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University of NortK Carolina 

This book was presented by the 

family of the late 


President of the University of North Carolina 

froiu 1876 to 1890 

C37^. upy 


, 00033984733 " ™ 

/ Thisbookmustnotbe 
taken from the Library 




I 9 02 





P II b I \ s h e d b y 

The Fraternities and the Literary So- 
cieties of the University of North 

Nineteen Two 

ioloiui JEbomas Stepfjcn Kenan, 

;i. 5?., iHfu, 

;;i IToithy Keprcsfittatirc of ti\t £ovaI ^lliimni of 

the llnirtrsity, it is ciiv pleasure to 

^c^icate this hoof. 

Ex-Attorney General, Class of KsoT 

Sketch of Col. Kenan 

Thomas Stephen Kenan was horn near Kenansville, in DupUn County, North 
Carohna, on the twelfth day of February. 1838. His preparation for college was 
gotten at the "Grove Academy" at Kenansville. under Rev. James M. Sprunt. He 
took the Freshman course at Wake Forest College, but the following year, 1854, he 
entered the Sophomore Class at the Fnivcrsity of North Carolina, and graduated 
with the elas.s of 18.57, 

For two years after graduation he attended Judge Pearson's Law School at Rich- 
mond Hill. He received his County Court license in December, 1858, and his Su- 
perior Court Ucense in December, 18.59, and entered innnediatcly upon the practice 
of law in Kenansville. 

At the outbreak of the Civil War in 1861, a company of volunteers, the Duplin Ri- 
fles, was promptly organized, with Mr. Kenan as captain. This company was mus- 
tered into service for si.x months; at the expiration of that time it was reorganized 
and assigned to the 4.3rd Regiment of State Troojis, antl Captain Kenan was elected to 
the colonelcy of this regiment. He served until the Battle of Gettysburg; here he 
was wounded and captured, and was kept a prisoner of war until hostilities ceased. 

Since the war, Colonel Kenan has been almost constantly in public life, in the 
service of his State. He was member of the then House of Conunons from Duplin in 
1865-66, and in 1866-67. In 1868 he was candidate for Congress. In this same 
year he married Miss Sallie Dortch, of Abertlcen, Mississipi)i. He changed his resi- 
dence to Wilson, N. C. in 1869. For two terms he was Attorney-CJeneral of North 
Carolina, from 1876 to 1885. At the jiresent time he is Clerk of the Supreme Court 
of North Carolina. A man of broad culture and scholarly attainments, and a speaker 
of rare force. Colonel Kenan is reckoned among the highest in the legal profession 
in the State. He has at the same time a charm of maimer which gains him wide 

His love for the I'niversity has always been prominent ; there are few under- 
takings for her advancement in which his influence is not felt. For many years he 
has been a trustee of the University. His election to the Presidency of the General 
Association of the Alumni of the University is an indication of the esteem in which 
lie is held as an ahnnnus. 

The University of North Carolina 

Chartered in 1789 bv the (jeneral Assembly of North Carolina 


Light Bkie and White. 



Yackety Vack! H'Hay! H'Rayl 
Yackoty Vack! H'Kay! H'Hay 

Carolina 'Varsity! 

]^ooni Rah! Boom Kah! 

Boom Rah Ray ! 
Boom Rah Ray ! 
Carolina 'Varsity ! 
Ssi3ss ! Boom ! 
Tar Heel! 

Unix'ersity Officers 


Supervisor of the Lihrari/. 





Supervisor of Grounds. 

Francis Pre^stox N'KXAiii.i:, Ph.D. 
EiiEX Alexander. Ph.D.. LL.D. 
Louis Rouxd Wilson, A.B. 
Charles Thomas Woollen. 
Willie Thomas Patterson. 
Richard Hexry Battle, LL.D. 
.John Franklix Pickard. 

Facts About the Historv of the University of North 

Carolina, Which Students and Alumni 

Ought to Know 

liV KKMP 1'. BATTLE, '49. 

HK jjatriots of 1776. in the darkest period of the HevMlution. 
in the constitution of the new state commanileil the < '.cneral 
Assembly to establish the I'niversitx . 
The charter was grantetl in 1780. 

The chief agent in i^rocurinfr the chartei'. and .startinu' the in- 
stitution on its career was William Richardson i)a\ie. a iirachi- 
)f Princeton, a dashing cavahy officer in the Revolution. Coni- 
ai\-general under (Jreene. a member of the Federal Constitutional 
I'ention of 1787. Governor of the State. HrigatUer-general ofthel'nited 
jf^!*^ States in the contemplated war with France, sjiecial minister to France 
to avert that war. an able lawyer and eloquent orator. " tlie l"atiiii' nf tiie 
University." The coiuity of Davie and the Davie Poplar are his only luonuiuonts in 
Xorth Carohna. 

The first named in the charter was Sanuiel Johnston, then Governor. 
The first meeting of the trustees was in Fayetteville, December 18th. 1780. The 
chairman was Charles John.son. who had fotight for the Pretender at Culloden. 

This meeting .started sul>scri]3tion papers for rai.sing money to erect buildings. 
The largest sulj.scribers were Alfred Moore, afterwards Federal .Judge, and William 
Cain, ancestor of our Profes.sor of Mathematics, $200 each. 

The first President of the Board elected Xoveniber loth. 17'.)(). was William Renoir, 
a hero of King's Mountain, then speaker of the Senate. He vias the last sur\ i\or of 
the Charter trustees, dying in 1838. 

The first benefactor was Benjamin Smith, afterwartls Governoi-, who i:a\c |)at- 
ents for 20,000 acres of land to be located in Tenne.ssee. then in the po.<session of 
the Chickasaw Indians. Their claim was afterwards extinguished and in 1S35 tlie 
lands having been much injured liy the earth(|uake of 1812. were sold for S14.000. 
Smith Hall (our library). Smith Island, and Smithville (now Southport' were 
named in his honor. 

By a vote of the Trustees, the L'niversity was to be located within fifteen miles of 
C'yprett's (now Prince'.s) Bridge over New Hope, or the road from Raleigh to Pittsb<jro. 

The coiiiniissiDiiers to choose the site within the tiiirty mile circle were Frederick 
Hargett, Senator from Jones, chairman; Alexander .Mebane, afterwards Member of 
Congress, of Orange; James Hogg, merchant of Hillshoro; William H. Hill, afterwards 
Member of Congress, New Hanover; Davitl Stone, afterwards Governor and U. S. 
Senator; Willie Jones of Halifax, member of the Congress of the Confederation. 

The donors of the site were Col. John Hogan. Benjamin Yeargin, Matthew and Wil- 
liam McCauley, James Craig, Alexander Pi]3er. Christopher Rarbee, John Daniel. 
Mark antl Hardy Morgan. 

The corner stone of the first l)uilding, tlic (>l(l Ivist, was huil by (irand Master 
William Richardson Davie on the Tith nf ( »ctiibcr. ITOli. The hits nf the \-illage were 
sold on the same day by auction. 

The original name of the place was New Hope Chapel Hill, there ha\'ing been on the 
Pittsboro road before the Revolution, a chapel of the Church of England. 

The doors were opened for students January 1.5th, 1795. Governor Richard ] )obbs 
Spaight and a number of State officials but not one student, were present. 

The first .student arrived on February 12th. 1705 — Hinton James of New Hanover — 
afterwards A.ssistant State Civil Engineer. ' 

There was no President at first. The first Principal, styletl " Presiding Professor," 
whose department was called that of Humanity, was David Ker, a graduate of Trinity 
College, Dublin ; afterwards a judge of the Mississippi Territory. 

Jose]:)h Caldwell, a first honor Princeton man, who had been Professor of Mathe- 
matics since the fall of 1776, and for several years Presiding Professor, was made 
President in 1804. He continued to hold that oflfice until his death in 18.35, except 
four \ears. 181.3-17. when at his request Re\-. Robert H. Chapman was made Presi- 

Dr. Caldwell was an active advocate of publir scIukiIs and railroads. Caldwell 
County was named after liim. 

The chief part of the endowinent of the Iniversitw which was lost in the Civil 
^^'ar. was from land warrants, to be located in ^^'est Tennessee, which had been 
granteil to ofificers and soldiers of the North Carolina Continental troops, who had 
died without heirs. After Tennessee became a state she claimed these escheated 
warrants. The Legislature of North Carnlina donated h(>r claim to the University 
and our agent. Archiliald 1). Murphey. was fin'cc 1 b\- the Tennessee Legislature to 
.give two-thirds of them to two Tennes.see colleges. 

After paying for the old West Building an! putting (in a third story on the Gld Ivist 
there was left an endowment of about .SlSO.OOd. 

Dr. ElLsha Mitchell, Professor of Chemistry. .Minei-ahigy and Geology, who lost his 
life on Mount Mitchell, the highest peak of the Hlack Motmtains, in 1857, was from 
1817 to 1825, Profes.sor of Mathematics. He was then transferred to the Chair of 
Chemistrv to succeed Denison Olmsted. 

The first state Geological survey of Xorth Carolina was by Denison Olmsted in 
1824 and then by Dr. Mitchell, when it was discontinued. 

Rev. Dr. James Phillips was Professor of Mathematics from 1826 to 1867. when 
he fell dead on the rostrum in Gerrard Hall, when he was about to offer up prayers. 

His son, Rev. Dr. Charles Phillips, who was many years Professor of Mathematics 
and Civil Engineering, was chairman of the faculty 1875-'76, the first year of " the 

The University is the only Southern State University not closed during the war. 

It was clo.sed when the old faculty was turned out in .July. 1868: reopened Janu- 
ary, 1869, closed again February, 1871. 

By the Constitution of 1868 the Board of Education elected the trustees. By 
constitutional amendment in 1874 the election was given to the General A.ssembly. 
The trustees then elected reopened the doors in September, 1874. 

The greatest number of students before the war was in 1857-8. 461, of whom 168 
were from other states than Xnrth Carolina. The greatest number since the war 
was in 1900-01, 529. 

have Ijeen as follows : 

The Presidents of the Universit 
Joseph C.\ldwkll, D.I).. 
Robert Hett Chapman. D.D.. 
Joseph Caldwell, again, 
David Lowrey Swaix. LL.D.. 
Solomon Pool, D.D., 
Kemp Plummer Battle, LL.D., 
George Taylor Winston, LL.D.. . 
Edwin Anderson Alderman, LL.D.. 
Francis Presto.n ^'ENABLE, Ph.D.. 

1804-' 13. 
1868-' 74. 


University Calendar, 1 901-1902 

June 2. 

JUXK o. 

SiDiihn/. Baccalaureate Sernidii. 

MoikIiiii. Debate between the Rcprcsinitatives of tlie Pliilaiithmpic and 
Dialctic Literar>- Societies. 
JiiNF. 4. Tupsday. Meeting of the Board of Trustees. 
Anniversary of Alumni. 
Senior Class Day. 

June o. 

Senior Speaking. 
Walfusday. Commencement. 

September 9-14. 


Septemher \K 1(1. 1 
September 12. 
September 14. 
October 12. 
October 12. 
November 28. 
Christmas. Rece 

I'^xaniinations for the Removal of Con- 
for Admis- 

Monday to Saturday 
10, 11. Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday 
sion into the College. 
Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday 
Thursday. Lectures begin. 
Saturday. Assignment of Rooms. 
Saturday. University D.\y. 
Saturday. President's Reception. 
Thursday. Th.\nksgiving D.w. 
from Deceml)er 23. 1001. to Januar>- 2. li)0 
J.\NU.\RV 2, 3, 4. Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Registration. 
J.\Nu.\RY 3. Thursday. Assignment of Rooms. 
Fei!RU.\ry 22. Washington's Birthday. 



Charles Brantley Aycock. Go\emor, President ex-officio of the Board of Trustees. 
Richard Hexry Battle. .... Secretary and Treasurer. 

Members ot the Board 

Alexander Boyd Andrew^s. Jacob Battle. 

Richard Henry Battle, LL.D., Joseph Pear.son Caldwell. 

Julian Shakespeare Carr, William Henry Day, 

Warren Grice Elliott. Henry Elias Falson, 

AUGUSTUS Washington Graha.m. Alfred AVilliams Haywood. 

Edmund Jones. Thomas Alexander McNeill. 

Thomas Williams Mason, Paul Barringer Means. 

Lee S. Overman, James Parker, 

Thomas Buckner Pierce, Louis Julien Pkot. M.I).. 

John Andrews Ramsay, James Sprint. 

AiiNF.R Alexander, ^LD. 


Christopher Thd.mas Bailev. 
James Edmunds Boyd, 
Charles Alston Cook, 
John Thomas Hogan. 

Thomas Jefferson Jkro.mi:. 
Thomas Franklin Lloyd, 
Robert Brl'ce Peebles. 
Harry Skinner, 

Elihu Anthony White, 

Ed.mond Spencer BLACKiiiKN. 
William Hyslop Su.mner I^urgw vn, 
John Washington Graha.m, 
John T. B. Hot)VER. 
James Barlow I^lovd. 
James Montraville Moodi , 
James Bion Schulken. 
Zebulon Baird Walser. 
Stephen Otho Wilson, 

Francis J)onni:ll Winston. 

George Edwin Butler, 

Ben Franklin Dixon, M.D., 
Rufus Alexander Doughton, 
Stephen Porter Graves, 
Francis W. Hancock, 
Virgil Stuart Lusk, 

Edward Hughes Meadows, 

\\'n.LIA-\I HdHBS CH.\DHOrKN. 

Claudius Dockery. 
Hiram L. Grant. 

Robert Terelius Gray, 
Thomas Bernard Keogh, 
William Thomas McCarthy. 
Benjamin Sidney Mitchell. 

Nathan Alkxaxdkr Ram.sf:v, Wallack W. Rt)Li,i.\s. 

Alfred Mhore Scales, Frank Shepherd Spruill, 

David Alexander White. 


Kemp PLVMiMER Battle. LL.D.. 
Bennehax Cameron, 
John William Fries, 

William Anderson Guthrie, 
Thomas Stephen Kenan. 
James Alexander Lockhart, 
Jame.s Dixon Murphy, 
Frederick Philips, 

Charles Maxly Stedmax, 
Hexrv Weil, 

Fauius Haywood Busbee, 
Charles Maxly Cooke, 

Robert McKxight Furmax. 
I'^DWARD Joseph Hale, 

Richard Henry Lewis, M.D., 
James Smith Maxxixg, 
Jesse Lixdsay Patterson, 
James Augustus Roebling, 
*Henry Clay Wall, 
AVii.i.iam Th(irnton Whitsett. 

Standing Committees ot the Trustees 

Kxecutive Committee 
(ioVERNoK Charles Brantley Aycock, . Chuirman. 

Alexander B. Axdrews, Thomas S. Kexax. 

Richard H. Battle, Richard H. Lewis, 

Fauius H. Busbee. Frederick Philips. 

.hi.iAN S. Carr, \'irgil S. Lusk. 

.I<ihx AV. (!raham, Zehulox B. Walser. 

Committee of Visitation 
John W. (Iraham. ..... Chairman. 

Paul B. Meaxs, Claudius Dockery. 


*The legal term of office expires Xoveniber 80 of the year indicated. 

Sy)e faculty 

Francis Preston Venable. A.M.. Ph.D. Pn^^idrnt and Projessor of Thcirdica/ 
Student University of Virginia, is, 4; University of Bonn. 18/ D; Ph.D., 
University of Gottingen, 1881 ; attended the University of lierlin, 1889. 
Fellow of London Chemical Society ; member of ( iernian Chemical Society ; 
American Association for the Advancement of Science. Professor of 
Chemistrv. University of North Carolina. 1880 to 1900. Philanthropic 
Society, "J/i/^. Has" pubUshed "(JuaHtative Analysis." "History' of 
Chemistrv," "Inorganic Chemistry "'(in conjunction with Prof.. I. L.Howe), 
"Development of tlie Periodic Law." 

Kemp Plummer Battle, LL.D.. Alumni Professor of History. 

A.B.. University of North Carohna. 1849: Tutor in Mathematics, 1850-54; 
A.M.. 1852; LL.D., Davidson College. 1879; Corresponding Member of the 
Historical Society of Maryland ; Corresponding Memlier of the Historical 
Society of Alabama; Member Convention, 1861; Presiilent Chatham 
Railroad Comjjany, 1862-66; State Treasurer. 1866-68: President. North 
Carohna Agricultural Society. 1869-72: Secretary and Treasurer. Univer- 
sity of North Carolina. 1874-76; President University of North Carohna, 
1876-91 ; Professor of History, 1891 : has pubhshed much valuable matter 
on the history of North Carolina ; among otliers. " History of the Supreme 
Court of North Carohna," " Early History of the City of Raleigh." " Colon- 
ial Leaders of the Church of England." "History of tlie University of 
North Carolina," ant! sketches of the lives of Hon. A. M. Lewis. R. P. 
Dick. Z. B. \'ance, John Manning, and other historical monographs. 

.Joseph Au.stin Holmes, B.S., State Geologist ami Lecturer on the Geology of North 
B. Agr. (Cornell) 1881 : B.S. (Ibid.) 1888. Fellow of the (icological Society 
of America: Memljer of the American InstittUe of Mining Engineers; 
Professor of Geology and Natural History. l'niversit>- of North Carolina, 
1881-92. Has publi.-^hed a numlxn- of rejiorts and l)ulletins on tlio Geology 
of the State. 

JcsHUA Walker Gore, C.E., Professor of Physics. 

Student, Richmond College: C.E.. University of Mrginia. 18,5; /'L. Phil- 
anthropic Society; Fellow in Mathematics. .Johns Hopkins University, 
1876-78; Professor of Natural Science. Southwestern Baptist University, 
1878-81 ; Assistant in Mathematics, University of Mrginia, 1881-82. 

Thomas Hume, D.D., LL.D., Professor of Eiu/lish Language and Literature. 

A.B., Richmond College; Graduate, University of Virginia; D.D., Rich- 
mond College; LL.D., Wake Forest College; Philanthropic Society; Chap- 
lain in Confederate Army ; Princijjal Petersburg Classical Institute and of 
Roanoke Female College, Danville, Va.; Professor of Latin and EngUsh, 
Chesapeake College; Professor of Latin and English. Norfolk College; is 
author of "Hints and Side Lights to the Study of Shakespeare," and re- 
views on Shakespeare, Milton, the English Bible, and on Educational Sub- 

Walter Dallam Toy. A.M.. Professor of Germanic Language and Literature. 

A.M., Universitv of A'irginia, 1882; Universitv of Leipsic. 1883; University 
of Berlin, 1883-84; University of France (La Sorbonne) Paris, 1885; Col- 
lege de France, 1885; -V'/'; Philanthropic Society; is the author of a 
number of textbooks of Modern Languages. 

Eben Alexander, Ph.D.. LL.D.. Professor of Greek Language and Literature. 

A.B., Yale, 1873; Ph.D., Maryville, 1886; LL.D., University of North Caro- 
hna, 1893; */''/i, '/)', Skull and Bones, Dialectic Society ; Instructor in 
Ancient Languages, University of Tennessee, 1873-77; Professor of An- 
cient Languages, 1877-86 ; Professor of (ireek. University of North CaroMna, 
1886; on leave of absence, 1803-97; serving as United States Minister to 
Greece, Roumania and Servia. 

WiLLL\M Cain, A.M.,C.E., Professor of Mathematics. 

A.M., North Carohna Military and Polytechnic Institute; Member Ameri- 
can Society of Ci\dl Engineers; Philanthropic Society; Professor of Mathe- 
matics and Engineering, CaroUna Military Institute, 1874-80; same. 
South Carolina Mihtary Academy, 1882-89; Professor of Mathematics, 
University of North Carohna, 1889; has pubhshed works on Applied 
Mathematics, mainly: two volumes on "Theory of Youssoir Arches"; 
one volume on "Solid and Braced Arches"; one volume on "Retaining 
Walls," one volume on " Stresses in Bridges," and one volume " Notes on 
Geometry and Algebra. 

Richard Henry Whitehead, A.B., M.D., Dean of the Medical Department at Chapel 

Hill, and Professor of Anatotny and Pathology. 

A. H., Wake Forest College, 1886; M.I).. University of Virginia. 1887; /i-L 

Dialectic Society; Demon.strator of Anatomy, University of ^'irginia, 

1887; Contiibutor to Medical .lournals, and author of MeiHcal Textbooks. 

Henry Horace Williams, A.M., B.D., Professor of Philosophy. 

A.B., A.M., Universitv of North CaroUna, 1883; B.D., Yale, 1888; Wilson 
Fellow. Harvard. 1889; Professor of Philosophy, Trinity College, 1885; 
Professor of Philosophy, University of North Carolina, 1890; Member of 
Harvard Philosopliic Club, Philanthropic Society, <Ph-. 

Henry \'an Peters Wilson, Ph.D., Professor of Biology. 

A.B., .lohns Hopkins. 1883; Ph.D., 1888; Member of Johns Hopkins Alumni 
Association; member of American Society of Naturahsts; member of 
American Morphological Society ; member of Boston Society of Natural 
History; Assistant U. S. Fish Commissioner, 1889-91; Professor of Biol- 
ogy, University of North Carolina, 1891; author of Bulletins L'. S. Fish 
Commission, and articles on Embryology in the .loiu'nal of Morpholog3^ 

Collier Cobb. A.M.. Professor of Geology and Mineralogy. 

A.B. (Harvard) 1889; A.M., (Ibid.), 1894; officer Union Pacific Expedition to 
Fossil Fields of Wyoming, 1899; member Boston Society- of Natural His- 
tory. National Geographical Society; Harvard Natural History Society. 
American Association for the Advancement of Science; Fellow of the 
Geological Society of America ; member Sons of the Revolution, Watauga 
Club, Technology Club of Boston; Assistant in Geology, Harvaril, 1889-90; 
Instructor in Geology, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1890-92; 
Instructor in Geology, Boston University, 1890-92 ; Assistant in the U. S. 
Geological Survey, 1886-92 ; Superintendent of City Schools, Wilson, N. 
C. 1896; Lecturer in State Normal Schools, 188-1-88; has published school 
map of North Carolina. Geography of North Carolina (several editions). 
" Recent Facts in Physical Geography," and " Recent Geographic Events" 
also author of articles in Poimlar Science Monthly Cieograiihical Maga- 
zine. Journal of School Geography, etc.. besides articles in New York 
and Boston papers. 

Charles Staples Maxgum. A.B., M.D.. Professor of Materia Medica. 

A.B., University of North CaroUna, 1891; :M.I)., Jefferson iledical College, 
Philadeljjhia." 1894; /-'I'. Gimghoul ; President Hare Medical Society of 
Philadelphia; Assisstant Demon.strator of Anatomy, Jefferson Medical 
College, 1894-95. 

Edward \'erxox Howell, Denn of the School of Plianiiacii ami fVo/c.wo;- of Pharmacy. 
A.B.. Wake Forest College: Ph.G.. Philadelphia College of Pharmacy: -AK, 

Marcus Cicero Stephens Noble. Superiiitnidcnl nj the Summer School ami Professor 
of Pedagogy. 
Student University of North Carolina, Davidson College: Mason, Philan- 
thropic Societv, /i-; Commandant of Cadets. Bingham School, 1879-82: 
Superintendent City Schools. Wilmington. N. C. 1882-98; State Institute 
Conductor, 1882-90; author of •'Wilhams' Beginners' Reader"; North 
Carohna Supplement of Maury's Geography, co-editorof"Davies' Stand- 
ard Arithmetic." 

Hexrv Farrar Lixscott. A.M.. Vh.D.. Professor of Latin La iigKagc and Literature. 
A.B.. Bowdoin. 1892; A.M.. (Ibid.), 1893: Ph.D.. University of Chicago, 
1895; <PI!h; -^J'/'; Fellow University of Chicago. 1893-95; Instructor. 
Brown University, 1895-96; member of the Philological Association, the 
Oriental Society, and the Archaeological Institute of America ; has pub- 
lished "Studies in Mcta])lasm and Syncretism," ami various articles in 
the Classical Review, and Proceedings of the American Philological Asso- 

James Camerox Mac Rae, LL.D., Dean of the Law School and Professor of Law. 

LL.D.. University of North Carolina; Attorney at Law; Judge of Superior 
and Supreme Courts of North Carolina : Philanthropic Society. 

Charles Basker\xlle, Ph.D., Smith Professor of General and Analytical Chemistry. 
B.S., University of North Carolina, 1892; Ph.D. (Ibid.) 1894; Graduate in 
Chemistry, University of ^'irgima, 1890; Post Graduate Fellow, \'an(ler- 
bilt University, 1891; Fellow of the London Chemical Society; Fellow 
of the American Association for the Advancement of Science; Master 
Ma.son; AH<I>; JI\E\ Gimghoul; Philanthropic Society; President North 
Carolina Section American Chemical Society; member German Chemi- 
cal Society; member Society of Chemical Industry; has published a num- 
ber of articles on subjects in chemistry, in Journal of the American Chem- 
ical Society, London Chrmiccd Neics, and Chemiker Zeitung; and "School 
Chetnistrg. " 

LsAAC Hall Mannin'i.:. M.D.. Profissor of Physiology. 

Academic and Meilical Student. University of North Carolina, 1890-95; 
M.D., Long Island College Hospital, Brooklyn, 1897; in hospital work, 
Brooklvn, 1897-98; Phvsician. Atlantic Line Railroad Hospital 
Work, "1898-00. In charge of A. C. L. Hospital Rocky Mount, N. C. 
1900-01. Profe-s.sor of Phvsiologv, Universitv of North Carolina, 

Charles Alphonso S.mith, Ph.D., I'mfissor of Knglish Loiigiuhy. 

Hubert Ashley Rovster. A.B.. .M.D., Dean of the Medical Department at Rah igli 
and Professor of Gynecology. Raleigh, N. C. 

A.B., Wake Forest College, N.C., 1901 ; M.D., L'niversity of Pennsylvania. 
Philadelphia, 1894; House Surgeon, Mercy Hospital, Pittsburg, Pa.. 
1894-95; One of the visiting staff Re.x Hospital; Surgeon-in-charge. St. 
Agnes' Hospital for Women and Children; Surgeon to Southern Railway : 
Meml)cr Raleigh Academy of ^le<Hcinp, Medical Society of the State of 
North Carolina ; Tri-State Medical As.sociation of the Carolinas and "\'ir- 
ginia; Southern Surgical and Gynecological Association; American Med- 
ical Association, N. C, Academy of Science (Southern): /i-J; '/'•^-; Med- 
ical Fraternity (University of Pennsylvania.) 

Wiscoxsix Illixciis Royster, M.D., Professor of Medicine. 

Agustus Washixc;t()x Kxhx, M.D., Professor of Surgery. 

Richard Hexry Lewis. ^1.1).. Professor of Diseases of the Eye and Lecturer on Gen- 
eral Hygiene. 

Kemp PLU^LMER Battle, Jr.. .\.B.. M.D., Professor of Diseases of th< Ear.Xoseand 

THc^^L\s RuFFix, D,C,L,, Associcde Professor of Law and Equity. 

Stuilent, I'niversity of North Carolina, LL.B., Georgetown University; 
LL.M., Georgetown Uni\ersity; D.C.L.. Columbia I'niversity; .VJ'ii. 

Alvix Sawyer Wheeler, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Chemistry. 

A.B., Beloit College; A.M., Ph.D., Harvard; Graduate Student University 
of Chicago, and Cornell University. Philanthropic Society, IWII. 
Assistant, Harvanl University. As.sociate Professor of Chemistry. 
University of North Carolina, 1900. 

Charles Lee Raper, A.M., Ph.D., Associate Professor of Economics. 

Student in Ti'inity College antl Columliia University; Professor, Greens- 
lioro Female College ; Fellow in Cohmiliia I'niversity ; Lecturer in Barnard 
College, Columbia University. Has published "The Church and Private 
Schools of North Carolina,'' "NortliCarolina: A Royal Province," several 
book reviews in the Magazines; Alxmt ready for tlie press, "A Study in 
English Colonial Government." 

James Dowdex Bruner. Ph.D., Associate Professor of Romance Languages. 

A. B.. Franklin College. 1888;.\ssistant in Latin. Georgetown College. 1885-86: 
Instructor in ilodern Languages. Franklin College. 1887-89: Student 
in Paris, 1891 ; Student in Florence, 1892: Ph.D., Johns Hopkins Universi- 
ty, 1894; As.sistant Professor of Romance Languages. L'niversity of 
Illinois, 189.3-4 : Profe.ssor of Romance Languages, L'niversity of Illi- 
nois, 1894-95; As.sistant Professor of Romance Languages and Litera- 
tures, University of Chicago, 1895-99; Philanthrojjic Society. 
Archibald Hexdersox, A.M.. Ph.D.. Instructor in Mathematics. 

A.B.. A.M.. Ph.D.. Universitv of Xorth Carohna; Dialectic Society; 
Gimghoul: ^.V; .WP. 
Tho.mas Jame.s Wilsox. Jr.. Ph.D.. Instructor in Latin. 

A.B.. University of Xorth Carolina. 1894; Ph.D.. (Ibid). 1899. First Presi- 
dent .^6**: Dialectic Society. 
George McFarlaxd McKie. Instructor in Expression and English. 

Ciraduate of the Emerson School of Oratory: 
Edward Kidder Graham. Ph.B.. Instructor in Engli.'^h. 

Ph.B.. Univcrsitv of Xorth Carolina; Dialectic Society; Gorgon's Head ; 
lAK; .iH<l>. 
William Staxlev Berxard. A.B.. In.'^lructor in Greek. 

A.B., Univer.sitv of Xorth Carolina, 1900: Philanthropic Society: Gimg- 
houl; *-I«, 
James Edward Mills, Ph.D., Instructor in Chemistry. 

A.B.. Davidson College. 1896; A.M.. Daviilson. mill)- I'h.l).. University 
of Xorth Carolina, 1900; /i-. 
James Edward Latta, .\,M.. Instructor in Phi/.'iics. 

Ph.B.. 1899; A.M.. 1901. 
Clarexce Albert Shore. B.S., In.^tructor in Biology. 

B.S., 1901; -i/:, ■iH'l'. Dialectic Society, 
Edward vox dex Steixex, Instructor in Physical Culture. 

Graduate of the Department of Physical Training. International ^^ M. C. A" 
Training School, Springfield. JLiss.. 1900. Physical Director. \. M. C. A., 
Xorthampton, Mass., 1899-00. Phvsical Director, Y. M. C. A.. Cum- 
berland, Md.. 1900-01. 
Palmer Cobb. Ph.B., histructor in Mexlern Languages. 

Ph.B., 1901; J/i/^ .^«*. 
Andrew Watsox Goodwix. M.D., Instructor in Clinical .Medicine. 
Henry McKee Tucker, M,D,, Lecturer on Obstetrics and Diseases of Children. 
Jame.s William McGee, Jr., M.D., Chief of Dispensary. 

Robert Sherwood McGeachy, A.B.. M.D.. Assistant in Surgery and Gynecology. 
Bexjamix Franklin Page, Assistant in Pharmacy. 

Richard Xixon Duffy, '02, Assistant in .M(ithemedics;Gorg.on's Head, - ^ ; ^^''. 
Marvin Hexdri.x Stacy, '02, A.^sistant in Mathematics. 

Robert Gilliam L.\iifiiTEH. '02, Assistant in Geology. J h I-; HM>, (iorgon's Head. 
Robert Arthur Lichtexthaeler. '02. Assistant in Geology. 
RoYALL Oscar Eugexe Davis, Ph,B„.4ss/s/oHf in Chemistry. Ph,B., 1901. 
Brext Skixxer Draxe. '02. Assistant in Chemistry, JA A'; .iw*; h.VA'; Gimghoul. 
Hugh Ham.mond Bennett. '03. Assistant in Chemistry. <I>AH. 
Dorman Steele Thompson. Ph.B., Assistant in Biology. Ph.B.. 1901. 1^'^'. 
James King Hall, A.B.. Assistant in Engli.'^h. A.Vi., IQ0\, AH'P. 


Instructors in the Summer School 

Fraxcis M. Osborne, A.M., Instructor in English. 

Special Instructor in the Summer School 1902. 

Alex.\nder CiR.\H.\M, A.M., (Superintendent Charlotte School.?), Instructor in Physi- 

Edward P., A.M., (Superintendent Raleigh Schools), Instructor in Reading 
and Primary Work. 

George A. Grimsley, A.M., (Superintendent Greenboro Schools), Instructor in English. 

Ernest P. Mangum, A.M., (Superintendent Wilson Schools), Instructor in Geography. 

Thomas R. Foust, B.E., (Superintendent New Bern Schools), Insti-uctor in Arith- 
metic and Algebra. 

J. E. Matheson, (Superintendent \h\rhani Schooh), Instructor in Latin. 

George F. Atkinson, Ph.B., (Cornell Univer.sity), Lecturer in Botany. 

Thomas Gilbert Pearson, S.B., (Guilford College), Lecturer in Ornitholo<iy. 

Benjami.v Sledd, a. M., (Wake Forest College), Lecturer in English. 

D. H. Hill, A.M., (A. &M. CoWege), Lecturer in English Literature. 

EuLER B. Smith, (Georgia State Normal School), Instructor in Enqlish Grammar 

W. R. Garrett, Ph.D., (Peabody Normal College), Instructor in Histon/. 

J. Lu.strat, Bach, es Lett., (University of Georgia). Instructor in French. 

Margaret A. Johnston, B.A., (Beaufort Kindergarten Training School), Kinder- 

Franklin Sherman, Jr., (State Entymologist), Lecturer in Zooloi/ij. 

Charles Ledley, (Mar\-land State XurmalCollege), In.-itructor inSlogd. 

Lecturers to the University — i 901-1902 

June, 19U1. 

September 25, 1901. Mr. A. W. HA^VKs, "Sunsliine." 

October 12, Unircrsity Day, Col. T. W. Mason, '58, Orator. 

November 15, Mr. W. Hinton White, " Au.straha." 

No\ember 22, Prof. H. F. Finscott, Ph.D., " Poetic Art in \irgirs Aeneid " 

January 3, 1902, Mr. E. C. Foster, " Liquid Air." 

January 16, Prof. Wm. Cain, " Mathematics HLstoricallv Considered." 

January 23, Alfred Night. 

Prof. Thomas Hume, D.D., LL.D., "Alfred, the Teacher- King." 
Prof. Ja.mes C. MacRae, LL.D., " Alfred, the Lawmaker." 

lEiiRrAKv 14, Dr. Paul B. Barringer, "Some Pending Problems in Hygiene." 

February 20, Prof. Thomas Hume, LL.D., "From Mystery t.i Sliakcsj)eare." 

February 27, Prof. Collier Cobb, " Sand Reefs of the North Carolina Coast " 

March 13, Prof. C. L. Raper, Ph.D., "The South Economicalh- Transformed " 

March 30, Prof. H. A. Rovster, M.D., " Muscle." 

April 7, President C. D. McIver, "The Educational Movement in North 


Preachers to the University 

June, 1901. Baccalaureate Sermon, Rev. Carter H. Jones. 
Rev. E. PENDLETfJN Jones. 
Rev. T. J. Ogburn. 
Rev. J B. Dunn. 
Rev. C. S. Blackwell, D.D. 
Rev. a. J. Graham. 


She Gollege op 
(-Ir,ts ^ Sciences 

Fraxcis Preston Yenahle, Ph.D. 
Eben Alex.\xder. LL.]).. 


Graduate Students 


For Degree 

George Chadbourn, B.S., 

WiLLi.\M Stanley Bernard, A.B.. 

Palmer Cobb, Ph.B., 

Royal Oscar Eugene Davis, Ph.B., 

RicH.vRD Lindsey Ellington, B-S., 

John Chrlstoph Blucher Ehringhaus, A.B., 

Gertrude J.\mes, .... 

James ED^VARD Latta, Ph.B., A. M., 

Metrah Makely, Jr., A.B., . 

Adolphus William.son Mangum, Litt. B., 

Aldert Smedes Root, B.S., 

Clarence Albert Shore, 15. S.. 

John William Turrentine. Ph.B.. 

Louis Round Wilson, A.B.. 











Arch Turner Allen, Ph.B., 

Lester Van Noy Branch, B.S., 

Charles Paul Coble. 

Isaac Foust Harris, B.S., . 

Alice Edwards Jones, 

Francis Juat, M.D., 

Jay' Dick Lentz, Litt. B., 

Jacob Warshaw, A.B.. (Harxanl) 




]Vilt7nngtoii. N. C. 
Greenville, X. C. 
Danmlle, Va. 
Columbia, S. C. 
Rfidsville, N. C. 
Elizabeth City, N. C. 
Chapel Hill, N. C. 
Chapel Hill, N. C. 
Edeuton. N. C. 
Chapel Hill, N. C. 
Raleigh, N. C. 
Winston Sedetn. N. C. 
Burlington, N. C. 
Lenoir. N. C. 

Statesville. N. C 
Brooklyn, N. Y. 
Gilmer's Store, N. C. 
.\i u- Haren, Conn. 
Raleigh, N. C. 
Aberdeen, N. C. 
Concord. N. C. 
Paris. France. 

The Class of 

Class History 


\' (Icsin- is to write a histoiy of the present 
Senior Class. I say desire, l.iecause neither 
I noi- an\- one ean give an adequate account 
of the subject in hand. The history has 
lieen written upon minds and in characters. The life 
that this class has led since it came together in the 
fall of 1898 has been a life of inward growth and 
strength gathering. There has as yet been little out- 
ward manifestation of the latent energy stored liy 
contact with men and books. If the historian could 
get at these inner changes, he would have material for volumes. As this is impos- 
sible the liest that can lie done is to relate a few insignificant incidents of out- 
wai-dly une\'entful college life; but to accept these incidents as representative of 
what the class has done or is capable of doing would be unwarrantable. 

It is now close upon four years since, with timid step and beating heart, themem- 
liers of the class of '02 first came together upon the college campus. To us those 
years have seemed short indeed. We can testify that time flies in Chapel Hill as 
well as elsewhere. The pa.ssing time has not failed to firing changes, nor to leave its 
inark upon each and every one of our class. At first we numbered nearly a hundred. 
Now we are reduced to little more than half as many, though we have been joined by 
se\-ei-al stuilents who were not with us at first. It is useless to deny that we were 
Fresh. Before our journey to Chapel Hill was ended we heard and were alarmed at 
gloomy tales of the trials and tribulations our predecessors had undergone at the 
hands of certain teachers, and the predictions were that we would catch it hot and 
hea\'y. So tlark was this side of the jncture made to apjiear that we wondered if we 


could ever meet the exactions of the faculty. Actual experience con\-inced us that 
the dangers were overdrawn. Our courage rose and brought with it stronger faith in 

None of us mil ever forget the scenes of rejoicing and mirth when Mrginia was 
defeated on the gridiron in the fall of 1898. The torchhght-and-tin-horn pro- 
cession, and the bonfire (in the making of which mainly our Fresh energy was em- 
]jloyed) are firmly fixed in our memories. When Washington's Birthilay came 
around we did not fail to receive our share of medals, with snow balls thrown in 
for good measure. When vacation came we all went home glorying in Soph-liood. 
^'acation cjuidkly passed away. After our return, class politics was a topic of much 
interest. This interest culminated in the never-to-be-forgotten Sophomore election. 
Since that time our college days have jws.sed along much as before, plea.santiv and 

Now we see between us and Commencement only a few short months. Our 
college career is approaching an entl. AMiile we all are looking forward to the 
time when we shall enter upon our life's work, still we feel a lingering regret that 
the time will soon have conic when the class of '02 will separate, never to meet as a 
whole again. Looking back over our college days, we see where we might have 
done better in many respects; but on the whole we may congratulate ourselves 
upon the results attainerl. In class work "02 has made a record of which she need 
not be ashamed. The Alplia Thrta Phi has received more recruits from this class 
than from any class in the past. Many inter-society and inter-collegiate del^aters 
have come from our ranks. Football and basel^all have been heartily supported by 
'02, which has furnished many nf tiie l)i'st men (in all the teams. In all i) 
of college life the has done its part. Let it be the dut\- of every due to see tiiat 
the standard here maintained shall not be Idwei-eil in the Wdrlil tliat lies jjefore us. 


' = ',/ Wr 



Class Roll and Statistics 

Aberxethy, Claude Oliver. I'li.!'. Chapel Hill, N. C. 

Age, 21 years; Weight, 14"2 Ihs. ; height, 5 feet 10 inches; Vice- 
President of Class (3); Philanthropic Society; Manager of 
Univensity Press Co. ; Historical Society ; Y. M. C. A. 

Ad.\ms. Awasaw, Ph.B Finch, N. C. 

Age, 24 ; weight, 160 lbs. ; height, 6 feet 1 inch. Secretary of class 
(3); Philanthropic Societv; Shakespeare Club; Semi- Annual 
Debate (2); Scrub Debate (3); Vanderbilt Debater (4). 

Ballard, David Clark, A.B Louisburg. N. C. 

Ph.B.; age, 20; weight, 140 ll)s. : height, 5 feet 8 inches; Philan- 
thropic Society; Yackety Yack Kilitor (3); •■^W'/'; Class Foot- 
ball Team (3); Shakespeai-e Clul). 

Br EM, Tod Robi.nson, Ph.B., Charlotte, N. C. 

Ph.B.; age, 22; weight, 205 lbs.; height, 5 feet 8 inches; -V; 
Ginighoul; W.VA'; 111'; Assistant Manager Football Team (3); 
' Varsity Football (3 and 4); Scrub Football (2); Scrub Base- 
ball (1," 2 and 3). 

Burgess, James Lafayette, B.S., Libeiiy, N. C 

Age, 28 ; weight, 145 lbs. ; height , 5 feet 9 inches ; Track Team (2) ; 
Dialectic Societv. 

Browx. Wai.tkr Monroe. A.B Liberty Store. N. C. 

Age. 29: weight, 13.5 lbs. : height, o feet 7 inches: Eloii. A.B.. 1S99: 
Y. M. C. A. 

Bell, Bexj.\min. B.S Wilmington. N. C. 

Age, 20 ; weight, 1 18 lbs. ; height, 5 feet 8 inches ; Dialectic Society ; 
Y. M. C. A.: Historical Society; Shakespeare Club; Secretary 
Class (1); Tar Heel Editor (3 and 4): Secretary and Treasurer 
Press Association (3) ; President Press Association (4) ; Secre- 
tary and Treasurer General Atliletic A.s.sociation (4); Marshal 
Georgia-Carolina Debate (3). 

Btjsbee, Christi.\x.\ Raleigh, N. C. 

Byrxes, Ch.\rles Met( alfe. B.S Natchez, Miss. 

Age. 20 years; weight, 140 lbs.; height. 5 feet 7 inches; --V; 
Treasurer of German Gub (3): Yackety Yack Editor (3); 
Shakespeare Club. 

Byxu.m. Mixxa CrKTi.>. Ph.D Lincolnton. X. C. 

Carr. Albert Marvin, Ph.B Durham. N. C. 

Age 22 years; weight. 165 lbs.: height, o feet 10 inches: -^'/': 
6Ml\ 111'; Gimghoul; German Club: Ca]). Class Football Team 
(1); AssistantManager 'Var.sitv Foot!)allTeam (2); Scrub Foot- 
ball Team (2); 'Varsity Football Team (3 and 4): Cap. Football 
Team (4); Sub Fullback All Southern Football Team (4) ; Vice- 
President General Athletic Association (3); Advisory Commit- 
tee (3 and 4) ; Chief Ball Manager (4) ; Shakespeare Club ; Secre- 
tary German Club (2); President German Club (4). 

Chastaix, Rufus Bex.iamix, A.B Bracetown. X. C. 

Age, 28 years; weight 145 lbs. ; height. 5 feet 11 inches: Dialectic 

Cheshire. .Joseph Blouxt. Jr.. A.B Raleigh, X. C. 

Age. 19 vcars; weight, 125 His.; heiglit. 5 feet 6 inches; XT; 
Shakespeare Clul); "*-i. 

Draxe, Brext Skixxer. A.B Eclenton. X. C- 

Age. 20 years; weight. 165 lbs. ; height. 6 feet. M^E; HXE; AH'D; 
Gimghoul; Philanthropic Society; Class Football Team (1); 
As.sociate Editor Tar Heel (2); Eilitor-iu-Chief Tar Heel (2); 
Business Manager Y'ackety" Yack (2) ; Sub-Marshal. Commence- 
ment 1901; Editor-in-Chief Tar Heel (3) Editor-in-Chief Yacke- 
ty Yack (3); Assistant in Chemistry (3); Shakespeare Club: 
Historical Society. 

Duffy, Richard Nixon, A.B Xeii: Bern. X. C- 

Age. 19 vears; weight, 135 lbs.; height. 6 feet H inches; Gorgon's 
Head; -.V; AH<1>; German Club; Phi Society; Holt Medal in 
Mathematics '01 ; Sub-Marshal '01 ; :Mandolin Club. 

DrxcAX. Julius Fletcher. A.B., Beaufort. X. C. 

Age, 20 years ; weight, 145 lbs. ; height . 5 feet 6 inches ; Philanthrop- 
ic Society: Shakespeare Club ; Historical Society. 


Everett, Simox Justice, Ph.B Palnu/ra. X. C. 

Age, 23 years: weight. 160 lbs.; height. 6 feet: Inter-Society 
Debate (3) ; Comnieneenient debater (3) ; Philanthnipic Society : 
Debater's prize (3) -.Magazine Editor (4) : Y.-vckety Yack Editor 
(4) ; Class Football Team (2 and 3) ; Shakespeare Club. 

G.\RREX. G.\RDXER M.\Riox, Ph.B Buciia ]'ista. X. C. 

Age. 32; weight. loO; height, 5 feet 8 inches: Y. M. C. A.: Dia- 
lectic Society. 

(joDWix. Robert Lixx, B.S Dunn. X . C. 

Age. 24 years; weight, 204 lbs. ; height, 6 feet 3 inches; Piiihinthrop- 
ic Society; Class Football Team (2). 

Ferrell, Johx Atkixsox, B.S ( 'liiitmi. X. C. 

Age, 21 years; weight, 170 lbs. ; height, 5 feet 11 inches; Philan- 
thropic Society ; Histoiical Society ; Shakespeare Chili ; Class 
Football Team (1. 2 and 3) ; Cap. Junior Team; Scrub Football (3). 

Gr.\ves. Louis, A,B Chap, I Hill. X. C. 

Age, 18vears; weight, 150 lbs. ; height, 5 feet 10 inches; /^'/'; AH't'-^ 
III-.HXK; Gorgon's Head ; Class Football Team (1) ; Scrub i^ase- 
ballTeani (1 and 2); •\"arsity Football (3 and 4); Sub Ball .Man- 
ager (2). 

Gr.w, Eugexe Price, A.B., Win.'^ton-Sulcm. X. C. 

Age, 21 years; weight, 160 lbs.; height. .5 feet 6 inches; Dialectic 

Gregory, Quextix, A.B Halifax. X. C. 

Age, 21 rears; weight, V2r> lbs.; height, 5 feet 5 inches; -^'Z'; Class 
Football (1,2 and 3); Gimghoul; Phi Society; Sub- Marshal (3) ; 
Shakespeare Club : Historical Society ; German Club. 

Groom, M.\rv Chapel Hill. X. C. 

Groom, Pixckxey BRi>.\DFn;LD. Pn.ii Chapvl Hill. X. C. 

Age. 22 years; weight, l.iO lbs.; height, 5 feet i); Dialectic 

Hexdersox, Johx Steele, Jr., A.B S(ili.-<huri/. X. C. 

Age, 20 years; weight, 140 lljs. ; height, c feet 11 inches: -.\; w.W-'; 
111-, AHd); Football Team (2 and 3); Gimghoul; Scrub 
Baseball (1, 2 and 3); Di Society: Editor Hellenian (2). 

Hutchisox, Robert Stu.\rt, Ph.B Cliarlotte. X. C. 

Age, 20 years; weight, lo.5 lbs.; height, 5 feet 9 inches; President 
Mecklenburg Society; -.-I A'; Gimghoul; Class Football Team 
(2 and 3); Secretary (1); Di Society; Shakespeare Club. 

Jox.\s, Ch.\rles Andrew, Ph.B Barklcy. X. C. 

Age, 24 years; weight, 170 lbs.; height, 5 feet 8 inches; Class 
Prophet, (3) ; Inter-Society Debater (1) ; Class Football Team (3) ; 
Y. M. C. A. ; Di Society; Historical Society; Shakespeare Club. 

Le.mly, Fred Hexry, B.S., Winslon-Salem. X. C. 

Age, 21 years; weight, 135 lbs.; height, 5 feet 7 inches; -VIA'; 
German Club; Gorgon's Heatl. 


Lewis. Ivey Formax, A.B Rakujh. N. C. 

Age, lOyears; weight. 13.5 lbs. ; height. 5foct lOJ inches: /^'/■;H.\7:,': 
111'; AHi/'; Gorgon's Head; Assistant Manager Baseball Team 
(3) ; Chief Marshal (3) : Phi Society; Y.^ckety V.\ck Editor (S) ; 
Editor of Tar Heel (3) \ President .J«*; Editor-in-Chief of .1/«f/o- 
~'i'"p; Class Double in Tennis (2); Class Tennis Champion (3 and 
4); Historical Society. 

Merritt. Rohert Am.sei, A.B Chapd Hill. N. C. 

Age. 24 years; weight 140 lbs.; height. 5 feet 10 inche.s; \ice- 
Pre-sident Senior Class; Annual Det)ate(3); Di Society; Shakes- 
peare Clul). 

Moss. Eugexe Grissom. B.S Wilton. X. C 

Age. 23 years; weight. 140 lbs. ; height. 5 feet lU inches; Chemist 
Journal Club; Sub-Marshal (3); Phi Society; A.ssistant Busi- 
ness Manager Tar Heel (4). 

Oliyer. Thom.\.s Clifford, B.S Charlotte. N. C. 

Age. 21 years; weight. 165 lbs.; height, 6 feet ; I )i Society ; Shakes- 
peare Club. 

Pritch.\rd, Birdie Chnprl Hill. X. C. 

Reid. Fr.\xk Abdox Luxsford, A.B., Grijfith.s. X. C. 

Age, 24 years; weight, 145 lbs.; height, 5 feet 9^ inches; Class 
Football Team (3); Y. M. C. A.; Shakespeare Club; Di 

RoHERTs. Guy Yerxo.v. Ph.B Walnut Bun. X. C. 

Age, 25 years; weight, 175 lbs. ; height, 6 feet 2 inches; Scrub Football 
Team (2); Declaimer's Medal (2); '^■arsity Football Team 
(3) ; Commencement Debater (3) : Di Society. 

RojiiNs, Hexry Morixu.Ph.B Ashboro. X. C. 

Age, 21 years; weight. 135 lbs.; height, 5 feet lOJ inches; JW*; 
Commencement Debater (3); Di Society; Class Essayist (3); 
Historical Society; Y.\ckety Y.\ck Editor (4). 

Sallenuer. Edward Di-xcax. Ph.B San.s Soaci. X. C. 

Age. 23 years; wci,ght. 156 lbs.; height, 5 feet 10 inches; Secre- 
tary Historical Society; Assistant Business Manager Tar Heel (3): 
Commencement Debater (3); Class Footl)all (3); Maga- 
zine Editor (3); Phi Society; Shakespeare Club ; Business Man- 
ager Tor i/crf (4). 

Short. Hexry Blouxt, Jr., A.B Wibninnton. X. C. 

Age. 19 years; height, 6 feet 2 inches; weight. 170 lbs.; Magazine 
Editor; Yackety Yack Editor; Washington's Birthilay Orator; 
ATii; German Club; Class Football (2 and 3); Semi-Annual 
Debater (2); Annual Debater (3) ; Yackety Yack Editor (3 and 
4); Shakespeare Club; Phi Society. 

Smith. James Thomas. A.B Pinerille. X. C. 

Age, 21 years: weight. 145 lbs.: height. 6 feet 1 inch: Di Society; 
Shakespeare Clulj ; Y. M. C. A. 

Stacy, Marvin- Hexdrix. Ph.B Morveii. 

Age. 24 years: weight. 140 lbs. ; height. 5 feet 9 inches: Di Society; 
Scrub Debater (3) ; Pre.sident Class (4) : Farmer. 

Stafford, William Faris, A.B Burlington. 

Age. 22 years: weight, 140 lb.s. : height. 5 feet S-J- inches; Shakespeare 
Club: Manager Class Baseball Team (.3): ATil; HX/:-, 111-; 
Gorgon's Head. 

Sterx, Da-\td Poxy, Ph.B Scotland Xeck. 

Age, 19 years; weight. 135 lbs. : height. 5 feet 8 inches; -If**; 
Pre.sident (3); Mce-President (2): Inter-Society (1 and 2); 
Georgia Debater (3); Johns Ho]ikins Debater (4); Phi Society; 
Shakespeare Club. 

Stevens, George Phifer, A.B Mattheu-s, 

Age, 22 years: weight, 137 lbs.; height, 5 feet 8 inches: .1^*; 
Class Football Team (3) ; Recording Secretary Y. M. C. A. (3): 
Scrub Baseball (3) ; Dialectic Society. 

Stevexsox, Re.stox, A.B., Wilmington. 

Age, 19 years; weight, 12.5 lbs.: height. 5 feet 6* inches; .^«*: 
-AE-^ Shakespeare Club : Dialectic Society. 

VViLLcox, JoHX, A.B., Carbonton, 

Age, 21 years; weight, 162 ll)s. ; height, 5 feet 9 inches ; Class Foot- 
bail Team (3); 'Varsity Baseball Pitcher (2 ami 3); Shakespeare 

Williams. Buxtox Barker. A.B Ridgeway. 

Age. 20 years ; weight. 12.5 lljs. : height. 5 feet 5 inches ; Philanthrop- 
ic Society; Shakespeare Chib, 

Williams, Robert Raxsom, A,B., Nndon. 

Age. 18 years; weight, 175 lbs.; height, 6 feet; AH<I>\ Georgia De- 
bater (3); Johns HopkinsDebater (4) ; Class Football Team (1,2 
and3); 'Varsity Football Team (4) : Declaimer's Medal (l);Pres- 
ident Class (2): Semi-Annual Debate (2); Managing Editor of 
Tar Heel (3) ; Class Propliot (4) : Y. M. C. A. ; Dialectic Society. 

Worth. Tho.mas Clarksox, B.S \shboro 

Age. 21 years; weight. 150 liw.; height. 5 feet 8 inches: Secretary 
and Treasurer of Athletic Association; .Vl'il; w.VA'; //2': Gimg- 
houl; Class Football Team (1 and 2) : Capt. Class Football Team 
(2); Manager 'Varsity Baseball Team (3): VA\\nY H,Uenian{2). 

N. C. 

N. C. 

X. C. 

N. C. 

N. C. 

A'. C. 

N. C. 

N. C. 

X. C. 

Class of 



Grccu and Gold 


Kah! rah! rah! dreciiand Gold! 
Rah! rah! rah! Rough and bold 
Rah! rah! rah! Rah! rah! rah! 















Stuart. . 

First Vice-Pnsidint. 




. Pact. 




Second Vice-President. 




. Statistician 













K. Hamblix, 





. Prophet, 


Andrews. Graham Harri.'^, Ridtiijh. A'. C. 

Dialectic; -.-lA'; //-'; German Club; Floor Manager of Fchruai-}- 
German (2) ; Floor Manager of April German (2). 

Bellamy, William McKoy. Wilmington. X. C. 

Bexxett, Hugh Hammond, Wadesl)oro. X. C. 

Dialectic; *JW; Assistant in Chemistry (3). 

Berkeley, Greex Ramsey, Atlanta. Ga. 

Dialectic; -AE; Gimghoul; German Club; Captain Class Football 
Team(l); President Class (1); Track Team (1); Manager of 
Track Team (2) ; '^'arsitv Football Team (2 and 3) ; Class Base- 
ball Team (2). 
Best, Bex.iamix iSpexcer, ...... Quincrhj, X. C. 

Philanthropic; Shakespeare Club (3): Historical Society (3) ; Class 
Football Team (3) ; Y. M. C. A. ; Associate Editor Tar Heel (3). 
Bridgers, BI'Rke Haywood, ... . Wilmington. X. C. 

VrP.; W.\7.'; Historian Class (1); Gemian Club; "*-■!. 


Bynum. Curtis Ashley, Lincolnlon, N. C. 

Dialectic; -.-I A'; ASiP; Inter-Society Debater (2) ; Editor Yackety 
Yack (2)]'Alitor Magazine (3) ; Georgia Debater (3). 

Calder, Milton, Wilmington. N. C. 

-AE; Gimghoul; Gerniaii CIul) : AHi/\ 

Carr, "William Frederick, Durham, N. C. 

ZV; III- HXE; Gimghoul: German Club: First ^'ice-P^esi(lent 
Class (1); Class Football Team (2); 'Varsity Baseball Team (1) 
and 2) ; 'Varsity Scrub Football Team (1 and 2) ; 'Varsity Scrub 
Football Team (3); A.ssistant Manager of '^'arsity Football 
Team (3). 

Cates, Claude Holt, WakuUu. Fin. 

Dialectic; Y. M. C. A. 
Clement, Edward Buehler, ..... Salisbury. N. C. 

Clement. Hayden, ........ Salisbury. X. C. 

-A; Ciernian Club; Shakespeare Clul); Manager of Class P'ootball 
Team (3) ; Chief Cheerer (3). 

Cobb, Whitfield, Chapel Hill, N. C. 

Collins, Robert Beatty, Dixie, N. C. 

Dialectic; Class Football Team (3) : Y. M. C. A. 
CiMMiNG, Preston, .Jr., ....... Wilmington. X. C. 

Philanthropic; -Vm-, ii(p.4-^ German Club; Shakespeare Club (3). 

Cauble. David Zimri Barkley, N. C. 

Dialectic; Y. M. C. A.; Statistician Class (3); Sub. Marshal (3). 

Everett, Reuben Oscar, Palmyra, N. C. 

Philanthropic; Class Football Team (2); Editor Yackety Yack 
(2) ; Class President (3) ; Associate Editor Tar Heel (3) ; Mar- 
shal Vanderbilt Debate (2) ; Commencement Debater (3). 
Ferrell, John Atkinson, ...... Clinton. A'. C. 

Philanthropic; Class Football Team (1 and 2); Captain of Class 
Football Team (3) ; Historical Society. 

For.sT, Frank Lee, Graham. N. C. 

Scrub Baseball Team (1 and 2); Scrub Football Teain(l) ;'\'arsity 
Football Team (2 and 3); Track Team (1); Second \'ice-President 
Class (3). 
Gallaway, Gaston Gilbert, ..... .Mount Airy, \. C. 

HHII-^ German Club; Class Football Team (1 and 2); Editor. 
Yackety Yack (3) ; Glee Club (3) ; Dramatic Club (3). 

Gant, Kenneth, Burlington, N. C. 

Dialectic; Historical Society; Class Football Team (1, 2 and 3); 
Class Baseball Team (2) ; Manager of Class Baseball Team (3). 

Giles. .John Reston, Wilmington. N. C. 

.Vl'ii- Philanthropic; Yackety Yack Editor (3); Member Glee 
Club (3); Greek Prize (2). 

Glenn, Marshail Renfro Ashi'iille, N. C. 

Dialectic; Class Football Team (2); Y. M. C. A. 
Gold. Th(jmas Jackson, ........ Shelby. N. C. 

Dialectic; Football Team (3). 


GoRDOx. William Jones . Chapel Hill. \. C- 

Dialectic: -.-(A': H\/:- Gorgon's Head; Class Poet (1); President 
(2) :CIass Baseball Team (land 2 ): Class Football Team (3); .Jw*; 
Captain of Class Baseball Team (3). 

Graham, George W. Jr., Charlotte, N. C. 

IN; //J"; S.\7v; Gorgon's Head;- German Club; Scrub 
Baseball Team (1 and 2); Manager of Class Football Team (2); 
Manager of 'Varsity Baseball Team (3); Class Statistician (2); 
Shakespeare Club. 

Gw'vx. Thomas Lenoir. . . Springdale. X.C. 

/'/'; //i"; «.VA'; Gimghoul; German Club; First \'ice-President 
Class (2) ; A.ssociate Kditor Tar Heel (2) ; Editor of Yackety 
Yack (2). 

Ha.mulix. John Kxapp Magnolia. X. C. 

Philanthropic; Class Orator (3). 

Hassell. Francis Sylvester Williamston. X. C. 

Philanthropic ; A .■} ; Inter-Societ}' Debater (2); Commencement 
l)el)ater (3); Scrub Debater (3). 

Ha\vi;>. l^DMcxu Alexander, Jr.. \tkinson. X. C. 

I'hilaiithro]iic: Shakesjieare Cluli: Historical Society. 

Haywiiod. Alfred Williams, Jr., Haw River. X. C. 

Dialectic; ^'/"; //-; <^-V A'; Gorgon's Head; German Club; Sec- 
retary Class (1) ; Rssayist Class (2) ; Shakespeare Club; .-IW*. 
Heard. Willis Otter. ....... Charlotte. X. C. 

I.ii:; Sub. Ball Manager. 

HerriX(.. Robert WiTHiXGTox Harrell's Store. X. C. 

Philanthr(i]iic: Scrub Debater (2); Associate Editor Tar Heel (3); 
Y. M. C. A._; fieorgia Debater (3); i»0. 

Holland. Hazel, Charlotte. X. C. 

Dialectic; JAA'; German Club; Managing Editor 7'«r //ef/ (3); 
Editor Yackety Yack (3) ; Vice-President Mecklenliurg Asso- 
ciation (3) ; Shakespeare Club. 
Holt. Earle Pexdleto.x. ...... ( )f(A- Ridge. X. C. 

/.'/'; Ill'-, Gorgon's Head; Class Football Team (1); Captain Class 
Football Team (2); 'Varsitv Baseball Team (1 and 2); Captain 
of 'Varsity Baseball Team' (3). 

Horxer. James Wiley, Henderson, X. C. 

Philanthropic ; A .-) ; Historical Society ; Editor of Yackety Yack 
(2) ; Associate Editor Tar Heel (3) ; Shakespeare Club. 

HisKE. Bartholo.mew Fuller FayeUeinlle. N. C. 

Philanthropic: -.-lA'; Shakespeare Club. 

JoxEs, (JKORGE Lyle Franklin, X. C. 

Dialectic : Historical Societv ; Class Football Team (1 and 2) ; '\'ar- 
sity Football Team (3); Y. M. C. A. : Chief Marshal (3). 

JcDO. Zeiulox \axce Entio, X. C. 

Philanthrf)])ic; Best Declaimer of Philanthropic Society (1); Inter 
Societv Debater (3) : Treasurer of Class (3); \'ice-President of 
Y.M.C'.A. (3). 

Lassiter, Robert Gilliam, Oxjord. N. C. 

JAA'; W;V£; Gorgon's Head: Assistant in Geoldgv (2 and 3). 

McAdex, Johx Henry, Jr., Charlotte, N. C. 

lAi:-, 111'; Class Football Team (2); Class Baseball Team (2); 
Vacketv Yack Editor (8). 

McT-EAX, Sylvester Brown Miixton. X. C. 


McRae. .Iohn .\i,hi:rt White Stone. N. C. 

1 )ialeetie ; Inter-Society Debater (2) ; Business Manager of Yackety 
\.\iK (3); Associate Editor Tor Heel (3): Historical Society;' 
\'. M. C. A. 

McFadyen, Henry Richard Clnrkton. N. C. 

Philanthropic; Y. M. C. A. 

jMdrkhead, James Eathrop, Durham, N. C. 

/.'I': Gimghoul; ^A/-': '"^^ : German Club: Official Scorer (1 and 
2) ; Manager of Class Football Team (2) ; Class Orator (2) ; 
Baseball Team (1 and 2); Floor Manager of October German (3). 

Mi)KR()\v. RuFus Clegg, C>ak,><. N. C. 

Dialectic; Y. M. C. A.; Ai-i<l>. 

XicHiiLs, James Jacksox [.^hen'lle, N. C. 

HHII; German Club; Class F(Mitl)all Team (2); 'X'arsitv Foot- 
ball Team (3). 

Parker. Lester Leonidas, Monroe, N. C. 

Dialectic; Inter-Societv Debater (3); Y. M. C. A. ; Commencement 
Debater (3). 

Pearson. JdSEi'H Edmund Riygsbee, N. C. 

Dialectic; V. M. C. A. 

Peirie. Tho.mas Buckxer, Jr., llV/r.wic. A^. C. 

Philanthropic; Shake.spearc Cluli. 

Ramsey. Josei-h Brxx. Roek;/ Mount, X. C. 

Philanthro])ic: J/iA': W.\7.'; (iorgon's Head; German Club; Sub. 
Ball Manager (2); Class Football Team (1 and 2); 
Captain Class Baseball Team (2); Statistician Class (1); Track 
Team (1 and 2) ; Captain of Track Team (3) ; Captain of Scrub 
Football Team (3) ; Historian Class (2) ; Editor Vnirtr.iiti/ Maiia- 
zine (3). 

RaNEY. FraXK TiLLEY Clui pel 11 ill . X . C. 

Dialectic; Y. M. C. A. 

Ross, Thomas Howard Charlotte, X. C. 

RouxTREE, Jack Rouert, . .... Brooklyn, X. Y. 

Philanthropic;-.V; German Club; Poet (2); Business Mana- 
ger of Yackety Yack (3) ; Associate Ivlitorof I'nirersiti/ Maga- 
zine (3) ; Y. M. C. A. : 

Sirley, Guy Clarence Louifirilh, Ky. 

Dialectic (3). 

Skixxer, Joshua Johx, H(rtjord. X. C. 

Philanthropic; Class Football Team (3); Secretary of Commence- 
ment Debate (2); Secretary of Inter-Society Debate (2); Mem- 
licr of Press As.sociation (.3); Sub. Marshar(3). 

Smather.-., Willi \.m Frank Waynisvillc, X. C. 

'/-JW; German Club; Sub. Ball Manager (2); Treasurer of Class 
(2): 'Varsitv Football Team (2); '\arsitv Baseball Team 
(2); Sub. Marshal (3). 

Stf:vexs, Harry Pelham Goldsboro, X. C. 

Philanthropic: Yacketv Yack Editor (3) : Sub. Marshal (3) ; Shakes- 
peare Club (3). 
Stewart. Roaph Sidxev, ........ O.K.. S.C. 

Dialectic ; Best Declaimer of Dialectic Society (2) : '\'arsity Scrub 
Football (2 and 3) ; A.ssociate Ivlitor of Magazine (3) ; First ^'ice- 
President Class (3) ; Historical Society : V. M. C. A. ; Commence- 
nicnt Deljater (3). 

Thuki'. Ja-Me.s Battle Rocky .Mount, X. C. 

.T.JA'; //J; W.V A; Gorgon's Head; German Club; Secretary Class 
(2); Track Team (1 and 2); Manager of Track Team (3). 
I^'ader February German. 
Tii.MLixsox. Jacob, ... . . ... Tr//.s()/(, .V. C 

Philanthropic; Historical Society: Shakespeare Club. 

TiRXEU, Henry Gray Rakish. X. C. 

Z'l ; lll\ Gorgon's Head; "'l'-^: (k-rman Cluli: Sub. Ball .Manager 
(2); Vice-President (2). 
iRciiHART, Burges, Jr.. ....... Lfici.slon, X. C. 

A.J : German Club; Class Foottiall Team (2 and 3). 
I'/./.KLL, FL()^ I) Harold. ........ Bciton. X. C. 

Philaiithri)])ic; Secretary of Shakespeare Club. 

Walker. Xathax WiLsox Poplar Branch. X. C. 

Philanthropic; Essayist Class (3): Historical Society; Associate 
Iv lit or of Tar Hed (3). 

Waixwricht, IOric Ross Boirnxnis Bluff. X. C. 

Dialectic: Hi.storian (3). 
Ward. Georce Rouert. ........ Safe. X. C. 

Philanthro])ic : Secretary Class (3). 

Wellkk. HriiEHT Ray.mdxd ir(7(/()/i, .V. C. 

'I'JH- iKhA, Whitmel HiLi IlilUhoro. X. C. 

/.'!■ H\i:-jlil)A, 

WiiriAKER, WlLLL\.M AsHURY, Jr.. ..... ir//).s/()/(. A'. C. 

Dialectic: A.ssociate Editor University Magazine (3). 
Whitehead, Ja.mes Samuel, ....... Wihon. .V. C. 

J.-IA'; 111; W.\7-.'; Gorgon's Head; Ciernian Club : \ ice-l'r(>sident 

Class (1): Prophet (2); Manager Aarsity Fudtliall Team (3); 

Class Baseball Team (2). 
^^'HITEH^RsT, Harold, ........ Xeirliem. X. C. 

Philanthropic: Shakespeare Club. 
Wii.LciiX. Jesse Womiu.E. ....... .I'lifnatn. X. C. 

Dialectic; V. M. C. A. 
WiLLcox. Ge(jrge Willl\m. ...... ('(irliiintdii. .V. C. 

Cla,ss Baseball Team (2): Sub. 'Varsity Basel)all Team (3). 
Wood, Walter Poole. Elizaheth City. X. C. 

Philanthropic; Class Poet (3); Historical Society; Shakcs|)eare 
Club; V. M. C. A. 

Class of 1904 


Blue and Old Gold. 


" \'irtute vt opera." 


Ri].. Rah. Rah 

Rip. Rah. Roar 

We are the class 

Of 1904! 



C.RAHAM Kenan. 
F. H. Gregory. 
Henry Lee, 
S. T. Peace, 
\'. A. .1. Idol, . 
A. M. Noble, Jr., 
Wilson (!. Lamb, Jr., 
.1. H. Tall\ferro, 

L. H. JoNrJS, 

M. R. Graham, . 
A. G. Brenizer. . 


First V ice- Prcs id en i . 

Second T 'ice-President. 










Adhkrholt, Junior Erxest Chcm/rillc 

Dialectic; Y. M. C. A. 
Allard. Greex Haywood, Oxford. Mass. 

Archer, Frederick Charles Chapel Hill. 

Philanthropic ; Mandolin and ( luitar Cluli : Class Football Team (2). 

Archer, Gray, . . Chaprl Hill. 

Bass, Spencer Pippen, TarJiin-d. 

--'V; Philanthropic: German Cluh: Track Team (1): Class Foot- 
ball Team (1); Scrub Football Team CD. 
Beall, Thomas Settle, Giren.<<boro 

HoHAWdX, I'hjNEST ]Vlll.<!/<))l-Slll,m. 


Brkxi/.kr, Addison Gorgas, ... .... ('liiirli)tti . 

-••I/-'; Essayist Class (1); Historian (2); (ierman Club. 
Briiwkh.Jamks Frederick Winsion-Salem. 


C.\Ti,KrT. CiKoRtiE FiTZ HuGH - . . . Wihrunginn. 

Claytor, Xuma Reid, Uninr.v'ti/ Statioti. 

V. M. C. A. 
Cain, W. S Aslurille. 

Dialectic; Y. M. C. A. 
CoiiJi, .John Vines, . OhI Sparta. 

Cochran, Xash Spencer, Trmj. 

Dialectic; Class Football Team (2). 
CocKK, ,Jere Ellis Asheville. 

IIHII- 111-; 'Varsity Baseball Team (F): German Clulx 
Cor NCI I., luiwARD Augustus Conoho. 

Cox, Alisert Lyman Pcnclo. 

-A/:-, Philanthropic ; German Clul) ; Captain Class Football Team 
(1); Pre.sident Class (1); Track Team (1): '^"ar.sity Footliall 
Team (2). 
Craven. "Walter Gluyas, Bristmr. 

Dialectic; Class Baseball Team (l);Class Football Team (1 and 2). 
Dameron, Edgar S. W., Hobton. 

Philanthropic; Y. M. C. A.; Inter-Society Deliater (2). 
Danieels, Virgil Clay'ton Merrit. 

Deal, Georgio Sommersville, Franklin. 


De Lanev, James Lester U'ardlaw. 

Dialectic; Class Football Team (1 and 2); Y. M. C. A. 
Dunn, William, Jr ^'eu• Birn. 

JA A'; Philanthropic: German Club; Dramatic Club; Y. M. C. A. ; 
Editor Yackety Yack (2). 


Eagles, William Wootex, Crisp. 

Frost, Harry Barber Proridivcc. R. I. 

Y. M. C. A.; Dialectic; Class Football Team (2). 
George, Johx Francis, ■^'''"' Ba-n. 

Grady, Allen Wooten, Angle. 

Philanthropic ; Y. M. C. A. 
Graham, Xeill Ray Charlotte. 

Class Team Baseball (1); Class Prophet (2). 
Graham, William Archibald Warrenton. 

Class Baseball Team (1). 
Gregory, Fletcher Harrison, Halifax. 

Z'l'\ Statistician (1); 1st Vice-President Class (1) ; Class Football 
Team (1 and 2); Class Baseball Team (1). 
Haigh. Severn Green Fayctteville. 

Haxes, Fred Moir Win.^ton-Salem. 

Dramatic Club; -M'-: II-: Gorman Chib: Captain Base- 
ball Team (1). 
Harper, Ralph Moore Kinston. 

Philanthropic; Y. M. C. A.; Inter-Society Debater (1). 
HicKER.soN, Thomas Fkllx Ronda. 

Holt, LA^VRENCE Shackhelfdrd, .Ir Burhniiton. 

A -J; Dialectic; German Club; Y. M. C. A. 
Hooks. William Ed\vard Fremont. 

Hoover. Homer Leach Thomasrille. 

Class Football Team (1). 
HdRXADAY, Junius Armixiu.s, . . .... Oakdale. 

Dialectic; Y. M. C. A. 
Huxt. Lloyd Raixey Lexington. 

hi; Dialectic: Track Team. 
L)(,L. \'irgil a. .J High Point. 

IIK.i; Y. M. C. A.; Dialectic; Inter-Society Debater (2). 
Irwix, ,Iames Prestox Charlotte. 

IIK.^: Dialectic; Track Team (1); Class Ba seball Team (1); Cap 
tain Class Football Team (2); Class Football Team (1). 
James, Charlie Greenville. 

't'J»; Philanthropic. 
Johnston, George Anderson, Chapel Hill. 

Dialectic; Y. M. C. A. 
Jacocks, William Picard, Windsor. 

A. J; Philanthropic; 'Varsity Football (2); Declaimer Medal (1). 
Jones, La\vrence Haughton, ....... Ashenlle- 

HHII; Class Poet (2). 
Kexax, Graham Kenansrille. 

lAK; 111'; Philanthro])ic; German Club; Class Orator (1); 
President (2 1: Y. .M. C. A. 


Knox, John, Jr., .Rannleburg. 

Dialectic; Class P^notball Team (1 and 2) ; Y. M. C. A. 
Lamb, Wilson Gray, Jr Williamston. 

-'.V; Philanthropic; German Club; Class Essayist (2). 
Latta, Albert Whitehead, ........ Raleigh. 

-•V; Cierman Club; 1st Vice-Pre.«i(lent Class (1). 
Lee, William Henry . Wmjnesville. 

<I>A»; Dialectic; Class Historian; 2n(l Vice-President Class (2); 
Editor Yackety Yack (2) ; Dramatic Club. 
Long, Jacob Elmer, Graham 

McIver, Evaxder McNair, Jonesboro 

Dialectic ; Y. M. C. A. 
McXiDER, George St. Clair, Chapel Hill. 

-•V; Secretary Class (1). 
Mann, Wade Hampton, Saiapahaw. 

Dialectic ; Y. M. C. A. 
Marriott, William McKim, ... . Baltimore. Md. 

Moore, Andrew Jackson Greenerille. 

UK A ; Philanthropic. 
Moore, Jesse Lee Patterson. 

Class Football (1) ; Scrub Football Team (2). 
Moore, Leonidas John, Jr., ...... . Xeic Bern. 

Morrison, Theodore Danidson, . . . . . . Asheville. 

Noble, Albert Morris, Jr Selma. 

Philanthropic; Class Orator (2). 
Noble, Robert Primrose Selma. 

Philanthropic; Class Football Team (1 and 2) : Class Ba.seball Team (1). 
Oldham, George Willis 7>fr- 

Class Ba.seball Team (1). 

Osborne, Willie Ewell Green.<iboro. 

Peace, Samuel Thomas 0.xford. 

KA ■ Philanthropic ; Y. M. C. A. ; Manager Class Baseball Team (1) ; 
Class Baseball Team (1) ; Class Football Team (2) ; Captain Class 
Baseball Team (2); Class Prophet (1); Secretary (2) Champion 
Class Tennis Doubles (1 and 2): Editor Yackety Yack (2): 
Editor Tar Heel. 
Pearson, Clifton Morganton. 

A'lil-^ Dialectic; German Club. 
Pearson, John Henry, Jr Morganton. 

ATil; Dialectic. 
Pemberton, Edmund James, Fayetterille. 

ATil; Philanthropic. 
Pharr. Melborn Earl Wilkeshoro. 

Rankin, Willie Calvin .Mlevmnee. 


Ray, Edward ilbam:. 

Robins, Sidney Swain Axheboro. 

Dialectic; Y. M. C. A. ; Inter-Society Debater (1) ; Editor YAfKi:- 
TY Yack (2). 
Ross, John William Slloam. 

Dialectic; Y. M. C. A. ; Scrub Football (2). 
Russell, Charles Phillips RockiDf/ham. 

Dialectic; Y. M. C. A. ; Historical Society ; Class F"oot ball Team (2). 
Sawyer, Ernest Linwood, Elizabeth Cit;/. 

SiFFORD, Ernest, .......... Churlotte. 

Dialectic; Mandolin Club. 
Smith. BtRTOX Hoyle Charlotte. 

II h A ■ Class Baseball Team (1). 
Starxes, Braxd Ashrrille. 

Dialectic ; Y. M. C. A. ; Class Football Team (1). 
St.\tox, Marshall Cokb, 'Jdrbon). 

Z'l; 111'; Philanthropic: (ierman Club. 
Stevenson, William Hollister .^'"'• Bern. 

- .\ ; German Club. 
Stewart, Hamiltox \'erxox Greeii.^boro. 

Suttox, Theodore Kixo Cundor. 

Class Football Team (2). 
Smith, Walter Lee Wiu.'iltin-Salem. 

Dialectic; Football Team (1 and 2). 
Taliaferro, Juliax Hamiltox Chdrlolle. 

I'.n:; 111'; Statistician Class (2); Cerman Club (2). 
Wilson, Walter Clair WiL'^cn .\Iill.<^. 

Wixstead, Hexry Woodixo, I.tii!<burti. 

Philanthropic: Y. M. C. A. 
WiNSTOX, James Horxer, Durham. 

/'/■; Philanthropic; Manager Class Football Team (2) ; V. M. C. A. 

Champion Class Tennis Double (1 and 2) ; Champion Class 

Single Tennis (1 and 2); Class Team Baseball (1); Editor 

Y.\CKETY Yack (2); Dramatic Club. 

Yi;LVERTOX, PaliL (iald.'ibnro. 

'I'JH; Class Baseball Team (1). 

Statistics 2d Year Optional 

Barnard, Harry Fraxklix, Franklin. 

Dialectic; Y. M. C. A. 
DrxHAR, Clarexce Leech rille. 

JoxEs, Ale-xaxder Hamilton, ........ Acton. 

/.'I': 111-. 2nd \-ice-President Class (1): Football Team (1). 

: Y. .M. C. A. ; 

Class Poet (1) 


])ial(Ttic: V. M. C. A. 
Newtcin. Spruxt. 

Ni'Nx. Jamios Hkxrv, 

(iennan Clul): 

OdoM. HlCLEX Ldiise, 

Skix\i;r, Harrv, Jr.. 

I'Ai:-, (iernian Club:«.\/;. 
Smith. William Hoptox, Jr., 

y-'f; German Club; Class Foo 
Taucir. (Jkorcie Levy. 

Thii.MA>. (IeoRCE (ilLLETT. Jr.. 


Westfkldt, Fleetwood Hunt, 

J A/.-; HX/-; German Club. 

X'ar.sity Fnotball (2). 

Team (1 an:l 2). 


New Bern. 

Baltimore, Md. 




The Freshman Class, 1905 


A. M. MrLioAN, 


J. B. Robertson, 


W. T. MAllison, 

Second Vice-Presidiut 

R. B. Wilson, . . 


K. P. Baldwin, 


J. P. COOLEY, . 

Essay est. 

A. R. Hester, . 


I. C. Wright, 


S. S. Howie, 


W. H. Whitley. 


.1. H. \aughn. 




PjLack and Old Gold. 


Fiui;s kt .Justitia. 


Ri]), Rah, Rah. 
Rip. Rah, Rive. 
Wcaivthcda.ssof lOO.'i 

Fresh Class History 

Dkak Mr. ICditur: 

As 1 have been asked to write a history of tiie 
noble class of nineteen five I will try to do so. as we 
all like to do as we are told. 

We are glad to have a chance to tell yon what a 
lireat class we are, because some people ilon't seem to 
know that we are here, because they ilon't notice us, 
except those horrid Sophomores, and we \\-ish they 
didn't because they say we are a peter class: and we 
don't think that is nice one bit. 

We have been here a longtime now and we don't 
get homesick much any more. We all try to look like 
Cash and Cooley because they don't ever look home.sick ; they are so big and brave 

When we first got here they told us the Seniors and ,Iiniiors. said that jieople shouldn't 
bother us, and the Sophomores said they would not. We thought thev were mightv 
nice to do that, and we really got so that we thought we hail as much right to whistle 
on the Campus as anybod\'. Init they treated us horrid then, and evervbodv .said we 
were fresh, so we .stoppeil. 

W^e don't think it is a bit nice the way they treat us anil talk about us. We wish 
they treated us Hke the girls do at the B. F. U. They kiss the new girls and are awful 
nice to them. They diil start to be nice to us, the Sophomores, I mean, not the girls. 
They were going to give us a watermelon feast, we only paid 25 cents apiece, but they 
said some wicked Juniors stole the watermelons, so we didn't get any. 

We are beginninng to like it here, though, except that sometimes some horrid Sojih- 
omores, we think treat us bad and we think that Horace puts water in the milk they 
feed us. And we don't like it to snow, because we are afraid to go on class, and Dr. 
Alexander says we will be expelled if we don't go on class. 

We like to please our teachers, and we are going to learn a whole lot and l)e great 
and good men. We hope all other classes will be as nice and gentle as we are. We 
are going to be kind to the new boys next year, because we believe in the golden rule, 
all excejit Sturtevant and Parsons. From vour loving little friend. 


The Class of 1905 

Alli;\, Claudk, . ... 

Amkk, William (!rav, 
Archicr, Jamks McAlwaixe, 
I5aili:v, Frank Roskburgh, 
]5aird. Thomas Carroll, 
Baldwin, Kemp Leopold, 
Barnhardt, Charlk>s Carroll, 
]iEsT, Edward Lee, 
Blackwell, Calvin Simeon, Jr. 


Boone, Samuel Bell, 

BowEN, .Jesse CJrav, 

Brigman, Lixdo, 

Britton, TiiEdDoRK (Iarfield. 

Brown, Th(imas I-;dwl\, 

l^RVAN, Roderick Adams, 

BiRTdx. David Ranie, 

Cannon, James William. Jr., 
Carr. Claidorn MacDoweli.. 
Cash. 7'homas Ha.miltcin. 
Cathey. William Cecil. 
Cheshire. John. 
Cook, Marshall Edwards, 
Cox, Francis Augu.stus, 
Cox. John Robert. 
Daniel, I^rasmus Alston. Jr., 
Da\is, Henry Wiley, 
Jlmerson, Horace Mann, Jr., 
P]xuM, James Thomas. 
Fawcett, Thomas Garxi:tt. 
Fisher, William, Jr., 

Greensboro, N. C. 
Liberty. N. C. 
Monroe. N. C. 
Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Valle Cruces, N. C. 
Grove, N. C. 
Whit.'iett. N. C. 
Maplerille, N. C. 
Wilmington, N. C. 
Bostic. N. C. 
Jackson, N. C. 
Pantigo. N. C. 
Rockingham, A'. C. 
Brthd. X. C. 
Wihnini/ton. N. C. 
Curtilage, N. C. 
Winston-Salem, N. C. 
Concord. X. C. 
Durham. X. C. 
Smith Grove. X. C. 
Dixie, X. C. 
Tarboro. X . C. 
Warrenton , X. C. 
Penelo, X. C. 
Airlie, X. C. 
Salisbury. X. C. 
Wilmington, X. C. 
Snow Hill. X. C. 
Mount Airy. X. C. 
P< nsacola. Flu. 

FoGLE, Paul Ernest, 
Gilmer, Joe Brauxer, 
GoDBEY, Paul Stephen, . 
Grant, Lemuel Clayton, 
Groome. Bailey Troy, 
Gudger, Hubert Barnard. 
HAY^vo(JD, Hubert Benbury, 
Heartt, William Alexander. 
Hester, Addison Reed, . 
Hicks, Oscar Vernon, 
Higdon, Thomas Bragg, 
Hill. Thomas. 

Hill. William Poindextkr. .Jr.. 
Hines. Julian Colecjate. .Jr.. 
Hooks. Willia.m Jmjward. 
Hiii>\er. Hiimku I, each. . 
Howard. .Jasper \'i<t. )R. 
Howard. .James William. 
Howie. Sa.muel Stephen. 
HowLK, Eugene I^ond, 
Hud.son, Frank Simms, 
Hughes, Harvey Hatcher. 
Jacobs, Harry Hyman, . 
Jones, Hamilton McRarv. 
Jordan. Stroud. 


King. Albert Hill. 


]a'a. liv.rT. Krnkst Hodges. 
Lewis. Henry Stuart. 
Lin DAT. Jules, 
Long, Irving Cone. 
McAden, Thomas Cowan. 


Winston-Salem. N. C. 
Waynesville, A". C. 
Harmony, N. C. 
Wilmington. A'. C. 
Chapel Hill. A. C. 
A.'iheviUe. X. C. 
Raleigh. A. C. 
Hillsboro. A. C. 
Kernersville. X. C. 
Goldsboro. A. r. 
Higdonrille. X. C. 
Hillsboro. X. ('. 
Winston-Sahin. X. C. 
Morren. X. ('. 
Fremont, X. C. 
Thomasville. X. ('. 

/\//(.S'/(l». .V. ('. 

R<H'k Spriiiij. X. ('. 
Monroe. X. C. 
Raleigh. X. C. 
Cassville. Tenn. 
Grorer, X. ('. 
Winston-Sahm. X . C. 
Warrenton. X. C. 
Caldwell In.^titutc. 
Carthaqe. X. C. 
Chapel Hill. X. C. 
Oxford, X. C. 
Aulander. X . C. 
Davidson River. X . C. 
I'ldiiii/ra. .\ . ('. 
.Jack.son. X. ('. 
Greensboro. X. ('. 
Ashville. X. C. 
Charlotte. X. C. 
Rutherjordtoii. X. C 

McKay, William Mijore, 
McLeax, Alfred McKetchan 
McLeax, John Tyler, 
McMuLLEN, Harry, 
McPher.sox, Samuel, 
Martix, Earle Wall, 
Meare.s, Thomas Davis, Jr., 
Miller, Charles Walter, 
Miller, James Clarence, 
Miller, William Gray, 
Mitchell. John Wat.son, 
Moore, Thomas Jefferson, 
Moses, Hubert Henry, 
Murphey, Ja.mes, 
Nichols, Austin Flint, 
Nixox, Kemp Battle, 
Norman, John Rice, 
Orr, Nathan Jordan, 
Parsons, Thomas, 
Patterson, Joseph Flax.xe. 
Patton, George, 
Pearce, Robert Strange. 
Peeler, Adam Samuel, 
Perrett, Walter Kenneth, 
Perry, Rex William, 
Phillips, Fred, Jr., 
Philips, Henry Hyman, . 
Robertson, Foye, . 
Robertson, Judge Buxton, 
Ross, John William, 
Ross, Zone Hardy, 
Ross, Otto Bescens, 
Rouxtree, Louis Gustavus, 
Shore, William Thomas,. 
Simpson, Evander, 


Norval, N. C. 
Dunn. N. C. 
Dunn, N. C. 
Edenton. N. C. 
Hodman's Mills. N. C. 
Morven, N. C. 
Wilmington, N. C. 
Sutherlands, N. ('. 
Wayncsville. N. C. 
Siloam, N. C. 
Winton. N. C. 
Greenei'ille, N. C. 
Raleigh. N. C. 
Morganton. N. C. 
Rnxhoro. N . C. 
Liucolutnn. N. C. 
Halifax, N. C. 
Charlotte, N. C. 
Rockingham, N. C. 
New Bern, N. C. 
Elan College, N. C. 
Fayetterille, N. C. 
Faith, N. C. 
Whitsett, N. C. 
Hart.'O'ille, S. C. 
Tarboro, N. C. 
T arbor 0. N. C. 
Chapel Hill. N. C. 
Hartshorn, N. C. 
Siloam. N. C. 
Pinkneif, N. C. 
Charlotte. N. C. 
Brooklyn. N. Y. 
Charlotte. N. C. 
Roseboro, N. C. 
Clarkton, N. C. 

Sloan, Charles Henry, . 
Speight, Joe Powell, 
Stephens, William Telfair 
Sturdivant, George Oscar, 
Tabor, George LeRoy, 
Taliaferro, Walter Robertson, Jr.. 
Taylor, George Floyd, . 
TowNSEND, Newman Alexander 
Troy, Eugene Bumpus, . 
Tyson, John Jayner, 
Vaughan, John Henry, 
Wade, James Lloyd, 
Whitley, Wade Hampton, 
Wilson, Ronald Bonar, 
Wilson, John Kenyon, . 
Wilson, William Miller, 
Woodruff, BERRY^L\^■ Kdwaru 
Wright, Isaac Clark, 
Worth, Henry Venahle, 
Wrenn, Clement, 
Yelverton, June Hugh, 
Yopp, Charles Robinson. 

Belmont, N. C. 
Wrendale. N. C. 
Raleigh, N. C. 
Rushing, N. C. 
Sxvain, N. C. 
Charlotte, N. C. 
Magnolia, X. C. 
Raynhart;. S. C. 
Chapel Hill. X. C. 
Greenerille. X. C. 
Siloam, X. C. 
Dunn, X. C. 
Pantigo, X. C. 
Greensboro, X. C. 
FMzaheth City. X. C. 
Rock Hill, S. C. 
Darlington. S. C. 
Coharie, X. C. 
Asheboi-o, X. C. 
Mount Airy. X. C. 
Fremont. X. C. 
Wilminfitoti. X. C. 

First Year Optional Students 

Aycock, Frank 11\yard, . 
Barnard, Harry Franklin. 
Berry, Harriet Morehead, 
Burns, Jerome Grindall, 
Cannon, Gabriel, 
Cannon, Martin Luther, 
Cooley, James Pixckney, 
Davis, Lorenzo Breeton, 
Dunbar, Clarenck, 
Edens, Clarence Morgan, 
Gafford, John-. 

Fremont. X. C. 
Franklin, X. C. 
Chapel Hill, X. C. 
Cherokee, S. C. 
East Bend, X. C. 
Leachxnlle, X. C. 
Rowland. X. C. 
Wilmlnfilon. X. C. 

Harrisox, Arthur Warrex. 
Hester, Addisox Reed . 
Irwix, Herbert, 
King, Claude Herbert. 
McCuBHixs, P'raxk, 
Malusox, William Thomas, 
MosER, Arthur Lee, 
MuLLis, Greex Raymoxd, 


OsHoRXE, Ephraim Brevard. 
Pavxe, .James Harvey. 
Peirce. Christopher Peirce. 
Phi PI'S, .loK Sauxuers, 
Ross. Charles, 
royall. xormax xorris, 
S.\tterthwait, Clement, Jr., 
Sweeney, Joseph Norcom, 
AViLEY, AxxiE Shannon, 
Woollen. Charles Thomas. 

Fly mouth. X. C. 

Charlotte, X. C. 
Greenville. X. C. 
Hickory, X. C. 
Albans, X. C. 
Fremont. X. C. 
Charlotte, X. C. 
Chapel Hill. X. C. 
Wilmington. X. C. 
Greensboi-o. X. C. 
Asheboro. X. C. 
Florence. S. C. 
Waynesville, X'. C. 
Wilmington. X. C. 
Salisbury. X. C. 
Win!<ton-Sa!cjn. X. C. 

The -School | 




Fra\( !>• Pri.ston X'kxahli:. Ph.D.. 
Joshua W'alkkr (Iore, C.E., 


Students in the School of Mines 


H. Andrkws. 




A. Allard, 


W. Mancum. 


L. BuRliK.SS, 


G. Moss. 


1". Catlktt. 


C. ()LI\ KR. 


X. Chadwick, 




C. Dainckrfikli). 


T. Peace, 


S. Deal, 


S. Root. 


S. Drane, 


H. Smith, 


P. Irwi.v, 




CI. Lassiter, 


B. Thorp. 



Wai.vw i(i( 


T[[^he School 
o! Ipjjw 



Francis Preston Vexable, Ph.D., 
Ja.mes Cameron MacRae, LL.l)., 


Officers ot the Senior Class 

Thaddeu.s AVixfield Jones, 
Francis Asbury Gudger, 
Charles Everett Thompson", 
Charles Wesley Saj'P, . 
(Ieorge Spe.\rs Reynolds, 
Philip Hall Busbee, 
Stephen Arnold Douglas, 


Fir,^t Vice-President. 

Second Vice-President. 

Secretary and Treasurer. 


Class Orator. 

Class Poet. 

Officers of the |unior Class 

Thomas I^oftin AVright, 
(Iastox Wilder Taylor, 
(\v\ N'krnox Roberts, 
AA'ii.LiAM Kldridge Ross, 
1 )a\ id Troy Joyce, 
Edward Augu.stus Hammoxd, 
Julius Browx, 


First 1 'ice-Presid( nt. 

Second Vice-President. 

Secretary and Trca.iurer. 


Class Orator. 

Class Pott. 


Students in Law 


Bu.w, Jamks Philips, S.B.. l.SOO, 
Co^vPER, Guy Vernox, 

Edwards, Martin Luther, 

Glenn, John P'razier, 

Harris, Henry S., 

Jones, Thaddeu.s Winfield, Jr.. S.H.. lOOO, 
Kluttz, Whitehead, 

Lane. I^iamamin Hiasun. A.H.. 1899: AM.. 1901 
Nelson, Kdoar Joseph, 

Reynolds, George Spears, 
Rodman, Wiley' Groom, 

Sapp, Charles Wesley, 

Smith, David Baird, Ph.B.. 1S97, 
Smith, Holland, 

Smith, Walter Douolas, 

Thompson, Charles I-Iverett, Ph.B., 1900. 




Barrett, Roscoe Conkling, A.B.. Wnkc Forest. 1900, 
Bernard, Silas Garrett, 

Brooks, Bernard Alexander, 
Brown, Julius, 

Brownlee, Eugene, 

BusiiEE, Philip Hall, A.B., 1901, 
Cocke. William .Iohnstox, 
Cook. Lioox Thov, 


Davis, Furman Eaves, 

Dickinson, Metus Troy, A.M., Trinitfi, 

Douglas, Sjephen Arnold, A.B.. Gvimirtou't). liioi, 
Durham, Augustus Conn, 

Ehrixghaus, Johx Christoph Blucher, A.B., 1901, 
FoLGER, John Hamlin, 


FuRR, Thomas Gib.sox, 

GuDGER. Francis Asbury, 

GwYX. James Alfred. Ph.B.. 1896, 
Hammond. Edward Augustus, 
Hudson. Thomas Franklin, 

Hyams. William Washington, 
IviE. Allan Denny, 

Jar\is. Raymond Preston. S.B., Cohniihiim. '99, 

Joyce. David Troy, 

Land, Edward Mays. A.B.. 1899, 
Lemmoxd, Reuben Weddington, 
Luther. Watson Lenoir, 

McLntosh, Leland Carson. A.B.. Woke Forest. 1899, 
McLean, Sylvester Brown, 
Palmer. Jude, 

PiTTiLLo, Robert Albert. A.B., Ruthirjonl. 1896, 

Roberts, Guy \'ernon, 

Rose, Charles Grandlson, A.B.. 1900, 
Ross, AVilliam Eldridge, 

Schroder, John C. I)., 

Spell, Amos Purdie, 

Smathers. William Frank, 

Starr. Albert Luther. A.B.. I.inoir. 1896, 
Taylor. Gaston Wilder, 

Thompson. Dorman Steele. 1'h.B.. 19(J1, 
Watson. Xeil McKay, 

WooDALL. James Lynn, 

WooTEN, Frank Marion, 

Wright. Thomas Loftin. 1897. 

The School 
OF Medicine 



P'raxcis Preston Vexablk, Ph.D., President. 

Richard Hexrv Whitehead, AB.. M.D., Dean of the Department ot Chapel Hill. 

Dean of the Department at Raleigh. 

Hubert Ashley Rovster, A. P., M.I). 

Officers of the Class of 

I 902 

Jame.s Kix(; Hall, 


Eben Alexaxder, Jr., 


Walter Wootex Coi-xcil, 


FR.A.NK Louis Sharpe, .... 


Nathaniel Alexander Orr, 


Emory Graham Alexaxder, 


IvAX Proctor Battle, .... 


Archibald Wright Graha.m, 


John Hexry Staxley, .... 


Officers ot the Class of 1903 

Johx Kirklaxd Ross, 


B.\ird Urquahart Brooks, 


Joseph Hexry Hewitt, 


Jame.s Lafayette Floyd, 


Livingston- Fraxklix Johxsox, . 


Leightox Hovis, 


John Bexsell Craxmer. 


Robert Alexaxder Herrixg. 


Charlie Everett Coxwell, 


The Medical Class of 1902 

Alexander. Ebkx, Jr 
Ai,i;.\AM)KR, K. G.. 
Basnicht. T. G., 
Battle, T. P.. 
CouxciL. W. W.. 
Flemixc, M. S.. 
Gkahanl a. W.. 
Graha.\l 1). S., 
Guthrie, M. C.. 
Hall. J. K., . 
Holt, T. J., 

LoWKRV, J. R,. 

Orr. C, C, 
Orr, X. A., 
Sharpe. F. L., 
Stanley. J. H., 
Ward. .1. E., . 

Chapel HUl. 



Rocky Mount. 








L ounty Line. 




Four Oaks. 


The Medical Class of 1903 

Best, J. H., 
BOxNXER. K. P. B., 
Brooks. B. l'.. 
CnoK, (). IL, 

CoNWKLL, C. E.. 
CoPPEDGE, T. 0.. 

Cranmer, J. B., 
Crumplkr, J. M.. 

DiMMITTE, .1. A.. 

Donnelly. John, 
Farrar. M. K.. 
Fenner, E. F., 
Floyd, J. L., 
Fuller, R. R.. 
Gibson, J. S.. 
Gibson, M. R.. 
Harper, .J. H., 
Harrison. H. H., 
Herrino, R. a.. 
Hewitt. .1. H.. 

Hovis. L.. 
Johnson. L. F.. 
Kafer, O. O.. 
Moore. C. E., 
Moore, J. X., 
Murphy. W. A.. 
Xewell. L. B., 
Xdrman. J., 
Parker, J. W.. 
Plummer, a. L.. 
Pritchard, a. T., 
Ross, J. K., 
Stevens, R. S., 
Stone, J. A., 
Saunders, J. H., 
Steinen, E. von den. 
Stringfield, S. L., 
Sutton, C. W., 
Spruill, F. W. 
Webb, L. S., 
Wyatt. J. L. 

of c.)l2SvPins^ey ^ 



Francis Prkston V'enablk, Ph.D., . 
Edward Vernon Howell, A.B., Ph.G.. 


Class Officers 

Page, Benjami.n Franklin. 
McKesson, Walter Louis, 
King, Harris Lewter, . 
Fox, LuDOLPH Glenn, 
RHODf:s, Thomas Floyd, 



Secretary and Treasurer. 



Class of 1902 

Ahrens, a. G., Greene, J. G., 

Bolton, J. C, Hudson, J. E., 

Bitting, N. D., McDonald, A. M. 

BuLLucK, D. A., McNeil, G. M., 

Fox, D. G., Page, B. F., 

Callaway, C. E., Trotter, L., 


Class of 1903 

Barnes, E. W., McKesson, L. W. 

Barnes, H. A., Moore. W. C., 

Bear, M., Patthrson, A., 

Cochran, G. T., Perry, A\'. M. 

Earl, O. P., Rhodes, T. F., 

Gl'lick, ,I. W., Rowland, .J. W. 

King. }i- L.. Rice, W. C. 
Short, F. B. 

The Summer School 


FRAXCI8 Prestox Vexable, Ph.D., 
Marcus Cicero Stephexs \oble. 


Students in 
Alexaxder, Margaret. . 
Bagby, Bulus, 
Bagby, Irak Maie. 
Ball, L. W.. 
Barrett, Roscoe G.. 
Basox, Mary C, 
Berwick, Allex I., 
Bi.sHop, A. H., 
Blair, Axxa M., 
Bradle. Emma, 
Broadhurst, Edgar 1).. 
Br(>gdex, W. J., Julia E., 
Chambers, Woodfix A.. . 
Cheshire, Elizabeth Toole, 
Cheshire, Kate, 
Clark, Joaxna. 
CoHX, Emma E.. 
CuTHBERTsox, Daisy. 
Carsey, Mary C, . 
Davi.s, R. I., 
Devereux, L. M., 


Do\\D, (). W.. 
Duxlap, Mamie, 
Fawcette, L.\ura, 
FousT. Thomas R., 
Gray, Mixxie G., 
Hardixg, H. p.. 
Heath, Mollie H., . 
Hexdersox, Katherixe M.. 
Hill, A. B 


HoLLAXD, Mrs. Hughes, 
Mortox, Bessie M., 

Howie, S. S 

Hume, Mary G., 
Hutchisox, Sudie a., 
Irelaxd, Etta, 
Jenkixs, F, p.. 
Jerkixs, Mrs. Su.sax C. 

the Summer School 

Chapel Hill. 










Thomasinlle, Ga. 
















Neir Bern. 


Netr Bern. 

New Bern. 




Neir Bern. 



Chapel Hill. 




Neir Bern. 

JoH-xsox. Mary 1'.. 
JoNAfS, C. A., 
JoHxsnx. K. M., 
Jones, Mrs. AV. Y.. 
Lambeth. Jilia R.. 
Laxe, B. B.. 
Lane, Lila, 
Laxe, W, C, 
Lawrexce, E. B., 
Ladle Y, Charles W., 

L(A\-RY, A. W., 

McC'lixtock, Jaxie P., 


McKi.MMox, Kate, . 
McLeax, John Alexaxder, 
McNeilly, Lee, 
MacRae, Fraxcis. . 
Maxgu.m, a. W., 
Marsh, Mary W. 
Matthews. Katherixe. . 
Middletox, Stella E., 
Miller. Hexdersox H.. . 
MoiiDY, Mary, 
Nash, Sri:. 
Newu(ild. X. C, 
OsBORXi:, .Josephine A., . 
Pa.steur, Mariax a., 


Prhhard, Mrs. Rosa Halt, 
Reddlxg, Florence, 
Redford. Mattie. 
Roberts. .1. W.. ,Ir., 
RoBERTsox, Ella M., 
Sheep, S. L.. 
SxHTH, Hexry Brower, 
Smith, Louis Herbert, . 
S.MiTH, Thomas Harley, . 
Stafford, Susie, 
Stallixc;, Ma(;(;ie, 
Staxijack, Mrs. Ma.mie T., 
Strowd, Thomas W., 
Taylor, Martha Rodema. 
Teasley. Bessie A.. 

TiLLETT. ,J. A.. 

Trotter. Miss Axnie, 
Tucker, Mahel Reade, 
Watsox, I'^leaxor, . 
Whitaker, Myrtle M.. 
Whitaker. Sallie Pickett. 




Morehead C'itfi. 


Chapel Hill. 

Mt. Vernon Springs. 



Baltimore. Md. 


Union. S. C. 






Chapel Hill. 

Chapel Hilt. 


New Bern. 


Mt. Plea.sinnt. 





Ocala. Fla. 


Smith field. 



Chapel Hill. 


Elizabeth Citij. 






San ford. 

Chapel Hill. 





Bethel Hill. 





EVGEN-. LEWIS HftRHiS 1>H.& ,.6bl 

A?-THUTl WORTH UARfll&OH . 1905 

Delta Kappa Epsilon 

Founded 1 844, at Yale 


Crinison, JMuc and Gold. 
Fraternity Journal: The Delta Kappa Epsilon Quarterly. 

Roll of Active Chapters 

Phi. Yale Inivensitv, 1S44 

Theta. Bowdciin College, 1844 

Xi, Colby University. 1845 

Sigina, College, 1846 

Gamma, X'anderbilt University, 1846 

Psi, Univensity of Alabama, 1847 

Upsilon, Hrown University, 18.50 

Chi, University of Mississippi, 1850 

Beta, University of North Carolina, 1851 

Eta, University of Virginia, 1852 

Kap])a, Miami University, 1852 
J>anil)da, Kenvon College. 1852 
Pi, Dartmouth College," 18.5.3 
Iota, Central Universitv of Kentuckv, 

Aljiha Alpha, Middlebury College, 1854 
( >mifron, I'niversity of Michigan, 1855 
l'43silon. Williams College, 1855 
Rho, Lafayette College. 18.55 
Tau. Hamilton College, 1856 
Mu, Colgate Universitv, 1856 

Nu, College of the City of New York, 1856 

Beta Phi, University of Rochester, 1856 

Phi Chi, Rutgers College, 1856 

Psi Phi, De Pauw University, 1866 

Gamma Phi, Wesleyan University, 1867 

Psi Omega, Rensselaer Polvtechnic Institute, 1867 

Beta Chi, Adelbert College! 1868 

Delta Chi, Cornell University, 1870 

Delta Delta, Chicago University, 1876 

Phi Gamma, Syracuse University, 1871 


Gamma Beta, Columbia College, 1874 
Theta Zeta, University of California, 1S76 
Alpha Chi, Trinity College, 1879 
Phi Epsilon, Universit^■ of Minnesota, 

Sigma Tail, Massachusetts Institute 
of Technology, 1890 

Tau Lambda, Tulane University, 1899 
Alpha Phi, University of Toronto, 1900 
Delta Kappa, University of Pennsyl- 
vania, 1900 
Tau Alpha, McGill University, 1901 
Sigma Rho, Leiand Stanford Universitv, 

Alumni Associations 

Delta Ka])pa I'^jjsilon Clul) of New York City 

Delta Kapjsa I<]psilon Association of New England 

The Northwestern Association of Delta Kap])a Ejjsilon 
Delta Kappa Ep.silon Association of Detroit 

Delta Kappa Epsilon Association of the Pacific Coast 
Delta Kappa Ep.silon Association of Washington 
Delta Kappa Epsilon Association of Rhode Island 
Delta Kappa Epsilon Association of Buffalo 

Delta Kappa Epsilon Association of Kentucky 
Delta Kappa Epsilon Association of Cleveland 
Delta Kappa Epsilon Club of the Northwest 

Eastern New York Association of Delta Kajjpa 
Delta Kappa Epsilon Club of Rochester 

Delta Kappa Epsilon Club of Connecticut 

Missis.sippi Valley Alumni Association of Delta Ka])pa p]psilon 
Chattanooga Southern Association of Delta Kappa Epsilon 
Western Michigan Association of Delta Kappa Epsilon 
Harvard Association of Delta Kappa Epsilon 

Delta Kappa Epsilon Association of Central New ^'ork 
Indiana Delta Kappa Ep.silon 

Mountain Association of Delta Kappa Ep.silon 

Western Massachusetts Delta Kappa Epsilon Alumni'tion 
Wisconsin Alumni Association of Delta Kappa Epsilon 
Delta Kappa Epsilon Association of Central Tennessee 

Delta Kappa Epsilon 

Beta Chapter 

Established 1851 

Frater in Urbe 

Edavari) Warrkx .Mykrs, A.B., 1895. 

Fratres in Facilitate 

Fraxcis Prestox \'kxakle Ph.D., I'resitlentof the I'niversity, 

Charles Baskerville, Ph.D., Professor of Chemistry. 

Palmer Coish, Instniotor in Modem Languages. 

Fratres in Universitate 

Post (jraduate 
JoHX Christdph Blucher Ehrixghaus, Metrah Makely, ,Jr. 

Class ot T902 
Brkxt Skixxek Draxe. 

Class of 1 9oji 


Joseph Buxx Ramsey. 

Class of 1904 

FLEfiTwooD Hunt Westfeldt, ^^■ILEIAM Duxx, Jr.. 

George C!illett Thomas, Jr. 

Wiley Croom Rodmax, Stephex Arn'old Douglas, 

George Lumpkix Cuxxixgham, Fraxk Marion Wooten. 

Joseph Hurrard Sauxders. 

Beta Theta Pi 

Eta Beta Chapter 

Founded in 1S52, as Star of the South Seven Fraternity; Consolidated 
with Beta Theta Pi, 1889 

Prater in Urbe 

Rev. William H. Meade. D.U. 

Frater in Facultate 

Alvix Sawyer Wheeler. 

Active Members 

James Alfred Gwvx. William Wa.shington Hyams. 

Francis Asburv Gudger. 

Arthur Thomas Pritchard, Henry Hill Harrison. 

Charles Ernest Gallaway'. 

Herbert Irwin. 

Class of 1903 
James Jackson Nichols, Gaston Gilbert Gallawav. 

Class of 1904 

Jere Ellis Cocke, Lawrence Hacghton Jones, 

George Somersville Deal. 

Beta Theta Pi 

Founded at Miami College, 1839 

Chapter Roll 

Eta. Harvard 
Upsilon, Boston 
Beta Iota. Amherst 
Nil Epsilon. Wesley an 
Beta Sigma. Bowdoin 
Beta Delta, Cornell 
Beta Zeta. St. Lawrence 
Xii. Union 
Beta Eta. Syraeiise 
Ali)ha Sipna. Dickinson 
Phi, Pennsylvania 
Beta Chi. Lehigh 
Eta Beta. North Carolina 
Phi Alpha, Davidson 
Beta Beta, Missis-sippi 
Beta (Jmicron. Texas 
Beta Xn, Cincinnati 
Beta Kai)pa. ( )hio 
Psi, Bethany 
Alpha ]'2ta, Deni.son 
Beta Alpha, Kenyon 
Beta I'si. West X'irginia 
Pi, Indiana 
Iota, Hanover 
Alpha Xi. Knox 

Kappa, Brown 

Beta Eta, Maine 

Alpha Omega. Dartmouth 

Phi Chi. Yale 

Beta Gamma, Rutgers 

Sigma, Stevens 

Beta Theta. Colgate 

Al|)ha Al]iha. Coliunbia 

( lamnia. Washington-Jefferson 

Alpha Chi. .Johns Hopkins 

Alpha I'psilon. Pennsylvania State 

Zeta. Haniiiden-Siilni'v 
(Jniicron, \'irginia 
Eta. Centre 

Beta Laniinla. Xaiiderliilt 
Alpha, Miami 
Beta, Western Reserve 
Theta, Ohio Wesleyan 
Alpha Clamma. Wittenburg 
Alpha Lamhda. Wooster 
Theta Delta. Ohio State 
Delta, De Pauw 
Tau, Wabash 
Lanitxla. Michigan 

Alpha Beta, Iowa Chi, Beloit 

Alpha F-psilon, Iowa Wesleyaii Laiiilida Rho, Chicago 

Kho, Xortli "Western Aljjha Pi, Wisconsin 

Alpha Delta, 'Westnunster Beta Pi, Minnesota 

Alpha Zeta, Denver Alpha Xu, Kansas 

Zeta Phi, Mi.ssouri Alpha Tau, Nebraska 

Omega, California lieta Tau, Coloradi) 

Alpha Iota, Washington Lambda Sigma, Leland Stanford 

Beta Omega, Washington State Alpha Xu, Stanford 

Alumni C'-hapters 

Akron. O. Aslieville. X. C. Boston, 

Charleston. W. Va. Chicag.i. 111. New York City. 

Cincinnati. (). Cleveland. O. Cohuulnis. (). 

Denver. Culo. Gale.sburg. 111. Hamilton. O. 

Indiana])olis, Ind. Kansas Citw .Mo. Los Angeles. Cal. 

Memphis. Tenn. ]\Iiami Count\-. O. Milwaukee. Wis. 

Minneapolis. Mimi. Xashvillc. Tenn. Philad(>lphia. I'a. 

Pittsburg. Pa. Portland, Me. Provi<lence. ]{. I. 

St. Louis, Mo. San Antonio, Texas. San Francisco, Cal. 

Sioux City, la. Springfielil. ( ). Syracuse, X. Y. 

Terre Haute, Ind. Toledo, O. Washington. D. C. 

Wheeling, W. \'a. Zanesville. (). 


Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

Founded at the University ot Alabama, in 1856 

Colors Publications 

(Jld (Idlil ami I'ur]ile. The Record anil Phi Alpha (Secret). 

Province Alpha 

I'niversity of Maine (Maine Alpha), Orona, Maine. 
Boston University (Massachusetts Beta-Upsilon), Boston, 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Massachu.setts lota-Tau), Boston, Mass. 
Harvard University (Massachusetts Gamma), Cambridge, Mass. 
AVorccster Pol^'technic Institute (Massachusestt Delta), Worcester, 

Province Beta 

Cornell Univer.sity (New York .\lpha), Ithaca, N. Y. 

Columbia University (New York Mu), New York, X. Y. 

St. Stephen's College (New York Sigma-Phi). Annandale-on-Hudson, X. Y. 

.\lleghenv College (Pennsvlvania Omega), Meadville, Pa. 

Dickinsoii College (Pennsvlvania Sigma-Phi), Carlisle, Pa. 

I'ciiiisyh'ania State College (Pennsylvania Alpha Zeta), State College. Pa. 

Hucknell University (Pennsylvania Zeta), Lewisburg, Pa. 

Gettysburg College (Pennsylvania Delta), Gettysburg, Pa. 

University of Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania Theta), Philadel])hia, Pa. 

Province Gamma 

University of A'irginia (\"irginia ()niicron), Charlottesville. \'a. 
Washington and Lee University (\'irginia Sigma), Lexington, \'a. 
Univer.sity of Xorth Carolina (.\orth Carolina Xi), Chapel Hill, X. C. 
Davidson College (Xorth Carolina Theta), Davidson College. X. C. 
Wofford College (South Carolina Gamma), Spartanburg, S. C. 
University of Georgia, (Georgia lieta), Athens, Ga. 
Mercer University (Georgia Psi), Macon, Ga. 
I'juory College (Georgia Epsilon), Oxford, Cia. 
Georgia School of Technology (Georgia Phi), .\tlanta. Ga. 

Province Delta 

University of Michigan (Michigan Iota-Beta), Ann .-^rlior, Mich. 
.•\drian College (Michigan Alpha), Adrian, Mich. 
Mt. Union College (Ohio Sigma), Alliance, ( )hio. 
Ohio Wesleyan University (Ohio Delta), Delaware. Ohio. 
University of Cincinnati (Ohio Hpsilon), Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Ohio State University (Ohio Theta), Columbus, t)hio. 
Franklin College (Indiana Alpha), Franklin, Indiana. 
Purdue University (Indiana Beta), Lafayette, Indiana. 
Northwestern University (Illinois Psi-Omega), Kvanston, 111. 
University of Illinois (Illinois Beta), Urhana. 111. 

Province Epsilon 

Central University (Kentucky Kappa), Richmond. Ky. 
Bethel College (Kentucky Iota), Russellville, Ky. 
Kentucky State College (Kentucky Kp.silon). Lexington, Ky. 
Southwestern Presbyterian University (Tennes.see Zeta), Clarksville. Tenn. 
Cumberland University (Tennes-see Lambda), Lebanon. Tenn. 
Vanderbilt L'niversity (Tennessee Nu), Nash\'ille, Tenn. 
L'niversity of Tennessee (Tennes.see Kappa), Knoxville, Tenn. 
University of the South (Tennessee Omega), Sewanee, Tenn. 
Southwestern Baptist University (Tennessee Eta), Jackson. Tenn. 
University of Alabama (Alabama Mu), Univer.sity, Ala. 
Southern L'niversity (Alabama Iota). Greensboro. Ala. 
Alabama Polytechnic Institute (Alabama Alpha-Mu). Auburn. .\la. 

Province Zeta 

Lniversity of Mi.ssouri (Mi.ssouri Alpha). Columbia. ^lo. 
Washington University (Missouri Beta). St. Louis, Mo. 
University of Nebraska (Nebraska Lamlxla), Lincoln, Xeb. 
University of ( Alpha-l'p.silon), Fayctteville, .Ark. 

Province Eta 

University f)f Colorado (Colorado Clii). Boulder, Col. 

Denver L'mversity (Colorado Zeta), I)en\er, Col. 

Leland Stanford. Jr., University (California Alpha), Palo .Alto, Cal. 

University of California (California Beta), Berkeley, Cal. 

Province Theta 

Louisiana State University (Louisiana l^isilon). Baton Rouge, La. 
Tulane University (Loui.'^iana Tau-U]isilon). New Orleans. La. 
Univer.sity of Mississippi (Mississi])pi Oamnia), University, 
University of Texas (Texas Rho). .Austin. Texas. 

Alumni Associations 

Atlanta, Ga., 
AlUance, Ohio., 
Chattanooga, Tenn. 
Greenville, S. C. 
Cleveland, Oliio., 
Birmingham. Ala., 
Louisville. Kv.. 

New ^'ork City. 
Augusta, Ga., 
Cincinnati, Ohio. 
Jack.son, Miss., 
Knoxville, Temi., 
New Orleans, La.. 
San Franci.sco. Cal. 
Denver, Col.. 
Macon, C!a., 

Pittsl)urg. Pa., 
Savannah. Ga., 
Chicago, 111., City, Mo., 
Detroit, Mich.. 
Washington, D. C. 
St. Louis. Mo., 
Wilmington, N. C. 

North Carolina Xi Chapter 

Sigma Alpha Epsilon 

Established, 1857; Suspended, 1S62 ; Reestablished, 1886 

Fratres in Facilitate 

F.DWARD \'i;rx()\ Hi i\\ 1:1,1,. Ph.G.. AAi.. 

J-^DWARD Kidder Graham, 1'h.B., '08. 

Clarence Albert Shore, IIS.. '01. 

Fratres in Universitate 


Jame.s Philips Henx. K.S.. '99, 

Euex Alexander, .Jr.. .\,H.. '01. 
Sameei. Laxair Strincfield, 

Class of 1902 


Fred Hexrv Le.mlv. 

R EST( )X Stevexs( I.X, 

Class of 190;; 

(Jraham Harris Axdrews. \\'ii.lis ( ) iter Heard. 

Greex Ram.sey Berkeley. Bartholomew Fuller Huske, 

Curtis Ashley Byxum. ,Iohx Hexry McAdex, Jr.. 

MiLTox Calder, James Battle Thorp. 

Wilijam .Ioxes Gordox, Ja.mes Samuel Whitehead, 

Class of 1904 

Tho.mas Settle Beall, (!raham Kexax, 

Addisox Gorgas Brexizer, Theodore Davidsox Morrisox, 

Albert Lymax Cox, Harry Skixxer, Jr,, 

Fred ^Ioir Haxes, Juliax Hamiltox Taliaferro. 

Summer Session 
Ar(^hibald Currie. 

Zeta Psi 

Founded in 1846 at the University of the City of New York 



Roll of Active Chapters 

I'hi, riiiv('rsit>" of Cit\- of New ^Drk. 

Zeta. Williams College, Williamstown, Massachusetts. 

Delta, Rutgers College, New Brunswick. New Jersey. 

Sigma, University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia. 

Chi, Coll)\- rni\-<'r.sity, Waterville, Maine. 

Ep.siIon. Brown I'mversity, Providence, Rhode Island. 

Kappa. Tufts College. College Hill. Mass. 

Tan. Lafayette, ]']aston, Penn. 

rpsilon. I'niver.'^ity (}f North Carolina. Chapel Hill. N. C. 

Xi. I'niversity of Michigan. Ann Arbor. Michigan. 

Lambda. Bowdoin College. Brun.swick. Maine. 

Beta. University of Mrginia, Charlottes\-ille. \'a. 

Psi. Cornell Univer.sity. Ithaca. N. Y. 

Iota, L'niversity of Cahfornia, Berkeley, Cal. 

Theta Xi, University of Toronto, Toronto, (Jntai'io. 

Alpha, Columbia College. New York City. 

Alpha Psi, McGill University, Montreal, Quebec. 

Nu, Case School of AppUed Sciences. Cleveland. Ohio. 

Eta, Yale University. New Haven. Connecticut. 

Mu. Leland Stanford I'niver.sity. Palo Alto. California. 

Alpha Beta. University of Minnesota. Minneapolis, Minn. 

Alumni Associations 

Central Asscciatidii of Zeta 8 Wot 20th Street. New ^'ork City. 
Pacific A.ssociatioii of Zeta 310 Pine Street. San Francisco. Cal. 
Northwestern As.sociation of Zeta, 306 Opera House Block, Chicajic 
Capital Association of Zeta Psi. 8 Iowa Circle. Washington. 1). C. 

Philadelphia Association of Zeta Psi. 2)07 Walnut Street. PJiiladelpliia. 

Upsilon Chapter 

Kstablished 1858. Suspended 1868. Reorganized 1885 

Chapter Color 


Frater in Facilitate 

Chari,i;s Staples Mamiiai. I'li.l-!.. M.l ). 

Class of 1901 
Phii.ii' Haij. lirsiiKK, Aldicrt S.mkdks R(jot. 

Class of 1902 
ALiiERT .Marvin Carr. J(>^^l■;l>H Hlouxt Chkshirk. Jr.. 

IvKY Forkmax Lkwis, Quextin Crecory. 

Class of 190'] 

Wjlliam Frederick Carr, Ja.mes J.athkdp Moreheau, 
Henry (Iray Tirxer. Thomas Lexoir Gwyx. 

Whefee Hill Welb. Alfred Williams Haywood. 

Lnns Craves,: ];arle Pendleton Holt. 

Class of 1904 

Marshall Conn Staton, .Iames Horner Winston, 

Alexander FIamii.ton .Tones. Fletchpir Harrison Gregory, 

\\'lLLIAM HoI'TdX SMriH. 


Alpha Tau Omega 

Chapter Roll 

Province I : Alabama and Georgia 

Alabama Alpha Iqisilon, A. and M. College, Auburn. 
Alabama Beta Beta, Southern University, GreenslK^ro. 
Alabama Beta Delta, Uni\ ersity of Alabama, Tuskaloosa. 
CJeorgia Alpha Beta, University of Georgia, Athens. 
Georgia Alpha Theta, Emory College, Oxford. 
Georgia Al])ha Zeta, Mercer Univer.sity, Macon. 
Georgia Beta Iota, School of Technology, Atlanta. 

Province II: California, Colorado, Louisiana and Texas 

California Gannna Iota, University of California, Berkeley. 
Colorado Gamma Lambda, University of Colorado, Boulder. 
Louisiana Beta Ep.silon, Tulane University, New Orlean.s. 
Te.xas Ganuna Eta, I'nivcrsity of Texas, Austin. 

Province III: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Nebraska 

Illinois Gamma Zeta, University of Illinois, Champaign. 
Indiana Gamma (ianuna. Polytechnic Institute. Terre Haute. 
Michigan Alpha Mu, Adrian College, Adrian. 
Michigan Beta Kajjpa, Hillsdale College, Hillsdale. 
Michigan Beta Omicron, Albion College, Albion. 
Nebraska Gamma Theta, I'niversity of Nebraska. Lincoln. Alpha Beta, I'niversity of Kansas. Lawrence. 

Province IV: Maine, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and \'ermont. 

Maine Beta Up.silon, Univer.sity of Maine, Orono. 

Maine Gamma Alpha, Colby College, Watcrville. 

Massachusetts Gamma Beta, Tufts Ciill(>g(\ 

Rhode Island Ganmia Delta, Brown Uiiivcrsit}-, Pro\idence. 

A'erniont Beta Zeta. Uni\('i-sit\- of \'ci-iiiont, liurliiiuton. 

Province V: New York and Pennsylvania 

New York Alpha Oiiiicron, St. Lawrence University, Canton. 
Xew York Alpha Lamhila, Columbia University, Xew York. 
Xew York Beta Theta. Cornell University, Ithaca. 
Penn.sxlvania Alpha Iota. ^luhlenberg College. Allentown. 
Pennsylvania Alpha Upsilon. Penn.sylvania College. Gettysburg. 
Penn.sylvania Alpha Pi, W. A* J. College, Washington. 
Penn.><ylvania Tau. University of Penn.sylvania. Philadelphia. 

Province VI : North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia 

North Carolina Alpha Delta. University of North Carolina. Chapel Hill 
North Carolina Xi. Trinity College. Durham. 
South Carolina Beta Ni. College of Charleston. 
\"irginia Delta, University of \'irginia, Charlottesville. 

Province \"II: Ohio 

( >hio Alpha Nu. ]\It. Union College. Alliance. 

Ohio Alpha Psi. Wittenberg College. Springfield. 

Ohio Beta l^ta, Wesleyan University-, Delaware. 

( )hio Beta Mil, Wooster University, Wooster. 

( )hio Beta ( )niega. State University. Columbus. 

( )hio (lanima Kapjia, Western Reserve University. Cleveland. 

Province VI II : Tennessee 

Tenne.ssee Alpha Tau, S. W. Pres. University. Clarksville. 
Tennessee Beta Pi. \'aiiderliilt University, Nashville. 
Tennessee Beta Tan, S. W. Bajjtist University, Jackson. 
Tennessee Lambda, Cumberland College, Lebanon. 
Teiniessee Omega, University of the South, Sewanee. 
Tennes.see Pi, Universitv of Tennes.'iee. Kno.wille. 

City and State Alumni Associations 

Allent<iwn .\lnnini .\ssociation. .\o. !l South .5th St., .\llento\vn. Pa. 

Augusta Ahiiniii .Association. .Augusta. Ca. 

Birmingham .-Mumni Association. Montgomery-. Ala. 

Pxtston Alumni Association, Lexington. Mass. 

Chicago Alumni As.soeiation, Chicago, 111. 

Cle\eland Alumni As.soeiation. Cleveland. ( i. 

Dallas Alunuii A.ssociation, Dallas, Texas. 

Dayton Alumni .Association. Dayton. O. 

District of Columbia -Alumni A.ssociation. AVashington, D. C. 

fJeorgia Alumni A.ssociation, Atlanta, (la. 

Louisville Alumni A.s.sociation. Louisville, Ky. 

New York Alumni A.ssociation, 149 Broadway. New York City. 

Pittsburg Alumni A.s.sociation, Pittsburg, Pa. 

Tennessee .Alumni .Association. 229 North College Street, Nashville. 

Texas Alumni .Association, Dallas, Texas. 


Alpha Delta Chapter Alpha Tau Omega 

Kstablished 1879 

Colors Flower 

01(1 Cu .1. 1 aiK 1 Sky 15luc. White Tea Pxise. 

Fratres in Facilitate 

Thomas Ruffix. Joskph Hvdk Pratt. 

Fratres in Urbe 

R. S. McRak, .Iamks C. .M(1!ak. Jr. 

Fratres in Universitate 


f!i;()]!(iK Chadi!(UR\. 

Class of 1902 

Tud.MAs C. Worth. 

William F. Stafford. Hi;\rv P.. Siiorn'. Jr. 

Class of 1 903 

Prkstox Cr.MMixt;, Jr.. 
JoHX R. fliLKs. JU-RKi; H. Hriikiers. 


Edmuxd J. Pemi!i:rtox, Cliftox Pkarsox, 

Sevkrx C. Haich, Jonx H. Pkarsox, Jr. 


Kappa Alpha (Southern) 

Founded at Washington and Lee University, 1865. 


01(1 CuM anil Crini.'^oii. 


Kappa Alpha Journal anil Special Mcsst iii/cr (Seci'ot.) 

Roll of Active Chapters 

Al]iha, Washiii.utiin and Lee riiivci-sity, Lcxiiiiitini. ^■a. 

tiainiua, L'niversity of Georgia, Athens, (la. 

Delta, Wofford College, S])artanburg, S. C. 

l-^psilon, ]-jn(jry College, ()xforil, (!a. 

Zeta, Randoljih-Macon College. Asliland. \'a. 

]",ta. Richmond College. Riehinond, \a. 

Theta. Kentneky State College. Lexington, Ky. 

Ka]i]ia. Mereer Uniyersity, Macon, Cia. 

Lanil)da, University of Mrginia. Charlottesville. \'a. 

Xu, Polytechnic Institute. A. i\: M. College, Auburn. Ala. 

Xi. Southwestern l"ni\ersity. Ceorgeto\vii, Texa.s. 

(hnicron. University of Texas. Austin, Texas. 

Pi. Universit}- of Tennessee, Knoxville, Tenn. 

Sigma, Davidson College. Mecklenburg Count}-, X. C. 

Upsilon, University of Xortli Carolina, Chapel Hill, X. C, 

Phi, Southern University, Oi-eensijoi-o, Ala, 

Chi, Vanderbilt University. Xashville, Tenn. 

Psi. Tulaiic University, Xcw Orleans, La. 
( )niega. Centre C'lJleoe, Danville, Ky. 
Alpha-.AJpha. University of the South, Sewanee, Tenn. 
Alpha-Beta, I'niversity of Alaliania. University, Ala. 
Alpha-Gamma, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, La. 
Al])ha-r)elta, ^^■illiam Jewell College, Liljerty, Mo. 
Alpha-Kpsilon, S. W. P. University, Clarksville. Tenn, 
Alpha-Zeta, William and .Mary College, Williamsburg, Va, 
Alpha-IJa, We.stiiiin.ster College, Fulton, Mo, 
Aljiha-Theta, Kentneky Univei'sity, Lexington, Ky, 
Aljjha-Iota. Centenary College, Jaekson, La. 
Alpha-Kajipa. Missouri State University. Columbia. Mo. 
Alpha- Lambda, .lohns Plopkins University, Baltimore. Md. 
Alpha-.Mn, .Mill.saps College. Jaek.son, 
Alpha-Xn. Colnmbian Universit\', Washington, 1). C. 
.\lpha--\i. University of California, lierkeley. Cal. 
Alpha-( »microii. Univer.sity of, Fayetteville, .\rk. 
.\lpha-l'i. Lelaml Stanford, .Ji'.. University. Stanford University, P. ()., Cal 
Alpha-Rlio, University of West \'irginia, .Morganstown, W. \"a. 
Alpha-Sigma. Georgia School of Teehnology, Atlanta. Ga. 
Alpha-Tan. Ham])(len-Sidney College, Ham]3den-Sidne\-, \a. 
Al]3ha-Upsilon, Univei'sity of Mississip])i, Unix'ersity. Mississippi. 
-■M]dia-]*hi. Trinity College. Durham, X, C. 

Upsilon Chapter 

Kappa Alpha 

Fratres in Facilitate 

J. W, Cdui;. C.i:.. K. H. Whitehkad, M.D. 

Fratres in Universitate 

George A'erxon CmvPER, 

James Roscirs Mitcheel, 

]''d\VARD MaYII J,AM). 


Leone Blrxs Xew ele. 

Dan II) Archie Ik'EEUf k. 


Class of 1903 
James Wiley Horxer, 

]5i"RGEs Urqi-hart, .Jr., 

Fraxcis 8vl\'ester Hassele. 

Class of I 904 
Samuel Thomas Peace. ^^■ILLIAM I'li ard Jacocks. 

Lawrexce Shackleford Holt, 
"William ^It Kim ^Iarriott, Lloyd Raixey Huxt. 


Alumni Chapters 

.Xdi-I'olk, Va., Richmond, Va., New York Citv. 

Kak'ish, X. C. Macon. Ga., Mohik', Ala.. 

DaHa.'^. Tex.. Franklin, La.. Lexington. Kv., 

IVtensburf;-. \'a.. Talladega. Ala., St. I^oui.s. Mo., 

San Francisco, Cal., Alexandria, La., .Jackson, Miss., 

Atlanta. (\ii.. Hampton. Xewport Xcws. \'a.. Cliattanf)oga. Tcnn 

Montgonierv. Ala., Angu.sta. Ga., Stannton. \'a.. 

Jack.sonville, Fla., Meridian. Mis.s. 

State Associations 

Kappa Alpha State Association of Mis.souri.— C. T. Jackson. President: L D. 
Mullinax, Secretary and Treasnrer; G. M. Christian. Historian. 

Ka]i|)a Alpha State Association of Georgia— Julian B. McCurrv. President: P.. 
L. Crew, Mce-President ; W. G. Solomon, Secretary: G. 1). Blomit. Treasurer. 

Kappa Alpha State Association of Kentucky— R. C. Stoll. President: W. (). 
Sweeny. Mce-President : Xathan Elliott, Secretary; "William C. Smith. Treasurer. 

Kappa Alpha State Association of Alabama — J. A. Henderson, President: J. 
H. Skeggs. Nice- President : J. B. Farrior, Secretary. 

Kappa Alpha State Association of Xorth Carolina — H. A. Foushee, President: 
C. M. Cooke. Jr.. \ice- President : dc Roulhac Hamilton, Secretary; R. S. McGeachy. 

chapter Secretaries 

>4 W. J. Turner, Washington and Lee University, Lexington, \a. 
I' Ralph A. Graves, Kappa Alpha House, Universitv of Georgia. Athens, Ga. 
J A. E. Law, Kappa Alpha Cottage, Wofford College, Spartanburg. S. C. 
/^ Carlisle Hixtox Lewis, Emory College, Oxford, Ga. 

•^ R. K. Mortox, Kappa Alpha, Randolph-Macon College, Ashland, \'a. 
// .JoHX B. SwARTWouT, Richmond, ^'a. 
>-' Hugh Wood, Lexington, Ky. 
/' Boyd Morri.s, Mercer Univer.sity, Macon, Ga. 
^ A. S. BuFORD, .Jr., University of \'irgiiiia, Charlottesville, Va. 
-V W. W. Dixsmore, Kappa Alpha Alabama Polytechnic Institute. Au- 
burn, Alabama. 

- T. S. Barcus, Kajjpa Alpha House, Southwestern I'niver.sity, (ieorgetown, 

" A\'iLLis Keller. University Hall. Au.stiii. Tex. 
'' S. Bartow Strang, Univer.sit.v of Tennes.see, Knox\ille, Tenn. 

- H. A. Johnston, Davidson College, Davidson, N. C. 

I' ]). Archie Bulluck, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, N. C. 

'/' Robert E. Ses.sioxs, Kappa Alpha House, Southern Univer.sitv, Circen.s- 

boro. Ala. 
\ Taul B. Kern. KaiJi)a Alpha Hou.-^e. X'anderiiilt fniversity. Nashville, Tenn. 
'/ R. H. Plaisance, Jo.sephine and Brainard Street.s. New Orleans, La. 
i- < tRiE W. Long, Centre College, Danville, Ky. 
^-^ ^^'. K. \\'hkless. Ka])pa Alpha House. L'niversity of the South. Sewanee, 

^-/>' Henrv p. White, University of Albania, University, Ala. 
■^-^' Fred. Ratzburg, Kappa Alpha House, Louisiana State l'niversity. Baton 

Rouge, La. 
-UJ Charles Hughes, William .Jewell College. Liberty, Mo. 
^-l' Byron J^reard, Southwestern Presbyterian University, Clarksville, Tenn. 
A-/. ]■], Randolph Bird, College of William and Mary, Williamsburg, Va. 
■^-11 R. S. Branch, We.stminster College, Fulton, Mo. 
■Uw Matt. S. Walton, Jventucky University, I^exington, Ivy. 
U/ Charles A. Holcombe, Centenary College, .Jack.son, La. 
•U/i Carter Alexander, Mis.souri State University, Columliia. Mo. 
■U I J-;d\vin T. Dickerson. Kappa Alpha .Johns Hopkins Univer.sity, I^alti- 

more. Md. 

Phi Delta Theta 

Founded at Miami University, 1848 

Colors Publications 

Ardent and Azure. Scroll and I'lil/iulliiiii (8(>cret.) 




Alpha Province 

,AIainc Alpha, Colhy I'liivorsity. Watorville. Me. 

Xow Hampshire Alpha, Dartmouth CoIIcro. Hanover, X. H. 

Vermont Alpha, University of \'erniont, Jiurlinston, \i. 

-Ala.ssaehu.sett.s Alpha, Williams College, Williamstown, Mas.s. 

:\Iassacliiisctts Hcfa, Amherst College, Amherst, Mass. 

Khode I.sland Alpha, Hrown I'niver.sity, Providence, R. I. 

\ew York Alpha, Cornell Tnivensity, Jthaea, N. Y. 

New York Beta, Union College, Schenectady, N. Y. 

New York Delta, Columbia Uni\er.sity, New York, N. Y. 

New York I'^j^silon, Syi'acuse I'niver.sity,, N. Y. 

J'enn.sylvania Alpha, LafaA-ette College,' l-kston. Pa. 

JVnnsylvania Beta, I'emisylvania College, (ietty.sburg. Pa. 

Peim,sylvania Ganuna, W ashington and .Jefferson College, Washington, Pa. 

JVnnsylvania JJelta. Allegheny College. Meadville, I\i. 

JVimsylvania J^'psilon, Dickinson College. Carlisle, Pa. 

I'eiHi.sylvania Zeta, I 'niversity of Pennsylvania, I^hiladelphia, Pa. 

Pennsylvania F.ta. I.ehigh I'niversity, South IMhlehem, Pa. 

Beta Province 

Mrginia Beta, University of \irginia. Charlotte.sville, Va. 
\irginia (lannna. Randolph-Macon College, Ashland, \'a. 
\irginia Zeta, M'asliington and Lee Univei'sit\-. Ue.xington, \'a. 
North Carolina Beta. University of North Carolina, Chajx-l Hill, N. C. 
Iventucky Alpha, Centre College, Danville, Kv. 
Iventucky Delta, Central I'niversity, Richmond, Ivv. 
Tennessee Alpha. \'an(.lerbilt University, Nashville,' Teim. 
Tennessee lieta. University of the South, Sewanee. Tenn. 

Gamma Province 

Georgia Alpha, I'niver.sity of Georgia, Athens, Ga, 
(ieorgia Beta, lunory College, O.xforil, CJa. 
Georgia Ganuna, Mercer Universitv, Macon, Ga. 
Alabama Alpha, Univer.sity of Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Ala. 
-Alabama Beta, Alabama I'olvtechnic In.stitute, Auburn, Ala. 

Delta Province 

Ohio Alpha, Miami University. Uxfoi-d. ()hi(i. 

( )hio Beta. ( )hi() Wesleyan University, 1 Jelawarc ( )hi(i. 

Ohio Gamma. Ohio University, Athens, Ohio. 

Ohio Zeta, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio. 

Ohio Eta, Case School of Applietl Science, Clevelanil, ( >. 

t)hio Theta, I'niversity of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, ( )hio. 

Michigan Alpha, University of Michijfan, Ann Arbor, Mich. 

Epsilon Province 

IiKhana Alpha, Indiana Univer.sity, Bloomington, Ind. 
Indiana Beta, Wabash College, Crawfordsville, Ind. 
Indiana Oamma. Butler College. Irvington. Ind. 
Indiana Delta. Franklin College. Franklin. Ind. 
Indiana I'^psilon, Han(ner College, Hanover, Ind. 
Indiana Zeta. DePauw University, Grcencastle, Ind. 
Indiana Theta, Purdue I'niversity, Lafayette, Ind. 

Zeta Province 

Illinois Alplia. Northwestern Univer.sity. l^vanston. 111. 
Illinois Beta, Chicago University. Chicago. 111. 
Illinois Delta. Knox College. Galesburg, 111. 
Illinois Eta, University of Illinois, Champaign, 111. 
lUinois Zeta, Lombard College, Galesburg, 111. 
Wisconsin Alpha. University of' Wisconsin, Madison, Wis. 
Minnesota Alpha, I'niver.sity of Minnesota. Minneapolis. Minn. 
Iowa Aljiha, Iowa Wesleyan University. Mt. Pleasant. la. 
Iowa Beta. Uni\ersity of Iowa. Iowa City. la. 
Missouri .Xlpiia. University of Mi.'^souri, Columbia, .Mo. 
Missouri Beta, We.stminster College, I'ulton, Mo. 
Missouri Gamma, Washington I'niversity, St. Louis. .Mo. 
Kansas Alpha, University of Kansas, Lawrence, Kan. 
Nebraska Alpha. University of Nebraska, Lincoln, Neb. 

Eta Province 

Louisiana Alpha, Tulane University, New Orleans, La. 

Texas Beta. University of Texas, Austin, Tex. 

Texas Gamma, Southwe.stern University. Georgetown. Tex. 

Theta Province 

California Aljjha, University of California. Berkeley. Cal. 
California Beta. Leland Stanford. .Ir.. University. Menlo Park. Cal 
Washington Al])ha. Uni\-ersity of Washington. Seattle. Wash. 

N. C. Beta Chapter 

Organized 1885 

Frater in Urbe 


Frater in l^'acultate 

William Staxlev Bernard. 

Class of 1903 

Hugh Hammond Bexxett. William Fraxk Smatheus. 

HiuERT Havmdnd Weller. 

Class of 1904 
Felix Thomas Hkkersox, Charlie James, 

William Hexrv Lee, Pail W. Vklvehtox. 


luCIOXI-: 15rii\\ NLKE. 

Jdhx Doxxellv. James F.eaii Wvatt. 

WaLTIOH \\'(inTKX CfirxciL. 

Fraxk Bvaru Short. 

Sigma Nu. 

Founded at the Virginia Military Institute in 1869 

Colors Flower Journal 

Gold. Black anil White. White Rose. Delta. 

Chapter Roll 

First Division 

lieta, 1870, I'niversity of \'irgiiiia, Charhittef^villc. \'a. 
]:p.siloii, 1883, Bethany College, Bethany, W. Va. 
Lambda, 1882, Washington and Lee University. Lexingtcm, \a. 
Psi. 1888. I'niversity of North Carolina, Chapel Hill. X. C. 
Beta Tau, 1895, North Carolina A. and M., Raleigh. X. C. 

Second Division 

Tiu'ta, 1S74. I'nix-er.sity of Alabama, Tuscaloosa. Ala. 

I |)sil(in. LSSt). University of Texas, Austin, Texas. 

Phi. 1887. Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge. La. 

Beta Theta. 1890. Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical. .\ui)urn. Ala. 

Beta Phi. 1888. Tulane University. Xew Orleans, La. 

Third Division 

Sigma, 1886, Vanderbilt University, Xashville, Teiin. 
Omicron. 1884. Bethel College. Ru,ssellville. Ky. 
Zeta. 188.3. Central University. Richmond. Ky. 

Fourth Division 

Xn, 1884. University of Kansas. Lawrence. Kan. 

Rho. 1886. Mis.souri State University, Columbia, Mo. 

Beta Mu, 1893. State l'niver.sity of Iowa. lowa^City. Iowa. 

Beta Lambda. Central College. Fayette. Mo. 

Beta Xi, 1894. William .lewell College. Liberty. Mo. 

Gamma Va-a. Colorado .S'hool df Mines, Gcilden, Col. 

Fifth Division 

Pi, 1884, Lehigh rnivcrsity, South Bethlehem, Pa. 
]k>ta Sigma, 1898, Univer.sity of N'ermont, Btirlington, Vt. 
Gamma Delta, 1900, Stevens Institute of Technology, Hoboken, N. J. 
(iamma l^psilon. La Fayette College, East on. Pa. 

Sixth Division 

(iannna Alpha, 1896, Georgia School of Technology Atlanta, Ga. 

lOta, 1884, Mercer University, Macon, Ga. 

Kap])a, 1881, North Georgia A. and M., Dahlonega, Ga. 

Mu, 1873, L'niversity of Georgia, Athens, Ga. 

Xi, 1884, Emory College, Oxford, Ga. 

Seventh Division 

Beta Beta, 1890, DePauw l'niversity, Greencastle, Ind. 

Beta Eta. 1892, L'niversity of Indiana, Bloomington, Ind. 

lieta Zeta, 1891, Purdue L'niversity, Lafayette, Ind. 

Beta Iota, 1892, Mt . L'nion College, Alliance, ( ). 

Beta Nu, 1891, Ohio State University, Columlms, ( ». 

lieta L'psilon, 1895, Rose Polytechnic Institute, Terre Haute, Ind. 

Gamma Beta, Northwestern L'niversity, L^vanston, 111. 

Ganuna Gannna, 1895, Albion College, Albion, Mich. 

Delta Thota. 1891, Lonil)ard Lnivcrsitv, Galesburg, 111. 

Eighth Division 

Beta Chi, 1891, Leland Stanford. Jr., University, Palo Alto, 
Beta Psi. 1892, L'niver.sity of California, Berkeley, Cal. 
Ciamma Chi, 1896, l'niversity of Washington, Seattle, 'Wash 
Gamma Zeta, 1900, University of Oregon, Eugene, ()regon. 


Psi Chapter of Sigma Nu 

Alkxander. Kmory (Iraham. 

Bass. Spexcer Pippex, 

Brem. Tod Rokix. 

Byrxes. Charles Metcalfe, 

Clemext. Edward Biehler. 

Clemext. Havdex. 

DuFFV. Richard Xixdx, 

CIeorge. John' Fraxcis, 

Gilmer, Joseph Brauxer. 

Graham. George Washixgton. .Jr.. 

Hexdersox. .IdHx Steele. Jr.. 

Hendersox. Archibald. 
KuTTZ. Whitehead. 
Lamb, Wilsox Gray, Jr., 
Latta. Albert Whitehead, 
LoXG. Jacob Im.mer. 
McKessox, Louis W\\ltox, 
MacXider, George St. Clair. 
MacXider. William deBerxiere, 
Murphy, William Ale.xander, 
RouxTREE. Jack Robert, 
Stevexsox. William Hollister. 

Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity 

Founded at the University of Virginia March ist 1868. 

Colors Publication 

old (iold aii;l (iariiPt. Shii'hl mid lUmiumd. 

Active Chapters 

Alpha. University of Mrginia, Charlottesville, \ a. 

Beta. Davidsciii Cdllose. David.son. X. C. 

(ianinia, William and Mary College, Williamsbin'p;, N'a. 

Zeta, University of Tenne.ssee, Knoxville, Tenn. 

Theta, S. W. P. University, Clarksville. Tenn. 

Iota, Hanipden-Sidney College, Hanipden-Sidney, Va. 

Kappa, Kentucky University, Lexington, Ky. 

Mu, Presbyterian College, Clinton, S. C. 

Nu, Wofford College, Spartanburg, S. C. 

Oniicron, Richmond College. Richmond, ^ a. 

Pi. Washington and Lee. Lexington, ^'a. 

Rho. Cumberland University, Lebanon, Tenn. 

Sigma. \'anderbilt University. Nashville, Teim. 

Tau, University of X. C, Chapel Hill, X. C. 

Upsilon, Alabama Polytechnic Institute, Aul)urn, Ala. 

Phi, Roanoke College, Salem, \'a. 

Chi, I"niversity of South, Sewanee, Tenn., Georgia Agricultural College, Dahlonega, (!a. 

Omega. Kentuck>- State College, Lexington, Ky. 

Alpha-Al|)ha, Trinity College. l!urham. X. C. 

Alumni Chapters 

Alumnus Alplia, 
Alumnus Beta, 
Alumnus Gannua. 
Alumnus Delta, 
Almiinus Epsilon, 
Ahnniuis Zcta, 
Alumnus Eta, 
Alumnus Theta, 
Alumnus Iota, 

Richmond, Va. 

Mem-phis. Tom. 

White Sulphur Spriuy.'i. ITr.s/ Va. 

Charleston, N, C. 

Norfolk. Va. 

Dillon. S. C. 

.\t}v Orliaus. l.o. 

Dallds. VVav/.s-. 

Knoxriile. 'Jinn. 

Tau Chapter 

Established at University of North Carolina 189- 

Fratres in Universitate 

Class ot" 1904 
■Iamks Prkstox Irwix. Axdrkw Jacksox Mciork. 

Erxicst Fraxki.ix Hi)iiAXX(ix, BrRTiix-Hd'i i.K .Smith, 

N'iRdIL A. J. luoL. 


(Ikoruk Si'kars Hkvxoi.ds. 

.Iame.s Whartux (In.K k. Jr.. Thdmas Fu)vd Rhodes. 


Class ot 1 90^5 

Oswald Ottmar Kaff.r, Alphevs "Wood Disosway, 

Hamxkr Carsox Irwix. 

Class ot 1902 
Xathaxiei. Aeexaxdkr Orr, Charles C'ollixs ( )rr. 

Members of Other Fraternities 

Not having Chapters at the University of Xorth Carohua. 

Kappa Sigma 
Charles Graxdison Edse, Law. 

Sigma Chi 
Thatidets AVixfiei.i) J(im;s. I, aw. 

Zbc Xiterar^ Societies 

The Philanthropic Literary Society 


Mrtuc, Liberty, anil Science. 

JHl''. doors of the rnivensity were fonnall>' opened for the admission of 
students on the r2th day of February, 1795. On Aiio;ust 1st of the 
same year was formed the Concord Society, a division of the Debat- 
inji Society, formed three weeks before that date. Just a year 
later, ahiiost at the same time, the names of the two Societies 
were changed: the Debating Society became the Dialectic, and 
the Concord, the Philanthropic, For a while, it was allowable to 
lie a member of both societies; Hinton James, of Xew Hanover, 
the Hrst student enrolled at the Univer.sity. was one of these; when duplicate 
membership was forbitlden, he elected the Philanthroiiic. 

The first meeting of the Concord Society was held August 10. 1711.5. The 
Societ}- thus originaterl continued its regular weekly meetings until 1868, when it 
was suspended during the dark days of the University. Immediately upon the 
re-opening of the University in 1875, it resume 1 its meetings, and has ever continued 
to increase in ardor an I zeal. 

Since their Ijeginning, the two Societies have lei almost parallel existences, and 
the\- ha\e ever been essential factors in the University's hfe. For many years, while 
membership of one or the other of them was compulsory for all stuilcnts, the moral 
government of the University was put entirely into their hands. Probably in no Col- 
lege's history is there a similar case, where so much confidence and authority has been 
given to the student l)ody b>- the faculty. This system, though not from its failure to 
succeed in every way, has in recent years been (.liscontinued, and membership in the 
Societies is no longer compulsory-. 

This makes conditions, as is readily seen, decidedly more to the advantage of 
the societies. The memberiship is now confined to students who have a desire to 
take advantage of the opportunities afforded by the Societies 'for the development 
of literary and oratorical ability and the cultivation of friendship. 

The record of the Philanthropic Society is a proud one. The walls of her beauti- 
ful iiall are covered with fine ]iortraits of her sons who have made their names famous. 
Here the faces of many who have been of weight in the Senate halls of their State 
and of their country, leaders in the church, in the legal profession, in industry, leaders 
in every walk of life, look down upon the visitor. The influences which developed 
these great men are still at work, and are probably stronger toda>- than ever before. 
Never before has such appreciation been shown for the achievements of our inter- 
collegiate debaters, and never before has there been such earnest rivalry for the 
honor of representing the Society and the I'niversity in the debates. It is a 
significant fact that the number of contestants for these appointments tluring the 
past year was but little less than twice as great as in any previous contests. 

'The outlook is bright. There is no doul)t but that the Philanthropic Society 
is continuing, and will continue to send forth from her halls sons whose works will 
honor her, their Univer.sitv, and their State. 

Philanthropic Literary Society 

Abernethy, CO. .... Chapil Hill. 

Adams, T. A., . . • • ■ ■ t'^ >"'■!' • 

Iiiter-Sodfty Debater (1): Vaiidcrbilt l)el)atcr (4) 

Archer, F., 
Aycock, r. B., 
All.\rd, H. a., 
B.\LL.\RD. D. C, . 

Best, B. S., 
B.^lss, S. p.. 
Be.\r. Moses, 
BrjsT, B. S., 
Boxner, K. p. B.. 
Bl.\ckwell, R. C, 
Boone, S. B., 
BUSBEE, P. H., . 
Brooks, B. T'., 
Brooks, 15. A., 

l^URGESS, J. L., 

Cook, M. E., 
Cobb, J. \'., 
CoiTXfiL, ]v A., 
Cox, A. L., 
Cox. .1. H., 

COOI.KV, .J. P.. 

C; -MMixi:, P.. Jr., 

]).\MEROX, ]0. S. W., 

]).\XIELS, V. C. 

Daxiel, E. A..Jr., 
Drank, B. S., 

Duxx, W., Jr., 
Duncan, J. F., 
Duffy, R. N., 

l^HRIXCHAUS. .1. C. ]-5. 

Eagles, W. W.. 
Everett, K. ()., 

Editor Yackioty Wkck (3). 

I,il)rar\- .\ssistaiit. 

Inter-Society Debater (1 ; 

Inter-Society Deliater (2). 

litor-in-Cliief ^'aikkt\ ^'A('K (3). 

Busines.s Manager Maydiiiic ('■]) 

Chapel Hill. 











N. C. 
X. C. 

N. C. 
N. C. 
X. C. 

X. C. 

X. r. 
X. c. 
X. c. 

X. c. 
X. c. 
X. c. 
X. c. 
X. c. 
X. c. 

Xatchez. .U/.s.s. 


Old Sparta, 





W ihnington. 




AV'fc Berne, 

Xew Bern. 
Eli!(d,eth Citt/. 


Conimencenient Debater (3) : I^litor Vackety Vack (2) 
I-;vERETT. J. J.. ...... I'idmi/ra 

Editor of Vackety Yack (4) : Editor <if Magazine (4) Inter-society 
Debater (3); Conimencenient Debater (3). 
Ferrell, J. a., . . . . . - Clinton 

X. C. 

X. c. 
X. c. 

X. c. 
X. c. 
s. c. 

X. c. 
X. c. 
X. c. 

X. c. 
X. c. 

X. c. 

X. c. 

X. c. 
X. c. 
X. c. 

X. c. 
X. c. 

X. c. 

X. C. 




X _ .,-J 



1 . 


im m 





(iRADV, A. W., 

Graham. W. A.. 
Gregory, Q., 

GoDwix. R. L.. 
Grant, L. C, 
Giles, J. R.. 
Hamblix, .1. K.. 
Harper, R. M., 

Library Assistant (4). 

Amjlr. N. C. 

Wairriituii. N. C. 

Halifax. N. C. 

Dunn, N. C. 

Wilmington, N. C. 

Wilmington, N. C. 

M(i(/noli(i, N. C. 

Kinston, N . C. 

. Intor-Society Debater (1): N'anderbilt Seruli Debater (2). 
Hassjoll, F. S., .... Williamston, N. C. 

Iiiter-Society (2): ComnuMicemont (.'■!): .Jdliiis Hopkins Scnili Debater (3). 
Ha-wes, E. a., Jr., ..... Atkinson, N.C. 

Herrim;, R. W. 

Herrixc, R. a. 
Hewitt, J. S.. 
HdOKs, W. ]•:., 
Horner, J. \V., 
HusKE. B. v.. 
Harrisox, a. W., 
Hicks, O. Y., 
Holtox, R. C, 
HowLE. E. B., 
Howard, J., 
Heide, S. S., . 
Jacock.s, W. p., 
James, Charlie, 
JuDi), Z. v., 

Jordan, S., 
Kenan, G., 
King, C. H., 
Latta, J. p].. 
Lamb, W. G., Jr. 
Lassiter, B. K.'. 
Lewis, I. ¥., 

Georgia Scrub Deljater (2) : (ieorgia Debater (3) 

Bland. N. C. 

Inter-Sofiety Debater (3). 

Wafer Valley. Mi.s.s. 

Norfolk, Va. 

Fremont. N. C. 

Oxford, N. C. 

Fayetteville, N. C. 

Plymouth, N . 'C. 

Goldshoro, N. C. 

Oh/nipia, N. C. 

Raleiijh, N. C. 

Kinston. N. C. 

Wilmington, N. C. 

Windsor, N. C. 

Greenrille, N. C. 

En no. N. C. 

Calda-ell Institute, N. C. 

Kenansnlle, N. C. 

GreemiUe, N. C. 

. Durham, N. C. 

Williamston, N. C. 

Oxford, N. C. 

Raleigh. N.C. 

Lewls, H. S 
McFadyex, H. C.R.; 

McKoY, W.M., 
McLeax, J. T., 
McLeax, a. M., 
McMuLLAX, Harry, 
McDonald, A. M., 
Mitchell, J. W,, 
Mallisox, W. T., 
Moore, A. J., 
Moss, E. G., 
Newton, S., 
Nichols, A. F. 
Noble, R. P.. 

Editor of Yackety Yack (3); Editor-in-Chief Magazine (4j. 

Georgia Scrub Deljater. 

Jackson, N. C. 
Cameron, N. C. 

Norrall, N. C. 

Dunn, N. C. 

Dunn, N. C. 

Edenton, N. C. 

LaGrange. N. C. 

Winton, N. C. 

Washington, N. C. 

Greenville, N. C. 

Fajelle, N. C. 

Xenia, N. C. 

Roxboro, N. C. 

Selma, .V. C. 

NiZELL, F. H., 

Noble, A. M., 
NoRMAX, J. R., 
Palmer, J., 
Peace, S. T., 
Pexder, S. T., 
Pearce, R. C, 
Peirce, T. B., Jr., 
Perry, R. W., 
Pembertox, E. J., 
Privi, M. S., 
RAM^iEY, J. B., 


Magaziiif Editor (3). 
Magazine Julitor (3). 

Goldsboro, N. 

Selma, N. 

Halifax, N. 

Halifax. N. 

Gulf, N. 

Oxford. N. 

Oxford. N. 

Fayeitcrille. N. 

Warsaw. N. 

Hartsrille, S. 

Faiicttrrille. N. 

Fai/titcviUc. N. 

Rocki/ Mount. X. 

Brooklyn. S. 1 


Ro.sE, Z. J., 

Sawyer, E. S., 
Sallexger, E. D., . 

Comnicnci'iiient Dcliatcr (?>). Minjtnitic VA 
SiMPtsox, E., 


Skixxer, J. J., 
Speiglet. J. P., 
Statox, M. C, 
Stephen*, H. P., ..... 

Ivlitdr Vacki;ty Vack (3). 
Stephen, M, T., . 
Stern, 1)., ...... 

Intcr-Socictv Dcliatcr (2). {!e(iro:ia Deb, 
.tdliiis Ildpkiiis Debater (4). 
Short, H. II. .Ir.. . . . 

.l/oya^Nfc Editor and ^■A(■KKTY \a(R Ivliti 
Inter-Society Debater (3). 
Washington's Birthday Orator (4). 
Taylor, G. F., . . . ." . 

TOMLINhlGX, J., ...... 

To^vxsEXD, N. A,, . 

Tysox, J. J., 

W.\RD, G. R., 

Walker, N. W., ..... 

Wade, J. S., 

Whitley, W. H., 

WlLSOX, ,]. K., . . . . . 

WiLsox, W. C, . 

Winston. J. H., 

Brookh/n. \. 

Fremont. N. 

Elizabeth City. N. 

Sans Souci. N. 

itor (3). 

Ro.'ieloir. N . 
(lark.'^ton. N. 
Hertford. N. 
Wondale. N. 
Tarhnro. .V. 
Goldsboro. \. 

. Ralciyh. .V. 
Scotland Neck. S . 
Iter (3). 

Lake Moceainan. .V. 
ir (4). 

Wright, L C, 
Wood, W. p., 

WlXSTED, H. W., 

Whitehurst, H., 
Williams, B. B., 
Yelverton, H., 

Inter-Society Debater (2). 

. Maiinolia. N . 

Wil.^on. N. 

Raynham, N. 

Greenville, N. 

Safe. N. 

Poplar Branch. N. 

Dunn. N. 

Panteyo, N. 

Elizabeth City, N. 

Wilson Mills, N. 

Durham. N. 

Cohort, N. 

Elizabeth City, N. 

Leashurq, N. 

New Bern, N. 

Ricigeway. N. 

Fremont. N. 

The Dialectic Society 



" Love III- \'iRTiK AM) S( 'I i:\cK." 

Tin; Dialectic Literary Society was founded in the year 1795 and 
fdi- over a century has been an integral part of the I'niversit}'. 
Since the inauguration i)f the first President the regular suc- 
cession has been niaintaineil. In 1868 when the University was 
about to pass into alien hands. Hon. Wm. H. Battle was chosen 
President and the other offices of the society were filled by other loyal alumni. 
These officers were in.structed to reorganize whenever the friends of the Univer- 
sity should again secure control. The reorganization took place at the reo])ening 
of the University in 1S75. 

The aim of the organization is to di'\-elop to a iiigher degree the oratorical 
ami debating powers of the students, promote useful knowledge, an 1 to cultivate 
lasting friendship among its members. 

The cai'eer of the society has l)een one of usefulness and honor of which we are 
justl}' proud. It would be impossible to estnnate of how much value the Dia- 
lectic and its sister societ\'. the Philanthropic, have l)een to the Univen^ity. 

The Dialectic Hall contains the finest collection of portraits in North Caro- 
lina. being the likenesses of distinguished members. The names of (lovern- 
ors. Judges, Congressmen, Caliinet Officers, Foreign Ministers, a President of the 
United States and others distinguished in many profe.s.sions, may be foimd among 
those who have jjarticipated in the exercises of the Dialectic Society and afterwards 
testified to its thorough training by their careers of usefulness, for in the words 
of Ralph Waldo Emerson " It is the raw material out of which the intellect molds 
her .splendid products." ilay the society be able to adapt itself to ever changing con- 
ditions, so as to exert upon its future members the same magic power that gave us a 
Mangum and a Polk, a Hadger. and a ^'ance. 


Members of the Dialectic Society 

Amick, W. G., ..... . Liberty, N. C. 

AxDREAV.s, G. H., ..... Raleigh, N. C. 

Barn.\rd, H. F., ..... Franklin. N. C. 

B.^RXH.\RDT. C. C, ..... Whiisett. N. C. 

Inter-Societv Debater (1). 

B.\iRD, T. C, . . . ' . . Valle Crucis. X. C. 

Bell, Bexj.\min, Jr., . . ; . Wilmington, N. C. 

Berkeley, G. R., . . ... Atlanta. Ga. 

Bexxett, H. H., .... Wadesboro, N. C. 

Baldwix, K. L., . . . . Grove, N. C. 

BiTTixG, N. D., .... Rural Hall, N. C. 

Brigm.\x, Lixdo, .... Rockingham. N. C. 

Browx, T. E., . . . . Wilmington, N. C. 

Byxum, C. a., .... . Lincolnton. X. C. 

Marshal Washington '.s l-Sirthday Exercises (2). 

Mar.shal Wanderbilt-Carohna Debate (2), Georgia 

Debater (3), 

Inter-Society Debater 

2), Magazine 

Editor (3). 

Bry.\x, R. a., 

Carthage. X 


Cannon, Gabriel, 

Horse Shoe. X 


Cate.s, C. H., 

Sippahan. X 


Cash. T. H., 

S?nith Grove. X 


Cathey, W. C, 

Dixie, X. 


Cauhle, D. Z., 

Secretary Inter-Societ 

y Debater (2) 

Barkley. X. 


Ch.\staix. R. B., 

Brasstoicn. X. 


Cochrax, N. S., 

Troy, X. 



Dixie. X. 


Caix. W. S.. 

Asheiille. X. 


Davis. L. B.. 

East Bend. X. 


DeLaney, J. L., 

Wardlaic. X. 


Dimmette, J. A., 

Wiles. X. 


Dux BAR, Clarexce, 

Leechrille. X. 


Frost, H. B., 

Providence. R 


Fuller, Robert, 

Farmer. X. 


Garrex, G. M., 

.Biiena Vista. X. 


Gaxt, Kexxeth, 

Burlimjton. X. 


Gibson, .J. S., 

McColl. S. 


Glexx, M. R., 

Asheville, X. 



Wilmington. X. 


Godbey, p. S., 

Harmony, X. 


Gold, T. J.. 

Johns Hopkins. Sernh (1). 

Pearl. X. 


Graham, X. R., 

Charlotte. X. 


Gray, E. P., 

Winston. X. 


Groome, B. T., 

. Chapel Hill. X. 


Groome, B., 

. Chapel Hill, X. 


^ : f^y 

', ^^.J'^^ 

(!ud(;p:r, H. B., . 




Haywood, A. W., .In. 




Haywood, H. B., 




Hester, A. R., . . • 

. Kernersrille. 




. Higdonrille, 



Hinks. .1. C. Jr.. 




Holland. Hazkl. 




Editor \'ArivKTY Yaok (3). 

Hrnsiix. F. S., . . . 



llowiE. S, S., ... 




Holt, L. S,, .Jr., 




Hornaday. .J. A., 




HUOHK.S, H. H., . 




Hint, L. R., ... 








Magazine VAitov (4). 

IinvLV. .J, P., 




IVIK, A. ]).. 

. Leaksrille. 



Oratnr Wa.shiiititon V Birthdav. 

.Johns,, N. C. Iv, .Ik.. 




.loHNSToX, (1. A., 

. Chapel Hill. 



■Johnston, A, H., 




,IoNAS, C. A.. 




Iiitcr-Societv Debater (1). 

.JoNKs, (!. J.., 




Seeretary Washington's Birtlnlay Exercises (2) 

ivlitor VArKi.:TY Yack (3). 

Kino, a. H„ ..... 

. Chapel Hill. 



Kklly, L. M. L„ 




Kkrner, F. F., 

. Kernn-.'irille. 



Kerlky, H. C. . . . 




Kli'tt/., Whitehead, 




(Jeorfjia Senile Deljater (1). Magazine Editor 


Vanderbilt Debater (3). Magarine I-Mitor (3). 

Orator Washiiiutoii 's l^irtliday (3). 

Kxox, .J., .Jr., ..... 




Lee, W. H., ... 




Lichtexthaeler, R. a.. 




Ijockhart, L. B.. 

Universitii Station , 



Loxu, J. C, . • . 




Maxx, W. H., . . . 

. Saxapahair, 







MrlvER, E. M. N.. 




McIVER, .J. H.. . . . 




McLeax, S. B., . 




McPhersox, Sam, 

Holman\<< Mills. 



Miller, C. B„ 




Miller, W. G., 




Merritt, R. a.. 

Chapel Hill. 



Inter-Society Debater (3). 

Moore. J. L., 
Morrow, R. C, 
MosER, A. L., 
MuLLis, G. R., 
Nixox, K. B.. 

(UlVER. T. C. 

J'arkkr, L. L., 

Commencement Debater (3) 

Marshal Vanderbilt-Carolina Debate (2). 
Parsox.s, T. L., 
Pearson, J. E., 
Pearson, J. H., Jr., 
Pattox, G. M.. 
Peeler, A. S.. 
Perrett, W. K.. 
Pharr. W. E., 

Inter-Society Debater (2). 
Phipps, J. S., 
Plu.mmer, a. L., 
Raxey, F. T., 
Ray, Edward. 
Rankin, W. C, 
Reid. F. L., 
Rice, W. C. 
RoHixs. H. M.. 

Commencement Debater (3). 

Business Manager Vacketv Vack (4). 
Robins. S. S.. 

Inter-Society Debater (1). Editor Vai ketv Ya( k 
R(ii;erts. G. \'.. 

Commencement Deitater (3). Declainiers' Medal 

RobERT.SOX, J. B., 

Ross. Charles, 
Ross. .1. W.. 
Ross. (). ]>,.. 
Ru.ssELL, C. P., 
Shore, W. F., . 
.Sibley, G. C, 
Sifford, Ernest, 
Sloax, C. H., 
Smith, ,J. T., 
Sta. Y. M. H., 

Georgia Scrub I)('bat('r (3i. Ivlitor Min/itiiiK (4). 
Starxes, B., 
Stevens, G. P., 
Stevexsox. R., 
Stewart, H. ^'.. 
Stewart. R. S.. 

Winner Declaimers' Contest (1). Conunenc 

Patterson. X. C. 

Oaks, N. C. 

Hickory, N. C. 

Albans, N. C. 

Lincolnion, N. C. 

Charlotte, N. C. 

Lane's Creek, N. C. 

Rockingham. \. C. 

Riyysbee. N. C. 

Morqanton. A'. C. 

Eton Colleqe. N. C. 

Faith. N. C. 

Whitsett. X. C. 

. Wilkcsboro. X. C. 

Greensboro. X. C. 

Jones' Mine. X. C. 

. Chapel Hill, X. C. 

Union, X. C. 

Allcmance, X. C. 

Griffith, X. C. 

Si/clney, Florida. 

A.'^helxn-o. X. C. 

A.^hcl>oro. X. C. 

Walnut Run. X. C. 

Hartshorn, X. C. 

Asheboro. X. C. 

Silnani. X. C. 

Charlotte. X. C. 

Rockingham, X. ('. 

Charlotte, X. C. 

Louisrille, Ky. 

Charlotte, X. C. 

Hrlmont, X. C. 

Pimritle. X. C. 

Morren, X. C. 

Asheville, X. C. 

Mathews, X. C. 

Wilmington, X. C. 

Greensboro, X. C. 

O. K., S. C. 

Debater (2). 


Sturdivaxt, G. 0.. . . . MarsJuilville. 

SwAix, J. ]■]., . . . . Democrat. 

SwixK, W. L., . . . . Winstan-Salem. 

Thompsox, D. S., ... Statrsnllc. 

Inter-Society Debater (2). Coininenei'inent Debater (3). 

Editor Magazine (3 and 4). Business llanaoer Magazine (5) 

TndY, E. B., 


Vaughx, J. H., 
Waixwright, E. R., 
Wilcox, John, 
Williams, R. R., 

Genrfi'ia Debater (3). 

Declainicrs' Medal (1) 
Wilson, R. \i.. 
AViLspx, W. M., 
Wrenn, Clem, 
Woodruff, B. E.. 

Scnii-Annual Debate (2). 
Johns Hojikins Debater (4). 




Bowman's Bluff, 



N. C. 
N. C. 
N. C. 
X. C. 

X. C. 
X. c. 
N. C. 
X. c. 
X. c. 
X. c. 


Rock Hill. 

Mount Airy. 


X. c. 

s. c. 

X. c. 

s. c. 

Public Exercises of the Philanthropic 
and Dialectic Literary Societies 



BT ^B 

Secoinl Annual 

^^Hv '•'o^H 


Connnencement Debate. 
June 4. 1901. 

(^ukry: Resolved, "Tliat 
Congress shoukl pass a Sliip 
Subsidy Bill." 



Affirm.\tive. Neg.\tiye. 

(Philanthropic). (Dialcotic). 

Sl.MciN .lu.sTl'S l';\KRETT, '02. IIkXRV ^IciRINC RdUIXS. "02. 

ICdward Du.vcax S.\llenger, '02. (Iuy \'kr.\o.\ Roherts, "02. 




Tenth Semi-Annual Inter-Society Debate, December ", igoi. 

Qukry: Rcsnlrai "That the United States shoulil .-iive Cul)a Ahsc.hite 

Affirmative. Negative. 

(Dialectic). (Philanthropic). 

Virgil Austix Jasper Idol, '04. Edgar S. W. Damerox, '04. 

Lester Leoxidas Parker, '03. Zebulox N'axce Judd, '03. 

wox BV the affirmative. 

fi'^ashington's Birthday Exercises, February JS, igo2. 
Music 1)V the I'nivcrsitv Guitar anil Mandolin Club. 

Oratio.v: "The American Democracv. 

.Henry Hlhuxt Short, Jr., '02. 


( )rati(>x : " The Relation of the I'niversity Student to the State." 

Allax Dexxy Ivie, Law. 


Address: "The American Mo^•em('nt ami Washinnton." Lee Kaper. Ph.D. 

Eleventh Semi-Annual Inter-Society Debate, April, igo2. 

(^uery: 7?'C(/, " That North Carolina sliould have a Conqmlsory School Law." 

Affirmative. Xegathe. 

(Philanthropic). (Dialectic). 

James Piikxey Cooley. '05. Charles Carroll Barxhardt. '0.5. 

James Horner Winstox, '04. Welhorx Earl Pharr. '04. 

Otber Organizations 

Alumni Association 

President. Col. Thomas Stephen Kenan. '.57. Raleigh. X. C. 
Secretary. Henry Adolphns London. 'G.5. 
Secretary of the Alnnnii. .James Cole Tavliir. "77. 

Local Alumni Clubs and Associations 

The University of North Carolina Club of the City of New York 

Hdx. Augustus Van Wyck, '64, President. 

De Lagxel Haigh. '81, . . Vice-PresideiU. 

Ralph Henry (!ravi;s, '97, . Secretary and Treasurer. 

The Raleigh Alumni Association 

Joseph Juhx Branch Batchelor, '45. President. 

"William Joseph Peele. 79, . . . Secretanj. 

The Mecklenburg Alumni Association 

Col. Hamilton Chamberlain Jones. '58, . President. 

Henry Xeil Pharr, '81 Vice-Pre.ndent. 

CiEORGE Gillett Stephens, '96, . . Secretary. 

Frank ^IcRee Shannonhouse, '96, . Treasurer. 

The Winston Almnni Association 

John 'William Fries. '(iS. President. 

Rev. Rohert Caldwell. '78. Vice-President. 

Charles Faucett Tomlinson, '95, . . Secretary and Treasurer. 

The Ashcville Alumni Association 

Julius Caesar Martin, '85. Presideid. 

Marion Charles Millender, M.D.. '82. Vice-President. 

Louis Milton Bourne, '87, . . . Secretary and Treasurer. 

Haywood Parker, '87. ( r- ^ ■ /-t j, 

, c! ij 'no , Executive Committee. 

Alfred Smith Barnard, 9.i, \ ... 

The Atlanta, (la., Alumni Association 

Michael Hoke. '9:5. M.D.. . President. 

Van Astor Batchelor, "96. . Secretary. 

Andrew Allgood Holmes. '01,. . Treasurer. 


Alpha Theta Phi 



IvEY FoRKiiAN Lewis, ...... President. 

David Clark ]-5allard. ..... SecreUirj/. 

RniiERT Ransom Williams. .... Tnasurrr. 



iMiEX Alenaxdicr. LL.D., Henry Farrar Linscdtt. Ph.D. 


Class 1892. " Class 1894. 

Charles Baskerville, Ph.D., Thomas .James A^'ilson, Ph.D. 

Class 1S9S. 
Archibald Henderson, Ph.D., Iujwakd Kidder (Iraha.m, A.M. 

Class 1899. 
John Rice Doxnell'i', A.B. 

Class 191)1. 
DoRMAN Steele Tho.mtson, A. P., Clarence Albert Shore, B.S., 

J. C B. ]']hrin(;hais, A.n., Palmer Cohu. Ph.B.. 

William Alexander Murphy, A. 15.. James Kinc Hall, A.l'. 

Class 1902. 

IvEY Foreman Lewis, |)\\n) Clark Ballard, 

Robert Raxsom A\' I^rext Skixxer Draxe, 

Hexry Morixc Robins, Loi'is CIraves, 

^Iah\tn HendriX Stacy, .Iohn Sti;ele Hkxdersox, Jr.. 

1)a\id Poxy Sterx. (Ieor(;e Phifer Stexexs, 

Richard Xixon DrFFY. Rioston Stevenson, 
PioBEirr A.MsKi Mi:rrjtt. 

Class 1903. 

Ci'rtis Ashley Bynum, Miltox Calder, 

Alfred Williams Haywood. Jr., Johx Henry McAdex, Jr.. 


William Joxes (Jordox, Robert Withinctox Herrixi 


Order of Gimghouls 


Xg zobucf iifo- pruz tcoil v<>8 vaivo ivtymuf .zertbzt tiejsf tf evfey fsk 
annfpo lib pfuasfika. 

Valmar XIII. 


105. Marvin Carr, "02. R. 

196. Thomas Clarksox Worth, '02. K. D. S. 

197. Brent Skinner Drank, '02, W. S. 8. 
200. RoBKRT Stiaht Hitchisdn. '02. K. M. K. 


126. Charlks Ph.D.. I'rojissor of Chemistry. 

1.56. .Iames a. (iwvx, \.]i.. Law. 

16.5. Francis A. GuD(;er. Ldir. 

170. Charles S. Mangi'm. M.D../^ro/V.ssor of Physiolo<iy and Materia M((lica- 

174. .\r(Hibai.d Henderson, Ph.D., Instructor in Mathematics. 

ISO. i;. Vernon Howell, Professor o} Pharmacy. 

192. l^BEN Alexander, Jr.. .\.U.. .^fetlicine. 

193. William S. Bernard, .\.\\.. Iii.'itructor in Greek. 

194. Tod Robin Brenl '02. 

198. John Steele Henderson, '02. 

199. QuENTiN Gregory, '02. 

201. Thoma.s Ruffin, Professor of Law. 

202. Green Ramsey Berkeley, '03. 

203. Milton Calder, '03. 

204. William Frederick Carr, '03. 

205. Stephen Arnold Douolas, Law. 

206. Thomas Lenoir G\\ yn, '03. 

207. James Lathrop Morehead. '03. 

208. Charles Grandison Rose, Law. 

The Gorgon's Head 

Emory Graham Alexander, 
Philip Hall Busbee, 

Rkhard Nixox Duffy, 

William Jones Gordon, 

Edward Kidder Graham, 

George Washington (.raham, Jr.. 
Louis Graves, 

Alfred Williams Haywood, Jr., 
Earle Pendleton Holt, 

Thaddeus Winfield Joxks, Jr. 
Robert Gilliam Lassiter, 
Fred Henry Lemly, 

IvEY Foreman Lewis, 
Metrah JIakely, Jr., 

Joseph Buxn Ramsey, 

Aldert Smedes Root, 

William Faris Stafford, 
James Battle Thorpe, 
Henry Gray Turner, 

James Samuel Whitehead. 

Psi Chapter of Theta Nu Epsilon 

Established 1893 

Post Graduate 

Metrah Makely, Jr.. Aldert Smedes Root. 

Class of 1902 
Tod Robin Brem. 

Thoma.s Clarksox Worth. 

John Steele Henderson, Jr. 
Alhert Marvin C\rr. 

Brent Skinner Drank, 

IvEY Foreman Lewis, 

William Faris Stafford. 

Class of 1901 
William Frederick Carr. 

George Washington CIraham. Jr.. 
James Lathrhi- Mdrehead. 


Tho.mas Lenuir (IWVN. 

Alfred Williams Haywood, 
Joseph Bunn Ramsey, 

Jame.s Battle Thorpe, 

Whitmel Hill Wehb. 


James Alfred fhvYN, 

Francis Ashltry (Judger, 

1'hilip Hall Busbee. 

Emory (Iraham Alexander, I-^ben Alexander, Jr. 

Sophomore Fraternity of Theta Nu 

Founded at Weslevan, 1870 

Chapter Roll 

Alplia. Weslevan I'liiversity. 

Jieta, Syracuse University. 

Ganniia, Union College. 

Delta, Cornell University. 

]']psilon, University of Rochester. 

Zeta, I'niversity of California. 

Kia, Madi.son University. 

Theta, Kenyon College. 
Iota, Adelbert College. 

Ka])pa, Hamilton College. 

Kappa. Second, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. 
Lambda. Williams College. 

Mu, Stevens In.stitute. 

Nu, Lafayette College. 

Xi, Amherst College. 

Omicron, Rutgers' College, 
ri, Pennsylvania State College. 

l"]i.silon, I'niversity of Alichigan. 
Pi, Second, Lehigh University. 
Omega, Alleghany College. 

Rho, Dickin.soii College. 

Sigma, ^Vooster University. 
Phi, Hucknell Univei'sit>-., University of North Carolina. 

Chi, University^City of Xew York. 


Order of Pi Sigma 

Post Graduate 

Philip Hall Busbee, Metrah Makely, Jr., 

Aldert Smedes Root. 

Tod Robin Brem, Albert Mar\i\ Carr, 

John Steele Hkxderso.v, Jr., Ivey Foreman Lewis, 

William Faris Stafford, Tho.mas Clarkson Worth. 

Graham Harris Andre\\"s, William Frederick Carr, 

George Washington Graham, Jr., Loi'is Graves, 

Thomas Lenoir Gwy.x, Alfred Williams Haywood, Jr., 

Earle Pendleton Holt, John Henry McAden, Jr., 

James Battle Thorpe, Henry (!ray Turner, 

James Samuel Whitehead. 

Jere CofKE, Fred Moir Hanes. 

Alexander FL\milton Jones. Graham Kenan, 

Marshall Cobb St.\tox, Julian Hamilton Taliaferro. 

Emory Graham Alexander, Samuel Lanair Stringfield. 


Francis A.sbury Gudger, Thaddeus Winfield Jones, Jr. 


University German Club 

Ebex Alexander, Jr. 
E. G. Alexander, 
G. H. Andrews, 
S. P. Bass, 
B. Bell, Jr., 
G. R. Berkeley, 
T. R. Brem, 

A. G. Brenizer, Jr., 

B. H. Bridger.s, 

J. P. BUNN, 

C. M. Byrnes, 
M. L. Calder, 
A. M. Carr, 
W. F. Carr, 

J. B. Cheshire, 
Hayden Clement, 
J. E. Cocke, 
A. L. Cox, 
S. A. Douglas, 
R. N. Duffy, 
Willl\m Dunn, Jr., 
J. C. B. Ehringhaus, 
R. L. Ellington, 

A. M. Carr. . 

F. H. Lemly, 
Benjamin Bell, Jr.. 
J. I>. Morehead, 

J. L. Morehead, 
S. L. Stringfield, 

G. G. Gallaway, 
J. B. Thorpe, 

A. W. Haywood, 
A. G. Brenizer. Jr., 

J. A. GWYN, 

T. L. (;\\YN. 
F. M. Hanes, 


Ernest Gall.\way, 
G. G. Gall.\way, 
G. W. Graham, 
QuENTiN Gregory, 
Francis Gudger, 
J. A. GwYN, 
T. L. GwYN. 
F. M. Hanes, 
H. H. Harri.son, 
A. W. Haywood, 
J. S. Henderson, 
Hazel Holland, 
L. S. Holt, Jr., 
T. W. Jones, 
Graham Kenan, 
W. G. Lamb, 
A. W. Latta, 
¥. H. Lemly, 
J. E. Long, 
Metrah Makely, Jr. 
W. D. MacXider, 
J. L. Morehead, 
W. A. Murphy, 





Leader October German. 

r Floor Managers. 

Leader February German. 
- Floor Managers. 

Leader April Gertnan. 
r Floor Managers. 

J. J. Nichols, 

J. H. NUNN, 

I. J. Pearson, 
A. T. Pritchard, 
J. B. Ramsey, 

A. S. Root, 
C. G. Rose, 

J. R. Rountree, 
H. B. Short, Jr.. 
Harry Skinner, Jr. 
W. F. Smathers, 
W. H. Smith, 
M. C. St.\ton, 
S. L. Stringfield, 
R. Stevenson, 
J. H. Taliaferro, 
J. B. Thorpe, 
H. G. Turner, 

B. Urquhart, 

F. H. Westfeldt, 
J. S. Whitehead, 
J. H. Winston, 

Charles Baskerville, 
Archibald Henderson, 
C. S. Mangum, 



A. S. Wheeler, 
W. S. Bernard, 
]•'.. \'. Howell, 

Thomas Ruffin, 
Palmer Cobb. 


The Guitar and Mandolin Club 

Charlks Thuaias Woollk.v, ..... Leader. 

Thomas Floyd Rhodks Busitiess Manager. 

First Mandolins 

Richard Nixo.x Duffy, Sa.mikl Ski.wkr Hicide, 

John Rkstox (iiLKs. Benjamin Bell, Jr. 

Second Mandolins 

Thomas Floyd Rhodes, Guy CLARExrE Sibley, 

Ernest Sifford, Jules Lindau, 

Paul Ernest Fogle. 


Gaston Gilbert Gallaway, Henry \'ENAiiLE Worth, 

R. Clarence Holton, Thomas Felix Hickerson, 

Frederick Charles Archer, James Murphy, 

Robert Arthur Lichtenthaeler. 

University Quartette 

Charles Staples Maxcum. M.])., 
First Tenor. 

Francis Asiury Gudger, 
Secoiul Tenor. 

Gaston Gilbert Galla\vay. 
Fir.s:t Bd.^s. 

John Christoph Blucher ]-]hringhaus, 
Second Bihss. 

The Chapel Choir 


Palmer Cobb, Ph.B. 

First Tenor 


Second Tenor 

W. G. Lamb, Jr., W. K. Osborne, 

G. P. Stevexs. 

C. Hixes. 

First Bass 

G. G. Gallawav, R. C. Holtox. 

Second Bass 

E. S. W. Damerox, W. H. Maxx. 

The Round Table 


George McFarlaxd McKie, . 


Executive Committee 

Charles Lee Raper, Ph.D., Henry \'an" Peters Wilson". Ph.D. 

George McKie. 
Meets monthly for the di-scussion of topics of current 


November — Subject: " Life on the East Side of New York, " Presented by Mr. Raper. 

December — Subject: "Electricity at the Pan-American Exposition." Presented 
by Mr. Gore. 

January — Subject: "The Phenomena of Artificial Parthenogenesis," Presented 
by Mr. H. V. Wilson. 

March — Subject : " Early History of the University, " Presented by Mr. Battle. 

Apri l — Subject : 

North Carolina Historical Society 

K. P. Battlk. LI..D. 
Dr. C. L. Raper, 

.M. ('. S. XoiiLi;. 
E. 1). Sallkncjicr, 


7';7 ().v(nvr. 

Papers Read 

"The Iiiipeaehnicnt of William Blount." — By ]). P. Stern. 
"The Great Seal of the State of North Carolina."— Hy Dr. Battle. 
"Shemian'.s Mareh Through North Carolina." — H\ II. M. Ivobins. 
" I.if(> of William Lenoir."— By H. ^'. Stewart. 
"The (Quakers in North Carolina." — By J. Tonilinson. 
"The Sherman-Johnston Capitulation." — By J. H. J'earson. 
"Early Life and Career of Johnston Blakely." — By Dr. Battle. 
" Aw Account of Sherman s Army While l'jicam])eil Near Kaleigh." 

— By Profe.s.sor Noble. 
"A Sketch from the Hi.story of the I'niver.sity." — By Dr. Battle. 
"Conflict between Executive and the JiCgislative Colonial Times." 

—By Dr. Rajjer. 



Dr. Hexry Van Peters Wilsox. 
Dr. Alvin Sawyer Wheeler, 
Dr. Francis Preston ^'ENABLE, 
Dr. Charles Baskerville, 

T 7ce- President. 
Permanent Secretary. 
Recordimi Secretary. 

Papers Read During the Past Year 
135th Meeting, May, 1901 

Prof. William Cain. C.E. 
Prof. Charle.'i Ba.skirrille. Ph.D. 

Transit Methods for Laying Sower Grades 

Acid of Crv.stallization, 

The Probable Comjilexity of Thorimn, 

The Recent Geological Fonnatious of the Mississii^pi \-Mey, Prof. Joseph Austin 
Holmes, B.S. ' 

136th Meeting, October, 1901 

The ^'alue of " Zero divided by Zero." . Prof. William Cain. C.E. 

The Work of the Beaufort Laboratory of the U. S. Commission, for 1901. 

Prof. Hinrtj Von Peters Wil.'^on. Ph.D 

On the Exi.stence of a New Element, Associated with Thcn-iinn, 

I'rof. Chorlfs Ra^krrriUi-. Ph.D. 

137th Meeting, November, 1901 

Cold Light, p,.,^f j,,,/,^,„ j,-^,/^.^,^. ^,^^,.., ^, ^. 

A Short-Cut tor Percentage Calculations, Prof, lulirard Vn;,o„ How,!/. Ph.G. 

138th Meeting, January, 1902 

Prof. Collier Cobb, A.. M.: and 
Mr. .Joseph Hyde Pratt. Ph.D. 
Mr. .fo.'^'ph Hyd, Pnill. Ph.D. 

Recently Discovered Minerals in North Carolina, [- 
Arizona, Its Mineral AVealth, 

139th Meeting, February, 1902 

The Pressure of Light, Mr. .fames Ed,rord Lotto A B 

Nineteenth Century Geometry, . . Mr. Archibald Heodrrsoo Ph D 

Ab.solute Properties of Molecules, . . .1/,-. .fomrs Edward Mills. Ph.D. 


The Shakespeare Club 

Thomas Humk. D.D., L.L.I) President. 

E. K. Grah.^m, Ph.B., .... Vice-President. 

J. C. B. Ehringhaus, A.B., . Secretary. 

Papers Read During 1901 — 1902 

" The Sources of the Henry the l\ and Henry the \' Trih)gy." — 
J. T. Smith. 

"The Method of Development of Hal's Character." — A. W. 
Haywood, Jr. 

"The Variety of Iii<;redieiits in Falstaff's One Character." — C.A. 

" The T>ondon of Shakespeare and the London of today." — Dr. Hume. 

"Maeterlinck and the Drama of SusflPstion." — Dr. Henderson. 

"The Supernatural Sdlicitins: in .Maciieth." — B. F. Huske. 

"The Perfect Cnurticr: The InHui'iH'c of This Literature." — L. R. 

"A Review of (lodwinV .\e\v Theory of Shakespeare's Sonnets." 
—J. C. ]1 l':hrin,!ihaus. 

" The Influence of the I'jarh- Mysteries on the Passion Play of Olier 
Ammergau." — Miss Groome. 

"Reflection of Elizabeth's Eiiiilaiid in Hamlet." — Ij. L. Clwyn. 

"The Lifluence of the Xovcl on the Drama." — iliss Stone. 

Moliere, Beaiunerchais. Sheridan. — Louis Graves. 


The Moot Court 

Hox. Jami:s Camkrox Mai Rae, . Judge of i^wprrmc Court. 

Summer Term 

WiLKV Croom R(i1)Ma\. . Judge nj Superior Court. 

Charlks Wi;sli;y Saim>, .... Solicitor. 

Hexrv Harris, ...... Clerk. 

Charlks I^xkrett Thomi'sox, .... Sheriff. 

Marti X Jathkr Edwards. .... Coroner. 

Fall Term 

Charles (Iraxdison Rose, . . J udgi oj Superior Court. 

George Spears Reixolds, . . . Solicitor. 

James Alfred fiwvx, ..... Clerk. 

Thaddeus WiXFiELD JoNEs, .... Sheriff. 

Erxest Hrownlee, ..... Coroner. 

Spring Term 

]':dgar .Insioi'H \elsox, . . Juetgc of Superior Court. 

Allax Denxy S\-ie Solicitor. 

Berxard Alexaxder Brooks, . . . Clerk. 

JoHX Fra/.ier Glkxx, ..... Sheriff. 

Sylvester I^rowx McLkax, .... Coroner. 


The ''Journal Club" 

Meets every Thursday afternoon for the discussion of periodical Hterature on 
Chemical Industries. 


Prof. Charles Baskerville, 
Prof. Amix Sawyer Wheeler, 


Secretary and Treasurer. 


Charles Ba.skerville, Ph.D., Eugene Grissom Moss, 

Hugh Hammond Bennett, Aldert Smedes Root, 

Royal Oscar Eugene Davls, John Willl\m Turrentine, 

Fred Henry Lemly, Hubert Raymond Weller, 

James Edward Mills, Ph.D., Alvin Sawyer Wheeler. Ph.D. 

The Wilmington Club 





M. Bear, 



Ben.iamin Bki>l, Jr., 

Calder, Etc., Etc., 
Sutton, Short, (ioRooN, 



Spiritual Director. 

Minister Plenipotentiary to the I'nirersity. 

Torch Bearer. 



Adrisory Committee, 


and Board of Directors. 

Freaks in Embryo. 

Boaters of the Club. 


burg Club 


Black and Red. 

R. S. Hutchison, 
Hazel Holland, 
T. R. Brem. 

N. A. Orr, 



Vice-President . 


E. G. Alexander. 
T. R. Brem, 

A. G. Brenizer, Jr., 
W. C. Cathey, 
R. B. Collins, 
W. W. Craven, 
John Donnelly, 
A. W. Graham, 
D. S. Graham, 
E. K. Graham, 
G. W. Graham, Jr., 
N. R. Graham, 
L. W. Hovis, 
Hazel Holland, 
W. O. Heard, 
R. S. Hutchison, 
H. C. Irwin, Jr., 
Herbert Irwin, 
J. P. Irwin, 

J. H. McAdex, Jr., 
T. C. McAden, 
L. B. Newell, 
T. C. Oliver, 
C. C. Orr. 
N. A. Orr, 
N. J. Orr, 
E. B. Osborne, 
F. A. L. Reid, 
J. K. Ross, 
O. B. Ross, 
W, T. Shore. 
B. H. Smith, 
Ernest Sifford, 
J. T. Smith, 
G. P. Stevens, 
J. H. Taliaferro, 

W. R. Taliaferro, Jr. 
J. Knox, Jr. 

yi ft 

The Young Men's Christian Association of the University of North Carolina 
was organized in May. 1860, with James Kelley, '60, as its first pre.sidcnt. In the fol- 
lowing year the infant association was robbed of its best members by the cruel war, 
and not until 1876 was there any reorganization. Then came forwanl several earn- 
est toilers for the Master, .such as J. H. Southgate and E. L. Harris, the latter of 
whom has recently gone to his reward. 

In March, 1886, the State Convention met at Chapel Hill. This meeting 
seemed to give a new impetus to the association. The Student Volunteer Move- 
ment .soon received into its ranks a large number of Christian students of the 
University. Thus the association has continued to grow until it has reached its 
present extended sphere of Christian .service. 

Its work is now, as has been intimated, broad in its scope. Being as it is the 
only religious organization in the University, this as.sociation has as its mission every 
phase of Christian development. For the accomplishment of this purpose its 
leaders have tlevised various plans for procedure. 

Probably the device that reaches the greatest number of students is the one 
of securing from time to time public speakers. These speakers consist of the pastors 
of the various churches of Chapel Hill, ministers from different parts of the state, 
traveling secretaries of the Association, returned missionaries, and such other 
Christian workers as can be secured. 

A department which has as its object general spiritual development is the 
semi- weekly prayer-meeting. This, however, is more limited in effect, as few 
except members attend. The meeting held on Tuesday evening is usually con- 
ducted by one of the members. The meeting on Thursday evening is an informal 
prayer service of some fifteen or twenty minutes. 

Another important factor of the work of the association is the Bible and Mission 
study classes. classes meet once a week, usually on Sumlav. More than 

half the members of the association belong to one or more of these classes. In all 
the Bible work a deep interest is manifested, and leaders are being trained for efficient 
Christian service. 

But the young men do not confine this work wholly to the University. The 
cry from Macedonia has reached their ears and touched their hearts. They have 
gone out into the surrounding country and there organized and furnished with 
proficient teachers several Sunday schools. These schools are attended by vast 
numbers of diligent and appreciative students of the Great Teacher. 

The work thus sketched is growing in every department. With its body of 
earnest, consecrated Christian workers, its rapidly increasing membership and its 
broadening field of work, the Young Men's Christian Association of the University 
of North Carolina stands for far more than ever before in its historv. 

A. 1). I VIE, 
Z. V. JUDD, 

C. A. Bynum, 
G. P. Stevens, 
W. H. M.^NN, 



Corresponding Secretary. 
Recording Secretary. 


Devotional Committee 
R. M. Harper. 

J. \'. HOW.ARD, 

Chas. Ross. 

Bible Study. 
A. L. Reid, 

A. W. Grady, 

F. T. Raney. 

Missionary Foreign Missions 

L. R. Wilson, L. L. Parker, 

J. K. Ross, J. S. Gibson, 

E. S. W^ Da.meron. F. S. Hudson. 

Local Missions 
G. M. Garren, 
C. A. Bynum, 

H. R. McFadyen. 

F. A. L. Reid, 

G. P. Stevens, 
Z. Y. JuDD. 

L. R. Wil.son, 
W. H. Mann, 
J. E. Latta. 

J. E. Latta, 

R. C. Marrow, 
C. A. Bynum. 

W. H. Manx. 

F. A. L. Reid, 

G. M. Garren. 



Southern Inter-Collegiate Athletic 


The A. and M. College of Mississippi. The University of Georgia, 

The Auburn Polytechnic Institute. Ala.. The University of Mississippi. 

Clemson Cf)llege. S. C, The University of Xashville. Tenn. 

Cunilierland Uiii\i'rsity. Tenn.. The University of Xorth ("ai-(ilina, 

Mercer University, Ga., The University of the ^^diith. Teini.. 

Southern University. Ala., The University of Texas. 

Tulane University. La.. \'anilerl)ilt University. Tenn.. 

The University of Alabama, The A. and M. College of Texas. 



W. L. Dudley, 

W. M. RiGGS, 


A. L. BoXDUR.\XT, 

Secretary and Treasurer. 

Executive Committee 

W. L. Dudley, W. M. Riggs, 

A'anderbilt University. Clemson College. 

A. L. BoNDUR.\XT, A. H. Pattersdx, 

University of Mississippi. University of Georgia. 

Ch.\rles Baskerville, 

University of Xorth Carolina. 


The Athletic Association of the Uni- 
versity of North CaroHna 


James Kixg Hall, 

Tod Robinsox Brem, 
Thomas Clarkson Worth, 
Secretary and Treasurer. 

Advisory Committee 

Charlks Baskerville, Ph.!).. for the Boaril of Trustees. 
Edward Kidder Graham, A.M., for the Faculty. 

James Alfred Gwyx, A.B., for the Post-graduate Members. 

JoHX Steele Hexdersox, for the Under-graduate Members. 
Fraxk Lee, Captain of the Football Team. 
\\illl\m Frederick Carr, Manager of the Football Team. 
Earle Pexdletox Holt. Captain of the Baseball Team. 

George Washixgtox (!raham. Manager of the Baseball Team. 
Joseph Buxx Ramsey, Captain of the Track Team. 

James Battle Thorpe, Manager of the Track Team. 


Charles Orlaxdo Jexkixs, Yale, '94. 



Ernest vox dex Steixex. 


T. R. Brkm, 

F. L. FdvsT, 
M. Makely, 

G. L. JoxES, 
A. L. Cox, 


' R. R. Williams, 

^ A. W. Graham, 

A. R. Hester, 

J. K. Cocke, 

L. Graves, 

W. F. Smathers, 

W. "W. CoUXCIL, 

A. M. Carr, 
H. M. Joxes, 
W. F. Carr, 
W. P. Jacocks, 
E. P. Holt, 

J. W. (iULICK, 
G. W. (iRAHAM, 

K. (Iaxt, 



The Record of the Football 
Team of 1901 

The record of the past year's football team, despite the two 
defeats which closed the Season is gratifying in the highest degree, 
and one which all who know the story of the development of the 
team take pride in. It is a desire that the University at large 
may know and appreciate what was accomplished by tliem. that 
prompts this history. 

At the reopening of the University, when camlidates for the 
team were called out, very few of them were old players, and most 
of the new applicants were entirely inexperienced in the game. The 
proljlem which presented itself to the management was the develop- 
ment of a team which would be worthy to represent the University. 
out of almost entirely raw material. That was what the>" worked 
for — a team worthy to represent the University; a winning team 
was. too ambitious a hope. Osborne. Bennett, MacRae, and the mighty Graves 
were not with us; Smathers and Brem were disabled. Of the giants of the jjast 
year's team only Council and Foust remained. 

The candidates, both old and new. realized from the beginning that their task 
was a difficult one. and they gave themselves heartily to the training and coaching. 
For a long while, the only encouragement the Coach would give to inquiries after 
the development of the team was that " he never saw more wiUing material." 

Too much credit cannot be given to the able Coach of the team. Mr. Charles O. 
Jenkins, of Yale, and to those of our young almnni who gave up everything for 
a while to come to the a.ssistance of the team. Chief among were Messrs. 
Geo. H. Stephens, and George Graham, the latter the " Scrub's'' coach. Neither 
can too much praise be given the " Scrub " team. Without their constant attendance 
and earnest work, the '\arsity could not have developed into the fine machine it 
was. And last, but far from least, the way in which the student body supported 
and encouraged the team, cheering their efforts alike in victory and defeat, will 
remain to all among the most pleasant memories of the season. 

The season opened with easy victories over Oak Ridge. A. and M.. and Guilford. 
On November 1, the team left for the South. The next day they easily defeated 
Georgia by a score of 27 to 0. 

At Auburn. Ala., on the following Montlay, they played their first hard game the Alabama Polytechnic Institute. The struggle was a severe one in 
which neither side could cross the other's goal. The game was won, by a score 
of 10 to 0, by two beautiful drop kicks from the field, by Graves, Carolina's quarter- 

In Raleigh, a week later, A. and M. was again defeated, 30 to 0, and then came 
the ^'irginia game. Our team was then in the pink of condition, and prepared to 
do its Let us jiause and briefly compare the two teams. 

Carolina's team averaged, per man, 157 pounds. The average weight of the 
Virginians wa.s variously given by them, as from 178 to 183 pounds; they thus 
outweighed our team at least twenty pounds to the man. Our team played a fast, 
snappy game; the Mrginia team, a heavy series of line-plunging plays. It wa.s 
evident to all that the game was to be a contest between quickness and sheer weight. 

The game was played in Norfolk, Va., November 23rd. Carolina started into 
the game with a rush that took the heavy ^'irginian.s off their feet, and carried 
the ball over for a touchdown in the first four minutes of play. Mrginia succeeded 
in crossing our goal line only once during the first half, and at the beginning of the 
second half the score stood 6 to 6. Then began one of the hardest struggles for 
supremacy ever witnessed on a Southern gridiron. About the middle of the first 
half, a steady down-pour of rain began, and the field was soon slippery with mud. 
This was a serious handicap to our cjuick starting, which was our main dependence. 
By the use of the heavy tackle and guard-back formation, the Mrginians brought 
every man into play, and each time did our line charge against them and hold the 
runner for a moment on the line, until his heavy support by sheer weight crushed 
back our line, and he fell forward for a gain of only his length. Each time, our 
men stood there with a sublime courage, and endeavor to check the onslaught. 
But it was useless. They could only attempt to keep the score down. The final 
score stood 23 to 6. 

Barring weight, it was the generally expressed opinion that tlie teams were 
evenly matched, and that Carolina played by far the better football. 

The .season, thus far successful from the highest point of view, was brought to a 
disappointing close in Charlotte on Thanksgiving Day, with a defeat from Clemson 
College, 22 to 10. The game was hardly seriou.sly considered, and looked forwanl 
to as a sure victor}- by the University at large. But the South Carolinians entered 
the game with an aggressiveness and successful trickiness which so surprised our 
players, that they had no trouble in winning out. They thus placed themselves 
in one game in a class higher than they have ever before occupied. 

During the season our team won si.\ games out of eight, scoring 192 points to. 
their opponents' 45. The season was a successful one, from the point of view 
that college men should look at it. — that of true sport. We have never had a team 
do so much, with so little promise of success at the beginning of the year. It more 
than demonstrated its worthiness to represent the University, ami the excellent 
football it played, despite its serious handicap of being probably the lightest team 
we ever had, is a source of pride to everyone who knows football. The team was 
made of the right kind of stuff through and through. 

The Med-Pharmacv Team 

Center . ]?arxes. 

Lrft Giianl McXeill. 

Ri(/ht Gminl Cochrax. 

L(jt Tiirki, GiBSdx. 

Ril/f't Tnckl, Xi.RMAX. 

Kafer axd Pattersox. Mummers. 
Aeexaxuer. Ciiptdiit. 

I.ijt End Harrisox axd Suttox. 

Hiijlit Kiiil Sauxders. 

(JiKirfirhdeh .Mel >iixai,d. 

Lr/I Haljl„i,k Aeexaxdkr. 

h'i<llll Il(llj}litck VviA.VM AXD FeXXER. 

Fiilllxirk. Pattersox. 
Siihsfitiitr. Demmitte. 

The Junior Team 

Manayei; Clkment. 
Captain, Ferrell. 

Center Skinner. 

Left Guard Best and Everett. 

Riyht Guard Short and Savain. 

Lejt Tackk Collins and Jones. 

Ri<lht Tackh' Jonas. 

Left End Kerner. 

Right End CiAUS AND SlIiLEY. 

Quarterback ( ;ord( )N. 
Left Halfback Ferrell. 
Right Halfback Cold and Ross. 

Fullback, Frquhart. 

The Sophomore Team 

Miniiujir. WlNsTiiX 
Cdjihiiii. Irwin. 
Center Knox. 

Left GiKiril DkL-Wicv. 
Riylit Guard XoJiLK. 
Left Tnckli 

RiyJtt Tackle CoCHK.WK. 

Fiillhaek. Frust. 
SuhMltutes: Ross AM) Hrs^KLI, 

/-*'// /Tfirf Cr.wex. 

Ni(jhl End Irwix. 

Quartir Back (lRi;(i()RY. 
Lift H(dfhiiek Smith, 
/t'^;//// Hal/hack I^ass. 


The Freshman Team 

Manager, Carr. 
Captain. I^mersox. 
Center . Hhidk. 'Left Em! A\'ils()N. 

Lejt Guard I^ecuett. Ru.iht End Robersox. 

Right Guard Pnii>ps. Lejt Hidjliark Hii.e. 

Lift Taekle M(Cv\:n\ss. Right Haljliack TdAVNsEXD. 

Right Taekle M'yilTLEY. Quarterhaek 1-:mers()N. 

Eullliaek. Meares. 

Suhstitutdi: Hr(i\vx. A\'iiRTii and Oshorne. 

The Baseball Team for 1902 

Sirnnd Ratfonaii 
Third Bnsema)) 
Short Stop 
Left Fielder . 
Center Fielder 
Eiilht Fielder 


Mamuier — CJeorci-; Washington- Graham, Jr. 

Assistant Matiiujer — Fri;i) Mdir Haxes. 

Walter Wooten Council. 

J JdHN Wilcox, 

I NoRcoM Sweeney. 

Earle Pendleton Holt. 

Jkhk I'^LLis Cocke. 

William Frank Smatheris. 

William Fred Carr. 

John Donnelly. 

Archibald Wright (Jraham. 

Alexander Milton McDonald, 

Cidcher . 


First BdsetiHiii (Capiuin) 

j Fielder, John- Steele Henderson, Jr. 
I Catcher. George William Willcox. 

Record ot the Team ot 1901 

*Car(ilina vs. Lafayette 2 — 2 

" Lafayette 4—8 

" A. A; M 31— .8 

" Cleinsou U— 

" Clenison 2—2 

" Lehigh 13— 2 

" Lehigh 2—13 

" Cornell 10— <) 

*) Four Iiuiinjis — Kain. 

Carolina vs. Georgia 12 — 4 

" " Georgia . 1(1 — (J 

" " ^'irginia 2 — 9 

'■ :\Iarylan(l 9—7 

'■ Maryland S— 9 

" (ieorgia 10 — 1 

" Georgia Tech. . . . 6 — 
Carolina as. Georgia 40 — 4 

Schedule ot the Team tor 1902 

March 20^( »ak liidge, at Chai)el Hill. X. C. 
■' 24— Lafayette, at Chapel Hill, X. C. 
" 25— Lafayette, at Chapel Hill. X. C. 
" 27— Galladet, at Chapel Hill, X. C. 
29— Clemson, at Charlotte, X. C. 
31— Lehigh, at Winston, X. C. 
Ajiril 1— Lehigh, at Chapel Hill. X. C. 
5— Cornell, at Chapel Hill. X. C. 


16— Georgia, at Chapel Hill, X. C. 
17— Georgia, at Chapel Hill, X. C. 
18— \"irginia, at Chapel Hill, X. C. 
19— X'irginia, at Raleigh, X. C. 
22— Richmond College, at Chapel Hill, X. C. 
" 30— Bingham School, at Chapel Hill, X. C. 
ilay 3 — \irginia. at Charlottesville, \a.. 

6 — Wofford Cf)llege. at Spartansbiirg, 8. C. 
7 — Clemson College, at Clemson. S. C. 
8 — Georgia, at Athens, Cia. 
9 — Mercer, at Macon, Cia. 
10 — Georgia Techs., at'Atlanta, Ga. 

The Scrub Baseball Team 



First Base 
Second BoKc 
Third Bnsi 
Short Stop 
Left Field 
Center Field 
ni;/ht Field 

Geii. w. ^^'lLLcox. 

\ B. H. Smith. 
i A. R. Hester. 

A. T. Prit(H.\rd. 

L. (Jraves. 

C!. W. Graham. Jr. 

Jxo. Cheshire. 

A. W. :\Ia\gum. 

Thus. Hi i.e. 

W. P. Jacdcks. 


Class Baseball Team 

Law Baseball Team 

Catcher Hammond. 


Pitchers \ Roberts. 


I, Brooks. 

First Base Carr. 

Second Biisc (!\vv\. 

Substitutes: Cook. Tavlor. IvLrTTZ. 

Manager. Brooks. 

Third Base Ramsey. 

Short Stop (Captain) Reynold.s 

Le/t Field Li'THER. 

Center Field Joyce. 

Rifjht Field DorcLAs. 

Class Baseball Teams 

Sophomore Baseball Team 

Mdiiiiiiir. Xkwtox. 
Catch CIraham. ?)rd Base Wlx.STOX. 

Pitch fiRAHAM. X. R. Short Stop Cirkciiry. 

\xt Base {Captain) Peack Right FicUl Xciu.i;. 

'2i\(J Base Irwix Center Field ( )i,1)Ham. 

/,(// Firlit. Smith. 
Substitutes: Xdulk. A. M.. C'ox. Houvkr. 


The Team tor 1901 

Cnptain Francis Moork (Jshorne. 
Manaqcr CIrkicx Ramsky I^ 
Preston Irwin. 
Walter Wdoten Cm-xcii.. 
William Clinton Linvilli;. 

Record o\ the Team tor i 90 1 

At the Annual Meet of the Southern IntereoUefiiati' Athh-tic Association. Mav 
17-18. 1901. Tulane University. New Orleans. La. 

Teams represented — N'anderbilt. Tulane. Texas, and Xorth Carolina. 

100 Yard Ihish Osborne (1), Irwin (2) 

220 Yurd Ihif'h Irwin (1), Osborne (2) 

Mile Run I^krkeley (.3) 

Broad Jump I.inville (2) . 

Pole Ydiilt LiNviLLE (1). Council (2) 

Shot Put Council (1) 

Hammer Throw Council (1) 

Summari/: — Carolina won 41 jjoints. \'anderl)ilt 'A' 
Carolina thus won the Chanipionshi]) of the South. 





Tulane 27. Texas 4. 

The Team for 1902 

Captain. Joseph Hunn Hamsey. 
Manai/cr. JamKs Battle Thorpi:. 

Schedule for 1 902 

The Annual Meetiiij; of the Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Association, May 
it and 10. 1902, \'anderl)ilt I'niversitv. Nashville. Tenn. 


class Champions 

Senior Class 

Champion in Sinf/lcx ....... I. F. Lewis. 

Champion in Douhlfs Lewis .\xd Stevenson. 

Junior Class 

Chdinpion in Singles ....... Loris Gr.wes. 

Chnmpniii ill Doiihlis GR.^VES .wd \Vhitehe.\d. 

Sophomore Class 

Champion ill Siiiiili:<i . . . . J. H. Winston. 

Champion in Doiihirs ...... Win.stun .\nd Pi:.\ce. 

Freshman Class 
Champion in .S'/zii/Zcs ....... H. M. E.merson. 

Champion in Doublts . . . . Emerson .\nd Philu-s. 

University Publications 

Editors Yackety Yack, 

I-iRKNT Skinn'kr Drank '(12. Plii. Eilitor-in-Chuj. 
Hknrv MnRixc Hciinxs '02. Pi. BiiKiiicsx .^latutt/cr. 
Jaik P,(iHi;Kr Rnr\TRi:i-. 'Oo -A. Hu.'^iiiiss Manager. 

Sl.MiiN .IrsTls lOx KRKTT '02. I'lli. 

Harrv Pklham Sti;\ k\s '03. Phi. 

Hknrv l^LorNT SudR-r, Jr.. '02. Plii. 
(li:(iR(w-; LvLi; Junks 'Oo, Di. 

Hazkk Holland '(«. Di. 

.SiDNKY Swain H(ii;ins '04. Di. 

AViiJJA.M Dunn. Jr.. '04. J/iA.'. 
John Hknry McAdkn. Jr.. '(«. -J/', 

Charlks Collins Orr. McA.. III\A. 

(Iaston (Iii.i;krt (Iali.away '03. /''■"A 
William Hknry Lkk '04. 'I'Ji^. 

Jamks hornkr ^^■lNsToN "04. y-'i'. 

Samikl Thoma-^ Pkack. '04. A J, 

John ]^;ston (Iilks '03, iTil. 



The University Magazine 

Published Monthly b.y the Philanthropic and Dialectic Literary Societies 

Founded i 844 
IvEY F. Lkwis 'U2. (Philanthnjpic) . Editor-in-Chief. 


S. J. Everett. '02, H. B. Short. Jr., '02, 

J. B. Ramsey, '03. 


R. S. Hutchison '02, R. S. Stewart '03, 

C. A. Byxu.m '03. 

DoRMAX S. Thompson '01, (Dialectic) Business Manager. 

Tar Heel 

The cifficial or.iiun of the University Athletic Assofiaticui. rulil'.shed every Thursday 

Fall Term 

Hrknt S. Draxe, ( . . . . Editnr-inChiij. 

.]. C. 11 Ehrixghaus. ( 

J. C. B. Ehrixghaus. I . . . MiuKuiiiui Editur. 

Ha /.EL HoLLAXD. f 

J. A. McRaE, \{. (). 1-:VKRETT. 

R. M. Herrixg. v.. M. Land. 

J. W. Horner. 

E. D. Sai.lenger. .... Business MaiuK/u: 

E. G. Moss, . . . Assislaut Business MuN/K/d-. 

Spring Term 

,1. C. H. Ehringhavs. . . . E(lilor-in Chief. 

Hazel H(.>llaxd, .... Mdiitu/infi Editor. 

K. (). Everett, .\. ^^■. Walker, 

S. T. Peace, IV S. Best. 

E. 1). Sallexger, . . . Business Manager. 

E. G. Moss, A-isistant Business Manager. 









^ < 





The University Record 

The I'nii'rrsitij Record was cstalilishi'd in 1S96 liy the Faculty anil .students 
of the University. The purpose of this publication is to irive a complete record of 
the more important events of University life. It also aims to keep the Alumni in 
communication with the I'ni\'('rsit>' and thus hind them more closely to their Alma 
Matei'. The lia-itnl is now in its fifth \-olume and its xnXw to the University has 
been eminentl>' demonstrated. It is issued ijuarterly muler the manafiement of 
a committee a]ipointed by the Faculty. 

Journal of the Elisha Mitchell 
Scientific Society 

The Journal icprcseiits the Science l)e])artinent of the rniversity of Xuith 
CaroHiia. It was established l)y the Elisha Mitchell Scientific Society in oi-der 
ti) publish the results of scientific investigation in the laboratories of the I'liiAcrsitv. 
It is now in its eighteenth volume. The first was published in 1884 under the 
management of Professors Graves. Philips and Harris. The University of North 
Carolina is the only institution of the South that has maintained a publication of 
this kind. The Jouriidl has now over four hundretl exchanges from twenty-five 
different countries, .some of whicli are piililislied by the most inqiortant scientific 
.societies of the world. The Jouriud stands as a memorial of what tlie rni\ersit\- 
has contributed to the world's stock of scientific knowletlge and is a worthy monu- 
ment of the great man whose name it bears. 

University Press Association 

Organized 1897 

J. Va>. Latta. 
Whitkhi;ai> Kluttz. 
Bicx.iAMiN Hi:ij„ Jr.. 





111). Latta. 




;\.iAMi\ Hi;i>L, Jr., 


Iv Hooks, 


r. CoOLEY, 


J. OoLI), 


J, Skix.nkr. 


.M. (Iarrkx, 


\i. Whitakkr, 


L. MoSER, 


C. Harnhardt, 

Theodore Suttox, 






C. Holtox, 


\. Stewart, . 


(). Stitrdevant. 


1). Delankv. . 


,1. l';\ erett. 


. 1". Wood, 




Makely, Jr.. . 




A. Bullock, 


C. B. IOhrixuhau.s. . 


Durham Daily Sun. 

Charlotte Observer. 
\ Wilmington Messenger. 
I Raleigh Morning Post. 

Fremont Rural Visitor. 

Columbia State & Spartanburg .Journal. 

Cleveland Star. 

Virginian Pilot. 

Asheville Gazette. 

Winston Sentence. 

Hickory Democrat. 

Greensboro Patriot. 

Washington Post. 

Alamanance Gleanfr. 

Norfoeii Landmark. 

Washington W(dch Tower. 

Raleigh News and Observer. 

Monroe Enquirer. 

Charlotte News. 

Atlanta Journal. 

Elizabeth City Tar Heel. 

Elizabeth City Economist. 

Edenton News. 

Atlania Con.^titution. 
Editor-in-Chief Tar Heel. 




' ^ 




Georgia-Carolina Debates 

1 !•()•_'. 

Remlral: " Tliat DtMiioi'ratic Institutions in the L'nited States are in Danger 
from the Growino; Power of CentraUzation." 

Affirmative. Neg.\tive. 

North Carolina. fleorptia. 

C. A. Hym-.m, R. W. Herrixi;. W, M. Hartv. ,J. D. N. MrCARTNHv. 

DEliATE wox liV (;eoR(;ia. 


Re.siilved: "That Conihinations of Capital. Commonly Known as Trusts, are 
more Injurious than Heneficial." 

Affirmative. Xecative. 

( leorgia. .\orth Carolina. 

(IdoDRKH, McIvEs. 1). P. Stern, R. R. Williams. 


Resolved: " That the Knglish System of Government is Better Suited to a Free 
and Self-governing People than that of the United States." 

Affirmative. Xegative. 

Georgia. North Carolina. 

R. H. Smith, C. K. Weddincton. ]). P. Parker, W. H. Swift. 



Resolaed: "ThatUnitetl States Senators should be Elected Ijy Direct ^'ote of 
the People." 

Affirmative. Nec:ative. 

Georgia. North Carolina. 

P. H. DoYAL, I. L. TisoN. E. D. Broadhurst, T. C. Bowie. 



Resi:)Lvi:d: " That the United States Annex Hawaii." 


(Jeoi-fiia. Xorth Carolina. 

J. S. Roberts. W. F. I'psh.wv. J. G. I^rogdex, E. K. C;r.\h.\m. 


Resolved: "That the Swiss Principle of Initiative and Referendum l)e Incor- 
porated into Our System of Government." 

Affirmative . Xecative . 

Xorth Carolina. Georgia. 

H. G. Connor. Jr.. 1). B. S.mith. C. M. Walker. C;eo. Jackson. 


Vanderbilt-Carolina Debates 



Resolved: " That Feijeral Governments Should ( )wn and Operate Railroads 

Aefirmath K . Xegative . 

\'anderl)ilt. Carolina. 

Frank Seav. W. .M. H..ARn. C. Ross. T. A. Adams. 


Resolved: "That the Combination of Capital. l)y Means of the Trust i>v Coi 
Ijination. is an Kcononnc and Social .Ailvantage."' 

Affirm ATI \e. XE(iATivE. 

For Carolina. For \'anderbilt. 

H. B. Lane. W. H.Swift. T. R. Reeves, R. H. Scott. 


Resol\ed: "That tiie Fnited States shoulil not Retain Pcnnan(>nt Control 
the Philippines." 


For \'antlerl)ilt. For Carolina. 

Carl Monk. H. C. Crooks. W. S. I^ernard. Whitehead Klutt 

North Carolina wo.n. 


Johns Hopkins-North Carolina Debate 


Resolved: "That .Mi)ilcrii Trusts Threaten the Future WeH'are of the American 

AFFmM.\TI\K . Xe(;.\tive . 

Johns Hopkins. North Carolina. 

H. B. Stoxk. H. W. Pl.^ccemever. D. P. Stern. Pi. I!. Williams. 


ITn H Xiterarv X^cin. 

The Classes 


lU'hold the Se'iiior. \Yhat r.n ;.ir 

( )f solemn wisdom in his stare ! 

So much he knows that we should fear 

To say a word while he is near. 

He knows he knows; 'tis his chief aim 

To put less learned folk ti) shame: 

And nothing gives him mure delipht 

Than quoting books to pmxe he's riuht. 

(iirls do not like him. for they say 

He knows far too much more than lhe\-. 

Hut do not fear him; some day yim 

May be a 1 'am 'd Se.iior too. 

The Junior is not so grim ; 

His knowledge does nut tmuble him. 

Hut .still he always knows enousih 

To run a most stupendous bluff. 

He knows just what t(i !<ay to please 

The ladies; so he is with 

A favorite. Sometimes, 'tis said. 

This plea.sant treatment swells his head. 

Commencement pa-st. though, it grows sinal 

He sees 'twas not his charms at all. 

His charm while with the ladies lay 

Hut in his " rag" he gave away. 


Observe the Sophomore, m}- child ; 
How innocent ! How sweetly mild ! 
Yet men — a fact we should deplore — 
Full many crimes lay at his door. 
Despite this earnest air so plain. 
They say things of his idle brain 
That you or I would think unkind. 
He has one great task on his mind. 
He takes the Freshman, weak and slim, 
And tries to make a man of him. 
That next year he may grow to he 
As great and gooil a man as he. 

The feeble Fresh does not deserve 
Much notice here — few words will serve, 
He smokes a cigar when he can 
And thinks he looks like a big man; 
And to be mannish he essays 
In many other silly ways. 
Yet all these things, I grieve to say, 
His greenness all the more display, 
The ven' vilest, even Wheeze, 
Revile the Freshman when they please. 
Child, may you never be so small ! 
The Fresh-man is no man at all. 

The House That Ven Built 

This is the house that Ven liuilt. 

This is the Fresh 

That came ti) tlie h(nise tliat N'en liuilt. 

This is the Math 

That was took by the Fresh 

That came to the house that \'en built. 

This is Major William Cain 

That blinded the Fresh 

That took the Math, 

When he came to the house that Ven built. 

This is the Soph with the look of scorn 

That whistled the Freshman all forlorn, 

That was blinded on Math by Billy Cain, 

When he came to the house that \^en built. 

This is the Junior with gladsome hantl 

That silenced the Soph with the shrill refrain. 

And booted the Freshman all forlorn. 

That was blinded on Math bj' Billy Cain, 

Wlien he came to the house that Ven built. 

This is the Senior all shaven and scrubbed, 

With his handsome front right newly tubbed, 

That helped the .Junior of cheerful mein, 

That rebuked the Soph with the look of scorn, 

Whose whistle brought out the blush of shame 

On the downy cheek of the Fresh forlorn 

That was blintled on Math by Billy Cain 

When he came to the that Ven built. 

This is — 

Hut here I must have pity ; 

And sadly close this changing ditt_\-. 

Which is true, as you'll .see if you come to the city, 

Wliere stands the house that \'on liuilt. 

A Story Without Words 


Mr. Flaherty's Visit to the Hill 

With Apologies to All Concerned 

" Wal, Pat, me boy, 'tis a gr-eat place. Siventeen Prisidints, sivinty mimbers 
of Congress, fifty sax guv'nors, two hundr-red an' sivin bar-r kapers, thr-ray preach- 
ers, two Tom Humes an' wan Collier-r Cobb hes ben projuced at this gr-reat sate af 
lar-r-ning. Wan af th' grandest — " 

"Hold, ye shpalpeen, which way does yez compass point?" This was from Pat, 
one of Mike's admiring listeners. 

"^^^lich way does me compass point, is it? Towar-r-ds th' cinter af th' a-r-rth. 
'Th' Univar-r-sity af Nor-rth Carolina is the cinter af th' ar-rth,' says me friend 
Char-lie Baskerville. 'Not only that,' says he. puffing out his for-rthy-eight inch 
chist an' thristing his thumbs undther his ar-rem pits, 'but I am th' cinter af th' 
Univar-rsity af Xor-rth Carolina.' With this statement he wagged his head with 
a knowing look an' a cloud af shmoke ristid upon it, which I thought was a halo, but 
me frind Wheeler says to me in a whisper, 'Tis gas.'" 

"Whin I shtruck th' metrop'lis me fir-rst intintion was to shtroll oo]j th' boule- 
var-rd an' say me frind th' Prisitlint. On me way what should I say but a familiar-r 
looking object. It was comin' along ver-ry slow an' daliber-rate loike, an' at th' 
fir-rst glance it samed to mesilf that I saw Mrs. Flinnegin's cow, th' wan thot wint 
dhry: but what was me astonishmint, Pat, whin on th' second scjuint me ould eyes 
Ijahild me frind Williams, th' wan th' boys calls Hor-race. 

" ' How ar-re yez,' says he, with a gr-rin thot would put TetUl}' Roozvilt to th''I havn'thad a perciption af yez shinin' coun'nance since me las' cow died,' he 
says. 'Fm gettin ould now, Mike,' he says, in a slow, doleful way. 'Me cinter af 
\-accilation is gettin' ver-ry wake,' he says. 'Th' toime was wance whin I could 
make two differ-rint sta-atemints about th' same thing in wan licture. In thim 
days I was a gr-reat Psychoologis', he says, 'but now,' he says, with tears in his 
eyes, 'it takes me a whole ter-rum bafore I can change me sta-atemint.' 'The bist 
I can do,' he says, ' is to make wan assiver-ration in th' fall an' conthradict it in th' 
spr-ring with anither,' he says. 

" ' Me cows, howivir, is th' solace af me ould age an' th' wan pr-rop a.v me Ego. 
"Xi.xt to me cows me wife is ver-ry intertainin.' he says. ' She played me a shly 
thrick at th' las' r-raffle af mar-rks. I had me hat all filled with foives', he says, 
'an' wint out in th' yar-rd to tuck th' cov'rin' aroun' me cows f'r th' night,' 
he says." What should me wife do,' says he. 'but while I'm out dhrop some saxes 
in me hat af foives,' sa}-s he. 'So whin I began dhrawin' me mark-rks to me aston- 
ishment what should I dhraw out but a sax an' anither an' anither,' he says. 'I 
looked all the way through me James to say if I could find a way out af me predic- 
amint, but 'twas no use.' he says. 'There was the sax an' there was th' pa-aper, 
an' me ould friend an' shtandby James says nothin' about .saxes an' pa-apers, so 
(loon on th' pa-aper goes th' sax. Mealthruistic faylin's was ver-ry mooch shocked,' 
he says. ' l)Ut I rasolved to look out f'r me chanst an' get it back on me wife. The 
opportunit}' came th' wake bafore las,' says he. ' Me wife was milkin me cow what 
goes be th' name af Sal. Sal an' mesilf had had an' undtherstandin' bafore han', 
he says. ' So I wink at Sal an Sal winks at me an thin we both wink thegither, an' 
thin Sal kicked over th' bucket af milk. Me joy was complate.' he says, 'an' I had 
to milk sivinteen cows in as many minyits to hide me amusemint. 


" ' Wall, I'll have to lave yez', he says. ' Me wife has sint me to go lay in a new 
supply af naketies an" I want to go arly an' avoid th' r-rush. Do yez know whither 
thev he sellin f r a pinny apace or-r two f'r a cint?' he says. ' Wall, no matther,' says 
he. ' I intend layin meself in a supply whither they be sellin' at the wan pr-rice or th' 
ither.' 'Good bye,' says he, 'an' if yez hav th' toime come out to me villa an I'll 
.^how yez whv it is that psychoology an' th' milkin' af cows is wan an' th' same 
identical thing.' 

"Pat, I found nie toime was limited. So me legs began flying wance more to- 
war-rds th' Prisidint's oflfice. Suddenly there loomed oop in th' distance a man 
who was actuly balancin' hinisilf while walking on th' livil gr-round. 

" He comes to mesilf with a sarious look in the' wan eye an' a wink in th' ither. 
'I am a Noble fellow,' says he to me. Upon which he pulls out a little book an 
makes a note. ' This wur-ruk is killin' me,' he says. ' It is a gr-reat undtherta-akin' 
to make oop jokes. I've only made oop foive th' day an' it is the juty to make oop 
foive more,' he .says. ' I'm thinking sariously af givin' oop me job,' he says. ' It is 
comin' to a pr-retty pass,' he says, ' whin a fellow' like miself gets only two thousand 
dollar-rs to make oop jokes an' to tr-ravel a-r-round th' Shtate f'r his hilth. Nivir- 
thilcss,' .says he, ' I'll br-race oop, or, which is th' same to mesilf, I'll get br-raced oop 
Mil' forget th' hivy juties which ar-re weighin' me down, body an' soul, and if yez 
slunild iver run oop against a job, .sub, such ez Superintindint af Public In.sthruction 
jist dr-rop a little line to yez ould friend Mar-rk Cicero Staphens Noble an' I will send 
yez me la-atest volume af jokes be r-retur-ren mail,' he says. 

" I lift this mooch-opprissed man, Pat, thinking how pleasant was me lot in com- 
])arrisan with his own, since me juty was only to carry oop a load of mor-rtar to the 
sivintcenth shtory af th' tinimint that be buildin' over beyant two hundr-red an' 
foive times th' day. 

" Wanse more I shtarted f'r th' Prisidint's office but me evil gainees was on 
top af me good, Pat, an' 'twas no use. What should I say comin' towar-rds 
me but me little friend Collier-r Cobb, walking all over himsilf an' thrying to look ez 
if he was sax feet tall instade af thray. 

"'Good niornin',' says he. 'it becomes me painful juty to inthnxluce mesilf. I 
am Collier-r Cobl), ha'r plenipotentiary, extraordinary an" miner-ralogist 
peculiar-r to his dignity Fr-rancis Priston N'enahle, I'risidint af th' Tnivaar-rsity af 
Nor-rth Car-rolina.' 'Come down to me pla-ace af anuiseniint,' says he. 

" I wint, Pat, an' found me friend C. C. ver-ry intertaining. 

"'Me whole shtudy for the las' tin ye-ars,' he says, 'has been how to bacome 
])op'lar-r with th' boys. I em now,' says he, 'th' most pop'lar Profissor af Geologay 
in th' Univaar-rsity af Nor-rth Carolina. You should say me licturin' to me class 
in Geologay tw-o, which be th' way is th' gr-ratest pud in College,' he says. 'Wan 
■if me .shtrong points is Ijoring holes in anticlines an" synclines,' he says. 'Anither 
wan af me sthrong points is lanter-rn lictures,' says he. But I must shtop,' he says,' me 
points is all .so shtrong it wad take foriver to innummer-rate thim. I wad like 
to talk to yez longer-r." he says, 'but I am going aff this aft to Hatter-ras Island to 
make mi.self anither coUiction af jokes. Good bye,' .says he, ' an' don't for-rget that 
Geologay two is a science af ver-ry racent growth.' 

" Pullin' out me watch I .saw, Pat, that I jist had th' toime to ketsh me train, so 
I had to lave this gr-reat sate of larning without sayin' minny af me ould frinds; 
but, be gorra, ez shure ez me name's Michael Flaherty I am going back again an' 
I'll hav' more to tell vez th' nixt toime." 

Then out spoke brave Horatius, 

The captain of the gate, 

" To every man upon this eartli 

Death cometh soon or late. 

And how can man die better 

Than by Psychology slain. 

Than on the spot where smitten dow 

His fellows fall like rain. 

In yon straight path a thousand 

Can well be stopped b\- three 

Now who will stand on either hanil 

And keep the bridge with me? " 

Then out spoke Joshius Gorius. 

A Physicist proud was he. 

"Lo, I will stand at thy right hand, 

And keep the bridge with thee." 

And out spake Billius Cainius, 

Of Conic blood was he, 

" I will abide at thy left side. 

And keep the bridge with thee." 

"Horatius," quoth Venable, 

"As thou sayest, let it be." 

And straight against that great arra\- 

Forth went the mighty three. 


WAS in the good year nineteen one- 
Did Uncle Sam decree 
A stipend fore each mininp; school 
Each year ten thousand I). 

The A. and M's, he thought the ho 
To trust this stipend to ; 

Joe Holmes and ^'en did disagree- 
" Not so, forsooth, not so !" 

A claim, a claim they made amain 

For institutions three ; 
For U. Va., U. Tex., 

And the great l\ N. C. 

To Uncle Sam their claim they made 

'Twas thus it ran, to wit — 
"We are the boys to teach the mines, 

The yokels cannot do it." 

Up rose a mighty yokel then, 
He girt him for the fray. 

With gas and papers anned he him 
(This was ever his war.) 

To north, to north he made his way, 
He put his case full plain, — 

He stamped and bellowed lustilv; 
He ranted there amain. 

"That school, that school of \'en, I trow, 

I know that school of Ven. 
In daj^s of old I ran the show, 

A snap 'twas not worth then. 

" That school is not jirepareil to teach 

A mining engineer; 
My college teaches everything 

On mining full and clear. 

We teach them all about the ground. 

We do, from A to Z. 
Take note! Take note! We teach 

The great geology ! " 

"A horticulturist we have 

A yokel great is he. 
He teaches all the bones and plants 

Of the geolog\\" 

An old Committeeman arose, 
He glared at Wince full stern, 

" I prithee tell me what in this 
Geology they learn?" 

The yokel looked a knowing look, 
A knowing look looked he ; 

" As all men know, we teach them how 
The Lord produced a tree." 

" We teach to them the way, also. 

We find bones in the ground. 
Which prove the ancient elephant 

Weighed near two million pound." 

"But stay! Come now, answer me this," 

Another glare glared he. 
"What would you teach your Mining schools? 

Pray answer this for me!" 

An awful frown the other frowned, 
A fearful frown, I trow, 

" I'm President of A. and M. ; 
There's nothing I don't know." 

The old Committeeman looked pained, 

" Hold, hold ! " said he, " Enough ! 
Whizands, whizands, good man, prithee. 

Think not to run a bluff! 

"The papers and the public then. 

Mayhap these airs may fool. 
But ilo not think to make us think 

You know a mining school." 

Joe Holmes and Ven smiled merril\'. 

Right merrily smiled they. 
And held their peace, for well the>' saw 

That all things came their wav. 

,L ilay lonp; each team was bluffino; 

F.very man that coukl was puffinn;, 

Puffinjo; his extra gas. 

( )l(l I'.ast lioys claimed a fellow 
Who was a Bull, he was Seat Weller 
Three hundred pouiuls of mass. 

Seat should ])lay center on the Kast 

" Kid" Haywood was put against this beast 

To win for South the game. 

( )ther ]ilayers worthy of note 

Were Bully Jones and one " He goat," — 

Some know as '' Lainh " hv name. 

Well, midnight came, the moon arose 
To see the cuffs, the kicks, the blows 
And excitement intense 
When old East and South were ready 
And nerves of each were steady 
The game tlid then commence. 

Were I to give you in detail 

The bloody scenes, 'twould make you (piail 

'T would make you sure to swoon 

¥oT when such things as this take place, 

The moon does blush and hide her face 

The stars do like the moon. 

The features of tlie game were these, 

" Coach " Blackwell was referee, since Wheeze 

Forsooth to him did yield. 

The ball was started by the East 

Then Bull and Lamb and every beast 

Ran brisklv down the field. 

The gallant South did then return 
With blocking and fast speed to bum 
The ball from whence it came. 
" Senator" Hassel by the way 
Failed to get into this play 
Gwyn and " Mincey " the same. 

From first to last it diil look blue 

For East to win 'gainst men so true 

As those who fought so well ; 

But luck, you know, like tide must change, 

And this it did although so strange 

I do not like to tell. 

It now grew dark, the game waxed hot 

The reason why I do not wot 

But this I now do enter. 

The crowd did see the South's team fleeing 

For " Kill " was found referceing — 

He who was South's center. 

For South tilings went from bad to wor 
Her rooters railed. b('g;iii to curse — 
It dill no good at all. 
Now 'tis time for me to mention 
Mocking-bii-d Laml>. late invention. 
Made touchdown with the ball. 

So old Fast won. but ere I close 
May I not speak of South? Her woes 
She can at least bear well. 
May her sorrow anil griefs be light 
Ma}- she live, play another night 
Till then farewell, farewell. 

)X Battle Park there slowly .strolled 
A maiden and a Med. 
Each pretty maiden knows of old 
The kind of things he said. 

Down by the mimiiuring brooklet's side 
They sat ; the birtls o'erhead 
Cooed lovingly as if they tried 
To say the things he said. 

A little crayfish in the brook 
Became quite interested ; 
A firm hold on his thumb it took 
To hear the things he said. 

Oh. what a change! Oh, shocking word! 
The maid in horror fleil. 
'Tis to be hoped few maids have heard. 
The kind of things he said. 

In (Ircanis. behold, my lost love came to me, 

With veiled features, and with slow, soft tread: 

Nor eoukl I have discerned that it was she — 

(For .she was silent, and the moon o'erhead 

Cast but a wan, cold, unre\-ealing light ; — ) 

Save by the single blossom that she wore 

Ini])risone(l in her tresses soft and bright ; 

A glowing rose, that in its rich heart bore 

The golden treasure of the summer sky, 

" Dear heart," I cried, " this crimson flower of love 

Which I did give thee as we wept good-ljy. 

No death has alteretl ; speak to me and prove 

That like this rose thy love no death can die. 

Hut lives unchanged beyonil tlie darksome tomli!" 

She, as unheeding, smiled upt)n my sigh 

And passed with noiseless footstep from the room: 

Bearing my pleadings, (as I thought) unheard. 

Thro' the still darkness of the early day — 

But as the earth from its deep .shmiber stirred, 

Waking, — upon my breast a red rose lay. 

' / I ROUT our college, besides the books, 
P^ We have a (Uenn and babbling Brooks. 
/^ We have a Wood: we have a Hill. 
/ 4 And Archers Hunt : There's game to kill. 

Of fish we have both Herring and IJass, 
A Fisher we have who does surpass. 
And he w-ho takes the trouble anil looks 
Will find that we have also Hooks. 

We have a Council. Nobles, Kings. 
But this nor strife nor quarrel brings. 
For closer than the Golden Fleece, 
We always keep with us our Peace. 

We luiN'e men of t'V('r\- sort. 
And, though one man is always Short, 
Still, by a Deal we're in the fore. 
Even without naming Moore. 

Thus, in this age of greatest dirth. 
We have Merritt, .still, and Worth, 
And one who. Prior, leads the, 
Except that one who's always Best. 

And still, though I say all 1 can 
We have in Tollcge but just one .Mann 
You'll find two others if you look 
But one's aBkickman, the other Cook. 


Miller — "A shock headed, shambHng, awkward lad, with 

an uncommonly witle mouth, very red cheeks, a turned 

up nose, anil certainly the most comical expre.ssion of 

face I ever .saw." — Dicke)is. 

Short — "Through childhood, through youth, into manhood 

argued and argued he." — Carleton. 
J^KKNiZER — "This is a slight unmeritable man meet to be sent 

on errands." — Shakespeare. 
\>,. Smith — "His name is Talkative: he dwelt in Pratiiig-Row, 
and notwithstanding his fine tonnage is but a sorry fel- 
low." — Biini/ni). 
Jxo. Cheshire—" I had liopes of this man ; but now I fear he will pQr\sh."—Biini/an. 
HusKE— "I was not born for courts or great affairs: I pay my debts, believe and 

sav mv prayers." — Pope. 
L.\Mii— "It is the lark that sings so out of tunc, ,strainiiig harsh discords and un- 

lileasing sharps, ' ' —Shakespeare. 
C.\LDER — " Not a word spak he more than was neede." — Chaucer. 
Marriott— "I know the boy usurps the grace, voice, gait, and action of a gentle- 
woman." — Shakespeare. 

Andrews "Avoid the eagerness with which a young man is apt to hurry into 

conversation." — Irriitc/. 
St.\tox — " Sweet is the infant's waking smile." —Keble. 
Goo. Sibley — "I'll beat chargesfor a looking glass, and entertain a score or two of 

tailors, to study fashions to adorn my liody." — Hemynge. 
WmiKHEAi) — " Hard stiidents are coinmonl>- troubled with gouts, catarrhs, rheums, 
cachexia, bradyspepsia, bad eyes, stone, and colick, crudities and appilatives 
vertigo, winds, consumptions, and all such diseases as come by over much 
sitting: thev are most part lean, dry, ill-colored * * * and all through 
hnmoderate pains and extraordinary studies."— B((r/o/('s Anatomy of 
C. I'karson — " His corn and cattle were his onl\- care and his sui^reme delight a coun- 
try fair." — Drydcti. 
H. C'l.KMKNT-" An honest man's the noblest work of God."— /^pc. 
JvDi)—" With devotion's visage and (lious action we do sugar o'er the devil himself." 

— Shakesptare. 
" SiiA(; " M( Aden — " A bird in a gikled cage." — Song. 
".\rsTRAi.iA\"HrR.Ns — " But how did it happen you came out of your country tliis 

wav?" — Bunyan. 
G. Graha.\i— "But we shall also hear his oaths, and see him in those terrible out- 
breaks of passion." — MeMaster. 
P,LArK\\ELL— "I am well disposed to hojjc you may have hitherto escaped 

many vices of your country." — Sinjt. 
Gi .M.Mi.N<:— " How fluent noii.sense trickles from his tongue."— /-"o/ic. 
(^'ash — " There never was another man with such a face as yours." — Dickens. 


HusKE — " I want to be an angel 

Antl with the angels stand." — Song. 

W. Hill — "Conceit may prop a man up, but never .support him." — Ruskin. 

Pe.\ce — "His is beauty truly, whose red and white nature's own sweet and cunning 
hand laid on." — Shakespeare. 

Wright — "A .self poised man, who needs not to lean on others for support." — Irving. 

V. Gwv.x — " What makes the youth sae bashfu ' and sae grave ? — Bttrn.?. 

P.\R,s(ixs — "My lord, this man, notwithstanding his plausible name, is one of the 
vilest fellows in our country." — Bunijan. 

Rhcides — "He still chewed a dime's worth six da^-s in the week, while the seventh 
he passed with a chew in each cheek." — ./as. Whitcomb Riley. 

TjIowis — "He that seeketh to be eminent amongst able men. hath a great task." — Bacon. 

R. G. L.\ssiTER — " I know not love, ' ' cpioth he, " nor will I know it." — Shakespeare. 

FousT — " He knew no more of fear than one who dwells beneath the tropics does of 
icicles." — Moore. 

Weller — " Accuse not nature; she hath done her part." — Milton. 

M.\KELY — " Old as I am, for ladies' love unfit, 

The power of beauty I remember yet." — Drijden. 

Bass — " All devil as I am, a damned wretch, 

A hardened, stubborn, unrepenting villain." — Burns. 

McAdex — " Narrow-minded and rich, pos.sessed with the idea that idleness is honor- 
able, and work disgraceful." — McMa-ftcr. 

WooTEN" — "A reverend man was he to behold." — Bacon. 

T.\LiAFERK() — "We heard a baby sucking in his sleep."' — Mrs. Browning. 

Ehringhaus — "You wondered, by gum! how there ever was space 

In that bosom of his'n to hold .so much bass." — Field. 

" Long I^ill " Jones — " Of stature he was passing tall. 
And sparely fonned and lean withal." 

Burton S.mith — " I chatter, chatter as I go." — Tennyson. 

Long — " I am Sir Oracle! When I ope 

My lips, let no dog bark." — Shakespeare. 

Marcus Cicero Stephens Noble — " This was the noblest Roman of tliem all." 

— SItakespeare. 

Sturdivant — " How long will thine insolent fury baffle our efforts? " — Cicero. 

R. Stevenson — " It is a good thing he thinks well of him.self." — Fielding. 

Lee — " 'Tis not the thought of what I owe 

That fills my heart with sorrow 

The thoughts that cause me greater woe 
Are of what I cannot borrow." — O'Reilly. 

SwiNK — "Thy exalted head shall reach the stars." — Koran. 

Simpson — " 'Tis a great jilague to Ix' too handsome a man." — Sheridan. 

Daniels — " The turtle trainer from Pamlico." — Creecy. 

Drane and Douglas — " Swans sing before they die. 'Twere no bad thing 
Should certain persons die before they sing." — Keats. 

Bynum — " Earth's fanatics make too frequently Heaven's saints." — Mrs. Browing. 

Stafford — " Truth is the most precious possession we have. Let us be careful of it." 

L. Holt — "Manhood fused with female grace." — Shakespeare. 

Short — " It is by no means necessary to understand things in order to sjieak confi- 
dently about them." — Carleton. 

Holland — " A big loud man with a stare and a metallic laugh." — Dickens. 



Dr. Battle — " Is the power of the Czar absolutely unlimited? " 

Student — " Comparatively so. sir." 

Dr. R.\per— " What of tariff. Mr. Reid? " 
"A bad thina;. sir." 

" Oh, is that the opinion of the average farmer? " 

Dr. B.\ttle — (lecturing) " Meanwhile the army of the king was intact, and — 

^'oice from Amen Corner — " Where did you say his army was, sir? " 

Dr. R — " Mr. , have you an adequate conception of the significance of in- 
tegration and differentiation as economic factors? 

"Unprepared, Doctor." 

" Well, Mr. B., is value governed by utility or cost of production? " 

Byrnes — (waking up,) "Yes, sir." 

Doctor B.\TTLE — "What great event occurred in 1S61, Mr. I'atton?" 

Patton — (after mature deliberation) "O yes. Doctor! I was born in that year." 

Freshm.\n — " Doctor Stacy, can you tell me which is Archie Henderson's room?" 

Chair.\i.\n Vaughan — (trying to keep order in the Fresh Caucus) "Gentlemen, 
gentlemen, please be quiet; you ought to have more respect for your honorable 
mothers at home than to cut up this way ! " 

From the side-lines in the Soph-Junior game — " Pull off your nose guard. Jack, 
and scare them back ! " 

" Yes," said Scjuire Patton, " my highest mark was on Pedagogy. I made a five 
on that. I see that Pedagogy is my strong point and I'm going to make a specialty 
of it this spring." 

Judge McRae — interrupted in the midst of a lecture by the entrance of Dr. — . 
" Come in,Doctor, come in ! Am glad to see you — we were just lecturing on nuisances. " 

Uncle Willie's Correspondence Column 

H-LT-N. — Xu, !)>■ nil ii'.eans; talkiiii;; and clociuciico arc n<it the sainc thinjr. 

T. — Vets, (iiles' trousers an> cut with eircidar saws. 

Sw-NK. — We lieheve that oi'dinarilx' jireaehers are not " serajjpers. "' 

C-.\i-i(i. — The best developnieiit of the jaw comes from constant use of it. Xo, we 
do not think that this wouhl detract from the charm of your personality. It will 
not hiui you; Sibley continuously rests his mind by talking. 

H-SK-. — We can recommend Dr. Ruffin's Method for the development of the chest 
and shoulders. He once was as frail as you. 

Prof. K-P-R-. — (1 ) We are infonned that it was Bulluck who saluted you with. " (lood 
morning, l*"reshman!" (2) Xo. We cannot draw the "Ma.xinium Satisfac- 
tion with Minimum .Amount" curve that you rec[uest. We refer you to 
Oliver or Stafford. 

St-t-n. — You would better not smoke it, if as you say. it makes you so deatlily sick. 
If you persevere though, that habit might make \(iu look manly. 

W-i.-i.-K .\ND L. H-LT — The high jump is the event in which \d\i can have most 
chance of winning a reputation in athletic circles. 

H-M-L-.\ ASD H-R-i-o. — IIV thought your moustaches were coming on very nicely. 
But if, as you say, they show a tendency to look like Billy Xobles", use 
Pear's Soap. 

This Week's Riddles 

Who is it whose name begins with a 1\. who can swear out of one section of his 
mouth, eat with another, smoke a cigar between, grin with the renuiinder, and still 
have |ilenty of room? 

A dime novel, not to cost over .5.5c, may lie purdiased from Doc Kluttz by the 
reader answering the ai)ove. 

Faculty Lectures as They Would Have Them 

How to grow shoulders ......... Ruffix 

The Science of Running Red Tape .1 .... Dr. Alexander 

Chapel Hill . . ) 

The Puddishness of Geolog.v ........ Cokb 

The Poetry of Mathematics ........ Caix 

The Ps.vcliology of the Cow ....... Williams 

Where Would the World be Without Rome? ..... Lixscott 

The Road to Durham ........ Noble 

Correct English ......... Bruxer 


Wanted — A new face — By Frost, Cash, Swink. 

Wanted — A new jaw in exchange for a worn out one — Smith. H. H. 

Wanted — Some way to equalize — Henderson and Brcm. 

Wanted — A chance to institute a ])rep. school — The Faculty. 

Wanted — A breath of freedom — Stutlents. 

Wanted — Somebody to sit in m.v chapel — Aleck. 

Wanted — A new grade of cattle — Commons. 

Wanted — Somebody to run a .stereopticon — Collier Ci>1)l). 


With due reverence to the wisdom of Darwin and holding that most men at 
least are descended from anthrojjoid ancestry; we, the A.ssociation for the spread of 
Science, do hereby classif.v the following freaks of evohition thusly : — 

Sallexger from the Owl. 

Youxc Shore from the Cat fish. 

Burke Bridcers from the Question Mark. 

B. H. Smith from the Blue Jay. 

Lemlv axu Haxes from the Peacock. 

McAdex from the Rabbit. 

Sibley from the Opossmn. 

Beall from the Slot Machine. 

Brem from the Molasses Hogshead. 

BiTTixf; fi-om the Giraffe. 

from the Ass. 

(Their name is legion.) 

Prize Medalists 

Awards by the Class of 1904 to the Class of 1905 with Appropriate Cere- 
monies, 1 1:30 P. M., Washington's Birthday, 1902. 

1st Degree Fool — A. H. Kiiifj;. 

2nd Degree Fool — " Swaiin " Wilson. 

4th Degree Fool — Thomas Hill. 

TN'pical Freshma n — 1 'i-rry . 

Dirty Man Xo. 1— Claude King. 

Dirty Man No. 2 — Ted. Brown. 
Pretty Man— Cash. 

Dog-faced Man — Leggett. 

Fug Dog Freshman — McMiillan. 

Conceited Man — William Hill. 

Collier's Fool — Chad wick. 

Missing Link — .S]icight . 

Wandering Jew — Jacobs. 

Broken-down-sport — Parsons. 

Lord High Proprietor f)f Campus — F. Cox. 

Natural Born Fool — Stiu'divant. 

Thug — ( ).sborne. 

Cioo Goo Man — Hart. 

Weak-mintletl Man — Cannon. 
Bore — Foy Robcrson. 

Cirand]5a — " Laurie " Patton. 

Mama's Baby Boy — Dangerfield. 

Mellin's Food Baby — Taliaferro. 

Chief Bearer of the Brainless Cranium — Blackwell. 

1st Asst. Bearer of the Brainless Cranium — J. A. Wilson. 
1st Lieutenant to Blackwell — C. Carr. 
Cat-fish Freshman — Lewis. 

Billy (!oat and Fool— Gilmer. 

Lazy Man — Cheshire. 

Worthless Man — Woodruff. 

Frog-faced Man — Shore. 

Silly Man— Miller. 

R ed-headed Snorter — Murphy . 
Bloat — Burton. 

Mean Man — Gilmer. 

Goose — McCubbins. 

Innocent Lo\'er — Exum. 

Honorable Mention — Fogle, Havwood, Emerson, Pender, Faucette. 
Whole Class^. 

Idiotic Order of Goos 

He of the Goo - Ooo 

The All-round Go(i 








L. Holt. 
Stato)i . 

11 Patton secure enough members to start 1 ped. coaching class? 

11 Turrentine ever leave? 

11 Swink over learn that he is a bull? 

11 F)lack\vell make any more I's? 

11 Freshman Lewis ever keep his mouth shut? 

11 Sturdivant ever gain wisdom? 

11 it ever be Wright to be Short of Gold. 

11 Knox ever go to church? 

11 Robbins S. continue to know ever>'thing? 

11 the whale deliver Jonas? 

11 Jack Frost always remain jjretty? 

" Big Stewart " ever learn to run? 

Davis always remain sick? 

the University Magazine ever lie jiulilished on time'.' 

the Freshmen class always be fresh? 

I'urton Smith bo assisted by Sweeney? 

Holland stop talking about "The Drum Corps"? 


The End 


^" r II i I Imi miiilliiiililiii 

' -'■'■##?. gill