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Full text of "Writings on American history, 1902 : an attempt at an exhaustive bibliography of books and articles on United States history published during the year 1902 and some memoranda on other portions of America"

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5 fc, 


Copyright 1904 


Ernest C. Richardson. 





This volume was occasioned by an inquiry among various members of the American 
Historical Association on behalf of its Bibliographical Committee as to what was the 
bibliographical aid most needed by American students of history at the present time. 
The answers were various, but the one which impressed the present editors most was the 
demand for an annual bibliography. This was in part because one of them had for a num- 
ber of years been providing each year for his own use something of this sort. Having ex- 
perience of the need and having a certain basis of material, the most practical thing to do 
seemed to be to work out a method more fully and arrange if practicable for continuous 
publication. Thanks to the enthusiasm and industry of Mr. Morse, then a post-graduate 
student at Princeton, now at the University of Wisconsin, it was possible to carry out the 
method with some fulness, and thanks to a fund given to the Princeton University Library 
by John L. Cadwalader, Esq., and used for the purchase of American Historical Periodicals 
and Proceedings, it was possible to do most of the work at first hand. 

Two or three methods were suggested by various members of the Association as to the 
best way of securing continuous publication, but pending final decision in this matter, it 
was thought best to have this volume issued by the editors on their own responsibility. 
It ia a pleasure to be able to say at date of publication, that the literature of 1903 is 
being gathered under the direction of Professor A. C. McLaughlin in the Bureau of His- 
torical Research of the Carnegie Institution. Those who are preparing the volume for 
1903 are in no sense bound to any particular feature of the method used in the preparation 
of this volume, but it is a matter of sincere congratulation that the real need is to be met 
under circumstances that will insure the production of a satisfactory and useful volume. 

The shortcomings of this volume are no doubt many and the historical deficiencies are 
probably greater than they would have been if Mr. Morse's aid had been available in the 
final preparation, but whatever they may be they have been materially lessened by the intel- 
ligent and competent aid of the Rev. Paul Martin, who has been in some sort managing 
editor during the later stages of the work. 


University Library, 

Princeton, New Jersey. 
March 16, 1904. 








General Works 245 

Bibliography 245 

Historical Writers 245 

Geography 246 

American and United States, General 247 

Alabama 247 

Alaska 247 

Arizona 247 

California 247 

Colorado 248 

Connecticut 248 

Delaware 249 

District of Columbia 249 

Florida 249 

Georgia 249 

Illinois ' 249 

Indian Territory 250 

Indiana 250 

Iowa ". 250 

Kansas 250 

Kentucky 250 

Louisiana 250 

Maine . 251 


Maryland 251 

Massachusetts 251 

Biography 253 

Michigan 253 

Minnesota 254 

Mississippi 254 

Missouri 254 

Nebraska 254 

Nevada 254 

New Hampshire 254 

Biography 255 

New Jersey 255 

New Mexico 255 

New York 256 

Biography 256 

North Carolina 256 

North Dakota 257 

Ohio 257 

Biography 257 

Oklahoma 258 

Oregon 258 

Pacific Islands 258 

Pennsylvania 258 

Biography 259 

Philippine Islands 259 

Porto Rico 259 

Rhode Island 259 

South Carolina 259 

South Dakota 260 

Tennessee 260 

Texas 260 

Utah 260 

Vermont 260 

Virginia 261 

Biography 261 

Washington 261 

Wtst Virginia, 262 


Wisconsin 262 

Wyoming 262 

British North America 262 

Biography 263 

West Indies 264 

Cuba 264 

Latin America 265 

Mexico 265 

Central America 265 

South America 265 

Arctic and Antarctic 266 

Periods and Topics 

Prehistoric Times and Indians 266 

Indians, Special Tribes 266 

Biography 267 

Indian Wars 267 

Discovery, Exploration and Colonization 267 

American Revolution 268 

Biography 268 

War of 1812 270 

Mexican War 271 

Civil War 271 

Biography 271 

Reconstruction 273 

Spanish American War 273 

Population 274 

Negro and Slavery 274 

Foreign Elements 274 

Religion 274 

Denominations, Orders, etc 274 

Religious Biography 275 

Learning and Education 278 

Special Institutions 278 

Biography 279 

Medical Biography 280 

Books and Literature 280 

Special Periodicals 181 


Biography 281 

Libraries 282 

Art (Including Music) 283 

Art Biography 283 

Theatre 284 

Recreations 284 

Customs and Usages 284 

Politics and Government 284 

Presidents and Vice Presidents 285 

Biography 285 

Congress and Departments 285 

Cabinet Officers, Diplomats, etc 285 

Army and Navy 286 

Army and Navy Biography 287 

Suffrage and Elections V . . 287 

Taxation \ . 287 

Local Government 287 

Foreign Relations 287 

Intel-nation Law and Arbitration 288 

Law 288 

Biography 288 

Criminal Biography 289 

Social Reform 289 

Biography 289 

Finance and Business 290 

Commercial and Industrial Biography 290 

Labor 292 

Productive Industries 292 

Mineral Industries 292 

Agriculture and Horticulture 292 

Animal Industries 293 

Manufactures and Building 293 

Transportation and Communication 293 

Roads 293 

Railroads 293 

Water Transportation 293 

Genealogy and Collected Biography 294 

Individual Families 294, 


This work as completed is an alphabetical subject list with a classified index. It at- 
tempts to cover the literature of 1902 on the Americas, exhaustively as regards the United 
States, rather fully for British America, and less fully for Latin America. It contains 
titles of books, pamphlets and articles analyzed from the periodicals, also appraisements of 
books condensed from standard reviews, brief definitions or descriptions of the subject head- 
ing employed and Library of Congress card numbers attached to the book titles so tar as 
they apply. It is printed in five and one-half point linotype on a twenty-nine em bar. 

As the book was undertaken first of all as an essay in method, some discussion of the 
forms chosen is due. 

Whether the alphabetical subject, the classed, or the alphabetical author form is the 
most useful for such a work, depends on the person using and the use made. On the whole 
the makers of encyclopaedias, indexes and library catalogues agree that the dictionary sub- 
ject form seems to serve the most needs. For the special student the classed form is usually 
counted best and for him a classified index is provided to supply this need in part. The 
alphabetical author list, so far as regards books and pamphlets, serves many needs, espe- 
cially of the book-seller and book-buyer, better than any other : but in the matter of 
analyzed articles it is almost worthless and for research work hardly better. Moreover the 
needs served by the alphabetical author list are already pretty well served by other works. 
On the whole, therefore, the alphabetical subject form seems best and the alphabetical 
author the one most easily dispensed with. 

Both books and analyzed articles are included and in one series. For some reasons it 
may be better to separate into two parallel series of subjects, one of books and one of per- 
iodicals, or, as some do, to separate into two groups under each subject. It is certainly an 
annoyance to some to run down the list of mixed titles, but on the whole, the most frequent 
needs are served by the mixed titles and an attempt has been made to reduce the annoyance 
to a minimum by typographical distinction beginning book titles with Clarendon and 
articles with spaced letters. 

The rule for inclusion is, in the case of books, exhaustiveness. In the case of articles 
this is necessarily tempered by a restrained criticism which aims to exclude the too rhe- 
torical and juvenile, but the rule even here is to include when in doubt. The aim of the 
work is first of all scholarly, but it tries to be useful to the general student down to the 
point of essay and debate work in high schools and colleges. In the case of historical per- 


iodicals, the degree of thoroughness of analysis is generally indicated under that periodical 
in the list of periodicals unless the analysis is complete. They have in the main been 
analyzed completely even to somewhat short notes where these were a definite contribution 
for scholarly use, as many in the Pennsylvania Magazine e. g. are. In selections from gen- 
eral periodicals it is hard to draw the line between history and description of current 
events. In this matter the needs of essay and debate work have been taken into account 
and such periodicals as the Nation, the Outlook and the Independent pretty liberally 
analyzed. The periodical references are probably ninety-five per cent, first hand. Most of 
the second hand references are those from the foreign periodicals. Of the remainder a few 
from Fletcher's index may be identified by the form and annexed indication of month. The 
periodicals done at first hand include all the distinctly historical, i. e. those mentioned 
under the subject, Periodicals, save in a few cases there indicated. Among the general 
periodicals those done at first hand include the following: 

Am Anthropol; Am Germ; Am J Sci; Am J Theol; Am Law R; Am Miss; Ann Am 
Acad Pol Soc Sci; Ass Her; Atlan; Bibliog; Bib Sac; Blackw; Bk Buyer; Bookman; 
Canada Law J ; Cath Univ B ; Cath World ; Cent ; Chaut ; Columb Q ; Contemp ; Cosmopol ; 
Critic; Dial; Esp Mod; Fortn; Forum; Gunton's M; Harper; Harv Grad M; Harvard 
L E,; Hist Pub Cana; Indep; J Pol Econ; J Frankl Inst; Lib J; Luth Ch R; McClure; 
Macmil: Meth R; Meth R South; Miss R; Nation; 19th Cent; No Am; Out West; Outing; 
Outl; Pol Sci Q; Presb and Ref R; Princeton Alumni W; Princeton Bull; Quar Rev; R of 
Rs (NY); Scrib M; Sewanee; South Work; World's Work; Yale R. 

The definitions are not intended as much more than a description of the subject. Any 
one who has much occasion to use indexes knows the difficulty often in identifying the sub- 
ject referred to, and this feature is intended partly for this need. But in many cases, 
especially of biographies which do not occur in the ordinary dictionaries of biography, the 
brief data have been taken from the articles themselves, and as they are not found in the 
ordinary sources, they form a real, if slight, contribution to knowledge. It must be con- 
fessed that in the many cases where the one line definition seems only a description of the 
obvious, there is little real reason, save methodical uniformity, for including the definition. 

The question of appraisement is one of some seriousness. The inclusion of this feature 
certainly delays the publication of an annual volume, since the best reviews often do not 
appear until from six to twelve months after the book, and the value of an annual bibli- 
ography is in more or less close relation to the promptness of its appearance. There are, 
moreover, still some who hold that any annotation, save perhaps description of contents 
where this is not well indicated by title, is superfluous. But on the other hand the experi- 
ments of Mr. lies, and the experience of all librarians with annotated catalogues of all 
sorts, have shown that to many at least such annotation is of real and considerable value, 
and the experience of those to whom it is not of value is not evidence in point. Opinion is 
divided as to whether re-appraisement or condensation from standard reviews is the best 
method. Re-appraisement may be well with a technical expert as editor and with unlimited 
time, but even this may be doubted. The point of view of this method is that variant 
opinions condensed to the last degree, with index references to the pages where the original 


review may be found, is the most practical method. The chief sources of these reviews in 
this work are: the Nation, which if it verges toward the less indulgent criticism is yet pre- 
eminent among our general critical journals, the American Historical Review, indisputably 
the leader of our historical reviews, and the Dial, which, while in contrast to the Nation it 
verges to the more indulgent, is, nevertheless, of dignified character and includes a large 
range and number of books reviewed. For local and genealogical literature, the chief 
sources are the New England Historical and Genealogical Register and the New York His- 
torical and Biographical Record. Beside the above mentioned sources, many others have 
been drawn on for occasional notes. The admirable reviews of daily papers like the New 
York Sun, Tribune, Times, etc., have not been used because files are less generally accessible 
to those likely to use this work. 

The Library of Congress card numbers are added for the sake of the rapidly growing 
cumber of librarians and students who find it convenient or economical to use these cards. 
The great advantage of the method to any one gathering material for study in any particu- 
lar line is one now generally recognized and the advantage grows each year as the stock of 
cards increases. 

The linotype was used in printing because the method was developed with an eye to 
the possibility of cumulating every five years. The smallness of type and length of line 
have been somewhat sharply criticised on the ground of a sample page sent out. The length 
of the line is due to the effort to confine as many titles as possible to a single bar apiece, on 
account of the convenience of handling in cumulative work. It cannot be denied that the 
line is too long for easy reading. The reason for the small size of type is partly the desire 
to get whole titles on a bar, and partly the librarian's maxim for a reference book, "the 
maximum material in the minimum bulk." It must always be a question where to draw the 
line in the matter of type. Any index work not often- calling for continuous reading, will 
bear a relatively small type, and a small type with a little leading is easier to use than a 
larger type solid. 

The classified index was added after some hesitation. It is merely a somewhat rough 
classification of the subjects in the body of the work, printed from the same bars. There is 
little cross referencing and where a name like that of Grant occurs under Presidents, it is 
not repeated under any other head. A complete method would call for an author index, 
which might have been made by re-arranging author bars as the subject bars were re- 
arranged, but the bulk involved and the expense dissuaded from this. 


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ABENAKIS Indians. Algonquian tribe of Canada and Maine. 

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ABEND, Eduard (b.1822). 111. lawyer and legislator. 

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ABITIBI Indians. Hudson Bay tribe. 

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A CADI A. Original name of Nora Scotia and neighborhood. 

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1902. St. John, N.B.Jack, 1901-2. pp256;288. [Rev.ln:Hlst Pub Canad '02,7(1903)73-5 "founded to dis- 
cuss matters of Interest to the Maritime Provinces. . .satisfactorily carry. . .programme. . .Mr. Jack's 
competence as editor. . .unquestionable."] 

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Madawaska, Maine. [For details sec same title under subject, Madawaska, Me.] 
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ADAMS, Alicia (Mrs. William Lawrence) (b.1767). Conn, bethrothed of Nathan Hale. 

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ADAMS, Charles Kendall (1835-1902). President of Cornell and of University of Wisconsin. 
[Charles Kendall Adams] [obituary.] Am Hist R 8(1902)186. 
The late Dr. Charles Kendall Adams. R cf Rs 26(1902)310. port. 
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Hopkins press, 1902. 160 p. front, port. 24%cm. (Johns Hopkins university studies In historical and 
political science. Series xx. Extra number) [Contents. Herbert B. Adams: a biographical sketch by 
J.M. Vincent. The life and services of Herbert Baxter Adams, by B.T.Ely. Other tributes: by D.O. 


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1(1902)292-3. L.C. 2-10354] 

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Worthington Chauncey Ford, and with emancipation under martial law (1819-1842) by Charles Francis 
Adams... Cambridge, J. Wilson and son, 1902. 113 p. 25 x 16cm. [Pepr. from the Proc. Mass. his. 
soc. for January, 1902. L. C. 2-16883] 

ADAMS family. 

Adams, Win. N. Adams family of Maryland and Virginia. Va Mg 9(1902)313-14,432-3. 
ADDICKS, J. Edward (b.1841). Delaware politician. 

B o s s 1 s m in Delaware. Outl 70(1902)471-4. 
ADDISON, 111. Village, 18 m. W. by N. from Chicago. 

Lindemann.F. Bvang.-luth. Schullehrer-Semlnars In Addlson, 111. Deutsch-Am G 2.3(1902)17-21. 
ADEN A Indian Mound, 0. Near Chillioothe, southern Ohio. 

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AGLIONBY family. 

A g 1 1 o n b y, F. K. The Yates and Aglionby families, of Jefferson Co. W. Va. W Va Mag 2.3(1902)44-51 
AGRICULTURE. Cultivation of plants and animali for human use. 

[Coburn, Foster Dwight] Kansas and her resources. 80th thousand. [Chicago?] Passenger de't, The 
Atchlson, Topeka & Santa Fe railway company, 1902. 69 p. incl. front., 111. map. 15% x 8%cm. 
( [Homeseekers' series, no. 7]) [L.C. 2-26021] 

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Charles H. Greathouse. Washington, Gov't print, off., 1902. 196 p. 24cm. (Its Bulletin, no. 7) 
[L.C. 3-8705] 

U. B. Dept. of agriculture. Div. of publications. ...List by titles from 1840 to June, 1901, inclusive. 
Comp. and compared with the originals by R.B.Handy and Minna A. Cannon... Washington, Gov't 
print, off., 1902. 216 p. 23cm. (Its Bulletin no. 6) [L.C. 3-6387] 
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AINOS. Aboriginal race of northern Japan. 

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ALABAMA. Southern state of U. S., on Gulf of Mexico, admitted 1819. 

An Alabama bicentennial. R of Rs 25(1902)304, ill. 

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the page, without title, reprint, 100 cops.] 

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[Bev.iu: South Hist A Pub 6(1902)358 "An especially open, earnest plea for support of the state uni- 

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1902. 87 p. 24%cm. (Johns Hopkins university studios in historical and political science. Series 20, 
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Confederate States army, 1862 to 1863. [Aniiiston, Ala., Printed by Norwood, 1902] 1 p.L, 89 p. 
22 Mi cm. [Preface signed J.J.W. (i. e. Joseph Jackson Willett) "Taken without revision or correction 
from the diary of Captain. . .E.D. Willett of Company B.'' Pref. Pages 85-89 are from diary of J.H. 
Curry. L.C. 3-5825] 
ALABAMA Claim*. Claims of U. 8. agst. Gt. Brit., arbitrated at Geneva, 1872. 

Wilson, James Grant. Two famous international arbitrations. Indep 54(1902)2410-11. 
ALAMO. Fort at San Antonio, Tex., scene of siege and massacre March 6, 1836. 

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front., plan. port. 19'^cm. [L.C. 2-24343] 

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ALASKA. Territory of U. 8. extreme northwestern N. A., purchased from Russia in 1867. 

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ill p. 23%un. (U. S. Geological survey. Bulletin no. 187. ser. F, Geography, 27) [L.C. 3-5817] 

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Woman's board of home missions of the Presbyterian church [1902?] 29 p. 111. (Incl. map) 20 Mi cm. 
[L.C. 3-21696] 

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lucl. front, (port.) pi., map. 19cm. [L.C. 2-29911] 

V. 8. Kept, of justice. Instructions to United States judges, marshals, attorneys, clerks, and commis- 
sioners for the district of Alaska. Effective from and after August 1, 1902. . . Washington, Gov't print, 
off., 1902. 104 p. 23cm. [L.C. 3-4102] 

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The Alaska boundary. Nation 75(1902)258-9. 

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stitute, January 15th, 1902, and reprinted from the "Journal of the Franklin Institute" for March, 1902. 
Philadelphia, Allen, Lane and Scott, 1902. 2 p. 1., 45 p. Incl. maps, front, (map) 26%cm. [also 2 ed. 
1902] [Rev.ln:Am Hist R 8(1902)204 "...concludes in favor of the American contention..." L. 0. 

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the Russian- American Alaska treaty of 1867; and the Anglo-American conventions of 1892, 1895 an<l 
1897. An historical and legal review. (From the Contemporary review) Toronto, Printed by R.G. Mc- 
Lean, 1902. 24 p. map. 25cm. [L.C. 3-3959] 

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ALBANY, Ga. County seat of Dougherty Co. on Flint river. 

Davis, (Mrs.)W. L. Confederate monument at Albany, Ga. Confed Vet 10(1902)26-9, ill. 
ALBEMARLE. Confederate ram blown up Oct. 27, 1864. 

B i n k i n s, James. The Confederate ram Albemarle. South Hist Soc Pap 30(1902)206-14. 


ALCOTT family. 

Clark, Annie M[aria] L[awrence] 1836 The Alcotts ill Harvard. Lancaster, Mass., J.C.L.Clark, 1902. 
43, [1] p. front., pi., facsim. 20 x 16cm. "A part of these reminiscences have already appeared in 
the New England magazine." [Rev. in: Nation 75(1902)266 "Does not contain much in ... addition ... adds 
...modicum of personal recollection. . .photographs. .." L.C. 2-22201] 
ALDEN family. 

Alden, Augustus E. Pilgrim Alden; the story of the life of the first John Alden in America, with the 
interwoven story of the life & doings of the pilgrim colony, and some account of later Aldens. Boston, 
J.H.Earle & company [c!902] 4 p. 1., [13J-232 p. front., pi., facsim. 19%cm. [L.C. 3-9360] 
ALEUTIAN Islands. Alaska chain of islands extending nearly to Asia. 

M e r r 1 a m, C. Hard. Bogcslof volcanoes. Smithson R 1901(1902)367-75, ill., charts, plan. 
ALEXANDER, E. F. (b.1835), Confederate General, R. R. president. 

A 1 e x a n d e r, E. P. Lee at Appomattox. Personal recollections. Cent 63(1901-2)921-31, port. 
ALEXANDER, Francis (1800-80). American portrait painter. 

L e o n a r d, B. A. Francis Alexander. Wor Soc Ant 17(1901)363-4. 
ALEXANDER, Simon (b.1819). German American pioneer, McLean county, Illinois. 

H a r i n g, T. Zwel ploniere von McLean co. (Heinrlch Funk Simon Alexander.) Doutsch-Am G 2.2 

ALEXANDER family. 

Alexander family. Wm M Q 10(1902)178-85; 11. 60-65, 115-121 
ALEXANDRIA, Va. Town on Potomac 7m. below Washington, D. C. 

C a m e r o n, Alexander. Washington and [Alexandria, Va.] New Kng M 27(1902)259-77, port., ill. 
ALFORD, Mass. Township, Berkshire Co., 10 m. S.W. of Lenox. 

Alford, Mass. Vital records of Alford, Massachusetts, to the year 1850. . . Boston, 1902. 32 p. 23%cm. 
(New-England historic genealogical society. [Vital records of the towns of Massachusetts]) Ed. by 
Henry Ernest Woods. [L.C. 3-5251] 
ALGONKIN8. Indian tribes including Ottawa, Delaware, etc. 

Chamberlain, Alexander F. Algonkian words in American English. J Am Folk-Lore 15(1902)240-67. 
Chamberlain, A. F. Signlf. of certain Algonquian animal-names. Am Anthropol n s 3(1902)669-83. 
L a t u 1 1 p e, E. A. Une Vislte Pastorale- chez les Algonquins. Nouv Fr 1(1902)478-91,574-82. 
Leland, Charles Godfrey. Kul6skap the master, and other Algonkin poems; tr. metrically by Charles God- 
frey Leland...and John Dyneley Prince... New York and London, Funk & Wagnalls company, 1902. 
370 p. col. front., 111., pi. 19V4cm. [Contents. pt. 1. The epic of Kul6skap. pt. 2. Witchraft lore. 
pt. 3. Lyrics and miscellany. Appendix: The Passaraaquoddy wampum records [in Passamaquoddy and 
English] Rev.!n:Hist Pub Canad '02,7(1003)175-8<A.F.Chamberlain). L.C. 2-28508] 
ALLEGHANY County, Va. A western Co. S.E. of Allaghany Mtt. 

M c A 1 1 1 s t e r, W. A. Pioneer days in Alleghany County. Va Mag 10(lM)2)183-7. 
ALLEN, Ethan (1737-89). Vt. officer in American Revolution. 

Brown, Charles Walter. Ethan Allen, of Green Mountain fame, a hero of the revolution. Chicago, M.A. 

Donohue & co. [1902] 1 p. 1., 281 p. front., pi., port., map, facsim. 20cm. [L.C. 2-24345] 
B u c k h a m, John Wright. The Robin Hood of Vermont. New Eng M 25(1901-2)102-19, port., facs., ill. 
Melville, Ernest. Ethan Allen. N. Y. Hist A 2(1902)16-23. 
ALLEN, Henry T. (b.1859). Chief of Philippine constabulary. 

J e n k s, Jeremiah W. The Philippine constabuary and its chief. R of Rs 26(1902)436-8, port. 
ALLEN family. 

Allen, Frank W. Charles Allen of Portsmouth, N. H., 1657, and some of his descendants. Boston, David 
Clapp & Son, 1902. 8vo. p. 7. [3 1. Men In N E Reg 56(1902)211 (F.W.Parke) "Greater part reprinted 
from the New Bug Hist and Gen Register."] 

Allen, Frank W. Charles Allen and some of his descendants. N E Ref 56(1902)26-30. 
ALLEN, "Land Bill" (1809-91). Ohio advocate of "Homestead Bill." 

R n n d a 1 1, E. O. "Land Bill" Allen. Ohio Arch & Hist Pub 10(1902)98-101. 
ALLENTOWN, Pa. City, Lehigh Co. on Lehigh r. 60 m. N. by W. from Philadelphia. 

[ A 1 1 e n t o w n, Pennsylvania.] Am Month M 21(1902)240-4, 111. 
ALLERTON, Isaac (ab. 1583-1659). Plymouth Colony merchant. 

I s a a s Allerton's deposition. Mayfl Desc 4(1902)109-10. 
ALLISON, William B. (b.1829). Iowa TT. S. senator. 

Senator William B. Allison of Iowa. World's Work 3(1901-2)1910, port only. 
ALMANACS. Books with calendar and miscellaneous information. 
Baltimore Sun Almanac. Bait.. Sun pr. off.. 1902. 176 p. 12o. 


Brooklyn daily Eagle almanac, v. 17. Brooklyn. c!902. 622 p. So. 

C u m 1 n g a, Elizabeth. A bundle of old almanacs. New Eng M 27(1902)49-58. 

T.angland, James. The Dally News Almanac, 1902. Chicago, Dally News. 

Tribune almanac and political register, 1902. N. Y., Tribune Association, 1902. 432 p. [12o.] 

World almanac and encyclopedia, 1902. N. Y. Press Publishing co., c!902. 608 p. [12o.] 

Note. Various other newspapers publish similar almanachs full of useful information on American affairs. 
ALMIRA, Kich. Township, Benzie Co. 

L 1 n k 1 e 1 1 e r, C. 8. Township History of Almira In Bousle Co. Mich Hist Coll '01,31(1902)102-13. 
AMANA, Iowa. Village 26 m. N.E. of Cedar Rapids. 

E 1 y, Richard 1. Amana: a study of religious communism. Harper 105(1902)659-68, ill. 
AMARANTH, The. New Brunswick Magazine published in 1841-2. 

Howe, Jonas. The Amaranth. Acad 2(1902)198-207. 
AMENTA, N. Y. Village, Dutchess Co., 86 m. N. by E. of New York. 

K :i r d e 1 e y, Wm. A. Marriage records of Amenia, N. Y. NY Rec 33(1902)46-8,90-5. 
AMERICA. (1) The Western Hemisphere or (2) the U. S. of America q. v. 

Acton (Lord) planned by, Ward, A. W. ; Litt, Prothero; Loathes, Stanley, ed. by. The Cambridge modern 
history. Vol. 1, The Renaissance. N. Y., Mai-mill, in, 1902. [ 76(1903)164-5 "...nineteen 
essays. . .treatment is careful, the methods exact... no eloquence ... styles is not dull ... intense practi- 
cability ... generally vigorous and pointed... a summary and philosophical view of .. .exploration. . .and of 
the foundation of the Spanish dominion in America ... remarkably high level. . .maintained. . .all are per- 
vadt-d by a truly scientific spirit."] 

d c M a r t e n s, F. A Russian's impressions of America. Indep 54(1902)2871-4, port. 

Dick son, Mrs. Marguerite Stockman. From the old world to the new; how America was found and set- 
tled. New York, London, The Macmlllnn company, 1902. XT, 197 p. incl. 111., pi., maps. 19% x 15%cm. 
[Rov.iu:Dlal 33(1902)480 "for. . .elementary schools. . .great many pictures ... to attract the childish in- 
terest." L.C. 2-23102] 

Emerson, Edwin, jr. A history of the nineteenth century, year by year... with an introduction by Georg 
Gottfried Gervinus; illustrated with sixteen colored plates and thirty-two full page, half-tone cuts and 
two maps... New York, Dodd, Mead & company, 1902. 3 v. col. front., pi. (partly col.) port., maps. 
iM'^rm. [Paged continuously. With the exception of slight changes in the title-page, identical with 
the edition published in the same year by P.F.Colller and son. The introduction is G.G.Gervinns' 
"KInleltung in die geschichte des neuneehnten jahrhunderts" (I^eipzig, 1863) tr. by M. Magnus. [Rev. 
ln:Am Hist R 8(1903)586-7(C.H.L.) "clear. . .index is only a mockery and a sham... the student. . .[In] 
Kngllsh. . .must for th<> present continue to. . .use. . .Hazell's Annual Cyclopedia and Mueller's Political 
History"; Dial 33(1902)113-6(Wallace Rice) "defects. . .largely inherent in the plan ... almost continu- 
ously Interesting. . .carefully .. .indexed. . .a valuable addition to works of reference. . .marginal annota- 
tions of topics... style is popular." L.C. 2-19294] 

Gerland,G. Amerlka, neuere Forschgn. 1898-1900. Geog. Jahrb. (1902)249-70. 

Helmolt, Hans F., and others, eds. Hist, of the world. N. Y., Dodd, 1902. In 8 v. v.l.!902(F22); 
v.4(My24), 111. [Rev. in: Nation 74(1902)410-11 "A type. . .which. . .Germans love to produce ... pos- 
sesses great Importance ... being the first systematic attempt... to write ... history of mankind in... ag- 

Helps, Sir Arthur. The Spanish conquest In America and its relation to the history of slavery and to the 
government of colonies. New ed. ; ed. with iutrod. and notes by M. Oppenheim in 4 v. N. Y., J.Lane. 
12o. v.l, 1900, v.2,1902, v.3,1903. [Rev. In: Nation 74(1902)483 "Very modest in ... emendations" ; Nation 
70(1903)292 "editor's part, though nnpedantlc as respects the notes, has been painstaking and scholarly 
...conspicuous enrichment ... in the maps superadded"; Dial 34(1903)313 "Important reprint." L.C. 

Jacobs, Joseph. The story of geographical discovery; how the world became known; with twenty-four 
maps, etc. New York, D.Appleton and company, 1902. 207 p. incl. front.. 111., maps. 19%cm. 
([Library of valuable information]) [L.C. 2-27977] 

Labberton, Robert H[enlopen] 1812-189S. Labberton's universal history, from the earliest times to the 
present in the light of recent discoveries, with genealogical and geographical illustrations. New York, 
Boston [etc.] Silver, Burdett and company, 1902. xxi, 221 p. maps, geneal. tab. 28cm. ["Table of 
contents and bibliography"; p. vii-x. [Rev.ln:Dial 33(1902)339 "still an atlas. . .maps. . .most im- 
portant feature, although the text is far more extensive." [L.C. 2-22011] 

M a d d e n, J. Wardens of the Marches. [Spanish explorers.] Trans Kan Hist Soc 1901-2 7(1902)40-6. 

Parkman, Francis, 1823-1893. The struggle for a continent; ed. by Pelbam Edgar... Boston, Little, 
Brown, & company, 1902. xix, 542 p. Incl. ill., maps, front, (port.) pi. 21cm. [L.C. 2-23431] 

Prescott, W. H. Hist, of the reign of Ferdinand and Isabella the Catholic. (Bohn's standard lib.) N. Y., 
Macmillan, 1902. 3 v. 12o. 

Shipley, John B. Rgcentes dCcouvertes sur les communications outre 1'Europe et 1'AmPrliiue au xve sl&cle. . 


Nfcrologie: Madame Marie A. Shipley, n6e Brown... Paris, Leroux, 1902. 1 p. 1., 10 p. 25cm. [Ex- 
tract from "Compte rendu du Congrfes international des Amricanistes," Paris, 1900. L.C. 2-19069] 

Sosa, F. Conquistadores antiguas y modernos. Esp Mod Abril pp. 59-100; Mayo pp.93-154. 
A Wright, R[ichard] R[obertj ...Negro companions of the Spanish explorers. [New York, 1902] 217- 

228 p. 25cm. At head of title: (From the American anthropologist (n. s.), vol. 4, April-June, 1902) 

[L. C. 3-14612] 
AMERICA, description and travel. 

Butterworth, Hezekiah. . . .Traveller tales of the pan- American countries; illustrated by more than forty 
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ANDES. Mountain range along west coast of South America. 

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ANNAPOLIS County, Nova Scotia. A southwestern Co. on bay of Fundy. 

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APPALACHIA. Name for watershed of Allegheny and Monongehala rivers. 

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Adams, Charles Francis. Lee at Appomattox, and other papers. Boston and New York, Hoaghton, Mlf- 
flln and company, 1902. 2 p. 1., 387, [1] p. 20%cm. [Contents. Lee at Appomattox. The treaty of 
Washington: before and after. The British "change of heart." An undeveloped function. A plea for 
military history. Hist R 8(1902)144-7(D.H.Chambcrlain) "all la good and valuable., .de- 
serves warm and wide welcome... as a writer is not to be praised without reserve"; Nation 75(1902) 
100 "expression of .. .well-equipped student never obtrusive or brusque ... not always carrying convic- 
tion but... Interesting and... worthy of attention"; Nation 75(1902)247-8 "Augmented ... second edition 
by... Chicago Phi Beta Kappa address, 'Shall Cromwell [i. e. Lee] have a statue?' "; Dial 33(1902)37-8 
(Franklin H.Head) "ripe scholarship. . .grace of style, and ... thorough understanding of the subject... 
most interesting and instructive. . .of permanent value." L.C. 2-16460] 

A 1 e x a n d e r, B. P. Lee at Appomattox. Personal recollections of the break-up of the Confederacy. 
Cent 63(1901-2)921-31, ports. 


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Gibbon, John. Personal recollections of Appomattox. Cent 63(1901-2)036-43. 
ARBUCKLE, John (fl.1902). New York manufacturer and capitalist. 

M o f f e t t, Samuel K. John Arbuckle. Cosmopol 33(1902)542-4, port. 
ARCHBOLD, Richard (b.1713). Irish Jesuit missionary to Maryland, convert to Protestantism. 

D e T 1 t t,B. I. Rev. Richard Archbold, apostate Jesuit. Am Cath Res 19(1902)61-2. 
ARCHIBALD, Sir Adams George (1814-1892). Lieutenant Governor of Nova Scotia. 

Longworth, Israel. The Hon. Sir Adams George Archibald, K. C. M. G. Acad 2(1902)210-13. 
ARCHITECTURE. Science and art of beautiful building. 

Architecture, N. Y. City. Archlt Rec 11 no.3(1902)84(Ja). 

C r o 1 y, H. The contemporary N. Y. residence. Archlt Rec 12(1902)704(0). 

Emerson, William Ralph, selected by. The architecture and furniture of the Spanish colonies during th<> 
seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, including Mexico, Cuba, Porto Rico aud the Philippines... Boa- 
ton, Mass., G.H.Polley & co. [1902] 2 p. 1., 70 pi. 47% x 33cm. [L.C. 2-20408] 

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P e e t, Stephen D. Pyramids and palaces in America. Am Ant 24(1902)429-50, 111. 

Peet, S. D. Village life and village architecture [Indian]. Am Ant 24(1002)239-54, 111. 

Recent American architecture. Archit Rec 12(1902)227(Je). 

Sturg-ii, Russell and others. A dictionary of architecture and building: biographical, historical, and de- 
scriptive. N. Y., Macmlllan Co., 1902. 3v.[General but Incl.Am.] [ 72(1901)219-20 "an 
encyclopaedic dictionary. . .biographies. . .play a large part. . .pronunciation [not] given... lack of pro- 
portion. . .illustrations. . .not satisfactory. . .eminently useful and, in the main, reliable"; Nation 74 
(1902)138 "As a whole is marked by ... fortunate selection of .. .writers. . .great mass of definitions and 
of brief articles., .is up to standard of... earlier volumes..."; Dial 30 ( 1901 ) 302-4 ( I. K. Pond) "defects 
are lost, almost, in the mass of well edited, pertinent material... a very desirable reference book"; 
Dial 31(1901)82 "rich... in material. . .by reason of the extended and scholarly articles. . .admirable 
book of reference" ;Dial 32(1902)208 "of arrest Interest and value ... almost an encyclopaedia ... compre- 
hensive and authoritative."] 
ARCTIC regions. North polar land and ocean. 

Kersting, Rudolf, ed. ...The white world; life and adventures within the Arctic Circle portrayed by 
famous living explorers; collected and arranged for the Arctic club. New York, Lewis, Scribner & co., 
1902. 386 p. Incl. 111., pi., port, front. 21cm. [Rev. in: Nation 75(1902)59 "Collection of yarns, 
sketches, and stories, by... members of... Arctic club ... result is a success viewed in this light"; Hist 
Pub Canad '02.7(1903)149-50. L.C. 2-15992] 

Mackenzie. History of the Fur Trade and Voyages to the Arctic. [For details see same title under sub- 
ject, Fur trade.] 

M a r k h a m, C. R. Arctic problems. Geog J 20(1902)481 (N). 

R e t o u r slmultane de Peary et de Sverdrup; le pole nord reste invioie. Tour Monde 27 Sept (1902). 

Return of Sverdrup, Peary, and Baldwin Arctic expeditions. Geog J 20(1902)434(0). 
ARGENTINE Republic, S. A. South American state on S. Atlantic coast. 

B u 1 f i n, William. The United States In Latin America. World's Work 4(1902)2533-50, 111. 

Dalreanx, E Communication sur 1' "Habeas corpus" dans les pays hispano-ame'ricana, en particu- 
Her dans la R3publique Argentine. Bull mensuel Soc LCK Comp Avrll-Mal (1902). 

Garcfa Al-Deguer, Juan. . . . Hist orin dc la Argentina . . . Madrid, La EspaDa editorial [1902-03] 2 pts. 
In 1 v. 17i4cm. Contents. 1. pte. La domlnacion espafiola. 2 pte. La revolucion y la guerra de la 
independencia. [L.C. 3-21377] 

K u c r, y n s k I, Robert Rene. Wheat growing In Argentine (notes). J Pol Econ 10(1901-2)266-81. 

L ' 1 n d u s 1 1 a delle latterie Nell' Argentina. Ecouomlsta 5 Oct. (1902). 

Moulin, Henri Alexis. Le litlge chilo-argentlu et la delimitation politlque <\>-K frontleTea naturelles. Paris. 
A.Ronsseau, 1902. 2 p. 1., 147, [1] p. ill. 23cm. [L.C. 2-23132] 

NordenskiSld, E. Explorations dans. . .la Roll vie et de la R^publique Argentine. Geog Bull AoO 

V a c h e, A. La geographic economique de 1' Argentine. Ann Geog Mai (1902) 
ARIZONA. Southwestern Territory of V. 8. 

Bicknell, P. C. Guide book of the Grand Canyon of Arizona with the only correct maps In print; a vol- 
ume of interesting facts and gossip... [Los Angeles, Cal., Press of G.Rice & sons (inc.) 1907] 1 p. 1., 
[7] -97 p., ill., pi., fold. map. 17cm. [L.C. 2-17241] 

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H o u g h, Walter. Ancient peoples of the petrified forest of Arizona. Harper 105(1902)897-901, ill, 


L a u t, E. La vie dans 1' Arizona, frontiere Mexlco-Amerieaine. Tour Monde 12 Arril (1902). 

17. S. Congress. Senate. Committee on territories. . . . New statehood bill. Hearings before the sub- 
committee of the Committee on territories [Nov. 12-24, 1902] on House bill 12543, to enable the people 
of Oklahoma, Arizona, and New Mexico, to form constitutions and state governments and be admitted 
into the Union on an equal footing with the original states. December 10, 1902. Sumitted by Mr. Bev- 
eridge and ordered to be printed. Washington, Gov't print, off., 1902. 394 p. 2 fold. maps. 23cm. 
(57fh Cong., 2d sess. Senate. Doc. no. 36) "Hearings of the Senate Committee on territories June 28 
and 30, 1902, on House bill 12543, providing for the admission of the territories of Arizona, New Mexico 
und Oklahoma to statehood": p. 317-394. L.C. 3-3989 
ARHISTEAD family. 

Arm istead Family. Wm M Q 11(1902)144-5. 
ARMOUR, Phillip D. (1832-1901). Chicago meat paoketr, philanthropist. 

Philip D. Armour. South Work 30(1901)240-1. 
ARMSTRONG, George Washington (1836-1901). Boston merchant. 

S t e b b i n s, Oliver B. George Washington Armstrong. N E Reg 56 Suppl (1902)lxii-lxiii. 

ARMSTRONG family. 

Armstrong, James Lewis. Chronicles of the Armstrongs; ed. by James Lewis Armstrong, M. D. Jamaica, 
Queensborough, N. Y., The Marion press, 1902. vi p., 1 1., 407, [1] p., ill., pi., port. 27%cm. "200 
copies printed." !L.C. 2-25433] 

ARMY and Navy. 

Benjamin, Park. The Navy's problem. Indep 54(1902)3079-81. 

Fillis, Joseph. Trans, by. Hayes, M. H. Breaking and riding, with military commentaries. N. Y., Scrib- 
ners, 1902. [ 75(1902)77 "Letter. . .from Gen. Halleck. . .on. . .serviceable. . .cavalry. . .of 

C i 1 1 m o r, H. G. Battleships of the United States Navy. Gassier 21:473(Ap). 

Hamersly, Lewis Randolph. The records of living officers of the U. S. navy and marine corps. Comp. 
from official... 7th ed. Rev., with numerous additions. New York, L.R.Hamersly co., 1902. 511 p. 
incl. port. 27cm. [L.C. 2-13393] 

Hill, Frederic Stanhope, 1829 Twenty-six historic ships; the story of certain famous vessels of war and 
of their successors in the navies of the United States and of the Confederate States of America from 
1775 to 1902... with an introduction by Rear-Admiral George Eugene Belknap... New York and Lon- 
don, G.P.Putnam's sous, 1903 [1902] xllx, 515 p. front., pi., port. 23%cm. [Contents. Beginnings 
of the American navy. The "Alfred," "Ranger," and "Bon Homme Richard." The "Reprisal." The 
"Hornet." The "Wasp." The "Enterprise.-' "Old ironsides." The "Constellation." The "United 
States." The "Essex." The "Lawrence." The "Saratoga." The "Fulton." The "Hartford." Tho 
"Monitor." The "New ironsides." The "Kearsarge." The "Sumter." The "Alabama." The "Mer- 
rimac." The "Arkansas." The "Tennessee." Th-> "Maine." The "Olympia." The "Oregon." Rev. 
in:Natlon 76(1903)151 "style is simple and pleasing. . .stories themselves of perennial interest. . .care- 
less proof-reading." L.C. 2-30133] 

II u r d, Archibald S. America's bid for navul supremacy. 19th Cent 52(1902)893-904. 

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The Joint manoeuvres. 1902. Nation 75(1902)201-2. 

Langhton, John Knox, ed. The Naval miscellany. [For detail see same title under subject, Duncan, 

Lewis, Henry Harrison. The rapture of Nantucket. New Eng M 25(1001-2)180-92, ill., map. 

L d u g, John D. Tho new American navy. Outl 72(1902)832-46, port., ill. 

Maclay, Edgar Stanton. A history of the United States navy from 1775 to 1902... New and enl. ed... 
v. 3... New York, D.Appleton and company, 1902. v. front., ill., pi. 22%cm. [L.C. 2-12716] 

( La ) marine de 1'Amfriquo et de 1'Allemagne. Int rev gesammt armeen Mai suppl 38 (1902). 

Melville, George W. Our new navy. R of Rs 25(1902)561-70, ill. 

Morris, Charles. The story of the American nary and our sailor boys... Philadelphia, Pa., World Bible 
house [1902] is, [1], 17-240 p. col. front., ill., pi. (partly col.) 25cm. [Cover-title: True stories of 
the American navy... Issued also under the title: The gallant deeds of our naval heroes. L.C. 2-25936] 

O 1 1 i v i e r, E. Les besoins des fitats-Unis en bailments de combat (trad, et analyse) Rev Marit Mars 

P a u 1 1 i n, C. O. The Naval administration of the Southern States during the Rev. Sewanee 10(1902) 

II. 8. Adjutant-general's office. Manual of guard duty, United States army. Approved June 14, 1902. 
Washington, Gov't print, off., 1902. vii, 97 p. 12%cm. ([War dept. Adjutant-general's offlce. Doc. 
no. 167]) [L.C. 3-7478] 

V i 1 1 a r d, Oswald Garrison. The new army of the United States. Atlaa 89(1902)437-51. 


Was k a n n Nordamerika i. Falle e Krieges m. e. europ. Macht lelsten? Dtsche. Monatsachr. (1902) 

Juni 39T-405. 
Was kaiin Nordamerika 1. Falle e. Krieg. m. e. europ. Macht lelsteu? Polytoch. Centralbl.(1902) 

(Mars)Junl 397-405. 

Williams, Talcott. The new navy. Atlan 90(1902)383-93. 
ARNOLD, Benedict (1741-1801). Brigadier-general in Am. Rev. 

Codroan, John, 1863-1897. Arnold's expedition to Quebec. New York, London, The Macmillan co. ix, 

340 p. front., pi., port., fold, maps. 2 ed. 1902. 80. [L.C. l-23552-Nr.2 Oct.31] 
ARNOLD family. 

Bates, Samuel A[ustin], comp. ...The Arnold family. As entered upon the records of the town of 
Braintree. 1640 to 1853... South Bralntreo, Mass., P.A. Bates, 1902. [48] p. 10& x 12cm. At head 
of title: Vital records of Braintree. ["An extract from a voluminous manuscript prepared by the au- 
thor." Prologue. L.C. 3-17746] 
ARTS and crafts. Dependent or applied arti. 

Olid of arts and crafts of New York. Craftsman 2(1902)99(My). 

Triggrs, Oscar Lovell, 1865 Chapters in the history of the arts and crafts movement. Chicago, The 
Bohemia guild of the Industrial art league, 1902. 4 p. 1., 198 p., 1 1. front., pi. 25 x 16%cm. [Con- 
tents. Carlyle's relationship to the new industrialism. Ruskln's contribution to the doctrine of work. 
Morris and bis plea for an industrial commonwealth. Statement of principles of the Hammersmith 
socialist society. Ashbec and the reconstructed workshop. Rookwood: an ideal workshop. The de- 
velopment of industrial consciousness. Appendix I. A proposal for a guild and school of handicraft. 
Appendix II. The industrial art league.. 33(1902)287-8 "is both historian and sociologist 
...little originality..." L.C. 2-19753] 
ARTS (Fine). Creation of beauty in material form*. 

Caffin, Charles H[enry] 1854 American masters of painting; being brief appreciations of some American 
painters, Illustrated with examples of their work. New York, Doubleday, Page & company, 1902. x, 
195 p. front., pi., port. 23 x 17'jcin. Reprinted from the New York Sun. [ 32(1902)420-1 
"closely analytical and even technical study... in [popular] terms. . .delightful reading, and convincing"; 
Plal 33(1902)399 "charming bits of criticism. . .style is clear, concise, and direct, yet intensely sug- 
gestive, and packed with allusions"; Nation 74(1902)366 "List is. . .good. . .all contemporary artists... 
ton exclusively literary. . .sympathy with and understanding of .. .painter's point of view" [lacking]. 
L.C. 2-25617] 

C r o 1 y, H. The new world and new art aud life. Archlt Rec 12 (1902) 135 (Je). 

Hartmann, Sadakichi. A history of American art. Boston, L.C.Page & co., 1902 [1901] 2v. front., pi. 
19cm. (Art lovers' series) [Contents. v. 1. American art before 1828. Our landcsupe paiuters. The 
old school. TJhe new school. v. 2. American sculpture. The graphic arts. American nrt in Europe. 
Latest Dhases. L.C. 1-24191 M 2] 

P e c k, Grace Brownell. Amateur art in early New England. Harper 104(1001-2)987-94, ill. 
Pe e t, 8. D. Human figures in American and Oriental art compared. Am Ant 24(1902)109-24, ill. 
S a w v e 1, F. B. Art and life in America. E-luca 22(1902)523(My). 
ASSASSINATION. Premeditated murder, especially of public persons. 

B u c k 1 e y, J. M. The assassination of kings and presidents. Tent 63(1901-2)136-42. 
AS8INIBOINE Mt. Mountain in southwestern Canada. 

B a r p e e, L. J. The conquest of Assluiboine. Outing 40(1902)207-12. ill. 
O u t r a m, James. The first ascent of Mount Assiuiboine. Alpine J 21(1902)102-14. 
O n t r a m, James. Our dash for Mt. Assiniboine. Appalachia (1902)43-50. 
ASTA, Cal. Village, Sonamo Co. 

D o n d e r o, C. Asta, Sonarao county. Out West 17(1902)251-65. 
ASTOR, John Jacob (b.1884). N. Y. capitalist, inventor, writer. 

Lewis, Henry Harrison. The quiet control of a vast estate. World's Work 5(1902-3)2750-3, ill. 
ATHABASCA River, Canada. Stream flowing: N.W. into Athabasca Lake. 

H a b el, Jean. At the western source of the Athabasca rlvor. Appalachia (1902)28-43. 
ATHLETICS. Public games of physical strength or skill. 

H o 1 1 1 s, Ira N. Intercollegiate athletics. Atlan 00(1902)534-44. 
ATKINS family. 

Clarke, George K. Commu. by. Atkins tomb. Dcdh Reg 13(1902)35. 
ATLANTA, Oa. State capital, county seat of Fulton Co. 

Clarke, E[dward] Y[oung] 1839 comp, Atlanta, grt-atest city of the great South... Facts and official 
figures. [Atlanta?] 1902. [62] p. incl. ill., pi. 23cm. Cover-title: Metropolis of the great South... 
[L.C. 3-9551] 
Wallace, Anne. The Carnegie Library (*f Atlanta. Gulf Unit 1(1902)157-8. 


ATLANTIC CITY, N. J. City and health resort 60 in. S.E. of Philadelphia. 

Heston, Alfred M[iller] ...Hestorrs hand-book; being an account of the settlement of Eyre Haven, and a 
succinct history of Atlantic City and county during the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries. . . [Twentieth 
century souvenir ed.] Atlantic City, N. J., 1902. 130 p. front., 111., pi., port., fold. map. 19^cm. 
10th year of publication. [L.C. 2-20052] 

West Atlantic; Venice of America, the queen shore city. Atlantic City, N. J., West Atlantic land co. 

[1902] [15] p. ill. (partly col.) 25cm. [L.C. 2-18119] 
ATWOOD family. 

A t w o o d notes. Ess Ant 6(1902)34-35. 
AUDUBON, John James(1780-1851). American naturalist. 

Burroughs, John. John James Audubon. Boston, Small, Mayuard & company, 1902. 1 p. 1., xvii p., 1 1., 
144 p. front, (port.) 14%cm. (The Beacon biographies of eminent Americans). [Bibliography: p. 
143-144. Mag 1(1902)161 "wins fresh laurels ... delightfully sympathetic. . .no. . .bird-lover 
...can afford to overlook [It]." L.C. 2-23432] 
AUGUSTA COUNTY, Va. A western border Co. 

La id ley, W. S. Augusta County Court, 1745. W Va Mag 2.1(1902)5-0, ill. 

Waddell, Joseph A[ddison], Annals of Augusta County, Virginia, from 1720 to 1871... 2d ed., rev. and 
enl. Staunton, Va., C.R.Caldwell, 1902. x, 545 p. front., fold. map. 26%cm. fid. de luxe. Limited 
to 100 copies. [ Northw Q 6(1903)49 "war history well done ... genealogies of principal fam- 
ilies. . .filled with historical facts"; Va Mag 10(1903)326-9 "Minute and careful study of the period of 
Indian wars. . .numerous genealogies. . .careful Investigation and desire for accuracy ... this very Inter- 
feting history ... should have more than 7 page Index." L.C. 2-30401] 
AUSTIN, Charles W.(d.l889). Texas Confederate officer. 

The first Ironclad. South Hist A Pub 30(1902)196-204. 
AUSTIN family. 

Austin notes. Ess Ant 6(1902)59-60. 
AUTOGRAPHS. MSB. written by the author's own hand. 

J o 1 1 n e, Adrian H. Concerning the collecting of autographs. Indep 54(1902)2764-9, fact*. 

J o 1 1 n e, Adrian H. Meditations of an autograph collector. Harper 104(1901-2)969-74, 111. 

Joline, Adrian H[offman]. Meditations of an autograph collector. New York and London, Harper & 
brothers, 1902. v, [1] p., 2 1., 315, [1] p. incl. front, port., facslm. 23cm. [Rev.ln:Dlal 32(1902) 
414-6(P.F.Bicknell) "an omnium-gatherum of many sorts of good things. . .delightfully miscellaneous... 
and haphazard. . .many. . .[other] matters ... literary or historical." L.C. 2-13265] 

T h r u s t o n, 6. P. Autographic collections and historic manuscripts. Sewanee 10(1902)28-42. 
AUTOMATIC COUPLER. Safety device for coupling cars. 

U. S. Congress. House. Committee on interstate and foreign commerce. Hearing before the Committee 
...[May 20-28, 1902] on the automatic coupler bill H. R. 11059. Washington, Gov r t print, off., 1902. 
Hi, 91 p. 23%cm. [L.C. 3-2897] 
A VERY family. 

Avery Notes and Queries. A quarterly Mag. devoted to the history of the Grotou (Conn.) Averrs. Cleve- 
land, O. E.M. Avery, Nos. 17-18, Feb. and May, 1902, pp. 20. 
AYCOCK, Charles B. (fl.1902). North Carolina Governor. 

Charles B. Aycock. World's Work 4(1902)2137, port. only. 
AZARIAS (1847-93). Catholic Brother. 

Brother Azarius. Am Cath Hist 13(1902)379, port. 
AZTECS. Early inhabitants of Mexico. 

Codex Fejervary-Mayer, Codex Fejervary-Mayer: an old Mexican picture manuscript in the Liverpool 
free public museums (12014-M) Published at the expense of His Excellency the Duke of Loubat. . .eluci- 
dated by Dr. Eduard Seler. . . Berlin and London [Printed by T. and A. Constable] 1901-02. vi, 228 p. 
111., col. pi. 34% x 26%cm. ["English edition by A.H.Keane." Published also in German with title: 
"Codex Fejfrvary-Mayer; eine altmexikanlsche bilderschrlft. . . Erlautort von Dr. Eduard Seler. Ber- 
lin, 1901." 33%cm. The pictures of the codex are reproduced in red outline drawings on 22 pi. The 
exact facsimile of the codex in colors forms a separate publication "Codex Feje'rvary-Mayer; manuscrlt 
mexicain prScolomblen . . .publg. ..par le due de Loubat, Paris, 1901." iSMscni. L.C. 2-27140] 

Codex vatioanus 3773. Codex vaticanus no. 3773 (Codex vaticanus B) an old Mexican pictorial manuscript 
in the Vatican library, pub. at the expense of His Excellency the Duke of Loubat. . .elucidated by Dr. 
Eduard Seler... Berlin and London, 1902-03. 2 v. ill., col. plates. 34%cm. ["English edition by 
A.H.Keane." Verso of t.-p. (The German ed. has imprint: Berlin, 1902) The pictures of the codex are 
reproduced in red outline drawings on 48 pi. The exact facsimile of the codex forms a separate publi- 
cation, "II manoscritto messicano vaticano 3773; riprodotto in fotocromografla . . . a cnira della Biblioteca 


Vatlcana." Rome, 1896. Contents. 1st half. Text of the obverse side. 2d half. Text of the reverse 
side and explanatory tables. L.C. 3-28213] 

Hedlicka, Ales. The Aztecs of yesterday and to-day. Harper 106(1902)37-43. 
Relics of a by-gone race. . .Aztec remains In Mexico. Am Ant 24 (1902; 228-9. 
BACHELDER, Nahum J. (b.1854). N. H. farmer and agricultural leader. 

M P t c a 1 f, H. H. Hon. Nahum J. Bachelder. Granite M 33(1902)1-12-, 111. 
BACHILLER, Stephen (b. about 1661). Anglo-Amer. Puritan minister, pastor of the Plough Co. 

Stephen Bachlller and the plough company of 1630. Genealogist 19(1902-3)270-84. 
BACKUS, Isaac (1724-1806). H. E. Cong, and Bapt. olerg. and writer. 

[Letter] to Benjamin Wallin [1764]. Bost Bull 7(1902)382-6. 
BACON family. 

Bacon family. Win M Q 10(1902)267-71. 

Bacon-Hobson (note). Win M Q 11(1902)74-5. 

Bacon, Leon Brooks. Michael Bacon and his Descendants. Boston, David Clapp & Son, 1902. Svu. 
pamphlet, pp. 13. [41.Men.ln:N Y Rec 34(1903)72 'Reprint from... the New England Hist, and Qen. 
Register"; 21.Men.ln:N E Reg 57(1903)117(F.W.Parke) "Useful."] 

Bacon, Leon Brooks. Michael Bacon and his descendants. N E Reg 56(1902)364-74. 

Bacon notes. Ess Ant 6(1902)125. 

Will of Mrs. Rebecca Bacon. [Salem, Mass.. ab.1655.] Ess Ant 6(1902)113-114. 
BACON'S Rebellion. Va. insurrection against Gen. Berkeley, 1676. 

Occaneechee Island. Wm II Q 11(1902)121-1. 
BAER, George Frederick (b.1848). R. R. president. 

H o 1 1 1 s t e r, W. C. George Frederick Baer. Cosmopol 34(1902-3)174-7, port. 
BAGI.EY family. 

B a g 1 e y, Timothy H. Bagley notes. Ess Ant 6(1902)128-129. 
BAHAMA Islands. British group E. of Florida, N.E. of Cuba. 

Huxtable, O[eorge] G[ellard]. Reminiscences of missionary life in the West Indies. At the Sherbrooke 
conference. 1902. [Kemptvllle, Ont., Printed at the Advance office, Huxtable & Seely, 1902] cover- 
title, 31. [1] p. incl. port. 21%cm. L.C. 3-32311] 
BAILEY, James Anthony (b.1847). American showman. 

Allen, Whiting. James Anthony Bailey. Coamopol 34(1902-3)170-4, port. 
BAILEY, John (1730-1810). Mais, officer in Am. Revolution. 

Heneberger, Lucy L. Bailey. New England "Footprints." Am Month M 21(1902)289-04. 
BAILLARGt, Pierre-Florent (1761-1818). Canadian architect, Treas. of Quebec, journalist. 

Bai Marge, G. F. Plerre-Florent Balllarge. Rech Hist 8(1902)25-7(28). 
BAKER family. 

Baker, notes. Ess Ant 6(1902)156. 
BAKER8FIELD, Cal. City Kern Co. 300 m. B.E. of San Francisco. 

Bakersfleld, Kern county. Ont West 17(1902)519-24, ill. 
BALBANCHA or Malbanchia. Choctaw word for New Orleans and New Orleans region. 

H a 1 b e r t, Henry S. Balbancha, Cboctow woid for the town of New Orleans. Gulf Mag 1(1902)53-4. 
BALCH family. 

B a 1 c h Genealogy. Ess Ant 6(1902)1-14, 111. 
BALDWIN, Augustus Carpenter (b.1817). Mich, lawyer, educator, Congressman. 

Biographical sketch of Judge Aug. C. Baldwin. Mich Hist Coll '01. 31(1902)173-8, port. 
BALDWIN, Stephen Livingston (1836-1901). Am. Meth. missionary to China, writer, secretary. 

G r a c e y, J. T. Stephen Livingston Baldwin. Miss R 25(1902)840-3. port. 
BALDWIN, W. H. Jr. (b.1863). N. Y. Railroad president, writer. 

W. H. B a 1 d w 1 n, Jr. World's Work 3(1901-2)1914, port. only. 
BALL. John (b.1794). Oregon pioneer. 

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BALL family. 

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to 1902. Crown Point, Ind., J.J. Wheeler, 1902. 80 p., 1 1. pi., port., map. 20cm. [L.C. 2-20050] 

Browning, Charles H. Ball, Cuppage and Dameron, of Northumberland County, Virginia. Wm M Q 


BALLABD family. 

B a 1 1 a r d genealogy. Ess Ant 6(1902)35-38. 

Descendants of William Ballard of Lynn. Ess Ant 6(1902)39-40. 
BALLS Bluff (Va.). Civil War engagement, Oct. 21, 1861. 

Capers, Henry D. Maj. H. D. D. Twiggs at Battery Wagner. Confed Vet 10(1901-2)23-4. 
C u m m 1 n g s, C. C. Leesburg or Balls Bluff. Confed Vet 10(1901-2)69. 
Y o u n g, T. J. Battle of Balls Bluff. Confed Vet 10(1901-2)68-9. 
BALTIMORE, Md. City on Chesapeake Bay. 

A history of the city of Baltimore, its men and institutions; biographical sketches of leading citizen*... 
Baltimore, The "Baltimore American," 1902. 272 p. incl. front., illus., port. 31%cm. [L.C. 2-7696] 
K e n k e 1, P. P. Tagebueh von Christian Bfirstler, geboren von Glaum iiehweiler, bey Cusel in Theutsch- 
land, auf der Relse nach Baltimore in Amerika. Deutsch-Am G 2.1(1902)56-8,2.2.29-32,2.3.49-51,2.4.49-56. 
BANANA. Fruit raised in Cent. Am., W. I., Cat., La., Fla., etc. 
Robinson, Tracy. Bananas. Out West 17(1902)33-45, ill. 
BANCROFT family. 

Bancroft genealogy. Ess Ant 6(1902)57-9. 

BANKS (and banking). Institutions for lending and borrowing of money. 

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act. Baltimore, Johns Hopkins, 1902. 117 p. dlagr. 24%cm. (Johns Hopkins university studies In 
historical and political science, series 20. nos. 2-3) [L.C. 2-13102] 
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"Taken from a larger work, entitled The second bank of the United States, which has appeared as 
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Magazine for September, 1902. pp. 15. 

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year 1902. Boston, Ginn & company, 1902. xiv, 474 p. 20cm. [Bibliography: p. 461-467. 
Am Hist R 8(1903)401 "more particularly for use in class room ... historical portions have decided each chapter... a list of authorities"; 75(1902)483 "second edition ... practi- 
cally rewritten. . .retains. . .characteristic features of the original edition. . .fulness and interest... 
entirely unimpaired"; Dial 33(1902)216 "Considerable alterations. . .expressly. . .as a teaching manual 
...lists of authorities... distinctly more valuable." [L.C. 2-20311] 
BANT, William (fl.1776). Boston business man. 

Bant, William. [Letters] to John Hancock, 1776, 1777. Bost Bull 7(1902)424-30. 
BAPTIST Church (Am,). Immersionist Ch. introduced to Am. by Roger Williams. 

Hiilyer, Shaler Granby 1809-1900. Reminiscences of Georgia Baptists, together with a story of th 
author's life written by his daughter, Louisa C. Hiilyer. Atlanta, Ga., Foote & Davie* company, 1902. 
vli, p. 1 1., 294 p. front, port. 20cm. [L.C. 2-24390] 
BARBER, Edward W. (b.1829). Michigan pioneer. 

Barber, Edward W. Recollections of pioneer boyhood. Mich Hist Coll '01, 31(1901)178-227, port. 
BARBER, Jane (1816-87). Illinois nun. 

First house of the Sisters of the Visitation at KaskasUia, Illinois, A.D. 1833. Reminiscences of Siiter 

Mary Josephine Barber. Am Cath Hist 13(1902)211-26. 
BARBOUR, Catherine Hayden (1863-1901). Missionary teacher in Spain. 

Catharine Hayden Harbour. June first 1863-Septernber fifth 1901. [Lancaster, Pa.] Privately printed, 
1902. 71, [1] p. front, (port.) 24cm. [Rev.ln N E Reg 57(1903)230(F.W.Parke) "teacher in a 
school for girls[in]. . .Spain. . .a character well deserving this memorial." [L.C. 3-7935] 


BABBOUR, James C. (1776-1842). Va. governor, U. S. senator, Seo'y of war, minister to England. 
Calendar of the Barbour papers [in the N. Y. Pub. Library] 1811-1841. N Y Bull 6(1902)22-34. 

BARKER family. 

Barker genealogy. Ess Ant 6(1902)60-72. 

Descendants of George Barker of Marblehead. Ess Aut 6(1902)106-07. 

Descendants of James Barker of Rowley. Ess Ant 6(1902)101-103. 
BARLOW road, Oregon. Wagon road over the Cascade Mountains, built 1846. 

Barlow, Mary S. History of the Barlow road. OreK Q 3(1902)71-81. 
BARNARD, George Grey (b.1363). American sculptor. 

Thaw, Alexander Blair. George Grey Barnard, sculptor. World's Work 5(1902-3)2837-53, ill., port. 
BARNARD, Henry (1811-1900). Am. educator, editor, writer. 

Hart, Rev. Samuel, D.D. Henry Barnard, LL.D. N E Reg 56(1902)173-8. 
BARNARD, Thomas (1716-76). Massachusetts clergyman. 

Letter of Rev. Thomas Barnard [1775]. Proc Bunker Hill Mon Ass'n (1902)35-41. 
BARNARD family. 

Barnard genealogy. Ess Ant 6(1902)120-125. 

Descendants of Robert Barnard. Ess Ant 6(1902)125-128. 

Descendants of Rev. Thomas Barnard of Andover. Ess Aut 6(1902)129-131. 

BARNES family. 

Bowman, George Ernest. George Soule's autograph. Maytl Desc 4(1902)98-100, facs. 
BARNEY, Joshua (1759-1818). Am. naval officer in Am. Revolution. 

B a r 11 e y, Joshua. [Letter] to Robert Lewis [1789]. Bost Bull 7(1902)500. 
BARNSTABLE County, Mass. Co. in 8.E. extremity of state. 

Abstracts from the Barustable Co., Mass., Probate records. Mayfl Desc 3(1901)176-8,201-2;4(1902) 

BARNTTM, P. T. (1810-91). Am. showman, writer. 

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B e n t o n, Joel. P. T. Baruum, showman and humorist. Cent 64(1902)580-92, ill., port. 
BARNWELL, Robert W. (1801-82). S. Carolina U. 8. sen., Confederate State senator. 

Hon. Robert W. Baruwell (note). S C Hist Mag 3(1902)57-8. 
BARNWELL, Robert Woodward (1849-1902). Episcopal Bishop of Alabama. 

Death of BUhop Barnwell. Gulf Mag 1(1902)154. 
BARR family. 

B a r r family. Ess Ant 6(1902)156-7. 
BARRIN, Rowland-Michel (1693-1756). Marquis de la Galissoniere, administrator of Canada, 1747. 

Goepp, Edouard. Roland-Michel Barrln, marquis de la Galissoniere. Rech Hist 8(1902)122-4. 
BARROWS, John Henry (1847-1902). 111. Congregational clerg., writer, Pros, of Oberlin College. 

John Henry Barrows. Bib World 20(1902) 58(J1). 

President John Henry Barrows. Bib Sac 59(1902)600. 
BARRY, John (1745-1903). Am. Commodore in Am. Revolution. 

Griffin, Martin I. J. Commodore Barry and his admirals. Am Oath Res 19(1902)136-7. 

Griitin, Martin I[gnatius] J[oaeph]. Commodore Johu Barry, "the father of the American navy"; the 
record of his services for our country. . .by. .. Philadelphia, The author, 1903 [1902] xii, 424 p. incl. 
HIM p. front., pi., port., facsim. 24%cm. ["Centennial ed. 600 copies." This copy not numbered. 
L.C. 3-181] 

A monument to Commodore John Barry. Am Oath Res 19(1902)180-1. 
BARTLETT, Nathaniel J. (d.1902). Boston book dealer. 

Nathaniel J. Bartlett. Lit W(Bost)33(1902)S8(Je). 
BARTLETT family. 

Smyth, Hon. R. D. [and others]. The Bartlett families of Guilford, Conn. N E Reg 56(1902)155-61. 
BARTON, William Sumner (1824-99). Worcester, Mass., City Treasurer, local hist, writer. 

William Sumner Barton (memorial). Wor Soc Ant 18(1902)30-1. 
BASKETRY. Art of basket making. 

James, George Wharton. The art of Indian basketry. South Work 30(1901)439-48, ill. 

Purdy, Carl. The Porno Indian baskets and their makers. Out West 15(1901)438-49,9-19,150-8,262-73. 
BASS family. 

Bowman, George Ernest, Transc. by. The will and Inventory of John Bass. Mayfl Desc 4(1902)202-6. 


BASSETT family. 

Reports of the Two Re-unions of tha Massachusetts Branch of the Bassett Family Association of America, 
held at Hotel Vendome, Boston, Mass., Sept. 15, 1900, and Oct. 12, 1901. Boston, Bailey Print. Co, 1902. 
Svo. pp. 33. 
BATH, N. C. Village, Beaufort Co. on Paralioo R. 

Rodman, Lida Tunstall. Historic homes and people of old Bath town. N C Bookl 2.6(1902)3-13. 
BATTE family. 

Poythress-Batte, &c. (note). Va Mag 10(1902)105-6. 
BATTLE CREEK, Mich. City of Calhoun Co. on Kalamazoo R. 127 m. west of Detroit. 

T u c k e r, P. E. S. Battle Creek. Mich. Nat'l M(Bost)17(1902)118(O). 
BATTLES, James Monroe (1830-1901). Boston missionary among sailors. 

Gordon, George A. James Monroe Battles. N E Reg 36 Suppl.(1902)lx-lxi. 
BAYAMO, Cuba. A town in east part of Cuba 60 m. S.S.W. of Santiago. 

Alcover [y Beltran], Antonio Miguel. ...Bayamo (su toma, posesion 6 incendio) 1868-1869. Resefia his- 
t6rica y comentarios oportunos... Habana, 1902. 4 p. 1., 103 p. incl. 111., port. 23%cm. ["Premlada 
con 'menci6n honoriflca' en el certamen del Liceo de Villaclara. 1902." L.C. 3-4922] 
BEACOM, John J. (1837-1902). Pa. Presbyterian clergyman. 

Rev. John J. Beacom, D.D. Ass Her 7(1902)453. 
BEARDSHEAR, William Miller (1850-1902). Iowa educator, Pros, of State College. 

Loos, Isaac A. [and others]. William Miller Beardshear. Iowa Hist Rec 18(1902)554-86, port. 
BEATTY, Charles (1713-72). P&. Presbyterian clergyman. 

H o d g e, E. B. The Evolution of a Minister. Ass Her 6(1902)242-243. 
BEAUMONT, Tex. County seat of Jefferson Co. 84 m. E. by N. from Houston. 

Higgins, Pattillo. Prospectus; the true history of the Beaumont oil fields. Lake Charles, La., Beau- 
mont, Tex., Higgins standard oil company, limited [1902] 71 p. ill., col. pi., diagr. maps (2 fold.) 
27%x34cm. [L.C. 2-15896] 
BEAUREGARD, Pierre Gustavo Toutant (1818-93). Miss. Confederate general. 

B o a u r e g a r d, B. T. The Confederate battle flag. Gulf Mag 1(1902)215-6. 
B2CANCOUR, Can. Town of Quebec 80 m. S.W. of city of Quebec. 

Notes sur les premiers temps de la colonisation a B&cuncour. Rech Hist 8(1902)42-6. 
BEDEL, Timothy (ab. 1736-87). N. H. officer in French and Indian War and Am. Revolution. 

A 1 d r i c h, Edgar. The affair of the Cedars and Colonel Timothy Bedel in the Rev. N H Hist S III. 2, 

BEECHER, Benj. D. C. (d.1868). Connecticut inventor. 

Kingsbury, Frederick J. An Ericsson propeller on the Farmingtou canal. Conn Mag 7(1902)329-33. 

BEEF trust. Combination of Am. meat packers. 

The beef trust. Gunton's M 23(1902)42-7. 

Fife, George Buchanan. The great business combinations of today The so-oalled beef trust. Cent 65 

BEEKMAN family. 

B e e k m a n, Geo. C. Public records in N. J. concerning the Beekman family. N Y Rec 33(1902)42-5. 
B4GON, Michel, 3rd (1638-1710). Intendant of the French Antilles, 1683-5. 

Roy, RCgis. Michel Begon. Rech Hist 8(1902)161-9. 
BEGON, Michel, 4th (ab. 1674-1740). Intendant of Canada, 1712-26. 

Roy, Regis. Michel Begon. Rech Hist 8(1902)161-9. 
BEKKERS, B. J. (b.1844). Miss. Catholic missionary to the Choctawa. 

[Rev. B. J. B e k k e r s.] Miss Hist P 0(1902)351. 
BELCHER, Joseph (1669-1723). Dedham, Mass., clergyman. 

Library of Rev. Mr. Belcher (note). Dedh Reg 13(1902)36. 

Joseph Belcher, Minister of the First Church and Parish in Dedham, 1692-1723. Dedh Reg 13(1902)1-5. 
BELL, Alexander Graham (b.1847). Am. scientist, inventor, writer. 

S e r v i s s, Garrett P. Alexander Graham Bell. Cosrnopol 33(1902)42-4, port. 
BELL, Tyree H. (d.1902). Tenn. Confederate officer. 

Gen. Tyree H. Bell. Confed Vet 10(1901-2)464, port. 
BELLA COOLA Indians. A tribe of British Columbia. 

H i 1 1 - T o u t, Charles. Earlier home of the Bella Coola tribe of Brit. Columbia. Am Ant 24(1902)403.4. 


BELLOWS family. 

Peck, Thomas Bellows. Parentage of Ezra Bellows of. Lunenburg, Mass., and Springfield, Vt. With an 
account of the Bellows family of Westboro, Mass. Supplementary to the sketch on p. 609 of the "Bel- 
lows genealogy," 1898. Burlington, Vt., 1902. 9 p. 24%cm. [Reprinted from "The Genealogical 
quarterly magazine." Rev.ln:Old Northw Q 6(1903)26 "valuable additions." L.C. 3-11064] 
BELMONT(Mo.). Civil War engagement, Nov. 7, 1861. 

Beaton, John, Capt. 22d 111. infantry. The battle of Belmont, November 7, 1861. A paper prepared and 
read before the Kansas commandery of the Military order of the loyal legion of the United States. 
[Leavenworth ? 1902] 16 p. 22cm. (Military order of the loyal legion of the United States. Kansas 
commandery. War paper, no. 22) [L.C. 2-25799] 
BELO, Alfred Horatio (1839-1901). N. C. Confederate officer and Texas editor. 

C o 1. A. H. Belo. Confed Vet 10(1902)83-4, port. 
BENNETT, James Gordon (b.1841). N. Y. journalist. 

Creelman, James. James Gordon Bennett. Cosmopol 33(1902)44-7, port. 
BENNETT family. 

B o 1 1 o n, Ethel Stanwood. The Bennetts of Lancaster, Mass. N E Reg 56(1902)241-7. 
BENZIE County, Mich. A Co. in N.W. part of state on Lake Michigan. 

P a r k e r, N. A. History of Benzie county. Mich Hist Coll '01.31(1902)98-101, port. 
BENZONIA, Mich. Village, Benzie Co., about 6 m. E. of Lake Michigan. 

B e t t B, William A. A history of the early settlement of the township of Benzonia and the founding of 

Grand Traverse College. Mass Hist Coll '01.31(1902)114-25. 
BERDEL, Heinrich (d.1883). Chicago musician (iooal). 

Mannhardt, Emil. Zwei alte Chieagoer, Friedrioh Burcky und Nikolaus Berdel. Deutsch-Am G 2.3 


BERGEN County, N. J. The northeastern Co. of state. 

Van Winkle, Daniel. Old Bergen; history and reminiscences with maps and illustrations. Jersey City, 
J.W.Harrison [1902] ix p., 2 1., 319 p. incl. front, (map) 111. 21%cm. [Rev.ln:N Y Rec 33(1902)264 
"a scholarly treatise ... reliable and authentic." L.C. 2-11123] 
BERGH, Henry (1820-88). N. Y. founder of Soc. for prevention of cruelty to animals. 

Morris, Clara. Mr. Henry Bergh. McClnre 18(1901-2)414-22. port., 111. 
BERMUDA Islands. British islands off U. 8. coast, 680 m. S.E. of Cape Hatteras. 
Bell, (Mrs.) Euphemia Y. Beautiful Bermuda. Richmond, Va., E. II. Bell, 1902. 16o. 111., map. 
E 1 w e s, K. W. The Boer prisoners in Bermuda. Fcrtn 77(1902)985-96. 
K e y, W. 8. The Boer prisoners in Bermuda. Outl 70(1902)424-7. 

Verrill, Addison E[mory] The Bermuda Islands. An account of their scenery, climate, productions, 
physiography, natural history and geology, with sketches of their discovery and early history, and the 
changes in their flora and fauna due to man. With 38 plates and over 250 cuts in the text. New Haven, 
Conn., The author, 1902. x, 548 p. front., 111., pi., port. 24V&cm. [Bibliography: p. 437-452. "Re- 
printed from the Transactions of the Connecticut academy of science, v. xi, with some changes." L.C. 

BERNARDSTON, Mass. Post-hamlet, Franklin Co., 7 m. N. of Greenfield. 

Kellogg, Mrs. Lucy [Jane] (Cutler) 1866 History of the town of Bernardston, Franklin County, Mass- 
achusetts. 1736-1900. With genealogies. Greenfield, Mass., E.A.Hall & co., 1902. xli, [2], 581 p. Incl. 
facsim. front., pi., port., fold, map, fold, plan, facsim. 23%cm. [ Y Rec 34(1903)305 "suc- 
cessful. . .genealogical portion occupies half the volume and evidences most careful compilation"; N B 
Reg 57(1903)233(F.W.Parke) "well constructed." L.C. 3-6506] 
BERNI4RES, Henri de (fl.1659). First cure of Quebec. 

Gosselin, Auguste. Henri de Bernieres, premier cure de Quebec. Quebec, Dussault & Proulx, imprimeura, 
1902. pp.8-392. Pub Canada '02.7(1903)98 "well written... a good example of ecclesiastical 

"BIBLE IN SCHOOLS." Question of teaching it in Am. public schools. 

Griffin, Martin I. J. The Bible in schools. Am Oath Res 19(1902)150-2. 
BIBLIOGRAPHY. Art of book description. A descriptive list of books. 

General works only. Special bibliographies are under their respective subjects; for list see Index. 

An account of manuscrlps, papers, and documents in public repositories within the state of Missis- 
sippi. Miss Hist P 5(1902)119-227. 

An account of manuscripts, papers, and documents pertaining to Mississippi in public repositories 
beyond the state. Miss Hist P 5(1902)49-117. 

Annual American catalogue cumulated, 1900-1902. N. Y., Publishers' Weekly, 1903. pp. 43,683. 

Bowker, R. R ed. State publications: a provisional list of the official publications of the several states of 
the United States from their organization ; compiled under the editorial direction of R. R. Bowker. Part 


2: North central states: New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Wis- 
consin. New York, Office of the Publishers' Weekly. 1902. p.101-285. O. [An Indispensible guide] 

[Catalogue of] The Samuel Burhans, Jr., Collection [In the N. Y. Gen. Biog. Soc. Library]. N Y 
Rec 33(1902)180-4. 

Cumulative index to a selected list of periodicals, monthly and quarterly. Cleveland, O., Cumulative In- 
dex Co., 1902. 4o. [Convenient for early reference otherwise Annual Lit. Index more useful for 
average student.] 

Danforth, George Flavel, ed. Quarterly bibliography of books reviewed in leading American periodicals. 
Bloomington, Index Publishing Co., 1902. vol. 1. 80. pp. 207. 

Evans, Charles. American bibliography; a chronological dictionary of all books, pamphlets and periodical 
publications printed in the U. S. of America from... 1639 down to... 1820... vi, 1639-1729. Chicago, 
Priv. print, for the author, 1903. 16 x 446 p. 80. [Chronologically, alphabetically by authors under 
each year, alphabetical index of authors at end of (each) volume. A work of the very first rank of 
bibliograpical importance by a well known bibliographer in very attractive typographical form.] 

Fletcher, W. I. and Bowker, B. R. eds. Annual literary index, 1901. Including periodicals, American and 
English; essays, book-chapters, etc. N. Y., Office of Publishers' Weekly, 1901.- [Annual vol. appears 
regularly and rather promptly after beginning of the year.] 

Hasse, Adelaide R. United States government publications: a handbook for the cataloger. Part I. The 
government at large, the constitution and treaties. Boston, Library Bureau, 1902. 46 p. O. $1. 

Index of historical pamphlets in the Library of St. Charles' Seminary, Overbrook, Pa. Am Cath Hist 

Lamed, J. N. The literature of American history. A bibliographical guide in which the scope, character, 
and comparative worth of books in selected lists are set forth in brief notes by critics of authority... 
Edited for the American library association. [For details see same title under subject, History (study, 
writing and teaching).] 

'" Leon, (N.) Bibliografla Mexican.-! del siglo XVIII seccession priinSra, primSra parte. Mexico, Imp. de Fr. 
Diaz de Leon, (1902). pp. 463. 30 ptas. 

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ject catch-word to the books catalogued in the publishers' lists of 1902. New York, Publishers' Weekly, 
1902. 1104 p. So. [This new feature of the Trade list annual is of very practical usefulness, giving 
as It does all the in-print books arranged under subjects; e. g., 36 titles under "Mormons."] 

L 1 s t of works relating to the American Colonization Society, Liberia, negro colonization, etc., In the 

New York Public Library. N Y Bull 6(1902)265-9. 
"-Medina, J. T. Blbliotheca hlspano Americano (1493-1810) Tomos. 5y6. Santiago de Chile, del Author, 1902. 

New York. State library. . . . Descriptive list of French manuscripts copied from National archives and 
National library at Paris, 1888... Albany, University of the state of New York, 1902. 1 p. 1., [319] 
382 p. 25cm. (New York State library. Bulletin 57. History 5) 81 mss. relating to America; de- 
scribed by A.J.F.Van Laer. Cover-title. [L.C. 3-7520] 

Periodicals and newspapers regularly received at the library of the State Historical Society of 
Wisconsin. Wise Hist Proc '01(1902)97-113. 

Tables of and annotated index to the congressional series of United States public documents; prepared in 
the office of the Superintendent of Documents, Government Printing Office. Washington, Government 
Printing Office. 1902. 769 p. 1. Q. 

T h o m a s, C. Provisional list, Mexico and Central America, linguistic families, languages, and dialects. 
Am Anthrop 4(1902)207(Ap). 

Wells, Philip P. ed. Literature of Am. history. Supp. for 1900 and 1901. [For details see same title 
under subject. History (study, writing and teaching).] 

Whitmore, William H[enry] 1836-1900. Catalogue of the valuable private library of the late William H. 
Whitmore, of Boston... Part I, comprising a collection of about 1300 genealogies. Part II, historical 
and miscellaneous books, including a large number of books relating to the local history of Boston... 
To be sold by auction ... Nov. llth to 14th, 1902... C.F.Llbbie & co., auctioneers... [For details see 
same title under subject, Boston. Mass.] 
BICKERDYKE. Mary A. (1817-1901). Nurse in Civil War, Kan. organizer of relief. 

Chase, (Mrsr.)A. Mother Bickerdyke. Trans Kan Hist. Soc 1901-2 7(1902)189-98. 
BIDWELL, John (b.1819). Cal. Gen. in Civil War, Congressman, Prohibitionist. 

Estate of Gen. John Bidwell In California. Ctry Life Am 1 (1902)81 (Ja). 
BIGOT, M. Canadian Intendant. 

L'lntendant Bigot. La Presse, Jan. 11&25U902). 
BIHN, Joseph Louis (1822-93). Catholic priest. 

Rev. Joseph Louis Bihn. Am Cath Hist 13(1902)384, port. 
BILES, William (fl.1679). Pa. pioneer, Quaker preacher. 

White, Miles, Jr. William Biles. Penn Mag 26(1902)58-70,192-206,348-59. 


BILLIARDS. Game of skill, played on tables with ivory balls. 

Billiards, Low Norf Ant 4(1902)77. 
'BILLS of credit." Form of colonial currency. 

R o b y, James. The "raising" of bills of credit, 1776. Best Bull 7(1902)460-2. 
BILTMORE. Estate of Geo. W. Vanderbilt near Asheville, N. C. 

W e s t o n, G. F. Biltmore, estate of Geo. W. Vanderbilt. Ctry Life Am 2(1902)180(8). 
BINGHAM, Harry (1821-1900). N. H. lawyer and politician. 

Batchellor. Albert Stillman. Address before the Graftou and Cuo* counties bur association at the meeting 
hold at Woodsville, for the presentation of memoirs of Harry Bingham, December 11, 1900. Relations 
to literature. Concord, N. H., Rumford press, 1902. 19 p. 23cm. [L.C. 2-19819] 
BINGHAM, John A. (b.1815). Ohio Congressman, V. S. minister to Japan. 

F o r a k e r, J. B. John A. Bingham. Address at Cadiz. O., Oct. 5, 1901. Ohio Arch & Hist Pub 10(1902) 

ail -661. 
BININGER, Abraham (1720-1811). Moravian missionary to West Indies. 

Pine, John B. Abraham Binlnger. N Y Rec 33(1902)135-7. 
BIOGRAPHY, Gen. Collected works on Am. biography. 

Armstrong, W. J. The greatest living men. Columbus, O., Harriman, 1902. 

Banks, Louis Albert. Youth of famous Americans, by Rev. Louis Albert Banks... New York, Eaton & 
Mains; Cincinnati, Jennings & Pye [1902] 302 p. incl. port. 16^cm. [L.C. 2-20251] 

Contemporary American biography. Biographical sketches of representative men of the day. N. Y., At- 
lantic Pub. & Engraving Co., 1902. pp. 449. 4o. port. [41. Men. in :N E Reg 57(1903)232(F.W.Parke) 
"a full treasury of reference and information." 

Hamm, Margherita Arlina. Builders of the republic; some great Americans who have aided in the making 
of the nation. New York, J. Pott & company, 1902. xviii, 410 p. front., pi., port., facsim. 20%cm. 
[Contents. George Washington. Benjamin Franklin. Thomas Jefferson. Alexander Hamilton. John 
Jay. John Adams. George Clinton. Samuel Adams. Philip Livingston. Roger Sherman. Philip John 
Sobuyler. James Madison. Patrick Henry. Henry Knox. Robert Morrlp. John Hancock. John Paul 
Jones. Elbrldge Gerry. James Otis. Robert R. Livingston. John Marshall. Gouverneur Morris. 
Richard Henry Lee. Anthony Wayne. Abraham Lincoln. L.C. 2-22283] 

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structive ... rather for reference than. . .literary delectation ... index" ; N Y Rec 34(1903)67-8] 

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teenth century. Chicago, 1902. 4o. pp. 1046, ports. [ Mag 1(1902)234-5 "utter[ly] unre- 
liable and worthless ... filled with errors ... will do Incalculable harm." Nevertheless is very useful for 
names not found elsewhere and many small but excellent ports.] 

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Stephen, Leslie. Studies of a biographer, vol. 3 and 4. (second series) N. Y., Putnam, 1902. [Rev. in: 
Nation 75(1902)505-6 "delightfully characteristic. . .to Emerson Mr. Stephen. . .gives a surprisingly sym- 
pathetic essay."] 

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Who's Who, 1902. An annual biographical dictionary. London, Adam and Chas. Black; N. Y., Macmillan, 
1902. 142 p. [Rev.ln:Nation 74(1902)92 "More inclusive ... than last year's issue. . .has a universal out- 
look... main value still British"; Dial 32(1902)131 "useful. . .biographies include a few Americans ... se- 
lection ... made after a haphazard fashion."] 

Young, J. R. Men and memories. N. Y., Neely, 1902. 2 v. afed 1 v. 12o. 

Note. For current American biography such annual works as the directories of Congress and state legis- 
lature, ecclesiastical year books, college directories of graduates, the "Minerva," etc. 
BIRBECK, Morris (d.1825). HI. pioneer, abolitionist. 

An English farmer at Pittsburgh In 1817. Pittsb Bull 7(1902)189-95. 


BIRD, Wm. (1823-1902). Presb. clerg. and missionary, Syria, 1852-1902. 

J e s s u p, Sam. Rev. Wm. Bird. Ass Her 7(1902)448-9. 
BISNEY, James G. (1792-1857). Ala. and Ky. abolitionist editor and writer. 

James G. Birney and the Philomathic Society of the Univ. of Ala. Gulf Mag 1(1902)214. 
BIRTHRATE. Proportion of births to inhabitants. 

W e s t o n, J. The weak spot in the American republic. 19th Cent 52(1902)905-12. 
BISHOP, Joel Prentiss (1814-1901). Mass, lawyer and publicist. 

Bishop, Chas. S. Joel Prentiss Bishop, LL.D. Am Law R 36(1902)1-9, port. 
" . BLACK BEARD (d.1717). Name for Edward Teach, pirate off southern coast. 

A s h e, S. A. The old pirates, Black Beard and Bonnett. N C Bookl 2.2(1902)3-23. 
BLACK, James (fl.1729). Va. physician. 

A Virginia doctor's medicines, 1729 (note). Va Mag 10(1902)216-7. 
BLACK, Jeremiah Sullivan (1810-83). Pa. Chief Justice, TJ. 8. Attor. Gen., Sec'y of State. 

J o n e s, J. S. Why Judge Black withdrew from the. . .trial of Brest. Johnson. Am Hist Mag 7(1902)244-8. 
BLACK, John (fl.1807). Quebec deputy. 

M. Black, Depute de Qufibec. Rech Hist 8(1902)200. 
BLACK HAWK War. War with Sac and Fox Indians, 1832. 

Williams, John R. (Comp. Burton, C. M.) The Black Hawk War. Mich Hist Coll '01.31(1902)313-471. 
BLACK Hills. Mountains in S.W. of South Dakota and N.E. of Wyoming. 

Sanford, John I, comp. The Black Hills souvenir; a pictorial and historic description of the Black Hills. 
Denver, Col., Printed by the Williamson-Haffner engraving co., 1902. 223 p. 111., col. front. 17% T 
23y 2 cm. [L.C. 3-2704] 
BLACK Warrior (River) expedition. Exp. of Creek war, 1813-14. 

H a 1 b e r t, H. S. ...Black Warrior expeditions during the Creek war of 1813 and 1814? Gulf Mag 1 

BLACKBURN, Wm. Maxwell (1828-98). 111. and Dak. Presb. clerg., educator and historian. 

[ R i g g s, T. L.] William Maxwell Blackburn. S Dakota Hist Soc Col 1(1902)25-36. 
BLAKE, Francis (b.1860). Mass, astronomer and inventor. 

Francis Blake, A. M. Harv Grad M 11(1902-3)334. 
BLAKE, S. Leroy (d.1902). Conn. Congregational clergyman and writer. 

B i x 1 e r, James W. Rev. S. Leroy Blake, D. D. Am Miss 56(1902)426. 
BLAKELEY, Johnston (1781-1814). North Carolina naval officer. 

B a 1 1 1 e, K. P. A N. C. naval hero and his daughter. Capt. Johnston Blakely. N C Bookl 1.9(1901)3-15. 
BLAKESLEY family. 

Shepard, James. Samuel Blakesley of New Haven, Conn., and his descendants. Boston, Press of D.Clapp 
& son, 1902. 15 p. 25%cm. ["Reprinted for the author from the New-England historical and genea- 
logical register for July, 1902." Sl.note ln:N Y Rec 33(1902)253; Northw Q 5(1902)154. 
L.C. 2-24595] 
S h e p a r d, James, Esq. Samuel Blakesley of New Haven, Conn., and his descendants. N E Reg 56 

BLANCHARD, Samuel Stillman (1835-1901). Mass, merchant, State senator. 

S a m u e Stillman Blanchard. N E Reg 56(1902)Suppl llv-lvi. 
BLOCKADE. Closing of an enemy's port by effective patrol. 

S p r u n t, James. Tales of the Cape Fear blockade. N C Bookl 1.10(1902)5-112, 111. 
BLOOMFIELD, N. J. Village of Essex Co. 4 m. N.N.W. of Newark. 

Hulin, Stephen Morris. Real and ideal Bloomfield; the briefly-told story of church-town, township and in- 
corporated town of to-day... Bloomfleld, N. J., Groebe-McGovern co>., Newark, N. J., 1902. 3 p. 1., 9- 
63, [1] p. incl. front., ill. 2514cm. [L.C. 3-1270] 
BLOOMINGTON, 111. City, county seat of McLean Co., 44 m. N. of Deoatur. 

H a r i n g, Theo. TUchtige deutscbe Manner Bloomington's. Deutsch-Am G 2.4(1902)39-42. 
BLOUNT, Hamilton H. (fl.1902). TT. S. Army officer. 

IT. S. War dept. ...Court-martial and military services of Hamilton H. Blunt. Letter from the secre- 
tary of war, transmitting a copy of all records and papers... February 12, 1902. Referred to the 
Committee on military affairs and ordered to be printed. [Warshington, Gov't print, off., 1902] 157 p. 
23%cm. (57th Cong., 1st sess. Senate. Doc. no. 185) [L.C. 3-3436] 
BLOTTNT, William (1747-1800). TJ. S. senator, Gov. of Territory of Tenn. 

R a m s e y, J. G. M. Letter [ab. Gov. Blount]. Am Hist Mag 7(1902)38-54. 


BLOUNT family. 

[Presoott, Helen M. Blount] Blount and Blunt. [Washington, D. C.] Press of W.F.Roberts, 1902. 

geneal. chart, 56 x 43%cm. [L.C. 2-12289] 
B6CHER, Ferdinand (1832-1902). Harvard Prof, of modern languages. 

6 r a n d g e n t, C. H. Ferdinand Bo'cher. Harv Grad M 11(1902-3)42-5. port. 

BOEHM family. 

Horn, A[lfred] P. ed. Proceedings of the re-union of Apple's church and of the Boehm family, celebrated 
at Apple's or New Jerusalem Reformed and Lutheran church, Leithsvtlle, Northampton county, Pa., 
September 14, 1895. Hellertown, Pa., H.D.Lanbach, 1902. 154 p. pi., port. 23cm. [L.C. 2-20018] 
BOHEMIAN Americans. Natives of Bohemia living in the U. S. 

V 1 a c h, J. J. Our Bohemian population. Wise Hist Proc '01(1902)159-<52. 
BOISSIERE, Ernest Valeton (1810-94). Kansas horticulturist and philanthropist. 

H u r o n, G. A. Ernest Valeton Boissiere. Trans Kan Hist Soc 1901-2 7(1902)552-64. 
BOLGER, Henry L. Pinckney (1846-1901). 8. C. judge and legislator. 

Henry L. Pinckney Bolger [Obit.]. S C Hist Mag 3(1902)08. 
BOLIVIA, S. A. Republic lying inland between Brazil, Argentine, Chile and Peru. 

Between the Andes and the Amazon, or Undeveloped Bolivia. Chanib J 79(1902)157(Mr). 
C h a r c b, G. E. Bolivia by the Rio de la Plata route. Geog J 19(1902)64(Ja). 
M c I 1 r o y, Arthur. Bolivia field for American trade. Nat'l M (Bost) 15(1901-2)691-6, 111., port. 
NordensklSld, E. Explorations dans les regions f rontifires de la Bollvie et de la Republiqne Argen- 
tine. Geog Bull Aoflt (1902). 

Perez, A. G. Orcanlzaci6n mllltar de America. Bolivia. Estud Milit 5 Aout (1902). 
BOLTON, Conn. Township of Tolland Co. 17 m. E. of Hartford. 

Talcott, M. K. Records of the church In Bolton, Conn. N E Reg 55(1901)34-9,281-7; 56(1902)162-7, 

BONAPARTE, Joseph (1768-1844). King of Spain, resident of V. S. 

T o m 1 1 n s o n, E. T. When the King of Spain was an exile in northern N. Y. Indep 54(1902)449-52. 
BONAPARTE, Louis Napoleon (1803-73). French emperor. 

Stevenson, Sara Y. Prince Louis Napoleon and the Nicaragua canal. Cent 64(1902)391-6, port. 
BONNETT, Steed (fl.1617). North Carolina pirate. 

A -. h .-, S. A. The old pirates, Black Beard and Bennett. N C Bookl 2.2(1902)3-23. 
BOOK Plates. Printed or engraved labels to mark ownership of books. 

Allen, Charles Dexter. The appeal of the book plate, antiquarian and artistic. Cent 63(1901-2)238-47. 
C h a d w 1 c k, E. H. Book plates. Acadiensis 2(1902)122-130. facs.. 111. 
H a r d y, W. J. American book plates. Am Herald J 2(1902)2-6. 
Jack, David Russell. Book plates. Acadiensis 2(1902)189-97,276-8, facs., ill. 
BOOKBINDING. The fastening together and covering of the parts of books. 

B o w d o i n, W. G. American bookbinders and their work. Tndep 54(1902)2997-3004, ill. 
B o w d o i n, W. G. Artistic bookbinding in America. Outl 71(1902)254-61, 111. 
BOOKKEEPING. Systematic keeping of business accounts. 

A business cutom in Boston, 1719 [Bookkeeping methods]. Bost Bull 7(1902)73. 
BOOKS. Printed or written records of human thought. 

W o r m 1 e y, Ralph. Advertisement of lost book, 1774 (note). Va Mag 10(1902)103. 
BOONE, Daniel (1735-1820). Ky. pioneer and Indian fighter. 

Hartley, Cecil B. The life and times of Colonel Daniel Boone; with an introduction by G. Mercer Adam 
... New York, The Perkins book company [c!902] xiil, [2], 385 p. front, (port.) pi. 19cm. ([Heroes 
of history]) [L.C. 3-9679] 

Thwaites, Reuben Gold. Daniel Boone, by Reuben Gold Th wattes... New York, D.Appleton & company. 
1902. xv, 257 p. front, (port.) pi., facsim. 19Vacm. (Appleton's life histories) [ Hist B 
8(1903)779-80(F. W.Moore) "characterized by clearness of outline, balance of parts, unity of purpose, 
and completeness in itself .. .admirably presented"; Nation 75(1902)489 "Peck. . .and. . .early Draper col- 
lections ... would remain the standard biography but for the improvements. . .Mr. Thwaites. . .adds. .. [a] 
finality"; Dial 33(1902)335 ".. .graphic. . .a vivid idea... of this pioneer in many states." L.C. 2-20873] 
BOOTH, Edwin Thomas (1833-93). American actor. 
Edwin Booth (letter of). Collect 15(1902)47. 
BORGLUM, Solon H. (b.1868). American sculptor. 

Goodrich, Arthur. The frontier in sculpture. World's Work 3(1901-2)1857-74, 111., port. 


B6RSTLER. Christian (fl.1787). Md. German American settler. 

K e n k e 1, F. P. Tagebuch von Christian B6rstler, geboren von Glanmiinchweiler, bey Cusel in Theutsch- 
land, auf der Reise nach Baltimore in Amerika. I>eutsch-Am G 2.1(1902)56-8,2.2.29-32,2.3.49-51,2.4.49-56. 
BORTON family, 

Haines, George. Ancestry of the Haines, Sharp, Collins, Wills, Gardiner, Priekitt, Eves, Evans, Moore, 

Troth, Borton and Engle families. [For details see same title under subject, Haines family.] 
BOSS family. 

Boss, William Graham. An inquiry concerning the Boss family and the name Boss. Correspondence be- 
tween William Graham Boss... and Henry Rush Boss... Chicago, The Ben Franklin co., 1902. 187 p. 
ill., port. 23cm. [ E Reg 56(1902)325(F.W.Parke) "material of .. .importance. . .thoroughly 
treated. . .agreeable miscellany." L.C. 2-9130] 
BOSTON, Mass. Capital of Mass., on Mass. Bay. 

Annual report of the cemetery department of the city of Boston for the fiscal year 1901-1902. Boston, Mu- 
nicipal Printing Office, 1902. pp. 146. So. ill., plan. [ E Reg 57(1903)233(F.W.Parke) 
"is added an interesting 'Historical Sketch. . .[of] the Granary Burial Ground'."] 

Boston. Brattle Square church. The Manifesto church. Records, with lists of communicants, baptisms, 
marriages, and funerals, 1699-1872. Boston, The Benevolent fraternity of churches, 1902. xvi p., 1 1.. 
448 p. front., pi., port., fold, plan, facsim. (partly fold.) 25cm. [L.C. 3-987] 

Boston. Engineering dept. ...List of maps of Boston published between 1614 and 1822, copies of which 
are to be found in the possession of the city of Boston or other collectors of the same. Reprint of Ap- 
pendix J, Annual report of the city engineer. February 1, 1902. Boston, Municipal printing office, 1902. 
35 p. 23cm. [ E Eng 57(1903)341.' L.C. 3416] 

Boston, Mass. Cemetery dept. Historical sketch and matters appertaining to the Granary burial-ground. 
Published by the Cemetery department of the city of Boston... Boston, Municipal printing office, 1902. 
37 p. pi., fold. plan. 23%cm. [L.C. 3-52] 

Brissot, Jeanne P. Boston In 1788; fr. New travels in the U. S. of America. (Old Sooth leaflets no. 126) 
Boston, Old South Work, 1902. 

Carruth, Frances Weston. Fictional rambles in & about Boston... New York, McClnre, Phillips and com- 
pany, 1902. xxili, 380 p. incl. front., ill., pi. 21cm. [Rev.inrNation 75(1902)481 "no biography. . .and 
index. . .photographic illustrations. . .well chosen, excellent and characteristic of the city." L.C. 2-27221] 

Cole, William I. Early churches at the North End, Boston. New Eng M 26(1902)241-56, ill., port. 

Cone, Kate M. Cotton Mather's birthplace. Gen Q M 3(1902)55-64. 

Green, S. A. Ten facsimile reproductions relating to Old Boston and neighborhood. Boston, G.E. Little- 
field, 1901-2. 

Hale, Edward Everett. Memories of a hundred years. Outl 70(1902)31-47,549-61,840-52; 71.70-80,404-14, 
020-30,863-75; 72.78-91,301-14, port., ill., facs. 

The Manifesto Church. Records of the church in Brattle Square, Boston, with lists of communicants, bap- 
tisms, marriages, and funerals, 1699-1872. Boston, The Benevolent Fraternity of Churches, 1902. 8vo. 
pp. xviii 448. 111. [Rev.ln:N E Reg 56(1902)415(Henry H.Eden) "an index of extraordinary fullness 
and merit completely unlocks this treasure house of facts."] 

Martin, George H. Boston schools one hundred years ago. New Eng M 26(1902)628-42. 

National association of stationary engineers. Official souvenir programme, 21st annual convention... Bos- 
ton, Massachusetts, September 1-6, 1902. [Boston? 1902] ill., port., plan. 12% x 18cm. [L.C. 2-24093] 

Norcross, Frederic Walter. Ye ancient inns of Boston town. New Eng M 25(1901-2)315-25. 

P a r d e e, Joseph Nelson. With a Boston market man. New Eng M 27(1902)450-63. 

Pictorial guide to Boston and the country around... Boston, The G.W.Armstrong dining room & news co., 
1902. 1 p. 1., 203 p. incl. ill., pi. front., fold. map. 17cm. [L.C. 2-15635] 

The [R. C.] church In Boston In 1819. Am Cath Res 19(1902)113-4. 

Schuyler, M. Boston, Mass., ancient and modern. Pall Mall M 28(1902)325(N). 

Second report of the Record Commissioners of the City of Boston; containing the Boston records, 1634- 
1660, and the Book of Possessions. Third edit. Boston, Municipal Printing Office, 1902. pp. 8+137. 80. 
map. fMen.ln:N E Reg 57(1903)233(F.W.Parke) "reprint of the edition of 1881."] 

S t o ry, D. Boston, Mass., city of a great tradition. Munsey 28(1902)1(0), ill. 

The troubles in Boston [1774]. Collect 15(1902)138-9. 

Tyler, Harry W[alter], A handbook of the principal scientific institutions of Boston and vicinity, prepared 
. . . with the compliments of the local members of the American society of mechanical engineers at Its 
forty -fifth meeting, Boston, Mass., May 27-30, 1902. [Boston, Rockwell & Churchill press, 1902] Ix, 
[2], 6-118 p. pi., fold. plan. 18cm. [L.C. 2-15613] 

W n 1 1 1 s, John. Petition for renewal of tavern license, 1714(7). Bost Bull 7(1902)348-9. 

Whiting, Lilian. Boston days, the city of beautiful ideals: Concord and its famous authors; the golden 
age of genius; dawn of the twentieth century, by Lilian Whiting... Boston, Little, Brown and com- 
pany, 1902. xii, 485p. front., pi., port., facsim. W^cm. [ 75(1902)481 "portraits, 


views of homes, facsimilies of MSS. . .discursive biographical and semi-historical sketches"; Dial 34(1903) 
124 "much to be said in praise. . .[a] .. .tendency to diffuseness, frequent repetition, and errors of fact 
...enjoy [able]... entertaining." L.C. 2-299101 

Whitmore, William H[enry]. Catalogue of the valuable private library of the late William H. Wbltmore. 
of Boston... Part I, comprising a collection of about 1300 genealogies. Part II, historical and miscel- 
laneous books, including a large number of books relating to the local history of Boston... To be sold 
by auction ... Nov. llth to 14th, 1902... C.F.Libbie & co., auctioneers... [Boston, Libbie show print, 
1002] 1 p. 1., 228 p. front, (port.) ill., facslm. (partly fold.) 24cm. [Prices noted in ms. on margin. 
I..C. 3-8880] 

Winslow, Helen Mfaria]. ...Literary Boston of to-day, by Helen M. Winsloxv... Boston, L.C.Page & 
company, 1903 [1902] xii, [2], 11-444 p. front., port. 18cm. (Little pilgrimages series) [ 
Nation 75(1902)265 "Biographical sketches. . .writttn with sobriety if .. .'genially' and in. . .Journalistic 
vein." L.C. 2-2065] 

W i n t h r o p, Wait. Boston Free Grammar School. 1710. Bost Bull 7(1902)347-8. 
BOSTON Public Library. Municipal library opened 1854. 

Whitney, James Lyman. Incidents in the history of the Boston public library. Lib J 27 ( 1902) Cl 6-24 
BOSTON Siege. Shutting up of British in B., 1775-3. 

Miller, William T. (letters) to his wife, from the camp before Boston, 1775. Bost Bull 7(1902)419-24. 

W i n g 1 o w, Ervlng. A Loyalist in the siege of Boston. N E Reg 56(1902)48-54. 
BOSTON tea party. Destruction of tea cargoes by patriots in disguise of Indians, 1773. 

Wheeler, Elisha [letter]. N E Reg 56(1902)205. 
BOSTON and Worcester railroads. Mass. R. R. incorporated 1831. 

Hill, Benjamin Thomas. The beginnings of the Boston and Worcester railroad. Wor Soc Ant 17(1901) 

526-76, ill., port., facs. 
BOUCHETTE, Robert Shore Milne s. Canadian customs commissioner. 

Robert-Shore-Milnes Boochette coinmlssaire des Dounnes du Canada, 1868-1874. Rech Hist 
8(1902)116, port. only. 

BOUNTIES. Premium given soldiers to induce service. 

Bounties to soldiers and the depreciation of the Continental Currency 1780. Bost Bull 7(1902)464-6. 
BOUTEROUE, Claude de (fl.1668). Intendant of New France. 

Roy, Regis. Claude de Bouteroue. Rech Hist 8(1902)341-3. 

BOUTON, Nathaniel (1799-1878). Concord, N. H. Congregational clergyman and writer. 
Bon ton, J. B. Rev. Nathaniel Bouton, D.D. Grnulte M 33(1902)180-95. port. 

Bouton, John Bell. A sketch of the character and life-work of Rev. Nathaniel Bouton, D.D., pastor of 
First Congregational church, Concord, N. H., 1825-1867. Printed for the Church 1902. pp. 15, 1. 80., 
ill. [ K Reg 57(1903)230(F.W.Parke) "delightful reading."] 
BOW, A town of Merrimac Co. N. H. 5 miles 8. of Concord. 

Walker, Joseph B. An address upon the long controversy of the proprietors of the plantation of Penny 
Cook with the proprietors of the Town of Bow, 1727-1789. Delivered at u meeting of the New Hamp- 
shire Historical Society, March 9, 1898. Concord, N. H. Rumford Press. 1901. 8 vo. pp. 34. [Reprint 
from Trans, of N. H. Hist. Soc.] 
BOWDITCH, Henry Ingersoll (1808-92). Mass, physician, professor, writer. 

Bowditoh, Vincent Y[ardley]. Life and correspondence of Henry Ingersoll Bowdltch. by his son, Vincent 
Y. Bowditch... Boston and New York. Houguton, Mlfflln and company. 1902. 2 v. front., pi., port., 
facsim. 22Vicm. [ Nation 76(1903)360-1 "what he has written of certain phases of the anti- 
slavery conflict will take a place among the most entertaining and Instructive recollections of that con- 
tlict"; Dial 34(1903)197-8(A.R.Marble) "[a] rare success. . .valuable. . .public and personal Incidents 
are tactfully blended." L.C. 2-30400] 
BOWDOIN College. Founded 1744 U802) Brunswick, Me. 

Bowdoin college. Class of 1877. Memoranda regarding members of the class, with an historical sketch 
of the college from 1877 to 1901... [Boston, J.E.Chapman] 1902. 168 p., 1 1. 111. (port.) 
(Its Class report, no. 4) [Edited by John Ellphnz Chapman. L.C. 3-9221] 
Cole, William I. Bowdoin College: A century of service. R of Rs 25(1902)693-7, ill., port. 
BO WEN, Herbert Wolcott (b.1852). U. S. minister to Venezuela, writer. 

Holt, Hamilton. The United States minister at Caracas. Indep 54(1902)2991-2, ill., port. 
BOWEN, John H. (1780-1822). Tennessee lawyer and Congressman. 

Campbell papers. Am Hist Mag 7(1902)324-7. 
BOWER family. 

Gov. Archibald Roane. Am Hist Mag 7(1902)322-4, port. 


BOWIE family. 

Bowie arms (note). Wm M Q 10(1002)278. 
BOWLING. Game of exercise and skill played with wooden balls. 

Elliott, George. Bowling on the green. Canad M 19(1902)513-23, ill. 
BOWNE family. 

B e a d 1 n g, M. K. William Bowne and his descendants in America. Jerseyman 8(1902)13-16,25-32. 
BOX family. 

Marsh, Lucius B[olles], and Parker (Mrs.) Harriet F., comp. Bronsdoii and Box families. Part I. Robert 
Bronsdon, merchant, and his descendants. Part II. John Box, ropemaker, and his descendants, xix, 
311, [1] p. front., pi., port., facsim. 24cm. [For details see same title under subject, Bronsdon fam- 
ily. L.C. 2-13121] 
BOYNTON, Eleazer (1884-1901). Mass, merchant, state senator. 

Boynton, Nehemiah. Eleazer Boynton. N E Reg 56 Suppl.(1902)lix-Ix. 
BRACKENBIDGE, Henry M. (1786-1871). Pa lawyer, writer, historian. 

B r a c k e n r i d g e, II. M. "Pittsburgh one hundred years ago" [Recollections]. Pittsb Bull 7(1902) 

BRACKENRIDGE, Hugh Henry (1748-1816). Pa. editor, writer, judge. 

Brack t-ni-idge's account of Pittsburgh in 3786. Pittsb Bull 7(1902)257-62,288-90,332-5. 
SHADDOCK, Edw. (1695-1755). Gen. French and Indian War, defeated July 9,1755. 

Craighill, Wm. P. ...March of Braddock's troops... in 1755. W Va Mag 2.3(1902)16-36, ill., port. 
BRADFORD family. 

Bo w m a n,G. E. Major William Bradford's will and inventory. Mayfl Desc 4(1902)143-7. 
BRADFORD manuscript. Ms. of Bradford's History, lost in Rev., recovered 1398. 

Hoar, George F. Return of the Bradford Manuscript. Mass Hist Soc Proc II 15(1901-2)78-81. 
BRADLEE, Caleb Davis (1831-97). Boston clergyman, historical and genealogical writer. 

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BRADLEY family. 

Will of John- Bradley [Salem, Mass., ab.1642]. Ess Ant 6(1902)1. 
BRAGG, Edward Stuyvesant (b.1827). N. Y. lawyer, brig.-gen. in Civil War, Congressman. 

Gen. Edward S. Bragg, with portrait. Nat'l M(Bost)16(1902)438(Jl). 
BRAINARD, John G. C. (1797-1828). Conn, poet and editor. 

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BRAINERD, Nathan Hoit (1818-1901). Iowa editor. 

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BRAINTREE, Mass. Village of Norfolk Co. 10 m. 8. of Boston. 

Bates, Samuel A[ustin]. ...The Arnold family. As entered upon the records of the town of Braintree. 

1640 to 1853. [48] p. 10% x 12cm. [For de-tails see same title under subject, Arnold family.] 
BRANDYWINE (Pa.). Revolutionary battle Sept. 11, 1777. 

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BRANT, Joseph (1742-1807). N. Y. Indian chief, British ally in Am. Rev. 

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BRAZIL, S. A. Republic of South America on the Atlantic coast. 

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Vidal de La Blache, P[aul]. ...La rivi&re Vincent Plnzou; 6tude sur la cartographie de la Guyane. [For 
detail see same title under subject, Vincent Pinzon R.] 

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BREATHED, James (b.1838). Va. Confederate officer. 

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BRECK family. 

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of Sherborn, 1656. With Notes upon the name in Great Britain. Boston, Press of David Clapp & Sou, 
1902. Svo. pp. 16. [ B Reg 57(1903)117(F.W.Parke) "Reprint from the New Bug Hist and 
Gen Register."] 

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BRENNAN. Daniel A. (1845-96). Philadelphia Catholic priest. 

Rev. Daniel A. Brennan. Am Cath Hint 13(1902)57,129, port. 
BREWSTER. Mass. Village, Barnstable Co. 90 m. S.E. of Boston. 

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BBEV78TER, William (1560-1644). Plymouth Colony elder. 

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( 1902)100-9. 

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BREWTON family. 

B r e w t o n (note). S C Hist Mag 3(1902)174-6. 
BRIAR CLIFF (N. Y.). School of practical agriculture. 

Blossom, Mary C. The new farming and a new life. World's Work 3(1901-2) 1626-37, ill. 
BRICE'S Cross Roads (Md.). Civil War engagement, June 10, 1864. 
Lee, Stephen D. Battle of Brice's Cross Roads, or Tlshomiugo Crook, Juno 2nd to 12, 1864. Miss Hist 

P 6(1902)27-37, map. 
BRIDGE building (Am.). Branch of engineering. 

8 k i n n e r, F. W. New East river bridge, bridge builders' triumph. Munsey 28(1902)717(F). 
Skinner, Frank W. Triumphs of the American Bridge-building. Cent 64(1902)228-44, 111. 
W II ley, Day Allen. The erection of the Gokteik bridge. Smlthson R 1901(1902)611-5, ill. 
BRIDGEPORT, Conn. City of Fairfleld Co. 57 m. N.E. of New York, on Long Island Sound. 

B u 1 k 1 e y, Uriah (letter of). The war of 1812. Collect 15(1902)58. 
BRIDGES, Fidelia (b.1835). Conn, artist. 

Randall, Alice Sawtelle. Connecticut artists and their work. Conn Mag 7(1902)583-8, 111. 
BRIDGMAN family. 

Will of John Bridgmau [Salem, Mass., ab.1655]. Ess Ant 6(1902)112. 
BRISTOL, R. I. Town, Bristol Co. 16 m. S.8.E. of Providence. 

Souvenir views of Bristol, R. I. [Bristol? R. I.] K.H.Do Wolf, 1902. 3 p. 1.. 50 pi. 20% K 25^cm. 

[L.C. 2-3454 M 2] 
BRITISH-AMERICAN relations. Public and social. 

English policy toward America in 1790-1791. Stephen Cottrell to W. W. Grenville. Ana Hist R 8 


Lane, Annie E. American wives and English housekeeping. Kortn 77(1902)997-1009. 
O g n 1 b e n, The United States and imperial Britain. Contemp 81(1902)305-26. 
W a r r e n, Winslow. Feeling of England towards America and Americana. Mass Hist Soc Proc 

BRITISH Columbia. Southwestern province of Dominion of Canada. 

Annual Report of the Minister of Mines [British Columbia] for the year ending 31st December, 1901. 
Victoria, B. C., Richard Wolfenden, 1902. pp. 1281. [Rev.lnrHlst Pub Canad '02*7(1903)153-5 "photo- 
reproductions, often displaying beautiful nconery. . .largely of details of .. .various mines or prospects... 
Little scientific work. . .done. . .statistics. . .progress of mining."] 

British Columbia, Canada's moat westerly province; its position, advantages, resources and climate; new 
fields for mining, farming, fruit growing and ranching along the lines of the Canadian Pacific railway; 
information for prospectors, minors and intending settlers, [n. p.] 1902. 64 p. 111., fold. map. 21cm. 
[Published In the interest of the Canadian Pacific. L.C. 2-19832] 
H e n s h a w, J. W. Mountains of British ColmuDia. Canad M 20(1902)3(N). 

Stutfield, Hugh E. M. Mountain travel and climbs In British Columbia. Alpine J 20(1902)491-504. 
Tyrrell, J. W. Appendix No. 26 to the report of the Surveyor-General: Explanatory Survey between Great 
Slave Lake and Hudson Bay, districts of Mackenzie and Keewater. Ottawa, S.E.Dawson, 1902. [Rev. 
in:Hist Pub Canad '02, 7(1903)145-6 "(valuable map in 22 sheets) .. .mentioning all the Information 
that the earlier explorers have left on the region In question ... proof -reading ... very defective."] 
BRITISH GUIANA, 8. A. A territory of Gt. Britain on K. coast of South America. 

R o d w a y, J. Forest people of British Guiana. Am Geog Soc Bull 34(1902>211(Je),233. 
BROCK, Isaac (1769-1813). British General in War of 1818. 
B., I..-F.-G. Le Major-General Sir Isaac Brock. Recb Hist 8(1902)94-5. 


"BRONCHO busting." Horse breaking in the Western States. 

Chapman, Arthur. Broncho Busting, an American sport. Outing 41(1901-02)333-9. 
BROWDSDON family. 

Marsh, Lucius B[olles] and Parker (Mrs.) Harriet F., comp, Bronsdon and Box families. Part I. Robert 
Brousdon, merchant, and his descendants. Part II. John Box, ropemaker, and his descendants. (Pub- 
lished by Mrs. Parker.) Lynn, Mass., The Nichols press, 15H>2. xlx, 311, [1] p. front., pi., port., 
facsim. 24cm. B Reg 57(1903)337(F.W.Parke) "valuable." L.C. 2-13121] 
BROOCKS. John H. (1827-1901). Texas Confederate officer. 

Ba rrou, S. B. Col. John H. Broocks. Confed Vet 10(1902)465-6, port. 
BROOKE family. 

Brooke, St. George Tucker. The Brooke family of Virginia. Va Mag 9(1902)314-8,435-8; 10,87-90,197-9. 
BROOKFIELD, Mags. Village of Worcester Co. 23 m. W. by S. from Worcester. 

Sheldon, George. Wheeler's surprise The cul-de-sac. Wor Soc Ant 17(1901)445-65. 
BROOKLYN, N. Y. Formerly independent city, now borough of N. Y. city, on L. I. 

Check list of Brooklyn and Long Island newspapers in the N. Y. Public Library. N Y Bull 6(1902)20-1. 
Check list of [works relating to] Brooklyn in the New York Public Library. N Y Bull 6(1902) 
municipal documents 12-19; financial history 46-9; churches 50-2; libraries 53-4; schools 55-9; clubs 60; 
charities 61-3; hospitals 64-5; history 77-83; maps 84-8; directories 89-92; cemeteries 93: public health 
94-5; parks 96-7; fire department 98-9; water supply 100-2. 
Consolidation of Brooklyn libraries. Lib J 27(1902)81. 
BROOKS, Charles (1795-1872). Mass. Unitarian clergyman, educator and writer. 

Smith, Minna C. An old New England minister. Bk-Buyer 24(1902)206-9, ill., port. 
BROOKS, Phillips (1835-1893). Mass. Episcopal clergyman, bishop. 

Clarke, William Newton. Huxley and Phillips Brooks. Bib Sac 59(1902)1-25. 
BROOKS family. 

Worcester Artillery roll. Wor Soc Ant 17(1901)607-12. 

"BROTHER JONATHAN." Name for the typical American from Jonathan Trumball (J). 
' V r e r e Jonathan." Rech Hist 8(1902)316. 

Matthews, Albert. Brother Jonathan. Reprinted from the publications of The Colonial Society of Massa- 
chusetts vol. vii. Cambridge, John Wilson & Son Univ. Press, 1902. pp. 34. 
BROUCK, Jonas. Early resident of New York. 

An old library [Jonas Brouck's], "earliest" in N. Y.]. Spirit of '76. 8(1902)41. 
BROWN, Addison (b.1830). N. Y. judge, botanist, writer. 

Addison Brown. LL.D. Harv Grad M 11(1902-3)337-9. 
BROWN, A. J. (b.1834). Miss, merchant, officer, local historical writer. 

[ C a p t. A. J. Brown]. Miss Hist P 6(1902)441. 
BROWN, John (1800-59). Abolitionist. 

Chambers, Jennie. What a scHool-girl saw of John Brown's Raid. Harper 104(1901-2)311-18, ill. 
C o n r a d, D. H. (letter). John Brown's raid. Collect 15(1902)88. 

Hugo, Victor [Marie]. John Brown [by] Victor Hugo. [Ridgewood, N. J.] Alwil shop, 1902. [33] p. 
front., facsim. 21 3 /icm. ["Of the matter contained herein, the French text, together with the repro- 
duction of Victor Hugo's drawing and fac-slmlle of his letter to M. Chenay, were published in pamphlet 
form by M.E.Dentu and MM.Dusacq et ci?., Paris, 1861." "Of this book there were printed one hundred 
& fifty copies on Van Gelder hand-made paper, and fifteen copies on Japan vellum, this being number 
129." Colophon: Here ends the book, John Brown, from the French of Victor Hugo. The translation is 
by Lionel Strachey; the decorations and initial letters by Frank B. Rae, jr.; the whole being printed 
and sold by Alwil shop, Rldgewood, N. J., April, 1902. [L.C. 2-14594] 

Newton, John. Captain John Brown of Harper's Ferry; a preliminary incident to the great civil war of 
America. New York, A.Wessels company, 1902. xi, 288, [2] p. 9 pi. (Incl. front., port.) map. 
19%cm. ["John Brown's body" (music and words): 2 p. at end. 34(1903)156 "sympa- 
thetic. . .impressions of an ardent admirer, but does not furnish any new material." L.C. 3-1879] 
S c o t t, W. W. The John Brown letters. Found in the Virginia State Library in 1901. Va Mag 9(1902) 

385-95; 10,17-32,161-76. 
BROWN, Samuel Robbins (1810-80). Am. missionary and educator in China and Japan. 

Griffls, William Elliot. A maker of the new Orient, Samuel Robbins Brown, plone"er educator in China, 
America, and Japan. The story of his life and work. New York, London [etc.] F.H.Revell company 
[1902] 332 p. front., pi., port. 20%cm. [ Hist R. 8(1903)391 "animated and intensely 
appreciative biography of Samuel Robbins Brown ... vivacious style is somewhat marred by occasional 
repetitions of phrases." L.C. 2-23617] 


BROWN, (Mrs.) TabitLa (fl.1850). Oregon pioneer school teacher. 

Smith, Jane Kinney. Recollections of Grandma Brown. Oreg Q 3(1902)287-95. 
BROWN, William Little (1789-1830). Tenn. Judge of Supreme Court. 

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BROWN family. 

Brown, Morgan. Sketches. . .of the family of Brown. Am Hist Mag 7(1902)148-64,219-43,362-71. 
R e a d 1 n g, M. K. William Brown and his descendants in America. Jeraeym 8(1902)13-6,24. 
BROWNE, Edward Ingersoll (1833-1901). Boston lawyer. 

Abbot, Edwin Halt'. Edward Ingersoll Browne, A.M., LL.B. N K Reg 56(1902)299-305, port. 
BROWNE, George Elmer (b.1871). American artist. 

F r a s e r, W. Lewis. George Elmer Browne. Cent 05(1902)163. 
BROWNELL, Wm. Crary (b.1851). N. Y. art critic and writer. 

S t u r g 1 s, Russell. William Crary Brownell as critic on flnc arts. Internal Mo 5(1902)448-67. 
BRUMBY family. 

Brumby and Furman notes (note). S C Hist Mag 3(1902)115-6. 
BRUTE, Simon William Gabriel (1779-1838). Catholic Bishop of Vincennes. 

Donnelly, Eleanor C. [ed. ] A missionary bishop's reminiscences of a troublous boyhood. Am Cath 

Hist 13(1902)325-33. 
BRYANT, Gridley James Fox (1816-99). Mass, architect. 

Bailey, Henry Turner. An architect of the old school. New Eng M 25(1901-2)326-49, port., 111. 
BUCHANAN, Jamas (1701-18G8). 15th President of United States. 

Buchanan, James. [Letter] to Asbury Dickens [1836]. Boat Bull 7(1902)275. 
BUCHER, John Conrad (1730-80). Fa. Ger. Ref. clergyman, provincial officer. 

K e 1 k e r, Luther R. Record of marriages performed by Key. John Conrad Bucher, 1763-1769. Penn Mag 

BUCK, Jonathan (1718-95). Mass, officer, founder of Bucksport, Me. 

Wbittermore. James O. The witch's curse. New Eng M 27(1902)111-13, ill. 
BUENOS AYRES, Arg. Rep., S. A. Capital of Argentine Republic and chief city of S. A. 

Melklejohn, Bernard. [Buenos Ayivs.] World's Work 3(1901-2)1708-13, ill. 
BUFFALO. The American bison. 

I u n e s, John. Buffalo hunting, modern and aucient. Canad M 18(1902)9-17, 111. 
BUFFALO, N. Y. City of Erie Co. on Lake Erie, terminus of Erie Canal. 

K o b e r g t e 1 n, Paul. Die erateu deutsch-am. Miliz-Compaguieri. Deutsch-Am G 2.3(1902)43-5. 

L a r n e d, J. N. An historical sketch of The Buffalo Library, prior to the Free Library Movement. Pub 

Buffalo Hist Soc 3(1902)361-84. 

Men of Buffalo; a collection of portraits ot men who deserve to rank as typical representatives of the 
best citizenship, foremost activities and highest aspirations of the city of Buffalo. Chicago, A.N. Mar- 
quis & company, 1902. 1 p. 1., [5]-416 p. incl. port. 22%cm. [L.C. 2-16759] 
Report on historic sites. Pub Buffalo Hit>t Soc 5(1902)410-25. 
Roberstein, Paul. Geschichte der Deutschen in Buffalo and Erie County, N. Y. Buffalo, N. Y., Reineke & 

Zesch, 1902, ills. [ 2.4(1902)63] ^ 

Selby, Clarence J. Echoes from the Rainbow city, by Clarence J. Selby iblind deaf mute) with intro- 
ductory matter by Helen Sherry, lit. Rev. Bishop Muldoon, Judge Geo. A. Lewis and others. Chicago, 
The Travelers' bureau [1902] 8, [11]-115 p. front., pi., port. 20cm. [Sample of pin-prick type-printing 
(4 leaves) inserted after t.-p. L.C. 2-10025] 
S e v e r a n c e, F. H. The new home of the Hist. Soc. in Delaware Park. Pub Buffalo Hist Soc 6(1902) 

S 1 o a n, J. Early trade routes. Adventures and recollections of a pioneer trader, with an account of his 

share In the building of Buffalo harbor. Pub Buffalo Hist Soc 5(1902)215-37. 

S y m o n s, T. W. and Qulntus, J. C. History of Buffalo harbor. Its construction and improvement dur- 
ing the Nineteenth Century... Pub Buffalo Hist Soc 5(1902)239-85. 
Wllkeson, S. Recollections of the West and first building of Buffalo harbor. Historical writings of 

Judge Samuel Wilkeson. Pub Buffalo Hist Soc 5(1902)147-214. 

B a r t o 1, (Mrs.) W. C. Names of Revolutionary soldiers burled in Buffalo Valley, Penn. Am Month M 


BUFFINGTON, Elisha Dewey (1836-1900). Worcester (Mass.) manufacturer. 
Elisha Dewey Buffing ton (memorial). Wor Soc Ant 17(1901)320-2. 


BUGBEE, Lester G. (d.1902). Tex. educator and historian. 
Death of Lester G. Bughee. Gulf Mag 1(1902)60. 
Lester G. Bugbee [obituary]. Am Hist R 8(1902)187. 
BUGG family. 

B u g g family. Wm M Q 10(1902)271-2. 
BULL family. 

Madison, James (manuscript of). Jonathan ai;d Mary Bull. Coll 10(1902)3-4,15-6. 
BULL-WHACKING. Freighting across the plains with ox wagons. 

Marvin, George P. Bull-whacking days. Neb Hist S II 5(1902)226-30. 
BUMPUS, Edward Avery(d.l901). Lieut. TJ. S. army. 

Burnpus, E[verett] C. For the love I bear my dead and as a testimony to the courage and deTotiou of the 
comrades who, with him, gave their lives to their country, this tribute is dedicated to the memory of 
my son Edward Avery Burnpus, first lieutenant Company C, Ninth U. S. infantry, and of his companion 
in urius, Captain Thomas W. Connell, Surgeon Richard S. Griswold and the members of his company who 
were killed 28 September, 1901, in the island of Samar, P. I. E.C.Bumpus. [Norwood, Mass.] W.M. 
Jackson [1902?] 2 p. 1., 122 p. front., port. 26cm. [On cover: In memoriam. L.C. 2-19843] 
BUNCOMBE family. 

B 1 o u n t, Thomas. Buncombe Hall. X C Bookl 2.8(1902)14-31. 
BUBCKY, Friedrich (b.1814). Chicago baker (local). 

Macnhardt, Emil. Zwei alte Chicagoer, Friedrich Burcky und Nikolaus Berdel. Deutsch-Am G 2.3 

BURKE (or Bourke) family. 

An Irish estate: the Burke or Bourke family. Wm M Q 11(1902)143-4. 
BURLEIGH, Henry Gordon (1832-1900). N. Y. Congressman. 

B u r 1 e i g h, Henry Gordon. N Y Hist A 2(1902)7-8. 
BURLINGTON, Vt. City, county seat of Chittenden Co., on Lake Champlain. 

Barlest records of the Unitarian Society, Burlington, Vermont. Vt Ant 1(1902)50-70. 
BURR, Aaron (1756-1836). Vice-President of the U. S. 

Burr, Aaron. Aaron Burr to Governor Alston [1815]. Bost Bull 7(1902)136-7. 
D 1 d i e r, E. L. Aaron Burr as lawyer, with portrait. Green Bag 14(1902)451(0). 

Jenkinson, Isaac. Aaron Burr, his personal and political relations with Thomas Jefferson and Alexander 
Hamilton... Richmond, Ind., M. Cullaton & Co., 1902. viii, 9-389 p. 20cm. [31.Men.ln:Am Hist R 
7(1902)833 "In defence of Aaron Burr." L.C. 2-8224] 
T a r b e 11, Ida M. The trial of Aaron Burr. McClure 18(1901-2)404-13. 

Todd, Charles Burr. The true Aaron Burr; a biographical sketch... New York, A.S.Barnes & company, 
1902. iv p., 1 1., 77 p. front., port. IScm. [ Hist R 7(1902)833 "in defence of Aaron 
Burr. . .based upon traditions of Burr handed down by his law pupils." L.C. 2-13391] 

Vroom, Hon.G.D.W. Interesting letters of George Morgan and Aaron Burr. Penn Mag 26(1902)370-4. 
BURR family. 

Todd, Charles Burr. A general history of the Burr family, with a genealogical record from 1193 to 1902 
... 4th ed. New York, Printed for the author by the Knickerbocker press, 1902. xxix, [10], 600 p. 
incl. facsim. front., pi. (partly col.) port. 24cm. [L.C. 2-19735] 
BURROUGHS, John (b.1837). N. Y. naturalist and writer. 
John Burroughs. World's Work 4(1902)2361, port only. 
BURWELL, Lewis (1621-63). Va. emingrant, colonial officer, planter. 

Lewis Burwell to Walter Brodhurst (letter). Va Mag 9(1902)331-3. 
BURWELL family. 

Carter's Creek (note). Va Mag 10(1902)106-7. 
BUSEY, Samuel Clagett. D. C. physician and local historian. 

In memoriam, Dr. Samuel Clagett Busey. Rec Columbia Hist Soc 5(1902)48-53. 
BUSH, Joseph H. (1794-1865). Kentucky artist. 

P r i c e, S. W. Joseph H. Bush. Filson Club Pub 17(1902)69-84. 
BU8HNELL, Horace (1802-76). Conn. Congregational clergyman, writer. 

F o s t e r, F. H. Horace Bushnell as a theologian. Bib Sac 59(1902)601(0). 
M u n g e r, Theodore T. The secret of Horace Bushnell. Outl 71(1902)1063-8. 

S t e v e n s, G. B. Horace Bushnell and Albrecht Ritschl: a comparison. Am J Theol 6(1902)35-56. 
Stevens, Geo. B. The theology of Horace Bushnell. Meth R 84(1902)092-707. 
BUTLER, Benjamin Franklin (1818-93). Mass, lawyer, Gen. in Civil War, GOT. of Mass., politician. 
D 1 a k i n s, James. Lest we forget Ben Butler. South Hist Soc Pap 30(1902)188-95. 


BUTLER, Nicholas Hurray (b,1362). N. Y. educator, writer, Fres. Columbia University. 
Columbia's new president. Guntou's M 22 (.1802) 253-5. 
Dr. Nicholas Murray Butler. World's Work. 3(1901-2)1804. port, only. 
...Installation of Nicholas Murray Butler ns pivst. of Columbia University. Columb Q 4Suppl 

(1902)1-92, port. 

M o f f e t t, Samuel B. Nicholas Murray Butler. Cosmoool 34(1902)177-9. port. 
President Butler, of Columbia. R of Rs 25(1902)170-2. port. 

The president of Columbia. Nicholas Murray Butler. Cent 63(1901 2)910-13, port. 
P e r r y, E. D. The new president of Columbia. Columb Q 4(1902)113-9. port. 
BUTLER, William (1818-99). Methodist missionary and writer. 

[Butler, Clementina] William Butler, the founder of two missions of the Methodist Episcopal church by 
his daughter; with an introduction by Bishop C.C.McCabe. . . New York, Eaton & Mains; Cincinnati, 
Jennings & Pye, 1902. 239 p. front., ill., pi., port. 21cm. [L.C. 2-23752] 
BUTLER, Zebulon (1731-95). Conn, officer in French and Indian War and Am. Revolution. 
Correspondence of Col. Zebulon Butler, Wyoming, 1778. Proc Wyoming Hist Soc 7(1902)131-50. 
Orderly Book of Colonel Zebulon Butler, at Wyoming, 1778. Proc Wyoming Hist Soc 7(1902)106-30. 
BUTTE County, Cal. Co. in N. part of state. 

O 1 n e y, Caroline M. Hills and farms of Butte County, Cal. Overland n s 39(1902)995(Je). 
BYFIELD, Mass. P. 0. and station of Essex Co. 6 m. S.W. of Newburyport. 

D u in m e r, Joseph N., copier. Byfield baptisms [1744-83]. Ess Ant 0(1902)49-56. 
BYINGTON, Ezra Hoyt (1828-1901). N.E. Congregational clergyman, professor, historical writer. 
Adams, George Houlton, D.D. Memoir of the Rev. Ezra Hoyt Byingtou, A.M., D.I). Boston, Press of 
David Clapp & Son, 1902. 8vo. pp. 10. port. [ E Reg 56(1902)332(F.W.Parke) "reprint 
from the New. Eng. Hist, and Gen. Register."] 

Adams, George Moulton. Rev. Ezra Hoyt Bylugton, A.M., D.D. X E Reg 56(1902)115-21, port. 
BYRD, William (1674-1744). Va. lawyer, member of the Colonial Council, hist, writer. 

Earle, Alice Morse. A Virginia gentleman of tw centuries ago. (Rev.) Dial 32(1902)308-10. 
Letters of William Byrd, 2d, of Westover, Va. Va Mag 9(1902)225-51. 
CAHILL, (Mrs.) Sophia (d.1000). 

M r e. Sophia Cahlll. Am Cath Hist 13(1902)381. port. 
CAHILL, Thomas E. (1828-78). Founder of the Catholic High School of Philadelphia. 

Thomas E. Cahlll. Am Cath Hist 13(1902)380, port. 
CAHOKIA, 111. Village of St. Clair Co. 4 m. E. of St. Louis. 

A new [R. C.] church in an old town. Am Cath Res 19(1902)140. 
CALHOON, S. 8. (b.1838). Miss, judge, Confederate officer, historical writer. 

[Judge S. S. Calhoun.] Miss Hist P 6(1902)105-6. 

CALHOTJK, John Caldwell (1782-1850). S. C. statesman, Vice-President of United States. 
Calhoun and secession. South Hist A Pub 6(1902)415-6. 

Calhoun, John C. Documents on the division of the Muthodlst Church in 1844. Gulf Mag 1(1902)212. 
Calhoun, John C. Letters from John C. Calhoun to Charles Talt. Gulf Mag 1(1902)92-104. 
M e r r i a m, C. E. The political theory of Calhoun. Am J Soclol 7(1901-2)577-94. 
P i n c k n e y, Gustavus M. The correspondence of John C. Cnlhoun. Sewanec 10(1902) 429-3S[Rev. of 

Jameson's ed.] 
CALIFORNIA. State of U. S. on Pacific coast, admitted 1850. 

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.. .second-hand. . .Occasionally. . .lucid insight ... hardly more than a fairly well written text-book"; 
Nation 75(1902)428 "Gives a final unity to ... sequence of remarkable volumes. . .[of] American history 
...not... by any means the best of his works... no systematic attempt to examine the relations of New 
France and New England... or to delineate the successive phases of national rivalry"; Dial 33(1902)206-8 
(F.W.Shepardson) "The... death of the author prevented him from giving. . .careful and final revision 
...very interesting. . .show[s] well the author's characteristics as a thinker and writer"; Am Hist R 
8(1903)359-61(R.G.Thwaites) [has] "not... made good. . .promise in. . .preliminary announcement. . .with 
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the general reader. . .illustrations. . .badly executed."] 

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appear in the Buffalo historical society publications. An annotated "author catalogue, with cross-refer- 
ences under the principal topical heads which the subject naturally suggests. Books are fully collated 
... and ... titles ... trnscribed from the books themselves." Contains many facsimiles of early title-pages. 
L.C. 3-19205] 

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and embracing a succinct account of the stirring events which led to the confederation of Britrish North 
America into the Dominion of Canada... Toronto, W.Briggs, 1902. 406 p. front., pi., port. 20cm. 
[ Pub Canad '02,7(1903)57'9 "not a systematic account of political events. . .devotes. . . chap- 
ter to the Presbyterian minister whose church he attended, and more than one to his own travels in 
other countries. . .the hero is the Hon. George Brown. . .leader of the Reform party. . .style. . .careless. " 
L.C. 3-17] 
CANALS (Am.). Artificial water ways for navigation, irrigation or drainage. 

Ford, Alexander Hume. New England ship canals. New Eng M 25(1901-2)712-26, in., port. 
P y 1 e, Ingram A. Canals as a means of transportation. Current Hist 158-162. 
CANNON family. 

Rivers, Flourney. Littleberry Mosby-Williain Cannon. Va Mag 10(1902)99-100. 
CANTERBURY, Conn. Village of Windham Co. 14 m. N.N.E. of Norwich. 

Case of the church at Canterbury, 1768 [document]. Bost Bull 7(1902)386-7. 
CANTON, Ohio. City of Stark Co. 59 m. S.S.E. of Cleveland. 

Canton, Ohio, as an industrial center. Nat'l M (Bost) 16(1902)487-92, ill. 
CAFE COD, Mass. Eastern extremity of state, forming Barnatable Co. 
A b b o 1 1, S. W. The lakes of Cape Cod. New Eng M 26(1902)339-43. 
Cape Cod notes. New Eng M 26(1902)329-38. 

Cape Cod Pilgrim Memorial Association. Mayfl Desc 4(1902)250-1. 
Johnson, Clifton. Cape Cod folks. New Eng M 26(1902)739-51, ill. 
CAPERS family. 

The Capers family (note). S C Hist Mag 3(1902)57,242-3. 
CARACAS, Venezuela. Capital city, 16 m. S.S.E. from the seaport, La Guayra. 

B o w e n, Marion P. President Castro and the city of Caracas. Indep 54(1902)3083-91, ill., port. 
CARDIFF Giant. A fraudulent fossil buried and dug up at Cardiff, N. Y., 1869. 

\V h i t e, Andrew D. The Cardiff Giant. The true story of a remarkable deception. Cent 64(1902)948-55. 
CAREY, Matthew (1760-1840). Pa. printer, writer, publisher. 

S e 1. from the correspondence of Matthew Carey, writer, printer, publisher. Am Cath Hist 13(1902)237-47. 
CARIBS. West Indian race, now in Cent, and S. A. along Carribean Sea. 

A y m e, Louis H. The forgotten language of the Caribs. Notes and Q 20(1902)179-80. 
CARLETON, Canada. Village of Bonaventiere Co., Quebec, 5 m. N.E. of Daihousie, N. B. 

Chouinard, L'Abbe E. P. Saint Joseph de Carleton. Rech Hist 8(1902)137-8. 
CARLETON College. Congregational College at Northfield, Minn., founded 1866. 
Maxwell, Charles H. Connecticut and the building of a western college. Conn Mag (1902)553-6. 


CARMELITES. R. C. orders of monks and nuns. 

Historical picture gallery [Carmelite costumes]. Am Cath Hist 13(1902)121-6. 
CARNEGIE, Andrew (b.1837). Fa. capitalist, philanthropist. 

Andrew Carnegie's gifts to American libraries In 1901. Lib 3 27(1902)24-5. 
Glee d, Charles S. Andrew Carnegie. Cosmopol 33(1902)297-301, port. 
M a h I e, Hamilton. Andrew Carnegie. Cent 64(1902)956-8. 

CARNEGIE Institution. Washington, D. C., lust, for promoting scholarly research. 
The Carnegie Institution. Nation 74(1902)46. 

Carnegie institution, Washington, D. C. ...Articles of Incorporation, deed of trust, etc. Washington, 
I). C., [Lancaster, Pa., Press of the New era printing co.] 1902. 15 p. 23cm. [With Carnegie institu- 
tion, Washington, D. C. The Carnegie institution. Washington, 1902] [Publication no. 2. L.C. 3-7026] 
Carnegie institution, Washington, D. C. The Carnegie Institution of Washington, D. C. Founded by An- 
drew Carnegie, 1902. Washington, D. C., [Lancaster, Pa., Press of the New era printing co.] 1902. 16 
p. 23cm. (Its [Publication] no. 1) [L.C. 3-7025] 

G i 1 m a n, Daniel C. The Carnegie Institution. Cent 63< 1901 -2) 794-7. 
G 1 1 m a n, Daniel C. The Camegle Institution. Indep 54(1902)679. 
CAROLINA. That part of Atlantic coast granted to the Lords Proprietors in 1663. 

C a r r, F. The state of Carolina to the King by the Lords Proprietors. Trinity Arch 15(1902)372-81. 
CARPENTER, Alonzo Philetus (1889-98). N. H. Chief Justice. 

A 1 o n c o Philetus Carpenter, LL.D. [obituary]. N H Hist 8 111.2,1897-9(1902)297-9. 
CARR family. 

Carr, Edson I. Genealogy of Joseph Carr, of Jamestown. Rhode Island. Copied from the Carr family 

records by Edson I. Carr, and carried to the tenth generation by Mary E. Burt. Fall River, Mass., 

Ferdinand H. Clifford. 1902. STO. pp. 64. 111. [Rev.ln:N E Rog 56(1902)413(F.W.Parke) "[some] 

statements are. . .questionable."] 

CARRIERS Indians* Cacullies or Cakalis or Cakhelhne). A tribe of Rocky Hts. Indians of the Dene family. 

M o r 1 c e, Rev. A. G. Carriers and Ainos at home. Am Ant 24(1902)88-93. 
CARROLL, Charles (1737-1832). Md. signer of the Declaration of Independence. 

Carroll, Charles. Charles Carroll, of Carrollton, on the evils threatening the Government, etc. Am 

Cath Res 19(1902)56-8. 

Carroll, Charles. ...Unpublished letters of Charles Carroll of Carrollton, and of bin father, Charles Car- 
rol? of Doughoregan. Comp. and ed. with a memoir by Thomas Meagher Field. New York, The United 
States Catholic historical society, 1902. 1 p. 1., 250 p. front., port., facsim., geneal. tab. 23cm. (The 
United States Catholic historical society. Monograph series, I) [no. 549 of edition of 750 copies. 
LC. 2-13387] 

Charles Carroll of Carrollton destroyed his Rev. correspondence. Am Cath Res 19(1902)177. 
CARROLL, John (1735-1815). Bishop of Md., first Catholic bishop of the H. S. 

The beginning of the hierarchy In the United States. The appointment of a Superior. Benjamin 
Franklin's recommendation of Rev. John Carroll, his companion on the embassy to the Canadians, In 
1776. Am Cath Res 19(1902)155-9. 

Carroll. Bishop Carroll and borrowed books. Am Cath Res 19(1902)71. 
CARROLL, William (1788-1844). Tenn. statesman and Governor, officer. 

T n c k e r, Emma Carroll. Governor William Carroll. Am Hist Mag 7(1902)388-96, port. 
CARSON, Christopher ("Kit Carson") (1809-68). Mo. hunter and soldier. 

Burdett, Charles. Life of Kit Carson, the great western hunter and guide... with an account of various 
government expeditions to the far West ; with an introduction by G. Mercer Adam . . . New York, The 
Perkins book company [c!902] Iv, ili-zill, 376 p. front, (port.) pi. 19cm. ([Heroes of history]) [L.C. 
CARTER (Father) (fl.1884). Philadelphia Catholic priest. 

A vow to the blessed Virgin the Church of the Assumption, Philadelphia. Am Cath Res 19(1902)110. 
CARTER, Peter (1825-1900). N. Y. publisher. 

Peter Carter, 1825-1900. Privately pr. 1901-2. 80. 
CARTER, Robert ffl.1773). Virginia planter, "King's Councillor." 

Williams, John Rogers, ed. A catalogue of books tn the library of 'Councillor" Robert Carter, at 

Nomlni Hall, Westmoreland county, Va. Wm M Q 10(1902)232-41; 11,21-8. 
GARY, William (d.1902). New York writer, editor. 

William Cary. Cent 63(1^01)477-8. 
CART family. 

Will of Wilson Cary, 1772. Va Mag 10(1902)189-93. 


CASA8, Bartholome do Las (1474-1566). Bishop of Chiapa. 

Dutto, L[ouis] A[nthony], The life of Bartolomfi de Las Casas and the first leaves of American ecclesi- 
astical history. St. Louis, Mo., B.Herder, 1902. 592 p. 20 cm. [L.C. 2-16216] 
CASS family. 

Ebenezer Cass (note). N E Reg 56(1902)410. 

S t o w e 1 1, William. A branch of the Cass family. N E Reg 56(1902)305-8. 
CASSATT, Alexander Johnston (b.1839). Fa., President F. R. R. 

G 1 e e d, Charles S. Alexander Johnston Cassatt. Cosmopol 33(1902)421-3, port. 
CASTRO, Ciprano (fl.1902). Fresident of Venezuela. 

B o w e n, Marion P. President Castro and the city of Caracas. Indep 54(1902)3083-91, ill., port. 
CATEECHE. S. C. Indian girl, heroine in the Am. Revolution. 

R u s s e 1 1, May. Anderson, South Carolina. Gen. Robert Anderson. Am Month M 21(1902)482. 
CATHOLIC Church. Church under the government of the Roman hierarchy. 

A., G. Die "Missionare fur Nichtkatholiken" in don Vereinigten Staatcn. H Bl 130, 288-94. 
American Catholic Historical Researches. Parkesburg, Pa. 80. quarterly, v. 19. 1902. pp. 190+10. 
American Catholic Historical Society of Philadelphia. Records. Phila. Pub. by the Society 80 Quarterly, 

v. 13 1902. 

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Bogus Catholic history. Am Cath Res 19(1902)30-1. 

Catholic historical events ought to be commemorated. Am Cath Res 19(1902)169-70. 
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E b e n r e c h t, J. M. Progr&s du catholicisme en Ainfirique et autre pays de langue anglaise. Rev Cath 

Avril Mal(1902). 

England. Papists and Quakers in Pennsylvania. Am Catb Res 19(1902)79. 
Index of historical pamphlets in the library of St. Charles' Seminary, Overorook, Pa. Am Cath Hist 


M a r k o e, L. J. Public schools and the Roman Catholic Church. Cath World 75(1902)327(J1) 
Notable events In Catholic American history. Am Cath Res 19(1902U70-2. 
Ragey, pfire mariste. ...Une nouvelle France. Paris, A.Challamel, 1902. 2 p. 1., viii, 263, [1] p. 19cm. 

[At head of title: P. Ragey, mariste. L.C. 3-45] 

The [R. C.] Church in Boston in 1819. Am Cath Res 19 (1902) 11 3-1. 
Select documents. Am Hist Mag 7(1902)165-73,251-95,375-87. 
Some errors of Catholic history. Am Cath Res 19(1902)49-52. 
Wishart, Alfred Wesley. A short history of monks and monasteries. [2<1 od.] Trenton, N. J., A.Brandt, 

1902. 462 p. 20cm. ["Bibliography": p. 12-15. L.C. 2-27431] 
CATSKILL mountains. Group in Greene and Ulster Cos., N. Y. , some 7 m. from Hudson r. 

Catskill mountain summer resorts. . .containing selected list of hotels, boarding houses and farm houses 
where summer guests are entertained. New York, American resort association, 1902. 112 p. incl. ill., 
map. 20 x 10%cm. [L.C. 2-19007] 

Ingersoll, Ernest. Rand, McNally & co.'s Illustrated guide to the Hudson river and Catskill mountains. 
10th ed. Chicago and New York, Rand, McXally & co., 1902. 245 p. incl. front, pi., fold, maps, plan. 
17cm. [L.C. 2-19283] 

Ulster and Delaware railroad company. The Catskill mountains. The most picturesque mountain region 
on the globe... Rondout, N. Y. [Press of K. Freeman] 1902. 179 p. front., ill., fold. map. 22% em. 
Illus. t.-p. Advertising matter: p. 135-179. [L.C. 2-14868] 
CATTLE industry. Raising and marketing of cattle. 

H a r g e r, C. M. Modern methods in the cattle industry. Outl 72(1902)38-47, ill., port. 
Mayo, Earl. A day's work on a cattle ranch. World's Work 3(1901-2)1638-45, ill. 

Michelson, C. Sheep men and cattle men of the West; war for the range. Munsey 28(1902)380(D). 
Miller, T[imothy] L[athrop], History of Hereford cattle, proven conclusively the oldest of Improved 
breeds. With which is Incorporated a history of the Herefords in America, by Wm. H. Sotham. Chilli- 
cothe, Mo., T.F.B.Sotham, 1902. 592 p. front., ill., col. pi., port., facsirn. 27cm. [L.C. 2-20955] 
Ward, Leonard. Lost Steer, 1767 (note). Va Mag 10(1902)217. 
CAUCUS. Meeting of members of ona political party of a legislative body. 
F a v r e a u, J. A. L'origine du mot "caucus." Rech Hist 2(1902)157-8. 

Thompson, C[harles] S[eymour], An essay on the rise and fall of the congressional caucus as a machine 
for nominating candidates for the presidency... [New Haven, 1902?] 46 p. 27cm. [Cover-title: Yale 
university. The John Addison Porter prize in American history. First prize essay for the year 1902. 
Bibliography: p. 9-12. L.C. 2-30563] 


CATTLK'8 Field (Md.)- War of 1812 battle, 1814. 

General Philip Reed and Caulk' s Field memorial. Report of the remarks of Rev. Christopher T. Denroche 
and Captain Columbnis[!] A. Leary; also the historical address on that occasion of Hon. William M. 
Marine, and the remarks of A. K. Hadel, M. D., at the ceremonies attending the unveiling of a stone to 
mark the Caulk's Field battle ground, In Kent County, Maryland, held on the field, Saturday, October 
18, 1902. 94 p. front, (port.) 23cm. [Cover-title: General Philip Reed and Caulk's Field. Cere- 
monies attending the unveiling of a battle-marker on Caulk's Field, and a slab at General Reed's grave. 
L.C. 3-14052] 
CEDAR Creek (Va.). Civil War battle, Oct. 19, 1864. 

Buck, Samuel D. Battle of Cedar Creek, Va., Oct. 19th, 1864. South Hist Soc Pap 30(1902)104-10. 

M o o r m a n n, M. N. Recollections of Cedar Creek and Fisher's Hill. South Hist Soc Pap 30(1902)371-2. 

Taylor, John H. Battle of Cedar Creek. Confed Vet 10(1902)22. 
CEDAR Mountains (Va.). Civil War battle, Aug. 9, 1862. 

New York infantry. 28th regt. 1862, Cedar Mountain, August ninth, 1902. [n. p., 19027] 33, [2] p. Incl. 
S ports, front. 24cm. [Caption title: Dedication of the monument to the 28th New York volunteer*, 
Cnlpeper, Va., August 8, 1902. Prepared by Horatio C. King. L.C. 3-32529] 
CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa. City of Linn Co. on Cedar River, 81 m. W. of Clinton. 

K i m b a 1 1, W. P. The Iowa Masonic library. Lib J 27(1902)837-8. 
CEDARS, Can. Revolutionary engagement, Kay 19, 1776. 

A 1 d r i c h, Edgar. The affair of the Cedars and the service of Colonel Timothy Bedel in the Rev. N H 

Hist S 111.2,1897-9(1902)194-231. 

CENSUS. Official enumeration of population and wealth. 
H o f f m a n, F. L. Vital statistics of census of 1900. Am Statis Assoc 8(1902)127(D). 

M e r r i a m, William R. Need of a permanent census office. N > Am 174(1902)106-12. 

Notes on the U. S. Census, 1900. Am Statis Assoc 8 (1902) 30 (Mr). 

T/. S. Census office. 12th census, 1900. ...Abstract. Washington, Gov't print, off., 1902. zlll, 396 p. 
23%cm. [Prepared by S. N. D. North, Walter F. Wlllcox and Henry Gannett. "List of publications 
issued by the Census office since ... March 3, 1899": p. 391-395. L.C. 3-3218] 

TT. S. Census office. 12th census, 1900. . . . Bulletins Issued from October 0, 1900 to [October 20, 1902] . . . 
number 4[ 247] Washington, Census office, 1900-02. 244 nos. In 6 v. ill. 29cm. [Published at irreg- 
ular intervals under title "Census bulletin." No. 1-3, of an administrative character, were not issued 
April 5-Nov. 1, 1901. [v. 3] No. 107-163; Nov. 1, 1901-April 29, 1902. [v. 4] No. 164-208; April 29-June 
21, 1902. [v. 5] No. 209-232; June 25-July 8, 1902. [v. 8] No. 233-247; Aug. 1-Oct. 20, 1902. L.C. 

XT. 8. Census office. 12th census, 1900. Reports... William R. Merrlam, director... Washington, 
United States Census office, 1901-02. 10 v. pi., maps, tab., diagr. (partly col.) 30cm. [Contents. v. 
I-II. Population; prepared under the supervision of William C. Hunt. v. III-IV. Vital statistics; pre- 
pared under the supervision of William A. King: pt. I. Analysis and ratio tables, pt. II. Statistics of 
deaths. V. V-VI. Agriculture; prepared under the supervision of Le Grand Powers: pt. I. Farms, llvo 
stock and animal products, pt. II. Crops and irrigation. V. VII-X. Manufactures; prepared under tho 
supervision of S. N. D. North: pt. 1. United States by industries, pt. II. States and territories, pt. 
III.IV. Special reports on selected industries. L.C. 3-1263] 
CENTRAL America. Portion of N. A. between isthmuses of Panama and Tehuantepeo. 

Bureau of the American republics, Washington, D. C. A list of books, magazine articles, and maps relat- 
ing to Central America, including the republics of Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and 
Salvador, 1800-1900. Prepared by P. Lee Philips... Washington, Gov't print, off., 1902. 109 p. 
23%cm. [L.C. 2-18674] 

G n S r 1 n, U. A travers I'Aint'riqin- Centrale. Rev Monde Csth 1 Aon (1902). 

Jung, E. Dtsche. Interessen in Central-amerika. Beit. z. Kolonlalpol. ( 1902) 638-40. 

Karsten, G. P. Preuss' Expedition nach Central-n. Sfld-amcrika, 1899-1900. Geog. Ztsch.( 1902) 222-27. 

S a p p e r, K. D. geogr. Forschg. i. Mlttel-amerika 1. 19. Jhdt. Verb. d. 13 dtschn. geog.( 1902) 285-302. 

Sapper, Karl. Mlttelamerlkanlsche reisen und stndlen aus den Jahren 1888 bis 1900, von Dr. Karl Sapper 
Braunschweig, F. Vleweg und sohn, 1902. xlll, 426 p. Incl. 111., tab., music, fold, front., pi. 
(partly fold.) 4 fold, maps, tab. (partly fold.) 22cm. [L.C. 3-60] 

Sapper, K. Mittel amerikan. Landschaft. Geog. ztschr. (1902(489-515. 4Taf. 

S e 1 e r, E. Uroprnng d. mittel-amerlkan. Kulturen. Ztsch. d. Ges. f. Erdkuride z. Ber. (1902)537-52. 

Wafer, Lionel Winship, G. P., ed. A new voyage and desc. of the Isthmus of America; repr. Cleveland. 

O., Burrows, 1902. 80. ill. 
CHABOT f ft. 1776). French Canadian officer of British army, Am. Revolution. 

Le capltalnc Chabot. Rech Hist 8(1902)280-1. 
CHAMBERLAIN, George W (d.1902). Fresb. missionary to Brazil. 

L a n e, H. M. George W. Chamberlain. Ass Her 7(1902)365-6. 


CKAMPLAIN, Samuel de (1567-1635). French navigator. 

Sedgwick, Henry Dwight. Samuel de Chainplaln, by Henry Dwlght Sedgwick, jr. Boston, Houghtou, 
1902. 3 p. 1., 126 p., 1 1. front, (port.) 17%cm. (Riverside biographical series, no. 14) [ 
Hist Pub Canad 7(1902)19-21 "condensed and popular. . .most readable IHtle volume ... fitted ... hero Into 
his period with great skill. . .appreciations are remarkably happy... few slips and errors. . .very success- 
ful"; Am Hist R 8(1902)168-9( James Bain) "have done well in adding to their excellent collection, a 
life of Champlain... interesting but slightly florid style"; Dial 32(1902)151 "of value and interest. . .[a J 
good piece... of work." L.C. 2-10027] 
CHAMPLAIN Valley. Watershed of Lake Champlain which divides N. Y. from Vt. 

Kellogg, David Sherwood. Early mention of some events and places in the valley of Lake Champlain. A 
paper read before the Vermont historical society, in the hall of the House of representatives, October 
30, 1902. (In Vermont historical society. Proceedings. 1901-1902. [Burlington] 1903. 23cm. p. [51]- 
64) [L.C. 3-19763] 
CHANDLER family. 
Plckford, (Mrs.)A. M. Geneal. of the Chandler family. Dedh Reg 12(1901)101-7,132-5; 13(1902)27- 

CHANNING, William Ellery (1780-1842). N. E. Unitarian clergyman, theologian, writer. 

Higglnson, Thomas Wentworth. Two New Eng. heretics: Channing and Parker. Ind 54(1902)1234-6. 
CHANNING, William Ellery (1818-1901). Boston poet, essayist. 

Marble, Annie Russell. The late William Ellery Chanuing. Critic 40(1902)114-5. 
S a n b o r n, F. B. Ellery Channing in New Hampshire. Granite M 32(1902)156-64, ill. 
Walks with Ellery Channing. Atlan 90(1902)27-34. 
CHAPLINE family. 
Dare, Mrs. Marie Jane (Liggett). Chaplines from Maryland and Virginia. [Washington, The Franklin 

print, 1902] 3 p. 1., 113, xiii p., 1 1. front., facs. 23%. 23%em. [L.C. 2-23425] 
CHARITY. The relief of poverty. 

Bishop, Samuel H. The new movement in charity. Am J Sociol 7(1901-2)565-610. 
B r a c e, C. L. What the cities are doing for the children of the poor. Now Eng M 25(1901-2)63-73. 
The charity legislation of 1901-2. Char 9(1902)3-12. 
Crawford, V. Some aspects of charity of Canada. Month, Bd. 99. 

M U n s t e r b e r g, E. Poor relief in the United States. Am J Sociol 7(1901-2)501-38,659-86. 
The national conference. Detroit, May 28-June 3, 1902. Char 9(1902)13-33. 
Zimmermann, A. Amerikanische Wohltatigkeitsanstalten. 1902. 30 p [Frankf. Zeitgemasse Brochttren. 

N. F. 21, 8]. 
CHARLES CITY County, Va. Co. in 8.E. of state. 

Patents issued during the Regal Government. Charles City Co. Book No. 3. Wm M Q 10(1902)245- 

51; 11.88-92. 
CHARLES River Valley, Mass. Region of Middlesex Co. drained by Charles river. 

Kellogg, Augusta W. The Chariest river valley. New Eng M 26(1902)045-666, ill., port. 
CHARLES, S. C. City of Charleston Co. 115 m. N.E. of Savannah. 

The old Exchange (note). S C Hist Ma* 3(1902)114-5. 
CHARLESTON, S. C., West Indian Exposition, 1902. 

B e 1 1 s, Lillian W. Sunny days at the exposition. Outl 71(1902)120-4. 
Charleston and her "West Indian Exposition." R of Rs 25(1902)58-61. ill. 
K e n n a n, George. The Charleston Exposition. Outl 70(1902)713-8. 
S m 1 1 h, T. Cuyler. The Charleston Exposition. Indep 54(1902)142-51, ill., port. 
Townsend, James B. A gieat Southern Exposition. Cosmopol 32(1901-2)523-34, ill. 
TJ. S. Congress. House. Select committee on industrial arts and expositions. Charleston exposition. 
Hearing before the committee, House of representatives. June 11, 1902. [Washington, Gov't print, off., 
1902] 21 p. 23%cm. Caption title. L.C. 3-7474] 
CHARLESTOWN, Mass. City of Mass., in 1873 annexed to Boston. 

Hersey, Ira C. The Charlcstown mill pond. Reprinted from the New Eng. Historical and Genealogical 

Register for July, 1902. Boston, Press of David Clapp & Son, 1902. 8vo. pp. 8. 

Sawyer, Timothy T. Old Charlestown; historical, biographical, reminiscent. Boston, J.H.West company, 
1902. 527 p. front, (port.) 20%cm. [First pub. The Charlestown enterprise, 1888-1902. :Dial 
33(1902)336 "history. . .biographies. . .all summed up gracefully and entertainingly. . .wealth of lively 
reminiscences"; N. B. Reg 57(1903)123(F.W.Parke) "admirably written. . .valuable. . .well Indexed." 
L.C. 2-20016] 

CHASE, Salmond Portland (1808-72). O. Chief Justice U. S. Supreme Court. 
J o n e s, F. R. Salmond Portland Chase, with portrait. Green Bag 14(1902)155(Ap). 


CHASSEUR, Pierre (d.1842). Quebec naturalist and founder of museum. 

T S t u, Mgr. Henri. Le musee Chasseur Quebec. Rech Hist 8(1902)251-2. 
CHATELETS, Noel Juchereau, Sieur des (d.lG48). French Canadian colonist. 
I g n o t u s, Noel Juchereau, sieur des Chatelets. Reoh Hist 8\ 1902)86-9. 
CHATHAM, Mass. Village of Barnstable Co. 20 m. E. of Barnstable. 

B o w m a u, George Ernest.Trause. by. Chatham, Mass.. vital records. Mayfl Desc 4(1902)182-5,198-202. 
CHATTANOOGA (Tenn.). Civil War campaign, 1863. 

U. S. Chicamauga and Chattanooga national park commission. ...The campaign for Chattanooga. His- 
torical sketch descriptive of the model !r. relief, of the region about Chattanooga, and of the battles 
illustrated thereon. Washington, Gov't print, off., 1902. 47 p. map. 26cm. [L.C. 2-24667] 
CHAUNCEY, Elihn (fl.1824). 

Chauncey, Elihu. [Letter] to A. Dickens [1824]. Bust Bull 7(1902)181. 
CHAUSSEGROS DE LERY, Louis Rene (b.!7C2). Canadian officer. 

L'honorable Louis- Reng Chaussegros de Lory. Rech Hist 8(1902)158-9. 
CHAUTAUQUA. Summer and correspondence school on Lake Chautnuqua, N. Y., founded 1874. 

Evolution of ChautaiiQiia. Chaut 35(1902)349-53. 
CHELAN Lake. Wash, lake among Cascade Mts. 

L y m a n , William D. The i.ninted rocks of Lake Chelan. Am Antiq Sot- N t> 15 II '02(1903)259-61. 
CHELMSFORD, England. Town of Essex Co. 29 m. E.N.E. of London. 

Adams, Oscar Fay. Our English parent towns. Chelinsford. N E Reg ? 6(1902) 375-9, ill. 
CHEROKEE Indians. Tribe of Maskoki stock of S. Eastern IT. 8., now in Ind. Ter. 
'Cherokee Advocate" suspended. Gulf Mag 1(1902)58. 
R a m a g e, B. J. Georgia and the Cherokees. Am Hist Mag 7(1902)190-208. 
CHEROKEE War. A war between British and Cherokee Indians of Tenn., 1760-61. 

Officers of the S. C. regiment in the Cherokee War, 1760-61. S C Hist Mag 3(1902)202-6. 
CHESNEY, Pharaoh Jackson (b.1781). Tenn. pioneer. 

Webster, J(ohn) C(oram). Last of the ploneors; or, Old times in oast Tenn.; being the life and reminis- 
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Religious oppression in Massachusetts. Triul ut Rev. John Cheverus. . .and of Mr. Kavauagh... 

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CHEYENNE, Wyoming. Town of Laramie Co. 106 m. N. of Denver. 

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CHIAPAS. State of southern Mexico. 

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[ 76(1903)199 "reminiscences wero corrected and completed by research ... [and] corre- 
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for ready reference." L.C. 2-24485] 


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CHIGNECTO Isthmus. Isthmus joining Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. 

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voted to the family history of the Truemans . . . wise use of old letters and journals. . .many interesting 
details of daily life."] 
CHIHUAHUA, Mexico. A northern border state. 

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CHILD, John. 17th century New England writer. 

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CHILD family. 

The home of the Historical Society. Medf Keg 5(1902)69-70. 
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CHILLICOTHE, 0. City of Rosa Co. 98 m. E.N.E. of Cincinnati. 

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["The chapters contained iu this volume were originally written to form part of a larger work, which 
,..was to have contained chapters on China's relations with France, Germany, and Japan... Owing to 
ill-health, Mr. Ireland was compelled to abandon this work... One hundred and fifty copies are... being 
printed for private sale, after which printing the plates will be destroyed." Contents. The Chinese 
problem. Early western intercourse with China, B. C. 1000-A. D. 1600. The United States and China. 
England and China. Russia and China. Appendices: Comparative tables, showing an analysis of Chi- 
nese trade from 1880 to 1899, inclusive. L.C. 2-19599] 

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CHRISTIAN, Henry (d.about 1805). Va. Captain in Am. Revolution. 

C i p t a 1 n Henry Christian (note). Va Mag 9(1902)424. 
CHRISTIAN family. 

Christian (note). Wm M Q 10(1902)270. 
CHRISTIAN Science, "Mind cure". Healing of body by mind, a theory and a ohuroh. 

S t o b a r t, M. A. Christian Science and mortal mind. Fortn 78(1 902 )1028-42f 
CHRISTIANITY. Religions which accept Jesus Christ as God or as chief exemplar. 

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tions ami activities in every country of the world at the beginning of the twentieth century, by more 
than sixty competent contributors; with introductory noee by President Charles Cuthbert Hall, D. D. 
New York, C.Holt, 1902. 2 v. pi., port. 24cm. [Rev.ln:Nation 74(1002, .^4 "As a whole ... disap- 
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L.C. 2-12938] 

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CHRISTMAS. Celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ, Dec. 25. 

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Q u a y 1 e, W. A. The debt of the republic to the preacher. Meth R 84(1902)708-25. 
CHURCHES. Societies of worshippers or buildings for them. 
Church statistics for 1901. Chaut 34(1901-2)569-71. port. 
Graves, Charles. Are the churches declining? World's Work 4(1902)2076-80. 
CHURCHILL, Winston (b.1871). Am. novelist. 

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CILLEY, Bradbury Longfellow (1838-99). N. H. educator. 

C 1 1 1 e y, Bradbury Longfellow [obituary]. N H Hist S 111.2,1897-9(1902)498-9, ill. 
CILLEY, Joseph (1735-99). N. H. officer in Am. Revolution. 
Brown, Gilbert Patten. Joseph Cilley of Nottingham, N. H. Notes and Q 20(1902)3-6. 


CINCINNATI, 0. City of Hamilton Co. on Ohio river. 

Monument on the site of Fort Washington. Ohio Arch & Hist Pub 10(1902)1-20. 

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J902. 6 p. 1., 608, 15 p. incl ill., port. 22^cm. [L.C. 3-859] 
CITIES. Communities with municipal form of government. 

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and sociolocgy) [Contents. Introduction : municipal sociology. Transportation. Public works. Sani- 
tation. Public schools. Public libraries. Public buildings. Parks and boulevards. Public recreation. 
Public control, ownership, and operation. [ 34(1903)333-4(G.P.Wyckoff) "remarkable sum- 
mary and judgment. . .speaks with authority. . .sane. . .at times. . .criticism is. . .sharp. . .stimulating. .. 
instructive." L.C. 2-24493] 
CIVIL WAB. War between North and South, 1861-1885. 

For additional references see under the various local subjects and references to these in the Index. 

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mentary... it is... a number of chapters from a larger work ... confined particularly 'to tariff discussion 
in Congress ... no mistakes of any consequence. . .nothing original. . .unusual freedom from sectional 
bias"; Nation 74(1902)395-6 ".. .material. . .rather than history itself .. .hardly interesting reading... 
show[s] great industry and... good temper, is. . .uncritical. . .lacks a discriminating summing up of re- 
sults." L.C. 2-8108] 

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1903)275 "entertaining and instructive. . .fidelity ud accuracy. . .distinguish the historical portions... 
agreeable ingenuousness of ... personal recollections"; E Reg 57(1903)236(F.W.Parke) "mil- 
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1902. [ 75(1902)96-7 "Of .. .Interest. . .is. . .experiences in our civil war... add little if 
anything to... our knowledge. . .observations. . .most superficial. . .judgment. . .colored by .. .sympathies."] 

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[Autobiography ends before convict life began. L.C. 2-21374] 

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56th Congress. Each number has special index. Inserted in each volume: Additions and corrections... 
Washington, Gov't print, off., 1902. L.C. 3-3452-3] 

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(la.. The Franklin printing and publishing company, 1902. ix, 94 p. LM'_.. m . [L.C. 2-27216] 
CLAPP family. 

An early Worcester family. Wor Soc Ant 17(1901)601-6. 

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Clapp & Son, 1902. pp. 5+68, 80, ill. 

CLARK, Charles Edgar (b.1843). Naval officer, Capt. of "Oregon" in Span. -Am. War. 

Captain Charles E. Clark. World's Work 3(1901-2)1798, port. only. 
CLARK, Francis E. (b.1851). Founder of Young People's Soc. of Christian Endeavor. 

Chaplin, W[illiam] Knight. Francis E. Clark, founder of the Y.P.S.C.E... Boston, United Society of 

Christian endeavor [1902?] Till, 115, [1] p. front., pi., port., facsim. 18'/4cm. [L.C. 3-29529] 
CLARK, George Rogers (1752-1818). Va. officer and Indian fighter. 

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CLARK, William (1770-1838). Va. Indian fighter, explorer of Northwest, Gov. of Louisiana Ter. 

Kingsley, Nellie F. Four American explorers; Captain Meriwether Lewis, Captain William Clark, General 
John C. Fremont, Dr. Elishu K. Kane. [For details see same title under subject, Lewi's, Meriwether.] 


CLARKE, George Faber (1817-99). Mass, clergyman, writer oil history and temperance. 

Memorial to Rev. George Faber Clark. Wor Soc Ant 17(1900)106-9. 
CLARKE, Mary Victoria Novello (1809-98). Mrs. C. C. Clarke. 

Clarke, Mary [Victoria (Novello)] "Mrs. C. C. Clarke." Letters to an enthusiast, being a series of letters 
addressed to Robert Balmanno, esq., of New York, 1850-1861. Ed. by Anne Upton Nettleton, with ten 
photogravure plates. Chicago, A.C.McClurg & co., 1902. 345 p., 1 1. incl. front, pi., port., facsim. 
23%cm. [ 74(1902)491-2 "Main pleasure. . .is that of contact with so agreeable a person- 
ality... her knowledge of .. .American politics was not nicely critical." L.C. 2-11620] 
CLARKE family. 

Clarke, George Kuhn. The descendants of Nathaniel Clark and his wife Elizabeth Somerby of Newbury, 
Massachusetts. A history of ten generations, 1642-1902. Boston, Priv. print. [T.R.Marvin & son] 1902. 
468 p. front., pi., port. 24%cm. [ Y Rec 34(1903)148 "complete and accurate as possible... 
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L.C. 2-14596] 

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Newport; iv, Laurence Clarke, of Newport; v, Abraham Clarke, of Bristol; vi, John Clarke, of Westerly; 
vii, Ephraim and Ichabod Clcrke, of Westerly; viii, Ephraim, Ichabod and Samuel Clarke, of Cumber 
land; ix, Timothy Clarke, of Bristol. . .New York, The Evening post job printing house, 1902. 337 p. 
29cm. ["This edition is limited to 150 signed copies, of which this copy is no. 18." Y Rec 
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Lyon co., 1900-1902. 6v., 80, 111., maps; Hist R 6(1901)391 "...a great amount of matter 
interesting to Revolutionary history... no footnotes"; Am Hist R 7(1902)402-3 "large amount of trivial 


or wholly foreign material. . .Is merely a reprint of... bound manuscript volumes"; Am Hist R 8(1903) 
388-9 "earlier criticism Is emphasized by the permanence of the discreditable features. . .considerable 
mass of interesting and valuable material" ;N V Rue 32(1901)62-3 "charming, entertaining detail"; 
[ E Reg 57(1903)343 (F.W.Parke) "invaluable"] 
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CLOPTON family. 

C 1 o p t o n family. Wm M Q 11(1902)67-73. 
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American Baptist missionary union, 1902. 28 p. incl. front, (port.) pi. 15%cm. (Biographical series.) 
[L.C. 2-14679] 
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371-4, ill. 
COAL industry. The mining and marketing of coal. 

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COCKE family. 

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CODNER family. 

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CODY family. 

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lin Print. & Pub. Co., 1902. pamph. pp. 23. 12o. [Rev.ln:N Y Rec 34(1903)304 "an unmistakable 
quality... a goodly quantity of valuable matter."] 
COFFEE industry. The raising and marketing of coffee. 

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COHASSET, Mass. Village of Norfolk Co. 21 in. E.S.E. of Boston. 

[Cohasset, Mass., Revolutionary soldiers.] Am Month M 21(1902)26-7. 
COLCOCK family. 

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COLD HARBOR (Va.). Civil War campaign, June, 1864. 

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COLE family. 

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COLLAMORE family. 

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COLLINS family. 

Haines, George. Ancestry of the Haines, Sharp, Collins, Wills, Gardiner, Prickitt, Eves, Evans, Moore, 

Troth, Borton and Engle families. [For details see same title under subject, Haines family.] 
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COLOMBIA, S. A. Northwestern Republic of S. A., adjoining Central America. 

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colonial and revolutionary periods, with references for collateral reading. [Philadelphia] Department 
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factory. . .has searched with diligence the available sources ... result is ... commendable thoroughness, 
clearness, and completeness"; Nation 76(1903)79 "to wide study... [is] added some skill In ... presenta- 
tion ... appears to make his contention good without any forcing of the note"; Hist Pub Canad 7 79-80 
"volume of original research ... of Harvard Historical Studies ... relating to the United States [only]." 
L.C. 2-20794] 

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421 "Free handling. . .of .. .naratives from... (1000 A.I).) to (1784) .. .commended for school or home... 
[No] index... table of contents is very meagre"; Dial 33(1902)289 "spelling and the language. . .have 
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subject Cuba.] 

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methods of colonization. pt. 2. Forms of colonial government. pt. 3. Institutions of colonial govern- 
ment. [ Pub Canad, '02, 7(1003)1-3 "admirable little volume. . .well-informed and accurate 
...has examined exhaustively the literature. . .bibliography. . .specially valuable. . .great insight and 
understanding of... the British colonial system"; Am Hist R 8(1903)375-6 "bring[s] . . .into small com- 
pass. . .essential facts of colonization. . .ample bibliographies. . .of value... in giving ... succient, lucid 
and suggestive statements"; Nation 75(1902)98-9 "British colonies receive the principal. . .attention. .. 
bibliography appended to each chapter. . .scholarly;" Dial 33 (1902; 286 "collection of essays. . .lucid and 
entertaining, rather than a thorough aud systematic treatment. . .popular." L.C. 2-16778] 

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legal argument and a highly valuable analysis of an important part of American political thought... 
has somewhat misplaced the emphasis in his Interpretation of history . . . views the thought of the past 
...too much from the point of our present needs of constitutional development;" Nation 75(1902)386-7 
"Written for. . .purpose of [showing] .. .that our Revolutionary forefathers were imperialists ... conclu- 
sion... fatal to... present claims of imperialists. .. notwithstanding. . .display of research in. . .citation 
of ancient documents ... we cannot regard this work as giving correct views of the past"; Dial 34(1903) 
42-4 (J.O. Pierce) "elaborate treatise. . .exhaustive study of the precedents. . .in French and English 
history ... not merely a valuable contribution ... it is an epoch-making book. . .defects. . .largely in mat- 
ters of detail." L.C. 2-23770] 

TT. 8. War dept. Reports on the law of civil government In territory subject to military occupation by 
the military forces of the United States. Submitted. . .by Charles E. Magoon... Washington, Gov't 
print, off., 1902. 808 p. 23%cm. [Rev. in: Nation 75(1902)482 "embody opinions relating to routine 
business. One or two Involve broad Constitutional. . .questions." L.C. 2-20481] 

Yerelnlgte Staaten v.N.-A. Amerikas Kolonien. Gartenlaube (1902) no. 12, 


COLORADO. Western, Rocky Mt. State of U. S. 

Representative men of Colorado in the nineteenth century; a portrait gallery of many of the men who 
have been instrumental in the upbuilding of Colorado, including not only the pioneers, but others who, 
coming later, have added their quota, until the once territory ia now the splendid state. [Ed. de luxe.] 
New York, Denver, The Rowell art publishing company, 1902. sil, [2], 272 p. of port. 23%cm. [No. 
23 of an edition of 1,000 volumes. L.C. 2 18463] 

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COLORADO R. River flowing S. W. from Col. to Gulf of Cal. 

Bicknell, P. C. Guide book jf the Grand Canyon of Arizona with the only correct maps in print; a vol- 
ume of interesting facts and gossip... [Los Angeles, Cal., Press of G. Rice & sons (inc.) 1902]. 1 p.. 
1., [7]-07 p. ill., pi., fold. map. 17cm. [L.C. 2-17241] 

Dellenbaugh, Frederick S[amuel]. The romance of the Colorado River; the story of its discovery in 1540. 
with an account of the later explorations, and with special reference to the voyages of Powell through 
the line of the great canyons. . . New York and London, G. P. Putnam's sons, 1902. xxxv, 399 p. Incl. 
ill., port., maps. col. front., map. 23cm. [L.C. 2-29425] 

The Grand Canyon of Arizona; being a book of words from many pens, about the Grand Canyon of the 
Colorado River in Arizona. [Chicago] Passenger department of the Santa Fe, 1902. 2 p. 1., 9-123, 
[1] p., 1 1. incl. ill., map. front. 24 x 19cm. [L.C. 3-10713] 

Higgins, C[harles] A. Titan of chasms; the Grand Canyon of Arizona. The scientific explorer, by J.\V. 
Powell. The greatest thing in the world, by Chas. F. Luinmis. Information for tourists. . . 15th thou- 
sand. Chicago, Passenger dep't, The Santa Fe, 1902. 32 p. ill. 23cm. [The article by Higgins is an 
abridgement of his Grand Caflon of the Colorado River, 1893. L.C. 3-5053] 

Llpplncott, J. B. The Colorado river. Out West 16(1902)430-4, ill. 

M u i r, John. The Grand Cafion of the Colorado. Cent 05(1902-3)107-16. 

Peabody, Henry G[reenwood1. Glimpses of the Grand Canyon of Arizona... Kansis City, F. Harvey, 

1902. 3 p. 1., [34] p. of ill. 23 x 29cm. [L. C. 3-1267] 
COLORADO Springs: Colo. City of El Fasco Co., 76 m. 8. of Denver. 

Walker, Francis. Colorado Springs and round about Pike's Peak. New Eng M 25(1901)236-55, ill. 
COLUMBIA, 8. C. City of Richmond Co., 130 m. N.N.W. of Charleston. 

Conrad, August. The destruction of Columbia, S. C. A translation from the German by Wm. H. Pleas 
ants, of 19th, 20th, 21st, and 22d chapters of "Lights and shadows in American life during the war of 
secession." Published at Hanover, 1879. Roanoke, Va., The Stone printing and manufacturing com- 
pany, 1902. 31 p. 23cm. [Title of tho original: "Schatten und Hchtblicke aus dem amerikanischen 
leben wahrend des secessionskrieges." L.C. 2-23889] 

Qihbes, James G[uiguard]. Who burnt Columbia? Newberry, S. C., E.HAull company, 1902. 137, ill p. 
front., port. 23%cm. [ Mag 1(1902)71. L.C. 3-13008] 

N o u r a e, Henry S. [Burning of Columbia, S. C.] Mass Hist Soc Proc II 15(1901-2)274-8. 

Rhodes, James Ford. Who Burned Columbia? Maes Hist Soc Proc II 15(1901-2)264-74. 
COLUMBIA University. Founded at New York in 1754 as King's College, incorp. as Columbia 1784. 

B u r d i c k, Francis M. Legal instruction at Columbia. Columb Q 4(1902)120-32. 

C a r d o z o, Ernest A. The Philolexlan Society at Columbia: its history from 1892 to 1902. Columb Q 5 

The election and Installation of Nicholas Murray Butler as pres. of Columbia. Columb Q 4(1902) 
1-92, port. 

Pine, John B. The finances of the University 1889-1901. Columb Q 4(1901)18-24. 

President Butler, of Columbia. R of Rs 25(1302)170-2, port. 

Smith, Munroe. Columbia University. Indep 54(1902)907-14, ill., port. 
COLUMBUS, Christopher (1446 or 7-1506). Discoverer of America. 

Alba, [Maria del Rosario (Falco y Osorio) Fitz James] 9. duquesa de Berwick y 16. duquesa de. Nuevos 
autografos de Crist6bal Col'm y relaciones de ultramar. Los publica la duquesa de Berwick y de Alba, 
condesa Siruela. Madrid, 1902. 2 p. 1., 294 p., 1 1. 5 facsim. (incl. map) 28%cm [Title in red and 
black. Facsimiles: 1. Tapa superior del cuaderno de a bordo de C. ColSn. 2. Trazo de la costa de la 
isla EspaCola. (De mano Oe Col6n. 1492) 3. Fragmento de un escrito de ColOn. 4. Carta de Col6n a 
su hijo Diego. 5. Mapa de los reinos de Camboja, Siam, Cochinchina, &c. (Lamina 2a del atlas de Vaz 
Dourado, 1568). Contents. [Autfigrafos de Cristobal CoWn y otros] Indice y extractos de docnmentos 
varies referentes a las Indies, 1514-16**. 78 nos. Relaciones de ultramar: textos y extractos, 1581- 
1646. 43 nos. Cat&logos y extractoe de varlos documentos relatives al virreinato de Nueva EspatSa y 
especialmente al Yucatan (J563 ft 1763) 47 nos. TItulos y servicios del adelantado Francisco de Mon- 
tejo (1522 ft 1748) 7 nos. Cat&logo de documentos referentes a las islas Filiplnas (del virreinato de 
Nueva Espafia) 1688 ft 1683. 7 nos. L.C. 3-18025] 

Dscendance de Chrlstophe Colomb. Tout Monde 10 at 30 Juil(1902), 


The discovery and conquest of the New world, containing the life and Toy ages of Christopher Columbus 
by Washington Irving... a separate account of the conquest of Mexico find Peru by W. W. Robertson. .. 
A perfect history of the United States from the works of Bancroft, Flske, Blalne, Grant, Sherman, 
Johnston and others. By Benjamin Rush Davenport, master of the art of critical condensation. Intro- 
duction by the Hon. Murat Halstead. ...W.H.Ferguson company [1902] 1 p. 1., Ix-xlvlll, 49-922 
(I. e. 888) p. incl. 111., pi., port, front. 27cm. [Paging Irregular. The selection from Robertson 
comprises books v and vl with parts of book 111 of his History of America. L.C. 3-3299] 

(5 a 1 1 o 1 s, L. Toscanelll et Chrlstophe Colomb. Ann GeoK Mars(1902). 

Gonzalez de la Rosa [Manuel Toribio] La eolation >.le tous les probldrnes relatlfs & Chrlstophe Colomb et. 
en partlcnller, de celul des orlglnes on des prfiteudus Inspirateurs de la dScouverte du Nouveau monde. . . 
Paris, E.Leroux, 1902. 22, [1] p. 25cm. . ["MSmolre extralt du Compte rendu du" Congres Interna 
tloaal des amerlcanlstes, tenu en septembre 1900." Rev.ln:Am Hist R 8(1903)341 (E.G. Bowme) "that 
the pretended correspondence of Columbus with the astronomers played no part In the discovery of 
America." L.C. 3-16087] 

Hugrues. Luigi. La lettera dl Paolo dal Pozzo Toscanelli a Fernam Martins a proposlto dl un llbro recent" 
del Slg. Enrico Vignaud. Casale Monf., Tip. casalese Fr.lll Tardltl, 1902. 1 p. 1., 32 p. 20^cm. 
[L.C. 3-24624] 

Irving', Washington. The life and voyages of Christopher Columbus, by Washington Irving. . .with an 
introduction by G. Mercer Adam... New York, The Perkins book company [c!902] vill, 111-vl, 7-307 p 
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COOCH'S Bridge, Delaware. Revolutionary skirmish, 1777. 

. . .Proceedings at the unveiling of the monument at Cooch's Bridge, Tuesday afternoon, September 3rd, 
1901. Erected by the patriotic societies and citizens of Delaware, marking the spot where the stars and 
stripes were first unfurled in battle, September 3rd, 1777. Pub. by the Historical society of Delaware. 
Wilmington, 1902. 76 p. front., pi., 2 port. 24^cin. (Delaware historical society. Papers [no.] 35) 
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COPYRIGHT. Property in literary or artistic production. 

Gesetze iiber das TTrheberreoht in alien Landern nelst den darauf bezuglichen Internationalen. Tertrttgep. 
2 Aufl. Leipzig, G.Hedelar. [1902.] [Rev.inrNation 74(1902)387-8 "Second edition. . .has. . .advantage 
of .. .editorial revision of Prof. Ernst ROthlisberger. . .bulletins. . .of .. .United States Copyright Office... 
been translated entire. . .for. . .reader of German... a handy compilation. . .[no] subject-index."] 
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Parliament, international conventions, Orders in council, Treasury minute and acts of Congress now in 
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Colonial cases": p. xix-xx*. "Table of cases in the United Stales": p. xxxl-xxvi. 34(1903) 
49 "at times entertaining. . . iidmirably digested, fully organized ... all needful indexes and appendices"; 
Pub Canad 7.200-2(A.MacMurchy) "valuable work, already an accepted authority." 2-26696] 
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of Portsmouth, R. I. New York, T.A.Wright, 1902. pp. 468. Large So, cloth, ill. [ 1 Ree 
33(1902)190-1 "a splendid work admirably arranged... a mine of wealth to searchers in this field... 
thorough index."] 
CORNWALL family. 

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CORONA, Cal. Village of Riverside Co. 20 m. S.W. of Ban Bernadino. 

Brought together. Out West 16(1902)94-8, 111. 
CORRIGAN, Michael Augustine (1839-1909). Archbishop of N. Y. 
Archbishop Corrlgan. Coth Univ B 8(1902)383-4. 

Archbishop Michael A. Corrlgan, with portrait. Cath World 76(1902)282(Je). 

Memorial of the Most Reverend Michael Augustine Corrigan, D. D., third archbishop of New York; comp. 
and pub. by authority. New York, The Cathedral library association, 1902. xli, 234 p. incl. front, pi., 
port. 26cm. [Committee on publication- John M. Farley, Joseph F. Mooney, John A. Mooney, M. J. 
Lavelle, and George J. Gillespie. Rev.iirNation 76(1903)150 "free from extravagance. . .the impression 
of sweetness and integrity. .. la confirmed by the ... portrait. " L.C. 3-2487] 
CORSER family. 

[Corser, Samuel Bartlett Gerrish]. Genealogy of the Corser family in America, embracing many of the 
descendants of the early settlers of the name in Massachusetts and New Hampshire, with some remi- 
niscences of their Trans-Atlantic cousins... [Concord, N. H., Printed by I.C.Evans co.] 1902 [1903] T p., 
1 1., 306, 30 p. front., plates, port., coat of arms. 22 '/a cm. [Introduction, dated 1903, signed: Elwood 
S. Corser. "Appendix. . .by E.S.Corser". 30 p. L.C. 3-26067] 

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George B. Cortelyou [port.]. Outl 72(1902)499. 

O ' L a u g h 1 1 n, J. C. George Bruce Cortelyou, President's secretary. Munsey 27(1902)53(Ap). 
CORTLANDT, N. Y. Township of Westohester Co., N. Y., on the Hudson. 

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500, Grand army of the republic, dep't N. Y., and their friends. New York, 1902. cover-title, 12 p. 
22cm. [L.C. 3-22508] 


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C o r w 1 n, Thomas. [Letter] from Thomas Corwln [1840]. Host Bull 7(1902)274. 
COST AN SO, Don Miguel (fi.1709). Spanish explorer of California. 

L e 1 1 e i s of Don Miguel Costanso and Fray Junipero Serra. Out West 16(1902)56-9. 
COTTON family. 

Cotton, Talbot (note). Va Mag 10(1902)107-8. 
COTTON industry. Raising and marketing of cotton. 

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chester guardian; with an Introduction by Elijah Helm... London, Methueu & co., New York, C.Scrib- 
ner's sons. 1902. xvi. 146 p. 19cm. [L.C. 3-997] 
COUNCIL BLUFFS, Iowa. City of Pottawattamic Co. 4 m. . by N. from Omaha. 

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COUNTERFEITING. The making (and issuing) of spurious money. 

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COURTENAY family. 

Family losses in the war. Confed Vet 10(1901-2)79-82, port. 
COWLE8, Wm. Henry (1840-1901). N. C. Confederate officer, Congressman. 

C a r 1 1 o n, P. C. Col. W. H. CowleB. Confed Vet 10(1901-2)125. 
COWPENS N. C.). Revolutionary battle, Jan. 17, 1781. 

P e a y, (Mrs.)George Keats. The battle of the Cowpens, and Us hero, Daniel Morgan. Am Moth M 21 

COX family. 

The New England Cox families. No. 10. 1902. pp. 73-89. So. 
CRAFTS family. 

C o c h r a n, John M. Col. Ebenezer Crafts. His ancestry and some of his descendants. (Paper read 

NOT. 26, 1900.) Quinabaug Hist Soc Leaf 1 [1902?] 183-90. 
CRAIGHEAD, Thomas (ab.1750 ab.1825). Tenn. Fresb. clergyman, educator. 

B a s s, Jno. M. Rev. Thomas C'ralghead. Am Hist Mag 7(1902^88-96. 
CRAIK, James (1730-1814). Va. surgeon in French and Indian and Rev. wars. 

Paine, Nathaniel, Commun. by. [Letter of] Dr. James Craik [1780]. Mass Hist Soe Proc II 16(1901-1) 

CRAMP, Charles Henry (b.1823). Pa. shipbuilder. 

Nixon, Lewis. Charles Henry Cramp. Cosmopol 33(1902)39-40, port. 
CRANCH, William (1769-1865). Mass, judge, writer. 

C a r n e, W. F. Life and times of William Cranch, Judge of the District Circuit Court, 1801-185i. ** 

Columbia Hist Soc 5(1902)294-310. 
CRANDALL, Lee (fl.1862). Confederate officer. 

Col. Lee Crandall. Pres. Confederate Mining Co. Confed Vet 10(1901-2)88, port. 
CRANE, Winthrop Murray (b.1863). Mass. Governor, philanthropist. 

Governor W. Murray Crane of Massachusetts. World's Work 5(1902-3)2709, port. 
CRATER lake, Ore. Cascade Mt. lake. 

Fairbanks, Harold W. The story of Crater lake, Oregon. Out West 17(1902)172-87, 111. 
CRAWFORD, William Harris (1772-1834). Georgia U. S. senator, Min. to France, Sec. of Treas. 

Crawford, William H. [Letter] to David B. Mitchell [1827]. Bost Bull 7(1902)228. 
CREE Indians. An Algonq.uian tribe. 

Chamberlain, Alexander F. Notes of Cree folk-lore. J Am Folk-Lore 15(1902)60-2. 
CREEK Indians. Tribe of Maskoki stock of Ga. and Ala. now in Ind. Ter. 

Documents relating to the Creek War. Am Hist Mag 7(1902)209-18. 

H a 1 b e r t, Henry S. Were there one or two Black Warrior expeditions during the Creek War of 1813 
and 1814? Golf Mag 1(1902)146-6. 


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Proposed monument to soldiers who fell at Emuckfau in the Creek War, 1814. Gulf Mag 1(1902)61. 

Roberts papers. Am Hist Mag 7(1902)349-01. 

CBTEMAZIE family. 

G o s s e 1 i n, D. La famille Cremazie. Rech Hist 8(1902)197. 
CRESAP, Thomas (1673( 1)-1779). Md. pioneer, surveyor, patriot. 

Stevenson, Mrs. M. L. C. Colonel Thomas Cresap. Ohio Arch & Hist Pub 10(1902)146-64. 
CROCKETT, David (1786-1836). Tenn. & Tex. soldier, pioneer, Congressman, writer. 

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vili, [7]-350 p. front. 19cm. [L.C. 2-19280] 
Brady, Cyrus Townsend. David Crockett and the most desperate defense in American history. McClure 

18(1901-2)252-61, ill. 

S t o u t, S. H. David Crockett. Am Hist Mag 7(1902)3-21. 
CROCTJM (or Croackham) family. 

Titus, Anson. Crocum Croackham (note). N E Reg 56(1902)410. 
CROOKS, George Richard (1820-97). Meth. clerg., prof., theolog. writer. 

George Richard Crooks, D. D., LL. D. N J Hist S 2(1902)191-2. 
CROSS, Moses K. (1812-1902). Iowa clergyman, writer. 

Rev. Moses K. Cross. Annals of Iowa 5(1902)396. 
GROSSMAN, Daniel L. (1836-1901). Mich, merchant, State senator. 

Daniel L. Grossman (obituary). Mich Hist Coll '01.31(1902)51-2. 
CROWN POINT, N. Y. Fort on Lake Champlain fr. 1731 to Am. Revolution. 

B e n n e d i c t, G. G. Manuscript map of Crowu Point, over 135 years ago. Vt Ant 1(1902)37-9, map. 
Brown, Francis Henry. Commu. by. List of Capt. Timothy Hamant's (Mass.) company, 1762. N E Reg 


Dwight, Nathaniel. The Journal of Captain Nathaniel Dwight of Belehertown, Mass., during the Crown 
Point expedition, 1755. Containing an account of the battle of Lake George and of the Crown Point ex- 
pedition, of his Journey to Luke George and his services while stationed there, the men of his company, 
the building of Fort William Henry and its dimensions; to which has been added a new plan of that 
fort. New York, Printed by T.A.Wright, 1902. 2 p. 1., 19 p. front, (plan) 17%cm. [Edited by Mela- 
tiah E. Dwight. "This Journal was. . .published in the New York genealogical and biographical record 
for 1902." "An edition of twenty-five copies printed for private distribution of which this Is no. 22." 
L.C. 2-15412] 
D w i g h t, N. Journal during the Crown Point expedition, 1755. N Y Rec 33(1902)3-10,65-70.164-6. 

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"Consists of scraps from books of every description. . .devoid of merit"; Dial 33(1902)246 '-...he him- 
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29, 1902... Washington, Gov't print, off., 1902. vli, 766 p. ill. 23%em. [Issued also as House doc. 
no. 535. Reprinted in the Appendix as exhibits K-M are the following: The influence of environment 
upon the composition of the sugar beet. By Harvey W. Wiley... July 30, 1901 (U. S. Dept. of agricul- 
ture. Bureau of chemistry. Bulletin no. 64) The sugar beet: culture, seed development, manufacture, 
and statistics. By H. W. Wiley... (2d rev. ed., September, 1901) By G. L. Spencer (U. S. Dept of 
agriculture. Farmers' bulletin no. 52) Manufacture of beet sugar, by G. L. Spencer. (Census bulletin 
no. 59, March 7, 1901) Contents. Favoring reciprocity: American interests. Cuban interests. Against 
reciprocity: American beet sugar manufacturing interests. American beet-growing interests. American 
cane-sugar interests. American tobacco Interests; cigar makers, manufacturers, dealers, and packers. 


Tobacco-growing interests. Hawaiian sugar interests. West Indian sugar interests. Porto Rican inter- 
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CUBA. Indian for Hot Springs, see Agua Caliente=Warners Hot Springs. 

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Memorials of two friends, James Russell Lowell: 1819-1891, George William Curtis: 1824-1892. [For de- 
tails see same title under subject, Lowell, J. R.] 
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I n memorlam. Ass Her 7(1902)43-44. 
GUSHING, Caleb (1800-79). Mass, diplomat, U. 8. Attorney-General. 

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O b 1 1 u a r y>- ! tf. Y Rec 33(1902)53. 
CUSHMAN family. 

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[Cockerill, John A ] 1846-1896. Custer battlefield, Burlington route. [Chicago, Poole bros., 19027] 

cover-title, [15] p. ill., port., map (on cover) 15& x 8%cm. [Published by the Chicago, Burlington 
and Qulncy railroad company; being a reprint of an article published in the New York herald. L.C. 
CUTHBERT, Jacques. Seigneur de Berthier. Canadian legislator. 

M o r e a u, L'Abbe S.-A. L'honorable Jacques Cuthbert, file, seigneur de Berthier. Rech Hist 8(1902)60-3. 
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Taylor co. [1902] viil p., 1 1., 356 p. incl. front, pi., port. 20cm. [ 75(1902)293 "Major 
part. . .devoted to... famous people ... rhetoric tends to [a]... vivid hue ... succession of portraits ... inter- 
esting for... diverse identity"; Dial 33(1902)205-6(P.F.Bicknell) "are us uplifting as they are interest- 
ing... too frequent instances of careless workmanship (largely printer's errors, probably)." L.C. 2-22199] 
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Czolgosz, Leon F. Mac Donald, Carlos F. and Spitzka, Edward Anthony. The trial, execution, autopsy 
and mental status of Leon F. Czolgosz, alias Fred. Nleman, the assassin of President McKinley, with a 
report of the post-mortem examination, pp. 36. ill. (Reprint from The Philadelphia Medical Journal, 
January 4, 1002.) 


DAKOTA Indian!. Siouan tribe, of region west of Miss. R. 

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Minnesota Valley historical society. Sketches, historical ami descriptive, of the monuments and tablets 
erected in Renville and Redwood counties, Minnesota. To preserve the sites of certain incidents and In 
honor of the devotion and important service of some of the characters. Whites and Indians, connected 
with the Indian outbreak of 1862... Morton, Minn., Minnesota Valley historical society, 1902. 79p. 
incl. 111., port. 23cm. [ReT.ln:N E Reg 57(1903)124(F.W.Parke) "Biographical sketches. . .in detail... 
every page is of interest." L.C. 3-4926] 

BALL, Charles Henry Appleton (1816-86). Unit, olerg., missionary to India. 

Memorial to Charles Henry Appletou lull. Boston, Beacon pr. [1902]. 2 p. 1., 98 p. front, (port.) 
23%cm. [Ed. by Mrs. C. \V. H. Dall. p. 31-66: "The mission to India instituted by the American Uni- 
tarian association, February, 1855: containing: 1. Report by the secretary to the 'Calcutta [Unitarian] 
association.' 2. Report by the treasurer to the Calcutta society [Unitarian society for the propagation 
of the gospel in India] 3. Narrative of proceedings in connection with the mission, by the Rev. Charles 
H. A. Dall. Boston, Office of the Quarterly Journal. . .1857" (reprint including original t.-p.) Rev.ln: 
N E Reg 57(1903)231(F.W.Parke) "missionary to India, under... the Unitarians." L.C. 3-6532] 
DALLAS, George Mifflin (1792-1864). Fa. V. 8. senator, Vice-President and minister to Russia and England. 
Dallas, Geo. M. [Letters] to R. M. Meade and David Henshaw [1827, 1828]. Bost Bull 7(1902)229-31. 
DALLAS, Tex. City and county teat of Dallas Co. on Trinity R. in northern Texas. 

Lee per, Rosa M. The Dallas (Texas) public library. Lib J 27(1902)70. 
DALTON, Samuel (1629-81). N. H. colonial magistrate. 

Hammond, Otis G. Samuel Dayton, commissioner. Gen Q M 3(1902)167-70. 
DAMERON family. 

B r o w n 1 n g, C. H. Ball, Cuppage and Damcrou. of Northumberland Co., Va. Wm M Q 11(1902)137-9. 
D ANBURY, Conn. City of Fairfield Co. 69 m. N.N.E. of New York. 

I r e s, J. Moss. A Connecticut battleflsld in the American Revolution. Conn Mag 7(1902)420-50, ill., port. 
I v e s, J. Moss. Connecticut in the manufacturing world. Conn Mag 7(1902)627-46, ill. 
DANCING Rabbit treaty. Treaty with Choc taws at Dancing Rabbit Creek, Noxubee Co., Mils., 1830. 

H a 1 b e r t, H. S. Story of the treaty of Dancing Rabbit. Miss Hist P 6(1902)373-402. 
DANDRIDGE, Tenn. Village of Jefferson Co. 30 m. E.N.E. of Knoxville. 

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DANFORTH family. 

May, John Joseph. Danforth genealogy. Nicholas Danforth, of Framliugham, England, and Cambridge, 
N. E. (1589-1638) und William Danforth, of Newberry, Mass. (1640-1721) and their descendants. Bos- 
ton, C.H.Pope, 1902. xvi, 476 p. front., pi., port., facnim. 24cm. [ E Reg 56(1902)413(A.D.H 
Jr) "valuable and interesting. . .little to criticise. . .four Indexes." L.C. 3-5660] 
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Atberton, Gertrude. Denmark and the treaty. No Am 175(1902)500-5. 
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The Danish islands treaty. Nation 75(1902)320-1.340-1. 

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DANVER8, Mass. Village of Essex Co. 19 m. N. by E. from Boston. 
C o 1 1 o n, F. E. Diary of John Preston of Danvers, 1744-1760. N E Reg 56(1902)80-3. 
D a n v e r s Inscriptions. Ess Ant 6(1902)19-22,75-7,112-3.156. 

Moynahan, Frank E. Dunvers, Massachusetts. New Kng M 27(1902)220-33, ill., port. 
DARE, Virginia (b.1587). The first child of English parents born in America. 

Daves, Graham. Virginia Dure. N C Bookl 1.1(1901)3-16. 
DARTMOUTH College. College at Hanover, N. H., fd. 1709. 

D I x o n, Frank H. Statistics of vocations of Dartmouth College graduate.?. Yale Ilev 10(1901-2)84-8. 
J e n k 1 n B, F. W. Dartmouth College Library. Granite M 33(1902)14-23, ill. 
DARTMOUTH, Mass. Township of Bristol Co. about 2 m. W. of New Bedford. 

Bowman, George Ernest, Transc. by. The purchasers of Darthuioutb. Mayfl Desc 4(1902)185-8. 
DAUL, Jean-Denis (1766-1821). Canadian Cath. priest. 

C h e T r o t, G. Du. Le Pere Daule. Rech Hist 8(1902)345-7. 
DAVENPORT, Iowa. City of Scott Co. 70 m. S. of Dubuque. 

Sixty-three years of Home History [newspaper of city]. Annals of Iowa 5(1902)380-82. 
DAVIDSON County, Tenn. A north central Co. of state. 

The earliest records of Davidson County. Am Hist Mag 7(1902)315-21. 


DAVIS, Charles Howard (b.1856). Mass, artist. 

D o w n e s, William Howe. Charles H. Davls's landscapes. New Kng M 27(1902)423-37, ill., port. 
DAVIS, Isaac W. Confederate officer, brother of Jefferson Davis. 

H a 1 b e r t, Henry S. Ensign Isaac W. Davis and Honson's Mill. Gulf Mag 1(1902)151. 
DAVIS, Jefferson (1808-89). Miss. IT. S. Sec. of War, President of the Confederate States. 
[Letter] to Col. Jefferson Davis [1846]. Boat Bull 7(1902)320. 

Reagan, Jolin H. Reasons against trial of Jefferson Davis. South Hist A Pub 6(1902)422-7. 
DAVIS, Noah (1818-1902). Justice N. Y. Supreme Court. 

Hon. Noah Davis. Granite M 32(1902)267-68. 
DAVIS, Richard Harding (b.1864). Am. writer. 

Archibald, J. F. J. Richard Harding Davis. Bk-Buyer 25(1902-3)216-20, ill., port. 
DAVIS, Sam (fl.1862). Confed. spy, executed at Nashville, Tenn. 

Memories of martyr Sam Davis. Confed Vet 10(1901-2)205, ill. 
DAWSON, Thomas (fl.1752). Va. Epis. clerg., Pres. of William and Mary college. 

S c o 1 1, R. F. President Thomas Dawson. Wm M Q 11(1902)92-3. 
DEAF-BLIND. Persons without sight or hearing. 

Everett, Ruth. Educating the deaf-Blind. R of Rs 25(1902)435-42, ill., port. 
DEAN, John Ward (1815-1902). Boston librarian, writer, ed. N. E. Beg. 

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Society, 1902. 8vo. 17. port. [Repr. from N. E. Reg.] 

John Ward Dean. Medf Reg 5(1902)44-6. 

Obituary. N Y Rec 33(1902)120-1. 
DEAN, Towne (1810-95). Vt. and Mass, physician. 

[Obituary]. Wor Soc Ant 17(1900)246-7. 
DEAN family. 

Drummond, Josiah H[ayden]. Genealogy of Isaac Dean of Grafton, N. H., fourth in descent from John 
Dean of Taunton; published by George W. Dean. Portland, Smith & Sale, printers, 1902. 35 p. 24cm. 
[ E Res 56(1902)326(F.W.Parke) "no index." L.C. 2-17692] 
DEBATES, Political. Public discussion of political issues. 

Adams, Charles Francis. An undeveloped function. Am Hist R 7(1902)203-32. 
DE BLANC, Louis Charles (fl.1825). Louisiana French officer. 

Last will and testament of Louis Charles De Blanc, of New Orleans, La., 1825. Am Cath Hist 13(1902) 

DEBSCONEAG Lakes, Me. Lakes in Piscatq.uis Co. in center of state. 

Thompson, Winfield Mfartin]. Debsconeag. . . Boston, The Barta press [1902] 16 U. ill., fold. map. 

15%cm. [Cover-title: A word from the Maine woods. L.C. 2-25698] 
DECLARATION of Independence. Declaration of the Am. colonies July 4, 1776. 

Homes of the signers of the Declarations of Independence. Am Month M 20(1902)1-3,110-14,325-8; 21. 
205-6, 111., port. 

The original Declaration of Indenpondeuce. South Hist A Pub 6(1902)541-2. 
DEDHAM, Mass. Village of Norfolk Co. 10 m. S.W. of Boston. 

Dedham Historical Register. Dedharn, Mass. 80. Quarterly, v. 13, 1902. 127 p. 

F o 1 s o m, A. A. French troops in Doilhiim. Dedu Reg 13(1902)94-5. 

Hill, Don Gleason. Th<- landing place on Charles river, Dedham Village. Dedh Reg 13(1902)67-77, 111. 

The old Whiting mills on Mother Brook. Dedh Reg 13(1902)97-8, ill. 

Sheldon, N. L. The birthplace of the American free public school. New Eng M 27(1902)509-17, 111. 

S t a f t e r, Carlos. The schools and teachers of Dedham. Dedh Reg 12(1901)20-4,53-6,68-9; 13(1902)19-21, 

DE OBAFFLE1TREID, Christopher. Swiss nobleman, founder of New Bern, N. Carolina. 

Kennedy, (Mrs. )Sara Bt-aumout. Colonial New Berwo. N C Bookl 1.2(1901)3-20. 
D'IBERVILLE, Pierre Le Moyne (d.1706). Canadian naval officer. 

A c t e de sepulture de Pierre LeMoyne D'Ibervllle [at Havana]. Rech Hist 8(1902)198-9. 

C o n t r a t de marriage de Lemoyne d'Ibervllle. Rech Hist 8(1902)301-4. 
DE KALB, Baron (ft. 1776). French officer in American army, Revolutionary War. 

Ford, George H. The struggle for liberty. Conn Mag 7(1902>549-52 


DE LAND, Florida. Village of Volusia Co. 5 m. E. of Beresford. 

A souvenir of the city of Do Land, Florida. Issued for the purpose of presenting to the notice of our 
northern friends, the advantages and beauties of our city and Its surroundings. . . De Land, Fla., Tl<- 
News publishing co., 1902. [72] p. ill., port., fold. plan. 20V;. cm. LL.C. 2-23944J 
DELAWARE valley. The watershed of the Delaware R. in N. J. and Fa. 

Jenkins, Charles F[ranci]. From Philadelphia to the Poeouos; a guide to the Delaware valley, Trenton, 
Lambertville, Eastou, Phillipsburg, Belvidere, Portland and the Delaware Water Gap. . . Philadelphia, 
Ferris & Leach, 1902. 47, [t] p. front., 111., pi. 17% x 14cm. [L.C. 2-19012] 
DEMOCRACY. Government by the people. 

B 1 1 o t, Charles W. American democracy. Harv Urad M 10(1901-2)505-7. 

Lowell, James Russell. Democracy; an address delivered in the town ball, Birmingham. . . [Boston, 
Houghton, Miffln and Co.] 1902. \, 75, [1] pp. 39'^cin. [Edition of 500 numbered copies. This copy 
not numbered. L.C. 2-6147] 

Ostrogorskii. M[oisei lakovlevich]. Democracy and the organization of political parties. . .tr. from the 
French by Frederick Clarke. . .with a preface by the Right Hon. James Bryce... New York, London, 
The Macmlllan company, 1902. 2 v. 22% cm. [Rev.iu:Dial 34(1903)193-7(E.B.Smltlh) " "a scientific 
investigation alike historical and critical of the n'giin of organized parties". . .great and valuable... 
exhibit[s] ripe scholarship, unusual capacity for thinking clearly, aud a Just sense of proportion ... stu- 
dents... the world over will turn to this... for exact Information and critical discussion of its most vital 
problem"; Nation 76(1903)356-8 "very notable contribution. . .painstaking and minute study. . .Judicial 
Impartiality and candor. . .rare patience. . .combines a profound knowledge of political philosophy with a 
personal knowledge of living politicians. . .occasional minor slips in the second volume"; Am Hist R 8 
(1903)519-21(A. L.Lowell) "[second] volume treats of .. .America. . .length is too great... some repetition 
...own observation is keen and his own opinion is probably accurate. . .criticisms chiefly are to be passed 
upon the impression made by the book, and not of the correctness of the facts." L.C. 2-26875] 
Stevenson, R. T. Typos and hopes of American democracy. Meth R 84(1902)237-52. 
Wilson, Woodrow. The ideals of America. Atlan 90(1902)721-34. 
DEMOCRATIC party. The "Democrat Republican" party founded by Jefferson. 
M c N e a 1, Albert T. The future of the Democratic party. Sewanee 10(1902)463-70. 
Massachusetts Democratic platform. R of Us 26(1902)450-1. 
M 1 k e 1 1, William B. The future of the Democratic party. Sewanee 10(1902)470-6. 
Origin of the Democratic National Convention. Am Hist Mae 7(1902)267-73. 
DE MUELLES, Jacques (fl.1682). Intendant of Canada, 1682-6. 
Roy, Regis. Jacques de Meulles. Rech Hist 8(1902)268-70. 
DNCHAUD, Claude (d.1836). Canadian deputy. 

Denfichaud, E. Claude Dencchaud. Rech Hist 8(1902)271-4. 
DENISON, Geo. Taylor (b.1839). Lieut. Governor of Canada. 

V., B. Q. Canadian celebrities. Canad M 19(1902)398-400, port. 
DENISON family. 

T a 1 c o t t, Mary K. Denlson (note). N B Reg 56(1902)207. 
DENMARK, Brantley A. (1850-1901). Ga lawyer, R. R. president, banker. 

Mr. Brantley A. Denmark [obituary]. South Hist A Pub 6(1902)470. 
DENTON, Daniel (fl.1666). N. Y. historian. 

Neumann, Felix [Jonathan]. Daniel Denton's Brief description of New York, formerly called New Nether- 
lands: a bibliographical essay... [New York, The Publishers' weekly, 1902] cover-title, 7 p. 
24Vj x 18&cm. [Read at a meeting of the District of Columbia library association. Mar. 12, 1902. Re- 
printed from the Publishers' weekly, v. 61. L.C. 2-24821-2] 
DENVER, Col. City, county seat of Arapahoe Co. 540 m. W. of Omaha. 

Moore, E. The Lecompton party which located Denver. Trans Kan Hist Soc 1901-2 7(1902)446-52. 
Stevens, Fred. P. Denver the coming city; a collection of forty instantaneous photographs of life In Den- 
ver, comprising street scene 1 *, public and private buildings, parks and various panoramas of the city, as- 
sisted by Mr. Harry D. Smith. Edition de luxe... [Denver] F.S.Thayer, 1902. [40] full-page 111. incl. 
t.-p. 33 x 38cm. [no. 143 of a limited edition of i.OOO copies. L.C. 3-183] 
DENYS, Nicolas (1598-ab.l672). Am. historian. 
Nicolas Denys. Rech Hist 8(1902)219-23. 
DEPARTMENT store*. Large stores dealing in many kinds of goods classified. 

D u b o 1 s, Leo L. The department store. Cath Uuiv B 8(1902)454-71. 

DEPENDENT children. Children requiring support of state or agencies other than parents. 
Streeter, William B. The care of dependent children of Indiana. Forum 23(1902)737-46. 


DEPEW, Charles (fl.1901). 

Depew, Charles. Life as I've found it... A gathering of experiences and observations of the common 
people, relating to their aspirations, trials and tribulations but more especially my own prosaic life. 
Pittsburg, Pa., C.Depew, 1902. 221 p. incl. 111., facslm. front., pi., port. 19%cm. [L.C. 3-3216] 
DE RIGAUVILLE, Nicolas des Bergeres (fl. 1695-1718). French Canadian officer. 

Suite, Benjamin. Nicolas des Bei-geres de Rlgauville. Rech Hist 8(1902)249-51. 
DERRY, N. H. Village of Rockingham Co. 11 m. S.E. of Manchester. 

Cheney, G. A. Derry. Its interesting past and prosperous present. Granite M 33(1902)321-74, ill. 
DERRYFIELD, N. H. Hamlet in Rockingham Co. 

Browne, G. TV. Derryfleld in the Revolution. Historic Quart 3(1902)110-17. 
DES BERGERES. Raymond-Blaise (ab. 1657-1711). Canadian Friend, Colonial officer. 

Suite, Benjamin. Raymond des Bergeres. Reoh Hist 8(1902)212-15. 
DESERTERS (Mil.). Soldiers unlawfully leaving an army. 

Desertion ft 1'enneini [Canada. 1757]. Rech Hist 8(1902)340. 
DE 80TO, Fernando (b. about 1496). Spanish discoverer of Mississippi S. 

L e w i s, T. H. Route of DeSoto's expedition from Taliepacana to Huhasene. Miss Hist P 6(1902)449-67. 
DETROIT, Mich. City of Wayne Co. on Belle R. 

B a t e s, G. W. [Evacuation of Ft. Lernoult, Detroit]. Spirit of '76, 8(1902)96-8, plan. 
Detroit. The bi-centenary of the founding of city 1701-1901, being the official report of the celebration 
of July 24, 25, 26, 1901. Issued under direction of the Common council of the city of Detroit. [De- 
troit, Mich., C.M.Rousseau & sons, printers] 1902. 314 p., 2 1. front., plates, ports. 25cm. [Pub- 
lishing committee: Silas Farmer, C. L. Arnold, Mary Catharine Crowley, C. M. Burton, A. H. Griffith. 
Edition limited to 1.000 copies. L.C. 3-13304] 

D i o n n e, N. E. Le premier journal franeais public aux fitats-Unis [Detroit]. Rech Hist 8(1902)281-3. 
Palmer, Thomas W. Detroit sixty years ago. Mich Hist Coll '01, 31(1901)490-509. 
DEUPREE (Mrs.), N. D[urhams] (fl.1901). Miss, local hist, writer. 

M r s. N. D. Deupree. Miss Hist P 6(1902)245. 
DEWEY, George (b.1837). Admiral IT. S. Navy in Spanish-American War. 

Halstead, Murat. Life and achievements of Admiral Dewey. Chicago, Dominion, 1902. 12o. 
D'WOLF family. 

Perry, Calbraith B[ourn]. Charles D'Wolf of Gaudaloupe, his ancestors and descendants. Being a com- 
plete genealogy of the "Rhode Island D'Wolfs," the descendants of Simon De Wolf, with their com- 
mon descent from Balthasar de Wolf, of Lyme, Conn. (1668) With a biographical Introduction and 
appendices on the Nova Scotinu de Wolfs and other allied families, with a preface by Bradford Colt 
de Wolf. New York, T.A.Wright, 1902. 3 p. 1., [9]-324 p., 1 1. front., 111., pi., port. 24%cm. [Title 
In red and black within red line border. Y Rec 34(1903)71 [exceptionally] "ably compiled 
and edited... index of namos." L.C. 3-3297] 
DIAL, The. Organ of the Transccndentalists. 

Cooke, George Willis. An historical and biographical introduction to accompany the Dial as reprinted in 
numbers for the Rowfant club... Cleveland, The Rowfant club, 1902. 2 v. 23cm. ["Of this supple- 
mentary volume, printed in connection with the Rowfant reprint of 'the Dial,' one hundred and twenty- 
seven copies have been issued." Vol. 1 is no. 127, v. 2 no. 126. 76(1903)56 "unique and 
almost exhaustive bibliographical work... the one man who has wholly mastered the history of that early 
enterprise. . .only [127] . . .copies." L.C. 2-23978] 
DIAZ, Porfirio. President of Mexico since 1876. 

Mason, Alfred Bishop. An audience with Diaz. Cent 64(1902)187-8. port. 
DICKINSON, John (d.lV99). Va. pioneer Indian fighter, officer in Am. Revolution. 

M c A 1 1 1 8 t e r, J. T. Colonel John Dickinson. A sketch. W Va Mag 2.2(1902)54-9. 
DICKINSON, 7. T. (d.1802). Florida Confederate officer. 

Gen. J. J. Dickinson. Confed Vet 10(1901-2)419-20, port. 
DICKINSON family. 

M '. A 1 1 8 i .. .'. J- T. Colonel Jobn iMckiuson. A sketch contributed by J. T. McAllister, Hot Springs, 

Bath County, Virginia. W Va Mag 2.2(1902)54-9. 
DICKINSON Co., Iowa. County in the N.W. part of state. 

Smith, R, A. A history of Dickinson County, Iowa, together with an account of the Spirit Lake massacre, 
and the Indian troubles on the northwestern frontier... Des Moines, The Kenyon printing & mfg. co., 
1902. 698 p. ill. 23cm. [L.O. 3-21008] 
DIGGES family. 
Berkeley, William. Mr. William Digges appointed a justice (note). Wm M Q 10(1902)281. 


DILL, James Brooks (b.1864). N. Y. lawyer. 

Boles, William Justus. James B. Dill. World's Work 3(1001-2)1884-8, port. 
DINGLEY, Edward Kelson (1832-99). Me. Governor and Congressman. 

Dingloy, Edward Nelson. The life and times of Nelson Dlngley, jr... Kalamaisoo, Mich., Ihling bros. It. 

Everard, 1902. 10 p. )., 497, 22 p. front.. 111., pi., port., facslm. 25%cm. [L.C. 2-20678] 

Ball, T[imothy] H[orton], ed. Genealogical records of the Dlnwlddle clan of northwestern Indiana. 
Crown Point, Ind., J.J. Wheeler, printer, 1902. 120 p. port. 20cm. ["The material for this book has 
been gathered almost entirely by Oscar Diuwlddle." L.C. 3-3173] 
DISPENSARY system. System for control of liquor traffic by the state. 

T 1 m m o n s. James K. The dispensary system In Alabama. Outl 71(1902)454-5. 

DISTRICT of Colombia. District containing Washington City, administered by IT. S. gov't. 

B u n d y, C. S. A history of the offic^ of Justice of the Peace In the District of Columbia. Rec Colum- 
bia Hist Soc 5(1902)259-93. 
Columbia Historical Society, Washington, D. C. Records of tho Washington, The Society. 80. v.5. 

1902. p. 329. 

Corcoran gallery of art, Washington, D. C. Exhibition of drawings, designs and models, Illustrating tho 
report of the Commission on the Improvement of the park system of the District of Columbia. January- 
February, 1902. [Washington, D. C., 1902] I p. 1., 10 p. Incl. plan. 23cm. [L.C. 2-26729] 
CoTllle, F. V. Early botanical activity in the District of Columbia. Rec Columbia Hist Soc 5(1902) 


[Dodge, William Castle]. ...Plea for the District of Columbia. . .by a disfranchised taxpayer. [Wash- 
ington, Gov't print, off., 1902] 14 p. 23cm. ([U. S.] 57th Cong., 1st sess. Senate. Doc. no. <"02) 
[Signed: W. C. Dodge. Presented to the Senate by Mr. Stewart, and ordered printed as a document 
June 10, 1902. L.C. 2-23253] 

Moore, Charles, ed. . . .The Improvement of the park system of the District of Columbia. 1. Report of 
the Senate Committee on the District of Columbia. II. Report of tho Park commission... Washing- 
ton, Gov't print, off., 1902. 179 p. front., 111., pi., fold, map, plan. 23cm. ([U. S.] 57th Cong., 1st 
ness. Senate. Rept. no. 166) [Rev.ln:Nation 76(1903)130 "number of large maps... of great import- 
ance to persons Interested In civic Improvement." L.C. 2-26044] 
Tindall, William. Origin and government of the District of Columbia . . . Washington, Judd ft Detweiler, 

1902. vl, 37. [1] p. 23>4cm. [L.C. 3-11706] 

IT. S. Congress. House. Committee on the District of Columbia. ...Report of hearings of June 12 and 
18, 1902, on S. 4825: To provide for a union railroad station in the District of Columbia, and for other 
purposes. Printed for use of the Committee. Washington, Gov't print, off., 1902. 180 p. 23om. [L.C. 
DIX, Morgan (b.1827). N. Y. Episcopal clergyman and writer. 

Morgan Dix, D.D. Harv Grad M 11(1902-3)336 7. 
DIXON family. 

D 1 z o n. Wm M Q 10(1902)272-3. 
DOANE family. 

Doane, Alfred Alder, comp. The Doane family: 1. Deacon John Doane, of Plymouth; II. Doctor John Done, 

of Maryland; and their descendants. With notes upon English families of the name Boston, 

A.A.Doane, 1902. xxl, 533 p. front., ill., pi., port., facslm. 24cm. [Rev.ln:N E Reg 57(1903)228 
(F.W.Parke) "extensive and minute. . .not. . .complete. . .excellen[t]"; N Y Rec 34(1903)150-1 "deserves 
much praise. . .painstaking. ' L.C. 2-21201] 
DODDRIDGE, Philip (1773-1832). Virginia lawyer, U. 8. Congressman. 

L a 1 d 1 e y, W. 8. Hon. Philip Doddridge, of Brooke County, Virginia. W Va Mag 2.1(1902)54-68, port. 
DODGE, Reuben Rawson (1819-99). Button, Mass., genealogist, local hist, writer. 

Reuben Rawson Dodge. Wor Soc Ant 17(1900)205-6. 
DODGE COTTHTY, Neb. Co. in the E. part of state. 

Carr, Daniel Mathew, ed. Progressive men of Nebraska; a book of portraits. [For details see same title 

under subject, Nebraska. 
DORCHESTER (Lord). Canadian Governor. 

Lord Dorchester et sa famille au Canada. Rech Hist 8(1902)58-60. 
DOTY family. 

Bowman, George Ernest. Thomas Doty's will and Inventory. Mayfl Desc 4(1902)233-4. 
DOUBLE headed serpent (Am. Arch.). Symbolic figure among Am. Indians. 

Double headed serpent and the migration of symbols. Am Ant 24(1902)482-3. 


DOUGLAS, Stephen Arnold (1813-61). 111. Attorney-General, U. S. senator. 
B r o w n, William Garrott. Lincoln's rival. Atlan 9( 1902)226-36. 

Brown, William Garrott. Stephen Arnold Douglas. Boston, Houghton, Mifflin and co., 1902. 4 p. 1.. 141, 
[1] p. front, (port.) 17^cm. (Riverside biographical series, no. 13). [ Hist R 8(1903) 
390(F.H.Hodder) "notable as a recognition of the great part that Douglas really played. . .except for a 
few... slips. ..well done"; Nation 74(1902)409-10 "Written with u dramatic sympathy which does not 
. . .confuse. . .writer's moral discrimination. . .Douglas faithfully represented"; Dial 32(1902)351 "of 
value and interest. . .[a] good piece... of work." L.C. 2-7637] 
DOUGLASS, Andrew Ellicott (1819-1902). Wis. Pres. of Kenyon College, scientist, archeologist. 

S m 1 t h, Harlan I. Andrew Ellicott Douglass. Wis Arch 1(1901-2)42-3. 
DOUGLASS, Frederick (ab.1817-85). Negro slave, minister to Hayti, Marshal of D. C. 

Frederick Douglass [letter]. Collect 15(1902)89. 
DOUKHOBORS. Russian sect, emigrated to Manitoba in 1898-99. 

I n g o 1 d, F. Among the Doukhobors. Outl 72(1902)353. 
DOURO, Ontario. A township of Ontario. 

Dunlop, E. S., compiled and ed. by. Our Forest Home, being extracts from the correspondence of the late 
Francis Stewart. Montreal, , 1902. pp. 300+91. [ Pub Canad '02, 7(1903)106-7 "on 

the township of Douro. . .light and graceful letters of their cultivated. . .lady have added a fresh inter- 
est to... history of this portion of .. .Ontario. . .with. . .table of contents or index."] 
DOVER, N. H. City of Strafford Co. 68 m. N. by E. of Boston. 

"Contemptuous and base words" against the King, in Dover, New Hampshire, 1685(?). Boat 

Bull 7(1902)346. 
DOWDGE, Francis (fl.1818). Va. Methodist clergyman. 

Princess Anne county marriages. Low Norf Ant 4(1902)40-6. 
DOWE family. 

Will of Thomas Dowe [H.-m rhill, Mass., ab.1656]. Ess Ant 6(1902)158. 
DOWER, Samuel (1826-1901). Clergyman. 

In memoriam Rev. Samuel Domer, D.D. Funeral address by Rev. W.E. Parson, D.D. Press notices, etc. 

[Washington, H.E.Wilkins printing co., 1902] 1 p. 1., 34 p. front, (port.) 18cm. [L.C. 3-11715J 
DOWIE, John Alexander (d.1903). Founder of Zion, 111., a religious communistic settlement. 
Buckley, James M. Dowis, analyzed and classified. Cent 64(1902)928-32, ill. 
S w a 1 n, John. John Alexander Dowie; the prophet and his prolits. Cent 64(1902)933-44, ill. 
T o w n s e n d, G. John Alexander Dowie's city of plains. Munsey 27(1902)843. 
DOWRIES. Marriage portions. 

DeChampigny. fitat de la distribution des trois mille livres accordfies par le roi en 1'annee 1700 

pour doter solxant? fllles a ralson de DO livres pour ehacune. Uech Hist 8(1902)48-9. 
DRAKE, Francis (ab. 1545-96). Explorer, Vice- Admiral British Navy. 

Early English voyages to the Pacific coast of Am. Sir Francis Drake. Out West 17(1902)593-600.723-30. 
DREAMS. Thought currents during sleep. 

Q u i n c y, Josiah P. Dreams as factors in history. Mass Hist Soc Proc II. 15(1901-2)81-8. 
DREER, Ferdinand Julius (1812-1902). Philadelphia capitalist. 
Ferdinand J. Dreer. Collect 15(1902)99. 

The late Ferdinand Julius Dreer [Obit.]. Penn Mag 2(1902)285. 
DREXEL, Francis A. (1824-85). 

Mr. Francis A. Drexel. Am Cath Hist 13(1902)255. port. 
DRIESSCHE, Amandus Van den (1825-1901). Detroit (Mich.) Catholic priest, writer. 

Elliot, Richard R. The glorious record of Father Amandus Van den Driesscbe. Am Cath Res 19(1902) 

DRING family. 

D r 1 n g family. Gen Q M 3(1902)106. 
DROWNE, Henry Thayer (1822-92). N. Y. business man, writer. 

Henry Thayer Drowne. N J Hist S 2(1902)197. 
DRUMBO, Ont. Village of Oxford Co. 23 m. E.S.E. of Stratford. 

W i u t e m b e r g, W. J. Report upon a supposed aboriginal fish-weir in Burgess Lake, near Drumbo, 

Ontario. Ontario An Arch Rept '01(1902)35-8. 
DRUMMOND, Josiah H. (1827-1902). N. H. lawyer, hist, writer. 

[ B r o w n e, G. W.] Josiah H. Drummond. Historic Quart 3(1902)107-9. 
DRY goods trade. Distribution of cotton, woolen, etc., products. 

Dandbrldge, William. Dry goods [short note] 1767. Va Mag 10(1902)217. 


DRY TORTUGAS, Fla. Group of islets of Monroe Co. 120 m. W.S.W. of mainland. 

P r e n 1 1 c e, W. R. On the Dry Tortugas [1965]. McClure 18(1901-2)564-70. 
DRYDEN, John Fairfleld (b.1839). N. J. capitalist, U. 8. senator. 

Bridge, James H. John Fairfleld Dryden. Coemopol 34(1902-3)167-9, port. 
DUDLEY, Sanford Harrison (1842-1901). Boston lawyer. 

Clarke, George Kuhn. Sanford Harrison Dudley, A.M., LL.B. N E Reg 56 Suppl(1902)lviii-lix. 
DUDLEY family. 

T a 1 c o t t, Mary K. Dudley (note). N E Reg 56(1902)206. 
DUDLEY, Haas. Township of Worcester Co., Mass., about 18 m. S. by W. of Worcester. 

C o n a n t, Samuel Morris. The settlement of Dudley. Quinabaug Hist Soc Leaf 1[1902?]99-106. 
DUER, William Alexander (1780-1868). N. Y. lawyer, Fres. Columbia College, writer. 

D u e r, Wm. A. William Alexander Duer. Fifth pres. of Columbia Coll. Columb Q 4(1902)147-58. ill. 
DUFFERIN, Lord (b.1826). Governor-General of Canada. 

Colquhoun, H. IT. Reminiscences of Lord Dnfferin. Canad M 18(1901-2)524-6, port. 

Cool ld<e, T. Jefferson. [Tribute to Lord Dufferin.] Mass Hist Soc Proc 11.15(1901-2)496-500. 
DUFUR, Simon Miltimore. Soldier in Civil War. 

Dufur, S[imn] M[iltimore]. Over the dead line; or. Tracked by blood-hounds; giving the author's per- 
sonal experience during eleven months that be was confined in Pemberton, Llbby, Belle Island, Ander- 
sonville, Ga., and Florence, S. C., as a prisoner of war. . . [Burlington, Vt., Printed by Free press 
association, 1902] viii, 283 p. front, (port.) 22cm. [L.C. 3-563] 
DULANY, Daniel (1785-58). Md. Attorney-General, judge, assemblyman. 

T. H. M. Daniel Dulany the elder (note). Penn Mag 26(1902)481. 
DULONGPRE, Louis (1754-1843). French Can. painter, soldier under Rochamteau in Am. Rev. 

Le pelntre Louis Dulongpre. Reeh Hist 8(1902)119-20,150-1. 
DUMMER. Jeremiah (1680-1739). English agent for the Mass, colony. 

Jeremiah Dummer. [Letter.] Collect 15(1902)113. 
DUNBARTON, N. H. Township and hamlet of Merrimac Co. 8 m. 8.W. of Concord. 

Mills, Ella. Sketch of Dunbarton, N. H. Notes and Q 20(1902)121-40. 

Mills, E. Sketch of Dunbarton, N. H. Historic Quart 3(1902)33-52. 

Mills, Ella. Sketch of Dnnbarton, New Hampshire. Manchester, N. H., Manchester historic association, 
1902. 1 p. 1., 20 p. 23cm. [ E Reg 66(1902)416(F.W.Pnrke) "considerable/, .valuable infor- 
mation." L.C. 2-20536] 

S t 1 n 8 o n, W. H. Dnnbarton. Grnnlto M 32(1902)189-255. ill., port. 
DUNCAN. E. 8. (1789-1858). Va. judge, statesman, officer in War of 1812. 

Raymond, Henry. Judge E. S. Duncan. W Va Mag 2.2(1902)74-6. 
DUNCAN, Henry. Officer U. B. Navy in Am. Revolution. 

Laughton, John Knox, ed. The Naval miscellany. London, Printed for the Navy Records Society, 1902. 
pp. 11+463. vol. I. [ Hist H 8(1903)5S2-4(J.E.Jameson) "Journals of Captain Henry Dun- 
can... many interesting details of the naval operations around New York and In Delaware bay... inter- 
esting glimpses of American privateers."] 
DUNCOMBE, John Francis (1831-1902). Iowa pioneer and lawyer. 

D e y, Pelena. John F. Duncombe. Iowa Hist Rec 18(1902)587-94, port. 
DUNDY, Elmer 8. (1830-ab.84). Nebraska judge. 

T o w 1, Edwin S. Judge Elmer S. Dundy. Neb Hist S 11.5(1902)83-95. 
BUNKERS <Dunkard, Tunkers). Penn. German Am. religious sect. 

Among the Dnnkera. Year book Penn Soc of N Y(1902)101-7. 

Huguenot- Dnnkard-Memnonite discipline. Pa Ger 3(1902)90-1. 
DUNMORE war. War 1774 by Penn., Va. and 0. settlers against Indians. 

R a n d a 1 1, E. O. The Dnnmore War. Ohio Arch & Hist Pub 11(1902)167-97. 
DUPONT, Nicolas, Sieur de Neuville (fl.1669). Officer of France in Canada. 

Lettres de Noblesse de Nicolas Dupont de Neuville. Rech Hist 8(1902)14-5. 
DURAND, Louis (1670-1702+) . Canadian voyageur. 

V e r re a u, L'Abbe H. A. Louis Durand. Rech Hist 8(1902)366-7. 
DURAND family. 

D n r a n d family record. Gen Q M 3(1902)25. 
DURFEE family. 

Reed, William F[ield]. The descendants of Thomas Durfee of Portsmouth, R. I. v. 1. Washington, 
D. C., Gibson bros., printers, 1902. front., pi., port., map. 24cm. [L.C. 2-22681] 


DURHAM, John George Lambton, Earl of (1792-1840). Governor-General of Canada. 

E g e r t o n, Hugh E. Lord Durham's Canada report. Eng Hist R 17(1902)539. 

G a r n e 1 1, R. The authorship of Lord Durham's Canada report. Eng Hist R 17(1902)268-75. 
DURHAM, N. H. Village of Strafford Co. 6 m. S.W. of Dover. 

. Chamberlain. French ace. of raid upon the New Eng. frontier In 1094. Acad 2(1902)249-66. 
DTJSTAN. George (1828-1902). N. E. Congregational clergyman and legislator. 

Rev. George Dustan. Granite M 32(1902)334. 
DU VAL family. 

Dudley-Teeter, Henry. The DuVal family. Spirit of '76. 8(1902)111-3. 
D WIGHT, Nathaniel (1711-84). Mass, colonial officer in French and Indian War. 

D w 1 g h t, Nathaniel. Journal during the Crown Point expedition, 1755. NYRec 33(1902)3-10,65-70,164-6. 

Dwight, Nathaniel. The journal of Captain Nathaniel Dwight of Belchertown, Mass., during the Crown 

Point expedition, 1755. [For details see same title under subject, Crown Point.] 
DWIGHT family. 

von Sahler, L. Hasbrouck. The Dwights of Stockbridge. N Y Rec 33(1902)14-6. 
DYAR, Harrison Gray (b.1866). Mass, inventor. 

Munroe, Alfred. Concord and the Telegraph. Read before the Concord Antiquarian Society. (Patriot 
Press, Concord, 1902.) 8vo. pp. 22. [51.Men.ln:N E Reg 56(1902)217(F.W.Parke) "to demonstrate 
that Harrison Gray Dyar" [invented the telegraph]. 
D'YRUJO. Carlos Martinez (b.1763), Spanish opponent of the Louisiana purchase. 

Hart, Charles H. A Spanish opponent of the La. purchase. Chevalier d'Yrujo. Cent 64(1902)946-7. 

EAMES family. 

Hall, Virginia. Pierce-Eames (note). N E Reg 56(1902)409. 
EARLY, Jubal Anderson (1816-94). Va. lawyer, Confederate General, writer. 

C o n w a y, Wm. B. Talks with General J. A. Earlj-. South Hist Soc Pap 30(1902)250-5. 
EARTHQUAKES. Movements of the earth's crust. 

D e c k e r t, E. Erdbebenherde n. SchUttergebiete v. Nord-amerika in ihr. Beziehgn. z. d. morphol. Verh- 
Ultnlss. Ztschd Ges f Erdkunde z Ber( 1902) 367-89 4 Taf. 

Earthquakes In Essex County. Ess Ant 6(1902)166-70. 
EASON, James M. (1858-1902). 8. C. business man, politician (local). 

J a m e s M. Eason. S C Hist Mag 3(1902)250. 
EAST HADDAM, Conn. Township of Middlesex Co. 28 m. 8.S.E. of Hartford. 

C 1 e v e 1 a n d, E. J. Burials in Cove Cemetery, East Haddam, Conn. O1<1 Northw Q 5(1902)48-9. 

Clemens, W. Harry. The legends of Machimoodus. Conn Mas: 7(1902)451-8. 
EASTHAM, Mass. A Cape Cod township, Barnstable Co., 97 m. from Boston. 

Bast ham and Orleans, Mass., vital records. Mayfl Desc 3(1901)229-31: 4,29-34,140-2. 
EAST HAMPTON, N. Y. Village of Suffolk Co., Long Is., 7 m. S.E. of Gay Harbor. 

Records of marriages, baptisms, and deaths in Easthaiupton, L. I., from 1696 to 1746. Recorded by 

Rev. Nathaniel Huntting. N Y Rec 33(1902)81-7,150-6,223-7. 
EASTMAN, Herbert Walter (1857-98). N. H. editor, local writer. 

Herbert Walter Eastman [Obit.]. N H Hist S 111.2,1897-9(1902)299-300. 
EASTON, Fa. City of Northampton Co. 67 m. N. of Philadelphia. 

Easton, Pa. First reformed church. Some of the first settlers of "the forks of the Delaware" and their 
descendants; being a translation from the German of the record books from 1760 to 1852, tr. and pub- 
lished by the Rev. Henry Marty n Kieffer. . .together with an historical Introduction. In commemora- 
tion of the one hundred and fifty-seventh anniversary of the founding of the congregation, 1745-1902. 
Easton, Pa., 1902. vli, 404 p. front., ill., pi., port., facsim. 25cm. [L.C. 3-3215] 

A trip over the old Easton road. Pa Ger 3(1902)67, ill., port. 
EATON, Charles H. (1852-1902). N. Y. Unitarian clergyman. 

Death of Rev. Charles H. Eaton. Gunton's M 22(1902)462-3. 
EATON, Seymour (b.1859). Founder and President of Booklovers' Library. 

Seymour Eaton. World's Work 4(1902)2028, port. only. 
EATON, Wyatt (1849-96). N. Y. artist. 

Eaton, Wyatt. Recollections of American poets. Sketch of the author. Cent. 64(1902)842-51, port. 
EATON Free School. School of Elizabeth City Co., Va., founded 1659. 

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^-Independent, April 3, 1902." Pref. Contents. Utopias and other fort-caste. Combination and coal- 
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EDUCATION. Training of the leu by the more developed. 

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the pioneer settlers of Prince Gallitzin's district. Am Cath Hist 13(1902)227-30. 


ELECTIONS. Choosing for public office. 
The election forecast. Nation 75(1902)338. 
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Seize millions votauta pour an flu, une campagne electorate aux fitats-Unls. Lect pour tous Fer(lBOS), 
Vereinigte Staaten T. N.-A. D. Wahlen. Ann f gewerb u bauweseu(1902)Nr.48. 
ELIOT, Charles (b.1859). Haas, landscape architect. 
Charles Eliot. Landscape Architect. Harv Grail M 11(1902-3)31-6. 

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trained himself for a new profession, practised it happily and through it wrought much good. Boston 
and New York, Houghtou, Mifflin and company, 1902. xxiv p., 1 1., 770 p., 1 1. front., 111., pi., port., 
maps (partly fold.) plans, facslm. 23cm. [Fold, maps in pockets. 33(1902)284-5 "tell* 
the simple and faithful story of this well-spent llf e ... enriched with extracts." L.C. 2-18949] 
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A story of achievement. Nation 75(1902)47-8. 
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Charles William Eliot. World's Work 4(1902)2249, port. only. 

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ELIOT, Me. Village of York Co. on R. 

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Old Eliot. Eliot, Maine. 80., v.5. 1902. [Periodical] 
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ELLIS family. 

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ELKA, N. Y. Village in Elm* township, Erie Co., 13 m. 8.E. of Buffalo. 

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G.M.Hausauer * son. 1902. 4 p. 1.. 11-331 p. plan. 23 ft cm. [L.C. 2-12291] 
EL WELL family. 

Elwell, Levi Henry, corap. by The descendants of Thomas Elwell, of Westhampton, Mass. Amherst, 

Mass.. Printed by comp.. 1902. pp. 24. 32o. 
ELY family. 

Beach, Hoses S[perry] The Ely ancestry; Uncage of Richard Ely of Plymouth, England, who came to 
Boston, Mass., about 1655, & settled at Lyme, Conn., In 1660. Collected by the late Moses S. Beach, of 
New York & by the Rev. William Ely, D.D., of Philadelphia. Ed. & enl. by Geo. B. Vanderpoel. With 
a very interesting sketch of the origin & history of the Elyes of Utterby & of Wonston. Kindly fur- 
nished by Sumner A. Ely, esq. New York, The Calumet press, 1902. 2 p. L, xllv, 639 p. incl. ill., 
1 pi. front., pi., port., fold, facsim., fold, geneal. tab. 26cm. [Title vignette (coat of arms in colors) Y Rec 34(1903)74 "Carefully compiled. . .fitting memorial. . .of special interest ... very elab- 
orate index." L.C. 3-9163] 

EMERSON, Ralph Waldo (1803-82). Concord, Mass., philosopher and writer. 

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Roc, Flrmln. L'ldelisme Americain, Ralph Waldo Emerson. Rev Deux Moudes 7(1902)651-75. 
EMERY, Samuel Hopkins (1815-1901). Congregational clergyman, looal historical writer. 

D a v o 1, Ralph. Samuel Hopkins Emery, D.D. N E Reg 56 Suppl(1002)lxviii-lxix. 
EMMAUS Mission. Mission near Buckatunna creek, Miss. 

Evans, John H. Location and description of the Emmaus Mission. Miss Hist P (1902)411-13. 
EMMON8, Nathaniel (1745-1840). N. E. theologian and writer. 

M 1 1 1 a r d, Abel. Nathaniel Emmons. Amer Jour Theol 6(1902)17-84. 
EMORY, Frederick (b.1853). Chief of Bureau of Foreign Commerce U. 8. 

Frederic Emory. World's Work 3(1901-2)1579. port. only. 
EMPORIA College, Kan. Presbyterian college at Emporia, Kan., founded 1882. 

M a r 1 1 n, G. W. The College of Emporia, Andrew Carnegie, and John Byars Anderson. Trans Kan Hist 

Soc 1901-2 7(1902)502-20. 

EMUCKFAU (Ala.). Creek War battle, Jan. 21, 1814. 
Proposed monument to soldiers who fell at Emuckfau in the Creek War, 1814. Gulf May 1(1002)61. 


ENCYCLOPAEDIAS. Abstracts of human knowledge on many subjects. 

Collier's new encyclopedia. . .an entirely new and original work containing a greater number of titles than 
any other similar compendium; with articles by over three hundred contributors... New York, P.F.Col- 
lier and son, 1902. 16 v. ill., pi. (partly col.) maps (partly fold.) 25%cm. L.C. 2-18116] 

Oilman, Daniel Coit. Peck, Harry Thurston, Colby, Frank Moore, editors. The new International encyclo- 
paedia. N. Y., Dodd, Mead & co., 1902. [Far the best encyclopaedia at date for general use. Typog- 
raphy is compact and clear, the number of articles is large and well chosen, and a very large number 
of them are treated in the most competent manner. The general proportioning and the method are also 
good. 76(1903)150-1 "later volumes there is undoubtedly at many points a marked im- 
provement. . .especially of the sub-editing and proof reading ... not yet immaculate. . .biography remains 
...the poorest"; Dial 34(1903)48 "exceptionally useful for ready reference ... something like sixty thou- 
sand articles. . .in the matter of lucidity and general attractiveness of style... well done."] 

Hazell's annual, 1902; ed. by W. Palmer. N. Y., Scribner, 1902. 12o. [ 74(1902)307 
"Character of this work is established beyond ... need of praise."] 

International year book (The) : a compendium of the world's progress during 1899-1901 ; F.M. Colby, B.L. 
Engle, H.T.Peck, eds. N. Y., Dodd, 1902. [ 32(1902)423 "index, which is cumulative, be- 
comes more and more valuable with every year."] 
ENDICOTT, William Crowninshield (1826-1900). Mass, judge, Secretary of War. 

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(1901-2)523-37, port, 

Adams, Charles Francis, jr. Memoir of William 0. Endtcott, LL.D., communicated at a meeting of the 
Massachusetts historical society, February 13, 1902. Cambridge [Mass.] J.Wilson and son, 1902. 20 p. 
front, (port.) 24%cm. [L.C. 2-19824] 

Proceedings of the meeting of the Essex Bar Association to take suitable action upon the death of William 
Crowninshield Endicott, late an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court of Mass. Cambridge, Univ. 
Press, 1902. pp. 13. 80. 

ENGLAND (fl.1833). N. C. Catholic Bishop. 

England. Bishop England's relation to the benefactions of Catholics of Germany and Austria to the 

church in America. Am Cath Res 19(1902)111-2. 
ENGLE family. 

Haines, George. Ancestry of the Haines, Sharp, Collins, Wills, Gardiner, Prlckitt, Eves, Evans, Moore, 

Troth, Borton and Engle families. [For details see same title under subject, Haines family.] 
ENO family. 

From family Bible of Mary Adams Eno. Gen Q M 3(1902)97-8. 
"ENTERPRISE." Am. cruiser in 1800, 1818-14 and against pirate*. 

Spears, Johii R. A charmed American war-ship. Harper 104(1901-2)927-36, ill., port. 
EPPES family. 

Poythress-Batte, &c. (note). Va Mag 10(1902)105-6. 
"ERIE." Steamboat burned on Lake Erie, 1814. 

Koberstelu, Paul. Der Brand des Passagier-Dampfers "Erie" auf der H3ch von Silver Creek am 9. 

August 1841. Deutsch-Am G 24(1902)36-9. 
ESKIMO. Tribes of Polar Indians. 

Boas, Franz. The Eskimo of Baffin Land and Hudson Bay. Bull Am Museum Nat Hist 16, part 1, 1-370. 

Cook, F. A. Life and habits of Eskimos. Everybody's 6(1902)19. 

Wickersham, James. The Eskimo dance house. Am Ant 24(1902)221-3. 
ESKRIDGE family. 

Eskrldge-Corrections. Va Mag 10(1902)95-6. 
ES8ELLEN, Christian (1823-59). Mich., HI., and N. Y. German-Am, editor. 

F r 1 t s c h, W. A. Christian Essellen. Deutsch-Am G 21(1902)45-7. 
ESSEX COUNTY, Mass. The northeasternmost Co. of state. 

Earthquakes in Essex County. Ess Ant 6(1902)166-170. 

Essex Antiquarian, The. A quarterly devoted to the biography, genealogy, history and antiquities of 
Essex Co., Mass. Salem, Mass. 80. v.6, 1902. (Sidney Perley, ed.) 202 p. 

Essex County, Mass., court records. Gen Q M 3(1902)26-42,83-92,161-6. 

Soldiers and sailors of the Revolution. Ess Ant 5(1901)10-12, 174-9; 6(1902)41-4, 80-3,116-20,164-5. 

Waifs and straws. Gen Q M 3(1902)95. 
ESTERHAZ, Canada. A Hungarian colony. 

Esterhiz, Magyar colonia ijszak-nyugati Tartomanyok, Kanada. Levelek a telepesektO s ffinykepfelvC- 
telek, melyeket a helyszinen vettek fel 1902, Julius hav&ban. Ottawa, Kormanycosagi nyomda, 1902. 
84 p. 111. (incl. port, group) fold. plan. 22%cm. [L.C. 3-27191] 


ESTEY, James Lawrence (1814-1601). Mass, printer. 

James Lawrence Estey. [Memorial.] Wor Soc Ant 17(1901)599-601. 
ESTILL, J. H. (b.1840). Georgia Confederate officer, journalist, politician. 

Col. J. H. Estlll, Savannah, Ga. Confed Vet 10(1901 -Z) 38-9, port. 
ETHNOLOGY. Science of races. 

P e e t, Stephen D. Different races in America. Am Ant 24(1902)199-212. 111. 

Putnam, F[rederic] W[ard]. Archaeological and ethnological research In the United States: a brief sum- 
mary for 1901. Reprinted from vol. xiv, Proceedings of the American antiquarian society, October meet- 
ing, 1901. Worcester, Mass., Press of C.Harnilton, 1902. 1 p. 1., 461-470 p. 25%cm [L.C. 2-19447] 
EVANS, Israel (1747-1807). N. H. Congregational clergyman, chaplain in Am. Revolution. 

Thome, John Calvin. A monograph of the Rev. Israel Evans, A.M. Concord, N. H., 1902. pp. 26. 80. 
EVANS, John H. (1824-1902). Kiss, historical writer. 

[John H. Evans.] Miss Hist P 6 (1902)411. 

EVANS family. 

Haines, George. Ancestry of the Haines, Sharp, Collins, Wills, Gardiner, Prlckltt, Eves, Evans, Moore, 

Troth, Bortou and Engle families. [For details see same title under subject, Haines family.] 
EVART8, William Maxwell (1818-1901). N. Y. lawyer, U. 8. senator, Sec. of State. 

[Obituary]. Mass Hist Soc Pros 11.15(1901-2)1-2. 
EVERETT, family. 

Everett, Edward Franklin. Descendants of Richard Everett of Dedhain, Mass. Boston, Prlv. print. [T. 
R.Marvin & son, printers] 1902. 389 p. front., port. 24cm. [Rev.ln:Nation 75(1902)443 "Moderate size 
and sufficient f ullness . . . well joined. . .notices. .. [are] models"; N Y Rec 34(1903)70 "In. . .everything. .. 
[most] worthy of praise. . .Index"; N E Reg 57(1903) 118(A.L>.H. Jr.) "A success ... Index is very good." 
L.C. 3-14592] 
EVES family. 

Haines, George. Ancestry of the Haines, Sharp, Collins, Wills, Gardiner, Prickett, Eves, Evans, Moore, 

Troth, Borton and Engle families. [For details see same title under subject, Haines family.] 
EWTNG, Thomas (1789-1871). 0. lawyer, U. 8. senator, Sec. of Treasury, Seo. of Interior. 

E w 1 n g, Thomas. [Letter] to Peter Hitchcock [1834]. Bost Bull 7(1902)275. 
EXPANSION. Territorial growth of the U. 8. 

Mowry, William A[ugustus]. The territorial growth of the United States... New York, Boston [etc.] 
Silver, Burdett and company [1902] vil, 237 p. front., maps. 2G%cm. [ Hist R 8(1903)561-2 
(F.H.H.) "falls to tell the true story. . .style. . .entertaining. . .subject matter Is superficial. . .some er- 
hors of detail"; Dial 34(1903)51 "fair and succinct ... evidently careful study ... thirteen colored maps... 
suitable for ready reference." L.C. 2-21267] 
Schllde.S. Nordamerikan Expansion. Wage (1902) Nr. 46. 

V i a 1 1 a t e, A Le developpement territorial des fitats-Unls (fin). Rev geog Mars (1902). 
EXPOSITIONS. Exhibitions of the state of fine and useful arts. 

Frost, Miss M. E. Expositions In the history and development of states and peoples. Trans Kan Hist 

Soc 1901-2 7(1902)96. 

K u u z, George Frederick. The management aud uses of expositions. No Am 175(1902)409-22. 
FACTORIES. Manufacturing organizations and their buildings. 

Baldwin, Jesse Annon. Evils of southern factory life. Gunton's M 22(1902)326-37. 

Whitteliey, Sarah 8. Tendencies of the factory legislation and inspection in the U. S. (Pub. of the soc., 

no.347.) Phlla., Am. Acad. Pol. Scl., 1902. 80. 
FAIRFAX, George William (ft. 1747). Va. surveyor. 

Snowden, William H. The story of the expedition of the young surveyors, George Washington and George 
William Fairfax, to survey the Virginia lands of Thomas, sixth Lord Fairfax, 1747-1748. Copiously illus- 
trated by Miss Eugenie De Land. Strictly authentic. 1st ed. Alexandria, Va., Printed by G.H.Ramey 
& son, 1902. 16 p., 111. 24cm. [L.C. 2-22722] 
FAIRFAX stone. Monument erected 1746, boundary of Fairfax est., later of West Va. and Md. 

Miller, Joseph Lyon. The Fairfax stone. W Va Mag 2.1(1902)9-18, ill., port. 
FALL. American word for Autumn. 

"Fall of the year" [note]. Penn Mag 26(1902)409. 
FALLEN Timbers (Ohio). Indian War battle, Aug. 20, 1794. 

B u r t o n, C. M. Anthony Wayne and the Battle of Fallen Timbers. Mich Hist Coll '01, 31(472-89), map. 
FARMER'S ALLIANCE. An organization, esp. in South and West, est. 1876. 

Thompson, J. M. The Farmers' Alliance in Nebraska. Neb Hist S 11.5(1902)199-206. 
FARMING of Revenues. Leasing of taxes. 
Bouffard, Jean. La Feme du Rol dans la NouveUe-France. Rech Hist 8(1902)210-12. 


FAEMINGTON, Me. Village, capital of Franklin Co., 29 m. 1-I.W. of Augusta, 

T h w i n g, Charles F. A study of the "Maine Law." Indep 54(1902)2054-66. 
FARRAGTTT, David Glasgow (1801-70). Tenn. Admiral U. 8. Navy. 

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FAY family. 

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FAYETTE COUNTY, Texas. Co. in S.E. part of state. 

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1902. xvl, 424 p. incl. front., ill. 23%cm. [Advertising matter interspersed. Contents. pt. 1. D^- 
scription of Fayette County. pt. 2. History of Fayette County. [pt. 3] Cities and towns of Fayette 
County. L.C. 2-23423] 
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very interesting book... in the main ... reasonable and plausible ... but ... cannot admit. . .soundness of 

all. . .arguments. . .index. ..valuable statistical tables."] 

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FIRE arms. Weapons discharged by explosions. 

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FIRE fighting 

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FIRELANDS, Grant in Western Reserve, Ohio. 

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FIRST-BORN in a colony. 

Privilege du premier ne dans une colonie. Keen Hist 8(1902)216. 
FISH, Elisha (1762-1833). N. Y. and R. I. Quaker fanner, housewright, and surgeon. 

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society of Delaware, Feb. 17, 1902. Wilmington, The Historical society of Delaware, 1902. 16 p. 
front., pi., port. 24%cm. (Delaware historical society. Papers [no.] 36) [L.C. 3-14079] 
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FISHER family. 

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printed from the New-England historical and genealogical register, void. 55, 56." Ant 
6(1902)96 "accurate as well as full." L.C. 2-12086] 
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of the Town. Fltchburg, 1902. pp. 366. 80. port. 

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FITZHUOH family. 

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30 numerados en papel lino." Contents. Prefaei-in: Noticias bio-bibliograficos. La Florida. Los natu- 
rales de America bajo la dominaci6n espafiola. Vida y hechos de Pero Menendez de Auiles, cauallero de 
la hordem de Sanctlago, adelantado de la Florida: do largamente se tratan las conquistas y poblaciones 
de la proulncia de la Florida, y como f ueron librdas de los Luteranos que dellas se auiau apoderado. 
Compuesta pod el maestro Barrientos, catredatico de Salamanca. Relacion de los trabados que la geute 
de vna nao llamada Nra Sefiora de la Merced padecio y de algunas cosas que en aquella flota sucedleron. 
Escrita por fray Andres de San Miguel. [L.C. 3-29014J 

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mains of the Tombigbee River": pt. 1, p. [499J-514. [ 76(1903)271-2 "results of the ex- 
ploration of nearly seventy mounds ... study of the aboriginal earthenware of the district visited." L.C. 

Rerick, Rowland K. Memoirs of Florida; embracing a general history of the province, territory and state; 
and special chapters devoted to finances and banking, the bench and bar, medical profession, railways 
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many citizens of the state. Atlanta, Ga., The Southern historical association, 1902. 2 v. port. 26^ cm. 
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FLYNN, Mary (1840-1901). Superioress of the Sister* of Charity in the V. S. 

Mother Mariana. Am Cath Hist 13(1902)58,132- port. 
FOND DU LAC, Wis. City of Fond du Lao Co. 63 m. N.N.W. of Milwaukee. 

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FONTANELLE, Logan (d.1856). Omaha Indian. 

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FORBIN-JANSON, Mgr. de (d.1844). French prelate. 

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FORD, Paul Leicester (1856-1902). N. Y. writer, editor and bibliographer. 
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FOEEIGN COMMERCE. Export and import trade. 

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FOREIGN population. Inhabitants not native-born or (more strictly) not naturalized. 

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FOREIGN relation*. Official and social dealings with foreign countries. 

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the United States (Leslie's weekly, October 2, 1902) The Influence of the South African war upon the 
prestige of the British empire (The National review, December, 1901) Motives to Imperial federation 
(The National review and the International monthly, May, 1902) Considerations governing the disposi- 
tion of navies (The National review, July, 1902) The Persian Gulf and international relations (The 
National review, September, 1902) The military rule of obedience (Tho National review and Interna- 
tional monthly, March, 1902) Admiral Sampson (McClure's magazine, July, 1902, and the Fortnightly 
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FORMAN family. 
Three Revolutionary soldiers. David Forman (1745-1797). Jonathan Forman (1755-1809). Thomas Marsh 

Forman (1758-1845). Cleveland, O. 1902. pp. 28, 12o, ill. 
FORNANCE, James (d.1898). Captain in Spanish- Am. war. 

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San Juan hill. Application of his daughter, lone B. Fornance, for a pension. [Norristown, ? Pa., 1902.J 
8 p. 23% em. [Signed: Joseph Fornanee. "A bill to continue the pension of lone B. Fornance. 57th 
Cong., 1st sess. H. R. 10836": p. 3. L.C. 2-20095] 
FORREST, Nathan Bedford (1881-77). Tenn. Confederate General. 

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front., pi., port., maps, facsim. 19}acm. (The great commanders series). [Rev. in: Nation 75(1902) 
139-40 "Rather vindication and eulogy . . . than en impartial estimate ... story ... interesting ... profitable 
for. . .student [as a] picture of... state of [southern] society"; South Hist A Pub 6(1902)253-4 "clear 
and concise. . .accurate and authentic. . .no efflaggcratlon or florid writing. . .easy and graceful style." 
L.C. 2-11126] 
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FORT AMITY colony, Cal. Salvation Army agricultural colony. 

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FORT DEARBORN, 111. Fort on lite of Chicago, scene of Indian massacre, Aug., 1812. 
Schwelzer AbkSmmllnge im Fort Dearborn Gemetzel. Dentsch-Am G 21(1902)32. 
FORT ERIE. Early fortification, at eastern end of Lake Erie. 

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FORTIER, Richard Aohille (1803-70). Canadian physician. 

Richard Achllle Fortier, M. D., 1803-1870. Recb Hist 8(1902)275. 
FOSTER, Abiel (1735-1806). N. H. Congregational clergyman, State senator, Congressman. 

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FOUCHER. Canadian judge. 

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FOWLER family. 

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Fowler, Daniel W. Descendants of Capt. William Fowler. [Coat of Arms]. Old Northw Q 5(1902) 


FHAMINGHAM, Mass. Town of Middlesex Co. 24 m. W. by S. of Boston. 
Consolidated history of the fifteen churches of the Framingham Baptist Association. South Framlngham, 

Mass., Press of the Framingham Tribune. 1002. pp. 131, 80. price, 25 cts. 
Framing-ham. Services at th the bi-centenntal of the First Parish, Oct. 13, 1901. Boston, Wright and 

Potter, 1902. 88 pp. 
FRANCIS, John W (1813-1802). Tex. Confederate officer. 

Clalborne, John M. Maj. John W. Francis. Confed Vet 10(1901-2)321. 
FRANCISCANS. Roman Catholic religious order. 
Did the Franciscans or Jesuits receive the first (known) Pennsylvania convert into the church? Am 

Cath Res 19(1902)3-7. 

FRANKLIN, Benjamin (1706-90). Fhilada. printer, diplomat, writer. 

Cloyd, David Excelmons. Benjamin Franklin and education; his ideal of life and his system of education 
for the realization of that ideal... Boston, 1). C. Heath & co., 1902. ix, 104 p. front, (port.) 
18xl3%cm. ["Bibliography": p. ix. L.C. 2-30126] 

Ford, Worthington Channsey. Franklin's advice to a youug tradesman. Sibling 1(1902)88-96. 
Franklin, Benjamin. The autobiography of Benjamin Franklin, Poor Richard's almanac and other papers, 
with an introduction by Henry Ketcham... New York, The Perkins book company [c!902]. xxv p., 
1 I., 308 p. front, (port.) pi. 19cm. ([Heroes of history]). [L.C. 3-9587] 

Franklin, Benjamin. The life of Benjamin Franklin, written by himself. Now first edited from original 
manuscripts and from his printed correspondence and other writings, by John Blgelovr... 4th ed.. rev. 
and cor... Philadelphia, London, J. B. Lippiusott .. 1902. 3 v. front., ill., pi., port., facsim. 
20cm. [L.C. 2-11717] 

Green, Samuel A. Dr. Franklin (note). N K Ren 56(1902)89. 
Letter of Benjamin Franklin to David Hall, 1756. Penn Mag 26(1902)389. 
FRANKLIN, Thomas (fl.1775). Writer. 

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FRANKLIN (8. C.). Civil war battle, Nov. 30, 1864. 

L e a v e 1 1, George W. Battle of Franklin. Rememorances. C'onfed Vet 10(1901-2)500-3, ports. 
FRANKS, David Salisbury. Officer in Am. Revolution. 

S t r a u 8, O. S. New light on the career of Colonel David S. Franks. Pub Amer Jew Hist Soc 10(1902) 

FRASER RIVER, Canada. River of British Columbia Cowing into Pacific Ocean. 

J a r r e t t, Thos. L. Salmon-catching on the Fraser river. Wide World M Oct (1902) pp. 83-88. 
FRAZER, Oliver (1808-64). Ky. artist. 

[P r 1 c e, S. W.] Oliver Frazer. Fllson Club Pub 17(1902)93-124. 
FREDERICTON, N. B. City and port. 60 m. N.N.W. of St. John. 

Roberts, Charles G. D. Frederlcton, N. B. Nat'l M (Bost) 16(1902)342. 
FREEDOM of teaching. Question of liberty of thought and expression in college teaching. 

Smith, Charles Forster. Professor Sledd and Emory college. Nation 75(1902)245. 
FREEMAN, Julia (Wheelock) (d.1900). Mich, teacher, Civil War nurse, writer. 

Mrs. Julia Freeman [obituary]. Mich Hist Coll '01, 31(1902)13-14. 
FREEMASONRY. Concerns of the secret society of Freemasons. 

Loblngier, Charles Sumner. Freemasons in the American Revolution. Spirit of '76 (1902)17-19. 
Upton, William H. Negro masonry; being a critical examination of objections to the legitimacy of the 
masonry existing among the negroes of America... Cambridge, Mass., The M. W. Prince Hall Grand 
Lodge of Massachusetts. 1902. xll. 264 p. port. 23% cm. [L.C. 2-10721] 
Washington the Free Mason. Am Cath Res 19(1902)131-5. 
FREER family. 

Morrison, George Austin, Jr. The Freer family of New Paltz, N. Y. N Y G Rec 33(1902)31-7. 
FREITCHIE, Barbara. Woman of Frederick, Md., subject of poem by Whit tier. 

W e s t, M. Truth about Barbara Freltchie. Munsey 26<1902)542. 

FREMONT, John Charles (1813-90). Am. explorer, Major-General in Civil War, writer. 
John-Charles Fremont. Rech Hist 8(1902)360-5. 
Kingsley, Nellie F. Four American explorers; Captain Meriwether Lewis, Captain William Clark, General 

John C. Fremont, Dr. Ellsha K. Kane. [For details see same title under subject, Lewis, Meriwether.] 
FREMONT, Jules-Joseph-Taschereau (1855-1902). Canadian lawyer and Professor. 

Jnles-Joseph-Taschereau FrCmont. Rech Hist 8(1902)344. 
FREMONT family. 

Roy, Pierre Georges. La famille Fremont. LSvis [Can.] 1902. 84 p. illuK. (incl. ports.) 22cm. ["Tlr3 
& 100 exemplalres." This copy unnumbered. Rev.ln:Hlst Pub Canad 7 96. L.C. 3-20237] 


FREMONT, Ohio. City of Sandusky Co. 30 in. S.E. of Toledo. 

H a y n e s, J. M. Fremont in history. Ohio Arch & Hist Pub 10(1002)49 06. 
FRENCH-AMERICAN relations. Public and social relations between France and V. S. 

Dcschamps, Gaston. America and France. No Am 174(1902)751-6. 
FRENCH and Indian War. Struggle between France and England in Am. 1754-1763. 

Bradley, A. O. The Fight with France for North America. N. Y., E P Dutton and co. 1902. uu. 15+400. 
[ Hist R 8(1903)361-3 (Victor Cofflii) "confined to 1748-1760. . .on the whole, pleasant reading 
...much superior to... average English one iu... grasp and clear statement. . .serious defects in... 
preparation and method"]. .j 

Smith, 3. Peterborough in the French and Indii.n War. Granite M 33(1902)110-24. 
FRENCH-CANADIAN Americans. French Canadians settled in the U. S. 

L a f 1 a m m e, M. J. L. K. Les Canadiens Aux fitats Unis [a series]. Revue Canadienne Fev Avrll 

FRENCH Canadian language. Variety of French spoken in Canada. 

B r y m n e r, Douglas. La langue fraucaise au commencement du regime constitutionnel. Rech Hist 

C o n r du bane du roi terme d'Octobre 1828. Rech Hist 8(1902)245. 

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Orthograpbe de noms CanadU-ns. Rech Hist 8(1902)37-41. 

R o y, P. G. Les manuels de noa expressions vicienses. Rech Hist 8(1902)84-6. 
FRENCH-CANADIANS. ..Canadians of French descent and language. 

Alexis, cap. Le cathollcisme et la race Franchise au Canada. Nouv Fr 1(1902)319-27. 

Bourassa, Henri. Le Patrlotlsme canadlen-frangais ce qn'il est, ce qu'il doit 6tre. Revue Cana- 
dienne Juin( 1902) 423-448. 

La Nouvelle-France. Revue des IntCrets religienx et nationaux de Canada francais. Sciences-letters-arts. 
Quebec. 80. monthly. 1902=v. 1. Jan. -Dec. pp. 1-591(2). 

Nicholson, Byron. The French-Canadian; a sketch cf his more prominent characteristics. Toronto, The 
Bryant press, 1902. 6 p. 1., 132 p. front., pi., port. 19%cm. [ Pub Ganad 7 100-2 (W.H. 
Blake) "very highest intention of writer to enlighten English-speaking Canadians as to their fellow- 
countrymen ... more pleasing and thorough." L.C. 3-12470] 

Ragey, pSre mariste. ...Une nouvelle France. Paris, A. Challamel, 1902. 2 p. 1., vili, 263, [1] p. 19cm. 
[At head of title: P. Ragey, mariste. L.C. 3-45] 

Recherches Historiques. A French-Canadian historical monthly. Quebec, v. 8, 1902, p. 383. 
FRENCH GUIANA, S. A. French colony on Atlantic coast of northern S. A., adjoining Brazil. 

Levat, [idouard] David. La Guyane Franchise en 1902; par David Levat. . . Avec 25 photogravures 
indites et 3 cartes en couleurs. 2. <"<!. Paris, Imprlmerle universelle, 1902. 2 p. 1., iv, 124 p. 2 ill., 
23 col. pi., 3 map. 25cm. [L.C. 2-22453] 

Vidal de La Blaohe, F[aul]. ...La rivie'rc Vincent Piuzon; 6tude sur la cartographic de la Guyane. 

Alcan, 1902. [For detail see same title under subject, Vincent Pizon R.] 
FRENCH treaty of Feb. 8, 1778. Treaty of alliance with the Am. Colonies. 

Dudley-Teeter, Henry. The French treaty of amity and commerce, 1778. Spirit of '76 (1902)38. 
FRENEAU, Philip (1752-1832). N. Y. poet, writer. 

Forman, Samuel E[agle]. ...The political activities of Philip Freneau. Baltimore, The Johns Hopkins 
press, 1902. 105 p. 24cm. (Johns Hopkins university studies in historical and political science, series 
xx, no. 9-10). ["The publications of Philip Freneau": p. [103]-105. Atlan Q 1(1902)379-80 
"Both poet and political essayist. . .as latter rarely considered except In way of ridicule. It is to rescue 
him... from contempt Dr. Forman has proposed to write." L.C. 3-13006] 

N o r t h u p, Clark S. The laureate of the Revolution (Rev.). Dial 33(1902)55-8. 

P a 1 1 e e, Fred Lewis. Bibliography of Philip Freneau. Blbllog 1(1902)97-106. 

Pattee, Fred. Lewis, ed. The poems of Philip Freneau, Poet of the American Revolution, vol. I. Edited 
for the Princeton Historical Association, Princeton, N. J. The University Library, 1902. 80. p. 112, 
294. [To be completed In 3 volumes. This vol. contains, pp. 13-112, a "Life of Philip Freneau." 34(1903)405-6 ''careful Introductory study. . .biographical sketch ... admirable ... altogether 
worthy of the real "Father of American poetry"; Nation 76(1903)291-2 "virtually an autobiography, 
and furnishes a commentary upon the history of a highly important era";Am Hist R 8(1903)824 "shown 
energy and assiduity in collecting his material. . .annotated. . .with Judgment."] 
FRESNO COUNTY, Cal. A Co. in the central part of state. 

Hudson, Horace B[ushnell]. California vineyards. A favored section of the golden state as it appears to 
an eastern writer Scenes in Fresno county, the vineyard center. Minneapolis, H. B. Hudson [1902]. 
34 pp. Incl. front, (map) ill. 10 pi. 19% x 27cm. [L.C. 2-4972] 


FRICK, Henry Clay (1.1819). Fa. iron and coke manufacturer. 

Bridges, James H. Henry Clay Frtck. Cosmopol 33(1902)641-44, port. 
FRIEND family. 

Will of John Friend. [Ipswich, Mass., ab. 1650.] Ess Ant 6(1902)16T. 
FRIENDLY SONS of St. Patrick. A Fhila. Society in Revolutionary times. 

The friendly Sons of St. Patrick, of Philadelphia. Am Cath Res 19(1902)97-101. 
FRITZ, John (fl.1902). Pa. iron manufacturer. 

Mr. John Fritz, Ironmaster. World's Work 5(1902-3)2818, port. only. 
FRONTENAC, Louis de Buade, Comte de (1620-98). Governor of Canada. 

Myrand, Ernest. Frontenac et ses Amis. Quebec, Dussault & Proulx, 1902. pp. 200. [Rev.ln:Hlst Pull 
Canad '02, 7(1903)22-3 "essentially a study of Mudamc de Frontenac. . .given a new interest to the 
Countess. . .we. . .obtain. . .Intimate acquaintance with the manners and spirit of the times."] 
M ra n d, Ernest. Une Calomnie hlstoriqm-. Rech Hist 8(1902)97-110, 129-36, 367-70. 
FRONTENAC, Can. Former name of Kingston, Canada. 

Cataraqul. Rech Hist 8(1902)245. 
FRONTIER life. Life of pioneers. 

Roosevelt, Theodore, pres. IT. S. Ranch life and the hunting-trail... Illustrated by Frederic Remington. 
New York, The Century co., 1902. 4 p. 1., 186 p. front., ill., plates. 27cm. [First published in 1888 
L.C. 3-13390] 
FRY family. 

W y 1 1 e, Ernest G. Fry family. Wm M Q 10(1902)258-5). 
FRYEBURG, Me. Village of Oxford Co. 49 in. N. W. of Portland. 

Fryeburg Webster centennial, celebrating the coming of Daniel Webster lo Fryeburg, 100 years ago, to 
take the prlnclpalshlp of Fryeburg academy. Fryoburg, January 1st, 1902. Fryeburg, Me., A. F. Lewis. 
1902. 83 p. Incl. port. pi. 22%cm. [L.C. 2-11007] 
FULLER family. 

B r a 1 n a r d, Homer W. Edwrrd Fuller and his [Conn.] descendants. N Y Rec 33(1902)171-9, 227-35. 
Fuller, Arthur Buckminster. Historical notices of Thomas Fuller and his descendants, with a genealogy 
of the Fuller family, 1638-1H02. Reprinted from the New England historical and genealogical register 
for October, 1859, with additions by Edith Davenport Fuller. Cambridge, 1902. 30 p. 111. 25 Mi cm. 
[L.C. 3-22473] 
Fuller, Francis H. John Fuller, of Redenhall, England, and his descendants In New England. N Y 

Rec 33(1902)211-13. 
FULTON-COX family. 

M i c h a u z, Fulton, Cox. etc. Va Mag 10i 1902)94-5. 
FUNDY. Bay of. Inlet of the Atlantic, separating Nova Scotia from New Brunswick. 

Bale de Fundy. Rech Hist 8(1902)317-8. 
FUNK, Henrich (b.1823). 111. German-Am, pioneer. 

H & r 1 n g, T. Zwei plonlere von McLean county. (Heliirlch Funk, Simon Alexander.) Deutsch-Am G 2. 

FUNSTON, Frederick (b.1865). Kansas Congressman, officer in Spanish-Am. War. 

Twain, Mark [Clemens, S. L.]. A defence of General Funston. No A 174(1902)613-24. 
FUR TRADE. Dealings in skins and pelts. 

Chittenden, Hiram Martin. The American fur trade of the far West; u history of the pioneer trading 
posts and early fur companies of the Missouri valley and the Rocky mountains and of the overland com 
merce with Santa Fe... New York, F. P. Harper, 1902. 3 v. front., pi., map, plans, facslm. 24Vcm. 
[Map in pocket. Paged continuously. 75(1902)34-5 "Volumes must be a finality. . .criti- 
cal judgments. . .numerous. . .disclose research, judicial fairness and love of truth ... cannot emphasize 
enough... national Importance of elaborate work"; Hist Pub Canad 7 109-17 "a history of... gradual 
occupation of the country west of the Mississippi. . .an account of the Indians"; Oreg Q 3(1902) 
260-70 (F.F.Victor) "has... the realistic features of the cyclorama. . .a storehouse of adventure and 
biography. . .invaluable." L.C. 2-4718] 

D n g m o r e, A. R. Life of n trapper in Canada. Ctry Life Am 1(1902)162. 

Laut, A[gnes] C[hristina]. Heralds of empire; being the story of one Ramsay Stanhope, lieutenant to 
Pierre Radisson in the northern fur trade . . . New York, D. Appleton and company, 1902. vill, 372 p. 
19%cm. [L.C. 2-12480] 

Laut, A. C. The story of the trapper. Outing 39(1901-2)471-476,599-602,701-708; 40(1902)176-82,426-32; 


Laut, A[gnes] C[hristina]. The story of the trapper. . .Illustrated by Arthur Heming and other*. New 
York, D.Appleton and company, 1902. xv, 284 p. front., pi. 19%cm. ([The story of the West series]) 
[ 76(1903)39-40 "perfection and charm of .. .pictures. . .results. . .welcome news. . .to.. . 
most thoroughgoing votaries of outing. . .lack [s] nothing but. . .Index"; Hist Pub Canad '02.7(1903)109-17 
"a very Interesting popular account of the fur trade." L.C. 2-28285] 

Mackenzie. History of the fur trade and voyages to the Arctic. New York, New Amsterdam Co. 2 rol. 

Mackenzie, Alexander. Voyages from Montreal through the continent of North America to the frozen and 
Pacific oceans in 1789 and 1763. [For details see same title under subject. Canada.] 

Victor, Frances Fuller. The American fur trade in the far West. Oreg Q 3(1902)260-70. 
FVRMAN, Howard Van Fleet (ab. 1857-1902). Metallurgist, educator, engineer, writer. 

Howard Van Fleet Furman, M. K. Colurab Q 4(1902)285-7. 
FVRMAN family. 

Brumby and Furman notes (note). S C Hist Mas 3(1902)115-6. 
FURNITURE (colonial). Household equipment. 

Bickford, Clara Emerson. The homes of our forefathers. Conn Mag 7(1902)493-500, ill. 

Mltchelson, John. Household furniture, 1751 ( note). Va Mag 8(1902)425-6. 

Morse, Frances Clary. Furniture of the olden time. . . New York, London, The Macmlllan company, 1902. 
xvll, 371 p. Incl. 111., pi. front. 21cm. [Rev.ln:Dial 33(1902)474 "examples ... from [1650-1850]. . .nar- 
ratlv Is free, unforced, and sufficiently succinct and well digested"; Nation 75(1^^-^504-5 "a book upon 
old colonial furniture and nothing else. . .may. . .have its place to fill." L.C. 2-28413] 

M., W. S. Colonial furnitura. Bk-Buyer 23(1901-2)553-9, 111. 

N o r t o n, C. A. Qnlncy. The lights and lamps of early New England. Conn Mag 7(1902)501-13, 111. 

S p a 1 d 1 n g, A. T. The old blue plates. New Eng M 26(1902)54-62, 111. 

FYFE family. 

Fyfe, John W. James Fyfe of Berlin, Mass., and his descendants. N E Rog 56(1902)167-72. 
GABOURY, Marie Anne (fl.1807). Settler in Manitoba. 

D u g a s t, Abbe. The first Canadian woman in the Northwest. Hist Soc Manit Trans No. 62(1902)32. 
GAINE, Hugh (1726-1807). N. Y. orinter, journalist. 

Ford, P. L., ed. Journals of Hugh Gaine, printer. N. Y., Dodd, 1902. 2v. 80., ill ["The first volume 
is a biography and bibliography; volume 2, journals and letters. The issues of Hugh Gaine's press, 
1752-1800, comprise pages 85-174 of the first volume ... most Interesting ... in the history of publishing 
in New York City."] 
GALLITZIN (Father). Catholic priest. 

Father Gallitzin an abstainer. Am Catb Res 19(1902)71. 
GALLOWAY, Joseph (1731-1803). Pa. loyalist, lawyer, writer. 

Baldwin, Ernest H[iokok]. Joseph Galloway, the loyalist politician... Philadelphia, 1902. 1 p. 1., 113 p. 
25%cm. [Bibliography: p. 110-113. Reprinted from the Pennsylvania magazine of history and biogra- 
phy, July-Dec., 1902. L.C. 3-10049] 
GAL VAN (Major) (d.1782). French officer in Am. Revolution. 

Suicide of Major Galvan. Penn Mag 26(1902)407-8. 
GALVESTON, Tex. City and port of Galveston Co. about 550 m. W. by S. of New Orleans. 

Halstead, Murat. Galveston. Chicago, Dominion, 1902. 12o. 
GAMBIER, 0. Village of Knox Oo. 5 m. E. of Mt. Vernon. 
Gorman, Edward A. Monumental inscriptions from Rosso Chapel cemetery, Gambler, O. Old Northw 

Q 4(1901)134-6; 5(1902)13-5. 

GAMBON, Thomas F. (1837-1901). Ky. Catholic chancellor and vicar general. 
R t. R e v. Monsignor Thos. F. Gambon. Am Cath Hist 13(1902)56.124, port. 
GARDENS. Enclosed cultivated spaces. 
Lowell, Guy. American gardens. Boston, Bates & Guild Co., 1902. 112 plate. [ 74(1902) 

471 "Remarkable collection of photographs. . .introduction. . .Is., .essay on... history of gardening."] 
GARDINER family. 

Haines, George. Ancestry of the Haines, Sharp, Collins, Wills, Gardiner, Prickltt, Eves, Evans, Moore, 

Troth, Borton and Engle families. [For details see same title under subject, Haines family.] 
GARFIELD, James Abram (1831-81). Twentieth President of the United States. 

Fallows, Samuel. . . .Life of William McKlnley, our martyred president, with short biographies of Lin- 
coln and Garfleld. [For details see same title under McKinley, William. 
Tltherington, R. H. Lincoln Garfleld McKinley. Munsey 27(1902)306. 
GARFIELD, James R. (b.1865). Ohio lawyer, V. S. Civil Service commissioner. 
The new Civil Service commissioner. Outl 71(1902)27, port. 


GARNETT, Robert Selden (1819-61). Va. Confederate General. 

M a x w e 1 1, H. Retreat of General Robert S. Garnett. Transallegheny Hist M 1(1901-2)225-33. 
GARRETT, William Robertson (fl.1901). Tenn. Confederate General, educator and writer. 

William and Mary College in 1858. Wiii M Q 10(1902)251-7. 
GATES, John Warne (b.1855). Chicago capitalist. 

L e f e v r e, Edwin. John Warne Gates. Cosmopol 33(1902)535-8, port. 
GAZELLE, Pierre (fl. 1793-6). French abbe, resident in Canada. 

C h e r T r o t, G. Du. L'abbe Pierre Gazelle. Rech Hist 8(1902)185-6. 
GEAR, John Henry (1825-1900). Iowa Governor, U. S. senator. 
D e y, Peter A. John Henry Gear (including Senator Allison's memorial address). Iowa Hist Bee 18(1902) 

497-509, port. 
GEAUGA Co., 0. A county in the N.E. part of Ohio. 

A record of the Revolutionary soldiers buried in Lake county, Ohio, with a partial list of those in Geauga 

Co. [For details sec same title under subject, Lake Co., O.] 
GENEALOGY. Family history. 

Extracts from the register of [various parishes] in the County of Wilts, etc. Penn Mag 26(1902)412. 
Genealogical guide to the early settlers of America. 225-81 inserted in Spirit of '76 8(1902). 
Genealogical Quarterly Magazine. Burlington, Vt. Quarterly. T. 3, 1902. p. 255. 
H e r r 1 c k, Lucius C. A list of pedigrees in the visitations of Oxford, 1566, 1574 and 1634. Old Northw 

Lea, J. Henry. Genealogical gleanings among the English archives. N K Reg 55(1901)95-106, 331-41, 

432-9; 56(1902)84-7,196-7,308-18,402-7. 
Palmer, Henrietta R. A list of genealogies in tho library of the New Jersey Historical Society. N J 

Ilist S 3(1902)19-35. 

R i d g w a y, Charles Arthur. The relations of genealogy to history. Old Northw Q 5(1902)7-9. 
Rye, Walter. The genealogical value of wills. Old Northw Q 4(1901)815; 5(1902)10-12. 
Welles, Edwin Stanley. Studies in ancestry. Conn Mag 7(1902)396-402. 
Note. Other unanalysed genealogical items may be found In historical and genealogical periodicals. See 

subject, Periodicals. 
GENERAL federation of women's clubs. 

Ba ry, Harriet H. The sixth biennial. Out West 16(1902)557-05, 111., port. 
GENEVA, N. Y. Town of Ontario Co. 16 m. E. of Canandaiftua. 

Geneva, N. Y. Chamber of commerce. Geneva on Sececa Lake, prepared by Prank H. Taylor... Geneva, 

Chamber of commerce, 1902. 108 p. incl. 111., port., map. plan. 17 x 27cm. [L.C. 3-90H)J 
GEOGRAPHY. Description of the earth's surface and its inhabitants. 

Amerika. Xlteste Karte m. d. Namen. Amertka. Hist. -Pol. Bl. f. d. Kath.( 1902) 697-710. 
A m c r 1 k a. D. alteste Karte m. d. Namen amerika. Borsemb. f. d. dtschn. Buchh. (1902)No.l6. 
Bartholomew, J. G. Twentieth century cltisen's atlas of the world. N. Y., Scribuer, 1902. fo. 
Bartholomew, J[ohn] G[eorge]. The international student's atlas of modern geography; a series of 101 

physical, political, and statistical maps, compiled from British and foreign surveys and the latest re- 
sults of international research... London, G.Newnes, limited [1902] viil, 90 p. (map), 1 1., 69, [1] p. 

34cm. [Rev.inrNatlon 74(1902)307 "Index... N. British Empire. . .best looked after. . .maps. . .clear and 

well executed." L.C. 2-13322] 
Gannett, Henry. . . .The origin of certain place names in the United States. Washington, Gov't print. 

off., 1902. 280, [Hi] p. 23cm. (U. S. Geological survey. [Bulletin no. 197. ser. F. Geography, 32]) 

["Authorities": p. 12-16. L.C. 3-11774] 
McMurry, Charles [Alexander]. A teacher's manual of geography to accompany Tarr and McMurry's seriei 

of geographies. New York, London, The Macmillan company, 1902. 2 p. 1., 107 p. 19cm. ["Refer- 
ences to books, articles, etc.": p. 95-107. L.C. 2-20488] 
Place names of the D. S. Nat Geog M 13(1902)403. 
Roddy, H[enry] Justin. Complete geography... New York, Cincinnati [etc.] American book company 

[1902] 144 p. incl ill., maps. 32cm. [61.Men.ln:Dlal 33(1902)125 "more simplified treatment ... than ... 

in most school books." L.C. 2-16215] 
Roddy, H. Justin. Elementary geography... New York, Cincinnati [etc] American book company [1902] 

128 p. incl. ill., map. 19cm. [61.Men.ln:Dlal 33(1902)125 '-more simplified treatment ... than ... in most 

school books." L.C. 2-13094] 
Soulsby, Basil H[anington]. The first map containing the name America... [London and Beccles, W. 

Clowes & sons, 1902] cover- title, 9 p. 25cm. "From 'The Geographical Journal' for February, 1902." 

[L.C. 3-8383] 
Sydow, E. v. it Habenicht, H. Methodiscber wand-atlas 6.-Nord-Amerika 7.-Sf1d- Amerika. Gotha, Perthes, 



GEORGE, Henry, Jr. (b.1862). N. Y. journalist. 

George, H. jr. Lage In d. Vereln Staat v. N.-A. Dtsche. Volkstlmme (.1902)28-31. 
GEORGE, J. Z. (1826-97). Miss, politician, V. S. senator, Confederate General. 

Johnston, Frank. The conference of October 15th, 1875, between General George and Governor Ames. 

Miss Hist P 6(1902)65-77. 
GEORGIA. One of the Gulf States of the TT. 8. 

Butts, Sarah Harriet. The mothers of some distinguished Georgians of the last half of the century... 
New York, Press of J.J.Llttle & co [1902] 7 p. 1., 196 p. port. 30cm. IL.C. 3-26] 

Daughters of the American revolution. Georgia. Joseph Habersham chapter. Atlanta. Historical collec- 
tions. Dalton, Ga., The A.J.Showalter co., printers, 1902. v. 23cm. [Ed. by Mrs. William Lawson 
Peel. [Rev.ln. -South Hist A Pub 6(1902)439 " 'full of defects. . .will do Incalculable harm,' " but great 
mass of material. L.C. 2-7321] 

Joseph Gault's fifth edition of his Reports, entitled A coat of many colors. Amertcus, Ga., Amerlcus law 
book co., 1902. 1 p. 1., 56 p. 23%cm. [L.C. 3-29125] 

Georgia's new Confederate Home. Confed Vet 10(1901-2)490-1, ill., port. 

Hillyer, S[haler] G[ranby]. Reminiscences of Georgia Baptists. . .together with a story of the author'* 
life, written by his daughter [Louisa C. Hillyer] Atlanta, Ga., Foote & Davles company, 1902. vll p., 
1 1., 294 p. front, (port.) 20cm. [L.C. 2-24390] 

Hiihner, Leon. The Jews of Georgia in colonial times... From the Publications of the American Jewish 
historical society, no. 10, 1902. [Baltimore, 1902] cover-title, [65]-95 p. 24%cm. [L.C. 3-31541] 

H u 1 1, A. L. Bound newspaper files in the library of thi> University of Georgia, at Athens. Gulf Mag 

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Phillips, THrich Bonnell. ...Georgia and state rights. A study of the political history of Georgia from 
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GOLD. Precious metal used as standard of value. 

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GOOCHLAND County, Va. County in center of state. 

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GORGETS (Indian). 

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(1901-2)37-41, plate. 
GORHAM, Charles T. (1812-1901). Mich, banker, Major General, diplomat. 

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GORHAM family. 

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GRAFLY, Charles (b.1862). Philadelphia sculptor. 

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GRAND Army of the Republic. Association of Union veterans of the Civil War. 

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GRANDMAISON (fl. 1759-74). Canadian, active in Acadian affairs. 

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GRAVES (Grave) family. 

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T a 1 c o t t, Mary K. Graves (note). N E Reg 56(1902)409. 
GREAT LAKES, The. Lakes Superior, Michigan, Huron, Erie, and Ontario. 

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Hist Soc 5(1902)287-318. 

GREAT Salt Lake, Utah. Lake in the N.E. part of the Great Basin. 
Lambourne, Alfred. Pictures of an inland sea, by Alfred Lambourne. [Salt Lake City] The Deseret news 

[1902] 150 p. front., pi. 21cm. [L.C. 2-30084] 
GREELY, Horace (1811-72). N. Y. journalist, writer, statesman. 

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GREEN, Duff (1791-1875). Mo. and Washington, D. C., lawyer, editor and diplomat. 

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GREEN, Elizabeth Shippen (fl.1902). Phila. artist. 

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GREEN, Jacob (1721-96). Mass. Presb. clergyman, Vice Pros. Princeton College, writer. 
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GREEN, Will 8. (fl.1902). California editor. 

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GREEN family. 

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commemorative celebration at the society. Published by the Society. [New York, The Blumenberg 

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GREENFIELD, Mass. Village of Franklin Co. 86 m. N. of Springfield. 

Alford, Henry E. & Russell, John E. Old home observances, Thursday, July 31, 1902, Greenfield, Mass. 
[1902] Greenfield. 1902. pp. 42 80. 


GREENLAND. An extensive region or island on the N.E. of North America, belonging to Denmark. 
Douglas, (Miss) M. Across Greenland's ice-fields; the adventures of Nanseu and Peary on the great ice- 
cap... London, Edinburgh and New fork, T. Nelson and sons, 1902. vi p., 2 1., [9]-218 p. front., pi., 
port. 18cm. [First edition, 1897. L.C. 3-6465] 
GREENLEAF, James (1765-1843). Washington, D. C. capitalist, V. S. Consul to Amsterdam. 

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GREENLEAF, Moses (1778-1834). Mass, writer. 

Smith, Edgar Crosby, Hoses Greenleaf, Maine's first map-maker, a biography: with letters, unpublished 
manuscripts and a reprint of Mr. Greenleaf's rare paper on Indian plac? -names, also a bibliography of 
the maps of Maine. Bangor, Printed for the De Burians, 1902. xviii, 105, [1] p. front, (port.) pi., 
facsim., fold. map. 21cm. ([The De Burians. Publications. 2]) [Title in red and black. Edition ot 
201 copies. This copy number 13. Hist R 9(1903)203-4(W.F.Ganong) "elaborate with loving 
minuteness and... the exaggeration inevitable with a local biographer. . .interest of the volume ... chiefly 
local. To the student outside of the state... some value for. . .accurate synopses of Greenleaf 's. . .books 
...the account of his... map of 1S15, and for the "Bibliography" of maps of Maine." L.C. 3-4215] 
GREENOUGH, Horatio (1806-50). Mass, sculptor. 

Horatio Greenough (letter). Collect 15(1902)33. 
GREENWICH, Conn. Village and township of Fairfleld Co. 27 m. W.S.W. of Bridgeport. 

Indian Harbor estate, Greenwich, Conn. Ctry Life Am 2(1902)148. 
GRIDER, Rufus Alexander (1817-1900). K. T. artist, archaeologist, writer. 

Dickinson, Thos. A. Rufust Alexander Grider. Wor Soc Ant 17(1900)110-13. 
GRIFFIN, Simon G. (1824-1902). N. H. General in Civil War. 

Gen. Simon G. Griffin. Granite M 32(1902)125-27. 
GRIMES, John (1799-1887). Ey. artist. 

[ P r i c e, S. W.] John Grimes. Fllson Club Pub 17(1902)85-92. 
GRISCOM, Clement Acton (b.1841). Phila. financier, Pres. Internal. Navigation Co. 

Perry, Lawrence. The head of the international nhipping corporation. World's Work 5(1902-3)2857-60. 
GROSEILLIERS (fl.1652). French explorer and trader in Northwest. 

K c r r, R. F. The voyage of Groseilllers and Radlson, 1652 to 1684. S Dakota Hist Soc Col 1(1902)163-78. 
GROTON, Conn. Township of New London Co. on Long Is. Sound. 

Thresher, Callsta Potter. Homes and haunts of the Pequots. New Rng Mag 25(1901-2)742-54. 
GROUT family. 

Grout family. Wor Soc Ant 18(1902)12-27. 

GUAM. The largest of Ladrone Islands, in Pacific, ceded to V. S. 1899. 
Channel!, Mary Augusta. A bit of Guam life. Indep 54(1902)607-16, 111. 
Price, Francis M. The island of Guam and its people. Miss R 25(1902)11-19. 
S a f f o r d, W. E. Guam, and its people. Am Anthrop 4(1902)707. 
GUATEMALA. A republic of Central America. 

Guatemala. Delegados a la segunda Conferenoia internaoional americana, Mexico, 1901-02. [Mexico?] 

1902] [L.C. 2-21274] 
P e r e z, A. Garcia. Organizacion mill tar Jc America: Guatemala. Estud Millt 5 & 20 Fev 5 & 20 Mara 

5 & 20 Avril (1902). 
GUERILLA warfare. Irregular fighting which avoids pitched battles. 

General Lee against guerilla warfare (note). South Hist A Pub 6(1902)96-7. 
GUERRANT family. 

John Guerrant, Jr.'s qualifications as ensign in militia, 1781 (note). Win M Q 10(1902)279. 
John Guerrant, Sr.'s qualifications as lieutenant in militia, June, 1771 (note). Wm M Q 10(1902)279-80. 
GUESS, George (1771-1840). Cherokee Indian, inventor of the Cherokee alphabet, educator. 

Logan, Margaret A. The American Cadmus [Sequoya]. Out West 16(1902)173-6,390, port. 
GUILD, Amasa (fl.1862). Mass, officer in Civil War. 

Guild, Amasa. War diary kept by Amasa Guild, in 1861, together with an account 'of its loss and re- 
turn. Dedh Reg 13(1902)41-7. 
GULF states. States bordering on the Gulf of Mexico. 

Postmasters of the principal towns in the Gulf states. Gulf Mag 1(1902)38-40. 
GUMBELL, Joseph M. (1800-86). 111. and Iowa German Am. clergyman. 

Bornmann, Helnrlch. Joseph M. Gumbell. Deutsch-Am G 2.4(1902)33-5. 


GUNBY, John (1745-1807). Officer in Am. Revolution. 

Guuby, A[ndrew] A[ugustus], Colonel John Gunby of the Maryland line; being some account ot his contri- 
bution to American liberty... Cincinnati, The R. Clarke company, 1002. v, 136 p. front., pi., plan. 
20cm. [Exonerating Col. Gunby from blame for the defeat at Hobklrk's Hill, and criticizing Gen. 
Greene's generalship. Rev.iu:Dlal 33(1902)285-6 "To correct the errors and misstatements. . .sets down 
correctly and preserves unstained the truth"; N K Reg 57(1903)122(F.W.Parke) "Written with zeal, 
knowledge. . .and. . .falr[ness]"; Nation 76(1903)53 "results. . .not conclusive. . .Incidents. . .not. . .of 
much general importance." L.C. 2-22684] 
GUNN, Alexander (1837-1901). 

Gunn, Alexander. ...Letters. New York [The De Vinne press] 1902. 4 p. 1., 194 p., 1 1. 23V4cm. 
["This copy of 'Letters' is no. 500 of u limited edition printed on hand-made paper in the month of 
November, nineteen hundred and two." L.C. 2-26312] 
GUKLEY, L. B. Ohio Meth. clergyman, pioneer and poet. 

Love, N. B. C. Rev.L.B.Gurley.D.D., pioneer, poet and preacher. Ohio Arch & Hist Pub 10(1902)21-37. 
GURNSEY, Alfred Hudson (1818-1908). N. Y. writer, editor, historian. 

Alfred Hudson Gurnsey [oMtuary]. Mag Am Hist N S I (1902)33. 
GUTHRIE, William Norman (b.1868). Lecturer, writer. 

Henneman, John Bell. William Norman Guthrie. Sewauee 10(1902)71-9. 
HABEAS corpus. Order of court to produce a prisoner. 

C a r p e n t e r, A. H. Habeas corpus in the [Am.] colonies. Am Hist R 8(1902)18-27. 
HABITANTS, La Compagnio des. 

i; o s s e 1 1 n, L' Abbe A. H. La Coinpagnle des Habitants. Rech Hist 8(1902)279-80. 
HADDAM, Conn. Village of Middlesex Co. 26 m. S. by E. of Hartford. 

Haddam, Conn. First Congregational church. The two hundredth anniversary, October 14th and 17th, 
1900. Church organized, 1696. Pastor installed, 1700. Haddam, 1902. xx, 360 p. front. 21%cm. 
["From the church records": p. [189]-360. E Reg 57(1903)234 "deserving of high praise... 
thorough. . .accurate." L.C. 3-26285] 
HADLEY, James (ab. 1786-1869). Conn, professor, scientist. 

H a d 1 e y, Mary Hamilton. An old time pilgrimage in pursuit of science. New Eug M 25(1901-2)760-9. 
HAGGIN, James Ben Ali. California horse-breeder. 

M o f f e t t, S. E. James Ben All HagKln. Cosmopol 33(1902)163-7, port. 

HAGUE Court of Arbitration. International tribunal outgrowth of the Intenat. peace Conference. 
P e n f 1 e 1 d, W. S. The first session of the Hague Tribunal. Indep 54(1902)2808-11, ill. 
Taylor, Hannis. International arbitration and the Pan-American Conference. No Am 174(1902)303-14. 
HA IT) A Indians. Residents of Queen Charlotte Island, British Columbia. 
K e e n, J. H. Totems of Halda Indians. Canada M 18(1902)407. 

S w a n t o n, John R. Notes on the Halda language. Am Authropolo N S 4(1902)392-403. 
HAINES family. 

Haines, Andrew Mack and Haines, Thomas Vanburen, collected by. Deacon Samuel Haines of Westbury, 
Wiltshire, England, and his Descendants In America, 1635-1901. Containing the origin of fhe name of 
the Shropshire Family, the Coat of Arms, ancient Wills and other Records, Biographical Sketches, Maps, 
Pictures, ect. North Hampton. N. H. 1902. L. 8vo. pp. 400. ill. 

Haines, George. Ancestry of the Halues, Sharp, Collins, Wills, Gardiner, Prlckett, Eves, Evans, Moore, 
Troth, Borton and Engle families. Comp. from notes. With some additions by the compiler, Richard 
Haines... Camden, N. J., S. Chew & sons co., printers, 1902. 1 p 1., 456 p. front., pi., port., facslm. 
26%cm. [L.C. 2-11124] 

HAITI. West Indies IsL betw. Cuba and Forto Rico, containing republics of Haiti and San Domingo. 
Alba, [Maria del Rosario (Falco y Osorio) Fitz James] 9. duquesa de Berwick y 16. duquesa de, 1854 
Nuevos autografos de Cristobal Colon y relaclones de ultrauiar. [For detail see same title under subject, 
Columbus, Chr.J 

Hale, William Bayard. The disorder in Haiti. Indep 54(1902)1180-3. port. 

Heraux, Auguste A. Republlijue d'Haiti. Lois ct tarifs relatifs aux douanes de la rgpublique; recuell con- 
tenant toutes les lols constituant la legislation douanidre de la republique, classics et pub... Port-au- 
Prlnce, A.A.Heraux, 1896. 152 p. 24cm. [L.C. Agr 3-320-1] 

Poujol.A. De la nationality dans la republique d'Haiti. Rev G6n de Drolt Internal Public 9(1902)591-623. 
HALE, Edward Everett (b.1822). Boston Unitarian clergyman, writer. 
D r. Edward Everett Hale. World's Work, 4(1902)2040, port. p. 2025. 
Edward Everett Hale. Chaut 35(1902)120. port. 

Hale, Edward Everett. Memories of a hundred years. Outl 70(1902)31-47,549-61,840-52; 71.70-80,404-14, 
620-30,863-75; 72.78-91,301-14, ill., port., facs. 


Hale, Edward Everett. Memories of a hundred years. . . New York, London, The Macmillan company, 
1902. 2 v. front., 111., port., facs. 21cm. [ Hist K 9(1903) 184-6(H.V. Ames) "part of the 
remembering. . .by proxy. . .succession of reminiscences of anecdotal character. . .much to be desired in 
the accuracy of its historical details. . .too often. . .violent prejudices. . .little continuity. . .peculiar charm 
...from the delightful personality of the author"; Nation 76(1903)74-5 "should not be taken too seri- 
ously... no definite information. . .are. . .slap-dash reminiscences of an octogenarian of imperfect mem- 
ory, of violent prejudices and excursive f ancy ... provide a fund of entertainment"; Dial 33(1902)319-22 
(P.F.BIcknell) "writer's own personality lends it its peculiar interest and charm." L.C. 2-27220] 
HALE. Nathan (1755-76). Conn, officer in Am. Revolution. 

Logan, Walter S. Courage of Nathan Hale. Spirit of '76 (1902)36-37. 

Partridge, William Ordway. Nathan Hale, the ideal patriot; a study of character; with views of the 
author's statue of Nathan Hale, portraits of Hale's contemporaries and of kindred characters; also three 
drawings by W. R. Leigh, together with an introduction by George Cary EgglestTSn. New York and 
London.. Funk & Wagnalls co., 1902. 184 p. incl. faca. front., pi., port. 19%cm. Hist R 
8(1902)175(V.H.Paltsits) "bombastic eulogy. . .from Stuart's life of Hale, 1856, and [its] numerous er- 
rors... has added a medley of others. ..a freak among American biographies"; Gulf Mag 1(1902)233-4 
"not so much for a biography, as a study in patriotic purpose ... ought ... to have carefully avoided r- 
ror[s] of fact." L.C. 2-10026] 
HALE family. 

[Smith, Elizabeth Hale]. Descendants of Major Samuel Hale. Cambridge [Mass.] The Riverside press, 
1902. v, 117, [1] p. 17%cm. [ E Reg 56(1902)413(F.W.Parke) "genealogy In the strictest 

sense index is unusually complete ... list of 'Reference Books.' " L.C. 2-17874] 

HALIFAX, Mass. Hamlet of Plymouth Co. in Halifax township 9 m. N.W. of Plymouth. 

Hammond, Elizabeth Penn. Halifax, Mass., vital records. Mayfl Desc 3(1901)30-2,157-9; 4.20-2. 
{CALL, Amos (b.1761). N. Y. officer in Am. Revolution. 

H a 1 1, A. Militia service of 1813-1814. As shown by the correspondence and general orders of Major 

General Amos Hall. Pub Buffalo Hist Soc 5(1902)27-62. 
HALL, Henry Edward (h.1831). Mass. Unitarian clergyman and writer. 

Edward Henry Hall, D. D. Harv Grad M 11(1902-3)335-6. 
HALL, John (1829-98). N. Y. Presbyterian clergyman and writer. 

Hall, Thomas C[uming]. John Hall, pastor and preacher; a biography. London, Hodder and S tough ton 

[1902] 341 p. front., pi., pert., fac. 21%cm. [L.C. 3-7191] 
HALL, Lyman (1724-90). Conn, signer of Declaration of Independence. 

Ly m a n Hall (note). S C Hist Mag 3(1902)114. 
HALL family. 

Coe, Mrs. S[ophia] F[idelia] (Hall). Memoranda relating to the ancestry and family of Sophia Fidelia 
Hall. Meriden, Conn., Printed by the Curtiss-Way co., 1902. 3 p. 1., 231, iv, 111 p. front, (port.) 24cm. 
[ E Reg 57(1903)228-9(F.W.Parke) "lacks a good index." L.C. 16249] 

Shepard, James. John Hall of Wallingford, Conn. A monograph. New Britain, Conn., Record press, 1902. 
60 p., 1 1. 24tcm. [ E Reg 57(1903)118(F.W.Parke) "Prepared with special care... many 
[new] facts." L.C. 3-3187] 
HALL of Fame. Hall of University of K. Y. commemorating famous Americans. 

Banks, Louis Albert. ...The story of the Hall of fame, including the lives and portraits of the elect and 
of those who barely missed election. Also a list of America's most eligible women. New York, The 
Christian herald, 1902. x, 13-409 p. incl. front., pi., port. pi. 22J&cm. [Title and text within green 
ornamental border. L.C. 2-27724] 

Smith, Helen Ainslie. One hundred famous Americans, revised to date, with article on "Hall of fame" by 
Chancellor H. M. MacCracken. [Hall of fame ed.] [For details see same title under subject, Biog- 
raphy, Am.] 
HALSEY, Edmund Drake (1840-96). N. J. lawyer, officer in Civil War. 

Chambers, Theodore Frelinghuysen. Edmund Drake Halsey. N J Hist 3(1902)62-85, port. 
HAMBLIK, Joseph Elbridge (1828-70). H. T. Major-Oeneral in Civil War. 

[Hamblin, Deborah]. Brevet Major-General Joseph Eldridge Hamblln, 1861-65. Boston, Privately printed, 
1902. 2 p. 1., 60 p. front., ill., (Incl. map) pi., port. 22%cm. ["Prepared. . .with the valuable aid of 
Mrs. Thomas C. Bray, for the historical branch of the public library in. . .Yarmouth, Cape Cod, Mass." 
Pref. (signed Deborah Hamblin) L.C. 3-11781] 
HAMILTON, Alexander (1757-1804). K. Y. statesman, officer in Am. Rev., first Sec. of Treasury. 

Atherton, Gertrude. The bunt for Hamilton's mother. No Am 175(1902)229-42. 

Atherton, Gertrude Franklin. The conqueror; being the true and romantic stc.ry of Alexander Hamilton... 
New York, Landon, The Macmillan co., 1902. xiv, 546 p. 20cm. [L.C. 2-8117] 

F i s k e, John. Alexander Hamilton. Counopol 33(1902)003-22, port. 


Jenkinson, Isaac. Aaron Burr, bis personal uud political relations with Thomas Jefferson nud Alexander 

Hamilton... [For details see same title under subject, Burr, Aaaron.] 
HAMMOND, George Albert (1313-1902). Maine. 

In Memory of George Albert Hammond, Eliot, Maine. Born June 3, 1818. Died January 5, 1902. Printed 

at Eliot. 8vo. pp. 20. port. 
HAMMOND, J. H. (1807-61). S. C. journalist, Governor, IT. S. senator, writer. 

J. H. H a m m o n d "Mud-Sill" (letter, 1836). Collect 15(1902)74-6. 
HAMMOND families. 

Hammond, Frederick Stam. History and genealogies of the Hammond families in America, with an ac- 
count of the early history of the family in Normandy and Great Britain. 1000-1902. V. I. Oneida, 
N. Y., Ryan & Burkbart, printers, 1902. front., pi., port. 23%cm. [ North w Q 6(1903)4S 
"well arranged. . .good indexes. . .illus. . .good work." L.C. 2-22724] 
HAMPDEN County, MEM. County in S.W. part of state. 

Copeland. Alfred Minot. "Our county and its people;" a history of tlumpden county, Massachusetts... 

[Boston] The C'cntury memorial publishing company, 1902. 3 v. ill. 26cm. [L.C. 2-25938] 
HAMPTON, Wade (1818-1902). 8. C. statesman, U. 8. senator, Confederate General. 

D u B o s e, William Porcher. Wade Hampton. Sewanee 10(1902)364-8. 

R a m a g e, B. J. Wade Hampton. Sewanee 10(1902)368-73. 
HAMPTON Normal and Agricultural Institute. School for Negroes and Indians at Hampton, Va., est. 1868. 

Cooley, Jr., Leroy C. The all-around training of the Hampton cadet. South Work 30(1901)493-500, ill. 

F r i B s e 1 1, H. B. Thirty-third annual report of the principal of Hampton Institute. South Work 30 

L u d 1 o w, Helen W. The girls' half of Hampton Institute. South Work 30(1901)763-70, ill. 
HAMPTON, Va. Capital of Elizabeth City Co. 16 m. N.N.W. of Norfolk. 

Hampton town: first feoffees (note). Wm M Q 10(1902)282. 
HANCOCK, John (1737-98). First Gov. of Mass., signer of the Declaration of Independence. 

Harrison and Ansley, of London, to John Haucock [1770]. Bost Bull 7(1902)391-2. 

Hay ley and Hopkins, of London, to John Hancock [1770]. Bost Bull 7(1902)387-91. 
HAND, Clifford Augustus (1830-1901). N. Y. lawyer. 

Clifford Augustus Hand (obituary). N Y Rec 33(1902)53-4. 
HANFORD, Cal. Village of Tulare Co., Gal. 

O o o d r 1 c h, F. M. Kings county and Hanford. Out West 17(1902)637-44, til. 
HAWKINS, William Stewart (1837-1866). Confederate officer and poet. 

Beaumont, Henry Francis. From behind prison tnrs. Confed Vet 10(1901-2)413-5, port. 
HANNA, Hugh H. (b.1848). Indiana manufactuier, philanthropist and financial expert. 

M r. H u g h H. Hanna. World's Work 3(1901-2)1967-70, port. 
HANNA, Marcus Alonzo (b.1837). Ohio capitalist and politician, V. S. senator. 

R a 1 p h, Julian. Marcus Alonzo Hanna. Cosmopol 33(1902)153-7, port. 

Senator Marcus A. Hanna. World's Work 3(1901-2)1689, port. only. 
HANSCOM, A. J. Neb. journalist. 

F u r n a s, R. W. A. J. Hanscom. Neb Hist S 11.5(1902)59. 
HANSON'S Mill. A fortified place near Fort Mims at time of Indian massacre. 

H a 1 b e r t, Henry S. Ensign Isaac W. Davis and Hanson's Mill. Gulf Mag 1(1902)151. 
HARDING, William B. (1840-1900). Worcester lawyer, officer in Civil War. 

William B. Harding (obituary). Wor Soc Ant 17(1900)299. 
HARDINGE, Henry (b.1786). British officer served in Canada. 

S 1 r Henry Hardlnge. Rech Hist 8(1902)370-2. 
HARDY, Anthony Colby (1828-1902). N. H. Methodist clergyman. 

Rev. Anthony C. Hardy. Granite M 33(1902)257-58. 
HARDY family. 

W a r d, C. Some old letters. Acad 2(1902)170-83. 
HARDYMAN family. 

Hardyman family. Wm M Q 11(1902)47-9. 

The royal descent of Mabel Harlakenden. N E Reg 56(1902)40-1. 

T a 1 c o t t, Mary K. Harlakenden (note). N E Reg 56(1902)319-20. 
HARLAN, Andrew J. (b.1815). Western Iwyer and politician. 

H a r 1 a n, Andrew J. Last survivor of a great Congress (1831). Nat'l M (Bost) 16(1901-2)625-31, port. 


HARLEM (N.Y.). Revolutionary battle, Sept. 16, 177S. 

H a y d e n, Joslah (letter). The battle of Harlem. Collect 15(1902)129-30. 
HARLESTON family. 

Jervey, Theodore D. The Harlestons. S C Hist Mag 3(1902)150-73 [coat-of-arms] ; 243-4. 
HARMON, Johnson (fl.1724). Mass, colonial officer, Indian fighter. 

Father Ralle's scalp. Am Cath Res 10(1902)12-13. 
HARPS WELL, Me. Township of Cumberland Co. 14 m. E. of Portland. 

Putnam, Eben. Genealogical records of the town of Harpswell, Cumberland Co., Me. Gen Q M 3(1902) 

HARRISBUR0, Fa. City, capital of Pennsylvania, IOC m. W. by N. of Philadelphia. 

McFarlaud, J. Horace. The awakening of a city. World's Work 3(1901-2)1930-2. 
HARRISON, Benjamin (1726-91). Va. Governor, signer Declaration of Independence. 

Hoss, Mary. The will of Benjamin Harrison, the Signer (note). Va Mag 10(1902)103-4. 
HARRISON, Benjamin (1833-1901). Ind. lawyer, 23d President U. 8. 

T h o r n t o n, W. W. Benj. Harrison, as lawyer and orator, with portrait. Green Bag 14(1902)49(F). 

White, William Allen. Harrison [Benj.]. Cosmopol 32(1901-2)489-96, port. 
HARRISON, William Henry (1773-1841). 9th President U. S. 

Archbishop Eccleston and the funeral of President William Henry Harrison in 1841. Am Cath Res 

C o r w 1 n, Thomas. [Letter] from Thomas Corwiii [1840]. Bost Bull 7(1902)274. 
HART, Joel T. (1810-77). Ky. sculptor. 

[ P r i c e, S. W.] Joel T. Hart. Filson Club Pub 17(1902)145-81. 
HART family. 

John Hart, of Marblehead, shipwright. Gen Q M 3(1902)57-70. 
HARTE, F. Bret (1836-1902). American writer. 

B o y d, Mary Stuart. Some letters of Bret Harte. Harper 105(1902)773-6. 

Bret Harte. Acad 62(1902)484. 

Bret Harte. Dial 32(1902)337-8. 

Bret Harte. Nation 74(1902)502-3. 

A brief sketch and a bibliography of Bret Harte. The Book-lover, 3(1902)no.3. 

Brooks, Noah. Biographical and critical sketch: Bret Harte. Overland n a 40(1902)201(8). 

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The death of many notable men. World's Work 4(1902)2143-4, port.p.2134. 

M e r w i n, H. C. Bret Harte. Atlan 90(1902)260-8. 

M u r d o c k, C. A. Bret Harte in Humboldt. Overland n a 40(1902)301(8). 

North, Ernest Dressel. Check list of first editions of Bret Harte's books. Bk-Buyer 25(1902-3)257. 

Reminiscences of Bret Harte. Overland n s 40(ld02)220(S). 

S t r a c h e y, Lionel. Bret Harte. Critic 40(1902)557-8. 

Two American novelists. K of Rs 25(1902)698-9, port. 

Watts-Dunton, T. Bret Harte. Ath '02,l(1902)659(My24). 
HARTFORD, Conn. City, capital of Connecticut, 112 m. N.E. from New York. 

McNamar, J. B. Official souvenir and program of Monument First Connecticut heavy artillery and dedi- 
catory exercises held on State Capitol grounds, Hartford, Conn., Sept. 25, 1902. Hartford, Conn., R.S. 
Peck & Co., 1902. pp. 143fl30. ill. 
HARTFORD convention. 

Adams, John. [Letter] to William Plumer [1814]. Bost Bull 6(1902)342-4. 
HARTFORD, Vt. Village in Hartford township, Windsor Co., 60 m. S. of Montpelier. 

Cone, Kate Morris. The Revolutionary history of a Vermont town. Gen Q M 3(1902)115-42. 

Cone, Kate Morris. The Revolutionary history of a Vermont town. Vt Ant 1(1902)1-28. 
HARTSVILLE (Tenn.). Civil War action, Dec. 7, 1862. 

Scott, John O. Aftermath of Hartsville. Confed Vet 10(1901-2)29-30, port. 
HARVARD, John (1607-38). Mass, clergyman, founder of Harvard college. 

T h a y e r, William Roacoe. John Harvard and the enrly college. New Bug M 25(1901-2)131-46, ill. 
HARVARD UNIVERSITY. Univ. at Cambridge, Mass., fd. 1636. 

Batchelder, Samuel F. Old times at the law echool. Atlan 90(1902)042-55. 

Brown, Francis H. Harvard University in the war of 1861-1865. Harv Grad M 10(1901-2)402-13. 

Creighton, Mandell. Creighton, Louise, ed. Historical essays and reviews. London & N. Y., Longmans, 
1902. pp. 7+356. [ Hist B 8(1903)734-6(G.M. Wrong) "personal experience. . .Harvard. . .two 
hundred and fiftieth anniversary ... representing John Harvard's college, Emmanuel, Cambridge."] 


The first Intercollegiate Regatta, August 3, 1852, commemorated December 10, 1902, at the University 
club, New York. pp. 23. ill. 

F r a n c k e, Kuno. Deutsche Cultur in den Verelnlgten Staaten und das germanische Museum der Har- 
vard-Universitat. Deutsche Rundschau 111(1902)127-45. 

Five Harvard ambassadors. Harv Grad M 11(1902-3)198-200, port. 

G a r d 1 n e r, J. H. The Harvard Cooperative Society. Harv Grad M 11(1902-3)36-9. 

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Hail, F. G., Little, . R., and Eliot, H. W. jr., eds. Harvard celebrities. Cambridge, Mass., Univ. Press 
(Camb.), 1902. ill. 

Higginson, Henry Lee. Four addresses, by Henry Lee Higgluson. The soldiers' field: The Harvard union 
I: The Harvard union II: Robert Gould Shaw. Boston, D.B.Updike, 1902. 3 p. L, 106, [1] p., 1 1. port. 
20 z 12cm. ["A limited edition of one hundred and fifty copies of this bock was printed on Japan vel- 
lum, by D.B.Updike, The Merrymouut press, Boston, in June, 1902." This copy not numbered. Rev. in: 
Nation 75(1902)284 "Harvard men above all will prize both for the test and. . .portraits]." L.C.2-18465] 

M u 1 1 1 k e n, Sarah E. Harvard on the eve of the Revolution. Harv Grad M 10(1901-2)375-81,529-35. 

R a n t o u 1, Robert S. Where Harvard College might have been. Harv Grtid M 11(1902-3)211-17. 

Rose, Pierre la. The Signet. [Harvard student society.] Harv Grad M 10(1901-2)513-7, ill. 

Smith, Fitz-Henry. Were Burgoyne's officers quartered on the college? Harv Grad M 11(1902-3)50-6. 

T h a y e r, William Roscoe. John Harvard and the early college. New Eug M 25(1901-2)131-46, ill. 

Topics from the president's report. Harv Grad M 10(1901-2)366-73. 
HARVEL, John (fl.1630). Va. Governor. 

Virginia in 1637. Harvey's second administration. Va Mag 9(1902)267-72,407-10. 
HARVEY, Moses (1820-1901). Newfoundland minister, scientist, writer. 

Pilot, William. Rev. Moses Harvey, LL.D., F.R.S., F.R.G.S. N K Reg 56 Suppl (1902)lxvi-lxvli. 
HARVIE family. 

Roller, Robt. Douglas. Genealogy of Mrs. Virginia Harvie Patrick. W Va Mag 2.4(1902)43-57. 
HARWICH, Mass. Village of BarnsUble Co. in Harwich township 84 m. S.E. of Boston. 

Bowman, George Ernest. Harwich, Mass., vital records. Mayfl Desc 3(1601)174-6; 4.175-9,207-10. 
HAEWOOD family. 

H a r w o o d of King and Queen. Wm M Q 10(1902)198-200. 
HASSAM family. 

Hassam, John T. The Hassain family. Boston, privately printed, 1902. pp. 11. 80. 
HAT industry. Manufacture of and trade in hats. 

I t e s, J. Moss. Connecticut in the manufacturing world. Conn Mag 7(1902)627-46, ill. 
HATHORNE family. 

Hathorne-Helwise (note). N E Reg 56(1902)409. 

Smith, J. C. C. Hathorne- Whistler (note). N E Reg 56(1902)204. 
HAVANA. Capital city of Cuba, on northwest coast. 

Havana. Nation 74(1902)87-8. 
HAW AH. Group of iilands in Pacific 8100 m. from U. 8., annexed 1898. 

A u s 1 1 n, O. P. Our trade with Hawaii and Porto Rico. Ann Am Acad Pol Scl 19(1902)377-82. 

Brigham, William T[ufts]. Stone Implements and stone work of the ancient Hawalians... Honolulu, 
Bishop museum press, 1902. iv, 5-100 p., 3 1. pi. 31 x 25cm. (Bernlce Ptiuahi Bishop museum of Poly- 
nesian ethnology and natural history. Memoirs, v. 1, no. 4) [Rev.ln:Nation 75(1902)152-3 'text is en- 
livened by ... reminiscences ... of native customs and... rule.' L.C. 3-4686] 

Dole, Sanford B. Report of the Governor of the Territory of Hawaii to the Secretary of the Interior, 1902. 
' Washington, Gov. Print. Office, 1902. pp. 61. 

E 1 k 1 n, W. B. An inquiry into the causes of the decrease of the Hawaiian people. Am J Soclol 8 

Jordan, David Starr. On certain problems of democracy in Hawaii. Out West 16(1902)25-32,139-49, ill. 

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Stead, Alfred. Hawaii and American annexation. Sat R 93(1902)367-8. 

T r i c o c h e, G. N. Hawal arnericaine. Rev Franc Nov(1902). 
HAWTHORNE, Nathaniel (1804-64). Mass, novelist. 

B o w e n, Edwin W. Nathaniel Hawthorne as romancer. Meth R South, 51(1902)483-99. 

Desmond, M. E. Associations of Hawthorne. Salem, Mass. Cath World 74(1902)455(Ja). 

More, Paul Elmer. The origins of Hawthorne and Poe. Indep 54(1902)2453-60, 111., port. 

Stoddard, Richard Henry. Reminiscences of Hawthorn and Poe. Indep 54(1902)2756-8, ill., port. 

Woodbsrry, George E[dward]. ...Nathaniel Hawthorne. Boston and New York, Hough ton, Mlfflln and 


company, 1902. iv p., 1 1., 302 p., 1 1. front, (port.) 18cm. (American men of letters) [ 
tlon 75(1902)464-6 "Readable and valuable book admirably arranged. . .infused with a critical spirit... 
rather severe [on] the man... clear firm... not dogmatic. . .[on] his work." L.C. 2-22284] 
HAWXHURST family. 

Miller, Robert B. Hawxhurst family. N Y Rec 32(1901)172-6,221-4; S3 (1902) 24-7. 
HAY, John (b.1838). Secretary of State, writer. 
Adams, Brooks. John Hay. McClure 19(1902)173-82, port. 
John Hay, LL.D. Harv Grad M 11(1902-3)339-41. 
HAY-PAimCEFOTE treaty, of Nov. 18,1901. Anglo-Am, treaty respecting Panama Canal. 

The Hay-Pauncefote treaty (Interoceanic canal). Pall Mall M 26 (1902) 337 (Mr). 
HATES, N. C. Estate on Roanoke R. owned by Gov. Sam. Johnston. 

D i 1 1 a r d, Richard. Hayes and Its builder. N C Bookl 2.8(1902)32-9. 
HAYWAHD, Nicholas (fl.1652). London merchant. 

Nicholas Hay ward to Nathaniel Pope (letter). Va Mag 9(1902)332-3. 
HAZLETINE, John (1702-77). Has*, and Vermont pioneer, patriot, officer in French and Indian War. 

Chenoweth, Mrs. C. Van D. An undistinguished citizen. Wor Soc Ant 17(1900)14-31. 
HAZLEWOOD, John (ab.1726-1800). Commodore of Penn. navy in Am. Revolution. 

L e a c h, J. G. Commodore John Hazlewood, commander of the Peuu. navy in the Rev. Penn Mag 26 

(1902)1-6, port. 
HEARST, William Randolph (fl.1902). N. Y. journaist. Congressman. 

B r i sb a n e, Arthur. William Randolph Hearst. Cosmopol 33(1902)48-51, port. 
HEATH, William (1737-1814). Mass. General in Am. Revolution, State senator. 

Address of Massachusetts regiments to Major-General William Heath [1779]. Bost Bull 7(1902)24-9. 
HECKER, Isaac Thomas (1819-88). N. Y. Catholic priest, founder of order of Paulist Fathers 1858. 

Russell,!!. Harlow. A bit of unpublished correspondence between Henry D. Thoreau and Isaac T. 

Hecker. Am Antiq Soc N S 15 1(1902)58-69. 
HELWISE family. 

Hathorne-Helwise (note). N E Re 56(1902)409. 
HEMBERLE, Eduard (fl. 1867-1902). German-Am, civil engineer, writer. 

H e m b e r 1 e, Eduard. Erlebnisse uud Beobachtungen eines deutschen Ingenieurs in den Vereinigten 

Staaten, 1867-1886. Deutsch-Am G 2.1(1902)15-24,2.2,10-19,2.3,21-31,2.4,12-21. 
HEMPHILL, W. A. (1842-1902). Ga. Confederate officer and journalist. 

Col. W. A. Hemphlll. Confed Vet 10(1901-2)373-4, port. 
HEMPSTEAD, N. Y. Town on Long Island 20 m. E. of Brooklyn. 
Hicks, Benjamin D. Records of the towns of North and South Hempstead. L. I. vol.v. 1902. pp. 547. 

80., cloth. 
HENDERSON, David Bremner (b.1840). la. Congressman, Speaker of the House. 

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HENDERSON family. 

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Va Mag 10(1902)221 "full and Interesting. . .thoroughly good example of proper genealogical work." 
L.C. 2-18023] 

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HENRY, Prince of Prussia (b.1862). 

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York. Am Germ 4(1902)342-9. 

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General programme and itinerary of the visit of his royal highness Prince Henry of Prussia Saturday, 

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Laverrenz, Viktor. Prinz Helnrichs Amerika-fahrt; durstellung der reise des Hohenzollern-admlrals; schil- 
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gedenkbuch fUr jung und alt... Berlin, H.F.Meldinger [1902?] 257, [2] p. ill. (Incl. port.) 8 pi. (incl. 
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HENRY COUNTY, Va. Southern border Co. of Va. 

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HERNDON family. 

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HIAWATHA (late 16th cent.) Indian. Founder of Confederacy of the Five Nations. 

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HICKMAN family. 

H 1 c k m a n (note). Wm M Q 10(1902*204 5. 
HICKS family. 

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"HIGH JUSTICE." Right of prosecution of capital crimes. 

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HILL family. 

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HILLS family. 

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directors. 8 vo. pp. 16; 4: 4. 

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English emigrant to New England in 1632 and of Joseph Hills, the English emigrant to New England in 
1638; ed. by Thomas Hills... Boston, Press of A.Mudgc & son L1902] 148 p. 22% cm. [Rev.ln:N E 
Reg 57(1903)118-9(F.W.Parke) "Reflects great credit"; N Y Rec 34(1903)73 "Excellent. . .index." L.C. 
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logical society. [Vital records of the towns of Massachusetts]) [Ed. by Henry Ernest Woods. L.C. 


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HISTORICAL societies. 

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1902. Sq. 80. (ab.7xlO in) [Plans and elecations] 

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Note. This subject includes only articles about historical societies, exclusive of their proceedings, otf. 

For proceedings, publications and the llkn see under subject. Periodicals. 
HISTORY (Study, Writing and Teaching). 

Administrative Report to the Gov. [of Miss.]. By the Commission. Miss Hist P 5(1902)9-47. 

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Farrand) "is the... best book upon the teaching of history ... sanity of Judgment and catholicity of view 
command. . .confidence. . .omissions are regrettable. . .as a whole has been well done"; Nation 75(1902)55 
"Most elaborate ... nnd most important of... recent works on historical "method" ... clear, concise and 
eminently sensible"; Dial 33(1902)124 "much needed... of direct practical usefulness ... syllabi and... 
bibliographies." L.C. 2-13097] 

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port. . .bibliographies. . .better than ... critical notes. . .shortcomings. . .slight. . .judicious division of sub- 
ject-matter"; Am Hist R 8(1902)166 "list of accessible sources. . .valuable comments on the character 
and usefulness of the material."] 

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teaching during the first eight years of school life... an Interesting experiment." L.C. 2-26357] 

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Sources. II. America at large. III. The United States. IV. The United States by sections. V. Canada. 
VI. Spanish and Portuguese America and the West Indies. Appendix: Books suggested for a good school 
library, for a town library, for a good working library; by Edward Charming, p. 463-471. "List of con- 
tributors": p. ix. "List of publishers": p. 473-477. Author and subject index: p. 479-588. 
Hist R 8(1902)171-3 "annotations. . .are conscientious. . .comments are of value. . .slight errors. . .include 
but f ew ... books ... since 1899. . .index. . .ample. . .made with accuracy, Intelligence and skill'; Nation 75 
(1902)193 "Many first-rate works. . .omitted. . .failure to select best editions. . .poor conception of... a 
bibliographical note. . .index"; Hist Pub Cauad '02.7(llM)3)203-9 "Canadian section ... falls far short of 
the. . .intention of the originator of the volume ... selection of the books. . .haphazard and slipshod ... re- 
view notes. . .unequal., .welcome addition to the bibliographical aids"; Dial 33(1902)212-3(F.H.Houder) 
"problem of classification is for the most part well solved. . .notwithstanding some Inequality and occa- 
sional inaccuracy. . .as a whole will be indispensable"; South Hist A Pub 6(1902)517-20 "annotations 
taken as a whole are critical, impartial and eminently satisfactory .. .nots [often]... a positive addition 
to knowledge ... most excellent Index." L.C.2-15885*Cancel] 

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ican library association annotated lists) [An author alphabet; titles nnmbered 4146 to 4333. 
Nation 76(1903)11 "thin "Supplement. . .condens[esj .. .somo authoritive re view. . .safer mode of proced- 
ure than ... first-hand collaboration"; Dial S4(1903)91-2 "comments upon 186 books. . .titles. . .thrown into 
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and pupils. Chicago, New York, A.Flauagan company [1902] 185 p. 18cm. [Books referred to In this 
manual: p. 183-184. Books recommended for a reference library in American history: p. 186 L.C. 2-26373] 

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20cm. ["The present work Is substantttlly a reproduction, with some alterations, additions and rear- 
rangements, of the articles that appeared In volumes XVI and XVII of the Political science quarterly." 
Prefatory note. :Nation 76(1903)441-3 "notable reflection of the progress of scientific inter- 
est..." L.C. 2-18437] 

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23%cm. [Privately printed. Proceedings at a meeting of lawyers, held 111 the court room of the Circuit 
court of the United States, at St. Louis, Mo., on the 22d day of March, 1902. L.C. 3-3182] 
HOADLY, Charles Jeremy (1828-1900). 

Carlton, W[illiam] N[ewnham] Chattin. Charles Jeremy Hoadly, LL. D. A memoir. [Hartford? Conn.] 
1902. 54 p. 2 port. 24cra. (Acorn club, Conn. Publications, no. 8) ["Bibliography": p. (.45]-54. 
No. 102 of an edition limited to 102 copies. L.C. 2-21605] 


HOBKIRK'S Hill (B.C.). Revolutionary battle, Anril 25, 1781. 

Gunby, A[ndrew] A[ugrustus]. Colonel John Gunby of the Maryland line. [For details see same title un- 
der subject, Gunby, John.] 
HOEOKEN, N. J. Town of Hudson Co. on Hudson opposite N. Y. city. 

Van Winkle, Daniel. Old Bergen; history and reminiscences with maps and illustrations. [For details see 

same title under subject, Bergen Co., N. J.] 
HOBSON family. 

Bacon-Hobson (note). Wm M Q 11(1902)74-5. 
HODGE, Orlando John (b. 18126). 

H[odge], 0[rlando] J[ohn]. Reminiscences. Cleveland, O., The Imperial press, 1902. 247 p. 18cm. 

[Coyer- title: Memorise. L.C. 2-24582] 
HOE, Robert (b.1839). N. Y. manufacturer, inventor. 

Bridge, James H. Robert Hoe. Cosmopol 34(1902-3)85-8. port. 
HOFFMAN.Eugene Augustus (1829-1902). N. Y. Dean of General Theological Seminary, philanthropist, writer. 

Russell, Francis T. Reminiscences of... Dean Hoffman. N Y Rec 33(1902)193-200, port. 

Obituary. N Y Rec 33(1902)250-1. 
HOG AN, John B. (1829-1901). Fres. of Divinity College of the Cath. Univ. of America, writer. 

Very Rev. John B. Hogan, S.S. Am Cath Hist 13(1902)55-6,122, port. 
HOLDEN, Horace (b.1811). Oregon pioneer. 

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HOLDEN, Serena (1810-92). Norfolk, Va., school teacher. 

Miss Serena Holden and her school. Low Norf Ant 4(1902)69-72. 
HOLIDAYS. Days of freedom from usual occupations. 

L o o m 1 s, Charles Battell. New Year's day twenty years ago. Cent 63(1901-2)471-4. 

T h a y e r, William P. What should our national holidays commemorate? Mass Hist Soc Proc 11.15 

HOLLBROOK, Z. Swift. 111., Mass. & 0. Congregational clergyman, editor of Bibliotheca Sacra. 

Z. Swift Holbrook. Bib Sac 59(1902)216. 
HOLLY Springs (Miss.). Civil War raid, Dec. 20, 1862. 

B a r r o n, S. B. Van Dorn at Holly Springs. Confed Vet 10(1902)455-6. 
HOLMES, Oliver Wendell (1809-94). Mass, physician and writer. 

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HOLMES, Oliver Wendell (b.1841). Mass. Justice Supreme Court of IT. S. publicist. 

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Morris, George Perry. Oliver Weudoll Holmes, jurist. R of Rs 26(1902)307-9, port. 

P o 8 t, A. C. Judge Oliver Wendell Holmes. McCluve 19(1902)523-4, port. 
HOLMES family. 

Bowman, George E. The estates of William Sherman, Jr., ind Israel Holmes. Mayfl Degc 4(1902)171-4. 
HOMESTEAD law. Law giving right to take up public lands. 

T e r y, Benj. Die Heimstatten-Gesetz-Bewegung. Dentsch-Am G 2.2(1902)1-9,2.3.1-16,2.4.1-11. 
HOMESTEAD, Mich. Township and hamlet of Benzie Co. about 32 m. N.N.E. of Manistee. 

Johnson, Camden. A birdseye history of the township of Homestead. Mich Hist Coll '01.31(1902)130-3. 
HONOR, Mich. Village of Benzie Co. 

O t i s, F. [The village of Honor]. Mich Hist Coll '01.31(1902)133-4. 
HOOSAC Tunnel. Tunnel of Boston and Albany R. R. through Hoosac Mt., Mass., opened 1876. 

P r e s s e y, Edward P. Hoosac tunnel's troubled story. New Eng M 26(1902)117-28, 111., port. 
HOPE, Sir William (fl.1732). British writer. 

Hope, William. [Prophecy of as to] the fate of four Presidents. Notes and Q 20(1902)25-30. 
HOPEDALE, Mass. Village of Worcester Co. 34 m. S.W. of Boston. 

Wilson, Lewis G. Milford and Hopedale. New Eng M 27(1902)487-508, 111., port. 
HOFI Indians. Fueblo tribe of Shoshonean stock of Northern Arizona. 

F e w k e s, J. W. Minor festivals of Hopi Indians. Am Anthrop 4 (1902) 482 (Jl). 

Hough, Walter. A collection of Hopi ceremonial pigments. Smithson R 1900(1902)463-71. 

James, George Wharton. The Hopi Indians of Arizona. South Work 30(1901)677-83, ill. 
HOPKINS, Henry (b.1837). Mass. Congregational clergyman, Fres. Williams College, 

Two college presidents. Outl 70(1902)514-7, port. 


HOPKINS, Mark (1808-87). Mas*. Congregational clergyman, educator, Pros. Williams College. 

Two college presidents. Outl 70(1902)514-7, port. 
HOPKINS, Pauline Bradford (Mackie) (1.1874). Conn, writer. 

L., C. A. In Western letters. [Pauline Bradford (Mackie) Hopkins.] Out West 16(1902)281-2, port. 
HOPKINS, Warren M (1839-75). Va. Confederate officer. 

C o 1 1 e y, Thomas W. Col. W. M. Hopkins. Confed Vet 10(1902)421, port. 
HOPKINS, William Swinton Bennett (1836-1900). Mass, lawyer, officer in Civil War. 

William Swinton Bennet Hopkins (obituary). Wor Soc Ant 17(1900)118-119. 
HOPKINS family. 

B o w m a n, G. E. The portions of Stephen Hopkins' daughters, and the eat. of Elizabeth Hopkins. Ma.vfi 

Desc 4(1902)114-9. 
HOFKINSON, Francis (1737-1791). Pa. judge, signer Declaration of Independence, writer. 

Marble, Annie Russell. Francis Hopkinson: man of affairs and letters. New Eng M 27(1902)289-302. 
HOPKINTON. N. H. Town of Merrimac Co. S m. W. of Concord. 

B a i 1 e y, S. M. An hour in the antiquarian room. Granite M 32(1902)148-54, ill. 

B a 1 1 e y, S. M. Backward glimpses to ye olden times. Granite M 32(1902)292-8, ill. 
HOPPER, John (1814-97). N. J. lawyer and State senator. 

John Hopper. N J Hist S 2(1902)192-4. 
HORSE chair. A colonial vehicle. 

Horse chair for sale, 1774. Va Mag 10(1902)111. 
HOUSTON, Sam (1793-1863). Tenn. lawyer, Governor, Congressman, 1st Pres. of republic of Texas. 

Brady, Cyrus Townsend. Sam Houston and his battles. McClure 18(1901-2)554-64, ill., port., map. 
HOWARD, Memuoan Hunt (1798-1887). Tenn. pioneer lawyer, philanthropist. 

Howard, Memucan Hunt. Recollections. Am Hist Mag 7(1902)55-68. 
HOWARD family. 

Howard-Wade (note). Wm M Q 10(1902)203-4. 
HOWE, Lord George Augustus (1727-58). British Brigadier-General in Am. Revolution. 

I n g a 1 1 s, George A. Lord Howe. N Y Hist A 2(1902)24-31. 
HOWE (Mrs.) Julia Ward (b.1819). Am. writer and reformer. 

C o o k e, George Willis. Mrs. Howe as poet, lecturer and club-woman. Now Eng M 26(1902)3-21, ill. 
HOWE, Samuel Gridley (1801-76). Boston physician, educator, philanthropist. 

Proceedings at th? celebration of tho one hundredth anniversary of the birth of Dr. Samuel Gridley Howe, 
November 11, 1901. Boston, Wright & Potter printing company, 1902. 167 p. pi., port. 23% cm. 
[Cover-title: Monograph. One hundredth anniversary of the birth of Dr. Samuel Gridley Howe. L.C. 
HOWE, William Bell White (1803-94). 8. 0. Episcopal Bishop. 

W a t e r m a n, L. The Right Rev. William Bell White Howe. . .sometime Bishop of S. C. N H Hist 8 

HOWELL, George Rogers (1833-99). N. Y. Presbyterian clergyman, lecturer, librarian, writer. 

In loving memory of George Rogers Howell, M. A., and his son George Seymour Howell... [Albany? N. 

Y., 1902?] 77 p. front., 111., plates, port., facsim. 21% x 16%cm. [L.C. 3-24617] 
HOWLAND, Lansing K. (1860-1901). N. Y. business man. 

L a n s 1 n g, M. Howland. N Y Hist A 2(1902)10. 
HOY, Philo Romayne (1816-92). Wis. physician naturalist, archaeologist, writer. 

L a p h a m, Julia A. Dr. Phllo Romayne Hoy. Wis Arch 1(1901-2)85-7. 
HOY, Robert W (1824-1901). Michigan officer in Civil War. 

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HUBBARD, Elbert fb.1859). N. Y. lecturer, writer. 

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HUBBARD family. 

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HUMBOLDT Co., Cal. County in the N.W. part of California. 

Souvenir of Humboldt county; being a frank, fair, and accurate exposition, plctorially and otherwise, of 
the resources, industries and possibilities of this magnificent section of California... Eureka, Cal., 
Printed by the Times publishing co., 1902. 192 p. front, (map) ill., pi. 23 x **%. [L.C. 2-19410J 
HUMOR. Literature intended to produce laughter. 

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HUNTER family. 

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ter of Abbotsbill and Park, County Ayr, Scotland... Record of Hunter of Ayrhill, Fairfax County, Vir- 
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HURON Indians. French name for Wyandots, Iroquois tribe of Canada, later of Kansas. 
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HUSSEY, Abbe (fl.1780). Catholic Bishop. 

Jay, John. Abbe Hussey, Spanish chaplain In London, visits Madrid with the secretary of Lord George 
Germalne with instructions concerning an exchange of American prisoners In England. Am Oath Res 19 
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HYNDS. Robert Henry (b.1802). Tenn. judge and legislator. 

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IGNATIUS (Mother) (1829-1902). Catholic Sister. 

Mother Ignatius. Am Cath Hist 13(1902)253, port. 
ILLINOIS. North-central state of the U. S., admitted 1818. 

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Illinois. Adjutant-general's office. Record of the services of Illinois soldiers in the Black Hawk war 1831- 
32 and in the Mexican war 1846-48 containing a complete roster of commissioned officers and enlisted 
men of both wars, taken from the official rolls on file in th? War department, Washington, D. C. With 


an appendix giving record of the services of Illinois militia rangers and riflemen, in protecting the 
frontier. . .1810 to 1813. Prepared and published by "authority of the '.thirty-second General assembly, by 
Isaac H. Ellott, adjutant-general... Springfield, 111., Journal company, 1902. xxxlv, 684 p., 1 1. 22cm. 
[Binder's title Incorrectly makes this v. 9 of Report of the adjutant general... 1861-66. 1900-01. 
"Roster of Illinois volunteers American-Spanish war 1898-99. . .by .. .J. N. Reece, adjutant-general": p. 
[345]-684, 1 I. L.C. 3-1747] 

Illinois. Adjutant-general's office. Roster of Illinois volunteers American-Spanish war 1898-99, with his- 
torical sketches from the time of mobilization, to muster into the United States service... By...J. N. 
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faithful guide"; Dial 32(1902)251 "charming account. . .reissued. . .eight photographic plates. . .notably 
increaae[es] its attractiveness." L.C. 2-7636] 

D e r t i e f e Schnee von 1830 a. d. plfltzllche Wltternngswechsel am 20. Dece'mber 1836. Deutsch-Am <i 

IMMIGRATION. The incoming of foreigners for permanent residence. 

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Committee in the first and second sessions of the Flfty-seveath Congress. Washington, Gov't print, off., 
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seventh Congress, first session": p. iil-ix. L.C. 3-9161] 
IMPERIALISM. Tendency to expansion and centralization. 

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donment of ... principles on which our Government was f ouudod ... should be read by all. . .citizens"; Dial 
33(1902)165 "...none more weighty or more clearly the utterance of large scholarly experience and wise 
philosophical reflection." L.C. 2-10726] 

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IMPRESSMENT. Compulsion to serve in army or navy. 

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INDIAN Summer. Warm weather in late autumn St. Martins Summer. 

Matthews, Albert. The term Indian Summer. Reprinted from the monthly Weather Review for Jan. and 
Feb., 1902. 8vo. pp. 52. [ E Reg 56(1902)418(F.W.Parke) "really remarkable. . .Interesting 
. . .amusing."] 
INDIAN Territory. V. S. territory in Southwest, set apart for Indians. 

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INDIAN wars. Wars between Indians and the IT. S. 

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Pensions to survivors, etc., of Indian wars. Gulf Mag 1(1902)225-6. 

Victor, Frances Fullur. The first Oregon cavalry. Oreg Q 3(1902)122-6,. 
INDIANA. East central state of IT. S., admitted 1816. 

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and battles. Written at the request of the members... Bloomington, Ind., Cravens bros., printers, 
1902. 1 p. 1., 191, [5] p. incl. front., port. port. 21cm. [L. C. 3-5836] 

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tion, 1902. [429] p. incl. port. 23cm. ["Compiled from selections graciously tendered by the best 
writers of verse and prose native-born of the Hoosler state. The likeness of each contributor graces the 
page opposite the manuscript." Pref. L.C. 2-21576] 

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sketch of E.A.King's brigade, Reynolds' division. Thomas' corps, in the battle of Chickamauga . . . Pub- 
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11., 416 p. front., pi., port. 23 Mi cm. [L.C. 2-16766] 

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ment, Thursday, May the fifteenth, nineteen hundred two. [Indianapolis, Indianapolis news, 1902] 
cover-title, [25] p. 111. 27%cm. [L.C. 3-691] 

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Giles, J. N. Marchand, Roy L. Williams, Harry Fenn & A. de F. Pitney. New York, McClure, Phillips 
& co., 1902. xvi p., 1 1 382 p. incl. map, plan, front., pi. 21cm. [Rev in:Nation 72(1901)49 "evidencf. 
...of hasty writing ... does not seem to have added much to our knowledge of American history." L.C. 

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Work 30(1901)631-3 "for fullness, completeness and literary merit. . .unique." L.C. 2-22660] 

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taining numerous notes on the art of travel... Philadelphia, American urms publishing co., 1902. 2 p. 
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(E.R.Sparks) "occasionally the deduction ... may be questioned. . .aside from the proof of his theories... 
he writes very entertainingly . . . many interesting f acts ... smoother diction. . .harmony both of statement 
and of style [desirable]"; Nation 76 (lsH)3) 118-9 ''important. . .generally speaking. . .accurate and reliable 
...occasional misspellings. . .style graphic and effective. . .would [be]. . .improved by a little polish"; 
Nation 75(1902)246 "An experienced worker... has prepared a series of fifteen monographs." L.C.2-27729] 

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Lumholtz, Karl [SofusJ. Unknown Mexico; a record of five years' exploration among the tribes of the 
western Sierra Madre; in the Tierra caliente of Tepic and Jalisco; and among the TaraScos of Mlchoacan. 
[For details see same title under subject, Mexico.] 

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M a H o 11, Otis Tufton. Aboriginal harpoons: a study In ethical distribution and invention. Smlthson R 

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(1902)461-73, ill. 

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regarding the American aborigines. Am Ant 24(1902)46-8. 

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publications of the University of Chicago. Rev.ln:Dlal 33(1902)216 "many illustrations ... of portraits] 
...of the types." L.C. 2-24489] 

Stratton, Mrs. Ella (Hines). Wild life among the red men; containing a full account of their customs, 
traits of character, superstitions, modes of warfare, traditions, etc. . . Philadelphia, Pa., National pub- 
lishing co. [1902] xiv, 17-311 p. col. front., ill., col. pi. 25cm. [Issued also under the title: The 
American Indian. L.C. 2-25050] 

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looker, W. W. Algonquian series: researches relating to the early Indians of I?. Y., N. E., etc. N. Y., 
F.P.Harper. v.1-8, 1901; v.9-10, 1902. lOvols. 12o. [For details see same title under subject, New Eng 

U. S. Congress. Senate. Committee on Indian affairs. ...Leasing of Indian lands. Hearings. .. [Jan. 16, 
23, February 4, 13, 1902] on the resolution submitted by Mr. Rawlins proposing an Inquiry relative to 
leases of Indian lands, Senate bill 145, in relation to certain lands within the Uintah Indian reservation, 
and the resolution submitted by Mr. Jonee, of Arkansas, In regard to leases of the Standing Rock Reser- 
vation lands. February 22, 1902. Submitted by Mr. Platt, of Connecticut, and ordered to be printed . . . 
Washington, Gov't print, off., 1902. 120 p. 23cm. (57th Cong., 1st sess. Senate. Doc. no. 212) [L.C. 

University of Pennsylvania. Bulletin No. 3, Apr. 1898. [Rev. In: Am Antiq 24(1902)261-2 "Mr. Stewart 
Culin ... gives ... account ... American Indian games. . .Fejervary Codex."] 

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INDUSTRIAL arbitration. Reference of differences between employer and employee to an umpire. 

Hanna, Mark A. Gombers, S., and others. Industrial conciliation and arbitration. (Pub. of the soc., 
no.344.) Phlla., Am. Acad. Pol. Scl., 1902. 80. 

Peters, John P[unnett]. Labor and capital; a discussion of the relations of employer and employed. [For 
details see same title under subject. Trades Unions.] 

Report of the eighth annual meeting of the Lake Mohonk Conference on Internation Arbitration 1908. 
Lake Mohonk Arbitration Conference, 1902. pp. 128. 

Triumph of arbitration. Gnnton's M 23(1902)369-79. 
INDUSTRIAL commission, U. S., created 1898, to investigate industrial conditions and suggest remedies. 

U. S. Industrial commission. Report. . . Washington, Gov't print, off., 1900-02. 19 v. map, fac., tab., 

dlagr. 23&cm. [Dates of publication: v. i-v, 1900. v. vl-xvill, 1901. v. xlx. 1902. L.C. 2-30276] 
INDUSTRIES. Various branches of production, manufacture and trade. 

Ely, Richard T. Industrial betterment [at Cleveland, Dayton, etc]. Harper 105(1902)548-53, 111. 

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Our superiority in manufacturing. Nation 74(1902)460. 

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S n y d e r, Carl. American "Captains of Industry." A rapid review of ihe great industrial leaders In- 
vited to meet Prince Henry of Prussia. R of Rs 25(1902)417-32, port. 
INOHAM, Jonas. Fenn. officer in Am. Revolution. 

Extracts from the Memoirs of Jonas Ingbam, late Capt. of Bucks Co , Fenn., militia. Penn Mag 26 

INGHAM, Samuel Delucenna (1779-1860). Pa. Congressman, U. S. Sec. of Treas. 

I n g h n m, Samuel Delucenna. [Letters] to David Henshaw [1821, 1830]. Bost Bull 7(1902)140-2. 
INJUNCTIONS. A judicial process to restrain or constrain a person to a particular action. 

U. S. 57th Cong, , 1st sess. , 1901-1902. Senate. ... A compilation of documents relating to Injunctions In 
conspiracy cases, together with arguments and decision of the court In case of Commonwealth v. Hunt, 
4 Metcalf, etc. February 13, 1902. Ordered to be printed as a document. Washington, Gov't print, 
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ing before the Committee on the Judiciary of the House ... March 23, 1900, on the bill "To limit the 
meaning of the word 'conspiracy,' and also the use of 'restraining orders and injunctions,' as applied 
to disputes between employers and employees" . . . Senate doc. no. 58, ofith Cong., 2d sess. The British 
conspiracy and protection of property act and Us operation, by A. Maurice Low (From Bulletin 33 of 
the United States Department of labor) Injunctions in labor disputes; report read at meeting of the 
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[L.C. 3-7052] 
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INSURANCE. Indemnity for loss of or damage to life or property. 

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INTENDANTS. Canadian colonial officials, next to governors and bishops. 

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INTERNATIONAL Arbitration. Settlement of differences between nations ay reference to an umpire. 

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INTERNATIONAL law. System of rules adopted by nations to govern their intercourse. 

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.. .author's. . .publications on... same subjects. . .Is without foot-notes end citations to authorities... 
lacks bibliography and index"; Old Northw Q 6(1903)29 "Gifted author has done his work well." L.C. 

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IPSWICH, Mass. Village of Essex Co. 27 m. N.N.E. of Boston. 

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G a 1 w a y Catholics as settlers on land of Washington's. Am Cath Res 19(1902)128-31. 
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tion of 500 copies. This copy not numbered. [Rev.ln:Nation 76(1903)130 "lack of the critical faculty 
...of real interest and value. . .faithful and sympathetic. . .attractive. . .notes. .. [not wholly] accurate 
and complete." L.C. 2-28516] 

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ince of New York, and are a barrier between the English and the French In that part of the world. . . 
New York, New Amsterdam book company, 1902. 2 v. 2 front, (port., fold, map) 18cm. ([The 
commonwealth library]) [ Pub Canad 7, 174-5 "About a hundred and fifty years ago... 
Colden published his history .. .very Intelligent observer. . .of varied scientific attainments. . .cheap but 
attractive reprint": Am Hist R 8(1903)584-5 "introduction gives little information that the reader 
cares about and rigorously excludes what he would like to know'; Nation 76(1903)129-30 "introduction 
...contains no bibliographical information. . .have served up merely the London reprint of 1755 with all 
its imperfections"; Dial 34(1903)93 "valuable. . .neat and inexpensive reprints. . .standard." L.C. 

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IRRIGATION. Fertilization of land by artificially distributed water. 

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progress. Analysis of Culberson-Stephens hill. Proposed treaty with the United States of Mexico. 
Abstracts from the decisions of the Supreme court of New Mexico in the Elephant Butte Dam case; with 
citations from the laws of the United States relating to the use of water for Irrigation. [By] Nathan 
E. Boyd, M.D. Washington, D. C., Judd & Detweiler, printers, 1902. -17 p. 23%cm. Presented to the 
Committee on territories, U. S. House of representatives, 57th Con., 1st se*s. L.C. 2-25694] 

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drainage. Comp. by Ellen A. Hedrick. Prepared under the direction cf the librarian. Washington, 
Gov't print, off., 1902. 181 p. 24cm. (Its Bulletin no. 41) [1,778 titles, arranged in an author list, 
periodical list, aiid subject index. Librarian: Josephine A. Clark. L.C. 3-0386] 

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IRVING, Washington (1783-1859). N. T. writer, Sec. V. 8. Legation at London, minister to Spain. 

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M a b 1 e, Hamilton W. The Washington Irving country. Outl 72(1902)820 fi, ill., port. 

M a p e s, Ella Stryker. Where Irving worked and wandered. Critic 41(1902)328-32, 111., port. 
ISLE of Pines, Cuba. West Indian island 50 in. 8. of Cuba. 

U. 8. War dept. Div. of insular affairs. The Isle of Pines: (Caribbean 3<-a) its situation, physical feat- 
ures, resources, and industries. With maps. Prepared in the Division of insular affairs, War depart- 
ment, 1902 [by De B. Randolph Keim] Washington, Gov't print, off., 1902. 4:t p. 4 map. 23cm. 
]L.C. 2-24649] 
ISLES of Shoals, N. H. Group of islands 10 m. S.E. from Portsmouth, N. H. 

Tavern license of Thomas Diamant on Isles of Shoals, 1684(7). Bost Bull 7(1902)345. 
ISTHMIAN Canal. Proposed canal joining Gulf of Mexico and Pacific Ocean. 

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23%cm. [Contents. Ancient clvil-cn^lneering works. Bridges. Water-works for cities and towns. 
Some features of railroad engineering. The Nicaragua route for a ship-canal. The Paiiama route for a 
ship canal. 76(1903)159 "of a popular character. . .second part. . .is. . .largely mathemat- 
ical... very fair presentation. . .two or three errors. .. [no] index." L.C. 2-29604] 

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describes., .in great detail. . .main problems ... strongly favorable to ... feasibility of... plans." [L.C. 

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1ZAAD family. 

1 z a r d (note). S. C. Hist Mag 3(1902)58-9. 

JACKSON, Andrew (1767-1845). 7th President of the United States. 
Andrew Jackson (letter of). Collect 35(1902)88-9. 
Andrew Jackson on duelling (letter). Collect 15(1902)73-4. 

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Jackson, (Mrs.) Andrew. [Letter] to Andrew Jackson [1813]. Bost Bull 7(1902)134. 
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A rar Jackson autograph. Am Hist Mag 7(1902)112-13. 

JACKSON, Thomas Jonathan ("Stonewall" Jackson) (1884-63). W. Va. Confederate General. 
L e w 1 s, S. E. Jackson and McGulre at Winchester in 1862. South Hist A Pub 30(1902)226-36. 
Moorman, Marcellus N. Wounding of General Stonewall Jackson. South Hist Soc Pap 30(1902)110-17. 
Speech of President Davis. Confed Vet 10(1902)21-2. 
JACKSON family. 

Will of John Jackson, sr. [Salem, Mass., ab. 1656.] Ess Ant 6(1902)165. 
JACKSON (Miss.). Civil War engagement, May 14, 1863. 

L a u m a n ' s charge at Jackson. Annals of Iowa 5(1902)386-90. 
JACKSONVILLE. Capital city of Duval Co., northern Florida, on St. John R. 

Rebuilding (The) of Jacksonville. Fla M 4(1902)265-75. 
JAMAICA. British West India Is. 90 m. S. of Cuba. 

Bradford, Mary F. Side trips In Jamaica ... 3d ed. Boston and New York, Sherwood publishing com- 
pany, 1902. 100 p. incl. front., ill. fold, map, plan. 18cm. [20th thousand. Advertising matter: p. 
91-100. L.C. 3-33] 
JAMES, Edmund Janes (b.1855). 111. educator, Pros. Northwestern Univ. 

Dr. Edmund J. James. World's Work 5(1902-3)2817, port only. 
JAMES CITY, Va. Eastern Co. of Va. on James R. 

James City County court-house (note). Wm M Q 10(1902)275. 
JAMES RIVER, Va. River flowing S.E. across Va. into Chesapeake Bay. 

[Old Dominion steamship company]. ...Old Dominion line. Along the historic James River. [New 
York?] 1902. cover-title, 19, [5[ p. incl. ill., map. 20%xlO%cm. (Old Dominion series, no. 2) [Com- 
piled by R.F. Day. L.C. 3-53] 
JAMESTOWN, Va. Extinct town of James City Co. about 45 m. N.W. of Norfolk. 

Hall, Edward Hagaman. Jamestown [1607-1907] a sketch of the history and present condition of the site 
of the first permanent English settlement in America. New York, The American scenic and historic 
preservation society, 1902. 30 p. incl. map. front., pi. 18%cm. [L.C. 2-8105] 
JANES, Lewis George (1844-1901). Am. educator and writer. 

Lewis Or, Janes, philosopher, patriot, lover of man. Ozark, Mo., .1.11. West, 1902, 111. 
JAPANESE Americans. Natives of Japan living in America. 

W o o d b n r y, F. P. Japanese and Chinese. Am Miss 56(1902)395-401. 

JAY, John (1745-1889). Pres. Continental Congress, 1st Chief Justice of U. S. Supreme court. 
H a b b a r d, Elbert. John Jay. Mag Am Hist N S 1(1902)24-30. 
O g g, Frederic Austin. Jay's treaty and the slavery interests of the C. S. Am Hist A Rep '01, 1(1902) 

JEFFERSON, Joseph (b.1829). American actor. 

Joseph Jefferson. World's Work 4(1902)2362, port. only. 


JEFFERSON, Thomas (1743-1826). 3d President of United States. 

B u s e y, S. C. The centennial of the first Inauguration of a President at the permanent seat of the gov- 
ernment. Rec Columbia Hist Soc 5(1902)96-111. 

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Ford, Worthinffton Chauncey. Some Jefferson correspondence, 1775-1787. (Reprinted from New Eng. his- 
torical and genealogical register, 1901-1902.) Boston, Press *>f D.Clapp &~son, 1902. 17 p. 24cm. [Edi- 
tion of 100 copies. Letters from Francis Hopkiusoii, James Curries, John Page, William Fleming and 
others to Thomas Jefferson. L.C. 3-5074] 

6 e r, Henry Burns. Thomas Jefferson on Pre-hiatoric Americana, .un Ant 24(1902)224-8. 
Jefferson, Thomas. Thomas Jefferson declares his belief In the good of spiritual paintings in Cath- 
olic churches. Am Cath Res 19(1902)60. 

Jenkinson, Isaac. Aaron Burr, his personal and political relations with Thomas Jefferson and Alexander 
Hamilton... Richmond, Ind., M.Cnllaton & co., 1902. Till, 9-289 p. 20cm. [For details see same title 
under subject, Burr, Aaron.] 

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M e 1 1 e n, George Frederick Thomas Jefferson and higher education. New Eug M 26(1902)007-16, port. 
M e r r 1 a m, C. E. The political theory of Jefferson. Pol Sci Q 17(1902)24-45. 
Monticello, seat of T. Jefferson. Ctry Life Am 2(1902)56(Je). 
Ordinance of 1784 and Jefferson's services for the Northwest Territory. (Old South leaflets, no. 127.) 

Boston, Old South Work, 1902. 
Parton, James. Life of Thomas Jefferson, third president of the United States. Boston and New York, 

Houghton, Mifflin and co. [1902] Yi, T64 p. front, (port.) 22% cm. [L.C. 2-10352] 
Townsend, George Alfred ("Oath"). Monticello and Its preservation, since Jefferson's death, 1826-1902. 

[Washington, D. C., Gibson bros., printers, 1902] 56 p. front., pi., port. 20cm. [L.C. 2-14593] 
The true Thomas Jefferson. Outl 70(1902)239-41. 
JEFFERSON COUNTY, Neb. Southern Co. of Nebraska bordering on Kansas. 

W a t s o n, W. W. Early history of Jefferson county overland route. Neb Hist S 11.5(1902)217-22. 
JENKINS, Howard M. (1842-1902). Fenn. editor, hist, writer. 

Howard M. Jenkins (note). Penn Mag 26(1902)480. 
JENKINS, William Dunbar (b.1849). Mass, civil engineer, officer in Spanish-American war. 

[William Dunbar Jenkins]. Miss Hist P 6(1902)283. 
JENKINS family. 

[William Dunbar Jenkins]. Miss Hist P 6(1902)283. 
JEROME, William Travers (.b.1858). New York District attorney. 

Henry, Arthur. Mr. Jerome's official home on the east side. Outl 71(1902)41-4, ill. 
JERSEY CITY. City of Hudson Co. opposite New York. 

Van Winkle, Daniel. Old Bergen; history and reminiscences with maps and illustrations. [For details see 

same title under subject, Bergen Co., N. J.] 
JESUITS. Roman Catholic order of "Society of Jesus." 

.B r e n n m a n, James F. Jesuits in Massachusetts, 1C47. Am Cath Res ]9(1902)82-3. 
Did the Franciscans or Jesuits receive the first (known) Pennsylvania convert into the church. Am 

Cath Res 19(1902)3-7. 

G a g o n, Ernest. Le college des Jesultcs a Quebec. Rech Hist 8(1902)247-9. 
The Jesnlts land in Maryland. Am Cath Res 19(1902)173. 
JE8UP, Morris K. (b.1830). N. Y. financier and philanthropist. 

Morris K. Jesup, Esq World's Work 4(1902)2586, port. only. 
JEWS. People of Hebrew race, or adherents of Hebrew religion. 

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zoon Tromp, 1597-1653. Admiral Michael Adriannsznoii do Ruyter, 1007-1 C76. Marshal Anne-Hllarlon de 
Tonrville, 1642-1701. Vice- Admiral de Suffren Salnt-Tropez, 1726-1788. Vice- Admiral Paul Jones, 1747- 
1792. Viscount Lord Horntio Nelson, 1758-1805. Admiral David Glasgow Farragut, 1801-1870. Rev.ln: 
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JOURNALISM. The business of conducting or editing a newspaper. 

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1902. vill, 317 p. incl. front, (port.) 19%cm. [Rev.ln : Nat Ion 75(1902;iH)l "future historian of nine- 
teenth-century journalism will obtain m[nch] light from the story of Miss Bank's career." L.C. 2-23850] 
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M Q 10(1902)145-58,221-32. 
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[ M Q 10(1902)283 "decided addition to bios, literature."] 
Memoranda made by Thomas R. Joynes on n journey to the States of Ohio and Kentucky, 1810. 

Wm M Q 10(1902)145-58,221-32. 
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church, Philadelphia, Saturday, April 12, 1902. pp. 16. 
KANAWHA COUNTY, W. Va. A western Co. of state on gnat Kanawha. R. 

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KANAWHA VALLEY, W. Va. Watershed of Great Kanawha R. 

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1901-2 7(1902)47-83. 
KANSAS CITY, Mo. City of Jackson Co. on Missouri R. at western border of state. 

Non-resident direct paying taxpayers on Kansas City. Missouri, property. An alphabetically arranged 

ownership list, with names and addresses. [Kansas City, Mo.] The Law & credit company [1902] 1 p.l., 

[5]-39 p. 22%cm. [L.C. 2-19396] 
KASKASKIA, 111. Village of Randolph Co. 40 m. S. of Belleville. 

First house of the Sisters of the Visitation at Kaskaskin, Illinois, A. D. 1838. Reminiscence* of Sister 

Mary Josephine Barber. Am Cath Hist 13(1902)211-26. 

KATHAN family. 

Mansfield, David L[ufkin]. ...History of Captain John Knthan, the first settler of Dnmmerston, Vt., and 
his associates and family descendants, and the Moores, tho Frosts, the Willlards, allied by marriage to 
the Kathans. Also a partial account of William French and Daniel Honghton, the first martyrs of the 
revolution. Brattleboro, E.L.Hlldreth & co., 1902. xli, 147 p. front., port., plates, fold. map. 23%cm. 
[L.C. 3-26849] 
KAVANAGH, Edward (1795-1884). Maine lawyer, acting Gov., U. 8. senator. 

Religious oppression in Mass. Trial of Rev. John Chcverus for marrying Catholics and of Mr. Knva- 

nagh for non-support of the Cong, minister of his township. Am Cath Rrs 10(1902)120-5. 
KAWEAH, Cal. A Utopian community in Tulare Co. from 1882-1891. 

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KEENE, James Robert (b.1838). K. Y. (took broker. 

L e f v r e, Edwin. James Robert Keone. Cosmopol 34(1902-3)31-5. 
KEKCHI Indians. A Maiyan tribe of Gautemala. 

K e k c h i maize products. Am Ant 24(1902)237-8. 
KELLEY, Moses (ft.1776). N. H. pioneer and officer in Am. Rev. 

Moore, William E. Early settlement of Kelley's Falls. Notes and Q 20(1902)49-56. 
KELLOGG. Elijah (1813-1901). Maine Congregational clergyman, writer, lecturer. 

Ray, Isabel T. Rev. Elijah Kellogg author and preacher. New Eng M 26(1902)435-48, 111., port. 
KELLOGG family. 

Ray, Isabel T. Rev. Elijah Kellogg author and preacher. New Eng M 26(1902)435-48, ill., port. 
KENDALL, Amos (1787-1869). Ky. and D. C. lawyer, Postmaster-General, writer. 
Kendall, Amos. Card [1856]. Bost Bull 7(1902)206-7. 

Kendall, Amos. [Letter] to David Hensbaw [1829]. Bost Bull 7(1902)265-6. 
KENRICK, Francis Patrick (1797-1863). Cath. Archbishop of Baltimore, and writer. 

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KENTUCKY. East central state of U. S., admitted 1792. 

Seattle, Francis R. Presbyterian educational work in Kentucky. Presb Q 16(1902-3)518-30. 
Graham, H. W. Weaving, Kentucky. Craftsman l(1902)45(Ja). 

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commissioner of agriculture. Louisville, Ky., G.G. Fetter printing co., 1902. 2 p. 1., 512 p. fold. map. 
22%cm. [Running title: Fourteenth biennial report, Bureau of agriculture. A reprint, in abridged 
form, of the Fourteenth biennial report, 1900-1901. of the bureau. L.C. 2-29727] 
The Kentucky Confederate Home. Confed Vet 10(1902)558-60. 

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Price, Samuel W. The old masters of the Blue Grass. (Fllson Club Publications, No. 17) Louisville, Ky., 
P. Morton & Co., 1902. pp. 17+181. 4o. [ Hist A Pub 6(1902)445 "has sympathetically 
recalled the lives of six artists. . .All interesting, hut not critical. . .wholesale laudation. . .considering the 
difficulties. . .can only be grateful."] 
KIDD, (Capt.) William (d.1701). Famous pirate. 

Abbott, John 8[tevens] C[abot]. Cnptain William Kidd and others of the buccaneers. New York, Dodd, 

Mead and company [1902] xi, [9]-373 p. front. 19cm. [L.C. 2-25020] 
C h a m p 1 1 n, John D. The true Captain Kidd. Harper 106(1902)27-36. 


KILHAM family. 

Mills, William Stowell. The early Kilhams. N E Re* 56(1902)344-6. 
KIMBALL, Moses (1810-95). Boston financier, Assemblyman. 

Gumming s, Charles A. Moses Klmball. N E Reg 56(1902)335-40, port. 
KIMBALL, Samuel Sparhawk (1825-99). N. H. banker, R. R. president. 

Samuel Sparhawk Klmball [obituary]. N H Hist S 111.2,1897-9(1902)502-3, port. 
KIMBALL family. 

Hobbs, William Herbert. Kirnball-Weston memorial. The American ancestry and descendants of Aloneo 
and Sarah (Weston) Kimball of Green Bay, Wisconsin. Marison, Wiss., Priv. print., 1902. 103, [6] p. 
1 pi., 3 ports, (incl. front.) 1 fold, geneal. tab. 25cm. ["The descendants of Alonzo and Sarah Weston 
Kimball. (Compiled by Mary Cornelia Kimball Walker.)": p. L 90]-92. E Reg 57(1903)119 
(Gordon, George A.) "Most desirable. . .to all Interested. . .good index"; E Reg 56(1902)213 
(F.W.Parke) "chart is intelligibly arranged." L.C. 3-17719] 

The Kimball Family News, being supplemented to Kimball Family History. Vol. 5. No. 6-10. Jane, 

July, Aug., Oct., 1902. Topeka, Kansas, Pub. by G.F.Klmball. 8 TO. pp. 81-144. 111. 
KINO, Clarence (1842-1901). IT. 8. Geological surveyor, scientist, writer. 

Clarence King. Nation 74(1902)7-8. 

Emmons, 8. F., and Atkinson, Henry M. Clarence King: a memorial. Engineering and Mining Journal, 

1902. pp. 12. ill. 
KINO, John C. Fa. German. 

Oakley, Henrietta M. Famous Pennsylvania-Germans. Rev. John C. King, D. D. Pa-Ger 3(1902)99-108. 
KING, William Rufus (1786-1853). Ala. senator, Vice-President of IT. 8. 

King, William R. [Letter on sectional issues, 1850]. Gulf Mag 1(1902)4B. 
KING family. 

A k e r 1 y, Lucy D. Wm. and Dorothy King, of Salem, Mass., and L. I. descendants. N Y Rec 33(1902) 
71-5, ill. 

Priest, Alice L. King (note). N E Reg 56(1902)206. 
KINO ISLAND, Alaska. Island of Bering Sea. 

H a w 1 e y, R. Newton. Arctic cliff dwellers. World's Work 3(1301-2)1844-7, ill. 
KINO Philip's War. N. E. Indian war, 1675. 

The flintlock used in Philip's war. Wor Soc Ant 17(1900)67-92. 
KINO and Queen County, Va. Co. in the E. part of Virginia. 

King and Queen County deeds. Va Mag 9(1902)309-11. 
KINGS COUNTY, Cal. A southeastern Co. of state. 

G o o d r i c h, F. M. Kings County and Hanford. Out West 17(1902)637-44, ill. 
KINGS RIVER, Cal. River of southern Cal. flowing S.E. into Tulare Lake. 

Gibson, Hugh S. The Sierra Club in King's river cafion. Out West 17(1902)565-77, 111. 
KINGSTON, Canada. City of Ontario at outlet of Lake Ontario, 178 m. W. of Montreal. 

Cataraqul. Rech Hist 8(1902)246. 
KINSMAN, William H. (1834-63). Iowa lawyer and officer in Civil War. 

Dodge, Grenvllle W. Colonel William H. Kinsman. Annals of Iowa 5(1902)241-50, port. 
KIOWA Indians. Roving tribe of western plains, now naturalized citizens of Florida. 

J a m t- s Mooney's ethnological work and etudles The Kiowas of W. Oklahoma. Gulf Mag 1(1902)223. 
KIRBY, Ephraim (1757-1804). Conn, and Ala. soldier in Am. Revolution, judge, publicist. 

Owen, Thomas McAdory. Ephraim Kirby, first Superior Court Judge in what is now Alabama. N Y Re* 

33(1902)129-34, port. 
KITTERY, Me. Village of York Co. 51 m. S.W. of Portland. 

Fogg, Wm. The early families of Eliot and Kittery, Me. Old Eliot 5(1902)1-29,39-62,87-154,159-196. 
KLONDIKE. Auriferous region in Yukon District, Canada. 

Production de Tor aux fitats-Unis et au Klondyke en 1901. ftcon Franc 11 Jan(1902). 
KNAGGS family. 

Ross, Robert B. History of the Knaggs family of Ohio and Michigan. Historical, biographical and gene- 
alogical. Detroit, C.M.Burton, 1902. 56 p. ill. (incl. port., map) 31cm. Un triple columns. 21.Men. 
in:N E Reg 57(1903)229(F.W.Parke) "indexes of places and names." [L-.C. 3-14589] 
KNIGHT, Sarah (Kemble) (1666-1727). N. E. teacher, writer. 

S a y 1 e 8, Lucy B. A brave knight of the seventeenth century. Conn Mag 7(1902)334-8, ill. 
KNIGHT family. 

Will of William Knight [of Lynn, Mass., ab.1655]. Ess Ant 6(1902)77-8. 


KNOX, Henry (1750-1806). N. . officer in Am. Revolution, Secretary of War. 

K n o x, Heury. [Letter] to Henry Jackson [1777]. Boat Bull 7(1902)4G2-:>. 
KNOX, Philander Chase (b.1853). Fa. lawyer, V. 8. Attorney-General. 

Coolidge, L. A. Attorney-General Knox, lawyer. McClure 19(1902)471-5, port. 

Philander C. Knox. World's Work 4(1902)2470, port. only. 
KONTI, Isadore (b. 18621. K. Y. sculptor. 

M o s s, K. C. Isadore Konti. Spirit of '76 8(1902)131. 
KOOTENAY Indians. A group of related tribes along the Montana-British Columbia border. 

Chamberlain, Alex. F. Earlier and later Kootonay Onomatology. Am Anthropol VS. 4(1902)229-36. 

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KORNER, Gustav Philipp (1809-96). Ger. Am. jurist, diplomat, historian. 

Rattermann, E[einrioh] A[rmin]. Cust.-iv K6rner, ceutsch-amerlkanischer jurist, staatsmann, diplomat 
und geschlchtschrelber. Eln lebensblld, nach seiner unverOffentllchten autobiographic, selnen schrlften 
und brlefen, bearbeitet und dem andcnken des rerstorbenen freundes In dankbarer erinnerung gewldmet. 
Scparatdruck aus dem I I. band der Gesammelten werke. Cincinnati, Voriag des verfassers, 1902. 1 p. 
1., [221]-386 p. 23cm. [L.C. 3-6689] 
KRAUTH. Charles Porterfleld (1883-88). Pa. Lutheran clergyman, Professor, writer. 

S p a e t h, A. Charles Porterfleld Krautb. H R B 11,81-4. 
KU-KLTJX Klans. A Secret society in the Southern States in Reconstruction times. 

3 a r r 1 s, (Mrs. iT. J. The conditions that led to the Ku-Klux Klans. N C Bookl 1.12(1902)3-24. 

J a r T i s, ( Mrs. )T. J. The Ku-Klux Klans. N C Bookl 2.1(1902)3-26. 

Tyler, C[harles] W[allerl. The K. K. K. New York. London [etc.] The Abbey press [1902] 4, 3-5, 5-359 

p. 22cm. [L.C. 2-14140] 
LABOR. Productive work and those engaged in it. 

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[ Nation 74(1902)484 "More of... nature of annals than history... to a great extent unreadable... 
occasional episodes of interest." L.C. 2-21250] 

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York and London, O.P.Putnam's sons, 1902. xllv, 463 p. 20cm. (Qestions of the day, 98) [Contents. 
I. General questions. II. Combinations of employers and employed are they mutually beneficial? III. 
Trusts and labor unions from a legal aspect. IV. Conciliation and arbitration. V. Model industries. 
VI. Socialism and single tax. VII. The unemployed. Appendix. [Rev. in: Nation 74(1902)484 "of [little] 
permanent value. ..made up. ..of contributions of flf ty ... persons to. . .newspapers. .." L.C. 2-13401] 

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political economy to the labor question. The factory as an element in civilization. The ethics of prison 
labor. 75(1902)381 "Essays. . .homlletical in character and prove at least ... author has a 
benevolent disposition." L.C. 2-24907] 
LABRADOR. Peninsula on the E. coast of British North America. 

Daly, Reginald A. The geology of the northeast coast of Labrador. (Bulletin of the Museum of Com- 
parative Zoology, Harvard Univ., vol. 38, pp. 66.) Geolop. series, vol. 6, no. 6 [1902] 


D e 1 & b a r r e, E. B. Report of the Brown-Harvard expedition to Nachvak Labrador, in the year 1900. 

Bull Geog Soc of Phila 3(1902)66-212. 

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LABEIE, Jacques (b.1831). Canadian physician and hist, writer. 

Le Docteur Labrle. Rech Hist 8(1902)50. port. 
LACE making. The industry of netting thread into artistic fabrics. 

Forbes, (Mrs.)A. S. C. Lace making of Indian women. Out West 16(1902)613-6, ill. 
LACEY, John (1755-1841). Fa. and N. J. politician, Brig. -General in Am. Rev., manufacturer. 

Memoirs of Brigadier-General John Lacey, of Pennsylvania. Penn Mag 25(1901)1-13,191-207,341-54, 

498-515; 26(1902)101-11,265-70. 

Owen, Thomas McAdory. Colonel Edward Lacey of the Revolution and s,'>me of his descendants. Gulf 
Mag 1(1902)41-4. 

LACROSSE. An Indian ball game adopted by Canadians and Americans. 

CoIllson.B. W., and Munro, John K. Lacrosse in Canada. Canad M 19(1902)410-26, ill., port. 
LAFAYETTE, Marquis (1757-1834). French General in Am. Revolution. 
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LaFayette. Letter [to Dr. Samuel Cooper], 1781. Am Hist R 8(1902)89-91. 
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Paris, Plon, 1902. pp. 475. So. 

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LA FOLLETTE, Robert Marion (b.1855). Wis. lawyer, Congressman, Governor. 
Wilbur, Henry W. "A coming man." Gunton's M 23(1902)250-3. 

Wilder, Amos Parker. Governor La Follettee and what he stands for. Outl 70(1902)631-4. 
LACUNA de Tache Grant, Kings and Fresno Cos., Cal. 

H a r r 1 s, W. N. The Laguna de Tache grant. Out West 17(1902)645-52, ill. 
L'HALLE, Constantin de (or Challo) (d.1729). Canadian priest. 

M a s s i c o 1 1 e, B. Z. Les deux Peres de 1'Halle. Rech Hist 8(1902)149-50. 
LAKE County, Ohio. County in the N.E. part of state. 

Daughters of the American revolution. Ohio. New Connecticut chapter, Pameiville. A record of the rev- 
olutionary soldiers buried in Lake County, Ohio, with a partial list of those In Geauga County, and a 
membership roll of New Connecticut chapter, Daughters of the American revolution, t>y New Connecticut 
chapter, Palnesville, Ohio. [Columbus, O., The Champlin press, 1902] 04 p. incl. front., pi., 2 port. pi. 
25%cm. [L.C. 3-32331] 

M i 1 1 s, W. S. Lake County and its founder. Historical address delivered In Palnesville, Lake County, 
O., July 21, 1901, at the ceremonies of the unveiling of the statue of Edward Palue. Ohio Arch & Hist 
Pub 10(1902)361-71. 
LAKE ERIE. War of 1818 Naval battle, Sept. 10, 1813. 

Mack, Mrs. J. T. The battle of Lake Erie, September 40, 1813. Ohio Arch & Hist Pub 10(1902)38-45. 
LANCASTER family. 

Lancaster, Harry Fred. The Lancaster family. A history of Thomas and Phebe Lancaster, of Bucks 
County, Pennsylvania, and their descendants, from 1711-1002. Also a sketch on the origin of the name 
and family in England. Illustrated... [Huntington, Ind., A.J.Hoover printing co.] 1902. 291, [11] p. 
front., pi., port., map, facsim. 22cm. [Rev.ln:Old Northw Q 6(1903)26 "copiously illustrated. . .well 
indexed... of great use to genealogists"; N Y Rec 34(1903)71 "Exceedingly well compiled." L.C. 3-469] 
LANCASTER County, Fa. A southeastern Co. of State bordaring on Maryland. 
Christ Church, Lancaster County (note). Va Mag 10(1902)208-10, ill. 

[Franklin, Walter Mayer]. ...Historical points of interest along the Strasiiurg trolley road... Lancaster. 
Pa., Reprinted from The New era, 1902. 16 p. 24%cm. (Lancaster County historical society. Papers 
read before the ... society ... v. 7, no. 1) [Read at the meeting of Sept. 5, 1902, .by W. M. Franklin. 
"Minutes of the September meeting of the society:" p. 15-16. L.C. 3-8722] 
LANCASTER, Fa. Capital of Lancaster Co. 69 m. W. of Philadelphia. 

Law, James D[uff] i. e. James. Re-vised and enlarged copy of Lancaster old and new; an address de- 
livered before the Lancaster board of trade, January 9, 1902... Lancaster, Pa., Printed for the author, 
1902. 34 p. 24cm. [L.C. 2-8106] 
LAND Grants. The transfer by the grov't. of public land to private use and ownership. 

The Continental Congress donates land for the support of the Catholic religion and schools. Am 

Cath Res 19(1902)66-6. 

LAND title registration. System whereby th state records and guarantees titles to real estate. 
Jones, Leonard A. Land title registration In the United States. Am Law R .'{6(1902)321-348. 


LANE, Hugh (1821-1902). Am. Catholic priest. 

R e T. Hugh Lane [port. only]. Am Cath Hist 13(1902)opp.l37. 

LANE family. 

Lane genealogies... Exeter, N. H., The News-letter press, 1891-1002. 3 v. fronts., plate, port. 24cm. 
[Vol. 1 complied by ReT. Jacob Chapman and Rev. James H. Fitts; T. 2-3, by James Hill Fitts. Vol. 1 
has manuscript notes Inserted. L.C. 3-20073] 
LANIER. Sidney (1842-81). Southern poet and writer, soldier in Confederate army. 

Woolf, Wlnfleld P. The poetry of Sidney Lanler. Sewanee 10(1902)325-40. 
LAPHAM, Increase A. (1811-75). Wis. engineer, archaeologist, scientist, writer. 

Lapham, Mary J. Dr. Increase A. I.apham. Wls Arch 1(1901-2)32-4. 
LA SALLE County, 111. North-central Co. of state. 

Mannhardt, E. Dentsch Thellnehmer am mexlkanischen Krlcge von La Salic County. Deutsch-Am G 

LA BERRE family. 

Descent of the family of La Serre. Am Herald J 2(1902)13. 
LASSIG, Moritz (1831-1902). 111. Bridge engineer. 

M o r 1 1 z, Lamlg. Deutsch-Am G 2.2(1902)68-9. 
LA SUETTE. District of province of Quebec. 

Scott, L'Abbe H. A. La Suette. Rech Hist 8(1902)373-4. 
LATIN America. Portions of America inhabited chiefly by Latin raees. 

L'Amerlqne latlne. ficon Franc 11 Jan (1902). 

Bondlnhon, A. La conclle plenler de 1'Amerlque latlne. Canon Contemp Jan Mars (1902). 

Das E v a n g t> 1 1 11 m 1m romanlschen Amerlka. Uebersetzt aim Revlsta orlstlana 1901. Pr W B 
[s sec.6], llOSf. 

Lane, Horace M. Protestant education In Latin America. Miss R 26(1902)753-8. 

V 1 a 1 1 a t e, A. Lea fitats-Unls et 1'Amertque latlne. Rev Par 1 Mars (1902). 
LATJRENS, Henry (1724-92). Pres. of the Carolina Congr. 1775, delegate to Continental Congr. 1777. 

Letters from Hon. Henry Laurens to bis son John, 1773-1776. S C Hist Mag 3(1902)86-96.134-49,207-16 
LAURENS, John (1758-82). S. C. officer in Am. Revolution, secretary to Gen. Washington. 

Army correspondence of Col. John Laurens. S C Hist Mag 3(1902)16-23. 

The diary of Col. John Lanrens [Yorktown]. Collect l&(1902)121-2. 
LAURIER, Sir Wilfrid (b.1841). Premier of Canada. 

David, L. O. Sir Wilfrid Laurier. Canad M 19(1902)140-7, port. 

Moreau, Henri. ...Sir Wilfrid Laurier, premier mlnlstre du Canada. 2. "<). Paris, Plon-Nourrit et ele, 

1902. 3 p. 1., Til, 299 p., 2 1. front, (port.) 20^cra. [K.-v.ln:Hist Pub Canad 7.60-2(J.S.Carstaln) "a 
florid tribute in flnent, graceful, eloquent French. . .Brilliant, but neither calm nor judicial." . ... ..'5 .Vi.'.s] 

LAUZON, Canada. Town on St. Lawrence opposite Quebec. 

Roy, P. G. Saint fitlenne de Lauzon. Rech Hist 8(1902)118. 
LAVAL, Francois de (fl.1663). Catholic prelate of Canada. 

Le Venerable Francois de Laval. Rech Hiat 8(1002)117-8. 
LAVAL University. French Cath. institution at Quebec, Canada, est. 1852. 

C h a p a 1 s, Thomas. Le Clnquantenalre de 1'universlte Laval. Nonv Fr 1(1902)138-43. 
LAVIALLE, Pierre Joseph (1819-67). Ky. Catholic bishop. 

R t. Rev. Peter Joseph Lavialle, D. D. Am Cath Hist 13(1902)55,121, port. 
LAW, W. W. (fl.1902). N. T. patron of agriculture. 

Blossom, Mary C. The new farming and a new life. World's Work 3(1901-2)1626-37, ill. 
LAW. Rules of action prescribed by the state. 

Barrows, Samuel J. Tendencies of American legislation. No Am 175(1602) 642-51. 

Boyer, 3. A. Legal dictionary of U. S. and Canada. 1900(Ja6); 1901(D15): 1902. Phlla., Boyer, 1901. 

Comparative study of laws. Nation 75(1902)183-4. 

Forbes, William T. Old laws and new. Wor Soc Ant 17(1900)250-2. 

Kilburn, B. A. Curious cases; a collection of American and English decisions, selected for their read- 
ability... Charlottesville', Va., The Mlchie company, 1902. xvl, 441 p. 23% cm. [L.C. 2-19397] 

P e c k h a m, W. G. Great lawyers and how they won. Green Bag 14(1902)173(Ap). 
"LAWRENCE." Halifax privateer vessel, 1757. 

MacMechan, Archibald. A Halifax privateer In 1757. Acad 2(1902)155-64. 


LAWRENCE, Mass. Capital city of Essex Co. 26 m. N. by W. of Boston. 
A Brief History of the City of Lawrence (Mass.), its Textile Industries, etc. Published officially through 

the Lawrence Board of Trade, Lawrence, Mass., 1902. Sm. 8vo. pp. 124. ill. 
D o n 1 g a n, B. B. Lawrence, Mass. Nat'l M (Boat) 17(1902)264(N'. 
LEANG Chew-Tung. Chinese Minister to TT. S. 1902. 

O ' L a u g h 1 1 n, J. C. The new Chinese Minister. Indep 54(1902)1997-2001, port. 

LEAVENWORTH, Henry (1783-1834). N. Y. General in War of 1812, Indian agent for northwest territory. 
Official correspondence pertaining to the Leavenworth expedition of 1823 into South Dakota for tho 
conquest of the Cree Indians. With explanatory notes by Doane Robinson. S Dakota Hist Soc Col 1 
LEBANON, N. H. Village of Lebanon township, Grafton Co. 65 m. N.W. of Concord. 

Clark, Byron N. Inscriptions from the Pine cemetery, Lebanon, N. H. Gen Q M 3(1902)147-50. 
Clark, Byron N. Inscriptions from the Pine cemetery, Lebanon, N. H. Vt Ant 1(1902)29-32. 
LEBANON, O. County seat of Warren Co. 22 m. S. of Dayton. 

Morrow, Josiah. A brief history of Lebanon, Ohio; a centennial sketch... Lebanon, The Western star 
publishing company, 1902. 63, [1] p. front., 7 pi. 17cm. [Cover-title: Centennial sketch of Lebanon. 
L.C. 3-11699] 
V e n a b 1 e, W. H. The Lebanon Centennial. Ohio Arch & Hist Pub 11(1902)108-214. 

LE BEAU, Claude (fl.1738). Frenchman exiled to Canada, writer. 

R o y, J. Edmond. Des flls de famlllo envoyes an Canada-Claude le Beau. Pro & Trans Royal Soc Canad 

LEE, Charles (1731-82). General in Am. Revolution. 

S u 1 1 o n, John D. Major General Charles Lee. W Va Mag 2.4(1902)10-17, ill. 
LEE, Francis Lightfoot (1734-97). Va. signer of the Declaration of Independence. 

L e e, Francis Lightfoot. Continental Board of War to the Governor of Maryland [letter, 1778]. Boat 

Bull 7(1902)22. 
LEE, Richard Henry (1732-94). Va. proposer and signer of the Declaration of Independence. 

Lee, Richard Henry. [Letter] to Arthur Lee [1781]. Bost Bull 7(1902)84-5. 
LEE, Robert Edward (1807-70). Va. Confederate General in Civil War. 
Adams, Charles Francis. Lee at Appomattox, and other papers. [For details see same title under subject, 

History, U. S.] 

Adams, Charles Francis, 1835 "Shall Cromwell bavo a statue?"; oration before the Phi Beta Kappa So- 
ciety of the University of Chicago. . .June 17, 1902. Bost., Lauriat co., 1002. 44 p. 23.3cm. [80.] 
A d a in s, Charles Francis. Shall Cromwell have a statue? South Hist Soc Pap 30(1902)1-33- 
Adams, Charles F. and Watterson, Henry. Lee, Davis and Lincoln. South Hist Soc Pap 30(1902)121-4. 
A 1 e x a n d e r, E. P. Lee at Appomattox. Personal recollections of thi; break-up of the Confederacy. 

Cent 63(1901-2)921-31, port. 

General Lee against Guerilla warfare (note). South Hist A Pub 6(19C2)fl6-7. 
Marshall, Charles. The last days of Lee's army. Cent 63(1901-2)932-5 
M e r r 1 1 1, Wesley. Note on the surrender of Lee. Cent 63(1901-2)944. 
LEE family. 

Letter of Mary Lee to Anne H. Livingston, 1784. Penn Mag 26(1902)286. 
Letter of Rebecca Lee to Anna Shlppen, at Lancaster, 1778. Penn Mag 26(1902)286. 

Hanghwout, Lefferd M. A. The Lefferts-Haughwout family. N Y Rec 33(1902)49-52,167-70,235-41. 
LEFROY, John Henry (d.lS90). Pres. of Canadian Institute, founder of Canad. magnetic survey. 

Lefroy, (Lady). Autobiography of General Sir John Henry Lefroy, C.B., K.C.M.G., F.R.S., etc. Colonel 
Commandant, Royal Artillery. Printed for private circulation only (presumably 1902). pp. 64317. [Rev. 
in:Hlst Pub Canad '02,7(1903)59-60 "intended for... the family alone... few copies. . .born. . .1817. . .died 
LEFTWICH, George J. (fl,1901). Miss, lawyer, local hist, writer, teacher. 

[George J. Lelftwich]. Miss Hist P 6(1902)359. 
LEGAL tender. Currency which can be legally used in payment of a debt. 

Barrett, Don C. The supposed necessity of the legal tender paper. Qn Jour Bco 17(1902)323-54. 
LEGARi, Hugh Swinton (1797-1848). 8. C. Congressman, TT. S. Attorney-General, writer. 
R a m a g e, B. J. Hugh Swinton Legarg, I. Legare's youth. Sewanee 100902)43-55, 167-80. 
Ramage, B[urr] J[ames], Hugh Swinton Legarfi. [n. p., 1902] cover-title, 29 p. 23cm. [Reprinted from 
"The Sewanee review," January-April, 1902. Rev.ln:S C Hist Mag 3 (1902; 118-20, 183-8 ["scholarly. . .but 
fallen Into error." "So marred by inaccuracies and so absolutely misrepresents the pollt. hist, of S. C."] 


LEHIGH County, Pa. Eastern Co. of Fa. bordering on N. J. 

Hauler, James J[oseph]. A history of Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, from the earliest settlements to the 
present time, Including much valuable Information for the use of schools, families, libraries... [2d ed.J 
Allentown, Pa., Jacks, the rrinter, 1902. 127 p. 111. 23^cm. [p. 2-4, 122-127, advertising matter. 
L.C. 2-23206] 

LEITSVILLE, Pa. Village of Northampton Co. 

Horn, Alfred F. ed. Proceedings of the re-union of Apple's church and of tN- Boehm family, celebrated at 
Apple's or New Jerusalem Reformed and Lutheran church, Leitsville, Northampton county, Pa., Septem- 
ber 14, 1895. [For details see same title under subject, Boehm family.] 
LENIHAN, Thomas Kathias (1845-1902). Wyo. Catholic Bishop. 

R t. R e v. Thomas Matbias Lenihan, D. D. Am Cath Hist 13(1902)382, port. 
R t. R e v. Thomas Matthias Lenihan. Annals of Iowa 5(1902)316. 
LENOX, Mass. Village of Berkshire Co. 8 m. 8. of Pittsfteld. 

Macadam,! 1 . Estate of Ansou Phelps Stokes, at Lenox. Ctry Life Am 2(1902)221(0). 
Mallary, R[aymond] De Witt. Lenox and the Berkshire highlands... New York and London, G.P.Put- 
nam's sous, 1902. xili, 363 p. front., pi., port. 21%cm. [Contents. Old-time Lenox. Lenox and it* 
environment, in literature. Catherine Maria Sedgwiek: her message and her work. With Hawthorne in 
Lenox. Modern Lenox. The vicinage. The geusls of village improvement and the Laurel Hill associa- 
tion, Stockbridge, Mass. The church of Berkshire until the disestablishment in 1834. Epitaphs in Berk- 
shire churchyards. Rev. In -.Nation 75(1902)137 "Aim. . .not. . . hlstor[yj . . .is. . .no less interesting for... 
records of past conditions than for. . .existing. . .things." L.C. 2-16757] 
M a 1 1 a r y, R. De Witt. Lenox in literature. Critic 41(1902)31-40, ill. 
M i 1 1 e r, W. Wyndhurst, Lenox, Mass. Ctry Life Am 2:102(J1). 
LEO XIII (1810-1903). Fope of Rome. 

COte, Geo.-P. Les Annges de Pierre [Leo XIII and Canada.]. Nouv Fr 1(1902)161-8. 
LEOMINSTER, Mass. Village of Worcester Co. 64 m. W.N.W. of Boston. 

M i 1 1 e r, G. W. Leomlustcr, Mass. Nat'l M (Bost) 17(192)258(N). 
"L'ESSUI du Michigan." First Frernch paper in U. 8., 1809. 

D 1 o n n e, N. E. Le premier Journal frunc.ais public aux fitats-UnU [Dettoit]. Rech Hist 8(1902)281-3. 
"L'ETUDIANT" (1886-93). Canadiap monthly magazine. 

L'Etudlant. Rech Hist 8(1902)210-18. 
Li VIS, Francois O. (1720-87). French officer in Quebec expedition. 

C a s g r a 1 n, L'Abbe H.-R. Moncalm et Levls. Rech Hist 8(1902)79-80, port. 
LEVY, Henri (1696-1680). Duke of Ventadour, Viceroy of Canada. 

Henri de Levy, due de Ventadour, vlce-rol de la Nouvelle-France. Rech Hist 8(1902)189-91. 
LEWELLING, Lorenzo D. (1846-1900). Kan. journalist, educator, Governor. 

C o s 1 1 g a n, W. J. Lorenzo L. LeweUlng. Trans Kan Hist Soc 1901-2 7(1902)121-26. 
LEWIS, Meriwether (1774-1809). Explorer, Governor of Louisiana. 

Kingsley, Nellie F. Four American explorers: Captain Meriwethcr Lewis, Captain William Clark, General 
John C. Fremont, Dr. Elisha K. Kane; a book for young Americans. New York, Chicago [etc.] Werner 
school book company [1902] 271 p. incl. 111., port., map. 19cm. (The four great Americans series, 8) 
[ 32(1902)353 "Lewis, Clark, Fremont, and Kane... are chronicled in simple and interesting 
language." L.C. 2-12943] 
LEWIS, Theodore Hayes (b.1866). Am. archaeologist, writer. 

[Theodore Hayes Lewis.] Miss Hist P 6(1902)449. 
LEWIS family. 

Lewis family. Wm M Q 11(1902)39-47,78,146. 

Lewisiana, or Lewis letter. Gullford, Conn. 1902. vol. 12. nos. 7 Jan 12 Jane ; vol. 13. 1 Jan 6 Dec. 

[Strictly family history, occasional biog. art and port.] 
LEWIS and Clark expedition. An exploration of nearly the whole Northwest, 1804-6. 

Dye, Eva Emery. The conquest; the true story of Lewis and Clark... Chicago, A.C.McClurg & company, 
1902. ix, [1] p., 1 1., 443 p. front. 21cm. [ 33(1902)461-4 "not easy to class this book as 
either a history or a romance." L.C. 2-27733] 

History of the Expedition under the command of Captains Lewis and Clark to the sources of the Missouri, 
across the Rocky Mountains, down the Columbia River to the Pacific in 1604-6. (A reprint of the edition 
of 1814) Toronto, Geo. N. Morang & Co., 1902. 3 vols. pp 416; 382; 410. maps. [Rev.ln:Hist Pub 
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2 T front, (port.) map, plan. 22cm. [Contains facsimile t.-p. of original edition of 1814 Rev.ln:Am 


Hist R 8(1903)588-9 "for the general reader ... entirely satisfactory. . .in most attractive form a reprint 
of the Blddle edition of 1814"; Nation 75(1902)380 "Clear and handsome reprint ... Introduction con- 
tain [s] .. .view of... causes [of] .. .purchase. .. [of Louisiana] .. .index"; Dial 33(l'J02)461-4(J.O.Plerce) 
"faithful reproduction ... graceful Introduction in which the largo import or' that expedition ... [is] tersely 
yet felicitously summed up"; Hist Pub Canad '02.7(1903)109-17 "prefatory note is a little high-flown... 
Two excellent portraits of. . .Lewis and Clark. . .Index." L.C. 2-25625] 

Lewis, [Meriwether], History of the expedition under the command of Captains Lewis and Clark to the 
sources of the Missouri, across the Rocky Mountains, down the Columbia River to the Pacific in 1804-6; 
a reprint of the edition of 1814 to which all the members of the expedition contributed. . . New York, 
New Amsterdam book co., 1902. 3 v. 2 front, (port.) map. 18cm. [Ed. by Paul Allen. Rev. in: Nation 
75(1902)91 "...too slavish reprint of Biddle's 1814 recension of the original diaries... no index... [no] 
modern maps." L.C. 2-18363] 
LEXINGTON, Mass. Village of Middlesex Co. 11 m. W.N.W. of Boston. 

Piper, Fred S. Lexington the birthplace of American liberty; a handbook containing an account of the bat- 
tle of Lexington Paul Revere's narrative of his famous ride a sketch of the town and the places of 
historic interest inscriptions on all historic tablets directory map and numerous illustrations... Lex- 
ington publishing co., 1902. 31, [3] p. incl. front., 111., plan. 18% x 15cm. [ E Reg 56 
(1902)330(F.W.Parke) "attractively Illustrated. . .compact. . .all that is essential." L.C. 2-12942] 

Second field-day at Lexington. Wor Soc Ant 17(1900)189-205. 
LIBERTY Bell. The bell which hung in Continental Kail, Philadelphia, July 4, 1776. 

[ A 1 1 e n t o w n, Pennsylvania.] Am Month M 21(1902)240-4, ill. 
LIBRARIES. Collections of books, mss., etc., for use. 

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Buffalo. Public library. ...Class room libraries for public schools, listed by grades; to which is added a 
list of books suggested for school reference libraries. Buffalo, Printed for the Library, 1902. 134 p. 
24%cm. [Rev.ln:Nation 74(1902)289-90 "wholly praiseworthy ... stress is laid in the subject-index on 
American history and historical personages." L.C. 2-12474] 

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Putnam, Herbert. The relation of the National library to historical research In the U. S. Euuca R 23 

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LINCOLN, Abraham (1809-65). 16th President of the United State*. 

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Fallows, Samuel. . . .Life of William Ale-Kin ley. our martyred president, with short biographiea of Lincoln 
and Gartteld, and a comprehensive life of President Roosevelt, containing the masterpieces of McKinley's 
eloquence, and a history of anarchy, its purposes and results. . . . assisted by an able corps of contrib- 
utors, with an Introduction by. . .W.E. Mason. .. [International memorial ed.] Chicago, 111., Regan 
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Nation 75(1902)333 "Abridgment. . .well [made] .. .preserves. . .disposition. . .to gloze . . . les's impressive 
aspects of Lincoln's life"; Dial 33(1902)480 "abridgment. . .not only justifiable, but even praiseworthy." 
L.C. 2-22683] 

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others, are published in book form under the title of Retribution, and other addresses, by Samuel G. 
Smith, and the 'Words of Lincoln' are taken from Abraham Lincoln, by D. D. Thompson." Contents. 
Abraham Lincoln; an address delivered before the Loyal legion, St. Paul, Minn. Words of Lincoln. L.C. 
2-13807] . tf ^v,.j 

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LINCOLN, Neb. Capital of Nebraska, in Lancaster Co. 64 m. S.W. of Omaha. 

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S a w y e r, A. J. History of the Incarceration of the Lincoln city council. Neb Hist S 11.5(1902)105-37. 
LINDSAY family. 

Lindsays in Virginia. Va Mag 10(1902)96-7,203. 
L1PPITT, Francis James (1812-1902). D. C. lawyer, officer in Civil War, writer. 

Lippitt, Francis J[ames]. Reminiscences of Francis J. Llppitt, written for his family, his near relatives 
and Intimate frends. Providence, R. I., Preston & Rounds co., 1902. 1 p. 1., 122 p. port. 23%cm. 
[ 74(1902)350-1 "Interesting from cover to cover. . .chief value ... consists in ... simplicity 
and frankness... no index." L.C. 2-8227] 
LISTER, Justice (1843-1902). Ontario Judge of the Court of Appeal. 

Death of Mr. Justice Lister. Canada Law Journal 38(1902)97. 

Litohfleld, Winford J. oomp. by. The Lltchfleld family in America. Part I. No. 2. 1902. pp. 97-160. 

80. 111. Price, |1.50. 
LITERATURE. Creative or artistic writings. 

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111., chart. 18cm. [Bibliographical notes: "Historical background." "Illustrative literature," etc., at 
end of each chapter; "Biography and criticism," p. 487-502. Rev.ln:Dial 33(1902)123-4 "nothing... 
original. . .but. . .cordially commended. . .excellence of proportion ... sound and conservative critical judg- 
ments"; Sewauee 10(1902)383 "somewhat rhetorical. . .decidedly sprightly ... well selected bibliography." 
L.C. 2-10*20] 


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can literature and among their haunts and the scenes of their writings. [For details see same title un- 
der subject, New England.] 

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E n d e, A. v. Amerikan. Romane v. soz.-politlsch. Bedeutg. Zelt Nr.411. 

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xli, 257 p. 17%cm. (The Hawthorne classics) [Contents. From "The sketch book," by Washington 
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thors included Is twenty-two." L.C. 2-9470] 

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Histories." L.C. 2-10123] 

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ton, L.C.Page & co., 1902 [1901] 332 pp. front., port. 18cm. (Book lovers' series) [Contents. Will- 
iam Dean Howells. Bret Harte. Mark Twain. "Lew" Wallace. George W. Cable. Henry James. 
Francis Richard Stockton. Joel Chandler Harris. S. Weir Mitchell. Robert Grant. F. Marlon Craw- 
ford. James Lane Allen. Thomas Nelson Page. Richard Harding Davis. John Kendr^ck Bangs. Ham- 
lln Garland. Paul Leicester Ford. Robert Neilsoii Stephens. Charles D. G. Roberts. Winston Church- 
ill. Rev.ln:Dial 32(1902)26 "agreeably chatty ami anecdotical. . .portraits are excellent"; Dial 35(1903) 
426 "Mr. Hawkins's idea of a famous book is very clastic and his style savors of newspaper row... thor- 
oughly readable." L.C. 1-25688] 

Harkins, E[dward] F[rancisJ and Johnston, C. H. L. Little pilgrimages among the women who have writ- 
ten books... Boston, L.C.Pago & co., 1902 [1901] 343 p. front., port. 18cm. (Book lovers' series) 
[ 32(1902)56 "score of women... all of them American." L.C. 1-26212 M 1] 

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Globe school book company [1902] vli, 384 p. 20cm. ["Bibliographical Index": p. 379-381. Bibliogra- 
phies and chronological tables at end of chapters. 34(1903)269-70 [very] "readable. . .somo 
degree of completeness. . .naively personal at times. . .trifling defects. . .packed with Ideas and allusions 
...unfailing freshness of touch"; Nation 75(1902)246 "grent merit. ..Is Its unconventional treatment." 
L.C. 2-20965] 

Mason, H[arriet] L. American literature a laboratory method... 2d ed. Philadelphia, Drexel institute, 
1902. xxi, 186, [4] p. 19i,6cm. ["Working list of reference books": p. xiil-xxlii. 4 blank pages at end 
for general notes. L.C. 3-10916] 

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company, 1902. xiv, 480 p. 21cm. ['A reading list": p. 463-469. 34(1903)269-70(W.M. 
Payne) "for the general reader. . .distinctly the author's own. . .sobriety of judgment. . .flowing and 
graceful style. . .omissions. . .sometimes seem serious." L.C. 2-25402] 

Warner, Charles Dudley. Fashions In literature, and other literary and social essays & addresses; intro- 
duction by Hamilton Wright Mable. New York, Dodd, Mead & company, 1002. xv, 330 p. 20cm. [Con- 
tents. Fashions In literature. The American newspaper. Certain diversities of American life. The 
Pilgrim, and the American of to-day. Natban Hale. Some causes of the prevailing discontent. Educa- 
tion of the negro. The Indeterminate sentence. The life-saving and life-prolonging art. Literary copy- 
right. The pursuit of happiness. Truthfulness. Literature and the stage. "H. H." In southern Cali- 
fornia. Rev.ln:Natlon 75(1902)11 "Distinguished by generous. . .feeling and good sense. . .judgments. .. 
are of permanent value. . .should be owned by all who take. . .Interest In. . .werfare of our country"; Dial 
33(1902)122 "genial humor, unfailing but not unreasoning optimism, and infectious enthusiasm for the 
best in American life and letters." L.C. 2-12969] 

Wegrelin, Oscar. Early American fiction, 1774-1830; being a compilation of the titles of American novels, 
written by writers born or residing In America, and published previous to 1831 . . . Stamford, Conn., The 
compiler, 1902. 28, [2] p. 23V6cm. [No. 76 of an edition limited to 100 copies L.C. 2-10337] 


W o o (1 b e P r y, George Edward. Beginnings of American literature. Harper 105(1902)232-8. 
W o o d b e r r y, George Edward. Knickerbocker era of American letters. Harper (1902)677-83. 

LITTLE family. 

Bowman, George Ernest. Thomas Little's will and inventory, and the will of his son Thomas. Mnyfl 

Desc 4(1902)161-4. 
LITTLE BIG HORN R. (Mont.;. Sioux Indian war battle, May 15, 1876. 

[Cookerill, John A.] Custer battlefield, Burlington route. [Chicago, Poole bros., 1902?] cover-title, [15] 
p. 111., port., map (on cover) 15% x 8%cm. [Published by the Chicago Burlington and Qulncy railroad 
company; being a reprint of an article published In the New York herald. L.C. 3-21709] 
LITTLE MIAMI VALLEY, Ohio. Valley of S.W. part of state. 

G a 1 1 o w a y, W. A. The Revolutionary soldier in the valley of the Little Miami. Ohio Arch & Hist Pub 

LITTLEFIELD, J. H. (1887-1901). Tex. Confederate officer. 

II u j. J. H. Littlefield. Confed Vet 10(1902)33. 
LITTLEJOHN, Abram Newkirk (1884-1901). L. I. and N. Y. Protestant Episcopal Bishop, writer. 

VanDe Water, G. R. Bishop Littlejohn. Columb Q 4(1901)45-7, port. 
LIVERMOHE family. 

Thwing, Walter Eliot. The Llvermore family of America... Boston, W.K.Clarke company, 1902. 479 p. 
front., pi., port. -M'jcm. [Rev.lniOld Northw Q 6(1903)26-27 "of great value to Llvermores and other 
families... beautifully illustrated. . .thoroughly indexed"; N E Reg 57(1903)119(James S.Rogers) "Copious 
Index... remarkable for the biographical sketches." L.C. 2-30082] 
LLOYD, Henry Demarett (b.1847). N. Y. and Chicago, editor, writer on political economy. 

Henry Demarest Lloyd. Out West 16(1002)542, port. 
LOEB, Jacques (b.1859). Chicago and Cal. Prof, of physiology, writer. 

S n y d e r, Carl. Dr. Loeb's researches and discoveries. McClure 18(1901-2)386-96, ill., port. 
LOGAN, James (1674-1761). Pa. Chief Justice, Governor, writer. 

[James Logan]. Mass Hist Soc Proc 11.15(1901-2)365. 
LOGAN family. 

...William Maul and Bethlab Uutbrle, ancestors of the Logan family (note). Pcnn Mag 26(1902) 

LONG BEACH, Cal. Sea side resort near Los Angeles. 

Long Beach. Out West 17(1902)136-9, 111. 
LONG ISLAND. Island 110 m. long in Atlantic, forming most 8.E. portion of N. Y. state. 

Ross, Peter. A history of Long Island, from its earliest settlement to the present time. . . New York and 
Chicago, The Lewis publishing company, 1902. 3 v front., ill., pi., port. 27%cm. [Vol. 2-3, biogra- 
phies. L.C. 2-14689] 
Wilson, Rufut Rockwell. Historic Long Island. New York, The Berkeley press, 1902. 364 p. Incl. front., 

pi. 23 Mi cm. [L.C. 2-30085] 
LONGFELLOW, Henry Wadsworth (1807-88). Cambridge, Mass., Professor and poet. 

Higginson, Thomas Wentworth. ...Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. Boston and New York, Houghton, 
Mlffliu and company, 1902. vl, 336 p., 1 1. front, (port.) 18&cm. (American men of letters) [Rev. 
ln:Nation 75(1902)308-9 "Help[s] . . .to visualize the man... is rich in personal recollections and In knowl- 
edge of... environment... considerable amount of fresh material"; Dial 34(1903)145-7(W.M.Payne) "per- 
sonal matters seem... to restrict the space... f of the consideration of literary achievement. . .had. . 
sources of Information hitherto 'not much exploited." L.C. 2-23430] 

Livingston, Luther S. Two little-known first editions of American authors. Bibliog 1 (1902)455-7. 
LONGWORTH, Isreal (1885-1902). Nova Scotian lawyer, local historian. 

S t o c k t o n, A. A. In memoriam. Israel Longworth, K. C. Acad 2(1902)139-40. 
LONBDALE, H. I. Village of Providence Co. 7 m. N. of Providence. 

"The Catholic oak," at Lonsdale, R. I. Am Catb Res 19(1002)81-2. 
LORD, Charles E. (1817-1908). N. H. Presbyterian clergyman, Professor and writer. 

Rev. Charles E. Lord, D. D. Granite M 32(1902)185. 
LORD family. 

E. S. T. Lord-Goodwin (note). N E Reg 06(1902)90. 
LOS ANGELES, Cal. City of Los Angeles Co. 345 m. S.E. of San Francisco. 

Willard, C.D. Herald's history of Los Angeles City. Los Angeles, Cal., Kingsley, 1902. 111. 
LOTJISBOURG, Can. French fortification on Cape Breton, captured by British, 1768. 
C a n p e a u, F.-R.-E. La medaille commemorative de Louisbourg. Rech Hist 8(1902)127. 


LOUISIANA. A Gulf-state of U. 8. admitted 1812. 

Crowder, E. H. Report [of the alleged British supply camp in Louisiana] (1902: 8vo. pp. 15 House doc. 

H a w o r t h, Paul L. Negro disfranchisernent in Louisiana. Outl 71(1902)163-6. 

Louisiana newspaper flies in the Library of Congress. Gulf Mag 1(1902)128-33. 

Moore, Frederick W. The course of Louisiana politics from 1862 to 1866. So Atlau Q 1(1902)128-44. 
LOUISIANA (territory). The vast tract of Southwest and West, purchased from France, 1803. 

Beer, William. Louisiana history in Government documents. Gulf Mag 1 (i902) 184-93. 

Beer, William. A valuable book on Louisiana [Chambou]. South Hist A Pub 6(1902)341-2. 

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Cession (The) of Louisiana. (Old South leaflets, no. 128.) Boston, Old South Work, 1902. 

P a r r a n d, Mai. The commercial privileges of the treaty of 1803. Ain Hist R 7(1902)494-9. 

Harvey, Margaret. Beyond the Mississippi. Am Month M 21(1902)443-53. 

Hosmer, James K[endall]. The history of the Louisiana purchase. New York, D.Appleton and company, 
1902. xv, 230 p. ill., 4 port. (incl. front.) map. 19%cm. (On cover: Expansion of the republic series) 
[ Hist R 8 (1902) 140-1 (D. Y.Thomas) "timely ... readable and scholarly ... most interesting story 
...addition to. . .knowledge on the subject is rather small. . .some. . .additions are questionable"; Nation 
74(1902)483 "Timely book in popular vein... will doubtless have a temporary vogue"; Dial 33(1902)36-6 
(F.H.Hodder) "for the general reader, and even for readers of the younger class well told. . .entirely suc- 
cessful"; South Hist A Pub 6(1902)523-4(J.R.Fisklen) "succinct but clear. . .interesting. . .satisfactory. .. 
some small inaccuracies. . .bright style." L.C. 3-18965] 

Howard, James Q[uay]. History of the Louisiana purchase. Chicago. Callaghan & company, 1902. 170 p. 
24cm. [ Hist R 8(1903)587-8(F.W.M.) "comprehensive. . .brief .. .no new material. . .the usual 
sources. . .parallels the authors of standard works. . .time and again"; Dial 34(1903)27 "style. . .in bad. . . 
subject-matter is partly irrelevant and partly erroneous." L.C. 2-23428] 

The Louisiana boundary. Gulf Mag 1(1902)216-7. 
LOVELACE, Francis (ab.1618-ah.1675). Colonial Governor of New Yor. 

Delavan, Edward C. Colonel Francis Lovelace and his plantation on Staten Island. New Brighton, N. Y., 
Natural science association of Staten Island, 1902. cover-title, [47J-79 p. map, diagr. 23 Mi cm. [From 
the Proceedings of the Natural science association of Staten Island, v. 7, i.o. 15, March 10th, 1900. L.C. 
LOW, Seth (b.1850). N. Y. President of Columbia Univ., Mayor of Brooklyn and of New York. 

Columbia university. Minutes adopted by the trustees of Columbia college in the city of New ork and by 
the University council on the resignation of Seth Low, LL. D. us preseident. [New York, The uilliss 
press, 1902?] [21] p. 26cm. ["Of this Minute there have been printed one copy, signed, for presenta- 
tion to Mr. Low and one hundred copies for distribution." Initials in blue and gold; line border in gold 
and black. L.C. 2-13000] 

H a w 1 e y, Walter L. Personal responsibility in the city government. Gunton's M 23(1902)66-72. 

8 1 o a n e, W. M. Seth Low. Columb Q 4(1901)1-12, port. 

Woodruff, Clinton Rogers. Municipal situation in New York. Gunton'K M 23(1902)380-4. 
LOWELL, Augustus (1830-1900). Boston merchant, philanthropist. . 

L o t h r o p, Thornton K. Memoir of Augustus Lowell (obituary). Mass Hist Soc Proc 11.15(1901-2)169-78 
LOWELL, James Russell (1819-91). Mass, poet and writer, U. S. minister to Spain. 

B 1 1 c h f e 1 d t, E. H. James Russell Lowell as viewed from our generation. Meth R 84(1902)883-98. 

H o r w i 1 1, Herbert W. Lowell's influence in England. New Eng M 27(1602)321-5. 

James Russell Lowell. Qt Rev 196(1902)61-81. 

Johnson, William H. James Russell Lowell. Critic 40(1902)121-5. 

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Priv. print. [The Gilliss press] 1902. 5 p. 1., 102. [2] p. 25cm. ["Fifty copies printed at the GilUis 
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LOWER NORFOLK County, Virginia. 

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LUDLOW, Vt. Village in Ludlow township, Windsor Co. 25 m. 8.S.E. of Rutland. 

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... [Ludlow, Printed by the Vermont Tribune, 1902] cover-title, [3]-39 p. front., ill., pi., port. 24cm. 
[Illustrations: half-tones mounted in text. Dedication exercises, etc. of '.he building erected in memory 
of Stoughton A. Fletcher, by his son, Allen M. Fletcher. L.C. 2-21666] 
LUMBER industry. The business of transforming; trees into lumber. 
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graphical sketch of Benjamin Lundy. New Brunswick, N. J., J.Heldingsfeld, printer, 1902. 485 p. 

ront., 111., plate, port., facslrn. 24%cm. [L.C. 3-22580J 
LUTHERAN Church. Church founded by Martin Luther. 

Mubleneberg'8 short sketch of Lutheran congregation in Philadelphia, 1795. Lutb Ch Rev 21 

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LYFORD family. 

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consistent and persistent labor... good index." L.C. 3-4170] 
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LYNCH (d.1882). 8. C. Catholic Bishop. 

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LYNCH law. Summary punishment, especially by death, without process of law. 
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Lynch law In Texas In the Go's. Green Bag 14:382(Ag). 
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LYTTON, British Columbia. Town on the Fraser R. 57 m. from Yale. 

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p. front., pi., port., map, dlagr. 21'^ em. [L.C. 2-19279] 
MoCALL, John Augustine (b.1849). N. Y. insurance president. 

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G. B. McCllellan, Washington, D. C. Respectfully submitted. General design and pedestal. Assisted by 
U. S. J. Dunbar, sculptor. Horse and rider. Melva B. Wilson, sculptor. Base figures and panels. May 
1, 1902. [Washington? D. C., 1902] [6] p. 3 pi., 1 port. 23y 2 cm. [L.C. 2-15182] 
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MoDIARMID, A. P. (b.1852). Canadian Baptist clergyman and educator. 

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McDONOUGH, Patrick (b.1786). Fa. V. S. o .-fleer in War of 1812. 

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ters relating to the military service of Lieut. Patrick McDouough. Pub Buffalo Hist Soc 5(1902)63-93. 
O'Reilly, Isabel. One of Philadelphia's soldiers in the war of J812. Rec Am Cath Hist Soc Phil* 

XoGILLIVRAY, Alexander (1746-93). "The Talleyrand of Alabama" U. 8. Gen. Agent to Creek Indians. 

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McGROARTY, Julia (d.1901). Provincial Superior of the Sisters of Noire Dame of Namur. 

Mother Julia. Am Cath Hist 13(1902)55,130, port. 
If AC HENRY COUNTY, 111. Northeastern Co. of state, bordering on Wisconsin. 

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MACHIMOODUS (the places of noises). Name applied by Indians to region about Moodus, Conn. 

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HACKAY, John William (b.1831). Nev. mine owner and capitalist. 

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McKEAN family. 

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to the present time, 1902; with portraits representing the different branches of the family. Des Moiues, 
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MACKENZIE, William Lyon. Canadian journalist. 

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MACKENZIE family. 

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MACKENZIE COLLEGE. Presbyterian Mission College at San Paulo, Brazil. 

I. a n e, H. M. Mackenzie College, San Paulo, Brazil, S. A. Assembly Heraici ( (1902)216-ai(.. 
McKINLEY, William (1848-1901). 25th President of the United States. 

C o u r s e y, W. S. William McKinley as commauder-in-chief of D. S.'l M (Bost) 16(lCj'\ .-t.t&J.. 
Grand army of the republic. Dept. of Ohio. McKinley post, No. 25. Memorial souvenir of Uuuuurie Wm. 
McKinley... Portraits by Rowley, Buffalo. [Buffalo, N. Y.] McKinley memorial puljlKjing eo., 1902. 
[28] p. incl. 111., port., facsim. 16% x 25cm. [L.C. 2-13244] 
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560 p. 12o. 

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tion of the Congress. New York, T.Y.Crowell & co. [1902] 1 p. 1., 27 p. 18%cm. [L.C. 2-13117] 
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soldier, congressman, governor, and president of the United States of America, in the hall of the House 
of representatives, Wednesday, January 20, 1902. Columbus, Press of F.J.Heer, 1902. 85 p. front, 
(port.) 24%cm. [L.C. 3-2333] 

Ohio Republican association of Washington, D. C. Memorial service to William McKinley, late president 
of the United States, under th auspices of the Ohio Republican association of Washington, D. C. (In 
conjunction with all citizens of Ohio resident In Washington) In Chase's theater, October 6, 1901. Pub- 
lished by request of T. M. Sullivan, secretary. Washington [Press of B.S Adams] 1902. 43 p. 12 port. 
23%cm. [L.C. 3-24611] 

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and his noted address at the Pun American exposition. September 5th, 1901. [Toledo V O.] 1902. 37 p. 
incl. oort., facslm. IS^cm. [L.C. 2-19408] 

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graphs by Henry A. Strohmeyer. New York, London [etc.] Und?rwoo>l &. Underwood [1902] 183 p. 
18 x 9cm. [L.C. 2-12939] 

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Wilson, Edward E[ugene]. "It is God's way." A book dedicated to the memory of our beloved president, 
William McKinley, consisting of the story of the assassination and death, funeral services at Washing- 
tor and Canton, newspaper editorials, poems and eulogies from all over tie world, pt. 1. Cleveland, 0., 
E.E.Wilson, 1902. v. 111. 22%em. [L.C. 2-17062] 

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cester, Mass. [The Blauchard press] 1902. 55 p. front, (port.) 23 '-join. [L.C. 3-7948] 
MACLANE, Mary (b.1881). American writer. 

Maclane, Mary. The story of Mary Maclane. Chicago, H.S. Stone and company, 1902. 2p. 1., 322 p. front. 

(port.) 19%em. [L.C. 2-13619] 
McLEAN Co., 111. A central county of state. 

McLean County Historical Society Transactions. Bloomington, 111. 
McMASTER, George H. (1828-1902). 8. C. merchant, teacher, legislator, wriUr. 

George H. McMaster. 8 C Hist Mag 3(1902)249-50. 
XcMILLAN, James (1838-1902). Mich. IT. 8. senator. 

The Michigan campaign. Nation 75(1902)125. 
MACMONNIES. Frederick (William) (b.1863). American sculptor. 

G r e e r, H. II. Frederick Macmonnles, sculptor. Brush & P 10(1902)1 (An). 
MoNEILY, John 8. (b.1841). Miss, journalist, writer, Confederate officer. 

[John S. McNeily]. Miss Hist P 6(1902)129. 
MACON, Nathaniel (1767-1837). N. C. Congressman, Speaker of the House. 

D o d d, William E. The place of Nathnnl ! Macon In Southern history. Am Hist R 7(1902)683-75. 
Pittman, Thomas M. Nathaniel Macon, an uddress on occasion of unveiling of a monument to Wm. Macon 

at Gilford battle ground, July 4, 1902. Pub. by Gilford Battle Guard Association, Greeneboro, 8. C. 
MACON family. 

Macon family (note). Wm M Q 10(1902)276-8, 11(1902)76-7. 
MACON COUNTY, N. C. Western Co. of state, bordering on Georgia. 

Stewart, Henry. Macon county, North Carolina... Hlghtlands [N. C.] Blue Ridge ass'n press, 1902. [30] 

p. 16'/a x 0%em. [L.C. 2-15985] 
McFHILOMY, Hulbert (1859-1901). Philadelphia Catholic priest. 

Rev. Hubert P. McPhllomy. Am Cath Hist 13(1902)58,130, port. 
McWHORTER family. 

M c W h o r t e r, L. V. Henry McWhorter and descendants Col. John McWhorter. W Va Mag 2.1(1902) 


MADAWASKA, Me. Township of Aroostook Co. about 100 m. N. of Houlton. 
Collins, Charles W. New England Catholic Historical Society publication, No. 3. The Aeadlans of the 

Madawaska, Maine. Boston, 1902. pp. 66. 80. pamphlet. 
MADISON, James (1751-1836). 4th President of the United States. 

Ford, Worthington C. Letters from Joseph Jones to Madison. Mass Hiat Soc Proc 11.15(1901-2)116-61, 
Hunt, Galllard. James Madison and religious liberty. Am Hist A Rep 01,1(1902)163-71, 


Hunt, Gaillard. The life of James Madison... New York, Doubleday, Page & co., 1902. vlii p., 1 1., 402 
p. front, (port.) 23%cm. [ Hist R 9(1903)170-3(T.C.Smith) "The book is really a temper- 
ately and Independently written history of the United States from 1776 to 1817... merit of breadth and 
true perspective. . .style. . .clear and vigorous. . .historical workmanship ... sound and scholarly ... respect- 
able. . .index"; Dial 34(1903)341-2 "solid. . .painstaking care, fortified with references and footnotes... 
altogether worthy of respect. . .lack of brightness in... style." 3-4211] 
MADISON COUNTY, Tenn. Western Co. of state. 

C i s c o, J. G. Madison County. Am Hist Mag 7(1902)328-48 
MADISON township, 0. Township of Franklin Co. in central Ohio. 

Bareis, George Frederick], History of Madison township, Including Groveport and Canal Winchester, 
Franklin county, Ohio... Canal Winchester, O., G.F.Barels, 1902. vlil, 515 p. front., pi., port., fold, 
map. 20cm. [L.C. 2-20675] 
MAGELLAN STRAIT. Strait separating Patagonia, 8. A., from Tierra del Fuego. 

Abribat, Jean Marie. ...Le dStroit de Magellan au point de vue international... Paris, A.Chevaller- 

Marescq & elf, 1902. 3 p. 1., 311 p., 1 1. 25cm. [These Univ. de Paris. L.C. 3-13258] 
MAGITIRE, Luke (b.1796). Pennsylvania emigrant. 

Flick, Lawrence F. Reminiscences of Mr. Luke Maguire, of St. Augustlni's, Cambria County, Pa., taken 

In 1879. Am Cath Hist 13(1902)231-2. 
MAHAN, Alfred Thayor (b.1840). N. Y. Capt. U. S. navy, writer. 

Captain Alfred T. Mahan. World's Work 3(1901-2)1690, port. only. 

M a h a n, Alfred T. The growth of our national feeling. World's Work 3O901 -2)1763-8. 
MAHTOTOHPA (fl.1832). Second chief of the Mandan Indians. 

M c C o w a n, S. M. Indian heroes, the story of Mahtotohpa, second chief of the Mandans. South Work 

30(1901)200-5, ill. 
MAIDIT Indians. A group of tribes in northern Cal, 

Dixon, Roland Bfurrage]. ...Maidu myths. Bulletin of the American museum of natural history, vol. 
XVII, part II, p. 33-118. New York, June 30, 1902. [New York, The Knickerbocker press, 1902] cover- 
title, 33-118 p. 24%crn. [At head of title: The Huntington California expedition. L.C. 3-20934] 
MAINE. The northeasternmost state of U. S., admitted 1880. 

Farnham, Mary Frances. ...The Farnhnm papers. 1698-1871... Portland, The Lefavor-Tower company, 
1902. Ix, 383 p. 23ficm. (Maine historical society. Documentary history of ttie state of Maine, v. 
VIII) [Running title: Documents relating to the territorial history of Maine. L.C. 2-18428] 

MacDonald, William. ...The government of Maine; its history and administration... New York, London, 
The Mncmillan company, 1902. ix, 263 p. front, (map) form. 19%cm. (Handbooks of American gov- 
ernment) [Rev.ln:Am Hist R 8(1903)592-3(G.B.Fellows) "in every way commendable ... particularly In- 
teresting is ... treatment of local government": Dial 33(1902)409 "adjunct to the teaching of American 
history and government in our schools." L.C. 2-24428] 

Maine Historical Society. Act of incorporation. By-laws and list of members. Portland, Me., April, 1902. 
23 pp. 80. 

Smyth, Lawrence T. The lumber industry in Maine. New Eng M 25(1901-2)629-48. 
"MAINE." U. 8. battleship blown up in Havana harbor, Feb. 15, 1888. 

Butler, Charles Henry- The responsibility of Spain for the destruction of the United States battleship 
Maine in Havana harbor, February 15, 1898, and the assumption by the United States, under the treaty 
of 1898, of Spain's pecuniary liability for the injuries to, and deaths of, her officers and crew. Argument 
before the Spanish treaty claims commission, December 18-21, 1901, on behalf of claimants represented 
by Butler & Harwood. New York, The Evening post Job printing house, 1902. 1 p. '!., vl, 94 p. 27cm. 
[L.C. 2-18368] 
MANASSAS (Va.). Civil War battle, July 21, 1861. 

The first Manassas. South Hist Soc Pap 30(1002)209-76. 

I r b y, Richard. Early days of the war. Confed Vet 10(1901-2)257-8. 
MANCHESTER, N. H. City of Hillsborough Co. 59 m. N. of Boston. 

Early records of Manchester and vicinity. Notes and Q 20(1902)5-7. 

G 1 1 m o r e, G. C. Asiatic cholera in Manchester, IS49-54. Historic Quart 3(1902)53-7. 

The Historical Quarterly, an ill. mag. containing tb/T contributions of the Manchester Historic Ass. and 
misc. matter of local and general Interest. Manchester, N. H. Vol. 3.=1902. p. 120. with supple- 
ment In each number. 

K i d d e r, J. Early recollections of Manchester. Historic Quart 3(1902)65-78. 

L e a v 1 1 1, O. H. The old Bridge-Street pound. Historic Quart 3(1902)27-32. 

L e a v 1 1 1, Orrin H. The old pound. Notes and Q 20(1902)161-6. 
MANIGAtTLT, Peter (1731-73). S. C. colonial statesman. 

[Biographical note]. S C Hist Mag 3(1902)87. 


MANILA, Philippine Is. Chief city of Philippines and seat of Gov't, on Is. of Luzon. 
Eddy, Frederick W. Manila. Outl 70(1902)48-58, ill. 

V a 1 1 a d o r e, B. F. Observaclones de Manila. Rozon y Fe Mars (1902). 
MANITOBA. Province of Canada, adjoining Minn, and N. Dakota. 

Brans, W. Sanford. Manitoba and territorial autonomy. Canad M 18(1901-2)450-61. 
MANITOTTLIN Is. Island in northern part of Lake Huron, belonging: to Ontario, Can. 

S t c 1 n e r, Bernard C. On Manitouliu. So Atlun Q 1(1902)333-40. 
MANNING family. 

Manning:, William H[enryj. The genealogical and biographical history of the Manning families of New 
England and descendants, from the settlement in America to present time. I. The William Manning 
family, of Cambridge, Mass. II. The Richard and Anstlce Manning fariily, of Salem-Ipswlch, Mass. 
III. Miscellaneous families... Salem, The Salem press co., 1902. v, 857 p. front., pi., port., facslm. 
23%cm. [ E Reg 56(1902)326<F.W.Farke) "based. . .upon original sources. . .six full Indexes." 
L.C. 3-3809] 
MANSUR family. 

T a f t, R. 8. Mansur note. Gen Q M 3(1902)47,96. 
MANUSCRIPTS (incl. documents). Early unpublished writings of historic value. 

An account of manuscripts, papers, and documents in private hands. Miss Hist P 5(1902)229-93. 
Fb'rstemann, Ernst [Wilhelm], Commentnr zur Madrlder Mayahandschrlft (Codex Tro-Corteslanus) . Dan- 
zig, L.Sauniers buchhandlung (G.Horn) 1902. 160 p. 111. 23M>cm. [L.C. 3-27200] 
J o 1 1 n e, Adrian H. Meditations of an autograph collector. Harper 104(2901-2)969-74, ill. 
New York. State library. . . . Descriptive list of French manuscripts cople:! for New York State library 
from National archives and National library at Paris, 18S8... Albany, University of the state of New 
York, 1902. 1 p. 1., [319]-382 p. 25cm. (New York State library. Bull-tin 57. History 5) [81 msa. 
relating to America; described by A.J.F.Van Laer. Cover-title. L.C. 3-7520] 
T h r u a t o n, G. P. Autographic collections and historic manuscripts. Sev/anee 10(1902)28-42. 
MANZANO Salt lakes, N. M. Lakes of Valencia Co. in central New Mexico. 
J o h n 8 o n, D. W. To the Manzano Salt lakes. Ont West 16(1902)367-76, ill. 

MAFES family. 

Records from the Mapes Bible In possession of Mr. E.L.Brown of Calveiton.L.I. N Y Roc 33(1902)62-3. 

MARBLEHEAD, Mass. Town and port of Essex Co. 18 m. N.E. of Boston. 

M a y n a r d, George. Field day at Marblehead. Wor Soc Ant 17(1902)489-506. 
MAHCHANT family. 

The Marchant family. Low Norf Ant 4(1902)39-40. 
MARCONI, Guglielmo (b.1875). Inventor of wireless telegraphy. 

Marconi, Guglielmo and McGrath, P. T. Marconi and his transatlantic signal. Cent 63(1901-2)769-82. 

S o o t t, M. O. Guglielmo Marconi In Canada. Canad M 18(1901-2)338-40, 111., port. 
MARCUS Is. Island of Oceanica, between Hawaii and Philippines, belonging to U. 8. 

L e J a p o n et les fitats-Onls a 1'lle Marcus. Tour Monde 13 Dec (1902). 
MARCY, William Learned (1786-1867). N. Y. lawyer, U. 8. senator, Governor. 

M a r c y, William L. [Letter] to General John Jackson [1838]. Bost Bull 7(1902)276. 

MARCY family. 

Paige, Mrs. Calvin D. The Marcy family. Quliiabiing Hist Soc Leaf 1[ 19027] 131-46. 

MARIE ADELAIDE, Duchesse de Chartres (fl.1776). Wife of "Philippe Egalite," and supporter of Ameri- 
cans in Am. Rev. 

Smith, Mary Stuart. Marie Adelaide of Orleans. New Eng M 26(1902)471-5, port. 
MARKOE, Thomas Masters (1819-1901). N. Y. surgeon in Civil War, Professor, writer. 

Gallaudet, Bern B. Dr. Thomas M. Marzoe. Columb Q 4(1901)47-50, port. 
MARKS family. 

Lines, Mrs. Eliza J[ennette (Marks)]. Marks-Platt ancestry... South Beach, Conn., Pub. by request of 
A.A.Marks, 1902. 1 p. I., 98, [16] p. fiont., pi., port., geneal. tab. 21%cm. [16 blank pages at end 
for descendants' record. L.C. 3-9126] 
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tended to be more than a popular biography, but... as such... far from satisfactory ... character of Mar- 
quette. . .well drawn. . .events of his life ... clearly set forth... good many slips... good index. . .maps. .. 


photographs"; Am Hist R 8(1903)384-5(Ames Bain) "is... for young people... has perhaps placed too 
high a value upon... share which Marqnette had in... great discovery"; Nation 75(1902)346 "Work of one 
...perfectly familiar with. . .missionary services of ... Jesuits ... real biography ... centers in... deeds of 
the Father himself"; Dial 33(1902)215 "interesting. . .on the whole... a simple, uneventful life. L.C. 
MARRIAGE (and divorce). Legal union of husband and wife. 

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MARSHALL family. 

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MARSHFIELD, Mais. Township of Plymouth Co. about 28 m. 8.E. of Boston. 

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MARTIAL LAW. The substitution of military for civil gov't. in time of war or disturbance. 

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MARTIN family. 

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freely Illustrated"; Dial 34(1903)245-6 "interesting throughout. . .vivid and picturesque style." L.C. 

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Ce que J'al vn. Dans les mines Cenx qui ont vn. Chez les savants. Notes et documents pour com- 
pleter mon reportage. L.C. 3-8082] 

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MARYLAND. An original middle Atlantic state of 0. 8. between Fa. and Va. 

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introduction and notes by Newton D. Mereneas... Cleveland, The Burrows brothers company, 1902. 113 
p. incl. facsim. front, (port.) map. 23^cm. ["Of this edition, two hundred and fifty copies have been 
printed, and the type distributed." This copy not numbered. [Rev.ln:Dial 34(1903)126 "reprint. . .inter- 
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Mereness. . .ample and satisfactory." L.C. 3-1876] 

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subject, Gunby, John, etc.] 


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"here and there thrown some new light on... Lords Baltimore and on the dispute over the boundary be- 
tween Maryland and Pennsylvania. Other than this... chief value. . .in. . .cautious, concise, o.nd dispas- 
sionate narration of... events in the history of colonial Maryland. . .he had two points of view... the per- 
sonality of a lord proprietor [and]... the mere progress of events... has shown us only a loose general 
relation between the two"; Nation 76(1903)93 "agreeably written. . .extremely accurate ... we can com- 
mend this... to all. . .interested in our colonial histories"; Y Rec 34(1903)303 "story of Mary- 
land's colonial period told in masterly manner." L.C. 3-182] 

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MASON, Lowell (1792-1872). Am. musician and composer. 

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MASON COUNTY, 111. Co. in W. central part of state. 

Onstot, Thompson Gains, 1829 Pioneers of Menard and Mason counties; made up of personal reminis- 
cences of an early life in Menard county, which we gathered in a Salem life from 1830 to 1840, and a 
Petersburg life from 1840 to 1850; including personal reminiscences of Abraham Lincoln and Peter Cart- 
right. Forest City, 111., T.G.Onstot, 1902. 400 p. incl. front., 111., port., plan. 23cm. [L.C. 2-27721] 
MASON and Dizon line. Boundary between Pa. and Md. and between free and slave states, surveyed 1766. 

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Richmond, Va., Oracle publishing company, 1902. 15 p. incl. 111., facslm. 24%cm. ["Reprinted from 
the April and May, 1902, numbers of the Oracle magazine, Richmond, Virginia." "One thousand copies 
printed." [ Mag 10(1902)111 "brief and intelligible. . .clear account... of value and Interest"; 
W Va Mag 2.3(1902)83 "carefully prepared. . .well written and interesting." L.C. 2-14119] 
MASSACHUSETTS. An original N.E. state of the United States. 

Adams, Alton D. Municipal gas and electric plants in Massachusetts. .J Pol Kcon ^0(1901-2)214-29. 

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Catholics as rare as comets [1765]. Am Cath Res 19(1D02)77. 

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bauf Hist Soc Leaf l[1902?]185-98. 

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Papist In Massachusetts. Boston, 1902. pp. 33, 80, pamph. 

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title under subject, Money.] 

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printer in this country. Map of Massachusetts, 1637. Benjamin Tompson, the earliest American poet. 
The names of streets, etc., in Boston, 1708. Blodget's plan of the battle uear t.aki> George, 1755. The 
stamp act, 1765. The seat of war, near Boston, 1775. Gen. Kufus Putnam's plan of towns In Worcester 
county, 1785. Dr. Prescott's plan of Groton, Massachusetts, 1794. State street, Boston, 1801. Rev.ln: 
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Religions oppression In Mass. Trial of Rev. John Cheverus for marrying Catholics and of Mr. Kav- 
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many of the foremost settlers of the New England colony, compiled from the earliest church and state 
records." "] 

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and counties. Boston, State Printers, 1902. 8vo. pp. 15. [Rev.ln :Nation 74(1902)113 "Shows ... good 
affect of a law. . .enabling towns to choose ... clerk for three years Instead of annually."] 

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incl. front., 111., 9 map. ie%rm. p. 90-112 advertising matter. [L.O. 2-24147] 

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MASSACHUSETTS Institute of Technology, Boston, Mass. Est. X861. 

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MATHER, Cotton (1663-1728). Mass, clergyman and writer. 

Cone, Kate M. Cotton Mather's borthplace. Gen Q M 3(1902)65-64. 
MATLACK. Timothy (1730-1829). Pa. Revolutionary officer, Continental Congressman. 

Letters of James Allen to Coloney Timothy Matlack, 177S. Penn Mag 26(1902)286-7. 
MATOON, (Mrs.) Mary (Dickinson). (1768-1835). Revolutionary matron. 

Walker, Alice M[orehouse]. Mary Mattoon and her hero of the revolution [General Ebenezer Mattoon] 
Cover design by Martha Genung. Amherst, Mass. [Press of Carpenter ft Morehonse] 1902. 83, [1] p. 
front., pi., port. 18%cm. [L.C. 3-5965] 


MATTOON, Ebenezer (1755-1843). Mass, officer in War of 1812, Congressman. 

Walker, Alice M[orehouse]. Mary Mattoori and her hero of the revolution [General Ebenezer Mattoou] 
Cover design by Martha Genung. Amherst, Mass. [Press of Carpenter & Morehouse] 1902. 83, [1] p. 
front., pi., port. 18%cm. [L.C. 3-5965] 
MAUL family. 

...William Maul and Bethlah Guthrie, ancestors of the Logan family (note). Penn Mag -j(1902) 

MATJLSBY family. 

Payne, Cora M. (Patty). Genealogy of the Maulsby family for five generation, 1699-1902; comp. by careful 
research among Quaker, government and family records... Dose Moines, G. A. Miller, 1902. 5 p. 1., 142 
p., 1 1., 10 1., [2] p. ill., pi., port., fold, map, facsim. (partly fold.) 24cm. [L.C. 3-3828] 
MAUMEE Valley, Ohio. Valley of Maumee R. in northwestern Ohio. 

Gunckel, John E. The early history of the Maumee Valley. Toledo, O., Press of the Hadley printing co., 
1902. 101 p. incl. front., ill., pi. 21 x 18 cm. [ Hist R 8(1903)408 "...graphic account... 
likely to be of some service in the preparation of a more complete historv." L.C. 2-22687] 
MAXIM, (Sir) Hiram Stevens (h.1840). Am. inventor and manufacturer, resident of England. 

Price, Charles W. Sir Hiram Stevens Maxim. Cosmopol 33(1902)530-2, port. 
MAXWELL, William Henry (h.1852). N. Y. educator, Supt. N. Y. City schools, writer. 

The head of four hundred schools. World's Work 3(1901-2)1848-51, port. 
MAY, Samuel (1810-1899). Mass. Unitarian clergyman, writer. 

Dodge, BenJ. J. Samuel May. Wor Soc Ant 17(1900)11-14. 
MA YES, Edward (b.1846). Miss. Confederate soldier, politician. 

[Edward Mayes]. Miss Hist P 6(1902)307-8. 
MAYHEW, Thomas (1592-1682). Colonial Governor Martha's Vineyard. 

The Owl on Martha's Vineyard. The Owl 3(1902)63-6. 
MAYNARD, Newland (d.1901). N. Y. Episcopal clergyman, writer and lecturer. 

Rev. Newland Maynard (obituary). N Y Rec 33(1902)54. 
MAYO-SMITH, Richmond (1854-1901). Columbia University Prof., writer. 

Sellgman, Edwin R. A. Richmond Mayo-Smith. Columb Q 4(1901)40-5, port. 
MAZZEI, Filippo (b.1730). European Agent of Va. during Am. Revolution. 

Z i m m e r n, Helen. Story of Mazzei. New Eng M 27(1902)198-211. 
MAZZUCHELLI, Samuel Charles (1807-64). Catholic priest. 

Rev. Samuel Charles Mazzuchelll, 0. P. Am Cath Hist 13(1902)250. port. 
MEAD (or Meade) family. 

C a 1 1 a h a n, G. C. Some of the Meads. Win M Q 10(1902)191-7,242-5. 
MEADVILLE, Pa. City of Crawford Co. 36 m. S. of Erie. 

Wilbur, Earl Morse. A historical sketch of the Independent congregationnl church, Meadville, Pennsyl- 
vania, 1825-1900. Meadville, Pa., 1902. vll, 96 p. front., pi., port. 20cm. [L.C. 2-16948] 
MEARS family. 

Mears, (Mrs.) Kate DeRossett. "A group of my ancestral dames of the colonial period." Goldsborov N. C. 
[1902] O. pp. 17. [Rev. in: South Hist A Pub 6(1902)526 "relates mainly to members of the t)eRossetc 
MEAT packing industry. Business of transforming cattle into meat, and marketing it. 

Shirley, William M. Inside a great packing plant. Nat'l M (Bost) 15(J901-2)581-6, ill. 
MECKLENBURG County, N. C. A south border Co. 

Alexander, J[ohn] B[revard]. The history of Mecklenburg County from 1740 to 1900... Charlotte, N. C., 

Observer printing house, 1902. 1 p. 1., iv, [3]-431 p. front., pi., port., map. 24cm. [L.C. 3-3298] 
Clarkson, Herlot. The hornet's nest. N C Bookl 1.6(1901)3-24. 

MEDAL of Honor Legion of U. 8. Society of recipients of U. S. Medal for service in Civil and Spanish wars. 
Medal of honor legion of the United States. A record of the greeting given by the local members and citi- 
zens of Philadelphia, on Thursday and Friday, November 6 and 7, 1902 and proceedings of the legion in 
Independence hall, Philadelphia, Pa., Friday, November 7, 1902. [Philadelphia, 1902?] 37 p. 2 port. 
23cm. [L.C. 3-29117] 
MEDFIELD, Mass. Village in Medfield township, Norfolk Co., 18 m. S.W. of Boston. 

Medfleld, Mass. Medfleld, Massachushetts: proceedings at the celebration of the two hundred and fiftieth 
anniversary of the incorporation of the town, June 6, 1901. Boston, G.H.Ellis co., printers, 1902. 112 p. 
front., pi., facs. 28%cm. [Rev.lnrN E Reg 56(1902)330(F.W.Parke) "most entertaining. . .church his- 
tories. . .particularly important." L.C. 3-8380] 


V- /'" 
MEDFORD, Mass. Village of Middlesex Co. 5 m. N.N.W. of Boston. 

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pp. 96. 

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The "Town House." Medf Reg 5(1902)90. 

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MEDICINE. Art of heading and drugs employed. 

Carney, S. H. Early days of medicine and surgery in America. Munsey 28(1902)377(D). 
Llcencies des bureaux medicaux du Canada-est de 1788 a 1848. Rech TUst 8(1902)175-80,201-9. 
The new medical education. Nation 75(1902)259-60. 
A Virginia doctor's medicines, 1729 (note). Va Mag 10(1902)216-7. 
MEIGS, John (fl.1639). Conn, pioneer. 

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MEIGS family. 

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[ Northw Q 5(1902)154 "historical references. . .valuable notes." L.C. 3-3193] 
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MEIRCKEN, (Mrs.) Peter (Snowden) (b.1777). Wife of Peter Meircken, a merchant of Fhila. 

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MELR08E, Mass. Village of Middlesex Co. 7 m. M. of Boston. 

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1902. xvlll, 508 p. front., 111. (incl. port., facslm.) pi. 24%cm. [L.C. 3-11847] 
MENARD County, 111. County in W. central part of state. 

Onstot. T[hompson] G[ains]. Pioneers of Meuard and Mason counties; made up of personal reminiscences 
of an early life In Menard county, which we gathered in a Salem life from iou^ to 1840, and a Peters- 
burg life from 1840 to 1850; Including personal reminiscences of Abraham Lincoln and Peter C'art right. 
Forest City., 111., T.G.Oustot, 1902. 400 p. Incl. front., 111., port., plan. 23cm. [L.C. 2-27721] 
MENOMONIE, Wis. County seat of Dunn Co. 26 m. W. by E. of Eau Claire. 

Chappie, Joe Mitchell. The Stout Manual Training School. Nat'l M(Bost)]5(1901-2)501-7, ill., port. 
MENOTOMY, Mass. Ancient name of a precinct of Cambridge. 

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MERCHANT Marine. Vessels employed in domestic or foreign commerce. 

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Dodd, Mead & company, 1902. 1 p. 1., x, 372 p. front., ill., pi. 21cm. [Rev.ln:Nation 75(1902)481 
"popular and fascinating account of .. .development of... oar mercantile marine. . .only lacks. . .bibliog- 
raphy to make It of real value to... student of history"; Dial 34(1 90.") 89-110 "popular. .. [not much] 
minuteness of detail... can be cheerfully recommended." L.C. 2-25189] 

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New York, C.Scribner's sons, 1902. xvi p., 1 1., 444 p. 21%cm. [ Hist R 8(1903)541-2(W. 
B.Weeden) "sketchy and Interesting ... few of the qualities of history ... patriotic romance appeals to all 
of ns"; Nation 76(1902)421 "somewhat incoherent enthusiasm. . .entertaining. . .other works on these 
subjects... not likely to be superseded"; Dial 34(1903)89-90 "technical. . .explicit. . .copious. . .interesting 
reading ... can be cheerfully recommended." L.C. 2-24825] 
MERION, Pa. Village of Montgomery Co. 19 m. N.W. of Philadelphia. 

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MEBRICK family. 

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Madison, Wis., Tracy, Gibbs & company, 1902. vi, [2], 494 p. 3 pi. (1 col.) 12 port. (Incl. front.) 
23cm. [ Northw Q 6(1903)27 "Printing. . .and binding. . .elegant. . .model genealogy." L.O. 

MERRILL, Samuel (b.1822). Iowa soldier, Governor. 

Fleming, Wm. H. Governor Samuel Merrill. Annals of Iowa 5(1902)335-51, port. 
MERRILL family. 

Will of Nathaniel Merrill [of Newbnry, Mass., ab. 1655]. Ess Ant 6(1902)38-9. 


MEERIMAC-MONITOE battle. Civil War naval battle in Hampton Roads, Va., March 8-9, 1868. 

B r o o k e, St. G. T. The Merrimac-Monitor battle. Transallegheuy Hist M 2(1902)30-42. 
MESA GRANDE, Cal. Village of Messina Indians. 

L u m m 1 s, Charles F. Two days at Mesa Grande. Out West 16(1902)602-12, ill., port. 
METHODIST Church. Arminian church founded by John Wesley, having several branches in U. S. 

C a 1 h o u n, John C. Documents on the Division of the Methodist Church 111 1844. Gulf Mag 1(1902)212. 

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Methodist Episcopal church. The constitution of the Methodist Episcopal church, and the constitutions and 
charters of the several organizations authorized by the General conference, to which is added the con- 
stitution of the Methodist Episcopal church. South. Cincinnati, Jennings & Pye; New York, Eaton it 
Mains [c!902] vii, 313 p. 18cm. [Edited by R.T.Miller and W.F.Whltlock, D.D. L.C. 3-4985] 

Methodist Episcopal church, South. The doctrines nnd discipline. 1902. Ed. by Jno. J. Tigert. . .Nash- 
ville, Tenn., Dallas, Tex., Publishing house of the M. E. church, South, Bigham & Sminth, agents, 1902. 
Till. 41S p. 16cm. [L.C. 3-4206] 

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p e e r, J. Patriotism and education in the Methodist church. Trans Kan Hist Soc 1901-2 7(1902)494-500. 

Tigert, John J[ames]. The doctrines of the Methodist Episcopal church in America, as contained in the 
disciplines of said church from 1788 to 1808, and so designated on their title-pages; comp. and ed. with 
an historical introduction.. Cincinnati, Jennings & Pye; New York, Eaton & Mains, 1902. 2 v. 15cm. 
(Little books on doctrine) [Contents. v. 1. The Scripture doctrine of predestination, election and rep- 
robation. Serious thoughts on the infallible, unconditional perseverance of all that have once experi- 
enced faith in Christ. Extract on the nature and subjects of Christian baptism. Against antinomian- 
ism. v. 2. A plain account of Christian perfection, as believed and taught by the Rev. Mr. John Wesley, 
from the year 1725 to the year 1765. Oi' Christian perfection. [51.Men.!n:Am Hist R 8(1902)200 "of 
interest to students of American church history." L.C. 2-18962] 

T u r r e n 1 1 n e, S. B. Methodism's educational mission in national life. Meth R South 51(1902)88-103. 
METHTJEN, Mass. Town of Essex Co. 2 m. N.N.W. of Lawrence. 

Mann, Charles W. The king's highway from Swan's Ferry to Back River Mill. New Eng M 26(1902) 

525-35, iU. 
MEXICAN War. War between U. S. and Mexico, April, 1846-Sept.. 1847. 

French, Samuel G[ibbsJ. Two wars: an autobiography... Mexican war; war between the States, a diary; 
reconstruction period, his experience; incidents, reminiscences, etc. Nashville, Tenh., Confederate vet- 
eran, 1901. xv, [1], 404 pp. incl. ill., port, front, (port.) 14cm. [L.C. 1-27326 M 2] 

[Letter] to Col. Jefferson Davis [1846]. Boat Bull 7(1902)330. 

Mannbardt, R. Deutsche Tbeilnehmer am Mexlkanischen Kriege von La Salle County. Deutsch-Am 

G 2.3(1902)48-9. 
MEXICO. Republic of southern N. A. bounded by U. 8., Atlantic, Guatemala, and Pacific. 

A n d r u s, S. G. Men and affairs in Mexico. Nat'l M(Bost)17(1902)345(D). 

A u s 1 1 n, O. P. Commerce of Mexico and the U. S. Nat Geog M 13(1902)25(Ja). 

B o y c e, Isaac. Mission work among Indians of Hob country, Vera Cruz, Mexico. "S*s Her 6(1902)221-3. 

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Butler, (Mrs.) John W. The outlook in Mexico. Miss R 25(1902)109-12. 

Butler, John W. Religious forces in Mexico and Central America. Miss R 25(1902)195-204. 

Codex FejSrvary-Mayer. An old Mexican picture manuscript in the Liverpool free public museums (12014M) 
Published at the expense of His Excellency the Duke cf Loubat. . .elucidated by Dr. Eduard Seler... 
[For details see details see same title under subject, Aztecs.] 

Codex vaticanus 3773. (Codex vaticanus B) eine altmexikanische bilderschrift der Vatikanlschen biblio- 
thek; hrsg. auf kosten seiner excellent des herzoga von Loubat ... erlautert von Dr. Eduard Seler... 
[For details see same title under subject, Aztecs.] 

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ico. An address at the Banquet of Chicago Credit Men's Association, September 17, 1902. pp. 21. 

General Synod of Mexico [Presbyterian]. Ass Her 6(1902)225-6. 

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Diaz de Leon. 1902. pp. 463. 30 ptas. 

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Mexico, 1902. pp. 576. 

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International congress of Americanists, held at the American museum of natural history in the city of 
New York, October 20-25, 1902. New York, The Knickerbocker press [1902] 8 p. 24cm. [L.C. 8-27276] 


Lumholtz. Karl [Sofus]. Unknown Mexico; a record of five years' exploration among the tribes of the 
western Sierra Madre; In the tlerra callente of Tepic and Jalisco; and among the Tarascos of Mlchoacan. 
New York, C.Scrlbner's sons, 1902. 2 v. front., ill., pi. (partly col.) port., fac., fold. map. 25cm. 
[Rev. in: Nation 76(1903)272-4 "painstaking. . .worthy contribution ... style unaffected, ordinarily agree- 
able, generally lucid. . .honest, earnest, and important"; Nation 76(1903)296-8 "utter worthlessness of 
the index cannot be too strongly deplored": Dial 34(1903) 198-9( A.H.Noll) "the most valuable contri- 
bution... of recent years... to scientific exploration. . .in the Western World ... pleasant literary style... 
keen sense of humor... of deep Interest. . .scarcely a dull page." L.C. 2-27727] 

Marin Bimbela (R). Codlgo sanitario de los Estados Unities mexicanos. M6x Herrero Hermanns 1 peso, 
pp. 344. 

Morris, [Ida DormanJ "Mrs. J. . Morris." A tour in Mexico; illustrated from photographs taken en 
route by James Edwin Morris. New York, London [etc.] The Abbey press [1902] 1 p. 1., 322 p. front., 
pi. 20cm. [L.C. 2-30131] 

Paso y Troucoso, F. del. Hlstolre mexicainc de Cristobal del Castillo. Par. Leroux, 1902. 

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and "The conquest of Peru." New York and London, Street and Smith [1902] xli, 205, [1] p. front, 
(port.) 15'.ji-m. (S & S little classics) [L.C. 2-24859] 

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lichtdrucktafeln. Berlin, D.Relmer (E.Vohsi>ii), 1902. xii, [1], 233, [1] p. front., 111., pi., fold. map. 
25%cm. [L.C. 3-19776] 

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MICHIGAN. An upper Lake state of V. 8. admitted 1837. 

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227, port. 

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253-313, port. 

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gan pioneer and historical society, T. 31. Lansing, Mich., 1302. pp. 8+649. 

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<; r <> s v e n o r, Ebeuexer O. The new state capitol. Mich Hist Coll '01, 31(1901)227-32. 

Keith, Hannah E. Hist, sketch of Internal Improvements in Michigan, 1836-46. . Ann Arbor, Mich., Pol. 
Sci., 1902. 16o. 

Memorial report. [This contains necrological reports from various counties, chiefly of pioneers, but 
only here and there one worth separate reference.] Mich Hist Coll '01 31(1901)13-98. 

M o o r e, Charles. The beginnings of territorial government in Michigan. Mich Hist Coll '01, 31(1901) 

Smith, Harlan I. The antiquities of Michigan, their value and Impending loss. Mich Hist Coll '01 21 
(1901)238-52, ill. 

Stocking, W. Michigan's New Hampshire pathmakers. Granite M 33(1902)81-9, port. 
MIDDLEBOROTJGH, Mass. Village of Plymouth Co. 34 m. 8. by E. of Boston. 

Mlddleborongh, Mass., births, marriages and deaths. Mayfl Desc 3(1901)83-6,232-36; 4.67-7S. 
MIDDLETOWN, Conn. City and port of Middlesex Co. 15 m. 8. of Hartford. 

Jackson, Margaret Ellen. Some old Mattabeseck families. Conn Mag 7(1902)473-82, ill., port. 
MIGHILL family. 

Will of Thomas Mlghill [of Rowley, Mass., ab. 1655]. Ess Ant 6(1902)72-4. 
MILFORD, Mass. Village of Worcester Co. 18 m. 8.E. of Worcester. 

Wilson, Lewis G. Mllford and Hopedale. New Eng M 27(1902)487-508, ill., port. 
MILITIA. Volunteer defensive military organization under state control. 

Powell, Ja. W. Customs of the service: national guards and volunteers. Rev. ed.. Kansas City, Mo., 
Hudson-K., 1902. 16o. 

W h e 1 p I e y, J. D. The militia force in the United States. No Am 174(1902)275-80. 
MILLER, John (1775-1887). Pa. Baptist clergyman. 

D e a n, A. D. Blog. sketch of Rev. John Miller. Proc Wyoming Hist Soc 7(1902)171-7. 

Marriage Records Kept by Rev. John Miller, of Abington Township, Luzerne Co., Pa., 1802-1856. 
Proc Wyoming Hist Soc 7(1902)178-200. 


MILLEK, William Turner (fl.1775). R. I. Colonel in Am. Revolution. 

Miller, William Turner. [Letters] to his wife, from the camp before Boston, 1775. Boat Bull 7(1902) 

MILLER family. 

Miller, Joseph Lyon. The Millers and their kin. W Va Mag 2.2(1902)38-53, port. 
MILLIONAIRES, Am. Persons worth a million dollars or more. 

Barlow, Jane. The founding of fortunes. New York, Dodd, Mead & company, 1902. 3 p. 1., 348 p. 

19%cm. [L.C. 2-23908] 
Fornaro, C[arlo] de. Millionaires of America. Caricatures by Max Cramer dc Pourtales. New York, The 

Medvsa pvb. co., 1902. cover-title, 2 1., 12 pi. 38x30cm. [L.C. 3-1887] 
Schierbrand, Wv. Binfl. d. Milliardars auf Amerika. Kultur(1902)Okt.39B-404. 
MILLS, Darius Ogden (b.1825). Cal. and N. Y. capitalist. 

M o f f e t t, Samuel E. Darius Ogden Mills. Cosmopol 33(1902)289-92, ill. 
MILLS, Elligood (1744-1832). K. H. sea captain, patriot, privateer. 

E 1 1 i g o o d Mills. Am Month M 21(1902)118. 
MILWAUKEE, Wis. City of Milwaukee Co. on Lake Michigan 85 m. N. of Chicago. 

Souvenir album of the Cream city. Pictorial Milwaukee... Souvenir-album von Deutsch-Atheu. . . Mil- 
waukee, Wis., C.N.Caspar company [1902] 1 p. 1., Ill pi. on 56 1. 15%x20^cm. [Each plate is accom- 
panied by descriptive text in English and German. Photographed by J.Brown, S.L.Stein and A.J.Breit- 
wish. Collodiotypes by Hammersmith engraving co. L.C. 2-23104] 

Usher, Ellis B. New England influcuce in Milwaukee. Wise Hist Proc '01(1901)170-4. 
MIMBRES Valley, New Mexico. 

D u f f, U. Francis. The ruins of the Mimbres Valley. Am Ant 24(1902)397-400. 
MIMS FORT, Ala. Fort 35 m. N. of Mobile, scene of Indian massacre, Aug. 30, 1813. 

H a 1 b e r t, Henry S. Ensign Isaac W. Davis and Hanson's Mill. Gulf Mag 1(1902)151. 
MINING Industry. The mining of coal and metals. 

A c k e r m a n n, A. S. E. British and American mining by machinery; a comparison. Engin M 23(1902) 

357 (Je). 

Leroy-Baulieu, P. L'industrie minerale et Metallurgique aux fitats-Unis. Econ franc 15 Fev(1902). 
The Mineral Industry, its Statistics, Technology, and Trade, 1902. vol. 10. N.Y., Scientific Pub. Co., 1902. 

[ Pub Canad '02 7(1903)156 "latest and most complete mineral statistics of Canada."] 
MINNEAPOLIS, Minn. City of Hennepin Co. on Miss. R. 10 m. W. by N. of St. Paul. 

Lange, [Dietrich]. Paul and Lange's twin city guide, St. Paul and Minneapolis. [For details see same 

title under subject, St. Paul, Minn.] 
MINNESOTA. A north central border state of U. S., admitted 1853. 

A u d e r s o n, F. M. The test of the Minnesota primary election system. Annals Am Acad Pol and Soc 

Sci 20(1902)610-26. 

K n a p p e n, T. M. Results of the Minnesota direct primary system. Indep i4( 1902) 2694-5. 
Men of Minnesota; a collection of the portraits of men prominent in business and professional life In 
Minnesota... St. Paul, The Minnesota historical company, 1902. 1 p. !., |.5]-540 p. incl. port. 23cm. 
[L.C. 2-24341] 

Sketches, historical and descriptive, of the monuments and tablets erected by the Minnesota Valley His- 
torical Society in Renville and Redwood counties, Minnesota. [For details see same title unffer subject, 

Stanchfield, Dan. Hist, of lumbering in Minnesota. Minneapolis, D.Stanchfield, 1902. 80. 
MINOR family. 

Blackford, Charles M. Four successive John Minors. Va Mag 10(1902)97-8,204. 
MISSIONS. Efforts to extend Christianity. 

Beach, Harlan P[age]. A geography and atlas of Protestant missions; their environment, forces, distri- 
bution, methods, problems, results and prospects at the opening of the twentieth century. . . New York, 
Student volunteer movement for foreign missions, 1901-03. 2 v. 21% cm. (atlas: 37x25icm.) [Con- 
tents. v. 1. Geography. -v. 2. Statistics and atlas. L.C. 2-752 M 2] 

B o y e e, Isaac. Mission work among Indians of Hoh County, Vera Cruz, Mexico. Ass Her 6(1902)221-3. 
d e P e r e a, Estivan. Second ''Report" on New Mexico 1632-3. Out West 16(1901)465-9. 
D o y 1 e, S. H. What our church [Pres.] has done for foreigners in D. S. Ass Her 7(1902)319-21. 
Doyle, Sherman. Presbyterian home missions. Phila., Pres. Bd., 1902., ill. 

Jackson, Mrs. Helen [Maria (Fiske)] Hunt. Glimpses of California and the missions; with illustrations 
by Henry Sandham. Boston, Little, Brown, & company, 1902. xii, 292 p. incl. front., ill., pi., facsim. 
20%cm. [Papers on California and the missions, by the author of "Ramcna" first published in 1883 and 
reprinted 1886 in "Glimpses of three coasts." cf. Note. Contents. Father Junipero and his work. 


The present condition of the mission Indians in southern California. EoUoes in the City of angels. 
Outdoor industries in southern California. Chance days in Oregon. 75(1902)265 "Illus- 
trations by Henry Sandham. . .reissue. . .drawings. . .certainly enhance. . .reader's interest in... narra- 
tive." L.C. 2-12717] 

Ketler, Isaac C[onrad]. The tragedy of Paotlugfu; an authentic story of the U\es, services and sacrifices 
of the Presbyterian, Congregational and China Inland missionaries who suffered martyrdom at Paotiugfu, 
China, June 30th and July 1, 1900. New York, Chicago [etc.] F.H.Revell company, 1902. 16, [3_, 19- 
400 p. front., pi., port. 21 %cm. [L.C. 2-17061] 

[Letters of Don Miguel CostansO and Fray Junlpero Serra]. Out West 16(1902)56-9. 

Mlssionsarbeit unter den Chinesen u. Japaneru uu d. Westkiiste der V. St. [sett 1852] E M M 
46, 22-35. 

Predigerleben im Westen in der Bcsiedelungszeit. Deutsch-Am G 2.1(1902)47-9. 

R i c h t e r, Aug. Vor bundert Jahren. Deutsch-Am G 2.2(1902)63-5. 

Serra, Junipero. Diary, 1769. Out West 16(1902)293-6,399-406,513-8,635-42; 17(1902)69-76, facs. 

Thompson, Charles L. One hundred years of Home Missions [Presbyterian]. Miss R 25(1902)530-4. 

Trumbull, H[enry] Clay. Old time student volunteers; my memories of missionaries... New York, Chi- 
cago [etc.] F.H.Revell company. 1902. 281 p. 20om. [L.C. 2-26370] 

W a d d e 1 1, W. A. The Central Brazil Mission [Presby]. Ass Her 6(1902K'26-227. 

Warneck, Gustav. Outline of a history of Protestant missions. N. Y.. Rev?!!, 1902. go. 
MISSISSIPPI. A Gulf State of U. S., admitted 1817. 

An account of manuscripts, papers, and documents pertaining to Mississippi in public repositories 
beyond the state. Miss Hist P 5(1902)49-117.119-227. 

Administrative Report to the Governor. By the Commission. Miss Hist P 5(1902)9-47. 

Battlefields and other historic places [in Miss.]. Miss Hist P 5(1902)384-6. 

B e k k e r s, B. J. The Catholic church in Miss, during the colonial times. Miss Hist P 6(1902)351-7. 

C a 1 h o o n, S. S. The causes and events that led to the calling of the Constitutional Convention of 1890. 
Miss Hist P 6(1902)105-110. 

D e u p r e e, (Mrs.) N. D. Some historic homes in Mississippi. Miss Hist P 6(1902)245-64. 

Development of historical work In Mississippi. South Hist A Pub '1(1902)335-40. 

Evans, John H. Location and description of the Eminaus Mission, utss Hist P 6(1902)411-3. 

G a n n e t, Henry. The origin of certain place names in the state of Mississippi. Miss mat P 6(1902) 

H a 1 b e r t, H. S. Bernard Romans' map of 1772. Miss Hist P 6(1902)415-39, map. 

H a 1 b e r t, H. S. The small Indian tribe* of Mississippi. Miss Hist P 5(1902)302-8. 

H a 1 b e r t, H. S. Story of the treaty of Dancing Rabbit. Miss I list P 6(1902)373-402. 

H a 1 b e r t, H. S., and Brown, A. J. Published accounts of prehistoric remains. Miss Hist P 5(1902) 

Hamilton, Peter J. The Yowanne, or Hlowaunl, Indians. Miss Hist P 6(1902)403-10, map. 

Johnston, Frank. Suffrage and Reconstruction in Mississippi. Miss Hist P 6(1902)141-244. 

J o n e s, J. H. Penitentiary reform In Mississippi. MUs Hist P 6(1902)111-28. 

M c N e 1 1 1 y, J. S. History of the measures submitted to the Committee on elective franchise, appor- 
tionment, and elections In the Constitutional Convention of 1890. Miss Hist P 6(* 902) 129-40. 

Mississippi department of archives and history. Gulf Mag 1(1902)65. 

Mississippi Historical Papers. Publication of the Miss. Hist. Society, Franklin L. Rlley, editor. Oxford, 
Miss. v. 5, 1902. 383 p. v. 6, 1902. 567 p. 80. [Rev.ln:South Hist a Pub 6(1002)428-31 ''unbounded 
gratification, in the main, is to be expressed. . .methodically arranged."] 

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lately projected at Boston (1714) A letter, from one in Boston, to his trleud In the country (1714) 
Some considerations upon the several sorts of banks propos'd as a medium of trade (1716) The present 
melancholy circumstances of the province consider'd and methods for redress -umbly proposed 1(719) 
An addition to the Present melancholy circumstances of the province considered, &c. (1719) The dis- 
tressed state of the town of Boston, &e., considered (1720) A letter from one in the country to his 
friend in Boston, containing some remarks upon a late pamphlet, entltuled, The distressed state of the 
town of Boston, Ac. (1720) A letter front a gentleman, containing some remarks upon the several 
answers given unto Mr. Column's, entltuled, The distressed state of the town of Boston (1720) A vin- 
dication of the remarks of one in the country upon The distressed state ol Boston (1720) Reflections on 
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messages to Congress."] 
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MONTANA. A northwestern state of U. S., admitted 1889. 

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Alba, [Maria del Rosario (Falco y Osorio) Fitz James] 9. duquesa de Berwick y 16. duquesa de. Nuevos 
aut6grafos de Cristobal Col6n y relaciones dc ultramar. [For detail see same title under subject, Col- 
umbus, Chr.] 
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The new Secretary of the Navy. Outl 70(1902)807, port. 
W. H. Moody, '76, Secretary of the Navy. Harv Grad M 10(1901-2)524-5, |*>rt. 
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MOORE family. 

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Troth, Borton and Engle families. [For details see same title under subject, Haines family.] 
MORAVIAN Church. A branch of the Lutheran church noted for its missionary zeal. 

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MORE family. 

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MORGAN family. 

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ent times. Of the twenty-seventh generation of Cadivor-fiuvr. New York, For subscribers only [1902?] 
297 p. Incl. 111., pi., port, front., pi. 21>4cm. [Five hundred copies prji.ted, of which this Is no. 461. 
L.C. 3-11084] 

MORMONS. A religious sect, founded by Jos Smith, located mainly in Utah. 
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History of Joseph Smith, the prophet, by himself. L.C. 3-1124] 
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(1903)373-5 "first critical and thorough treatment. . .first consistent account of... fight against polygamy 
...thoroughly Indexed ... well illustrated with documents from Mormon sources"; Natlou 75(1902)154-5 
"Best that has appeared. . .testimony. . .compactly stored ... fairly Interpreted and weighed. . .[no] bibliog- 
raphy .. .abounds In citations"; Dial 34(1903)16-17( W.H.Carrtith) "sources are chiefly. . .Mormon. . .ref- 
erence Is constant and entirely adequate. . .not much that is new... takes a middle path." L.C. 2-4701] 
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details see same title under subject. Smith. Joseph.] 

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MOR08. A tribe or race in the Philippines. 

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MORRILL, Jacob (1648-1718). Massachusetts citizen. 

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MORRIS. Mary White (fl.1767). Wife of Robert Morris. 

Hart, Charles Henry. Two women of the eighteenth century. Cent 63(1901-2)374-7, port. 
MORRIS, Robert (1734-1806). Signer of Declaration of Independence, financier of Am. Revolution. 
The ancestry of Robert Morris, the "Financier of the Revolution." Penn Mag 26(1902)153-4. 
Morris, Robert. [Letter] to John Nicholson [1799]. Boat Bull 7(1902)35-6. 
Robert Morris (letter). Collect 15(1902)72. 
MORRIS, Thomas (1776-1844). Ohio IT. 8. senator, judge. 

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MORRIS County, N. J. A northern Co. of state. 

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history, military records, local history, genealogies of the old families, nearly 20,000 data... Rock- 
away, N. J., Rockaway publishing co., 1902. 1 p. 1., 300, [4] p. front., pi., port. 20%cm. [L.C. 
MORROW County, Ore. Co. in north-central part of state. 

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with a brief outline of the early history of the state of Oregon, [n. p.] W.H.Lever, 1902. xv, 581 p. 
pi., port. 30x23%cm. [L.C. 2-29728] 

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MORTON, John (1724-77). Signer of the Declaration of Independence. 

Clark, Martha Bladen. Homes of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. John Morton's. Am 
Month M 21(1902)23-5, ill. 

MORTON, Levi Parsons (1824-64). N. Y. Governor, Vice-President of the United States. 

Estate of Lev! P. Morton. Ctry Life .Am 1(1902)9(N '01). 
MOSBY family. 

Rivers, Flournoy. Littleberry Mosby William Cannon. Va Mag 10(1902)99-100. 
MOSELEY, Edward Strong (1813-1900). Massachusetts. 
Edward Strong Moseley. In Memoriam 1813-1900. Privately printed, 1002. 1 vol. 8vo. pp. 72. [51. E Reg 56(1902)332(F.W.Parke) "appreciative contributions of friends."] 
MOSSOM, David (fl.1729). Va. 1st Episcopal clergyman ordained in the Colonial church. 
(I r 1 n n a n, A. G. Rev. David Mossom's note book (uote). Va Mag 10(1002)102-3. 
MOTLEY, John Lothrop (1814-77). Am. diplomat, historian, minister to Austria. 

John Lothrop Motley (letter). Collect 16(1902)1-2. 
MOTT, George Scudder (1829-1901). N. J. Preshyterian clergyman, writer. 

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MOTJLTON family. 

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MOUNDS, Indian. Prehistoric Am. monuments. 
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same title under subject, Ohio.] 

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The A.H.Clark company, 1902. 140 p. incl. maps. 26M>cm. (His Historic highways of America, v. 1) 
["Fifty sets were printed on large paper, of which this is one of two setc for copyright." 
Hist R 8(1902)539-41(E.R.Sparks) "occasionally the deduction. . .may be questioned ... aside from the 
proof of his theories. . .he writes very entertainingly. . .many interesting f acts ... smoother diction... 
harmony both of statement and of style [desirable]." L.C. 2-27730] 
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see same title under subject, Florida.] 
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24Vacm. ["Read before the Missouri historical society, St. Louis, Mo., February 13th, 1902." 
South Hist A Pub 6(1902)444 " 'no. . .evidence'. . .mound builders. . .different. . .from the Indiana... 
strong, scholarly argument." L.C. 2-17427] 

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MT. VERNON, Va. Estate of George Washington on the Potomac 15 m. below Washington city. 

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23%cm. [L.C. 3-13392] 

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massacre... [Washington, Gov't print, off., 1902] 17 p. 23cm. ([U. S.] 57th Cong., 1st sess. 
House. Doc. no. 605) [Dated, Camp at Mountain Meadows, Utah Territory, May 25, 1859, and 
addressed to the Assistant Adjutant-General, D. S. A., San Francisco, Cal. In the House of Represen- 
tatives, May 10, 1902. Resolved, That there be printed us a House document 5,000 copies. L.C. 2-23951] 
MOUNTAIN Whites. Poor mountaineers of the Southern Statns. 

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Muhlenberg. Pa Ger 3(1902)51-60, port. 
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MTJTR, John (b.1838). Am. explorer, naturalist, writer. 

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MULHOLLAND. James Eugene (1841-86). Catholic priest. 

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MUI.LER. Adam (b. about 1700). Va. settler of Shenandoah Valley. 

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MULVIHILL, Denis. Bridgeport, Conn., labor mayor. 

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MUMFORD family. 

M n m f o r d and Mnnford (note). Wm M Q 11(1902)75-6. 
MUNICIPAL ownership. Ownership of works of public utility by the city. 

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MURFREESBORO (Tenn.). Civil War battle. Dec. 31, 1862-Jan. S, 1863. 

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MURPHY, John Francis (b.1853). N. Y. landscape artist. 

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A.C.McClurg & co., 1902. 6 p. 1., 213 p., 1 1. front., port. 22M,cm. [Contents. Nero, the artist. The 
musical small-coals man. Music and religion. The first American composer. The beggar'* opera. The 


first opera. Some musical controversies. A musical royal family. The bullfinch and the nightingale. 
The man Beethoven. 33(1902)210-12(Wallace Rice) "more than ordinary promise of becom- 
ing a permanent contribution. . .has more than a few pleasant things to say of "The First American 
Composer," William Billings, of Boston..." L.C. 2-22507] 
NAN TUCKET, Mass. Island in Atlantic Ocean 20 m. 8.E. from mainland. 

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form, from New England historical and genealogical register for Jan. 1902. Rev.ln:N E Reg 56(1902) 
2!9(K.W.Parke) " "genuine history" ... reprint from the [New Eng. Hist, and Gen.] Register ... two hun- 
dred and fifty copies." L. C. 2-23880] 

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for visitors... Nantucket, H.S.Wyer, 1902. 204 p. front., 111., pi., fold. map. 17cm. [L.C. 2-17872] 
NARRAGANSETT Bay, R. I. Inlet of Atlantic in southern part of state. 

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NASH family. 

A. H. T. Nash Sampson Sonle (note). N E Reg 56(1902)205. 
NASHUA, N. H. City of Hillsborougrh Co. 35 m. 8. of Concord. 

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W a r re n, B. E. Nashua, N. H. Nafl M (Bost) 16(1902)745-9, 111. 
NASHVILLE, Tenn. City, capital of state and of Davidson Co., north of center of state. 
A t c h i s o n, Elizabeth. [Washington Inn.] Am Month M 21(1902)42-4. 
H o w e 1 1, Morton B. First streets of Nashville. Am Hist Mag 7(1902)179 89. 
Thruston, Gates P. The Nashville Inn. Am Hist Ma* 7(1902)174-7. 
NASHVILLE, University of. Institution at Nashville, Tenn., est. 1828. 

Memorial of . . .Univ. of Nashville, to the Congress of the U. S. Am Hist Mag 7(1902)80-7. 
NAST, Thomas (1840-1902). Am. caricaturist, lecturer. 

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NATCHEZ, Miss. City, capital of Adams Co., on Miss. R. 100 m. 8.W. of Jackson. 

M c G r a w, Daniel. Appeal of the Catholics of Natchez, Miss., to Archbishop Carroll for a priest 1816. 

Am Cath Res 19(1902)64. 

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NATIONAL Academy of Science, organized 1863. 

The National Academy of Sciences. Nation 74(1902)322-4. 
NATIONAL parks. Parks set apart by the U. S. Gov't. 

M u 1 r, J. United States National parks. Nat'l M (Bost) 15(1901-2)533-40, ill., map. 
"NATIVE AMERICANISM." A term for anticatholic movements in TJ. S. 

D e s m o n d, H. J. Native Americanism. Am Cath Q 27(1902)747-60. 
NATURAL gas. Hydrocarbon gas for heating and illumination piped from well* to consumer. 

S c o t t, C. F. The discovery and development of natural gas in Kansas. Trans Kan Hist Soc (1901-2) 

NATURALIZATION. Investing a foreigner with native rights. 

F r a n k 1 1 n, F. G. The legislative history of naturalization in the United States, 1776-1796. Am Hist A 

Rep '01,1(1902)299-317. 

NAVAHO (or Navajo) Indians. An Athapascan tribe of New Mexico and Arizona. 
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P e p p e r, G. H. Navajo blanket-making. Everybody's 3(1902)33(Ja). 
Snow, Clara M. An experience. South Work 30(1901)543-8, 111. 
NAVY See Army and Navy. 

NEBRASKA. The central state of U. S., admitted 1867. 

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tion by Ross L. Hammond; historical review of Dodge County; comp. from public and private records, 
with an appendix: information for the citizen and taxpayer. Fremont, Neb., Progress publishing com- 
pany, 1902. 170 numb. 1. incl. ill., pi., port. 26 x 21%cui. [Printed on cue side of leaf only. No. 222. 
L.C. 3-562] 


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Proceedings and collections. 2d ser., v. 4]) Rev.ln:N Y Rec 34(1903)71 "Sketches (fifty-two...) of the 
Governors. . .Senators and Representatives [of Nebraska]." L.C. 3-2324] 
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(1901)70-4,115-23; 13(1902)111-2. 

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Clarke, George Knhn, LL. B. Deaths recorded by the Rev. Jonathan Townsend, Needbam. 1749-1762. 

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NEGROES. Colored people of African birth or descent. 

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In the Sheldonian theatre, Oxford, Jun 7, 1902, by James Bryce, D. C. L. N. Y., Oxford University 
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hensive. . .utterance. . .treatment. . .concise [and thematic]."] 

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not, then extermination. A proposed solution: colonization... Columbia, S. C., The K.I. .Bryan, 1902. 
171 p. front, (port.) 19cm. [ Hist A Pub 6(1902)442-3 "negro government in South Caro- 
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NEGB.OS Za., F. I. Central island of the Philippine group. 

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NEILS ON. John (1745-1833). N. J. officer in Am. Revolution, member Continental Congress 1778-9. 

Honorable John Neilson. Rech Hist 8(1902)246, port. only. 
NELSON River, Canada. River of western Canada, connecting L. Winnipeg and Hudson Bay. 

D u g a s t, L'Abbe. Riviere Nelson. Rech Hist 8(1902)359. 
NEMAHA County, Kan. Co. in N.E. part of state. 

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settlement and settlers of northeastern Pottawatomle and southwestern Nemaha counties, Kansas, from 
earliest settlement to the year 1877. [Onaga, Kan., 1902] 162 p. 15 x 23%cm. [L.C. 3-7941] 
NENO, Paoifioo Antonio (1833-89). Catholic priest. 

Most Rev. Paciflco Antonio Neno, D. D., O. S. A. Am Oath Hist 13(1902)249, port. 
NEtTBERT, Karl (1818-1901). 111. physician and editor. 

Dr. Karl Neubert. Deutsch-Am G 2.2(1302)71. 
NEW BERN, N. Carolina. Port and capital of Craven Co. 108 m. E.S.E. of Raleigh. 

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NEW BRUNSWICK, Canada. An eastern Maritine province of the Dominion cf Canada. 

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ciety of Canada, Second Series, 1901-1902, Vol. VII, Sec. II. [Rev.inrAeadleu 2(1902)215-6 "copiously 
Illustrated with. . .maps. . .of value. . .interesting."] 
NEW ENGLAND. The states of Me., N. H., Vt.. Mass., Conn., R. I., in the Northeast of V. S. 

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can literature and among their haunts and the scenes of their writings... New York, Boston [etc.] 
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well as by pilgrims"; Dial 35(1903)15 "Rollo-book plan... in spite of .. .manner of presentation ... inter- 
esting. . .illustrations. . .add. . .attractiveness and value." L.C. 3-32] 

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Communication made by Dr. Green at a meeting of the Massachusetts historical society, Jan. 9, 1902. 
L.C. 2-7928] 

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[1902] 1 p. 1., x, 11-390 p. front., pi., port. ISV&cm. (Little pilgrimages series) [Rev. In: Nation 75 
(1902)362 "A case of book-making. . .collected a number of illustrations showing houses that hare hls- 
tories." L.C. 2-23427] 

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land... Cambridge, J. Wilson and son, 1902. 16 p. 24^cm. ["Reprinted from the Proceedings of the 
Massachusetts historical society, October, 1902." "250 copies printed." "How far Moses judicial* bind 
Massachusetts]": p. 12-16 L.C. 3-14352] 

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Mountains are white. A ruin beside Lake Champlaln. In the Adlrondacks. The home of Fenimore 
Cooper. An historic town In Connecticut. A Jaunt on Long Island. Life on a Green Mountain top. 
Down in Maine. Along the Jnnia'ta. Dwellers among the Catskills. A canal-boat royage on the Hud- 
son. The autumn tattle show. Cape Cod folks. L.C. 2-23603* Cancel] 

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27cm. [8 blank pages at end for "descendants record." Rer.ln:N E Reg 56(1902)327(F.W.Parke) 
"nothing unsubstantiated by original sources or acknowledged authorities"; N Y Rec 33(1902)188 [Con- 
tains a great deal of valuable genealogical material]; Old Northw Q 5(1C02)66 "shows a great amount 
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Nation 75(1902)481 "commendable taste. . .shown. . .has been assigned to an expert editor. . .original 
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[Paged continuously; vol. I: IT p., 1 1., 948 p.; vol. II: 1 p. 1., [949]-1840 p.; vol. Ill: 1 p. 1., [1841]-2446 
p.; vol. IV: [2447]-3038 p. Vol. I-III have running title: Annual report of the state historian. Vol. IV 
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tributed." This copy not numbered. Rev.ln:Nation 75(1902)481 "commendable taste ... shown ... has 
been assigned to an expert editor. . .original title-pages are given In facsimile": Nation 76(1903)163 "re- 
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little biographies la gathered a mine of incident and adventure. . .a full Index"; Dial 34(1903)202(E. Gran- 
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ual,' and to Mr. Boetwlck for the List of 'Members' of the club." 283 libraries reported. Data fur- 
nished under each name: Librarian, history, regulations, resources. "Index to special collections": p. 
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L.C. 2-14711] 

Petition of the Catholics of New York to the Continental Congress, December, 1783. Am Cath Res 

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very good view... a provincial museum, not to be neglected by any one who cares for history"; Dial 33 
(1902)471 "clear picture. . .documentary tone... grows a little wearisome. . .of real historical value." 
L.C. 2-28275] 

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rather a prettified New York"; Dial 33(1902)472 "not associations, literary or historical, that interest... 
bnt the pulsing humanity and fascinating variety." L.C. 2-27728] 

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v. 2. section 1. Through the old city, section 2. The Common to Love lane, section 3. Bloomingdale and 
beyond. 34 (1903) 202-3 (E. Granger) "popular ... fairly good index. . .entertaining, and... in- 
structive. . .has succeeded very well... most serious fault... Is the frequent use of quotations without 
specifying their authors. . .entire absence of notes"; Nation 76(1903)153 "not very well written ... too 
much... for a handbook." L.C. 2-26088] 


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New Jersey, 1776-1900. Privately printed [Newark, Private press of Courier-Citizen company] 1902. 
296 p. 23cm. 1553 titles, arranged chronologically; followed by index of printers, "authors and titles. 
Running title: Newark Imprints. "Edition limited to three hundred copies." Appendix; titles obtained 
too late for Insertion In the body of the book: p. [238]-269. 76(1903)53 "Incomplete... 
very laudable and useful undertaking. . .edition. . .limited." L.C. 3-2045] 

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lation. (Letter from author) L.C. 3-6346] 

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The Palatines' church at Newburg.' N. Y. Pa-Ger 3(1902)87-9, 111. 

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incl. ill., map, facslm. front. 24cm [ Y Rec 34(1903)302-3 "latest and best... aside fro-' Its 
historical value useful to genealogists. . .complete index"; N E Reg 57(1903)235(6. A. Gordon) "historical 
spirit pervades. . .appendix of valuable statistics. . .full index." L. C. 2-30402] 
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Wells, Frederic P. History of Newbury, Vermont, from the discovery of the Coos country to present time. 
With genealogical records of many families. ...In behalf of the town. St. Johnsbury, Vt., The Cale- 
donian co., 1902. xlv p., 1 1., 779 p. front., pi., port., map. 25cm. [Rev.ln:N Y Rec 33(1902)255 
"most creditable to all concerned." L.C. 2-7819] 

NEWBURYFORT, Mass. City and port of Essex Co. 35 m. N.N.E. of Boston. 
Celebration of the One Hundredth Anniversary of The Meeting House of the First Religious Society in New- 

buryport. Oct. 31, 1901. Newburyport. 1902. pp. 61, 80. 
NEWCOMB College. Women's Dep't. of Tulane Univ., New Orleans, La. 

1) n v i e s, M. (H. Sophie) Newcomb College for Women. Nat'l M (Bost) 17(1902)195(N). 
NEWFOUNDLAND. Large island in Atlantic 0. at mouth of Gulf of St. Lawrence, a British Colony. 
Bond, Robert. Newfoundland's hopes and trials. Indep 54(1902)2335-9, pert. 
L o r i n, Henri. La question de Terre Neuve. Quest Dlpl et Colon June(l.X)2)644-53. 
M ' G r a t h, P. T. The Anglo-French-American shore. No Am 174(1902)113-23. 
M c G r a t h, P. T. Relentless pursuit of the Newfoundland caribou. Outing Oct(1902)60-9. 
P r o w s e, D. W. The Hay-Bond treaty. Nation 75(1902)498-9. 

A year book and almanac of Newfoundland for 1902. St. John's, Newfoundland, J.W. Withers, 1902. pp. 
251. [ Pub Canad '02,7(1903)82-3 "useful. . .statistics. . .summary of .. .legislation in 1901."] 
NEWFOUNDLAND Fishing Banks. Submarine plateaus along coast of Newfoundland. 

M c G r a t h, P. T. On the Grand Banks. Ainslee's M Mar(1902)172-80. 
NEWLAND. William Augustine (1813-91). Fbila. Cath. organist, musical composer. 

R e u s s, Francis X. Sketch of the life of Professor William Augustine Newland, last of the old time 

Philadelphia Catholic organists. A.D. 1813-1801. Am Cath Hist 13(1902)285-324,378, port. 
NEWMARCH, John (d.1754). Maine clergyman. 

D e n n e t t, M. and others. Death of the rev'd John Newmarch. Kittery 1754. Old Eliot Me 6(1902)81-8(5. 
NEWPORT, R. I. City and Summer resort of Southern Rhode Island. 
Manners, Mary. Life at Newport. Everybody's 7(1902)486(N). 
NEWRY, 8. C. A new mill town in foot hills of the Blue Ridge Mts. 
A Southern mill village. Goofed Vet 10(1902)514-5, ill., port. 
NEWSAM, Albert (1809-1864). Phila. deaf mute lithographic artist. 

Stauffer, D. McN. Lithographic portraits of Albert Ntwsam. Penn Mag 25(1901)109-13(Addenda); 26 
(1902)382-6( Addenda) . 


NEWSPAPERS, Am. Periodical giving- record of current, events. 

American newspaper annual for 1902. Phila., N.W.Ayer & Son. [ 75(1902)207 "Gazetteer 

and atlas serviceable to others than advertisers. . .has an established place at the front."] 
Check list of Brooklyn and Long Island newspapers in the N. Y. Public Library. N Y Bull 6(1002)20-1. 
Dana, John Cotton. What we read. World's Work 3(1901-2)1892-3. 
Fisher, Brooke. The newspaper industry. Atlan 89(1902)745-53. 

Griffin, Martin I. J. Some early day Catholic papers. Am Cath Res 19(1902)153-4. 
II u 1 1, A. L. Bound newspaper files in the library of the University of Georgia, at ...hens. Gulf Mag 


Louisiana newspaper flies in the Library of Congress. Gulf Mag 1(1902)128-33. 

[Rowell, George Fresbury]. Leading newspapers, considered from the advertiser's standpoint. Seven sep- 
arate selections, comp. by the editor of Printers' ink from the American newspaper directory... New 
York, G.P.Rowell & Co. [c!902] 204 p. front, (port.) 13y a cm. [L.C. 3-10381] 
Texas newspaper files In the Library r.f Congress. Gulf Mag 1(1902)33-7. 
NEWTON County, Miss. Co. in E. part of Missippi. 

B r o w n, A. J. Antiquities of Newton county, Mississippi. Miss Hist P 0(1902)441-8. 
NIAGARA FALLS. Cataract of Niagara R. which connects Lakes Erie and Ontario. 

D u n 1 a p, (trrin E. Niagara The scene of perilous feats. Cosmopol 32(1901-2)358-70, ill., port. 
L a u g e r, H.- Nlagarafalle. Voiu Pels z Meer (1902)13.H., ill. 

L a n g s 1 o w, R. A Niagara Falls tourist of the year 1817. Being the journal of Captain Richard Langs- 
low of the Honorable East India Service. Pub Buffalo Hist Soc 5(1902)111-33. 
W e 1 c h, T. V. How Niagara was made free. The passage of the Niagara Reservation Act in 1885. Pub 

Buffalo Hist Soc 5(1902)325-59. 

NICARAGUA. A republic of Central America, between Honduras and Costa Rica, Atlantic and Pacific ocean. 
D a w I e y, Thomas R. Nicaragua: The country and the people. Outl 70(1002)1015-19. 

Walker, J[ames] W[ilson] G[rimes]. Ocean to oc-ean; au account, personal and historical, of Nicaragua 

and its people... U. S. N.; with illustration)) from original photographs and mnps. Chicago, A.C.McClurg 

& co., 1902. 1 p. 1., 309 p., 1 1. front., pi., map. 21%fm. [Rev.iu:Dlal 32(1902)380? Wallace Rice) "a 

pleasant recital of his own experiences. . .an historical account of Nlcarngua. . .of value.' L.C. 2-7638] 

NICHOLSON, Francis (tt.1700). Va. and Md. Governor. 

Papers relating to the administration of Governor NichoUou and to the founding of William and Mary 

College. Va Mag 9(1902)251-62. 

NIEMCEWICZ, J. U. (ab. 1758-1841). Polish poet and patriot, visited Am. In the interests of his country. 
K <> z 1 o w a k i, W. M. Ford, Wortbington C. A visit to Mt. Vernon a century ago. A few pages of an 

unpublished diary of the Polish poet, J. C. Nlemcewlcz. Cent 63(1901-^)510-22, ill., port., facs. 
NILES, John Milton (1787-1866). Conn. U. 8. cenator, Postmaster-General, writer. 

N i 1 e s, John M. [Letter] to David Henshaw [1830]. Boat Bull 7(1902)267-8. 
NINDE, William Xavier (1832-1901). Am. Methodist Bishop over China, Japan and Korea. 

[Ninde, Mary L [ William Xavier Ninde; a memorial, by his daughter... New York, Katon & Mains; 

Cincinnati, Jennings & Pye [1902] 9, [1], 21)0 p. front., pi., port., facsim. 23cm. [L.C. 2-21375] 
NISSOURI, Ontario. Village in Oxford Co. 8 m. N. of Thamesford. 

B ro w n, L. D. Indian occupation in Nlsaourl. Ontario Annual Archeol Rep 1901(1902)38-43. 
NIXON, Lewis (b.1861). N. Y. shipbuilder and politician. 

Matthews, Franklin. "Who is Nixon?" World's Work 3(1901-2)1996-2002, port. 
The real Tammany. Nation 74(1902)401-2. 
NOLAN, Thomas (d.1900). N. Y. lawyer. 

Stansbury, Charles Frederick. The barrister; being anecdotes of the late Tom Nolan of the New York bar 

(With portrait)... New York, Mab press [1902] viii, 204 p. front, (p.)rt.) 18%cm. iL.C. 2-10353] 
NOME, Alaska. Cape and mining town on central Alaskan coast. 

McKoe, Lanier. The land of Nome; a narrative sketch of the rush to our Bering sea gold-fields, the coun- 
try, Its mines and its people, and the history of a great conspiracy 1900-1901, by Lanier McKee. New 
York, The Grafton press [1902] U p., 1 1., 260 p. 19%cro. [Rev.ln:Nation 74(1902)296 "...true to life 
.. .interest. . .lies in... details of... most remarkable conspiracy to defraud. . .a mining community by pro- 
cess of law"; Dial 32(1902)380(Wallaee Rice) "breezily told narrative. ' L.C. 2-10024] 
' 8 c r o g g s, Josephine V. Fourth of July at Nome, Alaska. Overland n s 40(1902)59(J1). 
S c r o g g s, Josephine V. Nome, Alaska; a day's journey on the Wild Goose Railway. Overland n a 39 


NOOTKA Sound Episode. British-Spanish clash in Vancouver Is. *. 89-90. 
Turner, Frederick J. English policy towards America In 1790-1791. Am Hist R 7(1902)706-35. 


NORFOLK County, Mats. Co. in the E. part of state. 

Old Norfolk County records. Ess Ant 5(1901)12-15,46-8,77-9,133-8,179-83; 6(1902)41-4,83-6,131-5,171-80. 
NORFOLK County, Va. County in S.E. part of state. 

Abstracts from Norfolk county marriage bonds. Low Norf Aut 3(1901)124-9; 4(1902)9-24,54-63. 
NORFOLK, Va. City and port of Norfolk Co. 106 m. S.E. of Richmond. 
Norfolk Academy. 1848. Low Norf Aut 4(1902)26-32. 

Old St. Paul's and the bombardment of Norfolk January 1, 1776. Am Mouth M 21(1902)284-8. 
St. Paul's church, Norfolk, 1848. Low Norf Ant 4(1902)8-9, ill. 
Schools [Va.] Low Norf Ant 4(1902)36-9. 
NORRIS, Frank (1870-1902). American writer. 

The death of Mr. Frank Norris. World's Work 5(1902-3)2830, port. p. 2815. 
NORSEMEN in America. Pre-Columbian discovery by Norwegians. 

B 1 u d a u, A. Entdeckgn. d. Normanucn in Amerika. Germania (1902) No. 13-16. 

Fischer, Joseph. Die entdeckungeu der Normauueu iu Amerika. Unter besonderer berlickslchtigung der 
kartographischen dar stellungeu. Mil einein titelbild, zohu kartenbeilugen uud mehrsren skizzeu... 
Freiburg im Breisgau [etc.] Herdersche verlagshaudluiig, 1902. ill, 126 p. iucl. map. front: (facsim.) 
map (partly fold.) 23Viicm. [Erganzuugshefte zu den ,,Stiiumen aus Maria-Laach," 81. Bibliography: 
p. ix-xii. Rev.iu:Hist Pub Canad 7:16. L.C. 2-16380] 

L a m p e, F. Entdeckgu. d. Normannen in Amerika. Nr. 32. Umschau (l02). 
NORTH ADAMS, Mass. Town of Berkshire Co. 20 m. N.N.E. of Pittsfleld. 

B., L. V. North Adams, Mass. Nat'l M (Bost) 16(1902)625-9, ill. 
NORTH AMERICA. Northern continent of western hemisphere. 

K 1 o s s e 1, M. H. Grund u. Boden in Nordam. Beit z Kolon Pol ( 1902)770-78. 
Moltke, O. Nord- Amerika... Ber. Mettler, 1902. 80. M. 1-60. 
NORTH CAROLINA. An original South Atlantic state of U. 8. 
A 1 1 e n, W. C. Whigs and tories. N C Bookl 2.5(1302)3-24. 

B e s t, J. A. North Carolina in the French and Indian War. Trinity Arch 15(1902)382 88. 
B 1 a n c h a r d, J. C. North Carolina in the first National Congress. Trinity Arch 15(1902)389-410. 
Clark, Walter. Indian massacre and Tusearoru war 1711-'13. N C Bookl 2.3(1902)3-16, map. 
Dodd, William E. North Carolina in the revolution. So Allan Q 1(1902)156-61. 
H a y w o o d, Marshall DeLancey. Revolutionary records of North Carolina. Gulf Mag 1(1902)52-3. 
Ivey, T N North Carolina Methodist handbook and almanac for 1902. Raleigh, N. C. ( ?) O. pp. 128. 

1902(?) [61.Men.ln:South Hist A Pub 61 1902)181 "statistics of that church in the State."] 
Lederer, John. The discoveries, In three several marches from Virginia, to the west of Carolina [etc.]. 

[For details see same title under subject, Virginia.] 

North Carolina Booklet. Vol. 1 & 2, 1902. Raleigh, Capital Printing Co. v. 1. 1902. v. 2, 1903. 
North Carolina in the Civil War. South Hist A Pub 6(1902)328-34. 
North Carolina regimental histories, 1861-'66; ed. and written by participants in the war. Raleigh, N. C., 

M.O.Sherrill, 1902. 5 v. 12o. 
Park, (Mrs.) Robert E. Homes of the signers of the Declaration of Independence. Am Month M 20 

(1902)325-8, port. 

P 1 1 1 m a n, Thomas M. The Revolutionary Congress of North Carolina. N C brookl 2.6(1902)3-18. 
8 c h a u b, J. L. Fourth and Fourteenth North Carolina. Confed Vet 10(1901-2)537, port. 
Sltgreaves, John. Conditions in North Carolina in 1783. South Hist A Pub 6(1902)509-11. 
A sketch of North Carolina. By North Carolina Board of Agriculture. Charleston, S. C., 1902. O. pp. 160, 
ill. [Rev. in: South Hist 4 Pub 6(1902)357 "made up mainly from North Carolina and its resources... 
short historical account."] 
NORTH DAKOTA. A northwestern state of U. S., admitted 1889. 

B 1 a c k b u r n, W. M. Historical sketch of North and South Dakota.. . S Dakota Hist Soc Col 1(1902) 

NORTH Londondery, N. H. Hamlet of Rookingham Co. 6 m. S.E. of Manchester. 

Locke, Arthur, Historical sketch of North Londonderry, N. H., and of the Baptist church therein for 100 

years, 1799-1899... Haverhill, Mass., C.C.Morse & son, 1902. 1 p. 1., 11 p. 22cm. [L.C. 3-31645] 
NORTHAMPTON. County, Va. A southeastern Co. of Virginia. 

R o b e r t s o n, T. .B. List of tithables in Northampton County, Virginia, August, 1666. Va Mag 10 

NORTHAMPTON, Mass. Village of Hampshire Co. 17 m. N. by W. of Springfield. 

Gere, Henry S. Reminiscences of old Northampton, sketches of the town as it appeared from 1840 to 1860, 
by Henry S. Gere... [Northampton, Gazette printing company] 1002. 151 p. incl. ill., port., plan, 
front. 23%cm. [Molt of these sketches appeared originally in the Hampshire gawtte, 1902. cf. Pref. 
L.C. 8-82080] 


...Northampton of today; depicted by pen and camera [1902-03] Frederick Kuab, artist. Northampton. 
Mass., Picturesque publishing company, 1902. 96 p. incl. front., ill. soujom. [Advertising matter inter- 
spersed. L.C. 3-847] 
Sprague, Homer B[axter]. Memorial day and its lessons; an address delivered at Northampton, Mass.. 

May 30, 1902... [n. p., 1902] 22 p. 23%cm. [L.C. 2-23882] 

Trumbull, James Russell. History of Northampton, Mass., from its settlement in 1654. vol. II. North- 
ampton, 1902. pp. 20+699. 80, cloth. [ Y Rec 34(1903)148-9 "splendid history."] 
NORTHBOROUGH, Mass. Village of Worcester Co. 36 m. W. of Boston. 

White, Martha E. D. Westborough and Northborough. New Eng M 20(1902)721-38, ill. 
NORTHERN Securities Co. R. R. securities Trust attacked under the Anti-Trust law. 

Cutting, Robert L. The Northern Securities Company and the Sherman Anti-Trust law. No Am 174 


Railway consolidation. Chant 34(1901-2)354-5. 
NORTHUMBERLAND County, Va. An eastern Co. of Virginia. 

B e a 1 e, G. W. Early tombs in Westmoreland, Richmond and Northumberland counties. Win M Q 11 

NORTHWEST boundary. Boundary between U. 8. and Canada, west of tho Rooky Hts. 

U. 8. Congress. Senate. Committee on foreign relations. Foreign office correspondence. 1856-1871. 
Forty-ninth parallel west of the summit of the Rocky Mountains. Washington, Gov't print, off., 1902. 
109 p. 23% cm. ([57th Cong., 1st sess. Senate]) [Correspondence with members of the commission 
to determine boundary between the British possessions and the United States, under the treaty of 1846. 
L.C. 2-24588] 

Chittenden, Hiram M. American fur trade of the far west, etc. [For details see same title under sub- 
ject, fur trade.] 

Colonization of the Old Northwest Territory. Ess Ant 6(1902)145-7, ill. 
H a m 1 1 n, Conde. The new tide of Northwestern migration. R of Rs 25(1902)708-12. 
Kinzie. (Mrs.) Juliette A. M. K. Wau-Bau, the "early day" of the Northwest. New ed. . . . Notes and 

index... by R. G. Thwaltes. Chicago, Caxton Club, 1902. 111. 
Ordinance of 1784 and Jefferson's services for the Northwest Territory. (Old South leaflets, no. 127.) 

Boston, Old South Work, 1902. 

[ K a n (1 a 1 1, E. ().] The Northwest under three flags. Ohio Arch & Hist Pub 10(1002)101-18. 
Verelnigte Staaten v. N.-A. Erschllcssgg. d. ncrdwestl Staaten. Export U 902) no. 6. 
NORTHWOOD, N. H. Township of Rookingham Co. 

Gate, George W. Address delivered by Hon. George W. Cate at the "Old Home Week" celebration at 

Northwood, N. H., on Friday, Aug. 22, 1902. Northwood, N. H., 1902. pp. 12. 80, port. 
NORWALK, Conn. Town of Fairfleld Co. 22 m. 8. of Danbury. 

Scott, Angelina. Norwalk, Connecticut. New Eng M 26(1902)588-606, 111. 
NOVA SCOTIA. The most easterly maritime province of the Dominion of Canada. 
An act for the importation of salt into Nova Scotia, 1761. Acad 2(1902)118-21. 
Du Boscq de Beaumont, Gaston. ...Une France oubll&e; 1'Acadie, par Gaston Du Boseq de Beaumont... 

[For details see same title under subject, Canada.] 

Report of the Department of Mines [Nova Scotia] for the year ending 30th September, 1901. Halifax, 
N. S., T.C.Allen & co, 1902. [Rev.ln:Hlst Pub Canad '02, 7(1903)153-5 "unsatisfactory. . .although sta- 
tistics...^ profusion."] 

Silver, Arthur P. Moose-hunting in Nova Scotia. Empire R 4 400-4. 
OAKLAND County, Mich. Co. in the 8.E. part of Michigan. 

B a 1 d w 1 n, A. C. Oakland County Its bench and bar prior to 1840. Mich Hist Col '01,31(1901)152-72. 
OAKLEY, Violet (fl.1902). Am. illustrator, designer in glass. 

Morris, Harrison S. Violet Oakley. Bk-Buyer 24(1902)294-9, 111., port. 
OBER family. 

Putnam, Eben. Richard Ober, of Beverly, Mass., nnd his parentage. Gen Q M 3(1902)93-4. 
O'BRIEN, Jeremiah (1744-1818). Captain in the navy in Am. Revolution. 

Sherman, Andrew M[agoun]. Life of Captain Jeremiah O'Brien, Machine, Maine, commander of the first 
American naval flying squadron of the war of the revolution... LMorristown, N. J.J G.W.Sherman, 
1902. xvli p., 1 1., 247 p. front., pi., facsim., tab. 21%cm. [41. Men. in: Am Hist R 8(1902)199 "en- 
ters considerably Into the Revolutionary War... John D. Long contributes the introduction"; N E Reg 
57(1903)122(F.W.Parke) "Minutely and appreciatively narrated." L.C. 2-19889] 


O'BRIEN, John P. J. (1818-50). Phila. officer in the Mexican War. 

O'Reilly, Isabel. ...Brevet-Major Johii P. J. O'Brien. A. D. 1818-150. Ain Cath Hist 13(1902)137- 

OCCANEECHEE Island, Va. Is. in Roanoke R. near Clarksville, Mecklenburg Co. 

Occaneechee Island. Wm M Q li (1902)121-2. 
OCHS, Adolph 8. (b.1858). Am. newspaper publisher. 

A d o 1 p h S. Ochs. World's Work 4(1902)2474, port. only. 

W a t k I n a, W. K. The Scotch ancestry of MaJ.-Gen. Sir David Ochterloney, Bart, a native of Boston, 

in New England. N E Reg 56(1902)187-95, port. 
O'CONNOR, Charles P. (1340-97). Pa. Cath. educator. 

Rev. Chas. P. O'Connor, D. D. Am Cath Hist 13(1902)56,125. port. 
ODELL, Benjamin B. (b.1354). N. Y. Congressman, Governor. 

B e a t t i e, Robert H. Governor Odell: A character sketch. R of Rs 26(1902)676-8, port. 

The Governor and the state hospitals. Char 9(1902)102-5. 
ODLIN, Woodbridge (1810-98). N. H. banker and merchant. 

Woodbridge Odlin [obituary]. N H Hist S 111.2,1897-9(1902)300-3, port. 
O'DONNELL, Lawrence (1818-1902). Catholic priest. 

Brother Lawrence O'Donnell, 0. S. F. Am Cath Hist 13(1902)252, poit. 
OGALALA Indians. A branch of the Sioux, Pine ridge reservation. 

S c o v 1 1 1 e, Annie Beecher. Ogalala days in school. South Work 30(1001)646-9. 
OGBEN, Robert C. (b.1836). N. Y. merchant, philanthropist. 

Robert C. Ogden. Worold's Work 3(1901-2)1913, port. only. 
OHIO. A north central state of U. 8. admitted 1802. 

Fowke, Gerard. Archaeological history of Ohio; the Mound builders and later Indians. Published by the 
Ohio state archaeological and historical society. Columbus, O., Press *jt F.J.Heer, 1902. xvi, 760 p. 
ill., pi. 23%cm. [Appendix; Explanation of reference notes: p. 729-71$. Rev.ln:Am Hist R 8(1902) 
184-5 "purely archaeological. . .has historical value of a negative character ... on the constructive side... 
practically nothing. . .real Independence of view cautious. . .as to opinions"; Nation 75(1C02)509 "accu- 
rate and sane in treatment. . .a valuable book... will do> much to substitute. . .fact for romance con- 
cerning our Mound Builders and later Indians"; Am Ant 24(1902)255-8 "calculated to do 
more harm than good" ... "contains inor<- abusive, slanderous and unbecoming language than has ap- 
peared In any sclantiflc book for years" ... "total unreliability"; Am Antiq 24(1902)258-61 (J.P.McLean) 
"7CO pages, profusely illustrated. . .attractive in appearance ... most dogmatic, arrogant, intolerant, 
waspish and llbelous book. . .errors. . .numerous. . .great disappointment iu almost every particular. . .au- 
thor... not familiar with. . .antiquities of Ohio." L.C. 2-16102] 

King, Rev. I. F. Introduction of Methodism in Ohio. Ohio Arch & Hist Pub 10(1902)165-219. 

Knabenshue, S. S. Indian laud cessions in Ohio. Ohio Arch & Hist Pub 11(1902)249-55. 

M ' C 1 1 n t o c k, W. T. Ohio's birth struggle. Ohio Arch & Hist Pub 11(1902)44-70. 

M c F a r 1 a n d, R. W. The Chillicothes. Ohio Arch & Hist Pub 11(1902)230-31. 

M a 1 t b i P, Milo Roy. Home rule in Ohio. Munic Aff 6(1902)234-44. 

Mathews, Alfred. Ohio and her Western Reserve, with a story of three st-ites leading to the latter, from 
Connecticut, by way of Wyoming, its Indian wars and massacre. . . New York, D.Appleton and com- 
pany, 1902. xxiii, 330 p. incl. 111., map. front., pi., port. 19%cm ([Expansion of the republic 
series]) [ 35(]903)345-8(J.O.Pierce) "packed full of interesting statistical information. 
Connecticut's charter claims reached westward over the northern limits of the present states of Penn- 
sylvania and Ohio;. . .story of the attempts of Connecticut to make. . .western claims actual possessions 
by organized settlements, Is here retold by Mr. Mathews with all its inherent glamour of romance": 
Nation 76(1903)98-9 "treated with energy, eloquence, and plausibility, with provincial prejudice. . .must 
provoke much damaging criticism and. . .refutations"; Am Hist R 8(1903)585-6 "vigorous style. . .inter- 
esting[ly] popular. . .material is not original. V L.C. 2-29422] 

Ohio Archaeological and Historical Society Publication. v.10(!90l-2)pp.593. v.ll(1902)pp.486 (Including an 
index to first 11 vols. p.267-486. Columbus, O., Pub. by Ohio State Arch, and Hist. Soc. 80. 

Ohio Day at Pan-American Exposition. July 18,1901. Ohio Arch & Hist Pub 10(1902)123-45. 

Ohio. Library commission. Sketches of Ohio libraries. Comp. by C. B. Galbreath, state libra: inn. Board 
of library commissioners: J. F. McGrew, president, O. E. Niles, Charles Orr. Columbus, F.J Heer, state 
printer, 1902. 394, 268 p. ill., fold. map. 25cm. [Appendix (also issued separately earlier in the 
year) is separately paged and has special index ;md t.-p. : Newspapers and periodicals in Ohio state 
library, other libraries of the state, and lists of Ohio newspapers in tco Library of Congress and the 
Historical society of Wisconsin... Index: p. 367-369. [L.C. 3-25386] 


Ohio, the site of thi garden of Bilen. The Serpent Mount, the house of Adam aud Eve. The theory of 

Rev. Landon West. Ohio Arch & Hist Pub 10(1902)225-31. 
The "Old Northwest" Genealogical quarterly, vol. 5. Columbus, O. Pub. by "Old Northwest" Geneological 

Society. 1902. pp. 171-80. 

r t h , S. P. The municipal situation In Ohio. Forum 33(1902)430-7. 

R a n (1 u 1 1, E. O. Ohio in early history tmd during the Revolution. Ohio Arch & Hist Pub 10(1902)395-434 

R a n d a I 1, E. O. Ohio's part In the American Revolution. Ohio Arch & Hist Pub 11(1902') 102-7. 

Revolutionary soldiers buried in Ohio. Am Mouth M 21(1902)460-2. 

Roberts, Frank H. H. The nation and the state: civil government of Ohio... with an Introduction by 
Grace Raymond Hebard... Syracuse, X. Y., C.W.Bardaen, 1902. 22i) p. incl. front., map. IS^cm. 
[L.C. 2-16234] 

Seventeenth annual meeting of the Ohio State Archaeological aud Historical Society. Ohio Arch 
& Hist Pub 11(1902)71-92. 

8 i k e s, George C. The city government question in Ohio. Outl 71(1902)1008-10. 

Wallace, Frederick Stephen. The SIxty-nrst Ohio volunteers, 1861-1865. Written and comp... Marys- 
vllle, O., Pub. for private circulation by T. Mullen, 1902. 37 p. 19%cin. [L.C. 3-7949] 

Wilson, Stella S[hoemaker]. ...Ohio... New York, London, The MacmUlau company, 1902. viil, 100 p. 

ill., map. 18% x 15*4cm. (Tarr and McMurry geographi-'s. Supplementary volume) [L.C. 2-14680] 
OHIO valley. Watershed of Ohio R. in Ohio, Ind. . 111. and Xy. 

R i c h t e r, Aug. Vor hundert Jahren. Deutftch-Am G 2.2(1902)63-5. 

Wilson, William Bender. From the Hudson to the Ohio. A region of historic, romantic and sceuio inter- 
est, and other sketches. Philadelphia, Kensington press, 1902. 206 p. Incl. 111., pi., port. 24 [L.C. 
OJIBWA (or Chippewa) Indians. The largest Algonquian tribe, of the Great Lake region. 

Barrows, Mabel Hay. "Hiawatha" among the Ojibwa Indians. Soufi Work 30(1901)771-6, ill. 
OKLAHOMA. A territory of the U. S. partitioned from Indian Territory, 1893. 

Elder, Frederick 8. The public lands of Oklahoma: or, What ere you going to do about it? [Norman, 
Okla., F.S.Elder, 1902] [L.C. 2-4967] 

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ners, domestic life and ... religious practices of Canadians. . .fallen intc gome errors. . .surprisingly ac- 
curate and full of insight." L.C. 3-11725] 

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ORATORY. Art of public speaking. 

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OSAGE Indians. A Siouan tribe of the plains between Arkansas and Missouri rivers, now in Okl. 

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08TERTAG, Blanche (ft. 1896). Chicago artist. 

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OTSEGO County, N. Y. County in the S.E. of central part of tate. 

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M 21(1902)300-1. 
OWEN family. 

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c!902] 3 p. 1., [9]-40 p. 22%cm. [Decorated t.-o. Y Rec 34("90S)148 "a most noble work." 
L.C. 3-10793] 

OYSTER industry. Cultivation, fishing and marketing of oysters. 
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Pacific. Great Britain in the Pacific. The Dutch In the Pacific. Japan 5n the Pacific. Other powers 
in the Pacific. Conclusion. Hist R 8(1903)376-8(H.M.Steph..-us) "To... United States is al- 
lotted four chapters. . .full of interesting matter. . .some descriptive material. . .of value. . .title of... 
book ... somewhat of a misnomer. . .rather a description of the powers now al work... than a history"; 
Nation 75(1902)172-4 [as to] "the Philippines. . .an intelligent, well-informed historian and critic... 
sympathetic and friendly ... sagacious and experienced. . .facts. . .trustworthy. . .descriptions. . .lucid"; 
Dial 32(1902)348-50(B.J.Ramage) "a new and original production. . .style. . .clear and graphic. . .de- 
scriptions. . .thorough and comprehensive ... copious index..." L.C. 2-6141] 
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Verelnlgte Staaten v. N.-A. u. d. Oberherrschaft Ob. d. Si ill,- Meer. Hist. Pol. Bl. f. Dt. (1902) 

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PAGE family. 

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PAINTING. One of the fine arts. 

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PALE COUNTY, Cal. Village of San Diego Co. 

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Argentina presenta ft la segunda Conferencia pan-americana. . . Mexico, Tipografla de la Oficina im- 
presora de estampillas, 1901. , 45 p. 34cm. [With its Segunda Conferencia. . . Actas y documentos. 
Mexico, 1901-2] [L.C. 2-13856] 

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U. S. Delegates to 2d International conference of American states. . . . Message from the President of 
the United States, transmitting a communication from the secretary of state, submitting the report, 
with accompanying papers, of the delegates of the United States to the second International conference 
...held at the city of Mexico from October 22, 1901, to January 22, isX)2. April 29, 1902. Read, re- 
ferred to the Committee on foreign relations, and ordered to be printed. Washington, Gov't print, off., 
1002. 243 p. 23cm. (57th Cong., 1st sess. Senate. Doc. no. 330) [Accompany papers in Spanish 
and English, include: Translation of the protocol of adherence to the conventions of the Tague. Trans- 
lation of treaty on compulsory arbitration. Minutes and documents. Treaty of arbitration for pecuni- 
ary claims. Pan-American railway resolution. Customs congress resolu-'.ion. Reorganization of the in- 
ternational Bureau of the American republics. Treaty for the extradition of criminals and for protec- 
tion against anarchism. Convention on literary :md artistic copyrights. Convjntion relative to the 
rights of aliens, etc. L.C. 2-23956] 

Williams, John Cnssel. Review of the work of the second International American Conference. Indep 

PAN AMERICANISM. Movement for close relations between various countries of America. 

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PAOLI (Pa.) massacre. Attack of British upon Am. encampment, Am. Revolution, Sept. 20, 1777. 

Proceedings on the occasion of the dedication of the monument on the one hundredth anniversary of the 
Paoli massacre, in Chester county, Pa., September 20, 1877. West Chester, Pa., F.S.Hickman, printer, 
1877. 78 pp. fold. map. 23% cm. [Subject entries: Paoli massacre, 1777. L.C. 2-3386 M 2] 
PAPER INDUSTRY. Manufacture and marketing 1 of paper. 

An early South Carolina factory( note). S C Hist Mag 3(1902)67. 
PARAGUAY. An interior republic of South America, between Brazil and Argentine. 

Serrano y Sans. Cartas referentes ft la organteacion y al gobierno -le las Reducciones del Paraguay 

[Dokument v. 8. Mai 1672]. Revista de archives, bibllotecas y museos, Madrid, 6, 385-8. 
FARAMORE, J. B. (1840-1902). Fla. Confederate officer. 

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PARISHES (Canadian). Ecclesiastical and civil districts. 

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ealogical Register, for Jan., 1902. ports. 8vo. pp. TO. 
PARK family. 

Park, Edwin H[oratio]. The Park record; containing an account of the ancestry and descendants of 
Thomas Kinnie Park and Robert Park, of Groton, Conn., and Grafton, Vt... [Denver, Col., Bartow & 
Ray print, 1902] 88 p. plate (1 col.) port., geneal. tab. 23cm. [L.C. 3-26848] 
PARKER, Augustus (1827-1910). Mass, legislator. 

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PARKER, Francis Wayland (1837-1902). Mass, and 111. educator, writer. 

Fitzpatrick, F. A. Francis Wayland Parker. Educa R 24(1902)23(Jc). 

J a c k m a n, Wilbur S. Francis Wayland Parker. Late director of the School of Education, University 

of Chicago. R of Rs 25(1902)448-52, port. 
PARKER, Theodore (1810-60). Mass. Unitarian clergyman, writer. 

Higginson, Thomas W. Two New England heretics: Channing and 1'arkor. Ind 54(1902)1234-6. 
PARKER family. 

Parker family. Wor Soc Ant 18(1902)177-204. 
PARKMAN, Francis (1823-33). Mass, historian. 

B a 8 s e t t , John Spencer. Francis Parkman, the man. Sewanee 10(1902)286-301. 
PASADENA, Cal. Town of Los Angeles Co. 
Holder, Charles Frederick. A climatic miracle In California. [For details see same title under subject, 


To we r, G. H. Rose tournament at Pasadena. Nat'l M (Bost) 15(1901 ?) 669-72, 111. 
FA88AIC, N. J. City of Passaic Co. 11 m. N. W. of Jersey City. 

The Reid memorial library, Passaic, N. J. Lib J 27(1302)137-8. 
PASSAMAQUODY INDIANS. A small Algonauian tribe of Maine and New Brunswick. 

M a t 1 g n o n, Francois Antolne. Father Matignon of Host >n notifies the Indians of Passamaqurde that 

he will visit them. Am Cath Res 19(1902)176. 
PATAGONIA. Extensive region comprising the 8. extremity of South America.. 

Prichard. Hfesketh Vernon] Hesketh-. Through the heart of Patagonia .. .with Illustrations from draw 
Ings in colour and black and white, by John Guillo Mlllais. . .and from photographs. New York, D.Ap 
pleton and company, 1902. xvl, 346 p. col. front., ill., pi. (parti; col.) 3 fold. maps. 27^ cm 
[Printed In England. Appendixes: (A) I. Moreno, F. P. Account of the discovery of the Pampean My 
lodon, or giant ground sloth. II. Woodward, A. S. Description and comparison of the specimen. III. 
Woodward, A. S. Description of additional discoveries. IV. Prlchard, H. Note concerning Tehnelch* 
legends. (B) Thomas O. On a new form of puma from Patagonia. (C) Britten, J. and Ronrtlr, A. B. of plants. 76(1903)139-200 "unimportant and tedious details. . .might have made t 
useful contribution. . .entertaining descriptions. . .three excellent maps"; Dial 34(1903)368-9 "galn[edj 
an Intimate knowledge of the fast disappearing Tehnelche tribe ... story never lacks interest." L.C. 
PATCH. Nathan (fl. 1760-99). Worcester, Mass., tavsrn keeper. 

The Nathan Patch house and north end of Main street. Wor Soc Ant 18(1902)242-53. 
PATCH family. 

Mills, William Stowell, LL. B. A branch of the Patch family. N E Reg 56(1902)198-9. 
PAOTINGFU, China. Scene of massacre of American missionaries 1900, Shantung Province. 
Ketler, Isaac C[onrad], The tragedy of Paotingfu; an authentic story of th<> lives, services and aarri 
flees of the Presbyterian, Congregational and China Inland mlssionarlfif who suffered martyrdom at 
Paotingfu, China, June 30th and July 1, 1900. New York, Chicago [etc.] F.H.Revell company. 1902. 
16, [3], 19-400 p. front., pi., port. 21%cm. [L.C. 2-17061] 
PATRICK'S PENCE Newbie coppers. Coins used in N. J. ab. 1682. 

S a i n t Patrick's pence in New Jersey 1082. Am Cath Res 19(1902)138 0. 
PATRIOTIC SOCIETIES. Societies of descendants of men celebrated in American history. 

The American Monthly Magazine. Washington, D. C. The Nat. Soc. of the D. A. R. 80. v. 20, 21, 1902. 

2 v. Organ of the Daughters of the American Revolution 

The Continental Hall, Daughters of the American Revolution. Am Month M 21(1902)363-9. 
Cornish, Louis H. A national register of the Society of the Sons of the American Revolution com- 
piled and pub. under the auspices of National Publication Committee. Register list collated and edited 
by A. Howard Clark. New York [1902] pp. 1036, port. 
General Register of the Society of Colonial Wars 1899-1902. Constitution of the General Society. 

Pub. by authority of the General Assembly. New York 1902 p.821. 
General Society Sons of the Revolution. Proceedings of regular triennial meeting, held at WasMngtou 

(Mt. Vernon) Apr. 1902. [Baltimore, J.Murphy & Co., 1902] pp. 121. <o. 
H e t z e 1, S. R. The breaking of the ground for Memorial Continental Hall, D. A. R. Am Month M 21 

Keith, Eliza D. Report of Historical Landmarks Committee of the Native Daughters Golden West. 

[San Francisco] 1902. pp. 70. 

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Old Continental, bimonthly. Pub. by Iowa Society, Sons of the American Revolution. Dec Molnes, Iowa. 
Vol. 1. No. 3-8-1902. pp. 4 to a number. 


The Order of the Founders and Patriots of America Register: 1902. Pub by authority of the Gen- 
eral Court of the Order, 1902. pp. 234. 

Patriotic Review. Boston. Mass. 4o 1902. 

Register of Members and Miscellaneous Statistical Information concerning Pennsylvania Society of Sons 
of the Revolution. 1902. Philadelphia. 1902. pp. 137. 

Register of the Society Sons of Revolution in the State of California. 19C2. [os Angeles, -1902]. Ill pp., 
2 1. 4o. 

Society of colonial wars. District of Columbia. Constitution and by-laws, adopted May 13th, 1902. [Wash- 
ington? 1902] 16 p. 24%cm. [L.C. 3-17735] 

Society of Mayflower Descendants. Sixth annual report. Congress, state reports, etc. Mayfl Desc 4 

The society of the second war with Great Britain, in the state of New York. Spirit of '76 (1902) 
39. [Description of the society, its aims, etc.] 

[Sons of American Revolution] annual meeting. Continental 1(1902) No 5. 

Sons of the revolution. Pennsylvania society. ...Register of members and miscellaneous statistical in- 
formation, 1902. Philadelphia [The Society] 1902. 137 p. front. 25V.-cm. [Compiled and edited by E. 
A. Weaver. Bibliography of the society: p. []17]-122. L.C. 3-11771] 

Spirit of '76. Devoted to the principles and incidents of men of 76 and colonial times. New York. 
Monthly, v.7. 1902. 

Wyoming Valley Chapter. Daughters of the American Revolution. 190t 1902. 16mo. pp. 13, n.p. ; n.d. 

Year book of the Society of the Genesee of New York. New York, 1902. pp 31. 80. 
PATTERSON, George (1828-1901). Texas, Tenn. Episcopal clergyman. 

G a i 1 o r, Thomas F. The Rev. George Patterson, D. D. Sewanee 10 (11*02)439-49. 
PATTERSON, John Henry (b.1844). Ohio manufacturer. 

T o w n s e n d, George Alfred. John Henry Patterson. Cosmopol 33(1902i526-oO, port. 
PATTERSON family. 

Conover, Charlotte Reeve. Concerning the forefathers; being a memoir, with personal narrative and let- 
ters of two pioneers, Col. Robert Patterson and Col. John Jobiibton, the paternal and maternal grand- 
fathers of John Henry Patterson of Dayton, Ohio, for whose children this book is written. [1st ed.j 
[New York, The Winthrop press, c!902] xvill, 432, [20] p. col. front., ill., plate, port., map, facs 
(1 col.) 28% x 18%cm. [Ornamental t.-p. Limited edition of '1,000 numbered and registered copies. 
This copy not numbered. L.C. 3-18202] 

PATTISON, George W. (1817-1900). Michigan pioneer, journalist. 

George W. Pattison (obituary). Mich Hist Coll '01,31(1902)3.1-2. 
FATTON, Francis Landey (b.1843). N. J. Theologian, Pres. Princeton University and Theol. Seminary. 

C r a n e, L. Burton. The presidency of Princeton University. Indep 54(1902)1481-4. 
PAWNEE Indians war 1859. 

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PAXTON family. 

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FEABODY, Francis (d.1771). Pioneer in Nova Scotia, officer in French and Indian War. 

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FEABODY, George (1795-1869). Mass philanthropist. 

Peabody historical society, Feabody, Mass. Exercises attending the unveiling of tablet at the birthplace 
of George Peabody, June 16, 1902. [Peabody, Mass.] Peabody historical society, 1902. 19 p. front., 
pi. 22cm. [L.C. 3-27046] 
PEABODY, Leonard Wood (1817-99). N. H. physician. 

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front., port. 25cm. [Paper read before the State historical society of Missouri ... Dec. 5, 1901. L.C. 
"PEGGY, Stewart." Brig burned at Annapolis. 

Baltimore, Maryland, Boston tea party. Am Month M 21(1902)470-2. 


PELHAM, John (1838-63). Ala. Confederate "boy artillerist" cfficer. 

Randall, James R. The gallant Pelbam. South Hist 3oc Pap 30(1902j:i38-45. 
PELHAM, Mass. Hamlet and township of Hampshire Co. about 8 in. S.E. of Nashua. 

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genealogical society. [Vital records of the towns of Massachusetts]) [Ed. by Henry Ernest Woods. 
L.C. 3-5253] 
PELL, John Henry (1831-1908). N. Y. lawyer, officer in Civil War. 

John Henry Pell (obituary). N Y Bee 33(1902)121-2. 
PELZEB, 8. C. Town of Anderson Co. in N.W. of state. 

Ely, Richard T. An American industrial experiment. Harper 106( 1902 < 30-45, ill. 
PEMAOUID, Me. Village of Lincoln Co. 18 m. E. of Bath. 

[Kaler], James Otis. ...The story of Pemaquld... New York, T.Y.Cruwell & co. [1902] 181 [. pi., 
map, plan. l%cm. (Pioneer towns of America, T. 2) [L.C. 2-7322] 

Report of the commissioners In charge of the remains of the Vuclent Fortifications at V'cmaquid. Augusta, 
Kennebeck Journal Print, 1902. pp. 9, So. [ K Reg F7(190o)236-8(F.W.Parke) "plan of fort 
...from the archives of England.' ] 
PENDLETON, William Kimbrongh (1817-90). President of Bethany college. 

Power, Frederick D[unglison]. Life of William Klmbrough PendJcton, I.I.. 1)., president of Bethany col- 
lege St. Louis, Christian publishing company, 1902. tx p., 1 1., 13-454 p. front., pi., port., facs. 
23cm. [L.C. 3-7679] 
PENDLETON family. 

Letters of Edmund Pendleton. Wm M Q 10(1902)200-2. 
FENN, William (1644-1718). Founder of Pennsylvania. 

Dixon, W[illiam] Hepworth. A history of William Penn, founder of Pennsylvania... New York, New 
Amsterdam book company, 1902. x, 11-337 p. incl. front, (port.) 18cm. ([The commonwealth library]) 
[L.C. 2-30127] 

Papers of William Penn. Yearbook Penn 8oc of N Y (1902)90-1. 

T a y 1 o r, E. E. The "Holy Experiment" of William Penn. G?nt M n 4 n(Je02)3S^(O). 
FENNIKAN family. . 

P c n n 1 m a n, G. W. The Penniman family. Robinson Family Gen & ll'st Assn (1902)38-47. 
PENNSYLVANIA. An original Kiddle State of the U. 8. 

Annual proceedings. Pennsylvania Society of the Sons of -.he Revolution. 1901-1902. Phlla. 1902. pp 94, 
4o. ill. 

Bond, B. W. The whiskey insurrection In Pennsylvania. Branch Pap No 2(1902)68-87. 

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tion of 1865, with introduction and notes by Frederick J. Shepard... Cleveland, The Barrows brothers 
company, 1902. 80 p. Incl. facslm. 24cm. [Contains facsimile o,f original t.-p. : Philadelphia, 1685. 
"Of this edition, two hundred and fifty copies have been printed, and the typo distributed." This copy- 
not numbered. Rev.ln:Nation 75(1902)481 "commendable taste. . .shown. . .bus been assigned to an ex- 
pert editor., .original title-pages are given in facsimile"; Dial 34(1903)126 "reprtnt. . .luterefctlng. .. 
[250] copies." L.C. 2-27224] 

Clark, Martha Bladen. Homes of the signers of the Declaration of Independence, John Morton. Am 
Month M 21(1902)23-5, 111. 

The Colonial society of Pennsylvania. Charter, constitution, by-laws, officets, committees, members, etc 
Mi "Mil. [Philadelphia? 19027] 151 p. 26%cm. [L.C. 3-17734] 

Cuffel, Charles A. Durell's battery in the civil war. (Independent buttery D, Pennsylvania volunteer 
artillery.) A narrative of tin- campaigns and battles of Berks and Bucks counties' artillerists in tha 
war of the rebellion, from the battery's organization, September 24, 1801, to Its muster out of service. 
June 13, 1865. [Philadelphia, Craig, Finley & co., printers, prof. 1900] Doylestown, Pa. Cuff.-l, 1902. 
265 p. front., pi., port., plan. 24cm. [L.C. 2-19871] 

Die Deutschen In Pennsylvania. Deutsche Rundschau 112(1902)462-8. 

England. Papists and Quakers in Pennsylvania. Am Cath Res 19(1'.X#)79. 

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Historical anniversaries and celebrations 1901. Year book Penn So- of N Y (1902)115-19. 

Historical buildings. Year book Penn Soc of N Y (1902)122-24. 

Kephart, Horace. Pennsylvania's part in the winning of the West; an address delivered before the Penn- 
sylvania society of St. Lonis, December 12, 1901. [For details see same title under subject, 

M I n n t e of the Historical Society of Pennsylvania. 1902. Penn Mag 26(1902)483-4. 


Myers, Albert Cook. Immigration of thu Irish Quakers into Pennsylvania, 1682-1750. with their early his- 
tory in Ireland... Swarthmore, Pa., The author, 1902. xxil, 477 p. front., ill., pi., port., fac., tab. 
25%cm. ["Printed from type; edition limited." Bibliography: p. 431-444 Hist R 8(1903) 
357-9 (Elizabeth Lloyd) "contains many interesting documents. . .appen.1-x. . .contains genealogical rec- 
ords... of value ... valuable contribution"; Nation 75(1902)291 "Throws. . .flood of life. . .upon. . .manners 
and customs, ways of living. . .of .. .interest. . .especially <o Friends"; Pial 33(1902)325-6(F.W.Shepard- 
son) "bibliography ... index ... real contribution to American race history. . .valuable." L.C. 2-19191] 

Over the Clay Pike to Boyertown and back. Pa-Ger 3(1902)3-32, 111., port. 

Pennsylvania and Massachusetts. Year book Penn Sou of N Y (1902)92-95. 

Pennsylvania infantry. 127th reg't, 1862-1863. Pennsylvania volunteers, lamiliarly known as the "Dau- 
phin County regiment." Authorized by the regimental association arnl prepared by its committee. 
[Lebanon, Pa., Press of Report publishing company, 1902?] 2 p. !., 3G5 ]>. pi., 32 port. (incl. front.) 
20cm. [L.C. 3-24761] 

The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography, quarterly. Phlla. pub. by the Hist. Soc. of Penn- 
sylvania, v. 26. 1902. pp. 508. 

Pennsylvania monument* and memorials, proposed and erected In 1901. Year book Penn Soc of 
N Y (1902)112-14. 

The Pennsylvania society of New York. Year book of the Pennsylvania society of New York. New York, 
The Society, 1902. front., ill., pi. 24cm. [Edited by Barr Ferree. Rcv.ln:Nation 7 -(1903)374 'main- 
tains the interesting character of the series." L.C. 2-llflOS] 

Pilcher, James Evelyn. The seal and arms of Pennsylvania... Harrlsburg, W.S.Ray, state printer 1902. 
22 p. front., ill., plate (partly col.) facs. 25cm. [ Northw Q 6(1903)101(L.C.H.) profusely 
ill. ... in Interesting form... a credit to state. L.C. 3-15736] 

Publications of the Genealogical Society of Pennsylvania. May, 1902. 1300 Locust St. Vol. II. No. 2. 
Phila., Printed for the Society by the Wickersham Printing Co., Lancaster, Pa. Sm. 4to. 93-235. 

Register of members and and miscellaneous statistical information concerning the Pennsylvania Sons of 
the Revolution. 1902. Phila., 1902, pp 137, 4o, 111. 

Regnemer, Wm. The Slav in the coke regions <>f southwestern Pennsylvania. Ass Her 7(1902)321-5. 

Sharpless, Isaac. A Quaker experiment In government; history of Quaker government In Pennsylvania. 
1682-1783... Popular ed Philadelphia, Ferris & Leach, 1902. 2 pts. in 1 \. 19cm. [pt. 2 has sub- 
title: "Thte Quakers in the revolution." Issued In 1899 under title: ''A history of Quaker government 
in Pennsylvania." 74(1902)171 "Meritorious work. . .popular edition. . .we. . .wish. . .index 
had been enlarged and moderlzed and made veracious." L.C. 2-i>945 M 2j 

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PENNSYLVANIA, University of. Univ. at Philadelphia. 

Henry White Physlck [Tuition Mil U. of P. 1773]. Penn Mag 26(1902)287. 
PENNY COOK (or Fenaoook), N. H. Ancient name for Concord, N. H. 

Brown, David Arthur. The history of Penacook, N. H., from Its flrst settlement In 1734 up to 1900. Con- 
cord, N. H., The Rumford press, 1902. viii, 570 p. front., 111. (Incl. port.) pi. 24%cm. [L.C. 3-8592] 

W a 1 k e r, J. B. The genesis of a New England plantation. Granite M 3:1(1902)41-8. 
PENSIONS. Annual allowances for past services, especially military. 

F e n n i n g, Frederick. Comparative pension systems. Forum 33(1902)3-16-8. 

Gardner, Washington. Discussing United States pensions. Confed \Vt 30(1002)173-5. 

Glasson, W. H. Nation's pension system as applied to the civil war and the war with Spain. (Pub. of 
the sec. no. 331.) Phlla. Am. Acad. Pol. Sci. 1902. 80. 

Glasson, William H. The national pension system as applied to t^c civil war and th-- war with 
Spain. Ann Am Acad Pol Sci 19(1902)204-26. 

Glasson, William H. The south and service pension laws. So Atlan Q 1(1902)351-60. 

Relief by States for Confederate Soldiers. Confad Vet 10(1902)202. 
FEQUOT INDIANS. An Algonquian tribe of Conn, and R. I. 

Thresher, Calista Potter. Homes and Haunts of the Pequots. New Eng M 25(1901-2)742-54. 
PERCY, Hugh (1742-1817). British officer in Am. Revolution. 

Bolton, Charles Knowles. Letters of Hugh Earl Percy from Boston ana New York 1774-1776. Boston, 
Charles E. Goodspeed, 1902. 4to. pp. 88. Portrait. [ 7i>(1902)346 "Carefully edited... 
relate... to affairs of the time... well worth printing. . .interest. . .larp>iy due to. . .personality of tho 
writer"; Dial 33(1902)287 "valuable addition ... every one contains some Item of interest or value"; 
Men.ln:Am Hist R 8(1903)403 "some interesting material for the study of Revolutionary history."] 
PEREA, Estevan (fl.1632). Custodian of the missions of New Mexico 1632-3. 

P e r e a, Estevan. Second "Report" on New Mexico 1632-3. Out West 15(1901)460-90. 


PERIODICALS and Transactions. 

This subject includes only a selection of the periodicals and transactions whose chief aim is historical. 
For others, especially those which have only occasional historical articles, see Introduction. 

Aoadiensis, A quarterly devoted to the interests of the Maritime provinces of Canada. So. St. John, N. B. 
v. 2 1902. pp. 287. [Issued under the auspices of the Acadian Society. Some poetry, etc., but hist, arts 
In general fair. Articles and documents, but chiefly former.] 

American Antiquarian and Oriental Journal, The. Stephen D. Feet, ed. Bimonthly. Chicago. So. v. 24. 
1902. pp. 490. [Not wholly American. Am. articles, especially those by the editor, excellent. Various 

. departments of "notes" not analyzed in this work.] 

American Antiquarian Society. Proceedings, Worcester, Mass. The Society, v. 15. pt. 1 (p. 1-106) At 
the semi-annual meeting, Boston, Apr. 30, 1902. (1902). v. 15. pt. 2 (p. 107-266) at Annual meeting, 
Worcester, Oct. 21. 1902 (1903). 

American Catholic Historical Researches. Quarterly, Parkesburg, Pa. Martin I. J. Griffin, Pub. and Ed. 
So. v. 19. 1902. pp. 192+10. [Full of good material. The department of Catholic historical notes" Is 
full of Interesting material generally too brief for analysis In this work.] 

American Catholic Historical Society of Philadelphia, Records. Phlla. Pub. by the Society. So. Quarterly, 
v. 13 1902. [Arts, and documents. Dep't of "Historical picture gallery" has only brief notices but is 
analyzed in this work.] 

American Heraldic Journal, The. An eclectic quarterly magazine. Columbus. So. v. 2, 1902. [General 
heraldry. Analyzed for Am. articles.] 

American Historical Association, Annual Report for 1901. 2 vola. Washington, Gov't. Printing office, 1902. 
v. 1, pp5S3, v. 2, pp360. 80. 

The American Historical Magazine and Tennessee Historical Society Quarterly. Nashville, Tenn. So. v. 
7. 1902. pp. 398. [Formerly under auspices of Peabody Normal College, now of Teun. Hist. Soc. Val- 
uable documents and excellent articles.] 

The American Historical Review. Quarterly. New York, Macmlllau Co. So. v. 7, nos2-4. (p. 203-868) 
and v. 8, no.l. (p. 1-204)=1902. [Official organ of A. H. A. A review of general history, admirably 
edited. Review department is only rivalled by reviews in the N. Y. Nation as an authoritative critical 
source on publications in Am. history.] 

American Jewish Historical Society Publications. Pub. by the Society. So. No 10, 1902. p. 13+202. 

American Monthly Magazine, The. Washington, D. C. The Nat. Soc. of the D. A. R. So. v. 20, 21, 1902. 
[Organ of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Popular, not scholarly, but contains occasional 
articles of historical value and a good deal of source matter scattered through the articles and depart- 
ments of "Revolutionary Records," "Work of the Chapters," "Genealogical Notes and Queries" and 
"Real Daughters." Of these departments only that of "Revolutionary Records" is analyzed in this 

Annals of Iowa. A historical quarterly published by the historical department of Iowa. Des Moines, la. 
So. 3 st-r. v. 5, nos. 4, 5, 6, 7. 1902. [Department of "Notable deaths" Is analyzed only by selection, in 
general nothing less than % page notice taken.] 

Boston Public Library, Monthly bulletin of books added to. Boston, So. v. 7. 1902. pp904. [Contains many 
useful documents, chiefly individual letters, from the mss.J 

Buffalo Historical Society, Publications. Edited by Frank H. Severance. Buffalo, N. Y. The Society. So. 
v. 5. 1902. pp535. 

Bunker Hill Monument Association, Proceedings at the annual meeting, June 17, 1908. Boston, Pub. by the 
Association. So. 1902. pp67. [Addresses, documents and reports.] 

Collector, The. A monthly magazine for autograph and historical collectors. New York, Benjamin, v. IB. 
1901-2. pp!47. v. 16 new ser. 1902. [Trade magazine with many original letters, etc.] 

Colonial Society of Massachusetts Publications. So. Transactions April-November, 1900. [vol. 7 no. 1. 
1902.] pp. 6+62. 

Columbia Historical Society, Washington, D. C., Records. So. Washington, The Society, v. 5. 1902. pp 
329. [Incl. Proceedings, etc.] 

Confederate Veteran. Published monthly in the Interest of Confederate veterans and kindred topics. Nash- 
ville, Tenn. 80. v. 10, 1902. p. 573. [A great amount of interesting material, Including many bio- 
graphical articles and portraits. In analysis for this work biographies of persons below the rank of 
Major not Included.] 

Connecticut Magazine, The. Devoted to Connecticut in its various phases of history, literature, picturesque 
features, science, art and industry. Hartford, Conn. So. Bimonthly. 1902. v. 7, nos. 3, 4, 5. pp. 212- 
650. [Fully Illustrated, many admirable local articles, some poetry and fiction.] 

Dedham historical register. Dedham, Mass. 80. Quarterly, v. 13, 1902. p. 127. [Chiefly local but many 
articles of general interest.] 

Deutsoh-Ameriokanisohe Gesohiohtsblatter, Vierteljahrsschrift, herausgegeben von den Deutsch-Amerikan. 
hiitor. Geoellscbaft von Illinois, Chicago, . 3. 1902. [p. 272.] [Each no. paged separately.] 


PERIODICALS and Transactions (cent.)- 

Essex Antiquarian, The. A quarterly devoted to the biography, genealogy, history and antiquities of Essex 
Co., Mass. Sidney Perley, Ed. Salem, Mass. 80. v. 6. 1902. pp202. [Excellently edited for its field. 
Much useful material, especially in genealogy and strictly local history. Not much of wider interest.] 

Filson Club Publication No. 17. The old Masters of the Blue Grass, Samuel Woodsen Price, Editor. Louis- 
Tille, Ky. J.P.Morton & Co. 1902. pp. 17i-181. 4o. 

Florida Magazine. A monthly magazine devoted to general literature. Jacksonville, Fla. v. 4, p. 371, 
v. 5, p. 353, 1902. 

Genealogical Quarterly Magazine, Burlington Vt. So. Quarterly, v. 3. 1902. p. 255. [Ed. by Eben Put- 
nam, formerly of various Salem, Mass., publications. Contains largely Essex Co., Mass., local historical- 
genealogical material with some Vt. matter.] 

The Genealogist. A quarterly magazine. Exeter (Eng.) v. 19 (1902-3) July- Apr. [Apr. 1903. good 
American article.] 

Granite monthly. A New Hampshire magazine devoted to history, biography, literature and state progress. 
Concord. 80. v. 32, 1902. p. 0+389 (1). [Same order as N. E. Mag. and Conn. Mag. 111. Magazine with 
some fiction, poetry, etc., but chiefly historical and descriptive state articles.] 

Gulf States Historical Magazine, The. Thomas M. Owen, Editor. Montgomery, Ala. 80. Bimonthly, v. 1. 
nos. 1-3 (July-Nov. ) 1902. p. 1-237. [Chielly articles of goo*! historical quality, some documents, de- 
partments of "Minor topics" (analyzed) and "Historical news" (analyzed by selection). "Book notes 
and reviews" fairly numerous and good.] 

Historical Quarterly, The. An ill. mag. containing the contributions of the Manchester Historic Ass. and 
misc. matter of local and general interest. Manchester, N. H. Vol. 3. 1902. p. 120. with supplement in 
each number. 

Holland Society of New York, Year Book for 1902. Prep, by the Secretary, Theodore M. Banta. New 
York. Knickerbocker Press. (Cop. 1902.) pp!79. 4o. 

Huguenot Society of South Carolina, Transactions. No. 9. Charleston. 80. 1902. pp58. [Minutes, offi- 
cers, etc., and address.] 

Indiana History Society Publications. Indianapolis. 80. v. :5 uo. 1, 1895, no. 2, 1896, no. 3, 1900, no. 4, 
1902. pp255-330. 

Iowa Historical Record, The. Pub. quarterly by the State Historical Society. Iowa City. So. v. 18, 1902. 
[Vols. 16-18, 1900-1902, have one title-page (1902) and one pagination.] 

Ipswich Historical Society. Salem, Mass. 80. XI. Waters, Thos. Franklin, The Meeting House Green 
[Ipswich, Mass.] with Proceedings, Dec. 2, 1901. 1902 p. 51. 

Jeneyman, The. A quarterly magazine of local history and genealogy, principally of Hunterdon Co., N. i. 
So. v. 8. Flemlngton, N. J. H. E. Dears, E. and Pub. 1902. pp34. [Chiefly genealogical.] 

John P. Branch Historical Papers of Eandolph-Maoon College. Published Annually by the Dept. of His- 
tory. So. No. 2. 1902. 

Kansas State Historical Society Transactions, 1901-2. Topeka, Kan. 80. v. 7, 1902. p. 619. 

La Nouvelle France. Revue des interets religieux et uationaux du Canada Francais. Sciences-lettres-arts. 
Quebec. So. Monthly, v. 1. 1902. pp591. [French Roman Catholic magazine, rather more religious 
than historical, but historical articles sometimes of good critical value. Pub Canad '02,7 
(1903)69-70 "the expression of the most cultivated French-Canadian opinion of the present day... good 
medium through which to study the intellectual status... of Quebec."] 

Lancaster Co. (Pa.) Historical Society Papers, v. 7. no. I. 1902. p. 16. 

Literary and Historical Society [of Quebec], Transactions. No. 24. Sessions of 1900-2. Quebec, 80. 1902. 

Lost Cause, The. A monthly illustrated Journal of History, devoted to the collection and preservation of 
the Records of the Confederacy. Louisville, Ky. 1902. [Organ of the "Daughters of the Confederacy" 
not received in time for analysis in this volume.] 

Lower Norfolk County Virginia Antiquary. Baltimore, Md. 80. Quarterly. V. 4, 1902. pp. 164. 

Lynn Historical Society of Lynn, Mass., Register for year 1901. Lynn, Mass. 80. 1902. pp66. [Const. 
Reports, etc. also two papers and necrologies of members (iiecrol. not analyzed).] 

McLean County Historical Society of Bloomington, 111., Transactions. 

Magazine of American History, n. s. no. 1, 1902. [Attempt to revive the old Mag. Am. Hist.] 

Massachusetts Historical Society, Proceedings. Vol. 15. Boston, Pub. by the Soc. 1901-2. pplS+554. 

Mayflower Descendant, The. A quarterly magazine of Pilgrim genealogy and history. Boston. Pub. by the 
Mass. Society of Mayflower descendants. 80. v. 4, 1902. pp8+284. 

Medford Historical Register, The. Medford, Mass. Published by the Medford Hist. Soc. 80. quarterly 
v. 5. 1902. pp96. [Strictly local but excellent in kind.] 

Michigan Pioneer and Historical Society, Collections and Researches, v. 31. 1901. Lansing, Mich. 1902. pp. 

Mississippi Historical Society, Publications of. Franklin L. Riley, Ed. Oxford, Miss. 80. v. 6. pp383. 
. 6. pp567. 1902. [Of noteworthy historical value, ranking with the very best state work.] 


PERIODICALS and Transactions (cont.)- 

Monthly Bulletin of the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh, The Carnegie Library. 80. v. 7, 1902 
pp375. [Some good documents.] 

Nebraska State Historical Society, Proceedings and collections. Second Series. Lincoln, Neb. Jacob North 
and Co. 80. v. 5. 1902. pp38l. 

New England Catholic Historical Society Publications. Boston, So. no. 3. pp. 66, no. 4. pp. 33, 1902. 

New England Historical and Genealogical Record, The. Boston, Pub. by the Society. 80. quarterly, v. 
16, pp. 418 with supplements, pp. 139, 1902. [Long the leading hlstorlco-genealogical periodical. Articles 
of high standard and volumes elaborately indexed. Best source for bibliography of local history and 
genealogy, but reviews have fallen off greatly In number and extent. Dept. "Notes and queries" ana- 
lyzed by selection only.] 

New England Magazine. An Illustrated monthly review of New England life and achievement. N. Y. and 
Boston. N. S. v. 25 (1901-2) v. 26 (1902) v. 27 (1902-3) [High class, popular, chiefly historical, but 
also poetry and Action. Book notices not very important for history.] 

New Hampshire Historical Society, Proceedings. Concord. 80. v. 3. pt. 2 (1897-1899) 1902. p. 173-504. 

New Jersey Historical Society, Proceedings. Paterson, N. J. So. v. 2, no. 3 (few 1897) v. 3, no. 4 (for 
18U8) 1902. [Has department of notes and queries (not analyzed) and necrology.] 

New York Genealogical and Biographical Record, devoted to the interests of American genealogy and biog- 
raphy. New York. Pub. by the N. Y. Gen. and Blogr. Society. 4o. Quarterly, v. 83. 1902. pp283. 
[Class of the New Eng. Register and second only to It as source for local historical literature and re- 
views of books not noticed In general reviews. Depts. of Notes and Queries analyzed by selection only.] 

New York Public Library Bulletin. Astor Lenox and Tilden foundations. New York. 80. v. 6. 1902. 
[Contains various valuable bibliographies and documents.] 

New York State Historical Association, Proceedings. The 3d annual meeting, 1901. Pub. by the Associa- 
tion. 80. v 2 1902. pp74. [Rather popular and rhetorical with a few bits of useful contribution.] 

North Carolina Booklet, The. Raleigh, N. C. 16o monthly, v. 1, no. 1 (May '01) Y. 2, no. 8 (Dec. '02) 
[Series of monographic parts each about the value of a good magazine article.] 

Notes and queries and Historic magazine, A monthly of history, folklore, mathematics, literature, science, 
art, Arcane societies, etc. Manchester, N. H. S.C. and L.M.Gould. 80. v. 20. nos. '1-6. 1902. pp200. 
[Well denned elements of occultism and good local historical articles. 

Ohio Archaeological and Historical Society Publications, Columbus, O. Pub. by the Society. 80. v. 10 
(1901-2) pp503. 11 (1902) pp486 (including an Index to first 11 vols. p267-486). 

Old Continental. Des Molnes, Iowa. Pub. by Iowa Society, Sons of the American Revolution. Elbrldge 
Drew Hadley, Ed. Bimonthly. 4o. v. 1 nos 3-8=1902. pp4 to a number. [Occasional article of general 

Old Eliot. Eliot, Me. 80. v. 5. 1902. [A few articles of more than local interest.] 

"Old Northwest" Genealogical Quarterly, The. Columbus, O. Pub. by Old Northwest genealog. Soc. v. 6 
1902 pp!71. [Contains departments of Notes and Queries (analyzed by selection for this work), acces- 
sions to the Society's library, books in preparation, book notices (done for this work), and indexes of 
names and places. Much on the lines of the New England Register.] 

Oregon Historical Society, The quarterly of the. Portland, Or. Pub. by the Society. 80. v. 3. 1902. 
[Chiefly excellent sets of personal reminlscenes. ] 

The Owl. Kewauuee, Wis. v. 3, nos. 5&6, and v. 4, uos. 1*2=1902. [Wing family. Well edited with 
many articles on collateral families, a good number of articles of general interest.] 

Patriotic Review. Boston, Mass. 4o. 1902. [Devoted to the interests of the Patriotic societies. Little 
historical value except "for the history of the organizations themselves. ] 

Pennsylvania German, The. Lebanon, Pa. Quarterly, v. 3. 1902. 

The Pennsylvania Magazine of History and Biography. Quarterly. Phila., pub. by the Hist. Soc. of Penn- 
sylvania, v. 26. 1902. pp508. [Excellent documents and source articles. Dept. of notes contains many 
documents and items of first 'rate Importance and is analyzed fully for this work. Reviews few.] 

Quinabaug Historical Society Leaflets. Southbridge, Mass. (Many of these fall In 1902.) [Local.] 

Recherches Historiques, Bulletin d'Archeologie, d'Histoire, de Biographic, de Bibliographic, de Numis- 
matique, etc., etc., public par Pierre-Georges Rey. LCvls 80. v. 8. 1902. pp. 384. [Rev.ln:Hist Pub 
Canad '02,7(1903)69 "usef ul . . . keen eye for... new results of research. . .Canadian history ... indispens- 
able... for the personal history of leaders."] 

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complete Index... (September SO, 1902.) [By De Benneville Randolph Keim] Washington, Gov't 
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PINEHURST, N. C. Health resort in sand-hill section of N. C. 

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PINTARB, John (1759-1844). N. Y. editor, writer, benefactor. 

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before the New York historical soclaty December 3, 1901. New York, Printed for the Society, 1902. 
37 p. front, (port.) 111., fac. 24^cm. [L.C. 2-11389] 
"PIOUS Fund." Trust fund for Mexican and California Missions. 
P e n f i e 1 d, W. L. The "Pious Fund" arbitration. No Am 175(1902)835-43. 

S t e a d, W. T. The United States and Mexico at the opening of the Hague Court. R of Rt 26(1902) 
419-24, port. 


United States vs. Mexico. Report of Jackson II. Ralston, agent of tbe United States and of counsel, in 
the matter of the case of the Pious fund of the Callfornias, heard before a tribunal of the Permanent 
court of arbitration under The Hague convention of 1899, sitting at The Hague September 15, 1902, to 
October 14, 1902, with pleadings, appendix, exhibits, '>rlefs, and reojrd of the entire proceedings. 
December 9, 1902. Read, referred to the Committee on foreign relations, and r.rdered to be printed. 
Washington, Gov't print, off., 1902. 801 p. 23cm. (57th Cong., 2d SPSS. Senate. Doc. no. 28) 
[English and French. L.C. 3-7813] 
PIRATES. Sea robbers. 

Herrmann, Oscar. Ehrlich, Frederick, ill. by. Pirates and Piracy. N. T., Stettiner Bros., 1902. pp. 47. 
12o. [21.Men.ln:N E Reg 57(1903)239(F.W.Parke) "not a history, but a narrative [of]... the vicissi- 
tudes of a pirate's career."] 

Pirates In Virginia (note). Va Mag 10(1902)216. 
PISCATAWAY, N. J. Township of Middlesex Co. 

Plscataway register of births. N J Hist S 2 (1902) 119-76; 3,10-8. 
PITTSBURGH, Fa. City in west of state, at, confluence of Allegheny and Monongehala rivers. 

Another view of Pittsburgh In 1817. [H. B. Fearon's.] Plttsb Bull 7(1902)l56-6. 

Brackenridge's account of Pittsburgh In 1786. Pittsb Bull 7(1902)257-62,588-90,332-5. 

An English farmer at Pittsburgh in 1817. Pittsb Bull < (1902)189-95. 

A Glimpse at Plttsburg. Year book Penn Soc of N Y( 1902)96- 100, 111. 

Pittsburgh In 1817 [for John Palmer's Journal 1S18]. Plttub Bull 7(1902)115 22. 
PLAMONDON, Louis (fl.1830). French Canadian lawyer. 

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PLATT family. 

Lines, Mrs. Eliza J[ennette (Marks)]. Maiks-Platt ancestry... South B>nch, Com.., Pub. by request of 
A. A. Marks, 1902. 1 p. 1., 98, [16] p. front., pi., port., teneal. tab. 24'*.cm. [16 blank pages at end 
for descendants' record L.C. 3-9126] 
PLATTE township, Mich. Township of Benzie Co. 16 m. W. of Traverse City. 

T h u r s t o n, M. E. History of the Township nf Platte. Mich Hist Coll '01, 31(1902)140-51. 
PLOUGH Company (or Co. of Husbandiers). Dissenter Colonists, 1630. 

Stephen Bachiller and the plough company of 1630. The Genealogist 19(1902-3)270-84. 
PLTTMMER, William (1759-1850). N. H. Governor, V. 8. senator, writer. 

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P 1 a m n e r, William. [Letter] to Salma Hale [1818]. Boat Bull 6(1902)445. 
PLYMOUTH, Mass. Seaport town of Plymouth Co. 37 m. 8.S.E. of Boston. 

H o b a r t, Ethel. The tourist and the native. New Eng M 27(1902)250-6, 111. 

John Doty's deed to Wrestling firewater. Mayfl Desc 4(1902)65-7, facs. 

Perkins, Frank H[erman]. Handbook of old Burial Hill, Plymouth, Massachusetts. Its history, its fam- 
ous dead, and its quaint epitaphs. Plymouth, Mass., A.S.Bnrbank [1902] 72 p. incl. ill., pi. 18%cm. 
[p. 50-72, advertising matter. L.C. 2-18019] 

Plymouth births, marriages and deaths. Mayfl Desc .U1901)12-:5,121-4; 4,110-14. 

Plymouth Colony deeds. Mayfl Dos? 3(1901)39-41,78-83,138-42,225-8; 4,35-7,82-6. 

Plymouth Colony wills and Inventories. Mayfl Dose $(1901; 74-8, 160-2, 220-5; 4,75-82,l8-71. 
FOCOHONTAS Co., W. Va. An eastern county of the state. 

P rl ce, W. T. Pocahontas County. W Va Mate 2.2(1902)73-86. ill., port. 
POE, Edgar Allen (1809-49). Am. poet, writer, editor. 

Letters of Edgar Allen Poe, 1846-49. N Y Bull 6(1902)7-11. 

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Poe, Edgar Allan. The complete works; td. by James A. Harrison... [Virginia ed.] New York, T.Y. 
Crowell & company [1902] 17 v. front., pi., port. 15%cm. [Each volume has special t.-p. "Bib- 
liography of the writings of Edgar A. Poe": v. 16, p. 355-379. Content* v. 1. Biography [by James 
A. Harrison] v. 2-6. Tales. v. 7. Poems. v. 8-13. Literary criticism. v. 14. Essays and miscella- 
nies. v. 15. Literati. Autography. v. 16. Marginalia. Kureka. v. 17. Foe and hi* friends. Letters 
relating to Poe. Rev. In. Nation 75(1902)445-7 "an old-fashioned labor of lot e ... endeavor to reconsti- 
tute the text. . .notwithstanding its shortcomings rnd errors... Is heartily welcome. . .collects. . .much. .. 
scattered [matter]"; Dial 33(1902)277-S( W.M.Payne) "fully justified by the new matter which it offers, 
as well as by Its corrections In the text. . .Indispensable. . .complete bibliography." L.C. 2-20043] 

R i ch a rd son, Charles F. Edgar Allen Poe. world-author. Critic 41(1902)138-47, 111. 

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POETRY (Am.). 

Baton, Wyatt. Recollections of American poets. Sketch of the author. Cent 64(1002)842-51, tort. 

Falblsaner, Adolf. Das deutsche Lied In der deutsch-amerlkanischeu Dichtung. Deutsch-Ain 6 2.2 

M a b 1 e, Hamilton W. The poetry of the South. Internat Mo 5(1902)200-23. 
POINT Pleasant (W. Va.). Battle between Va. troops of Lord Dunmore and Indians, Oct. 10, 1774. 

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M a x w e 1 1, H. The last survivor of the Battle of Point Pleasant. Transallegheny Hist M 1(1901-2) 

One hundred and twenty-seventh anniversary of the battle of Point Pleasant. The first battle of the 
Revolution, October 10th, 1774. W Va Mag 2.1(1902)19-36, port. 

Poage, Louella Kemper. Kentucky's part In the battle of Point Pleasant. W Va Mag 2.4(1902)17-28. 
POLISH Americans. Natives of Poland resident in the IT. 8., and their descendants. 

Tomkiewicz, John W. S. Polanders in Wisconsin. Wise Hist Proc '01(1902)148-52. 
POLITICAL parties, XJ. S. Voluntary associations of citizens for united action in political affairs. 

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O g d e n, Rollo. New powers of the national committee. Atlan 89(1902)76-81. 

Schmitt, Alfred C. Entsteuung der natlonal-politischon parteien In den Verelnlgten Staaten von Nord- 
Amerika... Rossweln 1. S., Druck von A.Haubold, 1902. 86 p., 1 1. 24cm. [Inaug.-dis. Leipsig. 
Vita. L.C. 3-8118] 
POLITICS and gov't. Affairs of the state. 

Adams, Charles Francis. An undeveloped function [Political debate]. Am Hist A Rep '01. 1(1902)47-93. 

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New York, London, The Macmillan co., 1902. xlv, 599 p. 21cin. [ Hist R 8(1902)183 "a 
text-book nn politics for high schools. . .much more comprehensive treatment than the conventional 
books on civil government. . .sometimes inaccurate. . .nncouth words and phrases abound"; Nation 74 
(1902)493-4 "Shows skill in . . . selection of facts. . .general presentation. . .clear, accurate and sensible... 
will prove useful to. . .teachers"; Dial 32(1902)283 "attractive In presentation and logical in arrange- 
ment... has long been needed. . .for. ..higher grades of... school work"; So Atlan Q 1(1902)378-9 "in- 
conclusive and pointless manner. . .managed to leave unsaid... a great deal he ought to have said... too 
long for primary text book... not scholarly enough for a reference book." L.C. 2-5846] 

Boutmy, imile. elements d'une psychologle polltique du peuple Amerlcaln. Paris, Armand Colin, 1902. 
pp. 10+366. [ Hist R 8(1902) 152-4( A. L.Lowell) "a companion to M. Boutmy's 'Psychologic 
Politique du peuple Anglais an XIXc Sl&cle,' and like that It Is interesting and suggestive; but it Is a 
better book... more closely connected by a central idea. . .less. . .fanciful or exaggerated."] 

Boutwell, George 8[ewall]. Reminiscences of sixty years In public affairs... New York, McClure, Phil- 
lips & co., 1902. 2 v. front, (port.) 23Vjcm. [Rev.ln:Natlon 75(1902)18 "Most valuable feature... 
is. . .terse characterization of. . .men. . .judgments. . .affectod by. . .stern partisanship. . . rugged style. . . 
some repetition ... Interesting and valuable." L.C. 2-14595] 

Clark, Salter Storrs. The government; what It is, what it does... New York, Cincinnati [etc.] Ameri- 
can book company [1902] 304 p. ill. 19cm. [ 32(1902)424 "elementary school text- 
book ... covers a good deal of ground in a simple way." L.C. 2-13407] 

Johnston, Alexander. History of American politics... Rev. and enl. by William M. Sloane ... continued 
by Wintbrop More Daniels... New York, H.Holt and company, 1902. sill, 437 p. 16cm. (Hand- 
books for students and general readers) ["Authorities": p. v-vll. L.C. 2-19196] 

Lansing, Robert, and Jones, Gary M. Government; Its origin, growth, and form in the United States, 
with special treatment of the constitution and government <>f New York state... New York, Boston 
[etc.] Silver, Bnrdett and company [1902] 2 pts. in 1 v. pi. 19%cm. [L.C. 2-22675] 

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Rep '01, 1(1902)319-542, chart. 

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American book company [1902] 335 p. 19cm. [L.C. 2-12100] 

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New York, The Macmillan co., 1902. Ix, 283 p. 19'/6cm. [Contents. Social evolution [International 
journal of ethics, January, 1896] Equality [Contemporary review, October, 1892] Law and liberty: 
the question of state interference [Society for the study of social ethics, Oxford. Journal, October, 
1891] Civic duties and party politics [Co-operative wholesale societies' annual for 1898] 1792 Year 1 
[International journal of ethics, October, 1892] War and peace [International Journal of ethics, Jan- 
uary, 1901] The ultimate value of social effort. Free will and responsibility [International journal of 
ethics, July, 1886] [L.C. 2-11863] 


Roberts, Frank H. H. The nation and the state; civil government of Ohio, with an introduction by Grace 
Raymond Hebard... Syracuse, N. Y., C.W.Bardeen, 1902. 229 p. Incl. front., map. 18'^cm. [L.C. 

S t e v e n s, C. Ellis. The evolution of American free government. N Y Hist A 2(1902)46-66. 
West, Henry Ldtchfield. American politics. Forum 54(1902-3)3-17,163-76. 
FOLK, James Enox (1795-1849). llth President of the United States. 

Polk, James K. [Letter] to William C. Beach [1844]. Boat Bull 7(1902)316-7. 
The Polk papers (note). South Hist A Tub 6(1902)94-5. 
POLK, Leonidas (1806-64). Ala. Confederate General and Episcopal Bishop. 

Lieut. Gen. Leonidas Polk. Confed Vet 10(1902)204, port. 
POLLARD family. 

Letters of Edmund Pendleton. Wm M Q 10(1002)200-2. 

Pollard, Stephen. Pollard Genealogy; being a Record of One L'ue of the Pollard Family descended from 
Thomas Pollard, of Billerlca, Mass. East Orange, N. J., Printed by Frank L. Pollard. 1902. 1. 8ro. 
pp. 8. 
POMO Indians. A linguistic group of California tribes. 

Pnrdy, Carl. The Porno Indian baskets and their makers. Out West 15(1901)438-49,9-19,150-8,262-73. 
PONCE de Leon, Juan (ab. 1460-1521). Spanish explorer, discoverer of the coast of Florida. 

Brown, G[eorge] H. Ponce de Leon land anri Florida war record. 4th ed... St. Augustine, Fla [The 
Record printing company] 1902. 1 p. 1., vl, [2], 180 p. front, (port.) 20'/jcm. [The Florida war 
record on p. 119-180 comprises lists of soldiers In the U. S. army who lost their lives in the Second 
Seminole war. 1836-1842. L.C. 3-1269] 
PONTIAC (ab. 1720-69). Ottawa Indian Chief. 

Parkman, Fi. Conspiracy of Pontiac. (Home lib.) N. Y.. Burt. Jfl02. 12o. 
POOR, Enoch (1736-80). N.E. officer in Am. Revolution. 

Beane, S. C. General Enoch Poor. N H Hist S III. 2, 1897-9(1902)435-73. 
Gen. Enoch Poor. Continental l(1902)no.8. 
POFHAU Beach, Me. 

Wilson, Joseph Keuuard. The door-step of New England. New Eng M 27(1902)3-14, ill. 
FOPP, Stephen (fl.1771). German-British military engineer in Am. Revolution. 

R o s e n g a r t e n, Joseph G. Popp's Journal, 1777-1783. Penn Mag 26(1902)25-41, 245-54,map. 
PORTER, Aaron (fl.1716). Mass, clergyman. 

Letter of Rev. Aaron Porter to his father-in-law. Major Stephen Sewall, of Salem. Gen Q M 3(1902) 

PORTER, Edward Griffin (1837-1900). Mass. Congregational clergyman. 

Dexter, Morton. Memoir of Rev. Edward Griffin Porter (list of 43 writings). Mass Hist Soc Proc H. 

15(1901-2)55-68, port. 
G r e e n, S. S. Memoir of the Rev. Edward Grlfflu Porter. Pub Col Soc of Mass Trans 7(1902)55-62. 

PORTER families. 

C o p e, P. F. Porter families of Chester anil York Co., Pa. Penn Mag 26(1902)156-8. 
PORTERFIELD, Charles (1760-88). Va. officer in Am. Revolution. 

Journal of Charles Porterfleld. South Hist A Pub 6(1002)113-31,199-209,295-303,400-7. 
PORTLAND, Me. Seaport City of Cumberland Co. 60 m. S.S.W. of Augusta. 

Rich, M. N. Portland, the metropolis of Maine. Nat'l M(Bost) 15(1901-2)712-17, 111., port. 
PORTLAND, Oregon. Seaport city of Multnomah Co. 772 m. by rail from San Francisco. 

Lewiston commercial club, Lewiston, Id. Abstracts from editorials in the newspapers of the Columbia 
River basin, indicating that the construction of the Dalles-Celilo> canal is paramount in Importance to 
the deepening of the channel for ocean vessels from Portland to the sea. Lewiston, Id. [1902?] cover- 
title, 14, [1] p. 20%cm. [L.C. 3-680] 
PORTO RICO. West Indian island ab. 1000 m. E. by S. of Florida, acquired by U. 8. 1898. 

Allen, Charles H. How Civil Government was established in Porto Rico. No Am 174(1902)159-74. 
Allen, Charles H. Porto Rico -reorganization of the courts, and the new tax law. Indep 54(1902)84- 

90, port. 

A u s 1 1 n, O. P. Our trade with Hawaii and Porto Rico. Ann Am Acad Pol Sci 19(1902)377-82. 
C a 1 d w e 1 1, M. E. The government and the church in Porto Rico. Assembly Herald 6(1902)175-7. 
Conditions in Porto Rico. Nation 74(1902)107-8. 

Degetau [y Gonzalez], Federico. The political status of Porto Rico... Washington, Globe printing com- 
pany, 1902. 16 p. 23cm. [L.C. 2-25695] 
D r e y f u s, P. Porto Rico, ficon Fr 5 Jull(1902), 


B t n i e r, Ruth Schaffner. The educational problem in Porto Rico. South Work 30(1901)260-4,352-7, 111. 

Henderson, C. Hanford. Some Impressions of Porto Rico arid her schools. Atlan 90(1902)783-92. 

H o 1 1 a n d e r, J. H. The merit system In Porto Kico. Forum 33(1902)77-84. 

Hunt, William H. The Porto Rico of to-day. Indep 54(1902)1813-4. 

Lindsay, Samuel McCune. Education in Porto Rico. Indep 54(1902)1697-700,2937-45, 111. 

M a c r a y, E. L. Jury system in Porto Rico. Green Bas 14(1902)420(8). 

The new Porto Rican law codes. R of Rs 26(1902)205-7. 

Notes on colonies and colonial government. Annals Am Acad Pol and Soc Scl 20(1902)657-66. 

Porto Rico. Military governor. George W. Davis, 1899-1900. . . . Report on civil affair*. Washington, 
Gov't print, off., 1902. 834 p. 120 pi., 2 maps. 8 plans. 23cm. (Annual reports of the [U. S.] War 
department for the fiscal year ended June 30. 1900. vol. 1, pt. 13) [''Contains an account of the stew- 
ardship of the three military governors," Generals Brooke, Henry, and Davis, Oct. 18, 1898-May 1. 1900. 
L.C. 3-13068] 

R o w e, L. S. Political parties In Porto Rico. Ann Am Acad Pol Sci 19(1902)351-69. 

Scott, (Mrs.) Charles B. Glimpses of life among the lowly in Porto Rico. Am Miss 56(1902)427-32. 

T r 1 c o c h e, G N Porto Rico et les Ame>icains. Rev Frang de 1'fitranger. Mai(1902). 

Wade, Mary Hazelton. Our little Porto Rican cousin: illustrated by L. J. Bridgman. Boston, L.C.Page 
& company, 1902. vii p., 2 1., 9-106 p. front., pi. 20cm. (The little cousin series) [L.C. 2-18021] 

W 1 1 1 o u g h b y, William F. Two years' legislation in Porto Rico. Atlan 90(1902)34-42. 
PORTSMOUTH, N. H. City and port of Rookingham Co. 54 m. N. by E. of Boston. 

B r a y 1 e y, Arthur W. The first crgan in America. New Eng M 27(1902)212-9, ill. 

DeNormandie, James. Jonathan Edwards at Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Mass Hist Soc Proc II. 

Gurney, C[aleb 8[tevens . Portsmouth, historic and picturesque, a volume of Information; being a very 
complete and accurate compendium of over two hundred historic places and things, from the earliest 
settlement, in 1623... Portsmouth, N. H., C.S.Gurney, 1902. 3 p. 1., 225, [3] p. incl. ill., pi., map, 
pi. 18r23%cm. [L.C. 3-24] 
PORTSMOUTH. Va. City and seaport of Norfolk Co. about 1 m. 8. W. of Norfolk. 

Trinity church, Portsmouth. Low Norf Ant 4(1902)72-4. 
POSTAL System. Organization for the transmission of letters and certain merchandise. 

Castle, Henry A. Defects and abuses in our postal system. No Am 174(1902)807-19; 175, 115-27. 

G a m b e 1 1, Francis H. Carrying the mail farthest north. World's Work 3(1901-2)1757-62, ill. 

Reagan, John H. An account of the organization and operations of the postofflce department of the 
Confederate States of America, 1861 to 1865. South Hist A Pnb 6(1902)314-27. 

Tunell, George Gerard. Railway mall service: an historical sketch; being a lecture delivered at the Dnl- 
vorsity of Chicago and at the University of Minnesota. Chicago, R.R. Donnelley ft sons co., 1902. 1 
p. 1., 24 p. 20%cm. [L.C. 2-16228] 

V, 8. Congress. Senate. Committee on commerce. ...Ocean mall service... Report [with views of 
the minority. Washington, Gov't print, off., 1902] 55, 8 p. 23cm. (57th Cong., 1st sess. Senate. 
Rept. no. 201. Calendar no., 220) [Ordered to be printed, January 20 and March 15, 1902, to accom- 
pany S. 1348. L. C. 3-6857] 
POTTAWATOMIE County, Kan. Co. in the N.E. part of state. 

Crevecoeur, F[erdinand F[rancis]. Old settlers' tales. Historical and biographical sketches of the early 
settlement and settlers of northeastern Pottawatomie and southwestern Nemaha counties, Kansas, from 
earliest settlement to the year 1877. [Onaga, Kan., 1902] 162 p. 15x23%cm. [L.C. 3-7941] 
POTTER, Chandler Eastman (1807-68). N. H. editor, historical writer. 

Potter, Joe H. Chandler Eastman Potter. Notes and Q 20(1902)81-91. 
POTTER, Cora Urquhart (fl.1900). American actress. 

Kaufman, Emma B. Cora Urquhart Potter. Cosmopol 34(1902-3)185-90, port. 
POTTER family. 

Shepherd, James. The New Haven (Conn.) Potters, 1039. Boston, 1902. pp. 9. 80., paruph. [Repr. N. 

K. Reg.] 
POTTERY (Indian). Clay wares fixed by firing. 

L a w s o n, Publlus V. A list of the aboriginal earthenware in Wisconsin collections. Wis Arch 1(1901-2) 
95-9, plate. 

L a w s o n, Publlus V. Primitive keramic art in Wisconsin. AID Ant 24(1902)167-68, 111. 
POUNDS (Town). Enclosures for keeping stray cattle. 

L e a v 1 1 1, Orrin H. The old pound. Notes and Q 20(1902)161-6. 
POWDER River (Neb.). Massacre of 1866. 

D 1 1 1 o n, Lee A. The Indian massacre of 1866. Neb Hilt S 11.5(1902)223-5. 


POWDERLY, Terence Vincent (b.1848). Labor leader, politician, IT. 8. Commis. of Immigration, writer. 

'Labor 1 ' and Principle. Nation 74(1002)282-3. 
POWELL, John Wesley (1834-1902). Am. geologist, director U. 8. Geological Surrey, writer. 

Lincoln, (Mrs.) M. D. (Bessie Beech.) John Wesley Powell. Open Court 16(1902)706-15. 

[ M a J o r J. W. Powell, Memoir of.] Wis Arch 2(1902-3)31. 

Major Powell and his work. Am Ant 24(1902)484-5, port. 

Major Powell, the chief. Open Court 16(190?)716. 
POWELL, Leven (ft 1 . 1787). Virginian. 

The Leven Powell correspondence 1775-1787 [letters]. Branch Pap No 2(1902)111-38. 

POYTHRE88 family. 

Poythress-Batte, Ac. (note). Va Mag 10(1902)105-6. 
PRATT, Phineaa (d.1630). Plymouth, Has*., early settler. 

Macdonough, Rodney. Pblneas Pratt of Plymouth and Chnrlestowu. Mayfl Desc 4(1902)87-98, 

129-40, port. 
PRATT family. 

B d e s, Henry H. Pratt (note). N E Reg 56(1902)408. 

'Mayflower'' ancestry of Mr. Jeremiah Richards of the city of New York, through Phlneaa Pratt. 

Gen Q M 3(1902)48-54. 
PREAKNESS. N. J. Hamlet of Passaic Co. 

Labaw, George Warne. Preakness and the Prcakness Reformed church, Passaic county. New Jersey. 
N. Y. Board of Pub. of the Reformed Church in Am., 1902. pp 7+344. 80. [Rev.ln:Old Northw Q 6 
(1903)50 "genealogical notes remarkably full... well arranged. . .Illustrated"; N Y Rec 34(1903)151 
"excellent and carefully prepared." 
PREISWERK. Wilhelm (d.1901). HI. German- Am. settler. 

Hammerschmidt, Adolph. Wilhelm Prelswerk. T/ebensblld aus der Pionierzeit. Dentsch-Am <> 

PRENTIS. Noble L. (1883-1900). Kan. editor and writer. 

V a n d e g r i f t, F. L. Noble L. Pr.-nt is. Trans Kan Hist Soc 1901-2 7(1902)410-17. 
PRESBYTERIAN Church. Church governed by presbyters. 

C a v e n. W. Assembly of Presbyterian Church in Canada. Presb A Ref R 13(1902)629(0). 
Cecil, Russell. The General Assembly [South] of 1902. Pn sb Q 16(1902-3)225-39. 
Early Presbyterians in Virginia (1699 note). Va Mag 10(1902)214. 
A hundred years of Home Missions, historical sketch. Asa Her 6(1902)3-6. 

M i n t o n, H. C., and Seattle, F. R. Presbyterian Church in the U. S. Presb & Ref R 13(1902)619(0). 

Presbyterian church in the U. 8. General assembly. ...Centennial of home missions in connection with 

the one hundred and fourteenth General assembly New York city, May 16-20, 1902. Philadelphia. 

Presbyterian board of publication and Sabbath-school work, 1902. 1 p. 1., 5-288 p. 19cm. [At head of 

title: 1802, 1902. L.C. 2-30056] 

Reed, R. C. The Northern Assembly [1902]. Pres Q 16(1902-3)239-43. 
PRESCOTT, Robert (d.1815). Governor of Canada 1796-99. 

Le gonverneur Prescott et sa famllle. Rech Hist 8(1902)90-3. 
PRESCOTT, Arizona. Village of Yavapai Co. about 190 m. N.N.W. of Tucson. 

Hall, Sharlot M. Prescott, Arizona. Out West 16(1902)101-15, 111. 
PRESCOTT, Ontario. A town of Ontario, on St. Lawrence R. 54 m. 8. of Ottawa. 

Prescott. Rech Hist 8(1902)209. 
PRESIDENTS, U. 8. Chief executive officer of the 0. 8. 

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[Title in red and black; captions and Initials In red. Title vignette. Added t.-p., engr. "Department 
of autograph letters of the chief executives of the United States from Washington to Roosevelt" (with 
special t.-p.): p. [125] -161. "Department of armorial bearings, including family crests, seals, signet- 
rings, book-plates and coat-armor of our chief executives" (with special t.-p.): p. [163]-193. L.C. 

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and company [1902] xiil, 578 p. front., 111., port., facslm. 22%cm. [ -.Nation 74(1002)385-6 
"Convenient for reference. . .consists. . .of .. .respective biographies prepared for 'Appleton's cyclopaedia 
of American biography'. . .possesses Intrinsic and literary value." L.C. 2-24090] 

Wives of the presidents. Collect 15(1902)137. 
PRESTON, Thomas (fl.1769). Captain, 

M a t t h e w s, A. Capt. Thomas Preston uud the Boston massacre. Pub Col Soc of Mas* Trans 7(1902) 

PRICE, Samuel W. (b.1828). Kentucky artist. 

D u r r e 1 1, R. T. Preface. Filson Club Pub 17(1902)v-XTii. 
PRICES. The equivalents in exchange. 

A list of works in the New York Public Library relating to prices. N Y Bull 6(1902)115-59. 

Warning from the census [prices and wages]. Gunton's M 22(]902)511-26. 

PRICKITT family. 

Haines, George. Ancestry of the Halnes, Sharp, Collins, Wills, Gardiner, Prickitt, Eves, Evans, Moore, 

Troth, Bortou and Engle families. [For details see same title under subject, Halnes family.] 
PRIESTLEY, Joseph (1733-1804). English scientist, resident in U. S. 

Joseph Priestley (letter). Collect 15(1902)103. 
PRIMARY elections. System of political nomination under state control. 

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and Soc Sci 20(1902)616-26. 
Direct nominations. Nation 75(1902)85-7. 

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States. Madison, Wis., The author, 1902. xx, 501 p. 22%cm. [With bibliographical references. 74(1902)326 "Certainly of value but... will not supersede Mr.F.W.Dallinjrer's excellent 
work, 'Nomination to elective office.' " L.C. 2-8236] 

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PRIME, Samuel Irenaens (1812-85). N. Y. Presbyterian clergyman, editor, writer. 

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laneous letters and papers. L.C. 2-12171] 
PRINCE Edward County, Va. Co. in S. part of state. 

Marriage bonds, in Prince Edward Co. Clerk's office, at Farmvllle, Va., from 1780 to 1850. Wm M 

Q 11(1902)141-3. 
PRINCE Edward Island. A province of the Dominion of Canada, in the Gulf of St. Lawrence. 

L'l 1 c du Prince-Edouard. Rech Hist 8(1902)286-7. 
PRINCESS Anne County, Va. Southeasternmost Co. of state. 

Land and slave owners Princess Anne county, 1778. Low Norf Ant 4(1902)1-7. 
A list of white persons and bouses in Princess Anne in March, 1785. Low Norf Ant 4(1902)75. 
Marriages performed by Rev. Smith Sherwood. Low Norf Ant 4(1902)89-92. 
The owners of watches, Princess Anne county, 1859. Low Norf Ant 4(1902)47-9. 
Princess Anne county marriages. Low Norf Ant 4"(1902)40-6. 
Slave owners, Princess Anne county. Low Norf Ant 4(1902)24-6,34-5,64-9,76-7. 
PRINCETON, Mass. Village of Worcester Co. 16 m. N. by W. of Worcester. 

Princeton, Mass. ...Vital records Massachusetts, to the *nd of the year 1849. Worcester, Mass., F.P. 
Rice, 1902. 195 p. 23%cm. (Systematic history fund [publications]) [Prepared under the direction 
of F.E.Blake. L.C. 3-5656] 


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sity. Princeton Bull 14(1902)1-36. 

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Princeton university, 1902. xxvlii, 254 p. 25cm. [Rev. In: Nation 75(1902)420 "List of salutatorlans, 
valedictorians, honor-men, etc., since ... founding of .. .college' ? ; Nation 76(1903)311-12 "valuable. . .direct 
interest for Princeton men ... carefully prepared and edited ... reflects very high credit"; Dial 34(1903) 
125 "of marked interest ... full index." L.C. 3-3875] 

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W 1 1 s o n, W. Princeton University in the nation's service; Inaugural address. Pop Scl Mo 61(1902) 

PRIVATEERS. Privately armed vessels licensed for warfare. 

Rowland, Henry R. A British privateer In the American Revolution. Am Hist R 7(1902)286-303. 
PROTECTION. Policy of encouraging home industries by preferential treatment. 

R o u z e 1. La protection a-t-elle pronte aux fitats-Unis? Jour ficon 61(1902)349-62. 

T r 1 c o c h e, G. N. La decadence du protectionism!- auz fitats-Unls. Jour ficon v. 60(1902)90-2. 
PROTESTANT Episcopal Church, Am. Church with Episcopal form of Gov't. 

The church In Lower Norfolk county. Low Norf Ant 4(1902)78-89. 

C r a m, R. A. Heraldry of the American church. Am. Herald J 2(1902)7-28. 

Cross, Arthur Lyon. The Anglican episcopate and thi> American colonies. [For details see same title 
under subject, Colonies, Am.] 

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West Virginia, and, before the formation of the diocese In 187?, in the territory now known as the 
state of West Virginia. [Charleston, W. Va., The Tribune company, printers] 1902. 3 p. I., xv, 856. 
zx p. front., pi., port., map. 23'cm. [L.C. 2-12935] 

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the American Catholic church in the United States, commonly called the Protestant Episcopal church. 
Milwaukee, The Young churchman co. [1902] 410 p. 19cm. ["Books quoted In the text": p. [409]- 
410. L.C. 2-20793] 
PROVIDENCE. R. I. The northernmost Co. of R. I. 

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Field. Index to the Probate Records of the Municipal Court of the City of Providence, Rhode Inland, 
from 1646 to and Including the year 1899. Prepared under the direction of Edward Field, clerk of the 
Municipal Court of the City of Providence, exercising probate jurisdiction. Providence Press: Snow ft 
Farnham. printers, 1902. Folio, pp. 4+333. 
PUBLIC Debt (Am.). Formal obligations of a nation to its creditors. 

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PUBLIC LANDS. Lands owned by the state. 

G 1 b s o n, P. United State public lands for home seekers. Nat'l M (Bost) 16(1902)698-702, port. 

U. S. Congress. House. Committee on public lands. . . .Hearings. . .on the question of leasing the pub- 
lic lands for grazing purposes. (H. R. 7212, 6246, 7964, 14108.) January 29 to June 4, 1902. Wash- 
ington, Gov't print, off., 1902. 236 p. 23cm. [At head of title. 57th Congress, 1st session, House of 
representatives. "A compilation of speeches, petitions, letters, and laws on the question of leasing the 
vacant public lands for grazing purposes" by Wm. M. Reece, clerk of committee. Introd. L.C. 3-3153] 
PUBLIC RECORDS. Official records of the state. 

Alabama department of archives and history- Gulf Mr 1(1902)64. 

The Alabama department of archives and history (note). South Hist A Pub 6(1902)90-1. 

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State aid to history in South Carolina (note). South Hist A Pub 6(1902)197-8. 


Swan, Robert T. The Massachusetts public record commission and its work. Am Hist A Rep '01,1 

Tables of and annotated index to the Congressional Series of United States public documents, part II. 
[ 74(1902)309 "Covers. . .issues of .. .fifteenth to. . .fifty-second Congress. . .far bettor than 
any ... yet ... Index convenient, not too elaborate and yet Jull for... great Items."] 
FUEBLO INDIANS, Village (Spanish Pueblo) or semi-civilized Indians of southwestern V. 8. 

F e w k e s, J. W. Pueblo settlements near El Paso, Texas. Am Anthrop 4(1902)57(Ja). 

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PULITZER, Joseph (b.1847). New York journalist. 

Brisbane, Arthur. Joseph Pulitzer. Cosoiopol 33(1902)51-4, port. 
PURGATORY RIVER, Col. River in 8.E. of state, flowing N.W. into Arkansas R. 

Matthews, Albert. The Purgatory River of Colorado. Renrinti-d from the Publications of the Colonial 

Society of Massachusetts, vol. VI. Cambridge, Jolin Wilson & Son, Univ. Press. 1902, pp 11, 80. 
PUTNAM, Israel (1718-90). Conn. General in Am. Revolution. 

Gen. Israel Putnam's commission. Gulf Mate 1(1902)144-5. 
PUTNAM family. 

Converse Putnam. Vt Ant 1(1902)34. 
PUTNAM, Pa. Township of Luzerne Co. in N.E. of state. 

Original records of Putnam Township, Luzerne County, I'a. Proc Wyoming Hist Soc 7(11902)157-70. 

O 8 t e r h o u t, P. M. The early history of Putnam Township, Luzerne County, Pa. Proc Wyoming Hist 

Soc 7(1902)151-6. 
PYRAMIDS. Ancient monuments in pyramid form. 

P e e t, Stephen D. Pyramids and palaces In America. Am Ant 24(1902)429-50, 111. 
QUAKERS. The religious society of Friends. 

The church In Lower Norfolk county. Low Norf Ant 4(1902)78-89. 

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Early Quaker records In Virginia. South Hist A Pub 0(1902)220-38,304-13,408-14,499-508. 

England. Papists and Quakers In Pennsylvania. Am Cath Res 19(1902)79. 

H o x 1 e, H. N. The Wings as Friends. Owl 3(1902)96-100. 

Myers, Albert Cook. Immigration of the Irish Quakers Into Pennsylvania, 1682-1750, with their early his- 
tory In Ireland. [For details see same title under subject, Pennsylvania.] 

Myers, Albert Cook. Quaker arrivals at Philadelphia, 1682-17(4), being a list of certificates of removal 
received at Philadelphia monthly meeting of Friends... Philadelphia, Ferris & Leach, 1902. vl, [2], 
131 p. 19%cm. [ Hist R 8(1903)357-9(Kliz;ibeth Lloyd) "record of over a thousand certin- 
cates...for Friends coming to reside ... several of the minutes. . .Interesting reading"; Nation 75(1902) 
150 "Consists of abstracts of .. .certificates of removal. . .arrangement. . .chronological. . .index. . .value 
...[is] historical and genealogical. " L.C. 2-15183] 

Sharpless, Isaac. A Quaker experiment In zovernmeut; hUtory of Quaker government In Pennsylvania, 

1682-1783. [For details see same title under subject, Pennsylvania.] 
QUANTRILL, William C. (fl.1860). Kansas outlaw. 

J o h n s o n, W. A. Early life of Quantrill In Kansas. Trans Kan Hist Soc 1901-2 7(1902)212-29. 
QUAYLE, Wm. (1825-1901). Tex. Confederate officer. 

Col. William Quayle. Confed Vet 10(1902)372-3, port. 
QUEBEC, Can. A province of Canada on the St. Lawrence R. and its capital. 

American prisoners at Quebec during the Revolution. Gen Q M 3(1902)43-7. 

A u d e t, F. J. Coroners de Quebec. Rech Hist 8(1902)147. 

Bouchette, Errol. L'fivolution fconomique dans la Province de Quebec. Royal Soc of Canad N 8 7 
Section I (1902) 117-44. 

C a s g r a i n, P. B. La Maison Montcalm sur les remparts, a Quebec. Rech Hist 8(1902)225-37. 

Cathollques ot protestants dans le rneme temple (St. Pierre). Rech Hist 8(1902)127 [St. Pierre] 

C h a n n e 1 1, L. S. Eastern townships of Canada. Canad M 19(1902)34-9. ill. 

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pi., port., fold. maps. 2 ed. 1902, 80. [L.C. 1-23552 M 2 Oct. 31] 

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De Celles, A. D. Pages d'epopee. Nmiv Fr 1(1902)311-18. 

Desjardins, Joseph. Guide parlementalre historlque de la Province de Quebec, 1792 a 1902. Quebec, 1902. 
pp24+396. [ Ptib Canad '02,7(1903)91 "tables of sovereigns, viceroys, governors, ministers, 
councillors, senators, members of the legislature, and all other persons who have had a hand In the gov- 
ernment... of Quebec up to the year 1902... .immense amount of research."] 


Doughty, A. and Parmelee, G. W. The Selge of Quebec and the Battle of the Plains of Abraham. Que- 
bec, Dussault and Proulx. 1902. pp30+280. 10+317; 101-340; 134334; 11+362; '346. 6 vols. ports, plans 
and views. [Rev.ln:Hlst Pub Canad '02,7(1903)33-9 "a vory big book... six volumes dealing with a 
single siege and battle. . .three. . .volumes form an .\ppeudlx containing. . .material of the story... im- 
mense amount of detail. . .amidst abundance traces of great industry, we find little that is really new... 
too many digressions ... unique undertaking ... calls for hearty recognition from historical scholars."] 

G a g n o n, Ernest. Le college des Jesuites a Quebec. Recb Ulst 5(1902)247-9. 

G o s s e 1 1 n, L'Abbo A. H. Cures en Titre de Quebec. Rech Hist 8(1902)276. 

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notes and an introduction by Andrew A. Melviu. Portland, Me., H.W.Bryant, 1902. 1 p. 1., 90 p. ill. 
21% cm. ["Edition limited to> two hundred and fifty copies, numbered, of which this is number 83." Pub Canad 7:46-7 "excellent Introduction and notes by the editor, who has mastered his 
subject thoroughly. . .accurate. . .always fairminded" ; Nation 75(1902)72 "Reprinted with notes... oc- 
casionally of some interest ... furnishes few facts. . .introduction. . .most considerable feature." L.O. 

Murray, [Jameg]. Report of the state of the government of Quebec in Canada, June 5, 1762. . . Quebec, 
Dussault & Proulx, 1902. 64 p. 3 fold. tab. 24 x 19cm. [25 copies printed for A. G. Doughty, Nov., 
1902, from an official copy of the original, supplied by the British museum. L.C. 3-3440] 

O ' F a r r e 1 1, G.D. Notes on the lighthouses i-f the Province. Trans Literary & Hist Soc 110. 24 (1902) 24-36 

Ordinance respecting lack of reverence iu the churches of Quebec 1686. Am Cath Res 19(1902)16. 

Perrault, Frs. Bishop's charge. Providing for the celebration of the anniversary of the evacuation 
of Quebec by the Americans on the 31st., December, 1775. Am Cath Res 19(1902)67-70. 

Lea pupitres de la Chambre IV Assembles. Rech Hist 8(1902)199. 

Roy, P. G. Coroners do Quebec. Rech Hist 8(1902)78. 

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et Rellgieuse d'apres les Sources. Tome I, 1544-1670. Quebec, J.A.K.Laflumme, 1902. pp9+620. [Rev. 
in:Hist Pub Canad '02,7(1903)92-4 "promontory upon which stands Quebec was until recent times com- 
posed of two parishes, Quebec itself and Saiiite-Foy, the latter. . .including the Plains of Abraham Sil- 
lery, and other places. . .conspicuous in the early history of Canada. . .among the best Canadian parish 
histories ... mainly of local Interest, though. . .historian of Canada cannot ignore it in future researches 
...scholarly and attractive."] 

Tetu, Mgr. Henri. Le musee Chasseur a Quebec. Rech Hist 8(1902)251-2. 

Transactions of the Literary and Historical Society [of Quebec], No 24. Sessions of 1900-1902. Quebec. 
1902 pp36. 80. 

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one by Rev. John Wise, of Ipswich, Mass., and the other by an unknown writer. WHh an introduction, 
by Samuel A. Green. Cambridge, J.Wilson and son, 1902. 42 p. 24 14 cm. ["The two papers. . .belong 
together, and probably were written by the same person." p. 4. Rev.ln:N E Reg 56 (1902) 216 (F.W. 
Parke) "from... two manuscripts. .. [in] the Lenox Library in New York." L.C. 2-8216] 

W a t o n, John. Thirty years of Queen's University. Queen's Q Oct( 1902) 188-96. 
QUERNS. Iriih handmills formerly used in America. 

O ' F 1 y n n, Timothy. Querns. Wor Soc Ant 17(1901)580-3. 
QUETZAL. Sacred bird of Central America, a Phoenix or Sun-bird. 

C r o n a u, Rudolf. The Phoenix of the Aztecs. Harper 104(1901-2)155-61, 111. 
QUINCY, Mass. City of Norfolk Co. 8 m. 8. of Boston. 

M a y n a r d, George. Field day at Quincy. Wor Soc Ant 18(1902)166-76. 

Wilson, Daniel Munro. Where American independence began; Quincy, its famous group of patriots; their 
deeds, homes, and descendants... Boston and New York Houghton, Mifflin and company, 1902. xlll, 
289, [1] p. front., pi., port. 21cm. [Rev.ln:Nation 76(1003)72 "little more than a working over of... 
memorial volume which he edited. . .on. . .occasion of the 250th anniversary of the First Church In 
[Quincy, Mass.] L.C. 2-29426] 
QUINCY, m. City of Adams Co. 104 m. W. of Springfield. 

B o r n m a n n, Helnrlch. Geschlchte der Deutschen Qulncy's. IV. Deutsch-Am G 2.1(1902)24-31,2.2.20- 

RADCLIFFE COLLEGE. Women*' College at Cambridge, Mass. est. 1879, and incorp. 1894. 

Goes, Mary. Radcllffe College. Harv Grad M 11(1902-3)69-80. 
HADISSON. Peter Esprit (fl.1652). French explorer and trader in Northwest. 

K e r r, R. F. The Voyage of Grosellllers and Radisaon. 1652 to 1684. S Dakota Hist Soc Col 1(1902)163-78. 


RAILROAD Y. M. C. A. Social clubs for railroad employees under auspices of the T. M. C. A. 
Carnegie, Andrew, and Arthur, P. M. Capital and Labor: the estimate that a prominent representative of 
each places on the work of the Railroad Young Men's Christian Associations. N. Y., International 
Committee of Young Men's Christian Associations. pp31. 

C u n n 1 f f, M. G. Social clubs for railroad men [Y. M. C. A.]. World's Work 3(1901-2)2002-5. 
RAILROADS. Roads with track of parallel rail*. 
C o u p 1 n, H. (?) Dfiveloppement enorme <ies voles ferrees aux fitats-Unis Les trusts des chemlas de fer. 

Tour Monde 12 et 19 Juil (1902). 

C u n n 1 f f, M. G. Increasing railroad consolidation. World's Work 3(1901-2)1775-80, map. 
G r e g o r y, W. D. The folly of railway subsidies. Cantd M 19(1902)47-9. 
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Scl. 1902. 80. 

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N e w c om b, H. T. The industrial commission on transportation. Pol Sci Q 17(1902)568-608. 
N e w c o m b, H. T. Railways and industry. Gunton's M 22(1902)26-36. 

T u n e 1 1, George G. American and German high-speed trains. J PoJ Econ 10(1901-2)361-93. 
RALE (Rale, Rasles, Ralle, Rasle), Sebastien (1657-1724). Jesuit missionary to Abenaki*. 

Father Halle's scalp. Am Cath Res 19(1902)12-13. 
RALEIGH, N. C. State capital, Wake Co., 386 m. S.8.W. of Washington. 

Amis, Moses N. Historical Raleigh from Its foundation in 1792; descriptive, biographical, educational, 
industrial, religious; reminiscences reviewed and carefully compiled... [Raleigh, Edwards & Broughton, 
printers] 1902. 1 p. L, [5]-230 p. Incl. 111., port. 19>4ciu. [Advertising matter interspersed. L.C. 

Battle, Kemp P. Raleigh and the old town of Bloomsburg. N C Bookl 2.7(1902)3.20. 
EAMSAY, David (1749-1815). 8. 0. writer of American hittory. 

L 1 b b y, Orin Grant. Ramsay as a plagarlst. Am Hist R 7(1902)697-703. 
RAMSOUR'S Mill, N. C. Revolutionary battle, June 20, 1780. 

B u 1 1 e r, A. P. ...the battlefield of Ramsour's Mill. Am Month M 21(1902)361-4. 
RANDOLPH family. 

H u t c h i n s o n, Cary T. Randolph family (note). Wm M Q 11(1902)146-7. 
RANDOLPH MACON COLLEGE. Meth. college at Ashland, Va. est. 1830. 

Dodd, William E. ed. The John P. Branch historical papers (No. 3) Randolph-Macon College. [Rev.ln: 
Nation 76(1903)474 "short biographical sketches of men who have had great influence in ... Virginia'* 
RAKSONE (or Ransoms) family. 

R a n g o n e family. Wm M Q 10(1902)264-7. 
RAVENEL, Samuel Prioleau (1828-1908). 8. 0. merchant. Confederate oAoer. 

Samuel Prioleau Ravenel. [Obit] 8 C Hist Mag 8(1902)192. 
RAWDON, Francis (1754-1886). British officer in Am. Revolution. 

Letter of Capt., Right Hon. Francis, Lord Rawdon. Proc Hunker Hill Mon A*s'n 42-5. 
RECIPROCITY. V. 8. policy of mutual tariff preference. 
An appeal to the people. Nation 75(1902)64. 
Charltou, John. Reciprocity with Canada. Outl 72(1902)209-12. 
C h a r 1 t o n, John. Reciprocity with Canada. Forum 32(1902)582-93. 

Colquhoun, Arthur H. U. The reciprocity of to-day (Canada & U. S.) Cauad M 18(1901-2)226-8. 
Griffin, A. P. C. List of references on reciprocity, books, articles In periodicals, Congressional document*. 

Washington, Government Printing OflSce, 1902. 38 p. 1 O. 

MoKinley, W. Last speech of President McKtnley. Canton, Pa. Kirkgate Press, 1902. 12o. 
Vlallate, Achllle. Les fitats-Unls et la reciprocity commerciale. Jour ficon V. 49(1902)47.61. 
Work of the reciprocity convention. Chaut 34(1901-1)357-8. port. 
RECONSTRUCTION. Period of adjustment in South after the Civil War. 

Burgess, John W[illiam] ...Reconstruction and th<> constitution. 1866-1876... New York, 0. Scrlbner's 
ons. 1902. ill p., 1 1., 342 p. 19cm. (The American history Berfei) [ 75(1902)158-9 
"...decidedly readable. . .to understand. . .constitutional questions Involved., .(does not) meet. ..require- 
ments." Am Hist R 8(1902)150-2(W.G.Brown) "It is all statement and reasoning; forcible, but hard; 
relieved by no grace of style, suffused with no tenderness, charged with no enthusiasm." Dial 33 (1802) 
157-60(J.O.Plerce) "minute, discriminating, and often masterly. . .Impartial. . .such a profusion of epi- 
thet* 18 out of place In dispassionate history." South Hist A Pub 0(1802)843-4 "When the author arise* 


above bis befogging theories, be moves with a force of reasoning and earnestness of conviction that will 
make the volume almost a classic. . .The country, the South, owes the Professor a debt of unspeakable 
gratitude for his boldness, candor and ability." Sewanee 10(1902)239-43(8. W.Weils). L.O. 8-8895] 
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158 p. front., pi., port., facslm. 20cm. [Contents. Early days. Liszt. The marquise de Bloquevllle. 
Paul Deschanel. Benjamin-Constant. Munkaczy. Madeleine Lemaire. Coquelin. Massenet. Pade- 
rewski. Bayreuth. Finale. 76(1903)298 "on friendly terms with Liszt, etc... has rea- 
son to write her reminiscences." Dial 34(1903)150-2(1. A. Pylt>) "a trifle too laudatory. . .racy, gossipy... 
will be appreciated." L.C. 2-28276] 
REED, Philip (d.1829). Md. officer in Am. Revolution, V. S. senator. 

General Philip Reed and Caulk's Field memorial. [For details see same title under subject, Caulk's Field 

(Md.) Battle of.] 
REED, Thomas Bracket! (1839-1902). Me. Congressman, Speaker of House. 

Speaker Reed. Nation 75(1902)456. 
REED, Walter (b.1861). Am. physician and writer. 

Walter Reed. A. M. Harv Grad M 11(1902-3)334-5. 
REFORM SCHOOLS. Institutions for correction of wayward children. 

Roe, Alfreds. . ..Lyman school for boys, Wus thorough, Mass. New Bng M 26(1902)399-416. ports., ill. 
REFORMED Church in America. Am. denomination, formerly Ref. Prot. Dutch Church. 

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Church) 1628-1902. Fourth edition, revised and enlarged. New York, Board of Pub. of Ref. Oh. 1902. 
pp. 1082,80. 111. [Rev.ln:N Y Rec 34(1903)69 "Remarkable and permanent addition to. ..American 
biography ... most valuable, chronological lists of the pastors and churches."] 
D r u ry, J. B. Synod of Reformed church in America. Presb & Ref R 13(1902)634(0). 
REFORMED Church of the 17. 8. Formerly German Reformed Church. 

Dubbs, J. H. The Reformed Church In Pennsylvania. Lancaster, Pa. Pennsylvania-German Society, pp 

REFORMED Episcopal Church. Am. denomination separated from the Prot. Episo. Church. 

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1873-1902. Philadelphia, J.M.Armstrong, 1902. vlll, 808, [4] p. front., pi., port. 19^ cm. [L.O. 
REGICIDES. Judges who condemned Charles II., refugees in America. 

L y d 1 a Fisher. Dedh Reg 13(1902)95-6. 
REICHEL, Adolph D. (1834-1902). Quincy. 111. German American. 

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HEILLY, John T. (ft. 1908). Pa. Roman Catholic writer of American history. 

A worker for history. Am Cath Res 19(1902)95. 
REINDEER. Domestic animals used in Arctic Europe and America. 

R o b o t, C. Acclimation du rennedous 1' Alaska. Nature 11 Jan (1902). 
RELIGION. Man's relations to the superhuman. 

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498-503,783-8; 72:122-8,366-71,589-96. 
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Outlook company, 1902. xli, 370 p. 21% cm. [L.C. 2-28397] 

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[ 77(1903)35-6 "idealistic, optimistic, abounding in confident generalizations. . .entirely upon 
written matter ... exaggeration" ; 61. Men. in: Am Hist R 8(1903)403 "traces toleration In America to our 
Colonial religion." L.C. 8-4367] 


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books.] London, Riving tons, pp 116. 

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RELIGIOUS LIBERTY. Freedom to act according to one's conscience in religious matters. 

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Macmillan company, 1902. xx p., 1 1., 541 p. 23cm. "Authorities" : p. xvii-xx. [ 36(1903) 
345-8(J.O. Pierce) "work has been ably performed. . .clear idea of the distinctive characteristics of the 
American doctrine. . .as well as of the peculiar features of the Old- World theory .. .Illustrated with per- 
spicuity the differences. . .exhibits the true, historical spirit"; Nation 76(1903)119 "...essential outlines 
...of considerable service ... not to be depended upon in detail and [needs] ... very thorough revision"; 
Am Hist R 8(1903)350-2(W.M.West) "unfortunate that the task fell to hands so ill-prepared. . .much 
zealous labor ... perfectly open-ininded ... eminently fair and honest; but these statements exhaust the 
praise that can be given ... commonest details of colonial history are mis-stated." L.C. 2-13240] 

Errors of Catholic American history. The settlement of Maryland. The Toleration act. Am Cath 
Res 19(1902)147-9. 

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REMSEN, Ira N. (b.1846). Am. chemist, Pres. Johns Hopkins University. 

D r. Ira N. Remsen. World's Work 3(1901-2)1801. port. only. 

Johns Hopkins university. Johns Hopkins university; celebration of the twenty -fifth anniversary of tbe 
founding of the university and inauguration of Ira Remsen, LL. D. [For details see same title under 
subject, Johns Hopkins Univ.] 
RENICK family. 

The Renick family. Va Mag 10(1902)92-3. 
REPUBLICAN PARTY. One of the two chief parties in the U. S., founded in 1854. 

The Connecticut! Republican platform. R of Rs 26(1902)461-3. 

Halstead, Murat. Victorious republicanism. Chicago, Dominion, 1902. 12o. 
REUTERDAHL, Henry (b.1371). N. Y. artist. 

Jane, Fred T. A marine illustrator. Bk-Buyer 24 (1902) .183-7. 111. 
REVERE, Paul (1735-1818). Boston patriot, one of the Boston tea party. 

G e t t e m y, Charles Ferris. The true story of Paul Revere's Ride. New Eng M 26(1902)131-61, 111. 
REYNOLDS family. 

Tenth Annual Reunion. The Reynolds Family Association. Middle-town, Conn. Pelton & King, 1902. 8vo. 

pp. 31. 111. [ E Reg 56(1902)327(F.W.Parke) 'of much Interest to those of the name."] 
RHODE ISLAND. An original N. E. state of U. 8. 

Field, Edward. State of Rhode Island and Providence plantations at the end of tbe century: a history, 
Illustrated with maps, fac-slmilea of old plates and paintings and photographs of ancient landmarks... 
Boston & Syracuse, The Mason publishing company, 1902. 3 v. ill., port., map, plan, facs. 26cm. 
[Contents. v. 1. History of the state of Rhode Island and Providence plantations, by C. S. Brigham. 
The wars and the militia, by E. Field. The sea force in war time, by H. P. Smith. v. 2. Epidemics 
and medical institutions, by C. V. Chapiu. Religions societies, their history and present condition, by 
D. Goodwin. Growth of public education, by H. P. Smith. The sea trade and its development, by R. 
Grieve. The printer and the press, by H. P. Smith. The growth of the library, by W. E. Foster and 
H. P. Smith. v. 3. The political development of the towns, by G. G. Wilson. The struggle for Judicial 
supremacy, by E. C. Stlness. Public and private finance, by H. K. Stokes. Industrial development, by 
J. B. Bowdltch. The poor, the defective and the criminal, by J. H. Nutting. Frefe masonry and odd 
fellowship, by H. 'P. Smith. Early habits and customs and old landmarks, by E. Field. Appendix: 
Bibliography, by C. S. BriKham. [L.C. 2-13122] 

Kimball, Gertrude Selwyn. The correspondence of the colonial governors of Rhode Island, 1723-1775. 
Boston, Houghton, Nat. Soc. Co. Dames of Am. in the state of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations 
(1902-3) 2 vol. pp 62+434; 26+498. [ Hist R 9(1903)158-60(Willlam E. Foster) "a model in 
methods of detail. . .securing from all Imaginable sources the unpublished correspondence belonging to 
that period ... supplemented ... by a list of such letters of the same period... in Mr. Bartletts Colonial 
Records of Rhode Island. . .exhaustive topical index. . .exceptional. . .list of contents. . .Judicious Insight 
marks thhe. . .annotations. . .minute accuracy."] 
Legislation concerning children in Rhode Island. Char 9(1902)99-100. 

Murray, Thomas Hamilton, 1857 Gen. John Sullivan and the battle of Rhode Island. A sketch of the 
former and a description of the latter. [For details see same title under subject, Sullivan, John.] 


Richman, Irving Berdine. Rhode Island; Its making snd Its meaning: a survey of the annals of the com- 
monwealth from its settlement to the death of Roger Williams, 1636-16S3, with an introduction by 
James Bryce... New York and London, G.P.Putnam's sons, 1002. 2 v. fold. map. 22%cm. [Men. in: 
Am Hist R 8(1003)404-5 ".. .important. . .has a place in the field of general history .. .introduction by 
Mr. James Bryce"; Am Hist R 8(1003)545-6(H.L.Osgood) "ready sympathy and an attractive style... 
not a little original investigation and generalizing power. . .ex celleut. . .accurate and fair"; Nation 76 
1903)10-7 "plain narrative. . .from 1636-1683. . .unusually careful and impartial. . .investigation. .. 
valuable contribution. . .[no] bibliography"; Dial 35(1903)345-8(J.O.Pierce) "essentially a biography of 
Roger Williams... a keen Investigation into primitive government ... the best exposition extant of the 
Rhode Island experiment." L.C. 2-26760] 

Rhode Island (Colony) Governor*. Correspondence, 1723-1775; pub. by the National society of the Col- 
onial dames of America iu the state of Rhode Island and Providence plantations; ed. by Gertrude Sel- 
wyn Kimball... v. I. Boston and New York, Houghtou, Milttin and company, 1902. front., pi., port. 
23cm. [Rev. in: Nation 76(1903)227 "spelling and punctuation of the originals have been followed... 
notes... give precisely the ... supplementary aid. . .wish[ed for]... well done"; Nation 76(1903)354 "sec- 
ond. . .volume. . .confirms the favorable Judgment we passed upon the first. . .can-fully prepared index... 
work of the editor. . .shows. . .restraint, exactness, and good judgment. . .most valuable"; Dial 34(1903) 
312 "not been edited. . .retain their original wording and spelling. . .annotation. . .laudably brief and 
apparently correct." L.C. 3-846] 
W e e d e n, William B. Three commonwealths, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Rhode Island; their early 

development. Am Antlq Soc N S 15 II. '02(1903)130-64. 

RHODES Scholarships. Oxford scholarship* for American* founded by Cecil Rhode*. 
American scholarships at Oxford. Nation 74(1902)461-2. 
Dyer, Louis. The Rhodes scholarships [for Americans]. Outl 72(1902)884-7. 

Stephens, H. Morse. The Rhodes scholarships for Americans at Oxford. World's Work 4(1902)2222-8 
RICHARD (Father) Gabriel. French Catholic priest in America. 

Pa the r Richard's escape. Am Catb Res 19(1902)168. 
RICHARDS, Dexter (1818-90). N. H. manufacturer, State senator. 

Hon. Dexter Richards [obituary]. N H Hist S 111.2,1897-9(1902)506-10. port. 
RICHARDS family. 

''Mayflower' 1 ancestry of Mr. Jeremiah RIchardb through Phincas Pratt. Gen Q M 3(1902)48-54. 
RICHARDSON, John (1796-1858). Canadian soldier, writer. 

Carstairs, John Stewart. Richardson's War of 1S12. Canad M 10(1902)72-4. 
HIGHLAND COUNTY, 0. A Co. in N. central part of state. 

B a u g h m a n, A. J. Pre-hlstorlc earthworks of Richard County. Ohio Arch & Hist Pub 10(1902)67-71. 
RICHMOND. Va. Capital city of Va. on James R. about 100 m. 8. by W. from Washington. 
The first Federal to enter Richmond. South Hist Soc Pap 30(1902)152-3. 

G a r n e 1 1, James Mercer. Seven days' battle around Richmond. South Hist Soc Pap 30(1902)147-51. 
James, Edward Wilson, commu. Some death notices in the "Richmond Enquirer" (note). Wm M Q 

RICHMOND COUNTY, Va. A Co. in the . part of state. 

Be a 1 e, G. W. Early tombs in Westmoreland, Richmond cud Northumberland counties. Wm M Q 11 


RICHER, Henrich Franz (b.1822). 111. German American merchant and banker of Quincy. 
Z w e 1 c-rfolgrelche deutsche Finanzm&nner von Illinois. Eduard Abend, Heinrlch Franc Joseph Rlcker. 

Deutsch-Am G 2.4(1902)22-5. 
RICKET8ON, Daniel (1813-98). American writer. 

Rioketion, Anna. Daniel Ricketson and his friends; letters, poems, sketches, etc., ed. by his daughter 
and son... Boston and New York, Houghton, Mifflln and company, 1902. 5 p. 1., 397, [1] p. front., 
pi., port., facslm. 22%cm. [Contents. Sketch of Daniel Ricketson, by F. B. Sanborn. Sketch of 
Henry D. Thoreau, by D. Ricketson, Letters of Daniel Ricketson and Henry D. Thoreau. Letters of 
Sophia E. Thoreau and Daniel Ricketson. Letters of Mr. *ind Mrs. A. B. Alcott, Daniel Ricketson, and 
Frank B. Sanborn. Letters of William Ellery Channlng and Frank B. Sunburn. Letters of "Theo." 
Brown. Letters of Daniel Ricketson and Alexander H. .Tanp, LL. D. -Letters of Daniel Ricketson and 
Henry S. Salt. Letters of Daniel Ricketson and Samuel A. Jones, M. D. Extracts from Daniel Rlcket- 
son's journal. Extracts from Henry D. Thoreau's journal. Poems by Daniel Ricketson. Rev.ln:Natlou 
76(1903)277-8 "With much [to] commend ... nowhere glv[o] In sequence the main facts and inci- 
dents of Mr. Rlcketson's life"; Dial 34(1903)40-2(A.R. Marble) "Letters, Journal-extracts, and poems 
are here collated ... all are interesting revelations. . .edited with the most delicate taste and sympathy... 
[no] index." L.C. 2-26089] 


RICORD, Frederick Wm. (1819-97). N. J. state super, of pub. schools, writer, librarian. 

Frederick William Rlcord. N J Hist S 2(1902)194-5. 
KIDDLE, Albert Gallatin (1816-1902). Ohio legislator, U. 8. consul to Matanzas, writer. 

Albert Gallatin Riddle. Am Hist R 7(1902)821. 
EIDOWAY family. 

R 1 d g w a y, C. A. Rldgway family of Burlington Co., N. J., and Columbus, O. Old Nortliw Q 5(1902) 

R i d g w a y, (Mrs.)J. L. Rldgway family of Penii. and Wiufleld, Iowa. Old Northw Q 5(1902)40-2. 

HIGAL, Jose (1861-96). Filipino physician, writer, insurrectionist. 

Clifford, Hugh. The story of Jos6 Rizal the Filipino. Blackwood 172(1902)620-38. 
KIGAUVILLE, Jean-Maria des Bergeres (b.1720). 

Suite, Benjamin. L'honorable Jean-Marie des BergOres de Riguuville. Rech Hist 8(1902)350-1. 
EILEY, Franklin L. C. (b.1866). Miss. Professor of history, writer. 

How a young man built up history In Mississippi. So Allan Q 1(1902)372-7. 

KILEY, James Whitcomb (b.1835). Indiana poet. 

[Hartpenoe, William Ross] Early recollections of James Wttltcomb Rlley. By Major Rldgeway [pseud.] 
... Harrison, O., 1902. 2 p. i., 89 p. incl. pi., porl., facs. front, (port.) 17 x 14cm. [L.C. 2-20019] 
RING family. 

B o w m a n, George Ernest, Transc. by. Andrew Ring's will an<l Inventory. Mayfl Desc 4(1902)193-8. 

RIO GRANDE DO SUL, Brazil. A state in the extreme of Brazil. 

Funke, Alfred. Aus Deutsch-Brasilien. Bilder aus dem leben der Deutschen im staate Rio Grande do Sul. 
Leipzig, B.G.Teubner, 1902. vill, 287 p. Incl. ill., porl. fold. map. 24^cm. [L.C. 3-9969] 

Funke, Alfred. Deulsche siedlung ttber see. Eln abriss ihrer geschichte und Ihr gedeihen in Rio Grande 

do Sul... Halle a. Saale, Gebauer-Scbwetschke, 1902. 2 p. 1., 80 p. Incl. map. 22cm. [L.C. 3-5679] 
RITCHIE, Thomas (fl.1830). Richmond, Va. editor. 

Letlers of Thomas Ritchie glimpses of the year 1830. Branch Pap No 2(1902)147-54. 
RIYINGTON, James. Am. loyalist printer and journalist in the Am. Revolution. 

Ford, Paul Leicester. "The battle of Brooklyn." BiblioR 1(1002)69-71. 
HO ADS, Public. Way* for public travel. 

Crane, Bllery Blcknell. The Boston and Worcester turnpike. Wor Soc Ant 17(1901)585-98. 

Dodge, Martin. The good roads movement. R of Rs 25(1902)66-72, 111. 
ROANE, Archibald (1755-1818). Tenn. lawyer, judge, Governor. 

Gov. Archibald Roane. Am Hist Mag 7(1902)322-4, porl. 
EOANOKE Is. North Carolina. Island between Albemarle and Famlioo Sound in N.E. of state. 

Celebration of Raleigh's altempt al settlement (note). South Hist A Pub 6(1902)194-6. 

Daves, Graham. Virginia Dare. N C Bookl 1.1(1901)3-16. 

RO BARDS family. 

R o B a r d s, John Lewis. The RoBards family. Va Mag 10(1902)98-9,205-6. 

ROBERTS, Charles (fl. 1846-1902). Pa. merchant, public citizen. 

I n memorlam Charles Roberts [obituary]. Penn Mag 26(1902)144. 
ROBERTS, George (1756-1829). N. H. soldier and sailor in Am. Revolution. 

R o b e r t s, C. H. A sketch of the life of George Roberts. Granite M 33(1902)91-97. 
ROBERTS, Isaac (1754-1816). Tenn. pioneer, Brigadier General. 

R o b e r I s papers. Am Hist Mag 7(1902)349-61. 

ROBERTS family. 

Grant, Mrs. Amorena [(Roberts)]. The Roberts family; a genealogy of Joseph Roberls of Windham, 
Maine. 18lh cenlury... Chicago, West Chicago press association [1902] J43 p. 111. (incl. port.) 23cm. 
[Rev.ln:N E Reg 57(1903)120(F.W.Parke) '-Does great credit. . .[to] the compiler. .. [no Index." L.O. 
ROBESON, George Maxwell (1829-97). N. J. Attorney General, U. 8. Secretary of navy, Congressman. 

George Maxwell Robeson. N J Hist S 2(1902)195-7. 
ROBINSON, Charles (1818-94). Am. physician, lawyer, editor, Governor of Kansas, writer. 

Blackmar, Frank W[ilson . The life of Charles Robinson, the firot statet governor of Kansas. . . Topeka, 
Kan., Crane & co., 1902. 438 pp. front., pi., port. 21cm. [Rev.ln:Am Hist R 8 (1902) 142-4 (L.W. 
Spring) "notably moderate and judicial In temper. . .does not throw much new light... more effective 
[If] compress[ed]." L.C. 2-2446 M 2] 

ROBINSON, Increase (1642-ab.l699). Citizen of Taunton, Mass. 
D e a n, J. H. Iueras Robinson, senior, of Taunton. Robinson Family Gn * Hist Ass'n (1902)15-99. 


ROBINSON family. 

R o b 1 n s o n, C. E. Historical sketch of the Robinsons, early emigrants to America. Robiuson Family 

Gen & Hist Ass'n (1902)61-98. 

The Robinson Family Genealogical and Historical Association. Officers. Constitution and by-Laws, His- 
torical sketches of early Robinson emigrants to America, Illustration's, Armorial Bearings, Members of 
Association. New York. Published by the Association 80 1902. 104pp. 
R o b 1 u s o n, M. G. Thomas Robinson, of Hartford, Conn., 1040, and Gullford, 1664, and some of his 

descendants. Robinson Family Gen & Hist Ass'n (1902)31-7. 
Robinson Notes (note). N B Reg 56(1902)206. 
R o b i n s o n, W. A. Rev. John Robinson, of Leyden, and soiue of his descendants. Robinson Family 

Gen & Hist Ass'n (1902)27-30. 
S m y t h, R. D. Comp. by. and Stelner, Bernard 0. Comma, by. Mr. Thomas Robinson of tiullford (Conn.) 

and his descendants. N E Reg 56(1902)57-9. 

ROCHAMBEAU, Jean Baptiste Donation de Vimeure, Comte de (.1725-1807). French Gen. in the Am. Rev. 
du Pouteray, J. Les fetes de Rocbambeau (En Amerique). Gaulols 24-2fi Mai 1902). 
Bochambeau. Nation 74(1902)418-9. 

Society of the Cincinnati, New York. Dinner in honor of the official delegates from France to the United 
States, on the occasion of the dedication, at Washington, if the statue of Count de Rochambeau . . . and 
of the representatives of the families of Rochambeau and Lafayette, given by members of the order, 
May twenty-seventh, 1902. [New York, Printed by T.D.Rich, 1902J 4 1. 23cm. [Contents. Menu. 
Toasts. Official guests. L.C. 2-18830] 

W r i g h t, D. J. La Fayette et Rochambeau devaut les bistoriens amerlcans. Rev Hebdom 24 Mai (1902) 
ROCHESTER, N. Y. City of Monroe Co. 360 m. by rail N.W. of New York. 

Hooker, Susan H. Planting of school grounds in Rochester, N. Y. Ctry Life Am l(1902)219(Ap). 
ROCK RIMMON. Cliff near Manchester, N. H. 

Moore, William Ellery. Rock Rlmmon. Notes and Q 20(1902)150-1. 
ROCKAWA Y, N. J. Village of Morris Co. 9 m. N. by W. of Morristown. 

Crayon, Joseph] Percy, 1841 Rockaway records of Morris county, N. J., families. Cemetery records, 
church history, military lecords, local history, genealogies of the old families, nearly 20,000 data... 
Rockaway, N. J., Rockaway publishing co., 1902. 1 p. 1., 300, [4] p. front., pi., port. 20%cm. [L.C. 
ROCKEFELLER, John Davison (b.1839). N. Y. capitalist. 

Beannler, A. L'homme le plus rich dn moude (M. John Rockefeller) Jour Debats 25 Juiu (1902). 
R a 1 p b, Julian. John Davison Rockefeller. Cosmoool 33 ( 1 902 j 160-3. port. 
ROCKEFELLER, William (b.1841). N. Y. capitalist. 

Mo ffe t t, Samuel E. William Rockefeller. Cosmopol 33(1902)407-11. port. 
ROCKHILL, William Woodville (b.1854). Director Bureau of Am. Republics. 

W. Wood vl He Rockhlll. World's Work 3(1901-2)1577. port. only. 
HOCKINGHAM. Vt. Hamlet and township of Windham Co. 5 m. N. of Bellows Falls. 

Peck, Thomas Bellows. Records of the First Church of Rockingham, Vermont, from Its Organisation, Oc- 
tober 27, 1773, to September 25, 1839, with an historical introduction. Boston, David Clapp tc Son, 1902. 
STO, cloth, pp. zl-60. [Rev.ln:N Y Rec 34(1903)69 "Repriatud from the New Eng. Hist. Gen. Register 
...fully indexed." 
ROCKWOOD, Elias Jefferson (1838-98). Worcester, Mass, local antiquarian. 

Dickinson, Thos. A. Sketch of E. J. Rockwood [obituary]. Wor Soc Ant 17(1900)189-188. 
ROCKY MTS. Mountain range of western IT. 8. and Canada. 

Beaton, Welford W. A new Canadian glacier. Canad M 18(1901-2)213-9, 111. 
C h a p m a n, R. H. Our northern Rocky Mountains. Nat Geog M 13(1902)361(0). 
O n t r a m, James. The Ottertail group, Canadian Rockies. Appalachla, 10(1902)1-19. 
W 11 cox, W. D. Recent explorations in Rocky Mountains. Nat Geog M 13(1902)141 (My), 185(Je). 
ROEBLING, Ferdinand William (fl.1902). N. J. wire manufacturer. 

P r 1 c e, Charles W. Ferdinand William Rcx-bllne. Cosmopol 34(1902-3)98-9. 
ROEBLING, Washington Augustus (b.1837). N. J. civil engineer. 

Washington A. Roebling, with portrait. Cassler 22(1902)542(Ag). 
ROGERS, Benjamin Armstead (1835-1902). Ala. Confederate officer. 

M a J. B. A. Rogers. Confed Yet 10(1902)423, port. 
ROGERS, Henry Huddleston (fl.1902). Mass, capitalist. 
M o f f e t t, Samuel E. Henry Huddleston Rogers. Cosmopol 3ii( 1902) 532-5, port. 


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ROSS family. 

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ROU, Louis (fl.1734). N. Y. Huguenot clergyman. 

The lost manuscript of the Reverend Lewis Ron's 'critical remarks upon the letter to the craftsman on 
the game of chess' written in 1734 and dedicated to his exctllency William Crosby, Governor of New 
York. Florence, I.andl Presat 1902. pp!8. 
ROUMANIANS. Inhabitants of Roumania, a state of 8.E. Europe. 

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ROUND BOTTOM, W. Va. Hamlet of Wayne Co. 10 m. from Huntington. 

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SOUTH. Randolph-Isham (1782-1858). British Gen. in Canada. 

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RUTLAND, Mass. Village of Worcester Co. about 12 m. N.W. of Worcester. 

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cester Co., Mass. Old Northw Q 5(1002)85 138, ill. 

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Mass., "laid out" June 7, 1717... Columbus, 0., The "Old Northwest" genealogical society, 1902. 36 
p. front. 23%cm. [Title vignette. Inscriptions transcribed in 1880 by J. A. Smith, and collated by 
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footnotes...valu[able]." L.C. 2-24852] 
RYERSON family. 
Ryerson, Louis Johnes. The genealogy of the Ryerson family in America. 1646-1902. New York, Pres 

of Jenkins & McCowan, 1902. 89 p. front. 21cm. [L.C. 2-24852] 
SABLE Is. Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia island in the Atlantic, 90 m. 8.E. of Cape Canso. 

Scott, Marshall Owen. Sable Island, Nova Scotia. Canad M 18(1901-2)341-9, ill., map. 
SACRAMENTO, Cal. Capital city of state, in Sacramento Co. 75 m. N.E. of San Francisco. 

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SACRAMENTO valley, Cal. Valley of Sacramento R. which flows through northern Cal. into San Francisco 


r e e n, W. S. The Sacramento valley. Out West 16(1902) 447-62, 111. 
SAGE, Dean (1841-1902). Business man, philanthropist, writer. 
[Dean Sage] [obituary]. Nation 75(1902)12. 

ST. ANDREWS island, Nova Scotia. 

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SAINT-ANTOINE DE TILLY, Canada. Town of Quebec on St. Lawrence R. about 100 m. abor city of 

Saint-Antoine de Tilly. Rech Hist 8(1902)321-8. 
ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. Seaport city of St. John's Co. about 36 m. S.S.E. of Jacksonville. 

S h e a, J. G. First Mass in America. Am Catb Res 19(1902)2. 
ST. CLAIR, Arthur (1734-1818). Brit, officer in Canada, and later Am. General in Revolutionary war. 

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ST. CLAIR Co., 111. County in 8.W. part of state. 

Bine romantische Geschichte ans der Plonierzeit. Deutsch-Am G 2.4(1902)48. 
SAINT CLAIR, Fort. Preble Co., 0. Fort built 1791-2. 

[ R a n d a 1 1, E. O.] Fort St. Clair. Ohio Arch & Hist Pub 11(1902)161-163. 
ST. CROIX COUNTY, Wis. Co. in W. part of Wisconsin bordering on Minnesota. 

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SAINT-DENIS, Joseph-Charles Juchereau de (b.1696). French Canadian pioneer in Louisiana. 

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SAINT DENIS, Louis Juchereau de. (b.1676). French pioneer on the Miss. R. 

C 1 a r k, R. C. Louis Juchereau De Saint-Denis and theRe-establishment of the Tejas Missions. Quar 

Tex Hist Ass 6(1902)1-26. 
ST. HELENA Island, S. C. One of the sea-islands of Beaufort Co. 

'The Queen of St. Helena." South Work 30(1901)185-6. 

T o w n e, Laura M. Pioneer work on the sea islands [negro school]. South Work 30(1901)396-401, ill. 
SAINT-JEAN Fort-Joli. Village and parish on the St. Lawrence 71 m. N.E. of Quebec. 

Roy, P. G. Saint-Jean Port-Joll. Rech Hist 8(1902)81. 
ST. JOHN, N. B. City of St. John Co. on Bay of Funday, 190 m. N.W. of Halifax. 

Be Id Ing, A. M. River and city of St. John, N. B. Nat'l M(Bost)16(1902)217-22, 111. 
ST. LAWRENCE. River flowing out of Lake Ontario N.W. into Gulf of St. Lawrence. 

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SAINT Liquori, Canada. Village in Montcalm Co., Quebec, 39 m. N. of Montreal. 

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graphique du saint patron. Montreal, 1902. pp. 8+222. [ Pub Canad '02, 7(1903)95 "al- 
most wholly ... ecclesiastical matters."] 
ST. LOUIS, Mo. City of St. Louis Co. on the Miss R. 

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on. His opposition to his translation thereto. Am Cath Res 19(1902)108-9. 
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World's fair city... Saint Louis, Barney's Information guide pub. co., 1902. 232 p. ill., fold. map. 
19%cm. [Fold, map in pocket. L.C. 2-15634] 

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photos, by Fred Graf. L.C. 2-4704] 

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SAINT-PATRICE de Beaurivaire. Parish of province of Quebec. 
Saint-Patrice de B^aurivage. Reoh Hist 3(1902)170. 
ST. PAUL, Minn. Capital city of state and of Ramsey Co. 10 m. . of Minneapolis. 

Lange, [Dietrich]. Paul and Lange's twin city guide, St. Paul and Minneapolis: a compendium of infor- 
mation for visitor and citizens... [St. Paul? Minn., 1902] 2 pts. in 1 v. ill., fold. map. 18V.. cm. 
[Advertising matter interspersed, [pt. 2] has special t.-p. : Paul and Lange's twin city guide, Minne- 
apolis and St. Paul. L.C. 3-17937] 
SAINT Pierre and Miquelon island*. French Islands near southern shore of Newfoundland. 

Lea lies Saint-Pierre et Miquelon. Rech Hist 8(1902)151-3. 
SAINT-RIAL, J. R. Vallieres (fl.1834). French Canadian judge. 
A u d e t, F.-J. I'D Judge en prison. Rech Hist 8(1902)113-6. 
BAINT-RtGIS (Canada). Jesuit Indian mission (1758) on the St. Lawrence. 

Forbes, L'Abbfi G. Saint-Regis. Rech Hist 8(1902)12-13. 
BT. THEODORE, Sister (1798-1856). Catholic sister. 

Sister St. Theodore. Am Cath Hist 13(1902)204. port. 
SAINTE-ANNE de la Perade. Can. Village 55 m. W. by N. of Quebec. 

R o y, P. G. Cures de Sainte-Anne de la Perade. Rech Hist 8(1902)126-7. 
SALEM, Mass. Seaport city of Essex Co. 14 m. N. by E. of Boston. 
Farrell, H. F. E. Salem, Mass. Nat'l M(Bost)17(1902)248(N). 
Gardner, Frank A. The old planters at Salem. Gen Q M 3(1902)3-18. 
Salem quarterly court records and flies. Ess Ant 5(1901)26-9,55-7.88-91,120-2,169-73; 6(1902)24-30,79- 

Visitors' Guide to Salem. Salem, Mass., 1902. Paper, small quarto, pp. 160, ill. [Rev.ln:Ess Ant 6 

(1902)192 "arrangement. . .systematic. . .stranger con readily find his way alone."] 
SALEM, N. T. Former name of a settlement of Westchester Co. 

Records of the Church of Christ in Salem, Westchester Co., N. Y. N Y Rec 32(1901)12-16,71-6,164- 

8,241-4; 33(1902)38-42,113-8,161-4,208-11. 

SALISBURY. Mass. Village of Eisex Co. about 11 m. N.E. of Haverhill. 
Deed of sale by John Ayer to John Stevens, both of Salisbiry. Bost Bull 7(1902)344-5. 
Hoyt, David W. The Old Families of Salisbury and Amesbury, Massachusetts, with some related fam- 
ilies of adjoining towns and of York County, Maine. Parts Six and Seven (Parts One and Two of Vol- 
ume II.). Providence, R. I., 1902. 2 vols. 8vo. pp. 415-92; 493-572. Price $1.00, each part. [Rev. 
ln:Natlon 74(1902)345 "Mostly derived from eighteenth-century records of Salisbury and Amesbury 
churches"; N E Reg 56(1902)331 (F.W.Parke) "splendid work"; Old Northw Q 5(1902)156 "valuable."] 
Johnson, John French. The Quaker burial place, Salisbury, Mass. (note). N E Reg 56(1902)205. 
SALMON fishing. 

C h a m b e r s, E. T. D. Salmon-fishing in Canada. Ctry Life Am 2(1902)176(8). 
H a 1 1 o c k, C. Salmon-fishing. Everybody's 7(1902)22(J1). 
SALT. Table condiment chloride of sodium. 

An act for the Importation of salt Into Nova Scotia 1761. Acad 2(1902)118-21. 
SALT Lake trail. Overland-road from St. Joseph, Mo., Co., Fort Kearney, and Salt Lake City. 

C r o f t, A. J. From Meridian to Fort Kearney. Neb Hist S 11.5(1902)294-5. 
SALT Spring Island, B. C. Island, Strait of Georgia, ab. 40 m. N. of Victoria. 

Philips, F. M. Saltspring Island. 1902. British Columbia. [Salt Spring Island?] Colonist presses [1902] 
cover-title, [16] p. ill., fold. map. 22% cm. ["Published with the authority of the Islands farmers' 
institute of British Columbia": p. [1] L.C. 3-9955] 
SALVATION Army. Religious organization founded by General Booth. 

Shaw, Albert. A successful farm colony in the Irrigation country. R of Rs 26(1902)561-6, 111. 


SAMPSON, William Thomas (1840-1902). Rear- Admiral IT. S. navy. 

Benjamin, Park. The real Admiral Sampson. Indep 54(1002)1163-6, port. 

L o n g, John D. Rear-admiral William T. Sampson. McClurc 19(1902)214-7, port. 

Long, John D. Rear Admiral William T. Sampson. Fortn R 78 n. 8.72(1902)227-230. 

M a h a n, A. T. Rear Admiral William T. Sampson. Fortn R 78 n. 8.72(1902)230-39. 

M a h a n, A. T. Sampson's naval career. McClure 19(1902)217-21. 
SAMPSON Maaon family. 

Mason, Alverdo Hayward. Genealogy of the Sampson Mason family. East Bralntree, Mass. Printed by 
Alverdo Hnyward Mason, 1902. 4to. pp. 144, ill., map. [Rev.ln:N E Reg 56(1902)328(F.W.Parke) 
"matters of interest ... well worthy of perpetuation."] 

SAN BERNARDINO Valley, Cal. Valley of Southern California. 

Cafcalleria [y Collell], Juan. History of San Bernardino Valley from the padres to the pioneers, 1810- 
1851; illustrated by Constance Farrls. [Son Bernardino, Cal., Times-index press, 1902] 4 p. 1., 17-130 p. 
front, (port.) 111. 20%cm. [L.C. 3-30* Cancel] 
BAN-DIEGO, Cal. Seaport city of extreme southern Cal. 127 m. S.S.E. of Los Angeles. 

San-Diego de Californie. Un hotel ameTLcain, Un 6tablissoment thftosophlque. Tour Monde 9 et 16 

Aon t( 1902). 
BAN DIEGO County, Cal. The most southern Co. of California. 

Wood, H. P. A Southern principality. Ont West 16(1902)337-51, ill. 

Wood, H[enry] P[attonj. Home-land; being a brief description of the many attractions of the city and 
county of San Diego, California; written for the Chamber of commerce of San Diego, California. 2d 
ed. [San Diego, Frye, Garrett & Smith, 1902* 34, [2] pp. incl. front., 111. 14%cm. [L.C. 2-2441 M2] 
SAN FERNANDO de Bexar. Former name for San Antonio, Texas. 

C o x, I. J. Educational efforts in San Fernando de Bexar. Quar Tex Hist Ass 6(1902)27-63. 
SAN FRANCISCO, Cal. Chief city and port of the Pacific coast, on San Franoisoo Bay. 
California historic-genealogical society. Publication no. 3. San Francisco, Publication committee of the 
society, 1902. port. 25cm. [ E Reg B7(1903)127(F.W.Parke) "Names and places are in- 
dexed"; N Y Rec 34(1903)73. L.C. 2-22725] 

Keeler, Charles [Augustus]. San Francisco and thereabout, by Charles Keeler. San Francisco, The Cali- 
fornia promotion committee, 1902. 4 p. 1., 07 p. front., pi. 23%cm. [Rev.inrDlal (1903)157 "simple 
and direct... brief history of the city's romantic past and a Just description of its present life." L.C. 

Page, Thomas Walker. The San Francisco labor movement In 1901. Pol Sci Q 17(1902)664-88. 
W r i g h t, H. San Francisco, California. Nat'l M(Bost)17(1902)200(N). 
SAN JACINTO. Closing battle of war for Texan Independence, 1836. 

W i n t e r s, J. W. An account of the battle of San Jaclnto. Quar Tex Hist Ass 6(1902)139-44. 
SAN JOAQTTIN Valley, Cal. Valley of Central part of state. 

The San Joaquin Valley of the state of California; a brief description of the topography, climatic condi- 
tions, industrial development and resources of the region... Fifteenth thousand. Los Angeles, Pas- 
senger dep't of the Santa F, 1902. 90, [1] p. 111., 2 fold. map. 17%cm. [L.C. 2-24660* 
SAN LUIS Valley, Col. Valley of San Luis R., southern Colorado. 

G o u d y, Frank C. Irrigation in San Luis valley. Nat'l M(Bost)15(1901-2)718-22, ill. 
SAN MATEO County, Cal. A western Co. of California. 

D e J u n g, Wm. San Mateo County. Out West 16(1902)221-33, ill. 
8ANBORNTON. N. H. Village of Belknap Co. 22 m. N. of Concord. 

Philbrook, H. S. A few memories and traditions of Sanbornton. Granite M 32(1902)177-82. 
SANDEMANIANS. A religious sect founded by John Glas, of Scotland, in 1725. 

Walker, Wllliston. The Sandemanians of New England. Am Hist A Rep '01, 1(1902)131-62. 
W i n s 1 o w, Erring. A Loyalist in the siege of Boston. N E Reg 56(1902)48-94. 
SANDY Spring, Md. Village of Montgomery Co. 18 m. N. of Washington, D. C. 

[Moore, Eliza Needles (Bentley)]. Annals of Sandy Spring; or, Twelve years history of a rural com- 
munity in Maryland... Baltimore, Thomas & Evans, 1902. <! p. 1., [xlii'-xvi, 347 p. 19cm. [Forms 
v. 2 of Wm. H. Farquhar's "Annals of Sandy Spring: or, Twenty years history of a rural community 
in Maryland." L.C. 2-19193] 
SANFORD family. 

Hodges, Almon D. Notes of the Sanford family of Portsmouth, R. I. N E Reg 56(1902)294-7. 
Sanford-Stratton (note). N E Reg 56(1902)409-10. 


SANTA Catharina, Brazil. A state of southern Brazil. 

Fabri, C. Deutsche siedelungsarbeft im staato Santa Catharina, Siidbrasilien, in fttufjilhrigem werde- 
gange. Kritische studie. Hamburg, Klttlersche l.uchhandluiig, 1902. 111 p. 23%cm. [L.C. 3-9005] 

N. N. Die deutschen Franziskaner 1m Staate Sa. Catharina [Eras.] Kath. Missionen 1902-1903, No. 7 ff. 
SANTO Domingo. A West Indian republic occupying eastern end of Is. of Haiti. 

G r i m k e, Archibald H. Some phases of life In Saoto Domingo. South Work 30(1901)161-7, ill., port. 
SARATOGA Springs. N. Y. A town and health resort of Saratoga Co. 38 m. N. of Albany. 

Revolutionary soldiers burled at Greenbrldge cemetery, Saratoga Springs. Am Month M 21 

Williams, Jesse Lynch. Saratoga and its people. Outing 41(1901-2)265-75, ill. 

SARCHET family. 

[Sarohet, Cyrus P. B.] The genealogy of the Sarcbet family, from the Island of Guernsey to Cambridge, 

Ohio, in 1806. [Cambridge, O., Herald print, 1902] 1 p. 1., [11] p. ill. 23%cra. [L.C. 3-22476] 
SARGENT, Winthrop (1753-1820). Secretary of the Northwest Terr., officer in Am. Rev., Gov. of Hiss Terr. 
Sargent, Winthrop. Winthrop Sargent, Governor of th<- Mississippi Territory. Gulf Mag 1(1902)140-1. 
SATJGERTIES, N. Y. Village of Ulster Co. 100 m. above N. Y. on the Hudson. 
Brink, Benjamin Myer. The early history of Saugerties, 1660-1S25... Kingston, N. Y., R.W.Auderson & 

son. 1902. viii p., 1 1., 365 p. pi., port. IScm. [L. C. 2-17064] 
8AUNDERS, Charles Hioks (1821-1901). Boston merchant. 

H a y w a r d, Silvanus. Charles Hicks Saundero. N E Reg 56 Suppl(1902)lxxt-lxxil. 
SAVINGS banks. Institutions for receiving and investing moderate savings. 

Hamilton, James Henry. Savings and savings Institutions. N. Y., Macmlllan co., 1902. [ReY.ln:Nation 
75(1902)212-13 "Praiseworthy undertaking. . .has collected many facts. . .account. . .satisfactory. .. [has] 
not. . .comprehensive grasp of. . .subject."] 
SAWYER, Eugene T. Dime novelist. 

B u r g e s s, G. Eugene T. Sawyer, dime novelist. Bookman 15()902)528<Ag). 
8AYBROOK, Conn. Village of Middlesex Co. 32 m. E. of New Haven. 

Hart, Samuel. Yale college in Old Saybrook. Conn Mag 7(1902)266-72, 111., port. 
J o h n s o n, Clifton. An historic town In Connecticut. New Eng M 26(1902)562-74, ill. 
SCARBOROUGH, N. Y. Village of Westohester Co. on the Hudson, 4 m. N. of Tarrytown. 

Mrs. Elliott F. Shepard. Residence t Scarborough. Archit Rec 12(1902)549(0) 
SCARLETT family. 

Tombstones of the Scarlett family. Win M Q 11(1902)145. 
SCHILLER, Friedrick. Swabian journalist in Am. Revolution. 

W a 1 z, John A. Three Swabian journalists and the Am. Rev. I. Friedrich Schiller. Am Germ 4(19O2) 

SCHLEY, Winfield Scott (b.1839). Rear-Admiral U. S. navy. 

Graham. George Edward. Srhley and Santiago: an historical account of the blockade and final destruc 
tion of the Spanish fleet under command of Admiral Pasquale Cervera, July 3, 1898. By George Edward 
Graham, together with a personal narrative of the fight, by Rear-Admiral Wiufleld Scott Schley, U.S.N. 
Illustrated with photographs taken by the author during the cruise, and during the battle. Chicago, 
W.B.Conkey co. [1902] 474 p. front., pi., port. I9i^cui. [2-3286 M 2] 
G r 1 n n e 1 1, C. E. Legal view of Schley court of inquiry. Green Bag !4(1902)99(Mr). 
T e a g u e, Merrill A. Errors touching the Schley court of Inquiry. Forum 32(1902)747-58. 
U. S. Navy dept. Schley court of inquiry. . . . Record of proceedings of a court of Inquiry in case of 
Rear-Admiral Winfleld S. Schley, U. S. navy. Convened at the Navy-yard, Washington, D. C., Sep- 
tember 12, 1901... Washington, Gov't print, off., 1902. 2 v. fold, map, plan., diagr. 23cm. (67th 
Cong., 1st sess. House. Doc. no. 485) [Collation: (v. 1) 1 p. 1., 1259 p.; (v. 2) 1 p. 1., 1259-1936, 
[343], 11 p. Included In v. 2: Findings of the court, and opinion of Admiral Dewey. Rear- Admiral 
Schley's "Petition for relief from the findings and report of a court of inquiry, and accompanying 
papers." "The President's memorandum upon the appeal of Admiral Schley." Appendix, containing 
logs of the battle ships, signals, etc. Index prepared In the office of the superintendent of documents. 
L.C. 2-23448] 

W 1 1 s o n, H. W. The Schley court of Inquiry. Nat Rev 38(1902)789-800. 
SCHMITT. Edmond John Peter (1865-1901). Tex. Catholic priest and historical writer. 

C o x, I. J. Father Edmond John Peter Schmitt. Quar Tex Hist Ass 5(1902)206-11. 
8CHUREMAN family. 

Wynkoop, Richard. Schuremana, of New Jersey. 2d ed. New York, Printed by the Knickerbocker press, 
1902. 1 p. 1., 142 p. port. 24om. [Rev.lntN Y Rec 33(1902)190. L.C. 2-15180] 


SCHUYLER, Montgomery (1814-96). Episcopal clergyman, writer. 

Schuyler, W. Ambassador of Christ: biog. of Rev. Montgomery Schuyler. N. Y., Gorham, 1902. 80. 
SCHTTYLKILL Valley. Valley of Schuylkill R., a tributary of the Delaware. 

Down the Schuylkill Valloy. Pa Get- 3(1902)27-43, ill., port. 
SCHWAB, Charles Michael (b.1862). Pa. Fres. U. S. Steel Corporation, capitalist. 

M o f f e t t, Samuel B. Charles Michael Schwab. Cosmopol 33(1902)284-8, ill., port. 
SCIENCE. Systematic pursuit of knowledge and its ordered results. 

Abbe, Cleveland. Meteorology and the position of science in America. No Am 174(1902)833-44. 
N e w c o m b, Simon. Conditions which discourage scientific work In America. No Am 174(1902)145-58. 
S n y d e r, Carl. America's inferior position in the scientific world. No Am 174(1902)59-72. 
SCOTCH-IRISH. Descendants of Scotch settlers in Ireland. 

B r y d e n, James A. The Scots in Wisconsin. Wise Hist Proc '01(1902)153-8. 
Griffin, Martin I. J. The Scotch-Irish. Am Cath Res 19(1902)115-8. 

Hanna, Charles A[ugrustus]. The Scotch-Irish; or, The Scot In North Britain, north Ireland, and North 
America. New York and London, G.P. Putnam's sous, 1902. 2 v. front., map. 24%cm. Scotch-Irish 
bibliography: p. 529-55]. [> Hist R 8(1902) 136-7(8. M.Jackson; "much varied Information... 
not a history ... not even well arranged. . .but a collection of materials much irrelevant"; Nation 74 
(1902)295-6 "Compilation has much genealogical value. . .not. . .readable. . .although. . .contain much 
readable matter. . .very serviceable for reference and... public libraries"; Dial 33(1902)325(F.W.Shepard- 
son ) ' 'distinctly disappointing . . . aggregation of materials . . . Illogical . . . and . . . boastful . . . bibliography ' ' : 
N Y Rec 33(1902)124 ["altogether the work is Invaluable"]; N B Reg 56(1902)217(F.W.Parke) L.C. 

Linehan, John C[ornelius]. The Irish Scots and the "Scotch-Irish": an historical and ethnological mono- 
graph, with some reference to Scotia Major and Scotia Minor; to which is added a chapter on "How the 
Irish came as builders of the nation."... Concord, N. H., The American-Irish historical society, 1902. 
138 p. incl. front, (port.) 23cm. [Originally pub. In the Granite monthly, Concord, N. H., Jan. -March. 
1888. The chapter on "How the Irish name" is based upon articles contributed to the Boston pilot, 
1890, etc., and the Boston Sunday globe, Mar. 17, 1895. "Supplementary facts and comment": p. [83]- 
128. E Reg 57(1903)127(F.W.Parke) "Authorities quoted are weighty." L.C. 3-5238] 
SCOTT, Winfield (1786-1866). Officer in War of 1812, General-in-Chief in Mexican War, writer. 

Gen. Winfleld Scott (letter). Collect 15(1902)102-3. 
SCTTDDER, Horace Elisha (1838-1902). N. E. editor, historian, writer. 

H I g g 1 n B o n, Thomas W. [Tribute to Horace E. Scudder.] Masn Hist Soc Proc 11.15(1901-2)494-6. 
SEAL fishing. Industry of hunting the fur-bearing seals. 

McGrath, P. L. Seal fishery of Newfoundland Banks. Idler 22(1902)286(D). 
SEARS, Barnas (1802-80). Mass. Baptist clergyman, professor. 

Hovey, Alvah. Barnas Sears, n Christian educator; his making and work... New York, Boston [etc.] 

Silver, Burdett & company [1902] Iv p., 3 1., 184 p. front., pi., port. 20cm. [L.C. 2-30129] 
BEATON, William Winston (1785-1864). Am. journalist, regent of Smithsonian Institution. 
M e 1 1 e n, George Frederick. Famous southern editors: William Winston Seaton. Meth R South 51(1902) 


SEATTLE, Wash. City of King Co. 22 m. N.N.E. of Tacoma. 
The Argus, Christmas number, v. 9, no. 46; Dec. 20, 1902. Seattle, Wash. [H.A.Chadwick] 1902. 80 p. 

ill. (incl. port). 31cm. [Descriptive of Seattle and the state of Washington. L.C. 3-15275] 
SECESSION. Doctrine of the right of a state to resume independence. 

Adams, Charles Francis. Speech of Charles Francis Adams, of Mass., December 22, 1902, at the banquet 
of the New England society, of Charleston, South Carolina. Boston, Press of A.Mudge & son [19027] 
20 p. 23cm. [L.C. 3-4159] 

Calhoun and secession. South Hist A Pub 6(1902)415-6. 
King, William R. [Letter, a sectional issue, 1850.] Gulf Mag 1(1902)45. 
Reagan, John H. [Letter to Pres. Johnson.] Southern political views, 1865. South Hist A Pub 6 


Woods, Thomas H. A sketch of the Miss. Secession Convention of 1861. Miss Hist P 6(1902)91-104. 
Register of baptisms, births, marriages, membership, in the Dutch Reformed Church at Second 

River, New Jersey. N J Hist S 2(1902)177-85. 
SECRET Service. Detective department of the gov't. 
M o r a n, W. Herman. The Secret Service. New Eng M 26(1902)752-9, ill. 


"SECURITY-HOLDING Company." A stock and bond trust-corporation. 

T r 1 c o c h e, George Nestler. Un Nouveau rou.ige financier aux fitats-Unis. "The Security-Holding Com- 
pany." Jour ficou 50(1902)380-6. 

SEDGWICK, John (1813-33). Conn, officer in Mexican and Civil Wars. 

Sedgwick, John. Correspondence, MaJor-Genpral. v. 1. [New York] Printed for C. and E.B.Stoeckel [by 
the De Vinne press] 1902. v. front, (port.) 23cm. [Vol. 1: edition of 300 copies. B Reg 
56(1902)414(F.W.Parke) "clear in style. . .of interest." L.C. 2-16763] 
SEE, Adam (b.1764). Virginia lawyer, legislator. 

S e e, C. S. M. Historical sketch of Adam See, Esq. W Va Majr 2.3(1902)72-6. 
8EELE. Hermann (1823-1902). Texas pioneer, teacher, lawyer and legislator. 

Hermann Seele. D->ntsch-Am G 2.2(1902)69-70. 

SEMINOLE Indians. A branch of the Creek tribes, formerly of Fla. , now of Ind. Ter. 

Brown, G[eorge] H. Ponce de Leon land and Florida war record. [For details see same title under sub- 
ject. Ponce de Leon.] 
Moore-Wilson, Minnie. Seminoles of Florida, relationship to Aztecs and eastern tribes. Fla M 4 

8EHMES, Raphael (1809-77). M. Confederate naval officer in Civil War, writer. 

Raphael Semmes in the United States navy. Gulf Mag 1(1902)203-4. 
SENATE (U. 8.). Upper house of Congress. 

D o d d, William E. The principle of instructing United States senators. So Atlan Q 1(1902)326-32. 
Ledge, Henry Cabot. The treaty-making powers of the Senate. Scrib M 31(1902)33-43. 
Presidents pro tempore of the United States Senate. Collect 15(1902)87. 
The Senate as a treaty maker. Nation 74(1902)84-0. 
SENECA Indians. A tribe of the Six Nations of N. Y. state. 

[Samson, William H.] The claim of the Ogden land company. [Rochester, N. Y., 1902] 2 1. 28cm. 
[Caption title. A letter to H. L. Osgood, corresponding secretary of the Rochester historical society, 
signed in ins. by the author. L. C. 2-20205] 
SEQUOYA League. A "league to make better Indians," founded 1908. 

The Seqnoya League. Out West 16(1902)297-302,402-13,519-22.643-50: 17,81-3,214-20,344-9,476-80, 

SERAPHIM. Mother. Catholic Sister. 

Mother Seraphim. Am Cath Hist 13(1902)377, port. 
SERNOULT Fort. Fort at Detroit, Michigan. 

B a t e s. S. W. [Evacuation of Ft. Sernoult, Detroit.] Spirit of 7<? 8(1902)96-8, plan. 
8ERRA. Junipero (1713-84). Founder of California, apostle to the Indians. 

Jackson, Mrs. Helen [Maria (Fiske)] Hunt Father Jnnlpero and The mission Indians of California: 
illustrated by Henry Sandham. Boston, Little, Brown, ft company, 1902. 3 p. 1., [ii]-xii, 159 p. incl. 
111., pi. front. 19cm. [These "papers. . .first published in 1883, are now issued In a separate volume, 
prepared especially for schools." Pref. note. L. C. 2-17873] 

8 e r r a, Junipero. Diary, 1769. Out West 16(1902)293-6,399-406,513-8,636-42; 17(1902)69-76, fac. 
SETON. Ernest Thompson (b.1860). American naturalist, lecturer, and writer. 

Ernest Seton-Thompson ; a Canadian naturalist. [Nature] Llv Age 232(1902)222(Ja25). 
M c C a b P, Lida Rose. At Windygoul with Ernest Thompson Setcn. Bk-Buyer 25(1902-3)21-84, ill., fac. 
8EWANEE Review. Review edited under the auspices of Sewanee University. 

H c n n e m a n, John Bell. Ten years of the Sewanee Review: A retrospect. Sewanee 10(1902)477-92. 
SEWELL, Samuel (1652-1730). Boston judge in Salem witchcraft trials, writer. 

Green, Samuel A. [Commonplace bock of Samuel Sewell.] Mass Hist Soc Proc 11.15(1901-2)521-2, ill. 
SEWELL, William Joyce (1835-1901). N. J. officer in Civil War, U. S. senator. 

Stokes, Edward C. Memorial address upon William J. Sewell, United States senator of New Jersey, deliv- 
ered before the legislature of New Jersey, March 24, 1902. Trenton, N. J., John L. Murphy Pub. Co., 
printers, 1902. pp. 32, port. 
SEYMOUR, Lucy A. (d.1902). Teacher, educator, nurse in Civil War. 

Lacy A. Seymour. South Work 30(1901)239-40. 
SEYMOUR, Conn. Village of New Haven Co. 11 m. N. W. of New Haven. 

Campbell, Hollis A[ndrew], Sharpe, W. C., and Bassett, F. J. Seymour, past and present. Seymour, 
Conn., W.C.Sharpe, 1902. 613 p., 1 1. incl. 111., map. front., nort. 24cra. [Rev.lnrN E Reg 56(1902) 
416(F.W.Parke) "evlnce[s]. . .care and ability. " L.C. 2-11716] 


SHAKERS. Popular name of United Society of Believers in Christ's Second Appearing' 

M a c L e a n, J. P. Mobbing the Shakers of Union Village. <>hio Arch & Hist Pub 11(1902)108-33. 

M a c L e a n, J. P. The Shaker community of Warren County: Its origin, rise, progress and decline. 

Ohio Arch & Hist Pub 10(1902)251-304, ill. 

M a c L e a n, J. P. Shaker Mission to the Shawnee Indians. Ohio Arch & Hist Pub 11(1902)215-29. 
SHAPLEIGH. Major, 17th Century Quaker. 

Grove, J. Major Shapleigh the Quaker [extract]. Old Eliot 5(1902)35-37. 
SHARP, Joseph L. President first Nebraska territorial legislature, journalist. 

Joseph L. Sharp. Neb Hist S 11.5(1902)58. 
SHARP family. 
Haines, George. Ancestry of the Haines, Sharp, Collins, Wills, Gardiner, Prickitt, Eves, Evans, Mooro, 

Troth, Borton and Engle families. [For details se same title under subject, Haines family.] 
SHAW, Leslie Mortier (b.1848). Iowa banker, Governor, IT. 8. Secretary of Treasury. 
B r i g h a m, Johnson. Leslie Mortier Shaw. R of Rs 25(1902)101-6, ill., port. 
Hon. Leslie M. Shaw. World's Work 3(1901-2)1692. uort. only. 
Roberts, George E. Leslie M. Shaw. Indep 54(1902)139-42. port. 
SHAW, Robert Gould (1837-63). Mass, officer in Civil War. 

Higginson, Henry Lee. Four addresses, by Henry Lee Higgluaon. [For details see same title under sub- 
ject, Harvard Univ.] 
SHAWNEE Indians. An Algonquian tribe 8. of E. and S.E. of V. S., now of Indian Territory. 

M a c L e a n, J. P. Shaker Mission to the Shawnee Indians. Ohio Arch & Hist Pub 11(1902)215-29. 
SHAYS Rebellion. Civil uprising in Mass., 1787. 

Noble, John. A few notes on the Shays Rebellion. Am Autiq Soc N S 15 II '02(1903)200-32. 
Wilder, G. [Letter on Shay's Rebellion.] Mass Hist Soc Proc 11.15(1901-2)371-3. 
SHEBOYGAN County, Wis. Co. in E. part of state. 
G e r e n d, Alphonse. The archaelogical features of Sheboygan County [Wis.] I. The village sites. Wis 

Arch 1(1901-2)12-21, plat, ill., 60-9. 
SHEEP raising. Industry of raising and marketing sheep and wool. . 

M i n t o, John. Sheep husbandry in Oregon. The pionet-r era. Oreg Q 3(1902)219-47. 
SHELBURNE, Vt. Village of Chittenden Co. 7 m. 8. of Burlington. 

H a z e 1 1 o n, Henry I. Shelburne farms. New Enjr M 25(1901-2)267-77. ill. 
SHELBY, Joseph (b.1831). Mo. Confederate General, V. S. marshall for the western district of Mo. 

Reed, Wallace Putnam. Last forlorn hope of the Confederacy. South Hist Soc Pap 30(1902)117-21. 
SHELBYVILLE, Ind. City of Shelby Co. 27 m. S.E. of Indianapolis. 

Boetcker. William J[ohn] H[enry]. Picturesque Shelbyvllle. Representing the official, business and so- 
cial relations of Shelby ville, Indiana... Photos taken by: J. F. Orebaugh ... matter contributed by: 
Mr. Chas. H. Tindall... [Shelbyville, Ind.] W.J.H. Boetcker, 1902. 183 p. incl. ill., port. 19%x27cm. 
[L.C. 3-184] 
SHELDON, William (1830-1902). Clergyman. 

Sheldon, Lucy. The life and labors of William Sheldon, written end comp. by his daughter... Mendota, 
111., Western advent Christian publication association, 1902. 304 p. front., pi., port. 20cm. ["A 
model preacher" [poem by Jennie Sheldon Bowden] p. 7-9. L.C. 3-31] 
8HEPARD, Jeremiah (fl.1674). Clergyman. 

S b e p a r d, Jeremiah. [Letter] to the Church of Christ at Rowley, 1674. Bost Bull 7(1902)343-4. 
SHEPHERD, David (d. about 1795). Va. pioneer, Indian fighter. 

C r a n m e r, G. L. Col. David Shepherd, first lieut. commandant of Ohio Co., Va. W Va Mag 2.2 


C r a n m e r, G. L. A correction as to Col. David Shepherd. W Va Mag 2.3(1902)72. 
SHEPHERD, Thomas (d.1776). English settler of Mecklenburg, now Shepherdstown, W. Va. 

Allen, Fanny Shepherd. Thomas Shepherd. W Va Mag 2.4(1902)28-33, ill. 
SHERIDAN, Philip Henry (1831-88). General in Civil War. 

Sheridan, Philip Henry. Personal memoirs, general United States army. New and enl. ed. with an ac- 
count of his life from 1871 to his death, in 1888, hy Brig. -Gen. Michael V. Sheridan... New York, D. 
Appleton and co., 1902. 2 v. front., ill., port., map, facsim. 22'/&cm. [Rev. in: Nation 74(1902)268 
"Less than 130 pages. . .added. . .by. . .Gen. Michael V. Sheridan. . .relate. . .chief incidents of... life 
from 1871. . .materially enhance. . .value. . .tribute is sincere and pleasing." L.C. 2-9129] 


SHERMAN, LydU Whitney (1804-98). 

Sherman, George W[itherell] and Sherman, Andrew M. Memorials of Lydia Whitney Shermau who passed 
away March eighteen, anno Domini, eighteen hundred and ninety -eight. [Morrlstown, N. J., The Jer- 
seymau press, 1902] 4 p. 1., 119, [1] p. front., pi., port. 24cm. [L.C. 2-11711[ 
SHERMAN, Roger (1721-93). Conn, signer of the Declaration of Indeoendence, V. S. senator. 

P h y f e, R. Eaton, A.B. Roger Sherman a maker of the nation. Couu Mag 7(1902)234-4$, ill, port. 
SHEKMAN, William T. (1820-91). General in Civil War. 

Johnson, W. F. Life of W. T. Sherman. ^ Biographies of famous men.) Chicago, Oonohue, 1902. 12o. 

Wilson, James Grant. A sheaf of Sherman letters. Indep 54(1902) 213-5. 
SHERMAN family. 

Bowman, 6. K. The estates of William Sherman, jr., and Israel Holmes. Mayo Desc 4(1902)171-4. 
SHERWOOD, Smith (fl.1822). Va. Baptist clergyman. 

Marriages performed by Rev. Smith Sherwood. Low Norf Ant 4(1902)89-92. 
SHERWOOD, William (d. about 1687). Virginia Attorney-General, Va. Burgess. 

Letters of William Sherwood to Sir Joseph Williamson. Wm M Q 11(1902)112-13. 
8HILOH (Tenn.). Civil War battle, Apr. 6-7, 1862. 

H u r s t, T. M. Battle of Shiloh. Am Hist Mag 7(1902)22-37. 

Misfortune to southern arms at Shiloh. Confed Vet 10(1901-2)106-8. 

Moore, John C. Shiloh issues again. Confed Vet 10(1901-2)310-7. 
SHIP subsidies. Bounties for the encouragement of native ship building. 

Coombs, John C. The Isthmian Canal, the subsidy bill and a mighty navy. Nat'l M(Bost)15(1901-2) 

The effectiveness of subsidies. Nation 74(1902)4-5. 

M c V e y, Prank L. The Frye Subsidy bill. Yale R 11(1902-3)38-156. 

Schlffessubventionsges. d. Verelulgt. Staat. v. N.-A. Export(1902)no.8,15. 

The ship-subsidy scheme. Nation 74(1902)106-7. 
SHIPBUILDING. The art and industry of making ships. 

Bergengren, Ralph. Steel ship building in Massachusetts. New Eng M 26(1902)276-89, ill. 

Cramp, Charles H. The Steamship merger and American shipbuilding. No Am 175(1902)5-16. 

Crowell, J. f. Present status and future prospects of Am. shipbuilding. (Pub. of the soc., no. 325.) 
Phila., Am. Acad. Pol. Sol., 1902. 80. 

CrowelLJ. F. Present status and future prospects of Am. shipbuilding. Ann Am Acad Pol Scl 19 

Goodrich, Arthur. The expansion of the American shipyard. World's Work 3(1901-2)1933-50, 111. 

Hnske, Ellis. [Letter] to Cornelius Waldo [1731]. Bost Bull 7(1902)381-2. 

S e h w a r z, T. Amerlkan. schlffbau 1. letzt. Jahrsebnt. Jahrb d Schlffbautech(1902)3B. 

Spears, John R. Our ships of the sea. Outl 71(1902)631-43. 111. 

W e y e r, B. Warum d. Kaiser s. Yacht In Amerlka bauen Iftsst. Ueberall(1902)no.9,2Abb. 
SHIPP, Bernard (b.1813). Kentucky poet and writer. 

S b 1 p p, Bernard. Reminiscences of a long life. Gulf Mag 1(1902)19-26, port. 
SHIPPEN, Margaret (fl.1793). Wife of Benedict Arnold. 

Walker, Lewis Burd. Life of Margaret Shippen, wife of Benedict Arnold. Penn Mag 25(1901)20-46, 

145-9[Port.of Hamilton]289-302, 452-97; 26(1902)71-80,224-44,322-34,464-8, port. 
SHIPPING. All large apparatus for water transportation. 

A n t e 1 1 der Verelnlgten Staaten an der interuat. Seeschlffahrt. Grenxboten(1902)no.l4. 

Cramp, Charles H. British subsidies and American shipping. No Am 175(1902)829-34. 

Goodrich, Arthur. Merchantmen twice as big as men-of-war. World's Work 3(1901-2)1653-8, ill. 

Les llgnes de navigation franchise sur I'ameriqm- du Nord et le Trust de 1' Ocean. La Crolx 26 Nov 

Marvin, Wluthrop L. The American ship in 1902. Scrib M 32(1902)577-83. 

Nixon, Lewis. The developing of shipping in the United States. Cosmopol 32(1901-2)371-8, ill. 

Passagierverkehr zwlsch. Europa u. New York. Uhlands Vekehr zeit(1902)no.!2. 

Ship registers for the port of Philadelphia, 1720-1775. Penn Mag 25(1901)118-31,266-81,400-16,560-74; 

SHIPPING Trust. Combination of N. Atlantic steamship lines, "Internal. Merchant Marine Co." 

Cramp, Charles H. The Steamship merger and American shipbuilding. No Am 175(1902)5-16. 

Elzbacher.. The American Shipping trust. Coutemp 82(1902)69-79. 

L a w s o n, W. R. The Cunard agreement. Contemp 82(1902)703-15. 

Marvin, Winthrop L. The great ship "Combine." R of Rs 26(1902)679-88, ill., port. 


Schroedter, C. Amerikan.-Engllsch. Schiffs Syndikat u. d. dtschn. Rheederelen. Ueberall(1902)no. 


The shipping deal. Nation 74(1902)380-1. 
The steamship combine. Nation 74(1902)321. 
Trade results of the shipping trust. Sat R 93 (1902.) 659-150. 

Wetherell, W. American millionaires and British shipping. Fortn 77(1902)511-23. 
SHOE industry. Making and marketing: of shoes. 

L ' I u d u s t r i e de la chaussure auz fitats-Unis. Jour con 52(1902)384-6. 
SHORTHAND. Abbreviated forms for rapid writing. 

U p h a m, W. P. Shorthand notes of Jonathan Edwards. Miss Hist Soc Proc 11.15(1901-2)514-21, fac. 
SIBLEY, Charlotte Augusta Langdon (Cook) (1819-1902). Mass, local philanthropist. 
[Mrs. Charlotte Augusta Langdon Sibley, obituary.] N E Reg 56(1902)222. 

Sibley, Charlotte Augusta Langdon (Cook) "Mrs. J. L. Sibley." Will of Charlotte Augusta Langdon 
(Cook) Sibley, of Groton. Born in Boston, 6 October, 1819. Died in Groton, Massachusetts, 22 January, 
1902. [Groton, 1902] 6 p. 23%cm. [L.C. 2-17697] 

Young, Joshua, Address at the funeral of Mrs. Charlotte Augusta Langdon Sibley, of Groton, Massachu- 
setts, January 25, 1902. Groton, 1902. 18 p. 24%cm. [L.C. 2-17954] 
SIERRA Nevadas, Cal. Mountain range of California parallel to the Coast. 

King, Clarence. Mountaineering in the Sierra Nevada. New York. C.Scribuer's sons, 1902. xi p., 1 1., 
378 p. 19>cm. [ 75(1902)420 "Reprint. . .extraordinary merit as narrative ... noble de- 
scriptions of nature abound"; Dial 33(1902)479 "reprint will be welcome. . .fascinating work." L.C. 

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p. 1., 215 p. port. 19%cm. [L.C. 3-845] 
SIGOURNEY, Lydia Howard (Huntley) (1791-ab.l864). American writer, teacher. 

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BILK industry. Manufactures of silk and their marketing. 

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Williams, Carrie. Silk culture in California. Overland n s 40(1902)363(0). 
8ILLEBY, Noel Brulart de (1577-1640). French minister of state. 

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8ILSBY, Arthur Wilson (1851-99). N. H. county judge. 

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SILVERWARE. Articles of silver. 

Jack, David Russell. Old plate. Acad 2(1902)147-54, ill. 
SIMPSON, Sampson (1780-1857). Founder of Mt. Sinai Hospital, New York. 

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SINGLE tax. Theory of taxing land only associated with Henry George. 

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SIOUX (or Dakota) Indians. A collection or race of Indians of Dakota, Neb., and Wyoming. 
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Dillon, Lee A. The Indian massacre of 1866. Nob Hist S 11.5(1902)223-5. 
Sketches Historical and Descriptive of the Monuments and Tablets . . . connected with the Indian utbreak 

of 1862. [For details see same title under subject, Minnesota.] 
SKANEATELES, N. Y. Village of Onondaga Co. 7 m. E. by N. of Auburn. 

Leslie, Edmund Norman. Skanea teles; history of Its earliest settlement and reminiscences of later times: 
disconnected sketches of the earliest settlement of this town and village, not chronologically arranged, 
together with Its gradual and progressive advancement in business prosperity and higher education. 
With notes of the Individuality of prominent citizens... New Y'ork, Press of A. H. Kellogg, 1902. xxil, 
477 (i. e. 483) p. incl. 2 front, ill., pi., port. 2ft%cm. [Paging irregular: p. 26a and 26b inserted 
after p. 26; "Addendum" (4 p.) between p. 464 and 465. Originally pub., in part, in the Skaneatelerf 
Democrat. L.C. 2-21266] 
SKINNER, Charles R. (b.1844). N. Y. state superintendent of public education, writer. 

Charles R. Skinner. World's Work 4(1902)2140, port. only. 
SKOKOMICH Indians. A tribe of British Colombia. 

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SLAVERY (anti-slavery, abolition, emancipation). Property in human beings. 

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volume, xxiv) ["Bibliography": p. 149-154. llist R 8(1903)356-7(W.E.DuBois) "best local 
study of American slavery. . .yet appeared ... lumper and balance. . .well maintained. . .bibliography and 
an index"; Nation 75(1902)310-11 "Confined ... to ... legal aspects of slavery. . .first-rate piece of work [while]... Involved... is. ..readable... punctuation [shiftless]"; South Hist A Pub 6(1902)514-6 
"strength lies in reference. . .might have been greatly extended. . .as a constructive study ... Incomplete 
for Virginia alone. . .bibliography of 4 pages where the omission of well-known books Is noteworthy... 
Index ... worse than useless." L.C. 2-13405] 

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government of colonies. [For details see same title under subject, America.] 

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of the slave trade (1619-1808) Boston, Ginn & Co. 1901 O. pp 15+255. [ Hist A Pub 4 
(1902)512-4 "great multitude of facts. . .renders much of the work heavy reading... a model of scholarly 
work and fairness. . .extended bibliography. . .index. . .Is what an index should be."] 

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1902. . 2 v. _24cm. [These vovlumes "contain more than fifty articles; the first five contributed during 
1844 to the 'Pennsylvania freeman;' the rest, between 1S45 and 1850, to the 'National anti-slavery 
standard.' " Introduction. Rev.ln:Nation 76(1903)14-5 "need of this elegant reprint. . .not. . .apparent 
...[no] index ... Invited annotation. . .tasteful. . .edition. .. [practically] free from printers' errors"; 
Dial 34(1903)14-6( Wallace Rice) "reprint. . .interesting to trace. . .germs of thought which went Into... 
great poems of freedom and democracy": Hen.ln:Am Hist R 8(1903)608 "Most of the articles. . .were 
printed ... from the original manuscripts." L.C. 2-27437] 

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SLAVONIC AMERICANS. Members of Slavonic races living in America. 

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SLOAN, James (1788-1868). N. T. pioneer and trader. 

S 1 o a n, J. Early trade routes. Adventures and recollections of a pioneer trader, with an account of his 

share in the building of Buffalo Harbor. Pub Buffalo Hist Soc 5(1902)215-37. 
BLOAT, John Drake (1781-1867). Admiral TT. 8. navy. 

Sherman, Edwin A [lien]. The life of the late Rear- Admiral John Drake Sloat of the United State navy 
who took possession of California and raised the American flag at Monterey on July 7th, 1846. Comp. 
from the most authentic sources of family history... [Monumental oil.] Oakland, Cal., Carruth & Car- 
ruth, printers, 1902. 1 p. 1., 258 p. front., pi., port., geneal. tab. 26cm. [L.C. 2-24854] 
BLOCUM, Joshua (fl.1902). Mass, seaman who circumnavigated world in 87 ft. sail boat. 

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SMITH, Ethelbert Marshall (1839-1901). N. H. merchant, U. 8. consul to Amoy. 

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SMITH, Francis Hopkinson (b.1838). American artist and writer. 

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SMITH, Isaac William (1825-98). N. H. Supreme Court Judge, legislator, mayor of Manchester, N. H. 

Isaac William Smith [obituary]. N H Hist S 111.2,1897-9(1902)512-13, port. 
SMITH, James (ab. 1720-1806). Pa. signer of the Declaration of Independence. 

E a b y, Rachel Alice. James Smith, a signer of the Declaration of Independence from Pennsylvania. 
AM Month M 31 (1W2) 294-6, 111. 


SMITH, Jessie Wilcoz (fl.1902). Philadelphia artist. 

Morris, Harrison S. Jessie Wilcox Smith. Bk-Buyer 24(1902)201-5, 111., port. 
SMITH, Joseph (1707-82). First settler of Sturbridge, Mass. 

Weld, Charles W. [and Chase, Levl B.] Joseph Smith, James Deneson, first settlers of Sturbridge and 

Southhridge. Qulnabaug Hist Soc Leaf l[1902?]147-58. 
SMITH, Joseph (1805-44). Founder of Mormonism. 

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an introductory preface by Prof. George Trumbnll Ladd. New York, Dodd, Mead & company, 1902. 
xix, 446 p. facs. 19>^cm. [ 'Bibliography^: p. 427-446. Hist R 8(1903)203,592(W.F.Slo- 
cum) "valuable, exhaustive. . .psychological study .. interesting and forceful. . .written with ... freshness 
and. . .clearness. . .complete bibliography"; Nation 75( J902)350-l "Study of .. .characteristics [from]... 
heredity and environment. . .Mr. Riley holds. . .hypnotic psychology furnishes. . .solvent. . .is of wonderful 
ingenuity and readableness" ; Dial 34(1903)16-18(W.H.Carruth) "excellent bibliography .. .interesting. .. 
for its independent spirit and for its attempt to apply psycology ... to the interpretation of [a] historical 
problem..." L.C. 2-16103] 
SMITH, Captain John (1579-1631). Explorer, founder of Virginia, writer. 

Roberts, E. P. The adventures of Captain John Smith, captain of two hundred and fifty horse, and some- 
times president of Virginia... With seventeen illustrations and three maps. London, New York and 
Bombay, Longmans, Green, and co., 1902. xiv, 307 p. front., pi., port., map (partly fold.) 21cm. 
[41.Men.ln:Am Hist R 8(1903)402 "compiled chiefly from his own writings and those of his contem- 
poraries." L.C. 3-892] 

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tion by G. Mercer Adam... New York, The Perkins book t company [c!902] xili, 374 p. front., pi., 
port. 19cm. ([Heroes of history]) [L.C. 3-9585] 

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SMITH, Joshua Hett (1749-1818). N. Y. loyalist, accomplice of Andre. 

Joshua Hett Smith (note). S C Hist Mag 3(1902)176-7. 
SMITH, T. Watson (ab.1834-1902). Nova Scotian clergyman, editor, historian, writer. 

I n memoriam Rev. T. Watson Smith, D.D., LL. 1). Aoad 2(1902)138-9. 
SMITH, Thomas (1702-95). Me. clergyman. 

Perkins, John Carroll. Rev. Thomas Smith, D. I), and his first parish of Falmouth, now Portland; an ad- 
dress. Portland, S.Berry, printer, 1902. 36 p. ig^cm. [L.C. 3-20252] 
SMITH family. 
Reade, Compton. The Smith family. London, Elb.'rt Stock, 1902, pp 14+280. [Rev.tnrN Y Rec 34(1903) 

228 "account of the chief families of the name."] 
SMITHSONIAN Institution. Scientific Inst. at Washington founded by James Smithson. 

S i k e s, Enoch Walter. The work of tho Smithsonian Institution. So Atlan Q 1(1902)269-77. 
The Smithsonian Institution. Smithson R 1901(1902)115 51. ill., port. 
SMYTH, Frederick (1819-99). N. H. Governor, Mayor of Manchester, financier. 
Frederick Smyth [obituary]. N H Hist S III.2,1897-y(1902)514-6, port. 
SNEAD, Thomas Lowndes (1828-90). Mo. historian. 

[Robinson. Hamline E] Two Missouri historians... Maryland (Mo.) Republican print, 1902. 20 p. Incl. 
front., port. 25cm. [Paper read before the State historical society of Missouri. . .Dec. 5, 1901. L.C. 
SNOW shoeing. Travelling on snow by the use of specially adapted shoes. 

H u b b a r d, Leonidas. The webbed feet of the north. Outlnic 39(1901-2)634-41 ill. 
SOAP. Salts of the fat acids. 

Soap and candles, 1767. Low Norf Ant 4(1902)35. 

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315 p. front., pi. 19%cm. [Contents. At the bottom. The development of social centers. The 
homes under one roof. Slow-dawning consciousness. Working-girls' clubs. A social experiment. 
Within the walls of home. Financial relations in families. Home standards. Where lies the responsi- 
bility? 75(1902)430 "Account of New York's East Side poor ... valuable contribution to 
the consideration of city problems. . .impressive reading"; Dial 34(1903)27 "sympathetic and expert... 
not a tirade. . .a faithful and valid account. . .jrive[c] .. .a clearer understanding." L.C. 2-23322] 
Le roy, Beaulleu, P. Le mouvement tcon et social aux Etats-Uuis. ficon Fr HOct(1902)5&19Jull. (1902) 
Philanthropy, charities and social problems. Annals Am Acad Pol and Soc Sci 20(1902)647-56. 
T o 1 m a n, Frank L. The study of sociology in Institutions of learning In the United States. Am Jour 
Soclol 7(1901-2)797-838; 8(1902-3)85-121. 


SOCI4T* DBS AMIS, LA. Montreal literary society est. 1842. 

Huguet-Latour, L.-A. La Societe des Amis. Rech Hist 8(1902)121-2. 
SOCIETY. The human race in it* organized activities. 

Banks, Charles Eugene, assisted by Cook, G. C. & Everett, Marshall. . . . Beautiful homes and social cus- 
toms of America... a complete guide to correct social forms and artistic living... Chicago, The Bible 
house, 1902. 352 p. incl. front., ill. pi. 40% \ 29cm. [At head of title: The book of American cul- 
ture. L.C. 2-20053] 

Hart, Albert Bushnell. . . . How our grandfathers lived, selected and annotated . . . with the collaboration 
of Annie Bliss Chapman... New York, The Macmlllan company, 1902. xiv p., 1 1., 371 p. front., ill. 
HMj-cni. (Source-readers in American history, no. 3) [Rev. in: Nat ion 75(1902)421 "[No] index ... table 
of contents is very meagre." L.C. 2-27722] 

Neve, J[uergen] L.'udwig]. Charakterztige des anierikanischeu volkes. 2. aufl. Leipzig, H.G.Wallman; 
Burlington, la., German literary board [1902] 94 p. 22Vcm. p. 91-94, advertising matter. L.C.3-21379J 

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front., pi., port. 21% em. [Title in blue and orange. Contents. The meschlauza-and love-making: a 
story of old Philadelphia. Peasant and patrician: in colonial Boston. War and flirtation: Miss Wister 
at Penllyn. A belle of Delaware: Miss Vining, of Wilmington and Dover. A disappointment in love: 
legends from Virginia. Conspiracies and Cupid: New York uud her royal governors. Born to be a rebel: 
a pretty Bostonian. Edwin Forrest's first love: New Orleans in the "twenties." An uncompromising 
Tory: North Carolina and loyalism. The ghosts of Graeme park: a Pennsylvania romance. Washing- 
ton as a wooer: sweethearts in Virginia and New York. A Quaker transformed: the leader of Washing- 
ton society. 75(1902)362 "A rechauffe. . .beginning with... the Mtschianza. . .and travers- 
ing... love affairs of Washington, Jefferson and Madison." L.C. 2-21377] 

8 k a 1, Gv. D. Amerikau. Gesellsch. Nr. 44. Wochc (1902). 

Stiff. Mci'urs americalnes. Tour Monde 9 Aoflt (1902). 

Wharton, Anne Hollingsworth. Social life in the early republic, with numerous reproductions of por- 
traits, miniatures, and residences. Philadelphia & London, J.B.Lippincott company, 1902. xvl. 13-346p. 
col. front., pi., port. 21'jrm. [ 75(1902)480 "not... to be taken seriously. . .styles. . .easy 
and attractive. ..delicacy of treatment. . .little that is new or original"; Dial 33(1902)471 "most fasci- 
nating. . .racy, gossipy. . .charming from beginning to end." L.C. 2-29033] 
SOCIETY for Prevention Cruelty to Animals. Society founded by Henry Bergh, 1866. 

M o r r 1 s, Clara. Mr. Henry Bergb. McClure 18(1901-2)411-22. ill., port. 
SOMERVILLE. Mass. City of Middlesex Co. 2 m. from Boston. 

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SONS of St. Tammany of Philadelphia. Patriotic society of early origin. 

C a b e e n, Francis Von A. The society of th<; Sona of Saint Tammany of Philadelphia. Penu Mag 25 

(1901)433-51; 26(1902-3)7-24,207-23,335-47,443-63, port. 
80THERN, E. A. (1827-81). American actor. 

Fuller, Lucy Derby. The humor of the elder Sothern. Ont 64(1902)196-203, ill., port. 
80ULE, George (fl.1687). Plymouth, Mass. (Mayflower) settler. 

B o w m a n, George Ernest. George Soule's autograph. Mayfl Dt-sc 4(1902)98-100, facs. 
SOULE family. 

Bowman, George Ernest. Transc. by. John Soule's inventory and the settlement of his estate. Mayfl 

Desc 4(1902)159-61. 
SOUTH AMERICA. Southern continent of the Western Hemisphere. 

A m e r 1 k a. Auslassgn. e. engllscb. Parlamentariors lib. s. Einclriicke auf e. Tour durch 8ud-amcrika. 
Gartenflora ( 1902) No. 0. 

A m e r 1 k a. Lage u. Handel in Sttd-amerika 1901. Export (1902)No.5. 

A m e r i k a. Thatlgk. d. Nord-amerikauer In Stld-amerika. Gartenflora ( 

Ave-Lallemant, G. Expansionspolitlk in Siidamerlka. Neue zeit (1902)21. J.Nr.3. 

La crlse vinlcola e gll sbocchi noil' America dol sud. Economista 15 Juln (1902). 

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Longmans, Green, and co., 1902. 4 p. 1., 306 p. front, (port.) pi. 23cm. [Illustrations by Miss Nelly 
Brown. "Sequel to The great deserts and forests of North America." Introd. L.C. 3-3724] 

Germany. Deutsche seewarte, Hamburg. ...Handbuch der ostkiiste Stidamerlkas, zwidchen dem Kap San 
Roque und der Magellan-Strasse. Hrsg. von der direktion. Mil 102 kdstenanslchten und 17 hafenplanen 
1m text, sowie 22 tafeln... Hamburg, L.Friedericbsen & co., 1902. xxlv, 731 p. incl. ill., map, plan, 
tab. front., pi., fold, map, fold, charts. 23'icm. [Preface signed: Dr. von Neumayer. L.C. 3-5875-6] 

Grgr, J. Relne-Bibllothek : must, bllder aus Bud-Amerika. Mttn. Toly, 1902. M- I 


Handbuch d. Ostkiiste Sttdamerikas zwischen d. Kap San Roque u. d. Magellan Strasse; hrsg. v. d. direct, 
d. Deutscben Seewarte. Hamb. Friederichsen. 1002. 80. M. 

K a r s t e n, G. P. Preuss' Expedition nach Contral-u. Siid-anK-rika 1899-1900. Geog. Ztsch, (1902)22-7. 

Kayser, B[runo] von. Unterm siidllchen kreuz; zu wasser uuil zu lande von Rio de Jadeiro bis Feuerland, 
1899-1900. Braunschweig, G.Westennann, 1902. 3 p. 1., 74 p. fold. map. 22cm. [L.C. 3-20638J 

K o b e r, H. Deutsch-evang. Gemeinden in Siidamerika. Pr W B [s. 6], 1106-12. 

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Reiss, W[ilhelm] i. e. [Johann] W[ilhelm], Reisen in Siid-Amerika. Das hochgebirge der republik Ecu- 
ador... Petrographische untersuchungen. . .Bearb. !m Mineralogisch-petrographlschen institut der Cni- 
versitat Berlin... Berlin, A.Asher & co., 1892-1902. 2 v. 14 pi., tab., dlagr. 31% x 24cm. ["Zusarn- 
menstellung der historischeu ausbrttche des Cotopaxi": v. 2, p. 101-103. "Cebersicht der auf den Coto- 
paxi und seine ausbriiche beziiglichen literatur": v. 2, p. 152-354. Other bibliographies in text. Con- 
tents. 1. bd. West-Cordillere: I. Tulcau bis Eseali'ras-berge, bearb. von M. Belowsky. II. Pululagua 
bis Guagua-Pichincha, bearb. von R. Herz. III. Atacatzo bis Iliuiza, bearb. von E. Elich. IV. Rio 
Hatuncama bis Cordillera de Llangagua, bearb. von A. Klautzsch. V. Yon den Ambato-bergen bis zum 
Azuay, bearb. von A. Klautzseh. 1892-1898. 2. bd. Ost-Cordillere : I. Die berge des Ibarra-Beckeus und 
der Cayambe, bearb. von E. Esch. II. Der Cotopaxi und die umgebenden vulkanberge: Pasochoa, Rum- 
if.alnii. Sincholagua und QuilindaCa, bearb. von A. Young. 1896-1902. L.C. 3-11031] 

South American arch.-eoloffy in the American museum of Natural History, New York. Am Ant 24 

W a g n e r, H. Stid-amerikan. Probleme. Kolon. ztschr. (1902)251-53. 

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Warren, Henry W. The struggle for liberty in South America. Miss R 25(1902)356-63, map. 
SOUTH CAROLINA. An original South Atlantic state of the U. S. 

C a p t. Richard Lushington's [Rev.] company (note). S C Hist Mag 3(1902)113-4. 

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Macmlllan company, 1902. xxvii, 787 p. front., map, plan. 21cm. ''Authorities consulted and 
quoted": p. v-vli. [ Hist R 8<1903)557-ft(H.L.Osgood) "must always rank as a standard au- 
thority ... useful as a storehouse of material. . .not because of ... opinions or views. . .though the plan... 
[is] somewhat narrow, he has done well what he undertook to do... honest and sound Judgment"; Nation 
76(1903)314-6 "one long indictment of Greene. . .attacked with severity and bitterness not easily paral- 
leled in recent historical writing"; Nation 76(1903)336-7 "depreciatory spirit... of Greene... one of the 
most valuable contributions to State history .. .author is first a South Carolinian and second an historian 
...corrected many an error, dissipated more than one illusion, and revealed the weakness and incon- 
sistencies of more than one prominent figure. . .lack of sober, unbiased Judgment and impartial analysis 
...profusion of facts, but... no true historical spirit"; Dial 34(1903)155 "a noble work. . .painstaking. .. 
exact presentation of the military history ... civil history. . .almost Ignored. . .persistent attempt. . .to. .. 
disparage General Greene... a blemish ... master-piece of research." L.C. 2-22685] 

Officers of the regiment in the Cherokee war, 1760-6!. S C Hist Mag 3(1902)202-6. 

Papers of the first council of safety of the Revolutionary party in South Carolina, June-November, 
1775. S C Hist Mag 3(1902)3-16,69-85,123-38. 

Papers of the second council of safety of the Revolutionary party in South Carolina November 1775- 
March 1776. S C Hist Mag 3(1902)193-201. 

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Salley, Alexander] 8[amuel]. Marriage notices In the South-Carolina gazette and its successors. (1732- 

1801.) From the files In the library of the Charleston library society, Charleston, S. C. Albany, J.Mun- 
sell's sons. 1902. 174 p. 27cm. [L.C. 3-23014] 

S m 1 1 b, W. Roy. Literature for tbe study of the colonial history of South Carolina. So Atlan Q 1 

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state printers, 1902. 25cm. [Contents. v. 1. The civil code. L.C. 2-19115] 

South Carolina Historical and Genealogical Magazine. Published quarterly by the S. C. Hist Society 
Charleston S. C. v. 3. 1902. pp 283 So. 

State aid to history in South Carolina (note). South Hist A Pub 6(1902)197-8. 
SOUTH CAROLINA COLLEGE. State College at Columbia, 8. C. fd. 1801. 

J o D ?, Iredell. Carolina Cadets. South Hist Soc Pap 30(1902)138-41. 


SOUTH DAKOTA. A northwestern state of the U. S. admitted 1389. 

B 1 a e k b u r n, W. M. Historical sketch of North and South Dakota. . . S Dakota Hist Soc Col 1(1902) 

Official correspondence pertaining to the Leavenworth expedition of 1823 into South Dakota for the 
conquest of the Ree Indians. With explanatory notes by Dnano Robinson. S Dakota Hist Soc Col 1 

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SOUTH EAST, N. Y. Township of Putnam Co. 

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SOUTHERN STATES. South eastern states of the V. S. 

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entertaining... worth reading [and]. . .pondering"; So Atlan Q 1(1902)293-4 "charming essays..."; Se- 
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SOUTHWEST. 8.W. part of the U. S. 

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SPAIN. A kingdom in the S.W. of Europe. 

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SPANISH AMERICA. Portion of Central and South America principally peopled by Spaniards. 

Alba, [Maria del Rosario (Falco y Osorio) Fitz James] 9. duquesa de Berwick y 16. duquesa de. Nuevos 
autografos de Cristobal Col6n y relaciones de ultramar. [For details see same title under subject, Co- 
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8PICER, Jacob (fl.1761). 
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SPIER, William E. (1849-1901). K. Y. manufacturer. 

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SPIRIT Lake massacre. 

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. ner. .. 5th ed. rev. Des Moinea, Iowa printing co., 1902. IT, 372 p. pi., port. 20cm. [L.C. 2-16984] 
SPIRITUALISM. Doctrine of direct communion of men and spirits. 

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12-r374. [ 76(1903)158-9 "most sceptical. . .selects judiciously, writes well... good Index 
...not only interesting but likely to become the standard work... only drawback is the bias"; Dial 34 
(1903)79-82(Joseph Jastrow) "...great accuracy of detail, with great clearness of exposition ... criticism 
Is logical and patient. . .distinctly. . .judicial."] 
SPONGE industry. Gathering and marketing of sponges. 

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8POONER, John Coit (b.1843). Wis. lawyer, officer in Civil War, U. S. senator. 

W e 1 1 m a n, Walter. Spooner of Wisconsin. . .leader of the Senate. R of Rs 26(1902)167-7, port. 
8POTTSYLVANIA County, Va. County in N.E. part of state. 

Poll In Spottsylvania County for the house of Burgesses, 1752. Wm M Q 10(1902)281. 
SPRAGTTE family. 

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8FRECKELS, Glaus (b.1828). Cal. refiner of Hawaiian sugar. 

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SPRINGFIELD, Mass. City of Hampden Co. 98 m. W. by 8. of Boston. 

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SPUDS (Indian). 

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SGUANTUM. R. I. Ancient name of Providence. 

Squantum association, Narragansett Bay, R. I. [Squantum] Providence, R. I., W. A. Dean, 1902. [19] 

p. Incl. 15 full-page lllus. 21% x 29v4cm. [L.C. 2-18043] 
SQUIRES. Herert Goldsmith (b.1859). Sec. U. 8. embassy to Berlin, Minister to Cuba, 

The first United States minister to Cuba. Outl 71(1902)47. port. 
STAGE, The. Matters relating to actors and acting. 

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Boston and New York, Houghton, Miffln and company, 1902. vili p., 1 L, 241, [1] p. front., port. 
21cm. [Contents. By way of Introduction. Spectacle, farce, melodrama, and minstrelsy fifty years 
ago. The worth and Impotence of free criticism. Some i>arly experiences and mistakes. Selwyn's the- 
atre and the Robertson period. The ephemeral drnma and the enduring drama. The great dramatic 
quinquennium and the Boston museum. Wllllani Warren, comedian. Actual and Ideal training for the 
stage. J. L. Toole and Charles James Mathews. Charlotte Cushman. E. A. Sotbern, sr. The isolation 
of actcrs. Charles Fechter. Edwin Booth. Toiumaso Salvlni. Adelaide Nellson. Memorable experi- 
ences of sigle plays and artists. An American theatre privately endowed. Henry Irving. Rev.ln: 
Nation 75(1902)17-8 "Pleasant reading and. . .valuable. . .a capable and welcome addition to. . .literature 
of modern drama"; Dial 33(1902)68-60(1. A. Pyle) "judgements an- in the main remarkably just and true 
...notably free from. . .extravagant laudation ... perhaps somewhat too conscious." L.C. 2-14130] 

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249&2S6 "many popular favourites of the younger set." L.C. 1-23413 M 1] 

Strang, Lewis C[linton]. Players and plays of the last quarter century; an historical summary of causes 
and a critical review of conditions as existing In the American theatre at the close of the nineteenth 
century... Boston, L.C. Page & company, 1903 [1902] 2 T. front., pi., port. 20cm. (Sage lovers' 
series) [Rev.ln:Natlon 76(1903)75-6 "it is a more than commonly flagrant instances of book-making... 
his personal comment Is... of the smallest possible value." L.C. 2-25632] 


Streatfeild, RUohard] A. The opera: a sketch of the development of opera. With full descriptions of all 
works in the modern repertory; with an Introduction by J. A. Fuller-Maitland. New ed., rev. and enl. 
London, J. C. Nimmo; Philadelphia, J.B.Lippincott company, 1902. xx, 351 p. 21%cm. [L.C. 3-14936] 
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264 p. port. 25cm. edition of 500 copies. [Contents. The author's introduction. Junius Brutus 
Booth. John Brougham. Peter Richings. William Rufus Blake. Edwin Forrest. William B. Burton. 
John Drew. William J. Florence. "Mr. Jones." H. L. Bnteman. Sam Hemple. P. T. Barnum. 
Charles M. Barras. Edward A. Sothern. James Quin. Samuel Foote. William Wheatley and an epi- 
sode of Nicaraguan life. 75(1902)31 "Anecdotes concerning stage-f oik . . . not worth re- 
peating ... most interesting part. . .is. . .adventures in Nicaragua with William Wheatley ... no fresh in- 
formation." L.C. 2-14129] 
8TALLO, John Bernhard (1823-1900). German-American philosopher, jurist, statesman. 

Rattermann, H[einrich] A[rmin]. Johann Bernhard Stallo, deutfch-amerikanischer philosoph, jurist und 
staatsmann. Denkrede gehalten im Deutschen litterarischen club von Cincinnati am 6. november 1901... 
Cincinnati, Verlag des verfassers, 1902. 2 p. 1., 11-54 p. 23% cm. [L.C. 2-22440] 
STANDARD Oil Company. Petroleum trust. 

Clemens, Will M. The genesis of Standard oil. New Eng M 26(1902)76-9. 
Miss Tarbell's history of the Standard Oil Company. McClure 19(1902)589-92. 

T a r b e 1 1, Ida M. The history of the Standard Oil Company. McClure 20(1902-3)3-16,115-28, 111., port. 
STANDING ROCK Indians. Indians living on Standing Rook Ind. R