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DiirmicT Clbbx'* Orrtei. 
BE it rraMmberwl, that tm tb« MTentMath d«T of Atiril, A. D. 1830, Mid in th« 
fifty-fourth year of the Indepradeoe* of the Jiittnil Staten of America, Hiiliard, 
Gray, Little, Ac Wilkini, of the »aid district, have deponited in thia office the 
title of a book, the rifht whereof they claim ae proprietors in the words Jbllowixif , 
to wtt.- — 

*■ StMfSvTH 'AvdCm^tt K»^. — Xenophon's Expedttioa of Cyras, with 
English N(^ea, pn pared for the l.'se of Schools and Colleges, with a L4fo of th« 
Author, by Charles Dexter Clereland, l*rofessor of Languafes in Dickinson Col- 
in conformity to the act of the Congress of the United States, entitled, ** An 
act for the enooarafoment of hiaming, by securing the c«*pies of maps, charts, 
and books, to the authors and propiietors of such copies during the times thereia 
mentioned : " and also to an act, entitled* ** An aet supplementary to an art, enti« 
tied, * An act for the oncoorafement of learning, by securing the copies of maps, 
charts, and books, to the authors and proprietors of such copies during the tiroes 
therein mentioned ;* and extending the benefits thereof to the arts or designinf, 
•afntving, and •tebiag historieal and other priou." 


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Xenophon the son of Gryllus, an Athenian, was born about 
fouf bundled and fifty years before the Christian era. The pre- 
cise period of his birth, however, cannpt be satisfactorily ascer- 
tained. In early life, while walking through the streets of Athens, 
he was met b]^. ^(^erates; tUe ^MlefiQph'o*! who stopped him, and 
asked, where th^jH^st p/o^ioij^ CGa>lct Uetft»ind. Upon Xeno- 
phon's telling him isQg:^dia^]g, S«crates again asked, where the 
best and wisest meij'cjul^bi tfouh^. , At this Xenophon hesi- 
tated, when the j)hilosQi)her j^aid-Jtq Jum, Enov xoivvv, %al 
fioi I'&txvf, * " The A ^ folJoV; ^^ -aj^'Je^m." This simple mci- 
dent seemed to give a direction to his thoughts, to his studies, 
and to his whole future life. Thenceforth he became a most 
devoted and faithful disciple of Socrates. He was the first who 
committed to writing the sayings and principles of his great 
master, and his account of him, styled " The Memorabilia," is 
among the most pleasing, instructive, and valuable writings 
which have been left us by antiquity. 

During the Peloponnesian war Xenophon, when about twen- 
ty-six years of age, entered into the service of his' country, and 
was at the battle before Delium, between the Athenians and 
Boeotians. The Athenians having been defeated, Xenophon, in 
the retreat, was unhorsed and thrown down; but Socratesj 
whose horse had been killed under him, and who was fighting 

* Diogenes Laertius. 


on foot, came immediately to his aasiBtance, and helped him 
from the field.* So inauspicious was the commencement of » 
military career, which, in after time, covered him with imperish- 
able laurels. 

The cause of Xenophon's enlisting in the service of the 
younger Cyrus was as follows. He had a particular friend, by 
the name of Proxenus, who was at the court of Cyrus, when he 
was meditating the expedition against his brother. Being de- 
sirous of gaining as many auxiliary troops as possible, 'Cyrus 
requested Proxenus to exert his influence to this effect Plrox- 
enus, therefore, wrote to Xenophon, with whom he had formerly 
been on the most intimate terms of hospitality, and requested 
him to come into Asia, and connect himself with the fortunes of 
Cyrus, assuring him that he would gain thereby the favor of a 
most powerful friend^ liO'dLi\,*fe,ift>i^n '/at gie«|9r*3than he could 
expect ever to acqa2ri M Atiifei^. ^ei|Dp^{ji{;bpon the receipt 
of tUs letter, showed it tQ,&)^ratea|4|nd gLgked hu advice. The 

■■■ ;„;' . 4sn«* t 

* Although this incident S8;r^tc^;Vj{^io^nefl Laertius and 
Strabo, yet Mitchell, in tlSe «^ f •^i&iih(i^«£tt«v4ar6e " to his Aris- 
tophanes, does not hesitate to say, that it could not have occurred. 
But it is not a little remarkable that he grounds his denial of it on 
what is now generally rejected as a spurious reading. His wordtf 
are, ** This expedition is settled by chronologists as taking place 
just twenty-one years after the battle of Delium, and Xenophon 
calls himself at the time a young man {vtavlaxog)^ The passage 
referred to, is in Book ii. Chap. 1, the speech to Phalinos. 
Weiske, Schneider, Bornemann, and Dindorf, however, 'read 
Otonofinoe instead of AfVoq>mv, on the authority of the best manu- 
scripts. Schneider reiSarks on vtaviaxB, a few lines below, *' Ex 
hoc statis indicio, comparato cum loco altero infra (Book iii. 
Chap. 1), annos statis Xenophontis colligere conatus est Zeune, 
cujus tamen rationes non bene procedunt. Nunc vero Xenophonti 
Theopompus suceessitj et tota ilia argwnentatio eoncidit." We shall 
therefore continue to believe the early Greek historians, in their 
accounts of this incident in our author's life. 


philosopher advised him to go to Delphi,* and consult the onr 
cle. Accordingly Xenophon repaired thither,' but did not inquire 
of Apollo whether it would be expedient for him to undertake 
the journey, but, to which of the deities he should offer sacrifi- 
ces for his future success. Socrates, therefore, blamed him, on 
his return, because he had asked the direction of Apollo, not 
upon his going into Asia, but upon his duty before going, as if 
he had previously decided upon the step. However, he directed 
him to fdlow the injunctions of the oracle. Having dacrificed 
accordingly, Xenophon set sail for Asia, and arrived at Sardis, 
where he found Proxenus and Cyrus ready »for the expedition. 
He entered the service of the latter not as an officer, but as a 
private soldier, and so conducted himself as to gain immediate- 
ly the esteem and confidence of Cjrrus, which, ever after, he 
continued to preserve. 

The events connected with the two succeeding years of our 
autlior's life, which are minutely detailed in the Anabasis, are 
eminently interesting. In those two years he reaped the 
proudest honors, — honors which the most victorious general f 
the world has seen, well might envy. To have entered the ter- 
ritory of a powerful foreign monarch ; to have subdued him battle 
after battle ; to have pushed a conquering career to the' farthest 
confines of his empire, were indeed splendid achievements for a 
youthful king. But the army of Alexander was comparatively 
a numerous one. The country through which he marched pre- 
sented few obstacles. He conquered as he went. He left no 
enemy in his rear. But he lived not to see again his native 
land. Subduing all but himself, he died at last, a prey to his 
own evil passions, ingloriously at Babylon. 

But to have acccmpanied a young and ambitious prince in an 
expedition to dethrone the King of Persia ; to hlive had that 
prince defeated and slain ; to have been treacherously deserted 
by those allies who had implored the aid of Greece ; to have 

* B. til. c. 1. t Alexander the Great 


found himself thus situated, in the heart of an enemy's country, 
near the very gates of Babyloi^, at the head of a very small 
band, with nothing left them but their courage and their arms ; 
to have conducted this small band, with enemies hovering on 
every side, through the midst of tribes barbarous and powerful, 
through regions trackless and unexplored, across rivers deep 
and rapid, over mountains covered with perpetual snow ; to have* 
led such a band, through such difficulties, safe to their native 
shores; and then to have retired, a philosopher, to instruct 
mankind by his writings, and to have rivalled even his sword * 
with his pen, — such are the merits and such is the fame of 

As Cyrus had assisted the Lacedemonians against the 
Athenians, in the Peloponnesian war, Xenophon, during his 
absence, was banished by his countrymen, for having joined 
the forces of that prince against his brother. But it may be 
doubted whether the lustre of any character could be tarnished 
by the censure of that people, who, on one day, condemned the 
virtuous and gifted Socrates to drink the hemlock, and, on the 
next, raised a splendid monument to his memory. 

After he had thus successfully conducted the celebrated Re- 
treat of the Ten Thousand, Xenophon connected himself with 
Agesilaus, who had been sent by the Lacedeemonians into Asia 
to carry on the war against the Persian king. But Agesilaus 
did not long remain in Asia. He was soon recalled by his 
countrymen, to assist them in repelling the attacks of the The- 
bans and their allies. Xenophon accompanied him, and was 
present at the battle of Coronea, in which the Thebans were 
defeated. As a reward for his distinguished services the Lace- 
daemonians presented Xenophon with an estate delightfully 
situated at Scillus,* near Olympia, whither he retired with his 

• " It is difficult to imagine a more rational or more delightful 
life, than a few words of Diogenes Laertius describe Xenophon 
as leading in that " loop-hole of retreat." Tovtttv&Bv diSTslei 
xwriysjav, xal johg (pUovg kaxiav, xal tug htoglag avyygd-' 


^fe and two sons. Before Xenophon left Asia * ixe deposited 
some money in the hands of Megabysu^, the keeper of the 
temple of Diana, with directions, if he should fall in battle, to 
dedicate it to the goddess,, but restore it to ham if ke should 
survive. Megabysus, therefore, coming to Olympia to see the 
games, called upon Xenophon and returned him the money. 
With this he built an elegant temple to Diana, near Scillus. 
From this retirement, however, Xenophon was soon driven by 
the Eleans, who made war upon the Lacedsenionians. He then 
went, with his family, to Corinth, wliere he passed the rest of 
his life. 

While he was at Corinth, the Thebans united with their allies 
to subdue the Lacedtemonian^ , The Athenians determined to 
assist the latter, and Xenophon sent his two sons, Diodorus and 
Gryllus, to the aid of his countryme^ At the great battle of 
Mantinea (A. C. 363), both these sons were present The^ for- 
mer did not distinguish himself, but safely survived the conflict. 
But Gryllus, eager for military fame, rushed into the hottest of 
the battle, killed Epaminondas, the THeban general, with his 
own hand, and was instantly tut to pieces by the surrounding 
enemy. When the 'news of his 'son's death reached him, 
Xenophon was devotedly engaged in sacrificing. He immedi- 
ately laid aside the garland with which he was crowned, and 
inquired into the particulars of his son's death. When he was 
told that he had fallen bravely, in the midst of the enemy, 
having killed Epaminondas with his OT^n hand, he resumed the 
garland and continued the sacrifice, saying briefly, ^'pduif 
^vtjTov yf/twfixmg, ^ i knew that i had beoot a mortal." i 
But his own end was near at hand. In three years firom this 
battle, in the first year of the 105th Olympiad (A. C. 360), he 

qmy. Books, study, composition, the healthy sports of the field, 
and {he enjoyments of social recreation ; — nothing seems wantingr 
to the picture, which our imaginations are accustomed to draw of 
an accomplished heathen philosopher." Mitchell. 


departed this life at Corinth, in the full poesession of his mental 

Thus died Xenophon, in the ninety-first year of ins age. As 
a philosopher, as an historian, as a general, and as a man, he 
united qualities which are rarely found in the same individuaJ. 
His manners and personal appearance are described by Lafirtios 
in one short but comprehensive sentence, aidi^fnay di xai 
iindiaTaiog ilg vns^^SoXi^v, ^ modest in deportment, and beauti- 
ful in person to a remarkable degree.** 

As a philosopher he was strictly of the Socratic sect. 
Strongly attached to his illustrious master, to him also he be- 
came particularly endeared. Endeavouring to follow in practice 
the precepts which he had learned from his lips, he disdained to 
waste his time upon mere verbal quibbles antd useless disputes, 
striving only to be practical; to do good to his fellow men; to 
instil into them the purest principles of morality ; to inculcate 
a most profound reverence for the gods ; in short, to make him- 
self the worthy disciple of him who was said to have ^ brought 
down philosophy from heaven to earth.'* 

As a writer he has universally been held up as a model for 
purity, elegance, and ease. By some of his contemporaries, he 
was styled *< The Attic Muse," by others, « The Athenian Bee.** 
He has the happy faculty of varying his style according to the 
subjects he may be discussing ; so that in philosophy, history, 
politics, and personal narrative, he appears equally at home. If 
in either of these departments he excels, it is in historical 
narration. Had he written nothing else, the " Anabasis-" alone 
would have fixed him, as one of the most brilliant stars in that 
lustrous constellation which blazed upon Greece in her earlier 
days, and whose beams, undiminished in lustre, have^ steadily 
ilkunined all after time. * 

But if the " Anabasis" of Xenophon has done so much to 
distinguish him as a writer, it has done' no less to exalt him a» a 


general. His knowledge of human nature, and of those latent 
springs by the touch of which the human heart is moved, is atei 
remarkable, as the moral influence which he exerts over his 
soldiers is unbounded* They lov« him for his virtues, and 
obey him for his superior wisdom and courage. His presence 
of mind seems never to forsake him. He never appears at a loss 
either what to say or do. Is the rear of the army annoyed by 
the cavalry of the enemy, against which the heavy-armed men 
cannot act ? Immediately his genius suggests a plan, and his en- 
ergy executes it, by which the horse pf the enemy are kept at 
a distance, and the army secured.* Are the soldiers, after the 
battle, deploring tfieir situation, in the midst of a desert and 
hostile land ? f Xenophon acldresses them in a most animated 
and spirit-stirring harangue, and, by contrasting their own supe- 
rior discipline with the unmanageable multitude of the king, by 
reminding them of the deeds of their ancestors, of the immortal 
honors they gained upon the plains of Marathon, and by every 
allusion which would be of thrilling power to a Grecikn breast, 
prepares them to resist the foe, and to overcome every obstacle 
which may oppose their retreat. Are many of the army, when 
dragging their way over the rugged mountains and amid the 
deep snows of Armenia, disposed to give up in despair ?( 
Xenophon revives their drooping spirits, by bringing to their 
minds the fertile^ shores and the delicious climate of Greece, 
and their beloved wives and children and kindred awaiting their 
return. Do the soldiers, exasperated by pledges repeatedly 
violated, rush into the midst of a Grecian city, and commence a 
universal plunder ? Instantly Xenophon appears* among them, 
calls them to arms, demonstrates to them their rashness and 
folly, calms their minds, and conducts them out paqjlfied, and 
perfectly submissive to his will ; thus displaying the greatest of 
all oratorical power, that of calming the stormy passions of an 
infuriated soldiery. § 

Finally, it is as a man that Xenophon excites our fondest 
admiration, our warmest esteem. By 'his unaffected modesty 

* B. iii. c. 3. t B. iii. c. 2. t B. iv. c. 5. § B. vii. o. 1. 

z X.IFX OP zKNOnroir. 

uid arbamty he gains the one ; by his firm principles, moral 
and religious^ he commands the other. His intimacy with Soc« 
rates, the testimony of his contemporaries, and the sentiments 
which pervade the whole of his writings, attest Ifis great moral 
worth. That he was temperate, appears evident from his 
often-repeated maxim, <^ It is pleasant, when hungry, to eat 
herbs ; when thirsty, to drink water." That he was •benevo- 
lent, may be seen from his distributing among his soldiers many 
valuable presents which were made to himself. That he was 
a faithful friend, we have abundant evidence in the character 
and permanency of all his friendships, but particularly in iia 
eulogium of Agesilaus, and his defence of his master, Socrates. 
That he was honest, is clear from his publishing the writings pf 
Thucydides as he did, when he might easily, and without the 
least suspicion, have given them to the world as his •own. 

But were we desired to name the most prominent trait in his 
character, we should say it was his reverence for the gods of his 
country. He does nothing, he attempts nothing) without first 
appealuig to them. Is he desirous of going into Asia to join 
the forces of Cyrus ? He first repairs to the oracle of Apollo, to 
leam the mind and purposes of the deity.* Do the soldiers, 
nearly destitute of provisions,! importune him to lead them out 
to obtain supplies ? He steadily and constantlj^ refuses, so long 
as the victims appear unfavorable. Does the army unanimously 
elect him their sole general ? X Grateful for the honor, and 
ambitious to signalize, still more, both himself and his country ; 
yet feeling the weight of responsibility that would be conse- 
quent upon his accepting so high a trust, he ofiers up soleiAn 
sacnfices to Jupiter, to ascertain his duty, and immediately 
declines the proffered honor, when the omens do not seem 
clearly to signify the expediency of his assuming it Is he 
about to enter into a solemn treaty of peace with the enemy^ 
In the presence of all, he first calls upon the gods, the gihurdi- 
ans of friendship and the avengers of peijury, to witiless their 

♦ B. iii. c. 1. t B. vi. c. 1. J B. vi. c. 2, 


mutual oaths of fidelity, and imprecates, upon the head of the 
faithless and the treacherous, the vengeance of Hun, " who per- 
vades all space,' who governs all," and from whom *'no swift- 
ness can save, no darkness hide, no strong place defend." * 

But in order to form a correct judgment of one's piety, we 
must try him hy no false standard. Though, we venerate Xen- 
ophon as a philosopher, we must hear in mind thM he was hut^a 
heathen philosopher ; though he deserves our highest praise for 
making tiie hest use of the only light he had, we must not for- 
get that it was hut the glimmering light of Nature, and that 
neither he, nor his still more gifted compeer, tho Master of the 
Academy, had any faint perceptions of the spirit of that pre- 
cept, which is the foundation of Christian ethics and shines on 
every page of Revelation, ^ Do unto others as you would wish 
others to do unto you." 

• B. U. c. 5. 




Cyrus the younger, being accused of meditating the destruction 
of his brother Artaxerxes, who had succeeded to the throne, is 
nearly subjected to the punishment of treason ; but, through the 
entreaties of his mother, he is sent back to the government of 
his own province, of which he was satrap. Here he secretly pre- 
pares to make war against his sovereign, and assembles an army, 
partly composed of Greek troops which his friends collect for 
him, as though a very different expedition were intended. 


Cyrus sets out from Sardis. and marches through various countries, 
Lydia, Phiygia, Cappadocia, &c. Tissaphernes, in the mean 
time, hastens to the king, to inform him of Cyrus* movements. 
Epyaxa, the wife of the king of Cilicia, visits Cyrus. At her 
request the army is reviewed. The evolutions of the Greek in- 
fantry strike great terror into the queen, and into all the barba- 
rians present at the review. Having reached Tarsus, Cyrus 
summons to his presence Syennesis, the Cilician king. At first 
he declines going ; but, at length, yielding to the entreaties of 
his wife, he trusts himself within the power of Cyrus, and 
assists him with sums of money. 




Cyrus is compelled to remain at Tarsus twenty days, in conseqnsnc* 
of a mutiny among the Greeks, who, suspecting that the ex- 
pedition was against the king, nearly stone Clearchus to death, 
who endeavoured to urge them to proceed. A deputation is 
sent to question Cyrus on the design of the expedition. He 
replies, that he was leading them against a certain Abrocomai, 
and promises them additional pay. The Greeks, therefore^ 
determine to march onward with him. . • • • 9 


As soon as the army reach Issus, the last city in Cilida, they are 
joined by the fleet. They then pass the defiles, and proceed 
through Syria. While they are at Myriandrus, two of the 
generals, Xenias and Pasion, secretly leave the army, and saQ 
away with all their effects. But from the mildness of Cyrus, on 
the occasion, the soldiers become more attached to him. As 
soon as they reach Thapsacus, Cyrus op^s to them his design. 
At first the soldiers are indignant at the deception ; but, excited by 
promises, they all cross the Euphrates, Menon displaying his crafty 
character, by gaining to himself without risk the entire credit of 
setting the example. 19 


After passing the Euphrates Cyrus continues his march, keeping this 
river upon the right.' The journey, however, is impeded, in con- 
sequence of the badness of the roads and the difficulty of ob- 
taining provisions. As soon as the army enters the country 
opposite the city Charmande, the soldiers cross the river upon 
rafts made of skins stufied with hay, and obtain supplies. A 
dangerous quarrel arises among the Greeks, in which the sol- 
diers of the opposite factions come to blows ; but Cyrus, by a 
seasonable address, quells the tumult, and calms their animosity. 16 


Orontes^ a Perrian nobleman, who^ twice before, had acted treach- 
erously towards Cyrus, and had been received into favor, now for 


the third time'endearoura to desert to the king. But his plans are 
discovered, be himself is apprehended, and, being convicted on the 
Judgment of Clearchus and others, is condemned to death and 
executed • • • • 20 


Qyrus, after having marched a short distance through Babylonia, 
suspecting that the army of the king was near, draws up his forces 
at midnight, and reviews them, promising the Greeks magnifk^ent 
presents, if victorious. The army then, drawn up in order of 
battle, cross the large trench, which the king had cut through the 
plain. As Artaxerxes does not appear, Cyrus thinks he has given 
up the design of fighting, and therefore marches with little drcunw 
spection, and order. SS 


At length Artaxerxes approaches, unexpectedly, with his array drawn 
up in order of battle. All the troops of Cyrus, therefore, Loth 
Greeks and Persians, are thrown into confusion, and immediately 
hurry to their arms. They soon, however, form the line of battle. 
The Greeks, who form the right wing next to the Euphrates, easily 
rout the Barbarians opposed to them. Cyrus, attended by a few 
faithful friends, fights too eagerly, and, attacking the king in per- 
son, is himself slain. • • 85 


The Character of Qynis. 


The king, in his pursuit of Ariaeus, takes possession of the camp of 
Cyrus, and plunders it Then, having collected together his for- 
ces, he returns to march against the Greeks, who had conquered 
the wing of the enemy opposed to them. But he is a second time 
put to flight by the Greeks, who, having recovered their lost bag« 
gage, return to their own camp. . . • • 




Hie Greeks receive intdHgence of the death of Cynii, and of th« 
deaign of Arisua to return to Ionia. Qearchut endeiToura to 
dtrert him from this intention, and promises him the empire of 
Persia. Artaxerxes first orders the Greeks to deliver up their 
arms, which they manfully refuse to do« Then he promises peace, 
if they remain where they are, but threatens war if they depart t to 
which the Greeks reply, *' Tell the king that we agree to hia 
sentiment, — peace if we remain, war if we depart.** * 87 


Hie Greeks repair to Ariaeus, who invited them to join him, having 
refused to be made king. After a solemn league had been made 
between them, and mutual pledges of fidelity had been given, they 
, consult concerning their return. Ariaeus advises a diffisrent roiite 
from the one by which they had come, in order to obtain a better 
supply of provisions. Early in the morning they commence their 
march, and towards evening they draw noar the suburbs of Babylon, 
where they perceive marks of the king*s camp. As his soldiers 
are much fatigued, Clearchus does not lead them against the enemy, 
neither does he appear to decline an engagement. The army, 
during their encampment at night, are somewhat alarmed, but are 
soon quieted by a stratagem of Clearchus. ... 41 


The king, alarmed at the unexpected approach of the Greeks, sends 
ambassadors to eflect a treaty of peace. The Greeks reply, with 
great coolness, that it was rather necessary for them to fight, as 
they had nothing on which they could dine. Therefore, at the 
command of the king, in order that they may conclude the treaty, 
they are led into villages abounding in provisions. After three 
days Tissaphemes is sent to ask them why they had taken arms 
against the king. Clearchus replies with freedom and truth. Tissa« 

, uoManim. icvii 

pllernes, when he had reported the answer to the king, aAer thuee 
days makes a treaty with them, on the condition that the Persians 
lead them back faithfully to their own country, and afibrd them pro- 
visions, which the Greeks may buy peaceably, or take without lay- 
ing f^raste the country. ....••• 44 


While the Greeks are awaiting the arrival of T^ssaphemes from the 
king, Ansi&us is suspected of treachery. Therefore when Tissa- 
phernes, who is to conduct the journey, arrives with his forces, the 
Greeks, having no confidence in his int^rity, march by them- 
selves, and pitch their camp at a considerable distance from that of 
the Barbarians.* In this manner the march is conducted. Soon 
they pass two canals, and arrive at Sitace, a city upon the banks of 
the Tigris. Then, apprehensive of treachery' on the part of the 
Persians, the Greeks cross the Tigris, and after that the Physcus, 
on the other side of which was the city Opis. Here tliey meet a 
brother of Artaxerxes, advancing with an army to his assistance. 
Clearchus marches his soldiers, so as to dis{day them to the greaU 
est advantage. The Persians are struck with their number and 
appearance. After six days* march they reach some villages be- 
longing to Parysatis, which Tissaphernes permits them to plunder. 
After five days* march they arrive at the river Zabatus. • .48 

The Greeks remain at the villages of Parysatis three days. Their 
suspicion of treachery on the part of the Persians increases. 
Clearchus, in a conversation with Tissaphernes, tells him that the 
Persians have no cause to fear the Greeks, for they had confirmed 
the treaty with a solemn oath ; and that the fidelity of each would 
benefit the other. Tssaphernes, on the other hand, makes similar 
assurances, saying that it would be folly for the king, possessed of 
such vast resources, to resort to fraud, especially when he needed 
the friendship of the Greeks. By the conversation and manner of 
Tissaphernes, Clearchus is deceived. On the next day Clearchus^ 
with four generals and twenty captains, goes to the camp of Tis- 

* The Greeks called all people but th^nselves, «<* /3i^C«e«<* 

xv8i ooxnmi* 

■aphernet (tgraetUy to fail request) in order to leun who they 
were that bad been raising suspicions in cfaher army, of the other*i 
fidelity. While they are in the camp, on a given signal, the Per- 
r sian cavaliy rush in upon them and arise them. The Gredcs are 
then ordered to ddirer up their arms, but they return a most re* 
proachful answer. 59 


The characters of the generals who were put to death are dcKiibed. 
CLS^.HCHUS is represented as perfectly skilled in military af- 
fairs ; read> to meet danger % prompt in procuring supplies for 
the soldiers 1 so t^-ki in his miliUry discipline, that the soldiers, 
while they loved him, feared him more than the enemy ; and, final- 
ly, as one born to command rather than obey. PROXRNUS is 
described as one who had been ambitious of fame even from a child. 
Hence, that he might, by honorable means, obtain glory and 
wealth, he entered the service of Cyrus. His disposition was so 
mild, thst he stood more in awe of the soldiers than they of him 1 
whence he was much beloved by the good, while the bad took ad- 
vsntage of his kindness and good nature. On the other hand, 
MENO was one of the most depraved of men. Avaricious, per- 
fidious, fraudulent, he plotted agunst his friends more than his ene- 
mies. Whoever was inferior to him in any species of vice, was 
despised by him as ignorant and stupid, while he never failed to 
slander every good man. He was not put to death with the other 
generals, on account of his having betrayed them ; but afterwards 
he suflered, as he deserved, a most severe death. AG IAS and 
SOCRATES are spoken well of, both as soldiers and friends. . 58 



Much confusion and dgecdon preraih in the Grecian army thus d^ 
prived of its leaders. Xenopbon relates, in a few words, the man* 
ner in which he came to serve under Qyrus. He has a remarkable 


dream, from which he arouses himself early in the morning, and 
assembles the officers .of the army, to consult for the general good. 
When they are assembled he exhorts them to be of good courage, 
and to elect generals in the place of those who have been put to 
death, declaring it as his opinion that, if the king appeared, they 
should give him battle. One ApoUonides, opposing tliis advice, is 
ejected from his place. Xenophon harangues the officers and 
soldiers, in an eloquent and manly speech^ which is approved by all ; 
when immediately new generals are elected. • • • .63 


The soldiers being called together about day -break, Chirisophus first 
speaks, exhorting them either to conquer bravely or die gloriously. 
Then Cleanor, who dwells chiefly upon the peijury of the king and 
the treachery of Tissaphernes and Ariseus. Lastly, Xenophon, 
clad in rich armour, rises and harangues the troops. First he 
raises the spirits of the men, by telling them, that they would have 
tlie favor and protection of the gods, while the Persians must be 
subject to the divine wrath for their perjury ; that in days long past 
superior courage had overcome the great forces of Darius and 
Xerxes ; that they themselves had just defeated Artaxerxes ; 
that they should now fight vnth as much firmness for safety as they 
had done for empire. Then he removes every obstacle whieh seems 
to oppose them, — their not having Tissaphernes for a guide, — the 
king's not furnishing them prorisions, — the deep rivers they have 
to pass, — by saying that they might easily, if they wi&hed, remain 
and settle in the king's territory. Finally, he points out the 
method of conducting their journey, and of preparing for battle* de- 
claring 4hat eveiy thing must be left, which is not absolutely neces- * 
saiy I that the generals must be more vigilant, the soldiers more 
obedient i and that every thing should be done without delay. 
The sentiments of Xenophon are approved, and generals are chosen 
to superintend the particular parts of the army. . . .70 


When the Gredcs are about to march, Mithridates approaches with 
thirty horse, and desires a consultation, profeaiiag to be friendly to 

tbem. When the Greeks reply that they were going home, he 
tries to convince them that this is not possible, unless they have the 
permisson of the king. But they determine never again to enter 
into any alliance with him. After they have passed the river Zaba- 
tus, M ithridates returns with two hundred horse, and four hundred 
light-armed soldiers, and attacks the rear of the Greeks, who are 
somewhat molested. As soon, however, as they reach some vil- 
lages, at the instigation of Xenophon, companies of slingen and 
horsemen are equipped, in order to keep off the enemy, . • 77 


On the next day, Mithridates, with a larger number of forces, attacks 
the Greeks, but is easily repulsed by their slingers and horsemen, 
though not without the loss of many men. The Greeks then 
reach the Tigris, and pitch their camp at Larissa. On the follow- 
ing day they arrive at TJesplla, but on the next they are attacked 
by Tissaphernes, who is driven back. They remain encamped 
three cays, and during this time change the form of their army. 
They tiien make four days* marches, and on the fifth day begin to 
ascend the hills, but are harassed by the enemy until they reach 
some villages. Having remained here three days, to take care of 
their wounded and procure supplies, on the fourth they take up 
their march, but by an attack of the enemy they are compelled to 
return into the village. After the departure of the enemy, towards 
evening, they leave the village, and gain to much this night, that 
the enemy do not overtake them till the fourth day. The Persians 
then seize upon the hills and narrow passes, but, by the activity and 
bravery of Xenophon, they are driven from their ground. • • 60 


Towards evening the enemy suddenly return, cut off a few Greeks, 
who were in the plains for provisions, and bum the villages. After 
they have been driven back, the Grecian generals consult up(»n the 
most expedient route ; for on one side was the Tigris, which could 
not be passed without a bridge, and on the other the steep moun- 
tains of the Carduchi. A certain Rhodian proposes a plan for 
crossing the river, which it rgected. On the next day they ro- 


trace their steps a little, and having made eveiy inquiiy, as to the 
nature and situation of the country, of some captives whom they 
took, they determined to march over the mountains. • • • 86 



Early the next day the Greeks enter the territory of the Carduchi- 
ans, and consume the whole day in ascending and descending the 
hills. They are considerably hcrassed by the barbarians. On the 
following day they leave most of their sumpter-horses and sUves, 
that their march may not be impeded, and proceed over the moun- 
tains, but are much molested. A severe storm arises, but in con- 
sequence of a dearth of provisions in the army they march on with 
all possible expedition. The enemy follow them, and attack their 
rear. Towards evening they reach an eminence which is entirely 
besdged by the Barbarians. They then question two captives, 
acquainted with the country, whether there was any other road. 
One of them atTecting ignorance, they cut him in pieces before the 
eyes of the other, who, fearing the same fate, promises to lead them 
by a circuitous and more convenient path. . • • .90 


At night two thousand soldiers, under the direction of the guide^ are 
sent to Dccupy the heights in another direction. They rout the 
Barbariins in the morning, and thus enable the rest of the troops 
to march on. Xenophou, with the baggage and rear of the army, 
takes a road a little distant from the others, as the most convenient 

. for the horses. ' But although he acts with great prudence and 
courage, some of his men are killed. At length, aAer being much 
harassed by the enemy, the Greeks take their way over the moun- 
tains, and reach some settlements, where they find an abundance of 
provisions and enjoy repose. ••••••• 94 


At length, after a moat toilsome and periloiu maidi of mwea days 
over the mountaina, the Grades arrive at the river Centrites, 
where they halt for repose. Hera new difficulties ara presented 
to them. Three obstacles seem to prevent their crossing 
the river, — the great number of Barbarians on the other 
side, — the depth and rapidity of the atream, — and the enemy 
who were pressing hard upon their rear. But encouraged by Xeno- 
phon*s dream, the army ciosses by a ford, and the skilful man- 
agement of Xenophon crowns the whole with complete success. • 98 


After the passage of the Centrites the Greeks march through Ar- 
. menia, and soon reach the sources of the Tigris. In a few daya 
they arrive at the river Teleboas, in western Armenia. Here they 
enter into a friendly alliaoce with Teribazus, the governor of the 
country, at his request. Notwithstanding his oath of fidelity Teri- 
bazus follows the Greeks, with a large force^ and lays snares for 
their destruction. Wherefore they leave ■ the villages where they 
were encamped, and pass the night in the open fields during a heavy 
fall of snow 102 


In order that the enemy may not again overtake them, the Greeks 
depart the next day. For many days the army sufier much from 
the great severity of the weather, and the depth of the snow, as 
the Barbarians are continually annoying them. At length they 
reach some villages, where they find provisions in great plenty. 
Here they remain seven days. 105 


On the eighth day after their encampment the Greeks take up their 
march, with the x^fM^x^f ^^^ ^^''^ guide, who, on the third day, 
secretly leaves the army, having been badly treated by Chiriso- 
phus. The Greeks then continue their journey without a guid^ 
and on the seventh day re^ch the river Phasis. After tiro dayf 

more they arrive at the mountains inhabited by the Chalybians, 
Taochians, and Phasians. The Barbarians oppose the progress of 
the Greeks. A council is held. By the advice of Xenophona se- 
lect number of soldiers are sent privately, by night, to the tops of 
those mountains on which the enemy are not stationed, in crder to 
fall upon them early in the morning. All this is done. The enemy 
are routed ; the Greeks pass the mountains, descend into fertile 
plains, and arrive at some villages in which are all kinds of provi- 
sions in plenty. • • • • • • • • .110 


The Greeks suffer somewhat from the want of supplies (the Tao- 
chians having carried all their provisions into the fortifications), un- 
til, by the advice and bravery of Xenophon, some of the castles are 
attacked and taken, when the soldiers supply all their wants. The 
Greeks carry with them sufficient to last them seven days, during 
their march through the territory of the Chalybians, who are re- 
presented as the bravest of all the Barbarians. Then they arrive 
at the river Harpasus, and, after a journey of four days through the 
territory of the Scythians, they reach some villages where they re- 
main four days. The governor of this r^ion afibrds them a 
guide, who, in five days, leads them to the summit of mount llie- 
che, from which they espy the sea. With exulting shouts they 
exclaim ** The sea, the sea,*' and throwing together a large heap of 
stones as a trophy, they crown it with ofierings to the gods. The 
guide then takes his leave, laden with valuable presents. • • 1 14 


Having marched through the provinces of the Macronians, with whom 
they entered into a treaty of peace, in six days the Greeks arrive 
at the Colchian Mountains. Here they are opposed by the inhabi- 
tants, who are soon routed, when the army again reach some fer- 
tile villages. In two days they arrive at Trapezus, a city of the 
Greeks, on the borders of the Euxine sea. Here they remain 
thirty days, during which time they go out into the neighbouring 
country to procure supplies. }n the mean time they offer solemn 
sacrifices to the gods for their safe return, and celebrate festive 
gtmes and entertainments. 118 



A consuIUtioo is hdd upon the best manner of prosecuting the rest 
of the journey. Antileon proposes to go by sea, wliicb all approve. 
Chirikophus is sent in quest of ships. In the mean time Xcno- 
phon harangues the troops upon the manner of employing their 
time. He remarks that in procuring supplies from an enemy's 
countiy great caution must be used ; that they should go out in 
large bodies, but leave enough behind to guard the camp t — ' that 
the ships which sail by the port should be stopped, and brought in 
for their use ; — and that, lest they should not have ships enough, 
the towns upon the sea-coast should be instructed to repair their 
roads. The soldiers approve all his remarks excepting those upon 
the men£ng of the roads, for .they dread to go any more by land. 
Dexippus is sent to procure ships, but sails away. Polycrates 
is then sent, who £uthfully discharges his duty. .... 1^ 


He Greeks begin to be in want of provisions, and therefore prepare 
for an excursion. A part of the army is led against the Drilse, 
a most warlike nation, inhabiting a rough and mountainous country. 
At first the Greeks take but little booty, as the inhabitauts burn 
every thing and quit their homes. At length they reach a city 
strongly fortified, in which all the enemy, with their eflecta^ were 
collected. The assault is made upon the city, which is taken, but 
the citadd is impregnable. The situation of the Greeks within the 
city is perilous, but at length they return in safety to their camp. 128 


^Vhen the Gredcs could not any longer wait for the arrival of Chi- 
risophus, in consequence of the scarcity of provisions, they put on 
board some vessels the feeble and sicl^ together with the women 
and children, while they themselves march over land to Certnit. 

'The army is reviewed. The money received from the sale of the 
captives is divided among the soldiers. The tenth part, however, is 
consecrated to Apollo and Diana. Xenophon, particularly, erects 
a splendid temple and altar, in after time, in honor of the goddess. 130 


When the Greeks reach the territory of the Mosynoeci, the people 
make a stand against them, and endeavour to prevent their passing. 
The Greeks enter into an alliance with another nation at enmity 
with the former. But these allies are soon defeated. On the next 
day Xenophon himself, after he had animated his troops, attacks 
the enemy and puts them to flight. Two castles are burnt, to- 
gether with the soldiers in them ; the capital of the kingdom is 
taken, and some other places are either assaulted or taken into 
allbnce. The chapter closes with a description of the manners of 
the Mosynced • • • • • 1S8 


In eight days the Greeks arrive at the boundaries of the Tibareni, 
with whom, by the advice of the soothsayers, they make a treaty, 
and in two days reach the city Cotyora. Here they remain forty- 
five days, and collect their supplies partly from Paphlagonia and 
partly from the Cotyorensian territory, which they plunder. The 
Sinopeans send ambassadors to the Grecians, complaining of their 
injuries against the Cotyorensians, and threatening revenge. Xeno- 
phon replies to them with great firmness, and thus efiects a 
change in their feelings and tone of address. • . . ISG 


Agreeably to the advice of an ambassador of the Sinopeans, (he 
Greeks conclude to go by sea, instead of marchtag through Paphla- 
gcnia. Xenophon proposes to found a city on the Euxine, which 
proposition the sacrifices favor. But his plans are opposed by the 
deceit and falsehood of the soothsayer, by the envy of some pf 
the generals, and by the empty promises of the Heracleotse. 
~ Therefore he yields this point, and advises that they should all de- 
part together, contraiy to the desire of Silanus. The Heradeot* 

lend ships, but no ttipesdiwy rewards te Ihe soldiers. In 
qi^ence of this, those generals who had excited the hopes of the 
soldiers begin to fear, and say to Xenophon that they are now ready 
to adopt his course and settle on the Euxine. When Xenophon 
refuses to make the propontion to the soldiers^ the generals them- 
selves undertake to bring the subordinate officers over to thdr 
opinions. •••• •»• ••• IS^ 


When the soWers r^t the plan of going to the Fhasis, Neon* the 
Lacedsemonian, accuses Xenophon as the author of it. There be- 
ing some apprehension that the soldiers may take Tiolent measures, 
Xenophon rises to address them. Slrst he shows the foUy of the 
charge. Then he complains to them of the increasing kxity of 
their discipline, and prores it by adducing their cruel treatment 
towards the ambassadors of the Colchians, and the commissaries of 
the army. Should this evil increase he fears lest the whole army 
should become hateful both to gods and men. Influenced by this 
speech, the soldiers determme, that the authors of the columnies 
shall be brought to trial, and that if any, hereafter, shall be found 
guilty of such ofiences, they shall be severely punished. At the 
direction of Xenophon the army is purified. . • . • 145 


When the generals are called to answer for their past conduct, agree- 
ably to the decree of the soldiers, some accuse Xenophon of im- 
proper severity and of cruelly beating them. But he easily refutes 
this accusation, saying, that he had sometimes indeed resorted to 
stripes, but that it was through necessity, and for the safety of 
those vezy persons who now accuse him, and that he never stmck 
any one from mere wantonness or anger. • • • • 150 



The Paphlagoniani send ambusadora to the Greeks* to propose teims 
of amity, which are agreed to. While they are in the camp, the 
Greeks entertain them with exhibitions of dancing afler the custom 
of their country. After the departure of the embassy the army 
sails from Cotyora, with a fair wind, and soon arrives at the port 
Harmene. Here the Greeks stay five days, and determine to elect 
a general who shall have the sole direction of the expedition. Xe« 
nophon is chosen, but, as the sacrifices which he purposely oficrs 
are unfavorable, he declines. Chirisophus the Lacedaemonian u 
tlien elected 154 


The whole army sets sail for Heraclea, under the direction of Chiriso- 
phus. There a sedition arises. The army is divided into three 
parts. The first division, which is th? greatest, consists of Arcadi- 
ans and Achaians, who elect for themselves ten generals. The 
second division is commanded by Chirisophus, and the third by 
Xenophon. • • • . 159 


The Arcadians, eager for plunder, first set sail, and reach the port 
Calpe. Thence they march into the country, attack the Bithyni- 
ans, and obtain some booty. Soon, however, they are besieged 
by the enemy, upon a hill, and are in great danger of being taken. 
As soon as Xenophon hears this, he marches to the assistance of 
the Greeks, and, when at a great distance, builds large fires upoa 
an eminence i • by which the enemy are frightened, and the siege is 
raised. On the next day Xenoplion overtakes the Arcadians at 
Calpe, where Chirisophus h^d just before arrived with hb troopt, so 
that the three divisions of the army are now there together. • l$$ 



A description of the port of Calpe. The productions of the countiy 
are enumerated. The soldier* are unwitting to. pitch their canip m 
any of the neighbouring Tillages, suspecting that there is a design 
to use their services in building a city. They therefore encamp 
near the shore. After the third day a resolution is passed that 
whoever should use his influence to separate the arniy, should be 
capitally punished. Neon succeeds Chirisophus in the chief com- 
mand. They tfe in want of provisions, but the victims, at every 
sacrifice offered, are not favorable to their going out to get sup- 
plies. Neon, however, leads oat two thousand men. But the 
cavalry of Phamabazvs attack them, and kill five hundred. The 
rest retreat to a raountun. The news is brought to Xenophon, 
who goes to their relief and brings them back to the camp. • .165 


The Greeks in order to be safe from attack, pitch their camp in a 
strong place and fortify it Xenophon as soon as he has ofiered sa- 
crifices, which prove favorable, leads out the army, drawn up in or- 
der of battle, after he has left a guard behind to defend the camp. 
They soon meet with the bodies of those soldiers who were killed in 
battle the day before, and bury them. The enemy are discovered 
upon a hill, prepared for an engagement. The Greeks march 
against them, but are stopped by n deep valley. Animated by an 
address from Xenophon th^ cross the valley, engage with the 
Barbarians, and put them to flight. . ... 170 


Tlie Greeks now coUect^provisions from every part of the Bithynian 
territory. Cleander, the Spartan magistrate, arrives with two gal- 
leys. By the duplicity and dishonesty of Dexippus, he becomes 
alienated from the Grecian army. Xenophon is assiduous to ef- 
fect a reconciliation, and succeeds. But Cleander, having offered 
many sacrifices which were unfavorable, declines taking the com- 
mand of the army. They therefore march, with thdr former gen^ 
ends, through Bithynia, and, with great booty, soon reach the city 
of ChiysopoliB, 174 



Anaxibius, the admiral of the Lacedsmonian fleet, being influenced 
by the prorniaes of Pharnabazus, prevails upon the Greeks, by pro- 
mising them money, to cross over to Byzantium. He then de- 
ceives them again, so as to eflect their removal from the city. The 
inhabitants shut the gates upon the army. The soldiers break 
through them, however, but are at length pacified by Xenophon^ 
who prevails upon them to leave Byzantium. Coeratades offers 
himself to the Greeks as their general, and is accepted » but in a 
few days he abdicates the command. • . • • 180 


The Grecian generals disagree about a plan of operations, and many 
of the soldiers leave the army, four hundred of whom are sold as 
slaves by Aristarchus, the governor of Byzantium. He also lays 
snares for Xenophon, who, witli a select number of men, goes to 
Seuthes to learn on what terms he will employ, in his service^ the 
Grecian army 186 


An the Greeks, except Neon, are pleased with the propoations of 
Seuthes, and march to meet him. A treaty is ratified between the two 
parties, and U^e Grecian army is entertained after the Thracian 
custom. Seuthes consults with the Greeks about undertaking an 
expedition. In the night they all march out against the enemy, 
whom, on the next day, they find unprepared, and eanly vanquish. 
They obtain large supplies of slaves and cattle. • . 191 


Seuthes burns the vilhiges of the enemy,. He then, in company with 
the Greeks, encamps in the plain of the Tbynians. There if a 

greet fall of mow, tnd the weather is very serere. The Oreela 
therefore go into the houses of the village. The Barherisas fly to 
the mountains, but pretend that they will enter into an alliance with 
Seuthes. At night they leave the hills, and come down and atuck 
the Greelss who were quartered in their houses. They are at length 
put to flight, and commit themselves and their eflecta to the mercy 
of Seuthes. 198 


Heraclides, ^^ving sold the booty, returns, but does not give the sol- 
diers their full ^ ^. Whereupon he is reprimanded by Xenophon, 
who orders that ever^ Ihing which was set apart for himself should 
be distributed to the other generals. The fiiithless Heraclides then 
endeavours, not only to defame Xenophon before Seuthes, but to 
deprive him of the command of the army. But in vain i all the 
other generals refuse to act without him. Seuthes then earnestly 
desires the Greeks to assist him in an expedition against the inhabi- 
tants of the coast of Salniydessus, who enrich themselves by plun- 
dering the wre(*ks of vessels. The Greeks assent, but receive no- 
thing which Seuthes had promised. Then the soldiers are angry 
with Xenophon, and Seuthes himself avoids all intercourse with him. SOI 


The Lacedaemonians invite the Greeks to assist them in a war against 
Tissaphemes. Neither Seuthes nor the Greeks are averse to the 
plan. Then a certain Arcadian accuses Xenophon as being 
the cause of the soldiers not receiving their full pay, and 
thinks that he should be punished. Xenophon defends himself in 
a powerful and eloquent address to the troops. He shows first, that 
the Greeks assisted Seutlies voluntarily, and that, so far from hii 
preventing their receiving the monthly stipulation, he himself re- 
ceived comparatively nothing. He tells them that tiiey ought not 
to complain, since, without Seuthes, they would not have been able 
to subsist througli the winter, and concludes with saying, that they 
have not acted gratefully towards him for kindnesses they have re- 
ceived, and that they have been equally unmindful of their foraier 
promises of fidelity. Xenophon is defended by Channious tiM 

Spartan» and Folycrates the Athenian. Seuthes then requests 
Xenophon to remain with him, with a thousand soldiers. But 
Xenophon, having o&red sacrifices, determines to depart with the 
army. . 204 


The Greeks plunder the Tillages upon the coast Medosades, together 
with an ambassador from Medocus, king of Thrace, comes to Xeno- 
phon, and orders him to leare the coast Xenophon reproaches 
them with ingratitude, dfld directk them to go to the ambassadors of 
the Spartans*. These reply that tbey would depart with the forces. , 
Xenophon, at the request of Medosades, is sent to Seuthes to de» 
mand pay for the soldiers. By many arguments he endeavours to 
convince him, that it would be much better for him to fulfill his pro- 
mises, and he succeeds^ Xenophon gives what he receives to the 
Spartans, to be distributed amopg the soldiers. • • • 810 


After the army had crossed over the Lampsacus, in Asia, Euclides, the 
soothsayer, advises Xenophon to sacrifice to Jupiter, which he does 
on the following day. Then, after passing through various places^ 
the army reaches Pergamus in Lydia. Hellas, the mother of Gon- 
gylus and Gorgion, persuades Xenophon to attack Andates. This 
he does, but the first onset is not successful. The next day the 
charge is renewed, and with success. Then he returns to Peiga- 
mus, and, after having, at the request of all, taken a large part of 
the booty, delivers the army up to Thimbron. A summary of the 
route and of the distance marched in the expedition and retreat • 918 




NamM of Placet. 






From Sardis to the Masander River . 



Colosss • • • • • 








PeltiB .... 

• • 




• . • 




• . 





■ • • 




, , 




Iconiuoi .... 

» • • 




Through Lycaonia 
Dana (Tyana) . 




, , , 




At the rilician Pass near 

Tyana . 


Through it, to Tarsus 

• . a 




Pharus (Sams) River . 

• . 



Pyramus River 

• • • 



Issus .... 

, , 




Syrian Gates . 
Myriandrus . 

. • . 



, , 




Daradax River 

t • . 



Thapsacus > 
A raxes River J • 

, , 




> • . 





. • 




ThePyliB . . . 

, , 



C 3 


Through Babylonia to the field of bat- 

) 1 


tle at Cunaxa, 

) 1 

f 1 


* Thought to be tranipoiod in the text, and that the diataneea and marchiHi 
toaehin; theao two places should be interchanged. 




Namea of Places. 

If amber 





Returned to the former camp at night 



With AriflBUs, northward . 


Truce ViJlages .... 
To the Wall of Media . 







Opis . . ... • 



Zabatus River .... 




To the Carduchian Mountains . 



Centrites River .... 


Teleboas River .... 



Villages where they had the first snow 
Halt and attack of Teribasus' camp . 




To the Pass .... 


Eastern Euphrates .... 


Through the snow 




To the Villages of refreshment 


The Army came in the next day . 



With the head man of the village . 
To the river Phasis ( the Araxta] . 
The fortified post of the Taochians, &c. 






Taochians' country .... 



Chalybians and to the Harpasus River 



Through the Scythinians' country 




Grvmnias city .... 
Mount Theches (first view of the sea) 




Through the MacrOnian country 



Sickness, occasioned by the honey 


To Trapezus .... 




To Cerasus 




Warfare with the Mosyncscians . 

Through tlie country 




Tibarenians, to Cotyora . 

* No distance given. 

t In the snow twenty-three dayv. 

X Wandnring all this time. 

$ The only time that the distance is mentioned In the moil 

II All this part appears to be ooofiued or transpoaod. 




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itQia^vuqoq fiiv ^AQTa^sQ^rjg, vstartgog de KvQog. ^Eml fli 
fjij&ivsi AtxQfioe, xai vnoiitzevs xfXfVTrjv rov fllov, ipott^ 
XiJoColJxCi ntxtds afi(fOTf.g(a Tta^nvat. *0 fiev ow jrpe- 

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«QXV?* V^ avTOV aaxqanriv inoit^ae, xal axqnxriyhv de aw- 
tbv inidsiU navxiav, oaoi ilg Kamvikov nidiov ad-gol^ov^ 
Tat. Idva/Jalvsi ow o Kvgog, Xa/Juy Tiaaaq>8QVijv wg q)i^ 
XoV xal Tuv ^ElXDjvoiv ds yfoif oTtXixag avipr^ xgiaxoaiovg, 

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aiXBiav ^AgxaUg^igt Tiaaaq>iQvrig diajidXXsi xov Kvqov ngog ^^^ ^^^ 
'" xov adeX<p6v, cS? iitiBovXevoi avxa. *0 dp nd&ezal xa xal 
avXXanpav^v Kvqov, tug anoxxsvoav ij os iifixriq; i^aixri^ j . 

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au avx* ixtlvov, nagvaaxig (ih dfj ^ f^^rrfQ vnijgx^ ^^ '4tt^«>^' 
Kvgta, (ptXovaa avxov fidXXov tj xov /SaatXtvovxa *AgtaUg^ 

90 ^i^v, ^Ogxig d* atpixvolxo xav naga flaaiXiag ngog avtor. 

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nmnaq ovroi dicrri^ci; ansTiifinFTO, oig&* kavr^ ficiXXoP 
q)lXovg tivai ij /iaaiXu, Kal xmv naq^ iavxm di fiaQfia- 
qiav inffisXuJo, ig noXtfitiP t« ixarol ^Xriatty, »al tvvoixag 
txoisp avT^. 7^y di '£XXrivixTjV dvvaftiv ij&QOiiev, cS; fid- 
Xiara idvvixio inixqvniofitvoq, oniag oxi ana^aantvoxatov f 
Xdpoi, PaaiXia, Jldt ovv inoiuxo tijv avXXoyr^v' onoaag 
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xal jJiXxlaxovg, mg hti^ovXdSoyiog Tiaaafpiqvovg xctig no- 
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^VQoy ndaat, nXiiv MiXijxov' ir MiXi^xta di T\aaa<p6Qvijg, 
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ngog Kvgov,^ xovg. ftiv aliav uJiixxtive, tov^ ^' 4^e^aXev, 
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fjux, inoXiogxH. MlXfiTOV xal xaxa yt(v xal xaxd &dXaxxav, 
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di fiaatXia nifnnoVf ij^lov, adsXqiog wy avxov, do&ijyai oi 
xavxag xag noXBig fiuXXoy rj Tiaaaqiigyijv agx^ty avTbiv io 
xal ^ fiT^xriq avyingaxny^avxa xavxa, cojie fiaaiXivg xiqg 
fiiy ngog kavxoy ini^ovX^g oix ^a&dytxo, Tioaatpigvu di 
ivofitit TioXenovvxa ayxoy afi(pl xa axgaxtvfiaxa danavay' 
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aninsfjins xoifg yiyvofiiyovg daa^tovg paaiXhi ix xw nols^ » 
tay, wy Tiaaaqiigvrig ixvyxaviy^ f^o^. , 

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xaxayxmiqag Ajivdov, xovde xov xgonov, KXiagjfog fir 
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Xafiwy TO XQV^^^f axgdxBVfjux avyiXB^B^ ano xovxtty xtir 
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Ogff& toig vnig 'ElXiqgnoyxoy oixomk, xal ti<piXtt tovg 

KE<p, e\] KTPOT ANABA2I2. 3 

"EXkfivag' wgis teal XQW^"^" awtfidlXovro avt^ eig t^v 
TQoq>nv jwr aTocniotToiv ai ^EVuignortixal noXng kxovaau 
TovTo o 1KV ovTA) Tqt<f)Ofitvov tmvdktvtv avT(^ TO axqa" 
Tsv/uff. ^AgloTiTtTtof di 6 0€iT<KXog itvyiaxfs Ifi'oc (uv ov- 

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XiXlovg, xal li lifivw^ fiia&ov' xal osikat avroVf fitj 

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arovg nagayfvia&ou, ^ inl Jlsiaidag fiovXofisvog arQuuv^ 

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Tov X^Qf' SofpalvBxov de xov 2tvnq>dXiov, xal J'wx^arijy. 
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p6vxag iX&tiv oxi nXelaxovg, mg TtoXtfAtja^y Tiaaaq>igvu 
avv xoXg ipvydai xay Milrialwy. Kal inolovy ovtiag 

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xdnaaiy ix xiig x^Q^i' ,*^^ a^got^Bi ^g inl xovxovg x6 
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Kt<p. S',] KTPOT ANABA2VS. 6 

ra^og' at di Titjyal aviov siah ix %mv PcLaildmv* ^u di 
xal $ia Ttjg KtXaivtav nclitoq. ^Eaxi ds Hal fi^ydXov pa- 
ailifag paaiXiia iv KfXaivaig ii^Vfiva in\ rutg nrjyaig tov / ^ 
Magavov jroTUfioVy vno jfj, aH^onoXet' qti di xal QVTog 

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Mngavov to evgog iffTtv ftxoaixal T^ivts Jtodwv. 'Eyrav- 
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&iv ai Tiriyal' dia ds tovto 6 noTcifiog xaXuTctp Magav-^ 

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XH anf^cHgei, Xiynai, oixodofirioai tuvtu t« la fiaaiXtia, 
xal Tt^v KtXaivdiv axgonoXiv. Evxav&a tfisivs Kvgog '^- 
fiigag rgidxovTa* xal rjxs KXiag^og, o Aaxsdaifioviog, ^v- 
ydg, f^^v onXlxag x^'Xtovg, xal niXTaorag Og^xag oxTaxo- 

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ag Tiagijv 6 S^vgaxovoiog, l/coy onXivag x^^^ovg, xal 2oq>ai^ 
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dsiiKa, xal iyivovTO oi avfiitavTeg, onXliai fiiv pLvgioC xai 

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JliXrag, noXiv oixovfiivriv. 'Evrtxv&a Bfittvcr rifiigag xgitg* 
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xal noXXdxig lorttg inl Tag S^vgag an^TOW. *0 di iXfU" 
dag Xiytiv difjys, xal dijXog fjv avuafitvog' oi yag ffP 
ngog tov Kvgov Tgonov, tx^ivxa fiii dnodtdivat. 

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KiUxww^ ffaailitag, nn(fa Kvqov' koI tXiyuo Xi/^o> dovvai 
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K€<p. 6\] KTJPOT ANABA2:i2!. 7 

ytv int T^^ aQfiafiu^iig, ^"^ ^'^ ^^ '^V9 iyoqaq xaraXmovtsg 
T« ana t(pvyov ' oi d' ^'liiXlijvfg ovv yiXotri inl tag axij" 
vag rik&op. ^11 de KlXiaaot^ Idoifija Tijy XafinQoir^Ta xal 
Tijy ta^iv tov aTQattVfiaiog, i^avfiu^s. Kvqog di tia&r^, 
6 TOV in jav *£XXi^v<av tig Tovg jSaQ^otQovg (po^ov tdtar, 

'£vT£v&Bv i^ekavvBi axa&fxovg xgitg naqaaayyag Bixoatr 
$lg ^Jxuviov, zf}g 4*qvylag noliv iaxuTiiv, ^Hvtav&a efitiPB 
jgetg r^fiigag. 'Jivrtv&BV dieXavyn dia iffg Avxaoviag 
oja&fioifg nivis naqaadyyag jQUxxovxa. Taviriv t^y x^ 

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'Hvxev&sv 6 KvQog Tigv KlXiaaay tig KiXixUmp aJionifATtti 
T^v taX^aitjy idov ' xal avvinefuffsv aiTJj oj^aiitijagf ovg 
Mivtuv tlx^y xal aiiov iMivava lov OiaaaXov,^ Kvqog da 
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olxovfiiytjv, fieydXf}V xal svdai^ova, ^Mviav&a t(iHvay 
T^fiiqag iqug' iv (^ Kvgog anixTUVty avdga Iligativ, Mt- 
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Xtov dvrdfjTTiv, alTiaadfiSvog int/iovXtvup ai/rw. Evitv&tr 

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dog ufjiahTog, og^ia liJX^Q^^> ^'** a^rixayog slgiX&elv aiqa-^ 
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gav iv t^ ntdU;^, Tji d^ vaxsgalet ijxey ayyiXog Xiymy, on 

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QTgdtfVfia oTt ^dij iv KiXixloi tttf tiaa lav ogiav, xal on 
igtrjgttg ijxpve ntginXiovoag ano 'ifavlag tig Kdixiav, Tw 
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d' ow dvi^m inl tu ogi], oidtvog xaXvortog, xal tldt rag 

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tig niSiov fieya, xaXbv xal inlggvxov, xal divdgav navro" 
danav tfinXfay xal afiniXiav* noXv di xal ar^aafiov xal 
fuklvnv xal xiyxgov xal nvgoifg xal xgidag ipigu. "Ogog 


eig &dXaiT«v, 

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uagag nttQaad/yag nivzB xal ti'xoaip elg Taf^aovg, nolir 
lijg KiXixlug fitydlriv xal evdaifiova, 'jiviav&a maap la • 
Svivviutog /iaaUBtttf rov KiUxtav (iiwiXieag ' dipi fiiarig di 
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K«9. {'•] KTPOr ANABASIS. 23 

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Key. V'] J KTPOT ANABA212. 27 

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Kt<p, y.] KTPOr ANABA2I2. 29 

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Ki(p. &\] KTPOT ANABA212. 31 

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KB<p. I '.] KTPOT ANABA2I2. 33 

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Kt<p.i.] KTPOT ANABASIS. 35 

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36 KTPOT ANABASIS [Bi.6. A\ Ki<p. /. 

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K T P O r AN AB A2EII 2 

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Kt<p, (?'.] KTPOT ANABA212. 43 

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Kjttp. y'.] KTPOT ANABASIS. 47 

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Kt<p. d\] KTPOT ANABASIS. 49 

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Ke<p. d\] KTPOT ANABASIS. 61 

anq hagaxS^fj* xai iipofiuTO aqwdga, Ntavlaxog di Tig jap 
naf^vxtav iwor^aaq tinsv, " wg ovx axoXov&a eliy, to T8 cw»- 
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Kcq>. «'.] KTPOr A1SABA2I2. 53 

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X«y. «'.J KTPOT ANABA2I2, 57 

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58 SENO^IINTOS {Bi6. B\ 

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Kt<p. ^'.] KTPOr ANABA212. - 59 

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60 SENO0JINTO2 [BiS. B\ 

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Ktq>. «'.] KTPOr ANABASIS. 87 

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Kf<p. «'.] KTPOT ANABASIS. 89 

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Ki<p. /,] KTPOr ANABASTJS. 99 

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Ke<p. y\] KTPOT ANABASIS. 101 

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K€(p. d\] KTPOT ANABASIS. 103 

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Ktip. s\] KTPOT ANABASIS, 105 

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106 SENO^JINTOS [BiS. jr. 

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Xeq^ «'.] KTPOT ANABASIS. 107 

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Kt^. s\] KTPOr ANABASIS. 109 

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Rsq>. ff '.] KTPOr ANABA2I2. 11 1 

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A<9- «• '•! KTPOr ANABA2LS. 113 

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lC«y.t'«] KTPOr ANABA2I2i 116 

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Kt<p. t'.] KTPOT ANABA212. lit 

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Kstp. fi\] KTPOr ANABASIS. !!• 

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KM<p. n '.] KTPOT JNABASIS. 121 

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122 KTPOT ANABASIS, [BiJB. J'. Km^. ^\ 

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JS&9- «'•] KTPOT ANABASIS. 1^5 

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Kiif. p'.] KTPOr AiSTABASIZ. 127 

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128 SENO^JINTOS [Bi6.E\ 

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Ktff. p\] KTPOr ANABA2I2. 129 

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130 SENO^SINTOS [Bf€. E , 

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K$<p. /.] KTPOT ANABASIS. 131 

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Ktip. ^\] KTPOr ANABASIS. 143 

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K%(p. i\] KTPOT ANABASIS. 145 

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K%(p. f '.] KTPOT ANABA2I2. 149 

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Kttp. 1J^] KTPOT ANABA212 151 

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d-vfiij^fixt, oxi vvy iym ^a^(m avr xoTg &$6ig ftaXXop, %'.] KTPOT ANABA2I2. 153 

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Ke<p. a\] KTPOr ANABASIS. 165 

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natg. Kal ivixgayov oi naq>Xny6vtg, Ka} o fih axv- 
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156 SENO^SINTOS [Bi6. c'. 

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Ttg T^r IJn<pXayovlay. Tjj d aXXfj aifixvovvrai tig Sivta- 
nriVt xal luQfiiocnrto fig ^AqfAf\viiv ir^g StVfanrig. SLvmntig 
di oixovai fitv iv jjj JlaifXayoptxjj, MiXtjaimp di anoixoi 
tiafy. OvTot Ic'i'ia ittfi-^ovai tolg "HXXtiatv, aXipUmp (aep 
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Key.©'.] KTPOr ANABA2LS. 157 

Tot fih drj TotavTa iv&vfi'^fiaTa infJQev avtov, im^v^ttv 
avioxQuxoi^ ytvia^ai u^/ona. ^Onoxt d' av ir&Vftolio, 
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tovxo de xai xlvdvvog ti'tj xal zriv ngoii^yttafiinjv do^v 

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C(5u^8 x^dxtoxoy ilvat, xolg ■d'lolg avaxoiv^aai * xal naQa" 
axfiaafifvog dvo iifftia, i&vrro t^ Ju t^ Baatlti, ogns^ 
aixa fiavxevxog ^v ix JeXifrnv ' xai xo ovaq dij ino xovxov 
xov &eov ivofiiiiv ktoQaxdvaif o ddev, oxs ^0[6xo inl x6 c/vi^- 

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mfivi^axsxo kavx^ da^iov ipd^eyy6(iEvoy, xadi^fievov (Air- 
xoi, ovnt^ 6 fidvxig nqonifAnfOV avxov tlfytv, oxi fiiyag 
fiiv oitavog (Vt^ xal ovx idiojxixog, xal ivdol^og, inlnovog 

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xa&fjfifviff ' ov fiivxoi ;|f^)}^aTtaTtx6y uvai xov oliavov ' xov 
yag atxov nfgintxofifrov ^ fjidXlov Xafifidvei^v ra inni^dBia. 
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xovg d'Bovg aXxiov tivog Vfuv ayu&ov yBvia&ai ' xo fiivxoi 
ifti ngoxQid^iivat V(p Vfivtv ag/ovxa, AaxBdaifioviov avdgog 
jxagovxog, ov&^ Vfiiv ovi ifiol doxH avfiq>igov Blvai, dx£ 
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daiftovlovg xal avi^v '^yfftovag Bivai, 'HtxbI di xovxo wgio-' 


168 SENO^JINTOS [Bi6. g ' 

Xoy^aar, ti&vg inavaarro noXtfiovvjtg, xal ovxixi niga 
inoXiogjeijaay j^r noXiv. £i ovy, javra oQciv iyti, doxol^ 
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ulk, ixuvo ivron, fiii XUxw av xaxv auipgoyta&Hiiv, ^O 
d vfitig iypoiiti, ot» ijTToy or ardaig ttif hog agxoriog, 1} ft 
noXXwy, tv tms, oxi alloy fth ilofisyoi ovx ev^ifaere ifii 
araaiaioyra' yo/ilC^t yoQ, ogiig iy nolifit^ £y ataaidSti 
n(fog a^xorra, joikoy ngog r^y kaviov aotTijQiay araatd- 
(tiy* ay d* ifii Utia^t, ovx ay ^avfidaaifti, it rwa ivgona 
xai v/iiy xal ifiol ax&ofiiyoyj* 10 

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X9tv&a di^, ig'it flnoyxog xov *Ayaolov, aytdoQvPr^aay. 

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viiiy &Bovg ndvtag xal naaag, ij ftr^y (yd, insl xr^y Vfiixiqay 90 
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inix((i\pai xavxtiy xi^v agx^^f ^oil* ifiol, vnoaxriyat ' xal fioi 
oi ^eol ovxfag iy xolg UqoXg iui^fiipfay, ^g xs xal Iduatfiy ay 
yvo}vai, on [rauTij?] xtfg fioyagx^"? uTtixsa&al fit du." 
Ovibi dri XsiQlao(f>ov aiQovvxai. Xtiqiuofpog d ' infl ^gi^i], 39 
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tot ifik silia&s," B<pfj, " xal iyot nsigdaofiai, o t* ay dwn^ 

Kt<p. /J'.] KTPOr ANABASLS. 159 

fAat, vfiag aya&ov noiiiv. Kal v/jiug oviw naqaaxtvoiea&s, 
wg avQiov, iav nXovg i}, ivalofiivoi ' 6 di nXovg lotai €lg 
UqaxXuav ' anavrag ovv del ixitas ntigaa&at xaraax^ ' 
TO di aXXa, insidav ixitas tX^a/ASV, povUvoofiB&a" 

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^fii(ittg dvo naqa iriv yijv. Kal naganXiorttg i&mgovr 
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xal Tuv notafAWV xa OTOfiara ' nQajov fiiv tov OiQfitodov- 
tog, tTieira di tov *'fQtog, tneira di tov "AXvog, fitxa di xov- 

10 Toy TO 5 IlaQdBvloV TOVTOV di naganXivoavrtg, atplxovjo 
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d iv rjj MvqiavdvvoiV X^Q*f' ^"^ fuqfilauyto nagcc rjj 
AxfQovaiddi, Xigfotn^ao) ' evd^a Xiyfxat ''iJgaxXfjg inl xov 
KigStqov xwa xaxajStivai, ov vvv xa arifuia dfixvvovai 

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rav&a xolg "EXXtiair of ^IJgaxXeaxai $ivia nifinovaiv, aX(pl- 
Tfuy fitdifivovg xgicxiXiovg, xal oivov xfQttftia digxlXia, xal 
fiovg ttxoai, xal oig kxaxov. *Evxavd-a dia xov nidiov gel 
noxafiogt Avxog ovofia, ivgog mg dvo TtXi&gbtv. 

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Ttogilav noxtgov xaxa ytjv fj xaxa &dXaxxav xgv ^togsvta&ai 
ix xov novxov. 'Avaaxdg di Avxtav *A/ai6g stTtt * " 0av- 
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ixnogi^Hv aixrigiaiov ' xa fiiv yag leVia ov ftti yivrixat xfj 

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gfvaofis&a, oix taxir" etprj. " ^£fiol ow doxel, alxnv 
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kXo/iirovg ngiajJeig aixlxa fidXa, r^fA^v xa&tjgjiivap, niiinBtk 

160 SENO0ni>rrO2 [Bi6. g\ 

TtQog TiyV Ttoliy, xal tldirait o ti ay anayyiXkwih xa» JtQog 
Tuvra jiovXiv to it ai." ^£vTtv&£v n^ov^alovxo nqia^Hq, ngm- 
Toy fi$p Xfiglao<f>ov, on aqx^v fiQ^'o ' tlal d* oV xal Sfvfh- 
iprn'ta' old iaxvg^g unf/Atix^vto' aftq>o7v yaq xuvia ido- 
x(t, (ATI ava/xaZuv noXiv '£lXXrjvlda xal q>iXlav o t* firi av- 6 
TOi i&iXovTig didoXfv. ^Jinil <J* ovv ovioi idoxow ango- 
'&Vfioi Hvai, nifinovat Avxiava 'j^^tov, xal KaXXlfiaxov 
Ilaggnaiov, xal ^Ayaaiav 2xv(i<pdXiov, Ovtol iX&ovjfg 
tXhyov TO, dfdoyfiiva' tov ds Avxtava tipaaav xal iita- 
nuXuVf fl firj noii^anuv ravia [ndvTa], Idxovaavrfg 10 
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Xgr^nara ex imv aygdiv avvrjyoVf xal T^y ayogav d'aio avs- 
axtvaaav, xal ai nvXui ixexXsivio, xal inl rmv thx^v onXa 

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yag Tovg xaTfigyaafiivovg Agxddag xal Axaiovg ' to d aXXo 
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ivxav&a xaxsXv&rj, rnjiigct ixxij rj k^dofirj, d<p tjg figs&ij. 

Ksq>. p\] KTPOT JNABAZl^. 161 

Sivoipw fiirroi iflovXtTo xoivjj juer' avmv riir noQtlop 
nouia&at, vofilimv, ovjtog aatpaXiartgov tlvah ti iditf Ixoh 
OTOV axilUa^ai ' aXXa Niiov tnu&iv avjov xad-' kavxov nth- 
^svia&at, axovitaq xov Xttgiaoipov, on KXiavdqog 6 iv Bu- 

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fUva' oniag ow fnidtig (jLBjdoxot, aU.^ avjol xal oi avrmr 
axQunwiai i»nX$vatiay inl Toiv jQii^Qtay, dia Tuvra awB- 
fiovXtvs, Kal XH(flao<pog, Sfia fih a^v/iay joig yf/ivti- 
fiivoig, Sifia di gjiiaaiv in Tovtov to aiQartVfia, inirginu 

10 airr^ itouTv, o ti /iovXsTau Stvotpmv de bti fth intXBlqria&f 
anaXXayilg t^g axQiXTtag ixnXtvaai ' S-vofiivia di avx^) t^ 
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(Vij aTQOTivsa&ai, txovji tovg naqafjLBlvavxag rmv OTQaTiw- 
loiv, fj anaXXdiTtax^ai, iaiifirivtv 6 ^iog lotg Ugoig, <nf- 

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xddtg fih xal Axaiol nXtiovg iq utQaxtgxlXioi xal ntvxa- 
xoaiot, oTtXlxai ndvrfg * XsiQiaoqxii ds onXlxai /liv tig xe- 
xgaxoaiovg xal /iZ/ov^, ntXtaaxal ds tig kirraxoaiovg, oi 
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(iovog ovxog ttxty, afupl xovg xsxxaQaxovxa ijtniag, 

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'jlgaxXtfaxav, ngaxoi nXiovaiv, oniog i$alq>vrig intn^aovxtg 
xotg Bi&wolg, Xdpoitv oxi TtXtloxa * xal anofialvovaiv tig 

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d BV&vg ano tr^g noknug x&v 'HgaxXtfuxuv aQ^dfASvog, nt^jj 
inogivtxo dia x^g X^Q^i ' ^^^l di tig x^v Oq^xipf iyi/SaXXi, 
naqa T^y &dXaxxav inoqtvixo' xal ydq tjdti '^a&iPBi* 
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Ktip, «'.] KTPOT ANABASIS, 173 

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174 SETfO^SlNTOS [Bi6. 5". 

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K€y. ff'.] KTPOT ANABASIS. 175 

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Kt<p, g\] KTPOr ANABA2I2, 170 

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K€9. «'•! KTPOr ANABA2IS. 183 

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214 SENO^/ISTOS [Bi6, 2f. 

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Ktq>. i\] KTPOT ANABASIS. 215 

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Ki(p. ij'.j KTFOr ANABASIS. 219 

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Koiiait xal Tifiagrivoi, avtovofioi' JIa(pXayovlag, KoQth- 

15 Xag ' Bi^wm; fliaqvdpa^og ' j£v iv EvQtonjj Ogaxwv, 

Afji&fiog avfindarjg Tijg odov rijg avafldaiwg xal xaxa- 
fiaaftogt (na&(iol Siaxoai^oi dtxanivri, nagaadyyai x^Xiot 
kxaxov nsvTi^xovra nivre, axddia xgigfivqia xtxgaxigxlXia 

so ilaxoaia ntrxi^xovxa, Xgovov nXr^^ag xr^g apa/idatmg xal 
xaxa/idaswg, iviavxog xal xqttg fir^vig. 



[GnrfroeftofV in Cl« 1VMm.—F. fir Flik^ OiMk Gramnmr, M 
AnUq. M OompMMiiain «if Oredaa AatiqoitiM, by tte Bditor.] 



'Af^Ccrif (compounded of i»^^ and ^«im», to go up) literally | 
means the atcent. It was not uncommon for the Greeks, when 
speaking of a Journey, to any celebrated city, to use the verb AfuCtiifatp 
thus applying its superiority over other places in size and opulence, to 
its local situation. But this form of expression was more particularly 
used when they would speak of going from the sea-coast to the inte- 
rior of a coiintry, as In the present case. Ionia, Lydia, Carta, and 
•11 the maritime provinces of Asia Minor, were called Lnoer Asia, 
while the interior was called upi}er Ana. This distinction may have 
arisen from the general course of the rivers In that country, which 
flow towards the west, and empty Into the ^^ean sea. Cyrus was 
latrap over all the provinces which border on this sea, and bence^ 
after he had collected his troops together, hu march up towards 
Bsbylon, to meet his brother In the field. Is called *Av<(C«r4r. 

As the " Anabasis ** is a book of travels as well as a book of military 
history and exploits, the student should constantly consult the map 
accompanying this work, and trace the progress of the anny. 

I. AAPKIOT.] 8ec F. Rule XVII. This Darius was the im. 
ond king of Persia of that name, c»lled also Nothus or MU^itimatc* 

B. MM^.] Cyms the younger. The histeiy of the dder 
Cyrus, or Cyrus the Great, Kiiy of Penlay Is given by XeBO|iiMMl 

n4 NOTES. [Book L 

1 6. wmfin %<rAyx»n, ht^tpened io be preaent, F. Rule XXXIi; 

Obt. S. 

6. #«rf^«v, a iairap. This wit the Persian title for a prioce 
or governor of a province. It is said to be derived from Ckairapa 
** lord of the umbrella, or shade of state.** Bearing an umbrella, as 
a distinction of dignity, b still a custom in many countries of the 
Bast, and has been so in Persia from the earliest times, where this 
sort of shade is held over the chief or king whether he be sitting or 

7. K«#vwX«».] The plain of Castolus, in Lydia, was the place 
where the troops of Qyrus* province were accustomed to assemble • 
iO for each province of the Persian empire certain champaign situa* 
tions were designated for the assembly of its forces on the approach of 

8. Tt^^mpi^fJ] This is the same Tissaphemes who commanded 
the forces of Artaxerxes at the battle of Cunaxa. la addition to his 
faithless conduct towards Cyrus himself, he endeavoured, but in vain, 
to cut off the retreat of the Greeks, and was guilty of the grossest 
treachery to the Grecian generals, who had placed themcdves under 
his direction. But he met with a fate worthy of his baseness. Be- 
ing touted several times by Agesilaus, who was seut with some Lace- 
daemonian forces into Asia, after the retreat of the Ten Tbounnd, 
Artaxerxes became incensed against him, and ordered him to be 

9. iwXirmt,] The Grecian infantry consisted of three sorts of 
soldiers, namely, the •«->i'r«M, or heavy-armed, who wore corselets, and 
carried long spears and swords ; the ^iXm, or lighi-armedf who made 
tt^ of missive weapons, such as arrows, darts, and slings, and who 
were not calculated for close fight i and the <»XT«rr«/, or targeteers, 
who seem to have held a middle rank between the Ught and the heavy 
armed. Their bucklers were lighter than the one, and their darts 
shorter than the other, so that upon an emergency they might fight 
tt a distance or in close quarters. Their name is taken from the 
w/Xre, which they wore, a short ImcUer or target in the shape of a 
hatf-moon. See Antiq. Part 8. Oiap. 8. 

10. Umffdei^'} Hie Rurhasn were a people of Aroidh (ia 
FrioponDcsus)^ on the Laoonian finoolieiw 

Chay. I.] NOTES. 225 

14. i|M«ir«juiHf, havitig begged off for herself ex fcr her own 
jnjttf. For the force of the middle voice, see F. p. 59. 

16. tirts fAn^»ri ?«, hAiwneoerfor tlie future, 

1 7. f<r/, with tl)e dative, frequently mecns m It^ jyower of, 

18. viTfi^x** /tntttred, es/tcused the cause tf. Parysatis preserved 
ber partiality ^>r Cyras to the last, and punished, in the most cruel 
manner, those who had been rnstrirmentiil in his death. 

20. *Or«r %\ rtit wKjtM fim^iKiafft UteraBy^ w/ioever of those from 
tlie king : ci vet^m eou is en elliptical expression, meaning your mes» 
sengers .•*)•« 9r»^k fiankit/tt Vie king's courtiers or delegates, 

1. writ iwTtfiist to favorably disjws^, 

8. tln»nt£t iz*"*'] Adverbs are often put with the verb 1x*^ 
and they both together have the same sense as the adjectives cor- 
res)X}uding to those adverbs, with the verb iTyai, to be : thus t^M 
ti*0tnMt is the same as i7v«i tvvTxig, to be friendly disposed tot 
strictly there is an^Urpsis of W ii: this case, as, 7;^i/ 1\ xaX£t, titerally, 
he has himself weO. 

5. irt «r«^cr«iMT«r«y, as unprepared as possiMe. Hie particles 
ttf, •«■*»;, Sti are often joined to supeilatives, to which they give 
additional force. The expressior is of course elliptical. Formerly 
Ihrt was written as two words I 4>i (the pronoun what) i and tli^ifittv 
Hn /c«X<rrc, as happy as possible, if fully expressed, would be •vrttt 
thlttifAMf, it 7 n /liXs^ra tvtettfiti* l^rt, thus or as hajtpy, as what 
is most happy. The origin of the phrase was however soon over- 
looked, and irt was used not as a neutef pronoun, but as a particle^ 
just Uke if widi which it corresponds in meaning in other respects. 
The ellipsis in the phrase under consideration may thus be supiilled, 
iTitf XiZt fittittXia $u*ts kvrtt^AtrKtw, it t ri &wa^afKt»ir»m Irr/, 
that he might take the king as unprepared as what is most unjjrejtared. 
So Thucydides, art iyyvT»T»t as near as possible ; •n h fi(»x'^'^*f* 
flf near as possible, 

6. gv\X»yn9f a letfy of soldiers, 

8. n«X«x'«yvnW«i;«.] The Lacedaemonians at this time were tlie 
first state in Greece, and favored the colonies in Asia Minor. 

8. 7rt wXiiVtw?] See note on 5th line. 

9. «f.] For the elegant use of this particle with the genitive ab- 
folute, see Vigerus de Idiotismis Graecis^ Cap. viii. Sec 10. Also 
F. Rule XXXIII, Obs. 4. 

236 NOTES. [Book I. 

10. K#} y4f>] r^ J&r, nerer standi at the bcgimiiag oT m 
teatence. but instead of it ««2 ym^ is used. There is, of coare^ 
something to be supplied, which yd^ connects with what fbikms^ 
but this is passed over by the speaker in the Tivadty of his discoorK. 

Here something like the following may be supplied, *mi ym^, 

and . . he ordered these measures to be taken • • Jirr, &c Matthjaf, 
Sec 615. Vigerus, (Herman*.) Lond. 1824, p. 496. 

10. ri i^mtf,} See F. p. 155, *' Frequently the neuter aitide,* 

12. MiXary.] Miletus was the chief city of Ionia, situated oa 
the searCoasL 

17. Kms m8m mZ iXXn ^^ifttrit ht and this again was anoiker 

18. T^ i/^{uf.] See F. Rule XXX. 

2S. •'•Xi^vfrc, 6y waging war, the participle uaed for the Latin 
Gerund. See Vigerus, p. S.S2, and F. Rule XXXII, Oba. 5. 

83. mirir Imw'Mw, that he was expending his means vpon 

kis JarceSf where 4^< is equivalent to ii«. 

24. m^Sf.] See F. Rule XVIII, S. 

24. mm} yd^ ^X*^* °^ ^^ ^""^ °^^ displeased at their quar- 
relling, T&r QfTus sent to the king tlie tributes arising from the cities 
which Tinaphemes happened to have / that is, that though wrested 
from Tissaphemes, they were still supposed to be held by him, as given 
him by the king* Jv for &$. See F. Rule VI, £xc 1. : and for 
Uyyxan^ ^X"^^ See F. Rule XXXII. Obs. 2. 

28. xmratTswi^, opponle to. To supply the ellipsis, nj X'^tf 
n Irri, the country which is opposite to, &c. 

28. KAME^;^«f.] Xenophon merely states here that Qeardias 
was a batdthed man, without mentioning the cause of his baoiohment. 
For this be has been accusea of a want of candor, nnoe it was for 
the crimes of tyranny, robbery, and murder. However, in drawing 
up his character (Book II, Chap. 6.) he fully exposes his violent pas. 
sion for war. 

SO. )«^ii»«vf .] The Persian daric was a gold coin, worth about 
three doILrs, and took its name from having on one side the head of 

2. UfSrM, 9oluntari/y, of their own accord. See F. Rule 11, 
Obs. 8. 

Chat. IL] NOTE& W7 

3. T(ifif»i^ ixdpUnf'] See F. Rule XXXII, Obs. 2. 

5. »mi «r<i^«/t»iv«f »«*• rwv «7«m AtrurrmrmrSp, and being horaued 
hy an oppotite /action at hittne. 

6. t/i.] This preposition when joined with an accusative of num- 
ber generally means about : as tig htx*>'i»»tt about two thousand, 

6. |tM»ff.] The original meaning of ^cn; is an enemy. In the 
primitive ages there was but little intercourse among mankind, vast 
numbers lived by plunder, phyrical force chiefly obtained, and every 
itranger was looked upon as an enemy. Hence |i»«f came to signify 
a ttrangert a fjreigner / and afterwards, in a more settled and civil- 
ized state of society, a /^uest or friend. But how came it to signify 
a mercenary or hired Moldiert as in this place ? In the early periods 
of Grecian history, every soldier served at his own expense, and it 
was considered a great disgrace to receive pay for miliUry service. 
But in process of time, the Greeks enlisted Joreign soldiers into their 
armies, and paid them. Hence the changes in the signification of the 
word li90ft meaning, first, an enemy ; then, a stranger or foreigner 
and guest or friend, then, a foreign soldier < and lastly, any merce* 
nary or hired soldier, 

7. wt^iyttn^ifUft <{».] 'Av gives the sense of likelihood to the event 
10. »«T«X«rai, (r«f riXtfttv understood,) to put an end to the 


14. Utiri^mt.'] Fisidia was a mountainous country in the inte- 
rior of Asia Minor, bounded N. by Phrygia, S. by Lycia and Pam- 

15. irfayfMTm r«^i;^«»r«v, giving trouble, that is by invading 
and laying waste. For m with gen. abt. see F. Rule XXXIII, 


21 . JImv.] Tliat is, from the sea-ooast into ti/iper Asia. 

24. IfraSim signifies here, in this place, that is, in his own domin- 
ions, rather than thither, that is, in Fisidia, according to the interpre- 
tation of Zeunius. 

26. ^»faXXmy**Tt, having been reconciled, or having come to em 
agreement. See 'A^UrnrwH in the fourth line. Aristippus dkl not 
come himself, but sent Menon. 

K0TB8. [Boos. X. 

3 S8. M fiMMV Ae mereaumy tntpt^ #w y w iyi« r i i hdi 
ilood. SmF. Rale XVIII. Obi^ U. 

4 4. «M^«».] Soffic editions have «>f«f^Min^ the Attie forai ol 
tfaM penoo ptiinl» of the plupcrfBct middle^ of the vedi Cfu. to go, 
See Port Royal Greek Giamoiar^p. tf23. 

8. >ay»Hir«f» l^fAl^niMtf totdierg, the «ne aa tb« ^^tX^L 

15. 2^e^.j Sardia vaa the capital of Lydia, and the aeit ol 

14. T^TMf^.] Diodonis idalea that AhaUailH firat betn^ 
thededign of Qrnit to Fharnabaau^ and «u therelbie put todoa^ 

16. «ff lued with the accusative^ by the Attics, for wfig fim^Amk 
16. f.] To supply the ellipsis, W 9f Of i» f Jiiwrnr^ w^ftrnmim* 

9dx*^^^ M the way m wkick he was oUe to gp the fuickaL Soo 
Bos. EUipa. under Qit* 

80. wM^m^dyyus.'] As was Stated in the 6rst edhioB, the pam-^ 
eamgf or Persian mile, is equal to about three and three-quarters^ or 
neaier three snd a half, £nglish miles, as it is undoubtedly the same 
measure as the farmngj which is in present use throughout Persia 
and which is known to be about this length. But by a reference to 
some parts of the ground travelled over by the Ten Thousand, the 
geography of which is very wdl known, and from the known average 
length of tlie daily marches of many modem armies, it appears that 
the /lanuMfig of Xenophon is equal to about three Roman, or two 
and three-quarters English miles. For instance, the distance between 
Tariut and the river Pyraniut at MopsuheUia * is known by the 
measurement of modern travellers to be forty-five Roman miles.: in 
the Anabasis (p. 12, line 26,) ii is given at fifteen ftarasat»g0. So 
also Tarsus is known to be almost seventy-five Roman miles from 
Tyana i f and in the Anabasis it is laid down at twenty -five juxra- 
iangi. It thus appears that the jxiraumg of Xenophon is equal to 
three Roman miles i that is, to about two English miles and three- 

Major Rennell, in his *' Illustrations of the History of the Expe- 
dition," has taken great pains to ascertain the mean daily march of 
ancient and modern armies, and has collected together many statistical 
statements bearing upon the subjecU The lesult is,. ** somewhat 

* See map. f Called fay Xenophon Ai9m, on p. 7, line 15* 

Chaf. II.] KOTES. 229 

above fourteen Britiah miles by the road." The average length of 
the daily marches of the Greeks from Sardis to Cotyora, is about 
fifteen English miles. This may seem a short distance i but it must 
be borne in mind that the situation of large armies on their march is 
very different from that of ordinary travellers walking at their ease. 
The former, besides being partially laden, are often very much retarded 
in their movements by the difficult}' of procuring food for themselves, 
and provender for their horses in sufficient quantities, eiqpecially when 
going through such barren regions, as are found in certain parts of 
Asia. It is true that Bonaparte and Alexander sometimes made 
forced marches of a much greater length ; but the former marched 
across countries well stocked and inhabited, where he made every thing 
contribute to accelerate his progress ; while the latter seemed to care 
little for either man or beast as long as his thirst for dominion contin- 
ued. In marching from Ecbatana to Bages in eleven days, at the 
rate of nineteen miles per day, Arrian says (lib. Ill), '^Although 
many of his soldiers fainted on the road, and many of his horses 
died, through excessive weariness, Alexander still resolved to pro- 
ceed at the same rate^** See Renneirs *< Illustrations*" 4t0b Lond. 

20. g-raifuvf. Stations, or day*8 marcltes, which had no determinate 
length, but varied according to the nature of the country travelled 

22. )v« ^xUftt,"] The ^xU^n was a measure of 100 feet 

24. 9'«Xiv «i»«v^iinfy, an inhabited city. On the line of Cynis*s 
march, many ruined and deserted towns were met with, and therefore 
Xenophon generally mentions it, when they meet with an inhabited 
and populous city. The city Colosss here mentioned is celebrated 
on account of St. PauFs Epistles to its inhabitants. Though a 
flourishing city in' the time of Xenophon, it was destroyed four 
centuries after, and two years after the date of Paul's Epistles, by an 
earthquake, so that no traces of it now remain. 

30. /3««-i'Xii«.] This is the neuter plural of the adjective, meaning 
the royal jutlace. It is here put in the plural to include all the accom- 
paniments of royalty. 

'SO. jrM(aht^0t'\ This is a Persian word, and originally meant 
a pleasure^ardeUf and afterwards, as in this place, a park. It was 
the custom among the Persian kings to have these /xirits, which were 


930 MOTES. [BeosL 

well witered, •orrottiided by wiHf and planted wifh treea ; and in 
them wiM beasts were kept, for the purpose of affording exerdae and 
amusement, in hunting, to the king and his courtiers. 

S. ^fysX«» /3«riX(Mf .] <* This is the title given by all the Greclc 
authors to the King of Persia, whidi is preserved to the successors of 
Mahomet, in that of the Grand Srignhr." Spehnan. See F. 
Rule XVIL 

7. MsfTMi*.] The historical or ftbulous accounts of persons and 
places will not always be given, as it is presumed that every reader of 
tlie '* Anabasis*' will own a Qasrical dictionary, which should be cott« 
tinually consulted. 

8. wtfi r«fMif.] The usual signification of r«f/« is wUdotn ; it 
also signifies pMUosophjf, tdeneg, and also^ as in this places the liberal 
arts, munc, and jneiry, 

19. ftv^m Moi xiXsM.} According to some editions there b a 
difcrepancy between the aggr^ate amount of troops here stated^ and 
Uie sum of all the numbers brought by each general, as mentioned 
before. Schneider has left Menon's forces out of the calculation, 
and makes the whole number 12,300. Weiske reads Tlmr-sn uV 
l«rr«»«#4Mv ii>^^»h Potion, seven hundred men, which we Asuch 
prefer, as it makes the sum of the particulars equal to the number of 
the troops stated to be reviewed by Cyrus. If we consider the 
yw^niirm and the r«(mi as Sghi'ormed troops, the catalogue will be 

*0wX7v«i. UikrmermL 

Xenfau, had 4000 

Prozenus, << 1500 50O 

Sophcnetus, the Stymphalian, <* 1000 

Socrates, ** 5(X) 

Fksion, (according to Weiske) ** 700 

Menon, ......** 1000 500 

Qearchus. ** 1000 1000* 

Sodas, «• SOO 

Sophanetusb the Arcadian, . *< 1000 

11000 9000 

• Tvo hundred of which were r4fwms^ 

Chap. II.] NOTES. 231 

22. IliXr»f,'] In going from Celaenae to Pfeltae, and thence to 
the Forum of the Ceramians or Kramians, Cyrutf appears to have 
gone entirely out of the general direction of his route, as will be seea 
by the map. But as he was making preparatious for his expedition, 
his object probably was to taLe the stores and provision* that he bad 
collected lit diflerent places. From the Forum of the Kramians he 
may be considered as commencing his undeviating route towards 

23. Av««i«.] This wa» an Arcadian festival (Xeniat being an 
Arcadian), and was celebrated by horse and foot racing. It was 
instituted in honor of Rm, and resembled the Roman Lupercalia. 
The reward of victory was generally a suit of brazen annour. 
Here the rewards were ^rXtyyi^ts XC*"*"* g«We» JUsk-bnuhes or 
$craj)er$y (for we can find no better terms,} used for scraping or 
rubbing the skin, at the time of bathing, or after the exercises of the 

S2. ^i«yi.] Probably avrws is understood ; he kd them along, 
that is, encouraged them by talking of his ho/»et. For the use of th« 
participle, see F. Rule XXXII, Obs. 5. If xt**** ^ supplied, the 
tense would be, he jtrotracted the time, 

52. )«X«f.] See F. Rule II, Obs. 8. 

53, ir^iffin accordatice uHth, or characteristic of, 

S3. 7;^«tT«, agreeing with Uumv undersiood, instead of IxnrH 
to agree with Ki;^«u. See F. Rule IV, buer part of Obs. 1. 

10. 2«Tv^«v.] The satyr Sileutis^ For the tradition in connexion 
with this, see Class. Diet., article SilSnus. 

16. avTut,] Governed by it understood. See F. Rule XX, i. 

17. «-v»r«|«« ^i txagrtf rwt Ituww, and that each general should 
draw up his own troops* 

18. M rirr«(«v. Jour deep, 

21. ««r' 7Xaf KM xark ra^i«fi, by troops and companies. The 
word tXti {turma in I^tin) was applied particularly to a troop of caV' 
airy g while Tu^it was generally applied to a comjumy of infantry, 

23. a^fMi/ialnS'l This was a covered chariot^ used chiefly by 

24. x»f|^a^] See Antiq^ Part 8, Chap. 3. 

25. Ukix«^ic^^«Mf.] Weiske, with his usual acuteness, thinks 
that the true reading is, rkt »fnfuit i%xuuJti^i»at§ ««2 rkt k^wS^as 

9SS NOTES. [B<mxL 

H imiuumy9ftftimg, baring ^ir greaves weU b^imished and their Mkidds 
uneoonred ,* because Uie (bnner, being naturally mucb tarnished hj 
their journey, would require polishing, while to display the brii»htness 
of the htter, it would be necessaiy only to throw aside the part of 
their drets which protected thetn. 

26. faiXmyy%,'\ S«e Attttq. I^t 8. Chap^ 5. 

28. w^tCmXiwi— rk 7cA.«, io present their pikes, or rather, fZwXm 
including all ^enaoe tDeajHms,J to hold their arms in Jroni, in the 
manner if attack. See Aatiq. Part 8. Chap. S. 

28. ir<;^4»^rM, to advance, as if to battle. 

50. Irikinyit] See P. .Rule III, Obt. 1. 

51. Awi rtS myrtfUrw, of thetnsetves, by a sudden or euntUtane' 
0US movement. 

7 1. M Is riff kyfitt the sutllers, those who Icept refreshment and 
provisions for the jcldiers. 

12. rJiv «w;^«rr«v j^v.] See the route on the map. 

14. fttrh rSf 4(ax»*.] That is, with all his army, excepting the 
detachment sent to escort the queen. 

17. iff.] That is. If f ;^;f •>. 

15. fMMKirniv.] It was the custom in Persia, for the king and 
men of high ranlc, to wear purple, and he who had attained an ele- 
vated station, was called ^untuwrit. These two words, fMMJurriif 
^ATiXu^v, may be translated, a royal courtier. 

20. li }i iirC«] There are several passes leading into Cilicia, 
fivm Cappadoda on one side, and Syria on the other : but the two 
through which Cyrus and Xenophon march, are the chief. The one 
through which tlie army is now about to go is properly calletl the 
CUicion ftau^ leading over mount Taurus in Cappadocia, into Cilicia, 
It U situated a few miles south of the city Tyana.* »« The entrance 
vaa Juat broad enough for a chariot to pass ; very steep, and inacces. 
a/We to an army if there had been any opposition." 

S€. 970-00 ^„ i^{^^ within the mountains, that is, on the nde 
towards Tarsus, where was the palace of the king , though Menoa 
wa« on the other gide with respect to the situation of Cj'rus. 

- ••' i^Xet'T^-n, where the CUicians used to keep watch. 
wmm '"^^^^ ^^presses a continuance of action or habit, for this 
•»«^on usually guarded for the defence of the toimtry. 

'Called by Xenophon AiCvs, Dana, 

Cbay. IIL] NOTES. ^33 

31. rt^Mv.] This extensive plain lies between tlie liTers Cydnus* 7 
and Pyiiunus, in the former of which Alexander bathed, when raj 
warm, and nearly lost his life in consequence. See Quintus Curt. 
Lib. III. Cap. 4. 

82. ifAwXtMv.] This adjeetiYe is declined in the Attic fbrm, like 
ulytett. See F. p. 46. 

?.2, ^rttfuv tu ftiXtnt*."} The temme is a leguminons plant, 
found in the Levant^ which is used as food, and from which an oil is 
extracted. It resembles the bean in the manner of its growth. The 
difference between /ftiX/»«, jxmic, and xiyxt*'* wHlet, is, that th« 
former bears its grain In ears, the latter in bunches. They both 
make bad bread. 

1. i* SmXamif tU ^rnXmrrmtJ] Qjuintus Curtius, in speaking o 
of this ridge of mountains, says that it is of a semicircular riiapc^ 
each end terminating at the sea. See tnap. 

IS. Xix**»1 See Antiq. Fkrt 8. Chap. 5. 


S. r«v it^th farther. Schneider thinks that the text is here 9 
corrupt, and that it should be «■• r^rw. Yet from the number 
of passages in which vm v^m is found, it cannot but be regarded ■• 
genuine. The ellipsis may be supplied by %tk vtS riww w^m^ 
through any place Jariher, 

5, tCm^iT*, (imperfect,) wai for conytellmg, began to eompd, 

5. 2&iXA«9,] r«<f XiVmt is here understood > but they contbnted 
to attack him with 8tone$* 

7. T§S fitn MirMviT^w^MM.] After verbs which contain a denial 
(as Vilfvyt)t the negative ^ji is added to the infinitive. 

12. ;^«Xf«'i7f fifM r«7f wm^tSet wfrnyfut^ttk] The dative is often 
put after neuter verbs, where the cause or occasion is expressed with 
M understood-t — that I am distrested at the firetent atate of Mii^gsw 

16. Jacobs has omitted a Yihrasc after 1^, wliich, it is bdieved, is 
found in all the other editions. It is kXX* «»)) mI«W«Ai#m» 
naiker did I Imuh it upon mypteatum. When kXXk is followed 

• Whfeh flowed through Tarsus. 

t94 NOTES. [BooKl 

9 hftiUfH nem wttntwer, Jkrtkerman ,- and gtmOj menamtm the 
|bcce«rfbeMgativepMlide. See Vigcras, p. 472. 

19. Jfw^Wbfc] This TCfb goTeras tvo accanlivek See MaC- 
«ii«. Aft. 412. F. Rttle XXV. 

244 tTMM.] Sdiiwider, oa tbe e ulb ui Uy of Ponoo, n < i et ilyl ei 

10 «• J» A«<.] See F. IMe XLVII, Ote. 2. 

4. 4x«|«Wmw] Tlib b in the ftnt aor. nid. iafin. hy syarope 
^ IXt^m^imh from Che vcfb ixi|i«s thoagh it mi^ be fenaed 
.^ragukriy from J^SS^ vhidi b tekbin used. ^ 

4. *Xlr ifUm a$9 lUrtt «w> r«i^>«» fa;|«s, literally, Jloee «i 

cpudan «f me, iherrf!ire, as going, that is, JTnov lAm tkat I MkaBgm, 
^. The particle it is dc*gaotly construed with participles in the 
genitive^ insiead of «V« with dtefmU verb, 

10. r««r«« ^ir«e<;», 6e»^ perjdexed at tkem ikings, not kmawrmg 
ko» to manage tkem. The verb d«'«fi7» is found with both tbe gedi- 
tive and dstive, but with difierent significations t «irs^ «vm ia» ** not 
to Icnow what course to ulse in any matter ; " Atrtfttw «*«( is» ** to be 
deprived of any thing.** 

17. rflb^iff, M. r. X., «t if evidemi thai Cjyrut stands in a simSar 
fdaHon towards tcs* tkat we do towards him ; that is, " we are each 
independent of the other.*' This speech of Qearchus is one of 
much shrewdness i since he tdls the aoMicrs that they are at fiberty 
to do sa tlM^ plwMe, and at the same time puts many difiBculues in 
their wsy, should they conclude to abandon Qynis. He therefore 
gorema them, without their sus^^ectiqg it. 

22. r j fth fiy»0Tt9t in the first jdaoe, or, more e^jccialfy, becawue, 

23. rdMw.] KmA if here to be supplied. F. Rule XLU. 
Obs. 1. 

27. ^N^Mf.] The present tense used for the fliture. 

27. «^v«S, herek The elllpds is Iw' a^mI riirtm, m tkit place. 
See Bos. Ellipses Gnecx. 

27. if l0faki0rmrm,} See note on page 2, Sne 5. 

Si. H) ft Awn^, this man, by way of eminence^ referring to Cym, 

22. ^x^t*** 9»kifU9f^ The diflerence between these two wotdi 
^ that the former means a prieate enem^y and implies malice, and a 
^csun for revenge^ while the latter signifies a psiUic enemjf^ or sm 

Chaf. in.] KOTBS. 255 

enemy in vmr, where the pardei ire excited fay no inJiHdual itialrro- \Q 


1. wifftf m^rmf mmtn^hu^ to he encamped fir /hm him. Il 

4« i» rmt nlnfUirw, voluntarily, according to thekr incHnatiotiM, 

5. i^KiXiwrrM.] This word exemplifies the peculiar beauty which 
the pr^qpontion h, in compodtion, potkesaet ; namely, ^at of dimin- 
ishing the force of the word with which it is eompounded. In tlSs 
respect it corresponds to the Latin mb ; as MbfvMctts, hrowiUsh, tome' 
what browns subfrigidus, coot, aomewhat cold* So fn Gh-eelc^ 
tyx^»'ff* greenkhf fftvm^^ hUterith. And in this ptace HM 
soldiers are said not to be xiXivrrM, ojtenly directed, but i^^xiXivrrw^ 
tecreUy instructed, privately advited. See Vigerus, p. 6 1 1 • 

6. «t>itf riff yftifuut contrary to the wish, 

1 9. finhif v/un Xtyirm, let no one of you nominate me, &c. 

21. «f.] The form of expression is here changed, otherwiae 
irurifUtt would be iruei/u^w^ to eorrespond with e^^ar n f iirmvm 
'tit here means thatf and is put for Ith witJi tiie eUipsif ^t Asyinft 
to be supplied. 

22. &(x*'Sm, to obey. 

25. Aixt^ w«X<» [r*y] eri^M K4(«v fA wMw/aiMv. as Jf Cyrus 
would not make his -journey back agaiih that is, by sea, and wouU 
therefore want ships. *How foolish then,* says Ckjarchus, * would it 
be for us to ask of him the only means of conveying back hi« army*^* 

27. XuftanifAtSmt to JrustratCf to bring ruin upon s from Xi^/ft% 
plague, ruin. 

27« «^» w^S^K, the enterprise. The di6erence between wfil^, ia4 
f^y«y is, that the former means an action m pregnth the latter,, on^ 
action completed, 

28. r« a»^ hfA w^$MaTaXaf€fidwff to earn ^pen thest he^fUi^ 
for us. 

51. T($4^tei, is governed by rw, understood* 

52. »v;^ •tif T% term, it -will not be possSUe. Omt, implyfa^ 
ability, is veiy frequently thus used, with ^mwth understood ; as 
ooM leri T0uST$f» •it WMiTv, he is not such an one as to do it^ that i% 
he is not able to do it, 

6. wma^mUwrm, who Went up with him. These relate to the |5| 
three hundred Greeks, who attended Qynit to eQUrt* under the com* 

tM NOTES. [BokL 

13 9k r^ f«Ai«9.] X^^9 or >«ff wlobe fup|»licd. 

14, rk )«(«frs r$ ^r^mrsf, the molvtknu of tke arwtym 

SI. «>f«f«iT««r4.] n^ in compoMtioiv generally iiieroue» tbc 
iigiitficatioo of tbe nmple word, m in this pUoe i «^«jru» umbiw 
to tuk eartu$lfyt to impoHuMe, and here, perbapi, to atk fvr more, 

S5. •».] Tbu ia in tbe genitiva^ by tbe Attic attraction < one 
and a Aa^ of that wkick they Teethed b^e^ tbat ia, half as muck 
more. F. Rule VI, £xc. 1, CM*. K 

84. fw ftmn rf er^rm^} Here ia a double dfipaia ; Uk ia 
«Bdantood before fuiHt» and Imder^ befiupe rvfMiMry. 


13 5. *H>t7rt.] There were two fleeta nniled t ^thagoraa bad tbe 
eonunand of the reaidt from Peloponncsua, and Tamoa of tboae from 
Ephcava > in all aeventj yeasda. Cynia intended witb these to 
attack the fortreaa at the paaa aituated ou tbe shorea of tbe gulf of 
lasua : but the enemy retired and left it open to him. 

10. tt^fum, lay at anchor, from i^feut, and not ,lrom T^fuuff n 
aome of the commentators have auppoaed. 

11. M* va^ ' *AC^mifuf it^ferJarut who were wkh Jhroca^ 

w/OM, having deterted him, &c. 

15. rvA««.] This paas, called the Gates- of CUida and Syria, ia 
alao known by the names of tbe l^yrioH Straight and the Maritime 
Fam, from iu being formed by the near approach of mounjt Amanua 
to tbe Mt. It consiatcd of a narrow strip of land, extending from tbe 
diflk of the mountains to the water. Across this were built the for- 
tifications, two paralld walla Qw rd^^n) about fire hundred yards 
apart, the inner next to Glicia, and tbe outer next to Syria. Be* 
tween these flowed tbe riwr Carsus. 

d «• 

% — g1 

Chap. IV.] NOTES, 287 

"The space between the two fortified Ikies hang the Ofiposite 13 
quarters for such they must be considered) being no more than three 
stadia along the coast, proves that there must have been a considerable 
space between the rocky face of the mountains and the sea ; and that 
nothing like a defile or very narrow space was intended. For, whea 
Xenophon says that the pass was narrow (rrwn), he ooukl only mean 
in reference to a fnmt formed for an attack, since there was widtli 
enough for a fortress, and that fortress large enough to contain a cqn- 
siderable force." Rennell. 

20. rr«2/«i.] The rr^^ssft or rrdh99, of the Greeks was about 
equal to an English furlong. See Antkj. Appendix. 

20. «v» nv.] Supply the ellipsis, hnmriv, 

22. iiXiCatroi.] Tills word (compounded of JKx««f, the n<n, and 
^«/*«, to go,) literally means, reacfdng to the tun, or tun-extending^ 
a beautiful e|^thet. 

24. Urmt-i^xirmt Aw«C«Cari«fv, that he might iand hit heaoy^ 
armed injhnliy. 

25. iir«»«ilS«^ withiHt that is, towards GUcia; and wUhoutf 
towards Syria. 

2. «Xjk«)if.] See Antiq. Part 9. Chap. 1. |4 

.5. pXTifiUiiitntt being jnquedt thinking themtetvet (Hehonaired. 

13. Iwtermrttiem* b the third plur. pres. imper. of iwi^mfuu, to 

14. A^*M(ti*mtrif.] The diflerenCe between this word and ir*- 
mftyyawif, is this t a person is said £«-«)^«mm, when he has absconded 
and is out of knowledge, or in a place unkaown ; but he is said 4w«- 
^vyu9, when he has absconded and is oui ^ power, or cannot be 
taken. The context clearly shows this distinction. 

19. Mm»£t «••<«.] See F. Ride XXV, Obt. 2. 

19. t^ X(nfMirm JkTtryXS, thai I jilundered ikem of their prO' 
perty. From rvAn, plunder, booty^ ^ 

19. 4«yT«ry.] Some copies read Av after Vv^rm* Stephanu^ 
fiutchinson, and Weiske retain it \ Zeunius, Porsoa, and Schneider 
fi^ject it. Porson says of it, '* Nullis niai sequ^ mendosis excmplis 
•defendi potest.'* This word is tlie Attic form of the third pert. plur. 
ImpLrative^ for tviewt. 

23. wnt w^w.] See F. Rule II, Obt. 10. 

S9. rAii^ it from wXi^t in the accusative notfular, contndcd. 

998 MOTES. [Book L 

14 99. Mtt M 2i^] It ■ eTidcnty ftom the united testimoa^f of manj 
sncicnt historiaiu, that tbe Syrians aUtained from the eating of fish 
and pigeons, considering them sacred. See Class. Diet, under iSSpjiu* 
rimts and DerciUo, ** The river is filled with an incredible number of 
fine carp, some of which are two feet in length. As> they are iurbid«- 
dni to be caught or molested, they multiply exceedingly i it being re- 
garded as a sacrilege of the most unpardonable kind, for any one to 
use them as food. There is every reason to believe, that this absti- 
nence is a relic of the ancient superstition of the countiy^ which taught 
men to worship Dagon or Venos, under tbe form of a fi«b, and, con- 
sequently, to abstain from eating their god." Buckingham's TraveU 
in MesopoUmia, Vol. I, Chap. S. 

32. tlf ^«raei» Ithftivm.'^ It was a custom with the kings of Per- 
sia to allot difierent cities to their queens, to supply them with di£k- 
rent articles of dress. These villages seem to have been given to 
Parysatisy to supply her with girdles. Some eopies read ^mi», and it 
would then be translated, to mpjdy her table, 

15 S. «i(«4.}' 'fir^sy is. here to be supplied ( wbkh the teotmu of tht 
year jtroduced, 

7. ^«i7r«, wat sUualed, 

8. ^«>^«»«f.] The diflfefent writers upon the geography of Asia 
Minor, Forster, Williams, Lake, Rennell, and others, do not agree 
upon the exact position of ThapMcus, and many other phices men- 
tioned by Xcnoplion. But it wduld be altogether out of place to in-> 
troduce topographitvl diseassions here. As a wh«)le we preftrr Major 
Ilenneir» ** illustrations,** and have therefore followed him. See mapw 

1 4. irmXttii ail along before* 

17. s«M T«M>«, and that toiK Supply the ellipsis )i)w»i, afsd Ar 
garc this monry to thote gcmg not to battte, &e. 

SO. ^>«<.] For the value of this coin» see Antiq. Appendix. 

20. fu^0$9 itri Xa, full jtay, 

92. m,iTHi itfty to be the catae of, io have ir^uenee by your cr- 

33. x*(** <*'^«'«'» will acknowledgt the favor. The verb is from 
•7^ to tee or know, 
15 I, i1 rtt »m.) &\\»u that is, IteUrarmi understood, tf any other on* 
know*t he certainly doe*, 

2, hy mw^Pn^ievvTot, but ^ they should determine net, that it, 
■ot to cross tbe Euphrates 

Chaf. v.] NOTES. 239 

2. &irifitr.'} The present of the rerb Cfu hts tke ngnifieation of 16 
the future. See F. p. 116, Obs. 1. 

2. vtSfttTttiuv, for r§ tftraXst' S,9t/Aiv tU r$S/tiretXt9, toe wH! g9 
tack. To supply the ellipsis, minfuv tU r« /»i^«f rnt •)«? I Ur) f^ 
itMXtv, we wU go to the jtart of the way winch it beliind, 

S. K^^mf.] See F. Rule XVIII, 8. 

24* i^t^srUrnvTc, procured propithns Jor thenueleet* Tlu #7<r««. 


26. l^/MVf, in the midst of a detert. This u the southern part 
of Mesoputatnitt. Ammianus says that this region is excessively 
sandy and barren, having no water excepting that whieh is sait and 
stagnant, and prodncing nothing but dragon-root, wormvood, and a 
few other heibs of this dass. '* The aspect of the country was 
dull and uninteresting, as there was neither mountain, vaUey, nor even 
plain ; the whole being an unequal vurface, like the high and long 
waves of a deep sea, when subsiding from a tempest into a calm, and 
not a tree any where in sight to relieve the monotony of the scene." 
Buckingham's Travels. 

1. SXnst thrttbbery, brush, |^ 

3. Sft Ayfiu,] The swiftness of wild asses, and their fondness for 
desert places, have been confirmed by all naturalists. See also Hoseo, 
▼iii. 9. Job, xxiv. 5. Jeremiah, ii. 24. Isaiah, xxxii. 14, where 
it is predicted that Jerusalem will become a desert and ** a joy of 
wild asses." 

3. rr^«v#M.] This word, when not attended with the qualif>nng 
a4iectiTe fuym\ms, usually signifies sparroufS* But vr^wiii «j f-^y^ 
Xm, ostriches. 

4. tirtitt, bustards, which are small birds, and are remarkable for 
having but three claws. As food they are condemned by some, and 
lauded by others, among whom is our author. The theme is, probi^ 
bly, •{# , the, ear, as they have this organ larger than any other bird of 
their size. Their sense of bearing is ao acute that sportsmen find It 
diiBcult to approach them. 

4. )«^»40if , roe-buekt, or rather gaxdUs, 

8. rmirw WtUvf, they did the same, that is^ Ihtj ran on before and 


18 19. I9H fU, unku where. 

91. ftdxt^M.} The pronoun «Jr«f it here underttood* UisteMl of 
the accuntiTe ^ ai the subject of the infinitive is the sanoe as that of 
die participle m^'^m*. See F. Rule IV, Exc. 

83. irJ] The rerb ij/t} is often used in this eOiplical aense, mean- 
ing power orpouibSkjfi as {v ewnshiTf, it vxu to perceive, that is, oicjr 
one nU^ perceive. 

24. wkiiu x^ttfiom the extetU of Us territory g wXmhs »ti^ 
wm»y from the number of it* inhabitant*. 

S5. rt In^d^m.] See F. Rule XXX. 

SO. ex^^ff VHth raft*. This word is an adjective^ meanings, tud- 
den, haetify done, from ex*^h adr. near ; and it agrees with vrnpri, 
understood ; ^xt^itut tmv^i, with boats or rafts made frr the occasion. 

50. Atffifot^ Mns, of which the tents of the soldiers were usually 
roade^ and with which, after being stufied in the manner here described, 
rivers wer^ often crossed. The Euphrates, acconfing to Buckingham, 
is even now continually crossed, by men and boys, upon goat-skins 
tightly filled with air. They extend themselves upon this buoyant 
substance^ clasp their arms around one end of it, throw their legs ova 
the sides of the other end, and, by I he propelling motion of their feet, 
cross the river with considerable rapidity. 

51. etnny§f Moi eoneittn, drew them together and ttitched them. 
ZiwtrrM from ev^irdt*. 

SI. Mf^)Lmemf A:«r'»] See F. Rule XXIII. 

SS. fimXMf$»,'] The Persians made a very agreeable wine from 
dates, the fruit of the j)alm tree. B«X«Mf is theyhof, and fttwj^ 
the tree. 

19 S. *A/*^iXi{<B»rw» rt, dis/mting about something. 

10. rMf •'1^2 «vT«f, friends, companions, 

11. ir^nXmint, was marching with the army, 
S4. lywv.] 'KavTtS eT^mrtuftm, understood. 

24. Uw rk SwXm, ordered arms, that is, made his soldiers stand 
to their arms, to be prepared for any emergency. 

. 26. h-t, mvT^u iM«-«Xi»#AfMB4, that, wtdle he hinueifnarrowfy 

eeooped being itoned to death, he (that is, Proxenus) should qteak, &e. 

20 4. If Uwf lyinn, he came to hhnetff, that is, was convinced of his 

5. uturk X''^'*' ^ ^^^ plaeei. 

Chap. VL] NOTES. S4S 


6. 1z***'l ^ dinuBuHve noun, tlie dieme of which is fxHt* 20 

7. 9Tifi»f, (from mrtiCm, to tread,) dgnifiet the path or the print 
of the feet upon the sand. 

10. r^ 9r0X{fu«, in mUUaty science ; xmrk is understood. At^^^ 
fiiMSy ranked, 

^ 14. »»iXyiru% rtS xaitn ImiwTKs, literally, toould prevent them 
going abouty from Immingf that is, wotUd prevent them from going 
ab(mt, and laying watte the country hy Jure. See F. Rules XXIII 
and XXX. 

27. irr«.] " We often find a council of seven mentioned ty the 
writers, who treat of the affiurs of Persia i which council seem to have 
heen instituted in memory of the seven Persian noblemen^ who put the 
Magi to death, of whom Darius Hystaspes, afterwards king of Perria, 
was one." Spelman. 

4. VinyyttXi vtip x^iVjr, he gave an account of the trials 21 

5. &^x,*** *'**' ^y^tf to b^^ or open the confutation* 
9. vvrtutJ] See F. p. 57, Obs. after «Jr9f. 

9. yi^^"] This conjunction may be considered as declarative, giv- 
ing additional force to the sentence with which it is connected, and 
may be rendered titdy, verily. But it is always, strictly speaking, 
causal, and connects something understood with its own sentence. 
Here we might supply, / have talken this course for, &c. 

10. Ivti h rttx^tift t^ierwards, being commanded, &c* Cyrus 
intends, liy the clause if tpi murif, to accuse Orontes out. of bis own 
mouth, since^ although a sulgect of Cyrus, be acted in obedience to 
the king. 

18. M«;;«.1 See F. Rule XXV, Obs. 2. . 

18. iiwtf,] Second person sing, imperf. of^vtwftm, 

h9. tyfttf rkf nmvTw ^vtrnfuv, conscious of thy own power, meta* 
ing to imply his want of power. 

20. M TOT rUt 'A^ri^)«« CmfitU."} The altar of Diana tt Bph*. 
nis is, probably, alluded to here. It was usual for criminals to fly to 
the altars of the deities for protection, and, these places being esteemed 
sacred, no one could forcibly drag the suppliant from his place of le. 
fiige. To add force and solemnly to an oath also, it was customaiy 
to swear with one hand Ipi rw C^/tiu 


21 SI. If««^.] Hus is tbeinfefftct, frr S^, by Ae iEofie dia. 
lect vUch adds 9«. The Umc sowrtimrm ronowes the aa^ncnty I7 

27. ><^] See Dole Ml line ». /awsT ooti &, voa, &r. 

Q S. «« MTT^ fwrw tTsM, a» far m regarjg ktjm. But to be more 

critical^ «• is i» the arcusatfre sad ena mite d vilb Am^ and dMj to- 

gather, meA aa a adbataulive; are gu i uml hy *««• Mi dfewt ead s tv 

^i, as lo 6<iN^ as ia omr eofmexim^ n Jar as we are eo n$ i a eie d with 

Mm, oeosjirmswe lay Um t ■ ■iii wkk kirn, far Mattlya^ 

Art. 539, and SSS, p. 409. 

6. IXa^Cww «w ^i(»w.] It wn emUUamrj mawng the Peraana to 
ky hold of the crimiiars gyfdie when he was condcaincd to death. 
See F. Bide XIX. 

6. M imdTf^ to pmikim Udtmtk, 

8. «;M«f«vMM.] The Persiam used to nfaite their Hag, or waj 
one off hb court, by totd piwtralion a£ &e body, and Idanng the 

11. rsflv«W^*9.] The sccptra vasb as it now ia, as eamgn of 
great dignity. Tke seeptre-hearen wave probably a ^fis-guanL around 
the person of the king^ 


S2. mM^X^ deserters 


h»i tipoH tke fiUtmimg mpmu^ s tmhtmitmt. 
^rtersf ftom mhrit and ^mXm«» gom^ spowtm^ 

^ ' • . • . . m^t^mtrnf wot wom a MNsnf fl^ ■at Miag h^ ammI o^ 

HuIeXVIfl,^. ^ ^ 

-^ ^" *Oa-«^r.J Thia exfaortathre fwrticle is ffreqoentTy used in thin 
Jptiealmarmer, especially among the Atties. The Terb to he sup. 

27. 4 
Hule XVIfl, 6. 

^ n 

•*J See F. Rule VI. Exc. 1 

.... rxS^.j See F. Rule XLII. 

•»*«• Sehnwder Md DlDilorf tore not. V iIhx 

Chap. VII.] NOTES. 945 

be retained, it will read thus t jf you are able to vnihstand thete, and 23 
metkinks I am aahatned to make any other tupposUion, you will know 
what kind of men there are in this country of ourt, 'HftSt may be 
governed by x'^Cf* ^^ M^tivBut * if by the latter, we should trans- 
late it, what thete men of oun are. If there be no comma after 
hȣt the passage may be rendered, and in other resj)eft8, metkinks 
I am ashamed that you should know, &c. Observe the difierenee 
between itt^ttifvt and kvifSf, The same distinction exists in Latin 
between homo and vir, 

9< ifuiv ri* fdv fitvXifi tv§f, whoever tfyou, indeed, nuxywiJu 

10. T»tf •1—t ^ifXMT«r, envkd by those at home* 

10. ^ * §!fMi4 rtnnn^ bid, methrnks, I shall effect, 

14. r«Mvr«.] K«/^^ understood. 

20 •Ttfir, Attic for •trntt from hrts. The latter part of the 
preceding sentence is understood here : «v ^vntfrm Mnttv §1 Mfmfruf 
which is uninhabitable by reason of the cold, 

21. rmr(mrtu0v^n, govern in the capacity of satraps, 

22. roirmf Iy»;«ri7(.] See F. Rule XIII. 

23. ^11 •«».] With infinitives after negative propositions or verbi^ 
these two negatives are equivalent to the Latin quin, or quominus j 
as, •utUt Ixxti^m r0 ^i^ «v frv^t^^ui, Soph. " I will leave nothing 
undone but that I may ascertain,** &c. But where the opt., sulg., or 
indie, follows, ^« tb are equivalent to ne nonj as Jifrt »v rtSrs 
%ii»tiMtt (tn »U ix"* " ^ ^^<^^ ^ ^^^® ^^ ^'^^^ ^ '^*'* ^^^ ^ *^^^ ^^ 
have,*' or <* lest I should not have,** &c Matthiae, art. 608. 

24. «y tS yivnrms, if the event prove Javorable, 
S3. JSii 9a»f, somewhat m this manner, 

S3. 0?i/.] The Attics, in some verbs, terminate the aecond per- 
son singular of the pres. ind. pass, in u * as fiwXu, •fu, i^u. Set 
F. p. 88. 

5. Ii^t is here, by metonymy, put for k^wtU^i^ «4 

7. ^^wampi^.l See Antiq. Part 8. Chap 2. 

8. U«r«i* »«) •7««ri fAu^tmitt,'] As f/k»^tks signifies a myriad, or 
ten thousand, the army of the king consisted of twelve bundrad 
thousand t but this probably does not mean fighting men, but indudet 
an the followers of the army. 

85. ifyvml,} See Anti(|. — Appendix. 

f<9 * NOTES. [Booxl. 

34 Sa rXWk] For die diflerence between tliif w«r4 ud »««, see 
Antiq. Fkrt 8. Chap^ t. 

S2. «'«i^ ' «&ro nh "Evf^drnf, on the uie towartb the rwer 
Euphrates. This tm^^h ifwrrJi wu a temporary trencb dug by 
Artaxerxea §6v tbe protecti«i» of bb camp, and who% dbtinct from 
the ^(9%H9 eannU^ wfaieh were opened between tiie Suphrates and 
Tigris for purposes of agricultiire aad navigation. This trench 
however was left unfinished for the hut twenty feet towards the 
Suphrates, and through this narrow pass («'a^«W rrtMi) Cyrus 
^ 1. ivr) l^oftMrnt htttead of a JiHjfieathm or rm imm rt. 

12. )!»« rilx«v«>«.] From this it appears that ten UikmU and 
ikne thotuand darks were eqnaL 

18. rl1kwX6%UiM0rtmterpmrt^ tkeww^. 


91. i/»f) ^9^<^ wXM»9^A9y about the JkB-martet time, whidi 
was the third hour, or nine o'doch in the morning. It is not unusual 
to find in the classics the time of day denoted by the employment of it. 

22. i ermiftif, tfie place Jbr enaimpmeni, ^ 

23. Avk K^artt ot fuU speed, 

26 11. 9»^tt/tn^tVt-t.'\ See Antiq. Fkrt 8. Chap. 2. 

12. i^Aifv.] This word does not here mean, bare of erery thing, 
hat destitute in relation to v^at goes before. The Greeks had helmets 
upon 'heir heads, but Cyrus* head was destitute of the hdmet: that 
is, he only wore the tiara, or turbattf according to Plutarch, who 
says, that in this battle the tiara of Cyrus fill from his head, 

14. ^ptXmTt Ttut mifmXmit, with only the tiara upon their heads, 
Weiske and Wyttenbach think that this sentence, from Xiytrat to 
Immiv^iwi^/v, is spurious. For, in the first place, it is at variance 
with what has been said before of the equipage of Cyrus' six hundred 
horse; and, secondly, Xenophon would not have used the word 
Xlytrmtf in reference to a (act which he might have seen with his own 
cjres. Some would wish to insert xmXtu§vtt instead of IXJUof, 
thereby eonfinfaig this custopi to the ancient Pernasai otherty wnJU 


19. hixn*] The time denoted by this word ia about tbe niddk of 26 
tiie aftemooD* or three o'clock. 

SO. r¥X9^»] The word ^9%^ meats detue, crowdedf and howa^ 
muckf almndani : %^9f ^l •& ^KC^ ^^ *'^ ^*^ ^ ^"^ Hme* 

22 ikr^mwrt, began to glkter, 

25. ytf^iati, buddcT'bearen^ wo called from the Tertian MM 
yifftPt which waa made of osiers and corered with hide. 

28. Mttrk Unit according H their nationtt or each natiun bjf it$^ 

28. TXmtri^.l The diflerence between irX«irM9 and TXniUw, is, 
that the former is an iMongt the latter o a^wore, to denote whlcli 
Xenophon uses vXmUfv Ui^Xtv^^f, and not vXmiUf* See Arritmi 
Tactica^ p. 69. AI^, compare Book 3. Chap^ 4. 

29. ^MXMnrm 0vx^*% aejnrated at a contiderabU dManee, when 
#!%»«» is used adverbially or with Mmrk understood. 

32. uw» ^tts yt^^itt under the $eaU of the chmriotetru 

32. i»t ^MMirru*.] See F. Rule XXIX. Obs. 3. 

1. Ia^m-mv.] Hiis is the future participle, Attic form, for iA«i> ^7 
eirrttv, from {x«vw, fut. lAi#^ dropping the #» and contracting, IXm. 
It is used ukh mst in the genitive absolute. See F. Rule XXXIL 
Obs. 6. , 

4. m int^riwi at much at pottSUe, 

4. |y Zrf . ] Supply fiUfUiTt, wUh an equable pace, 

5. If r^wf,'] X;«»t >* ^^*^ understood i at ttit thne. 

6. rf KxU^xv *fi^] "^^ ^<^ ^ Cunaxa* u Mi^r ReBvai 
well observes, appears to have been lost through the error of Clearclniu 
in not following the counsel, or rather in not obe^'mg the orders of 
Cyrus, to bring up his men against the centre of the enemy, in which 
the king was posted i " for,** saya he, " if we break thatp our work it 
done.** The king bad such a siiperknifty of numben, that when k* 
stood in the centre of his own army, he was beyond the left wing of 
that of Cyrus i and Qearchus, fearing to be surrounded, could not 
be prevailed upon to withdraw his right wing from the river. As th* 
king, therefore, found that no one opposed Mm m front, he wheeled tu 
the left in order to surround Cyrus* army. It was then that Cyrut. 
advanced to attack the kiii^ and broke and diap^nraed the strong 
body of choice cavalry which attended him ; but in the purwit km 
kfanacif WW left aknost uaaftteuded, wd hi « iMk and Ikiioua attack us 
tku kjng waa dain by an dbscuwt jadltidual 

948 MOTES. [Book I 

527 It miy tberefere be inferred thit hid Cleirchut brought his forces 
to the centre of the king's army, the event would hsire been totsDj. 
diflercnt. No one can doubt but that victory would have attended the 
steps of the Greeks ; and a victory in the centre would either have 
placed the king in the power of Cyrus, or driven him out of the 
field. But then we shouU have been without the ** Anabasis,*' the 
choicest piece of ancient miliury history, and fiurly worth the history 
of all the Persian dynasties since that period. 

17. U Tf s^, m the tame fthce, 

18. U «w» tn w^tivrmff from the toldiert at thejf eame up* 
81- i^tkmeatt kavimg ridden up, 

92. Iwirntrsf,] kawng ttopped for the purpose of heating him. 
Bocnemann renders it animum ad Xemiphtmtem advertent, 

89. )i;^«/MM, (jrip «i«Mf understood,) / receive the omen .- or sup- 
ply rw Aj« mwS^ s«} fi»w. 

S3. Iwtudpi^n. ] The Greeks used to sing two pteant ; one, be- 
fiwe the battle, to Mars % and the other after the battle, to Apollo. 

83. l|[t»»^MM*i.] The metaphor contained in this word is veiy 
beautiful. The theme is cv^c«, a wave ; for as the wave lifts its 
head above the level expanse of the waters, w here, a part of the 
army, undulatet or Jtucluates from the rest, in its eagerness to en- 
gage in battle. 
2S 8. 'EvitacXiV ] This is an epithet of Mars, derived from *£ymw, 
BeUana^ the goddett of war. After the paean was sung it wss usual, 
before going into battle, to invoke the aid of Mars, under this appel- 

8. Atyiwri )i ntir.] The question has been asked, why does 
Xenophon, who was prssent at the battle, relate a circumstance on 
the authority of others? To this it may be answered here, that he 
oould not be present at different parts of the army at the same time, 
and that what he now speaks of, occurred elsewhere than where he had 
his ststion. 

5. r«|<ir/iH».] Supply wfM^ or %U ttvrwg, before an arrow reached 
themt that is, before they came within bow^oi. 

8. Tk h U^ftmra l^i^ir* rk pit, and the ehariott were borne along, 
tome^ ttc. 

« 10. leu) w^M^Mif htermvTt, when thejf earn them eomkg ai m diN 
tenos, they dinded, or opened their rankt. 

Chap. IX.] NOTES. 249 

10-. Urt TH hrfft nteraTlT, tJiere was one tgho, that is, jDirnr ^ 
ohe: MmrtXn^fti, was seized, was caught np: i^^XmytUt being 
ttruck with astowshmeiU {ob rej)enlinum adventum hostiumf Lex. 
Xen.) Schneider remarks, Perscf enim curribHS Jalcatis insistent 
tes jrugnabatU, Grteci ens titabant laxatis ordiuMnis ; pauci imjfru 
denies correpti a currilms et dejecti /Uerunt, 

II. »vh9 fAitT$i «0^.] This repetition of negatires^ in Greek, 
gives great additional force to the negation. 

15. T« »cJ* muT»vf, the pari opiKtsite to tketnselves. 

17. 4vi* ttt i^nx^if neither was he thus excited r A for «l- 


18. rtntr^u^mfiivnff conglobated around hnn, 
25. fiimJ] M*^«f understood. 

28. «f tU »i/»x«yrii>.] This was done in order to surround the 

army of Cyrus. 

5. •In. nurx*r§, could not contain himself, from mvix'M'u* ^^ 

9 Irrmyim, /i«;^«/i«*M. ] This appears to be in tke nomiDatiTe ab- 

folate, for the genitive, more jttticQ. 


22. IriXivrvnv.] The primitive meaning of this verb is, l» coit- 
dude, to bring to an end; hence, when it signifies to die, the ellipsis^ 
rU /Siat, is to be supplied. 

25. )»»«fryT»» Iv in/^f ytni^im, who were reputed to^be on intimate 
terms with Cyrus : ^*»uvrt0*, according to Schneider and the Lex. 
Xen., is here redundant. 

28. W\ Tiitt ^(»Hi at tlte courts 

29. wu^99wm, modesty, as opposed t-^ t^rx^S*, indelicate, impure, 

5. r«lv \atvTw v«'«)ifrrlf*»v, than those who were inferior to him* 3D 

7. "£»^iv«v.] *A»^^M4'M is here to be supplied* 

II. 9v» Ir^irMs he did not ammrdly Jly from. 

13. T%X»t, at last, used adverbially with »etrk understood. 

19. irt ri(} ^Xtirrw trMMTf, that lie esteemed it of the highest 

20. rf.l The article is often put by the Attics, for the iodeftnite 
pronottB rif See Matthia, Art 256. 

350 NOTES. [BookL 

30 24. wtt^ rat ewviUu contrary to the treaty. 2«-#»J«f , is a Terbal 
Boun, from ^wi^t to jiour out, and properly signifies libations of 
wioe poured upon the head of the victim at the time of sacrifice. But 
IS these libations were made at the ratification of treaties, the word is 
fre<|uently put for the treaty iisdf. 

27. •»»UitUf to give up or betray ; second aor. mid. of ^r^etnfUm 
S2. »m) Mvjciir )i Ting MvrtiS i^i^iffv. and tome rejwrt an expresM 
msit of his. 

31 1 . IXili^ff.^ See F. Rule XXXII, Obs. 6. 

2. ran l^ * iuSf, of the men in our age, those of our time, 

5. «cr*ytX«f.] Supply rwv fif*^, to hold the laws in derision, or 
mbrw referring to Cyrus. 

7. vfim.] Among the Persians criminals were punished by being 
deprived of' some of their limbs, and in this situation were exposed in 
the public streets. For the government of this gen. see F. Rule 

9. |;^«trf t Tt 9-cx*^**^ carrying with him whatever he jtleased, 
Ti^x**^^^ primarily means to advance forward, hence to sue- 
ceett, hence to be advantageous to, as it might here be rendered. 
The sense of the passage is, tliat "in the province of Cyrus 
any one could travel with safety, and carry with him whatever might 
be necessary either for his support on his Journey, or for purposes o£ 
trade, without any fear of being molested by robbers." 

20. Eif yt fitw.l "^''^ " ^^ elliptical expression for x«r« «-• its yt 
ftnv ^t»at9fvvfi9 f)x«y, as to that which j)ertains to justice. 

21. n^) vravrit l^tur* irMfn*, he esteemed it of the greatest 

imjwriance to render, &c. Observe the transition from the singular, 
in r.t, to the plural in rairwt, which is frequent with our author. 

22. K«} yk^ •?».] The particles of the Greek language consti. 
tute one of iu peculiar beauties. But it is often impossible to give 
their full force, and exhibit the ideas which each conveys, in a transla- 
tio»i. r«f ««) may be rendered,^ besides i after the first Mti some- 
thing is understood, besides what i have mkmtioneo, &c. ; the parti- 
cle ri, after &X.>m corresponds to »«/, before or^arivfttttTt. The verb 
Ji,f;^ii.;|f r« is in the middle voice, and mhr^ wodd seem lo be redund- 
ant. But in reality it gives the middle verb more force ; he managed 
lo his great advantane. Townsend makes the verb in the passive and 
w«XX« the nominative to it. But is it not connected with Ixt^rmre 

Chap. IX.] NOTES. 951 

by »«/ ? For besides what I have said, therefore, he both wsely con-' 31 
ducted, with great advantage to HmKlf, many other clepartmenU of 
his government, and jwssessed an army deserving the name, *AXii- 
itff, true, real, one that could discharge all the duties incumbent upon 
it, and answer the purposes for which it was oiqganized. 

24. X^x^yul See Antiq. Fart 8, Chap. 4. 

50. hitiv, vigilant, energetic, possessing the qualities of a governor 
or steward in an extraordinary degree. 

51. i» T»v h»»Uu, Justly, that is, on princii^ies qfjuitice, 
SI. MecT»f»ivdJ^»fT», imimmng or cultivating the country, 

S3. &^iXtT$.'] Supply TaVT1l9 TJf» X'^i'^** 

7. Kffi y»( avri t6vt0, Jbr in relation to any particular thing .* ^ 
iMtr« is to be supplied. 

8. is fiM^Hff tx*** ^^ ^ might have them as coatgutors, 

11. )ia «'«AA«.] A7rtm is. to be supplied t Itit ir»XXa atruh tq^ 
many accounts. 

11. ttf yi ath^ tSvy for one man, for a single individual. 

12. )ic)j)«v.] The imperfect tense of verbs in ftt is very little 
used ; but, in its stead, the imperfect of the circumflexed verbs from 

^ which they are derived is generally found i as from )j)«*r, XUl, 
imp. Oit0Vf, Mi^m, l^i^v, for Hit^tf, i^tio^t, \iil»f, F. bottom 
of p. 107. 

IS. ;^'fi.] See F. p. lOS, Obs. 3. 

15. liV «r«A.f/ft«v.] That is, coats of mail, rich swords, &e. ; iit 
»*XXwiri«/Mii, such as golden chains, bracelets, tunics, &c. 

17. ««r^iirfti.] Bornemann and Dindorf read Ks^fin^ttu, which 
is preferable. 

20. ri }li rp irt/uXttf irt^atvxt rSt fiXtn, but that he shotdd sus^ 
pass his friends both in zeal, &c. 

25. r9VT9f»] *0 ^i^Mf i^ff, t/ie bearer of the present sayt, or som* 
nmilar phrase, may here be inserted. 

33. it ^Jk . . . . . &'ytt^it.'\ A very refined idea i that even th9 
horses which carried his friends might not suffer from hunger, 

1. £j H in VM"! 3r«^fVMr«, whenever he went abroad, ^Q 

2. Wir»v^MX»yuT«, he used to talk with tliem earnestly, Hutdi- 
inson says, gravibus de rebus sermonem habebat, which would be 
rendered, '* he used to talk with them on business o; aflairs of state.** 
But we think the sense is, that he held dose and familiar convert 

252 NOTES. [Boor! 

33 tfiihns with Atii friendtt that tke gpeetatars nd^ perceive wko were 
ike tnott honored. 

6, %0vX0it, tulffect, 

7. jBcj wTtt iit ond this man also, referring to Orontes* and not to 
the king, at Hutchintoti understandt it For Orontes found that the 
very |)erson, whom he thought the must loyal to hiro, vas far more 
faithful to Cyrus. 

13. ri mvrm ^im^imv, what happened to Um, 

16. rMT^Atf-iJM, literally, th<ae who tat at hit tablet — kit 4aafy 


97. ^trscj)*, a FhacetaHj whose nnae waa Aipadai 

98. rj^v r«^», accomjUithedj witty, 

S9. fi 9tttri^,} That is, h ntrifn rrnXXmuit. 
34 1* rftr rSf *ExXifNvf.] T« er^mriirt^mtf or rit ermS/u*, is here 
to be supplied, to the camp, or ttaiion^ of the Greekt, or, aa we should 
8^, using the possessive case, to the Greekt\ that is^ to the Gredaf 
eamp. So, in English, ' to the bookseller's', ' to the printer^s*. 

1. #7 Irvx** ^^» tx^!"nh wAo happened to be standing 


4. ami Trnvrnf*] Referring to Aspasia. 

5. hrig myrSvf within them, that is, within their oan^ttm 

6. hUx»f.} SeeF. RuleXVlII, 13. 

7. M /civ refer to the Greeks ; 0! )», to the Persians. 

8. »m0* Itturtvf, op/tosite to themselvet* 

8. iff itifTitt M««irr««.] Stephens thinks the reading sfaouH bt 
wH(rr«, but irAtrmt seems to be perfectly proper .* at if they had om- 
fuered all the enemy : m fr^n «■«»«•!# wmHtfTtst at if they aU were ike 
tfietors, tha< is, as if their own troops had gained the Wctoiy in eveiy 
part of the field. 

1 2. ri »ad ' Utrrtvf .] Supply ftift or erftirtpfuu 
19. «7;^«i»r« imM09Tttt were marchiMg in jmrtuiL 
18. rvrr^«^i»rif, having faced abMU» The Greeka.had pursued 
one wing of the enemy for some distance, when Artaxerxe;, haviiy 
plundered the camp of Cyrus> turned atiout in order to &U on thar 
rear (w^*; i«» Sneitv), 

Chaf. XO notes. 2SS 

19. rmuTif.] Supply ^tfiX, m ihtU part, tSee Bos. ** EOiptu 34 
Nammunit** wider ^i^i. 

19. j» rcvTjf T(««fMrrif «W Si|«^WM.] Larbher, Wyttenbttch, Bor- 
oemaan, and Dindorf, read w^tnitrt agreeiag with fia^tXuti under- 
stood, which would be in the gen. absolute. After lf|«^vM supp^ 
tut^ivf and translate the whole ** that as the king came up in this way 
«hey might receive him." Zeuner goes so far 4is to say, ** w^iivrn 
tine sensu est." 

19. i ti ^^Atit ..... dlMiX«C«{ir.] The king, in rstuming, did 
not go in a direction towards the Gredcs, but went back the same way 
that he advanced before, namely, without the left wiog of Uie Greek% 
leading back, &c. 

20. Mt*9vftatf.'\ Xenophoa here considers the Gredc army as it 
stood at the commencement of the battle ; otherwise, it having faced 
about, what was the left wing had become the right, 

25. ^<MT«»«f.] See page 28, hne 9, where the motion, made to 
admit the passage of the cnartots through their columns, was the same 
as that made here, for th«? passage of Tissaphernes' cavalry. 

28. mt f*.%7n tx^f ifc«TiXA«yi», literalJy, as he had departed, having 
himself uifirior, 

29. ««A/y ^v •»» Airderr^S^M, dfti not return hack agoin, for he 
feared that it w«uld not be safe, and therefore pushed his way through 
to the camp of the Greeks, where he found the king. 

2- *Ef f {xi»*V understood), Jt the time when, whOe, 

3. 9rm(tiftu'^mfit90f, changing his jmsition .- ^aKmyya is governed 
by »«TirTi»ri», and not by ^tt^a/Au^mfiu^t, as some have thought 

8. U ^Xtioftf, for a long distance, over a long sjiftce. 

10. M^ yk( rit Mtifttif y^k0^0s, for there was an eminence 
beyond the village. 

10. 1^ • oS cMrr^af irrcir, upon which they faced about. 

12. S(Tu] Supply «irf "ExXfifmf, as the accusative before yt^ 
yf^^xuv • r« ^M9Vftif»9, what was dning or being done. 

13. M riXrtif kfurtrmfAivn, with its wings extended, upon a 

16. «v t^Urt trt kf0i$i, ixx* ixXt &XXtiu, not indeed any longer 
in a body, but some one way and some another. 
22. Atm M^mrtt vnih all their might, atfidl speed. 
34. ilNsr«Mi>r«, rested upon their arms, 


854 NOTES. [Book L 

8S 88. wfmXnXmmJMu, had jnaked forward: mmrrnXn^ ifu vw n,m 

trderU take pnmtmn if tome port. F. Ruk XXXII, Ofao. 6. 

83. Ixjlmw] TUs word, in iu ezeepdre otoaa, refers to 0tnm, 
I vM^ Ikeg fimad tJBL tkebr other efecU ptwdered^ boidet tbe 

96 9. l0m9Xiumiiud^0Tm,tk^ had^mbeemdeprieedtf tkar^M- 
men sofwXamu, toAalt»wiudi has the aeue of Imn^ damm,oi 
\ to toy demut is VMd of foldiert bying aside their accoutre- 
r to take tiicir maalii and of travdleri aliglitiiig for lodgment 
or ra6«aiuBcot TIm naao §at aa jwt it mmrdi^wnt, both in aBcieal 



1. if(4t^n Kvff, was collected together by C^/rtts* 37 

2. Afi^f,"} This word is synonymous with «»«C«rir. 

5. rif 1f*^(0^tf.] See F. Rule II, Obs. 10. 

6. "A/Aft.] This adverb, when joined with the dative of time, sig- 
nifies immediately wUh : as H/im rf V'Cf> iaimediately with the day, 
or at day break. 

9* us ri «'^o0-^iv, Jbrward, To supply the ellipsis, iiV rot rmt 
•fTct x^iffrft to the place which is before, 

11. Ttu^faifiect.l Teuthrania was a city of Mysia, in Asia Minor, 
of which Procles was governor. He was a descendant of Damaratus, 
one of the kings of Sparta. 

12. Teifni.'} Tamos was of Memphis, and admiral to Cyrus, after 
whose death he sailed with his fleet to Egypt. 

15. Koi xlyu, and he would say, or and he says s supply *A^mts» 

18. iruv^ttvifiivM, on hearing the ne^os* 

19. 'AXX* Z^tXt fdf Kv(0t t^tif, Truly Cyrus ought to have lioed, 
or Would that Cyrus were still alive ! When the verb j^i/Xm is used 
in this sense, expressing strong desire, the particle tlh is usually Joined 
with it ; though it is sometimes omitted, as in this case. 

5. T« «^;^m, the government, 38 

9. ^tftifAuu, awaUed their return, 

10. Mi^mrts*'] Observe that this participle is in the plural, to 
agree with the individuals implied in the collective noun, er^anvfuu 
F. Rule II, Obs. 1. 

12. «Ss ^9»y*aZ»f M 'ExXuvff i»fiaXXtt9 rwt mvrs/MKtvfrmg, 
wohich the Greeks had compiled the deserters frprn the king to throw 
away, '£» «•«>» x^V^ ^' ^'^^^ understood, governed by U^iXXuv <o 

K& NOTSS. [Book. HL 

39 throw Jrom tHeir Hand*. Sfe\rmm render* UfUxXm^ ** to puB out of 
the ground,** which h evidently mcorrect. 

14. yiff*Hi wicker ImcUera^ -— goTemed by i;^^»r«» abore. 

15. ^tftrAuk] Schneider and Muretus omk this wordb Hutchin* 
■on would connect it with AfuJ^au only, having T«r» vm^my*^* under* 
stood, and implying that the efaariots were dfestitate of the beasts of 
burden, and could not be drawn. But wiAnM, being connected with 
J^lgKit by the eoi^unction, seems also to belong t» pi^im, Tlxc 
sense therefore is, that the hmcUert and the empty eharioU were carried 
mwa^ from the field, for the purpose of fbeL 

21. Wtev4/*^9 vin m^^h »• r. X., tldUed m ewerjf thing thai 

apjierlahu to mUkary tactics and the exercise ef arme, 

25. i«f«r»i#/«jk n kytJn^ to obtain somejhvor, 

28. rSf 9»*tiM-m%^ See F. Rule XVII. 

S2. rm M^, the entrails of the victim sacrificed. The sentence^ 
from l»«A«#i to ^fiUMSt m paremhetiea). 
«{9 4. T*i why, is governed^ by »«r«r understood. 

5. fTfiVflK, hjf means of jyertuamn : ri irrut Tut er^»rt£<rmtj 
what will the soldiers receive, or what profit tifill it be to them 9 

11. II wc^t;^M ufMf, if he should deliver them up to you, 

2CX u »ucMrju» Some editions read Sika^h, instead of St«w«^ 
«••(, in the thirteenth Kne, thereby making onr author one of the par- 
ties in this dialogue. But the weight of authority is in fiivor ol 

25. AkXt Th ] Governed b}* »«>rA or tk imderstoo«L 
27. •£» rwTf.] That is, Iv Tgirf xt'^¥' 

50. Siefum-^ See F. Rule II, Obs. 9. 

51. »«I hftuty as we also are ;. that is, *ExXfiMf fy/trU 

33. eof»fi»»Xutifit0i» em, we ask your advice, the terb b«i^ m tin 
middle voice. 

40 2. M«-w.] This is the future of ^f», from the obsolete idRw. 

2. ;t(«M» «MtX«7«/cn«».] There is ft peculiar force ul this express 
sio» I 'Eflrurw ;&(«»«»> may be trandatedf posteriiyi and JrMtX«>«/MMv 
feeapihtlatrng, scrutinizing. The sense is, Consider what wHl r^ 
ifound mo<< <o your honor with jwsterity, when they shall con oacv 
tkete actions and exphks of ours, 

4* e^tfitvXsmftifstf ..... aifttf, to Mem eonsMng hinh 

Chap. II.] NOTE& 257 

7. rKVT« MyiT*, artfyUy introduced these re m ari tm 40 

9. V9'0^r^iy^a$, haomg adroUljf evaded a direct i 


1 2. ret h(»9 the sacrifices, 41 

15. Kat tUoTttf «^« 0u» lytyvtr*. And /or a very good reason m* 
deed they were not favoraUe. 

16. «rov.] This adjective is el^antly used in this elliptical man- 
ner, having the signification of ;x)«ji6t/ify, with r»t»vTos understood! 
as «v /Atutv o7«9f it is not jtossible to remain^ for tv rfurof olot ftivuf, 
THE CASE is not such as to permit us to remain, 

17. 9r»^i, to; on page 40, line 10, it means contrary to, 

19. a^-ittretf hi'TvuVf that we all retiring sfiould sup, &c The 
accusative is not unfrequently used in this manner, before the infinitir^ 
for the imperative. 

20. rnf^w^.] See F. Rule III, Obs. 1. 

20. its aiaxatiiricu, as if it were the signal Jbr retirisig to 

21. «F«riVi«^i M rk iir»ivyimt put the baggage upon tkt 
sumpler horses, 

22. rtf r^/r^.] That ia, W) ^ rtf r^irf ^ftitf, at the third 

23. *(if rev ^trafiwj next to the river, 

23. ra ^ l^rXs.] *OjrX« is here put fbr iwXirat, the heavy-armed 

25. x«} r« XtTof,} Supply the ellipsis mJ uV ri X«i«-«» t§5 x^ 
Mv, and for tlie future, 

25. I ^»».] Referring to ILyia^t, 

26. MA ^tr.] Supply ^^wM, 

28. I| '£^ir«v.] Supply ir«Xf*f. 

88. iiXxii rtit fU^nf, as Jar as the battle-ground, which vas 0»> 
naxa So^b*** rnt fMix^it* from the battle ground, 

2^. 4r«(«r«77«i.] Hence it appears that 535 parasanga equal 
16,050 stadia, or 1 parasang equals SO stadia. '* If the whole nmnbtf 
of marches in the history of the Expedition and Retreat, together with 
22 • 

us MOTB8. [Book n. 

41 Hm — mbcr 9i funmwgh ■« wnmei vp hj XeoopkoB, in Books I^ 
V, Hid VII, be MCerf, tinl u, 93 nsfrbes «qual to 535 pansangi^ 
from Sardis to Hm ield of battle at CuBaxa» aad 122 narrbes, givii!^ 
620 parmaangs from Aence to Cotyora, tbere will be an i^gregate of 
215 marches aod 1155 paraiaaga. And accordingly, by this state, 
nent, the mean march of the Greeks, taken ttuY>Bgboiit the vheW 
Bzpediiion and Ketreat, is equal to 5.36 parasangs, or reckoned in 
British miles^ as nearly 15 as possibW BenneU. See also note on 
page 4, line 20. 

48 1 1* ^pM'*'*] l^is n ^ tbird person y^w. first aor. of Sftva^. 

14. r^M^vrcf.} Among all tl e nations of antiquity it was the 
costoia to sanction and stvengtben erety important proceeding, par- 
ticularly leagues and treaties, by sacrifices. The Scythians used to 
dip the points of their spears into the blood of the immolated victim, 
ss a confirmation of their oaths of fidelity. See Antiq. I^rt 5, 
Chap, 5. 

15. tit if^Shi, hUo a skiM. The shields or bucklers of the 
Gredcs had a prominence in the middle of that ude which was pre- 
sented to the enemy, called i^«X«;, a boiSf for the purpose of glanc. 
log off missive weapons t consequently there was a corresponding con- 
cavity on the inner side. 

20. *Hy.] This is governed by attrm understood; nmf «» SUt^ 
tke way by whkh. 

21. Jir4X0tfU^m.'\ See AwixXvftt. 

26. n«^arrS««.] This neiiter adjective has the force of obi^aium, 
being similar to the Latin gerund. See F. Rule XXXIV. 

SO. •^sSti.] This advert) may qualify some verb or verbal under- 
stood, as •»» In ptCnrin, /*4t &c. <* we need no longer fear that the 
king will be able.** 

43 3. *H» H >vMi^i»s, thu plan of the general was calcuUUed 

for nothing else," &a 

5. h )i&f tx«9ru rh KXut, They were therefore marching to 
fbe north. 

17. A«rii^«sM'«f, tDom dawn wUhJhtigue, 

21. s«rir«iffwriv, /ftry pUcked their UnU: from Mmrk and rs*. 
mL^ which is from w»mt^, 

21. vvi T0y rr(«Tfv^«T«f.] Schneider, Wdsk^ and Dindori; 

Rftd M TW fi»€*X»M4S ^T^mrtVfUlTtm 

Chap. III.] NOTES. 259 

24. «f lTvy;^«Mf 2»«rr«, u^tere they happened to be, that it, with. 43 
out «ny regularity or method. 

26. rS* «r«Xi/*Mv«.] This genithre is not governed by lyyvrarm, 
but by M, used partitively : tlioisjaf the enemy who were nearest. 

4. Sf if TM» «^itFT« finfv/ft whoever sfiaU discover the one thai 44 

has let /oose, &c. Bornemann tliinks that Clearchus here had in bis 
mind the fable of ^sop, wnich relates the exploits of the ass in a iion*s 
skin. Whether this be the allusion or not, the satire upon the tumult 
of the soldiers is admirable, and must have been iar more eflEective in 
quieting them than any commands. For if the noise proceeded from 
fear, the soldiers saw at once the perfect absence of fear in their j^cne- 
rals, and were calmed i but if from revdry, the comparison shamed 
them into silence. 


] 9. liUxset, tent Jbr, and not UiXicwt, orderedf at some cdttioat 
have it. 

27. •tm i T»\ftn0m9 Xiyttf, neither is there any one so bold M 

to speak, — a truly Spartan reply. 

5. fiyi^Mi, guides, persons to conduct the army. ' 43 
4. AtfrMf*] That is, avTOif ftit&if, 

6. ItlSrt urn} JlirMvrif, mlh those going and returning, that is, with 
those who were tlie bearers of despatches between Artaxerxes and the 

12. ftii ^wtflt^f ii^», lesi ii should not seem advisable to us, 

19. 4Sflr<r^«fvX««w, took charge of the rear, 

20. mvXiirtf canals, aqueducts, from miiM Tliere were many of 
these canals between the Euphrates arid Tigris, constructed for the 
purpose of watering the intervening countr>'. '* In their way to the 
provision villages, on the short march of the second day, they crossed 
canals over which it was necessary to make temporory bridges. 
"Whether these were canals drawn from the larger ones, for the pur- 
pose of irrigation, such as Xenophon saw near Silace, or whether they 
were the same which they had crossed in their way downwards, and 
Bust hare re-crosscd in their inarch northward » or, lastly, whether 

260 NOTES. [BookIL 

45 they were not drawn immediately from a branch of the Tigris, for the 
purpose of irrigation, cannot be known.** Rennell. 

23. h KmrmftmStiVf literally, it was to see, that is, one 

could see. it iwt^rmrut /tov he .dischaKged the duties of a com- 

25. rir«7/«iMrv.] That is, those appointed to superintend the 
passages of the ditches and canals, and remove all obstructions. 

26. Tw Iwtrxiuw.'l The primary significations of this word are, 
fit, statable, deserving. Here it has the last meaning, in reference 
to the verb which follows, l-raitrt^ * Wtrniunf deserving jntnishmerU. 
The meaning is, and if any of those to^ifhom this work vxts intrust' 
edf ajijKared to be /axy, (Xearchus selected hitn, who was worthy of 
vunis/tmetttf and chastised him. 

28. ir^if «vT«ir.] The preposition «-^«r seems sometimes to be 
used with the accusative, denoting the instrument. Here 'r^is av-riv 
answers to iw* alrtZ, by him. Some think the text should be t^ 
TWTty to this too7'k. Bornemann reads v-^cf ali-rw, 

82. •*(».} From this it appears that the summer, the season for 
watering the country, had passed. 

46 5, l^nrivf jrrejMred by boiling, 

6. •?«;.] An elliptical phrase for rtiaureu f^h •!»(, 

7. ATixufTt, are reserved for, 

9. vXi»r^«v.] The color of amber is very near that of gold. 

10. T^ttynfittrm.'] Si\\ip\y t^t' ^-a^ ^irtv, inter bibeadum. 

11. xi^aXakyift causing the headache, heady; from »t^aiXtitthe 
headf and &Xy»s» pain : fitv, supply ri r^eiyitfAei, used as a dessert. 

11. lytiipaXtVy the pUh of the top of the palm tree. 

1 5. 0X«f l^if vdc/vf r«, was wholly withered up : from i^nuttivm, 

22. x&fjt'nx'tfKy and insujierable, inexjUicable, for »at afAn^einu 

23. iS^rifia W9tn<r»fAn^,'\ The word tS^n/ua (from iv^/rxrwy to 
find,) means any tlUng found, a discovery ; hence, an unexpected 
gain, a profit, or advantage / td^fi/jut Wtm^afivff I considered it <is a 
happy circumstance, 

27. Srt, that ; irt, because, 

47 11. ^» J<i»y. in difficulty, 

12. frxvf^nfitif, we should deem it shameful, or i 
ii as offering an indignity both to the gods ami to m 

Chaf. IV.] NOTES. S61 

IS. wti^x*^'^^ ^M"** 'vrfttr tZ irotitPt hanng sug'ifr§d oundvei f» 47 
he ben^Ued by Mm, or, to hate recatedfavottfrom him. 

24. ^iwTAfD.] Attic for ^i»<r«r«i»> 

27. #«^(«y> to conduct them tafdy, 

30. st/«4».] These particles contain k strong affirmation, and 
generally precede an oatk *H/»5fy understood, is the accusatiY* 
before wm^il^tn* 


23. vri^ vrntrit it ^•M^mtr^, ufotM esteem it cf the^greale$i com* 48 

26. Itms 0v» IWiinrsi ifup, but that he will attack us. 

2. MmraytXti^MfTtf, having held him in derisiun. It is said ^ 49 
those who, having ofiered violence to others, depart with impunity. 

7. •v^ tfVtfSiv.] That is, «v^* ^v^tU wa^i\u «r«dt». 

8. ^^irr«^u, will withdraw ; from «^irri»««, same is AfUrnfU. 
10. divrif.] That is, ovrif ^/Xm. 

19. Si«vf Iff-M^jeSrai, to offenf. the gods by jyerfury, 
22. ^yt IC] These words relate to Orontas. 
S2. I« T«i/ «vr«t7.] That is, i« tav avt^v riirov. 

3. ir(«r Ttf M«3/«f ruxct.'] ** At the end of the third marcb 50 

Irom the villages, the Greeks came to the Wall of Media, built of burnt 
bricks, laid in bitumen, and said to be twenty feet thi<.'k, and ICO feet 

in height This wall appears to have stretched across ihe narrow 
isthmus, between the Tigris and Euphrates, terminating on the former 
a little above the site of Bagdad, and in the latter not far from the 
outlet of the Nahr-Afalka canal. Its length was about 24 'Briti»A 
miles, and its use was, to protect the lower and more fruitful parts of 
Mesopotamia, from the inroads of the Medes or the Assyrians of 
Niisevah.** Rennel). 

5. v-X/t^Mf UrrmTtt.of burnt bricks. 

13. isri T»f fAtXifxf.} Supply ««r«Ti^Mrm. 'Ew^ Jbr^ Jbrtk^ 
benefit of, as the panic requires much moisture. 

15. 2jr«»«.] The modern city upon this place is Bagdad. 

23. i$mi r«5r«.] When nmi vmirm are used in this BMaaer thcj 


50 i"*y ^ rendered, aUhougki especially, pariieularfy. Here, alihaugk is 
the best translation. There is of course some word to be supi^ed, 
as iwM^St, and urn did t/tese things coming from Arueus. There is 
a similar phraseology in our biiguage» — and that too, " He did not 
inquire for Menon, and that too, coming as he did from Ariaeus.** 

51 1* Nic9«r««f.j Some suppose that this is Xenophon, wlio mod- 
estly calls himself a youth. 

15. ^nXnrtsJ] Before Bomemann's edition of Schneider ap- 
peared, the texts commonly had htXJitnt, though the commentators 
observed that «• should be inserted before it Weiske even inserted w 
without the authority of any manuscript ; for otherwise there would 
be no sense in the passage. The part of the country near Babylon, 
between the Euphrates and Tigris was called i ni^ty the island, as 
rivers and the canals surrounded it on all sides. The Greeks were 
on this v«r«f , and the Persians feared test (according to Weiske) they 
would not pass the bridge, but keep on the island which was so well 
defended. But Bomemann happily conjectured that it should be 
)iiX«tTif instead of htkiitrtf, and thereby was under no necessi^ of 
inserting •«. Besides the sense is even better. '* The Persians fearing 
lest the Greeks, tearing down the bridge, would remain on the island,'* 

19. iwtrv^*^, a refuge, a place of retreat. 

27. )i«/3«iM»r«fv.] Genitive absolute, murSf being understood, F. 
R. XXXIII, Obs. 4. 
SQ 5. Ut )m.] According to Vigerus, two by two, or two deep, 

€. MXktrt »«) &kk§Ti i^ierei/Atwt, now and tfien ordering them to 

7. ri nywftuttv, the first jMrt, the van ; fti**s is to be supplied. 

20. r;^i)i«jf is^it^itatf.l To this day the Tigris is crossed in the 
tame manner. 

22. ZafittTtf''] This river is now called the Greater Zab. 

25. fvyytti^S-M T<rrc^i^iru.] The history of the conference 
between the Grecian generals and Tissaphemes,'' which led to the 
massacre of the former, by Clearchus* falling into the snare so art- 
fully laid for him, is related very circumstaniially and clearly by Xeno. 
pbon. By that it appears that the credulity of Clearchus was beyond 
all example ; and is the more remarkable, in that he was himself so 
deeply impressed with the idea of mutual jealousies and suspicions, that 

Chat, v.] NOTES. S63 

he sought an explanation. But Clearchus had, in his turn, been guilty ec^ 
of treachery and murder, at Byzantium, much in the same way t and, 
like other murderers, was perhaps bereft of his judgment and pret- 
ence of mind, and thus drew down a just punishment upon himself. 


8. Mfh heret qf bre: iti» K^n* I have known^ which refers to past 53 
time. Observe that M^r»»ft persons, and not ivifag is used. 

10. ^A^tuj to anticipate, to be beforehand with aruf one. F. Rule 
XXXII, Obs. 2. 

17. r«» ^iMv •'•Xt/tMv, the divine wrath. This sentence contains 

a sublime description of the omniscience and omnipotence of the 

22. 4'c^* «7« nfUit rnv pximf fwiifufts »mrt$ifA^a, with whom we, 
having formed an alliance, have entrusted our frietvdship, 

SI. l^ih^nJ] The allusion here to the public games is very beau- 
tiful. It was customary for those who entered the lists, as wrestler^ 
in the Olympic games, to draw lots for their antagonists. A num- 
ber of pellets were put into an urn, upon every t^ro of which was in- 
scribed the same letter, and those who drew the same letter wrestled 
together. But if the number of wrestlers was odd, he who drew the 
odd pellet wrestled last of all with him who had the mastery, and was 
therefore called l^i)^«« (from W) and ?^«), as coming ajier the rest 
So Artaxerxes is here called rU fi'tyt^rw t^%ii»t, tlie most jtowerful 
ehamjmm ; and Clearchus says, '* If we overcome all our other ene- 
mies, we have still to contend with tlie ftiyt^rtt l^f)^«y.** 

7. *AXA« ^iin] The force of these particles is, '* but besides what I 54 
have already advanced, I have yet more to remark ; ** or, as we should 
say, but this is not all, fir. Sec 

16. r^.] Attic for rm. 

21. r«.] The article joined to the infinitive, which, together, tvt 
used as a noun. See Mattbiae, Art. 539. F. Rule XXX. 

22. }ufif Xiyuf, powerful in speaHng, doquent, 
80. kfTmHSv^n, hear me in reply* 

5« Tm/ui»$^as, to select at our pleasure* Q^ 

16. Apdytuf lx«ft(nn, of those pressed by wanL 


Bo 19. I|#9.] Tba Attics freqaently uie the neuter pertkriplefl 1(m^ 
Im», wmfivt abtolutcly, for the tmpertoiul verb. Thua i|«v^ wken k is 
Ittvfuit or, at it means in this places when itUin our pomer. F. Rule 
XXXIII, Oba. S. 

95. M «f »if«Xj;.] The aenae ia, that, aUhougk, acemrdmg U 
the cuattmu ^ Peraa, the king alone bepermilted to wear an upright 
turban ujton his head, another nu^ easUy preserve an upright heart 
towards yoH who so much favor Aim. 

29. f»««vf.] Thia particle means both therrfort mt, and there- 
fare, and reravea the accent on the syllable in which the 
principal meaning ia contained: when it aigulfiea therrfore net, 
■ si ia accented, as tSustn • when therefore, the latter syllable svp, aa 
•ram. It ia also used interrogatively in the aense of therefore not, 
U •itum M^ I4M rk Ux**» r«3i7f i do not those therefbre deserve 
to tVjfer the severest punishment 9 

29, ^u9orm iwm^x**^*"'! ^ parenthetical claiiae in the 

genitive absolute, since there are so manjf inducements Jar us to cul- 
tivate friendshii), 
55 6. ffX4««f MfMtH ^mmhTtSm rf Tirrsf I^vm.] Weidce augpeata 
a difficulty in this sentence, arising from the participle MV>»«r* *• if 
Clearchus did not know his own mind. Bomemann would lead Tir- 
r«f t^mt aifrSf, thuiking that Tisiaphemes teas Jriendfy di^nsed to- 
wards him. But if hmMUw^M be used in a passive sense, the difficulty 
would be removed i literally, thinkitig that U was well dis/tased by 
Titsajthemes, that is, that Tissajihemes jmssessed a friendly feeling 
towards the Greeks. 
57 IS. *£wi< T trmemf tSt iwnmsmr. When th^ had pheed th em s e hm s 
in a place where they could be heard, 

86. f •/Mio, that you would consider / Attic for ufuetn. 

S8. if] Some commenUtors think that tliia should be A. the 
adverb, thus. But may it not connect mirxv^i^ti with «w«X«»Xi««vi • 
do you not stand in fear tf both gods and men, that.vsw Aniw pus to 
death, that is, becaosb you have jmt to death, &c Larcber and 
Schneider reject it altogether. Dindcrf remarks that ** all the com- 
menUtors do not perceive that Cleanor is intent only upon heaping 
up proofs of the treachery of Ariaeua and TusapbcnMi, n^lecting tke 
eleganciea of composidon, and s^le.'* 

Cbap. VI.] NOTBS. S65 


8. Ot ftit,"] "The treacherous massacre of the Greek generals 58 
and other officers, together with the sudden hostility at the Zabattis, 
might have effected the entire destruction of their army, had they not 
been accustomed to encamp apart from the Persians, at the distance 
of a parasang i which cautious measure appears to have been adopted 
from the beginning. This gave the Greeks time to stand to their 
arais, before the Persians could attack tliem } and as villany seldom 
sees its way clear enough to accomplish its utmost designs, the Per- 
sians do not seem to have taken such advantages, as the occasion of- 
fered. Had they kept the main body of their cavalry ready to atUck 
the Grecian camp, at the instant of the massacre, instead of sending 
a detachment only, to scour the plain and cut off stragglers, irrepanu 
ble mischief might have been done.*' RennelL 

1 3. ^a^ifctftf, he remained Jirwly at home. 

15. is i2v>«r«.] Weiske would render ihxz, exerting hit greateu 
influence. But such a translation would require /it Huvmrt ^«- 
;L<#r«. Xenophon seems to touch but lightly this unjust act of Cle- 
archus. 'Il< HuMtr* may be translated as he was able, that is, bjf 
what means he could. 

16. *£^«(«>».] See Antiq. Part 4. Chap. 5. 
19. 'Ir^/<«i/.] That is, the Isthmus of Corinth. 

22. i'Tim.'] Xenophon does not mean to say that Clearchus per- 
suaded Cyrus to undertake a war against his brother i but the word 
ttrurt refers to what follows, m^trtlt «vt^ Ku^0t fiu^Uuf 3«^ii««vi. 

26. f^c^i at«i Hytfi he plundered and laid waste, 

4. i^;».] Sec F. Rule XXXIII, Obs. S: wtXtfO^, see F. Rule 
XXXII. Obs. 5. 

5. fuiwtt rtufra ff'tffu'V, to diminis/t these very riches. 
10. Mfx**^f* skilled as a gjtneraL 
10. its )w«T«y i^x^^t "'y^** ^ 01^ could be, from such a d£^ 

positum as he (Clearchus) jiossessed. 

12. ?|fi.] Some editions read I^m^ in the optative, which, at OOD- 
nected with •wwr, would seem to be better. 

17. Us,ai dmes. For as he'Mmetimes punished in angtr, be 



266 NOTES. [Book XL 

vooU, of Conner it time% ezperienoe regret, when bit puaon hMc 

17. yf^ft^ with ddSberaikm, 

9S. Av'f^fm^i^rtH, promptfy, wUhout hentaiiom, 

54. wi ^Tttytitf tienmeui fmJ^if, mSdHett, 
26. iffmfU909, Jirmtten, 

55. wr« TtS ht^ms, compelled by necettUy, 

60 S. xt^*f^*^9 *• ^* ^J "^'^ *^ " Whoever could desert him to 
peice^ always did so. But if, from any ctrcumstaDces, they were 
compelled to follow hts standard, there were many things which tended 
to make them good scddiers while they were with him.** 

11. Hmm.] Prozenus paid tuition -money to the philosopher Gor« 
gias, as his instructer, who is said to have received a hundred mnuB 
(about sixteen hundred dollars) from each pupil. 

16. rfi^ MnX§9 aS umi rwr* (T;^!*, on the other hand he made 
thii di^xmtion atriki^^y evident, namely, that, &c. 

28. i&^cr«;(;i4^irry, one that can be eanly imposed upon, 

Q\ 9. fUfH ftr0 f4)iNu fffrtw U, he tupj)o$ed himtdf the onlypenon, 
who knew U to be an easy thin^. 

S8. J^9$i0tt a youth without- a heard, 

02 !• «iS4#/i2r IvMVTM, having ntffered torture fir a vAde year, 
Weiske is of the opinion that Menon might have died from a severe 
disease, or that the protracted punishment here spoken of, might have 
been neglect and contempt from the king. But the word etlturiut, 
according to authorities produced by Schneider, was generally, if not 
always, applied to the death of malefactors who were deprived of tbeir 
bands and feet, or who suffered death by torture of any kind. 



17. iAufMtt 7;c«yTtf.] Instead of SH^v/Mt Urtt. Adverbs are 63 
often put with the verb t^tn in the same sense as the adjectives cor- 
responding to those adverbs, with the verb tSttu, as *mxSii t^^u, for 
«cX«y Wrt. Matthise, Art. 612. 

18. iXtyM h 4-1/^ avi»auraf, few lighted up any firt m the hopt 
of getting victuals to cook. 

18. M r» 7wXet, to their quarters, where their arms were. 

4. H<y«^*ly.] The modesty of Xenophon, in speaking of himself, ^ 
isliere parUcularly observable. 

6. ^iNf £v k^x'^'f* having been Jbrmerly a guest, 

8. h avrit i^n s^i/rrw laur^ wfiH^Uf r^s -raT^tiest who, in his 
ojnnion, he saidy would be of greater service to him, than his country, 
*0y refers to Cyrus, and XaurSf to Proxenus. 

9. ktaiMifouTtu, communicates tnth, constdts with. 

22. 4r/«y.] A neuter adjective, from iT^/, to go, and implies ne- 
cessity, like the Latin gerund. F. Rule XXXIV. 

23. jf^tftf.] Imperfect of 7(«^«M. 

29. 91 rr^uTtiu, the exjiedition ; Aii^ff from X^ym, 

2. ^•C«v/<iirM 5i v^t thii, terrified at the length of the way. 65 

9. trn fnip, in some resjtects ; rn ^i, in other respects, 

19. iv/, in the pouter of. 

21. i^^t(^»f».%wvs airtittutf, to die in a most ignominious nuuk* 

S3, whit •viif.l A double negation, to give additional strength 
to the remark. 

1. tS v^rofuia, if we become remiss, 66 

S6S NOTES. [BooKin. 

66 7.''A{ 0i»i»MwmwlJj0is wia ke not rtmrt to every apedkmif 
12. n^i M^rti^^, to deplore omr conditUnu 

I S. MMwv is goremed by X'^t^* 

15. r« TM9 9T^riiTm»t the draanstances of the weidienm 

17. Zvtm Ik ^n^ofttlm, wilk wkich we might make purckaseu ^Oram 

It the geniiiTe of pric^ and 7;^«»«vf govenw r2 understood, the ante- 
ctdentof 7r««. 

S4. JtytMiirmsJ] The judges who awarded the prizes to the ooo- 
querors at the publk games, were called AyarMHrmt. 

25. Ovr«f, theMe men, that is, the Persians; «*t«W refers to the 

SI. M }2 £f)ftr.] There appears to be a peculiar, though latent 
beauty in UM>se words, which seem to refer to the phrsse rv» tms 
Sultf, in the line above. The idea is, JTe, having the Javor tf the 
gods, are more Ukefy to have our Uves pretervedt whereas mere men 
fj }f Iii^if, men of themselves, without duine protection, J are more 
exposed to wounds and death, 

S3. 'Axx* Ua0t y«f.] In this sentence ym^ connects something 
understood i •— But n is kot hscxssakt fok m to sat aht thimo 
XOKC, fir probably, &c. 

67 11* fi4utrm^m9, sjiealdng coarsely Hke a JSoBotian, 
12. II ^v*«<T«.] That is, u )v*jtira trtHttf. 

14. fttrm^l u9'»Xafiii9, (xlytwrm undeniottd,) whUe he was speakingm 
M»r«|v is joined with participles in any case, having the signification 
of inter and the gerunds in dum. See F. Rule XXXII, Obs. 7. 

1 6. *£y ^avTif T«»TMt, in the same place with these, that is, 

jn company with Ihem .* rmlrf for r^ avrSf^ 

17. fiiym ^(tfiirat M rtvrf, vaunting greatfy at this drcusn^ 

28. tit TaM nfuf auTMi, in the same rank with ourselves, 

29. At TtUr^ ;^^r^«M to treat him as such, that iS| as one asAy 
fit for carr}'ing the baggage. 

^ 2. Zrm rtr^v«'ff^iy«v.] See P. Rule XLII. Apollonides was a 
Lydian by birth, and had been a serrant in Bceotia, where he had 
learned their dialect. Proxenus brought him into Ana, and gave him 
his liberty. 

5. v^ter^artiyit.l This word seems to be synonymooa with r»- 

Chap. II] NOTES. 269 

6. M r« «'(««'^iv.] That is, ut ri ^^ifht X^V^* hefire the campy QQ 
where the soldiers were quartered. 

22. fiiyirrtf 7;^iri tttu^it, you have before you tfte most mpoirtant 

S\, T«ti vXn^ovs, than the multitude, 

32. x^oC*»\%v%nt to be tujierior in courueL 

5. is rvftXivTt tUut^ to speak briefly : supply Xiyf, 69 

6. 'Eflrii^av.] The order is, 'K«'ti)«» Ik xa^awrnwn^it rntt 
•ff;^«»rcr, pvavs )ir, «7/m«/, uftMt wmvu if it tuu^Sf vm^miy j|v, 
». T. A.. 

12. «r ^1^ r«tfT« /tMMy iir?«iv»rM, SO ^/ they would not dwell tqnm 
this alone. 

17. iwtrttraXv.] For W} ri vXv. 

18. M UafrUi ov lix^'rait those (^tposing them cannot sustain that 
attack, r»VT»vf governed by lix^vrtn. 

27. ^•m.faK»Xuv,^ That is, Ttt^xxakiTt ayahug ifi^at tSnu* 

3. €vy»atX.*ZfAi9j\ Porson considers this the future Attic. 70 

5. «if^«$.] See Antiq. Part 8. Chap. 6. 


19. i» rSv vat^iTtvttf ix4t7tt to emerge out tf our 


21. aXXA, certainly J at least. See Vig. Chap. 8. Sec. 1. 
29. ix) TiVToif, in addition to these thingSy moreover, 

2. Ai« Hin«v.] The Grecian deities had each his peculiar title 7| 
and province. Jupiter was considered as the guardian of the rites of 
hospitality and the protector of strangers. Hence he was addressed 
under Uie appellation of Siftof. See Aotiq. Part 5. Chap. 5. 

22. reut rr^mrfiywt.'] The accusative for the nominatire^ for 
ofSvrat »!» 0i 0'T(mTtiy») xtxifiaiftv, 

27. ^rapfurai r/f. ] The Greeks were peculiarly a superstiUong 
people and observant of every outward sign. Sneezing in a par- 
ticular manner was enough to dissuade one from any business, or 
encourage him to undertake it. See Antiq. Part 5. Chap. 13. 

28. fuf «^n, nmuUaneoudy, ^ 

870 NOTES. [BookUL 

71 90- 4m^.] Tbif word it ▼cry gcnenl u ftt appBcatioa, being 
oaed in reference to all kinds of omens. 

31. 9wnn rtH^fmJ] Biftmrm is nnderrtood ; — > to afir mcrjfica 
fir wfity reenoed / literally, to offer mfety-Mcriflctt, 

72 !• JtvmruwtLrtt rnv x**^-^ ^^ ^"^^^ ^ custom of the Greeks, in 
aD their public assemblies, to siisnify their wishes by holding up their 
hands. See Antiq. Part S. Chap, la 

15 m^X«lM#r«Xy.] Supiilyr^. The battle of Marathon is 
here alluded to» in which, according to Nepos, the Persians had a 
bundled thousand foot and ten thousand horse. Xenophoh could not 
have made a hi^ipier aUusion, to iajpure the Greeks with confidence 
and courage. 

19. •»» alx** imttrdt,} Herodotus says that six thousand four 
bttudred Pashms were kUled in the battle. 

SS. Twrm^l That is, of the men with whom you have now to 

73 8. t4 Ks^M, tkt Ptrmant on the ride of CyruM, 

81 . !«■} wit ynt 0iCas«rtf, treading Jirmiy on ike ground. 

83. *E»} fitifft m one rt^tect wrdy. 

30. wi^ r«r UvT«rv ^vx^ *»^ ^» ^^futrm, at the perU tf lye emd 
limb I meaning, proUbly, that they would be put to death by mutila. 
tion and torture, to which severe death all traitors were sulject. 

83. ftnilk Twnirt tx»*^»t» not any longer having tfiis; that is, 

33. »ltT9»t, that we ourtelvet. 

74 3. »«} /tty^Xmt liyi€0t l^mm'tkniin*** ^tmCmvru, and you think 
that you have been greatly deceived in crossing the river. That 
it, — " that the Persians, in inducing you to cross, have greatly de- 
ceived you.** 

^ .S. wrmfu^ in-»^.] xfif^ understood. The same ellipsis b 
ibund in Latin } tritte lujms ttabuUs, 

7, £< ^ /unS* M w0T*fi0i luUovetf,'] Some of the Latin commen- 
tators have rendered this passage, — but if the rivers would not permit 
MS to past. But the verb )<«f i^ « means to differ, a&d from the pre- 
ceding sentences it would seem to mean so here. Xenophon therefora 
aaya, " For although all rivers, at a great distance from their sources^ 
may be impassable, yet, if we follow them up we shall be able to cross 
without going up to our knees. But cpoa |f there were no djfferesiC9 

Char IIL] NOTES. J71 

between the width of rivers at their sources and their otKlets, and 74 
therefore we be unable to pass, sttU there would be no cause for dejec- 
tion, for we can settle here.'* He then states the inducements or 
■ettlin;j in the king*s territories. The reader will perceive the con- 
smmnate art with which this speech is wrou^rht up. 

16. muTw ir»», BomewkeremthUrefdon* 

18. r«» Uwi^^i^y, <f tending^ that is, ' that be would wiU- 

iflgly give many hostages as a security that he would, without fraud, 
conduct them out of the country.' 

21. 'Axx«.] The force of this is— -6tt^ x xx> vot think n Ki- 
rsDiENT TO DO so, ffrfcor^ &c. 

24. ^.] It will be observed that this negative particle ii hen 

24. A«rT«^yM.] Homer (Odyss. /, 83.) says^ that those who ett 
of the ItihUt never think of returning home. The fruit is saiJ to be 
very delicious. 

28. !(«».] See note, page 55^ line 19. 

1. fim riifunrrf , mny not affect our fiMrcA. 75 

3. Avrfu yk^ «?, fir tfteae equally, 

5. rk wf^irrM, tlie thittf*$ which are not necessary. 

8. K^aroofiiwan JVi m'titrm cAA*r^«c, for you know indeed 

*hat every t/iing belonging to the conquered pastes inlo the hands 
of others. 

24. 'Axx«.] See note, page 74, line 21. 

27. rmvTif.} «)f understood. 

27. Ihuirns, a *jmvate soldier, 

8. wkmifi»9.1 This was an oblong figure^ approaching a aquarep f^tt 
See note on page 26, line 28. 

15. A«»i)«ifc«vi«f.] CUrisophus takes tite highest post of honor, 
as the Lacedemonians, at that time^ were possessed of the sorereignlj 
of Greece. 


9a Mrf^wr«f • sent as a spy. Some copicf md {raw«v> «•• jj 


77 81. ^Unmg tnuM.] TiMt M, he wai with Hithridates, in order 
to lenre the cuue of Tissaphcrnet* and report to him whatever migfat 
be said. 

28. wix$ft09 i«a^T«p, war ynpreceded fy a dedaratian, or ''in 
which DO intercourae of crtera or heralds is permitted between Ihe par* 
ties.** It was always customary, before going to war, to announce 
hostile intentions by means of heralds, mn^imts. The Greeks seem 
therefore determined to despense with this ceremony, having 
•ucii a per6dious enemy to deal with, with wliom no treaties couid 
be made. 

27. iimfimmt .«-•» ZmfimTn,] Msjor Renndl remarks, that *Mt 
appears extraordinary that Xcnophon should be silent respecting the 
mode of passing the Ztdtatus. It was performed under the eye of the 
enemy, who did not attempt to molest the Greeks, although in full 
day-Ught: for no kind of obstruction or difficulty is mentioned.** 

78 8. »mTt»i»Xufr», had retired under cover of the heavy-armed 

13. U «'«XX«».] That is, !» ^•XXw "hm^rnftMrf 

25. ual mM ri t^w MvrtSit fui^u^titi, and that the action iiadf 
wat wdneu for them. 
7Q 5. I« r«(«v fyftmTHt btf bouhthot. 

5. 'H^ir.] Some editions read i^f, to be governed by )i7. But 
the reading of our text presents no difficulties i construe, %l ^» •»• 
hfttut ^iXXf^v. 

11. ^u^^^XtiiUt TMt XiSit, stonet at large ai the Jist. 

15. v-tvcrrMj.] From wdtt or wm»fttu, to postest, 

14. r«vr«rv.] That is, ^^tvhwv, Jor these dmgis ittrt being 

14. rif fiXt mlnrin, to one part of them. 

16. r^tfhmp ^PTtrmy/iivf ifiiXtfrs, to him toAo it VfHUng to be emm 
rotted as a dinger. 

23. '£2«^i Tmvrm.] ** The first deficiency felt was that of cavalry 
and slingers, to repel those of the enemy, who taught them this 
want, during the first very short march, which indeed presented a very 
unpromising aspect. But the Greeks surmounted every difficulty i 
they halted during the whole of the succeeding day, and employed it 
in equipping and mounting fifty horsemen, on the best of the horses 

Cha». IV.] NOTES 273 

that were found among the baggage, and alio in forming a 79 
body of two hundred slingers, out of the Rbodians, and othera ill 
the army.** 


4v Aimat^ninJ] An example of a-definite tense, indicating the 80 
preoise point of time, ai the very momerU they had crotted over, 

15. xaruXfipu.'] Supply *£xXfiy«f. 

16. Un//tm-] That is, i r^X^rtyxrkf Mi/^nn, F. Rule 11^ 
Obs. 1. 

17. $!yu] Referring to the Persians. 

22. j««V«vr«.] It will be perceived that the Greeks mangled the 
bodies of the dead only. 

2. ifXMr li n^Kvf «^»«^«f A^v«ri.] Although diis reading 8], 
is fsund in many of the manuscripts, it is hardly possible to transbte 
it and make sense. Stephanus, Hutchinson, W«iske and Dindorf 
read tlXiw 21 npixn w^»«X^«rc, «^«m«-i. a chud having jtaued be* 
fore the tun^ obscured it, which i' intelligible. But then another dif. 
ficulty presents itself. Did Xenophon relate this as a matter of fact, 
or as a fabulous tradition of the inhabitants of the dty ? Undoubted- 
ly the latter t for long before this time the Greeks knew enough of 
astronomy to know the cause of an eclipse, that it was produced \sf 
the intervention of the moon between the sun and the earth. Again t 
why should the inhabitants have been struck with such consternation, 
as to lose all their energy and sufler their dty to be taken, at the 
mere passing of a cloud over the disk of the sun, since this is almost 
an eveiy-day occurrence ? From considerations like these it haa been 
conjectured that the truer reading of this passage is, «fAi«» TH HXim 

4. Ux«.] Second aor., in a passive sense, of &\itum The 
regular second aor. is « A«y, but the Attic MXan is more generally 

9. Tu:^»ff a castle or fortification, 

1 1. Xiitf .... ««y;^aa.«crMrj marbU figured by petroled sheUs, 

IS. luA^r^T§¥f*] There seem to be many fabuk>us traditiont 
connected with the cities in this region. At one place an eclipse of 

974 NOTES. [Book IIL 

81 the sun, at another, thunder and lightning, drive the tuperstitious in- 
babiunta from their homea. 

23. «vf .] To supply the ellipsis, and presenre the Englidi order, 
f;^«ff rtVTotft iwMf, t)^aff »St cf mvrif ^kitv, 

32. #^ ym^t M. r. X.] That is, the enemy were so thick, that 
ereiy arrow took e&ct. 

82 12. fiun txtfTtf, hiitnng been worsted, 

17. wXmirtn iV««'Xfli^«f, a^tquctre. From this it appears that the 
wXaUm was a generic term. When used without any qualifying 
adjective it would seem to mean an oblong, or rectangle. 

28. iUwi^tm. ] That is, ri wXmUi$9 tut^'thrw, the square was 
exposed to attack. 

29. Afk Immrif,^ *Afk signifies equal division or distribution: 
Jktk l««T«v, into a hundred men each, 

S3, itrt ftn if»x^*** ^**i xi^«r<, SO that no confusion might take 
place in the wings, or so as not to be in the way of the Jlanks. 

33. Ttrt )) ^mfiyif tl^mtn rait »t^JiT§n, then again they marched^ 
but altogether detached from the wings. 

83 1* «** fi^^*» kviJ^ttrifttrXm^av mar* Arttfuviut, they filed 

up the' vacancy^ left by the expansion of the wings, that is, in six 
bodies of 100 men each when the vacancy was small; in twelve 
bodies if 50 each when larger ; and wiien very large, in twenty-four 
bodies of 25 each. The text of this whole passage relative to the 
change in the military disposition of the Greeks, is pronounced by 
nearly all the commentators to be corrupt, and military men acknowl- 
edge that they do not understand it. But that the new disposi. 
tion was such as to remedy the circumstances of the old, is evident 
from the whole context. The square presented too extended a front, 
and therefore they changed it for an oblong. But the evil which 
Xennphon lays most stress on, was the difficulty of filling up prompt- 
ly the openings of the rear, made by the separation of the wings, 
on occasion of forming the square anew, after coming out of a defile* 
If the six hundred men formed the rear face of the oblong, one can- 
not well comprehend how the companies under the new disposition 
could extricate themselves from a defile, with more celerity than the 
troops which composed the rear face of the square under the old one. 
But the number (600) was too small to form a rear fiice, and it may 

Chap. IV.] NOTES. 275 

therefore be presumed that there is an error in the number of the new 83 
companies, and that, instead of six, there were enough to form a 
tear face of sufficient depth to the oblong, 

17. uri /ut^Ttyttf, under ihe lash. It was usual for the Persian 
generals to flagellate their soldiers to make them do their duty in 

24. m'fif ri &XX9 ^r^anoftM,'] That is/ when these archers and 
slingers returned, down the hill, to the main body, they were again 
assaulted with stones and arrows. 

S. *£yTcv/«.] " In the villages on the mountains they stayed 84 
three days, both on account of the wounded, and because they found 
great plenty of provisions laid up for the satrap of the country. 
This position must have been situated immediately over the present 
town of Zaco.** 

28. U^;»^t.] Thit\s,i»^(i/^ix^^t^i. 

3. rn II rir«^rif.] It was late on the fourth day's march from the 85 
Zaco hills (making the 14th from the Zabatus) when the Greeks found 
a large body of the enemy in possession of certain heights, which com- 
manded the road, in their front, they having passed the Greeks in the 
night. Tissaphernes, at the same time, appeared in sight with the 
main body, threatening their rear. Much general gallantry and ex- 
ertion were employed in dispossessing the enemy, by a detachment 
led by Xenophon in person. They finally passed the eminence, 
which appears to have been another projection from the greater 
mountains, and descended into the plains beyond it. This plain was 
situated immediately below the place where the steep and loft}' moun- 
tains of the Carduchians terminate on the banks of the Tigris, eflec- 
tually barring the passage upwards, and thus preventing their 
tracing it till it became fordab'e. Here then they were totally 
at a stand i the river was found tgo deep to be forded, and the enemy 
appeared in front on the opposite bank, \/ithout doubt fully prepared 
for this exigency which they bad foreseen. 

23. «i M( rnt Hovt those who beset our way. 

28. mwi Tw 0vifMtTt, from the front. 

S8. /utjR^*.] This is for »mra /uui^kv HU. 

S76 NOTX8. [BnQxIlX 


87 9. Kal «/ /Uv fim^mg, then CMriaopkits wkk Att «■«» eamu 

back from rtHemng their armftottims. The situatioo of things is this : 
Chiriaophus with his men csme down 6rst from the bill and eacsmpcd 
in the phin i while there* TiMaphemes suddenly «pp«ars, mod cuts 
off some of tlie Greeks who were out on a foraging expedition. Cbtii- 
iophus then UMrches to the reiief of the foragers, and wlien be sees 
the Permns setting fire to the yiUagea he ttiurut again to liis own 
camp on the plain. 

Si. M wk§ 9uv9ki kwnXiM.'l As it hat been said before, that the 
Oreelts burned their tents, this sentence must mean, when, tkejf r«- 
immed into the iunues of the viUaget, or into their qumierM, as thcj 
were now quaitered at these villages. 

S4. w^m^t the river Tigris. 

itJ> mark nfYMMr;^«XiMv» i^ four ihousandtt or fow thommmd 
ai a Owte. 

SJ. T«^«ir.] Th^t ttt^wT0tthefUtt, 
88 9. wS^v wXXti <V«^'f .] From this it appears that part of the 
enemy's cavalry were on the other side of the Tigris. 

1 1. iiV T»Sfft^mXi9 H w^f BmCttXin*, by a way different from that 
which leads into Babylon, 

18. rk /•{».] Supply ^i^ • and with rngt •)•* is to be supplied; 
the parts of the road. 

24. Km^Uix^ff'] "On an examination of the prisoners, tiie 
Greek generals found that it was practicable to pass over the moun- 
tains into the territoiy of the Carduchians. This nation, favored by 
the natural strength of the country, had preserved their independence 
ifi despite of the power of the great King. They are the ancestors 
of the modem Kouans, who have extended themselves along tha 
ridges and valleys of mount Tuurut^ from Asia Minor to the neigh* 
bourhood of Ispahan, and who occupy the coui4iy named, from then, 
•dves, KouAiusTAM.** Renndl 



15. Mmi Urn tS ri ^rtvif, where ii is nofrov* The question ii» 90 
what doet micv agree with ? Protably with fti^ understood, meuu 
ing that there is a point where the distance between the two riireri is 
quite small* 

16. Sit VAMt/froM.] The sense is, Ma/ they wUh to to conduct their 
incursion into the country of the Carduchians, as to conceal their 
movements Jrom the enemy, and still to get possessiitn if the numn^ 
tains first, 

17 itarttXmfiuv tk ix^m,"] The Carduchian mountains presented, 
in efllect, an asylum to the Greeks, who could in no other way have 
escaped, at last, the reiterated attacks of such an host of enemies, 
whose numliers also were augmenting instead of diminishing. But 
as a Persian army could not subsist, or their cavalry act, within the 
wide range of these mountains, the Greeks, by ascending them, got 
rid of their dreadful enemy. And although, in the mean time, they 
had to contend with an enemy much more brave and perseverii^, their 
numbers were fewer, and they might reasonably expect an earlier eft- 
cape from them than from the Persians. Had they known that the 
Tigris was fordable under the Zaco hills, and had passed into Mesopo- 
tamia, they would still have been followed by the Persians : they would 
al^ have had the Euphrates, (a nver yet more difficult to cross) in 
the line which they must have pursued. It therefore appears, accord- 
ing to our limited view of things, that nothing less than such a barrier 
as these mountains presented, could have saved the Greeks from 
erentual destruction from the attacks of the Persians. 

S78 NOTES. [Book IV. 

90 18. fmXM»w','\ "The Greeks decamped whilst enough of the 
night remained for them to traverse the plain, and to arrive at the 
Ibot of the mountains unobserved ; for on this concealment thor ex- 
istence proLaUy depended. They had the good fortune to arrive not 
only at the mountain foot unobserved, but even to escape the enemy's 
observation altogether, whilst it was in their power to annoy them in 
ascending it. From this it may be concluded, that the plain was of 
no great breadth in that part'* RennelL 

91 4. §vk4f ymf iwiewttr; for there teas no danger that any 

enemy wmUl attack tkem m the rear, at tk^ were going up the moun- 

7. iwurm }k vfnyuT*, he then led kU men on before* 

8. if ii^rirc er^TtvftMTtt, and the different parts if the 

army, as they suceesaody gained the summit of the mountain^ Jbl* 
lowed after. 

8. r« vv-i^/SaA.^.] For r* rw er^mTt&ftMTH ft^ I «^» mM^n 
g2 ^* ^|«yO This is the first aor. participle neuter, put absolutdly 
for 7t» iUl^t m^mV, it having seemed best to do these things. TmS^tt is 
go\erned by tmm understood. See F. Rule XXXIII, end of Obs. 

10. rSt ivr^crwii, the charms t governed by WJoftneMg, 

S2. 7r< rfiyfuti rt %tn, that there was some danger threatenitfg. 

28. ZfTtf •T;^i'»i,/u<< as he was. 

.SI. Kmi yvy.] Here is a transition from what is technically call- 
ed the oratio obliqua, to the oratio recta. The oratio obUqua 
is when what has been said or thought by another is quoted by 
the writer not as his own idea, and yet not in the words of the speak- 
er i but in the manner of narration. The oraUo recta is when 
the direct words of the speaker are quoted. 
93 S. T«tfr«.] Supply %tm. Ask rmvrm, far these reoams. 

7. 'En) ym^ hfU9 w^ypmirn wm^x"^ fi^ "'^ *^ (^ coeo^r) 
were asmoyisig MM, 

Cur. IL] NOTES. 87» 


6. m^»L] Aiytvrn understood, to which aurtt is the nomiiiattYei Qi^ 
— and THBT SAID they would march to their assistance, 

14. AfMtltaiavs •• • • • XiVtfvf, literally, wagon-stones, stones wbieh are 
cofweyed by wagons, meaning erMrmoiisly large stones, 

25. r0tf# fth r»vt it, some, others. 

26. tK futrix»*^t ri az^tf, sujtposing that they were masters ef 
the summit, 

1 8. Koj mvTM fih £f \ir»^tu§n*»f, ^wi^ •/ «xa.m, the soldiers indeed 9^ 
could have ascended the same way which the others had taken. 

21. i^fiuf,] In the Grecian ^aX«y^ the front was longer than 
the sides, or there were more men in rank than in file. But the 
shape of the i^U fdXxyl was exactly the reverse, having a narrow 
front So the Greeks here ascend the hill i(0iuf rtut Xix**/, in deep 

25. Kmi TWT— ««rf;^«^iMi>, the Greeks had scarcdy paeaed 

this hill, when they beheld anot/ier jtossessed by an enemy, 

SO. i**} «'«Xv.] itAfrnfMt understood ; they were extended over a 
long Sjxice, that is, t/tere was a long train of them, 

3. i 09ri^ Tfis M r^ m-v^t xaraXfi^^iisnt fpXotx?;, which overlooked 96 
the guard which were taken at the fire, 

8. M )i.] The sense is, the Barbarians obsermngfrom the top tf 
the hiU, all the transactions in the rear of the Greek army, went in a 
body to attack it. 

14. ^U^ai rk ««rX«, consistere inarmis et instructos, Schndder. 

19. r^ fta^r^.l This is the same summit as that menUoned in 
the sixth line of this page, which the Barbarians had left, and which 
Xenophon now possessed. 

21. i^* f, on condition t/iat, 

23. «XA« fT^anvfim,'} That is, the rear of the army which pro- 
tected the baggage. 

25. jf^^Mrr*.] The Greeks with Xenophon. 

S. 2f if Xa»»9ts. Bomemann reads JSfrt Iv kaizxut* The wine 9? 
was so abundant that they were obliged to keep it in plastered cistemi, 

10. r«vf x^T^ut, the van of the army, 

21. ▼(««'«;^«i.] See Antiq. Appendix. 

S80 NOTES. [BoocIV. 

97 2S. w^ Tf mdrtf.] That is, «'(«« ri /u^af Mtr^ - This passage 
if not very clear, and if there were but simply a bow used, we are 
at a loss to discover its meaning i for how could the arrow be discharg- 
ed by {lutling the left foot against the bow, and then drawing the 
string ? The attitude, in the first place, would be extremely difficult, 
and, in the next place, the arrow could not be aimed high enough 
to take any eflecC Besides, what is meant 'by r« ^/(«f mtat, the 
lower part of the bow 9 But if we suppose that the bow was inserted 
in a piece of wood, so as to form what is ''called " a cross-bow,** 
the whole difficulty is solved. Then the r« fU^ts nitm is the part 
where the bow is insertt<d in the •* gun ** or ** cross-piece." The 
archer places his lefl foot against this part, and draws the mv^mv with 
his greatest strength towards the handle of the gun, where it is &st- 
tened. Then, placing the arrow in the groove made in this cross- 
piece, he dischai^es it by remitting the fiistening of the stringL 


93 19. y<//c.] See Antiq. Pbrt. 8. Chap^ 9. 

26. ii^i^ii.] This is an elegantly elliptical phrase, where tbe 
ellipsis refers to the sense of the whole remark. It cannot be ren^ 
dered, buJt if notr that is, " if he did not carry his arms in the water 
the current swept him down ; '* for the sense is exactly the reverse. . 
Therefore it may be translated, '* but if on the contrary,** that is, m 
tx- •«'^« ^9 ^^ ui*Ti, " but i^ on the contrary, he should carry his 
arms in the water.** So (Matthew ix. 17,) Ovil fiakXwfiv wim 
vi«» us ar««vf T»3imt0Vf ' u )« (inyt ftiytwrtu ti &^mm, *' Neither do 
men put new wine into old bottles, dse the bottles burst.** That is, 
II il t^nyi, ** if; on the contmrtf, they do put new wine into old bot^ 
des t" or, but if not, that is, '* if they do not observe this rule, but put 
new wine into old bottles,*' &c. The phrase u 1$ fth may generally 
be rendered ** otherwise.** 

C^ 27. HvrwfAtvM,] Participle raid, of vim. to twim, 
ItH) ^^ M!tTt9'tt^w»9f marched, side by stde^ oti the appouU bamkg 
a very expressive word compounded of itfrif ira^m, and il|^ ia 
go : pluperf. mid. 

Chap. IV.] NOTES. S81 

15. Ui9T» rk (twXm, they stood at their arms, 100 

16. rrt^mrdfitft.'] ^ The Lacedaemonian soldiers, when the 
enemy were in sight, and they were about to engage in battle^ 
used to sacrifice a goat to Diana, and deck their heads with 

17. ira^yytXXt.^ That is, «ratfiiy7«XAi mfAMtlr^M »ai km* 

18. i^4iavt.] See note, page 95, line 21. 

4. ftn avoXuTtf^M, that they would not he left behind, 101 

6. 9t^Hn»»60§tt Sx^as lir} «-«» TfvxfMt, the banks extending along 
the side of the Hver, 

7. r»ut &nt itaXi/imW.] The infantry of the enemy that were 
stationed upon an eminence % mentioned on page 98, line 14. 

17. ktt/i.n^ )ii/3«m, were in the very act of passing, 

19. ttmr* Utt/Awiatt into companies of twenty-five men, 

20. 9a^* k^wi^af, to the left, as the shield was borne on the left 
arm: «r«^* k^wtlat ir»^ay*yi9Taf r^v UmfMrUf M ^rnkMyytSf 
to extend each company of twenty five to the left in the form of 
the phalanx. This was done in order to present a long line to 
the enemy. 

25. Sx^w."] The ix^** ^^ ^" ^""y con^pnses all those who do 
not bear arms, such as the cooks, sutlers, boys, women, &c. 

5. Ivf %i^Vf to the rightt as their spears were carried in their right 102 
hands. *£t * kr^'i^a and iirt ii^v were the common words of com- 

23. Oi Tli iwanr^mrrft.J The soldiers sent by ChirisophuSy 
p. 101, line 27. 


12. AvtjScXXiy.] The Greeks and Romans had no stimipt 1 103 
but those of wealth and rank were lifted upon their horses by a per* 
son called kfafitXwg, In the middle ages, the Pope used to make 
the generalissimo of the army perform this menial duty. 

2. hMi^ik^ttf, to dear up. Theme ftf^n^, the air / hence m/^mU | /w 
iuf, to expose to the open air, to be in a pure air, also to becomt 


104 dear, Xenopbon Dine lioet before had given two ratons wh3* the 
aoldien should quarter then*aelves in the Tillages, namdy, heca'uae 
MO tmtmty oftftetnred (w yit^ i^^^*)* and on account vf the quantity 
^ tium {}tk ^ wXnhs rsr x'*'*')* ^^^ *^^ ^^ assigns two no- 
tires for their encamping together in a body, namely, the appearance 
«f the firn ef the enemy (w«XA« irai|f«), and the proepect of dear 
weather (U««u )iM#^c^uv}. Some commentators have thought 
that the verb \tm,i§^m.Xuf here means ''to encamp m the open 

5. «vffWW«»> madettift benumbed, 

7. ibXiuvo, vmrm at a aheUer^ w, ayfut being understood. 

105 15. «^ ediXwiyyu] The soldi. .ts were probably scattered vpoa 
the hills, sad in the oaem/s camp in search of booty. 


S7. 'O ti T^tTit.l Iru^ftif is understood. 

106 ^^* IfifvXtfiiaetif, were affected with inaatiable hungfr. The dis- 
ease of fiHfXifua is thus described by Galen. " It is a disorder in 
which the patient is continually craving for victuals, loses the use of 
his limbs, falls down, and turns pale. His extremities become coldy 
his stomach oppressed, and his pulse scarcely sensible.** 

S6. Ili^rirr/, in the Persian language. 

29. M»tfMi^%ii9, the governor of the vUlage, or mayor^ to nse a 
modern term. 

107 ^* *Or«i li urMt/tifM U*tf»£9T», whoever slept with their shoes an, 
12. ««(C«riyci.] See Antiq. Part 10. Chap. 15. 

25. )mf f(«^ii>04, quarrelUng, 

106 ^* '^" wr^rtopa.l That is, the whole of the army except 

that part which was with Chirisophus, in the village. 
SO. l»(Xivny, requested, 

26. Iv rms Mfutit.'] That is, tn those dOaget where the Gredcs 
were quartered. 

32. ti^H *(iSi94u Bterally, barley wine, Diodorus Siculus (xiw. 
98.) says that Osiris, the Egj'ptian Bacchus, was tfie inventor of 
malt liquor, as a rellrf to thos6 countries where the vine did oat 

Chav. VL] notes. S83 

S3. M s^3«} Ut;cuXut.] The meaning of tfaif probtlily If. 4wt ^^ 
the Greeks, having come into the village^ found the goblets of 
porter full to' the brim, in wbicb some gruu of the faerley were 
sdU floating. 

4. wvfApmiivTtj to him foAo became accuitamed to ii, 109 

10. •!>#».] Xenopbon here ceems to be apeiking of wine £ma 
the grape. 

1 1. iuiT§^tt(ttyfti90t.J Attic for Mmr*t^tiyfU9$t* 

19. mJ» 49 ^* ««*•» 0»t and there was no place where there wot not, 

22. ^iX0^^»9»vfH9H, from kmdnets, or out ^ patiteneet .* e^Mnwf 
Tf, to drink to any one*s health, 

29. ^tifuf x*^***'} Owing to the aeaaon of the ,ywr they eoiild 
not procure green plants, of which garlands were general^ made. 
See F. Rule XXXVIL 

31. JSfTifiuMSt at if they were deafi in ooQM|iieBce of tMr %- 
norance of the Greek language. 

1 1. ^vfuuiUrt^, nurn mOtletme^ ^vM, 110 


23. h'l Used fanpedonally, if «Nis now. 

10. »ark Mt^at, longo agmine. In this dispoiiiioB of liie troopt \\l 
a very narrow front was presented to the enemy. 

1 1. ^Xayyt*"} The meaning is, to bring up the eoliMons in the 
rear, to the front, in the/arm of the phalanx, so tb«t a. broad front 
might be presented. 

29. i(«ifit9t9 o'Xiw, 4 2^' Vi^Mnra ^rAth txtendtie the eye more 
than sixty stadia, 

5. II ^e*^*'**^] Tba* "» ^ '■c»x«^ •^*»* 112 

10. xfie^Mif that we shall have the advantage ef fading. The 
rerb xf^/^** ™"'*' ^ rendered variously, according to the sense «f 
the passage in which it is found. It means here to Ug^ vpan, 
to find i but then there is an idea of profit or advantage in it, whidi 
otonot be expressed in English without circumlocution. 

13. ifttim,] The citizens of SparU were divided into two great 
classes. the*0/i««ii, whobad the fd^nk^ of mliiig, «nd could be 

S84 NOTES. [BookIV. 

112 dected totnyoflce; and the 'T^t^^/wm, who coald only vote at 
dectioos. '0/mms may be tnntlated the Peers, persons of elevated 
and equal raak. See Antiq. Put. 4. Chap. 2. 

18. iwihtj^/m^itu r^y irmihi»9, to give us a specimen of yoter edn- 

S2. rit ^nf$i^m,] Supply xc^^f^"*^ Aristophanes, in his Came- 
dies, is continually ridiculing the cupidity and fraud of the Athenian 
magistrates. Chiritophus seems to gtre Xenophon as good as he 
lends ; the latter however does not return the retort, but gravely 
proceeds to businesa. 

29. tiXmwSf. ] There were many of the Barbarians who followed 
the Grecian army, at a distance, for the purpose of stealing what they 
could find. 
113 ^* n^* ^ 'f^ ***** **•»< T*XX$»t rnXXtiXtf.] Schneider places 
a comma after «'«XA«^, and none after «XXiiXMr. This is better. 
The sense is, before the main body of each army had engaged ttfiih 
mck other, the two parties on the heights had Joined battle. 


114 17, rSr ifnf%x*^9 *^v^»s, the overhanging roch, 

17. tSrif trnTihrM, is thus dealt with, pointing at them at tbe 
same time. 

26. M' Jy, against which or behind which, 

115 1. « AM i»," f^, •< W rt0f ttn," thu u the very thing, said he, 
that would benefit us, 

10. iiri rk )ly)^ under cover cf the trees, 

15. ftnx^^rmi Ti, devised something cf this sort. 

SI. latfrht i9rtKar^fttrT90f, threw themselves down upon thev^* 

116 8. its xu^t j|cr«v, they came to dose quarters, or fought hetnd 
in hand, 

9. 'm^iym,} The lower parts of the lorica, or coats of mail of 
the Greeks, were called v'ri^yytt, which extended a little over the 
thighs. Instead of these wings, the Chalybians seem to have had 
thick cords twisted. Antlq. Fkrt 8. Chapt 3. 

32. aStuf Mm) fidfin, to hum and lay waste. 

117 15. BiXmrrm,] On the shores of the Eoziiie lei^ vUA dta» 

Chaf. VIIL] notes. «8S 

Greeks now beheld, were many dtieg tahabitcd by their coiintiymen. l|7 
TTence» and from the thought! of the superior facilities it would af- 
ford them for returning to their own country, their extreme exultatioa 
in beholding \U 

20. S-TMf %ti fru^yyvhm^Tt^ wome one tuggetUng it, 

27. T$bs ta»T»xiwt, the rings which he saw on thdr fingen. 


5. tif h U$/3«XXc» i «e'T«'^ i^o whick thtU liver, toiUcA hounded US 
the two nations, emfttied. 

12. $ifTitff thus, that is, by casting stones into the river, and 
standing upon them, so as to get nearer to the Greeks. 

21. &vTtTtrax»rtu,'] The lonians and Dorians form the third 
person plur. of the perf. passive from the third person singular, by 
inserting « before rtu, in which case the original aspirated consonant 
enters before the «. For examDl<$ « Sttv***, TUafAfttu, rUmwrmty 
Ti4mirttTai, Tiiat^ttrcu ' — so fron avrsrairrtt, JivTiriTmyfuUt mvrirU' 
v«x-raM, avTiTird*eiTai, «i>ririr«;^«v«4. The Attic writers some- 
times use this form. See MatthiK» Art. 1 98. 

15. M r^XXcvf.] **M wXktvt nr«y^S»M, — mea sententia HO 
phalanx dicitur altior quam latior, ut Ir ' iXtyt»9 rir. latior quam al- 
tior." Bomemann. 

20. •/ 2i trtif but if in some part* 

11. %Sxtfiett, to make Ikeir ffows i that is, to promise sacrifices to 120 
the gods in case they were victorious. 

27. «f^«w.] From Xfilm, 

28. Marm 'tnj^itfu avtmV, old d^ectio accedebai ipsis, 

29. I2ii)«»«ri«.] Perf. participle Attic of n«r. 

3X dl«'«^Mir»4vr<y.] Observe that this is the dat. of the partid- 
pie, governed by Ufntrmw, 

12. |iMff.] The various presents which it was customary for 121 
hosts and guests to give to each other as a proof of the sincerity of 
their friendship, were called by the general name of litm. 

16. «l9^w.] For an account of the Grecian games, lee Antiq. 
Fart 6. Chap. 6. 

S86 NOTES. [Book IV. 

121 19. %^ifi0» WsfttXninfktt to take citarge of the race-caune, 

28. «i;^^»«Xj»rM».] It would seem very repugoant to the habits 
ao4 feeKngs of the Greeki, that their captives, who were slaves^ 
should mingle with their masters in the exercises of the games. 
Besides, how could they so soon learn the various exercises, which 
the Lacedaemonians and Athenians made a distinct part of education? 
Weiske and Schneider coijecture that the true reading is, A^utt. 

28. )«X<;^Mi] Tlie measure of the ^i>jj^»t does not appear 
to have been fixed. Generally it was about seven stadia, or 
the simple course, called rr£i$»t, or rrmitWf was run over seven times 
and back. 

32. tutrk rtS irftmn ixdrmvrmg^ having run dowm a dtcSm^ 



12. Uruftif-'i From Univt*, to stretch out, saSaway* je^Q 
10. rvf ir(»9»fiais, with regiUar Jbragiilg parties t ^iTv nftStg imdep- |24 

stood before Xet/A^einn* 

1 6. $ti£fitv, that we may know* 

18. awn^rri^atVf of those of less experience. 

33. »otreiyti/itv, that toe may bring into port, 

33. irniaXia,] See Antiq. Part. 9. Chap. 3. This was done 
to prevent either the owners or the soldiers from sailing away with the 
ships clandestinely. 

5. tavktv fftn^ifffieu, to make an agreement with them for the 225 

13. In^^n^/ri ft^f •viiv, did not pui the question to vote* 


5. £n ht^t^rmxirts In rSw MtuSv, because having been dnoen |m 
from their houses, 

24. xati y^^.l The sense requires that this clause, as far as fftvMf. 
f*(y«i, should be considered as in a parenthesis. So also the not 
cl.vise from h y»^ to;^«^«3^9. 

^7. •; )2.] That is, •/ ti 9»xi/uM, 

80. *0 t Ixim^ the messenger / i iyytXtt being undentood. 

8. stt kxi9T»t if rw x^V*^* as^ he would take the diy. |^ 

988 K0TB8. [BookT 

127 10. «v»i;^i|(«M» fBW Ait otfiuenl. 

90. lNi>«»Air^(«Mv, reru/y fo throw ihdr Jawdku. Hesychtus 

to uueH tMeJbfgen into the thong of the javeHn, 

94. T^orm i^i^uXnH***, |o take cafe that m!i thete things vert 

95. ti ifMtrfvif rwrm fam x*k*^ '^**** *<^ thought ihenueives not 
inferior m merit to thetet where r«»rw» refera to Xtx^y^ umI l^tX*- 

97. /B^fMiMrf crfacen/t'tk^pedf lo that eteh wing faced the othen. 

97. Im^ ^ X*^**^ (ilMii raMtrrM underatood,) on account of the 
ground, or the nature qfthe ground being such, that is, circular and 
aloping lowarda. 

128 U. l»Uian.] That ia, i Sif«^«» imiXtoeu 

16. isriVrw4«f.] Suppljr T«vr wXifu»o$ ' m iXrif i$»»ft%t9i rcfoi 
to the Greeka. 

90. «v^ A;^^ii«»r>] Some copiea read if* k^ttymt, for piunder, 
which muat he incorrect For at thia time^ while they were in the 
nddat of a atrong city of a warlilce people, with the aoldiera of the ene- 
my preaaing them on all aidea, the Greeka appear, from the context, 
to he thinlcing how they could beat retreat And, if they wiahed to 
aend out compaoiea for booty, they would not send the A;^«<i««r and 
hrXirof. The aenae ia, that, deairoua of retreating, they sent all the 
uadeaa part of the army and moat of the heavy-armed, through the 
gatea, that the afingera and archera might remain to cover the retreat 

97. rmv IrXirZf ri ^rXnit, the greater jMirt of the heavy^armed, 

129 S, ir«»M.] Theae worda are connected in Jacobs* edition ; hat 
they are oftener written aeparate : — U-m In Udyffmfrt, tome one sh- 
deed having tet fire to it, 

10. »mrti ri rrifia, Amaaeua rendera thia, '* in ipaia viae fiiucU 
bua,** in fronts Weiake, ''e regione," on the opposite tide. But may 
not rrifiui refer to the gates of the city, aa the houaea near tboat 
would be moat likely to incommode the Greeks. 

96. ikXf Moi IXXji, here and there. 

Cmap. IV.] NO TBS. 889 


"20. rhf hxdmv.'] Frequent meatioa is made in bistoiy of tkhes 130 
dedicated to the heathen gods. 

25. Sfftf-ct/Mv.] It was the custom of most of the ancient nations 
to deposit their treasures iti the temples of the gods. 

4. ipvyi9.} According to Laertius, Xenophon was banished iwi 131 
K%iciit¥f9fitSt on a citarge (fbein^ a jtaHhan of ike Lmcedamoniant* 

5. 2xiA.A«vir».] Here Xenophon is said to luive written his histo- 
rical works. 

8. $X4U ivtiXtf 6 S-tifi where the god had directed by the oracie, 
18 THs ^xnvev^if.'} Those who, on the festive day, assembled 9t 

the feast, dwelt under tents. 

3C. Irr/.] There seems to be something understood here^ such as 

the participle ^vrtvofTM, jtroducing .- S^et l^ r^tturk «(«?«, ntch at 

produce fruits wMch, in their season, may be eaten raw. 

31. fAiymXifl The temple of Diana, at. Ephesus, was four hun- 
dred and twenty- five feet long, two hundred and twenty broad, and 
had one hundred and twenty-seven columns. 

32. MS KtnrK^iffnn xi^^V ••""'» OS far as a statue of cypress can »»- 
temble one ofgotfL Hutchinson thinks that the statue of Diaoa^ at 
Ephesus, was not of solid gold, but merely gilded. 

2. TON.] Some verb is understood, as Jiror xf^- But this el- 132 
liptical form of the accusative before the infinitive, was frequently used 
for the imperative mode. 

6. THI 0Eni MEAH2EI Thk Goddxss will taks vnr- 
OEANCK ov HIM. It Will be obseTved that the iota, instead of being 
tubtcrtpt, is postscript ub capitals. 


so. ^mett0nHU tig f^v 'BXX^a, to go safely into Greece. 

29. r! kftSv hn^'i^fi xfnrm^^tut in Vf/tat respect do you voisk te 

S. I» rw Ir) ^drt^ on the other side of this* Supply fti^, with 1 03 
which Bmn^m, agrees. 


W> NOTES. [BookV. 

133 12. JUk Immriv, by kundretU, When the preposition «•• is 
med with the accusative of a numeral aiQectiTe, it generally impBea 

15. tfitw(90hv, towards the end g «frir#f9, at the handle, 

18. ai^»A«*, a creU-Wce titfl tf hair, 
S3. inftMy^Armmf very earn/ to be taken. 

134 1 1* '" yiyimrnij thai the advantages may be as greai as 

the disadvantage. 

19. Tf Swri, ill reality, 

96, &w0kiir*fti*Mn la ffit*^9 rw mftmrtf bang bv;t a,short tB^ 
tanee Jnm the Jront. 

S9. •! T ^UAm.] That is, «/ UXarm, 

135 ^* ^* X^'V**'^ ^y ^^^' ^^ ^^ ^ understand li fmr^i^tXit, 

13, fmXmrT9»vm,] Some editors would prefer ^vX«rT«w<. Poib- 
pooiuf Mela, in his Geography, remarks that the Mosynoed elect 
their kings by suffrage^ and Iceep them in chains under a most vigi- 
lant guard, and punish them for their faults by withholding their daily 

15. nnfUtttf, accumulated \ from tmim, 

80. Ka^Mc ..... rA wlMrim, •l» i;^«vr« %m^»it9 •lUtftiut^ literally, 
Jlat nuts wUhout any d^i a sort of chestnuts. 

136 ^* ^^'Yf^**^ Mifut9t marked with painted flowers. The word 
l#v»y/»iM«r aeems to imply that the colon were imprmied m the 


fiO. etU^mS'T^ Chalybiawas fioned for its nunes^ in the age of 

23. Ifn0h*t n* might reap some advantagSf that is, might lecniw 
to themselves some booty. 

138 ^^* *^X *^^C"* notjrom wantonness, 

139 1 • ^"^ ItvrSt ^«r«»iv*nr, paying their own expenses. 
S. IXX' i^* h/u9 f, but that it may be in our power, 

10. Wv Hm^XmyiMt^ the I^jthtagonian, meaning the Idng of Hhm 

CaAr.yL] NOTES 891 


S. ^(9t^uf, to need sUU moref to need in addition, 140 

5. *EXA.if»cf rv^C«(/Aii/My.] "£xXtf^< is governed by i0y«ivi 

and T^vrtf refers to the clause rif tSrauf ri, tirxt »au r« fiiXrt^m 
rvfitfioyXtvitf, The sense is, that they would first oj)etily show tfiem' 
selves to be Greeks by this, namely, by their being well disposed tO' 
wards Greeks, and giving them the best jxtssible advice, Stephens re- 
fers the dative "ExXn^t to Sprat, instead of iSwvf * either construction 
is admissible. 

14. hfk rv^C««X«.] In allusion to the proverb h^»f ;^(?^c 

15. /A»i rM^frvAf.] The idea is, a favoralh op}wrtunily now jtre* 
sents itself to me to show the truth of the sayitig, tliat **cowisdis 

S3, /ittin ^(«»«r, was too high-minded, too haughty. 
. 29. 9rr«vf.] Xenophon means to convey the idea, that if they 141 
are together they will be superior to all opposing force, but if 
divided, they may fall before their enemy, and become slaves. 

5. •&» Af » , , , . flrc^irxfiMcr^q.] By some of the Latin commen- 142 
tators this is rendered as past time \ but Wdske, much better, would 
prefer the future potential, — where so great a force could not again 
be collected. It was, indeed, a design worthy of Xenophon, and the 
execution of it would have been worthy of the glory of the Grecian 
arms, that such a noble body of troops, preserved amid so many 
perils in a toilsome expedition against the Persian Ling, and 
such as could scarcely be collected together again, should settle at last 
on the fertile shores of the Euxine, to extend the name and the em- 
pire of Greece. 

5. ir(4irr»Tfv^ai, to use Ids influence. i uro 

8. T^ofix**^ f^t ^^ &^ y^^^ thoughts to a settlement here. 

11. At* fvfinfitst froTnx the beginning of the month, or, literally, 
Jrom the begmnmg of the moon, as the Greeks reckoned theur montba 
from the new moon. See Antiq. Part 7. 

11. Ki^i4eifM».] See Antiq. Appendix. 

17. ^ikri Uu4t9 tSftu, from having originated there. 

Mf NOTES. [Bo0kT. 

144 7. r« ft\f fiiyirrtvt uAich is oU-imporianL 

11. 'E^iiMysf yk^ rw Xiy^^ fw he has spread a report, 

S3. AwmTmirmrfrnt Xf ****^ ^^"^ '^ oughi aho to gkm MKT 

tfte tAm^/t^, namely, oi settling somewhere here. 

145 t. rw /uW«f«^f.] That is, rk ;^(ii^«r« rJJf /m^^«^«#S^ 


96. Ml) 4t^»X«i nwirr«rT«, and M<ry sfomf to^efA^r m grintpu 

146 '?• '^y<^^''l '^u is used synonymously with ht%\n^uu, 

17. Ivtu ^ )virw, mpt^xu T i»rtv/t9.J Schneider thinks that 
these words are spurious and ought to be expunged. 

23. *Ax}Ji y^i'] '^^h ** has been remarked before, is aa dlip. 
tical phrase. To supply the ellipsis, JiXXik irrs* 7r«»f rtg mt kfukt 
Viawrn^oh y^i hut n u rossuLX foe ant okz to jmcxitx voi^ 


embark you in a calm, 

27. Utiii T, but grant it^ but I put the case, 

28. xoi in ««i, ami beddes also, 

147 7. *Axx« >^, '< .9m^ I will say nothing saon^/ar methinks I have 
said enough in reply to the calumnies.*' 

9. n «XX«y t^axmrneM rtturet^ or that another deceives him t^poa 
these subjects, 

12. i tl l^ru^t, »m\ Urm »7m v^Mxfttri^, which thing, if ii spread 
mbroad, and become of such magnitude as it lias shovm itself eapaUe 
^ becoming, 

148 ^' **^'^ «»ity/»i»Mi not having yet act sail from the pert. The 
verb is compounded of Jivm, up, and Ay»t, to raise : and takes the sig* 
aification from raising up or weighing the anchor. It may be ren- 
dered not having weighed anchor, KMrayie^at, on the contrary, ia^ 
to be broug^ into part* 

9. ^pUs X^yiuu] Schneider reads e^ms Xiy*^^ preferring hMvevet 
to exclude the words altogether. It seems to meai^ that they tuok 
tqnm tftemselves to say, 
I^Q 6, Ka) Tturwf ri %9xur%\\ Supply )i74r«% And what do yank 
think that these feared 9 


16. U tviifu^ X'^if* ^'^ ^^ authority, - ' 149 

25. ^ifv^^lceyrf, have ejftcted tfiis. 

31. *Axk' ifctit^] The sense is — " But there is no need to fend 
ambassadors to the Cerasuntians, for we have desired/' &c. 150 

7. v-a fiiyirra.] This appears to allude principally to the mur- 
der of the heralds, which was the most grievous violation of the rights 
of nations, and of the ordinances of religion. 

19. xttStt^fiis'l In what manner the purification was performed 
it cannot be decided, as there were many difierent ceremonies of pu- 
rification. See Antiq. Part 5. Chap. 6. 


22. Tnt ^vX««iff.] The Phoenician vessels were called ytuiXMt 
and their cargoes yauXtxa x^^futra, T« fAuttfttt may be rendered^ 
a defalcation. The sense of the passage then is this : Philetiui 
and Xanthicki were each fined twenty minaf being the atnount tf 
their defalcations as guards over the effects taken from the tvssels. 

26. ixiXiv^tf iiVfTv viit v^urof, v^Ztsv Xi^xyra, he ordered him 
who first made t/te accusation to say first, 

5. •*$ ^ctih uvo rnt ZZ^tts »««'«» «v» lyyiyvt^ttu, who are said 151 
not to feel fatigue in consequence of their viciousness, 

7. i» rUt ' ttlrlou understood. 

8. vt^ reithxif, about affects of affection, 

14. x»fit9«fT», a sick j)erson, 

22. «-«r«iir«v iyiyv^fxov, I knew him so fhr as this only. 

50. *Oirifa y% /3«i/A.crffi.l llie verb ^•vXirat probably agrees 
with m^ understood, referring to the sick soldiers. While the by* 
standers exclaim that the soldier is alive, the one who is about to 
bury him replies, — " Well ; it may be so, — just as he pleases, — 
but I won*t carry him any farther.** 

S2. ttliri Uixlvtu, to act like one who knew, &c. 

7. irttf fti^tffat fUf tf^Ku %t vfiat, who ought to be BoH^kd tksU 152 
ihey are preserved by your instrumentality. 

15. xa^ifuJsp kuLerks /liytf, I perceived that I could tcarct^ 


M4 MOTBS. [BookT. 

158 19- iyfirwrm, fexOfUky. 

Itmt )f «ii» ilv «Si#«v Xc^^Mi*, Bui if tkey had come htto the pother of 
lAe enemy, what m erud mmimeni camld they receive, far which they 
wemld deem k expedient io eatt the offiender lejuMieef 
153 4. ir(i0^v$,] It wu the office of the fHoet mate to ak at tfa* 
jMow of the shim to keep a look o«t. 
15. ^yUx*r% he jemtended, 

18. ;^«Xf«'«vf, fierce, mmf. 

19. ^j^M-i.] Ionic for )i)u#i, ft 001 }(l4^ to fimdL 

29. ««] iutiiifawtut, and gave cadence thai they were mmdftii 

29. JMk) «^it7iMr«, aitn xaXZs ^x***'! Brodaeus, Amaaeua^ 
Strphaaua, Muretus, Morus, Weiske, D'AbUnoourt, and Schneider, 
all render this passage diflerently, so that there is a wide field for'' se- 
lection. Brodseus says» *' et hue ad ultimum res erasit, ut pulchre se 
haberent omnia," and the event wot mch that all things went wetL 
But the preposition an^/, in composition, often s'gnifies aa^^eriority. 
The Yeih, therefore, instead of being used impersonally, may have 
U%9«fZ9 for iu nominative. The sense then may be, — and Xenophon 
ffMff mtperior to his accuserSt 90 as to be infiwor with alL 





14. mC^m] The ^nC^t were coiwbes made of bnuii.wood» 154 
^^ and covered with leaves and straw. 

-■ S, 2#ri£x««f.] This martial song commemorated the warlike viiw 155 

» tues of Sitalces, king of Thrace, in boner of whom it was composed. 

.' 6. ««^4r«;«».] This was a Tbessalian pantomime danc^ a de- 

f acription of which is here given. 

8. WK»*A (UT«€T^pifMmi often looking round at the $ame 
i Hme, 

if 26. hnm liTMVfT*, deemed U wonderfitL 

1. «vr«vf.] This refers to the v^irCuf sent by the Rqphhgo- 156 

10. ^i}/^M0r.] See Antiq. Appendix. 

19. iisyu avT0vt.] Supply f»«i«, the thought occurred to them. 
24. iTrrM tit um^t^tn, that there would be less ddatf. 
26. U rfi# wx^nt.} That is, l« rnt nxttmt yttif^nt, from the 
prevailing ojnniont according to the mc^ority. 

Sa rj fiUf partly, in one resfiect. This is generally followed by 
wj My but this is implied in Mtt T mS, in the second fine of the 
next page. 

92. w^it rtus ^iX«iv, to his friendsy in Greece and Athens, and 
also to Athens as a city. 

6. wm^mfm^d/uMf )v# h(t7th having led two victims to the sMar» |5y 
8. U AfX^ttlt.] There seems to be something understood here^ 
•odi as tSv Si«v. It will be perceived, by reference to page 64, 
liMt on Xenophon's going to Delphi, to consttU the oiade 

996 NOTES. [Book VL 

157 vhether he should undertake the expedition, and to inquire to vfaat 
god be should ofler saciiSces, A|X)Uo alone replied to him. The 
lense of the pas&age is, * to whom (Jupiter), abttve alt the other gods, 
he was commanded by Afudlo, at Ddphi, to offer sacrifices, 

1 1 . ¥v0TmineifAi»»f, about to be itUrotluced, 

12. )k{f«i».] It was an old superstition, among the Greeks, to 
look upon all appearances on the right hand, particulaily that of 
■n eagle^ as an otxiea of success. 

86. *• fittTH \fu tr^»M(tfnftUt that I indeed should be pr ef erre d , 

158 4. /ui X/cf «» TMxv r<#f^«M##llJl^ lest I should very soon be taught 

11. wXy ^XX«v.] These words rather qualify xiy^wng than 
l(«f«VratT«. Some copies read irkMus, instead of ftSikXtv, ndiich 
would qualify {(«MrT«vr«. If tlie present reading be retained, the 
sentence might be translated, they rose vp exclaiming mtich more 
vehemently: if vXi'fvs be substitutedt they rose up in much 
greater numbers, exclaisningt &c. 

18. IruUi U(« rXtUtrnf ifli»9, when he sa^ tfiat it was necessary 
to s/teak more ojtenly or jdabdy, 

29. »«} ftik\m ifMiti murit etyat^wrf, although I strongly enjoin 
silence ujwn him. Chirisophus means to Insinuate that Xenophoo 
was not in favor with the Lacedaemonians. 

159 S. JiwliiM9$t.1 See note, page 148, line 4. 


7. *I«r«*/«».] For the account of Jason's expedition, see AnUion's 

12. tJ 'A;^i(«v^/«^i Xip/«fn«-M) tAtf Pmifuu^n Acheruda. Tliere 
is a large cave near this peninsula, which was said to be the passage 
down to tlie realms of Pluto, and from which Hercules dragged up 
Cerberus, as here related. 

27. KuXtxnvuf.l See Antiq. Appendix. 
160 ^' «"f«^^* *•*•"'•• ^^ projtosed to send .• imperfect* 

S. Mi T M ««< 8tf0^S9Tm. ] Supply <r(0iim\mr9 

4. Ux»c^t Ji^tfUx^rB, declined altogether^ 

Chap. Ill] NOTES. 297 

19. tta*Afti$eti09.'\ Xenophon, whom they considered as reallj IGO 
exercising the chief command over the army^ although Chiriscphus 
had been named their leader. 

30. riw/rritrcv, u fitted themselves together, 

31. I» T9if w«*n}f.] See note, page 156, line 26. 

6. irtiK W9 fitihis fAiTorx^, that no one ilierefore might share this IGl 
toUh them, 

10. Avrijf.] Some refer this to Neo, others, and among thera 
Zeunius and Hutchinson, to Xenophon. 

11. riff rr^«ri««.] By this we are to understand that port of 
the army with which he was connected. 


1. *0» fU9 9U9,'} From these two recapitulatory lines, some an* \QQ 
dent editor endeavoured to make it appear tluit this must be the com* 
mencement of a new book. But the recapitulation embraces so lit- 
tle compared with the exordiums of most of the other books, that 
the argument for makinjr this ..he commencement of a new book 
is rather weak. Besides, most of the manuscripts are against such 
a division. 

7. Xax»t-^ For the short time that the Arcadians and Achaiani 
were separated from the rest of the army, as they had elected ten 
generals, the Xax»t consisted of the tenth part of four thousand fire 

8. rv9iv9j two together y two at a time, 

8. 2v»iCiiX«»r« n fim Xi^»9, They had agreed upon a htU, — they 
had fixed among themselves, ti/ion a ttill, 

12. iia^oyivrtf.'] The better reading ts Xa^tuyttrti, the present 
part. The Thracians, as Jari as they escaped, assembled together 
in a body, 

15. fiV r« ovtKtifttvw, to an appointed jtlace, to a place of ren» 
dezvous : x**V** understood. 

18. v^Wrrrat avrovf } Supply •' 0^axir. 

22. M /ih ^vt ^^AyfMtcn, $! t &*iu ^^ayfiarmtf tome with difftm 
culty, and some without any diffictdty. 

898 NOTES. [Book VL 

162 29. M* )i.] That is, m* ti 0^7«fr. But Io-Zmiv, in the next line^ 
refers to the Greeks. 

163 1. r^t ^if, referring to the Greeks t riv )i, to the Thracians. 
3. nXtvrifTif.} See F. Rule II, Cbs. 8. 

7. iv rwTf '#x*^«* ('" tliis situation things remain. That is, as 
the Thracians do not like the terms of the proposal of their giving 
hostages, there is no agreement about a treaty. 

27. ««*«? )ii«rM«'Mtrr^ai.] Xenophon here would not seem to 

speak with reference to any psirticular time for supper, but would have 
the soldiers march as far as they could before supper. 

164 9. «Mv^ Tnt ruTmtlms f;^ir/«<. ] That is, to depend fir our tafety 
only ufwn <nir union, Wilh a genitive tj^9/Asu is not unfrequently 
found, having t!.e signification of to cleave ii>, to pursue. 

10. •'«^«r«iiNKrs^i»#vf r«r yu/unt, having aebjfted tkis resolu' 

lit. tKmiaf ytfifttvMf found themselves unaumres, that is, 

they reached the hill where the Arcadians had been, before th^ were 
aware of it. 

165 ^^* "*' *** *^«-] "^^^ ^*> ^t **« *^^^ X^V**» 

20. wvi»fiiu¥t rk wmf i^v, having learned our tUuaiknu 


25. ir^if rSf Xi/KiM, near the harbour, 

29. Tfin^u.] Arrian says, that the distance from Byzantium to 
Ileradea, which is be^'ond Caipe, is eight hundred stadia : and ac- 
cording to Herodotus, seven hundred sUidia were a day^s row for a 
trireme galley. 
166 7. tf»o0-i9 i^yviSf, tiventy /athoms, equal to one hundred and 
twenty feet : § }l ttv^^nv, the isthmus, 

9. ri t irrif ] That is, the space between the main land and 
the extreme point of the promontory. 

14. favvtiynrtfui, suitable fir ship 'buUding. 

24. th U ri wiXifua av yMfAitn.] It would seem that the word 
X'^i*** should be supplied after r«, and that the clause is equivalent to 

Chap, v.] NOTES. 899 

tU )i ri x**V*** ^ *' 'riXtffAm yivtr^i into a place which mighi easily 1 66 
become a city, or itito a jylace well adapted/or the building of a city. 

This clause Spelinan translates, " some even bring soldiers with them 
who had spent their fortunes t** thus translating &*2(tif, '* soldiers,*' 
and making the article «j the relative «7. But «/ fdv aad m Ik are 
evidently opposed to each other. B6rnemann thinks that Avi^ag has 
surreptitiously crept into the text, and should be gected. It would 
then read, some bringing their fortunes^ and others having spent thar 
all before they came. If we read &^^t for iiH^as the sense will be 
good, — »ime men bringing, &c. 

5. riff iiV TMvri. ruvihu, of the union or tax aeict at the same 167 
PLACE, that is, at Calpe. 

6. Ttf h^a iyiftro.^ The verb lyiuTB may be rendered, wert 
favorable ; »»Xit or ;^^fi#r« to be supplied. 

19. jme} x«Ta x^ftif iWiutt, (r« rr^rtv/f understood), and 
that the army should march away in tite same order it preserved 

S2. »u» ityiynra.] See note on line 6 of this page. 

32. Koi BtM^Hv i7if.] Xenophon here seems to give the 168 

direction of the sacrifice to another, fearing lest the soldiers might 
suspect him of deception, from a wish that the army should remain 
at Calpe, and settle there. The verb tr^04u/M4fitu may be rendered, 
to give earnest attention : i7 rt Iv t»6t^ t'lf, if there might be any 
thing JavoraUe in this sacrifice. 

6. »f hytfi^fi U«^Sy*v, promising himself as their leader. 169 

19. r«tfr >Mir9us iv^^as, the men who had escaped the slaughter. 


20. tuti riif tu^f rw zi^mrsf ^•m^mfutt »mrk t«^ ir^ttTHti ^«- ITO 
tiwrat n»^*tft, having made the e^areme part of the army halt ojiposite 
the first dead which apjHtared. For while the extreme rear of the 
army were burying the dead, the van were prepared to defend them 
frcn the enemy. 

27. rvirtMy»«mf uvrwf, having collected them together in ant 

900 NOTES. [BookYL 

171 9. f r#r«|«W«/ rn fdXmyy$, to place behmd ike mutm bo«fy. 
13. nit.] That it, »«r« n(y ;)«f. 

IB. rii* ^iv.] Tiiat is, rn* fiU rmj^p, 

1 9. Iwirft^^tf Iptwt^mtt Commanded to Jo!low, 

26. i^i ri liywfMf09.1 Supply f^i^^tt to Ike fnmi Ime. 

S9. Ifi ^v^ns •y* &itt9 *in, i* »«^«r» literally, tkat U was 

net wortk white to consider wketker tkie ravine tkatdd be passed .* 
meaning that it was undcul>Cedly inexpedient to past it. 

93. ytX»u€f9. ] This refers rather to nititnttt than to /iS, and may 
bamndlered unnecessary, 

S3. }<^«f uf Mtifumrmt tkat gfory wkkk is eo ns eq me mi 

upon bracery. This short atldresi of Xenophon to his solJiera is 
roost energetic and eloquent, and is equally worthy of bim as an 
orator and a general. 

172 '^' **^*^ ««A>y ttztf becomes no hmorable man. 

10. Km) rtirtvf} The order is, K«) JIT •« ««)^ ^/tt7r IXc'i^gn 
ewJrMVf W«Mr«ff fdv i/t£f (gen. abs.), )i^«W«M iftrng. 

19. r« wtiist,] This refers to the plain they had already pass- 
ed, which could not be repassed if the enemy's hone were not 

8S. wM'o ri tdiwt i lUvrt ; wkai a gulf is tke Euxine sea f com- 
pared to which this is nothing. 

33. 4 >< &4i/«if^Mfr«, than if they fled off, 

174 8* Miv'r-} The horse of the enemy, knowing well the gromid, 
and taking advantage of the night, fled to this valley ) which tfaer 
would not otherwise have done, as the place was much more difficnlt 
for eaTaby than infantry. 


S6. Kanfiiywf came into harbouTt rk wktHm tig «^ Xtfiim OB- 

175 1. Kif r#yTy.] Supply Xi'^f' Ki»' ^^^ *«^ *»• 

13. itpm^ureut takes him away, that is, takes from Dexippus tlw 
man whom he was carrying to Oleander. 

16. rM tr^«)«riff.] The article has great force here^ as if tli^ 

Chaf. VI.] NOTES. 801 

had said, the noted trcator^ the one who secretly sailed away with the 175 

fifly-oar gilley. 

S3. Ktfj vfittf /»f ] The sense is, And you shall not de- 176 

Uper me vp, Inmnd, to Cleander, 

S. rti^tieti Ti, atid tnay you return tafe. 177 

19. xiXivr«f.] Tills, as well as £^«X«/«i»«f, agrees with lytt, 
S9. T«tfr«v tZv Tfy^n Strm AfukifAnv, such therefifre is the ehatm 

Oder of the fMinw from vtliom / rescued Ike man / k^uXi/uvt gor* 

cming two accusatives. 

SO. £< )> rv nytt. But ^ you had been carrying him away. 

This is a very artful and happy compliment to Cleander. 

9. u *m •tUy although you think, " 178 

16. rM9VTtf.] Geander appears to judg^ rather hastily of the 

man's character, taking his own statement in hia own caae. witliout , 


3. viT/Mffi.] This is the Doric form of the infinitive, for i^immu 179 

4. /MB rit Smw.] luH was the old Doric for 0««f. 2m«, being 
in the dual number, means, ttie two diptnities : ftk rm 2m*, 6^ the tw0 
dimmtlet^ meaning Castor and Pollux } which form of sweahng was 
prevalent among the Lacedaemonians. 

S3. 2««/i/«itM, having expjscd Jinr sale 



180 ^^* ^" ^**'* ^^ ovghi to be done, 

181 ^S' ^^ f^l See note, page 98, line 26* 
S4. 'O r.'> That is, *0 V 'Afmi:»4H* 

27. Irt uvrit avri* mtTi^Letrmi, that he tbould atirSnUe tie Uame 
to Idmadf. There seems to t« a designed ambiguity in the expres- 
sion, which Anaxibius would wish to hare the soldiers interpret, <— 
if ym do not receive the promised pay, blame younelveSt not me, 

28. Aflnv, entirely, whtMy. 

jgO 3* K»viV»««*] Zeunius thinks that tliis was a Lacedaemonian^ who 
was carrying on a war with the Thracians. 

28. (|*>.] The sententious brevity of this sentence is ailmic»- 
ble, and seems to correspond with the hurry of the moment which it 
describes. Some copies read Uuv after f^«. 

28. »atuXK4t rat Tftn^ml See Antiq. Pkrt. 9. Chap. 1. 
183 6. 'AXX* i7.] By ordering the soldiers to sund to their amia» it 
was his design to overawe any who might be straggling through the 
city, in quest of plunder. 
11. its i»Tii, eight deep, 
IS4 ^* ttt^nftUmf,, remaining in quiet expectation^ 

32. w'T^mmyiZ^, ambiiious to be a generaL 
135 1* ^^ra. That portion of Thrace which extends froni Byzm. 
tium to Salmydessus, is called the Delia, from its vriangular shape. 
See Map. 
186 s. 'Erf} )) wtfXXi?* ifiiu MvrSf, literally, but when there VMnied 
many to him, that is, ** when he needed many more provisioni^ is 
order to distribute even one day's allowanoe to each soldier.** 



11. 2tu^ii».] Seuthes was king of Thrace. See page ISO, IQQ 
line 19. 

18. a<rMifttf^i, disposing of, selling. 

26. if»9 4u iraftin n^n us 'EkXntT»¥T09, thai he vfotdd instantltf be 
m t/ie HeUeftitont ; that lie was that instant about to be in i thai 
he was all but in. To supply the ellipsis and translate it literally» 
that he was now as Jar as hb coujld be p&zsent and not be 

12. Ui^iv^tfy.] Perinthus was a city of Thrace, near Byzantium, jgy 
23. Mf Tt •*».] Mf is used in the sense of ready; as, •*•$ 

Uftt uvX^ irar^ti^t xtiUvnwif • — hble ; «iit rt Xiyuv, able to 
sj)eaki in the neuter, posable g «7«y ri Imr, it is iin- 

28. \^nfjfts,'\ That is, which were not attended by any guards, 188 

33, "Ifit irj/F, come now : it^^ynreth imperative, and addressed to lo9 
MnWaBiff, who reports to Sii^q; Xenophon*s answer. 

6. Oim. t^nrict »Tov r' tTm/, you said that what I proposed could 190 
not be effected. 

25. xoi Ixet^t^ifi^v Wii(p^ttff as I was sitting an the same seat 
with him at table. The Hiracians used to sit at table, and not re- 
dine after the manner of the Greeks. The word Ixtrfif is very ex- 
pressive of his destitute situation, being generally applied to those 
persons who were obliged to leave their native country for some 
inisfor*une or crime, and went to a foreign power as supjiliants for 


1 9. TJiv ft\9 9r^0t *A(ifr»(x** ^'* 'Src/, not to go to Aristarchus ; 191 
liteially, to neglect or let alone the nmy to Aristarchus. 

S. t«Dt« UuXiv9tvh.'\ That is, whether you will obey Aristar- 192 
chus, or go to Seuthes. 

23. llinwitu ] From Itvtit. 

90i K0TB8. [Book TIL 

193 90, rk wtfu(ifU9m, wkai ii emtlomary g that ii, double to tk« A^ 
X»y*H quadruple to the wT^mmyM, 

ld3 S. fUL^Ttmn^ to tearck out, dbcover, 

IS. tffuftm,] See note, page 46, line 83. 

194 ^^* f«W* )«^t OA ettormous eater, 

97. dm ;i;«ifti».] This ele^nt phme maj be trinshted, dSi/ iMf 
Htemd to. So JEschinef lii#«^iv x«^^ fmoot^^ctnititf, we uaV 

87. r^tx»mm9*.1 The roradty of this mail is Indeed appareot 
from this word; since one x«M ^"^^ ^ common day's allovance. 

195 ^^* '»y««>ir»»W«r«.] It was a custom among the Thracians 
fsr those who, at a feast, had drunk sufficient themselves, to pour out 
the rest from the cup upon those they had pliedged in drinking. Xen- 
ophoB, probably, is particular to observe this custom, in honor of hit 
hoety who afterwards pours out fur m^tS, with him 


1^ 1. fyifui, ahmef without a leader and apart from the reit of the 


IS. Jm riXr«MWi, u^t they would tuffer : see itJiex»^ 

84. Ci'H'*] 1^>c ^^^ loose garments extending nearly to the 

feet They may be translated cauock$, or trowten. It is probable 

that they were drawn over the inner clothing, as an additional defence 

from the cold. 

S5. rZt «/;^^X4$rivf.] For rtukt rSf mtXftmXtirtM. 

199 86. U rut dff S<t among thou Thracians who are cnUed 

the mountain Thradam. 

200 ^^* •* ^ ^^t rxvrcAMf fiS«XX«v, othert attacked them with dubt, 
IS. f^r««.] The captured Thynians seem to be understood. 

19. irHf UrmtutiltMM. Schneider observes that Xenophon 

seems to have remarked on the age of the youth, because the strength 
of a full grown man would appear to be requisite for blowing the 

201 9* ^i/»^0 See note, page 199, line 86. 

10. r;<xX«r/«».] That is, three times the number he had when 
the Greeks first came to his assistance^ 

Chaf. VIIJ NOTES. 90S 


26. In iw, stitt farther up, that is, at a greater distance from 202 
the sea. 

28. niiit tlrT§f, j{, quite as wdl as : ^fug refers to 

the generals, whom Heradides bad summoned to Seuthes. 

12. UikXty^i mm Uxiwvwh strike ujxm the rocks and are ^3 


14. Mtktvu 9'mfdyuf, ordered that they should be brought «!» 204 

that is, the Lacedsmonian ambassadors. 

17. Iv) Ifif'] T^flrv-i^y understood, to an hospitabU banquet, 

15. vk v^iri^A i;^«vr« wa^k Si 1^0 v Tf;^y«^uv, that I, having your 206 
pay which I have received from Seuthes, am artfully deceiving you* 

21. n/MvJ] That is, to Xenophon and Seuthes. 

21. lit ir^rrnrc ttbrit rk ;^(nfuirUf if you exact the money 
from him, 

25, wtXXw 2u9 '^X**** ^ ^ i*^ J**^ from having* 

27. rvfirruMf.] Not^raicn up together, but r^ularly organixed 207 
and equipped, 

29. tf»rim*vt.3 These words are sometimes separated, Itrtm •2'i> 

4. »«4 Iv rif fti^u *ti) «*«(« r§ fti^^St both in his official station and oqq 
out of his official station, as an officer and as a man. 

14. Ov /miv.] That is, Oo /ih »tti^if liixu vfuf tsMu, s. r* X. 


15. ^Tt.] This is a form of the pluperfect mid. for furu 0{\ 

S2. T0UTMt i^tr^l^pat, to submit the question to these people, 212 
2. tu» 7^n, said that he wtuM not, that is, ** that he would not 213 
leave it to the decision of the people in whose country they were." 
S4. etf^^t^ut, to produce r^ormatian in as^ one, 

•06 NOTES. mooxVU. 

214 SS. »Umf9 mw^tuTMi, m the Jhst pkiee, therefire, the 

conifidewee of men, wMeh has procured for you your tingiiam, is 
bartered away by you Jirr this sum of maney^ that is, for this ■am 
which you owe ui, and have refused to pay. 

215 ^^* <i **^* 'm«v«'«* ir^«)«f> your annual income, 
215 ^' * ^f*] Governed by tx^n two tines below. 

S4« TMtS^n wttfeoi, to make me in as high standing. 
217 15. *A^' «^s.] The sense^ of this passage is, Snce indeed. My 
diuation is dangerous, would it not be better that /, by going away, 
should. get dear of the stones with uMch I am threatened 9 

27. XM^MftwmXat, persons who seU, in smatt parcels, plunder 
which they obtain in great quantities* 

1 9. •& ydf wt» ^nft cvr^ Iv-ifxr*, Jbr the 9oie was not yet pasted 
mpam Aim. See the Life of Xenopbon. 


218 S. rk fvMrMM, the dreamt, which vii prbbaUy tfat veD-kaoim 
name of the picture. 

8. AvxiiV*] The Lyceum. 

14. ; Zftvf i MuA/^4«f, Milichian • Jujnier, or Jupiier the 
Placable, This was the name by which Jupiter was addressed when 
aacrifices were oflered to him after the completion of any great un- 
dertaking, that he might loolc with placability upon any faults that 
bad been committed, or any duties neglected. 

15. iX0tuufrtTf.2 To offer an holocaust, was to lay the whole viis 
tim upon the altar, to be burnt. 

220 ^^* 'A>«rmf.] whose bravery is recorded in Boole IV. Chap. 7, 
and Book V. Chap. S, and who had fought unharmed till the pres- 
ent occasion. 


^ v;_^ ^_,>i IJi i>JtUapi|5 

, .. -,.,-•./•>. ^^--s."' ^^''-H*-^ i;-^^^^-^^^''-^^"^'^'"^^'^" -C -i."^' •' 


This book is under no oiroumstonoes to be 
.] taken from the Building 

: >-_ *— 


• J r:s 



"... V ' 

' "'■>■«" • 





"' > ->-■•' 



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form 'Jio 

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