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Digitized by the Internet Arcinive 

in 2010 witin funding from 

Lyrasis IVIembers and Sloan Foundation 

j' Voliame 96 

Published by the Students of the 
Virginia Commonwealth University 
Medical College of Virginia Campus 

Funded by the MCV Student Government Association 

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III 1991 







The Dissection yttW Jfjfl 

1995 ^ /jlijasBmy 




TcLPg o^ CZ^kjod&u^ 

^^^ Introduction 

40th Anniversary Celebration 


MCV Campus: Past and Present 


Medical Missions 


Social Events 


Current Events & Pop Culture 


VCU President's Letter 


MCV Campus Deans 


'^=5='' Portraits 

Allied Health 





;■ 47 





Student Organizations <Si. Student Life 

Student Government Association 87 

Allied Health 91 

Dentistry 105 

Medicine 121 

Nursing 139 

Pharmacy 155 

X-Ray Staff 176 

Recognition A.ds <S^ GDmmunity Sponsors 

In a 1967 report entitled "Report of the Commission to plan for the establishment of a 
proposed state-supported university in the Richmond Metropolitan Area," better 
known as the Wayne Commission Report, the merging of the Medical College of 
Virginia and Richmond Professional Institute was proposed and justified. With the 
support of the Virginia General Assembly and Governor Mills E. Godwin, Jr., this 
proposal became a reality when these two institutions were brought together in 1968 to 
form Virginia Commonwealth University. In the fall of 2008, our university celebrated 
the 40th anniversary of the merger. On the MCV Campus, the celebration was kicked 
off on October 22 with the dedication of two historic markers which commemorate the 
history of the St. Philip School of Nursing and the birthplace of cardiac transplantation. 

In recognition of the 40th anniversary of VCU, photos of the MCV Campus in the late 
1960s were obtained from the library archives. In this Past and Present series, we 
present a few of these old images and their corresponding view today. While some 
locations have changed drastically over the past 40 years as old buildings were torn 
down to make way for the new, many of the beloved buildings we walk by each day 
continue to serve their function four decades later. 

Hunton Hall on the northeast 
comer of 12th and Marshall 
was constructed as a dormitory 
for house staff in 1938. It was 
taken down in 1977 to make 
way for Main Hospital. 

The heating plant and the Patient 
Visitor Parking Deck along the 
13th street corridor can be seen 
here in the 1960s. The parking 
deck was later extended and the 
heating plant was demolished in 
2005 to make way for the 
Critical Care Hospital. The new 
15-level, 232-bed facility was 
dedicated on October 8, 2008. 

Tennis courts, across 10th street from 
MCV campus dormitory complex, used to 
occupy the location where N Deck and the 
new School of Nursing building stand today. 

Built in 1952 for use as a nursing school dormitory, 
the Randolph Minor Hall on College Street was 
torn down in 2003 to make way for the Goodwin 
Laboratory of the Massey Cancer Center. 

le Medical Education Building, dedicated 
d named for Medical College of Virginia 
ssident Dr. William Sanger in 1970, was 
ilt in three phases. The first phase, built 
1963, is seen here in the old image. The 
;ond phase, completed in 1970, provided 
■ee additional stories. Finally, the third 
ase, completed in 1974, extended the 
th street wing toward Broad Street. 


The tri-level pedestrian bridge across 
12th street between Sanger Hall and 
A.D. Williams has not changed much 
over the past 40 years. 

Trees have grown tall in the past four decades at the 

Sanger Hall courtyard, now known as the Margaret 

Newman Patterson Memorial Garden. An alleyway 

ran between the Medical 

Education Building (now 

known as Sanger) and the 

Student Union (now known 

as the Hunton Smdent 

Center) before phase III of 

Sanger Hall was completed 

in 1974. 


On April 19th 2008, VCU students and community healthcare providers worked 
together at the Richmond Convention Center for the first annual VCU/MCV Campus 
Community Health Fair. A completely student-driven initiative, the health fair began 
as an idea that the Richmond community could benefit from services provided by 
MCV campus students. 


tVrHi ! iiy ^^ IDS 



^^^^Eli 1 


flf^V ""v. Balers 







Honduras Outreach Medical Brigada Relief Effort (HOMBRE) has sent first-year 
medical students to Honduras every year since 2000. Recently, pharmacy students 
have joined the team to continue to provide medical relief and healthcare education to 
underserved, rural populations. 




Students from schools on the MCV Campus joined the Remote Area Medical 
Volunteer Corp last July to provide free care at the largest community health fair in 
Virginia. Thousands of patients waited in line in the early mornings in southwest 
Virginia to receive free dental and medical care and prescription medications at this 
annual event. 

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WLj M 



#^i <!oB 

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Current Events ^^^ Pop Culture 


Barack Obama, the 44th president of 
the United States of America, and the 
first African-American U.S. president 

Obama beat 
out former first 
lady Hillary Clinton for the 
Democratic nomination and 
then went on to win the 
Presidential seat from 
Republican John McCain. 
Obama ran with Senator 
Joe Biden from Delaware 
as his running mate. 

Some of the best election memories may not 
be from the election trails but from skits on 
Saturday Night Live. Tina Fey played Sarah 
Palin, the Republican Vice Presidential 
candidate, with remarkable resemblance. 

The January 20, 2009 
inauguration marked 
the end of President 
George W. Bush's eight 
year term. He joins a 
distinguished list of 
former U.S. presidents, 
including his father, 
George H. W. Bush, 
who was president from 
1989 to 1993. 



swimmer Michael 
Phelps brought 
home eight gold 
metals during the 
Summer 2008 
Olympics hosted 
in Beijing. China. 

Many Americans strive to be more eco- 
friendly by purchasing electric and hybrid 
vehicles, such as the Toyota Prius. VCU 
joined the green effort by purchasing two 
electric trucks. The compact Smart Cars 
are also gaining popularity. 

Gasoline prices peaked at an 
average of $4. 1 1 per gallon 
during the summer, but then 
plummeted to an average of 
$1.70 by the end of 2008. 

Top 10 Movies of 2008 

1. The Dark Knight 

2. Iron Man 

3. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the 
Crystal Skull 

4. Hancock 

5. WALL-E 

6. Kung Fu Panda 

7. Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa 

8. Quantum of Solace 

9. Twilight 

10. Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who! 

Phe garage bands move to the living room with the newest video game 
rraze. Guitar Hero and Rock Band. 



In sports, the Pittsburgh Steelers 
beat the Arizona Cardinals in 
Super Bowl XLIII. It was the 
Pittsburgh's 6th Super Bowl win. 

TAMPA BAY 02.01.09 

The 2008 World Series 
was won by the Philadelphia 
Phillies, their first since 1980 

David Cook became the winner of 
the seventh season of American 
Idol. David Archuleta was the 


Letter from tKe President of VCIJj 

Dear Students, 

It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to this edition of X-Ray. Virginia 
Commonwealth University is proud of the more than 4,000 students and 
residents who are studying for careers in allied health professions, dentistry, 
medicine, nursing and pharmacy. Our academic schools and the VCU Health 
System make us one of the most comprehensive academic medical centers in the 

The array of nationally and internationally recognized faculty working on new 
discoveries and their applications in the health sciences is one of the tremendous 
benefits of your education here. Your faculty are attracting national recognition 
for excellence in professional and graduate education as well as in the life 
sciences. They are involved in all aspects of your education in the classroom, in 
the laboratory and with patients, and they are enhancing life sciences teaching, 
research and public education throughout the University. 

Our reputation for excellence is based on the tremendous accomplishments of 
both our faculty and of you, our students, and it is a reputation in which we can 
all take much pride. I am delighted that you chose VCU as the place to pursue 
your education and wish you much success in your future endeavors. 

It is my hope that the strength of your education will carry you forward to a 
promising future. Best wishes to you on your studies and congratulations to 
those of you who will be earning your degrees in May. 


Eugene P. Trani 

President, Virginia Commonwealth Universit; 

President and Chair, VCU Health System 



Virginia CommonwealtK University 
Ndedical College of Virginia Campus 


Cecil Drain, Ph.D. 
School of Allied Health 

Ronald Hunt, D.D.S. 
School of Dentistry 

Jerome Strauss, M.D., Ph.D. 
School of Medicine 

Nancy Langston, Ph.D. 
School of Nursing 

Victor Yanchick, Ph.D. 
School of Pharmacy 


\/irgirda ComiXLonwealtK Liniversity 
Medical College of Virginia Campus 


^Allied HealtK 







C^d^^/^/JWlied Health- 

Reethi Iyengar 

Ph.D. Program in Health 

Thao Nguyen 

Clinical Chemistrv 

Class of 2010 ' 

Sofie Peril Spuiiing 

M.S. Program in Health 

Health Administration ^^ K4HA Class of 2009 


Briaette Booth 

Alton Brooks 

Joseph Brown 


Omar Chuchtai 

Jessica Davidson 

Brent Hiaains 

Aian Keest'c 

Jenifer Murphy 

Zachary Reed 

Barry Schofield 

John Skevinaton 

Libby Skiles 

Jeffery SolUs 

Jason Whinham 

HealtK AdministratiorL ^^^^ IvlHA Class of 2010 

Margaret Amankwa-Sakyi 

Priyanka Dhingra 

Shankara Ettigi 

Andrea Gwyn 

John Hunter 

Samuel Jordan 

Peter Kennedy 

William Maixner 

Austin Manning 

Robert Marmerstein 

Renee Mehrzad 

Josh Plauny 

Alexandra Povlishock 
Rebecca Sesal 


HealtH Administration '"^^ NIHA Class of 201 1 

Athar Ahmad 
E/,iiine Akamiro 
Patrick Cockey 
James Drinan 
Tom Emswiler 

Calle Griffith 
Sebastian Haines 
Alejandra Harvey 
Meghan Hummer 
Juhe Idoine 

Melissa Lau 
Scott Malan 
Rebecca McMahan 
Sohum Mehta 
Jonathan Myers 

Timothy O'Brien 
Justin Rushford 
Luisa Soaterna 
Danielle Staylor 
Michael Vasell 

Lucas Wadsworth 


Occupational TKerapy ^^==^ Class of 2009 

Melissa Cavanuuah 

Brooke Glasscock Jessica Hollandsworth 

Ava Hosteller 

Rachel Isak 

Susan Phipps 

Jessica Welsh 

Miriam Welsh 

Kelley Yates 


Occupational TTnerapy '^^^^ Classes of 2010 & 201 1 

Meredith Cofield 
Charlene Dismaya 
Scovia Eluzai 
Ruthie Evjen 

Marshall Felvey 
Jennifer Geiger 
Cathy George 
Kate Hendricks 


^^^^B ^ ^^^^^1 


Kate Kapus 
Meg Mclntyre 
LesUe Peterson 

Elena Plionis 
Crystal Sawyer 
Jessica Secour 
Rachael Swartwout 


PKysical THKerapy ^^^ Classes of 2010 & 201 L 

Rebekah Burkett 

Erin Burress 

Jessica Dobbs 

Meagan Hilligas 

Whitney Huffman 

Vanesa Johnson 

Becky Lingerfely 

Sarah McAUister 

Megan Ryninger 
LoiTen Sanders 
Beverly Walsh 
Lauren Wenger 

Lindsay Campbell 

Brooke Rush 

Emily Vik 


V^irgirda GDmrrLonwealtK University 
]S/te<dical College of N/irginia CampLis 

^'"^'^^Uied HealtK 






Letter from graduating class president 

Class of 2009, 

It seems like yesterday that we just met, braced for whatever may come our 
way. Our thoughts were inundated with anticipation, excitement, and 
uncertainty for what lie ahead. Then, four years of dental school seemed an 
almost intangible task. Yet four years have passed, in the blink of an eye. We 
look back now in disbelief at how much we have done, in seemingly so Uttle 
time. Looking forward, we are revisited with the same anticipation, excitement, 
and uncertainty we once had. A major milestone in our lives has been achieved. 
As you continue to move forward, full throttle, with your eyes on the road 
ahead, dont forget to glance back in the rear view mirror now and then and 
remember just how far youve come. 

On a personal note, it has been my honor and privilege to work with all of you 
for the past four years. I couldnt imagine a more dedicated, motivated, and 
devoted group of people. A thank you could never be enough for your 
unyielding kindness, generosity, and support. We have made our own dental 
school experience a great one. I am sure you are all eager to take the next step, 
and I wish each of you the VERY BEST, wherever you may go. 

In the words of Dr. Seuss 

Be sure when you step. 

Step with care and great tact 

and remember that Lifes 

a Great Balancing Act. 

Just never forget to be dexterous and deft. 

And never mix up your right foot with your left. 

And will you succeed? 
Yes! You will, indeed! 
(98 and % percent guaranteed.) 

You're off to Great Places! 
Today is your day! 
Your future is waiting. 
So get on your way! 


Most Sincerely and Respectfully, 

Eric 'Vhidden 

All Akhlanhi 

Matthew Bolduc 

O^j.^^^/ ^/Dentistry ^"^^ Class of 2009 

Mahdi Al Attar 

Kelly Bowliii 

Hamad Alqadhi 

Deiek Brow n 

Uppasna Chand 

Rvaii Biickwaltc 

Ju-Haii Chane 

Emily Craft 

Melanie Crisp 

Kaitlin Cronan 

Scott Culpepper 

Og^/W<^/DerLtistry ^^ Class of 2009 

Ashley Dameron 

Jessica Dance-Smith 

Andrea Dennis 

Patricia Dunbar 

Isra Elrayah 

Matthew Harris 

Tyler Hart 

Frank Henrich 

Patrick Holmes 

ryan Katz 

Gloria Kim 


William Klein 

Luiza Kreuzer 

Drew Lawhorne 

Brian Leypoldt 

Trevor Lindaren 

Justin Brad Loflin 

Bernadette Mabanalo 

Courtney Meyer 

Brent Moses 

Jayde Moxey 

Mike Munilla 

Karina Munoz 


OS^^W ^Dentistry ^^^^ Class of 2009 

James Peery 


Jacob Powell 

Joshua Ramev 

Jeff Roberson 

;^ - '■^ 



Shahrzad Salartash 

Aminar San-af 

Lan-y Scarborough 

David Schindler 


Katie Southwell 

Kristina Staples 

Anna To 

Kristen Tomlinson 

Eric Whidden 

Michael Welter 

O^d^^/ ^JD^rxtistry '^^^ Class of 2010 

John Agapis 

Matthew Aldred 

Yousif AH 

Khalid Amin 

Peter Appleby 

Poonum Bharal 

Sushmita Bhardwaj 

Fawzia Bhavnagii 

James Cahii 

Mimi Chang 

Erika Crawford f" 
Darren Dorfman i 
Sonny Duong 
David Durham 
Andreen Fearon 

Brian Fife 

Audrey Gamulo 

Davis Gardner 

Sarah Gerber 

Frank Grogan 

Danielle Hoexter 

Neda Ho\ ai/i 

Erick Jansson 

David Louis Jones 

Richard Jones 

Edward T Jordan 

Preeti Kansal 

Natasha Kapoor 

Kwang Kim 

Mani Matin 



Kelly Mayer 
Clay Miller 
Paul Miller 
Nitika Mittal 
Nikolav Mollov 

Diane Nelson 
France Nielson 
Justin Norbo 
Adam Park 
Christian Peck 

Stephen Quinn 
Ke\ in Rasmussen 
Cameron Roberts 
John Roller 
Farzaneh Rostami 

Tasha Sauls 
Erick Shell 
Philip Sherrill 
Ryan Swigert 
Amir Tavassoli 

Harper Thompson 
Kevin Van 
Irina Volkova 
Sam Waddoups 
Amber Weems 


O^d^^/ (?/lZ>^T\tistry «"^^^ Class of 2011 

Mina Abdolalii 

Tareq Al-Ahdulal> 

Amen Alemayehu 



Ryan Anardi 

Allie Angert 

Adam Becker 

Debbie Boese 

William Bolton 

Richard Carlile 

David Dalling 
Brooke Dellinger 
Aditya Dhakar 
Spencer Dixon 
Jigmey Dorjee 

Bryson Dunham 

Chad Flanagan 

Mark Gerald 

Will Goodwill 

Robert Harris 

David Herce 

Brett Hill 

Lauren Hinchee 

Golnaz Jalali 

Sarah Kandrac 

Athra Khalaf 

Jeff Koelmei 

Ida Lily Kond;-- 

Breni Larru 

Margaretle I l 



Sehmi Lee 
Stephen Lewis 
Lina Liu 
Fatinia Maarouf 
Whitney Maier 

Elizabeth Matteson 
Mitra Mortazavi 
Chrissy Ogura 
Barrett Peters 
WilUam Potter 

David Reznick 
Joseph Rodriguez 
Anian Sabharwal 
Aaron Scheps 
Jason Schoener 

Shima Shadman 
Milan Simanek 
Clinton Sorensen 
Crystal Sorensen 
Ray Stephens 

Sara Stires 
Matthew Tomoda 
Bryan Trump 
Daniel Vacendak 
Oscar Vega 

Lynn Vu 
Austin Westover 
Asha Wilson 


0^^/^^^/ ^/Dentistry ^"^=^ Class of 2012 

Molly Adler 

Saleh Ashkanani 

Farrah Beg 

Katie Berkelhammer 

Maria Chang 

Chris Chapman 

Aileen Chyn 

Stephen Depasquale 

Susan Dickerson 

Linda Dinh 

Jessica Dombroski 

Tran Du 

Andrew Duncan 

Tayeeb Faruk 

Nancy Fen-etti 

Thomas Glazier 

Nadder Hassan 

Crystal Hayes 

Brian Herod 

Nickie Hosseini 

Zain Hyder 

Kevin Keating 

Emily Keeton 

Kyu Kim 

SungHee Kim 



Jo Koontz 
Michael Kowalczyk 
Jonathan Kremser 
David Lai 
Ginly Lau 

Robert LeNoir 
Ruth Molokwu 
Will Moore 
Lloyd Moss 
Arva Namboodiri 

Elizabeth Neal 
Neha Patel 
Michael Reimer 
Nick Schroeder 
Lauren Simon 

Ke\ in Slaughter 
Ryan Sinagalski 
Chapin Smith 
Kelly Thompson 
Christopher Thurston 

Laura Tolusso 
Tyler Toney 
Shalini Verma 
Scott Williams 
Monica Wu 


Dental Hygiene ^^=^ Class of 2009 

Katie Albus 

Shamyra Davis 

Lauren Lewis 

Jennifer Marable 

Ruth McNainara 

Dental Hygiene '"^^ Class of 201 

Helen Alley 

Marjorie Barker 

Hannah Bamette 

Dijana Berber 

Lisa Brown 

Jennifer Cox 

Jonathan Del Vecchio 

Courtney Do 

Ashley Edlin 

Christine Hedblom 

Hoa Minh Ho 

Annie Leffingwell 

Quyen Ly 

Astrid Mattera 

Meghan O'Hara 

Stephanie Orsatti 

Elizabeth Parnell 

Emilie Roberts 

Oscar Rodriquez 

Yolanda Smith 

Elizabeth Toney 

Amy Ti'n 

Stephanie Wisniewski 


V^irginia CommonwealtK LJniversity 
Ivledical GDllege of V^irginia CampLis 


^Allied HealtK 





Q^chod 6, 




( (S% 


Letter from graduating class preside] 

Class of 2009 and otKer members of tKe 
IvlCV 03mmunity, 

Looking back on this long journey that we embarked on four years ago, many 
memories were made and much experience was gained. It is from these times 
that our lives have been shaped and we will begin our careers this upcoming 
summer. I speak on behalf of the Class of 2009 and wish to thank everyone that 
helped mold us into the physicians that we have become. Without our patients 
and their families we would not have learned true empathy and compassion. 
Without our residents and attendings we would not have gained the knowledge 
needed to take care of others. We are in debt and grateful for your help on our 

To the other members of the MCV community, the field of medicine is not 
complete without you. It is through your efforts and hard work that true patient 
care is achieved. We thank you and wish you all the best in your career paths. 

For those still enduring on the path that we all chose, I wish you the best of luck 
over the next couple of years. These years during medical school are gruesome 
and difficult but they may prove to be some of the best of your life. Time will 
pass quickly and before you know it the end of your journey will soon approach. 

Finally, to the Class of 2009, congratulations on this significant achievement in 
your life. I urge you to remember what drew each of us to the field of medicine 
and follow the desire in your heart to becoming a physician. The memories and 
lessons from over the past years will help to guide all of us through residency 
and our career. I wish you all the best of luck and hope that our career paths will 
cross again in the future. 

Stuart Bertsch 

Class of 2009 President 

VCU School of Medicine 


Og^^^^/ ^/Medicine ^"^^ Class of 2009 

Jemilat O. Badamas 

Inlemal Medicine 

Sonia Bahlani 

Anmoldeep S. Bajaj Aman Banerjee 

RuJiol,i:^y General Snrgeiy 

Carey Compton Bertsch 


Stuait Bertsch 


Tasneem Bholat 

Internal Medicine 

Og^//W ^/Medicine ^^=^ Class of 2009 

Joshua Butler 

Stephanie Y. Chao 


Philip Maxwell DeWitt 


Jacob Boone 





. 1 . 

Michael Byrne 

Philip Y. Cheng 


Lesli Antoinette Brown 

Fainilv Medicine 

Jessica Caldwell 


Eryn Stansbui) Clipp 

Oljsletncs & Gynecology 

M. Andrew Donlan. Ill 


Jennifer Buckley 

Fatnilv Medicine 

Marc Caligtan 

James Ebertowski. II 


Michael Grover 


Rebecca Marie Habenicht 

Obstetrics & Gynecology 

Mohammed Hanif 

Michael Hartman 

Og^//^^/ ^/Medicine ^"^ Class of 2009 


Heather Kalehini 

Seott S.W.Kim 

Kathrvn Kina 

David Kirtland 


Brian Quang Le 

General Siir^ei-y 

Kevin J. Lee 

Famih' Medicine 

Nathan J. Lewis 

Emergency Medicine 

Kumapley Lartevi 

Babak Moini 

Bonny L. Moore 
Internal Medicine 

Colin Alexander Mudrick 
Ordwpaedic Surgery 

Heather Murphy 


Og^^^^/ ^/Medicine '^^ Class of 2009 

Dahlia Naqib 

Evora Juanita Newby 

Oladapo B. Olarinde 

Family Medicine 

Ali-Akbur Nassiry 

David Ngo 

Emergency Medicine 

Palak Oza 

Mark A. Nelson 

hucnial Medicine 

Sima Parikh 


Daniel Park 

Darshita Patel 


Mitika Patel 

Internal Medicine 

Payal Patel 


Claire Theodora Rezba 


Margaret Roberts 

Vincent Rodd_\ 

Emcnencx Mediciiu 

Michael F. Rolen 
Diagnostic Radiology 

Ewa D. Ruel 

Internal Medicine 

Ricky Saini 

Diana Samuel 


O^d0(?/ ^/JsAGdiciTLG '"^=^ Class of 2009 


Whitney Sullivan-Lewis Ali Sulian-Quiraie 

Samantha Voat 


Shilen Thakrar 


Abram P. Tirona 

Diagnostic Radiology 


Garrett Walters 

Michael A. Weston 

General Surgery 

Kim-Phuona Tran 

Xena Whittier 

Internal Medicine 

Jason Wong 



OS^>^^i?/ ^/Medicine '^^ Class of 2010 

Ezinne Akamiro 

Ali Akmal 

Abisola Ayodeji 

Christopher Bach 

Kimberly Ball 

Niambi Brown 

Sara Burgardt 

Erica Carter 

Deanna Couser 
Lindsay Dow 

Yousaf Farukhi 

Adriana Faulkner 

Adam Garber 

Samareh Ghorbani 

Talia Glasberg 

Anna Halse-Stumberg 

Stephen Ho 

Kevin Kapoor 

Ali Khan 

Amr Kouchouk 

James Krakow ski 

Lauren Lastinycr 

Melissa Laii 

Jenny Lu 

Asena Madison 



Christa McQuate 
Thomas Mullin 
Brian Nguyen 
Benita Panigrahi 
Mayur Patel 

Shalin Patel 
David Prestosa 
Asad Qasim 
Batool Razvi 
Brian Robertson 

Joseph Romano 
Vihin Roy 
Fereshteh Sani 
Amanda Scheffman 
Tan\'i Shah 

Gabriella Sherman 
Anshu Shukia 
Erin Strauss 
Raphael Sun 
Meghan Thompson 

Michael Tran 
Monica Velasquez 
Jeffrey Wang 
Emilie Wells 
Henry Wong 


OS j/^^^/ ^/Medicine ^^^=^ Class of 2011 

Phyllis Acquah 

Saad Amin 

Blake Anderson 

Xavier Belcher 

Katharine Bowers 

Matthew Caldwell 

Maithili Chitnavis 

Ryan Clayton 

Krista Edelman 

Tais Farahniand 

Meetra Farhat 

Stephanie Gabathuler 

John Hardin 

Zahra Iqbal 

Michelle Johansen 

William Kaufman 

Craig Kelman 

Maimoona Khan 

Courtney Lawrence 

Sahar Mansoor 

Shifa Mohiuddin 

Mahvash Mujahid 

Rajika Nanayakkara 

Sharon Pao 

Matthew Parry 



05^;^^^/ ^/Medicine ^"^^ Class of 2012 

D;ivid Randolph 
Alhcric Rogman 
Kenneth Sadler- 

Shivani Shodhan 
Railey White 

Ifreke Williams 
Patricia Williams 
William Yoon 
Steven Zivich 

Mahlet Berhanemeskel 
Elizabeth Godshall 
Michael Joyce 
Andrew Junkin 

John Le 

Rachel Poliqiiin 
Maxwell Sirkin 

Qgj//W ^/Medicine ^^^ MD/PKD Program 

Bret R. Adams 

Scott Adney 

Maria Amaya Kimberlyn Baig 

Steve R. Bakos Clayton Bauer 

Jason Beckta James R. Bowman, III 

Julie Chan 

Woon N. Chow Michael D. Connery Brigitte Engelmann 



Amanda L. George Da\ id R. Gibb Natalia Ginzburg Quintesia L. Grant 


John E. Greer 

David R. Gude Laura Michele Hack 

Tamer M. Hadi 

Brian L. Henry 

Peyman Kabolizadeli Tim Kegelman 

Albert H. Kim 




) I 

Alison L. Kuchta 

Erik Loken 

Rahul Mahajan 

Mba Uzoma Mba 

Duncan R. Morhardt Nisha Nagarkatti 

Binh N. Nguyen 


Ogj/z^^/^/VLedicine ^^^^ MD/PHD Program 

Frank J. Raucci, Jr. Frances M. Saccoccio James Eric Schmitt 

Beth Sue Pecora Alexandra C. Racanelli 

Graham M. Strub 

Lori Hill Walsh Elizabeth Railey White Jessie Yester 


Julie Marie Ziobro 

1 \/irgirLia CZommorLwealtH University 
I N4e<dical College of V^irginia Campus 

'^^''^^'Allied Health 







Letter from class directors 


Dear Senior Clsiss, 

Congratulations, seniors! Nursing school is unlike any other major. It takes a 
certain type of person to not only be a college student, but to learn to be a 
professional. Being a graduate of VCU School of Nursing means we have begun 
a journey toward a lifetime of helping others. Once we receive our diplomas we 
will be charged with educating others about our profession and all that it means 
to be an RN. Its not just waiting on others at the bedside it takes creativity, 
organization, and clinical expertise, while expressing compassion. While 
nursing is a challenging career, VCUs School of Nursing has trained us in the 
most up-to-date evidence and practice, and prepared us to be leaders in our 
field. As we embark on our new careers we should be proud to be graduates of 
Virginia Commonwealth University. Good luck and best wishes we did it! 


Claudia Verdirame & Jean Rabb 

VCU Accelerated 2nd degree BSN Class Directors 

Lauren Floyd 

VCU Traditional BSN Class Director 


Og^/W^/lSlLirsirLg ^^^ Class of 2009 

Laura Addison 

Raesharon Alonzo 

Blair Alvis 

Kalhcrine Hopper 

Heather Kirchmann Carolyn Kirkbride 

Leigh Ann Overmeyer 

Heather Pittard 

Ann Rogers 

Rebekah Sellers 

Jich-Naoc Tran 

Elizabeth Wilck 


05^>^^^/ ^/Nursing ^^^^=>^ Class of" 2010 

Mary Bowers 

Jonathan Burch 

Rebecca Cheatham 

Grace Cowley 

Kelly Donahue 

Ellie Gibberman 

Felecia Harris 

Amanda Hightower 

Jamie Jennette 

Jasmine Jones 

Angela Joseph 

Maya Laura Moreno 

Patience Oteng 

Erika Pawley 

Paula Perry 

Lynn Pettyjohn 

Kelsey Pullen 

Kyle Rasmussen 

Mary Reynolds 

Stephan Riddle 

Alexandra Ritchie 

Jeannette Speidel 

Alyssa Sunga 

Emily Tabb 

Sara Wechsler 


\/irginia ComrrLorLwealtH University 
Medical GDllege of X/irginia Campus 

o8.w,/^jj.^ Health 





Letter from gradiaating class president 

To the Class of 2009, 

I remember our class of 130 new faces on our first orientation day; eager and 
excited and completely unaware of what was about to happen. No matter how 
prepared we thought we were, I dont believe we could have predicted the 
individual paths we each would travel to reach our final day of celebration. 
From the very first day we stood up to announce our intentions upon graduation, 
we have changed. We are now fundamentally different people because of the 
friends we have made, the organizations we became involved with, and our 
personal experiences that we will never forget. We began to learn about 
pharmacy. We began to learn about ourselves. We began to look at life with 
fresh eyes. 

Change occurred around us as we ourselves were changing. We had the fortune 
of attending our spring formals at The Jefferson, our class proudly holds the 
inaugural students for our INOVA campus program, and the Larrick Center 
came down as Hunton Hall was erected. Lets also not forget the countless 
Thursday evenings at Tobacco and Sine, all our school functions that 
encouraged costumes, and our pharmacy picnics complete with tug-of-war. 
While our daytime lives were consumed in Smith, GBJ and Sanger, we each 
branched out and found our niche within professional organizations, research, 
service, leadership, and in trying new things. We have each shown excellence 
in our own way, and the moments defining our time here will never be forgotten 
as they have paved the way for those following our footsteps. 

While our journey through pharmacy school was different for each of us, the 
close of this chapter promises a new beginning for us all. In four quick years, 
our adventures were accompanied by joy and stress, by tears and 
accomplishments, and with the strength of our peers and loved ones that carried 
us through the toughest of times. Through all of our experiences at the Medical 
College of Virginia, we have learned more about who we are and how our 
professional and personal purpose is unfolding. We have each been hand 
selected to make a difference in the lives of those closest to us just as equally as 
in the lives of patients we may never meet. 

I thank each of you for the collaboration of experiences that has shaped our 
times together, and wish each of you the best in all your future endeavors. May 
we all keep in touch and never forget why we chose pharmacy. 

Warmest Regards, 


Michaiah Gabrielle Parker 
President. Pharmacy Class of 2009 

OS^//^^/^/pHarmacy '"^^ Class of 2009 

Melissa Brandt 

Amanda Bremiier 

Kara Butler 

Jessica Carter 

Antoinette Coi 

Eric Colpo 

Og^/^W^Harmacy '^^ Class of 2009 

Brad Deal 

Ashley Davis 

David Delons 

Jeremy Essig 

Robin Davis 

Kristen Gallaher 


Jennifer George 

Lawrence Gonzales 

Shelia Gordon 


Scott Kim 

Jenny Kissinger 

Amy Laboskie 


OS^/f^^/^Karmacy *"^^ Class of 2009 

(\L 1/ 

Chad Marsing 

Michelle Mosteiro 

Bassim Mousa 

Jennircr Ncal 



Nancy Nguyen 

Janet Park 

Michaiah Parker 

Fatimah Pasha 


Og^y^^^/ pharmacy ^^^ Class of 2009 

Kena Patel 

Naan Phan 

Kara Plauger 

Mika Shima 

Lynn Silagyi 

Jaclyn Smith 

Ashley Standish 

Ashley Varney 

Courtney Watson 



Leska Webb 

Scoti Williams 

Peter Wills 

Katie Wohlford 

Christina Wone 

Jessica Wood 

Jennifer Yuen 


05^/W ^/pharmacy ^"^=^ Class of 20 lO 

Jehan Abed 

Hend Abu-Joudeh 

Ashley Allmond 

Edward Amponsem 

Uni An 

Stephen Anderson 

Benu Arora 

Stephanie Atueyi 

Jennifer Austin 

Lexie Autrey 

Christopher Benton 

Joel Blevins 

Ashley Bolen 

Derrick Botkins 

Vy Bui 

Aileen Caalim 

Courtney Carmack 

Jonathan Carter 

Elizabeth Choi 

Casie Clary 

Stephanie Clary 

Kiistyn Colbert 

Ashley Cox 

Megan Danford 

Amanda Dawson 



Nicole Fain 
Jonathan Fields 
Deanna Flora 
Karen Ford 
Joe Gibbons 

Zeenia Gilani 
Holly Gurgle 
Aaron Hall 
Ashley Hall 
Mesan Hall 

Meghan Hall 
Ashley Hamilton 
Dustin Hawkins 
Bobby Hewitt 
Greeorv Hicks 

Kathleen Hidalgo 
Lan Ho 

Dawn Holbrook 
Jacob Hyatt 
Faiza Jama 

Erica Jones 
Kristen Kern 
Na- Young Kim 
Joseph Timothy King 
Maria Koumas 


QS<?/^^^/ ^/pharmacy '^'^^^^ Class of 2010, 

Julianne Lee 

Kendall Looney 

Allison Lynch 

Julie Martorana 

Joey McCloskey 

Stephen Milam 

Laura Nackman 

Carrie Ngo 

Giang Nguyen 

Teresa Nguyen 

AJexis Noble 

Jennifer Padgett 

Susan Park 



Dina Patel 

Payal Patel 

Lauren Pierce 

Erin Poplar-Jeffers 

Pamela Quaye 

Stefanie Rasnick 

Patricia Rogers- 


Lina Saliba 

Lindsay Sanborn 

Meriam Senay 

Marissa Seneca 



Beieket Shimeles 
Sarah Sinclair 
Sarah Slone 
Renee Soban 
Matthew Stone 

Artie Strunk 
Wilma Tagliente 
Tabatha Talbott 
Timothy Tran 
David Trinh 

Sarah Venezian 
Julie Villanueva 
Jessica VoQui 
Evan White 
Tiffany White 

Adrian Wilson 
Erica Winter 
Jenni Witten 
Michelle Woods 
Nicole Woznick 

O^^/W^/pHarmacy ^"^^^ Class of 201 1 

Andrew Adler 

HoUi Bumgamer 

Robert Cade 

Brittany Cannon 

Amy Dembowski 

Uyen Do 

Raid Gadziala 

Lee Grubbs 

Jeffrey Hall 

Sarina How e 

Christian Hughes 

Daniel Jaek 

MaHni Krishnan 

Lauren Marston 

Zachary May 

Aaron Meadows 

Aye Nyanc 

Adetayo Ogiinsanya 

Suzie Padgett 

Megan Puckett 


Stephanie Ratliff 
Hal Reiss 
Jessica Seo 
Amber Smith 
John Tessarzik 

w^d ^ 

Van Le Tran 
Van Phuong Tran 
Meagan Travers 
Katherine Vu 
Lindsay Willis 

Jason Wilson 
Amy Wood 
Ashley Zeigler 


C^^/^^^/^Harnciacy ^^^ Class of 201 

Jennifer Acierto 

Seema Banger 

Les Barker 

Amber Beisswanger 

Carissa Biddle 

Amanda Botteicher 


Blake Bray 


Brad Case 

IfWi :r^^^l 


' - l^^l 


Ak '' .^^H 

Loan Chin 

( 1^K~' 

Cristina DeFraia 

t flHp 

Maria Duricko 


Geetika Gandhi 

IP^H jK^H 

Giang Ha 

r wT^ " ■ tH 

LesUe Hanley 

^ ^ :^'J 

Karl Hayter 

Maiyah Ho 

Marcia Hocutt 

Hillary Hudgins 

Golby Jalai 

Hasan Kazmi 

Gi-hun Kim 

Andrew Kirk 



Minh Le 




Jin Lee 

Braddock Martin 
Jessica Mills 
Swati Mishra 
Holly Moore 

Thanh-Van Nguyen 
Shieya Patel 
Lindsay Plant 
Hoda Rostami 
Lindsay Samuel 

Ashley Savage 
Joseph Schilbe 
Brian Schmitz 
Shiva Shahabadi 
Cassidy Trom 

Gayle Tuckett 
Neil Allen Van Pelt 
Celeste Vinluan 
Jamie Waller 
Rvan Wona 


Q^^>^^^/ ^/pharmacy ^"^^=^ Graduate Studies 

Salah Abohelaika 

Abdulkalia Alsalman 

Nantana Kaisaeng 

Arpamas Seetasith 

Amir Somani 


V^irginia GDmmonwealtH University 
K/Iecdical College of V^irginia CampLis 

Student Government 


^ch^^/qf/\lli^d Health 
O^d^^/ ^/Dentistry 



Jennifer Austin 
Pharmacy 2010 

Student Govemment 




j^k-'-'^^^L <r-^ ^HiiK 




p ^, / 





"''''^L ^1 


JhPb ''^ 




, ,r M 




v^ ^r' 




Adriana Faullcner 

Medicine 2010 

Uni An 
Pharmacy 2010 

K/[CV Campus 
Executive Board 

Chiet YearDook hditor 

Nathan Lewis 
Medicine 2009 












■book Editor 

Teresa Nguyen 
Pharmacy 2010 

Faculi} /M\ iM'is 
Dr. Reuban Rodriguez 
Dr. Carrie Whittier 
Dr. Napoleon Peoples 

VLCV Campus SGJ\\ 

School of Allied Health 

Derek Bristol 
Jackie Brondyk 
Casey Dertzbaugh 
Maureen Furey 
Sebastian Haines 
Alejandra Harvey 
Meagan Hilliagas 
Andrea Kelley 
Stephanie Lynch 
Meg Mclntyre 
Thao Nguyen 
CaitHn Sweeney 

School of Ivledicine 

Craig Antony 
Monika Chaudiiry 
Micheal Goldsmith 
Alex Janovski 
Adam Johnson 
Bill Kaufman 
Lauren Lastinger 
Julia Messina 
Kennth Sadler Meyers 
Rajika Nanayakkara 
Sejal Patel 
Tanvi Shah 
Steve Spivey 
Pat Turner 
Travis Wilson 






School of Dentisti 

Kelly Bowlin 

Golnaz JalaU 

Margarette Le 

Clay Miller 

Nitika Mital 

Eric Shell 

School of Nursin 

Kathryn Grimes 

Katherine Hopper 

Amber Janson 

Angela Joseph 

Sonya Rymaruk 

School of Pharmac 

Leah Belcher 

Sean Carlton 

Jonathon Carter 

Keko Chanthaphavong 

Danny Jaek 

Kathryn Krieg 

Joyce Marshall 

Kiel Muserallo 

Moses Musoke 

Lina Saliba 

Alex Trang 

Jenni Witten 

Graduate Studies 

Amy Bruzek 

Brian Cho 

Michael Francis 

Deepalakshmi Munirag 

Megan Price 
Patrick Sachs 
Sheinei Saleem 
Kelly Warren 

Leena Youssefian 


V^irgirda Common wealtK University 
Medical Clollege of Virginia Campus 


Allied Healdr 



Student Organizations 
Student Life 

School of Allied Health 

Master of Health Administration 






i "B 






School of Allied Health 

School of Allied Health 

MHA Class of 

School of Allied Health 


School of Allied Health 

MHA Class of 

School of Allied Health 

(Occupational ^T^crapp &lass of 2009 

&kss ©fficm 

President - (^umren A^ndelin 

Q^ice President - (Jessica Q^M 

Q&^cMar^ - (Brooke (^lasscock 

treasurer- QS)hmi6 ^apne 


(Occupational ^hcrapp &lass of 2010 

&kss (Officers 

President - <^ea ^eck 

O^ice President - &harbtt6 Q&impson 

^^ecretarp - A^n^ela oM^ilkr 

treasurer - (Jennifer (bowman 

Activities <^Ab 


StLident OcaipatlcrsI Therapy Associatial 

VCUHS therapy dogs onxall 


SOTA is a StLident airLorganiiL^tiorLthat seeks to prorr 
and stlrriLilate Interest in^ocaipatlonal therapy among 
^iidaiLs and the comnuuTity, further dev^elop the social 
of members, provide: services to those IrLthe community 
ixed (by yoluileerlng' otir time aixl talents) and proaire 
networking opporttmities with professiond ocaipational 


President: JacQLieline Parsons 
Vice Presisdent: Vail Thach 
Secretary: Lauren,. AndelirL 
Treaairen A/Legen_Blaesing 

Qigong Dcmon>fationr 



Chssd 2009 

(Occupational ^T^crapp 


Occupational ^T^crapp 

OT's make it fun with 
)urposeful, meaningful 

Feeding skills for 
ctivities of Daily Living 

Beading and 

pumpkin carving 

{ to strengthen 

pincer grasps and 









Virginia CommorLwealtH l^niversity 
Medical College of Virginia Campus 


^Allied HealtK 






Student Organizations 
Student Life 



Academy of General Dentistry 

Virginia AGD Student Membership: Stephanie Chambers 
Virginia AGD Student Membership: Danielle Hoexter 

AGD (Academy of General Dentistry) is a national 

organization that helps its members build and maintain a 

successful dental cai'eer starting as early as Dental School 

From continuing education, advocacy, and networking 

opportunities, the AGD does everything it can for the G 



Student National Dental Association 

President: Amber Weems 

Vice President : Edward T. Jordan 

Treasurer : Asha Wilson 

Secretary: Andreen Fearon 

pro I 

mal Dental Association (SNDA) was incort^WWWIWHBpK^ is a student cha^„^.,„.,^^-j,,_,^ 

' on (NDA). The goals of SNDA include promoting me'^wSffment of minorities unde'ifepreserifeS'i 

clivering improved oral healthcare in underserved communities, helping to sustain mentally healthij 

I ntal students, and to educate students of their social, moral, and ethical obligations to the dental , 

' ' ■ 'Ugly promotes the philosophy that healthcare is a right and not a privilege. Therefore most of ou 

service projects focus on outreach in underserved communities. 


Social Awareness and Multicultural Education 

President: Neda Hovaizi 

Vice President: Fawzia Bliavnagri 

Secretary: Suslimita Bhardwaj 

Treasurer: Lina Liu 

Social Awareness and Multicultural Education: SAME is a student organization focused on developing social and cultural 

training within healthcare education, specifically dentistry. Our objective is to disseminate information regarding cultural 

competency, access to care, and the dispaiity of service amongst various population groups. We want to highlight the need 

for culture competency and access to care with respect to race, religion, ethnicity, gender, social class, disabilities, and 

migrant/refugee status. Other objectives are to instill a sense of community among students and patients from all subsets 

of population, to provide members with mentorship and suppon groups for instruction and training, and to maxiitiize the 

standard of quality of our dental education. 


1 '^ 

NSlffiDEll ^ 

[ ^^ 

tfesen^ii^^B I^^^^^E 

i -- «^ L II i 


National Student Research Group 

President - Poonum Bharal 

Vice President - Cheyanne Warren 

Secretary - Spencer Dixon 

Treasurer - Natasha Kapoor 

EClU's chapter of the AADR NSRG hopes to foster an environment at the School of Dentistry whereby students interested in : 
inching their dental education through research are encouraged to do so and are provided with opportunities to get involved ' 
Uy and nationally. The primary puipose of NSRG is to promote student research and to act as a support network linking other 
dental schools and their research programs. Secondarily, NSRG seeks to generally promote the advancement of dental research -i 
and foster awareness of research and training opportunities in academic dentistry. Activities include journal club meetings, guesf 
speakers, workshop series for abstracts, posters and oral presentations, a semester newsletter highlighting research at the school, ] 
organizing the research portion of Clinic & Research Day and mentorship for the VCU Health Sciences Pipeline Program. < 


Student American Dental Hygienists Association 

President: Ruthie McNamara 

Secretary/Treasurer: Brooke Wilkins 

Vice-President: Ashley Edlin 

Fundraising: Christina Amnions 

Historians: Myriam Gutierrez, 

Christine Hedblom 

Mission Statement: 

The Student American Dental Hygienists Association cultivates, promotes, and sustains the art and science of dental hygierieT 
represents and safe guards the common interest of the members of the profession; and contributes toward the improvement of 
public health. 

I^rpose Statement: 

1 . Network with other dental hygiene students and dental hygienists. 

2. Attend conferences at a reduced price 

3. Receive help with employment oppoitunities 

4. Apply for scholarships and research grants through ADHA's Institute for Oral Health 

g^. Experience hands on community service situations ^^^ m^^^^^^M 

Cosmetic Dental Club 

President: SamWaddoups 
Vice President: Christian Peck 
Vice President: Erik Jansson 

The Cosmetic Dental Club is an organization that has real 

done it this year. Events have included presentations by 

Dr. Joseph Niaintu and also an event given by Patterson 

Dental. Advanced technology in dentistry and machines 

such as Cerecs, lasers, intra-oral cameras, and CT scannei 

were just a few pieces of technology dental students wen 

able to be exposed to. The Cosmetic Dental Club has mad 

an effort lo bring extraordinary learning opportunities to tl 

school that will help dental students succeed in the denta 

school and excel in the transition to produce a cosmeticall 

demanding society. We strive to find activities that will 

attract those who have a deep interest in dental ; 

professionalism and cosmetic excellence. 



Psi Omega 

President: John Howard 

Vice President: Richard Jones 

Secretai-y: Clay Miller 

Treasurer: Adam Goddard 

*%e oBjectives of this Frateftiity are to maintain and advance the high standards of dentistry by instilling in its 

members the spirit of fraternal cooperation; and to exert its influence for the advancement of the dental 

profession in its methods of teaching, of practice, of research, of ethics and of jurisprudence. 


President: Ryan Swigert 

President-Elect: Adam Goddard 

Vice President: Jeff Davidson 

Secretary: Brian Richman 
Treasurer: Farzaneh Rostami 

The purpose of the VCU OSTEOTOMES is to provide dental 

students who are interested in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery a 

group of peers who share this same interest. It is an organization 

which will provide support, collaboration, and information about 

the field of Oral Surgery and the application process to OMFS 

residency programs. 

VCU OSTEOTOMES mission is to further expose the 

undergraduate dental student to the specialty of Oral and 

Maxillofacial Surgery, promote collaboration and learning among 

those interested in this field, and provide opportunities for service 

in the community. 


President: Nitika Mittal 

Vice President: Bemadette Mabanglo 

Treasurer: Emil Christofakis 

Historian: Preeti Kansal 

Delta Sigma Delta 

Delta Sigma Delta was the first professional dental fraternity and was founded in 1 882 at The University of Michigan. Wej 
giaduate chapters in many countries along with over 30 undergrad chapters located at dental schools in the US. The worth; 
goals of the fraternity are to keep high standards of dentistry and advocate a spirit of fraternal cooperation toward scientific, 
ethical and professional progress. Delta Sigma Delta was estabUshed by far-sighted professionals - men with vision - who 
possessed the desire to render the best dental services in the highest professional manner. It was intended to bring together not 
only the most talented students of dentistry while in school but by the estabUshment of the Supreme Chapter, it brought in the 
outstanding teachers and practitioners. It is an organization based on service and merit. r/mi 

Jamaica Project^ 

( =1:1 =l;i =1:1 -U\ !'Ji L. 

.■,Jjl£l. Il=li| llr-,1 llr;; ll=! Mr;. 

VLOM. Project 

Mission of Mercy 

The Virginia Commonwealth University School of Dentistry in conjunction with the Virginia Dental 
Association and the Virginia Health Care Foundation have formed a partnership in providing dental care for 
the uninsured and underserved populations of Virginia. The Mission of Mercy Project was initiated because 
thousands of Virginians are unable to obtain dental care despite their urgent needs. One of the largest factors 
influencing a persons ability to access dental services in Virginia is geography, specifically, where a person 
lives. In some rural areas, the ratio may be as low as one dentist to 5000+ individuals. 

In July 2000, the Virginia Dental Health Foundation launched the Mission of Mercy (M.O.M.) Project. The 

Mission of Mercy Projects are conducted in identified, underserved areas of the state where there are not 

enough dental practitioners to adequately address the oral health needs of the community. Due to the 

tremendous success of the 2000 project, over thirty-eight additional M.O.M. projects have been hosted, in areas 

such as the Eastern Shore, Wise County, Northern Virginia, Petersburg, Grundy and Martinsville. 

The VCU School of Dentistry plays a vital role in not only giving care to this needy population but also 

providing staffing support, transportation, supply management and a large number of volunteers, including 

dental students, dental hygiene students, advanced education students, faculty and staff. To date, more than 

29,588 patients have been provided with over $14.4 million worth of free dental care. Each dollar donated to 

the MOM Project allows us to give $32 in free services to those most in need. Virginias M.O.M. projects have 

broken records for the largest two and three day dental outreach clinics ever conducted in the United States and 

serve as models for other states. 





Bi ^ 





^'H/ 1 




MOM, Project 

Mission of Mercy 

Mission of Mercy Projects have been iield in airport hangers, high schools, 

vacant factories and fairgrounds. Field clinics are set up, resembling a 
M.A.S.H. unit with portable dental chairs, dental units, x-ray machines and 
sterilization facilities. Patients start lining up the night before to ensure that 

they have a place in line that guarantees that they will receive treatment. 

Usually these projects are held in conjunction with a health fair that provides 

screenings and physical exams for the community. Seeing patients stand in 

line, when the students arrive at 6:00 a.m., is usually the first glimpse of 

their patients for the day. It can be overwhelming to realize how great the 

need for dental treatment is, not only abroad but also in their own state. 

Dental School faculty, staff and students, as well as other local health 

practitioners apply for the opportunity to be part of the project. They are 

chosen to attend based on their record of teamwork, their ability to follow 

instructions, and clinical skill. Students are able to perform any treatment 

that they have already been trained to provide in dental school. Faculty 

supervise the students and provide instruction. Time moves very quickly 

with an effort to provide at least one procedure for every person who seeks 

treatment. It is also an opportunity to demonstrate that dentistry is a caring 

profession concerned for the patients emotionally as well as professionally. 

The patients that are seen are very appreciative but the volunteers have 

found that they often times receive more than they give. 

Supplies for these projects come from donations by major companies as well 
as individual support. But the greatest return is from the patients who 

provide us with the enthusiasm and new smiles that truly show that dentistry 
is more than a skill but also a gift we, as dentists, can share with others. 


\/irginia CommorL\vealtK LJniversity 
Medical (ZoUege of X/irginia Campus 

^^'^^'Allied Health 





StmderLt Organizations 
Student Life 


American Medical Student Association 

The American Medical Student Association is committed to improving health care and 
healthcare delivery to all people; promoting active improvement in medical education; 
involving its members in the social, moral and ethical obligations of the profession of 
medicine; assisting in the improvement and understanding of world health problems; 
contributing to the welfare of medical students, premedical students, interns, residents 
and post-MD/DO trainees; and advancing the profession of medicine. 

Presidents: Kristin Moosmann and 
Talene Keshishian 

Vice-President: Ryan Gabriel 

Treasurer: Dan Hendrey 


Tour Guides 

The VCU School of Medicine Tour Guides is a group of second-year medical students 
selected to represent the diverse student body within the school of medicine. They 
assist the administration and admissions committee by guiding tour groups around the 
MCV Campus and familiarize potential applicants, interviewees, and the interested 
public with the history of the campus and medical school. 

Tour Guides: 

Jessica Addison 
Sri Adusumalli 

Saad Amin 

Xavier Belcher 

Justin Benabdallah 

Georgia Blackwood 

Kate Bowers 

^adha Chirumamilla 

Mary Ellen Cleary 

Sara Corley 

Justin Cross 

Krista Edelman 

Sasa Espino 

Ryan Gabriel 

Paul Halweg 
Scott Harrison 
Daniel Hendrey 
Peter Jackson 
Jonathan Katzl 
William Kaufman 

Craig Kelman 

Talene Keshishian 

Ashley Lescanec 

Kedar Lavingia 

Chris Manipula 

Morgan McCrocklin 

Kristin Moosmann 

Mahvash Mujahid 

Jeanette Hankins 

Collier Pace 

Jennifer Pitotti 

Bridget Quinn 

David Randolph 

Joel Rowe 

Nate Sharp 

Yoo Mee Shin 

Shivani Shodhan 

Steven Tandberg 

Kiila Tollerson 

Sara Trigero 

Patricia Williams 

Steve Zivich 


Jessica Addison 

Ashley Lescanec 

Paul Halweg 

American Medical Association-Medical Student Sectioni 

The VCU Medical Student Section of the AMA is 
dedicated to representing medical students, improving 
medical education, developing leadership, and 
promoting activism for the health of America. The 
AMA is involved in White Coat Lobby Days, the AMA 
Covering the Uninsured movement, and national AMA 

President: Peter Jackson 

Treasurer: Dawn Butler 

Secretary: Meetra Farhat 

Vice President of Membership: Collier 


Vice President of Legislative Affairs: 

Steven Tandberg 

Community Service Chair: Stephanie 


Fundraising Chair and General Council 

Representative: Sasa Espino 

Delegate: Jordan Schooler 

VAMPAC Representative: Amanda 


Ml Reps: Jay Patel, Sherry Chang, and 

Noreen Tiangco 

Latin Club 

The MCV Latin Club was established this year in an 
ffort to familiarize medical students with Latin-derived 
nedical terms and to learn about medical practices in 
incient Roman and Greek civilization. 

Medical Latin Fun Fact: 

The Caesarian section was mistakenly named 
after Julius Caesar, who was said to be 
delivered in this manner. In actuality, his 
mother Aurelia survived approximately 45 
years after his birth, a feat impossible for a 
woman who had undergone this surgery in the 
ancient Roman era. 

The Consuls (Officers) with the 
Ancient Greek Physician Hippocrates, 
Father of Medicine: MaithiH 
Chitnavis (left) and Blake Anderson 

Emergency Medicine Student Association 

■"he Emergency Medicine Student Association seeks to engage medical students in tlie 
ield of emergency medicine and promote an understanding of the training of emergency 
)hysicians and the practice of emergency medicine. EMSA activities include lunch 
Bctures, workshops, physician shadowing in the emergency department, and ambulance 


John Hardin 

Duy Phan 

Jordan Schooler 

Kasia Trebska-McGowan 

M1 representatives: 
Don Davidson 
Melissa Rich 
Jessica Brueckner 


Student National Medical Association 

The mission of SNMA according to the national body is to ensure culturally sensitive' 
medical education and services, as well as increase the number of African-American, | 
Latino and other students of color entering and completing medical school. Thai 
objectives of SNMA include: j 


* Increasing the pipeline of students of color | 

* Reducing the morbidity and mortality in underserved communities by i 

educating to empower i 

* Educating the membership about global health issues j 

* Encouraging members to be part of advocacy in legislation j 

President: Mellisa Manson 

Vice President of Community Service: Kiila Tollerson , 

Vice President of Social Events: Jessica Addison i 

Treasure: Neema Hardeman 

Secretary: Xavier Belcher ' 










w -^ 



^\l -^is^ 

Student Psychiatric Society 

Dedicated to the promotion of medical student awareness of mental illness across all 
;pecialties, as well as supporting those interested in careers in psychiatry. 

Jordan Schooler 
Sejal Patel 
Courtney Weimert 

M1 representative: 
Bethany Morehouse 

Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association 

Vlission Statement: To increase understanding and awareness relating to health issues 
lertaining to Asian-Pacific American communities, and to strengthen the network of 
ihysicians and future physicians who can provide culturally competent care. 

President: Annie Nguyen 

Vice President: Jerry Hsieh 
(President as of January 2009) 

Secretary: Brandon Babcock 

Historian: Jules Chan 

Women in Medicine Student Organization 

Our goal is to enlighten others about the challenges that women in medicine face today, 
and to educate medical students about health topics which are specific to female 

President: Nisha Gupta 

Vice Presidents: Tiffani Bell, 
Jules Chan 

Secretary: Courtney Weimert 

Treasurer: Dawn Butler 




\ il 



— ^Ji 






















^Bb"^ jb" 




n^ ^ 








Kv JH 




'1^ Wb 




^^^^^^^^^< / -^ 



H^xali i u 
























i K 






.4b .ii^ '^ 



[^^^^^^' - J^^L 











f r?^ 



t ^ 



^^-f f 








Virginia CommonwealtK University 
Ivledical College of \/irginia Campus 

^^''^"^^^Allied HealtK 

Stmdent Organizations 
Studen^t Life 


Nursing Students 
Without Borders 

Empowering individuals to create a positive impact 
in their local and global community 

Road trip! 

NSWB group 

members went on 

trips with other 

medical groups to 

provide medical 


and to have fun ! 

Indeed, as the 

shirt says... 

Nursing is a 

work of 



The NSWB group 
took a moment 
to pose for an 
official photo. 

Ginger - creator of VCU's NSWB - explained tiie group 
to new members at the first meeting of the school year. 
The group provides medical screenings, created a 
medical recycling program to save and redistribute 
unused surgical items to programs in need, and held 
events to raise money for future group projects - like the 
upcoming nursing trip to Belize in Spring 2009. 

Katie and Megan 
discussed the details of 
the group's upcoming 
nursing trip to Belize. 

Sallie, an active 
member, asked 
quesions about the 
trip and about 
other NSWB 

Ann Wyatt got involved 
in the discussion, as she 
was the main information 
contact for NSWB 

December 1st is World 

AIDS Day every year. 

NSWB members went out 

to distribute information, 


and good will among 


Student Nurses' Association 

Mentoring the professional development of future nurses 

and facilitating their entrance into the profession by providing educational resources, 

leadership opportunities, and career guidance 

Gurney Tourney 
in Richmond, VA 

National Convention! 
in Las Vegas, NV i 




\/irginia CommonwealtK University 
Ivledical CTollege of \/irgirLia Campus 

08...././^!^.^ Health 



Student Organizations 
Stiaden^t Life 

student ^^ecutlve Council 

Tlie ptirpoa" ol the SEC i> to Liphold the nilcrc^ts ot the school of phannaa' sttidenl body aixl to serve as liaisais I 

betAYea^thc admmistratioi-Land those stiidenls. 

Deanna Flora The Student Executive Council (SEC) is an elected group of 
students that serves as a voice in representing the VCU/MCV 
School of Pharmacy. The SEC meets once a month and is 
comprised of 2 Executive Officers, 4 Class Presidents, 12 
Organization Presidents, and has 6 Dean Advisors. The SEC 
promotes scholastic achievement, encourage understanding and 
communication with faculty and students. They also coordinate the 
fall and spring picnics. Fall Open House, Student Assembly Hours, 
the Interdisciplinary Skills Competition, and School of Pharmacy 
Health Fair. 

Megan Danford 













' 'iHp^ ' 


^w 1V 1 

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Graduate Student AssociaticrL 

The purpose of the Graduate Student Association (GSA) is to encourage students to get actively involved 
with various activities of the Department and School of Pharmacy, which would allow them to develop 
leadership skills. 

GSA Members and Areas of Study 

Urvi Desai: Pharmacy Administration, Pharmacoeconomics, 

Outcomes Researcii 

Sheetal Dharia: Geriatric Ptiarmacotherapy 

Avani Joshi: Phamiacy Administration 

Omar Ibrahim: Pharmacoepidemiology, Infectious Diseases 

Mallika Lala: Pharmacogenetics, Pharmacotherapy 

Dipen Patel: Phannacoeconomics, Outcomes Research, 

Pharmaceutical Marketing 

Suzanne Phillips: Epidemiology, Antibiotic Resistance 

Amit Somani: Tissue reservoir properties for drugs 

I-Wen Yu: Pharmacogenetics; Pharmacotherapy 



President: Amit Somani 
Vice President: Sheetal Dharia 
Secretary& Treasurer: Priyanka 


Christian Pharmacist Fellowship International 

Christian Pharmacists 
Fellowship International 
(CPFI) is a worldwide 
ministry of individuals 
working in all areas of 
pharmaceutical service 
and practice. Our 
Mission is to: 

- Provide fellowship 
among like-minded 

- Challenge and promote 
spiritual growth, 

- Encourage the 
advancement of 
knowledge and ethics 
in the practice of 

- Encourage evangelism 
and the integration of 
faith into practice, and 

- Provide support and 
opportunity for service 
in both home and 
foreign missions. 

President: Kristen Kern 
Vice President: Jessica iVIcDowell 
Secretary: Rachel IVIassoud 
Treasurer: Stephanie Atueyi 
Events Coordinator: JVIeriam Senay 
Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Phillip M. Gerk 


Kappa Epsilon 

Tau Chapter 

2008-2009 Officers 

Courtney Carmack I 
Michelle Woods i 
Lauren Pierce i 
Kathleen Hidalgo 
Jenni Helmke 
Christy Sanders 
Lindsay Sanborn 
Emily Hall 
Jen Padgett 
Julie Villanueva 
Maria Koumas 
Erika Roberts 
Van L Tran 
Ashley Allmond 

Faculty Advisor: 

Mrs. Donna Proffitt 

The mission of Kappa Epsilon is to empower its members to achieve personal and ; 
professional fulflllment by developing their confidence, self esteem, interpersonal i 
skills, and leadership vision; and represent the interest of the membership to ; 
healthcare professionals and the community at large. 


Kappa Psi 

Theta Chapter 

Kappj l-'>i Fratcmil\- 

Regent: Jacob H\'att 

l>t Vice Regeiil: Adroit WilsofL 

2ni.l Vice Regent: Greg Hicks 

Secretary: Timoth\' liioceivio 

Histonaii: David Trmh 

Pledge Educator: Laivrave Lopcr 

Sergeanl-At-.Axms: JohrLTesiarz.ilv 

IFC President: Kiel iVLiserallo 

IFC Representatix'e: Joe\' .VLcCloske\' 

AliimriL Rcprcscntati\'C: Karl Bitiint 

Chaplain: Robert Cade 

Kappa Psi strives to promote the field of pharmacy thi'ough the benefit of fraternal affiliation. To 
meet this mission, the primary objectives of Kappa Psi are: 

- To conduct a professional fraternal organization for the mutual benefit of its members; 

- To develop industry, sobriety, and fellowship; 

- To foster high ideals, scholarship, and pharmaceutical research; and 

- To inspire in its members a deep and lasting pride in their Fraternity and in the profession of 


Phi Delta Chi Alpha Delta Chapter 

This organization's objective is to advance the science of pharmacy by fostering and 
promoting a fraternal spirit among the brothers. 

Motto: Each needs the 
help of the other. 

Worthy Chief Counselor: Alexis Noble 
Worthy Vice Counselor: Meghan Hall 
Worthy Correspondent: Jenn Austin 
Worthy Keeper of Records and Seals: 
Ashley Williams 

Worthy Keeper of Finance: Carrie Ngo 
Worthy Master at Arms: Ashley Hall 
Worthy Alumni Liason: Jennifer Bouftard 
Worthy Prelate: Laura Nackman 
Worthy Inner Guards: Benu Arora. Anna 
Kostric and Marissa Seneca 
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Patricia Slattum 

Disco Bowl for St. Judes's 
Children's Hospital 

Kickball Tournament 

Other Phi Delta Chi Events 

- Bar biathlon 

- Brown bags 

- Stethoscope sales 

- Senior health fairs 

- T-shirt sales 

- Regional and national 

- Brother socials 

- Prescription for Hope 

Memory Walk for 
Alzheimer's Association 

Phi Lambda Sigma 

Phi Lambda Sigma (PLS) is the national pharmacy leadership society. We support pharmacy 
leadership commitment by recognizing leaders and fostering leadership development. 


resident: Lina Saliba 

ice President: Maria Koumas~ ^, 

ecretary: Alexis Noble .-J«»k 
treasurer: Jenn Austin 
invents Coordinator: Courtney Carmack 
iistorian: Holly Gurgle 

Spring Banquet Leadership Nominees 

•"acuity Advisor: t)r. David Holdford 

Scavenger Hunt 

Leadership Week Dinner 



^^^ A 9 


Members: Nikki Butler, Sean Carlton. Melissa Carroll, Toni Coe, Josh Crawford, David 
DeLong, Kristin Duke, Paul Hansen, Jon Lafrenaye, Jennifer Neal, Yinka Ojutalayo, Laurie 
Oldiges, Michaiah Parker, Nelda Richardson. Peter Wills, Jennifer Austin, Courtney 
Carmack, Jon Carter, Holly Gurgle, Maria Koumas, Alexis Noble, Pamela Quaye, Lina 
Saliba, Pat Babin 

The Rho Chi Society 

The Rho Chi Society encourages 
and recognizes excellence in 
intellectual achievement and 
advocates critical inquiry in all 
aspects of pharmacy. The Society 
further encourages high standards 
of conduct and character and 
fosters fellowship among its 

The Society seeks universal 
recognition of its members as 
lifelong intellectual leaders in 
pharmacy, and as a community of 
scholars, to instill the desire to 
pursue intellectual excellence and 
critical inquiry to advance the 


President: Timothy liiucencio 
Vice President: Came Ngo 
Secretary: Uni An 
Treasurer: Julie Villanueva 
Historian: Jennifer Padgett 
Induction Cliair: Kathryn Earle 
Fundraising Chair: Michelle Woods 
Tutor Coordinator: Stephanie Atueyi 

Student Chapter of the National Community Pharmacist Association 

SACP is the student chapter of NCPA National 
Community Pharmacists Association. NCPA was 
founded in 1898 to be an integral part of 
independent pharmacy and to represent it and its 
needs. It is highly recognized for its continued 
involvement in politics and community. NCPA 
works with other organizations to be a unified voice 
for pharmacy, to work on issues pharmacists must 
face, and to provide direction for community 
pharmacy both in business and practice. This year 
members of SACP have organized and participated 
in a variety of events including: 

- Living with Diabetes at St. Stephens Episcopal 
Church - A Multiple Sclerosis walk in 
Tappahannock. Va 

- Smoking Cessation Counseling at the School of 
Pharmacy Open House and School of Pharmacy 
Health Fair 

- A Poison Prevention Program at Daycares and 
Preschools around Richmond 


^resident: Tiffany White 

^resident-Elect: Lauren Marston 

Treasurer: Amy Dembowski 

Secretary: Emily Hall 

Historian: Leah Belcher 

Community Service Chair: Allison 


Legislative Chair: Suzie Padgett 

Fundraising Chair: Zeenia Gilani 

P-1 Class Rep: Shannon 


P-2 Class Rep: Danny Jaek 

P-3 Class Rep: Meghan Hall 

Faculty Advisor: Dr. David 



Student Association of Consultant and Geriatric Pharmacy 

SACGP is a student chapter of ASCP 

(American Society of Consultant 

Pharmacist). Our organization is 

devoted to furthering our senior care 

l<nowledge and exploring career 

opportunities in the realms of 

consultant and geriatric pharmacy. 

Our members are active in community 

volunteer work focused on Richmond 

area seniors, including Medicare Part 

D assistance programs and open 

enrollment, and brown bag events in 

local assisted living facilities. We also 

have active involvement from our 

members at the INOVA campus. 


jILp ^^^^R . ^ ^1 President: Jenny Edgell 

■tntal <l ^R.. _^ 91 Vicfi Prfi.qidfint- Deanna F 



Vice President: Deanna Flora 
President-Elect: Adam Krul<as 
SecretaryAA/ebmaster: Bonnie Dennis 
Treasurer: Shruti Brahmbhatt 
Events Coordinator: Jennifer Witten 
Historian: Joseph McCloskey 
Faculty Advisor: Kimberly Cappuzzo 


Student National Pharmaceutical Association 

The Student National 

Pharmaceutical Association 

(SNPhA) is an educational and 

service organization dedicated to the 

advancement of minority groups in 

health care in the United States. It 

aims to encourage the participation 

of more minority groups in the field 

of pharmacy and other health 

professions. It also strives to 

ameliorate the health concerns 

faced by the minority population in 

the United States. It accomplishes 

this by providing basic free services 

to the public such as blood pressure 

and blood glucose screenings and 

providing education about health 

issues such as stroke prevention 

and Diabetes education. It is 

dedicated to improving the health, 

educational and social environment 

of minority groups. 




SVSHP :id\'aivc5 aiid aipport^ the professional practice of (iitiire pharmacists nrhospitals and health s\ 'Stems and 
seiA'es as their collectix'c \'oice on_isaies related to medicatioi^iise and \xibhc health. 

OthCT Events 

- SpeciaJtv Shadaving Program 

- Bbod Pressure screenings 
-Womenis Cardiovascufer Awareness 

Ha]bween_Partv for MCV pediatric patients 

2008-2009 Officers 
Pre^dent LaLireirPierce 
President-Efect Sti^ie Padgett 
Vice President KatlileerLHidalgo 
Secretary: HolK' Gtirgle 
Treasurer: Dma Patel 
Membership Chair/Webmaster: 
Sommer Yotuig' 

P 1 Representative Swati iVUshra 
Faculv Adveor: Dr. Nanc\' Ymiker 


VASP promotes the profession of pharmacy through legislative affairs, 
comiTiunity service, public relations, and social activities. 

2008-2009 Officers 

Jon Carter 


<\my Dembowski 

i/ice President: 

_ina Saliba 


Deanna Flora 


Vlaria Koumas 


VIeghan Hall 

Alexis Noble 

Class Representatives: 

Operation Diabetes 

PI: Amanda Botteicher 
P2: Lauren Marston 
P3: Dina Patel 
Community Service Co- 
Leah Belcher 
Holly Gurgle 
Meagan Travers 
Membership Chair: 
■Allison Lynch 
Social Chair: 
■Jenni Witten 
Public Relations Chair: 
iLaura Saad 
Fundraising Chair: 
Van Tran 

Legislative Co-chairs 
Lauren Marston 
Suzie Pagett 
IPSF Chair: 
Jenn Austin 
Faculty Advisor: 
Dr. Amy Whittaker 

Dinner Social 

IVIidyear Regional Meeting 

- Legislative Day 

- APhM promotion 

- Health Fairs 

- National and 
State Meetings 

- Executive 

- Guest Speakers 

- Socials with pre- 
pharmacy club 

- Bake and Yard 

Operation Immunization 


tlie Capaile is [lie VCU 
School of Pharmacv' 
newsletter, vvrittcn_and edited 
b\- sRident pharmacists. CXir 
goal is to ensLire that facultv 
aixl stLidcrils are avarc d 
ongoing organi2_ational 
projects, indft'idual 
accoiiiplishnents, nevv 
dc\'dopnients, and changes 
that affect tlie Scliool of' 
Phamiacv commLinitv. We 
are committed to prov'idmg 
the most up to date and 
acairate mfonTiatiai_to our 


2008 Staff 
Kathleen Hidalgo 


Gwen Do 

Assistant Editor 
Staff Writers 

Greg Hicks 
David Trinh 



Lauren Carpenter 

Malini Krishnan 

Jeff Ikeda 

Lauren Cox 

Guest Writers 


Kathleen Hidalgo 

^ I 

Greg Hicks 


INOVA campus 

Pharmacists help others 

Community Service, Fundraisers, and Annual meetings 


Halloween, Socials and FUN! 

d '^ < 

>. v^ 

a Art 




Random Fun... 

Fall Picnic, Philanthropies and SGA events 

"the Roaring 20's" 

Pharmacy Semi-Formal at the Renaissance Center 

^ •% 


w Mm 

W ^^ .^v J^J^ ' 

X-Ray Yearbook 



Nathan Lewis 
Medicine 2009 

Thank you for picking up a copy of 
the 96th yeaibook for the MCV 
Campus, The X-Ray. The Medical 
College of Virginia has a long and 
inspiring history, and for neai'ly a 
century, the X-Ray has been there 
to document the life and times of 
the students at this institution. It is 
my hope that this book will sei-ve as 
a keepsake so that years from now 
we may look back at the beginning 
of our professional careers. It was a 
privilege and an honor to bring you 
the this year's edition of the X-Ray. 

Photography Editor 
Woon Chow 

MD/PhD Pro-tram 


Health AdiniiuMi . •/ ■(;/<; 



The yearbook is 
a wonderful way 
to preserve our 
memories and 
traditions. I am 
proud to be a 
part of it. 

Melissa Cavanaugh 

Occiipalinnat Therapy 200^ 

Charlene Disamaya 

Occupolional Therapy 2010 


2008 ^^^ 2009 Staff 

Preeti Kansal 

Demism 2010 

Margarette Le 

Denrislrv 20J 1 

Rajika Nanayakkara 

Medicine 201 1 

Heather Pittard 

Nursing 2009 

I do yearbook because to me 
it's a way to collect 
memories and keep them all 
in one place.. What other 
excuse would I have to 
capture images of people 
doing simulations or class 
presentations? Years down 
the road we will have these 
pages to help us remember 
how we began this new 
stage in our lives with our 
friends and colleagues. 

The tradition of 
the yearbook 
allows us to 
look back at the 
in-between and 
remember what 
we would 
otherwise forget. 

As a PI, working on the 
yeai'book has helped me 
learn more about our 
School of Pharmacy and 
the student organizations 
within it. Also, it 
provided a great creative 
outlet in my world of 
biology, chemistry and 
math-based courses! I 
look forward to being a 
part of the X-Ray staff 
again next year. 

1 was interested to 
see all of the events 
and organizations I 
was not involved 
in. It was so fun to 
document the past 
year in photo- 
graphs. However, 
as you might know. 
it was a lot more 
work than I 
originally thought, 
but it was worth it. 



Sl^pfuinle Cfuzmkn 


Dr. Bernadette Mendoza Mabanglo 

For as long as we can remember, you've 
always wanted to be a dentist. With your 
determination, you made this dream a reality. 
Your courage has never faltered. That is how 
we know you'll be successful in all that you do 
Words can't explain how proud we are of you. 
We love you! You deserve the best. Congrats 
Dr. Mabanglo! 


Dad, Mom, & Bev 

Ashley, Laurie, Leska, & Kristen 

With Jostens, you'll get the world's most innovative 
yearbook creation capabilities, the latest designs and 
proven selling and distribution ideas. All designed by 
great people to meet your needs. 

' Jostens ot Central Virginia Team JOStenS 

1 Baranowski Cathfyn 

c 804 837 3006 c 804 304 7761 

e jason.baranowsk[@joslens com e cathryn woDlon@josti 

The X-Ray staff 

AvoLild like to 

congrattilate the 

gradtiating classes 

of 2009! May yoti 

SLicceed in all yotir 


Good Luck! 


you didn't get 
through pharmacy 
school alone... 


Congratulations to all of the 
extraordinary 2009 Graduates of 

The Virginia Commonwealth 
University Medical College 

of Virginia Pharmacy School 

who will be joining CVS Caremark as 
they begin their pharmacy careers. 

\Ne welcome you and look forward to your 
career developmen t with CVS Caremark! 

CVS Caremark will stand 
behind you for the rest of 
your career. 

As the largest pharmacy health care provider In the nation, 
CVS Caremark knows that improving the quality of life for our 
patients starts with our pharmacists. 

We have a comprehensive plan for continually creating a 
caring and professional environment. We surround 

our pharmacists vt/ith highly-trained colleagues, 
industry-leading technology, and innovative 
tools and training needed to support their practice. 

By providing an enriched quality of life to our pharmacists, we 
know we can provide a better quality of life for our patients, too. 

We seek only the best pharmacists to join our team and advance 
the quest to deliver outstanding health care everyday. 



For consideration forward resume to: \ 

Mandy C. Kwong, Pharm.D. 

1 1 729 Beltsville Drive • Beltsville, MD 20705 

Toll-free 1 -866-222-9438 ext. 17802 • e-mail: MCKwong(a> 

One CVS Drive ■ Woonsocl<et, Rl 02895 

C/S Caremark is an equal opponuniry employer supporlirtg a drug-free work enwronmenf.