Rosa Mer- 
chant <>f Astoria. 

Jan. 31, 1902 

j. t. (tew) »"d Mallio l,,letoU * r 
)l' Competition,. 

Feb. 14, 1902 


, Oscar Ellis and But^lo Brown of 

Feb. 21, 1902 

John Cnrtwrigltf and Jano Whited 
of WbtHhuih. ., • . .;. 

W. O. Wllllaois and Mary Good- 
niftii of Muimllclil. 

Leo Kiinptoh and Lizzie Long of 

L. F. Porteificld nod Amy Long 
»f Boyer.. 

Feb. 28, 1902 
John f'arkyn and . Josie Brisker 
Mt. Grove. 

J. M. Scarborough and Vada Smith 
of Hartville. ■ 

Sherman Ellis and Ethel Parker 
of Mt. Grove. 

Noun Claxton and Pearl MoClan- 
abnn of Competition. 

March 7, 1902 

John Cod"y and Dora Medlook of 

T. h. Stigall and Ann Wynu ot 

Nathan Sullens and Sarah Deckard 
of Pease. 

J. P. Purmenter and Mary MoCraw 
of Norwood. 

A. J. Millaap and Saruh Uoday of 
Mansllfld. , ' - 

Peter Klamm and Mollio Lovius 
of Mt. Grove. 

VV. T. HuUoii and Alma Ranoy 
of Hartvilln. 

March 14, 1902 
MARHlAUh; LICENSES. Vire and Mary Haughn of 


March 28. 1902 

Rimer llii»pee ami Ouia Pearson 
of Hartville. ' 

M. f. Shackelford and Essie Ague 
of Hartville. 

J. H. Todd ii nd Florence Rloh- 
ardson of Si. George. 

April 4, 1902 


Ivan Lewis and Muttie llulsell of 

W. S. ; JCIrod and Miry Turge of 
Norwood- . . i • 

AdaoJ Dobey and Clara Lone of 

April 18, 1902 

Jnoob Delk and Ella Webb of 
Grove Spring. 

B. F. Thomas and Nancy Craw- 
ford of Norwood. 

April 25, 1902 

At the tcachews- association held 
hers April 12 n»e ot ow pupil* were 
granted common school- diploma*. 
Those who received the pseseat were 
Albert Mott, Oscar Wallers, Myrtle 
Weyrick, Guy Jackson, Girlio Hick- 
man. ' . . 



R. D. Findlcy and Nina Gray of 
M&co mb. 

Harry Beam returned Wednesday 
to- his borne at Navins, Oklahoma, 
acuumpaoied by Prod MotL They 
will likely put in a stock of general 
merchandise at that place. 

Tho poles for the telephone line to 
Mt. Grove from this place have 
berth put in a little more than one 
third of th* distance there. J. H. 
Proph-t So directing the work. 

AH the posts for the construction 
of the telephone line from Duncan 
to Marsh field have been put in 
and stringing the wire will begin at 

May 30, 1902 

S. A. Crisp and Annie Nipper of 

Isaa'j Binkley and Letba Moore of 

J. M. Johnson and Jennie Hodge- 
boom of Mansfield. 

A.ttornev at Law 

Mansfield, Mo. 



On Wednesday, J. G. Crisp start- 
ed to Hartvillo to get married in 
company with Lis fiancee and an- 
other lady. On attempting to ford 
the riVer, team and wagon washed 
down stream. Air. Crisp lot the 
horses drown, while he swam to 
•bore with a pretty woman under 
e.iob arm. 

August 1, 1902 


Oznrk RrpublicaB. — 

Mrs. Sbepard, of Wright county, 
cams in last Thursday to visit her 
siBter, Mrs. W. J. MoBroom, who 
is still quite sick. 


Wm. Rose and Ella Patterson of 
ot Omega. 

O Young and Mary Ruston of 

J. Q. Crisp and Nettle Bowlin 
of Manos. 

July 11, 1902 

9UHKUUK licenses. 
Ilcsea Starts and Euphrasia Rum- 
felt of Manes. 

W. C. Bruton and Margaret Huff- 
man of Norwood. 

It. Davidson nnd Mandy Maroum 
of Grove Spring. 

J. W. Womtoack and Janle Book- 
ham of Hartvillo. 

Wra. Moreland and Mabol Stan- 
ley of Hartville. 

Miss Fadie Spillman loft last week 
for Hunters, Washington, where 
she is to be married to Ben Ab- 

July 25, 1902 

Oscar Freeli ud Sarab Gaddis of 

Thomas Wynne and Thnla Hen- 
sley of Hartville. 

C. V. Duggine and Nettie Camp- 
bell of H'irtville. 

J. H. Rlee and Ljdia Hargrave 
of Mt. Grove. 

Wm. Blanohard and Nelia Kcane- 
dy of Mt. Grove. 

Josh Smith and Avy Jones of 
Grnv« spring. 

Hsu-risim Oako ouJ -Lill'le l>Mvi< 

Jeff Sbaddy and Cora Webb of 
Grove Spring. 

Janus Kelley and Lula Barnes of 

J. W. Tombloion and Mary New- 
tou of Hartvillo. 

A. J. Todd and Nora Emerson- of 

August 8, 1902 


J. R. Atkinson and Creola Tur- 
ner of llnrlville. 

C. U.'KiMsell and Fannie Burns of 

John Ferguson and Mary King of 
Mt. Grore. 

August 22, 1902 
W. T. Oodby and Katie Kendall 
of Norwood. 

T. J- Burney and Miriam Hclfcn- 
•tiue of Mt. Grovo.. 

E. A- VV. Kirk and Eliza Hull of 

Aueust 29, 1902 


Frank Liggett and Millie Gray of 

P. J. Stafford and S. M. Loof- 
bourow of Mt. Grove. 

Frank Bohannon and Lizzie Wil- 
son of Pease, 

L. B. Pearman and Gertrude Far- 
mer of Hartville. 

Noah Lawson and Uora Rippeo of 

John Honok and Manda Mcrg»n 
of Boyer. 

Sept. 12, 1902 

, s-Mm.-' L**ls l t;oT(iz <H Biroo'Tree 
has purchased ffom J". W. 'Williams 
F«d- Williams' new residence, prop* , 
ertyon M arni sfreet. 

■A rtRlAjirT UCENSESt 

Jason Coc|aj lA im4 Dor* -Scrivner 
of Hartville. - •" ' 

•Homer Butas.and M. E. Bramhall 
qt> Grove Spring. 

Sept. 19, 1902 

The Tulare (Californie) Register 
■ays that John Abshcr, who haa 
been in California for some years, 
left for his former home in Nor- 
wood, Mo., September 4th. 

Q. S. Dunn and Enie Jones of 

W. I. Bennett and Rotta Smith 
of Macomb. 

R. F. England and Mattie Shrop- 
shire of Worsham. ...... 

Alfred Owens and L>. M. Allen 
of Duggan. 

Amos Pine and Ida Watson of 

J. F. Evans and Martha Smart of 
ft o r wo od. 

December Grand Jury. 

:. Mt. Grove, James Rossell; Clark, 
W. N. Newton; Pleasant Valley, G. 
W. Freeman; Wood, James Dake; 
Hart, Jamas Freeman; Gasconade, 
Sam Young; Van Buren, Sam Hut- 
sell; Brush, Wei Yeager; Boon, Ar. 
thur Farmer; Montgomery, Wm. A. 
Blackwell; Elk, Ed Hillho'use; Union 
John Shields. 

Sept. 26, 1902 
Wm. Shaver and Annie Smith. 
J. 0. Winningham and Cora Kird 
of Astoria. 

J. W. Gass and Ollie Bledsoe of 

Josh Diuwiddjo olI Bertha Mace 
■of Ruder. , . ' 

Oct. 3, 1902 


Wm. Ward and Luorotia Lawler of 

D. O. Dey »hd .Sarah Yocura of 
Mt. Grove. 

I Abraham : Cantrell and Hatiie 
Rhodes ot Astoria. 

Wm. 8pencer and Martha Davis 
of Norwood. 

Wm. Thomas and Margaret Hut- 
scll of Astoria. 


Tcims: $1.00 Per Year in Advance 

Published every Friday at Hartville, 

Missouri, by 

; W. H. H. MUS ICK, Ed. & Pro. 


Oct. 10, 1902 

F. F. Fish.or,and .Ruth Salen «f 

Thomas Marquin and . Cora pose 
of Omega. 

J. R.Moore and V.-WUIiarns, of 

J. B, Hutson and Izora Uaney of 

Oct. 17, 1902 

IVar Carlton and Susia MoAUis- 
ter of Norwood. • i 

Jesse Matlock and Ethel Cbap- 
m'-iu of Umpire. 

Philip Cantrell and Lnla Hudson 
'of Gro?e Spring. 

Riley Burns aud ld« Emery of 
Mt. Grom. , 

John lUrr.son and Allen Whitley 
of llr.rlville., . . ' , •'". 

Edward Mcintosh and Ada, Ut- 
ley of. Macomb, 

J. P. Jornigao am) Anna iWejit 
of Ma-uOeJd. 

n. A. 'Grimes and Kaulul Wllea 
of t " i '' 

W. W. Bugger \i\ and Bettie 
CliH-nufn of Bartvllle. 

VI' in. Emery and Sal he IV'iutev of 
Mi i«roye. 

A L fkiin and, K'auriy Slim ke]- 
fm.i i.f .Jar! villa. 

Oct. 24, 1902 

Mrs. Laura Clark and daughter, 
Mrs. Cora Dent, of Salem are here 
visiting with relatives. 

Edward iJuKuuiid Ola Little of 

Win, Mingus and Edna Alleo of 
. Chan. Shields and Maggie Webb 
of Grovo Spring. 

Alouzo Cline and Viola Claxton of 

E. D. llowo and Rebecca Manary 
of Ci-dar Gap. 

W. R. Fame and Alice Benton of 

Thomas Reeves aqd Minnie May. 
field of Mt. Grovo. 

Jerry Becker and Ktbel Neodbain 
of Mt. Grove. 

J. H . Diukerson and Susie Mc 
Gewuu of Antler. 

Oct. 31. 1902 
MillltUtiK MnXSEh. 

\V. A. Malloi-k' null Mi-. U. \\ 
JLooiois, Ml. (>.••><•. 

M, C. Toob'v and li.-llu Butcher*. 

James M*-lipberU and Telle Our-, 

don, FlIAOII. 

Leonard D»nula and Rosa Moors, 

Nov. 7, 1902 
Jaui^ri N. ' Mtra.-'U of I'lsnjiaiil 
Ridge, Tex.n'oounty, lo Elizabeth 
Turner of Astoria. 

A Donhlo Murder At Granljo. 
Wi it Plains Quill:— 

J. M. ILiruien of this city board- 
ed the train at Granditi at l2-.'!5 on 
Thursday (last week) to start home. 
Looking out n he saw two men quar- 
reliag outside — Marion Gunn, night 
watchman at the G randin store, and 
Joe Farrow, the liveryman of that 
place. They were both Demoorate 
and one of them was be meaning the 
other for voting for a Republican. 
Guan slipped up his sleeve us if to 
strike, when Farrow drew a revolver 
a nd fired three shots in rapid sua* 
cession all of which took effect in 
the body of Guan. Then Gnnn drew 
a revolver and began firing.^ Farrow 
then tired two more shots both of 
which took effect. Gunn Qred four 
shots, all 'of which took effect, the 
last piercing the brain of Farrow, 
and he rail dead.. Then Gunn ceased 
to fire, and he too fell dead in about 
ten minutes. 

They were both men of families — 
Gunn was about 50 years Qf age and 
Farrow 35.. 

Nov. 14, 1902 
David Sowersby and Catharine 
Chadwell ofMaoorab. 

W. E. Joaes and Martha Mosier 
of Norwood. 

J. W. Wilhite and Mloa Olipbaat 
of Worsbam. 


Nov. 21, 1902 
M. D. Richman and Annie Car- 
rick of Cedar Gap. 

Fred Ilutcbics of Greenfield and 
Mandie Matthews of Norwood. 
W. F. Borders. and Nora Dearmond 
of Antrim. 

Thcmas Ilensleo and wife of Hen- 
derson are here visitlDg their son, T. 
F. Honslce and wife. "Uncle Tom" 
is 83 years old, yet hale and nearly. 
Our young friend, Arch C urine* 
is now working in Frank Irvine's 
general merchandise store at Ante- 
lope, Oregon. 

Nov. 28, 1902 
J. J. JIaokworth and Pordia Ro^. 
land of Mt. Grove. .'-'.' 

Lawson Flsiier ^ lvy8alem<>f 
Antler, ■• : ■-••', ''.'.• '. ' .'.' 

Harry Aahbj and Eva Kelley of 
M>. Grove..- « ■ -.••■ * ■• 

Dec. 5, 1902 

The first snow of the season fell 
Wednosd*y night and at noon Thurs- 
day the snow was 7 iuohei deep on 
a level aud still snowing. 


W. H. l'atterson and M. J. Bra- 
dy of Duncan. i 

Clareiice Renin and -Delia Lay of 
Mt. Grove. 

J. 0. Carter and Ella McCallister 
of Mansfield. 

The latter couple wore married on 
Wednesday at Young Hotel by Rev. 
T. J. Gideon. 

Dec. 12, 1902 

Flint it rained, 

Acd then it slew, 
And then it friz, 

Aad then it saew, 
And then it quit, 

And then it thew, 
And then a pleasant day or two. 




. HoMc* la ■' IohdUmAm » 
» Book "How toobWUnPAUnl 


No fee till Mtont l« Mcorod. 

jTOODBdcntl-J. Artdreoi, , 

I. a. SieetRS. PiUaI Liwr»f , Wtshlngtar., DC. 

LatUra rtrictlT confident! 


A. V. Richards and Flora Ross 
•f Cedar Gap. 

Louis Emery and Anna Garner. of 
Mt. Grove.' 

W. P. Joaes and Lona Brooks of 

Curtis Wimberley aDd Malvina 
Inrnaa of Mint. 

Dec. 19, 1902 


EIraor Perry and Anna Roberta 
Of Mt. Grove. 

Josse Rodman and Jitlla Aibby of, 

Dec. 26, 1902 

8a far, Christmas rnbrnlbg war tb* 
ooldest roarnlog of the season, 22 
below freesinsr- 


I. L. Gadily and Ada Daarmond 
-of Antrim. 

. J, A. McGowan and Cassis Loyea.ll 
of Cedar Gap. 

G. R. Day au4 Martha Floyd of 

T. J. Jaokaon and Mary Atkins of 

Charlie Coday tod Dal He Moafly 
pi, HartTllla. 

Jan. 2, 1903 


Harry Carmall and Eva Simpson 
of Mansfield. 

J. F. Strickland and Cora Nance 
of Cedar Gap. 

During 1002, Jo& lioonses ware 

Jan. 9, 1903 

Wm. II. Crewee and Clementina 
BfokJiajD of M«*m. 

Jan. 16, 1903 


Den Ley and filar: ha Slarks of 
Mt. GroMo 

Jnbn t>; Turner ami Mary Dug- 
gar of HartvilUs. 

If you are billiou* aud seeking 

Take DeWltt'e LitlJe'Eorly Ris- 
Just before going to bed. 
You will OnJ on the morrow, 
You ore rid of your eerrow — 
That's all; just enough said. 
These famous pills do not gripe, but 
move the bowels gently and easily, 
cleansing tbe liver. Tbeir toojo 
effect gives strength to the glands, 
preventing a return of the disorder. 
Hanville Drug Co. 

Jan. 23, 1903 

Wm. Kelley and Dara b haver of 

Wm. Snow and Cora Smittle of. 
i Grove Spring. 

Oal Haynea aud LuU Fleetwood 
of Norwood. 

J.. Rum felt and BMo Kvani of 

Albert 3tandlfer and Annie Van- 
hooser of Duncan. 

Milton Long and Viola Kelley of 

John Royal and Cluster Samples 
or Norwood. 

Jan. 30, 1903 


J. W. Perkins and Minnie. Grimes 
of Worsham. 

Eli Tate and Mary Buroh of Ger- 
ald ine. 

Jamas H. Fulliagton and Sarah 
Shackelford of Hartville. 

Chas. Morefield and Ollle Oorbin 
of Fuson. 

Feb. 6, 1903 


H. M ( Cop» uuU.MwlUu tturuu* pf 

0. K. Newton and Zolla Todd of 

Arthur Clazton and Nina Cotten- 
giiu of Hartville. 

A dispatch from St. Joseph states 
that the frame cottage In whioh 
Jesse Japses was shot by Bob Ford, 
April 9, 1882, will be taken to the 
St. Louis exposition. The puroh*a< 
ara are Joel F. Short, W. C. Ellis, 
C. A. Msthvan and L. B. Williams 
of Mt. Grove. 

Feb. 13, 1903 


V/. L. Garrett and Maud Rey- 
nolds of Norwood. 

Peter Cline and IdaMcRoberts of 
St. George. 

R. M. Middleton acd May Var- 
ney of Fuson. 

Hay don Halt nn d Jessie Harris c' 

Mt. lirov*. 

Assessor RipptVa book shows the 
valuation of Wrigbt oouoty.on laat 
June 1 to have been $2,470,168, not 
counting valuation af merchants', 
railroad or telograph property. Mt, 
drovo tp. had the largest real eatatt 
valuation, $287988. Hart bad the 
largest personal valuation, II 4435a. 

Tbe assessment is $38,000 larger 
thou the previoui year. 

The first rural mail delivery estab- 
lished in Wright county will soon 
be in operation, supplied from Nor- 
wood. The route will bo 20 miles in 
length and serve a population of 
about 450. It will go west from 
Norwood, serve Esq. Shaw, among 
others, touch Hawley and the carri- 
er will reach Nerwood* lata aaeh 
afternoon except Sunday. 

Feb. 20, 1903 


A. A. Stigall and Pearl Uurk of 

Jeff Rldens and Myrtlo Wiyrlok of 

Rev. Sparllog and another mint* 
ter, of tho oburoh of tatter - Day 
Saints, pasted through town last 
woek to hold a meeting some, mile; 
north of hero. It is reported that 
their meeting was broken up by a 
continuous disturbance by tough 
citizens. Such poreons are kindly 
informed that, in our opinion, t 
monopoly in oburoh privileges will 

not be tolerated by tbe powJ.T . tb *' 
bo in Wrj;;ht county. One Christian 
congregation will be protected in 
its right of poaccablo worship, the 
same as any other. 

Mr. M. H. Moss of Eidon, Mo., 
same in Friday last to spend a day 
or two with his daughtor, Mrs. R F. 
Adams, and while in town made this 
office a pleasant visit, lie left foi 
Carter county Sunday. 

J. II. Thoruburj writes that he 
sold his farm and stock in Dallas 
county and bis family will live it 
Springfield. He will return ben 
so«n to resume work with Propho 
«fc Johnston. 


27, 1903 ({If- 


Jus. Moorehouse and Effa Matbls 
f Competition. 

Joo Love und Marioda Ussery of 
f Howley. 

J. A. Mitchell and Spicy Owen* 
f Ilartvlllo. ; , • : : •.;:. <v % *, ■ 

Kd Smith nod Lora Smith of llart- 

Tbomng Edwarda and Maggie Da- 
is of Odin. 

March 6, 1903 

March -27, 1903 


pavid Norcrose and Koena Gray 
of Mgopmb. 

• S. L- Woojard and Lillie Marcutn 
of Manes. 

Fmnk Flpnslsy and Ll«aie QulUeii 
of Ralatop, Oklahoma. 

•*■ F. Pletnmena und Mary May- 

Bald of Hawley. 

C. P. Young eod R*ttl« Coday 
o't Hartville. . 

Edward Ekland and Nellie Bar- 
ney of Felrvlew. 

H. W. Jonoa and Rachel Kindrlok 
of Grove Spring. 

Wi, Sbepard and banda are com- 
plating Iho atone fence around the 
oourt yard thia week. 

Oa "Weduesday tbe County court 
granted a license for a laloon In Mt. 
Grove to Lee 4 Hinkle. 

A saloon lloenae was alto granted 
to Charlie Campbell. 

April 21, 1903 

J. F. Lathrom and Mary Dean of 
yr reham. 


Perry Hanson and Adilie Rose of 

March 13, 1903 


E. C. Ce-lloh and lloaa 8ktlea of 
Mt. Oreve. 

Wm. Brazeal and Rachel Smith 
»f ManaBeld. 

Elmer Hurt and Ella Fouler of 
Mt. Grove. 

D. W. DouglM and Annie Taylor 
3f Mt, Grove. 

E. A. Rioker and Evadue Mltob- 
»U of SprlngQeld. 

Peter Ussery and Lizzie Gosveaer 
at Norwood. 

H. F. Edwarda and Stella Dennis 
it Norwood. 

Joe Helma aid Cora Gtbba ef Mt. 
Grove: . 

March 20, 1903 

JfM* MoKnight and Bertie Lllel 
jt Manafleld. , 

0. D. Handera and Edith Ball .at 
Mt. Grove, , 

F. M. tfuRobetU and Birdie 
rfelcb. of Hartville. 

Otla Rowland and Mary Barnard 
of Mt Greve. 

John Klnier got the centract to 
carry the mail, from here to Duc'can, 
•400 a year. John ^owier got the 
route to* Grove Bpring. 

Miaa Myrtle Bkagge is viaitlng 
her aieter, Mra. Emma Mlngus at 

April 3, 1903 


T. D. Howard and Safrone Miller 
Of Bennington. 

IV, -p. Nail and Ro»a Robinson 
of St George. 

J. W. Murphjr and Mend O'Haxe 
of Poeahontaa, Ark. 

Jeaae Pem barton and Nola Jeok- 
eon of Hartville. ■ 

Louie Oordea and GuaU Abraham 
of Blaneh, Douglaa county. 

-Frank Daniels and Flora Dnoeaa 
of Hartville? 

PerobertW— Jaokaou. 

Married, Wedneida* ITWlng at 
the borne of J. W. Jaokeon Id town, 
Miff Kola Jaofceon to Dr. & M. 
Pembertonof Weleetka, I. T., Rev. 
G. 8. Yarborough of Neoebo offloio. 
ting, In the preaanoe of a few intl- 
nate f rleodi and relatives 

The bride and groom are popular 
yonng people and bave host* of 
frlende who extend congratulation*. 

April 10, 1903 

L. A. Branstetter and IK. Ci 
Wlllliite of.Worahanh 

April 17, 1903 


J. M. Davii and Eunioe , Todd of 
Odip. . # 

W. 0. Edwards and Alioe' Tip>/ 
of ManaQeld. 

Cbarlca Spurgcon and Tampa 
Boatman of Mt. Grove. 

May 15, 1903 

J\"M. Floyd and Margaret Mlnga 
of Mane*. - >••■ ". ■* 

Dnvjd Mlnehall, of Grtrndf •bunty 
atfd' Lena Larlmere of Manea. 

W, H. Cones and Frances Houily 
of Hawley.' 

M. F. Oster of Independence, 
Colo, 'and Cordelia Lavenue, Blana. 
• Pefet»Katey and George Fletoher 
eaoh tecared a lioeme to marry Lida 
Btumley of Mt. Grove.. Fletcher 
woo and Judge Cramer performed, 
the oeretntmy- Tuesday afternoon. 

May 29, 1903 

Chin. Harrel and Maliasa .Kllllon 
of Norwood. 

' J.G. Horry and Ello Mitney of 
Cedar Gap. 

Edgar William* and Mablo 
Locke of Mt. Grove. ■ 

Elijah Bingham and Ur.iio Hull of 
; Mt. Grove. 

June 5, 1903 


John Holtnan and Christy Stork 
of Mt. Grove. 

W. B. Allen' and Mary Welch of 
Mt. Grove. 

M. D. Stoker and RaJUK Brad- 
ahaw of Duncan. 

Sheriff Hensley la determined that 
all unnecessary noise and running of 
horses shall be etopped in Hartville. 
One boy paid a fine Saturday and a 
few others will be before Judge Cox 

In September. 

vYe learo that Uncla John New- 
ton of Umpire recently lost two 
good horsei by hydrophobia. They 
were bittah by tbe dog wljich bit 
Miss Wtlklne 0/ Gasobnade towi> 
ship aoveral weeks ago. Dr. Hun- 
son's mad-ntone adhered . to 4i«r 
wounds about 75 b'oure. 

June 12, 1903 

Oustove Ooting and Caroline 

/Dauters of Mansfield. 

JegM Piokerinft'ainl 'Mamie Part- 
ner of Mt. Grove. 

Edward Crain and Lotba Young, 
of Norwood. ' 

G. P. Lee and Editb Lay of Mt. 
Grove. • 

G. R, Troioll and Louisa Lowe 
of Mingsvillo 

June 19, 1903 


Thomas Oronder and Necia Mead 
of Norwood. 

Wesley Hack worth and Tennie 
Mead of Norwtfod. 

Howard Long and Nora Dunoan 
of. Umpire. 

E. h. Diokeraou and Mabel Boeny 
•f Grove Spring. 

June 26, 1903 

Newton Kodkey and Mary Smith 
of Mt. Grove. 


The Dew state oigarelt law passed 
by the laat legislature, is- now in 
effect. Dealer* are prohibited, under 
penalty of a heavy fine, to sell or 
give away tobaooo or cigarette pa- 
pers to boys wider 18 years of age. 
Local dealers should lake warning. 

July 3, 1903 

MarthGeld Chronicle.-— 

J. W. Greathoaie, aged 25 years, 
living near Conway, and Mies Cora 
Reed< a l4«-y ear-old damsol living 
near Hartville, were married at this 
plaoe early Saturday morning of 
last Week, Judge Terry ot tbe pro- 
bate, court officiating. 

July 3, 1903 


Fred W. Dye and Bessie 8tapp 
of fat. Grove. 

C. S. Ross and Ollle M. Borders 
of Mansfield. 

July 10, 1903 


Geo. A. Campbell and Brazzio 
Williams of Harlville. (Married In 
Hartvllle Saturday.) 

Alb. Long of Boyer and Allle May 
Hake of Hartville. (Married July 4.) 

Jesse Kelljerford and Mary L. 
Nelson ef Norwood. (Married in 
Hartville Sunday by Rev. Hanson!) 

J. S. Brace ot Republio and Liz- 
zie Clark of Autler. (Married In 
Iowa July 3d by Rev. Gideon.) 

D. W. Holt and Mary Bell of 
Mt. Grove. 

John Maesey of Competition and 
Oelie Musgroyee of LynchblU'tf, 

August 7, 1903 


Jusopb Jordan and Melia Emmer- 
aonof Mint. , 

Andrew Allen and Llllle Pridg- 
eon of Miut. 

Isaac Strong and Jennie McBride 
of Norwood. 

J. A. Richards and Ada Braaber 
Houston Star — ' 

Senator Young has ■ appointed 
James M. Wood of Jlarlvillo to tbe 
eadetsbip military school at tbe 
Unlvorsity for a torm of twe years, 
and for the one year term he has 
appointed Basoom Simpson of Mt. 
Grove. No other applications were 
presented to Senator Young. 

August llj, 1903 


Joel Pruett and Mollle HuUell of 

Ed Hutsell and Viola Iograbam 
of Astoria. 

B. G. Caudle and Eva MoKlnley 
of Norwood. 

August 21, 1903 


Thos. W. Shannon of Mt. Grove 
and Fannie Garrison of Greenwood. 

John R. Jones of Grove Spring 
and Eva Keeling of Manslleld. 

Wra. A. Hudson and Loora Sbad- 
dy of Grove Spring. 

J. W. Oarrlck of Oedar Gap and 
Eltie Freeman of Mansfield. 

Goo. "Wt Scott and Tenoy Wilson 
• f Kail. ' 

August 28, 1903 

N.J. Evans and Editb Duty of 

. ■^•rlon Burns and FlOl'ehoo Bnl» 
ley. of Grove Spring. (Married at 
courthouse by N. B. Garner last 

Sept. 11, 1903 


G. W. Nevele and Tbursa Fine 
ley of Macomb. 

Sain Stepbene and May Hollow*; 
of Mt. drove. .' 

John M. Long and Annie Rebit 
son of Norwood. 

Melvin Davis and Myrtle _ Quid 
of Mt. Grove. , 

Sept. 18, 1903 

; Jno. D. Bishop, Mt. Grove; 
; Rebecca Button, Plunk. 
; J. R. Hutsell, Rmbree. 
: Lula E. Scott, Antler. 
; Jno. K. Clark, Antler. 
; Lola Popplewell, Antler. 
;Jas. Montgomery, Astoria. 
* Elzonia Cantrell, •« 
: Lob Klirigensmltb, Manes. 
', Mary Montgomery, Astoria* 
; ©soar Merobanr, Astoria. 
: Docia Fletober, •• 
; J. J. Hopkins, Worsham. 
: Ada Latbrotn, ' " 

At Riptjcb & Yoonci'h, Eaat o 
the Square. Tbey have the larges 
stock of 'Fresh Grocerios, »od th 
most oomploU -line ot Cannec 
Goods, fine Candies etc., to b 
found in town, all of which tbe; 
are selling at bedrock prioes. Cal 
round and get their prices be for 
buying, and you will be well repai< 
for your trouble. 

Sept. h, 1903 
Chan. U. Brown and Sarah Need- 
aft of Mt. Grove. 

Lewis F. Mel otonh of Maoonib 
,nd ElTa Dennis of Monsrlcld. 
W. (.). Lowlar of Mint and Eliza 
. Claxton of Competition. 

Sept. 25, 1903 


C F. Singleton, Ava. 

Mary F. Childefs, '« 

Oeo. ^V. MoOrito, Maoomb. 

Oma F. Mc'Oall later, 

T. J. Jordan, Mint. 

Moro Todd, " 

' .7. W. Smlttlc, Grove Spring*, 

H»tlle Massoy, w " 

J no. E: Rich, Macomb. 

Ada Halo, . ,*-•■ 

Jack Duncan, Hartvlllo. 

Dolla Barber. •' 

On the night of the 17tb lost, as 
Vtty., C. H. Edwards and" R. H. 
-tall were going from Springfield 'to 
Norwood on the evening train tome 
inRnowh person fired n, shot into 
iiid through the bar, the bullet pass- 
ng between Edwards and Ball, just 
nissi'ng them, perhapa two or three 
nches. The person who fired the 
.liol in being looked for but hag riot 
)aen Identilled. 

Oct. 2, 1903 


Jdbn»B. Scott, Hratt. 
Clara Ahdereon> SroTeeprlngs.- 
Perry Redasao, Plbnk.* 
Gtmae Dear, •• 

J.«Fl"Taylbr, Antrim. 
S.'^K." Ipook, Bennington* • 

J. -W. Jackson and wife returned 

heme yesterday «from a visit of near* 
ly two weeke with their daughter 
Mrs.Nola Pemberton who lives in 
the Indian Territory. 

ClrouitiClexk Blaokwall happened 
to meet with wm of hii relation 
one dayt l«av< tktst w**k. The dm 
appeared in the -Clerk's office and in- 
troduced himself aa Blatokwell of 
Tennessee, and the Clerk Blfcokwell 
being from that state, of course they 
soon saw 'they were related*-- The 
man look some what alike*-. 

Oct. 16, 1903 


Clayton O. Purcell and Annie Su- 
ther of Norwood. 

Janses R. Mott of Mnnes and Su- 
san F. Todd of Duncan. 

YT. J. Davis, aged 74 and Maggie 
J. Berry, ag ed 78, both of Mt. Gr. 

W. D. Cowan and Allice Baugn 
of Norwood. 

' Frank Raffety and Dena F. Plunk 
of Mt. Grove, 

T. J. Davis and Dora Boyer of 

The two last-named couples wore 
made one-fleshes before they left 
the court house, by Esq. Earner. 

Wm. Peytoo was robbed of about 
$0.00 by 8 masked men, In his store 
at Norwood laat Friday night. Mr. 
Peyton was roughly used by the 
thugs because he, not baring the 
combination, oould not oven the 
safe for them.* Wa bear that one 
of the robbers has alnoo been oap- 
tured, and la in Jail In HpringHeld. 

In Kansas City one day laat week 
James Hopkins, of this county, lost 
his purse Bnd $140.00 by a thief 
who ewatched It from his pocket and 
ran. Mr. Hopkins later had the rob- 
ber arrested -and recovered $40. 00 
of his money. 

Oct. 23, 1903 


Wm. Hunt of Seymour and Doeia 
Musgravas of Antrim. 

Tobe Duncan of Hartville and 
Carrie Sllnuett of Harrison, Ark. 

Joel Marten and Bfssle Hart of 

Chas. Uuius and Tonrl Young of 

H. M. Sutton of Itapublio and 
Belle Parmcnfr of Mt. Grove; roar- 
reed at court houso by Ksq. Mott. - 

Nov. 6, 1903 


John Niokle of Hartville and Al- 
ice Guinn Of Grove Spring. 

Harrison Long of Hawley and 
Mary Reeres of Hartville. 

.J. CI Reeves and Hester Mayfleld 
ef Hartville. , . 

Jas. Paul of St. George and Minta 
Sullivan of Manas. 

Pleaaaat W. Floyd of Mint and 
Naucy E. Durbln of 8t. George. 

Niokle— Guinn. 
•John Niokle^ one of OUf ^medel 
young men and school teachers and 
Miss Alioe Ghlnn of Grjove Spring 
were married at the home of the 
bride's parents on last Sunday in 
presence ef a hest'et' relatives and 
friends. Join is a son of William 
Niokle^ one of our old settlers and 
best business men. . We ettend the 
young oouple our best wishes. 

Nov. 13, 1903 

t. T. DixCn of Umpire and Mabel 

M. Gilbert of Antrim; 
Nelioa Davin and Margery Vaif 

binder of Grovo Spring. 
Clarence Uulley end Brian Allen 

of Mt. Grore* ' . 

Nov. 20, 1903 

Anon Beeonl, Turley, and Lena 

Peck of Miogeville. 

Ed Temktn*' and Joe Hodges «t 


John M. Smith aad Hannah Baker 

of Grimes. 
J*esaes Trusty and LouUa Traety 

of Hartville 

Nov. .27, 1903 


Jnroes Coday and Nettie HensUy 
of Hartville. , 

Clemens'. Kupka and Rosamond 
Simpson of Mansfield. 

Ned Hansy and. Edith Hogg of 

Amos Kendall ond Nanoy Rethor- 
ford of Norwood. 

Wm. T. Smart and Maud Greon« 
lee of Ml. Grove, 

Is prompty relieved and quickly' 
cured with Dr. Drummond's Light- 
ning remedies; restores stiff joints, 
drawn cords, and hardened muscles; 
$500 for incurable case. When ev 
erytblng else fails, describe your 
onse to the Drummond Medicine 
Co., New Terk. 

Dec. h, 1903 


RufuiRlpptM and Lotto B, DtiQ 

rjfManW, , 

John it. Holloway and Hatha 
Ohm of Mt. Grove, 

Avi Robioett and Willie Ooday of 

Wm. Dukt and Lotta Merchant of 
Astoria,',, . 

Wm. Paxtoc and MurtU Newten 
of Antrim. 

. Androw Tnoma* st Cadar Gap 
and Bella Dlaziar of Anttim.* 

fid ward ( D#dioa aad Alioa Daka 

,«f Worsbami 
r • 

Dec. 18, 1903 


A. J. Anderson aad Mary Davis 
•f Mt. Grove. 

Ira Row* of Manea and Lou Todd 
•f Boyer. 

W. P. Broyle* and Klla Wynne 
*f Hartrilla. 

Rufua RlppM tad Lotta B. Deao 
of Maaia. 

Dec. 25, 1903 

Mrs. ' Geo. ' W. Rewtoe of M t. 
Grove visited in town Tuesday, 
H»t mother, Mra. Klic. Raoey, rr c 

/jiroAd. with b« tq Aft. Grove, 


Ja*\ A, Hipkmen of Hartville and 
Blanuho Belt of Grimes. 

Claude K. HatHoU of Umpire and 
Emma pope of Hartville. ' 

Jai. H. Wheeler of Mt. Grove 
and Sarah Baney of Gravel Point, 
Texaa oounty. 

J. W. Gourley and Mattte Green 
of Mt. Grove. 

Harre Holeley of Worsham and 
Gertie Wilson of tirlmri. ' 

Llnaey Hart and Josephine Aok- 
eiman of Mamfleld. 

Stanford. Larson and Ilnlda Lar- 
son of Mt. Grave, 

Geo. F. Kelley of Mt. Grove and 
Obarity Strunk of Qma, Mo. Mar- 
ried in Court House Tue»d»y by 
Rev, Gideon. 

Married at homo of <lbe brides' 
mother in .Hartville, Mo. Wednes- 
day, Deo. 23, 1003, Mr. Claude E. 
.Hatfield, of Umpire, Mo* to Miss 
,Kmrua/Po[)o of this city, Rov. Old- 
Xqj\ of Hartville urtiulatlng. Mr. Hal- 
(leldis oiio of Umplro's substantial 
,U,us, men. 'The brido wan one of 
•Hovt^l|p> .tpoat charming young 
^dio^, and p great ,fi\vorlto in. the 
<o©.ro,munity ,wll|i.bpth young and 
-qjlct T,ho peeing ,popurr,pd in tho 
forenoon, .and ,tlie newdy. married' 
couple .started soqn after ,to Bpring- 
field*oithoir. bridal tour. We expend 
congratulation* and btst w.ia.hqs^ for 
their suocaas And hapjwoesa. 

Jan. 1, 19014 

Josiah Long and Kutb Sbielda of 

Eugene Doyel and Sarah Babb 
of MoConab. 

G. P. James and Katy Barger of 

L. F. Mur and loJa Crews, of 
Astarin. ' 

.' W.-H. Bllla and Laura Beigbley 
of Mt. Grev*. 

Tolbert Matlock of Manea and 
Dooia Young o.f Hartville. 

Jason Young and Adle Ward of 

Poster RippM of Antrim asTd 
Trude Oliver ot Hartville. 

Jan. 8, I90I4 


John |ijtuh«/" A»d Bertha Huttell 
of Graff. 
Andrew Raaey of Haffiry and, 

Jpsie Butcher, Qf Puggaa, 

Mt. Grovo Journal,— 
'' L. J. Ellis, cashier ofAbe Wright 
County Bank," was in town last Sat- 

W. B. Prophet and wife of Hart- 
ville are spending a week with their 
daughter, Mrs. Ralph Archer, in 
Ibis city. 

I Excellent Service | 

Jan. 15, 190U 


C. M. Johnston of Norwood aad 
Croola A. Keys Hartville. 

Kdw, Harvey of Umpire and Klla 
Newton, ot Odlo. 

John H. Katoa of Hartville and 
Ellsu Grondiiy, of Umpire. 
.Goo. P. Thomas of Norwood' and 
Nauoy U. Itunoy, aame town. 

George Rlppee bM sold his gro- 
oery store to Jossoand Arthur Clax- 

Jan. 22, 190U 


George Turner of Hartville and 
Myra Preston of Ouggan. 

Ernest Landers and Nora May 
liinser of Hartville. 

C. M.' Johnson of Norwood and 
C. A. Kayos ot Hartville. 

Ed. Harvey of Antrim and Klla 
Newton of Odin. 

Jobn Eaton of Odin aad KUsn 
Grady of Antrim. 

Jan. 29, 190U 
at Allltl AUK LICENSES. 

J. W. William* and Belle Lowry 
of Grove Spring. 

Geo. P. Turner of Hartville and 
Myra Preston of Duggan. 

Roiooe Broyles of Hartville and 
Virgie Young of Mt Grove. This 
oouplo were marriod by Esq. John 
Mott at hia bouse south of town last 

Feb. 5, 190k 


John Sing and Dooia Geurley of 
Orla. Married at court heaat by 
Juttioe Mott, Wednesday. 

J. C. Maddy and F. M. Burton 
of Hartville. 

Joe. H. Bianstctter and Bert* 
Gilbert of Antrim. 

Feb. 12, 1901* 


T. J. Hopkins and Minnie Hun- 
ter of Plunk. . 

Jobn Clino and Maggie Smart of 

Feb. 19, 190ij 

■W. II. Hartley of Duggan and 
'eirgy Jloevcs of Hartville. 

.Inn. Klawitter and Lnla Duma of 

Robt. Whittchcr and Etlio Turner 
f Hartville. 

John R. Williams Gr. Spr. and 
ioxle Neasby of Organs. 

Win. Eaton and Adellno Qann of 

Clove Jordan and Jennie Kmnier- 
on of Mint. 

Chan. Jordan of Mint and L. M, 
:hambcrs of Competition. 

Feb. 26, 190h 

C. 0. lir»YW *n4 CeOlia Row •' 

March h, 190b 


Oscar Ward, Calla Reese; Odin. 

Chaa. Catapbell, HalUe Bane; 

C. H, Fletcher, Marfan* Elen- 
>augb; Duggan. 

Wm Butotaer, Olara CUxten; 

Levi Royal, Paryle Holt; Mt. Or. 

N. A. Unit, Jennie Moody; lit. 

March 11, 190h 


E. E. Johnson, Olara Cordz, Mt 

Nathan Johnson, Annie Barns, 

Ed Widert'er of Boyer, Ettle Mar- 
.la of Fuson. 

Miss Edna Max of Houston Is vfr- 
lllug bore at (ho home of her grand, 
father, Jesse M*. Carter. 

John Johnson and wife (formerly 
Miss Klxlo Beoketi) of Cabool, aro 
hero visiting relatives. 

March 25, 190h 


Kd Sfltndlfer, <Dom 'Ourry; Dilu 

<;. \V. Thomas, Martha Yclm»; 

Aslur P. banftHTbril, Kinj: U'uy, 
Jewt:l Newhy; Ml. GroVn. 

Ja*. II. Ciino, Dais/ Cowuu, Nor- 

J. (T.'KonnnfiiKler, Lilly ''RupPu- 
gle; Mnrslil'old. 

. Win. Uole, : Juaibi Asbct'.; Nor- 

Nolluy Adamsou, ' Nannie J 3)111- 
■*on ; Muooiiib. 

Henry Duncan, ButlU I rndford; 

April 1, 190U 


W. R. Jlelsabeok, Lola Brook of 
Plunk, , • ,. ' 

J. 8. Whelby of Omega, Joy RW 
mon of Mi, Grove, 

Chas. England, Laura Duncan of 

April 22, 190h 


B, F. Bherrell, Lydla Hill; 06 Mt.. 

Cbas. Williams Of Norwood' and' 
&aura> Jones of Mane flekd. * 

Wm. Matlock, Mary Jt Pearson 
of Antrim. 

Sam, Hudeon, Ellen Ranoy, Hart- 

Joe Roberts' of MlngsviHe,, Elsie 
Shaw of Astoria. 

Sigel Snow, Cetla WHllema ' of 

April 29, 190h 


Abram Harald of Bado, Ethel 
Button of Ml. Grove. 

Ed A. Curdy of Monett to Minnie 
Irwin of Boyer. , . 

Ross Brown, fiflla Warren of Mf. 

Wm. Mallory of Umpire;. Millie 
Bowman of Duncan. ' 

Mrs. Betlie Adarai of Crescent, 
OkUn caiho in Saturday to visit a 
few days with her rather, Wm. 
Cottengim,. and family. 

May 6, 190b 


Amos Caudie and Douia Ynndle 
of Norwood. 

' ' T. F. Gasperson, Ettie Purtlo of 

Win. MoUarty, Roda Kocny of 
Mt. Grove. 

May 20, 190U 


Oherlei ttarBor^ Bo»|e WJJa|a, of 

Geoyge y/8n»swt% Q yari»a «|lo> 
eqn of Hartville, 

Homo rHIgall, Maale Bolt, of Fa* 

June 3, 190U 


W. A. Kiug and Maud Bernard 
of Mt. Greve. 

Ernest Needbam and Maud Kla- 
wilter of Mt. Uroyo. 

June 10, 190h 


Andrew Ekstroin, of Urlo, aod 
Luolnda Tudd of Gi-ovo Sprlug. , 

8. T. Od1«, Graoa Harper, of Ce- 
dar Gap. 

June 17, 190h 


B. II. Clay of Havana, Cuba and 
Dolora Uidy of Mansfield. 

June 2kj_ 190b 
Loran Lucas nnd Bello Davie of 

July 1, 190U 


Jan. A. Milllgan and Mrs. Mary 
P. Davis of Ml. Grove. 

Mr. and Mrs. Charlos Haffm-ty of 
Jacksonville, lllinol*, are hero vis- 
iting liar parent*, Charles Wright 
and wife 

July 8, lpOii 
«A**LiU* LACES***. 

T4tort ganey *ffd S^lia. Vouog 
of Macomb. 

laaan. ». Arnold of Manifisld .n^ 
Kora May berry of H*wl»y f (Mar, 
rled Id IJartrllla- Tbwsdajr by Ks, 
quire ©•tosr,) 

B. P. Rutherford of Campaign 
county, III. and Maggie May Walla 
of; Odin. 

July l£, 190U 

Arthur Bruinluy and Clara Ho Jul 
of Mt. Grove. 

Sept. 9, 190k 


Ooo. 8. Powers and Alioe Green 
of Mt'n Grove. 

J.B. Sullivant and Pearl Vaooe 
of Manes. 

Wm. J. Leldy and Mary Buobaoan 
of Cedar Gap. 

J. P. Wellg of Odin and Ettie M. 
Mallojr of Umpire. 

James Hurt and Anloe Dry of 

Jae. W. Uaaey and Rose Garner 
of Mint. 

Wm. Niokels and Catherine Ruolc- 
le of Mt'n Grove. 

Wm. Devera of Mansfield and 
Delia Adameon of Maconib. 


Oct. 7, 19014 


J. 0. Gaskill and Clara M. Rog 
ara of Manafleld. 

Levi Sanders of Hartvllleand AoV 
dla M, Froat of Norwood. 

Jake Hmlth or Orove Spring and 
Ada Ourtla of St. George. 

D. W. Frana of Metcalf, III. ajid 
"Hlla Brentlinger of Hartvllle. 

John W. Teater of Boyer and 
Verna Pryor of Pleaaant BUI. 

Eugono Tnckef of St. Louie tad 
Cora Kittrell of Manafleld. 

A. Emery and Iry Sandera of Mt 

July 22, 190U 

Msvriml — Sunday morning, July 
17, IU04, at (he home of L. J. BUI*,; 
by Hov. Gideon, Mr. Kred Rlti* und 
Miaa Adit Ague. Mr. KllUis a pros- 
purouH busini's* inua -of Ml. Grove, 
nud l lie bride ih vlte charming 
duugbur of John 'B. Agee, formerly 
of UiIh place, now residing near Mi. 
Grove. The yoang eunplo havo tbo 
congratulations utld best wishes tt( 
this uoimnirhily. 


Peter it. Kiou and Minerva 1* 
Mutli'iM of Mt. Urove. 

Fred hills und Ada Agne of Ml. 

July 29, 190h 

PMHak K. UUajjr aud Mury Al- 
ioo auiurt of Mt. Urove. 

August 19, 190U 


.Jefferson llippoe and Minnie Moek 
of Mansfield. 

James Moore and Nancy Long 'of 

Wm. Rippee ' and Annie Yeogcr 
Of Crimea. 

J ames Shaddy and Graoe Lualleu 
of Grove Spring. 

Mrs. Mlanie Kellcy, of Qulncy, 
II). who hns been visiting with the 
fumily of her father, B. Y. Hudson, 
for 8 weeks, lett for homo last Frl- 

Sept. 16, 190U 


0. R. Crlap and Aiaaroh Heaton 
Of Manes. 

G. Q. Keith and lit Coxen of Fa- 

Bufue L. Henderson and J alia K.- 
Hart of Maoomb. 

Elibu Moody and Habtie Wynne 
of Hartvllle,— Married Sept. « by J. 

a, u. Mott 

Sept. 30, 190b 

Married—At home of tba brlde'a 
paienti Id Horlville, 8, p. re. Sep. 
tember 8e> 1904, Mr. Noah MurreH 
10 Mlee Ella Getty. The marriage 
ceremony was performed, very im- 
presslvely, by Rev. Gideon, after 
which the guests Were eenred with 
delicious refreshments. Mr. Murrell 
ia a prominent young merchant of 
this place. The bride ia a beautiful, 
and accomplished youog lady-daugh- 
ter of Mr. ond Mm. W. H. Getty, 
one of Hartville's principal families. . 


Jaaper Robertaon of Hartville 
and Eliza Hopkins of Worebam. 

Edw. Gage and Fannie Wllilrtma 
of Mt. Grove. Married at Young 
Hotel, Sunday, By He v. Dr. Han. 

Miaa Blanche Campbell wan ;iu- 
iiouiiood to luuvu Thursday, for 
Spriuglield, to visit with her *isler, 
Mm.' Winter J'.vuiis. 

Oct. lh t 190l| 


Rebt Crawford and Annie Braai 
of Odia, 

WlnOeld S.-Coday and Irene Wes 
of Manafleld, 

J S Spurlock and Minnie Molntl: 
of Avo, (Married In town by Joa 
tice Garner) 

Unas A Latimer and Clara Lual 
Han of Grovo Spring, 

T W 8lanU and VesU Mosley 

Walter Hensley and Laura Job 
son of Hartville, 

Nov. 11, 190U 


Arthur Whitley and Addle Payne 
of Hartville. 

Joa. Ryan and Ida Colsou of Nor 

Grover Halsell and Rosa Dock 
ateader of Norwood. 

Bert K Ilia and Graoe Gideon 0. 

Wiley Btepbensorr of Webster Co. 
and Malinda Fullington of Hart 

Married Sunday, Nov. 6, 1904, 
at home of T. B. Bouldln in Hart- 
ville, by Rev. Dr. Hanson— Mist 
Ida Colson to Jamea Ryan. The) 
have the beat wishes of many friends 

Mra. Angellne Furr of Vedere- 
b'org. Indiaaa, ia spending the snm- 
mer with her daughter, Mrs. S. & 
Bear, 0' mllea south of Hartville. 

Nov. 18, 190U ($& 

J. P. Kaney and Lottie Young of 

Ralph Chapman and Clella New- 
ton of Mmpire. 

J. M. Selbridge end MHUa Mar- 
ier of Mansfield. 

Dr. T. R. Faulkner and FaanU 
B. Smith, of Boyer. (Married at the 
Pareonege, Tbnraday, by Rev. Old* 

Nov. 25, 19014 
MAItRlAUK m«;knsem. 
Burt McGuiro anil Dora Carpee 
of Miogsvillo. 

TolWrt llonsley andSadio Dennis 
of MnuRdeld. 

Wm, Preston of Dnggan nnd Ethel 
Parti e of Norwood. ' 

Dec. 2, 190h 


Henry Yond,..- 01 Onuoan niul 
Monora Clark of Ray bum. 

W. A. MoKuel nnd Mary L. An- 
dorson of Grovo Spring. 

Aroh A. CurtU and Minnie Ab- 
aher of Hartville. 


Married— at o:Q0 p. m. Nov. 29, 
19U4, by N. B. Uaiuor, Justice of 
tho Ponoe, at tbe homo of James 
Hroylcs, oast or Hartville — Miss 
Miuuie Abshcr to Mr. A. A. Cur- 

After the ceremony a lino wedding 
supper was spread, aud it was thor- 
oughly enjoyed by tho invited 
friouds of tho happy couple. 

Tho Band hoys serenaded Mr. 
Curtis und his charming undo, nnd 
partook of the wedding cuke aud re- 

Our ptoplo extend their belt wUhca 
Id the»o young people, who are 
highly esloemod and popular in our 

Dec. 9, 190h 


Thomas Adamson of "Mao»nV' 4 i 
HOd Myrtle Pr/or of Hurl*',',^ 

Ernest Prcck »!,d Sarah Shrop- 
shire ot M&bSs. 

Charles Perkins aud Ida Moore of 

Mike Allen of Qdjij ajjd, Nettie 
Pearman of Hartville, 

Dec. 16, 190U 

John Emery aud Lucy Byerly of 
Mt. Grovo". 

Samuel M. Shield* nnd Addle : 
Lano of Norwood. 

lluyosProok ond Gllla Whitoof 
Grove Spring— Married Dee. 11, at 
Parmer Hotel by Esq. Garner. 

A B. ICvuiu and Marl ha Odell of 
Uoyor snouted license to, marry at 
MsrshHohl last week, 

L). V. Gob* and Miss Ollio Can- 
trell, daughter of ex-Sheriff Can- 
troll, were married at Seymour, a 
fow days aj/o. 

Dec. 23, 190b 


G. A. Smittlo and Terapie CnU 
ton of Grovo Spring. 

Thos. Daoiols a,nd Bssie Claxton 
qJL Competition. 

Henry Fonty Bud Lllllo Luther of 
Ml. Grovo. 

L.J. Stnlo and Fajmlfl King of 
Mansfield. (Married at Young Hotel 
by Kov. Uldoon.) 

F. H. WiHIams of Denlow and 
Ada, Anderson of Mt. Grove. 

Calvin Weaver and Ncra Lowry 
of Grovo Spring. 

W. L. Royal and Pariiot Moors 
of Mt. Grovo. 

Walter Soolt and Msy Barnard 
of Manes. 

Harvo Eaton and Lillio Buck of 

Marcus Foster of Mt. Hpme, Ark., 
and FLuolta Hopkins ot Rayburo. 

Henry Ci|»JJ apd Mary Bpgers- of 

James I,ow«ry awdrMaitle Evans, 
of, Manga, 

Jan. 6, 1905 


Charley Claxton of Mint and Ma- 
ry Cllne of Manas. 

Alfred D. Latimer and Mary E. 
Fnson of Boyer. 

Mrs. Virginia Jenkins Bennett, of 
Louisville, Kentucky, is visiting the 
fnwdly of har brother-ln»law, A v J- 
Summer* of tb.1 plw», 

Happiness Is but another name for 
perfect health. Use Pu?cki,t Ann 
Bitters and bo hnppy. It keepe the 
vital organs hcallhy and well regu- 

E. Landers, Special Agent. 

Jan. 13, 1905 


Marion Moore of Pcaso and Eva 
Fletcher of Competition. 

W, E. Williams and Maud Bavago 
of Orlgannn. 

Low in liiutinrdaon and Hattlo 
Mend ol Norwood. 

Niolt Shnokel ford and Florence 1 
Kirk of llartv.lle: 

Reuben Williams und Hatlie O' 
Hourn of MniiHliold. 

Recorder Hiuhardson issued 170 
llceunes in 1904 and 102 in 100X 

Jan. 27, 1905 


S. J. Hiatt and Eliza Scott of 
Hiatt.— Married Wednesday by 
Esq. Garner *in Recorder's office. 

W. E. Cantrell and Fannie Stein- 
berg of Duncan.— Married Wednes- 
day by Esq. Gartlor in the Record- 
er's oflloe. 

Feb. 3, 190$ 

MAimuui: licenses. 

Guo. , L... Bauoom mad .Mamie L. 
Loo of Mt. Grove. 

Cbas, 0. Suerill.and Clud^Qol: 
dndge.of ML «^e- 

Feb. 10, 190^ 


John C. Graven and Deaaie Clax- 
ton ot Competition. 

Benton Crawford- of OoMn a»d 
OriiaxA. Box of Antrim. 

W. rt. Poaroe and Graoe Wheel- 
•r-of Norwood. 

Geo. Lest and Nannie Agee of 
Mt. Grova. 

Chas. Chadtvell and Ida Allen ot 

Fred Findloy of Hartville nnd 
Minnie Yewbanks of Fuson. ' 

Feb. 17, 1905 

A. T. Hill and Martba MoDanlel 
of Norwood. 

John Brown of Springfield and 
Nannie Franklin of Hartville. 
. W. F. Srif liven and Mary Tlniloy 
of Manes. 

Albert Snow and LUsle Wllltaue 
of Origanna. 

Harvey Vognt and Elxlna Lakey 
of Norwood. 

Feb. 2h t 1905 


Cbas. Goiwick and Clco Davidson 
a( Fuson. 

Frank B. Bell and Bertlu Hi nek 
of Norwood. 

Dan W. Ward and Icy M. Dorri* 
of Mint. 

Juatioe Oarnor uoitod G'haa, Gos- 
wlck and MUs UIod Davidson in 
marriage at noon Sunday, at the 
home of T. S. Johnson here, In tbo 
prewauo of a fow relatives and 

March 3, 1905 

MiJ:iflAu&! i.j« ittsi.M. 
n M. PiiilJi;.* hi Kviruik Freeman 
or Hu. 1 i-illc. 

Grant Lvibii.^.. 1 .ml M. ino' Lilca 
of MunslkM. 

Albert W "lnnl;- L'urtijJ, 
of Bcbibi'tt, 

Wm, Deliver* and Muudie Lee 6/ 

Tbot. A. Dickenson ond Stella 
MoQowan of Autlur. 

Jainoa Suowof Orove 8pring and 
Douo WHlioiui of Origaona 

March 10, 1905 


I.u.ii Lalluom au 1 Katie Ciir.'jcrtb 
of llarlvillu. 

('. It. Stanton and llo.^ Filers', 
of Alt. 1 i rove. 

March 17, 1905 


(jev>r^<- Uouaaly uud Mary liped of 

John Howe and Sarah Ulackwoll 
of Mane). 

liuor^e Ryan aud Ellu MoQInty 
of Cur wood. 

W. U. UdllDiv of Clu.V (;'MIIHy mill 

L„ . :■ itilx-r of Mt. Grove. 

.1 Ai. .Ii.neu and Martha Tate of 
Boy or — Married at Bheiilf llonsley'a 
Uonie Wednesday by N. B. Garner, 
juatioe of the peace. 

March 2I4, 1905 


W. 8. Bradshaw of Duggan and. 
Cullie Kirk of llartville. 

J. E. Woldridge of Texas county 
and Delia Brown of Mt. Grove. 

March 31, 1905 


S. L. Woo lard and Ella lllckoy 
of Omega. 

Fred Baker and Martha Overfelt 
of Aatorla. 

April 7, 1905 


0. C. Coau. aod Amanda MoGarty 
qf Ml. Orove. 

Jesse Bruton and Mary Freed of 
Mt- Grove. 

liaao James and Agglo Owens of 
Grove Spring. 

W. E. Travla and Mary Hart of 

Ben Baoey and Mattie Sutton of 
Mt. Grove. 

April 111, 1905 


Cbas. A. Bauoum and DoraSlu. 
der of Mt. Grove. 

D. J. Painter of St. Georgo and 
Dora Howard of Competition. 

Married, April 13, at home of N. 
L. Richardson — Jas. V. Cope and 
Misa Nola Cline, N. B. Garner, J. P. 


Apirl 21, 1905 


Wm. Gott and Ada Hopkiua of 
Ray born. 

Ray Vincent and Dove Btubbs of 
Mt. Grove* 

Ahart Lay and Eliza Harold of 
Mt. - Grove. 

April 28, 1905 

Simon Carter aod Amy King of 

G. W. Evans of Bryant and Hullo 
Smith of Mansfield, 

Samuel M. Smith nf Mansfield 
and Willie Trout of llartville. 

Jack Mar.uar and Jennie England 
of llurtvillo. 

R. D. Clark and Luoinda Whited 
of Ray burn. 

Mrs. Laura Ellis and baby, and 
Miss Amol Popo is visiting the fam- 
ily of John B. Agee, Mra. Ellia'a 
father, near Mt. Grove. 

May 12, 1905 


John R. Arnold and Myrti 
Moore of Mauslleld. 
' John Hudson and Rota, 8 baddy 
Grove Spring. 

G. W. Keith of Fuson and Net 
tie Garner of llartville. 

Ralph Jnrrett and Mabel Sterner 
of Norwood. 

A. 0. Caudle and Ella Stamert 

Martin Pridmore and Ellcabeti 
Kelley of'Norwobd. 

May 19, 1905 


J awe Hort *xA Mftliaaa Hurt of 

GrantiRaney and Mary William* 
of Mu.Grove. 

, James Stilley and Mina MoCoy of 

G. M. Hunter and Louie Townloy 
of llartville. 

. Ex-Judge John Prock aud Nancy 
Maroum of Grove Spring — .Married 
May IB in the Reoorder'a office by 
N . B. Gamer, justice of the peaoe. 

June 12, 1905 


C. J. Boworaby and Sarah Cum- 
borworlh of Macomb. 

J.E. Sutton and Julia Bridges 
of Mt. Orovo. 

Elbert Coday and Rottio Summers 
of Rembert. 

Frank Southworth of Cabool and 
Katie McDonald of Mt. Grove. 

June 23. 1905 


Wm. Hinkle and Alma H. Kief 
of Mt. Grove, 

Edw. C. Newton of llartville and 
Mary Kolley of Umpire. 

Jas. Wilson of Lincoln, Kans. 
and Mary F. Gilbert of Exoelsioi 
Springs, Mo — Married at court 
bouse lost Friday by Esq. Gamer. 

Mrs. N. L. Riobardaon visite 
in Boon twp. Wednesday, with he 
sister, Mrs. George Claxton, wh 
is vory sick from effects of a recec 
surgical operation. 

Miss Fannie' Whitley came in 
Monday from Asb Grove, to visit 
with her sister, MrH. Ellis Bodoi. 
who is -very sick. 

June 30, 1905 


E. D. Pftmberton of Grcoftficld 
find Delia Thompson of Hftrtvllle. 

Chas; IJcn-dcTson and Ella Wal- 
ters, Opo«o Spring; married in town 
by Ktq. Garner, Tuesday. 

Jbo. W. Roy" and Ida' Boyd of 
Ml. Grove 

E. F. Carter and Melissa Jones of 
Hot wood. 

Jafc. Austin, Mansfield, and Ivy 
.fiulian, .Astoria. 

Forost NaUI and Delia A. Senders 
.of Nowood. 

July ?, 190^ 


John llightownr and Mary Clax- 
ton, Grove Spring. 

Martin Tod I and Zona Sluddy of 
Grove b'priiig, 

I. M. Slot'Ienod Dora P. Uauotim 
of (Jr. Spr. 

I. 0. Day of K. 0. Kim. and 
Graou May Sims of Rrmbcrt. 

.Ian. I'ipptjHon mid Dorcus Still- 
woll id Ml. Grove. 

II. A. Molt and Minnie Olnddcn 
of Ihrtville. Minrifd hy, Bcv. Itns- 
Hell i»l Mtinsliild \Yc<ln"<<dny nig'jt. 

July lU, 1905 


Jas. (I. Novel* and Efflo Freeman 
of Norwood. 

Oienr Si-Uby oT the In. Tor. and 
Myrtle Smith of Norwood. 

Orvlllo (.'lark and Bessie Camp- 
b?ll of AuiIit. 

July 21, 1905 


Henry Harrison .and Girtie Payne 
of Hsrtvillc. 


Painter and Paper- 


Work in the country solicited. 
Fanners, if you have any *ork 
in llie line ol painting or paper- 
hanging, call on or write me at 
Ilnrlville. 1 will do you good 
work at reaponahlc rales. 

July 28, 1905 


J.. J. Stephens • and Fannie M. 
.Preston of rove Spring 

John W. Moody and . Abble Tlo- 
kl^of Mansfield. 

..' IT?!J. Admire o6d RotbaDanleVr 
"bf O4mpoiition. 

O. H. Carrlgan. and Sarah Ivd*** 
manr of. OroTo Spring and«Fn*on 

Jos. A. Klncado sod M*ud'.fe Oil- 
ton of Grove Spring and Under. 

Aupust L, 1905 

,T. P. Riley and Susan Smarter 
Mt. Grove. 

August 18, 190? 


J no. Shelby, Lynchburg and Mar- 
tha Montgomery, Astoria. 

Jos. M. Daniels, Competition and 
Nancy J. Heme of St. George 

I. T. StigiiMuiid Dora Smith both 
of Fuson. 

Siiin'l, M, Kllii), Plunk and Ucs- 
aio TbohiOM, Mt.u. Grave. 

Henry Freds and Ina' Ellis both 
of Rail. 

I. M. Wade and Lona March both* 
of Munes. 

Sept. 1, 1905 


Sam 13. Chad well of Norwood, to 
Hattie Caudle of Norwood. 

Selgel Moody to Llr.zlo Caudle, 
both of Norwood. 

Sept. 1?, 190? 


JanieB Wilson of Grimos, Mahala 
Henson of IUyborn. 

Evert Mayberry of Antlor, Mabel 
Wall of same. 

Londo Riley of Buckhart, Mamie 
Wells of Mt. Grove. 

Jas. W. Boatman of Antler, Nel- 
lie Needham of Mt. Grove. 

W. T. Norcross of Macomb, Mag- 
gie E. Freeman of Olatha. 

Jas. T. Fletcher and Addie Han- 
son of llartville. 

T. C. Peters and Effle Coffee of 

Sept. 22, 1905 


Chas. Edwards, Bnla Kilmer, of 

C. W. Dodson, Celia Crider, TJm- 

Win, Sullivan, Manes, LllUe Belt 
of Grimes. 

Sept. 29, 190? 


liobl. kincheloe and" Daisy Cau- 
dle of Competition. 

Curtis England of Raybot'n and 
Delia Floyd of Manes. 

Oct. 13, 190? 
,Omer Bippeeof Raj bora and Or- 
tpha Gamer of, Grimes. 

T. B. Lollis and Lola B. ^Manear 
,Of .Hartville. 

W. R. Barnes t»f Hepfler, »nd 
Amana Dotsoh of fcayborn; 

;C.'M. McGou-d and Mary Wim- 
toerly. of Mingsville. 

Frances Moraty and Delia Davis 
of Mt. Grove. 

B. R. Latimer of Grove Spring 
«od Aula J. Pearman of Hariville. 
Joe McKlnley and Belle Hylton 
of Macomb, 

'■■ Fred England and Eunice Manear 
^ere married at residence pi Get. 
Manear, Sunday. 

Oct. 20, 190? 

Jas. A. Sanders and Edna Pee- 
bles of Mt. Grove. 

Geo. T. Pryor and Myrtle Floyd 
of Mint. 

W. J. Martin and Bertha Wynne 
of Fuson. 

J. E. Broylesof Heppnor and Ma- 
ry Oliver of Fuson. 

Oct. 27, 1905 
Samwcl Walker of Astoria and 
Annie Turner af Mingsville. 

G. W. Headley and May Hopkina 
of Rsyborn. 



Hartvillb, Mo. 1 
Offloe with F. M. Mansfield. 

Nov. 10, 190$ 


John Kilmer aud Auua Stilley of- 

W. D. Voting and Zclpka Jones 

TIio'b. Mtckey oud Sarah Petora 
of Seymour, . 

Sam II, Puge and Ollio Ward 
of Odin, 

Anrew .7. Campbell and Eliza D. 
Nichols of Hartville, 

J. W. Tripp and Maggie Deau of 

Albert Fuge of Umpire and Irona 
Gilbert of Antrim, 

A, W. Rogers of Tulmago aud 
Joaiu llnghoH of Hawley, 

Marve Ellis of Kail and Corn 
Lewis of Munc*, (married in Recor- 
der's ofllico by Esq. N. B. Garner.) 

Edgar Fruukliu and fc'aiah liled- 
soo of Odin, 

Jobu Long aud Frankio Lano of 

J. W. Eilnidga and Hattie Lane 
of Norwood, 

Sain Walker and Anna Turner of 

Nov. 17, 1905 


J. E. Kelley acd Ola Owens of 

V. B. Oottengkn and Clara Owens 
of Duggan. 

<Geo. Peel and Esse Lile of Mans- 

W. A. Hancock and Tem pa Gas- 
kill of Mansfield. 

Nov. 2li, 1905 


Jeaso E. Moore an 1 Minnio A. 
Fetich of MansJield. 

Dan Lowellin and Ida M. Barrett 
of Burkhart. 

Nathan. el .Iohob and Tannic Mar- 
tin cf Grove Springs. 

Dec. 1, 1905 

John \V. Walker of Astoria and 
Dora Delcour of Manes. 

Andrew Ellis and Ida E. Watson 
of Plunk. 

Wra. Reeves and Zella Trout of 

Jense Thompson of Mt. Grove and 
Lizzie Usscry of Hawley. 

James Atkinson and Frona Gard- 
ner of Hawley. 

We visited Postmaster Hunter's 
new residence, Sunday; looked all 
over tbe place. Mr. Hunter is mak- 
ing a' commodious acd truly beauti- 
ful home. Each room, or suit of 
rooms has a particular style of finish. 
The Sitting Room is finished In An- 
tique Oak, tho Parlor and Vestibule 
in Mahogany, the Bed Rooms in 
Bird's-Eye Maple, the Kitchen, 
Pantry and Bath Room iu Light 
Oak; arid the Dining Raom in Wal- 
nut. Mr. E. II. Febr of Mt. Grove, 
formerly of Bushnell, 111., is doing 
tbe interior finish work on Mr. Hun- 
ter's house. He is a Hue workman — 
an artist in bis line. His graining is 
superbly true to nature in every tint 
and timbei, his grouping and com- 
position, harmoniously perfect. We 
have never inspected finer work. 

Dec. 22, 1905 

Elmer Workman of Mt. Grove 
and Belle Long of Hawlpy. 

Ci A. Mitchell of Odin and Cora 
Land of Hartville. 

Elmer Slockdale of Shroveport 
and Nettle Oreen of Mt. Grove. 

Coral Brown and Eugenia 1« 
Grimes of Mt. Grove. 

ChfaR. V. Sohntenhergorof Wenv- 
erly und Nellie K. Vomer, Mt. Gr. 

W. E. Kirk of Harlvilh and 
Aninnda Tuttle, Sapulpa, In. Ter. 

Dec. 29, 1905 


Sam M. King and Carrie Brewer 
of Mansfield. 

R. P. Plumlee and Ella N. Por- 
ter of Fuson. 

Jesso A. Ilenslee of Norwood and 
Otna Garner of llepner. 

Chns. T. Coats of Okla. and An- 
nie May Walker of Odin. 

L. T. Handyside of Agnes and 
Nora Flctoher of Competition. 

Mrs. Ola Hall of Abaline, Texas, 
arrived Friday, last week, to visit 
her mother and hiothc., Mrs. Mat- 
lio Kelley and son Carl, and spend 
the holidays wiib Hartville friends. 

M/rs. Emma Frlnk has received 
lr>om tbe publishers her copies of 
•"Ripples of the Gasconade," This 
•is u waltz of her own production 
and Is a quite meritorious composi- 

Jan. 19, 1906 


Ed Hart aud Zada Sligall of Ifu- 

Erviu Olaxton and Verna Pier- 
man of Hartvillo. 

H. F. Widnerof JJoyor and Liz- 
<tio Cboat of Fuson. 

Win. Bulb aud Beanie Slacks of 
Dugao. ' " '*"' 

L. E. Barnett of Norwood and 
Tuulu J. Uousely of Duguii. 

N. F. Bowlin aud Zina Barnes of 

Homer Nelson of Hartvillo aud 
Cora Rippco of Romberg 

Ralph Creer and Myrtle Wulkor 
of Mt. Grove. 

J us.- A, Bans ford of Iowa and 
Liza Court ne\ of Tex. county. 

Andrew Grimes of Carthage and 
Mary E. Statu of Mansfield. 

E. J. Purlin of Norwood and Lq- 
ona Kidd of Duggan. 

J. M. Austin and Sawda Crisp 
of Manes. > '• ... 

T. J. Crisp and Hattie Delcour 
of Manes — married iu Recorder's 
ollloo by Rev. Dr. Hanson. 

Wm. L. Wood and Dora. Rippoe 
of Rciabert. 

J'bos. W.obh of Hartvillo and 
Thula Mav Oliver of Fusoo. 

Dnzy Coday aud Lilllo Moy 
Moody of Hartvillo. 

Joseph E. Long of [law-lew and 
Eva Thompson of Mt. Grove. 

Jan. 26, 1906 .' 
Stonewall Grimes ofGrimos and 
Mamie Cbggics of Manes. - 

Cbas. W. Rose of St. 'George and 
Mary Grimes Of Grimes. 

■George Edwards of Mingsvllle 
and Antba .flogers of ML Grove. 

Feb. 2, 1906 


<Ccoil Collcy and Pansy Thomp- 
son of Hartville. 

Wesley Stout and Bertha Dearer 
of Mansfield. 

Bennett Barnett, Wyoming, Mary 
Octava Goodfellow of Norwood. 

Levi MdooJ »p4 Arawd* WhitU- 
kar of Hartville. 

. Cbas. Ussery and Belle Allen of 

Walter D. Hoy and Effie Scott of 

Feb. 9, 1906 

- •Mtt Rhwhnd Not* King" of Ncr* 

Granted: Graham 'and Dura 
.Hfeofly V»T Mahsfield. 

J.i?: tfahwls and LWba Ed w- ant* 
of AMsAeldi . 

«fba»; D Kelley and Heater A\n- 
aVion of Mt. Grove. 

Feb. 16. 1906 
MAURI AUK licenses. 

Samuel Prook ahd Minty Shrop- 
iblre of Manes. 

Clive A. Henslcc of Odin and 
Mabel TOwnlcy of Hartvillo. 
. Martin Griffith of Lebanon and 
Belle McKlnloy of Norwood., 

John Dudley nnd Mertle Borders 
of Antrim. 

Robert Ward of Now Grove and 
Ethel Huckmnn of Seymour. 

Jem M. Miller Of Purcell, I. T. 
and Ada Garner of Hartville. 

Sephna Gott and Clara Lawson of 

Feb. 23, 1906 

'Alf . A. Russell of Norwood and 
Julia A. Larson of Mt. Grovo. 

Win. Owens and Margaret Absher 
of Mt. Grove. 

Win. Li Austin of Manes and 
Mary K. Blaokwell of Nebo. 

L. jr. D. • Hamilton and Alico 
Butte of Mt.' Grove. 

Hnrley Oliver* and Martha Jordan 
of Mt. Grove. 

John F. Neighbors and Essie Lee 
of Mt. Grovo 

March 2, 1906 


Wm, Gosvener and Martha Read- 
ing of Norwood. 

Wm. Oliver and Martha Abshcr 
of Mt. Grove. 

Miles Kent of Neb. and Martha 
Peebles of Texas county. 

]J. L. Fisher of Hartvillo and 
Mary Clark of Eoyer. 


Mr. Wallace Marshall who has 
been visiting his grandparents, Mr. 
and Mrs. Hoggatt, left for his home 
in Portland, Oregan, Monday. 

Mrs. Julia Crain was visiting her 
brother Wm. Newton of Odin first 
of the woek. 

Grovo Spring was on the move 
last week. Jas. Pierson bought and 
moved back to the farm formerly 
owDcd by him. Geo. Claxton moved 
into tho house vacated by Mr. Pier- 

Mr. Jno. ForreBt has bought the 
property of J. A. Bowzer. Mr. Bow- 
zor hss bought the proper/y of Kov. 
L. W. llensley. 

Mr. Hensley has rented the Jno. 
Shields proporty, and all the parties 
exchanged places of residence last 
week, aud the men got mixed up 
until they didn't know where to go 
to for dinner. 


March 9, 1906 

Miss Alma Bramhall nnd Mr. Ar- 
thur Jones wero married by Rev.. 
L. W. Hensley Sunday evening. 

March 23, 1906 

';'Ge«.'KeU and Rosy Sluder of 
■Ml'. GrOve. 

Ruf. L! ""UendeHoii of Maooaab 
a/id Rboda Me^W, Sparta, 111. 
' ■'• G. R.'CoOk' And Lina Claxton of 

J.-Ai xMiddletoo and Rotu Dag- 
gett of FVi'son: ' : ' ' 

.. 'Jaa<v<J. Hopkins of Rayborn Mid 
Elia Robertson Of Hoppner 1 , 
, Jv-E. Davla '•p4"LUsie Adams of 

r. David' N. MartlnW Mttanle Pm- 
etoof Haftvtlle. ■•'* ■ 

- Homer Bolian »6d Roiie Crav- 
ens of Mint.' 

■ Atthur Jon&» ati.r Altt>«/. Bramhall 
dfOnWe SprJ^g.^ 

J 1 : II. Murr of* Alioe and^ Manlha 
E. Crews <rt' Rail. 

Wm,' Johnson and' Vlolo GoS» of 

March 23, 1906 

A marriage license was Issued In 
Kansas City last week to Robt A. 
Pollock of Butler, Mo. aged 3S 
years, to May Emens of Hartville, 
Mo. aged 24 years. 

Married— On March 12th, 100(1, 
Mr. Joseph Middleton of Denver, 
Colorado, to Miss Ruth Daggett, 
youngest daughter of Mrs. J. Pat. 
terson of Fusion; Mo- 

Jas. Puckett of Seymour was vis- 
iting his sisttr, Mrs. J. A.. Bowzer; 
the latter part of last week.- 

March 30, 1906 

Osoar Sobinett of Bayborn and 
Delia Haworth of lleppner. 

W. E. Fair of Astoria and Wan- 
da Turner of Mingsville. 

John Johnson of Mansfield and 
Clara Morris of Cedar Gap. 

J. Pryor Butoher and Laura 
Rrown of Donglas. 

Wm. E. Mings of Competition 
gfid Dara E. Gourley of Agnean. 

David A; Floyd of Manes and 
Nara F. Atchley of Graff. 

R. L. Handy and Martha Moore 
of Mansfield. 

F. A. Carney of Competition and 
Lizzie Irwin of Boyer. 

April 20, 1906 


T. F. Jones and Verna Wynne of 
Hartville. , 

/ Acle Selby of 0k. and Cora Smith 
of Norwood. 

Thos. 8t. John or Norwood and 
Bessie Woods, same placo. \ 

Oscar Kobinott of Rayborn and 
Delia Haworth of Hartville. 

June 1, 1906 


Robt. Whited ahd Mary Grimes 
of Grimes. 

Frank Baro and BcSm J. Bandera 
of Antler. 

Jos. Humphrey, Palntvllle, W.V. 
and Sarah M. Bay, Mt. Grove. 

Elmer Davis, St. Georgo; Martha 
Mings, Competition. 

Jas. Bowlin, Manes, and Bertha 
McRoberts of Hcpner. 

Th. Wade and Emma Brecdlove 
of Maues. 

Th. E. Leo and Nora Gass of Ce- 
dar Gnp. 

E. B. Tsrbntlon and Violet 
Mackle of Mansfield. 

RoyG. Buckles and Luotta Smith 
of Mansfield. 

Bobt. England and Alllo Ma'ncar 
Of Hartville. 

II. J. Burris and Tilda Huffman 
•of Norwood. 

Cecil Graven and Cora Prock of 

Thos. Wilson nnd Laura Crisp of 

June 18, 1906 


T. F. Thompson and Verna Goes 
1 of Cedar Gap. 

C. A. Simpson of Okla. and 
Lucy B. Carter of Mansfield. 

June 2?, 1906 

Mrs. Musgrave Iim been visiting 
with her daughter, Mrs. MoClellan 
for the past few daja. 

Your Friend, 
'•Lonesome Holler." 


Henry Jordan of Fuson and Mag- 
gie Chambers of Competition. 

Jas. Jordan of Fuson and Rosa 
Chambers of Competition. 

J. A. Simpson and Anna M. 
Mitchell of Mt. Grove. 

Frank Carter and Jenettio Wade 
of Manes. 

Wm. J. Kelloy and Iva M. Nail of 

T. F. Thompson and Verna Goss 
of Cedar Gap. 

July 13, 1906 

J. J. Garner and Jane McDon- 
nell of Embree. 

Jesse E. Trusty and Lixxle Holt 
of Norwood. 

Sam. K. Hart and Cara Flndley 
of Macomb. 

Tildcn Mings and Nellie Rogsrs 
of Manes. 

John H. Block of Rayborn and 
Minnie Shelley of Fowler. 

August 3, 1906 

E A Tuttle of Eojliroe - and Orfey 
Eletober ef Astoria, 

W M Slavcn and Mary J Rich- 
ards of Manes, 

Cuas H Davis and Emma H 
Hunter of Mt Grove, 

Harve Absher of Norwood and 
Carrie Bane of Hnrtville, 

August 17, 1906 


W. M Cation and Martha Lath- 
rom of Talmage. 

Kv. May berry and Mabel Wall 
of Antler. 

Uscat Massey of Competition and 
Carrie Emerson of Mint. 

R. H. Hutsell and Nora M. Klin- 
ginsmith of AAloria. 

Lewis Said of Uartvillo and Ed- 
na Rippee of Reuabert. 

Mr. John Shields- and family of, 
Lebanon are visiting Mre. Shields'" 
parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hiram Bram* 
hall this week. 

Sept. 28, 1906 


Elbert A Tyre of Celeste and 
Lillie M. Conrsoy of (Drove Spring. 

Jonathan Osborn, Grove Spring, 
Sarah M. Warden, Hartville. , 

A. J, Wells and Lucy Cole of 
Mt. Grove. 

Robt. J. Varble and Neoma 
Carter of Hartville. 

John Boliannon and Murtie Hurt 
of Hartville. 

M. R. Benton of Raybom and 
Cree Wood of Talmage. 
■ W.J. England and Belle Merion 
of Rayborn. " 

Herman E. Young and Artie 
Garner of Mint. ' 

Jason (Jlaxtoii of Com])etition and 
Lulu- Keller of St. George 

A. L. Il.irgii, Seymour, Parrriclja 
BrnnstPttor, Antrim. ; 

Henry Shaw and Ella Hutsell of 

Harry Griffin and Ella Jonos of' 

, Sam'l Scarborough of Talmage 
and Ada of Ravborn. 

B. M Hill and Aide Dolauoy of 

John S. Hickman and Martha 
Jones of Itombert. 

Ceo. Fri'z alid Etta Martin of 

Jan. 18, 1907 


W. O. Wedge and Lulu Short of 
Mt. Grove. 

James Heliums and Mattie Green 
of Mt. Grove. 

Albert Sulla of Kansas City and 
Ollie Purllo of Norwood. 

John W, Leonard and Annie Jen- 
kins ofMt. Grove. 

Charles Woolsey and Maud 
Graves of Macomb. 

Thos. Calhoun of Hartville -and 
Nettie Helsley of Mansfield. 

Peter RaDey and Laura J. Wil- 
liams of Mt. Grove. 

E. J. Hickman and Auna F. 
Simpson of Mt. Grove. 

Jan. 22, 1907 


W. W. Tucker and Ida Pftrkcr 
Of Ml. Gnrve. 

-Unas. S.uHli and- Vlabel A. L-i* 
thrum of M> tiro-vo". 

Aruo J"hn-ou <>l IXinvillv .111 
Ya.aT.rn of Fus-n. 

Rimcom "tTki ,4 id O 
pha.u of Mam's " \ 

Wm Wusou of Gnnies and M 
na R-ddick of Fuson. 
• Anderson Corbm and Mary R-i'. 
dick of Fus">n. >v 

Cbarh-y Garner of Grimes an 
Matiie Rehliek of BV011. 

Feb. 1, 1907 

Don Newton of Odin and Ellen 
Shaddy of Grove Spring. 

Frank- Ellis of St. Louis and Mar- 
garet Wells of Norwood. 

Feb. 15, 1907 


Phil. A Cook aud Manerva 
Thomns of Norwood. 

Joe Cofftnan of Astqria and Lo- 
la Moore of Manes. 

Jesse Carter of Manes and Sarah 
Cleaver of Muggins. 

John N. Pryor jr. of Mint and 
Emma A. .louos of Grove Spring. 

Lee Goolsby and Rhoda Uutober 
of Talmage. 

Joe L. Dennis and Ida Howard 
of Mansfield, 

March 1, 1907 


Geo. Key of ClatkS, Neb. and 
Rosa E. MHtney of Mansfield. . 

Walter Findley and Sarah E. 
Adsmson of Mansfield. r 

Harvey R. Wilson of Grimes and 
Bellle M. Carter of Norwood. 

J. P. Anderson of St. Louis and 
Blanche Coday of Mansfield 

B. O. Waropler and Vcrclle Bar- 
nett of Duncan. 

March 8, 3.907 

Low Morns, Seymour and Ada 
Strong of Mansfield. v 

Sidney H. Milton and Uug'enie 
R. Powers of Mt Grove. 

O. N. Newton of Odin" and Bes- 
■io B. Dcdson of Umpire. 

Andy II. Davis and Sarah Wil- 
liams of Mt. Grove. 

Wm. Shan-ell and Cleo Atkisson 
of Mt. Grove. 



Will practice in All the Conrts ot 

the State. 

Office with Circuit Clerk. 


IIartvillk, Mo. 




March 22, 1907 

John Carter of Norwood And Re- 
becca Sull'iynn of New Grove. 

Robert Benton of Manes and Lau- 
ra Pridgen of Mint. 

Arthur Smith of Boyer and Pearl 
V. Webb, of Grove Spring. 

Oscar Morris of Cedar Gap ahd 
RosaRldgaway of Cedar G»p. 

Con Miniban and Maggie M. 
Twohig of Norwood. 

Walter Coggins and Anna Cogs- 
dill of Hartville. 

C. 0. West and Martha J. L. 
Barker of "Norwood. 

Frank Bear of Hartrille and Edith 
Bohannon of Mansfield. 

Mills Whitley and and Lucy 
Duncan of Hartville. 

March 29, 1907 

S M. Plemmons and Martha A. 
M Trusty of Mt. Grove. 

E. O. Stayton and Erdie E. Darr 
of Norwood. 

C. C. Parrett and Ada Welt vf 

April 5, 1907 


Jas. Derson and Docia Sullivan 
Geo. Obcrt, uml Clara Reberry. 
(Ourreporter forgot the address- 
es this lime. Must he thinking about 
getting married himself; snd ' we 
think it's time, if ho don't want the 
girls to tag him for n bark-number.) 

April 19, 1907 


Noah Garner and Lillie A. Ben 
nett of Grimes. 

Harry II. Baker snd Mary E. Al- 
len of Grove Spring. • 

Wade II. Brooks and Grace E. 
Locke of Mt Grove. 

Hiram Cod ay of ltomburt & Lil- 
lie Gates of Hartville. 

J. S (harder of Reborn and Mar- 
tha Prock of New Grove. 

Lue Ferriel of Euson und Iva Cox- 
en of Heppntr. 

L. R Yapp and Lillio Mayberry 
of Mt. Grove. 

Riley Tate of Alice ' and. Susie 
Trumbo of Msnos. 

JeBsie Tow and Fannie Trumuo I 
of Mingsville. 

Geo. Goolsby of Norwood and 
Bertie Long of Mt. Grove. 

May 3, 1907 

Marriage Licences. 

Wm. M. llodcn and Mandy L. 
Bacrgett of Astoria. 

Alf R. Claxton of Mint and Rcba 
Jones of Competition. , 

Edwd Dunlap and Harriett Smith 
of Norwaod. 

May 31, 1907 


C. F. Craig and Pearl. Miller of 

J. L. White of B:ido and Luim- 
Cave of Dykes. (Married at Court 
House Tuesday, by Rev. Russell.) 

Geo Millsap of Macomb anil Ju- 
lie 1'. I'ool of Muusiield. 

June 28, 1907 


Jcsw J. Kobinctt and' Estella 
Ellis of Mt. Grove. 

E. A. Danlap and Leora Bane of 
Wcnooa, III. 

Monroe Fletohcr/df" Astoria and 
Lottie Tuttlo of IIembr»e. 

W. II. Wren and DAisy C: Pros- 
erpi Mt?, Grove. , 

P. K. f Sanders and TihaThorap- 
son of Norwood. *~ 

Geo. Dennis and Cassia R»ney of 
Mt. Grove. . . . 

Frank M. Morgan flad'Mary Bon- 
no/1 of Mansfield. 

July 19. 1907 


Sherman Heasoner of Hartville 
and Lisa Lowther ef Grimes. 

Ben Murrell and.Laur* Ipock of 

J. ». Hamilton . and Mtuorva 
Smith of Duncan. . , .. 

Will Nickle aud, Doqift Haworth 
of Hartville. 

Dave Allan and Laura Wcymor of 
Norwood . 

W. II. Pool and. Sallle E. Todd 
of Seymour. 

Lloyd Corbin of, Hoppner and 
Maggie Eubauks of . Fuson. 

July 26, 1907 


Albert R Pryor and Carrie B. 
Young of Hartville, 

C. A. Critcher of New Grove and 
Jessie Pyatt of Dunoan. 

Mr* John Yates Iras just retain- 
ed from Carthage, where she has 
been visiting her daughter, Mrs. 
Tom Palmer. 

August 9, 1907 


Geo. W. Douglas and* Cassia 
McGownof Lead Hj 11. . 

Chas. C. Oreen.of Cartorville an 
Mary Barr of Fuson. 

Chas. Burroll of Nlangua and 
Sarah E. Mockie of Grove Spring. 

Archie Robertson and Martha 
Marcum of Grove Spring. 

John Gdssage of Mt. Grove and 
Verbio Wvatt of Norwood. 

Louis K. Long gf Grimes, and 
Sallle Hopkins of Rayborn. 

August 16, 1907 


Walter Summers and Ruth N. 
Morrow of Grove Spring. 

Arthur Chapman and ifanni* 
Newton of Odi-n. 

Armon Klnnrbongh an8 Hala 
Carter of Rayburn. 

Jesse Whitefl und Lwura Whlted 
Of Raylwro. 

Arthur Chapman and Fanny New- 
ton of Odin were married Tuesday 
aficrnoon at the home of Mrs. S. J. 

August 23, 1907 


James A. Dakc and Jessie L. 
Stubb* of Mt. Grove. 

Ed Smith of Tnlrongc ahd Sarah 
E. Alumbnugh of Rayborn. 

John J. Flndley-rtf MaoOtrlb and 
Theodooia Calhoun of Norwood. 

John Malouc and- Artelia Hop' 
kins of Ravborm 

Lee Whitod and Laura Willhite 
of Rayborn. 

August 30, 1907 


Karl Krnost of Nob. and Anna 
Royal of Mt. Grove. 

Marion Palmer of Fuson Jind 
Clara Carr of Hartville. 

Fr. L. Ritohcy of Sapnlpa, I. T. 
and Laura Leo Thome of Mt. Grove 
• Chan. Sullivan of Manes and 
Clara Wood of same place. 

C. G. Nookcs and Alma Cooksey 
of Mt. Grove. 

Scott Enter and Hattio Cart 
wnght of Norwood. 

Frank II. Shotield of Mt. Grove, 
and Bcrla Mlngus of,Norwood. 

Mrs. Ida Newton and littlo son, 
of Mt. Grove, is viflitinu bore with 
her mother, Mrs. Elizabeth Raney, 
who Is quite sick.' 

Oct. 13, 190? 

Tho following Marriage Licenses 
were iBsnod during the month of 
Sopteinbcr: • 

A. (J. MoCaflister ond G, M. 
Tripp both of Mansfield. 

Oliver Ji. Robine^ and Nellie D. 
Reese both Ml. G>ove.' 

Frank Tuctt ! of Rayborn and 
Lairy E. Chancy of Mauus. 

John G. MuGuire of Mingsville 
and Birdie Hitchcock of Norwood, 

E. M. Cogdilf and Docla Carr 
both of Hartville. 

Francis M. Kitticll and Ida 
Duble both of Mansfield. 

Albert Mott of Hartville and 
Lilla Miller of Mansfield. 

Millard P. Brewer of Rayborn 
and Maggie Griffin ofjManes. 

Charles C. - Corbiu . aud Azada 
Stigall both of Fuson. 

Charles 1'. Bon ton and Mary 

W. O. Stanly, Jr., Fair Grovo, 
Green County and Sadio Hattrell of 

Thomas E. Poer of Douglas 
County and Mary |f Robertson of 
Mt. Grove. , 

Albert Martin, Grand in,' Mo. and 
Linda Cochran of Mt. Grovo. 

.Hiram M. Jackson and Allie 
Smith both'of. Norwood. 

Earl \V. Lortou of Greon County 
and Edna Williamson of Mt. Grove. 
J. 11. Garner of Kay born and 
Maud Atohley of Astoria. 

Hiram Bruster, Jackson County 
Iowa and Marsie C. Smith of 

Joe L. Hurley; Wwlsoy, Kansas 
aud Elizabeth Crisp of Manes, 

John U. Morris, Cedar Gap aud 
Ida Feacook, Mansfield, ' 

Williaiu L. Love and Ida Hughes 
both of Mt. Groye. 

SamK. BjeviiiM, Seymour and 
Sarah E. ISartley, Odin. 

Last Fridhf Mf W. R. Summers 
who is here on business from Milan 
County, Tefras, was In/ ihe Pea 
llidge settlferaent and there came 
across his mother, Mrs. Bender, 
whom ho had not seen v fof 82 years, 
and did not belieVe to be living. Al 
so his sister, Mrs. Nels Matlock, 
for whom he was looking. 

IVHrs. W. H. G.irman is with her 
mother, Mrs. Thos. Henslcy, this 

Nov. 8, 190? 

•Taspn Todd, Odin, 
Minnie Curry, Duncan, 
Walter W. Durnell, Uabool, 
Charlotte V. Rnvmer. 
Alonzo Long, Hartville, 
Jesse Barnes, Hepacr. 
Chas. Cunningham, Dewey, Okla. 
Ev.v Scott, Ml. Grove. 
Win. 13. McKay, OkU. 
Funnle Scott, Mt. Urovo. 
Rolla M. Ballard, Astoria, 
Elizabeth Cautrell, «< 
Olabe Rhyme, Mt. Grovo. 
Rosa Ouuu, 
Wic, King, Organna, 
Lena Huckoby, Lamb. 
Herbert Wood, Hartv'.lle, 
Dora Denisou, " 
Thoinaa Mead, Norwood, 
Ida Johnson, " 

VVm. M. Grofran, Norwood, 
Jewel Long, Pit. Grove. 
Chas. L. Dean, Plunk, 
Carrie Gertie Haggard, " 
Sam'l Younc, Odin, 
Ed a Yoager,, Grimes. 
Frank J one, Norwood, 
A",dra Mtshor, " 
J. W. Ellis, Grimes, 
Mary Carder, Rayborn. 
John T. Warner, Mt. Grove, 
Hume R. Amy, " 

John Foiter, Norwood, 
lloea Hobbs, .,, " 
David Pi Ussery, Norwood, 
Cora M. WyaM. " 
Jacol) H. Drake, . Mtl Grovo. 
Chetry Pcnrl Kollenshee. ,, 
August Rosowcro) KcIpo, Kun. 
Mary J, B.ackwell, Manes. 

Nov. 22, 1907 



Frank Jones and. Ardra Moster wt 
Norwood • 

Sam Young of 1 Odifa' and' Edo> 
Yeng*p of Grimes. • 

C. L 1 , Dear and Oanifr-Q-. Hag- 
gard' of Plunk. 

Wmi Grogan of Norwood' and 
Jewell Long of Mt. Grove. 

Ti.L. Mead of Norwood ia*id 1 Ida 1 
Johnson of Mansfield, 

Thos,- Huffman and LulaiSfsooof 

James Trumbo of Mlngsvlllwand 
Nellie Baker of Kinbrco. 

Ch Shropshire of Kan 'and 'Mag- 
gie Mcintosh of Grimes. 

Ned llanoy and Addie Berber' o* 

Jos S.\ Young of Mansfield aud 
Lizzie Hunt of Seymour. 

G. W. Eads and Sarah Davis of 

Oscar Leininger and- Georgia 
Reid of Mt. Qrove. 

Marve Roberts and Cora L. Todd 
of Hartville. ' 

S. E. Claxtou of Fuson and 8. A. 
Latimer of Grovo Spring, 

Fred Hake of Havtville and An- 
nie Clark of Boyer 

John Butts of Bloodlaud and 
Dara Adams ol Mingsville, 

0. H. Sloney of Hartville and 
Alice J. Bland of Rembort, 

O. R. Millsap of Macomb and 
Francis Allenof Norwood. 

Dec. 13, 1907 


Nalhau Carrier and Mary E. Mel- 
loll, of Mt. Grove. 

W. J. Findley of Hartville and 
Essa E. Fuson of Hoyer. 

Frank M. Seymour, and Lucy 
Shores of Norwood. 

John Gartell and Edna Royal of 
Mt. Grove. 

Charley Curtis of Rombert and 
Bessie Harvey of Antrim. 

Monroo Claxton aud Ethel Prid- 
gou of Mint. 

T. J. Young of Manes and Lora 
Massey of St. 'George. 

E. E. Shields of Susanna and 
Ollie Bass of Duncan. 

Jos. Hutsell of Uuggins and DeU 
ler Denton of Astoria. 

Marion Prock of Lynohburg and 
Mima' Woolard of Manes. 

F. M. Middlettm and Minerva 
Dulaney of Mt. Grove. 

Ernest Campbell and Cara King 
of Norwood. 

Jan. 17, 1908 


Robt. J. Reynolds aud Liz.'.jo 
Kempt of Norwood. 

Albert Morgan of Boycr nad Ada 
Todd of Duncan. 

JMnrve Claxton of Mint and Laura 
Welch of Manes. 

Calvin Howard and Eliza Bro^Ice. 

Olto Wheeler and Maud Brady of 

. Arthur Rich of Macomb and Ara- 
bel Moody of Harlville. 

Chas. Bn>ugh aud Delphia Wells 
of New Grove. 

Tuos. Coblo of Graff and Maud 
Brown of Plcnlt. 

Brodie Absher and Florence Bar- 
nett of Norwood. 

W. H. Brasher of Antrim and 
Stella Newton of Umpire. 
. Jas. Sweeny of Norwood and Ar- 
cuentia Adamson of Mansfield. 

Geo. W. Watson of Plunk and 
Emily C. Plunk cf Mt. Grove, 

Elmer Wilson of Manes and 
Maud Cannon same place. 

Elmer Said or Marshfield and 
Pesrlio Hickman of Rembert. 

Jan. 2h, 1908 


,W. J. Mings' aud N. A. Will- 
Jams of Mingsville, " ' 

Oscar Gourloy and Sarah Bul'nrd 
of Origanna. 

W. E. Hart of Gerald and Dovic 
Holland of Norwood. 

Elvln Lee to Moe Bridges of Mt. 

JeJ Johnson nnd May Gosw'.ck of 
Mt. Grove. 

D L. Gaskill and jMinnic Dea- 
fer of Mansfield. 

Jamc* Emery and Ada Dulaney 
of Mt. Grove. 

Reed Baker to Ethel Johnsen of 

Alexander Land and Ida Nelson 
of Mt. Grove. 

Jan. 31, 1908 
Marriage licenses. 

Guy 0. Pope- and Matie Fletcher 
of Hart vi He. 

Jerry Bennett of Competition nnd 
Mflble Mtisgrave of Niangnn. 

Chas. K. Kelloy of Wnrrensburg 
and Hatlio A. Slu'der of Mt. Grove. 

Joel Hilton hnd Laura Sowers of 
Norwood. ■ f 

Kcv. p. (). of Gainesville 
and ,MrB> J Ros,qJlalpli uC.M.uGiovc. 

Walter Duvis nndLilliu J. Yo~ 
oum of Mt. GrovB. 

Feb. lii, 1908 

Walter Hamiltoi} of New .Grove 
and May Todd of Seymour.. 

James Williams a^id Siss Bohan- 
non of Organu.t. 

Roy Bunn of Kansas and Flora 
Tate of Boy or. . 

M. L. Sharp and Martha B. 
Young of Manofiehfi 
> J. C. Sneary an<\ Eliza E. Will- 
iams of Bit. G'rove."; 
^ Jas. Lawlcr aud Minnie Dean of 

' • Fred Carter of Norwood and Pe- 
lilah E. Carlwrignt, same place' 
. " J. H. Boy«r and Docia Gentry of 
Mt. Grove. 

Feb. 28, 1908 

P. A. Cline and Donea Shrop- 
shire of Manes. 

Frank T. Burtlow and E*da Kel- 
ley of Odin. 

Ezra S. Dennis of Mansfield and 
Mamie A. Yoang of Rembert. 

Andrew V. Todd and Lena L. 
Pennison ©Mlartville-. '* 

. Johu PeteM and Mary Todd of 
GroT* Spring. ■*' 

,>, Roy Ferrell of Frtson and Eola 
Hake of Hartville. , . 

James Hensiey of Hartville and 
Bettlo Detberow Of Rembert. 

March 6, 1908 


Clarence Alsup of Norwood and 
Ethol Loomi* of Mt. tiroyo. 

Samuel M. l<loh»'d»on of St. 
Oeorge and KHsa Piston of Mint. 

Charles Bohannon and Onnle 
Lawson of P«e»e. 

William J. Baze arid Miaoie J. 
Yaugtui of Mt. Gro»e* 

Wm O. Baher,o< Qk'ra. and Lau- 
ra Palmer of Mt Grove. 

Homer Tomleson of 'Mt. Grove 
and KlKe S. Sandera of texaa Co. 

Edw. Tomleaou a*d <3arrie Mallo- 
ry of Umpire. 

Charla F. Lindfcryf of Origanna 
and Laura Jordaa of drove. Spring. 

Everybody lnvcs^ onr baby, rosy, 

sweet and warm 
With kissy places on her neck and 

dimples on her arms. 
Ohco she was so thih and cross, 
« turd to cry with pain. 
Mother gave her Cas'\a«wcct, and 

now she's well ac;ain. Sold by 
J. A. Campbell. 

March 20, 1908 


Oscar' Liles and Gertie Turner of 

Wm. rVr and Lizzie Huton 
of Talmage. < 

Arthur Randolph, Grove Spring 
and Lizzie Jordon of Mint. 

Clarence Walkc r of M;« U8 fi e |d and 
Gertio Denton of Astoria. 

-lames S. Alfo r d of Mt. Grove 
and May Abbott f Chicago, III.. 

April '17, 1908 

P. E. Carney, Competition, Myr- 
tle Wood of Boyer. 

Harry Paxton G reen berry of Kan - 
gas Arena Branstetier of Antrim. 

Noah Boharujon and Martha Hurt 
of Hartville. 

May 1, 1908 

Travlce Hensiey and Rosy More- 
land of Hartville. 

Gc.Oro ti. NIoMl pnd Myrtle 
Bowman of New Grove. 

Robt. Hurt and Ethel Barnett of 

Arthur C. Douglass and Hattio P. 
Fromen of Salem. 

May 8, 1908 

Wm. Barker of Niangim and Ru- 
by Kitikade of Grove Spring. 

John Hidens and Citra Davis of 

Gen. H. Nichols nnd Myrtle 
Bowman of New Grove. . 

May 29, 1908 

Clark Douglass aud May Leo of 

Mt. Grove. ' 

Guy Newton of Grovo Spring and 
Bertie I. Long ol" JJoyt-r. 

O. W. Rutherford aud ElmaMay 
Gibbs of Norwood. 

Lou Elhoiidgo aud Allio Taylor 
of Norwood. 

Mrs.' A. L ' Todd nnd children 
arc in Mt. Grove visiting Mrs. 
Todd's father. Mrs. Todd will visit 
Willow Springs befero returning 

June 13, 1908 


M. D. McCIanahan and Nora 
A. Gordon of Mingsvillc, 

Lon Ethcridgo and Allic Taylor 
of Norwood. 

Geo. W. Rcthcrford and Alma 
May Gihbs of Norwood. 

Guy Nowtou and Bertie I. Long; 
Grove Sprint? and Hoyer. 

Clark Douglas* and May Leo of 
Mt. Grove. 

June 20, 1908 

W.'R. Mumford and Elsie Stew- 
art of Norwood. 

G. \V. Duncan and D'wj.'ie Bar- 
beo of Hartville. 

Wra. N. Penland of Kansas and 
Anna It. 8impn of Mt. Grove. 

A. J. Yoimg and Nellie Fisher *»f 

July 3, 1908 

Dr. J. A- Fii&nn and Minn-Jessie 
Freeman of Mamfleld. 
- C. 11. Nivcdsanil Et'a Findley or 

ISdjiar Alli'ii .and Kibil Ilerrlol; 
of Jill., Grave. . 

Ora-l A . Carroll and Klhic Sa:-- 
d«TK of Mi. Grove.i 

W. ,11 v|„rtif„r.| and Iilalo Stew- 
»rt of Norwood. 

August 7, 1903 


Arthur A. Ross and Roth C. 
Mackey of Mansfield. 

A. C. Hubert and E. II. Maokey 
of Mansfield. 

Win. Wilson and Jane Hoyer of 
Mt. Grove. 

T. Ben Moore and Lulu McClan- 
alian of Hartville. 

M. II. Long and Aca Oliver of 

Joe O. Crider aod Lydia Young 
of Mansfield. 

Aunt llellen Young ll home 
again from a 2 months stay with her 
gfand-daughu* Myrtle Adamson 
Mu tie and Tom are the proud par- 
ruts of a 10 pound *i>l baby. 

Bertha and Ona Pryor from No. 3 
called on their grandma, Aunt Ilul- 
len Young, Sunday. 

August 28, 1908 


Shelby Bertrom of Mansfield and 
Mrs.' Alice Beard of Cedar Ga-3, 

L. G. Cantrcll and Hose Alford 
of Duncan. 

Reuben Broylee and Neorua Ba- 
ker of lleppncr. 

DeSot.a Lalhrom and Laura Gott 
of Ravborn.. 

Sept. 18, 1908 


R. N. Rice of Oklahoma and Ada 
Ellis of Duncan. 

James Sullivan of new Grove and 
Pearl Wuc.lchel of Hartville. 

Ernie Newton of Umpire and 
Bessie Curtis of Hartville. 

Henry Sucy and Laura Moss of 

John (Jonrow and Louisa Moore 
of Norwood. 

Henry Herndon of Springfield and 
Bessie Trout of Ilnrtvillc. 

Roy Stapp and Allic Leonard of 

Harry Smith and Onega Scott of 
of Mt. Grove. 

J. D. Kernoy of Miss, and Daisy 
Wiggin of Mt. Grove. • 

F. NccJhutn and Susan Garrett 
of Manes. 

J. 0. Smith and Pollio Wallace 
of Mt. Grove. 

Argus Palmer of Fuhoii and L. 
Danis of Mint. 

John Rader and Maudy McKeel 
of Niangua. 

Nov. 13, 1908 


.lame? II. Nelson, Alex. I.linois 

aod Nora C. Boric, Grove Spring 

Chsa. A. Riclianlion, G rove Sprigs 

Bcloia L. Home. Bartlcsville, Okla. 

Henry G ir icf and Mary E. 

Queesenbury both of ManeB. 

Nov. 20, 1908 


J. C. Dicker«oQ and May Martin 
boih. of Msoomb. 

Ravmond Davison and Kind Goa- 
wiok both of Grove Spring. 

Folia Johnson and Ola Scott both 
or Hartville. 

Thorns* J one* and Maud Huckaby 
both of Lamb. 

Dec. li, 1908 


J. B. Reevea of Ml Grove ape 
Mary C. Marra of Plunk. ''."', . 

Henry Moseley of Manes anc' 
Mary Agnes Evans, of Manes. 

John Jones aod Ellon Srolttl 
both of Grove Spring. 

James Kumfelt and Cora' E. Craw 
ford both of Manes. 

A. J. Torve and Verble Jonei 
both of Mingeville. 

Willis Shiourt of Mansfield and 
Mary McUlauauao of New Grove. 

Ambrose Huggard and Mollle 
Caliber both of Hunk. 

R E. Simmons of Seymour and 
BUitaihfl t'ampbull <t Hartville. 

Arthur B Glenn and Nora A. 
Biauiou both of Mt. Grove. 

Ben Ababer of Norwood, and 
Lui* Coday of MnnsQeld, 

0. F. Wood ' of Talmage and 
Ola Wood of Norwood, : ■ . 

A R. Williams and Stasobia 
Merrill both, of Maoomb 

Dec. 25, 1908 

John Owen ol Norwood and Fran 
ois Caudle of Mt Grove 

Richard Willing of Hartville and 
Roaa Tale of Odin. 

Charles A, Young and Esther 
Fletcher both of Harlville. 

Ilarty Bemis and Ella Prow, both 
of Grove Springs. 

John Collins and Atava Zers^hky, 
both of Gratf. 

.Stephen Pointer and Dslla Stogs 
tol, bolh of Mt. Grove. 

D. ok Cawlhonof Ann aod Hat ie 
Sanders of Mt. Grove. 

Colds contracted At tbis season of 
the year should be treated with 
Bees Laxative Congh Syrup. . It 
clears the bead and throat. Instant 
relief for cougbs> oolds, croup, 
whooping cough, hoarseness and 
bronchial troubles, It should be in 
the house for children. It is pleas* 
ant to take and gently laxative-. 

Bruton & Prophet's drug store. 

Jan. 29, 1909 

Dave Crider and Bather Edwsrd»V 
botb of Mansfield. 

Hnriraan A. Dedmon of Mansfield 
and Zrtla A. Resshing df Seymour. 

V, U. C'urtfe «od Rosa Jkrrett* 
l)j!h of Norwood. 

(juhrae/ M. Suck of Bt. Charks* 
ami Myrtle A. lWor df Hartville. 

Robifri L. OweuS add Emma jS' 
Halladifi both-of llariviHe. 
.'.. OlieHi:»r 'Frohcii of Newton ooanty^ 
»u.l iSthul Bltfkely ttf Mt. Grove. 

Htfrvey ■Pat'.erson of Duncan and' 
Tii» Black Werl of 'Hartrliie. 
8. Ii. •CI«'vuIhuiI of Ul.iUie and MrS.- 
! f «nnle P. Heudnok of Mt. Grove. 

Jo tin A. Latla/er oY Bojer and 1 
LuuraSbaddy of Xjrove Spring. 

Feb. 12. 1909 

A. TV. Fletohbr and Lottib Bah - - 
ders of Mt. Grote. 

Roy Huo'klclJy find 1 Anna Robe'rll* 
of Competition. 

Lre McClanahnn of Hnrtvllln nncl 
Dessie Keller of St: George 

J. R. Dolikard df Mtinsfield firiH 
Rntli Kills of Nfew Grove. 

Wm. Maldne antl bllie Henley 
of Raybdfri. 


Wo have had an opportunity In 
the last few weeks, to see and hear 
a great deal of the Pneumatic Churn 
and we believe it will make it pos- 
sible for the farmer to compete with 
the dairymen. It make* nothing 
but high grade butter, removes all 
milk, and besides is a great labor- 

We never' before saw a churn that 
would churn sweet milk and make 
hard butter, In from 4 to 10 min- 

By this prooess the milk and but« 
ter are purified, and the keeping 
quality of the butter is greatly in- 
creased. It bears shipping perfectly, 
and instead of becoming stale and 
rancid, it arrives at market fresh 
and sweet. 

We have purchased one of these 
churns, and can heartily recom- 
mend it to all <butter-makers. 

April 9, 1909 


(Sinoe Fob 12, 11(00.) 

Lewis Shields and Be?sie Patter- 
ion of Duncan. 

J. 0. Clem and Bertha Slarno of 

Joseph P. Turgon and Verba 
Bradsbaw of Norwood- 

Horace M. Cbaney and Vary E. 
Tapp of Ann. 

R. L. Handy and Mamie Pitts of 
MansGeld. • i 

Harvey' Hcnalee and pora Moody 
both of Mansfield. ' 

[I. P. William*, Pbilllpsburg and 
Georgia Ilakeilartvlllo. 

W. P. Randolph Grove Spring and 
Nora Curtis Rcmberl. 

Ciarenoo Trumbo, MIngsvlllo and 
Ylspgie Di-ke', Einbrcc. 

Virgil Stallings and Pqvie £>ots6n 
of Ilariville 

Andy Cart and Mpdea Mitohell 
of Uartvilto. 

Jaropi Wynne, of Harlvllle and 
Alllh Roblnett of Rayboro. 

Charles W. Wright and Maude 
Lee of Mt. Qrovp. 

D. A. Needham and Ilet'.le Spur- 
;eon of Mt. Qroye. 

James Breyer and Mennii Goe- 
ill of Mansfield: 
' John F. Ellis of Dqncan and Mis T 
turl Hefnor of Boyer. , 

■i J. A. Jinks of N'angua and pel- 
i Buitram of Grove Spring. 

Kins Fletcher and Mallssa Sparks 
'jf Norwood. . , , 

Walter H. Brown and Ida Belle 
Raney of Norwood, > 

Leroy Wittmer and May Simmons 
of Mt. Grove. 

Benj Smallcy and Hazel Paxton 
nf Mt. Grove 

Chas. Crawforn ah! Ona CrUoher 
of New Gro\e. 

( Henry R, Bixlor and Edna Mingu«~ 
both of Duncan. 

Poland TVijiblenqn and Amy, 
Mai lory both of LJmpirp, 

Sionowall U.'Uijmc.i of. Grimes 
aid, lilfllo D.jko of Koyboro. 

Jisie A Claston emd Llllie M»rr>. 
ell bath of Hartvlllc. ' 

P. 61. pqyel, Maqomb, uncj W,l!la 
MuUalkSic-r, Norwood. 

WjMiam Roseman and Cora By 
Rithrrford both of Norwood. 

April 23, 1909 

. Sj ARMAGH LlCJsfTsM^t 

IL S. Glenn find Maggie Bm^lHf 

of tit. Grove. • , 

W. C. Johnson and fteftlt At' 

HsEei-.of MansBild; 

April 30, 1909 
•,^M"AltRIAGE L10RNSE3. \ 
, .W.< J\ b&vis , of Seymour*' and 
Mary Ross, of rjlansfield,;,. •.<,»- 
: J. M. Floyd ond Adeline. Savage 
of.Mint. ;.., ,:'..•..•' ; .•; .., . .. _ : 
*. Samuel Carlls 6f, St. Ocorg'o add^ 
Agnes Newton, of. (jdln. .. ,i 

i.'j Chas. J. Rice of Norwood and 
•AllieA. Hnrtloy of -.Avtn ...,i . .;■< 
L .J. W. BeeVes of Mt. Grove ahd 
Oma Blackwcll of Muncs. , 

Nay 21, 1909 
2 Mrs. Furrow of 1 Ash %Vffi*irW$i 
e<l hef d'nai<hter» ^rsV.irmehlby 
F'uhoh', lftat w6ok."' 

'Mi J 4.' \f. --g. Wood ii& "Xhnt Lul. 
cy Denton Called on Mrs. Ed CodHy 
ThorSdoy. '' '•'' 

•MAlt^fAfi'i Xt6'B*fSlfi3i* 

JoHii 'ft* : .Toi\ndOB' *bl' Orbve 
Sp'ring flhd LiriR Nelson of ( Agnrs."' 
^Gils W. Itonslt'e tind Mflry 06r- 
trudo MoMabrtn of Mnnsfinid. .'.' r' ■ 
• Ch'hrley Mdreland.'nhd V\rn'ft fcck 
"day of jktttli fiTIol 

^ GeohW. Bi'iinstdi\(ijf oif Rf.mbetl 
flnd Jessie '&. P. Harris of UmplrcV* 
' Rnftdle Smith ; or . Turley an^ 
rinM Nettie Br>ll of Astoria. ' 

June 26, 1909 

Jan. llulums of Mt; UroVe and 
Euj'ma Moore of HurtvllL). ;'_ i 

J. E, Garrison jand Molvina Epps 
o/ Seymoun' . 

Solomon DavenpbrtJ of Atchison 
Co r a((d, Jk|allss^ Gourjey, Mt. 
Grove. ■■>■.', ,'• '.V > ■■'•'. '. 

0.1s',A. ilhtspd and Dona Gouri 
lay of Mt Grove. 

Mrs. R. II. Hanson came iu 
Thursday frotu Sprlngh'pld, where 
she , ha$ been visiting with her 
daughter, Mrs. Ed MoNoaly. 

July 16, 1909 
Olarenco Smalley of Mansfield 
knd May James of Oabool. ' 

Robt. Todd and Ethel Waymire 
oC Odin. 

Drew Turner add Minnie Row- 
land of Mansfield. 

A Vary pretty wedding ooourred 
•lit the homo of N. J. YVhelcbel lasi 
Sunday; the contracting parties be- 
ing Mr. Drew Turner and Mis* 
Minnie Rowland «f ManSfle'.d; Rev. 
J. W. 8lusber oftidlatiDg. 

August 13, 1909 

Ellis Newton and JJorljiie Roso- 
vier of Manen. \ 

Walter Uoffuiun of Astoria and 
Edna Bruton of 1 Mt.' Grove. 

J. W. Iiabb and Effel Ucoslny of 

J. W/ Flotcboi; of Talma^e and 
Alice Neu kirk of Mt. Grovo 

Orren Latimer and Bilbo Martan 
of Fnson. 

John B. AJnyfi«l<) ' end Ethel 
Plunk of.Mt. Grove. 

Henry Sullivan (>f Munpi and 
,Myrtle Wood of Grimes. 

Ennest Payno und Allie Kcoling 
of Ceder Gap. ' 

Fred Bishop of Kansas rmd Ida 
.Hoggatt of Grovo Spring. 

Sept. 17, 1909 

Toddie M. Allfau. and Stella Long 
of Mt. Urovp. 

Jaoob E. Hudson and Annh Gar- 
uor of Grove Spring. 
Perry Caluouu and Etia Bdrnctt ei 
Norwood. » 

Caas. Ketos and Myrtle Degw 
Of Norwood. 

Fiauk Boqriell ami Lulu Hitch- 
oock of Mansfield. 
'' John II. Mausker dad M'uita Shi- 
livmi of Mam h. '■ 

Johri A Austin aud Id t ^Isy BfcnJ, 
liett of primes. 

Mrs. Mirain Urown or Dallas Co. 
ui vlshlng, bit brother's Po»cy and 
Alford Mlhgus. . .-,. 

Oct. 15, 1909 


James Walker of Taluiage ».a<l 
Bessie Houteley of Norwood, 

John Howard 1 of Jtansas City 
and Millio Terry of HaUvlllo. 

David J. Wood and Magglo 
Brajistettor of Astoria. , 

Natliau'lfr Eoglaod of Lockwopd 
and SprapKolloy of Mansfield'; 
' L. Calvin, (ind E|iaa WUsoii pt 
Mti Grovo% 

J. A.Cislle'n 4iia tJellij NieKle- 
aojj p.t Mt. Qrove! 

J. A, l|ito,n of Umpira arid. Foba 
J. t'a)hounof llartvillo. 

Clarcnc'u 5!pom:e and try vVi'.ilo 
of Ma.nsli<ddJ 

]»aao Uwuiie and. Emma Johnson 
qi Ml. Grovo. 

Oct. 29, 1909 

J. P. Uarn.otUnd Vina" R/Oso "f)i 

Ben V. Henderson and^AtTdjc 
Rogers of horing. 

Dec. 31, 1909 
Mt. Guy Clark, of In*an Cree*, 
and Miss Efllo Farmor.'of Itortvillo, 
wero joined in wodlrffck, Bohdrty, 
Die 20, 19p!i, by MsiJ; Jolin H. II. 
Mott at his liqmo in Htirtvillo. 

Mr: llflbert Amiolc, of Hartyille, 
alid Miss 0<>u White; Of Lebanon, 
were' United In fflatrlrrhriy,) Sunday, 
Drd. in, leU'J; at hbrrtc bf Mr. Lon 
MmShrdl; by Rev; th Hi Warren; 

Mr: Eli Tort>l;of Odin; ati& Miss 
OfMe Edwards; of Hartvilie; were 
uiih&l fo marriage', by Rev. D. 
B WUrf'o'n,' it hoffTe of's 
brotbel 1 . Mi'. A; J/.' Todd ot fhfs 
citiy,- Sunday, D66. 20',' r»00; 

Aunt Lucy Benton, living two 
miles west of town is confined to 
her bed, being seriously ill. Her 
daughter, Mrs. W. S. Wood was 
at her bed side Wednesday. 

Mrs 5 . Allie Parsons who has been 
visiting her sister Mrs. H. 15. Frin'k 
is now visiting relatives in Ava. 

Jan. 7, 1910 
m.m\ ia'.Ulit L10EN>E.v 

S. W" - , to wart an. I Clirftnoo 
Reeves of llartvllle. . 

Fr,d \\ Wo. d.iDd. Allie D»ijru«ir 
of an illo. 

" Ji ue< Ohad'well and Ktolla B»r- 
helt ill Norwood., - 

James RoWo aiid Bertha Bair ot 

April 8, 1910 

Clyde Qreeu and ^Foyo Cfaspci' of 

P. M. Baney and ldn Baum of 
Mt. Grovo. i • > " 

J. 'E. Ohunbo of Bryant and A'lha''iheT of Mansfield. 

Edwin Obrk and Edna KcoDdrof 
Mt. 'GroVe. . • 

Dexter L. Lahdriih hnd Agnes L. 
Sanddr d'f Mt. Gfovc. • 

April 15, 1910 


Uaryy |i. Hart of HartrillB and 
Lena Austin of .Mint. 

Qwen Wi G.orhiaa and Martha A. 
Odell of Hartville. 

Richard Smith and Ada Hoggatt 
of Grov^spripgs; 

Muraha,! ,Shdddy and Audra Ran- 
dolph of ^roveaprjngs. 

Henry Moore, and Atfdllne Cart- 
wright of Jfiprwood. 

Caw. Wampler and Lena Mtngos 
of Duncan. 

May 20, 1910 

C. W. Robbins and Miss K. M. 
Stephens of Mt, Grove prooured 
license to wed last Saturday.. 

June 10, 1910 


Harry Heaton dnd Lizzie itogom 
of Mansfield. 

Geo. B. Freeman and « Verba Ti,. 
Tate of Mansfield. ■ 

Dudley Claxtoh of Rembert and 
Belle Shaddy ot Grove Springs* ■ 

Isaac B. Calhoun and Biddie 
Starks of Norwood. 

July 15, 1910 



William Bioughton and Miss 
Mary Perkins qf Manes, 

John M. RroCkr and, Minn Bessie 
Klncholoo otiMaucs, 

James BliDkonsbip and . MUs 
Jennie Wade of" Manes. 

Gilbert, E. Chapin of SulvorKans. 
and Zola M, Phillips of Auu, Mo. 

M, J, Hartley of Od>n and Miss 
Cora U, Calbonn of Uartvillo, Mo. 

Walter MoMsHtcrs ami Miss Kalo 
Williams of\ Macomb, Mo. 

Tbe people around '.he Grove were 
ycry rr»uch surprised at Ejdd Nois 
pomiug down from Springfield Sun- 
day njgbt and taking Miss Mat 
White back with him Monday and 
Stopping at Marahfleld to be married. 
The young folks around the Grove 
were very sad indeed when they had 
to giyo Min9 Mat up. They will make 
their home in Springfield for ' a few 
months and, then will go to Cali- 

Nov. 18, 1910 


J. A, Dnkd add Lillio Mi Long 
of Mt. Grove.' . 

Silas' Av Bfryer hod' Aiiblfe, A, 
Fisher of tlartvilk 

E. Ilr Bates' and Etrio Mi rviser 
of Manaficld. 

W«5bb Claxtbb df* Hai'tvil'lfl and 
Mablfe 'E. LlewaHyn,- Gr. Springs! 

Walter ClaxtOh aVrl Verbis Davis 
of Smittlei' 

SamT Abdbef and' JJ/tfa\W Brjiner 
of Scyraotir. 

May 2l, 190? 

m\KniA(JK un:.\si:s. 

•Ins. Runey utid CJmio Wood »f 

VVm. Haton of Ivfn, .Karf. uud 
Donnie Brown of llnrtvillo, 

Arthur Brownlre or Grove Spring 
an<l Frances fSHnrpe of Brief. 

A. G. Millsnp of Macomb and 
Maggie Codny of Mansfield. 

(Jhas Woody and Ada Kaney of 
Talmfige. • 

RoU l':uilt of Cabool and Lncy 
Prnitt of M uncs. 

April 3,. 1908 

John Burley and Minnie Gasa of 
of Grove Spring. 

Charley Thompson' and- Ollie 
Price of Manes. 

Chas. Shaw and Vfldia Beed of 
Mt. Grove. 

•J. F. Gamboll of Mt. Grove and 
Blanche Vincent of Norwood. 

Jas. S. Alford of Mt. Grove and 
May Abbott of Chicago. 

Olarenco Walker of Manes and 
Gertie Denton of Astoria. 

Arthur Randolph of Grove Spring 
And Ltiusle •Ionian of Mint. 
■ William Fair of Talmoge end 
Lfozie Huton, same town. 

Oscar Liles and Genie Turner of 
Man s field. 

April 10, 1908 


Wm- McClanahatt of Pease and 
Myrtle Alford of Grove String. 

Floy IS. Hall and Ora D. Hopkins 
of Mt. Grove. 

John Randall and Ollie Lilthi of 
Norwood. N. Glllls ard Ahnro S. 
Necdham of Mt. GrOvs... 

Marcus Foster and Matilda //Irt- 
ish ky of llayborn. 

Charles Crisp of Manes and Lau- 
ra Adams of Competition. 

Marion Johnson and ClaTa Estus 
o-f Mncorab. 

Mrs. Maude Woolsey of Wood- 
land rnrk, Colorado, is visiting ber 
partiilsMr, aad Mrs. N. A, Qiavei 
of Macomb for the past mouth. 

June 2h, 1910 
Marriage Licenses, 

Lewis Brant and Ida V. Fraley o$ 
Mt. Grove. 

Alex. H. Kolley and AUie tCb.ap'v 
man of Manslield. 

Otto Cunimiugs, of Ark. ' ' and) 
Myrtle Etter of Miss. 

Herbert Collier of Okla. Citj and( 
Mabel Robinelte of Mt. Grove.. 

Homer C. Randolph of Lor^nt^ 
and Ina Boyer of Boyer. 

Joe Ollie of Springfield and. J*^ - * 
tb.» Henderson of Loripg. 

Sept. 2, 1910 

Slnoe our last issue the following 
parties cave secured licenses to wed; 
Aich Cafjey q,nd Botllo (.hict'-r of 
Niongua. Osoat 1 Floyd and Verdie 
Pridrfou of Si.Georgo, Sam Bnntl^y, 
OJin and Tlora Gulhoun, llartvilln, 
Bill Hudson, M.inos, and Lizzie 
Trnmbo, Mings villo and Walter 
Murr, Grnll ond Cuttic Fletcher, 

Q g 

o « 

o ^ ^ 

© 3 

till o 

x s, 

r- * 

1 B 


CC tf UJ 

1 a. *i Or 





mm -< 

C/D -p 

tc «w? t 

D Z 





nfr tf 



A330TT, toy 23 32 

AUSTIN, Jas. 22 

'BASS, Ollle 27 

ABRAHAM, Gusta 14 

John A. 31 

BATES, E. A. (m) 32 

A3SH3R, Ben 11 29 

Lena 31 

BATTRELL, Sadie 27 

Brodle 28 

Wm. L. 24 

BAZE, William J. 28 

Haxve 25 

BAUCUM, Chas. A. 21 

Margaret A. 24 

Dora P. 22 

Martha 24 

BABB, J. W. (m) 31 

Geo. L. 20 

Minnie 20 

Sarah 17 

BAUGN, Allice 16 

Saa'l 32 

BAGLEY, W. J. 2 

BAUM, Ida 31 

AOCERMAN, Josephine 17 

BAILEY, Clarence 16 

U. G. 7 

ADAMS, Dara 27 

BAKER, Bettie 8 

BEAR, Frank 26 

Laura 32 

Christ ana 10 

Mary 26 

Lizzie 24 

Fred 21 

BEARD, Alice Mrs. 29 

R. P. (ra) 10 

Hannah 16 

BEAVER, J. A. (■) 1 

T. J. (m) 6 

Harry H. 26 

BECK, Qumoe M. 30 

ADAMSON, Amentia 28 

Jacob B. 9 

BECKER, Jerry 12 

Delia 19 

M. E. (f) 7 

BEvJKHAM, Cleaentlne 13 

Isaac 4 

Maggie 30 

Janie 11 

Nalley 18 

Nellie 27 

BEENY, Mabel 15 

Sarah E. 25 

Nellie A. 30 

BEIGHLEY, Laura 17 

Thomas 20 

Neoaa 29 

BEINER, Myrtle 32 

Tyra 5 

Reed 28 

BELL, Fannie 6 

ADMIRE, H. J. (a) 22 

Wa. 0. ' 28 

Frank B. 21 

AGEE, Ada 19 

BALDWIN, Oscar 10 

Mary 15 

Essie 10 

BALL, Edith 14 

BELT, Blanche 17 

Marlon 8 

Rena 3 

Lillie 22 

Nannie 20 


Mamie 18 

ALFORD, Belle 3 

Rolla M. 27 

BEMIS, Harry 29 

Haze 29 

BANE, Carrie 25 

BENNETT, Bert 2 

James S. 28 

Leora 26 

Fannie (Mrs. Frank P.) 7 

Jas. F. 32 

Sallie 18 

Ida May 31 

Myrtle 32 

BANEY, Ben 21 

Jerry 28 

ALLEN, Alonzo 6 

Sarah 17 

Lillie A. 26 

Andrew 15 

BARBEE, Dlzzie 29 

T. F. (a) 2 
W. I. <■) 11 

Belle 23 

BARBER, Addle 27 

D. M. (f) 11 

Delia 16 

BENTON, Alice 12 

Dave 26 

BARE, Frank 24 

Charles P. 27 

Edgar 29 

BARGER, Katie 17 

M. E. (a) 25 

Edna 12 

BARNARD, Mary 14 

Robert 26 

Francis 27 

May 20 

BERNARD, Maud 18 

Ids 20 

BARKER, Martha J.L. 26 BERRY. J. G. (m) 14 

Mary E. 26 

Wa. 28 

Maggie J. (age 73)16 

Mike 20 

BARNES, Jesse 27 

BERTROM, Shelby 29 

Sarah 16 

Lillie 7 

BEZONI, Anson 16 

Toddle M. 31 

Lulu 11 

BISHOP, Bettie 7 

W. B. (■) If 

Mamie 6 

E. E. (a) 9 

ALLOVAY, Viola 9 

Mollle 13 

Fred 31 

ALSUP, Clarence 28 

V. R. (■) 22 

Jno. D. 15 

Delia 1 

Zina 23 

BINGHAM, Elijah 14 

ALUMBAUCH, Sarah E. 26 


BINKLEY, Isaac 10 

AMICK, Charley 3 

Bennett 23 

BDCLER, Henry R. 30 

Robert 31 

Ethel 28 

BLACK, John B. 25 

AMY, Harrie R. 27 

Etta 31 


ANDERSON, A. J. (■) 17 

Florence 28 

Mary E. 24 

Ada 20 

L. E. (a) 23 

Mary J. 27 

Clara 16 

Lena 2 

Sarah 21 

Heater 24 

Nannie 5 

Tlra 30 

J. P. (a) 25 

Grander 8 

BLAKELY, Ethel 30 

Mary L. 20 

Stella 31 


ARNOLD, Isaac N. 19 

Susan 5 

BLAND, Alice J. 27 . 

John R. 21 

Thane (f) 9 


ASBEL, Jessie 18 

Vardie 25 

BLAZIER, Delia 17 

ASHB'i, Ettle 13 

BARNS, Annie 18 

BLEDSOE, Delia 7 

Harry 12 

BARNEY, Nellie 14 

Enoch 8 

ATCHLEY, Maud 27 

BARR, Angelina 2 

Ollie 11 

Nara F. 24 

Bertha 31 

Sarah 23 

ATKINS, Mary 13 

BARRETT, Ida M. 23 

BLSVINS, San K. 27 

ATKINSON, J. R. (a) 11 

BARTH, Wa. 23 


Jaaes 23 

BARTLEY, M. J. (m) 32 

Jas. W. Z2 

ATKISS0N, Cleo 25 

San 32 

Sarah 22 

ATNIP, Eva 5 

Sarah E. 27 

Tampa 14 

AUSTIN, J. M. (a) 23 

V. H. (a) 18 

BOGART, Thoaas 4 


30HANNC:;, Charles 28 

Edith 26 

Frank 11 

John 25 

Noah 23 

Nora 2 

3iss 23 

T. B. (m) 9 
30LIAN, Homer 24 
BONNELL, Frank 31 

Mary 26 
300HER, Anna 5 
300TH, Annie 5 
BORDERS, Mertle 24 

Ollle M. 15 

W. F. (a) 12 
BOWLIN, Jas. 24 

N. F. (m) 23 

Nettie 11 
BOWMAN, Millie 18 

Myrtle 23 
BOYD, Ida 22 
BOYER, Dora 16 

Ina 32 

J. H. (a) 28 

Jane 29 

Silas A. 32 
BOX, Laura 10 

Mollle 4 

Ollle A. 20 

U. J. (m) 7 
BRACE, J. J. (m) 15 

Lizzie 2 
BRADFORD, Bettle 18 
BRADSHAW, Ratla 14 

Verba 30 

W. S. (a) 21 

Zadie 2 
BRADY, M. J. (f) 12 
BRAMHALL, Alaa 24 

J. P. (a) 2 

M. E. (f) 11 
BRANSTETT2R, Arena 28 

P. H. (a) 6 

Geo. W. 30 

Joe H. 17 

L. A. (a) 14 * 

Maggie 31 

Paraella 25 
BRANT, Lewis 32 
BRASHER, Ada 15 

Roaa 9 

V. H. (a) 28 
BRAZEAL, Berta 1 

Retta 9 

Wm. 14 
BRAZIL, Annie 19 

Etta 1 
BRESSLER, Joeie 10 
BREWER, Aleeh 8 

Carrie 23 

Frank 6 

Mary 3 

Millard F. 27 
BREYER, Jaaea 30 
BRIDGES, Mae 28 
BRILL, Nettle 30 
BROOK, Lola 18 
BROOKS, Edward 2 

Lona 12 

Wade H. 26 
BROUGH, Chas. 28 
BROUGHTON, Wllliaa 12 
BROWN, Adrla 3 

3R0WN, Bony 2 

Bulgle 10 

Chas. 0. 16 

Coral 23 

Delia 21 

Donnle 32 

F. M. (a) 7 

J. G. (a) 10 

John 20 

Laura 24 

Maud 23 

Ollie 5 

Ross 18 

Sallie 5 

Walter H. 30 
BR0WNLEE, Arthur 32 
BR0YLES, Eliza 29 

J. E. (a) 22 

Reuben 29 

Roscoe 17 

W. P. (a) 17 
BRUMLEY, Arthur 19 

Llda 14 

Leda 15 
BRUSTER, Hiraa 27 
BRUT0N, Alice 9 

Edna 31 

Jesse 21 

W. C. (a) 11 
BRYANT, Mollle 6 
BUCHANAN, Mary 19 
BUCK, Llllie 20 

Pearl 13 
BUCKLES, Roy G. 24 
BULLARD, Sarah 28 
BUNN, Roy 28 
BURCH, M. (a) 6 

Mary 13 
3URLEY, Florence 15 

John 32 

Nora C. 29 
BURNEY, Jaaes E. 1 

Mary 27 

T. J. (a) 11 
BURNS, Chas. 16 

Fannie 11 

Hoaer 11 

Llllie 7 

Lula 18 

Marion 15 

Riley 12 
BURRELL, Chas. 26 
BURRIS, H. J. (a) 24 
3URTLOW, Frank T. 28 
BURTON, F. M. (f) 17 
BUTCHER, Belle 12 

Cyloaa 5 

J. Pryor 24 

Joeie 17 

Lona 6 

Rhoda 25 

Ules. 18 
BUTTRAM, Delia 30 

Frank 5 
BUTTS, Alice 24 

John 27 
BYERLY, Lucy 20 

CABLE, Llllie 8 
CAFFEY, Arch 32 
CALHOUN, Cora B. 32 
Dora 32 
Feba J. 31 
G. W. (a) 9 
Isaac B. 9 31 

CALHOUN, Mary E. 3 

Perry 31 

Theodocla 26 

Thos . 25 
CALTON, Grint 7 

Maudle 22 

Temple 20 
CAMPBELL, Andrew J. 23 

Bessie 22 

Blanche 29 

Chas. 18 

Ernest 27 

Geo. A. 15 

Nettle 11 
CANNON, Cordelia 5 

Maud 23 
CANTRELL, Abraham 11 

El»ona 15 

Jesse 9 

L. G. (m) 29 

Mattie 8 

Ollie 20 

Phillip 12 

T. A. (a) 7 

W. E. (m) 20 
CARDER, J. S. (a) 26 

Mary 27 
CARLSON, Peter 12 
CARLTON, Myrtle 6 
CARNALL, Harry 13 
CARNEY, F. A. (a) 24 

P. E. (m) 28 
CARPEE, Dora 20 
CARR, Andy 30 

Clara 26 

Docla 27 
CARRICK, Annie 12 
CARRIER, Nathan 27 
CARROLL, Oran A. 29 
CARTER, Belle M. 25 

Bettle 32 

E. F. (a) 22 

Frank 25 

Fred 28 

G. L. (a) 1 

Hala 26 

J. C. (a) 12 

Jesse 25 

John 26 

Lucy B. 24 

Neoaa 25 

S. A. (a) 9 

Slaon 21 
CARTWRIGHT, Addllne 31 

Delilah 28 

Battle 26 

John 10 
CARVER, Josle 7 
CASEY, Jas. W. 19 
CASPER, Faye 31 
CASTLEN, J. A. (a) 31 
CATRON, W. M. (a) 25 
CAUDLE, A. C. (a) 21 

Amos 18 

B. G. (a) 15 

Daisy 22 

Francis 29 

Hattle 22 

Hosea 1 

Liszle 22 
CAVB, Laura 26 
CAWTH0N, Dick 29 
CHADWELL, Catherine 12 

Chas. 20 


CHADWELL, Galvln 9 

James 31 

Mollis 6 

Sam B. 22 
CHAMBERS , Dora 9 

L. M. (f) 13 

Maggie 25 

Rosa 25 
CHANCE, J. E. 31 
CHANEY, Horace M. 30 

Lalry S. 27 
CHAPLN, Gilbert E. 32 
CHAPMAN, Allle 32 

Arthur 26 

Bettle 12 

Ethel 12 

Ralph 20 

Sarah 1 
GUILDERS, Mary 16 
CHOAT, Lizzie 23 

Thomaa C. 2 
CLARK, Annie 27 

Edwin 31 

Guy 31 1 Jno- K. 15 

Lizzie 15 

Mary 24 

Monora 20 

R. D. (m) 21 
CLARKE, Orvllle 22 
CLAXTON, A. A. (f) 5 

Alf. R. 26 

Alice 1 

Arthur 13 

Charley 20 

Clara 18 

Dessie 20 

Dudley 31 

Eliza 16 

Ellaa 28 

Ervin 23 

Essie 20 

Geo. 7 

Jason 25 

Jesse A. 30 

Llna 24 

Marve 28 

Mary 22 

Monroe 27 

Noah 10 

S. E. (a) 27 

Viola 12 

Walter 32 

Webb 32 
CLAY, B. H. 18 
CLEAVER, Sarah 25 
CLEM, J. C. (■) 30 
CLEVELAND, S. B. (a) 30 
CLDIE, Alonzo 12 

Jas. H. 18 

John 17 

Mary 20 

Nola 21 

P. A. (.) 28 

Peter 13 
COATS, C. C. (■) 21 

Chas. T. 23 
COBLE, The*. 28 
COCHRAN, Linda 27 
CODAY, Albert 21 

Blanche 25 

Charlie 13 

Dazy (a) 23 

Elbert 4 21 

Elizabeth Mm. 9 

G. W. (a) 5 

Hlraa 26 

CODAY, Jason 2 11 

James 16 

John 10 

Lulu 29 

Maggie 32 

Mary 2 8 

Settle 14 

Sarah 10 

Verna 30 

Willie (f) 17 

Wlrtfield 3. 19 
COFFEE, Effle 22 
COFFMAN, Dill 5 

Joe 25 

Rebecca 9 

Walter 31 
COGSDILL, Anna 26 
COGDILL, E. M. (m) 27 
COGGINS, Florence I. 9 

Mamie 23 

R. G. (■) 4 

Walter 26 
COLE, Lucy 25 

Wm. 18 
COLLEY, Cecil 23 
COLLIER, Herbert 32 
COLLINS, John 29 
COLLOH, E. C. 14 
COLS0N, Ida 19 

L. (a) 31 
CONES, W. H. (m) 14 
C0NR0W, John 29 

John H. 3 
COOK, G. R. (m) 24 

Phil A. 25 
COOKSEY, Aim 26 
COOLEY, J. W. (a) 2 
COPE, H. M. (a) 13 

Jas. F. (m) 21 
CORBAN, Morgan 8 
CORBIN, Anderson 25 

Charles C. 27 

Lloyd 26 

OUie 13 
CORDES, Louis 14 
CORDZ, Clara 18 
COTTENGIM, James W. 5 

Nina 13 

V. B. (a) 23 
COURSEY, Llllie M. 25 
COURTNEY, Liza 23 
COVIN, Josie 4 
COWAN, Daisy 18 

W. D. (a) 16 
COXEN, D.a 19 

Iva 26 
CRAIG, C. F. (a) ?.6 
GRAIN, Edward 15 
CRAVENS, Bertha 7 

Roxle 24 
CRAWFORD, Benton 20 

Chas. 30 

Cora E. 29 

Nancy 10 

Rcbt. 19 
CREXB, Ralph 23 
CHEWS, lola 17 

John 4 

Martha E. 24 

Morgan 8 
CBEWSE, Wa. H. 13 
CRIDER, Cella 22 

Dave 30 

Eliza 2 

Joe 0. 29 
CBI3P. Charles 32 

Elizabeth 27" 

CRI.iP, G. R. (a) 19 

Henry 20 

J. G (m) 11 

Laura 24 

Lula 4 

S. A. (m) 10 

Sarada 23 

T. J. (a) 23 
CRITCHER, C. A. (m) 26 

Ona 30 
CROWN0VER, Anna 9 
CUMBERW0RTH, Sarah 21 

J. 3. (m) 9 
CURDY, Ed. A. 18 
CURRY, Dora 18 

Minnie 27 
CURTIS, Ada 19 

Arch A. 20 

Bessie 29 

Charley 27 

F. G. (m) 30 

James 7 

Maudle 21 

Nora 30 

Samuel 30 
CUTBERTH, Katie 21 

DAGGETT, Mandy L. 26 

Ruth 24 
DAKE, Alice 17 

Effle 30 

Harrison 11 

J. A. (a) 32 

James A. 26 
DANIELS , Frank 14 

Jas. M. 22 

Rotha 22 

Thos. 20 
DANTTEL, Louisa 7 
DARR, Erdle E. 26 
DARRLS, L. (f) 29 
DAUTERS, Caroline 15 
DAVENPORT, Sol omen 30 

Raymond 29 

R. (a) 11 
DAVIS, Andy H. 25 

Belle 18 

Cara 28 

Chas. H. 25 

Cynthia 4 

Delia 22 

ELaer 24 

J. E. (a) 24 

J. M. (a) 14 

Joseph 2 

Llllie 11 

Maggie 14 

Martha 11 

Mary 17 

Mary F. 18 

Melvin 15 

Nelson 16 

Sarah 27 

T. J. (a) 16 

Tillmon 3 

Verbie 32 

W. J. (a age 74) 16 

W. J. (m) 30 

Walter 28 
DAY, G. R. (a) 13 

I. C. (a) 22 
DEAN, Chas. L. 27 


DEAN, J. A. (a) 8 

DUDLEY, John 24 

EMERSON, Nora 11 

Lotta B. 17 

DUGGER, Allie 31 

EMERY, A. (a) 19 

Maggie 23 

Mary 13 

Ida 12 

Mary 14 

W. W. Jr. (m) 12 

Jaaes 28 

Minnie 28 

DUGGINS, C. V. (a) 1 

John 20 

Rosa 27 

DUKE, Wa. 17 

Jonathan 6 

Thos. 6 

DULANEY, Ada 28 

Louis 12 

DEAR, Grace 16 

Altle 25 

Wo. 12 


Minerva 27 

ENGLAND, Chas. 18 

Nora 12 

DUNCAN, Flora 14 

Curtis 22 

DEAVER, Bertha 23 

G. W. (a) 29 

Fred 22 

Minnie 28 

Henry 18 

Jennie 21 

DEAVSRS , Nancy 8 

Jack 16 

Nathan R. 31 

Wm. 21 

Laura 18 

R. F. (a) 11 

DECKARD, J. R. (m) 30 

Lucy 26 

Robt. 24 

Sarah 10 

Mary 1 

W. J. (a) 25 

DEDMON, Hariman 30 

Nora 15 

EPPERSON, Jas. 22 

DEGASE, Myrtle 31 

Tobe 16 

ERB, Effle 9 30 

DELCOUR, Dora 23 

DUKLAP, E. A. (a) 26 

ERICKSON, Peter 5 

Hattie 23 

Edwd. 26 

ERNEST, Karl 26 

DELK, Jacob 10 

DUNN, G. 3. (a) 11 

ESTER, Scott 26 

DENISON, Dora 27 

DURBIN, John 2 

ESTES, Chas. 31 

DENNIS, Effa 16 

Nancy E. 16 

ESTILL, Corve 9 

Ezra S. 28 

DURNELL, Walter W. 27 

ESTUS, Clara 32 

Geo. 26 

DUTTON, Rebecca 15 

ETHERIDGE, Bertha 5 

J. J. (a) 24 

DUTY, Edith 15 

J. W. (a) 23 

Joe L. 25 

DYE, Fred W. 15 

Lon 28 29 

Leonard 12 

EUBANKS, Maggie 26 

Minnie 6 

EVANS, A. B. (a) 20 

Sadie 20 

BADS, G. W. (a) 27 

Belle 13 

Stella 14 

EATON, Harve 20 

Dora 9 

DENNIS0N, Lena L. 28 

Harvey 7 

G. W. (m) 21 

DENTON, Deller 27 

John R. 17 

J. F. (a) 11 

Gertie 28 32 

Mollie 5 

Mary Agnes 29 

Viola 2 

Wa. 18 32 

Mattie 20 

DEVERS, Wm. 19 

EDWARDS, Chaa. 22 

N. J. (a) 15 

DEY, D. 0. 11 

Esther 30 

DETHEROV, Bettie 28 

George 23 

DICKENSON, Thos. A. 21 

H. F. (a) 14 

FAIR, W. E. (a) 24 

DICKERSON, I. L. (a) 15 

Jaaes N. 12 

FARMER, Effle 31 

J. C. (m) 29 
J. H. (a) 12 

Letha 24 

Gertrude 11 

Ollie 31 

FARR, Wa. 28 32 

J. W. (a) 4 

Thoaas 14 

FARRIS, W. R. (a) 12 


W. C. (a) 14 

FAULKNER, T. R. Dr. (a) 20 

DINVIDDIE, H. E. (a) 9 

EGLESTON, J. W. (2) 

FELTCH, Minnie A. 23 

John 7 

BCSTROM, Andrew 18 

FERGUSON, John 11 

Joeh 11 

ELENBAUGH, Margaret 18 FERRELL, Roy 28 

R. M. (a) 10 

ELKLAKD, Edward 14 

Lee 26 

DDCON, I. T. (a) 16 

ELLIOTT, G. W. (a) 3 

FINDLEY, Cora 25 

J. A. (a) 31 

ELLIS, Ada 29 

Etta 29 

DOBBINS, Annie 5 

Andrew 23 

Fred 20 

DCBEY, Adaa 10 

Bert 19 

John J. 26 


Cynthia J 

L. A. (a) 7 

DODSOH, Bessie B. 25 

Estella 26 

R. D. (a) 10 

C. W. (a) 22 

Frank 25 

Rettie 8 

Edward 17 

Fred 19 

Thursa 15 

W. S. 9 

Ina 22 

W. J. (a) 27 

DORRIS, Icy M. 21 

J. W. (a) 27 

Walter 25 

Lucy 7 

John F. 30 

FISHER, (f) 21 

DOTSON, Awns, 22 

Martin 8 

Annie 32 

Dovie 30 

Marve 23 

B. L. (a) 24 
P. F. (a) 12 

DOUGHERTY, J. J. (m) 10 

Oscar 10 

DOUGLAS, Aabross 5 

Ruth 30 

Henry 7 

Arthur C. 28 

Saa'l M. 22 

Joe. 7 

Bells 1 

Sheraan 10 

Laraon 12 

D. W. (a) 14 

W. R. (a) 17 

Nellie 29 

Geo. W. 26 

Wa. 5 

FTTTS, Maale 30 

Melvin 10 

ELHON, Joy 18 


DOUGLASS, Clark 28 29 

ELROD, W. S. (a) 10 

FLETCHER, A. W. (a) 30 

DOWDEN, Clyde 5 

SLUMBOUGH, Araon 26 

C. H. (a) 18 

DOYEL, Eugene 17 

ENENS, May (age 24) 24 

Cattle 32 

P. M. (a) 30 

EMERSON, Anna 2 

Doda 15 

DRAKE, Jacob H. 27 

Carrie 25 

Edle 2 

DRY, Anice 19 

Jennie 18 

Ellas 30 

DUBLE, Ida 27 

Maggie 4 

Esther 29 

DUDLEY, Elza 10 

Melia 15 

Eva 20 






FLETCHER, Georgs 15 
J. W. (a) 31 
Jas. T. 22 
Katie 28 
Mat tie 10 
Monroe 26 
Nora 23 
Orfey 25 
FLOYD, Cora 8 
David A. 2k 
Delia 22 
Ida 7 

J. M. (a) Ik 30 
Martha 13 
Myrtle 22 
Oscar 32 
Pleasant 16 
Roe 8 
FOLLENSBEE, Cherry Pearl 27 
FONTY, Henry 20 
FORBES, F. 0. Rev. (a) 28 
FORREST, Edna 7 

Elijah 2 
FOSTER, Ella Ik 
Ida 8 

J. R. (mj 5 
John 27 
Marcus 20 32 
FOWLER, Clara k 
FRALEY, Ida V. 32 
FRANKLIN, Edgar 23 

Nannie 20 
FRANS, D. W. (■) 19 
FREED, G. A. (a) 6 

Mary 21 
FREELS, Henry 22 

Oscar 11 
FREEMAN, Docia 10 
Effie 22 
Ettle 15 
Geo. 3. 31 
Jessie 29 
Maggie S. 22 
Sarah 21 
FRENCH, Chester 30 
FRITZ, Annie 8 

Geo. 25 
FROST, Addle M. 19 
FROMEN, Hattle P. 28 
FUKRST, Rose 21 
FUGE, Albert 23 

Saa H. 23 

Malinda 19 
FURROW, H. W. (■) 9 
FUSON, Docla 6 
Sssa E. 27 
J. A. Dr. (11) 29 
Mary E. 20 

Henry 29 
(■) 6 
n) 25 
W 31 



(■) 15 



GADDIS, Sarah 11 
GADSLY, I. L. (■) 
GAGS, fidw. 19 
GAITHER, Mollis 29 
GAMBOLL, J. F. (■) 32 
GANN, Adeline 13 

Iaaao 5 

Sarah 3 
GARNER, Ada 24 

Anna 12 31 

Artie 25 

Charles 18 

Charley 25 

Frona 23 

George M. 8 

J. H 

J. J. CmJ 
J. P. a) 
J. R. (a) 
Nettle 21 
Noah 26 
Oma 23 
Orpha 22 
Rose 19 
Susan 29 
Ton 7 

J. E. (n) 30 
CARTEL, John 27 
GASKILL, D. L. (a) 28 
J. C. (n) 19 
Mennie 30 
Tenpa 23 
GASS, J. W. (■) 11 
Minnie 32 
Nora 2k 
GATES, Lillie 26 
GENTRY, Docia 28 
GERMAN, Orm 2 
GERRIN, Delia 6 

Leila 5 
GETTY, Ella 19 
GIBBS, Cora Ik 

Elaa May 28 29 
GIDEON, Grace 19 

Varna 18 
GILBERT, Bertie 
Irena 23 
Mabel M. 16 
Mary 21 
GILLIN, Henrietta 


GOURLEY, Oscar 28 
GRAHAM, Grant G. 2k 

Samuel 7 
GAANDAY, Ellen 17 
GRAVEN, Cecil 2k 

John C. 20 
GRAVES, C. C. (n) 13 

Maud 25 
GRAY, Esena Ik 
Millie 11 
Nina 10 
GREATHOUSE, J. W. (a age 25) 
GREEN, Alice 19 
Chas. C. 26 
Clyde 31 
Eutha 17 
Isaac 31 
Mary 8 
Mattie 17 25 
Meda 5 6 
Nettie 23 
GREENBERRY, Harry Paxton 23 
GREENLEE, Maud 16 
GRIFFIN, Harry 9 25 

Maggie 27 
GRIFFITH, Martin 2k 
GRIMES, Andrew 23 
Eugenia 23 
H. A. (n) 12 
M. E. (f) 6 
Mary 23 2k 
Minnie 13 
Stonewall 23 30 
GROGAN, Wn. M. 27 
GUINN, Alice 16 
Carl 7 

Mollis 5 

GILLIS, Elmer N. 32 
GLADDEN, Minnie 22 
GLENN, Arthur B. 29 

Clella 2 

H. S. (■} 30 
GODBY, W. T. (m) 11 

Squire 8 

Saauel 9 
GOODMAN, Mary 10 

Wesley 15 

HAGGARD, Ambrose 
Carrie Gertie 

HAKE, Allle May 
Edward 12 
Bula 28 
Fred 27 
Georgia 30 
W. H. (■) 2 

J. (a) 12 

GO0DFELL0W, Mary Octava 23 HALE, Ada 16 

GOOLSBY, Geo. 26 

Lee 25 
GORDON, Delia 9 

lora A. 29 

Telle 12 
GORMAN, Owen W. 
OOSS, D. V. (n) 

Newton 1 

Thoaas 5 

Verna 2k 25 

Viola 2k 
GOSSAGS, John 26 

We. 2k 
GOSWIOC, Chas. 21 

Ethel 29 

May 28 
GOTT, Laura 29 

Septaus 2k 

Wn. 21 
GOURLEY, Dara E. ! 

Docia 17 

Dona 30 

J. W. (n) 17 

Madison 30 

Katie k 
HALL, Eliza 11 
Floy S. 32 
G. C. (n) 5 
HALLOWAY, Luclnda 9 
31 HALSELL, Grover 19 
20 HAMILTON, J. H. (a) 2 
HAMILTON, J. H. (a) 26 
L. M. D. (a) 2k 
Walter 28 
HANCOCK, W. A. (n) 23 
HANDY. R. L. (n) 30 
14 Roy 2k 

HANDYSIDE, L. T. (■) 23 
HANEY, Ned 16 27 
HANNA, W. R. (n) 21 
HANSON, Addle 22 
Perry Ik 
Viola 8 
HARALD, Abraa 18 
HARGIS, A. L. (a) 25 
HARGRAVE, Lydia 11 
HAROLD, Eliza 21 
HARPER, Grace 13 
HAflflSL, Chas. Ik 


HARRIS, Jessie 13 

HIDY, Delora 18 

HUNT, Lizzie 27 

Jessie E. 30 

HIGH, Eldora 2 

Wa. 16 

HARRISON, Henry 22 

HIGH, Flora 2 

HUNTER, Emma H. 25 

John 12 


G. M. (m) 21 

HART, Bessie 16 

HILL, A. A. (a) 10 

Minr.le 17 

HART, 3d 23 

A. T. (n) 20 

HURD, T. F. (a) 9 

Harvy L M 

3. M. (a) 25 

HURLEY, Joe L. 27 

Julia E. 19 

Lydla 18 

HURT, Elmer 14 

Linsey 17 

Mary 3 

James 19 

Mary 21 

HILTON, Joel 28 

Jesse 21 

Sam K. 25 

HINKLE, Wa. 21 

Malissa 21 

W. E. (a) 28 

HITCHCOCK, Birdie 27 

Martha 28 

HARTLEY, Allle A. 30 

Lulu 31 

Murtle 25 

HARVEY, Albert 5 6 

HOBBS, Rosa 27 

Robt. 23 

Bessie 27 

HODGE, Rosa 6 

HUTCHINS, Fred 12 

Edw. 17 

HODGEBOOM, Jennie 10 

HUT0N, Lizzie 28 32 

HATFIELD, Claude E. 17 

HODGES, Joe 16 

HUTSELL, Bertha 17 

HAUGHN, H. J. 5 

HOGG, Edith 16 

Carrie 7 

Mary 10 

HOGGATT, Ada 31 

Ed 15 

HAWKINS, Lizzie 9 

Ida 31 

Ella 25 

HAWORTH, Delia 24 

HOLDER, Mirtie 2 

Foster 9 

Docla 26 

Nellie 2 

Jacob 2 

Eliza 3 

HOLLAND, Dovie 23 

Jas. 27| J. R. (m) 

HAYNES, Cal 13 

HOLLOWAY, John M. 17 

John R. 8 

HEADLEY, G. W. (a) 22 

May 15 

Margaret 11 

HEATON, Alzaroh 19 

HOLMAN, John 14 

Mattie 10 

Harry 31 

HOLT, Bettie 5 

Mollle 15 

HEFNER, Elsberrie 5 

Calvin 5 

Otis A. 30 

Missouri 30 

D..W. (a) 15 

R. H. (a) 25 


Haycon 13 

H0TSON, J. B. (m; 12 


Lizzie 25 

W. T. (a; 10 

HELLUMS, Jaaes 25 

Paryle 18 

HYDE, Belle 5 

HELMS, Joe 14 

HOPKINS, Ada 21 

HYLTON, Belle 22 

HBLUMS, Jas. 30 

Artella 26 

Jacob 6 

HELSABECK, rf. R. (a) 18 

Eliza 19 

Walter 6 

HELSLEY, C. M. (a) 9 

Finetta 20 

Harve 17 

J. J. (a) 15 

Lydla 9 

Jas. J. 24 

INGRAHAM, Viola 15 

Marve, 1 

May 22 

INMAN, Malvina 12 

Nettle 25 

Ora D. 32 

IP0CK, Laura 26 

Ollle 30 

Sallle 26 

S. E. (f) 16 

HENCfiRSON, Ben F. 31 

T. J. (a) 17 

IRWIN, Lizzie 24 

Bertha 32 

HORN, A.L. (a) 12 

Minnie 18 

Ghas. 22 

HOUCK, John 11 

IVY, Ada Jane 9 

Ruf. L. 24 

HOUSE, Belola L. 29 

Rufus L. 19 

HOUSELY, Bessie 31 

HENDRICK, Fannie P. Mrs. 

30 Frances 14 

JACKSON, Hlraa M. 27 

HENDRY, A. D. (■) 8 

George 21 

Nola 14 

HENSLEK, dive A. 24 

Tilda 8 

T. J. (a) 13 

Gua W. 30 

Thula J. 23 

JAMES, G. P. (a) 17 

Jesse A. 23 

HOUSTON, Mary 5 

Isaac 21 

Harv."/ 30 

HOWARD, Calvin 28 

May 31 

HENSLEY , Charles 1 

Cora 21 

JARRBTT, Ralph 21 

Bffel 31 

Ida 25 

Rosa 30 

Frank 14 

T. D. (a) 14 

JENKINS, Annie 25 

Jaaes 28 

HOY, Walter D. 23 

JERNIGAN, J. B. (a) 12 

Nettie 16 

HUBERT, A. G. (a) 29 

JINKS, J. A. (m) 30 
JOHNS, I. T. (a) 5 

Thula 11 

'•-..KA3Y, Maud 29 

Tolbert 20 

r : JCLE3Y, Roy 30 

Nettle 3 

Travice 28 

HUCKOBY, Lena 27 

JOHNSON, Arno 25 

Walter 19 

HUDSON, Bill 32 

C. M. (a) 17 
E. E. (a) 18 

HENSON, E. C. (a) 3 

Jacob E. 31 

Mahala 22 

John 21 

Eaaa 31 

HBRNDON, Henry 29 

Lula 12 

Esther 6 

HSRRICX, Ethel 29 

Saa 18 

Ethel 28 

HERRIN, Clarenoe 12 

Wa. A. 15 

Ida 27 

John D. 6 

HUFFMAN, Margaret 11 

J. M. (a) 10 
J. P. (a) 1 

HIATT, S. J. (a) 20 

Thos. 27 

HICX5Y, Ella 21 

Tilda 24 

Jeff 28 

HICKMAN, B. J. (a) 25 

HUGHES, Ida 27 

John 24 

Flortnce 1 

Josle 23 

John W. 30 

Jas. A. 17 

Mary 2 

Laura 19 

John S. 25 

HULL, Lizzie 14 

Marion 32 

Marve 5 

N. A. (a) 18 

Mary 4 

Fearlle 28 

HUMPHREY, Jas. 24 

Nannie 18 

HICKS, Lewis 


Nathan 18 


JOHNSON, Ollle 7 

Pella 29 

Sam 4 

W. C. (m) 30 

Wm. 5 24 
JOHNSTON, C. M. (m) 17 
JOINER, Edgar 9 

Malissa 7 
JONES, Arthur 24 

Avy 11 

Carnaba 8 

Elijah 4 

Ella 25 

Emma A. 25 

Enle 11 

Frank 27 

H. W. (m) 14 

Hannah 2 

J. F. (m) 3 

J. M. (m) 21 

John 29 

John R. 15 

Laura 18 

M. J. (f) 5 

Manuel 3 

Martha 25 

Melissa 22 

Nathaniel 23 

0. W. (m) 5 

Reba 26 

T. F. (m) 24 

Thomas 29 

Verble 29 

W. E. (ra) 12 

V. P. (m) 12 

Zelpha 23 
JORDAN, Chas. 18 

Cleve 18 

Henry 25 

Jaa. 25 

Joseph 15 

Laura 28 

Lizzie 28 32 

Martha 24 

T. J. (■) 16 
J0SLIN, Mary 2 
JULIAN, Ivy 22 

KELLING, Allle 31 

Eva 15 
KEENER, Edna 31 
KEENY, Roda 18 
KEITH, G. G. (m) 19 

G. W. (m) 21 
KELLEY, Alex. H. 32 

Chas. D. 24 

Chas. K. 28 

Eda 28 

Elizabeth 21 

Eva 12 

Geo. F. 17 

J. E. (m) 23 

J. R. (m) 2 

James 11 

Katie 4 

Llllle I. 4 

Mary 21 

Sarah 31 

T. H. (m) 2 

Viola 13 

Wm. 13 

Wm. J. 25 
KELLER, Dessle 30 

Lulu 25 
KELLY, ELna 1 

KEMPT, Lizzie 28 
KENDALL, Amos 16 

Ivy 7 

Katie 11 
KENNEDY, Nelia 11 
KENT, Miles 24 
KERNEY, J. D. (m) 29 
KEY, Geo. 25 
KEYES, C. A. (f) 17 
KSYS, Creola A. 17 

Jacob 3 

Lewis 9 
KLDD, Leona 23 
KLSS, Alma H. 21 

Malissa 14 
KILMER, Bula 22 

John 23 

Maud E. 5 
KLMPTON, Leo 10 
KINCADE, Jos. A. 22 

Luke 3 
KINCHELOE, Bessie 32 

Robt. 22 
KINDRICK, Gertie 10 

Rachel 14 
KING, Anna 21 

Cara 27 

Catharine 3 

Fannie 20 

Mary 11 

Nora 24 

Sam 23 

W. A. (m) 18 

Wm. 27 
KINKADE, D. E. (m) 9 

Frances 7 

Ruby 28 
KINSfiR, Anna 10 

Nora 4 

Nora May 17 
KIRD, Cora 11 
IIRK, Callle 21 

E. A. (m) 11 

Florence 20 

W. E. (■) 23 
KISER, Effle n. 32 

Mira 10 
KITTRELL, Cora 19 

Francis M. 27 
KLAMM, Peter 10 

Maud 18 

Lon 15 

Nora M. 25 
KN0ST, Gertrude 2 
KUPKA, Clemens 16 

LAKEY, ELzlna 20 
LAND, Alexander 28 

Charles 2 

Cora 23 
LANDERS, Ernest 3 17 
LANDRirH, Dexter L. 31 
LANE, Addle 20 

Clara 10 

Frankie (f) 23 

Hattle 23 
LANGSFORD, Astax F. 18 
LARIMORE, Lena 1* 
LARSON, Hulda 17 

Stanford 17 
LATIMER, Alfred D. 20 

LATIMER, 3. E. (a) 22 

Chas. A. 19 

John A. 30 

Orxen 31 

S. A. (f) 27 
LATHR0M, Ada 15 

Cordelia 3 

DeSota 29 

J. F. (m) 14 

Lum 21 

Mabel A. 25 

Martha 25 
LA VENUE, Cordelia 14 
LAWLER, Jas. 28 

Lucretia 11 
LAWS0N, Clara 24 

Julia A. 24 

Mary 5 

Noah 11 

Onnie 28 
LAY, Ahart 21 

Ben 13 

Delia 12 

Edith 15 
LEE, Elvin 28 

Essie 24 

G. P. (m) 15 

Henry 6 

Mamie L. 20 

Mary/May 28 29 

Maude 30 

Maudie 21 

Th. E. 24 
LEIDY, Wm. J. 19 
LEININGER, Oscar 27 
LEMONS, G. R. (m) 5 
LEONARD, Allle 29 

John W. 25 
LEST, Geo. 20 
LETSINGER, Grant 21 
LEWIS, Cora 23 

Ivan 10 

Reubln 3 
LBGGBTT, Frank 11 
LILES, Bertie 14 

Essa 23 

Myrtle 21 

Oscar 28 32 
LINDER, Alma 5 
LINDH0LM, C. A. 5 
LINDSEY, Charles F. 28 
LITTLE, Ola 12 

Ollle 32 
LLEWALIYN, Mabel E. 32 
LOCKE, Fred 5 

Grace E. 26 

Mable 14 
LOLLIS, T. B. (m) 22 
LONG, Alb. 15 

Alonzo 27 

Amy 10 

Belle 23 

Bertie I. 28 29 

Bertha 26 

Chios 2 

E. E. 5 

Elvina 9 

Harrison 16 

Howard 15 

Jewell 27 

John 23 

John M. 15 

Joseph E. 23 

Joslah 17 

Llllie M. 32 


LONG, Lizzie 10 

Louis 3. 26 

M. H. (ra) 29 

Halinda 2 

Milton 13 

Nancy 19 

Stella 31 
L00F30UR0W, S. M.(f) 11 
L00MI3, C. A. Mrs. 12 

Ethel 28 

Henry 3 
LORTON, Earl W. 27 
LOVE, Joe 1- 

William . 27 
LOVEALL, Cassie 13 

Sarah 1 
LOVIN, Mamie 7 
LOVINS, Mollie 10 
LOWE, Louisa 15 
LOWERY, Dannie 5 

James 20 
LOWRY, Belle 17 

Nora 20 
LOWLER, W. 0. (m) 16 
LOWTHER, Lisa 26 
LOYD, J. B. (m) 7 
LUALLEN, Grace 19 

Clara 19 
LUCAS, Loran 18 
LUTHER, Llllie 20 

McBRIDE, Isaac 5 

Jennie 15 
McCALESTER, Wllla 30 
McCALLISTER, A. C.(m) 27 

Ella 12 

Oma 16 
MCCARTY, Amanda 21 

Wm. 18 
KcCLANAHAN, Belle 7 

J. B. (a) 9 

Lee 30 

Lulu 29 

M. D. (■) 29 

Mary 29 

Pearl 10 

T. C. (m) 2 

Wa. 32 
McCLURS, Grace 10 
McCOMAS, C. C. (■) 9 
McCOY, Mlna 21 
MoCRAW, Mary 10 
McCRITE, Altha 3 

Geo. W. 16 
McDANIKL, Martha 20 
McDOHALD, Katie 21 

Laura 8 

Raleigh 9 

McDonnell, Jane 25 

McGINTY, Btty 21 
McCOWAN, J. A. (M) 13 

Marcus 3 

Stella 21 

Susie L2 
MoGOWEN, Nora 9 
McCOWN, Cassie 26 
McGUIRE, Bert 20 

C. M. (a) 22 

John G. 2? 
McINTIflE, Minnie 19 

Mcintosh, Edward 12 

Lewis F. 16 
Maggie 27 
MoKEEL, Laura 7 

McKEEL, Mandy 29 
Rena 7 

Mckinley, Belie 24 

Eva 15 

Joe 22 
McKNIGHT, Jesse 14 
McLEAN, Rhoda 24 
McMAHAN, Mary Gertrude 
McMASTERS, Walter 32 
McNEALY , Edward 8 
McR03ERTS , Bertha 24 

F. M. (a) 14 

Ida 13 

James 12 

MACE, Bertha 11 
MAOCEY, E. . (f) 29 

John S. 3 

Ruth C. 29 

Thos. 23 
MACKIE, Sarah E. 26 

Violet 24 
MADDY, J. C. (a) 17 
MALLOBY, Amy 30 

Carrie 28 

Wm. 18 
MALLOY, Ettle M. 19 
MALONE, John 26 

Wa. 30 
MANARY, Rebecca 12 
MANEAR, Allie 24 

Eunice 22 

Jack 21 

Lula B. 22 
MANGER, D. V. (m) 5 
MANSFIELD, W. S. (a) 5 

John H. 31 
MARCH, Una 22 
MARCIM. Ettle 18 
MA3CUM, Llllie 14 

Mandy 11 

Martha 5 26 

Nancy 8 21 

Thomas 12 
MARLER, Millie 20 
MARRS, Mary C. 29 
MARTIN, Albert 27 
MARTAN, Bltha. 31 
MARTIN, David N. 24 

Elbert 8 

Etta 25 

Fannie 23 

Joel 16 

May 29 

Mona 5 

Tandy 3 

W. J. (a) 22 
MASSEY, F. C. (a) j 

Hettle 16 

John 15 

Lora 27 

Oscar 25 

Psraina 7 
MASHER, Audra 27 
MATHIS, Dudley 10 

Effa 14 

Minerva L. 19 
MATLOCK, Jesse 12 

Tolbert 17 

W. A. (a) 12 

Wm. 18 
MATMBY, Ella 14 

Harrison 7 

Rosa E. 25 

MATTHEWS, Handle 12 
MAWHEE, Lydia 9 
MAXV1LLE, Mary 2 

Evert 22 

Llllie 26 

Nora 19 
MAYFLELD, Hester 16 

John B. 31 

Mary 14 

Minnie 12 
MEAD, Hattle 20 

Necia 15 

Tenna 15 

Thomas 27 
MEARS, Purizet 20 
MEDLOCX, Dora 10 
MEEK, Minnie 19 
MELLOTT, Mary E. 27 
MERCHANT, Lotta 17 

Oscar 15 

Rosa 10 
MEREDITH, Eliza 6 
MERI0N, Belle 25 
MERRILL, Staschia 29 
HIDDLET0N, Emma 3 

F. M. (a) 27 

J. A. (m) 24 

Joseph 24 

R. M. (a) 13 
MILLER, Jess M. 24 

Lllla 27 

Martin 3 

Pearl 26 

Safrona 14 
MILLIGAN, Jas. N. 18 
MXLLDCAN, C. R. (m) £ 
MILLSAP, A. G. (m) 32 

A. J. (a) 10 

Ceo. 26 

John 4 

0. R. (m) 27 
MILTON, Sidney H. 25 
MINCHALL, David 14 
MINGS, Margaret 14 

Martha 24 

Tilden 25 

W. J. (a) 28 

Wm. E. 24 
MINGUS, Berta 26 

C. P. (m) 5 

Edna 30 

Frank 1 

Lena 31 

Wm. 12 
MINIHAN, Con 26 
MITCHELL, Anna M. 25 

C. A. (a) 23 

Emma 1 

Evadne 14 

J. A. (a) 14 

Mods*. 30 
MTTCHIM, J. T. (a) 2 

Martha 22 

Mary 15 
MOODY, Arabel 28 

Cora 30 

Dallie 13 

Dora 24 

Ellhu 19 

Jennie 18 

John W. 22 

Levi 23 

Lewis 8 


MOODY, Lillie May 23 
Selgel 22 
Vide 5 
MOCRE, Dora 5 
Emma 30 
Harve 7 
Ida 20 
J. R. (m) 12 
James 19 
Jesse E. 23 
Letha 5 10 
Lola 25 
Louisa 29 
Lydla 2 
M. W, (m) 10 
Marlon 20 
Kartha 24 
Mollle 6 
Myrtle 21 
Rose 12 
T. Ben 29 
W. H. (m) 6 
MOHATY, Frances 22 
MOREFIELD, Chas. 13 
MORELAND, Charley 30 
Rosy 28 
Wa. 11 
MORGAN, Albert 28 
Frank M. 26 
Manda 11 
Rhoda 9 
MORRIS, Clara 24 
John C. 27 
Low 25 
Lunda 5 
Malinda 7 
Mary Jane 7 
Oscar 26 
MORROW, Ruth N. 26 
MOSHER, Andra 27 
MOSIER, Martha 12 
MOSLER, Charlie 10 
Henry 29 
Vesta 19 
MOSS, Laura 29 

Ollle 10 
HOTT, Albert 27 
H. A. (m) 22 
Jaaes R. 16 
KUMFORD, W. R. (■) 29 
MUR, L. F. (■) 17 
MURPHY, J. W. (a) 14 
MURR, J. H. (a) 24 
illlle 30 
Osla 4 
Walter 32 
MURRELL, Ben 26 

Noah 19 
MUSGRAVES, Celle 15 
Docla 16 
Mable 28 
Mary 4 

NALL, Forrest 22 

Iva M. 25 
NANCE, Cora 13 
NEASBY, Roxie 18 
NEEDHAM, Annie S. 32 

D. A. (») 30 

Ernest 18 

Ethel 12 

F. (») 29 

May 9 

NEEDHAM, Nellie 22 
Sarah 16 
W. A. (m) 5 
NEIGHBORS, E. G. (a) 1 

John F. 24 
NEIL, W.D. (m) 14 
NELSON, A. C. 10 
Homer 23 
Ida 28 
James H. 29 
Lina 30 
Mary L. 15 
NEUKIRK, Alice 31 

Wa. 6 
N2VELS, C. H. (m) 29 
C. W. (a) 15 
Henry 2 
Jas. G. 22 
NEWBY, Jewell 18 
NEWTON, Agnes 30 
B. C. (a) 4 
Clella 20 
Don 25 
Edw. C. 21 
Eldridge 2 
Ella 17 
Ellis 31 
Ernie 29 
Fannie 26 
G. E. (a) 13 
Guy 28 
Mary 11 
Murtle 17 
O.N. (a) 25 
Stella 28 
NICKELS, Wa. 19 
NICKLS, John 16 
C«a 2 
Will 26 
NICKLESON, Belle 31 
NICHOLS, Eliza D. 23 
George 10 
George H. 28 
Noah 2 
NIELSON, L. 3. (a) 3 
NIPPER, Annie 10 
NOES, Edd 32 
NOOKES, C. G. (a) 26 
NORCROSS, David 14 
Glena 10 
W. T. (a) 22 

Geo. 26 
OETTING, Guetave 15 

August 7 
ODELL, Martha 20 

Martha A. 31 
ODLB, S. T. (a) 18 

Wa. 7 
OHARA, Maud 14 
OHOARN, Hattie 20 
OLIPHANT, Martha 5 

Mary 25 

Mina 12 
OLIVER, Aza 29 

Edgar 6 

Ella 7 

Harley 24 

Mary 22 

Sarah 6 

Thula May 23 

Trude 17 

Wlnburn 8 

OLLLE, Joe 32 
ORENDER, Thomas 15 
0S30RN, Jonathan 25 
OSTER, M. F. (a) 14 
OVERFELT, Martha 21 
OWENS, Aggie 21 

Albert 6 

Alfred 11 

Clara 23 

Emma 5 

John 29 

Melvina 4 

Ola 23 

Robert L. 30 

Spicy 14 

Wa. 24 

PAINTER, D. J. (m) 21 
PALMER, Argus 29 

Dora 4 

Laura 28 

Marion 26 
PARKER, Ethel 10 

Ida 25 
PARKYN, John 10 

John L. 8 
PARMENTER, Belle 16 

J. P. (a) 10 
PARRETT, C. C. (a) 26 
PARTNER, Mamie 15 
PATTERSON, Bessie 30 

Ella 11 

Harvey, 30 

Mary 7 

W. H. (m) 12 
PAUL, Jas. 16 
PAXTON, Hazel 30 

Wa. 17 
PAYNE, Addle 19 

Ernest 31 

Girtle 22 
PEACOCK, Ida 27 
PEARCE, W.H. (a) 20 
PEARMAN, Aula J. 22 

John 6 

L. E. 11 

Lizzie 9 

Nettle 20 
PEARSON, Dorothy 9 

Mary J. 18 

Oma 10 
PECHEE, Bffie 7 
PECK, Lena 16 
PEEBLES, Edna 22 

Martha 24 
PEEL, Geo. 23 
PEMBERTON, E. D. (a) 22 

J. M. Dr. (a) 14 

Jesse 14 
PENLAND, Wa N. 20 29 
PERKINS, Charles 20 

J. W. (a) 13 

M. L. (a) 10 

Mary 32 

Roscoe 25 
PERRY, Elmer 13 
PETERS, John 28 

Sarah 23 
T. C. (a) 22 
PETYT, Lula 5 
PHILLIPS, . M. (m) 21 

Zola M. 32 
PICKERING, Jesse 15 


PIESKAN, Verna 23 
PIESSON, Fannie 3 

Jas. 26 
PINE, Amos 11 
PITTMAN, A. B. (ra) 9 
PLEMMENS, 3. F. (m) 14 

3. M. (m) 26 
PLUMLEE, R. P. (m) 23 
PLUNK, Dena F. 16 
Emily C. 28 
Ethel 31 
POER, Thomas E. 27 
POINTER, Sallle 12 

Stephen 29 
POLLOCK, Robt. A. 24 
POOL, P. A. (f) 9 

W. H. (m) 26 
P. POOL, Julie 26 
POPE, Emma 17 

Guy C. 28 

Lola 15 

R. H. (m) 8 
PORTER, Ella N. 23 

POTTER, J. J. (a) 2 
POWERS, Geo. S. 19 

Ugenle R. 25 
PRESTON, Fannie M. 22 

John 7 

M. L. 4 

Myra 17 

Wm. 20 
PRICE, Ollle 32 
PRIDGEN, Ethel 27 

Laura 26 
PRIDGBON, Llllle 15 

Oaa 9 

Verdle 32 
PRIDMORE, Martin 21 
PRIESTER, M. 'J. (■) 3 
PROOC, A. C. (f) 8 

Cora 8 24 

Ella 29 

Ernest 20 

Hayea 20 

J. H. (m) 4 

John ex- judge 21 

John M. 32 

Marlon 27 

Martha 26 

Saauel 24 

Wright 6 
PROSERPI, Daley C. 26 
PRUETT, Joel 15 

Minnie 24 

Lucy 32 

Robt. 32 
PRYOR, Albert R. 26 

George T. 22 

John N. Jr. 25 

Myrtle 20 

Verna 19 
PURCELL, Clayton 0. 16 
PURTLE, E. J. (■) 23 

Ethel 20 

Bttie 18 

Ollle 25 
PYATT, Jessie 26 


Sarah 4 
QUICK, Myrtle 15 

GUILLEN, Lizzie 14 

RADER, John 29 
Parley 10 
Vina 9 
RAFFETY, Frank 16 
RALPH, Rose Mrs. 28 
RANDALL, Albert 5 
E. E. (m) 6 
John 32 
RANDOLPH, Arthur 23 
Arthur 32 
Audra 31 
gima 9 
Homer C. 32 
John 6 
W. P. (m) 30 
RANEY, Ada 32 
Alma 10 
Andrew 17 
Cassia 26 
Ellen 18 
George 3 
Grant 21 
Ida Belle 30 
Izora 12 
J. P.. (m) 20 
Jaa. 32 
Nancy C. 17 
P.M. (») 31 
Peter 14 25 
Tolbert 19 
RANSFORD, Jas. A. 23 
RAY, Eva 7 

Sarah M. 24 
RAYMER, Charlotte V. 27 
READING, Martha 24 
REAS0NER, Sherman 26 
REBERRY, Clara 26 
Otto 7 

REDDICK, M na 25 

Mary 25 
Mattle 25 
Nellie 8 
REDMAN, Jesse 13 

Perry 16 
REED, Cora(age 14) 15 
Florence 2 
Mary 21 
Vadle 32 
REESE, Cella 18 

J. T. 10 
REEVES, Clarence 31 
J. B. (a) 29 
J. C. (m) 16 
J. W. (a) 30 
Mary 16 
Peggy 18 
Thoaas 12 
Wm. 23 
REID, Georgia 27 
RENSA, E. C. (f) 10 
REPLOCLE, Lilly 18 
RENTFROV , James 5 
RESSHING, Zella A. 30 
G. W. (■) 28 29 
Jesse 15 
Nanoy 16 
RETZ, Geo. 24 
REYNOLDS, Maud 13 

Robt. J. 28 
RHODES, Rattle 11 
RHYME, Clabe 27 

RICE, Chas. J. 30 
J. H. (m) 11 
R. N. (a) 29 
RICH, Alma 5 
Arthur 28 
Cora 3 
Jno. E. 16 
RICHMAN, M.D. (m) 12 

3am 4 
RICKER, E. A. (a) 14 
RICHARDS, A.V. (m) 12 
J. A. (m) 15 
Lula 5 
Mary J. 25 
RICHARDSON, Chas. A. 29 
Florence 10 
Lewis 20 
S. C. (m) 2 
Samuel M. 28 
RIDENS, Jeff 13 

John 28 
HIDGEWAY, Rosa 26 
RILEY, J. P. (m) 22 
Londo 22 
Patrick E. 19 
RINCK, Bertha 21 
RIPPEE, Cora 11 23 
Dora 23 
Edna 25 
Elmer 10 
Foster 17 
Jefferson 19 
Jim 4 
Oaer 22 
Rufus 17 
S. C. (m) 8 
Wa. 19 
RISER, Joe 24 
RTTCHEY, Ft. L. (m) 26 
John 17 

C. W. (m) 31 
Anna 13 30 
Joe 18 
Marve 27 
ROBERTSON, Archie 26 
Cora 10 
Elie 24 
Jasper 19 
Mary 27 
Rosa 14 
R0BINETT, Ada 25 
Allth 30 
Avi 17 
Berchie M. 9 
Jesse J. 26 
Lincoln 8 
Mabel 32 
Oliver L. 27 
Oscar 24 
Jennie L. 5 
ROBINSON, Annie 15 
RQBS0N, Ellen 3 
R0DEN, Wm. M. 26 
R0DKEY, Newton 15 
ROGERS, A. W. (a) 23 
Addle 31 
Antha 23 
Clara M. 19 
Lizzie 31 
Mary 20 
Nellie 25 
ROSE, Addle 14 
Callie 18 
Chas. W. 23 
Cora 12 


ROSS, Nancy J. i 


3C0BY, Russell 1 

SINGLETON, C. F. (m) 16 

Vena 5 

SCOTT, Effle 23 

3KILES, Rosa Ik 

Vina 31 

Eliza 20 

SUCK, H. M. 9 

Win. 11 

Eva 27 

SLANTZ, T. W. (m) 19 

ROSENAN, William 


Geo. W. 15 

SLATE, L. J. (m) 20 

ROSEVLER, Berthli 

9 31 

J. W. (m) 2 

Mary E. 23 



John B. 16 

SLAVEN, W. M. >) 25 

ROSS, Arthur A. 


Lula E. 15 

3LUDER, Dora 21 

C. S. (m) 15 

Ola 29 

Hattie A. 28 

Flora 12 

Omega 29 

Rosy 2<+ 

Mary 30 

Walter 20 

SMALLEY, Benj. 30 

ROWDEN, Alice 2 

SCRIVNSR, Dora 11 

Clarence 31 

ROWE, E. D. 12 

SELBRLDGE, J. M. (m) 20 

Haggle 30 

Ira 17 

5EL3Y, Acle 2k 

SMART, Charles 9 

James 31 

3ELSBY, Oscar 22 

Edward 9 

John 21 

SELVIDGE, A. J. (m) 3 

Maggie 17 

ROWLAND, Minnie 


SEYMOUR, Frank M. 27 

Martha 11 

Otis 11* 


1° Mary Alice 19 

Purdle 12 

Mandy 12 

Susan 22 

ROY, John W. 22 

Nick 20 

Wm. T. 16 

ROYAL, Anna 26 

Sarah 13 

SMITH, Allle 27 

Clara 19 

SHADDY, Bell 31 

Annie 11 

Edna 27 

Ellen 25 

Arch 3. 1 

John 13 

James 19 

Arthur 26 

Levi 18 

Jeff 11 

Aslee 5 

W. L. (m) 20 

Laura 30 

Belle 21 

RUCKLE, Catherine 19 

Leora 15 

Chas. 25 

RUOCMAN , Ethel 2k 

Marshal 31 

Cora 2k 

RUE, Martha 5 

Rosa 21 

D. A. (m) 9 

RUMFELT, Drue 9 

Zona 22 

Dollle 5 

Euphrasln 11 

SHANNON, Thos. W. 15 

Dora 22 

James 29 

SHARP. M. L. (m) 28 

Ed Ik 26 

RUMFLET, J. (m) 13 

SHARPE, Frances 32 

Eliza 6 

RUSHING, Mollie 


SHARBTT, J. M. (m) 5 

Fannie B. 20 




Grade B. k 

C. B. 0) 11 

SHAVER, Dora 13 

Harriett 26 

Essie 6 

Wm. 11 

Harry 29 

Hilda S. 10 

SHAW, Chas. 32 

Henry 5 

RUSTON, Mary 11 

Henry 25 

J. C. (m) 29 


(■) 19 

Elsie 18 

Jake 19 

RYAN, Calvin 9 

SHELBY, J. S. (m) 18 

John M. 16 

Dora k 

Jno. 22 

Josh 11 

George 21 

Sherman 4 

Lora Ik 

J. M. (m) 7 

SHELLEY, Minnie 25 

Luetta 2k 

Jas. 19 

SHELTON, Susie 2 

Marsie 27 

James 19 

SHEPARD, Herbert 9 

•Mary 9 15 

Samuel 9 

SHERRELL, B. F. (m) 18 
SHERRIOC, J. F. (m) 5 

Minerva 26 

Myrtle 22 

S , Lula 27 

Chas. 0. 20 

Rachel 14 

SAID, Elmer 28 

Feorge 5 

Randle 30 

SAID, Lewis 25 

SHIELDS, Chas. 12 

Retta 11 

SAILS, Albert 25 

E. E. (m) 27 

Richard 31 

SALEM, Ivy 12 

Lewis 30 

Samuel M. 21 

SALEN, Ruth 12 

Ruth 17 

Vada 10 

3ALADLN, Emma J. 


Samuel H. 20 

W. A. (m) 2 

SAMPLES , Cluster 

(f) 13 

SHIMEL, Willis 29 

SMITTLE, Cora 13 



SHOFIELD, Frank H. 26 

Ellen 29 

Delia A. 22 

SHORES, Lucy 27 

G. A. (m) 20 
J. W. (m) 16 

Effle S. 28 

SHORT, Glnerva 2 

Elsie 29 

Lulu 25 


Hattie, 29 


SNEARY, J. C. (m) 28 

Ivy 19 

Done* 28 

SNOW, Albert 20 

Jas. A. 22 

Mattle 11 

James 21 

Joe A. 2 

Minty 24 

Orllnle 5 

Levi 19 

Sarah 20 

Slgel 18 

Lottie 30 

SIMMONS, May 30 

Vm. 13 

0. D. (m) 14 
P. B. (m) 26 

R. S. (m) 29 

SONENFELDER, J. G. (mj 18 

SIMON, Anna R. 29 


SANDUR, Agnes L. 


SIMPSON, Anna F. 25 

SOWERS, Laura 28 

SAVAGE, Adaline 


C. A. (m) 2k 

Maggie 6 

Maud 20 

Eva 13 

SOWERSBY, C. J. (m) 21 

SCARBOROUGH, J. M. (■) 10 

J. A. (m) 25 

David 12 

Sam 1 1 25 

Rosamond 16 

SPARKS , Malissa 30 

SCHMITT, Edward 


SIMS, Grace May 22 

SPENCS, Clarence 31 


SING, John 17 

W. H. (m) 11 


Wo. 11 
SPILLMAN, Sadie 11 

T. E. 5 
SPRECHSR , Sarah 1 
SPURG30N, Charles 14 

Eva 8 

Hettle 30 

Tom 7 
SPURLOGK, J. S. (a) 19 
STACY , Henry 29 
STAFFORD, P. J. (m) 11 
STALLING3, Virgal 30 
STAND LFER, Albert 13 

Ed 18 

Newt 1 
STANLEY, Mabel 11 

W. 0. Jr. (m) 27 
STANTON, C. R. (m) 21 

Nora A. 29 
STAPP, Bessie 15 

Roy 29 
STARK, Christy 14 
STARKS, Bessie 23 

Blddle 31 

Hosea 11 

Martha lj 
STARNE, Bertha 30 
STARR, W. W. (m) 2 

Wm. 4 
3TAYT0N, E. 0. (m) 26 
STEELE, I. M. (m) 22 
STEINBERG, Fannie 20 
STEPHENS , Clyde 3 

J. J. (m) 22 

K. M. (f) 31 

Rose 9 

Sam 15 
STEWART, Alzeney 3 

Ella 21 

Elsie 29 

Izora 7 

Mabel 21 

S. W. (f) 31 
STIGALL, A. A. (o) 13 

Azada 27 

I. T. (o) 22 

Roscoe 18 

T. L. (m) 10 

Zada 23 
STILLEY, Anna 23 

Cella 8 

James 21 

Mary 9 
STILLWELL, Dorcus 22 
STINNETT, Carrie 16 
ST. JOHN, Thos. 24 
STOCXDALE, Elmer 23 
STOGSTOL, Delia 29 
STOKER, M. D. (m) 14 
STONEY, G.H. (m) 27 
STOUT, Wesley 23 
STREET, Noah 6 
STRICKLAND, J. F. (m) 13 
STRONG, Ada 25 

Isaac 15 
STRUNK, Charity 17 
STUBBS, Dove 21 
SULLENS, Nathan 10 

Telley 9 
SULLIVAN, Chas 26 

Henry 31 

James 29 

SULLIVAN, Minta 16 31 

Rebecca 26 

Tine 8 

W. F. (m) 20 

Wm. 22 
3ULLIVANT, J. B. (m) 19 
SUMMERS, Albert 9 

George W. 13 

Rettie 21 

Walter 26 
SUTHER, Annie 16 
SUTTON, Ethel 18 

J. E. (m) 21 

Mattle 21 

R. M. (m) 16 
SWEENY, Jas. 28 
SWIFT, Wm. 4 

:aNK£R3LY, Effle 6 

Lucy 5 
TAPP, Mary E. 30 
TARBUTTON, E. B. (m) 24 
TATE, Ell 13 
TATE, Flora 28 

Martha 21 

Riley 26 

Ro3a 29 

Verna E. 31 
TAYLOR, Allie 28 29 

Annie 14 

Fannie 2 

J. P. (m) 16 

James A. 9 

R. J. (m) 9 
TERR_, Vada 25 
TERRY, Millie 31 
TESTER, John W. 19 
THARP, Eliza 2 
THOMAS, Andrew 17 

B. F. (m) 10 

Bessie 22 

Dora 3 

Frashler 2 

G. W. (m) 18 

Geo. P. 17 

J. V. (•) 7 

Manerva 25 

Wm. 11 
TH0MPS0H, Charley 32 

Delia 22 

Eva 23 

Jesse 23 

Pansy 23 

T. F. (m) 24 25 

Tina 26 
THORNS, Laura Lee 26 
TH0RNHILL, John 3 
THORP, Edward 5 
TINKLE, A. J. 8 

Aobie 22 
TINSLEY, Mary 20 
TIPPY, Alice 14 
TODD, A. J. (m) 11 

Ada 28 

Andrew V. 28 

Belle 10 

Cella 7 

Cora L. 27 

Ell 31 

Eunice 14 

J. H. (m) 10 

Jason 27 

John 10 

TODD, Lou 17 

Lucinda 13 

Martin 22 

Mary 28 

May 23 

Mora 16 

Otle 4 

Robt. 31 

Sallie E. 26 

Susan F. 16 

Zella 13 
TOMBLESON, J. W. (m) 11 
TOMLES0N, Ed 23 

Homer 28 

Poland 30 
TOOLEY, M. C. (ra) 12 
TOOMBS , Ida 2 
TORVE, A. J. (m) 29 
TOW, Jessie 26 
TOWE, G. W. 9 
TOWNLEY, Louie 21 

Mabel 24 
TRAVIS, W. E. (m) 21 
TRIPP, G. M. (f) 27 

J. W. (m) 23 

John 9 
TROUT, Bessie 29 

Willie 21 

Zella 23 
TROXELL, G. R. (m) 15 
TRUMB0, Clarence 30 

Fannie 26 

James 27 

Lizzie 32 

Susie 26 
TRUSTY, James 16 

Jesse E. 25 

Louisa 16 

Martha 8 

Martha A. M. 26 
TUCKER, Eugene 19 

W. W. (m) 25 
TRETT, Frank 27 
TURGE, Mary 10 
TURGON, Joseph P. 30 
TURNER, Anna 23 

Annie 22 

Creola 11 

Drew 31 

Elizabeth 12 

Ettle 18 

George 17 

Gertie 28 32 

Jas. 7 

John D. 13 

Myrtle A. 30 

Wanda 24 
TUTTLE, Amanda 23 

E. A. (■) 25 

Lottie 26 
TW0HIG, Maggie M. 26 
TYRE, Elbert A. 25 
TYLER, Asa 4 

USSERY, David P. 27 
Eliza 7 
Francis 5 
Lizzie 23 
Chas. 23 
Marlnda 14 
Peter 14 

UTLEY, Ada 12 

UTTER, Wales 7 

VADEN, Nettie 6 
VANCE, Pearl 19 
VANHOOSER, Annie 13 
VARBLE, Robt. J. 25 
VARNER, llellie E. 23 
VARNEY, May 13 
VAS3INDER, Marjory 16 
VAUGHN, Sttie 2 

Minnie J. 28 

Minnie 1 
VINCENT, Blanche 32 

Ray 21 
VIRE, John 10 
VOGHT, Harvey 20 

HADE, I. M. (a) 22 

Jennettle 25 

Jennie 32 

Laura 11 

Noah 8 

Th. 24 

Wa. 1 
WAGNER, Estella 3 
WEIR, V. T. (a) 7 
WALKER, Annie May 23 

Clarence 28 32 

J. W. (m) 10 

James 31 

John W. 23 

M. J. 1 

Myrtle 23 

San 23 

Samuel 22 
WALL, Mabel 22 25 
WALLACE, C. H. (m) 1 

Pollie 29 
WALLS, Martha 5 

WALTERS , Ella 22 
WALTON, Harry 2 
WAKPLER, B. 0. (■) 25 

Chas. 31 
WARD, Ada 17 

Dan W. 21 

John H. 31 

Ollle 23 

Oscar 18 

Robert 21 

Wa. 11 
WARDEN, Sarah M. 25 
WARNER, John T. 27 
WARREN, Ella 18 
WASHBURN, Retta 9 
WATSON, Geo. W. 28 

Ida 11 23 
WAYMIRE, Ethel 31 
WEAVER, Calvin 20 

Fannie 7 

Lewis 1 
WEBB, Cora 11 

E. W. (a) 5 

Jesse 7 

Maggie 12 

Pearl V. 26 

Thos. 23 
WEDGE, W. 0. (m) 25 
WEED, Ethel 9 
WELCH, Birdie 14 

Laura 28 

Mary 14 
WELLS, A. J. (a) 25 

Delphia 28 



WELLS, Edith 2 

J. P. (a) 19 

Maggie May 19 

Mamie 22 

Margaret 25 

Sam 7 
WEST, Ada 26 

CO. (a) 26 

Irene 19 
WEYMER , Laura 26 
WHEELER, Grace 20 

Jas. H. 17 

Otto 28 
WHELCHEL, Norman 7 

Pearl 29 
WHITE, Gilla 20 

Icey 31 

J. L. (a) 26 

Mat (f) 32 

Zoe 31 
WHITED, Jane 10 

Jesse 26 

Laura 26 

Lee 26 

Luclnda 21 i Robt. 12 
WHITLEY, Arthur 19 

Alice 12 

Mills 26 
WHITTAKER, Amanda 23 

Robt. 18 
WHITTING, Zilpha 9 
WIOCISER, Albert 2 

Frank 2 
WIDNER, B. F. (a) 23 

Ed 18 
WIGGIN, Daisy 29 
WILES, Rachel 12 
WILHITE, J. W. (a) 12 

Jaaes 5 
WILLHITE, D. C. (f) 14 

Laura 26 
WILLIAMS, A.R. (a) 29 

Brazzie 15 

Cella 18 

Chas 18 

Dona 21 

E H. (a) 20 

Edgar 14 

Eliza 28 

Essie 6 

Fannie 19 

H. P. (a) 30 

J. W. (a) 17 

Jaaes 28 

John R. 18 

Kate 32 

Laura J. 25 

Lizzie 20 

Margaret 3 

Malissa 1 

Mary 21 

N. A. (f) 28 

Reuben 20 

Sarah 25 

Sterling 8 

Susan 8 

V. (f) 12 

W. 0. (a) 10 

V. E. (a) 20 
WILLING, Richard 29 
WILSON, A. G. 9 

Catherine 10 

Delia 9 

WILSON, Eliza 31 

Elmer 28 

Gertie 17 

Harvey R. 25 

Jas. 21 

James 22 

Lizzie 11 

Roxle 18 

Tennie 3 

Tenny 15 

Thos. 24 

Wa. 25 29 
WIMBERLEY, Curtis 12 

Mary 22 
WLNNLNGHAM, J. 0. (a) 11 
WITTMER, Leroy 30 
WIYRICK, Myrtle 13 
WOMMACK, J. W. 11 
WOOD, C. F. (m) 29 

Clara 26 32 

Cree 25 

David J. 31 

Dollie 6 

Fred M. 31 

Herbert 27 

Maud 1 

Myrtle 28 31 

Ola 29 

W. B. (a) 1 

Wm. L. 23 
WOODS, Bessie 24 

demma 5 
WOODY, Chas. 32 

Cora B. 9 
W00LARD, Mlnta 27 

S. L. (a) 14 21 

William 8 

Cinda 20 
WOLDRIDGE, J. K. (m) 21 
WOOLSEY, Charles 25 
WORKMAN, Elmer 23 
WREN, W. H. (m) 26 
WRIGHT, Charles W. 30 
WYATT, Barney 7 

Cora M. 27 

Verble 26 
WYNN, Ann 10 

Thomas 11 

Versle 8 
WYNNE, Barbara 4 

Bertha 22 

Ella 17 

Hattle 19 

James 30 

Laura 2 

Verna 24 

YANDLE, Docia 18 

Henry 20 
YAPP, L. R. (m) 26 
YEAGER, Annie 19 

Sda 27 
YEWBANKS, Minnie 20 

W. C. (m) 5 
Y0CUM, Llliie J. 28 

Sarah 11 
Y0UND, Jason 8 
YOUNG, A. J. (m) 29 

C. P. (a) 14 

Carrie B. 26 

Charles A. 29 

Docia 17 




YOUNG, Herman E. 
Jas. 3. 2? 
Jason 17 
Letha 1 5 
Lizzie 7 
Lottie 20 
Lydia 29 
Martha 13 
Martha B. 26 
Maud A. 28 
0. 11 
Ollie 4 
Pearl 16 
Sam 27 
Young, Saa'l 
Stella 19 
T. J. (m) 27 
Vlrgie 17 
W. D. (m) 23 

ZERANT, Anna 12 
ZERSCHKY , Otava 29 
ZION, Peter L. 19 
ZIRSCHKY, Matilda 32 

ABSHER, Ben 11 

John 11 
ADAMS, Bettle 18 

Hugh 8 

Martin 8 

R. F. Mr. 4 

R. F. Mrs. 13 
ADAMSON, Myrtle 29 

4 new baby girl 29 

Torn 29 

AGEE, John 4 

John 3. 19 21 

J. R. Mrs. 6 

Ralph Mrs. 17 
ARMENT, Mrs. 30 
ARNETT, Mr. 6 
BALL, C. H. 16 
BEAM, Harry 10 
BEA1, S. S. Mrs. 19 
BEASLEY, Will 6 
BECKETT, Elsie 18 
BELSMER, J. H. 27 
BENDER, Mrs. 27 
BENNETT, Fannie 7 

Frank T. 7 

Virginia Jenkins Mrs 20 

BOX, Wm. 4 
BRAMHALL, Hiram 25 
BROOK, Mr. 6 
3R0WN, Miram 31 
BR0YLS3 , James 20 

W. P. 7 
BRUMLEV3, John 8 

Llda 14 
BRUTON, L. D. Dr. 7 8 2 
BUCHANAN, Turner 6 
BUTCHER, Loma 4 
CAMPBELL, Blanche 19 

Charlie 14 

J. A. 28 
CANTRELL, Ex-sheriff 20 

Sheriff 1 3 

J. A. 5 

John 6 
CARROW, Alex 1 
CARTER, Jesse 7 

Jesse M. 18 
CHILDRESS, Squire 7 
CLARK, Laura 12 
CLAXTON, Arthur 17 

Geo. 24 

Geo. Mrs. 

Jesse 17 

Lease 1 

Mr. 6 

Noah 2 6 
CODAY, Ed Mrs. 

J.K.P. 1 
CORDZ, Lewis Mrs. 11 

Wm. Fres id. Judge 2 

Wm. 6 18 
COX, Judge 14 
CRAIG, Attorney 1 
CRAIN, Julia 24 
CRAMER, Judge 14 
CREER, Sheriff 8 

Walter 1 
CREWS , James 9 
CRISP, J. G. 11 
CUMMINS, Jessie 4 
CURTIS, Arch 12 
DAKE, James 11 
DAVIS, B.0.4 Lady 1 
DENT, Cora 12 
DEUPREE, Joe 1 8 

Mary 1 
DRAPER, Mr. 1 
DUGGAN, Attorney F. W. 
DUNCAN, Charley 6 
EDWARDS, Attorney C.H. 
ELLIS, Edward 22 

L. JT 17 

Laura 4 21 

W. C. 13 
EVANS, Charlie F. 4 



.. 30 

BENTLBY, J. M. 8 FAGLEY, Jake 2 
Lena 3 FARMER, A. J. « 

BENTON, Aunt Lucy 30 31 Arthur 11 
BLAOCWELL, Circuit Clk. 16FARRIS, Lee 6 

Wm. A. 11 
B0DEL, Ellis Mrs 
BOLTON, James 2 
BONE, J. W. Dr. 4 
BOULDIN, T. B. (■) 
BOWZER, J. A. 24 

J. A. Mrs. 24 

John 14 


Walter 6 

FARROW, Joe 12 

FEHR, E. H. Mrs 



L. A. 7 

Lorenzo 4 




T. J. 

FLETCHER, George 14 
FORD, 3ob 13 
FORREST, Jno. 24 
FOSTER, Constable Jim 3 

H. B. Rev. 9 

T. L. 8 
FREEMAN, G. W. 11 

James 11 
FRINK, Attorney 4 

Emma 23 

H. E. Mrs. 31 
FURR, Angellne 19 
FURROW, Mrs. 30 
FUS0N, F. B. Dr. 3 
GARNER, Ada 1 
E. B. 1 22 
Esq. 16 
Josie 2 
Martin 1 
N. B. 15 

N. B. Justice 9 20 
GETTY, Ella 1 

M. H. Notary Public 25 
M. H. Mr. 4 Mrs. 19 
Rev. 15 17 19 20 
Rev 12 
M. D. 4 
M.E. Mrs. 4 
W. H. Mrs. 27 
Walter 1 
Will 8 
GRAVES, N. N. Mr. 4 Mrs. 32 
GRUBB, Mr. 4 
GUNN, Marion 12 
HALL, Ola 23 
HANSON, Dr. 2 15 
Girtie 1 
R. H. Mrs. 30 
Rev. 15 19 
HARMEN, J. M. 12 
HAYS, J.M. Assoc. Judge 2 
HENSLEE, T. F. 4 wife 12 

Thomas 4 wife 12 
L. W. Rev. 24 
Sheriff 14 21 
Thos. Mrs. 27 
HERR, 3en 6 
HICKMAN, Girlie 10 
HHLH0USE, Ed 11 
HOGGATT, Mr. 4 Mrs. 24 
HOPKINS, Jases 16 
H0RT0N, Frankle Mrs. 1 

Washington 1 
HUDSON, B. F. 19 
HUFFMAN, Deputy U.S.M. 1 
HUNTER, Luther 1 
Ona 1 4 
Postmaster 23 
HURLEY, Pastor J. H. 8 
IRVINE, Frank 12 
JACKSON, Guy 10 
J. W. 14 
J. V. 4 wife 16 
JAMES, Jesse 13 
JOHNSON, John 18 
T. S. 21 

Tom 4 Wife 4 new son 1 
W. C. 8 
JONES, C. E. 4 
Rev. Harvey 7 
Lula 1 
Mrs. 3 
KELLEY, Carl 23 



KELLEY , Mattie 23 

Minnie 19 
KSLTON, Moses 8 
KENNEDY, Jack 1 2 

Nelia 3 
KERR, Mr. k 
KINGHELOE, Charley 8 

Cora 9 
KINSEfi, John 14 
LATHflOM, Recorder Joe 6 
LAY, Ben 2 
McBROOM, W. J. Mrs. 11 

McCain, wid 1 

McCLELLAN, Mrs. 25 
McDONALD, Raleigh 1 

Ed Mrs. 30 
MANEAR, Geo. 22 

Mr. 9 
MANSFIELD, Alfred 8 
MARION, Gen. Francis 1 

Mrs. 7 

Wallace 24 
MATLOCK, Nels Mrs. 27 
MATNEY, Young 4 
MAX, Edna 18 
METHVEN, Ca. 13 
MINGUS, Alford 31 

Cy 3 

Deputy 3 

Emma 14 

Posey 31 

S. M. 3 
MONTGOMERY, S. J. Mrs. 26 
MONTGOMERIE, Sarah Mrs. 2 
MOORE, W. F. 3 
MORTON, Pin 6 
MOSS, M. H. 10 13 
MOTT, Albert 10 

Esq. 16 

Fred 8 10 

John Esq. 17 

J. H.H. 19 31 

George 14 

George C. 3 

Noah 4 
MUSICK, L. E. Mrs. 3 

Thos. H. attorney 10 

W. H. H. 1 11 
MUSGRAVE, Mrs. 25 
NEWTON, CA. attorney 25 

Geo. W. Mrs. 17 

Ida 4 son 26 

John 2 

Uncle John 15 

Lucy 1 

W. A. 5 

W. A. attorney 7 

W. A. Rev. 3 

W. N. 11 

Wm. 24 
NICKLE, Wm. 16 
NICHOLS, Noah 7 
NIEDER, L. 0. 7 

Nigh, Lewis 2 
ODLE, Syra 8 
PALMER, To» Mrs. 26 

PARSONS, Allie 31 
PATTERSON, J. Mrs. 24 

Nola 16 
PEPPERDINE, George Atty. 7 
PEYTON, Wm. 16 
PICKLE, Lassie 3 
PIERSON, Jas. 24 
POPE, Amel 21 
PROCK, John Ex-Judge 21 
PROPHET, J. H. 10 

Jennie 4 

Mr. 4 Mrs. 6 

R. W. 3 

W. B. 4 wife 17 

W. B. 6 
PRYOR, Bertha 29 

Ona 29 

Jas. 24 
RAFFERTY, Charles Mr. 4 Mrs 
RANEY, Eliz. 17 

Elizabeth 26 

Peter 14 

N. L. Mrs. 21 

Recorder 20 
HLPPEE, Assessor 13 

Geo. 17 
RIPPEE, Will 3 
ROBINETT, Collector 1 

John T. 8 

Thula 1 
RQBSON, Charlie 4 
RUDD, A. J. 3 

Mrs. 4 Gladys 1 
RUSSELL, Janes 11 

Rev. 22 26 

John A. Rev. 8 
SEE, Marshal/Sup. Court 2 
SHAFFER, Pastor 2 

T. P. Rev. 3 4 5 6 
SHAW, Esq. 13 

Mrs. 11 

Wn. 14 
SHIELD, John 11 

John Mrs. 25 
SHORES, Effle 3 4 
SHORT, Joel F. 13 
SIMMONS, John 1 2 
SIMPSON, Basooa 15 
SKAGGS, Myrtle 14 
SLUSHER, J. W. Rev. 31 
SMITH, L. W. 6 
SNOW, Esq. Sol 5 
SPILLMAN, Sadie 11 
STAFFORD, Press 7 
STALLDJS, Vergil 6 
STEELE, Hon. E. C. 3 

4 son Howe 3 
SUMMERS, A. J. 20 

Editor 3 6 

W. R. 27 
TERRY, Judge 15 

Jim 6 

TODD, A. _. 31 

A. L. Krs. 28 
TOVNLEY , Corles 1 

Louie 1 
WALKER, Manson 6 
WALTERS, Oscar 10 
WARREN, D. 3. Rev. 31 
'WEAVER, Mrs. 4 

4 son John 4 
WEYRIJK, Myrtle 10 
WHITLEY, Fannie 21 
WILKLNS, Miss 15 
WILLIAMS, Fred 11 

J. W. 11 

L. M. 13 
WIYRICK, Myrtle 1 
WOOD, Assoc. Judge J. T, 

James 2 

James M. 15 
18 tf. s. Mrs. 30 31 

Wm. 6 
WOODS, Amy 3 
WOOLSEY, Maude 32 
WRIGHT, Chas. 7 

Chas. 4 wife 18 

Mr. 3 
WYATT, 3rown 2 

Constable John 2 

and Clay 2 
WYNN, 3. W., Jus. Peace 8 

W. T. 8 
YANDLE, John 3 
YARBROUGH, G. S. Rev. 1 
YATES, John Mrs. 26 
YEAGER, Wes 11 
YOUNG, Daisy 2 

Eli 1 

Aunt Helen 29 

Oscar 8 

Sam 11 

Senator 15 

W. E. ,2 


Gloria Bogart Carter 





1911 THROUGH 1920 



\w ^|| 




1911 THROUGH 1920 

\m — 4Pl 

Marriage Licenses. 

William IS, Triplctt of Bismark, 
North Dakota and Emma Dora 
Hriscou.of Mtn. Grove. 

Da v ill L, Thompson and Amy 
Hurnelt both ol' Norwood. 

S. D. biiurt anU Nona Royal both 
of Mill. Grovu. 

Duniol W. Morgau and Nellie L. 
Ijomiull both of Mansfield. 

Jo>l Long and Eliza Owens both 
of Mm G ovo. j 

Daniel S, Wilson of Rippeo. 
Douglas Comity and Indiana Wil- 
son of Mtn. Grove. 

Marriage License*. 

. Alvin-FHsk of Mtn. Grove, jnd 
Ella Caudle of Norwood. 

deorge-W. Todd imd Florence 
Stout both of Odin. 
- Hnrrison -Mcintosh -of Macomb 
and Delia Olaxton of Mansfield. 
. Lewh Coble and Tabitha M«li|«» 
Ann Crewse both of Graff ." 

F*.\>. n nn 

rvUrtk It, /1IJ 

F*\>. iiW" 

Marriage Licenses. 
I John F. Cannon of Pryor Creek, 
Oklahoma and Margaret M. Brown 
of Grove Spring. 

Herman E. Harrison and CoVa L, 
Reynolds both of Norwood. 

Nicholas Dwiney and Elina Floyd 
both of Ml. Grove. 

Latum Gimlin and Malinda Stev- 
ens both of "Hariville. 

Cary Oscar Tuck* and Zelpha 
Carmen Giles both of Manstield. 

Edward C. Hake of Harlville 
and Ediih liensley of St. George, 

Benjamin F. Boll and Lola 
Roseinau bolh of Norwood. 

James W. A. Willhite of Ray- 
born and Lola E. Hutioll of Astoria. 

Bonjarnin Sails of Fowler and 
Minnie Chad well of Dawson. 

Alvin Frisk of Mtn. Grove and 
Ella Caudle of Norwool. 

Sam Scarborough and wife visit- 
ed Mrs Sea borough's sister Mrs. 
King Spilhuan Suudav. 


Albert H „Waltets and Etbel 
Long of Mk Grove. 

Jason L.' Box of 8oymour and 
Bessie Blazer of Manstield. 

Eli L. Bennett and rLissle /inn 
Carder of Manes. , 

Milton Dennis of Mt. Grove and 
Maude Bartley of Norwood,- 

John Spnrlook and Elizabeth 
Frewirt 6t Cedar Gap. ; 

Fred , A. '. Bntoher and Gertie 
Obttengim of Norwood. ■ ■'. 

. Walter Myers *W Laura Robert- 
son of Grimes* , 

i Leroy Pope and Lavinia Moln- 
tosh of Mansfield* 

Rosea C. Braeeal of Jlew Grovo 
and Allie.Oantrell j»f Niangna, _ 

Marriage , License*. 

Thomas Hill and Isabeil Ryan, 
bolh of Nhrwood 

j'i L. ouis. Neiro and Lnoy , Haney, 
both of Manes. 

Lewis Denton, of Astoria and 
Maty ttodnef.wfliitri.. Grove. 

John T.-Hoffraan, Catesby, Okla. 
ann"- Louise ■ Q. Ilnrke, of Norwood. 

Jeff Mfngns. of Durfcafl arid ' Ldl- 
1'iOj Duiinin, of Phillipsburg'-- 

Newton Brill, Astoria and Alii* 
Murr of ' Graff. " 

Milton k. Dennis*," Manafteld arid 
Bertha Coday of Hartvillev » ■'!• . • 

Charles R. Cochenoor and. AlU 
Hensley bothof Mansfield. 

I MartfcdfotLaSt. 

Recorder Adams,, issued a marri- 1 
age license last' Tuesday to Thos. ; 
Hill aged 80 years- : and Eliaabeth 
Hill, nee Ryan aged 88 years both 
of Norwood. Mr. and Mrs. Hill 
married several .years, ago .and are 
the parents of. four, -children. . Mr, 
Hill married ill 1601 but was tejm- 
rated , from' /her. arid thought of 
course that bis, drs^jwlfe was dead 
when, he married the present .Mr*.,! 
Ryan, but reoentlj he learned that ' 
his first wife was alive at the time 
of his second marriage and' died 
eight years ago 1 lie was" afraid 
this marriage was Illegal sb be* mar- 
ried hit presen't'' , wlf« again- - this i 

Marriage Licenses, 

Fred A. Butcher and Gertie Cot* 
tengim both of Norwood. 

Walter Myers and Laura Robert- 
son both of Grimes. 

Leroy Pope and Lavinia Mojn- 
toih both of Maosiiekl 

WarcU *3, IV/ 

' , Marriage Licences. 

F M. Shorter of Douglas Coun- 
ty nnd Minnie McGheo of Mtn. 

Henry Hall of Grove Spring and 
, Sarah F Howell oi Pease. 

KVW cU 30, H// D 
Marriage Licenses. 

Maynard Williams of Hartville^ 
and Mollio Keys of Norwood. 

April I Hit n 

Marriage Licenses. 

Clarence Raney anol Ethel Hill, 
both of Norwood. 

Wm. Moore of Mt. Grove and 
Ida E. Carter 'of Norwood 

Dolen Stigall of Grimes and Em- 
ma Reddiok of Fuson. 

April )S,JVI n 


Marriage Licenses. 

Fay Wood and Ada Jarrett, both 
of Norwood. . . i 

Otis Cogdlll and Clara Long, 
both of Hartville. ' 

Dempsey M. Dake and 
Davis, both of Mtn. Grove. 

James N Plemmons and Eva 
Adams* both of Mtn. Grove 

Benjamine Towe and Sintha 
Laree', both of Mtn. Grove. 

George R. Mings of Mingsville 
and Eloie M Gregory of St. 
George. ■. 


scoppod In lu ruluXitel 
Bin u with Dr. bUtKju u 
Croup UuriKwly. Gn 9 

— - — ' t - &* ^Sfflsftras 

April 2.0,1V! 

T«.^e *, MM 

T^ 13, MM p * 

Marriage Licenses. 

John F. Garner and Stella E 
Dennis, both of Mansfield. 

Robert L -Kinser of Hartville 
and Mary E. Todd of Odin. 

Marion C. Coday and Mabel 
Johnson, both of Mansfield 

John H. Young of Norwood and 
Maggie Myrtle Johnson of Mans- 

A ? ril 2%W D_ 
J^~. Marriage Licensed. 

Joseph Patterson ahd Ella/ May j 
Coble both of Graff. - I 

George Fletcher and Florence 
Melton both of Mtn. Grov*, ; . 

_Apr a 2.9, iv i fl_ 


George Fletcher and Florence 
Meton of Mountain Orove. 

Joseph Ratteree Bnd EUa May 
Coble of Graff. .', •-.. •'- -; : ■ \ 

[ "Marriage Licenses. 

Ira N. Gobs and. Jessie Morris 
both of Cedar Gap. 
J William H. Bradfleld and Marga> 
1 rite Elisabeth Turner both of Mans- 

| field. : *:'.*'. «.| 


William H. Bradfield and 
Margurite E. Turner of Mansfield. 

Ira N. Goat and Jessie Morris oi 
Cedar Gap. 

E.D.Bennett and Lola Adam- 
son of Maoomb. 

James H. Rayborn and Mary E. 
Briokiey of Rayborn. 

Harrison Stilley of Embre* and 
Ada E. Mings of Mingsville. 

II. C. Crider of Blaekwell, Okla- 
homa it vial in;,' -relatives in old 
Wright, lie reports a very severe 
drouth in bin section he past sea- 
son. Come biiok to the Oaarka, 
Wo need you bauk hero. 

„ Marriage Licenses. 
\ J. Walter Hendon of Sohell City 
and Ethel May Mott of Hartville. 
- Hoy K. D. nnis and Lou R ppoe, 
both ..f Mansfield. 

Albert L. Woolley and Florence 
'B. Austin, both of Mansfield. 

Billie A damson of Mansfield and 
Katie Lathrom of Hartville. . 

S»*i4. % mt /? 

M ARRl AGE LICENSES, . , . ;;, 

A. .&• "Furerit ' and, Eay/^. \ 
Leightop of Mt. Grove. '*■,' ;3 -i | 

ML. Williams and Zettie Adams '■ 
of Lamb. ,'.i >■?■ *V 

George V. Lawter and Nettie V» ' 
Wynne of St. George !.. 

Albert L. Woolley and Florence,,: 
B„ Austin of Mansfield. ' ,i: 

Roy E. Dennis and Lou Rtppee,'. 
of Mansfield. ^ . t ..■•.,.'•.'■.,'-.}; 

Marriage Licenses. 

Homer C Tarbutton and Glydie 
E Taylor both of Mansfield 

C- T. Shields aiid Eli/.abeth 
Brumley both of Mtn. Grove. 

Chris Tyson or Olathe Douglas 
Co., anrl Esther Graves of Macomb. 
Charb/y Scott of Mtn. Grove and 
Maitolia Butts of Enibree. 

Herman Harnett and Ola Robert- 
son hnth of Maoomb. 

John W. Adams and Florence 
Cannon, both of Mtn. Grove. 

(J. l'. Deaton of Ann, Douglas 
County and Belle Nicholson of 
Mtn. Grove. 

Noah \V. Johnston of Norwood 
and Dora Uolte of Macomb. 

Thomas A. Campbell and Corin- 
nie Bridgers, both of Mtn. Grove. 

D. II. Claxton of Smittle and 
Dcemer Todd of St. George. 

Marvin Widnor of Fuson and 
Mittie Starr of Boyer. 

C. W. Mcintosh of Macomb and 
Eva M. Noyles.of Norwood. 

Everett S. Dillinger and Daisy 
M. Wood, both of Norwood. 

Jadge 'Mariin of Webster county 
• spent a hjfr days last week visiting 
hit sitter Mr*. J. II. H Mott. 

Marriage Licenses. 

Samps Millsap and Myrtle Coday 
butL of Norwood, 

Leroy Grissom and Orphio O. 
Young both of Odin. 

Jamos N. Grissom and Jessie C. 
You,ng both of Odin. 

J. J. Putnam, Lost Springs, Wyo 
and Myrtle Deys Paxton of Mtn. 

TvtU Mi IV I R 


3.3, Hill and Sary E. Walker 
of Mt. Urove. 

, G. P, Deatou of Ann, Douglas 
Couiity, and .Bel,le Richard*uu of 
Mt. Graved -'/ ' ' • ; • 

J. J, Putnam of bost Springs, 
Wyo., fid MyrtU Deyo 1'aitou of 
Mt. Grove, , .. ' 

1 James N- G£ii»pm" , »nd Jwsie-Ct 1 
Young of Odin. 

! Li'roy W. Gvlssom and Orpl(ie 
0. Voui»|j of Odin- 

A^ii 11,1111 R 

Charles L. I'igg ami Vorbie Ullen 
M-.rdonof Sniitth'. 
; JVrry VYejaver and Larila Udell of 
: Grove Spring. 

Fred Umery and Luoilida Hurt' 
,ol Norwood. ^ 

■ Win. Crisp, of Pine Creek, and 
Liv.scie Hudson of Maura. 

Iliif/h H. Haddock and Mrs. 
Lflia Fletcher of Mountain Grove. , 
Eli'.a Solau Patterson, of Pine 
Crook and Dora Cri«p of Manon. 

J>e p-b, 1, nit M _ 

Marriage Licenses. 

Henry Frisk oi Mtn. Grove and 
Nellie Caudle of Norwood. 

R. E. Sbaddy and Cora Ga/Der 
both of Grove Spring. 

Buford Sutton and M,ay Pino 
botk of Mtn. Grove. 

T. Emmett Humphrey oi Ague*- 
and Susie Smith of Smittle. . 

Arthur Jones afld Mary Perry> 
caan both of Grove Sprtug 

7^ Marriage Licenses. 

Chester MoDaakey and Thuja 
Jones both of Norwood. '.. 

, Cb»». E- J"" 1168 of Cabo ° l *^ d 
Ussia Moody of-Norwood 

M. E. ^cub/ns and Delia Chanoe 
bptb of Mansfield. - 

Oct. 13,1111 

Newton J. Evans of Manes and 
Hatlie ISiill of Astoria. 

Fred K. Hart aud Buasie Bruton 
I of Norwood. 

! Charles A. Woods of Mountain 
Grove and NellU| Parmontur of 

John 0. Fox and Iris V 
Cuuuingham of Mountain Grove. 

Kay lluggans and Verba Spcnoe 
of Mansfield. 

William F. King and Carrie 
Bridges of Mountain Grove. 

Paul Marlor and Kssie Morris of 
Cedar Gap. 

W. F. Russell of Duncan unci 

Mcs. Carrie Uoden of Grove Spring. 

Everett J. Spence of Mansfield 

and bardie Niuholt of New Grove. 

Chester MoCaskey and Tuula 

Jones of Norwood, 

- Cbarle* B, Jamos of Cabool and 

UsBia Moody of Norwood. 

Do Ghosts Haunt Swamps? 
•No,' If ever. Its foolish to fear a 
fancied evil, -when' Mnere are real 
and deadly perils to gdard against 
in swamps and marshes, bayous, 
and lowlands, Hiese are the mala- 
ria germs that oause ague, ohllls 
and fever , weakness, aches In the 
bones and muscles and may induce 
deadly typhoid But Electrio Bit- 
ters destroys and casts out these 
vicious germs from the blood. 
"Three bottles drove all the mala- 
ria from my system," wrote Wo. 
Fretwell, of Lucama, N. , ' and 
I've had fine health ever since " 
Use this safe, sure remedy, only 
60c at A. J. Farmer's, drug store. 


Koseer Mcintosh Again Fords the 
Enbioan. .,' 

On last WednesBay afternoon 
Mosier Mcintosh, a ripe old octo- 
genarian, led a blushing widow to 
Judge Freeman's office where the 
happy twain were soon made one. 
The bride was Mrs. Mary Forrest 
■who bas been well and favorably 
known in Wright Counly for more 
than a half oontury. 

TIim happy gro<m i* a well pro 
served old soblier and it is probable 
that no better man ever wore the 
b ue or faced the shot and shell for 
his country with better nerVes than 
did this same Mosier Mcintosh. 
He- served all thiough Ihe lste war 
and OMd to-day show many old 
wounds. AS a private in ihe 
regluMwt of the late Governor 
Pbelps in the terrible battle of Pes 
Ridge the company to which 
Mcintosh belonged went into the 
fight full and when the lead flew 
the thickest all the line officers were 
k lied then the seargoants and when 
the lines began to wave* Mcintosh 
assumed oornniand and railing the 
wavering company led it onward to 

Pages might be filled with the 
heroic and valorous depds of this 
old soldier. To-day he Is a fine 
specimen of physical manhood, 
being a large, robust, old gentle- 
man. He is. In comfortable olr. 
cumstances; has a fairly good farm, 
but- was Without a bouSe-keeper. 

The Republican 'extends hearty 

Prof. Applhy retuniod S^iuday 
from Springfield whore bo spent the 
holidays. Mrs Applehy is visiting 
her sister Mrs. Haokii'-y of Jojiliu, 
, who is very sick. - 

R*y E. H.ivs and Daisy L. 
Young of Mountain Grove.' 
J J. E. Atkinson of Talumgo and/ 
; Lawrence Vienna 'Butcher of Nor- 

J. H. Key of Manes, and Bessie 
Wilson of Crimes. 

Fred B. Atkienrt and Lola Brown. 
of Mouulain (jrovf. 

Uustui'i A. Beard of Orla, La- 
clede Oouuty, uud Bessie Bobtic of 

Af»v t io,mi (C 


liosea If. Stout and Hurtba E. 
Fiuilloy of Mansfield. 

Uobn W. Long aud Ruby Bowser 
of Grove Spring. 

Clarence C. Brough and Mollie 
Braseal of New Grove. 

Jamed H, Prock of New Qrovo 
and Jeunie PattersoD of Odin. 

Elmer Austin and Etta Grimes of 

James Williams and Eva M. 
Maxom of Norwood. 

Thomas B. DeArmond of Sey- 
mour and Lucy A. Ethridgo of 

Dec, \HjJVl_ D_ 

Marriage Licenses. 

| Wiutford A. Pryor and Pearl 
Turner of Uanvillo. 

I Wm. E. King of Boa/., Christian 

I County and Hophribab Finoher of 

I Lynchburg. 

| Jesse Hurt and Belle Moinert 

I of "• orwood. i 

I Thtimas .1. Lemons of Odin and 

I Rebecca E. Prock of Fu'on. 

! Allen L. BlodBOc of « Odin and 
Myrtle Kelley of Loring. 

Ralph Goswick of Smittle and 
Lnntie Mai tin »f Loring. 
■ Edward R. Wilson of Grimes 
and Annie Minerva Carter of Nor- 
wood. I . 

Dec 3.1, HI! ft 

Marriage Licenses. 

i Logan Tato and Sylvia Burnt both 
of Hanville. 

William W {Crawford, and. Bertie 
Bradshaw both of Dunoau. 

George E ' Epperson and Maud 
Coggius both of Mm Grove. ( 

! llaTryjTliarttieii and wile re- 
tumud to their home ill St. Louis 
last Saturday after a week's visit 
with Mrs. Bastion's father, John N. 
j Pryor. Thoy enjoyed thoir outfiifj 
|aiid their many friends onjoycL 
their visit. 

__N0j/ . %L * HI _& 

IVocp, O yv Hh niseis! and ye old 

maids lnmenr with treat woe, for 
. In! 'one in. re matrimonial chahcr 
' bus vanished, for John R. Jones 
j the great w. dower I. as taken unto 
1 hitnei'lf another wile 

Dae zz, mi jpu 

Marriage Licenses. ;: 
Elberidge Webb of Grove 

Spring and Ada McKeel of Niar>. 

Robt. H Todd of New Grove 

and Lolo Allen of Odin ' 
Sbellie Wells of' New Grove 

and Virgie JVyatt of, Seymour. • | 
Charles Henry Walker and 

Ada Fletcher both of Manes.' fi 
Dennis Crane, of Norwood and'* 

Minnie Gibson of Men. Grove" „ 
Earl Anderson of Mansfield ' 

and Bertha Henaley of Macomb- 
Elbert W. Weaver and Myrtle 

Gimlin both of Hartville. 

. • Ardon A. Pierson of Hartville - 

ana Bertha A. Robinett of Roy- 
Otto Tarbutton of Mansfield , 

and Nettie Moss of Lincoln, Neb- 
William J. Thomas and Stella/ 

Smith both of Norwood. 
James Harley Mitchell and 

Low Marlin both of Odin. 

•J*.*, it, nn. p 

Mamage License?.-', . .V'j 

lifiii K; P'|iTin-»gnte and Cora >M»;..j 
Fox hath of Mtn. -Grove. "'■''/'. 

U'.bert Cluxtoll uwl Klwj ie Ad- 'i 
aiiiaon liolli of Miiuofiehl. .'■'» 

Galen G. Unison <»f IJartville 
ami Leslie L. 1'ouuu of Mt . Grove 

Charles E. Douglass and Martha , 
'M. Lougwo'l both of Mtu. Grove. 

,T. M, Ryan uud Lillio Dunoau 
botli of Norwood. 

James. Hurley Mitchell and, Lou . 
Martin both of ,Odiu. 

J. D- VY"odwaril of-Mttii Grove. , 
and Bona liaxr of* Prior, Douglau .', 
County, Mo. , "•', ' r ■ ', j 

Charley lllonsl.-y uud Jillu. Tate .' 
'b.'ili of Hartville. . ••" . ." . 

Elbert |,ue S ftvor smd Esiu Kirk 
Iwtli of liariyillu : ; . \>~ .;' 

ftl. a, \vx R 

ftL X% I1U 

The Bureau of HtVital Statistics | 
reports a , total of.. 407 births in 
Wright oounty in HI 1 or a birth 
rate of 26.14 per 1060. - The num-| 
ber of deaths i,n the oounty was 184 
or a death rate' of 10.04 per looo. | 
Of these 24 were oroised by Pneu- 
monia and 31 by consumption, 
'in the state there, were 73,868 
births and 43,890 deaths, the, birth I 
rate being 92 43 per thousand and | 
the death rate being 13.17 per; 
1000. Of the deaths 11.6 per oent | 
■ were oaused by Tuberculosis and 
10-4 per'beiit by Pneumonia. 

v Arthur L. Brunpuy -^ad" 'Annie 
G.' Ua*mjr boeflof Mtn. Uioyay**'' 
• Arohie A. Barr.'Fusoo and U)l 
iao Pi>AiiLlL i »AlHnjBS. .„ <,,■+'< * 

Win Perry Wadlinglon aud Dura 
E Soott both of Hartville. 
j , G, O. Morris, Cedar Hap and 
Effle Gobh, Mau-fleld. 
I Louis Fiioh and Lina Ilioaa both 
| of Mtn Grove. 

A. P. Brodsbaw and Opal Craw- 
ford both 61 Dupoan. 

V. M. Morgan, Ava and Mabel 
And*ttwu>' Mansfield. 

B. H. Franklin and L. JM, Robi- 
iioit bqtb of Mtn Grove. 

Irvin Crisp and Laura Uemfelt 
both of Manes. 

W, F. Austin and Bessie Younj. 
botk of Manes, ) . 

Feb. V1/* _JL_ 
~ Marriage License 

Ernest Jones age 17 and Cdra 
Lee Davis age 18 both of Cedar 

John F. MoCuistonof Mt- Grove 
and Julia A. Finch of Norwood. 

W. F. Austin of Manes and 
Bessie M. Young of St. George. 

Irwin Crisp and Laura Rumfelt 
both of Manes. 
/ B. R. Franklin and L. M. Rob- 
inett both of Mt. Grove. 

F. M. Morgan of Ava, Douglas 
Co. and Mable Andrews of Man. 

fek, a a, ma. 

Marriage Licenses. 

Elisha B. Owens and Jane 
Wilson both of Norwood. 

Travis Box and Verba Hick- 
jnan both of Rembert. 

John F. Sanders and Jennie 
Bradshaw both of Norwood. 

Fred W. Atnip of Dawson' and 
Hazel Hopkins of Rayborn. | 

William A. J." Jones and May, 
W. Warner both of Norwood. 

Samuel C. Young and Olive 
Hubbard both of Mtn. Grove. 

Alfred W. Rumfelt and Mary 
Alice Worsham both of Manes. 

' Mrs Corlass Harvey of Spring- 
field viniterTher sister, Mrs. Geo. 
Hunter, this week. 

Marriage Licenses. 

Floyd Hatfield and Grace Mill- 
Bap both of Norwood. 

George/Thompson of Norwood 
and Inez Smith of Hartville. 

Richard Kirk and Minnie Hens- 
ley both of Mansfield. 

Marriage Licenses. 

Lewis Alonzo Goodalo and Gold* 
Mae Davis both of Norwood. 

William O. Perkins and Sarah 
O. Uoneyoutt both of Manes 

KVUrcU *l, W* D 

Marriage Licenses. 

llufua L. Harrington and Aman- 
da E. Owens both of Norwood 

Edward W- Lyon and Ruth De 
Mott both hf Mtn- Grove. 

Alfred MoCorrniok and Mary J. 
Dixon both of Umpire 

D. A. Loyd and Sarah L. Sparks 
both of Norwood. 

James A. Peters and Sarah E. 
Fiaher both of Mtn. Grove. 

Luther W. Long of Dawson and 
Margaret E. Hopkins of Rayborn. 

Jessse F. Sappington of Fine 
Creek, Laclede Co and Oma Del- 
cour of MaucB. , 

A. Lathrom of Mtn. Grove and 
Lola Hayes of Tildon, Nebraska. 

W. S. Mansfield of Pease and 
Sarah M. Hightower of Grove 

Elmer M. Mitchell and Ora Scott 
both of Hartville. 

Ira C. Story and Norma Crisp 
both of Hartville. 

Marriage Licenses. 

Edward J. Lenhart aud Nettie E. i 
Hensley both of Norwood. I 

James G. Chad well and Annie 
Buchanan both of Norwood. 

William Willhite of Rayborn' 
and flattie Clark of Hartville. 

W. H. Payton and Laura Hicks 
botli of Mtn. Grave. 

Mr. and Mrs. John MoKinney of 
Spirit L*ke, jowa arrived here 
Tuesday-for a brief visit with their 
daughter Mrs. R. L. Protberoe. 

nwcW n ^ l2 A 


Ellsha B. Owens and Jane Wil- 
ton of Norwood. 

Ricbard Kirk and Minnie Hens- 
ley of Mansfield. 

George Thompson of Norwood 
and Inez Smith of Hartville. 

Floyd Hatfield and Oraoe Millsap 
of Norwood. 

Henry C. Helfreoht and Orpha 
Claxton of Hartville. 

William O. Perkins and Sarah O. 
Honeycutt of Manes. 

Ira C.Storey and Norma Crisp 
of Hartville. 

Elmer Mitchell and Ora Mitchell 
of Hartville. 

W. S. Mansfield of Pease and 
Sarah M. Hightower of Grove 

A Latbrom of 1 Mountain Qrove 
and Lola Hayes Of Tilden. 


r.'L U/Wa &__ 


Irvin L. Jones of Smittle and 
Survannio Williams of Lamb. 

WillismM. Nicholson and Car- 1 
delia B. Ussi-ry of Mountain 3 rove. J 

A. C. Radford oud 11a Crisp of 1 
Manes. > ; ''>...' 

G. Ej Julian aod Laura Mosely 
of Mailes. . / - 

Elmer D. Jones and Ethel M. j 
Forsythe of Mountain Grove. <\ 

Ernest Turner oF Hartville and 
Verba Kelley of Norwood. 

April (gy (1/» i_ 

Marriage Licenses. 

James C. Cutting and Vada 
McCraw both of Norwood. 

Samuel Long and Georgia Wil- 
liams both of Hartville. 

Irvin L. Jones of Smittle and 
Survannie Williams of Lamb. 

Wm. M. Nicholson and Corde- 
jlia B. Ussery both of Mtn. 

A C. Radford and Ila Crisp 
both of Manes. 

Wouj 12, 111* & 


Elmer D. Jones and Ethel M. 
ForRcythe of Mountain Grove. 

Irwin L. Jones of Smittle and 
Snrvannie Williams of Lamb. 

Samuel Long and Georgia Will- 
lams, both of HartviHe. 

James C. Cutting and Vertla 
McCraw both of Norwood. 

Ira Barnes and Nevada Raney of Mountain GroVo. v ''^' 

Charles D. Barker and Netta 
Ellison both of Douglas county. 

David A. Ore and Martha J. 
Hall both of Mansfield. 

Otto II. Ober and Ada E. Brown 
both of Mountain Grove. 

Leonard L. Inmnn of St. George 
and May Caudle of Competition. 

A. M. Mayberry and Lulu Moore 
both of Norwood. 

George H. Ayers and Cleo Smith 
both of Mansfield. 

R. T. Walters of Mansfield and 
Jessie Shumate of New Grove. 
, Hoy Long of Hartville and Silvia 
Holdoroft of Loring. ,« 

r-NAft^ 23, n/a 

After a visit of several days with 
her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. 
Wm. Kerr, Mian Lula Jones 'left 
last Saturday for her Michigan 

Marriage Licenses. 

George 0. Murrell of Hartville 
and Jennie L. Vanuoy of Norwood. 

J. A. Long and Arminda Carder 
both of Manes. 

Samuel E. Newton and Mary J. 
White both of Mansfield. 

Eli Stephens and Julia A. Hall 
both of Mansfield. 

Lawrenoe C. Gregory of Heppner 
and Daisy J. Snyder of Norwood. 

William J. Bohanan of Hartville 
and Melissa Hurt of Norwood. 

Fred U. Mott and Dortha Cant- 
rell both of Manes. 

Roy Long of ' Hartville and 
Sylvia Holdoroft of Loring. 

R. F. Walters of Mansfield and 
Jessie Shumate of New Grove. 

George H. Ayers and Oleo Smith 
both of Mansfield. 

A. M. Mayberry and Lulu Moore 
both of Norwood. 

Leonard L. Inman of St George 
and May Caudle of Competition. 

Otto H. Ober and Ada E. Brown 
both of Mtn. Grove. 

David A. Ore and Martha J. 
Hall both of Mansfield. 

John A. Long, aged 70 and Miss 
Arminda Carder, age 10 were 
granted a marriage license by 
Heoorder Adams, Wednesday. 

"Jqjo e. IS, Ilia. p 

Marriage Licenses. 

Albert J. Williams of Lamb aad 
Tila Jones of Smittle. 

Edger A. Sisk and Agnas Rogers 
both of Mansfield. 

Russell Bond Rogers and Alt* 
Kellough both of Mansfield. 

7uve 2.1, /1/A 

Marriage Licenses. 

Jesse Uallard and Heater Barnes 
both of Hartville. 

Elijah Berry and Elizabeth 
Drumright both of Norwood 

Ernest L. Carder and Xenia 
May Young both of Hartville. 

TkLvj r, M/z ft 


Clande Kelley of Springfield and 
Edna Hntsell of Dawson. 

Dan Hobler and Delia Ellis of 
Mountain Grove. 

Xuther Chandler and Delpba 
Davis of Hartville. 

Harvey R. 0. MoNamee and 
Mabel Lovins of Mountain Grove. 

Jesse Ballard and Hester Barnei 
of, Hartville. 
''EHjha Berry and Elizabeth Dram- 
right of Norwood. • , ' 

Ernest L. Carder and Zona 
Young of Hartville. 

Albert J. Williams of Lamb and , 
Zeta Jones of Smittle. 

Edgar A. Sesk and Agnes 
Rogers of Mansfield. 

Russell Bond Rogers and Alta 
Kellough of Mansfield. 

Wheeler A. Fletcher of Astoria 
»nd Ora Fiolden of Plato. 

| Prof. John Boyd came over tfri- 
l day from MarshBeld to attend the 

commencement exVrci-'os , that even- 
' ing. He was accompanied homo 

Sunday by liis wife who had been 

visit inc; her parents, Mr. and Mrs. 

J. F. Allen, tho past week. t 


Andrew E. Laibrom and Lydia 
|Uley of Kayborn. 

Atho F. Henderson and Grace L. 
Hudson of Grove Spring. 

Ira J. Thomas and Ailett M. 
Stewart of Norwood. 

Charles E. Burkette, of Sapolpa, 
Okla., and Ruth Courier, of St. 

Clyde Craig and Glen Paul, of 
Douglas CouDty. 

Herman Roberts, of Macomb and 
Fsy France, of Norwood. 

Georpo W. Leonard and Mtyme 
D Steven of Mo'int%in Grove. 

Jobi D Inrvao and Nellie 
, Yoonm of Mountain Grov*. . l 

Charles Dowden and Bertie 
Breedlove of Manes. 

William Murr and Gertie Coble ; 
of Graff. .■•).'....,■, ', I 

fluysi 17, IV* p 

Marriage Licenses. 

Chester Young of Ilartville and 
Bessie Bowyor of Grove Spring. 

Charles Wade and Ethel Mo- 
Bride bith of Com >etition. 

Chester G. Newton of Canadian, 
Texas and Lola I. Pool of Ilartville 

Villiam G. Craln and Bossio 
Odcll both of Grove Spring. 

James II. Ward and Lydia Allon 
both of Mtn. Grove. 

Walter II. .Toll ison and Emma 
R. R:'iiey both of Norwood. 

Charles J, Wyrick and Annie 
Valandnghfiom both of .orwood. 

William Vaughn and Dece Dran- 
stet.ter both of Manes. 

Wesley Rower of Mingsville 
and Arzona Shropshire of Mamw. 

Ira (Mark and Bertha Dclcoiiro 
both of St. Goorge. " ' 

Carl W. Sisk of Ash Grove and 
Pearl K. Brown of Miller, Mo. 

Hubert F. Smith and Grace Pearl 
Ross both of Seymour, H-tf. 

William Matooy and Martha 
Matney both of Codar Gap. 

Harrison C. Smalley and Nora 
Reesor both of Mtn. Grove. 

fete Ussery and Rosaquetta 
Sparks both of Mtn. Grove. 

Elijah H. Johnson of Morgan 
and Cinda Williamson of Smittle 

Act. 3I,IVJL 

Marriage Licenses. 
, G I). Mosloy and Duloie 
.both of Manes. 
■ Casper R. Oliver of Fiibo 
.Oma Hroyle-" of Hariri Ic 
'• Jasper N. Wnrd ...I o'.'.'i 
JMa-y E Gass -ol Ilartville. 
Z no Swing and Mary T. 
Tenor both of Norwood 

Ernie F. Gorman of Hi 
and" of r>'_\">. 
^N..ah T. .lom- oi Beir.hi!! 
iKula Chapman m' iv slii'M 

A .not. 1'. Wliuluhcl and 
Nickle both of Ilartville. 

0ec, $111* 

' E. B. Garner and wile and sou, 
iGlendou arrived bore Sunday from 
Texas, Just bofore starting they 
made a dinner on lottii'O and greeu 
unions but they landed hero in zero 
weather. Some kind of a change V 
I reckon. 

ii and 
u and 



ll All'l 

Mary \ 

Marriage Licenses 

Einuiett A. Brady and Alice G. 
Absber both of Mtn. Grove. 

Laveru 11. Webster and Ionia E. 
Ackorruan both of Mtn. Grove. 

Frank II. Finch and Shirley 
Webb'ar both of Mtn. Grove 

John II. lluekaby and Lena Mo- 
Bride both of Origania. 

Jet-so Jordan of Lamb and Ada 
Bohanan of Pease. 

Now, i^n/* p 

Marriage Licenses, i 

J M. 1 ivi'gston of Moscoe,'' 
Idaho and Lillie Boyfton of Mans- 
field. Mo. 

Wm, E, long and Harriett C 
Vincent both of Norwood. 

Midian Knouse and I aura 8. 
Hunter both of Dawson. 

Foy Kilmer and Alice Shaver 
both of I.orlng. >;■■ i 

Alven L Ward and Amarada 
Austin both of St. George. <p „, J 

^Albert Climcr,' of Grove Ppriiig, 
visited here Friday. He says the 
Grove Spring country is needing 

Mrs Jno. Atnip and son Homer 
of Dawson spent Sunday with 
her sister Mrs Atkinson at this 

Marriage Licenses 

Go.». O. lleilh of Wett! I'lttiua 
and Kilo-la Hyuii of. Not wood. 

Otto Breedlove of Marus aid Ola 
Montgomery of Astoria 

IaIoE. Douglass and Merle E; 
Leach botli of Mm. Grove. 

Emery P. Deaton and Lilly B 
Nieholsoo both of Mtn. Grove. 

Ray Sowersbv and Gertrude Mc- 
Allister both of Macomb. 

Pleasant J. (! rimes of Grimes 
and Eliza MeRoberlH of Heppner. 

Ernest Coday and Verba A. 
1 > r a - 1 1 u r I. t.h of Mansfield. 

Mr. John Grimes £md Miss 
Eliza McRoberts were married 
Thursday, I suppose he has lota 
of things to be thankful for. 

Dec. 2.0, fl/2 ,; 

Among the marriage licenses is- 1 
sued in Webster connty last week j 
was Harley W. Gantrell and Miss I 
Florence Nichols, both of Duncan. 
The couple have many friends in 
the west part of Wright county. 
The Republican extends congratu- 

Dec, ami;* d 

Mrs. Ebastine-, of Pluok. *ae 
visiting her (laughter, Mrs. Atijiur 
Fre-ls Sunday. 1 ' ' ' * '" ' ', ' ! 

Marriage Licenses 

Walter L. Rippee of Rayborn 
and Desaie Wynne of St. George 

Guy E- Wood and Emma E. 
Rippee both of Hartville. 

William B.Howk of Brookfield 
Mo., and Viola Thornhill of Ray* 

Herman Woolard of Manes and 
Ethel Cobb of Graff. 

W. A. Jones and Emma Mace 
both of Grove Spring. 

Luther A. Huffman and Iris 
Pope both of Norwood. 

Edward Nevels^nd A nna Holt 
both of Mtn. Gaova -"*'• 

Virgil Anderson of Mansfield 
and Dollie King of Norwood. 

Charles C. Weison and Nora 
E. Gray both of Macomb. > 

Edgar R. Harris of Wichita, 
Kansas and Lilly Ellen Neher of 
Mtn. Grove. 

Dec. 2L, 111* o 

Wedding Bells. 

Guy 12. Wood and Miss Emma 
E. Rippee wern married at the 
homo of the briil'i'a motliur Mrs. i 
G. W. liippeo on Rolia Sfoetj 
Christmas -day at el veu o'ebolc, j 
liev. Garnott oflici iting. The 
bride U a daughter of the laio Geo. 
W. Rippee and is teaeYing the 
intermediate department of the 
llartvtllo sohoal. Tho is 
tho youugest ecu of Sheritf -and 
Mrs. W. S Wood. Both young 
proplu me industrious and geuial 
and have a host of friends all of 
whom join us in congratulations 
and good wishes. 

Miss Etta Lathrora and Mr. Glen 
B. Mi-Gowen were married at the 
home of Lome Long east of Hart- 
ville, Sunday, December 22nd. 
The bride is a daughter of J. S. 
Lathrom, until recently cashier of 
the Bank of Hartville and is one of 
the Wright county's w- 11 trained 
young school teachers having attend- 
ed the Normal two term*. The 
happy young couple has the oo>i - 
gratulatiuusof the Democrat family. 

Walter L. Rippee of Raybom 
and Miss Dessie Wynne of S^Qe >r. 
ge were married here Curistmas day 
Rev. Carnett officiating. Mr. Rip- 
[>»•■ is a >on of the late Hirrison 
Rippee and is one "f Wright ooun- 
tyV promising young school teach- 
ers The bride is the eldest daugh- 
ter of John Wynne one ot tilk 
Clonk's most prominent farmers. 

Ta*>. A, 1113 p 
Marriage Licenses. 

Grover Cantrell and Ivy Berk- 
ham both of Astoria. 
j N. T Crossland and G oldie Hall 
loth of Texa* C'-iinty. 

Obed ,M Martin and Verbie 
Ketoll both of iWtvillo 


KN*ea« «wt 

?*>,. 17, IV 3 &_ 

t. 'The following marraige licenses 
[have 1 ,been issued by Recorder of 
[betds ftobt. F. Adams since pur 
itest report 

L;, Arthur McGowan , of _ Mountain 
tGroVe, and Bertha Lovey, of Daw- 
*son.'' ■•'" 

•Noah Gimlin and Julia Rippee, 

jeth-of Hartville. 

^VLogarf H. Leach and , Maudie 
joper, both of Prior. 
Edward F. McCasky, of West 

?Iains, and Emma Caudle, of Nor- 
fwobd. , , 

p. .Bert Royston and Alta Denton, 
[both of Mansfield. 1 

| Logan H. Leach and Miss Maudie , 
Cooper, of Prior, Douglas County, 
came to Hartville Monday to get j 
married. They reached here about 
8 o'clock in the evening and put up j 
at the Kirk hotel. They called up 
Recorder Robt. Adams and asked 
him to come down to issue them a j 
license. But Mrs. Adams had gone j 
to lodge and left Bob to take care of 
the babies and he said he couldn't 
come down until she came home. 
It was about ten o'clock when Bob 
reached the hotel. The bride is 
very small and looks exceedingly 
j young. Both bride and groom as- 
1 sured Mr. Adams that she was 
twenty-two years of age, but Bob 
was from Missouri and said he 
would have to be shown. Was 
there any one around Hartville who 
knew her age?. No there wasn't. 
Chances looked mighty slim for a 
wedding that night. The couple 
were bewailing their fale, The 
bride wished' they had gone to Ava 
a*fter their license as Horace Cur- 
nutt, the Douglas County Recorder, 
was her cousin and knew her age. 
Bob told her he knew Horace and if 
he would* vouch for her age he 
! would issue the license. So he call- 
ed up Horace at Ava and Horace 
said it was all righc and Bob issued 
j the license and Judge Freeman was 
| routed out of bed-and tied the knot 
i and everything was lovely. Here's 
hoping the happy young couple will 
ihave less trouble staying mairicd 
than they did getting married. 

-J**. 25,1113 


Marriage Licenses. 

! Dee Morton and Artie Pool both 
o" Hartville 

Irvey Byers and Clara Stub,bs 
both of Mountain Grove. 

Bert Royston and Alta Denton 
both of Maustiold. » 

-7**/. 30, /1/J p 

Marriage License. 

Elmer E. Raney of Norwood and 
Fay A. Stubbs of Mtn. Grove. 

Sherman Welch and Bessie Cau- 
dle both of Norwood 

Lorenzo W. Edmonds of Mans- 
field and Tennessee E. Johnson of 
Seymour. ' 

Connie B. Turner and Bessie 
Pyatt both of Hartville. 

Isaac Coday and Siatha Turner 
both of Ha.tville. 

Ray McRobertx of Grimes and 
Tina Woolard of Manes. 

M. % IH3 PL 

r Isaac Coday a well known resident 
of this vicinity and Mrs. Sythe Tur- 

i ner of near Norwood were married 
on Saturday, of last week. The 
many friends of the contracting 
parties extends congratulations and 
best wishes. '_ '• '.,! j 

•' Connie Turner and Miss Bessie 
|-iP)att of this city were united in 
ft marriage Saturday January 25. The 
', ^happy young couple will make their 
j. home in, Kahsas City, where the 
•j groom has employment 


I R«M«t* WlftttlOfl »nd Stomach TrovVaa 

! Caught Himself In the Act.' 
| Prosecuting Attorney Curtis 
caught himself pas«ing along tlio 
square? during the recent rain, with 
an umhrella wlriuh kleptomanial 
tendencies hnd evidently plnced in 
his hn'.d. The atrmiity was ndt 
will u'l, 'deliberate, nor committed 
wlih malice of aforrtliniiglii. 
Neither was the yeac/ and dignity 
of the irret.rievpaSly menaced, I ill! gentleman would be iv- 
lieved if ..the owner ,iwmlld kindly 
cotno and claim his property. The 
umbrella appears nonrly now, liav- : 
ing a largo shepherds .crook villi 
tip ornament' •■ ... : •• ■ 

^.:.: Maniage license. 
'loterrioW.Edmuns,-... Mansfield 
•Tennessee E. Johnston • • • • Seymour 

Sherman Welchel Norwood 

'Bessie C*udle Norwood 

Elmer E. Raney Norwood 

Fay A. Stubbs Mtn. Grove 

XJlenr, Tiffany Hartville 

^Hz.bethWidnef ......•■• -Fuion 

•AttoA. Knost..-' BooH 

OnaPierson-.. Lonng. 

: R iy . MoRoberts Grimes 

•TinaWoolard • Manes 

'Isaac Coday """^i! 1 

lliOtha Turner Hartville; 

• Connie -B. Turner Hartvije 

Bessie Pyatt Hartvil,e 

*&» F. Adams Mingsville 

Jessie Edwards.-- ••.••Mmgsvdle 

"Marriage Licenses. 

I ' John Den- in and J"**'* B Mor °" 
field both of Grove Springs. 

On<ar Gartin and Grace Ruby 
both of Mtn. Grove. 

J,.hn R. Saaeen of * hicago aud 
Eliza Fullaimbea of Mtn. Grove. 

Ralph E. ■ liaffe- of Norwood 
«nd Viola- Loi/g of &»tn. Grove, 
: Neulie Hatneld and Verna King 
both of Norwood. 

Glenn Tiffuey of Hartville and 
Elisabeth Widner of Fuson. 

Frank M. Gladden of Hartville 
and Fannie Own* of Nor-o-d. 

Clarence W. Honey outt of Mane* 
and Dora E Bohannon of St. 


What became of that little kitten 
you had?" Asked a visitor pf the 
small boy. 

i "Why, haven't you heard?" 
I "No: waH it drowned?" 

"Lo8tl" , 


j "No." 

! "Then whatever did beoome of 
i it?*' said the visitor. 
I ,,It growed up into a oat," was; 
1 the reply.— Chicago Examiner. j 

Marraiage Licenses 
Otto A. Knost of Bo -her and 
Ona Pearson of Loring. . 

John J\ Adams and Bessie Ed- 
wards' doth of Mingsville. 

Oscar R- Huggins of Kansas City 
and Lilly Bailey of Mtn. Grove. 

Harley Stout and Addie ^Edwards 
both of Mansfield. \ 

Robert E. Marlin of Seymour and 
Cora E. Dennis of Mansfield. 

Clarence C. Honeycutt of Manes 
and Dora E. Bohannan of St George. I 
Frank M. Saladine 01 Hartville 
and Fannie Owen of Norwood. 

Neutie Hart and Verna King both 
of Norwood. 

Ralph E. Chaffee of Norwood 
and Viola Long of Mtn. Grove. 

John R. Sasseen of Chicago and 
Eliza W. R Fallansbee of Mtn. 

Oscar Gartin and Grace Roby 
both of Mtn. Grove. 

John Dennis and Jessie B. More- 
field both of Grove Springs. 

Marraiage Licenses 

Charley Rayborn of Rayborn and 
May Murr of Graff. 

H. King of Grove Spring and El- 
len Caffe of Niangua. 

Harold Cantrel of Astoria and 
Emma Hutsell of Graff. 

Barney A. Claxton of Hartville 
and Olive E. Chapman of Mansfield. 

John A. Kirkindall and Mary A. 
Raney both qf Norwood. 

WarcW L 1113 D 

Marriage Licenses. 

Louis Slierrell and Lola Argm- 
bright both of Mtn. Grove. 

Finis Moore of Norwood and 
KauniH Wood of Kayb.Tii. 

BylTwHtr-A. WatiM of Bcudavia 
andElh/.iiHchky.f Graff. 

Pivho" V. t^cxL-Dbery of Manes 
and Ivy Estella Bennett ol Grimes 
Ira Smittte nud Annie Walker 
botli of Lamb. 

Wo-Uy F. llounely and Mary 
Augusta Goolsby of Norwood. 

Harrison A. Johnson «■£ Lamar, 
Mo. &■ d Clura N. Gaspersou of 

fVUreU 7, /1/3 £ 

" Harry A. Johnson of Laraar 
and Clara E. Gasperson j3f Nor- 
I wood. 

Wesley F. Housley and Mary 
, Augusta Goolsby both of Norwood. 

Ira Smittle and Annie ' Walker 
both of Lamb. 

Preston Queesenbary of Mansfield 
and Ivy Estella Bennett of Grimes. 

Sylvester A. Watts of Bendavis 
; and Elda Zirschay of Graff. 

Finis Moon of Norwood and Fan. 
nte Wood of Rayborn. 

Louis Sherrill and Lola Organ- 
bright both of Mtn Grove. ; 

KVUrcU 13, H/3 p 
Marriage Licenses. 

Wright C. Perktn*"* and Elva 
Oliphant both of manes. 

Fred L. Honderson of Booher and 
Piccola Anderson of Grove Springs 

John B. Boyerof Hartville add 
Myrtle Henderson of Booher. 
! Ervin H. Temple of Hartville 
and Pearl B. Randolph of Grove 

Arley Smith of Loring and Isa- 
bella F. Clark of Hartville. 

Kdgar Byron Shanes and Alt* 
Mcintosh both of Man?field ' ( 

Marriage Licenses 
J. Walter Weaver of Grove 

Spring and Vicie MoBride of 

Agnoi*. ( 

Joseph L. Hunt and Eunice. 

Davis both of Seymour. 

kvww a7/ili3 P 

Tho many friends of Miss Laura 
'Newton and Orren Cnoat were Bur- 
jirifli'd today to learn that Rev. J. 
A. Russell had proformed a ooro- 
mony uniting the conplo for life, 
and that they were to depart im- 
mediately for Idaho to make their 
future borne. 

The groom is" a son. of John 
Choat north of Hartville and an 
entcrgetio young man The bri e 
is one of the successful young school 
cachets in this county and one of 
the most popular you ;g ladies in 
Hartville. ■ -.' ' ' . ! 

"" Marriage Licenses. 7^ 
Thomas L. Pope of HartviUe. 
and Ruth May Shores of Nor- 
wood. __ ' 

J. G. Pope and Virbey L. Day 

both of Mansfield. " ' -' 

M. C Buttram of Grove Spring 

and Bertha Pierce of Suzanne. , 

0. W. Scriviner and AJice jESfi 

rest bo^h of Grove Spring, 

Harrison M. Babb and Susan 
Findley both of Macomb. 

Wm. M. White and Fay Alley 
b6th of Mtn. Grove. " " " : 

Orren Choat and Laura New 
ton both of HartviUe. I . .■■; 

I A young Mr. Long, ago 18. and 
1 Um Alio Miller age H and both 
pf this place applied for marriage 
license today, but although the girl 
had writum oonnent to the marriage 
the youpg man was not so fortunate 
and the license was refused. The 
young conple left immediately for 
aonie county with a Recorder not 
ao exacting. .-,-•; .-.I j 

A^aAi^ o 

| Marriage Licenses. 

Lewis E Needham and Virda 

Featherston both of Mtn. Grove. 
j William A. Clark and Annie 
, Prock both of New Grove. 
j Walter Bogart and Eva Shanes 

both of Mansfield. 
| Orean J. Findley and Anisoj 
j Gass both of Macomb. 

/Ipril 'Jij1J3_B_ 
Marriage Licenses. 

WilHam A. Clark and Annie 
Prock both of New Grove, 

Lewis E. Needham and Vida 
Featherstone both of Mtn. Grove. 

Emmett Jones of Rembert and 
Verda Newton of Odin. . | 

i" 7 Mr. Rowan of Salem, Ark., was 
here last week visiting his sister, 

Mrs, EU' Wilson. 

Ilurlvllle Uid«e No. 3H Daughter* of lU 
ueLl, meet weoul and fourth Nouduy 
■ul chtoC eiMjUiuuoth. 

CI. U. Fhjliji*8, Sec. 

April /f//t/3 fi 
Marriage Licenses 

Morgan Stakes to Sarah RRader 
both of Wright County. - '• 

Otto Moody of Mansfield and 
Minnie Findley of Macomb. J 
I Rosco Sikes and £tta Coday 
1 both of Wright County. . r ' ■ ■ j 
I George T. Gann and Mary Mcln- j 
tosh both of Mansfield. 

April H 1?/J __*_ 
I ~"7 Marriage Licenses'. 

' Loren A. Bajley and Knth Ool- 
lier both of Mtn. Grove. 

Elva Smittle of Braittle and Cam' 
mie Long of St. George. 

Samuel II. Henderson and Etta 
Weaver both of Wright county. 

JameflOtto Wood of Phelgton 
and Carrie Esta Page or Booher. 

Frank W . Eaton and Emma Kohn 
both of Mtn. Grove. 

Morgan Stokes and Sarah E. 
Rader both of Wright county. 

Otto M ody of Mansfield and 
Minnie Findley of Macomb. , 

Rosooe Bikes and Etta Coday 
both of Mansfield. 

Wm. H. Eaton of Rembert and 
Mary Martin of HartviUe. | 

r Marriage Licenses. 

Wm. F. Gillmnn and Bertha L. 
King both of Norwood. , 
, Arthur F. Short of Macomb 
and Emily James of Mansfield. 

William Oscar Dugger and 
Hattie Coday bolh of Mansfield. 

Grover M. Cantrell and Alta 
! Ritter both of Mtn. Grove. 

Samuel 0. Bagby of Ava and 
j Dessie Liles of Mansfield. 

Alice. Tom and Virginia Summers 
daughters and son of postmaster G. 
W. Summers who have been visiting 
their grandparents Mr and Mrs. T, 
J. Gideon at Cabool for the past two 
weeks returned home Friday- 
Better fix the weak places in your 
fence as it is about time fof the old 
cow to sample your roasting ears. 
Only one rail off the fence will often 
let stock into the field. 

UndeTtho marriage liceuse head- 
ing of the Springfield Loader of 
May llth we note Ira Henderson of 
Bransou and Julia Burris of Smittle. 
jWr. Henderson lived at this plaoe 
until a few months ago when he 
moved\o Ne* Mexico. The bride 
is a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Sam 
Burris near St. George. Both 
bride and groom have many warm 
friends hero who wish them well on 
their journey through life. 

Marriage Licenses. , 

Newt E- Retherford of Nor- 
wood and Rada Pennington of 

I Lonzo Palmer and Lydia L. 
Keith both of Mansfield. 

Marion F. Scott and Nannie 
E. Purtle both of Norwood. 

Tu^e U;I1!3 


. Lonzo- Palmer and Lydij^Keith 
borh of Mansfield. 

Cecil Hilsabeck and Bess Turner, 
•both of Mansfield. 

Marion F. Scott and Nannie E. 
Purtle both of Norwood. 
. Frank Hudson and Murtle Ran- 
dolph both of Grove Spring*. 

Fred Owens and Angea Ramsey 
both of Norwood. " 

Youx Bowels *&>?& 

\ Cut out cathartic* and punjatlvt*. To«7 :«j» ( 
brutal, harsh, unneceaaary. Til 


gem y •»<>-•- ■■■-.- 

eliminate bile, and 

aoothe the delicate 
1 membrane of 1' ' 
I bowel. Cute 



«h.»7.ll.n. •• »TliSoj kp.w. 


Genuine m«t bear Signature 


lUrtvllle Camp No. 4890. M. W. A., pjeei 
aeooud uud lust Saturday Digit III eacl 

ponth, 0. W-HimmiRH. Y. 0. 

K. U 3oY*B. Qlerl*. • ' '." t 

Tu*e a(, v 11/3 J*\l XS; IV3 R Septtf, W* JL [| 

*;": Marriage Licenses. | 

William Duggar and Carlie B. ' 
H«rt ; both of Norwood. 

Selph Jones of Rembort and j 
Pansy Newton of Odin 

Oscar S. Cod*y and Zena Lenota j 
Reynolds both of Manslicld. 

l-on Murrell and Gladys Crow-' 
ford both of Seymour. 

James M. Long and-' Emma 
fiuuhos both of Mtn. Grove. j 

i Henry Hunsnker of Man«field and 
; Anna Bryant of Norwood. 
r ,Ti>bn Strong and Orpha Chace ' 
both of Mansfield. . ' 

jj Alfred D. BledBoe and Stella I 
"Prook both of Odin. 
. J. J. Porvins of Manes and 
•Viotorift Rayborn of Rayborn. 
W Miss Oma Morton of Seymour 
■Spent Sunday with her brother D. ' 
Jiorton. , --;•«' 

7uKI1;I113 ft 

■ ; y ,'•'-,; ( Married 

J.J. Perkins of Manes and Vic- 
toria Rayborn of Rayborn. •'■' ■ 

Everett Gonrley of Fuson,. arid 
Clara Prock of Grove Springs. , 

Hurley Middleton and Flora 

Wiyrick both of Mountain Grove- 

; Raymond G. Coday and Myrtle 

. Campbell both of Mansfield- ■ 

Walter S. Newton of Odin and 

Cora Bausch of Mansfield. 

Marriage Licenses. . 

j;ohu Woody aifd Jauje' Eaton 
both of Norwood. 

Samuel Boy lea and Oma Shrop- 
shire' both pi Maueu. 
' Harve Austin and Docia Claxt,oo 
both pf St. George. 

George Thompson and Iva Hodge 
both of Norwood. 
. William J. Vallamiugham of 
Norwood and Myrtle Gregory of 

• Robert C Perry and Nellie Con- 
vener both. of Norwood. 

is •'* ' Mrt. .Howard Robinett came| 
i home last Thursday on a visit to l 
her parents Mr. and Mrs. J . W. 
:•' ' Jaokson. 


George Thompson and Ida Hodge 
both of Norwood. 

William Vanlandingham of Nor- 1 
wood and Myrtle , Gregory of Hart> j 
ville. \\. ••. J 

Robert C. Perry of Macomb and 
Nettle Gosvener of Norwood., , 

Herbert McNamee and Dove 
Green both of Mtn- Grove. 

John Woodie and Janie Eaton 
both of Norwood- ■ ■ 

Samuel Broyles and Qrtta Shrop- 
shire both of Manes. ;, ; 

Harve Austin and Docia Chutton 
both of Manes. 

Anyis'fc ^l |^3 (^ 

• Married 

David F. Floyd of St. George 
and Ada Crisp of Manes. 

Ora Brotemarkle of Macomb and 
Lillie Pearly of Norwood. 

Chas- H- Walker and Elva A ' 
Beckman both of Norwood. 

W- Allen of Mountain Grove and 
Joanna Cawthron of Ann Douglas 

Marriage Licenses 

J. Earl Brooker and Marie B. 
Lowell both of Mountain Grove. * 

William E. Burton and Bessie 
Kelley both of Norwood. 

Morgan Dod»on and Bessie New- 
ton both of Odin. 

Joseph Hilton and Maude M. 
Clark both of Mountain Grove. 

James Harvey Cope and Ettie 
Moore both of Lamb. 

Sherman H, Coday and Lulu 
Gann both of Mansfield. 

Thomas M. Lowler and Mary E. 
Conley both of Competition. 

r "~Ed Claxton killed an Elk on 
his farm last?" week. This was 
rather an unusual incident and 
has caused not a little excite- 
ment, as every one was anxious j 
to eat a few bites of the meatl 
and see the hide. Hurrah for ( 
!Elk Creek! it can't be beat fori 
big Elk and Democrats. Ha! Ha! [ 


William Burton and Bessie Kelly 
both of Norwood. 

Morgan Dodson and Bessie- New- 
ton both of Odin. ' 

Joseph Hilton and Maiude Clark 
both of lVLtn. Grove. 

James .H. C pe and Ettie Moore' 
both of L-^mb- 

Sherman H. Ccday and Lula 
Gann both oi M^nsfielct. 

Thomas M. Lrwler and Mary E. 
Conley both of Competition. / 

James L- Davis and Mary Ferrin 
both of Cedar Gap. 

Jerry Delcour of St. George and 
Pearl Coble of Graff. 

Ira Adamson of Macomb and 
Lottie Cutberth of Hartville. 

Peter J. England and Opal Wilber 
Leach both of Mtn. Grove. 

Sept. ar, M/3 

Marti age Licenses. 

Jerry Delcour of St. George and 
Tcarl Coblo of Graff. 

Ira Adamson of Maoomb and 
Lettie Cutburth of Hartville. ' 

Frank A. Rusoh of Woodbine 
Kansas and Hattie Emma Frisk of 
Mtn. Grove. 

Peter J. England ' and ( Opal Wil- 
ber Leaoh both of Mtn. Grove 

Samuel C. Cartwright anil Bes- 
sie Moore both of Norwood. 

Irvin D. Miller of Washington 
D. 0. and Lucile L. Chase of Mtn. 
Grove i . : ■ 

Henry C. Hunter and Ada Tur- , 
ner both of Mtn. GroVe. 

Jason' I. Kelley and Dioie Bar- j 
nett both of Norwood. 

Walter J. Stubbs of Mtn. Grove | 
and Nora Thompson of Norwood. 

W. C Wooldrige and Joan Caw- 
than both of Mtn. Grovo 

G. Sherman Holt and Sarah 
Pleramons both of Mtn. Grove 

J. J. Burton and Bessie Fletcher 
both of Norwood. 

Mrs. Maude Smith accompanied 

by her mother Mrs. Wood left last 

^ Thursday for California where the 

former will make her future homo 

and the latter will spend the win- 

OcL% H/3 D 

A/w. ^7 ; HL5 d 

•J Wa/. l£JV}j o 

c^Vlarriage Licenses. - 

Otta Draper and Viola Coday 
both of llartville. 

William W. Shephsrd and Pas- 
cal Utlcy both of Norwood 

C. D. Olds and Pearle Godby 
both of llartville. 

Bud StarkH and Olia Frazier 
both of Manes." 

Oct IU, H/3 p 

Marriage Licenses. 

John L. Short and Birdie .},. 
Babb both of Maoomb. 

Berry A. Carlson of Pierce City 
and Orlena M. Harrison of Nor- 

Buruie R. Hall and Mary Fleet*' 
wood both of Cedar Gap. 

Robert F. Allen and Nettie 
\Valker both of Mtn. Grove/ 

Jesse K. Brazeal of Crawford, 
Kansas and Npra h Boyer of 

Marvin A, Sullen* and Annie 
Carder both of Rayborn. 

John K. Stokes and Norma M. 
Crisp both of llartville.' 

James E. Lilly and M»»d R. 
Elliott both of Hartville - 

Charles 0*Bright and Virginia 
L. Doviea both of Mtu, Grove. 

Nov, (,, 1 1/3 D 

c^Vfarriage Licenses. *'.l ; 

Homer Bradshaw Norwood, 

Cornelia Stout Norwood. 

Claud Long Mtn. Grove. 

Cora Clark Mtn. Grove. 

Lon Riley Mtn. Grove. 

Mary Wells *'. Norwood. 

.Clinton J. Wade ;' Manes. 

BarbarajCJraWford' ■' Manes. 

Benj. E .Sanders Norwood. ! 

Willie Scott.' Hartville. 

Sherman Rumfelt Manes. 

Bertha'Burney Manes. 

Stanford Clark Dawson. 

Ethel Bell Dawson. 

James R Hutsell ; Mtn. Grove. 

Emma L. Brown , Mtn. Grove. 

R'ufus Hodges Hartville. 

Martha Bradford ■ Nashville. 

Hub Sanders Mtn.Grove. 

. Qma Branson M Ln. Grove. 

tTVlarriage Licenses. 

Floyd R. Ellington Mtn. Grove 

Ida B. Rummel Mtn. Grove 

Argus C. Brazral Mansfield 

Amanda Turldy Mansfield 

Wm. P. Kincheloe Manes 

Ada Wynn '- St. George 

Chas. Thomas Norwood 

Mabel Campbell Norwood 

L. W. Stoddard Mtn. Grove 
Addie Fitzwatter , ; Mtn. Grove 

Everett Moberly Norwood 

Grace Pickrell Hartville 

Abe Ussery Mtn. Grove 

YadaM. Beagle Norwood 

Olivar C. Rippee i Hartville 

DessieA.Long Hartville 

James L. Moore Lamb 

Susie Williams Pease 
Tawrence E ". " Abshey J#- N2rj{«Md. 

Bvelvh RW**flfa ~^-**^ 

■Ar'fWfr Bar'thalon Mtn.Grove, 

NoraJudkins Mtn. Grove j 

Jason Shumate New Grove 

Laura Newton Mansfield j 

Elbert Wyrick ' Mtn. Grove ! 

Stella Middleton Mtn. Grove 

7«a>. /, im 

cTWarriage Licences. 

Oacar R. .Ridena and Qrpfoa 
Barnett both of Norwood,.*' i-f-" 

Rania McKrantz of Grqve 
Spring and Dorojthy. Hak^jqf 
Agnes. ;''".'•'.. • ' . " ; '"]■■' 

Ernie Barr aw}- Doll Wad^ 
both of Mapes. -. , . r; 
• Jamea C, Curtis and Vera G.: 
Honeycqtt both of St.- George. 
i Jamea M, Barton Annie E,. 
Ackerman both of Mtn. Grove.' 

Culrey Farris apd Ida Collins- 
both of Hartville, ■!"•** 

Charles E. Curry of Colorado 
and Elsie Palmer of Fuaon. 

Alexander Rummel and Acta 
Martin both of Mtn. Grove. 

Roy Arthur ^Bonhan of Row 
and Elizabeth Vannoy of Nor- 
wood. r "i" i "-■■',' 

Columbus E. Wallace and Nina 
E. McGee both of Mtn. Grqve. , 

James Wade apd Ora Gravens 
both of Manes. 

, Marriage Licenses. 

Henry J. Volz, Alhambra, III. 
and Unice M, Roblnett of Hart- 

Jarries J. Denton of Alice and 
Cecil M. Atherton of Graffe. 

John Ruston and Grace Smart 
both of Mtn.i Grov3. 

0. L. Glendenning and Elva 
SmaJt both of Mtn. Grove. 

Benjamin; L, . Derrick of 
Springfield and Maude Valaning- 
ham of Norwood. 

Farley Minor of Mountain View 
and Marvel Rubey of Mtn. Grove. 

Marshall E. Dodson of Hart- 
ville and Opal Newton of Mans- 
field. ' ! . ! . 


Marriage Licenses 
James T. Stubbs and Cathar- 
ine Garside bbth of Mtn. Grove 
Claude A. Smith of Mansfield 
and Opal Newton of Odin. j ■ 
Everett E; Lacy and Elizabeth 
D. Donolson both of Norwood., 

Mr Arthur Kelley and Miss- Bes- 
sie Young were quietly married ai 
' the bome of the bride at Pleasant 
Hill Monday evening. The Demo- 
crat extend congratulations. \ ;■ 

Marriage Licenses. 

James ' Fry of Mansfield and 
Maude M. Coday of Grove Spring 

Charles Rhodes . and Letta 
Owens both of Mtn. Grove. 

Fred Coffman and Druey Hall 
both of Norwood, r ! . .. 


rJMarriage Licenses. 

Trellie E. Holt 


LolaF. Mulkim . 

.- — 

Ernie K. Williams 


Lula M. Marton 


Elbert E, Scott 


Lillie Soladin 


Maxwell C. Weston 


Sarah A. Bennett 


Henry H. Sullivant 


Rettie Broyles 


,. !•'.' Marriage Licenses. "■ 

James Ottia Wilson -of Manea 
and Grace fijjlhouse of Competi- 
tion- ' j : 

• Willard | Martin and Jessie 
Laury both of Norwood. - '«■;•' 

Otis C. Thompkins and Irene 
Tidwelj Hartville. 

H. C. Shaver and Harriett 
Black both of Mtn. Grove. 

James E. Royal and Susan 
Redman both of Mtn. Grove. 

S. E. Hutsell of Huggins and 
Ina Brook of Dawson. 

Oscar Coltrane of Hartville! 
and Arzetta Todd of Odin. 

/v Wck Sj Mil o 

Marriage Licenses. 

Samuel H. Wilson of Astoria 
and Rebecca Nicholson, Hazelton 
Kansas. r * • 

Willard Martin and Je'ssie 
Loury both of Norwood^ 

James Otis Wilson of Manes 
and Grace Hillhouse of Competi- 
tion. <•■ 

James M. Scriviner of Grove 
Spring and Emma Chandler of 
Niangua. . ■ , . «•• 

Virgie M. Allen of Kalamazoo, 
Michigan and Eulah Mae Jolly of 
Mtn. Grove. J ■ • 

John F. Dudley and Sallie Bol- 
ender both of Seymour. 

MarcW IMW 

Marriage Licenses. 

Isaac W. Cannon and Ethel 
Smith both of Manes. 

Barney E. Bramhall and 
Blanche Forrest both of Grove 

Newt Claxton Jr' of Hartville 
Bessie Cottengim of Norwood. 
. William J. Pyatt of Odin and 
Lillie Mingles of Duncan. 

Dee R. Royster of Wright Co., 
and Gracie E. Wynn of ' St. 
George, , 

Wiliiarn Kelley and family 
spent Sunday with his wife's 
, parents Mr. and Mrs. F. Shaver. 
* Just me, 


S. A. Pearson '. Grove Spring 
Doi'a Buttram Grove Spring 

J. Bruce Scarbrough Nprwood, 
Sarah Helsley Mtn. Grove 

J. D. Hughes - Kansas City 
HeJen'Seger •• Norwood 

/IpriL a3, /?/^ o 


John R. Baker Grimes j 

Lillian A. Myers Grimes I 

James W. Housley Norwood | 

Amanda A. Allen Norwood - 

Hiram Ferryman Grove Spring' 
Corslin Buttram Grove Spring ' 

Apri t 30, Hit p 


Hiram D. Perrymari 

, Grove Spring 

Caroline Buttram Grove Spring 
Elizah Berry Norwood 

Lou Stout - . ' Norwood 

John W. Boatman Mtn., Grove 
Lillie C. Williams Mtn. Grove 


m ^ ai, toij D 

• William E. Krebs and Vivien 
C. Livingston, both of Mountain 
Grove. , 

Archie Moore of Lamb and 
Eliza A. Gourley of Wright Co. 

Arthel Elliott of Mountain 
Grove und Mirtil Hall of Luch- 
burg, Pa, 

! Mr. and Mrs. Payton who 
have been visiting Mrs. Payton'a 
parents Mr. and Mrs. Benton 
left for Arkansas Sunday and 
Miss Eliza Benton accompanied 

Mrs. Ezra Dennis of. Mans- 
field is visiting her parents Mr.' 
and Mrs. -Ruben Young. • ', .;! 

Karl Ernest , 

Mtn. Groye 

Bejle Foott ' 

" Mtn. Grove 

Noah W- Baney 

Mtn. Grovo 

Mattie Patton 

Mtn. Grove 

John F. Prock 

New Grove 

Martha L. Webb 

New Grove 

Roscoe Tombleson 


Marry Marrs . - 

New Grove 

Elbert Cline . . 


Ethel P. Crews 


7*1*3 3; /1W p 


ENSES. V '~ 


Elber.t Cline 

Ethel P- Crews 


John WHlbanks ^ . 


Maude Coday 


Hosea Earnest Newton Mansfield 

Norma Sue Burney 

. Mansfield 

Sherman Barnott 


Mary .Walker ' " 


David Coots I 



. Duncart 

Thomas Brown • 


Mollie Marshall - 


Wiley W. McClure . 


Mary Crump 


John Hamilton ' 


Cora Box >. ""*.'•: 


Hiram Steele, " 

St. George 

Katie Robertson 

St. George 

! David Coots and Elva Sampler I 
of Duncan. ' ; v^-''" . '»*» ■*•.■...;..'. 1 

'Thomas Brown, of Loring and 
>Mollie 'Marshall of Niangua. *" i - 1 - ; f 

' ,; W. M. McClure.' of Duncap and I 
Mary Crump of Seymour. '■', '•' '■ 

• John Hamilton and Cora" ' Bpjd of 
Seymour.* f '" * '• ,, * ; '• f! 

Hiram Steele and Katie Robertson | 
of St. George. • 

". Davis A. Ramsey, of Norwood 
and Martha Lul* Ella Cartwright of 
Norwood « ' ' ,: "■ '-' ••'• "" 

Ralph White and Pearl Spence of 
Mansfield. "' " ' ' ' "'" 
;■* :E?^ Whburo^nd MaWifobri. 
( otMt Grove. ;. ' \ - --^M- *.«,•.• 
' Frit* E-' Bear, of Hartvijje' and 
Lpu B- Champion, of Gold:''' "?**. 

, , Marriage Licenses. 

James H. Long and Mirinie A 
Floyd, of St. ■•Georpje.' , 

Chufv. Ditvis, of Briishy Knob and 
Julia A. Stephens, of Mansfield. 

Our Modern Girl. 
We knock and critice her, . 
We scold, apostrophize her, 
Wc: wish that she were wiser. 

More capable and kind. 
Her path we're always stalking ' 
To' criticise her talking, 
Her Clothes, her ways of walking, 

tier manners and her n?ind. 
We say, "Oh, highty- tightyl 
She's frivolous and flighty, 
And all her ways arc mighty 

Undignified to see; . 
She dances and she chatters, 
Oar golden rule she shatters. 

With unabated gleel" • .' 
We chide and we correct her, • 
We shadow and detect her, 
We study and dissect her, 

With nil her smilen and tears, 
And find, on looking o'er her 
(And just learning to adore her). 
She's just like girls before her, 

For twenty thousand years! 

_tvi^ 30, 11/4 J, 

E. J. Wilbur 

,Mtn. Grove 

Maggie Moore 

Mtn. Grove 

James H." Long 

St. George 

Minnie A. Floyd 

St. George 

Chas. Davis 

Brushy Knob 

Julia A. Stephens . 


James E. Austin 


Myrtle E. Edwards 


Howard Denton 


Vernie Thompkios 


Augu st M ?/y _p 


James C. Admire Smittle 

Alpha E. Carter j .-Smittle 

John W. Carder ...4., Rayborn 
Verba Gordon Rayborn 

B. ;F. Royster 

Maude Webb Luring 

Har.vey M. Turner Mtn. Grove 
Ocie Greenlee Mtn. Grove 


" Jesse E. Hake of Hartville and 
Qertie Benton of Rembert. 

H. IL Jones of Enterprise, 
Oklahoma and Dora< Tate of 
Mingsville. ., -,■ "• ;,.., ■> . .., 


Gilbert H. Atnip of Mountain '. 
Grove and Frankie Hirat of • 

Milford Worsham and Fanni^ 
Helsley both of Raybofn. 

Merton Cottengjm^and Ger- 
trude Preston both of -Norwood. 

Ben L. Haines and Bulah M.' 
Davison both of Grove Spring 

Wesley W. Frye and Virgie JS. 
Dennis both of Mansfield. 

Claud Parker of' Stanford. 
Nebraska and Amie Maya of 
Mountain Grove. - -, ig//vy ft 

cTWarriage Licenses. 

James Isaac Mitchell and 
Sarah KeHey botli of Norwood. 

Marve McRoberts of Hartville 
and Vincy Woolard of Manes. 

John H. Reed of Wright Coun- 
ty and Rosie Smart of Grove 

L. R. Keller of St. George arid 
Teli Royster of Competition. 

Fred C. Carter and Opal L. , 
Allen both of Hartville. 

T. . E. Homer and Sarah C, 
McDonald both bf Ann.. ;., .I 

Sept. II) ft/V 
Carter* Alleri.\ 


Mr. Fred' 'Carter and Mf&Qbit 
Allen were quietry roamed' at the 

I home of the^.brides parents in this 
city at 3 o'clocl/ P. M. on Wednes- 
day of this week. Rev. Anderson di,. 
the Christian church officiating, 
Only the immediate relatives anrTa^ 
ftw close friend* of the contracting 
parties being present. , The 'parents 

jOf the happy couple. are well known' 
and respected residents of Hartville; 
the groom being the Son of Mr. tthd 
Mrs* Jesse M. Carter and a member^ 
of the grocery firm of Carter and 
Curtis. The bride Is the accomp- 
lished daughter ■ of Mr. and Mrs. J. 
F. Allen. The Republican joins the 
many friends of the newly Wedded 
pair in extending congratulations and' 

best wishes. ;f . '•' ,. 'h 

... •:■•-' •■.aw V" ! 

Sept. H Mj_ p 

.', Marriage Licences. 

Luther- M. Crewse of Graff 
and Rosie Sullivant of Manes. 
Omec Staqy and Lucy Williams. 

bo ;h of Hartville. '..-. ■■'. 

OcL I, HW d 

Marriage Licenses 

Hiram F. Carder and Daley 
Lathrom both of Rayborn. 

Alfred Housley and .Lena 
Stacy both of Norwpod, *• :., •'• . 

"My Mamma Says 
lis Safe for* 





Oct. 22,i°iN o No*, zu, /1/y b 


Marriage Licenses 

Arvel A. Kindrfck of Loring 
and Dessie Pieraon of Grove 

Perry M. Calhoun and Rhoda 
B. Bolt both of Norwood. 

Harlan D. , Doty of Duncan 
and Josie F. Lawson of Grove 

Fred L. Jones and Dora Mc- 
Clannahan both of Grove Spring 

Leonard Thomas of Norwood 
and Cleo. Gregory of Hartville. 

Samuel Gobs and Lillie Herd 
both of Mansfield. \ N 

James Newton and Kate- L. 
Lathrom both of Mtn. Grove. 

Jess Huffstetter and Grace 
.Young both of Hartville. 

James J. Bausch of Muskogee, 
Okla. and Bertha A. Newton of 

Nov.f, /1/V /j_ 

«• Marriage Licenses. 

M. P. Jones • Norwood 

Delia Housley * ' Norwood 

John R. Long Hartville 

Bessie Lou Winn Fuson 
John C. Brady 

Emma May Humphrep' Agnes 

Golden M. Mitchell Rayborn 

Eveline Henson Rayborn 

N9»j i% /iy p 

Marriage Licenses. - 

Mtn- Grove 
Mtn. Grove 


James Emery 
Lillie Hill 

John Hutson , (Norwood 

Letta Housley ! Norwood 

James E. Long I Norwood 

Mona Housley j I Norwood 

Will Duncan . ' !'.. Hartville 

Elsie Bailey • Hartville 

Samuel 0. Jinkins Dunklin Co. 

Minnie M. Read" Mtn. Grove 

James W. Shaver Loring 

Nola Teague Hartville 

James J. Perkins Manes 

Lottie Handy Manes 

Marion Gourley St. George 

Essie Moore Manes 

Arley G. Austin St. George 

Effie Ward St. George 

Marriage Licenses. 

John L. Williams Grove Spring 

Ora Prock Grove Spring 

Americus Tucker Mtn. Grove 

Ethel Gier Mtn. Grove 
James Yandle . 
Bessie Armer 

Newton J. Weaver Grove Spring 

Eva Henderson Loring 

Geo. W Wilson and Elizabeth 
Duke both of Mtn. Grove. 

Thomas Goolsby and Nancy A. 
Lewis both of Norwood. 

Lewis Prewitt of Norwood and 
Vadie Hart of Hartville. 

Win', C Harden "and Polly 'Hart 
both of Mingsville. 

Die, \o, m 

Marriage Licenses^. 

William C. Harlan "and Polly 
Hart both of Mingsville. 

Jess K. Mace and Ida Watson 
both of Grove Spring. 

Jesse E. Dear of Mtn. Grove 
and Susan Sparks of Norwood. 

Jesse J. Lewis and Ada Rhod. 
en both of Manes. 

Dennis Sanders of Texas Coun- 
ty and Daisy Roam of Mountain 

Dec, II, /<*/</ 

Marriage Licenses. 

Arthur P. Murr of Ben Davis 
and Martha D. Hutsell of Astoria 
1 Charles R. Todd of Odin and 
Mary Todd of New Grove. 

E. S. Smith returned to hi* borne 
in Council Hill, Oklahoma after a 
nix weeks visit .with his parents Dr. 
»nd Mrs. Smith near Boyer. 

Mrs., Julia Mingus of Duncan is 
Tisitjpg ner daughter Mrs. Chas. 
" Ampler on Cherry St. . 


Walter C. Sawers 
Elizabeth Gass 


Dec, V//M 



Mr. Chaa. R. Todd of Odin 
and Miss Mary Todd of ■ New 
Grove were married Sunday at 
the home'of the brides parents 
by Rev. Willbanks. ' 

Chas.JR. Todd is a son of 
Nancy M. Todd and a grandson 
( of Mrs. W. W. Oliver of Odjn. 
i He is a successful farmer and 
live stock raiser. ' 

Mary Todd is a daughter of 
Rev. Thomas Todd. Both bride 
and groom are from old and well 
respected families and have 
many friends who wish U)eni a 
long and successful life. 

A Friend. 

Dec, Zi \VH 

Marriage Licenses. 

. Danna Bridgers and Nellie 
Boatman both of Mtn. Grove. 

R. M. Crump of Seymour and 
Eunice Blazer of Mansfield. 

C. E. Douglas of Orla and 
Bertha E. Williams of Lamb. 

Stephen Woollard of Manes j 
and Rebecca McRoberts of Hart- 

L. D. Hamilton and Lottie Her- 
ring both of Mtn. Grove. 

Andy Mayfield of Mtn. Grove , 
anaVZady Hurt of Norwood. 

George F. McGowen of Ben 
Davis and Clota Roller of Mtn. 

..Charles Chad well of Norwood 
and Carrie Richardson of Macomb 

OscarT. Barr and Bertie A. 
Rumfelt of Manes. 


Olliou In 1' uriuqis ami Merolmnti 
Bank building, Mansgeld, Mo. • 
Will practioo ill all the Court* U* 
the state. . . '•*'"' ■'*>■ 

PitKUY T., Springfield, ,Mo«'' 
N. J. Craio, Mansfield, Mq£ 

QMpliHi SUara and PlujoWng, PlpjflU :^" : . 
Automobile RtDtlrtn?, ' .. Ung A ^up^Ua*,. " 

. Ueo. W. ArivMI, Prop.- .' ' '^£ 

. ^ *tn »)m> v wii»V~ed to dp nU kind ollllbl fork.- 

Deft , 3</ /q/y 

Marriage Licenses : v / 

James R, Jackson and Mattie 
M. Pearson both of Mtn. Grove* 

William I. Peacock and Opal 
Roberts both of Hartville- ",.'--'■ ^ 
i Archie P. Wilcox and Clara B, 
Oetting both of Mansfield, > ; '- 

William H. Young of Huggins, 
Texas Co, and Ethel .Criijp pj 

Luther E. Morton and Mona 
Fletcher both of Hartville. 
• Charles D. Find ley of, Macomb 
and Gertie Hamilton of New 
Grove, '''■', ' 

Jaffet McClanahan of Mings- 
iVille and Jessie William^ 'of 
[Lynchburg. : .... '-■■;,- ,,v v. ; ;]- 

Taia. % IV £_ 

Marriage Licenses,. ■■*. -\ ; 

; Christy Beard and Ethel James 
both of Mansfield. - : \ :\J '• 
• Harve Cope of Grove Spring 
and Ettie Moore of Lamb, i ; . 

Scuj, 3.3, 11/r R._ 

1 Marriage Licenses. 

C- W. Turner and Stella Odel of 
Mt. Grove. 

J. M. McGuff ey i and Pearl J. 
Helsabeck of Dawson. | 

Alvin P-, Daggett of Siloam 
Springs and Lucy May Shaw of 
Astoria. ' I' - )• 

Tab Brown of Lamb and Delie 
Darris of St. George. 

Lum Canrrell and Maude Kitiche- 
loe of Manes. 

William Mitchell and Addie Will- 
hite of Rayborn. 

S. C. Rippee and Maude Baker of 

Turl Martin and Minnie Ragsdal 
of Hartville .,:, | : ,j 

Mrs. Sarah Ferrill and- Mrs. 
Bettie Coxen spent Thursday 
with Mrs. Dona Coxen and her 
mother Aunt Sarah Barns. Aunt 
Sarah has been very poorly lately 
but is improving. 

Marriage Licenses 

Leslie Noble of Competion and 
Laurel Henslcy of Hartville. 
■ Silas Phillpott and Ora 
Mackey both of Seymour. 
; ; Richard Carder of Hartville 
ihd Nola Pruett of Norwood. 
,;G. ,W. Cnmpbrll of Macomb 

grid Magljie McCrite of Mans- 
Hd. '■ '- 

JmJLJtfW ^ 

Marriage Licenses 

I Clarence Coday and Ethel 
Sikes both of Mansfield. 

I Jack C. Payne and Lou C. 
Reaves both of Mtn. .Grove. 

Joe Woolsey of Woodland Park, 
Colorado and Myra Lacy of Nor- 
wood, Mo. "- 

W. E. Carr and Nellie Pierce 
both of Grovespring. 

I G. W. Campbell of Macomb 
and Maggie McCrite of Mansfield 

fe.\>, lit IV* P 
Marriage Licenses. 

John M. Prock and Maude 
Crain both of Grove Spring. 

Roy Brazeal of Mansfield and 
Sena Calhoun of Hartville. , 

James McNease and Gertie, 
McNease both of Mtn. Gro.e. i 

A Uenlow correspondent says:— 
••Fred Murray and Lala Mears 
ra vo their freinds a surprise by 
driving to Mountain Grove Snnday 
the 17th and being united in marri- 
age by their uncle, Rev. Dick And- 
erson. They are two well known 
young people who have been raised 
here and have a host of friends who 
wish them all that* is brightest and 
best in life. 




Price 25c per Bottle. 
Jai. F. B»ll«rd, Prop., St.LouU.Mo. 

• Marriage Licenses. 
i Ben H, Williams and Pearl R. 
j Jackson both of Mtn. .Grove. 
I C. H. Kinney and Annie E. I 
| Dove both of Raymond, Neb. 
' Jacob G. Orrlolt' of Dadevijle, 

Mo. and Eliza M. Battrell of 

R. E. Leonard and Odessa 

Canada both of Mtn. Grove. 

EsL 2t, wr it 

Marriage License. 

Jacob Ortloff of Dadeville and 
Eliza M. Battrell of Hartville. 

C. H. Ki.iney and Annie E. Dove 
both of Lancaster. 

Ben H. Williams and Pearl R- 
Jackson both of Mtn. Grove. 

Sherman H, Griffeth of Clinton 
and Mary Schoonover of, Mtn. 
Grove!. ' ' " 

Arthur Ward and Emma Crisp 
both of Mtn. Grpve. ; 

David Earley and Ada Schock 
both of Mtn. Grove- 
William Owens of Norwood and 
Amelia A. McDanniel oil K. ! C. 
. Ben Grogan of Norwood and 
Grade Hodges of Mtn- Grove. 

James McNease and ! Gertie 
McNease both *of Mtn. Grove. 

Roy Brazeal of Mansfield and 
Sena Calhoun of Hartville. 

John M. Prock and Maude Crain 
both of Grove Springs. 

Marriage License. . { 

Ben Duron of Rembert and BeS-^ 
sic Whitteker of Hartville. 

Lance Thompkins and Dora 
Daniels both of Hartville. . J'\, 

R. E. Leonard and Odessa Canada 
both of Mtn. Grove. ■ 

Marriage Licenses 

J. A. Hiler of Sparta, Mo. and 
Martha Gaskill of Mansfield. 

Ray Mayab of Hartville and 
Chloe Vanlaningham of Norwood 

Ira Chambers of Competition 
and Lattins Durbin of St. 

Oscar Shaddy and Eva Garner 
both of Hartville. 

Joseph H. Stephens and Pearl 
R. Behan both of Norwood. 

MftrcU \tjJV_?l £- 

A quiet wedding took place on 
Sunday afternoon at the borne of J 
Mr. and Mid. Kd Clailt, east of 
town, wheii their eldest daughter 
Addie, was unit:d in marriage to I 
Mr. Aaron Oar r of Worland. tThej 
ceremony was performed by II. E. 
Shepherd. The newly married] 
couple have many friepds in and j 
around Worland ' who wish themj 
every success and a long, happy 
| married life. They left Tuesday 
for ivirby where they will make 
their future home — Worland Wyo. 
Timrg. ' 

Mr Carr is a son of Mrs. Sarab 
Carr of this plaoe having been 
raised on the Carr borne* tead • neai 
Indian Creek- 

j Marriage License. 

; Evert Royster and Docla Caudle 
both of Competition. 

H. B. Williams of Phillipsburg 
and Rosie Young of Odin. | 

Osker it. Kallman and Messic 
Kellogg both of Mtn. Groqe. j , 

.Tamos Davidson *nd wife and ' 
four children of Silver City, Utah 
arrived here last Friday for a visit 
with his mother Mrs. Sarah David- 
son nnd other relatives. Mr. David- 
son left horo fourteen or fifteen. 
years ago His many friends are 
glad to noto that lio appears to he 
getting on nicely. 

Marjiage Licenses 

. Lowen Murrell of Hartville 
L and Bertha Shropshire of Nor- 
b.trood*. * 

) Floyd Agee of Mtn. Grove and 
■{Florence Purtle of Hartville. 
Vt Haden Coday and Zulla Mc- 
Millan both of Mansfield- , . J 
V" Charley Claxton,of Mansfield 

-and Nora Moore of Grovespring. 

1 Edd Shepherd of Norwood and 

"Iva Dennis of Van Zant. 

; . . Fred E. Morton and Bessie 

•^hort both of Macomb. 

April I, \V* D 

Marriage Licenses 
Vane Smith and Otha Long 
l both of Mtn. Grove, 
1 Arno Wynn of Hartville and 
Birtie Shropshire of Norwood. 
; F. A. Dotson of Hartville and , 
Fannie Russell of Odin 

Clyde Henderson and Una L. 
Roper both of Macomb. 

Apr\l 1, Ills' D 

Marriage Licenses 
Vernon Bennett of Macomb 
Jand Lauranie Dennis of Mans- 

Orrel Shields and Delia Prock 
|»otV> of Odin. 

_j^£ri t \Sj\VS p 
Marriage Licenses 

Alvah F. Richardson and 
Docia M. Todd both of Hartville. 

Archie Robertson and Gertie 
Carr both of Loring. 

Henry Duncan of ' Hartville 
and Sarah England of Ash Grove 

Jesse Moseley of Manes and 
Ollie Montgomery of Astoria, I 

:. Laet Sunday JJenry Duncan north 
. of town took unto himself * bride j 
with whom he became acquainted J 
at Aih Grove and Monday night, 
hie many friends visited hie homo 
with a charivari that awakened the 
alnmbe.rera for milee around and, 
will long be remembered by. th* ( 
happy 'oouplo. 



On Wednesday evening of last 
week at the home of the groom on 
Cherry street occurred the marriage 
of two of Hartville's most (popular 
young people, Mr. Alvah Richard- 
son, Recorder of Deeds and Miss 
Docia Todd, daughter of A-, J. Todd 
a prominent farmer who lives near, 
Duncan. . . 

About 40 guests includtbg Mr, 
Richardson's Sunday- School class 
were invited. 

The room where the ceremony was 
performed was tastily decorated 
and the wedding march was 1 render- 
ed by Miss Ethel Richardson. The 
marriage was solemnized by Rev: 
W. H. Anderson followed by con- 
gratulations after . which refresh-' 
ments were served to the guests. 
The Republican joines the*, many 
friends of the happy young couple 
in wishing them smooth sailing on 
the sea of life. 

Apr\L a.Sj / q/<r &. 

Wright County Girl Married 
in Wyoming. 

A happy courtship came to a close 
in the Neiber neighborhood last Sun- 
day when Mr. Ernest Muller, a pros- 
perous ranchman, was united in mar- 
riage to Miss Letta Carr, at the 
home of the bride's sister, Mrs. Elba 

Just as the clock struck 12, noon 
; Sunday, Rev. J. M. Jones pronounced, 
the words that united this young 
couple for life. The cermony was cf. 
the simplest and the couple wercun- 
attended. Immediately after the cere- ■ 
mony the newly weds took "the 
southbound train for a short honey- 
moon trip. They returned on Tue<- 
dap forenoon and that v night a bunch,., 
of their friends, who did riot' think 
the .bushels of flee and old shoes* 
they had bestowedtiffSunday we)* 
«nQiigh, stormed the home and gave 
an oldi'ashicned charivari. In their 
honor. The groom did not make' his 
appearance until after the tormeflt-^ 
ers had "smoked" him out. -. .•'_ 

Mrs. Moeller is a sister of Mrl 
Elba Cogdill and the entire commu- 
nity. The Grit included, wish •, this 
industrious young couple a long and 
happy married life.*— Colter Grit. 

Afnl A\ {U S' p 
Marriage Licenses. 

H. L. Smith and Ethel Holden 
both of Dawson. 

W. H. Kelley and Clara Moody 
both of Norwood. 

Willie Fletcher and Lucy Brill 
both of Astoria. 

Manard Williams of Norwood 
and Verbia Campbell of Mans- 

Veil Hatman and Alice Hag- 
gard both of Dawson. 

TuA/e 3,/Vr 

-7*1 «i Iff, \vs- k 



a^ U, n/r 

Marriage Licenses. 

Elihu Moody and Lizzie Roper 
both of Mansfield. 

Evans Frye and Ollie Key 
both of Manes. 

E. D. Brown and Iva Hayden 
both of Hartville. 

Roy Prock and Ethel Lemons 
both of Hartville. 

maty 13, \VSj p 

Marriage Licenses. 

! Arthur E. Hyde and Arby L. 
' Lathrom both of Mtn. Grove. 

Herbert Curtis and Effie Pyatt 
I both of Hartville. 


Herbert H. ,Cu-tis and Miss 
Effie Pyatt were married at the 
home of Rev. D. F*. Ellis twelve 
miles west of Hartville last Wed- 
nesday evening. 

Mr. Curtis is a member of the 
firm of the Curtis Grocery Co. 
of this place and a brother of Ex 
Prosecuting Attorney A. M Cur- 
tis and Deputy County Clerk 
Roy E. Curtis. 

The bride is a daughter of Mr. 
and Mrs. Jody C. Pyatt of this 
place and last year taught the 
Primary Departm'Tit of the 
Hartville Public Schools. • 

Both are popular'and deserving 
young people and their host of 
young, friends are rejoicing in 
the happiness of the newly weds. 

Marriage Licenses, 

Robert Duncan 
Lovey Dudson 
S. L. Lewis 
Ollie Calton 
Charley Dunlap 
Ida Roberts 
William Young 
! Lillie Duggar 
! J. M. Grogan • 
! Clara Ussery 
I Albert C, Fox 
! Beatrice Pierce 
I Fred Coxton 
! Nora Long 
1 James R. Cantrt 
! Venus Kilbern 


St. George 
St. George 
Norwood ; 
Mtn. Grove. 
Mtn. Grove 

S\kjj e_*3^ / 1 1£ q_ 

• 1 ( Marriage Licenses. 

James Russell of Duncan and 
Nannie Cantrell of Niangua. 

Theodore Thomas of Hartville 
and Lola Belle Henson of Mar- 

Claud Lathrom and Birtha 
Royal both of Mtn. Grove. 

J. W. Myers and Delia Baker 
' both of Hartville. 

Homer Estus and Nannie 
Looper both of Mansfield. 

Eli Lathrom and Leah Smith 
both of Mtn. Grove. 

. ' Marriage Licenses. 

B. H Bartley of Hartville and 
Elsie Turner of Mansfield Mo. 

Louis P. Gobble of Taylor, Okla- 
homa and Matie Abraham of 
Blanche, Mo. 

Roy Russell and Verbal Pitch, - 
ford both of Duncan, Mo. 

Marriage Licenses. 

Herbert C. Shelton of Mans- 
field and Mattie Short of Macomb 

John Scheets of Competition 
and Anna Willianu of Southern. 

Henry W. Wall and Frances 
Wliitted both of Willow Springs. 

Married .. .. 

John Sheets of competition and 
Anna Williams of Southern Laclede 

Henry W. Wall and Frances 
Whitted both of Willow Springs. 

Wm Whitted and Mila Lathrom 
both of Rayborn. 

Ray WebD and Lilac Jones both 
of Grove Springs. 

Cleo A- Ward and Myrtle Morris 
both of Mtn Grove- . 

It is believed that Wright county] 
will produce the largest yield of 
potatoes this season 1 that has ever 
been grown in the history of the 
county. As an example of what 
our soil will do when the seasons are 
normal Peter Solidine who Owns a 
farm east of town and whose truth 
and veracaty is ' beyond question 
reports 78 potatoes from" - one hill. 
Some as large as goose eggs 
while a majorty of them are smaller. 
Who can beat it. ) ' \- 

Adjust £,IVS p 

Marriage Licenses. , 

A. B. Hood and Annie P. Cof* 

fee both of Mtn. Grove. 
I Charley Mayfield of Mtn. Grove 

and Goldia Gaddis of Ben Davis. 
! Miles Fiero and Gertrude Chap> 
I man both of Mtn. Grove. 
I Charley Perkins of Manes and 

Ivy Quesenberry Hartville. 

1 , Married ' : j 

Samuel R. Williams of Norwood' 
and Laura Brotemarkle of Macomb. I 

Cecil Griff etb of Dawson and 1 
Bessie Long of Mtn. Grove. | 

A- B. Hood and Annie Coffee I 
both of Mtn. Grove. 

Charley Mayfield of Mtn. Grove 
and Goldie Gaddis of Bendavis. 

Miles Fiero and Gertrude Chap- 
man both of Mtn. Grove- . • 

Frank Hudson and wife of 
Hartville. visited Mrs. Hudson's 
parents Mr. and Mrs. Calvin 
Randolph the latter part of the 
I week. 

faysi ZU, Ills' p S«ffc 2Z t tVS 

Marriage Licenses 

L. C. Walker and Zola Owens 
both of Norwood- • 

Oscar Bramhall and Laura 
Ethel Calton both of Grove- 

C. E. Kobinaon of Pelican, La. 
and Norma M. Stokea of Uuvt- 

Jake Kyan uf Norwood and 
Loula Woodle of Macomb. 

Mr*. Norma Crisp Stokes of tbia 
city ami Mr. 0. IS Robinson of 
Pelican, Louisiana greatly sur- 
prised many of our llarlville 'poo- 
pie by marrying liwt Tuesday, 
Thu jjroum l>a_ come iulo our 
midst uud claimed Iub bride ami 
departed foe I lie noulli before many 
of ub knew of the ciinleuoo of a 

5epb 3. MS _p 

Marrage Licenses 

Elmer Cope of Hartville and 
Bertha Hickman of Manes. 

Bert Purtle andMayme Jarrett| 
both of Norwood. 

Arthur D. Pierson of Willow] 
Springs and Eppah Gena Turner | 
of Hartville. 

George Mayfield and Bertha 
Gaddis both of DawBon. ■ 

Michael Jackson of Norwood 
and Manda J. Ussery of Mtn. 

John F. King and Bessie Fetch 
both of Mtn. Grove. 

Arthur D. Pierson of Willow 
Springs and Miss Gena Turner 
Were married at the home of the 
brides father John P. Turner in 
this' city Monday afternoon Rev. 
T- J. Gideon preforming the 

The bride is one of the most 
popular of Hartville's younger 
set and has been employed as a 
rural teacher the past two years. 

The groom is a Frisco Brake- 
man on the Springfield-Thayer 
division. Both young people 
have many warm friends in this, 
community who join the Demo- 
crat with congratulations and 
well wishes. 

Marriage Licenses - 
I Lee Bouldin and Myrtle Mc- 
jClaitthan both of Hartville. 

Henry L. Walker and Michel 
Allen both of Mtn. Grove. <• 

Sylvester Melton and Anna 
Ragsdale both of Mtn. Groive. 

0. B. Brentlinger of Mansfield 
■and FJora McCrite of Bryant. 


j Frank Keener and Lena Hyde 
both of Mtn. Grove. 

Arthur. Markum and Belle Garner 
both of St. George. 

H. M. Reeves and Bertha Good- 
son both of Mtn- Grove. 

Tecumseh Conkin of West Plains 
and Syntha Usery of Norwood. 

Henry Walker and Mitchel Allen 
both of Mtn. Grove- 

Sylvister Melton and Anna Rags- 
dale both of Mtn. Grove. ! 

0- B. Brentlinger of Mansfield 
and Flora McCrite of Bryant. 

Pies Coff man and Mary Walker 
both of Norwood. ,. I [ 

Evert Calton and Lethie Odell both 
of Grove Spring. 

Sept. 3 ?, II ir p 

Marriage Licenses, 

* Pies Coffman and Mary Walker 
Ijoth of Norwood. 

Evert L. Calton and Leathie 
^Ddell both of Grovespring. 

Cecil Wood and Maggie Petty- 
. j#hn both of Hartville. 

• J« hn Claxton of Hartville and 
Oorn Absher of Norwood. 

C y Smith and Pear Walker 
<rf Hartville. 

H. E. Ellis and Martha J. Bur- 
rte both of Mtn. Grove. « 

Mr7~and MrsTlf. E. Claxton] 
Spent Sunday and Sunday night, 
With their daughter Mrs. Eli 
I While returning from the Holl- 
: iness meeting the other night four 
girls met on the road between Ray- 
born'and the Tabernacle and a lively 
little battle occurred but no one was 
seriously hurt. * 

Oct, % IVs '%_ 

Marriage Licenses. 

yan Shaddy Grovespring 

11a Allen Grovespring 

Jbov Coday Hartville 

Thdi a Young Hartville 

.JVed Adamson Springfield 

Eunice Vanhoosfer Mansfield 

■Cuss Claxton Grovespring 

Mary Austin ' Manee 

. Jwnrs Gregory Hartville 

4PBSM6 Campbell ..... Hartville 

HJfrrrus Baty ..\ Graff 

_Tary Atchley- Graff 

Mfiger 0, Long Grovespring 

^lemma Webb Grovespring 

Oct, IS, IV* /? 

Roy Coday son of Issac Coday I 
I offoute landThona Young daugh-, j 
ter of Samp Young of this city were 
! married Sunday the 3rd inst Esq. . 
I Hake officiating 

I Mr. Guss Claxton of Grove Springs 
1 and Miss May Austin of Manes were ' 
married by Probate Judge Geo. C. I I 
Murrell Tuesday at hi* office in the I 
Court House. ' j ■ 

Mr. Fred Adamson of Springfield I 
and Miss Eunice Vaiihoosen of J 
Mansfield were married at the Court 
House last Monday, Probate Judge ■ 
Murrell did the "Knot Tieing." 

Oct, X2, /i/5" R i 


Tom Plaster and Stella Rippee 
■ both of Hartville. 

Hershel Lutrell and Estey Zim- 
merman both of Mtn. Grove. 

J. W. Blevins of Seymour and 
Viola Pitman of Cedar Gap. 

Earl Young and Ha Todd both of 

i Homer Bolain and Arlena Gamer 
both of St. George.- ' ,/ v •' 

Harland Dodson and Vivian 
Thompkins both of Hartville. ', •.', 

j Mrs. Will Finks has been visit- 
ing her sister Mrs. Harris south i 


| Miss Inez Shannon a niece of J. 
P. Martin who is teaching, school 

'south of Duncan visited with her. 

i uncle Saturday and Sunday. 

cTMarriage Licenses. 

Dave Caudle of Norwood and 
Elsie Sluder of l^tn. Grove. 

Samuel Smith and Florence 
Coday both of Mansfield. 

John H. Peck of Embree and 
Maude Wade of Manes. 

Julian Billa Hume of Cedar 
Gap and Grace Isabella Matney 
of Seymour, i 

a/h,/, 2(0, mr * 

Dollie Roberts daughter of Mr. I 
and Mrs. Warren Roberts of this city j 
was married on last Saturday the 
20th inst. at Seymour to a Mr. 
Clark of that city. .'■■"•' i 

Dec. 3, H !£. & _ 

Marriage License. 
Richard Smith of McKeesporta 
Penn. and Elva Duncan df Hart- 
Fred Russell and Lena War- 
den both of Niangua. j . ; 

M. P. Childers and Jessie 
Odle both of Mountain Grove. 

Clarence Seay/and Elizabeth 
Rogers both of Embree. ■ ' 

John A. Bryant and Marilda 
j Yoctim both of Mountain Grove, 


Justice John B. Miller united in 
marriage last Saturday Miss Dollie 
Roberts to B >b (Jlark and their 
many friends wish them much hap- 
piness. The bride is a daughter 
of Warren Roberta of Hartville. 
They will reside in Seymour where 
Mr. Olark has a position with the 
O/.ark Klour, b'ced and Grain Co. 
— Soymour citizen. 

Jec. IQ, lltsr /^ 


Fred Russell and Lena Warden 
both of Niangua. 

M- T. | Childers and Jessie Odell 
both of Mtn. Grove. 

Clarence Gray and Elizabeth Rog- 
ers both of Embree Mo. 

'John A- Bryant and Marilda 
Yocum both of Mtn. Grove. 

Dec, ZH, IHf p 

, - Married 

Oscar H. Jurv and Sarah I. Stipp 
both of Mansfield. < 

J. H. Devault of Hartville and 
Corda Micchel of Chanute Kan. 

Grover C. D3v!s and Laura M. 
Haddock both of Mtm Grove. 

Pec, 3o,ms- Q_ 

pe.c 3/, H/i" 


Marriage License, 
Jqhn A. Bryant and Marilda 

Ypcum both of Mtn. Grove. , 
Oscar H. Jury and Sarah 1. 

gtipp both of Mansfield. 
J. H. Devault of Hartville and 

Corda Mitchell of Chanute, Kan. 

c^yiarriage Licenses. 

drover C. Davis- • -Mtn. Grove 

I, Laura M. Haddock . . Mtn. Grove 

Alvin Markin Mansfield 

Anna Mallary Mansfield 

C. A. Nungesser •• . • • Mtn. Grove 

Ethel Sanders Mtn. Grove 

Emmons Sikes ....... Mansfield 

Olive Deckard • ■ • • *• • • Mansfield 
Andrew Browitt Jr. . • • Hartville 

; Ethel Brooks Norwood 

i Sanford Middleton- • • • MtnGrove 

Sarah Robinett Mtn. Grove 

'Will Saladine Hartville 

,Opal Garner Grovespri,ng 

Cyrus Craig Hartville 

'Vietta Cantrell •• Hartville 

Orel Dennis ■ • Mansfield 

HetteeSeal. Mansfield 

/Frank Gaskill Mansfield 

■ Grace Battorff Mansfield 

f Fred Shrocve • • ■ Mansfjeld 

' Nora Riley • • • "• • Mansfield 

Frionds in tho city have recoiveel 
announcement of )ho marriage of 
Mips Vietta Cantrell and Mr. Cy 
C Craig at the homo of the brideV 
parents at New Grove Saturday 
Dec 25lh. The bride is a daugh- 
ter of Mr. Win. Cantrell, the Now 
Urovo merchant and the groom ih 
a teacher in tho lfarlville school. 
Until are mccc.snful teachers, well 
known :.nd popular. Tho Demo- 
crat gladly joins their host of well 


B. Davis, 94 years old. the father 
of forty-one children, was married 
Christmas day to Mrs. Man Macon, 
39 years old, at tht home of the 
bride near Cabool. Twenty-five of 
his children and more than 100 
grandchildren ol the bridegroom 
i witnessed the wedding ceremony. 
j Davis has thirty-three children living, 
! 192 grandchildren and a number of 

This is his fourth venturt in mat- 
j rimony. He is still enjoying good 

1 Froman Duron was arrested by 
'Sheriff W. I. Creer last Sunday for 
carrying concealed weapons. He 
oarre it to (own Sunday morning to 
t"ke ft lady friend to ehurco ai : 
pleasant Hill but while waiting for 1 
I'cr t? "show np" h D dropped his, 
, pistol. "Ho n hoarding at . the j 

I county jail until he can fill a bond | 
for his appeal anco at the Septem- ' 
! ber term of Circuit Court i , ■ j 

7*v. M, Hit* 

] '.'••' I Married ■.; _' : : K 

Fay Bunn and Bessie Wynne both" 

of Hartville. I •' V * %,: 

. Frank Seay and Gladys Rogers 
both of Embree. .'.■•'. 

Jim Hurt and Ann Gregory both 
of Hartville. j > ■ ^ . 

Ova Gaddis of Dawson and Ada 
Muyfield of Mtn. Grove. 

c^Wamage Licenses. 

.. Hartville 

. . . Hartville 

Clarence D.Shannon 

• Mtn. Grove 

Jane G. Elliott 

Mound City 

Albert Brook •• 

• Mtn. Grove 

Iva Long.... ••••><• 

• Mtn. Grove 

Frank Seay .....<•• 

.... Embree 

Jim Hurt.*.-"'v^). 


Ann Gregory • 


Ova Gaddte '••»•'• W 

. . . Dawson 


Mtn. Grove 

David A. Reberry-c 

•Mtn. Grove 

CarneliaM. Sease*. 

• Mtn. Grove 

Leonard Worsham.-- 

a- ..Dawson 

Rosie Ellis •!•■ 


Married j / *',;, 

Clarence C. Shannon of Mountain 
Grove and Jane G. Elliot of Moun 
City. ■ , '■'! '';.- 

Albert Prock and Iva Long ,bo W 
of Mtn. Grove. •-'• ; j ;', •• ( 

David A. Reberry and- Cordelta, 
Seise both ol Mtn. Grove. J *",,:> 

Leonard Worsham and Rbsle 
Ellis both of Dawson. i. ' ' 

TaAi, 21, /llfc _ P_ 

Marriage Licenses 
Cecil C. Leascher and Louise 

Oilier both of Mtn. Grove. 
E. A. Ackerinan and Mabel C. 

Kinch both of Mtn- Grove. 
Curtis Anderson and Dolly 

Tucker both of Mtn. Grove. 

Charles C. Odum was brought 
over from Mountain Grove Monday 
and lodged in jail for «af. keeping 
*ntil the April terra of the Circuit 
Court. He i* charged with marry- 
ing Mm. Mary McQuiston of Mtn. 
Grove and desertitig her in Spring- 
field after obtaining all ,tbe money 
,be had and selling all her property 

P ; i'C. C.'Odem was brought to this 
jkity' Monday by constable Chas- 
\ -Atkinson of Mtn. Grove and is now 
',»the guest of Sheriff Creer. He is 
^charged with selling property upon 
/which he had no valid claim and 
'^ which iii fact belonged to W. C 
/Ellis of Mtn. Grove. Mr. Odem 
i'was in the limelight some months 
*kgd when he married ft widow who 
'-was cbhducting a millinery store at 
; Cabool. He represented himself as 
•'being wealthy, secured possession 
fati her millinery stock and other 
•^property and induced herto ; believe. 
^♦hey were moving to Oklahoma 
? Where he said he owned consider J 
Stable property. At Springfield he 
^deserted her and left her penniless. 
5a'. - • •■ 

" Miss ArtieCantrell spent last! 
week with her sister Mrs. James 

""Uncle Jim'Conley is visiting 
his daughter Mrs. J. G. Cantrell 
this week. 

.'iTWarriage Licenses. 

Rolson Claxton • • • j Grovespring 
Verba Latimer . • • • Grovespring 

Ewin Pierce ,• • Grovespring 

Edith Jackson .-..j- ' Niangua 
James Wilson .••-,• - fcayborn 
MimaClovci^.H. •■ Ray born 
FredHelsley--- ••>'-, Mansfield 

MaudLakey ....Mansfield 

Elva Rogers '■' Mtn. Grove 

Martha Linthicum .Mtn. Grove 

'.Guy Rook ;••••'■-•'■ Graff 

1 Genia Crewse ...../■•••■ Grail 
Elmer Tiffner .••••• Hartville 
Georgia Long.- •••••••Hartville 

! Claude Smith Mansfield 

Alith Findley '■■••■ Macomb 

fih. 1% IU<* P_ 

I cTWarriage Licenses. 

Joseph R. Lee and Sarah Raney 
both of Mtn Grove 

Oda Brake and Pearl Weaver 
both of Grovespring 

Luther Stillwell and Mabel 
Milton both of Mtn Grove 

Marve Bennett and Francis 
Ford both of Macomb . 

Hiram Gass and Minnie Wtf- 
sqn both of Mansfield 

Roy GrizzeL: - Fuson 

Anna Vaughn Hartville 

Boy Shaver Mtn. Grove 

Lucy Whitterd Mtn. Grove 

Etcye Roller Cedar Gap 

Grace Spain Cedar Gap 

Charley Harris Grovespring 

Yera Cottengim Gorvespring 

jtoy Davis Grovespring 

Minnie Odell Grovespring 

Ben Grimes Hartville 

•Ida Raney Hartville 

Ernest F. Ortloff Dadeville 

Verna Battrell Hartville 

George M. Royal '•■ Mtn. Grove 

Myrtle Cantrell Commerce, Okla 

/ Thomas Orley. Mtn. Grove 

Joy M. Campbell Mtn. Grove 

Bland P. Mclntire Mtn. Grove 
Agnes F. WebbeV Mtn. Grove 

Oliver Riley Mansfield 

Ora Rippee Mansfield 

Loman Garner Hartville 

' Edna Evans Manes 

W. B. Jackson - Mtn. Grove 
Sophia Tucker , Mtn. Grove 

irv\ l(y, ****** I 

cTWarriage Licenses 

Alonzo Leatherman Mansfield 

Pearl Brentlinger Mansfield 

Walter Rumfelt^ Rayborn 

Hazel Helsley ..".x... Rayborn 

N. T. Goolsby -■ Norwood 

Jessie Hughes--- -• Norwood 

Warren Roberts - Hartville 

Daisy Peacock Hartville 

Victor Brook - Mtn. Grove 

Elma Gourley Mtn. Grove 

I Fred Tate Graff 

Lydia Maxville - Graff 

JR. E. Carney-' Aguesa 

Liza Dorris St. George 

April j^ Hi fe D 


Roy E. Curtis Mtn. Grove 

Lillie Garlick ........ Mtn. Grove j 

Ben Love ..!•'-••• Mtn. Grove| | 
Ivylee Gladden '••••■ Plato, Mo. j 

R. Rayborn Manes . 

Belle Pridgon St. George | 

Oscar Payne .....••• Hartville 

Ethel Stalling Hartville, 

L. G. Roth Mtn. Grove I 

F.?nnie Lovins Mtn. Grove 

J.E. Matney Cedar Gap 

Roxie Turner • • • • • • ■ Cedar Gap I 

Herbert Jones Grovespring I 

Thula Turner ,.•••- Grovespring 
Dr.T. McCarty- Indianopolis.Ind f 
Oma Hunter :•• • •..!.. HartvHle I 

Franklin King Mtn. Grove 

Julia Odell Kink • • • • Mtn. Grove ff 

Charles A. Ball Mtn. Grove | 

Zella Wood •• v Prior » Mo ' 

/Vil 2o t \yu pi 

Marriage Licenses u 

Clay C. Cravens- St. George J 

Sarah E. Claxton Competition: I 

Henry Raybprn •-.- -.' Mane*, ■ 

Agnes Fray *• Manes I 

A. Barnard Mtn. Grove, f 

Mrs. S.E. McElfreshMtn. Grove 1 

W. T. K«)mpt Norwood I 

Lizzie Ball .• Norwood. I 


j | llurtvlllu 1-mIho, No. £30, I. 0. O. P.. muet* I 

Iuvory Tuesday nlgbt, Jirottivrn Invited. a 

j.ll.BTKKI^.N.U.'- .I 
L. E. Ohxtom, Sec. . l |]| 


Owen Long • 
, Opal Bowzer 

" cTWarriage Licenses. I 


. • Grayespring i 


Tressie Owens Norwood 

tfred C.Thomas • • Norwood 

OmaWood Norwood; 

Walters. Harrison •• St. George 

Nettie Smith < ..Hartville 

Orvil Pearson Grovespring 

Stella Reeves •>' ■•Hartville! 

J.M.Trustey Mtn. Grove 

Fannie Loyd Mtn. Grove 

S. D. Scott Mtn. Gro.e 

Ola Davis ••• Mtn. Grove 

A. H. Allen Norwood 

Agnes Turgon ......... Norwood 

S. W. Wilson Mtn. Grove 

Mary Boyd Mtn. Grove 




cTVlarriage Licenses. 

JiraParleir ,- Rayborn 

AllleWiUhit* .......... Rayborn 

Fred Whittaker "\ . '!.".'. '. i "Norwood 
Effie Hylton..... 


Married. I 

| Robert J. Archer ••••■.'■ - Mansfield 

Lavena Herod .'.Mansfield 

Roe Parker -.• , Mansfield 

Ida Cameron ••■■-•. ■■•' Mansfield 

; Married. 

Elmer E. Wagner - Mountain Grove 

M. J. Jiidkins Mountain Grove 

Quint Laws'on -« ■ Rayborn 

MyraJarrett' '■■'--.• Norwood 

Henry Bentnip.Sylvan Grove Kansas 
Margaretha Oetter ".. ; Mansfield 

- Marriage Licenses 

Fred Latimer '» Mansfield j 

IlaCoday Mansfield, 

Elliott Walker - Mountain <jrove| 

Eva Lawson - • Rayborn j 

Jason Newton Mansfield 

Flora Eitus Mansfield 

Fred Lewis -Li Kansas City. Mo. 
EtHel Wilson • Mountain Grove. | 

__jr * *»* _ \J>JVk * 

Marriage Licenses. 

Noah Moore..-- Hartville' 

Amandey Cartwrlght . .Norwood 
Today's Springfield Republi-j 
can says Cecil Brazeal of Spring- 
field and Mis* Ruth Hoover of | 
Mansfield were married yerter-j 
day af-terneon by Judge W. K. 
Gorsuch, associate judge of the 
county court 

c^Warnage Licenses. 

Georgo Robinett Mtn. Orova 

RoAarur Mtn. Grove 

Frank Gosvenar 1°™°°* 

Anna Hall Norwood. 

FredMayfield Mtn. Grove 

Ora Walker Mtn. Grove 

W.W. Manier Hartville 

Anna Scott., Mansfield 

Walter C Coday Mansfield 

Opal K. Freeman Mansfield 

Arden Hnff. tetter I"* 1 " 6 

Ada Young. Hartville 

Marriage Licenses 

Bert Wilson -'Manes. 

Bertha Mosley Manes. 

Marriage Licenses. 
Oren Fletcher • Competition 

Zona .Tarrett Manes 

Carl Edwards • •••,• Mansfield j 
Delia L. Larisdowri • Mansfield i 

Attest \1 L /HkJ2_ 
Marriage Licenses 
Arthur Bruce of Raykorn. 
Nellie Brickey of Manes. 
James Feltch of Hartville. 
Valley Turner of Hartville 
Jesse Peacock of Hartville 
Ora Fullingtpn of Hartvdle 
Moses Tinsley of Manes 
Clara Quesnberry of Manes 

I Marriage Licenses 

c n Worsbam Dawson 

lelS H*5 HutseH A^tona 

Septal; Ml* 


'■ Marriage Licenses '•" 

F. A. Carney • .HsftwH*. 

Flora Gorselin«" «• °***'y 

Elven Moore Ma*. Cmnt. 

Clara Fern Simmons- -Mtn. Gw»"»- 

Raymond Riley Manafiald 

QpalL, Hoover Mma^ldr 

Oct. rj^ii,, ft 

Charles Austill, age 26 of 1025 
St. Louis street, and Miss Mtry 
Oetting, age 22 of Mansfield, Mo 
secured a lioense to wed in Spring- 
field last Friday.' Miss Oetting is 
a daughter of Louis Getting well 
kno« n in this city. 

Lacy Sellers and Lillie Claxton 
secured a marriage license in 
Springfield last Monday aud arriv- 
ed in Hartville Tuesday where 
they expect to make their home 
this winter. 

Oc t. i% nn» j , 

Marriage Licenses. 

Wm- Hobbs and Ethel May Mc- 
Allesterboth of Norwood- 

J. Hill and Muna Morgan both of 
Mountain Grove. 

Shenna Helsley of Mansfield and 
Docia Calhoun Of Norwood. 

/Mou, V1U» 6 

Marriage Licenses. 
Loay Patterson Hartville 

Inez Patterson Loring 

C. L. Dalrymple Mulvane, Kan 
,Mary A. Haley Marshfield 

JohnHWeimer Norwood 

Maggie Robertson Norwood 

Joe Crisp ~"- Ma" es 

Ada Adams Drue, Mo. 

,, Marriage Licenses 

Henry Mosley and May Pool both 
of, Manes. 

Loay Patterson of ■Hartville and 
Iney Randolph of Loring. 
• John Weimcr and Maggie Rob-, 
ertsonl.both of Norwood. ' - 

Joe Crisp of Manes and Ada Ad- 
ams of Drue, Laclede County. -.> .■ 

Men. Jfr, /*'* 

~~' ^Marriage Licenses " , I 
Otto Austin and 'Ada | Brook, 

both o£ Dawson. [ 

Homer Frey of Manes aid Lou 

Denton of Alice. I . 

W. M. "Grimes and May Rose. 

both of Fuson- -■],'" l! 

Maltiage Licenses 
Homer Fry of Manes and Lew 
Dertcn of Alice Texas Co. 

Otto Austin and Ada Brook both 
of Dawson. . ' . 

Bowman Gideon and Marjor.e 
Purtle both of Hartville. 
Arthur Rayborh and Lottie Crisp 

both of Manes. ';>„ *-.- 

Paul C. Creer retuFned frbm * the 
North with his bride the latter part 
of last week and they art, Bow '« 
home on the Creer farm notfh of 
the city Mr. Creer was ( married 
Oct 26 Milwaukee, to Miss" Michela 
Margerite Friske. We *#*£» 
their friendt in wishing them proa- 
perity. v ; .,1 ■•■<■»" i 

Die 1, HI*- _R„ 
Licensed to Wed 

] >««»y • <£*£ 

Eula Jooe»-" , ff~ <w*«mw 
Andrew Todd" »••»««• 3frfl—m 

MayC*rp*nter — 

Frank Jarrett- t ••••*— 

Lily QqodN»>v.*-* Mww*" 1 G* * fc 

Elmer Myeri....- „9ait*»** 

IvaBirr""" *• 

James Klour- ** 

Vid* Xmg'\*i'"' , r~' *? n ^? . 
Wade Neb^ • . " ..tfWPtoi* G»«^ 

Clara Harris • , — «■** 


P A Uc^hsed to Wed . I 

Clarence Ussery.;'-- Norwood 1 

Qeo, Lathrom ..".?■ Mountain Grove 

Harry Lareau Cabool 

Ivey Johnson- •••••• ■•'•••Cabool 

Arthur Blumly • • • • Mountain Grove 
Gblda Smallwood • • Mountain GroVe 

I Everett Hensley .Hartville 

AnnaMcQeary •; v Hartville 

Dec. 2t,\<\\(o _D__ 
Marriage Licenses 

S.N Yocum Mtn. Grove 

Hossie B. Warreu ....Mtn. Grove 
Rowley Taxton .".....' Mtn. Grove 

ssind* Ussery Mm. Grove 

John C Benton Manea 

Myriie Austin Manes 

John Farmer Mtn. Grove 

U^ry J. Foee Mtn. Grove 

Clarence 0. Haggard ..Mtn. Grove 
!;\iai.Uy V. Sanders ....Mtn Grove 

Jonah E. Long Grovespring 

Vada Shaddy Grov^prlog . 

Carl Turner Mansfield 

Carrie liensley Mansfield 

Robert C. Montgomery Manea 

Virgie llreedlove Manea 

Elmer Lemons Hartville 

Gertie Davidson Hartville 

A. G Duke Mtn. Grove 

KdnaCliiomor Mtn Grove 

G. W. H. Davidson Hartville 

Ella WalUoe Lebanon 

tftuJ .'^ HI? P 

W. L. Ellis of Mtn. Grove and 
Miss Alta MorriB, daughter of 
Mr. and Mrs. V. B. Morris of 
ROckbridge, were quietly marri- 
ed at the home of Mr. and Mrs. 
M. M. Roberts in Ava Tuesday 
evening of this week. They 
will go from here to Norwood 
where they will visit for a few 
days before going to Mtn. Grove 
where they will make their home 
The Rev. C. At'non Officiated a£ 
the wedding.— Douglas Co. Her-j 
,ald. I 

T&*. 35 Hi* 

Licensed to Wed 


Alva Sanders Mountain Grove 

Lura Kendall Mountain Grove 

Marriage Licenses. 

S. E. Ross Mtn. Grove 

Anna B. Reynolds • • Pittsburg, Pa 

F. J. Crider Mansfield 

Sadie Rippee Mansfield 

I. o. Neill St. George 

Estella Gartin Mtn. Grove 

Mulford N. NigTit. . . • Mtn. Grove 
Gladys Anna Barker Mtn. Grove 

,J. F. Marrs ....Seymour 

Iva Hamilton Seymour 

Taa/. it, J_li* j?__ 

.. f Licensed to Wed 

Broolu Todd— Hartville, Mo. 

Glrjie., Newton— --Hartville, #Q< 

Licensed to Wed 

Alma Sanders-. • • • -Mountain Grove 
Lura Kendall- • • • • Mountain Grove 

Berga F. Austin • r Manes 

Lena Eveline. Benton- ■•{•• • j Manea 
W- R. Snmroers >••■• ...Hartville 
Opal Ward ...... ^ .... o ■ Hartville 

John A. See... .-V' Mansfield 

Rosy A Tool .- ■ • • -Mansfield 

Otis Zirschky'- - • • •. •• ■ • Graff 

Lizzie Shaw-...'.'. wr*n-^* Graff 

John Dennis - • • • y- -Norwood 

Mary Bartley Norwood I 

John Clark - • • • Hartville 

AUieE/ Gates Hartville 

Ira Stewart • ..,...,..•••• Norwpod 
Anna Ball • • •'• • ; • •;• y • ■ ■ Norwood 


Wesley Bailey Mtn. Grove 

NoraTuttle •« Mtn. Grove 

|R. F. Calson - - Boise, Idaho 

Olive Martin - Norwood 

, C. A. Smith and Mae Spencer 
both of Marshfield. 

Aaron M. Medlock of Hoggins 
| and Frances Robinett of Hart* 
; ville. 

rvwcU I, h)T » 

Licesned to Wed "; 
Thos- Slate ........... Mansfield- 

Mary J • King • ' Mansfield. 

G. H. Bridges -Triplet' 

Jane Brentlinger Mansfield 

! Gorman Freeman Mansfield 

j Ruth B Havertv Mansfield 

J. R. Perkins Manes 

Arra Crisp Manes 

Ben Tow Mountain Grove 

Ella May Gooch • • • -King Mtn. Ky. 

Joseph Elden Elder Mansfield 

Mary Locattie Roberts- ,*■ Mansfield 

Marriage Licenses. 

Joseph Eldou Elder Mansfield 

Mary Localtie Roherts Mancfiold 

Ben Tow Mtn. Grove 

Ella May Hooch King* Mtn. Ky. 

J. R. lVrkln- Manes 

Arra Crisp Manes 

Gorman C. Freeman Mansfield 

Ruth B.Havoity Mansfield 

G. 11. Bridger Triplet, Mo 

Jane Bjentlinfror Mansfield 

Thomas J. Slate Mansfield 

Mary J. King Mansfield 

Ben Vance Mammoth Spgs. Ark. 

Genia Montgonvery Astoria 

Charley Wynn Manes 

Opal Evans Manes 

Terry E. Robinson A Norwood 

Elvada F. Helums Mtn. Grove 

Orvell llightower Fuson 

Docia Odeil Grovespring 

Harry E. Wheeler Mtn. Grove 

Eula Clair Russet Mtn Grove 

Marriage Licenses. . 

S. W. Edwards ! • • Hartville 

Bessie Davis • • • ■ • • ■ Hartville \ 

W. A. Matlock Mtn. Grove J 

Rosa Kinkade Mtn. Grove 

Floyd Webb Grqve Springs ! 

Laura Qdell ......... Grpve Springs 

B. J. Williams received the sn- 
nouncernent last week of the mar- 
riage of his daughter, Miss Dilla 
Williams, who was mar.-ied on 
March 3d to Edwin Henboon, in i 
LeWiston, Mont. Mis?. Williams in 
company with her sister,, Mrs. Lacy 
Stacey, went to Montana abbut a 
year agj and found profitable em- 
ployment. It was there that she 
met Mr 1 . Hepboon and formed the 
attachment that resulted in the 
wedding of the 3d inst. Mr. Hep- 
boon li a railroad engineer and has 
a good position. They will make 
their home in Harlington. Mont. 
The many Wright county friends of 
the bride extend their best wishes 
and congratulations. ' \.'. j , .... 

Mrs. E. J. Adams and son Rob- 
ert departed for their home at 
Crescent, Ok)*, last Tuesday after 
a jvisit here with Mrs. Adams' 

father Judge Wm. Cottengira. 

mcrcU M,IV1 

April l% /1/7 



Floyd Webb Grovespring 

Laura Odell Grovespring 

S. W. Edwards Hartville 

Bessie Davis Hartville 

W. A. Matlock Mtn. Grove 

Rosa Kinkade ' Mtn. Grove 

Jesse Hart Norwood 

Tilda Fletcher Norwood 

Dave A. Gilleland Mansfield 

Lois Massey Mansfield 

Elbert N.Tate Norwood 

Sallie Hurt Norwood 

Ray White Mansfield 

Stella Seal Mansfield 

John N. Busby Norwood 

Jennie A Pharris ■•.■■•■ Licking 
Walter V. Carter <■■■■ Norwood 1 
Anna Robinson Norwood 

Marriage Licenses. 

Ceoil Jordan 


Eppah Adams 


0. L. Denton 

,. Astoria 

Mayme Wilson 


Ovie Odle 

Cedar Gap 

Lillian Surguine 


W. A. Ilelsley 


M. A. Shuflcr ....... 


April S", 11/7 fl 

1 , Marriage licenses, i- , - 

Lavelle Hightpwer- • • •Grovespring.', 
Stelfc Del*. ,,,.'.. i .,'"♦ ; Grovespring 

J. T. Rushing j » • • • . ,t • J '• • Hartville 1 
May Pearl ;-. •>; • « »'»«' . ... Hartville; 

S. A. Bradford ..',.'• ... • , Hartvilfe, 
Lola Hodges ..,.....,.,. HartvilJel 

April £T, IVl r^ 

Marriage Licenses 

| Lavelle llightower, and Stella 
Delk, both of Grove Spring, Mo. 
J. F Rushing, and May Pearl, 
both of Hartville,,*Mo. 
| S. A. Bradshaw, aud Lola 
Hodges both of Hartville, Mo. 

L. M. Hog, and Mandy Tate 
both of Mandfield, Mo. I 

Marriage Licenses. 

L. M. Hay Mansfield 

Mandy Tate Mansfield 

R. J. Crank Mountain Grove 

Jane Black Mountain Grove 

Estill Russell ............ Hartville 

Tressie Weaver ' . , Hartville 

Frank B. Ross ....... Reasoner Iowa 

Ida Tool Colorado Springs Colo 

W. E. Huff .Pryor 

Thelma Biggs r Pryor 

Apr i I 2 lc, I 1 1 7 o 

! G. S. Tate Hartville 

Mable Brock Hartville 

Henry H. Young- .Hartville 

Christene Moody- Hartville 
Harry V. Mykrants Grovespring 
Myrtle C. Sutton Agnes 

Wan t o, nin r 

Marriage Licenses. ' 
M. E. Ipock • • ■ ........ . Seymour 

Delia. GaskiU-... Mansfield 

Chester Stanton' Mountain Grove 

Mary E. Belcher • . 1 Mountain Grove 

w*^ i% mil n 

i ( Marriage Licenses. '.' 

Herbert L. Camp.- -.Jackson Mich. 

Eunise Hight Mansfield Mo. 

George H. Fry Mansfield Mo- 

Lula V- Dennis-- --Mansfield Mo. 

Frank Gittey • • ...... Hartville Mo. 

Clora Bennett Rayborn Mo. 

j^V* 3 3); h !7 r^ 


Lester Case Mansfield 

Mildred Stipp , Mansfield 

Tonie Thomas -..- Hartville 

Winnie Odell Hartville 

E. L. Matlock - Hartville 

Nenar Reese > Hartville 

George A. Harris- Cedar Gap 

Martha Davidson Seymour 

TuA>e 7, IV1 ^ 

Elmer Strong Mansfield 

Jessie Brazier ManBfield 

George Belcher Cedar Gap 

Eula Smith ■■- Cedar Gap 

James M. Lemond Mtn. Grove 

AnnaLemond Mtn. Grove 

Charles C. Melton Mtn. Grove 
Altie M. Fergerson Mtn. Grove 

Tu/oe I4//1I7 D 

We're Married Now. 

M. H. Scott Wichita, Kan. 

Neecie Reese Hartville 

JohnE. Smsrd Mtn. Grove 

Maggie Coffman Cold Springs 

T^- lvf |SL,HI7 J L. 

Marriage Licenses. 

John J. Tron«m chenkel of Uub- 
uke, Iow.i and Esther Dennw of 
Vanzant, Mo. 

Robert M Wings of Mingsville 
and Maoie M. Stilley of Astoria. 

J. M, Crewne and Margret Al- 
meta Carder, both of Hayborn. 

I ! Marriage Licenses. 

jfc, M. Oliphant :Rayborn 

Ada Haiti -Topaz. Mo. 

'W.. B. Gosvenor • .-Norwood 

Ruth Lay.'...- T y- one 

Jesse' McGowan Norwoo 

Vada Plunk Mtn. Grove 

R. d Rumple Cedar Gap! 

Sarah E. Wei. ett- ..... -Cedar Gap 

d uA*vfc 33, 1117 ft 

Marriage Licenses. : 

Clyde H^ Turner Mansfcield 

Ina Belle Wallace Tipton 

H. U. Atkifson- • ..•••• Mtn. Grove 

Mamie Stevehs >Quay. Qkla 

Eliza "vrt Norwood 

Opal Welch ;•••• Hartville 

'Jalyi Ways- ••.-.•' •• 
C-racq £hratn • » • 4 
Claud McCoy ...J. 
IvaMcGi'Ue--.- >\ 

Charley Knost .>•■• Lorin e 

,Betti$..Ward.----' ^ ncan . 

.-Adair 111. 
Mt. Grove 
• Mingsville 

Sept. I, I1H g 

Marriage Licenses. 
Lennie Davis ...V- ; •'• GroWspring 
Bertha Williams •••••• Laclede 1 , Co- , 

Wm. Brown ..,....•'•• Mth.GrOve 

Ellen' McWilllams • . »;• • •• ; • Cabool 

Everett J. Foster.-... -Mtn. Grove 
i Nora M. Johnson • .;. • .*,« Mtn, Grove 

Ijas.B. Mitchell ..Hartville 

(Ettie >Sm(th : .Hartv l lle 

Sept, /3, (112_JL 

Marriage Licenses. 

Lennie Davis Grove Spring 

Bertha Williams Orgapna 

W. L. Jones ^Pease 

Nancy A. Prock Grove Spring 

W E. Sullivant Manes 

Grace Helsley Mtn. Grove 

Corbit Emerson Competition 
ZulaCope St. George 

William C. Longwell Manes 

Julia Carder Manes 

John Willis ...Hartville 

DulcieEly Hartville 

Sept, 13, "'7 & 

At the home of the brides ^tf 
ents near Little Creek on W«ta« 
day,Sept.l2.Rev. LW.^en-W 
officiating, occurred the marriage^* 
MissDulcie", the daughter Of. .MB 
and Mm. Rock Ely and Mf.'JMH 
Willis of this city. ( ^-j, 

The bride is a lady Of chl, 52 
personality and has many J^e*" 
in the vicinity in which she ha« i j» 
aided for many years; Mr. WW 
is a well known carpenter Of «■ 
city and Is a worthy gentlettW i« 
every respect. He has a nice/htU* 
home on Marsbfield street to ' whiCH 
he brought his blushing bride *oW 
| after the ceremony. 

_ _ge P t, *<>! Ml p 

Marriage Licenses. 

Owen Boyer , Hartville 

Ora Rippee Hartville 

Elmer Campbell Norwood 

Ruth Shaw Norwood 

Bert Agee Mtn. Grove 

Bonnie L. Douglas Mtn. Groye 

Se ? t,^V1N7_£ 


Manes Matrimony 

Corbit Emerson Of Competition, 
and Zula Cope of St. George were 
married Saturday of last week. 

Charley Prock of Mingsville and 
Maude Hutchison of Competition 
| married Thursday. 

Bill Longwell and Julia Carder of 
I this city were pronounced man and 
wife by Squire Wade Tuesday. , 
' Earl Sullivant ot this city and 
Grace Helsey of Rayborn were 
married Sunday— Manes Herald. 

Golden Wedding 

! Mr. And Mrs. Wm. Fisher 

' Celebrate Their Fiftieth 

Wedding Anniversary 

I On Monday of this week Mr- and i 
I Mrs. Wm. Fisher celebrated their | 
I golden wedding anniversary by giv-j 
I ing an at home at their cozy coun- 
I try home on route 1. Some twenty- 
five cr more refat'ves and friends 
were ill attendance' to enjoy their 
pleasant hospitality ar.d 10 extend 
best wishes to the charming bride 
ot- fifty years and to congratulate 
the groom who has enjoyed j'or 
half century the faithfulness and 
helpfulness of qne of the noblest 
of God's woraen. 

At the noon, hour a large table 
groaning with all the delacacies of 
the season was set' before the com- 
pany and all enjoyed to the fullest 
extent the Icarefu'ly and skillfully 
prepated feast.; Before the guests 
departed refreshments were served 
and severaj groups posed for 
photographs wnich were made by 
W. H. Alien of Hartville, who was 
in attendance. 

Fifty years ago last Monday, Wm 
Fisher, then taut a stripling, led 
Miss Cyntbi Carney, one of Mis- 
souri's fairest j daughters, to the 
altar of matrimony arranged in the 
parlor of her father's home in Ma- 
coa county, Mo. 

A half peutury have Mr. and 
Ntrs. Fisber traveled hand-in-hand 
thru life. At times battling against' 
the storms and again enjoying the 
fruits of success, but never for a 
moment did either forget to be 
so|icitious for the others comfort. 

Home has been home" indeed for 
this couple just now passing the 
half century mark of wedded blissJ 
Ef.w»raig»<P<Hwtli4r ' matrimonial 
venture at the close of the Civil 
war, they, Monday celebrated - their 
50th anniversary in the midst of a 
ereat world war, but in between the 
two naught but happiness has ever 
entered the Fisher home. 

Mr, Fisjier was born in the Em- 
pire State March 16,1840, where 
he spent his early iife. He enlisted 
! in the army and made i a valient 
soldier in defense of the stars and 
stripes. At the close of the war tie 
with his parents left New York and 
settled in Macon county, Mo. where 
he met Mrs. Fisber, whose native j 
state is Indiana, where she wasi 
born May 22, 1844. 

The Fishers are blessed with five 
livin? children: 3 sons and 2 daugh- 
ters. The sons. B. F., Chas. and 
Ben and one daughter, Mrs. Anna 
1 Boyer, all reside in this county. The 
other daughter, Mrs. Jack Young 
lives in Oklahoma. All the chil- 
; dren and grandchildren, which pum- 
i bers 13, were present except B. F. 
Fisher and family who live; near 
! Grove Spring. ! 

. .The Fisher family came to j this 
county in 1887 and during their 
stay among us their courtesy: and 
kindness coupled with their rugged 
honesty have won them a large 
circle of friends. The old people 
are almost generous to a fault and 
appear never so happy as w'len 
sharing their wcrldly possessions 
with those Jess fortunately situated 

in life, '*".''' j 

The writer joins their legion of 
friends, in hoping their lives may be 
extended many more years and thaf 
their last days may be their best 
days for we feel sure they merit, 
every kindness that can be bestowi 

ed upon them. - 


UW Tiv^e. [Vn 

Mr. R. Hedriok of New Mexioo 
has purchased the Mansfield and 
Hartville mail route from Tarah 
TarbuUon. Mr. Tarbutton has 
moved to a ranch in New Mexico. 


He married her, because, she cooked 

Such steak as heart could wish, 

But now without a protest brooked 

She sternly feeds him fish, 

Ram it down, 

Cram it down, 

Damn it down, 

She feeds him fishl 

He spliced with her cause she made 

Light biscuits every morn, 
But now as patriotic aid 
She grimly feeds him corn. 
'Poke it down, 
Choke it down, 
Stoke it down, 
She feeds him cornl 
' He wedded her because he sighed , 

For grub like other chaps, 
But now he finds his dream denied. 
She darkly feeds him scraps- 
Crush it down, 
' Rush it down, 
, ' down, 
. She feeds him scraps! 

— McLandbur Wilson 

Oct. % Ji!l__£__ 


R. Therman Parker and Grace 
Lea Prow both of Mountain 

Frank Holman Coday and 
Myrtle Long both of Hartville. 

Harvey Johnson and Laura 
Stringer both of Mountain Grove 

Charley Brazeal and Pearl 
Mackey both of Hartville. 

Harvin R. Miller and Cora A. 
, Tool both of Mansfield. 
' Frank Rumps of Houston and 
Bessie E. Baxter of Mountain 

i Fleet Bunn and Minnie Pyatt 
both of Hartville. 

Jesse A. Crain and Ida Webb 
both of Grove Spring. 

Oct. ll,U/7 p_ 

James L. Simons -Mtn. Grove 
Chloe M. Campbell Mtn. Grove 
Wm. Cottengim, jr. Norwood 
Verb Preston Norwood 


Crane— Wetab j 

Mr. Jesse Crane and Miss Ida 
Webb of Grove Spring were mar- 
ried at the Recorder's office in 
Hartville, Mo. October 3rd., 
shortly before the groom depart- 
ed with Wright County's quota 
of the National Army for Camp ! 
Funston. The ' ceremony was 
witnessed by Mrs. Ella Delk a 
sister. Mrs. Bertie Webb a sis- 
ter-in-law, Mrs. Cora Odell a 
friend and Calvin and Albert 
Webb brothers of the bride. 
The bride accompanied her hus- 
band to Mansfield, Mo. where 
the soldier boys entrained. 
While it comes as a surprise we 
heartily joins their numerous 
friends in good wishes. 

Oct. 12,1 111 D 

Marriage Licenses. 

D. H. Jones Embree 

Nancy A. C. Mings Mingsyille 
L. D. Allen Grove Spring 

Blanche Newton Hartville 

John G. Duncan Mansfield 

Mabel Holliman Hartville 

I Earl Miller Niangua 

I Bertha Weaver Grove Spring 
I Lawson Todd Seymour 

j Maude Bowman Seymour 

Marriage Licenses.. 

Virgil L. Grien Mountain Grove 

Mary E. Doss Mountain Grove 

Isaac Pitts •':*•• Grovespring 

Iza Jones •«,«. ...— .. ..Grovespring 

Alven Owens • • • » • Norwood 

Lottie Coffman ;• Norwood 

Lester R. Morfis .'Cedar Gap 

Abbie Lee* ■ •' • • • • *Cedar, Gap 

I 3ohn J Sellers has just received 
word from Lila that she is now 
Mrs. J. ,T. Stevenson of Kansas 
City, Mo„ and that she was married 
there Oct. 20. She may soon go 
to" Washington D. C. to live per- 
manently as Mr. Stevenson is a 
publisher and has been offered a 
position in the government publish- 
ing department. Lila writes, how ; 
ever, that she will make her father 
and friends here, a visit before re- 
moving t.i her new home. 

A wedding of little more than 
ordinary interest occured at the 
Court House Sarurdav, when J. S. 
Newman of Mountain Home, Ark., 
and Miss Mav Evelyn Jordon of 
Strafford. Mo., . were united in 
matrimony by Judge G. C< Murrell. 
They had previously been married 
and divorced and were embarking 
again on the marital sea in the same 
boat. Here's hoping they have a 
peaceful voyage on down the sun- 
set stream of lite. 

Ajoo, /s", M/7 ft 

No\J t IS', 1117 

Rpbson — Muriall. . 

Charley Robson and Mis* 
Gladys Murrell were married in 
i Springfield last Thursday. Mr. 
I Robson has been in the regular 
I army since the Spaniah-Ameri- 
[ can war. He was former ly from 
this city and is a brother of Ear- 
ry Robson the' merchant at 
| Grimes. Mies Murreli b a daugh- 
ter of Mr. and Mrs. Dee Murrell 
six miles east of this city. Both 
are favorably known and have f\ ' 
host of friends who will be in? 
terested to hear of the wedding. 

Mauiagi Licenses 

j Lester R. Morrja Cedar Gap 

i Abbie Lee . Cedar Gap 

iNowell P. Allen Mm. Grove 

Laura E. Brasier Clarmore, Okla 
J. S. Newman -Strafford, Mo 
Mae Evelyn Jordan Mtn. Home, 
Fred Anderson Mansfield 

Mabel Duggar Mansfield 


On Sunday Nov, 11th, a quiet 
wedding took place at the home of 
Mr. and Mrs. Jess Findley of Hart- 
villc, Mo. when Miss Mabel Dugger 
and Mr. Fred Anderson both of 
near Mansfield were united in 
matrimony. After 4 o'clock Sun- 
day afternoon license was secured 
and they were married at 5 o'clock. 
Atty. W. A. Newton performed the, 
ceremony after which the happy 
couple departed for the home of 
the brides parents. The bride was 
beautifully ' attired in blue and is 
the only daughter of Mr, ' and Mrs. 
Thomas Dugger. The groom is an 
intelligent young farmer and a son 
of John P. Anderson Their many 
friends will join in wish ing them a 
lopg and happy life. 

Dec. fc> /1/7 p 

Marriage Licenses. 

Will LaDow of Cowker, Kan- 
sas and Clarr Barnes of Mans- 

Lee Austin of Manea and Othel 
Edwards of Competition. 

Chester G. Hensley of Hart- 
ville and Grace Curtis of Saint 

Harold Tombleson and Inez 
Gregory. both of Hartville. . * 

Dec 11, 1 VI 


i Homer Nelson and Nora Stew- 
art both of Norwood. 
V Claude E. Tripp and Anna 
Taylor both of Mansfield. 

W. Ernest Ellis of Norwood 
and Verne Allen of Hartville. 
I An important chapter of a ro- 
I mance which began in Mountain 
Grove several years ago was written 
in the city of Springfield on Thanks- 
giving Day of this year of our Lord 
1917, when Clifford Shinkle and 
Miss Edna Gambill were quietly 
married. They are now at home 
again in Mountain Grove and are 
being snowered with congratula- 
tions and good wishes by their 
many friends. Both of them have 
been practically reared in the city 
of Mountain Grove and are very 
popular with both young and old- 

Pec. 17, IV f \ 

Marriage Licenses. 

Ray Preston Norwood 

Maggie Jarrett Norwood 

Troy Montgomery Mansfield 

Sarah Taylor Mansfield 

Homer Griffith Dawson 

May Clark Mt. Grove 

Jesse Leach Mt. Grove 

Ona Long Mt. Grove 

Henry Higby Mt. Grove 

Pearl Adams Mt. Grove 

Oscar Denton Astoria 

Maude Wilson Astoria 

•Otto Bowden Eldon 

Daisy Coday Hartville 

Clarence Sparks Norwood 

Clara Foster Hartville 

John Kilf ord Hartville 

Alda Lemons Hartville 

Emerson L atimer Mansfield 

Bobbie Seal Mansfield 

TV*. 3, /t/S * 

Hiram Rose- ■ • • *ra.y**y. Hartville 
Belinda' Dennis.--'- ..'.''..Hartville 
RoyD. Emerson--.- ••'•Competition 
Bessie ' Thornhill ....."; -Grovespring 

Odus Prqck Grovespring 

Lesta Bramhall Grovespring 

Marriage Licenses 

Homer Nelson and Nora Stew- 
I ard both of Norwood. 
I Claud E. Tripp and Anna Tay- 
I lor both of Mansfield. 

W. Ernest Ellis of Norwood 
and Verne Allen Hartville. 

Bert Davidson and Ida Grans- 
trom both of Fuson. 

Roy Preston and Maggie Jar- 
rett both of Norwood. 

Troy Montgomery and Sarah 
Taylor both of Mansfield. 

Homer Griffith of Dawson and 
May Clark of Mtn. Grove. 

G. W. Wyann and Ida V. ' 
Quesenberry both of Manes. 

Jesse Eugene Leach and Ona 
Leota Long both of Mtn. Grove. 

Henry A. Higby and 'Pearl E. 
Adams both of Mtn. Grove. 

Oscar Denton And Maude Wil- 
son both of Astoria. 

T*aJ. /7, /1/« p 

MorrlnRe Licenses. 
| JnuifH ('. Ulaiton of Competition 
and Ella Mooro of Manet. 

8. Ti ■ Bollinjjer of Dora and 
Laura /Keys nf Norwood 

John T. Younger of Mansfield 
and Mary Rns.n-11 of. Hartville. 

John Snerrell and Sallia Pane 
bott> of,Mtn. Grove. . ' j 

f , Marriage Licenses. 

Harry Ballard Grovespring 

Sarah Kinkade ........ Grovespring 

Loyd McAlister Norwood 

'Harriet Hall Mountain Grove 

Jess Davis Mountain Grove 

Mary Usscry .••••• Mountain G;ove 

Marriage Licenses. 

I Richard Carter.. 
Ora Moore 


Feb. N, I?/? p 

A celebration of the Golden 
Wedding armiverHary was^ held 
Wednesday ut the home of Mr. and 
Mrs. Kamuid Young at their home 
near Humbert. The (unction was 
n i!cin|tlelu aurprlm* lo Mr. and Mrs. 

■jumU-tl then, u. ,-p.i.d llsti day with 
Mr. and Mm. J. U- Rippee. 
About half p-isl |uii ihey «a>M 
'Mr. Young aud t<dd hi in that his 
sister Mrs Jbini-H Pjerson was 
tliero and win. Id st:iy ' but a few 
hours. U|ion nniving home they 
found a largo congregation of 
frieudx and relative* who • had 
brought a feast and the improvis-' 
ed tabic* were laden with the best 
i lu< GzariiH provide. Tho follow- 
ing persons with tlieir families 
were present J. D Jones, Jerry 
Oliver, B. W. Hensley, F. A. 
Rippee, W. P. Randolph, P. M. 
Bran*tetter, VV C. Pryor, Simon 
Benton, Noah Jonen, J. S. Hick- 
man, Henry Young, S H. Hick- 
man. J. D. Mallet, T. B. Craw- 
ford, Reuben Young. There were 
also present Miss Etlie Junes, Miss 
Opal Hickman, Fred and Elmer 
Hensley. j 

jF«l._W,i*/i o 

Marriage Licenses, 

Loyd McAllister of Norwood 
and Harriett Holt of Mm. Grove 

Jena Davis I C Jktf Usaa ry 
both of Mtn. Grove. 

Richard Carder of Hartville and 
Ora Moore of Norwood. 

Edward C. Latler and Bertha A- 
Yooum both of Mtn. Grove. 

ElzaTharp aud Dolly Hensley 
both of Hartville. 

Arthur Allen of Mtn. Grove and 
Rosa Fiuoher of Grove Spriug. 

Floyd Hale of MaustiaUt aud 
Fraukio Mcintosh of Maoomb. 

mar*cU n, M/g ft 
Marriage Licenses. 

Roy C. Claxtoa Hartville 

Mftjtde Shaw-; Norwood 

ApnL 4, niy P 

Marriage Licenses 

Noah Moody, and Susie Jones 
I both of Macomb. 
I J. S. Jar vis, and Alga Bloom- 
I green both of Mtn. Grove. 
I Arley Barnett and Mary Will- 
! iams both of Norwood. 

Ernest Henderson and Paralee 
Jones both of Grove Spring. 

Bryant Radford and Edna 
Oliphmit both of Manes. 

Leonard Lathrom and Luttie 
Reeser both of Mtn. Grove. 

April M, HI? A 

Marriage Licenses. 

Everett Dunlap Norwood 

Manda Alexander Norwood 

Noah Moody Norwood 

Susie Jones Macomb 

J. S- Jarvis Mountain Grove 

Alga Bloompreene 

Ernest Henderson • ■ • • GrovesprinR I 

Mary Williams Norwood j 

Bryant Kadford Manes I 

Edna Oliphant • •* Manes | 

Leonard Lathrom ■ • Mountain Grove j 
Luttie Reeser •-.- Mountain Grove | 

April H, n/g 




Q. Aber of Mound 



arrived here Tuesday 

for a visit with her parents Mr., and 

Mrs. Jesse M 


Marriage Licenses 

W. White of Mtn. Grove und 
! Lona Monroe of Kansas City. 

Frank Fletcher , and Mollie 
Glenn both of Manes. 

W. E. Paden and Ada Absher 
both of Norwood. 

E. M. Graves and Frances 
Pool both of Manes. 

C. H. Jackson and Fay Jack- ! 
son both of Hartville. 
i Walter A. Lemons of Hartville I 
land Gladys Massey of Manes 
I procured a license in Springfield 

April ll,H I9__£ 

Marriage Licenses. 

Elmer McCannon • • Manes 

Dorothy Wade 

Manes j 

_/. pril AS, li lt g 
Marriage Licenses. 

J. E. Deckard Nuneua 

Edna Perryman Grovespring 

C- N. Howell Grovespring 

Flossie Jones W Grovespring 

Thos. Strong Mansfield 

Delia Coday Mansfield 

Marriage / Licenses 

F. W. Lathrom-. Mountain Grove 
Ni J. Lockwood-- Mountain Grove 

Jason McClellan - Mansfield 

'Artie Cantfell ■•"'•■ Mansffeld 

. \S, W. Brahstetter ••• Hartville 

Elsie Hedrick Hartville 

' Ruay Chambers- • • < • • Competition 
Opal Wynne Competition 

^**i l l> Mig_g_ 

I i Marriage Licenses 

Raymond Helsley of Norwood 

; and Eva Lakey of Mansfield. 

Jason McClelland and Artie 
Cantrell both of Mansfield. 

Marriage Licenses. 
Elmer Lathrom .......... Ray boi n 

Zena Willhite • • • • • Rayborn 

B. E. Long * • Mountain Grove 

Thelm Lathrom- • • • Mountain Grove 

Marrlage License* 

tN. S. KlingenBmith, of Manes 
d Fama Rook, of Graff. 
Jerry Aerson and Clara Goss 
th of Mansfield. I 

Marriage Ucenses 

p E. Blankenship of Mings- 
ville and Vesta Crisp of Compe- 

t! pi'ry Milsap and Violine Stout 
both of Macomb. 

D. D. Delcour and Ople Ward 
both of St. George. 

[ • Marriage Licences. I 
'cE. Fritz Yuma, Colo.! 

JosepheaeDunafon. Yuma, Colo., 

•Ju/JA^Ll? Ill 
| Marriage licenses. 

Dow Thomas- — ,- 


[Lottie Wood—— T.~ Ha ? lviUe 
I uslie Kr.»-e-_— -H.rtv.Ue 

Dessie Mallet t. 


Marriage Licenses. | 

Jas. McGuire L-.Lychburg > 

Gertie Towe Compet.t.on 

Luther Huffstettler...- .Hartvffla 

Elsie Young Hartville 

Jackson Hopkins ^ wson 

Georgia Wilson Uawson 

Joseph E. Simmons -Origana 

Loise PearseSSa— ° ngana 

Marriage Licenses. 

James McGuire, of Lynchburg 
and Gertie Towe of Competition. 

Luther Huffstettler and Elsie 
Young both of Hartville. 

Jackson Hopkins and Georgia 
Wilson both of Dawson. 

Joseph E. Simmons and Loise 
Pearse both of Origanna. 

IraPurtleand May Crawford 
both of Norwood. 

P MrTErn^rBin7o"f Norwood is 
Lor, this week vising her parents 
JM rJ .an^Mr B . J. F.Allen. 

Marriage Licenses. 

I Jas. H. Cameron Mansfield 

Ruby McCay Mulberry Kas. 

HobertLoper Cedar Gap 

Mollie Rush Cedar Gap 

Edgar Goswick Grovespring 

Bertha Johnson —Grovespring 

Homer Johnsoa Grovespring 

Ella Wynn 

' ". Marriage Licensed* ;-* 
John .Thotnhiii.'.:.-.-.- v.- J**"" 

Com Uwson......— ****** 

J4s .H. Chiuncey... j Manet 

Petri Scott- • G "« 

! Marriage Licenses. 
Harry Ward Hartville 

Ida Cantrcll -Hartville 

OtisE. Owens- Norwood 

Lottie Mabel Fruit- • ••••Norwood 
• Grovsspring 

Oct. 10, /US 



Clarence Claxton 
Docia Smith • 

^Marriage Licenses. .. lV 

L.c.Ric^..V-'-'- : :-rR°f r ^ 

Grace Slate. • • • • j- • • • • • Mansheld, 
• •Competition. 
'.: Grovespring 

JLonzo Daniel. 
Myrtle J ones ■ 

. Marriage Licenses. 

G.W. Freeman-.. r ••• Mansfield 

| DaisyS- Bray- 

'C. G. Moody 
Millie Hurt- 

. . Hartville j 
... Hartville 

I Ths Qlv«w»y. 

I "Jans." said «"»«• «» tn « r ' " how , doei 
It happen thai I find four good cigars 
on the mantelpiece this morulngT Did 
Henry leave them tor me7" 

••No; he took them out of bla vest 
pocket to avoid breaking them last 
night, and I gueaa he forgqt all about 

^•SSPSS flowed made her 
wish that .he had been aa careful 
with ber speech aa Henry tiad been 
w h *i» clga«.-DatroU Fre* .Fiesa. 

Marriage Licenses. j 
Carl H. Oetting, ■■■'■ Lincoln, 
Kans. I 

Marie Baqsch Mansfield. 

W. A.'Ratteree Graff. 

" Lucinda Calton, Dawson. 

John Daniels Grovesprings. 

i Grace Weaver- Grovesprings. 

Harry M. Thomas Norwood 

Leota Agnes Brentlinger •■••-• ••• 

G. W, Freeman Mansfield 

Daisy S. Bray Springfield 

C. G. Moody Hartville 

Millie Hurt Hartville 

Manley Claxton Hartville 

Verne Boy er Hartville 

Lee Stilley Astoria 

Myrtle Coble - .Graff 

Ray White Mtn. Grove 

Dora HouBley , Mtn. Grove 

Fred Pridgen , • St George- 
Julia Adams ••- Competition 

Elmer Salsgiver Abbigal.Kan 
Bertha Kelley - Hartville 

Oct. *^l n/g P_ 

~~~i Marriage Licenses, 

C.H.Morton --• - Hartville 

Edna Ledbetter Berlin, Okla. 

W F. Vanzant Seymour 

Mabel Ware ! .- Seymour 

Ray Howard-.! Seymour 

Florence Null -1 • Seymour 

Arthur Chad well Dawson 

Vanessa Scott- •! Fresno, Cal. 

.,;.. Mansfield 
. .'. ..Rayborn 

Marriage Licenses. 

EarlD. Cauble ....Mansfield 

Ama E. Dedmoo 
William Hedges •• 
Mary Sullens • • • • 

'.., .Mamage Licenses. f j r 

Hobert Baker Hartville 

Lucille Collrane • - - Hartville ,| 

Leonard Dowell-.~v.-~ -Picher Okla. ■ 

Nora Ross- -— - Mansfield 

Willie Dorris ..-' ••■■•• - St. George j 

Ethel Cobl - - -—watt. 

Curt Justus Greensburg EU. 

Minerva Branson Haxtv.ll. 

C. N. Caudle -- Competition j 

Ida Royater Competition 

P«c.g /1|.j A 

Marriage Licenses. 

I Benton Purrle Norwood i 

Jewell Smith... ••■ Norwood | 

, Pec M, Mlg ft 

Edgar Marlin.. .. Seymour} 

Inez Marlin..-. ■••••••• Seymour, 

^~T nMnrrTed 

Benton Purtle •■ - -Norwood 

Jewell Smith Norwood 

Edgar V. Martin Seymour 

Ineras J. Marlin- Seymour 

Shurfee Peterson Mt. Grove 

Vesta Fry Mt. Grove 

Alson RamBey -Norwood 

Lena Stacy Norwood 

M. S. .Willhite -, Rayborn 

Nettie Coffman Rayborn 

Kingsly Cottengim Norwood 

Alma Chadwell -Norwood 

J. R. Gaskill Kansas City 

Eva Bpnafeldr - Kansas City 

H. H. Huffstetter Hartville 

Thona Young Coday Hartville 

Sam Caudle 1 Chanute, Kan 

Oma Owens : Norwood 

A L. | Fletcher Norwood 

Emma Bay Norwood 

Edward W. Scott Mt. Grove 

Ona Burns -Mt. Grove 

Geo. Royal J Mt. Grove 

Perley Adams Mt. Grove 

Chas. Ai Garner Competition 

Grace Admire -■■■•• Competition 

Francis R. Perry Mt. Grove 

Gladys Johnson Mt. Grove 

Joe F.King Mtn. Grdve 

Ida Baney . --Mtn. Gn>ve 

Roy Stacey ' - r Norwood j 

May Ramsey Norwood 

Chas. R. Myers ...Hartville 

Zona E. Bennett Hartville 

Fit Punlthment. 

The Wicked Soul was Bitting on a 
hot atove, drinking molten lava and 
fanning hlmmU with a chunk of red 
hot almUron. M , Ah „ 

"And who U th« poor wretch T 
liked Dante. 

"That " replied Batan. "to the first 
man who Bald, 'Is It hot enough for 
youl'"— Milwaukee Sentinel. 

Women waate a lot ofpowder when 
th* enemy Isn't in Bight. 

Mairiage J Licenses. , 

William H. Coda- 


j Verna Adamson ... Hartville' 

1 Charlie C. Newton* Mansfield; 

Bertha G. Miller • • MansfieU j 

Bryan Davis • • _• Seymoui j 

Laura M. Todd ' ,• • • 'Seymou I 

John J. Haldren •••'•• Mt. Grove 

Lizzie M. Ellis ••• ' Dawson 

Macy S. Gregory Hartville 

Erma G. Beckham Hartville 

Orville Oliphant • • Rayborn 

Myrtle Montgomery Astora 

S. P. Latham • • • • • • • Mfc Grove 

Sarah E. Lee Mt. Grove 


.Earl Ellis Dawson 

Bes* Hutsell Rayborn 

I Pete Gamer • • -Hartville 

I Myrtle Hall .* • > Norwood • 

Lewis Hhl Okla. 1 

Amla Caudle A Norwood 

_ JVUrcU 13, 11H fi 

Married , • ' 

Roy R- Barnes Mountain Grove. 

Fro'na Long Mountain Grove 

Will Scott ,. • ■ • Grovespriiiw , 

Ethel Odell •• • •GrovcspriDfcfi 

Married i' 

Mtn. Grove 
. . . Hirtville ' 

G. C Findley 1 • • • 
Matie Pope • • • ■» i 

Elmer Fuge-t- Mansfield 

Minnie Dennis-. v - Mansfield 

Peter M. Ussery Mtn. Gr>ve 

H. A. Tankersly ••-••• Mtn. Grove 

Jesse Young- ;.-- ( , i!"K"| 

Ava Jones .J..." Uartv.lle 

Rufus L. Harnington • - - • • • • • Okla. 

IvaOwrnS...; .-Norwood 

Evertt W.Holt :. Mtn. Grove, 

AllieMcGowan Mtn. Grove 

|~7 . Married | , ;:".,,>', 

Ivan Bohnstedt-..- •,••;• •Mansfield* 
; Bertie May Cox- ■ ■ • ( .• • Fordland 

Marriage Licenses i: • * V' 

Thps. R. Inman'. ...... Mtn. Grove - 

Allie Davis . •'• • . • ... • . • • . .Sflymom ;. 
Jesse McGowan .'...,.... . Norwoods 

Nola Bruett- • • Norwood 

J as. K. Langs ton ••• ..Mtn. Grov«t 
Mrs. Hattfe Climer- « : • Alicia, Ark* 
JJenrv C- Lane- ■ ...... Mta- Grov % 

Dollifi Dake Mta. Groves. 

Richard G. Skitcs Mtn. Graven 

Rosa Freeman •• • Seyraout ; 

Jas. E. Marlin ■ • • Seyatcwrtr 

Ivey Cowcll • • • • Sermons;* 



„'/'".' Marriage Licenses 
R?!ph Strube.,. :.'....;.. Mtn. Groye 
Opal Giogan ,,..,.....»• Norwood 
Jjhn Smith .i' r ■• •• •• .-Mansfielcl 
May Loyd .. v .....,,.. . Grovrspriqg 
Joo. H. Clough — ;•!?'■'• Indiana 
Luc^y A. Shastid- «.*'!.»•• Norwood 

v[ •'.•..•• Marriage Licenses 

|§ Cezil Gaddis and Silvia Foger- 

^son both of Mtn. Grove. 

■ Ralph Strube and Opal Grogan 
ytwth of Mtn. Grove. 
% John Smith of Mansfield and 
; May Loid of Grove Spring- 
j& John H. Clough of Jasper Co. 

Ind. and Lucy A. Shasted of 

Marriage Licenses 

Leonard Watson • •■.»- Shannon Co. 

Minnie Brasier \ Shannon Co. 

"We, H» L1L3 R 

Marriage Licenses 

Earnest J. Clark Mtn. Grove 

Florence Griff Ith Dawson 

Tommy Fletcher Competition 

jRenthy Jarrett M.nes; 

1 Francis England D Ast ° r !! | 

jDollia Floyd Rayborn; 

| J. C. Cantrel 
i Anna Reed 

, . Hartville 

No. J Buiitn Premlera 1 


a so, 

No. Eamloatorn WIJ* 

H ] : ^af.iedT Mr; 

J Jopca;B, We ; H Manes 

Berchje J3. Ueadjey-; .. Mane? 

Earnest J. Clar'u., -^tu. Croyp 
fjpteijiee Griffith l^-rr Pawson, 
T(|nui)ie Fletcher rr-rComneUtigo 
[HenHjy Jarrett > ....„., ; . vL^ane? 
Frauciea England y~-., Astoria 

J.f£. ty.allett •■■•■'• . : ..^-Hartvil|e. 

upy itraasft) i^^s^Miuiiflald 

Ethel Co<Jay-..«a. J^Mansfield 

EptieNawton ••••••■'• '■".■■■ fiaCtvijje 

Sndi^ Yountr w^^Ifgftvffjfe 

Ira E. Young - ■••■ ••■'•'. -i .Mansfield 
"Netti'e Ryan.'- ■ •• ; i;' v *.,4 -Mansfield ' 
Hcnrjy Lhropslfhre. •■' j '■'•• Ray born J 
Nola i Hopkins -■ •,-•••; ; '4,.JAartyiUe ] 

'Chai-|ey'Mt;int03h.v--'; • 'IvJaconib 

Stelia Jones' ..'■•••■■ ■■■\ ■ Nurjv.oj.d 

U L. Turner; •• I ••'•,- Hurtvjlle 

Fjea'rj Callahan -'-- tf jI^fM'aj^vijn 
qjias r E. Bleyions ■ . , i Mtn. (Jrgve 
Jpeaie Mae Cajk'ress , Mtn/Qv<fY9 

Clifford jCiingi.rumiiJii • £&ity»& 
AnzOiiuTaTtf - ;.■'■• [■•■;;-•<'' iT'Off. 

ilo , ] Soladino • ■■••••■; - Hat u ilio. 

Vi-t-ija 3r«|rnhail j ; ' '•!■;:. Hartville. 

__T**A^ |0, (111 D 

•i Married ! : 0/ 

Lo» Davidson of drove Spnnjj 
and Thur«a Ely of Hartville. .' "' 

Joba Marshall aud Holab Ila^jg 
Cole both of Mansfield. ' ' ;'4 

Martin Rillian of Nonvaod-ftnjj 
Ohlow Lewis of Basher. ' -\ 

OUh M. llopkiitt) and DgvtrRtsr^ 
ins both of Da wean ... ;~ 

Positively Rudel 

Because she wanted everybody else 
to know as well as she knew that Bhe 
had small 'feet the woman wha hnd 
offered to lend rubbers to a friend, 
added apologetically: "But they are 
so big I don't suppose you can keen 
tnem on."' 

"Oh. I guess I can," said the friend 
aerenely. "I have ,blg feet, too." 

Since then the woman with small 
feet has refused to see her friend, 
even when she brought the rubber! 

Tu-ltj 10, IJJS ft 

I A Double mpe&ft 

Two Coujples ; ttimfltJM 

i| j i ' yr, v1 -" 

Charles Bor|iett and' Mis* 
Adams, Arthur Cottenglm ahd^MfUj^ 
Gladys Oliver .metered to ' Ms 1 
field last Friday evening, and it, 
ing marriage licenses, were jfiitWIi 
atthe stroke| of midnight.- ti&thj 
voung couples had spent. th« <mJw 
Mountain Grove and -On CorfllrhJ. 
home decided 1 to go. on to Martha 
field and get J married, ^ThttpAi^ 
rlagcs came as a . surprise. tO'',tM| 
most intimnte I frlen'tia '.but ajf'< joM 
in wishing them all possible htyfM 
ness. Mr. and Mrj. Osftfegtlff^g 
living at the home;'*of Artfturifl 
father east of town. " Mt... and. MfsJ 
Burnett are at .home <ar '.Awheel 
Hotel. The Republican jbitti/vtiwtf. 
many friends in conRiataltions and, 
best wishes, ! 

t*U) n tin r 

Marriage Licenses 

Willie Hale • • • ■ • Mansfield 

Myrtle Moody- ■ • I Mansfie'd 

Chas. Nichols-..' Hartville 

Tansy Newton • 1 Hartville 

Clave Mart .•;...••• ^"Norwood 
Pearl May Allen . J • ■ t ■ Mtd. Grove 
Alpha B. Plemrnons-' '-Mtn. GroV« 
A J* A. Larue ■ • • « Mtn. Grove 

Tu.1^ 3^ <1/1 r 

Marriage Licenses ' | 

Carlos F. Raderj • • • Mountain Grove 
Home Jones •• J.. -Mountain Grove 

James A. Claxton Grove Spring 

Jessie Olive Webb St. George 

Dow '.McDaris- Hartuille 

EssaBarr- •!■••• 1 «?-V 


Mrs. Scrapplngton— A clergyman ra- 
<eives $6 or 910 for marrying a cou- 
ple, and by and by a lawyer Is paid 
llOO tor getting a divorce for them— j 

Mr. Scrapplngton— Well. lt*a worth 
that much more, ain't UT— Punch. 

Marriage Licenses 

Martin Codty---' Mansfield 

Aynes Young Mansfield 

Earl D. Magee Mt. Grove 

Myrtle Redman Mt. Grove 

Jesse Key Cole Garlin, Ohio 

Elsie Marie Wheat Mansfield 

S. A. Welch 'j . , .j Norwood 

lney Caudle ■•■••} • Norwood 

Fred M. Hamlton- • • Grove Springs 
Bertha E. Coltjon • , • • Grove Springs 

Haden W. Greenlee Graff 

Alcie M. Brown • • ; • Graff 

James Eden •• f. •! Hartville 

Martha Faris ........./.. Norwood 

Joe Loyd . . . r . . .' . . Grove Springs 

Eva Dickerson • • > • Norwood 

Robert A- Shaw • Mt. Grove 

Laura McGowaij- ■ Mt. Grove 


WWt/1 o 

Marriage Licenses.. 

B. 'A, Shaddy 

Gruvo Springs 

Allie Uiokiuaou 


Ehner C. Griffith 


Be.88 HeUley 

Mtn. Gro e 

W. Leroy Randolph Hartville 

Claris Fay. Resell, 


Albert Odall . 


Qjadya Bandera t 


Marriage, Licenses 

[ j |lrnqpA.Qd«ll.._i.^. v -.Grove Spring 
Ki%J flra«iihal)__Gprve Spring 

Howard Claxon. L^ . , . " ... ^ ' .Hartville I 
Mt\\v} iG*ver>^ — ^^.-.rhartville 
( Jphn^VV,' Laws^n n — ^^Ki^barr, . 

Oll^eftrlier.'J,,,,, ,' Raybornj 

l,Qareace Yaughn-^ivlountain Grove. 
iLeo*Si«ven3_ :r _M9Vntain Grovej| 
;Ear) Magk,.—,!-!— -Moscow IJ^hof 
ljLoni4«- , Hotkii|s— vW-- — E^'-'rua ' 

feMCi^ <-. -A '■•■'^ K — 

! Vernon 04ell and JAuu Berth* I 
Brarahall were married at th«*6nrtl 
house last Thuraday ereniug, I 
Squire Lewis B. Tate performing I 
the ceremony. The groom u a son J j 
j of Jake Odell near Grove Spring I 
land the bride is a daughter of,_ 
George W. Brarahall near Loring. 
j Both oome from prominent and in- 
Iflueutial families and are very I 
1 popular themselves. We join their j 
many friends with good withes. 

Sept. u, mi R 

I " Marriage Licenses 

Arvell Long • • • St. George 

Vurime Delcour •-.-•.• -St. George 

Jno. Hartman West Plaina 

lyiay Irwin • • < • r • Mtn. Grove 

N.N. Graven '• ..[—-'.. Manet 

Annie Tuttle Lyncbbunr 

Elva Wlliams Grovespring 

Alta Gourly Organ* 

Jim Emhrev .-Mtn Grove 

Minnie plunk Mto. G">v? 

Se^tjg.i^n 2 T 

I Marriage Licenses. 

Howard Claxton and Hatty Gra- 
vou both of llartvillo. 

John W. Lawson and OUio J'ar- 
lior both ol" Kayboru. 

Clarence Vaupb and LuonSlavons 
both of Mtn. Grove. 

Karl Mack ol Moscow, Idaho and 
Louisa Hopkins ol Dawnon. i 

Floyd N. Hickey and CUuiej 
Brown both oi' Mtu. Grove, j 

Glen G, Wehr of Adriou, |Mo. 
and Eater Greenwood of Macomb. 
Albert Long ol Loring and Fan- 
nie Long of Boyer, | 

Lewis J licks and Frances Tyoley 
both of Mtn. Grove. 

Harry Tooley and Vernie Hicks 
both of Mtn. Grove. i . 

Herman H. Hays and Clara K,. 
Tinsley both of Mtn. Grove, j 

Clifford Seals and Ollie .Opal 
Latimer both of Mansfield. 

Ava Parker and Oraa ' Hamilton 
both of 8eymour I ' 

Chas. K. lieeser and Leon .Bailey 
both of Mtn. Grove. 

Wni. Fane and Annie Higsby 
both of Mtn Grove. 

Frank Soott of Mtn . Grove and 
Ivy Davis of Noiwood. 

Orvell Long and Vannie Deloour 
both of St. George, 

John Hartman of West Plains 
and May Irvin of Mtn. Grove, 

N. N. G raven j>f Man es and An- . 
nie Tuttle of Lynchburg. 

Klva Williams ol Grove Spring 
and Alta Gourloy of Ongauna. 

Sept. /l//J/f ____&_ 
Marriage Licenses 

George Collins Dawson 

• Ann Griffith .......... Mtn. Grove 

W. 0. Khott Giovespring 

Calisia Hoggat .....■•• Grovespring 

j Jno- F. Adams Manes 

Rettie Cline '• ••••Manes 

Don Q Aber- -Mound Valley Kans, 

Garfield Carter.-. Hartville 

Wm. H. Lesh ...Mtn. Grove 

Alva Leach Mtn. Grove 

D. P. Grimes Mounds Okla. 

Leone Durbin St. Geoige 

Se f t. ag y nn o 

Murrlajje Licenses. 

Jim Emory and Minnie Fluuk 
both of Mtn. Grove, 

George Collins of Dawson and 
Ann Griffith of Mtn. Grove. 

W. O Knost and Calisia Iona 
Hoggatt both of Grove Springs. 

John F. Adams and Ittttie Cline 
both of Manes. 

Don Q. Aber of Mound Valley, 
Kans and Garfield parlor of Hart 

Arthur J. Willard and Annie E. 
Mclvinniu both of Maoomb. 

William J. and Elvia Leach 
both ol Mlu. Grove. 

0. F. Grimes of Mounds; Okla 
and Leone Durbin of St. George. 

Stephen W. Kendall and Nola 
G, Branson bpth of Mtn. Grove. 

Chas. Rogers and Emmer 'linsley 
both of Manes-, ' ( 

Oct. a, iin ft- 

Marriage Licenses 

John Uthram- — Rayborn 

Goldie Webb . Dawson 

0, H. J.TucKer Mtn. Grove 

Julia Custer -Mtn, Grove 

Chas. Roger! — — Manes 

Emmer ' Tainaley Manes 

Steven kendall. 
Nola G Branson 

_Mtn. Grove 
.Mtn. Grove i 

Mrs. B. A. Claxton and children 
are spending the week with Mrs. 
Claxton's parents Mr. aud Mrs. 
Cal Chapmah op on the Gasoonade. 

Oct, % I V$ &_ 

Marriage Licenses 

Earnest Honsley of Manslield 
and Ollio L. Keith of JudBonia, 

Herbert I. Doty aud Jewell F. 
Sails both of Mm. Grove. 

Oct. 30, /1H 3 K ' 

Marriage Licenses 

McKinley Chancey -Manes' 

Nolt CantrelL —-—.Manes. 

Ellie Griffith— -Mtn/ Grove 

Alice Streubes. 

Elmer Cope 

Esibell Goddii 

Dewey _ , Peyler. 

Opal Nevilts. 

Chester Hensley 

1 Blanche Curtis. 

(Charley Huff- 

' Bonnie Hightower Grove Spring 

Roy L. Hensley ..Mansfield 

Frances A. Furrey —Mansfield 

Sherman Barthelow — _Mtn. Grove 
Mae Mansker — Mtn. Grow 

Marriage Licenses. 

Earl \V. McDaris and Beltie 
Grimes both of Hartville. j 

James Worahum of Dawson aud 
Gertrude C. Ke>.-udi ot Mtn. Grove. 

Sherman K Barthlow and May 
Mansker both of Mtn Grove. 

ltoy L. Hensley aud Franois A. 
Furrey both of Mansfield. 

Charley Huh* of Fuson and Bon- 
nie Hightower of Grove Spring. 

Chester Hensley of Hartville and 
Blanche Curtis of St. George. 

Dewtiy Feauler and Opal Nevels 
both of Mtn. Grove. 

Elumr Cope of Hartville and 
Ekibell Gaddis of Dawson. 

Ellis Giiftith aud Alice Stulie 
both of Mtn . Grove. 

MuKinley Cbanoey and Nola 
Cantrell both ol Manes. 

NeaL Moore of Norwood and 
Gladys Hopkins of Ray born , 

James W. Murrell of Hartville 
and Edith Tate of Seymour. 

Dewey I. Skinner and Pearl Keys 
both of Mansfield. 

*>os>, 13, 1111 $ 

Marriage Licenses 

Alfred Rushsng.— - ^HertvlHe 

Rettie Newtonli-l — ^Hartville 
Mtn. Grove 

Henrv Bfadshaw. 
Nettie Ethridge. 

• * Marriage Licenses. 

j Amos K. Caudlu ., Norwood 

I Mae Song Norwood 

Henry Bradnhaw Mm. Grove 

> ettii) Ethoridge Norwood 

I'm Yiunan iMtn. Grove 

GoUlio Arno d Mtn. Grove 

Alfred Hushing Hartville 

Ketlie Newton Hartville 

M[\ J. Yi.ung Mtn. Grove 

Oi-ia Skinner 

, Mtn. Grove 

A/ax/. 20, /*»/«» 

,Mtn. Grovf 
Mtn. Grov^ 
r _Manstield 

Bill J. Young — . 

Osia Skinner-, — 

J. A. Bacon — , - 

Elsie Kelley *— — 

Ira E. Barber j — Mtn, Grove, 

Peail May Snowden.-^„Mtn, Grovf 
Arnold McDaris — ^^-.HartyiU^ 

Etta yippee — _; Hartvlll^ 

Ralph Jones- L.Grove Spring 

Mercey Chappell, Agues, MC|*dflfc 
county. . 'It, 

Ora Daniels Competition 

Gracie frown, Oregaan^e, MQwfo 


Carl Tripp— 

Eula Newton— 

Roy Sfgall 

Ethel Moore 

W. F. Biggera 
Lillic M. Bergson- 

— Hartvill* 


Marriage Licenses 

J. ^.. Bacon snd Elsie Kelley; 

Ira E. Barber and Pearl May 
Snowderi both of Mtn. Grove. 

Arnold McDaris and Etta Rip- 
pee both of Hartville. 

Ralph Jones of Grove Spring 
and Mercey Chappell of Agnes, 
Laclede Co. 

Ora Daniek of Competition 
and Gracie Brown of Origanna, 
Laclede Co. 

Carl Tripp and Eula Newton 
both of Mansfield. 

Roy S. Stigall and Edith Moore 
both of Hartville. 

AW 2 7, /<?/« 
Marriage Licenses 


M. H. Sanders 

Margaret J. Spark 

Charles Fry Norwood 

Viola Divers PitUburg, Kansas 

J. E. Blackwood Mtn. Grove 

Agnes McCormick Mtn. Grove 

Ernest M. Furaton, of Mountain 
Grove, and Miss Laura Hubby of 
Brooktine, Mass.. were r^aniod yes- 
terday by »he Rev. C. H' Briggs.— 
Springfield Republican. 

Dec, 4; HI1 

Marriage Licenses 

Cryis. E. Reaves and Ruth Ab- 
fiher both of Norwood. 
i ' Alfred Frit/, of Grove Spring 
and Pearl Kraiiso of Hartville. 
. Noah SlK-rrell and Eva Reed 
'ttuth of Grove Spring. 
, Lewis Rnddink an<l R ra 
Griints both of Hartville. 
; J! E Biu'ckwood and Agnes 
McCormick ttothof Mtn. Grove. 

Chas. Fry of Mansfield and 
Viola Divers of Pittsburg, Kans. 

M. H. Sanders and Margaret 
J. Sparks both of Norwood. 
r , Wm. F. Biggers and Lillie M. 
Pergson both of Dawson. 

Dec, II, /q/q 

Marriage Licenses 

E. C. Bryant of Braymer, 
Caldwell Co. Mo., ami Ona 
Teague of Hartville. 

Oscar Mattoqks of Wheeler, 
Texas Co. mo., and Cecil Holt of 
Mtn. Grove. 

Luther Murr of Rodgecs, Ark. 
and Inez Austin of Astoria. 

Jesse E. Davis of Hartville 
and Ethel Moore of Manes. " 

Huston Van Hooser and Ida 
Getting both of Mansfield. 

John Ernst of Kansas City and 
Linnie Pool of Mansfield. 

Elzie Owen arid Opal Fry both 
of Mansfield. 

Clyde Tarbutton and Eulalia 
Tripp both of Mansfield. 

Robert L. McCrite of Bryant j 
and Ida Roberts of Ava. . 

Ouollna. Steam nn.l Plumbing. Pip* Flt- 
Automoblb' Repairing, ting & SuppllM. 

Geo. W. Arnall, Prop. 

0«c. 1/, J1/1 


Elmer Di^vibOi i!.is city -ad 
.;.s Ethel M0..1...1 livitr Mimes 
were tiniUt) in im.rri ige Sunday, 
Doc. 7th b> Roy. T. J. Gideon. 
j The groom is a son of Mr. and 
| Mrs. B. S. Davis just west of 
j here and is an energetic young 
| stockman. The bride is a daugh- 
ter of John Moore a prominent 
farmer of Montgomery township 
The Democrat force joins their 
many friends in congratulation". 

Marriage Licenses 

Roy Hake-,. 

Eva Staiks 

Con Ussery — 
Rosie Caudle. 

E- C Bryant— 
Oma Teague_ 

Oscar Mattoc! 
Cecil Holt 



Luther Murr 

Ine? Austin 

Jesse E. Davis — ■— 

Ethel Moore 

Huston Van Hooser,. 

Ida Qettiog — , 

John Ernst 

linnie Pool . . 

Elzie Owens - ... 

Opal Fry ._ 

Clyde Tarbutton 

Eulalia Tripp—,. 

Robert McCrite 

Ida Roberts 

Wheeler Texas 

Mtn. Grove 

, Rogers Ark. 
— Astoria 


, M?nes 

. — Mansfield 


.Kansas City 


. Mansfield 



-Douglas Co 
.Douglas Co. 

pec. 2S, H 11 a. 

Marriage Lic^sea 

Ray Bai'iett -, -Norwood 

E.ncstipe .Norwood" 

Clay Garrett -,— Grovespring 

Hila Chambers Competitio* 

Ivan ',.' Beency. , .,, Loring 

Ida Buck— , HartvOle. 

Harold Pool-^. 
Minnie M«rlcy_ 


I »l»o rrfpalretl in do ■ 

i.l of l»Lh« work. 

Dr.F.H. Riley/ 


Mansfield - - - - Missouri 

There was quite a surprise raa. 
over the neighborhood when the 
newsb-oke out that Elzie Owtna 
and Miss Opal Fry *«" married. 
They were married at ^-.tvllle and 
were accompanied by Alvin Lone 
and Miss Clarabell Fry. Tney theft 
returned to the bride's home £or the 
weddioR dinner. Those Present 
were the (Jtooms parents, Mr. and 
Mrs- Ovens and family. Mr. and 
Mrs. Chas- Fry and Miises Ruby 
Deckard and Sybil Cady. They 
enjoyed the evening with much 
pleasure and went to the Rrooma 
home Sunday where tl ;y enjoyed 
the intair and dinner with many 
friends.— Mansfield Mirmr. 

^^MisS Vernia Mingus ind J. Reese 
Deckard were united in marnaee 
SundiV at ibe home of the bride s 
parents. Re", and Mrs. J. P. Mm- 
gus. -The bride i3- one ot,/ii«ht 
County's foremost Uachers and an 
estimable young lady. M.. Deck- 
ardisa pron '.oua farmer f the 
Duncan neighborhood and was for 
four vein s county collector. 

Immediate!) after the cerrrtvony 
Mr. and Mrs. Drxkard left lor a 
short weddin* journey after wLich 
they will return and make their 
home on Mr. Deckard's farui. 

Marriage License* 
Austin Hen.ley- L_.Man.Udd 

Vlrrona Dickinson 
A. H. Salad 
Iva Tat 
John Hehdricits 
Marjory Wilson 

L- Hartville 

J Hartville 

Mtn^ Grove 
.U Mansfield 

Suits Filed 
Ben L, Haines v Sj BulahHains 
divorce, general indignities. 

The beautiful country horn* of 
Albert Latlrfler and wife was the 
scene of a tery > pretty wedding 
Sunday December 28, at' high 
noon, when'^helr youngest 
daughter, Ruby C. Wad united lh 
marriage^ to Berlin F. Coday. 
The solerrih words, which united 
these two young lives, were said 
by Rev, T. B. I Rltringer, pastor 
of the Mansfield Baptist church, 
in the presence Of the family and 
a few friends. . At the conclu- 
sion of the marriage cerenkmy 
the usual (fcnigratulatlon* were 
extended and the bride *hd 
groom led the way to the dining 
room where a bountiful fdar- 
course luncheon was eerved, 
which for delicacy, variety and 
abundance, waa Worthy thehoa' 
pliable hostesi who prepared it 
Both df these young people art 
resident* of this county and hive 
many friends here. The groom 
is the son of Thomas Coday and 
wife and is a young man of 
bright promise, full of business 
energy and honest purpose. He 
has choserr for his bride a most 
charming and accomplished 
young woman, one who win 
make him an ideal life companion 
For the present they will make 
their home^ Springfield. ^J 
wish for tb#n a long and. .happy 
life.— "Mirror.", 

Marriage* License* 

Austin nUaley of Mansfield and 
Virona Dickinson of Hartville.. 
A. H. Ssiadin' of HanvlllSWd 

Iva Tate of **mM**- . ':•:,. 

John IlendricM and Sla.jOrj 
Wilson Loth of IvUnsfield. 

7 - Good"re«ilU always follow the 
use of Foley Kidney Pills. They 
give prompt relief in all oases of 
kidney and bladder disorders Try 
tbem. Dr. A. J. Farmer. 

See Dr. J. N. Anderson at the 
Hartville Hotel the next 80 days 
A specialist on ohronio diseases. 
Dr. Anderson is well known in 
this county having worked here 

• regularly a few years back. 




Oris E. Howell--.- -Grove Spring 

MableClaxton Grove Spring 

Clarence E-Waskburn.^- -Manes 
Gertrude Adams- Mtn- Grove 

RayHutsell c ' Gra " 

Malda Venable Success 

Alfred Herrington Astoria 

Gtaydi. Brook--- Mtn. Grove 

Ta*. Z% 1110 Ji_ 

Marriage Licenses 

Only Newton — ; L^-~Hartville 

Elsie ■ Marrow r ^- T -Hartville 

Cecil Claylock L-Htn. Grove 

Alice Hill -Mtn. Grove 

Sam Hutsell— ! —Astoria 

Chlorie Greenleaf — ,. — .— rGraff 

ge b. 1% [*g g R_ 

Marriage Licenses 

Norman G^sZZZZ-Hartville 

Gladys Eaton Hartville 

Henry Wood Taney Co. 

Opal Newton Hartville 

Hosie Gaddus .......Manes 

Gertie Mayfield **■ G \> V6 

P..,1 P Mller M« Onve 

Georgia C. Chaffer— _ll a. G| »#-| 

A>ert Butcher Mtn'. Gry«j 

M*h>y ButJier Mtn. Gtuve 

■♦/wis Welch Mtn. Grove 

Ep;ab.Jelsley Mtn. Grov^ 

Clarence G. Coe - Mtn. Grove 

Bertha Reeves Mtn. .Grove 

I Wi'lie Earll- Mansfield 

Nellie Bohnesdt— . Mansfield 

I Willie Hartley Cedar Gap 

Ruth Cumm'rs.^.— Cedar Gap 

Marriage Licenses | 

E. H. Klngham- Mansfield 

Susii Wilson- Mansfield 

J. P. Helsley---- Mtn. Grove 

Oalena J, Lathom • • • • Mm. Grov 
Chas. E. Shores • • . • ■ • • Norwopd 
Eva Richardson .'•."«• Norwood . 
Garret H. Cunningham- • Norwood 

Madie Shores •'• Norwood 

Jim Savage-- Hartviljc 

Verba Scott Hartville 

■Thos Griffith •• Mtn. Grov ? 

Verda^lelsley Mtn. Grove 

F M. Mansfield, Judge Argus Op?: 

H(krt v,Ue, M o. V : ?%"£™&.- 

Mansfield & Cox, 


. ' 'Marriage JJcen>es . 

E. fL KinK and Susie 'Wilson 
•both of Mansfield. 
' : J.' P|. Helfiley and Orleoa J. 
Lathrom both of Mtn. Grove. 

Charley E. Shores and Eva 
Richardson both of Norwood 

Garrett H. Cunningham and 
Maud Shores both of Norwood. 

James Savage and Verbie 
Scott both of Hartville. 

Thos. Griffith of Dawson and 
Verde Helsley of Mtn. Grove. 
^Willie Williams and Ethel 
$mj$S# *>oth of Grove Spring. 

I '' * Marriage Licenses 

o! W. Wat on Mountain Grov« 

Ella Davla ...../.Moun sin Grove 

C larlle Oeim r Nortr o * 

Melleel.a Slaoo.... Ncrwootf 

James Uiweon i . .Knyiborn 

GcldU Mayfled ..Ta«i n 

YA*.r<M J.IJW R- 

j ' 'Marriage Licenses I 

W. B. Young. 


Cledith Emmmon^-T-Conopetition 

Hoaea L. Allen , Manafitfd 

Velma G. Davit— Mansfield 

Jobn E. Harrison. Walseuburg, Colo 

EUa Caudle Norwood 

Carl D. Martin,—^ — Springfield 
ykJBfVfr ... ■' — ^-Springfield 

rY\arc.U H, hlO p 

Marriage Licenses 

Carl D. Martin and Olive 
Eskew both of Springfield. I 

John E. Harrison, of Walsen- 
burg, Colo, and Ella Caudle! of 
Norwood, Mo. 

OciaL. Allen and Theltna G. 
Davis both of Mansfield. 

W. B. Young of Hartville and 
Cledith Wave Emerson of Com- 
petition, ; . | ... . | 

W\A.rck )?, H* * ft 

Made Bankley__ __Hartvills 

Sedila M. Buidber , — Norwood 

(&Uy B. Bessou Mtn. Grov* 

Effie A. Lee -Mtn. Grove 

J. B. Rippee 

Nancy M. Ward- 
J. Jk. .Sullivan— w_ 
. Alt* .Featherston* 



_Mtn. Grove 
_Mtn- Grove 

A r iL h M° k 

Marriage , Licenses 

• Leormrd V. Ftaer of Nark Knneaai 
and. Lime Faye Sorrhk of Mtn. C.rovt 

Georgs Marcum Of Grovesprlog; «nd 
Fanm:« Tucker or Grovf«,-TlnK- 

John L (Elver of Kansas City. Mo 
and Fay Gregory of HUrtvlUeJ' 

Ira C. Story of '• Hartvtll* and Cleo 
Stanford' o*f Oder Gfip. 

>I«n«ty Oscar Frown of Man».teld 
a-nid Ruth Tumor of Mansfield.. 
' o*w>r U Rankin of .MUu. Grove 
i«nd Cora M. Clark of Mtn. Grove. 

April Sj MA^JjL- 
. Marriage Licenses 

WUIe Lawaon •■ rtayiborn, Mo. 

Ber ba May Hill, Mountain Grove Mo. 
Alva Turner ,Mac«fUM Mo. 

Gold* Nar^roee ManaUeld Mo. 



r\ L f , 


Ma/riage Licenses II 

Henry|ar Brown and Ruth 
Turner both of Mansfield. ' 

Ira C. Story of Hartville and 
Cleo Stafford of Cedar Gap. 

John L. Ofiver of Kansas City 
and Fay Gregory of Hartville: 

George! Marcum and Tennie 
Tucker of Grove Spring * I' 

Leonard V. Fisher of Republic 
Kans. and LalUe Faye Souick of 
Mtn. Grove.! •. . ' ■ ' ■■> , : ' 

Alva Turner and Golda Worp 
cross both of Mansfield. . \- ' 

Willie Lawson qf Ray bqrn and 
Bertha May Hill of Mtn. Grove. 

Leslie '0. Glenn of Seymour 
and Ethel M. Kelley of Mans- i 

rteld ' ' ' J,-, I 

Charles Todd of Twin Falls, j 

I Idaho and Maud Todd of Hart- 

' ville. 

j ' James' B.'Sullivai.t and Alta 

Featherston both of Mtn. Grove. 
I J. B. Rippee of Mansfield and 
Nancy M. Ward of Hartville, 

Guy B". BeBson and Effie A- . 
Lee both of Mtn.'Grove. 

Macie Binkley of Hartville and 
Seelila M. Butcher of Norwood. 

.John F. ^ est and Mrs. Decie 
Vaugh both of Rayborn. 

Homer B. I Smith of Hartville 
and Verba Carter of Mtn. Grove 

Oryal U Rankin and Cora M. 
Clark both of, Mtn. Grove. 

April \? t mO n 

Mnrrlage License* 

I I. W. Goss and Mollie Johnson 

both of Mansfield. 
Edgar Young and Voicy Hart 

both of Hartville. 
j Harry Moody and Vadie Rip- 
!pee both of Hartville. 
i M. D. Pownall of Manes and 

Mavil Royater 0/ Competition. 

ri l 31, iug 1 

Marriage Licenses 


Clyde Jones 
Sarah Sikes 
Ira Stout 
Rena O'Neal 
Virgil Moore 
Berchie Mansker 
Alva Onsleager 
Gladys Thomas 



A pril nmo ft 

Marriage Licenses 

l Alva Oneslager 

.. ( .Norvood 

I Gladys Thomas • I • • ' Norwood 

Virgel Moore .• 1 •••• • Texas 

Bercha Macsker. [ Hartville 

Ira fl t out-.|-.-i Mansfield 

1 Joe Todd... \» \ ••••• Fuson 

Emma Pcrkips .j '.-Manes 

Chas. Rembe. - . ■ Gibson, Ind. 

Mollie Fletcher- 1 •••••• Mtn. Grove 

Clyde Jones< • •• r •••• ; ' Norwood 

Sara Sikes- •j. , .'j. Mansfield 

Edward Loomis • Mansfi.-ld 

Dorothy Gillcy • • ■.•' <••••• Mansfield 

Homer Height!: • Mans^eld 

Lola Miller ••- Mansfield 

Claude Long; • • .,- • Mountain Grove 
Lulu Willi? .[. >.'..• Mountain Grove 

Marriage Licenses 

Herbert Thompkihs Hartville 

Emma McKeuney Hartville 

M. D. Wagoner — . Macomb 

Myrtle Shipley 1 ....Macomb 

Herman P- Brcnson Mtn. Grove 

Blanch M. Gaston Mtn. Grove 

rvui*, 13, /<UQ R 

Marriage Licenses 

E.' L Gregory ............. Hartville 

Nettie Wood ... • rt • • .- ■• • -| Hartville 

;,; Marriage Licences 

CbM^E. Pavis., 
S,' H." Henson, 
Cora- Garner.^-, 

M. J. Starks- 
Mary Wbited- 


„ J.Rayborn 

Marion C. Elliot—, Mtn. Grove 

Bertha . ;&ongk?rs_ Mtn. Qro vc 

[^^Marriage Licenses 

Chas. W. Dunlap Norwood 

Adeline Moore- _^Nor*ood 

Bouldin Sullivan — ^Mtn. Grove 

Grace Mcintosh-, Mtn. Grove 

Wright E. Johnson ,-Ozark 

Maud WaiM frn ■■■ ■ - - 0zarl? 

~"'. Mo rr|a*e Uc#nae»a : i j 

t'liailey Wilson Punlay and Ad**i 
line Moore both of Norwood j ! i; j] 

UonrdtQ SmIHvho and Grace jH»U 
'M.Iutyre boH) of Mtn. Grove, j ' 

\\' right B. Johnson aud Maudajj 
Wilkiu both of Ozark. : I ij 

Kiliot Walker and Mrn," K. ] D^y 

Gregory both pf Mtn. l-irdve. | j ''1 

.Earl Absher audjvatbkai^Wi^-J 

Marriage Licenses -J 

Chan. E, Davis and Mary' Bell 

King both! of Seymour. , 

M. H. Blaokwell and Blanche 

Long both of Manes. 

Miles Young of Hartville and 

Bonna talker of Mtn. Grove, j , 

^Marriage Licenses- 

Orie L. Walton Wichita. Kan. 

Ruby Findley •.«' « Mansfield 

Orcn Ballcw ••••'• California 

Elvin Morris • • Cedar Gap 

Bryan Suavely Norwood! 

Ola Ryan....! ..Norwood 

B. A. Britain, Optician 
Will maka Hartvllle every two 
or three weeks. Watch this pa- 
per for datesJ Permanently lo- 
cated at Mountain CJrove, Mo. 

:~" Marriage Licenses ;'. 
Earl Fisher- • • . - ...Garret, /Kansas 
Jewell Davie >...'•-•• v-Vanzant 
Joseph P. Raney. - • • « • Mtn. Grove 
Uora Moore-.- Hartville 

Frank. Nelson-..- ••'•••0*»°* 

Dora Snow .• • ' • • Grove Spring 

Clyde Gaddes......-'Mtn. Grove' 

Freda Melton- ....A.Mtn. Grovej 

*TuA/e Sty JW ^ 

Marriage- Licenses, 

M^Davii-'l-^-.-- •- Hartville 
;• Laiira Ellen Doufclal • - ;••> • ^artville 

V Gardner Turner • •*■ • Mtn. Grove 

t, Ethel .Sanders •• • • • ■ • • Mtn. Grove 

Marriage Licenses 

Jess M. Gowand Dawson 

Alice Miller - Ben Davis 

A. L Bleacher Memphis Teen. 

Gladys D. Block Memphis Tenn. 

Ben B.Long ; !- Norwood 

Mary Ida Reeves Norwood 

Felix Kug • ••■•.■ "••••Hartville 

Arbelli* James -^-..Hartv.lle 

James F. Matlock ....Mansfield 

Eunice Millsap ;-• Manst eld 

H. Bradshaw' Mtn. Grove 

Alice Raney., I I Mtn. Grove 

Geo. SarricK Herrington . Kans- 

'Orpha Mae daughter — -Mtn. Grove 

Elmer Gosvener ■•,-•• Norwood 

Ada Neukert j- M». Grove 

Chas. Montgomery Des MoiriS la. 

Be k nice Leacher Mtn. Grove 

Madison Crewse \ i Graff 

Florence Gaddis -j , Dawson 

r Marriage' Licenses 

'Hobart Wren ..!■'' Manes 

Alice Black • • • • • Dawson 

I b F. Veit Mansfield 

Laura Hill Mansiield 

Ora Sherrill • Mountain Grove 

Grace E. Herrin •• Mountain Grove 

Alonzo Manar Duncan 

Addie Manar ..•••• Duncan 

Scesco Coff man • Mtn. Grove 

Luettie Ganbill •• Mtn, Grove 

W. F. Smittle A .„• • Lyons 

Gertie Ledbetter Competition 

Frank Raney Hartville •• •• Hartville 

Ada Allen Mtn. Grove 

Fred Zronsoh ..•••• Manes 

Aide Bunh Manes 

W G. Fone • • • • Wheatland Kansas 

Fleta Leascher ': } Mtn. Grove 

Manard Williams <.••■• •Hartville 
RosaHeusley .......... Mi nsfield 

Atte st i%, UXQ ft 

[Marriage Licenses' ' 

Frank Fletcher Manes 

Mary Adams Mtn. Grove 

Walter Pyatt Hartville 

Mae Young Hartville 

Chas C. Long Norwood 

Grace A. Williams Norwood 

S. C. Ervin Mansfield 

Etta Hall ••:••• Mansfield 

Burn McCaskell • Summersville 

Billie Nowlin • • ■ • Summersville i 

Ern«st Chadwell 
Aretha Barnett 

• • Norwood I 
i ..Norwood | 

August 2 <*,I5X0 o 

j Albert Ryan of Norwood and 
Eulia Whittaker of Macomb , 
I Hobert H. Hutsell and Myrtle 
iMurr both of Graff. ,.,,>" 
i Alvin Long of Norwood and 
Claribel Fry of Mansfield. 

Percy R. Harpster of Colum- 
bia and EUie Mae Lutrell Jof 
Mtn. Grove 

James N. Cornwell and Alice 
Mae Roder both of Mtn Grdve. 
Loys E.'Deaton and Nellie" V* 
Woodle both of Norwood. -. - • 
I W. G. Forie of Potawatomie, 
! Kansas and Fleta Liascher of 
! Mtn. Grove, . , . , 
j . Fred Branson and Alta Burch 
both of Manes. 

Frank Raney of Hart"ille and 
Ada Allen of Mtn. Grove. 

W. F. Smittle of Lyons and 
Gertie Sid better of Competition. 
Esa Coffman and-LuettieGam* 
lin both of Mtn. Grove. , 
| Alonzo Manar and Ona Manar 
both of Duncan 

Ora Sherrill and Grace E. 
Herrin both of, Mtn. Grove. 

B. T. Vert and Laura Hylton 
both of Mansfield. 

Hobert Wren of Manes and 
Alice Black of Dawson. 

Frank Fletcher of Manes and 
Mary Adams of Mtn. Grove. <s 

Waiter Pyatt and May Young 
both of Hartville. , ••: • ■',.'- .' 
Chas. C. Long and Grace A. 
Williams both of Norwood. 

S. C. Erwin and Etta Hall 
both of Mansfield. 

Vern McC^skill and Billie 
Nowlin both of Summersville. 

Ernest Chadwell and Aretha j 
Barnett both of Norwood, 

Marriage Licenses 

Everet Hutsell of Ray bom and 
Audrey Young, of Mtn. Grove 

Elmer Hurtwell of Kansas Uty 
Kans. and Essie M. Newton ot 
Mansfield. j . v i 

John Delcour and Jiertha Dor- 
ris both of Hartville. 

Marriage Licenses 

W, G. G^enwood 'y 

CoieUa Christy 


, ' Mill Bernicce Ellis, daughter of 
! Dr. and Mrs. Frank B, Ellis of this 
! city, and Dr. Lee R. Farmer of 
Kansas City. Mo., were married in 
that city on May 16. 1920, but the 
marriage was kept a secret until last 
Sunday when Mrs. Farmer informed , 
her parents of it. ' • ! 

Mrs. Farmer needi np introduc- 
tion to Garden City folio as she is 
one of this ciyt's rooit favorite 
daughters. She just graduated from 
the Kansas City Conservatory ot 
Music with as high honors as any 
graduate of that institution, has ever 
received. A few weeks ago she 
made a great hit in a piano recital 
■St the Baptist Church in this city 
and all her friends and even her 
parents had' the idea she would . 
teach music at least a few months 
before taking untp herself a husband,, 
She was married at the time of the 
recital but she and the Dr. certainly 
kept the secret well. I 

Dr." Farmer is a brilliant young 
physician of Kansas City with ofr 
I f ices at 622 South Boulevard. He ' 
• is a graduate qt the Saint Louis 
Medical College. His professional 
career is very promising. We. ot 
Garden City can all say that be won 
a lady who would be worthy of any 

They will make their home at 
3519 Smart, Kansas City, Mo.— 
Garden City Views, 

Mr. and Mis. Walter Hendon of 
Schell City, are here visiting Mrs. 
.Hepdon'8 parents.. M. Mott and 

' Marriage Licenses. 
J esse G. Hovis, Mtp. Grove 
Eula Wheeler, Mtp. Grove 
Ben Bclvill Mtn. Grove 

Sarah Robestian Mtp. Grove 
Son/.o LeHthorman Mansfield 
Pearl E. White Maribfield 

Charles R. Raney Mtp. Grove 
Minnie Davis Mtn. Grove 

Arthur Gann Mansfield 

Bessie Williams Hartville 

Alfred Medlock [Kipper, Mo. 
, Grace Thomas JBerJLh.; - ., Mo. 
lohnT. Key : Manes 

Oyul Bennett Huyb^rn 

Forrest M. Rice Mansfield 
Cora L. Ivy ManBi\eld i 

Robert Wood Jr. Hartville 
Bertha Crider . Hartville 

John Owens Norwood 

May Ramsey Norwood 

Sherman Climer Hartville 
Lillie Helsley Mtn. Grove 

Roy Gann . Mansfield, 

Opal Bennett Hartville, 

Dec, % jyo p 

j jyiarriage Licenses 

Charley Bloom of Lincoln Co. 
Oklahoma and Susie Mcintosh 
of Norwood. 

John Johnson and Simmons 
both of Seymour. 

A. L. Hargus of Seymour and 
Viola Medlock of Hartville 

U. G Sbackleford and Cloia 
Calhoun both of Hartville. 

De c. A3, fW 



Licensed to wed during the 
week: D. C. Harris of Spring- 
field and Etta Whittaker of Hart- 
ville -Springfield Express. 

¥\w Candies 

Wc are exclusive 
agents for 


put up in pound 
and half pound 
fancy packages for 
thirty and sixty 


Elvin A- Thomas Mansfield 

Minnie Powe 

Isr,acc Kdwards ' Hartville 

E. E. YeaRer 

Emmett Yocura Mtn. Grove 

Rosa G. Odele 

Wayman Purtle Winona 

Freida Ware 

Cecil Maxvell Mansfield 

Lydia Othing 

Oscar Wood Rayborn 

Vernia Sullivens " 

Oival Odell Loring 

Opal Odell " > 

Marriage License 

Thomas Brvant Willowhby "> 

Marguerett Elizabette Matthews 

S. W. Gaidis ■ Dawson 

Ethel Wamacks 

John Parker Pry or. 

Elsie Grimes , 

Omer Paul Mtn. Grove 

Ada Dobbs 

Tollett Gann Mansfield 

Delia Hale !' 

Geter, Peterson Mtn. Grove 

Ferva Barton 

Dec, 3q, / <Uo ^ 

Surprise Wedding 

%'Jtf, Cantreli and wife and 
M'bb Criaaie ' Young and Everet 
Glax^oii * started to ' potor to 
noWngiieid Tuesday of last week 
$|lir, CanUell'a 'Hudson .Super 
affip While near Fair Vjew fire 
jpjur discovered on the engine j 
{MuTtfeere was a small explosion. 
Xh«y lef t t the car which was 
Mop 'consumed by the flames. 

l|Ui W**! & e enlire l " achine is 
g0t 4- loss. What waH left of 
foe' car wan taken to Marshfield 
iipd a conveyance was secured to 

3#kMh° l iai ' tv on ta SP" n sfi el< i 
^er<? Miss Criasie ; mud -Mr. 
p|axton were married. Truly 


nil tf 


ABER, Don Q. 31 
ABRAHAM, Matle 17 
ABSHER, Ada 27 
Alice G. 6 

Cora 18 
Earl 35 

Lawrence 3. 11 

Ruth 32 
ACKERMAN, Annie E. 11 

E. A. (a) 20 

Ionia E. 6 
ADAMS, Ada 21 

Eppah 23 

Eva 1 

Gertrude 33 

Jno. F. 31 

John F. 8 

John W. 2 

Julia 28 

Mabel 30 

Mary 35 

Pearl 26 

Perley 29 

Zettle 2 
ADAMSON, Blllle 2 

Fred 18 

Idessla 4 

Ira 10 

Lola 2 

Verna 29 
ADMIRE, Grace 29 

James C. 13 
AGEE, Bert 24 

Floyd 16 
ALEXANDER, Manda 27 
ALLEN, Ada 35 

A. H, 21 

Amanda A. 12 

Arthur 27 

Hosea L. 34 

Ila 18 

L. D. 25 

Lola 4 

Lydla 6 

Michel (f) 18 

Nowell P. 26 

Opal L. 13 

Pearl May 30 

Robert F. 11 

Verne (f) 26 

Vlrgle K, (m) 12 

W. (m) 10 
ALLEY, Fay 9 
ANDERSON, Curtis 20 

Earl 4 

Fred 26 

Plccola 8 

Virgil 6 
ANDREWS, Mabel 4 
ARCHER, Robert J. 21 
ARMER, Bessie 14 
ARNOLD, Goldle 31 32 
ATCHLEY, Mary 18 

ATHERTON, Cecil M. (f ) 11 
ATKISON, Fred B. 3 
ATKISS0N, H. H. 24 
ATNIP, Fred W. 4 

Gilbert H. 13 
AUSTILL, Charles 21 
AUSTIN, Amanda 6 

Arley G. 14 

Berga F. 22 

Elmer 3 


Harve 10 

Inez 32 

James E. 13 

Mary 18 

Myrtle 22 

Otto 22 

W. F. 4 
AYERS, George H. 5 

BABB, Birdie J. 11 

Harrison K. 9 
BACON, J. A. (m) 32 
BAGBY, Samuel O. 9 
BAILEY, Elsie 14 

Leon (f) 31 
BAILEY, Lilly 8 

Loren A. 9 

Wesley 22 
BAKER, Delia 17 

Hobert 28 

John R. 12 

Maude 15 
BALL, Anna 22 

Charles A. 20 

Emma 29 

Lizzie 20 
BALLARD, Harry 27 

Jesse 5 
BALLEW, Oren 35 
BANEY, Ida 29 

Noah W. 12 
BARBER, Ira E. 32 
BARKER, Gladys Anna 22 
BARNARD, A. (m) 20 
BARNES, Charles D. 5 

Clara 26 

Hester 5 

Ira 5 

Roy R. 29 

Aretha 35 

Arley 27 

Charles 30 

Dicle 10 

Herman 2 

Orpha 11 

Ray 32 

Sherman 12 
BARR, Archie A. 4 

Ernie 11 

Essa 30 

BARR, Iva 22 

Oscar T. 14 
BARTHALON, Arthur 11 
BARTHELOW, Sherman 31 
BARTLEY, B. H. (m) 17 
Mary 22 
Maude 1 
BARTON, Ferva 36 

James M. 11 
BATT0RFF, Grace 19 
BATTRELL, Eliza M. 15 

Verna 20 
BATY, Cyrus 18 
BAUSCH, Cora 10 

James J. 14 

Marie 28 
BEAGLE, Vada M. 11 
BEAR, Fritz E. 12 
BEARD, Christy (n>) 15 

Huston A. 3 
BECKHAM, Elva A. 10 

Erma G. 29 

Ivy 7 
BEENEY, Ivan 32 
BEHAN, Psarl R. 16 
BELCHER, George 24 

Mary 23 
BELL, Ethel 11 
BENNETT, Qora 23 

E. D. (m) 2 

Eli L. 1 

Ivey Estella 8 

Marve 20 

Opal 36 

Sarah A. 11 

Vernon 16 

Zona E. 29 
BENTNIP, Henry 21 
BENTON, Gertie 13 

John C. 22 

Lena Eveline 22 
BERRY, Elijah 5 12 
BRADSHAW, 3ertle 3 
BESSON, Guy B. 34 
BIGG, Thelma 23 
BIGGERS, W. F. (m) 32 
BDQCLBY, Made (a) 34 
BUCK, Alice 35 

Gladys D. 35 

Harriett 12 

Jane 23 , . 

BLACKWELL, M. H. (■) 35 
BLACKWOOD, J. S. (a) 32 
BLAKKENSHIP, P. E. (a) 28 
BLAZER, Bessie 1 

Eunice 14 
BLEACHER, A. L. (■) 35 
BLEDSOE, Alfred D. 10 

Allen L. 3 
BLEVHB, J. W. (a) 18 
BLOOM, Charley 36 
BLOOMGREEN, Alga (f ) 27 
BLUMLY, Arthur 22 



BOATMAN, John W. 12 

Nellie Ik 
BOGART, Walter 9 
BOHANAN, William J. 5 
BOHANNON, Dora E. 8 
BOHNESDT, Nellie 33 

Ivan 29 
BOLAIN, Homer 18 
BOLENDER, Sallie 12 
BOLLINGER, S. T. (m) 2? 
BOLT, Benjamin F. 1 

Rhoda B. 14 
BOLTE, Dora 2 
BONHAN, Roy Arthur 11 
BONNELL, Nellie L. 1 
BOSTIC, Bessie 3 
BOULDIN, Lee 18 
BOWDEN, Otto 26 
BOWMAN, Gideon 22 

Maude 25 
BOYER, Bessie 6 
BOWZER, Opal 21 

Ruby 3 
BOX, Cora 12 

Jason L. 1 

Travis 4 
BOYD, Mary 21 
BOYER, John B. 8 

Nora L. 11 

Owen 24 

Verne 28 
BRADFIELD, William H.2 
BRADFORD, Martha 11 

S. A. (m) 23 
BRADSHAW, A. P. (m) 4 

H. (■) 35 

Henry 31 32 

Homer 11 

Jennie 4 

S. A. (■) 23 
BRADY, Emmett A. 6 

John C. 14 
BRAKE, Oda 20 
BRAMHALL, Barney E. 12 

Bertha 30 

Lesta 26 

Oscar 18 

Verna 30 
BRANSON, Fred 35 

Herman P. 34 

Minerva 28 

Nola G. 31 

Oma 11 

J. W. (m) 27 
BRASHER, Verba A. 6 
BRAY, Daisy S. 28 
BRAZIER, Jessie 24 

Laura 26 

Minnie 29 
BRAZSAL, Argus C. 11 

Cecil (m) 21 

Hey 30 

Hosea C. 1 

Jesse E. 11 

Mollle 3 

Roy 15 
BREEDLOVE, Bertie 6 

Otto 6 

BREEDLOVE, Vlrgle 22 
BRENTLINGEB, Jane 22 23 

Lesta Agnes 28 

0. B. (n) 18 

Pearl 20 
BRICKEY, Nellie 21 
BRICKLEY, Mary E. 2 
BRIDGES, Carrie 3 

Corlnnle 2 

Danna (m) 14 

G. H. (m) 22 23 
BRILL, Hattie 3 

Lucy 17 

Newton 1 
BRISCOE, Emma Dora 1 
BROCK, Mable 23 
BROOK, Ada 22 

Albert 19 20 

Glaydls 33 

Ina 12 Victor 20 
BROOKER, J. Earl 10 
BROOKS, Ethel 19 

Ora 10 
BROUGH, Clarence C. 3 
BROWITT, Andrew Jr. 19 
BROWN, Ada E. 5 

Aide M. 30 

Clemey 31 

E. D. (m) 17 

Emma L. 11 

Grade 32 

Henry Oscar 34 

Lola 3 

Margaret M. 1 

Pearl K. 6 

Tab 15 

Thomas 12 

Wm. 24 

Rettie 11 

Samuel 10 
BRUCE, Arthur 21 
BRUETT, Nola 29 
BRUMLEY, Arthur L. 4 

Elizabeth 2 
BRUTON, Bessie 3 
BRYANT, Anna 10 

E. C. (a) 32 

John A. 19 
BUCHANAN, Annie 4 
BUCK, Ida 32 
BUNN, Fay 19 

Sylvia 3 
BURCH, Altle 35 
BUR KE, Louise C. 1 
BURKETTE, Charles S. 6 
BURNS, Ona 29 
BURNEY, Bertha 11 

Norma Sue 12 
BURRIS, Julia 9 

Martha J. 18 
BURTON, J. J. 10 

William E. 10 
BUSBY, John N. 23 
BUTCHER, Albert 33 

Fred A. 1 

Lawrence Vienna (f) 3 

Mahaley 33 

Sedlla (f) 34 
BUTTRAM, Caroline 12 

BUTTRAM, Dora 12 

M. C. (a) 9 
BUTTS, Martelia 2 
Irvey 7 

CALHOUN, Cloria 36 

Docia 21 

Perry H. 14 

Sena 15 
CALLAHAN, Pearl 30 
CALSON, K. F. (a) 22 
CALTON, Evert 18 

Laura Ethel 18 

Lucinda 28 

Ollie 17 
CAMERON, Ida 21 

Jas. H. 28 
CAMP, Herbert L. 23 
CAMPBELL, Cassie 18 

Elmer 24 

G. W. (a) 15 

Joy M. 20 

Mabel 11 

Myrtle 10 

Thomas A. 2 

Verbla 17 
CANADA, Odessa 15 
CANNON, Isaac W. 12 

John F. 1 
CANTRELL, Allie 1 

Artie 27 

Dortha 5 

Grover 7 

Grovar M. 9 

Harlav W. 6 

Harold 8 

Ida 28 

J. C. (a) 29 

James R. 17 

Lun 15 

Myrtle 20 

Nannie 17 

Nola 31 

Vlatta 19 
CARDER, Annie 11 

Arainda 5 

Ernest L. 5 

Hiraa F. 13 

John W. 13 

Julia 24 

Liasie Ann 1 

Margaret Alaeta 24 

Richard 15 
CARLSON, Parry A. 11 
CARMEN, Florence 2 
CARNEY, Cynthia 24 25 

F. A. (a) 21 

R. E. (a) 20 
CARR, Arron 16 

Gertie 16 

Letts 16 

Rena 4 

W. E. (a) 15 
CARTER, Alpha E. 13 

Annie Minerva 3 

Fred C. 13 

Garfield (f) 31 

Ida E. 1 

Richard 27 



CARTER, Verba 34 

Walter V. 23 
CARTWRIGHT, Amandey 21 
Martha Lula Ella 12 
Samuel C. 10 
CASE, Lester 23 
CAUDLE, Amla 29 
Amos E. 32 
Bessie 7 8 
C. N. (m) 28 
Dave 19 
Docla 16 
CAUBLE, Earl D. 28 
CAUDLE, Ella 1 34 
Emma 7 
Iney 30 
Mary 5 
Nellie 2 
Rosie 32 
Sam 29 
CAWTHAN, Joan 10 
CAWTH0R0N, Joanna 10 
GHACE, Orpha 10 
CHADWELL, Alma 29 
Arthur 28 
Charles 14 
Ernest 35 
James G. 4 
CAFFE, Ellen 8 
CHAFFEE, Georgia C. 33 

Ralph E. 8 
CHAMBERS , Hlla 32 
Ira 16 
Ruay 27 
CHAMPION, Lou 3. 12 
CHANCE, Delia 3 
CHANDLER, Emma 12 

Luther 5 
CHAPMAN, Gertrude 17 
Olive E. 8 
Zula 6 
CHAPPELL, Meroey 32 
CHASE, Lucille L. 10 
CHAUNCEY, Jas. H. 28 
CHILDRESS, Jessie Mae 30 
CHILDERS, M. ?. W 19 

M. T. (m) 19 
CHOAT, Orren 8 9 
CHRISTY, Cozella 36 
CLARK, Addle 16 
Bob 19 
Cora 11 34 
Earnest J. 29 30 
Hattie 4 
Ira 6 
Isaballa 8 
John 22 
Maudie 10 
May 26 
Stanford 11. 
William A. 9 
GLAXT0N, Barney A. 8 
Charley 16 
Clarence 28 
D. H. (m) 2 
Delia 1 
Docla 10 
Everet 36 
Guss 18 
Howard 30 31 
James A. 30 

CLAXT0N, James C. 27 
John 18 
Lillie 21 
Mable 33 
Manley 28 
Newt Jr. 12 
Orpha 5 
Robert 4 
Rolson 20 
Roy C. 27 
Sarah E. 20 
CLAYLOCK, Cecil (m) 33 
CLEVER, Mima 20 
CLIMER, Hattie, Mrs. 29 

Sherman 36 
CLIMMOR, Edna 22 
CLINE, Elbert 12 

Rettie 31 
CLOUGH, Jno. H. 29 
COBB , Ethel 6 
COBLE, Ella May 2 
Ethel 28 
Gertie 6 
Lewis 1 
Myrtle 28 
Pearl 10 
COGHENOUR, Charles R. 1 
CODAY, Berlin F. 33 
Bertha 1 
Clarence 15 
Daisy 26 
Delia 27 
Ernest 6 
Ethel 30 
Etta 9 
Florence 19 
Haden 16 
Hattie 9 
Ila 21 
Isaac 7 8 
Marion C 2 
Martin 30 
Maude 12 
Maude M. 11 
Myrtle 2 
Oscar 10 
Raymond G. 10 
Roy 18 
Sherman H. 10 
Thona YOUNG 29 
Viola 11 
Walter C. 21 
William H. 29 
COE, Clarence G. 33 
COFFEE, Annie P. 17 
C0FFMAN, Fred 11 
Lottie 25 
Maggie 24 
Nettle 29 
Pies 18 
Scesco 35 
C0GDILL, Otis 1 
COGGIKS, Maud 3 
COLE, Jesse Key 30 

Selah Hazel 30 
COLLIER, Louise 20 

Ruth 9 
COLLIHS, George 31 

Ida 11 
COLTON, Bertha E. 30 
C0LTRANE, Lucille 28 
Oscar 12 

C0NKIN, Tecumseh 18 
CONLEY, Mary E. 10 
COOPER, Maudie 7 
COOTS, David 12 
COPE, Elmer 18 31 
Harve 15 
James H. 10 
Zula 24 
C0RNWELL, James N. 35 
COTrENGIM, Arthur 30 
Bessie 12 
Gertie 1 
Kingsly 29 
Merton 13 
Vera 20 
C0WELL, Ivey 29 
COX, Bertie May 29 
COXTON, Fred 17 
CRAIG, Clyde 6 

Cyrus 19 
CRAIN, Maude 15 
William G. 6 
CRANE, Dennis 4 
CRANK, R. J- (») 23 
CRAVENS, Clay 20 
CRAWFORD, Barbara 11 
Gladys 10 
May 28 
Opal 4 
William V. 3 
CREAMER, Charlie 34 
CREER, Paul C. 22 
CREWIS, Tabltha M.A. 1 
CREWS, Ethel P. 12 
CREWSE, Genia 20 
Luther M. 13 
J. M. (m) 24 
Madison 35 
CRIDER, Bertha 36 

F. J. (m) 22 
CRISP, Ada 10 
Arra 22 23 
Dora 2 
Emma 15 
Ethel 15 
Ila 5 
Irvin 4 
Joe 21 
Lottie 22 
Norma 4 5 
Norma M. 11 
Vesta 28 
Wm. 2 
CRUMP, Mary 12 

R. M. (m) 14 
CUMMINS, Ruth 33 
33 34 
Iris V. 3 
CURRY, Charles E. 11 
CURTIS, Blanche 31 
Grace 26 
Herbert 17 
James C. 11 
Roy E. 20 
CUSTER, Julia 31 
CUTTIMG, James C. 5 



DAGGETT, Alvln P. 15 
DAKE, Denpsey M. 1 

Dollie 29 

Vlrgle 21 
DALRYMPLE, C. L. (n) 21 
DAHIELS, Dora 15 

John 28 

Lonzo 28 

Ora (ra) 32 
DARRIS, Delie 15 
DAVIDSON, Bert 26 

G. W. H. (m) 22 

Gertie 22 

Lon 30 

Martha 23 
DAVIS, Allie 29 

B. (m age 94) 19 

Bessie 23 

Bryan 29 

Ghas. 13 

Chas. E. 35 

Cora Lee 4 

Delpha 5 

Ella 34 

Eunice 8 

Golda Mae 4 

Grover C. 19 

Ivy 31 

Janes L. 10 

James Madison "Hack"35 

Jess 27 

Jesse E. (Elmer) 32 

Jewell 35 

Lennle 24 

Mary 1 

Minnie 36 

Ola 21 

Ray 20 

Velma/Thelma G. 34 
DAVISON, Bulah M. 13 
DAYE, Vixbey 9 
DEAR, Jesse E. 14 
DEARMOND, Thomas D. 3 
DEATON, Emery P. 6 

G. P. (m) 2 

Loys E (in) 35 
DEGKARD, J. E. (m) 27 

J. Reese 33 

Olive 19 
DEDMAN, Ama E. 28 
DELCOURE, Bertha 6 

D. D. (m) 28 

Jerry 10 

John 36 

Oma 4 

Vannie 31 

Varime 31 
DELK, Stella 23 
DEMOTT, Ruth 4 
DENNIS, Belinda 26 

Cora E. 8 

Esther 24 

Iva 16 

John 8 22 

Lauranie 16 

Lula V. 23 

Milton 1 

Milton E. 1 

Minnie 29 

Orel 19 

Roy R. 2 

DENNIS, Stella E. 2 

Virgie E. 13 
DENTON, Alta 7 

Howard, 13 

James J. 11 

Lewis 1 

Lou 22 

0. L. (m) 23 

Oscar 26 
DERRICK, Benjamin L. 11 
DEVAULT, J. H. (m) 19 
DICKINSON, Allle 30 

Vlrrona 33 
DICKERS0N, Eva 30 
DILLINGER, Everett S. 2 
DIVERS, Viola 32 
DIXON, Mary J. 4 
DOBBS, Ada 36 
DODSON, Harland 18 

Lovey 17 

Marshall E. 11 

Morgan 10 
DONELSON, Elizabeth D. 11 
DORRIS, Bertha 36 

Liza 20 

Willie 28 
DOSS, Mary E. 25 
DOTSON, F. A. (m) 16 
DOTY, Harlan D. 14 

Herbert 21 

Herbert I. 31 
DOUGLAS, Bonnie L. 24 

C. E. (m) 14 

Charles E. 4 

Dale E. 6 

Laura Ellen 35 
DOVE, Annie E. 15 
DOVIES, Virginia L. 11 
DOVDEN, Charles 6 
DOWELL, Leonard 28 
DRAPER, Otto 11 
DRUMWRIGHT, Elizabeth 5 

DU , 1 

DUDLEY, John F. 12 
DUGGAR, Llllie 17 

Mabel 26 

William 10 

William Oscar 9 
DUKE, A. G. (m) 22 

Elizabeth 14 
DUNAFON, Josephine 28 
DUNCAN, Elva 19 

Henry 16 

John G. 25 

Llllie 4 

Robert 17 

Will 14 
DUNLAP, Charley 17 

Chas. W. 35 

Everett 27 
DUNLAY, Charley Wilson 35 
DURBIN, Lattins 16 

Leone 31 
DUREN, Ben 15 
DWTNEY, Nichols 1 

EARLL, Willie (m) 33 
EARLEY, David 15 
EATON, Frank W. 9 
Gladys 33 

EATON, Janie 10 

Wo. H. 9 
EDEN, James 30 
EDMONDS, Lorenzo W. 7 8 
EDWARDS, Addle 8 

Bessie 8 

Carl 21 

Isaac 36 

Myrtle 13 

Othel 26 

S.W. (Scottie) 23 
EHMEN, Grace 24 
ELDER, Joseph Elden 22 23 
ELLINGTON, Floyd R. 11 
ELLIOTT, Arthel (n) 12 

Jane G. 19 20 

Marion C. 35 

Maud R. 11 
ELLIS, Berniece 36 

Delia 5 

Earl 29 

H. E. (m) 18 

Lizzie M. 29 

Rosie 19 20 

W. Ernest 26 

W. L. (ra) 22 
ELLISON, Netta 5 
ELY, Dulcie 24 

Thursa 30 
EMBREY, Jim 31 
EMERY, James 14 
EMMERSON, Cledlth Wave 34 

Corbit 24 

Roy D. 26 
ENGLAND, Francis 29 30 

Peter J. 10 

Sarah 16 
EPPERSON, George E. 3 
ERNEST, Karl 12 

John 32 
ERVIN, S. 0. (m) 35 
ESKEW, Olive 34 
ESTELL, Verbie 7 
ESTUS, Flora 21 

Homer 1? 
ETHRIDGE, Lucy A. 3 

Nettie 31 32 
EVANS, Edna 20 

Newton J. 3 

Opal 23 

FARIS, Martha 30 
FARMER, John 22 

Lee R. Dr. 36 
FARRIS, Culrey 11 
FERGERSON, Altie 24 
FERRIN, Mary 10 
FETCH, Bessie 18 
FIERO, hiles 17 
FINCH, Frank H. 6 

Julia A. 4 
FINCHER, Hephzlbab 3 

Rosa 27 
FINDLEY, Alith 20 

Bertha E. 3 

Charles D. 15 

G. C. (m) 29 


FDJDLEY, Minnie 9 
Orean J. 9 
Ruby 35 
Susan 9 
FISHER, Earl 35 
Leonard V. 34 
Sarah E. 4 
Wm. 24 25 
FITCH, Louis 4 
FLBTCH, James 21 
FLETCHER, A. L.(m) 29 
Ada 4 
Bessie 10 
Frank 2? 35 
George 2 
Lydla Mrs. 2 
Mollle 34 
Mona 15 
Oren 21 
Tilda 23 
Tommy 29 30 
Wheeler A. 5 
Willie 17 
FLOYD, David F. 10 
Dollla 29 30 
Eliza 1 
Minnie A. 13 
FOGERSON, Silvia 29 
FOOTT, Belle 12 
FORD Francis 20 
FORIE/FONE, W. G.(m) 35 
FORREST, Alice 9 
Blanche 12 
Kary Mrs. 3 
FOSTER, Clara 26 
Everett J. 24 
F0RSYTHE, Ethel M. 5 
FOX, Albert C. 17 
Cora M. 4 
John O. 3 
FRAIZIER, 011a 11 
FRANCE, Fay 6 
FRAY, Agnes 20 
FREEMAN, G. W. (m) 28 
Gorman 22 23 
Opal 21 
Rosa 29 
FREWIN, Elizabeth 1 
PREY/FRY, Homer 22 
FRISK, Alvln 1 
Hattle Emma 10 
Henry 2 

Mlchela Mareerlte 22 
FRITZ, Alfred 32 
C. E. (m) 28 
FRY , Charles 32 
Clarabell 35 
George H. 23 
James 11 
Vesta 29 
Opal 32 33 
FRYE, Evan 17 

Wesley W. 13 
FUGE, Elmer 29 
FUNSTON, Ernest M. 32 
FURREY, Frances A. 31 

GADDIS, Bertha 18 
Cezll 29 
Clyde 35 
Eslbell 31 
Florence 35 
Goldla 17 
Hosle 33 
Ova 19 
S. W. (m) 36 
GAMBILL, Edna 26 
GANBUL, Luettle 35 
GANN, Arthur 36 
George T. 9 
Lula 10 
Roy 36 
Tollett 36 
GARLICK, Ullle 20 
GARNER, Annie G. 4 
Arlena 18 
Belle 18 
Chas. A. 29 
Cora 2 35 
Eva 16 
John F. 2 
Loraan 20 
Opal 19 
Pete 29 
GARRETT, Clay 32 
GARSIDE, Catharine 11 
GARTIN, Estella 22 

Oscar 8 
GASKILL, Delia 23 
Frank 19 
J. R. (m) 29 
Martha 16 
GASPERSON, Clara E. 8 
GASS , Anlso 9 
Elizabeth 14 
Hiram 20 
Mary E. 6 
GASTON, Blanch M. 34 
GATES, Allie E. 22 

Norman 33 
GIBSON, Minnie 4 
GIER, Ethel 14 
GILES, Zelpha Carmen 1 
GILLELAND, Dave A. 23 
GILLEY , Dorothy 34 
GILLMAN, Wm. F. 9 
GIMLIN, Labon 1 
Myrtle 4 
Noah 7 
GITTY, Frank 23 
GLADDEN, Frank M. 8 

Ivylee 20 
GLEBN, Leslie 0. 34 

Mollle 27 
GOBBLE, Louis P. 17 
GODBY, Pearle 11 
GOOCH, Ella May 22 23 
GOODALE, Lewis Alonzo 
GOODSON, Bertha 18 

Lily 22 
GOOLSBY, Augusta 
N. T. (m) 20 
Thomas 14 
GORDON, Verba 13 
GORMAN, Ernie F. 6 
GORSELINE, Flora 21 
GOSS, Effie 4 
I. W. (m) 34 

GOSS, Ira N. 2 

Samuel 14 
GOSVENER, Elmer 35 
Frank 21 
Mary T. 6 
Nettie 10 
W. B. (m) 24 
GOSWICK, Edgar 28 

Ralph 3 
GOURLY, Alta 31 
GOURLEY, Eliza A. 12 
Elaa 20 
Everett 10 
Marion 14 
Ruth 6 
GOWAND, Jess M. 35 
GRAVEN, Hettle 30 31 

N. N. (») 31 
CRAVENS, Ora 11 
GRAVE, E. M. (■) 27 

Esther 2 
GRAY, Clarence 19 

Nora S. 6 
GREEN, Dove 10 
GREENLSAF, Chlorle 33 
GREENLEE, Haden W. 30 

Ocle 13 
GREENWOOD, Ester 31 

Will G. 36 
GREGORY, Ann 19 
Cleo 14 
E. D. Mrs. 35 
E. L. (m) 34 
Elcle M. 1 
Fay 34 
Inez 26 
James 18 
Lawrence C. 5 
Macy S. 29 
Myrtle 10 
GRIEN, Virgil L. 25 
Cecil 17 
Ellle (m) 31 
Elmer C. 30 
Glorence 29 30 
Homer 26 
Sherman H. 15 
Thos 33 34 
GRIMES, Ben 20 
Bettle 31 
D. P. (■) 31 
Elsie 36 
Etta 3 
John 6 
pleasant J. 6 
Rosa 32 
W. M. (m) 22 
GRISSOM, James N. 2 
Leroy 2 
4 GRIZZEL, Roy 20 
GROGAN, Ben 15 
J. K. (m) 17 
Opal 29 

HADDOCK, Hugh H. 2 
Laura M. 19 

HAGGARD, Alice 17 
Clarence C. 22 

HAINES, Ben L. 13 


HAKE, Dorothy 11 

Edward C. 1 

Jesse E. 13 

Roy 32 
HALDREN, John J. 29 
HALE, Delia >.'. 

Floyd 2? 

Willie 30 
HALEY, Nary A. 21 
HALL, Anna 21 

Burnie R. 11 

Dxuey (f) 11 

Etta 35 

Goldie 7 

Harriet 27 

Henry 1 

Julia A. 5 

Martha J. 5 

Mertll 12 

Myrtle 29 
HANDY, Lottie 14 
HANEY, Luc/ 1 
HANSON, Galen G. 4 
HAMLTON, Fred M. 30 
HAMILTON, Gertie 15 

Iva 22 

John 12 

L. D. (m; Ik 

Oma 31 
HARDEN, Wm. C. 14 
HARGUS, A. L. (m) 36 
HARNINGTON, Rufus L. 29 
HARPSTER, Percy R. 35 
HARRIS, Charley 20 

Clara 22 

D. C. (ra) 36 

Edgar R. 6 

George A. 23 
HARRISON, Herman 2. 1 

John E. 3^ 

Orlena M. 11 

Walter S. 21 
HART, Cartie B. 10 

Clave 30 

Fred E. 3 

Jesse 23 

Polly 14 

Vadie 14 

Voicy 34 
HARTLEY, Willie 33 
HARTMAN, Jno. 31 
HARTSELL, Elmer 36 
HATFIELD, Floyd 4 

Floyd 5 

Newtie 8 
HAVERTY, Ruth 22 23 
HATMAN, Veil 17 
HAY, L. M. (m) 23 
HAYDEN, Iva 17 
HAYS, Herman H. 31 

John 24 
HAYES, Lola 4 5 

Ray E. 3 
HEADLEY, Berchie E. 30 
HEATH, Geo. 0. 6 
HEDGES, William 28 
HEDRICK, Elsie 27 
HEIGHT, Homer 34 
HELFRECHr, Henry C. 5 
HELLUMS, Elvada F. 23 

Pearl J. 15 
HELSLEY, Bess 30 

Eppah 33 

Fannie 13 

Fred 20 

Grace. 24 

Hazel' 20 

J. P. (■) 33 34 

Lillle 36 

Raymond 27 

Sarah 12 

Shenna (a) 21 

Verda 33 34 

W. A. (m) 23 

Clyde 16 

Ernest 27 

Eva 14 

Fred L. 8 

Myrtle 8 

Ira 9 

Samuel 9 
HENDON, J. Walter 2 
HENSLEY, Alta 1 

Austin 33 

Bertha 4 

Carrie 22 

Charley 4 

Chester 31 

Chester G. 26 

Dolly 27 

Earnest 31 

Edith 1 

Everett 22 

Laurel 15 

Minnie 4 5 

Nettie E. 4 

Rosa 35 

Roy L. 31 

J, Eveline 14 

Lola Belle 17 

S. H. (n) 35 
J, Edwin 23 
HERD, Lillle 14 
HEROD, Lavina 21 
HERRIN, Grace E 35 

Lottie 14 
HERRINGTON, Alfred 33 
HICKEY, Floyd N. 31 
HICKMAN, Bertha 18 

Verba 4 
HICKS, Laura 4 

Lewis 31 

Lina 4 

Vernie 31 
HIGBY, Henry 26 
HIGHT, Eunice 23 
HIGHTOWER, Bonnie 31 

Lavelle 23 

Orvell 23 

Sarah H. 4 5 
HIGSBY, Annie 31 
HILES, J. A. (John) 16 
HILL, Alice 33 

Bertha May 34 

Ethel 1 

J. (m) 21 

J. J. (m) 2 

Laura 35 

Lewis 29 

Lillle 14 

HILL, Thos(80yr) 1 

Thomas 1 
HILTON, Joseph 10 
HIRST, Frankie (f) 13 
HOBBS, Wm. 21 
HODGE, Ida 10 

Iva 10 
HODGES, Grade 15 

Lola 23 

Rufus 11 
HOFFMAN, John T. 1 
HOG, L. M. (m) 23 
H0GGAT, Callsia 31 
H0LDCR0FT, Silvia 5 
HOLDEN, Ethel 17 
HOLLIMAN, Mabel 25 
HOLT, Anna 6 

Cecil (f) 32 

Everett W. 29 

G. Sherman 10 

Trellie 11 
HOMER, T. E. (m) 13 
HONEYCUTT, Clarence 8 

Sarah C. 4 5 

Vera G. 11 
HOOD, A. B. (m) 17 
HOOTS, Ada 24 
HOOVER, Opal L 21 

Ruth 21 
HOPKINS, Gladys 31 

Hazel 4 

Jackson 28 

Louise 30 31 

Margaret E. 4 

Nola 30 

Otis M. 30 
HOUSLEY, Alfred 13 

Delia 14 

Dora 28 

James W. 12 

Letta 14 

Mona 14 

Wesley F. 8 
H0VIS, Jesse G. 36 
HOWARD, Ray 28 
HOWELL, C. N.(Claude)27 

Oris E. 33 

Sarah F. 1 
HOWK, William B. 6 
HUBBARD, Olive 4 
HUBBY, Laura 32 
HUBLER, Dan 5 
HUCKABY, John H. 6 
HUDSON, Frank 9 

Grace L. 6 

Lizzie 2 

Menta A. 21 
HUFF, Charley 31 

W. E. (m) 23 
HUFFMAN, Luther A. 6 
H. H. (a) 29 
Jess 14 
Luther 28 
HUGGINS, Oscar R. 8 
HUGHES, Emma 10 

J. D. (a) 12 

HUME, Julian Bllla (m) 19 
HUMPHREY, Emma May 14 

T. Emmett 2 



HUNSAKER, Henry 10 
HUNT, Joseph L. 8 
HUNTER, Oma 20 

Henry C. 10 

Laura S. 6 

Luclnda 2 
HURT, Eliza 24 

Jim 19 

Millie 28 

Zady 14 
HUTCHISON, Maude 24 

Jesse 3 

Melissa 5 
HUTSELL, Bess 29 

Edna 5 

Emma 8 

Everet 36 

Hobert H. 35 

James B. 11 

Lola E. 1 

Martha D. Ik 

Ray 33 

S. E. (ra) 12 

Sara 33 

Zelma Eugene 21 
HUDSON. John Ik 
HYDE, Arthur E. 17 

Lena 18 
HYLTON, Effle 21 

Laura 35 

INHAN, John D. 6 
Leonard L. 5 
Thos. R. 29 

IPOCK, M. E. (m) 23 

IRWIN, May 31 

IVY, Cora L. 36 
Jake 22 

JACKSON, C. H. (m) 27 

Edith 20 

Fay 27 

James R. 15 

Michael 18 

Pearl R. 15 

W. B. (m) 20 
JAMES, Arbella 35 

Chas. E. 3 

Emily 9 

Ethel 15 

Frank 22 

Haggle 26 

Mayme 18 

Myra 21 

flenthy 29 30 

Zona 21 
JARVIS, J. S. 27 
JDJKDJS, Samuel 0. 14 
JOHNSON, Bertha 28 

Elijah H. 6 

Gladys 29 

Harrison A. 8 

Homer 28 

Ivey 22 

John 36 

Mabel 2 

Maggie Myrtle 2 

Mollle 34 

JOHNSON, Noah V. 2 

Nora M. 24 

Tennessee 7 8 

Walter H. 6 

Wright E. 35 
JOLLY, Bulah Mae 12 
JONES, Arthur 2 

Ava 29 

Clyde 34 

D. H. (ra) 25 

Elmer D. 5 

Eramett 9 

Ernest (17yr) 4 

Bula 22 

Flossie 27 

Fred L. 14 

Herbert 20 

Home/Oma 30 

H. U. (m) 13 

Irvin L. 5 

Iza 25 

John R. 3 

Lilac 17 

M. F. (m) 14 

Myrtle 28 

Noah T. 6 

Paralee 27 

Ralph 32 

Selph 10 

Stella 30 

Susie 27 

Thula 3 

Tlla 5 

W. A. (m) 6 

W. L. (ra) 24 

William A. J. 4 

Zeta 5 
JORDAN, Cecil 23 

Jesse 6 

May Evelyn 26 

Verble Ellen 2 
JUDKINS, M. J. (f) 21 

Nora 11 
JULIAN, G. E. (m) 5 
JURY, Oscar H. 19 
JUSTUS, Curt 28 

KALLMAN, Osker N. 16 
KEENER, Frank 18 

Gertrude C. 31 
KEITH, Lydia L. 9 

Ollie L. 31 
KELLER, L. R. (ra) 13 
KELLEY, Arthur 11 

Bertha 28 

Bessie 10 

Claude 5 

Elsie 32 

Ethel K. 34 

Jason I. 10 

Myrtle 3 

Sarah 13 

Verba 5 

W. H. (m) 17 
KELLOGG, Messic 16 
KEMPT, Ernestine 32 

W. T. (m) 20 
KENDALL, Lura 22 

Stephen W. 31 
KEY, J. H. (m) 3 

KEY, John T. 36 

Ollie 17 
KEYS, Laura 27 

Mollie 1 

Pearl 31 
KILBERN, Venus 17 
KILFOY, John 26 
KILLIAN, Martin 30 
KILMER, Roy 6 
KINCH, Mabel C. 20 
KINCHELOE, Maude 15 

Wm. P, 11 
KINDRICK, Arvel A. 14 
KING, Bertha L. 9 

Dollie 6 

E. H. (m) 33 34 

Franklin 20 

H. (m) 8 

Joe F. 29 

John F. 18 

Mary Bell 35 

Mary J. 22 23 

Verna 8 

Wm. E. 3 

William F. 3 
KINK, Julia ODELL 20 
KDKADE, Rosa 23 

Sarah 27 
KINNEY, C.H. (ra) 15 
KDJSER, James 22 

Robert L. 2 
KIRK, Esie 4 

Richard 4 5 

Clifford 30 

W. S. (m) 28 
KOHN, Emma 9 
KNOST, Charley 24 
KNOST,. Otto A. 8 
KNOST, W. 0. (m) 31 
KNOUSE, Midlan (m) 6 
KRAUSE, Leslie 28 

Pearl 32 
KREBS, William E. 12 
KUG, Felix 35 

LACY, Everett E. 11 

Myra 15 
LADOW, Will 26 
LAKEY, Eva 27 

Maud 20 
LANE, Henry C. 29 
LANGSTON, Jas. R. 29 
LANSDOWN, Delia L. 21 
LAREAU, Harry 22 
LAREE, Slntha 1 
LARUE, Ada A. 30 

Emma 29 
LARUR, Rosa 21 
LATHAM. S. P. (m) 29 

Orlena J. 33 34 
LATHROM, A. 4 5 

Andrew E. 6 

Arby L. 17 

Claud 17 

Cleo 22 

Daley 13 

Ell 17 

Elmer 27 


LATHROM, Etta 7 

F. V. (ra) 2? 

John 31 

Kate L. 14 

Katie 2 

Leonard 27 

Mlla 17 

Thelma 2? 
LATIMER, Emerson 26 

Fred 21 

Ollie Opal 31 

Ruby C. 33 

Verba 20 
LAWLER, Thomas H. 10 
LAWSON, Cora 28 

Eva 21 

James 34 

John W. 30 31 

Josle F. If 

Quint 21 

wmiw y* 

LAWTER, George V. 2 
LAY, Ruth 24 
LEACH, Elva (f) 31 

Jesse 26 

Logan H. 7 

Merle E. 6 

Opal Wllber 10 
LEACHER, Bernlce 35 
LEASCHER, Cecil C. (m)20 
LEACHER, Fleta 35 
LEATHERMAN, Alonzo 20 

Lonzo 36 

Gertie 35 
LEE, Abbie 25 26 

Effie A. 34 

Joseph R. 20 

Sarah E. 29 
LEFLER, Edward C. 27 
LEMOND, Anna 24 

James M. 24 
LEMONS, Alda 26 

Elmer 22 

Ethel 17 

Thomas J . 3 

Walter A. 27 
LENHART, Edward J. 4 
LESNfiRD, .George W. 6 
LEONADR, R. E. (ra) 15 
LESH, Wm. H. 31 
LEWIS, Chlow 30 

Fred 21 

Jesse J. 14 

Nancy A. 14 

S. L. (m) 17 
LTT.ES , Dessie 9 
LILLY. James E. 11 
LINTHICUM, Martha 20 

Vivian C. 12 
LOCKWOOD, N. J. (f) 27 
LONG, (18yr) 9 

Albert 31 

Alvin 35 

Arvell 31 

B. E. (m) 27 

Ben B. 35 

Bessie 17 

31anche 35 

Cammie 9 

LONG, Chas. C. 35 

Clara 1 

Claud 11 

Claude 34 

Dessie A. 11 

Edgar 0. 18 

Ethel 1 

Fannie 31 

Frona 29 

Georgia 20 

Iva 19 20 

J. A. (a) 5 

James E. 14 

James H. 13 

James M. 10 

Joel 1 

John A. (70yr) 5 

John R. 14 

John W. 3 

Jonah E. 22 

Luther W. 4 

Nora 17 

Ona 26 

Othla 16 

Roy 5 

Samuel 5 

Viola 8 

Wm. E. 6 

Owen 21 

Orvell 31 
L0NGWELL, Martha M. 4 

William C. 24 
LOOMIS, Edward 34 
LOOPER, Nannie 17 
LOPER, Hobert 28 
LOVE, Ben 20 
LOVEY, Bertha 7 
LOVINS, Fannie 20 

Mabel 5 
LOWELL, Marie E. 10 
L0YD, D. A. 4 

Fannie 21 

Joe 30 

May 29 
LUTRELL, Elsie Mae 35 

Herchel 18 
LYON, Edward W. 4 

MACE, Emma 6 

Jess K. 14 
MACK, Earl 30 31 
MACKEY, Ora 15 
MACON, Mary Mrs.(39yr) 19 
MAGEE, Earl D. 30 
MALLARY, Anna 19 
MALLETT, Dessie 28 

J. L. (m) 30 
MANAR, Addie 35 

Alonzo 35 

Ona 35 
MANES, Charles E. 3 
MANIER, W. W. (ra) 21 
MANSFIELD, W. S. (m) * 5 
MANSKER, Blrchle 34 

Mae 31 
MARCUM, George 34 
MARKIN, Alvln 19 
MARKUM, Arthur 18 
MARLEY, Minnie 32 
MARLIN, Edgar 29 

Inez 29 

MARLIN, Jas. E. 29 

Lou 4 

Paul 3 

Robert E. 8 
MARROW, Elsie 33 
MARRS, J. F. (m) 22 

Mary 12 
MARSHALL, John 30 

Mollie 12 
MARTIN, Ada 11 

Carl D. 34 

Lantie 3 

Mary 9 

Obed M. 7 

Olive 22 

Turl 15 
MARTON, Lula M. 11 
MASSEY, Gladys 27 

Lois 23 
MATLOCK, E. L.Edgar 23 

James F. 35 

W. A. (m) 23 
MATNEY, Grace I. 19 

J. E. (m) 20 

Martha 6 

William 6 
MATTHEWS, Marguerette 

E. 36 
MAXOM, Eva M. 3 
MAXVELL, Cecil (m) 36 
MAXVILLE, Lydia 20 
MAYAB, Ray 16 
MAYBERRY, A. M. (m) 5 

Andy 14 

Charley 17 

Fred 21 

Gertie 33 

George 18 

Goldie 34 
MAYS, Amie 13 
HEARS, Lola 15 
MEDLOCK, Alfred 36 

Aaron M. 22 

Viola 36 
MELTON, Charles C. 24 

Florence 2 

Freda 35 

Mabel 20 

Sylvester 18 
MIDDLETON, Hurley 10 

Sanford 19 

Stella 11 
MILLER, Alice (14yr) 9 

Alice 35 

Bertha 25 

Earl 25 

G. Bertha 29 

Irvln D. 10 

Lola 34 

Paul R. 33 
MILLSAP, Eunice 35 

Grace 4 5 

Samps 2 

Perry 28 
MINGS, Ada E. 2 

George R. 1 

Nancy A. C. 25 

Robert H. 24 

Jeff 1 
MINGUS, Lillie 12 


MINGUS, Xernia 33 
MINOR, Farley 11 
MITCHELL, Corda 19 

Elmer M. 4 5 

Golden M. 14 

Jas. B. 24 

James Harley 4 

James Isaac 13 

Ora 5 

William 15 
MOBERLY, Everett 11 
MONROE, Lona 27 

Genla 23 

Myrtle 29 

Ola 6 

Ollle 16 

Robert C. 22 

Troy 26 
MOODY, C. G. (m) 28 

Chrlstene 23 

Clara 17 

Ellhu 17 

Harry 34 

Myrtle 30 

Noah 27 

Otto 9 

Ussla (f ) 3 
MOON, Finis 8 
MOORE, Adallne 35 

Archie 12 

Bessie 10 

Dulene 6 

Ella 27 

Elven 21 

Essie 14 

Ethel 32 

Ettie 10 15 

Finis 8 

Izora 35 

James L. 11 

Lulu 5 

Maggie 12 13 

Neal 31 

Noah 21 
Nora 16 
Ora 27 

Virgil Jk 
Wm. 1 
MOREFIELD, Jessie B.8 
MORGAN, Daniel W. 1 

F. M. (m) k 
Muna 21 

MORRIS, Alta 22 
Elvia 35 

G. 0. k 
Jessie 2 
Lester R. 25 26 
Myrtle 17 

MORTON, C. H. (m) 28 

Dee 7 

Fred E. 16 

Luther E. 15 
MOSLEY, Bertha 21 

G. D. (m) 6 

Henry 21 

Jesse 16 

Laura 5 
MOSS, Nettie k 
MOTT, Ethel May 2 

MOTT, Fred H. 5 
MULKINS, Lola F. 11 
MULLER, Ernest 16 
MURR, Allle 1 

Arthur Ik 

Luther 32 

May 8 

Myrtle 35 

William 6 
MURRAY, Fred 15 
MURRELL, Ben 10 

George C. 5 

Gladys 26 

James W. 31 

Lowen 16 
MYERS, Chas. R. 29 

Elmer 22 

J. W. (m) 17 

Lillian 12 

Walter 1 
MYKRANTS, Harry V. 23 

MCALLESTER, Ethel May 21 

Gertrude 6 

Loyd 27 
MCBRIDE, Lena 6 

Vlcle 8 Ethel 6 
MCCANNON, Elmer 27 
MCCARTY, T. Dr. (m) 20 
MCCASKEY, Chester 3 

Edward F. 7 
MCCAY, Ruby 28 

Joffet 15 

Myrtle 18 
MCCLEART, Anna 22 
MCCLELLAN, Jason 27 
MCCLILLAN, Zella 16 
MCCLURE, Wiley W. 12 
MCCORMICK, Agnes 32 

Alfred k 
MCCOY, Claud 2k 
MCCRAW, Vada 5 
MCCRITE, Flora 18 

Maggie 15 

Robert L. 32 
MCDANNIEL, Amelia A. 15 
MCDARIS, Arnold 32 

Dow 30 

Earl W. 31 
MCDASKEY, Chester 3 
MCDONALD, Sarah C. 13 
MCELFRESH, S.E.Mrs. (f) 20 
MCGEE, Nina E. 11 
MCGHEE, Minnie 1 
MCGOWAN, Allle 29 

Arthur 7 

Jesse 2k 29 

Laura 30 
MCCOWBN, George F. 14 

Glen B. 7 
MCGUFFEY, J. M. (m) 15 
MCGUIRE, Iva 24 

Jas 28 
MCDnTRE, Bland P. 20 

C. W. (m) 2 

Charley 30 

MCINTOSH, Frankle 2? (f) 

Grace M. 35 

Harrison 1 

Lavinla 1 

Mary 9 

Mosler 3 

Susie 36 
MCKEEL, Ada 4 
MCXENNEY, Emma 34 
MCKIHLEY, Chancey 31 
MCKINNIE, Annie E. 31 
MCKRANTZ, Ranla 11 
MCNAHEE, Harvey R. G.5 

Herbert 10 
MCNEASE, Gertie 15 

James 15 
MCQUISTON, Mary Mrs. 20 

Marve 13 

Ray 7 8 

Rebecca 14 

Lewis E. 9 
NEHER, Lilly Ellen 6 

Wade 22 
NEILL, 1.0. (m) 22 
NEIRO, Louis 1 
NELSON, Frank 35 

Homer 26 
NEUKERT, Ada 35 
NEVELS, Edward 6 
NEVTLLS, Opal 31 
NEWMAN, J. S. 26 
NEWTON, Bertha A. 14 
Bessie 10 
Blanche 25 
Charlie C. 29 
Chester G. 6 
Essie M. 36 
Estie 30 (■) 
Eula 32 
Girlie 22 
Hosea Earnest 12 
James 14 
Jason 21 
Laura 8 9 11 
Only 33 
Opal 11 33 

Rettie 31 32 
Samuel E. 5 
Tansy 30 
Verda 9 
Walter S. 10 
NICHOLS, Berdie 3 
Chas. 30 
Florence 6 
Lilly B. 6 
Louis E. 29 
Rebecca 12 
William M. 5 
NIOCLE, Mary 6 
NIGHT, Mulford N. 22 
NOBLE, Leslie 15 
N0RCR0SS, Golda 34 
N0WLDJ, Billie (f) 35 
NOYLES, Eva M. 2 
NULL, Florence 28 



NUNGESSER, C. A. (a) 19 

OBER, Otto H. 5 
OBRIGHT, Charles 11 
ODELL, Albert 30 

Bessie 6 

Docla 23 

Ethel 29 

Jessie 19 

Lanta 2 

Laura 23 

Lethle 18 

Minnie 20 

Opal 36 

Orval 36 

Rosa G. 36 

Stella 15 

Vernum 30 

Winnlw 23 
ODLE, Jessie 19 

Ovie (■) 23 
ODUM, Charles C. 20 
OETTER, Margaretha 21 
OETTING, Carl H. 28 

Clara B. 15 

Ida 32 

Mary 21 
OLDS, C. D. 11 (m) 
OLIPHANT, Edna 27 

Elva 8 

orvllle 29 

S. M. (■) 24 
OLIVER, Casper R. 6 

Gladys 30 

John L. y* 
ONEAL, Rena 34 
ORE, David A. 5 
ORLEY, Thomas 20 
ORRLOFF, Jacob G. 15 
ORTLOFF, Ernest F. 20 
OTHING, Lydla 36 
OWEN, Elzie 32 33 

Fannie 8 
OWENS, Alven 25 

Amanda E. 4 

Elisha B. 4 5 

Eliza, 1 

Fannie 8 

Fred 9 

Iva 29 

John 36 

Letta 11 

Oma 29 

Otis E. 25 

Tressle 21 

William 15 

Zola 18 
OXENDINE, Renlce 30 

PADEN, W. E. (m) 27 
PAGE, Carrie Esta 9 
PALMER, Elsie 11 

Lonzo 9 
PANE, Sallle 27 

Wm. 31 
PARKER, Ava (m) 31 

Claud 13 

John 36 

PARKER, Roe 21 
PARLEIR, Jim 21 

Ollle 30 31 
PARMENTER, Nellie 3 
PATTERSON, Elza Solan 2 

Jennie 3 

Joseph 2 

Loay 21 
PATTON, Mattie 12 
PAUL, Glen 6 

Oner 36 
PAXTON, Myrtle Deys 2 

Rowley 22 
PAYNE, Jack C. 15 

Oscar 20 
PATTON, W. H. 4 
PEACOCK, Daisy 20 

Jesse 21 

William I. 15 
PEARCY, Llllle 10 
PEARL, May 23 
PEARSE, Loise 28 
PEARSON, Mattie M. 15 

Orvil 21 

S. A. (») 12 
PECK, John H. 19 
PENNINGTON, Rada (f) 9 
PERGSON, Llllle M. 32 
PERKINS, Charley 17 

Dove 30 

J. R. (m) 22 23 

J. J. (a) 10 

James J. 14 

William k 5 

Wright C. 8 
PERRY, Francis R. (m) 29 

Robert C. 10 
PERRYMAN, Edna 27 

Ethel y\ 

Hiram 12 

Mary 2 
PERVINS, J. J. (m) 10 
PETERS, James A. 4 

Shurfee 29 
PETTYJOHN, Maggie 18 
PEAULER, Dewey 31 
PEYLER, Dewey 31 
PHARRIS, Jennie 23 
PHILLPOTT, Silas 15 
PIGKRELL, Grace 11 
PIERCE, Beatrice 17 

Bertha 9 

Ewin 20 

Nellie 15 
PIERSON, Ardon A. 4 

Arthur D. 18 

Dessle 14 

Ona 8 
PIGG, Charles L. 2 
PINE, May 2 
PITCHFORD, Verbal 17 
PITMAN, Viola 18 
PITTS, Isaac 25 
PLASTER, Tom 18 
PLEMONS, Chas. E. 30 
PLEMMONS, Alpha B. 30 

James N. 1 

Sarah 10 
PLUNK, Minnie 31 

Vada 24 

POEE, Mary J. 22 
POOL, Artie 7 

Frances (f) 27 

Lola I. 6 

Harold 32 

Llnna 32 

May 21 
POPE, Iris 6 

J. G. (m) 9 

Leroy 1 

Mattie 29 

Thomas L. 9 
POWE, Minnie 36 
POWNALL, M. D. (m) 34 

Lillian 4 
PRESTON, Gertrude 13 

Ray 26 
PREWITT, Lewis 14 
PRIDGON, Belle 20 

Fred 28 
PROCK, Annie 9 

Charley 24 

Clara 10 

Delia 16 

James H. 3 

John F. 12 

John M. 15 

Nancy A. 24 

Odus 26 

Ora.(f) 14 

Rebecca E. 3 

Roy 17 

Stella 10 
PRUETT, Nola 15 
PRUIT, Lottie Mabel 28 
PRYOR, Wintford A. 3 (m) 
PURTLE, Benton 29 

Bert 18 

Florence 16 

Ira 28 

Majorle 22 

Nannie E. 9 

Wayman 36 
PUTMAN, J. J.(m) 2 
PYATT, Bessie 7 8 

Effie 17 

Walter 35 

William J. 12 

Ida V. 26 
Ivy 17 
Preston 8 

I, Carlos F. 30 

Sarah E. 9 
RADFORD, A. C. (m) 5 

Bryant 27 
RAGSDALE, Anna 18 

Minnie 15 
RAMSEY, Agnes 9 

Alson 29 

Davis A. 12 

May 29 36 
RANDOLPH, Inez 21 

Murtle 9 

Pearl B. 8 

W. Leroy 30 
RANEY, Alice 35 

Charles R. 36 



RANEY , Clarence 1 

Elmer A. 7 8 

Emma R 6 

Frank 35 

Ida 20 

Joseph P. 35 

Mary A. 8 

Nevada 5 

Sarah 20 
RANKIN, Orval L. 34 

Oscar L. 34 
RATTEREE, Joseph 2 

W. A. (ra) 28 
RAUCH, Frank A. 10 
RAYBORN, Arthur 22 

Charley 8 

Henry 20 

Jaraes H. 2 

R. (m) 20 

Victoria 10 
READ, Minnie M. 14 
REAVES, Chas. E. 32 

Lou C. 15 
REBERRY, David A. 19 20 
REDDICK , Emma 1 

Lewis 32 
REDMAN, Myrtle 30 

Susan 12 
REED, Anna 29 

Eva 32 

John H 13 
REESE, Neecie 24 

Nenar 23 
REESER, Chas. E. 31 

Luttie 27 

Nora 6 
REEVES, Bertha 33 

H. M. (n) 18 

Mary Ida 35 

Stella 21 
REMBE, Chas 34 
REYNOLDS, Anna B- 22 

Cora L. 1 

Zena Lenora 10 

J, Ada 14 

5, Charles 11 
RICE, Forrest M 36 

L. C. (m) 28 
RICHARDSON, Alvah F. 16 

Carrie 14 

Eva 33 34 
RIDENS, Oscar R 11 
RILEY, Lon 11 

Lydla 6 

Nora 19 

Oliver 20 

Raymond 21 
RUPEE, Emma E. 6 7 

Etta 32 

J. B. (m) 34 

Julia 7 

Lou 2 

Olivar C. 11 

Ora 20 24 

S. C. (m) 15 

Sadie 22 

Stella 18 

Vadie 34 

Walter L. 6 7 
RITTER, Alta 9 
ROAM, Daisy 14 




Dollle 19 

Herman 6 

Ida 17 32 

Mary Locattie 22 23 

Opal 15 

Warren 20 
ROBERTSON, Archie 16 

Katie 12 

Laura 1 

Maggie 21 

Ola 2 
RQBBSTIAN, Sarah 36 

Bertha 4" 

Frances (f) 22 

George 21 

Sarah 19 

Unice M. 11 

C. E. (m) 18 

Terry E. 23 
R0BS0N, Charley 
ROSY, Grace 8 

Carrie Mrs. 
Alice Mae 
RODNEY, Mary 1 
ROGERS , Agnes 5 

Chas. 31 

Elizabeth 19 

Elizabeth 19 

Elva 20 

Gladys 19 

Russell Bond 5 
ROLLER, CI ota 14 

Etcye (m) 20 
ROOK, Fama (f) 28 

Guy 20 
ROPER, Lina L. 16 

Lizzie 17 
ROSE, Hiram 26 

May 22 
ROSEMAN, Lola 1 
ROSS, Frank B. 23 

Grace Pearl 6 

Nora 28 

S. E. (m) 22 
ROTH, L. G. (m) 20 
ROVE, Jones E 30 
ROWER, Wesley 6 
ROYAL, Blrtha 17 

Geo. 29 

George M 20 

James E 12 

Nona 1 
ROYSTER, B. F. (ra) 13 

Bert 7 

Dee R. 12 

Evert 16 

Ida 28 

Lillie 6 

Mavll (f) 34 

Teli (f) 13 
RUBEY, Marvel 11 
RUMFELT, Alfred W. k 

Bertie A. 14 

Laura 4 

Sherman 11 

Walter 20 
RUMMEL, Alexander 11 

Ida B. 11 
RUMPLE, R. C. (ra) 24 
RUSH, Mollle 28 

RUSHING, Alfred 31 32 

J. T. (m) 23 
RUSSELL, Claris Fay 30 

Estell 23 

Eula Clair 23 

Fannie 16 

Fred 19 

James 17 

Mary 27 

Roy 17 

W. F. (■) 3 
RUST0N, John 11 
RYAN, Albert 35 

Elizabeth (88Yr) 1 

Isabel 1 

J. M. (m) 4 

Jake 18 

Nettie 30 

Ola 35 

Rhoda 6 

SAILS, Benjamin 1 

Jewell F. 31 
SALADIN, A. H. (m) 33 

Frank M. 8 

Lillie 11 

Will 19 
SALSGIVER, Elmer 28 
SANDERS, Alva 22 

Benj E 11 

Dennis 14 

Ethel 19 35 

Gladys 30 

Hub 11 

John F. 4 

M. H. (ra) 32 

Mandy V. 22 
SARRICK, Geo. 35 

Lillie Faye 34 
SASEEN, John R. 8 
SAVAGE, James 33 34 
SAWERS, Walter C 14 
SCARBROUGH, J. Bruce 12 
SCHEETS, John 17 
SCH0CK, Ada 15 
SCH0ON0VER, Mary 15 
SCOTT, Anna 21 

Charley 2 

Dora E 4 

Edward W 29 

Elbert E. 11 

Frank 31 

H. H. (m) 24 

Marion F. 9 

Pearl 28 

Ora 4 

S. D. (m) 21 

Vanessa 28 

Verba 33 34 

Will 29 

Willie (f ) 11 
SCRIVINER, Jaraes M. 12 

0. W. (m) 9 
SEAL, Bobbie (f ) 26 

Hattie 19 

Stella 23 
SEALS, Clifford 31 
SEASE, Carnelia M. 19 20 
SEAY, Clarence 19 

Frank 19 


SSE, John A. 22 
SEXIER, Helen 12 
SELLARS, Lacy 21 

Lila 25 
SHAGKLKFORD, U. G. (m) 36 
SHADE*, B. A. (is) 30 

Oscar 16 

R. E. (l) 2 

Vada 22 

Van 18 
SHANES, Edgar Byron 8 

Eva 9 
SHANNON, Clarence D. 19 20 
SHASTID, Lucy A. 29 
SHAVER, Alice 6 

Elbert Lee 4 

H C. (a) 12 

James V 14 

Roy 20 
SHAW, Lizzie 22 

Lucy May 15 

Maude 27 

Robert A 30 

Ruth 24 
SHELTON, Herbert C. 17 

William W. 11 
SHBPPARD, Evelyn 11 
SHERRELL, John 27 

Louis 8 

Noah 32 

Ora (■) 35 
SHIELDS, C. T. (m) 2 

Orrel 16 
SHINKLE, Clifford 26 
SHIPLEY, Myrtle 34 
SHORES, Chas E. 33 34 

Maudie 33 34 

Ruth May 9 
SHORT, Arthur F. 9 

Bessie 16 

John L 11 

Mattie 17 
SHORTER, F. M (m) 1 
SHREEVE, Fred 19 

Bertha 16 

Bertie 16 

Henry 30 

Oma 10 
SHUFLER, M. A. (f) 23 
SHUMATE, Jason 11 

Jessie 5 
SIXES, Emmons 19 

Ethel 15 

Rosco 9 

Sarah 34 
SIMMONS, (f) 36 

Clara Fern 21 

Joseph E. 28 
SIMS, S. D. (m) 1 
SISCO, Mellissa 34 
SISK, Carl W. 6 

Edgar A. 5 
SKINNER, Dewey I 31 

Osia 31 32 
SKITES, Richard G. 29 
SLATE, Grace 28 

Thos. 22 23 
SLAUGHTER, Orpha Mae 35 
SLAVENS, Leon (f) 30 31 
SLUDER, Elsie 19 

SMALLBY, Harrison C. 6 
SKALLWOOD, Goldo 22 
SMARD, John E. 24 
SMART, Elva 11 

Grace 11 

Rosie 13 
SMITH, s y 18 

Arley 8 

C. A. (a) 22 

Claud 20 

Claud A. 11 

CLeo 5 

Docla 28 

Ethel 12 

Ettie 24 

Eula 24 

H. L. (a) 17 

Homer 34 

Hubert F. 6 

Inez 4 5 

Jewell 29 

John 29 

Leah 17 

Nettle 21 

Richard 19 

Samuel 19 

Stella 4 

Susie 2 

Vane 16 
SMITTLE, Elva 9 

Ira 8 

W. F. (a) 35 
SNAVELY, Bryan 35 
SNOW, Dora 35 
SN0WDEN, Pearl May 32 
SNYDER, Daisy J. 5 
S0LADINE, Roe 30 
SONG, Mae 32 
S0WERSBY, Ray 6 
SPAIN, Grace 20 
SPARKS, Clarence 26 

Margaret J. 32 

Rosaquetta 6 

Sarah L. 4 

Susan 14 
SPENCE, Everett J. 3 

Pearl 12 

Verba 3 
SPENCER, Mae 22 
STACEY, Roy 29 

Lena 13 29 
STAFFORD, Cleo 34 

Oaer 13 
STAKES, Morgan 9 
STALLING, Ethel 20 
STANTON, Chester 23 
STARKS, Bud 11 

Eva 32 

M. J. (a) 35 
STARR, Kittle 2 
STEELE, Hiram 12 
STEINERT, Belle 3 

Joseph H 16 

Julia A. 13 

M. E. (a) 3 
STEVENS, Mamie 24 

Malinda 1 

Mayme D. 6 
STEVENSON, J. T. (a) 25 

STEWART, Ira 22 

Arlett M. 6 

Nora 26 
STIGALL, Dolen 1 
STHLKY, Harrison 2 

Roy 32 
STCLLIY, Lee 28 

Made 24 
STELLWBLL, Luther 20 
STIPP, Mildred 23 

Sarah L. 19 
STODDARD, L. W. (m) 11 
STOKES, John E. 11 

Morgan 9 

Norma 18 
STORY, Ira C. 4 5 34 
STOUT, Cornelia 11 

Florence 1 

Harley 8 

Hosea H. 3 

Ira 34 

Lou 12 

Viollne 28 
STREUBES, Alice 31 
STRONG, Elmer 24 

John 10 

Thos. 27 
STRUBE, Ralph 29 
STUBBS, Clara 7 

Fay A. 7 8 

James T. 11 

Walter J. 10 
SULLENS, Marvin A. 11 

Mary 28 
SULLIVENS, Vernla 36 
SULLIVAN, Bouldin 35 
SULLIVANT, Henry H. 11 

James B. 34 

Rosie 13 

W. Earl 24 
SUMMERS, W. R. (m) 22 
SURGUINE, Lillian 23 
SUTTON, Buford 2 

Myrtle C 23 
SWING, Zeno 6 

TANKERSLY, H. A. (f)29 
TARBUTTON, Clyde 32 

Homer C. 2 

Otto 4 
TATE, Arizona 30 

Dora 13 

Edith 31 

Elbert N 23 

Ella 4 

Fred 20 

G. S. (m) 23 

Iva 33 

Lenora 6 

Logan 3 

Mandy 23 
TAYLOR, Anna 26 

Glydie E 2 

Sarah 26 
TEAGUE, Nola 14 

Ona 32 
TEMPLE, Ervin H. 8 
THARP, Rlza 27 
THOMAS, Chas. 11 

Dow 28 

Elvin A. 36 


THOMAS, Fred C. 21 
Gladys 34 
Grace 36 
Harry M 28 
Ira J 6 
Leonard 14 
Theodore 17 
Tony 23 
William J 4 
THOMPKINS, Herbert 34 
Lance 15 
Otis C. 12 
Vernle 13 
Vivian 18 
THOMPSON, David L. 1 
George 4 5 10 
Nora 10 
THORNHILL, Bessie 26 
John 28 
Viola 6 
TIDWELL, Irene 12 
TIFFANY, Glenn 8 
TIFFNER, Elmer 20 
TINSLEY, Clara E. 31 
Emmer 31 
Moses 21 
TODD, Andrew 22 
Arzetta 12 
Brooks 22 
Charles R. 14 
Chas. 34 
Deemer 2 
Docla M. 16 
Geo. W. 1 
Ila 18 
Joe 34 
Laura M. 29 
Lawson 25 
Mary 14 
Mary E. 2 
Maude 34 
Robert H. 4 
T0MBLES0N, Harold 26 

Roscoe 12 
TOOL, Ida 23 

Rosy A. 22 
TO0LEY, Harry 31 
Frances (f) 31 
TOW, Ben 22 23 
TOWE, Benjamlne 1 

Gertie 28 
TRIPLETT, William S. 1 
TRIPP, Carl 32 
Claud E. 26 
Eulalla 32 
TRUSTY, J. M. (m) 21 
TUCKER, Amerlcus 14 
Gary Oscar 1 
Dolly 20 
Fannie 34 
O.H.J, (m) 3 
Sophia 20 
TURGON, Agnes 21 
TURLEY, Amanda 11 
TURNER, Ada 10 
Alva 34 
Bess 9 
C. W. (m) 15 
Carl 22 
Clyde H 24 
Connie B. (m) 7 8 

Slsle 17 

Eppah Gena 18 

Ernest 5 

Gardner 35 

Harvey M. 13 

L.L. (m) 30 

Margaret Elizabeth 2 

Pearl 3 

Roxie 20 

Ruth 34 

Slotha Mrs. 7 8 

Thula 20 

Valley 21 
TUTTLE, Annie 31 

Nora 22 
TYSON, Chris 2 

USSERY, Abe 11 

Cordelia B. 5 

Clara 17 

Clarence 22 

Con 32 

Fred 2 

Manda J. 

Mary 27 

Pete 6 

Peter M. 

Slnda 22 

Syntha 18 
UTLEY, Pascal 11 




Maude 11 

William J. 10 
VANCE, Ben 23 
VANHOUSER, Eunice 18 

Houston 32 
VANNOY, Elizabeth 11 

Jennie 5 
VANZANT, W. F. (m) 28 
VAUGHN, Anna 20 

Clarence 30 31 

Decie Mrs. 34 

William 6 
VEIT, B. F. (■) 35 
VENABLE, Maida 33 
VINCENT, Harriett 6 
V0LZ, Henry J. 11 

WADE, Charles 6 

Clinton J 11 

Doll 11 

Dorothy 27 

James 11 

Maude 19 
WADLINGTON, Wm. Perry 4 
K. D. (■) 34 
\, Elmer E. 21 
WALKER, Annie 8 

Charles H. 10 

Charles Henry 4 

Bonna 35 

Elliott 21 35 

Henry L. 18 

L.C. (m) 18 

Mary 12 18 

Nettle 11 

Ora 21 

WALKER, Pear 18 

Sary E. 2 
WALL, Henry W. 17 
WALLACE, Columbus E.ll 
Ella 22 
Ina Belle 24 
WALTBTS, Albert H. 1 
WALTON, Orie L.(m) 35 
WAMACXS, Ethel 36 
WAMPLER, Elva 12 
WARD, Alven L. 6 
Arthur 15 
Bettie 24 
Cleo A. 17 
Effie 14 
Harry 28 
James H. 6 
Jasper N. 6 
Opal 22 28 
Nancy M. 34 
WARDEN, Lena 19 

Freeda 36 
WARE, Mabel 28 
WARNER, May W. 4 
WARREN, Flossie B.22 
WASHBURN, Clarence E-33 
WATSON, G. W. (m) 34 
Ida 14 
Leonard 29 
WATTS, Sylvester A. 8 
WEAVER, Elbert W. 4 
Etta 9 
Grace 28 
J. Walter 8 
Newton J. 14 
Pearl 20 
Perry 2 
Tressle 23 
WEBB, Clemma 18 
Elbridge 4 
Floyd 23 
Goldle 31 
Jessie Olive 30 
Martha L. 12 
Maude 13 
Ray 17 
WEBBAR, Shirley 6 
WEBBER, Agnes F. 20 
WEBSTER, Lavern H. 6 
WEHR, Glen G. 31 
WEIMER, John 21 
WEL_ETT, Sarah E. 24 
WEISON, Charles C 6 
WELCH, Opal 24 
Lewis 33 
S. A. (m) 30 
Sherman 7 8 
WELLS, Mary 11 

Shellie 4 
WEST, John F. 34 
WESTON, Maxwell C. 11 
WHEAT, Elsie Marie 30 
WHEELER, Eula 36 
WHEELER, Harry E. 23 
WHELCHEL, Aaron P. 6 
WHITE, Mary J. 5 
Pearl E. 36 
Ralph 12 
Bay 23 28 
W. (a) 27 



WHITE, Mm. M. 9 

WOOD, Fannie 8 

YOUNG, Jesse C. 2 

WHITED, Mary 35 

Fay (a) 1 

John H. 2 

WHITEKER, Bessie 15 

Guy E. 6 7 

Leslie L. 4 

Etta 36 

Henry 33 

Mae 35 

Eula 35 

Janes Otto 9 

Miles 35 

Fred 21 

Lottie 28 

Orphle 0. 2 

WOTTED, Frances 17 (f) 

Nettie 34 

Rosie 16 

Ha. 17 

Oma 21 

Sadie 30 

WHITTERD, Lucy 20 

Oscar 36 

Samuel C. 4 

WIDNER, Elizabeth 8 

Robert Jr. 36 

Thona 18 

Marvin 2 

Zella 20 

Vida 22 

WILBURN, E. J. (a) 12 13 

W00DIE, John 10 

W. B. (m) 34 

WILCOX, Archie P. 15 

WOODLE, Loula 18 

William 17 

WILKEN, Maud 35 

Nellie V. 35 

Wllllaa H. 15 

WILLARD, Arthur J. 31 


Xenia May 5 


WOODY, John 10 

YOUNGER, John T. 27 

WILLHITE, Addle 15 

WOOLARD, Heraan 6 

YURAM, Pern 31 32 

Allle 21 

Stephen 14 

WILHTTE, Janes W. A. 1 

Tina 7 8 

WILLHITE, M. S. (m) 29 

Viney 13 


William 4 

WOOLDRIGE, W. C. (») 10 

Zena 27 

WOOLEY, Albert L. 2 

WILLIAMS, Albert J. 5 

WOOLSEY, Joe 15 

Anna 17 
Ben H. 15 

WORSHAM, James 31 
Leonard 19 20 

INDEX compiled by 

Bertha 14 24 

Mary Alice 4 

Gloria Cttm 

Bessie 36 

Milford 13 

Rout* *1, Bo» 27« 
Sprtngfl^d. MO 85802 


Delia 23 

S. D. (a) 21 

Elva (m) 31 

WREN, Hobert 35 

Ernie K. 11 

WYANN, G. W. (a) 26 

Georgia 5 

WYATT, Vlrgie (f) 4 

Grace A. 35 

WYNN, Ada 11 

H. B. (m) 16 

Arno 16 

James 3 

Charley 23 

Jessie 15 

Ella 28 

John L. 14 

Grade 12 

Lillie 12 

WYNNE, Bessie 19 

Lucy 13 

Dessie 6 7 

M. L. (a) 2 

Nettie V. 2 

Manard 17 35 

Opal 27 

Maynard 1 

WYBICK, Charles J 6 

Mary 27 

Elbert 11 

Mayne 23 

Samuel R. 17 

Survannie 5 

ZIMMERMAN, Estey (f ) 18 

Susie 11 


Willie 34 

Otis 22 


ZONGKERS, Bertha 35 

WILLIS, John 24 

Lula 34 

WILLOWBY, Thos. Bryant J6 

YANDLE, James 14 

WILSON, Bert 21 

YEAGER, E. E. (f) 36 

Bessie 3 

Y0CUM, Bertha A. 27 

Edward R. 3 

Enaett 36 

Daniel S. 1 

Marilda 19 

Ethql 21 

Nellie 6 

George 28 

S. N. (a) 22 

Geo. W. 14 

YOUNG, Ada 21 

Indiana 1 

Agnes 30 

James 20 

Audrey 36 

Jane 4 5 

Bessie 11 

Marjory 33 

Bessie M. 4 

Maude 26 

Bill J. 31 32 

Minnie 20 

Chester 6 

S. W. (a) 21 

Crissie 36 

Samuel H. 12 

Daisy L. 3 

Susie 33 34 

Earl 18 

WINN, Bessie Lou 14 

Edgar 34 

WXrCHER, Kathleen 35 

Elsie 28 

WIYRICK, Flora 10 

Grace 14 

WOOD, Cecil (a) 18 

Henry H. 23 

Charles A. 3 

Ira E. 30 

Daisy M. 2 

Jesse 29 



HILLHOUSE, Grace 12 
LAURY, Jessie 12 
MARTIN, Wlllard 12 
WILSON, James Ottls 12 


ABER, Don Q. Mrs. 27 
ADAMS, E. J. 23 

Robert 23 

Robert, Recorder 7 
ALLEN, J. F. 5 13 28 

Perry 14 

W, H, 24 
ALMON, Rev. C. 22 
ANDERSON, J. N. Dr. 33 

John P. 26 

Rev. 13 

V. H. Rev. 16 
APPLBY, Prof. 3 
ARNALL, Geo. W. 14 32 
ATKINSON, Chas. Constable 

Mrs. 6 
ATNIP, Homer 6 

Jno Mrs. 6 

BALLARD, Jas. F. 15 
BARNS, Sarah 15 
BASTLEN, Harry J. 3 
BENTON, Eliza 12 

Mr. & Mrs. 12 

Simon 27 

B0YE i. L. 9 
BRAMHALL, George V. 30 
BRIGGS, C. H. 32 
BURNET, Ell 18 
Sam 9 

CANTRELL, Artie 20 

I. N. (n) 36 

J. G. Mrs. 20 

Wm. 19 
CARR, Sarah 16 
CARTER, Jesse M. 13 27 
CHAPMAN, Cal 31 
CHOAT, John 8 
CLARK, Ed 16 
CLAXTON, B. A. 31 

J. E. 18 

L. E. 20 
CLIMER, Albert 6 
CODAY, Isaac 18 

Sybel 33 

Thonas 33 
COGDILL, Elba Mrs. 16 
CONLEY, Jim 20 
COTTENGIM, Wm. Judge 23 
COX, Argus Judge 33 
COXEN, Bettle 15 

Dona 15 
CRAIG, N. J. 14 
CREER, W. I. Sheriff 19 20 
CRIDER, H. C. 2 
CURNUTT, Horace 7 

CURTIS, A. M. 17 

Prosecuting Attny. 7 
Roy E. 17 

DAVIDSON, James 16 

Sarah 16 
DAVIS, B. S. 32 
DECKARD, Ruby 33 
DENNIS, Ezra Mrs. 12 
DUGGAR, Thomas 26 
DUREN, Froman 19 

ELLIS, D. F. Rev. 17 

Ernest Mrs. 28 

Frank B. 36 

W. C. 20 
ELY, Rook 24 

FARMER, A. J. Dr. 33 
A. J. Drugstore 3 

FERRILL, Sarah 15 

FINDLEY, Jess 26 

FINKS, Will Mrs. 18 

FISHER, B. F. 25 
20 Chas. 25 

FREELS, Arthur Mrs. 6 

FREEMAN, Judge 3 7 

FRY, Chas. 33 
Clarabell 33 

GARNER, E. B. 6 

Glendon 6 
GIDEON, T. J. Mrs. 9 

T. J. Rev. 18 32 
GORSUCH, W. R. Judge 21 

HACKNEY, Mrs. 3 
HAINES, Ben L. 33 

Bulah 33 
HAKE, Esq. 18 
HARRIS, Mrs. 18 
HARVEY, Corlass Mrs. 4 
HEDRICK, Mr. R. 25 
HENDON, Walter 36 
HENSLEY, B. W. 27 

Elmer 27 

Fred 27 

L. W. Rev. 24 
HICKMAN, J. S. 27 

Opal 27 

S. H. 27 
HUDSON, Frank 17 

I, Geo. Mrs. 4 

JACKSON, J. W. 10 
JONES, Effle 27 

J. D. 27 

J. M. Rev. 16 

Lula 5 

Noah 27 

KELLEY, Wm. 12 
KERR, Wm. 5 

LATIMER, Albert 33 
LONG, Alvln 33 
Lovle 7 

McKINNEY, John 4 

MALLET, J. D. 27 
MANSF IELD , F. M. 33 

MARLIH, Judge 2 
MARTIN, J. P. 18 
MNGUS, J. P. Rev 33 

Julia Mrs. 14 
MOORE, John 32 
MORRIS, M. M. 22 
MORTON, D. 10 

Oma 10 
MOTT, J. H. H. Mrs. 2 

M. 36 
MURRELL, Dee 26 

G. C. Judge 26 

Geo. C. 18 

NEWTON, Laura 9 
W. A. 26 

ODELL, Jake 30 
ODEM, C. C. 20 
OETTING, Louis 21 
OLIVER, Jerry 27 
W. W. Mrs. 14 

PAYTON, Mr. * Mrs. 12 
PIERSON, James, Mrs. 27 
PROTHEROE, R. L. Mrs. 4 
PRYOR, John N. 3 

W? C? 27 
PYATT, Jody C. 17 

RANDOLPH, Calvin 17 

W.P. 27 
RILEY, F. H. Dr. 32 
RIPPEE, F. A. 27 

G. W. 7 

Harrison 7 

J. B. 27 
RITZINGER, T. B. Rev. 33 
ROBERTS, Warren 19 
RQBINETT, Howard Mrs. 10 
ROBSON, Harry 26 
ROWAN, Mr. 9 
RUSSELL James Mrs. 20 

John A. Rev. 8 

SELLERS, John J. 25 
SHANNON, Inez 18 
SHAVER, F. 12 
SMITH, Dr. 14 

E. S. 14 

Maude 10 
SOLIDINE, Peter 17 
STACY, Lucy Mrs. 23 
STEELE, J. H. 20 
SUMMERS, Alice 9 

G. W. 9 

Tom 9 

Virginia 9 

TARBUTTON, Tarrah 25 
TATE, Lewis B. Squire 30 
TODD, A. J. 16 

Nancy M. 14 

Thomas Rev. 14 

WADE, Squire 24 
WAMFLER, Chas, Mrs. I 1 * 
WHLBANKS, Rev. 14 



WILSON, Eli Mrs 9 

WOOD, Mrs. 10 

Sheriff & Mrs. 7 
WYNNE, John 7 

YOUNG, 25 
Bertha 27 
Henry 27 
Robert 27 
Reuben 27 
Ruben 12 
Samp 18 
Samuel 27 



Gloria Bogart Carter 
Route #7, Box 276 
Springfield, MO 65802