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Among the first settlers of the Connecticut 
River Valley was Deacon Samuel Wright, whose 
first home in this country was in the town of 
Springfield, Mass. 

Very brave must have been the men who ob- 
tained that rich and beautiful country, little by 
little, from the savages who occupied it. for 
many fierce and bloody battles were fought, be- 
fore its possession was secured. It seems em- 
inently proper, therefore, that we take some note 
of our ancestors, who engaged in the struggle, 
and cherish their memory enough to preserve 
their names from the perishing records of their 
times, and pass them on for our children to 
honor. It is with this in view that this little 
Memorial has been undertaken. 

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Springfield, Massachusetts, was settled in 1636, 
but the name of Samuel Wright first appeared 
in the town records, Dec. 12, 1639, when he 
. was a juryman. He was a deacon of the First 
Church at Springfield, and "was appointed by 
the town to dispense the Word of God, during 
the absence of the minister, Rev. Mr. Moscen, 
who had gone on a visit to his native land." 
He moved to Northampton in 1655, anc * was one 
of the first settlers of that town, where he died 
Oct. 17, 1665, "while sleeping in his chair." He 
left property by will to his wife, Margaret, and 
each of his children. His widow died in 1681. 
Deacon Wright appears to have been an in- 
telligent and useful member of the church, and 
he labored to promote its prosperity. He was 
quite probably a man of a very religious tem- 
perament, as he distinguished himself chiefly in 
religious affairs. He probably came over to this 
country under the auspices of his brother 
Nathaniel, and was attracted to Springfield by- 
Mr. Pynchon, both of which gentlemen had been 


associated in Winthrop's company. 

The following table indicates his English pedi- 

The children of John Wright of Kelvedon, 
Essex County, England, were, 

i. Robert, married Mary Greene. 

2. John of Wrightsbridge, married Avis Rooke. 
The children of the latter were, 

i. John. 

2. Robert. 

John's first wife was Emfell; and their 


i. John of Wrightsbridge, who married Kath- 
erine, daughter of Sir William Garraway, Kt. 
[T 2. Samuel. 

3- Jane. 

This Samuel was the father of our ancestor, 
Deacon Samuel Wright of Northampton. 

The second wife of the third mentioned John 
was Bennet Greene, and their children were, 

i. Nathaniel, married Lydia James. 

2. Lawrence. 

3- Bennet. 

The oldest son, Nathaniel, was a merchant in 
London, and an assistant of the Winthrop Com- 
pany in 1630. 

— His children were, Samuel, born 16 14; John, 
Nathaniel, James, Hester, Lydia. 

Robert, the eldest son of the first John Wright 
of Kelvedon, had two sons, John and Thomas. 
The former married Grace Glascock, and had 
three sons and three daughters. Among them 
were Thomas and Anthony Wright, who were 
contemporary with Deacon Samuel Wright, and 
may have been the same Thomas and Anthony 
Wright, who settled in Wethersneld, Conn., 
about 1640. 

The Coat of Arms of the Wrights is blazoned 
in the technical language of heraldry, as follows: 
"Az., two bars Ar., in chief, three leopard's 
heads, Or. 

Crest. Out of a ducal coronet, Or, a dragon's 
head. Ppr." 

Further research might be made in the records 

of Essex county, England. 

Deacon Samuel Wright married Margaret . 

Their children were, 

2. Samuel, married Elizabeth Hurt, daughter of 
Henry Burt of Springfield, Mass., 1653. 

3. James, married Abigail jess, Jan. 18, 1664. 

4. Mary. 

5. Margaret, married Thomas Bancroft, Dec. 
3, 1653. 

6. Hester, married Samuel Marshfield, Feb. 18, 

7. Lydia, married Lawrence Bliss, Oct. 25, 
1654, also, John Norton, Oct. 3, 1678, also, John 
Lamb, 16S8, and George Coiton, 1692. Died, 
Feb. 13, 1699. 

8. Judah, born May 10, 1642, married Mercy 
Burt, Jan. 8, 1666. 

9. Helped, born July 15, 1644. died young. 
These children, except the last two, were born be- 
fore their parents came to this country. 

The children of Samuel Wright (2) were, 
— 10. Samuel, born 1654, married Sarah Lyman 

of Northampton, 1678. 

11. Joseph, born 1657, married Ruth Sheldon, 

12. Benjamin, born 1660, married Thankful 
Taylor, also, Mary Barker of Springfield. 

1 3. Ebenezer, born 1663. 

14. Elizabeth, born 1666, married Thomas Steb- 
bins, of Springfield, Mass. 

15. Elizur, born 1668, married Mary Pardee. 

16. Hannah, born 1671, married Samuel 
Billings, of Hatfield. 

17. Benoni, baptized in 1675. 

— Samuel Wright (2) was a soldier on service in 
Northfield, Mass., where he was killed by the In- 
dians ten days before the birth of his youngest 
child, who was named Benoni, "son of my sorrow." 
Two of his sons settled in Northfield, where their 
descendants were very numerous. Captain Benja- 
min Wright (12) was a noted Indian fighter. 
The old homestead in Northampton remained in 
possession of some of the family nearly a hundred 
and fifty years, or until about 1S00. 


Joseph Wright (i i) married Ruth Sheldon of 
Northampton, Nov. 6, 1679. Their children were, 

18. Joseph, born 1681. 

19. Samuel, born 16S3, died 1690. 

20. Ruth, born 16S7, married Luke Noble in 

21. James, born 16S9, cae< ^ young. 

22. Mai*)-, born 1690, died young. 

23. Samuel, born 1693, married Jemima King 
Dec. 19, 1 7 17. 

24. Benoni, born 1697. 

Samuel Wright (23) was the great grandfather 
of Hon. Silas Wright, who was a governor of New 
York. Our ancestor in this last family was Joseph 
(18), who married Ruth Harmon in 1704, also 
Widow Sarah Edwards, Oct. 22, 1750, who was 
originally a Pomeroy from Colchester. Their 
children were, 

25. Joseph, born 1705. 

26. Abigail, born 1707, married Noah Pixley in 

27. Asa, born 17 10, married Hannah Wait in 

,,lllllllll„,lfl, ,,,,,,, m III!,, II, I, ,,,!■, 


28. Reuben, born 17 13. 

29. Aaron, born 1 7 1 5 , married Miriam Edwards. 

30. Titus, born 171 7. 

31. Timothy, born 1720, married Elizabeth Burt. 

32. Naomi, born 1722, married a Wolworth of 
Longmeadow, Mass. 

The mother of these children died Feb. 23, 1750. 
The second wife (Sarah Edwards) died March 26, 
1 75 1. Joseph Wright, the father, died June 5, 


Captain Aaron Wright (29) married Miriam 
Edwards, who died March 14, 1797, aged seventy- 
nine. Their children were, 

33. Aaron, born June 13, 1744, died 1744. 

34. Aaron, born June 5, 1745. 

35. Oliver, born Jan. 24, 1747, married Martha 
Lyman 1770. 

36. Miriam, born June 1749, died 1750. 

2,y. Justus, born Jan. 5, 1752, married Dorcas 

38. Daniel, born Nov. iS, 1755. 


39- Miriam, born Oct. 29, 1757, married Jona- 
than Dwight. 

40. Asceneth, married Elias Mann of Northamp- 

Of this family Justus ($j) is our ancestor. A 
record which is doubtless reliable says, "Justus 
Wright obtained from the government of Eng- 
land an appointment of Barrack Master of Upper 
Canada in 1791, but before he sailed was taken 
ill, and died in London, Dec, 9, 1 791 , aged 
forty years." He was buried with Masonic 


Probably his position as a Tory here had its 
influence in securing him this appointment by 
the English Government, for it is understood 
that he made himself unpleasantly notorious in 
that capacity, during the Revolutionary war. In 
an old copy of the Hampshire Herald, under 
date of July 27, 1784, found among Grandfather 
Wright's papers, is a letter signed ''Justice 
Wright," which was undoubtedly written by him 
in vindication of his position. This letter closes 


g * l$t$ltmttlMMH$9l* 

with a very fairly written appeal in verse, a part 
of which is here given as showing his style, and 
some of the reasons for his views. 

Tis not on law, a system peat and good, 
By wisdom penn'd, and bought by noblest blood, 
My faith relies. By wicked men and vain — 
Law once abused may be abused again. 
No, on our great law-giver I depend, 
Who knows, and guides her to her proper end : 
Whose royalty of nature blazes out 
So fierce, 'twere sin to entertain a doubt. 
Did tyrant Stuarts now the laws dispense, 
(Blest be the hour and hand which sent them hence) 
For something, or for nothing, for a word 
Or thought, I might be doomed to death unheard ; 
Life we might all resign to lawless power, 
Nor deem it worth the purchase of an hour. 
Thou God of truth. Thou great all searching eye, 
To whom our thoughts, cur spirits lie. 
Grant me Thy strength, and in that needful hour 
(Should it e'er come) when law submits to power, 
With firm resolve, my steady bosom steel, 
Bravely to suffer, though I deeply feel ; 
Let me as hitherto, still draw my breath 
In love with life, but not in fear of death. 


And if oppression brings me to the grave, 
And marks me dead, she ne'er shall mark a slave. 
Let no unworthy marks of grief be heard, 
No wild lament — not one unseemly word ; 
Let sober triumphs wait upon my bier. 
I won't forgive the friend who drops one tear, 
Whether he's ravished in life's early morn, 
Or in old age drops like an ear of corn. 
Full ripe he falls on nature's noblest plan, 
Who lives to reason, and who dies a man." 

At his death he left a widow and six children 
whose names were, 

41. Dorcas, married Robert Pierce. 

42. Justus, born 1774, married Abigail Ely. 

43. Andrew. 

44. Adolphus, married Jerusha Warner, 1S06. 

45. Fidelia, married Samuel Judd of South 

46. John Andre. 

All these children, except Dorcas, were minors 
at the time of their father's death, and their 
uncle Daniel (5$) was appointed their guardian. 
Adolphus, (44) it is believed, settled in Keene, 

1 1 

N. H., and quite likely has descendants there. 
Andrew (43) was for many years a printer in 
Northampton, Mass., and afterwards in Boston. 
He adopted a son of his sister Fidelia, Albert 
Judd by name, who took the name of Wright 
in addition to his own, and was widely known 
as the head of the firm of Wright & Potter, 
State Printers of Massachusetts. He was equally 
distinguished in political and social circles in 
Boston. He resided in South Boston, and died 
in Oct. 1877. 

His son A. J. Wright, succeeds him in business. 

Another son of FklcEa, is Deacon Samuel 
Judd, now residing in Grand Rapids, Mich., 
lacking but a few weeks of being four score 
years of age. 

We have now reached die point from which 
all the descendants are to be recorded, namely, 
the children, grandchildren and great-grandchil- 
dren of Justus (42) and Abagail Ely Wright. 
Our Grandfather Wright was rather tall and of 


good size, though not stout, had dark hair, 
always brushed straight back from the forehead, 
and very little gray, even at eighty one. He 
was rather slow in his movements, taking time 
always to do everything thoroughly well. He 
was very orderly and methodical in all his work, 
and strictly honest in all his dealings with others. 
In politics he was a democrat, but truly loyal 
to his Country, and later in life he became a 
"free soiler," although never a great talker on 
politics. He was cheerful, and by no means 
given to borrowing trouble, although he took 
rather a sober view of life. He was a thorough- 
ly moral man, respected religion, and attended 
church regularly, but did not make a public pro- 
fession of religion till Sept. 7, 1S51, four years 
before his death. The writer can well remember 
when a little girl, sitting in his lap hour after 
hour, while he related many stories for her a- 
musement. His last illness was short. Stricken 
suddenly by paralysis while walking out of doors, 
he was not conscious a^ain, although he lived a 


week. Me had been failing in health for some 
years, and not able to do work that required 
much strength. The last years of his life, and 
also of our Grandmother Wright's, were passed in 
the home of their son Edward, in Billerica, Mass.. 
and their bodies now lie in the old South Bury- 
ing Ground in that town. Hon. Heman Ely. 
of Illyria, N, Y., has published a valuable book, 
giving a record of the Ely family for many gen- 
erations, and as he follows out the female, as 
well as the male, lines of descent, it contains the 
names of all the Wrights who descended from 
our Grandmother, Abigail Ely. She died in 
Billerica in 1850. Their children were, 

47. Fannie, born 1799. 

48. Justus, born 1801. 

49. Abigail, born 1803. 

50 Luther, born Feb. 19, 1S05. 

51. Edward, born Jan. 27, 180S. 

52. Clarissa. 

53. Jane, born April 17, 1820. 

The oldest daughter Fannie (47) married 


Orange Hunter of Wendell, Mass., and their 
children were, 

54. Levvin B. 

55. Fannie J. 

56. Orange D wight. 

57. Cynthia M. 

58. David. 

59. George. 

Heretofore the children, it will be noticed, 
were favored with but one name each, but with 
this family, the present custom of giving two 
names was introduced. 

Lewin, (54) the oldest son, formerly lived in 
Erving, Mass. He married Olive M. Purrington 
of Coleraine, Mass., who was taken from him 
Sept. i, 1884. He now makes his home with 
his youngest son in Miller's Falls. Their 
children are, 

60. Erford Clarence. 

61. Harvey M. 

62. William R. 

63. Edward E. 


Erford C. Hunter (60) resides in Ancora, 
Camden Co., New Jersey, where he married 
Emma Wilson. 

Harvey M. Hunter (61) resides in Brattleboro, 
Vt. He married Lucy Pierce, and has two 

64. Olive M. 

65. Mary L. 

Wm. R Hunter (62) lives in Erving, Mass., 
He married Mary A. Letteny, and has three sons. 

66. Edward YV. 

67. Frank E. 

68. George C. 

Edward E. Hunter, (63) married Julia Morrison. 
They reside in Miller's Falls. Mass., and have a 

69. Ida L. 

The next daughter, Fannie J. Hunter (55) 
married Luther Purrington of Coleraine, Mass., 
and had two sons. 

70. Franklin L., born 1S51. 


71. Fred. William, born 1853. 

The first of these married Ella E. Davenport of 
Coleraine, Mass., where they now reside. 

Fred. \V. Purrington (71) married Ida A. 
Brown, of Whitingham, Vt., and resides in Coler- 
aine, where he is engaged in the manufacture of 
butter boxes. 

Orange Dwight Hunter (56) married Harriet 
E. Trask of Greenfield, Mass., and resides in 
Terryville, Conn., where he is president of a 
company for the manufacture of Malleable Iron 
Castings. The style of his firm is A. Terry & 
Co. He has one son, 

72. Dwight \\\, 

who married Cornelia Terry of Terryville. Conn. 
His address is Dr. D. \Y. Hunter, 157 West 
126th St., New York. His specialties are the 
Eye and Ear. He graduated from the Hartford 
High school in 1872; from Yale College in 1S76; 


from the College of Physicians and Surgeons 

in New York, in 1879; and aftjr two years more 
study of his specialties, opened his office. He 
also held the position of Assistant Surgeon 
at the Manhattan Hospital, until he was trans- 
ferred to the New York Eye and Far Infirmary, 
where he now holds the same position. He 
has a son, 

(j2>-) Robert Terry, born Jan. 30, 1SS6. 

Cynthia M. Hunter (57) married Chauncy Jones 
of Buckland, Mass., and died in 1S58. They 
had one daughter, 

74. Fannie M., born 1854. 

She married Charles Field, of Conway, Mass., 
and has two children, 

75. Hattie Maria, born 1878. 

76. Charles Theodore, born 1882. 

David Hunter (5S) married Abbie Clark of 
Montague, Mass., and resides at Greenfield, Mass. 
They have three sons, 


j j. David C. 

78. Frank Winslow. 

79. Raymond Wright. 

The first of these is a commercial traveller, with 
headquarters at Chicago, 111. 
The second son, Frank YY. Hunter, is a dental 
student, and resides in Greenfield, with his father. 
Raymond Wright Hunter, a lad of fourteen years, 
lives at home, and attends school. 

George Hunter (59) married Louisa Conner 
of Haydenville, Mass., and resides at Elgin, 111., 
where he is Superintendent of the Elgin National 
Watch Co. They have one son, 

80. George E., born at Waltham, Mass., Nov. 
29, 1859. 

He was married June 4th, 18S5, to Bell M. 
Taylor of Xew York City. His present resi- 
dence is Elgin, where he is employed as foreman 
in one of the departments oi the Watch Factor)-. 


The next of Justus Wright's children, was Jus- 
tus (48) who had two wives; .Maria Prince of 
Goshen, Mass., and Julia A. Wilder, of Wilbraham, 
Mass. He died in 1S56. During the life of the 
first wife they had two sons, 

81. James A., born 1S53. 

82. Joseph F., born March 13 1839. 

The first of these, married Dianthy M. Fairfield, 
of Williamsburg - , Mass., and resides in New Haven 
Conn. They have two children, 

S3. Albert S. 

84. Clarissa. 

Joseph F.Wright (82) married Lizzie H. Potter, 
of Leyden Mass. 

After his marriage with Julia A. Wilder, two 
more sons were born to Justus Wright (4S). 

85. Justus Abel, born 1847. 

86. Daniel Collins, born 1850. 

The former married Hattie M. Russel of Hadley 
Mass., where they now reside. Two daughters 
have been born to them, 


8j. Myra Janette. born 1878. 

88. Lena Julia, born 18S0. 

Daniel C. Wright (86) married Ella Maria 
Harris, and resided in Holyoke, Mass., till his 
death in 1879. He left one son, 

89. Daniel Wallace, born 1879. 


The next daughter of Justus Wright (42) was 

Abigail Wright (49), who married Alanson Smith 
of Whately, Mass., and died in 1865. 
Their children are, 

90. James Edward, born 1826. 

91. Justus Wright, born 1829. 

92. Henry Graves, born 1831. 

93. Asa Alanson, born 1833. 

94. Abbie Ely, born 1837. 

95. Elbridge George, born 1840. 

96. Myron Salmon, born 1S44. 

The first of these James E. Smith (90) mar- 
ried Mercia Moses of Barkhamstead, Conn.: also 
Mary Deline of Vermont. They reside in Flor- 
ence, Mass., and have had three children. 

97. Alice. 

98. Charles O. 

99. Wesley H. 

The last two, only, are living. 

Justus Wright Smith (01) resides in Meriden, 
Conn. He married Lucy Graham of Kensing- 


<tttHiumninitniti>tiii„iuatmi4Miuumttm»—mnmimi»mnmt»umtnm»nmtnmmitmmimi n tmttMmtim hh.kih .i»ih».«»i<»i.i 

ton, Conn., also Eunice Crafts of Whately, Mass. 
They had one daughter, 
ioo. Emma E., died, aged twenty-eight years. 

Henry Graves Smith (92) resides in Meriden, 
Conn. He married, first, Mary A. Graham of 
Kensington, Conn., also Annie M. Whitney. 

They have had two children., 

10 1. Edward L. 

102. Jennie \V. 
The latter, only, is living. 

Asa A. Smith (93) resides in Hartford, Conn. 
He married M. M. Whitehead of Salsbury, Conn. 
They have two children, 

103. Harriet A. 

104. Olive M. 

Abbie Ely Smith (94) married Elijah D. 
Castletow, of Meriden, Conn., where he is a 
manufacturer of piano stools. They have had 
four children, 


105. Frank E. 

106. Wilber E. 

107. Mary A. 

108. Lewis A. 

Wilber and Mary only are now living. 

Elbridge George Smith (95) resides in Green- 
field, Mass. He married Ella B. Barnes of 
Meriden, Conn. They have had two children, 

109. Lizzie \V. — not now living. 

1 10. George M. 

Myron S. Smith (96) married Ella M. Dun- 
ham of Kensington, Mass., where he resided 
till his death in 1880. They have two children, 

in. Harry M. 

112. W. Irving. 


The next son of Justus Wright was Luther 
Wright (50). He was born in South Hadley, 
Mass., Feb. 19, 1805. He married Xov. 3, 1828, 
Mary Ann Gregg, of Watertown, Mass., where 
he died Jan. 22, 1872. Their children are, 

113. Orange H., born Nov. 16, 1S29. 

114. Orange H., born April 8, 1832. 

115. Luther A., born June 20, 1834, 

116. Mary Ann G., born May 23, 1836, 

117. Luther E., born April 13, 1838. 

118. Henry F., born Sept. 19, 1840. 

119. Harriet G. born Sept. 12, 1843. 

120. Frederick A., born Feb. 27, 1847. 

121. Henrietta A., born Sept. 3, 1852. 

The first son Orange died March 31. 1S32, a 
week and a day before the birth of his brother, 
who was given the same name. The second 
Orange H. Wright (114) married Xov. 23, 1858, 
Sarah E. Pushee of Dracut, Mass., where he 
died August 21, 1S66. They had one daughter, 

122. Fannie, L., born in Dracut, April 9, 1861. 
She now makes her home with her uncle Fred- 


erick (120) in Brighton, Mass. 

The next four children of Luther Wright (50) 
died in earl)- life, aged respectively, three years, 
five months, five years, and three years. 

Harriet G. Wright (119) was married in Wa- 
tertown, Mass., March 29, 1872, to George F. 
W. Chase. 

Frederick A. Wright (120) resides in the Brigh- 
ton District of Boston, Mass. He married in 
Boston, April 13, 187S, Emma E. Peckham, o( 
Rochester, Mass. She lived but three years 
after her marriage, dying in Boston, April 9, 1881. 

Henrietta A. Wright (121) married in Hyde 
Park, Mass., April 12, 1SS1. Don C. Luce. They 
have one daughter, 

123. Donna Etta, born in Boston, Jan. 29, 1SS2. 


The next son of Justus Wright was Edward 
Wright (51) born in South Hadley, Mass., Ian. 
29, 1808. He came to Boston in early life to 
study portrait painting, lor which he had much 
talent, boarding- at the home of his uncle, An- 
drew Wright, (43) who was a printer. 

Through the influence of the latter he was led 
to change his plans, and studied the art of de- 
signing, and engraving on wood, which was his 
business during the remainder of his life. The 
firm was Wright & Mallory, 96 Washington St., 
(old number) for many years. He married Mary 
E. Wilson of Boston, Mass.. who is still living in 
their country home in Billerica. He was a Dea- 
con in the Congregational Church in Billerica, 
for many years, and beloved by all who knew 
him. He died in Ashby, Mass., whither he had 
gone for medical treatment in the hospitable home 
of his brother-in-law, Dr. J. S. Andrews, on Sept. 
9, 1S63, aged fifty-five years. Rev. J. G. D. 
Stearns, his beloved pastor, preached at his funeral 
from the text, "To die is gain," which is also 


engraved on his tombstone, in the beautiful 
cemetery in Billerica. His Children were, 

124. Edward Irving, born June 23, 1837. 

125. Ellen Mary, born June 30, t <S 5 9 . 

126. Emily Elizabeth, born June 30. 1839. 

127. Alfred Ela, born July 27, 1841. 

128. Clara Jane, born May 1, 1S45. 

129. Ella Frances, born Jan. 9, 1849. 

130. Anna Elvira, born April 25, 1S51. 

Edward Irving Wright (124) married E. Ura- 
nia Burnap of Ashby, Mass. Their home was 
for many years in Xewton Mass., while he was 
in the wholesale crocerv business in Boston. 
He died of consumption, February 13, 1SS2, in 
Ormond, Florida, whither he and his devoted 
wife had gone to pass the winter, in the milder 
climate of the home of his uncle Daniel Wilson. 
His children are. 

131. Clara Eliza, born June 9. 1870. 

132. Edward Burnap, born July 10. 1S74. 

133. William Irving, born July 19, 1877. 


The twins, Ellen and Emily, (125 and 126) 
died in Dec. 1 84 1 , of Membranous Croup, and 
die baby, Alfred, (126) followed them Jan. 22, 

Clara J. Wright (128) died of Consumption in 
Boston, March 8, 1S6S, in her twenty-second year. 

Ella F. Wright (129) married George E. S. 
Kinney of Boston, where he is in the Men's Fur- 
nishing business, at 18 Cambridge St. They re- 
side at the present time in Billerica. Their chil- 
dren are, 

134. Mary Ella, born in Boston, Oct. 27, 1S74. 

135. Grace Nason, born in Billerica, Nov. 28, 

136. George Searle, born in Billerica, August 
30, 1878. 

The last, little Georgie, was taken from them 
by death April 19, 1SS2, when three years old, 
but his sweet ways and happy face will ever be 
remembered by those who were privileged to 


know him during his short life. 

Anna E. Wright (130) married Rev. S. Sher- 
berne Mathews of Boston, Mass., April 25, 1870, 
since which time they have been settled over 
the Congregational churches in Wilmington and 
Maynard, Mass., and for eight years past over 
their present parish, the Boylston Congregational 
Church in Boston. They reside on Amory St., 
Jamaica Plain District. Their children are, 

137. Anna Elizabeth, born in Billerica, June 

30, 1872. 

138. Edith Lathrop, born in Wilmington, 
March 1, 1875. 

139. Mabel Babcock, born in Maynard Jan. 

31. 1877. 



The next daughter, Clarissa, (52) married Ste- 
phen Joselyn, of Enfield, Mass., and died in 1844. 
She left one son, 

140. Walter, 
who died after reaching manhood, unmarried. 

The seventh and last of Justus Wright's chil- 
dren was Jane, (53) who was born April 17, 
1820. She married Daniel Wilson ef Billerica 
Mass. In 1874 the true pioneer spirit was upon 
them, and they went with their family to Florida, 
to make a home. Quite a company went from 
New Britain, Conn., where they then resided, at 
the same time. Choosing a pleasant spot on 
Indian River, they began their new town, which 
in a few years was so prosperous, that it was 
incorporated as a city, with the name of Ormond, 
and Mr. Wilson was chosen their first Mayor. 
The great success of the enterprise is no doubt 
largely due to the wisdom and faithfulness of 
these two, who have done so much to advance 
the little colony to its present state of prosperity. 



They now have fine orange groves, and the fruit 
from them which has found its way into our 
Northern homes, seems much finer than any we 
can buy in the markets of our cities. Aunt Jane 
Wilson died in 1SS4, and was the first to be bur- 
ied in the little cemetery which it had ever been 
her earnest wish to have the town set apart for 
its use. She was a remarkable woman, and her 
death was a great loss to her family, and to all 
who knew her. Their children are, 

141. Jennie Burnett, born Aug. II, 1S51. 

142. Emily Wright, born May 24, 1S58. 

143. Edward Ely, born April 9, 1S65. 

The first daughter, Jennie B. Wilson, (141) 
married Ernest Konrad Christ, of New Britain 
Conn., where they now reside, he being a teacher 
of specialties in the schools of that city. 

Their children are, 

144. Jennie Margarethe, born Sept. 25, 1S74. 

145. Ernest Wilson, born April 12, 1876. 

146. Emily Agatha, born April 30, 1S7S. 

147. George Edward, born Feb. 29, 1SS0. 


148. Fannie Day, born Feb. 18, 1882. 

The second daughter Emily \\\ Wilson (142) 
married Loomis G. Day, of Ormond, Fla., where 
they now reside. Their children are, 

149. Mary Wright, born Oct. 2. 1877. 

150. Ralph Burnett. Mar. 22, 1883. 

Edward Ely Wilson (143) is the last in order 
to be recorded here. He resides with his father 
in Ormond, Fla., where he is a useful and valued 
citizen; the joy of his father's heart, and a bless- 
to the whole community; not the least of his 
duties being, like that of his noted ancestor, Dea. 
Samuel Wright, "to dispense the Gospel in the 
absence of the minister." 



This closes the record of the descendants of 
our Grandfather, Justus Wright. It would be ex- 
ceedingly interesting to follow out the genealog- 
ical records of some of the other branches ot 
the Wright family, but in this little pamphlet it 
could not be done. We could only select our 
particular ancestor in each family, and give his 
family register. Many distinguished names occur 
in the whole record, including ministers, judges, 
lawyers, doctors, senators, statesmen, mathemati- 
cians, inventors and patriots. Among the latter 
might be named Col. Ethan Allen, the celebrated 
w r arrior, whose grandmother was a Wright. 

Quite a number of the descendants of Deacon 
Samuel Wrififht reside in Boston. Rev. William 
B. Wright, Pastor of the Berkeley Street Church, 
is a descendant in the line of the son James 
(3), also in the same line, Judge Edwin Wright 
of this city. 

Most hearty thanks are due to Mr. W. K. 
Wright, of Northampton, for the assistance he 
has rendered us in collecting the genealogical 


portion of this history, from Northampton records, 
and other sources. He is a descendant of Dea- 
con Samuel Wrigfht, in the line of his youngest 


son, Judah (8). 

An article in the New England Historical and 
Genealogical Register, Vol. 4, written by Joseph 
W. Wright, has also proven of much assistance. 

"So live the Fathers in their sons, 
Their sturdy faith be ours, 

And ours the love that overruns 
Its rocky strength with flowers." 




On page n. after Andrew (43) read, Married 
Mary Davis. 

On page 14, after Edward (51) read, Born 
Jan. 29, 1808. 

On page 24, after Elbridge (95) read, Gerry, 
instead of George. 

On page 25, third line from the bottom, in- 
stead of Castletow read, Castelow. 

On page 36, instead of Indian River, read 
Halifax River. 







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