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Full text of "Yaʻaḳov Kopl Ṭhebn : toldot ḥayaṿ u-feʻulotaṿ be-Yiśraʼel.."

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^^H L48 
^^H 1899A 




.DBn "tsiH "n 


SkSx*^n D^iifl 


. ^Kir'a I'nftiysi i"n rcrhvt ^^^^H 


B'jw Enipa '"ep !3T31 



.•iTSin. n»m , 


muaat- ■ ; 


.a"3Tn .Ksnsin 


.7 'piis'Hi , iBflw ^ya^Bn .' ja bie^s 




EHpeiicKie jx-bMTejiH- j 

I) aKOB-b-KonjiT. TaBH-B. ^ 

Co'i. I. oresraasoseu ' 

HOMHio ..TyUIIH." ,1 


BAPIUABA 1899. ' 
Tmh, M. 1L TauTepi ■ KoHn., Hu«bu 7. f 


- , 

p 11 II Jl 


j^osBojeiio I^eHSjrpon 
BapinaBa, 6 loiHa 1899 T 

.vn-Di)'? naw fwo nx'nsa (o'm «"» JTa) pan ot^ 




■ t. 






.1 ■»! ■ fan" 



... ..^-.-.i 

•^-^-^■•^■•^^•"Tr"— »i 

n w»yiM M^ a i n wi ^T ' ' " ' ^ »' F ^'^W»^>"«T 

:riTn "ificn Tsn^ c^tPKin onpon notil 


rischen Jsraelitca. ,^6eth-El^^ Band II. 




1) Dr. 0. Wolf: Die VertreibuDg der bdh- . 
mischcii Judcn. 

2) Dr. L. L5w: Geschichte der Juden in 

3) Dr. Gratz: Gescliichte der Judcn 

Band XX1«) | 

4) j,Jahrboch fttr Geschicbte der Juden. ] 
Band I?. 

5) Abram Trebitscli: Chronik („Korotli Ha- 
itim") vom J. 1740—1801. 

6) I. Reich: Ehrentempel verdienter unga- 


tjSiK ;m27n nnon nwra j^nyo: wra ."wd onwn nrwp^ or 

D3U TWH ^ .t:oij3 B'sVinrn imi , ^nasjn^a nVnn re lAo wn nw 
• (^ neo: , XI ncoa cr'^y^ inrp "h^d:, A r^ip^ ^ nwi p^« '34^ vun 



.,.., ^ , ij iw ■ > , i ^ iiilia i p.^ ' M ' 1 ^ 1" ' 

^^Sn ratm p . nv6n njnr e*6 d»^ iki , pro ra:^^ lA 
crm itKO 1*3 ; nnan i-nw irwn hny ro»n ^ -nn 
— «|ivin nnp^ {^^pn a-ir p ; ma^BTi pa — nrn n» 
^''^ . a^aicn VTon 

«1K up^n pr: — •mVwi t^m -prr m^fip i^k^ 
Hb\ ,\yn mnr» mmoa nnc^n vh jrnyn nn>p .w 
^ msfth OKI . ^:ttn mrpn hn mnn mrpn p ynfi naniapn 

mavsn ,hftnA , toa — ,p«a nicnn oKnc wp: cr:arn 
n:»»: pre ^a — ,iTDpn nnm rwv mruo n^nenrr 
^onsv? ^nan prna liryo trr: ^3» aw^ ok ^3 ;nicrTa 
iH , h2ro vffT "m^ onyjren h^ hv m^HO m^puoia b^sii 
rpDTion nyrm rhrh^ tk k'h mWn o , njn^ naii m 

niTjnrn ei6 ck^ im — ^nan^ayn ^aiAni^Bn ntWym 

^33 DTpiin inor^ nn^n "^^"^ "^a , na-n jm^ nn 
u^ ]^3 nnfi lo^B^^ ¥h\ ,rxw moa ojn dp ,n:noi n:no 
nii»^ i:^f?p onriTi nD^ nan^ pii^a w laai .duAi 
T^oa TTin nrep pw^ :pKm pari cunm nK r^^ 
pa^m n^"^an iTk : n^w pnsy: nrr nann p on ♦ 1 li^^n 







.p ««••*■ >n ■ iM n«m«H« 

, ^Mv 3 fi^eaiD 

nD ? rc'itsn mvyio n^M tn^a^ UDipo i»« vhk pi nc^Ki 
^y — ? n«rn nVnn n 3 e n n ^ ynn vd "wh D*r:«n nai 
ny^ nyo itotb^ D^^nn o ^ ^ ^^ 5 o n : mvpa ]v: n«r 

irw — "D^Airrn^ , nrw n^M iok: , ik , laeetro w nvcS 
^^no ^«ncf^ nw^ra taan nBfK nun an — pann ^ca iia' 
! wn "^iriK cnian r6H nrh ipn yn . o^neaa nw A iD'ri 
103 ; nn^isn hy hn — OBfWi ,-iTn wtna no^ o^prn o^rroya 
, vff^h nwi rwr ^aai , o'w onay on o; vn cn^nic -w 
: omoM wip: m ^^a^ '»wyn Taan onn ^^ai , nrKm ry 

/i30-*.nD;,c crfi: iTn ikvq can n^8n o'^iHnan 
r^Dai . pT^ c^ci TV on^ , oonS w»3n orwa ik a^sh 
nh " « : n m wwn i« "-naif 'nV?ir, nvn^ ony ica 
, o:^:pi o»i3i riK lary , on^a wo: , oovy raio^ af? lov 
Ty^ IK i^cn Ty^ oi?in wia'^i , rmoi ^oy ^ ion itf? ^ 
aTn«a IK oryo ^ai , mpi ain , i^n ob^: onty k^ ; m^an ' 
,i^Kir o^om ooy nya oyc .QTryf? iimi ik i^3v 
OTM TO ly^n o^nttn nnK i6i ,ivm ddvo — oyci 

• (^ 08^ n«mp ^y nio^ o^:i3i vm ^ ni» 
nm «^ ,TTni nm ^ikt on^ wpa r6 n^nn "o^Dinen, 
o^w nnK mc: k^ , anryy nnn laSn «^ , (irn^) ti33 mnlc 
niKcpnp \-Da nntri ony ^pa lyor k^ ..p^aTi nnreo 
^^ nm^ pan "^fic^i wy it^ , it^apa ipn» nh , mneirm 

■'panan^n nit r^a^ war hS , i^iy Sno rxt^m ^it^ Doy lya fJitSi 
f I9*n nar n^a ^ on»naS nnno (Howpa d^n d*wi3 m irn) wAr 
^luoa) d*na ^"uaa ovai^ — oi^n vnp ^ \rm^ dm — y):i^ onnrna 

-ar.-T " 

•■* — 



# ^*m nna 

wnnw • , n 1 Yo n n o tc^ TK nmn onno» ; hh)m:ifri 
D^:nn3 jr:in5 cnwDi otrea d:i^ ^2:1 vn nai • 'n^ tsnp 1« 
• orri3 ^53 aTHK rauD?' , wi k^ dtd3 ^ w • rnvh ik 
, m^a^i ^:fiS 102 mTio-Siv ^3fi^ v^^ myo-D yu tro nen 
VT ^K DK , IT0-JW1 TBf ^^fi^ itM (Qfinstling) ariK nay ^:fiS 
7« — nn wen ^d nnio , nnm mifi ooy^ w^vo^ mtra o 
'^yna jrfi^pi\ omvii , nw w «1Kk ipriy ins piry K^m^ 
ipmm Hh^ , m^n^ ivn oavo hk n^Kn ''cri\n»n^ •Dry «^ 
. • on ^vm nrx hx m^nn dk wyn^i , spT ^hr\m 
Doy-rDiD ny — vn >6i rme «^ -wk ,n^Kn o^e^jKn 
miToa n«T3 WK3) jt^Dnnfia raaf hhnho — am nnr nvm 
o*t!^:Kn,n3^j?n nh na^K 'n m«o iTiK ^ I'opo w (i^^ian 
mp^ , rrm m: , ,-wd ^wy\ csT'^nica o^'iifio dtdm n^8n 
ai^ni:a dki , 'n~na^^ cnw w mc^^ Dn*:a i?a omo 

rarn^ yn «)k xiaiann lA ,crr2i ctwf? y;n:a ninnw 
, n^mr ,tb3 ir^« ^:fio vh wy roi • ^^an muaf? d:'.ki wiod 
iTTta D^:vir7 DiTHK ^ DnteiTOi om nx onnnico dk ^a 
'/nwD — mra t»^ :qtm omvi irico — m ,npwai 
a'^yi •! K^ o^v D^^p i^K3 ^K-wnD nnK xsti o^pai ^3V 
T33 ncvi nnn onw m^ ^Jivrpon jT? , qt'^pd im m^ijr 
, D1T1 "WK oyen cnpo i^a ^it — rmryn n 'insr oi^a — 

aia 128^1 ^;i^ ompna ;"nn'2i .n^ oniM twi 

!DU) T^3v rinjra f 

, D^:w nnn n^it "imp ncf^K^ wnm i^e , vn na | 

. apjr^ ^^«a ''^npn^ po^ n^vi '•o^ ^a 

p^ntn^n w«K:iy wk ,Smi Siw 1 "Mm naa miiwt nrno (h 
:mMT3 Htm , y^v\ w Dann *3ftS nn:it A^ a'yi ^ x^ vm inch t»rti 
;pnn via «a vpa mS f ntrm 'fpn«n nvy not— ^ na tru nprn nntM 
fnw ittama mi i»i mat ,in»o n^n^ wwh vc^wvh nr» n'a ^na'oj 

itraa 'rjr 'i'^?'?^ ^wi ^■ph 



'* \ »■ 

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m ujv t t , aU 'W ... l " f 


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,nrnn D^:fl^03 nv .tut rai y^^p:'' onjno ,ifi^ dw 
pp W ? my Kr puo , onnn ^k iT^nr «rm iTm tncn 
^M nivy nak kw , vk^ w rein n^ai Tip , ^ apr 
nm»n ^k i^n^^ jn mio^ ^^ nvn^ , 2yfn msh nw njn 
i:^^ nprn mvn ni» OTiyn ^m dh rum . • . nhrm hm 
•1031 HM nrw ^y ,Tm in niM^ p^n^i d^ mo^ ^to6 
pr ; D'i wm nns*^ ^wrt ir ^ rftcaoi h^tm ram n n jr 
crsi .tro^ nan pmo 'n iTr\ ,7rmh rmn Ktn nay no 
, iinaw ^^i msien ^rrp 1:1:^ cnstsn tncion liwu or 
■jK .'131 unsan ,iinaf ,ir:iK: ,ir33i nr^m iromai 
m^ma _ kw , ia r\m6 oipo wn iv thk purpoa 
n^iKi aTano nric , njn u^ki ni:ra 1:^ rroyr "tr^Vmsfi/i 
wua naia^ dj dk ^a /n ^aTia pa^ p-i 16 mrh 

• n^Kan *innn ^:a^ ncio^ aria 
•TTttnTii, ^a i*rKvi i:nncDa rm pnonn riK nuAdS 
D^D3iBn nn^in nn i:oy ^la lya aina^n^ riK lAoS 
^a 081 .isnnoi linru nD'^a u^ nojraf o^i^invni 
n3oo ^a-A {mrqa ^» i*k tioA naiAon ^ 16 
apr 'n Doncon I'^irpn,, nn*?in aina^ nny ^m nn . noA 
ranon o^ivr^ mi |Vvwi maojnfl P'^pn o'ifi ppno hwp 
naiAon nma ,(imap naxo hg wa^ p) •.TmWai nin 
ytJtr\ or»a ^a {r ,koij {ornr nito nnjr nwn 
pS n:af nico ni^ic*^on nm n» !«•» «rm^ iTa 
niriMn ^aa ^"arw ijrr pro^ ; rop ^k «pic^ jm nwt om 
• rrtn naan orn nn rpr&i laa^ otid rroitiai f?Saa 


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rpTttDW niriKS amrrn ynD 
. Bin n^D^n mawi 

— tnrr-na) nnvon nit nonS f*.tnr\ nit. 

.•inT.50 pM ^it 1^ iS 

D3ncn ^fi^ — ir^ "i^a^n '^rw dk "wn^ pun: dk 
r:nai hhx nnooiic nirw lapo oiipo njn^ — moHn 
^:a irnic 2Y0 n» p i03i , onn , rvhH nncon , nn::iK 

• an 0^*3 nhnn n^n ^an^ ^mar 
rrrfin nopv n:no in pjc mvia onpo n^o^a 
D^nin^^ DJ nn\n .t-:ddw nyoro^ mo ^r^ai 
mrK mar K:n nonpo naina lav^nnr 
^mw Di noaf nn\T d^»3 niai ^a ny ,nnfi ^a ^^a 
ntDiic ni:p^ |v«nn rm onirn^ . omrw cnvr pa rvarvn 
%-6a onay on^ pnrm^i ynco pica cnai rrw n^m nnnin 
onxTnS • (.T'y p^ ifn , in pf ^pin) rmrii ma n^:nDKo 
, nnm ^:in ^oo %'t^v) T-naKte ^aa pajfmh rrnm nnvi 
D^:eiicn nrva (omay^Va itrm onai^o m iw mv 
D^yi«n d^Wm D:.(ra p'o a'n w)^nan ow-^^a d^ivwi 
, II Dwm:ic mipB) DUfi^ nov ivi ^ic-ir^ ^:ao (yr^ruc) 
(Comes Judeans) na;r {otcfn mav v^fi: dj . (ra p*D 1222 
a^vpnn h"! rura "wk , ijayo «|»t:i vracen ora jrmn ^ 
nrnHh Vesenyo ifian nK Ofinrnaic -j^ i^ p^3jm (1232) 
• (* nhn iro^a d:i pe: '♦rtai ip^ prn — , innK ijnt^ ^^ n^ru 
^3 , ij:ib6 nnn ina^ ^aij nh m^pei in p-w Toa^ 

nit D^TJDIKn lir K^ .TTD01K Vv iT^P n^JT -Wit nHK Ul 




.(myna) . x\tgh sin nn3 nn^jwa BTfm WTp nws p^r (h . i 


ft f^iw^a tt*bi^D 



mra D*ppinon ippn m^pih .TTpMi rvh nyo , o:ok *nh ]p . \ 
¥h^ m onrn ^k , db^w 'ki^ onvi^ irA ]w ^ppn nyy 

m^D^ Mil 3^^3 wen (nrcnn ^ lo^pn r») tim ^ktkt . | 

jnoBfo wm TOBic , nioKs , on^^wn "3 pr^ , mBfjr^ loor 'Wh 

.r6Ka D^my n^^«no hyp2 
U'Trvh moK ^3 rmpfin , hmh , mev^ (1630) f "cf n^rs 
mxxivn mwsn nrmaTo oaon nn nVrtDono -nan^ 
irr^ ! DTpaa D'^osion niwi D^-nrrn d^ki , (Maatpachtimg) 
( 1649) fijTi r:y3^ , ir» po^y t^ -m , (1642) rTi rwa ht 
yow ^3 , Hwh — , mn Tio^Kn nc D^Tin\T ^y ttnp6 , *Tr^^c^ 
. ! in^pci .TT:mic oy nno ni n^wnifi -^Van^ rrn k^ 
oyrai , fKim nitrn nyiom dk nr^s n^eon nyo» 
lytwf^ kS -wk (Obergespane) l^fin ^t» ^3 ^3 , mri n£ic- 
|3K ; D^:n3y "Tvo iwri omoraa rev i6n rnipcn SpS 
nb .Tn 16 yow ^3 ,ninp3 n^trean {rti in^ Kir^ 

! jnpo3 D^D3VD rutw — «mTm 
orrho pn nic ^anic o^ivm ^3 ir^^ys ic^u^ k^ p3i 
mi33 ^y |rA ny ^33 0^:13^ tk \rt^\ , onvo ^^3 nsnK ir 
pK by im .Tiyw 3MK1 IT ite3i , shkoi we^ ^33 
fp^ ny my3 lan^^i , nnu: rno3 .ttoj nviw vn^ om^io 

.(Hinnici DDT 
nefK omrr^n . . . "Bftn -^te op^^ , unr: ir»Tn ^3k 

• T3n .mf ^D^ W3 in mriM 
•poiK-nn^ ^fio-nioH ty: (1729) ta^fin rw3 nv 
o^T ^tpo (onvrn y3n) jni3DTfi Ty3 -wh (Schlossberg) 

•nofiTi '^mn tiaj wanit nro '% rhrKx tn\Wi unm nnhn (n 
y^ nrh nor wmm •'Tion^S nm ''n0nm« y*aa3 man O'sr *5eS 
mn A ntft ^♦in , arn ts ^fi» nuo tp rm mosnai in-naaa Wn 

•(a*« niv "*< Jon«) .lua) nSnn vi^n mtd o'ian*i 

II ■ < "IWI 

". • itm^^mmimtnm^m'^'mmmfmi^^^rjgfn ^K i 


18 .layno SftKp apr 'ai 

»'^— ^— ■— — ^— ^— i — i— 1^ 

^T'^nn^ iBfin , ^a^r con k^ hy Qn^i:a isn^i -nwc , d^ttuti 
• . • ^ro m ^? an^niaK ^Toy ^3 \sr pii ik ni^j rovi 
nnvm ^s ^3 , d2T »^^ pn Kt^ irnn n:M run ^a 
rnwri K^i irn:^ ri: n^3 n^:i^ rrodnp , n^^n niateo m 
•^2p nan yna ipnn n^itn nu^non ^mrm ,noTfi d«to 
nnyo meoTW mvr^TBK r,T mn nonn lya ^3 ,07 

lAfio WV01 wp3 nhnn D^mani cnaiKn -wk njrsi \ 

rhnn u^r^^rt lep , h^^xn maonfi ^-u orrriK rmp ^3 on^ 
ijni jn^ DiCK . Dn3 ^33 onnn 173 uvihh onsn inn trK3 
,np^voi mv ^e^ ,n*^fiKi i^n ns^ anh c: 0^:13: ^3 c^ktd 
Dm3K nT3 n^3 rwy^ {iT nh "^s DnQ30 7i3 ^or ch2 hM 
nr^K nnn "r ?! , n2yeh rw ^^n tsih nnim m^ vm • rrn3 

.nrm nmp^ ^33 nnirw cr:Bf nrr? 
DiTT n» TifiD ^^no ^3rin nar-nc lann cnD3 dk 
n:Bf3) onSroo mr«o crTirm rn: t3T3 mipBn ^ 
0130^^*5 Hv -03 ,(^w3n3Kn m^^ "Vic-wn ".•T'nro^ 
ucvo^ DTBf nn d^v 1:^ rA^n ^pn d^3 kwA vnr»3 
— ,«Afi^ rwr *nm , nnrn nm:o , cnnKw hy crmn , ^"3™* 
DtQ3 ^3 , '♦im nT»T ^p d: np^n»3 tdjt!? ^31: 16 nn 
D^-nnvi rw tn:^ rmpcn ^ ^t dk ^twn ^p i^n onn 
•irK , n n : q-| 3 (Hvn nw3) chry luc nn , qi^» Dn3rn 
nnic K^ K\n d:i nvi no3n3i nwD v6jroi )nD3n 13^3 
w^f ^ vm^ye nucvvn ,(«DnTr^ 31D "frw^n crnn 
• • . rmrh ni3^TV irni , p nunn rmSi n^n , vsy ^n 

XT5n im {wn n''iy2 (1740) ^8nrr «i^k^ ifpn raw ^ 

WD3 ^ 3Bf^ iB^K |3 rm K^ , 10? hn «pK^i nwn ^mcp 
iro ^3 — pwn n:an nints^ — vno ^J0^ mt 3'Tn , inrut 
mo nrm uiffm nc^M . i^nnn iten nnnp mo nT33n 


• 'tnytD^ynssm WVo« n^M 4^*^91^ |n^ (n 

.hn'^tn^ fi^riA ' 14 

(ITjr^w , |D2r , i^is , nfinv) wa^ wnK m:: noy n^nn 

DBfoi K^i^DTS T?^ K3^ ,.Tr^ runo3 firfii mD B^ina 
nfiiv mK3v Di . pvna vn^ap d^31 , t?^ t?c 33oi i^n 
j^:*^ T?^ ima^i , mtDcw m:no^ ^:Bfn layo mn jiy'^KSi 
• . • nri Tjr^ wi^ isipnai ro-jp n? in^n oroi , nwaan 
nm^ 0^3 yyl2}^ ^tko^ r6™ nni^iye^ {^^i3 nn\i ^''3pn iri3i|, 
^3;? Dm^^Tl ,D^i^vpi ontr n3Tii o'^ipi d^^iq^: irrai 
jnp , ^331 %ni ^ opsn Tjri . (h "ntaoynfi^ iptd^^ cA'^n 
• •poTKn-Tn„3 -WK 3pjr ^SnK3 pow ,2ip\ 2h 
yyh D^r.fin rrtK3v ik3 {nrm tw snn^ yo dv3 
D«i3 nnK mpttf \i» n^y3^ • n:ncn |?'n^3 -wk Ji^p^: 
^3 ia''ftt3 , 5p3 hpv ^hn d^b^^v d^thvi Snpo K3mc^ y3n 
;ncreS r3S ;n»^ my hrtp r» nrh n'^nmnh nwn JiT 
D^fi^ naw nnp^ ymn o^enn tr^a^ niyons rmvcn ^irwi 
0:1 ; «p3 D'fi^ rmh^ Tiy np^i vn3T0 nrn 3''n« nh)H , hjm 
tfh^ nprn3 ana pa^y D^T.Tn 3vn3 wvo:af crwon ^3 dk 
— , ^3n {Q nwvr nwvvn nirn: nwr n3^o ; nonfi cno TKm 

. ^3 •Ton3i 01173 Dyt23 mii ^3 ly 
dtA i3rn 0^83 D^^^2«n crTHTi iry wk -mn "jk 
n8^p3Q^ D^^no^ onvrn rw i:n^i , jirc msfh o^^iBOwn 
^31 , Diiaa DK DTnfir6 in: mr en rw3 ^3 dtok3 , onyn 
iD'^ofiK ^33 yaz^: p3i ; jrfflfi^i ^h xrw^h rm n^orw t^ 
fn'nr3K3 iyY3 onnoK run — •! oniS3 ny onvra nan^Ci^ 

aTn33 cniYy ni^ m30^p^:3 onvrn irroin 3''yi 
a-vof 3 ore: a-tk i33p ^3 , Dn^3^ 8)101 pro vc^vxh "hy vh\ 

.nvini D^Tvrrry3i Tpo 
ON ^3 ^rprpn «r ^1h jTi3D^p''i3 on^nvi ^ k^ ik 



•n^iipn iBDi^Np "ti^nfn nintp, ntod ra«d«*ni fin'Die "i \vth (ai 

•— - i^^-r f ^ii : !! ■■ ^ LF ■ ■ . WiiWB? . II y w^»<«W^By*y"»'^liCWWH^^IJWW^^ir 

15 \\wrtA ^wp apr^ ^r\ 

.t^2 Dnuc 
DM ^3 ^onwa nwp^ mKTi nwn rpDfiDKn na^ Kfn 

. mn ^yea nn\n D^::ani onm t d:i 
(pni<Q nT3) pna ^22n^ tmnM i-acfn yrov n2wy\ 
Hh^ in nM pn n»K , rinan rv: arht Dipa , iTm^^:!! 
tViiTi Dpao m^pfi^ nrpeov . '"^^'^ opo "ivi^^ ne» {ra^ 
•wy: pi , rhiD rrrmo ina^ "pco -wit ^d , mvivi h2 Di:a 
mm '131 nrrp -wy cw wrt2:i , d^ktd:.-! omnvi ^a io:3i 
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Ty3 nreifi (Rischah's) Miye^i,; ^iyo 0:1 oyo k^ i^30 
. ni3Difi3 m vti3 {.TiTcpy i»k , n:i3^ I'^yi 
uti|T D^'Tirm ^3 Dnyi3 ,w rnr o^ivin o'^rin 
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nw r'Ks irwrn^ 050 ya^itn , nnn nx'^vai ^y i^finn 
/ruiry: — nvini„ .ore: mK3 lyrn rut ni^n^i onin 
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nt^yn^ c'^rin iroii 3"^! ,fi]D3 y3r^ xS -^03 3nvt ^lt 
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itM8^ nntt ,ir3 nriM onajiai ,Di3ya iy3 ^ifi3 oa 

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, roBfi oyoreai Dowsa onan ck o , ne^ Tvrho vh 
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nnK . ^i:jd woa -^xr^i c^a"n o^-mo^ n^iaai) "^ana tkd 
«pnn pKn^ , '?npn ^hi naacna , ^apni -pK jnoi Kra 

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cnnn rann ina^ o'ts^ jna» tiya ^a ^h vxih Ka p n:ni 
^a jfi'iK Dwa ^fiKp "I nax k^ , pioa • maoTfl yvh ir«o 
^ ^n:^ .Tn iMn Tim , iTya Kan nam era loipo npo' 
-n^aa niaa oipo ^k cnnn am nK , ^npn »ki ivia 
nn cf^n 7^ a^m . m:2y anna iro^ ^ 'mvh^ nwan 
(•'.pa m:fi^ jnair^ pefK-n ora) w'»i , iu '^tik i^poy ^a 
K^ ; ^1 ^h2 t«]nTin-rf?:ra) poii T^n yen , wjro 7"^ 
any m^c^ ^a^^^n m^ai ; nroi nv^ nvm , iWi tip vm^y 

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? nn\n: nt3 nrn ! 'n wa — 

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nvi:nn rw ivio^ naa oipoo pnnn ^••rn^ mfjnon ^-w 

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^S iK^an^ lino ^k — ^^fiKp "i n:y — , Tiy lano ^in: — 
H^m^ n:^^^ na^Ki yoni , p-.av»^p d^oid^ nomo r6v 
. D^fiTiim o^fiinan ^:^n^ r\on iikd _ 'n yr^a — 

inyno "jfrinr^n o oniKna -<<i .u:m yo^ffoh n:wfna 
nnaa kw^ .layyn^^ onn ntsysa ,imoK rw er^n yta^ 
ii:o wfi: riK yh^'^ nhy , lovy '^y cimaf , i^ j^nnm vib^k 
,D''3iimDn vnnai ..i^Ka D^^yn o^a'^a ,va n^tannfi ny^o:a 
DBfwi , 1^:1 ^3fi^ v:a i^fi:m wr^ ; jWK-n lyooo yn sj^'y 
, DTQinK onnn ^y om^ oin^ ,87' ^^yo^ «^ dk ^a , an^a 
nrji , nn oyo «]H8^^ jyo*? , inw or niy ly voS nc ypran 
^'^'a y^DiS Soi ^^ ^a ^nnxa Kin ,kib6 ,..iS 
, oyo rem ^ao pai . . . inairntsD i^ans^^ r.i w # i ^ n «r 
wyi^ nipncfi mny ^K ,vfi io^ ^ax nnp ^SaD 
nS:iy ^y ar^^ , vtt: nora mynro pn^^^i , onpM v»cvki6i 
f?y i^Bf^ , Attf rnony j'^a »-6sm rn***? \w^h2 yo'n , «pirn 
T^vi «\i i»K laii nn rr^ri ^b2l dto^ p k^ o , UiT 'n 


"* > , ' >mj J l ■ ■■ ■ ng wwy^— I I iif ■»<pwpw»^>iy^>p^iyiw!wqm^^»i 

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, n':sh^ ''zsh 0:2: n:'i^ w^s . r\2i22 nh \rhmn 0:0x1 
DipDS mpfii — KTi , 12 '•i^n panr ^0 oy o^t^t np^i 
•^K D^iin^n nmn mnH ninfi^ n^a ma: 
^fi^ ^2^ , d:"0'»^ Tiop^ Dprya anh r :n^ , niionfi ^'•ya 

. Txr^ o^fftn nnyro 
,VTK v^rn ^3 /n^ nnw ^^na ,2h aievnov 
, v6:y *?? n^r'^^m oysn , Kirn yiarn ^^t2a , ^SKp n ar^ 
MT^h K2^ {yo^ , «pn-^^2 yo:i ^^ yo'^i , epinrrn^^y 
Dva imyr'^iai in^a-:2 *:fi r.K r,ni2T2 nnr6 , tyio mya 
^Dis air*? ITS nn^y ••ly tsptr k^i m k^ pai . Kan nam 
yyn ^:a ^a itrK ^inKi , nam nn: np^n n n k nnia 
niKa^ nn: .nacf n^ap^ nc:an n'»a^ iKai ivap: naa 
'n nK naa o^a-i aniKai , apy^ ^hnn ni:iSn^ nyaa ly^fiii 
miKH Tiaa^i "Kna^a nar„ niaa^ cnipa innzn no^an n^aa 
• ^ a a — ^SKp '1 ysm cKnei ; irinn T'aKn ain , nhy:n 
hn Kia'^i ,^Kin ^K^aa — in^a ^k anipa id i^k 
-,rK — ann jiann pa "nmi , lyaa-njiaa rai^a nD:arrn*a 
bn ^,2T^ , an oipa ly Kia*i — TDan nKTa Tin 1^ i:fi 

:n^Kn anana mm T'aKn 
,iaa 0^: k^ n:ifin ^^a jn !^ani •tia ,Di^r^ ^K1a^ 
nivyian-n^a nan nny lar^ itPK "niym„n , 7ii't2i ••fii^K 
^ak inian , onirrn nvi:n nmfn nK anra , 1:^ niryf? 
anm^ n*a nn^v 'n yr'^a n:ni • i:n-iy aipa man ninsraa 
niry^ niaam ;vm u^y^'h K^an^i , nir:: nrK mm nK 
CK : ma . nny . ynsai y:ia ]*Ka Dn*nvi:na i^:pi n:pa j 

/7\h niiry^ ny aira ,K:n^^Kin 7ryain%nKvo 

p^-a rrn' i^o^ ^ \hv T3^iDn«n nn Tsn mn np^ , "nisx n*^^ rjna 
rrara cji . '?Mir* tr^nS ^ma ^nVjra ^r p-rn^a ^aeS pa iioy^ w Saa 
^ i^aan-nniM nnn "ja^n *iia^ /ut w% D^riy onv '«^ ^fe "nma 

,na^na) ma — Dy n^a nw* bh — raAo nw jyoi 



■ ■ , » ■ ^ . ■■ I ■ 9 m * tm^^mm^m^tmm^^mmmimwm \m i p^F^^^^w^p^^w^y^^p^iy^^i^w^i^y 

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.hnisTi t!*tr)t 60 


— pnnn k3 jm , ny» '•im naa na» rAap jor oyn ira6 
un^mh r\2hh a^ii:an^ — jn-n^s run ^^ opon njn hy 
no p^ , pwn-^.23 •?« K3^i ,D.Tnvw mnnco rw dhk nriph 
mn 2ra p^ne onm^ nK-»i , nYyterrn^a ^ ^jk i^ m\ 
yru" {jroS , r6xn onm ri« %-« npm , rvrsn nana ^^ |n:» 
^mr^ *::5 irnio ; ntnam nvi^n hy Myffntm momnn nn 
^mtr^ ^n^ ^a iitp lyoV , cnan ^rp^ Dnnoo ^na nn \nnfi'» 

oycn yen /::n /an ,k:k •n:tro ^sf nwh unpn onrvw 

, Tttn nan^ inaacn raKn aTT jn: nvcn rfiai a^a 

van pn nwr^ nraa ^p d: n*n , 10:3 rjr n^ nvic ^ttcpr 

nK D^itm ^:fi^ cnfi'^i , nvym n^a^ tid p a^jn , crovar 

urrhy ntroa , ^ihk kS (o^nm) nom , i^ nnn mn ana 

rsvi ojro Tiin • 'hnpmn^ rhnrD n\tM: , maio 

wapra oraf Tyn avna ,nifym ^-r n'^i^a "{H-wtTi, 

, onyai crapr , ot»:i D*tr:K , hnDV"* my hnp h2 Djnaa ina 

mnw — Djro Tijn .KaS rnyn nrnoa oapnn^ sxwrh 

^k:w ^ryi ,cnpa neyo hy aar^ ^ai:n ^ai ,mn:nn rv\rhi 

ano ma n-iyn ^riw nytra , in^iina ipoa ^nai *?in»^ 

iSyai ,nviWi Tfi^:n myi:n nytm ^m -nay nnn .nna» 

; wn oyea yn niyi , an^roh mnnten nn ixrn , cr^iy:t3n 

j nan: ia^„ : aa^ nipee iTsri , ^''aTa^ , OB^Kna ^iJRpi , D^a 

! wn .orm ^y nn*n ct^iy nnasn "layc^^ -nv^ nyn: 'n^ 

I , oa^D^ '^fiKp 'n nK d: lanan "non dr^h ^a at) *a,^ r6 

{ ht»^ "I ID n7finn rthz 'tw pni , n^m na"D ^ao oonon 

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h'vv6 nyr ^221 np ^ds p33 m'^i ,n'»-o ^:a d:^iw cr^w 

IIDO rpom . OnD3TOD IK H ^K TO? VT^ T ^ 

«pB y^p nK'2nnKn .T:yn WKm .Tno '•^5 ,p'«5ri ,nn 

. nhhnn nnwth mm nnvr 
nvHH by rra:o ts-^an k^ iweo w ^fii9 '^ nrnai 
— i3Ti^ Tio kS ^« DK— n^^K ID W2 ':fiS VD^ noi , nhx} 

, nrea n^hy sjoyAia nnn^r v^c^ rocw nnvi o^vi nia^o 
HM ^« OH ,Tmt>Kro i6dm , rr^ T»a iry^ r6 nvi Kvn 

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y^ni ,na nrr no rsnh^ r\Dih\t^2 ^b^^ nwi mron 
nhn naa -^a ^nn'^aa naio-K^n nyiorn OMTifi n^ 
jnoB^a . ^21 -rs npnS , ivn n:wo^ a'^y "insn ^ai , y n « 
. ^am n^p nwr: , r^nn cnan onann nit nV^nn oicn 
^a^i ^op /aao ^^-^ ^wo^ .••ori ^£i«p 'i nrriK onri 
r^jw ,ir6irn ^k nfi aa^K ^:ki ^ w hmm: no ^im ,Tn^a^ 
."rpaai ^Ki» ^aS ^^oa onaoK^ , ^r^ piapai Tni:w O'nro 
naB^n '•a , ^SKp 'i p^na rwp^ n:irKia ntfin nh o:ok nricn 
, vipT by TOP Kvi D^iK . rnon r^K na^oo TDa Vi^n^ nw 
^^n1 Tnoni , inpTnf? nniKi n^nnna ^a np na ntfi^ , lana j 

.• .:rio wia nnaoa "wara ^wp 'n^ ,naTA ^* 

«1 D V 1 ^ p n — bn^HTi ^:a^ pnfi -dp nai na i^a 

np ^53 our* onin^^ ijn'i , f iKn hdp a^a nM:«n nr» ^nBn^ ^ ontan 

• • • NYO 

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:Vp3HTp^ htnp "1 mt wo Tan nmnn irpni ,ir»rm 
— ? «p8f p naiM larna "0:16,^1 d^t ? ™«n ^r? m no^ 
•Inrno nx ^^ jmo ,p^ nmc n:T:v ^^ w w p man 
mwn nan n«nfii ,mp ivh dh "hnpn «wn^ nw^ 
nte^i . nopD ntea^ rm rvhy ^nhano nw ,.Twn nnxun 
D*rn «prn 1^^ f«.vivr nnin ; "hrtpn }tH\ rbnn vb lerpn 
irpa TD^pn^ o^n onwi ^ai • nara a n r ^ p «f onon^ 
^pr BTK Bf^K non w win , XTvyoa m8T^ irtm m^ 
•WK ,pjn 0120 .T^yn nya «pK «pi^ {tsp yru o ip ,am 
7\2w rum ojro iv , rrna rwcj n^ kim^ n^p^ it ht 
'^Th rmmh -nem ,rrh\Tni hy jepn n:3i nnaA rwm 
'n n^ nra , n^fenn noy w no ^H , non ai ^ hwp 
uom Twrtoh roh :ifin ,m9^ -i:ik irn mn ^^ mt ^^19 
■Tno''i ,iTry3 0:1 rewrh .Tnyo rA^c 16 -wk nrn ^on 
•DP pon arm , lo^ao an? ^ «n 0: n^ pn hwp 'i 
.M nrmn 1^ y^r6 npn rh np^fion tth ^^m ,iTi7D wri 
u ^nnri , h2 •» ^moi pjr: kwi ova .rn '^npn «fin„i 
. . • o^rna *?inar o«f vnp'^ , uhn "hm^ loa onw ^f^avu 

nanon D^ivm ^yrntr^ nina ^wp ^ai 

nny .vnya oiiun ^fiicp '^ nriK iron re ip 
, ''rx'r\'hhy\ irr nrion ^n ^rwn„ ^wp Ton *?? tfiM 
• meow mruca ooan^ ^mr^ ^:a :im30 to^d 
y:on p ^a ,Qyfin nt m»^ ^p mwirD laic 
D'won Vi'hhrxfn hy mowi , n^ii^^ofi nron nc a-A kti 



^3 ,r))HTh IK iA n . DT1D3 D^i^on Win npw 
KTipn ^D^:fi tm^x-^p hs»p 'n yor o^^i too na ^t ^ 
TV3 iry nTTi , jv%i ^K^ Qun ^h , mv^ : 'oh ^yn vhn 
nsh Y^ TT'nH ^2:k^ , itre: ^d3i -jaa^ ^D3 nrrn t»h , y^vh 

•, , . ! -pK ^:wn irK '?3^i , ^h rjtrp ^a ^^rr^ : hsttp "i nay 
"Kiorm Kni^8f„ m^ , ii:i ^irw i-wyi i-r^e n» ^^^c^ nD2i 
n n ^ i 1 naiCKi vinVro hk , ymnn lov ny , i6an 
YT\ jna "itt^« "W ^rwn nhtsn pr kSo3 , roo rea 

• • . W K^3 yi:'n inw^ w hx nnn 
Tin wnon ^n: \hirm„ -nna ^CKp 'i n^yc ram 
n:: nam ini:^nna^ (» :D^1r «M8> nnx njn "rrni^^^in 
nrpsoi nyf? nye lynnrw nvi?2»n mnrm o^p^on o^pnn 

imw ,irfi: nn ido a^jiw ^ i^k ,Havn rrnay 
y:na p in^n» nvian^ ^ninM nit m^nV 
■WH ncn^an hvi — ^■'mvar^a pi'vniain^^ 

. . . ny K^a v^n Vni) mt npw 

rut y\r\2h Hfr\ , a^py^n pa men^ ^^k: ^m la^ , ptvh 
hnxi nrn imit ny , pm hsih vrut^i iipw ^ua rmnmn • 
^VTout nya Wa jaipf? i»si nn anpn ia» ^htitti 

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niy "iiavn-D^ns^ niTi^ hy trm htnp i -tt^it nya 
jH ,i:ifio laa .nniato itoa hy nmo nno nno^pn nae^ 
— jTK ^ivv Ta nona nn\T its^it _ nnrn naten na^m 
rit n\T wp no , hp: jiaa^ nyi ]a hy^ ; onayn n^:^n: nit 
Tayn!?i , oktoi orno ntwh , ^itnr^o ^n: ^np Tnao^ nvn*? 

8 J 


Ml I a m ■■ ■■ ■ ■■I !■ ■— ^ Pir^wr— i^ mn i f J f— yy^t1i«>P<— jSBii^— »— — ?^i!^fg?^'^'^W!yW| 

. ^vstaf^z v^V)t H 

, Dn*^-ip "crvnfi^ , fwi p "n^jwn^n w own cyu '^to 
'?ra ^Kir* ax i*?d» omio oncn o^yiT qpta-jrtry*) dt^ib^ 
• nano mna yrbphp pw or pw , n::noi nc rnr^u i^k^ , ns 

, Tii:witTT •'im:^!;^ „ ni:» yatr ^CKp 'n^ ifi^n nai 

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^n^man op tpo mo nD^on naaaf w^epn n:M 

pr ^lroa , meow ^p p^mn nn iwi , ^:tm «pv TO'^pn 
^:ffl {«n , oi'^fi ^p D^:B^%n na^n mo ^a riK ^sn ivp 
, orici ona Sis:^ / Q'P^Br\T man mt ^m hih . r vvi rnn 
,o^:^oD Dn%m^fin ^naa "w» ,o^:icDn rrnvi;<n ••na nne 
nvH ie^» ,Q^:w o^^ao o^^a^ ,D^:i2aTiKi ann «pa verm 
nvnn„ 8f^n {n: Kin . "i^on vn ^« -j^m tb^p nai: , o^^ionp 
nan onn ^a op^ kit , (•« " n m o k i (ptsca^v) ni:oi« ^a*? 
o%nTifi,Q^SBf ,cr:M yiw ,Br»»^ q:i aa^ oi ,o^:fia o^^e 
oaw QT«Tfo ^th , Q^an: op lanjnn*? .Tan -pom , o^::©! 
.T.T «vi u , ^^ apr pp ^a «iK , hni^ pp rr»o , 'iai 
onxTn re: rwro -npra nnM rutn . (^ •Snr »vi oii op^ 
Di^ Twrh nnir k^? nrn T^on ^a ompna on ptta 
K*?^ na pnra rniaK dto tpw "wk onvM o^pm rw 
OT'o^ snmt oemn aw^ ^a ^ev on^fivai , ptv K^*n Dfitro 
\\:arh ! D"a«r*K , ^ait . oipa — on^war ^ w : loi^a — 
spra — on^nm , vti neo ompn ^a , nrh e^n inai: oaS 
D^iiwi ,pn np ^« onrer p ^ Mm ,nara: -- ^ 

• (Dpnys^ym^V^) ''n^s^aon pn^ ova rrn pnn nvi (n 


I , w ^ 1 1 — »^^i«— li j f 1 1 mii mwm^'wtmm^^*'^^ 



• prno ^wip 3?r '^ -- - \j 

rse^en p^n io3 nyin*^*?? g'vih m yhn^: no p» 
HTnyn njn»\n rwnp^ *?n: ibim vpn i8fH ^nna minni 
, nma: aTr ? irn il6 ■)•« ! ^:yn ^pr d n •» tr o Ta H^2h 
iS tr3T "nrH r^KH ^3 , pH mm ma? ^^a norra-n^rm o 

iru H^ •m^3r„ : rrnoDwa m nam rrn pi ... trorn rmn 
mi nro -dto . "! wp^ arh noK nco ^nai , (omrr^) Msh 
Dnf? pya 120 ^aen nayoi ,fn-»H a^rua niy roho oa-n 
D^^^ncn-''o^*?^Drtrr,, "ry inta rni ^aai . D^m ito mayo 
^» K^an^ '^ar nra ara ^a ^i-rnnK iTr^ntD niir6 (onama) 

. . . '*r&\H^„ Hh^ — ^-men^ 
■WH nya a*yi , nma: irn nen . myoi ^SKp n ]a i6 
Dm rrin d:i oSipa m^ ,iTiaao n^-noa — crutsfirn 
nrera ,Sf?m nmna s]a iktoi ,iynni lypn — donoi 
^^ DTfin a:iy len: — ,D^^a3i nnnaa ^tn^trai » 

• D^aia . i 

D^a:i , ^»n «pi^ nopn nia^^na la^TnD onr: qm t 

^a ,fir^ r»n naij rit ,vni^^^ ^a hy mn<o rr"6psc»a 
hy a^ii i^n spra , cmni o^ay ^ ^o mna «pr ^-n itf? 
nai: m , nnrn niKTT rnip:o v*?y ffj^pcf: ati , onrr o^rw 
nam ii^ rm^ pxa nnvn neiaa . i^ vn crnvnfi-n ^a \m 
-nan k^^ ,d^3 rns htt narn ^«7i epr no^pn ^a ,n?n 
1^ yn^ i6i ,«pn ^f?a ,ipf? ip y6 rt ;pena mate 
no^pn*? ,Dnviin may^ yii:a ^xntt^ro Brnn^ iruaa 
vrn: mrnt lyn iwa ny ip^ nn^na.n nmn nm 
n^oinsD ^inin ^nTnfi -jten ncrn , ^:rn spv no^pn ; o'n^rrn 
nyvn nyif^ ^a ,ten„ :i^y neni "khc Kate^ pnva xnw 
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onv^o*? — 1 a y 'sh piaa — rh^h^in Tmnh o^non 
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a^w npya i^ nvai ,DTai napa ^a pxa Twa a^rmi) 
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nnra n^ap^ p:i:tK ma^a ina , nhyah iKoa om d: Kr:a 
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'■»•• ■> ■> . ■ >' *m ^l iii ** < u ' aiip^ w. »i wriF^<iBP — '* *• " ' " |*<^*'^'7;*w»'<^**'*— y'>yy^^>H 

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n^3:ie 'rh^ n^reo3 wio , vhk io3 nm^ n3K k^ '•:rn . 
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^yi , onrTO ^i^ n^3 rrami Dn^nrrrjy ^3 nyn^ imn tr^^m ; 

a^fry "^2^ , K\n nwn^ ny k^ ^3 , m3n n^^ -no W3 p 

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la^K) ji^e Tyo '•^nfi: 'n o^ion r^K siipn nwr nK nnn 
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nnrvn dSdt iw ryviS "onj Np ("D^npJ nor. yn / tj i^ a 

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(Comitate) nriorrrjiw y3iKi D^tW5n3 D^3«nM csthk ^ 

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, "KTO") n£c«n„^ D^po^ •w^o 3n33 3''nK ly^Ti^ o n y v n 1 
mco^ nn3* ntTK , o n n v o ^ 1 ^ v ^^ir ^"y , nfi ^31 
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(KVin n:2f3) r? tmn3 . iTh pi • nfiOKS p^n nnp^ pw 
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nienn mn ny ivm nyn HiTn i^ai . • . onnn d^ 
wn "WK ••^M ,D^Trrn "^^n d^ np:: irn ,niTiv:i 
ny — o ,^jrr mitk ^xi , linh anpn Tnyn nn nn^aa 

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taDD -^afK , n2'ian mvyio n*a ^:i)^ v\:pm y^^ %-niay 
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pai ^ ]W\n Sfiitp 'I naa d^Dne nwon wry "w^S vayj om (m J 

D^minS nw ')3i nSenf? nroM *na nnrror. hd^ ••par ^^ "nri 

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orD^^ noy^ o^pinvn o^aiipn arrw ^a , i y n ^ 8f k i o > 
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an^nK 1^30^ " i n .n- p y 3 ^ ^31 , Mr3 .ir D''3iy ^Kitr^ 
KiiK^ ^3 \T\ , nvgrn nr:i ]33i — , .t3Mi .tim o^jvan 
BTccn inKi n3iDn inK^ s]C3 m3n: ibdk /Knp-nr Kn'':yrn 
^fi Sy K*?) .ipirt nSem ,131^1 , — "o^etrS 13^ p3^8f 13^3^ 
nK Dn''3yo iniSan i3io K'?a3 dk ^^s ,D*:Sin»n tik^s 

.•TnTAi yi 
crniSQ , Sn3-ni'?D0i •iits^p-nviK i:\-n3KS v,i kS d:sk 
d:sk . Tw:^ .ir op^nTi vh pnno !?3 dkt ^331 , a^jifi'^Di 
, n^K ira''3 103 D^S3poi D'»:p via -^i-rra ?k anS vn kS 
(Gesandte) niSraon ^3K^S io3i , pvno aynS irsii nKr S331 
aovy Sy iSsp lefK a " i n r a a n ^ v anS a: vn 
fr3\i'? ( .1 1 V 1VJ3 BK ^3 , a^Di^n kS3 3n ^fi Syi) 
^3^ — .i:3B nprn3 vn a''3"iTn a: aK — Snp.n nruK nK 
?K r,i 531 . anTiyn anpaS to3 ^^13^ jycSi ^ tj >T3 iSfi^ 

. » 

,, t _ -«— . 

" '. "* '"' ■: ■ ■ " I . J. J J i > i i i . . II , .1 » m^* 

,W»r*3 B'oyift 

cn^n«a oi la^c: naiaoa 171 itrK ny ^aa a^yi , "fy v a-o 

njnrn — pi ^K n\n aven tik "3 ,vtik icn «^ 

^aiD„ rrwy mi:iKa dj |Dna ims: n^wi m:i3m \ntyi 

an8^pr6 niairp cn'»:rKi mnipe BTry '♦a , cnyva o^cnntro 
nnpo ^•^Dnsm «^ a^'yi ; in pw yt2mi nryrio ae^p an 
^pnyoi aTa ninoa irn "D*D:nfi,,n arnK r» na^ k^ 
.T^Tfia ni'?npn ^2f>n ^rn:a n« ,nri it; ""i'vp^ hk 
nenv n^^noa na^K hr\yr\ '^rx:n r» — o: dk ^a , Gn^^!?K:i) 
naiaai o'^Mcyiye y-m "hr^i "i p'pn — dk , ono npvrn 
.(•« iTVJifia ^Kisf^ iT'a^ aiD ai «^an -rx Cerf Beer r^y^a 
frwvh no ma td pT.a'^i aTnirsv hv ivy\-n o^a D5r> 
• nvfin rc:i a^a cra'^^ iicy — pica — o^ai 
pfino: ■]« • ri^Kn o^araan ni£*^no -no^^ i:^a^ niai 
nfitra -py -wk anasa nnK (^ivd^w) rwr\r\ «ian^ nra 
^an^ >-ann ^KnQ:yr«i vT'^Jt 'i , "o^aiD^n ora , nmr nay 

^T^s HK n'hrh m aiyn« p f?y •wk ,, 

sn7«n ni^Krn ^y nniia niairn ^a1ea 1:^ ni:y^ 
nvar ^ao ut laa nsiv nr-ma ij^nx dk (k 

'i\n}^ p^no TK w DTnr«n 

^B^nii'i nn f[w^ 't 3\i iou dmo "in n\ 'dS noipnni jniiSm 188 'v 



■^— ■ pii I \wn Mmm^fw^mw v n mrn ' ■ « ■ ^ > i— p»<i^i^>»^wffw— wnPil»H^Wi>t«P'^^^^^^t*^<y^ig«^!i^T 


a .t»i3 ^wt? ipjr* '1 

? \hm nv3n 

D«f ^y w J a y n a S e k p "i ny ^nxa?^ nnw nt^r^ 

". . . ^KHDaywi ^^ne: ^ann ''an 
•DTn:D„n o , nn^ wv nn jepn ^raan pn 
Tty pcncn }6 non . nnn nf?DS urh \hhn las pKa:wa 
nm: nD«2i ofis^D B^n^ n-Tn oneaoi , "o^Dm n^itr^a 

, onnjt niyi2Bf ^«?ea ^nJ« \na\ K«rai Knei i6p«f ^thk 

nfiB^ , ,T:xf?i£2 123 , -una DTp ^^3 nn\n» — » n^n ncra 
-Tp vnn ^"h rSn na^psn oro r» a^«nn^i — n^afocn 

• iTittf nncnf? rnyn ,nrTon 
n:M) i-waiiK Qjr nrni spjcnnai . nn«Tra — mnn: 
noa*"! , vrT2 dtsdi , •D*2'ia„n ncm iw anjn rrsa o^ipn 
■mta Knnn^ ,2h ows inw jnpS ^iinn nn ^t^ vtw 

• oafitra 
t (3 i:r«r^ ?ai:a rwpan-nra |w^ nn 

HDa Sy »)0v "iD'pn nAya pi , "nTn-p^ '« ^ -jm pann: -una ^"mffVTx 
(Bfirs «na) p9Dr inaim pn« , pun p nm xxvosx rm vspn , imaSa 
nrSo) ".maao nini oyonn mni , nxn iiwaSon wn ^ runoi "n^ ^aa 
Man. Mm i* ^ «|Dr 'pn ^oa i^e'.M'S "jo'pn diom , ("Vrrp. ntoa d*mi 
.ifipna iMra , ^M"js^ 'in ^«a S'l , nm pnw , •r^n 
I D«rMi »3«r^ rrm "nt' ^ imn '3tS '"anM n'v wm , nrpan-^eo (a 
^aSa» 'Mrn pSnm ,irpa« irM o'lain te ^'a' irmn pSrm 
rpaS np-jxn ,ni2i 'fiS .nnS r» dt ^i^ irM ^D^ojroa 
«prMn«*i p^nns n)Msin -|m M^aanoim^M .hVm Sa nM 
^noapTMi n^M ") 't nrjw man "nrM — , 'am p^ oy in'a , Aai 

.hiem^n fi*oji0 4f 

D^aiyno mi nsio mpn ^160 |aai „ 

: n^Kn onaia d2T k^^ pp6 rrm^ 1 ^r\ pK ma 

jw ,y^n£oi y:ia r«a mioa-n rovin omvi mv:^ 
j«i3^ DiTw nnanS :\pi:in — rrn^af ^0 .t.t —wh 
(nnvin mn c»S ^ n ^ »< f? ^ a e n ^ uc , nnvi:n mn nncaa 
hy^ D'':ai«n ^y nrn •no'^Kn ^n oicai , m v i m 1 ^ 
na^on ^pin nno^ nnra iryi i-djt w\ ,(«n'n^'*ai 
BT»«f jroa ]-»« , (3 n «f n «i D r n d ^ p n V n m n d n n 

D^'jt opTm*?'! , (^ cnTii3K niynro n^«n on^M nn p%nn^ 

. 'p on'^^V) Jin t:: 

n:«Min nmtai rnanni , lanon nn^n iin'ifa , nnzn manoa D»n3 — 
* .iranr or 

, pan ':fi^ "WiS fj»"ntu mS^a SaS npnn er ."wwi D'jfi^ (« 
rm naSa nrn *jaia: ,n^^iMn mn nrS TSiiTiVnnnnSap'a I 

naa o^ynT:*'? ^nitxai , nn»im«rKiT*r ntna nS^ rm pnnnS , n 
^a« .ninrj nrA^ nnpo w:jn nw nn?3 a*]n .paoi nr^D nri n»n 
BiKo pnnn ^ D n fi a a oipaa omia c^aan^n omn'n nwnrS Aa» no 
-» on nonn Sy mjpin |n»n»na — "nrn^ ivi k^ Dnnra — ?wn 
, on'wnn nma rvMii i^a»n . rAn — mfron ;n»^K man tnoa irn 
ijiD Sa «|^ KSn ? ijienn nna jerwi , r^fro ^ »Sa , D^aaitn ^ jnara 
nwrwn naaon nn irn w wt ^mrtirnh^ mry rpaS inn a in 
amnan nryan '^an^ !afir:r , main myonn nn tm ov' nw . on^Sy 
— ? nSro Saa n^ncowa ot •nrn (pm*ni»r) o^nna^ mrjnj ^ nw 
'fi ^ , nnai ''miSinr. »r Sy ih nSnn o'pnn wr |a«a (a 
nisWa Mara nrn rrm ana parn^ . nnmpn nnniMana iA yim noi:n 

. D*a t{9Hn I'^-i nito 
„Jahrlraeh fflr Gesohichte derJaden** Band II, 307— S98. (i 
o»ryo« oyaa :m «"iai Kor. r^o ^* "'•'^ '"^^ ''Dn:D'S jjwa. e:i (n 
nrya^ ivm nya , ncoa o'pwin nisr iA Twr J kS 3*r i "w ^aa 




4M 4 prna Hup J0^ «^ 

__.— .-...^.^ : u\Tn ■■ urn 

hy -^rK ,i«nrj6o ^30 onn nv^2 mar^i onvun ''^nrjc 

• 'Unrw^ nit / 

.im^o DO DHi ^^;3 D^r^ imav i«^k i 

, nr:Taip D*:ro nrar nr^jt r^Kn mbipDno Tinh • r^ dki 
rivam n:n , novf Tino^ w -n:6 oniTn^ -icjt: p'^fi ^y ttk 

na^tren '••ly hM ny^ff^n d^tvt*^ mnvi oSyn lyi nnyo 

Iff ircnn — i^r^i n'!:p^ npTvn urh «f^ «ik . yjto hz 
. "crw mK3 ncir "in^i rnxn^i nna^i o^ra — nnn«n 

ln]r«ra r^in — n*naian rsKaa DTPtsnn nwr nnrwa — "MiKanw 

r7a«Sn Sir nr\Tf pum: om . o'Stnpn nirwa D^inin un :r*n — "m^^ 

^) pnonsi jTlTJya tan dk ni«a n^ hS ^ ♦•aiw nn ina 's^no 

)^n p Sjn . ^a jnn neriro -|H :ry »3 w (n^a«Toi 'nVco naion 

•(rmn»n pan) loun nawn (nnrnnn n'^n) "D^pan, 'nmri' Bnwn Vf 

miion nn nman yio^a w mp •onoa prn o'lnan naSa : Sro ynx 

Wa w^n ^ pna nimnS ^ itDun aarin m.TnS m rrn iidk Dn«mp 

imasai iitna «a , wwan irn jaai . nyvn n:aT A nn^n hS orr , onrn 

n:Ma mn'on »a <i»03 raai . mxia mrySi nvnS So» .Tn 

onxianS larn Dwn «o»a nKc^S ^oaia enan dthm Sy nwi Tona .tidh 

— D»:fiS« nana j^y) onrn "erfirnaiir, »3M anirrn amna 

ttira i^n^a p^aa — r."U nmi ^(a** nir ''TjanS nt«n«a 'owj 

/niaj? nSnn ?hv. , , on:o'i o*riiir ^hitrm iriiS'Sy — n^aw ona'i n^nar 

• • • WBi naar '8^5 i»:ra nara) , hnsn '^fnrw^i 

4 T 


■ ■■W A^ I iww—i II I p mi p H I. I I I i mm . 


.■I ^p«. ■'T*7"?"*''l 

• ^nr a d*di^6 fi6 

hy WK ; ^an ma? ^^3 , ni'^Ton ^3snn nn^ai cot: *Tio 
Kov^ mepen ^3 hn , ny^aa h2 ^h2 , Ka^ npivn .cnh b?^ p* 
pv cnya \n , 13001 npo , j^^pi n:po nor nwy^ »pi»i 
ish nh h2H . onv w D*rn:n io3 , nSan ow 'h^ onsM 
— >^Dno Km^ j^jta — d^oti h22 ca dk -3 "on^'T^n nyn 
n:po3 poynn^ ,Dn3Bf 0*^3^^ Tin^ai ,DnvT»^ npivn «f^ 
. l« "0 1 fi 3 D^Tfiasi , y?33 mopon h22 y:p\ 
onxTH •nya "nnon-'M^ nn i:co ^? niiof? m ]n:n n 
riMDH eyoni lyvn cn^ ^ i»« , ni:w onya d^xvo^i 

. (3 Txo^ ly naino mc2 onvrn 
i^-n3J«^o ^3 110^^ DnvT»^ n:in3 niann (n 
hnp2 — onm npa oa yi3pn con ^oiWn nnn — ni:on^i 
nrwi ,D''3'»m onny dSyx pna-.^ ,liycD'*'*o) D'»:o'i«n 
nnTon nmi:n n wym onV m^ — nnnio^ ni:c^ ni^^ 
poyrn^ npivn anS b?^ ]3 103 .onrx^'ss D:rr3 hy 
S^33 wrfiinn n3feon ny rjKi — mopan ^33 Dn3i<*?c3 

rrvmz n^ai inwr , nrpsn anao •arn p^a nrea htS cycn (k 

. HKan 
mat cnS wwi hS tvv cnm nnn ^k enwn atpa ona^a waa (a . 
imam ,]'*ip^ n^a naia , 'mt j-ni'i— ,m dm 'a ,]rap-m'T 
n?a^) "i^ifiM^a,, nina np"wn nnm iSr , mn nxw /ra pyoS toS 
.wa ^tna o'rrr DTmn SapS (rrajra hS nirar n^y ^nxtn npixnr 
J' S 1 ft n T o mar ' ^ a nwS inn nh^h nrh t\H jna nrii nx::nT 
cninNi 3»o r» "VrS ^3 , |nayn ' laa mrp 8r35^: , na 
mvo '3 iir , p':no Twai n» pyoa ''a'nioai o'tmo , treim. vn -jrH 
Dtoa aonsa nSyS an'Sy nm nrn :juynn lyai .lun njrn ixyo ^nyt 
irman i:y oipa ^"iiMay^a -nm. fin onan oW ir:pT .yaynnn hy 
7Vlh^t n^aa nnn nnrn I'jrn nrna Tn*a — w»a3 nji'-w dj . ^ma 
pins rrn MKonaa dj . Dn%-m lya ;TjaS i'?na nwnna 'na — rtn^c^ 
'aa'j B'Mn um nrai — "d'Wit. Smtr'a ?ara a'nn nipi ncK nra 

• • • "HTn in Kywi KjiD/ 

rm-mt^mf^f „ H,,, 

.■. i»»< n" i ;» i ! ■ "' ^ ii»n i. i n. i nj i i ■ 

nryo-n8^nn-%na tc^o omn-n n« j« ^ : n ^ d^sm ^ n%TBf 

onsKH in^ 122 noixn r« Tiajr^i , o^ansi nrren nrwi 

0:6 iinp^ onvi^ n:viJ nir-n p tea . onrun o^OTini -; 

vw TDP^i , ''Tvi: i2jr IK , D^.x , spir toikh n-naya irfh \ 

BfiBfoi ^ra ^y nairn n^ct: r^yi , n^an uw ^3 inn cw J 

,nimpfi D^rya noiren ^y ntsyS nirTie^ -wki o^nya itrK i 

onMTi nn ynsn^ — nM'^a^ ^o hti* — «?•»« nv^ h^h jj 

mc^ i-may) cmi^yoi (nrys rrinn w t» nsK^o) Dn2>6eo ji 

. (0131 

h2 "Tpa^ onvi:n o-^mrK^ 102 o'^^^6 n:\n: niarn d 
ono^ m:a^ m^3 nnxi . (:» OMism c^sio^n tmh ^ni 

^ omrrS i^jiaa , tk b:i D'ltn ^m . rorn nnn nn h^ \*h (m 

, "'H'u^Ka MTao H^riKS Hap HaB« a*jn , "necn kS nana netn* larn 
^•mn n:«r nita '3fiS ^anaa rhnn cnrBn 'a uaS hn D^era bm (a 
nap n"n.T «:3^ la^^ , i • 1 a n f?Tarn Sir to. i-nrA arna nrn njf 
, ram Saa pmn jai^na Vtnp 'n n^-ri^n hif aatnera tk , "ifiian 
rjKa nSita nirinrpa 'a.nm in:ia« hif ^l^ wki 
"irn n'Tm autna nitpn nn paS laam v)\i »aa nrit nya ^ n S r a a n 
rfjnana lya I'nai hm bj lannn iraiwa Bnmi narit n]^a ; anaa-jaS 
nSrm laa ]«^aa nrn njra ;nSarnn TaaS 7an hn twr arr ^nwrn 
B^rani , " ^ np^ira n n » t a n ne^pn — I'aaann nia nnn — 
tfrnan kS (naVrnfi) im jnaayn , (prr j awBB , (na^jy) jtana ©a 
i|»pn Hr '^ai mni^ti jm© ^a^aanna nrn njra •••np*^ "naa f?n"ir^ f 

laSii^a Smer'S pit. : a^Snn a'anrrraa rara inn h^ ^ nSamn ^ i 

"Bra^ P"!r' jasm. — •Sunr'S nnrap nK\ — ^^^Sn ^y niait 'I 1611 , 

mam njn nw^ nnS Senp '1 Snn pasan rpa — rmm njra 
p »aTj , Bfipn ^ B'Kfin nv7^h^ ma'ana'awa npb ynarS 
iS B^'wa B'Bancni B«afnnrn rn ia»a i^narai lana'a .nanai 
^Hnr* fiBaa nrna ^H «a nan an • i:3*y» »a^ xuwa Him , nrn r:»paa 
maiS« (MTi TH pi , nxn na:raa npni laAa) "nSna nriaa^ 
»;a ^ip^ "TTV^) hnv'Q .Taan^ nii nph — Htm ^ (a'nSit rynv) "inm* 


■ i> '" i»w i - ■ ■ !■ u I f 11 ^ ^i n i im i 111 . 11 . 1 If I " ■ ■ i ^.i» 4 j^ wii j P y i p. P " i -i i '..IJ '"! 

.^ai<nra o*5rii M 


,-«e,':xi) l^22n mtn Djr nn^a , miiyn ira^^i jnaai ^y nor 
n : 2 p K 1 , oTte^ ^©3 onf? nn^ c^wn (nenai , tbd^^o 
^Dio -non niDKi .^ninn ^nvu pa pi^^n dib^ 
D^^o^nn rj« K^:n^ , .t,tc^ '•d .t.t , b?w b^^k ^3^7 
IK ,Dn:ioj«i Dm ^fi ^y nvno Dnayn 
DH"^ mvar ,D\n^Kn riK omiayo Dy^ien^ 

, "DmirQ 
^ ni2vr»ner nnn by ^l^^:^ ^i\t pa an rm^ ^a (r 
nt^Hc D'lw D^aiD3D nan ^7 w , p:pi n:po '»it3«f . nwi^n 
— rj« IX , yrc nan ^a hy Dn\T» lorx'^ ^a ik , iTi^«f j^o 
^ax , W?n^ IX , rvm^ -wx n^nn %'Ta ^:fi^ ofiBfo^ Mor 
, DctrS , iicx^ QTTpfii cnfian ^^n:::^ npm i^x jsix Dwa 
^a ^vx JO D^ia-n pi n^n^ ^ai . (« ^-nn^ nrx r^:7nS ix 
; onvi:.! a*:Mn liT 10a nrn ^tvi^ m^^ rx /tn^ rai nnnx 
r^x -nn*n nx ^jaa m^b na ''ifi^i mar nr'tnxn 7ya^ px't 
irx inan nx ix ,wifiro •♦^a ric ix irrx nx ix ,13^ 

. ^T1 op** p cfiism Biw^ ntrxai — , iS e^an 

nnn: nnm \Tnx ^-nn^i nvr pa an n\n^ o (n 

m*pn mry^ mvi pm m Tn^ o^ri^ ix D^:a"in^ 

nnx jxo'* ex -jx . nsro m ^fi ^ ofie^o x-^vvi^ , wni't 

V:8^ am nai y^vn^ n-a mm ^ TXtn "poe^a p:m ^f?yaa 

iSiijnn kSi ifioi prS noS non w 'a , SroS iS min' 
ftwox^ fi J dK — na nana maai nra rtri^ ,,.na3 aa-nca 
iwra: , )amo Stnp 'i "tmaa^a i« mayy nnon n:ra K3fo: — nwr 
'.nanaS wrw nat — pnxn nrtn3:i3 nwo 'ia ih n'nam rvKon 
rainj r^ d:i ix nrrn pn '.t SaS ^ xhmo jaia niS Diron (m 
inan f tm irn Sxi , tsftvoi pn nai ni' ^n^a , ♦nrani »nfi rpt nrn n^a 
^ mov nnm na^oon wna — \ht\ rx&hz niwi dTn'S rn jai , i»' 
nnit Bfiroi pn nai Sai . T ^ o n m r la t k -no^rS now — nSn 

Sn nnpn-nw^a Sm n'Daan Sr pann «naS Dana^ iw mS pmS 
pur nia^nno nnita ]«n D'oj^fi nn»n mtrn na^nn ix , nitvwn '^ira 

• ••la r*no 

,i. » i..,,i., . M , ,■ ,i, n 1.^1 I ■ II I I II . I . P "jM. fl-i..j| I Hl. l . l Jj.Hlt 

63 • pims ^BNp 3pr '*! 

fin nhh :k nerval pn»3 dm ^ ma n^Si r>KrS Dipon n© pn (k 
»pn 'ppina loa — nnn o'O'a ^ayn irwan . nwn nwnn nH irpa 
Ma^ n)n n«n* '^j r^na piairn rai^ «a — n'rroan 
onpnS 7»wi a^m / dh'Sh nanpi rjaVtn rrvean rm wi |n nam . < i a 
o^ppinon mim itaa ^ Diuira pSn can ^ nitna ur um . naoS nNien 
it*3RnS , nMwh nujrn on^ tiwm kS hk , naSaan 'pna rttn imrpaa 
/njnS nini , o*^: na cm o .nnta iry ,T»irn nanna ^a ^ Spra afiro 
my» pSa «a , na TjnS :3S n , Vai Saa Kin n ]a?n nn lA "jtod 'a 
lyK /K^epn n:tra ::'*n ,n?^ c-np cir nrya) r^aa mi on^n ^wsi 
ma ,Din mi»a ricS najrn "Snp^n Ta 'n* 
pw '^a mn p Mim .mmDainScraan mnra Mnar^ 
•wMtaa •«• cn:a-|a uiqh , rnaai pT^ iTjy in . "i a i a jr a i : • 'n S a 
rv .D'Diiani a':ain pxna kS San ,Dn^ u: mra 
Vy ra 'anaai , 17 nai: i86l naya ^T3i^-]a^ »nyn*anaaa m nnn 

. onyi nnn 
a^a^a pinn 'ota: •aa , Srran , (D^^'CK^ita) a»»:n dj n^ kwi (a 

. na'pn era in panaa ^ onn 
nnn -jSian iD'pn 'nni «irn nS^awS iD'pnS 7'a^i jan nin (a 

D*D3nsn^ D^:aTi^ n:Tn: n^a^Ti Mnj«:i nonpo m:3^ (O 

kS ,DVfin lyva dk^ t^nh -|k '•a DKv,njr ^m 0^*5 yer: 

-*iw„ nnM an-3fi nootsi , qi^ |»*!in oyina iiy ipsron 
, D^:viDi oniTO onyv in D":fi^ iiyv , d:ch . •mica nr^r 
ihnn "wm . yn «ik orryt: iiy ir^^ j<^ n^y:n Dmoe nn ^2k 

. ^ nry c*picy i:n:w i::^:y^ aw: ih 
,i^ir\:o2hH ciKv^iynviy) ^nn 7c:n ,(-TyvTinr: 

— . -~— 

"D^aiD^nf? rrB2'*i , mfi^ D^jfi naoa nm rwprraro nn ^ap 
Mtt^i ,2BM rm^t iipn^ ^'"Tyvn ':ih vw rv^ o 

, anp pra vttck 
riT^^Ti n2*B^^^ rmnfi: 1792 n:aro 120113 12 ora 
na^Tcn rv: kvtt nra Da iTh «fj«n 2«^rm ,i?vi^ •»« 
D\'nn\n n^Jtr nn^r r«i . v::co inj« kS oovyai ma^a 
T'^n -ty^atn {<tfi (eijcii) pe^nn . o'^ppinon \rhm by nzvrtn 

: rhnn onsTa , nrn p:yn nnx n^^on viyvn r« 
D^2 w nn , DV%Tjrn o^'pinn nfico njn^ nai: i«f j«3 (»« 
n^cio ^'Ti .man niKO ni:«f nr nn n«3 o'^mnM 
, pRH "pin nion nnn DiTx h^ph na^ k^ , nsinn i:^y 
oa DK •»3 ,yaBi ya: ^ao dhik tiob^^i 
*?y irj« ,D^:i2:n D^yvojtn nj« jt^vonS 
in\na on^a^ eiio Jt^sn^ n3 nvy oi^ 

.1PV2 K^i nn^a ,iiD^K2 nh'i 
nrinrei nnooa Jtam Knr.2 o'^pcyno o^ivr^n "3 jp^ (a 
^^ , i:n«^ naiD 21 H^:2nh ihy oaiyoai ony:22i , n^tnn^ 
, omiayo oiyncn ir« , 02-11 ^p o^^wra laer j«S ^H 
irj« ni:8^M nisn-inn r» rmh o'^s'^inD i::n — p Sy 
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. ''ny*:a cw "S2 cnTii:iir2 •£2 ■n2jr^i iinc^ oi^ 
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b^-Tyn'iTM ,nwi3p pi wy^K p ,nrtr\n m2i wi^'^h 
— my^aa i-pvn^ D'»Tyi:n maipasi Tin nya nnte — hnn 
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o*£^ nno ra , vneaifn awh 'w^h (Vjrw ri^r) pairt 

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nys Vinrai ,nDi^an pa-wm Dnty^-'»^^^^2 nvaap nyw 
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mm iD^pn ^:fi^ laiy nw t:\si iss man a^aye nni 
mns "i^an *:fi^ w i ^ k i:yT ^6 my ^sk ; "msv rvb^^ 
pina HKi: nrn nmn r»^ ? .mm in:iBK ^y yt itrn n^i^ 

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nnxm u'tdb^p*:) iTnyasi (:8ifi) an^M (sis^ n^:^ifis 
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spv 'TO pTiM '»n:rn ,nfi 2rv ^::n n«^« D*e^^ itwsn 

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nunn^ ''ar^^rn dv2 ik ^:rn ova ^2ik jyo^ , i^ y n m 
^^n^^v'' ^K-w^ iiy '»3 , nfiVK m^cmi , iniate -m ^ifi dk 

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nasn^ T^fi n^K ,Toyfi i"n^ near i6 Tiy ok^ 
r\H trvim , ina ^Tln o:na n:yn na^ o , ^tm ratr^i 
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n:n p ^y /:wi '•^r ^'•rya ^a %-iDr ^oy ''r:y2^ ' 

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DniBfi vn "WK — cr:nn i03 — d^^^vkhi ; p d n n ^ y ^Kv 
-^aro ^fiD wn miays p 0:1 1 s ^ n n : «6 , o'^oen riK nhiffho 

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rnr:i^a i^ n:pB? rnra? *?y : n a nni^ pcnn vrnn ^01 . 01^3 

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•iina , ^Bp n«^ ^? .TK^fin on-naj imni onsD oon taw 
K^ Min HK nan a: isSr d^^^vkh loai ,Dya-D'»anr» ^") 
pK nK DTDHKB ,Dovy jiviaK^D ,nainniina 
DTTirKH m^ar ^ao DnTi\T un: ann DnD^a DfriK .omao 
• om^io pKa D^ja^ ^k larn a^jn , ^n ^a 
•t^a Dnin\n nvar . rcn^ a'n?n imr: jern itwsa ^aK J 

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B*;rnn rwi iD'jfsn nvstn nK„ . nw f di* '^aS ly CT^y 
Dyra^ nnSy k^ nnrici , arh 1x2 n^ro^n^ ipjryi ."ifi'irn 
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ni^si mnn omn-n -rpi . "nayanai ^ob^■^ n-n„ jt ^7 
nii?YO»a 'n^ir ,ia^ yipin^ dt ^»^ ]'ki ,Dvn ^a 
apy*^ "ffl^i' nn ma ^Byaa^ . 1:^ nynTi n 1 3 ^ t n » n 
mnrn , nnsti mari nt dj mina Mh jn, : (^EKp) 
miaya iccnn rsizt — mm , uip 'ca aa^ .twpj!? nrn'n 
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vnr B'ffye) ... "^a*^ nn-oa aa-rmy ntt -iixj 'rbzh , ,ti 
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att .a'laya oki ,D'33a dk„ : tcbj naa ni3y^ 
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n^yaS bj , u'^y n'm ipk ^aa ner6a-"Ba nYtn rsji aSa 
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■ip" vh "t3np« ^ai . waxn miaya nyojnmyfi'?^yBP) isaipa 
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injina a3i ,ntn piya ^wp "1 nirnin wn na 
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nra nm^ itim ,^21 Sao nra i? waon 16 •»« trrat 
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p-yon pm annmsi ,r''n *d' ^3 »3vn miay 1313 ^ici 
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c-m;ni itftiin 'em ^y Disixn iin*3i ,d'3T omn* n3in 
o'-Tiai ^V3 nono ikwi , 'i3i rraa-j , neiY mvni«D 
on^n: arSy .tot n3i .n3iD 3i Sp no» vn ^ik ,o':ioipn 
rtS '3 , .Tsy nivu , iSwir^ nsy "nsD,n Syn psn ■'3 ly 
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o'yr'm , D-jVKn o'^'vun n^spca , e^njn n^s-co r;83 Dinm 
nmi .Tn '01 . nri t3 d-k a-Ji n.Tn rx , pus i3ii iyw 
iK-KT nnytp nj-acn ovn ly I "nn'n — \'^nn hz 7112 ? nViy^ 
.-woiko hn-ss^ Vti ...t<c:i(n "ron o'jiTrn mh'bv nsr^ 
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Dtra D'jSian n^raai mtaj -ny ^^K 31a nai i« 
rn [331 ;an "j'jya laiynn «^ *3— Dn\T'? yai:3 om- 
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D a ^ 1 y 1 , npiKi -ion -na no' , nsSia crixai a--\yv inna 

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li'xan ,,132 !Mxn rrnaira — nrfin 13^ Mm yt ,D"im'0 
nr;?; n * ^ k n -| k , i«c^ ly "DTnp„n ]"^iB2 cmrrrA 

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naiKi ,fTxn np^m ^b-k i? ciin-n nor vn na 

.nSn: nnn»6 nracw^ .in'n n'V'^J 
— inia^o KD2 by 'JB-n -tdt lo'pn niSya — »« -i« 
n:isn3 — ''D''xp„n rw .n'^nn niKS onxTn "n oj ue' 
"n'SK„n nn -;» , "yinc" n-a aizs ^72 x^ — nrjuiKi o'co 
(rcpn ri:ir3) j-En ,«-xn-rm;ya Mnn ni2! nK ,n:ern 
a'Tsi Q-tpp 0*1313 , y"n^ ^73 \Tip- t'-jri , aio yiicS 

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Yh:s niri2o ik3 , nins ii3»^ lyio '^ Kip ... .naip 
nni' *32 in^S . . . npn nncn |isxe , nirp niVjo in'X"^;) 
D'3iD i'3 )'n3a irxi .mffi ;n;i nrya ,i»p: 1331 npp 
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;• c n 1 S 3 » , (3V13 pj naipa^ yiir ly ■]i3n nit pin hut ' 
ana, o'nna na» rrroff ,-\03 p' o'nipi noBS' 
■Vani icon , o'a'^ia onay n^en ibo 
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E-in*) "1J113J,, ^x i^'Thj) \^^B -ivr i;b ai^ it3i 

: 1E0; nr: kvb; [331 , nxi^ -iwi mm , omiyS 

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Ttn 13 «ve: «^ -^a , Tin mn ny nnon cn-ai pnjroa 

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isroa .T^TTjrD o^-m mjr nr;3 p\-ij?: ,BTn D'^o'^a 

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wn ^^m , irii^ya irnpn ^ wn id:3^»^ irip» orn nr o 
-n^:i^ ^i^^a^** k^ 'a h'h nivno ,irfiD n^en npoe 16 
, "ar noa dk , 1310:1 o^^nn isd ^3 , 1:^3 M^bn vmm 
«^n ,\:^33 d:i U3»^ Dttf , mitral nnr ,t:» ra no^s: 
;n:i^:ni D^nnrh ra^-nt nya^rw ^i^ns^ jxna ifioo^ Krm 
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unnn • "i^ap ^p »^p3^ ^te^ bn h^ ] 331 , ^hff to rwy: 
nr ^3 byy , n^fi Dn^^8< nifi^ d^:s3i , 8<n3 ^^cn to 013^1 
fKi ttr»K3^3 mrp D^'piDjr d^ ,n:ipn Kn3 k'^it D3^»n 

Kan Tain dv31 . nrn jvki3 penon nb bwp 'i ^K 


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•rue n^n «Si , ] a t d n ap nn'^a , d'':ss^ ^^e^ n^ittf wai 
, no^pn n^no mD:i hdi na pn ^« . m : H n » n d n^ 
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now nnn "n^D n«fi-i: k^i j?:n noy^ ^K nr:j dki ! ^2^ 
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nrK nyn , ^itr** miv^ Bfitro pm pn pK -jk ; "Nnroa 

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h22 ncn DH nhn i^ni . mot minyo -iBcn^i 8^fi:-ifiD 

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wio — i:-:a^i t:^ nepr^ nato mpn tki , kdvh mup mc 

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«rn: -noj p ^p ^li^MVKV^i i:^ rfrjnn h^ ^^ao ,nonte 

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tw , n-6ia pM 1:^ na rrnn nasa dk , a'-naw o'lan noa 
pK nbma n^can-'-iB' 13^ imt , n*? o'Jaa apn: nana 
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D^K3 (D'^THM) CH , i^^i^ i3n cnn"0'pn^K) V^K OnSHKO 
T7 aT3^a mn^ Dn^33^ nan: d'»k^3C'i ,Dn'»^Ko 
^C3 Q'^yeam nsnai ,ai^£D3 nnv3 nrioi nno ,T7i 

...CTTn 1^ 1310 "3 , DiT'TO ^3^p tcn3 (TD^pH) KVTI , aTn^3^ .| 

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ni. i^ H i ■ I ■ ■ ■! . » I . ' I P i W. 'iii ! ' ■ i ■ L. ^, " I H > 

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V3m« n3i Kw^ ,iay ty3 D*eni 1:00 «^p3fn x^pn ^k 
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— nnK3 xxn ; zrn nwu'T3BfnoD cyan 3ir^ v:fi^ nyin W3 

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nm-*.pn Sp^ . 0iTan3 (yryn:«) 11310 mo^ ohk jTT'^rn^ 
3nH D«^Ki3i , n:m3Difi , -nya 16 Bf**!! , 0^3 W3 iv3p: nxm 
tmp ,138^ ^KVTa3i , i^p rya "^ns: n v^h 3npn rmv ww 
^3n ,nrn i3i3 ivy%nn cr'i ,^£Kp "1 rr33 "ntw^h iboh 

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n^y^crm nyrn ^^s , ivkvi lyij , pr«in 01^3 , viinof? 
Primatial- ^b^kti pcnn pirtt<3 omvn ^ith n'»T8^ym 
^•5 fi]K-in i^vapm , '^yx ^T«p «TinrT ToyD3i gebaude 
kSi ^3k k^ pi03 • ^:«Mc«3 7D:n ^vkti pojinm •»£*?«© 
D'^onsn f?3i , -©vn ^:fl nx nww ^^ dim ^wp "i rww 
^y i3n Dtt^i "^nn i^inrn,, n^3^ W3 iv3p3 n:non nyo 
^ vii^M , i:ee iwd J6 "•Sts:! 'n itti in ^« • Di'?t?3 W3 

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D^'Ttn^ ;n3iD^ maten ^h dh Ton man ;jrTO^ prS 

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fiK r^i:in ^iwiTiTra oym ht o iS imnr no i^t 
,^Hnr^ Mine mica nnn nann nnon 

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n^YTiKn oycn K^n in , iwn v^ ^3 , ^h w: 13^ ok o nm 
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la'^rvi^i , rnnv ^20 ^Kicf^ nn nne^ nnv nann wfi^i 
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"Itt^ena toh^ ,o^t;w rrna ire^ nfioynn a'jn . ..ninn 

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naro ^ ynpnh o^m: \in 1:^ itwe ^a . imn -wk *?m 
*^iK , ^:yo^ 0^03 >»i nK 0:1 ^Br^ lan onow im ; i^nn 
^7:16 n^m 1:^3 — ?nip^ n^ r^ no tk!*3^i 
^*»na«8n ^njpr nn !nvar*mr n*> |ni ,k: n^^im 
,ni:ai D^:a nytrn^ ok ^:n .om ^3^ n:«f wri o^iw ]2 
no n y n : n -— mm m^i2 ^Trm i::nn dh — mcr ^mi 
,vTpn rrrov- 'myh — "^^a oy tpu — hsm mnA \S7\ 



jTHVi nana in pna oyn ♦•a w«iir mwn man nrun (n J 

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niM^ o^:'i3: 'i^ri : nai nn mcfic Dyen Tiy , •am^io fin 

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D K Tnra^ ut , ijn pK n: n^T ^03 Dmo:i o'^nirK .Tn:i 
n^K3nr3ro r\Mnh n^ nepr: .1310 nipn 

T^h 'iD'.^n Th^ ^T3y TTTiD^ rrn pna rrn pic no3 
ri3^oen nnn kd3 ^y 3rr inic ^^a "^fi^ n^K3 o^vno: d^-dt 

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;nvnK3 D'»nr 1 1 n 3 , niry^ iiy "^^^ noi I ^3^1 ^:n« 
, ^3^1 ^:iT« Tiy rp3n noi , mrsn «^fi:3 jru i:^ nrn ^3 p 

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n3iB^ T^ai 3^ ™ mon^ oytn -ny ^cKp 'i non 
^K^oo QT^ 1138^ Dm,Tn*? ni«nn^(p3:n p?3 k^ ^^w) y*v^ 

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r» y«fvi^ in^mn n3r33 Bya3 o ^cnp 'i nuco 
o*:irit-n V121 mc njr'n , Dia^:ni rr\}^r\nn rm ^irary , UDy 
rmS n3» -wk n n k t k \siph 3^"ip3 1:^:13 hk^ : -06 

inivoi ^0 ^ip3 noK^ 1^313 no^n myori 
m:nn^ D^^^n:^ npixn n^ni ^no^KO,,* 
n^Bio D^iOKj o^i3y ^y?D3^o nK D^K:in \ 

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?y 3.113 — ^nnowi Tir^ta nnn^ mm^ inxn utenoi 
H^ nnK "2 ,noK ^noH tanp ^no^a Tin ^:fi^ laiS 
1^3 ^Hir^ ^HjiBf ^3«^ !*3^oi^:n« ,too m^i ^aiic 
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0^31 ,3^300 im« Dnov na^ian nyo D^D:nfin ^ai iKoa 
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nprna psi pS:yni , -iD^pn nr^^ro nnic ar^ poiKn-maanoo 
n^a^ M^ *nMon nrn^ "Vtd^ lyo^ , f non-^p d^didh n« 
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noic^i ^s^itp '1^ oi^» irw o'^or-en wi nnana "^npn rm^ 
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nhMi npyr^ip naioon n^r^n jo yew yne 
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non^-nrpa loy imn }^y:n m^jin • nwn mwM wv 
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v:%-u^ no'pn p^:y^ nnrn oyca o , nw in^wa • "mrw^ 
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nn\n irij-m^oo 'd vry wwn wn— nnyi 

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w^n^ lanpa ia^ n^w nn nnwr ovn ph) ... iiy i^ .Tn 

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n^roon^ iwon^ im ,dio poy hwp h "rt iioo^ 
1^ nfipw naia nipm ,^pr 1,500,000 Toa mi no 
o'D^a o'fioan noyo ^th) oixyoiao n?o munh 
n^D TK •ou^y xiioa^ i^ n\Tn |yo^ (onn 

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r^y iTUi inSna , niKifl mw^an mo rciai ^i a^a 
mpn ^a hock ^a ,nyn^ D^Kcnn ina« vrm or 
,anpi i^n itp ^a vr htnp "11 .nn^H^ la^rn^ 
^a nan' ok , re nn , v:a^ noyr , o^»38n iSiw ir««ai 
onana -n^y 7\r\^2D'\t initio ry^ p ^in8 im^^ar 

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nnic nor KYDK OK iKo^ infiH nioiH ^^y 

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an onio n^a 'a ovai , n^n ^ipn r^nn nifiiaa (nioVm 
nrnpn inm ^o^ivon rK o^^nwi \n: (o^ipn rura) 

• . • n:n: nric ovi^«n ^8 nw minoni 
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n^hiz \n , i:na pi on^aa p , y^io f?fiKp 'i m^ofi iai 
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onnV iiay hSi pn itr ropn n:rai .no'pn nito 10S n3n:r J 

^rnS -ny tw kS ^Bnp "1 fi^pa ^itSoao r«i«i .na^A onrw anwrno •, 

j^ame lo'pn nryr rwinn »a nmi nio .o^nn iSo »Sa^a nitt nnn 
iniaai •nana n'wa im^a nri« ^oup 'n |pa^ — pti ^l• tuvtx BTrr? 

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nrnw it apr btk m ,n)aH hv p^^a a^ avrn 
pa inprn loin^na , rm aaS ^a iy»a «)nnB^nS , may apya 
nniBfn ^a«*?a ia w:b*i , n:iarr lamS i^n apy^ , nn 
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1 iniaoyns , onyc^a ^^^VT inryoi , onapn inaoa napn 03 
. rmob n:o^Ka nnM , mna aa ^y mcva /mrn ^a»a na 
nny , rhbrvm ^wn nnn , n^cao mv nnca* nan f ik 
^nnaya , mayon njcn nam wop , n^ya: T m ? y i y r 
mnu ^3«i ,ntDy oim nuivon ion ,fm«n ^^ niayn 
•«r8 , nnnsc {*ni6 ^n^oi: ^^K , ma: ^nrn nnn , mmnr 
• "moipo ^an npa« ^ao inin nnn ^mnio n^aiT 
.p^a^ B*':pn a« n^a 'a or no 

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/^npn v^.„ n^a Tin ^» n^wn o^Konm o^ynn mn — mai 
, Dn:i«n ^fny^D n8 nar^i , D^i^:n o^dkh ^y D3*y non h^i 
^ 3 WTO^ ^« , nor wfin*i , ^pn-^ana h^ nn ifionn 
T« .-navn «)Drg nai«c i^nna^n ^caa pan: 
onTco^ lyoi ''o^r.^i,, ^a ".th nya •a ! onaipo wia no 
y? ^fi«p '1 ^niDoa n:n , iian niicnn hy hnpn naioS 
ono ton K^i , iry ;w*8a myn ^Ma it:r pn icS into 
H^vinr niHvinn ^a ^a sPTh wnn 03 K*a ,noiKO 
oipoa 18 niai oipoa OH/^i^pn,, iina ^unp 'n 
nnry TBfoa oivy td^ i^y nrMi ,tio3 
— /Sni lf?nnBf^i "Snpn rm, n^nr ,o^irn 
H^i,io^aopni THK^vin n*?Hn niKtinn Sa 
,onn o^ann o^om iroa ,u mooS npS 
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iin?D npit»^8^ yiin TBfH ^^ao .^Krna 

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^nniinar iSSn^ m'Tib «o*S -pao ^ '^r tih mn mn vy ni^ 
nona oj Sir aan J^n3an nara )nSr) nanonnS )h^^ iiVt 
BjpfiNMn ,N^ n«dvn n^n pDOTiS dd*n lAaa irA^ on 
infrt {m^w^i) w'l \n^h inhr pao^na ,tp«na iS nnnppp (Tnpwi) 
i w^i jHaS ma mn a*« ipaa 'm orai , nnii vrt &w laair 

p'p 'art' , nmani nVnpn •!«» 'J^xp , Simr 'la irmt. 
nixn iT'ntnS «jia . an^n vmxt o»ataoni ^n^r irarSp^a 
m^mn oa*3ir lyna ni:»p nSja ^"f irSii nnan nSnjn 
SSan S»ara irej noian anmn n^yr* 'n aananra pnpna " 
antaa o^rajt cnDan , •jiain a^nnS pt |n«3 hV niraTm nmrn anai 
hm\n\ , jana ananmn i^a , nta itp pta ^ niryS na ma irn I 

o'Snan S»m ^VSan 'ai»a o'pow ^ Snpn n»aa 05»h i*r Snpn •j'lrpi 
var) rtv ra'anaa hwp {^2) iiapn apr fihi^Aa rfnf man nn 

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iiiB« iir pi lyf^fffn ^'n n^n {ya^j^aii^n maa 'a -m^ 


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irBM'Hy inn nirn 115^1, nonprA paS nta oi»ir laa 
o*TB ^» iKi:i ^noino) nio^jn niaira nor maS 
mp:i wn , u':r w^a>t ii<?a , nnira rpaS o^aSvm nDi na , iriV)S 

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• naiaa nanani i»yn^ rmm^ ome 'a' ^Bn3 th 
m , nmnn itira rScna nn , rrn^r inSena nn , naiai pr» n? 
m , rmsita o'^^nn 'pioB B':i]r n» inn nn ^ nnn s^na^ :*an'aS nr xwt 
T" 'law m , nm:j n::» , nmw -lav nn' , nmaa oipa mt , mix 10 
s naa ^ nn^j nai ^'Sn r^i na law nn , na^nS nnwt nSja iwia 
onwS Tar IV «•« t naSn npioe O'Saaj hS aniKi 'a* Tan n? 
•WPfiH w HSn nam nn , nshffh paSi minsn SapS i»r n? , nn^m 
"nma rpaS (nrpa ibo) Sie^napa nwirV j^r n? ^ nrrr nVaai ar maS 

.nana *n»n unanS 'anp vknn Ian nn ^nn»So 
n^n* m^a»ry inMa eSia .waaon nnn ntya .laan: iratr ^nnit 
nata anar twvi tai , ^n irnS , Sicnsya wrirS , crrniS ;triti 
nam niyan nrw Syi , o*iixn o^xrrn anmaa nainai , D'ii»in: mxi 
ina , B'nsv w era n:nan Saa wpan l»apS irwt yit nnn : H:r:i »nna 
n^o^ji paS nvan H»anf? irwi ^h ^n^ir ^ o^nr wmar i^n 'S 
nra awn nnra ^D iwa*: awairn vm^ , iSm thi jm na'aa Bw:!m 
^ nnM Tn n*a A n^ kS rofl^BHtn niSrS «»ya 'it-w H*?ni ,nnpS 
la'reaa nnair: i»iiH »a , wn^aai lann^^a naSan irnannr pea 'nSai 
• UTnarS «nin jnn Ski ^mwn b^wwa ,ir3nn wnaa iai ^imitai 

• irWa oiran i^anS ipr^ ni:ni 
nia^itS T^n nnn \t ,B»an ':ya nSr: ^K^ioyan t^x\ 
■jS'S tnna n»Sr nnSr TnnTna,B'npf?: B»H::rnai 
na' MSr niB 'w^rx ^'^'^t^ jai nnxpi na:in T^ta 
nnin n*!fnS epn 'r'Srn ana na t^airi nit »t«S 
•ara n^Sa j^'VinKeS nwaai , ^San ■p'^a (p) airA^or n' Sp nSra 
n^ n»> naa mam ^iSan ar iyn ^nataan piw^ y^ nnavn 
ninpj H'ni nnp*? inNa maun bw t^ii ^if^ ^laS mmn 
/]r*!pnia*nn naaS Siinairant ,naSria jn^rn S^\ 
nwrir Byfiiiam m^anm nrjr^' naai ^jna t^i ^atS "jimn mSrr ijm 
apn iJin o«niSrn ♦art ,nnai ww nn S^nr nj; , nna 

,n*!a u'rea »3«aS 'j^at ^m?n'> 
pii M<»pS laana ^nn»n iMamM a"* ar inwa wnr mir . 
V3iin niTiia ^n nm i)oan nnc nut « nnp itfim ivn Sa 
f anm ana -*a^n wvwrw^ ova ^B'rn u^^^V ivm cnsfivan nSiti ^ nian 

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nm»n •Snjt,o'ai"ip niaVon iiin^i,o'n^» 'mt non 
iwur^'or ^irra^ ti^^y luj ib-h n» ca^ uana js^ , o ' a n t m a b V 
,app'i pn»' Oman oaij-w unti ,ij'a^niTpaonS ijKipi , (»t>:'an3*3 
■ly.Tain tko aip '3 ,aay^ kSi npi»'n -ino^ im 
n'3 .Tayt i|^n sna jf3i»ti mun mu: a'a* np» 
-iB'wa .B^an^ Dsrcja mn Smi ij'bbi ii'rj ^r' u'Sp lomn 3?r 
^Kir" neja , in»« oipoo uS tar .iWni nni , bS» niton es'Sj k^ 
, n aS a n ^ x 1 « 1 3 n j a 31 , p dixj on n^'j i« oji , ino^ :ot» 
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inn 'V hy nhvi nii.nj'ion '13 ^a iias D'air v'i 
:ai aawi ''B'j I'nnno D'Oa? U nirnas fii aan unSnp 'anno 
nifi>a win iriMt .nansn.Tj ^la- nh'. or'n nun 011? nipp *:» |"ao 
nyr ras -Ji- (p| bvAvbi* ijnS? 1*0 I'irmSi , yji I'jf I'nS Ma 'a 
B'rjit 13 ifiK ijn^r 17' ,T113 peniaci?' I'njo ."pr^ nnK 
iSjjn' ^w , BTTpn 3^ S3 131^ i3in inaS .E-jJiaoi d-oioo (E-inK) 

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on-i'p3 nrp lann .t.t ;'>i 'I'll! S"t mwan msai , D'Jiy 

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, npiop nips B^a lar't , nrr mi mnn nVSa in* loBKfii aijV 
^in nia^S anpn ix^jn 'i nro r-tcis an-i-y tmn , nrai naana 
. 83^ S'nii iS !Hip iioni , Bam np'6 »im , ia «Sa 
, .Tn ?3pi i-nalB-ji- i»b w irt< , ni-an r'= n-nJtM nw r** 
IB" Bv .Tn I'axi ,«•«& nnoo im^pw in wwa i^o lori 
miBpa i^oS niif3 .DiStnp iB'pnS anpi 3ipni Siii 
1^ piBn , "on nmop SapV ;'in bb-o Bi^Kip i^on yiBi3i 3ff' 
fl'ian loy niai ,nmi j'»a xn yst 'a ,31 poo h"in irn 
(Off' I'jai Kin i»p3' irx Saa .a'uKU ipiiVi i*? 
ViJ*i 8'ira yn ;op iwSpjtt nro »'••« -' n»n jai inifai .a^ip^ 
13') i-rro TinDi , B>JB Sa3 , faxa 3irni in narra an npyii I'j-n 
»« Hin it3V') , nr(03 b'S ruwS i»3r w nm , nj-a.i'j rnarro 

. lution [01 nn im mr 'S Sin»nS loiV uui (h 
•trnS iimiw .wiw muM uaina jua'j.ino nin im r» (3 

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n"it snoi .B'nsr Sr joipo ini'MS ennp^ 'iini 
(ly^*:*? nyr'onffi i^bb-US* ,r*»^BpP) jn^i^ t^k 

nn'n} Bsna ;n«n^ nw [3 !3S> , wi mpo aaw "'n 'a 
S"3nB*ioD5B»i Er r^iMieo oiMn Bt)»'> r'S^op* 
nfiKi 1 = 31 nSi? n»ff' h"; Vmi»' n'TKrr iht ;jd^ 
TisKn' onSpm nen wen hvii n"T na^Dn irnniH ontit 

Hinw 1113 TWi^ irti , ni3 kitb nji , na'Jan hv pson nrK win 

!'•• (fiji tSa njff I'M Di'n-T 'J'Sy nrji pnp bi*!i mwa nni 
no'H '^ c'S*Boi , in' 0^13 ev-i^nmH is-m y-ni '3 , sjb nSs vn 
, a^i DVKBTiSi ,^31 S30 Bm3^ 6p'J o'lirm ^ »inm laiS . mei 
fNr »ai3 nsT , iiann utm jwi? -ari' (nnfr'os C'lrn'n iiji 
, B'3i03 I'll ':•»; r-wii S7 pt , !»■■' no'K c^nn Sy Ttuit , nan en^ 
, aipo »» ni ^n , O'lrro t»iBi't,T*((.ii na^an '3 , oTiioa iw Bn-'iri 
Kiiaa lap mt i"3 bt in;Hi , ny\T n-ayn^ «a' 'na . rrfw hy a'ttm 
)j»nBj I nVSn nTjnj (nienn ana) njiprnfirn na "nti 3'ia3i , nSnaai 
• Citon B'»a Msoi nm anan 
tm' Tij ip'nm , »*) nei , o'if VnT-'pin»'» pio Bnto nV»ji 
i3» [n-ji , pTimS icDNi rA*^ n!»n3 »|3'ni B"p^ (tt oa'T63i , B'irpa 
OT'i) p-m n'3 nupr ij , a^p irwn toj rm fit , on-ieioS aio 
noa lB'3''p3) BTOTB .Tn laa ,nonn cina 1331 ,»«^3 .Tn (Snpn 
p»» fii'jnp 'r««i , o'na "^73 .103! , cniir inS» ni^np naaai , .ibsi 
B?ipnii» Bj ana inx "i-a , inW B-rixni hk ipa-T in't T«a 
nnfff ^^S on^ "urs cai^r /nj»t oji , ishn ntn aipa^ , B'lpa 
srf} iiinini , niaie nnira ira^ , ma'aanV inW' sni ,Bna D'a-a b'D'j 
, Ba'^»K» Dy^sw»n3 onS i^in Sm , Ba'rK ii-p 'la ':o^ !<iviJi '>h 
,a')iii n»J3.i3 BOB 'J.m/in pi .na'ioi noBp*? Droff iwian^m 
y 1 a ff ^ 1 riB^an hm iiaj^ nSni n^inna onS tmin nm 
, nn o» t"iS •"■'"' c'paa ([m , tirrnS lai ow3 ip'O' hSi n S 1 p a 
Baosff j'a^ ij'a iV'bk .nan^ 'p^vo an'r laia k^i 
iryn ^i , sa'Snua ci^r !3»ni B'pirat niamia smS uSn ^w 
-jwnai , nhwh taijn 'o inn wSf-a , n'myrx pij3 , n'3'aB n«'30 
niMina BflS usn3 nm hs . B'lt t^ I'n Ma' Sa^ , b-vw i-nn Bjipm 
. iiyji ^tm mtia n'nn ^aS , ima 

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h^^ (nri) jwinr'^w ttmn tainj nh'iHA nho pa wn fiwa 
rrhv inr , d^nw d'Vv of (••a»n ^irait) jiiwwn , nSaa nan , nrtan 
^ « a^i at a onnna Dwnfi ontn^ Vy mat , o^a^a «3rS ^vo orrra 
.nsnAasotan Djiinio nnyai at^onnea u?ai ^hh9^ 

I^Tna pit ewi (a*a) nan on tpuin jo pai ,o«nin«^ irn ^a 
nta^ai *nma oat , nvys no ri^ atS tsman , nmo pati aio nvr tm 
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nryjt nrt nay ^nAnp noaai ,u»i» hnh pn S«»nSi 
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;r<Mio r'i |ataS ma :era 01^ ^lai , nSata O'ai: p^poata f^Tjmonit 
, B«aMitn ona ^wvw nvya vrva ^ o«:)rai e':nr o^anai nu^ 
•raw , n^Ma «niit natnpni ,nfnnnn oia nai; b^j p'p irSir 04 
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nyii ,nay n\yt*m eai niym imr nWya onat«a phmnt (0^ vait) 
nmi o'aan nan^ «r ait nrit wa ^^ "pna ^ naj) oua iiay omn» 
Sna ri^n »tS iitai , O'ar r\vnh O'pn ovait anS laoitnn Oii^ o^T^n 
O'Vii^n: , niainpa oaxi? o'ptnnai , n^aa on wna "mat nnra tfh ayoa 
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nnit nanSa trn ^Msmnna atana )p^ n^v o«iin«n naai 
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D^nyn o^m am'na , tnava nmo atW ayaai « na ra natvi mW 
■f^it anary ay nao'naii^i^n -jSm , ini jn«S (laum) vconaSitw pawV 
BJ1 B»a»: onav on^nvi i^iyi nap: on%Ta rwirh nrv^ nanVa 'y» 
Jap^ iS^a^l^n, %onj5iiw piwxh hnpn run prpn niatnai , nap 





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r'H3 Ta^ Sj naiSi 
;tr t- , tTa» Spaa ' 

101 non^an 'rswi o'^ipm . na-m into waS 11,11 fiif iy .naTii eja 
ni'frS i3^n OTn-n sji , orp^j cii-rn ire hei -a , Bn^ laSni , oSipS 
r»" ,1"' B'^s inv 113 i«sp' tt^ff , -mv no'Ha i)"n r'aji jBTpSnuS 
it«"a nhp H**^ nr 13 , 151 -na uTn , i»tV f-tn "jS*^ roo unSia-a 
6"n^ ip eJi ,!iiD niaSaa eii,T,i ta)h . nvii T?a oji , nvmn ^aa 
HTiVaS , B-a-n elia B'TTn laiV , o-atat O'ipr nain tun , rxv 
ly.nn'i'a i)"nB'a»«irt pa nra , enwarna hi iiiniSt 
ni'Too U'l'a i|B3 "py ntryS ij'Sjt na^on mper 
O'ntt^ 'ii'in TK .o'aini iiSit aTon |ni> pnjia 
aiD^nj'r»Tniai(T)a'3inna ^'a nitJTni ojaa 
8"eS ni'isn U3 iin»Q S'la •\t in»Jl iJ'Sin hS 
B-J* e-fiSn ^^)^ k3 i?*) ii-nVnp "jsi ,:irjrtS utbj ^ ^nia^n 
h'tn irn t*? nTs^ pia^ i»b) aaisa iv» 'i-nSnp -r^ei ''p nv 
'^'o '■'<oi ,BiC6) a'»tni o;i i'"?!! isi'-a la? iii» nai aii ,io'o 
iniHoi (BSbi »iin poan -pja lain n'ni .ySoa 
Ss ,o'in^ M^r !T n« i"« a'lt.Ts in»?3 wn ana lai 
up"" , oiaiiaa" ro»-"i* Wi' .'pa* '"' (1") 'i3' 8IJ paon ni 
. l^ita EniaK lanari cr n'l) b-iiioo' •iVivn' r»«i' 'niiaa" 
S a ' J ) n J . 1J11 Kai , 'niVB- h^ *7in: k^ , nxi Sa inn 'a 
'Vy lai (B'o'n naia ns^i onaS hb'vbS btti 
ijt» nnnp n"np njr mn B»a* 8'n)» CP" o'apn 
I'BBa ni'B) nu'pSa '1' Sj .u-ru^ naSaao iijj 
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,niV%y i« ^ wita wMi wnh (ios») s'-m niM 

89 fpsmo Seitp apr '1 


• Dr. G. VTolf aYtrtreibaog der Bohm. JsdoB*' 1 745. (ai 

Alterthamer atch Cofmoa. (a 

• H^n nn no» (j 

Wolf Ibid, (ni 

Wolf ^.Wabrfaeit*' M 4ft, (t i 

•irn nrit n^M -. 1090 -^ (a rnn n«BPa . (II enxij iiAon 'fo iririr 

ftnaia Wratislaw ^'ori nnwH p ^m nirwp «nru pa wa »fiirt 

'ntaon-rir-vi ^n^ marm onvrn n« , ^Da ij^okS ^MJ r» qm : n^itn 

^ DBTian npn) yp nWn errSm , ^psi ama ^ aw fe o^o Wlsohobrod 

wra Wr^tysUw ua y»a aim nn iiVr noi ••yni^n nn nmaS 

nrtjn vffthf ^ap^ tmavi wan itS vh nmii ^ (raivi m^i) io97 *^ 

•^1) J124 wra .tJa j^tM^ ^oai , wnan ^a ono npSj ^on»i:n 

tti (1641) it»r ,iwa .en^S (jnrw "bko niVtnm '•ir jar (i^ann 

WDyn lam nnyan nn ryaon nD yrJ hVi orra mnoa wan wanr 

fttntana finw iji^ a'yi ^"nm jnn "oia D/vry nnn^ :"»jiS onwn 

n^Syn ^Sjai .ona onD^a wra narnp ^ir lanrj cno o^av ^aon 

nana nnan: nw ♦ihm .irwo I n^jrmra wpa tnm ru nma if 

Taraf^ «»Si^ (3 loa . (i emiao piA awS naS nnra , enwa w nprr 

H'l) 1086 n:ra ir»a ,D»nnj »jr niir Tata h^mw j n*n oaaa o ^ aa 

• (a enm mrwa pro ):iir |»mS (o*nn M*n) i080 lurai (a'nrn ^ 

•^w) ainaa nnn noja n»aa aVna aa^no axna (1607) »"» M'a nwa 

,aoBf» »wKi onnaoa my pa an»ar a^n mmara jaa aansa loa . 

ajT ^aa aor o»S^anor (np*ia mu) an»^n aanaa araw nm 

aaAea nr aw nit?a aa^noa nan Vyi . (pra a'aaa iwara n^na 

t o«aiat 2,000 viri^ io^r« cntaviv ^ *t^a ova Dlgo do SaTaaui 

•Dor nan ^ ata ^j w^ir d^ on* S^ pwr arpa ana «nir omaw I 

mS ata rri^a o «:a8i maww 200 p 'ytiX* air ^aa i^ lA aaAon 

D«art»ai WD^a lann m^ ^an • (i antxi a^ pS , T^ea Dimo oa^Sir Vea 

noaa ti« a'ao nam nan Vav m anton ^erra )oaya nmo moa 

f*HS r* CM nTh wn« nt T ^ ^anioa amar nnan ^^uw irrx 

para* -jSoa *oa» »a ^ nannS daS o^ , pn dni ^ nataa ion nn^ en* 

ffvsun ntor Bi D9 vato ^^itn n'n oanai .pAer* :nwnai pam inwna 

nN B^ na xyxr nS «a npS inauv ^^rm San • (t Btnnn ^ iNar 

iraa ni^ai . BannS Bnima nn mSrS amaa wyi* nw arnia Ton 

'aSn nan. nSnnoa ajnra aa^Dn an nni»aii 'na Banaii 'o pnia nan 

o*»v wra — , (Jitnaa maa nwMi i»r nrn t*a anrai «) 'BanaH 

oia Bnmnr ^ i[VaS nom Mjyn:Mo n mr nan naM noto na (ia69) 


n p. ■'■ u» w ■ ■ I ■ ■■ ■■ ■ ■■ I ji . ■ jjj ■ ■II m i i jMi ii I im M,j^..wif i \fj^^ m r?9nfmm^^tn9imm^% 

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nsrs oi« noi .o^oin^ nsis mon^i ^o«Dn*) n^^ir 
i^p99 ^ mw Sicnr^ «u^ mrp niV^a iiana .ijoa iprm u«as nyner^ 
Oil (Non) Dnan «am ^i^isp i:iiViin «v:i6 onsri Vip3 on^ 
n n p o mp liinp o^aS ^ j^d nnai , War* nnaa iwm finTn»V 

^33 onn i^D •S3«n3 SnnrnSi dM3n ^itnr* ^3 
Dnnvi Qn^3^D is^So^r ^onM« nt^pn ivm eipD 
^npynaeipvn nSi nvnni6 nai^ n3i ,&n^nM 1^3 n3^an hm 
until , ytihn n\yp ^ip3 piyr^ , np'x'i} rAtn nsatr\ nnt3 ^9 »3ini 
lonn^iprni niM n*")i^'3 dp nrSr nioim ij'Sjr 
ni»n 'fi 'n dim pr^its «niiiS d«*?aioon 'n ei« 
inn3 ^ifito* «3 jwM* H^ ni3i nis^rni , enpa inynrSi ^ d*''33w h^o mwi 
pya n^ ,nSnn iruna n'V3 jme p'p vjm , nein h^ i»]r 
3n *fi Sm , e*ro3^ e^iirin vn , e'M^rn »3nrm ^ nSnpn itno tjtdj 
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,ni^i3 BBf iiKrj oa'roroi o'^inn nycr ••ni rrrm nif9 
, nrh mS3 incer , on^ la^n ne'San nnn , c « 3 m t n p 3 ni » r 3 
Dvta , ^^3 anai an^s anai n:na nn:ic3 jtNia *i^S 3^3a i3v« e3in 
^ irnria3 ns n^M i»^ isvfis n3in {hn yaraSi niinN nunaS iv^fii 
an^fi rvthfff m3 . i:S iny pw i3*ot nyiv'^ ar an , u^Vir it,in na 
niuvio mt nriw ^ nwrMi nnjHS i|pvi iyi» n? inn m , roSana 
nii3 rm wan i|iD3i , irSria nrn a^n S31 ^ nw w i tomS , w»Si^ 
11)1^13 nai^ aipo nt^wS i«j* ihm ^3r ronrmn nrpa 
pir rrrpir ^ n33i iSn iSirA , .nnan pj* mum ama' nm^ iit ^ S » ^ 
*mM S3 , b*Sj u^y n3in nipn picy imv naan jn *miii , nnsn n3 
^3 « niysai nnsai , a*^fiD nvin:i Sn3 , a^p anans ivnarn *S3 isa 
m^ mrif p^3 nwtiTam thh Nva ^aVn3 ^nvai ann 7nnr:n 
pTp on^y nrit3i , a^Sii a*pn uniwai , a^iiA S3n •ooi nnr ^aia 
Bvi3n nai anS aWS n3^nS inmr ^ Tyn i^na lya: 133 irw ^mo 
*ivM aipa^ a3ay aniN 'inp wrh na^rm ^vna i)B33 
nno ^im3 i:ruN a^ m aiva . M^ti mm apn lav m3) , 1 y 1 a nn 
B^ii3n 1130^ 1 V p 3 1 « N^ni N*m3i rrn)i3*i nN«r Maiiaa ,n:3W 
|3in3vaM3Nn «a*i3 iS^aN,n^)ppMtSu3B'SiyS 
pn« iii^aai laSn )PD« a^iin^n aiaita . nav ii«i 
jr^Syav nstfS 'S'Sm^p »nn nst aiipn h^H npan an^na 
(pna? *)^) Sitnaya wyi ^ m'-nsn ^03 lutaa nran (nnan «iv) p33 





— >>~ w ■ I ■■■■!■ ■■ I .11 > ^ .^^ ^ ^.!^ ^lTJW^i■i^ff■ mt iiyyUW mn wM I M I ii i i«>i i t » 


IIP T J inron nnn ono vAen , irraa Sir -noyS hn^x pao Cj^wi 
,n*i« Damn ujiih ^nn p«©Bf5<i»ttt i^M^irS 
a'mS ,p*i piaa ntiriar nrr -jro ^ma aaynii 
* • y Mh^ naiB nporn nua ^ nova rS 'n Dt*ai .paS lUffn pna 
,wn^ nnan an D'Spair rnya n'lo pMjn ann 
nnaii Dn«»niia nnr* dh'bi pnpoa DMin»n»^ 

irnV^Mj Vy ^ nSna ^aic mcai ua duo 16 , uS mS pwa )^ma nut u 

.*iro«a .Tvtaa , irvas xtna ^ 
o»r»p era n^ , onr«io rjr rSra onrm innwj jmeo. ' 

Ban ,o*nTn p^ t« ira ^ ownaa fma mra njDQm inna , twim 
Dipa )icyo« nrata ^ mna nuva ivim Dmi paSnn* a^aD nma nnwa ^ 

anp |oSt n'^o pmnS j^in pViai p:»S^ ,p«naa ,paa ^ 

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trrsh lain mtjn ^an: ninsen an nroiSi en^Dni D^nrn 
B«cnnan 'na ]ai or^a jnrst main Dn^na imsoi ^osn^itS 
M\T , B.Tnai , 'n n»a pia nn x^ Bar*naai , B*mpn nwaa •«! 
, Sm»^ nxiap rm , Bn^raSw anaio wAd ^ nijna «xian , Bp *nai nnw 

. a*y — "^ Bn8T» 


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TidAi injyfi -pn^ nos Sr irmim era wrS , lan iw '^o^ *3 ^^ 
^aiaa iron v:iv^ \t *mu» , o»an w now niwiSi , n^no*M nrm 
,hnpn rma i|BHnS e^omtn nrA *nii^ •^npn rn% "wna \^st (l IW) 
iir^v «nN npN «d eaoiaa n^ir pa) .mm dv ijm nonS }«at «9 , i^nmt 
jn nit a*^nS lo'pn '»^ i^nSi nAn^ , p W ija^n onit vom ti 
(Extra-Post) nnpTo niaa*w *Sir war' o<nri»a ,wvy jai .nu wit nmn 
nnrj^a )»"v in mpnn Wa i:^ .ni^i v^it pnoi *^ d^»^ mowi 
•wpn tS bt/.:! niDaS (Denkieherift) {nameoi nrpa*anaa i3iaio 
D'jnsrn nwa ^nann^ B'nxiit irwait naj; lar ^nea Sy Tarn Dt*ai 
n^n ...laDoT^aaa •©•pn ^it irra nrpa-^anaai i:a^ ip^a i 

• • .nnitanS: -naa^ eaS ni^nS nitt ^n*w nSn^ : iA noitn wSi; Bnam 

• "pitn p nna') (yaSyj) a^amyn ra^na nn imaa •niron nrita 
•Vjra ni'nS ptm irit r'ltn ..'una-'atpaj dir fM »^»n„ .•tdk nrmitai 
— . "iian xiit rrmhoh rra n:m , :jnSa^ nan* iriti ,)stro nw , |pt | 
a*jr i»p join n^n «a jr San , aS »anai omor •^O'pn ':aSo )«t»* |aai I 
%nah ,nrpai niwn tn^zth ^ryaw , ijaoVi "rySiai^n- |nit.-A wa^ \ 
rmv H»nn era n^m , ^aviS nypn itr enoa i^n era mn nit avjaS .j 
lionn:i '\^^n era na^na — «»Sy nnti: ^wit mtoa nn anmS mtpea ', 
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