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Full text of "Xenophon's Anabasis: books i. and ii.; with a copious vocabulary. By J. Fergusson"

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. KelD a^ttition, SUtrttcetr in ^xitt, 


Jnit pnhlUhed, in One Thick Volnme 12mo, price Is., neatly and strongly bound, 

673 pages, the Sxcond EniTioN of 


New and Systematic Plan ; from the Earliest Times to the Treaty of r| 

Vienna. To which is added, a Sommary of the Leading Events since that [| 

Period. For the Use of Schools and of Private Students. By H. WHITE, f| 

B. A. Trinity College, C^bridge, M.A. and Ph. Dr. of Heidelberg. (I 

This work is divided into Three Parts, corresponding with Ancient, Middle, [{ 

and Modem History, and again subdivided into Centuries, so that the various {\ 

events are systematically grouped together in the order of time ; while the J{ 

narrative is so arranged that the annals of each country may be studied [{ 

separately. To guide the researches of the student^ the work contains numer- o 

ouB Synoptical and other Tables, with Sketches of Literature, Antiquities, and 

Manners at the great chronological epochs. \\ 

The Three Parts {Ancient, Middle j and Modem History)^ each complete Q 

in itself, may also be had separate, Ss. 6fl. bound. (i 

" The Elements of Univenal History is entitled to great praise : the writer has taken [ j 

a firm grasp of his subject, he exhibits a Just estimate of things, and separates, by typogra- !l 

^lical divisions, the narrative of events from the commentary upon them."— Spectotor. ^J 

" Executed with much Judgment The diflBcult task of reviewing the whole histor>' of JJ 

the world, and condensing it with clearness, has been accomplished in tliis single volume >{ 

with a success that does great credit to the author, and cannot foil to reconuuend it to ex- [J 

tensive and pennanent circulaAon."— Jfomifi;^ Herald. 

" This b a most excellent and valuable work, — one of the best, clearest, and compactest \ 

epltomas of general history, ancient and modem, tlutt we have met yiith.*'— Edinburgh )\ 

* ' We consider this the most complete and valuable compendium of general history for the } { 

me of the young that we have yet seen." — Tait's Magaame. q 

" The accuracy of the author's information is unquestioned, as it has been collected with /• 

great labour from original authorities ; and the skill with which he has digested his various (J 

materiato into order has given unity to the ^hole,*'— Edinburgh Courant (\ 

Dr Merle D'Aubign^, in the prefiEtoe to the Fourth Volume of the History of the Reformation , /{ 

^Making of Dr White, who was engaged with him in preparing the English original, thus (i 

aoknowTedget his valuable services :—*< I could not have had a more enlightened coadjutor, (j 

I bare axpreas my obligations to hhn for his very able assistance." Q 

Dr WHZTB has also in FMparatioiii I! 


with an Account of the Present State and Resources of the United (j 

Kingdom and its Colonies. 12mo, price 3s. bound. 

This volume will contain a brief Historjr of Enf^land, Scotland, and Ireland, '* 
with Sketches of the Literature, Aniiquities, Civilisation, and Commerce of 

the three Kingdoms to the presen t date, witl^ aa^Aflflfl iMi^f the Condition () 

and Resources of the United K* , ^ . ■ ,..- •'^7;$jfe'^;Mal#t5^^^storY of the {{ 

People, hitherto much newj^^-j^fi^h '?iS^iL^'»i*gS BR5 :. Is a prominent o 

kmtaiv In this Work. ^V]0i^ '''■'^W^y^^^^. H {{ 

Bdinhwrgb : Olivem ft Be .'V l^- " * '^. \a.^ k Co. ^ 

KelD a^ttition, SUtrttcetr in ^xitt, 


Jut poUithed, in One Thick Volnme 12mo, price Is., neatly and strongly bound, 

673 pages, the Sxcond EniTioN of \ 

New and SyBtematic Plan ; from the Earliest Times to the Treaty of 
Yienna. To which is added, a Summary of the Leading Events since that 
Period. For the Use of Schools and of Private Students. By H. WHITE, 
B. A. Trinity College, C^bridge, M.A. and Ph. Dr. of Heidelberg. ( 

This work is divided into Three Parts, corresponding with Ancient, Middle, 
and Modem History, and again subdivided into Centuries, so that the various 
events are systematically grouped together in the order of time ; while the 
narrative is so arranged that the annals of each country may be studied 
separately. To guide the researches of the student, the work contains numer- 
ooB Synoptical and other Tables, with Sketches of Literature, Antiquities, and 
Manners at the great chronological epochs. 

77^ Three Parts (Ancient, Middle, and Modem History), each complete 
in itself, may also be had separate, Ss. 6fl. bound. 


" The Elements of Universal History is entitled to great praise : the writer has taken 
a firm grasp of his subject, he exhibits a Just estimate of things, and separates, by typogra- 
phical divisions, the narrative of events from the commentary upon them."-^i}ectotor. 

*' Executed with much Judgment. The diflBcult task of reviewing the whole history of \ 

the world, and condensing it with clearness, has been accomplislied in this single volume [ 

with a success that does great credit to the author, and cannot liail to reconuuund it to ex- } 

tflDsive and pennanent circulation. "—Jfomini^ Herald. ( 

" This b a most excellent and valuable work, — one of the best, clearest, and compactest 
epltomai of general history, ancient and modem, tliat we have met yfiih."— Edinburgh 

"We condder this the most complete and valuable compendium of general history for the 
me of the young tliat we have yet 8een."--Tatr« Magazine. 

" The accuracy of the author's information is unquestioned, as it has been collected with \ 
great laJwur from original authorities ; and the skill with which he luui digested liis various ( 
materiato into order has given unity to tlie wrholQ.*'—Edthlnirgh Courant ( 

Dr Merle D'Aubign^, in the preface to the Fourth Volume of the Ilistorv of the Reformation , [ 
^Making of Dr White, who was engaged with him in preparing the English original, thus ( 
Mknowledget his valuable services :—** I could not have liad a more eni^htened coa4jutor. 
I bare axpreas my obligations to hhn for his very able assistance." 

Dr WHZTB has alio in FMparatioiii [ 


with an Account of the Present State and Resources of the United (I 

Kingdom and its Colonies. 12mo, price 3s. bound. (| 

This volume will contain a brief Histor]r of Enf^Iand, Scotland, and Ireland, [< 

with Sketches of the Literature, Antiquities, Civilisation, and Commerce of (j 
the three Kingdoms to the presen t date, with j^p fjccv — * £^ the Condition 
and Resources of the United I^*'T!*T'''''^rT'^r^3f^5^^'»5i\ History of the 

People, hitherto much negYi^X^-^S^^s'yiZ*^^^^ a prominent o 

iSw/o/v la tbia Work. - - » ^ ^- • « 3it»wi*. i.r 


Bditiburgb: OnvEM&Bc • .* ■ : ^ % V^*^^^' ^ 

. TAtf» attrition, autrtteelr in Ij^vUt, l 



Jut poUithed, in One Thick Volnme 12mo, price Is., neatly and strongly bound, 

673 pages, the Sxcond EniTioN of 


New and SyBtematic Plan ; from the Earliest Times to the Treaty of A 

Yienna. To which is added, a Summary of the Leading Events since that [{ 

Period. For the Use of Schools and of Private Students. By H. WHITE, f{ 

B.A. Trinity College, Cambridge, M.A. and Ph. Dr. of Heidelberg. 



This work is divided into Three Parts, corresponding with Ancient, Middle, 

and Modem HiatoTj, and again subdivided into Centuries, so that the various {[ 
events are systematically grouped together in the order of time ; while the 

narrative is so arranged that the annals of each country may be studied ^, 

separately. To guide the researches of the student, the work contains numcr- 

DOB Synoptical and other Tables^ with Sketches of Literature, Antiquities, and [> 

Manners at the great chronological epochs. 

The Three Parts {Ancient, Middle, and Modem History), each complete || 

in itself, may also be had separate, Ss. 6fl. bound, (» 

" The Elements of Universal History is entitled to great praise : the writer has taken [{ 

a flrm grasp of his subject, he exhibits a Just estimate of things, and separates, by typogra- \\ 

^lical divlsioDs, the narrative of events from the commentary upon \hem,"— Spectator. ^ { 

'* Executed with much Judgment. The diflBcuIt task of reviewing the whole histor>' of J| 

the world, and condensing it with clearness, has been accomplished in tliis single volume >| 

with a success that does great credit to the author, and cannot fail to recommend it to ex- /; 

tensive and pennanent circulation."— Jfomifii^ Herald. {\ 

" This b a most excellent and valuable work, — one of the best, clearest, and compactest \ 

epltomai of general history, ancient and modem, tliat we have met with."— £d<n6uryA )\ 

* ' We consider this the most complete and valuable compendium of general history for tlio }{ 

me of the young that we have yet seen." — TaiVs Moffouine. (% 

" The accuracy of the author's information is unquestioned, as it has been collected with ,^ 

great laJwur from orighial authorities ; and the skill with which he has digested his various (| 

materiato into order has given unity to the yrhole,*'—EdirU>urgh Courant 

Dr Merle D'Aubign^, in the prefiaoe to the Fourth Volume of the History of the Reformation , ({ 

^Making of Dr White, who was engaged with him in preparing the English original, thus () 

•eknowledget his valuable services :— ** I could not have had a more enlightened coadjutor. (| 

I bare axpreas my obligations to him for his very able assistance." Q 

Dr WHZTB has also in Prepamtioiiy [j 

with an Account of the Present State and Resources of the United (> 
Kingdom and its Colonies. 12mo, price 3s. bound. 

This volume will contain a brief Histor]r of Enf^land, Scotland, and Ireland, 
with Sketches of the Literature, Antiquities, Civilisation, and Commerce of 
the three Kingdoms to the presen t date, witl} m /^rrr — *' f** the Condition 
and Resources of the United Ui J, :. . j... -'« ^•*-'.^*Bafe*^iMl^*^**^'y ®^ *'^® «r 
People, hitherto much negl//'rrr^^t?J^5,*v;^^ |i a prominent (} 

Ibmtan in tiuB Work. ' '" '""" ** 


. jNftIo maUnK, mttmitt in ^xitt, » 


Dr WHZTB has alio in FMpanttioiii 

Jnit pnUished, in One Thick Volume 12mo, price Is., neatly and strongly bound, 

673 pages, the Sxcond EniTioN of (> 


New and SyBtematic Plan ; from the Earliest Times to the Treaty of rj 

Vienna. To which is added, a Summary of the Leading Events since that [{ 

Period. For the Use of Schools and of Private Students. By H. WHITE, f| 

B. A. Trinity College, Cambridge, M.A. and Ph. Dr. of Heidelberg. (> 

This work is divided into Three Parts, corresponding with Ancient, Middle, 
and Modem History, and again subdivided into Centuries, so that the various 
events are systematically grouped together in the order of time ; while the 
narrative is so arranged that the annals of each country may be studied 

separately. To guide the researches of the student, the work contains numer- r) 

CUB Synoptical and other Tables^ with Sketches of Literature, Antiquities, and [> 

Manners at the great chronological epochs. r| 

The Three Parts {Ancient, Middle, and Modem History), each complete vt 

in itself, may also be had separate, Ss. 6fl. bound, (i 

*' The Elements of Universal History is entitled to great praise: the writer has taken |{ 

a llrm grasp of his subject, he exhibits a Just estimate of things, and separates, by typogra- \\ 

^lical divisions, the narrative of events n-om the commentary upon i\xem."^pectaU>r. ^^ 

** Executed with much Judgment. The diflBcult task of reviewing the whole history of J{ 

the world, and condensing it with clearness, has been accomplished in tliis single volume >c 

with a success tliat does great credit to the author, and cannot &il to recommend it to ex- ^i 

tensive and pennanent circulation."— Jfomifii^ Herald, 

This is a most excellent and valuable work, — one of the best, clearest, and compactest X 

^m— of general history, ancient and modem, that we have met yti\h."—Edittburgh )\ 

* ' We condder this the most complete and valuable compendium of general history for the } { 

me of the young that we have yet seen."--TatC'« Mafftuine. (\ 

" The accuracy of the author's information is unquestioned, as it has been collected with ^ ^ 

great labour from original authorities; and the slull with which he has digested his various (| 

materiato into order has given unity to tlie yHhole,"— Edinburgh Courant O 

Dr Merle D'Aubign^, in the preface to the Fourth Yolume of the History of the Reformation , ({ 

BptmkinK of Dr White, who was engaged with him in preparfaig the Bnglish original, thus () 

Mknowledget his valuable services :— ** I could not have had a more enlightened coadjutor. (| 

I bare axpreas my obligations to him for his very able assistance." Q 


with an Account of the Present State and Resources of the United (> 

Kingdom and its Colonies. 12mo, price 3s. bound. 

This volume will contain a brief Histor]r of Enf^land, Scotland, and Ireland, |j 

with Sketches of the Literature, Antiquities, Civilisation, and Commerce of o 

the three Kingdoms to the presen t date, wit h pji^AflflfliMMkyf the Condition () 

and Resources of the United P" ,^ -, r /.: -^^'^'jfe-il^ La iitlia^^'^*^'^ ^^ *^® ({ 

People, hitherto much nMVJ^i^•^5if(5*^^^>'^ |i a prominent (\ 

^b»tSnm this WoA. V':^^-'" ■ ?^^ 11 I 


4 /. //^'^. 





dFbt tt)t «« of ScfjooU. /r?^?)7T\ 






[Price Two ShillingB and Sixp«Qce bound.] 


Printed by Oliver & Boyd, 
Tweeddal« Court, High Street, Edinburgh. 


In preparing this Initiatory Book for publication, the 
Editor has strictly confined himself to the object he had 
in view, namely, to offer to the public a Greek Book for 
beginners, consisting of a continuous narrative, with a 
copious Vocabulary, and a translation of the more difficult 
phrases. He has, therefore, avoided making any critical 
or philological remarks, as being out of place, and as 
tending to increase the bulk and price of the Volume, 
without adding to its utility to those for whose advantage 
it is intended. He has adopted the text of Dindorf ; but, 
in the punctuation, has consulted Poppo and his own 
judgment. The Vocabulary he has endeavoured to make 
as complete and accurate as possible. Particular atten- 
tion has been paid to the Conjugation of the Verbs, — 
those parts only being given which are found in the best 
classical writers. 

WssT End Acjidsmy, Abxrdssn, 
September S9»im, 




Accguov 7cu) Tluguffurthog yiyvovron iccCihiq ivo, cr^ g^- 1 
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hcf^ivii Augi7og Kui VTr&fTrsvB tbKbvttjv rov ^tov, 

'prgiffjiOrigog Trag&lv irvyxuve' Kvgov hi ^ijircc'TcliJij'TCZ- 
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Xov 'jr^hiov a^goi^oprai, uva^uiv&t ovv 6 Kvgog Xot^div 
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rocg avijirj rgiuxoffiovg, agj(fivra hi avrm 'S^vtuy 
Uuppdcffwv, imi hi IrBXBVTTjae AugBiog, kcc) xuriffT?j3 
etg TTJv ^ocfftXeiup ' Agra^eg^fjg, Tt(T(Tu(pigvf}g hicc^uKKu 
rov Kvgov 'TC^og rov uhX^pov dg iTt^ovXevoi ccvrcS. 6 hi 
Tret^erul re Km (TvKKafjb^uvu Kvgov wg u'^oxtspSv • 
^ hi (jufjTTjg i^octryjaaiJjivjj avrov uTOTefiTei 'TrakiP i'x) 
TTJv agx^v. h\ ag icTcri^i xtvhvvevffug ku) ar/|M»aff-4« 
^g/V, ^ovXeverat mafg (JbfjTrore en hrui Itti rci a^gX^o/, 
uKK\ ijy hvvTjrut, ^uaikevGBi kvT hcemv. tlugvffurig 
yiih hfj fj (Jij^fjg v'TCTj^e rai Kyf^, (piXovffoc uvrov yiiSX- 
"Kov jj rov poc(Tt7\£vopra * Agru^eg^fjp. OGng h* apKVuroS 
raiv 'jrugoi ^ufftKs&fg crfoV avrov, Truvrcig otira J/ar/- 
^iig a^g^g/^Tgro ciare ocvr^ fiSXKov flKovg ehou ^ 


6 • UB. I. CAP. I. 

^ouriKu. . Kou rSif 'X'ocg iuvrZ ii ^ag^dgat^ Ixzyi^ikuTO 
tig *jeoKi(UUV t,b Utxyo) s'lriffuv ku) ivvo'ixcSg 'ixouv uvrSi. 

6t^y Jg *YXkifivix^v ivvot[Ji*tv ^"^goiZ^Bv dg fLaKtaru ilvvaTO 
WtxgvTTOf/fBifog, OTcjg on aTragaaxsvorurov Kd^oi ^oc- 
ffikioc. «yjg ovv BTonlro ttjv (TvKKoyrjv. OTroaug g/p^g 
^uXuKoig \y raig 'ffokicn^ 'jcctgi^yyiCki roig ^govgoigx^ig 
hcuffroig XufJb^dvitv oivhgag TleKoTowtjatovg ort TrXeiff- 
rovg KOU ^BkrlaTOvg^ ug eTi^ovXBvoi/rog Ti(T(Tcc(pigvovg 
Tu7g mXiffi. kou yoLg Jjauv cc! 'Iowikou TroXetg T^do-a- 
pigvovg TO kgyjuov^ he ^aaiXiofg Jg5o|M»gi/a/, tots h* 

7 u(ps(rTfjKB(TOiv Tgog Kvgov 'Tcmai TXijv IS/ltXfjTOV Iv 
IS/ltX^T&f 5g TKTcroc^sgvfjg 7rgoam^6[JbB¥og ra uvToi toujto. 
^ovXivo^iAvovg^ ocTOffT^vai 'jrgog Kvgov, rovg ^\v av- 
tSv a^TBKTem, rovg h' i^i^ocXsv. 6 is Kvgog VTroXoc- 
|8fi)v Tovg ^svyovTug, avXXs^ocg STgaTSviija STToXiogKSi 
M/Tjyrov Koci KUToi y^v kou ko^tu ^ocXuttocv^ kou stsi- 
goiTO Kuroiym TOvg SKTSTTOfKOTocg. kou uvttj uv aXXrj 

STgo^UGig 7Jv ocvTM TOv u^gotZ^siv aTgocTSVfjijOc. Tgog hs 
jSaff/Xga TS[Ji*Tafv fj^iov a^gX^o^ Sfv o^vtov io^^ou ot 
ravTug rag mXstg (ijoilXov ^ Tiaaa(psgvfjv oigx^iv ai- 


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Titaffoi^^spvsi is gi/ofe»/^g 7roXs(Jbovvroc ocvtov afjb^t ra 
ffrgocrsvfjbocru iuToctfoiv Scrrs ovih rT)(^STO avrZv 'xo- 
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yiAvovg iocafjbovg ^aatXst sk tZv toXsoov m Tta(7a(psgv7jg 
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iv Xsppovfiff&f Tti Karavrixsgag *A^viov rovis rov rgo- 
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Xsppopfjcrov ogfiAffJifSitog, ro7g 0f a|i To7g wrsg 'EKXtjffToih 

UB. I. CAP. It. , . 7 

ro¥ olKOvcn, kou i(piX$i rovg ''£XX^ya;r <^'^^s ^ou 
j^jM>ara avvB^aKkoyTO uvra ug ttjv rgofijt rSv ffrga^ • 
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Ku) BToiovy ovra/g ovtol 


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(rTgdrBV[Ji*a' kou Tu^ayyBKXBi rd tb KXBugx^ Xafiovn 
r^KBiv Offov T}v avTcS (rTgdirBV[JUcc, kou rd 'Af/dTiWa;, 
cvvaTCXu^yivn Tfo^ rovg oikos, aTocrgft^-v/za/ t^oV buvtov 

8 LIB. I. CAP. II. 

vgoeffTrjxBi rov h roclg '^roXitrt ^svikov^ riKBiv Tu^ay- 
ygXXs/ Koc^oPTOc rovg divlgug tTsj^v OToaot Uavo) J^ffocv 

2Toig uxgomXsig ^vKcHttuv. BKoXsae il Koi rovg M/X^^ 
rov ToTjogKovf/rug, koci rovg (pvyochotg iKsXsvffB avv 
avrS argarsvia^ut, v7ro(Txo[Ji*Bvog avrolg^ el Ka'kSg 
xurocTgdi^BiBv 1^' a iargurevero, fjbf] vgoG^ev Ta6<7a<r- 
^at Tgh ccvrovg Karccyiyoi diKol^e, oi he ^Veag exei- 
^ovro' eTtarevov yoig uvrci' xut Xa^ovreg ra otKoc 

STrao^ffocv elg ^dcghetg. aepiag [Jbh h?j rovg ex rSv m- 
Xecuy "ka^m wageyevero eig 2af Sg/^, owXtrag elg rergor 
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LIB. I. CAP. n. 9 

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10 LIB. I. CAP. n. 

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LIB. I. CAP. n. 11 

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12 LIB. I. CAP. n. 

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MB. I. CAP. m. 13 

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14 MB. I. CAP. m. 

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UB. I. CAP. III. 15 

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16 LIB. I. CAP. m. 

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LIB. I. CAP. IV. 17 

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18 LIB. I. CAP. IV. 

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LIB. I. CAP. IV. 19 

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20 LIB. I. CAP. IV. 

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LIB. I. CAP. V. 21 

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22 LIB. I. CAP. V. 

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LIB. I. CAP. V. 23 

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24 LIB. I. CAP. V. 

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LIB. I. CAP. VI. 25 

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26 UB. I. CAP. VI. 

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LIB. I. CAP. vn. 27 

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28 LIB. I. CAP. VII. 

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UB. I. CAP. vn. 29 

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80 LIB. I. CAP. vn. 

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LIB. I. CAP. vin. 31 

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32 LIB. I. CAP. vni. 

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LIB. I. CAP. vra. 33 

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34 LIB. I. CAP. vni. * 

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LIB. I. CAP. IX. 35 

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36 LIB. I. CAP. IX. 

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LIB. I. CAP. IX. 37 

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38 MB. I. CAP. IX. 


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LIB. I. CAP. X. 39 

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40 MB. I. CAP. X. 

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LIB. I. CAP. X:. 41 

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42 LIB. I. CAP. X. 

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44 MB. n. CAP. I. 

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LIB. n. CAP. I. 45 

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46 UB. n. CAP. I. 

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LIB. II. CAP. n. 47 


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48 LIB. II. CAP. n. 

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LIB. II. CAP. II. 49 

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50 LIB. n. CAP. m. 

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MB. n. CAP. m. SI 

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52 LIB. n. CAP. III. 

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UB. n. CAP. m. 53 

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54 iiB. n. CAP. IV. 

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LIB. II. CAP. IV. 55 

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56 LIB. n. CAP. IV. 

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LIB. II. CAP. IV. 57 

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58 LIB. II. CAP. IV. 

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LIB. II. CAP. V. 59 

ffTu^lJbodg igfjfJifOvg g|, Tragocaoiyyocg rgidzovru^ eig ra^ 
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QoX^g, rovg il koi g$ v'jro'^iug^ o? (po^fj^BvrBg a^KkfiXovg^ 

60 LIB. n. CAP. V. 

p^dffcct ^ovkof^ivoi Tf/V sra&g/i', iTToiriaav at^fjxeffra 
xupca rovg olire [jbiXKovrug otir av ^ovXofjbmug rotov- 
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UB. II. CAP. V. 61 

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62 LIB. n, CAP. V. 

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UR. n. CAP. V. 63 

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64 LIB. U. CAP, V. 

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UB. n. CAP. VI. 65 

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66 LIB. n. CAP. VI. 

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LIB. n. CAP. VL 67 

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TTgog avrov oi ffrgariSrai &(jtb§ 'irouhig Tgog iihuffKU- 
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68 LIB. n. CAP. VI. 

ovri, on 5g u'ri^vfjffxBv tjv irSv ig rgidxovroc • 

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iTi^v[Loi% (TvvrofJiiCtfroirfjy oi^ro ohov elms ha rov i^iog- 
Kuv re Ku) ypevhetr^at xou e^aTaroa^f to h* a^kouv 

2S2cui TO uhj^lg to olvto Ta ^X/^/y shou. (TTtgyofV }il 
^avsgog (lIv Jjv ovUpu^ otoj hi (paiti fiXog ehaif Tovrof 
hhr[Kog eyiynTo eTi^ovXevofV. xas 7ro7\jBfiiov (jith ov- 
hevog xotreyeka^ rZv hi avvovTov ^dvTm ig KaiTOLyi- 

^^'hjSiv lie) hehskyero. xai Tolg (lIv tZv ToXefLtofV xr^fLoir 
ffiv ovK eve^ovKevB' %a>cgsroV yag Sbto ehat toL tSv 
<pvKoi,TT0^ev6)v XafL^dvur toL hi tSv (pthjv fLOvog aero 

25elhevut paarov ov cL(pvKuKTa 'Kayb^uveiv. kou oaovg [ilv 
och^civoiro Wiogzovg kol) ahtxovg^ ig ev dfTXiff/jbevovg, 
g^o|3g?ro, To7g h* offtosg xa) aTjj^etav aaxovtriv^ atg avdv- 

^shgoig^ I'TTsigSiTo >^?(r^a/. Strveg hi Tig aydXKeToci em 

^BOffB^BiCC KUl akfj^BlCf, XOtl htXOUOTIJTl^ OVTO) "MBVOfV 

riyoKkBTO toj B^ocTUToip hvpoca^ai^ tZ 'jckatraa^ai -J/gy- 
hri^ TM (piXovg hiayeXoip' top hi (jbjj Tapougyop tSp oltcou- 

hBVTOJP CCb) BP6[LtZ,BP BIPUI. Ku) Tag olg flip B'TTeXBigBI 

"TCgatTBvBiy ^/X/a, hiufidKK&tP Toug TgofTOvg Tovrovg cSbto 
27hB7p KTTiaat/^at. to hi 'rBs^ofJi^BPOvg Tovg (TTgaTsatTag 
•^afg^gc^a/ g« Tov (TVPahtxBlp avToTg Bf/jiT)(jxpaTO. r/- 
fiidd^ai hi Kai ^BgaTBuea^ai ij^'ov^ BTrihBiKPVfiBPog oti 
^Xstara hvpatTO Kai b^bKoi ap ahixBiP. BVBgyBaiap hi xa- 
TBkeyBP^ OTTOTB Tig avToS a<pi(TTaTQ^ oti y^a^hepog avTu 
2S0VX aTOfXBffBP avTOP, xa) Ta [Jblp hjj a<pap^ B^eaTt TBgi 
auToS ypBuhBa^ai^ a hi ^dvTBg houji ToiS hxTi. Taga 

LIB. II. CAP. VI. 69 

AgiffriTTof fjbsv^ 'in agojog Sfv^ (TTgccrtjyBTv ItBTgd^aro 
rZv ^wojv^ 'Agiuicf is (iug^dgof ovrt, on [^eigaxiOig 
Kccko7g ?5gro, oUsiOTocrog 'in igaiog a)V lymroy uvrog 
a TatiiKu elj^g Qagv^avy aymtogofv, yeveiSvra. asro&-29 
ptiffKOPTOfV il Tuv (TutTTgotrfiyav, on hrrgdrevfftxv It/ jSflc- 
fftKia ^vv Kvgcf^ Tuvra 'rsTroirjKaig ovk am^uvi^ (Lira 
^ rov tSv &KKafV ^dvocrov (rrgarfjySy nfJbugfj^&tg v^ro 
^offtkiojg aTg&avgv, ov% oigTSg KXiocgx^g x,ou ot oiKKoi 
(rrgoLTfiyo] a'prorfJbTj^ivreg roig «g^a>caj, oWgf rdyjtsrog 
huvurog hoxet ehat, dKKoi ZfiSv otixiG^eig motvrov ig 
^ovijgdg Kiyerai TTJg reKBvr^g rxr/flv. 

' Ayiug Sg o ' AoKoLg koci ^azgdrrig 6 'A%a/oV, kouSO 
rovra oLTC^uvirYiV. rovrofv is ov^' dg h 'roXsfJifCu xa- 
x£v ovhssg KotreyBkot^ ovr slg (piKiotv avrovg ifd^iiJbfBTO. 
iprfiv ^ Ayij^oi) dfij^) rd TBvre kou rgidpcovra 'irfj aVo 



A. denotes Active, M. Middle, P. Passive, a. aorist, ace. accusa. 
tive, adv. adverb, c. common gender, conj. conjunction, dat. dative, 
f. feminine, ft. future, gen. genitive, imp. imperfect, imper. imperative, 
ind. indicative, inf. infinitive, m. masculine, n. neuter, op. optative, 
p. perfect, p. p. ft paulo-post future, part, participle, plup. pluperfect, 
pi. plural, pres. present, prep, preposition, s. singular, subj. subjunc- 
tive, 1 a., 2 a., first aorist, second aorist, 1 p., 2 p., first perfect, second 
perfect, 1 ft. P., first future Passive. 


'AfifOM/iat, 01/, m, Abrocomas, a 
Persian satrap. 

A&shf, «{/, /. Abydos, a tovm on 
the Asiatic side of the Hellespont. 

Jtyifivy «{/, n. {ayi^of) a benefit, 
advantage; property, possession. 

kyd^of, tit »». (Hyifias) good; 
brave; fertile, iyu^og i/( ^oXt' 
ficv, brave in war. ;^iv^a Aya^fi, 
a fertile country. 

Jiydkkat,-&x£{&yafMti) yl adorn. M. 
I pride myself in, am proud of. 

iyAfuu^ '&fofim, I admire, esteem 
highly. 1 a. P. Ifya^fitiv, used 
in an active sense, 

kya^riff tiy «* {Ayifiai), admirable, 
worthy of admiration. 

Ayytkluy »St /. {«lyyt>.ktt)t a mes- 
sage, tidings. 

AyytkXtj -<X«I, ilyytk»et^ .^utf I 
report, tell. I a, A. Hyyukeu 

Ayytkgff «{/, m. (JiyytXXtit) a mes- 

kyUifty «f, n (a, not, yivutvy a 
beard), beardless ; a boy. ^ 

*Aytafy «&, m. Agias, one of the 
Greek generals. 

J^yvttfiu^Uffi, ns,f> (<eyf*^««y, sense- 
less) thoughtlessness. PL mis- 


ayo^ei^ as, f. {ayti^ta^ 1 assemble), 
a market, provisions; uye^etv 
tret^ix***} to afford a market, to 
supply provisions for sale, iyom 
^ei 9rXn66Vff», full-market, the 
forenoon, from about nine to 
twelve o*clock, 

ayc^ei^My 'iLffaUt fiy^&xa^ -vfMtt (etya- 
^«), I buy, purchase. 

tiyifi't «, »». and «f, «y, iay»is, a 
field) wild. 

&ytt, i^«», }!x»* liyftai, I lead, 
bring, convey, caiTy, drive off; 
imp. r,yn, 2 a* A, nyiyov. 
&y% ^«k, come then ! 

aym^ Hvcf^ m» a contest, a trial of 
skill ; aySvtc tffi»t, proposed a 
contest, or trial of skill. 

aytaviZofMu^ &ytitvi»u/iat, ^ymtfffiat, 
{ayeif) I fight against, contend 

eihtv^tff •{, 0y, (a, not, hTttvof) with, 
out supper, supperless 

ahk^dft «{/, m. a brother. 

ihSft adv,t (a, not, itig^ fear) with- 
out fear, securely. 

a}tet^T»{, 6t^ «y, (a, not, }/«, /3«/yAr, 
I go) impassable. 

I wrong, injure. 




&'itxtifit)ty 1 a. part. P. ofaitxiaj, 
&'it»Ttt, att /., (ti^Txos) injustice; 

/KiTA a,h»iets, with injustice, un 

&tTK»tf »sy »v, (a, not, 2ixn) unjust. 
o^cXms* adv.% (&, not, ^0X0^, de< 

ceit) without deceit, faithfully. 
oiuviTttf 0f, 0y, («, not, ^tn&res) 

ati, adv-t always. 
airosy tv, m. an eagle. 
afitajT&Tos, If, cVf (ufiiof, impious) 

most impious, most peijured. 
*^9ivai9t^ 9U, m., ('A^nva/, Athens) 

an Athenian. 
a^Xtfv, «t/, n., {afiXcs, a contest) a 


1 collect, raise, levy, assemble. 
I a. P, nfi^oiff^v*' 
tt,6^9ost «, tfv, rarely est «»» crowded 

together, in dense masses. 

&6vfA9ti «St «yi (»9 not, ^&/e«0f, spirit) 

spiritless, disinclined, backward. 

Comp. a^vfitirt^est rather back. 


Aiyvirrtoti»Vjfn,t(Ai'yuirroSt Egypt) ' 

an Egyptian. | 

at^tlfAoviffT&Tos% Hf »*t {allots) most 

modest, most respectful. 
aiivf, ioty f. « reverence, respect. 
atxi^e/Ltett, 't»v(AeUy pxiO'/Mtt, {onKtett 
injury) I treat injuriously, tor- 
ture, 1 a. part. P. etUi^hts, hav> 
ing been tortured. 
Aivtans, «y, m., the ^nianians, a 

people of Thessaly. 
«/girw, fit •"> (at^iu) chosen. «/ 

ai^trt), the delegates. 
al^iu, -wtf-ft*, jfgi»»«, -/ten 9 I take, 
capture. M. I choose. 2 a. ^. 
llAtfy, ni^'. tkat, &C. 0V» aAXtfv 
j»ftft7»r«. preferred no other /easier. 
aJ^att &^Sy H^Kttt 'fMtt, I lift up, 

aiffi»*ofiat^ -fin^o/Mtit l^&9fifAut^ I per- 
ceive, learn. Imp* jifffieitofAtiv. 
2 a. ffff^ififiu I 

shame) base, disgraceful. j 

mffX****!* «» / («J';c*f» shame) 

» ahame, diagnee^ dishonour. ' 

I MO-Tt vZo'iv »ia;^vvfi9 tttau^ so that 
I all were ashamed. 

shame) I put to shame. Jf. I 
feel ashamed, reverence, stand 
in awe of. Imp. M. j^x^vafitiVf 
1 a. p. pf*^vv^nv. »ai ^^^vvirt 
^ftXXffy, even stood more in awe 
of. ^f^uv^nfuv xeci §tous xeu avfi^^- 
irov( ^fitiavveu avrovy we were pre- 
vented by our feverence both for 
godsand men from deserting him. 

alriatf -no'M, ^rvxa^ •/Kdci, I ask, de- 
mand. 1 a. irif, M, ttlrn^at'fitu. 

alrteiofAatf -ecffotMity ^rid/iat^ (a/r/a, 
blame) I accuse. 1 a. part, M* 

ettrTos, eVf 971., {aiTta, blame) the 
cause, or author of anything. 

axivixfis, oVi m. a sabre, scimitar. 

Axtyiiuvas, adv.^ (a, not, xiviOvaf) 
without danger. 

otKokavToSy OS, 0y, (a, not, xtkd^it) 
undisciplined, disorderly. 

ixokwfios^ cs, oy, {»tfor dfAa, xiXtVm 
fies, a path), consequent, cor. 
responding. a>t evx ixikovfia ifit 
ri Tf WtH^ivSett xui re kva-ttv rhv 
yKpvpotv^ that the intention to 
attack, and to break down the 
bridge were inconsistent. 

axovTt^u, -tffu, nxovrixa, mffiauy 
(eixattf a javelin), I strike with a 
javelin, wound. 

axovrXfftSy ta>f,/., (a»ayri^«) the art 
of throwing a javelin. 

ixcvM, 'Cva-tfAUif axnxuiy ifx»vfffieu^ 
I hear, hear of, obey. 1 a. A» 

ax^i^oXigf tMSy f,^ {&x^tSy iriXtf) a 

ux0»f, ft, 0y, (««n, a point) high. 
t^ri reSy Hx^itv^ on the heights. 

axvvf sue-ett ^*t («t not, Ixiv) un- 

ixi^aiy 'fiw^ and iXi^t/MU, I ward 
off*, if. I defend my self against, 
recompense. 1 a. infi M. «xS- 

itXirntt 0«, «!., (iixJfl#, I grind) a. 
grinder. aXimf 0^0;, a mill- 




eiktupovf w, n., (ftXiAT, I grind) 

wheaten flour. 
iXfifitiet, »s,f. {oiXfififit) truth, truth- 

aXfihvVf -tvfftt, nXn^tuxa, (aXn^hs) 

I speak the truth. 
eiXtififit^ nSt (f) true. r« &kr,fisy 

truthfulness, veracity. . 
aXnSUoty »i, tfv, {aXn^ns) faithful; 

aXiT^a»t -?*••>, fXtfffjLeu, (JtXns^ crowd- 
ed) I gather together, assemble. 
1 a. p. riXifffinv, 
aXio'xofiett^ etXajg-ofAai^ ^Xatxet, and 
lecXM»»^ I am taken. 2 a. A 
^Xmv, and iccXofVf used in a pas- 
sive sense* 
aXX\for aXXa. 

aXXu, conj.^ (eiXXos) but, yet, at 
least, yet not withstanding. aXXet 
xaiy nay more. eiXXa, finv, nay 
even. uXXk 71, at least, at all 
events, ixx* ofjtus^ nevertheless. 
«XX*;, adv.^ {ixxof) elsewhere, 

aXXriXotVf aiVt »t*9 {&XXof) of one 

another, of each otlier. 
aXXohvf ado., (&XXos) i'rom another 
place. &XXai aXXofiiv, some in 
one direction, others in another. 
aXXasy fly », other. &XXof eLxXa Xi- 
yii, one says one thing, another, 
another. (»ara) ra &XX», as to 
the rest, (futrct) ret rt aXXet, 
both in other respects. »vh\ 
&XXo •vhtv 3iy^(«v, nor, besides, 
a single tree, r^ ofAXti (if/ui^^) 
on the next day. 
«XX«rf, adc.^ (eiXXos) nt another 
time. aXX»Tt ttou &XX»r*, now 
and then. 
aXXttty adv., {eixXos) otherwise. 
aXoyt^r$(, «(, »v, («, not, Xtyi^tfittt) 

inconsiderate, senseless. 
aX^rrdv, •!/, n., barley-flour. 
£fiM^ ado., at the same time, along 
with ; frequently used as a pre- 
position with the dative, 
^/lu^at^ fit,f't a chariot.* 
&/ti^r»t, »s, •», («K^«|«) traversed 
by wagons. ttfia^rif SOf, a 
carriage-road,— a road wide 

enough for only one carriage 
afAa^r&vm, 'Tv^ofMCt, hfAa^rn»ett 

'/lat, I miss. 2 a. A, tifjta^Tov, 
&fit&x*h odv.y («* , not, fid^^fi) with- 
out a battle. 
* AfA^^a»ieirfify cv, vt,, a native of 

Ambracia, a town in Epirus. 
afnita/f^ «», »», better, braver, a 

camp, ofetyafiog. 
»iAtX%M^ -Jltf-A^ 9lfiiX9i»ety -futt, (eifUm 
Xhf, careless) I am careless, ne. 
ifjtnz^vot, oty »9, (a, not, fAfi:^dvh, 
contrivance) without resources, 
inextricable, impracticable. ««-«- 
^a>* iffr) Kcti &/Afix»>Mv, it is the 
part of men in perplexity and 
without resources, tig ir^XXa 
KotKo, jceti afifixeifet, into many 
inextricable evils. 
AfAv-tXag, ovyf. a vine. 
afitvvMt 'VvS, I avert. M. I repel, 
punish. 1 a inf M. Afivveca-feu. 
Kfiip), prej). governing gen- dat, and 
ace, about, with, along with. 
r*fy a/A(p) 'HiiXtirtv o'r^ecrtueftitMf^ 
of those engaged in the siege of 
Miletus. Ittto'rinfMtv rSv a/Mpi 
Tu^ufy skilled in military tac. 
ufA^tyvnoj, {afit(p}, voitt, I think)I am 
in doubt. Imp. fi/ipyve»V9. ^ri 
Itmuv fift<piyve6U9, they knew not 
what they were about. 
eift(piXiyM, -Xi^, (ei/*^K Xiy^) I 

dispute about, quarrel about. 
* AfA(pt^9XtTitSy 0v, nu, a native of 

AmphipoUs, a town in Thrace, 
afi^on^ofy ft, «y, (afi^tit) both. SeU 

dom used in the singular, 
ifi^tri^tthv, adv., {&fi^irt^»s) on 

both sides. 
HiA^iy tiVf both. 

ay, a particle, modifying the mean- 
ing of the tense and mood of the 
verb with which it is connected, 
avyfor U», conj.y if, followed by the 

aya, prep, governing the aco.y up, 
up to, upon. 




aiixMs^ 1 a, part. P. ofaitxiet, 
ititxia^ «f, /., {a^Kot) injustice; 
fAirit ahxiets, with injustice, un- 
UtTxtt, »Sy tv, (a, not, iixn) unjust. 
aiokajt^ adv.', (a, not, ^0X0^, de- 
ceit) without deceit, faithfully, 
tj^vydroff «f, «y, («, not, ivv&rcs) 

Ati, adv.y always. 
atris^ ovt m. an eaf^Ie. 
a^tMT&rof, n, cv, (ethos, impious) 

most impious, most peijured, 
*A4nvttt9t^ ov, m., ('A^nvai, Athens) 

an Athenian. 
ft^Xtfy, 0t/, n. , {oi4X»s, a contest) a 

a^^/^«,-0iV«, fi^Qoixett 'g-fiat, {0,6^00$) 
1 collect, raise, levy, assemble. 
I a. P, fi^^ciff^m* 
Afi^eesi «, «v, rarely os, «y, crowded 

together, in dense masses. 
aiOfjLos, Off «y, {&f not, ^vfitf, spirit) 
spiritless, disinclined, backward. 
Comp, aifvfiirt^tf, rather back- 
AiyvvrrYtft •tf,f»l.,( Aiywerr*?, Egypt) 

an Egyptian. 
At^tifAovifT&Tis, tif evf (fli/^or;) most 

modest, most respectful. 
tttttfy otgf f. , reverence, respect. 
etlxi^§fAUiy 'toufMU, ^xlfffAoti, (iixtay 
injury) I treat injuriously, tor- 
ture, 1 a. part. P. etixMtig, hav> 
ing been tortured. 
Aluung, atvt m., the ^nianians, a 

people of The$ialy. 
at^tros^ tit o*t {»t^%oi) cbosen. 0/ 

at^iro), the delegates. 
al^iuy -jftf-a*, ^^fixect -/leitf I take, 
capture. M. I choose. 2 a. A, 
ttkovy subj. tXet, &C. ovx eiXXov 
jJgtfwvT*. preferred no other /eacf^r. 
a7|9«, &(S<, n^xu, 'fiett, I lift up, 

aWSavofAou^ -fivo'tfiatf fiffftifA»i% I per- 
ceive, learn. Imp* ^^^eivofAfiit. 
2 a. ^ff4ifAftv» I 

aWxi^h «f •», and »f, «», {»7ffx»St ! 

Mg-Tt irao'ty ou^x^yn* ityeUf so that 
all were ashamed. 

shame) I put to shame. Jf. I 
feel ashamed, reverence, stand 
in awe of. Imp. M. ^f;^f/y«/unv, 
1 a. P, ptr^uvfinv* xai ^«';^(/yfr« 
/KaXXtfv, even stood more in awe 
of. ^^x^vfififitv xai §%ov( xeu ityfi^tt" 
vrov$ Tpo^tvyeu avroy, we were pre- 
vented by our feverence both for 
godsand men from deserting him. 
eciTtM, ~hfo/, ^Tvxec, -fMti^ I ask, de- 
mand. 1 a. inf. M, mrwav^eu. 
alrtdefAaif -do'etMHj ^rix/iaty {alrietj 
blame) I accuse. 1 a. part. M* 
etiTtoSf ov, m.y (atTiet, blame) the 

cause, or author of anything. 
axtyaxris, ov, m. a sabre, scimitar. 
eixtv^DvaSy adv.^ (a, not, xiyivvog) 

without danger. 
UKokavToSf OS, •», («, not, ««X«^«) 

undisciplined, disorderly. 
kx'oXwfioSt OS, oy, {a, for Mfia, xiktvm 
605, a path), consequent, cor. 
responding, us ohx ixiXovfia t7n 
ro Tt Wtfinvifffiett xeti ri Xv^uy rn» 
y'Kpvoavy that the intention to 
attack, and to break down the 
bridge were inconsistent. 
axovTi^u, -i<r«, nxovrtxa, .9/ms/, 
{eixoiy, a javelin), I strike with a 
javelin, wound. 
axeyriffis, twf,/., (xxoyri^ot) the art 

of throwing a javelin. 
axovat, -ovorofiat, «»^xmi, Uxov^fixt^ 
I hear, hear of, obey. 1 a. A- 
ax^oToXts, iotSyf, {&xi«Sy ^oXts) ti 

eix^os, a, 0y, (axn, a point) high. 

i^t raty ax^uy, on the heights. 
&xuy, ovffx, oy, (a, not, Ixiiy) un- 
iXi^My -tiffaa, and aXi^o/Mu, I ward 
off*, if. I defend myself against, 
recompense. 1 a. inf AT. «xi- 

shame) base, disgraceful. JAXimf, ov, m., (&xiotn I grind) a. 

mffX'^yri, fif, / {ettg-x»St shame) grinder, axims w» a milj- 
» shame, disgrace, dishonour. I stone. 




tikivpoff w, n«, {xXiv, I grind) 

wheaten flour. 
ikfifitia, »(,/. (iXtifiht) truth, truth- 
aXfifitutt, 'iv&etf ny^Mtvxety {aXn^hs) 

I speak the truth. 
JiXfi^hs^ 9is^ If) true, to &kr,fis^ 

triitlifulness, veracity. . 
aXn^ives, fit «*) (aXfi^^;) faithful ; 

akt^eu, 'tg'at^ t.Xtfffietti {ukfiS'i crowd- 
ed) I gather together, assemble. 
I a. p. fikif^nv* 
MXia-xefiat^ aXet^ofiuii ^XetKOt, and 
laLXotKoty I am taken. 2 a, A 
^kv¥, and iccXofVf used in a pas- 
sive sense, 
aX\',for akXa. 

aXXu, conj.^ (&XXts) but, yet, at 
least, yet notwithstanding. aXXet 
xaij nay more. aXXk finv, nay 
even. aXXa 71, at least, at all 
events. uXX* ifiug, nevertheless. 
»XXi^y adv.t {eixXos) elsewhere, 

tiXXin^6tvi etivt civy {aXX«f) of one 

another, of each other. 
aXXc^tVf ado., (&XXos) tVom another 
place. &XXot aXXo^tv^ some in 
one direction, others in another. 
&XXos, fly «t Other. &xx»s &xx» At- 
yu, one says one thing, another, 
another, (xara) ra aXXet, as to 
the rest, (xetrk) ret « &XXa, 
both in other respects. titTt 
&XX0 evhf Siy^^«y, nor, besides, 
a single tree, ry &XXt^ {*>f*Hf) 
on the next day. 
«XA.«rf, arff., (aXXtf) nt another 
time. AXXoTt zeu aXX»rt, now 
and then. 
aXXff, adv., (&XXts) otherwise. 
aXoyi^Ttf, ot, flv, («♦ not, XoyiZ^fMti) 

inconsiderate, senseless. 
aX^rrtff ev, n., barley-flour. 
£fiM^ ado», at the same time, along 
with ; frequently used as a pre- 
position with the dative, 
Sifio^uy fiSif'9 a chariot.* 
iti^t^rdt, «t, •», (eifiala) traversed 
by wagons. af/ta^res Si$f, a 
carriage-road,— a road wide 

enough for only one carriage 
afia^T&ftit* 'rnffofMCt, fifia^rfixet, 

'fiat, I miss. 2 a. A. ifAu^rtf, 
itfA&x*h odv.f («* , not, fiax*") with- 
out a battle. 
*AfA^^a»ieirtis, ovy m,, a native of 

Ambracia, a town in Epirus, 
eifnivMy, «y, 0*, better, braver, a 

camp, qfiya^of. 
eifAiX'tMy 'tia-a^ ^fiiXfixet, -fiuti, (aftt- 
XtiSf careless) I am careless, ne- 
afjtvx^*«f» »h «"» (»> ^ot, fitfi^avfiy 
contrivance) without resources, 
inextricable, impracticable. ««*«- 
^u* iffr) jceii »ft9i;^eiyt>nf it is the 
part of men in perplexity and 
without resources, tts iroXXet 
xotKk xet) AfAti^eiva, into many 
inextricable evils. 
&fjL9r%X»s, ovyf. a vine. 
ifAvvM, 'Vvu, I avert. M. I repel, 
punish. 1 a inf. M. afAuvua-fiau 
oifiip)y prep, governing gen- dat. and 
acc.y about, with, along with. 
rSif ot/A(p) 'ULiXfirov ffr^ar%v9fi.%foif^ 
of those engaged in the siege of 
Miletus. Wi^TfifAttf rSf afA(pi 
rd^usy skilled in military tac- 
Kfipyviiat, {a/i^t, foio/y I think) I am 
in doubt. Imp, n/uipyfiouv, %rt 
Itmvv fifA^tyvoevf, they knew not 
what they were about. 
afi^iXiyat, -Xi^, (a^}, Xiytt) I 

dispute about, quarrel about. 
* AfApvtXiTfisy «Uy nu, a native of 

Amphipolis, a totvn in Thrace, 
u/i^ort^esy a, «y, {xfi^u) boih. SeU 

dom used in the singular, 
afUptri^M^tv, adV; (af/t^in^os) on 

both sides. 
&fA^My oiv, both. 

ay, a particle, modifying the mean- 
ing of the tense and mood of the 
verb with which it is connected, 
&fyfor^ Uy, conj*y if, followed by the 

aya, prep, governing the ace.y up, 

up to, upon. 
ifm&miwy -fi^e/uu^ $i$9iM», '^(*»*% 




(Awi, fimwy I go) I go up, march 

up, 2 a. A* ifififif' 
»9m^ify %o»i^f, , (aMcj3«My«») a march 

up, expedition. 
ifttfisfia^t^t 'd^t^t (^Mi, ^ativv, I go) 

I cause to go up, lead up. 
ifttydyif 2 a. op. A, qf&vdyth 
ifttyyiXXu, ^XS, aftiyyikxa^ 'f»*ty 

(«y«, &yyiXkM) I report, an. 

nounce. 1 a. inf, J. ^etyytTXau 
iuaytyt^MM^ and -^iv^^xm, -yvMao" 

fiMt, &9tyu0»a^ -vfAMiy (avft, yiy^ 

w^xm) I read. 2 a, A. AfiyvMf. 
ttvayjui^Mj -Afm^ nvayxAxm, •^f-tty 

(kmyxn) I compel. 
itvayxtuosj «, «», {otvayxn) neces- 

kmyxmcty «v, m., {avayxfi) a rela. 

«v<(7»ff, ntif'i necessity. 
kfAytt^ -dlof, '^X** "yf^'h (***» 

aytt) I lead up, conduct. 2 a, A. 

»9ny»yv' 1 a. P. «»i};^^)}y* 
»y«Xil(^«»y, 2 a. part. A* ofdvatkMfi' 

'fiftm, («»«, ktcfi^tai) I pick up, 
recover. 2 a. A. dvtxa^v. 

dyaXiytt, -Xi^«, («»«, >^7«) I tell 

. again, repeat, recount. 

&vmiii^»Sy cst 09, (a, not, ivh^) un- 
manly, weak. 

»9a^v^lhf, *>y,/., trousers. 

dva^rmvMy -vavftt, -^ivayMa, 'f^aty 
(eivky tttuti) I make to cease. 
if. I rest» take rest, halt, in 
i9a,^av%96«uy as if for retiring to 

. (»fa, friiV^tf) I persuade, induce. 
atvawrvf^M , -4rri;^*>, 'iirrtryfAeu , (aya, 

9'Tutr^tty I fold) I unfold. «y««'- 

Tva-g-tty TO xi^etty to open out the 

wing, that is, to extend the front. 
«MB^i«-r«f, 0St Wf («, not, al^i«'r«y) 

without breakfiu^ without lun. 

a*a^9ri1^oi^ .ilrM, and -aoroftai, -ii^ 

«*«««, .^/u«/, («»«, ck^ira^M)! tear 

up, plunder, carry off. 

, (m, #r^S^) I turn back. 8 a. 

p. ivwr^M^. d9t9r^mfneet.9 oi 
dfA^t Hm^tkuty those with the king 
had rallied, its itr^ornif amc^'t^- 
^«i«, you might act as a master, 
that iti treat him as your slave. 

«ycf;^f0'^ai, 2 a. inf. M, ofiyix*** 

«y«ra^a«'rAr, and 'Oim», -^at, -ti* 
ra^a7^/u«<, (ava, rot^d^^oty I stir) 
I disorder. 

dvetTtiyea, -rty*l, -rtrdlxK, -^i, (<^'«) 
«/y«, T stretch) I raise, elevate. 

ayarfXA*>, (•tiXaI) -riretXxoty 'fuu, 
(dva, TfXXM, I rise) I rise up. 
dfta iiXtM dfrnriXXotrty at sunrise. 

dtecrtrafiivosy p. part. P, of dtei- 


ifartra^eiyfAifosy />• part. P. ofavet' 

dvetrt^nfity -/iftf-M, -TthtxeCy -^'<9 
(dva, Tifififiu) I put on, lay on. 

dyifid'Toioy, ov, ft., {dvri^y 9'ods) a 

dfiBriy 2 a. of dwfigtit^. 

dvtiirov, 2 a. {dv», fT«'«y) I pro- 
claimed ; sufyj. d9U9'Uy &c. ; used 
only in the 2 a., and partially in 
^ the 1. 

d9to»tTdofy 'tiffta, d9n^dmxot^ -^mm, 
(«ya, l^otrdoi) I ask again, ask 
aloud. Imp. dm^tt^tt^. 

dytg-r^d^U^ecv, 2 a. P. ofdyot^r^i^ 

ofyf v, ado., without ; used as a pre- 
position governing the genitive. 

dvi^fy -?*», and dtot^x^^**^ -«r;t;n««» 
-/ua/, (aya, l;^*f) I hold up. M. 
I endure, submit to, restrain 
myself, withstand. 2 a. Af. nyitr- 
XOfitlf* &9 5i r«WT« ayd^x^^^h 
but if you bear up against, with- 
stand these, ovf ovx &y dwet^x't^' 
iaty who would not endure, ovx 
hiarxiroy did not restrain him- 

dv^xto-TOf, t^ «v, (a, not, dxUfuUy I 
heal) irremediable. 

«ynf , dvtfofy dv^^of, m., a man. «Ey> 
^^i« «'r^ari£rc/, fellow-soldters. 
tiTiWft/M y «/ «y^^if, private in- 
dividuals also trusted him. 

d9fi^wnoTtt, 1 p. part of dyotf^'d^m, 

d9n^t*ra, imp. A. of dvt^otriot, 

d9^X^n0m, 1 a. P. <{f ito^w^ 




i^ffw aw). 

i%6fttvh»ty ff, «y,(«y^^««'0f) human. 

((Tf^i) r«y ^ df^^mvmvy while, of 

human things. 
ai>^^*>fr«f , flv, m., a human beings a 

avtat, -««-«», (aviff, grief) I vex, 

ivUmfJUy dvafrn^My intrrnxtt^ -!•'- 

r&fMbh («y«9 Jtf'r}}^) I rouse, 

dvi^X^y f^ «»«;t*'» I rise. afiM 

fikif awV;^«vT<, at sunrise. 
ivdiosy •Vy/., {dva, /?«; )a march up. 
cyMfr«f, ««, •», («, no^ vai*, I per- 
ceive) foolish, senseless. 
dtr for dyrtm 
drraye^dZ"} '»^»*t (dvrty dyt^d^t) 

I buy in return. 
dvraMuttj -f9fA»tf dvra»n»»»t dfrvf 

xw^fMUy (ftyr), d»w»t) I hear, or 

listen in return. I tu A, dvrn- 

Avvj, prep, goffeming the gen.t 

against, instead of, in return for. 
d»ri>.i'ytty -Xft|w, -XiXi^/uai, (dfr), 

At7«) I speak against, oppose. 
«vTr0f,a, «y,(«yr4) opposite, against. 

l» rtlu dvriovf from the opposite 

dvriTat^a^xtod^tfMity .a«'«/uaM, («yr}, 

«'af«r«t(;«^A>) I prepare myself 

in turn. 
cyriTAf^^Af, 'fCtig'ifiun^ 2 p. •frf(r«y* 

^ft, (ayr), «'im';^«) I suffer in 

ayr/TMfAf, -ii0'*r, -^^eiffxay "fiaty 

{dfnrl^ iretiat) I do in return. 

JIf. I contend with ontf for. 
dfTtfreLfftvTfiii •*/, m., (ftyr}, iVrif/Ki) 

one of the opposite faction or 

party. viri r*ly dvrt&rao'turuvy 

by the opposite faction. 
dtrtrdrWj and avrtrdrra^ -^a*, -ti- 

''«;C*» -yfit^tf (ayTi, rdffffti) I 

draw up against, oppose. 1 a. 

A» dyr%rd\eh 1 a. P. dtnrdx' 

dtrtrdx^ivntf 1 «. part P. qfdfri- 
dvTi^vkd^^ttnanddfrt^vXdrTM, -^«, 

r«») I watch in turn. AT. I am 
on my guard against in turn. 

«yr^«y, «v, n. a cave 

dvvffrety «f, «v, (^yvA^, I accompliih) 
accomplished, possible, mtdvu^- 
r«y, as much as possible. 

«y«, aefo., («y«) up. 

dvMri^M* adv»y (Aw) higher than, 

d^vtiy i»f , /., (cKyyv/Ki, I break) an 
axe. • 

a^Tost a-i «»9 worthy, becoming, be. 
fitting, deserving. v^XX^v d\ft\ 
of great value. Comp, d^tirU 
(OS i flip, d^atrar^f. 

1 deem worthy, ask, request, 
demand, wish, desire, vus ^ 
xetKivt ^wX»vs r»vTttv d^wv iiy«i, 
and that bethought the cowardly 
worthy onli/ of being their slaves. 

«S«y, oufy m., an axle. 

ad^rkdSj 0Sf «y, (« not, tirXn) un- 

dv'tfor dvri' 

dvrayytTXmif I a. inf* A' of dvray^^ 

d^etyyiXXMy -tkS, -it^yiXjca, 'fiaty 
(««-«, dyyiXkc*) I report, bring 
back tidings. 1 a. A* dv-ny" 

d9'cty$(tVMf -ivr«», {diriy dy9(tvv, I 
harangue) I forbid; am worn 
out, exhausted, retxtf d^ay* 
(ivovffty are soon exhausted. 

dir&yu^ .«|«, 'nx»i 'yf^eUf (««•», 
iyti) I lead away, lead back, 

2 a. A, d^ydyov, 
d^euiivrcfy og, ov, (a, not, 9'en'itvat) 

untaught, ignorant. 

d^ruivitty "ViWy '^rtixaf -fitUy {iiriy 
diriiit) I demand. 

dirakXdg'rtiy and diraXXdrrt^ -^«, 
"ViXX&^et^ .yfias, (afr«, dX>.dffv, 
I change) I go away. 2 a. P, 
dTnkX&ynf* df fiittv t^etf d^'fi^m 
A«7»i, as he went away having 
the worst of it. 

avraXdrt^tfy a, «y, (^^w^dxift tender) 
more tender. 

dv'etfitufiofieti, •/Ati'^^tfimy {dirty df^%U 

fi»fuu, I answer) I answer, 1 a. 




P, i^nftii^hvt vted in an Active 

dvTomt I meet) I meet. I a. A, 

&ra%, adv., once. 
tiT»^eur»tveurTOSy Cfy «», («, not, «>«- 

^KtuaT^et) unprepared. 

$uu»s^ unprepared) most unpre- 
pared. 0Tt ei9'»^af»guoT»TeVy as 
unprepared as possible. 

»9'»S} &^&ff»y £t»v, {JifiM^ fTAf ) all 
together, all. 

dv^yvajKivatf 1 p, inf» of arcyiy- 

ftirfSci^f, \ a* A, o/drohixvvfAi* 

d^rihu^^hj 1 a» P* of dvraiuxvvfiu. 

dvriS&vov^ 2. a. A, of d^oSv^vKt. 

d^iifiitfy '91^00, («, not, (Ti/Vap) I dis- 

aTtifiu, (fffTtf, itfu) I go away, will 
go away, desert from. 2 plup, 
dirifU9y I went away, deserted 

dWi^n»», 1 p,y (d^l, I^ta>) I am fa- 
tigued, exhausted. Part, ktu- 

/o-ci^tf;, «f , «v, (a, not, iru^a) with 
out experience, inexperienced. 

Afrfxrflyi, 2 ;j. ofdir«»ruvM. 

dmXavvmt -ixa^A*, ^</tc -cX*l, -cXif. 
k&xeif 'iMUy (atrtf, SX«i/yA») I go 
away, march away. Imp, dvn- 

d^i^X^/iut, -iA«««ytAai, 2 p, -iXwXw- 
^«, («Va, i^x^f*^*) I go away, 
depart, desert. 2 a, A. dTnJ^ 

eitrtx^dyofiuu, and dveix^ofteu^ ei^n^- 

hatred) I am hated, am disliked 
ri aittx,^ain«riat, of being dis- 
liked by. 

Xti*»t 'fA»h (««••» ix'^) I *™ <^**- 

tant ; M. I refrain from. 2 a. 

^. dvia-^^ov, pikMf dfi^ig-^eu^ 

not to injure friends. 
uTfiyAytt 2 a. A» of d^r&yat. 
d^nfu, 2 plup, of &T%tfAt. 
d^M»vy 2 a. ul. of dTt^xff**** 

d^tiXX&yfij 2 a, P. qf dvaXXd^fn. 
«<m/t*«/^«, I a. p. qf dirafAiifio/Mu, 
d^^vnta-ty and d^nvrn^ttVt I a. A, of 

dvrpTtvv, imp. A . of iitturin. 
d^'ttfai, pres. inf. qf AmifM, 
atr/^iv, pres. ind, ofaTUfM, 
dvmtJt^ pres. op, of&^ufM. 

{imfrts) I distrust, disobey. 

axiffTM^ at, fy idxtfrof) distrust, 
treachery, perfidy. 

aTtg-reft •f, «»» («> ^^^ ifUns) 

afrX««f, 01), 00y, and ««'X«vf, «, «trf, 
sincere, ri ^ ««'X0t;y, but sin- 

««•«, prep* governing the gen. ^ from. 
afr0 ^9rT«v, on horseback, ^r* 
Touroif rSv ;^;*»»/6c«r«y, with that 
money. afr« 701/ «(/T0t; ^nfttitv, 
at the same signal. «£«•« «*«<«» 
rd^ivst ^^^^ what swiftness, 
with what degree of speed. 
itro T9UTov% after that. 

dttofitfidlat, -*#••», (««•«, ^iS«^«», I 
cause to go) I disembark. 

d^ofiifieiirmf^ 1 a. o/>. JEolic. A. of 

d^'efiXivrat, ->/*«, and '4/9fAeu, -fii- 
/3Xi^«, («Vfl, ^Xisrw) I look to. 
ixari^Mfft dvrtHkiw'vPt looking to- 
ward each side. 

d^aytyydftcM^ and -yiveifxtt, -yvd- 
^9fMn, -iyvatxa, ^^futt, (««••, y<y- 
fwffxat) I give up an intention. 
«{r8yvA»»i»«i T9V fcdx^^^'Uf to have 
given up the intention of fighu 

dToh^^dxaffiyy I /). of dwaiih^drxa^ 

dvoitixvUfAt, and dmiitixvutiy •}fi|«s 

•dt^<i;^a, 'yfcaty (din, iitxvSfu) 

I point out, direct, appoint. 

\ a. A, dtrthila. I a. P, ««t- 

dxohth^dffxt^ ..^fd^efian^ -^i^^ax«, 
(«ir0, ^i^^Atf-xw, I run away) I 
run away secretly, escape into 
concealment, slip away. 2 a, A. 

(«fr0, ^<^/E*i) I give back^ pay, 




return a favour. I a. A* »*i' 

«tr4«»ir» impers.^ («^^9 h»iiit) it 
seems not good ; I a. A. atri- 
2«^f. fiii «(r«$0^«} fifitv rat ffirw' 
%ks 9'Mwet^fiah lest it may have 
seemed good to us not to con- 
clude the truce. 
cfTtf^tf^jr, 1 a. suhf. ofatraitxtT* 
mirtii^ecifif 2 a. op. A. of etv^ti^MKv, 
tk9'e$0ava4f 2 a, it\f, A. of «tr«ii^- 

/vif«'»*>) I die. 2 a. A' atriil&vof* 

I am put aside, am laid up. 

{»To, »Xt9My I bend) I turn aside. 
I a. A» a^ixXha. 

m9'»»^iUfi»iy •»fit9dv/i*t, ^xit^Tftai, 
(««*«, «(/»«) I answer. 1 a. M- 
a9r%x^nra(Anv, It ^n at^txtx^i- 
fiit§t tTiVy whether they had al- 
ready returned an answer. 

JNtdx^UfTTM, 'X^uylfOiyxix^Slpaf 'fitftaSf 
(«T«, x^vittm) I conceal. The 
M» Voice it used in the tense qf 
the A. 

Ji9foxT%nmy -»tiw,— 2 p. ^ixrwet^ 
(dirof xTiivtt) I slay, kill. I a» A, 

't^futty («<r«, Xafi^iw) I receive 
back, recover, arrest, 1 a. P. 
dirtXr.^nV' ftXX* Iv fiif^ d^ro- 
Xn^^nrt rev ^$rafMv xeu rns ^<«^- 
^^X*Sy ^"t may be intercepted 
m the space between the river 
and the canal. 

•VtfXf/ir^tf, -Xf/'v^M,-*2 p. XfXMfra, 
'■XiUt^ftm^ (mtri^Xuvm) I leave, 

«r«Xf»r«f, «f, «y, (««•«, Xiyti) se- 
lected, picked out. 

dTdXtXttTd^tVy 2 p, ofa^tXii^rm. 

direXifms, I a. inf. A, of»iroXX»/u, 

iwXn^nrty I a, P. ofdv'eXm/ifidvtt. 

dvBXXO/M, and dir»XXSif dwtXi^m, 
Attic dr»XSy av'eXtiXtxtty (««*•, 
ixxs^t I destroy) I destroy ut- 
terly, slay. M. 1 perish. ' 3 a. 
M* dv'^x^fttiJh m d*9X»»>juuwti 

you have slain, how basely I 
«<r<vAfr« vr^ XtfUv^ perished of 
'Afr«XX«y, ttv»ty fii.y Apollo. V. 'a* 

a«'«A.4//U(^«, 2 a. op. M. ofdreXXSfu, 

irtfAfiat, (diriy ^ifiirtt) I send 
away, send back, remit, I a. A» 

irt^xiti^ '9'Xtv^Mf '9rXtv«r»fAttty and 
^XtorevfAtUf -«'f<rXf(/xa, ^Vfiauy 
(dvi, TXiv) I sail away. 1 a. A- 

dvo^iatf -it^«, ntre^fixtCy -fMUy (Jiitt» 
^tf) I am perplexed, am in want 
of, am at a loss, d^ro^tthrts v^ 
irfdyftard, at a loss what to do 
in consequence of the affair. 

dvr»^Tety ettt /, (dtr»^»s) difficulty 
scarcity. tUv rt Wtrfihit^v §ux 
d^o^iof and no scarcity of pro- 

&*«^»s% Off «») («• not, iri(»s) with, 
out a passage, impassable; per- 

dvijfnros^ »s, tv, (awfl, fit, I sayj 
forbidden, not to be spoken. «» 
ya^ dvifffirtf ?y, for it was not 
forbidden to be told. 

d^'do-xd^rrtt, -0'jmb^^«, 'itrx&ftCy 
-fifuu* (diri, wxav-Tttf I dig) I 
dig off. JVwf Vi «•#«/ « £«'«0-««ir- 
Tu Tt, perhaps, too, he is either 
intercepting us somewhere by a 

aT00'fr«*>, -ar«», -i^itdxay -^fiat^ 
(a<r«, ^irdtt) I withdraw. 1 a. 
p. dirt^^a^ftiu irtXu y«^ ain^- 
«'ar0, for it withdrew to a great 
distance. 7y« mt vXirrr** «r«r- 
fraWATMiy, that we may be re- 
moved as far as possible. 

&ir«g-Teci9i9 2 a. o;). il. ofd^Urfifu. 

d^trrkti 2 a. /wW. ^. qfd^irrtifiu^ 

««'«rrfXX«, -«-rf Xat, -irraXxo, -^i, 
(««*«, tf-rtAXAf, I send) I send 
away, dismiss. 

dv'grrfiftuy 2 a. in/I ^. qfd^it^^fu, 

T(»fifAtu, (dvif o'T^i^tt) I bring 
back, recalL 




««'M-r^«^, tift /., {iirtfr^i^m) • uittm, S^pv, ^(amm^ I kindle. M. 

turning away; a place of re- I touch. 

fuge, a resort. avivXir*. 2 a. M* of»>Xv(um 

avwuXuM^ -«•'•», -r»ryX»i*«, -^«i, «f«, conj. then, indeed. 

(ar«, rwXn, plunder) I rob, de- 'A^«/3ia, «*,/, (a^«^, an Arabian) 


{aTo, tf"^^**) I lead back safe, re- 
store safe. ^ a. A, dmetam, 
iir«rti*Vf ' Tif£, 'Tirdxctf -(Aot, (»«-«, 
nUtt, I stretch,) I stretch out, ex. 
tend, us V'Xaytn ttrortTafititm. 
extended in a slanting direction. 

Arabia. i^iXatvvu ^tu vns 'A^a- 
^iatt he naarches through Ara- 
bia, that is, through the part of 
phratesfrom Arabia* 

*A^m^vs, •£/, Tn.f the Araxes,an0er 
in AfesojMtamiaf falling into the 

*A^^KtiS9 «vi fn,t Arbaces, one of the 
generals of Artaxerxet* 

9fMu^ ('£«'«« rttx'tZ*'^ ^ build a d^yu^t&v^ ov^ n. {ofyS^ost silver) a 

wall) I wall off, intercept by a 

drorifivtt, -rtfui* "rirfAWUt^ 'f^^i 
(««••, Tf/KVM, I cut) I cut off. 
aToTfAn^Uris ritf xi^ttXagf hav- 
ing had their heads cut off. 

u^'oTtretiAiva, p» part, P. of iro- 


d^orifinfUy »*9$n9ty -rifuxa, 'fteti, 
(«Vtf, TihfAi) I put away, stow 

u'TorfAnfivritf 1 a. part. P. qf ««•«• 

(«T#, fatten) I show forth, state, 
declare. a^o^vai yyeifinv 9-,'rt 
9M ^«xir, state your opinion, 
whatever seems good to you. 

atet^ivyM, ~(pi^«/juit, and (fnv^oZfiMi, 
^Kptuyety -^i<pvyfuuy{^ci^i, ^tvyv) 
I flee from, escape from, aurt 
dtra^t^tvyastv, nor have they 
fled beyond my reach. 

dcri^nmh 1 ^ imper, M» of i^o^Uu. 

d^oX^i^^t -^^ ^^^ 'Wo/Aoty •xiX'^' 
^n*»* (»^»i X'^i'^") ^ S^ away, 

&9'»yp7i(piZoficUf '^pti^ifftfiaty and ^n^ 

T^tfjMt, I vote) I vote against, de- 
cide against. 
d^^a(pec^i^TCi>S,adV'i (a^ not, w^^a 
^i^ofiuut I excuse) without ex- 
cuse, unhesitadngly. d^-^o^tt- 
triffr$0s liveut to advance without 

piece of silver, money. fh»»xt 

Tc^yiet d^yv^icv rSf AxtrrUm^ 

gave a sum of money to 

Gorgias of Leontini, that is, 

became a pupil of Gorgias. 
^(it, I water, irrigate. 
»^iffxMy d^i^tt, I please. 
o^^trri^ US, f, goodness, excellence 

of any kind, rns w^Mt* tnxm. 

91^1 t/cu dfirrit* on account of 

their former fidelity to me. r«9 

Kv^ev ec^iTti; the magnanimity 

of Cyrus. 
d^vyej, d^nlt, I succour, lend as- 

sistance to. 
A^iaTosi 0v, m» Ariaeus, a lieutenant 

of Cyrus. 
d^JfAofy «t/, fn., number, d^tffus 

Sf rns •^eZ, now the length of the 

i^iffreCf adv. , {S.^iffT^s') best. 
doitrrt^if, a, «y, left, iy d^t^rt^fy 

(x^7q') on the left hand. 
A^lvrtv^rcsy »Vy vro., Aristippus, one 

of the Greek generals of Cyrus. 
a^tffmy ov, n., breakfast, food. 

m^tffr^v yet^ oux i^rtfj for we 

have nothing to eat. 
i^tvrosy fly 09, ('A^n; , Mars) bravest, 

best, noblest Used as a super. 

ofiy&Sdf. Comp. d^tiatt. 
'A^xif, d^xi^osy in.y an Arcadian. 
d^xiu^ 4g-ejy I suffice, am suflScient. 
u^xros, ou, Cy a bear ; the consteL 

lation of the Bear ; the north. 

^•^•s £^xr«»f towards the Bortb* 




&ffut, eSrtff, ».| a chariot. 

carriage) a covered carriage, for 
women and children, 

a^vraJ^eiy -A^en^ and 'A^ofieciy ^^9r&Ktty 
-^fiat^ I carry off. ru h^vraffAua 
avi^airtletf the slaves that had 
been carried off. 

* A^retyi^^ns, »f, »!.» Artagerses, a 
Persian general, 

* A^Ta|i«|*}f < «t/, w. , Artaxerxes, king 
of Persia, 

'A^reio^osy *t/, m., A rtaoz US, a Per- 

*A^'ra9'eirtifj «{;, m., Artapatas, a 
Persian wand. bearer of Ct/rus, 

"A^rtfAtSfthfjf. Diana. 

a^Tof, 01/, m. bread, a loaf. 

ei^X'^J^S* «. 0Vf {i^x^) ancient. fAirk 
Ky^av T»v a^x**^** since the time 
of Cyrus the elder, ri d^x'^Tev, 

«e<Jt:''» "^j/* * beginning; govern- 
ment, empire. 

»iX**'^9 *»> ••> C*?;^'') ^* *° com- 
mand, skilled in generalship. 
^^it 'TO a^;^ix0y i7v«/, for being 
fitted for command. 

^tX'^^ -^> ^iX»* -yf^eei, (»^X^) 
I rule, command ; begin, rod 
2u^iaf el^^etvTos^ the former gov 
ernor of Syria. &^^avrsf rev 
liaHuivuv, having led the way in 
crossing. is ei^x^f^*^**i those 
under his command. 

i^X^** »»T»f, »»., (ei^x^) * ruler, 

A^Mfiuty Artfy n.y a spice, sweet herb. 

a^0r}s* fiSy tst («, not, g-ifiofy I wor 
ship) impious. 

eifffitnvy WM, (iffhvfts), I am weak, 
become infirm. 

Mivhit fn% iff {oiy not, ffiivtfi 
strength) weak. 

da-tfZf, adv., {elvivtis unhurt) with 
out injury, without doing harm 

S,fir»Sy «Sy ofy («, oot, fTref) with< 
out food, hungry. 

iffitfoty *), »v, {ii^e>t) glad, ag-fitves 
\t0^itt», have seen you gladly, 
am glad to see you. 

*A#iriy$4«/, «v, m.y the Aspcndians, 

natives of Asjtendus^ a town in 

ifftrUf t^ost fy a large circular 
shield, a shield ; heavy.armed 
men. rets av^rihets ^r^hg rot yom 
vara fiivraS', having placed their 
shields against their knees, that 
M, in a posture for meeting an 

ett-T^d'TTu, ^aty I glitter. Imp, 
HffT^etTTov. ;^/eXx0; rig tt^T^aiCTtt 
something made of brass began 
to glitter. 

dff(paXtg'TeiTosy Ht «>9 {dg-^AXrify safe) 
safest, iv ai^^a.Xtarroc.rM {re^rv) 
in the safest place. 

eiff^eiXres^ ev, fy asphalt, bitumen, 
iv eiff<peiXTu Ktifciveusy laid in, ce- 
mented with, bitumen. 

AraKTOf, 0;, 0y, (a, not, rdffvoi) out 
of order, disordered. 

irtfAo^ojf &^ojf nniA&Kcty ^fffiat^ (a, 
not, niieioj) I hold in dishonour, 
disgrace. 1 a. part. P, drifjteterfius, 

*Arrtxbs, 01/, m. an Athenian. 

aZ, adv. again, on the other hand, 
moreover. »ett S itri^etro av tij, 
and, moreover, whatever any one 
had acquired. 

avatvu, av&vuy I dry ; Sometimes 
found vdlhout an augment. oXog 
avaUtrot withered completely 

aZSify adv.y (a?) again, besides, «v- 
^t( Ti fiy9}ff0fAtv«s ivhU tvreuy 
and, besides, there will be no 
one to guide us. 

avXi^ofjiai, ifofjten, {etvXvtt a court- 
yard) I lodge, encamp. •>$ 
\rvyx«-^oAKafr»i nvXi^evTOy quar- 
tered themselves as they severally 
chanced to find guartersy as they 
severally could, 

otvXat^i M90f, fn., a canal. 

avTTxuy adv.y forthwith, immedi- 

avra^ty adv., {aM$) there. 

KVTOfA&rof, If, »Vy and 0;, 0», {aMsf 
fidu, I strive after) self-acting, 
voluntary. {« rav ethrofiairwy 
and a^rh rav ahrifutrcvy oH their 
own accord. 




fMk9$) I desert. 1 o. A» «tfr«- 

1 will go) a deserter. 

ai/Tdsy fit •, pron. he, she, it, he 
himself. « airig, the same. 
}t avrm rSif ir»XtfAim, through 
the enemy themselves. Qta) 
mvTc «5r*, for the very reason. 
Iv ry ttvrif {ri*if) in the same 

«vr«tf, adv»t («vrof) there, here, 

uurcvfor letvrcu* 

tkt^itt) I take away, deprive of. 

2 a. M. eipiik«fittiv» cvhifct &v 
*mfT* u(ptix.tTdy he would never 
take away from such a person. 
a.<peu^u^ia.t rout iMi**?irr«f "EAXu- 
v»t rhv yht to deprive the Greek 
settlers of their land. Verbs 
sisnifi/ing ' to take away,'' are 
comtnied with two accusatives^ 
one of the j)erson, tlie other of the 

ap&nis, fity if, («i not, ^«/v«) un- 
seen, out of sight. (x«r«) ra 
fAh Ifi i(pet^ny with regard to his 
private character, indeed. 

k^^Tot^at^ 'A^aty and &9^dfMU, a^^» 
w-oExtf, -^fAM, (««-i, affl-a^^) I 
snatch away, carry off, plunder. 
xeii rnv X'^i'^* fAti»iri «^«^«'«C«*'- 
^tti, and that the country should 
no longer be plundered. 

i^itiifrAray adv,,(i^ithfis% unspar- 
ing) most unsparingly. 

i^u»U»h 1 P' inf. qfa<pififM. 

iL^iiktre, 2 a, M. ofi^eti^iat' 

it^ilvetiy 2 a. inf. A- ofa(pinfAt, 

&^ivra, 2 a. part. A, ofipnfM. 

&pe-rv»taravy I plup* of »^UrnfAu 

a^ivrnxti, $«, {a^i^mfAi) I with- 
draw from, stand aloof. 

ii^i^ivSnt^fl. inf. M, ofdwix*'. 

d^hviet, «{, /., Up^nty abundant) 
plenty, abundance. 

a friendly country. ri Sltt» 

a^txifoij had let in the water. 
i^ixvUfiauy -ijQtftMt^ •tyfimtt («ri 

UvidfMci, I come) I come to. 

2 a. M* ot^iMfAnf, 
J^i»»9T9y 2 a, M, ofi^txncfiau 
J^tv-mtt, .4vr«( («ri, Iwith) I ride 

away, ride back. 
•^/rrnAM, Aircrrm, «^frTif««, 

'AfAast (««-i, IfTtifiu) I put away, 

remove ; revolt. 2 a. A, mtr%0' 

Aira^ratiit how he might go and 

conceal himself in some stroni;. 

i^vkttzTtt, §ty 99y (A, not, ^vX»^rm) 

'Axaiof, ev, m., an Achaian, a na« 

tive of Achaia. 
kx»Sirrtt, Hy 99, («, not, x»t's) 

ungrateful, thankless. ovM 

fiufiia9y he never allowed the zeal 
of any such one to go unre. 
warded. Xiyut wk mx^trnt, 
you spetik right pleasantly, said 

ax»iifre0s^ adv,^ {»X*^V^t) "**" 
gratefully. j[y thx mx»^srT»tt 
fict ^U9 (,lavT9)y that there will be 
no want of gratitude toward me. 

ax^ofiMy otxf'wfMu, I am indig. 
nant, am disquieted. itXi9 tfx' 
hrc, was no way disquieted. 

'Ixih ^nd »x(*(f ^»» until. 

uypiv^d9, «o, «. wormwood. 


B«/3t;XA»», ••»*#,/., Babylon. 
Ba/^X«#»;«, «f ,/., (fimfivXm) Baby- 

Ionia or Chaldasa, the modem 

Irak Arabu 
dafies, i«f, Ik, iMvt) depth. 
fiafiuf, !?«, Uy deep. 
/3«»T«)(r«, mty /., (fi»xrc9, a Staff) 

a baton. 

d^ififMt apwttt aptixtt, ^fiuh (arij fiaX&ftst •v^f»t an acorn, a date. 
Itifiu) I send away, let go, let|i3«xX4», fiaXSy /ScjSXhxa, -/mjm, I 
loose. 2 a. A. «^^y. v'^it ft' | throw, pelu mutm « l^«xx«f, 
xUp dfitPM, to send us away to began to pelt both hiai. 




Beiv'rtt, /Sa>/'«, jSej3«^/u«/, I dip. 
tit itff^rtia fidv'rofrtf \i^o(y dip- 
ping a sword into the hollow of 
a shield, in which the blood qf 
the victims had been caught. 

^^(itt^titofi fi, 0y, ifia^fi&^os) barba- 
rian, Persian. 

fiet^fietQixeHf^ adV; (fia^fia^Yxos) in 
the Persian language. 

^^^A^ofy 01/, m., a barbarian. 

^(ituf, adV',{li(t^vs, heavy )lieavily. 
fia^ioff tp(0v, took it ill. /3a- 
fiuf fuv tfxovfetVf heard them 
with pain. 

/SariAi/a, as, /., {(iag'tXtvs) a king- 

fieifixtio9, 0t/, 91., {(ix^rxivs) a pa- 
lace ; seldom used in the sin- 

fiariXttof, a, ot, and 0;, 0y, (JiaarX' 
Xii/s^ kingly, royal. 

fia^tXtvs, tats, wi., a king. fiiyttf 
fieto'tXivf, the great king, i. e. the 
king of Persia, 

^^iXtvtt^ 0'M, (itfia^tXtVKU, ((i»g-7- 
Xtvs) I am king, reign, dig /3a- 
^iXtvffovTi, as to its future king. 

fiei^tXtKof, f), 0v, ((iua^iXtuf) kingly, 
royal. Sup. (ia^sXtx^rares, most 
princely, most fit to reign. 

fii^euost «, 0y, and ofy 0», (/3a/ya;, I 
go) firm, stedfasf, constant. 

B«Xf0-t;$, Ses, fw., Belesys, a Persian 

fitXTtovs for j8iXr/0y«j, ace. pi of 

fitXrlvv, ary, 0y, comp. of etydfioit 
better, superior. 

fitXrio'TOf, »», 0y, sup, of ay&fiof, 
best, bravest, uvd^af en xXi/V- 
rovf XU4 (iiXri^Tovft as many and 
as brave men as possible. 

/3/«, ecfyf,^ force, (iiet by force. 

fiid^afieiif (iiMofiat, (itfiiete-fiai, {(iiet) 
I force, overpower. fisaffeifAtvot 
T»vf ^oXifjtioufy having dislodged 
the enemy. ifita^tro, endea- 
voured to force. 

fitaius', adv.y (jS/«) with force, vio- 

fiixof, ou, 971., an earthen wine-ves- 
sel, a cask. 

(ii«s, cv, m., life; means of sub- 
sistence, food. 

jSA^u, fjsy /, (i3X/^crr«, I injure) 
damage, loss. 

^XecxtvAt, aratt (jSXa^, sluggish) I 
am sluggish, am remissj 

/SXifTAf, <v/'», and •^'Ofjt.eti^ I look. 
hi ytiv ^Xi^ovra^ looking Or 
pointing toward the ground. 

{ioiojf (ionffOfAKi^ (itfiei^fiaif (/S0)i, a 
cry) I call aloud, exclaim. 

(ioinfiiia, asf /, (fioTi^iu) aid, assist- 

P>on6iu, 'nere^i pttfionHxa., -ft,»i, {(ion^ 
a cry, ^ia>) I help, succour. 

(ieturJosy evy 971., a Boeotian. 

PtovXiuwy -rw, /3ij3<9t;Ait/xa, -^a/, 
(/30yX«, counsel) I counsel ; 
plan. M. I deliberate, i? rt 
iuo) xaxov (iooXtvotSt if you should 
design any mischief to me. ra, 
avTu rowra fievXtvafAtvevsj medi- 
tating the very same thing. 

fievXofiau^ -viffdfAtity (ii^ovX fifiaty I am 
willing, wish, choose. Imp, 
l(iovXofAnvy and fifiovXofjLnv. 1 a, 
P. l^ovX^^tiVy and nfhouXnhv' 
2 pers. sing, pres. ind, ^evXu. 
utfl^eira ri ^ouXoivTOy asked aloud 
what they wanted. 

fiovf, ^oosj c, an ox. 

/S^aScoff, adv.y (/S^a^i/;, slow) 

(i^ei^vf, ttety V, small, short. Comp. 
(i^et^vTt^oSi sup. (i^a^vTarof^ and 
fi^eiffffeuVf (i^»^i9'r«s. /3g«;t''> * 
short distance. 

(i^ixeoi /3«/3g«7/a«i, I wet. 1 a, P. 

fioffiesf ovy m.y an altar. 


ya.fA9Sy oVf 971., marriage, ix) y«- 
fiefj for the purpose of marrying 

yetfit COHJ-9 ^^^' *^ y'^Sy ^^^' *^^* 
yei^y you do not think, do you ? 
xtti yet^ CUV, and therefore. 

yafT^^, yao'Tt^cgy yd^r^ogy /., the 




T»vktrfit, 6Vf fit., Gaulltes, a native 

y$t indeed, at least. 
yfytvtifAivett P* P'JrU P* of yiyf^- 

ytyetiff, 2/?. part, of yiyvdfitu, 
yiy^etitreUi p. P, of y^m^tt* 
yiirttv^ nafj c, a neighbour. 
ytkAatf Avofiuty I laugh. 1 a* A* 

yiX-ut^ atrof, m., iyik&at) laughter. 
ytvtkt »i\f"i {ytyvafceu) birth. 
ytvuetat, affct, (yimav^ a beard) I 

have a beard, am adult. 
yin^fieu, 2 a, inf, M. ofyiyvtfiMu 
yifottre, 2 a, op. M, ofyiyvofMU, 
yivetf tdSj w., {yiyvdfiat) birth, yi- 

vii, by birth. 
ytpp^yy tOf »., a shield, made of 

wicker -work and covered with ox- 

hide, used by tfie Persiane. 

shield-bearing ; a shield-bearer. 

ytveitf ytvg-tt, yiytvfAat, I make to 
taste. M. I taste. 1 a. inf. M. 

yipc^mt ««>/•» * bridge. 

y«» y^ifif't {for yiu) earth ; land, 
country. x«r« ytiv, by land. 

ynXd^oi, 0t;, m., (7?, Xi^ts) a hill, 
a height 

yiyvdfAeu, and yUofieu^ ytvnff«f*atf yi- 
yivr,fAaiy I am ; am born ; happen. 
2a,Af,iyiV0fmV' 2p,yiy0va, yt" 
y«>i>t a^o AtjfMi^eircVf descended 
from Demaratus. v-avrtt ra 
yiytvufAtvaf all that had hap- 
pened. S^rt lyivtTt, 80 that it 
was in the power of. Hf }l tZ 
yivnrat r/, but if any success 
should attend you. hiXv iyiy- 
nrt, afternoon was coming on. 
clfx lytyvtTd ra /i^«, the victims 
were not favourable, raig yty. 
»»fiif9vt "ia^fMut^ the tribute aris- 

yiynv^HMf and ytvtt^xt^ yfttvcfiMi, 
ty9tt»»t -r^AM, I know, recog. 
nise, think. 2 a. A, tyftty. «^. 
rt ytyftifjuty I thus think. 
yvMtii, you will find, expe- 

t>j!us% «v, m., Gluf, one qf the gen* 
eralt of Cyrut, 

yytifAtit nft f'% (ytyftifMt) oplDion, 
mind, juagment, plan, rif 
yytififif txuff what opinion do 
you entertain ? «0r« rhf ytmfiw 
thirty be of this opinion, be as. 
sured. tx^^^ ^'i" yyttm^nf^ to di« 
rect their minds, ij }ii yvtifin 
hy and the design was. yY«/uf|, 
from principle. &viv rns 7*«- 
f*.fity without the consent. 

yfM0tfhyft» M» of ytyvttgiut^ 

yovv, yov&Tof, yevv&rof, yifS^ty ycv' 
vift ycvdf, n.y the knee. I)at, 
pi. yif&^t, and ycuvikvt, 

Vd^ylm^ «v, m., Gorgias, a eophiit 
o/Leontini^ in Sicily. 

y^ei^tty ypet, yiy^A^a^ •fcfMttf I write, 
1 a. A. ty^et^pa, 

yufivei^Ui •kg'tt^ ytyufAfUxa^ '•efuity 
{yvfivif) I exercise. 1 a. inf. A, 

yvfAvnsy nrct^ and yvf/bf^rtitt «v* fn,, 
{yvfivif) a light-arraed foot- 

yvfifist *f* ft naked, lic^tvytt yv/t^ 
ni, escapes without her mantle, 
that ity with only her under' 

yu fnt yuvaixityf.^ a woman, a wife. , 
Voc* yufah 

Tv^^vaSf •vy and «, m.y Gobryas, 
otie of the generalt qf Artaxerxeu 

tear) I weep. 
A«ya, «y, »., Dana, a iotm in Cap* 

itiit&vMt 'ti^tiy h^ntreiftixmy -^t«<, 

Qairaffit expense) I expend, lay 

out money. Imp. Hm^'dftt*. 
A«^^fi(, vrofy tn., the Dardes, a 

river in Syria, 
lei^uxisy ouy m., a Persian gold coin, 

a daric, of the value of about a 

£M^%i»ty tty m.y Darius Nbthuty 

king of Persia. 



ht0fMSf «vi m., ()«i«9 diTide) tri. 
bute, revenue. 

Wvf , tr«, P, thick, thickly grown. 

%l, conj,, but, and, for. 

%iin\tira4y p. P, qfifi\it» 

hhMfy 2 p. part, ofitthat, 

I'thtxa, 2 p, Ofhiiet. 

hhfAtvtiff p, part P. of^tlt/uu. 

hnfnveih 1 fl. t»/. P, ofhttu, 

%u, hn^Uy impers. , pi«, I bind) it 
is necessary, tlf ri ^tdv, favour> 

hiia*, hi^afMUy 2 p. JiJw*«, and 
iiisec^ I fear. 1 a. A* i^t/ra. 

>«/X»i, w, /., afternoon, evening. 
trt II eifcpl luX9}tj for while it 
was yet early in the afternoon. 

lufof, n, *», (Sjof, fear) terrible, 
strict, skilful. Iv httS «yra, in- 
volved in danger, 'iufbv itKovo" 
fA»9y a skilful manager, luws 
X.%yu9y clever at speaking. 

2ir<ryo», »!/, n., a meal ; bupper. 

)Sxa, adj. indecLt ten. 

)iy^^«y, 0v, n., a tree. 

^J» hlihw (»ig«f ) the right wing. 

lay (;t;*'f *) *^«^*» ««' n^im, I re- 
ceived his right hand and gave 
him mine, as a pledge of mutual 
amity, hl^af -?^f^«y, brought 

h(fi», &T6Sy n.,{y*^»f, I flay) a skin. 

tir^irvit, cu, «i., (hriro^tt, I rule) 
a lord, a master. 

)«t;^«, adv.^ hither. 

tivn^avy adc, Qtvrtfot) a second 

^vn0«s, a, 09, {^ve) second, to 
hurt^o9, the second time. 

ytX^fim, lil/tfiat, Viity/Mu, I receive, 
accept. »v» i^i;^0v<r«, did not 
wait to receive them. &kXk 2f- 
;^«^«< rt, well, I both accept of 

^ut, itn^ct, iih^»», -iMttt I want. 
M. I need* wish, request, beg 
Jw* rcv^ti^^eut by want. 1 a. inf. 
P. hn^nvaty to have requested. 

Mt a<<v., truly, indeed, now. xm 
).}, already. 

lti>.0tf fly «9y and f, «y, visible, clear, 
manifest. }iiXof n* iuM/Auty was 
evidently vexed. 

^flXoiv, «0'«, ^iS^XAfxa, |C6ai, QfiX»$) 

1 make visible, show. 
Afifut^£r&Sf 00, fn., Demaratus, a 

king of Sparta. 

Ai, /or Aia, ace. 0^ Zii;;. 

J/ /or h». 

3i«, ;>r^/7. governing the gen, and 
ace. With the gen. through, by 
means of. With the ace. on ac- 
count of. hk rax'*"*) suddenly. 

ha^KtvWf '^wtfittit -/St^fjxa, (^sa, 
^etivu, I go) I cross, pass through. 

2 a. A, m^nv. Inf. hafiweu. 
^/«/3aXA.a», ^ikSy -/3f/3X)}xa, -fietty 

(lici, /SaXXAr) I throw over ; slan- 
der, calumniate, accuse falsely. 

hd^^is, >»;, / , (Si«/3«/y») a cross- 
ing over, a ford, ^ta&arus, 
crossings, that it^ temporary 

^lajSarctff, a, «y, (^m /3«iy«) that 
roust be crossed. 

^la^dreff t), 0y, (^ha^atvtt) passable, 

'^la&ififlMTttft 1 p. part, of^ta^aivat, 

^ia/3Ny«i, 2 a. inf. A, of%m&a$w. 

^/a/3«Xfi, fit, /, (S/a/3aAX«) a false 

'ii»yytX4n, 1 a. ^u^' P» of hmy~ 

hayyiXXttf -iAa;, 'inyytkum, 'futty 
(ha, tiyyiXk^) I send a message, 
report, bear tidings. 1 a. h{f. 
A. hctyyttXat, ) a. P. htiyyik' 


hetytXim^ -AvaftMSy {}iiy ytXAt) I 
laugh at, sneer at. 

^Myiy^cfutiy and 'iietyUtfimty -yiy^rtf- 
fAcu, -ytyivnfiutiy (J/«, yiyvefctu) 
I go through, pass, njy vuxra 
^<t^fy«yr«, passed the night, «-«- 
Af^y inyinrty continued mak- 
ing war. \ff6UfTi$ %nyiy9«9r»y 
continued eating, supported 
themselves by eating. It isfoU 
lowed by the part, of another verby 
instead of the inf. 

h»yt0y .«5«, 'nx«9 -yt^i P'«^, &y») 
I carry OTer; continues Un- 




passed t/ie time in mentioning 
hopes, continued to hold out 

yt^ofiti-i) I receive from another, 
succeed another. h»h;^ofji,ivot 
roTf ?irr0/f, succeeding each 
other with fresh horses 
itait^oMy for ^tei^i^e^fM, imp. ittit- 

(hott ii^offAi) I distribute. 2 a. A. 

ita^fiint 2 a. op. A, Of^iahtiatfAu 

(tei (I divide, destroy. 2 a. ^. 
dit?Xdy. ^iiXevTtf riif yiipvpa*, 
having broken down the bridge. 

^laxufjteuy 'Xtifo/zat^ {^loty xiTfjtau) I 
am disposed, am affected. ^fiXog 
T n^ ireivv ^tkixHf oiofitvos ^t»xt7ir- 
itii^ both appeared confidently 
to think that he was very kindly 
disposed towards him. 

^iftx/y^vvi^Af, 'luaojy (^ia, xiiihvnuo*) 
I run all risks, encounter danger. 

^tuxi^roty -'v/'or, 'xixt^et, -fi,fjt,at^ 
(Jia, xoxtm) I cut through, cut 
to pieces. 

itKxofftoh «', »f (}tSy twicp, txxrov) 
two hundred. 

iutXiyofAat, 'Xi^ofJtai, -«/X»jy^aM,(Jia, 
Xiyait) I converse with, talk 
with. 1 a. part. P. hecXtx^'us. 

ttaXiiitUn 'XiiyJ/et, 2 p» xiXct-ra, -Xi- 
Xti/^fiMt, (ita, Xtiiteu) I leave an 
interval. ^taXtt^'avo-t Vixeifrfi ira- 
»a^ayyfift and are distant a pa« 
rasang from each other. 

Ji«Xi;^;^»»Tif , 1 a. part, P. of ^m- 

voof) I intend, purpose. 
^lu^ifi'TAt, -9-ifA^pUy '9r%'rafx.<pXy -irf- 

mfifMiiy (iia, xifA^-et) I send 

through ; send about. 
^ta^tv^ayfiivef, p. part. P, of J/«- 

vt^ivtf) I convey over. jl/. I 
go through, pass along. 

%ta^(ei^9-«ty and hmirfdrrafj ht^cIm, 

I accomplish. ^latrifr^c^^tM; 
va^ei fiaffiXiatf, having obtained 
from the king. 

^la^Tcil^a^f -&fM and affCfitm^ -^^ 
trixety -f/Mu^ (}'»» apv'ei^v) I 
spoil, plunder, carry on as plun- 
der. I a. A. %tfi^*dtwa, 

ha^n/MitvMt -avSy •^iffnfAOfffiMty Oti% 
fn/ieiivu) I declare distinctly, 
state openly. I a. A, ^4tff^/iti*a. 

Uetv^recetf -ff^&fftt^ itrveikxtty -^fieuy 
{}teiy f^reiv) I tear asunder, sepd. 
rate, ri^ %tiffvoia6ai Tats ^unatfAUt^ 
in the separation of its forces. 

Itag'trti^oit, -^9-t^Sy 'icr^et^ftaiy (Ji«, 
ff9-u^aty I sow) I scatter, dis- 
perse. ^i» TO ttttrtrei^fiat uvr^ t» 
fr^eirtvfAUy on account of the 
dispersion of his army. 

haarreiyrts, 2 a. part, A , ofhUm/u* 

iiareiff^Mf and iiaraTrvy -rc^, 
-rira^etf -yftaty {ha, rav^at) I ar- 
range, draw up. 1 a. A. htraJ^x. 

hxTiXivy -rtXcff-*, Attic T^xSy -rt- 
riXtxttty ~ffuu^ (^iA, rcXi«, 1 end) 
I accomplish. vgl% uht^ ^i«n- 
Xxtreti (ni» «$«») to continue his 
march to water, to arrive at 

hartfiflfAtt haJn^tty -ri/i/xa, -^^ 
(^iCE, TttnfAt) I set, arrange ; dis. 
pose, ovrtt hanfiiif, so dispos. 
ing, conciliating them. 

hoLT^t^aHy -ypti/^ -virfi^et^ •fifMU, (Ji«, 
r^//3«, 1 wear away) I spend, 
waste time, delay. 

heKpt^otrttf, cdv.y (^i«^^*r) differ- 
ently ; especially, in a distin- 
guished manner. 

(Si«2, ^t^«) I diff*er. (x4ir)«v)f» 
hi^iaiy differed in nothing. 

J'«;t»/C'^«»t -ir4», pi«, ;c*^ri i ^^^^ 
in hand, manage. kutS )ii;^u- 
^iX^tra, were managed for him. 

hiaax&XaSy «ii, m.^ (^»Ui0x§0) a 

teach, instruct, point out. M. 
I learn. 




give. I a. A. t^e^xet, 2 a. A* 
t^MV. 1 a. P. Utf^fiy. 

Wirtftvatt to inflict punishment. 
^/^tfvjB/ 2/xii», to suffer punish, 
ment. jf;^i/ t^v S/x)}y, has suf- 
fered his punishment. 
^tcTty conj. , (S/ftt tfri) because that. 

ht^^ev, imp. ofhuti^oM. '^i0';^iXi0i, «/, », (^Z;, twice, ;^/Ai0i) 

hitX^Tfitt imp. ofhixt*' \ two thousand. 

2<iAa(;y», -iX&vut Attic fX*l, -cXi7- ii^ft^a^ »Sy /., a hide. 

AcSxa, -/Ktfi, (^/«, IXetvyof) I drive ^ij^^f^rvof, d, 0», (^i^e^a) made of 

through, ride through. I a. A.\ skins or hides. 

ii^Xag'a. 2t^Q9f, cu, m. , a chariot.board ; the 

inXfiivrts, 2 a, part. A, of lii^x^- 


^iiXtfyri;, 2 a. par/. J. ofhat^. 

body of a chariot. ut0 to?; S/^- 
^0/;, from under the bodies of 
the chariots. 

%i^X^f'*'* ^*i^*^^ofi»i^ 2 p. inXn- huKetf ei^M, and ti^&fieu, I follow, 
xsiety (3ia, t^x^fceu) I pass over, j pursue. 

2 a. A- ^4rix^0t. Xoy»s^ A ^/<tf^t/|, t;;^^;,/., (^/«, o^t/ff'ff'a;) a canal, 
report spread, ^nk^ovris ll r^tTs W^va/, 1 a. inf. P. of^iheafAt. 
^rafifAohs, and having marched Jaxi^, Jal*,, JsSay^Mt/, sometimes h' 

three stages. 

^if^Ti^nyt, 1 a. A. oflietffifAcitvta, 

hiff^ri^Sai, P' inf. P. of ^la^^rti^ttt 

iiUxoff 2 a. A. oflU^f. 

iUx'^9 ^"'5*' "'^'^ 'hieurx*^'*'^ ^'^*'- 
;^j»*«, -fAetty i}i»i «;c*') ^ ^®®P 
apart^ am distant. Imp. ^iL^**, 

2 a. lii^x^*' 
htik&a-ec, 1 a. -4. ofhtXuvvat, 
JijjX^t, 2 a. -<^. oflU^^futi. 
hn^&^uv, I a. A' ofdia^vrdZ"- 
^urrfifAi, het^T^e-aty J/i^tj{»«, /i^- 

rAfteti, Qi», 'Ifrnfiti) I set apart, ! 

xffff'tf, ^t^0xt)|C6a/, I seem, think, 
expect. 1 a, A. tho\a. xeu 
alfX^vt^fiai ftoi ^»KVy methinks I 
am even ashamed. tho\i retvretf 
these things seemed good, were 
approved of. 

^tfXitff, «t 0v, and Off tf't (}oXcs, de- 
ceit) deceitful, perfidious. 

^X«fnf, Hv, tn., the Dolopians, a 
people of ThesstUy. 

^ol», tift /• 9 Q»KUit) an opinion, ex- 
pectation. ira^k ni* ^i^av at>- 
Ttft;, contrary to his expectation. 

divide. 2 a. itUrm, The 2a. \lt^x«ig, S^ioStf*y {li^xofAat, I#ee) an 

-^•. I P f 1 P'wp., and JIf. Voice 
are used in a neiUer sense; I 
stand apart. 

^Ueuegy «, tf», and 0f , #», (Ji«*») just, 
right, i/ filv In Vtxaua, xatwt*, 
whether, indeed, I shall be act- 
ing justly, g-hv ry ^ttutitfy U 
Tov iiiutiov, consistently with 

lt»4tt»^Svti, fisj /. (^i»«/«0 justice. 
**s y* f*^* %ixato9'uviiv, with re- 
gard, indeed, to the practice of 
justice ; with regard, indeed, to 
upright conduct. 

^tMiTttf, tir»s,f, {ytMtfif) justice, 
honest dealing. 

hxmittt, adv., Oi»m»f) justly, de- 

?;»!!, titt /.. rigl>^ justice. )/»«» 

antelope, a gazelle; so called 
from having large bright eyes. 
y»^ittfr9t, ouy m.f {Jii^ir»fy supper) 

Id^itt n., a spear. 
'hovXty «Uy m., a slave, a subject. 
hufett, 2 a. inf. A. of^titt/M. 
^tfUflriM, -nftify 2 p, Viidtnrety Octnt«s) 

I make a noise. 
^9v^tt «(/, m.y a noise, uproar. 

scythe, ^i^et) scythe- bearing. 

'ififiH, «vy wi., ^%i^«fAM^ 2 p, of 
r^iX") ^ running, race. 

^vf&fMtty imn^pfiai, it^vftifiat, I am 
able. Imp. ilvwfifiv and nlvfa" 
ftfif, I a. P. l^tnnin^i n^vrn/fiv, 
and Uv»iir#fi*« ^utw^til^iftsns *f 




i^vy«r«y having obtained what- 
ever means he could. o,ri ihvvat, 
as nauch as you could, h otiTty 
aXXfi 'iutafi.ttt}, was equivalent 
to nothing else, i ^t ^iyXcg ^V' 
faraiy and the siglus is worth. 
^iXof TCts fAiyiffra ^vvafiivais^ a 
friend with the most powerful. 
&v Tt ^vva/yrat ayafiov, whatever 
favour they can. 

%vv&, «4»;, /., (luvecfiai) power, 
ability ; army, iyv^f rhv ^tetv- 
T6U ^vmfjuvy you learned your 
own power, became aware of 
your weakness, tit y^ Ivm/titv^ 
to the utmost of our power at 

Ivva^Tfis* flt/, m. , Qvra/tiai) a power- 
ful person, a chief man. 

Ivv&Tos, fi) a», OvvetfiBii) able, pos- 
sible. d>s ^vveiroVf as far as pos- 
sible. »} ^uvetrov fceiXi^reif as im- 
plicitly as possible. 

ivvetf ^va^ofiaiy ^ttvHat I enter, set. 
fikiau ^vvovTof, the sun setting. 

ivi and ^t/», it/oTv and ivtTv, two. 
Sometimes used as indeclinable. 

iva^v'e^ivroef «s, C¥, Qof, with diffi- 
culty, ire^tvtt) difficult to pass. 

}6^9-o^9Sf «;, tfV) {ivf, with difficulty, 
9ro^as) difficult to pass, scarcely 

^utj, iufotf yihOxaty ytiS/MUf I make 
to enter. M, I enter ; set. 
^kt9g i^vtr^y the sun was setting. 

2«^ixa, a^, indecLy {}u«y lUa) 

}i^o>, o»y n.y Qi^m/m) a gift, pre- 

lav, conj. if, same as Hf and &fy foU 
lowed by the sulj. 

\aivrtivy nst «t;, pron. (I, ace, of ouy 
mvrct) of himself, herself, itself. 
h \u,vr^ tyinro^ came to him- 
self. tttvr»t \p* l«vr*r» i;^«^(«v»} 
marched by themselves. 

U«, lcr«, i7«»«, -/K«<, I permit* 
J/np. hm, I a* J, iiM^rn* 

\yyvtt adv., near. Comjf* lyyurt- 
^o¥y sup, lyyvrarat ^^^ lyyu' 

iyiX&^t, la,A»ofytXM, 
lymroy 2 a, M, of yiyyo/ieu, 
iyxikiu^roty og, evy (tVy xiXtvtt) or- 

dered, suborned. 
iyKt^aXoSy oot m.y (if, xt^etXri) the 
brain ; pith, rov tyxi(pet\ov rou 
^oivixcs, the pith of the palm- 
iyx^&Tfif, »jf, t$, (l», Kg«r*j) strong. 
revTuv iyx^etntf, masters of 
HyvMfy andtyfa/^»>; 2 a, A, ofyty- 

ty^a^^eCj \ a. A, of y^ai^M. 

iyeJ, \(AoOy ftevj pron,, I. 

iyeiyty pron., (tyA*, yt) I at least, 
I for my part. 

'i^tiffav, 1 a. A' of^it^at, 

tholi^ la. A, ofhxia,. 

t^offuvf 2 a. A» of^ihvfAt, 

i^avstfio'etVy I a, A. oftcvsriof, 

t^&vM, imp. of^vvafcKi, 

t^ofxeiy I a. A, Of^tlufii, 

l^tuyfitivn, p, jrart, P, of ^ivyvufn, 

ihXovTinst evf m., {UiXu) a volun- 
teer. Adj. voluntary, willing. 
rovt IhXeyras ^iXtUfy OUr will- 
mg friends. 

i#cA.«, -fiff'Af, ft^iXfixci., I am willing, 
wish. Imp, UtXo¥t and HfitXat, 
»lx HhXi, would not. 

Uvof, %osy n-, a nation, xark iifn% 
by nations, each nation sepa- 

i7, coiy., if, whether. %1 wtt, if in 
any tray. c7 uny if not, except. 

tiaiyimp. ^\aat, 

tia ffiy i a. ofiav, 

s/JJifri, 2p, sub}, ofotta, 

iti»9t or ihvy 2 a., I saw, Sr^, 
tieify &c. 

iiioft f«f , n., (in«v) an appearance, 
a kind. 

iTfv, op, oftifti, 

tlfit 2 a, op, A. oflfifitt, 

tixei^t^ '&fftt^ tixtt^fuit and fnm^* 
fteu^ (i7x«) I make like, conjec- 
ture, tlxa^n 2) «iAX«f iXX*tt9 




but some conjectured one thing, 
others another. 
iUesy cTos, (i7*«) likely, reasonable. 
oT»9 UKos yiyvttrfieu, such as is 
likely to arise. 
•7*»r/, adj. indecL, twenty. 
iTxoritSy adv.^ (ttKos) reasonably. 
x«i ilxiTus «'^»t And with good 
reason, indeed. 

iiJMT, {seldom) u^m, 2 p. i«ix«, 2 
plup, lifKUVf I resemble, am 
like, appear. akX» pXofo^i^ 
fiiv totxecsi well, you look indeed 
like a philosopher, alfg i&xt, as 
it seemed. 

ttkifcitfi 2 a. M. of atpitt, 

ilfAtf Wo/zeciy I am. fijrav Tiffffet^i^- 
veufy belonged to Tissaphernes. 
«-«» vixiufTont ie-Tif it is the part of 
those who conquer, ^f IhTv, it 
was possible to see, one might 
see. r,v KXia^^^dv xaT»/Aa^i7f its 
Isri^raru, was an opportunity to 
observe Clearchus, how he com. 
manded. Wri y 00'r/;, but there 
is the case of one who, but there 
was one who. itrnv 0,r/, is there 
any thing in which ? h ll rov- 
ratv reHv rro^^wy, and there were 
some of these marches, ei/x niy 
was not possible. 

1?^/, I go, will go. iflvrATv, let them 
go. 2 plup. ^liy, I went. 

i^irart, 1 a. imper. ofil^ev. 

i?«rif, conj, (f?) if at least, if in- 

iil^ret, 2 a., I said, told, mentioned. 
Sub}- it^ret. \ a, A. tJr» ; uted 
only in the 2 a., and partially in 
tfte 1. 

ilirofTCf imp. of t^efMti. 

it^nvTit tis, /., peace, 
to enjoy peace, 

I J;, or Igy prep, governing tliC ace, 
into, to, against, up to. 

i7;, fiietf tv, one. 

ua-etyM, -«$«. -jix'^t '7/^»h («'Vt 
ayat) I lead in, or into, bring 
into. 1 a, P, tiffi^x^fiv. 

t'l^^k^, ns, /, {u^Pm\Xm) an en- 

trance, pass. 
t1mf44^ {utt <^/uO I go into* 2 P^P* 

iictXavvot, -tXflSr*. Attic iX*l, -iXfi« 
XAxet, -fMUy (lif , iXauK^) I drive 
into, march into. I a, A» t<V*f- 

i1nret$ifut. M, of titia, 
t/V^irav, 2 plup. ofiU^tfUt 
iiVi7Aa0'f, 1 a. A* of uo'tXetuvU' 
ug-njc^rij 1 a. P. ofiivokytt* 
urwtiieittf '^ti^n^tfAouy -mirninxay 

(liV, v-riiecet^ I leap) I leap into. 

1 a, A. ilfivn^n^et* 
tl^tritrratf 'Vivovfuu^ .^im'rttxa, (1/;, 

iriv-TM) I fall into, rush into. 2 

a. A, i<Vcfrfr«v« 
titf-M, or i^M, adv.f (i/f) to within, 

tira, adv., then, after that. 
•?«, cotij., (1/) if, whether, or, 
ir^jay, imp. of tx"- 
i*. or i$, |?r<rp. governing the geti., 

of, out of, from out, after, by. 

\x rouratv, after these things. 
XxxffTof^ n, 0v, each, each one. 
Ixdo'TOTit adv. , (jixa^Tof) each time, 

Ixart^off «, 0», each. 
ixxrifathv, adv., {\xeirtf»s) from 

both sides, on both sides. 
U«ri(«0'i, adv., (t»«ri(0$) to both 

ixarovy adj. indecl. a hundred. 
ixfidXXM, '(idXeif ./3i/3Anxa, -^«<, 

(tx, fi»XXAt) I throw out ; cast 

away, drive out, banish. 2 a. 

^. t|fi3aX0y. 
*Ex^»r&9«j U9, n., Ecbatana, M« 

capital of Media. 
u^nvtif tx*"* lx^i^«, -$t^«r, 'ii^a^fiuny (ix, ^C(«9 I 

flay) 1 skin, flay. 1 a. A. t^i- 

Sx<r, adv.y there. 

ixu9»f^ v, «, iwo»., (ixi7) he, she, 

it; that. 
Ixxtt^Ki^M, 'Xetfi&^ci^ 'XixetfixffMitf 

(tx, xafii^is, pure) I cleanse 
fMUy\ out; burnish. 

(liV, ^aXXftr) I throw into ; en. txxixa^a^^tv*;, p. part. P. of U 
ter ; fail into. i xaim^tt. 




ix»Xff#/«, »tt f.t (U, zaXtct) an as 
sembly, a meeting. 

xA/y», I bend) I turn away in 

fitxety r^oi, (tx, KCfti^etf I Carry) 
I carry out. I a. A- lltxi/it^a. 

(U, xo9crat) I cut down, destroy 

utterly. 1 a. A* i^ftx«^/'«. 
IxxvfMtivMy 'Xvfi&vZf {ix, xufi»^ a 

wave) I swell forth like a wave, 

bulge out. 
IxXiyt^, 'kt^atf -f/Xiy^«<, and -Xi 

XiyfMUf (U, Xi^Ar) I pick out, 

ixXtiiTM, '\tiyptt, "XiXotv'a, 'XiXu/t- 

/AMit (U, Xii«'») I leave, aban. 

don. 2 a. A. f^fX/«'«y. 
ix»tfiri^ti^a»f 1 a. P. of xMft,am. 
ixTiifXfiyfAiveif />. /wr/. P. (^ Ix- 


Ix^rtirktix^My p. in/, P, of U- 

IxvivToixiraff 1 p, part, of Ix- 

Ixmttvt 2 a, inf. A, ofixvhtt. 
IxtrlvM, 9'iofi»i, and iriovfA»t, •>«'f«'»- 
xec, '9-i^ofceu, (ix, itiVM^ I drink) 

1 drink up. 2 a. A- f^iviav* 
ixfr/Vr», m^ri^oZfAeu^ -^riflrrArxa, (tx, 

9ri'3tra>) I fall out of ; fall; am 
banished. revs Xx^i^rruxoTets, 
those who had been banished. 
«? fierxi ix9ri9tTe>>xortSt which had 
fallen. 2 a. A. %1^Wm6v. 
IxvrketyiUi 2 a. part. P, of ix-. 

ixvXu^y -9rXivfft*% '^Xtvtrt/MCi, and 
-^Xtu^av/iaty ^^riv'Xivxu^ -irfuti^ 
(fx, 9-Xit) I sail out, sail away. 

IxvAitrtf-M, and ixv'Xnrreit, -frXtj^ttf, 

2 p. -9-iitXnyat -ri^Xnyfitm^ (ix, 
irXwi^t I strike) I strike out 
of; amaze, astound, frighten. 
2 a, P. V^iirX&yfif' ixirXetyus. 
having been taken by surprise. 

ix«r«^*», adv., (Ix, 9'ouf) out of the 
way. UfTtf^^y {TMfiV^Ai, to put 
out of the way. 

ixr*irr«, imp* ofxWfAtu. 

fuu, (ix, <p%^t) I carry out; re- 
port. Imp. V^i^g^av. 

tx^vytt^ -^iul^futt^ and ^tt^»u/uu, 
^t^tuya^ -^i(puyfuuf (i», ^v- 
ytt) I flee from, escape. 2 a. 
A. lli^vyev, fctx^iv l^i^yt r§ 
fi^ xurttTtr^ttfnfat^ had a narrow 
escape from being stoned to 

lx«y, oZfct, «y, willing, willingly. 

iXarr«y,an<2fXarr«v,wy,«y, smaller. 
Comp. ofiXaxvf. 

ixdrrwft for tXeirranst nam. pi. of 

iXavvM, iX&o'tt, Attic lx£, MXMxm^ 
-fAot, 1 drive, ride, march. 1 a. 
A' tlXeifa. 

lXei<putt »t, «y, (lx&^«s, a stag) be. 
longing to deer. ^tk^^Xmm 
ro$s IXtKptiotf (x^iflwi) liKC veni- 

«^«y;C^> IXiy^a*, iXfiXty/Mu, I con- 
vict. 1 a. P. iiXtyx^nt. 

iXiX/^A», (UiXi», a war-cry) I raise 
the battle-cry. 

\xU4ut9 2 a. inf. M. ofat^itt. 

tX%v6t^t»y as, /., {\Xivt%^6s, free) 

IJL^oyrij, 2 a. part. A. ofi^x^fuu. 

'EXXeis^ &^of,f.f Greece. 

"Exxnv, nv«s, «»., CEXXeif) a Greek. 

*EXXnv4xost »j, «y. (*EXXi»y) Greek. 

'ExXfi¥7x£f, adv., {'Exxvv7xis)in the 
Greek language. 

'EXX9t^trovTidxos, »i, •», ('EXXw^r^y- 
r0f) of the Hellespont. 

'£XX)}«'«'0yr0f , 0v, m. , the Hellespont 
or Dardanelles. 

fXo/, 2 a. 0/7. A. of ut^iet. 

iXotfifiv, 2 a. op. M. cf iu0if, 

I iXofAuot, 2 a. part. M. ofiu^w. 

ixx/s, r3«f, /, hope. 

iXaivret^ ft. part. A. oflXmtntt. 

I ifiMVToVy tig, 9t/, pron,^ (<^^» «<^«i) 
of myself. 

I tfc^etUu, '^nerofAmi, '^ifinxa^ (»y, ^' 

\ vv, I go) 1 go in, embark. 2 a. 
A' ivifitif. 

ifAfhaXXat, 'pt&xZ, .^i^Xtixm^ -/mu, 
(iy, /SaXXAr) I throw in. 2 a. 
^. fyf/3«X«y. I^^Xat*, having 




charged. ^Xtiyaf UifiaXtv, in- 
flicted blows upon him. ififidk' 
Xti tig rov "Metietv^^otfy falls into 
the Mseander. 

•/t*j8«»T*f, 2 a. part A. ofi/ifiaiven. 

tfctiva, I a. A. of fitivtt, 

IfAoff fi, »», pron,, {iyt^y my, mine. 

ifA^ffXty, adv. (Uf Tciktv) back, tig 
TcSfi^ttkiv, back. 

Ifitrti^Hs^ adv.^ {tftTn^ou experi- 
enced) experimentally, by ex. 
perience. ix v-avrw ruv ifAini- 
pots avrou »;^ayr«», by all who 
knew his character by experi- 

i^«rnrr««tfT«f, 1 p. parU of i^- 

'^fAM, (SV, ^ifA^kflfM^ I fill) I 

fill; satisfy. 1 a, P, ivia-A^V- 

ift,9riirrMy miri^oZ/Aiu, -vtfrrwxA, (tv, 
iri^TM) I fall in, fall upon. 
2 a. A. «»cfri0'«v* 

ifA9rXiett% usy pttf (iy, •'Awf, full) 
quite full. 

v-oiiu) I make in ; impress; pro. 
duce conviction in. ifA^eivffeit 
rotf 9r»^»v9'i¥^ to produce the con. 
viction in those present. 1 a, 
A» inWtn^et, 

l/A9ri^i«Vy My n., (tfA9r»»osy a mer 
chant) a commercial town, an 

tfAT^offhrn^ adv.^ (U, x^o) before, in 
front of. f y r^ tfJL^^offfiv ^oyvy 
in the preceding narrative. 

ifi^&vnSf nsj tSf (cv, ^<y«) manifest, 
public. i» r^ ifc^aniy in a pub- 
lic manner, openly. 

•V, prep, governing the dative, in, 
among, at. 

tfiua, »sy /, (iy^ifff, in need of) 
want, scarcity. 

ti!hi»&r6$^ »», w, \il$/hi»K) eleventh. 

jf»^A«f, «f, 0», (ty, d4A0;) manifest, 
clear, evident, rovrtf h^nXoi 
Xyiytirt t«'i/3«t;Xi^<tfy, against him 
he was evidently plotting mif- 

I enter) I put on. 2 a, A» 

Uth^iUM^ -vtt, (fy, Sf^^ft, a seat) I lie 

in ambush. 1 a. A. ivtii^iv^et. 
ivfi/At, -iffofiati (fy, ^IfAt) I am in. 

Imp. cy^y. 
tuK for Hvixa, 
'iviKoty and cytxir, adv., on account 

of; used as a prep, governing the 

eyiy)ix0yrflc,(ivyfa) a(2/. indecl ninety. 
ivi9rk}iffiti, I a. P. ofifA^ifAitkfifitt, 
iy«y, imp. oftnifAi. 
hfia, ado.f (iv) there ; here ; where. 
it^dhf adv.f (Jlvffa) thither, hither. 
Iv^ifctvoi, 2 a. part, M. ofUrihfAi 
fy^fv, adv.y (fy) thence; whence. 

iWiy fAiv—tvhv ^f, on one side- 
on the other. 
iv^Dfiiefcaty '^vfit^cofcan, -rt^vfttifimf 

(iy, ^vfcofj the mind) I consider 

well, ponder. 
ivtavTosy fly, m., a year, 
htoi, eu, «, some. 
sy/tfTt, aift;., (iy«9i) sometimes. 
fyyc«, adj. indecl.^ nine, 
iyycvtfqxcyai, 1 p. inf. of ivvei^, 
syytffof, -fj0-Af, ^nyottKet, -fieuy (ty, ytftA*, 

I think) I think, reflect, devise. 

1 A* ^. Ivififi^et. uvtvofiftiveu^ 

that you have devised. 

xta;) I dwell in, inhabit. »i iy«i- 
MovvTts, the inhabitants. 
ty«^a», -i^ofMtiy 'tu^&xety -fjkaty (iy^ 
0^^A») I see, observe. 

ox^^Sy a mob) I annoy, disturb. 
Imp. fivei^^kevv. 

hravia^ adv., (jy) here, there, 

lyriiyM, -rfyAr, 'T%r&*», "fims, (ty, 
rs/v«, I stretch) I stretch, stretch 
out against. wknyitf iysrf/v«y 
mXknXfiiSj threatened each other 
with blows. 

lyTiX^r, fif, tt$ (i'j riXcf) complete, 

Ihrt^ovy 00, n., (trrtff) an intestine, 
iyritf/fv, adv,y (|y#«) hence, thence; 




rififlfAi) I put in. ret m-ktifrev 
&lnt ivfifitvoi, having put on 
buard their most valuable ef. 
fects. 2 a, M. infiifAfiv, 

Urifjtust adv., (^itrtfAosy honoured) 
honourHbly. Urifitts tx"*^ ^ 
be held in honour. 

Ivrflf, adv-i {\v) within. Uro$ av- 
<r«», within their lines ; fre- 
quently used at a prep, governing 
the geniti e. 

i9»rvyx,etvM, -<nu%o(Aat, 'Vtrivx^t ^nd 
TtTu^tiKa^ (it, rvy^^&vu) I light 
upon, fall in with, meet with. 
2 a, A. ivirO^^et, 

'Etuakiogj cu, m.f (^Evvm, Bellona) 

1$, adj. indecl , six. 

i^etyyiXkut -ayyiXZy •^yytXxaiy 
•fMci, ((X, ayyiXkat) I tell out, 
report. Imp. ll^yytkkat. 1 a. 
A. i^nyyttXa, 

«i«y«», -aC*? -♦JA:;«> -7i»«'» (««, ayar) 
I lead out, lead away. Imp. 
i^ryot. 2 a, A. i^nyctyet, 1 a. 
P» tinX^fi*. iv^ &s ilnx^fit was 
not even thus led away. 

^ta») I take out, choose. 2 u. 
M. ll^iiXifAnv. 1 a. P, l^ip^t^tiv. 

riet) I ask for. M. I beg off. 

1 a, M, V^i^rnffafinit. 
i^xtg'^iXtat^ at, a, (t^Axtf, six 

times, ;^iX<0/) six thousand. 
V^ptKoerieiy at, a, (t^, Ix^roy) six 

l^aTifraeu, -wa, -n'^Parnxay mfAot, 

(U, a^ara^t I deceive) I cheat 

completely, deceive, ilasrarafy 

t^fXavvM, -tk&^ttf Attic iXZy 'ikn- 

Xdxay "f^ai, (<x» iKauvui) I drive 

out ; lead out an army, march. 

1 a. A. il^nXaffa, 
VJ^iXoiftiSay 2 a. op, M* ofV^at^tu. 
i^trXayrit 2 a, P^ of ix^Xw^at, 
l^tfrXEi, imp. oftx^x'ut. 
V^trrt, i^iarrat, i^ttvt, impers.y (tx, 

tl/it) it is allowtd, it is in one's 

power^ it is possible. Imp, i^«y. 

titr&vts, itti, /., {\l%Ta^fy I exa. 
mine closely) a review. 

iXfiyyuXty 1 a. A, of i\ayyiXXat. 

ilnxavra, adj, indecl. , (^) sixty. 

ilrt^rifitva, p. part. P. ((f'V^t^w, 

V^xnofAai, •4^afAat, -^yfAot, (Ix, /x- 
viofiau I come) I reach. 2 a. 
Af. i^ixoftfif. 

i^io'TfifAt, XxtTTn^M, i^i^Tnxa, -iffra- 
fMu, (i«, IfTfifit) I put out of its 
place. M. I stand out of the 
way. IX rod fii^ov i^ifrarSat^ to 
withdraw from between them. 

l^et, part, of, i^ifTt. 

i^o^Xt^v, -ivat, -MvXtxa, 'f/iMif (Uj 
tffrX/^of) I arm. M. I arm my- 
self. 1 a. M. V^M'rXierafi.nv. 

ilowXtffia, as, /., {i%tvXi%u) a being 
under arms. u r^ l^o^'Xt^ttf^ 
when under arms. 

if|«, adv., (Ix) without, on the out. 
side, beyond, ro li 'il^et, and the 
outer one. ^u 'il^ai cvrof aurov^ 
he being now beyond their ju- 
risdiciiun \-~frequently used as a 
prep, governing the gen, 

n^.ft, ofix^. 

Uixi, 2 p. of tlxat. 

i^ayyiXXtit -tXea^ 'V.yytXxa, •ftaty 
(iv), ayytXXt) 1 announce. M, 
I promise, offer. 

t9r&6t, 2 a. A, of wu^^u. 

iaraiAof, -atitivai* and t^atvn^M, -ah- 
xa, ..vfvfifjuai, (sfr«, aWuj, I praise) 
I praise, commend. 1 a. A, 

itrdt, conj.^ (l^riJ, «>) when, after 
that ; followed by the subf. 

WtyyiXatty 'A^ofAat, {Wt, |y, ytXaaij 
1 laugh at, insult. 

iriiiro, 2. a. M. ofWtriSn/u. 

Wii, conj,, ((«■}) when ; since, see- 
ing that. Wti yi. since at least. 

Wtthaf, conj.f (fff-iid^, &») when* 
ever, so soon as. 

ifl-i/Jw, cotij., (fin), "iri) when, since. 

Hmtfit, -urtfjuaiy (tx/, u(a\) I am over. 
yi^v^a ti tir?», and there was a 
bridge over it. Imp. f«rn». 

i^ntfitt (tx), iifitt) I go against ; ad- 
vance ; follow, tlf rhf Wiwraf 
tif CO the following morning. 




t«'ia0'iy« will advance. 2plup. tfr*?- WtXiya/t >.i^Mt 'XiXiyfuu, (It), ki* 

tif, I yej) I say in addition. 

tTum^, conj.y (»«ri)) since, seeing WiXwr off -^l^<w^ 2 p, -xiXaiTx^ -xl 

tittiret, adv.y (isr), iTr«, then) then, 

further, therefrom ; secondly. 

tig Tfl» iTttra XC^*^** *** tinoe to 

WtT&To, plup. P. oftreiofiat, 
tTtriTaxTtt plup* P- of Wira^ftt, 

tTKp&Vfi, 2 ti. P* of i^i^ttiyar^ 

Iw^'fff-av, 2 plup. oftTti/At, 

Wnjcctiy »(, ovf (tr}, aiccvej) that 
hears, within hearing, tig Itn- 
%c9v, with in h^Arixi|^ distance. 

««•«!', imp, of iTtifAi. 

l^^itirctty ] u. A. oft^aitiih 

iviflfj^ pre** f]ft^%tf^. 

ifl-I, ptqt. gtmermn'fi, the gen. y daty 
and acc.y o*er, At, on^ lo^ for, 

t^s) on the left wiw^. tL^ tip* . 
ii^^v, of Iho^e oP our dme. itrS' 

aSiX^^, hubjtict Lo hi!i broLtier. 

(ia-i, iljfrAifffl^) I plan fl(iiiiitij»t, 
plot againit, ititrigue Agniiist, 
tsrj/Jtftf Xff , ijf ,/ , ( i^i r |3*y ^'»," ** ) * P ' *^ J* 

^tix^t 'yf*>ot'h ((^^ ^i/xvi;/«i, ] 
show) I exhibit, shoHfj point out. 

to show it in hi^ condutt. 
iTiiteinuy 'hu\<u^ and hu^ofAat, (•«•<, 
Ite^Ku) I pursue after. 

(sa-r, ^t^f» the uiiud) I desire 
eagerly, long for. 
WiSanreti, 2 a. tulQ. M. of l^iri- 

xetfATrm, I bend) bend, wheel 

>.ii^^^, (irif JliJ7a^) 1 tail; leave 

T0; iViAi^i, proviriigtiK failed. 

Q-d (/Aii^A^) i9-j^iJV0|UEMt^ the pan 

Icit behind, 
i'Ttfi^iXtm'i af,/, (iWijaiAifft careful) 

care, kind atten lion. 
k^iftiXUff,&t^ utid ^iXo^at^ -^^afixi, 

'fAifiskiif^atj (i^ifiiXnsi Careful) 

I tiiLe care of ; ubsierve, watch. 
Wi^(rJ.dB-tt»j imp. of ■rrifiwXiifAi. 

W ) J Uiink toi\ purpose, inLeiid, 

(j7rd^k0f, f^r^Mom) 1 swear 
falatiky, commit p4;rjury. 1 «, 

through ptrjury* Siive ia-jAij- 

x^^iLiy to commit perjury before 

the gods, 
iina^KU^ «fi/*j (iyjjffifs*, forsworn) 

ia-ja-jVriWt *«rifdU;4iAX| -«'iT^T4fjt«, 

{iw}^ rtiTTti) I fmll upon, aU 

iv'jx^vd.-^ af, sj, (Ifl-J, Wf4f ) toilsompj 

labor to us. Coi/i//. kr^^oYOfS-k^ef, 
Wip^^Tiij flf, JV, (iTJ^^f^i I Dvt-r- 

*Enff4ifnSf *«i nip, Epialhene*, a 
Greek q^er in the HfiAce of 

1 furnibh prnvtfiions. jM. I pro- 
cure provinioDs, lay tn provi- 
fiiunsj 1 a, Ai. i.^tfiTifMfAr}v^ 

laying in provi^ionN. 
WirxB^i^^t -ffKii/**^*j, 'iritt^ftsif 

round. iTiJt«^«'Tiv vs t'n *»»- t-ri^T£fixi, ~ffTns9fj.^i^ I know. 

Xivriv, he begin to wheel round 
as if to surround them, 

gerous. Comp* iiri*f*Sv**Tif *f, 

(iflrJ, »«w5rr*») I conceal, in /id^ 

secretly as possible. 

Imp. Wir'rAfi.ti^t, and nmfT^fi.^f^ 

i^ifT^tihi^ 'irvj (iflrj*T*Tflff, a com. 
niander) I cgniinaud, 

frkiijed in^ versed in, 
Wurrnv^i^ 1 a* pari. A, of l^iV- 




Wtm^Mf 1 o. opt* JBolic of \(pU. 


l^rttrroXri* nt^f^ {l^tffriXXu, I send 

tu) a letter, a message. 
Wi9T^arua,f «;, /., {ivto'T^ariutt) a 

march, or expedition against. 

ffr^otrivet) I march against. 
\^t^(peiTTu^ and -r^a^w, 'C^oil^t, 
mi9(petyfi.ett^ (iflr), ^(petTrM) I slay, 
kill. 1 a. A* luriftpd,'!^, Wif- 
(p»^ai avTov K(/#y, to slay bim as 
he lay upon Cyrus. 1 a» M. 

iitt^ that he killed himself. 
iTtraff^tt^ and -rarra;, 'Tci^aty -ri- 

r&x** '71^'"* (i^'> reiffot) I set 

over, give in charge, f i^tri- 

r«xr«, to whom it had been given 

in charge. 
WiTfi^tits, «, evj and »Si «». (iwiTn- 

ItSy enough) fit, proper. rk 

WiTfihutt^ provisions. 

r/V}}^/) I lay on. M, I attack. 
2 </. i^. Wi6ifAnv* 

^»/, (lirJ, Tgi<r«) 1 give over, 
commit, entrust, \ a. A, Wt- 

Wtrvyx^int, -riy|*|Ct«i, -t«tii»;^«, 
and TtTV^n»», (i wi, rvy^&vea) I 
fall in with, meet with. 2 a. ^. 

(iw), ^«<V4») I show forth. M, 
and F. I appear. 2 tf. P» Wt- 

^Ai, (iw), ^i^A*) 1 bring upon. 
a^xTov Wi<pt^ofi,iiniVt a she-bear 
rushing upon him. 
WiX&^tfi *Si h g^fi* *'r»ff 4**^.1 (««'J. 
X»^*f) pl teasing, agreeable, ri 
yet^ iv'i^a^t «v» tJ^tf, for he had 
DO pleasantness of manner. 

(t<r/, x^'O ^ pu^ ™y ^^"^ ^^* 

attempt. 1 a. A* i^txti^ti^ec- 

fnft»f (ivr), ;^«^t») I advance. 
1 a» A» i«'i;^«(iir«« 

iirXivtf'Mv, 1 a. ^. of irXict, 

^^afAas, Hypofiat, I follow. Imp, . 
It^ifinu 2 a. ia^ifinVf sul^, 
^Tei/iatt ^c, ; govems the dot, 

l^rafiw^flr**, 1 a, P» of^t^tvot. 

i^feiX^"* 1 a. P. of^^awf,, 

Wrk, adj, iudecLy seven. 

icrra»aili»ety adj, indecU^ (irra, 
xa2, icxa) seventeen. 

seven hundred. 

'Ew-t/a^/js, »if, /., Epyaxa, queen of 
Syennesisy king of CUida. 

i^yd^afAcu, -A^»(iaif il^yag-ftettf (7j- 
yav) I work. TA/y i^y««'a/ftfi'A>i' 
tvovrvvy those being in it who 
could cultivate it. 

i^yovf »vy 91., a work, deed, action. 
i^ytj/^ in deed. 

s^cA>, not used, f^», i7^ffx«, -/cmk^ I 
say, tell, mention. 

i^fifiiaf astfi (i^nfi»s) solitude. 

t^nfAOf^ 0f, 0», a9t(i f), «y, lonely, de- 
sert, deserted, deprived of. 
MfAo^at ^%»i99ui t^9}fACh wagons to 
be can ied off emptied of their 
contents, ufiiiv t^nfMS, without 

fjiaty (c^«f , strife) I contend with, 

strive with. 
i^fAfinvf, f«f, f»., ('E^fiiify Mercury) 

an interpreter. 
i^ofActiy i^^^cfutit I ask. 
ijfufittvov^ p. part. P, of feitfvSfit. 
t^Vfiety dreg, n., {l(Ua/MC4, I protect) 

a defence, fortification, ifr) 

i(v/iciT«ty as a defence, i^vfutra 

iX^vTiSy having as defences. 
i^vfAvosy fly «y, (l(v»fun, I protect) 

?^;^0/Kai, iXtv^g/AMty S p, Ui}X0^«, I 

come, go. 2 a. A. ^Xin, %U 

Xiytvs r»* \Xh7v, to come to a 

conference with you. 
i^wf , ttrofy m., (i(a«, I love) love ; 


ftat) I ask. /i»/). 4^«;r«y. 
U-> for ilf, 
iff for Irr). 




iin^ofAou, I eat. Imp, ^^itov, 
2 a* A, t(p&y»v* 
t^rA^ttf, fir irnixtrtfy, 1 plup. of 

irri, couj.^ (liV, jiTi) until. Ur 

mt, until. 
t^TfiVf and H^Tfi^etv, 2 a, qf^^rnfU' 
irrATf, fir ItrrtiKMSi 1 />. par/, r/" 

?r;^£r«f, », «», on^ «;, «», the far. 
tbest, extreme, last. w-tfA/y Iv- 
;^arff», a frontier city, vet ttr^ 
;^«r«, the extremity of punish- 

Wx'^rus^ adv'y (?f;^<8r«f) exceed- 

to'at^tf, adv., (f/;) from within, 

within. T« fiif irWey (t»/;^«j), 

the inner wail. 
If«'««-ay, 1 a. ofertil^et. 
\ra^aix,6mraify I a, P, of ret^ei^trtt* 
Irax^nfetft 1 «• -P* of rafffft. 
trt^»Sf a, «v, the other, one of 

Irtrtfitfiro, plup, P, of rtftAt. 
Irir^atTOy plup. P. qfrtr^M^KO/, 
trt^ adv., still, yet, any longer. 

*tr« ti^a tv$ fAa^iTrcu, he will not, 

then, fight afterwards. 
ireifAOf, ti, *r, and «;, «v, ready, 

IroifM/f, adv., {ireifies) readily. 
«T#f, tosy «., a year. 
tr^ei^nrey 2 a. M, of r^i^rat* 
ir^f0-i, 1 a. of r^iat. 
iruxovt 2 fl. o/ T£;y;^i?j»A,, 
tv. udv.t well, iv iTMir*, to benefit, 
ivdaifcovsat «f, /, (t^W^^y), pros- 
perity, happiness. 
tvhetifiovi^M, -?•■«, {iviaifAMf) I Call 

happy, account happy. 
tuhaifiuvy Atyj 0y, (iJ, ^etifidtf, a deity) 

fortunate, prosperous. Cowjo. 

ivieufMvirr%^9ty sup. ivleufAovif. 

tvnyifrecTtf, n, oy, (iv, tTief^ appear. 

ance) most graceful, best- look. 

ing ; sup, qftuMf. 
tutktrif, if, t, gen. /J»f, («y, iX^)s) 

of good hope, tirt^s tviXv'iits 

fiikXdv iTfy «/ "EkXnvity that the 

Greeks might be inspired with 
better hopes. 

ivMytffia, etf, fy (iv, t^ycv) a good 
deed, kindness, good turn. 

iutpytrio/f '^^»t, luti^ysruuca, mfutt, 
\ivi^yiTni) I do good, confer 

ivi^ims, oVf m,y(ivy ?(Q/0y) a bene- 

timhia, «;, /., (tvinfitif) silliness, 

ilfths% fift *Si {to, nfiti a custom) 
siily, foolish. 

ihivf, cdv.y immediately, straight- 
way, tt/fivs fiU fitt^eixtov my 
from his very boyhood. 

ih6ue»^ov, adv., (ih6vs) in a straight 
direction, right onward. 

tufiiTUX*t^t^'r»ft esy «y, (eJ, fitra, 
Xtt^) easily managed. 

tSvdtay Off fy (tZ, voog) good.will, 

tineix£ff adv.y (tv, voes) kindly. 
lufOixeuf tx^ttVy (letvrovf) avr^y 
might be well disposed toward 

tvtees, 6iy 0y, and tSvovf, «i/Sy 0t/y, (f2>, 
voof) well-disposed. 

tuoTkoTarof, n, 0y, (tJ, e^Xct) best- 
armed ; sup, qfiueieXo(. 

lu^trus, adv.y{iv'TtTris, easy) easily. 

iS^o^ogy »s, 9f, (ft;, ^oc9s) easy to 
pass through, easy to travel. 

tv^^uKTOTt^eg, «, evy (s«, ^rgarra*) 
more easy to be done, more easy 
to be effected. Comp, of »t»- 


itT^c, 2 a, of iv^lffKu. 

iv^nfAA, &Togy n., {sv^iffxej) a thing 

found, a windfall, tv^n/ia Wot- 

ng'ei//.nv, I considered it a piece 

of good luck. 
iv^iffKUf tv^^traty tv^vDcec, -fint, I find. 

2 a. A, tS^ov. 
lu^ogy tog, n. , (^tv^hg, broad) breadth, 

luraxTog, og, dv, (iv, ravtrat) well 

behaved, orderly. 
tlraH^ia, ag, /., {iZ, ra^vat) good 

order, good discipline. 
tSrokfiog, egy »», (iy, roXfieicu) brave, 





Tvxfi) I am fortunate, am suc- 
cessful. I a. A. ivTv^i^*' 

'Ev^^drnf, eu, m., the Euphrates. 

tvx*i^ ns, /., {tvx»fA'u) a prayer, 

^Sx^fiLtUf tS^fuu, tiZyfteu^ I pray, 
ivish. Imp. tivxif'iu fifidihxi-' 
fttif, 1 a. tt^a/Atifn nnd nl^fttif- ■ 

iMne, nf, ff, (fv, •^a>, I smell) 
sweet-smelling, fragrant. 

tvtifVfc«gf 0f, 0fy Uv, Sffia.) of good 

name, of good omen ; left. r« 
ivMitvftny (Kt^as) the left wing. 

tipayop^ 2 a, qfl^iitf 

tipanfl, 2 o. P. of(pMft0, 

tip&^aft imp. of^fti, 

tipii^of, •!/, m., CtTTif t^^ay a seat) 
one seated by ; an avenger. 
rn ftiyi^Ttv i^^ep, the most 
powerful avenger. 

i^u^T««ir«i', I plup, ofi^Unifii. 

Ipi'Ta/cai, -ii^^ofuu, (liri, (ir«/Mu) I 
follow, pursue. 

*E^w«f, »Uy /., Ephesus, a city in 

t^nffa., imp. of^fAi. 

l^Urfifu, Ws^rn^Uf i(pifrti»a, i^'w. 
fMUj (tir), I^TfifCd) I set over; 
halt, stop, stand. 1 a. A. Wif 
rn^a, 2 a. A, Wu-rfi*. itrtrrn, 
stopped. lirt 21 ro7s Tiix*'" 
afjt^ori^tiSy i^irnixfay TvXtUt 
and by (between) the two walls 
lay the pass. i'Tt^rng^ag (rit, 
7^T09) having stopped his horse. 

t^oias, 9Utf. . (f ^^ •Of) an approach. 

s^9^as, »Vy m., (cir/, o^mi) an over- 
seer ; one of the Ephori, a body 
office magistrates at Spt rUu 

i^o&^if 1 a. of ^^at^et, 

tipvytf 2 a. ofiptuyet. 

ix^^^y *' •"» (*A:^'»> Iwitred) bos. 

lx^(of, •»•, m., {tx^f* hatred) a 
personal enemy, an enemy. 

lX(^*'r9t imp, of x^eto/ceu. 

*X"i'f* •> •'• (*;C*') strong, secure. 

tx^i H"* ond ^xwat, t^xi*^9 -A*«*» 
I have, possess, occupy. tix»' 
/Kit Xttfi^fUfy we were able to 

procure, f «y^ ^x**9 0»»*mh) in 
which they were. ^Srttt txtif 
iiecord) v^ig nfMtff are in the 
same position with regard to us. 
ij^tffbifM it Twretff and, next to 
these. Imp. itx^*' ^ a» A» 
ts'X**^ 1 *'• P- i'X*^"*' 

t^j'f iir^fir«y, I a. P. of ypiv^, 

lyt^nrifj n, of, (Jyf^tJ) boiled, ob. 
tained by boiling. 

l^ptXouTOj imp, P, ofy^iXam, 

t^t% i-^n^m. and .n^0fuu, ii^nfuuy 
I boil, cook. 

I«^ff, imp. ofi^aUf. 

tetftiMa, 1. p. of if am. 

tatfy conj., so long as, untiL 

tmsy tm^f., the morning. 


TM^aras, mt, m., the Zab, a Jmuuh 
of the Tigris. 

^«», ^9r<v, and ^n^tfuu^ i^n*^ I 
live. Imo. V^en ; contracts with 
n. Inf. ^». 

^luyfUfAif and ^tvyyJMv, ^M^t tZ^^lT 
fiat^ I join, join together. V^ivy- 
/civn vXmois i^rrtiy joined together 
by seven boats, that t#, formed 
of seven boats joined together. 

Ztus, Ai»s, m., Jupiter. Voc Ztv. 

^»)X«fT«f, Ji, 09, (^jfX»», I rival) to 
be envied, enviable. 

^», inf. ofT^im. 

T^nTtet^ -wet^ i^ijnfaMe, -fttu,, I seek, 
ask for, inquire for. Imp. V^i' 


^^tn, ijf, /., {^mffvfit, I gird) a 
girdle; pin-money. tig ^m* 
hip/ciMu, having been given her 
for pin-money. 


«, cory., either, or, than. 
>}, adv.^ truly, surely, assuredly. 
nyii^ftl-t 1 a. P. of&yMfuu. 
fiyytiXm^ 1 a. of eiyyikXm. 
hyiftin, #f«f, w., («yu/uu) a guide, 




nytifioi, -nftfuuy fiy^fiuiit (fiyaf) I 
lead, guide, conduct, think, ri 
nywfAtuty (^f^«f ) the Tan. • nyn- 
^ofAttof, who will guide us. 

«J^, imp. o/ayet. 

^Stf-av, 2 plup, oftileu 

niiff^ ado,, (fHht) gladly, with 
pleasure, comp* ^^hf, iup. ^- 

nhrty adv., now, already, before 
this. i{iti rns vv»Tot, this very 

^i^ret, adv.t {tup, of n^Mf) most 

a^i^TOt, tup, of fl^iff. 

^7«f, comp* ofhVvs. 

riho^ht fiSt /•• (^^A') pleasure, sweet, 
ness, flavour. 

fi^i/ff uity Vy in^ai) pleasant, sweet ; 

«fj*r, I delight, commonly ^»/mci, I 
am delighted, am glad. 1 ft, p, 
hffiriftfMtit I a, P. r,o'finv» 

if^tXt, imp. of yiXta. 

ft^^oia-fiyit 1 a, P, of ai^ot^at. 

K»/0'r«, adv.y (fTxa^ by liitle) least. 

rjxavtrif 1 o, of uKovtt, 

n»M, ^^Mf I am come, come, am 

rlX&^tf 1 a, oflXavvet. 

*HXt7»et »v, m-s (*HXif. Elis) an 
Elean, a native of Elis, in the 

nXixr^ov, ev, n., electrum, a metal- 
Uc nibftance compounded of four 
parti of gold and one of silver. 

M*t 2 a. oft^x'fia*' 

iki^&Ttfy »f, 0v, Steep, inacces- 

nXittfy ay «y, {mXU% silly) foolish, 
silly, ri kvro v!f nXtii^ fTy«4, to 
be the same thing with folly. 

fikiicia, at, /., (tTX/f, of the same 
age,) time of life, age. 

fikijcitims, ouy m.y (fiki^, of the same 
age) an equal in age. 

^Xt»fy 9v, m., the sun. 

^fca^rtVy 2 a. qf StfAatr&vm. 

fifAiXtifiUtttf adv'f (&fit>.im) care- 

n/ii(tit «f , /«, a day. ii»a fifit^Sfy 
for ten days; Cimiinuance tjt 

time is expressed generally hy the 
accusativey sometimes by t/te gen- 
itive, Hfut })\ rn nfti^ety but at 
fifAtrt^Of, a, »*y {ilfnTf., pi of lyi,) 
our, ra tifAtrt^et (T^ayfAara) 
our affairs. xecKa/e ya^ riuf rfAi^ 

ret) for our affairs turning ou^ 

I eat) half-eaten. 
rifu^a^UKOv, ov, n., {UfAt^yty iet^uxcs) 

a half-daric. 
fif^thhst fiSt Uy {H/tT^vty ^i«) want- 
ing half, half.full. 
hfAioXttf, OS-, •», and a, ov, infcT^vf, 

eXit) half as much again. 
nft^fvs, iiety Vy half, a^retv fifiUta 

(fiti^fi) halves of loaves. 
fifiiMfioXiov, evy n., {^fAi^uty cfioXof) a 

half obolus. 
fific^iyvodvvy imp. of &fA<piy90itt. 
vvffor lay, conjy if ; foUoved by the 

Wi^X^rOy 2 a. M. ofetvix"* 
htxa, adv, when. 
hviox,9Sy eu, m-t {huuy the reins, 

t^et) a charioteer. 
«»?rif, conj.y (^») even if. 
ri^ov, imp, ofii^ie«t. 
a^troy 2 a. M, ofX^iriat, 
^^ovfTOy imp. M. of ki^iet. 
fi^^aa^fitifetf p. }art. P. of ig- 

n^MTtio't, 1 a. oft^fTtUt* 

wfiivUf imp. qfMtAt. 

ij^^avf r«, imp, M, of ma-fidvtfuu. 

^afiiTOy 2 a. M. of itiffiavfAai, 

^^Pf,, I a. P. ofh'it^. 

ii^6r$9, imp. ofiffiiv. 

h^o'dtfAett, and nrrdofMHy -no'tfitaif 
•nfAat, (*frr«fy, less) I am inferior, 
am surpassed, am outdone, am 
overcome. 1 a. P, iirrtiiw. 

Hrrtivt imp. ofttft), 

hvUxVy "^^' {*^"X*f* quJet) quietly. 

^^X^nroy imp* M. of ktvxfiii**. 

^TOVfllff, imp, M* of ittTMI. 

nuXiT^trty imp, of avXi^$fi»i, 
ntfTdfiiXn^f 1 o* qf »vr»f*0Xim. 
iix^trat imp, of i^^fuu. 





iiXa^vxy and ^aXetrra^ us, f.y the 

Suiarog^ ov, m. , (^vij^-xAf) death. 

(ficcvdres) I condemn to death. 
1 a. P, ISetvetTu^nv. 

fiafpxXiuSy adv.^ (^apfaXiog, bold) 
boldly, with confidence, ^ap. 
fuXieui i^iiv {tauToiit) to feel con- 

^fiipptut ^nd fia^ffia/y - »j^«, rtiappnx,a,f 
{Jit^ffost courage) I am bold, take 

iappvvu, and iot^ffvvea^ -vwy i^a^a-ast 
courage) I encourage, animate. 

Qn^vToif^ ouy w., Tharypas. 

0ei<rfov^ and iarrovy adv.^ {Ja^vuv^ 
quicker) more quickly. 

9avfJi,d.Z,a>y SttufAAffUy and §et,V(Aag-9fAaiy 
riSii6fji,&KAy 'ff'fAuiy {JecufAUy a won 
der) I wonder. J o. A* l^ecu- 

SttvfAOiffios, etj ovy {fiavfAat^ei) WOn- 
druus, marvellous. 

SaufAaffTOf^ »j, «», (fietv/tei^M) won- 
derful, surprising. 

@ei\pec»fiveli, uv, m,, (Sei^aKti) the 
inhabitants of Thapsacus. 

0ei\p&Kosy ««,/., Thapsacus, a town 
of Syria, on the Euphrates. 

hoitfAat, 'iff^ofAxtt TtftufAxit {Jixy a 
view) I see. 

h7o(y «, «», (hos) divine. MUu J« 
et7oi ttmi, it seemed, accordingly, 
to be an interposition of the 

fifittoiy 2 a. part M, qfrUn/At, 

ho'jcdfAvtoi, *w, m,, Theopompus, 
an Athenian in the service of 

010;, fli/, m.y God, a god. 

^i«(rf/3fi«, «f,/., {hot, <riP>cj) I wor- 
ship) piety. 

{jStauvrttit) I serve, obey ; cherish. 
K^atrifTit ^h yivwixt hpavivitt, 
to have been most skilful, in- 
deed, in cherishing them, 
h^dvutf, o*r»f, (fifu, I take care of) 
an attendanL 

ei^r«X/«, and BtrrmXimt «f, /, 
I (Bi^^&Xot) Thessaly. 
0t^e&Xos, and $irrSXiti •«'» »«•> «* 

fiiety fivo-ofMUf 1 run. i^of^^ htitt to 

run with speed. 

a view) I view, survey, review. 
SnfiaTofy 0Vy m. , (eif/3«i, Thebes) a 

wild beast) I chase, pursue. 
fin^ivMy ^aty riH^tutcXj -i^un^ {^n^, a 

wild beast) I hunt, catch. Imp. 

yK^tuoy, ifin^tvt9y used to hunt. 
h^iov, 0Uy ft., On^9 a wild beast) a 

wild beast. 
hn^xaty ^xtovfiMi. rihn»»i ^ ^C* 

i a. A. Ux99f. 
fio^Sfiasy ou, m.y a noise, tumult. 
B^x^y xxosy Tbracian. 
B^xl, (fxoty m.y a Tbracian. 
fixates y evy m., a seat, throne. 
fivy&Tti^, fivyari^tf, tuyxr^igy /., a 

Bvfifi^Tovy 0v, n., Thymbrium, a 

city of Phrygia, 

mind) I make angry, provoke, 
incense, p, part. P. nfvfun^ 

fu^xy xiyf.y a door, gate. Xvi rmTf 
fixa-iXtMf iv^xift at the king's 

fvwy fiv^u, rUHxxy TiffifAXi, I sacri- 
fice. ifAti fue/ttf^ thxt iiri fimri" 
xixy to me consulting the aus. 
pices about going against the 

(^<w^<e|) I arm vnth a breastplate. 
p. part. P, Ttfm^fuf/iivas. 
0t0^x%y Axoty m., a breastplate, 

mo fiat y liffofMUy I heal, cure* 
Ixr^os, ovy m.y ilMfutt) a surgeon, 




7^/0;, «, 09f and »ff Off one*s own, 
private, tig ro tSiof, for mj own 

i^iortis, aras,/., (7J/«?) peculiarity. 

tliurtiff »Vy m., (/^/9f) a private 
person, a private soldier. 

TJa/, o/)^ oftThan* 

th^ov^ 'ua^ai^ (Ji^offj sweat) I sweat, 

h^ovf ov, n., {U^og, sacred) a sacred 
thing or place; ra h^x^ the au- 
spices. Ta li^a k^i^^nfAtvett the 
entrails that had been taken out. 

?}}/(£/, ^0'Ar, tTxetf tJficectf I send, throw 
at. M. I make for. In^t tJ 
«|/v»j, throws at him with his 
axe. "nro W avrov, he rushed 
upon him. h«To, ihey rushed. 

ix&vof, tif 0y, (7x6;, I come) able, fit, 
sufficient, oirtvig iKuvtt t^ovreu., 
who will be invested with full 
power, fully qualified. 

*lxoviovt $v, n.y Iconiura, a town in 

?A.>?» »if,/-, a troop, troop of horse. 
xara iXag, in troops. 

iW, conj., that. ?»« ^^, lest ; acfi;. 

7oitf, opt. of itfAU 

iovratv, imper. o/t7fiit, 

l^r^ecerietf ag, /., {IvtvtiT^ofiaty I ride) 

a riding, r^v iirxxa-iav avrHv, 

their riding up and down. 
i^Tsvgy iugy m., (/ViTflf) a horseman. 
i^rxXxoSi fly »v, {'Ixiros) of a horse. 

^v^ufiiv 49'^txrivy a force of ca- 
l^'JCoi^cfAigy «Vy f»., (^iriraf, ^^ofteg) a 

'I-r^rog, flt/, c, a horse. 
Ttf-fttf-/, 3 ;>er». ;;/. o/cT^a. 
U^ftogy 01/, m., an isthmus; the 

Isthmus of Corinth. 
ita-fAiv, 1 pers, pi. of ol^a. 
Ta-av, adv., (Jires) equally, alike. 
7a-ogj »j, ov, equal. Iv i<rt», in even 

'\ffvog,ov,and*lffa-o)f A>y,/., Issus, a 

town in CUicia. 
l^mfAtf triiffUy Xo-rnxUy ^ffrAjAeu, I 

make to stand, stop, halt. 2 a. 

A»t^rfift I stood. if^mg, for 

?^rf)»A>f, standing. 1(rru.vrat, make 
a stand. 

iff'riov, ev, w., {i^rig, a mast) a sail. 

i(rx^eo<f «, 0ir, (iV;^;t/f) strong, pow- 

t^X.'^^Zg^adv.^ (i^X^C^f) strongly; 
very much, exceedingly, se- 

i^X^s, o«s,f., (Jg, strength) strength, 
a force. 

la-Mg, adv., {7a^og) probably, perhaps. 

Ix^hst Sag, m., & fish. 

7;^»/0v, ov, n., {7x*os) a trace. 

7;C»oj, tog, «., a track, trace. 

*lafvia, ag,/., Ionia. 

*la/vixos, It oty (*Ia*y/a) of Ionia, ul 
'latvixeci ireXtig, the cities of Ionia, 
that is, the Greek cities of Ionia, 


xay&6ogyfor *«), uy«6og, 

*«/, for xaroi. 

xaftl^ofAat, xuii^ovfABtiy {xxra, t^0- 
/tai, 1 sit) I sit down ; halt. 
Imp. ixufiiZofiint, and xetfit^ifinv. 

xahviuy xethvinvat, (xara, tu^at, I 
sleep) I lie down to sleep ; am 
idle, am inactive. Imp. xuhv- 
^ov, Ixah'Jicf, and xahiHev* 

xetirihvxraiiM^ -nw, {xetra, ri^ifg, 
^rei^X'') I squander in pleasure. 
1 a. A' x»6rihu9rahva„ aXk* 
0if}l xeJriiv^ainvu, nor, on the 
other hand, did I squander them 
in pleasures. 

xaHnaii 'l&i, (xara, ^xat) I come 
down, reach to ; am fit, proper. 
o7s KotSnxu, whose duty it is. 

xeihfActiy (xfltra, nfjLat, I sit) I sit 
still, am encamped. Imp. ««- 
Hf^riv^ and \xaHfi>nv. 

xa,6i%h,ft. inf. of xafii^u. 

xa6tZ,u, xecfiTffoJy Attic xct^iai, (xxretf 
y^ft/, I seat) 1 seat, place. 

xail^T-nfjLi, xecraffrYi^Uy xaiivrnxet^ 
xaiivrdfAait {xetra, ItrrnfAi) 1 set 
down; station, M. I station 
myself. fitixe* ^* xarairrnffn, 
until he should have restored. 
xariarn iif t«» ^a^iXtiayy was 




established in the kingdom, if 

xaTag^Tfiff^tfAtvett t«i/t»», since 
these things would turn out. 

-Aft,»t^{xareL, i^au) I look down; 
see. Imp, xufitu^tiv. 

xa), conj.f and, both, even, also. 

Keuvuit at9f /., Caenae, a town on 
the Tigris* 

»«iVif, conj., (xat) although. 

xeu^off 0v, m., time, proper time. 

xairoif conj», (xai) and yet. 

xuiuy xavff'fy and xxvffdfimy xixau' 
fiuu, I burn. 1 a. A. txavfu, 
2 a. P, ix&tiv. 

xaxttvaf^ for »«/, txttvcf. 

xaxia-rog^ »», »», {sup. of xxxcf) 
worst, most wicked, vilest. 

xxxJofv, fv, «», {camp, of xaxog) 
worse, inferior to. art xxxUvs 
(for xaxUvts) ti^h that they are 
acting i worse part. 

xxxif, ti, ovf bad, evil, cowardly. 

xaxevpyog^ cu, m., {xaxost t^yo*) an 

xax£s* adv.y {xetxof^ ill. xetxeHf 
itmTv, to injure, damage, ill- 
treat. Cornp* xaxlovy sup, xei- 

xxXAfACf, oVf m., a reed. 

xakiuy xxXi^t^, Attic xxXu, xix- 
Xttxuy ..fAxif 1 call, summon. 
1 a. A» IxxXivet. 

xxkXia^res, ♦», fl», (sup» cf xxXog) 
most honourable, most becom- 

xeiXXoSy toft n., {xaXis) beauty. 

xaXXu^i^fAOS, ov, (xaXof^ «^^, the 
countenance) adornment tig 
xxXXea^t^fitof, for mere adorn- 
ment, for making a display. 

xaXost }), 0y, beautiful ; honour, 
able ; favourable, vdw xaXk 
fifAiv rk U^k ^y, the sacrifices 
were quite favourable to us. 
Comp' xxXXte»f, svp. xaXXta-Tos* 

xaXeHsyodv.t (xxXcs) well; beau, 
tifully. 0Ta>f xaXuf tX^* ^ixuTo) 
that all should turn out well. 
&ffr% xaXais tj(^uv (sai/T^r) o^xf-' 
fiat wtTfi ^xXuyyx frf/»yiiv» so 
that a phalanx in close array 

was well disposed to view on all 

x&Vy for xa), lau 

xaiivfy f/tff, tn.f a robe. 

xavriXtToft ovt ft., {xaTfiX0S, ahuck> 
ster) a, tavern. 

xarUtiy nsif% a capithe, a Persian 

xx^vof^ Wy m., smoke. 

Kx^Tahxiuj as, f, Cappadocia, a 
country in Asia Miiwr^ to the 
north qf Cilicia, 

xa^^ofy 6tf, fn.y a boar. 

xx^lx. as* f'y the heart, vhv ^ It) 
rf xa^liify but that Upon the 
heart, that is, an. erect or inde- 
pendent spirit. 

xa^Tos, ov, m., fruit, the fruits of 
the earth. 

Ka^fof, tuy m., the Carsus, a river 
of Cilicia. 

»a^^fi<) fifffi ita^^at, I dry) hay. 

Ka^TuXog, 01/, /., Castolus, a toum 
in Lydia. 

xarxt prep, governing the gen. and 
ace. With the gen.^ down ; to- 
wards, about; ufith the ace, 
against, on, among, to, as to, 
by, in. ro xaf aiivwsy (f-^^ti) 
the part opposed to themselves. 

xarafiaivft 'fin^o/iaiy /3c/3f}x«, (xa- 
TXy fiaivu, I go) I go down. 
2 a. A. xarifitivy inf. xara^nifai. 

xarayyixXety iXa>, -nyyiXxa^ -fiaiy 
(xarxy ayytXXtt) 1 declare ; dis. 
close, betray. I a. A. xurny- 

xaraytXat^y • &0$fAaij{xaTa^ yiTJiu) 
I mock, ridicule, laugh at, dc. 
spise. \ a. A. xartyiX&^a. 

xarayat^ .$fl#, -»»;c«, '^y/cat, {xara^ 
ayat) I lead down ; bring back, 
restore. Imp. xarviyov. 2 a. A- 

xaTa^aTuvaatf 'Wu, -^i^aff-CMfxa, 
-f^aiy ixarOf ixTaiaet) I con. 
sume. I a. A. xarthavavn^a. 

xara^uMf >^i7^<tf, "Vt^vxay '^iivfMci, 
(xara, Ivf) I make to sink, 
sink. I a. A. xanlv^eu 

xarafiiatfAOt, •Affi/iaty 'Ttfiia/Axty 
{xarky haofiat) I view, survey. 



Imp. zetn0tMfAtiv. x»ri§i»r», 
was viewing the scene. 
xxrazecivof, 'K&vHy (xar«, xaivety I 
kill) I slay, kill. 2 a. A. f^ri- 

xarotKetiait •xiva'at, and xavfofAat^ 
-xixavjtetf -fitai^ (xar«, xuiu) I 
burn down. 1 a. A. xarixaufa, 

xetrecxn^ufera/, and 'Xn^vrrat^ -xn- 
QU^M, 'Xtxn^u^a, •y/taty {xetra, 
xn^ufffu) I procliim. 1 a. A' 

xee^raxo^TUt -^<v, -xixo^etj .^^a/, 
{xotrk xoTToi) I cut down, cut 
to pieces. 1 a. A. xarixoypx. 
2 a. jP. xetrixtxuVf in/, xaretxo- 
^n^ai, p, p, fU xaraxixoy^O' 
fAcii ; xaruxixi^to'fien, will be 
. cut to pieces instantly. 

xarctxriivUf 'xriviuy 2 p, "ixTovu^ 
(xar«, xTfivor) 1 kill, slay. 1 a. 
A' xetrtxruva* 2 a. A* xee.rix' 

xaraketfitTv, 2 a. ir^f, qf xaraka/n- 

xxretketfAB&VMy 'Xn^oftMt^ xaniXti- 
<P»y 'fAfietty (xarut KetfA^&vm) I 
seize upon ; find ; surprise. 2 a. 
A, xariXafiov, xetruXtiypofAivot 
riy to seize upon some part. 
fiftas xetraX&fitTv, to overtake us. 

xaraXiyMt -Xi|«, 'XiXfyfAat, (xar«, 
Xiyo)) I reckon, consider. 

x«T«X8/Vft», 'Xsty^e0, 2 p, 'XiXatVK, 
'XiXii/tfAatf (»«T«, Xf/Va>) I leave 
behind. 1 a. P, xariXti(p^yit. 

xecraXtvu^ •Xivffett (xara, Xiuuy I 
Stone) I stone to death. I a. 
P» xtt-riXtufffinv* abrou ixiyou 
^iVfxfrof xetraXiVff'^yut, he hav- 
ing narrowly escaped from being 
stoned to death. 

xaTaXri\pefAitev,Jlt. part- M» of net' 

xaraXXdafott and xaruXXoirTUy 
-^«, -inXXu^a, 'yfAKiy (xaruy «X- 
Xa.ff0Vy I change) 1 change ; re- 
concile. 2 a. p. xarfiXX&yfi*. 
xaTaXXayt)s Tty but having been 
reconciled to him. 

xetrttXvtty -Xv^or, -XfXSxdi, -/(mc/, 
(»e(r», Xvm) I make «n end of; 

unloose beasts of burden, halt. 
1 a. A' xartXDo'ec. 
xaT»fit&0t7vy 2 a. inf of xaraftMfm 

(xetra, fiavifdvet) I learn well, 
observe. 2 a, A» xetrifA&hv. 

xareiveiat^ -ictf'ar, -Hfitixay -^a/, (xa- 
TUy Vital, I perceive) 1 observe, 
perceive. \ a. A* xarivWa. 

xecrctvTi^i^ecs^ adv»^ {xxra «yrifri- 
^as, opposite) over against; used 
as a prep, governing the gen, 

xecra^ifAVM, -vift^Uy -vfTtf^^a, 
-^i^rifAfiaty (»ara, TtfAVof) I send 
down. 1 a. P. xaTt^ifi(p^nv. 

xxTa^tT^oUf -u^M,-'Ti^ir^Mxat-fAeu^ 
{xara ^ir^a) I Stone to death. 
1 a. P. xecrtvir^M^nv ; inf, xa- 

xttravtnhattii 'in^ofieuy -^i^yHnxet, 
(xetrety ^fiiuMy I leap) I leap 
down from. 1 a. A* xaririf- 

xara^^a^utvy 1 a, opt, JEolic of 

xetretirpciag'Mf and xara^rpdrrM, 
'9'^a^My •9rtv^&x»n 'yfteu, {xaruy 
v^dg-^u) I accomplish, achieve. 
V cu A, xarix^dl^, 

xarafftvd^Ut -A^m, 't^xiv&xa, -o^- 
fAatf {xetrky fxivd^M, I prepare) 
1 furnish, improve. 

xaraffxrivoMt -mvity -t^xmotxay (««-> 
T-a, ffxnvri) I take up my quar- 
ters. 1 a. A, xarifxmeiftu 

xararxoieiaiy -ffxi^afutt, -iffxtftfMU, 
{xotrky ^xo^iet) I view, recon- 
noitre. 1 a, M* xart^xtypd- 

ixetroif wdui) I pull down. 1 a, 

P, xartffTrdvSfiv, 
xarao'T^iipttf -«'r^f^/'A>, -^vrpo^my -t*"- 

T^afAfAXty (^xetrdy fT^i(pat) I over- 
turn. M, 1 subdue. 
xararuvMy -rtvZ, -Ttr&xa, 'fi^h 

ixara, rtiwy I Stretch) I stretch ; 

strive earnestly, contend. 1 a, 

A, xariruta. 
xurariftyuy -ri/KAl, 'TtrfAtixtt, 'fMU, 

(xttrky rifitm^ I cut) I cut up, 




cut. J^up, P» itartrir/AftfAw. 
3 pers. pi' KetTtrtTfifiyro* 

(Ketreiy riftifit) I place down, 
jjf. I lay down for myself, lay 
up, deposit. 2 a. M. xarift/ttiv. 
Tfiv ^ikiety xecrtSifAiSuy we have 
deposited our friendship. 

xartt^oty 2 a., (xaro, iT^tfy) I looked 
down upon, observed, tub), xa- 

xttrix&n^ 2 a. of xttrxxxUtt* 
xetTtXti(p^ti^xv, \ a* ^, of xara- 

xetTt^ifA^^n, I a. P. of xaret- 

xart^yei^ofAaSy -Aa'afAm, -s/^yar^ai, 
(xara, \^yaZ,ofAat) I effect, ac 
complish. f«r/ ^i ro xart^ya^to'' 
6tu £v Wiiu/Aoifty and for effect- 
ing what he dcHired. 
xxna^affSny 1 a. P. of xetru^XM* 
x»Twrn% 2 a. tf xaiifrrifAi* 
xario'Tfiftyy 1 a. of xafifrtift'i* 
xaTtriTfttiirTa, plvp» P. of xartt- 

xaTix,**i *«^«5*'f and xeirafx,^^''^ 

hold, restrain. xari;^0^iy0i, com. 

pel led. Imp, xmru^^v. 2 a. 

xxvfMif &TOf, n.<, (xaiat) heat. 
Kauff'T^oSt ovt f, Caystrus, a town 

in thrygia. 
>ciyXi*f* »«, c, millet. 
xiiTuEi, xtifofAaiy I lie. Imp. txtt 

fiitiV' txitfre It atvrSfi lay dead 

upon him. 
xtx00^fi7ifAif6vs, p, part. P. qf xm*- 


Ktkatvxiy A/y, f, Celsenae, a town 

in Phrygia. 
xsXiveitf -»•«, xfxcXivxA, •Vfteu, I 

order, advise, request. 1 a. A, 

xtvosy If, flv, empty, vain, ground. 

Ki^xaotf £wy m.y Cerami, a toum in 

xtffxvvD/M, and xt^xfwty xt^tUoff »<• 

x^mfUi, I mix. 1 a. A, Ixi^dfx; 

part, xi^&wxf. 
xi^me, mrof, «•;, a*;,*!*, a horn ; the 

wing of an army. ra ^t^» 

(fti^n) rou xi^arosy the right of 

the wing. 
»t^^a<VA>, 'dveii and x»(ivf»fitu, xi- 

xi^'iiixu, {xi^los) I gain. 
xi^aXtMTi^og, «, «», {comp* of xt^- 

^xXios, profitable) more profit- 

xi(^9St ««f» w., gain ; pay, ri xarx 

fiiiva «if Jflf, monthly pay. 
xt(pxkxkynfi fis, tSy {xi(pdk9iy xXytt 

pain) causing headache. 
x%(p&Xnt *itifi *h® head. 
»ti^f|, vxasy m.y {xrt^uffwet) a herald. 
xrt^vffffuy and xn^VTTat, -^a*, »««n- 

gy^^a, -yfAut, 1 proclaim. 
KtXixia, xf, f, Cilicia, a ;)rot'tnce 

in Asia Minor, 
K/Xi^, i>0;, m.y a Cilician. 
Kiki^ffXy nfy /., a Cilician woman. 

v0$) 1 incur danger. 1 o. A, 

xiv^vv»Sy tfVt nu, danger. 
KAfftv<tf(, 0^tff, m., Cieanor, one of 

the Greek generals, 
KXix^;^ost •<'« fn., Clearchus, one 

of the Greek generals, 
xvnfust i^os, /., {xfvfiifiy the leg) a 

greave, leggin. 
xotfAxoty ^teoiylxuiMt!) I lull to sleep. 

M, and p, I fall asleep, rest. 

I a, p. ixodfit^^nv, 
xcXa^Vy xoX&ff»t^ and xok&acfuu^ »f. 

xo/.xg'fAaty I punish, chastise. 

«y xoXavg^it., you will be likely 

to chastise. 
KdAtfff'ff'ft), ^y, y. , Colosss, o lotim 

m Pkrygia. 
xouo^TOfy 0Vy m., (««y/f,dust, S^vOfu, 

1 rouse) a clouddf dust. 
xoT^ost •«'»/«t dung. 
«««T«, xa-v^fl*, xixtfimt •fifuity I GUt, 

Ktff^4,rfl, »jj,/, Corsote, a town in 

xofffAtcity -n^tt^ xtxUfAfixa^ "H-'tti (x«r- 
fiet) I adorn, decorate. 1 a. P. 
ixoff(An$nfy inf, x9fffAn4h«u, 




Mffidf^ 01/, m,, an ornament^ deco- 
xtu^osy fit ••'» light. ;^«gTfly zcu^ou, 

with hay. 
x^dvoft i»St n»% ixuaatj the head) a 

x^airiofj -Vff'ott xtx^etrttxa, -/cMe/,(»^a. 

Tdg) 1 rule, am lord of; con- 
xodrtffriSy fi% tfv, (^x^drof) best, 

ablest, most skilful ; noblest. 

^ravra/y (x«ra) Triiira x^dri^rosy 

the best of all in every thing; 

used as a sup, of dy&iosf comp. 

x^drtf, i9s, 71., strength, ayei x^«- 

res, xara x^dregf with -all their 

might, at full speed. 
x^avyriy ns* /., (x^a^ft», I call) a 

shout, shouting. 
x^tdst &TdSt &»St Mf^ n.« flesh. 
»^siVra>v, nnd x^urratv, a»v, »», («^«- 

T«f ) stronger, more powerful ; 

x^iirrat, for x^urreva, ace. «. of 

x^t/JtdfvDfAi, rarefy x^tfAdvvSet, x^i- 

fitAa^Uf Attic x^ifAu^ I suspend, 

hang up. \ a. A. Xx^ifA&vtt, 
x^ffi^ fisyfy a well, sprmg. 
KpfiSt nrosy m.y a Cretan. 
*^i^«, fis, ft barley ; generally used 

in the plural. 
xoitMf x^hu^ xix^Txay -fMUy I judge, 

consider ; distinguish. 1 a. A* 

x^ioft oUf m.y a ram. 
x^ig'iSy iatff /, (x^/ya;) a trial. 
x^VTTUy x^v\pMt xix^S^ety -ftfAtU, I 

hide, conceal. 
xTdofMtt, xTn^afietif xixTfif^ett, and 

txTtifAui, 1 acquire, gain over. 

1 a. M. ixr^ff'etfAnv. ^f xixrria'h^ 

which you have acquired, which 

you possess. 
xrtiva/f xrtvSf 2 p. txrcnty I slay, 

xrfifAat aros, fl., (xrddfieu) a pos* 

session, property, 
YLrn^tasn ou* m., Ctesias, a Greek 

historian and physician^ in the 

service ofArtaxerxeu 

Ki^va;, «f/, m., the Cydnus, a river 

in Cilicia, 
xi/xXof, oVf m,, a circle. xt/xXa>, 

round about, on all sides. 
xuxXouy 'Mffat, xtxvxXMxa, -fietty 

(xt;xA0$) I surround, encircle. 

1 a. F, ixvxXM^fiv 
xvxXtiffts, tMf, /., (^xvxXou) a sur- 

rounding, enclosing. 
Kv^uos, «, tf>, {Kv^os) of Cyrus. 
Kv^os, 9Vy m., Cyrus. 
xukvuf 'Ovuy x«x»Xi/x«, .i7/cea<, I 

hinder, prevent. 1 a. A, ix^- 

xufirit ns^fy a village. 

Xa/Stf/, 2 a. opt, A. ofXetfA^dfu, 

Xdi^n, adv., (^Xetv^Avai) secretly, 
without the knowledge of ; /rc- 
quently used as a prep, govern^ 
ing the gen. 

AetxsietifAovtos, «v, fn., (A«xf^a/^<tfy, 
Lacedaemon) a Lacedaemonian. 

AdxMVf at9»Sy ni., a Laconian, a La- 

Xetfitfi&vM, Xn^ofAKU hXti^et, .-fAfttn 
and XiXfifAfAou, I take, receive ; 
catch, come upon. 2 a. A. tXA^ 
fiav. I a. P. iXn^^nv. aurohg 
Xn^6h»iy that ibey might be 

Xetfi^^irtiff rnraty /., {XafAV^h, 
bright) brilliancy, splendour. 

X«v^&y«v, and XnfM, XdVa*, 2 p. Xi- 
Xniety XiXti^fceu, I lie hid, escape 
notice. M. I forget. 2 a. A* 
tX&Sof. T^t^ifASvof iXdtfia9t9, was 
secretly maintained. XahTvai/m 
rov kneiXiuvy to go away without 
his knowledge. 

xXyu, X%\aiy XtXiyfAouy I say, speak. 
'iXiyi fiapptTt, baide him take cour. 
age. Xtyifiivoty accounted, re- 

Af /Vttf, Xu\pMf 2 p. XiXfiiTa, xiXtt/i- 
fiat, I leave, abandon. M. I 
remain behind, ^ixog nfuv «v« 
itif X«Xfi>^sr«/, straightway no 
friend will be left to us. XtXif 
irt»f iiify had abandoned. 




XtXuypiratf p.. p. ft, of Xi/v*. 

\t\otveitSy 2 p. part, of X»iV«. 
XiXt/^«»»ij, p. part, P, of Xvat, 
Atovrfy»Sf oi/, TO., a native of Leon- 
tini, a town in Sicily, 

with a white cuirass. 
Xivxos^ )}, 0y, white. 
>.n<p6i7fa^ and Ajj^^cvrs; , 1 a, part, 

P, of kafifiavM, 
Xfi^^nvetiy 1 a. inf, P, of kaf£(i»vat. 
XiVflf, fly, TO., a stone. 
Xtftes, 9u, TO., hunger, famine. 
XcyiZfOfAitt^ 'KffofAtct^ Attic koyioufAtci^ 

XiXoytff'fAeti^ (Xoyog) I reckon, 

calculate; expect. 
Xoyoi^ <jy, TO., {xiyu) a word ; rer 

mark, report ; narrative, ovaiets 

fAiv Xoyaisy by what arguments. 
X«y;^»», fisf /., a spear-head, a 

Xot^rosy »j, flv (xil-ru) remaining. 

(xar«) TO Xaicrav, henceforward. 
Xd^flf, oVf 7N., a ridge, a hill. 

the rank of a Lochagns, a cap- 

Xox°^yoi^ ovj TO., {Xo^os^ fiyiefiai) 
the commander of a company, a 

Xcx«St ^t^j w»«, a body of troops, a 

AyJ/a, us, /., Lydia, a province in 
Asia Minor, 

AviieSf «, fl», (Ax/^/«) Lydian. 

Avxetta, uv, n., (Awxaraj, Lycaan) 
the festival of Lycaean Jupiter. 
rk Auxata (ii^a) i6yffi^ celebrat- 
ed the festival of Lycaean Jupi- 

AvxuovU, eci,f,, Lycaonia, a pro- 
vince in Asia Minor, 

Avxios^ «f, TO., Lycius. 

Xvxee., 0v, TO., a wolf. 

XuiAttUofAett^ Xvfjitt.vovfjc.eciy XtXvfctur- 
fiecij (XvfAfij an outrage) I injure, 
mar. J XufAaivofAii» rn* fr^a^/y, 
whose enterprise we are mar- 

Xu^iaHf -«*"«, XiXvTnxXy -fieit, {Xv- 
«•»», grief) I vex ; annoy, Xu- 


XvTtifot, «, •», {Xusrn, grief) trou^ 

XvM, Xvrof, XsXvxa^ -tiftai, I loose ; 

break down. Xvttv riif yi^v(«iv, 

to break down the bridge. 1 a. 

A. iXCg'et, 


fAtty adv.f in protestations and oaths^ 
by, no by. /«*« toIs ^tevs, by the 
fAttSoi^ 2 a, opt, of fAatSeivat, 
Maieivi^aSf 0t/, TO., the Maeander, a 
river in the south of Lydia. 

fiaitofittif fiteevevfAat^ 2 p. ftifAnfttt I 
rave, am mad. 2 a. P. ifAUftiv. 
ftaAvTts, having become mad. 

fiaxec^iTTOSf *i, 0», {^fiaxet^il^etf I 

bless) deemed happy, enviable. 

fAux^off etf Off (fAtixas) long; far. 
COmp, fAttx^ori^os, sup, fActx^tra- 
Ttff , and fAOLWoii^ fA^xi^rtf, {xa- 
ra) fAax^oTS^af fAtv (i^fly) by a 
longer road, indeed. Afg fAux^e- 
rarovs^ as long as possible. 

fAaXa, adv,y very, comp, /AciXXet, 
sup, fAxXiO'Tec. irdvrat in fAttXiff- 
ret, certainly the most of all 
men. fAaXXov^ more, rather. 

fAUvUrity 2 a, part. P. of fAaivafAttt, 
fAOtvioiVU^ fAttHfifAftty /At/Adfitixay I 

learn, inquire about. o^Mg fAti- 
6ot ra 9ri^i I7^d|/»0t/, that he 
might inquire about the fate of 

fiavng, tvg^ TO., ^fAaifOfAai^ a sooth- 

Ma^fl-yaf, at/, TO., Marsyas, a fa- 
hulous musician; the Marsyas, 
a branch of the Mceander. 

Md^xecg, «, TO., the Mascas, a 
branchy or channel of the JEu- 

fAua-Tog, flw, TO., the breast. 

fAtt.xtt't^a.y »gy ft a large knife, sa- 

fAax*if «»/•> a battle ; field of bat- 
tle, xai retvret avx ivt fta^n* itfv* 
TA^y, and that, too, when they 
were not going to battle. 




fitas, Attic fi»x,«f^/^h fAifAeix*i- 
fAtu, {fta,xn) I fight, contend. 1 
a. M, ifABt^iffaunv, 

fitiyaXo^^tToiff adv,y {^(AtyttXtT^t- 
iTfis, magnificent) magnificently, 
on a splendid scale. 

Mtyaatt/ff tuft m., a Megarian, a 
native of MegSra. 

fitiyetSf fAtyeiXrif fciyeij great. COmp, 
fjtil^atVy sup, fAtyifTos, TO fih ra 
fiiyuXa v/»ay, indeed, his greatly 
surpassing, us fAtyivros «v ilns, 
70U might he as great a odc as 
possible. (x«T«) ri fiiv ftiyiO'- 
T»», chiefly. 

yityet(ps^>nSi ou, m., Megaphernes, 
a Persian nobleman. 

/AiytSos^ tos^ n., iiAiyitf) greatness, 

/jtiyt^rov^ adv,^ (^fiiya;^ chiefly. 

fttf^Jbr fAiret, 

/Aifilffrnfjit^ fiira^rnffUf fAiStvrfixa^ 
fjLi6i<rrotfjt.a,i^ (^it«, 'Iffrnfn) I re- 
move. 2 a. A, fjLirUmv, 1 a. 
M, fi.tT%ffTri^eif*nv. fAtrag'rfig'eC' 
fttvos uvrovsy having caused them 
to withdraw. /mit«»^t«»t8?, hav- 
ing withdrawn. 

fitii^vfy uty flv, greater, comp, of 

fittivavTts, 1 a, part. off*(vej, 

fAuoviy for fAtlevti^ nom. pi. offAuetv. 

fAu^dxioVf oUf n., {f^iT^oi^i a boy) a 

fittietvy »v, «», less ; fewer ; an irre- 
gular comp, of fAixpoi] in fctv 
fnUvsy still fewer m number. 
fAt7of tx'^^y having the worst of 
it. xa) fjtt7efy or less. 

^fX«v/«, af, f^ (^fX«f, black) 
blackness ; a black cloud. 

fAiXiiy ft-iXr^aruy fAtfiiknxtf xmpers,^ 
it concerns, it is a care, 'or^ 
avry fjiixoi^ that he would take 

(AtXirin^oraroSf «, »», (/EtiXir>»*tff, 
practising diligently) most dili- 
gent in practising. 

ftiXUfii nstft panic. 

^iXX», (At>.Xnfv, I am about, in- 
tend. imp,%(AtXX$f^andiifAi\kn^ 

fii/i,fM»tf p, inf. P. of fitifitvn^M6f. 
fAtfAv^Oy 2 j)er8, 8. p, opt. P, of fii- 

fAifA^o/Aeu, fAi/A'^cfAetiy I blame, find 

fault with. 
fAtfy conj.y indeed. 
fAivrot^ conj.y (fAtfy rai) however, 

fAtvMf /Atvuy (AifAivnxa^ I remain, 

continue. 1 a, A. ifAuva. at 

ffvrcyiia,) fAtvivratv, let the truce 

MfvA^v, MVtff, w,, Menon, one of the 

Greek generals of Cyrus, 
f^i^of, i«f, R., a part, portion ; a 

detachment of troops. 
iA%a-nfAfi(nety as, /., {fA\ff0Sy hfAi^a) 

mid-day ; the south, 
^itf-oy, at/, n., {^fAi^es) the middle, 

centre. »» fAivv^ between. 
fAtvosy fly «», middle, atrav ^i r« 

fAi^ofy and the whole space be- 
fito-rist *}« «y, full, filled. 
fAtTu^ prep.t governing the gen, and 

ace. ; with the gen., with, along 

with ; with the ace., after, since, 

fAtrayiyveua-xM, and •ytvMtrxaij -yvM" 

fftfAOCty -iyvuxuy -fffAttiy {f^ifety yt' 

yvufxu) I change my mind. 2 

a. A, fAiriyvw, fiirayvovrts, 

having changed their minds. 
fzirafAtMif -/AtXvff-iif (fAtra, fAtXtt) 

it repents. 
fAiTcclif, adv., (fAtra) in the midst, 

fAtrd^ffA^Tost »Si »v, {fA%rky ^ifAvreS) 

sent for. 
fA%ra.9ri(ATUy "rifA-^M, -^i^ofA(pa^ 

"TiviftfAatt ((Mira, vrifA^at) I send 

away after. M. I send for. 
fAiTcta-rdvrtSy 2 a. part. A, of fAt- 


fAtraffTfiffufAivosy 1 a. part, M. of 


(AiTiet^ttS, OS, d», (/t«iT«, Kiu^ety a 

suspending) aloft. 
(Atr^iots, adv,, {/AiT^ioi, moderate) 

moderately, temperately. 
f/tix(h <^nd fti;ciis, adv., until, as 

far as, unto. fAtx^t Tn$ f^^x^h 




to the field of battle ; frequently 
used as a prep, governing me 

fthy adv.^ not. 

fiiij conj., lest. 

fjLfihiis^ fAvi^ifAioe,, /Kt}^f>, (^fA*i^^^ nor, 
ui) no one, none. /Atihlvy no- 

M}}^/ae, «;, /., Media, a country in 

/inxiri^ adv.y (/ttn, •«) no more, 
no longer. 

fAtiKoSi *9Si n,t length. 

fAtiVt conj.f indeed, truly, however. 

fAri9i fAfivof, 7/t., a month, rov fAfi^cs^ 
each month. 

ft,ti¥vuj -vffv^ fAtfAnvvxcty -vfiKiy I de- 
clare, point out. \ a. A, IfAn- 

fAfiiroTiy adv.y {fAti, vert) never. 

/MijTi, conj. (fih, «) ana not, nei- 
ther, nor. 

fAvtrn^^ fitiTt^ae, ftvTeos^ /i, a mo- 
ther, ace. 8. and pi. not contract- 

fAH^avuMf commonly fAn^ecieitfAttiy 
-na-ofAuty fitfAtixavfifMtiy {^nx^- 
»^, a contrivance) I contrive. 


MiJaj, fltf, m,y Midas, a king of 

Mi^Pi^eirris, »v, m„ Mithridates^ a 
follower of Cyrus. 

ftix^tSt », »*i little. 

Mikv(ri0Si »t/, wi., (MtXinraf) a Mile- 
sian, a native of Miletus. 

MtXtia-ioSf «, »», (MiX^ros) Mile- 

MikfiTosy 9Vy /•» Miletus, a Greek 
town in Ionia, 

MiXroKv^riSi avt *"•> Miltocythes, a 

/Aifi9inf»Mf fitf tifu, fiifAvrifAeiiy I re- 
mind, M.y I recollect, remem- 
ber, plup. P. ifAt/AnnfAnv ; subj. 
fiifivtiffAat ; opt, fittfiVM/btrifj ^0, ^C, 

inf.f fAtfAMYiffixt, 

fiiviihtwia^ tt%yfy (^fittfiofy ^i^ttfti) a 
paying of wages. 


fit^^ifi fl», w., pay, hire, a reward. 
fAifSou lfyf»«, for hire. 

^r^tf<tf, et^aty fictfiU^atxa^ •ttfAttt^ {fuf- 
6ig) I let out for hire ; M,, I 
hire, engage at a price. 1 a. P, 
ifAi'rfiuSfif. fit^§6tfiiiva$ ti ovk ixi 
r»uTai t^x^af, and they said that 
they had not been engaged for 
this purpose. 

ftfa^ /Kmf,/., amina ;=£4, Is. 3d. 

x0f), I bear ill-wiU, bear a grudge 

fAotovt adv., (fiivas) only. 

fiovosy tij 0v, alone. 

Mv^iaiii^tSt 9Uj /., Myriandms, a 
town in Syria. 

fAupiagj aiofy f.y (fiv^iaf) the num- 
oer of ten thousand, a myriad ; 
a countless host. 

(Au^ios, «, M, countless; ten thou- 
sand. iff^)s fiv^ia xai rir^»x»- 
f/oc, ten thousand four hundred 
heavy-armed men. 

Mv^iosj a, «», (Mu^of) Mysian. 

Mv^ee, avj 771., a Mysian, a natiTe 
of Mysia, in Asia Minor. 

vaveLPx*fi ^*^i {**vfi ^iX") '^ admi- 

v«t/j, vaifj Attic nifSi f, a ship. Attic fUtg, 

fKug-iTo^oSi Off »», {fxyf, «••{»«) na- 

vavrSxosy »j, «v, {yavs) belonging to 
a ship. 2v¥etfiif vavrtxhfi a naval 

»i«>/V»tff, «v, »!., (vUf, young) a 
young man. 

vifitMj vifiuy ntifitnxa, -fixtf I share. 
J/., I graze. vf/UMvrtf, were graz- 

n^iXtiy ns, /., (ti^ofy a doud) a 

vtMTi^ofy «, avy {comp, of/t0t young) 

til, adv.y by, yes by. 

vriiSy nom, pi. Attic, of tetus. 

9n^»ff «v, f.f an islana. 




N/»«^;^;«<, •!/, m., Nicarchns. 

yTxdatf -ri^et^ viv/Ktixa^ -fitatf {*fxfi) 
I conquer, am victorious over, 
surpass, ra ir%vTet ftxeit^ that 
they were completely victorious. 

»/»>», ns, /., victory. 

ftxMtv, and nKcufij pres, opt of w 

tofioft *T, ov, and ag^ ovj illegitimate. 

ftftl^M^ vofAteHj vsvcfitxay -O'fiat^ (vo- 
fAos) I judge, deem, consider. 
Ktf/Mi^sTs, be assured. 

fOfAoSf 0f/, m.f (vt/UA>) an usage, cus- 

fiaSf *iov^ and 90VS, itevy m., the 
mind; attention. 

vvv, adv.y now. 

vvl, vvxToSf /., night. 

S« >»/«?, *£/, TO., Xenias, one of the 
Greek generah of Cyrus, 

^sv/x0f , I}, «!*, and tSi tfV) (^('«$) mer- 
cenary. Tflu ^sv/xfl?, (^a-T^ariu- 
fitarof) of the hired troops. 

^ivflf , ay, Tw., a guest, friend ; a mer- 
cenary soldier. 

SsvA^ofy, avToSi TO., Xenophon. 

Sif^nsi ^f* ^'j Xerxes, king of Per- 

^tl^aiyUf ava?, M^n^ocff/Aaty and i|»)- 
^afjLfjiitt^ {In^hi dry) I dry. 

^/^0f, f0;, n., a sword. 

^uXi^ofAat^ iVfl/ttflSi, ($«Xtf») I gather 

^vxhosj tij 8*, {l^vXd>) made of wood, 

|yX«», tfc;, n., wood ; a pole ; wood- 

It/v, see ffht, with its compounds. 

0, n, r j, article f the. « /v^y, the one ; 

i Tt, the other. »! fiU, some ; 0/ 

llf others. 
ofioXoff 01/, TO., an obol ; a coin of 

the value of rather more than 


c^tf n^i, rihj («, It) this; such; 

the following. 
eiiiff avj f.f a way, road, march. 
flVsy, adv. whence, from which. 
oVfyTs^, adv, (tfVfy) whence, 
flf. da^. of o5, 
tt^a, 2 /?., //. lUofAMf I know. 2 

plup, ^^nv, X^i** uvtraiy will 

be grateful, 
dfxa^t, ac?v., {^otx9Sy T%) homewards. 
olxuoT&Tdf^ »}, 0y, (fl/xtr^;, intimate) 

very intimate. 
oixiTfiSj cVf TO., (dlxAf) a domestic. 
alxiMy nvuy ifxnxee.^ -f*^*^ {oixos) I 

inhabit, dwell, live. a«»t7r», was 

tixiety ccSf f.^ (^cixes) a house. 
oixo^oftiuf WMf ifxohofi.nxet^ 'A^^'t 

{otxof^ VtfiM^ I build) I buUd a 

house, build. 
«?»«/, adv,y {^oixos) at home. 
olxovofAOSy oUy C. (^oJxaSi ^If*^^) & II^A- 

tfTxtf;, 01/, TO., a house. i^V aTxav, home. 
oixru^vy -Ti^6», (tfTxTtff, pity) I pity, 

1 a. A, MXTii^a. 
01 fiat f for oiofitett, 
oltogf ovy m,, wine. 
eiofiiatf and oifAui, otnffofAetiy I think. 

imp, fofAfiv, and £fAnv' the con- 
tracted form of the pres. and 

imp. is used only in the 1 pers, s, 
6t6V9r%^y adv.f {»7»g) as, just as. 
olovy adv. J {eiios) as. 
oJogf 0(«, eJo9f such as, what. 070; ri, 

able. 6l^» »ietf a proper season. 
0?00'«ri^, 0i«{rf^, olcf^i^y (^^'^) such 

as, which. 
0?0'i/, ft. of ^i^«. 
eif^a, 2 joer*. «. ofotta. 
oUtos^ 0t/, TO., [p1<rt»^ft. of ^i^ti) an 

olx^lJi-a-i^ i?r0^0t/, 0f;^a>x0( and^x^'fteti 

olx^fAKi and alxnp'»t, I go, am 

gone. Mn/>. y;^;0^«». y;cir0 «a^ 

cXai/ya>v, he rode off. 
ixt'njf f90'<tf, (cxvofj slothfulness) I 

hesitate, fear, am afraid. 1 a. 

A, Mxvriff'a, 
ixra/^ adj. indecl.^ eight. 
SXk^^ost ovy TO., (SxxvfAty I destroy) 

destruction, death. 




iXIydgy fly «v, few. 

ikxaff eihsi /., (7Xx«, I draw) a 
ship which is towed ] a merchant- 

cXas^ ti, 07, whole, entire. 

*0>.vv6ioi^ ou, TO., ('OxW«f, Olyn- 
thus) an Oljnthian, a native of 
Olynthus, a town in Macedonia. 

ifiixigf fly 0y, {*f^osy the same) 

ifcakus^ adv., (^efi&Xoe) in an even 
line, in good order. 

CfJtVVfAlf and CfAVVat, iftOVfACUf OfiM- 
fCOKK, OfUUf^OfAetl, and ifAtUftOffiMl, 

I swear. 1 a. Jl. AfAova, 

ofAalus, adv., (SfiMcs, like) in like 
manner, like. 

ofitoXeyiai, t^vat, Mftakiynxtt, 'f^'^h 
(ofitig, the same, xiyat) I admit, 
confess, plup. P. MfAoXoytifttiv. 

ifAoXoyovfAiiiets, adv., {ifAoXoyiui^ 

ifiiffat, 1 a. inf. of SfA*v(At, 

i/MT^«9'i^os, «v, TO., {ift'Os, the same, 
r^««*i^«, a table) a table-compa- 

iftau, adv., {ifitis, the same) toge- 
ther ; together with, along with. 

ofAvs, conj., {ofA9s^ the same) never- 
theless, notwithstanding. 

0y«/cea, Arse, n., a name ; renown. 

tftof , 01/, c, an ass. 

onTut, pres. part, of tlfu. 

S^os, los, n., (ilvf, sharp) vinegar ; 
acidulous drink. 

•«•»», adv., whither, whithersoever. 
0!r»» Jy»«r0y, in whatever way 
you can. 

Sxi^fii*, adv., behind, in the rear ; 
sometimes used as a prep, go- 
verning t/ie gen. 

o<rtff6o<pvXaK'iot, fj^or, (oTTifSiv, <pv- 
Xa^fM) I guard the rear, form 
the rear-guard. 

»«*Xi^ft», tfu, w'rXXxttt -vfieti, (oflrXair) 
I arm. M. I arm myself. 

avXtfftf, tuSi /., (0'«'X«^«) equip- 
ment. o^xUtatSt warlike equip- 

ivrXfrns, av, TO., (0«rX0y) a heavy- 
armed soldier. 

the art of war ; military evolu- 

09rXa9, 0Vf n., a weapon ; pL arms. 

iv'ifiv, adv., (tw) whence. 

oTTot, adv., whither, whithersoever. 

ivaTaf, a, ov, (^Ttttf) what like ; 
such, iiratot Tt, whatsoever. 

i^oeros, f), «», {jri^os^ as many, as 
numy as. 

09'oTav, adv., (Mrt, «y) whenso- 
ever, as soon as. 

mTt, adv., («••«) when, when- 

o^ov, adv.j (jraZ) where, wherever ; 

l^r»s, If, Of, (ivraet, I roast) roast- 
ed ; burned. 

0ir»f , conj.^ {*»*t) l»ow, as ; that, in 
order that, ovx iertf cfretg, it 
cannot *be that. 

i^aet, S^pofAat, iu^a»a, -ifutt, and 
eifAfAat, I see. 0^2? frvyfos, 
gloomy of aspect, imp., iv^f. 

»eO^» "^j/m anger- i^y^, in anger. 

o^yi^en, iff 01, Attic o^yioi, ^^Txm, 
-fffieti, (opyfi) I make angry, ir- 
ritate. ^. I am angry. 

o^yvta, as, f., a fathom. 

o^itos, «, Of, and OS, «y, {o^os) 

o^^os, fly Of, {o^fvfAi, I raise) straight, 

ooSaosy ov, TO., (S^fDftt, I raise) the 
dawn, daybreak. 

o^^eis, adv., (0^^0f ) rightly, justly. 
otix otitis, without cause. 

0i^x0;, ou, TO., an oath. fifi,7f 0Vx0i;( 
yiyifftfcifovs, that there nave 
been oaths between us. ol Suif 
o^xet, the oaths by the Grods. 

h^fAKot, fiffv, S^ftfixot, 'fiat, {i^fitfi) 
I rouse; set out, rush. 1 a. 

A. oi^fAflffOt. plup. P. a^ftflfAflf. 

o^/jL%u, fi^et, {offtos, a roadstead) I 

lie at anchor. 
o^ftriy fiSy /., (.Sffvfit, I raise) an 

impulse, if o^/t^, on the point 

of setting out. 
^O^onrasy and' O^ofTfis, ov, m.,Oron- 

tes, a Persian. 
»^os, tos, n., a mountain, height. 
i^vxrisf Ml •», (tf^vrr*) dog. 




tf^vrr^v, and ifivmtj «(v^<tf) ^i'^i^X*^ 

-yfAm^ I dig. 
*0^;^tf/Miwflf, flt/, m., (*0*;jjfl/Mi»«j, Or- 

chomenus) an Orchomenian, a 

native of Orchomenus, a town in 

«V, ^', •, pron,^ who, which. «y 

UivfAotft^ he wondered. 
tfVftff , «, «», pious. 
tfVdj, i}y 0v, how great, how much ; 

as long as ; as many as. cfa, 

W^Kx^t what things were done. 
tffoff^i^^ 99'riTi^f offowi^y (2'0'0$) as 

many as. 
•0'fri^, rVi^, ««'«?> ijt) who, which. 
iVrif, rfr/j, e,Ti, (aj, r/f) who, 

which, whosoever, whatsoever. 
flT«», conj., {ort, av) wheu'j/oUoiv- 

edby the svbj. 
0rf, oav., when ; since. 
^Ti, con;., hecause, that. 
orou, Attic gen, oflifris, 
ory, Attic dat. oflmt, 
«v, a<^i;., no, not. 
tfiT, arfv., (flV) where. 
0v, joron. ^en. of him, dat, ai. 

i^i^ovTx otj contending with him. 
9uha(A»fi%v^ adv,f (aviifiLOSy none) 

from no pkce, from no quarter. 
9uiecfA»Vy adv., (^0viifi»s, none) no- 
tlfTif conj.y {oh, Tt) neither, nor, not 


»vi%iSy di/itfAlKy Obytfy (Otf^iy Ufy) UO 

one, none, no. 
$uhi^cTt, adv.y (0t>$(, irori) never. 

0v», adv.y no, not. 

oi/KtTiy ado,y {eifXy trt) no more, no 

dS»ovtj adv.f {ovM, aSv) not then? 

avxovVf conj.^ {ovxy 0t>y) therefore. 

ovvj conj.y therefore, accordingly, 
then ; however. 

ovitorty adv.. {ovy ^ort) never. 

ou'TUy adv.y (flw, <r«) not yet, not 
as yet. 

•v^uvrorty adv.y (»Vy vratxori) never, 
never at any time. 

•Srty adv.y {oi/y 4^) Aud not ; nei- 
ther, nor. 

d?r*f , mtrnf rouro, this. »«/ ravruy 
and tliat, too. 

euraiy and oSratSy adv.y {oSros) 
thus, so, in this manner. 

«^;^, be/ore an aspirated vowely for 

i^tiXaty riftty i^iiXfixay I owe. 2 
a. A, 4J^iX«», used generally in 
the expression of a wish. «XX' 
ai^tXt fiuv Kv^es ^tivy would, then, 
Cyrus were alive, •^•/ait*, was 

e(ptkosy n.y indecl.y (c^ixxety I in- 
crease) use, advantage. 

e(pfiecXfAOfy ouy m., (Jv^ro/iotty not 
tisedy I see) the eye. 

ix^rofy flw, m.y {op^iety I bear) a 

0;^X0f, ovy m.y a multitude. 

»;t«'e«V, «, »», (Jf;t«) strong, strong- 

cy^ty adv.y late, i-^t «», it was 

•yptg-fiaty ft, inf. M, of o^aot. 
o-^tSy tu(t y., {J^rrofAMy not usedy I 
see) appearance. 

vttJuv, 2 a. inf, of va^x"- 

vraiosy usy n,y {^d^x^) suffering. 

iratetftZtfty Uaty («•«/«», a psean) I 
chant the psan, raise the war- 
song. 1 a. A. irc/ay/Va. 

^aihtuaiy fftty ViTaiiivxay -fiaiy 
(iraTf) I instruct, educate. 

vett^Xxety £fy n.y (vuif') a favourite. 
ils vuiiixtty on a favourite. 

^a7sy vrathosy c, a child, son. 

9ratMy ^aUuy and vainfMy I strike, 
smite. 1 a, t^aifa, 

^iXeny adv, long ago, formerly. 

^eiXtfy adv,y back, again. 

9'eiXX&x)st i^oft f.f («r«AX«J, a 
youth) a concubine. 

^aXrovy ouy n.y {^eixxaiy I brandish) 
a javelin, dart. 

vreifA^oXviy -xo\Xny 'VdXvy (arSf, 
^oXvf) very much, very many. 

ff-avflJ/^ytff, osy *», (rSf, t^yjti) rea- 
dy to do any tning ; vilkoioiis. 




comp. ^ravov^yoTS^aSf Slip, iravv^ 

but him, who was not master of 

^edfruTdtri and ^etvrei^ieriVj adv., 

{^ecsy aVa?) entirely, altogether. 
9ravra;^^j adv., [tas) every where. 
vravTa^^oUf adv., (<raf) every 

^avTiXaJg, adv., {^KvTikns, all-com- 
plete) utterly, completely. 
iravTji, adv., {^Zs) every where, 

on every side. 
9'ctvro$A^os, n, ov, {^eis) of every 

kind, of all sorts. 
^etvroios, a, ov, («*«?) of all SOrtS. 
irdvu, adv., [tZs] altogether ; very. 

otf ?rayy t^os, not very near. 
'jraofAtu, not used, Tece-e/tiai, ^ifrd- 

fteii, I acquire, possess, plup. P. 

Tit^a,, prep., governing the gen. 
aat. and ace. ; with the gen., 
from, by ; dat, with, beside ; 
ace, to, near, overagainst, a- 
longstde of, contrary to. vret^a. 
verev, during drinking. 

Tei^xyyikXu, -ikw, -iiyyiXxa, -/u,en, 
^?ra^a, ayyikkcu) I announce, 
order, give orders, recommend, 
exhort, xotra, ret ^etfivyyiXfAtvay 
according to the instructions 

grei^xyiyvafiKt, and -ytvofAcii, -ysvn- 
ffofjLai, 'ytyivnfMti, (wa^a, yiy>o- 
fiai) I am at hand, am present, 
come to. 2 a. M. «r«^$ysvfl^»»v. 

irx^ei^ua-os, ov, m., a park. 

[jt.a.1, ['Ttt^k, VtheafAi) I give over, 
deliver up, surrender. 2 a. A, 


To.^tx.SitjpOviu, and -iapffuvet, -bvu, 
{^'roc^k, fictfpuvu) I cheer on, en- 

^etpoeiviiif, -xivitrUf and envitrof^eci, 
-rivtKec, -nvnfiat, {^Trit^k, etiviu, 1 
praise) t address, vnp. ira^jj- 

^rx^XK&Xieu, '»eckig-£j, Attic KitXu, 
'XiKXnxa,, -ftai, (w'afa, xakiat) 

I send for, call in, summon. 1 1 

a. A, vret^txaikt&m. 1 O. P. «r«^ 

^»^eixtXiu9fiteu, -tva-oftttt, -xtxiXtur- 
• fMit, («r«^a, xtXtvm) I advise, 

exhort, encourage. 
iretfixXS^tM, -'n«'ti>i -XiXvvtfix»y -/mc/, 

l^ret^k, Xv^iu) I annoy. 

change) I change. 1 a. M. lem,- 

Cusiypafittiv, vret^a/i-tf^iftifai, 
ving changed the arrange- 
ment of his troops. 
'xrapafAiXiu, n^M, -fiftiXnxet, -fMU, 

(flra^a, ufAiXiu^ I disregard. 
ira^ecfAivat, -fnvei^ -fit/u,iv7ixec, (^u^k, 

fAsvv) I remain with. 
^apetfift^i^iov, ov, n., (^et^k, fAti(oS) 

uie thigh) armour lor the thigh, 

a cuisse. 
va^a^Xi^ffiof, OS, ov, and a, ot, (fr«- 

^k, vrXrurios) like, similar. 
'Tct^uffa.yynS', ov, m., a parasang, 

equal to thirty stadia. 
vra^eiff'xsvci^at, affv, vret^terxtv&xa, 

-s-fAai, (flragarxit/fl) I prepare, 

make ready, procure. 
Tet^eiffxiufi, tis, f», (ira^a, 9xiun% 

equipment) preparation; force. 
va,^a.v^uv, 2 a, inf. of 'r»f\.^e», 
va^etrei^fsj, and -rairrm, -ral^at, 

-rira^^ct, -yf^ett, (fta^^, viff^oi) 

I draw up in battle-order, p. 

part. P, ^a^artrayfAivos. 

(«*«^a, TtivM, I Stretch) I stretch 

out along, extend, ira^triraro, 

was extended. 
^a^iifAt, ^a^iffofAM, (fr«^a, f'/cci) I 

am present ; come to. imp. vrtt- 

^nv. iv rZ ^ra^ovri {xi'*v)i *' 

the present moment. 
Tet^ixXn^n^av, 1 a. P. of cru^axi- 

^K^tXauvat, -tXHo-a/, Attic iXZ, -tXrr 

X&xoc, -fitai, (^irx^k, tXetvvu) I 

drive by, ride by. \a,A, tra^vi' ■ 

Tu^i^^ofAtti, Tra^iXtuffefAoci, 2 p. <ra- 

^%Xv^Xt6a., {'^a.^k, i^^ofAen) I pass 

by, pass. 2 a. A. iea.^x6ov. 
fca.^%<rx%veLffouro* 1 a. ii, of <r«- 





ita^irirMro^ plup, P, of ^ra^anivtt. 
ira^i^it, ira^i^Mj ana ^tt^av^nffuy 

furnish, supply ; render, make. 
2 a, A. 9'et^iffx^v. ovV II 9'etpi- 
X»ty not even if he should deli- 
ver them up. 

^a^fiyyiXfcivx^ p, part. jP. of ira- 

^ra^n^-iov^ 2 a. of ^'x^i^^ofien, 

^x^nfittkf}»ci/Sy 1 p, part, of 9ra^»- 

^raoeiofy dv, f.^ (ir«^a, T%»i) a pas- 

(ira^a, of-^ofiai) 1 pass on. ra>y 
^a^tfi^rfAivuvj of what was past. 

riafpeiffiogj tfv, m.y a Parrhasian. 

HapvffdriSy /5o/, f.^ Parysatis, 
Queen of Darius. 

^ec^tu^zftivvVf p. part. JP, of iret^ol- 

*a,fy xeiffa^ ^Sv, every, all. (*«t«) 
ira»T«, in every thing. 

Tluffituv, uvofj m., Pasion, a native 
of Megara. 

veac^Vy v'tUofjt.a.ty 2 p. ^ri^rdvia, I 
suffer. 2 a. A. tTaSev. oivf Jy 
tZ t^afiavj in return for the be- 
nefits I had received. 

Tlaruyvasj ov, 7n., Pategyas, a Per- 

^rarri^, ^'ari^ef, ^rar^ogj TO., a fa- 
ther ; not contracted in the ace. 
s. and pi. 

9rxr^)s, T^oftf.y {irecrfi^) one^s coun- 

KrarffMOf^ a, »», and ay, »», (trar^^) 
of a father, paternal. 

make to cease. M. I cease, de- 
sist. 1 a. A. traua-a. 1 a, M. 

lla(pxi'yciffj ivog^ TO., a Paphlago- 
nian, a native of Paphlagonia, 
in Asia Minor. 

<ri3/0y, ov, 71., (T/^0y, the ground) a 

iriZos, »j, »v, (w-i^a, the foot) on 
foot, infantry. tri^J, on foot. 


iriUMf «'iiV*r, viiruxaj '^fuu, I per*- 
suade, prevail upon. M, I obey ; 
am prevailed on. 1 a. A, l^-u- 
a». 1 a. P. txurSnv, 

irtiveio/^ ««•«, 9rtxiivfi*»i {^'iTvet^ hun- 
ger) I hunger, am hungry. 

irtT^Xy Aft fy a trial, experience. 
U «ri/fa yWiffdxiy to have associ- 
ated with. 

itld^eiaty &ffity 9ft9'ti^ax»^ 'f^h (*'<^* 

pa) I try, attempt, endeavour. 

TUffOfAtLl^ ft, M. of V'ttV^V, 

«••/«•««/, a, fl», (?riiV&;) to be obey- 
ed, uf TtiO'Titf «7»j Kktetf^M^ 
that Clearchus must be obeyed. 

UtXo^'oyvno'iefy «, tfv, (UiXairivvna-tf) 

UiXaTovvria'os^ ev^f., (niXfliTfl/, vn- 
ffoff the island of Pclops) the 
Peloponnesus, or Morea. 

nixrxij Mv, /., Peltse, a town in 

xiXTuo'TfiSy ev, TO., (sriXru) a tar- 
geteer, a light-armed soldier. 

^iXTx^rTKify »j, «», (^trtXraaThs) re- 
lating to a targeteer. inXra^ 
rixov (a'T^artvfia) targeteer force. 

«r«XT>j, n(y y., a target. 

irifA^Vy irifAypMf vri^afi^a^ iriv'tf/t- 
fjMi^ I send, i a, A. t^etfA^a, 
1 a. P. WifA^hv. 

irtfA^Sut^ 1 a, part. P. of itifAittf, 

irifTXKoa'iaij eti^ «, («ri»ri) five hun- 

srivTi, adj, indeckf five. 

^tvrixathixxt adj, indecl,^ (irtyrf, 
xa2, 2i»a) fifteen. 

iri»TJ7«flVT«, acj/. indecl.j (irivri) 

iri{r0/»}XA*f , 1 j9. /7ar^ o/* vmsm. 

irf{r0i*}ra/, jO. /^. o/* iTMfw. 

srnrra/xflTa, 1 /?. »art. of sr/Vrjw. 

irc^ay, a(/v., on tne other side, a- 
cross ; frequently used as a prep, 
governing the gen, 

«'(^^i^, 7x0f, c, a partridge. 

trif/, prep, governing tlie gen, dat, 
ana ace. ; with the gen.^ about, 
concerning, for; wUh the dat.^ 
close about ; with the ace., about, 




itt(iyiy9«/MUf and "yivd/im, -yumro- 
fiucty -yiyivfifiaty {*t^h yiy^tf^t*) 
I am superior, overcome. 2 a, 
M, 9rt^ityiv»fAtiv, is atrot iri^i- 
ymiftivof avf as being in this way 
likelj to be superior. 

am around ; am superior, excel. 
imp, 9'ifiiiiv. raa-evTov tri^/^v, was 
so much superior. 

^i^ti<rx^»»^ -f^ou^ {'*'^ih «a;*») I 

fAivu) I wait for, wait. 1 a. A. 
vrt^tifituvtx. Bpers. s. opt jEolic. 

Utoivfios^ ev^f.f Perinthus, a town 

m ThrcuXy on the Propontis. 
iri^t^^ adv. J {^i^^t) round about. 

walk) a walking about. Iv <r«f/- 
<r«T» evriff to be walking about. 

iri«/ir(0'frv, 2 a. inf, of 'ri^i'X'l^rbi. 

9ri(itri9rTWy -^iveufAaiy -xivroixa^ 
(jriji, ^iv-ru) 1 fall upon, throw 
myself upon. 2 a. A, ^i^ticti- 

«'f^iirXf«, -^xiuvtt^ -^xivfofjuci^ and 
vkiWovfAaty 'iritrXfi/xa, -fffAat^ 
(«rig), ?rX««) I sail round. 

9rTv^a-My I fold) I surround, take 

in flank. 1 a. -4. vn^iiTTv^a. 
irt^if^iat, ^t^ippivffefAKtf -ippvtiKei. 

(?rsgi, fiv) I flow round, iri^i- 

tfftTro, was surrounded. 
iri^i^rt^etj eiSjf'i * dove. 
ni^«'»jff, ot;, 7n., a Persian. 
Tit^vtxis, fly tfv, (ui^a-rjs) Persian. 
^iTofjteu^ 9riTfi^of*Mi, and verntofAatj 

I fly. 
trtr^a, ets^fy a rock. 
iri<ptvyusy 1 />. /?ar/. oJ'(ptvyat, 
^tpXnffieuy p. inf. P, ojf ^tXiot. 
vrKpuXccyfAivMSt adv.y (^(/Xa^'tf'Af) 

cautiously, us oiof ri fiaXtrTO, 

vtfuXayfAiwsj as cautiously as 

irfiyti, ns, /., a spring, a fountain. 
vrnkosi 0V) Tn., clay, mud. 
iJjyfffs, nrdff w., Pigres. 

press hard. 
^ifitrkfifUy frXi}0'«tf, iriirXn»a, •r/uu^ 

I fill. 3 per«. /7Z. tin/?. :!. !«*//«- 

itiirTMf irtftufMitf Kri9rTotxatt I &11. 
ILtf-i^a/, «y, m., the Pisidians, t^ 

inhabitants of Pisidia in Asia 

itto'TtvM, tvfcjf <rtiri^rivxay 'fuu, 

(^-iff'Tis) I trust, put faith in. 
ff-iW/f, IMS, f.y {tiUu) a pledge, 

assurance ; fidelity. 
«'/«'Tov, fly, w., («ri«'Tfl() a pledge. 
9rt<rrosy fly fl», (xiiiu) faithful, tmsfy. 

comp, TiffraTi^oSy sup. Keivrira,- 

res. rcHv vrta-Telivf of the faithful 

flr/^TflT»»f, fiT9Sy f.y {*i9rls) good 

faith, fidelity. 
TtXayiosy a, «!», anc? «?, av, slanting. 
^Xeiifftovy eVf 72., an obloDg figure. 

iv 'Tkecio'iu 9'Xn^u av^^tiTMVy in 

solid column. 
' tifoty ^rt^rXavfixay -fuuy I 

lead astray. M. I wander. 
irXoLffffUy and ^rXdrrvy vXi^Uy <rc- 

^XafffjLuiy I mould ; fabricate. 1 

a. M. l9rXa^»/Atif. ((«*/) r« irXa- 

ff'fffl'^a/ ^/'tt;2)f, on &bricaUng false- 
^Xi^^tecTeSy a, »y, {^XU^nj of the 

size of a plethron. 
xxid^ovy ouy n.y& plethron, equal to 

101 English feet. 
^Xiiousy for irXtiavtSi Or irXtitniSy 

nom. and ace, pi. m. ^c /. of 

irXEiVray, adv.y (v'Xti^Tos) most, 

very much, very (sr. 
vrXiiffTou fly ov, {sup. ofireXvs) most, 

very many, very much, very 

xXiiaty for irXt/tfya, acc, pi, n. of 

«rXei«y, and ^rXiify «y, «», (comp, 

ofvroXui) more, larger. U xxi- 

ofosj from a greater distance. 
^Xitity rXio^My vrXiuf'cfMUj and 

9rXufrtvfuUj iriirXtyiuty "^/um, I 




irknyh, fifif-^ ('rXnffft, I strike) a 

irXnfiosy C0r, 91., {irXrtiu) a multi- 
tude ; extent. ^Xnht fAtv x'^i'^ft 
in extent of territory. 

irXfiVitf, I am fuU. imp, t^Xtihv. 
2 p. ^i^Xn^et, 

irX«», adv.^ besides, except ; fre- 
quently used as a prep, with the 

irXr^vSi »»?» 'f > {^Xiosj full) full of, 
filled with. 

crX»j«'/a^ft/, £a-My (^Xfio'ies, near) I 
bring near ; come near ; ap- 

^Xvff'ictircires, »», 6f, (^sup, of trXfi- 
alis^ near) nearest. 

tX^cIov^ adv., {rXfiffiofj near) near. 

^xUdos^ ov^f., a. brick. 

^XoTov, at/, n., {tX'hu) a ship, trans- 
port ; boat. 

^Xou0-iMrts;os, «, e*, [comp, of 9'Xou- 
^iofy rich) richer. 

frXtft/Tf A>, nff'o/f Tt^XovTfjxUf (^<rXou- 
Tofj wealth) I am rich. 

iTtfJwgjjf, »»f, If, (wtfy?, «j«, I join) 
reaching down to the feet. 

itaneit, ^ff'ofj vrt^otuxei, -(jLat, I do, 
cause, make, ort irc^} TXilvrov 
^amro, that he deemed it of the 
greatest importance, eiv vf^i 
9retvr»s Toiiia-etiroy would valuo it 
above every thing. 

KTomTUiy «, «», («•«/•«) to be done. 
«l ^oinrioVf must not be done. 

'ToiKtXas^ «, fly, variegated. 

^o7os^ »j 0y, what like, what. 

VoXifAtUf %9oi^ ^iToXifAfixa, (fTflXl- 

fAoj) 1 make war, fight. 1 a, A. 

^roXifAiKOf, ff, 0y, («'«Xf/c&«f) fitted 

for war. 
^oXifAiafj a, 0y, (•r/Xf/c&0f) hostile. 

(*«T«) r« «'0Xi/&ia, in warlike 

troXi^flf, «t/, wi., war, hostility. 
^oXio^xiMj nrett iti^eXto^xrixei^ -fJMt^ 

{toXis, X^xost a hedge) I block- 
ade, besiege. 

9'oXis^ xui^f.y a city. 

ir«xxaxif, adv,^ {ntt^Mi) many 
timeSj often. 

a'«XX««'Xa0'i0f, ft, 0y, anc? 0f, «y, 

(woXtTf) many times as many. 

ffXX^tfy frflXXaflrXaff-iAry, many 

times as many more. 
fTtfXtr, adv,, \^aXvi) much, &r, ft 

great way. 
iroXueivi^atTos, cf, «y, (o'dXtr;, «y 

i^uTof) populous. 
fTflXv;, fTflXX?}, trtfXt', many, much, 

great, extensive, cl toXXo), the 

majority, ra waXy (/«*i$«f) the 

greater part, oh fr^XXf ixt'^v) 

not long, itr/ fr«Xt>, to a great 

fTflXt/riX^f, fff, i;, ({TdXtrf, WXtff, 

expense) costly. 
{TffyiAr, t}^Ai, ana f0'w, ^i^ovuxa^ 

-fAKt^ («r*ytff) I toil, labour. 
Tovn^as^ «, 0y, ({Ttfyf'v) bad, wicked* 
{Ttfyof, 0t;, m., (vthtfjMt, I labour) 

toil, labour. 
Tff^i/a, «?, y., («ra«yft») a joumey, 

march, a way of going. 
^o^VTios, a, 09, (trtf^fyo/) tO bs 

traversed, ^ro^iuriov V hfuVf we 

must go, however. 
fTtf^it/A;, «•«, trurfl^iu/ttai, («r«j«f) I 

convey. M. I march, travd. 

I furnish, provide. M, I pro- 
9-0^0;, 0(/, 7n., a means of passing. 
reffovTovf ^o^evg^ SO many means. 

^o^<pv^toSf «, 0y, anc/ ^o^<p6^ovSf «, 
0vy, {^o^^S^et, the purple-fish) 

xoffoSf fij 0y, how great, how exten- 

«r0Td5^of, 0£;, m., {itir^f) a river. 

{r0Ti, ac/v., when ? ; at some time, 
once; pray. 

9rori^ay and 'rirt^ovy odv.j (^^ort^os, 
whether of the two) whether. 

iroTOVj 0t;, n., (rivu^ I drink) drink. 
a-Tra xa.) Ktora^ meat and drink. 

TOTosj 01/, m.f (r/yor, I drink) a 

W0I/, adv,j where ? 

?r0i/, at/y., somewhere, anywhere, 

vwgf ^oiitf m., ft foot. 




ir^uyfiM, Aroff n., {^^Avfti) a thing 

done, an event, circumstance. 

9^ot,yfAttrot. ff'a^t;^0VTA>v, causing 

«'f«i'^f, »»?, «j, steep. 
flT^a^/f, »«;, yi, (^r^aa-fl-Aj) a doing ; 

an enterprise. 
9^a.99aiy and v^aTTMf tr^a^Ar, iri- 

flr^a;^*, -yfixi, I do. 1 a. ^. 

i^^et^a, 1 a. i'. W^oi^Snt. 'in 

Vi xaxtoy ^^ei^uav, and should be 

still more unfortunate. 
w^ecvf^ t7»y £i, tame. 
ir^aA/f, acfv., (^r^at/f) mildly, vr^aaas 

Xiyn. should speak lightly. 
v-fi^ru, impers.y it suits, becomes, 

imp, Itr^ffTf. 

/3t/;, old) I am ambassador. Jf. 

I send an ambassador. 
^^tff&vr&Tos, fij 09j (x^ifffius, old) 

iTQtffivri^oSj «, «y, (flrgiy/St/y, old) 

w^/aa-^a/, to purchase, wsccf ow/y {« 

t^e 2 a. 3/. cfr^iff^fiv. 
wjiv, adv., before, formerly, until. 

«rgflTi^fl» ?rf)i», before that, until, 
••fa, /)rep. governing the gen.^ be 

fore, in preference to, in front 

of; in behalf of. 
^^oayo^ivatj ffu^ vr^enyi^tvxei^ 'f^eii, 

(^^Of ayo^ivtt^ I harangue) I 

proclaim, issue an order. 

(-r^fl, alvSavofjiai) I perceive be- 
forehand, 2 a. v-fipa-^oftriv, 

I begin before or first, begin. 

f <rfo, ^ttXXu) I throw before. 
J/. I hold before. 

irje/Sara, «»►, n., («rf«/3«/va», I gO 

forward) sheep, cattle. 

(wffl, 5/5&;/t«/) I give up, abandon, 
desert. 2 a. ^r^oi^tuv. 

^r^oloTtiSj av, ?/!., (?rf flJiSft/^i) a trai- 

vr^aiovvaif 2 a. in/*, o/" irga^i^<i>^4. 

v-^otiltvy 2 a.,(frf«, tn0v) I foresaw, 

subj, vrpotiv, ^c. 
^r^iufAiy («•?«} «V0 ^ 5° forward, 

go before, advance. 2. pluTp, 

«rffl«/«r«i', 2 a., (flr^a, sTrtfir) I pro- 
claimed, announced. 

^^aiXetvvMj -(Xa0'<v, ^W/c sAw, -iXn- 
Xixeiy •fAdiy (*'f^i iX«(/vA>) I ride 
forward, advance. 1 p. tnf, ir^»- 

'r^ti^X'^f/.ttty 'iXivff oftai^ 2 p, iX»)- 
XC^a, (tr^tf, t^x^H"""*) ^ conie or 
go forward. 2 a. ^'^aijk^ov, 

^^eterffeti, 2 a. in/*. 3/. of vr^tnufM, 

«rf a>ji/, 2 /)/m/). o/* ^^ixifjut, 

irgoJjX^flv, 2 a. of ^^ol^x^f""'*' 

^^eSifjuiafAcciy -^O'Ofceciy {^^i^Dfitof) I 
desire, am eager. rS ir^a^vfAiT^ 
fixty in being eager. 

^^o^vfAiXy xfy f, {ve^»6Zfikoi) zeal, 

^^i^vfAos, Of J 0y, (^(»i Bvftofj the 
mind) eager, zealous. 

'T^e^vfd.oTi^o^y adv,y [x^ofiSfAos) more 
eagerly, more ardently. 

9r^otfiju,tj tr^tf^tf'ar, 'lixxj -fMty («rf0, 
Infj^t) I send before, ilf . I give 
up, betray. 2 a. M, vr^oifinv. 

9r^oiivTts, pres.parL of^-^oti/ui. 

T^otffTl^fAty ^^OffrnffUy Vr^OfffTflXXj 
9'^9iTT&fAXIy (iTf't 'iffTtlfJit) I set 

before, set over, vr^et^rinftuy had 
been commanding. 

ct^oxaraxxiuy -xxufiu, €md xaufff 
fjLXiy -xixxvxa, -fAxiy (^f^, xxrx, 
xxtu) I burn before, lay waste 

XfoxxTxXafA^&veity -Xfi^ofiaiy -i/Xir* 
<pXy -fAfAxiy (irf«, xxrecj Xerfi^i- 
vm) I seize beforehand, pre-occu- 
py. ft. part, M, ^^exaraXn^p*- 


n^oxXtigy tofy m., Procles. 

the forehead) a frontlet. 
U^elives, 6Uy m.y Proxenus, one of 

the Oreek generals. 
9rf9«Troj Attic for ^^euro, 2 O. opL 

M, Of^^tllifAU 




9r^dirifAiriff 'xifi^M, 'xiffApat^ -ire- 
^%(jLfi.a.i^ {<T^i^ v'ifA^'ot) I send for- 
ward. 1 a, P. ^^aivifA^inn, 

<r^flf, prep., governing the gen., 
dat., and ace. ; with the gen., hy, 
from, of, towards, in the sight 
of ; with the dat., near, adjacent 
to ; in addition to ; with the ace, 
to, against, with respect to, on 
account of. sr^*; rov Kvoov t^o- 
irav, in accordance with Cyrus' 

it^oruyv, 'tilw, -^X»* "yf^ai^ Wt^Sj 
aycj) I lead against ; advance. 

v^offKtriu, ««•«, -nrtixa, 'f^eit, (w^a;, 
atr'iu) I ask besides, ask more. 

9r^o0'^i^oi, Attic for ^^»giiiMfu. 
imp. 9r^oa-iii^ow, 

fAai, («r^»ff, h^ufii) I give be- 
sides, give in addition. 

^^iffuftt, (w^tff, iT^i) I go to, ad- 
vance. 2 plup. 9'(oa-^ti¥. 

9r^o(nXtivvoj, -iXiftt, Attic iX«l, -sXif- 
Xixtt, 'fAxi, («'^0;, ikauvt) I ad- 
vance, advance against. 

5rf«^t«;^a^«/, 'iXtv^ofAat, — 2 p, iXfi- 
Xv6ot, {^^o(, t^^ofitMi) I come to. 
2 a. A. ir^a^iix^ov, 

^^ta-i^^tt, -«^«, and v^nffot, -kv^nxa,, 

to. TM Xpeffi^OVrt T09 99V9, for 

one directing his attention. 

^r^ovnxu, -fi^tt, (ir^tff, ^«a») I come 
to ; am related to. v^o^nxw, re- 

«r^o^^sv, adv., (^rfo) before, former- 
ly, tis TO «r^fl«'^iv, forward. 

9'^ofiovrMv, pres. part, of ^r^o^u/Ai. 

^^ofxtAoj, vi^u, 'Xtxvvfixet, '/lett, 
(r^af, xvv'm, I kiss) I kiss the 
hand to, do obeisance to, salute. 

tr^orXeifAfiivM, -XinypofAeit, -iiXn^ei,, {vr^of, Xff/u/3av«) I take 
in addition to, add. 2 a. V(&- 
yiXafiov. ^r^offiXifA&tmvy took 

v-^ea-olas, •!/, f.^ (•'ftffj »^os) an ap- 
proach ; income, revenue. 

it^»f»/ntyfu, and '•/t.vyv^ '^fUSiuu^ 

'9ftMfAtxa, 'tfiMfAtfAat^ and '•flat' 

fAifffACLt, {t^OS, OfAVDfCl) I SWCaT 

besides, swear in addition. 1 a. 


ir^tff^oiiv, jjff'AT, 'irt^einxetj -fieet, 
(«r^0$, ^-atia/) I add to. M. I 
pretend, affect. 

^^off^oXtfiiat, ««•«, •iri^'oXifAnxa, 
{^^os, o'tfXs/tti/ir) I make war a- 

vr^tffTxfffff, and -r«TTA», -rd,%6t, -tI- 
v&x«; -yfAOti, (irjflf, Tafl-tf-ar) I 
order, enjoin. 1 a. P. ^^offt- 

a breast-plate. 
cr^offri^fifii, -Htr»i, -riSitxa, -fiteu, 
{t^osi riStifAt) I add to. M. I 
agree with, assent to. 2 a. M, 

Kt^iffoi, adv., {T^e) forward, on- 
ward ; far oflf. r«u «•{«»■•», on- 

^^offufiaa'af, \ a, of it^os'ofttSfti, 

^^otreaxov, ev, 72., i^^pos, eiyp, the 
countenance) the face, counte- 

cr^oTt^uTos, ei, ov, (tr^^rf^of ) on the 
day before, t^ ir^an^aief, (^^i- 
^et) , on the previous day. 

^^oTt^e*, adv., (sr^ari^flf ) formerly, 
before, previously. 

9r^oT%^9(, a, Of, (wg*) before, for- 
mer, sooner. 

^^orTfitdat, v^^v, -rtTifitixet, '/tat^ 
(t^a, rifAoioi) I prefer in honour, 
honour. 1 a, P. ir^otri/Anhv. 

^^aTpi;^u, -^^i^oftect, and ^^otfAavfMU^ 
-'hih^afAtixa, -fAO.!, («r^», f^^X'") 1 
run forward. 2 a. vr^tii^ifAOf. 

^(ifaifM, -p&vu, 'vri<peiyxa, 'ffieu, 
(ir^0, ^at9u) I shew forth. M, 
I appear, come in sight. 

v^o^ifftf, ioif,f,, (^xfio^ttivu) a pre- 
text, ritr fMv ir^o<paffir iiraturoy 
he made it his pretext. 

9'^9<pSXec%, ixof, in., (sr^tf, ^(/X«^) 
an advanced guard, outpost. 

^('/^^^'^« i|0'Ar, and vi^afAtu, -»f;^«- 

ward ; go on welL trt *^»x^i**^% 




whatever might suit his conve- 

9r(utj adu., (ir^*) early, in the 

^^airtvofj 9ta^ (ir^A>T0f) I am the 
first, hold the first place. 

irgft/Tflv, adv.^ («r^ft/Ttff ) first, for the 
first time. 

^^uToSf «, fl», (^^c) first, chief, hold- 
ing the first place. 

wWft;^, vyeSf/.f {^ira/tiai) a wing. 

Hvfiayo^m^ evj m.y Pythagoras, a 
Lacedcsinonian commander, 

iruKvast *}, 0y, close, dense. 

iri/X«, fis, /., a gate, a pass ; gene- 
rally used in the pi, 

^UffidvofAaif and xivioftai, 9'tvffofitat, 
irt^va-fiaij I inquire, learn, un- 
derstand, hear. 2 a, M. Wv^ofAnv. 

irt/f, ^vocf, n.f fire. 

Uv^ecftesi cv, wi., the Pyramus, a 
river in Cilicia, 

wt/^flff, flt/, wi., wheat. 

«'A>, adv,y up to this time, yet, ever. 

irctfXia/, ^V*, ^ixuXnxa,^ 'H-^h ^ sell. 

vrat^oTi^ adv,, (?r«, srert) ever, at 
any time. 

«•«*, ac?w., how, in what manner. 

a-A/ff, ac?y., somehow, for some rea- 
son or other. 


the mind) I am easy-tempered ; 

lead a life of indolence. 
pet0vfi.iet, etfi/ii {hetfivfAiea) easiness 

of temper ; indolence. 
fZffvos^ »j, tfv, (^sup. of ftfitofj easy) 

easiest, very easy, 
^tftf, ^tvc9jt£,eii, if^vTjxetj I fiow. 
^Itrratj //'v/'W, ip^T^a, -fiftai^ I throw, 

cast off. 1 a. tpfi-ypa. 
faivvvfti^ and patv^VM^ p, P, ippatfAeti, 

I Strengthen, iffufiivdv^ strength 

of courage. 

^aXTiZai^ I sound the trumpet. 1 

a. UaXm'^at, io-i) U^>.«'«y|« 
(« fax^iyrhs), when the trum- 
pet sounded. 

2«^flff, ovy m,, {^fcsf, Samos) a 
Samian, a native of Samos. 

tra^ltif, •»»»,/., Sardes, the capital 
of Lydia, 

a-UT^av-iuvj r«, (a^arf&^-iis) I am a 
satrap ; I rule as satrap. 

tf-ar^awu/, •«», »»., a satrap, a Per- 
sian viceroy. 

laru^of^ cvj fH,^ a Satyr. 

o'a^ugj adv.j {trains, clear) clearly, 

fftaurou^ and ffavrtivf «f, •«/, (tf-w, 
avTos) of thyself. 

{or,fjLet, a sign) I give a signal, 
make known, intimate. 1 a. A, 
ier^fAfivei. Igrti^av ^c ftiftiivi^^ and 
when a signal shall be given. 

e-fifcitavy avy «., {vtifia^ a sign) a sig- 
nal ; a standard. 

o-rifAiivify 1 a. subj, of e-fi/itaift. 

ffiia-ifio*^ ot/j W., and ^n^ifitesi ov^fi 

a-iyrij »jf, f, silence, c-iyjf, in si- 

a-iykesy ov, «!., a siglus, a coin. 

liXAfOf^ 6Vj m., Silanus. 

e-iTetyuyesy ogy •i', (ffiros^ «>•') con- 
veying com. fftTay»tya vrXila., 

fffriojty ovj «., (ffiTtf) food, provi- 

ftros^ ouy m,y com, grain, food, 
provisions, pi. fftrm,. 

iiTTiKHj fis, /., Sittace, a town in 

9iwjra.Uy Ytffdfjtaiy ffitneii'irfiKay [ff.u*ny 
silence) I am silent, keep si- 
lence, imp. Ifftu'X'tiy, 

ffKixarfiocy arog^ w., \(rxWn<, a co- 
vering) a covering, a covering 
for a tent. 

0'xt«rrsay, [rxc^ioj) it must be con- 
sidered, rxi^rtov ilvatit tO be 
necessary to be considered. 

ffxtvt<po^asy «;, 0v, (^xit/0(, an uten- 
sil, ^t^Ai) carrying baggage. r« 
ffxiveifi^ety baggage. 

fxti/ufj nfify iifxnnt) I am encamp- 




ed, am quartered, la. A, Iffxnfn- 

a-xtivh, *fSjJ''y * tent, 

ff»ma>f/ua^ etrofj n., (d'Xfjv^) a tent, 

e-jcflTrev^os^ aVy TO., (^x^wt^oi', a 
Staff, t^^at) a wand-bearer, a 
high officer in the Persian court. 

9Ko^iej, ir»i^o(jkiti^ t9KtfA(^ [tko- 
^os) I observe, consider, under- 
stand. o-Ko^aivy on careful ob- 

ffxoTosy evy TO., a spy, scout. 

rxoreciosi «, «», {ff kotos) dark, in 
the dark. 

ffx'oTos^ ov, TO., and irxorofy los, n., 

SflXfl/, uv^ TO., Soli, a town in Ci- 

^ovtrec^ A;y, n., Susa, a town in Per- 

^o<peiiviresj at/, 77}., Sophaenetus. 

9o(p'nt^ «j, f. {^ffe(poi) cleverness, 
skill. fTf^/ ffo^ietf, about skill 
in music. 

9o(pos^ 11, 0y, skilful ; talented, ac- 

vos^ scarce) I lack, am in want 

ffxeivtos^ «, 0y, (ff'travaf, scarce) 

2?ra^T»», »jf, /., Sparta, the capital 

of Laconia. 
ffTciaf^ vjruffUy ?«-«•«««, -^fLUi, I 

draw. 1 a. M. iff^affifAfi^. 

crx'i'thu, ffTUffOfJtoLt^ tff'^iixet^ -a-fz.eii, I 
pour out a libation. M., I make 
a truce or peace, i? tm a-xiiceciTo^ 
if he had made a treaty with 
any one. «/ r^rifioirof if there 
would be a truce. 

ff-^tvieit^ -ivfot, and ive-o/Aaif I has- 

ff'srovhhi nsify (tf'srw^a^) a libation, 
/)/., a truce, a treaty. <ra^« t»s 
fffovhoiSy contrary to the treaty. 

ff^Ovhci^Oiy -iO'My and eKTOfAOLty If^OU- 

Jaxa, -fffjLaty {^ffTouhh) I make 

I speak seriously, engage in 
earnest conversation. 
ff'x-euhn^ ntif.^ {(T^ivhu) haste. 

VTMiof^ 0t/, 72., and ffTuhies^ eVf TO., 

i^ifTfifin) a stadium ; about the 
eighth part of a Roman mile. 

ffTu^ftoi^ »!/, TO., (iffrrifAi) a Stage; 
halting-place ; a day's march. 

^raind^My eio'ej^ le-raa'ieixa^ (jfrafftf^ 
sedition) I rebel. ffrotffia^ovTtt 
ecvrSj forming a party against 

ffrii^u^ p. P. ia-rifiiiftai, I tread, 
9'et^a, rots e-Ttifiofitivets o^ougj along 
the frequented roads. 

0'Tives., »», fl», narrow. 

g'Tivoxof^iet, «*,/, (•'TivoV, X'^i^) ^ 
confined space, a narrow road. 

ffTi^yuy ^-tj^^a;, 2 p. ivre^yu^ iff- 
Ti^yfAotiy I love. 

a-rt^iu^ and ^rt^i^xut ^Tt^vftHy W- 
ri^nxec^ -fietty I deprive of. 1 a. 
P. ivn^fiSnv. 

tf-Tj^vflv, ouy w., the breast. 

(rri^ofiUi^ ffTipYKrofAett^ I want, am 
deprived of. 

g-ri^iifos, fit/, TO., (fl-Ti^flf, I crown) 
a crown. 

trrtiffas^ 1 a. part. oftfrnfM. 

a-Tt^oSf fly, TO., (e-rtt(iat) a track. 

o'rl^os^ iosy 71., (^rrtt^bi) a dense 
body, a crowd, to (Atvov ^rTipos^ 
the dense body in the centre. 

9-rkiyy)s^ fhos^f.^ a flesh-scraper. 

ffroXhi *iSi /•» (fl"TtXX«, I send) a 

^ToXes, fli/, TO., (fl-rixXAT, I send) an 
expedition, armament; route. 

^T^etTtv/tiec^ aros^ 7}., (fl'T^artVA/} an 
army ; a company. 

(rr^etriuej^ (rat, iffr^artuxa, -fji>ai^ 
(a-T^KToSf an array) I serve as 
a soldier, march. 

err^etrfiyiv, ««•«, {ar^etros, an army, 
hyiofAai) I lead an array, com- 
mand. MS fih o-T^eiTfiynffofTtt 
ifil ravTfiv rhv ffr^otrnyiav, that 
I will take upon myself this ofiSce 
of commander. ffr^aTinyu}t 5«- 
w-^a^aTfl, he managed to obtain 
the command. 

vr^arnyiot^ ns^f.^ (fr^artiyinf) the 




office of commander, general- 
ship. uuTt} ti ffT^ttrnyiet^ this 
mode of conducting an army. 

^v^ttTfiyof^ M/, Wl., (tf-T^artff, an 
army, hyiefiMt) a leader, gene- 

ffT^ariet^ as^f.^ [(rr^otrif^ an army) 
an army. 

fT^ccriurtiSj 01/, ?n., (ff'r^tfTia) a 

-fAdiy {^ffr^ecroxihtv) I encamp, 

^T^aTtfTsJtfv, flf/, n., {fT^KTosy an 

army, «ri Jav, the ground) a camp. 
(rr^ec(pivTtSf 2 a. part, P. of trr^i^v. 

«., {ffr^k<pu) a necklace. 
fr^ipcuj ffr^iy^ejf iffr^opei^ iffroetfA- 

fActiy I turn. 2 a. P. itf'r^«^»»». 

a-T(ec(pi97iSy having faced about. 
ffr^ov6osy ouy c, a sparrow ; ostrich. 

ffr^ou^oi ei fAiydkoiy ostriches. 
ffTvyvosy riy cVf («'ti/^, hatred) hated; 

1rufi<pu'kt9(y 0t;, m., a Stymphalian, 

a native of Stymphalus, a town 

in Arcadia, 
ffv, rovy pron.y thou. 
ffvyytvitSj »»f, «$, [ffvyyiyvofAen^oi the 

same race, akin, related. »i vuy- 

yiviTsi kinsmen. 
ffvyyiyvfifAaiy and -yivofceti, -yivrttro- 

fcetiy -yiyivfifjtaty {(rvv, yiyvofAoci) I 

am with, become acquainted 

with, am intimate with, meet. 2 

a. M. ff-vvtyivefiuv^ (Tvyytvia-^aty 

to have had a conference with. 
tryyxaXiu, -xaXitruy Attic kccXu, 

-xiKkyixety -/»«/, (0"yv, *aXfft>) 1 

call together, assemble. 1 a, A. 

ifvyxa.ra,ffT^i<paiy -trr^i'^oty -ia-r^o(pei, 

I assist in subduing. 1 a. M. 
1viv*iftii ttSt ^^'i Syennesis. 

'fAfjtxiy (avvy XafA^divu) I seize, 
apprehend, arrest. 
^t/XXiyw, ^«, ffvviiXo^ety -tiXiyfieii^ 
and ^vXXikiyfAaij {fftfVf Xiyea) 1 

I collect, gather. 1 a. A. rufixt- 

I l«. ^ 

a-vkXayfiy iff, /"., (^vkXiyu) a levy. 
cvfAfseikXtty -(iaktHy -^ij^Xrixtty -ftetti 
\ (ffvvy fiaXXet) I throw together. 
M. I contrioate. 

((fvfAfievXes) I advise, counsel. 

M, 1 consult with. 
ffvfA^ovXosy «(/, m., (ff't^y, jStfvXn, 

counsel) an adviser, counsellor.,dx»S^ ay, «>, (^t>», ^«;|;;»») 

fighting along with, auxiliary. 
I o'VfAfAiyvDfAif -vvMj and -ftitryuy 
' '(Jt.i^Vy -fAifAtyfJMty {ffVfy fA/yrvfii, 

1 mix) 1 mix with, unite with. 

1 a. A. fuvi(i,i^a. 

all together, all. {xarai) ro %\ 
ffv/A'X'nvy on the whole, then. 

ie%IAfjLtHy (ffvt, 9rifAvrv) I send a- 

long with. 1 a. ^. ffuvi^i/i.^f/a. 
ffUfA^rlTTOfy -vtg-ovfAaif -KtivrTMxaj 

[avit, 9'i'X'rt) I fall together ; 

come to blows. 2 a. A, o-uvixt- 
1 cov. o-vfA^iff6/Vj having grappled 

with her. 
, ffUfit^oXifittat, ^ftty -^tiraXi/jifixKj 
[ (fl-«y, urflXf^tff) I join with in 
I making war. 
ffVfA^i^ivefiMty -iuffOfMtty {ffuVf 9re^ivv) 

I march along with. 
. rvfi^^ifffaty and -^^drroty -flr^a^», 

I co-operate with. 
fvv, prep, governing the dat.^ with, 
I along with. Attic Ihu 
ffvvayu^aty -etytpu^ -ayriyt^fMiiy (^uf^ 

ayil^Uy I collect) I assemble. 
vviayuy 'a,\oiy -J);^;«, -y/t««/, (tf-wi*, 

^yto) I gather together, assem- 
. ble; draw together. 2 a, A.^ 


j ahxia>) I join in wrong, ix rw 

fovaitxitf attTtTff by joining 

with them in the commission 

of wrong. 

<rv9etxoX9v6iOiy nvtt^ 'fixaXcv^nxay 

[iTuyf a»ixtiffi«f) I foUow along 




with, accompany. 1 a. A, 

ffUfetXXiffu, and -etWarru^ ^o;, 

I change) I reconcile. 2 a. P., 
^vv^XXaytiv. truvetXXetytvrt ir^is 
Teh; alxot^ having come to terms 
with those at home. 

{a-i/fy ava, fietiVMf I go) I gO up 
along with. 2 a. A, e-uvavifinv, 

avT<) I meet. 1 a. A, o-wmTtt- 


9vvecxufitt^ (<rv9 i^o, *^M'') 1 S^ 

away with. inf. ^uvecsnivai, 
avvcc^Totf -ei\}^a>j -^fiftaij (*"«>, S^- 

T«, I knit) I knit together. 

fjtei^fiv a-vveiypiTtj yoo shall join 


guest. 9vv}u9'vov Woinraro, made 

him his guest at table. 
ffvvii^o*^ 2 a. I perceived plainly ; 

suhj. g-jvf^at, ^c. 
fvvufii^ 'iffofieu^ (^^*) "VO 1 ^™ 

with. ruv cuvatreuVf of those 

who were with him. 
avvtiftij (tf't'v, *^f^'} I S^ with; en- 
gage with. 2 plup. 9V9^uv. fMi- 

^»v(jLtvof 9vvpti^ closed with them 

in order to fight. 
9uviK^tfia^at^ iffaij (0't'v, ix, )S//3a^w, 

I lift up) I assist in drawing 

y^vvtXHvrtSf 2 a. pari, of ^wi^p^o- 


trvvifAi^eCj 1 a. of ffVfcfjtlyvZfn, 
ffuviTKririviej^ «'«, (^vv, ifTi, v^w- 

'hot)! assist in forcing onward. 

1 a. A. g-vvtirirv'iva'et. 

ffVvWofAOtt^ ''f^9(Jt,a,t^ («"»"> ^^OfABtt) I 

follow with, follow, imp. vvvti- 


e-vvt^yoSf «t», tn., {ff'vvy t^ytv) a fel- 
low-labourer, assistant. 

o-uvio^ofcat, -i\iuff6fjt.ett^ — 2 p. iX»j- 
X5^«, (tf-yj*, i^x^/^^') I come to- 
gether, meet. 2 a. A. ffvvnXhv^ 
went in a body. 

ffuviff^ti^afAivfiVf p. part. P, of OV9' 

fUViptl, 2 plup. of ffivilfAl, 

trvvnXiov, 2 a. of ^wi^p^efcett, 

9vv6i(Aivoi^ 2 a. part. M. of vwri- 

ffvvStltro^ Attic for ffviffiurot 2 a. op. 

M. of ffmrifinft't* 
^vvdhosj otf.f, ('■'"'j fl^of) a meeting. 

tv r^ ir^uTi^ cvfi^tUj on the first 

ffvvoioeif 2 p. J -iifefcett, (^^V) eHec) 

1 am conscious. 

a-uvivf/a^ ets^f, {^uvufAi) a friendly 
meeting, conference. 

vuvrditrffu^ and -retrru, -Ta|a>, -ri- 
ra^et, -yfjutti^ (^'"j Ta «•«••») I ar- 
range, marshal, draw up. 9uvt- 
TUTTtroj was forming into line. 
^vyTKTTiffiett (xa<ra) rnv ra^i^- 
Tfiv («J«v), that they marshal 
themselves as soon as possible. 

Tifififci) I put together. M. I 
agree on, make a compact with. 

2 a. M. e-un^tfifiv. %1 rcf 9uv 
fiitn^ if he had made an agree- 
ment with any one. ffv\fifjt.ivoi^ 
having made a compact. 

ffwrofAureirot^ »j, a», (sitp. of ffvv 
rofjt9s^ short) shortest. 

a table) a messmate. 

ffvvruyx&yM^ -nv^ofiai^ -tit«i;;^«, 
and rtTv^rixa, («'y», rvyx^fu) 
I meet with, fall in with. 

^u^etxoo'iosy oupm.^ a Syracusan. 

2t/^/a, eiSjfi Syria. 

2t/^/flj, «, tf», Syrian. 

Swgflj, at/, TO., a Syrian. 

(^t/y, d^xit/o;, an utensil) I make 
ready. M. I pack up baggage. 
1 a. M. ffuvtff'xivaa'afAfiv. 

ffuffTaej^ iffu^ -iirxaxa.^ -ff(jLUi, C^^'i 
ffTKu) I draw together, sew to- 
gether, imp. o'vUff^iuv. 

9V(rxit^oiu, a^a>, (rvviffTi't^cLxct^ 'C-^h 
(«"«v, wii^tt^ a fold) I roll up to- 
gether, form in close order. 
fvit%9x%i^a.ft.iinit 1x^^*1 keeping in 
close array. 




I assist in makmg haste, in ex- 

rr^rivA>) I march along with. 

yof) a fellow-general. 

MTtis) a fellow-soldier. 

ffr^ari9rihov) I encamp along 
with. imp. ^uvt^T^ecraTi^ivofArjv. 

^u^vivj adv.y (vu^itos) far. ^la'Xu' 
vrovra, «"i/;^»a», at considerable dis- 

fux^ofy »»» «» long* 

ff<pa.yi9v^ oVj 72., (o'^arra;) a victim. 

f^drru, and ff^aT^u^ ^^a^A», 'ia^ay-^ I sacrifice. 1 a, A. tff(pa^et, 

0<pUij daU pL of ev. 

ff^oh^a^ adv., (ff^o}(if) very, very- 

ff^o\os, «, tfi», and «f , tfy, excessive. 
ffo^x tviuei, great scarcity. 

ffX,*oiety oLt^ f.y a raft. 

9X^*^y at/v., nearly ; mostly. 

ro etvTo ffx^fAoty into the same 

ffX'^"^ r*-*, ?tf';^'r««, -g-fcaiy I cleave. 

»';^oX«^<ii/, «fl"«, {9x»^*i) I have lei- 
sure. 1 a. A.y t^x^^ocfu. ax?' 
&9 ^xokei^fiy until he should have 

o'X'^^toTt^ov, adv., (tf';^»X«/A»f) 
more slowly. » 

*';^aXa<a/?, afZv., («';^tfX«) slowly. 

9x»>^n, fis^f", leisure, spare time. 

9u^ejy ffuffUy ffifAixety 'f^at, and 
•cfieci, (ffuog) I save, conduct 
safely. 1 a. P. Ifei^nv, ^Mviti, 
of saving yourselves. 

IciK^arnS'^ toSt m.^ Socrates. 

veifJLa, arcs J W., the body, ra letu- 
vHv o-eifAareiy their own persons. 

TMas^ a, 0y, safe and sound, safe. 

lAftf-zi, i*ff, 7/t., Sosis. 

ffirhsy rifos, »w., {^ai^v) a preserver, 
deliverer, voc, e-tUrt^. 

fhiTft^m, fff, y., (tf-AJT^^) safety, de- 

calculated to save. 
ftt^^tffmn, nf,f., (rti^^»»f, pradent) 
prudence, diacretion. 

r£i\for rait, pL n. of Sit. 

retXavrof, »if, n., a balanoe ; a ta- 

raXXeiyfor rk ak>M. 

rafAsivUf ffVj {rafAtaf, a Steward) 
I dispense ; M., I determine. 

Taftagj A*, 77}., Tamos. 

ratify i»fSf f., (Ta^fv) discipline, 
tactics, military array ; a com- 
pany, a rank. U ra^si, in order, 
in battle array, us rhv laurav 
rei^iv, in his proper place, xara 
ralus, in companies. Iwian 
rd^iv, a troop of cavalry. 

raxiives, *f} «y, obedient, submis- 

ret^eitr^v, and Ta^drroi^ \oiy nrs- 
^yfAtti, I disturb, alarm. 1 a. 
P. irec^dx^W. 

rd^uxosy ov, 7»., (r«^«V^i#) dis- 
order, confusion. 

Ta^a-asi ov, and Ta^^at, atf, 971., Tar- 
sus, a city in Cilida. 

rdffffej, and rdrri, rd^at, Tir&x'i 
-yf^eu, I arrange, marshal, sta- 
tion ; order. 1 a. A. tretla, 1 
a. P. irdx^nf. »trai T«;^^«»«i, 
SO to arrange themselves, trdx- 
^na-uv, had been appointed to the 

raZ^as, av, 772., a boll. 

ravTK. for rk aurk, 

reLvraVyjor ra aura, 

rdipos, avy m., (J^d^rai, I bury) a 

rdA^os, tft/, f., (S«irr4kr, I bury) a 
ditch, trench. 

rdx^y adv., {rax^s) quickly, pre- 

raxitoSi odv., (rax^fs) quickly. 

rdx'^'''*i odv., {retx^s) most quick- 
ly, is reixiffra, as soon as pos- 
sible, ff Muvara rdx^f'^i ^ 
quickly as possible. 




reixofy i«f, n.| {,'r»x^f) swiftness, 

rax,"^ adv,y{rtt,xvs) quicklj, soon, 

speedily, immediately. 
rax^Sy u»y «» quick, swift, comp, 

S-aa-O'taVj or B-eirraty ; 8Up, rax'^' 

TOf, {jtecret) rhv rax'tff^v Jmv, 

by the shortest road. 
T«, cow;., both, and. 
rt^viuretf for rtfiviixovetf 1 p, part, 

of B-vin^Ku, 
ri^vfiKi, 1 p. of Syi?0'x«. 

TS'fiuftMfAiVeSj P» part P. OfB-VfitOM. 

rtiv^ttxurfcivos^ p. part, Jr, of S'a/- 

Ttix^Si i»$» w., a wall. 

TtxfAn^taVy at;, n., (tIxjCmb^, a sign) 

a sure sign, a proof. 
Tsxvfly, tff, n., (jrixru^ I bear) a 

rtXsvraor, ««•«, TtrtXtvrnxKf (t«- 

Xst/Tw) I end, end life. inXtt/Tjj- 

0*1, (r0y /S/tfy) died. 
<r*X«t;r«, »5?, /*., (riXaf ) an end ; 

TiXflf, tof, n., an end. pL ret TtX»», 

the magistrates, [kxto) riXof Vt, 

and at last. 
TtretyfAivof^p.part, P. ofviorot. 
Tir^a.xifx't'^t'ii^ itiy «, (Wrragty, 

;^;/X/oi) four thousand. 
rirra^tff and riffffa^ify if, «, four. 
Tivfiffavioi, a/, /., Teuthrania, a c?«- 

<nc< a«c? town in Asia Miliar. 
rvfii^ov, adv., (rjf, hfAi^tt) to-day. 
rti^at a-Sy f.t a tiara. 
Tiy^TtSy «Ttff, m,y the Tigris. 
rlSrifii, 4n<ru, rihixity -/aoh, I place, 

appoint. la.A. ihx», 2 a. M. 

thfAv*, fiifAtvoi TOL oxXUf having 

piled their arms. ihr» ra aVXa, 

drew up in array. »«Ta ;^«^^«y 

?^f»Ttf ra «?rAa, piled up their 

arms in their place, ut ra^tv 

ra. flVXa rihf6euy tO stand tO 

arms in the order. 
rly.a,u), in^at, riri(Aftxa,, -fAOHy (t/^jj) 

I honour ; reward, la. A, \rU 

Tifih, ^iyf'y honour, esteem. 

rifiucfj a, av, and •{, oVf (rtfAfi) 

valued. ita^a fiet^iku TifAtety 
valuable in the eyes of a king. 

rifAM^iaiy ^ffcjy rtrtfAea^fixeif 'fi^^'t 
(n/Avij at^at) I aid. M. I take 
vengeance, punish. 1 a. P, It/- 
fceu^fi^nv. irifjttii^ovfifiyj I sought 
vengeance. vifAu^n^nvaty should 
be punished. 

rtfit^iet, as, /., (rtfiu^ii) punish- 

Tig, TtSy Tiy pron.y one, some, cer- 
tain, any one. 

rig, Ti?, t/, interrog,, who, what ? 
(Jia) t/, why? ri ouv, in what, 

Turva^i^vnsy tog, m., Tissaphernes. 
OjCC, rtffffaipi^vm, 

TtT^UffXU, TPUffUf TtTPtiffAaif I 

TflJ, adv., indeed. 

Tosyec^evvj adv., (to), y«^» dS*) 
therefore, accordingly. 

raivvy, adv., (roi) therefore, then. 

rotovlt, Totaht, rciovhi, (roTog, SUch} 
of such kind, such. 

reiouTog, reiavrn, toiovto, and raf 
ovrov, {roTogj such) of such kind, 
such, iv rotovTif rev xiviufou 
Tfiof/evreg, in such a situation 
of approaching danger. 

ToXf^ihrig, eu, rw., Tolmides. 

Tfl^sw/tta, irogy «., (ro^tvsa) an ar- 

ro^ivofj e-ai, Tirei^tvxec, -ftai, (ro^av, 
a bow) I shoot with the bow, 
shoot. 1 a. inf. P. ro^ivSvitm, 

rolTxosy n, av, (to^ov, a bow) belong- 
ing to archery, ra^ixijg, {Ttx^ng) 

rolerttg, av, 7W., (ri^tfr, a bow) a 
bowman, archer. 

To^ogy ovj m.j a place. 

TO^iffiiy roirvihiy rotrevhg, (ro^og, SO 
great)' 80 strong, roffoi^t ovrtg, 
being so few. 

ro^ovTog, rofctvrn^ roffovro, and 
Toa'cvToVf (roff-egj SO great) SO 
much, so many, too'ovtcu, by 
80 much. 

roTif adv., at that time, then. 

rtvfitv'akiv, for TO ifiTaXif, 

re 090 fia J for ro cve/ia. 




rauTovi^ for rourov^ gen, of cl/r»s, 
v^dytlfAa, arcs', 1., (r^iuyMy I eat) 

a thing eaten, pi. sweet-meats. 
T^aXAii;, ^v,/., Tralles, a town in 



T^d^mkof, ov^ 7»., the throat, neck. 

r^et^vf^ liUj i;, rough, harsh. 

Tftis, r^i^Sy r^ietj three. 

T^i^Mj Tfj-v/^a;, rir^o^x, rir^ufifAetiy 
I turn. 1 a. A. ir^t^et. 2 a. 
Af. ir^dtrofitn*' 

r^ifUj ^^{ypof, rir^a^pet, riS^AftfjLOn^ 
I nourish, maintain. 

r^%X,a>y ^^i^tft-a-i and ^^ecfiov/Aeii, 
ti^^ecfifixec^ -fAxiy I run. 2 a, A. 

t^£a;, I tremble; shrink from. 1 
a. A, tT^iffec. 

r^iKKovree,^ adj, indecl. (r^tTg) thirty. 

r^iKKOtrm «/, «, (t^'^V) three hun- 

r^in^nsy m, /, a galley with three 
banks of oars, a trireme. 

r^lros, fif tfv, ('T^i'is) third, ro r^i- 
rov^ for the third time. 

r^ocrhf 9ii, /., {r^i'Tu) flight, 

T^o^osy ov, m., (rpi^u) a turn, way, 
manner, (xara) rov^t rev r^otrov^ 
in the following way. sr^af rovs 
T^oirovs «'x««'»v, looking to the 
habits, disposition. i» rov roiev- 
Tov T^'oTov^ with such a temper. 

T^a^^, «;, /., (r(i(pe») food, mainte- 

ruyx^*"i Tit/^«^a/, vinv^a and 
riTvx^i^^i I ^i'> obtain, meet 
wth ; happen. 2 a. A. trS^ov. 
trv^i* iffrnKus^ happened to be 
standing ; — construed with the 
part, instead of the inf of ano- 
ther verb. 

Tvpiouovy tfy, n., Tyriaeum, a town 
in Phrygia. 

Tv^osy tfy, »w., cheese. 

ruxi, nty /., {^vvyx»vu) fortune, 

<r», for T/w, dat, s. of rtg. 


t/$A>f, ii'i&raft 91., water. 

«>.»», vSi fi a wood, wood, under- 

VfAtrt^off «, tfv, (vfAiiSi P^- of 9V) 
your, yours. 

\iva.yiy -d^Vi -«A;«» "yf*»h (^^^i 
ayv) I lead on, induce. Tuura 
v^-vytTo, threw out these things 
so as to lead him on. 

S^x^X^fy auy W., [My »(X^) * li®"!" 
tenant-general, viceroy. 

v^ei^X'"i 1^1 (^«'«i ^^X*') I begin ; 

am ; favour. virS^;^f, favoured. 

r«/ai/r«» ««'«^;^a»T«i', when SUCh 

inducements exist 
v{rsXai;yA>, -iX&ffet^ Attic tkeH, -iXn- 

kaxeiy 'fjueny {^V9r»^ %Xetuvu) I ride 

up to. \ a, A. u9fty.affa. 
yxj^, prep, governing the gen, and 

acc.^ above, beyond, on account 

of, in behalf of. 
v^t^^oXfi, uSi /., (y**!^, fidkXat) a 

pa.ssing over, passage over. 
yiriV;^irtf, 2 a, M, of v^io'X**^- 

vTfiyira^ imp. M. of v^&yv. 
vT^xoasj 0f, ov, (vvrif ixtvot) sub- 

I serve. 
vTYt^iTfiSy •V, m., (vflTtf, l^sriff, a 
rower) a servant, helper ; an 

fAdiy (tnr«, ^x^) ^ promise. 2. a, 
M, v^iirx^fit^iv, 
virij prep, governing the gen. dat. 
and ace. ; with the gen, of, from, 
by ; dat, close under ; ace, un- 
der, at the foot of. 

if^oliifTt^aSf «, tf», {comp, of u^O' 

^f)}f , deficient) inferior in rank. 
v^ei^iXOfiMiy -"ii^ofteuy -^{^ty/AtUj 

(y?rfl, UxofiMt) I receive, wel- 

vTo^vydtVj oVt «., (wwi, ^it/yvi//Ki) 
a beast of burden. 

v9roXetfi(i&¥u, -kn^ofAaty -i/Xn^a, 
'lAfACUy (vsr*! X«^/Jay4») I take 




under my protection; take up 
the discourse. 2 a. A, ii^iXi- 

vcroXii^Uj -Xti'^cuy 2 p. 'XikoiTct, 
'>.iXu(Aftat^ {uv-i, Xtixat) I leave 
behind. 1 a. P. vrtXiip^nv. 

sofb) I become gradually timid. 

itAf) & uiEjn tonal f mention. 

'Tifi.fAetij {v9rcf *ifA9ret) I send as 
a spy, suborn, I a, A. u^rtvi/A- 

vTdTTiutiy 0-a>, {v(po^att) I am Sus- 
picions, suspect, imp. u^mt- 


(iiTe^ ff'T^'Kpai) I turn away; e- 
lude. 1 a. A, inrtfr/fspa, virov- 
vMttg, having artfully eluded 
his appeaL 
vir9e-x^f***»(i 2 a. part. M. of v^rtff- 

vrox^i't tff, tfv, (y^ro, tx'^) subject. 

X^^^f^) i retifCt relTPatt give 
way. \. a. A. uti^^a^^hs-k. 
w^rtf^/'i«, «;,/.» (i^flf**') SU^spiciOD* 

vffrt^etia, (hfii^tf,)^ on the follow- 
ing day. us /»«» t^» y*'Tig«/«> 

vrrt^iv, fifaftat^ {u^n^os) I am 
later. \ a. A. uffr%^nf», ufri- 
pnffi rris f*eixKSi came after the 

i/VTi^«v, acfr., (iJtf'Ttfdf) after; after- 

vrt^os, a, «yt (i/iTtf) later. 

w^', Jbr if^ri. 

view with suspicion, suspect. 
v4'*i>^osj fl, «», (i»V*f) high, lofty. 
vyPesy itff, n., (^»^/'/, high) height. 

^«iJ^«y, a, «y, (^a/w) bright, beam- 
ing. ^a/${0y, beaming with ani- 

^«/»), ;)re«. opf. o/ ^«/»). 

show. if. anc? P. I appear, am 
manifest, am evident. 2 a, P. 

peiXayl, ayyos, /., a phalanx, 
army, line. 

*«xrvflf, ou, m., PhalifiPB, 

^Aii^ep', *, ej» fip«^'j») evident, open, 
uianiftfat. e* y* nr<y ^j^v^^sp, open- 
ly at least, ^aevijof y/ytf»af,have 
you been openly. 

ciirry^ britjf^. j^ja^.*^^?, ^«^i*ft 
^iY«'*t t" te deeply diijircasedj 

t^ifflVf iialf as much more as 
they feceivod previously, ifi^t 
tta-t ^yi TsoVfltif, eontinuc<l to 
sweep their country of all its 

^tvyv^ ^tvliofiaif and ^fv%ovfMtij «•«- 
(pivyety ^iipvyfiatf I flee. 2 CI. 
A. tipiOyaf. rcvg (ptvyoirag, the 

^u/tt), ^^^Af, I say. imp. i^nf. 

KB, I *im befbrc^liand with, anti- 
cipate. 1 a. A, i^Siva. 

^fiyyofjMty (pSiyidfAat^ t^ityf/Lai, I 
shout. 1 a. M. i^ftylafAtiv. 

^ftv/«, nTAt, (^^iV6s, envy) 1 envy, 
am jealous. 

ftXMtTt^Hf *T "I {comp. of ^ix»f) 
morti frictidiy. 

PiXiar^ ««•*», 9t^iXn*», (^tXos) I 

(pixix, at J., ((pix«s) friendship. 
^iXixett, adv. J (<pikog) in a friendly 

^iXios^ a, •v, and »f, «», (p!X9f) 

friendly, r^if (piXtuv (X'^i'^*)i 

to a friendly itmndy, 
^/X<T<r«, OS, 9v, (^iXiu, "i^^os) fond 

of liorses. sup. ^iTu^Toraros. 
pX»4nMs^osy»^^ ((piXtVy 4fi^M){ond 

of hunting, sup. ^Xoh^irA- . 


love gain, am greedy of gain. 
^tX$Mifhy9»f)^ •«, o¥y C^^iXiwy Miv^uvti) 




fond of danger, venturous, sup. 

fond of learning, mp, ^ikafia- 

{ptXo^oXtfiofy OS, Of, (^iXi4», iTtfXi- 

fitts) fond of war. 
(p/xof, ov, m., a friend. 
^iXtff , n, a», dear, friendly, comp. 

^iXeirt^ofy ^tkri^oSj ^iketiTi^agy 

and ^t\Tot> ; sup. ^iXeiraros. pix- 

T&rofj (ptXeiiTXTos, and <piXiffros, 

(piXoffc^oti ^"y ^'1 C^'XiO', fo^eg) a 


(fiXTtfciofMUf li^Ofieetj 9't<piXoTift,ri- 
ftecif (^iXitUf rifih) I love hononr, 
am jealous. 1 a. P. ipXerifiti- 
6r,i. ^iXerifAfi^ivrtf, influenced 
by jealousy. 

(piXo(pfio9ioft»iy ytffofiMi, (^(piXietj ^^0- 
viat) I treat kindly, shew a friend- 
ly feeling. 

(pXvaoieif as, /*., {(pxuot, I babble) 
silly talk, foolery. 

^ofit^os, »f 0v, (^e^os) causing fear, 
alarming, comp. ^o^t^tirt^os, 
sup. (pofit^eiruros. 

^efiitf nvi, iti^ifinficat, (^efios) I 
terrify. M. I fear, am afraid. 

fofios, ov, m., (^sfiofiLatj I fear) fear. 
^ojSa; 9roXhs (^y) xai aXXtts, 
there was great fear both to 

^trnxft, 9IS, /., (^»/w|) Phoenicia. 

(poivixde-Tfie, flf , w., (^oivi^) a wearer 
of purple, nobleman, courtier. 

^oivlxous, «, oSv, controjcljed for ^01- 

yixios, etj av, (^^'W^) purple. 

*oivtl, Txos, m., a Phoenician. 
(poifd^, txos, m., a palm, palm-tree. 
^offia/, nv-Mf trt^o^nxei, 'f^'^'i (^^^^) 

I bear ; wear. 
(p^et^v, (p^&ffat, 9r%(p^&xa, -ofAou^ I 

tell, intimate. 1 a. A. t^- 

the mind) I think, understand. 
(p^ivtfAOs, as, ov, {(p^anot) prudent. 
(p^avrit^at, tfat, Attic tu and tfw/Aitt, 

^t(ppevrixec^ ((p^fiv, the mind) I 

think ; devise ; am anxious. 

i^^hri^cv, began to be anxious. 

a conunander of a garrison. 
(p^av^iv, nvai, (jp^av^as% a guard) I 

(p^av^iaVf au, 91., (jP^w^atj a guard) 

a garrison. 
^^uyia, as,f., Phrygia. 
*^i»|, ^^vyas, TO., a Phrygian. 
^uyks, aHiaf, C, {^ivym) a fugitiTe, 

^vyh, f^sif-, {p^yf) flight. 
^vXetxh, fis, f; {<pvX»0g'at) a g^uard, 

<pvXa%, ixas, C, {(poXa^fat) a guard. 
(puXaa-^M, and ^vX»TTU, ^*», m^u- 

X«;^flE, 'yf-ott, I guard. M. I 

guard against, am on my guard. 

^vXaxets ^vXa^M, to keep guard 

*vffxas, av, m., the Physcus, a river 

in Assyria. 
^vu, (pDa'M, ^i^Oxa, I produce. 
^tax&U, ^^0f,y*., a Phocsean woman, 

a native of Phocaea, a town in 


X»Xtirmtfv, &Miy (;^«Xi«'«f) I am 

angiTl; am indignant. 
)^itXt9ras, n, «y, dtem, severe, dan- 
gerous, comp. ;^aA.ia'«iTi^«f. 

sup. ;^aXt9r^r&Tas. Ix tcv ;^«Ae- 

iras tUfeu, from his being stem. 

ra ^aXiitap, his stemness of 

XotXiTus, adv. (;^«Xi«'##) hardly, 

^etXxtas, a, 0f, and OS, 0fj con- 

tj'dcted ^aXxavs, n> «vv, (;^«Xx«f) 

^aXxas, au, m., copper, brass. 
iLaXas, »u, m., the Chalus, a river 

in Syria. 
X»ii^»fMU^ tavfimiy xtx»(*^f'^'t* (jC*' 

fiis) 1 gratify, oblige. 

joice,) a favour ; gratitude. 
(jlvtxa) rns ;t«^^''»'*f» on account 
of the gratitude, ace. x'^V** 
Xa^fiuviti, »is, J"; Charmande, a 
town in Mesopotamia. 




^tifcwfj Syof, ru; "winter weather, 

Z^ki X^'i^f*fn *^® hand. 

'X.ti^ia'e^cSf av, Tn,j Chirisophus. 

'Ki^aovtiiToSi and ;^;i^«'flv»»»'flj, «v, /., 
the Chersonese, m JTirace. 

X^^i X^^^fi ^"t * goose. 

X*^*^h '^h ^1 ^ thousand. 

X*^»fi «»> wj., forage, fodder. 

Xtfoavy eivosy m., a tunic, coat. 

XoTv'li ^ftos, f.y a choenix ; a Greek 

;^flf Ttf/, tfi;, w., hay, fodder. 

Xioi-oiAon^ X^iitro/iett, »ixilf^*'i } 
use, employ, make use of. xi*^ 
fjLivos avrSf while using his ser- 
vices ; contracts with n, instead 
of «-. ^ 

XV^t Xi^'^^t I'wper*., it is neces* 
sary, it behoves, inf, x^timt. 

x^H^> ;t€.?*"«i (A;e"«» »«ed) i 

need ; wish, desire. 
X^l^'^'i »'rosi «M {x^»«f*»') a thing 

used ; pi, goods, money. 
X^^arfAosi «, tfv, and 05 ^ •», ixt^'^ 

ficci) useful. 
;^^flvflf , ovj w., time. 
XZ^^iofj ttj 09j contracted x^uffwty 

^» ««'•'> U:5»'«'»J» gold) golden. 

;^fy«"/flv, ««/, »., (xS'^^^fi gold) a 

piece of gold, money. 

X^vffox»>-i*oSi »Sy 0*1 (ASf *'*f» gold, 
Xec>^tvost a bridle) with a gold- 
studded bridle. 

Xt^i^i* »(j /*i a place, post ; coun- 

;^a>^ia>, ««•«, and fi^ofMttf xtx^^inztt, 
(;^;<wg«) I go, advance. »;t<i^i/, 

Xe^^'ov, ovy n., {x^i^) * P^*^e, a 
stronghold. x^Z^^^ *XH^h * 

;^;4i>f)?, offo., (x'^i*) apart from; 
freqtiently used as a prqp, with 
the gen. 

"ird^os,^ avy m,y the Psarus, a ri- 
ver in Cilicia, 
•i'iktev, ov, n, a bracelet. 

yptuiiifj hst if, (^lu^tf) false. 
^j^•t^«f, lof , »., (r/'iiJ^*) a flEdsehood. 
rjl'it^Af, ^ptufof, i^l/iva-fteti, I deceive. 

J/. I speak fklsely, prove false. 

1 a, P. i^ptv^hv, i>^iwr^>i (««- 

T«) TtfWTtf, he was deceived in 

'>^fi<pi^a(Aeti, iffa/Aaiy and ievfMci, l^pn- 

pfffMu, (^^?^flf , a pebble) I tote, 
'4'iX6Sy ff, tfy, bare ; without a hel- 

I Strip bare, clear. 

■*■« inter),, O, oh ! 
eSltf adv,y (d^t) thus, in the follow- 
ing manner. 
«iT0, imp, of oltfAtti, 
tyxtire, vmp, P, of otxiv, 
eyxo^tfAtlfiLUcv, p, part, p. of dixoio' 

ifKTtifidVj imp. of OIXTti^iif, 

itfAoXoyfiro, pJup, P, of ofMX.»yiu, 
ufAat, n, 0y, cruel, unfeeling. 
«r^««'a, 1 a. of Sfibvvfii, 
vviofiasj n^ofiMi, itatn/MUj (<^''^i 

price) I buy, purchase. 
eiuof, «, ov, {mvos, price) for sale. 

ret eifia, market-wares. 
^Ci^tf, iof,f, Opis, a town in Assy- 
»^Xtrf*if9fy p, part, P. of i^ki^M. 
M^», »s, /., an hour, time ; pi, the 

at^eiitf, «, avj (&>(«) blooming, in 

ioeticf aIv, being still in the bloom 

0? youth. 
ai^fAYivro, plup. P. of o^ftdu, 
i^fjkuvroj imp, M, of o^fAoii, 
iwf, adv, and conj,^ as, thus, that, 

how, when. 
vf, prq).^ Attic for uf or ir^ig, to ; 

governs the ace. of a person only. 
&ff(ty for &^rt, 
Sevrt^, adv,, {us) as, as if. 
«?*•«, adv., and conj.^ so, so that, 

so as. 




tiruXtii fifj f.j {tvreitf I wound) 
a scar. 

aJrif, fiosj /., (tfyf, the ear) a bas- 

*l^iXi, 2 a. of «^t/x*r. 

«J^iXi«», iftf-Af, ti^ikti»», -/tM5/, I as- 
sist, am of service to. 

tipsXJffit^f, 0g, •!», aomeiimes n, -•», 
(«;^iXi«») aiding, useful, adyan- 

Printed by Oliver & Boyd, 
Tweeddale Court, High Street, Edinburgh. 

I$ooit0 iUtimeK in ^titt. 


ELEMENTS of ASTRONOMY; adapted foi 
Priyate Instruction and. Use in Schools. With 56 Engravings on Wood 
By Hugo Reid, Lecturer on Natural Philosophy. 12mo, bound. 
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or Diopliantine Analysis, Probabilities, Life Annuities, &c. With Numerous 
Exercises under each Head, and a large Collection of Misccllaneuus Questions. 
IJy Alex. Ingram, Author of** A Concise System of Mathematics," ** Elements 
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Surveying, &c. With an Intuoduction, containing an Explanation of the 
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1 ELECTA e POETIS I^TINIS ordine temporum 

Solect ioiis from Plautus, Terence, Lucretius, CatalloB, 
he Use of the Edinburgh Academy.